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Jun 1 - 4, 2018

Neil Gorsuch, Scalia's Replacement, and the Sassy Cat that Sucked Her Tail
A Colossal Rothschild Revelation From Stickers on Allison's Face
New Surnames For Identifying Peter Strzok's Bloodline
God Hits a Home Qumran with Another Message-in-Song

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The following is amazing. I claimed that a church memorial to 9-11, which I attended on the eve of September 11, 2002, included events set up by God. I resolved that the events pertained to WikiLeaks (Julian Assange) releasing something of importance, by the will of God, I assumed, and the theory was that the leak(s) will involve the crime circles that faked 9-11. The evidence for the WikiLeaks theory was as per the Leakey road and an event that occurred there.

Back up, therefore, to 1994, when I was in Texas looking for property to purchase. I ended up purchasing, and was living at the Texas property when at the memorial above. On my first day of seeking property, I drove up Hwy 83 for about 20 minutes from Uvalde, and didn't know that Leakey existed a few more minutes up this road. I remember a political sign on the side of Hwy 83, asking locals to vote for Mr. Moreno. I recall that name, trust me. And here's an article out this week:

Lenin Moreno, the president of Ecuador, has said Julian Assange’s asylum status in the country’s London embassy is not under threat – provided he complies with the conditions of his stay and avoids voicing his political opinions on Twitter.

However, in an interview with Deutsche Welle on Wednesday, Moreno said his government would “take a decision” if Assange didn’t comply with the restrictions.

“Let’s not forget the conditions of his asylum prevent him from speaking about politics or intervening in the politics of other countries. That’s why we cut his communication,” he said. Ecuador suspended Assange’s communication’s system in March.

I just find this amazing. It could be coincidental that the president is a Mr. Moreno too, but, as I said, the Moreno sign was in the Leakey area. Why do I remember that sign's name? It's only about 35 miles between Uvalde and Leakey, and a 20-minute drive gets me about half way there.

There are many questions that Assange would have in what he's permitted to say, whether it touches politics or not. WikiLeaks is yet permitted to say what it pleases, right? But it's a wonder that no one leaked any information to WikiLeaks, from the Intelligence people throughout the Comey-et-al scandals, or, maybe such leaks did occur, but, the problem might be, Moreno may have included stipulations against WikiLeaks identical to the rules that Assange must abide by. If so, Moreno would have put Assange in charge of assuring that WikiLeaks becomes a "good boy."

It looks like Mr. Assange needs a new home. But where?

To help assure that this drive on the hwy to Leakey was by the will of God, I turned around after about 20 minutes, not liking a property I saw there, and drove the opposite direction to Crystal City. Several years later, in 2002, just three days before the 9-11 memorial, I called Miss Hicks for the first time, and learned that she had attended a church in Crystal City. As she had moved to her home within a year prior to my purchasing land near her in late 1994, she was possibly attending the Crystal-City church when I drove there earlier in April of 1994. In any case, she turned out to be the woman in a dream God gave me in 1979.

The reason I called her is that I was beginning to suspect that she was in that dream, and that she would become my wife. I may have misinterpreted the part of the dream where it looked like God set her up as a future wife, but she seems definitely to be the woman in that dream. It's extremely important for the topic at hand that I touched her knee in the dream, at which time she awoke and came into my arms, and we rose together into the sky while embraced. End of dream.

Miss Hicks almost-always wore dresses to church. I didn't notice her knees as anything of particular beauty, until the eve of the 9-11 memorial. She had left before me. When I left for home, I stopped at the corner store in Camp Wood, and saw her legs through the glass door of the store as I was about to walk in. And her knees looked beautiful. How does that happen? Later that evening, I remembered that I touched her knee in the dream.

Almost four decades later, I began to investigate the dream as per possible heraldic links, and I found some, and then found some more. One day, I remembered her beautiful knees at the corner store, and so this was investigated for heraldic links. The store was at the corner of Ranch road, what the locals called the Leakey road, because it went to Leakey. I loaded the Leakey surname, which is also the Leak surname, and found the engrailed bend of the Knee surname. And there was a naked human leg in the Leak(ey) Crest, bent at the knee. But that's not all. The Leak(ey) Chief uses the same fleur as the Hicks fleur, and both surnames were first found in Yorkshire. If that's not enough, the colors of the Knee and Leak bends are used by Stanleys, and one Stanley character was momentarily sitting beside her on the evening of the memorial. So, it looked like a Set-up.

But what for? I reasoned that it was partially to prove that Miss Hicks was indeed the woman in the dream. But I started to get the impression that the Leak surname had to do with a leak in the news media against the American criminals who staged 9-11. And that's why the Moreno sign, seen as I approached Leakey, seems pertinent to WikiLeaks.

I can now add to the heraldic connections above. As I've said many times, the woman in the dream was HOVERing OVER the seats of a car, and was asleep, for a voice behind me directed me to go wake her up. I was about to kiss her awake, but before I got to her face, I saw my hand touch her knee, and she was suddenly in my arms. It's interesting that Hands (Knee colors), Knee's, Stanleys and Hicks all use stags by one name or another. In a scene before she was hovering over the seats, she was at the hood of the car, and Hoods share the fret with Overs, while Overs, first found in Cheshire with Hands, share a blue bend with Knee's. It's all very interesting, but until something happens in real life to match my expectations, that's all it will ever be.

I can add that while I link Hicks to Crauns/Crane's, from the Ceraunii Illyrians, and earlier from mythical CORONis, CRONells are used by Yeomans/HUMANs while the Knee Crest is "A silver HUMAN leg CHARGED with two fleur-de-lis." "Charged" is a common heraldic term that I've had trouble deciphering, but one theory I've mentioned a few times is that it's a Char merger with Geds, and I think I can not prove it, thanks to Miss Hicks, whose first name if CHARlotte.

The Hicks dream opened with a shark. The Sharks use the crane, part of the Craun/Crane bloodline. Sharks have been resolved with Saraca's, and the Arms of Saraca happens to use a fish in the colors of the Ged fish. So far, so good for linking Charlotte to "charGED." And Scottish Hykes'/Hake's share fish with Geds.

The Chars/Chards, I can glean, use a colors-reversed version of the Close/Clovse chevron with hunting horns, and this chevron is colors reversed from the Hand chevron. I TOUCHED her knee with my hand, and Touch's were first found in Cheshire with hand-using Hands. On the night of the 9-11 memorial, when I was cutting across Miss Hicks to sit beside her, I noticed her green TOEnails. Decades later, I thought that they should be code for the Tow variation of Touch's because they use a green lion, and then there is a green lion in the Close/Clovse Crest. The giant Tow/Touch lion is colors reversed from the same of Human-like Hume's, and it's the human leg that's said to be charged.

Close's/Clovse's are from Closeburn, on a Nith river that was home to Kilpatrick castle. Miss Hicks was married to the late Mr. Kilpatrick for decades, and he was her husband on the night of the 9-11 memorial. There is an online article (which I've copied) claiming that Geds were on the Nith river before they developed into the Geddes surname. Amazing, is it not?

So, the "charged" term in the Leak leg, bent at the knee, traces on two counts to the Nith river, and while Close's/Clove's share the spur with Knights, who have a Nith-like term in their write-up, the Knights can suggest a branch of Knee's so that Knee's turn out to be Nith liners. It all works to prove that Miss Hicks is the woman in the dream. But why?

The Spurr surname was first found in Devon with Supers and Hykes'/Hacks, and the Supers share the Kilpatrick saltire. The Chars/Chards were first in neighboring Somerset, and they share the gold garb with the Spurr bend, which is colors reversed from the Knee bend. Many heraldic axes, shared by the lion in the Close/Clove Crest, are code for one or both Axe rivers in Somerset. Many heraldic crowns, share by Crauns/Crane's and the green lion of Close's/Clove's, are code for Ceraunii branches.

Spurrs are also SpurWAYs, and Ways (same place as Spurrs) use the Ged Coat in their quadrants. You can't argue with the fact: Close's/Clovse's were from Closeburn, location of Kilpatrick castle on the Nith, river of the Geds.

Near the top of the Ged / Geddy article above, it has two titles: "Septs of Clan Geddes: Gordon and Rose," and "Septs of Clan MacPhail: CAMERON and Mackay." Camerons are Camera's too. At the start of the memorial, when I had taken a seat, Miss Hicks came to sit down. Against my will, something made me get up spontaneously, to walk over to her seat. I asked if she wanted me to set up her camera, on its tripod, and she gave it to me. I set it up at the front. It's 9-11 interesting that Camerons, who were destined to put up a British prime minister in a few years, share the five, bunched arrows that are the Arms of Rothschild. Prime minister David Cameron was a chief sponsor of getting Julian Assange in jail.

After setting the camera up, I returned to Miss Hicks. Seeing the empty spot beside her, I asked if anyone was sitting there i.e. whether it was reserved for anyone. She said that it's for her daughter, but added that I could "SCOOT OVER" if she arrived. In other words, she had an easy way to get rid of me by just saying it's reserved for her daughter, yet she agreed to have me sit there. This was three days after my first call to her married home, which was a crazy thing I did as part of an investigation to see whether she liked me. I wanted to know whether she was the one in the dream, and one way to get a clue is if she seemed interested in talking to me. She talked to me four hours that day.

I don't want you to get the wrong impression, the one she eventually got, that I was after adultery. Her husband happened to be more than 30 years older than she, and I was assuming that he would pass away in order to allow my marriage to his widow. So, after talking for hours with me on Sunday, she let me sit beside her on Wednesday evening. And after that, her knees looked beautiful to me. In the store, we chatted, but she was getting the impression that I was after mere adultery. I can't blame her. The mystery is why she spoke with me four hours, that really seemed gigantic.

"You can scoot over," she had said. The Overs were already mentioned as per her HOVERing OVER the seats of the car when I touched her knee. The Scoots/Scougals happen to share the black and courant (all four feet off the ground) greyhound of Chars/Chards, and the Scoots even throw in a hunting horn, symbol of Chars/Chards, Close's/Clovse's and Patch's (black horn, as with the Scoot horn), which I assume is a branch of the Patchie variation of Kilpatricks. Patch's were first found in Devon with Spurrs/Spurways.

The Scoot/Scougal motto includes "Haec" as further evidence that God breathed "scoot over" out of Miss Hicks' mouth. Scoots/Scougals are said to be from SCOUGal (East Lothian), while Schugs are listed with the Shoe's that use a "knight issuing from the knees." Like I said, God uttered it.

Scoots/Scougals share the pen with Carlisle's, and there is a Carlisle location near Kilpatrick castle, or nearer yet to Annandale so that the Carlisle cross looks like the Annandale saltire as used by Bruce's of Annandale. The Scoot-like Schutz's share the black greyhound with Scoots/Scougals, and the Schutz saltire is shared by Solways/Salways while the Nith has a mouth at the Solway firth (bay). Perfect. The Scoots have led us to the Nith river.

"CarLISLE" looks like it can be a Carl merger with Isle's, while Miss Hicks had a center-isle seat when she said to me, "you can scoot over." Carls are a branch of Charles', and Charlotte's are listed with Charles'/Charlemagne's. The pen in the Carlisle Crest helps to see them as a Carl merger with Isle's, because the latter share the Pen fesse. The "HumiliTATE" motto of Carlisle's may be for Hume / Human liners, but Tate's happen to share the Annandale Coat.

She was hovering over the car seats, and Seats, first found in Lancashire with Char-like Cars, are also Cedes', a Geddes-like term.

As Geddes use pike fish, the pierced, gold stars of Scottish Pike's/Pickens should prove to be the same of Spurrs, especially as the latter were first found in Devon with English Pike's. The latter share the Hand chevron (loosely speaking, anyway), and I see that hands as a branch of Hanna's, first found in Galloway's Wigton, and the Geds, we can read in the article above, were vagabonds in Galloway.

The Geddes Pike's were shared by Luce's/Lucys, and while they say that "lucy" means a pike fish, it could be the other way around, that pike-using Lucys is why the pike came to be called a lucy. Lucys are said to be from Orne's DOMfront, and Domna Bassianus, who predated the Geds on the Nith, though not by much, married the Geta bloodline, which is why one of her sons was Geta. The Bassianus were the Bassus' of Geddes-like Cetis, and the Seats/Cedes' use besants, the Bassianus symbol. Orne / Domfront is in the Bessin.

Domna's sister was Miss Maesa, and while the Demys are Mais' too, the Seats/Cedes' use a DEMI cock. The Demys/DuMais' use a reflection of the Claves Coat, and the latter were first found in Poitou/Poitiers while Demys/DuMais' are said to have had a branch at "Anjou in Poitiers." The Dumas'/Dumais' (not the Demys above) show only besants in the colors of the besants above.

So why is it that, nearly three years after the passing away of Mr. Kilpatrick, I'm still not married to Miss Hicks? Is it because God has more work for me to do in this heraldic task? Is it because I'm supposed to contact her again, which I've refused to do? Or does the embrace in the dream mean something other than our marriage? It seems certain that we were RISING together into the sky due to the Sleep-related Selepitanoi living at/beside RISINium. She was sleeping just before we rose together. But would God put me in her arms while rising merely to indicate that one or more of my own bloodlines were at Risinium too, fooling me in the meantime on what I thought was His promise of a marriage?

A Mr. Clovis has been in the news recently, reminding that I did find a Clovis surname which was never made part of my regular discussions. The Clovis' share double chevrons with gold symbols upon them with Rowells/Rothwells, and Clovis' use nails as those gold symbols, with yet a nail in Crest. At first glance, I don't know whether Clovis' are from king Clovis, because they are shown properly as CloVILE's/CloVELLS. The Ged article above reads: "It was in a settlement of this type, somewhere in the upper Nith valley, that the Scottish Geddeses, the children of Niall (400 AD), made their first home in Caledonia." Nails are also Neils. It looks good for a Clovis trace to the Clovse variation of Close's.

As I said. When Miss Hicks and her husband moved away from where they lived near me, I wrote her a letter (around 2010) explaining why I got close to her. I thought that her husband had passed away by then because her phone number was listed in her name only. The point is, the home she moved to was listed also to a Mr. Childs (I assume the previous owner), and that's the Childeric > Clovis bloodline. Why should God be so intent, if that's what this is, on tracing king Clovis to the Closeburn location?

The Vile's/Veals suspect in "CloVILE/CloVELL" share the gold garb with Close-related Spurrs and Chars/Chards. The Phails that we saw in the Ged-page title above are also Vails, and are in Velis colors. Phails share the black stag head with Knee's.

Their "ALL IS IN God" motto caused me to look up Allisons, whose talbot makes them suspect with Willastons/Woolastons, first found in Staffordshire with the Wolsleys that share the talbot, as do Williams. Williamsons, a sept of Mackays, share the Willaston/Wollaston stars, and then Mackays share the muzzled bear with Allison-like Alis'/Alice's, making things confusing as to whether Allisons were Alis' versus Williams of the Willaston kind. The "quid" motto term of Willastons/Woolastons gets the Mackay-related Quade's.

The white griffin in the Willaston/Woolaston Crest can be from Berta's, and therefore from Berthe, Mummolin's wife. They lived in the Marne valley, where the La Val location of VAILs/Velis' lived that should be in the "preVAIL" motto term of Allisons. As was touched upon in the last update, Mummolin liners were in Lombardy, where the ice-cream line traces, and the two ladies with the ice-cream symbol included Darlene Ray, who was my girlfriend immediately before Allison Bauer. All three of us worked for Knob Hill Farms, and so I have the expectation that God used both ladies to tell a connectable story in which two or even three of the surnames, Knobs, Hills and Farm(er)s apply. I don't yet have a connectable story to tell of the last three surnames, though if Farmers were from "Pharnaces", it can link the Alison talbots to the dog, in colors reversed, of Furnace's/Furness'. To make Allisons more confusing, their three talbots are in the colors of the three talbot heads of Alis-like Halls and Hulls/Hule's.

For the moment, we assume that Allisons loved the Vails/VELIS', who look like they can be a branch of WILLAStons. The "speRAVi" motto term of Vails/Velis' was discovered, in the last update, thanks to the "Sperabo" motto term of Annan(dale)s, as part-code for Rave's/Rabe's, who use the crow likely for the Crow surname, yet it's a raven, we can assume, the Rothes/Rothchild symbol too, and as Rothschilds descended immediately from Maier Bauer, with the same surname as Allison, I take it the Knobs are using the Rothschild/Roddenstein arrow (looks connectable to the same-colored bend of Roddens/Rodhams).

As Crows are in the colors and format of the Child Coat while Clovis was CHILDeric's son, it asks where Clovis'/CloVILE's were a merger with Vails/Velis'. One Vile Coat is in the colors and format of Salemans/SALIANs, and Childeric was a Salian Frank as well as a Merovingian. Perfect. From now on, I will assume that Clovis'/Clovile's were from king Clovis, who can be expected in the ancestry of Mummolin (a Merovingian). While Pepins were Merovingians, they share the camel with Crows.

The Rothschilds/Roddensteins share eight pointed stars with the Manelli's and Batti's/Bota's, both first found in ice-cream line Cremona. In the meantime, neighboring Placentia share's the blue wolf with Wolleys/Wolfleys, who look like a branch of Woolastons / Wolseys. Obama is known to be descended from a Mr. Wolflin, and I read that Wolflins changed their surname to "Wolfley" in America, and the point here is that Roddens/Rodhams share the bend of Wolfins/Wallwyns/Wallins. However, the latter's Crest makes them look like a branch of Baldwins, which is excellent because old version of "Baldwin" included Baudwin-like terms while Bauds share the ram with ice-cream line Cremers/Cramers.

As this expects a Baldwin / Waldwyn link to the surnames above from Cremona, the Baudwins (Cornwall, same as Bude) are excellent for the purpose, for they not only use a chevron in Manelli-chevron colors, but have the griffin heads of Caplans (Hampshire, same as Josephs) while Chaplains share the double fesses of Manelli's (and Josephs)! Excellent. I can add that Bauds and Baldwins are expected from the Bautica/Baltea river through Ivrea, home of an Arduinici branch, the other being at Oneglia, origin of the Nagle's/Nails suspect in the Clovis/CloVILE nails. Vile's use the colors and format of Baudwins, and share the gold garb in Crest with Josephs. More gold garbs are used by English Bude's...all suspect with or from BODEgisel, Mummolin's son.

Baudwins are even in Bude / Bute/Butt colors, and while Arduinici are expected to the Arthurs, the latter share the blue roundel with Welsh Bude's. The latter throw in a bow as code for the Bow kin of Roets, and the Roet Coat looks like a version of the Caplan Coat, but using the Speer boar heads, and Speers are expected with "Speravi / Sperabo." Roets are Boofima liners, and I trace the Imperi Africans of Boofima to Imperia, which was alternatively the Oneglia above. The Baldwins share the black saltire with Supers, first found in Devon with Spurrs in the "spur rowells," and thereby connectable if the nails of Clovis'/Clovile's who share the double Rowell/Rothwell chevrons.

Now the Salian Franks lived at the mouth of the Rhine with the Batavi (and ROTTERdam), making them suspect with Batti's/Bota's (Cremona). I have found logical evidence that Batavi were the namers of Padova, land of the Veneti. MumMOLIN is suspect with the Moline's, who share the black moline with CHIVES', and the Bautica river flows through CHIVASso too. Perfect. Moline's use the goat, symbol of Boofima / Baphomet. I trace this cult to Bavaria, where Bauers, RothSchilds/Roddensteins (with 's') and Rothes/Rothchilds (no 's') were first found. In light of Rotterdam being located an origin of Childeric's family, "RothsCHILD" may indicate a Rothes merger with Childs. The Rowells are also Rothwells/Rosewells, and Jewish Rothchilds use the rose.

The Arduinici trace to Artois, where the capital is Arras, and the Arras/Arrow surname can be expected in the Rothschild/Roddenstein/Rotstein arrow. The Bude Coat: "A blue shield with a gold fesse dancette between a bow in chief, and three gold arrows tied with a ribbon, in base". Bunched arrows. The Arms of Rothschild use five arrows bunched to one another, as do Bowers. It suggests that Bowers were a Bow branch. The Bough variation (can be pronounced, boff) of Bows looks like it's from "BOOFima." Hebrews use "im" suffixes. Bows/Boughs share the Roet motto, and Roets were BEAUForts. Beefs/Boeufs were first found in PERIgord, looking like it was named after Imperia, and Gords (Berwickshire, same as Arthurs) even share the Roet boar head.

