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Jun 5 - 11, 2018

All About Seleucid Suspects
CHARTing the Waters of the Shardana Sea Peoples
The Shapiro Dream and Another Francesca-Battistelli Miracle

For best results, take the time to load the Coats to see them for yourself. Load the first-Coat link I offer (or open one here) to get a tab open, and then open more if needed. To check a description in the Coat of Arms, type the surname at this page:

Below is a quote from the first update of last month, as per my turning at a traffic light in VICTORIA SQUARE, and almost hitting the curb of a meridian, when returning home from a live performance of Cheech and Chong. The Shechemite-suspect Cheech's are listed with Checks/Chicks, and CHICHesters use a Coat filled with checks. Just to let you know, Hover/Hoffer-like Coffers/Coffeys use a "Victoria" motto term:

This tends to prove that the curb I almost hit is code for the Curbys/Kerwicks/Kirkbys (share the Coffer crescents). I ask you, who named Victoria SQUARE? God? The Square's use a "ferme" motto term while the full Curby/Kerwick motto is, "Firm."

[A couple of days after writing here, the Navelle's/Neville's were loaded as per a Navelli area around Picenze, and while they were in the bishopric [served as bishop] of Chichester, Chichesters (Shield filled with chequey) use a "HERON rising," code for Orne, where Navelle's/Neville's were first found, but the point here is the "Firm" motto term of Chichesters, tending to confirm that the curb is to be included as code for Curbys. Moreover, Navelle's/Neville's were at Gace while Wassa's/Gace's call their canton a SQUARE. Amazing, is it not? It appears that God was pointing to Check liners in the Picenze area. Chichesters have the Irish Fleming Coat in reverse.]

I've come across a "firmum" motto term with Saxe's (dart), who were looked up at the end of the last update when writing on the Chars/Chards, for they share the partridge with Saxe's, and it just so happens that Partridge's use a Shield filled with checks too. "FirMUM" is perfect for linking to Curbys/KIRKbys because Kirks use two "mum" term buried in two of their motto terms.

The "HERON RISING" of Chichesters is cause to trace to Orne (Herons share the Orne herons), and this is the Orion bloodline from the Shechemite land of Schimatari. On top of this, Partridge's were married to Orne- / Heron-like Ernleys, a surname first found in Chichester (Sussex). As I trace the Haveran variation of Irish Herons to Avaran Maccabee, important because I've opened this topic, in the first place, to check out whether Chars/CHARDs were from SARDinia, and therefore from the line of Alexander Balas, the Seleucid king who had formed a strong pact with Jonathan Maccabee. Unbelievably, English herons share the Char/Chard motto! I wasn't expecting Chars/Chards to enter the discussion at this point.

Chars/Chards entered the discussion of the last update as per Charlotte Kilpatrick, who was in a dream, HOVERING OVER the seats of a car, aSLEEP as code for the SELEPitanoi at RISINium/RHIZON. That's what she and I were RISING to the sky when I went to wake her up. And here we find a "heron RISING" with Chichesters, and a dart with the surname sharing partridges with Chars/Chards. Darts/Dards share the ermined fesse of Sleeps because they were from Dardanians, in or beside Risinium.

The HOVERs/Hoffers happen to put HORNS, symbol of the Orion > Orne line, on their leopard face. And the Herons/HAVERans ("Per ardua surgo") are also Hoffer-like Heffrons while sharing the pelican with Arthurs, from the Ardiaei at Risinium. But these Ardiaei named the Arduinici at Oneglia, that place being the line of Nagle's, expected as a branch of German NAILs/Neils/Nagle's/Nageli's in the "NIL desperandum" motto of Chars/Chards and English Herons. Compare "Nageli" to "Navelli." That's more amazing because I've lately been tracing mythical Arthur to the Picenze / L'Aquila theater. In particular, I'm tracing the Avalon of king Arthur to mount Velino, that being of the Velino and Velens, both first found with their Duck kin in Westphalia with Nails/Nagle's/Nageli's!!! Bango, nailed it.

This is remarkable because mount Velino is beside Avezzano, and Avezzano's were first found in Sardinia while Sardinia-suspect Chars/Chards are the ones with a "Nil" motto term connectable to the Nails/Nageli's. [Later in this update, Ligurians are connected, expectedly, to Sardinia / Corsica, and Oneglia is a Ligurian location.]

Avezzano is off the Salto river, where I trace Salemans/Salians, who share the Ernley Coat exactly. Salian Franks provided Childeric, whose wife, Basina, traces to the namers of the Bessin, at the Orne river expected for Ernleys.

The last update touched on the nails of the Clovis Coat, and, as part of the Char/Chard discussion, showed that the Clavis'/ClaVILE's/ClaVELLs share the keys of Sheaves'/Chiava's, first found in L'Aquila and thereby linkable to Neville's and Navals (Navelli is near L'Aquila). The Velino-like Vallans share the moline of Vele's, and so this entity is what those endings on Clavile's/Clavells should be about, for "Ne vile," code for Navelli liners, we may assume, is in the "Ne Vile VELIS" motto of Griffins. Irish Griffins were first found in County Clare with Herons/Haverans.

Now that Chars/Chards/Charts are shaping up as Sardinians, let's take it back to the dream with Charlotte Kilpatrick, whom I call Miss Hicks (as per her maiden name). In the scene before I first saw Miss Hicks at a car, I saw myself on a beach with jeans on, but no SHIRT, and it's the Shirts/Sherards/SHARDs that are highly suspect with Sardinians of Alexander BALAS, for Shirts share the red roundel with Bullis', who were in that dream as a bulldog. The bulldog was in the mouth of a shark when the scene changed to my being in a body of water. I then walked out of the water to a beach, which is where I had no shirt. The only heraldic shark I know of is of the Velino-possible Valiants. And the Shark surname uses a heron, which can verify that Miss Hicks was hovering as part of the Haveran/Heffron bloodline.

If I had my shirt on in the dream, I would have had no reason to suspect the Shirts/Sherards as God's code. And to the Jeans/J'Anes' can be suspect as code too, for they share the red scallop with Tancreds who in turn us the colors and format of Shirts/Sherards. The Guiscards of Sicily, whose line was in Sardinia, were birthed from one Tancred. I recently showed a portrait of the Guiscard brothers with a pulley at their feet, the painter's secret code for Pulleys/Pullens (Yorkshire, same as Tancreds) who share the Tancred scallops. Pulleys/Pullens are from Vespasia Polla, mother of emperor VESpasian.

That was one of two reasons shown for why the Jean/J'Anes lion should be the Pool lion in colors reversed, which matches the swimming pool I was in with the shark, when the scene changed to the beach scene. Years earlier, I had theorized that "TanCRED" and "GuisCARD" were named after CARTHaginian elements, and then added that, instead, perhaps the CERTa capital of the Numidians was responsible for their names. It just so happens that Certs/Cards share the lion in both colors of the Jean/J'Anes lion. Certs/Cards were first found in Cornwall, and Jeans/J'Anes' are said to have had an early Cornwall branch. The neighboring Hoods use a Cornish chough, and the first time I saw Miss Hicks on the beach, immediately after the scene with jeans and no shirt, was at the hood of the Char-like car.

The HARborough location of Shirts, and their Crest peacock, tends to link them to the Harcourt Danes, and Guiscards (Rollo kin) were Danish Normans too.

Charters/Chartess' share the stork with PERTs/Petts, and Chars/Charts use PARTridges. The Charters/CharTRESS', who use a double-TRESSure border, were first found beside the Tresure's/Treasure's of Somerset. The latter's chevron is in the rare color used for the double tressure border. To see that it's not regular red, see it in the Fleming Coat.

Now that we know Chartress' are likely using a suffix in honor of the Tresure's they merged with, let's go to their ChartTERES variation, for Teres'/Tarrs were likewise first found in Somerset with Tressure's. And while Chars/Charts are under investigation for roots in Sardinia's Alexander-Balas line, by what coincidence do Alexanders use a "terras" motto term? I didn't know I'd be here when starting out on this topic this morning. Tarrs/Terres/Tara's may have been of the Taro river, which has a Ceno tributary of the Taro highly suspect with the Caens of Orne.

The Terras' in the Alexander motto share the Scott Coat while Scotts are said to be from Alexander, brother of king Baliol i.e. suspect as a Balas line. The same motto term is shared by MacDonalds who in-turn share the red fitchee with Tresure's. I trace the MacDonalds to the Irish Domnann, and from there to Somerset's founders, the Dumnonii. I trace the latter to LaceDAEMONian Spartans, and Spartans were in myth as the teeth of the dragon killed by Cadmus in Boiotia, location of Schimatari. Kennet-like Kennedys use the scimitar. PARTridge's (Chichester = Shechemite suspect) are said to have married Ernleys of Wiltshire, which is where Kennets of Chenete were first found that use a "PARTem" motto term. That's excellent, because the Kenites of Israel were at least associated with the Shechemites expected in Orne. The Cheneys use a bend with three martlets in the colors of the bend with three eagles of Ernleys, perfect. It tends to reveal that Kennets of Chenete and Cheneys were branches.

