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November 27 - December 3, 2018

Tim Horton's AxeDent and the Sadducee House of Boethus: Must Read
The Brocks were Rangabe Byzantines
The Yellow Bed
Salome Boethus de Herod: Must Read

Update on Julian Assange:

The video below is a must, with Benny Hinn's nephew telling that Benny steels money, yet he doesn't want to see Benny in jail, making himself appear so unjust, the very same problem ailing Trump and the rest of his do-nothing Republicans.

Here's a good example of a Christian cult set up like a dictator who pays his generals for loyalty:

The media who brought us the video above has its own demons, using the cult to argue for removing tax breaks for churches. That's the new task of the anti-Christs.

In case you're interested, there was some key material added early in the last update, on Monday night; see "Darlington." After tracing Darlene's to Daorsi thanks to a clue at Joseph's place, I realized the following:

In the Bible, Eliphas, son of Esau, married a woman in Seir, and then the Darlington write-up has a Darlington location "granted by Seir, son of Ulphus [like "Eliphas"], in the presence of King Ethelred and Archbishop Wulston, to St. Cuthbert, patron of the see of Durham..." It doesn't tell who or what named Darlington, however. I trace Eliphas liners to the Elaphiti islands, not shown on the light map, but visible between Melita and Asamum (smack beside Ragusa), a coastal area very near the mouth of the Neretva i.e. home of Daorsi!!! Amazing.

I'm going to assume that Esau liners are to the Saws/Shaws and similar others. Let's watch to see how this pans out. Use link above to load all Coats you want to view.

Joseph, whom I'll sometimes call Mr. Italian Simon as per his surname, is the one as per my dream with the Jeep's door handle. This dream came after I renovated his bathroom in return for his Jeep plus $1,000 dollars. Darlene's were found as Dorlings thanks to my Doral boat, for Dorals share a Door-Coat lion. What I didn't tell in the last update is that while renovating Joseph's bathroom from scratch (took 15 days), his Mormon wife had some Filipino people living at the house with the plan of becoming citizens after working for Tim Horton's coffee, where they were working at the time along with her. The Mormons are going to work smack into this at Esau-like HephAEStus.

[It wasn't until writing into the evening that I realized: Hortons were from the Horites of Seir!!! Have we got your attention? Timna was a Horite from Seir.]

The thought entered me to be kind to the two ladies from the Philippines, to give them a couple of hours on beautiful lake Rousseau with my boat, where I had already taken Joseph and his wife. And so they agreed to go out to the lake nearing the end of the job; I lugged the Doral to his place on a Monday morning.

It was the wife's "darling" spoken in my presence, as the first word I heard from either of them, that was a central part of the Doral / Darlene/Darling discussion of the last update, and it was excellent for our understanding of the Jeep's DOOR handle. The first part of the dream, with the SHOPping CART, became suspect with Shops/SCHAWS and Cirta, the Numidian capital, and so the Esau-entertained Shawia Numidians are already in play.

I was RIDING the shopping cart, like one on the side of a skate board, down the slope of a paved road, and Ridings happen to use black boars, the symbol of Edom, according to the book of Enoch (which I don't regard as inspired). German Bush's are also BOZRah-like "Busher," and Bozrah was Esau's Edomite capital. English Bush's use black boars. English Bushers were first found in Door- / Doris-suspect Dorset. Here's part of the material added late in the last update: "...Lillings/Lillingtons, the latter said to have been ancestors of Dorals/Darrells (Daorsi suspects). Lillington is in DORset."

Edom's chief God, Kos, is thought to be the owl god. "In Hebrew-language texts, the term lilith or lilit (translated as 'night creatures', 'night monster', 'night hag', or 'screech OWL') first occurs in a list of animals in Isaiah 34:14, either in singular or plural form according to variations in the earliest manuscripts." That's Lillington-interesting. Kos was home to mythical Merops, the line between the proto-Mormon Amorites of Mari and the Merovingians. This was dealt with two updates ago, tracing to Amore's / More's / Morays and other such surnames.

As the ladies were from the Philippines, we need to look at the Philip surnames. One uses an "amor" motto term, and the other has the colors and format of Mars/More's, the latter first found in Burgundy with Rosseau's. I was planning on taking the ladies to lake Rousseau (Joseph, going senile at this time, started to get nastily unreasonable with me, and wouldn't allow the time spend on this boat ride).

Now Lookie. Rosseau's share the giant Mason/Massin lion, and the latter surname has a motto that is fully in the Darlington motto, and the Mason/Massins (first found in Kent with TIME's/Timms, from Timnah of Edom), share the mermaid in the MORay Crest while another Moray surname once showing (at houseofnames) had the motto, "DEUM TIME," suspect with "Edom" and "Timna," wife of Eliphas above (Esau's son), from Seir. By what coincidence were the Filipino's working at TIM Horton's? Amazingly, Kent is also where the English Phillips were first found.

Masons/Massins, who have a "Dum" motto term shared by Darlingtons, are suspect from the Massena Numidians, and thus it probably links to the Shawia Numidians. Seir and Eliphas-like Ulphus are in the Darlington write-up, as though someone knew this surname to be from Edomites.

Phillips have an "amor patriae" motto term suspect partly with Antipatria > Antipater, the line I trace to Antipater, father of the first king Herod, and husband of a known Edomite, Cypros. Mythical Kypris of Cyprus was better known as Aphrodite, from "Euphrates," location of the Amorite capital, Mari, and she was wife to HephAEStus, whose sacred island was Lemnos, location of MYRina, the Amazons of which were paired (my a myth writer) with Jason, son of AESon, suspect with "Asi," an Esau-possible term to the Assi namers of Asia, and/or to the Hayasa-Azzi at Ardahan and Rize...traceable to the Ardiaei that had rule as far south as RHIZon.

Hephaestus was the mythical metal maker, which is partly why I identify him with the Eliphas-like Halybes, the known founders of iron. "Aes/Ais" came to mean, "iron / metal." Halybes (or CHALYBes) are suspect on the Halys river of the Hatti, which trace excellently to the Haley river in Lucania which named king Arthur's ExCALIBer sword. I know this because the Welsh called it the Caliburnus sword while the Haley river is at mount Alburnus.

The proto-king-Arthur Ardiaei lived on the Neretva with the Door- / Doral-line Daorsi, near the Saw-like Sava, which was also the Esau-like Sau river. The Kupa tributary of the Sava is where Cups/Cope's/Colps were from, and Saws/Shaws use cups as well as a dagger, very traceable to the DEXARoi at Antipatria, the proto-Herod line. Saws/Shaws were first found in Perthshire with black-boar Rollo's.

I explained in the last update why God would have me purchase a Doral BOAT as part-code for Bote's/Boets, connectable with Saraca's at Ragusa and Kotor (the latter at Rhizon), and suspect from the BOETus house of Sadducees. Ragusa is smack the Elaphiti islands to which I trace Eliphas liners. Bote's/Boets are also Butts/Bute's, and while the BOTHwells were Bute elements, Booths (Yorkshire, same as black-boar Bush's) use more black boars. Here's the write-up of Elaphiti-suspect Oliphants: "the Oliphant lands were significantly extended as King Malcolm granted the family Bothwell in Lanarkshire and King William I granted them ArBUTHnott in Mearns." Note how "Mearns" is like "Myrina / Marne."

Oliphants were first found in Perthshire with Saws/Shaws and Rollo's, the latter sharing "tout" with Oliphants. It appears that Rollo of MORE was an Esau-of-Amorite line. When I was roller-riding the shopping cart down a paved ROAD, it became suspect with Roets (owners of the Catherine wheel) because their boar heads are colors reversed from the those of Rollo's, and because Ridings/Readings share the black boar with the Rollo Crest. Catherine Roet married Mr. Swynford, and Swynfords use the black boar head too, as do Jarrie's that traced two updates ago to Mormon elements at Jarrie (coastal France), in the land of Santones, from the Sintians of Lemnos.

Roets can be traced to Rodez, in the Rousseau-suspect Roussillon / Redones area of France. I can imagine the Rollo vikings from these Rus elements. Russells ("sara") share the SAUer Coat, and the latter are said to be from the Sau/Sava river. The Rosso's/Rosselli's/Rossini's share the giant Russell lion.

The Saws/Shaws are said to be from a Gaelic "Sithech," but the write-up flatly leaves the reader to think that "Sithech" was the original term. Garbage, as often occurs at houseofnames write-ups. "Sithech" is suspect from Astakos, in the Calydonian land of the mythical boar. It was home to mythical Oeneus, the line to the Oeneus tributary of the Sava. Thus, Esau-suspect Sava elements are expected at Calydon. You can read online that Calyd-like Khaldi were partners of the Eliphas-like Halybes in discovering / making iron. I trace the Cole's to the Kupa = Colapis (beside the Oeneus) tributary of the Sava, and they come up as Khaldi-like Calts (another "Deum" motto term). Colts/Celts/Cults (same place as Rollo's) likely gave Rollo's their stag-head clan badge, and in keeping with a Roet-Rollo link, Colters (Lanarkshire, location of Boetus-liner Bothwell) use Catherine wheels, owned by Catherine Roet.

The Roet-branch Reeds likely use the Colt/Celt staghead, and both Roets and Reeds happen to share the book with Darlene's/Darlings. We're right back to the Darlings who started the Esau investigation in this update. Edom had a red symbol, we may assume, that may have named Rhodes (near Kos)...and Reeds/Reds. Rus are from Ares, Aphrodite's favorite mate, from the Aras river beside or at the Hayasa-Azzi. Between the Aras and ARADOS was the Amorite city of Ebla, the possible line to Cybele of the Hatti. The Lillington location in the Darlington write-up suggests the Lilling(ton) surname, which shares the Coat of Arados-like Radice's/Radix's, and Sub Radice is at the RHODope mountains, beside Cybele-like Cabyle.

I kid you not, that upon ending the paragraph above, the third Filipino living at Joe's house, a male, took me for a boat ride in Joe's private lake. It was a paddle-only fISHing boat, and this took place in the midst of my renovating the bathroom. I may have had the Dorel parked in Joseph's workshop at the time, because it was there an entire week. This Filipino had me on that lake a long time that morning; as we got talking, later, he told me repeatedly that he wanted to be a farmer. I've never heard anyone in love with farming, but this guy spoke of it as he would his cherished wife. And so I looked up Farmers just now to find a good reflection of the Bote/Boet Coat with fish! Apparently, God moved that man to take me out on the lake to make this link of Farmers to Sadducee-line suspects.

Farmers share the red Colt/Celt / Reed stag head, and the Farmer hunting HORNs, which substitute for the Boet fish, are traceable to mythical Orion at BOEOTia. With Colts/Celts tracing to the Khaldi, in the Pontus, by what coincidence do I think that Farms/Farmers can be from Pharisee-like Pharnaces, king of the Pontus. He was father to Nysa, queen of Cappadocia, where I say that Herods arose.

The Colts/Celts use the Pilate pheon in colors reversed because it is said that the mother of PONTIUS Pilate was a PICT of Perthshire, where Celts/Colts were first found. The PYXITes river was at or beside the Khaldi. Besides, Perth-like Perdrix is a peak of Mont Pilat, and Pilotte's (Lincolnshire, same as Wells) with Pellets happen to share the cup-Coat of Saws/Shaws. Esau liners at the Pontus? Sure. The Pontus was mythically the father of the Cetus sea monster, like "Cetis."

The Wells are pointed out above because "I MEAN well" is the Saw/Shaw motto. Wells share a two-tailed lion with Montforts; the most-renown Montfort was Simon, whose lion is colors reversed from that of Italian Simons. The family of Simon de Montfort married the Beaumonts who had themselves married Leavells, the line from Laevillus of Cetis, where Masseys have origins. Leavells and Meulan were the Well-related Vaux/VALLibus line, explaining why German Wells share the DeVaux pelican. Irish Means/MEIGHans/Meekans (Mea/Meigh colors) share the same lion as Montforts, and once again show red stag heads, very linkable to Celts/Colts because Means are in the Shaw motto. Leavells were at Cary castle, which may explain why Means/Meighans are in Car colors and format.

Pilate's were first found in Burgundy with Messeys/Messier's and the Rosseau's sharing the Mason/Massin lion, and then English Messier's were first found in Lincolnshire with the wife of the first Meschin. In their Chief, Meschins share the Russell-Chief scallops, and the scallops of the Burgundy Mars/More's are in the Chief of Pattersons/Cassane's (Well lion?), who are from the Cassander > Antipater line of royal Macedonians, the known ancestors of queen Nysa of Cappadocia. "Nysa" may have been from a line of king Massena/MassiNISSA. Cassane's and Cassano's are also Cassander-like Cassandra's. Cassano's were first found in Modena with Montfort-related Marano's. Scottish Pattersons share the pelican with German Wells, yet the Patterson lion can also be that of Phillips, if they were from king Philip of Macedonia.

The Sadducee-like Shatz's have a lion wearing the same, red crown as the Rousseau lion, and the Shatz lion is half in the colors of the Montfort lion. When I was in my mid-20s, I worked in the construction of a steel BOAThouse on lake Rousseau, is that not amazing? Just look at how that links excellently to the Boetus Sadducees. I've told the story of working at that boathouse before, I'm not making it up. I was there with Vince Pierce and Mike Oddie. The Pierce's, I kid you not, share the rare, wavy chevron of Fish's!

Pattersons share drops with Darlene's/Darlings and Darlingtons, as well as with the dagger of their KilPatrick branch. Pattersons/Cassane's were of the Kissane's (red stag), signalling the Kiss'/Cush's and Cass'/Cash's suspect in the Kilpatrick cushions. Saws/Shaws use the dagger, and, again, Dexaroi were smack at Antipatria/Antipater, beside Macedonia. It could seem as though Esau-liner Shawia and Massinissa Numidians were part of the line to Antipater, father of the first Herod with an Edomite mother. That mother was Cypros, suspect to Coopers/Coppers, first found in Sussex with Saddock-kin Mascals, suspect from Numidia's Mascula. Sussex is also were Pellets were first found who share the Saw/Shaw Coat.

Pontus liners can be to Ponds/Ponts / Ponders, who once again use the Edom-suspect black boar. Mr. Italian Simon owned my Jeep, and while Jeepma's are Cheps, Chepmans (Cambridgeshire, same as Ponders) love the Ponders in their motto. Ponds and Ponders share the red fesse with Farmers and Bote's/Boets. I have in my files a Bush Coat with red fesse instead of black, which makes them reflect the Pond Coat. BUStards (substitute boars with PELLETs) use a version of the red-fesse Bush Coat.

The Filipinos were all working at Tim Hortons (there was an immigration deal happening there), and Hortons were at Yorkshire's MORley, which is where the Mauls/Morleys must have been to whom God has pointed in a dream where David Morley was on a paved Road beside a MALL parking lot. This was code for the Parkings/Perkins, a line from Plancia Magna, and here it can be important that Lake's share the Plunkett bend and colors. However, it should also be said that the private lake of Joseph was such a small lake that it could be considered a large POND. Ponds were first found in Hampshire with Josephs. One could glean that God had this man named Joseph for signalling the line of Joseph Caiaphas.

Morley of the Hortons is at Bradford, and Bradfords (Yorkshire) use a "Fier" motto term, linkable to the Dexaroi. Fier county is the location of Kuman, the line to dagger-using Comyns/Comine's whose garbs are suspect in the Joseph Chief.

I had mentioned that my Darlene, a teen girlfriend, was in a car accident (no injury) for some God-appointed purpose. I pointed out that while she has a Ray surname, a friend of mine, Ray, died in a car accident (car rolled over). He owned a inboard-motor boat. I was never happy as to why that connection was being made, but, now, so did Tim Horton die in a car crash. He played for the TORONTO Maple Leafs, and the Coffee's/Coffers use the Arms of Taranto. It looks like something God would have set up. Coffee's/Coffers share cups with Saws/Shaws and Pilotte's / Pellets. "shaw" is like the "Shewas" variation of Chives', and the latter, along with their Tarves location, are very linkable to Maple's. If that looks like a Set-up, then Chives' look like a Levi-related Caiaphas line.

Scottish Horts, believe it, use more black boars, and were first found in Lanarkshire with black-boar Bothwells, very linkable to Bote's/Boets/Bute's. The Lanark Horts are HARDys too, and Lanarks use the HEART. That sure looks like "Herod."

Tim Horton and Ray both died in a car crash. The Hort Crest has exactly the same stag as the RAYburn stag. In case one of them changes in design, I assure you, they are the same stag exactly at this time, shared by Eustace's too, and almost the Ray-Crest stag (looks toward the viewer instead). French Rays use a "GraciEUSETE" motto term looking like code for a Eustace variation. French Rays were at BROMfield while Bromfields share the Brome/Broom chevron, also the Raymond chevron, and to top it off, the Brome's/Brooms (Kent, same as Timms/Time's) were first found with Eustace de la Brome. When Darlene Ray and I worked at Knob Hill Farms, our manager was Gill (that's how we pronounced it, not "giles/jilles"). Rays were at Bromfield's Gill location. Gills have another black boar (compliments the Edomite theme of Darlingtons and Timms/Time's), and show possibly linkage to the Lillington entity in the Darlington write-up.

So, Horton suspects have just linked fairly well to both Rays and Darlene's. My guess: God arranged for a slight accident for Darlene Ray while she was with me in order to link the Edomite suspects in the Darlington Coat to Horts, and for good measure, He arranged for my knowing Ray, knowing that he would die in a car accident, thus clinching the Darlene link to Horts/Hardys while connecting the latter via Hortons to "darling" Joseph with the red Jeep. Ray was very-good friends with Paul Smith, who himself owned a red Jeep in those days. Paul was an avid fisherman, and as he lived in Vaughn county, let's repeat that the Fish's essentially use the Vaughn Coat, in the colors and format of the Smith Coat. Smiths use the fish too.

I can't think of any fish species that sounds like "Bute/Butt/Bote/Boet," meaning to say that they probably use a fish as code for Fish's/Fishers, especially as German Fisher's share a fish on a red fesse with Bote's/Boets. I met Jeepma-liner Kepke on the lawn of Greg Fisher.

I remember the one scene of first seeing him there, only his face vivid even now, but remember nothing else. Face's/Fessys are from the Fisk-related Fieschi. Checking Gregs, two of the three Levi chevrons (in Carrick colors), and, zikers, in the Greg Crest, the same bird-head design in the Smith Crest (heron) with a fish in its mouth!!! This is wild. The Greg trefoils are also of Irish Shaws, who have one of the Levi chevrons. Between the Durham of Smiths and the Yorkshire of Gregs, there is the Tees river suspect with the Ticino, home of Laevi Gauls. Tee's/Tease's/Tye's share the Annas star, and Smiths use the anvil, possible code for HANville's/Anville's, or the reason that a Han(d) liner became the Anville's.

Paul was a close friend of Ray, and Smiths with Vaughns and Fish's share the chevron of English Raymonds, the Bromfields (related to French Raymonds), and the Brome's/Brooms, the latter first found in Kent with Paul-beloved Anville's/Hanville's/HANDVILle's, like "HANDLe." The last time I talked to Paul, he was building DOORs. The red Smith fleur-de-lys are in the Chief of English Raymonds (Smith colors and format). The red fleur is shared by Parkings/Perkins (same colors again), kin of the PLANCia line to Plants/PLANQUE's i.e. Plantagenets, the known owners of the "sprigs of broom" in the Brome/Broom Coat. Spriggs share the two pale bars in the Arms of Vilaine, and PLUNKetts were first found in Vilaine. Do you see how much fun this is, with a Guide?

After writing above, I went to work for the afternoon, and while plowing the driveway with the Jeep, it came to mind that since Joseph is of the Italian Simons, God must be pointing those particular Simons to a Boet(h)us-line Sadducee likely from Simon Maccabee. I've just Googled " simon boethus " to find a Wikipedia article on:

Simon son of Boethus...was a Jewish High priest (ca. 23 4 BC) in the 1st century BC and father-in-law of Herod the Great. According to Josephus, he was also known by the name CANTHERas. His family is believed to have been connected to the school of the Boethusians, and a family whose origins are from Alexandria in Egypt.

That fits so well with today's update that you're probably thinking I've made the entire story up about Joseph. But, no, I've been telling this story for a long time. I am not familiar with Simon of Boethus. He had a grandson, Herod II, son of Herod I "the great" blockhead. In this picture, the Antipater line married Boethus immediately, a thing I just haven't been familiar with. English CANTERs share six, fessewise bars with English Leavells, and the latter's Coat looks linkable to the Amore's, first found in Oxfordshire with Canters. It recalls the time (Mr. Kepke was there) I was on Miss Peare's horse, which took me for a gallop, or trot, or CANTOR -- I don't know which, technically speaking -- but the point is, Peare's / Pero's are expected with the Laevi > Laevillus line. Peare's were first found in Oxfordshire with Cantors and Amore's, and the latter use a "cede" motto term suspect with the Cetis-like Cedes'. Laevillus was king of Cetis.

I'm not happy with the use of "Jesus" by the Wikipedia writer below, since Jews didn't use that name as so-spelled (there's no relationship to Jesus of Nazareth, if that's what the secular blockheads would like for people to believe):

Jesus, son of Fabus, also known as Jesus, son of Phabet, Jesus son of Phiabi or Joshua ben Fabus, was a Jewish High priest (ca. 30 23 BC)...[I peg Caiaphas born 20-10 BC]

He succeeded ANANelus [caps mine] and was removed by Herod when he appointed his father-in-law, Simon ben Boethus, to the high-priesthood.