As I trace Boofima and Kenneths (Gord stag head?) to the Numidians in Aures, and while I trace Aures liners to the naming of Ayrshire, that's where Kenneth-like Kennedys and RIBONs/RAYburns were first found. We just saw a ribbon in the Bude Coat, and Ribons/Rayburns share the brown stag in Crest with Gords. Plus, Rayburns can be of the Rays, and Darlene Ray of KNOB Hill Farms was probably chosen for me immediately before Allison Bauer for a Rothschild-connectable reason. I've never traced Rothchilds to Cremona elements until now, so far as I can recall. The island of Bute was earlier, ROTHESay, and so we can glean that the Rothschild-star link to the Bota/Batti star makes the latter look like a proto-Bute element. The Batavi, right? Yes, and Padova is the location of Este (descended from Franks) while the Bute's/Butts once showed the Este horse head.

Azzo, founder of Este, is to the Assi surname, first found in raven-liner Shetland, the Arms of which love the Biggars, first found in Lanarkshire with Allisons. The latter love the Vails/Velis' who in-turn love the Rave's/Rabe's who in-turn use the Rothes/Rothchild raven, and the raven vikings of Shetland did conquer Rothesay too. The Rave's/Rabe's can be a branch of Rove's / Rowe's / Roe's, and Bude-beloved Ribons/Rayburns use the ROEbuck. Rove's/Rolphs (Norfolk, same as Roe's and Rows) use ravens.

The Ribon/Rayburn Crest shows the stag of Eustace's, and Eustace II (Artois) was father to Baldwin of Jerusalem and Godfrey de Bouillon while Bouillons were first found in Auvergne with Mummolin's ancestry, and with the Bauds (share ram with Cramers). The Placentia location beside Cremona is where Annandale's trace who use a "SpeRABO" motto suspect with Rave's/Rabe's (Austria, same as Bauers). English Rave's/Rawles' were first found in Cornwall with Bude. Eustace's are a branch of Staceys who in-turn use the Annandale saltire in the colors used for it by Bruce's and the Arms of Ayrshire. Annandale is the location of Closeburn while Close's are also CLOVSe's. The latter share a green Crest with Kilpatricks (from Closeburn), who in-turn share the Baldwin saltire, and Baldwins use a green Crest too.

English Rave's/Rawles' were at Cornwall's KENNET and TreVIL. As the Rave's/Rabe's use the crow officially, it's very notable that the Crow rooster is colors reversed from the Bibo/Bible rooster that stands on the Kilpatrick cushion. Bibo's are suspect withy Vibia, mother of Lupus Laevillus, king of Cetis, and Cetis was home to the KENNATi priests of mythical Ajax! Zinger, for Vivians/Veys, suspect with Morgan le Fay of Bute, were first found in Cornwall with Rave's/Rawles' and Bude! That is an excellent way to assure that Vibia's Vibius surname is to Vivians, though I knew this already from the motto's of Craigie's (Ayrshire, same and KENNEDys and Carricks) and Craig,s from Proculus CHARAX, Laevillus' son. English Bude's share the Morgan lion, I kid you not. The Arthurian myth writers were putting surnames in code with their mythical characters, that's all. The satanic finks didn't tell anyone.

As Melusine was located on Avalon = Bute by Nicholas de Vere von Drakenberg, a proud satanist, note that she is in the Babel/BABE Coat, a surname like the Bible's. As God showed me that Lorraine (another girlfriend) is to be connected to Babe's, it's notable that Lorraine's use the Bude / Morgan / Moore lion in colors reversed. I identify the Arthurian satanists (demented, carried by lying spirits) as Merovingians in Britain. The Clovis/Clovile Crest puts a nail in the BEAK of an ostrich, and Beaks (ostrich in Crest) share a Coat like that of English Babe's/Babbs (highly suspect with the fesses of Oullette's/Wille's, for it was Mike Oullette who called Lorraine a babe). This is great, for, as I said, the last time I saw Lorraine, she was carrying a child as code for Childeric, Clovis' father.

English Babels/Babwells use the GATE, and the portcullis gate (probably owned by Yate's) is suspect as code for "Proculus." Porters use the PORTcullis, indicating a Yate merger with Porters, and Scottish Porters were first found in Ayrshire, specifically in Kyle while Kyle's use candleSTICKs as code for the Sithech line of Shaws/Seths (in the "shaw" motto term of the Arms of Ayrshire).

The Clovis'/Clovile's were first found in Berkshire with Shaws/Sheaves', and they share the same chevron. And Clovis/Clovile's are the ones with the nails for a trace to Oneglia/Imperia, home of Boofima that I expect from Aures, home of the Shawia Numidians. Queen Kenza of Aures is the line to Kennati-like Kenneths, suggesting that she was from the Kennati. Her husband, IDRis of Morocco, a Muslim from Syria, is expected as an ITURean from the "itur" terms in the Kenneth and Shaw/Sheaves motto's. Idris' family ruled at Fez while Fez'/Fes' were first found in Auvergne with Bauds.

Mythical king Kenneth MacALPIN was made the son of king Alpin, and Alpins share the sword across a fir tree with ALIS' while Clovis/Clovile's use "ALL IS in God." The "God" motto term can be for such surnames as Goths/Gothels, from Gothelo, great-grandfather of GODfrey de Bouillon. The Bouillon flory cross is of the Birds/Burds in colors reversed (shared by Felts), and the other Allisons use "black BIRDs," highly suspect with the "Cornish choughs" of Hoods/Hoots.

There is a Kennet surname, first found in Wiltshire, beside the Babe's/Babbs of Dorset. Wiltshire is also where Lapps were first found that use the Melusine MERmaid. Maids/Mauds share bars gemel in the colors of the same of Oullette's (MOORcock). It's all looking like that Arthurian satanism, which liked to portray itself as Christ-important for to deceive with false prophets. Much Arthurian myth was written by Geoffrey of Monmouth, and Monmouths share a version of the Maid/Maud Coat. Monmouthshire is where Fane's/Vans were first found, suspect as part of king Arthur's wife (the Veneti of Vannes/Gwened, probably a branch of Ghent/Gaunt).

The Melusine design of Lapps is shared by Prestwicks, and there is a Prestwick location in Ayrshire, where Kennedys were first found. The Prestwick motto is that of Vails/Velis', the one with "speRAVi." Kennet was home to Rave's/Rawle's. Prestwicks may have named the Prestbury location of Kerricks/Carricks so that we can expect the Kennati priests in Kennets to have merged with Lapps. Prests were first found in Hertfordshire with Childs, and while the Clovis/Clovile motto is suspect with Allisons, Scottish Allisons were first found near the Kyle home in Cumnoch. It just so happens that ALTERs/Colters (Catherine wheel, owned by Catherine Roet) were first found in Lanarkshire with Allisons, and Kennets use an "ALTERam" motto term (may be partially for Rams).

Kennets were first found in Wiltshire with Mortons, who merged with Says to name Mortone-Say in Shropshire. The Says (Shropshire) share the Kennet quadrants. Kennets use a helmet in a gauntlet, and Irish Kennedys use the helmet too. Compare "Gaunt/Ghent" to "KENNATi." Gaunt is also Ghent while Ghents (Hampshire, beside Kennets) share the Chief of Side's/Sudys, a branch of Sutys/Sideys that share "hazard" with Seatons of SAYtown. The "yet" motto term of Seatons is suspect for the Yate's with a portcullis gate traceable to Cetis. The Gate's / Yate's may be a branch of Geddes', like "Cetis." Gaunt/Ghent is at the end of the Lys river, and while the fleur-de-lys is a lily, Cetis/Sestie's use lilies.

Mortons are loved by Walsh's, a branch of Walsers who share the two-tailed Melusine with Babels/Babe's.

The Geddes pikes were suspect with the PICnic table symbol that I think God used with both Lorraine and Mamie. It was recently shown why the picnic table links to another aspect (bus stop) of Lorraine's codes, but suffice it to repeat here that I kissed her, on our first date, at a picnic table, and that Kiss'/CUSH's are likely using the rooster on a CUSHion of Babe-suspect Bibo's/Bible's. As Babels share the Melusine mermaid with Lapps, I can now repeat that Mamie, who was not my girlfriend at the time, took me by complete surprise by sitting on my LAP at a picnic table (while with a gang of friends around a campfire). I had met her weeks before on my last night with Lorraine. I didn't see Mamie again until the night she sat on my lap.

I had even purchased a new BIBLE for Mamie, but didn't do that for any other girlfriend. She said she left it under a BED when away on a trip, which. I now realize was code for Bede's, first found in Brittany with Maurels who share the Bede acorns in the same colors. Italian Maurels/Maurinis' are in Bede colors, and the latter Maurels use a version of the Bute/Butt Coat, making Bede's suspect from Bodegisel, son of Mummolin. It had turned out that Mamie was code for Mummolin liners, and here it can be added that Mummolin's father-in-law was MAURILion. Cool. The Bible under a bed should mean that Maurilion and/or Mummolin were from Vibia, mother of Laevillus. The mythical Bedivere (same ending as "QuineVERE") of Arthurian myth comes to mind.

The night she sat on my lap, she even allowed me to sleep in her sleeping bag. The next morning we WADEd in a lake, suspect with Quade's/Wade's, from QUADRatilla Bassus (Laevillus' wife), her name suspect in heraldic QUADRants, as used by Kennets and Says, for example. The Vere quadrants are in colors reversed.

We slept in a tent that night, code for the Tintons (royal tents), first found in Cornwall with Bude and TINTagel, the latter being the birthplace of king Arthur. Bude's are in Bede colors. Beetle's/Bedwells (Bedfordshire) share the checks owned by several Laevillus lines. Quints, first found in Essex with English Bude's, share the black lion paw of Bedfords, and Quints were also first found in Dorset with Babe's/Babbs, which is beside the Lapps / Mortons of Wiltshire. Babe's/Babbs are said to have had a Babe/Babegh location in Suffolk, and Suffolk is where Babons/Bavents were first found who share the boar head of gardens. On the evening that Mamie and I waded in the lake (Lady of the Lake of Arthurian myth?), God gave her a thigh symbol at her GARDEN. Gardens (beside Vivian-liner Fife's) are a branch of Jardins, and then the French Jardins share the Cetis lilies, no guff.

Pepin of Landen, who was in code with the laundromat, where I met Lorraine on the night of our first date (i.e. the night of the kiss at the picnic table), was the father of Begga, and as I traced this Pepin to queen Bebba of Bernicia, note the BaBEGH location of Babe's, for God gave Lorraine a babe symbol. the LAUNDRomat was code for Landers/Landens, who share six pale bars with English Babels/Babwells. Pepin-branch Pipe's were first found in Staffordshire with Willastons, who were deemed a branch of Oullette's/Willi's because it was Mike Oullette who called Lorraine a babe. Staffordshire is also where STOPs/Stubbs were first found who share a version of the Pepin Coat, and I asked Lorraine to meet me at the laundromat while asking her out at her bus STOP. Staffordshire is where Arras'/Arrows were first found with the Pepin / Pipe fleur in colors reversed.

Yup, it happened that way. The only reason I asked her out there, even though I had never spoken to her before, is because she was an irresistible babe that I needed to take my chances with, at the risk of her turning me down. Ouch, I hated rejection, who doesn't? But this was God's work, and she agreed to meet me at the laundromat.

Actually, I spoke words to her a few weeks earlier, while walking past her on Lorraine-like Lorne street, I kid you not. Her bus stop was at the corner of Lorne and Yonge street in Richmond Hill, Ontario. I was walking at the corner of those streets to the opposite corner of her bus stop, and she was, I assume, walking up Lorne toward that bus stop, when I came walking around the corner from Yonge street, and spotted her coming toward me. As she walked by, I blurted, "I'm going to marry you." She didn't respond, and I didn't turn around to see how she reacted to it. I assume that the Marry surname, or the Marsi Merovingians in general, were Intended by that statement. Yonge's share the Leavell piles.

I can now add that, between the time of the marry statement, and the time I asked her out, I had seen her from her backside while she stood at her bus stop at Lorne and Yonge, for Jimmy, the Greek owner of a restaurant, had asked me to renovate his restaurant's bathroom, and the restaurant window was smack at her bus stop. I saw her at least twice from inside that restaurant. The point here is, the TOILET that I removed / replaced, for Tullia of Lyon was ancestral to Mummolin, and she's suspect to the Tull/Tolle/TOLLET surname, first found in Staffordshire with Stops/Stubbs and Pipe's! Zinger.

I recall removing Jimmy's bathroom sink, and afterward he asked me to remove the wallPAPER in his home. There is a Paper surname. Sinks were first found in Cambridgeshire with Jeune's in the Yonge motto, and his restaurant was on Yonge street. Pepins share the Jeune fleur-de-lys.

The wallpaper job recalls the event set up by God in a motel room (Crystal City, Texas, near Mexico), where cockROACHes were making noises behind the loose wallpaper all night long. In the morning, black SMOKE out the tail PIPE. Pipe's are an obvious branch of Pepins, and Roach's can be gleaned as a branch of the Rauche's that come up as "Smoke." Smoke's/Rauche's (Bavaria, same as Rothchilds/Rothes' and Rothschilds/Roddenstein) can be gleaned with the sinister bend of Jewish Rothchilds and therefore with the Rodden/Rodham bend. This is why my removing wallpaper from Jimmy's place should be deemed as additional code for Pepin of Landen. The paper surname shows also as PapWALL/PepperWAL. It uses carNATIONs while Nations/Nathans can be expected as the reason for the naming of Nathan Rothschild, the first man born with the Rothschild surname. Roach's share the raven with Rothchilds/Rothes'.

Why did God set up the cockroaches in Crystal City? I assume it was due to the Mens' motto term shared between Crystals (share fir tree with Alis' and Alpins) and Pepins. The Mens' are also Mame's/Meme's, and God did show in another was how Mamie was code for the MANSfields. Firs/Furs/Fire's use a unicorn in the colors of the Jewish-Rothchild horse, and it's the Rasmussen/Assman unicorn while Assmannshausen is at Rudesheim while Rudes' were first found in Shropshire with English Rothes'. Rasmussens/Assmans (share sinister bend with Jewish Rothchilds) have the Pepin bend-with-fleur.

English Assmans (Pepin / Pipe format) were first found in Wiltshire with Kennets, etc., and while Kennedys use the Arms of Carrick, the Carrick talbot is in the colors of the black talbot heads of English Assmans (probably the Massey fleur). Pape's/Papenburgs, likely a branch of queen Bebba's Bebbanburgs, use black talbot heads too, in colors reversed from the same of Hulls/Hule's and Halls, the latter first found in Lincolnshire, same as Lucy TAILLEbois. The black smoke was out the TAILpipe of a Nissan PICK-up truck, and Nissans were first found in Hamburg with Pape's/Papenburgs. Nissans use the double fesses of Pharnaces-line Parrs, beloved of Mens-branch Manners/Maness', and the latter share the peacock in Crest with the Allisons, a good reason to see the Allison talbots in this picture.

The pick-up truck can therefore be deemed code for the Pike-loving Geddes out of Cetis with Kennets.

The Pape's/Papenburgs don't call it a talbot, just a dog, same as Pharnaces-line Furnace's/Furness', and both use the dog in the same colors, remarkably enough. Furnace's and Parrs, both first found in Lancashire with PARtons, share the black border. Partons (Mens Chief-Shield colors) share the ragully pattern with Pape's/Papenburgs. Queen Nysa birthed Nysa of Cappadocia, and she was the ancestor of Nysa of Bithynia, beside PAPHlagonia. Parton liners are to be expected in the "partem" motto term of Kennets.

As king Pharnaces (Pontus) was married to NYSA, it explains why God had me in a Nissan. The pick-UP can also be code for OPgalli (Galatian woman), suspect in marriage to the Pharnaces-Nysa line in Cappadocia. It was a pick-up TRUCK, and the Bassus' out of Assman-like Akmonia were TROCmi Galatians. Tracks/Tricks share the Lorraine lions, and the Assman bend with symbols is in the colors of the same of Lorraine's. The Kennati priests were along the TRACHeitis river of Cetis. The last time I saw Lorraine was at a coffee shop in Vaughn, while sitting with Paul Smith, who, years later, would buy this Nissan pick-up.

Let's go back to the sink I removed from Jimmy, for Sinks share the dolphin with James'. Singers/Sangs are suspect from the Sangarius river which, off the top of my head, was between Bithynia and Paphlagonia. "BITHYNia" became suspect with Bidens/Buttons, the latter said to have married Furneaux's, I kid you not. It can explain why the Biden/Button fesse is in the colors of the double Ness/Nessan fesses. This recalls the several times I discussed the red buttons I never knew were in my trailer until I tore it apart. The buttons fell out of the kitchen cupboards into the kitchen SINK, where I first saw them, still in their bag, never used by the previous owner of the trailer. Kitchens, I can add, were first found in Lancashire too, with the Banisters whom share their water bouget.

The English Allisons use a fesse in Button-fesse colors, but so do hundreds of others. Scottish Allisons have a hawk in Crest, symbol of the tiger-using and OPgalli-suspect Hobs/Habs. The German Hops/Hoods/Hooghs/Hopfers can be a branch of Hoods/Hoots because they both use anchors. The last time I saw Allison, on the day she was still my girlfriend, I was sitting on the HOOD of my car watching her get into the car of Mike Denardo at Knob Hill Farms. She left me for him. The Hoods/Hoots share the birds of English Allisons, though they don't call them the same thing.

My question now is whether the sleeping bag, which appears both in a dream from God and with Mamie on the night of the picnic table, is code for lines between Begga, Pepin's daughter, and Mummolin. Begga's mother was Itta (of Metz), and Itta-like Ida was wife of Eustace II. The Begg Crest share a gold cross with the Crest of Eustace-branch Staggs/Stage's, and the sleeping-bag dream ended with me and Miss Peare on a stage. Miss Peare overwhelmingly represented the line between Gothelo and Godfrey de Bouillon (son of Ida above). The Capital 'A' in the Begg Coat can be for Arnolf of Metz, or his son, AnseGISEL, Begga's husband. ANSEgisel could be an Annas line.

Staggs/Stage's use a gold pate, the symbol in the Meuse Chief, and "Begga made a pilgrimage to Rome, and upon her return built seven churches at Andenne on the Meuse." The six pale bars of Meuse's are half in the colors of the same of English Babels/Babwells (Middlesex), excellent for connecting queen Bebba to Itta and/or Pepin of Landen. Begga's son, Pepin of Heristal, was father to Grimoald, like "Grimo," Mummolin's grandson. Grimaldi's share the Coat of Bags.

Judge Scalia Calls for Justice from His Grave

I've just clicked to the article on Pepin of Herstal, to find a painting where St. Hubert, the hunter, is serving Pepin. I had claimed that the sleeping-bag dream was about God's intentions for the International Order of Saint Hubertus, yes, this very hunter fellow in the painting:

Well, that is just amazing. I was starting to lose hope that the sleeping-bag dream was more than a guide on heraldic connections to the killers of Jesus, whereas I had gotten the impression that the dream was given to assure that the Hubertus cult had killed judge Scalia. A leader of the cult, John B. Poindexter, had personally invited Scalia to his ranch for hunting. This was according to Poindexter's own words, and he was in Washington at the time. The day that Scalia came, he left his security people at Houston, and came to the ranch alone, where more than 30 men from the cult attended. I doubt very much that this cult attended in such large numbers more than once annually, and Scalia dies on the weekend that they are present. The leader of the cult even lives in Mexico, and Scalia's body was sent to the Mexican border to be handled in such a way as to avoid inspection by the authorities for foul play. I assume that the Obama administration assured no autopsy.

As I recall it, I had started to look into the details of Scalia's death on the day of, or maybe a day before, I had the sleeping-bag dream. On the morning of the dream, I came across an online photo of this Hubertus cult, where the members wore black robes with a red strip of the inner lining showing down one side only of the robes. I was using a sleeping bag as my blanket at that time, and it's black with a red strip down one side only. I took this to mean that God gave the dream, and that he even caused me to investigate Scalia's death at that particular time. Yet Trump's bad choices for the leaders of the justice department are not expected to look into the Scalia murder. Will God intervene?

I assumed that God timed the dream mere hours before I came across the photo of the Hubertus cult so that I would connect the dream to it. As with other dreams, I probably haven't fully deciphered its meanings. The very first thing in the dream was my picking up a sleeping bag on a hill, and Hills share the white crescent in Crest with Huberts. The Hubert Shield also use the white crescent, on a Sale- / Rothes-suspect bend, and this is the Mott/Mottin / Alexander crescent, for example. The second thing that happened is a rider on a MOTOR bike circling around the area where I picked up the sleeping bag. There is a Moter surname sharing the bend of Colens expected in the "colendo" motto term of Huberts. The Mothers/Mathers may be using a version of the Morinis Coat (Modena).