It seems that the Kennet motto loves the Partridge's, for while the latter are loved by Chars/Charts, the Kennets are said to have had some association with Winchester, where Charter-like Carters were first found. One of the two Carter surnames shares the Shick/Shake fesse, perfect.

Charlotte Hicks, can now be treated better as God's code for Chars/Charts because Charlotte's/Charles'/Charlemagne's share the martlets of Fate's/Feets suspect in the Cheney motto. Miss Hicks was with a car, in the bulldog dream, suspect with Carians. Carters share the wheel with Carrara's, and the latter trace well to Caria. I've now got to repeat that I actually purchased a huge (human height or taller) fiberglass British bulldog 25 years after this dream. I had forgotten the dream at the time. The bulldog in the dream was short and fat, a perfect match with the British bulldog. It was purchased the year I first saw Miss Hicks.

The following year (1995/96), my wife made dire decisions, causing a divorce, and that's when the bulldog in the dream was recalled. From that point, I entertained Miss Hicks as the woman in the dream, because she matched her qualities. I didn't yet realize that it was important that her husband's first name was Hamilton. I purchased my bulldog in Hamilton (Ontario). In 2016, I was seeking Hamilton's obituary, which came up almost straight-away. But first, I found him in a photo (Baytown Sun) with a mascot, Spuds MacKENZIE, a "bull terrier," as Wikipedia calls it.

Just look at that "TERRIER" term, like "Terras," for the bulldog in the dream was code for Bullis, and Alexander Balas is very suspect with Bullis because it's in Epirus. Seleucids are said to have had roots in Epirus. Did we see the knee in the Hicks dream? Yes, but God showed me the knee symbol from a hockey game at age 12. I've told this story so many times I don't want to repeat it. Suffice it to say that it had to do with my hockey team-mate, Steve Tarr, which is how the Tarr/Terres surname became part of my discussions.

The point here is Spuds MacKENZIE, for Kenzie's are listed with Kennet-like Kenneths (Kent colors) whose "uro" motto term is like the "heure" of Hicks. Eure's/Ure's ("oblivisCAR"), probably of the Aures home of queen Kenza, use the Kennet quadrants in colors reversed! Wow. That's got to be why Miss' Hicks team won the cook-out contest, where she was the trophy girl, and where her husband posed with Spuds MacKenzie. It links the Hicks motto to Kenzie liners, but not unless one knows the Kennets, which I discovered for the first time in the last update, thanks to Cornwall's Kennet location of the Rave's/Rawles'.

It's therefore a little interesting that the Kenneth/Kenzie stag head is in the colors of the Stanley stag heads while God showed that Stanleys are to be linked to Knee's. Stanleys were first found in Cambridgeshire, where Kennets had another location by that name.

Miss Hicks and I were rising into the sky when the dream ended. It's code for Risinium, very near Trophy-like Tropoje (north of the Drilon river), at Kos-like Kosova. Kos is an island off the Caria shore. Kos was home to proto-Merovingians, whose Pepins founded Carolingians, though named after Charles Martel (of the MARTLet symbol of Charles'/Charlemagne's), grandfather of Charlemagne. It appears that Charles' were Carians. The Chart-like Carters share lions combatant with Carols.

And the Chart-beloved Partridges share the black-and-white checks that fill their Shield and that of Pepoli's/Pepolla's. People's are listed with Pepins. New discovery: Hicks use a "BON" motto term, and PePOLLA's were first found in BONonia with VesPASia-suspect Pasi's. Hicks use fleur in the colors of the same of Petro's, whom I trace to Flavius Petro, father-in-law of Vespasia POLLA (suspect from Seleucids). Bononia is suspect in the motto of Aures-like Ore's/Orrs, first found in Renfrewshire with Polla-line Pollocks, Pasi-kin Speers, and Pasi-branch Paisley / Pasleys. Rollo's share "tout" with Hicks, use the Speer boars in colors reversed, and throw in a "passe" motto term. Rollo's were first found in Part-like Perthshire.

Hicks use a buck, feasible code for Buckingham liners, and this is where Sassys can come in, because they use a version of the Buckingham Coat. The Sassys are said to descend from a Mr. Salceid, a Seleucid-like term. Sellicks use a version of the Sabine Coat, and the latter is from Flavius Sabinus, husband of Vespasia Polla. Sabine's share the red scallop with Pullys/Pullens and Seleucid-suspect Tancreds. Pullys/Pullens use martlets colors reversed from the same of Kennet-suspect Cheneys, the latter first found in Buckinghamshire. Cheneys use the "BULL's scalp." It's got HORNs.

The Sturs have a variation like the Stow variation of Stouts. The Cheney write-up mentions king STIRgud the Stout (Rollo contemporary), of the vikings that invaded the Orkneys (at Shetland), and it then says that his fighters invaded Normandy with Rollo. Rollo's were first found beside STIRling, where Guiscards/WISharts were first found.

Early Cheney terms look like the Chestnut surname, which shares the Cnut and Chanut chevron. The viking ancestry of Cheneys thus makes then suspect with the naming of king Canute/Cnut, said to have named Nottinghamshire, and Nottings happen to share the Buckingham bend-with-besants. Masonry is much about vikings of old, and end-time pirates of globalist cloth. The Chanut write-up has a RAVIeres river, probably of the raven-line Rave's / Rabe's (suspect in the Annandale motto). Ravers/Rivers (Chanut colors) were first found in Buckinghamshire, at WORMinghall, suspect with the mythical Danish king, Gorm.

The Cheney bend-with-martlets are in the colors of the Stirling bend-with BUCKles, and the Stirling Crest throws in a Moor head, symbol of German Ravers/Rovers. Rowers, curiously, are listed with Smoke's/Rauch(er)'s, the Roach-related surname that God pointed to when my tail pipe blew black smoke in Crystal City (I was there only 12 hours). That event was about Pepins / Pipe's, and Pipe's happen to have been first found in Staffordshire with Stops/Stubbs, whose Coat I link to Stirlings and Pepins. The Letts/Late's use ORGAN pipes suspect with "ORKNey," home of the Stout vikings that used a raven banner.

Orkney was home also of Henry Sinclair of Roslin, and Roslin is roughly where Pepin-beloved Mens' were first found, said to be a branch of Manners. The Maness'/Manners use two chevrons colors reversed from the same of Ravers/Rivers, and moreover share "par" with Rollo's, thus making a Rollo link to Isle-of-Man vikings. The earth's fools.

The Moor head is owned by Morano's, from Morano/Murunum at the Sybaris river, where roughly the Enotri lived who are in the motto of Simpsons, first found in BUCKINGhamshire. The Enotri were roughly or exactly at BUXENtum. English Simsons ("Nil desperandum") can be using the Picton lion because Buxentum was also, Pyxus. Earlier, we saw "Nil desperandum" with Chars/Chards and Herons. The Enotri were also Oenotrians, probably from mythical Oeneus, father of the real city of Methoni, suspect with the naming of Modena, where Morano's and Morinis' were first found. The Morinis' share the double fesses of Parrs expected in the "passe par tout" phrase of the Rollo motto, and while the Rollo clan badge is a stag head, that's the symbol of Deerings, said to be descended from Mr. Morinis' Rollo ruled at MORE, very interesting indeed.

Excuse me, I goofed. I've been saying that the Hill Crest has a crescent. It's a "garland of laurel." I learned this just now when the ArchHILL Crest looked like it had the Hill "crescent, and, checking, the Archills use a "garland of laurel" too. The Archills were loaded as per the Archill character (Saxon) to which some Simsons trace themselves. The same write-up has Symon, son of Mr. Clynt, as a Simson ancestor, and the Clent hills are near the first-known Hills. The Arc river is the location of Modena-like Modane. That works. The Arks/Arch's were first found with Modens/Modeys at Berkshire, beside the first-known Simpsons (of Buckinghamshire).

The colors of the Archill Chief and Shield are those of the Bells and Bacons/Beacons (and many others). Bacons/Beacons use "firma," and Square's/Squirrels, first found in Worcestershire with Hills, use "Ferme." French Bacons share the cinquefoils of Tankerville's and Duncans / Donkeys, all kin of Chamberlains, a good reason to clinch the latter with Chambre upon the same Arc river. There's a Chambery location on the Isere river, near the mouth of the Arc, and the Isere goes down to the area of Vienne, to where Herod ARCHELaus was banished from Israel.

Hmm, as the Bacon motto uses what could be for Mediolanum (Milan), the Isere may be related to the Serio, near Milan. Milans/Millens are sharing the Simpson lion because the Milan/Millen lion is that of Buxentum-liner Buchanans. Hmm, the Serio is near Como, the line to Comyns/COMMINGS, and the brother of the Herod above was banished to what would later be, COMMINGes. The surname of this Herod was, AntiPAS. "Anti" was a common Greek prefix to a name. What was the Pas for?

