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May 22 - 28, 2018

Sheep Shearers, It Fuggers
It Looks like the Mummolin Merovingians were Mums at Ragusa
Sassy Chased Cookseys When She Wasn't Sucking Her Tail

For best results, take the time to load the Coats to see them for yourself. Load the first-Coat link I offer (or open one here) to get a tab open, and then open more if needed. To check a description in the Coat of Arms, type the surname at this page:

The following long quote was added to the last update in case you missed it. I find it important especially where the Oullette's were involved. In the past, I wasn't able to find why the Oullette's were used with Lorraine, but suddenly it now makes sense:

I did not intend to come across Lorraine's feet symbol when starting on a Baves suggestion for Pavia liners. As all my work tends to trace to Laevi / Laevillus, I can understand, now, why she was given that symbol at the time that Mike Oullette called her a Bave-like babe. Later in this update finds, I think, an Oullette/Willi branch in the Willastons, first found in Staffordshire, where Stops/Stubbs were first found. The Stops represent the bus stop where I first asked Lorraine out.

As with Darlene and Katrina, I approached Lorraine without having talked to her before, and asked her out. She agreed. All three women were sun-bright blonds, and Blonds apply because they use a foot. Foots and Fothes' use a chevron in Levi-chevron colors. The three chevrons of Levi's are in the colors of the bars of Blonds. The latter's are half in the colors of the Babe bars; both use the same number of bars, and both put a sun in Crest.

Now watch and be amazed; I know I am. Willastons use a "quid" motto term that gets the Quids/Quade's, from Laevillus' wife. Quids/Quade's are in Willaston colors and format. The Quid/Quade Coat is shared by Irish Mackays, and I did read that Mackays have a Williamson sept while one Williamson surname happens to use a version of the Foot Coat! That's huge. For one, it tends to reveal that Oullette's/Willi's and Willastons were a Williamson branch, absolutely explaining why Mike Oullette was at the scene when she showed those beautiful, bared feet on the PAVEment. Yes, on the road.

I could even add that while Beautys/Bowoods, first found in Dorset with Babe's, share the black bull with Lux's, Blonds have a "Lux" motto term.

Williamsons (could be the Levi chevron) were first found in Pavia-suspect Peebles, and Williamsons share three trefoils with Falls'/Fallis', the latter possibly in the Willaston motto. The other Williamsons use three stars in the colors of the three of Willastons.

The Quade/Quid wolf heads are likely for Laevillus' first name, Lupus, and for the wolf theme around Leavells, first found in Somerset with Pavia's. As Babe's are expected from Babon, whose mother was Berthe, note that Berta's share the white and upright griffin with the Willaston Crest. There is another white griffin in the Pool Crest.

When I was a child, I lived near a Falstaff Rd, which came to mind with the "falsi" motto term of Willastons. As soon as Falstaffs were loaded, I noted its "staff" ending, as with the Staffs Staffordshire, where Willastons were first found. I also noted that Falstaffs could evolve a Fast variation, and that they share the Fast quadrants. I recalled that I usually apply the Fast bend-with-symbols to that of Lorraine's, but, forgetting that Fasts are also Fastoffs (and even FaSTALFs, I now see), I wasn't going to mention any of this unless Fasts were first found in Norfolk with Falstaffs. They turned out to be, and this is where Bus' were first found who are in the bus stop.

The Pettys sharing the same quadrants can be, as evidenced in the Petty parrots, a branch of Pierre's/Petris'/Pero's, first found in Pavia. The green Petty parrot is used by Pavia-suspect Peeble's. It seems that God wanted to make a Levi-of-Pavia link to the William bloodline, all connecting it to France's Lorraine to boot. In fact, the apartment I was in when with Lorraine was vacated when the landlady got upset at me for inviting Diane's sister for a dip in her pool. I then moved into the apartment of Paul Oullette, Mike's brother.

The second-last time I saw Lorraine, just weeks after we had separated ways, was at a bus-and-subway station in Toronto, several miles from where we lived. I recall living at the place above with the pool at the time, and Poole is in Dorset, where Babe's were first found. Pools of Poole happen to share the lion of Falls/Fallis' thereby suspect with the "falsi" motto term of Willastons. My bumping into Lorraine was a very unlikely scenario, with me getting off the bus first, and she being the first in line to get on (it is a big city, very unlikely). I was there with Joe Oullette, the third Oullette brother, can you believe it? That is why the Bus' should apply to Lorraine's symbols. And Joe's wife at the time was the sister of Diane above.

The last time I saw Lorraine, a year or two later, was in a coffee shop with PAUL Smith, as she walked by us carrying her infant CHILD. Babon was likely descended from CHILDeric. The first date with her involved our meeting, on the evening of the bus-stop event, at a laundromat in LEVENdale plaza, which turned out to be absolute code for Pepin of Landen, a Merovingian, as with Childeric and Babon. Pepins/People's share a version of the Stop/Stubb Coat, can you believe it? Her Stop/Stubb symbol was absolutely for Paionians at Stobi, but Paioni had another major city, AstiBUS, which I traced (aside from these considerations on Lorraine) to Asti, in Langhe of Cuneo, exactly where the laundromat traced...because Landers/Landens share the Langley pale bars.

I can now add that while POINdexters were suspect with Paionians, or the Paion variation of Payens, and Poindexters share the fist of Fists/FAUSTs. Amazing, is it not? Fasts (share the Falstaff quadrants) may have named the Vasto's of Saluzzo (Cuneo). I've never before had this evidence for a Lorraine link to Fasts...all thanks to Falstaffs and the "falsi" motto term of Willastons that brought them to mind. This motto term looks like code for Falaise, where Oullette's/Willi's are said to have operated, which was the first thing to convince me that God furnished Mike Oullette at the scene for helping me to make the Oullette link to Willastons. There is a La Falaise location, beside the first-known French Levi's.

Willie's (share the dog design of Williams) are in Quade / Willaston colors and format, and share the Vince Coat, I assume. William the conqueror married the daughter of "the tanner" (a cover-up) of Falaise, whom I trace to Cuneo's Tanaro river. It's all near Pavia/Papia, which I see named after Pepins of some sort, and so the Lorraine events suggest that Paionians were at Pavia. Charles MARTEL, in the Pavia / Feet MARTLets, was a direct descendant of the Pepins.

Therefore, the Merovingian ancestors of the Marsi in Abruzzo were the Marici co-founders of Pavia. Two Mark surnames share checks with Pavers, and Pavers use the checks in the Arms of Meulan (also called, Mellent), what should be a Milan/Millen/Mellent line. Irish Flemings (Meath) share the Paver checks, both in their Chiefs, suggesting that these Flemings were at La Louviere and Mons. Pavers were first found in Yorkshire with Meaths, Pauls and Pullens/Pullys.

There was both a Paul Oullette and Paul Smith involved with Lorraine. The Paul surname ("Pro" likely for Pero's of Pavia) is excellent here for multiple reasons. It should be a branch of Palins/Pawleys, first found in Dorset with Babe's and Poole. And Palins trace to Palinurus, smack beside Buxentum, where the Millen/Milan lion traces which is therefore likely the Palin lion. This lion is obviously of the lion paw in the Quint Crest, and Quints (Dorset) share the vair fur in Chief with the Chiefs of Pavia's and Flemings. The Quint chevron is therefore suspect with the Staff chevron.

But there is more, for Pauls share three large ermine spots with Paul-like Balls while Pauls are said to have named a Pagele location in Yorkshire, where Pings/Paganells were first found. Pagele may have been of the PAGLione's/Pagliaro's, for they share three bends with Pings/Paganells. It appears that Balas-line Pauls had merged with Paioni. In the top half of the Paglione Shield are the Bocci/BROCATo ears of wheat, recalling the bocci-BALL event that God set up for linking Seleucids (of the Balas kind) to BROGITarus.

Again, Lorraine walked by Paul Smith and I with a child. The three Paglione bends are almost the bends of Kos' while mythical Merops of Kos was the proto-Merovingian. Merops' son was Paioni-possible PANdareus, and his daughter in turn was Aedon, whom I trace to the Aedui peoples of Autun, near ChamPAGNE and Lorraine. The bend in the Arms of Champagne has the crutch pattern (called potent), which is shared (for a related reason) in the bend of Avezzano's, first found on Sardinia, and suspect with the Seleucids there. Avezzano is in the thick of the land of the Marsi, from mythical Merops. The "PALLEscere" motto term of Pullens/Pullys can be for the Palle(s) variation of Pauls.

While I was living in the apartment of Paul Oullette, Mike Oullette was there with a cast on his leg (he was on crutches). I almost hurt his leg accidentally, and he became far too upset for the occasion, which is why I remember it. Then, a year or two ago, God gave me a dream in which Paul Smith, whom I hadn't seen in decades, walked up my driveway on crutches. This caused me to find that the Paul fitchee, similar in style to the Crutch/Crooch fitchee, is colors reversed to it. Apparently, this dream reveals that Pauls/Palle's were of the Champagne-Avezzano merger of which we can expect the line of Balas Seleucids.

In the dream, Paul followed a sickly-looking stag. I have always called it a SICKly stag, which goes well with his crutches. The Fisks use a "sic" motto term, while Fisks can be expected as a Fish branch, in the "fish" of the Smith Crest, for the Fish Coat is in the colors and format of the Smith Coat. I moved to the place as PAUL Oullette because I invited Annette into the landlady's POOL, and while Pool use a "Pollet" motto term, Pollet share down-pointing swords, in the same colors, with Feschs. They are suspect from the Fieschi of Genova, where Bocci's/Brocato's were first found (who share the symbol of Paglione's suspect with the Pagele location of Pauls). Fish's were first found in Yorkshire with Pauls, Anne's/Hanne's (sickly stag?), and some early Sichs (Kiss/Cush fOUNTains).

There is an ANNette surname listed with Arnetts, who remind me of the Arness variation of Annas'. Both surnames use stars colors reversed from the other, and both look related to Angus'...which reminds that neighboring Fife's are a branch of Vivians/Veys that are probably from Vevey, near LausANNE. The Pools are very traceable, with Pullens/PULLYs, to Vespasia Polla, and so Annette in the pool with me speaks to her line settling Pully and Lausanne. The Morges > Morgan line to mythical Morgan le Fay of Avalon is a neat way to trace this thing to mount Velino, near Avezzano, and near the home of Avez-like Vespasia Polla.

Scottish Smiths use an anvil, but there is an Anvil/Hanville/Handville surname that could be from Annas of Israel. Anville's use a patee cross in colors reversed from the patee-fitchee of English Smiths, and so one can see why an Anville surname should develop from Smiths (as play on metal smiths). The Anvil Coat gives the impression of being a Palin-lion version of the Pool Coat, yet the Palin / Anvil lion is also in the Oullette Chief so that AnVILLE's may have been a merger with the Wille branch of Oullette's.

Font de Ville's/Ville's may apply to Wille's too because they are expected with Lafins/La Fonts, the latter being in the Kennedy motto along with Avise's/Avisons, who are of the Avesnes entity that married Champagne i.e. the Avezzano-Champagne link. Smiths were first found in Durham with English Conte's, and French Conte's were first found in Languedoc with Font-de-Ville's/Ville's.

Fieschi's were related to GRIMaldi's while the latter share the Cock Shield while Oullette's use a moorCOCK. Joe Oullette became a special friend to Jeffrey MOORE, which was seemingly a Set-up for linking the MOORcock to Moore's. It just so happens that Moore's / Morgans use a giant lion colors reversed from the lions of Lorraine's who are in-turn supposed to be related to Oullette's. The wife of Mr. Moore was Carol, and Carols share a white-on-black sword, with gold handle, with Feschs and Pollet.

Morgans are traceable to Morges (Switzerland, same as Feschs), near Pully, Vevey and Lausanne. Vevey is suspect with Vibia. Fieschi were in Genova while Morges and Pully are at lake Geneva. Jeffreys share the Palin / Oullette lion, and were first found near the first-known Palins and Babe's. Babon, father of GRIMo, is the line to BabCOCKs, who share the red rooster of Cocks, Bibo's and Kiss'/Cush's. Lausanne liners could be to the Lawsons ("Leve", chapeau), first found in Yorkshire, and having the same chevron as Annette's/Arnetts and Kiss'/Cush's, which is another way to link Annas suspects to Laevillus mother, Vibia.

The Babcock pale bar is in the colors of the one of Crutch's/Crooch's. The latter are a branch of Croce's (potent cross) who share "Cruce" with Jeffersons, and the latter were first found in Herefordshire with Jeffreys. The Jefferson saltire is in the colors of the similar Cruce cross.

Scottish Jeffreys (PEEBLES-shire, same as Williamsons) share the Willaston / Williamson stars (amazing), and throw in a sun in Crest, symbol of Babe's and Blonde's (more amazing), suggesting that the six pale bars of Jeffreys are the six fessewise bars of Babe's.

Babe's were first found in Dorset with Beautys, and the latter share the black bull with the McLeod/CLOUD badge, and it just so happens that the Jeffrey sun comes with a cloud while McLeods/Clouds share the flag with Font-de-Ville's.

Pavers share the Brick lozenges, or the Brix/Brest Coat in colors reversed, while German Brix's share the Willaston Coat. This connects Pavers to the Briquessart > Meschin line, and while Meschins married Skiptons of Craven, Wolseys/Wolsleys, suspect of the Woolaston variation of Willastons, are said to have furnished a vicar in Craven. Their Wolseley location in Staffordshire was ruled by the bishop of Chester, which is the city of Meschins. Moreover, Wolseys/Wolsleys use a giant talbot, a symbol from the Taillebois wife of Ranulph le Meschin (nephew of Hugh Lupus). Wolseys/Wolseys use a "lupus" motto term, and a wolf head, suggesting branch of Wolfleys/Wooleys.

