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December 4 - 10, 2018

Scooter Libby Pops Up With the 9-11 Memorial
New Impressions from Roxanne on the Pierleoni
God's Ladder Story, and the Wild-Turkey Sign for Scalia's Murder
Benjamites of Rimna and Other Siret Liners to the Rothschilds

Here's good news (dangerous for Judicial Watch) on Hillary's woes that she thought she had all but evaded:

Just before the 11:00 minute mark, Tom Fitton says that the lawyers of the acting attorney general have been in court opposing Judicial Watch. That is a terrible sign of more cover-ups to come under a man (Whittaker) who is supposedly anti-Clinton. Who might not be controlling Whittaker? Apparently, Pompeo also opposes Judicial Watch's efforts. The Republican establishment doesn't respect Christians, bluntly, and so I expect God to thwart those beasts, cause them pain, make them buckle, make them stupid jack-asses for their stubborn hearts, and in the midst of their dwindling away, Armageddon too.

Trump has let John Kelly go, but I trust NOT any choice that Trump picks for his team. He has been his own spoiling. Almost everytime he picks the wrong person, they end up being his enemies. He thinks he's popular due to his own machinations, when the fact is that the 50 percent who support him are simply worried that Democrats will get the White House.

By the way, you may have been wondering why I put an apostrophe after some surnames and not others. As a rule, I use one after surnames ending with vowel. For example, Jamme's get the apostrophe so that they are not confounded with "Jammes." I will also use apostrophes for such things as Watch's rather than using "Watches." . My head gets so confused I find myself using apostrophes for some pluralized words, sorry.

Wikipedia gives no evidence that Orange was named from the city's earlier name: "Roman Orange was founded in 35 BC by veterans of the second legion as Arausio (after the local Celtic water god)...The name was originally unrelated to that of the orange fruit, but was later conflated with it (see Orange (word))." There's no date given as to when "Orange" was first used, but Wikipedia's article on the orange word says that it's first-known use was in the 13th century, long after the Orange-like Rangabe Byzantines. Actually, Michael Rangabe was not a Byzantine, necessarily, but rather he married a Byzantine princess, and thus became the Byzantine emperor.

His wife, PROCOPia, was traced so strongly to Brooks, Brocks, Brecks and Brocuffs/PROCOPs, that I was convinced instantly (use the new tab at the link above to load all your Coats). This new finding came on a week, last week, when I awoke from a dream telling Michael that I felt so "orangey" after taking a drink of something. This Michael had already been pegged, some months ago, as God's code for Michael Rangabe. Why would God want to stress the Rangabe's? The Drakenberg Vere's apparently loved them.

In 106 BC, Quintus Caepio, a Roman general, was fighting in France, and when his army discovered a vast treasure of gold and silver bars, he stole them. The Romans took him to court, but could prove nothing. He found them in Toulouse in 106 BC. The following year, Boiorix fought a war with him at Orange, and won. Was he after the gold that Caepio stole? Did Boiorix know that some of the treasure was stashed in the Orange area?

In heraldry, billets are metal bars. Nassau's, who merged with Orange, use GOLD billets all over their Shield.

"Arausio" sounds like a Rus entity. Their is a Raus/Rauer/ROW surname that happens to share a sinister-rising, white bend with Smoke's/RAUCH's and Jewish Rothchilds (use this link to load all Coats you'd like to see). The latter two use the bends on the same two colors, and I do think that Rothes' were Rus. I also think that Roquefeuils of Roussillon were Rus, and their trefoil symbol is used by English Rows, first found in Norfolk with Rows/Roe's and Rove's/Rolphs; the latter, who come up as Rauch-like Raughs, share the raven with German Rothes'/Rothchilds, and throw in a trefoil too, the symbol of Rocks who throw in rooks. Scottish Rolphs (Rat colors) were first found in the same place as Rose's and Rats, as though these branches stuck together like buzzards to rotting meat. After all, they loved the raven symbol. It's not a wonder that Ravens are like "Row / Rove."

The Ralphs share a version of the Rolph Coat, and were first found in Herefordshire with rook-using Bodehams/Bedinghams, Rainers (see Raingars below), Jays and Skulls, the latter two sharing the same bend, in both colors of the Rothchild / Smoke/Rauch / Pollock bend. The Jays put roses on their white bend, as do Jewish Rothschild and Raus'/Rauers/Rows. Skulls have lions in the colors of the Ross lions, and Ross' were beside Rose's.

As some evidence that Raus'/Rows were from "Arausio," they are in the colors of Orange-like Rangs/Rings, first found in Norfolk with Rows, and using scallops in colors reversed from the Russell scallops. As Arausio went by that name since the time of Herod I, it's a wonder on whether all of the surnames in this discussion thus far sprang from it. Herod's son, Archelaus, was banished to Vienne, not far up the Rhodanus from Orange; he may have chosen his place of banishment, and he would have had a reason. His brother was banished too, and he ended up at Comminges, directly across the river from Toulouse, as though he knew where the gold had been stashed. Herods had plenty of gold, I wonder where they got it. Did Herods originate near Orange, where Salome's are now tracing? Were they named after the RHODanus? As we saw in the last update, Salome de Herod de Witch Guts traced well to Salyes Ligures, who lived so close to Orange they may have been in it. The Sales' have a bend colors reversed from the Raus/Row bend.

Jesus said that there was no greater man than John the Baptist. What will be the reward from God to the one, Salome de Witch Guts, who had him murdered cold and brutally and while innocent? The horror.

The Sales bend is black, as is the bend of Reddons, first found in Roquefeuil-liner Roxburghshire. Roquefeuil had married Rhodanus-like Rodez. Roddens/Rodhams use a bend in both colors of Rothschild / Smoke/Rauch bend, and Roddens/Rodhams put the same cinqueFOILs upon it as Bete's/Betts, first found in Norfolk. Lots of rotting flesh in Norfolk. Bete's/Betts share a white bend with Roddens/Rodhams, but in both colors of the Raus/Row bend. Bete's/Betts have a write-up suggesting derivation in Bertrams, and while I doubt it, kinship may be the reason for that guess, for BERTrams are in the write-up of Bete-colored Russells. Berts share the black hunting horns of Durance-river Durants, and while the Durance was home to Salyes, and near Orange, the Orange surname, and the Arms of Orange, use the hunting horn.

Rhodanus-like Rhodans/Rhodes' share the Russell lion. I trace Rhodans/Rhodes' to Lindos on the Greek island of Rhodes for a good reason, and as Lindos was a home of the Danaans, it tends to explain "RhoDANus" as a Rhodes-Danaan entity to the Dane Rus. There is a myth where Ligurians were founded by a Gyptis character, like "Aegyptus," brother of mythical Danaus, founder of the Danaans. Gyptis was at the mouth of the Rhodanus (see Lacydon myth). Rude's/Rudge's use both the Rhodan/Rhodes and Sinclair cross; Sinclairs were at ROSLin.

The Rollo vikings of More were beside a location using "Ring" in its name, I forget the spelling. Oh, yes, I remember: Ringerike. "The Old Norse form of this name was Hringaríki. The first element is (probably) the genitive plural of hringir, the name of an old Germanic tribe." It has Arms, a giant "ring" in the colors of the Lady/Laudyman annulets, in case they apply. Ringers are also Rangers/Raingars. In other words, Orange elements may have been ancestral to the Rollo vikings, said to be Danes living in Norway. The black boar of Rollo's can indicate Herods at the Orange area. The Rollo boar heads are colors reversed from those of ROETs.

It's important to note that Rangabe-like Brocks and Brocuffs have a Chief-Shield colors combination in colors reversed from the same of Clintons, Clinton-kin and Raingar-like Rainers, and Salyes-suspect Saluzzo's. The Rocks were first found in Worcestershire with the Clent hills. German Rainers/Reines' have a giant comet in the colors of the giant hunting horn of Orange's and the giant fleur-de-lys of Rench's/Reinte's. English Rench's/Wrench's should be mentioned for having a Coat somewhat reflective to the Salome Coat, the latter sharing pierced, gold stars with Clintons. The Rainers substitute the Clinton stars with estoiles, perhaps those of Butts/Bute's, for I trace Raines' to Arran, beside Bute. The following has the ability to identify Raines' / Rennes and Rennes-le-Chateau (near Roquefeuil) with Rangabe liners.

This now requires a repeat that Arran traces to "Airaines" because it's near ABBEville while MacABBE's/McCabe's were first found on Arran. I had originally discovered Airaines from the Hiram/Iron write-up, but, amazingly, in the last update, that surname came up as "Irene," taken from Irene, grandmother of Procopia i.e. the line to Brocks who share a giant, gold fleur-de-lye with Rench's. I neglected to tell, in the last update, that MacAbbe's use a SALMON!!!! Wow, I get it. There had been a marriage between the Khazar line of Procopia and that of Salome Boethus, that latter surname suspect with German Butts/Bute's/BOETs. Is that not incredible? I doubt very much that any of this would have come to light without the two dreams last week, both having "Michael Rangabe" in it, Procopia's husband.

The fictional character, Hiram ABiff, in a sadistic Masonic ritual for new initiates, looks like part-code for Abbeville liners, and perhaps part-code for the Boofima human-sacrifice cult.

Russell-like Rossells (roses) were near Fleetwood, and Fleetwoods with Flatts/Fletts use more trefoils, as do Palmers of Norfolk who share the double fesses of Fleets. Flatts/Fletts are interesting for being first found in the Orkneys, for neighboring Shetland (raven in its Arms) has the Yell location while Yells (Flatt/Flett colors) share the Yellow fesse. The second dream last week was Michael's kids jumping on a yellow mattress / bed. The Sinclair Rus of ROSLin ruled the Orkneys, and Ile/YLLEY,s with a variation like the Yelley's of Yellow's, share the Flatt/Flett chevron, and were first found in Norfolk with raven liners.

Tire's, of Kintyre, an island beside Arran and Rothesay/Bute, share a hand holding a fitchee with Ile's/Ylleys, pitting Yellow liners into the midst of the MacAbbe salmon. Expect Salome Boethus nearby, at Bute, right? Ask the Butt/Bute/Boet fish. Herods/Heraults were first found in Argyllshire with the MacDonalds (and MacArthurs) to whom the Tire's belonged. Fleets and Tire's (Ferte-eagle) share a hand in Crest holding objects, and Hands (Cheshire, same as Ferte-Mace liners) share the chevron of Roselle's (Lancashire, beside Cheshire). The barons of Ferte-Mace were Vardys/Vertys, from the Vardiae, otherwise known as the ardua-like Ardiaei. Tire's share "Per ardua" with Columns/Malcolms, with a Salome-like Calome variation.

It just so happens that Columns/Malcolms share the red stag head with Reeds who in turn use the stars above the COLUMNs of Pelosi's/PILOTi's! Bingo for tracing Malcolms/Calome's to red-stag Colts/Cults that have the PILATE pheon in colors reversed. The Pelosi/Pilati and Reed stars are in the colors of the Salome stars, no apparent coincidence. These Reeds share the gold fitchee with Caepio-suspect Quints, why do we think that is?

Reeds are expected as more Redones liners, only this time they can be traced to Rieti, where Flavius Josephus found shelter from the Romans, by the Flavian Roman imperials whose name he adopted so as to secure his place in Hell. Fleets share the scallops of Meschins and Flags/Flecks, and the double fesses of Fleets are those also of Flags/Flecks (and Palmers) while Flys, who can be linked to Josephs, are said to be from Flagi, otherwise called, Flavian. You can't help but have your eyes opened. MacAbbe-like Abbe's share the white scallops of Caiaphas-like Capes' and Abbs/Apps. These SCALLops are probably owned by Scale's, and so note that the lozengy Shield of Abbs/Apps' has the lozenges of Schole's/Scayles' while the latter has the cross of Julians who throwing in a salamander-in-flames, likely code for Salome's/Salamanns.

The same white-on-red scallops are also of French Laurens, first found in Provence, close enough to salamander-suspect Salyes and Orange-Nassau liners, important not only because Salome de Herod is now suspect from the Orange area, but because Dudo of LAURENburg was the founder of Nassau. I insisted (on a guess) that some of the Caepio treasure went to Joseph Caiaphas because the two surnames were related. It made sense that his wealth bought him the daughter of the money-grubbing high priest at the time. Caepio's/Caepionis' are highly suspect with Capone's, first found in Cambridgeshire with Fleet-beloved Clubs, suspect with "Clovis," the son and heir of king CHILDeric, and Childs were first found in Herod-like Hertfordshire (roughly between the Capes' and Capone's) with Scale's who share the Capes scallops, and with Titus' who share the Chappes Moor head. See below how Fleets link to the book writer, Josephus, who claimed to be from Israeli priests, yet took on the surname of emperor Titus.

English Reed, from Rieti, home of emperor Titus, have the motto, "Pax COPia," and Scottish Reeds (share book with Roets) were first found in Aberdeenshire with COPE's/CUPs, the latter with a version of the Rossell Coat. We can't get away from the Rus in this Herod picture. Pilotte's (two t's) use CUPS, and were first found in Lincolnshire with Fleets, the latter having a hand holding a club. Hands were first found in the place where Meschins ruled who ruled COPEland too, and hands share a version of the Cup/Cope chevron while Clubs (fish in Roach-fish colors) were first found in Cambridgeshire with Ile-like Elle's while Fleets are said to be from an Yellow-like Elloe location in Holland.

Can't "Scale / Schal" be a Germanic form of "Sale," suspect with Salyes at/near Orange? Another surname from West Yorkshire, I've just realized, are the Schole's/Scayle's/Schale's, and their lozengy Shield is in the colors of the Dent lozenges, excellent clue, for the Dent Coat has been suspect with the Sales bend. One Denet Coat is like the Schole/Schales' Coat in having a full Shield filled with black and white, while the Brittany Denets (Alan fesse) have a rose version of the Yorkshire Dance Coat, suggesting that Dents are a branch of Italian Dance's/Donnas', probably from the Donnus Cottians in merger with Saluzzo elements. When we go to Sedbergh-suspect Sedans to find their "dono" motto term, it tends to suggest a Donnus line too. Or, when we load the "None" motto term of Sedans, we get the None's/Noons (Norfolk again) with the Shutz/Schutz / Salway/Solway saltire.

Schals (no 'e'), sharing the HURT-infested Table Coat, signalling the Round-Table Illuminati of Cecil Rhodes, were first found in Rhineland, uh-oh. That's where German Brocks and same-colored Shutz'/Schutz's were first found, the latter sharing the saltire and Saluvii-like Salways, and suspect with "Sadducee." A Mr. Skeetz emailed to say he was looking for his ancestry, and believed he found them in the Schutz's. The Skeets' and Skate's/Sheets (Norfolk, home of Rus buzzards) therefore look applicable, who both share the potent cross with Templar Jerusalem and with the Procopia-line Brocuffs. The latter's Brock branch use a "VireSCIT" motto term, and Skits are with Skeets (Herod-suspect hearts), and they with Sheets sure look like they could have named Shetland with it's "Scal" motto term.

We already received evidence in last week's second dream that Yell of Shetland should relate to Michael Rangabe. By what cosmic coincidence do Skeet-like Sheds, first found in Ayrshire with Slits/Skeets/Skeochs, share the Chief-Shield colors of Brocks and Brocuffs/Procops??? Very impressive, is it not?

Skits/Skeets show no such variations, one wonders why houseofnames left them out of the list. Instead, they are shown properly as Skeochs. As Shoe's/SCHUCH/SCHUG (like "Skeoch" and "SCHOUGal") use a knight while Knights trace well to the Nith river, by what coincidence does the Nith pour into the SOLWAY firth?

Ask why the following "miracle" took place. Shortly after Caiaphas-suspect Kepke and I were on the hood of my car watching Allison Bauer leave me for another young man (we were in our mid-teens), we both stopped working for Knob Hill Farms. Allisons are from the KEPPOCH-branch MacDonalds, explaining why KEPKe was with me. Knobs share the Rothschild/Roddenstein arrow, and Rothschilds were directly descended from Bauers of Rhineland, home also of Shutz's/Schutz's. Kepke and I both stopped working for Knob Hill Farms, and he got a job selling shoes. I was visiting him at his shoe store one day, and walked to the competing shoe store in the same mall, asking Joe for a job, without an interview, stone-cold, and I got it while standing there. The first store I went to, which didn't have an ad out for helpers, so far as I know, gave me a job. It looks like a miracle for God's pointing to the Shoe's/SCHUCHs, like the Skeoch variation of Skits/Skeets. It wasn't a shoe-making job, but one in SALES.

I cannot think of any reason for God to have stressed the Shoe/Schuch surname aside from their being from Sadducees. Scoots/SCHOUGalls share a black greyhound with the Shutz/Schutz Crest, and a black hunting horn with Durance-river Durants (we are to the Sales-suspect Salyes here), and throw on an "ORNant" motto term so as to be linkable both to the Orange hunting horn and the mythical hunter, Orion, suspect in "ORANge." In this picture, "Orange" was NOT a version of "Arausio," but was a distinct term as play on some Orion-based family, the Rangabe's suspect, which can pit the ancestry and/or the descent of Procopia into it, explaining why Brocks and Brocuffs/Procops share the potent bloodline with Scoots liners. As you can see, this trace of Shoe-suspect Scougals to Orion's BOEOTians makes the Sadducee house of BOEThus suspect with Orion elements.

But there's more, for the Trips now showing shoes once showed boots, signaling the potential for a Shoe/Schuch merger with Boethus elements, partly because it's expected from the theory that Schuchs are Germanized ("sch" is a Germanized 'sh') Sadducee liners. That argument becomes more compelling with the so-called "SCALing ladder" of English Trips, and we could ask why the Arms of Shetland has a "SCAL-Land" motto phrase. Scalia's/Scalise's use the ladder.

God is a well of truth, sharing true knowledge in all sorts of fields to those who are committed to His will for mankind. People may not even realize that God steers them into truth. safety and more. It is the pleasure of God to reveal the lie and the liars after they have condemned themselves to the point of a full cup. They have that long to change course, but if they fill the cup, down it will be poured onto them, as they deserve. Armageddon is exactly that, a downpour upon those who refuse to acknowledge His righteousness, and upon those who pervert his rightness for other, false, righteous systems.

"Scal-LAND" is interesting because German Lands are with the Landens/Landers, who trace with Langleys to Langhe, at Bra, another amazing thing now that SHETland liners are connecting to Procopia along with Brays/Brae's. Langleys were at Wakefield, in West Yorkshire again, yup, that area pops up never-ending like buzzards to the dead. Wake-like Wachs/Walks, sharing the Wakefield garb, share "Industria" with Dents of West Yorkshire. Wachs/Walks (Dumfries, same as Closeburn upon the Nith), use a version of the Close Coat (black hunting horns), and the latter's spur is shared by Nith-liner Knights (beloved of Shoe's/Schuchs) while Knightlys share the six pale bars of LANGfords.

Close's share the three stars of Brights, suspect from Brigantium/BRIANcon on the Durance. This is bringing us now to the ancestry suspect for Salome de Herod de Murderess of Hell, and it just so happens that the Columns/Malcolms/CALOME's share these stars too, on the Brian saltire, while Columns, and Salome's stars, are loved by Pelosi's, first found smack beside Bra. BRASwells use the girdle, and Girtle's share the three Bright gold stars too, as do Maceys (Close colors and format), first found in Cheshire with Brights, only Maceys use them pierced, as are the gold stars of Salome's. The same pierced star can be with Close-beloved Spurrs.

We just can't get away from West Yorkshire: "The surname Braswell was first found in the West Riding of Yorkshire at Bracewell and BROGden..." Boy does that look like another Procopia branch. Brogdens/BROCKdens share the fretty Shield of Cotta's, expected with the king-Donnus Cottians (Piedmont, same as Bra), and it just so-happens that while they are likely from the Dance's/Donnas', the latter were found as Donna's too when God pointed me to Donna BRAZile. I then read at her Wikipedia article that her Brazile ancestry had been Braswells, which is how I discovered the only heraldic girdle I know of, which reminded me of my touch-bra event at age nine, which is how Bra's became a big topic over the past year and more.

While eyeing the giant Brock fleur just now, I loaded the German Rench's for another look-feel. And then "Rankle" came to mind, and so I loaded them to find a wonder. Here's a clip from the last update with an insert I just put there this past minute:

Rench's/Wrench's had to do with my first inklings that Michael was a Michael-Rangabe liner, for a week after he was in the Volkswagen dream, he popped in unexpectedly, and took me to work with him nearby because he had only a small job to do. He had me help him to install a check valve, and that's where his pipe WRENCH came in...

That wrench-on-valve event had connected to the beautiful knees of Miss Hicks on RANCH road, called the Leakey road by locals, for German Rench's share the Leak(ey) / Hicks fleur. I may have been down on one KNEE when Michael asked me to keep an eye on the pressure gauge...for I recall needing to get down low, with the gauge about a foot off the floor. Knee's share the Leak(ey) bend.

[PAUSE! The day after this update was out, I came upon the Rankle's that named Ranch-like RAUNCHil of Yorkshire (same place as Leaks), and ZOWIE they use the Knee and Leak(ey) bend!!! Wooooow, ballow me up.]

That is the sort of tidy thing I expect of God, and sometimes it takes months to find them. God used Michael to clinch the Knee-Leakey event as one from Him. But why why why? Why all of this work merely for making heraldic links? There's got to be more to it, stay tuned.

Enter Scooter Libby?

Let me say it again, that I sat beside Miss Hicks the night of the beautiful knees, while our church was putting on the 9-11 memorial on the first-year anniversary. But after I got up to go speak with the pastor, something made me not sit beside her, even though I was just about to re-sit there. Instead, I sat back a bit. Stanley then came to take my former seat beside her, and Stanleys use the Knee / Leak bend too, which event became suspect with Morgan-Stanley because they had offices in one of the Twin Towers immediately below the maintenance floors, where I expect the insider fiends to have spent a lot of time preparing for the downing of the building. And Stanleys were first found in Cambridgeshire with English Rench's/Wrench's. Look out 9-11 fiends, God has you spied out.

Did you note that Fox news honored George Bush this week, as did Dan Bongino and all the rest who deny the truth publicly to maintain "respectability." We need better people than that. As you can see, Fox wasn't able to keep Trump in power. That's because it was too weak on Trump being too weak. Instead of putting fire to Trump's feet to get him stronger against on the deep state, it had sex with Trump.