Rollo's use "Passe" as well as the boar heads of Pasi-kin Speers? Herods are known Edomites, as was Eliphas, son of Esau, whom I trace to the Elaphiti islands, and to Oliphants (same place as Rollo's), who share a "tout" motto term with Rollo's. It is very possible that elements of the Ardiaei queen, Teuta, were at the Elaphiti islands. The Elaphiti are right beside Ragusa, and the latter term is wrongly said to mean "deer," but it explains the "deer" of Mallets, for Melita is on the other side of the Elaphiti islands. And the Voirs in the Oliphant motto share the lion of Kents while the Morinis > Deering line was first found in Kent.

One can imagine that Deerings also called their roebuck's heads, deer heads, but in this was one can discover Deerings as kin of Roe's, who share the Templar lamb with Passe's/Pascals. That lamb always holds a banner, code for the Panaro river in Modena. Rollo the Dane appears closely related to Modena's Morinis elements, and the Moor elements amongst the Normans appears to be from Italians at Murunum, near BUXentum = Pyxus, perhaps the namers of Picts, who lived in Perthshire i.e. where Rollo's were first found.

RoeBUCKs gets interesting where Bucks share the antler with Zahringers and Veringers of Baden. The Baddo's, first found in Baden, may be sharing the chevron of Chanute's and Cnuts, for Veringers are suspect with the Varangians, whom I see behind the Rollo Danes. The Baddo's were looked up as per the Baddow location of Passe's/Pascals, and the latter use a cross in colors reversed from the same-type cross as Baths, first found in Somerset with Battins/BADENs. Rollo's Danes are highly suspect with an Abreu/Abruzzo line to Eure, location of Pasci, said to be named by Passe's/Pascals. Abreu's/Abruzzo's use comBATANT lions while Batants are listed with Battins/Badens. The axe of Zahringer-suspect Zerrs/Zehrers is shared by Battins/Badens, and is code for an Axe river in Somerset.

The Battins/Badens happen to use an EYE, and Malahule's father was EYstein (Rollo's grandfather). Eystein's father was Ivar, and Ivars/Eure's/Ure's share the Coat of Malls/Mallibone's/Marlybones. Perfect.

The Baddo Coat has a pale bar in base that can be that of Tate's, for example, because Tate's use the raven expected with Stout vikings out of Baden's Stuttgart location, and with a Veringer > Varangian line.

The Zerr/Zehrer Crest gets anti-Christ interesting: "A man in profile, carrying an axe on his shoulder, wearing a gold and red sash." Parrs expected in the Rollo motto use a woman with "shoulders." The Manners/Maness' who love Parrs share "pour" with Oliphants, and share the peacock of Dane-liner Harcourts, suspect with the Harborough location of Shirts. God gave us a dream where my dentist was laughing at the red buttons on my shirt, and while I didn't see the color of the shirt (the dream ended smack where he was laughing), the Tous'/Tosini's use a man wearing a red shirt with buttons. The sash above is a red shirt. The Tosini's are expected with the Tosni's/Toeni's, known to be from Malahule, Rollo's uncle.

I have just read that Joseph Biden has not ruled out a run for the presidency in 2020. The Tonso variation of Tous'/Tosini's is from the Tonzus river of Thrace, location of Cabyle, because Tous-beloved Bidens/Buttons share the chapeau of Cabyle-like Capelli's. The Meschins are known to descent from Malahule too, and while Banisters are in the Meschin write-up, sash-like Sassy was my cat, given to me by God (for the purposes of this work) when I was refinishing a banister for a woman. Sassys were first found in Leicestershire, where the Harcourt line via Beaumonts ruled, and then the Toeni sleeve is known to be in the Arms of Leicester. The Leicester titles of Beaumonts passed to Montforts, whom I know to be using the lion of Marano's (from the Panaro river at Marano), first found in Modena with Morano's and Morinis'.

I can expect Buxentum elements with that Morano picture, and Sassys (two besants), said to descend from Harcourts, almost use the Notting / Bucking(ham) bend with three besants.

So, because Shirts share the red roundel with Balas-suspect Bullis'/Bulliards, which makes them suspect with the Seleucids / anti-Christ, I'm wondering whether the red sash of Zerrs/Zehrers applies to that thing? Any heraldic red shirt or dress can apply.

The surname of the dentist in the dream is a version of the Thorn surname, and Thorns happen to share the fesse of Bidens/Buttons, and were moreover first found beside them in Somerset. In fact, while Bidens/Buttons are said to have been at Bath and Wells of Somerset, Thorns are said to have been at Somerset's WELLington. While Tosni's descended from Malahule a generation or two or three from Malahule (I forget the details), his descendant two or three generations after him was BALSo d'ESPAINES, suspect with "Balas." And the Thorn motto phrase, "Ex spinis," is much like "Espaines." The Espaines' (Somerset!) even show a Spineto variation. The Espaines/Spineto write-up says that Alfred d'Espagne was brother to Roger Toeni, how excellent. The Espaines/Spineto Coat shares quadrants with a bend with Malls/Mallibone's/Marlybones.

Here's from a Malahule genealogy page: "MALAHULC. His family origin is confirmed by Guillaume of Jumieges who names “Rogerius Toenites de stirpe Malahulcii qui Rollonis ducis patruus fuerat”, suggesting that Malahulc was ancestor of the later Tosny family. Orderic Vitalis (writing in [1113]) names Malahulc as an uncle of Rollo and ancestor of the Tosny family"

It says that Malahule's wife was Maud of Boulogne (daughter of a Boulogne count), and the Arms of Boulogne happen to use red roundels! Excellent. This genealogy page does not seem to give much information on Malahule's sons, and does not include his line to the Bessin > Meschins, so far as I can see with a quick glance. His other wife, a Miss St. Pol, can easily be of Vespasia Polla through the Pasi line to the Rollo motto. Miss St.-Pol is made the mother of Ralph below.

Some pages give Malahule a "TRESney" as a surname, recalling the Tresure's of Somerset, who might just be using a version of the Shirt Coat. Tresure's led to Terras', in the Alexander motto.

One genealogy website I don't trust much (guess a lot) gives Thora/Tora of Jutland as Malahule's grandmother. The Thorns can be a branch of Thors, and from this we can enter the Thurstons, as per Thurstan Banastre, in the write-up of Banisters who share the water bouget with raven-liner Ralphs (Roe / Row kin). A son of Malahule is sometimes given as Ralph, father of Balso d'Espaines. The latter was father to Balso of the Bessin (Bayeux), making Alexander-Balas elements suspect in the Orne theater. The Thurstans use both HORNS and a HERON.

Now what if Balso is directly connected to the Shirt-loving Tous'/Tosini's? Here it is: "Anschitel "Lord of Isle de la Marche de Toeni" Born 0926 in Bayeux, Calvados...Son of Ranulph (Bayeux) de Bayeux and Erneburge (Caux) Bayeux Brother of Balso (Bayeux) de Bayeux". There you go, Balso d'Espaines directly related to Tosni's. Note that Anschitel was lord of Manche, for Tonys / Toeni's use the sleeve, sometimes called a maunch. 'AnsCHETIL" is spelled differently by others, but always has the Kettle-like ending while Kettle's/KeTILL's (probably a Keith branch) use a "MALum" motto term. Kettle's and Dogs were first found in the same place, and they use cinquefoils in colors reversed from one another. It begs: what the "Ans" for?

The page has Anschitel dying in Louviers of Eure. Louvier's share the Arms of Meulan, where Leicestershire's Beaumonts ruled who married the Laevillus line of Leavells.

Another Dream

I had another dream that ended the instant I awoke from sleep, which is always how I have my dream-messages from God, just as I awake. This dream makes so little sense that you can bank on it being a Message. I was in a mall, and this comes the day after writing on MALahule, and his "hule" part will work into it.

I was on the first floor of a mall, and went up to the second. As I was about to walk down the main HALL of the second floor, I took off my shoes, as one would when in someone's home. I was walking down the mall with socks on, and everyone else had shoes. I arrived to a back room, where people were gathered for what seemed to me to be a Bible study. As I walked out the room, I heard a clunk, and knew that the furnace would not start. As it tried to start again, it clunked only.

I was then speaking to a lady about this furnace, and from out in the open-mall area (the other side of the wall in which the Bible study was taking place). After telling her about the furnace problem, which I wanted to fix, she showed me the places on the wall where the 2x4 studs were. They were not visible through the wall, but she was pointing out these studs inside the wall to this room with the furnace and the Bible study, it makes no sense unless the STUDs pertain to the same as the Bible STUDy, perhaps code for the Stout vikings. In any case, that's when I awoke, and as I became conscious enough to realize I just had a dream, I was thinking, aha, I now know that Furnace's/Furness' are Seleucids.

