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December 11 - 17, 2018

Yellow Bed and Boulogne-Billancourt Partners Absorb the Jumps
Hohenzollern Mergers in the Arms of Prussia Uncover Grimaldi Kin
Katrina Hanson was a Pointer to Grimaldi-Saraca liners of Rothschild-related Champeaux

The video below (oops, forgot to add the link, sorry, try this one) is long on a congressional hearing concerning the Clinton Foundation. Tom Fitton was there, but, at about the 6th minute, the Democrat representative says that Trump's justice department sent no representative there. How can this be, now that Sessions is not making the decisions? How can the acting attorney general, who opposes the Clintons and suspects them of foul play, not send anyone to this hearing to offer material against the Clintons, and thereby to fuel the scandal, as rightfully it should be fueled.

If zero gets done in the next two years but a committed legal attack on the criminals, that would be a huge accomplishment. Forget China, forget the wall, they can be dealt with later. Get rid of the stench, take the liberals and their media to court for defamation and sedition, there is no other correct way forward. Spend $5B on that, forget the wall. It's the Democrat deep state that caters to illegal immigration, and many other terrible, lawless and immoral things; go after them in the courts. Give them jolts up their spines. But no, every month, the same old, same old, Trump sparing with Democrats, trying to get a penny or two out of them, wasting time, making good people sick.

There is no judge in the land that can justify the breaking of the law by so-called "sanctuary cities." Therein is the problem, so deal with it. By not dealing with it, things are moving toward a globalist's idea of what a border should be, just like in the E.U. It's not the wall that's needed, it's the Democrats that are the problem. Build the wall, stupid, but the Democrats will still allow their Mexican voters in just as soon as they toss you out of power. And that's what they will do because you're pussy-footing with them, Mr. trump, giving them respectability, allowing them to maneuver while slandering you to your political death.

Democrats are breaking laws in the immigration issues, so take them to court. How utterly useless is Trump that he can't manage that simple thing? Lawlessness is exposed before him, and needs to be taken to court. For almost two years, Sessions failed to use the courts heavily to stifle the lawless side. The lawless were then encouraged.

Lou Dobbs almost nightly cries the blues for what the deep state is doing to his Trump idol, too dull to realize that Trump is allowing his enemies to do this. It's his own fault. He has chosen to have it this way. He strings the Lou Dobbs' of the News along, knowing full well that he has intended to do nothing to fight his enemies. Woe is me, boo-hoo, they are all attacking me, there is nothing I can do.

At the 20th minute of the video above, Fitton says that Trump's justice system was of no help whatsoever for divulging anything of the Clinton Foundation that could expose investigation-worthy situations. In the 34th minute, the Democrat fool brags that no one in the justice department has charged the Bill-Hillary Foundation, wherefore, he says, Fitton's accusations are Alice in Wonderland. Thanks for this goes to the Trump do-nothing who doesn't want to cause waves with the Democrat fools. The Democrat fools know it, and rejoice, come out stronger, more lies, the nation is in whirlwind, all thanks to the president.

In the meantime, Fox and their talking heads stroke Trump like they would their idol, and let him get away with doing nothing against high-level mobsters. Another two years of this? God forbid it. Mr. Trump, forget space force and your own pride as president. My prayer for you is that you take those donkey ears off, and get with the needed programs. You are the boss of the Justice department, get rid of Rosenstein, order the attorney general to do what's needed, and ignore what the liberals say to thwart your efforts.

We know who wants Chinese products out of the Untied States: the American corporations who want to sell their own products to Americans at twice the price. Bonus for Trump, he gets more tax dollars. Or, he charges China tariffs and gets more "tax" dollars that way. Trump, the deceiver, speaks as though he's taxing China for their goods, when if fact these costs are passed to the American consumer. Who does he think he's fooling? Sorry, poor people, but you will need to pay more for things you thought were cheap at Walmart. Life's going to get harder for you, and more fun for the corporation stock holder.

If anything should be done with China, it's rejection of their cut-rate products that break down easily, because the people go for these products only to cost them more money in the end when they need to buy the better products anyway. It's such a no-brainer to set up a products-standard board that rejects all cut-rate products designed to fail fast, foreign or otherwise. There needs to be stiff penalties for corporations who design their products to fail soon in order to get additional sales of products or parts. But governments love more sales, racks in more money, so why would they cut their own foot off?

Trump is heartless toward his own team. The best he can do is flatter them on camera. He allows Mueller to go on, spying on his entire White House, bringing his own team members down one by one, as many as Mueller thinks he can get away with. Protect your team, thou blockhead. They have a right to privacy and calm from Mueller's Democrat-stacked team seeking to upset things. Even in the face of Mueller molestation of Flynn, Trump continues to allow Mueller to go after Stone and Corsi. This country needs a leader who turns on Mueller, who then forms a commission to expose Mueller's sins. There is no way that liberal-media accusations can overcome the gravity of Mueller's sins exposed.

Here's one of Mueller's big sins of this week's news:

Hillary answered the questions the court demanded of her, saying that the reason for a private email service was out of "convenience." But, in fact, setting up a new server is hardly convenient when the government already had one set up for her. For convenience, she would use the one already set up. In what way is it more convenient to have her own server? In zero way, and the courts should agree. In other words, now that she has answered the question, she's committed to a bad excuse, as could be expected in foul play.

When the House was in Republican hands, the Republicans were all too busy trying to rule (needed some Democrats on side) to be concerned with Obama's crimes, but now that they need only wait for Democrats to set the agenda, they can focus better on sending massive torpedoes against the Democrat criminals, which is why I think there was some re-thinking going on in Obama's mind, as election day approached in November of 2016, realizing that a president Clinton would set the Republicans more harshly / vigorously against his doings over the previous eight years. Now that the House has lost Republican rule, we may see some of these massive torpedoes

Here is the answer for America, the only solution:

The video above (David Wilkerson] stresses spending time with Jesus / Holy Spirit, but I wonder. Is it necessary to keep a disciplined prayer session daily, for example, or is it better to speak to God at all sorts of times in all sorts of situations? I like the latter. I tried to get up early in the morning to devote an hour daily, but I didn't like it, didn't feel God in it. Maybe God doesn't want our mere words. Better a few words that are from the heart than words manufactured for a strict prayer time because it's time to pray. Being always with Jesus, conscious of him repeatedly, in most everything we do, is best. Pray: Lord, I want your word in my heart from your hand, I would love that. Your words on paper are beautiful and intriguing, but I want them planted in my being by your power. Yet even more than that, I want you and I to be one.

Our debt to Jesus is satisfied if we find it a pleasure to be one with Him. But what if we are not being one with His will while desiring to be one with Him? Things can get tricky. We are so small, so useless for being one with God, it's a wonder God would even desire it. It's not a wonder that there is an eternity; we're going to need it to become like Him. Each of us have our battles to overcome. Shall we. The work of God is to believe, for without it, neither will we desire to be one with God. Get better at it: God will not despise our small steps. If we fall to doubts, to our humanity, wait until the weakness passes, and try again. Devotion. The work of God is to be devoted. That's what Jesus meant by "work of God," to make it a continual deed, an ongoing carrying of the cross.

When we know that we are devoted, that's what it means to lose ourself, to give up the world for Jesus. Our priority is Him because that's all there really is, for everything in the world is temporary, a stage for the devil's humiliation, for the exposure of evil in his sons. When you know you're trying and making Him happy because of it, you get a real hope, a real life, a thing that politicians cannot give us by their flimsy but over-blown promises (they can't even make a hair black or white), their tricks to get elected, and stay elected. There is no comparison between the things Jesus offers reliably, and Trump getting you an extra $2,000 or $20,000 annually, even if he succeeds at doing it.

Mr. Wilkerson seems to be over-strenuous in his preaching at times, but he's challenging backsliders and sleepers. He's trying to wake them up. Politics will give us a spiritual coma if we don't see it for what it is, a cheap and unspiritual game or war that wastes a lot of money (all money is converted from labor, not trivial) better spent elsewhere. The devil is using politics, and the free-speech / freedom-of-expression provisions under Western constitutions, to change the way the Western world operates and thinks, and thus the sons of the devil are being exposed before our eyes. That's all that politics has become. View it as such, and nothing more. Use the political stage to speak the will of Jesus, and do not expect the Republicans to create a Godly society, for that has not become their aim at all, aside from a few who are now in the minority.

Although the Internet is being controlled by our enemies, we Christians have done some major damage to their attempts to mask their programs. God is helping to expose them. If they wanted to take us by surprise in persecution, sorry, they can't do that now. We know their game; we have sent out the message as in how to recognize them. They are trying to decide how best to go on the offensive against us, because they are getting more wicked, and that's going to make them more dangerous, less tolerant of us, and they are losing their minds. We need to realize that nutty, unstable, intolerant minds will lead the way against us. The anti-Christ will be the great example of their lunacy. Remember the lunatic attitude of Hitler. Expect something similar; no Scripture teaches that the anti-Christ comes as a fake Jesus. He will be a monster, and monsters will latch onto his program. It will sweep the masses.

Try as they might to convince the masses that Christians are to blame for society's ills, it's they that control society, God has made sure of that they will be responsible for the way it all ends. You can't minimize the power or voice of Christians, as they have done, and then justify blaming the ways things are on us. In the end times, if things go as I think they will, Christians will need to retreat from society virtually altogether, and then they will see what society is without us there, dog-kill-dog, insanity, cold hatred, division, backstabbings, chaos, hands hanging limp at what is coming upon them without remedy. That's where we are going, unless God permits a lull in evil, with some restraint against lawlessness for a spell, before the final evil comes on.

I don't know how many lulls there might still be, but we have been on a satanic downslide, without much lull, for about 50 years. We maybe can call the Republican victories since Reagan slight lulls, but only slight, and only because the Republicans needed the Christian vote to secure power over the Democrats. The latter has hated that we have caused their agenda to slow down. As much as I've desired to see a Christian society, we may be struggling against the will of God by trying to take political power over the world in the final years. You can grasp this. Therefore, don't get any ideas that God doesn't care about us, for it seems correct that this world should be in the hands of His enemies when they bring it down to complete ruin.

David Wilkerson has passed away. I was surprised to hear him say that Christians should wear their best clothes to church, to show God respect. I've always thought the opposite, as per God asking people to wear sackcloth, the most-humble material. Instead of wearing stylish clothes, God respects us more if we do the opposite. But it's not wrong to change clothes, meaning that sometimes they will be the better clothes. Just don't make it a point to always be the best-dressed Christians. I really appreciate Wilkerson's messages, and his devotion.

Here's someone with a softer approach, different style:

God has nothing better to do than to find friendship and fatherhood with us. What does he see in us? It seems like a colossal waste of time for He to be interested in us. Why does He live for us alone? When he decided to go on with the human creation, he was settled of mind, to do nothing more important than spend time with us. Pretty amazing, isn't it? He's devoted to us. It's not a wonder he wants reciprocation.

Forward with God's Unique Use of Heraldry

The last update was full of surprises as I continue to expand upon a gamut of heraldic explorations at the direction of the Lord. I was so impressed by the seemingly correct trace of the hood in an old dream (1979) to ancient Hyde of Lydia that I'm going to expand upon it. I'd like to re-tell parts of this dream so that context is set out from the start. The dream is of obvious importance to God, and so my responsibility is to decipher it correctly.

I'll start by saying that the dream had symbolism, as explained in the last update, in which a woman hovering of the seat of a car was a pointer to the Selepitanoi Illyrians, as well as a pointer to nearby Rhizon, though the Selepitanoi may have been at Rhizon. This location is important because it's beside Kotor, where shark-like Saraca's were from, according to Wikipedia's Saraka article. The dream started with a shark in a pool with a bulldog.

After that scene ended, I was walking on a beach, and saw a woman walking to the front of her car, which I interpret as code for the Hoods/Hoots. I have had trouble understanding the appearance of this hood scene for about two years, but have had verification this past year that Hoods/Hoots are the meaning of that scene. I've shared quite a bit of evidence that the woman was a certain Miss Hicks, whom I first saw at the end of 1994. The Hicks have a Sauteby character in their write-up, and German Sauts/Suters look like a branch of Suits/Suters, important because she was in a bathing SUIT at the hood of her car. (Use the link above to load all your Coats.)

It may be that this bathing suit carries no other meaning but to verify that the woman was Miss Hicks, yet with God, I've seen multiple good meanings to each item in a dream or event. In an Obama dream of early 2017, the Suits/Suiters pertained to Obama's role in the Peter-Strzok scandal, and we hope that God will expose that scandal. I hope that he will take credit for it through the dreams and events He is giving us through me. Obama's mother (Miss Dunham) descended from Randolphs (English branch shares the Dunham Coat), and Scottish Randolphs (share Bath Coat) use the bat as code for the Baths. There you have a second meaning for her BATHing suit, which acts to connect both dreams. In fact, in the Obama dream, he wore his suit immediately after I sewered a shot on his billiard table, and Sewers are listed with Suits/Suters. God is clever. I look forward to both dreams pointing to the same scandals as I find how they do so.

The Obama dream ended with emphasis on the BACK of his employee, and the Hicks dream had the BEACH. Beach's are Bechs and Backs are Bachs. I'll tell you why this should be code for mythical Bacchus, a bull cult, not forgetting that the Hicks dream opened with a BULLdog and shark. German Bechs share the Zionist star (same colors) of Sauts/Suters, which is super evidence that God placed the beach in the dream because Beach's/Bechs link to some Hicks element.

Hicks are from the Hyksos, who trace to the Hecube and Hector Trojans, from mythical Dardanus, a writer's code for Dardania in Mysia, and this entity goes to Moesia, location of the Dardanians, who had a line to Darts/Dards (Devon, same as Hoods/Hoots) who share the ERMINED bend of Sleeps, definite code for the SELEPitanoi mentioned above. Ermine is one of two heraldic furs, the other being used by Beach's. I'll give you my theory soon on what the other fur traces to.

With Hoods tracing, as of the last update, to ancient Hyde of Lydia, it's important that Hyde was on the HERMUS river, for ERMINE is suspect from proto-Hermes at mount HERMON (Phoenicia). There's good evidence for Hermes coming out of that mountain (in what is today the Golan Heights buffer zone between Israel and her arch enemies.) I'll show you again how the Hicks dream points to Annas/ANANus of Israel, killer of Jesus, for this must be the most-important part of the dream, but here I can add that the Ermine surname (giant ermine in Crest, what else is that code for?) shares the Chief-Shield combination of ANNANdale's, from Dumfries, where the surname of her husband was first found.

Her husband was a doctor. The mythical doctor was Asclepios, who had a snake coiled around a rod for a symbol (Asclepios rods are used by Hicks-like Huckabee's), and Hermes had a CADUCEUS rod with two snakes coiled around it, code for the Cadusii Armenians which he depicted. The Cadusii named Hattusa of the Hatti, and myth writers gave the Hatti the symbol of mythical Atti(s), father of the Lydians on the Hermus river. You can't get more logical than this in explaining what the myth writers were really talking about with these characters.

Attis was of the Kabeiri cult, and Dionysus, otherwise known as Bacchus, was the high priest of the Kabeiri. We seem to have reached the proto-Beach surname here because Dionysus had a leopard-skin symbol, though some call it a panther, which I think he received when he was in India, for myth writers located him there. A panther skin is a fur, and this is a fur that Dionysus wore. The heraldic fur used by Beach's and many others is called, Vair, but that's just the surname that came to own the fur. It was the fur of an animal to begin with, we can assume, and that animal may have been lost. Vair looks like it could have been from a spotted animal. Perhaps "Bacchus" is from a Pakistani element, such as some branch of the namers of Bactria.

Miss Hicks was asleep, HOVERing on her BACK, face up that is (though she was floating in air), and Hovers/Hoffers use a leopard face with bull horns. Funny that, I've not seen that heraldic symbol before. It strikes me as both symbols of Dionysus, the leopard and the Bacchus bull. The Backs/Bachs use a giant bull, but call it a steer. So, you see, Miss Hicks hovering in a car on the beach appears as code for a Hyksos line to Bacchus, helping to convince us that the hood scene, immediately before she was hovering, is code for Hyde of the Lydians, for the Lydians (beside Troy and Mysia) were seen by the ancients as descending from the Dionysus Kabeiri in the midst of the Cadusii of Hattusa. CADmus, part code for Cadusii, founded Grecian Thebes, a Kabeiri location beside Attis-suspect Attica. Mythical queen AEDON of Thebes was code for ATHENians i.e. from Athens in Attica.

Myth tells that Cadmus followed a bull to Thebes while seeking his abducted sister. She birthed bull-depicted Cretans, and Dionysus got his wife (Ariadne) from Crete. He took her to Lemnos, a Kabeiri center, and home of the Sintians that became the Santones Gauls, beside the Lemnos-liner Lemovices Gauls. Gauls were Gali to the Romans, and the Kabeiri were ruled by Galli. Dionysus was a Galli priest. The Santones are suspect to such surnames as Sands, Sanders, Saints, and Sandals. Miss Hicks was on BEACH SAND, and that's another reason to view the beach as code for the Bacchus bull.

It seems of little value for God to lead us to this ancient and nasty thing unless the killers of Jesus, and the Maccabee-Sadducees who shaped the Israel of His time, descended from it, and I can easily understand that God wants to reveal the ancestry of the Sadducees of Boethus from Boeotians. Thebes is in Boeotia, and while the myth writers pegged Cadmus (a Phoenician) and his Armenian wife, HARMONia (= code for mount Hermon, the proto-Hermes line to the Hermus river, home of proto-Hoods/Hoots), as the parents of Illyrians, I peg his Boeotian-derived Illyrians at Butua, smack beside Kotor (of mythical king KODRos of Athens) and Rhizon, exactly where the Hicks dream leads us, for when I was told to wake this hovering woman up, she came into my arms and we were then RISING into the sky as code for Rhizon (or RISINIum).

The car she was hovering in was suspect as code for Carians, and it just so happens that Caria is at the Maeander river, which I have discovered to be the reason for the mythical Maenads of Dionysus. Yup, she was hovering as code for Dionysus, and she was hovering in a car as code for the all-female Maenads of Caria.

One of the most-intriguing mysteries of this dream is that she awoke as soon as I grazed her knee with my hand, as I was bending over to kiss her awake. Drats, I didn't get to kiss her, it figures. Part of this knee entry may be to verify that the Backs/Bachs are indeed being pointed to, for as the Back/Bach bull is said to be a steer, Steers happen to have a "ne" motto term while Nee's are listed with Knee's. But I sense that there is more to her knee than that alone. Steers can, in this picture, be suspect as a Suter branch.

When I was told to wake her up, I was thinking Sleeping BEAUTY to myself, and that's why I was going to kiss her awake rather than nudging her, or yelling, HEY YOU, lady, GET UP." There are other ways to wake someone up, but Beautys, you see, use bulls. Recall that Bacchus took his wife to Lemnos, for Bettys/Beatys use a "Lumen" motto term. There is a Luman/Leman surname sharing a red fesse and fish of sorts (dolphins) with Boethus-suspect Butts/Boets. I was given a close-up shot of her face, and remarked, "She's beautiful." God has not minded the decades I've had to live without her, it might seem cruel of Him, but this story will have a happy ending.

Why do Bettys/Beatys share blue keys with Caiaphas-like Chiava's? The "COELeste" motto term of Bettys/Beatys must be for the Cole's who show a big, fat bull. Between the black Beauty/Bowd bulls (Dorset) and the black Cole bulls (Cornwall) were the black bulls of Walerans (Devon), all in an area founded by the DUMNonii, suspect by me from the LaceDAEMONian Spartans.

While the solutions for the symbols act as check agents to assure that symbols have been correctly applied to their meanings, I just know that God has other meanings behind the symbols. They need to be fished out. Yet as the crux of the dream, as related to the ancient past, must have to do with Annas and Caiaphas, let me repeat from the last update, starting with the Taulantii to the immediate south of the Selepitanoi (Illyrians) and the Caiaphas-suspect Cavii, all near Butua and therefore all candidates for Boethus-house Boeotians:

The middle of the Taulantii domain included Arnissa, like the Arniss variation of Annas'. Put that together with Capone's [in the colors and format of Taulantii-like Talants] and it looks like Annas and Caiaphas, his son in law. Arnissa is on a GENUSus river (both shown on dark map), and Jeune's, suspect from Junia Caepionis, are said to be from Anjou's Gennes surname, also spelled, "Geenes" in the Jeune write-up. In the Hicks dream, I was without a shirt, in Gennes-like JEANS alone, when seeing Miss Hicks at the HOOD of a car. The HICKSons share the eagle leg with Talants and Hooters!!! Incredible, I have finally broken through to some of the central meanings of that dream's Hoods/Hoots.