Wolseley is in the PIREhill part of Staffordshire, and Pire's use pears so that the Pero's / Peare's/Pears / Perrots may have been there. French Perrots were at Launay, near Brest, a line from Brescia/Brixia (where Lane's were first found) near lake Garda. The Wolsey wolf head is brown, and there is a brown wolf with the Gards expected in the "gward" motto term of Welsh Wolfins/Walwins (said to be from a sister of king Arthur (but there was no such person)). The Wolfin/Walwin bend is in the colors of the Wolworth/Walwork bend. The latter's Crest: "Two arms holding in the hands a cake of bread." Looks like code for Cake's/Cakebreads. The line of Sitrc CAECH was on the Isle of Man while the Wolsey motto is translated, "Man a wolf to man."

The Wolsey talbot is in the design of the William talbot so that, though you wouldn't expect it, Wolseys and Wolfleys should be a branch of Williams...from William > Willaston > Wollaston > Wolsey. The Williams think they descended from Brique-like Brychen Brecheiniog, who (if we read the write-up) sounds like a code of the Arthurian cult.

The only thing I recall about our first date was kissing at a picNIC table. The Nickle's happen to share the downward pheon (probably code for Paioni) in both colors with the three of Stops/Stubbs (Staffordshire, same as Wolseys). While Nickle's were first found in Cheshire with Stations/State's (as per the bus station), that surname has been suspect with the Statielli Ligures. The PICnic table can apply to Piacenza liners, and then: "The Statielli...were a small Ligurian tribe...Their chief town was Aquae Statiellae (Acqui Terme), on the road from Vada Sabatia, near Savona to Dertona (Tortona) and Placentia." I can imagine Statielli with the Ananes Gauls, therefore. Stations/State's may be with the lozenges of Grimaldi's, for they were likely from Grimo, Babon's son.

Ananes were definitely at Annandale, in Dumfries with the first-known Willie's. Nickle's use "Fide," and "Fides" is the entire Willie motto. Fido's are listed with Foot-branch Fothes'. Willie's share the Vince/FINCH Coat, and that second-last time I saw Lorraine was at the FINCH bus-subway station!!! Zowie, I almost missed this. The Finch-avenue station is the last subway stop going northward, which is why Lorraine was there, for she had yet to go north on a bus. Amazingly, I think I understand where God is going with this, for Vince's are beloved in the Shaw/Sheaves motto while Shaws come up as "Seth," the name of the father of Annas, killer of Jesus.

Later, the Annandale motto gets suspect with Rabys, and it's the latter who brought Willastons to topic.

I can trace the red greyhound head of Stations/State's, with the same of Majors, to the proto-Geddes Geds of Dumfries' Nith river, for Geddes' use a "majora" motto term. The Chief-Shield color combo of Majors is that also of Annas', and both put a giant, white symbol on their red Shield. The Geddes' use pike fish, and Lorraine and I kissed at the PICnic table. Kiss'/CUSH's link to the cushions of Kilpatricks, who had a castle on the Nith river. The Bibo's, probably a Babe branch, share the red rooster with Kiss'/Cush's, and the Bibo's put it on a cushion. It's undeniable that God used Lorraine for pointing to these things. Lorraine's share the green lion with Close's/Clovse's ("FIDELis"), from Closeburn, where the Kilpatrick castle was! Zikers. Geddes' were first found in Nairnshire, suspect with the Neuri to which I trace Bus'. Majors were at Guernsey, which has a Footes location.

Back to Faust-related Poindexters, who use an esquire's helmet while Esquers use a white coney rabbit, the symbol of Coneys and Conns, from Cuneo. God showed me that Coneys were of Bra, beside Asti. The "Nemo" motto term of Poindexters is for Nemo's/Newmarch's, first found in Stirlingshire, and then the Stop/Stubb Coat can be gleaned with Stirlings/STURlings, suspect from the Stura Demonte river through the city of Cuneo. Poindexters were first found in Jersey, beside Guernsey.

Lorraine and I broke up when I accused her of being on the grass with her friend's husband. She came home while on an evening walk with him, and I dropped in to her place between the time that she left and returned. She had a streak of grass stain on her white pants, at her butt area, and it looked like she was on the grass with him. One of the two surnames I suspected with the white pants are the Pansys/Pantzers. The coney rabbit in the Coney Crest holds a pansy. The other surname suspect with pants are the Panthers/Panters (helmet, same as Poindexters), who share "spur rowells" with Paions/Payens. And Spurrs are in the spur of the Close's who share the Lorraine lion.

Pansys/Pantzers share doves with English Page's while French Page's were first found in Dauphine with Paions/Payens/Pagans. English Page's use downward-pointing pheons in colors reversed from the same of Nickle's and Stops/Stubbs. Lambert page in the Page write-up makes the English Page's look like they distinctly use a version of the English Lambert Coat, and while French Lamberts (Dauphine) use a version of the Billiard Coat, the latter use it with Zionist stars so as to be a white-blue version of the gold-blue Paion/Payen Coat. The Billiards/Hillards were first found in Yorkshire with the KIRKBY location of English Lamberts. The Kirk motto suggests Mummolin. English Lamberts are said to descend from counts of Mons and Louvain, in the area of Pepin of Landen.

The Paver checks are shared by French Louvier's while La Louviere is beside Mons, and then English Louvier's bring up the Louvain (Kent, same as Massins/Masons) who share the Percy and Mason/Massin lion (Sforza lion in colors reversed). The latter are likely from Massino-Visconti, signalling that the Lamberts were connected to Ottone Visconti, first Visconti ruler of Milan, whose titles ended up with Sforza's. This makes the Ottone chevron linkable to the Billiard chevron. This explains why the counts of Hainaut (had Mons for a capital) are the only thing I know of sharing the three Levi chevrons (see Wikipedia's counts / county of Hainaut). It strongly proves that Levi's were from the Laevi Gauls, and HAINaut happens to look like an Annas line. It's easy to see that Percys were from Gouel de Perceval of Leavell, whose son (Waleran) married the Beaumont counts of Meulan. The Nickle motto has the full motto of Beaumonts.

One can begin to suspect Katrina Hanson with the Hainaut elements in connection to Milan, making the bends of Russian Hansons look like two of the three bends of Gallia's/GALLATO's (Milan). Perfect ice-cream expectation. As Russian Hansons were first found in Prussia and Denmark while Mieske's were first found in Prussia, it makes the Hansons look linkable to Sigurd the Haughty, Danish queen, daughter of Mieszko I. It then links to Mieszko II Lambert, making the Lamberts of Hainaut look like Mieszko liners. The other ice-cream lady has a Darlene Coat linkable to the Cnut Shield, and Danish king Cnut was Sigurd's son. Katrina works at Sam's restaurant, and Sams/Sammes', with the same giant lion of the Hainaut surname, share drops with the Darlene and Cnut Shields. That's got to explain why Katrina was Danish, though Hansons could just as well have been Swedes or Norwegians.

Back to the Vada Sabatia of the Statielli Ligures. "Sabatia" is like the name of the ancient Zab river at Nuzi, where I trace Dionysus' name. He's been suspect with Liguria's Nice (Nickle line?), which is Nizza too, and then there is a Nizza Monferrato near Asti and Bra. The other Zab was the Lycus, very possibly the namers of Lycians and Ligures. The two Zabs were in Subartu, smacking of Sybaris, suspect with the line to Spurrs and Supers.

I can add to that where cake-bread Wolworths are said to descend from Baynard the Norman, and where Baynards are listed with Bernards sharing the Mar scallops, important because the green snake, suspect with the Marsi snake cult, is in the Baynard/Bernard Crest. Yet a gold lion holds this snake, which I see as the Sforza lion, because Baynards use a "PRObata" motto term that can be partially for Batti's, first found near the Milan of green-snake Visconti's who had merged with Sforza's.

Visconti's are highly suspect with Sardinia's Seleucids, and while the shirt of Tous'/Tosini's is likewise suspect with Sardinians, Baynards/Bernards use a "VirTUS" motto term. Batti's (eight-pointed star) were first found in Cremona with Manelli's, and the latter share the eight-pointed star in both colors of the Tous'/Tosini's. The Manelli's, I have only just realized, can be with two of the three, gold chevrons of Bleds, for the latter have a "tous" motto term. Manelli's are expected from the line of Sitric Caech through the Isle of Man.

The cake bread of WolWORTHs suggests that Sitric Caech was at least linked to the Cheshire Wolleys/Wolfleys and their branches, which makes sense because his grandson (Maccus) was in Cheshire with Saxons. Sitric himself is said to have married Edith of PolesWORTH, tending to explain "WolWORTH." The Worth's share the double-headed eagle of Maccus-line Maxwells. As Baynards/Bernards were first found in Westmorland, they can be a branch of Burns / Bernice's.

We read that Henry II, descended partly from William the conqueror and partly from the royal-Scottish Athelings, took Robert fitz Bernard to Wexford and Waterford, which is at least roughly where Sitric had ruled (in Dublin). There is a good chance that the Bernards are using the Leslie lion and a version of the Leslie bend, for Leslie's were very close to queen Margaret, the ancestry of Henry II, and to Drummonds suspect at the Kildrummy castle of Mars. I trace Leslie's to Lesce, beside Bled, and Bleds (same place as French Mars) use a "tous" motto term. The Avezzano's of Sardinia are expected to have been Marsi.

Now the Tous' love the Buttons, and the latter share the chapeau with Lawsons. I wanted to investigate Lawsons ("Leve et reLUIS") to see if they can be discovered with the namers of Lausanne. Lawsons were first found in Yorkshire with Willingtons, yet another Oullette/Wille suspect. There is a Willington location in Derbyshire said to have been ruled by the Manells (not "Manelli"), who share three sets of bars gemel with Oullette's. The Lawsons had an ancient Willelmus Lauson in Yorkshire.

As Bleds use the three Clare chevrons in colors reversed, Oullette's and their branches may have been from William the conqueror. Sinclairs (from Claro's), closely associated with queen Margaret, were in Roslin smack beside the Mens', and while the latter had a branch at GLENlyon (Perthshire, same as Drummonds and Athols), Lawsons can be suspect with the Coat of Glenns / Glennys. GlenLYON was home to Lyons that share the green lion with Lorraine's.

Lawsons were lords of FAWLESgrave, recalling the Falaise location of Oullette's. The Fawles'/Fauls bring us back to Staffordshire (same place as Willastons and Stops/Stubbs), recalling Falstaffs / Fasts, beloved in the "Grip fast" motto of Leslie's. The Fawles'/Fauls happen to share the three stag heads of Anne's/Hanne's (Yorkshire), suspect with "LausANNE."

It's now interesting that the center of the Fawles/Fauls Coat is the Leak / Hicks fleur, for Leaks (Yorkshire) share the engrailed Knee/Nee bend while Willastons use a "Ne" motto term. "Ne" is shared by Griffins who share the white griffin with the Willaston Crest, excellent, for Griffins are suspect as Agrippa's in "Grip fast," and the Leslie bend is that also of Knee's/Nee's. It's also the Baynard/BERNard bend while Burns and Bernice's have been traced to Berenice Agrippa. Lyons and Lannoys have long been suspect with Herod Archelaus. The Fellow surname ("MAGNAnimitate") shares "perseverantia" with Bernice's.

I haven't proven it, but Baynards/Bernards could be from Baynard in the Wolworth write-up. Wolworths share the ragully pattern with Lawrence's. Lawsons are said to be of Lawrence's/Laurence's, which is possible. Lawrence's were from beside LOW Furness, and Furness' share the black dog with Willie's, the latter first found in Dumfries with the Laurie's that I see as Lawrence's. It's very interesting that Laurie's share the LOWry Coat, because I'd like to do a small section here on Low terms, such as in the FideLOW location of Fiddle's (wolf heads) suspect in the "Fides" motto of Willie's. Note, "FelLOW."

It was recently shown, thanks partly to a Francesca-Battistelli song, that wolf-head Low's/Lowes' (Lawson branch?) are from Lupus Laevillus. I wasn't yet arrived to the Willastons, yet I said that Lows/Lowes' look to be linkable to the Velis/Will Coat, and here it can be added that Griffins (virtually clinched already with the Willaston Crest) use the motto, "Ne vile VELIS."

The other Griffins use their griffin in gold, the color of the griffin in the Low/Lowes Crest, and the "Spero" motto term of Lows/Lowes is very linkable to the "SpeRABO" motto of Annans/Annons, partly because the latter were first found in Dumfries, and partly because Rabys are the ones at Willaston! It tends to prove that the Annan/Annon motto is partly for Rabys. We read that the Raby castle is at STAINdrop, and built by John the "Ne vile" motto phrase of griffins, right? Stains/Stans are suspect with Stanleys sharing the Knee/Nee / Leak bend (God showed me that Stanleys relate to Knee's and Leaks).

The Speers suspect in the Annan/Annon and Low/Lowes motto are probably in the spear held by the lion in the Arms of Wexford County. This lion and spear is on a purple Shield. I know few purple Shields, but Pace's (Cheshire, same as Willaston) use one. Pace's are feasibly of the Italian Pace's/Pasi's (spears) that named Paisley, in the Renfrew area of the first-known Speers and Ore's/Orrs. The latter's motto is suspect with Bononia, where Pace's/Pasi's were first found. I assume Orrs are in the "Spero MeiliORA" motto of Lows/Lowes'.