I now find St. Hubertus in a painting with Pepin of Herstal. I had been wondering whether my trip to Crystal City, where Pepins were part of the codework, had anything to do with Scalia's killers, for that Texas place is near the Mexican border. Poindexter's ranch is further west in Texas, likewise near Mexico.

The Pepin motto uses two terms with a "que" ending, and Huberts use "rectumQUE." Herstal-like Haris' use "UbiQUE." It apparently means that Huberts and Hubards are from St. Hubert. The Hairs Coat is a version of the Dunham Coat. The Hairs Coat shares the double fesses of Maness'/Manners, and on the morning of the afternoon in which I was in Crystal City, I drove past Bay City, where Mr. Maness had an address. Bays likewise use these double fesses (same colors). The black smoke out the tail pipe developed between Bay City and Crystal City. Again, Crystals share the Pepin motto term, "Mens," and Mens' are said to be of the Manners. The latter share the peacock of Harcourts, an obvious branch of the English Hairs'.

In the update out this year on February 12, I reported a dream (February 7) about a spider on a strand of web chasing a fly. Scalia was murdered on the eve of February 12, 2016. In early February 2017, I had the Obama dream. I was still expanding on the Obama dream in the update ending on February 13. The Obama dream included a pool CUE that I was using in Obama's billiard hall. The Cue's use the Arms-of-Cheshire garbs, and Huberts were first found in Cheshire.

Perhaps God is trying to say that Obama had Scalia murdered. Just imagine the political implications if that's true, that Democrats under Obama would go to the point of killing those who stand in their way of engineering society as satanists see fit. The pool cue was highly suspect as code for Perkins-COIE, the law firm used by Hillary Clinton to secure the Steele dossier. I shot a page on the pool table as code for Lisa Page (FBI lawyer) and/or Carter Page.

This recalls the morning when a News page with Obama's face stopped loading with half a dark spot on Obama's forehead. It looked like a bullet hole. But as the page started to load again, it turned out to be a fly on Obama's head. The very night before, there was a peculiar house fly flying in the dark over my bed. Flies don't take off in flight in dark rooms, but this one did. It reminded me of a helicopter because the fly couldn't see where it was going, and so it tried to hover as best it could (flies don't technically hover). There are videos on youtube with Obama's problem of attracting flies. I don't know whether I have accurately interpreted the spider-and-fly dream.

Mr. Maness above flew a helicopter. According to his wife, he was using it for Haiti relief. Mr. Maness is probably a symbol only. The spider-and-fly dream was thought to be about child abductions, and there are online claims that the Clintons were involved in child abductions in Haiti. Child sex is loved by Catholic clergy, and the Hubertus cult is Catholic.

I wonder whether Hubert had a hunting symbol from the same of mythical Orion. The latter's name was likely play on "Uranus," whose symbol was urine as per being the sky god with rainfall. That's why Zeus (Uranus' grandson) was made into a golden shower when birthing Perseus (Danaan of Argos). The latter's mother was Danae, likely from the "Danites" of Laish, whose Levite priest is suspect with Shechemites at Schimatari, home of Orion and/or his father. God used an event at my age five (maybe four) to urinate on the head, and then into the mouth of, Pino, my neighbor. Was this God's code for the golden shower of faggotry or child-sex? The only time I recall being at Pino's house, I was at his garage where a man was showing me his HUNTING rifle. I recall nothing else on that day.

"In Greek mythology, Orion was a giant huntsman whom Zeus placed among the stars as the constellation of Orion." Why Zeus? A close connection. I trace the Levite cult of Laish to mythical OENeus and OENOmaus, and so see that term here: "Ancient sources tell several different stories about Orion...The most important recorded episodes are his birth somewhere in Boeotia, his visit to Chios [related to"Kos"?] where he met MEROPE and after he violated her, was blinded by her father, OENopion, the recovery of his sight at Lemnos [Kabeiri cult of the Galli faggots]..."

Merope must have been play on Merops of Kos, the proto-Merovingians. Merops' granddaughter was Aedon, queen in Thebes (Kabeiri center), in Boiotia. Therefore, one can glean that Orion was related to the Merops line. Note how "Pino" looks apparent in "OenoPION." Code for the Paioni? I trace Paioni to POINdexters. Suddenly, the golden shower on Pino looks connectable to the murder of Scalia.

"Orion stumbled to Lemnos where Hephaestus — the lame smith-god — had his forge. Hephaestus told his servant, Cedalion, to guide Orion to the uttermost East where Helios, the Sun, healed him..." Helios, the god of Rhodes, beside Kos, mated with the wife of mythical king Merops of Ethiopia. Perseus married the daughter of mythical king Cephalus of Ethiopia, suspect with the Cephissus river at Boiotia. Another Cephissus is in neighboring Attica, named by Attis, I assume, the sun god of the Kabeiri cult. Merops is suspect with the Phrygian goat, Marsyas, and Attis was the Phrygian sun god, linkable of course to Helios (may have represented the Galli).

The Acte area between Attica and Boiotia was home to Ogyges, suspect with the Biblical Og. It's interesting that hedgeHOGs are used by Heris', and in the Heris Crest, a porcuPINE that can be code also for Porcius Cato, for Hoggs share the black boar with Porcia's. The black boar was an ancient symbol of Edom, and that place had a god, Kos. The Heris' call their hedgehogs, herissons, and while Heris use a "que" ending, "qui" is a motto term of Harrisons (Sheaves/Shaws motto). Harrisons use a coiled snake around a vertical item, symbol of the Galli priests of the Kabeiri, and that coil, or helix, I think, named Helios. The coiled snake around a rod was the symbol of Hermes' caduceus, and the Hermus river has a mouth near "qui"-like Chios. Hmm, the Shawia Numidians go by the name, Chaoui.

The Harrison snake is green, which I now trace to the snake cult of the Marsi (from Merops, right), wherefore it's notable the Heris' are in Mar colors and format. Perseus with his wife, Andromeda, were at Joppa, suspect with the Jabesh wives of the Benjamites of Rimmon. The latter entity could be in the Heris motto term, "REMINisci." AndroMEDA can be suspect with the line of Keturah's son, Medan, to Medon of Athens, and to Medea of Colchis whose husband, Jason, visited Lemnos so that his Argo-ship crew could mate its Amazons. Orion's father was made Poseidon, a Cadmus-related line that named the Pisa Amazons ruled by OENoMAUS; the latter's mythology contains Hermes. CadMUS established himself in Thebes, we get it. CADmus was then given a two-snake symbol when founding the Illyrians, which was the symbol of Hermes' CADuceus. The latter was owned also by Tiresias, the blind seer, and father of Daphne at the Ladon river of Pisa. This blind symbol went to Orion too.

Merops' son ruled Ephesus, which had shrines to Artemis. I was able to trace Artemis' mother, the Lydian line to the Ladon river, to Crete, even though I knew no myth that had her on Crete. But I have just found one in Orion myth: "Orion's next journey took him to Crete where he hunted with the goddess Artemis and her mother Leto, and in the course of the hunt, threatened to kill every beast on Earth. Mother Earth [Uranus' wife] objected and sent a giant scorpion to kill Orion." I have read that "Gareb," is from a term meaning, scorpion, and mount Gareb (Jerusalem) is suspect as the home of Rephaites i.e. ruled by Og. Not only were Rephaites at Jerusalem's Rephaite valley, but in the neighborhood of JABESH Gilead, suspect with JEBUSites of Jerusalem. The Amorites of Jerusalem are suspect in naming Merowe (Sudan), in what could have been Ethiopia in ancient times, and thus Merops looks like an Amorite (Amurru) entity at Merowe.

Wikipedia says that Merowe was also called, Bedewe, like the Batavi neighbors of the Salians = MEROVingian Franks. Now you know. That's got to explain why Perseus was married to Ethiopians. I trace Perseus (married the daughter of CASSiopeia) as a Parthian entity in relation to Kassites to the Parthenius river of the Heneti, the founders of the Veneti, and Merovingians claimed to be from Veneti. Batavi are suspect from Padova (in Venetia), where the Hebrew-suspect Abreu's/Abruzzo's were first found.

Here's another myth on Orion, where he's given a more-specific father than Poseidon: "Here the gods Zeus, Hermes, and Poseidon come to visit Hyrieus of Tanagra, who roasts a whole bull for them. When they offer him a favor, he asks for the birth of sons. The gods take the bull's hide and ejaculate or URINATE into it and bury it in the earth, then tell him to dig it up ten months later. When he does, he finds Orion; this explains why Orion is earthborn." The ejaculation / urination theme together evokes faggots, and Zeus was the Big Faggot. The faggots wrote mythology, the stench of the human race who wish to rule over us today as the Obamaites of modern times.

So, the writer has Orion birthed at Boiotia's Tanagra, which smacks of Tancreds. I did NOT have mythical Hyrieus on my mind when emphasizing the Heris' above. They were included firstly because they are suspect with Pepin of HERIStal. Amazing coincidence, suddenly. In this picture, the Heris hedgehogs can certainly be of the Og line to Hoggs. And while there is a porcuPINE in the Heris Crest, little Pino was resolved with the Ardiaei king, Pinnes, because the Arthurs of Clapton were at PORTIShead, while Portis' are the Porch's while I was on the porch railing when urinating on Pino's HEAD (suspect with "PortisHEAD)". He looked up to see where the water on his head was coming from, and the urine went smack into his mouth. It's interesting that Portishead is near MonMOUTH. The Mouth-like Mauds share a version of the Monmouth Coat. Just found for the first time: the Mouds/Moodys share the ermined Heris chevron. A white and ermined chevron is shared by Pine's.

Next, wow, the Tancred-branch Tankerville's share the cinquefoil of Portis'/Porch's (Norfolk, same as Bus'), and the "Pro rege" motto of Tankerville's is even in the Herst motto! Hersts were looked up before Heris' in seeking Herstal lines. More amazing yet is when I was wondering whether the Harris' (two r's) use the Clapton patee cross, which was wondered before writing on Clapton / Portishead.

I expect to find that Heris' / Harris' / Harrisons / Herts are related to Schims / Skene's, or any surname using the scimitar. "Tanagra is a town and a municipality north of Athens in Boeotia, Greece. The seat of the municipality is the town Schimatari." While Kennedys use the scimitar, Kennets are in the write-up of Rawles'/Ralls, in case my standing on the porch railing was code for Ralls. Rallings share the Rawles/Rall swords.

The Ralling motto shares "disce pati" with Donkeys and Duncans, who share the Portis/Porch cinquefoil. It therefore seems correct to identify the railing with Ralls / Rallings. Harrisons use "PATItur." King Duncan was father to king Malcolm, and while Malcolms ("ardua") are Columns too, the green Harrison snake is coiled around an column. The Ralling motto looks connectable to the Pendragon motto, and Pendragons are expected in merger with Arthurs of Clapton.

The entire Pendragon motto is "Cognosca teipsum" without the "Cog" that Harrisons add in. I can see Coggs as Hoggs. The Pendragon motto along with Tippers is helpful in linking Pendragons to the Kennedys of Tipperary. I think we can bank on king Pinnes being named after the proto-Pendragon PENEStae.

Cogs can be using the Pepin bend because the Cogs put leaves upon theirs while Pepins are suspect at Pavia/Papia, home of Laevi. This reminds that I was thinking to jump off the porch roof with an umbrella, the same porch where I urinated on Pino. I must have seen it from Mary Poppins, and Poppins share "Mens" with Pepins. Mary Poppins had Dick Van Dyke as a co-star, and I trace Dyke's to the Ticino, location of Pavia. Dicks were first found in Edinburghshire with Mens'. Dutch Dicks/Dyks' share the swan with Hedge's in the same colors.

Recalling that Cocks share the Bag Coat, it begs whether Cocks were a Cogg branch linkable to Begga, Pepin's daughter.

The Heris hedgehogs suggest the Hedge's/Hegge's, in Haig / Hagar colors. Haigs use a "Sola" motto term while Sols/Solana's share the red sun with Hersts (Yorkshire, same as Haigs). The Haig stars are in the colors of the same of Harris', the latter first found in Derbyshire with Sola's/Solneys...and Aures-suspect Heyers / Eyers/Ayers, in case they were Harris liners. In fact, while Aures was home to the Shawia/Chaoui, Shaws/Sheaves' share the Harrison motto.

Pavia's use a split Shield in colors reversed from the same of Monans/Moonans. Both use three white symbols on both halves. As the Moons use the Pine / Pino crescents, apparently, while being first found in Devon with English Pine's, I expect them from king Monunius II, whose daughter married an Ardiaei king. That's why Pine's and Pino's should be from Pinnes. As Arthurians were Merovingians in Britain, we can expect the Ardiaei to have been Franks first of all, and the "frangi" motto term of Monans may apply. The first royal Franks, from Childeric, had a home in the Artois theater.

The second wave of royal Franks, the Pepinid CAROLingians, can be suspect with Carols, who share comBATANT lions, with a sword between them, with Monans. Batants/Battins/Badens were first found in Somerset with Portishead-Clapton. Combatant lions are used also by the neighboring Salisburys. The Arthurs of Clapton are said to have married Mede's (from mythical Medea?), and Mede's share the Coat of Godfreys suspect with Artois' Boulogne. The Arras/Arrow Coat shares the Pepin fleur-de-lys.

Carolingians were founded by Pepin of Herstal.

King MONunius I (Dardania) became suspect in naming HasMONians, for I had previously traced Hasmoneans (founded by Matthew) to Has on the Drin river (same as proto-Pendragons), and to the neighboring Mathis (Mat) river. Dardanians would have had access to Has via the southbound rivers to it. The point is, the Mathis / Chives moline is in the corner of the Monan Coat. Has was suspect with Hazels, who share the Weaver fesse while Webbers (share hurt with Irish Arthurs) use the Pepin fesse-with-fleur in colors reversed. The hurt of Webbers (Somerset) is called a disc, perhaps linkable to the "disce" term of Duncans / Rallings. The Webber motto looks like code for Lille of Artois.

Weavers and Pepins both love the Este's, and Este is in Padova, land of mythical Merops, right? Merops was connected to Orion, right? Merops was from Bedewe, the line to Padova, right? The Abreu's of Padova have their lion in the Salisbury Coat, and Salisbury is in Wiltshire, where Kennets were first found who had merged with Schimatari elements. Orion's father was from Schimatari, right? Kenndys/Kendels share the dolphin with Kennedys, and we can glean that Kenndys/Kendels (Cornwall, same as Tippers) share a black version of the Tipper Coat. That traces the Kennati priests to Candale (Aquitania) with Kendels. The Kenites of Israel are expected in migration to Greece with Shechemites. The Kennati loved mythical Ajax of Greece.

Their was a Foix-Candale entity, and while Foix is beside Aude, "Audi" is a Kennet motto term. Aude's share three white swords with Rallings/Rawlings/Rowlings, and Kennet was the home of Rawles/Ralls. I was on the railing while peeing on Pino, which can suggest that Kenites are to be expected with the Shechemites at Schimatari / Tanagra. It's known that the house of Kendel was of Candale, and it's known that Candale was of John of Gaunt. The Kennets have a GAUNTlet in Crest holding the Kennedy helmet. Scottish Kennedys were first found in Ayrshire with CANDLEstick Kyle's.

The Candle's are KENTwells, and first found beside Kent. The Kents may apply to Kennati liners, therefore, but let's not forget Kenneths from the Aures Numidians, for we just crosses Aures' Shawia in Heris liners. Sheaves'/Shaws were first found in Berkshire with Kents and Modens/Modeys, and the latter might be part of the Mouds suspect with urine in Pino's mouth. Modens/Modeys share the fretty of Caens, from the ORNE river, suspect with "ORION." Amazing. As Arks were first found in Berkshire too, the Orion cult can thus be traced to Modane on the Arc river. In fact, zowie, the Arc is the location of Chambre while Chamberlains are known to be related to the Tanagra-suspect Tankerville's! Zinger. French Chambre's were first found in Savoy with Aude's.

Modane is suspect with Modi'in, home of Matthew, founder of Hasmoneans. The Moden-like Mauds share a version of the MONmouth Coat. Fane's/Vans share the gauntlet with Kennets, and were first found in Monmouthshire. Mauds are said to be from an Alto entity, and "ALTissimus" is a motto term of Chambre's. The latter were first found in the same place as French Masseys, and could therefore be using the Masci fleur. The other Chambre's use an arm from the sinister side, code for Maccabee liners.

Kents (same lion as Maschi's) may be with a version of the Cutter Coat, and Cutters (Keturah / Kotor liners?) were first found in Dorset, beside Kennets. Kennet of Wiltshire was also, Chenete, suggesting Cheneys. The latter's Coat is like that of SALMans/Salians, in Salmon colors, and then "Ajax was a hero in Greek mythology, son of King Telamon of SALAMis..." I can therefore see the Kennati to the Cheneys and Salians. Salmons are said to be from Cutter-suspect CATERham, and Catters share vertical salmon with Salmons. MacAbee's/McCabe's use salmon. Kotor is from fish-depicted Kodros.

Salmans and Salmons were both in Surrey with Gastons, the latter thus sharing the checkered Shield of Italian Salmons. The Salmon Crest should even have the SHAKEspeare spear (!) because Shakespeare's were first found in Cumberland while Salmons had a branch in Cumberland's Waterfoot.

Hasmoneans may have been named after Akmonia, or vice-versa, and the first-known bishop of Akmonia was Optimus while Salmons use an "optima" motto term. As Merovingians were of Salmans/Salians, it could appear that Talls (share bees with Bessins), first found in Thuringia with the first Merovingian queen, were from whatever named TELamon of Salamis. Dilmun/Telmon (Persian gulf), home of mythical Ishtar, comes to mind. There is a good chance that Ishtar (Euphrates river) evolved into Aphrodite, named after the Euphrates river, home of Amorites of Mari (Euphrates river) that were proto-Merovingians.

In the first update of last month, I introduced an event while driving home from a Cheech and Chong live performance. The event stressed Colin Cowie, and especially the Colin/Colen surname. It also stressed the Curbys/KIRKbys. Here's what I had to say at one point:

Barrow is a location in Low Furness. Here's what more I said in that update as per Fleetwood, near Furness: "The Fleetwood location near Lancaster has been resolved as a Flavian line. Kirks (Cumberland) look like they share a form of the Barrow Coat, for Barrow is on the map in Cumbria, and south of Kirkby." I didn't know this until now, a couple of hours after finding the Kirkbys listed with Curbys. Amazing. I was at my atlas, and seeing Fleetwood just after mentioning Fleets, I checked the term in my recent files, which is how I came to the quotes above. Luck? I don't think so. God set this up. That curb I almost hit, the Marsi-suspect meridian at Victoria Square.

During this update, I added the following insert immediately after the quote above:

[A few weeks after writing here, I came across Kirkhams, first found in Lancashire, and sharing a black border with Furnace's/Furness'. If you can believe it, I was looking up the Lends as per the "COLENdo" motto term of Huberts, wondering whether it was both for them and for Colens/Colins, and Lends tell of a Lund location in Lancashire's Kirkham. Amazing. But, can you also believe that Kirkhams share three upright and red lions with Woodbine's? Obama descended from Jonathan Singletary-Dunham, and Singletarys are said to have been at Kirkham. Kirkham is in Fylde while Fylde's are in Curby/Kirkby colors, and it just so happens that Fylde's share the chevron of Shake's/Shicks (Lancashire)! Bingo.]

It was a bingo because the Cheech's are with Shechemite-suspect Checks/Chicks. The curb I almost hit was at Woodbine avenue, and the car was pointed at the house of Colin Cowie, a friend, at the time.

The Hills, suspect in the sleeping-bag dream, share the white-on-black tower with Plunketts, from Plancia Magna at Perga, beside Antalya, the latter likely in-code with the ANTELope, which is used by Singletarys. It just so happens that Plunketts use a "FESTina LENTe" motto while Poindexters share the Fist/FAUST hand. German Kirks use another white tower. Fylde's use the rare green roundel, found with Wilms in the last update, and while Wilms share the bend-with-stars of VANCE's/Vaux's/Vallibus, Hills use a motto, "Avancez." This Hill link to Wilms doesn't, at the moment, mean a whole lot, but as Wilms were at POUNDSford Park, hmm, "POINDexter." And Pounds trace with Draytons to the Drin/Drilon river (see last update), beside the Paioni suspect with Poindexters.

The dream proved to have items that make good heraldic sense, which is required if I'm to take a dream as a message from God. But if it was also about the murder of Scalia, there could be something more in it pointing to the killers than a pointing at the Hubertus cult. The second and third things that happened was a rider on a motor bike, coming from a ROAD to circle the sleeping bag on a hill, and his riding up the hill and leaving down the road from where he came. That thing might be code for Ben Rhodes, for example, Obama's national-security advisor. However, a new thing I have just realized, and almost missed, is that the Gorsuch surname shares the Road eagle!