But I was yet in a sleep mode when thinking that. As I became more conscious, I realized that I knew no link of Furnace's/Furness' to Seleucids, and so how could I know that king Pharnaces was a Seleucid? That's when I realized that this question was this morning's task. And I thought harder about the other things in the dream could make that connection, recalling that Knees are now to be linked to Seleucid elements of the Terras / Terras/Tarr kind, and that Knees are loved by the Shoe surname. I need to discover how Pharnaces liners were at the Nith river with Knees and Knights, and the Geds of the Nith are excellent for this because Pharnace's line is expected, but not yet proven, to be connected to the Maccabee line of Alexander that furnished queen QuadtraTILLa of Geddes-suspect Cetis. A brother of this Alexander was Pharnaces-like Bernicianus.

Here's from Wikipedia so you have an idea of what I'm talking about: "Julia Iotapa or Julia Iotape, sometimes known as Julia of Cilicia (born ca. 80) was a Cilician princess who lived in the 1st century and 2nd century. Daughter of King Gaius Julius Alexander [Maccabee-Herod] of Cetis, she married Gaius Julius Quadratus Bassus, Galatian Roman Senator from Anatolia." It was this Alexander that was either father or brother to Bernicianus, though I also recall that Bernice Agrippa had a son, Bernicianus.

First of all, the Furnace's/Furness' and Parrs both use a black border, and both were first found in Lancashire with Seats. The Furness' use a "SEATED dog," and while it's not called a talbot, it's in the design always used for the talbot dog. The furnace was down the hall of a mall, and Halls use "talbot heads" in colors reversed from the Furnace dog while Hule's/Hulls share the Hall Coat. It looks like it has Malahule written all over it, and we saw why his Tosni line should be of SHIRT-loving Tous'.

Aha. There is a Studd/Stote surname sharing red roundels with Shirts, and the surname is said to have included ALEXANDER Stote, from Maynes in BALYordie. The Talbot-related Scott surname, one of which shares the Terras Coat, traces in their write-up to Alexander, brother of king Baliol, and then BALYordie-like Balys/Baileys are a Baliol branch! Wow, the studs on the furnace / Bible-study wall come through big-time for to link to what looks like Alexander Balas. This works so excellently that the reader will need to decide whether I'm making this up, or whether I really did have this dream. Would I really pretend to have had this dream?

Just want to say in passing that the title(s) of Joel Mayne is said to have transferred to Mr. Zouch, that being a Such variation. Mayne's/Maine's look like they use the Perche chevrons because Perche is an area beside Maine. Garveys share these double chevrons, and they were first found in Tyrone with Sharks. Tyrone's (double chevrons) are listed with KinTYRE-like Tyrells, and Alexanders were first found on Kintyre. Garvey-like Harveys look like kin of Bellamys of Perche. The Tyrone/Tyrell chevrons are those of Dexters, from the Dexaroi at AntiPATRIA, and "Patria" is a motto term of the English Balys. These Balys had a branch at Garvey-like Jerviswood, and Jervis'/GerVAYs' (Cornwall, same as Veys) have the colors and format, almost, of Mayne's/Maine's (beside Cornwall).

Irish Balys use the same Coat as English Balys, and were first found in County Down with Knee's (may not apply). The "Quid CLARius" motto phrase of Irish Balys is probably part-code for the Quid variation of Quade's, and then French Clairs were first found in Limousin with Seconds. That should explain why I went up to the mall's second floor. Seconds are beloved by Levi's. As I said, when getting to the second floor, I took off my shoes and walked in my SOCKs, and here it can be pointed out that the Clairs of Limousin share the besants of SUCHs/SOUCHs, which, in colors reversed, are red roundels. God's signs for me put Suchs together with Tail liners that include Talbots.

The Scougals/Scoots entered the discussion in the last update, who look like a branch of the Schug/Schuch variation of Shoe's, and it just so happens that the Scougal/Scoot Coat must be using the Talbot Shield, for while Talbots use the Grey Coat in colors reversed, Scougals/Scoots use GREYhounds.

Such-like Zuchers/Zuckerburgs use the Arms of SAXony, suggesting that Saxe's may be a Such branch. The Saxon surname shares chaplets with the Zucher Crest: "A chaplet of ROSES, each topped with an ostrich feather." Sachs use the rose. Zuchers call that Arms "a green CROWN bend," while Wettins (Saxony), using the same symbol, call it a "CRANcelin." Crans include the Crauns/Crane's with crown, and as per "cranCELIN," Celins use a crown too. Irish Crans almost use the Other Coat, and Others were Lombards of Lombardy, which includes Cremona, and Celins are said to be from a Cella family in Cremona. God showed that Suchs are part of the cat-using Cetins/Cattans (Cetina = Tilurius river, beside the Craun-line Ceraunii), and Cremona-suspect Croms, with a cat of their own, were first found in Berkshire with the Windsor castle that had the proto-Others. The Windsors are known to have been from Saxe-Gotha and Coburg, but someone did say that they were from Wettins.

Having no shoes on in the mall is like when I had no shirt on in the Hicks dream, where she was hovering over the SEATs (double pale bars in the colors of the double Parr fesses). The seated dog of Parr-related Furnace's can then apply to this the Hicks dream for two reasons: Miss Hicks moved away from where I was living in Texas to FORNey, near Dallas. Secondly, her dream opened with a bullDOG that was code for Bullis, though I have no idea yet as to why Dogs are involved with that scene of the dream. However, now, I can point out that the Talbot surname, from Lucy Taillebois of Lincolnshire, where talbot-using Halls were first found, are connectable to the Dog surname, as that only makes sense as to how a talbot got to be an heraldic dog. From this we can expect that Furnace's and Forneys are connectable to Meschins, as per the first-known Meschin, a descendant of Balso D'Espaines, married Lucy Taillebois. And the Tailbois scallops are shared my Mauls/Morleys.

Talbot liners can be expected with Tillers / Tailers / Taylards from the Tilurius, near the shark-depicted Saraca's that were with the bulldog in the Hicks dream. QuadraTILLA, daughter of Quadratus above, looks like she applies to Tiller liners. We now go to the woman in this latest furnace dream, for Parrs use a woman, and she was at a BIBLE study in a room where the furnace was located. I have been saying for going on months now that king Pharnaces should link to Quadratilla, and her husband is exactly where I've been tracing the BIBLE/Bibo surname, which can explain why there was a Bible study in the room with the furnace.

Trying to load Forneys a few moments ago, I mistakenly entered "Firney," and got a Firney/Fermey surname which happens to share red lion heads with Farmers. The Firneys/Ferneys/FEARney (use the fesse of Weirs/Vere's who had a Middlesex location with Fears/Fiers) are an excellent "mistake" this morning because they were first found in Fife, and use a fesse in the colors of the FIVE/Fify and VIVian chevron while I trace Vivians to "Vibia," mother of Laevillus. It is her Vibius line (surname of her father) that I suspect from Bible's/Bibo's! Zikers, that is amazing, the apparent evidence that God chose Forney for Miss Hicks.

The red Farmer / Ferney lion can thus be the red Fife / Five/Fify lion, and it's shared by Duffs who are known to have lived in Fife. Duffs even use the giant Five / Fife lion. I can now go back to a story that I told not long ago, when I was FIVE years old in kindergarten.

I had forgotten to put my boots on in my first year of school, and found myself walking out the front door, into the snow, with only my socks. My parents spoke Italian in the home, and so I did not yet know how to speak good English, which is why I didn't go back into the school to tell the teacher I had forgotten my boots. I am sure that this event was set-up by God, anyway, for while my father never picked me up from school (it was near home), he happened to be driving by that day along DUFFerin street (school is at the corner of Dufferin and St. Clair Ave), where I was walking in socks alone, and he stopped at the side of the road and picked me up. This was about two minutes, as best as I recall it, after I left the school, too soon for the teacher to have called him. It was an act of God to save me from frozen feet, because it was an act of God all-around, I now realize, as per linking to the Duffs and their Vivian / Five kin.

Yes, for Vivians are also Veys while Dutch Veys use the BOOT, can you believe it??? This means that at age five God had set-up an event to point to the line of Vibius-Laevillus. It was the year, roughly anyway (could not have been six) that I pee'd on Pino from the porch of this same house, and Dogs/Doags, first found beside Fife, share the Porch cinquefoil. in , is same house.

It should be added that the Ferney fesse is in the colors of the Bernice fesse, and that in the Arms of Saraca, while the Five / Vey/Vivian chevron its blue, as with the Bernice branch of Burns. Like I said, I was with my socks on only while walking down the hall of the mall.

To prove a link between Duffs and Veys/Vivians, there was mythical Morgan le FAY of mythical Avalon, which is the island of boot-like Bute. The Dufferin-like Duffers/Duffeys/Duffs/Doweys share the Morgan lion, and Irish Fie's (same sword as Irish Fays) are also MacDuffie's. Irish Fays were first found in Galway with the Teague's/Teegers that I trace to king Tigranes VI, the father of Alexander Maccabee above. The Fay / Fie sword is in the colors of the Aude sword, and Aude's were first found in Savoy with French Masseys/Masse's, who once showed boots. They now show a "tree without leaves" as code for a Leave line, probably from Laevillus. As you can see, it's Masseys that use the without symbol, like me, a Massey liner, without a shirt or without his boots.