Recall those Macey / Close / Bright stars, for they are with English Sauts/Salts, who can be of the Sautebys in the Hicks write-up. Their Salt variation can indicate the Sales/Salletts, first found in Cheshire with Maceys. The point is, Sauts/Salts use a BROKEn chevron. Its that Procopia line again, now linking to Salyes suspects. The gold Macey stars are pierced along with the Salome stars because they were related likely at Saluzzo. Macey-branch Masci's were first found in Piedmont with Saluzzo's, and so let's repeat that Clintons, with the Chief-Shield of Saluzzo's, in colors reversed from the Chief-Shield of BROKE's/Brocks, share the pierced Macey stars. Read on.

The interesting thing is that Sauts can be a Shutz/Schutz branch for the following reasons. First, the three Saut stars are shared by BRAswell-beloved Girdle's, first found in Rhineland with Shutz's/Schutz's, Secondly, German Sauts/SUTERs, in Shutz/Schutz colors, smack of Suthers and Sutherlands, the latter being where Scottish Maceys/Mackays were first found, and, believe it or not, using their gold stars in both colors of the Salome stars. That feels so right. Sauts/Sauters share a fesse with Shades'/Schade's, and may therefore be branches. "Shades" is more like "Sadducee" than "Shutz." but one can see how such variations could develop over time from Sadducee liners wanting to hide their origins. Shades'/Schade's (Baden, same as Schatz's/Schachs) use only a fesse in colors reversed from only-a-fesse Yellows. Yell was found in SHETland, suspect with Shade-like surnames, just look at that find, days after the yellow dream.

For a long time, I've wanted to know whose stars the Sutherlands use. Their write-up says they use the Moray stars, but not in Moray colors. How did they get gold on red? The Schutz-like Scotts use the Macey stars too, and feasibly the Stanley bend, but, in any case, Stanleys share "Sans" with Sutherlands, and then, because I think I'm to link Stanleys to Rench's/Wrench's, I'll repeat that the latter's bendwise crosses are in the colors of the Salome stars upon a bend. Again, he took my seat that one night beside Miss Hicks.

I had sat down beside her only after asking if anyone was sitting there. She said it was reserved for her daughter, but that if she came, "you can SCOOT OVER" (her exact words). Yup, Scoots ("Haec" motto term) are the Shoe-suspect Scougals sharing the black greyhound with Shutz's/Schutz's. And the Scoots share a white Shield with red border with English Scotts/Scouts. Those of you who love God, you can rejoice that He's conducting a massive undertaking here, for OVERs (they are being shown again now after disappearing for a while) have a fair reflection of the Scottish Scott Coat. "SCOOT OVER." Ferte-loving Overs (Cheshire) had an Over location in Cambridgeshire.

I'm no genius. I can't figure out fully why God made these links that night. But we may yet be Informed. SCOOTER Libby (Jewish) just came to mind:

Lewis "Scooter" an American lawyer and former adviser to Vice President Dick Cheney.

From 2001 to 2005 [9-11 era], Libby held the offices of Assistant to the Vice President for National Security Affairs and Chief of Staff to the Vice President of the United States, and Assistant to the President during the administration of President George W. Bush.

... Libby matriculated at Yale University...

I've never been familiar with Scooter Libby, but he seems to be a prime candidate for a 9-11 fiend, part of the cover-up, anyway. The Bush administration brought Hope Charlotte Hicks to politics, and the Miss Hicks I sat beside is Charlotte too. "[Libby] joined Wolfowitz, PNAC co-founders William Kristol [never-Trumper], Robert Kagan [Jew], and other 'Project Participants' in developing the PNAC's September 2000 report entitled, 'Rebuilding America's Defenses: Strategy, Forces, and Resources for a New Century'". That was just before 9-11.

Libby went to jail, and when Bush was urged by friends to pardon him, Bush would not. Did Bush want him jailed? Had Libby become a problem, or even a threat? Later, Trump pardoned him. Back in 2007: " I. Lewis Libby Jr., the former chief of staff to Vice President Dick Cheney, was convicted on Tuesday of lying to a grand jury and to F.B.I. agents investigating the LEAK of the identity of a C.I.A. operative in the summer of 2003 amid a fierce public dispute over the war in Iraq" (New York Times). This is a story I didn't follow at all. Might Scooter be so upset with Bush for not pardoning him that, maybe, just maybe, Scooter will start to do pay-back? Another article: "But Bush thought Libby didn't deserve a pardon, and Cheney never forgave him."

I'll come back to Scooter Libby, but first I'd like to make some heraldic links as per this new surname I've not known before, the Rankle's/Ramkle's. Their Raunchil character was in West Yorkshire with Crags at Cragg Vale, and Crags share the Rankle bend. Neither Knees nor Rankle's put symbols on the same-colored bend, and Knees add one black stag head on either side of the bend, as Crags add one, black Carrick dog on either side of the bend. It looks like a hit with Ranch / Leakey road, and for the following reason, God may have wanted the Crags included in this picture if only for a pointer to Levi liners.

In spite of the gold Shield, the Over Coat can have the Crag bend because the latter put leaves on the bend (in the colors of the fret on the Over bend), while Overs have a dove in Crest, the Leaf/Leve symbol, with leaves in its beak. The Over bend is in the colors of the Scott bend, and the symbols of both upon that bend are in gold: "scott over," so to speak. The Scotts put the same crescents upon their bend as HEBDENs have in their Chief, and while these are also the crescents of Craigie's (Ayrshire, same as Carricks), Cragg Vale is in Yorkshire's HEBDEN Royd parish. It's a hit.

Hebden Royd is in Calderdale, and while Dents with an "Industria" motto term were in West Yorkshire too, the Arms of Calderdale Borough Council (Templar lamb) has the motto, "Industria Arte PruDENTia," obvious code. The MacARTY/MacCarthys share a red stag with Calder-branch Caddells.

It's now interesting that Calders share a black stag head with Knees, this all being new to my interpretation / explanation of that night on September 11, 2002. I wonder what this can lead to. Calder-suspect cauldrons are used by Spanish Paloma's while Italian Paloma's use the dove while Paloma's pointed to Peare's while Pero's/Perino's and Pierro's/Pero's were in Pavia with Laevi Gauls, suspect with dove-using Leafs/Leve's. Dana Perino (Bush's press secretary) had to work closely with Scooter Libby, we can initially assume if we don't know for sure. Dove's/Dows share a dancetty fesse with Carricks.

The Paloma's entered the event where my first kiss with Miss Peare was at La Paloma, and Spanish Paloma's even share the pale bar of Pero's/Perino's, and in the meantime Kiss'/Cush's trace to Laevi-like Laevillus. You are about to see why his son can be Procopia's ancestor. Eventually, after telling readers that Peare loved to dance, I realized that the Pero pale bars are those also of Dance's/Donnus', and this is how the Dents can apply who are honored in the Calderdale motto.

Hebden ROYD may have been named for the Royd variation of Rhodes', first found in Yorkshire (for years, they were said to be first found in Lincolnshire). The Hick's of Yorkshire use a chaplet around the neck of a "buck", and "Roads is a numerous Bucks (Buckinghamshire) name. There are hamlets and villages called Rhodes in Lancashire and the West Riding. A family named Rodes or De Rodes flourished for 500 or 600 years in Lincolnshire..." Bucks were first found in Lincolnshire. Can we now say that "scoot over" has pointed to the Rhodian globalists?

As both Talbot Coats are forms of both Scott Coats, note that the Carrick / Crag dog is often called a talbot. The Bucks share the white antler with Hamons likely in the "Amo" motto term of Scotts, and I can glean that the Masci bends are in-version with the Talbot and Scott bends, as per Hamo(n) de Masci of Cheshire, same as Overs. The Meschins of that place married Mrs. Taillebois (Lincolnshire), expected with Talbots because their English branch was first found in Shropshire with Meschins. Mrs. Taillebois had that surname from another marriage, however, otherwise she's known as Lucy of BolingBROKE (Lincolnshire). Is that Procopia? Isn't the Ranch road supposed to be a pointer to Rangabe's.

Talbots were first found in the same place as Breakers/Brechs/Brake's/BRACKs, and then German Bracks have a fesse in their horns in the colors of the Carrick fesse so that the Brack dog looks like the Crag and Carrick dog. Is it meaningful that Procopia liners should be linking to Carricks? Yes, for Carricks descended from PROCulus Charax (son of Laevillus), which name could have led to "PROCopia." Proculus descended from BROGitarus.

Recall now that Brays/Brae's use a flax breaker while Breakers (antler-like antelope) are with Brecks with the Orange hunting horn in colors reversed, i.e. for a good trace to Michael Rangabe and his wife, Procopia. Then let's read the Hebden write-up: "In 1120 the manor of Hebden was granted by Roger de MowBRAY [or Montbray] to Uctred de Hebden, who was a descendant of Uctred, Earl of Northumberland." Uctred, I'm glad that's not my name. Hebdens came up because they share the crescents on the bend of Scotts, and so here's the write-up of those Scotts: "They descended from UCHTREDus Scott who held the lands before 1107; he is on record as a witness to the foundation charter of Selkirk in 1120." You see, I was able to make the Scott link to Crags of Hebden even before reading that quote, because "scoot over" told me so. The reasoning went like this: "In spite of the gold Shield, the Over Coat can have the Crag bend because the latter put leaves on the bend (in the colors of the fret on the Over bend), while Overs have a dove in Crest, the Leaf/Leve symbol, with leaves in its beak."

Uchtredus Scott involved with SELkirk? Why do Selkirks have a SALamander-in-flames? Perhaps we should ask the SADDUCees belonging to Salome Boethus, for Bolingbroke's may have been Bolings, who use the SADDOCK Coat exactly. The latter's eSCUTcheon is in colors reversed from the same of Mascals (Sussex, same as Saddocks), who throw in a Edomite-suspect elephant. Didn't Salome marry nasty Edomites?

I recognize the Hebden crescents as those of Hazels (Cheshire) as well as those of Hazel-possible Hockeys/HOCKLeys, and the demi, black griffin in the latter's Crest is also in the Crest of the other Scotts. Isn't that the Edomite Agrippa's?

Reminder: Hebden Royd, home of a Carrick branch, is in Calderdale. The Calder write-up: "Hugh de Cadella (Klaedouer) is said to have aided Scottish King Malcolm Ceanmore," and while Cadells (probably the Celt/Colt stag head in the Columns/Malcolm Coat) share a white Shield with red border with Scotts, Cattels and Blake's/Caddells share the fret with Overs. In a 1979 dream with Miss Hicks, I touched her on the KNEE while waking her from sleep, and as soon as I touched her knee, she flew into my arms, the dream ending with us RISING into the sky while emBRACEd (Brace's are also Bras'). It was code for the SELEPitanoi at RISINium/RHIZON, smack at lake SCODra, Scott ancestry. But note how "SCODRa" is like "Scooter." Rhizon is suspect from Rize, and wasn't Condolezza Rice Bush's secretary of state?

The Sadducee-suspect Saddocks with the eSCUTcheon use "ears of rye" as a version of the "ears of wheat" from the Caiaphas-suspect Chappes'/Cheaps. Rye's (Sussex, same as Saddocks) are also Rise's, what a rhizincidence. Chappes' can be from the Cavii to the direct south of the Selepitanoi, explaining nicely their Rye/Rise kin. Why do we thing the Welsh Rice's ("hardi") share the raven with Rothes/Rothchild raven? Ask the white-on-red Rise bend, in the colors of the Jewish Rothchild (no 's') bend. God is watching you, Mr. Money Bags. It's expected that the Rothschild bend is that of Jewish Pollocks, and the Risings (Norfolk, buzzard land) happen to have a cross in the colors of the Pollock saltire.

She and I were rising while embraced, and Bracebridge's (not familiar with them) share the crozier with German Rice's/Rise's/Reisers. This is new after mentioning that part of the event 20 times or more.

I kid you not, I broke off from writing at the paragraph above, and went to build my steps until 9 pm. I had everything nicely measured and mapped out on the stringers earlier in the day, to make steps 7.5 inches high, but when getting to the last step, I noticed that all steps were only 6 inches high. I made the mistake of measuring six inches from the bottom of each step instead of from the top (each step is 1.5" thick). The point is, I goofed on the so-called RISERs of the steps. Did God do that to me/us? It's almost exactly the Reiser surname, the last one mentioned above? Maybe six-inch steps are okay, we'll see, because I'm not changing things.

WOW. Look at that six-inch number, because I've suggested many times that the STRINGs (like a stair "stringer") on the Traby horns are secretly a 666, and that six (HEX) was the number of the HYKSOS, to whom I trace Miss Hicks! But that's not the full point, and here it is: as the Ardiaei were at the Rhizon theater, there's a great chance that they were from Ardahan, at/beside a Rize location...which is, I kid you not, smack at the TRABzon theater!!! I can't believe that these things are coincidences. God is speaking to us, in this. There are 12 steps to this pair of stringers.

The Over leaves/branch might be officially said to be in the beak because Beaks (ostrich, Traby-Crest theme) share the three bends of Humbers while Cragg Vale is in the Humber region. The Beaks and Humbers share the three fesses that were the Arms of Trebizond (Trabzon) Empire.

Some links, like the Bracebridge link to Rise's, can serve only to verify that God is behind an event, but surely God also has key links for important reasons. As it was just days ago that Procopia (new topic in itself) was linked hard to Brock and Breck liners, might not my rising with Miss Hicks mean that Procopia's line was at the Rhizon theater, or at least merged with Rhizon elements as they touched upon her Brace descendants. Wikipedia once suggested that the Hyksos had been the Hayasa-Azzi, at Ardahan / Rize, and I agreed with that assessment ever since. Can you believe it. My mother's Masci line is the reason God chose me for this work, as it turned out to be central in heraldry, and while I claimed that Hyksos were at least partly from Mus at Lake Van, the Moschi mountains (of the Meshech/Mushki) are at the Hayasa-Azzi theater too.

Brace's with Bistons and Bessins (home of Meschins) use an erect sword, which was the symbol of Ares to the Bistones (7th century BC) of Cyrene, where Meshwesh Amazons lived, who were from Mazaca, near Rize. Ares is from the Aras river that flows near the Moschian mountains. The erect swords of all three surnames above are in the hand of an armored arm, the symbol also of Mieske's/MESECHs.

There is a Stepp surname using a giant fleur in colors reversed from a STEPhenson fleur. It recalls that Khazars were at STEPHANTsminda, at or near the Terek river of Alania. Procopia was part-Khazar, and Brocks use a giant fleur that could be the Stepp fleur round-about in colors reversed. Bracebridge's use the crozier, and the Crozier's share the Brock fleur-de-lys, though not in giant form.

After I left work above to do the steps, I realized, without checking, that the LEIB/Leiber Coat shares one similar to the Reisen Coat (hexagrams). I have just got to checking it now, and, indeed, the two surnames have quadrants in colors reversed from one another, and both put a red lion on their gold quadrants. The idea there is to confirm that the Miss-Hicks points to Scooter LIBBy, if that's what this is, only now it's her dream back in 1979. Leibs/Leibers can be Levi liners, and they were first found in Brunswick with same-colored and Sadducee-possible Schatts/Shatz's. The latter's lion is also that of Irish Seedys/Sheedys/Silks.

Liebermans/Levermans/Leibmans: an erect sword in the hand of a knight with feathered helmet. The coin of Herod Archelaus had a feathered helmet, and while Agrippa-suspect Griffins had a house in Pomerania, that's where Liebermans/Levermans were first found.

Miss Hicks is responsible for Irving Scooter Libby coming to topic in this update. Brace's have a version of the Holly Coat while Irvings use holly. Hollys can be traced by their Coat, and their dolphin, to Plancia Magna, as the Plunketts together with Lents will inform us. The "FESTina lente" motto of Plunketts can be of the Fausts/Fists we bumped into with the Poindexters who in-turn share the Irving motto, which includes "Nemo." Nemo's/Newmarsh's were first found in Stirling with Chappes'/Cheaps.

Over-like Hovers/Hoffers (Westphalia) happen to use a black leopard face with black horns, the colors of the Calder stag face with red antlers. Wow, that seemingly clinches this morning's move to Calders via Scotts (share the Over bend), and tends to convince me that the Calder stag head is that of Knee's. But why? Why are these links being made?

While she was asleep, and while I grazed her knee, she was HOVERing OVER the seats of a car (Seats/Cedes' are suspect with Cetis, where Laevillus ruled). Twenty three years after this dream, she said, "you can scoot over," on the only night I was impressed with her beautiful knees (saw her knees regularly at church; she almost always wore dresses).

As I said, I heard a voice like God behind me: "What are you waiting for, go WAKE her up." The Wake's with their Ore/Orr branch, both sharing the red roundels of Nellys, are those who disclosed that Bruce and Nelly Ohr were in view. And they were involved with Peter STRZok, who can be suspect with terms such as STRASburg, where Jewish Fausts/Fists were first found who share the fist of Poindexters, the latter sharing the motto of Irvings. Scooter Libby is IRVING Libby. The lone Poindexter star is shared by Shoe's/Schuchs/SCHUGs, suspect with SCOOTs/Scougals! Bango. Scooter's first name brought us to Scoots, begging the question of how he got the Scooter nickname. And Fists/Fausts were first found in Rhineland with Scoot-related Shutz's/Schutz's. PLUS, I almost missed it: the Scoot GREYhounds are part-code for Greys (share the Scoot escutcheon or border), who have a "FAST" motto term! That's a good way to prove that Fasts were a Faust/Fist branch.

Amazing, and Shoe's/Schuchs use a "knight issuing at the KNEES." We are right back to Knee's while following two words from Miss Hicks with the beautiful knees. And as she was Mrs. Kilpatrick at the time while Kilpatrick castle was on the Nith river, where Knights trace who might be a Knee branch, let's add that Irvings were first found in Dumfries with the Nith river. Compare the Nitts/Naughts, first found in Dumfries, with Natts/Nathan (Rhineland, same as the eSCUTcheon-liner Schuts), and recall the Rothschild-related Nations/Nations from the last update. Depending on how you want to look at the Natt/Nathan escutcheon (fancy word for "shield"), it can be a Shield with black border, same as Parrs and Furness'. The Natt/Nathan escutcheon is shared by Saddocks, and it's black border by Skates'/Skades'/Sheets. "Sades" is with Seats/Cedes'/Seets. The latter may be with a pale version of the Notting / Sassy bend.

0 Aha. Again, the Saddock escutcheon is colors reversed from the same of Mascals (Sussex, same as Saddocks), and while Keiths of Haddington (general area of Scoots) come up as "Mascal," and then Haddington has a Bass Isle (Lauder write-up told me so) while Bass'/Bassins (Meschins of the Bessin, right?), first found in Haddington, share the no-symbol Shield-on-shield of Natts/Nathans in colors reversed. Perfect, for Musselburgh in Haddington is from the Meschin-branch Mussels/Muscels. Lauders were at Bass Isle, a new discovery for me. Natts/Nathans were first found in Rhineland with Shutz's/Schutz's while the other English Bass'/Bassins (Bass Isle again) share the black greyhound with gold collar with Shutz's/Schutz's.

I'll record here that the latter Bass' may be with the Rench/Wrench crosslets, and the chains make it appear that Bass' are kin of Quade's/Wade's / Mackays.

Aha, I almost missed it. German Bass' are using the black hunting horn of Scoots! Look at how much was missed due to my not knowing until now that Haddington had this Bass island. I just didn't read the Lauder write-up deeply enough. The island is a Bessin liner, from queen Basina, and before that from the Bassus' of Cetis, exactly where I trace the Quade's/Wade's. Note that Sutherlands share the Salome stars, for Mackays were in Sutherland. As Quade's with Queens are suspect in the Traby/Sadowski 'Q' shape (a scarf), it's very notable that the Arms of Traby has a black hunting horn. In fact, the Traby horn has gold stripes, same as the black Lothian hunting horn. Trabys were, apparently, Bass/Bassin kin, which makes sense where Caens (Boet fesse?) of the Bessin share five, white ostrich feathers with the Arms of Traby. Yup. Mythical Orion from Trabzon? Could be.

The Schuch and Shook variations of Shoe's get's interesting where Shake's are Shocks too, and then Shooks/Shugs (Cornwall) use a hunting horn while Shake's trace to Shechemites suspect with the hunting-horn line of Orion. In other words, Shoe's may have been Shechemite liners. The various surnames that are both Sadd-like and Schuch-like may indicate a batch from a Sadducee-Shechemite merger, something I'd expect.

Shoe's are ShoeMAKERs too, which makes it compelling to imagine them derived from shoemakers, but not so fast. The Maker/Mack surname (form of the Massena bend, with perhaps Macey stars) has stars colors reversed from the Shoe stars so that a Shoe-Mack merger can explain Shoemakers, especially as Trips now show shoes where once they showed the French-Massey boots. The French Masseys no longer show the boots, instead having a "tree without LEAVES," which turns out to be a great gift from houseofnames because Shoe's have a tree too. The Mack/Maker bend with items looks like it can be that of Scotts too, under the Schuch circumstances.

Aha. The Tree's/True's may be with the knight in Libby-like Leibermans (not "Lieberman"), but, as you can see, they do share the knight with Shoe's, and Knightlys use six pale bars in the colors of the eight of Macks/Makers. Under these circumstances, the two, black courant greyhounds of Tree's/True's can be the same of Scoots. Helping to make the Scooter-Libby case, the Mack/Maker bend has the same martlet as Scooter-like Scotters/ScotTOWs.

I have told several times that, when Miss Hicks allowed me to sit beside her with "you can scoot over," I had to pass her. Not wanting to step on her toes, I looked down and saw her green TOE polish. I suggested that this was code for Tows/Touch's, and here I have just found the ScottTOWs, new to me. Let's add that she's Mrs. Kilpatrick while Kilpatricks use a "make" motto term, is this not wild? Tows/Touch's have a giant GREEN lion colors reversed from the same of True-loving Hume's/Home's, hee-hee, first found in Berwickshire with Macks/Makers/MAKE's!!! You just didn't know it was coming, but there's more, for the Tow/Touch lion is that of Lyons and Lyon-like Lannoys. The other Lannoys share the feathered helmet of the Tree/True knight, and Knights are from the Nith river, location of Kilpatrick castle. Incredible.

The fact that ScotTows were apparently pointed to by that green toe polish suggests that God may have had Scooter Libby jailed for something he did far worse than what he was charged for. For, Scottows happen to come up as "Scotter." I wouldn't have found that surname had not Scooter been on the brain. That is really wild.

In order to connect the scoot-over event with the Miss Hicks dream, she wore sandals with her green to polish, and English Sandals happen to use a green cross that can be the Rising cross (same style) in colors reversed. You see, Sandals are said to have named Sandal Magna "near Wakefield," and Wake's per a part of her rising event, as was her knee while Scottish Sandals have a bend in Knee-bend colors. In fact, the Sandals use nothing in a Shield but the bend, ditto for Rankle's of Raunchil. The Speers and Ore's/Orrs appear to be in the Scottish-Sandal motto.