That's the entire article. There's no indication of kinship between Joshua, Ananelus or Simon. Simon alone may have been of Boethus. The two boats in relation to Mr. Italian Simon led be to that family, and as his first name is Joseph, I think the Purpose of all of this is to disclose that Joseph Caiaphas was related to Simon Boethus, maybe even his son. Wow.

The daughter of Simon Boethus was one of the wives of Herod "the great" blockhead. It turns out to be Miriamne II. AHA! In the article for Herod II: "Some writers call him Herod Philip I (not to be confused with Philip the Tetrarch, whom some writers call Herod Philip II)." That can explain the Filipino in the boat with me on that curious morning. Amazing. He just had this strong urge to put around the lake with me in the boat, and wanted to go one and on. "Herod was the first husband of Herodias, and because the Gospel of Mark states that Herodias was married to Philip, some scholars have argued that his name was actually Herod Philip. Many scholars dispute this..." The same scholars dispute all sorts of true things because they are prone to believing in false things.

Even if there was no Philip name with Herod Boethus, his daughter, Salome, was married to Philip the Tetrarch, which yet speaks to the presence of the three Filipino's renting rooms in Joseph's house while I rebuilt his bathroom. They worked at Tim Hortons because that company had government permission to take on the Filipino's. We saw Horts/Hardys highly suspect as Herods, and one can add that while Douglas' (giant HEART) are said to descend from Hardys, they use the Moray stars while this Moray Coat has the Handle Coat. The other Moray Coat has "fetterlocks" and a "Deum time" motto. The Douglas Chief-Shield looks linkable to the same of Antipater-liner Pattersons (Irish). Scottish Pattersons were first found at Ross-shire, smack beside Moray.

I wonder, is the SALAMander-in-flames of Douglas' code for "SALOMe." Hmm. There is a Salome/Salamann surname with a pierced-star version of the Vaux/Vallibus/Vance surname. The Vaux's/Vallibus' were first found in East Lothian with the SIMMs, and the latter's Zionist stars are pierced, and in the colors of the pierced stars of Salome's/Salamanns! Zikers, that must be the line of Simon Boethus through his granddaughter, Salome. Salome's/Salamanns (Rhineland, same as Sadducee-possible Shutz'/Schutz's, and Edomite Bush's) are in Bote/Boet colors, and the Shutz saltire is that also of SALways, in Salmon / Saleman colors.

Can we believe it, the Salmons use an "opTIMA" motto term, like the "OPtem" of Teague's that is definitely for Opgalli. I've read that Opgalli has been thought to be a Jewish Galatian, but Herods were considered Jewish, like imposing imposters. Salmons were first found in Cumberland with the Antipater line of Daggers, and with Rays. Opgalli's husband (TIGRanes) is suspect with heraldic tigers, and Fish's have a tiger head in Crest.

There must be many unrelated surnames sharing the Salome/Salamann stars. However, they are shared by the Victoria's in the Coffee/Coffer motto, and their variations look like Fisk / Fesch branches, and thus linkable to the Bote/Boet fish. It's looking like Salmons are using the Bote/Boet fish but calling it a salmon for obvious reason.

I tend to trace Salmons (Bote/Boet fish?) with Salemans/Salians to Saluzzo, and the Chief-Shield colors of Saluzzo's are those of Douglas' as well. This recalls the day that God arranged someone's MEDALion to be left on the hood of my Jeep. Medals turns out to be listed with DOUGals. is that not amazing? I've told about that medallion several times.

There were flames in the dream just after I complained to Joseph about the missing part in the door handle of his Jeep. I was notified, in the dream, that the missing part was barrel-shaped, and Barrels (same place as Doors/Dorrs) too use the Chief-Shield colors of Saluzzo's and Douglas'. Barrels even have a dog in their Chief in the colors of the Moray stars in the Douglas Chief, and DOGs/DOAGs (!!!) were first found in Perthshire with the Cluns using the Saluzzo Coat exactly! Zikers. There are no symbols on the white Shields of Saluzzo's, Cluns and Barrels.

Aha! The Hoods use a Saluzzo-like "Zealous" motto. That works. And while Hoods were at Rattery, the Rattery surname was first found in Perthshire too, and shows a heart in Crest! Bingo, even the Hoods apply to this Herod line. Let's not forget Oliphants, likewise first found in Perthshire. As the last update proved that Oldenburg is to the Olden/Alden surname, is it not amazing that the Oliphant Coat is essentially the Olden/Alden Coat while Jeepma's/Cheps were first found in Oldenburg!? Incredible.

The door-handle dream had the shopping cart, and while Shops are also Shawlands, note the following from the last update, for Shops are like "Show": "I've just recalled that the Oldens share three white-on-red crescents, and nothing else, with Shows/Schaws..." It's the Nemo's/Newmarsh's, first found in Stirlingshire (smack beside Perthshire) with Cheaps/Chappes', who have the "show" motto term. Oliphants have three crescents, and nothing else. However, Oldens/Aldens do have a border, and their crescents are ermined.

It's clear: Oliphants share the Show/Schaw/Schauer/SCHORE and Shop/Shawland/SHOREland crescents, and meanwhile Cheaps/Chappes' share "ears of wheat" with Schere's. This Edomite picture is where God was going with the shopping cart. These surnames are also Shire's / Schire's, like Seir-suspect Sire's.

The motto with "show" also has "boast," and Boasts, highly suspect with Bush's out of Busca, beside Saluzzo, use a version of the Salmon Coat, but with the Hort cinquefoils instead if the salmon! Zinger, that looks like a Salome-of-Herod liner from every angle. It should be repeated that while Boasts are said to be Bosco's, there is a Bosco Coat (pillar) looking like a version of the Schore Coat (column), that latter using roses while Bosco's married Rose's. The latter use water bougets, and that's the symbol that, I think, was in flames in the door-handle dream.

Repeat: "I was [building the BOAThouse on lake Rousseau] with Vince Pierce and Mike Oddie. The Pierce's, I kid you not, share the rare, wavy chevron of Fish's!" The explanation mark was because the Bote's/Boets use a fish, but here one can add that the Fish Coat share's the Sales fleur-de-lys. The Salways share the Shutz/Schutz saltire while the Scatz's/Schatz's are the ones sharing the red crown on a giant lion with Rosseau's. That can explain why God led me to Rousseau.

Another Schatz surname has the cross design of, and in colors reversed from, the CHADDOCKs who have a red-Shield version of the Sadducee-like SADDOCKs.

The Salways come up as Solways, suggesting that Sadducee suspects named the Solway Firth (bay) at Annandale. Recall the linkability between the Douglas Coat and that of Kilpatrick-branch Pattersons, for Kilpatrick castle, and a Castle Douglas location, are inland from the Solway waters. Castle Douglas is near KirkCUDbright, where Cuthberts/CUDberds were first found who may have been of Cuthbert in the Darlington write-up. Darlingtons share drops with Kilpatricks and Pattersons. It appears that the Solway coast was stacked with dirty wormies from Herod's temple.

I was just checking Raymonds (Toulouse), finding them to have been counts of Modene, a new place-name for me. The Arms of Modene share the scallops of Capes', the latter first found beside the Modens/Modeys and Arch's/Arks. Modane on the Arc river is near the upper Durance river of the Saluzzo- / Sales-suspect Salyes, and Modene is near the mouth of that river. Modens/Modeys share a fretty, blue Shield with Capes-like Caves', and this could indicate Cavaillon, likewise near the mouth of the Durance. There you have another Caiaphas suspect, for Modane is suspect with Modi'in, Israeli home of Maccabees.

Pattersons/Cassane's are a branch of Modena's Cassano's/Cassandra's, and English Cassane's/Cassandra's (share the three Water chevrons) were first found in Hampshire with Caplans and Caplin- / Chaplain-related Josephs. Compare "CAPLan" and their Capelli branch with "Cavaillon". Cavaillon is near Avignon, the latter sharing keys with Sheaves/CHIAVa's/Chiapponi's.

Italian Cavallo's (look linkable to Motels), first found in Ferrara with Capelli's and Joseph-beloved Charo's/Claro's, have two Chief stars that are also in the Raymond Chief, and it's these particular Raymonds (orbs) who were counts of Modene. It looks like we have another Caiaphas line bumping into Ray liners.

The Morinis' of Modena are in the ancestry (and write-up) of the Deerings, first found in Kent with Timms/Time's sharing the Morinis fleur. The Morinis' are said to be of the Osberts/Osburns, who share a white tiger with Dents.

The Car AxeDent of Tim Horton

As per the Timm/Time goat head (Edomite Bush's have one too), I just Googled " seir shaggy " because some say Seir means, shaggy, like a goat, and this reminded me that Seir's people were Horites, like Tim Horton! This is when I added the Horite insert way at the start of this update. I'm not always on the ball. Timms are from Timna, a Horite Seir; is this not astounding, as though God named Tim Horton for this revelation, and then got him to start a coffee chain. He destined me to live at Joseph's place, therefore.

Joseph would knock on my door each morning, when I first moved in, to make me coffee and a bite to eat. He insisted. The Coffee's/Coffers use a "proviDENTia sed" motto phrase while Dents were at SEDburgh. The Denets (looks like drops to me) use "providentiam." The Coffers/Coffare's will show us below that the ACCident theme seemingly applies to something like Intelligent design. As I can't find a Prov-like surname, those motto terms may be partly for a Pero-Vido merger, which can explain the "Per" motto term of Denets. Italian Dance's/Donnas' share the pale bar of Pero's/Perino's (Piedmont, same as Dance's/Donnas' and Pierro's/Pero's). And this recalls what I had forgotten, that Pierro's/Pero's, first found at Pavia (co-founded by the Laevi), use a good reflection of the Bote/Boet Coat!

The Dents were first found in West Yorkshire with Hortons, and, hold on to your seat belt, Dents use an "inDUSTRia" motto term suspect with Dusters while Dusts/D'Ousts share a giant and white stag head with Hortons. Both stag heads have gold antlers, but why are the antlers emphasized? The Dent motto has two terms in this Arms of Rothschild, and Dents are in the colors and format of English Rothes'. The "ConCORDia" motto term can be for Cords/MacCourts (probably the Carrick fesse), who happen to use Herod-suspect hearts. Hortons were Herod liners, weren't they? The Cord-like Courts are the Coverts/Cofferts.

I had been wondering whether "acciDENT" was being used as part-code for Dents, and as the theme is CAR accidents, I recalled the Seir-suspect Car motto: "Sero SED Serio." I really don't like to think that fatal car accidents would be used by God merely to make heraldic connections, and so perhaps that's not the way to look at it. He didn't necessarily cause them. I have said that Paul Smith totalled his Jeep, in a car accident.

After spending five months living in Joseph's apartment, I drove to VanCOUVER (like "Coffer") island to see a friend, CARy, who was having trouble finishing his house (built it from scratch). I spent the winter there (didn't own the Jeep yet), and visited the island's major city, Victoria (didn't like it, seemed liberal), a term in the Coffee/COFFER motto. Carys are in Dent colors and format, and are from Cary castle in Somerset, where Coffers/Coffare's were first found that share Coffer/Coffee colors. Somerset has two AXE rivers that look appropriate with "ACCIdent." VanCOUVER-like Covers/Coves', in Coffert/Covert colors, have an axe in Crest. Amazing, is it not? However, I really don't like doing this. There would need to be an exceptional reason for linking Dents to the Axe river, if that's what the car accidents are to point to.

Back to the Car motto, which can suggest the Sere's, in Car colors, sharing even their chevron. Sere's were first found in Languedoc with French Raymonds, and share the white rose with Carys, the latter using them in both colors of the Patiens/Padyn roses. Tim Horton started a DOUGHnut retailer, and the Dough/Dow/Dove motto is "Patiens," the surname (DUMfries) of which looks like a branch of Edomite-liner Kilpatricks. Patiens'/Padyns share a gold tower in Crest with Maple's, and Leafs/Leve's/Leave's (look like rose leaves) share the dove with Dough's/Dows/Dove's (white tower in Crest). The latter have a dancette, and Dance's look linkable to Dents (both in Yorkshire).

The Seers (Colchester), who look linkable to Sere's on three counts, were first found in Essex with Sares'/Sarah's/Sayers; the latter share the cinquefoils of Horts, which are colors reversed in the Coat of SEDans, who happen to use a "sed" motto term, thus identifying what the Cars and Dents were related to. But is this not amazing since the Horts are involved with this cinquefoil? It's still more amazing that Sedon-like Seatons have a location at the end of one Axe river. The "sino" motto term of Sedans clinches there being a Seaton/Sitten branch, for Sion is also Sitten.

One can begin to glean that these Seer / Sayer liners were from the Sava, expected from the key-using Sheaves', explaining why English Shaws use a "qui" motto term, yet look below for another "qui" motto term, and scratch thine head a little to figure out what story is this.

Salmons share a hand holding a double-tipped spear with Fulke's/Volks ("Qui SERA SERA"), and this is the spear of Shakespeare's who happen to share the bend of Sares'/Sayers. SHAKEspeare's were first found in Cumberland with Salmons, what a hoot, for I have been waiting for Shake liners to pop up, since they trace to the Orion-branch BOEOTians. My being led to Orion was for a reason, and I've sensed from the start that it was of the house of Boethus. Italian Simons (Zionist star), highly suspect above with Simon Boethus, grandfather of Salome de Herod de Blockhead, share the lion of Sava-liner Sauers, and of Russells ("Che sara sara").

Why do English Shaws share the trefoils of English Simons? It's looking more and more like Shawia Numidians were chief Esau liners, from Eliphas through to the Herods of Simon Boethus. Irish Shaws share the Bush eagle, and it might just be the Doria eagle closely. Carrick-line Gregs use the Shaw trefoils too, and "shaw" is a motto term in the Arms of Ayrshire, where Carricks were first found. The Carrick dancette is suspect in the Shop/Shawland Chief.

An Arms of Ayrshire uses the squirrel, and Squirrels are Squire's/Square's too, suspect with Sire's / Shire's / Sheers...all Seir-like terms. Edomite-line Kilpatricks are also Sheera's, and they love the Sure's.

Why do French Simons have a "plaiSIR" motto term?

I shut the computer off after that question, and prepared for bed, when, while brushing my teeth = dents, I remembered that I almost-always include the Zerrs/Zehrers when speaking on Sere's and Seers. That's when I recalled that the Zerr/Zehrer Crest has an axe (the Shield has hatchets). I had not recalled this when suggesting that the car ACCidents may have been code for the Axe river(s) of Somerset and Dents together. If Zerrs/Zehrers are of the Sere's, then they should be a part of the car motto, which uses "sed," suspect with Dentdale at Sedbergh. It appears that Seaton-of-Sedan liners were at Sedbergh, and thus we can expect some Axe-river elements there too from Seaton upon the Axe.

The big point is that Zehrers are suspect with Zahringers of Baden while Badens/Battins, first found in Somerset, use axes! Wow. I was brushing my teeth when this came to mind, I kid you not, and the Tooth surname is said to be from a Hugh Dentibus.

I was BRUSHing my teeth, and Brush's are a Bruce branch. Marjory Carrick married the Bruce father of the first Bruce king (she was the mother).

The Sedon-branch Seatons are a branch of Sutys (Perthshire) who in-turn love the Notting-like NOTHINgs/Northens (share the Seaton dragon) in their motto. Wake's use a knot, and Knots are with Nottings. Nothings/Northens are in the colors of English Coopers/Coppers, and share a couped (shortened) chevron upon a chevron with Scottish Coopers/Coppers, first found in Fife with Suty-branch Side's. I do have some good proof that Coopers/Coppers are from Cypros, mother of Herod. Nottinghamshire is where Rothschild-liner Nathans/Nations (heart) were first found who appear to be a Notting branch.

Nothings/Northens are said to have been first at Wakefield, in West Yorkshire, same as Sedan-suspect Sedbergh of the Dents. Perfect, and so keep an eye out for axes, so that you don't crash into one. Wakefield has a CheapSIDE location, evidence that Caiaphas liners in/out of Stirling (beside the Sutys, Oliphants and Shaws of Perthshire) were merged with Side's (beside the Sutys, directly across the Firth of Forth from Seatons at East Lothian). The Chipping NORTON location at Oxfordshire looks like a Nothing/Northen entity in relation to Cheapside. Naughtens/Nortons are said to descend from Annas-like Aeneas Lally? English Nortons are also Northons.

Sutys are said to have been "at the ceremony of homage between Duncan, Earl of Fife," whose family is thought to have produced the Carrick surname from Duncan, earl of Carrick, a good reason to expect a Seaton element or branch in connection to Proculus Charax. The Seaton motto term, "yet," tells me the same (see Yate's below).

What do you suppose the "hazARD" motto term of Seatons and NOTHINGs/Northens is for? Northen-loving Sutys have fessewise bars in the colors of the one HAZel fesse. Hazels, first found in Cheshire with a Northen location, have a squirrel "CRACKing a NUT," and Carrick-suspect Cracks and Crags were both first found in Yorkshire, yet the Crags (share Carrick dog) are said to be from West Yorkshire location of SEDburgh, more perfect than ever. Northen is a Cheshire home of Tattons (share quadrants of Norfolk Tute's), a branch of Yorkshire's, Oliphant-beloved Tute's/TOOTs/Touts, suspect with Tooths / Dents.

Dents are becoming huge, suddenly. Tooths love Palmans/Pelhams, who share the swan with Totts, and Seatons had a branch (an entire Sitten tribe) at swan-depicted Sion suspect with the Setantii Brigantians. Palmans/Pelhams were at a Laughton location, and Laughtons (Cheshire again) use cinquefoils colors reversed from those of Dentons, which is a little proof that Tooths were at least Dent kin if they were not direct branches. Toots are suspect in the motto of Massey-related Hamons, and Tattons are said to have married Massy-WithenSHAWs.

The Wakefield Shield is split vertically in colors reversed from the "sed"-using Maple's. Wakefields ("Arudua", smacks of Ardens/Hardens sharing the Hort cinquefoil) may be with the Joseph Chief, and share the green dragon with Seatons / Nothings/Northens. Tim Horton played for the Maple Leafs while Horts essentially share the Sedon Shield in colors reversed. Maple's share the Chives motto while Chives' were first found in Tarves, in Aberdeenshire, beside Side's/Sudys (arrow, links to Arras) who in-turn share a tiger in Crest with the Dent Crest. The vertically-split Tarves Shield is that of Maple's, and the Tarves Crest has an AXE (look out!), can you believe it? Seaton is near the mouth of the Axe river (the Exe on my atlas).

Maple's and Chives' share "vi SED virtute." Can that be an accident? It sure looks like one.

I neglected to mention that while Sedons have the Hort cinquefoils in colors reversed, the Sedon Crest has one in gold, the color of the Hort and Arden/HARDen cinquefoil (i.e. evokes the Scottish Horts/Hardys). These Horts are also Hurts while Ardens can be Ardiaei > Arthur liners. Indeed, Ardons are also Artois' while the Artois capital, Arras, is in the butt of the Hort stag. It's butt is where one can spot an arrow, and Arrows are not only listed with Arras', but have the red tower of Murena's in Crest because they trace to Terentia Murena, wife of Cilnius Maecenas of Artois- / Arras-related Arettium/Arezzo. The Toronto- / Taranto-like Terentia is super here, especially as Tarents (share red eagle with Ardons) have the colors and format of Hykes'/Hake's, suspect at the Axe river with Trents (another eagle).

The other Horts are the black-boar HARDys, which are seemingly a branch of Ardens/Hardens. This is where there seems to have been an Arthur-line equation with Herods. This is where there seems to have been an Arettium link to Arethusa of the El-Gabal cult, and to king Aretas III of Edom. Wikipedia says that the mother of the first Herod was from the family of Aretas III. It appears that Herods were named after Aretas. Arettium is near Assisi, and one El-Gabal founder was Aziz(us). The El-Gabal cult moved things over from Arethusa (Syria) to Emesa, smacking of the later Julia Maesa, whose name is like "MAECenas."

In this picture, Herods look to have ancestry in the Ardiaei / Vardiae, but also in king Antipater of Macedonia. It's a matter of finding where the two groups had merged; historians may know better where to look, but they may not have the Guide due to their willful blinders. Antipater's line goes to Pharnaces' wife, which gets interesting where black borders are shared by Furness' and Parrs (both first found in Lancashire), and then there's another black border with Hort-related Sedons (Durham, possible Tees-river liner). Teesdale's were first found in the same place as Sedons.

If those are black hawks in the Sedon Crest, Sedons can link to the hawk-using Habs/Hobs, first found in Berwickshire with Arthurs. If they are eagles, they face in both directions (rare), same as the black eagles of Murena's. And Murena's bring me to the "ABBAtissa de Tarento in Dorset in 1263," in the Tarent write-up, looking like a Habs branch. The Trents were first found beside Dorset, and so were the Tiss'/Tees'/Teece's who share the Tarent chevron, excellent. Three such chevrons are used by Cassane/Cassandra's, first found in Hampshire with Tiss'/Tees'!!! That's the line from king Cassander, son of Antipater above.

Cantors, who entered the discussion with Cantheras, the alternative name of Simon Boetus, have a "terret" motto term that is listed as a surname with Tarents.

At the tips of the Cassane/Cassander chevrons are stars in the colors of the Tease/Tee/Tye and Annas star. In the Cassane/Cassander Crest, a white tower, possibly the Hopper/Happer tower in this Hobs/Habs picture, and there's a white tower also in the Crest of Hopper-colored Doughs/Dows (Berwickshire, same as Hobs/Habs). Hoppers/Happers were first found in Durham with Sedons (Hort cinquefoils, likely).