The Lowis variation of Lows/Lowes' can be to the "reLUIS" motto term of Lawsons, and while Lawrence-suspect Laurie's share laurel with Lorraine's, Louis' were first found in Lorraine. As I think we are on the Laevi > Laevillus line with Lows/Lowes', it should be added that the Louis Coat uses nothing but three lozenges in the colors of the Paver lozenges. Then, while I trace the red rooster to Laevillus, we find red roosters with Laws/Lawes'. Lawsons are the ones with a "Leve" motto term.

Lows, who share the wolf with Lawtons/Laughtons, share the bend of GRIPPs/Grape's, and grapes are used by Deeters/Teeters, first found in Pomerania with the house of Griffin. It's yet another reason for a Low-Griffin link, which is to suggest a Laevi-Agrippa link, but why not a fundamental Laevi-Herod link too?

Lows/Lowes' are said to have had a branch in Derbyshire, where Manells and Mandys/Mundys were, and Mandy married Mr. Deeter. Manells are suddenly suspect with the color combination of the Shield/Chief of shark-using Valiants. The Manell "savage head" should be of the Sava's/Savage's, and shark-line Saraka's were merged with the Ceraunii at least, who lived on the Sava river. Manells were at Derbyshire's Langley-Maynell, and while Langleys have been proven to be of Langhe, location of BRA, Mandys share eagle legs with Brae's/Brays. It makes Mandys (purple lozenges) look like a Manell branch.

It has been resolved that Manelli's / Minelli's trace to Brogitarus and Amyntes with whom Mandys/Mundys (wolf head) were suspect. Thereby, we can see once again a Laevi link to the Brogitarus Galatians, and while Amyntes conquered Derbe, that was beside Cappadocia, expected origin of Herods.

"The antique crown [Arms of Macclesfield] occurred in the crests of both Knutsford (colored gold) and Wilmslow (colored red)." WilmsLOW? Is that a Willaston-line merger with Lows? Knutsford is in BuckLOW, in Cheshire, same as Willastons (share pierced stars with Laws/Lawes').

Buckleys must have named Bucklow, and they are a branch of Buckle's beloved by the Leslie buckles. If Sava's/Savage's were of the Sava, to what on the Sava were they linked? To Lesce > Leslie's? By some coincidence or not, French Sauvage's share the giant, Herod-suspect heart with German Wilms/Wilhelms, and while Sauvage's were first found in Champagne, Avezzano liners married Champagne's rulers while Avezzano's share the red rose on stem that grows out of the Wilms/Wilhelm heart.

And Wilms/Welmans (without the 's') share three gold stars on a red-on-white bend with Laws/Lawes'. This bend with stars is also owned by Vance's/Vaux's/Vallibus', right down the Laevillus > Leavells line, and it just so happens that Leavells were first found in Somerset with Wilms/Welhams, and with the Pierce's suspect in the pierced stars of Laws/Lawes'. Wilms/WELhams are making Wells look like a William / Willaston line, for I read that Wells are a branch of Vallibus'. Wilms/Welmans use rare, green roundels called, pommels.

There is a Welham location in BassetLAW (perfect) of Nottinghamshire, that latter place expected from Cnut and therefore with Knutsfords. Wilms/Welhams happen to share the stars, in colors reversed, of Tease's/Tyes', first found in Nottinghamshire. Tease's/Tyes' are expected with Tickhills/Tickle's, and Tickhill is where Anne's/Hanne's live(d).

Welham is a location in Leicester, where the Beaumonts ruled as they married the Waleran-Leavells of Pierce-related Perceval. As Simon de Montfort took the Leicester titles of the Beaumonts, it explains why Montforts share a two-tailed lion with Wells.

Wilms/Welhams were at POUNDisford Park, explaining why they share the stars of Pounds (Tiss/Teece colors), the latter first found in Hampshire with Tiss/Teece's and almost using the Tease/Tyes fesse-with-stars. As the Tease's/Tyes' are expected with the star of Annas' (Nottinghamshire too), let's go to Vivianus ANNIUS, said to be the ancestor of the Vivians/Veys. The latter's Shield-Chief colors are reversed from those of Annas', and Annas of Israel has recently been suspect from Vibia (mother of Lupus Laevillus), who smacks of Vivians.

The Annas-Vibia link was made in spite of my not realizing, until now, that Vivians are said to be from Mr. Annius (I probably mentioned it in the past, but had forgotten, as it was perhaps before I knew of Laevillus). The Vivians/Veys have just come up as "Viden," which was looked up because I expect the "proVIDENtia" motto term to be partly for Pero's. In that past, this motto term gave me trouble because I expected a Prov-like surname and Dents. But it can now be for Pero's and Videns/Vivians. The Bidens/Buttons happen to come up as Bidents, and they share the fesse of Pounds (same place as Bidens/Buttons). Bidens/Buttons had put out clergy in Bath and WELLs of Somerset, location of Poundisford Park (beside Hampshire).

It appears that Joseph Biden was from Vibia liners, and while Josephs were first found in Hampshire with Bidens/Buttons, I expect Joseph Caiaphas to be in Laevillus' ancestry. It may explain why Caiaphas married Annas' daughter.

Shearers on My Mind

Good morning. It's Saturday and I'm beat for working in the "yard" the last two or three days. I woke up from sleep with Shearers on my mind, and recalled the Fuggers, said to be from sheep shearers. But Fuggers had to be from some other term besides shearers, and only afterward did they take on a form that meant "shearer." Sheers/Shears and Shearers are expected at/from the Serio river. But what were they before getting to the Serio? God has been indicating (last update) that Annas / Annan/Annon and Hansen liners were at the Serio.

Why do Shearers use a gold-star version of the Bullis/Bulliard Coat (Annas star), and why are the Shearer stars in the colors of the Pound / Vaux/Vallibus stars? As you can see, I ended off yesterday at those latter two surnames. Shearers even share the same fesse with Pounds and Buttons (both beside the BOUNDs/Bone's), and the Tous'/Tosini's with shirt and buttons love the Shirts/Sherrards who share red roundels with Bullis'/Bulliards and Shearers. Shirts/Sherrards ("HosTIS") are probably using the chevron of Tiss'/Teece's, in Button colors and first found in Hampshire with Buttons and Pounds.

We saw why the Brogitarus > Amyntes line should be expected at the Serio, and here I can point to the Drayton location (Hampshire) of dragon-using Pounds. The Drake's of Hampshire are expected with Dragons/Dreyners, the latter using the open helmets of Mynetts in colors reversed, which can be gleaned in the Pendragon Crest. This is the line to Arthur elements on Avalon. As the Drake and Avalon picture traces to my mother's village of birth, or L'Aquila in general (as has been the topic for a few weeks now), let me add to a statement above: "It appears that Joseph Biden was from Vibia liners to Morgan le Fay on Bute = Avalon."

That is, Buttons look like Bute liners, and Bute-colored Bude's (same place as king Arthur's birth and the Vivians/VEYS) use a seven-pointed star (in a blue roundel, Arthur symbol) in the colors of eight-pointed Manelli / Minelli star. In fact, I wrote that before reloading Bute's/Butts to find their "VIDENTur" motto term, like the "ProVIDENTia" term that caused be to find Bidens/Buttons listed as Videns. It reminds me of the Biden-like Bitini variation of Vito's. The write-up says that Bute's/Butts, with an old Botte variation evoking Botta's/Batti's, may have been at Falaise.

Bute's (version of Maurel Coat) liners got suspect from "Bodegisel," a son of Mummolin, and while the line of Mummolin's father-in-law, Maurilion, is to Maurels of Milan (in Lombardy with Cremona), Cremona is where Batti's/BOTTa's were first found who use the eight-pointed star in colors reversed to the Shearer / Pound / Vaux/Vallibus stars. The BATTIstelli's share the pyramid with Tulls/Tolle's (the other Tulls are Tullia's) from Mummolin's ancestry in Tullia of LYON, suspect with "MauriLION." The giant Lyon lion is colors reversed from the same of Morgans, the latter in code with the mythical witch, Morgan le Fay of Avalon. Established fact: Merovingians were on Bute.

The estoile was just realized, in the last update, with the Olius river, near lake Como. Without repeating the entire paragraph: "The Oglio goes by an Olius term which might just reveal the root of the estOILE...The Oyle's/Oilie's/Olleys, I recall, use two blue bends, the colors of the two of Como's! Bingo." Cremona is near Crema, the latter on the Serio river with BERGamo, the latter now expected with John de Burgo of Conteville and Comyns, the latter suspect with "Como." A Serio tributary, the Adda, flows into lake Como. Conte's were first found in Durham with Hansers/HanSARDs ("FracTUS") who in-turn share the Annas star.

The Serio was given us as a topic by God's putting me together (age 16) with Katrina Hanson (Danish). And it just so happens that Danish Hansons use the German Fugger Coat in colors reversed. That's why Shearers should be Serio-river liners as evidence that Annas liners were there. And while the ice cream that Miss Hanson sold me is what brought us to Crema and the Cremers/Cramers, the latter share the fleur-de-lys of Fuggers and Hansons (German Hansons trace to Milan liners on two counts).

I usually gloss over the fleur-d-lys for not getting too repetitive, but it's part of the important line from proto-Danish Dan = Laish to Lissae and the Bessi on the upper Hebros, to Lissus and Bassania in the land of the Cavii, and then to Basina, wife of the first Merovingian king. The Cavii are to the Chives' who formed variations represented by the goat, and were first found in Tarves. It just so happens that Tarves' use the split Shield of Fuggers in colors reversed while Austrian Fuggers use the goat. The goat was anciently the symbol of Satrae Thracians, whose priests were the Bessi above.

The Tarves Coat is in the colors of the Oyle/Ollie Coat, and the latter were first found in Oxfordshire with Clintons, who in turn share the six fitchees of Tarves'. The Clinton Shield was resolved with the Saluzzo and Clun Coats, and Saluzzo is near the Satrae-suspect Stura river. Oxford is also where Purys were first found that share a version of the Fogg / Figg / Frock/Frogg Coat.

Foggs, Figgs and Frocks/Froggs all share the Burgos annulet in colors reversed. The thing only-now realized is that the other young lady that sold me an ice cream, Darlene, has a first name that uses a "female FIGURE" as the Darlene surname. Wow, it must be code for Fuggers / Figgs at the Serio / Crema theater, for Bergamo is suspect with John de Burgo. The Darlene Coat shares the drops of Cnuts (from Danish royalty), and the Cnut Crest shares the unicorn head with Foggs.

The white unicorn is used by Rasmussens, and Anders FOGH Rasmussen was the Danish chief of NATO until recently.

As Mummolin's grandson, Grimo, is the line to Grimaldi's, and possibly to Griims, let's add here that Grimaldi's are said to use a monk with sword under his FROCK. Griims have the giant Annas star in colors reversed, and in the colors of the Batti/Botta star.

The Frocks/Froggs can be a branch of Froggits, who look connectable, therefore, to the Fuggit variation of German Fuggers. Froggits use a "bunch of cherries," and Bunch's (familiar fesse) were first found in Derbyshire with Froggits and Cherrys. Cherrys are almost in the colors and format of Bunch's, and are in the colors and format of Shirts, but instead of the red roundels of Shirts, Cherrys use red annulets, the colors of the giant Vito/BITINi annulet. The BIDENs/Buttons share the Bunch fesse.

Cherry use the same chevron as Cars. Here's from the last update, where the Rams were a topic for being the ram of the Cremer/Cramer Crest: "It's therefore interesting that Tacks share the estoiles of Irish Cars, the latter in the colors and format of Rams. English Cars, sharing the stars of Seers and likely the Seer / Sere chevron in colors reversed, use a motto, "Sero sed serio." It makes the Car stars suspect as the Annas / Hanser star. The Balas Coat shares the estoiles of Irish Cars." Froggits are expected as BROGITarus liners, and Leavells were at Cary castle. It means that Fuggers/Fuggits can be Brogitarus liners.

Brogitarus' Pessinos location is suspect from Sardinia's Piscinas, and Sardinia-suspect Shirts/Sherrards use the colors and format of Cherrys. The Sardinians were probably from the Sherdana Sea Peoples while the Sea Peoples had a Masa/Maso branch of Carians. That should explain the Cherrys. Sea Peoples included Lydians, and modern Foca is in what was Lydia (SARDis capital). Foca was anciently Phocaea, where Phocaeans lived who are known to have founded Ligurians in about 700 BC, not much time after the Sea-Peoples invasion of Egypt.

The Cherry motto term, "l'esPOIR," may be part-code for Poire's/Poirers, who have a Coat somewhat in reflection of the Bute/Butt Coat. As Piscinas can be suspect from/of Pesci's, it's notable that Focks share the Pesci Coat (just a giant fish). A fish is shared by German Bute's/Butts/Boets. Poire's may be with a version of the Feller Coat, which includes the Pesci / Fock fish, for the "FAULDray" motto term of Poire's indicates the Fauld variation of Fawles'/Fauls. The Bute's/Butts, remember, are thought to be from are MumMOLIN-suspect Moline's highly suspect with the Chives moline.

As Darlene's surname was, Ray (could have been "Wray" but I don't think so), note "fauldRAY." Rays share the escarbuncle with Hangers (Hampshire again) in the "pot hangers" of Danish Cnuts, and Darlene's look like Cnut liners.

I've just recalled that DARlene's should partly be a branch of Deerings (very linkable to the Fauld/Fawles stag heads). Deerings were first found in Kent with Mynetts, and the latter's open helmets are those of Dragons/DRAINers, very traceable to the DRIN river with "DEERINg." Deerings are said to descend from Mr. Morinis, like the Maurinis variation of Maurels; both surnames share the same fesse, half in the colors of the Darlene fesse. The lone Morinis fleur is shared by Fuggers now suspect in the female figure of Darlene's, and Foggs were first found in Kent too. .