It seems that God had to figure a way to get the writer (me) and reader both to the Selepitanoi in order to give clarity or justification for taking things to Arnissa, by way of the Cavii Illyrians situated between Arnissa and the Selepitanoi. And the Cavii city if Lissus has always been deemed (by me) to be from Laish, smack at mount Hermon, and home of a pagan Levite monster in the Book of Judges. It seems that this Leviathan beast, so to speak, traces to Caiaphas and Annas, and so one can ask why the dream starts off with a nasty shark that could pose as Leviathan. Plainly: were the Saraca's a line from Caiaphas and/or Annas?

It is so conspicuous that Hykes/Hacks (note "Hake"), first found in Devon with Hoods/Hoots, are kin of Caiaphas-suspect Chives'. The Chives' look so Chiava and Cavii, the latter so perfectly situated on the threshold of the Selepitanoi. Chiava's were first found in Abruzzo, and the namers of the latter may have named the Abri Illyrians, marked right inside the Cavii (not shown) domain on the map at this page. Cavii are on this dark map. There is even a chance that Hovers/HOFFERs (share black leopard face with Levi-beloved Aids/Ade's) are a branch or variation from some Caiaphas-line surname developing first into Coffers.

The shark had nasty teeth circling the belly region of the bulldog, with its head down the shark's throat. I jumped into the swimming pool (typical, kidney-shaped residential pool) to save it, but the scene ended before I could see the outcome, or help the dog. The dream continued by opening a new scene at the beach with Miss Hicks.

Hmm, I JUMPed into the pool, and so here's the Jump write-up: "The parish of Wombwell was the property of Roger de BULLY and Walter d'Aincourt..." This was a topic in the last update, but I'm now compelled to view the bulldog with Bullys. The flaming heart (or heart in flames, can't recall exactly) in the Bully Crest suggests a Heart surname, one of which shares the saltire of Pool-line Pollocks. Poole is a location near the first-known Bulls, the latter first found at the Axe-river theater while bull-head Bullocks use "Lochaber axes." Lockerbys were first found in Dumfries with Bullys.

The dream is vivid in my mind to this day, for I talked about this dream to several of my friends, and even to girlfriends, for years and years afterward, because I was convinced that God had given it. I didn't realize that it was stacked with heraldic code until about two years ago, after I had become proficient in reading heraldry codes, which, I have got to assume, was taught to me by God for the purposes at hand. And by the time that the dream was known to be stacked by heraldic codes from God, I had also become proficient in reading the codes of satan's myths, or myths pertaining to satan's empire. Why-why me, Lord, why-why-why did you pick me for this?

I've yet to be satisfied on why the dream had a bullDOG instead of just a bull. But God proved beyond a shadow of doubt that the bulldog is the correct symbol. I'll pass on repeating the evidence for that claim, and go straight to the mythical teeth symbol, which appears in Cadmus myth. He killed a dragon at Thebes, which had teeth that turned into resurrected men. That is, the army depicted by this dragon was resurrected to become "Sparti" (obvious code for Spartans), and these teeth or men were later in Kutaisi, another Cadusii settlement, in Colchis. In Kutaisi, the golden fleece (pure myth, decipher the codes, don't look for real, historical events that can match) was protected by the dragon of Ares, and Cadmus' wife happens to be the daughter of Ares, and so we get it: the dragon was the army of Ares which Cadmus-branch Armenians defeated, and the ones defeated became Spartans, on the main, we may assume, or were Spartans to begin with.

Why would God want to point to this picture with the shark's teeth? What in the Sparta theater had defeated a peoples represented by Bacchus? Isn't this what the BULLdog in the shark's mouth represents? Didn't God point to bull-using BEAUTys/Bowds? They sure look like a line from Boeotians, suddenly. They surely have got to be from the Sadducee house of Boethus, and we then ask why God used Miss Hicks / Mrs. Kilpatrick as the sleeping beauty? Why do Hykes'/Hake's (Butt/Boet colors), in Shirt colors and format, share the fish with the Arms of Saraca, and the Butts//BOETs???

The quote presented above from the last update was followed minutes later by this stunning one:

"Taking part in the Crusades of 1248, Etienne de Gennes, Knight and Lord of La Motte de Gennes, was sent, upon his return, as an Ambassador to the Duke of Bourgogne who authorized the addition of a gold fleur de lys on his Coat of Arms." If that fleur is on the red Gennes fesse, it's in the colors of the Hicks / Leak fleur, and would reflect the Bute/Boet fesse with fish, the symbol also of Hykes'/Hake's. The Hykes/Hacks (note "Hake") were first found in Devon with Hoods/Hoots. I still can't think of a people group or place name to which Hoods may relate, though Hyde, the name once of Sardis, comes to mind, and, wowie, I trace Sardis and SHIRTS to Sardinians!!! Was that lucky, or Something else? Shirts are in the colors and format of Hykes'/Hake's!!! Incredible. I now have more to chew on, with Lydians of Sardis in the Hicks-car picture. This is going to be expanded upon in the next update.

And here I am. That was the first time I could decipher the meaning of my being shirtless, and in jeans. It's such a perfect solution, and works like a charm so far in this update. I have a good clue as to why Sardinians are being pointed to, for the SELEUCids, whom the prophet Daniel connects to the end-time anti-Christ, named SULCIS (my personal discovery), at Sardinia's Sant'ANTIOCco. The Seleucid capital in Syria was ANTIOCH.

The bulldog was pegged as code for the Bullis location at the southern end of the Epirus, where a Wikipedia article (can't find it again) traced Seleucid ancestry, specifically to associates or relatives of the Thesprotians of Epirus. The article did not trace to Bullis in particular, but I was able to glean that the Seleucid king. Alexander Balas, was named after Bullis elements. Or so is my theory. This Mr. Balas formed an alliance with Jonathan Maccabee at the time that Sadducees and Pharisees appeared in Israel. Where had they all come from? I think the Hicks dream is informing us. It's of special note that the Ardiaei Illyrians disappeared from Illyria about the time of Maccabee formation.

If we want to view the bulldog in the sharks mouth as a Bullis-Saraca merger, we have the problem of some significant distance between Bullis and Kotor. However, Saraca's moved to Ragusa, not far from the Ceraunii Illyrians, and Bullis is near the Ceraunii mountains. Bullis elements may have moved up by Ragusa. But speculation is not good enough, for God works very tidy with His symbolism. The Shark surname comes in handy due to its crane, code for the Ceraunii. Crauns/Crane's are even in Hicks colors and format, and use annulets colors reversed from those of Bulls. This is why Bulls are suspect from Bullis, but then more: the Bullis surname was first found in Suffolk with Crauns/Crane's. It appears that God set these things up to leave no doubt as to what the dream partly refers to, and in the meantime to help verify again that the woman in the dream, who didn't come with a name tag, is Miss Hicks.

The Ceraunii are closely related to the Orion entity of Coronis / Cronus. Many heraldic crowns are likely code for crown-using Crauns (almost the Massena patees), for no Crown surname comes up. Crone's/Crooms (Herefordshire, same as Massena-line Jays) use a crown. The latter's chevron is ermined-white in both colors of the ermined-white fesses of Sleeps, and while Selepitanoi were near or in Lissus, Crone's/Crooms use the fleur-de-lys, code for Lys'/Lisse's. Up the Drilon river from Lissus is Croom-like Krume, and the Krume crescent faces sinister, code for Masci's, Massena's and Rasmussens -- all Massey liners. Masseys share the Lys/Lisse and Crone/Croom fleur-de-lys. I, a Masci liner, was a major participant in the dream. Maezaei lived beside the Ceraunii. There must have been some Masci blood in that shark, but then the bulldog came walking right past my feet. Scottish Crone's have some sort of fish in Crest.

There is a Bullis/Bulliard surname sharing red roundels with Hicks-suspect Shirts, and I do think that Shirts, as far as the dream goes, anyway, represent the Seleucids of Sardinia, from Hyde of Sardis, I can now assume. No shirt on, looking at Miss Hicks beside her Caria going to Hyde of Sardis. Carians were part of the Sea Peoples, which included Lydians, Trojans and Sardinians. It can explain why the first scene in the second half of the dream, immediately after the shark half, had me in a body of water that could have been an ocean. It had blue water rather than dark lake water. In heraldry, I usually represent my mother's Masci line, and the Masa of the Carians were part of the Sea Peoples.

CadMUS represented the Mus Armenians too. His sister (Europa) ended up on Crete with symbolism repeated in Revelation 17, apparently, as the mother of Minoans (descended from a bull), and the Sarpedon-branch Minoans founded Carians, pirates. Who but pirates would seek most to own Crete? Cretans are known for being proto-Trojans. Hyksos ejected from Egypt took shade with Philistines, and the latter are thought to be from Crete. Hence, Hyksos on Crete seems logical enough.

I have been identifying the Sea Peoples as Hyksos seeking their Egypt back for a lot longer than I've been trying to decipher the Hicks dream. And so I think that she and her car, with me at the DOOR of her car while she hovered, is code for the Sea Peoples too, for when they failed to conquer Egypt, they settled at Dor of Israel, for one. Yet the car's door can be code for the mythical-Doris fish which, in the real world, was the Daorsi Illyrians that lived on the Neretva with the Ardiaei, smack around and probably in Ragusa. We understand that mythical fish are code for sea farers, right? Hykes/Hake's use fish. The sand can trace to the Sintians of Lemnos, off the Troy coast. It works beautifully, especially as Dionysus was on Lemnos. This looks like the true interpretation of the dream, and signals Hyksos-descended Sea Peoples in the Illyrian pirates.

The OrchoMENOS Boeotians, likely from mythical-Minos Minoans, in the Argo ship had been out of Lemnos, and are thus probably a myth concerning th Sea Peoples, for the Argonautica myth takes the Argo ship to the Illyrian coast. After being in Lemnos, the Argo ship went to Cadusii-line Kutaisi. Perfect. And when I think of Carians in Lydia, it smacks to me of Ares, worshiped by Lydians, but suspect on Rhodes off of Caria. Mythical Merops of Kos, another island off of Caria, was made the ancestry of mythical Aedon of Boeotia, but not before Merops birthed PANdareus of Ephesus, on the Caria-Lydia border with the proto-Sinclairs of Clarus. This line went to bull-using Charo's/Claro's, who share the upright, red bull with SANDers (Rhineland). Perfect. Sanders are from the Sintians of Lemnos.

Let's now go back to the Lemnos-like Lumens/Lemans/Lemans', suspect from Le Mans, the historical capital region around Maine, where BILLIARDs/Billets were first found who are suspect from "Bullis," even as the Bullis surname, first found in Suffolk with Lumens/Lemans', is "BULLIARD." Wow.

Lumens/Lemans' are almost in the format, and are in the colors, of Billet like Blyth's, and the latter add gold items on their red fesse, the colors of the fish upon the same fesse of Butts/Boets (who are essentially in the format and colors of both Blyth's and Lumens/Lemans'). This is a super find, thanks to the Lumen/Lemans' write-up: "The surname Lemans was first found in Suffolk at Wenhaston, a parish, in the union and hundred of BLYTHing. " This would not have been found had not God given Miss Hicks the beauty symbol, for it was the motto of Bettys/Beatys who have the Lumens, and Bettys/Beatys were looked up in the first place to check for added clues to the beauty theme.

It occurred to me for the first time, having said the above, that the three beautiful items that impressed me on three different ladies are all connectable to Beautys/Bowds. The latter use nothing but bulls in the colors of nothing-but-bull-heads Waleran de Leavells, from Lupus LAEVIllus. Mamie in her BATHING SUIT struck me with having beautiful thighs, and Thighs use a giant wolf, the Lupus-Laevillus line, I can assume. For example, the Walerans bull heads are in the colors and format of the three Quade wolf heads. The beautiful feet of Lorraine get the Feets/Fates with the Coat exactly of the English Pavia's (Somerset, same as Leavells), and LAEVi were at Pavia. The Tease's/TYE's, another symbol of Mamie as per her teasing me on our first night together, connects more than obviously with her thighs, and, believe it or not, Tease's are from the Tessin river of the Laevi, co-founders of Pavia upon that river. I have never mentioned any other beautiful thing on any other lady aside from those three things. The manner in which they all impressed me were identical, which I say was the work of God in me.

The Feet and Pavia fesses with martlets is another reflection of the Boet fesse. It can be added that while Waleran de Leavell married a Beauty-suspect Miss BEAUmont of Meulan, the Arms-of-Meulan checks are shared by Irish Flemings (chief Templars / Crusaders) while German Flemings have a giant wolf, upright like the Thigh wolf. Irish Flemings use a Shield filled with vair fur.

This is a good place to add that Scottish Flemings, whom I read owned the double-TRESSURE border, have one that is not in the red shade of their chevron. The border is in the red shade used for chaplets in the Saxon/Septon Coat, and in the red shade of the chevron of TRESURE's/Trash's (Somerset), who share the red fitchee with the Sands (RAGully pattern, could be a Ragusa code). The latter have the Fleming chevron in both colors, aside from the small difference in shading. There is a Saxon location near Sion/Sitten, and while Seatons/Sittens are known Flemings of Scotland, Flemings were first found in Lanarkshire with Sions/Swans. We therefore would like to know the origin of the swan-using CHAPlets (read also as ChapLETs), especially as LETs/Late's appear to be in the Fleming motto, "LET the deed shaw." Keep those Saxons in mind, because they will come back to topic. I do not think they derived from the Saxon Germanics.

You may have missed the part below after the second sentence, added to the last update:

One day, someone left a medallion on the hood of my Jeep, and Hoods are from Rattery while Ratterys were first found in Perthshire with Hagars!!! I get it. Ratterys were beside the Bauds/Baads (share Bald ship) with the same crescents as Hoods, and while Jeepma's are Cheps, Bauds/Baads were first found in Stirling with Chappes'/CHEAPS! I've got to try to remember this paragraph...If Bauds/Baads use a "galley" ship, that's the KEEP symbol.

That ship, in the colors of the Bald ship, might just be a symbol of Sea Peoples. The paragraph tends to link Hoods to them, if that's true, as expected if Hoods were from Hyde. The trident was Poseidon's symbol, and there's a trident in the Baud/Baad Crest, though it could have been birthed by a Baud-line marriage with Dents. The Baud-versus-Bald variations speak of the Bautica = Baltea river. It should be added that while the Baltea named Baldwin I, great-grandson of Gothelo, it's notable that the Goth/GOTHEL hexagram is that of Hagars and Rattery-like Rads.

The very next thing to take place after seeing her at the hood area, all of which points to the Sea Peoples, is a close-up of her face. "She beautiful," I remarked. And the next scene, without my walking to the car in the distance, was my standing at the passenger door looking into the vehicle, where she was hovering, wearing a troubled-of-mind face. I won't tell here what she was thinking, as it doesn't relate to the rest of the pointers. It has more to do with what looks like a promise of God that she would become my wife. But that has never happened, though I've been thinking of contacting her to ask if I could send this update and the last, at the risk of her broom whiplashed across my head right through the phone line.

I have a feeling that God may have deliberately deceived me into thinking that she would become my wife, or that night in which I sat beside her would never have happened (it promised to be an important night for future events in the news). I was drawing close to her that week to check for any clues that she was my future wife as a widow. Her husband was more than years older than she, approaching 80 at the time.

The car door is still on the Carian Sea Peoples, I gather (the only ones I know are the MASA), and yet Daorsi were likely at the steps of the Selepitanoi, working great with the fact that, after she was thinking things, she was asleep as code for the Selepitanoi. It's now interesting that while she hovered at the time. Hovers/Hoffers use red bull horns, the color of the CHARO/Claro bull. This gets more amazing because I haven't been able to understand the Knee surname that's implied in my waking her from sleep. Nor do I know what people group the Knee's were from. There is largely a blind spot with her knees at this time, but I've just realized that the Knee bend can be in the Charo/Claro Coat. It's an engrailed bend for the Knees, and the cross of Claro-line Sinclairs/SAINT (Sand / Santone-Sintian kin, by the looks of it) is also engrailed. The engrailed pattern looks like waves i.e. possibly of the sea.

In this picture, her car is specifically for a Clarus Carians to Charo's/Claro's, the latter being in the motto of English Josephs along with "ni"!!! Wow. That works. God was pointing to Caiaphas-suspect Josephs. Just look at this and be amazed. The Josephs of Hampshire were first found there with the Chaplet-like Caplans who share three items in Chief in the colors of the three items in the Joseph Chief, and the double Joseph chevrons are therefore those of Chaplains. The Hicks "buck" (probably a Bacchus line) has a "chaplet" engrailed round its neck! I actually forgot to mention this when crossing the Saxon chaplets above. Now I know why I touched her knee while waking her, and as that waking even traced to Selepitanoi and Rhizon, smack beside the Cavii, it appears that this pointer to Josephs is a hint that they were from the Cavii, as expected. The Chives', once said to be first found in Devon with the Hykes'/Hacks, share their quadrants.

By the way, the Hicks Coat is in the format, and colors reversed, from the sand Coat, and Sands are said to be from a Wheatly location in Long Yorkshire, where Hicks were first found. At the 9-11 memorial, I claim that miss Hicks was given a sandal symbol as I sat beside her. This was explained in the last update, but came with a whammy of proof that God intended her sandals to be a pointer.

The super thing is, French Josephs once showed a giant swan in the colors of the Chaplet swans. Thus, God was indeed pointing to Charo's with her car, for the Joseph motto includes, "Cas ni charo." A small mention of the Nie's might be in order here, whose six fessewise bars are those of Babe's, first found in DORset with Beautys/Bowds. Quints were partly first found in Dorset, and partly in Essex, where Nie's were first found. The Nie Coat is a reflection of the Haught/HOTTEN Coat (connectable to Hoods/Hoots), who share the same bull head as the Sanders (two chevrons in the colors of the three Haught/Hotten fesses) having the Charo/Claro bull in Crest!

Therefore, it appears that the 'ni" motto term is for Nie's, which is partly good news because we have yet to discover a better way to draw Knee's/Nee's into the Charo fold. The Center variation of these Sanders gets Senters/Sainters with leopard heads in the colors and format of Hicks. Hyksos are being pointed to at Clarus, home of the false-prophet club of mythical Mopsus/Muksus, whom I trace to Mokissos on the Halys river of the Hatti.

The Sandale surname (Yorkshire, same as the Sandale location of the Sands) is said to have been at Sandale Magna, "near WAKEfield," and I was told to wake her up while she hovered. After the Person in the dream told me that it's me she loves, the voice said, "WHAT are you WAITing for, go wake her up." The Whats/Wadcocks (motto traceable with Cocks and Babcocks to Mummolin) strike us as Quade's/Wade's or the Waits/Weights, but, zowie, we had just read that Sands were at WHEATLy of Long Sandale! And Whats/Waddcotts share Wheat colors! They are also the Saxe/Saxby colors (share birds with Whats/Wadcocks ), and you will see Sandersons of Saxeby below linking to chaplet-loving Saxons. Wheatlys are WHATleys too, can we believe it? I will come back to the Sandals later for their trace to Plancia Magna de Herod.

Back to the Beach's, first found in Hertfordshire with Silvers. You may have missed an insert into the last update several hours after the update was out:

Krume's use a giant and sinister crescent in the colors of the giant crescent of the Silvers, first found in Hesse with the sinister-bend Rasmussens/ASSMANs, the latter suspect at AKMONia, where SEVERus, father of the Bassus', lived. It just so happens that Severus-liner Saffers/Savarys, sharing the unicorn with Rasmussens, use a version of the English Silver Coat, making "Silver" look like a Savary / Severus variation.

There is a modern Krume location in the land of the Abri and Cavii. Krume's (Hamburg, same as Trips/Treffs) entered the discussion with the trace of Trips to the Clausula / Tropoje area, not far from Krume. It was a very-interesting discussion with solid traces. It's being mentioned here, not only because Silvers share vair fur with Beach's, and not only because they were first found in the same place, but because I'm tracing Beach's to Bacchus, whose cult was near Akmonia, perhaps even in that place, for the center was at Kabeiro location near Pessinus, where there was a cult to Cybele, the Phrygian Great Mother, and also to her husband, Attis. Severus' ancestry tended that cult, and for all I know, so did Severus. Brogitarus of Pessinos, that is, was the high priest of Cybele.