Boet-suspect Fish's have the tiger-head design of Dents. Is that not amazing? Axe-suspect Hatchets/Hackets use fish, and they may be salmon. It's the Sere-suspect Zerrs that use both the axe and the hatchet, and Sere's are suspect in the Car motto along with Sedbergh of the Dents. The Irish Carrs may even be with a white version of the Bute/Butt Coat ("viDENTur"!) while German Bute's/Butts are the Bote's/Boets. Note that "VIdentur" (probably for the Vido's/Vito's/Vio's) is like the "vi sed" motto phrase of Maple's and Chives'. I tend to trace "vi" to the Viu tributary if the Riparia, and so it's notable that Rippers/Ripleys (look linkable to the Key chevron) were first found in Yorkshire with Dance-suspect Dents, for the Riparia was home to the Cottian royals, who included Donnus, suspect with the Donnas variation of Dance's (Piedmont, same as the Riparia and the Chives location of Chivasso).

The Viu may have been of the Vio variation of Vita's, because they were first found in Tarves-suspect Tarvisium. Chivasso, by the way, is on the Bautica river of the Artois-related Arduinici.

The Keys share the stag of Maple-like Mabels (all three positioning features the same, as well as the brown color), and the latter's double fesses are those also of Dentons, but here the Mabels are using the double fesses of Ness'/Nessans = the queen-Nysa line, as the double-Parr fesses of Nissans (brown stag head) will inform us.

I was mugged in my Nissan pick-up in Galveston, where the thief had his hands around my throat, yelling, "give 'em over, give 'em over." He wanted the keys to take the entire Nissan. God saved me that night because He set the event up for codework. He does not always give me pleasant events. After the mugging, at 1 am, I checked into a motel. The next morning, I pulled into Victoria for a coffee (no food), and drove off. Coffee's/Coffers use a motto, "Non proviDENTia SED victoria," and the Coffee/Coffer Crest is the one linking to Motels of Taranto. Those two days had codework amounting to prophecies against Bruce Ohr and company that I'm still waiting to see fulfilled.

It's not until now, after re-loading Coffee's/Coffers, that I've realized: Hortons share a dolphin in Crest with Coffee's/Coffers. Is that not something that requires Deliberate Design by the author of this revelation?

The car-accident theme got us to Sere's and Sares'/Sarah's/Sayers (latter share the cinquefoils of Horts), first found in Essex with Maple's. The latter share the Roet and Rollo boar heads, and while Roets (Carians, Karen kin)) were first found in Somerset, Rollo's were first found in the same place as Shaws. If the Horton-like Cortons (Curtis / Court colors) are using books (they are books but may be called Bible's for all I know), that's the Roet symbol too.

The Shewas-like Shoe's use the axe, and one Axe river of Somerset ends up near Seaton of Devon. Chives' were, for years, said to have been first found in Devon, where they were related to Devon's Hykes'/Hacks, a likely branch of Zerr-beloved Hatchets/Hackets, right? Hykes'/Hake's use fish. What's going on? Doesn't it seem that Hackets, Hacks and/or Hake's were the namers of the Axe rivers? The Shaws are from Stick-liner Sithech, and while Sticks were first found in Somerset, the Stricks/STICKlands are suspect in the "Strike" motto of Axe-like Hawks/Hauks, and when we load Haukeswells/Haxcells/Axalls, just axes. There is a Hauxwell in north Yorkshire with the Tees river.

There is even a question as to whether Maple-suspect WAKEfields, at the Dentdale theater, were Axe liners. There is a Wax surname sharing the black cross of Vice's/Vise's so as to appear to be a Vice branch...especially as Wix's/Wicks use axes! That was a surprise accident. Wix's/Wicks ("Cari") love Castle Cary (!!), of the Leavells, at the Axe-river theater. The Yatton location (Somerset) of Wix's/Wicks smacks of the Yate's I expect in the motto of Seatons, i.e. who have a Seaton location at the mouth of one Axe/Exe river. Wakefields were at the Sedbergh area of Sedan / Dent liners, yup, can thouest believe it? The Weeks/Wicks were first found in Somerset too.

It recalls that, on the night of my mugging in Galveston, I had gone to sleep in the back of the Nissan pick-up, and had locked the latch from the inside using a VICE-GRIP plyers. Wasn't Salome kin of Agrippa's? And aren't Herod's suspect from a Queen Nysa that the Nissan depicted? Nissans (share stag head with Vice's) use the double Parr fesses, from Pharnaces, husband of one Nysa. The mugger woke me up, in case that was code for Wake / Wakefield liners. Lookie: the plyer-like Players ("clariOR," suspect with the "ora" of Orr-related Wake's) were first found in Middlesex with Wax's! That is new and amazing.

Back to the Maple-like Mabels, shown properly as Annabels/Hannibals. They were first found in Norfolk with Barca-like Barks/Berks, and Hannibal was the son of Barca. Hannibal was warring the Romans in Apulia, location of Taranto, and Tim Horton played for the Taranto Mabel Leafs, didn't he? Especially as Leafs were likewise first found in Norfolk. As was said in an recent update or two, Hannibal's attack on the Trebia river is suspect with his merging with the Laevi Gauls, for he sought as many Ligurian allies as possible for the war effort.

Good morning. I was having a dream as I awoke, but can't recall anything but telling Michael, who was in the Volkswagen dream, that something I drank (could have been orange juice) made me feel energetically / pleasantly "orangey." That was the word I used. I recall that, when deciphering a sprinkler-system event with Michael, I considered him as God's pointer to Michael Rangabe, and it just so happens that RANGabee is like "ORANGe." The Orange location near the mouth of the Durance comes to mind, as does Orange-Nassau.

One of the two Coats still showing from yesterday, on the two browsing tabs, was that of Irish Shaws, with a "NOSce" motto term that can be for the Italian Naso's or Dutch Naso's/Nassau's. The Nos' bring up the Dutch Ness', a queen-Nysa suspect.

I was noting that Irish Shaws have the Doria eagle. Tipps'/Tippins were then loaded because they are suspect in the Pendragon motto with the Tippers (share "sed" with Sedans!), and with the Pendragon motto, which is almost the motto of Irish Shaws. The black Shaw eagle is colors reversed from the gold Side eagle, and here we can assume that Side's (Stick colors) are of the Sithech ancestry of Shaws, a very good piece to indicate that Shaws had merged with Sedans / Seatons. It's important here that Side's share a white tiger with Dents of Sedan-related Sedbergh (West Yorkshire, same as Hortons now suspect with the Tipper dolphin!!!). Sedans are the ones with the black border that I trace to Pharnaces, husband of one queen Nysa and father of another. In fact, as Parrs use the black border, it's clear as to why Sedans use a "dono" motto term, for Dons ("dona") use double fesses in colors reversed from the same of Parrs and Nissans.

Those three exclamation marks are for a Horton link to a "sed" lover, for it verifies that Horton's car acciDENT is being used of God to point to Dent in Sedbergh. I didn't yet know while writing up here (this Tipper link to Hortons has been inserted here) that the Tipper Crest shares the blue and white-cuffed sleeve with the Dono/Donough Crest. Is that not wild? It clinches the Horton dolphin with the Tipper dolphin. By the time that this paragraph was inserted, I was down to tracing the Horton kin to Salome Boethus, you just watch.

I kid you not, that the original owner of my Nissan was Mr. Don-like Doners, and the Dono/Donough surname, new to me, is an obvious branch of Doners. I don't come across too many solid green chevrons, and so I should record that they are shared between Josephs and Dono's/Donoughs (Burley boar?). We could be on the Naso / Nassau bloodline here. This morning, I noted that Italian Naso's use mill STONE's (I recall what their description says, on the website no longer online), and when looking at the Irish Shaw Coat, I recalled that they have the spread eagle in colors reversed from the same of Sitten-suspect Stoners, who were loaded along with Stone's (share gold spread eagle with Side's). This is excellent for supporting the Shaw-Sitten merger, especially as Side's share the spread eagles of Stoners.

I saw again that Stoners use an eagle version of the trefoil-using Simon Coat, with these Simons having the Irish-Shaw trefoil. These Simons were first found in Devon, as well as in neighboring Cornwall with Stone's, Tippers, and Pendragons, and Devon is where a Seaton location is (good reasons for linking these Simons to Simon Boethus). While the "yet" motto term of Seatons/Sittens is suspect with the Gate branch of Yate's, the Stone's share the split Gate Shield, both adding gold symbols to it, which seems to clinch Stone's out of Devon's Seaton.

The Stone's add gold cinquefoils, the symbol in the Sedan Crest along with what could be black eagles. Only the latter eagles do not have out-stretched wings. The Sedan bird is therefore like the eagle that appears of the worshipful (spit) black STONE of El-Gabal, and a similar eagle is in the Doner Chief...which could just indicate that El-Gabal was related to queen Nysa. I can add here that, before I owned Mr. Doner's Nissan, I had TILED the floor of his store (I've mentioned this a few times). Tile's/Tillers are of the Tilurius river, and kin of Vito's from Julius Avitus, who married the daughter of the El-Gabal priest, Julius Bassianus, is that not amazing? The Doner Chief must have the black-stone eagle, and as Dons have the fesses of the Pharnaces line, note that Gate's can be with the Naso/Nassau lion.

Aha! Dons were at Duddon, and DENTons are DODINtons too. It recalls Duda, founder of Nassau! Amazing. Dudans of Doddington (Somerset again, sharpen the axe) share the hunting horn with Orange's!!! It's the only symbol either surname shows.

Stone's are the one's with mottoes linking to the Craig and Craigie motto, suspect between Vibia and the Vivians/Veys of Cornwall. The Vivians can be linked by their Coat to Fife's and Five's, and Side's were first found in Fife. Vibia was mother to Lupus Laevillus, who married proto-Bassianus', and this Lupus is highly traceable to heraldic wolves, seen in comBATTANT form in the Doner Shield. QuadraTILLa and Laevillus birthed a son, Proculus Charax, and "Proculus" is suspect to the portcullis gate of Yatton-like Yate's. Yatton is at least roughly where Leavells were first found, and beside the PORTers of Hampshire who share the portcullis for obvious reason.

"Charax" goes to the Carricks (said to descend from Craigs), who with Craigie's were first found in Ayrshire with candleSTICK Kyle's and HEART-using Cords (taken from the Dent motto), the latter having the three pheons of Tipps/Tippins suspect in the motto of Irish Shaws and Pendragons (share the helmet with Kennedys). Scottish Kennedys use the Arms of Carricks, and Irish Kennedys were first found in TIPPERary while blue-dolphin Tippers (Cornwall, same as Pendragons) share the dolphin with Scottish Kennedys, and to this we can add that the Kennedy dolphin is blue-purple like the Horton dolphin. The purple tinge may be from Lacys, due to a manor "granted by Robert de Lacy to the ancestor of the Hortons," which location became called, Horton.

[Days after writing here, the Blands were found who share pheons on a bend with Thistle's/Thissels, but in the colors of the Tipps/Tippin pheons, and, moreover, it a black bend like the Dent bend. "...Bland or Bland's Gill in the chapel of How Gill and the parish of SEDBURGH in Yorkshire. One reference claims that name came from the hamlet of Blond." One day, when writing that Mr. Kepke and Lorraine both had "sun-bright" blonde hair, at the very time I was telling that God gave Lorraine a beautiful-feet symbol, I checked the Blonds to find a foot on a sun! Wow, and while I link Kepke's to Keppocks/Kippax's without doubt due to an event with us at Knob Hill Farms (where we both worked), here I find that "The Blands of Kippax, at a very early period, resided at and gave name to Bland's Gill, co. York" As I've said, our manager at Knob Hill Farms was, Gill. Gills were first found in Yorkshire with Blands and Keppocks.

Knob Hill Farms was where Darlene Ray worked who was in the car accident when I knew her, and she (blue eyes) was a sun-bright blond (natural color) too. She was more blonde than Kepke, neither with a touch of dark hair. Immediately after Darlene, I dated Allison Bauer, a cashier at Knob Hill Farms, and Allisons were of the Keppoch-branch MacDonalds. Allison (blue eyes) was a sun-bright blond, not a touch of dark hair.

Blands have a "SpeRATE" motto term, and, I kid you not, this is finally the deciphering of Kepke's pet rat, for Rate's are also Rats, in Blond colors. The meaning of that rat evaded me because I didn't know that Blands. I don't recall knowing the Blands of Kippax, though I may have come to them before Kepke was a topic. The Rite's/Write's, who can be in the Bland motto, share the checkered fesse of Pitts (and Stewarts).

Why was God pointing to the Blands / Blonds, and why did it just lead to Sedbergh, in the area of the first-known Hortons? I checked Blands at this time due to Pitts at Blandford, who you will see later in this update. I was checking Pitts due to a dream having a spider on a strand of web, which recalls that Kepke, at about age 14, chased me with a spider hanging from a strand of web. I had a fear of spiders, and he knew it. End insert]

We can now go back to Salome Boethus, for I realized something last night. The Hortons / Horts brought us to Salome, and so you just watch how the Kennedys enlighten us on Salome's ancestry. It just so happens that the proto-Kennedy priests, the Kennati of Cetis, worshiped mythical Ajax; the latter lived on a Greek island of SALAMis. The Kennati tended a temple to Ajax, I have read this. It makes sense because Ajax's brother was Teucer (hints of Trojans), who "fought alongside his half-brother, Ajax, in the Trojan War and is the legendary founder of the city of Salamis on Cyprus." Is that not amazing, that while the mother of the first Herod, Cypros, appears to be named in honor of a Cyprus line, Salome de Herod must have been named after this Ajax line from Salamis, tending to indicate that Herods were somehow connected to the proto-Kennedys and/or to Proculus' parents, rulers of Cetis. In this picture, the Boethus family may connect to Ajax too.

This gets awfully interesting where Ajax-like Jacks use scallops on a fesse all in the three colors of the fish on a fesse of Bote's/Boets!!! Wow. Jacks were at Nether Silton, but as no Silton surname comes up, perhaps they were a branch of Sittons or Sittons/Sitters/SIDEwells. Jacks were first found in North Yorkshire (not far from Sedbergh and the first-known Hortons) with the HarroGATE (Herod-Gate merger?) location of DENTons, and with the Tees river, and while Side liners loved the Nothings, Tease's/Tee's were first found in Nothing-suspect Nottinghamshire with Annas'. One can fathom that Annas of Israel was a Boethus element, and his father in Syria (beside the Ajax cult) was Seth, a term that brings up the Sithech-liner Shaws.

There was a so-called "Lesser Ajax" who raped Cassandra, and then the line of king Cassander goes to queen Nysa! Zinger. The one Jack fesse thus becomes suspect with the two in the same colors of Ness'/Nessans and Dentons. Mythical Cassandra was a Trojan (sister of Hector) element with an insanity symbol, the symbol also of the Maenads, excellent because the latter were Maeander-river Maeonians (my personal discovery) that trace with good evidence to Manders; hence, the salaMANDER can be code for both Manders and Salome's/Salamanns! I like that.

We have got to go back to the Dent Crest at this time because it shares the Fish-Crest tiger, and Fish's, I feel it in my LaFins, are in the Bote/Boet fish. Lafins, first found in Tipperary with Kennedys, are in the motto of Scottish Kennedys.

While crossing this Salome topic just now, the Slone's came to mind, which were loaded to find the giant lion of Italian Simons. I then tried "Slome" and got the Slone's!!! Shout these things from your online housetops. It's the line of Simon Boethus, grandfather of Salome de Herod de Blockheads. God has not failed us; He is working our heraldic way to historically-unknown (or covered-up), political details behind the killers of his Son. God has an axe to grind, at the foot of a tree, with these killers.

Slone's/Slome's have another spread, black eagle, now in a Crest, the very same bird as in the DENTon Crest. There's a Big Axedent coming, a Furious Crash upon garbage humanity that loves the lie. Dentons use double chevrons in the colors of the same of Ness'/Nessans. Dents love the Rothschild-related Dusters, and Dusts share the Horton stag head. Slome's were first found in Kirkcudbrightshire with Castle Douglas, recalling that the Douglas heart is of the black-boar Horts/Hardys. Isn't that of the acciDENT theme from Tim Horton?

"Johnn Slowane of Garoche was a juror on assize at Kirkcudbright in 1508. Other early records include a William Slowane, who held a tenement near Dalkeith, in Midlothian in 1504." That's got to be near the East-Lothian Simms, which begins to equate Simms with the Simons and Simons with the Slone's/Slome's. Simms were first found in the same place as the FoxSIDE of Faucets, and Jewish Simons use the fox. The Boethus-Herods were in Lothian, guaranteed.

Let's go to the HARRoGATE location of Dentons, for as we just saw the Denton Crest with Slome's, we'd want to check whether Harr / Gate liners link to Salome, daughter of Herod II, son of Simon Boethus. Amazingly, the Irish Harrs/Hara's use a single pale bar in the colors of the single fesse of Herods/Heraults/HURLs, reminding that Hurls/Herls share the fesse of Horts/Hurts! It's another axedent waiting to happen. for Herls/Hurls were first found in Northumberland with Dentons...who share double fesses with Hairs and their Harcourt branch, both linkable without question to the Parr-loving Manners/Maness', likewise first found in Northumberland. And talking about accidents waiting to happen, Dentons share the cinquefoils of Rodhams (Northumberland). Hillary Rodham Clinton is a chief liar in the world of anti-Christs at this time, always speaking political-speak rather than speaking truth. This is the thing upon which Armageddon will fall, at a moment of awful surprise for these mere humans. They are unable to handle the fright of Armageddon, and will go mad instantly.

It's possible for "Herod" to be from the family of names that included Rod-like term. I don't come across too many surnames first found in Brunswick, but two are the Rothschilds/RODDENsteins and the Bode's/BOEDe's/Bodens. Very suspicious. Jewish Rothchilds (no 's') share roses with Bode's/Beode's, and have the same bend as Roddens/Rodhams. The latter's has the Bette bend-with-cinquefoils. Very Saddu-suspicious.

s By the way, Herods/Hurls once showed a couped fesse, the ends not reaching the sides of the Shield, and thus this feature was likely removed when the goons saw me connecting them to the Coopers/Coppers, who do the same with their chevron. This is the good proof mentioned above that Coopers are from the mother of King Herod.

The Derbyshire Harrs/HARRADens (black eagle heads) may be using the Seaton and/or Tiller crescents in colors reversed on a version of the Kennedy Coat. Tiller liners come back to topic with this repeat:

Good morning. I was having a dream as I awoke, but can't recall anything but telling Michael, who was in the Volkswagen dream, that something I drank (could have been orange juice) made me feel energetically / pleasantly "orangey." That was the word I used [in the dream]. I recall that, when deciphering a sprinkler-system event with Michael, I considered him as God's pointer to Michael Rangabe, and it just so happens that RANGabee is like "ORANGe." The Orange location near the mouth of the Durance comes to mind, as does Orange-Nassau.

...The Doner Chief must have the black-stone eagle, and as Dons have the fesses of the Pharnaces line, note that Gate's can be with the Naso/Nassau lion.

Aha! Dons were at Duddon, and DENTons are DODINtons too. It recalls Dudo (or Tuto), founder of Nassau! Amazing. Dudans of Doddington (Somerset) share the hunting horn with Orange's!!! It's the only symbol either surname shows.

I can now elaborate on the dream. First, English Michaels share the Rang/Ring chevron, both surnames having scallops besides. Rangs/Rings are said to be from Roger de Evreux at Old Buckenham, and Orange's were first found in Buckinghamshire.

Wrangle's/Wrangs can be with the Nassau lion as per what follows. German Michaels share the Zionist stars (Rangabe colors) of Billets/Billiards while Nassau's use a Shield filled with billets, upon which there is a lion colors reversed from the Michael lion. My Nissan was originally owned as new by KENT Doner, and Kents (beside Cutters) use the passant lion of these Michaels in colors reversed, suggesting that Nassau's use the Kent lion. I tiled the floor of Kent's store, and Tillers share the lion in the colors of the three tigers of Thatch's/Tatteshalls (Hall / Hull colors), who were checked when seeing the THATCHam location of Kents. Isn't that pretty compelling seeing that Kent didn't name himself, nor did he know anything about heraldry when he was born? ?

To help prove that God named Kent in the first place to aid this revelation, Tillers share the Tail/Tailer lions while Thatch's/TATTEShalls were first found in Lincolnshire with Lucy Taillebois (and Halls). She was from BolingBROKE, and the Kent Coat is a reflection of the Broke/Brock Coat while Thatchers (scimitar) were first found in Essex with Broke's/Brocks. The Tailbois Coat happens to share the Chief-Shield colors of the Berwickshire TATES'. Kent Doner owned a DATSun-Nissan car dealership, and that's the place I tiled. (There is a Datson/Daton surname said to be from "d'Autun".) Thatchers may be with the Annas Shield.

The Tailbois scallops are shared by Laurens/Larins, and Dudo, founder of Nassau, was of Laurenburg. They are the Capes scallops too, and Capes' were first found near the first-known Orange's. The Capes scallops are shared by Boet-possible Beads/Beadle's. Laurenburg is in Siegarland while Seagars had a giant moline in the colors of the similar flory cross of Rangabe's.