"Fie" is a Windsor motto term, by the way, and Windsors looked linkable to Zuchers. Hmm, Zuch-like Schuchs are listed with Shoe's, and share the blue star with French Ormes' while Suchs were at ORMSkirk. It makes Suchs suspect as a Shoe line, explaining my shoeless socks. The French Ormes Coat even shares the tree with Shoe's. The latter use the battle-axe, and English Ormes' use the "pole axe," and the German Pole's use ostrich feathers, which can be in the Shoe Crest (their feathers go unmentioned in the description). Zuchers use ostrich feathers! Excellent. And Scottish Ormes/Orrens use the lozengy Shield of school-like Schole's. I walked home from school with my socks on. This lozengy is in half the colors of the Lombard lozengy, and Windsors are from Lombards.

The Windsor write-up says that the Windsor surname descended from Others/Otters, and then the Windsor saltire can be gleaned as that of Odins/Oddie's, for Aude's are Oddie's too. This Windsor saltire is then connectable to the same one of Oettingen-Oettingen, which throws in a dog. It should be pointed out that the Windsor surname may not be exactly the same as the royal house of Windsor. I glean that the Windsor surname was an Alan-of-Dol line, but it seems that this surname was named by the castle, yet that castle had been named earlier by someone else, which I assume was of a Veneti / Wend / Vandal line. Why did William the conqueror give the dukedom of Lombardy the Windsor castle? What did Normans have to do with Lombardy? The Windsor write-up says that it was given to a Walter, and then English Walters are said to have had a Wettin-like Weeton (Widetun) Lancashire, location of Ormeskirk.

The Wide's can be suspect at Widetun, and one Wide Coat is like the Arms of Chalons-sur-Marne (home of Babon's father), now called Chalons-en-Champagne, but once called Chatillon, whose Arms (see the Blois-Chatillon merger) I had traced to the three pale bars of Shoe-beloved Knights, first found in Suffolk with Blois', Babons/Bavents and a Babe location of Bibo-possible Babe's. The Wide motto is suspect with Fenders (otter), first found in Huntingdonshire with Others/Otters (yes, the proto-Windsor Lombards), and use a Coat like that of Fie-branch Fays, expected from Vibia along with Bibo's.

With Farmers now looking line Pharnaces liners, I could speculate that the red stag heads of English Farmers are those of Colts/Cults, first found in Perthshire with Furnace-beloved Dogs. The Colts/Cults trace to PONTius Pilate with more than their use of the Pilate pheon in colors reversed, and he's suspect in being named after the Pontus i.e. overwhich Pharnaces was king. Dogs/Doags use the thistle while Thistle's use the pheon too. Aude's named Audeville in Pithiviers, and the latter has thistles in its Arms, the symbol also of Paisleys/Pasleys. The Pollocks of the Paisley area use "AUDacter" in their motto.

I've just spotted that the Arms of Pithiviers is the Chief of Knee-related Leaks. This makes PITHIviers suspect with Pitts because they share the checks of Nitts/Naughts, first found in Dumfries with the Knee-suspect Nith river. In the Hicks dream, certain items were of the Nith river, including her husband, Mr. KilPATrick. Pitts are said to have named Pett in Kent (and Pitt in Hampshire), and Pitts happen to share the stork with Petts/PERTS, who can be, along with "Perth(shire)," from the PERDrix peak of Mont Pilat. Pitts were first found in Dorset with Babe's and Poole. The Spanish Pitters/Petz's (Galicia) share the black, two-headed eagle with Kilpatrick-beloved Maxwells, the mother trunk of Pollocks somehow. Peters share mascles with Petts/Perts, and while Pettys trace to the Pierro's/Petris'/PERO's, Pitts use "PER ardua,"as do Malcolms/Columns / Callams that share the red stag heads of Colts/Cults, Farmers and Vespasia-Polla-liner Reeds (same fleur as Hicks and Leaks).

Leghs/Lighs/Lee's share the Five / Fife / Duff lion, and Legh-like Leaks use a human leg while Petts/Perts have "A silver stork beaked and LEGGED red on a mount with BULrushes, and two blue mascles interlaced in front." BulRUSHes? Bulls share three fessewise annulets with Rush's (Suffolk, same as Crauns/Crane's), and the Bull annulets are colors reversed from the fessewise annulets of Crauns/Crane's while Sharks use the crane. It's the bulldog-shark scenario.

Ottone's, on Aude colors, are suspect from Visconti's i.e. known to have a rooster-using branch in Gallura of Sardinia. I have seen two swords on a point, making a V-shape, and Aude's, said to be Odette's in Pithiviers, have two of their swords doing so, and the third is vertical with point down, same as the Fie/Duffy and Fay sword. Plus, the Fay swords penetrates a gold boar head while the brown Pollock boar can apply. The Gallura line is probably of the Galli's that share the gold rooster of Gays, first found in Savoy i.e. as with Aude's.

I now need to re-tell the hockey story at age 12, the year when Steve Tarr, a superstar, was traded to our team late in the year, causing us to win the trophy. His surname comes up as "Terres," now suspect with the Alexander-beloved Terras'. Steve and I had a two-on-one break with a couple of minutes to go in the semi-final match, with the score tied 2-2. Instead of passing to me, he took a slap shot from inside the blue line. The puck hit the goalie as he sprawled way out of the net, bounced over him and rolled to the goal line, where it stopped. I was so overwhelmed that my knees gave out as I skated for this puck just sitting there. And when I slid along on my knees, I POKED the PUCK into the net with the tip of the BLADE, pool-cue style. I continued to slide past the goal post, into the boards. When I got up, all my team mates had exited the bench and piled on top of me as though we had won the Stanley Cup. That's why I remember this goal.

Poke's and listed with Pollocks, and the latter's saltire is that of Franks, though the other Frank surname uses it in both colors of the BLADE saltire. The Pucks share the annulets of Ottone's. It now appears that this hockey event was as per the Terres line as it's linkable to Ottone Visconti.

I've told the following hockey story before several times, it's not being made up here. The McGee's use two swords in a V-shape, though with points upward, which is fine because McGee's can be assumed to have married a surname using their swords points down. In the final match, which was the very game after the one above, which we won 3-2, I scored the first goal when Steve Tarr passed the puck to me all alone in front of the goalie, Jim McGee. I remember him because he was one of my buddies, and we played road hockey together. I don't remember anything else in that game.

When the puck arrived to me, I backhanded it over McGee's KNEE PAD as he kicked it out to block the shot. As McGee's were first found in Dumfries with pad-like Kilpatricks, that was considered, but I also realized that "gee" and "Knee" were similar. It was the first clue the Knee's were from the Nith river, to be clinched later when realizing that Knights (Suffolk) had a Nith-like variation while sharing the spur with Close's of Closeburn (on the Nith). Knights and Tarrs/Terres' both use red pale bars.

So, if correct that two swords coming to a point is code for the line of Ottone Visconti, then McGee's should trace to Visconti's, and it just so happens that Knee's share the black stag head with Vise'/Vice's. I am very sure that the latter are a branch of the namers of Eustace of Boulogne.

When it struck me that "Gee" could be a short-form for a Ged term, especially as McGee's are said to be from "MacGETHE," Gede's (colors and format of the Ged pikes) were loaded to find them first found in Hamburg with Krume's and sharing their crescent, which is in half the colors of the Hazel and Hockey/Hockley crescent while I trace Hazels to the namers of modern Has, a little down river on the Drin from Krume. Keep in mind that Geds of the Nith were the proto-Geddes', suspect from "Cetis," where Carricks and Craigie's trace while Craigie's share the Hazel / Hockey/Hockley crescent.

"MacGethe" is suggested to be of "MacEthe," and this latter term is often traced by houseofnames to an Aodh bloodline, which it wrongly defines as Mackays. Nonetheless, the Irish Mackays (not "McKay") use two swords coming down to a point, and the other Mackays use two daggers coming up to a point at a stag head. Perfect, linking McGee's to Mackays, though I'm not yet convinced that "Gee" is a variation of Mackays, though it's certainly possible. I'm allowing Gee's to be a Knee or Geddes branch instead. The Mackays with the swords on a point share the three wolf heads of Quade's i.e. from Quadratilla Bassus of Cetis, yup, that's right.

If the V-shape is for Visconti's, "Aodh" looks like an Aude / Ottone line.

The Geds were first found in Fife while the Vibius line married by Quadratilla is to the Fife's. Perfect. And when I scored on Jim McGee, he and I were hanging out with Greg Fisher. It just so happens that Gregs, smacking of the proto-Carrick Craigs, are in Carrick colors, and Quadratilla's son with Laevillus was Proculus CHARAX. And Fishers use what looks like a cross between the Arms-of-Saraca fish, in the colors of the Ged pikes, and the Bute/Butt/Boet Coat, recalling that the Vibia > Vivian line is of the boot-depicted Bute's. The red fesse of Bute's/Boets and Fishers is shared by Padds, whom I had looked up as per putting the puck over McGee's knee pad. He was a goalie, and that smacks of Gouel de Percival, of Leavell, from Laevillus above. There is a Golley/Gully surname using a version of the Arms-of-Carrick and Kennedy Coat.