Here's a term looking linkable to Scoots/Scougals / Shoe's/Schuchs: "John de Sandall or de Sandele, appears as Camerarius SCOCie, c. 1361". The Arms of Pula/Pola use the same green cross as Sandals, though on a gold Shield, in colors reversed from the Rising cross, and in the colors of the Pollock saltire (the latter use it either gold on green or green on gold). Pollocks were POLISH, aren't they? NAIL POLISH.

[I almost missed it. I have never seen this before: "John de Sandall or de Sandele, appears as CAMERArius Scocie." It's mind-blowing. I caught this on the spell check, at the very end of the week. You will see in the next paragraph why it's mind blowing.

I claim as fact that Peter Pollock at Rothes castle was the proto-Rothschilds, and then the five, bunched arrows in the Arms of Rothschild are in the Cameron Crest. Here's what happened at the 9-11 memorial. I arrived first and took a seat. When she came walking down the center isle, I went over to greet her, and seeing her video CAMERA with tripod, asked if I could set it up for her. As soon as it was set up, I went back to her, and saw the empty seat beside her. That's the scoot-over moment [the sandals moment too]. The Camera's [I can't stop laughing, shaking my head] are listed with Camerons, and then David Cameron was the British prime minister up until July of 2016, by which time the Steele dossier (and who knows what else) was underway. Steele was a British spy. The same people who conducted 9-11 have become suspect with the Republicans who started the dossier. [If I'm not making up this story, then you can't deny that God created it. Camerarius told you so. It seems logical that Cameron is in view.]

As per nail polish, I'm noting that the engrailed Nail/Nagle saltire is in the colors of the engrailed Knee and Leak bend, and that Nails/Nagle's were first found in Westphalia with HOVERs/Hoffers, which seems another reason to see the scoot-OVER event as a God-given one, and to connect the knee at the hovering part of the Hicks dream to her knees on the night of the memorial. Irish Nagle's (Gale colors and format) are in Knee colors, and use a NIGHTINgale, and Gale's share the Nail/Nagle saltire. The Gale and Nagle fesse is in the colors of the eight fessewise bars of NIGHTONs (of the Knighton location in Worcestershire). Five fesses in the same colors are used by German Ducks, first found in Westphalia with Nails/Nagle's. That works.

The Logans list "Duck," and use NAILS piercing a fat, Herod-suspect heart. This gets interesting where English Ducks (Logan/Duck colors) share the stars of Herod-suspect Salome's/SALAMANNs. Repeat from the last update: "...Dogs/Doags/DOCKs, who might be from "Eudokia," Inger's daughter with Melissena (too speculative). Note that [Hardy-descended] DOUGlas' (Rangabe colors) have a SALAMANder-in-flames...". Douglas use a heart too, likely for Hardys, who have an engrailed cross, in the colors, no guff, of the engrailed saltire of Nails/Nagle's. Just contemplate on all that. It appears that Douglas' are somehow a Duck branch. The Hardy cross in colors reversed could then be the Arms-of-Rangabe cross.

As SIMON de Montfort became suspect from Simon Boethus, grandfather of Salome de Herod, note what I've not been familiar with, the double-tailed Montfort lion, with probably the Arthur chevron, in the HARD/Hardres Coat. "The family derived from Ardres in Picardy." Artois could have been named by the descendants of Aretas III of Edom, from whose king came, CYPROS, the mother of the first Herod. Note that Coopers/Coppers use a blue saltire, same as Nails/Nagle's.

This is a little interesting where the Oneglia location of the Nagle line (home of Artois-related Arduinici) is not far from Antibes, suspect with "Antipas," the surname of a son of the first Herod. Arduinici of Oneglia married Doria's, first found in Genova with the Fieschi, a branch of Fessys/Face's in-code with the leopard faces in the Cooper/Copper Chief.

If the Lyons and Lannoys became the Lane's or Launays, it's interesting that the latter share lozenges in the colors of the Nagle / Angle lozenges, for while the Nagle Coat looks linkable to the Weir/Vere Coat, and while Vere's love the Nail-branch Neals/Nihills in their motto, Vere's and Angle's can be trace to Anjou, home of Plantagenets who owned the Wakefield castle. This is from the Sandal write-up: "...lords of Wakefield, of whom John Plantagenet, the last Earl of Warren, erected a strong castle here about the year 1320, which in the reign of Edward III was occupied by Edward Balliol [this family is in the Scott write-up], one of the competitors for the throne of Scotland. The castle became the property of Richard Plantagenet, Duke of York, who fell in the battle of Wakefield, in 1460; and was subsequently the residence of his son, Richard, Duke of Gloucester, afterwards Richard III."

The first Plantagenet, Geoffrey, was shown at his Wikipedia article with the three lions of England upon his Shield, and three so-called "English lions" are used by Lane's. The Woodstocks (Oxfordshire, beside the Plantagenets with the same Coat) use them too because Thomas of Woodstock (son of Philippa of Hainaut), a royal Plantagenet, was the first earl of Gloucestershire. As the triple lions of England are suspect from the same-colored double leopards of Normandy, it's notable that a leopard in these colors is in the Launay Chief. As the IMPERI priests of Boofima wore leopard gloves when conducting sacrifices, by what coincidence is Oneglia now IMPERia? Launays share the Nagle lozenges.

Imperia is near Antipas-suspect Antibes, and also near Grasse while I trace Grass liners to Briancon while Irish Brians probably use the three English lions (in the split colors of the Grass lion). The Brittany Brians share the Nail/Nagle saltire! As it's also the blue saltire of Coopers/Coppers (leopard faces in Chief), let's tell that Cypros was the grandmother of Herod Antipas. Coopers/Coppers (leopard in Crest too) were first found in Sussex with Bone's/Bohuns, and Thomas of Woodstock married Miss Bohun, daughter of Joan FitzAlan of Arundel the great-granddaughter of Alice of Saluzzo. Why do Alice's/Alis use the fur tree? Are they from the Stura-Demonte river with the Fire's/Furs? Saluzzo is near that river.

The war of the Roses was between John of GAUNT's Lancastrian rose and the Yorkshire rose, wherefore note "PlantaGENET." John of Gaunt married Boofima liner Roets. The father of Thomas Woodstock was Edward III of England, of the house of York versus the Lancastrian rose. Thanks to Brests/Brix's, Launays can be traced strongly to Italian Lane's/Lano's, who use a single besant, the symbol of Yorks. What are the chances that Yorks share the Nagle saltire? That's right. But as the Coopers/Coppers have one in blue too, note the "cupias" motto term of Yorks. I always link that motto term to this Arms of Macclesfield with a "copia" motto term, and a blue lion like that of Bruce's. God made it clear to me that the Yorks and Cooper/Copper link to Macclesfields is correct. Why do the besant-using, Yorkshire Wagers use HEARTs? Can't "Wager" form the Waghorn variation of Wagens expected in the Fulk-line VolksWAGEN? Can't MACCLEsfields be of Mecklenburg, home of Wager-suspect Wagrians? Here's the leopards of the Macclesfield earls, which, along with "copia," can indicate the Cooper leopards.

Launay is near Brest, and Lane's/Lano's were first found in BREScia, which uses the lion of the Yorkshire Bruce's (probably vice-versa). The Bruce lion is expected with the Yorkshire HALLAMs/Hollands, and the York / Nagle saltire is that also of Hallam-like CALLAMs (and Columns/Malcolms). Hollands have the Halland lion in colors reversed. Hallands were first found in Yorkshire with Hall-branch Hulls, and the latter two share the dog of Plunkett-liner Hollys while Plantagenets / Plants/PLANQUE's descend from PLANCia Magna. The Yorkshire Libbys use the Hallam/Halland / Bruce lion too, and yesterday, I wished I knew what the Libby Crest has.

I can now tell you what it has, as a good guess, because there is a gold rectANGLE with an arm coming from behind it holding what looks like a baton. The ANGLE's use a cane-shaped "baton," I know this from reading the description when the description page was still online. This Angle Coat with the baton has the Nagle lozenges, and Nagle's are said to have included Mr. Angulo. Plus, the cane looks like a typical crozier while Auvergne Crozier's share the single and central besant of Lane's/Lano's and Yorks. Mummolin, who was descended from Tullia of Lyon in Auvergne, was at Chalons-sur-Marne, now called Chalons-en-Champagne, and its Arms is with Scottish Crozier's.

As Bauts were first found in Auvergne along with the Bouillons that share the white Rangabe flory (much like a potent cross), note that French Batons/Bastons have the Chief-Shield colors of Procopia-liner Brocks, in Baut colors. And Brocks share the fleur in the Baton/Baston Crest and of Scottish Crozier's. Brock-branch Brocuffs put CROSSes in their Chief, and Crozier's are Cross liners. Why is Procopia linking to the potent cross of Jerusalem? The direct family of Geoffrey Plantagenet sat on the Templar-Jerusalem throne after the direct family of Godfrey de Bouillon did. As Rangabe-suspect Rankle's are RAMkle's too, might they be in the giant ram (Rangabe colors) of Bauts?

Rankle's have "gell / gill" endings, and are in the colors of the Gale's of TintaGEL, birthplace of king Arduinici-liner Arthur. It just so happens that Bauts trace compellingly with de-Bouillon's family to the Bautica river, home of a branch of the Oneglia Arduinici! Bingo. That's why Nagle's brought us to Baut-like Batons, who looked like branches above aside from anything in this paragraph. Batons are Baston too, probably as per the German Basts/Bastians sharing the Brock fleur and the Baton/Baston roses. The giant griffin of Spanish Basts/Sabastians can explain why German Basts/Bastians were first found in Mecklenburg.

The Libby Crest appear to link to this Procopia / Rangabe thing as it touches upon Oneglia. Recall that Leibs/Leibers were suspect with Libbys. The Leib/Leiber quadrants were linked well to those of Reisens, and the latter's quadrants are in the colors of the same of Cross'/Cruce's. The latter share potent cross with Brocuffs while the Brock-Crest lion is that of Reisens and Leibs/Leibers too. Plus, the Brock-Crest lion holds a dart, and Darts/Dards were Dardanians, active in the area of Risinium/Rhizon.

[Insert -- I was trying to think of just one surname sharing the gold-on-red hexagrams of Reisens, but could not, until I got below to the Davers (Arthur colors and format), whom I trace to the Daversi, the Daorsi that is, smack in the Ardiaei theater and capable of being at Rhizon with Ardiaei! These stars are in Salome-star colors, but so are many others.]

There is a stork in the Cross/Cruce Crest while crozier-using Odins were at Storkhouse, and moreover Odins can be linked to the stork symbol of Oettingers (Bavaria, same as Reisens). The Odin-branch Oddie's (both from Yorkshire) have the Nail/Nagle / York saltire in colors reversed, and we saw above why Nagle's and Angle's -- and the Libby Crest -- should link to croziers. Odins and Oddie's are said to be ancestors to counts of Aumale, wherefore let's add that Thomas of Woodstock de Plantagenet was a duke of Aumale.

Thomas Woodstock came to topic from the Sandal surname (Yorkshire, near WAKEfield) that was itself part of the scoot-over event. I saw Miss Hicks' sandals with green toe polish as I was taking my seat beside her. This event links to her hovering in a car, where I was told to WAKE her up, and where she and I were RISING while emBRACEd, and so this would be a good place to mention that Bracebridge's (CROZIER in Crest) share the black-and-white vaired fur of Scottish Champagne's. French Champagne's put the potent-cross pattern (description says so) in their bend. Their Shields are filled with vair, ditto with the Beach Coat, and she was hovering on a car parked all alone on a SANDy beach. The Bracebridge crozier points sinister, and the Odin crozier rises sinister. (Bracebridge's love the Wills/Velis' in the Griffin motto.)

Now that the 9-11 ceremony has pointed pretty certain to Scooter Libby on the suspicion of his partaking in 9-11, while the Ranch road of that night has proven to be a method of pointing to Procopia and Michael Rangabe, isn't it amazing that Libbys are likely using a baton while Batons themselves look like Procopia liners. It's as though there is not one thing only that any item in the events or dream point to, but multiple things at once. It's only in the last few months that I've become familiar enough with the Capote/CHAPUS Coat to know, when I see the Baton Coat (very unfamiliar to me), that they are versions of one another. And so what could "Chapus" be from if not "Caiaphas".

The Galli Coat made me very familiar with the Poitvin Coat (jay for king Gaia/Gala), which is itself a version of the Capote/Chapus Coat while Batons were first found in Poitou with Poitvins. That tends to prove to Batons and Caiaphas suspects had married, but it also has a Caiaphas trace to the Gala/Gaia Numidians, and while Kepke had become suspect with the Syphax Numidians, Keeps (share red fesse with Salome's) use a galley ship while Galleys were first found in Dauphine with Galli's. The Galleys use almost nothing but the same three roses as Capote's/Chapus', red roses, as the six in the Bute/Butt/BOET Coat. Besides this, Libbys are suspect with Levi's, and Scooter Libby is Jewish. There is therefore the question on whether Poitvins use the Salome stars. The Salome bend with stars is in the three colors of the Boet fish on fesse.

In neighboring Burgundy (beside Dauphine, that is), there were first found the Poitou-like Boits/Boitousets (share white fesse with Poitiers) with several Boitou-like variations. The Boutier's (Burgundy) happen to share a Bute-colored version of the Poitier Coat! This is new to me. Boits/Boitousets are sharing the Nagle / Angle lozenges, in Bute/Bute colors so that, apparently, there is a good argument for identifying "Poitou" with the Boethus surname of Salome. They say that "Poitou/Poitiers" was named after Pictones, but maybe not.

The more I do this, the better I get, the more you will learn about the bloodlines kept secretive for obvious reasons. With God leading, there will be success in accordance with the amount of work He has sunk into this project. Doesn't it appear to us now that the Bute/Butt/Boet fesse is that of Buttons/Bidens (chapeau), first found in Hampshire with Poitier-like Potters, Porters and Botters? They say that Joe Biden is the current front runner for a Democrat president in 2020, and if Trump remains soft on the Democrats for fear of losing 2020, he will lose 2020, in my estimation. The Democrats were given new life (in November) by Trump's stupidity just when Trump had them in a perfect spot for the kill. Instead, Trump chose to protect their criminals in high places.

Look this week: "President Trump wants to nominate William Barr, the George H.W. Bush-era leader of the Justice Department, as his next attorney general, sources told Fox News." What a jerk this president is. He's now going for establishment voters. Good, for I want God to expose things in spite of Trump. He's betraying those who empowered him for not being an establishment man. "One source close to the White House told Fox News that Barr would be a bad choice, saying 'Barr could be worse than Jeff Sessions.'" Good chance that is true.

Boutier's are also in Bothwell colors while Booths/Boths use the Edomite symbol. Bothwells use a BOY. Dutch Boths/Bade's have a fish of some sort in the fessewise direction of the Butt/Boet fish. I can see Butchers/BUCHERs from this entity, who share estoiles with Butts/Bute's, and from there one can go to other Boucher liners, such as the Buckets. Here's the Poitier write-up: "The surname Poitier was first found in Normandy (French: Normandie), the former Duchy of Normandy, where they held a family seat at Courcy..." French Courcys share the cinquefoils of French Buckets/Buchets/Bocards. There were two dreams with bucket-like items, only I can't yet be sure whether they were buckets versus pails versus a small barrel.

Ahh, wait a minute. One of the two dreams was Michael's VolksWAGEN. It was parked in a mall parking lot. At the start of the dream, there was a bucket or pail in the back seat. Nothing more of that scene took place. Here I find that Wagens use the colors and format of Boitiers! What are the chances? Plus, Wagens share swans with Readys (scimitar) in the "Be Ready" motto of Butcher's/Boucher's (Brock lions?)_. It appears that it took this long, months, but happening immediately after emphasizing Michael in the last update, to discover the entity, partly, anyway, in the bucket in his Volkswagen. Boit-like Boii named Bohemia, and German Michaels were first found in Bohemia.

The car was at the mall, and Malls share the quadrants of Says, while BoitouSETS (possible Seaton of Say term) are also BoitouSAYS'/BoitouSAIS'. Says'/Sais' were first found in Shropshire with Michael-related Meschins and Butchers/Bucher's i.e. likely a branch of Buckets/Buchers. It appears that the bucket has been identified: The Say write-up: "Geoffrey de Saye, II (died 1230), Lord of West Greenwich...died in Gascoigne, POITOU, France", which explains things. Why was the bucket in the back seat? Perhaps due to SEATons from a Say location (Orne theater). Seatons are expected to have named Sitten, the alternative name of Sion, and Sions/Swans share swans with the Readys i.e. Butcher kin.

Immediately after seeing the bucket, I entered the mall to look for the bathroom (alludes to mythical Orion), and having trouble, a SIGN (with broken arrow) appeared (on the ceiling) to show the way. The sign can be code for the Sine variation of Sions/Swans (falconer's gloves, Falcons may be a Fulk branch). The Shield colors of Horns versus their Irish Heron branch are the two colors of the split Shield of VOLKs/Fulke's. If you read the derivations for both Heron surnames (at Chipcase), that's why you shouldn't trust write-ups at houseofnames even when they sound like they know what they're talking about.

Why was the bucket in a Volkswagen rather than in merely a wagon? Wagens are WagHORNs too, and Orne's are Horns, tracing to the same Boeotians as the Ready scimitar, and my need to pee at the mall. It was the bucket, and then the need to pee, suggesting the Orion Boeotians to Poitou and the Boits/Boitousets. That is so tidy.

English Wagners (Yorkshire, same as Wagers) share the Wagen/Waghorn fesse, and the Wagen swan in the Wagner Crest with some water. In this picture, the water can link well to the "water bouget," part-code for Bucket liners. As Wager-like Wagrians were in the Pomerania theater, note that the Arms of Pomerania share the red griffin with German Wagners. With Griffins of Pomerania suspect from the HEROD Agrippa's, who do Wagers use HEARTs? Wagrians were on the Warnow river of the Varni/Warni, and GRIPPs/Grape's share the Varn/Warnoch bend. Grape-using Deeters were first found in Pomerania.

For a split second as the dream started, Michael was standing beside his Volkswagen, and so I can now see that the Michael scallops are in the colors of the Varn scallops for the possible reason that Michael Rangabe traces to the Varni, which is perfect if I'm correct in seeing the Varni as proto-Varangians, for Michael Rangabe's granddaughter married Inger the Varangian. I get it now, and, as was said, the granddaughter, Melissena, was put into code as mythical Melusine, and said to be of Anjou, same as the Volks/Fulke's. The dream is so extremely tidy now along with the broken arrow depicting the Procopia-line Brocks.

My leaning is that Boitiers, to whom the bucket is pointing, are Boethus-line Boeotians. Why else would God have used a dream to point to Boits, since most/all of His Signs point to the killers of Jesus? Let me say again that some writers / historians, if not a majority, trace Boii to the Baiocasses of the Orne river. arguing for an identification of Boii from Boeotians. The ChipCHASE location of English Herons (Horn/Orne Coat) has a Chipchase/ChipChace surname (rare white-on-white eagle), and there is even a Chase/Chace surname (Heron / Horn/Orne colors) that can explain "BaioCASSEs." One of two Casses surnames is with Caseys (Lanarkshire, same as Sions/Swans). Caseys also have three eagle heads in the colors of the three eagles of Courcys. It was French Courcys who have the Bucket cinquefoils.

I've just found Carseys (this minute) with a "terrent" motto term while the Courcy's share the three Terrent eagles. Carseys are new to me, and are also Cars'. They have a saltire in the colors of the Sandal cross, and Miss Hicks (who gave us the Sandals) was hovering in a car on the SAND. I was never able to do much with Cars and Carrs as per that old dream, aside from noting that Cars and Sands were first found in Lancashire with Beach's, but perhaps the Carseys/Cars' will bring some light to that part of the dream. Her aunt married Mr. Casey, and "Carsey" was checked just now to see if they would bring up Caseys, in case Caseys were a Courcy branch.

Carsons (Dumfries, same as Kilpatricks) come naturally to mind from Carseys. Shortly before coming to the Carsons, I checked for a Bai surname when crossing Baiocasses, and that got the French Bays sharing the Carson crescent. I touched her knee while she hovered in the car, and Carsons have a "Ne" motto term while Knee's are also Nee's, and, zowie, the latter's Crest has the spread eagle of Terents and Courcys, tending to equate Carsons, who are also Courcy-like Corsons (amazing), with Carseys/Cars'. Carsons are not only in Boit/Boitouset colors, but have a Chief and base reflecting that of Butts/Bute's; the latter share estoiles on blue with Irish Carrs/Carrys, I get it! It thus appears that Boii named the Baiocasses, but as I see Boii in the naming of Maccabee's, the house of Boethus could be Boii-ish too. Boths use the boy.

Both Carsons/Corsons and Boits/Boitousets put lozenges in their Chiefs. This has caused me to recall the Maurels/MAURINI's (Modena, where Boii conquered) -- who happen to be in the colors and format of Boits/Boitousets, wow -- for Maurini's and Morinis' are suspect with TERENTIA Murena, and we just saw Courcys and Terents sharing eagles when Terrent-loving Carseys (Simson crescents?) came to topic! When things like this click so well, it's a hit on God's message. It appears that Miss Hicks was hovering over the CarSEYs, but in Keeping with BoitouSAYS/BoitouSETS, we can even say that she was hovering over the CarSETs, for she was indeed hovering over the seats.

Incidentally, the Brittany Maurels have a "scit" motto term buried, as do Brocks who share the giant Maurel fleur, meaning that Procopia traces at least indirectly / loosely to Maurels.

Now be amazed, for this pointer of Carseys to Boit liners reminds that while Miss Hick's rising symbol is for Risinium/Rhizon, that location is smack beside BUTua, now Budva!!! You see, God is tidy. You can find Rhizon and Butua along the Illyrian coast on the map below. There you see scoot-over Scodra right beside them both.

Hmm, as per Scooter Libby, note that the Labeates are right beside lake Scodra and Butua. This area was home to Illyrians, which in myth was made founded by Cadmus of Boeotia.

Courcys were of Richard Coeur-de-Lion, in the Hubert write-up. There is an International Order of Saint Hubertus, which is a hunter's group, that may have been formed from the Orion entity. The Courcy- / Corson-like Curzons: "Geraldine came from Notre Dame de Curson in Calvados in Normandy...his son Hubert had also acquired the lands of West Lockinge in Berkshire. The family also continued in Normandy and Hubert was the Lord of Curson in 1223. "

I have been convinced that Karens/Kerns are from Carians, a thing that caused me to reflect on a girlfriend, Karen Whelan. She lived at the corner of Corson and Reesors, and so note that Reesors/RESONs are a Rhizon-like surname. Risings are also Risons. Whelans use lozenges colors reversed from those of Corsons/Carsons.