The Tailbois Chief has the scallops of Mauls/Morleys (Yorkshire, same as Mauley). Repeat: "Jacks were first found in North Yorkshire with the HarroGATE (Herod-Gate merger?) location of DENTons..." The Morlands tell that Mauley is in North Yorkshire, and it just so happens that Datsons/Datons were likewise first found in North Yorkshire so that they can be a Tates branch. Between North Yorkshire and Durham is the Tees river, and Durham is where Hoppers/Happers were first found suspect with the grasshoppers in the Thatcher Chief. The Thatcher moline thus becomes suspect with the same of Becks (Yorkshire-Durham), and evokes Tooting-Bec. Tates' were first found in the same place as Hobs/Habs, and Thatch's/Tatteshalls share the white tiger with Hobs/Habs and Dents. You can see that this circle of surnames is linking to Kent Doner of the Datsun dealer, and the tiles I laid for him.

It just so happens that tiger-line Teague's/Teegers, fully expected with the Hobs/Habs and Hoppers/Happers, are also Caige's while Cage's share the split Shield of Gate's. This recalls that I drove by Mrs. Teague's ranch on the day the FBI was on the shoulder and ditch area of that property, setting up for seeking the dead body of Mrs. O'HARE, in case this is God's pointer to HarroGate of the Jacks. In fact, the body was later found on Mrs. Teague's brother's ranch, whose first name is Don!!! In case I doubted that HarroGate's had merged with Gate's, Harrows/Harewere's use gates in Gate / Hare colors.

Kents were first found in Berkshire (beside Orange's of Buckingham), and Berkshire's share the Coat of Datsun-like Duttons, suspect long ago with Dudo of Nassau. Repeat: "Aha! Dons were at Duddon, and DENTons are DODINtons too. It recalls Dudo, founder of Nassau! Amazing. Dudans [flag] of Doddington (Somerset) share the hunting horn with Orange's!!! It's the only symbol either surname shows." I'm getting that orangey feeling again. It can be gleaned that Duttons share the quadrants of Tattons (Cheshire, same as Duddon of the Dons) and Tute's (Norfolk, same as Harrows). Tatton Hall is in NORTHEN parish.

In colors reversed, the Rangabe cross is blue, the color of the similar Mill moline. Italian Naso's use MILL stones, you see. Mills (Hampshire, same as DRAKE's) are likely the origin of mythical Milo de Vere, the creation of Nicholas de Vere von DRAKEnberg (a stupid warlock, wasted his life, amounted to nothing, misled many, deserves punishment). Milo was made a son of mythical Melusine, code for Melissena Rangabe (my personal finding).

This same Michael who appeared in this morning's dream was the owner of a VOLKSwagen in a dream of several months ago. The Fulke's/Volks are from the Fulks of Anjou, first-known counts of Anjou, yet Nicholas de Vere claimed that Milo de Vere was the first count of Anjou a generation or two before Fulk I. I'm fairly sure that Nicholas was speaking in some secret-speak for Fulk kin from the Rangabe Byzantines. Melissena was the daughter of TheoPHYLACTus, the son of Michael I Rangabe, son of another Theophylactus. Note how that term looks like "Fulk," or of the Flacks, first found in Norfolk with Fulke's/Volks, where early Seagars were first found.

[Insert: On Sunday night late, I happened across the genealogy of Michael Rangabe, and seeing his wife as PROCOPia, like the Procops variation of Brocuffs, I began to investigate whether they or Brocks showed signs of linkage to any of the three Michael surnames. No luck, but when the Brooks (Essex, same as Brocks) were loaded, there were the three Michael scallops! For me, it confirms that God was using Michael as code for Michael Rangabe.

The Brocuff sphinx has been suspect with the Spinks of Northamptonshire, and it just so happens that this is where Brackels were first found. In the write-up of scallop-using Michaels: "Mikael de Brackele in London." The Brecks use the Orange horn in colors reversed. Absolutely wild. The Brocks and Brecks are from Procopia, the Bulgar (from Thrace) on her mother's side, which reminds me that, someone at Michael's wedding said that his father looked Bulgarian. I thought it was the strangest thing to say, but I think I now know why.

More: German Bracks, with horns in Crest, share the Michael fesse. That's two Michael surnames tracing to Michael Rangabe. However, I am so sure that Bocci's/BROCato's are from Brogitarus that I now suspect Procopia to descend from him. In fact, Michael II and Michael III of Byzantium are said to be Amorians, from Amorium at the Galatia theater! As the ancestry of Michael I is unknown, princess Procopia may have chosen a Brogitarus-line Galatian for her husband. There could be a blood reason that Michael II chose that throne name, if it wasn't a birth name.

Procopia's grandmother was Irene of the Khazars, and the Irene surname is with the Hirams/Irons of Airaines, whom I do very-confidently identify with both Arran in Scotland, and the Raines', for whatever this may be worth. The Raines have an early, Varangian-suspect, Warenger Raine, in their write-up.

The potent cross of Brocuffs and of Templar Jerusalem belonged to Godfrey de Bouillon, explaining why Bouillons share the white, flory cross with the Arms of Rangabe (link above). Brocks are said to be from Broc of Anjou, which fits perfectly with the Theophylactus trace to Fulks of Anjou, and with the dream having Michael with a VOLKswagen, so unbelievable now that I know for certain that Michael is a Rangabe symbol. The mirror of mythical Melusine is code for Mire's/Mireux's of Anjou. Some of the Byzantines in the time of Michael had the surname, PorphyroGENITa, like the PlantaGENET surname of Geoffrey Fulk. "Porphyrogeneti" means, "purple born," and the Raines branch of Wrens use purple lion heads and a BROKEn spear (Brocks are Broke's too). Byzantine's of that time liked the Basil name, and English Basils, wow, share pellets with purple Lacys, and were first found in Yorkshire with Lacys! End insert]

In the Volkswagen dream, I left the car (mall parking lot) to go to the bathroom in the MALL. I concluded that the dream was about the Baathists, co-founded by Mr. Bitar and Mr. Flack-like Aflaq. I'm now getting the impression that TheoPhylactus Rangabe was the line to Flecks/Flacks/Flags and Aflacks, and this works tremendously where Drake's were first found in Hampshire with Flys of FLAGi; Drake's even translate their "muscas" code as "fly." The two dreams with Michael have been able to solve the Rangabe mystery that I was unable to solve without them, though I tried very hard. Michael is now suggesting that Nassau's apply to Rangabe, and that's just got to mean that Orange was named by Rangabe's (ruled 9th century).

The Seagars are now said to have been first founded in Devon (was Norfolk for years), beside the Ingers/Enders. Melissena Rangabe was married to Inger the Varangian. As Bitars are Buttars properly, note the Inger/Ender write-up: "The surname Inger was first found in Cornwall where they held a family seat as Lords of the Castle of BOTTReaux." I can't be sure that Ingers are with Enders as per Inger the Varangian, but that part seems to work very well with the prediction that Baathist liners are to apply to Rangabe elements.

Herod-Salyes Link to Nassau

Recall that Kepke liners are expected from the Kiev Varangians, for Inger was likely of them. Ingersals (griffin, able to link to Varni) just popped to mind at this time, new to me, and they share the Kipling dancette. For what it could be worth, Inkers/Ingstars (Shetland) share the Hamilton motto and tree. The Hamilton cinquefoil is shared by Dogs/Doags/DOCKs, who might be from "Eudokia," Inger's daughter with Melissena (too speculative). Note that DOUGlas' (Rangabe colors) have a salamander-in-flames, then read on. Note that "salamANDER" can be part-code for Salome / Salmons /SALEmans / Sales', and partly for a branch of Ingers/ENDERs. Anders are in Rangabe colors, and king Andrew I married a Varangian of Kiev.

The Durants who share the Sales fleur are from the Durance river of the Salyes Ligures. It begs whether Salome had ancestry in Salyes Ligures. The Durants who share the Sales fleur throw in the IngerSAL dancette, believe it or not. Anders were first found in Silesia with Brocuffs, and the latter's Chief-Shield has been suspect with that of Silesia-like Saluzzo's, probably named by some branch of the Salyes Ligures. Compare Brocuffs and Brocks to Kents. The latter were at THATCham, and Thatchers were first found in Essex with Brocks and Brooks. The Eudo character in the Thatch write-up may therefore be a Eudokia liner. Thatchers use GRASShoppers, while Bosco's use "tufts of grass" (on their pillar), and Busca is beside Saluzzo. This is an excellent time to remind that the spread eagles of English Bush's are shared by SALEMANs, in Salmon colors, and that it's a version of the Cheney Coat.

Wow, Pelosi's, who use columns instead of pillars, were first found beside Bra (Cuneo, same as Busca and Saluzzo), and Bosco's were at BRAEfield in Northampton, where Brays/Brae's (FLAX breaker) were first found. Pelosi's are also Pilati's, and Pillers are with the Pilotte's (Lincolnshire, same as BolingBROKE), and on top of the Pelosi columns there are stars in the colors of the Salome/Salamannn stars!!! Zikers, it makes me feel so good because the apparent contradiction between my tracing the Salamander to Salyes versus Salome de Herod is suddenly not looking like a contradiction.

Now we have a good idea as to why German Bush's/BUSCHs were first found in Rhineland with Salome's/Salamanns. The reader might think, great, John, you found a Saluzzo branch in Rhineland, but how does that make them from Salome Boethus? And that's what all the evidence in this update is much about, including the black, Edomite boars of the Yorkshire Bush's/Buschs.

The mouth of the Durance river of the Salyes is near Orange, and the Breakers/Brechs in the Bray Coat have the Orange horn in colors reversed. Moreover, the Pillers/Pilotte's use the Shaws Coat while Pelosi's were first found at SAVIGliano while Savage's are also SAVA's while French Sauvage's use a big, fat, Herod-suspect heart. Thus, in the process of seeking Rangabe elements as per this morning's dream, we seem to have found the Sadducee house of Boethus in Cuneo, and with the Salyes who predated Herods. What mystery is this?

The Salome stars are gold and pierced, and they are in the Clinton Chief while I was assured that the Clintons use the Saluzzo Chief-Shield colors. Clintons were first found in Oxfordshire with Crispins, whose French branch shares the pomegranate with Grass-suspect Grazio's. The Bosco tufts of grass should apply there. English Bush's once showed a red fesse instead of black, and their gold symbols upon that red fesse are in Salome/Salamann colors.

As Segni's/SEGURana's use the Seagar moline in colors reversed, the Sagans/Segans (German) can apply to Rangabe's as do Seagars. Siegen is at Siegarland, and there is a German Sieger surname. Siegarland is in RHINEland-Palatinate (beside Hesse-Cassel). The Segan/Sagan SALAMander-in-flames is now suspect with the Rhineland Salome's/Salamanns, how about that. And Rhineland is also where Sadducee-suspect Shutz's/Schutz's were first found. The reader might now be saying, good one, John.

Bonns (Bone branch) were first found in Oxfordshire, and use a bend with symbols in colors reversed from the same of Salome's, and Bonn is a city across the Rhine from Siegen. Bone's were first found in Sussex with Sadducee-like Saddocks/Sedgewicks. French Bonns/DuBons (in the Bennett / Benedict motto) share the Salome stars, wowie, and these Bonns/DuBons were first found in Provence (on the Durance river) with Laurens while Dudo of Nassau at Siegarland was a ruler of Laurenburg, double wowie.

Bosco's were at Halton while Haltons have a reflection of the Gate Coat, which can be expected with a link to Harrogate and its Herod liners. Repeat: "In case I doubted that HarroGate's had merged with Gate's, Harrows/Harewere's use gates in Gate / Hare colors." It was the Ajax-suspect Jacks that were at Harrogate, and Salome de Herod was connectable to Ajax's Salamis entity at Cyprus. Jacks are in Salome colors. It may mean that ancient Salamis elements named the Salyes Ligures. It reminds of a Solymi peoples in Anatolia that could very well have named Jerusalem (Israelites didn't name it).

If salamanders are part-code for Manders (Salome/Salamann colors), they use a plover (bird), which term has stumped me from the start, but I've just found some birds (Rangabe colors) in a Plouvier/Plouf Coat. The Birds/Burds share a flory cross with Rangabe's, and while I sense that the Bird/Burd martlets are those of French Alans, Plouvier's/Ploufs were first found in Brittany.

Douglas' were first found in Moray with DALLAS', and the Vance's/Vaux's who essentially share the Salome/Salamann Coat were at DALSton. It appears to me that the Dalstons use crow heads, same as the CASSeys of Lanarkshire, where Biggars were first found who share the Dallas Coat exactly. It makes it appear that Caseys were Cassandra liners, and indeed Irish Casseys (and Scottish Cassels) use one chevron in the colors of the three of Cassane's/Cassandra's. German Cassels share three red chevrons with Cassane's/Cassandra's. Irish Casseys use a red-eagle version of the Harr/HARRADen Coat, making the latter more suspect with Herods than when they were first mentioned above, for about everything in this paragraph is linkable to Salome de Herod de Blockhead.

Salome was a murderer and a fiend, just like her ancestors. She's the one who had John the Baptist beheaded to protect her adulterous relationship.

Having made the connections above, what are the chances that Harrs/HARRADENs link to the Vance's/Vaux's, the ones with the Salome Coat? Chances are great if Harrs were Herods. Here's their write-up: "In the 15th century the manors of Great and Little Harrowden were held by Sir William VAUX who was slain at the Battle of Tewkesbury in 1471." That is amazing, and I missed it the first time that Harrs/Harradens were mentioned. A Salome link to Vaux's is likely a Salome link to Leavells and Louvier's.

Caseys were suspect with Khazars aside from anything to do with Melissena Rangabe, who was a royal Khazar on her mother's side. Caesars were suspect in naming Khazars, and as Julius Caesar was a prime Caesar (his father's surname), it's notable that the Harrs/Harradens share the crescents of German Julians while English Julians have another salamander-in-flames, which tends to make Harrs/Harradens even more likely from Salome De Herod de Killer while making it more certain that salamanders are part-code for Salome's/Salamanns. I traced Julius Caesar to the location of Guillestre (double-headed black eagle, the color of the Harr/Harraden eagle) before knowing that Gulls/Guiles' use the Julian pale bars in colors reversed. Guillestre is on the Durance river of the Salyes. Gullys (Oxfordshire) use the Julian cross and share "Sine" with Guiles'/Gulls.

I'd like to revisit the old Datsun dealer, once called, Doner Datsun. My Nissan was a Datsun. I'm wondering whether God arranged for Datsons to be listed with D'Autuns, for I have traced mythical queen Aedon of Boeotia to the Aedui peoples of Autun. The Boeotians/Boiotians are still suspect to the Boii namers of Bohemia, and to the Buhun/Buhum variations of Bone's. We saw Bonns link to Salome Boethus, and her surname looks so much like Boeotians. The German Franks were first found in Bohemia, and they share the column with Pelosi's who got suspect with the Salome stars.

This topic was meshed with Orange, and here I can expound upon that picture, not only because "ORANge" looks like "Orion" of Boeotia, but because Orange's use the giant hunting HORN while Orion was a mythical hunter. Orion was at Schimatari and Tanagra, suspect with the Biblical Shechemites that were bound to join the pagan Levites out of Laish.

[We interrupt this message to bring you something orange. On the evening of writing here, I got round to reloading Tancreds and their Tancarville branch, terms like "Tanagra," I noted that Tancreds are in the colors of Bote/Boets, and then tried to load Tangs, but, no luck, no such surname came up. Then it hit me: Tang is a fake orange juice! Wow. Tang was invented by Mr. Mitchell, and Mitchells are a Michael variation. I told Michael that my drink made me feel, orangey. In short, expect Orion-of-Tanagra elements through Orange. More later on the Tongs.]

Mythical Laius (descended from Cadmus of Tyre, near Laish) was a Boeotian too. Laish was beside PANias, and Aedon was the daughter of PANdareus. I can therefore begin to understand why I purchased a Datsun from Kent Doner, whose surname linked to Dudo of Nassau by way of Dons of Duddon. Doners are properly DONO(g)hue's, clearly a branch of Dono's/Donoughs, both in the same colors, and sharing a green snake in Crest, color of the Seagar snakes.

It looks good, and proves to be correct, that Schimatari is to the heraldic scimitar. I saw only one thus far in this update, with Thatchers. And it was Kents that were from Thatcham. But wait, I didn't load Irish Kennedys, but recall that they have a scimitar too, and Kennedys look like "Kent," zowie, how perfect, for the Biblical Shechemites were partners with the Kenites ("Kenetides" to Josephus) that I trace to the Kennati priest of Ajax = the proto-Kennedys!!! Therefore, God named Kent Doner to indicate the Kenite partners of Shechemites. Unbelievable. And it teaches me to expect the namers of Kent from a branch of the Kennati. What were they doing way out west?

Scottish Kennedys are in Harr/Harraden colors and format. It's not in itself much evidence of a connection between the Kennati and Herods, but put together with all the rest, it's expected.

Good morning. It's the day after I awoke Orangey. I was wondering last night why the dream had me feeling a positive orangey instead of a sickly orangey. After all, why would the city of Orange, or Orange-Nassau, or the Orange Masons, get an energetic, good-feel symbol? I have no idea. I wish I could remember other parts of that dream, which were vivid at the time. It reminds me of when a Mr. Hastings brought oranges to his soccer team of teens, when he coached it with my son as one of the players. He said to them that oranges give fast energy.

The first thing to do is to look at Hastings, and they are said to have been gifted by Simon de Montfort, explaining why the Hasting sleeve / maunch is in the Arms of Leicester. We just saw the house of Boethus trace to Bra and neighboring Savigliano, but here it can be repeated that a Monforte location is smack beside them both along with Hasting-like Asti. Wow. Does Orange trace to this thing?

The funny thing is, "Hannity" is a word that "flashed" across my mind last night while in bed, as though it pertains to yesterday's writings. I now realize that Hannity's parents (both) were in the probation / prison-guard occupations, same as or similar to Mr. Hasting's father (I don't recall the exact role). Wardens (pears, can be for Pero liners), first found in Herod-like HERTfordshire, share "Industria" with Dents. Wardens share the pear with Parrots, HASTers have a parrot, and the Pavia Pierre's/Pero's probably apply to Parrots. Perotti's are with the Pero's/Perino's. It appears that God set me up with a Hastings family working as a warden for this discussion. Wow, immediately after writing that, Wartons ("NAScitur") were loaded to find a giant maunch, the Hastings symbol! That's got to be why "Hannity" came to mind last night, and it was before Mr. Hasting's oranges came to mind moments ago.

The Arms of Dudo-suspect Dudley ("PROgress") share pears with Wardens, while Dudleys share the Berkshire Coat while Berkshire is almost beside Wardens of Hertfordshire. Dudley is in Worcestershire, and pears are in an Arms of Worcester. The giant Dudley lion is colors reversed from the same of Nassau's, and as Ware's (share gold boar in Crest with Weirs/Vere's) use two lions in pale in Dudley-lion colors while Ware's are said to been lords of Dudlington, it seems that Ware's apply to Nassau. The two Ware lions in pale are those of Vere-like Voirs in colors reversed. Ware's were first found in Devon with Wears/Were's. When we read, "A few years later, John la Werre, la Guerre...", it looks to be of Guerin of Provence i.e. on the Durance near Orange. The "ProGRESS" motto term of Dudleys thus looks partly for the Gress'/Grass', first found in Provence, near Grasse...and, zowie, Busca's use "tufts of grass" while Tufts share the crosslets (both colors) of Were's/Wears. That tends to predict that Bush's were near the Wear river (Durham).

The Nassau billets are expected to link to Billets, first found in Devon with Wears and Ware's, and then Billet-branch Bellows were first found in Oxfordshire (beside Berkshire), where Vere's ruled for centuries. Billets and Bellows use the Chief/Shield colors of the rulers of MontFERRAT. It just so happens that Ware's (share blue lion with Wards/Varde's) are also suggested as Warda's. In this picture, Orange-Nassau is linkable fundamentally to Wardens and their many branches that include Vere's. The Varde variation can be clue to the Vardiae = Ardiaei, and as Vardys/Vertys (Fier/Fere moline) were barons of FERTE, note that Dudleys use the FRET. Fers (almost the Ward/Varde Shield) are also Ferrats. It's self-explanatory.

Beneath the Dudley pears is a salamander-in-flames, off-topic but worth recording.

I had come across a Hasting Hall in the Bett write-up. "One of the principal stocks of the old and characteristic Norfolk name of Betts included the family that possessed, in the 15th and 16th centuries, the manors of Hastings Hall." The Betts share the white bend with black cinquefoils with Rodhams, and while Bill Clinton was a Lord of the Cinqueports (gives a criminal a respectable appearance), that refers to five cities including Hastings and Dover, and then the cinquefoils above are in giant form with Dovers (look like Dove's/Dows). This may not be too off-topic, and Betts may be Boethus elements, suspect to the salamander.

Back to Warden-likely Wartons, who had "the manor of LANGdale in Westmorland." Langhe is in Hasting-like Asti but partly in Cuneo. Langdale's are in the colors of letter-using Langs while Letters/Lauders, who share the Tooth griffin, were near the Tyne rivers with Langleys. It took a touch-bra event (age nine) at a LAUNDRry line, and a girlfriend at age 24 at a LAUNDRomat, to teach me, decades later, that Langleys and LANDERs were of Langhe at Bra. The girlfriend was Lorraine, and Lorraine's, with the same lion as Asti-like Hastys/Asteys, were first found in Northumberland with the Tyne river and its Langley castle.

