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September 25 - 30, 2018

Flat-Tire Event on the Day of the Green-Blazer Event
It's Pointing to the Kavanaugh Accusation Too

Some people get upset when Jesus is mentioned because the trick of his enemies is to make us feel that mention is out of bounds outside of a church. Do they rule the earth? Should we go by their wishes? Who do they think they are? Since when should we march by the orders of those who are fooled? Love your enemy, but not to the point of letting them be our leaders. They will not be our leaders. We will be proud of Jesus, and proud to be in the Truth. Did Jesus ever make an error? Is there any human who can compare? He is the standard for all human life, all learning, all the future. There is no one great but God. He has chosen to reveal His beauty after this history has mocked him into the dust. That's when the fooled will most look like fools. We don't want to be such a thing. Our aim is to avoid shame and humiliation.

A thing that I cannot figure out is the forgiveness of God. Surely it's not totally free. Surely we are required to earn it in some way. From the beginning, God was severely pained for the general sinfulness of man, and he punished severely, and took the position to make men fear Him. I can tell you first hand that anyone who fears God will find him to be a gentle Friend, but only if Jesus is honored and worshiped. The fear is not His perfect will, but he applies it because it hurts him to see his creation in sin. He hopes by fear to keep us from sinning more.

So, after being dreadfully pained by sin, how can He turn around and forgive freely just because we believe in Jesus? It's such an easy thing to do? But wait, it's not so easy at all if we are not inclined by love for him. We cannot merely believe in his existence, or merely believe that he was sent to forgive us; we must apply Him, be like Him, in order to be saved. How hard is that? It's impossible. And that's what makes forgiveness a gift, because we can't earn it by being like Jesus if the only thing we apply is ourselves. Even with His help, the most we can be is a small reflection of Jesus. We can tread onward to perfection, and that's enough to satisfy God, to remove his anger toward us. The one who allows Jesus to enter into their soul for correction and training until the end of life is the one who correctly believes. The one who abandons Jesus is the one who blocks Him out.

So, it appears that God's plan was to enter the soul with a Spirit of correction; anyone who respects this process will be forgiven. The one who behaves best under this training will receive the richest welcome into eternal life. In order for man to be one with God, God needs to live in us, and needs for us to gladly accept Him there. When we do this, we receive many proofs that he is indeed with us. To be a Christian, believe first, and then accept instruction; we are tasked with the job of correcting ourselves. If we think we are doing well because we are gifted, He may place us under some duress to show that we are weak without him. He needs to have from us the thanks for what we become; acknowledge that He is doing the work, because it is not our work predominantly. And that's why salvation is a gift, because He does the work too, on our behalf. If we become less faithful (loyal), he will remain faithful through that spell. He's WORKING to keep us on the salvation track. Praise.

There is no Jesus in the news at Fox. You never hear His name there lest it offend some viewers. The anchor women wear four-inch heels and weaponized toes; they often appear like they are offering sex, an acceptable image for women today. The Fox bosses demand that their anchor ladies look attractive, sexy. But where is Jesus offensive that He should never be mentioned? He never spoke like a fiend. He upheld the Highest Laws. His apostles were devoted to his teachings, and his example of good human interaction. But to his enemies, he's a false claimant to the throne of God. This is hideous to the Jews who lead the Democrat charge. But what's Fox's excuse? Atheists with evolutionists want to move forward without belief in a "fantasy," and Fox wants these types to vote Republican. So, they must not be offended. The Republican party thus becomes lukewarm or worse.

Why is the world under evolutionists -- God killers -- going into all sin, violence and deviancy? They can't blame this on the churches because they have forbidden the churches to lead society. How did the youth get so evil? Why do the majority of the youth get fooled into supporting liberalism? Because, the sinful music and movie industries are their church, and the Democrats would rather they be evil than turn to Jesus, for that makes them prospects for voting Republican, and will serve to make the Republican party more Christian than otherwise. There is a move to Christianize the Republican party, but people at Fox News resist this. President Rump gives us lip service.

The youth have many apostles: dope and porn dealers. These are the things the teens come to understand. They are more prone to killing / hurting others because they have little respect for people. The very rules for living that Jesus came to uphold are the things they violate. They are more prone to raping and committing adultery because they freely give themselves to porn; the government that covets to have their minds is the thing responsible for rape and adultery because the government gave them porn. You may say that, no, it wasn't the government, but the courts who gave them porn. Yet the courts work for the government. If the government were actively against porn, the courts would be stacked with the same.

As we can see, governments are not removing porn from the Internet. Go ahead and try, because that's when the many fools will speak out and demand their porn. And the government which allowed them to have their porn has now become their dope dealer. It was all planned, to feed the youth porn from the inception of sex-education in schools, and Western governments began to favor the teens who love to rebel against Jesus, so predictable, because this was the underlying purpose of sex education, to favor the wrong type of teens so that they would go wayward, and stay that way as adults. The hope is that anti-Christians everywhere would evangelize the liberal world.

This has made Jesus very upset. In the meantime, as the world exposes itself in sin, Jesus chooses whom he will train and rear for the war. I have written to newspapers, and complained to the government about television porn. It was my education on where our leaders stand. I looked at the condition of evolution in the schools, and saw it hopelessly devoted to ruining my own children. I will never forgive this. Jesus will allow his own people to judge his enemies. The prayers of the saints will not go unanswered. We have part in their destruction. First comes the exposure of the enemies, then comes their ruin, when God allows the world to fall apart. Until the appointed time, the liberals have God to thank for restraining the self-destruction that they have birthed. We are witnessing their sins, and our words against them are effectively judging them, for God hears us, and agrees with us. Our victory will be final, without end. This eternal condition is their punishment, for they loath just to think about eternity under God. For a moment, they glory in their victory over us, because the world is being ordered as they like it, and they wish to have this society permanent.

Love requires sacrifice. For example, at camp sites, the sinners of my generation played loud music and talked / laughed loudly unto the wee hours because they care not to sacrifice their noise for all the others trying to get sleep. Although they accept and interact with one another for good times, they are destructive to society, which is why terrible things are happening in the Western world that once didn't. Their attitudes go far beyond making noise at night; they live with us daily, and corrupt the workplace, and even their own children. Apostles of slime, but the liberal governments need them, and wish to sign them up as more than voters. They now wish to unleash them upon us as a political force.

The new way of thinking is that those who want to live by the rules are to tolerate those who wish to break the rules. Do they want to make noise after midnight? It is our duty now to tolerate them so that they may have a "good" time. Do they want to spread sinful attitudes in our midst? We are to tolerate them while they spread their spiritual diseases. That's the liberal gospel: tolerate everyone regardless of how sinful, because there is no Jesus, and therefore there is no sin. I will not forgive "my" government for allowing porn. It is not my government. There is a horrible chasm between the government and myself. I will prevail over it. I will cross my hands and pray to Jesus instead; He is my strengthening, my care giver.