I had traced the Arms-of-Saraca fesse to Modena's Cassandra's/Casano's, and here I find that the shark-using Valiants share the Chief-Shield colors of Morinis' (Modena). Moreover, Wikipedia says that "Ragusa," home of Saraca's, means, "deer," but this is probably a mix-up where Ragusa' liners were merged with a Deer- / Deering-like surname(s), for the deer is used by Mallets while Melita is very near Ragusa. Melita liners can be in the motto of the Kent Ticks/Tooks/Touque's. Saraca's were previously from Kotor, beside Butua/Budva, and "Kotor" is expected with "KATRina Hanson, the lady that God chose to be of the same ice-cream elements as Darlene Ray.

The female figure was previously deemed a code for Viggers/Vic(k)ers because they share the red fitchee with Darlene's. But this now goes to Vice's/Vis' and Vis/Issa, an island near Melita! I get it: the ICE-cream line was partly from Issa! The Guiscards/Wisharts and Visconti's (same place as Maurels/Maurinis') look very much to be from "Vis." Issa and Melita are islands on the lower-left of the map below (Ragusa is roughly at AsaMUM):

So, if Fuggers share the Morinis' fleur closely, Fuggers can themselves be Vis liners of the Vigger/Vicker kind. Italian Milans, first found in Sicily, where Milan's Maurels/Maurinis' are said to have moved, use a "tree STUMP," and Stumps share a version of the Tick/Took/Touque Coat, which is the surname suspect with Miletus / Melita liners. Stumps and Ticks/Tooks share the white griffin with Berta's, the latter suspect with Berthe, Mummolin's wife and daughter of Maurilion.

Berta's share the gold border with German and Russia Hansons, and while German Hansons trace to Milan on two counts, the double bends of Russian Hansons are in the colors of the three of Gallia's, first found in Milan and suspect from Gallia, mother of Tullia of Lyon. This family is suspect from the Amyntes Galatians where MUNDERic was in the line between Tullia and Mummolin. Berts (Devon, same as Moline's) have fitchees that would be red in colors reversed. What's with VIVIAN de Molines in the write-up? Moline's look like Milans / Milans/Millens/Mellents, don't they? It could be that Mummolin was a Mum (of Asamum?) liner merged with Milan's rulers way back in the 5th century. Moline's share the goat with Austrian Fuggers.

Seeking Asamum liners, who evoke the Azzi's, Asners came to mind who are also ISSners, a possible Issa line that can reveal Asamum as an Issa entity. The Ardiaei king, Pinnes, or at least his regent(s), was on Issa. Asners use one bend in the colors of the two of Hansons (not forgetting that two Hanson surnames are using the Fugger Coat).

I can repeat here my theory that "GriMALDI" was a Mallet merger with Gris / Grey liners (Gris' are Griims too). This traces the Mummolin > Grimo line to Melita, smack between Issa and Asamum, how about that. Again, the giant Gris/Griim star is expected as the Annas star, and is in the colors of the stars-only of Batti's/Botta's, first found in Cremona and thus suspect from Bodegisel. The Grey lion is shared by Marano's, from a Marano location in Modena (same place as Morinis').

The problem is, I don't think I can trace "Fugger" both to terms such as "Foca / Fucino" and to "Issa/Vis" too. It is interesting that Miletus in Caria is not far from Foca.

Mallets are said to be of "Lord Mallet of GREville." Mallets were first found in Suffolk with Babons/Bavents, and Grimo was the son of Babon. French Millets happen to share a giant eight-pointed star, and the giant cinquefoil of English Millets is in the colors of the giant Annas star. This cinquefoil is share by French Bacons while English Bacons were first found in Suffolk too.

The "Mediocria firma" motto term of Bacons looks like it should link to Mediolanum, the earlier name of Milan. And "firma" can be of Fermo, home of AZZO, founder of Este!!! Zikers, Azzo may have been from ASAmum because the Arms of Saraca shares the fish of Pesci's (same area as Este), the latter very linkable to the same-colored Este eagle. And the English Este's once showed the same black horse head as Bute's/Butts! Zinger, it looks like Mummolin's bloodline was of Asamum, especially as German Bute's/Buts/Boets share a fish on a fesse with the Arms of Saraca!

I can now repeat that, when first encountering Issa/Vis, I predicted that the Sadducees / Pharisees would have been from that place and neighboring Pharia. The Boetus house of Sadducees is probably to the Boet variation of Bute's/Butts. It suggests that Saraca's were from Sadducees, those terrible sharks masked as God's servants. It can be seen why Vise's/Vice's and Stage's/Staggs share the EUStace Crest, and Eustace II of Boulogne was father to the Templar movement into Jerusalem. The Arms of Boulogne use red roundels, making the Templars look like the line of Alexander Balas merged with Maccabees. I'll bet that this very line from about 150 BC founded the Sadducees and Pharisees. It can explain why Seleucids are (in Daniel 8 and 11) part of the end-time anti-Christ.

Remember, in the dream that started with a shark and BULLdog in a pool, I walked onto a shoreline without my shirt, and Bullis/Bulliards, first found in Suffolk too (with Babons/Bavents), share red roundels with Shirts/Sherrards, suspect from the Sardinians at Piscinas and neighboring Seleucid-line Sulcis (at Sant'Antioco).

Red roundels are called, torteaux, which became suspect from the Toreatae Scythians from lake Azov/Maeotis. Toreatae were found in Wikipedia's article on the Sadducee-like Sittaceni. Scythians are suspect with potent-liner Skits and Skeets, and the first invaders of Templar Jerusalem used a potent cross. Grimo may have been named after Crimea elements, and that can mean that Cremona / Crema was a Crimean line. The Crimea (home of Cimmerians) is beside Azov, and the latter may just have named Asamum. The Dandarii, also at lake Azov, may have named the Dardanus location of Trojans, especially as the mother of Trojans was made a daughter of Teucer, suspect with the Togarmite / Tocharian scythians. Togarmah was the son of Gomer, and Gomerians are said to have evolved into Cimmerians.

Mummolin-suspect Moline's are said to have been at Dartington of the Darts/Dards, from the Dardanians. Just like that, Asamum looks like an Azov line. The Assi's, traceable to Azzo of Este, were first found in SHETland, suspect with the Sheet variation of Skeets.

The way to link Azzi's to Azzo of Fermo is via the Sire link to Squire's/Squirrels, the latter using a "ferme" motto term. The Sire's (love Justine liners) can be gleaned with Justine of Picenum (daughter of Justus), between Este and Fermo. Were Sire's a part of the Serio-river liners? Assi's share parts of the Justine/Justus Coat, and throw in a Fieschi- / Fisk-suspect fasces. Fisks share the pyramid with Tulls/Tolle's and Battistelli's, and Tulls/Tullia's share the single red pale bar with HANburys while Squire's/Squirrels were at a Hanbury location. Two red pale bars are used by German Steels, suspect with BattiSTELLi's. The same Steels even throw in the Berta griffin.

The Hanburys with the pale bar were first found in Galway with Teague'/Teegers, and German Teegers share that giant eight-pointed star of Millets, tending to confirm that Millets are in the motto of Teague-branch Ticks/Tooks/Touque's. The other Millets share the French Bacon cinquefoil while English Bacons use a Fermo-like motto term, and, besides, I trace Bacons to the Bacau area along the Siret river while Sire's are also Sirets. The BUTTerflies on the Tull/Tullia bend should be for Bodegisel > Bute liners. English Hanburys were first found in Oxfordshire with Tiens'/Thames in the "Tiens ferme" motto of Squire's/Squirrels.

Irish Hanburys can be gleaned as an Anne/Hanne branch where Hanburys are said to be somehow related to Converys. Convers, first found in Durham with Cone-related Conte's, bring us back to the Conteville line from Bergamo on the Serio. It's making Hanburys suspect with Hansons / Annas'. Likewise first found in Durham are the Hansers/Hansards with the Annas / Tease/Tyes/TIGHs, and Irish Hanburys were first found in the same place as Teague's. The latter use a version of the Tick/Took Coat, and Anne's/Hanne's were at TICKhill. The Tickhills share the maunch (sleeve) with Convers and Mansfields, all highly suspect with the Tease's/Tyes'/TIGHs and Annas'.

It's been established that the Tickhill maunch traces to Mummolin liners at the Mamesfelde location of Mansfields. The Conver Crest shares the green trefoil with Sharks/Serkys, another indication that Mummolin was from the namers of Asamum. Tullia was expected as the proto-Dol line, and here we find German Convers (Switzerland) sharing the wavy Dol fesse. Alans of Dol are from the neighborhood of the Ceraunii mountains, and the Ceraunii are in the Shark/Serky cranes. The Serky variation caused me to look up Sargeants just now, who share dolphins with Dol-colored Dolphins ("FirMUM", can be read as "FIRMum"). Sargeants are SarGANTS too while Dutch Gants/Ghents share the wavy Conver fesse (same Coat all around). The Dolphin dolphins are in the colors of the fish in the Arms of Saraca, and the latter's fish is on a white fesse, the color of the Dol / Gant / Conver fesse. It looks like Sargeants were Saraca's.

Endings on Dolphins ("vita") make them look like a Dol merger with Feins/Fane's, the latter using GAUNTlet gloves. The other Fiens/FINIS" ("aniMUM", yup) are suspect with the "unFINIShed pyramid" in the Great Seal of the United States, and this pyramid therefore looks linkable to the Tull/Tolle pyramid. They have a Fiennes location in the same place as Eustace II. What's that? The Masons of Washingtons are in a lot of Trouble for their deceptions, and we can rest assured that they are to be pitied much more than feared. It will be a cruel end for them.

Fiens/Finis' are said to be descended from CONON, earl of Boulogne. That's the Convers / Hanburys, isn't it, part of the Maschi PINE cones to child-king, Pinnes, at Issa/Vis, origin of "EUStace" and the related Vice's/Vise's. There are two Conon surnames separate from the two of Conans. Irish Conons/Concannons (Connor tree) were first found in Galway with Hanburys = Convers. These Conons share the elephant of Grounds/Crannys (crane), suspect with the Shark crane.

Back to Saraca-suspect Sargeants/Sargons/Serge's/Serkys, first found in Buckinghamshire with Simsons, for the latter's motto trace to Laus and Saracena, all related to Saraca's.

Sarks are listed with Surreys, first found in Devon with Darts/Darts and Moline's of Dartington. The Sark/Surrey chevron is said to be with a paly of eight, yet as it looks like the Grimaldi lozengy, a Sark trace between Mummolin and Saraca's / Melita looks doable. We might expect Saraca liners in Surrey.

Back to the Lows

I had missed something with the Lows and Velis', which lead to surprises. Both surnames use bendlets in the same colors, called, cotised, suspect with the Cotesii, who lived at the southern end of the Siret river, to the immediate north of the Sensii who I trace to Switzerland's "Sion." It just so happens that while Sion is a little up-river from lake Geneva's eastern point, Vevey is at that eastern point. Vevey is the place, especially, on the north shore of Geneva, where I expect the line from Vibia, and while that's the mother of Lupus Laevillus, Lows were shown to be Laevillus liners.

Sions are also Swans, and they show swans, as does the Velis Crest. Keeping in mind that Cotesii are expected with the royal Cottians at Susa, I now bring to topic Sassy, the cat I once owned that sucked her tail regularly as an adult. If I pulled the tail out of her mouth, she'd get upset and go right back to it as though it was her mother's tit. Sassy was suspect with such things as Susa, and here it can be repeated that Susans share the lilt with the Cetis/SEStie surname while Laevillus was a king of Cetis.

The reason that I'm bring Sassy to topic is due to the bezantee border of English Wills, who will be shown, thanks to the Velis motto, as a Willaston branch. Scottish Wills even come up as "Velis," and so this might just be able to trace William the conqueror to the namers of mount Velino. As Sassys/SAUCers use besants, her sucking the tail became wildly suspect with SUCHs/Zouch's, who use a bezantee Shield (Shield filled with besants). Suchs/Zouch's were at ORMSkirk while Orms' (Lancashire, same as Suchs/Zouchs) share the eagle of Sensii-suspect Sens', first found in Switzerland with Sion. As you can see, Susa-suspect Sassy links by her sucking to the Sensii that lived beside the Cotesii suspect at Susa. It works.

The Orms use a dolphin holding a spear, and Speers can be assumed in the motto terms below, where one surprise occurred. If we ask why Orms' use "pole axes," the Pollocks (same place as Speers) come to mind because they were proto-Rothschilds, and the Speer-loving motto terms will lead us right to the Rothes bloodline. Emailer Pollock had married a Mr. Speer, who was murdered. She suspected a masonically-inclined group in relation to Stanford University. God knows the killer, and God can be a killer too.

The William surname has the talbot dog, and talbots can be traced to Lucy Taillebois, of the Tailbois surname suspect with Sassy's tail, for Tails/Tailors use three lions in pale in colors reversed from the three wyverns in pale of the bezantee-using Wills. The latter's "SurSUM" motto reminds that Sions/Swans come up as "Some," while Sinclairs come up as "Sun" while Scottish Wills use suns with their gold griffins. As Sassys/Saucers were first found at the Soar river, "SURsum" might apply to it.

Both Wills share griffins with the Low Crest, and the Low griffin is gold, the colors of the griffin in the Annan/Annon Crest. The latter's full motto, "SpeRABo," became linkable to Rabys, at Willaston, but I had failed to mention the "speRAVI" motto term of Velis', and Rave's (Austria) happen to be listed with Rabe's/Rabl's, whose giant raven (called a crow) suggests Rave ownership of the raven, though they should be a branch of Ravens (giant raven on a red roundel), first found in Leicestershire with Sassys/Saucers.