I was staring at the Gorsuch Coat, wondering how it could link to other items in the dream, and for a minute or two, after deciding that there was no connection, I recalled that Roads use a white-on-red spread eagle! I looked Gorsuch's up because Trump replaced Scalia with Neil Gorsuch. Amazing.

The Gorsuch's use the bend-with-eagles of Lorraine's. The Lorraine eagle is the Piast eagle because the Piast, Mieszko II Lambert, married Richeza of Lorraine. It just so happens that the Road eagle is sideways, with feet toward the sinister side, code for Masci liners. Henry RODER in the Road write-up evokes the rider on a bike.

The dream's last scene was my being on a platform or stage with Miss Peare, and the scene before that was she on another platform, beside mine, with Louise Phillips. The Louis surname, first found in Lorraine, shares three blue lozenges with Bagleys, the latter first found in Shropshire with Sleeps. I did not see the face of the other woman in the dream, but the last scene caused me to realize that it was Miss Phillips because the last scene was a near-copy s of a real event when I slept between the two ladies at age 18. And so the key word there is "sleep." Scalia was either killed in his sleep, or they made it appear that he died naturally in his sleep. Poindexter said that Scalia sat beside him at dinner, and that the judge got up from the table to retire early to bed. Did he / they put something in his food that made him feel sleepy?

The sleeping bag was on a hill in a forest. My place in Texas was in the Texas hills, and these hills get larger toward the west i.e. toward Poindexter's ranch. But this forest may be code for C. Allen Foster, who flew down to the ranch with Scalia. Fosters list Forrests, and Forests (one 'r') were first found in Northumberland with Fosters. Poindexter said that when he asked Scalia to come hunting, Foster was standing there, and the latter is said to have urged Scalia to agree. It looks like a calculated set-up. Scalia left his security guard(s) at Houston, where they got off a plane, and so one wonders whether Foster convinced him to leave the security guard there. Fosters use the motto, "Hunter blow thy horn." Isn't that part-code for Orion liners to the Bessin?

While the man on motor bike rode away down the road, I was crossing the road (do not recall carrying the sleeping bag) into the parking lot of a mall, and then found myself entering the mall (where I saw the two ladies on stage's). The Mall surname was first found in Cheshire with Huberts and Hubbards, and all three share a black bend. The Malls had a seat of motor-like Mottram, and Mottrams show a MOTTERam variation. The "ram" ending could indicate a merger with Rams; the Bagley Crest is a ram, and Cheshire is beside Shropshire, where Bagleys were first found. I view connective details like this as necessary proofs that God gave the dream. Another example is where the rider was gleaned as David Morley before realizing that Mauls come up as "Morley." Morley rode away while I walked to the mall. Perfect.

The ram is used by Bauts/Baux's (Box colors), first found in Auvergne with Moters/Motiers! Amazing. And Motts/Mottins share the Hubert crescents.

It gets extremely interesting where the Motterams have the brown tree stump of RODhams!!! Wow, where was my head that I failed to see this in the past? My files tell that Mottram was mentioned only once, in the first update of May, 2017:

I had not loaded MALLs/Marlybone's until now to find that they were from MOTTRam, which can explain why Dave Morley was riding his MOTORbike in the dream as I was headed to the mall! This is hilarious.

I did not load the Mottrams, apparently, because I didn't mention their use of the Rodham stump. But note how I said, "this is hillarius," like HILLARY Rodham Clinton. As Scalia was murdered in 2016, with the election of Hillary pending, it stands to reason that the Clinton circle had Scalia murdered in efforts to turn the supreme court into a liberal-leaning one for her presidency.

But I did mention Rodhams in that same update, and here's how:

Then, Rodhams were first found in the same place as Malbanks/MILbanks (Spence's use MILLstones), and both Rodhams and Malbanks use the same bend except that Malbanks/Milbanks use it ermined [actually, they are both ermined], in the colors of the ermined bars of Sleeps. Malbanks are in the Marlborough write-up, and I suggest that MALbanks were Malahule > Mall/Marlybone > Maul/Morley liners.

Hillarys and Malbanks were both first found in Northumberland. MARLboroughs were being viewed as a Morley / Marlybone branch, but I must have missed Ellen de Malbanc in the Mall/Marlybone write-up. At one point, I realized that the sleeping bag on a hill could be viewed alternatively as upon a bank (alternative name for a hill). Malls/Marlybone's share the Say quadrants, and Says were first found in Shropshire.

Also, the rider had a helmet on, and Poindexters use the helmet. The rider looked like a Nazi in an old, world-war-2 movie. I believe that the CIA is run by elements chosen and gathered by real Nazi's that once ran it (some could still be alive and active behind the visible political spectrum).

I ask you: why would God give this dream pointing to the killers of Scalia? Who is reading this that will follow-up on that crime? Not Jeff Sessions. The last scene was where I was pulling Miss Peare by the waist toward me on a stage / PLATform, and Hillary had employed PLATTE River Networks, which may apply. Peare's (Oxfordshire, same as Clintons) became resolved as code for Pero's, who use a single pale bar in the colors of the vertical ladder (i.e. acting as a pale bar) of Scalia's.

I now see why the road was necessary, in order to link Roads to Gorsuch's. But Bill Clinton is a Rhodes Scholar, and that globalist cult may have been involved. The mall was then necessary in order to get Rodhams into the picture via the Mottram location of Malls, and to prove that God was pointing to Mottrams, he had a rider of a motor bike. I suppose there are other ways to indicate motors, but a BIKE may have been used because Bicks were first found in Berkshire with Sleep-like Slopers. One can view the sleeping bag on a slope because Sleeps were first found in Salop.

Hold on to your ladder. Slopers share the dove with olive branch with Italian Paloma's (Bari, near the Motels and Mota's), and I first kissed Miss Peare at La Paloma (Scarborough, Toronto). It had a bar in the basement, and after I asked if she would come outside with me, we went up the stairs = scala. The Spanish Paloma's use two pale bars in the colors of the one of Pero's! That's the Scalia pale bar too, isn't it? This tends to mean that an event at my age 18, just weeks before I slept between her and Miss Phillips, was about the murder of Scalia. God had apparently arranged my life to speak on this murder. But why? What good is it if it doesn't catch the murderer?

The Sloper motto is translated, "In peace as a wise man." The Wise's/Weis' share the two Zionist stars of Pero's. I view Weis' with Weishaupts, from the founder of the Bavarian Illuminati, from whom we can expect the Nazi's.

When I slept between the two ladies, I awoke in the middle of the night with an arm around Miss Peare's waist, and with my hand on her belly, I was pressing her toward me. The good feeling that I had was exactly the feeling I sensed in the sleeping-bag dream as I pulled her toward me by the waist. God was connecting the dream to that sleeping event. I could add that doves are shared between Paloma's, Slopers and WAISTells, but here I'd like to make another point, that the belly was resolved overwhelmingly with the "bello" Christi" motto phrase of Bouillons...who were first found in Auvergne with Bauts/Baux's (ram), and with Moters suspect with MotteRAMs. The Baut/Baux ram is in the colors of the Ram rams. German Bauts/Baulds (probably of the Bautica/Baltea river), can we believe it, use another "bello" motto term. There is a Below/Bella surname (shares fretty Shield with Modens/Modeys, Berkshire again) with a chalice in Crest while Chalice's are said to be from Pas-de-Calais, home of Godfrey de Bouillon (at least while he was a child).

The latest emphasis in the news on the FBI informant is looking like a waste of time, a distraction set up by the liberal deep state to take emphasis off of the FISA-court crimes which the FBI engaged. And this deep state is guilty of murder too. We could be in the midst of a very slow-painful revelation on Democrat crimes, painful for the Democrats.

I thought I was finished with this section, but I've just gone back to look at the Malbank write-up, which I did not read. I had been wondering earlier whether the Milbanks were a Miller / Mueller merger with Banks, but I didn't pursue it for lack of confidence in its proof. On reading the write-up, wow, they are from SNAPE castle, and Meullers/Meulens (not "Mueller") use SNIPs. The Snipe's, listed with Snape's (Oxfordshire, same as Clintons, Peare's and pear-using Abbotts), use a portcullis Coat version of the Clintons, and the Malbank write-up even mentions a Thorpe PERROW mansion at Snape castle. That must be why Miss Peare was placed into the Mall, as part-code for this Perrow house of MALbanks.

? The Meullers/Meulens use "a PAIR of snips," and Pairs'/Pauers/Paws could be a Perrow branch. The Parrots (pears) come up as "Perrow," and they mention Thorpe Perrow at Snape village. Parrots are used by Pavia-suspect Peeble's. There is also a French Perrow surname (black wolf heads) with the Perrons. Pero's come up as Perino's, and Perrins use an "imPAVIdun" motto term. .

So, it appears that God has dragged Robert Mueller into the sleeping-bag dream. Why? Is it because he's become closely connected to Scalia's murderers via the job that Rosenstein appointed him to? Is he part of God's sting operation, to unfold the core of corruption eventually? German and Jewish Muellers use the giant Catherine wheel, owned by Catherine Roet, and so Mueller may be in the dream with the wheels of the motor bike upon the Roet-like road. In fact, as we have just seem Meullers with a version of the Clinton Coat, and while Rodhams are likely cousins of Roet / Road liners, let's also tell that Jewish Muellers use the Catherine wheel in the colors for it of Colters/ALTERs, for Rodhams (Malbank bend) use an "alteri" motto term! Zinger, what are the chances of those things coming together?

The Catherine Wheel is shared by Scotts, and they share "Amo" with Perrows/Parrots.

I didn't walk from the road straight into the mall, but first into the PARKING lot. Parkings are listed with Perkins, and Hillary hired Perkins Coie law firm to work the Steele dossier into the hands of the FBI for a trumped-up assault against her presidential rival. Talk about disgusting and worthy of jail, yet she's still free thanks to a very stupid president Trump. Passing himself off as brilliant in deal making, he didn't even bother to ask Sessions whether he would go after the Clinton / Obama crime rings. He hired Sessions without such a plan in mind. That's how pitiful-little Trump cared about cleansing the swamp. He proved with Sessions that he's an imposter. The big apology he's given this week for choosing Session should be ignored until he rights the mistake, and the longer he keeps Sessions in there, the longer Rosenstein rules over the criminal matters that Sessions won't touch.

The obvious thing to do is to get rid of itty-bitty Rosenstein, but Trump won't do that either, to replace him with a man who'll do the laundry, and hang all the obscene Democrat clothes on the line for all to see. Trump's being a colossal pinhead. Trump wants to be regarded as the big man for taking on big-bad Korea, yet he's afraid of itty-bitty Rosenstein and wee-mouse Sessions. Korea jailed innocent Americans, and Sessions allows high-level, first-degree, dangerous criminals to go free. Where do you think Trump's priorities should be?

In the same way, this president did not confirm an FBI boss who would do the laundry. Instead, this Wray character wears the pants of the liberals, doing everything they want, which is absolutely nothing. Trump could not have scored a bigger goal into his own net. Yet Fox praises him daily while lamenting Sessions. Fox refuses to attack Wray, we wonder why. How is Wray any better than Sessions? The previous FBI bosses committed crimes, and Wray will not dig up the details for all to see. Get rid of Rosenstein, and put someone in there who will order Wray to hang the details on the laundry line.

Perkins Coie has an office in Denver, location of Platte River Networks whom Hillary chose for a server after she had to get rid of her initial private server that she ran out of her bathroom. No secretary of state secretly uses a private server unless her business needs to be hidden. How is teensy-weeny North-Korea big-mouth more important than discovering what seismic activities she was committed to, in secret, in her world events with the radical Obama? The voters voted Trump in to punish and destroy that obscene thing. And right out of the gate as president, Trump betrayed them. The voters need to install a hook with rope in Trump's nostrils, and pull him along to do their will. If Trump leaves criminals to go free, then he should lose his freedom too.

The reason that the stages in the mall can be viewed as PLATforms is because I saw them immediately after walking through the Perkins-Coie lot, so to speak. The end of the dream pertains to Hillary Clinton's crimes, apparently; the start of the dream to Scalia's murder, and Mueller is now pegged in the middle of the dream. If Hillary was behind Scalia's murder, the Mueller "investigation" might just backfire and reveal Hillary's crimes. Nunes is working on this, and is probably, at this time, getting wind of the inspector general's report on Hillary's crimes. We will soon discover whether the inspector general is an imposter.

Washington, the Spook Imposter, the Lying Spirit of Democracy, enemy and exploiter of the people, The Parasite. The Constitution was as a mirage, not to be achieved, to act merely as imagery of what the leaders never were in their mere humanity. Forget the constitution. Please God, and all will become Great, of a greatness that Trump knows nothing about.

Here's a Fox video where Jason Chaffetz (3rd minute) says that the White House was supporting the DoJ when the latter refused to hand documents over to Nunes. Never mind the public bark-bark of Mr. Trump-No-Bite; look at the inside facts to see where this president effectively stands on this issue:

As I said, the Dossier/D'Hosier surname uses the split Shield of Mauls/Morleys, indicating why God used the parking lot of a mall to get us the Hillary part of the dream's message. While the hill, forest, sleeping bag and road seem to be about Scalia, the parking lot and mall seem to be about Hillary's crimes. And while her election campaign was headed up by John Podesta, the Poindexters list Pudesters.

Sassy's Message on Judge Scalia

Below is what was added to the last update, where Sassy my cat was a topic, which I received from the woman whose banister I was re-finishing. Sassy sucked her tail regularly as an adult, and Suchs look like a branch of the Saucy variation of Sassys:

Neil Gorsuch, Trump's pick to replace judge Scalia, is in the next update because Gorsuch's have suddenly been found in the sleeping-bag dream. The Low motto is shared by Ecclestons, who, according to the Scarisbrick write-up, became the Scarisbricks after a village of that name...near Ormskirk, where SUCH's were first found. And I looked Scarisbricks up, in the first place, because GorSUCH's were there! Zinger. My cat may have been about the Scalia murder, for I was working on stairs = scala when refinishing the banister. Banisters were first found in Lancashire, location of Ormskirk.

Scarisbrick was also ScharisBRAC, and Brac is the alternative name of Brattia, an island directly off the mouth of the Tilurius river, where Tails are from!!! Amazing.

Sassys the CAT share the Saracen head with cat-using Cetins/Cattans, and the Tilurius was also the Cetin river. God always proves when he has set up an event by such heraldic connections. The Tails/Tailers and Cetins/Cattans are highly suspect with the mountain cats of Chives (first found in Tarves), and Tarves' share the black-on-gold fitchee with Shere's/Sheers, Schere's/Scherfs, and Cetins/Cattans. Shere's/Sheers even share the talbot dog with Bratts (Carrick / Tiller fesse in colors reversed). This tends to prove that Scarisbricks were Schere liners, and this makes them suspect with Saraca's in the Saracen heads of Cetins / Sassys.

The Shere's/Sheers had worked into the Serio-river topic of late, a topic due to Katrina Hanson, whose first name became suspect with Kotor, where Saraca's lived before moving to Ragusa, near the Tilurius. I claimed that God chose Miss Hanson as a girlfriend for me as per revealing some details on the bloodline of Annas, the killer of Jesus along with Caiaphas suspect with Chives'. And here it can be added that German Bratts (like "Brattia") share the gold border with two Hanson Coats, while Ecclestone's of Scarisbrick share the Annas star.

I am very impressed with the GorSUCH link to Such's, making those stairs highly suspect with Scalia. If Gorsuch's were a Gore-Such merger, the "RiGORE" motto term of Mauls/Morleys looks interesting. The Scarisbricks are wrongly derived in "a hill or slope," but this can play as further evidence for linkage to the sleeping bag, which is about Scalia in the first place. The Orren variation of Ormes' is like "Orion," the hunter, and while Fosters/Forrests are linkable to Forez's/Forests, Forez is where French Orms were first found, along with BESANcons/Bassets, who look linkable to Ormes-like Orne at the Bessin.

Wow, just realized. The Ormes/Orrens use a lozengy Shield in half the colors used for it by German Hansons (gold border) and Lombards (from the Serio-river area), but, the point is, a lozengy Shield is shared by Bags while Bagleys (Essex, same as Brocks and Brooks) use the ram while Ormes'/Orrens are also ORAMs, which can indicate that Rams developed as a variation of a surname from Orne's / Orion. A Mr. Rames is said to have been in Breseta (beside Bags) while Brests/Brix's, a branch of Bricks (blue lozenges), are connectable together to the blue Bagley lozenges.

I didn't realize until the paragraph above was fully written that HORMer of Berkshire, where Bagleys (same place as Sleeps) had a Bagley Wood location, looks like "Orm." This now links the Bags harder to the mythical hunter, which may have been cleverly intended by God for sleeping-bag linkage to the hunting theme of the International Order of Saint Hubertus. Two Ormes surnames come up as "Horme," and one is the Orams/Orrens. Again, Gorsuch's look like a merger with Such's, and the latter were first found at Ormeskirk.

Unbelievable. I now know that God set me up to manage a TILE store on a street, Gorham, for Gorhams use SHACKLE bolts, and that proves to me that Orion was part of the Shechemites!!! It also proves that Ormes liners were at the Tilurius with Tile's/Tillys and/or Tile's/Tillers. I managed the store but didn't do installations, though I did do one installation I recall, for a Jewish woman (we ended up in court). This woman kept cats, lots of them, to the point that her dining-room floor was rotting from the urine at the four corners of the room. It was disgusting. I had to clean the floor with acid before beginning. I kid you not, I am not lying. There you have both the cat theme seen above, and the urine theme, both themes being traceable to the Tilurius! Unbelievable. This woman was mentally unstable, letting the cats urinate on newspaper, which only allowed the urine to spread and fumigate her home more.

The Shackle's/Shakle's use what looks like a version of the Hain Coat, a feasible line between Annas of Israel and Hainaut. The Hainauts share the Gore/Core fesse, apt where Gorhams have the shackle bolts.

I wonder, were the Shechemites amongst the Hatti? Was that the proto-Cat line? I know this, that mythical Atti(s) was the son of Cotys, and the Cotesii are suspect to the Cottians at Sassy-like Susa. The shackle bolts of Gorhams are showing as what others call fetter locks, and Fetters share the giant sun of Hesse's while the Chatti Germanics were at Hesse. Hesse is where Rasmussens/Assmans were first found suspect with Akmonia, which is in the area of mythical Attis (or Attys). Attis is suspect with the naming of Attica, beside Orion's Schimatari. Cetins/Cattans use a "Cautes" motto term that, as a surname, is listed with Cotta's/Cottons. Sassy was a pure-white cat, and the Cetin/Cattan cats are white too. The latter's cats have pellets upon them, as to the white Tiller lions.

AHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Gorhams were above with the tile store, but I've just loaded Oram-like "Goram" to find red-on-white annulets, colors reversed from the Tile/Tiller annulets, and in the colors of the giant annulet of Vito's! Amazing, this floors me. In fact, it was only yesterday that I was complaining to God as to why he permitted me to become a tile installer, for it caused me severe stress and pain in the lower back. I was tiling yesterday, and am almost finished that job, but there was never a minute of pleasure doing this job. Nonetheless, it's a great time to be tiling in light of what was just found.

The Gorams are Gorings too, evoking GORsuch's. It's notable that Gore's/Gowers, who share the white wolf with Core's/Core's, nearly use the Chives moline. Instead of a black moline, Gore's/Gowers use a black flory cross, which is, in both colors, in the corner of the Monan Shield while the Monan motto is a reversed version of the Gore/Gower motto. And Monans she the brown tree stump of Rodhams and Motterams! The latter two were in the sleeping-bag dream with Gorsuch's.

Gore's/Core's share the crosslets of English Trips, and the latter, I almost forgot, use a "SCALIng ladder"!!! That is more verification that Gorsuch and Scalia are in the sleeping-bag dream. Let's be reminded that Bill Clinton was caught by Linda Tripp, which is what this world needs, more snitches on the Clinton crime ring.

German Trips were first found in Hampshire with Krume's (Sassy crescent?) while Krume is on the Drin river with Has. Gower-related Monans are suspect with the DARDanian king, Monunius, suspect in turn with forming HASmoneans at Akmonia from the Has location of proto-Chives Cavii, and then, I kid you not, the Cavii lived beside the SELEPitanoi, where Sleeps and therefore the sleeping bag traces. Selepitanoi were at RISINium, and that's why Monans use a "falcon rising".

Sleeps (share the Dard fesse) were first found in Salop/Shropshire with Road-like Rudes', the latter expected from Rudesheim, location of ASSMANNShausen! Zikers, you can't make this stuff up. It was the road in the dream that got Gorsuch's involved, where they share the Road eagle. It was Gorsuch's that were at Scarisbrick, beside Ormskirk. The Road / Gorsuch eagle is that of Childs too, first found in Hertfordshire with Gorhams (had elements in Maine, look linkable to Lawrence's of Redmaine).