Now I know that God set me up with McGee and Fisher, for Fish's share the rare, wavy chevron of Percival-branch Pierce's. Gregs (share trefoils with Pike's) use two of the Levi chevrons, and I've never seen one other surname using three, aside from Levi's. The mottoes of Craigs and Craigie's love Vibia. Gregs use another stork, and Odo's/Oddie's, in Aude/Odo/Oddie colors, are from Storkhouse and VISconti-suspect GISburn, making Ottone Visconti suspect with Odins and Oddie's. Oddeys/Odo's/Hoads (not the Oddie's) use the Petty quadrants in colors reversed while Petts/Perts use the stork too.

Back to the dream this morning, for I went up to the second floor of the mall. If it was Intended as the second story, then note the stork of Storys/Sturys. The Stur river flows in the area of the first-known Babe's and the Kennati-suspect Kennets.

In the last update, I opened with some material explaining why Julian Assange should related to Ranch road between Camp Wood and LEAKey (Texas). This week, Fox News put out a segment of Tucker Carlson interviewing Pamela ANDERSON, a supporter of Julian Assange, and the discussion was much about this. I have related a story at least three times concerning a Miss Anderson that I took out for lunch, and, after lunch, we drove across this Ranch road until we came across a stranded and sick fawn, lying on the road, which I took home. The fawn would LEAK on my floors. I just thought the timing of having Pamela Anderson on, right now with Assange having troubles, warranted the mention of Miss Anderson and that fawn.

I checked the Fawn surname in case it can apply. They are said to have been in AlderWASLey while Wasleys/Worsleys happen to share a red Chief and white Shield with Leaks/Leakeys.

It's a little interesting that while Leaks use a leg, the Legge's have a buck's head that is almost the Trump "stag head in profile." One might expect the leak to take place under, or to, president Trump. Legge's were first found in Dumfries with the Nith river, suspect with the Knee's who were part of the Leakey-road event that brought WikiLeaks to topic in the first place. It had to do with the knees of Miss Hicks, and while Hicks (same place as Leak(ey)s) share the Leak(ey) fleur-de-lys, Hicks share the buck's head with Legge's. Bucks share the antler with Wasley-like Wassels/Wessels, and Wessels/Waistells use three items on a bend in all three colors of the same of Knee's. Wessels/Waistells named Nether Wasdale, and Netters are also Nith-like Nitters.

The Percival Mystery No More

When coming across the Waistells above, I realized that their doves are code for Dove's, whose dancette is colors reversed from the same of Waist-like Wests. The latter use a "via" motto term suspect with the Viu tributary of the Riparia river, the latter being home to Susa (Piedmont), the Cottian capital. King Cottius there had a son, Waistell-like Vestalis, and Cottius' father, Donnas, must be to the Donnas/DANCE/Donna surname, first found in Piedmont. As Masci's were first found in Piedmont, yet were a branch of the Cheshire Masseys, the Waistell garbs look like the garbs that are the Arms of Cheshire.

My mother was born to a Miss Masci in Picenze, seven miles from L'Aquila, and the black, spread eagle of L'Aquila is used by Westons, I now gather. There are Masci liners evident all over this discussion. L'Aquila is in the Drake motto, and Drake's share a wyvern dragon with Dragons while Warrs use the dragon. Vere's share the Massey Shield, and Nicholas de Vere von Drakenberg is one reason I link Vere's to Drake's / Dragons, and Warrs come to topic as per the West write-up tracing to "Earl DelaWARR," a family that called itself, "De West." It becomes important below, when we bump into the purple lion of Skiptons, that Wests were at Actone (Aughton) of Yorkshire (location of Craven too), for Actons are in the Craven motto while Skipton is in Craven.

Moreover, the Banisters (in the write-up of Skipton-related Meschins) were of Skipton elements while Sassy my cat links to Banisters. Sassys/Sausers are still suspect with "Susa."

The patron saint of Picenze, Felice of Nola, is suspect with the Felice / Felix surname, and Westons tell of a Lord Western with a seat at Felix Hall. This is excellent for proving that the Weston eagle (West-dancette colors) is the L'Aquila eagle, and that Vestalis liners were connected to likely to Masci's of the Picenze area. As Seleucids traced recently to a man (Mr. bocci balls, I called him) in whose home I spent two months when my mother stayed the summer in Picenze, note that the Weston write-up seems to imply that Westons were of Bailliul-en-Goufferm (Orne), which looks related to the Bailleul location (Abbeville) of Baliols and Balys/Baileys.

Abbeville is where MacAbbe's trace who were beside the Alexanders of Kintyre. For the time being, the MacAbbe salmon is suspect with Seleucid liners of the Salyes-Ligure kind. Sellicks are in Salmon / Saleman/Salian colors, and Salian Franks were fundamental to the blood of Child-liner Childeric. Sellers are in Child colors and format.

The Warrs, suspect with Delawarr of the Wests, were at PICENze-like PICKINham, TOTTINGham, and DUDLington. The Dudley's share the Massin/Mason and Louvain lion, and Louvains will enter this discussion momentarily. Massins/Masons and Louvains were first found in Kent with Seleucid-suspect Mynetts/Minute's and what look like their Hamon(d) branch. The Dragons/Drainers (Kent) use the Mynett/Minute helmets in colors reversed. As was said, Mr. bocci ball took me out to his bocci-ball game, and he took so long that day that I (age 10) pressed him to let's go home several times. Each time, he said, "in a MINUTE, in a MINUTE," which I regard as God's utterance to link his surname to Amyntes, son of Brogitarus, the latter in the Brocato variation of Bocci's.

Tottingham of the Warrs can be of the Totts expected in the Hamon(d) motto, and as Rimini, location of Maschi's, is in the Hamon(d) motto too, the Warr lions can be the Maschi lions (colors reversed). But let's add that Tottenhams use a Shield of dancettes, linkable to the West dancette, and we saw why Westons should be Picenze liners. The Hamon(d)s are suspect with Hamon-de-Masci of Cheshire's Dunham-Masci, and Dunhams use a dancette while being first found in Norfolk with the Tute's that had a Todini variation linkable to Tottenhams/Todenhams. The latter's dancette is suspect in the Chief of Twitch's/Twiggs (helmet), who may be with the three bends of Pings/Paganells.

Warrs are said to have settled Devon, where the Vere-line Were's/Wears were first found who say they were related to Gouffern-like Giffords/Gaffords, whose "Malo mori" motto phrase is suspect with Malahule of More. He's the line to Meschins, and suspect either from Seleucids, or in putting out sons that were of Seleucids. The "quam" motto term is shared between Giffords/Gaffords and Cambridge's, and thus becomes suspect with its Cam river, which I say because the Cam Coat is nearly the Lizart/Lazard Coat while Westons were at a Lizard location. Lizarts/Lazards/Sarde's/SARDINs were first found in Provence with Guerin de Provence, and Warrs of Devon are said to be from Guerre's. Guerra's (sinister split) share the wyvern dragon, and should be using the three bends of Pings/Paganells, for while Guerins share the Payen/Pagan Shield, Paine's share the Gifford/Gafford motto. The Paine's are highly suspect with the lion of Wissels/Whistle's, who are like the Wessel variation of Waistells.

The Payens/Pagans share the Mullet Coat, for which reason I'm guessing that the Warr scallops are those of Mallets. "Mullet" stars are used by Netherfields/Nesfields, who were looked up as per the Nether Wasdale of Waistells. Netherfields share the Hamond Shield, and the latter uses a chevron PEAN while Peans are listed with Payens/Pagans/Pans, and the latter's SPUR rowells trace to the Nith river with the spur of Knights. Page's and Pansys share the dove with Waistells and Dove's.

This reminds that, late in the hockey season of age 12, I asked Janice Netherfield if she'd like to go ice skating with me, and she agreed. I was so TIRED after walking home with the hockey equipment on my back that I missed this first-ever date, however. It could have been the game where I slid in on my knees to poke Steve Tarr's shot across the goal line, for while Knee's are expected at the Nether-like Nith, the Hammond Crest uses the "ATTIRES of stag," which could be code for the Terras surname, KinTYRE of the Alexanders, or the Terres variation of Tarrs. The attires are a fancy name for mere antlers, and as Maschi's use pine cones, I assume that the Hamon(d) antler are those of Cone's and Conte's, the latter first found at Durham on the Wear river. As was said, German Wessels use the antler.