It's interesting that Pessinos' is like "piss," for Attis symbol was castration. I'll explain in a minute. Attis is a form of Zeus, but named after the Hatti. Zeus' mother, Rhea, was the earlier Great Mother, and she became Cybele, likely named after the Cabelees, a fellow branch of piss-like Pisidians, who must have named Zeus' brother, Poseidon. The third brother, Hades, is so much like "Attis" that we can't help but get wise. The Greek hell was named after the Hatti, it says a lot.

Rhea was the daughter of Uranus, likely code for the proto-Iranian Eran. Rhea was therefore likely code for ancient Rey, Rhagae, in Iran. Uranus, I think, named "urine" from his rain symbol, and one myth writer (these guys were comics, no doubt about it) even gave Zeus a golden shower symbol. Cronus, another son of Uranus, and the husband of Rhea, castrated Uranus, and this symbol was played with my other writers, so irresistible to them. But the writers knew the rules, not to give one's symbol to a wholly-different entity. Symbols could be fixed in stories only to descendants of the original entity. Thus, Attis gets the castration symbol because the Hatti descended from Uranus / Cronus. Armenians were beside Rhagae, and Attis was Armenian (my claim because I know that Hattusa was a Cadusii-Armenian entity).

We can now trace the urine symbol of Uranus through Attis to the Orion Boeotians, the ones that I think God is pointing to as ancestral to the Sadducees of the house of Boethus. But as Cadmus was a Cadusii line too, we could expect the Thebes Boeotians to be related to the Orion Boeotians. Just go ahead and compare "Sadducee" to "Cadusii."

I haven't a clue as to how Boeotians got to the house of Boethus, but all pointers point to the Brogitarus>Bassus-line Galatians as rudimentary to Maccabees and Sadducees. It makes the latter suspect from some Cadusii stragglers still in Anatolia in the days of these Galatians. I doubt they would have been called exactly, Cadusii, by that time. The name must have taken many twists and turns. Wikipedia calls the Cadusii, Iranians. The article doesn't give the different spellings from century to century.

Another article: "[Cadusia] is mentioned together with the Gelae (Pliny, Natural History 6.46, erroneously refers to the 'Gaeli, whom the Greeks called Cadusii')." In other words, there was a close relationship between the Cadusii and the Gels of Gilan, the latter being good candidates for the Galli of the Attis cult. The caduceus staff had two snakes, which I guessed are in honor of the Gels and Cadusii together. The Galli loved the caduceus symbol, it's not hard to figure out where they derived. Asclepios had only one snake, begging whether the Gels versus or the Cadusii were dropped. He was the son of Cronus-like Coronis. In a myth in which Cadmus founded Illyrians, he and his Armenian wife were changed into snakes. Two snakes, that is, play on the caduceus.

The caduceus was transferred in myth to Tiresias, a blind seer. Just follow the blind symbol of myth to see what his entity was related to. Tiresias' father, Everes, the shepherd seer, was code for Avaris, the Hyksos capital, the proto-Miss Hicks. Tiresias was made the father of Daphne, code for a Daphne location at mount Hermon, right at proto-Hermes. Daphne was right beside Panias, proto-Pan, son of Hermes. It named the Peneus river next to the Ladon, at piss-like Pisa and Laish-like Elis. Laish was right beside Panias. This isn't even hard. Greeks gave Hermes a birthplace in Arcadia, smack beside mythical Daphne in the Ladon river. These comics were incredibly simple-minded, almost dumb. You need to fall to folly to be a myth writer. You can be a myth writer only if your are the jerk of the town. Why bother dreaming up fanciful stories in honor of satanic, warrior nations, in keeping with the jerks who came before you? Because, the Greek people loved to waste their time, especially as pedophiles. Greeks loved to make statues of handsome, hunky, naked men, there's no secret as to why. Historians call this, "civilization." God calls it Ripe for Destruction. Modern man has Hollywood and pornography in place of the myths. Historians call this "progress."

The Hermes cult would actually make statues of penis', and they even had holy alters ("Hermes temple") made of rock-carved penis'. Like I said, the town jerks, just like the Washington Masons who must rule the nation and carry it to Hell, or bust. The caduceus was just a penis symbol. Look at how "penis" is like "Panias / Peneus / Phoenix." What really was the rising phoenix? Why was mythical Phoenix, the king of Phoenicia, directly related to Poseidon, suspect with piss-like Pisidians? Wasn't the urine symbol, as rain, the original reason that Poseidon was the water god? The myth writers just gave him the ocean symbol as an outcropping of his earlier rain / river symbol, because Tyrians were sea-farers.

Orion and/or his father was at Schimatari, the line to Schims/Schiens/Chands, branch of Skene's/Skins having erect swords as code for the Ares pedophile cult. The Schims/Schiens share the boar of Haileys, and the Hatti sector of the Kabeiri faggots were on the Halys river. We saw that Beech's/Bechs and Severus-suspect Silvers were first found in Hertfordshire. Severus was in the Hatti theater, though not on the Halys river, but probably more like the Sangarius river. There has been some evidence that a singer symbol Assigned to Miss Hicks (she's a singer in real life) is for Sangarius elements. Here's the Beach/Bech write-up: "The surname Beach was first found in Hertfordshire where Gosfrid le Beche was sometimes known as Geoffrey de Bec...He was from Beche in Normandy and accompanied William the Conqueror into England at the Battle of Hastings in 1066. Amongst other villages he also owned Aldenham, Cokenach, Eastwick, HAILEY, Lilley, Langley and many others in Hertfordshire." You see, she was on a beach as code for this trace to the Kabeiri, yet her beauty symbol is suspect with the Boeotian line to Boethus.

About seven months before I first saw her, I stopped on a highway ramp to pee. I was letting it go while facing the city lights, in the dark of evening, toward Baytown. I wasn't yet at Houston. She had a home in Baytown at that time, unless it was sold a few months earlier. But they were living in Baytown a few months earlier, that I know for sure. That's why something to do with her has a trace to Orion, for the latter had a urine symbol.

By what coincidence does a Bachs surname have a Bacchus-like Beckess variation, such an odd term? The Bachs/Beckess Coat is nothing but a giant, blue anchor. As Hoods and Heidlers have white anchors, but because the Hoods have a blue Shield, or because the Heidler anchor is white-on-blue, the Bachs'/Beckess' can be their anchor in colors reversed. Family marriages often use one anothers' symbols in colors reversed. The reason that ancient Hyde came to mind earlier today (written in the last update), is that I've long known the sharing of white anchors between Hoods and Heidlers. In fact, this is a good place to repeat that Wikipedia's article on the swastika has an ancient swastika jewel showing, found in Gilan, at the Cadusia theater, and Heidlers look like a branch of Hiedlers/Hitlers, what a hoot.

Now hear this: I have been reluctant to trace the Anchor surname to Ankara, the Turkish capital, a city that has gone by that name from ancient times. Pessinus is near Ankara. It therefore appears that the Heidler / Hood anchors are for Ankara liners, though Mysia had an important Ancore location that could apply.

The Galli castrated themselves [probably not literally] during an ecstatic celebration called the Dies sanguinis, or 'Day of Blood, which took place on March 24. At the same time they put on women's costume, mostly yellow in colour, and a sort of turban, together with pendants and ear-rings. They also wore their hair long, and bleached, and wore heavy make-up. They wandered around with followers, begging for charity, in return for which they were prepared to tell fortunes. On the day of mourning for Attis they ran around wildly and disheveled. They performed dances to the music of pipes and tambourines, and, in an ecstasy, flogged themselves until they bled.

The town nutcases, the modern faggot movement, faggot parades and the like, to be despised. Love you enemy doesn't mean you shouldn't puke at sick, human conduct, or turn away in disgust. Our governments esteem this because it's just the "civilized" thing to do. We've got to be tolerant, they say, even when maniacs are spiritual rot in our midst, threatening to turn our children, all of them if they can, into fellow maniacs. Someone give me a nice, sharp hatchet, I'll help those buggers to become eunuchs.

"The first Galli arrived in Rome when the Senate officially adopted Cybele as a state goddess in 204 BC." It's clear to me that the older Galli had become the Gauls of France, who then returned as Galatians in the 3rd century BC to resume their Kabeiri cult. That's why French men wear silk underwear. Progress? Really? Liberty for what? French Liberty leads to the Bohemian Grove, not to the Mount of Olives.

A giant anchor is used by German Hope's, yet they are also Hoods? How did that happen? Didn't they know the difference between a 'p' and a 'd'? Or are Hope's in honor of the Galatian, OPgalli? After all, Hoods are tracing to Hyde = Sardis, which was the neighbor of Pessinus. This would be a good place to mention Piscinas, almost "Pessinos," in Sardis-suspect Sardinia, and right beside the Seleucid location of Sulcis. Pesci's use the fish. "Piscinas" is another piss term, water, and means, "pool," or "fountain," like a pee. The Hicks dream had a pool with a shark as code for fish-using Saraca's, and their fish is in the colors of the Pesci fish.

The bulldog walked past my feet as I was on the deck of the pool, and then FELL into the POOL, suspect with the RockeFELLERs. That's because I see the Pesci fish in the coat of Verona's, which is a version of the Feller Coat, which in-turn shares the trefoils of Fallers/Fellers, first found in Venice with Pesci's. What are the chances that Fallers/Fallis' share the POOL lion? Yup, that's right. This is linking Rockefeller liners to the Saraca shark, very plain to see, and we did see that Roquefeuils were suspect with the Verona-like Varni. Verone's use ravens for those Varni vikings, thieves, low-downs, outcasts, still robbing the world to this day.

The Feller Coat is a Coat version of Boet-suspect Bothwells (now the trefoils are in the colors of the Verona (trefoils), and the Bothwells are in the colors and format of English Hope's, whose Coat is exactly that of Savards/SAVARys, the line expected from Severus of Akmonia, at the Pessinos theater. That's why Hope's look like they are from Opgalli. Where do bull-using Backs/Bachs trace again? Oh, yes, to Bacchus, and while "spes" means "hope," both Hope's and Backs/Bachs use "spes."

The Silver-related Savarys/Saffers were first found in Devon with Hoods/Hoots, and, by the way, Savarys/Saffers have a Coat reflecting that of Welsh Bachs, which recalls the giant anchor of Backs'/Beckess' that traces well to Bacchus elements around Ankara. Dionysus (his island was Naxos) was related to Nike, possible code for Nicaea, for it was also called, Ancore. That would be the Ankara link to Ancore. The Crest of Welsh Bachs is the seated, black dog of Furness', from beside Sands, excellent, because I was on a sandy beach with Miss Hicks. There was no one else in the dream, no other car on the beach.

German Sanders use bull heads, and Sandersons (black dog in Crest), who had a Saxby location, share three annulets on a bend with Saxons/Septons. Furness, Cars and Sands are in Lancashire with Saxons/Septons. The latter are likely from Mr. Severus (born 145 AD), imperial husband of Domna Bassianus, the sister of the wife of Julius Avitus. The latter is the ancestor of the Vito's/Vita's (in the "vita" motto term of Savarys/Saffers), who share the annulet of Severs/Savers. These annulets are used as so-called chaplets by Saxons/SEPTons, and Mr. Severus was SEPTimius by first name. It creates doubt for tracing Savarys and Saffers to Severus of Galatia. On the other hand, the latter was the father of a Mr. Bassus, and I have seen one instance of someone using "Bassianus" for these very Bassus'. It therefore appears that Septimius married Miss Bassianus because he was himself from that family. The emperors were having these sorts of marriages as a routine.

The Chaplet surname uses five birds in the formation of the five Saffer birds. The Chaplet birds are black swans in both colors of the giant swan once shown for French Josephs. English Josephs were first found in Hampshire with the Lissus-like Liss'/Lise's that share the six pale bars of Sandersons, who just appeared to be kin of Chaplet-loving Saxons/Septons. Lissus is the city of the Cavii, and Caiaphas' first name was Joseph.

The Saxon write-up speaks on a Saxton location in West Yorkshire, and Septimius Severus died in York (trying to expand his kingdom, the utter stupid). I trace "SEPTIMius" to "SEPTIMania," a region that may have included Roquefeuil. The latter is in the Aude province, and there are two "aut" motto terms with Savarys/Saffers "Aut vita LIBERA aut..."

Other Orchestrated Events

It's time to retell a story. I has mentioned that a gorgeous blond in my mid teens had that blond-model look that Miss Hicks still had at 49, when I last saw her. I didn't realize why I was connecting the two women at first, but it seems that God chose the teen-age girlfriend for me. For this short story, you need to remember what was said, that the most-important part of the Hicks dream is the pointer to the killers of Jesus, to the ancestry of Caiaphas and ANNAS at the Cavii / Taulantii theater. The teenage girlfriend was KATRina HANSon. I was fresh with my drivers' license at the time at 16 years of age, but had no car yet. A friend's parents, the Quinns, went to their cottage and left their son the car, and so he let me borrow it for my first date with Miss Hanson.

As it turned out, more than four decades later, Valiants were found with the only heraldic shark I know of, and the Valiant Chief-Shield colors are those of Chapus', speaking rather loudly that Saraca's were from Caiaphas. Miss Hanson's first name is like "KOTOR," home of Saraca's. The Sandersons (Durham, beside Valiants) we just crossed shortly above gave reason to re-mention this story, for they have a "veillant" motto term. Valiants (Yorkshire, same as Hicks) show an old Vaillant variation.

I recall being at Katrina's home only once, with my friend Quinn there with us. She lived on Warden Avenue (about a mile east of Gormley), and so I looked up Wardens just now, first found in Hertfordshire with Beach's/Becks. Also, in case it pans out, Wardens have the same chevron as Hykes'/Hake's (fish) and the same fleur in Crest as the Hicks. But the major point is that Quinn's first name is Dennis. Here's the Dennis surname: "Dennis, which comes from the Greek name Dionysios, which means a follower of the god Dionysius." I don't know how to prove or disprove that claim, but there you have it along with Bacchus-line Beach's/Bechs.

Also, "Warden / Arden" struck me (for the first time) as being like "ARIADNe," wife of Dionysus. Was she an Arda / Ardahan element? I see Hyksos from the Ardahan area (at Armenia), at or beside Rize, which looks like the proto-Ardiaei at Rhizon, smack beside Kotor, where Miss Hicks took us in the shark dream.

For the longest time, I thought that French Saffers used five eagles, only to find that they were something else, though I can't recall whether they are hawks or falcons. Opgalli-suspect Hobs/Habs (tiger) use hawks. The Hobs/Hopps (Hykes/Hake Coat in colors reversed) can be using the same bird as Savarys/Saffers, which I think are Herons. If they are herons, then the Hobs/Hopp Crest has the Smith Crest, which I know is a heron with fish in its mouth. Hobsons/Hopsons (Durham, same as Smiths) have a different-color version of the Hope Coat.

You're not going to believe this, or actually you will. I had loaded Baches' earlier, but had nothing to say, as they use a giant, spread eagle, as do too-many others. I had nothing in particular to link it too that could relate to other Coats at topic. Both Hobs/Hopps surnames were first found in Somerset with Baches'/Backs (and the Bullis-line Bulls), and one of the two shares the spread, black eagle with Baches'/Backs (won't come up as "Back" but the surname shows in the list). Now that makes sense because the Hicks dream wants us to trace to Bacchus elements, yet I know nothing in the dream that is a pointer to Opgalli. Although there are countless black eagles, the giant one of Bazz's/Bes'/Base's can enlighten one of a possible Bacchus > Bassus line.

I have entertained "Bassus" from "Phasis," in Colchis, but then Crete had PASIphas, mythical wife of Minos, and mother of Bacchus' wife. Wow, that would be a key insight if all correct. "Pasiphas" appears to indicate that there was a Pasi branch of Phasis liners, which the writer exploited. I trace VesPASia Polla to Julia Polla in the Hatti theater, which theater connects to Phasis because its at the mouth of the ancient Glaucus river from Kutaisi, ruled by mythical Aeetes, a writer's alternative of "Attis" (of the Hatti). Attis' father was at times Cotys, like the Cotesii on the Buzau; otherwise Attis' father was Manes, suspect with the Mannae Armenians through to the Maeonians (invaded by the Sarpedon-branch Minoans). Phasis was not far from Ariadne-like Ardahan.

Opgalli was grandmother to Plancia MAGNA. A funny thing happened while viewing the Sandal MAGNA location of Sandals. Historians would say that it was named after "Great Sandal," but I will show here why I think God orchestrated an event that points Sandals to Plancia Magna and Julia Polla of Galatia. In the meantime, it traces the Polla bloodline to Pola/Pula of Istria, which may be represented by the pool in the Hicks dream. One website thinks or wants to believe (or may be correct) that Julia Polla was the wife of Severus of Akmonia.

Relatives of my mother from Abruzzo flew over to stay a while, and there was an event that I spoke of where August took a photo of Franca (his wife) and I sitting on a lawn in front of a birch tree. I can't recall what I said about the Birch's and the CAMERA's at that time, but Birch's were loaded just now because I had noted the whammy in that last update: a CAMERArius character in the Sandal write-up. That name is not coming up in a search throughout all my files, meaning that I missed this great piece of proof.

You see, at the 9-11 memorial, I set up Miss Hicks' CAMERA, and when I returned to her, I saw the empty seat beside her, asking if it was taken. When she agreed that I could sit there, I looked down so as not to step on her toes while passing her to the seat, and saw her sandals with green toe-nail POLISH. Here's from the last update:

The Arms of Pula/Pola use the same green cross as Sandals, though on a gold Shield, in colors reversed from the Rising cross, and in the colors of the Pollock saltire (the latter use it either gold on green or green on gold). Pollocks were POLISH, aren't they? NAIL POLISH.

This line of Pollocks from Vespasia Polla to Pools has got to me the/a reason that the shark was in a pool. Vespasia Polla can be linked to Julia Polla because Plancia' Magna, of a high-priestess household for Artemis, had ancestry in Galatia, suspect with Julia Polla, the great-great-granddaughter of Brogitarus, high priest of Cybele. Plancia married Tertullus of Perga, and Tertulla was the name of the mother of Vespasia Polla's husband. That's how the two Miss Polla's can be connected, important for what I'm about to relate.

The Camerarius character in the Sandal write-up became suspect with the camera photo taken by August at the birch tree. When loading Birch's, there was a "SIMPLIcitate" motto term suspect with Mr. Simplex. Online quote: "...Julia Tertulla, a close relative of Plancia Magna, married Lucius Julius Marinus Caecilius SIMPLEX." As "Simplex" is a motto term of Perkins, they are traced to "Perga," Plancia's home with Tertullus. I wasn't going to say anything about this or the Birch's, until scrolling back to the sandals, and noting it's red fleur-de-lys, which I then recalled is a Perkin symbol in both colors. I therefore think I now remember what I had said about the Birch's when August used a camera on us: Birch's/BERCHs are a branch of Perkins from Plancia Magna's family, yet I did not, at that time, have the Sandal surname as part of the discussion. The Sandal surname, from a Sandal Magna location, acts doubly to assure that God orchestrated the photo by August.

Birch's/Berch's share the Masci fleur, and August's mother is a Masci (Piedmont, same as Franca's). The English and Scottish Franks use the Pollock saltire in two colors schemes, one (in Franca colors) having the saltire colors reversed from the Sandal cross, wherefore the later is the cross in the Arms of Pula/Pola. To put this another way, it seems to me that the line of Plancia Magna goes through Pola to Vespasia Polla, and to Sands of Lancashire, beside the Pharnaces line of Furness'

It's due to the Rising cross being colors reversed from the Arms of Pola that Scottish Sandals/Sandilands (in roughly where the first Pollocks were first found) are suspect with the Knee bend, for Miss Hicks and I were rising as soon as I grazed her Knee. So, it seems that the toe POLISH is part code for the line of Galatia's Polla's, through the Revelation dragon at Vespasian and Titus, and so forth to the surnames above. The Sandal/Sandilands motto loves the Speers and Ore's, apparently, both first found in Renfrewshire with Pollocks and PASleys, and the Speers share the crossed spears of PASi's, to whom I trace "VesPASia." Just look at that, how Sandals worked right into that Polla line after first having traced to Plancia Magna.

I can make a case here that my grazing (i.e. touching) her knee was code for the Touch/TOW surname, in Sandal colors. I touched her knee with my hand, and Hands were first found in Cheshire with Touch's/Tows. The Knee Crest is a red spread eagle, linkable to the gold spread eagle in the Crest of the Sandals that share the Knee bend. "Touch" and "bot" are mottoes of Clan Chattan members, and as Chattans and Chatans share the Italian Botter bend, the Knee bend looks like their bend in colors reversed because Knee's share a red eagle with the Hampshire Botters. Yet, "Bot" is listed with the Butts/Boets.