Governments have failed to act as a restraint on the enemies of Jesus because Jesus does not guide governments. Governments are forbidden to mention His Name. According to who? Where are all the pastors sticking up for Jesus when the fools tell the world that Jesus is a fantasy? It depressed me that there was no rebellion getting outside of the four walls of church. There were no armies of God at church devising ways to make war with our governments, our newspapers. They acted as though they didn't have the power of God in their midst. Perhaps this lack of reaction was the will of God because the Plan was to allow sin to blossom for a short time. I really don't know. But, surely, the churches should have collectively bothered-without-end the governments and media for the decline toward Sodom. I think church leaders should have stuck-up for our children by making verbal war with the leaders of the anti-Christ rebellion.

The liberals, in seeing that just one false witness has been working wonders against Kavanaugh, have produced a second one, and are promising a third soon. Where was Fox's outrage when the liberals did this to Bible-toting, judge Roy Moore? Fox has about a half-dozen stories daily on Kavanaugh, exactly due to Trump and his fellow Republicans doing NOTHING to expose the false witnesses that came against Moore. There was a great opportunity to expose the liberals at that time. And here we are again. Moore was opposed by Mitch McConnell, who is at the front of the charge on behalf of Kavanaugh. What is permitted to go around comes around, Mr. McConnell.

In the last update, I explained why an event with my blazer and Miss Hicks could have been an act of God to send a message. I had almost exhausted what there was to say when the following was found:

I thought I had exhausted this topic, and was actually complaining to Jesus because there needs to be something a little harder in making the link to Loretta Lynch. I was telling Him (while staring at the German Lang Coat) that I feel a little shaky putting this in print, which is the very moment I realized: one German Lang Coat uses the same griffin (houseofnames had several designs), colors included, as the Holders! Loretta Lynch replaced Eric Holder!! It tends to verify that I was correctly pointing to Linkletters and Langs.

The blazer had green-and-black checks, and the only surname I know with that design are LINKletters (use this link to load all surnames), whom I had traced to the heraldic lynx, shared by Lynch's/Linch's. I had traced Linkletters to Langs long ago because the Linkletter checks are a version of the Stewart checks, and because Stewarts share the German-Lang pelican, but also because Stewarts were Alans/Alengs that I trace to "Langhe" in Cuneo.

After the update was put online, I saw that the middle name of Christine BLASEY Ford (Kavanaugh's first accuser, now in the news) brings up the Blazer surname. Hmm, I wondered, did Loretta Lynch and/or Eric Holder have anything to do with fronting this false accuser? I found it interesting that Fords share the Blazer/Blasey martlets.

On the day that I wore this blazer to church, the only day I wore it to church, I also wore a tie decorated with musical clefs (see last update for details). There is a Cleff surname listed with Cliffs, and because I have felt confident, in the past, that Cliffs are sharing the Fisk stars, this clef-tie situation was connectable to the Steele dossier / FISA = FISC court, as explained elsewhere besides the last update (trust me, there's good reason for a Fisk connection to FISA, especially due to BattiSTELLi's).

I missed a couple of points in the last update. One: the Blasers/Blaseys were connected to the Black saltire, who look like a branch of Blake's, the latter sharing a single black-on-white pale bar with Fisks. Two: while the Lux surname is said to be from "lynx," the Fisks are said to be from Lux-like Laxfield. The houseofnames website is not working for me at noon, Thursday, to check the Lax / Laxfield Coats, and, hopefully, it will be back. My hunch is that Lux's and Lax's are not from the Lyncestis > Lynch bloodline, but that mergers between them all are possible because Licks / Locks can be traced to the namers of lake Lychnidus, very near the country of Lyncestis. Licks/Lucks, for example, share the black greyhound with lynx-using Penes'/Pennys, traceable to the Penestae who lived at the north of lake Lychnidus. And Locks and Lochs/Lokens use the SWAN that I trace to lake SEVAN (Armenia), which was once lake Lychnis.

There was both a mythical swan (king Cygnus) in Lick-like LIGuria, and a mythical LohenGRIN, the so-called "Swan Knight." Lohans/Logans are linkable to the swan-using Lokens, you see, and Fisks are from the GRIMaldi-related Fieschi of Genova i.e. in Liguria. It doesn't appear coincidental that Genova is near Sevan-like Savona, likewise in Liguria. As Lohans/Logans ("Hoc") use nails, they are suspect with the Nails/Nagle's out of Liguria's Oneglia. Hocks use the giant swan.

On the southern shore of lake Lychnidus, and beside Lyncestis, there was a Boius country, as one can see at the lower-left of the light map below. It just so happens that the Lynch Coat shares the Bothwell Coat while the latter have a BOY pulling down a pine tree. Boius can be suspect with the formation of the Boii, and the Boy surname happens to have been first found in Berwickshire with Licks/Lucks. The Kilpatricks who share a version of the Blazer/Blasey Coat were from Antipatria, to the near-west of Boius, and on the same Apsus river. Can we believe it: there is a SAVENA river into Bologna, home of the Boii. The Ore's/Orrs, whom I think have been shown to be God's code for the Ohrs, have two motto terms highly suspect, or well traceable, to "Bononia," the alternative name of Bologna.

The Apsus flows through Fier county, explaining why Fiers and Apps' were both first found in Middlesex. The Apps' use five lozenges FESSEwise in the colors of the five mascles (hollow lozenges) fessewise of Licks/Lucks. Note PELAGONia to the north side of Lyncestis, for Licks/Lucks use the PELICAN, as do Pullings/Pullens suspect in "a boy PULLING down a pine tree." Pullings/Pullens share the scallop of Sabine's/SAVONA's, because they both originate in Vespasia Polla and her husband, Flavius Sabinus, and while Pullings come up as Pullys, there is a Pully location on the shore of Genova-like Geneva. Therefore, Flavius Sabinus (father of emperor Vespasian) was related to the naming of Savona, and Gog was on the shore of lake Sevan.

A Lex/Leck surname (doesn't come up as "Lech"), with a bottony cross, was first found in Vaud, where Pully is located along with LAUSanne (Lausodunon in Roman times), the latter suspect with Lissus at the mouth of the Drilon river that starts at lake Lychnidus. Anne's/Hanne's, though I don't know whether they named LausANNE, were first found in Yorkshire with Pullings/Pullys. Buttons/Bidens were first found in Hampshire with Botters/Budins, while Italian Botters share the bend of Pullings/Pullens. The Vidy location at Lausanne is interesting where Vito's/Vido's (giant ANNulet) are also Button-like Bittini's, and lived in Tarvisium, very connectable to the Chives' who named Chivasso. Lausons/Lauzanne's use what look like annulets, in the colors of the Ottone annulets, and I trace the Ottone's to the Cavii-suspect Chappes,' first found in Ile-de-France with Lys'/Lisse's and Levi's.