It just so happens that Hertfordshire is where Scale's/Scalers were first found, which, I feel it in my bones, amounts to a Gorsuch link to Scalia suspects even closer than the Gore link to the Trip ladder. Scale's/Scalers share the scallops of Capes', the latter first found beside Hertfordshire. But they are also the scallops of Morleys/Mauls and Apps/Abbs while the latter share the lozenges of Schole's/Scayle's; the latter share a lozengy Shield with Bags. Scale's are probably the owners of scallops, from Sicilians (Sicels).

Look; the five white ostrich feathers in the Scale/Scaler Crest are in the Arms of Traby, and then the Traby Sadowski Coat uses a scarf, the surname suspect with Scarisbrick who owned Gorsuch.

The Rudes'/Rudge's/Roidge's were at SEYESdon, and there are two Seyes surnames, one listed with the Says that share the quadrants of Malls/Marlybone's! I crossed the road while Mr. Morley rode away on it, and entered a mall. God is a genius.

The double Sleep fesses are those of Ness'/Nessans in colors reversed. I owned a Nissan pick-up about the time I quit the tile store to go back into contracting work, much tile work, ironically. It was shortly before my trip to Texas, when I saw that Moreno sign. Prior to working the tile store, I helped a man tile the floor of the man who was the original owner of my Nissan. His surname was Doner, and then Dons, who share the Tile/Tiller arrow, share the double fesses of Morinis', colors reversed from the double fesses of Nissans and Parrs. The latter are a branch of Furnace's/Furness', and the latter share a black border with Parrs and Fords. I owned a Ford van simultaneous with the Nissan.

The vehicle after the Ford was a Safari, suspect with Severus at Akmonia, and with the Saffers (HERON, Orion suspect) with a "Vita" motto term. I sold the Nissan to Paul Smith just as I was purchasing the Safari, and Smiths share the heron. Vita's share the annulet of Gorams/Gorings. I've been claiming that Vito's/Vita's were from the Tilurius for years, but this evidence from the Gorham tile store wasn't found until today.

Gorams/Gorings, by the way, were at Arundel, in an Arun area suspect with Arens/Aarons. The latter use hands from a cloud, and on hand from a cloud is in the Cork Crest. The Cork Shield uses lion tails alone, in the colors of the lions of tails/Tailers, and then Corks are Corrs too, like the Core variation of Gore's. It appears that Gorams were a Gore/Core branch, and that Arundels were an Aren/Aaron branch. Corks/Corrs were from Cornwall elements, and that's where we find mythical GORlois. Yup, and he has been resolved with Gore's/Core's without a doubt.

Recalling that Scarisbrick of the Gorsuch's trace to the Tilurius, and that Scarisbrick was suspect with Schere's/SCHERfs, let's add that the white Gore/Core / Gore/Gower wolf is shared by SCARFs (Yorkshire, same as Gore's/Gowers) and English Rowleys (share the Sarah motto). Rowley-like Rawleys share the Gore/Core crosslets. German Rowleys share crescents on a bend with English Rowleys and the Others, the latter being the namers of Uther Pendragon, the father of king Arthur with Gorlois' wife (Cornwall, same as Rawles'/Ralls). The three Other crescents are gold, as with the three of English Rowleys.

Pendragons, whose motto can be gleaned with the Rawling/Ralling motto, are from the Penestae on the Drin up-river from Krume and Has. I've been claiming that Hazels were of the namers of Has, and here it can be added that the crescents of Hazels could be the gold ones of Rowleys (Cheshire, same as Hazels). Krume's share the crescent of Moons (Devon, same as Dards and Rawleys), recalling that the Gore/Gower motto is a reversed version of the Monan/Moonan motto. And Krume's were first found in the same place as German Trips while English Trips share the Gore/Core / Rawley crosslets. The top half of the Moon Shield shares the Rowley crescents (both colors), and the Moon Shield is split in half in both colors of the same of Cetins/Cattans.

As Gore liners are linking madly to Tilurius-river clans, as do Sassys, it makes Rawlings suspect with the railing = banister I was refinishing when Sassy was given to me. But as I was working on a stair case at the time, while Gore's link at least loosely to the scaling ladder of Trips, the event must have been God's way to indicate both the GorSUCH's and Scalia surnames, for Sassy SUCKed her TAIL.

As I said, Sassys and Cetins/Cattans share Saracen heads, and then Saracens use crescents colors reversed from those of Rowleys. Rows/Roe's (same besants as Sassys) share trefoils with German Rowlings and Saraca-line Sharks. The Rowling motto is shared by Sarah's/Sayers, easily a branch of Seyes' seen above, and suspect with Sava-river clans such as Sauers. The Tilurius/Cetina is near the Sava, and a Gorski area on the Sava is where I trace Gore's/Core's, whose motto is suspect with the Sava's Servitium location, near the mouth of the June-liner Una river. Banisters share the June fleur.

From the Ged / Geddes article presented at the tiop of this page: "One of the Chattan line, Ewan Ban, became the ancestor of Clan MacPherson."

As was said, Sassy fetched her hard cat food like a dog. Never did she fail to do this. This was suspect with Cookseys, because her cat food can be considered cookies, because the Cooksey bend with symbols is in the colors of the Sassy bend with symbols, and because the Cooksey besants are in the colors of the Such besants. And Cookseys share the black wolf in Crest with Saracens. Cookseys/COCKseys were first found in Worcestershire with Hills, and then the sleeping bag was picked up on a hill while Cocks share the Bag Coat. That's impressive. It now makes the sleeping-bag dream, suspect from the start with Scalia's murder, linkable to the Sassy event on the stairs.

I have just realized, if it was missed when on the Cookseys in the last update, that the Cooksey/Cocksey cinquefoils are the Bag cinquefoils in colors reversed. The Cooksey cinquefoil are those of Gangs/Gings/Gedge's/Geggs, first found in Norfolk with Bags (and Rows). Very impressive. The Coke's, in all three Cetin/Cattan colors, are said to have had a Billingford location in Norfolk. Billingfords (Norfolk) share "wood bills" in saltire with the Roet-related Bills (Somerset, same as Borders with white swords in saltire). The Billingford bills look like the white Fesch swords in saltire, which are in the colors of the Rawl/Rall / Rawlings/Ralling/Rowling swords, and, moreover, Fieschi were first found in Genova with the Segni's/Segurana's (loved by Fessys) that share the eagle of Coke's, the latter first found in the same place as Seagars who use the Segni/Segurana moline in colors reversed.

Saltire's (Shropshire, same as Sleeps) share a border of roundels with Suchs, and the red rooster in the Saltire Crest thus becomes linkable to the red Cock rooster. If Sassys/Saucers were a Such branch, this is another way to make a Sassy link to the sleeping-bag bloodline. Roundels are code for Rundels/Roundells, and for the Arundels (= Shropshire's FitzAlans). Rundels share the Alan fesse, and Gore's/Core's with Gore's/Jore's use versions of both Alan Coats. It recalls the Gorams of Arundel. It recalls what I considered to be God-delivered pain against the liberals when Al Gore lost the election by a couple of hanging chads. I knew more pain was coming, for one could see that liberals were smarty-pants types, but morally bankrupt, they had become unreasonable trouble makers, and here we are, less than two decades after Gore, witnessing their incurable madness. But in their madness, they can do us great harm, as when sociapaths have no heart. Beware.

Segni's/Segurana's share the Saluzzo Shield, and the FitzAlans married Alice of Saluzzo. The FitzAlan write-up speaks on a FitzAlan family of MILEham in Norfolk, a good way to link this thing to Bags. The border of FitzAlans is colors reversed from the border of Mile's, first found in Hampshire, beside FitzAlans of Arundel. Mile's share the blue moline with Segni's/Segurana's. Hangers were first found in the same place as Mile's, and Chads in the same place as Mileham.

I purchased the Texas property from the sister of the owner of Cooksey ranch, where the body of Madalyn O'Hair was found cut into pieces. I can see God behind that murder. The ranch is used for hunting, and one pretending to be hunting buried her body there. One year, I arrived to Texas on the day that the FBI had a team on the side of the road while seeking O'Hair's body at Cooksey; I drove past that team that day. Why such timing? What is God wanting to say in this regard through me? Does God wish to cut other enemies into pieces while they are celebrating their victory over Him?

Hairs are an obvious HARcourt branch, and Sassys are said to have developed from Harcourts in Leicester. That's where Beaumonts ruled who descended from Humphrey de Vieilles of Harcourt. This is amazing because Bounds/Bone's (Sussex, same as Arundel and Courts) share the Beaumont lion, and while Bounds/Bone's are said to be from one Humphrey, HUMphreys ("L'homme" motto term) can be a Hume/Home branch while "Sassy" was the name of a cat in the production, HOMEward BOUND. I did not name my cat after Sassy of Homeward Bound, but after her sassiness. But did God make me name her thus?

Wow, "come home" was just sung on the speakers as I was looking at the Humphrey motto (the song is "Softly and Tenderly" by Joey Feek; she sang this while dying of cancer, a real tear jerker). Come's/COMEYs happen to be of Clan Chattan! Chattans and Chatans share the Bound/Bone fesse!!! Wow. The Come(y) motto includes, "TOUCH not the cat," and Touch's use the Home/Hume lion in colors reversed. Can you believe it? And just as I was writing on the Come's, another song was playing "come," in the song, "Wayward Stranger".

[The other Come surname is with Gumms. I've been claiming for over a year that God wants to stress a Tooth link to Gumms, and here we are ("I have COME" just sang on the speakers) with HUMphreys while Hume's/Home's use the motto ("Home" just sang on the speakers, I kid you not), "True TO THE end," suspect as code for Tooths. This paragraph was inserted here about 30 minutes after writing above and below it. The song playing while writing this one is, "Grace will Lead Me Home," by David Dunn. Can you believe that the Wards, checked just now as per "HomeWARD," use a "Comme" motto term? Simply incredible. Comme's are listed with Gumms. Is this a pointer to James Comey? Wards share the Warren Coat, and Ada of Warenne married Henry of Huntingdon, and Huntingdonshire is where Otters/Others were first found. German Gumms/Gomers share the hunting horn with Huntingdons and Hunters.]

Humphreys use an otter wounded in the shoulder. I see heraldic shoulders as code for Schultz's, who share the Chives and Hykes quadrants, and Hykes share black-on-white scallops with Humphreys. Chives' use their cats in the colors of the Tail/Tailer lions for a kinship reason, and Taylards (Chapell kin), who have the Chives quadrants in colors reversed, were first found in Huntingdonshire with Otters/Others. "I'll be home and I'll be FREE" just sang on the speakers as I finished the last line, in a song, "All My Tears," by Selah. The HumPHREYS ("vrai" could be a merger with Freys / Freie's/Freys. Amazing. I feel so small. Why is God investing so much in this too-long story?

Again: Sassys were first found in Leicestershire with the Beaumont family suspect in surnames from "Homeward Bound." God therefore named my cat without my knowing it. Just imagine how God can think / direct your thoughts without your knowing. Just think about that you dimwitted atheists and rebellious liberals. Get yourselves a real life instead of living lies and making life chaotic for the rest of us. Liberal progress is a downward spiral to insanity and finally to the garbage heap of Hell. Machines that don't work are thrown out. Replacing humans with robots is the downward progress of the stupids. They think it's upward evolution. Next, mixing human genes with animal genes, great progress you utter stupids. Next, turning men into women, what progress, you wicked morons. To what disgusting things are you progressing, stooges of the devil? The devolution of humanity into animals is the calling of liberals. Free from God, they destroy, for demons will control their thoughts while not realizing it.

I don't know whether I checked for a Homeward surname before, but there is one, and it was first found in Sussex with Bounds/Bone's. The description page says that the Homewards have a white wolf in Crest, the Gore symbol.

As I said, Sassy CHASED her food slid along the wood floor. The Chase and Case surnames worked right into the Sassy/Sauser link to Leslie's in the last update. Here it can be added that the "patonce" cross of Chase's, rather rare in my work, is shared by Taylards. Sassy chased the cookies and sucked her tail. Aside from those two things, she didn't do anything else to speak of.

I can add that Spitzers use hills, one of which has a tunnel, and Tunnels/Tunno's share the split Shield of Morleys/Mauls and Chaucers. David Morley rode his bike down the hill, and circled the sleeping bag, then rode up the hill as I went to the mall. The Saracen crescents are shared by TUNbridge's. The latter were out of Kent, where Chaucers and Chalkers were first found who can be Cock / Coke liners linkable to the Saucer variation of Sassys. It could amount to a Cock-line merger with Sassys, explaining the apparent Sassy link to Cookseys/Cockseys.

My mind is racing trying to figure the real-world Message in all of this, or what it predicts. Nothing I can see in Sassy's peculiarities, or in the sleeping-bag dream, predicts anything good or bad for the killers of Scalia. The symbolism in both seems to point to them, however, and that can't be a prediction of good things to come for them.

Why did I PICK up the sleeping bag? Why didn't I merely see it? I picked it up, didn't do anything with it, and then never saw it again. I was in the woods when picking it up, and the Picks (share tree with Woods) share the Wood fitchees. Woods were first found in Leicestershire with Pick-colored Sassys. The latter's Saucer variation is like the Chaucer surname, first found in Kent with Picks. It doesn't predict anything in the real world, aside from some people coming to believe that God acts in humans without their knowing. It doesn't predict good or bad for the political mafia, but it does, once again, suggest that the things concerning Sassy are linkable to the symbolism in the sleeping-bag dream. There are dreams, and then there are God-planted messages during sleep, not the same thing at all. Dreams are stray / senseless horses of the mind; but messages from God are not like that.

The Wood motto is suspect with Fenders who share the otter with Humphreys, the latter part of the Sassy factor. Fenders were first found in Huntingdonshire with Otters/Others and Taylards.

Seeking the Dove at Qumran

Hume's/Home's were being traced to "QUMRam," which looked like a Gomer term. This theory was years before I arrived to the Tooth-Gumm link. German Gumms come up as "Gomer," and because the Home/Hume motto uses a Tooth-like phrase, it tends to support a Hume trace to Qumran, a location in Israel's Dead Sea, home to the Essenes. Gomerians are thought to have been Cimmerians, and Cimmerians were at times called, Cymbri, which can become terms such as "Cumber / Camber," and then Combs/Cooms can easily become Come's.

The Hume lion is the Touch Coat in colors reversed. Touch's can be from the Tocharian branch of Togarmah-tribe Gomerians.

Tooths love the PALMans in their motto, and "paloma" means "dove. What's that? Anciently, the dove was a symbol of an Ishtar cult, but I'm sure it spread to other things. "Daphne" is a dove-like term (Gomerians were proto-English speakers), and this was the name of a location a mile or two from Panias, home of the Poeni (Phoenicians), suspect with the naming of Paioni that I see using the dove. Touch's are also Daphne-like Tuffs, and mythical Daphne (Peneus river) was in the land of Amazons = Meshech, cousins of the Gomerians. Paionians lived at the Axius river while Tokers, first found in dove-like Devon, use the axe, which was actually a symbol of the Essenes at mount Carmel. Usually, or often, the heraldic axe is code for one or both Axe rivers in Somerset, one flowing to Devon, and I have good reason to suspect Devon as a Daphne element. Dove-using Page's, Paioni suspects, were first found in Devon. Pagans/Paions were first found in DAUPHINE.

Consider that Cottians put out Vestalis, suspect with the Waistells (CUMBERland) who share the Coming/Comyn garbs. The same garbs are used by Avise's/Avisons, who can be from the namer of "VEStalis." The Waistell garbs on a bend are in the colors of the Sassy besants on a bend, again asking whether Sassys were of the Cottian capital, Susa.

As Sassy was the cat in Homeward Bound, there is reason to believe that God named that cat too for the purposes right here, for while Essenes reflect the Essen variation of Hesse's, the Chatti were at Hesse.

Qumran was near the place where Jesus was baptized. I once suggested that the Holy Spirit came as a dove upon Jesus because the enemies of Jesus, looking on, had a dove symbol. So, God wanted to rub them by showing that this Jesus is the true dove / peacemaker. Doves are used by Waistells, but we should ask why Cuppae is called, "city of doves." Cuppae is in Serbia, and I see Serbs at Servitium,m near the Kupa river. And because Servilia Caepio(nis) married Mr. Junius while Servitium is nearer yet to the Una, I see Cuppae and the Kupa as part of the Caepio's, and that gets Joseph Caiaphas suspect from Cuppae elements. It's not ridiculous to make this claim if I'm correct in saying that Hasmoneans, out of which came the Sadducees and Pharisees, were from Dardanians, for they were in the Serbia theater. If Dardania did not overlap southern Serbia, it was at least directly beside it.

In Serbian, the town is known as Golubac...also it was known as Golumbacu Mare or Columbacu. In Hungarian is known as Galamboc, in German as Taubenberg and in Turkish as Guvercinlik which means "dovecote." The name Golubac is derived from golub, which is Serbian for "pigeon" or "dove," and is therefore often translated as "the town of doves."

Its historical names were Columbria, in Latin, as a contraction of (castrum) Columbaria that means city of pigeons (Latin: Columba, Greek: kolymbos), and as a city derived from Cuppae during pre-Roman times.

It was a stronghold called Cuppae during Roman and Early Byzantine times (1-6th century) and turned into a city (Columbria) in 554/5 AD.

There you have it, it was Caiaphas-like in the times of Caiaphas and perhaps as early as Servilia Caepionis in 100 BC. As Page's (likely of Pagans/Paions) and Pansys use doves, "CaePIONIS" may have been play on the Paionians, on the south side of Dardania. However, it was not called by the dove term until well after Caiaphas. Still, if there was a holy or important dove entity at the Jordan river, or amongst the religious leaders of Israel, it may have worked itself to the Cuppae area because those who held it were originally from there. The Laevi > Levi line I imagine is suspect with the Leaf/Leve surname that uses a dove, and so the OLIVE branch often coming with the heraldic dove looks like clever code for Levites from the killers of Jesus.

The Leaf/Leve Crest: "A dove RISING with the dexter CLAW on a staff tree leaf." Why a dexter claw? Scottish Olivers: "A dexter arm proper in silver holding an olive branch." Levi's love the Aids/Ade's in their motto, and Scottish Olivers use "Ad" in theirs. I trace Antipatria at the home of dagger-line Dexaroi to the founding of Herods, and Scottish Olivers throw in a Herod-like heart "in base."

Remember in all this, that while Pierro's/Pero's were first found in Pavia, a city co-founded by Laevi, I KISSed Miss Peare at La Paloma, a term meaning dove, explaining why Italian Paloma's use the dove with olive branch. The Kiss/Cush surname traces to LAEVillus, and cushions are used by dagger- / Antipatria-line Kilpatricks. The drops on the Kilpatrick dagger are from the Drops/Trope's, from Topoje (which I view as "Tropoje") down the Apsus river from Antipatria. Topoje is in Fier country with Kuman, and Comyns/Comings use the dagger, not a wonder, but this gets us back to the Waistells, which are a symbol of Miss Peare, who share the Comyn/Comings (and Joseph) garbs. Heraldry convinces me that Topoje was also, "Tropoje." The Toop/Toup Chief is in the colors of the Trope/Drop Chief (shared by Tulls/Tolle's).

Was Kuman in Fier county from Qumran? Drops/Trope's and Fiers were first found together in Middlesex, and the Arms of Middlesex uses scimitars as code for Shechemites. I can definitely see Shechemites and Kenites developing into the Essenes. The Fetters that share the Essen/Hesse sun can be a branch of Feathers/Fathers in the Tooth Coat. The Chatti were founders of Hesse-Cassel, and Kenite-line Kennedys share a version of the Cassel Coat.

I have found another version of the Kennedy Coat with Shardlows, looked up as per the Shardlow location of Coke's. Shards are listed with Shirts who share the chevron of ShardLOWs / Kennedys, and it's in both colors of the double Oliver chevrons. Lows, first found in Worcestershire with Cookseys/Cockseys, have been resolved with Laevillus liners.

There is a Tropoje location (Wikipedia has a short article) very near Has and the Clausula river, important for this discussion. This Tropoje is in Kukes county (Kosovo area) that may just have been named by the bloodline of red-rooster Cocks/Kooks/Koke's, Cookseys, etc. I see Dardanians all over this, but let's add that the two color schemes of Coke's are those of Pense's, said to be from PINCon elements suspect with Pincum at the mouth of the Pek river. Cuppae is a little off the Pek, and there is a Pec location very near to Kukes county. Pense's are from the Lisieux area, the Normandy origin of Talbots. English and Italian Olivers (Bologna, same as Panico's) together look linkable to Pincum-liner Panico's/Pane's.