The way to assure that Chattans / Chatans trace to Botters is by the Lucca cat, for Italian Botters were first found in Lucca (with Massai's). Recall that a string of items / events in the Hicks dream were on the Sea Peoples. In an article on them: "The Lukka [Sea Peoples] are very closely associated with the Karkisa and also the Masa." Lucca is at MASSA-Carrara, a Carian-Masa entity. Thus, even her knee can trace to the Sea Peoples, especially as I TOUCHed it. Recalling that her car was code for Charo's/Claro's who share a blue bend with Knee's, let's now add that while English Botters were first found in the same place as Joseph's, they have a "ni charo" phrase, adding to the evidence that Knee's are using the Botter bend. I feel pretty good about this, but remain unhappy not knowing what Knee's / Nie's were otherwise.

As Nie's are Neighs too, perhaps the Nagle's out of Oneglia, where DORia's came to live, are behind the Knee's (in Nagle/Nail colors, both engrailed). As Nagle's are Gale kin and show it in their variations, variations such as NAIgall sure do look like Nie variations. Nie's are also Naye's while Nage's/McKNESS'/McNESS' (Non colors) share "non" with Nagle's (fesse colors reversed from Non fesse). But notice the lack of exclamation marks. When you get those, that's when I'm thrilled (or maybe just happy) with tacking a product before you. Nagle's are kin of Angers and therefore close to Hangers, the latter first found in Hampshire with Botters.

My problem is I don't know which came first, Nagle's or Oneglia or Angle's if the latter are a verbal branch of Nagle's, let alone when the Knee's may have popped up from one of them. The Hotts of D'Oust, like the Hoot variation of Hoods, share both the Nagle fesse and the Knee eagle.

Aha. The Nage/McKnees write-up traces them to Innus', and I do see that the Nage's/McKnees' share the Innis stars in colors reversed. English Innis' use the stars as hexagrams, and they are colors reversed from the same of Vlads suspect in the "wlad" motto of Josephs. Vlads were first found in Westphalia with Nagle's/Nails! That's pretty good, maybe deserves two exclamation marks. I know a long shot when I see it, and this long shot is compelling because it works whereas long shots are predicted not to work out. That's how I judge things. When clickety-click happens where the chances are slim, it's likely due to a correct set of links.

English Innis' (said to be Flemish) use "vi", and Chives' have "NON vi." It appears that Cavii liners are right in the bottleneck of this Knee-Botter picture. Chives' named Chivasso of the Botter-suspect Bautica river. Bots are also Bauts. It's important that Scottish Innes' have the motto, "Be TRAIST," suspect with Trusesti between Kiev and the Siret = AGARus river, for the Innis hexagrams are shared by neighboring Hagars. Vlads then look like Varangians of Kiev after VLADimir "the great". In fact, the BUDini, south of Kiev, were closer to Trusesti than Kiev. The Po into which the Bautica drains was also the BODENcus. The Budini? English Botters are also Bodins. German Bodens/Baudens are in all three colors of Italian Botters.

The idea seems to be that "Innis" became "Niss," or vice versa, perhaps a queen-Nysa line, and later, as "McInnis, hardened to Kiniss > Kness > Knee's/Nee's. That can explain why Knee's are in Nissan / Parr colors, and why Nissans share the stag head with Knee's. While Vannes' are listed with Ness', Vinnes' are listed with Venns/Fens' who happen to share the Parry fesse, in the colors of the two fesses of Parrs and Nissans. Excellent. The Veneti were at the mouth of the Bodencus. Not only is the Vinnes/Fens' / Parry fesse in the colors of the Nagle fesse, but Vinnes'/Fens share lozenges with Nagle's, in the blue color of the same of Angle's (Nagle branch or kin). Nagle's were first found in Wales with Parrys and Vannes-liner Fane's/Vans. Excellent.

The Hoots who share the Nagle / Parry fesse, and the Knee eagle, were first found in D'Oust of southern France, yet the Oust river in Brittany runs to Vannes, home of the Veneti.

The Innus' (with a 'u') could be with the Rising cross because there is a fish in the Innus quadrants traceable to Saraca's at Kotor, beside Rhizon. Besides, that's near lake SCODra, where Scots such as Innus' must trace. I touched her knee, and she was Rhizon to the sky with me. So, the Knee's look like part of the Scodra-area migration to the formation of Irish and Scots, yet the latter two have mythology tracing themselves to Miletus of Caria, near Clarus, yup.

After I took the leak on a highway ramp facing the city of Miss Hicks, I parked the Nissan on a quiet road about 1 am, not wanting to waste money on a motel (I had more driving to do the next day). The Nissan was a pick-up, and I was fine in the back. But a mugger came along and scared me. As he was plunging what I thought was weapon toward my gut, I raised a KNEE and blocked it. It fell to the floor of the Nissan, and after I grabbed it first, I ran to the front door of the house to get help, as I though he had a gun too. When I looked at the thing in my hand, it was a fake weapon, a piece of plastic. So I hopped the high FENCE to the road to get this guy, but he had fled. He had obtained the keys because they popped out of my hands to the floor when he lunged at me. But the truck failed to start for him, a miracle because it didn't have this problem before or afterward. Otherwise, he would have driven away with my truck, my wallet and my shirt.

Yes, that's right. I got my pants on when he WOKE me up, but I didn't put on my shirt, sound familiar? In the Hicks dream, that looks like code for the Sardinian Sea Peoples and the Geenes bloodline of Jeune's, suspect from the Genusus river. That's one major river north of the Apsus, location of Antipatria, suspect with Antipater of Macedonia, the known ancestor of queen Nysa. The point is that, wholly aside from this event, I had pegged the Fens'/Venns with a fence in another event, and here the Fens'/Venns popped up with what looks like kin of the Nysa > Knee bloodline.

Something caused me to put a spare key under the mat for that trip. I truck wouldn't start the first two tries (after the thief fled), but started on the third. It did not have that problem ever before. God was looking after me, and was, but all appearances, guiding that trip.

I sold the Nissan and bought a Safari. Was this Someone else's idea to indicate a Pharnaces link to Severus of Bassus'? The dealer was letting them go cheap to bring in the new year's models, and as the few remaining ones were all too-green (it's not a wonder no one bought them) except one, I took the blue-green one (not bad), which is the color, they say, of mythical Glaucus (sea entity, brings Sea Peoples to mind again). He must have been code for the namers of the Glaucus river at Phasis. I've never made that realization before. It seems to be verifying that Bassus' were Phasis liners.

While Bassianus-liner Savarys are also Savards, it's notable that Savards/Salfords may have named Salford of Greater Manchester, very close to Boeotian-suspect Shakerley. As myth filled the Argo ship with Boeotians, and sailed them up the Glaucus to the golden fleece, doesn't that make it appear that Bassus liners were from Boeotians? Orne in the Bessin is from Orion Boeotians, isn't it? Ask Paul Smith, for Smith's use a heron, the Orne/Horn symbol, and he bought my Nissan. The Nissan traces to Nysa of the Pontus, virtually beside the Glaucus river. Myth made sea monsters come out of mythical Pontus, no doubt code for the meanest, most-brutal pirates.

Today Led to the Meaning of the Yellow Bed

Good morning, it's Thursday. I remember the end of a dream enough to tell it. It's not crisp in my imagination, but there was this Mormon man speaking to me, asking why I had a number on my neck. I know it was six or seven digits long, because I saw one, because I said to him, you have a number on your neck too. He seemed surprised to hear it, end of dream. Or, that's all I remember; it may have been the entire dream for all I know.

I don't know whether it's standard for people to remember dreams only as they awake, but that's the way I work. It could be that God had made me different in this regard because He is using a few of my dreams to convey messages, and so it's logical that He doesn't want me to remember dreams not from Him, or I would be trying to decipher the wrong ones, and wasting your time with them, a mess. His dreams come with verifications. In this case, however, there is little heraldic value, the dream being so short. My immediate interpretation, from the moment of waking, is that the 666 will be applied by a Mormon False Prophet. Makes sense because the false Prophet had two horns like a lamb, suggesting a false follower of Jesus. And the number on the neck may refer to the Neckar-river raven liners that I emphasize. That makes a lot of sense.

I trace mythical Coronis (the Greek crow = raven) to Chora on Patmos ("corvos" is Greek for "crow"). That's the island where God revealed to John concerning the 666. The city of Skala, which now reminds me that I'm in the middle of building my stairs, is the key to the Coronis trace to Chora, for her son, ASCLepios looks like a Skala-Lapith combination (Coronis was the daughter of a Lapith king. This recalls the 666 topic that came up when I goofed on the height of the stair's risers. Last night, I applied the 3rd coat of varathane to the steps and risers (not yet installed), and the first to the stringers. It's the strings on the Traby horns that are suspect with 666.

Coronis' brother, Ixion, was from Thessaly, as was Jason, the captain of the Argo ship to Lemnos, where Mormons trace. That seems to verify the dream's interpretation already, but there's more, for Jason married the daughter of the owner of the golden fleece, and lived with her in CORINth. She was code for satanism at its worst, and she worshiped Hecate, who had a three-body wolf symbol, similar to mythical Scylla (i.e. like "Skala").

I predicted that the False Prophet would be a Mieszko mouse-tower liner, or a Massey / Meschin liner, and that may be why the Massey-line Bassus' were seemingly clinched with Phasis late last night. Moreover, I was on the Glaucus river (location of the golden fleece), and mythical Glaucus loved Scylla! SCYLLa is the Messina part of SICIly, where I trace scallops, used by Meschins, for example. Massena's/Messina's use the patee cross for elements out of Patti in Messina. The 666 is expected from the line of mythical Mucius, who had a right-hand symbol. He is the known code for the Mucius / Mucianus surname (like "RasMUSSEN / Maecenas"), but when he lost his right hand (it was just a myth), there seemed to be some interplay with his left hand, for I can see repeatedly that the sinister (left-side) symbol in heraldry belongs to Masci / Massena liners.

The crown upon the Neck surname, can we believe it, is on the left-side antler (viewer's right of a Shield is its left). And heraldic crowns are often code for Coronis-line Ceraunii! The latter were beside the Maezaei, and were on the URBANus river while Massena's (sinister-rising bend) share the HEXagrams of Urbans. The Bosnia river to the side of the Urbanus was the Bassianus-like Basante (that's what it is on the light map). The Besant/Bessen surname has a crown. In the last update, while on the Botelers manor of the Bass'/Bassins, Lancashire BOTTLE's/BOOTells were found with the same, rare crown design of Besants/Bessens, who look to be sharing the Mieske/Mesech sword and arm of Bessins and Bistone's. There was an ancient Bistones people in Cyrene (in black-skin Africa) with the proto-Maezaei Meshwesh, and Cyrene was the crow (white bird turned into a black one) line of myth, a take from whatever Coronis represented at the time. It makes Bistones suspect from Phasis.

Here's the quote from the last update, not the Poti-like terms that come with it, for Phasis was also called, Poti: "Back to Botelers manor of the Bass'/Bassins. Bottels are listed with Bute-liner Bothwells/Boduels (boy in Crest) having a version of the Feller Coat. It explains why the Lancashire BOTTLE's/BOOTells (Poitou = Boit/Boitouset descent) and Bessens/Besants share the same, rare crown design..." You see, the last update discovered the Poitou-like Boits/BOITOUsets. And the Poitvins have a Coat that can be traced to the Galli's and therefore to Gaia/Gala, father of Massena (probably of the Meshwesh by another name).

Queen Myrina of the Amazons was in the Atlas mountains, where Massena's peoples lived, and she was code for Myrina of Lemnos. The Argo ship's largely-Boeotian crew (highly suspect with Herodotus' proto-Georgian Gargarians) mated with Amazons of Myrina en route to the Glaucus river (proto-Georgia), and so there must have been some Coronis elements all over the myth. The Argonautica brought the Argo ship from off the upper Danube, down unspecified rivers to the Adriatic sea, which looks best to have been up the Sava (Danube tributary) through the Maezaei / Ceraunii theater. The brother of Jason's Colchian wife was in the Argonautica, and his name is that of the Apsorus island in the northern Adriatic.

Two lambs appeared in a myth on Menelaus, son of Atreus; the latter appears to be named after an entity that named the Adriatic sea. Atreus had a golden lamb in his flock that made him the king of Argos, and a golden lamb seems a play on the golden fleece, the fleece of a ram (sheep species). It tends to predict that Argos elements were on the Adriatic as it's Illyrian pirates. Atreus was related to Orestes (son of Menelaus' brother), and there is an Orestia location (light map) smack at Arda while Adriatic Illyrians included Ardiaei. Note how "ORESTia" looks like the organ "rest" symbol of Arthurs, and, besides, I trace the organ pipes (of Letts) to ORKNey, where I have tentatively traced JJ Tolkien's Orcs/Orks, suspect from the ORCHomenus crew on the Argo ship.

There's evidence that Revelation prophecy plays off of Greek-mythical symbols / characters, and that's how the lambs of the Atreus>Menelaus line (from royal Lydians and therefore from Aeetes-like Attis) can be tentatively predicted as the ancestry of the False Prophet.

Orestia happens to be at ODRYSia, and I happened to predict that this place, like "ATREUS," was from the Dorians who were in-turn from Dor of Israel. The Daorsi lived on the same river as the Ardiaei, and elements of that river trace to the goddess of the Varni. The latter are highly suspect with the raven vikings I see as VARANgians, and these trace very well to the Veringers of Baden, for the Neckar river is in Baden while Necks/Neckers us a red stag head while Veringers had a red antler as symbol, which traces to the Casimir antler because Casimir of Poland (son of Mieszko II LAMBert) had a wife from the Varangians of Kiev.

A red stag (used by German Harts/Hards) came to be called a "hart," and this is used by MacARTys while Irish Arthurs, with a sinister-facing bird, use hurts (on their rests) for the Hurts/Horts, we may assume. The sinister-facing bird is important where the Neck(er) crown is on a sinister, red antler, for MacArthurs, first found in Argyllshire with Hard-like Herods/Hurls, use the crown. The MacArthur moline traces with the Seagars moline to the moline of Segurana's/Segni's, first found in Genova with Arduinici-related Doria's.

The Arms of Baden is nothing but a bend, in the colors of the bend of Kiev-suspect Keeps, first found in Sussex, old home of the Atreus-like ATREbates. It just so happens that Atrebates named Atrecht, what was later Arras, the capital of the Ardiaei location of Artois. That's why Artois and the Arduinici (married Doria's) trace well to Arda on the Hebros. Atrebates were probably in Surrey too, where English Lamberts (lambs) were first found who can be traced well to Mieszko Lambert.

The stag is the symbol of Eustace's / Stacys, from Eustace Ii of Artois. The Eustace stag has the same cross between its antlers as the Vise/Vice stag head, and while "Eus" is a little like "Vise," the Ardiaei were on Issa, also called, Vis. It makes Eustace II suspect as an Ardiaei of Artois. His city of Boulogne used red roundels, and I sure would like to know where they came from.

I did check the Mormon surname, which has three bunched arrows, assumed to be code for the Arrow/Arras surname.

As per the Arthur rest, we don't expect that the family used it as direct code for Orestia. The Restons were first found in Berwickshire with Arthurs, which seems to explain the symbol. The Reston leopard faces look linkable to those of Coopers/Coppers, for this surname can be from the mother of Herod I, said to be from the Edomite family of Aretas III. The Restons may be using the ermined-white Darts/Dart fesse, for GENTIUS of the Arduinici married the daughter (Etuta) of Monunius II of Dardania. Dutch GENTS'/Genttes' have a fesse in Reston-fesse colors, and their GEENts variation recalls the Geenes variation of Jeune's / Gennes'.

The Hampshire Ghents/Gents (Atrebates theater) share the Doria eagle, we may assume, suggesting that Gentius liners named GENOVA. There are Morgan-Fay / Vivian/Fey / Fife / Five reasons that the Arthur motto and pelican, and 5-like rests, can trace to Pully on the northern shore of lake GENEVA along with Morges and Vevey. This area of the lake is Vaud, suggesting the pelican-using DeVAUDs/DeVAUX's. The Vaux's/Vallibus' (Wells kin) trace to Lupus Laevillus, son of Vevey-like Vibia. German Wells share the Devaux pelican, and were first found in Westphalia with duck-liner Velins and duck-liner VELENs (the latter once showed ducks), the line to king Arthur's AVALON, home of Morgan le Fay. The Ducks of Westphalia go to the NAILS in the Logan/Duck HEART, and Nagle's/Nails, from Oneglia, share the saltire of Coopers/Coppers. This is a clickety-click paragraph.

The red Arrow/ARRAS tower traces well to the red one of Murena's because Terentia Murena married left-hand suspect, Cilnius Maecenas of Arretium/AREZZo, making Artois elements trace to the namers of that city too, which expects Arettium elements at Ivrea's Bautica liners. The Artois/Ardon Crest shares the red eagle with Tarents, and the eagle in the Artois/Ardon Shield must be of the red one of English Botters/Bodins/Bode's. Bude's share three bunched arrows with Mormons, the latter first found in Suffolk (Atrebates territory, or at least their neighbors) with Artois'/Ardons. The dream with the Mormon having a number on his neck, along with me (usually a left-hand Masci symbol when I appear in dreams / events), looks very related to this Mormon-Artois-Bude picture. The Cornwall Bude's share the hurt with Arthurs, and English Bude's have the MOOR / Morgan lion while Mormons are MOORmans too. This clickety-click is so self-explanatory.

Today, I'm planning to build the walls separating the new staircase from the laundry machines. God showed me that laundry items are code for Landens/LANDERs, and the staircase does have a landing at it's bottom end, when it turns into the living room. The Landens/Landers have a sinister-rising bend, as do RasMUSSENs who in-turn share the Pepin bend-with-fleur, and this speaks to Pepin of Landen, and to the organ pipes to which the Arthur organ rests are expected to link. In this picture, the stairs are expected to be viewed as Skala liners, from the island of Coronis where the 666 had its origin. The Coronis-line Ceraunii were at the Ceraunii mountains, beside Aulon/AVLONA, the proto-Avalon without doubt. The Velens/Felans who once showed the ALAN ducks now show the Alan martlets, and Alans are from Aulon, we can assume with confidence. Avalon is their secret code for their witch-cult on Bute/Rothesay, the raven-viking land, and we fully expect a witch-related cult to produce the 666.

When googling "Arms of Boulogne," Google brings up the Arms of Boulogne-Billancourt too, which shares the Baud / Bald ship (same colors, that is), which agrees with my trace to Baldwin of Boulogne to the Bautica/Baltea river. The Arms of Boulogne-Billancourt has a sinister-rising split.

Billans have an "AzinCOURT" motto term indicating a Billan-Court merger to name Billancourt. This can be proven where Billans share the bow (face sinister) of Bude's while Bude's use the dancette of CURTis' (and Plows), and thus it tends to suggest that Courts/Coverts are a branch of same-colored Curtis'. The bow is used also by Bowers, first found in Peebles with Balds/Baulds. The Billan arrow (rises sinister) can thus be for Arrows/Artois' in relation to Boulogne of Artois. As Godfrey de Bouillon was born to Eustace of Boulogne, it "bello" motto term of Bouillons suggests Bellows, because bellows (fans) are used by Ships/Shiptons. This tends to reveal that all the ships above are for Shiptons. Jumps use the stag, symbol of Eustace's.

The heraldic "birt BOLT" (an arrow) can now indicate a Bauld branch because Birds use the Bouillon flory in colors reversed. It's the Felt flory, and so see "it felt so good" below. German Bolts use the arrow (points sinister) that was probably called a bird bolt by their kin, likely their Bird kin, right? The Jump stag head is that of Trumps/Tromps, first found in Mecklenburg with Bolts, which recalls my trace of Dutch Tromps (and Val Trompia) to CURTUS and Hachorani Maccabee. Wow, and it's linking Trumps to the yellow-bed event, I'm intrigued to know more. Yellows and Yells were traced to raven vikings suspect with the Varni of Mecklenburg. What are the chances that the other Bolts share a black griffin with Godfreys?