Recall the Dudlington location of Warrs, for the Arms of Dudley (stacked with come) use Peare-like pears. Warrs came to topic with Waistell-suspect Wests. Peare's/Pears were first found with pear-using Abbotts in Oxfordshire, where Vere's / Weirs ruled for centuries. The Dudley lion is in the colors of the two Warr lions in pale, and Gernons use two lions in pale too. Christine Peare was given a waist symbol for Waistells at the time that she was on a stage as code for the Stage's/Staggs, a branch of Eustace II of Boulogne, who married the daughter of Godfrey III below. Her belly symbol is now suspect with Balys (same stars as Morays) as well as Moray's Bellys. Moray's namer may have been an ancestor / cousin of the More ruled by Malahule.

Percy-like Pierce's are also Piers, and William de Percy is found in the Netherfield write-up while Waistells were at Nether Wasdale. Percys (Yorkshire, same as Craven / Skipton) had merged with Louvains, from Godfrey I of Louvain, whose mother was the brother of Godfrey III (grandfather of Godfrey de Bouillon), the line to Bouillons, which is another fundamental symbol of Christine Peare. The Bouillons use the motto, "A VERO bello Christi." Wikipedia says that Eustace II is a Gernon somehow, and while the son of Ranulph le Meschin was Mr. Gernon, William Percy, first baron of Percy, is called, "Percy aux Gernons." The father of this William was a count of Caux, and we saw Caux as the mother of Anschitel Toeni and Balso d'EsPAINES. With "Caux," the Chaucers of Kent come to mind i.e. where Louvains were first found.

It was Ranulph le Meschin's brother, William, whose family married Skipton, and this same family married Clare's of Tunbridge (Kent). This William Percy had a son, Alan, but this was before the FitzAlans of Clune (Shropshire) married Alice of Saluzzo, which marriage bore a daughter who married Henry de Percy...making William Percy look like a Dol Alan by another name. The Percy lozenges are in the colors of Alan-like Launays, who trace excellently to Lane's/Lano's, first found in Brescia, the Arms of which is where the Louvain / Percy / Bruce lion traces. The Meschins of Skipton named their daughter, Alice, and Masci's were first found in the Saluzzo area. The Were's/Wears share the Bruce motto, "FuiMUS."

When we go to the son of Alan Percy above, he's William of Percy too, and his Arms shows the blue-on-gold Louvain lion. However, at the page for this William's daughter, Agnes de Percy (married Jocelin of Louvain), the lion is now purple on gold, in the colors of the Lacy lion, yet Skiptons (same place as Lacys) use a purple-on-white lion. I therefore have found what the Skipton and Lacy lions are: the Louvain / Percy lion.

If the Louvains/Lovains are a branch of Love's/Luffs, the latter can be seen in relationship with Musts/Muscats, and then Much's/Muschats have three chevrons in the colors of the three Love/Luff fesses, and Pascals, suspect with the Levi lion, were at Much. So, Louvains and Love's look like Levi's in connection to Sardinians. It's what I expect, the Laevi Ligures to the Seleucids, later forming the killers of Jesus. The Louvain location in Flanders is also, Leuven, and Italian Leuvens/Livelli's almost use the three Must/Muscat chevrons. German Leuvens are also Laufers. Love's/Luffs/Luffers were first found in Suffolk with the Clare's, making the three red Clare chevrons linkable to the three fesses of Love's/Luffs/Luffers.

It's notable that Annas' are said to be from "Agnes" (could have been the other way around), meaning that Agnes de Percy may have been an Annas line. Agnes' mother was Alice de Clare of Tunbridge, daughter in turn of Alice Gernon, daughter of Ranulph le Meschin. It seems clear enough that Massins/Masons were either Meschins, or perhaps the reason that Meschins married Kent's Clare's in the first place. Why does the "Pro patria" motto of Skiptons look like it's got Pero's / Petris'/Pero's all over it? The Louvains/Louviers were Laevi from Pavia, where Pero's were first found, weren't they? Yes, and La Louviere is beside Mons in Annas-possible Hainaut. Anschitel Toeni died in Louviers of Eure, an area related to Abruzzo, the capital of which is L'Aquila. Wikipedia's article on the counts of Hainaut show their symbol, the three Levi chevrons.

Skipton is in Craven while Cravens ("actione" motto term) use the Acton fesse in colors reversed, and the latter's fesse happens to be the Arms of Henry II (Lambert colors), count of Louvain. Henry's daughter, Ida, married Baldwin II, the count of Hainaut, and Baldwins are from the Baltea river, location of Ivrea while the PERCIval-Leavells were from Yvery (see Leavell write-up). The Percivals use a version of the Billet and Bellow Coat while Skipton-like Shiptons (Oxfordshire, same as Peare's) use "bellows." Christine Peare had a belly symbol partly for the "bello Christi" motto phrase of Bouillons, making Bouillons look like they ought to link to the Meschin-Skiptons, explaining why de-Bouillon's father has a Gernon name (Wikipedia claims/claimed wrongly that "gernon" means "mustache).

The "candida" motto term of Percivals goes to the Doria's because they share the giant and spread, Candida eagle, black like that of the L'Aquila / Weston eagle, and the Arduinici of Ivrea had a branch in Oneglia, where they married it's Doria's. Therefore, Percivals trace from the Arduinici, as do the Baldwins of Flanders / Artois, I strongly assume, explaining mythical Percival of king Arthur's round table. The patee crosses in the Percival Chief are in the colors of the Bouillon cross (see the Candy saltires too), colors reversed from the similar Vallan/VALLE / Vele moline. The Candida eagle is thus suspect, as per PerciVALE's, in the Velis/Vale Coat. Vele's use a CAP while Candida's were first found in Naples with Capua's/Capone's. The Percys use lozenges fessewise, as do Oneglia-line Nagle's, in the same colors. There you have some excellent evidence for a Nagle line from/to Oneglia.

And German Nagle's/Neils/Nails were first found in WestPHALia with Velino and related Velens/Falins, making Whelans/Failins (lozenges) suspect with Waleran de Leavell, who's in the Percival write-up. The last time I saw my girlfriend, Karen Whelan, Mr. Kepke said to me, "be NON-CHALANT," as I got up from the table (Table's share the Arthur hurts) to go speak to her when we caught her going out with an other man while she was still with me. Nagle's use a "Non" motto term, and have the Non/Nevin fesse in colors reversed, and Chalants are listed with the Chalons while Chalons-sur-Marne is on the Marne river, where the La Val location of Velis'/Vale's are said to be from. We just saw why Percivals should link to both Oneglia and Velis'/Vale's.

It raises the question as to whether Nons/Nevins are a branch of Neville's/NaVELLE's / Navals, expected in the "Ne vile VELIS" motto of Griffins, and therefore from Navelli to the near-south of Picenze. The Neville / Naval saltire is that of Currys/Corrys too (and Candys), first found in Waterford with Whelans/Failins and Trumps. The Trump stag head is in the colors of the Young/Jung/June stag, and the sister of Karen Whelan was dating Rick Young when I was with Karen. Rick and the Whelan sisters both lived on a Corson street, and Corsons/Carsons use lozenges colors reversed from the Whelan/Failin lozenges. I saw Mr. Kepke get punched in the face on Rick Young's driveway by Vince PIERCE.

As I said, Table's share the Arthur hurts, explaining king Arthur's round table, and Hurts share the fesse of Herls who in-turn share ducks with Velino (Velens/Falens once showed ducks, the ducks that French Alans once showed). German Ducks were first found in Westphalia with Velino / Velens/Falins and Nagle's/Nails, and the Ducks/Logans use a Hurt-like heart PIERCED by NAILs. Clearly, the Logans were merged with Westphalia's Ducks. It just can't be coincidental that while the son of mythical Percival was LOHENgrin, Logans are also Lohans. Duchs use red roundels.

Ducks/Logans were first found in Westmeath, the Arms of which shares the swan with Logan-like Locks and Lochs/Logens. Lohengrin was called the Swan Knight, perhaps play on Knights / Knightons. Ducks/Logans use the heart while Harts/McArts (heart) were first found in Meath. The Hochs/Hoks/HochARTs, expected in the "Hoc" motto term of Ducks/Logans, use a giant swan.

The Vital variation of Vele's might just be of "Vestalis." Vestalis was a Cottian, and Cotta's/Cottons were first found in Languedoc with Julians while English Julians share the Velis/Vale cross. English Cottons use "hanks of cotton" while Hanks can be a branch of Angers who in-turn share the Nagle lozenges. Angers share the Hanger escarbuncle, and hangers are beloved of the pot hangers of Danish Cnuts. They say Cnut named Nottinghamshire, and while Navals were first found in Nottinghamshire with Cotham and Cottam, Coatham is in Durham with the first-known Neville's/Navelle's. "Naval" has become suspect as a branch / variation of "Nagle/Nagele."

Cotton-beloved Hanks share the bendy of Guerra's while Guerins share the pierced Zionist stars of Payens/Pagans. A Payen link to Malahule explains why the Norman vikings (stupids) were Crusaders when Hugh de Payens was elected the Grand Dope of the first nine Templars.