As I said, Sassy was given to me as a kitten when I was stripping and refinishing a woman's banister. Banisters happen to share the water bouget with raven-liner Rolphs/Ralphs, linkable to Rollo, whose vikings are suspect as the Stout-raven vikings to Rothesay = Bute Avalon. We are now on the Velino line, and Morgan le FAY of Avalon is suspect from Vivians/VEYS (Cornwall, same as Wills and English Rave's/Rawles/Ralls) because Dutch Veys use the Bute-like boot, and this traces to Vevey and Morges at the northern side of lake Geneva. But that's not all.

We now have the Annandale bloodline linking by their motto to the raven vikings, which included the Rothes' (giant raven). The English Rothes', first found in Shropshire with Rudes', use three lion heads in the colors of the Tail/Tailer lions. Rudes' are suspect from Rudesheim, German location of Assmannshausen, a line of the Assman variation of Rasmussens/ERAS' that I see in the heraldic "ERASEd" code, which is used for the wolf heads of Lows ("Spero meliora"). Assmans are suspect at the naming of Akmonia, home of Severus, father of Mr. Bassus, the latter being the grandfather of Lupus Laevillus' wife.

The Speer- / spero-like Sparrows share the white unicorn with Rasmussens/Assmans.

[Insert: Neil Gorsuch, Trump's pick to replace judge Scalia, is in the next update because Gorsuch's have suddenly been found in the sleeping-bag dream. The Low motto is shared by Ecclestons, who, according to the Scarisbrick write-up, became the Scarisbricks after a village of that name...near Ormskirk, where SUCH's were first found. And I looked Scarisbricks up, in the first place, because GorSUCH's were there! Zinger. My cat may have been about the Scalia murder, for I was working on stairs = scala when refinishing the banister. Banisters were first found in Lancashire, location of Ormskirk.

Scarisbrick was also ScharisBRAC, and Brac is the alternative name of Brattia, an island directly off the mouth of the Tilurius river, where Tails are from!!! Amazing. While I see Julia-Maesa (= BASSIANus) liners at the Tilurius, and while Tillers share a version of the Meschin Coat, very apparently, Bricks, in the ScarisBRICKs, share the Massey fleur while the first Meschin was a son of BRIQUESsart of the Bessin. Banisters are in the Meschin write-up. End insert]

The "HALF griffin" of Wills gives away their being of the Velino > Avalon line, for Have's/Haafs share ducks with Velins and Velens (the latter don't show the ducks any longer).

Akmonia is at the SANGarius-river area, and then Spanish SANS'/SANGuez' are expected in the "Sans Tache" motto or Peerless'/Napiers, whom became a topic by God's will in 3rd update of last month, when I found an old quote: "As the Naparis river separates the Ardiscus from the Cotesii and Sensii together...". Perfect, for Peerless'/Napier's, first found in Perthshire with Rollo's, share the Annan/Annon and Tailbois saltires, and Rollo's, sharing the Speer boar heads in colors reversed, trace with their "passe" motto term to Speer-line Pace's/Pasi's/Pascels.

The above suggests that Sensii are of the "sans" motto term, and perhaps they were of the Sangarius river, for mythical Cotys was made the father of Attis, the Phrygian sun god, and the Sangarius is in Phrygia. The ShakeSPEARE's use a "sanz" motto term, as well as sharing the bend of Lows. The Low wolf head is the gold one shared by Skene's, the latter being a branch of Schims/Shands suspect with Shake's from Shechemites of Israel.

The ravens and Ralphs in this discussion are suspect from Rephaites of Jerusalem's mount Gareb (I see the latter as a line to the Greek corvos = crow), and SHAKEspeare's share the bend of Gripps/Grape's/GRABner/Grabbers, Gareb suspects. As you can see, Gareb liners can be to the Griffins beloved of Wills and Lows. I traced "Gareb" to "Serb" and "KRVati," the latter being the name of Croatians, and Cravens are suspect with such Croatians while Gripps/Grape's/Grabners are also Cravers. The Leslie's (Aberdeen, same as Schims and Skene's) who use the "GRIP fast" motto, are suspect with the Sassy/Saucers bend. Here's why.

Croatia is on the Sava river (partly in Austria), which is also the Sau, and it's at Lesce of the Sava that I trace Leslie's. The Sassys/Saucers are also SAUsers, an apt term for Sau-river liners. The Sauers/Saiers (Austria, same place as Rave's/Rabe's, perfect for this point) are said to be from the Sau, and Sayers/Sarahs', said to be from a Saire location, share the Gripp/Grabner / Shakespeare / Low bend, and throw in cotised bendlets so that Sava liners may have named Susa, as unexpected as that may at first seem. It all depends on whether Sassys were a branch of Susa's naming (I'm not keen on this link, but am entertaining it).

Susa was earlier, Segusia, perhaps of the Sakarya line to Seagars, for German Seagers/Siegers (same quadrants as Fasts) share the Sans/Sanguez eagle (I assume). The Sassy Coat can be gleaned with Buckinghams, and Susans (Berkshire) were first found beside Buckingham. Buckings are expected from Buxentum, at the Laus bay suspect with "LUSatia."

The Sauer/Saire lion is also that of Russells with a "sara" motto term, and the Russell motto is virtually of the Fulke's/Volks. The "sera"-using Fulke's/Volks were first found in Norfolk with Sawyers...and Sparrows and Sparham. Serbs descended from Sorbs, who lived in Lusatia, location of the Spree river, and Spree's share the Speer crescents so that Speers look to be of the Spree's namers.

Rave's/Rawles use three swords in pale in the colors of the three Tail/Tailor lions in pale, which appear to connect logically to the three lions of Rothes'. The banister I refinished was a RAILing by another term, and Rave's/Rawles' are also Ralls. That railing was linked by God to sassy, and so I imagine that He arranged to have it suck its tail for a time decades later, now, when I would be making the Tail/Tailor link to Ralls. In the Tailbois Chief, three white scallops, same as Russells. The latter are suspect at Roslin, and Roslins share buckles with Sassy-suspect Leslie's. Leslie's can be Lusatia / Laus liners from Laish, home of proto-Dane's. and the Sassy / Bucking(ham) bend is that also of Cnut-likely Nottings/Notts. Lacys use a knot.

The Sava was home to the CERAUNii, whom can be seen behind "Craven," meaning that Croatians were named after the Ceraunii. The neighboring Maezaei are the line to Masci's / Meschins, explaining why Meschins married Skiptons of Craven. Lacys (Yorkshire, same as Craven), share the purple lion of Skiptons and Spanish Luz's. The latter become Lusatia suspects. It appears perfect that Ceraunii should trace to Rephaites at Gareb, for I identified Gareb's Jerusalemites, years before knowing that Jerusalem had a Rephaite valley in Jerusalem, with the line to the Greek crow, which was Ceraunii-like Coronis. Banisters are in the Meschin write-up.

Cravens (Acton fesse in colors reversed) love the ACTons, and mythical OGyges of Greece's ACTE region is traceable to king Og of the Rephaites. The red fitchees of Cravens are colors reversed from the similar crosses of Tints, the latter suspect from the Atintanes at the Ceraunii mountains. See light map. It's where we can suspect the ancestry of Seleucids.

It just so happens that Tints use a couchant lion, and so here's the Sayers/Sarah Crest: "On a green mound a leopard couchant regardant proper." The Tail/Tailor Crest has a leopard too, and Tailers can be established as a branch of Tillers, from the Tilurius river (on map above) at the near-west of the Sava's Ceraunii peoples. The Tilurius is also the Cetina river, and Cetins/Cattans use the cat, you see, which was in code with my cat, tail-sucking Sassy. The "Cautes" motto term of Cetins/Cattans made Sassys suspect with Susa, for Cautes' bring up the Cottian-suspect Cotta's.

It just so happens that Sassys/Sausers share the Saracen's head with Cetins/Cattans, which drags the Saraca's (already traced to Ceraunii via the Shark crane) into a merger with Tilurius liners. Saraca's lived at Lusatia-like Lausa (Ragusa), but they also lived at Kotor, beside Butua, and Botters can be established with Chattans and Chatans. So, when Sorbs of Lusatia formed the Serbs, likely at SERVitium (on the map at the Sava river), Lusatians or proto-Lusatians were at Lausa, and from this one can expect Lusatian / Rephaite elements at Italy's Laus bay. Kotor traces to mythical Kodros of Athens, which area included Ogyges' Acte.

Og thus looks like quasi-mythical Gyges/Gugu of Lydia, or the proto-Gog, God's primary enemy in the end times, expected from Daniel to be a Seleucid in some way. Lydia was birthed mythically by the Cotys > ATTIS line to ATTICa at Acte, and the kingdom of Attis-liner Aeetes was taken over by the Lazi Caucasians. Aeetes was previously the ruler of Ceraunii-like Corinth, and his daughter, Medea, flew her chariot of 12 dragons from Corinth to Athens. Medea was the line from Keturah's son, Medan, whose tribe named Medon, son of Kodros of Athens. Medea was married to Jason of the Argo ship, and Jason's family was in Thessaly with Ixion, Coronis' sister. Argos was home to the "Danites" from Lazi-like Laish. Do the math, the traces are solid. Medea was code for the Medes, who are in Daniel's prophetic imagery along with the Seleucids.

Lazi lived at Lazona, expected at the Ladon river of Lydians, and Ladon-area peoples were at least beside the founders of Sybaris and Laus. Sybaris is suspect from Sepharvites, and then Sephar is said in Genesis to have been the home of Joktanites. It explains why HADORAM, Joktan's son, looks like the namer of ADRAMmolech, the Sepharvite god. And Joktan's brother, Peleg, must therefore have named a tribe to mythical PHLEGyas, father of Ixion and Coronis. Non-Israelite, pagan Hebrews who comprised much of Greek make-up.

If Leslie's and Gripps are both from the Sava, then perhaps the Fasts/Fastoffs were too, explaining "Grip fast." Why do Fasts (Norfolk) share the crosslets of Tints? Should we thus expect Fasts and their Falstaff branch from the Atintanes (Ceraunii mountains) or the Sava's Ceraunii? I can now say that Herod Agrippa traces back to the Antipatria location suspect with the Macedonian king, Antipater. With Macedonia, were are on the elements to Alexander "the great," and the Seleucids who served him. Alexander Balas is still suspect from "Bullis," beside the Atintanes. And Macedonia is the location of Pelagonia (on the light map), suspect from a Peleg > Phlegyas line. And Phlegyas was father to the Ceraunii, or a Ceraunii branch, right? Yes.

So, expect a tribe from "Gareb" in the proto-Agrippa line to Herods, especially as Herods became Roman-sanctioned kings of Jerusalem. Herod may have explained to Caesar's followers that his blood was from Jerusalem. Caesar's mother was Aurelia COTTA, yup.

Antipatria was home to the Dexaroi, the line to Dexters, first found in Leicestershire with Sassys/Sausers. I don't recall reading the Sassy write-up where it traces to Osberne and Randolph SALCEID, a very Seleucid-like term. Amazing enough, coming here. The thing I did after writing the last sentence was to load Banisters, to find them at BILLESworth (also mentions BILLISburgh), can thouest believeth this? God must have given Sassy to me while repairing a banister because it's all about the line of Alexander Balas though Bullis, which is BYLLIS on another map. My mother is a Masci = Maccabee liner, and her Grimaldi maiden name may be in the Pilgrims.

The white crescent on a blue bend upon a gold Shield of Sassys is in the three-color scheme of the Arms-of-Saraca fish. The Hicks-dream shark and bulldog predicts that Saraca's were of Bullis. That's the sudden importance of Sassys.

Hawks are beloved of the hawk's lure of Herods/Heraults/Haralds, and Hawks share pilgrims STAVES with Pilgrims. The latter were looked up to see if they were first found in Norfolk with Fasts/Fastoffs and FalSTAFFs, because staves are sometimes called, staffs, and, yes, Pilgrims (scimitar) were first found in Norfolk. That's why Pelagonia was mentioned, for Pilgrim variations reminded me of Phlegyas. The "Strike" motto of Hawks can be for Strike's (Sauer lion?) and/or Sticklands/Sticklands ("Sans"). The Strickland/Stickland scallops are also those of Russells who in-turn surely share the Sauer lion.

The Stricklands/STICKlands were first found beside the "sanz"-using Shakespeare's, and Shake's trace to the scimitar i.e. used by Pilgrims. The double-tipped Shakespeare spear is in the Crest of Fulke's/Volks who nearly use the Russell motto. One motto uses "Que," and Fulke's/Volks use "Qui" shared by the Stick-liner (Sithech) Shaws/Sheaves', first found in Berkshire with Susans. If Susans were Susa liners, then we can take this back to the Sassy-Susa possibility that traces Susa to Sava liners, for Shaws look related to Sava's namers.

The white Cetin/Cattan cats look linkable to the white Chives cats, in the colors of the Tail/Tailor / Tiller lion, because Cetins/Cattans share the black fitchee with Tarves' while Tarves (Aberdeenshire, same as Leslie's and scimitar-liner Schims and Skene's) is where Chives' were first found. Tarves is suspect with Tarvisium/Treviso, and Travis' happen to share the Strickland/Stickland / Russell scallops. Travers are suspect with Traby (Poland), which married Stick-liner Astikas'.