Salome Boethus of Saluzzo

I've had a brainstorm with the Fawside location of Seatons/Sittens. It struck me that the Fausts/Fists were Faucets of Fawside castle. This is a great place to make this realization, immediately after mention of the Hubertus Order, for one of its leaders was John B. Poindexter, who invited about 30 men from the Order to hunt on his ranch when he / they had supreme-court judge, Antonin Scalia, murdered after hunting with them. Poindexters share the Faust/Fist fist, and I think this is how the Faust-Fawside connection came to mind.

I can add that Hubert-branch Hubbards (Cheshire, same as Huberts) use annulets in the colors of the Schole/SCAYLE's annulet, if that's somehow a Hubertus-to-Scalia pointer. Hubbards use a version of the Curzon Coat, and Huberts a version of the Sales / Dent Coats. Sale's (could be a Scayle branch) were first found in Cheshire too, and Dents became suspect with the Schole/Scayle's lozenges because both surnames were first found in West Yorkshire.

The SEDbergh location of Dents was resolved with Seaton-like Sedans, the latter's "sino sed" motto phrase being apparent code for Sion/Sitten. Carson-suspect Cars use a "sed" motto term too. The "None" motto term of Sedans is very welcome because None's/Noons share a bull head in Crest with the Seaton-likely Says. Plus, the None/Noon saltire is the Shutz/Schuts saltire, and this latter surname is linkable to such things as SITlers/SCHITners (Silesia, same as Karens/Kerns) because they share the Faucet / Suty lion while looking like Sitten liners. But there are also the Seaton-possible Scheds/Sheds (Yorkshire) who share the potent cross of Skits/Skeets/Skeochs who in-turn share the black border with Sedans.

Scheds/Sheds (bird faces sinister) have the split Shield in the Arms of Sion in colors reversed, and the Sched/Shed Shield is split in the colors of the same of Pike's that share the Sitler/Schitner trefoil. I'm not yet to the point where the Faust-Fawside link led to Salome Boethus, and here I find that Scottish Pike's/Pickens share the pierced stars of Salome's! Pike's/Pickens were even first found in Ayrshire with Skits/Skeets/Skeochs and Scottish Sheds!!! This is rich in Herod grime, like the grime upon false Jews in power with iron fists.

Poindexters don't only have the Fist/Faust fist, but the lone Shoe/Schuch star while Trips, who love the Shoe's, have an English branch with a "SCALing ladder." Aren't Schuchs of the Skits/Skeets/Skeochs?

The above makes it clear that Fawside was named partly after the Side branch of Sutys. The Sched/Shed split in the colors of the same of TRANS/Trents (share the Sched roses), suspect with the Tarent variation of Courcy-suspect Terents. It just so happens that Faucets have a Trans- / Tarent-like Tranent location in their write-up: "Fa’side Castle, sometimes known as Fawside, Falside, Ffauside, Fauxside, or Fawsyde, is a 14th century Keep located in East Lothian, approximately 2 miles southwest of Tranent, and two miles southeast of Musselburgh." The Falside variation reminds of the Falstaff branch of Fasts/Fastoffs (both share the same quadrants with the Arms of Rothschilds), who look linkable to Fists/FAUSTs (Rhineland).

The FAUXside variation is no coincidence, for Faux's are an fairly-obvious branch of Faux's/Faus'/Fage's/Chaulnes' (Perigord, may be with the Cramer/Cremer Coat). English Faux's are said to be Vaux's/Vallibus, and it's the Scottish Vaux's/Vallibus', first found in East Lothian with Seatons and Fawside, who are the stunning part for sharing the Salome stars upon the Salome bend. And we saw why the Saluzzo-suspect Sales' should apply to this picture while Salome's are suspect as Saluzzo / Salyes liners. It just so happens that the brother of Terentia Murena was a Roman general who conquered the Salassi of Aosta, where the Walsers (note the red-white split colors, same as Wallis and Sion) lived who are from the Wallis canton that has Sion/Sitten. Walsers share the mermaid with the BUTEshire Glass'.

Reminder: Salome-like Slome's/Slone's have a character in their write-up from DalKieth of Midlothian, and Keiths were in neighboring East Lothian with Fauside castle and its Vaux-Salome entity. Midlothian is where Mens' were first found who are in both the Poppin Shield and motto, and it just so happens that (I have it recorded), Hubert-related Curzons use POPPINjays!!

Poppinjays are shared by Twine's (Yorkshire) at Kilton castle, which place was granted by the Conqueror to the Brus' = Bruce's. Repeat: "Launay is near Brest, and Lane's/Lano's were first found in BREScia, which uses the lion of the Yorkshire Bruce's (probably vice-versa)." Brests/Brix's share the Carson lozenges, tending to prove that Curzons are Carsons/Corsons.

Online: "The Manor of Kilton, the Chiltune of Domesday Book, was granted, with Skelton, to the De Brus family, from whom it passed, in marriage, to the Thwengs [Twine variation] and the Lumleys." The last update discovered that Betts share a white bend-with-cinquefoils with Roddens/Rodhams, and as Rothes' (Hubert colors and format) were first found in Shropshire (beside Huberts) with the Kiltons having the same cinquefoils, I'd say that Boet-possible Betts connect with the poppinJAY, for Jays share the bend-with-roses of Jewish Rothchilds, in the colors of the Rodden/Rodham bend. Skeltons share the raven with German Rothes'/Rothchilds, and are in Bode / Butt/Bute colors. Skeltons share the Brock fleur while Sheltons share the Brock-Chief lion.

Twine-like Twins/Twine's share estoiles in Chief with Bute's/Butts. Twins were first found in Hampshire with BUTTons/Bidens (and Bode's/Botters) who share the fesse of Twine's and Bute's/Butts/Boets, but Hampshire is also where Potters (Boitier-et-al suspects) were first found whose cinquefoils are colors reversed from those of Kiltons. The latter may have been Hiltons because "The surname Hilton was first found in Durham, now in the area of Sunderland, TYNE and Wear..."

Twins together with Potters (same place as Drake's) have symbolism looking connectable to Dragons/Drainers, who use the Minute helmets in colors reversed. As Mynetts are from Amyntes, father of ARTEMidoros, note that while Artems are listed with Aitons/Aytons, the Twine write-up tends to limp an Ayton location in with Kilton: "Nunthorpe, a chapelry, in the parish of Ayton, union of Stokesley held a manor [Kilton?] that was bestowed by the Conqueror upon Robert de Brus, and from whom it descended by marriage to the Thweng family."

Aytons were first found in Berwickshire with AITon-like Aids, suggesting an Eyton merger with Aids (and Arthurs). The latter have a version of the Rodden/Rodham Coat, and while the latter share the Kilton cinquefoils, Kiltons were first found in Shropshire with Eytons. The latter's lion can therefore be in the Kilton Crest. ArtemiDORos has been suspect from the Ardiaei line to the Arduinici marriage with Doria's, with the latter suspect with the Daorsi Illyrians of the Neretva river, where Ardiaei lived. Daorsi were Daversi too, and Davers, in Arthur colors and format, use the JAY. Things are poppin'. The Ardiaei had a queen Teuta, suspect to Tute's/Toots, and Toothills happen to share the Eyton Coat, almost. It's a one-lion version of the three-lion, Rothes bend, apparently, as suggested by the raven in the Toothill Crest.

As Tuttle's/Toothills come up as "Turtle," Toothills are suspect with Plancia Magna de Herod and her husband, TERTULlus of Perga, and therefore the Toothill lion can be the Parking/Perkin lion. I trace the latter surname to Lithuania's mythical Perkunas, a wolf cult along with Lada (goddess by that name was in Lycia (lyco = "wolf"), beside Perga, probably the same as wolf-liner Leto), and Lithuania-possible Louths use the wolf while Toothills are said to have been at Lincolnshire's Louth...which can explain why Artems/Aytons use a rose version of the Rhodes Coat, for Rhodes' were heavily in Lincolnshire. Louth is in the Lindsey area of Lincolnshire, and Lindseys share the checkered fesse of the Dol Alans while Dol is in Vilnius-like Vilaine, where Plancia-liners Plunketts were first found (Vilnius is in Lithuania). Lindseys are said to descend from Toeni's, at Les ANDELys, which I trace to ANTALya, beside Perga. If I recall correctly, lake Tatta, suspect with Tattons who share the Tute/Toot crescent, was in wolf-liner Lycaonia. Lauders/Letters (Leto colors), from Lauder, beside Lothian (kin of Lots, which God has pointed to with parking lots), can apply to Louth elements, and TOOThs share the Lauder/Letter griffin.

All of this comes to us because I crossed the Huberts in the Carson / Courcy discussion. I have never before seen the Hubbard link to Scayle's, so far as I can recall. If I recall correctly, the Hubbard symbol are called rings, and Irish Rings/Rinns share crescents on a bend with Huberts. The Ring crescents are reflective of the Fast bend with crosslets. Midlothian with the location of EDINburgh while Rings/Ringsteads share black scallops upon a chevron with Edins ("sit pruDENTia").

? The common "PRUDEntia" motto term can unveil a Prude-Dent marriage where Prude's/Prats can be sharing the Seys/Sais trefoils, for Sais'/Says are connectable to Seatons while Dentdale is at Sedan-suspect Sedbergh. Prude's/Prats were first found in Auvergne with Bouillons, and they say that Godfrey de Bouillon was the chief of a Priory of Sion. I ignore those who say that this priory was a hoax, as could be expected from those wanting to hide the Order.

The Prude/Prat fesse is that of Yellows too, and while I had a dream last week with KIDs jumping on a yellow bed, I can now add that English Kidds use upright goats in the colors of the upright ram of Bauts/BAUX's, first found in Auvergne! Zinger. We are right back to Boethus suspects. It's making the yellow BED suspect with "Boet"! God's dreams always lead to his killers in a tidy way, once I find exactly what's been Intended. Bauts are also Bots, and Boets are Bote's.

German Bauts/BAULTs (share "bello" with Bouillons) are very linkable to the Baltea = BAUTica river. One side of the Baut/Bault Shield is suspect with the French Lamberts, perhaps the reason for "lampreys." The French Lambert Coat is a reflection of the Billet/Billiard / Billiard/Hilliard Coat, and Billets are a Bellow branch. As Arduinici upon the Bautica were also at Nagle-line Oneglia, note that Lamps (Casey motto) have a saltire colors reversed from the Nail/Nagle saltire, and, meanwhile there is a crozier in the Lamp Crest while crozier-using Odins are a branch of Oddie's who share the Lamp saltire. But there's more, for Crozier's were first found in Auvergne with Bauts. Perfect. I mean, tidy.

Prude's/Pride are the ones with lamPREY fish, perhaps play on the Boet fish. The Irish Pray Chief is that also of Tulls/Toole's, suspect from Tullia of Clermont-Ferrand i.e. in Auvergne. That's clean-cut. I trace the Prude/Pride fish to the fish in the Arms of RIETI because the Arms have a "pratus" motto term, and here one can add that Rams (ram heads in Baut-ram colors) mention "Richard de ARIETE (Ram)." Why are Rieti elements tracing to Bauts?

Box's (griffins) are in Baut/BAUX colors, and Baux's may even signal a Baut-line merger with Vaux's. Box's were first found in Wiltshire, beside the Hampshire, Joseph-suspect Caplans who share the Box griffin heads, and so it appears that Box's match the Rieti-Baux elements above, for Josephs are from Flavius Josephus of Rieti's imperials.

The Birds having the Bouillon cross in colors reversed were at BROXton while Broxtons are also BROCKstons, excellent evidence that Procopia is a Brock / Brocuff liner (her husband shared a white moline with Bouillons). We are now coming to a Procopia-Salome link again Picot of Broxton (Cheshire) is expected with the Cheshire Picots/Piggots, who use "pike-head" arrow/spear heads while Pike's/Pickens are the ones with the Salome stars. Plus, if BroxSTONE's were a Brock merger with Stone's, the latter share the Saleman/Salian eagles, and, besides, the Salian Franks trace to the Marsi of the Salto river, location of Rieti too.

The Salmons are said to have been first found in Cumberland and Surrey, and the latter being where Procopia-liner Michaels were first found, in Salmon colors, how about that. The three salmon of Salmons (Cumberland, same as English Vaux's, Salome liners, right?) are suspect with the three fish of Prude's/Pride's, for both Coats have the fish vertical, but as Prude's/Pride's are highly suspect with the fish of Rieti, it's a good bet that Rieti uses salmon as code for Salome de Boethus de Hellbound Abomination. Rieti has three heads (Roman emperors) of Revelation's seven-headed dragon, the 4th, 5th and 6th.

The Brock Chief-Shield colors are those of Cutters (Sussex, beside Surrey), and then "The manor of Salmons in CATERham, county Surrey is known to have belonged temp. Edward III to Roger Saleman". Caterham is in Surrey with the first-known Salmons (Cumberland and Surrey, it says). Caters use three fish in the colors of the Prude/Pride fish, and moreover Cattans/Cetins use one fitchee in the colors of the giant Broxton fitchee. Caters were first found in Berkshire with cat-using Croms, and Berks/Burghs have a cat in the corner of their Shield in the colors of the fitchee in the corner of the cat-using Cattan/Cetin Shield. The Cetina river is near Saraca's of Ragusa. I trace Caters and Cutters to KOTOR, smack beside Butua, and Kotor was home to Saraca's (before they were at Ragusa), whose fish is in the white-on-blue colors of the same in the Arms of Rieti. However, I have seen the Arms of Rieti with a black background for the fish, as used by Caters and Prude's/Pride's.

As far as I recall, I didn't know until now that Salmons and Salemans/Salians are both from Caterham. Salemans/Salians/SELHAMs are said to possibly be from Selham in Chichester, which seemingly checks out where Chichesters share the chequey Shield of the Cumberland Vaux's (!), first found in the same place as Agrippa-suspect Bernice's. This paragraph tends to clinch the Salome Coat with the Scottish-Vaux Coat. Chichesters share the Quint Chief, and while Quintus Caepio is suspect to Caiaphas, the Chick-like Shicks/Shake's were at Wigan while Wigans (Cambridgeshire, same as Capone's) share a three-star version of the Annas Coat.

Alrighty, I'm back from work, got the stain and some varathane on the steps today, and also cut the risers and gave them the same treatment. As I sat down for this session, I was thinking to take another look at all the Simon surnames as per Simon of Boethus, which recalled the fox of Jewish Simons, more identifiable now than before to "Foxside." It makes sense, and we'd expect other foxes to apply. Off hand, Bellows use the fox, which recalls the "Bello" motto term of German Bauts/Baults. That works perfectly where Bauts are Boethus liners. There are four Bello surnames, one being the Bellows. It's very interesting that German Bello's share the giant two headed eagle (same colors) of Jeepma's/CHEPS while "bellows" (fans) are used by SHIPs/Shiptons.

Here's something. The Sheeps use gold estoiles on red, pierced to boot, the colors of the Salome stars, and gold estoiles are the Bute/Butt symbol too. It's verifying that Bute trace to Salome de Boethus expected in other ways. The Ships must be a Sheep branch. Plus, can we believe it, I just didn't expect all of this: the FOIX's/Foys share three pellets on a white bend with Sheeps, but Foix's/Foys use the bend in the colors of Bauts while being first found in Auvergne with Bauts and fox-using Fez's/Fays/Fais', staggering, but there's more, for Foix is an area smack beside Comminges, where Herod Antipas was banished who was the brother of Salome's father (not to be confused with Salome, sister of Herod I.) Foix-like Boix's/Boissons were first found in Auvergne too.

It just occurred to me that Herod the TETRarch, the title of Herod Antipas, looks like the Teeter variation of Deeters (GRAPE's), first found in Pomerania with Agrippa-suspect Griffins. Hmm.

Bellows share a Billet Coat, and while French Billiards/Billets share a version of the Billiard/Hilliard Coat, the latter use the stars of Foix's/Foys above. The Fait variation of Fez's/Fays/Fais' reminds of the Fate's/Feets (Pavia Coat), in all three Salome colors. To put it another way, Fate's/Feets use footless martlets on a fesse in all three colors of the Boet fish on a fesse. Fate's are suspect in the "fato" motto term of Cheneys, and the latter's footless martlets on a bend are in the three colors of the Saleman/Salian eagles on a bend. Dick Cheney looks as Edomite, suddenly, as the black Bush boars.

I've not been familiar with the SelHAM variation of Salemans/Salians, or the location by that name, but while Selham is in Chichester, Chichester use a "foi" motto term tending to clinch Salome with Foix's/Foys. And, zowzers, HAMs were first found in Surrey with Salemans/Salians (and same-colored Hammers), and share the salmon of MacAbbe's/MacAbee's!! You see, those little suffix-like endings on surnames are often there due to marital mergers. German Hams share the giant annulet of Vito's, and the latter are in the motto of fox-line Bellows. The Hahm variation looks connectable to Bibo-related Hahns.

My hunch here is that Hanh liners, from Annas, got to forming Hams and then Hammers in honor of the Maccabee = hammer theory. Hammer-like Hanners, with a Hohen-like Hohn variation, are listed with a Hahn branch actually showing the Bibo rooster, and in the Shield they have a rooster in Jonathan- and Kopple-rooster colors. Jonathan Maccabee betrayed his brothers to form an alliance with the Seleucid king, Alexander Balas, which is how I think Maccabees came to use the Alexander name. In the Ham write-up, an Alexander. I always link Alexanders (Kintyre, beside MacAbee's of Arran) to MacAbee's.

Kopple's are from or of Koplik, also called, Cupionich, like the Caepionis version of "Caepio."

The Ladder

I'd like to introduce an event in my youth. I had a feeling that Miriam, a fellow believer in our early 20s, might point to Miriamne II, daughter of Simon Boethus, and I may have found this to be true. I rented an apartment in her father's apartment building, where she was living too. We attended a Bible study a few houses down, when one day, Roxanne Bennet appeared. She was cute, and so I brought her to my apartment. Her surname is Bennet, a branch of Benedicts, and I recalled that one or the other might use the Salome star. It turned out to be the Benedicts.

I've told that, immediately after our relations, I was on a weekend with Christine Peare, which made her suspect with the PIERleoni Jews, for they were from pope Leo Benedict. It can explain the Peare LEOpard faces. English Benedicts were first found in Warwickshire with PEIRs/Peers. We are on track.

If this is God's pointer, why was she, RoxANNE? Annas-like Anne's have three stag heads in the colors of the three lions (PierLEONi) that surround the giant Benedict star, and Bennets have three stars in the colors of the giant Annas star, and in the colors of the three Wigan stars upon the Annas Shield. Boeotian liner Shake's were at Wigan. In other words, God may have chosen Roxanne in order to make the Bennet link to Annas of Israel in this way. But why not plain Anne instead of Roxanne?

Well, the Rocks' share rooks with Boullier's, suspect with the rare, so-called "boilers" of German Benedicts (Saluzzo Shield?) The Boullier rooks are in the colors of the BODEham/Bedingham rooks. That looks pretty tidy. I spent two days with Miss Peare at that time, after Roxanne, and never saw her again. I took her to church on Sunday morning, and took her to the church of the people who were holding the Bible study, where I met Roxanne, though I had never been to that church before. I think that this was in order to solidify the Bennet/Benedict link to Peare's.

The Rocks/Roach's share a fish on red with Butts/Boets, and share "Mon" with French Simons. English Simons use trefoils, symbol of ROQUEfeuil liners, from Languedoc, same as Rocks/Roque's. That can explain why she is ROXanne.

After seeing Miss Peare for the last time, my next lady was Lorraine with the beautiful feet, and we saw why Feets/Fate's can be with Salome colors. Repeat: "The Fait variation of Fez's/Fays/Fais' [fox, Jewish-Simon symbol] reminds of the Fate's/Feets (Pavia Coat), in all three Salome colors. To put it another way, Fate's/Feets use footless martlets on a fesse in all three colors of the Boet fish on a fesse." Pavia is where Pierro's/Pero's were first found, a Peare branch, and Pavia's were first found in Somerset with Piers/Pierce's. But that's not all, for French Simons were first found in Lorraine, and Lorraine lived on Church street, one block up from the Bible study, and my apartment at Miriam's, all on the same Church street. Church's were first found in Somerset too. I'll come back to Church's

The Caens share leopard faces with Peare's, and the Caens ("PERImus") have three of them on a red fesse, i.e. in the colors of the three martlets on a red fesse of Feets/Fate's. It's making it appear that Pierleoni Jews were of the Boets, you see. Why, really, do Italian Simons have a lion? Why is it the Spanish Leon lion? How many heraldic lions are for the Pierleoni?

I've told before that I painted the exterior of the three-story apartment building one was the basement) of Miriam's father. I had to buy the longest LADDER I could get, and I didn't have a vehicle at the time. When I did this paint job, I was living at Verne Archibald's (wait for this code to be explained), on Church street between the apartment and Lorraine. Therefore, let me repeat from above on ladder-like Lauders (I haven't known what heraldic ladders are code for, whether Latters or Lauders/Letters): "Lauders were at Bass Isle, a new discovery for me. Natts/Nathans were first found in Rhineland with Shutz's/Schutz's while the other English Bass'/Bassins (Bass Isle again) share the black greyhound with gold collar with Shutz's/Schutz's." By what coincidence do Church's use black greyhound heads with gold collars??? The other Bass' were discovered with the black Scoot HUNTING HORN, Orion the hunter, right? Thought so.

Reminder: Caens were in the Bessin, on the ORNE river. The Caen Crest is of the Crest of black-horn Trabys, this duo being from the Trebia river and the nearby Ceno. The latter is a tributary of the Taro, and Annas-suspect Ananes Gauls lived between the Taro and the Trebia.

The reason I'm telling this ladder story is that I saw the two scaling ladders in the English Bennet Coat, and that caused me to notice how the Bennet lions are in the colors of the Lauder griffin, indicating a Pierleoni link to Agrippa rulers in Lauder. The Bennet lion is in the colors of the Debon/Bono lion, and both Bennets and Benedicts use a "De bon" motto phrase. It just so happens that Lebons/Bone's (Provence, Salyes theater) share the Benedict / Salome star.