The Hastings bring us quickly to the same lion as Nassau's. "John Hastings, 2nd Baron Hastings (1287-1325) served in the First War of Scottish Independence under King Edward II and later became Governor of Kenilworth Castle." There was a Kenilworth location in the last update: "The Radice/Radix Coat is shared by the Lillings/Lillingtons, the latter said to have been ancestors of Dorals/Darrells (Daorsi suspects)...Lillington is a location in "KENILworth division of the hundred of KnightLOW"." Dorals share the giant Nassau lion, but so do a hundred others, yet the Doral lion wears a crown of the design shown for the Hasty/Astey crown upon its giant lion.

The interesting thing here is that while Dorals share a lion with one Door surname, another Door surname shares three leopard heads on blue with Coopers/Coppers, wow. The first Herod married a DORis and was a son of Cypros. Is this what the door handle is about, Doris? I didn't re-realize until now that Scottish Coopers/Coppers have this write-up: "The surname Cooper was first found in Fife, where SALOMONE de Cupir witnessed a charter in 1245". You can't argue with the facts.

Knightlow taught me that there is a Nightly surname sharing a version of the Knight Coat, and I had noted that Nightly share six pale bars with Pepin-on-Landen liners, Langfords and Longfords, whom I have traced with Langleys (six pale bars) to Langhe, at Bra / Monforte! Pretty amazing "coincidence." Pale's share the camel with Pepins, explaining the pale bars. Pepin of Landen married a woman in Lorraine.

Langleys share the six Pale bars of Landens/Landers, and Langfords share those of Knightlys. Langfords and Longfords throw in a white bend without symbols, as do Landens/Landers and WARDs. Langleys were at Wakefield of West Yorkshire, and that's the area of Sedbergh of the Dents who share the Warden motto term. The Wakefield Shield is split vertically in colors reversed from the "sed"-using Maple's. Wards share the Shield of Warrens (Sussex, Surrey), and the Warenne's/Varenne's (from rulers in Surrey) were at the Sussex location of Hastings. Surrey is where Salemans/Salams/Salians and same-colored Michaels were first found, and I spoke "orangey" to Michael.

Hmm, as I link Tooths to Gumms/Comme's for a particular reason having to do with a bad tooth I had (now much better), I'm noting the "Comme" motto term of Wards.

Aha! Warrens happen to use a non-official orange color in the wings of their wyvern dragon, and, can we believe it, while Orange's share the hunting horn with Huntingdons, Ada of Warenne/Varenne married Henry of Huntingdon! Just like that, Hasting-area rulers have brought us to Orange liners!!! Mr. Hasting gave his soccer players oranges for energy!!! Wow. But this revelation may not have happened had not "Hannity" flashed across my mind, for I have heard Hannity, recently, tell that his father was a probation officer, and his father was a prison gaurd.

At this point, I can create a theory that the "Hannity" flashing across my mind is God's clue that Sean Hannity is about to be instrumental in exposing Bruce Ohr, and, perhaps, that jailbird blanket from Mr. Hastings is a Sign that someone's going to jail after all. I somehow got a grey blanket from the Hastings that seems a government blanket for jail cells. After being packed and unused for decades, I started to use it a few years ago, as an under-the-sheet blanket on the mattress. It's being used for this right now. Wake's had become God's pointer to Bruce and Nelly Ohr because Wake's, Nellys and Orrs/Ore's share red roundels on gold, Wake's ("ora") sharing them in Chief with Orrs/Ohrs. And the "Comme" motto term of Wards might just signal that James Comey is going to jail, for Wards can be a Warden branch.

I feel that one of my molars was sabotaged by a dentist when he removed the silver filling and replaced it with white material. I feel he set that tooth up for an expensive root canal, for the first time I walked into his dental location, I had the sense, as though from God, that this dentist was corrupt. I received a message that he was not going to get away with it, and he was soon-after out of practice.

The dentist who replaced him at that office then sabotaged the tooth further when I went in to get it fixed, leaving it to rot instead of removing the deep infection. He pretended to go in and fix it, but didn't even freeze the gum, meaning he drilled only into the old filling, for I felt no pain during the drilling.

The tooth then developed a so-called FISTula in the gum, and here I can add that this problem seemed to me to be a set-up by God for a very-important reason, but the best I could do was to link Tooths to Gumms/Comme's, and add that fistula-like Fists/Fausts could be involved. I trace them to Vasto's, a branch of Monforte-suspect Montferrats at Saluzzo! That is exactly the Salome topic at hand here, and it deeply involves the Dents.

A fistula is a tunnel with bump in the gum by which the body spews pus and bacteria into the mouth. I had it down to spewing once every three weeks on average by keeping the sugar level in the bloodstream down. Then, one day, the filling came all out, and the tooth seemed to become healed, for I haven't had a fistula bump since that day, now months ago. It seems that the infection was between the filling and the tooth (which I can now brush and keep clean), exactly where a corrupt dentist would plant an infection (I wonder what he used to plant it).

Gumms/Comme's use what are normally called scimitars, yet I don't think they call them such, last time I read their description. The Gumms/Comme's use a red Chief and white Shield, symbol of the rulers of Montferrat (the Vasto branch used the blue Chief instead, as have Saluzzo's).

Aha! Comeys/Comie's, with the Hasty/Astey / Lorraine lion in colors reversed, use a "PruDENTia" motto term!!! Wowie, it may be that my tooth has pointers to Comey's demise. For the record, half the molar is strong and painless; the other half broke away, allowing the filling to fall out too (I'm happy so far about this).

Plus, Mr. Hastings with the oranges is James, like James Comey. I think it's time to blare the sirens outside Comey's house, but, the problem is, Trump said this week that he'll unleash a storm of unclassified documents against the Democrat House if it pesters and harasses him using House powers. Translation: Trump is withholding the information to expose the deep state in order to protect himself form their attacks, and this is a dismal way to be a president. What a louse. Hannity needs to cease being Trump's state media, and hold the blast furnace to his feet until he dies the right thing. Expose because it's the right thing to do; don't allow criminals in government to get away merely to hold an ace up the sleeve for a bad day. The criminals are working themselves back into power, stupid, and you have wasted two years of golden opportunity already.

Let the Democrats scorch Trump until he exposes them. No credit to him, but he will take the credit, anyway. Yet, let our prayers be that Trump comes to his senses, and does the right for God's sake.

Scottish Comeys/Come's (Clan Chattan) use a heart MacDonald-hand style, and MacDonalds were first found in Argyllshire with Herods/Heraults/Hurls. "ARGYLL" was therefore suspect with Herod ARCHELaus, who was banished to Vienne, beside Lyon, and Lyons, who share the giant green lion with Hastys/Asteys, were first found in Perthshire with Scottish Comeys. I am still seeing the warden here because of Hastings-like Hastys.

The "Touch" motto term of Clan Chattan, shared by Comeys/Come's, must be for the Touch's/Tuffs, who share the giant Lyon lion. Touch's/Tuffs must be a branch of Tufts/Tofts/Tuffs (Cheshire, same as Touch's/Tuffs) in the Bosco "tufts of grass," and so the Comeys/Come's may be with (did God arrange for this?) the Dutch Bush/Bosch/Bos lion, which happens to have the Nassau billets in colors reversed. The Bush/Bosch lion is colors reversed from the same of English Grass', how about that.

I want God to expose both the Comey corruption and the 9-11 corruption under Bush and Cheney. BOStons use the giant Touch / Lyon lion in colors reversed, and so perhaps God did arrange for Bush's to be in the Scottish Comey Coat. Bosts are with the Boasts/Bois' (compare with Cheneys) said to be from Bosco's, and while "boast" is a motto term of Nemo's/Newmarsh's, the latter share the cinquefoils of English Grass'! Can we believe it, the Cheneys, Orange's and Grass' were all first found in Buckinghamshire!!! It's as though that orangey feeling was to signal the police sirens for the Bush-Cheney duo.

The bra event at age nine seemed to me to be a bad omen for Peter PETERSON's Council on Foreign Relations. He married Mrs. COONEY. I was standing over a rabbit cage with white rabbit inside, reaching out to touch the bra of an attractive blond tenant in the basement of a friend, JERRY PETERSON (Jarrie's/Jarrys share the green lion with Lorraine's). The Cuneo-like CONEYs and Conns use white coney rabbits, and Bra is in Cuneo. I wouldn't have known that the laundry line was code for Landens/Landers had I not asked blond Lorraine, at her BUS STOP, on a date (I had never spoken to her before), because we arranged to meet at the laundromat that evening, and go from there. It was while trying to figure what the laundromat was code for that I found Langleys using the Landen/Lander pale bars, and soon after put it together with Langhe at Bra.

Her bus stop was at the corner of Yonge street and Lorraine-like Lorne. The Stops are listed with Stubbs (same place as Pepin-branch Pipe's) which I had traced to the Paeoni city of Stobi...near the Paeoni city of ASTIbus, or read it as AstiBUS, you see, and Bra is even at Asti. It seems that the namers of Astibus came along to Asti and named the Busca location. Pepins were in that event where they have a version of the Stop/Stubb Coat. To nail the Bosco's with Lorraine's bus stop, we separated permanently on the night she came home (where I was waiting for her), with a married man, having a long streak of GRASS stain on the butt-thigh area of her white pants. Bosco's use tufts of grass, and Tuft-branch Tuffs share the green lion with Lorraine's. Bush's were first found in the same place as Stains. Pansys/PANTzers are in the pansy held by the coney rabbit in the Coney Crest. God works tidy to expose the dirt.

Shechemites at Mont Pilat

I kid you not, that six days before 9-11 was foisted as a government operation upon the people, Robert Mueller was made the FBI chief by president Bush. There needs to be a severe price for that gigantic and thieving hoax. Trump has the power to jail these buzzards. Mueller's 17 lawyers became suspect with a rat-trap event that I claimed to be from God long before Mueller came to the Trump scene, and here I can repeat that Traps/Trappers share bustards with BUStards who in-turn use a version of the red-fesse Bush Coat. Instead of the black boars, Bustards have pellets, part of the Pilate line. The so-called pansy in the Coney Crest looks like three pellets, perhaps deliberately so. Reminder: Bosco's use pillars while Pillers are with the Pellet branch of Pilotte's, and Pillars are Pilots too.

The lion in the English Grass Crest is split in silver and gold, as with the lions of Irish Brians, and Briancon is on the Durance river of the Salyes, suspect in naming Saluzzo, beside Busca. Recall the columns of Pelosi's, for Nancy Pelosi may now become the House Speaker, and become instrumental in the Democrat v Trump war, where deep-state stones can be turned over. Pelosi's/PILATi's with a pellet-like variation were first found smack beside Bra. The saltire of French Brians is that also of Pello's/PELUTs, first found in Dauphine, which area, I think off-hand, covered Mont PILAT.

The Column/Malcolm and Callam surnames (Argyllshire) share the saltire of French Brians in both colors, and the Coopers use it in one. The Brians and Columms/Malcolms both add four red items around their saltire. Recall how Seagars link by their moline, and their Sieger-like look, to Orange-suspect Rangabe's, for MacArthurs, who can be in the "ardua" motto terms of Columns/Malcolms and Callams, were first found in Argyllshire, with Columns/Malcolms and Callams, while sharing the giant Seagar moline.

Callams use a "tenDIT" motto term, like the "tendis" of Scottish Roys. French Roys (Brittany, same as Brians with the Callam saltire), have three stars on a bend ion colors reversed from the same of Salome's. The latter connected well to the Salyes, on the Durance with Briancon. This location was also BRIGANTium, and the Sedans of Dentdale can now be reckoned from the Setantii Brigantians, who lived between Dublin and Lancashire, but also in Northumberland.

Next, note that the Callam stars are gold, as with the stars of Callam-like Salome's. Hmm. Did Salome de Herod have a line to king Malcolm? Why are the Salome stars are the top of the Pelosi columns??? Callams and Columns were first found in the same place as Herods, and while the latter share the Forez Coat, essentially, Mont Pilat is beside the Forez mountains while Pelosi's are Pilati's too. Pellets were first found in Sussex with Asti-suspect Hastings, and Pelosi's were first found very near Asti.

Instead of "tendit," Columns/Malcolms use "petit," and the Kent Petits share the giant lion of Slone's/SLOME's. The Kents were suspect by a mild argument with a passant version of the Nassau lion, and the latter's lion is shared by the French Petits, first found in Burgundy with Pilate's. The mother of Pontius Pilate is suspect to the Celts/Colts, whose stag head could be in the Column and Callam Coats.

Hmm, Buckinghamshire (Orange's, Cheneys) is where Slows (Cheney / Bost/Boast / Saleman bend in colors reversed) were first found who might be from the Slowane variation of Salome-like Slome's (Bush/Bosch lion?). Slane's (Busher colors) even share the gold martlet with Cheneys and their Feet/Fate kin (Pavia Coat). Slane's share "industria" with Dents and pear-using Wardens, and Pero's, with a Coat like that of Bote's/BOETs, were at Pavia. The Feets/Fate's and Pavia's are in Salome colors, which compliments my trace of Salyes Ligures to the Laevi of Pavia.

A Wikipedia article was equating the Salyes with the Saluvii, and a Salon surname shares a Sullivan Coat, who, yup, have a black boar linkable to Salome de Herod. Sullivans (SALESbury lion?), who share "Lamh" with Brians (Durance river, right?), were first found at Tipperary with Kennedys.

Sure enough, "Calome" gets the Columns/Malcolms, can you believe this? The historians, who think with their dictionaries instead of their brains, think that "Malcolm" is derived in "big head." Zowie (miles better than using derogatory language), the "petit" motto term of Calome's/Malcolms must be for a branch of Petts/Perts (Kent, same as Petits), who use three items (mascles) on a bend in the three colors of the stars on a bend of Salome's!!! The Petts/Perts have the motto, "Ardens," and the Calome's/Malcolms use "ardua." The Petts/PERTs have a stork in the BULrushes, and Cheneys use a "bull's scalp."

All of a sudden, Clome's or Clone's can be a Salome / Salone liner, and, I kid you not, one of the two Clone surname are the Cluns (PERTHshire, of a Perdrix peak at mont Pilat) sharing that Saluzzo Coat exactly. I don't know when Saluzzo was named, whether before or after Salome de Dancing Killer. The other Clone's are with Clome-like Clements. The latter have been one of the hardest surnames to decipher as per derivation or branches, and here they might just be Salome liners, for they even come up as Clamons. Clements were first found in BRECKnock while the Column/Malcolm/Calone write-up has: "Their ancient Clan seat was at PolTALLOCH near Loch Craignish." Brecks are the ones with the Orange hunting horn in colors reversed.

Claymons/Clays use six pale bars in the colors of the three, palewise (vertical) salmon of Salmons. We should be on the look-out for anyone having three pale bars in those colors. Actually, when I say "six pale bars," in this update, it's officially called, a paly of six, not six pale bars. The latter has the same colors on opposite sides of the Shield, but a paly has different colors in contact with opposite sides of the Shield.

The Pilate's are said to have had a seat (whatever that means) at CHANTrans, evoking the Chand variation of Schims (Pilate colors). Most variations are like "Chand," not "Schim," yet they come up as Schiens too, and were first found in Aberdeenshire with Skene's/Skins. The Chand-and-similar variations my be from Kents, for the two surnames share the same Chief-Shield color combination. This works well where Schims are from Schimatari's Shechemites while Kents are from Kenites. The Arms of Kent has a horse, which can indicate ancestry in whatever people group was mythicized as the CENTaurs. Kents is said to be named by a Cantii peoples.

Chantrans can be for the Chants/Chantels (Pilate colors), first found in Dauphine and therefore possibly at Mont Pilate. There's a new thing, therefore, that the Chands of the Schims/Schiens can be Pilate-of-Chantrans liners. I've just found a Kennet surname with a "PARTum" motto term feasibly of Mont Pilat's PERDrix peak, and Parts bring up the pear-using Parrots. Recall the Petts/Perts, who linked to the Column/Malcolm motto ("petit"), for Pettys use the parrot. The Petty quadrants are those also of Fasts, whom I trace to Vasto's of Salome-suspect Saluzzo, and Columns/Malcolms were just shown as Salome-like Calome's. If the Columns/Malcolms use the Celt/Colt stag head, that's the PERTHshire surname with the Pilate pheon in colors reversed.

I need to repeat here that Pavia liners are suspect at the naming of Peeble's, and the fact that the Peeble's use parrots indicates that Part/Parrots are Pero-of-Pavia liners. The Kennet motto term is translated, "party," and it just so happen that Partys share the checks of Pavia-suspect Pavers/Pavie's. The Partys use the checks on a fesse Stewart style, and were first found in Shropshire with proto-Stewarts, excellent because Says were first found in Shropshire who share the Kennet quadrants (in the colors of the checks). If that's a helmet in the Kennet Crest, it's the Kennedy symbol too, meaning that Ajax-loving Kennati were in Shropshire with Alans. Why? I'd say it's where the FitzAlans married Alice of Saluzzo.

I read that FitzAlans were at Shropshire's Clun location, and we just saw Cluns (Perthshire), with the Saluzzo Coat exactly, come up as Calome-like Clone's. I had reason to see Partys at Pertuis, at the Durance river, of the Salyes, yip, and near its mouth not far from Orange. Orange's and their hunting horns are still suspect from mythical Orion Boeotians at Schimatari. How did we get back to Schimatari? By nothing other than a motto term of Kennets, suspect with the associates / partners / kin of Shechemites at Schimatari. Let's not forget that Pertuis-like Perts/Petts use a bend with items in the three colors of the same of Salome's.

[A few hours after writing here, while on the Tyldesley elements of Shake's, I thought to load Shakle's, and they have three mascle-buckles in the colors of the three mascles of Perts/Petts! Zinger, I'm getting that tangy feeling again.]

Reminder: Callams and Columns/Malcolms share the Brian saltire, and Brians are suspect from Briancon further up the Durance. Callams and Columns/Malcolms share the Bright stars while Briancon was BRIGantium. [Recall Michael Rangabe's wife linking hard to Breck liners, especially as per Brittany Brians have a saltire colors reversed from the Rangabe cross.]

Watch. Mont Pilate is beside MontBRISON, explaining why Scottish Brisons (hunting horn) share the white pheon with Pilate's. Then, to support the trace of Partys to this area, Pavers/Pavie's have three lozenges in colors reversed from the same of French Brisons/Brix's/Brests. Then, Shechemite-liner Shake's/Shacks use mole hills while Mole's (Roxburghshire, near the Scottish Brsyons) share both the Schim/Chand boar head and "post funera" with Scottish Brysons! Bingo, a new thing: Shechemites were at Mont Pilat. Mole's are thought to descend from a sheriff of Huntingdon.

Repeat: "Brecks [Shropshire, same as Clun of the Cluns/CLONE's] are the ones with the Orange hunting horn in colors reversed." "Breck" can be a Brigantium liner. English Brians, first found beside the Malcolm/Calome/Calone-suspect Clements/Clone's (BRECKnock), use a hunting horn. English Brians also share three piles meeting at a point with Brechins/Breckons (named Brechin at Angus / Dundee). Three such piles are used also by Polworths, making POLtalloch of the Malcolms suspect with Edith of Polesworth.

We saw why the Yorkshire Jacks/JACQUES' can be of Salome Boethus, but we can now talk about Jacques de Molay, a Templar grand master. But who cares about him? The Scottish Jacks use holy, and one Holly surname looks to have n-versions of Callams/Calome's.

At this point I loaded Tancreds and Tankerville's to re-investigate Tanagra suspects. If I recall correctly, the father of mythical Orion was from Tanagra, which is in or beside Schimatari. I realized that the orangey dream was about the orange Tang drink (gives fast energy), or Tanagra liners to Orion-suspect Orange. This trace is now clinched. But there's more, because the Boethus Sadducees are suspect from the Boeotians at Tanagra, because it makes sense. The Tongs were loaded, but I had nothing to say, and almost missed the significance.

Then I recalled the Bote/Boet-like Bothwells (black boars, perfect for Salome Boethus de Herod de Edom), and it was recalled that their Crest is a boy PULLING down a pine tree, which instantly hit me because Pullings/Pullens share a white bend with bendlets with Tongs/Tongue's (think all those heraldic, rude tongues), and Pullings/Pullens even share the red-on-white scallop with Tancreds, who in-turn have a not-bad reflection of the Bote/Boet Coat. The boy is likely code for the Boii, who might have been Boiotians, or the Bothwell family may have believed that Boii, and their own surname, were from Boiotians.

Tancreds were first found in West Yorkshire with their Tack branch, the Dents, Sedan liners, and maybe the Pullings/Pullens too, for the latter tell that the earliest member was Mr. Pullen of Yorkshire, but born in Poole in Devon, location also of Seaton. "Tankersley is a parish, in the union of Wortley, wapentake of Staincross, in the West Riding of Yorkshire and dates back to the Domesday Book of 1086 when it was first listed as Tancresleia." Wortleys (West Yorkshire) use "Avito," and besants upon a bend in all three colors of the stars upon a bend of Salome's. Pretty amazing stuff, digging up Herod dirt in dirty, Masonic heraldry, just another day. Note Staincross in that quote, for Sitten-like Stains (Yorkshire) share the double fesses of Flags/Flecks while the martlets of Flys of Flagi/Flavian link very well to those of Pullings/Pullens and their Joseph line from priest-liner Flavius Josephus.

Wortleys can be suspect with Worths/Worthelys (at Washfield, needed some cleaning, with Ajax), who were from BUDleigh (Devon), lookout, that's got to be a Bote/Boet virus. It works like this: Worths/Worthelys share the double-headed eagle of Maxwells, who owned the Pollocks (Renfrew, same as Boet-suspect Jacks), and descended from Maccus, grandson of Sitric, the latter reported the husband of Edith of PolesWORTH. So, Polesworth looks like a Pulling / Poole / Pollock element in relation to Tancreds of Wortley. What are the chances that Polworths share the three piles of Guiscards (Stirling, same as Chappes'/Cheaps), the latter (Guiscards) known to descend from Tancred? Yup, that's right.