This starts to link to the kids JUMPing on the YELLOW BED in last week's dream, for the Billan motto gets the Aincourts in the Jump write-up along with Bellow-like Bullys. It doesn't say that Aincourts or Bullys were necessarily related to Jumps, however. The latter's stag head is in the Arms of Waterford county, and then three ships are used in the Arms of Waterford city. The Ship/Shipton eel can suggest the Ile's/YLLEYs, suspect as a Yellow branch, and this can make the ship-using Bauds (crescents in Yellow colors) suspect with the yellow-bed symbol, especially as French Bauds were first found in Auvergne with Bouillons. This is compelling, but the dream also had the issue of my suspicion that the store selling the yellow bed was a scam somehow.

The triDENT of ship-using Bauds can be for Dents of West Yorkshire, where Jumps were first found, which recalls my claim that Gumms and Tooths are to be linked, and Gumms/Gomers came up two updates ago (5th of November) while on the kids jumping because they came up as GUMPs. That's pretty compelling, especially as I've only now just realized that yellows were first found in Oxfordshire with Ships/Shiptons! Therefore, the yellow bed was code for Bauds / Balds = Bautica-river liners. As the kids jumping were those of Rangabe-liner Michael, lets add that Bouillons share the white flory cross with the Arms of Rangabe, and that the ship under discussion is in Rangabe colors. But there is more, for the German Michaels share the Goth/Gothel hexagram which is expected from Gothelo, great-grandfather of Godfrey de Bouillon. Wow, this looks and seems correct for that dream.

The most-amazing thing missed in the last two updates is Michael's wife, ANNA. Wow. I didn't realize the importance of that until loading and contemplating on the Hanna/Hannas Coat, which has the Jump stag heads in colors reversed. I then saw again that Jumps were first found in Yorkshire, only this time the Anne's/Hanne's (not the Hanna's/Hannas') of Yorkshire came to mind, and finally I saw that the stag in the Jump Crest is in the gold (brown actually) color of the Anne/Hanne stag heads. Wow. That's why God had Michael's and Anna's kids jumping on the bed. As Brunswicks use gold lions, all brown colors can be deemed a Brunswick-honoring gold. There are endless brown stags, to most-common color for them.

Anna was born so close to Kiev that her name, and all other Anna's of that area, are likely derived (not their blood, just the name) from Anna of Kiev. Inger the Varangian (married granddaughter of Michael Rangabe) was likely of Kiev. We know that Aincourts are Anne-like Hains too, and one Hain surname has Anne/Hanne colors.

The Aincourts/Azincourts share the Warren Shield, and this goes to Ada of Warenne/Varenne, whose father was a ruler in Surrey, where English Michaels were first found! Bolts link easily / logically with bed-suspect Bauds / Balds, and while Varenne's look like Varni of Mecklenburg, recall Bolts of Mecklenburg sharing a sinister arrow with Aincourt-loving Billans. The latter share the bow with "Ad"-using Bowers, first found in Peebles with Balds; there's no mistake here. There is another arrow or bird bolt in the Crest if Aincourt-suspect Ains/Hains (Annas colors), first found in Lincolnshire with Aincourts! Enter Annas suspects. The Ain crescents are in the colors of the Aincourt plates.

Bullys (Dumfries, same as Hains) share the mascles of Scottish Hains! While both Hain-branch Aincourts and Bullys are in the Jump write-up, the both share gold mascles with the Surrey Michaels (!) who have the yellow fesse in colors reversed. Incredible. These Michaels ("suPERO") are in the colors and format of Godfreys! Perfect, and you will see why Pero-branch Peare's link to Godfrey de Bouillon shortly. While Scottish Michaelsons share the Michael fesse, English Michaelsons ("PROsim") share the white crescent in the Ain/Hain Crest, and ZOWIE, I don't know if this was noticed before: the lone Michaelson crescent is the lone one in the Kid Crest!!!

The Bully and Hain mascles are those of Petts/Perts having a stork in BULrushes. That explains that symbol partly, but Rush's share annulets fessewise with Bulls, tending to equate Bulls with Bullys. And Rush's were first found in Suffolk with Bullis'/Bulliards. The ANNulets can suggest the Annas' suspect inside the Bullis/Bulliard roundels.

Eustace of Boulogne/Artois was near HAINaut. The Eustace Crest is a brown stag (recalls the brown stag of Jumps), as is the Scott Crest. Lake Scodra was the southern end of the Ardiaei, namers of Artois, and Ardiaei were on Vis (Issa), suspect to the Vise/Vice and Eustace surnames. The Scott write-up has a Eust-like Euchtred character. The Eustace motto term, "persequeRIS" can therefore be a code for Rhizon/Risinium elements, especially the Reesors/Resons who share the vaired cross of Ferrands (brown wolf head) traceable to the Chief of Taddei's, the latter first found in Florence with Bruno's (bend colors reversed from the Scott bend), and sharing the flory Bouillon cross.

It's interesting that while the Rising/RISIN Coat looks connectable to Scottish Pollocks (brown boar), the latter's "AudACITER" motto term looks like it can be in honor of a EUCTRed line, and where the latter is a Eustace liner, it's notable that Easters happen to have a bend colors reversed from the same of Jewish Pollocks. There is another brown boar with Scott-connectable Bailys, and Scodra is very near Risin-suspect Risinium. I trace Pollocks to Pola/Pula on Easter-like Istria, and the Arms of Pola/Pula is the Rising/Risin cross in colors reversed. Istria is suspect with the eight-pointed stars of ancient Ishtar, one of which is used by Baily-branch Belli's/Bellys, first found in Moray, location also of Peter Pollock's Rothes castle. Two Peter surnames share the Bruno bend.

Bar is at the Adriatic coast from Lake Scodra, and while Bars, known to have been in Brunswick as Este-Welf liners (Welfs explains brown wolf of Reesors/Resons), share the giant Este eagle suspect in the Chief of Segni's/SEGURana's (same place as Doria's), who get suspect in the "perSEQUERis" motto term of Eustace's. The mottoes of Hanna's and Eustace's both look to love Pero liners, and God made it plain to me that Peare's link to Staggs/Stage's, Bouillons and Bellys. The Adige river near Este comes from lake Garda's coastal area while Gards have a brown wolf too.

Irish Barone's, who can be of the Italian Barone's (first found in Florence with Bruno's), share a red saltire with the Eustace-branch Stacys (part-owners of the stag), and Irish Barone's happen to have been first found in Waterford while the Arms of Waterford county has a stag head in the colors of the Jump stag heads. The Stagg/Stage stags are in blue color of the Hanna stag heads, and the latter's are colors reversed from the Jump stag heads. In the Stagg/Stage Crest, a gold stag head, same as the Anne's/Hanne's.

The other Scotts are said to be from a brother of king Baliol, and so why do Baliols share the chevron of the Godfreys whose motto goes to the "LIBERTAS" written in the Chief of Taddei-related Dino's? The Dine's/Diens/Dains, suspect with Aincourt's Daincourt variation, and first found in Sussex with Vise's/Vice's (and Aincourt-related Warrens), are partly in Godfrey colors, and partly in Baliol colors. Was this Baliol a Bully or Bouillon thing? Bouillons have a "bello" motto term, and Italian Barone's look linkable to the Coat of Italian Bello's/Belli's, while Scottish Belli's/Bellys (share Moor head with Bouillons) happen to share the Jump roses. The Baliol branch of Bailys use the Moray stars while Scottish Belli's/Bellys were first found at Moray. The Billiards (Yorkshire, same as Moray-colored Jumps) use the Moray stars too.

The brown boar head of Bailys must be the gold boar of Weirs/Vere's (Roxburghshire, same as Baliol-line Scotts) who in-turn share the Moray stars with Bailys, indicating that, indeed, the brown Jump stag can be the gold Anne/Hanne stag. English Vere's share the blue boar of Irish Barone's. It's all in the family here.

Siward-liner Swords share the white sword with Baliols and with the Aude's in the Pollock motto. German Bole's (Mecklenburg, VARNI theater, suspect with Yellow liners), with the Peter lion, share the compass -- a huge topic below -- with Yellow-suspect Nations/Nathans (arrow piercing a heart), first found in Nottinghamshire, named by Cnut, son of another Swietoslawa (daughter of Mieszko I). Nottinghamshire is where Annas' and Tickhill-liner Tease's/Tye's were first found, and Anne's/Hanne's were at Tickhill, suspect from Julia Tyche (Galatia), mother of Julia POLLA. Amazing.

Belgian Bole's share the ears of wheat with Bocci's/Brocato's, from BROGITarus, the great-grandfather of Julia Tyche. Brogitarus liners are now suspect to Procopia, wife of Michael Rangabe. Nations/Nathans are suspect with Nadlers while German Nadlers were first found in Bohemia, where Swietoslawa, daughter of Casimir, was queen. Anna of Kiev was the wife of Vladimir "the great," and they birthed Casimir's wife (Maria Dobroniega). Anna of today, wife of Michael, has a sister married to Vladimir! The father of these sisters is Andrew, recalling that Andrew I of Hungary was in exile with the Kiev Varangians the generation after Anna of Kiev. Scottish Andrews can be with the Pollock saltire in colors reversed because they were of the Ross clan, beside Rothes castle, and the Andrews even share "fortuna" with Rollo's who in-turn share the black boar in Crest with English Bole's. It's German Bole's who share the compass with the Nottinghamshire Nations/Nathans.

While one Scott write-up has Euchtred Scott, the other Scott's links to king Baliol. As I link this picture to Mieszko's, know that they were descended from mythical Piast the Wheelwright, code for the Wheelwrights sharing the Catherine wheel with Scotts. Euchtred the Bold was of Bamburgh (see mythical Lancelot of Bamburgh next update), in Northumberland with the Baliols and Bailys. English Bole's (Lincolnshire, same as Pollock-line Peters) happen to share a boar shot with an arrow with Pollocks, and BOLEslaw the Bold therefore comes to mind, a Mieszko-liner and son of Casimir I (line to VERINGers), whose wife was a Varangian of Kiev, daughter of Anna of Kiev. Anne's/Hanne's were first found in Yorkshire with Wheelwrights, which begs how Anna of Kiev may have been named after the line of Annas of Israel. Anna was of the Byzantines, as was Michael Rangabe, which underscores that Anna today is wife of Michael, symbol of Rangabe. The white Rangabe flory is shared on red by Baliol-suspect Bouillons.

I was able to glean a trace a Mieszko-family Swietoslawa (one was sister to Boleslaw the Bold) to Siward of Northumberland, smack where Baliols and Euchtred the Bold were first found. Is it a coincidence that the Bold/Bolt surname shares the black griffin with Scotts (not to mention Godfreys)??? Why do Boltons share a brown stag head (it's pierced even) with Jumps while the latter were first found in Yorkshire with same-colored Bolders (bird bolt?)? I did not plan on being here when discussing Bolts earlier. The BARKISland Hall of Bolds/Bolts, I've just learned, may be of the Barkis/BACCUS/BACHUS/Bakehouse surname.

Welsh Reesors/Rice's have a "melioRIS AEVi" motto term to help support that the Eustace motto is partly in honor of Reesors / Rise's. German Nadlers (Salome stars?) have "AVE" written upon their Shield while Ave's are listed with Avis'/Avisons, the line of Avesnes (Helpe river), in Artois. Rulers of Avesnes married the rulers of Champagne (the latter being a line that gets emphasized with Compass'/Champaeux's in the second half of this update), and Champagne bordered along Bar-le-Duc, the latter being in Lorraine while Lorraine's use the Piast eagle because Richeza, wife of Mieszko II, was of Lorraine. Richeza was mother to Casimir above.

There may have been an heraldic rule that letters are not permitted on Coats unless the surname was related to the Letters. English Langs use letters, and German Langs were of Luneburg, which was paired with Brunswick. German Langs (brown nest) happen to share the pelican with the Godfreys who have a "libertas" motto term while "LIBERTAS" is written on the Chief of Dino's, first found in Florence with Brunswick-suspect Bruno's. LinkLETTERs use ducks for possible linkage to Brunswick-related Bar-le-DUC. English Ducks share the stars of the Nadlers who write "AVE" on their Shield. This recalls that Letters (of Lauder near Bamburgh) recently became suspect with "LOTHERingia," the alternative name of Lorraine above.

Again, Bowers use an "Ad" motto term suspect with Ada. Bowers share the green Shield with proto-Rothschild Bauers, and Ade's/Aids have a bend with items very linkable to the bend of Jewish Rothchilds (sinister-facing horse and sinister-rising bend, all 666-line suspects).

Mormons (Suffolk, same as Warrens) use a HAND holding three bunched arrows, similar to the hand holding the Billan arrow. Recall this week's dream, a Mormon with a number on his neck, for Boltons have "A buck's head with an arrow through the NECK." Why is there an orange wing on the Warren wyVERN? If I recall correctly, the yellow-bed dream came the morning after the orangey dream. I told Michael that I was feeling orangey (energetic), which helped to clinch Michael as code for Rangabe's in Orange.

Boltons can be with the benedict lions because Warrens use a "Leo" motto term while Godfrey III, son of Gothelo, assisted the Pierleoni, the latter named from Leo Benedictus. Here is a solid reason to link Warenne's/Varenne's to the line of Godfrey de Bouillon. Varenne's are listed with raven-using Varone's.

NATbys, in Natt/Nathan colors, use the bird bolt (found this in my files), and Natbys were first found in Lancashire with Boltons. The Arms of Rothschild share the five bunched arrows of Bowers. Nathans/Nations, sharing the Yellow fesse, use an arrow piercing a heart. Nathans/Nations use the compass, and the Pettys with the compass "needle" share not only the quadrants in the Arms of Rothschild, but those of Bauds/Baude's!!! The yellow bed, and the commercial scammers. The red heart in the Nathan/Nation Crest can be the same of the Bullys in the Jump write-up! Kids jumping on the yellow bed. And while the stars of Kids (Ain crescent?) are in the colors of the Michael / Goth/Gothel stars, the Kidds use upright goats in the colors of the upright Baut/Bode ram! Yes, this is the yellow-bed line. Natbys (look linkable to Travis') share the Biss scallops, and the Biss Crest has the Coat of Needle-like Nettle's, clinching Nettle's and Needle's as Nathan liners. Boltons share two motto term with the Chives' of Travis-suspect Tarves. The so called coroNET (crown) of Rudes', who have the Sinclair cross in colors reversed, is a Rothschild-convenient symbol because it traces to Coronis the crow, where Rudes-like Rothes' trace, to the Ceraunii by the fact that it's a crown, but also to the Nett variation of Natbys.

A Compass surname is with the Champeaux's, and they share the engrailed Sinclair cross. For the record, they were in Vilaine, and related to Grimaldi's of Monaco, which recalls the online claim to Mr. Grimaldus married Crispina, a daughter of Sinclair-liner Rollo. The marriage formed "Campou Grimaldi-Regusse."

The roundels of Aincourts would be red in colors reversed for a potential link to the Arms of Boulogne. The Goods/Gutts were first found in the Kent-Surrey area, tending to clinch the Boulogne / Bouillon line with Ada of Warenne for the following reasons. If your are familiar with "it FELT so GOOD," this is how Goods/Gutts can link to the Bouillons. In the 5th of November, there was linkage made of Aincourts to Deins / Dains/Diens, first found in Sussex with Courts/Coverts and Coverts/Cofferts, but here we can include. thanks to the Billan motto, the Billancourt location to that mix. Below is a repeat from the 3rd update in November, at which time, not until now, did I understand how Goods could link to Boulogne elements:

I was on one platform [in a dream] with [Miss Peare] on hers beside me, but then she was on mine and I was pulling her toward me by her waist for a kiss, but, drats, the dream ended before the kiss arrived. The sensation at that instant was like one I experience when sleeping with her one night, and having my hand on her belly (she facing away from me) as I awoke in the middle of the night, I was pressing her against me. The feeling was very nice. I always expressed it, to readers, as "It FELT so GOOD." After realizing that the belly event was code for the "bello Christi" motto phrase of Bouillons (her first name is CHRISTine), I found that Felts use the Bouillon flory cross in colors reversed, and that Goods are therefore likely from Goths/Gothels, whom I trace to Gothelo, great-grandfather of Godfrey de Bouillon.

For these reasons, I started to view the wood platforms as stages, although there was another good reason for this view. The Stage's/Staggs (recall all those stags in Ananus- / Hannibal-suspect terms) share the blue stag with Hanna's, and the Stage/Stagg Crest shares a cross between the antlers with STACy-branch Eustace's while Eustace II was the father of Godfrey de Bouillon. Plus, I trace "ANTLer" to Antalya, smack beside Perga [the dream had a PARKING lot]..

It was a rare event, when I slept with two young ladies, no sex at all, in a twin-size bed (smaller than a queen). I was in the middle, and Miss Peare had earlier been my girlfriend for a short time, but was not my girl at the time. She went over to Kepke, and Keeps, first found in Sussex with Dains/Deans (suspect with the Daincourt / Deincourt variation of Aincourts). This may be telling that the so-called "galley" ship of Keeps is the ship of Boulogne-Billancourt, and that of Bauds and Balds, for Peare's were first found in Oxfordshire with Ships/Shiptons.

In southern France, there is a Boulogne-sur-Gesse, not far from the stomping grounds of Herod Antipas, in Saint-Gaudens. The Gaudens happen to have a giant cup in the colors of the Christine cups, what a pearincidence. Gaudens were first found at Forez, while the Forez mountains are beside Mont Pilate while Pilotte's (same place as Ains and Aincourts) and Pellets (same place as Aincourt-related Warrens) share the Christine / Gaudens cups. It's plain to see that Gaudens are part of the "it-felt-so-GOOD" line to the Gothel > Bouillon line. The GODins variation of Gaudens makes the same claim, and tends to reveal why GODfrey de Bouillon is in this picture.

The Gesse surname has geese, but they are not in the design of the bird in the Crest of geese-like Guise's. The latter have lozenges in the colors of the Ain crescents, and both use blue within these two different symbols. The bird in the Guise Crest is identical with the one pierced by a red arrow in the Walsh Crest, and Ains have a red arrow in their Crest too. I know for a fact that the Walsh Crest is a swan, the symbol also for the Flag of Boulogne, which sometimes appears with the Arms of Boulogne. If we ask why Walsh's should link so closely to Boulogne, the WALSers of the Lys river, a tributary of the Bautica, makes a lot of sense. Kepke left Miss Peare for Miss Walsh.

Gass'/Gaests have a goose too, but Guests/Gests with Guests/Jeste's have the swan. As a third Guest surname is with the Gays, these goose liners could all be from king Gaia/Gala, and so let's repeat that Gay-related Galli's were first found in Dauphine with Galleys, suspect with the galley ship of Keeps.

Donna Brazile and Steve Scalise

I'd like to record some things that apparently link to the event with Mamie and I at home plate when Cindy was at second base, an event suspect with pointing to the murder attempt on Steve Scalise. The Ain crescents can have the double-blue Cindy/CUNTy pale bars because Courts/Coverts (blue pale bars) use a "GrandesCUNT" motto term, and because Courts/Coverts linked well to the Billancourt motto for Aincourts. Aincourts use plates, and Mamie and I were at home plate. This event was shortly before or after she left her new Bible (my gift to her) under a BED while on a TRIP (Trips use a "scaling ladder," suggests the Scalise/Scalia surname), and Scalia died in his bed. Can God create an event(s) that has heraldic value for exposing His enemies while also pointing to their dark deeds?

As Mamie proved to be part-code for the line of Mummolin, grandfather of BADon, and father of BODEgisel, this could be the ancestry of the several bed suspects cropping up. Trips now show shoes but previously showed BOOTs. Mummolin's son was Babon, and the Babon surname happens to share the double fesses of Wake's, who not only use an "ora" motto term, but almost the Orr/Ore Chief, with two of the red Orr/Ore roundels, which are shared by Nellys so as to make me think that God is pointing to Nelly Ohr with Wake's, who were part of the Hicks dream. In time, I hope to make better sense of these things as more names are revealed behind the scandals.

White Rabbit News was one of a few youtubers reporting that Donna Brazile was at the hospital to check in with Rich Seth the night/morning he was shot supposedly at 4 am. Why is that suspicious? It could be. It was my suspicion that the Scalia murder was pointed to be a white-rabbit event in my life, and for this you might like to see "white rabbit" in the last update, though I left a few white-rabbit incidents out of that discussion. I told, in the last update, about a white-rabbit cage in an event at my age nine, suspect in pointing to John B. Poindexter's role in Scalia's murder, and the "esquire" helmet in the Poindexter Crest caused me to find Esquers, with a white rabbit. It's "coincidences" like this that grab my attention, leaving me to want to know more.

Wikipedia's article on Donna Brazile says that her ancestors went by BRAswells instead of Brazile's. It just so happens that Courts/Coverts (love the Cindys) will take us (below) to Brae's/Brays.