I've told before that, when moving out from Verne's place, I had to walk the ladder on a shoulder to Hunt street, my new address (I was always moving around, don't ask me why, but maybe most of it was God bringing me from one event to another to expand upon my heraldic work). Why Hunt street? Isn't that Orion the Hunter? What are greyHOUNDs for? Huns and Hundts, partly, and these sure look like Hunt(er) branches. Hunts look like they use the Latin Coat, and Latins can be a branch of Latters. The Latter surname once again has three gold items on a red fesse, looking linkable to Boets. You can find these colors in the Chief of Annas-suspect Anchors/Annackers, loved by the Greys (Hun / Hundt colors).

Hold on to you ladder, because Baldwins, the most-"important" Bald liners for being the first kings of Templar Jerusalem, share the Hunt saltire, and were first found in Shropshire with Hunts!!! Wow.

The "laidir" motto term of Kilpatricks (and Brians) is helpful because the Latins use both Kilpatrick saltires. Therefore, the ladder at Hunt street is indeed a pointer to Latins and Hunts, so amazing (you've got to be me to see how rewarding this is in spite of the time it takes to unravel / decipher things).

I've just got around to checking the Verne Coat. Whether or not it's a version of a Kidd Coat, it was first found in Forez with BESANcons, looking very linkable to the Bass'/Bassins that lived in the same place as ladder-suspect Lauders. I've now realized that "ArchiBALD" can be a Baltea-river element, for that's where I trace Baldwin, the first king of Templar Jerusalem, brother of Godfrey de boiler-like Bouillon. The Baltea-river Bauts were first found in Auvergne with Bouillons, and the other Kidds have upright goats in the colors of the upright, Baut ram! Therefore, Verne's seem proven to be with a Kidd Coat thanks to a clue from his surname, as though Someone planned my living at his home (twice).

I can add that while the kids were jumping on the yellow bed, Yellows, Yells and Jells (black greyhound) are suspect as Verne-like Varni liners. I met Verne while starting my relationship with Roxanne, interesting where Archibalds were first found in Roxburghshire, and look linked to Roxburghs. I moved out of Archibald's, to the parents of Roxanne for the winter, then, after Lorraine and Mamie the following summer, I moved back to Archibald's, and that's when I carried the ladder to Hunt. Some minutes after writing this paragraph to this point, I found Leaders as "Lader," and, wow, they not only share the Yellow fesse, but the Varn scallops (in Jell colors and format). That ladder is now linking to last week's yellow-bed dream, wonders never cease.

The kids were JUMPing on the bed, and while GUMPS are with German Gumms/Gomers, God seemed to be indicating that Gumms and Tooth's need to be linked, and here I can say that Tooths share the Lauder griffin! That's pretty tidy. Laders/Leaders (Wear river) even share the gold boar with Weirs/Vere's, suspect from the Varni. As Laders/leaders are in the format, and colors reversed, from the Scottish Michaels, whose English branch shares the gold-on-black Lader/Leader scallops, let's repeat that the kids on the yellow bed were Michael's kids, suggesting that Rangabe's (part Varangian) are to ladder liners, be they Lauders, Latins or Leaders. MORE: Ladds/Ladons look very linkable to the Michael Coat(s).

Minutes after writing here, Michaelsons were found with a "proSIM" motto term and the same lion as Italian Simons. Norwegian Michaelsons almost have the Yellow Coat.

[Update -- the yellow bed is discovered in the next update to be for Bauds and related surnames. Shortly after that, I find that the Crest of Michaelsons above has the Kid Crest exactly! That's no small thing. What are the chances?]

I shared a house at Hunt with a dispatcher of the taxi company. During the course of those months, I was called on to pick up Mamie twice (with my TAXi cab), after we had split up. That event caused me to emphasize the German TAX/Dax/Dack surname because it has a saltire in the colors of the Tease/Tess/Teck saltire...while Mamie had earlier been given a tease symbol that led smack to Annas'. But there were a couple of things probably missed when telling of this taxi story. First, the Roxburghs (Nagle / Gale saltire?) use an "AuDAX" motto term (partly for Aude, location of Roquefeuil).

Secondly, I had no way to know previously that English Dax's/Ducks have the Salome stars (!) in Chief. It was the Bennet surname of Roxburgh-suspect Roxanne that led to the same star (gold on red) with Benedicts, and to the Bennets suspect with the Annas star (white on red). That's amazing, not in itself, perhaps, but when added to the entirety of these "coincidences." Roxanne became my girlfriend in the apartment building of Miriam, suspect with Miriamne II, daughter of Simon Boethus, and mother of Salome.

I met Archibald when building his DECK. Roxanne was fresh my lady at the time. AuDAX. The Logans/DUCKs have a HEART, pierced as code for Pierleoni, right? Herod liners at the Pierleoni "Jews," that's what this duck quacks like. German Ducks/Duchers were first found in Westphalia with Nagle's/Nails, and the Roxburghs with the "audax" term show the little saltires of Gale's, in the colors of the Nail/Nagle saltire, and while Nagle's use a nightinGALE for their merger with Gale's, the Logan/Duck heart is pierced with nails, which, I'll bet, are the trophy of some as per the three nails into Jesus. For the first time, I can understand why her name was ROXanne, to bring out the Nagle saltires with Roxburghs.

The deck at Archibald's was built with two young men at the Bible study, Rick Legge, and red-haired Trevor who was living at the Kendry home that put on the Bible study. Roxanne would serve us drinks, and for some reason, tea always comes to mind, but as it was summer, ICE tea makes sense. Tea's are listed with Tease's/Tye's, the symbol of Mamie for linkage to RoxANNE-suspect Annas'. Ice's were first found at Rostock with Verne-like Varni, and let me say here that the Varni with Nagle-suspect Angle's worshiped NERTHus, which goddess traces to "NERETva," home of the proto-Arthur Ardiaei, and so we can entertain "ARCHIBald" with the Archibure variation of Arthurs.

Just look at that. The Angle surname shares the Nagle lozenges, and Nagle's were of Oneglia, home of Arduinici. It's verifying that Arduinici had been the Ardiaei Illyrians, but let's add that I've been identifying Rostock with Roxolani Alans over the years so that ice tea served at VERNE Archibald's by Roxanne fits perfectly with that Rostock picture even with Roxburghs as part of it.

To get your attention further, ArchiBALDs look like they are from the Baltea river, location of Ivrea, home of the Arduinici, and suspect with the Yvery location of the Somerset Leavells, and it just so happens that Scottish Leavells (oft-popping red fesse), were first found in Roxburghshire with Archibalds.

The Ice trefoils are those of English Pike's, and Scottish Pike's share the pierced stars of Salome's. She was serving Ice tea while we built a deck, and the Decks are split horizontally in the colors of the same of Ice's, so amazing, and in the vertically-split colors of trefoil Pike's. You can't have all of these links as coincidences based the few items / people in a simple event. Pike's and Ice's use the RoqueFEUIL treFOILs (shared by Rocks and Fellers, for example). TREFoils have long been suspect as part-code for Treffs/Trips, and it's the English Trips that have the ladder. Quatrafoils are suspect with a Roquefeuil marriage with Quadratilla liners, and cinquefoils are suspect with Quints / Quince's.

Her surname is Bennet, and Tea's/Tease's/Tye's have the Bennet stars, I now see, as well as the Benedict / Salome star in colors reversed, but as Tea's/Tease's were first found in Nottingham with Annas', they probably use the Annas star. It's completely amazing, for we were building a deck when she served what I recall as tea, and Tease's/Tess' are also Deck-like Tecks, which is why I've always maintained a Deck trace to the Ticino/Tessin.

Beside's, I know that God wants things to trace to the Laevi of the Ticino, where Pierleoni are tracing right now as we speak. What are the chances that Decks share the horizontally-split Shield of Ice's while Tea's trace to the Ticino? Look at how Decks are so much like the Salome-de-Herod line of Ducks. Decks share the fleur-de-lys and squirrel of Dike's. Scottish Balds (Durant ship?) were first found in Peebles-shire, where I trace the Pavia location founded by Laevi (as Ticinum). While I trace Durants to the Durance river of the Salyes, the Saluzzo Chief-Shield colors are reversed from the same of the Shield with the Bald ship. The Baltea river comes out of Aosta, founded by Salassi. One Durant Coat shares the Sales fleur.

The Walsers who lived on the Lys tributary of the Baltea are split horizontally in the same of the Lys-using Decks, and we built a deck for ArchiBALD. Walsers are suspect as a branch of Glass', and the Glass star is also the star in the Chief of the ship-using Balds, at Peebles-shire, next close to GLASgow, where we find Renfrew, and then the giant Renfrew ship is in both colors of the Bald ship. As Dutch Walsers have a moline, the German Walsers above must be using the goat (same colors) of Moline's.

It's very important here that Lys'/Lisse's were from Lissus of the Cavii, for Chives' use a moline colors reversed from the Walser moline, and CHIVASSO happens to be on the Baltea river. Archibalds brought us to this river. This is a good place to add that while heraldic shoulders are suspect with the Schutz-like Schultz's, the latter's quadrants are those of Chives', and because I carried the ladder on my shoulder all the way to Hunt, let's add that Taylards (Chapelle kin), of HUNTingdonshire, have the quadrants in colors reversed, which supports my claim that the Chives' "cats" are the Tail/Tailor lions.

Chives' were related to Hykes' (Devon, same as Moline's), and the Taylard Coat is a version of the Hykes and Eaton Coat. As Eatons once showed the Dicken cross design, it suggests what's to be expected, a Chives link to Laevi on the Dicken-like Ticino. The Ticino/TESSin starts in the Ticino canton of Switzerland, and Tease's/TESS'/Tecks were first found in Switzerland along with Schultz's.

I didn't carry the ladder down the main street of Yonge (Richmond Hill, Ontario) to begin with, as it was embarrassing to carry it so far on such a street. It means I carried it down the quiet Church street as far as possible, the street upon which I was living. Church street runs parallel with Yonge, and just one street over it. Church's happen to share the black greyhound head, with gold collar, of Schultz-suspect Schutz's (Schole/Scayle colors). That's tidy, as though to verify that Schutz's were a Schultz/Shultz branch. Don't forget the ladder of Shoe/Schoo-loving Trips. The Hunt-related Latins are split in the colors of all the quadrants under discussion.

We can add that while I had to cross Yonge street to get to Hunt (right off of Yonge beside LEVENdale), Yonge's share the three piles of the Roxburgh Leavells. It is completely shocking to me that the three Yonge piles are colors reversed from the three Latter piles, I get it. Levens, first found in Shropshire with Hunts(!) even have a good reflection of the Tease/Tea/Tye Coat. I had moved from Hunt street to Levendale while driving the taxi from both places, and Tax's/Dacks are likely a Tease/Tess/Teck branch. Here's a map of Richmond Hill so that you know I'm not making up these streets as I go along.

Wow, this is awesome. That place on Levendale was shared with Albert, and I recall that the English Alberts use a savage with a sledge hammer "over the SHOULDER"!!! These Alberts were first found in Kent with the Trips who share the scaling ladder with Bennets, I kid you not, and while Albert was Dutch, it should be added that Dutch Alberts share the giant lion of Dutch Bennets/Benedicts.

I lived at the same house on Levendale twice. The first time was immediately after moving out of the home of Roxanne Bennet, which is interesting where Levens, with Edomite elephants, share the Bennett and Tea/Tease stars. These Bennets were first found in Perthshire with elephant-like Oliphants. The latter's red-on-gold stars (colors reversed from the Salome stars) are shared by the French Roys in the motto of ladder-using Bennets. The Roy stars are in the colors of the red roundels of Bennet-like Bents/Bends, and red roundels are in the Coat of Scottish Roys, beside the Peebles-shire Balds who share a ship with these Roys.

Arduinici of Oneglia married Doria's which is why the giant Doria eagle should be in the Ice Coat. Doria's trace well to Daorsi of the Neretva, and therefore to the Davers, and the latter are in Arthur colors and format along with their neighboring Diss'/Dice's (both first found in Suffolk), who are looking like Dike's / Decks.

Back to Rick Legge, for Legge's use a giant stag head half in the colors of the Kenneth stag head while the Bible study was at the home of Kenneth-like KENDrys. The Legge stag head is in the colors of the stag head in the Arms of Waterford county, and that Arms uses a "Deise" motto term while Diss'/Dice's are also Deise's. It appears that Mr. Legge just took us to more Ticino liners. The other Arms of Waterford shares the ship with Balds. There is a Diss location in Suffolk, and a Deise location at Waterford. The only heraldic dice I know of are with QUINTo's/Quintana's (Castile and Massena). They chose to use three dice showing the six, and may or may not be advancing 666.

Quints may have named the Kenneth-like Kints/Kents, who are not necessarily from the namers of Kent county. The Kints/Kents (Kenneth-stag colors) have a passant lion in the colors of the Sforza lion which in-turn holds a QUINCE. The Chief-Shield colors of Kints/Kents are those of Balds and Brocks / Brocuffs, while Brocks and Brooks were first found in Essex with Quints. It's interesting that ARCHibalds can be of the Arch's, first found in Berkshire with Kints/Kents. The last sentence comes minutes after wondering whose colors and format the Quinto's are using, and Arch's do so.

The first sentence below is from the last update, the second sentence was inserted there this minute: "Compare Brocuffs and Brocks to Kents. The latter were at THATCham, and Thatchers were first found in Essex with Brocks and Brooks. The Eudo character in the Thatch write-up may therefore be a Eudokia liner." Eudokia was the daughter of Brock-line Procopia. The Thatch tigers hold something in their paws, and it may be the dart held by the Brock lion.

Quints were first found partly in Dorset, which is how I can identify the Quint lion paw as that of the Dorset Palins/PAWlins. But the Ricks, who share a fitchee with the Quint lion paw, had a place in Dorset: "Rixon is a village near Sturminster Newton in Dorset." I think God chose Rick Legge to be a part of this discussion because Ricks have an orange griffin, and Quintus Caepio had a war at Orange.

The Legge stag head is in the colors of the giant Trump stag head, and Trumps were first found in the VARNi theater too. Rick Legge built the DECK at VERNE's too. Also, Ricks look to be with a version of the Tint Coat, both surnames first found in Somerset, and Tint's share the blue unicorn of Gale's so as to appear together with "TintaGEL," birthplace of the Arduinici line of king Arthur. We saw how Gale's are fundamental with Varni liners.

While viewing the red stars of Balds, shared by the Glass' and Blacks, I recalled that Blake's and Blazers have been traced to a Bald-like Bled location on the upper Sava. That can be where the Baldwin kings may have been from. The Crusaders were mainly Flemish and Norman (from Normandy, that is), and Flemings were at Mons of Hainaut with the Levi'. Mons is traceable to Emona, smack beside Bled. The Baldwins use a green, wyVERN dragon in Crest, perhaps linkable to the green griffin in the Crest of Leslie's, whom I trace to Lesce, likewise beside Bled. The Mons/Mount Coat is that also of Legge-like Leghs/Leighs, and Leightons (Shropshire, same as Levens) were traced solidly to the Latovici, smack beside (see upper-right of
light map

) this Emona part of the Sava. Lato's are with the Latters.

Leightons are Latons too, and share a wyvern with the Baldwins, the latter first found in the same place as Leightons and Hun-suspect Hunts. As Hunts share the Baldwin saltire, by what coincidence was Bled-like Bleda the name of Attila's brother? The black Leighton wyVERN is shared by Trevors, and Trevor was the third young man building the deck at VERNE ArchiBALD's. Hounds/Houns (Hunt colors) were first found in Cambridgeshire with Capone's, June's and Jeune's, and may be using the Bass/Bassin Shield because another Bass Coat has hunting horns.

It should be mentioned in passing that, since Childeric's family with Basina lived at the time of Attila's hoards who reached France, let's add that while the Bass'/Bassins are from the namers of Basina, the Childeric line of Childs/CHILLs can be to the Chillington location of Giffords, who share the ermined lozenges of Hounds/Houns. Neither surname shows any other symbol in their Shields. Lozenges are suspect with Losinj, an island off the coast of the Colapis region. As Schutz's use the greyHOUND, it's notable that they were first found in the same place as the Natts/Nathans sharing the white border on a black Shield with Hounds and Bass'/Bassins.

As I trace June-loving Yonge's/Youngs to the Una/Oeneus tributary of the Sava (not to mention to Junia Caepionis, a great-granddaughter of Quintus Caepio), let's repeat that Yonge's/Youngs have three piles colors reversed from the Lato/Latter piles, and moreover here is the Arms of John Yonge (note greyHOUND in Crest), which is the same Coat as Trevors. If that's not enough, Rick Legge was the other man helping me, and Legge's have a stag head in the colors of the stag of German Youngs/June's/Jungs. Clickety-click all over the place.

The Yonge/Young Coat with a "jeune" motto term is also the Coat of the Brittany Clairs, and it just so happens that the English Clairs have three chevrons colors reversed from the Bled chevrons. Blood use the stag.

The Latovici are off the Colapis, also called the Kupa, suspect with "Caepio." Colapis liners named Colchester, in Essex where Yonge's and Quints were first found. The Sava likely named the Sava's/Savage's because they share the black lion paw with Quints. The Breuci beside the Latovici can be suspect with Brocks whose Coat is a good reflection of the Kint/Kent Coat, and while I trace Kenneths/KENZie's (almost the Legge stag head) to KENZa of Aures, that area was the home of Sava-suspect Shawia. The Kenneths/Kenzie's share a buried "itur" motto term with the Berkshire Shaws, a term suspect with IDRis (from Itureans?) of Morocco, husband of Kenza, and known to be from Muslims in or near Iturea. The "uro" motto term of Kenneths/Kenzie's is likely for the Ure (AYRshire, where the Arms has a "shaw" motto term), for they have a Coat and Crest version of the Aurs'/Aures' (Bavaria). Ure's share the lion paw with Kenza-suspect Quints and Sava's/Savage's. The Eure's (Vere and Massey quadrants) are very linkable to the Leightons.

The Bible study we three men had with Roxanne at the Kendrys was very close to the intersection of Church and Major MacKENZIE. The only time I can recall Roxanne at my apartment in the building owned by Miriam's father, is when Legge came to the door unexpectedly, and I didn't have my shirt on as I answered it (he looked jealous, I didn't know until then he wanted Roxanne). I wasn't going to tell of this event until I had proof that it links to the Boethus', for that's what Miriam is supposed to point to.

There is a red shirt having Boethus-suspect buttons in the Coat of Tous'/Tosini's, and while Legge's are suspect with Leghs/Leighs and Mons'/Mounts at the Latovici and neighboring Emona and Bled, the Bleds have a "tous" motto term. The Tous write up mentions the buttons with the shirt even though we see no buttons.

I kid you not, I had forgotten: the Tous Coat is a super reflection of the Butt/Bute Coat!!! Hee-hee. You see, Miriam was God's pointer to Miriamne II, wife of Simon Boethus, and God had Rick Legge drop in while I was making out, without my shirt, with Roxanne, so that He could bring you this information. The Shirts (probably the Tees/Tiss chevron, another Ticino suspect), first found in Cheshire with Sava's/Savage's, even use a Hun-suspect term in their motto, "HosTIS honori invidia." Honors/Honans may be with the Kenneth stag.

The Ure/Aures motto, "Sans tache," is traceable to Shake-liner Schimatari Boeotians on two counts. First, "Sans" is almost the motto term of SHAKEspeare's, and secondly that Tacks are a branch of Tankerville's / Tancreds, who smack of "Tanagra" at Schimatari. Tacks look like yet another Ticino liner, and the Tache's happen to share the chevron and other colors of Diss'/Dice's. The Diss location is in Suffolk, where Tache's (share red roundels with Shirts) were first found, along with the Bullis' having red roundels with what could be the Annas star within.

Let me put it this way. Tache's share the red cinquefoil with HawTHORNs, suspect with the Tancred-related Hautville's because the Hawthorn Coat is a good reflection of the Tancred Coat, the latter being in the colors and format of the Shirt Coat while Shirts (of Harcourt Danes) were at THORNton, and Irish Thorntons (Bett cinquefoil?), of no surprise yet of a big surprise, have eight-pointed stars (Tous symbol) on a bend in all three colors of the Salome stars on a bend!!! You see, my not having a shirt on has led us to a Boethus line, if Salome's were from Salome Boethus, and the Tous' are the ones with a version of the Butt/Bute Coat! You can call them coincidences if you want, but God will get His message across without fail to those intended.

I need only explain why I was with Roxanne Bennet without the shirt, and we saw the Bennet-branch Benedicts with the same star as Salome's. Scottish Thorntons: Herod-suspect hearts. See also the hearts of Gemels, in Shirt colors and format.

Shirts share the Harcourt peacock, and were at HARborough. Harcourts use "Le bon," and Lebons/Bone's (Salome stars) are probably a branch of Bennet-beloved DeBons/Bono's (Milan, near the first-known Batti's/Bota's). You see. God took my shirt off. We did not go further; all her clothes were left on.

Hawthorns were first found in Durham, and therefore on or near the Tees river. Tees'/Tiss'/Teece's, with a Dice-like Tice variation, share the Hawthorn / Tancred / Shirt chevron. German Tees' are with the Tease's/Tess'/Tecks (LEAVES). This could get boring at times with redundancy.

Tancreds were first found in West Yorkshire with the Sedan-suspect Sedbergh of Dents, and Diss'/Dice's had "William de Diss, rector of Denton..." Sedans were first found in Durham too, location of the Wear river, and meanwhile the Wears/Were's (same bend as Peirs/Peers) tell that they married the Giffords who happen to share the Dent / Hound lozenges.

I'd like to go back to Irish Thorntons (GRIFFin in Crest), for while they were first found in Galway with the Teague's/Teegers having an Opgalli-suspect "Optem" motto term, Irish Thorntons use "Nec opprimere nec opprimi," looking like part-code for Primo's or Prime's. German Teegers use a giant, eight-pointed star in the colors of the eight-pointed stars of Tous', meaning that we are still touching upon the kin of Shirts, at Cheshire's Thornton. Opgalli was a "Jewish" woman, I have read, married to TIGRanes VI de Herod, he being descended from Miriamne I, wife of Herod "the great" murderer.

The giant Teeger star is the eight-pointed star of Stelli's, and Battistelli's lead us to Boethus-suspect Batti's/Bota's with more eight-pointed stars. Lookie: The double "Nec" terms of Thorntons are used by Honors/Honans suspect in the Shirt motto, and by RUTHERfords (rock), a branch of "Nec"-using Rodhams/RODDENS. Rothschilds/Rothsteins/RODDENsteins have eight-pointed stars in the colors of the same of Thorntons! That's the sort of "Jew" that Rothschilds trace to, not God's Israelites, but pot-of-gold Herods, the root of all evil.