I trace Botters to the Bautica river that flows through Chivasso, that city named from the Cavii who lived at Lissus. The Lys tributary (near lake Geneva) of the Bautica applies to Lissus liners. I trace Bauts/BAUX's to "Bautica," and Vaux's should apply, especially as Vaux's are from Lupus Laevillus, whose mother, Vibia, is suspect in naming Vaud's Vevey. DeVAUDs/DeVAUX's share the pelican with Pullings/Pullys.

Crombys share the bottony cross (code for Buttons) with Lex's/Lecks, and are suspect with the namers of Cremona / Crema, near to, or even housing, the Ananes Gauls. The last update, which included Mrs. Deeter, explained why the wine symbol of Greece went through Laus of southern Italy, and here I can add what I had forgotten, that the Laus/Lau/Lauer surname, first known in Boii-founded Bohemia, shares grapes with Deeters. Pullings/Pullens are suspect with the Boii where their Pasi/Pace kin were first found in Bologna, and while I trace the family of Eustace II to the Bautica, he lived in Boulogne (Artois), which was likewise called, Bononia. The Arduinici of the Bautica's Ivrea location, suspect with the Yvery location of Leavells, were thus at least related to the namers of Artois, and the latter is where Lois' were first found, who are in the colors of Lausons/Lauzanne's, the latter said to have named LOISon. Lausanne was "LAUSONio" in the 3rd century.

It was shown that Ore's/Orrs, Wake's and Nellys share red roundels, which tended to clinch the Ore's/Orrs with NELLY Ohr. She worked for Fusion GPS, and that company was represented by God, I think, in a Fussen location on a LECK river. Lecks (Yorkshire, same as Lax's) are also Lacks; they look to share a version of the Leak(ey) Coat, and for whatever reason we might think, "LYKE-WAKE" is the name of a song in the Leak(ey) write-up. The Leak(ey) motto may be honoring something in Genova, which is where Fussen-like, Fieschi-liner Fessys derive. The EraVISCI between the Boii (on the map at Pannonia) and the Danube could be of proto-Fisks.

The Arduinici of Ivrea had a branch at Liguria's Oneglia, where they married Doria's, first found in Genova. The swan-liner Ligurians can be suspect at Switzerland's Sion (near Vevey of Lausanne) because Sions/Swans use the swan, and they were first found in Lanarkshire with Colters, the latter sharing the Catherine wheel with Lax's. Hocks, suspect in the "Hoc" motto term of Lohans/Logans, may have been the namers of Ouchy at Lausanne, and they were first found in Switzerland along with Tease's/Tecks that mat be using a saltire version of the Fessy Coat (it's the Swiss cross). Lax's share the double fesses of HARcourts and Hairs, and the Beaumonts (Leicester, Legro river) who married Waleran de Leavell were descended from the Harcourt, Humphrey de Vieilles. At the time, Beaumonts ruled Milan-possible Meulan/Mellent, the Arms of which share the checkered Vaux Coat. "Vieilles" is suspect with the German Wells sharing the giant Devaud/DeVAUX pelican.

Hocks share the antler with the Zahringers, the latter having been the founders of bear-depicted Berne (Switzerland), which makes the bear-using Couch's suspect with Ouchy liners.

Harcourts use a "bon" motto term suspect with Bononia, and Ore's/Orrs have the motto, "BoNIS omnia BONa." Nelly Ohr is reneging on coming out to be questioned by congress. She'll need to be compelled to come. It's just that I've been confidently claiming that God has given us signs to suggest that He's involved in exposing Fusion GPS, and therefore this hearing with Nelly Ohr is to be expected as part of His exposure. The Dossier/D'Hosier Coat can be using the Shield in the Arms of Sion.

Joseph Biden is online looking like a pedophile. Buttons/Bidens share the red fesse and the chapeau with Bonnets, and the Ore/Orr motto should connect with the "bon" of Bonnet-like Bennett, the latter using one roundel colors reversed from the Ore/Orr roundel.

Jeff Flake and My Flat Tire

On August 26, Fox had more than 16 links, all on its Politics page, to pages or videos dedicated to the Kavanaugh controversy, all links less than three hours old at 5:15 pm. Overdone?

Lindsey Graham makes a ridiculous statement: "If Kavanaugh 'goes down, GOP doesn't deserve to stay in power." Achem, if Kavanaugh loses, it's only three or four Republicans who vote against him, two of them at least based on their fear that he'll overturn Roe v Wade. How does this reflect on the entire party, Mr. Graham? By Friday morning, Jeff Flake says he'll vote for Kavanaugh. But they still need two or three more Republicans, unless one or two Democrats vote in favor. By Friday afternoon, Flake demanded an FBI investigation (the idea of Democrats) into Kavanaugh in return, maybe, for his yes vote. What cesspool turd. The deep state doesn't want Kavanaugh, does it?

Then, for fear of losing the vote, Republicans agreed to the FBI probe! Zikers, what laughing-stock democracy. The FBI now gets a week to come-back with its say, how interesting. How's the next week going to get Kavanaugh the extra vote or two needed when Wray at the FBI (Rosenstein is his boss) is expected to pound Kavanaugh further into the dirt? I feel sorry for Kavanaugh, but blame goes squarely to Trump and McConnell for getting involved with Moore, yet not following up on the Democrat corruption against him. If Rosenstein topples Kavanaugh, oops, another reason that Trump should have fired him long ago. Alaska Republican senator, Lisa Murkyswampski, thought that the FBI probe would be a good thing, because she doesn't want to vote for Kavanaugh. Where is Trump's call to investigate Blasey's false testimony? People like Murkyswampski forbid the Republicans to make such a call. Politics wins over doing the right thing yet again.

"If Flake remains a 'yes,' there will be 48 pledged Republicans, with Sens. Susan Collins, R-Maine, and Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska [two pro-abortionist, baby killers, let us never forget], the two remaining wild cards. Sen. Mike Enzi, R-Wyo., has not announced his stance, but is expected to support the nominee. Republicans need 51 votes to confirm." The two female murderers are holding the party hostage. There's no guarantee Flake will vote for Kavanaugh after the one week; he may have said he's leaning "yes" as a trick to get the FBI involved.

"Republicans’ thin majority in the Senate at large gives the GOP very little room for defections. Sources told Fox News that former President George W. Bush has been making calls to Republican senators in an effort to help secure the confirmation." It's a good reason not to confirm Kavanaugh. He worked for Bush, didn't he? The supreme court needs those who will prosecute the 9-11 criminals, like Bush. He knows darn well that no planes hit the twin towers. Let the show-down begin, I pray.