What are the chances that Poindexters share the lone star of Shoe's, beloved of Trips? The latter became suspect, in the last update, as a branch of Tree's/True's in the trees of Shoe's and Masseys/Masse's (once showed the Trip boots), and loved in the motto of Home's/Hume's. Mamie and I were at HOME plate. It's as though her trip with the Bible relates to the baseball-diamond event (at a Bible-study event) that itself represented the attempted murder of Scalise. Mere weeks afterward, Cindy was at the pizza restaurant that I happened to have had a job at for a couple on months only. And though I wasn't hired to waiter, I was asked to waiter that night to fill-in for someone, and that's when she with her parents walked in, and I served them dinner. This could be a waste of our time, but I'll go on.

Leon Panetta was Obama's defence chief and, if I recall correctly, his CIA chief too, one or the other during the Benghazi scandal. There is a Pizzo/Piccini/PizziNELLI's surname (Nagle kin?) sharing the Panetta/Panico Chief, and the latter's Shield has just a TREE. Pizzagate was named merely after a Washington restaurant suspect with Satanism and pedophilia. It was COMET pizza, and while Panetta's were of the Setta valley, a tributary of the Reno river, and while Reno's (share the lozenges of Panico-suspect Pincs/Pinks) are Rhine's/REINs too, Reine's/Reines' use the COMET. I have read the description, it's called a comet. Did God set the faggots and child molesters up at Comet Pizza in order to point to Panetta and Obama too? BY WHAT COSMIC COINCIDENCE do Reines' have the counterchanged Pisa/Piso lion in colors reversed?!?! That has my attention, tending to clinch Pizzo's with Panetta's. It's then notable that Comets are also Comey-like Come's, and, zowie, they were first found in Limousin with Seconds/Segurs, in case Scalise at second base applies here. The Comey circle involved with the murder attempt on Scalise?

[Update after this page was online -- I had forgotten that the place (now no longer in business) is Comet Ping Pong Pizza. The Pings and Pongs are listed with Paganells, whom I regard as a branch of Panetta's/Panico's/Pane's. Note how Pings are like Pincs/Pinks. Pings/Pongs/Panetta's share the four pointed, red label with Panetta's/Panico's (and Pizzo's), how very convenient for making the link between the two. Coincidences? Pings/Pongs are said to be from "Payne," all the more reason to link Roets, from Payne Roet, to the Panetta/Panico tree. What's with the POINGdexter variation of Puddesters, and what do we suppose their "imPUNE" motto term is for?? See a good report on Comet Ping Pong Pizza about half way through this video:


I'd like to add some new material. I trace Nagle's to Oneglia = Imperia while tracing the Imperi peoples of Boofima to PERIgord; the latter is where Faux's/FAGE's/Chalnes' were first found who share the three fleur in Chief with Pizzo's (Coat looks very linkable to Nagle's and Angle's / Angers) and Panetta's/Panico's. FAGOTs/Fageys (Languedoc, same as Mr. Saunier of RENNES-le-Chateau) share the Chief/Shield colors of Fage's/Chaulnes' (Saunier/Saulnier branch), but see also the Fugger fleur. It just so happens that while Fuggers share the Coat of Danish and Norwegian Hansons, English Hansons (Raines lion?) share the mascle of English Faux's! The latter were first found in Essex with Quints while Fagots/Fageys share the Quint chevron and have the Chief-Shield colors of Capote's/CHAPUS' in colors reversed. It's got the Annas/Ananus - Caiaphas merger all over it! The English-Hanson Chief might even be the Richardson Chief in colors reversed.

Cindy's surname is Richardson, and Scalia was murdered near the border of New Mexico, the political stomping grounds of the Democrat, Bill Richardson. It's cause to keep him in mind in case news reveals that he was involved. The leader of the International Order of Saint Hubertus, where Poindexter was a leader, and which is suspect in killing Scalia, was living in Mexico at the time, but he's from noble blood in Austria, and that's where I traced the fesse of Coverts/Cofferts (same place as Courts/Coverts), to the Arms of Austria. If correct, Courts / Coverts had to be from some high-level Austrian blood, in order to have the legal right to use the Arms of Austria. An emailer, Miss Covert, said that her father was descended from a kaiser Coffert, and kaisers are emperors, though I could not find a kaiser Koffert anywhere. On the other hand, some emperors go by throne names, not their birth surnames.

This same Miss Covert was also Mrs. Dein by marriage, and Deins are now suspect with the Deincourt / Daincourt variations in the AinCOURT write-up, and it seems a colossal coincidence that Aincourts have linked to Courts/Coverts. When we go to Huberts, they were first found in Cheshire with Richardsons, and while Richardsons have lion heads in Chief, here's the Hubert write-up: "The surname Hubert was first found in Cheshire where the Hibberts of Marple and Boirtles claim descent from Paganus Hubert who accompanied Richard Coeur-de-Lion (Richard the Lion Hearted) in the Crusade of 1190" Richard the Lion looks like he could connect to Richardsons, and Coeurs sure look like possible Coverts. The latter were from lords of Marple-like Malpas. And the Hubert crescents (one in Crest), I now realize, is the one in the Ain Crest! The Ains are the ones suspect with the Cindy/Cinty pale bars! That is too much coincidence to be coincidence. The Cuntys are suspect in the Court/Covert motto.

Within the hour of writing above, I learned that Aims are with Ains because "AIMer" is the full motto of Richards!! Miss Richardson at second base was the only person on the baseball diamond with Mamie and I at home plate, and Aincourts use plates (white roundels). I now have a lot more to work with in trying to figure out what God is pointing to, and it links to the bed-jumping dream. Is that to do with pizzagate, since kids were jumping on the bed?

Repeat: "It's then notable that Comets are also Comey-like Come's, and, zowie, they were first found in Limousin with Seconds/Segurs, in case Scalise at second base applies here." Segur-like Seagars use a giant moline in the colors of the similar, giant flory cross in the Arms of Rangabe, and Michael, father of the kids jumping, is a symbol or, or pointer to, emperor Michael Rangabe. Is pizzagate from Rangabe's descendants? If God was pointing to Rangabe's last week, why?

I had read that Richard COUER-de-lion was a Courcy, and so here's the Court/Covert write-up: "In 1107, William de Cuvert witnessed the foundation charter of Barnstaple and years later William Guvert (Cuvert) held a fee of ancient enfeoffment from William de Courcy in Somerset." The Austria connection of the Hubertus leader suggested a branch of Sava's/Savage's, because the Sava begins in Austria, and because Jack Savage was the lead surgeon overseeing the death of Rich Seth, and was later overseeing, and publicly reporting on, the condition of Scalise when he was checked into the same hospital as where they made sure Mr. Rich would not live. Scalise was reported in serious condition at one point, as though they had infected him, but when he came out alive, we never heard him with pizzagate again (he may have been spared after making promises to those who were questioning him, likely the FBI; I can't recall if Comey was the FBI chief at the time, but he may have been involved in the planing to hush Scalise). Look: the lions of Rich-like Richardsons (latter are pointed to Steve Scalise via Cindy Richardson at second base) are likely those of Sava/Savage's, for both surnames were first found in Cheshire, and Sava-like Shaws come up with the Seth surname, how about that. The Bully heart may be the Sauvage heart, and if so, the Bullys are in the Jump write-up.

When Cindy and her parents walked into the pizza restaurant, I was surprised to find them ordering wine, for this was my Pentecostal pastor at the time. It's therefore interesting that while Weiners were first found in Austria, Michael Savage (of the Savage NATION) was born Mr. Weiner. Nations/Nathans share the heart with Sauvage's, the latter first found in Champagne with Compass'/Champaeux's, and Nations/Nathans use the compass. "Between the 14th and 16th centuries [Champeaux's] branched to Ile-et-Vilaine, Artois, de Tregouet, du Greis, Bonabry in Brittany, CHAMPAGNE (the Seigneurie de Champagne), de la Boulaye, Bourgogne and LIMOUSIN." The latter is where Clairs were first found while Compass'/Champeau's share the SinCLAIR cross. Limousin is also where Comets/Come's and Seconds were first found.

Michael Savage (Jewish) could be in play as a pointer to Jack Sava, or as one who will one day work to reveal the people behind the Scalia / Scalise affair(s). I was once concerned (no evidence at all) that he worked for some Jewish cabal loosely, but this was before I knew that Nations are listed with Nathans. (Winners/Winerys share the purple Shield with the Cheshire Pace's, and the Monaco Grimaldi's have a purple throne.)

If not mistaken, Donna Brazile was already the acting head of the Democrat National Committee when Seth was killed by Democrats angry at him for stealing files from the DNC, and giving them over to WikiLeaks. This murder was in July of 2016, long before anyone knew that Hillary would lose the election, yet they killed him anyway. John Podesta, Hillary's campaign manager, may have been involved with the Rich murder because he was made highly suspect, by what I think was a pointer of God, and by some WikiLeaks releases of his emails, that he at least knew of Scalia's murder beforehand. As Scalise was said to have gone on a congressional purge of pizzagate, the Podesta's are suspect with his attempted murder, especially as Puddesters are listed with Poindexters.

I'm not suggesting that Podesta and Poindexter teamed up because they were from the same stock of blood, but that God may have arranged Podesta to lead Hillary's campaign in order to point to Poindexter as one of her hatchetmen.

The Court/Covert write-up: "The surname Court was first found in 'Covert or Couert, Normandy, held by the service of 1 fee of the barony or Braiose {Briouze}." William de Braose (Briouze), First Lord of Bramber (died c. 1096) was granted extensive lands in Sussex by William the Conqueror." BRAmber? BRAIose? The Brae's/Brays happen to have a "flax breaker" while Breakers/Brecks share the hunting horn of French Courts. The latter share the same stars as Salome's, and while we saw Salome's tracing to the Salyes Ligures, who were on the Durance river, the location of Orange is near the mouth of the Durance while the Orange surname has a giant hunting horn colors reversed from the Breaker / Court horn. To what sort of Boeotians in ORANge-like Orne do these horns trace if not those from Salome de Herod de Boethus? ?

Moreover, BRIGantium on the Durance is suspect with Breck-like surnames. The BRIGHTs (Cheshire, same as Maceys, from Ferte-Mace off the Orne river) are highly suspect with the Macey stars, and the latter's are gold and pierced, as are those of Salome's. Salome de Herod thus becomes suspect with the Covert-like Coopers/Coppers, first found in Sussex with Courts/Coverts and Coverts/Cofferts, and sharing the gold leopard face with Coverts/Cofferts.

There two observations to be made with the Court-Covert page, which includes: "In 1107, William de Cuvert witnessed the foundation charter of BARNstaple and years later William Guvert (Cuvert) held a fee of ancient enfeoffment from William de Courcy in Somerset" Here's the observations: 1) the pale bars of Courts/Coverts are in the colors of the one formed by the ladder of Scalia's/Scalise's, the latter first found in Florence with Barn-like Bruno's and Barone's/Varone's; 2) the French Courcys use cinquefoils in colors reversed from those of Bags while the Bags were first found in Norfolk with the Gangs/Geggs sharing the Courcy cinquefoils. The Gang/Gegg cinquefoils are the only symbols, and they are fessewise in the colors of the only-symbol bend of Bruno's. There we have a good reason to make a soft link, to begin with, between Scalia's/Scalise's and Coverts, especially as the Barnstaple bend is in the colors of the Barone/Varone bendy. As Barnstaple's (and their Albino kin) use Rockefeller-line trefoils, it's notable that Verona's have a version of the Feller and Boethus-suspect Bothwell Coat. CinqueFOILS are expected to be in honor of RoqueFEUILs too, as they merged with a Cinque-like surname.

This picture goes to my sleeping-bag dream, which took place the morning after (or very close to it) I was first reading up on the WikiLeaks leak of John Podesta's "wet works" phrase (that point to the murder of Scalia). The "mort" motto term of Barnstaple's, and the blue fitchee of the Albins/Aubins of Barnstaple, go to the Meu-river Mea's/Meighs, and at the Mott location of Henrys, from Henry IV of Rodez, near Aubin, who married Miss Roquefeuil, explaining why the Rods share the Barnstaple trefoil. Rods, who share the Rock trefoil, were first found in Herefordshire with Bodehams/Bedinghams (rooks), and the Stouts, from the Stout-raven vikings, were at Bedingham.

There's a Huntington location in Herefordshire, and while the father of Ada of Varenne was of Sussex, that's where the English Barns were first found who are in the colors of the Surrey Michaels, and as the latter share the VARN scallops, note how BARNs can apply, for Barone's are even Varone's. Michael's kids on the yellow BED thus links well to BEDingham of the Varni-linkable Stouts (fesses of Oxfords, Vere's of Oxford share the Irish-Barone boar)). Barns use two fesses in the colors of the one of Michaels, and the Yellows (probably of Shetland's Yells) have the fesse in colors reversed. Ile'/YLLEYs share the chevron of English Barne's/Barone's (said to be from the Orne-river theater). I am supposed to view Michaels from Michael Rangabe, suspect with "ORANGe." What do the kids jumping on the bed symbolize?

The Michael lozenges are those of English Peters while the other English Peters have a raven and the motto of Staple's. The latter Peters along with German Peters share the Bruno bend. To link BarnSTAPLE's hard to Ada-Huntingdon elements, Staple's have the specialized leopard face in the Ade/Aid Crest.

The three Stout fesses are in the colors of the Court/Covert pale bars. In colors reversed, the Stout fitchees are blue, the color of the same-styled fitchees of Mea's/Meighs and Albins/Aubins. Mea's/Meighs share the raven with Varn-colored and Varone-like Verone's (raven vikings, Varni right?), an apparent piece of proof that Barnstaple's are a Bruno/Barone branch. The Verone's are also Varenne's, and while Ada of Varenne (married a Henry, Henry-Rodez suspicious) traces to Ade's/Aide's, the latter's bend with leopard faces is a version of the Rodham/Rodden and Stevenson Coats while the latter use the leopard faces in the colors of the trefoils in the near-identical Coat of Barnstaple's. The Ade/Aid bend (Huntingdon colors) with leopard faces is in the colors of the David bend with lion, and Henry of Huntingdon (recall the Court hunting horns), husband of Ada of Varenne, was the grandfather, I think it was, of king David I of Scotland, son in-turn of Malcolm III.

The saltire of Columns/Malcolms, who have a Salome-like Calome variation, is that also of Herod-suspect Coopers/Coppers. Pelosi's have two columns topped by the Salome stars, and Pelosi's were first found in Savage-line Savigliano, in case Nancy Pelosi was involved with Jack Sava, and smack beside Bra, which points to Donna Brazil. When we go to the Donna/Dance surname, four pale bars in the colors of the pale bars of Courts/Coverts, first found in Sussex with Coopers/Coppers. Shouldn't Trump be very disposed, in the next two years while Pelosi runs what used to be his House, to reveal Pelosi support for Democrat crimes?

We can now see much clearer as to why the pale bars of Courts/Coverts (Bruno colors) of Barnstaple can be of the Scalia/Scalise ladder. It's the Courcys in the write-up of Courcy- / Coeur-like Coverts that concerns me, for they can be using the Bag cinquefoils. The first thing I thought I knew, when waking from the sleeping-BAG dream, was that I saw for the time, the day before, a group photo of the International Order of Saint Hubertus, all members wearing black cloaks with a long red stripe showing down one side only. I had just slept that night under an all-black sleeping bag having a single red stripe down one side of it, not down both sides. I was instantly convinced that the dream was about the killers of Scalia amongst the Hubertus cult. Yet, the rest of the long dream did not seem to point to Scalia's killers in any particular way, at least not yet.

But what I'd like to add here is that the stylized leopard face of Staple's and Ade's/Aids is used by Morleys and Morlands, while the dream had a rider on a bike that was identifiable as an old friend, DAVID Morley. As you saw above, Ade's/Aides link to king David, or at least to David of Huntingdon, father of Henry, husband of Ada. It could appear that God used David Morley in my life, who went to church with me in the Pentecostal church pastored by Cindy's father, in order to have the dream point to Ada of Varenne. In fact, I kid you not, David Morleys sister is VERA! That's pretty amazing.

I have a new gleaning, I think, with the part in the dream where Morley came down a hill, and circled the sleeping bag that I had picked up in the WOODs. These woods can be deemed a forest too, for hunting-horn Fosters (Northumberland, same as Forests) are also Forresters while a Mr. Foster flew down to Texas with judge Scalia for his murder. We can now see the importance of David Morley's pointer to Ada of Huntingdon, for it tends to reveal Fosters with her. Northumberland is beside the WestMORLAND location of Morlands, and where Rodhams/Roddens were first found who were kin round-about of Ade's/Aids.

Yet the forest can be deemed the woods too because Bagley-Woods is a location in the write-up of Bagleys, first found in Shropshire with Sleeps. God could have used another type of bag, but there was a SLEEPing bag. The Bagley lozenges are in the colors of the Bag cinquefoils, and boy-oh-boy, what a stroke of luck that this week is the one in which I loaded Pizzo's, whom I am not familiar with. The Pizzo fesse shares the Bagley lozenges, and pizzagate has to do with John Podesta.

When David Morley came riding down a hill to where I was at, I didn't know that he came off of a road. But while he was circling the sleeping bag. I was walking up the hill, and then across the road. The dream made sure that Morley rode the bike up the hill, and had him going back down the road in the direction from where he came, just as I was crossing this road. It tends to tell us that Roads / Rhodes / Roets / Rodhams are to be linked to Davids / Morleys, and we just saw how Rodhams (version of David Coat) do so on two counts. But Roets are of Boofima along with Nagle's that who the lozenges in the base of the Pizzo Coat, and the Pizzo fesse with lozenges is even in colors reversed from the same of Nagle's. Reminder: the Pizzo Chief is that of Panetta's (share tree with Roets), and Leon Panetta is guilty in some of the crimes of both Obama and Hillary Clinton.

The entry of Pizzo's in this sleeping-bag picture reminds that Scalia's/Scalia's were first found in Tuscany with Pizzo-like Pisa, while the Piso/Pisa Coat is very linkable to that of COMET-using Reines' while pizzagate was named after Comet pizza. Recall Cindy Richardson, suspect as a pointer to both Steve Scalise and pizzagate, for her father's church secretary (Carol) married David Morley. I don't know whether I would have know that Morley had a motor bike if he didn't visit me one day with Carol on the back. As Biks/Bickers were first found in Berkshire with Bagley-Woods, the motor BIKE was suspect with that picture, and while German Nagle's are Nails too, the nails of Dutch Bickers seem to nail the Bik/Bicker link to Morley's bike.

The Bik/Bicker Coat is a reflection of the Barney's, first found in Norfolk with Bags. Lots of barn liners seem to be cropping up. Barn-like Brains (leopard faces again) share a single red pale bar with Tulls/Tullia's, and the Brain motto looks like code for Engains, first found in Huntingdonshire, where David Morley points to. Perfect.

The Road surname: "...the Pomeranian knight Roderus of Rostock in 1282, Henrich Roder of Rostock in 1299..." Rostock was home to Wagrians, suspect with Wagers, first found in Yorkshire with Walkers, Morleys/Mauls and Florence-liner Ferrands, the latter from Auvergne, where Moters were first found. Wagers are using a version of the Barone/Barne Coat, recalling that Barone's, of Florence liners themselves, linked to the Varni of Rostock. The ancestry of proto-Varangian RURICus, father of ROSTock-suspect RUSTicus of Lyon, was in Tullia of Lyon, herself married to Clermont-Ferrand.

Then, hold onto your brains because this is long and hard to keep together: the annulets of Irish Barone's are shared by English Walkers, the latter having a "magna" motto term, and then, can we believe it, I WALKed across the road, in the dream, into a PARKING lot of a MALL, and Parkings/Perkins, from the line from Plancia Magna, share the fleur-de-lys of Walks/Wachs ("Industria"), and also of the Barnstaple-suspect Staple's who share the specialized leopard face of Morleys. The latter have a Morley/MAUL branch, verification that David Morley was the bike rider in the dream. And while Clements come up as "Clermonts," there is a "Clementia" motto term with Morleys/Mauls. It's undeniable, God is the author of the dream.

The Bush Nazi who died this past week had been protected or adopted by a Bush-Walker liner, and the sleeping bag was in the woods, or in the forest, or, as we call it up here, in the BUSH.