So, Banisters were at Billesworth, and Billis' are listed with Bellys, first found in Moray, and therefore suspect with the stars of Baileys, an branch of Baliols. The latter's sword may just be the same colored ones of Rave's/Rawles'/Ralls. God may have arranged the latter with a railing-like variation to make this story tighter. Billes' (with the 'e') are with the Roet-related Bills that use Pelagonia-suspect pelicans. The Pellicans were first found in Maine with Billiards/Billets, suspect with the Bulliard variation of Bullis'. Amazing. Billes/Bills even use a "patria" motto term traceable to Antipater / Antipatria.

I can glean that Billes'/Bills use the Pierro/Pero/Petris rose and the Pero pale bar because "Per" is a Billis/Belly motto term. This recalls God's belly symbol for Christine Peare, and it just so happens that while Peare's were first found in Oxfordshire (Og liner?) with Clintons, Billes'/Bills share a version of the Clinton Coat while Bill Clinton was born to Mr. Blythe. He's got Balas-Seleucid written all over his forehead.

Hmm, another peculiarity with Sassy was that she would ALWAYs (never once didn't) CHASE cat food (small biscuits) thrown along the floor, like a dog chasing a biscuit. She would slide along the wood floor, and knock the biscuit to the side with a paw while the biscuit was still sliding. She would then turn and chase it down in the new direction. She loved it. And this is why I've just checked the Chase surname to find the green griffin head of Leslie's, tending to assure that Leslie's were from the Sava's Lesce location. And the griffin itself connects to the "Grip Fast" motto of Leslie's.

Amazingly, it wasn't until the paragraph above was fully written that I noticed the Chacey variation of Chase's, like the Saucey of Sassys (Leslie bend, right?). Incredible. God made Sassy chase biscuits just for this revelation.

Chase's (Hampshire) are probably using the Winchester lion which comes with the QUINT fitchee, and, moreover, Banisters share the June fleur while June's / Jeune's / Jungs/June's / Yonge's are expected from Junia Caepionis, great-granddaughter of QUINTus Caepio the elder. I trace Caepio's to the Kupa/Colapis river (Sava tributary), which has a mouth near Lesce. The Una/Oeneus, which named mythical Juno, is beside the Kupa. The Una was home to the Maezaei, and moreover the mouth of the Una, likewise at the Sava, is near SERVitium, the likely namer of Servilia Caepionis, Junia's mother. June's and Jeune's were first found in Cambridgeshire with Capone's.

Hmm, this morning I awoke seeing a woman's breast in the CUP of a bra, which had me asking whether Cups/Cope's were Bra liners. Cups/Cope's (Leslie colors) are also Colapis-like Colps/Culps, from a Culp Aberdeenshire, where Leslie's were first found. It's as though God wants to nail Leslie's with Colapis/Kupa liners. Brays/Brae's were first found in Northamptonshire with Saer de Quincy, who ruled Winchester, and William Chase is in the Chase write-up as a mayor of Winchester. Moreover, Saer de Quincy is in the Sauer (Sava river) write-up while Sauer-related Russells were first found in Dorset with Quints. Why would God want to stress Quintus Caepio if he's not the ancestor of Joseph Caiaphas?

I have reason, from emailer Patterson's morning vision of a blue lion named "something like Cappeo", to link the blue Chase / Winchester lion to the one in this Arms of Macclesfield ("copia" motto term), which makes the Chase crosses suspect with the Macclesfield cross.

Aha! Chase-like Case's ("JUNGit") share buckles on a bend with Leslie's! It wouldn't have been seen had Sassy not chased her biscuits. It makes Case's (cotised bend, yup) suspect as Sava liners, and then Case's were at Testerton while Testers share the Coat of Sava-liner Sauers. Why can't Caseys (crow), Cass' / Kiss'/Cush's, or even Caesars be Sava liners of the Sassy/Saucer kind? Chaucers (tortoise), first found in Kent with Caesars, might just be with the Case bend. Testers, first found in Oxfordfshire with Amore's and Damorys and Chalks (Kent, same as Chaucers), share almost the wavy the Damory bars. There's a lot of ham in there to parse. Julius Caesar, son of Miss Cotta, had Mr. Caesar for a father, and Julius was allied to Susa's Cottians.

Cubits use the blue lion too, and so here's the Case Crest: "An cubit arm in ermine, cuff silver, the hand, proper, holding a gold buckle." Cubits (Norfolk, same as Case's) are also Cup-like Cupids. It figures. What do we suppose that cuff refers to? Why do Cuffs (cotised bend) use the June / Banister fleur in colors reversed?

If you don't know, Julius Caesar had an affair with Servilia Caepionis, so that one or more of her three daughters, all named Junia Caepionis, may have been his daughter(s). The cotised (bendlets) parts of Cuffs have besants so that they are a reflection of the Sassy bend! Zikers. Cuffs share the Sales/Sallett Coat, and Cottians at Susa (Piedmont, same as Pero's / Masci's) were near or amongst the Salyes Ligures. English Cuffs (Norfolk, same as Cubits/Cupids) use the cuff. Per-chance, the Cuff sleeve may have the double fesses of Russian Hansons, making Cuffs even more suspect with Joseph Caiaphas.

The Cuff battle-axe is likely linkable to the baton of Irish Cuffs, and Battle's use a giant griffin. Batons/Bastons share the Caesar Chief.

As Mr. Caesar married Miss Cotta, suspect with the Cotesii beside the Sion-suspect Sensii, it's notable that Scottish Caseys were first found in Lanarkshire with same colored Sions/Swans. It's also where Biggars (pelican) were first found who are in the motto of the Arms of Shetland while Shetland uses the raven (or is it a crow?) while Scottish Caseys use crow heads. The Casey bend (Save bend?) is colors reversed to the Biggar bend, and the latter's is in the colors of the Leslie bend while the Biggar motto looks like a version of the motto of Sava-suspect Sayers/Sarah's.

As the Leslie / Case buckles are expected in connection of Bucklow, let me repeat from above, for the Case buckles are on a bend in the colors of the stars-on-a-bend of Wilms: ""The antique crown [Arms of Macclesfield] occurred in the crests of both Knutsford (colored gold) and Wilmslow (colored red)." WilmsLOW? Is that a Willaston-line merger with Lows? Knutsford is in BuckLOW, in Cheshire, same as Willastons (share pierced stars with Laws/Lawes'). " As I said, the Wilms' use rare, green roundels, but they are shared by Orleans', suspect with AURELia Cotta's name.

Teague's/Teegers, who share the cross of English Julians, use an "OPtem" motto term, and are expected with OPgalli, a Galatian woman said to be Jewish. Opgalli was suspect with the family of Severus Bassus, as I call him, of Akmonia, before I discovered the following: "Acmonia appears in the Notitiae Episcopatuum from the 10th to the 12th or 13th century. The first bishop whose name is known is OPTIMus [caps mine], who was transferred to the metropolitan see of Antiochia in Pisidia before 381." It looks like Teague's / Teegers / Degens/Dugans were from Akmonia elements.

Antiochia of Pisidia should be related to Antiochus, son of Seleucus I. We saw a Seleucid suspect in the Sassy write-up, as per "Osberne and Randolph SALCEID", and Osberns/Osberts ("bello") use a Teeger-suspect tiger. I trace Deerings, said to be descended from Vitalis FitzOsbert, loosely to Ragusa, and Sassys have Saracens heads for a link to Ragusa's Saraca's. I see Carricks with Saraca's, and the Carrick talbot is in the Spanish Vital/Vidales Coat. English Vitals/Vele's share the Sarasin and Valle moline, and are thus suspect with the shark-using Valiants.

The Dodintone location of Deerings must be related to Cheshire's Duddon, found in the write-up of Dons who share the double fesses of the Morinis' in Deering ancestry. As these double fesses go to Nissans and Parrs, that's of Pharnaces of the Pontus. Dudo was the founder of Nassau. Duddon is said to be in TARVin, and Tarvins are listed with Tarves', clearly linkable to Travis'/Travers. Dudons (flag) were at Doddington locations. Flags/Flecks are kin of Palmers/PARMers, and Parma is near the Trebia river, and suspect with Annandale liners.

Travis' are likely a Traby line, and the Arms of Traby shares black hunting horns with Bassus-suspect Base's. Dudons use white-on-black hunting horns i.e. in colors reversed. The Ceni tributary of the Taro into Parma goes to the Caens (share five, white ostrich feathers with the Arms of Traby) of the Orne / Bessin with little doubt. Nassau merged with Orange, and Orange's (giant hunting horn) were first found in Buckinghamshire with Ceni-suspect Cheneys. Chaffs were from "Caiaphas," himself from the Bassus and/or Laevillus family, isn't that right?

Why do Caens share the Cave/Cavie's Coat, and what's that "VIDEt" motto term of Cave's/Cavie's? Why are Cave's/Cavie's said to be from "chaff" while Chaffs (Dorset, same as Quints) use a giant griffin traceable to Julius Agrippa, uncle of Avitus' father-in-law? Or, how is it that Avitus married Miss Maesa while Ferte-Mace of the Masseys, suspect with the Cave / Caen fretty, is off the Horn-related Orne river into the Caen area? I recall that Guy of Spoleto was at the Taro river.

Travis' use a tiger, suspect with "Teeger" and TIGRanes, the latter being the husband of Opgalli. Travis' are expected with Tarves, home of Caiaphas-suspect Chives', and my claim or prediction was that Joseph Caiaphas was closely related to Opgalli. Wikipedia did not give a father for Severus Bassus (his wife may have been the Bassus), though fathers are known / given for his immediate ancestors and descendants. This one missing father made me suspicious of a cover-up, and so I expected Caiaphas as the father, or a brother of the father, of Severus. Tigranes was a Maccabee, and Maccabees were born from Akmonia-like Hasmoneans. It can explain why Tigranes' great-granddaughter (Julia) married Severus' grandson (Quadratus Bassus).

Now this is amazing. While mentioning the Teague's here, I was planning to look up Cooks/Cookys next, in case God intended them as per the cookies that Sassy chased. And only then did Cooksey Ranch came to mind, which is owned by the family of Mrs. Teague. I had to give Sassy away when going to Texas to purchase property. About a month after leaving, I slept the night at the Cooksey RV park, across the road from Mrs. Teague, which is how I met her, and she sold to me a Texas property, or I would not have known the Teague surname.

So, I checked for a Cooksey surname (share's Chamberlain motto), and it happens to use a bend with cinquefoils in the three colors of the Leslie bend with buckles i.e. linkable to the Sassy bend. Not only does the Cooksey Crest share the wolf-head design of the Teague Crest, but the Cooksey border has besants in the colors of the besants filling the Such/Zouch Shield, can you believe it? That's why Cookseys came to mind, because God set this up. My Texas property was sold by Mr. Casey while Scottish Caseys were first found in Lanarkshire with the Biggar location of Biggars. The Cooksey Coat looks like a version of the Biggar Coat, can you believe that too?

And by the way, while Suchs were at Ormeskirk, Scottish Ormes'/Orrens (Orion suspects) were first found in Aberdeenshire with Leslie's. The Ormes/Orren lozengy is shared by Schole's who in-turn share the Teague / Julian cross. French Ormes'/Lorme's were first found in Forez with BESANcons/Bassets while Orme's are suspect from the Orne river in the BESSIN. Lanark variations have been suspect with Lorme-like Lorne's. English Bassets were from Staffordshire with buckle-using Stops/Stubbs, the latter expected to be fundamental with Lorne-like Lorraine's.

When I left Sassy behind to purchase land in Texas, I bought a black Labrador while there, and my kids named her Katie. Or was that God who named her? The Cetina = Tilurius is not only where heraldic cats trace, but where Tailbois' trace who own the heraldic dog that always shows as a Labrador. The Carricks use it in black, and it's brown with the Bracks from Brattia/Brac, an island off the mouth of the Cetina? I trace Caracalla to Carricks. Caracalla stationed his mother's father (Julius Bassianus, nephew of Julius Agrippa) in Dalmatia, which covers the Cetina. I don't know the details of Caracalla's interests at Dalmatia, but it should have been important if he put his grandfather there.

The other daughter of Julius Bassianus was wife to "Gaius Julius Avitus Alexianus - governor of the Roman province of Dalmatia". There is good evidence that Avitus is to the Vito surname, first found in Treviso, where Tarves; likely derive as well as Trabys or the namers of the Trebia river to Piacenza. If red roundels are strictly a symbol of the Seleucid line of Alexander Balas, note that the Vito's use a giant, red annulet. Avitus and Bassianus were in the upper levels of Syria's El-Gabal sun god. A priest of that cult, in the first century AD, was Sohaemus, and Avitus' daughter was Julia Soaemius, same name.

Avitus' grandson via his daughter was named, Alexander Severus (Roman emperor 222-235 AD)? Why Alexander? Why did Avitus himself have an Alexianus surname? As his Bassianus wife was surnamed, Maesa, the line to Meschins, isn't it informative that Travis'/Travers share the Meschin scallops? It tends to confirm that Travis'/Travers were of the Avitus-Bassianus bloodline. Did this line lead to Tudor Trevor. See Trevor surname (sinister split = Masci liner), with a black wyvern dragon (almost) in Crest, suddenly looking linkable to the black wyvern of Tilurius-suspect Tills/Tilleys. The Trevor Crest is called a cockatrice. German Tills use annulets colors reversed from the Vito annulet.

Vito's are in the "vita" motto term of Severus-line Saffers/Savarys. Severus' can be either named after the Sava river, or vice-versa. "Vita" is shared by Bullis-suspect Bellows/Ballows/Ballots, first found in Cheshire with Travis-related Buckleys. It can be gleaned from the Travis/Traver motto and the colors and format of the Travis/Traver Coat that their was linkage to Buckleys, a branch of Buckle's. Don't Sava-likely Sassys/Sausers link to the Leslie buckles? Aren't Banisters in the Meschin write-up? Didn't Meschins marry Skiptons, suspect as a branch of Bellow-loving Shiptons? Are the Buckley bulls evidence of a trace to Bullis? Could be.