Recall how Kennets were found as Kennedys, from the Shechemite circle of peoples, for here's the Guiscard write-up: "William Wishart had a grant of the mill from the Abbey of Cambus KENNETH in the year 1200, and was associated with lands at Conon and Tulloch in 1254." Tulloch? Where did we see that? Ahh, the POLtalloch location of Columns/Malcolms/Calome's. Let's remind that the Franks of Bohemia use columns.

Worths/Worthelys were at TIVERton, suspect with Romans on the TIBER, for the Poole lion can trace very well to Rita's, first found in Rome (Tiber river). And Butleigh is in Tiverton; I'm sure that's where they sell illegal Buz. Bus' share the cinquefoil of Hamiltons (Renfrew, same as Jacks) and Tankerville's.

Budleigh is a location in Devon, beside the Cornwall Tallocks and Bude's. Uh-oh, it's that brain virus again, making men blind to falling into ditches, and to dying there in their sins. There is also a Tulloch/Tullo surname with a Sand-Coat look. Sands were of Lancashire, where Shake's were first found. [While writing here, I didn't realize yet, not until the next day, that Ore's/Orrs were from Orion, as you will see, and so let's add that Ore's/Orrs share the Sand fitchees.]

I have just found more mole hills (Shake symbol) from the Tyldesley location (beside Shakerley, in Greater Manchester, suspect with Maccus liners) of Shake's, for a surname by that name has nothing but mole hills in Coat (I assume they're mole hills). I struggled hard to find a branch of Tyldesleys, but came up empty with Desley-like surnames and with Tyl-like surnames. Then I tried for a Tyldes-like surname and found Tilts'/Tiltons (from TILEtone) with a good reflection of the Tong Coat, which is what brought Pullings/Pullens to topic who share the Tancred scallops. It's just that I expect Tancreds and Shake's both to trace to Tanagra's Shechemites.

Tyldesleys were at a Leigh location (West Derby) near the Cheshire Leighs/Leghs, whom I see at the Legro river of Leicestershire, where Tilts'/Tiltons were first found. And the Arms of Leicester has the Hasting maunch while I feel sure that God revealed, this day, that Mr. Hastings with the orange juice should trace to the same place as Tang: Orion of Tanagra. The Arms of Leicester even has the Bus / Hamilton cinquefoil, in the colors of the same of Tankerville's. It appears that Shechemites were at Leicester. There is a Leigh location also in Greater Manchester.

In the paragraph shortly above where dents were mentioned, a song by Francesca Battistelli was playing, with the chorus, "Got a couple DENTs in my fender..." Then, when down here, I started to look for more Bote/Boet possibilities, and entered, "Bota," which got the Batti's/Botto's that I trace to "BATTIstelli" because they share eight-pointed stars with Stelli's. God has used this singer in my work countless times, and now I know another reason why, for Batti's/Bota's were first found in Cremona while Cremers/Cramers and Bauts/Bots use the ram too, in Botter and Bode colors.

I feel sure, due to the evidence, that Bauts/Bots were of the Bautica river, and so Sadducee liners are expected there with the Arduinici and Chives' of that river. Perfect. Chives' share "non vi" with Tackers/Taggarts, and the latter's "RaTIONE" looks like code for Toeni's in the Arms of Leicester. Yes, the maunch in the Arms of Leicester is that of Toeni's, but they were related to Hastings. Juliana, daughter of Alice de Toeni de Leyburne de Beauchamp la Zouche, married "lord" Hastings. She later married William Clinton. Zouch's/Such's were at Ormskirk, a topic below.

The English Bude's are with Botters/Bodins, first found beside the Buttons who come up as BOOTens and share the same fesse as Bote's/Boets. It gets tricky because some of these surnames can be from the Budini, but than again I don't have any idea who named the Boeotians; it could have been the Budini. Herodotus said that the Gelloni who lived with the Budini were from Greece. Alans are suspect from Gelloni, and the Alans of Dol loved the Boyds.

Some of you may know that I trace Boofima to Roets (own the Catherine wheel) and to the Beefs/Boeuf of Perigord. I don't recall ever finding the French Bodins, first found in Perigord, with a Catherine-wheel version of the Roet Coat. I suggest that these Bodins are with the French Alan Coat. If this wheel is symbol for Wheels, they were first found in Shropshire with English Alans.

The thistles of English Bodins can now help to prove the new realization that Thistle's/THISSels are Teesdale liners. Their "Contra" motto term is for Conte's/Counters/ComiTISSa's, first found in Durham with Teesdale's (thistle), and at the Tees river. The Tees is suspect with the Tessin/Ticino, home of Pero's that use the Reines COMET (but call it a flaming star). The COMITissa's are a branch of French Comites'/Conte's.

This Yellow Rain Smells

Good morning. I recalled another dream as I awoke. If I don't have them while waking, I don't remember them. This time, I was at a store where I doubted that it was a legitimate store. To test the owner or salesman, I told him I would like to order a certain product I pointed to at random on a line upon a piece of paper in my hand, which had a list of codes / numbers as the product names. "Oh, the salesman said, you want the YELLOW bed," and I then saw the word "yellow" in the midst of the numbers on that line. The man said to me that the mattress is made of a material that was not good for jumping on, and so I asked Michael beside me -- the same Michael who was in the Orangey dream -- whether his kids were able to jump on the bed, and he said "oh yeah," no problem. I then awoke with my bladder about to burst, which is why I remember the dream, and I went straight away to put this YELLOW liquid into the toilet. I was amazed, because urine is the symbol of mythical Orion, to whom Orange had been traced. Hah-hah, is that not amazing?

The last thing I did last night was to look at the Renfrew surname, which has a ship that looked like the white ship of French Durants (Dauphine) and that's when I put it together for the first time that Durance-river peoples named Renfrew, perhaps. Here's the Renfrew write-up: "The name was first recorded in Scotland in 1296 when Adam DeReynfru of the county of Edenburk..." "Dereyn" looks like Durant, and it checked out that two Durant surnames came up as "DuRAIN." Orion is suspect from the sky god, URANus, who had the urine = rain symbol. That's why "orion" can be disclosed as a Uranus line, because Uranus' chief son was Orion-like Cronus, and it just so happens that while the Greek crow was mythical Coronis, the raven is a crow while the raven vikings were on Shetland, location of Yell. Yells share the black Yellow fesse, I assume.

Shetland is beside the ORKneys. When JJ Tolkien had his fictional Orcs (or maybe "Orks") linked to his bad guy, MELKOR, I deciphered him MELEAGER of Calydon to the Caledonian tribe of Picts (Khaldi lived at/beside the Pyxites river), and as Meleager was a rider on the Argo ship that had ORCHomenos Boeotians for the most part, I deciphered his Orcs with Orchomenos liners to ORKney. Henry Sinclair of Orkney is a good character to use because Sinclairs are Saints, traceable to the Sintians of Lemnos, where the Argo ship stopped, for mating with its Amazons, when going to retrieve the golden fleece. Hold on to your golden mattress, for Jason lived in Thessaly with Ixion, who wasn't given the cloud symbol for nothing. This theme led to Zeus' golden shower (yellow rain = pee) in birthing the Perseus-line Danaans of Argos. Yes, Zeus as a golden shower mated with Dana to birth Perseus.

Might Orion have named Orkney? The "organ pipes" of Lets/Late's are suspect with "ORKNey," and the Renfrewshire Glasgows use a "let" motto term. Orange-like Organs/Horrigans share the thistle with Paisleys at Glasgow. Orange's share the hunting horn with English Durants/Durains, and the latter's are black, as are the same of Burns who are said to have had a Bernys location in Renfrew, but if that's not enough, the Burns and Durants/Durains share the same chevron too, shared also by Paisleys of Renfrewshire! I had no idea that Renfrew was a Durance-river thing, a huge clue in the entire puzzle.

Ore's/Orrs of Renfrew now become suspect from Orion elements. Ore's/Orrs share the red Orrel and Orleans' roundels. It appears that DuRAIN was play of Orion's rain symbol, I take it. Hold on to your umbrella. Recall the Guiscards, from Tancred, suspect with Orion's Tanagra, for Ore's/Orrs use the Guiscard piles in colors reversed.

Organs and Corrigans (and Lemnos-suspect Jarrie's/Garrys) share the lizard while Lizarts/Lazarts were first found in Provence i.e. on the Durance river! It's pouring. Mr. Sardo of the Lazarts is said to have been at Provence's Draguignan, and while Shirts are suspect with Sardinians, they share red roundels with various Orr liners, including the Orrels of Lancashire, same place as Shake's. I almost missed it: Corrigans (share axes in Crest with Draguignan-suspect Drake's) share a green chevron with Shake's. Eschyna de Mole's daughter married the third Pollock, and Mole's share the Schim boar head.

Another interesting thing is that Ixion, Coronis' brother, was at Thessaly while Doris'/D'ORRIS' (black border) are said to be from "Thessalie." I don't know what Thessalie it's referring to, but perhaps it's of the Thistle's/Thissels, for Paisleys use the thistle. Thessaly of Greece was the location of OLYMpus, the mountain of Zeus, son of Cronus, which explains why the brother of Coronis lived in the region of that mountain. It is now a question, since there was an Olympus or Olympia in the land of PISidians (which may explain "OlymPUS"), on whether Pisidians were named after a piss word for rain. Poseidon (Cronus' son too) was the water God, after all.

Now, for Burns, a branch of Agrippa-suspect Bernice's, to be discovered as a branch of Durants/Durains, makes Agrippa liners suspect from the Salyes of the Durance, who predated the Herods. This was the same theme for the birth of Salome de Boethus de Herod, and she is suspect from Boeotians of the Orion kind, is that not amazing? The orangey and yellow dreams are leading me to believe that Herods had ancestry in the Salyes Ligurians. Besides, I claimed years ago that Herods descended to the Nordic vikings, perhaps amongst all those Rod / Rothes terms. Pollok, which named Peter Pollock, is a village in Renfrew, and Peter build Rothes castle while Pollocks, with yet another hunting horn, are in Herod/Herault colors.

The "ready" motto term of Burns is important for tracing with Reeds and Roets to "Rieti," upon the Salto river to which I trace Salyes-suspect Sales'/SALLETTs. The Salto runs parallel along the Sabine mountains with the Durance-like Turano, and that's why I feel confident that the Durance Salyes were Salto-river liners. From this, I gather that Salyes had Marsi elements (from upper Salto) that named the Marici of the Ticino, where I'm now tracing Thistle's/Thissels. And that's how the Salyes can be proto-Herods in that they too may have been "Levites" from the Laevi. That would give Herods "rights" to control the Jerusalem temple, which they practically owned. I am assuming that Hannibal became allied to the Salyes so that Ananes Gauls arrived to Israel with the Ticino's "Levites" (in blood only, not in practice), who then became the hypocritical priests of Israel.

I always see the Laevi from the pagan/wayward Levites of Laish, a town smack beside Daphne, which traces to Dauphine, where French Durants were first found with Pilate elements to Salome-liner Pelosi's/Pilati's, the latter from beside Monforte, and in the area of RAINier/REINier of Montferrat. Reines'/Reiners (Poole lion?) are shown with the tailed star / comet as the Pero's of Pavia. Montforts were to Simon, who got suspect from Simon Boethus, grandfather of Salome. That works. And while the door handle traced to Dorals and Darlene's, the latter share the book with Roets and Reeds so that they might have been cousins of Turano-river folk. Darlene's surname, Ray, may be from "Rhea, Zeus' mother and Cronus' wife.

Rainers/Rayners (Rhea liners?) use two, six-pointed estoiles in the colors of the two, six-pointed "flaming stars" of Pero's, and while Peare's were first found in Oxfordshire with Clintons, the latter use a super reflection of the Rainer Coat!

I think I have fond the yellow bed's meaning, for the Rainer/Rayner estoiles are those of Butts/Bute's, said to have named several Bot/Butt locations in Falaise. The latter place us suspect with RoqueFEUIL, for Fallis' use treFOILs, the Roquefeuil symbol. But they also use rooks, found with Bodehams/BEDinghams (Bute/Bute colors), first found in Herefordshire with Rainers/Rayners! Zinger, the Bodehams/Bedinghams were identified recently with the bed that Mamie claimed to leave my Bible under (which is why the bed was identified as a symbol of Bodegisel). How can the yellow bed relate to Bodegisel liners? I think we need to ask Ruricus. We'll bump into him shortly below. We can see where this yellow-bed investigation is going, because the Bible led to Laevillus of Cetis.

Rainers/Rayners, kin of Clintons, wowie, were first found in Herefordshire, not far from the Clent hills, and Clents are also Clints. I'm waiting for God to give some heavy pointers to the terrible justice for the Clintons before it happens, though their demise has already begun. The Clents/Clints share the garbs of Blythe's, and Bill Clinton's biological father was Mr. Blythe. That relationship is very old. Blythe's use a reflection of the Jack/Jacques Coat while the other Jacks were first found in Renfrewshire. Jacks were first found in Yorkshire with Clents/Clints and Billiards/Hilliards, not far from the Blythe's to their north in the land of Bernice-suspect Bernicians.

Blyth's look like a branch of Billets/Billiards, who appeared in an Obama dream as a heavy pointer to the demise of the FBI skunks under Obama. That dream left us in suspense as to why Obama was disgruntled with an employee. The dream was given in the first two or three weeks after Trump took office on January 20. Just after Obama celebrated with a dance and a fancy skate on his skateboard (he was so happy to get away unscathed by Trump's administration), the dream ended with his unhappy look. Someone had disappointed him. Stay tuned.

One Orms surname is with the Orion-like Orrins, and Orms were of Ormskirk. Here's the Blythe write-up: "Further south in England, Blythe, Lancashire has an interesting history. It was originally held by Geoffrey Travers, whose son Henry, was called 'de Blythe.' Henry de Blythe's descendants 'John and Robert de Blythe occur among the names of subscribers to the stipend of a chaplain at Ormskirk in 1366..." This Blythe descent from Mr. Travers not only helps to clinch Travers/Travis' with Tarves, but explains why Clintons (and Hillarys) share the six fitchees of Tarves'. It signals a Blythe-Clinton relationship even 700 years ago. The Orms/Orrins were first found in Aberdeenshire with Tarves.

Recall the SUCHs of ORMskirk, who look feasibly like SHECHemites. The English Orms' look like an AxeDent, with the HORton dolphin (with spear) in Crest, and axes in the Shield. Spears (Paisley kin) were first found in Renfrewshire, making Hortons suspect with Ore's/Orrs, yet Hortons got traced very well to Edom's Horites. ("ite" is an Anglo suffix for a people group; Hebrews might have called them, Horiy.) The Ore/Orr motto traces to Bononia, where Paisley-line Pasi's were first found who use the crossed spears of Spears. Expect Orion's Boeotians at Bononia's Boii, right? The Orms write-up: "The surname Orms was first found in Lancashire where the family claim descent from the parish of Ormskirk...according to very credible tradition, the parish belonged to Orm, the Saxon proprietor of Halton, who, driven from his possessions in Cheshire, established himself in Lancashire..." Keep that Halton location in mind for just a couple of minutes.

The Orr/Ore's use am "omnia" motto term suspect with Ommance, the mother-in-law of Rusticus of Lyon. His father, RURICus is highly suspect to Rurik, founder of the Varangians of Kiev, and thus suspect with the raven vikings at Yellow-suspect Yell (Shetland). As the raven vikings of Shetland conquered Rothesay, later named, Bute, that's the yellow-bed line from Bodegisel. I get it. Yellows are in Jell colors, and Jells share a version of the Varni/Warnoch Coat so as to be of the proto-Varangian Varni. Vikings.

The Ore's/Orrs share the fitchees of Tullocks/Tullos' (probably the Alan fesse), making the latter suspect from Tullia of Lyon (Rusticus' ancestor)...the line I trace to "Dol." Tulls/Toole's and Tools share the same lion, in the colors of the Ross lion. Tullochs are said to have named Tullos at Ross-shire, smack beside the Bosco-related Rose's, and Rats, and near fitchee-liner Tarves.

It just so happens that Rose-related, Scottish Bosco's were at a Little Halton in Manchester, and at first guess, when comparing maps at Wikipedia, it looks to be about a mile from Shakerley!!! It's making the Halton location of Orms' suspect with Shechemites of Orms-suspect Orion, perfect. More: the vertically-split Shield of Haltons (Gate Coat?) is in the colors of the top half of the vertically-split Shield of Italian Bosco's, and the bottom half is colors reversed from the vertically-split Shield of Tarves'. There seems to be a Bush-Clinton link here at the Tarves theater.

Italian Bosco's share the tree stump with Italian Milans while Scottish Milans/Millens were first found in Aberdeenshire with Tarves. The descendants of Rusticus were in Milan. For one, the Maurels of Milan who use a version of the Bute/Butt Coat so that we could very well be upon the Butts/Bute's/Bote's/BOETs. That's right, Orion Boeotians are tracing to the line of Rusticus > Mummolin (the latter married the daughter of MAURILion). Tullia's mother, Gallia, looks to be of the Milan Gallia's.

We can even ask whether Clents/Clints were Clone's/Clements (Ore/Orr Chief in colors reversed?), for Clintons share the Chief/Shield colors of Clone's/Cluns, and these are now suspect with C-version Salome's thanks to Alans of Clun having married Saluzzo. I can add that Clements come up as "Clermonts" while Tullia of Lyon was at Clermont-Ferrand, in Auvergne, where Bauts/Bode's were first found, suspect from Bodegisel, Mummolin's son.

With Orion elements now seemingly flooding Renfrewshire, let's go the Smalls of Renfrewshire. As Leslie's took the titles of Peter Pollock by marriage, I note the Small-like Smells share the Leslie bend and throw in a buckle (Leslie symbol) and the Irish Leslie lion. The Smell Coat is even a version of the Peter Coat with the Rothes raven, e.e. from Peter Pollock at Rothes. This is new to me. The gold lion head in the Peter Crest must be the Smell / Leslie lion. These Peters share the motto of Staple's, suspect with BARNstaple, and the motto just so-happens to use Orion-like Rien. The same Peter Crest has a blue lion head too, perhaps from the Rhine/Rhiner/Reines lion (or maybe the Thistle lion).

[Late in the week, I found the Renfrew ship with Beeds/Baads/Baids (Stirlingshire), and while Renfrews were at EDENBURK, Scottish Beeds/Beets were first found in EDINBURGH, where roughly Crichtons were first found who share the Leslie griffin head. Baid-like Baits happen to have the Leslie griffin head too, as well as sharing the black boar with the English Bole's (pierce it with an arrow, as Pollocks do). It's known that Beatons/Beetons/Beths were from king MacBeth of Moray.

Belgian Bole's (Beaton/Beeton fesse?) look to be using ears of wheat (of the design used for Bocci/s/Brocato's), which is the symbol of the Stirlingshire Chappes/Cheaps. Beeds/Baads/Baids have the Petty quadrants in colors reversed, and Peters may have been Pettys too. German Bole's use compasses, suspect with Pasi > Paisley liners to Renfrew (Rollo's use black boar as "passe"), and Pettys have a compass "needle." Needle's/Nadlers (Nathan-of-Rothschild suspects) were first found in Shropshire with the Pollock patriarch, the proto-Rothschild.

Nations/Nathans, with an arrow piercing a heart (Stoltenberg symbol), share compasses, and have a fesse in Yellow-fesse colors, meaning that the Beeds/Baads/Baids might just be of the yellow-bed line along with Nathans. Rothschilds proper came out from a relationship in Hesse-Cassel, and Needle's/Nadlers share the giant Hesse sun. The Arms of Rothschild share the Petty quadrants, meaning that Beeds may have been Rothschild kin.

Beeds/Baads share the triDENT, by the looks of it, with Bauer-like Bewere's. Excellent. The latter's horizontally-split Shield is colors reversed from the same as compass-using Bole's, and Bewere's were first found in Rhineland while Frankfurt, home of Mayer Bauer, who changed his surname to, Rothschild. The Frankfurt-suspect Franks share the Pollock and the Blade saltire (between the English and Scottish Franks) while Drago de Bewere is in the Blade write-up! That explains why English and Scottish Franks use a "nati" motto term. German Franks (Bohemia, same as Michaels), use the column. End insert]

Emailer Pollock told me that, just before Leslie's took Pollock titles, Muriel Pollock, which she called Lady Rothes, married Mr. Watson, which can explain why Watsons (Leslie-buckle colors) and Pollock-related Dobers / Dobermans share the griffin head in Crest with Leslie's. The reason that Halton-like Haldans likewise have a griffin head in Crest is, not only because Mieszko Poles were related to Agrippa-suspect Griffins of Pomerania, but because Mieszko I married Dober-like DOBRawa as well as Oda of HALDENsleben. And when we saw Orm the Saxon from Cheshire into neighboring Halton, it not only reminds that the father of Peter Pollock was a Saxon (of unknown parents), but that Haltons are likely of the Mieszko-line Hottens/Haughtons (said to have named a Haltone location), who share the bull head of Buckle-line Buckleys.