The "fato" motto term of Rutherfords is for Fate's/Feets, likely, kin of Pavia's. "Nec" is for the Neckar river's Stuttgart location to raven-line Stout vikings, and the Stouts are the ones at Bedingham while Bodehams/Bedinghams share rooks with Rocks and Rooks (raven). The rock of Rutherfords is code loosely for their Roxburghshire location, or Roquefeuil liners in Roxburgh. This is what Roxanne depicted, is it not?

I almost married her, got her a ring even, except that the old dream from God had promised a blond wife, but Roxanne was a brunette. She got tired of waiting for me to get serious, and spread her wings, flying away. I had to move out of her place, and went to live with a friend, Albert OOSTYEN. This is amazing, for while Betts share the cinqueFOILs (still likely in honor of Roquefeuils) on a white bend with Rodhams/Roddens, and while these cinquefoils are in the Coat of the particular Thorntons having with the Rothschild/Roddenstein stars, Betts have the motto, "OSTENdo non Ostento". Austins/Ostians (Bedfordshire) happen to share the black Quint and Bedford lion paw because they (Austins) share the Quint chevron.

Portuguese Austins share the three fesses of Stouts, first found in Cambridgeshire with Caepio-suspect Capone's, and Caepionis-suspect June's and Jeune's (the Caepionis' were related to Levi-suspect Livius').

This reminds that Scottish Austins/Ostins (blue lion paws) share the upright, white stag with Caepio-suspect Youngs/June's/Jungs. Whose blue lion is in the Austin lion paw? Austins are fairly-obvious Ceraunii liners, the crow / Croatia line to heraldic crane's and mural / coronal / gorged crowns (gorged around necks, suspect with Neckar elements; Neckers/Necks use the crown). My first hint at Ceraunii liners was in the Crauns (gorged crown), who share the Bennet patee. Remember, I'm claiming that God took me from the Bennet residence, and put me in Oostyen's apartment for making links between the two, and here we are. I think Crauns share the so-called hind with Sava-like Shaws, and Ceraunii were at the Sava river.

Croatians trace to Craven, home of purple-lion Skiptons, and this is being said because the Cheshire Thorntons use the purple lion while Meschins of Cheshire married Skiptons. As Shirts of this Thornton line share the PaterNOSTER (Patrick / Kilpatrick saltire) chevron, the "nostra" motto term of Scottish Austins tends to make the red Austin chevron link to the same of Shirts. Therefore, Albert Oostyen (or maybe "OoSTEYN") is a pointer to this Salome-Boethus picture. In fact, the Rothschilds/RothSTEINs with the eight-pointed Thornton stars cane be sharing the same of DUTCH Steins/Steyns (rose, Rothchild symbol). Now that makes perfect sense, that Oosteyns were Dutch Stein liners. The Stein/Steyn (Austin/Ostin colors, yup) star is red on gold, colors reversed from that of Rothschilds/Rothsteins.

Wowie! English Steins/Steyns (Norfolk, same as Betts) have a leopard-face version of the Salome Coat!!! This would not have been discovered had Roxanne Bennet not traced to Salome kin. I followed her pointers to Oostyen. Leopard faces are still suspect with Pierleoni, the Bennet line. It's clear that Steins/Steyns are a branch of Stevensons (Northamptonshire, same as Rodhams/Roddens), and the latter share the bend of Rodhams/RODDENs (part of Rothschilds/Rothsteins) while Rodhams/Roddens have the Bett bend-with-cinquefoils, important because the Batti's/Bota's share the red eight-pointed star with Steins/Steyns. Boethus liners everywhere.

I don't remember the name of the street I moved to when moving out of Alberts on my first rental there. I know how to get to the street, and so have used the map to identify it as Libby Blvd, near his place. This could be Scooter-Libby interesting.

I started to date Lorraine while at Libby, and meanwhile Albert's lady was Laura. Lorraine's can be connected to Laurys, and the latter share the tree stump of Rodhams. This seems pertinent to the Levendale location of Oostyen, especially if Libbys are Levi's along with Levens. Levens were first found in Shropshire with raven-liner Rothes', and the Rodham write-up has: "There is also a Rodden River in Shropshire." Rodhams use a version of the Aid/Ade Coat, and the latter's is a version of the Stevenson / Stein/Steyn Coat (linkable to Rodham kin, right), and Aids (same place as Lauders) are in the Levi motto. That all looks like it's by design, but there is more.

This move of mine to Libby may reveal that the blue Austin lion paws are for the blue Libby lion. I didn't know right away that the new landlady was a friend of Miss QUINN, a sister of a friend of mine. Miss Quinn had said, a few years earlier, in front of the entire gathering, that I was a fool to become a Christian. She meant well, she really did, or so she thought. The line of Quintus Caepio married Livius. Did this line, therefore, become the Libbys? God indicated to me in a dream from emailer Patterson that the blue lion (in her dream) was named "something like Cappeo" (her words). I had not yet discovered Caepio.

The nearest corner to the new place was Libby and Rumble, and this tends to prove that it was a Set-up. Rumble's have a "laus" motto term, as well as the same chevron as Austins/Ostins, really quite amazing, because Laus' are listed with LAURe's. It doesn't look coincidental, and as the Rumble chevron is that also of Quints, it tends to reinforce a Libby link to Quintus Caepio. Rumble's are also RUMbalds/RumBows/RUMballs, while Rums/Rome's were first found in Dumfries with Laurys (laurel symbol in a Caepio-suspect cup). See also the Lowrys.

I was in the midst of doing a full, migratory circle, going from Libby to Oulette's place (dated Mamie while there), back to Verne Archibalds, and then carrying the ladder to Hunt, after which Oosteyn asked if I would take his apartment while he went to work far away for the winter. This is being told because the Laury motto is that also of ladder-suspect LAUDERs/Letters, and both share the tree stump. The mystery may be solved with LOTHERingia, later to be named, Lorraine. From Verne's place, going north on Church street toward Hunt, I had to pass Lorraine's apartment with this 32-foot extension ladder on my shoulder(s).

Either immediately before or after using the ladder to paint the apartment building of Miriam's father, I replaced the insulation in an ATTIC a couple of doors down from Verne's. This gets interesting where the tree stump is at times called a "stump" (not always), and Stumps use the TICK/Touque Coat in colors reversed. As I said, I asked Lorraine out at her bus STOP, which turned out to be code (without doubt for reasons) for Stops/Stubbs (version of Pepin / Pipe Coat), and Stubbings have this: "...Stebbing, a small village in the Uttlesford district that dates back to the Domesday Book where it was listed as Stibinga and either meant [blah blah]... or 'dwellers among the tree-stumps.'" That's not likely correct. Instead, Stumps are probably known to be a branch of Stops/Stubbs / Stubbings. Hey honey, let's call ourselves the Tree Stumps, it's so inspiring. It's better than the Swamps, anyway. The Libby-possible Leibers/Leibs have either a tree stump or log but, in any case, its with the quadrants of Stubbings, pretty remarkable. I lived at Libby blvd fresh when asking Lorraine out at her Bus Stubbing.

Church street ends at Dunlop. That's when I had to turn to Yonge street, the main street, so embarrassing to walk this ladder a couple of blocks more on that road (it was stolen, anyway, from the backyard at Hunt). Dunlops (Ayrshire, same as Latters!) share a giant, double-headed eagle with ladder-like Lotters/Lots (Lothian branch), whom were looked up as per Lothar, the ruler who named Lotharingia. It appears that God named Dunlop.

The next street to pass north of Dunlop was Bedford, and we saw that Bedfords share the black lion paw with Quints. After Bedford comes Crosby, and Crosbys share the Lauder tree stump, I kid you not. If you didn't load the map earlier, here it is if you want to check these streets.

The next street is Benson, and finally Hunt. Remember, Hunts share the Latin Coat, essentially. I didn't have anything to say about the Benson surname, when looking at its Coat, but the write-up traces to the Barrow area of Furness. The Furness' and Parrs were both first found in Lancashire with Furness, (wow read below for what word occurred as I was writing right here), and while Parrs share the black border with Furness' and Bedfords, Parrs are one of only three surnames I know, off-hand, that use "shoulder(s)" in their description. I was carrying the ladder on my shoulders! I was en route to living on LEVENdale again, and so see the Leven waters off the coast of Furness on this map.

As per the brackets above, the line, "I am strong when on Your Shoulders," was singing at that time, from the song, "You Raise Me Up" (by Westlife). It's verification that God is in this. Parrs and Furness'/Furnace's are both from king Pharnaces, and while farmers were suspect with that same king, Curtis' use a plowshare over the shoulder of a farmer.

A s far as I can recall, the Parr Crest is simply a woman with shoulders. This reminds that I trace the "WOMAN" (with "disheveled hair") in the Elis Crest to VIMINacium, smack beside Leader-like LEDERata!!! Wow. Can you believe this? Those locations are on your light map from links above (see near the mouth of the Sava in Moesia). The Bedfords share the black lion paw with Sava's, and while Quints have one too, Cuppae is right-near Viminacium. As Leders share the Radice checks, "LedeRATa" looks like an element partly of Sub Radice (upper Hebros), and it just so happens that Rats share the Elis cross. It's interesting that these are Carrick colors while Leaders even share the same fesse as Carricks while there was Margy/Mackey-cause to trace MARJory/Margaret Carrick to the Margus river with a mouth at Lederata. Elis' were first found in Yorkshire with Skiptons, the latter suspect from Scupio, shown on the upper Margus.

The Benson location in the Benson write-up was also Benington. Did Salome Boethus trace to the Pierleoni? Bensons, Beningtons, Bennys and Binnys all have horses in Crest, and Binnys share the star of shoulder-suspect Schultz's, Then, Binni's are listed with Debons suspect in the "De bon" motto phrase of Pierleoni-liners, Bennets (ladders, yup) and Benedicts. And lest we forget, this ladder was on my shoulders along much of Yonge street while Yonge's have three piles colors reversed from the three Latter piles. This was not the ladder to Heaven. Is there any meaning in its being stolen? God made me crazy enough to sand and paint the rain gutters on a three-story building with this ladder. All alone, nobody holding the ladder. It was a terrible job, but someone had to do it, and God picked me. At least the girls he chose were pretty, one after the other.

It appears that God named these streets to tell a story, then waited 100 years for me to come along. None did I know. Should we be expecting the birth of Caiaphas from the line of Pharnaces and Nysa? Was Nysa named from Naissus on the Margus? What is this ladder story for, ultimately? The third queen Nysa was in Bithynia, which I think covered Nicaea (otherwise it was in Moesia-related Mysia). While I feel sure that Herods descended from Nysa of Cappadocia, Herod Antipas may have been of Antibes, smack beside Nice. Nissans share the double fesses of shoulder-loving Parrs.

Repeat: Rodhams use a version of the Aid/Ade Coat, and the latter's is a version of the Stevenson / Stein/Steyn Coat (linkable to Rodham kin, right), and Aids (same place as Lauders) are in the Levi motto." Why do English Lauders share the goose on a rock in the Rutherford Crest? Because, Lauders were Rodham kin.

I've got to repeat a story at an age too young to remember. My mother told me later that I drank TURPENtine on the stairs. I think I know why she added that the bottle was on the stairs, for Stairs use the Capone Coat. Lauders at Lauder were between the two TYNE rivers, like in "turpenTINE." Turpens, first found in Dorset with Quints -- yup, confirmation that Capone's were from Quintus Caepio -- share a version of the Aid and Rodham Coats. Very tidy. And Tyne/Tine's were first found in Shropshire with the Rodden river, can we believe it? I almost missed it. There is an amazing THING here that I'll get to below.

The Turpen Coat probably has the Rothes bend with lion heads. One can glean that Turpens are with a version of the David Coat, but the David Coat is a version of the Eyton Coat while Aytons/AITons, like "Aid," were first found in Berwickshire with Aids, it comes across like a perfect orchestra. God made me drink turpentine (I wasn't singing, I don't think), but at least I didn't need to lie on my side for a year. Turpens were from a Bois location in Normandy. French Bois' look like an Alan-Stur merger, and so English Bois' can have the Rodham / Bett Coat in someone else's colors.

Lookie, this is new: turpentine on the STEPs. Here's a repeat from above without the turpentine yet on the page: "There is a Stepp surname using a giant fleur in colors reversed from a STEPhenson fleur." Turpens share the Stephenson bend! I was just a little baby, maybe two years old, and God was already working me. I hope to graduate to Hillary's worst nightmare.

Repeat: "And Tyne/Tine's were first found in Shropshire with the Rodden river, can we believe it?" I didn't bother to load Tyne's/Tine's while on turpentine. But they got loaded anyway when seeing this in the Holland write-up: "The surname Holland was first found in Lancashire at Thingwall..." Things were loaded to see if they were listed with Twine's or Twins, but they came up with Tyne's/Tine's. Hollands were loaded because Libbys share that Halland lion while Roxanne lived in the Holland Landing. The Libby lion is colors reversed from the Holland lion.

But "Landing" is Libby interesting because, my next girlfriend after Roxanne was Lorraine, when I lived on Libby blvd. As was said, I asked Lorraine out when I had never spoken to her before. I SCOOTED over to her on my bike, at the corner of Yonge and Lorne, and she agreed to meet me that evening at the laundromat, which itself became firmly resolved as code for LANDENs/Landers. That's pretty neat.

You can trust this: Thingwall of the Hollands was at the parish of Childwall while Lorraine's use the Child eagles. The last time I saw her, she was carrying a CHILD. Lotheringia was named by Frank royals, descended from Childeric and his Pepin kin. The laundromat was nailed with Pepin of Landen (he married Metz in Lorraine). Lotheringia was named by Carolingians, descended from Pepins.

Roxanne in the Holland Landing can apply because Libbys were linked by their Crest to Angle's, who share the lozenges (in colors reversed) of Nagle's while the Nagle/Nail saltire is shared by Roxburghs. The Libby Crest is suspect with a baton, the Angle symbol too. The Anger Chief has the Nagle lozenges (Anger Crest has the Hanger escarbuncle). French Angers use a single pale bar half in blue, the color of the single Roxburgh pale bar.

It's so conspicuous that Anger-like Anchors/Annackers share three gold lozenges in Chief with Angers while neither have symbols in their Shields. The Anchors have the Chief-Shield colors of Montferrat rulers, and Angers have those of the Montferrat branch of VASTo's (in Saluzzo), explaining why Greys use the motto, "Anchor FAST anchor." Roets, who trace to the Boofima cult in Oneglia, have the Vasto colors, and are said by a Wikipedia article to descend from Croys or Groys, both of which are listed with Greys.

I trace Boofima to Perigord's Beefs/Boeufs, who share the Nagle fesse, and while English Faux's were first found in Essex with Angers, the Faux's/Chalnes' (dove, Payen-line symbol) of Perigord have a version of the Roet / Anger Chief. It's the Pane/Panico Chief, and Pane's/Panico's share the tree with Roets.

MontFerrats are so much like the Ferte's whose barons were the Vardys, and then Bardys were first found in PERIgord too. Pero liners? Pierleoni?

The Scalia/Scalise ladder acts as a pale bar in colors reversed from the Pero pale bar. It's in both colors of the blue pale bar of Angers. Nicaea was also called, Ancore, in case Anchors / Angers are from that thing. Queen Nysa of BITHYNia (at or beside Nicaea) is suspect with BIDENs/Buttons because the latter use one of the two Ness/Nice fesses. The Hangers who share the Anger escarbuncle were first found in Hampshire with Bidens/Buttons. Hangers use "honorabit," and while Tous' have a shirt with buttons, Shirts use "honori." Shirts apparently love the Tiss'/Tees', first found in Hampshire.

I See a Pharnaces-Bassus Marriage

The Parr write-up may help to trace Pharisee-suspect Pharnaces to the Pierro's/Peros: "One source notes: 'I ventured to derive this surname from Peter, and this, through the French Pierre, is probably the true origin of it in some cases; but a correspondent (the Rev. Henry Parr) says: 'it is derived from the manor of Parr in Lancashire...'" The white Shield with black border of Parrs and Furness' is that of Natts/Nathans too, first found in Rhineland with Sadducee-suspect Shutz's/Schutz's. The Arms of Rhineland is a wavy white-on-green bend, the colors of the Peir/Peer bend, and my hunch is that while Rothschilds are behind Rhineland, that wavy bend is that of Jewish Pollocks too. Scottish Pollocks (founded by a Peter) share a gold saltire with Shutz's/Schutz's.

Those Shields with black borders are shared by Bass'/Bassins in colors reversed. I have not been familiar with the Bass'/Bassins because I routinely load Bassus liners as "Base." Fortunately, to make the Natt link to Bassins hard, and meanwhile to make the Natt link hard to Schutz's, the other English Bass'/Bassins share the black greyhound head, with gold collar, with Shutz's/Scoots, and the latter are even a branch of Scoots.

The amazing thing about this new picture I have not known before, is that Mr. Skeetz commented that the Schutz greyhound has a talbot look to it. I thought it was debatable, but the point here is that the Furness' have a black dog that is the type shown for all talbot dogs I've seen, clearly a Labrador species. Talbots, Scoots and Scotts happen to have a white Shield with red border, perfect. We definitely have a link of Natts/Nathans and Bass'/Bassins to Furness' and Parrs, and Scoots (share black hunting horn with German Base's/Bassins) were first found in East Lothian with Bass'/Bassus'.

When I drove my NISSAN (code for queen Nysa, wife of Pharnaces) to Texas, I had to take a leak bad enough that I pulled over onto a ramp, and facing the city lights toward BAYtown, I urinated as likely code for Orion, the mythical hunter to the Scott / Base hunting horns. I didn't know at the time that Miss Hicks, whom I had not yet met, lived in Baytown as little as three or four months before I drove by that night (I later purchased property ten minutes from her place). I had a dream with her in it several years earlier, and I had no shirt on while walking along the sandy beach of that dream. Earlier, having no shirt linked to Miriamne Herod, wife of Boethus, the house that had engaged with Sadducees. The Bays/Bayes' look linkable to the Baise variation of Base's, and the double fesses of Bays/Bayes (half in the colors of the double Parr / Nissan fesses) are those of Parr-loving Manners/Maness, can we believe it? The Nissan was code for Pharnaces and Nysa, clearly.

The Sempers/St. PIERRE's, in Pierro/Pero colors, have two lions in pale in colors reversed from the English Base's/Baise's, first found in Lincolnshire with Talbot-suspect Taillebois'. Tail / Tiller liners are from the Cetina = Tilurius river, where I have been tracing Bassus for quite a while. Can we believe it: the Base/Baise lions are the two in pale of Brunswicks, and Rothschilds/Rothsteins were first found in Brunswicks while the first child born to the first Rothschild was, Nathan. Rothschilds love that name, Nathan, and they say that the first Rothschild was associated with a prince of Hesse-Cassel. "In 1946, the Rhineland was divided into the newly founded states of Hesse, North Rhine-Westphalia and Rhineland-Palatinate."

The great thing is, the BLACK Schutz greyhound has a chain at its collar, and the BLACK wolf heads of Quade's also have chains, and Quade's are from Quadratilla Bassus, queen of Cetis, no mistake at all. God has used events in my life to shake these realities out from the secret closet.

My last dog was Katie, named by my kids, but I think God had something to do with it because it was a black Lab. She was bred by HUNTERs in Texas! She was incredibly active and strong. She was not the fat, docile type of Lab. As soon as I let her out of the van in daily runs at the park, she would tear, literally tear, and she'd run and run and not get tired for an entire hour. She loved to dive for beavers in a pond I took her to, and I'll bet those beavers were code for Bavarians and Bauers / Bowers, the surname of the first Rothschild.

I'll bet that Katie is God's pointer to Cetis and the Cetins/Cattans to which my cat, Sassy, traced without doubt (Sassys use BESANTs and share the Saracens head with Cetins/Cattans). Better yet, I'll bet Katie (or Katy) was a pointer to the Chatti of Hesse-Cassel, the line to Keith Catti at Haddington, where Bass island is situated, and where the Bass'/Bassus were first found!!! Amazing, is it not? Sassy loved / needed to suck her TAIL as an adult, and Suchs happen to use a Shield filled with besants, I get it. [Keep an eye out for Caiaphas-suspect Kate's].

Back to my leak facing Baytown (Leaks share the Hicks fleur-de-lys). I've just seen (almost missed it) the Bay/Bayes write-up: "The parish of Bennington in Lincolnshire was another ancient family seat." This can not only reveal that the Lincolnshire Base's/Baise's were at Bennington, but this latter term was found as the alternative name of Benson when I was telling of the streets I crossed in carrying the ladder to HUNT street. And Hunts are using a version of the Latin Coat while Kilpatricks, with a ladder-like "laidir" motto term, use both saltires in the Latin Coat. Miss Hicks is Mrs. Kilpatrick. Bennington kin led to the star of Binnys, in the colors of the star of Schutz-like Shultz's, the shoulder suspect. Binnys-et-al looked like Bennets = Pierleoni. In was without a shirt with Miss Bennet. I was without a shirt in the Hicks dream upon the sand, and Sands named Sands beside Furness!!! Miss Hicks moved from my area of Texas to FORNey.

The first Nathan Rothschild lived in Manchester, which is in Lancashire with Furness. Furness' share the Shield of Natts/Nathans, which can explain why Nathan was sent to Manchester to run the British branch of Mayer Bauer's German bank. Greater Manchester is the location of Shakerley, strongly suspect from Shechemites at Schimatari, home of mythical Orion, the urine god. You can't help but be impressed with God's work. He has a target on the Rothschilds; His bow will cut the beast in half with a single shot, when the world or liars go mad.

Benington of Lincolnshire is in a Boston area, and Bostons (Roxburghshire, probably the Home/Hume lion) share the green Shield with Bauers, Bowers, and Burleys/Bourlys. The Benington garbs are colors reversed from the Field/Feld garbs, which recalls that I trace Hume's and Falts/Faulds/Fauls' to a couple of side-by-side locations (Humorului and Falticeni) at the upper Siret river in Romania. The lower Siret's Rimna area is where I trace the Benjamites of Rimmon, and so the Benny / Benington liners look like Benjamites.

TRYPillians lived on the Siret, and the ladder-using Trips share the crosslets of English Base's/Bassins and Hamburgs (recall the Ham-Hahn interplay of the Hamburg theater). Nissans were first found in Hamburg. The Treff variation of the Hamburg Trips are in the TREFoils of the Rockefellers, who could have named Fauls' of the Falts/Faulds, for example. What are the chances that boot-like elements would be found with Bassins while Trips/Treffs once showed boots? Chances are high. In the Bass/Bassin write-up: "Edward Bashe held the manor of BOTELers in Prittlewell parish, Essex..." As I said, the Trips showed the same boots as French Masseys once showed, and Masseys belong to the Meschins of the Bessin. Masseys now show a tree, as do Shoe's. As the Hamburghs/Hamburys (must have the 'h' to come up) sharing the Trip crosslets use drops, True's/Tree's/TROWs together with Trips look like a branch of Troops/Drops, whom I trace to Tropoje, one such location being in the area of the Clausula river that flows to lake Scodra, itself near Butua. The manor of Botelers might have been a Butua element. I've just looked up the Trops/Troops/TROUps (show no Coat), and they are said to have marred the Keiths! Bass'/Bassins were in Haddingtonshire with Keiths! Wow.