Back now to the Courts/Coverts, for emailer Covert told me that her father descended from a kaiser Koffert of Hohenstaufen or Hohenzollern associations. I'll assume that Rothschilds tapped into the Hohen dynasty, and the "conCORDia" motto term in the Arms of Rothschild looks to be for Court-suspect Cords/McCourts because they share the red heart and the fesse of Nations/Nathans, both sharing the Yellow fesse. For the first time, the image of Morley circling the sleeping bag has brought "encompassing" to mind, for Nations/Nathans use compasses while the Compass/Champeaux surname is said to have married Grimaldi's, who share the lozengy Shield of Bags. That is very compelling, and, if correct, God has waited this long to reveal the Bag link to Rothschild liners. The Compass'/Champaeux's happen to use a red label of three points, in the colors of the red Pizzo / Panetta label of four points.

The Bag / Grimaldi lozengy is in the colors of the similar Hohen chequey, and I have seen that very lozengy in this Arms of Prussia that centers about the Hohens. The Hohen checks are between the lozengy and someone's red hearts. Directly above the Hohen checks is the black cross shared by Compass'/Champeau's, I kid thee not, suggesting that the red hearts are those of Cords / Nations/Nathans and Savage's, for the Prussian Arms are supported by two savages (at least, they are much like the savage in the Wood Crest). Part of the Compass/Champeaux cross is covered by a small escutcheon having the Hohenzollern and Zollern-surname quadrants, same as the quadrants on the Huntingdonshire Taylards.

To our left of the lozenges are what look like blue-on-gold lozenges, the Bagley / Pizzo symbol! Nailed it, making it appear that the sleeping-bag dream points to pizzagate goons. Bagleys were first found in Shropshire with Rothes' and Rudes', the latter having the Compass/Champeaux cross in colors reversed.

The ram head in the Bagley Crest links to Cremers/Cramers because the latter share the Pizzo / Panetta Chief, minus the label. For, German Cramers have a giant ram's head. Cremers were of the ice-cream symbol, and Ice's were first found at Rostock. As the latter is suspect from Rusticus, it's notable that his ancestor, Mummolin, was the grandfather of Grimo. Moreover, Mummolin's son, BABon, father of Grimo, and BADon, another grandson of Mummolin, are the line to BABcocks/BADcocks who share the red rooster (probably the Bibo/Bible rooster) not only with the Cremer/Cramer Crest, but with the BabCOCK-suspect Cocks who share the Grimaldi / Bag checks. Note the MumMOLIN-suspect moline cross in the Prussia Arms directly above the three chevrons that, I'm guessing, are those of Waters as per the heraldic water bouget, part-code for Buckets/Buchards / Buckets/Bocards.

The founder of Hohenzollern was Burkhard/BURCHARD I, count of Zollern, which looks like the BUCKET/Boccard bloodline that God has been stressing, I think, in as many as two dreams. It just so happens that Buckets/Boccards share the Bag cinquefoils in colors reversed, which makes them the Courcy cinquefoils. The red Courcy eagle thus gets suspect with the red eagle of VERINger-kin Zahringers (the line to BARNs/Berne's), which, I had read, became the red Hohenzollern / Hohenstaufen eagle. In this picture, the red-eagle Tarents are looking like a Terentia-Murena line to elite Hohens.

Waters can be suspect in the water with the swan of Wagners (Yorkshire, same as Wagers and Walkers), who share the Wagen fesse, in the colors of the fesse above the Compass-suspect cross, and beside the Mainz wheel that could be in the German-Wagner Coat.

I know a Mrs. Wagner who buried her Wagner husband on her property, and I saw the grave site with the cut-out of a raven planted in the ground beside him, as though either God gave her that idea to assure a Wagner trace to Wagrians (is this that important?), or because she and her husband knew their heraldry. She was proud the day that she showed me her bracelet, a gift from her husband, which, she told me, was made from the silver / gold taken from the teeth of Jews killed in concentration camps. What's wrong with that, they were dead anyway, she said. Her husband was employed by the German government, to collect fillings from the dead for the German crown, but he stole some of it for himself. I was hired by this woman to lift the ROCKS off her front patio, and to re-install them. Rock / Roxolani / Roquefeuil liners are suspect at Rostock, exactly the location of Wagrians. Coincidence?

At the end of the job, she asked me to take some gravel from the edge of the street, gravel belonging to the government, and spread it at the end of her rock WALK way. French Gravels are almost in the format, and are in the colors, of Wagens. Walks/Wachs almost share the Wagner / Wagen fesse, and Dutch Gravels are also Grave's, suggesting the Pomeranian house of Griffin. English Grave's/Grieves/Griefs have the Nevill surname in their write-up, which is in the Griffin motto, and these Grave's/Grieves have the Mea's in their motto while the Mea cross (surrounded by ravens) is shared by Dutch Gravels/Grave's. Mr. Wagner was in his grave with the raven beside him, symbol of Pomerania's raven vikings. You see, God set that job up for me. German Wagners/Wageners share the red griffin in the Arms of Pomerania.

At Wikipedia's House of Hohenzollern article, there appears the Arms of JAGERndorf, sharing hunting horns with Jaggers. The Jagerndorf horns are surrounded by the hexagrams if German Michaels, I gather, first found in Silesia with Jagerndorf: "The Duchy of Krnov (Latin: Ducatus Carnoviensis...) or Duchy of Jagerndorf (German: Herzogtum Jagerndorf) was one of the Duchies of SILESIA, which in 1377 emerged from the Duchy of Troppau (Opava), itself a fief of the Bohemian Crown. Its capital was at Krnov in the present-day Czech Republic." Note "CarnoVIENsis," for the giant Vienne eagle is shared by Grave's/Grieve's, and the Vienne-Isere are was home to Herod Archelaus.

Silesia is also where KRNov/CARNOvienses-like Karens/Kerns were first found, a link I've not made before. And while there was a bucket-like container in the door-handle dream, which was in my hands immediately after I complained about the BROKEN door handle of my Jeep, the Jeepma's/Cheps use the same Zionist star! Plus, BROKE's/Brocks were realized from "Procopia," wife of Michael Rangabe, the line to Orange. Another bucket appeared (another dream) in the back seat of Michael's Volkswagen. The Brecks/Breaker hunting horn (colors reversed from the Orange hunting horn) applies to this picture without doubt! I'm feelin' orangey again.

The above makes the Jagerndorf hunting horn suspect with the Orange hunting horn (rulers of Orange used them in various colors), and reminds that the Hohenzollern / Zollern quadrants are those of Taylards of Huntingdonshire, suspect highly with the Chives quadrants.

Recall my suggestion that Nations/Nathans (COMPASS) are with the Yellow fesse in colors reversed, for I almost missed what I'm about to say: beside the cross, in the Prussian Arms, now suspect with the Compass/Champeaux cross, there is a Coat with nothing but a black-on-gold fesse, the Yellow fesse. It's directly over the lozengy suspect foremost with the Bag lozengy (for beside the latter are what look like the Bagley lozenges).

The Jagerndorf horns have orange interiors, and the one in the Crest faces sinister. They are in the positioning of the Arms of Traby horns, suspect in the Foster Coat. Mr. Foster is suspect in the killing of Scalia, which killing is suspect in the sleeping-bag dream, where a sleeping bag was lying on the ground of a forest. Why was it on the ground? Why did I pick it up? Did I represent my mother's Grimaldi maiden name on this dream?

Her brother is Dominic, and perhaps not by coincidence, French Dominics share the split Shield of Schwerins, from Schwerin in the Varni theater. Recall my question on how important it is to God to trace Wagners to the Varni theater, for here in the Dominic Coat I find the star of Wagen-suspect Wiggens/Wigans, and the latter Coat is a version of the Annas Coat. The Grimaldi's of Monaco are in the Compass/Champeaux write-up as married to them, and in the Prussian Arms, the same fesse as used by Wagens and Wagners is directly above the same cross as used by Compass'/Champeaux's. The giant Annas star is in colors reversed from the same of Gris'/GRIIMs, and French Gris' look linkable by their Coat to Monaco's, who share the Walk/Wach fesse perhaps, as well as the Jagerndorf hexagrams. Walks/Wachs were first found in Dumfries with the Nith-river Closeburn location suspect with Close's who share the spur with Wiggins/Wigans.

Aha. Grimaldi-related Compass'/Champeaux's are said to have had a branch in du Greis, and Greis' are listed with Gris'/Griims. This recalls my finding a little evidence for equating Krume's first found in Hamburg with Gris'/Griims, as a Grimaldi branch. It just occurred to me to check Monaco-like Munichs to find them with the Hohen Shield. I'm starting to see Nazi's, which recalls that Bauers share the stars of Hiedlers/Hitlers (Munich), and the Needle/Nadler sun. To this it can be added that Needle's/Nadlers are in the compass needle of Irish Pettys while English Pettys (Saraca-Shield colors), sharing the Arms-of-Rothschild quadrants, have elephant heads traceable to the Elaphiti islands, smack beside Ragusa!!! Wow, and Needle's/Nadlers are easily imagined as a branch of Compass-beloved Nations/Nathans. (Pettys call the compass needle only a "needle," leaving "compass" out).

The Chief/Shield colors of Annas' and Wiggins are those also of WHEATlys while the stars of Wigtons are colors reversed from the Wheatly stars. It just so happens that Hanna's ("Per ardua AD alta") were first found in Wigtonshire. Why are the Wigton stars in the colors of the Capone stars? And Chappes'/Cheaps use ears of wheat. Just look at all that. What was going on over there in Galloway? Why do Galloways/Gallerys use the giant blue lion of Massins/Masons while king Massena was the son of Gala?

As Galloway is on the Solway firth with the mouth of the Nith, the latter being home of the Geds (400 AD), note that the Way/Weigh surname shares the three Ged fish in pale, suggesting that Ways married Gala liners to produce "GalloWAY." Ways/Weighs were first found in Devon with the Spurrs in the Wiggen Crest. The Weigh-like Weights/Wayte's/Waits were in neighboring Cornwall, making this very Quadratilla-interesting. It even appears that Weigh elements could have named Wigton. I'd like to mention here that the two pale bars within the double fesses of Ways/Weighs can be those of German Steels because English Steels share the checks of Galleys. I can't recall whether the Galloway/Gallery Crest is called a galley ship. French Galleys (Dauphine, same area the Forez of Capote's/Chapus') share the Capote/Chapus roses. Doesn't that all look linkable to the Caiaphas suspects at Galloway?

While one White surname is also "Weight," there is a Weighton/Whitehorn surname sharing the solid chevron of Teague's/Teegers (suspect from Maccabees, expected as Massey-line kin), first found in Galway (a place said, in the Galway write-up, to be derived in Scotland's "Galloway"). This new-to-me thing gets interesting where I trace a Teague motto term to OPgalli (from GALatia), suspect herself to Hoppers whose tower is colors reversed from the Weighton/WhiteHORN tower.

Galway is where Gaineys/Keaveneys (Hopper tower?) were first found who share the Kelly Coat, Crest and motto. Gaineys/Keaveneys share the Hiedler/Hitler Enfield griffin. That is, the Kelly griffin is called an Enfield (part fox), and the Hitler griffin is in the design of the Gainey griffin. The royal Grimaldi's of Monaco, who just linked well to Hiedlers/Hitlers a few paragraphs above, married the actress, Grace Kelly, and she brought the barony of Massy (had roots in Dublin, near to where Kellys were first found) to Monaco. I assume that Gaineys/Keaveneys and Kellys had their lion long before the marriage to Kelly, yet these lions are in the Monaco Coat too. One of the Grimaldi-Massy's married Miss QUINTana, and the Quintana dice can trace with Dice's/Deise's to the Deise area at Waterford, near Dublin.

Weights/Wayte's use horns. As Meschins were from the Horn-related Orne-river theater, the Weighton/Whitehorn scallop is suspect with the Meschin scallop. Also, the Weighton/Whitehorn fleur can be those of June's, and the Weight/Wayte chevron is in the colors of the so-called perchevrons of Teague's, Weightons/Whitehorns, and Scottish Smiths. The latter, sharing "Fidelis" with Hoppers, have a fish in the mouth of an Orne-depicting heron, as do English Smiths, first found in Durham with Hoppers. This is strong evidence that Hoppers were of the Teague motto and more. "Esto Fidelis" is used by both Weavers and Whitters/WhiteWRIGHTs (probably the Mieske arm and the Mieske / Cole bull), and while Weavers share the Hazel fesse, Hazeltons share the Weight/Wait motto. Whitewrights (I sense Furness kin) were first found in the Meschin stronghold of Cumberland, beside the Northumberland Fosters who share the Weight/Wait horns. English Wrights happen to share the double fesses of Furness-kin Parrs. Fosters were first found in the same place as Parr-loving Manners/Maness'.

Scottish White's use QUATRefoils suspect with Quadratilla Bassus, and the Weights/Waits with Base's/Bassens do trace well to her. Base's/Baise's use the lions in pale of Smith-beloved Sempers in colors reversed while Semper variations connect feasibly to Pierro's/Pero's, which the "Pro" motto term of Weights/Waits is expected to stand for. The Wheatly Chief has the Peare stars, it just so happens.

It's hard to make out the object between the two brown wings in the Crest of Smith-beloved, Hanna-suspect Anville's/Hanville's, but it could be a version of the spur between the brown wings of Wiggins. Might "Wiggin" be a variation of the Wings/Winks? Brown wings can be expected as Bruno / Bru(i)n / BRUNSwick elements, and the Brunswicks share the Base/Baise Coat.

Galways can be gleaned with the Keith Catti, recalling that Bass'/Bassins were of Keith elements. Galways use a bridge while Bridge's (Jay colors) have a "je" motto term suspect with Jays of De Gai, from the line of king Gala/Gaia as it goes through Galli's (Dauphine, same as Galleys and the Gaul people group) and Gays. It's obvious to me now that Galloway and Galways were Numidian liners. Galways even share "Vincit" with the English Shaws (colors and format of Weights/Wayte's/Waits). The Letters/Latters, who were at Bass Isle of the Keith area, share the white-on-red griffin with Bridge's. Scottish Shaws, sharing the dagger with Bridge-beloved Crabs (Cambridgeshire, same as Chap liners), share the Pilotte and Pellet Coat for a trace to the Forez area, where Capote's/Chapus' were first found along with Forests suspect in the sleeping-bag dream. Crabs are in the colors and format of Pilote-like Plate's and Mars (virtually the Plate Coat), the latter first found in Burgundy with same-colored Pilote's. Plates are used by the Meschin-branch Mussels that named Musselburgh of the Keith theater.

Back to the EnFIELD griffin of Kellys, the latter sharing that lion of Rockefeller-line Fallers/Fallis'. Enfields are also EnFELE's, and use a version of the Chaddock and Chadwick Coats, which are a take from the Arms of ROCHdale. In the Enfield Crest, the Joseph martlet on a gold eSCUTcheon, symbol also of Scute's, who share deer with Mallets (almost the Plate Coat). This deer is what makes a Mallet trace to Melita work, for I read that "Ragusa" is thought to be named after the deer. Even if that's wrong, it's enough that peoples of Ragusa believed it in order to get the deer on the Mallet surname (Sussex, same as Dice's/Deise's). French Mallets share buckles with Leslie's, and Leslie's (Petty bend?) share the green griffin with Kellys, a way to resolve that Grimaldi's were a Gris merger with Mallets, but I'll come back to this below with a re-mention of the Grimaldi's of Regusse.

What's amazing or lousy here is that Hitler's concentration camps around the Munich area was headquartered at Dachau, which itself uses a sling SHOT for its arms while Shots are listed with Scute-like Shute's, linkable to Sewers/Suters having a rough version of the Enfield / Chaddock Coat. To put it another way, the Sewer variation looks like a merger of Suter / Shute liners with Siward of Northumberland, explaining why Shute's/Shots share the swords of Siward-line Swords. Once again, Grimaldi's are tracing to Hitler. The Dachau-suspect Tax's/Dachs share crossed swords with Fieschi-suspect Feschs, and I read that Fieschi (Genova) were at least associated with Grimaldi's. These Grimaldi links are coming like a flood suddenly, all thanks to the Compass write-up.

In the Scute Crest, a crane (I remember this), the symbol also of Saraca-like Sharks who in-turn throw in Rockefeller-depicting trefoils. This recalls the shark of Valiants, for the Grimaldi's in the Compass write-up are traced to VALENTine Grimaldi. Amazingly, Katrina Hanson is the girl I dated (first date) with a Valiant, and I asked her out when she worked in Gormley, while Gormleys are also Grimes' and use the Grimm/Grime martlets in colors reversed. Amazing, it really is. German Hansons share a lozengy Shield with Grimaldi's.

ZOWIE, as I said, the Valiant belonged to the Quinns, the parents of my friend, and while I was never able to show why the Quinns were involved with that date, I've just found a winged horse, the Quinn symbol too, in the Crest of the Valentine's (new-to-me surname). That is spectacular. The Mighty One of Israel, His voice shall be heard. What are the chances that Valentine's share the lion of English Hansons?

[Insert after update was uploaded -- Aha! The white winged horse of Valentine's is shared by Angle's/Angels who in-turn share the three lozenges of Sire's (love Justine, Valentinian's wife), a branch of Squire's/Squirrels found on the Valentin bend! It's a tidy way to prove that Valentins were from Valentinian I. It's important that the baton of Angle's/Angers can be for Batons/Bastons with a version of the Capote/Chapus Coat while Justine's (share anchor with Sire's) were first found beside the first-known Chappes'/Cheaps. The Valiants are the ones with the shark upon the Chief-Shield colors of Capote's/Chapus'. Again, God is pointing to both Caiaphas and his father-in-law, Annas, with my dating Miss Hanson in a Valiant belonging to the Quinns. Amazing.

German Angels/ANNgeli's share white wings with Angle's/Angels, and Wings/Winks, first found in Perthshire with Justine's, are from Vinkovci, Valentinian's place of birth.

Justine was of PICENum, which I think is to the Pike's/Pickens, and the paragraph above can explain why English Pike's share the trefoils of Ice's!!! Katrina Hanson was the ICE-cream girl! Saraca's share the Pesci fish while Pescara is at least beside the old Picenum border. Just realized that Cremers/Cramers have the Chief-Shield colors of Valiants and Chapus' in colors reversed. Cremers/Cramers use "qui," a term I know is for Sheaves'/CHIAVA's, and while German Angels use keys half in the blue of the Sheaves/Chiava keys, the latter first found in L'Aquila, seven miles from where my mother was born, in Poggio PICENze!!!!! Wow, it's as though God used Miss Hanson to link even to my mother's place of birth to Picenum. When we spent two months in that village, we went a few times to the beach at Pescara.

Italian Angels were first found in Tarvisium, suspect with Chives' of Tarves! Bingo, tending to prove that Chiava's were a Chives branch.

PLUS, the Angle/Angel lozenges, three fessewise, are shared by Pizzo's who are shown properly as PICCINi's. End insert.]

The Valentine [and Angle/Angel] horse is in a crown, symbol (in that fashion) of the Ceraunii, the crane line to which Sharks had linked. The Mallet deer has a crown gorged around its neck. The Ceraunii were near Cibalae, birthplace of Valentinian I. Hmm, I asked Katrina on a date while she was selling me an ice-CREAM, and it dawns on me here that Cremers/Cramers may have been Ceraunii or even Grimaldi's. Scottish Crone's (fish) share a lozengy Shield with Grimaldi's in half their colors, and while Crema is in Lombardy, Scottish Lombards share the Hanson lozengy. Scottish Lombards can be with the Doria eagle because Doria's, first found with Grimaldi's in Genova, were in Imperia, near Monaco. French Lombards (same chevron as Quintana-like Quints) were first found in Provence, where the Grimaldi's of Campou were heavily. Italian Lombards were first found in Venice with Fallers/Fallis' who share the Monaco lion.

My friend Quinn was Dennis by first name, and the Dennis' of Champagne look interesting as to the Grimaldi-Compass line said to have been in Champagne. As part of that Denise line, we find Mr. Capelle while Capelle's are listed with the Capelli's, first found in Venice with the Fallers/Fallis' (and white-fish Pesci's) suspect in the Monaco Coat. The Capelli chapeau is shared by Bidens/Buttons who share a red fesse with Dennis', and which is suspect with the Butt/Boet fesse, itself suspect with the Saraca fish in someone else's colors.

The Compass write-up: " was ordained by the Prince of Monaco, chief of the House of Grimaldi, that henceforth from 1909, the family was to bear the name Campou Grimaldi-Regusse." I have found where this Campou element named a location. I had the hunch that "GriMALDI" was named as per a merger with Mallets, whom I trace confidently to Melita, an island near Regusse-like Ragusa. A Grimaldi relationship to Ragusa liners is strange to me, but KATRina Hanson has convinced me of this, whose first name got suspect with Kotor, where Saraca's first lived before being in Ragusa. Cators/Catters use white fish, the color of the Saraca fish.