If that's not enough, Scottish Ormes/Homes'/Orrins/Orenns share the lozengy Shield of Patents/Pattens (Pulling/Pullen motto), who share the green Leslie griffin head, and love the Colps/Cups/Cope's in their motto, first found in Aberdeenshire with Leslie's and Patents/Pattens. The other Patents/Padyns/Putins were first found in Dumfries with Patch-related Kilpatricks, a branch of Pattersons, first found at Ross-shire. Patch's share black hunting horns with Burns, Bernice's and Durants/Durains as evidence of Orion the hunter, and Smalls share the Kilpatrick lion, perhaps, therefore, because Smells/Smilys were first found in Cumberland with Burns and Bernice's. The latter share a blue fesse with the tree-using Watsons of Rutland, which I assume is the Rutland at Leicester.

I expect the Hatti at Attica and neighboring Boeotia, and thus Hatti may have been with the Orion line there. Haldans share the "Suffer" motto of scimitar-using Haddens/Haddans (very linkable via Haldans of Lothian to Haddington of the Catti-line Keiths), and Rench's/Wrench's (Cambridgeshire) were at Haddenham. Haddingtons may be with the Hayden cross. "Sir Thomas de Heydon (circa 1185-1250) was on record as a judge, who was given the office of 'Justice of Eyre'..." Eyre's/Ayers were first found in Derbyshire with Haddens.

Repeat: "Wrangle's/Wrangs can be with the Nassau lion", which harbors an Orange-Nassau link. Rench's/Wrench's had to do with my first inklings that Michael was a Michael-Rangabe liner, for a week after he was in the Volkswagen dream, he popped in unexpectedly, and took me to work with him nearby because he had only a small job to do. He had me help him to install a check valve, and that's where his pipe wrench came in. Heraldic checks became suspect with Czechoslovakia, location of Bohemia, where German Michaels were first found.

That wrench-on-valve event had connected to the beautiful knees of Miss Hicks on RANCH road, called the Leakey road by locals, for German Rench's share the Leak(ey) / Hicks fleur. I may have been down on one KNEE when Michael asked me to keep an eye on the pressure gauge (Eyes' are listed with Eyre's/Ayers), for I recall needing to get down low, with the gauge about a foot off the floor. Knee's share the Leak(ey) bend. [PAUSE! The day after this update was out, I came upon the Rankle's that named Ranch-like RAUNCHil of Yorkshire (same place as Leaks), and ZOWIE they use the Knee and Leak(ey) bend!!! Wooooow, ballow me up.]

I'm noting now that Brecks (RENCH colors), who have the ORANGe horn in colors reversed, can be a branch of check-using German Brecks. He was replacing the valve because it was BROKen, and this update has linked Broke's/Brocks to Michael Rangabe in a spectacular way, as you will see below. I suppose the subtle take-away is that Leaks were Rangabe liners. Leaks share the Chief-Shield colors of the Haddens, and Rench's were in Haddenham.

I don't know what Smalls and Smells/Smilys are from, but they seem to be linking via Burns of Renfrew's Bernys location. Smalls use "RATione." Repeat: "Chives' share "non vi" with Tackers/Taggarts, and the latter's "RaTIONE" looks like code for Toeni's in the Arms of Leicester." Tackers/Taggarts, Tanagra suspects along with Tankerville-related Tacks, were first found in Ross-shire with Tullocks/Tullo's, and so let's remind that PolTALLOCH is where Columns/Malcolms/Calome's sprang up, for the royal Malcolms were at Moray, beside Ross-shire, and also beside the RATs of Nairn.

It just so happens that Watsons (probably a branch of Watts / Vatts) are in the colors and format of Burns and Durants/Durains. Although the glasses hanging from the Watt / Vatt tree are called, spectacles, they may have been originally glasses as code for Glasgow, for Glasgows are almost in the colors and format of Watsons, except that Glasgows have a green tree in base, the Watt / Vatt / Watson/Wattie/Quattie symbol. Remember, the Renfrew Coat is a giant white ship, same as the Durants/Durains that share the fleur of Salyes-suspect Sales'/Sallets (Cheshire)...who use a form of the Rothes and Dent Coat. The Dents share "industria" with the Smells.

Aha! The Smalls have an "ira" motto term, while Irys/Iris' are also IRISH's, suspect in the "flouRISH" motto term of Glasgows, first found in Renfrew with Smalls. The Rush's come up as "Rish." The Rooks not only have the same colors and format as Glasgows, but they use "flourish" in the translation of their motto! And the raven-liner Rooks (Oxfordshire) are in the Bodeham/BEDingham Coat. Zowie. It makes the Glasgow fish suspect as those of Roach's. The Oxford Coat shares the three fesses of the Bedingham Stouts, the raven vikings, and these fesses are in the colors of the two of Mathers.

I kid you not, that after writing the paragraph above, it was time to tackle the jumping on the yellow bed / mattress that was in the dream. The first thing done was to check for a Jump surname, and there is one with a rare cross design. "...the hamlet of Jump, which is in the parish of Wombwell in Yorkshire. The parish of Wombwell was the property of Roger de BULLY and Walter d'Aincourt at the time of the Domesday Book..." Jumps share the Paisley roses (Rus), and Glasgows have a motto term suspect with Rush's/Rish's. Then, Perts/Petts, who have the Bully mascles, have bulRUSHes, and Rush's/Rish's share fessewise annulets with Bulls/Bule's. The reason that the Paisley roses can be the Jump roses closely is because Perts/Petts have hollow lozenges (mascles) in the colors of the Anchor lozenges while Paisleys use the anchor. I therefore think we are on the right track with a Paisley link to Bullys and Perts/Petts, especially as there is a bull head in the Anchor Crest. Is this why God chose to use Jumps with the mattress scene, in order to draw in a Bully-Paisley relationship...which reminds that bull-using Bullocks (ROXburghshire) are like "Pollock."

The Glasgow-beloved Lords/Lauds can be of the NorthAMPTONshire Ladys/Laudymans (share gold annulets with Bulls) because Lords/Lauds share the cinquefoil of Amptons/HUMPs (hmm). Ladys/Laudymans have a version of the Anchor Coat.

But all Jump-launched exercise seemingly has not to do with yellow anything, except that I view Yellows as Rus, expected of Rush's, and the line of Michael Rangabe was exactly married to Varangian Rus. German Michaels have three Zionist stars (Rangabe / Jump colors) in the colors of the three pentagram stars of Kids. Okay, but then this seemingly has not to do with yellow beds or yellow mattresses, except that Bedinghams have rooks while Rooks (apparently love the Sun variation of the Sinclair Rus) use a version of the Paisley Coat. And God has hinted to me that His wrath burns smoke-black against globalist Rockefellers, suspect from the Roxolani Rus.

Bullys have a Herod-suspect heart in flames, very linkable to a salamander-in-flames. Perts/Petts (who share the gold-on-red Bully mascle) are suspect with the Shield of salamander-suspect Salome's/Salamanns. Perts/Petts share mascles on either side of their bend with the Peters above, and the other Peters share gold mascles. As Michael was part of the bed-jumping scene, it's notable that Michaels share mascles in both colors of the Peter mascles, and that the other Michaels share gold scallops with Peters. The cinquefoils of Peters are colors reversed from the Arden cinquefoils, and Perts/PETTs have "Ardens" (Warwickshire, same as PETTys) as their motto.

The Jump > Bully link to Peter Pollock and his Rus-Rothes line allows us to link to the Bole's with a black, Edomite version of the pierced Pollock Boar and the Molle-suspect boar heads in cups. As Pollocks started out with a servant of the Dol Alans, the latter suspect from Roxolani, we can trace further to Bullis at the Aulon theater, the land of ATINTanes, the proto-Tints, first found in Somerset with Bulls/Bule's. German Bole's (Mecklenburg, viking land) use comPASSes that can be code for proto-Paisleys / Pasleys. Rollo's use the black boar in Crest too, and a "Passe" motto term that brings up Pascals.

How interesting is it that the son of the Michael (in the dreams this week) is Andrew while king Andrew I of Hungary, whom I trace to the Andrew ancestor of Ross', married a VaRANGian Rus. Was Michael Rangabe a Varangian himself? Couldn't that explain why his granddaughter married a Varangian?

Peter's Rothes castle was near the Hagar(t)s who have the same star as Michaels. "The "ORBem" motto term of Kids was trace to the Orba version of Cetis' Olba, and as Cetis was also, CITis, I reasoned that KIDs/Kids' were Cetis liners. They have the Chief-Shield colors of Saluzzo's and Clintons, and the latter share stars in Chief with Kids, and, zowie, Yellows were first found in Oxfordshire with Clintons. Is this what God is pointing to with the yellow bed? Surely, the yellow mattress needs to be play on orangey.

Of some interest, the thistle-using Kiddie's (Kidd-goat colors) share the Mole / Schim boar head, and were first found in Perthshire, beside the Kids and Schims, and where Hagar(t)s were first found that share the Zionist star of German Michaels. The latter are still suspect with Orange-suspect Rangabe's.

The "Donee" motto term of Kids must be for a branch of their Dundee location, for the Dundee surname shares the white-on-blue lily with the Cetis surname. I can see why God would add this mattress-jumping scene with Michael's kids, and as the Levites suspect at Cetis are expected in the Levi's of Ile-de-France, how about the Matres surname first found in ILE-de-France...which place may have been named by Ile's/YLLEYs, Yellow suspects in Yell colors.

I have read that Kidd-like Kitts use tulips, and so if those Matres flowers are tulips too, we have a iron-clad Matres-Kidd link. Immediately after writing that, the Tulips/Tewlops were loaded, because I remember (from a previous treatment on Kitts and Kite's) that they use tulips, and, I kid you not, their tulips are in the design of the Matres flowers!!! Astounding. This is affecting me.

[Update February 15, 2019 -- I was back to this topic in the 3rd update of February, a thing you should read because it's pointing to bosses of the European Union. I noted that the Tulip/Tewlop tulip design is that of the Kitt tulip, not the Matres flower. Sorry for the mistake, if indeed I made one. From time to time, houseofnames changes its designs for no apparent reason but, perhaps, to thwart my links. The Matres flower does look like a tulip.]

I know what you're thinking if you are the average, unspiritual person, that I invented the kid-on-mattress dream knowing beforehand of the Matres-Kid link, but, no-sir, I did not make it up. You will not find the Matres surname in all my updates or files, because it's new to me this morning. I did show the Matre/Matres Coat in an update of 2013, but I didn't know it had a Matres variation until today: I had said: "Feasibly, the Matre's/Maitre's (in Madariaga, Mador/Mather and Master/Mester colors) can link to Madariaga's and Mathers. The Maistre/Mestre variations suggest the Masters/Mesters..."

This Matres-Kitt link has shocked me this morning. It tends to trace Kitts and their Kite branch to Cetis.

Dundee's ("Dei donum", like the "dona Dei" of Dons) were first found in Angus with Duncans, and as I trace Duncans to mount Dunax at the northern end of the ORBelus mountains, they might be related to the "orbem" motto term of Kids, though it seems like a long shot. It's pretty amazing because I trace Quadratilla of Cetis to the Sub-Radice and Tyle locations near Dunax (bottom-right of this light map).

The apparent relationship between Dons and Dundee's / Duncans can trace Pharnaces to Dundee's and Duncans, for he's the one I see in the double fesses of Dons. His wife, Nysa, is suspect to double-fesse Ness'/NESTs, and so see the Nestus river all along the Orbelas mountains. NICopolis is on the Nestus, and Ness' are also Nice's.

As the Lillae location and the Bessi, next to Dunax and Sub-Radice, trace well to Lissus and Bassania at the mouth of the Mathis river, it seems that the Matre/Matres surname, first found in Ile-de-France with Lissus-liner Lys'/Lisse's, is a Mathis-river element. La Falaise is beside Ile-de-France, and we saw Butts/Bute's at a Falaise location while Bodeham/Bedinghams use rooks. There we apparently have the link between the mattress and the bed.

I can wholly understand why this latest dream was given, at the expense of my bulging bladder. As I said, I immediately got up and released yellow Orion into the Tulip-like toilet, and Tollets/Tullets are listed with Tulls/Toole's. Is it mattress-important that Tulls/Toole's share the checkered Shield of MATTIS'/Massys? Ask the Alans of Dol who loved the Masseys and came to use the same checks.

The PruDENTia motto term of the latter evokes DENTHletae, beside Dunax. Tollets/Tullets were first found in Staffordshire with Stops/Stubbs ("CeDANT"), from Stobi, right-neat the Dentheletae. I trace these Paeonians to Astibus to Cuneo, and the city of Cuneo is on a Stura river to which I have traced the Satrae, who are on the map between the Stura-like Strymon and Nestus rivers, the Strymon being the location of the Dentheletae.

As OrBELAS looks like an Or merger with a Baal / Bel entity, especially from Belas, father of mythical Danaus, by what coincidence are Stops/Stubbs said to be from Bell-branch Bellamys. Recall the AxeDent theme from Tim HORton, for his surname thereby traces excellently to ORbelas, because the Axius river (through Stobi) is in Paeonia along with the Dentheletae. As the organ pipes of Lets/Late's are partly for Pipe's (STAFfordshire, same as Stops/Stubbs) that use a version of the Stop/Stubb Coat, the DentheLETae look like a part of Let/Late ancestry. As the Satrae likely named the Satyrs, Pan the Satyr looks like a line between Phoenix-suspect Panias and Paeonia, especially as Phoenicians at Panias were "Poeni." Stops/Stubbs use PHEONs. Pheons were made into arrow heads, and while Arrows are of the Artois capital, Arda (shown to the east) is a river with a source near the Orbelas mountains.

Myth writers identified the Cadmus / Zeus Phoenicians in Thebes of Boeotia.

The Stop/Stubb pheons are in the colors of the Cardine pheons, and Mathers, who are looking like variations of Matres', were first found in KinCardine, near the Dundee of Kids. It's another proof that kids jumping in the mattress is a God-given sign, but why a yellow mattress / bed? Why was it linked to urine? Mathers share the double fesses of Manners/Maness' while Manns are also Mathie's, meaning that if Mathers are a Matres branch, then they all belong to Mathie's too. The Manners/Maness' love the Pharnaces line of Parrs. Repeat: "The apparent relationship between Dons and Dundee's / Duncans can trace Pharnaces to Dundee's and Duncans"...because Dons have the Parr fesses in colors reversed, and the Nissan fesses in both colors.

The dream did not make a distinction between a yellow mattress versus a yellow bed. That is, the line with the product code had a yellow bed, but I did not see a yellow bed frame. The following scene had a mattress in view, and so the yellow color can be for either one, I assume. Mathers come up as Matters, as do German Matts, the latter first found in Prussia with Bute's/Butts/Boets. I have predicted that the Sadducees and/or Pharisees descend from the Mathis river, now the Mat, in conjunction with the its Cavii peoples that named Caiaphas. This far-off-from-Israel link probably has not to do with a wholesale tribal migration, but more like the Roman game of war where it transplanted key figures for to rule the globe.

The Cavii were at Lys-line Lissus, and Matters/Matts use nothing with their perchevron but fleur-de-lys. Matters/Matts share the Jeune fleur with Pipe's and Pepins, and Pepin of Landen married Miss METZ. The Metz surname uses an orb, suspect with Orba at Cetis. But then the Coronis line, which I'm now entertaining with "Orion," was to the Ceraunii on the URBanus river.

Just recalled a story, told to readers several times, that while driving with the Nissan toward Galveston (1994), on the evening of a bad omen that proved to come true -- saved by a miracle -- I stopped to take a leak on a highway ramp (couldn't wait anymore) overlooking Baytown. And I told readers that Baytown was a pointer to Bays, who share the double Manner/Maness fesses. The next day, I drove right by a Bay-City area that was home to a Mr. Maness, the husband of an emailer, born Miss Covert, and on that day God gave me the coffee-in-Victoria event that was a pointer to Victoria-loving Coffee's/COFFERs, like the Coffert variation of Coverts.

In other words, that leak event at Baytown seems to link to my bladder this morning upon the mattress dream, which, for one, tends to assure that Matres' are a branch of Mathers and Manners/Maness'. There has got to be more to this than meets the eye at this moment. The subtle implication is that Bay liners were from Orion, and thus one can glean that Bays were Boii liners, if Boii were Boeotians. The Boii are said to have named the Baiocasses of BAYeux. Is that leak not amazing, for Bayeux is the location of the Orion-liner Orne river.

Miss Hicks of Baytown, whom God used in an old dream and more, has an aunt who marred Mr. casses-like Casey. Scottish Caseys (crow heads) are also Casses', and then the Gascony Casses/Cazes' (Hotten/Haught fesses) share the Meschin scallops while Meschins originated at Bayeux.

[Insert -- The Meschin scallops are also in the Bessen-like Biss Coat, and Biss' (Surrey, same as Meschin-related Michaels) are suspect in the "orBIS" motto term of Yellow-suspect Bundys/Bondys. I didn't know the latter until some days after writing here. The Bundy/Bondy fesse is also that of Michaels, and, zowie, it's colors reversed from the Yellow fesse. It explains why it was Michael's yellow mattress. Did you notice that the Bundy/Bondy motto term above is like the Kid motto? Isn't that something???

In an earlier insert, Michaels were discovered with Brocks, Brooks Brecks and Bracks, the latter using the Bondy / Michael fesse too. Bracks trace well to Brattia, which was also called, Brac, an island off the mouth of the Tilurius. It predicts the Rangabe's there.]

As wrong as it seems, God apparently made me pee on Pino's head (it was an accident so far as I was concerned), when we were both about five years old. I've told this story before; it was what made me discover the urine symbol of Orion. But I can now say that French Pine's (Limousin) have three crescents colors reversed from the same of French Bays/Bayou's. The Bays through the Bessin can be suspect with the Baise's/Base's and Base's/Bassans, the latter sharing black hunting horns with Scottish Durants/Durains while French Durants were first found in Dauphine with French Bays/Bayou's, Bay-like Payens, and Orion-possible Doris'/Orris' (Thessalie, may be the Thessaly of Ixion, brother of Orion-suspect Coronis).

I wonder what thing the Jumps derived in. They were first found in West Yorkshire with Dents. Hold on to your dentures, for Jump-like Gumps are listed with Gumms/Gomers! I knew there was going to be a decent Tooth-Gumm link eventually. The Gumps/Gumms use the hunting horn, yup. I see God setting up my dreams and events with subtle connections not at face value. In this case, the subtle hint is that Cetis was a Gomerian / Cimmerian entity, which recalls the Cimmerians at Sinope, on the Pontus, for mythical Pontus was father of Cetis-like Cetus, a sea monster i.e. warrior peoples.

And Pharnaces, to whom the Kidds had linked round-about, was king of the Pontus, albeit seven centuries after the Cimmerians of Sinope. Lookie: Pont-branch Ponders were first found in Cambridgeshire with English Gumms, whose Chief appears to use scimitars so as to compliment the Gumm/Gomer hunting horn. Gumms/Gomers use a perchevron in colors reversed from the same of Ponder-loving Chapmans. Pilate's, with pheons in Kid colors, are expected from the Pontus.

The Chapmans were first found in Cambridgeshire with June's and Jeune's, the latter sharing the fleur-de-lys of Stubb-related Pipe's.

Listen-Up, Mr. Trump

Back to the Jumps. I haven't said much about them. I linked only to Gumps/Gumms/Gomers. I've been struggling to understand the kids jumping on the mattress more, because there has got to me more to it. I was looking at the Jump stag head, in the colors and position of the Trump stag. I was also looking at the Wombwells. "The Anglo-Saxon name Jump comes from when the family resided in the hamlet of Jump, which is in the parish of Wombwell in Yorkshire. The parish of Wombwell was the property of Roger de Bully and Walter d'Aincourt at the time of the Domesday Book..." I didn't have anything to say about WombWELLs aside from their motto, "In WELL beware." It looks like a Well merger with a Womb-like surname.

I then loaded Skulls to verify that they share a version of the Wombwell Coat. Skulls were first found in Herefordshire with Bodehams/Bedinghams, the bed liner. Amazing. The Skull Coat is a version of the Bone Coat so that "Skull and Bones" appears to have been due to a Skull-Bone merger, though this doesn't speak to the particular details of the cult / group. My bet is that Skull and Bones (at Yell-like Yale) doesn't like Trump in power, even as the presidential Bush's don't. My bet is that Skull and Bones fuels the Mueller investigation, even as George Bush was very close to Mueller in the 9-11 crime. Didn't Bill and Hillary start their relationship at Yale law school?

Meullers (not "Mueller") use "a pair of snips," and Snipe's (Oxfordshire, same as Clintons) use a portcullis-gate version of the Clinton and Rainer/Rayner Coats. Rainers/Rayners were first found in Herefordshire with Skulls. Headline: "Hillary Clinton made Honorary Skull and Bones member during Yale ceremony." While Bosco's use tufts of grass, president Taft was a Skull-and-Bones member. I wonder, it the yellow bed God's pointer to Yale's Skull and Bones? The Yale Crest has the Capelli chapeau, shared by Buttons/Bidens/BOOTons.

I was wondering why the dream had me suspecting that the store was a fake, set up to rob peoples' money? What's that theme got to do with yellow beds? The Rooks in the Bedingham Coat are the viking thieves still with us today in the Bush camp. The raven vikings were of Mr. Stout, and it's the Stouts who were at Bedingham. I'm setting up a storyline here before showing the Aincourts. Trump is very aware of the fakery of his political enemies, and it's only a matter of time that he realizes, if he hasn't already, that the Bush circle is, not only spoiling his Republican voter bloc, but spying on him, and keeping him to a chain, via the Mueller "probe"...which is not a probe at all but more like a chain to keep Trump ineffective and weak.