The Trojans, founded by Dardanus (Mysia), lived in the area of the Caucones. Tropoje (Trojan element?) at Kukes is near Pec, like the Pek river at Cuppae. Bags, sharing the Cock/Kook Coat, were first found in Norfolk with Leafs/Leve's and Drops/Trope's (Shield filled with drops). Cockers share the June fleur.

The Clausula is the location of KOPLik, and Kopple's use the giant rooster in the colors of the giant Joseph martlet, which is black, the color of the Oliver-Chief martlets. Koplik is also called Cupionich, like "Caepionis." Bags were at Norfolk's Gaywood, and while Gays share another giant rooster, Woods (tree, beloved of the Hume/Home motto) share the gold fitchee with Caepio-suspect Quints. The latter share the Staff chevron, which can explain why Leafs/Leve's use a dexter claw on a staff tree.

Gaywoods share the tower of Pellicans, first found in Maine with Josephs, and moreover the RedMAINE's use cushions too. Maine is beside Perche, and the Perche's share the double chevrons of Scottish Olivers. Although I kissed Miss Peare first, she was introduced to me by Mr. Kepke, to whom she went over shortly after our first kiss. His first name is Lawrence, and Lawrence's, potentially from Levi's, were at Redmaine. The Lawrence cross shares the ragully pattern with the similar cross in the Arms of Colchester, and Colchesters (Quint chevron) are from the Colapis = Kupa river. A giant CUP is used by Lawrence-suspect Lawrie's. Colchesters share the red chevron with Peks/Pecks (Essex, same as Colchester and Quints), a great reason to trace Quintus Caepio to Pec.

The Leve-beloved Claws can be from the Clausula river between Dardania and the Cavii, a great reason to trace Caiaphas to the namers of Cupionich. The Clausula's waters go into lake Scodra, near RISINium, in the RISING dove of Leafs/Leve's. Again, the Sleeps are from Selepitanoi marked on maps between Risinium and the Cavii, and it just so happens that Cuppae is in a larger BraniCEVO area (though I don't know the derivation / definition of "cevo"). It's then very interesting that Clintons were resolved with the Saluzzo Shield while Alice of Saluzzo was the daughter of Luisa of Ceva.

"CLAUSula" is suspect with "Clovis," and the Clovis surname shares nails with the Arms of Colchester. CLAVes' (new to me here) use crossed keys in the colors of the FIVE keys of Sheaves'/CHIAVa's/Chiapponi's. Just look at that. It recalls years ago, when getting the impression that Clavers and Clare's were one, but I didn't yet know that Chiaro's were Claro's too. Here we can add that crossed keys are the Clermont Coat. The Claves key design and colors are shared by Kelners/Kellers (share the Chiaro/Claro bend), suspect from CILNius Maecenas. The white eagle of English Kelners/Kilners should explain the white eagle wing of Masci's.

As Claviere's, first found in Auvergne with Clermont-Ferrand, are said to use keys too, we can glean that Clermonts are of that entity. And while Clermonts were snagged with Spanish nobility around Ferte-Mace, it explains why a version of the Macey / Mackay Coat is used by Dutch Clavers. This explains why Masci's use the fleur-de-lys of France, normally traced by others to king Clovis, whose mother was from the Bassianus', likely Julia Maesa. Clavers (Norfolk) use the key too, and a reflection of the Meschin Coat, begging whether Maesa blood was in the veins of Tullia of Lyon, especially as Lyon is near Vienne while Vienne's use the Ferte eagle in colors reversed.

King Clovis traces with Merovingians to L'Aquila or near it, and Sheaves'/Chiava's were first found in L'Aquila. The Este / Pense / Coke eagle is shared by Aquila's, and the Clovis-related Childs share the eagle of Pense's and Coke's.

All we need now is the peck of a woodpecker (the symbol of Picensii at the Pek-river area) to confirm this, and, I kid you not, that for a couple of years straight, the return of woodpeckers in my area after the winter saw them pecking hard on the rain trough at my roof line. What nutty woodpecker would peck at steel like that? But "trough", pronounced "troph," is like "Tropoje," and Tropoje is near Pec. If one walks straight back, from the trough that was being pecked, about 30 feet, that's where I witnessed the wings of an eaten blue jay on the ground, and Jays are suspect as part of the Gay / Galli line from Massena. Gays were first found in Savoy with French Masseys who once showed the same boots as Trope-like Trips, and Galli's were first found in Dauphine with Tulls/Tullia's. You'll see shortly below why Galli's, in relation to the Poitou location of Claves, and the blue jay, should trace to Cuppae i.e. a little off the Pek river, tending to confirm that both the woodpecker and the eaten jay were Set-ups for the purpose of making the connections at hand.

The Trope/Drop Chief is shared by Tulls/Tolle's, and the butterFLIES of Tulls/Tullia's are highly suspect with the Mosca's (means "fly" in Italian) of CHIARAmonte / MonteCHIARO while Flys (share the martlet of French Josephs) were first found in Hampshire with the English Josephs that use a "charo" motto term. Chiaro's/Claro's are Charo's too. As Sassys share the Chare/Claro's bend too, note that Chiaramonte is smack in the land of Saracens, for Sassys use Saracen heads, and even besants from the Bassianus line. Reason was given to link Banisters to Sassys, and that may reveal BANFF as a Banister line, for Troops/Trupe's were first found in Banffshire. Toops (no 'r') share the water bouget with Banisters. Again, I was working on a banister upon stairs = scala of a woman who granted me Sassy, and Trips use scaling ladders while Scales' were first found in Hertfordshire with Childs.

I have just realized that Sassys use a bend in the colors of the scala / ladder of Scalia's. Add to this that Gorhams were first found in Hertfordshire too while GorSUCH's share the Child eagle while Sassys/Saucys look like a branch of Suchs while Gore's share the Trip crosslets while judge Scalia was replaced by Neil Gorsuch while Sassy SUCKed her tail while Tails/Tailers are from the Cetina/Tilurius river while I sold tiles on a Gorham street while cat-using Cetins/Cattans share Saracen heads with Sassys...and it explains why God set up the banister job for me, and why He caused me to name that kitten, Sassy. It predicts that God has unfinished business to do against the killers of Scalia.

I neglected to mention that the Kitten/Keaton surname, with probably the cats of Keats (compare with the Tail/Tailor Coast), was first found in Leicestershire with Sassys. Kittens are said to derive in a CETENensis surname from a RUTLAND location in Lincolnshire. Not only are Meschins said to have held Skipton from a Mr. Banistre, but that Meschins had a "vague relationship" with Mr. Rhudlan. Meschins married Lincolnshire's TAILbois', and they share the Scales scallops, white, like those of Meschins (version of the Tiller Coat), but in both colors of the scallops of Mauls/Morleys, who likewise have to do with Scalia's murder. Tillers are said to be from tile manufacturers, but this is bogus, an off-the-wall guess. The Tilurius is suspect in the naming of QuadraTILLa of Cetis. Kittens/Keatons are in Quade colors and format.

While BRANicevo is near Pec, the latter is also, Peja/Peje, like the "Pejus" motto term of Samsons, first found in Gloucestershire with BRANs/Brains (said to have named Brain...near HAINaut, where Levi liners were). Samsons share the patonce cross with Taylards who in-turn share the quadrants of Cevo-like Chives'. Taylards were first found in Huntingdonshire with Engains in-turn suspect in the "Enghien" motto of Brans/Brains (Brabant colors). Engains are said to be from Engen, near Boulogne (near Hainaut and Brabant). Engains look related to Vele's/Vitals whose cross looks linkable enough to the Bouillon cross.

We read that Vitalis, son of Richard of Engen, married the daughter of a founder of the Oxford Vere's. The Bouillon cross is more like the Humphrey cross, and Humphreys were suspect with Humphrey de Vieilles, what Vele's/Vitals (and Valle's/Vallans) may have derived in.

There is a Cevo location at Lombardy's Serio-river area, and Samsons are suspect from Samsam, the Saracen leader. Cevo is at Adamello, at the sources of the Oglio/Olius river. Pec is at least near the White Drin with a mouth at the Black Drin, near Krume and the Pense-like Penestae. The Olius became suspect (two updates ago) with the estoile, suggesting an Este-Olius merger, and Pense's / Coke's do share the Este eagle while Branicevo is at Kukes country.

This gets interesting where Spanish Paloma's use two pale bars in colors reversed from the two bends of Oyle's/Ollie's/DOLie's (an Olius-line merger with Dols?). First of all, the Samson write-up has a Samson character founding the abbey of Dol not long after Dol-suspect Tullia of Lyon. Secondly, the Samson motto loves the Flags/Flecks (share the Samson scallops), whose Coat is a version of the Paloma-like Palmers. Palmers and Flags/Flecks were first found in Norfolk with dove-liner Leafs/Leve's, etc. Spanish Paloma's use pale bars in the colors of the Pero pale bar, and Leafs/Leve's can certainly trace to Pero's of Pavia.

The "Pejus" motto term of Samsons has always stumped me, but, perhaps, it's code for Pec liners.

Zikers, the Claves' (blue keys) were at Poitou's Aunis location, and Aunis' are listed with Annas'. Annas of Israel was recently suspect in Picenze and/or L'Aquila. Annas' daughter married Caiaphas, and here the Claves' share the Chiava keys!!!!!!!!!!!! That's huge. And God recently showed that Annas liners were at the Serio river. The woodpecker was the symbol of mythical Mars, code for Marsi or proto-Marsi in the Picenze theater. The Arms of Picenze shares the Aquila-surname eagle, and it's interesting that while Barneys (Dauphine, same as Page's/Lepage's and Pagans/Paions) would have a blue key in colors reversed, they share the Pesci fish while Pesci's (Aquila colors) were first found in Venice with Aquila's.

I've just noticed that Page's/LePage's are now said to have been first found in Ile-de-France, whereas it was previously in Dauphine. Ile-de-France is where Levi's and Chappes' were first found.

Aunis is in La Rochelle, and Rochelle's are listed with Payen-beloved Rowells/Rothwells. Poitou is where Poitvins were from who use the Columbia Coat. Poitvins add a rock that looks apt for La Rochelle liners. The Poitvin jay is "perched" on the rock. Columbia's substitute doves for the jay, in the same colors. The Poitvin Coat is a version of the Galli Coat, and the Galli's share the Gay rooster so that Jays of De Gai are discovered from king Gaia/Gala of Numidia. He was the ancestor of Jugurtha, suspect with Jaggers who share the hunting horn of Mullets. The Poitvin stars are called, mullets, and Mullets share the Shield of Pagans/Payens/Paions, part of the dove liners who were first found in Dauphine with Galli's. Peks/Pecks share the patee cross of Massena's.

I assume as a fact that Koplik's namers on the Claves-suspect Clausula were of Goplo in Poland, home of a Goplanie Poles whom were also, Glopeani, a term much like Golubac (Cuppae). The latter was also, Columba. The loose Claves link above to Columbia's tends to assure that Goplo was related to Cuppae. The Cups/Cope's/Colps trace to "Colapis," a term like "Golubac." Koplik is a couple of miles from Dober while DOBRawa was the wife of Mieszko I, whose ancestry is known to be in Goplo. And Dobers/Taubers (sinister bend) can be a branch of those who named Golubac as Taubenberg.

There was a paragraph above with Coke's, Childs and Claves' in the same paragraph. The Barneys, who smack of Brans/Brains, reminded me of Burnum, near the Tilurius river, and at the Titius river. The Childs were first found in the same place as Titus', and then the Shardlow location of Coke's is feasibly of the Scardona location further down the Titius. Shardlows even come up as Schardlows, and they share the blue-on-white fitchee with Albins/Aubins of BARNstaple. There is an Aubin location near Auvergne.

The Annas star is shared by Scarisbricks (dove with olive branch), begging whether "Scaris" is a Serio-river liner. Schere's share "ears of wheat" with Scottish Chappes'. The Serio is near ADAMello, and we read that Walter de Scarisbrick gave Gorsuch (location) to his son, Adam. I wouldn't be entertaining Adams with Adamello had not Adam Kilconquhar's mother, Miss Comyn(s), been traceable to Como. Ears of wheat are very linkable to the "garbs of wheat" of Comyns, and to the Sheaves'/Chiava's, and it's Cevo that's at Adamello. The Biblical Samson was a Timnah element, and Timna of Edom was from Serio-like Seir. The other Schere's are linkable to Shere's/Sheers. Italian Adams use an "ear of wheat."

Adams are Annandale liners. The Adams may be using the Annandale / Tease/Tess cross because the Adams place stars upon it that are those of Annas-related Tease's/Tyes'. But the Adam stars are also those of Sheerers ("wheat sheaf" in Crest), and the latter use a version of the Bullis/Bulliard Coat while the latter use the Annas star instead. Sheerers and Bullis both look linkable to Shards/Shirts, linkable to Shardlows, first found in Derbyshire with ear-suspect Eyers/Ayers. More than one Adam surname is from Adam Kilconquhar, and while he married Marjory Carrick, the Arms of Carrick, when it uses three fitchees, is the Shardlow Coat too. Shere's/Sheers share the Carrick dog. (Tous' use a shirt with buttons while Buttons share the fesse of Sheerers and Bullis'.)

It is thought that Adam and Marjory gave birth to Thomas Randolph, whose Arms at his Wikipedia article are shown with the same lozenges as Lavins/Glavins. The Glavin variation is like a term in the Sword write-up, and I happen to trace Swords to SERDica. As Sheerers and Bullis' share red roundels with Shards/Shirts, and because I see Bullis' with Seleucids on SARDinia, there is reason to trace Sardinians to the namers of Serdica. The latter is beside Laish-suspect Lissae, and so Levites from Laish can be expected there such as Lavins (three Coats by that name) may have been. I see Laish liners at Lausa=Ragusa, home of Saraca's suspect with the shark and bulldog. In other words, Sheerers are likely Saraca elements, or, the Serio was a Saraca element.

Louvains come up as Lavins, and the Brabant elements of Louvains look linkable to Peckers/Pickers. French Brabants were first found in Maine, and look linkable to the Colins because the latter share the martlets of the Maine Josephs.

Poor Rothschilds, on the Bull's Eye for God's Fatal Arrows

I'd like to go back to the Kittens/Keatons, first found in Leicestershire with Sassys. I'm now asking whether Sassy was granted to me as a kitten for pointing to Hillary Rodham Clinton via the Kittens. The way this works is that I've been targeting Rodhams as Rutland liners, in particular the Rutland county at Leicester, for years. I was making that link before discovering that Rutlands share the "orle" border with Rutherfords while Rutherfords share "nec" with Rodhams. In other words, God knew that the Rutland location(s) of Kittens would take me directly to Rodhams, and the remainder was then a matter of His convincing me that Sassy and the banister / railing had to do with the killers of Scalia.

? Rutlands were at the Mitcham manor, meaning that they were linked to Michaels / Mitchells, first found in Surrey with Rutlands. The Corby location at Rutland county links hard with the Corby / Corbett ravens to the Rothes/Rothchild raven because Rutherfords are expected as Rothes liners. "Nec" is code for the Neckar river, location of Stuttgart, the namers of the raven-using Stout vikings, conquerors of Rothesay. It's interesting that while I guesstimate the Varangians behind the raven vikings, I had found reason to see proto-Varangians in Rusticus of Lyon, and here I find the Cumberland Corbys (why a dove in Crest?) with the engrailed saltire of Rusts/Roosts.

Rothesay was later Bute, and there is evidence with the Veys that heraldic boots are Bute liners. Morgan le Fay of Bute = Avalon was the chief witch of nine witches, the number of the mythical Muses, and this to me seemed like evidence that Masseys were of Avalon's witch cult, years before finding mount Velino of the Marsi. I can now trace that Massey thing on Avalon to the Marsi snake cult, which I have found often with a green snake, shared by Corby-like Curbys/Kirkbys.

The Arms of Stuttgart use the demi horse. The horse in the Rutland Crest is split into the two colors used for the Massey-Crest horse. Again, the Trips once showed the boots that French Masseys/Masse's once showed, and God use a Miss Tripp to trip up the lying Bill Clinton, which led to the House going vastly over to the Republicans on November 7, 1994...the night that I left to find my Texas property. Miss Tripp turned president Bill Clinton into a lame duck almost as soon as he became the president.

The Arms of Stuttgart is the demi horse of Italian Forts, and the "forti" motto term of Mackays is suspect with Moray, where Ruths/Rothers/Randolphs were first found that are in Rodham colors.

The Corby ravens are called "black birds," same as what English Allisons call their birds, and then the MacDonald-related Scottish Allisons were first found in Lanarkshire with Biggar while the raven-depicted Arms of Shetland, home of the raven vikings, has a "Byggar" motto term, as well as a "SKAL-Land" term. Allisons came to topic with Allison Bauer, having the surname of proto-Rothschilds. The Scalia's are suspect with the Trip scaling ladders, and these English Trips were first found in Kent with Lucy Taillebois while Scales' share the Tailbois scallops. English Allisons share the dogs of Halls, first found in Lincolnshire.

I was a little put-off writing the paragraph above because I spent two months with Allison, yet I barely recall anything we did that could be checked out as to whether it was a Set-up by God. I have mentioned that we both worked at Knob Hill Farms while Knobs are likely using the Rothschild/RODDENstein arrow. But as I wrote the paragraph above, I recalled being at an annual fair with her, and recall nothing on that day except the moment when she stopped me, and wanted to just stand there, because a song she loved, "COLOR My World," by the band, CHICago, came on around us. And so I checked the Colors/Kohlers to find crossed arrows, the Knob symbol. But why would God want to point this out, I simply don't know at this moment.

On second thought, I now recall that both Nations/Nathans (sinister-rising arrow) and Stoltenbergs use a heart pierced by arrows, the Color/Kohler symbol! Zinger. The first Rothschild, Maier Bauer, named his first son, Nathan. The Stoltenberg Crest doesn't show it, but the description page tells it: "On a blue shield a red heart pierced by an arrow." Stoltenbergs, can we believe it, were first found in Saxony with Colors/Kohlers.

While Rothschilds seem linkable to Rudesheim, and to the Rudes'/Rudge's, first found in Shropshire with English Rothes', Rudesheim is the location of ASSMANNshausen. The current NATO chief is Mr. Stoltenberg, and the previous NATO Chief was Mr. Rasmussen. "NATO" looks like the Natt variation of German Nathans, and Rasmussens/ASSMANs use a unicorn in the colors of the sinister-facing horse of Jewish Rothchilds (no 's' as in "ROTHSChild"). NATO (run mainly by Americans) is the organization bucking for an Armageddon scenario in an unreasonable / insane quest to shore up American globalism. That is what the CIA is expected to be, a Rothchild tool, and Hillary was such a tool, and still is. The Rothschilds were banking on her election win, we may assume.

The Stoltenberg quadrants are those of Says/Seyes' (same place as Rudes'/Rudge's), and so let me repeat from above: "The Rudes'/Rudge's/Roidge's were at SEYESdon, and there are two Seyes surnames, one listed with the Says that share the quadrants of Malls/Marlybone's! I crossed the road while Mr. Morley rode away on it, and entered a mall. God is a genius." There we have it, that NATO belongs to Rothes liners. The killers of Scalia are now looking like NATO / Rothschild elements.

I was taken out of high school by God, and made to go work at Knob Hill Farms. I didn't know that God took me from school until this past year. He called me to what I am now writing, and set me up with a string of girlfriends and events all pertaining to this revelation. In roughly 1997, I wrote a chapter (in my post-trib book) on the anti-Christ's path through central Israel, to Jerusalem, as per Isaiah 10. It says that when he gets to NOB, about two miles north of Jerusalem, he will shake his fist at Jerusalem, and plot it's overthrow. Does KNOB Hill Farms pertain to that Nob situation.

The Bauer wing design was changed at houseofnames for no apparent reason in about 2014. The wings remained blue, but I had been saying that the Bauer wings were the Masci wings (the Masci wing design was itself changed). The new Bauer design has what looks like an arm with FIST between the wings. The Assyrian anti-Christ will shake his fist at Jerusalem from Nob. The Poindexters share the Fist/Faust fist, and Fasts/Fastoffs share the quadrants in this Arms of Rothschild. Very impressive. Fists/Fausts were first found in Rhineland with Natts/Nathans, and the latter share the black border with Farm-possible Furnace's/Furness'.