The interesting thing here is that while Cupionich is on the Clausula, Quints, suspect with the Caepionis' who could have named Cupionich, were first found in Essex with the manor of Botelers, and with the Gore's/Core's who share the same crosslets as Bass'/Bassins, Hamburghs and Trips. Hamburg is where Krume's were first found while Krume is a modern location on the Drilon river near to the mouth of a river (don't know its name) that passes through or near Tropoje. Krume is very near GABULeum on the light map, suspect with GOPLo of the Mieszko's, which is where I trace "KOPLik, the alternative name of Cupionich.

Krume's use a giant and sinister crescent in the colors of the giant crescent of the Silvers, first found in Hesse with the sinister-bend Rasmussens/ASSMANs, the latter suspect at AKMONia, where SEVERus, father of the Bassus', lived. It just so happens that Severus-liner Saffers/Savarys, sharing the unicorn with Rasmussens, use a version of the English Silver Coat, making "Silver" look like a Savary / Severus variation.

Tree-using Watts were first found in Warwickshire with True's/Tree's. The English-Watson Crest is the white griffin head of Dobermans, and Dober is a location a couple of miles from Cupionich! And Dobers use TREFoils in the colors of the Trip crosslets. The Watson crescents are shared by Chaffers, the latter being new to me and perhaps sharing the Botter bend.

The Watson chevron is colors reversed from that of Clausula-like Close's, and if the latter use the Traby horns closely, they can be Tropoje kin too, which tends to reveal Trabys as a branch of Tropoje's namers. The Kilpatricks at Closeburn use drops. Close's can be suspect with the green Lyon and Lannoy lion because English Lannoys share the knight of Tree's/True's while I trace Knights to the Nith river, location of Closeburn. Kilpatrick-suspect Patch's share black hunting horn with Close's and Base's/Bassens. The links just made all looks correct.

The way to link this picture to Quadratilla Bassus is simply to take the Weights/Waits with the Traby / Close horns, and link them with the Weight-like Watts and Watsons to the Wade variation of Quadratilla-line Quade's. Viola, it's magic. We have just discovered that Watts and Watsons were Bassus liners with kin from the Clausula and Caiaphas-suspect Cavii region.

To the south side of the Cavii were the TAULANTii, and so ask by what coincidence the Talants (CORNwall) use eagle legs in the colors and format of Capone's. Talants share the chevron of Capone's, Corns and Cornish's, which recalls the "Cornish chough" of Hoods/Hoots, first found in Devon with Cornish's. The Hooters/Hutters use the eagle leg too, thus making a Hood link to Capone's / Taulantii. It suggests a Cupionich merger with Taulantii. Cornwalls (Cornish choughs, likely), with possibly the Dart/Dard / Sleep fesse, use a boot-shaped rock, and Bude is a Cornwall location. Vivians/Veys were first found in Cornwall, and Dutch Veys do use the boot.

The middle of the Taulantii domain included Arnissa, like the Arniss variation of Annas'. Put that together with Capone's and it looks like Annas and Caiaphas, his son in law. Arnissa is on a GENUSus river (both shown on dark map), and Jeune's, suspect from Junia Caepionis, are said to be from Anjou's Gennes surname, also spelled, "Geenes" in the Jeune write-up. In the Hicks dream, I was without a shirt, in Gennes-like JEANS alone, when seeing Miss Hicks at the HOOD of a car. The HICKSons share the eagle leg with Talants and Hooters!!! Incredible, I have finally broken through to some of the central meanings of that dream's Hoods/Hoots. This material you are reading, from as high up as the entry of the Clausula topic, has been inserted the day after writing below on the Hoods/Hoots and Hooters, where I had difficulty understanding the reason for the hood.

It's very possible that the Selepitanoi, at the marine part of the Cavii theater, were on the Clausula, for in the Hicks dream, while she was sleeping as code for Selepitanoi, a voice said to me, "What are you WAITing for, wake her up." Chances are high that Selepitanoi were at Butua. Wikipedia: "Selepitani (Latin Selepitani) was an Illyrian tribe located below the Lake Scutari." That version of "Scodra" sure looks like "Scooter." And Scoots use another black hunting horn while sharing black, courant greyhounds with Tree's/True's and the Drilon-river Penes'/Pennys. It just so happens that while the Penes'/Pennys have a LINX in Crest, Lynch's share the Coat of Bottels/Bothwells!!! Wow.

Back to Botelers manor of the Bass'/Bassins. Bottels are listed with Bute-liner Bothwells/Boduels (boy in Crest) having a version of the Feller Coat. It explains why the Lancashire BOTTLE's/BOOTells (Poitou = Boit/Boitouset descent) and Bessens/Besants share the same, rare crown design, as though houseofnames knows the blood connection between the two. Bottels and Bottle's can be of the Beatle's (rock) and Bedwells (same Coat) because they were first found in Bedfordshire while Bedfords share the black border with the Lancashire Parrs and Furness'.

The same Base/Bassin write-up: "Further north in Scotland, ancient records there found the name in AberBUTHenoth... The Oliphant write-up: "Under later rulers, the Oliphant lands were significantly extended as King Malcolm granted the family Bothwell in Lanarkshire and King William I granted them Arbuthnott in Mearns." With Mearns, I'm seeing the Maccus-family vikings who had married Polworths (three piles).

Hmm, my landlady and that of Albert OOSTYEN's, at LEVENdale, was Edith. Edith of Polesworth married Maccus' grandfather, and Levens use the Oliphant-suspect elephant as well as sharing the Austin/Ostin chevron, in the colors of the three Mearns piles, in the bar colors of Leavells (Somerset, same as Mears) bars, and meanwhile the Scottish Leavells, with three piles of their own, were first found in Roxburghshire with Maccus-liner Maxwells; the latter were at Renfrew's Mearns castle (see Mearns write-up), which is how Pollocks became a Maxwell sept. The Renfrew ship might just be that of Mearns-like Mere's/Mare's. Here's a Maxwell-Ros Coat sharing the water bougets of the Mears. Rose's have the water bouget too, and Rose's were beside Pollock's Rothes castle. This is al Rothschild ancestry.

The people at houseofnames, or the people from whom they get write-ups, are often frauds and need to get their act together. They once listed Beatle's with Bedwells but now have two different pages for them, though with the same Coat and Crest. In the Beetle write-up: "The Beatle surname is thought to have been an occupational name from someone who built or used 'a beetle, an instrument for driving in wedges, ramming down paving-stones.'" In the Bedwell write-up: "The name is derived from when the family resided in Bidwell, Hertfordshire. This place name derives from the Old English words 'byde,' meaning 'tub,'..." Beats/Betts, in Beeter/Better colors, were first found in Edinburgh with Fallers/Fallis'.

Falts/Fauls share bunched arrows with the Arms of Rothschild, and even share the single fleur-de-lys of Leaks. The Rockefellers are, I claim, from the Roxolani Alans, whom I saw upon a map on the Buzau tributary of the Siret, smack to the south of the Rimna river. We just saw Buzau-like BOStons with the Home/Hume lion, first found in ROXburghshire, beside the Home's/Hume's of Berwickshire. The Bostons were at Benington, or at least beside it.

I can now tell why God used RoxANNE. The Falts/Faulds use the three ANNE stag heads!!!!!! That's why He use to use Roxanne, to prove that Falts/Faulds were Rockefeller liners! The day after I peed facing Baytown, God led me to the Roach's/Rocks, and even used the black smoke of the Nissan's tailpipe that day to confirm it, i.e. with the Smoke's/Rauch's that use the sinister-rising Jewish-Rothchild bend.

The tailPIPE was clever because Pipe's / Pepins and Poppens share a "Mens" motto term with Crystals, while the cockROACHes and black smoke were at Crystal City. The Men's were first found in Midlothian with Fallers/Fallis', hee-hee, who share TREFoils (Trypillian-line code, right) with Fellers and Rocks, hee-hee, and Midlothian is smack beside the Keith Catti and Bass'/Bassins. Lest we forget, Bass Island entered the discussion with the LAUDER write-up, and Lauders were first found in Berwickshire with Hume's/Home's.

Jewish Fellers are also FellTRAGERs while the Bavarian Tragers (could be the Arms of Baden) share a red version of the Rocco Coat. English Tragers (Ceraunii-line Cornwall) share the raven with the Bavarian Roths/Rothchilds (no 's'). It speaks for itself.

The amazing thing is that things rushed back to mind this minute, reminding of the white-on-blue (silver-on-blue, that is) lions in the Arms of SUCeava County, the colors of the Faller/Fallis lion. This are is at Gura HUMorului and Falticeni, and while my Sassy sucked her tail as code for the SUCHs, hee-hee, HOMEward Bound is a movie that had a cat, Sassy! I think that God was using my Sassy to prove that Suchs are from Suceava, and that HOME's/Hume's (almost the Suceava lion) are from Humorului.

I spoke on Homeward Bound in the past. Bounds are listed with Bone's/Bohuns: "HUMphrey with the Beard (died c. 1113) the earliest known ancestor of the de Bohun family." Humphreys ("L'HOMME") therefore became suspect as a Hume-Frey merger. Freys use the horse, as do Jewish Rothchilds, as do Binnys, Bennys, Bensons and Beningtons, suspect from the Pierleoni, and they as Bennets loved the Debons/Bono's, who happen to share the same lion as Fallers/Fallis' and Suceava! Wow. Humphreys use a version of the Bouillon flory, and the grandfather of Godfrey de Bouillon, Godfrey III, assisted the Pierleoni with an army, making Bensons-et-al suspect with Benedicts.

Dalton is a location in Furness, and Daltons not only share the Faller/Fallis / Suceava lion, but throw in a "Tristus" motto term. It smacks of Trusesti to the near-east of Suceava. "Trustie to the end" is a motto phase of Leiths (Midlothian, same as Fallers/Fallis!), and Home's/Hume's use, "True TO THE end." I've always maintained that those mottoes honor the TOOTHs, and they happen to have the Lauder griffin! This is a spectacular show, if you understand it all.

There was a mythical Tristan, if I have the spelling correct, of the Arthurian myths, who lived in Cornwall, where Tristans and Trysts were first found who seem to honor Trypillians with "trepidum." "The Hebrons/HEPburns, whom I traced to the namers of Kiev, use "Keep Tryst." Trypillia, I read, was south of Kiev, where also the Budini lived who might just have been Boeotians. Between Suceava and Trusesti is BOTOsani, upon a Sitna river that traced well to Seatons/Sittens, first found in East Lothian, ie. beside Fallers/Fallis' and Trusesti-suspect Leiths. Trypillians burned their homes ritually, from time to time, which can explain the fire from the Seaton dragon. One of the two Tristan surnames may be with the Quade wolf head.

The Sittens were suspect with the Nordic Sitones (matriarchal ruling class), beside the Sviones (Swedes, we gather), which recalls a KVENland of that area, smacking of an inhabitant of Kiev (Sweden's' Rus were at Kiev). I had read that this people group were identified with "kwen = queen," and it just so happens that Queens share the Quade wolf head. Immediately after writing the last sentence, six wild turkeys appeared out my window, stood there a while, and went back the way they came. There's six inches of snow on the ground. Tristans use the label, and Labels have the crescents of French Bays.

There's no Turkey surname, but Turks, with a rock in flames, share the green, red-striped hunting horns of Hunters. English Hunters are the Hunts mentioned earlier with Hunt street, beside Benson. Wild turkey is a hunting theme. Hunters have the greyhound, and a "Cursum" motto term recalling the Hubert-related Curzons. There is a Hubertus-Order hunting club, but I'll bet there's more to those turkeys than these preliminary observations.

This is suddenly amazing because Hounds share the white border on black Shield with Bass'/Bassins! Those turkeys brought us right back to the Bass/Bassin / Natt/Nathan / Parr / Pharnaces topic that started this morning's new section.

Aha! I think I can decipher this Sign with the murder of judge Scalia. The Scalia's use the ladder, remember, and Hounds share the lozenges of Schole's/SCAYLE's, likely part of the "scaling ladders" of Trips and Bennets. When I saw that the turkeys could lead to Scalia's murderer, I hadn't yet recalled this online claim: "[Scalia's] vigor for killing was on display when he told Joan Biskupic in her Scalia biography, American Original, that his favorite prey was the wild turkey...'"

Scalia went bird hunting on the ranch of John B. Poindexter (not to be mistaken for a politician by than name), whom I've seen standing beside the leader of the Hubertus Order in a group photo. They all wore black cloaks, inappropriate for a hunter's group, more appropriate for devil worshipers. Or, maybe they consider themselves the shadow-supreme-court justices of the nation.

As Poindexter told the story, he was in Washington talking with Scalia. The latter turned down his invitation to hunt on his ranch, but a Mr. Foster was standing there, a supposed friend of Scalia, goading Scalia to go, and when the judge agreed, Foster flew down to Houston with him, and went with him to the ranch by some other method of communication. It is said that Scalia left his body guards in Houston, wherefore Foster becomes suspect in convincing him to do so, unless some other members of the hunting trip were in Houston to do the convincing.

The reason that Scalia came to mind with the six wild turkeys (why six?) is that Fosters share stripped hunting horns with Turks and Hunters. One Foster motto: "Hunter blow thy horn." This Foster Coat has the Lothian and Traby hunting horn, and we were all over Lothian immediately before the turkeys appeared. In other words, God moved me to tell the ladder story yesterday just before the appearance of these turkeys for to point to ladder-line Scalia. Is that not incredible?

I was virtually begging Him last night, complaining, that I'm getting a little sick of going in circles, or covering the same material repeatedly, all for virtually nothing but to reveal the color of Caiaphas' socks, if possible. I was saying: who cares if even the mother and father of Caiaphas is found by your work? What good will that do? And I was saying that he would make me happier if His work went to destroying the deep state. But then I came to my senses and realized that this is not my work, and that there will be a good reason(s) for it all. I complain from time to time for the readers too, that maybe this revelation should come a little faster. Today, we're looking at Scalia.

Plus, the Scalise surname is listed with Scalia's, and Steve Scalise was shot at second BASE. The English Fosters (Shake chevron) show the same hunting horns as Base's/Bassin! What's the implication here? Base's/Bassins were first found in Austria, the origin of the leader of the International Order of saint Hubertus. He was living in Mexico when Scalia was murdered near the Mexico border.

After Lorraine, I was with Mamie. There was an event at a baseball diamond where she and I were hugging at HOME plate, and the pastor's daughter, was eyeing us, I saw, from second base. I eventually realized that this was code for the murder attempt on Scalise upon second base, for shortly after that event, the pastor's daughter came into the pizza restaurant where I was working, with her parents, and I served them dinner. They say that Steve Scalise was investigating Pizzagate, you see.

The Foster hunting horns are those also of WAITs/Weights, and my regular job was not WAITering; yet I was waitering the night that the pastor came to eat there, the first and last time I saw the family there. Did the killer(s) of Scalia also try to kill Scalise?

There were six turkeys, and so let me repeat from earlier in this update: "WOW. Look at that six-inch number, because I've suggested many times that the STRINGs (like a stair "stringer") on the Traby horns are secretly a 666..." The Waits/Weights share black, gold-stripped horns with the Arms of Traby, and because Trabys/Sadowski's use a Q-shaped scarf while Scarfs share three wolf heads with Quade's/WADE's, it conspicuous that Waits/waits have three horns in the colors of the three wolf heads of Wade's. Plus, so-called "weights" are in the Dexter motto while the 666 will be applied to the dexter hand. Dexters/Decksters are suspect with Daggers/Deckers, and dagger-using Kilpatricks/PATCHie's have an Irish branch with "dexter paw" (Levi lion?) on the head of a dragon. Patch's share the Base/Bassin hunting horn.

I'm seeing a Dexaroi merger with Trabys, and a good place to guess where this was is as per Trebia-river peoples merging with the Levi of the Ticino. Amazingly, the stringers are on the stairs = scala I've started building this week. I've been using a ladder for the past ten years to get up onto the second floor, and am still using it this week. I didn't want stairs in order to keep the property taxes lower (classify the second floor as an attic).

Whenever hunting horns have different-colored strings, chances are it's for their String(er) kin. Stringers share the spread, gold eagle with Strongs. The details of Stringers and Strongs together suggest the Atintanes at Bullis, near the Dagger-line Dexaroi at Kilpatrick-line Antipatria. The Bullys in the Stringer write-up were first found in Dumfries with Turks and Kilpatricks (CLOSEburn), and Dumfries is on the Schutz-related Solway firth. The Turk chevron is colors reversed from the Close chevron, and the latter's has the Foster / Traby hunting horns. Dumfries is where RIMs/Rums/Rome's were first found, thus suspect with the Rimna river (could be a tributary of the Siret).

I will do a section on the turkeys after this one, very enlightening.

PoinDEXTERs are Puddesters too, like "Podesta." Online, you can find some who suspect that the "wet-works" phrase of John Podesta is secret code for Scalia's murder. This term was in his emails dumped online by WikiLeaks. Podesta was writing to Mr. Elmendorf, whose email to Podesta had "bedwetters" in what I decipher as Scalia's murderers, for the killers pretended that Scalia died by natural causes in his bed. That is, they planned on killing him in his bed, (my fridge motor just sounded like a horn), which is why "bedwetters" is appropriate for them beside "wet-works," slang for murder. Yet, the term is literally those who urinate in bed, which may be God's choice of term through Elmendorf's mouth to point to the Foster hunting horns or the Hubertus group in general.

My best recollection of Elmendorf's email had: "trying to talk the bedwetters off the ledge today." It just so happens that the Ledge/Lodge Coat is a version of the Lauder/Letter Coat! Ledge's/Lodge's were a Lauder branch, that is, and therefore a ladder line to Scalia's! It never ceases.

There's a whack on online information telling that John and Tony Podesta were child rapists, part of pizzagate, that is. And there is also a white-rabbit theme, which I discovered after the white-rabbit theme that God gave to me, which included Alex Podesta dressed up in a white-rabbit costume, and photographed in positions subtly alluding to sex with children.

At the very time I was discovering "wet-works" from Podesta, I started to think on things when in bed one night, and recalled my standing on a laundry-line platform with a cage beneath the floor having at least one white rabbits (no rabbits of other colors in there, there may have been two white rabbits). I didn't yet know about any online, white-rabbit theme. The only thing that came to mind were the white coney rabbits of the Coney and Conn surnames, because I had previously traced them to "Cuneo," the location of Bra. Those surnames came to mind because I was remembering when, while on the platform, I reached out to touch a beautiful, white bra, belonging to an attractive tenant, hanging on the laundry line. I was nine years old, and just goofing around with my fried, Jerry Peterson. I later discovered that Peter Peterson of the Council on Foreign Relations married Mrs. Cooney, founder of a kiddie show, Sesame Street.

Immediately after the bra event came to mind, I remembered when Jerry Peterson popped up at my back window, and taunted me, because he overheard my mother unhappy with my wetting the bed (about six years old). I took these thoughts to be God's confirmation that Podesta's wet-works and Elmendorf's bedwetters concerned Scalia's killers. The bra on the laundry line would eventually be confirmed with codes through Lorraine, whom I met for our first date at a laundromat.

In order to get to the laundry platform, I had to climb some stairs = scala. What are the chances that my laundry machine, my dryer, and the spot for the laundry sink, are directly under the stairs I'm now building this week? That's right. Here's a photo of the utility room, now part-staircase, with stringers shown on either side of the ladder, and the backs of the laundry machines visible.

There's a white rabbit in the Esquer Coat, suspect with the esquire's helmet in the Poindexter Crest. Coincidence?

Topics often get away from me. I was hoping to find how the line of Pharnaces linked to Bassus', and when. Perhaps the time has not yet arrived. It's predicted to be in the midst of the first Herods, suspect from queen Nysa of Cappadocia, who was either the daughter or granddaughter of Pharnaces.

Turkeys of Wallachia

Repeat: "The Turk chevron is colors reversed from the Close chevron, and the latter's has the Foster / Traby hunting horns. Dumfries is where RIMs/Rums/Rome's were first found, thus suspect with the Rimna river (could be a tributary of the Siret)."

Six wild turkeys in the snow. I've just realized that German Turks, with perhaps a version of the Scottish Wach/Walk Coat, were first found in Silesia with German Wachs while Scottish Turks were first found in Dumfries with Scottish Wachs/Walks. It supports my hunch that Scottish Walkers use the white Kilpatrick saltire. I suggest that Walks with Walkers were from Wallachia, at the Siret-river theater. The Trotus tributary of the Siret can be to Trots, whose pale bars are almost those of Scottish Walkers (Berwickshire, same as Siret-suspect Hume/Home's). Wachs/Walks are also WacHOPE's while German Hope's share the giant anchor with Welks. English Hope's may be using the curved bar of Benjamin-like Bongino's, for the latter share the Wach/Walk stars.

It's very important for this discussion that the anchor of Sire's/Sirets has been resolved with the anchor of the Perthshire Justine's/Justus'.

I'm pretty sure that the Rimna is in Wallachia (I'm not very familiar on the latter's borders). Scottish Walsh's/Walchs who share gold annulets with English Walkers have a saltire-with-annulets in colors reversed from the same of Benjamins (share flames with Douglas' and Turks/Torks), that's right, and while the Trotus is near the Rimna, French Benjamins/Jamme's (could be in the James surname, and in the James and Douglas mottoes) share the bear with Trots. Benjamins are in the colors of the Barwick bears, and as Barwicks share the Sarah/Sayer motto, might the latter be Siret liners? The write-up mentions Seers, who have their own page, and were first found in Essex with Sarahs/Sayers. Sere's happen to be Serts too.

The pale bars of Scottish Walkers that are a reflection of the Trot pale bars are the three of Garlands, first found in Perthshire with HAGARs, and the Siret is on the ancient, light map as the AGARus. Immediately after finishing the last sentence, eight wild turkeys walked across my window about ten feet from it. There must be something I'm missing. All I have is the photo of their tracks, not thinking to photo them as they walked by.

Garlands can be of the Corners/Garners suspect in the TORCHes at the four corners of Spanish Vela's. Turks/McTORKs use a "Pace VEL bello" motto, perhaps part-code for a Wallachian line, for Vele's share the Walker annulets. The fact that there is a ram in the Crest of "bello" using Turks suggests that the ram-using Bauts bare in view, for they were first found in Auvergne with Bello-loving Bouillons.