Okay, the Jumps with the same stag head as Trumps came to live in a hamlet owned by Walter D'Aincourt. The Aincourt write-up offers this historical quote: "'The manor [Morton in Derbyshire], previously given to Burton Abbey, belonged at the Domesday Survey to Walter Deincourt, and Roger Deincourt [was he Roger de Bully of Wombwell?], in 1330, claimed a park here, and the right of having a gallows for the execution of criminals. The estate passed, with other lands, to the Leakes.'" Wow, I have been claiming for months past that God used an event in my life, on September 11, 2002, that promises the demise of the 9-11 fiends by way of a Sign to the Leak/Leakes surname, and there the Leakes' are found in the midst of gallows. There are many Republicans clamoring for the execution of the Clinton crime ring at this time, but what if God decides to unveil the 9-11 scammers? How will it go for them?

[A day or two after writing here, I was listening to a Dan Bongino speech, and in the comments section, this comment: "Obama and Hillary are gonna look beautiful in their prison ORANGE JUMPsuits." Hmm. I'm reading: "Prison uniforms in the United States often consist of a distinctive orange or yellow jumpsuit..."]

Note the Burton Abbey in that quote, for while Drago de Bewere (by a different spelling) is in the Burton (and Blade) write-up, the Wombwell motto has a "beware" motto term. Blade's were first found in Yorkshire with Wombwells and Bush's. What was the Purpose of the kids jumping on the bed? Was it to lead us to the Bush Skull-and-Bones cult?

[Insert, break in the question. On Monday morning, very late in this update, the yellow-bed-suspect Beeds/Baads/Baids were found who share the trident with Bewere's, and were connectable to Nations/Nathans with the same fesse as Yellows, but also connectable to black-boar Bole's. Bush's use black boars, and it seemed to me that George Bush invaded the Middle East for the Rothschild empire. The quadrants of Beeds/Baads (Baathist elements?) are colors reversed from those in the Arms of Rothschild, and Bitars/Butters share the heart with German Bole's that share the compass with Nations/Nathans.]

Does the Bush family lead that group somehow? Or was the jumping only about Gumps/Gumms? Surely, with Skulls first found in Herefordshire with Bedinghams, the dream is about Jumps. And Bedinghams not only use a dragon in Crest, but the colors and format of Burtons. The Bedingham dragon can therefore be of Drago: "The surname Burton was first found in Shropshire where they were descended conjecturally from Drogo de Beuvriere a kinsman of William the Conqueror..." The beaver in the Arms of Oxford is suspect with Drago de Bewere/Beuvriere.

With so little to go on, I can't be sure that Jumps are being Introduced to point to Trump's detrimental reactions against his enemies. The jumping had to do with the Kid surname, anyway. [The day after writing here, the Yellow fesse was found in colors reversed with the Bundys/Bondys; the latter have a "suffiCIT ORBis" motto term, like the "orbem" of Kids. This, what looks like an indirect Yellow link to Kids, tends to prove that the dream was of God. President Bundy was even Skull-and-Bones man, from Yellow-like Yale. Ignoring the one Bundy quadrant, neither Bundys nor Yellows show anything else but their fesses. The Bundy/Bondy fesse is in the colors of the fessewise fesses of Blonds, and "blond" in Italian is, "biondi." The other quadrant of Bundys/Bundys may have the Ile/YLLEY chevron. However, as Bundys/Bondys were at TAUNton, their chevron can be that of TOWNs (linkable via Tenants to Tonbridge's), first found in Suffolk with Blonds and Blondville's. Scottish Towns, first found in West Lothian with Tenants, brings us to the Masts/MASTERs (i.e. like some Matres variations), as per the sail and MAST of Tenants. This insert comes after emphasis on Blands / Blonds below.]

There is another explanation for the Jump stag head, in the colors of the Down stag. Downs/Douns are a branch, likely, of Dunhams/Dounhams/Downhams, the surname of Obama's mother. The Sign on September 11, 2002, involved the Knee's and the Leaks, who share the same bend. The Knee's were first found in County DOWN, you see, and Downs/Douns were first found in Sussex with DAINs/Diens/Dives' and Warrens. I've never know their Dain variation until now, checked due to the DAINcourt variation of Aincourts, who share the checkered Shield of Warrens. But Sussex is also where Bone's were first found. How does anyone make a correct prediction with such things? (Dains/Diens have a Coat reflecting that of Barnleys, and Wombwells were beside Barnsley, though I think that Barnsleys have not to do with anything here.)

I'm not sure why Miss Covert became such a large topic at one time. Her earlier husband was Mr. Dein, and Deins were first found in Sussex with Dains/Diens, Coverts/Coverts and COURTs/Coverts, which can suggest that DainCOURTs were a Dien merger with Courts/Coverts. But as we are on this topic as per the Jumps, with a stag head in the colors of the Down/Doun stag, compare with Deins / Deans, for Downs/Douns too were first found in Sussex. What could it mean if God's purpose is to use Jumps in pointing to these apparent branches? French Courts share the Breck hunting horn, and have stars in Salome-star colors. [See 2nd update in December for Yellow-Bed continuation, with a solution not mentioned here, but exactly along these lines.]

Recall that the kids were jumping on the BED, for Miss Covert, if I recall correctly, worked with her daughter who in-turn definitely made / sold BEADs. Beads/Beadle's and Jumps were both first found in Yorkshire with Dents, and Beads share the scallops of Capes', first found in London with the Tooths that I link to the Gumms, and then German Gumms are the Jump-like Gumps. So, Jumps (same part of Yorkshire as Dents) may have been Gumm liners in merger with Tooths / Dents.

Deans share the crescents of Ains/Hains/Hainsons, first found in Lincolnshire with (D)Aincourts (and Hannitys), clinching the Dein link to Daincourts, and tending to reveal that Diens, Deins and Deans were Hain / Hannity branches, or at least merged with them by marriage. Irish Hannitys/Heanys/Hegneys are using the same lion as Deins.

When Miss Covert was emailing with me, her husband was Mr. Maness, who seemed to be pointed to when I drove past the Baytown home of Miss Hicks. I don't know what this could mean. Mr. Maness worked for the off-shore BP at the coast of Texas, as did the former husband of MANDY Simson. "The surname Daincourt was first found in Lincolnshire where "Walter de Aincourt, who came from Aincourt, a lordship between MANTES and Magny [Normandy]..." I feel I'm shooting in the dark to guess what this might mean. Walter is also of "DEINcourt" in that write-up. Whether or not Miss Covert's Mr. Dein was involved with Aryan Nation, the entire discussion pointed to it. If anything, Aryan Nation is on the ancestral tracks of the presidential Bush family (has Nazi past).

It's a little interesting that while Aryan Nation was at Hayden Lake (Idaho), one Hayden surname shares the dancette with Tottenhams, while one Tute surname shares the Dein crescent while the other Haydens have quadrants in colors reversed from the other Tute's. The first Tute's were first found in Yorkshire with Islips, and Mr. Dein's mother was from West Islip, Long Island, beside Hitler's nephew, William Stewart-Houston (born William Hitler). Mr. Dein's sister married Mr. SCHERIFF, which made me believe further the online claim, of a few, that president George Herbert Walker Bush was born George Herbert SCHERFF, Nazi. It's known that Prescott Bush (banker) supported Nazi's. There are no online, childhood photos of president Bush (died this week) with his supposed Bush parents. He only had to produce a couple to dispel the online theory that he was born a Scherff. My understanding is that Bush stacked the CIA with Nazi elements.

Back to the Sign in 2002: the beautiful KNEEs of Miss Hicks, which I noticed through the GLASS DOOR of a corner store on the LEAKEY road. She had sung two songs earlier that same night in the first-year memorial for 9-11 that we were at. I arranged the second song, as though, perhaps, God wanted to stress the song theme. Sangs/Singers had become suspect with Julian ASSANGE, and whistleblowing / tattling is "singing," in slang. Julian Assange is in the work of publishing whistle-blowers through WikiLEAKs. The glass door was deciphered with Mr. Glas, the former vice-president of EcuaDOR, who still supports Assange publicly against the new president that has been in talks with the U.S, for to give Assange up to the Trump administration. It seems that only Trump can save Assange at this time, and he is in the midst of changing the guard at the White House, and in the Justice department, which may turn the tide in Assange's favor just in the nickie of time. But for God, a nickie is as big as a universe.

Why did God use her knees? Was it only to verify that the Leaks are pertinent? The Knees were the thing that linked things to the Steele dossier. The leg bent at the knee in the Leak Crest is shared by Hose's while Dossier's are D'Hosiers, and then the Arms of Fussen use such legs too so that the Knee-Leak merger are hints for Fusion GPS, the owner of the Steele dossier that was started by anti-Trump Republicans, but paid for by Hillary Clinton, amounting to a Republican-Democrat gang on Trump. It makes me believe that the villains of 9-11 are afraid that Trump will spill their secrets.

The loss of the House for Trump means he'll try a new approach for the final two years. He needs the zeal and inspiration, to spread through his camps, of those "conspiracy theorists" who want to see the criminals hanged. This was the spirit that got him elected even while the Bush circle tried to defeat him. Another president of Skull and Bones was Lyman Spitzer, interesting where Spitzer's share the unicorn (faces sinister) with the unicorn version of the Skull Coat by Wombwells. Spitzers were the only surname I could come up with when I had a dream with a SPIDER, on a strand of web, about to attack a fly caught on the strand, though I put a piece of cardboard between it and the fly as it was attacking. I then felt the spider in my armpit, so awful because I couldn't move, but that's when I awoke.

I had learned at that time that the vertically-split Tunnel/Tunock Shield is colors reversed from the same of Dossier's/D'Hosiers, for Spitzers use "hills" with a "tunnel." I can now add that the black Tunnel fesse is a yellow symbol too. Of all the dreams I've had in the last two years, and there has been a rash of them, this spider-fly dream is the only one without satisfactory heraldic links thus far. The armpit could only be hint of an Arm-like liner with Pitts, and because Pitts were at Blandford, I added the Bland-surname insert earlier in this update that ended with: "I was checking Pitts due to a dream having a spider on a strand of web, which recalls that Kepke, at about age 14, chased me with a spider hanging from a strand of web. I had a fear of spiders, and he knew it."

Spitzers were first found in STYRia, and Blandfords (Stur/Styre fesses in colors reversed) with Pitts were at the Stur river of Dorset while Sturs are also Styre's. As Babe's were first found in Dorset too, I am forced to repeat here another part of that insert:

"...Bland or Bland's Gill in the chapel of How Gill and the parish of SEDBURGH in Yorkshire. One reference claims that name came from the hamlet of Blond." One day, when writing that Mr. Kepke and Lorraine both had "sun-bright" blonde hair, at the very time I was telling that God gave Lorraine a beautiful-feet symbol, I checked the Blonds to find a foot on a sun! Wow, and while I link Kepke's to Keppocks/Kippax's without doubt due to an event with us at Knob Hill Farms (where we both worked), here I find that "The Blands of Kippax, at a very early period, resided at and gave name to Bland's Gill, co. York"

The amazing part is, that at the very moment that I saw Lorraine's beautiful feet, Michael Oullette blurted, as he walked past me, "what a BABE," when seeing Lorraine for the first time. Babe's share the sun in Crest with Blonds, and even share six fessewise bars with Blonds, half in the colors of the Blond bars. And Babe's were first found in Dorset with Pitts and Blandfords. Webbs were first found in neighboring Wiltshire. The Babe bars are in the colors of the bars gemel of Oullette's. It appears that the spider-on-web dream was of God, but that its meaning yet needs to be fulfilled.

I can add that Worcestershire, where Spitzer-beloved Hills were first found, has a second Stur/Stour river...which flows through the Clent Hills (at Stourbridge). Peter STRzok became suspect with Sturs elements. "Crawford noted two tributaries of the Po River near Turin, spelled Sture," which seem related to the Stura Demonte at Cuneo (near Busca). I argued that the Demonte unicorn is the Fire unicorn, but here it can be added that the latter is in the colors of the Wombwell unicorn while Skulls (version of the Wombwell Coat) were first found in Herefordshire, roughly between the two Stur rivers.

There is a Stur river in Kent too, where Petits and Petts/Perts were first found, identifiable with "Pitt" because Pitts share "ardua" with Petit-loving Columns/Malcolms/Calome's ("In Ardua petit"), while Petts/Perts (share stork with Pitts) have "Ardens" as their full motto. The Bete's/Betts, partly in Kent, seem to be Pett liners because their motto, "OsTENDo non OsTENTo" reflects that "TENDit" that Callams ("In ardua Tendit") substitute for "petit." King Arthur (myth code, not a real person) was made born at Tint-related Tintagel, and Tints together with Gale's (in the right places for TintaGEL make-up) use blue unicorns.

Reminder: the Pelosi's/Piloti's, first found in Piedmont with Italian Demonte's, have columns and the Salome stars. French Petits, first found in Burgundy with Pilate's, as well as French Demonte's whose lions are in the colors of the French-Demonte lions and Italian-Demonte unicorn. In colors reversed, the latter's unicorn is the Gale / Tint unicorn.

The Gale's ("FAMA"), with lion heads in the colors of the Fien/Finis lions, but also in the colors of the Maschi / Voir / Demonte lions, can be linked to the Maschi-Fane relationship, and thus gleaned from king Gala/Gaia, whose line goes to Jays (of De Gai), first found in Herefordshire with the Skulls that share the Jay bend, and right beside the Fiens/Fane's/FAME's/VANs of MONmouthshire. French Demonte's share the Maschi lion and look like Mounts/Mons that named Monmouth. Italian Demonte's were first found in Piedmont with Masci's. The two lions in pale of French Demonte's are those of Voirs (probably the Ware lions), the latter said to be from the area of Vannes, where I trace King Arthur's wife as well as the Fane's/Vans. The Fiens/Finis' are in Fien/Fane colors and format, and were first found in Kent with Massins/Masons (lion colors reversed from the Fien/Finis lions) and mascle-using Petts/Perts. Meschins married the royal Duncans, part of the family of king Malcolm, but these Meschins also married TUNbridge Clare's of Kent, and that's where the Spitzer tunnel may come in, for there was a Spitzer-suspect spider in my armPIT, which is how I got to Pitts in the first place. The Stura Demonte is a tributary of the TANARo river (tributary of the Po), and German Tanners (Franconia / Bavaria) share pine cones with Maschi's.

Plus, Vannes is directly south of Cotes-d'ARMor, in case this is the reason for the armpit. Voirs were at Vannes' Grippel, and by now you may know that Edomite Agrippa's were related early to Massey / Masci liners. Voirs are in the motto of Edomite-suspect Oliphants, who share the crescents of French Masseys/Masse's, first found in Savoy with Galli-related Gays, from king Gaia/Gala, father of Massena/Massinissa. Mythical Gaia was the wife of urine-liner Uranus. Oliphants linked to the Edomite Bothwells / Booths, and ArBUTHnotts of Edomite Moray, and Armors, with the Moray stars, have a "TUTissima" motto term like the "tout" of Oliphants. Touts share the Oliphant crescent.

But I'm still unhappy with how the spider-fly dream has been deciphered thus far. It needs to pull in the Webbers (Somerset, same as Tints), who share the fleur-de-lys of Flys, the latter first found in Hampshire...beside Somerset, location of the Stur of Dorset, and the Babe's of Dorset were linked by an act of God to Blonds. The latter happen to share the six fessewise bars of Webbers, only Webbers use them wavy, which is, I think, code for the Webber branch of Weavers (Cheshire, same as Masseys and Maceys). German Weavers share the Maceys stars. The Webber link to Flys, who are very important to God, tends to prove that the spider-fly dream is from Him.

But, thus far, this dream is for heraldic linkage only toward Joseph Caiaphas, not news events concerning the deep state, unless Skull and Bones are being pointed to by this dream. The Webber bend-with-fleur is colors reversed from the same of RasMussens, and the latter's unicorn is in the colors of the Wombwell unicorns.

Webbers even share armored arms with Armors. The spider on the web ended up in my armpit. Wombwells and Skulls share the bend of Jewish Rothschilds, kin of armored-arms Dusters, suspect with Dusts/D'Ousts from the Oust river to Vannes. The Jewish-Rothchild bend rises sinister, as does the Rasmussen bend, and while the first Rothschild is said to have made is fortunes at Hesse-Cassel, Rasmussens, first found in Hesse, were "first seated in Frankfort from about the 14th century..." The first Rothschild lived in Frankfort in the 18th century, and the Assmann variation of Rasmussens named Assmannshausen in RUDESheim.

More wavy bars are used by Boethus-suspect Semans and their Seas kin, and Semans are suspect in the "TutisSIMA" motto of Armors, but more-so in the "semina" of Gale's. Simons/SIMAns were first found partly in Cornwall with Gale's, Tintagel, and Boethus-suspect, Bute-colored Bude's (may share the Bodeham/Bedingham fesse). The latter have the Arthur hurt in Crest, as do armored-arms Webbers (though the latter call is a "disc," which is in the motto of Maschi-loving Hamons of Kent).

Bode's share bunched arrows with the Arms of Rothschilds, the Bowers, and the Camerons. The latter share the three fesses of Blandfords, and it was the armpit-suspect Pitts who were in Blandford. Simans/Simans were partly first found in Devon with Budleighs (share sun in Crest with Babe's and Blonds), the latter naming a Bodilly location in Cornwall i.e. where same-colored Bude's were first found (Cornwall has a Bude location).

Here's from the insert earlier in this update: "Blands have a "SpeRATE" motto term, and, I kid you not, this is finally the deciphering of Kepke's pet rat, for Rate's are also Rats, in Blond colors...I was checking Pitts due to a dream having a spider on a strand of web, which recalls that Kepke, at about age 14, chased me with a spider hanging from a strand of web. I had a fear of spiders, and he knew it." This was at the home of Simon Graff, and because Graffs are suspect with Agrippa's, it can be a pointer to Simon Boethus.

Simon's daughter, Karen, of my age, and across the road from my place, is the reason Kepke and I were at her house, when he chased me with the spider right in front of her. Karen's parents moved away soon after, and I never saw her again until I walked into the home of Dave Oullette with Joseph Oullette, which recalls that their brother (Michael Oullette) was the what-a-babe guy in relation to the beautiful feet of Lorraine, which was God's pointer to the foot on the sun in the Blond Crest Immediately after Lorraine and I split up, I lived at Paul Oullette's, the fourth brother.

At first, I could not see how the Karen surname could relate to the spider event, but then I recalled that her father (Simon), who smoked a pipe, would often walk across the street with a beer, to chat a while with my father as he built his house (my age 13). I was fond of Karen from that time. German Beers were first found in Silesia with Karens, and Dutch Beers, hmm, use a saltire in the colors of the cross of Rats/Rate's suspect in the Bland motto. I had nothing more to say, until "Berrie" came to mind as a possible Beer branch that might be near the Blands. It shocked me to find them with the three fesses of Blandfords, how amazing is that? The griffin in the Berrie Crest can be of the Graffs.

Scottish Barrys share three sets of bars gemel with Oullette's, and the Labore's in the Berrie motto use two sets. Scottish Barrys share six fessewise bars with Blonds and Babe's. These links to the Oullette-babe event are thanks to the beer of Simon Graff, whose daughter (early 20s) was in the home with Dave Oullette, likely his woman or wife.

Aha, the partly-red griffin in the Berrie Crest can be traced to the Pomeranian house of Griffin because Berrie's were at Devon's Berry-Pomeroy, and because there is a giant red griffin in the Arms of Pomerania. Simon Graff with the beer and the pipe. But why did he smoke a pipe? It recalls the black smoke from the Nissan's tail pipe that was code, with the cockroaches of that time, for Rockefeller lines, for Smoke's are listed with Roach-like Rauch's. The three Roach fish happen to be in the colors of the fish heads of German Barrys/Berrie's, and that all either Coat has.

There's another red griffin in the Crest of Velis'/Willis'/Wills, and the Griffin surname has a "velis" motto term. The Velis'/Wills were first found in bear-depicted Berwickshire, and two Beer surnames use bears. The other, English Velis' share crosses in the colors of the Rat cross / Beer saltire. The bendlets shared by English Velis' is often called "cotised," and because Julius Caesar was born from Aurelia Cotta, the Velis crosses should be the Julian crosses. If we then ask why Rats were first found at Nairnshire with Rose's, we can look to the roses beloved in the Caesar Coat. It's feasible that the Julius-Caesar line went to Julius Agrippa.

As Kepke owned the rat while he's code for Varangians of Kiev, note that those Rus were at first semi-partners with Caesar-suspect Khazars, and finally over-threw the Khazar empire. The Rats (Varn / Jell colors) of Nairn were Varangians, weren't they, along with Rus-like Rose's and Ross'?

Here's the Dan Bongino speech that he's going around the country with:

I don't fully trust Dan Bongino to have a fully-truthful track. He probably hushes / bends a lot of what he knows to protect himself from trouble. He seems to know a lot more than others as per personal links between the players in the shadows. But, generally, I agree with the criminal problem facing the nation and the world. The Democrat globalists in the United States a freaky, satan show about to happen. I don't understand why Dan uses a fake guest on his show, a mere tape recording made to sound like someone's in the studio with him daily. It seems so cheap of him. That's another reason that I don't trust him to be telling all the truth. If I recall correctly, Bongino denies / hides the 9-11 truth. Bongino is Trump's shadow, and God needs neither man to get the exposure done.

Here's an ex-Mormon's testimony, and a few things to learn about Mormonism:


For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God

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