I have always wondered whether the anti-Christ will be a Rothschild versus a Russian, but the one thing that does not make sense is that Rothschilds, probably from the same Rus that named Russia, should attack the Israel that they invented / founded. However, there could be a divergent Rothschild branch that ends up hating the political right of Israel, to which Netanyahu, for example, belongs. These Rothschilds could be seething mad right now with a Trump-Netanyahu partnership seemingly snubbing the Palestinian Authority.

When we come close to linking Knob Hills Farms to judge Scalia, the Hills expected in the sleeping-bag dream look related to "Knob Hill Farms." Keeping in mind that Bags share the Grimaldi Shield, note how PilGRIMs enter the below. The Fasts use a bend with symbols in the colors of the same of Gorsuch's, and the latter have got to be a branch of the Gore's who share the Trip crosslets, which are in the design of the Fast crosslets, both on red Shields. The Trips, suspect with a Scalia line, use a hawk in Crest while Hawks share pilgrim STAVES (staffs) with Pilgrims, the latter first found in Norfolk with FalSTAFFs and their Fast branch.

Look. Gorsuch's are said to have been "just outside of Liverpool, near Ormeskirk," and the Livers/Levers share two bends without a bend, in colors reversed, with Dutch SCHILDs/Schultz's, the possible reason for "RothSCHILD," or, conversely, the Schilds were Rothschild kin. While Bolton-like Bolts share the arrow with Rothschilds, the Livers/Levers are said to have been at Greater Manchester's Bolton, and then Nathan, the first son of Mayer Bauer-Rothschild, lived in Manchester. This is the family devising plots to take over the money bags of England, and said to have moved their schemes over to the central bank of America.

English Bolts were first found in Lancashire with Liverpool, Manchester, Shake's/Shicks and Gorsuch's, while "shackle bolts" are used by Gorhams. Shackle's/Shakle's, a possible branch of Shicks/Shake's, begs the question on whether God chose the name of the CHICago band that sang, Color my World, or conversely, chose "Color" to be in a song by Chicago. The song was sung at the annual fair, wherefore it's interesting that French Fairs share the same bend as Rodhams/Roddens, linkable to the Roddenstein variation of Rothschilds. The bend is colors reversed from the GorSUCH bend, begging whether Such's were a Shick/Shake branch.

Schuchs are listed with Shoe's (!), and days or weeks after Allison left me, I was fired from Knob Hill Farms, but then got a job selling shoes! The Trip page replaced the boots with shoe's.

Let's go back to that paragraph where I was wondering why I could not recall many events with Allison. Not only did I recall the moment of Color My World at that time, but the time she came was with me at a concert held in the gym of my high school (where I had quit to work at Knob Hill Farms). I can't recall the band's name. All I recall was her wearing glittering stickers (about a half-inch) on her face, and I recall them as star shapes. I think I now know why she stuck those stars on, for the Star surname has the Shake/Shick chevron in colors reversed, and moreover Shake's/Shicks don't use moles only, but moleHILLs. The Stars happen to share a green Shield with Bauers, Bowers and Burleys/Bourleys.

Let's go back to the fist at Nob, for Fists/Fausts were first found in both Rhineland and STRASbourg. Wondering whether Stars are related to that place's name, I checked for a Stras surname, which, by the way, evokes Peter STRZok. The Stras' are with the Strauss', and as they share the scallops of Mars', the Stras ancestry in O'Maras looks to be a Mar line. The pelican in the Stras Crest links to the pelicans of Scottish Pattersons because the Stras scallops are shared by Irish Pattersons. Scottish Pattersons were first found in Ross-shire, beside the Rothes castle of Peter Pollock, the proto-Rothschild. Emailer Pollock was married to a Jewish Mr. Strauss after her first husband was murdered. She didn't tell me the details. The Strappe variation of Stras' caused me to load Stirrips, and they were first found in Nottinghamshire with Nathans/Nations (compass' linkable to the compass needle of Rothschild-related Pettys).

Now this is amazing. If you were God, how would you get Peter Strzok into my head using as a symbol any item in the world whatsoever? It wouldn't be easy. In the Obama dream, God used a page for my cue ball, and I shot this page as a paper airplane straight into the corner pocket without hitting a red ball. I was aiming at the red ball beside the pocket, but as I sewered, as they say in billiards, I checked the Sewer surname listed with SUTTERs, a little like "STRzok," and because Strzok's mistress at the FBI is Miss Page, I gleaned that the pool shot on the Obama billiard table was about the dossier.

I later found a Dossier surname sharing the split Shield of Mauls/Morleys and Hill-using Tunnels that related to the sleeping bag on a hill. And here, thanks to the stars on Allison's face (I'm inspector Columbo finding a major crime with a tiny detail), I find the Stras', much like "STRZok, sharing a border of eight, white scallops with Mauls/Morleys, and the Stras scallops are in the colors of the eight fitchees surrounding in the Sewer/Sutter border. It looks as though God has succeeded in conveying Peter Strzok to the world in relation to globalist Rothschilds.

I made a paper plane, and Papers/Pepperwals use carNATIONs. What family is really behind the FBI? Think the Rothschilds think they own the world with their vast money pots? Is this who Sessions is scared of? Then step down, Mr. Sessions, and give the job to a real man, one with God's protection.

I'm asking myself what Lisa page could possibly have had to do with the Scalia murder, and am reminded that English Page's use the dove in the colors of the Paloma dove while the event with Miss Peare at La paloma was linkable very well to Scalia. Spanish Paloma's use double pale bars in the colors of the four fesses of French Page's, and three of these fesses are in the Stout Coat in case that applies.

In the dream, Obama was seen on a skateBOARD, and while Skate's related wildly to the dream, the Boards use a Coat much like that of Sewers/Sutters, and even use "an orle of silver martlets." It was Rutlands and Rutherfords who use orles. The Board symbols are linkable in two ways to Obama's ancestry in Singletarys (Lancashire, same as Shake's/Shicks), who were at Fylde while Fylde's (Lancashire) share the Shake/Shick chevron.

Fields/Felde's almost use the Stick/Sticker Coat, the latter looked up as per the star-shaped stickers on Allison's face. The orle border, and the other borders seen above, must be code for Board-like Borders, first found in Somerset with Stickers, and using swords in saltire reflective of the arrows in saltire of Knobs and Colors, two surnames linking to events with Allison Bauer. Crossed swords are shared by Feschs, very likely the Fessy-related Fieschi, and Fessys (love the Segni's of Genova) are also Face's. Star-shaped stickers on Allison's face; the Stars were first found beside the Stickers and Battins/Badens, the latter sharing the eye with Stars. The Fieschi were in Genova while the Genova/Geneva surname, suspect with child-trafficking, shares that fist between wings with Bauers. Fessys share the cross of My's. Color MY world. My's were first found in Nottinghamshire with Nations/Nathans.

I kid thee not. My's share "black birds" with Allisons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It explains why Birds (Broxton) use a "mea" motto term, for My's are also Mea's. The Bird martlets are those of Henrys, therefore, for Henrys were on the Mea-like Meu river with Mea's. Henry IV of Rodez married Miss Roquefeuil, the proto-Rockefellers, and Rodez is beside Aubin while Albins/Aubins share the blue fitchee with My's/Mea's. It all explains why the Rod and Rock trefoil, part-code for the Treff variation of Trips, and part-code for RoqueFEUIL liners, is shared by Albino's and Aubin-related Barnstaple's.

We saw the blue fitchee with Sardinia-suspect Shardlows, and the anti-Christ's Seleucid elements are suspect from Sardinia's Sulcis location, and from the Shirts/Shards. How interesting. I can definitely see God toying with Rothschild globalism, making everything ironic and painful as they try to carry out their plans. It may not be coincidental that Linda Tripp was used to bring down Bill Clinton.

I now need to repeat that Allison Bauer left me in the parking lot of Knob Hill Farms for a fellow worker, Mike Denardo, whose surname is listed with Narbonne's. Narbonne is beside the Aude area of Roquefeuil. I was sitting on the hood of my car when I spotted her getting into Mike's car, and when I went over, she wouldn't come out. God wanted to end it so that I could go work in shoes. More than four decades later, I discover that the Allison black birds are the Cornish choughs of English Hoods (the ravens of the Peters with the Staple motto are Cornish choughs too). German Hoods are Hope's, and while "spes" means "hope," both Hope's and Birds use "spes." The spes-like Space's/Speccots share the fret with English Hoods. Allisons use "BLACK BIRDs," and Blake's use another fret. Fret's are suspect with Ferte-Mace, and Denardo's/Narbonne's share the Maschi lion. I went to work to sell shoes for FREDelle's shoes. There you have evidence that God arranged for my sitting on a hood as code for these links.

Allison and I were at the fair, and Scottish Fairs share the giant anchor of Hope's/Hoods.

More than for decades after Allison and I were together, I was writing on the Hicks dream, where she was at the hood of a car. I left the topic right there, and went to town. On my last errand, I came to my Jeep with the groceries, and saw that someone had left a medallion on the hood of this Jeep. Jeepma's/CHEPs (like "Keep / Kepke / Kippax/Keppock") share the two-headed eagle with Speccot-like Specks/Spocks, suspect with Syphax the Numidian, where I trace "Kepke." When Allison left me, Mr. Kepke, a fellow worker at Knob Hill Farms, was sitting right beside me on the hood. We both watched it happen. He went on the get a shoe-sales job, and when I visited him there, I walked up to another shoe store, in the same mall, and got a job on the spot, cold, an act of God, I now realize.

The medallion still had four links of its chain upon it, and so it was used around someone's NECK. The Rus vikings at the Neckar river (Baden) come to mind, for they can be gleaned by the Veringers of Baden as the Varangian RUS of Kiev (Ukraine), where I trace "Kepke," for his father was Ukrainian. Varangians are known to have founded Moscow, and it's likely that Russia was named after the Varangians. The medallion had the inscription, "Saint Petersburg Russia," in both English and Russian. What could this mean? Is there a Rothschild branch in St. Petersburg that will bring about the anti-Christ? Waiting...

The last line in the Color-my-World song is, "Color my world With HOPE of loving you." There is a Loving surname with Louvains, and they share the lion of Albin-like Albanys, first found in Shropshire with Rothes' and Rudes'. And by the way, I determined that "Star Trek" was Illuminati code for Stars and the Terek river of Alania, home of the proto-Alans that lived in Shropshire. Star Trek was founded by Mr. RODDENbury, a Rothes liner we may glean. The show had a Dr. SPOCK that we may see in the Speck surname, said to be the namer of Speke, "outside Liverpool." Where did we see Liverpool recently? They also had a Brampton Devon, where Hoods were first found. And they were in contact with rulers of Oakhampton, which included Robert d'AVRANCHes, a Veringer / Varangian suspect, husband of a Dol gal (yes, an Alan of Dol / Shropshire).

Back to "CHICago." The Chicks are listed with Checks/Cheech's, and I related an event on the night of seeing Cheech and Chong live where the Curbys/Kirkbys were the central topic, and here in this update the Corbys led us to the Rothschild discussion. In fact, the "black birds" of Corbys is what got Allison Bauer and Knob Hill Farms to topic in the first place, with the black birds of Allisons, that is, and heraldry does have a "bird bolt" symbol, which is a fancy name for an arrow. Boltons use "A buck's head with an arrow through the NECK." We saw Corby of Rutland traceable to the Neckar river, and Necks/Neckers (giant deer head) can apply to the Bolton buck. The Curbys/Kirkbys can easily be of Kirks, or a Kirk merger with Corbys, and the original captain of the Starship ENTERprise was Kirk. Enders come up as Ingers, and Inger was perhaps the first Varangian.

Dr. Spock was played by Leonard Nimoy, and Nimoys are listed with Nemo's in the Poindexter motto. Poindexters are the ones with the Fist/Faust fist. Nemo's/Nimoys were first found in Stirling, and Stirlings are also Star-like Sturlings/Sterlings. Stars were first found at the Stur-river area, and some Stur variations can link to the Stow variation of Stouts.

I'd like to go back to the "Paper Planes" tweet by Julian Assange, which featured a song about crime rings. I was expecting more on this as per the paper plane I made of the page on Obama's billiard table, but Assange was silenced. There's a January-7 headline, "Julian Assange Missing For Eight Days, Since Mysterious 'M.I.A. - Paper Planes' Tweet With Cryptic Code":

The founder of Wikileaks, Julian Assange, who has been holed up in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London since 2012, has not sent any messages out on his Twitter account since December 31, 2017. A look through Assange's Twitter feed shows that he has consistently sent multiple messages and retweets almost every day, yet since the last one on Dec. 31st, which consisted of a cryptic code of letters and numbers along with a music video titled "M.I.A. - Paper Planes, his account has been inactive.

In the cryptic code, shown above, all the letters include, a, b, c, d, e, f, but no letter beyond the 'f'. Tis a mystery. But prior to this, I had reason, from the 9-11 memorial in Texas, to believe that Assange would let something loose concerning 9-11. I have maintained over the years that there were no planes that hit the Twin Towers. As such, the planes we saw on television can be considered paper / fake planes. I don't know that Assange's tweet was about that topic, and I have no evidence that the plane in the Obama dream was about 9-11.

So far, the only candidates as per plane-like surnames are the Plains/Platters, the Palins with a Coat like the Plains/Platters, or the Plene variation of Plantagenets. The Plains look like a Palin merger with Platters of SOTTERley. You'll see why this is important when you get to Sutters shortly below.

Paper Planes is a song sung by MIA, and it's a little interesting that My's/Mea's share patees-fitchees with Plains/Platters. Thanks to the Stras', found in this update, I can make a case better now for the Plene's/Plantagenets, yet the Platter-like Plate's/Platte's happen to share the Stras scallops!!! Zowie, it's dragging Platte River Networks into this paper plane.

Keep in mind that Sarah Palin was chosen by John McCain, as his vice-president pick, for it was John McCain who delivered the Steele / Fusion dossier to the FBI. And the page I turned into a paper plane was about the dossier as it involved Stras-like Strzok and Lisa Page.

It just so happens that the three lions in PALE (Pale's/Palys could be a Palin / Plain branch) of Plene's/Plantagenets are in the colors of half the three lions in pale of Stras'! Wow. But what on earth could God be pointing to Plant liners for?

Repeat: "I'm asking myself what Lisa page could possibly have had to do with the Scalia murder, and am reminded that English Page's use the dove in the colors of the Paloma dove while the event with Miss Peare at La paloma was linkable very well to Scalia. Spanish Paloma's use double pale bars in the colors of the four fesses of French Page's, and three of these fesses are in the Stout Coat in case that applies. " The Stout Chief, can we believe it, shares three patee-fitchees with the Plain/Platter Chief! Zikers. Does Lisa page know what part the FBI played in covering up Scalia's murder???

We now have reason to believe that God tailored the Obama dream to fit the MIA group that Julian Assange would come to use. Reminder: the Sewer/Sutter border has eight fitchees in the colors of the eight Stras' scallops. I get the impression that God arranged a Plene variation for Plants in order to assure that Stras' are to be included with Sewers, in order to better confirm that Strzok is a subject of the dream. It was Strzok or Page who wrote to the other that Obama wants to know everything they were doing.

There is a Stras-like Stairs variation of Stayers, first found in Kent with the scaling-ladder Trips. The Stairs Coat is a reflection of the Comp/Camp Coat (weak argument) that could be in the COMPasses of Nations/Nathans. Miss Peare and I rushed up the stairs to kiss outside the La Paloma, and the Peare stars are colors reversed from the Stairs/Stayer stars. The Stayers look like a branch of Stagers/Stage's, and Miss Peare was on a stage with me at the end of the sleeping-bag dream. The Stager/Stage chevron is shared by Papers/Pepperwals, and the latter use carNATIONs.

There is a Straus/Strus surname (Rodden bend?) said to be from the Altmark at Brunswick, and Rothschilds/RODDENsteins were first found in Brunswick. This location was paired with Luneburg, and the Langs of Luneburg share the pelican on a nest with Stras'. And you will not believe this unless you first faint: Scottish and English Langs, expected as a branch of Alans/Alengs, use "ABCDEF" on their fesse.

The Lang letters are expected as code for LINKletters, meaning that Langs were a Link branch. The billiard hall of Obama was in a L-shape, and I knew instinctively (while having the dream) that Obama owed the hall with a partner, but the dream did not mention the partner. The L-shape caused me to theorize that the partner was Loretta LYNCH. Loretts were first found in Suffolk with Plains/Platters and Platters. Thus, the Paper Planes tweet from Julian Assange with letters, a b c d e and f may be a pointer to Loretta Lynch (whose surname looks merged with Fellers). She met on a plane with Bill Clinton to discuss the avoidance of anything resembling the prosecution of Hillary Clinton. She was Obama's attorney general since 2015; she was his partner in crime, therefore, and we are learning this week from Mr. Solomon that Obama and his attorney general wanted to run the crusade against Trump. We may assume that Lynch was an avid Hillary fan.

The Lang description points to Rothschild-related Pettys, apparently, with: "a pelican in her piety natural." There are two Natural surnames, one in Petty colors and sharing ravens with Rothes/Rothchilds. These Naturals were first found in Burgundy with the Mars who share the Stras scallops. French Fairs were first found in Burgundy too, and the French fairs I see with the Hope/Hood anchor were first found in Cumberland with English Naturals, and with the Bernice's that share the fesse of French Naturals. The Burn branch of Bernice's/Burness' thus becomes suspect with Bruno's suspect in Brunswicks.

Hmm. The two Zionist stars in the Bernice Chief are in the colors of the Peare stars, and Bernice's use a "PERseverantia" motto code. I met Miss Peare when she worked in the same mall I did, when selling shoes, and she worked for Reitmans while both Reitman surnames use two Zionists stars in their Chiefs. It appears that Rothschilds were close to Bernice's / Burns / Bruno's. The winged demi horse in the Bernice Crest is in the black of the demi horse in the Arms of Stuttgart.

The Stras' call their scallops, "seashells." Shells (Westphalia) can easily be a branch of Schilds, and Shalls/SCALLERs (Rhineland) were at Cologne, where Straus'/Strus' (leaves) are said to have been first found. Scales' share white scallops with Stras'. Amazingly, while Peter Strzok was in the corner pocket of the billiard TABLE, the Table surname uses a version of the Shall/Schaller Coat, which can once again indicate that Strzok and/or Page knew about the Scalia murder. I had said that the paper plane was shot into the corner pocket from the area of the blue ball's position at the center of the table, and Table's with Shalls/Schallers use blue roundels (hurts).

There are also the German Schallers/Schallys sharing the cups of Sellers (and Toops).

I'm now wondering whether the Plene's/Plants/Plantagenets are to be taken as a code for spy plants by the FBI (Strzok was an FBI boss). This thought caused be to look up Halpers, as per the FBI spy on the Trump campaign, Stefan Halper. Can we believe it? Halpers (Worcestershire) share black-and-white chequey with Steele's. For those who don't yet know, the dossier purchased by blockhead Hillary Clinton and her silly, desperate fan club was put together by British spy, Mr. Steele. The news this past week is that Stefan Halper was probably meeting with Steele. One of two Stefan surnames shares red pale bars with German Steels (arrow), as though God may perhaps want to nail Halper with Mr. Steele. Stolts share billets with the Cheshire Steels. The other Stefans (Bologna) use the Panico/Pane Chief and a comet.

There is a question on whether English Steels are using a version of the Clinton Coat, and while Clintons were first found in the same place as Peare's, Pero's use a "flaming star" that is the Stefan comet, if we judge by the design. Stephens were first found in Gloucestershire with the Papers who share the chevron of Stagers/Stage's. When Miss Peare was with me on the mall's stage, it could otherwise be viewed as a platform as code for Hillary's Platte River Networks. This company has to do with Hillary shredding her papers, so to speak. I find it amazing that the Republicans are not forcing Platte River Networks to give up Hillary's emails, for she and it probably engaged in them illegally.

The dexter lion paw of Halpers holds a gold fitchee, as does the Quint lion paw, and while Capone's (Stairs Coat) were first found in Cambridgeshire, Halpers are said to possibly have named Halfpenn Field in Cambridgeshire. Why does the Halper lion hold a triangle? Angle's can be gleaned with Nagle's who in-turn share the Natural fesse.

I have a wild theory on why Plene's/Plants worked into this update. I'll get to it eventually, but I need to set it up first. I lived in an apartment for a short while only when dating Miss Peare a short time. After Kepke took her from me, and I let her go without a fight, if that's what she wanted. They would continue to visit my apartment regularly, as teens are in the habit of doing, and one night she with Miss Phillips slept the night there, with Kepke going home. They ended up in my bed, smaller than a double-size bend. We were in there tight, with me in the middle. I woke in the middle of the night holding Miss Peare, and it felt to good I always tell readers, "It felt so good."