Bellows, said to have been Bellets earlier, are said to have been at Cheshire's Moreton, explaining why the Cheshire Mortons use buckles. They are probably the black buckles of Guys, from Guy of Spoleto, and therefore the sinister-facing buckles of Spoltons/Spauldings (said to have been tenants of Ranulph le Meschin).

Recall from a recent update (maybe the last one) that Guiscards are expected to have crossed paths with Seleucids of Sardinia, for the Guiscards were from Tancred. Tancred liners include the Tankerville's that happen to share the cinquefoils of Bellows/Bellets and Billets. A form of the Tankerville Coat is used by Chamberlains, and the latter's stars are likely the ones of Mortons and Sutherlands. Both Chamberlain Crests use the donkey, and Donkeys (branch of Duncans) share the Bellow/Bellet / Billet Chief. The Meschins who married Skipton also married a member of the royal-Duncan family, tending to assure that Shiptons were Skiptons. Skipps/Skippers use besants, symbol of Bassianus'.

Sohaemus had married Drusilla Herod, and another Drusilla descended from king Massena, the proto-Meschin. This makes Julius Agrippa suspect with Herod Agrippa. The line to heraldic griffins is probably via Julius Agrippa. As Agrippa was the uncle of Julius Bassianus, it appears that Mr. Bassianus married Miss Agrippa. This can explain why Bernice's ("perSEVERantia") and Burns, suspect from Berenice Agrippa, share the black hunting horn with Base's/Bassens (Austria). The other Base's share the Coat of Meschin-liner Gernons. Donkeys use the hunting horn as evidence of Orne / Bessin liners. The Herons are Orne / Horn liners, and the Saffers with the "vita" motto term use the heron head. (Caracalla's father was emperor SEVERus).

The Cable's (probably the Bessin / Bistone sword) use a green Coat version of the Bessin's Caens, and Gable's are in those green-and-white colors while even sharing the Shake chevron, very interesting indeed for identifying El-GABAL with Shechemites. The Spanish Gable Coat looks to be sharing the so-called SHAKEfork of Caen-like Cunninghams. Amazing, for German Gable's use a pithcFORK (see Forkers), perhaps of the Danish line from Forkbeard, husband of Sigrid the Haughty. Cable's even use an "ImpaVIDE" motto.

The Gable's call the shakefork "a silver 'Y' shape." I' suggest that "shape" is code for a branch (Shapers?) of Ships/Shiptons. Shapers (lamb, probably for Mieszko Lambert) look to be using a version of the Haught Coat, from Sigrid the Haughty. Mieske's (Prussia, same as Shapers) use the Pohl bull head, and Pohls share three feathers in Crest with Shapers, the latter calling them ostrich feathers.

The Quadi

The Avitus article above mentions the Quadi Germanics, and it just so happens that I've seen QUADratus Bassus as "Bassianus." I'm going to assume that Quadratus was named after the Quadi, though it may have been the other way around if the Quadi did not exist under that name prior to Tacitus (who mentions them). Tacitus and Quadratus were both of the first century AD.

? In recent weeks, the ancestry of Quadratus has been tracing to the L'Aquila area, or to the Marsi of that area, and I've been suggesting with evidence that Marsi were Merovingians, who, I've claimed, named Moravia around 800 AD, as the Carolingian Franks pushed them out of power in France. And so lookie here: "The Quadi were a Suebian Germanic tribe who lived approximately in the area of modern Moravia in the time of the Roman Empire." Down-river on the Salto from the land of the Marsi is Sabina, and Suebians had been Sabines, for while the latter had a SAMNite tribe, Suebi lived beside SEMNones.

As I see the Marsi from the Marici of the Ticino river, see this: "[Romans] associated the Quadi with their neighbors the MARCOmanni, and described both groups as having entered the region after the Celtic Boii had left it deserted." "MarcoMANII" can even be a Marici merger with Amyntes liners. As I claim that Alans were at mount Velino (Salto river) in the land of the Marsi, look at the next sentence: "The Quadi are thought to have been an important part of the Suebian group who crossed the Rhine with the Vandals and Alans in the 406 Crossing of the Rhine, and later founded a kingdom in northwestern Iberia [Spain]."

The prediction is that the Marsi amongst these Quadi-Suebians named the Mercians of southern England, whose flag was simply the saltire of Messeys/Messier's, first found in the same place as the Mars who share white scallops with Meschins. And while Quade's/WADE's share a Coat of Isle-of-MAN Mackays ("Manu" motto term), note that English Wade's, from Saxons = Germanics, share the Messey/Messier saltire, throwing in the Masci fleur-de-lys. I claim that the Wade Coat is a version of the Arms of Chalons-en-Champagne, home of the Merovingian, Mummolin, who lived shortly after 406, and was descended from Dol-suspect Tullia of Lyon at Clermont-Ferrand in Auvergne.

It just so happens that Auvergne is where Crozier's were first found, and the Arms of Chalons-en-Champagne is identical with the Coat of Scottish Croziers. As could be expected, the Auvergne Croziers/Cruisets use a large besant, which is what makes the orb of the Metz surname (Metz is near Chalons). Chalons was also called, Chatillon, a potential Cetin/Cattan / Cato/Chattan line. Porcius Cato had land in Sabina, and his Wikipedia article once said that he grew up in Abruzzo. French Chalons were first found in Burgundy with Messeys/Messier's, and English Messier's were first found in Lincolnshire with the Tailer line of le-Meschin's wife.

The bend of French Chalons is shared by Porci's, suspect with Porcius Cato, and by Fez's/Fes', first found in Auvergne. Welsh Chalons (Capone colors and format) were first found in the same place as Clements that come up as "Clermonts," which doesn't appear coincidental. Clements look to be sharing the wavy / nebulee bends of Marsi-likely Marina's, and it just so happens that Myrina was an Amazon location on Lemnos, which probably named the Marne river. Chalons-en-Champagne was previously Chalons-sur-Marne (Chalons on the Marne river). The sea-wolf of Welsh Chalons can go with the wolf heads of Quade's/Wade's.

I included "Cruiset" above because, last night, not yet knowing I'd be on the Crozier's this morning, I found myself recalling, when in my 20's, that at least three people in fairly-quick succession said I looked like Tom Cruise, and so I was thinking that Masci's / Meschins must have been Cruise's, from mythical Creusa, the line to Creuse, an area beside Auvergne. Creuse's were first found in Cheshire with Masseys=Masci's. Mythical Creusa was wife to Aeneas, suspect as code for Oeneus, and Maezaei were at the Oeneus river. Mythical Oeneus is fully expected with Pisa's Amazons (represented by mythical OENomaus), the stock of proto-Masci's. I had read that Creusa was stationed in Agrigento, near the Mosca's that married Chiaremonte, and then Mosca's (probably in the Tail/Tailor Crest) were first found in Italian Pisa. It all makes sense, especially as Junia Caepionis traces to Juno elements at the Oeneus river. The reason that I see mythical Juno as the Una/Oeneus is that she was wife to Jupiter, obvious symbol of the neighboring Japodes (Kupa/Colapis river).

I cannot recall the Massey- / Mucianus-suspect character who was close to a Mr. Caepio who tried a coup against emperor Augustus, nor can I recall the latter's first name, but here it seems that Cruise's share the Quint chevron because Quints share the black lion paw of Bedfords while Bedfordshire is where Cruise's were first found. As per my trace of Caepio's to the Sava, the black lion paws of Sava's/Savage's should apply, and they are in the pattern of the same-colored fitchees of Tarves', and in the meantime the Quint lion paw holds a fitchee. Why were French Sauvage's first found in Champagne?

After the Benjamites raped a woman in Israel, they were nearly wiped out by other Israelites. The 600 of them left alive at Rimmon, who married 400 women of Jabesh-Gilead, became the Romans, named at Rimmon elements, for the Jabesh elements, likely carried as Jabesh-like names by these Benjamites, named the Japodes. The Romans had a myth, "Rape of the Sabines," in which Roman fighters took Sabine women for themselves, as though the Benjamites had carried their rape story with them, in different versions, through the ages, to the Romans.

Rimmon must have named Rimini, where Maschi's were first found, beside CATTOLIca, which looks like the makings of, Chatillon. The Blake's/Caddells share the Cattle fret, and the fret has been linked to "FERDinand" of Aragon, whose wife, I think it was, or maybe mother, is traceable to Mosca's / Montechiaro, explaining FERTE-Mace, home of the Massey branch of Maceys. The point is, Blake's/Caddells must be using the Tail/Tailor / Mosca leopard in Crest because English Blake's share the pale bar of Tails/Tailers, and thus Caddells / Cattle's look like Cetin/Cattan liners from the Cetina = Tilurius river.

It appears that MumMOLIN, whose name can be of the Chives / Mathis / Moline moline, was either from Cattolica elements, or in the midst of them at Chatillon//Chalons. The Chives Crest is the Mosca leopard, and Chives' were from Lissus, from Laish, the Levites of which I trace to the Laevi Gauls, partners with the Marici.

There is a good chance that the Quadi / Marcomanni of Moravia named Scotland's Moravia = Moray. I insist that Mackays were at Moray. Mackays were at Sutherland, and the Sutherland stars are said to be the Moray stars. The Sutherland stars have been a topic recently in various surnames, and are colors reversed from the Cruise stars.

Mummolin's sons included Babon and BODEgisel: "Tacitus (Germania 42) mentions the Quadi in the same breath as the Marcomanni...'descended from the noble line of MaroBODuus and Tudrus'. (Marobduus ruled the Marcomanni and their alliance generally, so the "Tudric" line were apparently kings among the Quadi.)" Are the Tudrics the line to Tudor Trevor? Tudors were Welsh, as were the Chalons. The latter's cherubs mat be code for Gareb's Rephaites, whom I trace to Croatians, partly in Dalmatia, the latter ruled by Avitus, who married Bassianus. The boar head of Trevor-like Travers could be the Babon/Bavent boar head in colors reversed, or even the Porcia boar. I have claimed that the Tudor Coat is a version of the Child Coat, thus linking Tudors to the Childeric Merovingians that were partly Bassianus' from queen Basina (Thuringia, same as Talls linkable to Tails/Tailors).

BodeGISEL was named after a common Gisel entity, and there is a Gisel surname sharing the Moray stars. Gisels are said to have been at Brittany's Motte, same as Henrys and Motts/Mottins/Morte's.

When I was 11, I had a paper route delivering the Telegram. My competitor, my classmate, was Ken Savage delivering the Toronto Star. I assume he was born, Kenneth, and this looks like a Setup, for I trace Kenneths to Kenza of Aures, home of the Shawia that were likely of the Sava variation of Savage's. Kenza was queen of Morocco, and her husband, or at least her son, was at Morocco's Fez. The family was run out of Fez in time to become the Fez/Fes surname at Auvergne. There is one Foy/FOIX surname (same stars as Morays / Gisels), first found in Auvergne, which should explain the Fez fox. Foys/Foix's (same bend as Cato's/Chattans) use a sinister-rising bend with pellets, and pellets are shared by Caddell-liner Blake's and Tillers for a trace to Cetin/Cattan liners (i.e. suspect with Cato's/Chattans).

My manager held a contest, with prizes for the winners. I won a BASEball GLOVE, and Glove's (CROSSbow) are beloved of the Fane's/Fame's, from Fano, smack beside Cattolica. The BaseBALL glove can even indicate Alexander-Balas liners in cahoots with Base's = Bassus'. Glove's were first found in Perthshire with Celts/COLTs (Pilate pheon) while Quadi Germanics were also called, COLDui, the historians think. Hmm. I trace "Perth" to the Perdrix peak at Mont Pilat, and Pellets are a branch of Pilate's / Pilotte's, linkable to Messier's that we saw above in linkage to Marcomanni-suspect Mercians.

I think that Fane's/Fame's/Vans were Veneti, who named the Vandals, and we saw the Alans and Vandals in a quote above with the Quadi migration into northwestern Spain. I trace the Fane-branch Feins/Finis' to Finistere, beside the Brittany Veneti that named Vannes. Motte is not far off, and Motts/Mottins happen to share the Glove crescent.

With Mummolin now tracing to Saraca's, it seems that Bodegisel was named after Butua/Budva elements, with Kotor liners tagging along to his family. Kotor-suspect Katrina can trace that picture through Ice-suspect Issa/Vis to Milan's Visconti's. But what about the origin of VESpasian, son of Mr. Sabinus?

Conjobspiracy News

There is a little news this week from Iraq:

Russian state oil major Rosneft signed a deal to help Kurdistan develop its gas reserves and build a gas pipeline, expanding the company’s dominance in the energy sector of Iraq’s semi-autonomous region.

...Last fall, Rosneft took over ownership of the Kurdistan Region’s crude oil export pipelines to Turkey from the KRG in return for $1.8 billion.

The aim of the deal for Rosneft was not only commercial, but to cement Russia’s political influence in Iraq and the Middle East, according to the Rosneft, oil industry, Kurdish, and Iraqi government sources.

In the meantime, the U.S. congress allotted the Kurdish Peshmerga almost $300 million.

Trump's pick for FBI Chief is again showing signs of being a traitor to the country, and in support of the shadow government. Judicial Watch is now reporting that the FBI, though ordered by a court to release the Strzok-Page texts and attachments, got the nod from the judge to release only 500 items monthly over the next two years or more. In other words, Wray is doing his best to trickle the revelation out. Here's the story from Lou Dobbs:

The point is made in the video above that Trump can speed the release, or even make it instant. Why not instant? Let's see if Trump does it. We'll give him a week, and if we hear nothing,. it's because he's an imposter too, explaining why Wray and Sessions get away with acting as they have been.