Just think of it. The Democrats front a criminal act with Blasey, and they then force the Republicans to sick the FBI on the accused. It can't get more satanic-ass backward than that. The Irony is Coming with an Iron Rod to club the demons to death, make no mistake about it, Mr. Bush. If Kavanaugh were not desirable to the Republican deep state, there would not have been this much fuss about him on Fox. The country needs those who will burn down Bush's Patriot Act with a high-powered magnifying glass. If spying is what they like, then the Spy in the Sky they will get. Confront that Reality, and see if you survive. Who was it, anyway, who convinced Trump that Kavanaugh should get the nod?

Where was Graham's zeal when Roy Moore was being mistreated in exactly the same way? Is it because he wears a cowboy hat or a vest at times? Is it because he has a southern "accent"? Why is Kavanaugh's name and family precious, but not Roy Moore's? If Kavanaugh gets voted out, will Trump's advisors suggest an evangelical for the top court, or yet another Catholic??? If the leaders keep on rejecting the people of Jesus, down the drain goes the nation, guaranteed. No use thinking that God is helping out on the supreme court when He sees that the people of Jesus are not on it. Good luck thinking that God cares about America. He will expose America, not bless it. Republican hypocrisy and Democrat wickedness is before our eyes with the Kavanaugh controversy. The United States is predominantly Protestant Christian by background; so why are Jews and Catholics stacked in the supreme court?

I wonder what Trump's CIA chief is doing these days. Being a woman, is she opposed to Kavanaugh? Who will protect him now that his fate is slipping to the department of justice? Must Rosenstein watch his step here since he himself is under Trump's magnifying glass? Unfortunately, Trump did not burn him, and so Rosenstein now has the power for at least one week to fry Kavanaugh in boiling oil. Trump can't even trust his own FBI chief to get a straight answer on what Rosenstein is up to this week. Trump, the absolute loser, toasted his own self with his choices for justice. Trump is in shambles thanks to his listening to the wrong people. When will he learn? I'm not mocking; I feel more to weep.

The Democrats wouldn't have wanted the FBI involved if they didn't know that it will help their cause. When Joe Biden led the congress against Clarence Thomas, he argued adamantly that the FBI should not get involved. Democrats have no morals, no principles, but the principle of what serves them best at the moment. This is the fruit of unrestricted, American free speech. Satan gets to have his slanderous lie presented as passionate truth. Let's watch to see what the FBI comes out with. Will it even ask questions on Blasey's testimony, or the unethical way in which her case was brought to bear for political goals?

Lindsey Graham had a love fest for Flake after the latter pulled off his trick. Why did Graham blast the Democrats, yet he treated Flake with comradery after asking for the FBI investigation? The answer is obvious: Graham has acted as a hypocrite in accordance with the political need of Republicans to woo Flake to a "yes" vote. We are not getting the realities of the human heart. Everything is being said with a political goal, creating less trust in Republicans. What Flake is doing is pathetic; just say so. Please God, not men. He will repay. By trying to play politics, it will become chaotic again if Kavanaugh fails, when it comes to choosing another nominee. But if they were trying to please God, things would probably work out better. Trust God in this attitude, and you could be amazed.

I can tell you this, judge Roy Moore was speaking out for God's values like His political warrior, something I do not see in Kavanaugh. We can't even be sure that Kavanaugh will go against Roe v Wade. How much is a man willing to make-right a nation if he's unwilling to outlaw abortion? A human being has more than a right to life; it has the opportunity for eternal life with Jesus, but the wicked not only wish to kill all unwanted humans, but to make the rest sons of Hell. There is no good news here.

The bottom line is that the pro-abortion Senators are willing to give Kavanaugh a week or more of further boiling in oil rather than just telling McConnell that they are ready to confirm. In other words, they want Kavanaugh destroyed this week, and will vote for him only if compelled by some fear of damage to their careers. Flake has already resigned, and does not need to fear failure of re-election.

Flake's are interesting because, on the day that I wore the blazer, I went out to my vehicle, in the church parking lot, and it had a FLAT tire on the rear. I remember the event. I took off the blazer, and with the new and expensive green shirt, I got down on my butt (dark blue jeans, I remember which ones), and put the jack under the wheel. As I was squatting, there drove Mrs. Kilpatrick, with her husband, out of the parking lot past me, and I waved as they came toward me. I had wondered about this FLAT tire for days since the last update, but not until Jeff Flake entered the discussion did it become meaningful, for Flats/Fletts (Flake/Flack colors) can be linked to Flake's/Flacks (probably the Fulk wing, in Flag/Flack colors)). How amazing.

It works this way: Fleets/Flete's share a version of the Flag/Flack Coat (same place as Fulke's/Volks and PALMers), all in Flat/Flett colors, and, wow, Fleetwoods share the Blasey/Blazer and Ford martlets!!! Christine Blasey FORD; Fords even use a "Christi" motto term.

Fleets/Flete's are said to be of Holland, where Flake's/Flacks (and Tie's/Thighs) were first found. I'd like to add here that Palmers share the double Flag/Flack / Fleet/Flete fesses, for while I wore this blazer, she came to me and put both palms in mine. The Flats/Fletts even use the Palmer trefoils in colors reversed. And Spanish Palmers share the split Shield of Dossier's/D'Hosiers. Fleetwoods were first found in Lancashire with Orells, and Italian Corells/Caro's (PALERMo, Sicily) share the palm tree with German Palms. It was the only day I had worn a tie to that church (attended about 100 times), and so it's interesting that Tie's/Dye's use one of the Flack / Fleet / Palmer fesses.

I recall the exact words I spoke to her as she released my hands: "I'll pray for you too." One Pray surname could be using a courant and black greyhound, the English Palmer (and Ford) symbol too.

ZOWIE! The Flats/Fletts were first found in the Orkneys with Linkletters! The letter came up as per the green-and-black checks (very small checks) on my blazer. Plus, the Orkneys are beside Yell of Shetland while Yells (Shetland) share the Stick garb and the Blasey/Blazer crescents, while the Cleffs/Cliffs are said to have married the Stycke's!!! Zikers, it all connects as though Someone knew what He was doing. How many ties do you own with clefs upon it? A musical clef is for a song, and the Song surname (Devon, beside the Sticks) happens to share the gold-on-black Stick garbs. Kavanaughs (gold garb) use a "fairSINGE" motto term.

Yells share the black fesse with Yellows, Ile's/Ylleys (and Tie's/Dye's), with the Ile's/Ylleys first found in Norfolk with Flags/Flacks and Palmers. Here's from the last update while on this investigation:

Repeat: "She was standing in the ISLE when we made eye contact (when she came over to me), and the Isle's (June fleur?) share a version of the Tie/Dye Coat (family from near WAKEfield). The Tie's/Ties'/Dye's share the Hamon stars. " My guess is that God would want to include Isle's with the Tie = Ticino elements for the line Junia Caepionis, who was a Livius too, to Laevillus. Quintus Caepio is expected with Quints, who share a lion paw, holding an item, in Crest with Isle's. Levi's were first found at ILE-de-France, which perhaps applies.