Katrina was the ice-CREAM girl, and CROMs/Crums, with a cat in Crest, were first found in Berkshire with Cators/Catters and the Shaws who share a buried "itur" term with Vincents ("Roger Vincent in Berkshire") who share the Crom/Crum quatrefoils. The Berkshire Shaws even use a "Vincit" motto term. The border of French Vincents is colors reversed from the border of two Hanson surnames. Katrina sold ice cream at Sam's restaurant, which might just reveal that the Sam/Sammes lion is with Vincents. Valentine-suspect Valentins were first found in Vicenza. Sam's was famous for burgers, interesting where the Sam/Sammes lion is also that of Conte's, the line of John de BURGO de Conteville. De Burgo's Irish-BERK/Burgh line has a cat in the Coat. I find it amazing as to how many things God has arranged for this revelation, even making Sam's burgers the best-tasting ones around (I had many, I know).

"Ketter" was accidentally entered instead of "Katter," which got Ketters/Kettricks (giant Sam lion in colors reversed), first found at Galloway, where Hanson-like Hanna's/Hannas' (Cattan fitchee?) were first found, how about that. Now I know why God named her Katrina. Ketters are also Kittericks while Kitters are listed with Cato's/Kitto's/Chattans (castles in Kite / Kitt colors). There's a Poitvin reason as to why the Chatans (one 't') of Poitou are using the Jay bend with roses. I link Poitvins to the Galli's sharing the Italian-Lombard Chief. The line of Porcius Cato can be to Porch's who share the eight bars of Grimaldi-birthed Crispins.

Might we have just crossed the white Saraca fish with the Ways/Weighs? What were Saraca's doing way up at the Nith River with the Geds? Wagens and Wagners use a fesse colors reversed from the fesse with the fish. The Wagen / Wagner fesse is suspect in the Prussian Arms directly on top of the Champeaux-suspect cross. Champeaux's are loved by Nations/Nathans, and then Natts/Nathans seem to be sharing a Coat version of Nitts/Naughts, first found in Dumfries with the Nith river. There we go.

To boot, the Nitts/Naughts (share checks of Hohen-related Cohens) share the lion heads of the Valentine's, who are fairly new to me thanks to Valentine Grimaldi in the Champeaux write-up. The "committo" motto term of Nitts/Naughts links to John de Burgo of Conteville, or the Conte's/Comite's / Conte's/Comittisa's, who are in the "Commit" motto term of the Sinclairs/Suns who in-turn share the cross of Compass'/Champaeux's. No mistake.

Claro-line Sinclairs use a "work" motto term while Works/Werks have lion heads in colors reversed from those of Nitts/Naughts (share same lion head in Crest as Work/Werk Crest). Works/Werks were first found in Essex with the Sam's suspect with the Italian Conte lion, and, besides, a two-tailed lion in the colors of the Sam / Conte lion is on the page for the House of Hohenzollern, highly suspect with the Flanders lion. If I recall correctly, William the Conqueror, whose mother married Herluin de Conteville, married a woman of Flanders. Raines', first found in Essex with Works/Werks, share the Work / Valentine lion, I gather. For the record, Essex is also where Champons/Champions were first found.

Mr. Grimaldus is even online as the husband of Rollo's daughter: "According to [Mr. Grimaldi], Crispinus, Baron of Bec, was the son of Crispina, daughter of Rollo [a Claro], by Grimaldus, Prince of Monaco." The Crispins are known Clare's. It can explain why French, Bag-like Becs/Bes' (reflects Kelly Coat) share roughly two Monaco symbols, or why English Becks share the moline in the Prussian Arms directly above the three red chevrons, the Clare symbol too.

Recall now the Beach's/Beck in the Hicks dream, for they have a Shield of vair fur in the colors of the Shield of lozengy of Grimaldi's, and a Shield of checks of Hohens. Moreover, the Vair surname happens to share the Hohen Coat, and a Shield of vair fur is shared by Scottish Champagne's/Champons while the Compass-Grimaldi line was in Champagne. Beckings look like they are Hohen kin. English Champons (black dog heads) are also Champions, and there are three Champions surnames besides.

German Becs were first found in Westphalia with Valentin-suspect Valins and Velens, and Camps/Campens. The Beck moline is colors reversed is red, the color of the moline in the Crest of Cibalae-like Sibals. Valentinian was born in Cibalae to GRATian, the latter suspect with Grazio's who share the pomegranate with French Crispins. Can we believe it, the moline in the Sibal Shield is that of Segni's/Segurana's, first found in Genova with Grimaldi's. The Monaco flames can now link to the salamander-in-flames of Sagans/Segans. It's notable that Grazio-like Grasse is near Monaco. The Segni/Segurana Chief shares the giant eagle of Este's, Bars, Aquila's, and French BeauCHAMPs (Poitou). The Baring variation of Beckings could indicate a Bar merger with Beck liners.

I just never knew that Grimaldi kin are all over heraldry like this, and all over the Sinclairs. The Normans, and their Masonic stupids, sure kept their Italian relatives a secret, didn't they? If they were not stupids, they wouldn't have been vikings seeking global rule. If they were not stupids, they wouldn't be seeking to rule the planet in Nordic globalism today (with our money, of course, not their own). Who really named Natt-like NATO, or the United NATIONs? Why are the EU stars those of Bauers? Give this your best shot, Mr. Rothschild, for God's clock is running out of time for you. Hurry up and do what you've got to do in this your last hour. Your money bags, said Jesus, will go to the meek of the earth, those you make weep while you laugh and enjoy the finest of things. Trump has known all about that. Dare he become one of our brothers in all sincerity?

Stoltenbergs share the arrow-pierced heart with Nations/Nathans, and the current NATO Chief is Mr. Stoltenberg. Although the Stoltenberg Coat doesn't show the pierced heart, I have read the Stoltenberg description from this page (no longer active), and it did say an arrow piercing a heart. It is recorded in multiple updates. Globalism and Masonic politics is a "family" affair.

Let's go back to my dating Katrina Hanson in a Valiant. We saw the Valentine's suspect from Valentine Grimaldi, and as proof of that suspected link, the Gormleys/Grimes' and Grimms/Grime's use one another's martlets while Miss Hanson worked on the corner of Woodbine avenue and Gormley sideroad, smack in Gormley. Sam's restaurant is still there. I noted that the black Valentine lion heads could be the black lion in the Hanson Crest because the Hanson Shield has lion heads in colors reversed from the Valentine lion heads. It's a compelling argument for my claim that God set up the particulars of my first date with Miss Hanson, but there is more, for Velens share the martlets of Gormleys/Grimes', and Italian Vallans share the moline cross of both Becks and Sibals.

As the red-on-gold Velen martlets are definitely from the French Alans, note that the latter were from the VILAINE province of Brittany. Velens once showed the ducks that French Alans once showed, and Velins still show ducks, while German Ducks, first found in Westphalia with Velins and Velens, use the five fesses of English Vallans/Vallants (more red martlets) in colors reversed. Things are looking grim for Rothschilds because God's been spying on them for centuries.

English Ducks have a Shield in Velen / Alan colors, and so the three gold stars in the Duck Chief should be those in the Alan Chief. The ones in the Duck Chief, however, are in the colors of the Nadler stars (as well as those of Salome's in case they apply). The three stars in the Alan Chief are also in the Bauer Chief. One can expect that when the first Nathan Rothschild came to England, he teamed up with the line of royal Alan-Stewarts. Together, they think they should rule over our minds and the future of our children, but Jesus has different plans, to spoil them ugly, and ferociously, to take their wealth and give it like Santa Claus to the meek. This is what we wait for. Let the rulers rule, but we wait for Him, and in the meantime, we warn them.

Why is the Duck/Logan heart pierced with nails? I think we should ask the Grimaldi's of Oneglia (near Monaco), where a branch of Nagle's/Nails passed through, first found in Westphalia with Ducks and the Duck lovers above. Oneglia was home to Doria's (first found in Genova, second major home of Grimaldi's), and they share the eagle of the Renfrew Lombards who in-turn share a lozengy Shield with Grimaldi's. Italian Lombards share the Alan / Bauer Chief, what is going on here?

Let's remind, from earlier in this update, that Beach's/Becks and similar others were being traced to Bacchus, the alternative name of DioNYSus, the latter named anciently after one or more mount Nysa's. However, I was able to glean that he was ultimately code for Nuzi at the Zagros mountains of Iran, for Dionysus was also called, Zagreus. he was related to mythical Nike, and it just so happens that Nice is 5-10 miles from Monaco! It seems that one of God's jobs in this update is to make this Dionysus trace to Becks and the Monaco theater a clinched matter. The Dennis surname is said to be from Dionysus, and my friend Dennis above, who lived in Gormley, was exactly touching upon Grimaldi kin under discussion.

When I first learned that Grimaldi's use a purple throne, I was already convinced that God had chosen me, a Grimaldi liner, to reveal the dragon bloodline, and, moreover, I was already convinced that He moved me to write a book on Biblical prophecy in which Revelation, of course, was emphasized. It really had my mind's wheels turning for how Grimaldi's could possibly be of the Revelation harlot and/or dragon, and here I am seeing Grimaldi's with all the right Nordic, Rothschild-related players I expect with globalists. It intrigued me even more when learning that Grace Kelly came to the Grimaldi's at the same time as baron Massys, for my mother is a Grimaldi on her father's side, and a Masci on her mother's. By the time of learning this, I had already predicted that the False Prophet would be a Massey liner. Trust me, I don't have a death wish, just trying to me mature about how God is using me to reveal some mysteries.

It's notable that Wiggens were first found in Cambridgeshire with Caiaphas-line suspects (includes June's and Julians sharing the Teague cross), especially the Capone's in the colors and format of Champeaux-possible Camps/Champs (Yorkshire, same was Wagners / Wagers / Walkers), who use griffin heads in the colors of the Griffin griffin. I'm seeing Julius Agrippa, uncle of Julian Bassianus.

For those who know that I trace the lines of Annas and Caiaphas to the village of my mother's birth, that's where I stayed a couple of months at the home of Mr. bocci ball, as I call him, who pointed to Bocci's/Brocato's (Brogitarus liners), first found in Genova with a branch of the Monaco Grimaldi's. The ears of wheat of Bocci's/Brocato's are colors reversed from what I think are "ears of corn" of French Champs/Campons/Deschamps, who might have the Monaco / Gris star, but, in any case, the Corns (Yorkshire, same as Camps/Champs) and Cornish's share the Capone / Camp/Champ chevron. The Chief/Shield colors of French Champs is colors reversed from the same of Capote's/CHAPUS' (Forez). Heraldic ears are suspect with Eyers/Ayers, first found in Derbyshire with Brogitarus liners.

Regusse is a location between Draguignan and the Durance river, and very near a Comps area on my atlas (probably of Comps-sur-Artuby), while Camps/Champs are also Comps.

English Dominics share the gold, seven-pointed star with the Bude's of Cornwall, and these are the only two seven-pointed stars I know of. This is amazing, because, before coming to this, before Dominics were even conceived, I was wondering whose gold-on-blue anchor was in the Prussian Arms on the other half of the Coat with the hearts, suspect with the hearts of Champeaux-loving Nations/Nathans, and here I find that the English Packs, suspect with the "pax" motto of Dominics, use the gold-on-blue anchor (on what could be the Saluzzo Shield). Anchors/Annackers are loved by Gris-possible Greys. French Dominics, sharing the star of Annacker-like Annas', were first found in Languedoc with French Packs. Packers/PICKers/Peckers use lozenges in Grimaldi-lozengy colors.

The Jeep is suspect as God's pointer to the line of Caiaphas. Ears of wheat, the Bocci/Brocato symbol, are shared by Chappes'/CHEAPs, you see, suspect with the Jeepma's/CHEPs. Italian Capone's/Capua's were of Capua in Campania. While Capote's come up as Chapus', Italian Capote's (mule) are also Capone's.

As I trace Salto-river elements with the elements of the neighboring Turano to "Durance," roughly the location of Comps, note that Avezzano's, from the upper Salto / Durance area, share the potent pattern in the bend of CHAMPagne's. The latter's bend can be that of English Grasse's, who may in-turn be with the Monaco lion. Besides, the Champagne bend can be that also of Bone's (same lion as Monaco's), first found in Sussex with the anchor-using Packs, potentially a branch of Pace's/Pasi's of BONonia. On an ancient map I have of Lucania, a Compso location in the CAMPania area looks relevant. Champagne was likewise called Campania.

The previous owner of my Jeep is from Campania while Jeepma's/Cheps share the Monaco hexagram. This previous owner (never knew him before renting his apartment) reminded me of Dominic Grimaldi, my mother's brother. He really did, as though there was a blood connection, and peoples from my mother's home town were from the Campania area, according to a book she has on that town. Grasse is between Monaco and Comps, and the Grasse liners are suspect with Grazio's (share pomegranate with Crispins), a branch of Crispins who once again use the same bend. English Crispins were first found in Oxfordshire with Snipe's and Clintons (and PEARs), both of which use a version of the pack Coat, and Snipe's are suspect with the "PAIR of snips" of Mueller-like Meullers. Recall that mule of Capote's/Capone's. Pears (Wheatly stars?) use the stars of Italian Capone's in colors reversed.

Having said that, there is proof that God wants to link Bags to Grimaldi's where I picked the sleeping bag off the GROUND, for English Grounds share the martlets of GRIMMs/Grime's. You can't argue with that. Plus, the other Grounds use the elephant while the Elaphiti islands are smack between Melita and Ragusa, making Grimaldi's of Regusse more suspect with Melita / Ragusa elements.

The sleeping bag was encompassed by David Morley coming from the ROAD, and Grounds/Grundys share a version of the Rhodes Coat. Before walking up the hill to the road, I PICKed the sleeping bag up, while still in the WOODs, and English Picks have a Coat looking very linkable to the Woods.

Once again, we see that while I start to make some sense of how a dream can point to criminal deep-state elements, it ultimately gets deflected toward Annas and Caiaphas too. There has got to be a reason for this, and my suspicions are that the so-called illuminatists, even the founders of the "enlightenment" (age of a fool's reasoning), were of the same heart of those two priests because they, the end-timers, descended from them, and wish to continue killing Jesus for an eternity of humanistic rule on earth and beyond.

Bush Funeral Strangeness

People are talking about the following segment at Bush's funeral, when Laura Bush is reading or viewing from a booklet-like item as the casket goes by. Couldn't she wait until it passed all the way by? She shows the horrid thing to Jeb Bush, and I think George has already seen it. Jeb looks for only a split second and reacts instantly disgusted, with heart sunk, in an I-can't-believe-it moment. Laura's shock and disappointment turns to near-murderous fury (split second, then gathers herself), and then to a dismal awe while holding back a cry. In the meantime, George gathers his bravery as best he can, looks furious for a second while looking toward the casket (Trump is in that direction), then seems to accept the message as inevitable, as though it's very bad news for him, yet I also see defiance, fight. There's not enough time for Jeb to have read much. Whatever gross thing it was, it was instantly acknowledged. It could not have been the copy of a court order or any official government paper. It was easy to read or "read".

It makes no sense for anyone to pass such a shocking thing to them at this moment, when dead dad is passing by. Just after the middle of the 19th minute, there is a view, before the casket passes by, where Bush's right hand is showing having nothing in it. Trump is standing to the extreme right, looking toward the Bush's. Laura looks down just as the Negro's head blocks the view of her head, at which time the pallbearer closest to her seems about a foot too far from her to slip her anything. Laura never raises her head again until she shows the item (assumed to be a card upon her booklet) to Jeb. There seems to be no way for anyone to pass her this item, wherefore she must have had it in her left hand all along, tucked in behind her husband so that we can't see it. I suggest that Bush passed it to her a minute earlier, saying something like, "get a load of this." But then the casket was coming and she had to wait.

The question then is, who passed it to George? There's Trump standing overseeing the event, perhaps wanting George to know that he's overseeing it. It could be a warning to back off from trying to destroy his political chances for 2020, for the new news out now is that Mueller has some Middle-East game to play on Trump.

Also, the woman (looks a little like Sarah Sanders) in an isle seat flings out another booklet-like item, at the front of the casket, looking roughly identical with the booklet Laura is holding, though this fling is after Laura already has one in her hands. Just before this fling, which seems to go forward, the man in front of her, who is between she and George, has his left hand free apparently going back to grab the booklet, as though this pass was planned. The more I look at it, the more it looks like a pass to the man in front of her. It could be that the man then passed this, too, to George, with a card inside. But if this was Trump's doing, he must have something terrible on Bush to be able to do it at his own father's funeral.

My guess. It's some photo that incriminates Bush, leaving no doubt as to who it's from and what public humiliation it promises. Bush thus appears unashamed to show his wife, and does so defiantly. She has no problem showing Jeb. It may be what they feared for a while, and here it is at the most awkward timing.

At the start of the video below, Joe Biden takes what looks like an envelope from his wife. He only looks at the front of it for a mere second or less before he apparently knowing what it is. Or is he acting? It looks like bad news. Is this planned theater? McCain's funeral had a similar mystery.

Q-Anon predicted that Trump's justice department would round up many elite criminals on December 5, but that this funeral on that day postponed the arrests. But this has got to be garbage, for if Q knows such a thing, he's not going to tell the guilty the date of their arrests ahead of time. Something smells with this.

If you go back to 20 seconds in the video, you see the envelope's back side to Biden's face. There's nothing on it. When he turns it around at 32, he apparently acknowledges what's on it in less than a second of seeing it (is this real?), takes a little time to reflect, then redirects it to a woman on his right, unashamed, we may gather. She is sitting directly behind Mrs. Clinton, as we will see. I assume that Biden's wife is the one picking the folder off the floor; she doesn't yet know, or is not supposed to know, what's on the envelope, yet after giving the folder to her husband, which she picked up off the floor, she continues to seek for the envelope upon the floor. Why? Did Hillary say to them something like, "check out your envelope in the booklet"?

At six seconds, Hillary is apparently reading the front of the envelope, yet we can see the back of it, and we can make out that she's holding it upside-down. Did someone really write on the front while the envelope was upside-down? She slips something out from inside the envelope, and looks closely at it, then slips it back into the envelope. We can see Joe Biden behind her, as well as a blond women directly behind her.

At 40 seconds, Hillary Clinton is on her feet, looking toward the area of Biden. She shakes hands with the women directly behind her, and Mrs. Biden is already seeking the envelope on the floor. What would be the purpose of faking this show? To give Republicans the false impression that Trump is hot on the deep-state trail?

If this were very serious, we might expect a different attitude from Hillary, or a more-concerned look, though at McCain's funeral, she sent her double, and this may be another double at Bush's funeral. It doesn't look like Hillary. If she's the double (as crazy as it sounds, there is a double, but Fox won't touch that story), why didn't she show the card to Bill, if it concerns he and Hillary so much? I predict that Fox won't touch this story. Someone would argue that no normal people would play as gag like this at a funeral, but these are not normal people.

By what coincidence is the brunette pinching the second page so that the envelope shows just right in the camera view? Did she practice this? The thumb just slides page 2 upward to allow it to curve open. Who released the camera footage, and why don't we see Biden opening the card to slip out what's inside? If every couple received a booklet, for we see Jimmy Carter flipping through his, how did the card not slip out of Laura's booklet when she held it down to her husband's leg? How can we explain the timing of her raising and looking into the booklet when the casket is closest to her, not yet gone by? Are the elite wagging their tongues at conspiracy theorists; is this why false flag operations come with obvious problems that reveal the fakery, only to have the media ignore those things. Has the rigging gone that far that they mock the people who know their games? Very possibly, yes. It's predictable that they glory in getting away with their crimes, and their passions grow to act moral and peoples-caring, on the public stage, by their successes, exactly why their fall will be a heavy thud.

When Obama's "wife" takes out a card, Obama looks down and starts to look a little (very slightly) disappointed, yet his wife doesn't bump him with an elbow, or open her mouth to have him look at the card. Why not? If it's so bad for him, why not? She can't see Obama for her hair, and because she's looking down. She couldn't have known that he was looking down at the card.

The Q-factor jumped all over this thing as proof that Trump is about to indict. I'm not at all convinced. Q and his team (could be disguising themselves as random followers, working as interpreters of his coded messages) could be working for the other side, to gather info on the fooled, anti-deep-staters.


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