Last time I checked, the Buzau river was in Wallachia, or at least on it border, and the Buzau is the one upon which I saw the ROXolani, who are in the rock of Turks/McTorks, right? Thought so. Lately, Walkers married Bush's (both first found in Yorkshire), and so Bush's may be from the Buzau.

Wachs/Walks share "Industria" with the Arms of Rothschild, and have a fesse in the colors of the Snow fesse while I trace the Snow antelopes to Plancia Magna, in proto-Turkey, while Walkers use a "Magna" motto term.

These turkeys have brought me way off-topic, but I must continue. It struck me while on the RIMs/Rums/Rooms (same place as Turks/McTorks) that the door-handle dream needs to trace to the RIMna river, for immediately after complaining about the broken door handle, I was up high holding a bucket-like container (empty so far as I could tell), and it dropped upside-down upon its open RIM, at which time flames came up all around the lid while it was on a circular patch of whitish sand. The Turks/McTorks use a rock in flames, and I once suggested that Flemings were from Trypillians because Wikipedia says they burned their houses down, periodically, which sounded to me as though they have such rituals. It just so happens that the broken door handle was on my Jeep, and the Jeepma's/Cheps of that discussion share the Hagar hexagram while the Rimna's waters flows into the AGARus 25 miles or less from the mouth of the Buzau, the latter being where the Turk rock traces, though there is no necessary reason that Roxolani could not have been on the Rimna too.

That's interesting. I was up high, and though I did not see a ladder, I was about as high as upon a typical step-ladder. Jeepma's/Cheps are always connected to Mr. Kepke, and the latter to Kiev, near Trypillia. That works great. The ladder traced to LedeRATa, suspect with Rats, as you saw, and Kepke had a pet rat in his BASEment (his basement was definitely code for Ments, as explained not many weeks ago). If that's not enough, the Buckets are expected with the "water bouget" used by Rose's, first found in Nairnshire with Rats!

One day, someone left a medallion on the hood of my Jeep, and Hoods are from Rattery while Ratterys were first found in Perthshire with Hagars!!! I get it. Ratterys were beside the Bauds/Baads (share Bald ship) with the same crescents as Hoods, and while Jeepma's are Cheps, Bauds/Baads were first found in Stirling with Chappes'/CHEAPS! I've got to try to remember this paragraph. Were Bauds Buzau liners? If Bauds/Baads use a "galley" ship, that's the KEEP symbol.

Medallion-like Medals brought up the Dougals that might just be with the Suceava / Faller/Fallis lion. If Dougals were Douglas' (Moray, beside the Hagars and Nairnshire), let's add that Ratterys share the heart with Douglas' (stars in the colors of the Hagar star). It appears that Douglas' have Siret-river elements. The Douglas motto looks like code for the James', and James' are like some French-Benjamin variations, and to top it off, the James' share the Dougal lion. Some Dougal / Dowel variations look linkable to Dol, and the Dol Alans became the king James', but not before merging with royal Bruce's whose lion is colors reversed from the James lion. Bruce's can be from the Breuci, beside the Japodes.

The "Super" motto term of Ratterys goes to Supers, first found in Devon with Hoods and their Spurr branch, the latter being to the spur of the Close's to whom the Turks apparently link. Recall that Wallachia-suspect Welks share the anchor with German Hope's, for they are Hoods too while the Hoods of Rattery use another anchor. Closeburn is on the Nith river, where Knights trace, and Knightlys share the six pale bars of Trots, yup, that is the truth.

So, Jeepma's looked above like Rimna-area Romanians (what named Romania?), but lets repeat my recent trace of Jeepma's/JAPPa's (Roman eagle) to the Japodes, the Roman Jupiter, for the Rimmon location of Benjamites was the proto-Rome, I feel very sure about that. In other words, the Benjamites at Rimna were in the land of Japodes too. Japodes were from the 400 wives, from JABESH, of the 600 Benjamites of Rimmon. Jeepma's are also JABACHs/Jabbe's. It works beautifully with that bucket's rim. That is, the rim is the key clue to the migratory path between the Rimna and the Kupa/Colapis of the Japodes. It can explain why Turks/McTorks share the Cup/Colp / Copp / Cope chevron.

The Romans named Romania, probably because they knew their ancestry at the Rimna area. Why 600 Benjamites and 600 Danites in the Book of Judges? Were Hyksos in their midst? Is this why the first occasion of the turkeys had six of them? Why eight on the second occasion? Code for Octavius, otherwise known as Augustus Caesar? The Angusta location, which I peg on the Trotus river, was likely named after Augustus. The Augusts share the fesse of Rims/Rums/Rome's. Angus is beside the Siret liners of Perthshire. The neighboring Fife's / FIVE's (kin of VIVians), whose lion the Angus' likely share, have been traced to L'VIV, in the Ukraine not far from the upper Siret.

I went out to see the tracks in the snow taken by the turkeys when they came by the second time. They came across the CORNER of the garage, about three feet from it, which reminds that the torches of the Vela's are at the "four corners," as the description says. In a dream with Kepke, he walked by the opposite corner of the garage, where I park the Jeep.

The following gets profound, entering new territory. I've yet to figure out how to word it. It's all crumpled in my mind at present. I was going to repeat that Galatians are suspect at Galati, a location at the mouth of the Siret, about 25 miles south (as the bird flies) from the mouth of the Buzau. I hadn't yet written that down when checking to see if the Hope/Hood anchor is that of Sire's/Sirets, to find them in colors reversed to one another. I was then eyeing the English Hope Coat, but had nothing to say until the split-second that I left the Coat for another one, when I remembered that it's the SAVARy/Savard Coat too, which traces by its besants and by the Saffers to Severus of Akmonia (Galatia), whom I suspect as a relative of OPgalli, for which reason the HOPE's look like Opgalli liners.

I then clicked to the English Savards, listed with Salfords, however, and yet they share the three wolves, with gold collars, of Quade's, from Quadratilla Bassus, the great-granddaughter of Severus above. I then noticed that the Savard/Salford Coat is a good reflection of the Bush Coat, tending to trace Bush's to the Buzau river, especially if Opgalli, a Galatian, is from the Galati theater. Hope's were first found in Derbyshire with Froggits, whom I trace to BROGITarus, a Galatian stupid (high priest of nothing), roughly the great-grandfather of Severus, and father of the conqueror of Derbe. Salford of Greater Manchester is very close to Shakerley.

The English Hope's are the ones with a curved gold bar, which I think they call a "bow," similar to the one of Benjamin-like Bongino's. Bongs are listed with Bings/Bengs. The Bows, wow, have a "veRUM" motto term, and Rims/Rums are now tracing to the Rimna!!! That is incredible. You just need to know how to read heraldry well, and I should be literate in a decade or two but I'm getting there, be patient with me.

Repeat: "Benjamins are in the colors of the Barwick bears, and as Barwicks share the Sarah/Sayer motto, might the latter be Siret liners? The write-up mentions Seers, who have their own page, and were first found in Essex with Sarahs/Sayers. Sere's happen to be Serts too." The Hicks dream came to mind at this point because, immediately after I saw myself on the beach without a shirt, but with my jeans on, I saw Miss Hicks at the hood of a car, and Cars have a motto looking like they honors the Seers and Sere's.

One day, after leaving the topic at this very event -- Miss Hicks at the hood -- I went to town, and found this medallion on the hood of the Jeep. Again, Hoods were at Rattery, and Ratterys were first found in Perthshire with some Siret liners, suspect also with Hagars that share the Jeepma hexagram. Benjamins are in Rat and Sarah colors, and Rats are tracing fairly strongly to Lederata, near Bing-like PINCum, and then the Rims/Rums/Rooms use a "pungit" motto term for Pungs/PINGs/Pongs/Paganells (the Ment/Mant bends in colors reversed). Mr. Kepke loved to play ping-pong with me in the baseMENT where he kept a pet rat. Why was it white?

One White surname, suspect with the Weights/WADE's that trace to Quadratus, uses QUATREfoils, code, I think, for QUADRatus Bassus, and he's part of "BASEment." QuadRATUS" traces very well to "RADICE" because his daughter, QuadraTILLa looks like it honors Tyle, beside Sub Radice. Lederata-like Leders (Austria, could be on the upper Sava) share the checks of Radice's/Radix's, first found in Udine, not far from the Japodes (on the Sava). I tend to see Sarah's with Sauers, Sava-river liners, but the write-up of Sarah's as it links to Seers has me focused on the Sert variation of Sere's. It can speak to a Siret-river peoples merging with Sava-river liners, exactly to be expected with a migration of Siret-river Benjamites to/from the Japodes.

My being in the dream looking at the hood without my shirt is a tough cookie to read. It may have been to point to the Shirts, or to the Jeans, for if I had my shirt on, there would have been nothing to indicate that Jeans/Janes' were to be emphasized. The Jeans/Janes' use the James lion in colors reversed, and thus if James' were Benjamites, the Jeans may have been too. I checked to see if a Jeam surname would bring up the James', but it instead brought up the Jeune's, a branch of June's from mythical Juno (wife of Jupiter) on the Una/Oeneus river, beside the Japodes. The Jeams/Jeune's are in Benjamin, Barwick and Sarah colors, and because Barwicks (Bear and ForBEAR") share the bear with Benjamins/Jamme's, I think that Sarah's were merged with Benjamites because they share the Barwick motto. "Forbear" is suspect with bear-using Forbes'.

[Earlier in this update, written after this area here, it was found that my jeans were more-likey code for the Gennes surname, which was also, "GEENES." In the Gennes write-up: "Taking part in the Crusades of 1248, Etienne de Gennes, Knight and Lord of La Motte de Gennes, was sent, upon his return, as an Ambassador to the Duke of Bourgogne who authorized the addition of a gold fleur de lys on his Coat of Arms." If that fleur is on the red Gennes fesse, it's in the colors of the Hicks / Leak fleur, and would reflect the Bute/Boet fesse with fish, the symbol also of Hykes'/Hake's. The Hykes/Hacks (note "Hake") were first found in Devon with Hoods/Hoots. I still can't think of a people group or place name to which Hoods may relate, though Hyde, the name once of Sardis, comes to mind, and, wowie, I trace Sardis and SHIRTS to Sardinians!!! Was that lucky, or Something else? Shirts are in the colors and format of Hykes'/Hake's!!! Incredible. I now have more to chew on, with Lydians of Sardis in the Hicks-car picture. This is going to be expanded upon in the next update.]

I don't think June's / Jeune's are Benjamites proper as James' might be. Jeans/Janes' were first found in Worcestershire with Squirrels/SQUIRE's, a branch of Sire's/Sirets. It appears that the jeans were pointed to in the dream, but the Shirts are beloved by Bleds, expected at Bled, on the upper Sava i.e. near the Japodes. As there was a medallion on the Jeep's hood, it speaks to a Hood trace to something in the Japodes theater, but this mystery is yet not cracked.

Hoods/Hoots have variations linkable to Hutlers and Hutters/Hooters (Austria, possibly on the upper Sava), and even share the white anchor with Heidlers, probably a branch of Hiedlers/Hitlers. The Heidler Shield is colors reversed from that of DUSTers, and Hotts were from D'Oust, looking like the Dust/D'Oust surname. Hutters/Hooters share the eagle leg with Augusts, and the latter has a fesse that is the Arms of Austria. But none of this is tidy enough for the way I envision God to work these things out. Something seems to be missing. The HICKSons use two eagle legs in saltire in the colors of the Benjamin saltire, now that's more like it. That fits the dream lovelly where I expect Hoods to trace to Benjamites.

As German Hoods/Hope's share the anchor with Hoods/Hoots, we can expect Hoods to be Opgalli liners. This is said because I've just found Hutch's/Hitchens, from a Hutchenson term in the Hickson write-up, to have a giant castle in the colors of the giant tower of Hoppers. The latter's "SubDITus" motto term connects to the Diems/Dittmayers in the motto of Opgalli-liner Teague's/Teegers. Ditts, in Hickson colors and first found in Staffordshire with them, use a Teeger-like tiger, but with without stripes (perhaps code for Stirrups).

Lookie: Recall Galati at the end of the Siret, near or amongst the Benjamites from further up-river, for the Galts share the bear with Benjamins/Jamme's and Trots, and were first found in Perthshire with a whack of Siret liners, which by the way include Bing-like Wings/Winks from Vinkovci. German Galts/Gelders are even GaltSAYERS, recalling that suspicion that Sarahs/Sayers were Benjamin kin.

By the way, to help prove that Rothschilds are from Peter Pollock, and to simultaneously prove that the "Industria" motto term of Rothschilds is for Dusters, the latter use a white-bend version of German Peters, and the latter's gold bend is that of English Peters, the ones sharing the Rothes/Rothchild raven. The other English Peters are with a version of the Side Coat. The swan in the Crest of these Peters must be for Sion, where Side-branch Seatons/Sittens trace, for Sions/Swans once showed gauntlet gloves, code for Gaunt/Ghent liners, and Ghents do share the Side Chief. Peter Pollocks Rothes estate went to Leslie's, who share the green griffin head with Strings sharing the Side / Ghent eagles.

Amazingly, these eagles are those also of Stoners, recalling the mention of Rick Stoner not many weeks ago, who told me he was the manager of a region selling insulated brick SIDing. Stone's (Craig motto) share the eagle of String-like Strongs. It all makes Stone's suspect as a Sitten variation, of the Swiss tribe that named Sitten. How did they get married to the line of Peter Pollock?

The Pollocks got suspect not many weeks ago from Cecily de RUMilly, a potential Rimna liner. Rumillys even use the rock, and they were traced to Romula at the Japodes theater!!! Zowie, I didn't intend to be here with the "by the way" above. The rock traces to Roxolani at the Rimna area, and this update showed that there was a migration of Benjamites from there to the Japodes, or vice-versa.

Rumillys were first found in Cambridgeshire with the Cage's who in-turn share the split Shield of Stone's. We saw that the Opgalli Galatians could be on, or to the south of, the Buzau river of the Roxolani, and here I can add that Opgalli-line Teague's are also Caige's! Zinger. Plus, I traced "Sion" (alternative name of Sitten) to the Sensii, right smack on the south side of the Buzau river. Wow, what a huge by-the-way. The Sensii are on the light map, but the Buzau is not marked with any name.

Opgalli has been suspect with Severus, father of the Bassus', and the Rumilly Crest has a "PerSEVERe" motto. Severus was above linking to Savary-branch Silvers with the same crescent as Rumillys and Krume's. Krume's were first found in Hamburg with Roquefeuil- / Massey related Trips/Treffs, and the Rumilly crescent is with a ROCK, adding evidence that it's closely the Krume crescent. The Krume sinister-facing crescent is a style reserved for Massey liners, and Masseys share the boot with Trips/Treffs. Proto-Masseys are expected with elements of Gabuleum, beside Krume, if Gabuleum was of the El-Gabal cult (had a black-stone idol with an eagle, as use Stone's and Stoners) at Maesa-suspect Emesa.

Rumillys married Meschins, the line from Bassus'. This tends to trace Rims/Rums/Rome's to Romula. This location was no doubt the reason for mythical Romulus, who had a wolf symbol that I can see to Lupus Laevillus, whose mother is in the Stone motto. Lupus Laevillus' son, Proculus Charax, is the proto-Craig, and Craigs share the Stone motto.

This trace of Rumilly to Laevillus is very welcome where we read that Rumilly were in the Les Andelys area of Tosni's. The Tous'/Tosini's are also TONSo's, and they trace excellently, thanks to their buttons, to the TONZus river (on the light map, location of Tyle and Sub Radice, where I trace Quadratilla, Laevillus' wife. You can't get cleaner-cut than that, and just look at the timing.

The Tonzus river has a mouth at Arda, which is called, Benni, on the light map. It evokes the Bennys / Binnys earlier in this update, suspect with Benjamites. The Benni's/Debons/Bono's have a vertically-split Shield in the colors of the same of Cage's, Stone's and Cetis-suspect Gates'. It's incredible how that all cascaded down, as though I knew what I wanted to say when in fact I did not. I am repeatedly marvelled by what falls out as I go along. Those are the split colors of Cetins/Cattans too, and the latter's "Cautes" motto term gets the Cotta's, suspect with the Cottians whom I trace to the Cotesii, who are on the Buzau river on this dark map:

On the map above, Rhamidava must be on the Rimna river. The Siret is marked as the Agarus. "Augusta" is probably Angusta.

The split colors above are used in the Arms of Focsani, the capital of Vrancea county, where the Trotus and Rimna are found. Vrancea has the colors in reverse.

After checking whether "Gates" gets the Gate's, "Cates" was loaded to find the double Levi lions with nothing else, same as the Levi Coat. Gates colors have the ability to trace Cates' to the Cotesii (in myth, Cotys was made a father of Catti-suspect Hatti]. I can add that while Cates' are said to have been at Ashby St. Ledger's parish (in Fauside-like Fawsley), Ledgers share a fretty Shield with Cautes'/Cotta's. It's just dandy that the passant Cates lion is colors reversed from the same of Cabbage's, first found in Northamptonshire with Cates'. It's dandier because Cabbage's (one of the three Levi chevrons) use an "ReBUS angustis" motto phrase, while Angusta was probably in Vrancea.

We are now tracing the Levi lions to where the Quince's/Quincys were first found, and Saer de Quincy is in the Faucet write-up with Fawside! Surprise, it's cascading realities on the killers of Jesus. They are falling into the pits, begging the Roquefeuils to fall upon them to hide them from the wrath of God. Too late, the Roquefeuils jumped in already.

The way to know that Sub Radice traces to Radice's/Radix's is by the latter's Shield compared with Cable's, from Cabyle upon the Tonzus river. Cabyle is suspect with the Great Slut of Revelation 17, the killer of Christians, the Salome-de-Boethus raised from the pits for one last slashing. Adultery rules, off with the heads of those who contest it.

The Cable's share a Shield filled with Fretty, but Ledgers have it in the colors of the Cavii-suspect Cave's and the Caens too. Fretty is suspect from the Vardiae (the line to barons of Ferte), the Ardiaei by another name likely from the Arda area at the end of the Tonzus river. Perfect.

The Cable's are in the colors of the MacAbbe's/Cabbes' (salmon), meaning that Cabyle liners may have devolved to Abbe's, namers of Abbeville.

Note how the house of Boethus can be suspect here: "Cotesti is a commune located in Vrancea County, Romania. It is composed of four villages: Budesti, Cotesti, Golestii..." The Budes' (Cornwall) use a dancette in the colors of the pale bars of Dance's/Donnas', suspect from king Donnus of the Cottians. Vrancea-like Brenks/Branks have three pale bars colors reversed from the four of Dance's/Donnas', compelling. Roxolani were on the Buzau with Cotesii.

The Brenk/Brank pale bars are blue, as is the one of Roxolani-suspect Roxburghs. Irish Brinks are with Brians, and the Brittany Brians use a saltire seen in the Roxburgh Coat, and these Brians share the red roses in the Brenk/Brank Coat. English Brians (it's that Traby hunting horn again) use three piles in the colors of the Brenk/Brank pale bars, tending to clinch Brenks with "Briancon," yet this location is near Susa, the Cottian capital. Trabys could have been Trypillians.

Remember, Briancon is on the river of the Salyes, suspect with the ancestry of Salome Boethus. Brenks/Branks were first found in PADEborn, and Pade's are listed with Petts/Perts, kin of Petits in the motto of Columns/Malcolms/CALOME's, who share the Brian saltire. The Pade/Pett bend is in the three colors and format of the Salome bend with stars, and the Pade's/Petts apply the same lozenges as Quince's, which we saw linked to the Cotesii-suspect Cates'. The Arms of Padeborn have four pale bars half in the colors of the four of Dance's/Donnas'

Dutch Cates'/Cats share a moline with cat-using, Caiaphas-suspect Chives', and the other Cates' share the double Levi lions. That fits like a son-of-slut killer in a pit. Kate's/Katz's (a nice Jewish name) share the Chief-Shield colors of Capote's/CHAPUS' and throw in the Zionist stars of Jeepma's/Cheps, for example, or those of Hagars, or Rads. In colors reversed, these stars are on the Israeli flag.

Padeborn is not far from Kassel, land of the Chatti, and the Keith Chief happens to have three pale bars in the colors of the four of Padeborn. Keiths come up as "Mascal," and Pade's/Petts use mascles in Keith pale-bar colors. Recall Bass Isle in the Haddington land of Keiths, for Mascals (Sussex, same as related Saddocks) have roughly the Bass/Bassin border Shield, in colors reversed from the same of Sadducee-like Saddocks, though the latter don't use a border, but rather an escutcheon/shield. "Rothschild" is fashioned to appear to mean "red shield." The Saddock-beloved Rye's share the bend of Jewish Rothchilds, and the horse of the latter may be related to the Horsham of Saddocks.

Danish Rye's (Zionist stars in the colors of the Bauer stars) share the quadrants in the Arms of Rothschild (Peter-bend colors) and their Petty kin; the latter now look related to Padeborn. Remember, one Peter surname is of the Side's, a branch of the Seatons, first found in East Lothian with Keiths. Keats use three cats in pale in the colors of the two Cates lions in pale, and Keatons probably use the leopard faces of Levi-beloved Aids; the latter have been resolved with the Rodden / Rothschild bend.

The Arms of Rothschild shares feathers with the Crest of Danish Rye's, and Danish Bauers share the Arthur hurt for a trace to Ardahan and Rize. This thing goes to Rhizon to Risings to Pollocks.

Did Varangians of Kiev (spread out all over the Ukraine and into Red-Rus Romania) name Vrancea? Was this the Lupus line of Hugh D'Avranches?

By the way, the Swords, whom I trace to the Serdi shown near Sub Radice, have a motto like the Pyretus river, one major river east of the Siret. The two meet at Galati.

God is calling on us to stay sober, not to let our hearts tend to the money tree of the world, the favorite sport of the Rothschilds' of the world, always sucking wealth to themselves at the expense of others. Like Trump, they amass more even when they don't need more. They have a disease, and it will drive them mad, which is why they will persecute the people of God who restrain themselves from jumping into their money tree. Rest in the Lord and trust Him to clear your way, to handle all your problems. Humanists say, no, we have got to deal with our own problems. Yes, we do need to deal with our problems, but when we trust in Jesus, our problems get lighter, in case they aren't smart enough to realize. Remain in the Vine, and the Tender will tend to our problems when they get too hard. But when things get too hard for humanists, on their own they will be. And God is sure to create problems for them.


For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God

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