In fact, the Ile/Isle/Ylley Crest has a hand holding a fitchee while Quints have a paw holding a fitchee. Isle's/Eyles'/Eels' use a paw holding a fleur-de-lys in the colors of the same of Yells. This is highly suspect as the June fleur. The Ile/Isle/Ylley chevron is colors reversed from the Ring chevron, and both were first found in Norfolk.

AND WOWOWWWIE! The Tire's (MacDonald kin, easily in Shetland) share a hand holding a fitchee with Ile'/Ylleys (!!) while the latter's chevron is the Flat/Flett chevron!!! I almost missed all of this. I was praying this Saturday afternoon for some fast-track on my writings, or just anything compelling from Him (I was getting bored with the Kavanaugh / Rosenstein crawl), and within a few minutes, the Flake-Flat link came to mind.

So, it seems that the blazer event was indeed God's pointer to Miss Blasey, for Mr. Flake is now supporting her. There was no flat tire that I knew of when I parked the vehicle in the parking lot 90 minutes before finding it flat. Reminder: Blaseys/Blazers use a version of the Kilpatrick Coat. Plus, I had the JACK the vehicle up to put on the spare, and Blaseys/Blazers and Jacks/Jacques' were first found in Yorkshire while Jacques de Molay was probably from Le Molay, three miles from the Blay location of Blaseys/Blazers.

It just so happens that Jeff Flake is supported by senator, Susan Collins, while the Collins surname shares the martlets of Flys, from Flagi. Neither of the two pro-abortion women, Collins being one, have revealed how they will vote on Kavanaugh. They are acting as the suffocating snot up the trunk of the Republican elephant. They really need to go ride the Democrat jackass. "Collins has been reluctant to say with certainty whether she finds their allegations credible." What else can we call this, when the entire party needs to know how they will vote, yet will not reveal it? Isn't it a sign that they hope to vote, "no." That's why they are in the Flake camp. The Fly Coat could be construed as a version of the Flat/Flett Coat.

I am impressed. God gave me a flat tire. The pastor asked us all to pray for someone near us, and Jacks share the Prayer scallops, but they are also the Dagger/DACKER scallops, and I even recall the show I wore that day, the brown Dockers shoes. Dockers were first found in Cumberland with Dackers/Daggers, whom I trace with Kilpatricks to the Dexaroi on the Apsus river through Fier county; the Prayer-related Vardys/Vertys (same place as Dackers/Daggers) share the Fier moline. The Acre branch of Dackers/Daggers share a familiar fesse with possibly the June / PENdragon fleur closely. Acre's share the red bull of the Norfolk Sabine's/Savona's, who are from Flavius Sabinus and Vespasia Polla, as is the Flavian/Flagi location of Flys. The Docker spears are colors reversed from the same of Pasi's, to whom I trace "VesPASia."

Flys share a version of the Pratt Coat (white-black wolf head in Crest) while "Pratus" is a motto term in the Arms of Rieti while Prays are Praters too. Prays share the white wolf with Fleetwoods, and the latter's "Quod" motto term is suspect with the Quoid variation of Quade's/Wade's (wolf heads colors reversed from the Pray wolf heads). There is a black trefoil on the neck of the Fleetwood wolf, the color of the Flat/Flett trefoil. In colors reversed, it's the Pratt and Palmer trefoil, both of the latter first found in Norfolk.

The last update showed why the Vardy-liner Greens applied to the blazer event, and they share "semper" with Dockers. It appears that God made me buy a pair of Dockers LEATHER shoes. Leathers are listed with Letters suspect in Linkletters, and the latter came up as per my green blazer's checks, and probably because Loretta Lynch has something to do with the attack on Kavanaugh. Lookie here at another part of the last update:

The Glory/Lowry surname ("Virtus") suspect in "glorior" uses the full motto of Greens! That's the wow part. So, our wearing green, and my wearing the clef, is pointing to the FISA scandal yet again through the same Mrs. Kilpatrick who pointed to it in other ways, including her songs at the 9-11 memorial. The Laurie branch of Glorys/Lowrys (same Coat) was first found in Dumfries with Kilpatrick castle. This tends to show that the tie with clefs was given to me, on my birthday, by God.

The Laurie's share the motto and tree stump of Leathers/Letters, showing yet another way that God pointed items in the blazer event to heraldic connections in order to prove that He was behind the event...for a reason, right? Leathers/Letters are traced in their write-up to a Leeder river while Leaders look to be using a version of the Fly Coat. It makes the Leather/Letter motto suspect with Vespasia POLLA. I always link the Leather/Letter Coat to that of Ali's/Aliotta's and Leto's/Alitto's. The latter surname is on the U.S. supreme court.

The Leather/Letter motto is, "RepulluLAT," suspect partly with Lets/Late's that use ORGAN pipes, suspect partly with "ORKNey" i.e. where Linkletters were first found. Perfect.

The Flat/Flett Coat is the Lynch Coat, but with different colors. Repeat: "There is a black trefoil on the neck of the Fleetwood wolf, the color of the Flat/Flett trefoil. TREFoils are partly suspect with the Treff variation of Trips, and the Kent Trips use "SCALing LADDERs," very interesting where Trump has been the one to replace the seat of judge SCALia. The Fleetwood wolf is the white one of Gore's/Core's and Gowers/Gore's, while Gore's/Core's share the Trip crosslets. No Ladder surname comes up, but there probably is one somewhere. Laders come up with Leaders. Irish Kilpatricks use a "laidir" motto term.

What could it mean that God's pointing to Jeff Flake with the flat tire? Did God create the FBI situation for the coming week? Will the FBI backfire on Blasey this coming week? Did God set up Flake's move to deflate and ruin Kavanaugh? I have no idea. I don't even know how to use the symbols to make a prediction. Perhaps the blazer's checks were to get me to the line of the heraldic lynx as per the lynx of Penes'/Pennys, for Mike PENCE (familiar fesse) might break a 50-50 tie vote. Hmm, perhaps the tie with blazer was a prediction of a tie vote.

I have another item to add to the blazer event. It's hot in southern Texas. I was building a cottage, and my habit was to have a beer every night after work, on my front porch. The day I had the flat tire, a Mexican teen from church was standing there; he was looking into the back of the van while I was getting out the jack, and he saw the empty cases of empty beer bottles. I wasn't pleased with whatever he may have been thinking about me. I had checked the Beer surnames earlier, but had nothing to say until loading Kavanaughs. Let me first repeat a highlight of this update:

ZOWIE! The Flats/Fletts were first found in the Orkneys with Linkletters! The letter came up as per the green-and-black checks (very small checks) on my blazer. Plus, the Orkneys are beside Yell of Shetland while Yells (Shetland) share the Stick garb and the Blasey/Blazer crescents, while the Cleffs/Cliffs are said to have married the Stycke's!!! Zikers, it all connects as though Someone knew what He was doing. How many ties do you own with clefs upon it? A musical clef is for a song, and the Song surname (Devon, beside the Sticks) happens to share the gold-on-black Stick garbs. Kavanaughs (gold garb) use a "fairSINGE" motto term.