When is Trump going to order Sessions to give up the FISA-court applications made against Carter Page? Trump, the phony, a stink-bomb on the country pushing himself as the good guy. Trump is being pushed increasingly, with each passing week, to give appearances as though he's doing what his voters expect. Shut-up, Mr, President, and get the documents to show us the details therein.

We want to hear from Wray on this latest spy scandal involving Halper. But Wray is tight-lipped. If Trump had chosen good people for such positions, this would have been a very eye-opening revelation on Obama's corruption by now. Credit for any progress does NOT go to Trump, though some at Fox are saying so. On Monday of this week, Trump met with Wray and Rosenstein in the WH office. It's what I've been wanting to see for a long time. What do we suppose happened?

Rosenstein came out of the meeting respectful, not kicking up a fuss against Trump, but he did not admit to any FBI spy project. Instead, he acted oblivious to it. Trump, instead of saying that Wray will investigate the matter, said that there was agreement for the Inspector General to extend his investigation into this matter. When Rosenstein was being questioned before congress, he refused to answer many questions, saying that congress needs to wait for the IG's report, suggesting that Rosenstein was confident that nothing seriously damning would come out from the IG. Trump therefore looks foolish for agreeing to hang this case before the IG.

First of all, Trump may not yet know what the IG's report amounts to, which is one reason that he looks foolish, for if the IG is on his enemies' side, then the president has wasted a golden opportunity to get to the bottom of this. Or, if Trump already knows the IG's report, and knows that it's a firecracker only, then he appears more than foolish, more like corruptly playing theater with his voters.

Trump needs to give his voters an update on Wray's loyalty to fighting FBI corruption, and he needs to replace Wray if he's done nothing to look into FBI corruption. Clearly, with all of the charges going against the FBI, Wray has a responsibility, without being told by anyone else, to look into those matters, and to report to the people. Wray is a clown, an actor, an imposter. So why did Trump invite him into his office? I don't think the president commented on Wray's part in this meeting.

Did Trump really have the time to do 14 tweets on May 25? Or is someone writing them on his behalf? One of the 14 is: "'Everyone knows there was a Spy, and in fact the people who were involved in the Spying are admitting that there was a Spy...Widespread Spying involving multiple people.' Mollie Hemingway, The Federalist Senior Editor But the corrupt Mainstream Media hates this monster story!"

So why didn't Trump demand from Wray, like one under the gun (he gets replaced if he doesn't do a proper job el-speedo), to report directly to his lawyers on this matter, if Trump is so sure of a spy? If it's the biggest story on a spy scandal, why give it up to merely an inspector general chosen by Obama??? Trump looks like a sorry ass who can't do anything right. Ask Giuliani, the new yahoo on his block.

The video below gets super-enlightening at about the three-minute mark:

Here's an update on the Nunes effort, which Trump is stifling. Yes, Trump has stifled Nunes' work by not rebuking Wray in his office. "Come over here, Mr. Wray, I have something to say to you. Get Nunes those papers unredacted now." That was easy. Throw Trump out and elect me. I don't sleep with porn dogs, and I would know the right people to pick to expose Obama. Isn't it obvious that Trump has been a sorry disappointment? He strings his voters along for his own desires to win the next election.

Has anyone ever heard a peep from Pompeo on his disgust for the FBI under Obama? Why not? Why are Trump's picks for the top three/four offices all showing that they are contrary to his voters? It can't be coincidental, can it? The more his picks serve the deep state, the louder Trump's tweets become to give the illusion that he's for the voters. I'm not going to be tricked by him, and neither should you. We all want to know why they are protecting the corrupt.

Pompeo is expected to be behind Julian Assange's woes at this time. It must be true that he's no longer able to communicate online, by order of Ecuador, for we haven't heard of him since about the time he put out his Paper Planes and chess-game videos. One would think that Assange would give WikiLeaks the permission to release material very favorable to Trump if Trump calls off Sessions and Pompeo. But Trump can't be trusted to do that which he claims he's for. He claimed to "love WikiLeaks" before the election, but, after the election, he didn't show signs of it.

This week, Trump took credit for assisting anti-abortion groups by removing $60 M in funding to abortion clinics, and he told the voters that he's fulfilling all his promises, yet this is merely a start in thwarting the abortion industry. How committed is he, really, beyond giving appearances of keeping promises? And did he reduce the funding because he needed the money elsewhere for his other causes? If he were up to something more against abortion, he might have said so, but he did not.

From the start of this week, leaks on the inspector general's long-awaited report sounds benign to the FBI. The crime bosses are getting "knocked." I wish I could break the law for my own selfish gains and get merely knocked. When the nation's leaders are not arrested with priority, the nation veers toward lawlessness. Especially the Democrats. But when leaders lead with examples of fair justice, the people become more just.

Here's a little on how the trumped-up charges against Trump were launched by the CIA. It could be that Obama worked with the CIA director initially to get the story to the FBI, and the FBI may have been privy to the scheme wherein the plot would come round to it from both Harry Reed and John McCain. The bottom line, as the anchorwoman says, is whether the CIA director had acceptable evidence to "light up" the story in the press before the election, which is what Brennan's plot included:

The other side would have us believe that there was sufficient evidence for the spy, etc. Wonderful. Let's see it. Or put it this way, that if they did have the evidence, they would have presented it publicly to do themselves a favor, but as they have not provided the evidence, and are pretending to keep it withheld from us, it's obvious that they are pretenders, cads, worthy of criminal prosecution.

This week the Trump people are meeting with the DOJ, finally, but my understanding of the way forward from these meetings is as a sorry charade. It is clear what Trump should be doing if he were not a phony. He should be demanding the papers into his own office, so that his lawyers can look over them. Instead, the Trump people are sounding very happy that the inspector general is going to look into this latest spy report. This is woeful theater. This is garbage dressed as though Trump is really trying to do something.

The inspector general will do damage control on behalf of the criminals. If he were any sort of a good man, he would have delivered to Nunes the things that Sessions is illegally withholding. A man of justice would lickety-split get guilt-laden documents out to prosecutors. Look at how long this inspector general dragged this thing out. He was the inspector general under Obama, and he did nothing to expose the criminality then. Why would anyone put hopes on him?

If Trump truly wanted the truth out, he would order Sessions to put all relevant papers on his White-House desk by the end of the week, with more by the end of the second week. Instead, Trump is happy to give this job to the turtle, and thus happy to put his voter bloc through more agony. The way Trump has handled his part in these scandals is disgusting. He's not just coming up shy; he's exposing his own hypocrisy. He's speaks as though he wants justice, as though he's concerned, but he does zero with his own hand to get the evidence against the criminals. He can snap his fingers and get those papers in a huge pile tomorrow, because the inspector general and others know where the papers are. Is there not one pro-Trump assistant of the inspector general who can be given free license to get hold of what Sessions refuses to give up?

Trump can snap his fingers to get the FISA-court documents that will instantly reveal what the FBI was doing against him. Why hasn't Trump done this? Who is he protecting? There is every justification for the president to defend himself against the FBI, but instead of getting the documents, he tweets like he's angry. And now he's tweeting like he's fed up. It's an act. The president is an imposter. We don't know for sure that Trump is the one writing the tweets. It could be his tweet-speech writer in his communication department. That would explain things. Someone tweets on his behalf as part of his public-relations campaign. The tweets are what his voters want to hear, and that is all the action they will get. Why would anyone think this latest move to do something will prove fruitful?

Watch Hannity tell what looks very promising as per a meeting of Trump's chief of staff and the DoJ in order to get Nunes the documents he's been asking for. Hannity says, "I'll believe it when I see it," the sentiment of everyone else too.

As you can see, Clapper is saying that Trump ought not to be permitted to use the DoJ for his own private problems. This is nonsense. Who cares what the Liberals argue and charge. If the liberals are going to attack a president, the president has the right, like anyone else, to find the truth, and if the only way to find the truth is to get DoJ documents, then fine, what's the problem? What's Clapper worried about? Had they not attacked the president, no one would have been able to get the documents from the "independent," as Clapper puts it, FBI. No, the FBI is NOT independent. It has a boss. That boss has been woefully inadequate to this point. He gave the deep state confidence, and he agonized his own voters. Look at me, he says, I got tax cuts.

Someone better than president Rump is needed. It's not fully true that Rump defeated Hillary, for Hillary defeated herself. Rump is not a god just because he defeated Hillary. Rump is the backside of a horse that kicks up dust, creating the illusion of accomplishment. The tax cuts gave corporations more money to spend, and so they hired more workers, lowering the unemployment numbers, and Trump takes credit for this without telling us that a few extra workers is insufficient to generate government revenue to make up for the tax cuts. The revenue will need to be obtained one way or the other, and workers will need to pay it, one way or the other. I think that tax cuts go in the right direction, but this is a small thing, not a huge accomplishment, as Rump makes it out to be.

Look at it this way. If corporations have more money to hire workers so that they carry more stock, it doesn't follow that consumers as a whole will buy more. They have only so much money for purchases. When corporations are making / holding more stock while buyers are not buying more, the cost of products all-around goes up because increased stock costs money. The only way for corporate tax cuts to be of benefit is for corporations to pass their savings to buyers, by lowering their prices and paying workers more. Instead, the corporations will take the greedy road, expanding, in efforts to make more money. That more-money has to come from somewhere, and it of course comes from the buyers. So, what little tax cuts Rump gave the workers will be zapped away with increased product prices, and increased taxes-elsewhere. The huge accomplishment is nothing but dust in your face.

The fact that unemployment went down is evidence that businesses are expanding. They think they can make more money, and some will, but only at the loss of other companies. It's impossible for all businesses to expand and win. Expansion means that the company seeks to take profits away from another company. There is only so much buying going on, unless workers are paid more, or unless prices go down. But companies generally do not plan on paying workers more, or lowering their prices, out of the goodness of their hearts. Big corporations are geared to maximizing profits for their share-holding gamblers, and so they seek to expand, to tread on some other companies, like in a war. If you give these animals more money from tax breaks, they will seek to maximize profits. Someone must lose when one wins. There is no net benefit. It's dry dust in your face.

Yes, taxes must go down, but it's far better to eliminate share holders and the stock market. Maximizing profits is the evil of the industrial revolution. A few people experience rags-to-riches from using the stock market to fund their ventures, but the many others come out losers because prices will be higher, for the shareholders, who don't lift a finger to supply what you're buying, need to be kept happy, or they will cash in their chips. All that easy money that share-holders are hoping to make assures that we are paying the absolute highest prices possible in a free-market system. The discount stores are selling cheaper in efforts to make more profit. They devise strategies of maximizing profits by undercutting the rest, and making losers of many sole-proprietor businesses. This would not have been possible had sole-proprietors not been greedy in the first place by holding their prices high.

To make a nation great financially, government needs to train people to be charitable in business, to denounce and reject the greedy so that no one wants them around the dinner table, or at get-togethers. Cutting the taxes in half of corporations will not deal with the greed problem. Giving them more money to go out and make more money only makes them better animals. That's Trump's strategy, to make corporations richer, and thus "increase the economy." Hello?

This world is all wrong, and it's the real-estate Rumps that are responsible for its greater demise. As home prices go up, someone whose never owned a home will need to pay more. Do the animals not sit down together to discuss whether it should be allowed? Who determines the price of homes? Is it really the free-market system that determines it, as per the highest bidder? I don't think so. I think the chief real-estate companies tend to jack up the price of homes as far as they can swing it. This wouldn't be the case if they didn't get paid by commission. The cost of housing increased by twice as much as bread over the past few decades, yet the real-estate companies did not cut their commission in half to three percent. Therefore, every third housewife on your street became a real-estate agent, all swimming in easy money. But someone else needs to pay this money to these bottomless stomachs. And the young people who have never owned a home are like tiny beings standing before a terrifying mountain as they look at their mortgage.

Mr. Rump got rich in real-estate at someone else's loss. You could say that he's a thief, because no one should be permitted to make that much money. No one's work is worth that much. He made that much because the real-estate market is a casino in itself, and the animals who run government allowed this situation to thrive. Animals everywhere, not just the criminal illegal at the Mexican border, but even in the White House there is one, very happy and proud to be a money animal.

When real-estate prices go up, every business in town needs to pay more, and we buyers foot the bill, of course. So, the Rumps make money on rising real-estate costs, and we poor workers pay for it in EVERYTHING we buy. The animals want us to celebrate rising property costs. Everything is backward to how it should be. The rich are ruling the minds of the masses, teaching them, training them, all to the added benefits of the rich. The rich never give themselves over to a plan that hurts their own affairs. The politicians never agree to a law that hurts their own affairs. The rich are geared to improve their own lots. It's backward to how it should be. America is the biggest money-animal ever, and the other Western nations want to copy its design, wear its fur.

People are going crazy because the animals are evermore demanding, ever wayward from the Calling of humanity. Slow it down. Call off the race. Take your Rump and shove it. Let us wipe the grossly rich off the face of this earth. Yes, during a period of prosperity, Someone will arrive to do just that.

Drudge headline this week: "40% of Americans can't cover $400 emergency expense..." That's because corporations have too much cash flow. And if the poor want some of it, they have got to work for the corporations, making them even richer. How is a nation great when half the population has no money on hand beyond the cost of paying the regular bills? For whom has this nation been great? So much wealth, wall-to-wall materialism everywhere, yet the poor are still poor, barely paying the bills of necessity with little hope of saving or enjoying the fruits of work with some recreation. The rich will pay mightily for the sufferings of the poor.


For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God

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