After realizing that God used Miss Peare to represent the line between Gothelo and Godfrey de Bouillon, I notice the "good" in "It felt so good," and recalled that Goths/Gothels are Gothelo liners. I don't recall whether I already knew that Goths/Gothels share the white Zionist star with Reitmans. And so I looked up Felts just for fun, and found the Bouillon cross in colors reversed. It was looking as though God set up that it-felt-so-good moment, and that he caused me to use the phrase.

I then found that Feltmans/Felthams (Middlesex) share gold leopard heads with Peare's, and that tends to reveal that the double-white, ermined fesses of Felthams are those of Sleeps, for the it-felt-so-good moment was as we all three slept. The "Palma" motto term of Feltmans, which evokes La Paloma, is easily pegged with Palmers/Parmers, who use double fesses in colors reversed. German Feltmans, I also learned, use stars in two colors schemes, those of the stars of both Reitman surnames. She was working for Reitmans when we all slept together.

It was shortly before or after that night when I was sitting sad in the living room, with she and Kepke over, happy, and me alone. I was holding an album jacket of Led Zeppelin. Why do I remember this? As a Christian, I came to despise Led Zeppelin, and learned that some or all in the band were satanists. The point is, as I was struggling above as to why God would point to the Plene/PLANT Coat, I was asking if there was a Mr. Plant involved with the FBI, and "Robert Plant"n cane to mind. In went online to see who Robert Plant might be, and Google led to Robert Plant, lead singer of Led Zeppelin, whose famous guitarist was jimmy PAGE.

Hmm, I thought, was Lisa Page related to Jimmy Page? How could Led Zeppelin be involved with the FBI? And that's when I remembered the time with the album jacket. It was probably the album with the famous "STAIRway to Heaven" song, and I had soon-before rushed up the stairs with Miss Peare for what was a super kiss, as though we had known each other a long time.

I then loaded the Jimmy Page article at Wikipedia: "Page was born to James Patrick Page and Patricia Elizabeth Gaffikin in the west London suburb of Heston on 9 January 1944...In 1952, they moved to Feltham..." The Feltham Crest uses a broken spear with two pointed ends, same as the Fulke/Volk spear (not broken), and Fulks, first found in Norfolk with Palmers/Parmers, birthed the first Mr. Plantagenet. It's looking compelling for linking to Miss Peare's story above, but what on earth does this have to do with the Strzok-Page sector of the FBI in 2016??? They lived in west London, where Felthams are said to have lived.

As Palmers use trefoils, it's seems that Felthams (Field/Feld colors) were Feller / Rockefeller liners. The Tooths, who love PALMans in their motto, were first found in London. The Palmans use the three-word motto of Penningtons, and I have told many times that Miss Phillips, who slept on my right than night, was working at Pennington's clothing. She was Miss Peare's friend. Her first name is Louise, and Louis' (from Lawrence-possible Lorraine) share blue lozenges with Penningtons so that the reader may believe that God set this event up. Penningtons are said to be from Lonsdale (Lancashire), same as Lawrence's, and the latter was the first name of Mr. Kepke.

This is why the second woman on the stage with Peare, in the sleeping-BAG dream, was pegged as Miss Phillips, for when Miss Peare came over onto my stage, I hugged her, and it felt so good. Moreover, Penningtons share the lozenges in both colors of Bagleys (same place as Sleeps). Welsh Phillips share much of the Palman / Pennington motto, and French Phillips share the swan in the colors of the swans of Palmans and Lawrence-beloved Readys.

Maccabees from the Mucianus Bloodline

Although I say that Maccabees were from king Massena, I can link that think to mythical Mucius, code for the Mucianus surname:

Watch", [Mucius] is said to have declared, "so that you know how cheap the body is to men who have their eye on great glory". Mucius thrust his right hand into a fire which was lit for sacrifice and held it there without giving any indication of pain, thereby earning for himself and his descendants the cognomen Scaevola, meaning "left-handed". Porsena was shocked at the youth's bravery, and dismissed him from the Etruscan camp, free to return to Rome, saying "Go back, since you do more harm to yourself than me". At the same time, the king also sent ambassadors to Rome to offer peace.

Mucius was granted farming land on the right-hand bank of the Tiber, which later became known as the Mucia Prata (Mucian Meadows) (Wikipedia).

The Jewish Pierleoni, also on the Tiber, come to mind. In Wikipedia's article on the Mucius gens: "The only major family of the Mucii bore the cognomen Scaevola...The similar cognomen, Scaeva, which occurs in other gentes, including among the Junii, is generally assumed to mean "left handed"...The only other important cognomen of the Mucii was Cordus, borne by some of the Scaevolae." Cordus smacks of the Maccabee, Curtus. The Junii were from the Oeneus river, home to the Maezaei, all traceable to Amazons of Oenomaus, and to nearby Oeneus, mythical father of the real place, Methoni/Modon (probably named well before 175 BC), suspect from ancient Modi'in, the home of the first Maccabees around 175 BC.

Aside from the mythical character above, the article's first listed Mucius surname is Publius Mucius Scaevola, "father of Quintus Mucius P. f. Scaevola, praetor in 215 BC, received Sardinia as his province." Hmm, Porcius Cato, living at that time, was in Sardinia on some matter. These characters are in-time to name Maccabees in about 175 BC. There is a Mr. Mucianus, consul in 131 BC, whose name looks akin to that of Cilnius Maecenas.

I didn't have time to continue with this section.

Wilty Republican Reeds Need Backbone

I must confess that I've been complaining to God about going in circles with the overwhelming work of finding Annas / Caiaphas liners. Sooner or later I'm going to break; I'm not made of steel, I remind Him. I'd like to move on to the judgments on the killers of Scalia. I want to see His hand working in the world to perform the justice that American leaders are useless for. Are you not torn over the stinking Republicans who let Scalia's murder pass without so much as a peep? Go back to sleep, you colossal failures. Bask in your pleasures, you softened reeds. The wind cometh to lay you down to sleep forever, in the swamp where you have planted your roots. You have set yourselves up only for the rotting. Justice called out to you when you obtained power these past few decades, but you closed your ears to the call, and have become useless, spineless reeds. Grow spines, and stand in the political turbulence. Fight for the good when it's in your powers to do so.

Jeff Sessions, the epitome of laid-back, useless Republicans, and Trump, the bulrush. He was a bulrush in the Democrat china shop, knocking things down all over the place with his horns, but after Comey was cut loose, he laid back and did nothing more but chew the hay. He spits out threatening words and passes enormous volumes of toxic gases, but he does not get up to exert his powers to purify the estate. Fat and happy in power, he doesn't want to cause waves around his own root. A bloated frog on his lilypad, he croaks, and that's all he does. He wants to get along with the useless Republicans instead of starting a revolution against them.

Republican voters need to unelect the establishment reeds, and vote in the fighters who compromise nothing until Washington is purged of brazen criminals. Trump's own FBI boss is an obscene example of Trump's betrayal of Americans. Trump is a leach, as are the useless Republicans. They are there only to build moats around their own castles, but they do not want war against that which needs to be warred against. They want the moat, and the castle, but they also want peace, to hell with the plight of victims living outside of the moat. Their expertise is in giving the image of serving the country.

What was Robert Mueller doing when Scalia was killed in February of 2016? "In January 2016, [Mueller] was appointed as Settlement Master in the U.S. consumer litigation over the Volkswagen emissions scandal; as of May 11, 2017, the scandal has resulted in $11.2 billion in customer settlements." At Wikipedia's Volkswagen Emissions Scandal article: "The court [Northern District of California] appointed former FBI Director Robert Mueller as a mediator to oversee the negotiations between claimants, regulators, and Volkswagen, to produce a final 'consent decree' by late June 2016". Why the former FBI boss? Did Scalia have an opinion on this crime? I dunno. I doubt it.

Below is an example of what will happen if Trump doesn't severely punish the high-level criminals so that others will be less likely to repeat these matters. The video below is on a Mr. D'Souza, pardoned by Trump this week, and jailed by Obama's administration in the way a third-world dictator attempts to silence the political opposition. This is the problem with a rampant Intelligence community using its spy powers for political advantage and increased powers. This will tear America apart, and here is Trump barking like a stupid dog, not intelligent enough to punish those guilty, and nearly 1.5 years has passed already. Those enemies of his are trying to replace him in order to make a come-back with a vengeance, when all good people lose. It could happen. The news is that liberals are destroying themselves, but they won't go down without making a mess of the nation first. Best to put them in jail where they can't do much harm.

At this point, it is absolutely necessary to shut the Intelligence community down. Better a little threat from Russia or China than the internal threat looming large upon the entire nation at this time. The guilty are galvanizing at this time, bundling together, for war. Trump's inaction amounts to their galvanizing rather than their being split apart by an overwhelming fear of punishment. Trump wants to make peace with North Korea so that he can bask in an accomplishment, yet he's leaving Americans with the deep-state knife ever closer to their throats.

It is an illusion to believe that the deep state is about to be destroyed by Trump's opposition to it, for it has been clearly galvanizing, becoming more resilient, using the detached-from-reality liberals as their shields. All verbal attacks against them are deflected away in media spin, exactly why Trump needs to add to his verbal attacks a machete. Start swinging, Mr. President, across the deep-state face. Start with the blood already, because they want you dead. There is one pimple on the deep-state face that needs to be uprooted, one Obama. If you would like to be famous, jail him. Forget North Korea, and bask in the glory of jailing the most dangerous men to America, for then we could really praise you.

Am I wishing for a civil war? No, I'm wishing for the restraining of lawlessness. If its leaders are jailed, and lower-level supporters rebel to the point of dangerous / unlawful civil disturbances, jail them too and make them pay for their own jail time, because the American people are in great debt already. Why should they feed these criminal types in jail? Executive Order: if you break the law fighting for law breakers, you will pay for your own jail time until you are broke and homeless. There won't be any rebels under that order, will there? I didn't think so. But we're not going to see this war, are we? The reeds are piping, following the pied piper, looking after their own affairs.

Here's a news story on what looks like Obama guilt, coming out late this week, and should be elaborated upon this coming week. But, by the sounds of it, I'm not convinced that this story has teeth:

The text says, "Other than Liz quote 'the White House is running this." But the video doesn't show the email exchange in full so that one might get the sense of what that sentence refers to. Running what? This is a story that broke from John Solomon, and so here's his interpretation of the Strzok-Page exchanges:

They [the two] voiced alarm when an FBI colleague — “Liz” — suggested the Obama White House was about to hijack the [Russia-probe] investigation. “Went well, best we could have expected,” Strzok texted Page after an Aug. 5, 2016, meeting. “Other than Liz quote ‘the White House is running this.’ ” Page then texted to assure Strzok of a paper trail showing the FBI in charge: “We got emails that say otherwise.”

Who was Strzok quoting with "the White House is ruining this." He appears to be saying that, aside from Liz running this probe, the White House is too. Who's Liz? James Comey? McCabe? Solomon paints the picture in which Brennan's CIA is teamed up with Obama to run the plot, and in the meantime makes the FBI look more like a victim than a fellow plotter. Why is it that Solomon got hold of these text messages before others released them?

There is onus on the FBI to tell the leaders and the people what reason / basis it had to send a spy against the Trump campaign. This could be tricky for Wray, but with Trump as his president, it looks like he can get away with saying nothing. Like a frog, Trump has no spine. He only has the big mouth. Twitter is his lilypad. He likes to operate from his lilypad.

Every week we hear from congress oversight that the American people have the right to see the pertinent papers on the issues of concern, yet the president, the imposter, who has the right to see those papers more-fully (unredacted) than the people, has either not asked for them on behalf of the people and of congress, or has asked for them but isn't letting anyone know. There is nothing more out-of-place than this, that the president, while he acts as though he's opposed to the deep state, yet supports it. This is the big snake in all of what the Republican voters are scratching their heads about. None of it makes sense to them because they trust Trump when in fact he's the biggest deep-state tool of all. He's the one hiding the documents. It's his game. He's so smart he's a fool.

The time has come to catch the Obama fly, Mr. Frog. Instead of merely croaking, how-about you reel that pest in and have him for a snack. Can you imagine the roar of the nation if you put that pest where he belongs? The next Democrat president will think hard about trying the same illegal and dictatorial tactics. See any wisdom in doing some major damage at this time? It is not the time for forgiveness, because the syndicate isn't saying it's sorry. It's pressing forward to the destruction of the better people, of the tried-and-true ways of life, of the normal. Obama ran on "change" because he wanted to cut off the normal. You promised the voters that you would make his people pay, but don't do it for vengeance; do it because his ilk need to fear punishment for wrong-doing.

Napolitano says that the president of the United States does not need a FISA warrant to spy on any person. Napolitano says that the president can ask for any recording ("wire-tap") on any person with merely the permission of his attorney general. He needs only a corrupt attorney general. That's what Obama was doing. On top of this, the FISA court does not possess a button the turns the spy machine on and off. The Intelligence people, the NASA, can use its spy machines without FISA permission, and surely this goes on. They do apply to FISA now and then in order to give appearances that they are going by the rules, but they can spy on anyone at anytime, or, at least, I have never heard any method used to keep them from using the equipment at their disposal.

Here's a "movie" on the Clinton crime ring that exposes very little of all the Clintons did; note their framing a man on false charges:

This video makes me realize why Obama beat Hillary for the presidency, because God wanted to spare the American people president Hillary. That's a joke, you get the point. Trump got elected because God wanted to spare the people president Clinton. Trump thinks it's because he's brilliant. One can sense the conspiratorial, dictatorial spirit behind the Clintons, for to control everything in society, by sheer demonism, the anti-Christ spirit, in order to make things more glorious for themselves. When self is the god. The liberal media made the Clintons like welcome king and queen. But when Hillary fell in nutso-ism, which was her sentencing when losing to Trump, her media abandoned her like a stinking piece of crap. Today, she walks about, and gives statements, like a talking piece of crap, and this is all she will ever be. Her nature has been moulded.

Who will the crime syndicate put up for president in 2020? Imagine how many times worse the liberal media will be by then, as compared to 2016, for the false advertising of that candidate. And Trump is permitting that SINdicate to galvanize as we speak, when it is clearly in his power to arrange the arrest forces against it. He did not assure that his attorney general would go after the Clinton and Obama crime rings. He didn't think it was important. He let it slide. He betrayed his voters. That's why he yap-yaps as though he's angry at the crime ring, because he is self-conscious about doing nothing to punish it. He doesn't want voters to see the reality, that he has no plan to arrest the criminals in high places.

One of the Republicans whose lost spine is Trey Gowdy. He came on Fox this past week to echo the FBI when it claims that the Mueller investigation has nothing to do about getting Trump. Gowdy was well-respected not many months ago, and voters put their trust in him when he became a leader of an oversight committee, but this naive (or worse) statement, and previous support for Mueller, has caused him to be denounced. Gowdy doesn't come across as too shallow to realize that the Mueller investigation is indeed all about getting Trump, and so the choices are: 1) his family has been threatened by the deep state; 2) he's been a fake Republican all along.

Trump is praised for publicly denouncing CNN as a fake-news outlet, and I celebrate this attitude too. But CNN and the others are much more than fake-news outlets. They are social-engineering organs for the anti-Christ / False-Prophet kingdom. Or, to use a non-religious theme, the liberal media support the Clinton and Obama crime rings, like a fool turning a blind eye to the crimes so long as the nation accomplishes the goals of progressive-ism. Anyway you put it, this is frightening, and should be Trump's main concern, if he really cares to make the country the way that his voters would like to see it. His voters are very nervous, and rightly so, but Trump does nothing but to speak out against "crooked Hillary" and the lies. Mr. President, this is a snake wanting to curl itself around your throat, and is shedding light upon it all you can do while you are the president with a majority in both the House and the Senate? Can you not do more, you pathetic imposter?

Some will say that Trump's hands are tied by the establishment / RINO Republicans who support the Mueller probe, or who say that firing Mueller will be political suicide. But this argument doesn't fly, because Trump can force the hands of those nasty Republicans easily, but ordering Jeff Sessions to place on his desk tomorrow morning all the pertinent documents that reveal FBI corruption in the dossier / FISA scandal, and on the Hillary emails, etc. Trump can thereby advertise to the nation why all Republican lawmakers MUST support the prosecution of the lawbreakers. Any Republican who dares to not support it will likely get himself "fired" in the next election later this year.

For Trump to cave to these spineless reeds is a colossal embarrassment for one who passes himself off as gutsy and decisive. Yet I think the reality is worse: Trump himself has decided not to prosecute because he himself is afraid of the potential consequences. In that case, step down as president, because you are afraid of doing your duty. You promised to do it, but are not.

The crime rings do not merely lie to seize power at all government levels. They do it to seize money. Power in itself is nothing unless it can be used to seize money. That's the definition of the Clintons. Trump knows it, and made light of this at pre-election times. Using political power to seize money is a pathetic crime, but it's not as pathetic as Trump doing nothing to put the Clintons in jail. He has effectively joined the criminals by allowing them to remain free. He and they are one even while he croaks against them. Trump already gave his own corporations, and those of his friends, a super-duper tax break. That's his own conflict-of-interest guilt. He might like to do more for himself, to seize money, while he's president.

Trump's hand is being forced to act against Sessions by the constant drip of exposure on FBI guilt, and now there appears to be CIA and Obama guilt, which forces Trump even harder to do something. The liberals are portraying this as Trump serving self, seeking to control his attorney general, and in the meantime Rosenstein is passed off as an unbiased player who ought to have the right to rule the DoJ. Laughable. Wishful thinking, but Trump has permitted this situation for months and months.

The crime ring is getting the jitters now, including Eric Holder, who is making media appearances to rally the troops against Trump's greater out-spoken-ness recently. They may be sensing that their dam is about to burst imminently. We certainly hope so. As you see the big beavers trying to salvage the pond with greater activity, that's how you know the jitter meter is getting hotter. Holder is talking about the proper morality for a DoJ. Where Trump has zero say, that's the way to keep the DoJ pure and holy. Wishful thinking, but Trump has permitted this situation for months and months.

The president doesn't need to ask Sessions to do anything on his behalf. The president needs only to ask for the pertinent documents exposing the crimes and abuse of powers from James Comey, Eric Holder, Hillary Clinton, etc. The liberal media cannot acceptably portray such a request as self-serving, especially if the documents are filled with deplorable acts. The American people will condemn the liberal media if they talk mere technicalities on how Trump went about getting the documents while ignoring the guilt within the documents. It's a win-win-win for Republicans, yet Trump has acted the imposter to this day. How can we explain this? First prize for inaction goes to Trump; Sessions gets only second prize.

Just because Sessions has recused himself on matters of Russian collusion doesn't mean that he can't order his staff to get Trump the desired documents. The president has every right to see the documents pertaining to the FISA scandal, especially because the scandal has to do with crimes committed against himself. Yet Trump has done nothing to expose those documents. What kind of a louse is this? It is the president's responsibility to expose the FISA scandal. Nunes revealed its framework, and Trump thereby has the duty to reveal its meat. In fact, Rosenstein has the duty to reveal its meat, and so Trump has an even greater right to reveal it simply because the acting head of the DoJ won't fulfill his responsibility. Yet Trump has been the Chief Egghead, going on weeks now since Nunes came out. Trump is merely doing a dance, a performance, to give appearances of trying to do something. It's obvious.

On Trump's North-Korea project, he's got to be eye-to-eye with the CIA deep state. The plot is to remove Korea as Russia's partner in nuclear capability. Russia wants Korea as such a partner, as a deterrent for a first-strike by the United States, because the latter realizes that it's now or never to take Russia out. Russia, with less money than the United States by far, has come to fear an attack, based on the way the American / NATO war hawks have been talking for several years. What Pompeo is doing in North Korea should not appear like a spreading of sweet perfume on his new lover, as Trump would portray it, because in reality he's trying to stick Kim on an American leash so that he can't go back to his Russian lover. This is what the CIA specializes in, taking Russia out in a quest for CIA globalization. It should not be viewed as American globalization, because the CIA, and its invisible powers, are designing the globalism framework.

Right now, the invisible powers are plotting to shape Trump's new pick for CIA director as they see fit. If she was approved by CIA insiders, it's bad news. It means she's likely to follow, not lead. The CIA doesn't like Trump because he's not a passive follower. He needs to be beaten into submission by hard tactics.

Kim was a dastardly dictator under Brennan, but under Trump he's a lover. It's a better direction, and Trump continues to keep a hand out to Putin in the same way. Tough talk with one hand, a dealer's hand on the other. But why should we think that Trump's deal with Kim will be any better than Obama's with Iran? The deal is only as good as Kim sticks to it. Why should we trust Kim? What if Trump has offered him money so that, sure, Kim comes alongside the deal to seize the money. Can't Kim feign keeping his end of the deal as good as Iran can feign keeping its side of the deal? Better this than looming war.


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