Singe's/Singers/Sangs share the upright bear with two Beer surnames, one sharing a gold garb in Crest with Kavanaughs? The garb-using Beers were first found in Devon with gold-garb Songs. But again, while I can make many heraldic links, trying to interpret the details of the God-given events is not my forte. Wasn't Mr. Kavanaugh said to have been drinking beer at the party? The Rape/Rafe surname could be a branch of Ruffs/Ralphs who share the raven (symbol of Shetland) with the Beer garb. Is this to say that Kavanaugh did try to rape Blasey? Or is this God's way of saying yet again that the blazer event points to Blasey's rape accusation, whether true or false? I have no idea.

As I said, there was at least one CASE of empty beer bottles in the vehicle, and here one can see that the Case surname uses a version of one Ferris Coat while Beers were at Beer-Ferris (Devon). The Ferris' can be gleaned as a branch of Fairs suspect in the "fairsinge" motto term of Kavanaughs, which is the term that brought us to Beers in the first place.

According to Fox, with the Washington Post in agreement, "Simpson and Fusion GPS were hired by BakerHostetler..." It's now come out that Miss Blasey's brother had worked for BakerHostetler. What are the chances? has admitted to it. The following story from Russia makes sense:

An intriguing in-depth new Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) report circulating in the Kremlin today states that a Stanford University Psychiatry Professor named Dr. Christine Blasey has become the latest centerpiece of a Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) plot to harm President Trump with her last-minute allegation...she currently oversees the CIA Undergraduate Internship Program Stanford University developed by the notorious CIA-connected Stanford University Psychiatric Professor Dr. Frederick T. Melges...that afterwards saw the CIA’s black operations monies being controlled by Ralph G. Blasey Jr. — who, not so mysteriously, just happens to be the father of Dr. Christine Blasey.

Why do I get the feeling that this story will never make it Fox news, even though Michael Savage is pushing it? Here's from a Savage page:




Shouldn't we assume that Savage did his homework before presenting these claims? His show is not small potatoes. So why is Fox not mentioning this? Could it be because it's true whereas it's not to be a part of the unfolding plot? Are they all trying to drive the people crazy, to divide the nation, to weaken it for the better success of forthcoming plots? Another page: "Dr. Christine Blasey heads Stanford University's CIA's Undergraduate Internship Program. Her email is and work phone number 650-498-6440." The website shows a document proving that the Program is sponsored by the CIA, but does not show proof that Blasey heads it up.

Or, the CIA has itself put out this story as false because it wants to mess with our heads. Where did Savage find the proof that Mr. Blasey works the CIA? Why didn't he present it? Stories such as this, pushed also by Alex Jones, routinely go nowhere, and the Russians may not even address it. The story makes it appear as though the Kremlin is interfering with American politics on behalf of Trump, exactly what the CIA would like people to believe. However, the story includes this statement: "...her father Ralph G. Blasey Jr. — a proven CIA operative..." We then go to Bloomberg's Executive Profile page for Ralph G. Blasey Jr.:

"Mr. Ralph G. Blasey, Jr. serves as a Vice President of Business Development of Red Coats, Inc., a private company specializing in commercial office cleaning, uniformed guard services and access control systems. From October 1982 to July 1989, Mr. Blasey owned and operated several privately-held companies. He has over 40 years of executive management experience in financial and manufacturing corporations and responsibilities include identifying selling opportunities for ..."

From the Red-Coats site: "Ralph G. Blasey – Vice President, Business Development." But until someone proves that Red Coats is a CIA snake in some way, this story has no legs. People are working to expand this story. It's known that the CIA is an expert in character assassination. Might the CIA oppose Kavanaugh for reasons other than his assumed threat to abortion?

The theory that Republicans are part of a Republican deep state breaks down here if the latter don't want Kavanaugh, for all Republican Senators seem to have no problem with Kavanaugh aside from his pro-life bias. One is compelled to view the anti-Kavanaugh side purely from the Democrats, which may leave a question as to whether Rosenstein, a Republican, will seek to damage him. However, a Kavanaugh win represents Trump's success at this critical moment, and, surely, Rosenstein would like to see the Republicans, as a lot, lose the Senate in less than 40 days. There are political consequences for attacking corruption in high-level government orgs, but the alternative is intolerable, unless those who tolerate are corrupt themselves.

They opened a feel-sorry fund for Blasey, meaning that future false witnesses have big-money reason to come forward. It works like a machine, and will, until they are charged with fraud. It's not necessary to win cases for perjury and fraud; it's enough to bring the charges to frighten others into thinking twice before they too act corruptly. I assume that grown men know this.

Trump is saying that Blasey's testimony was "compelling," which is at odds with his accusation against the Democrats for bringing this issue up. If she's compelling, doesn't it justify bringing her to the issue? But Trump is fearful of distancing female voters, once again showing that politics, not an honest face, has priority in his heart. Politics isn't necessarily opposed to truth, but the game of politics sours when honesty is forsaken for the cause of power. Whether she's compelling needs to be weighed with what we would expect to come out of her testimony. Surely, with so many people at the party, and with the wide audience that this news story has received, someone else at the party would have surfaced who remembers exactly whose home the party was at. Therefore, it appears that Blasey is lying, inventing even the party.

So far as I know, no one at any party she attended when she was 15 has come forward. Was she at any party at all that year? What did the house look like? She said she was up the stairs to the bathroom. What did it look like. Where was the bedroom in relation to the top of the stairs. How was the living room and kitchen laid from the bottom of the stairs? Why has the owner of the home at the time not come forward? Surely the FBI will be asking her such questions. Or, will the FBI be concerned only with whether Kavanaugh is the liar? Who's keeping an eye out on the FBI, to see how it goes forward with this investigation? Isn't that Trump's job? Shouldn't he have a daily FBI briefing on these next few days?

Someone asked: if the FBI rank and file are all so good, where are all the whistle blowers? Does one still rate as a good man if he's quiet about corruption for the sake of not losing his job? Or, what good is an honest servant of a mobster? Mobsters can use guys with nice faces to do their publicity stunts.

If Kavanaugh gets confirmed, he may be more willing to vandalize Roe v Wade because it's his political enemies now who want it left standing. That could be a good outcome.

All the Democrat leaders are hoping that the Republicans will choose based on political cost, for Democrats have set their media up in exactly that way, to punish Republicans for doing the right things...exactly why the Republicans need to take media heads to court when they contribute to false stories at the behest of Democrat animals. Even now, a sickening situation: the Democrats are barking at the Republicans to call the FBI do a probe on Kavanaugh, when it should be the Republicans who call on the FBI to do a probe of the false accusers. Unless the legal system is used against the Democrat leadership, it will continue to be a bunch of lawless mobsters.

If Kavanaugh loses by one Senate vote, one could blame it on the Democrat who took Moore's rightful place on the Senate.

Rosenstein has a Problem

The Chicago Tribune: "Some officials said that Matt Whitaker, Attorney General Jeff Sessions' chief of staff, had told people he would be taking over for Rosenstein - an indication that the deputy attorney general's departure was all but certain - and were surprised when it was announced that Rosenstein would remain in his job." The article goes on to say that the Republicans are a-scared fraidy cats because firing Rosenstein now would bring many-more Democrats to the polls. But, not firing him now would make them look like the scaredy-cat do-nothing Republicans that Republican voters won't stand in line for at voting time. Take your pick, stupids: do the right or wrong thing. Do the right regardless of the political cost; it will produce last fruit in the long run from the better reputation that you sow. But this, your acting on the political cost, is sickening. Do the right thing, and fight for the right thing. Get to be known for doing the right thing. Make it your motto.

McCabe's memos are available to Trump's lawyers. Therefore, they can get the memo where McCabe writes that Rosenstein wanted to topple the president using the 25th amendment. What can there be to fear for firing Rosenstein at that point? The Democrats can say till blue in the face that Trump fired him to thwart the Mueller probe, but it won't stick with McCabe's memo plastered in the news. In the same way, declassifying the damning material will get Republican voters fired up, but Trump has chosen the scaredy-cat way even in this matter, now given into the hands of Rosenstein's friend, Softy Hide Horowitz.

Republican voters are being made to puke, especially when Trump told them that he's not declassifying after all due to "allies" whom he did not reveal. We all think it's the British, for one. Trump told his voters that the will of foreign powers in this matter of declassification trumps their will. We knew it. We knew Trump was merely using his voters. He listens to others, and pretends to be with his voters. He thinks he has them wrapped around his finger, but doing the wrong has consequences at the most-unexpected moments. Ask lame Obama and legless Hillary.

Some good Republicans, such as Jim Jordan, are demanding that Rosenstein immediately come to congress to explain himself under oath. Here's Jordan with Ingraham, with the latter thinking that the firing of Rosenstein is a Democrat trap. I don't agree. Lynch is in this video briefly because she's being asked to congress too:

I doubt very much that Rosenstein would have agreed to some Democrat trap that includes his resignation. Besides, traps have a way of backfiring in these very affairs. Do the right thing, make the traps backfire. Set up your own traps to catch the invaders, the logical thing to do. But when the left is warning that firing Rosenstein is a political disaster for Trump / Republicans, that's how you know it's a lie, or they wouldn't give warning. After Levin warned that this was a trap for Trump, so did Hannity and others at Fox. Never mind the trap. If Rosenstein said what he did, and if he meant it, fire him immediately; the trap is a mirage. To keep him on allows him to use his remaining few months to set anti-Trump brambles on the president's path. Besides, those Republicans warning him not to fire Rosenstein are half or more anti-Trumpers to begin with. On top of that, he looks weak against the media he mocks, not a good move.

Christians I've known learn very quickly that God can be trusted with our giving money to good causes. That's because God rewards us when we do well in order to encourage us to do well. It's not a continual blessing from God, or we would give merely to receive back. But God lets us know at times that out deeds are approved. In the same way, trust God with political decisions. Is He there to reward only our giving money? When we weaken evil, does He not approve? Where is the faith of Republicans? First ask what the evidence against Rosenstein is, and then ask whether he should be fired immediately. If the evidence is overwhelmingly factual, the captain should know what to do. If Sessions doesn't fire him, the president must fire both, because a nation cannot tolerate an attorney general who tolerates a coup from Rosenstein's circle. The next attorney general must investigate who all were involved in this coup. That's the right thing to do.

This news on Rosenstein comes out when everyone at Fox knows there has been a coup attempt. And all his voters know. Now all of a sudden the captain cannot fire the guilty based on how voters will react?? Where is the logic? Is that how justice is done, by putting out a political vane first. Isn't this appealing to mere men instead of trusting in God? But, warning: one cannot trust in God and be safe if one doesn't show at least some service to God in the first place, or a faithful-to-God attitude that promises to serve God from this day forward. This is what's wrong with the Republican party, too many mere men going it all alone with one another, forsaking Jesus. He is already the King of the Universe. He already makes the decisions. Sometimes He allows men to have their ways without His part, and at other times He has his own agenda that breaks into, or contributes to, the affairs of men.

It's a sure bet that Rosenstein is contributing to some plot against Trump for these coming elections, which includes the losing of the Senate, all the more reason to let him go immediately. Ingraham first took this position, but then changed it, I am reading from Vox.

There is a report out that, on Monday, Rosenstein went to see John Kelly with a resignation, which appears to me to be more of a complaint to Kelly, i.e. to someone he can trust. Yes, I don't trust Kelly. Did the latter advise Trump not to fire Rosenstein at this time?

Before we pray, God knows whether we want the world to be the way He likes it, or whether we want something else, such as the "great America" financial empire.

The 9-11 disaster was a testament to how deep the deep state had control of all media, including Fox. Although the government was under the Republicans at the time, most of the media was solidly pro-Democrat at the time. How do we explain this? Below is a 9-11 video; they eventually start to talk about planes crashing into the Twin Towers, where one man says that, because the towers were able to withstand more than 40 times (13,000 tons vs 300) the force of a crashing jet, a jet might knock out ONE column! You can hear that statement soon after the 10-minute mark:

As you can see, someone needs to pay the price for the human damage in this orchestrated event, but Hell's not hot enough, is it? Anyone, and probably everyone, who claims they saw a plane hit is a false witness...unless the perpetrators flew a plane past a building at the moment that they blew the plane-shaped hole out of the wall, giving appearances of a plane striking. Chances are far better that they paid false witnesses.

They killed and maimed people just to save the costs of taking the buildings down piece-by-piece. I charge Rudy Giuliani as an accomplice in this scam. But they went beyond merely demolishing unsafe buildings; they also feigned an attack on the Pentagon, killing and maiming people there too, as an excuse to go to war. Fox news was complicit. Many people in government were complicit. Many in congress have yet to pay the price. You can grasp this reality. Human life is very cheap in the eyes of the demonic, American military, and it hates even American lives.

There is a good chance that Trump is now an accomplice with the 9-11 terrorists, but on this, I reserve an opinion. American society is still under the spell of those who produced the Arab terrorists, when in fact the Americans are the terrorists. Trump could want to be oblivious to this fact, or he's somehow working with them knowingly. How God intervenes in his affairs could be largely due to how he treats those he knows were 9-11 accomplices. Obama didn't try to expose them, but gave the official-line lie.

Trump is the sort of idiot who allows himself to be the idiot of his enemies. The greatest example should be in his recent decision to declassify what everyone on his side wants declassified, yet a day or two later, he told the people in a tweet that he's no longer declassifying. He said that he would declassify only if it proves necessary after giving the matter to Horowitz. Trump is an idiot box i.e. he allows his enemies to control him, and speaks what they want him to speak after he finally does something right.

So, all along the long path to doing something right, he was withholding doing something right, and finally when he does the right, he takes it back at the first counter-move of the enemy. This is not Mr. Clean for the swamp, but more like the disgusting foam washing up at the shore. In spite of Trump's failure, Horowitz is now under the gun to produce the entire picture on these matters, because he'll become contemptuous if he is seen hiding key facts. Horowitz may be Trump's way to keep Rosenstein in office until next year, or even to keep him there until 2020. I don't see how this will urge Republicans to get out and vote, which I would like to see because I want Republicans to keep majority power, with Jim Jordan as the new Speaker.

This extra time gives the enemy time to hide the damning things that would come out declassified. Trump knows this, or he's an idiot of yet another kind. What's the difference between an "idiot" and a man in power who sorely disappoints month after month after month, and then finally delivers only to take back in the morning?

Creationism: We Won

Here's a good example of someone making a monkey out of modern experts:

The experts are in denial, and are covering up the recent discovery, by one of their own people, of flesh elements found in dinosaur fossils. My bet is that these finds have been known for decades, but, in every case, were given some lip service, if that, and then covered up. That makes out experts into liars, no surprise. Everytime they open their mouths, lies. The experts want to minimize this, but it's a lost cause. Time will soon bury their dinosaur theories:

If you saw the opening minutes of the video above, you saw and heard an idiot at 60 Minutes proclaim that blood vessels 80 million years old were found after some bit of dinosaur fossil (rock) was dissolved away. Encased in the rock, there were the blood vessels and related items, but rather than announce that evolutionists have been wrong about 80 million years, they held to it. You can thus see first-hand how idiotically insane our world has become with THE LIE, and worse, with the need to promote the lie to our children for propagation into the next generation. Madness has gripped them. Stay clear. Do not touch. Don't become infected.

Beware the video below where it says that carbon dating is very reliable. We can be sure that evolutionists have provided their test methods to give much-older dates than is the reality, yet, even so, dinosaur bones are now being reported with ages much-more in line with Creationism, hurray!

This tissue issue is going to shock a lot of students and professors alike whom have been brainwashed by THE LIE. The tissue issue is getting around. Spread the word, and wait for evolutionists to raise the white flag of surrender. Right? Right?? There's nothing left but the wailing. Sweet music to my ears. The more they try to cover this up now, the worse they will be buried in a living death later. To the very end they will fight, and in the end, wailing and gnashing of teeth.

There is no such thing as carbon decay. It's a myth from the evolutionists. Do you know why the "experts" claim that all atoms are made of hydrogen atoms? If you have never heard the ridiculous theory that all atoms are made of hydrogen atoms, it's because they usually cover for this belief by calling atomic cores, protons. In their reality, every atom but hydrogen has multiple hydrogen protons. Why do you think they push this nonsense? They know that protons repel protons, yet they say that something mysterious holds them together in each atomic core. The alternative is simple: every different kind of atom (element) has a different kind of proton. Why don't they hold to the latter logic? The big bang.

They want us to believe that the big bang is our "creator," which made planets, they say, from stars. But as stars are made of hydrogen, they had to figure out a process as to the formation of planetary rocks, and all other elements in the rocks, derived solely from hydrogen. Now you know their insanity. They perceived every atom as a multiple of one hydrogen atom.

Imagine atoms in gaseous form circling the sun, and to give the experts of lies best-possible scenario, imagine this gas (wants to spread out from itself continuously) orbiting the sun in bands. How will the gas atoms form pebbles or stones or rocks that finally come together as one solid sphere, each a planet? You either need to be physics-insane to solve that problem, or you just don't think about it, and kick the idea to your students, hoping they won't try to figure the impossible physics involved.

If there was a big bang, then the big-bang spot marks the center in the universe (just ignore their hyper-space model which is just a mental disease). In the big-bang theory, there must be nothing -- no material -- between the center of the universe and all the star-stuff still flying outward from the center. That is, in their view, the universe should be almost all empty space, with stars only at the outer edges of a huge sphere. But where's all that empty space? Telescopes do not show such a universe, yet the liars daily push this theory as something cosmologists respect. Surely, they cannot respect this theory; surely they know they are lying for a "greater cause," to kill God forever. If they'll kill God, they will kill us too if necessary.

The tissue issue has already destroyed evolutionism, whether evolutionists are up to speed on it or not. Rejoice; we have won already. There's nothing left but to hear their obvious lies to cover for the tissue-issue truth, or to watch them spiral to their own destruction. Here you go, evolutionists, feast on this new wave of the future:

Now look at these schooled youth, to see that they are merely trusting evolutionists (the "experts") for their world views, and with their eternal destinies:

If you got as far as the people trying to convince us that different-shaped beaks on finches represent a small evolutionary process just because one kind of beak exists on one island while another island has the other beak shape, ask yourselves whether Chinese eyes are a product of evolution, or just the isolation of someone with Chinese eyes in a certain part of the world? In other words, a gene pool has built-in variations in body shapes / parts, so that someone with blond hair, if he gets stuck on a deserted island with a female having blond hair, there will be lots of blonds on that island in future generations. That's not evolution. So, if a short-beaked bird sailed to an island in a ship, and created an entire population of short-beaked birds there, that's not proof of evolution either. Darwin was smarter than that, but he was intent on murdering God by tricks.

We can forgive the youth for not yet thinking about eternity, but when one is 40 or older and still thinks like a foolish teen, that's when I see a hardened enemy. Leading evolutionists are hardened enemies. I don't think God would disapprove of my language if I called a man an idiot for trying to convince the entire human race that sea creatures evolved into humans from countless mistakes in the genetic code. The evolutionist is a downright buffoon. I didn't call him that; he made himself that thing, and I'm just reporting the fact. Only an idiot follows an idiot; you can't even count how many there are, it's so unbelievable, in these late and evil times. This is God's conquest over humanity when the latter turns into the utter fool. We have arrived, it seems, to the suicidal mortal war. Full governments have served and protected these enemies; how much do you think God cares about government leaders who do not speak out against His many enemies? Why should God support any one of them?

Here's a daring who-created-God video:


For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God

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