Hankers/Hanacre's (like "Annacker") are interesting for being first found in the same place as Peare's while sharing two pierced Zionist stars in a red Chief with Jewish Reitmans. I met Miss Peare when she worked for Reitman's clothing. Hankers use their double stars in gold, as with the pierced stars in the Chief of Seleucus-like Sellicks. Dutch Reitmans use double Zionists stars too, and throw in an anchor while the lozenges in the Chief of Hanker-like Anchors/Annackers are in the colors of the Hanker-Chief stars, a match. And while Annackers have been suspect with the namers of Annas, the giant Annas star is in the colors of the double Reitman stars. The Cnuts love the Hangers, and Cnut named Nottinghamshire, where Annas' were first found. The Chief of Annas-like Angus' use two stars too, in the colors of the two of Hankers/Hanacre's. Lots of links there, and the Anker Chief shares three gold lozenges with the Anger Chief. It's the Oneglia / Nagle bloodline (Nagle's use the three Anger lozenges).

Anjou of Angers is where Nicholas de Vere von Drakenberg traced his witchy Vere family when he also traced them to ancient the Anunnaki, which is why I theorized that his bloodline was to the Anchors/Annacker. Vere's share the Annas star, and were rulers of Oxfordshire, where Peare's and Hankers/Hanacre's were first found. The Chief-Shield color combination of Annas' is colors reversed from the same of Jewish Reitmans. It looks like Miss Peare was code for Annas liners and/or Anjevins. Angers are said to have spread from Essex to Oxford.

Clintons? Two pierced, gold stars in Chief, and first found in Oxfordshire! Zinger. But they are not pierced only, but "pierced red." It appears that Clinton Chief is the Sellick Chief, and then Jewish Reitmans share the red rose on a stem with Avezzano's, first found in Sardinia with Seleucids. Wow. Sellicks were first found in Herefordshire, beside the Clent Hills (Worcestershire), and Clents are also Clints while sharing gold-on-red garbs with the Bullis / Balas-suspect Blythe's. Bill Clinton's biological father was Mr. Blythe.

Clintons were resolved with the Chief-Shield colors specifically of Saluzzo's, shared by Angers, and both use gold symbols in their Chiefs. As Saluzzo's married FitzAlans of Clun (see Cluns with Saluzzo Coat), I'd say that "Clent/Clint" was a Clune element. Clune's and Clements both come up as "Clone," and Clements use a Shield reflective of the Anchor/Annacker Shield. Clements come up as "Clermonts," and while Clairs share the Clements/Clermonts Chief, the Sulcis-possible Sullys/Sillys share three red fesses with Clare's.

Gold garbs on blue are shared between Avezzano-liner Avisons and Waistells. The Peare's share the chevron-and-stars of Tiens'/Thames', first found in Oxfordshire, and "Tiens" is a motto term of Squire's/Squirrels, first found in the same place as the Clent hills.

AMAZING. Before getting into this Reitman link to hankers, etc., I loaded the Antick surname seeking surnames from Antioch, the name of Seleucus' capital and of his son/heir. And just now I loaded "Negal" to find the Angle's/Angels that use the three Nagle / Anger lozenges in colors reversed, and Negals/Angers throw in an "ANTIQUAS" motto term. If that's not enough, the Arms of Colchester uses nails as code for Nagle's/Nails, as well as an "ANTIQUE crown"! Zowie, it looks like Antioch liners from Sant'Antioco at Sardinia's Sulcis.

Repeat: "This is remarkable because mount Velino is beside Avezzano, and Avezzano's were first found in Sardinia while Sardinia-suspect Chars/Chards are the ones with a "Nil" motto term connectable to the Nails/Nageli's." The Colchester surname shares the red estoiles of Irish Neils, explaining the nails in the Arms of Colchester (German Neils are also Nails/Nagle's). So, Chards can indeed be Sardinia liners where Anticks are from both Sant'Antioco and the Arms of Colchester.

Anticks were first found in Surrey, where Angers (Nagle lozenges!) are said to have branched. Anticks use a giant parrot, traceable with Pettys and Peeble's to Pero's of Pavia at the TICino river. The AnTICK description: "A green shield displaying a gold parrot, wings CLOSEd, holding up its left foot". The Close's use the spur, code for the Spurrs, first found in Devon with their Super branch in the Angers motto. The Spurrs (gold garbs) use a pierced star in the colors of the pierced stars of Clintons, amazing enough.

While Knights use the spur too, Knighton is a location at or beside the Clent hills. The latter are in Worcestershire with Squire's/Squirrels that share the red squirrel with Decks/Daggers, suspect as a branch of Tess'/TECKs (the Ticino is also the TESSen), making the namers of the Ticino feasibly from Antiochus (son of king Seleucus). Hills were likewise first found in Worcestershire, and then there's the TickHILLs, who named Tickhill (Yorkshire), where Annas-suspect Anna's/Hanne's lived.

Knights share there pale bars with Sardo's/Sardins/Lizarts/Lazards. The latter, in Leslie colors, may have been a Sardinia merger with Leslie liners, for the Spurrs, in the Knight Shield, use a bend with three items reflecting the Leslie and Knee bend, the Leslie's using three buckles that I trace to Buxentum, beside the Sybaris river that I trace to Spurrs. As I trace Leslie's to Lesce on the Sava/Save river, note that the Save bend is in the colors of the Spurr bend (colors reversed from the Leslie bend). The Sava's/Savage's use black lions in the colors of the Buxentum-liner Buchans, and Buchanans use the black lion too. The Millers/Milans, said to be likely of Buchanans, and sharing their lion in both colors, were first found in Aberdeenshire with Leslie's. The Sardin/Lizart pale bars are used almost by English Liss'/Lise's (Hampshire, same as Buttons), who probably throw in the fesse of Shirt-possible Buttons. French Sauvage's were first found in Champagne, the rulers of which married Avezzano-line Avesnes. Lesce is smack beside Bled while the Bled surname (three Clare chevrons in colors reversed) uses a "tous" motto term while Tous' are said to have a shirt with buttons. That all works.

Recall mythical Gorm of the Danes, for Danes are suspect from the "Danites" of Laish, and I trace Laish to Lys'/Lise's i.e. with one variation used by Liss'/Lise's. Blue's/Gorms were first found in Arran with salmon-using MacCabe's/MacAbee's, and Salemans/Salians (Cheney colors and format) and Salmons (salmon) share colors while Salemans/Salians trace to the Salto river of the Marsi with Sale's/Salletts, which can explain why Blois' share the Mar scallop, if French Blois' were a Blue branch. Knights (blue border) were first found in Suffolk with English Blois', and I say the Knights share the three pale bars of the Blois partners, Chatillon. The Chatillon location of this particular Chatillon entity (there are several others) is now Chalons-en-Champagne.

The blue border of Knights goes to the Sardinia-like Swords via the swords of Borders. Swords (swords in Border-sword colors) are suspect from Serdica, smack beside Laish-line Lissae (upper Hebros). Lissae is near the Tonzus river where I trace the Tonso variation of Tous' (for more reason than similarity of terms).

So, if Liss had merged with Sardinians to form the Lizarts/Sardins, Laish liners may have been on Sardinia. It's expected where I trace Laish liners to the namers of Lydians and then to the Ladon river, and later to Latins (in Lazart-like Lazio) directly on-shore from Sardinia. This is why Serdica can be a line from Sardis, the Lydian capital. Liss'/Lise's were first found beside the Ladds/Ladons (same place as Borders), and Scottish Lise's are listed with Clarens/Larins who use two of the three Clare chevrons.

The Claro-line of Sinclairs use a "work" motto term, a possible Worcestershire element. Works/Workes' (double fesses of Clair-related Clone's/Clements?) were first found in Essex with Vere's, Colchester, and the first-known Angers. Worcesters/Woosters (Worcestershire) use a single star in colors reversed from the stars of neighboring Sellicks.

The Negals/Angers use a "Stare super" motto phrase, and while there is no Stare surname coming up, Stairs happen to use the Peare / Worcester stars in colors reversed, and, besides, the Stair stars are in the colors of the Sellick stars. If you've been reading me this past month, I've repeated several times that my first kiss with Miss Peare was when we rushed up the STAIRs at the La Paloma bar, and Spanish Paloma's use two pale bars in the colors of the Pero pale bar. The latter has two Zionist stars on either side of it in the colors of the Clinton stars.

From the 3rd update of last month: "Aha. Antioch just brought to mind the antique crown, and crowns are suspect with the Ceraunii mountains beside Bullis. The Arms of Colchester uses the antique crown, and Colchester is near the first-known Bullis'/Bulliards." The latter were first found in Suffolk with Clare's. The latter are from Clarus of Caria (explains the Claro's/Charo's), which is not very far from Sardis (Lydian capital), suspect in naming Sardinia. Sardis was on the HERMus river, and Balas-suspect Balls use large ERMine spots.

Sulcis / Sant'Antioco is beside PISCINas, a term that can go to this: "On a Wreath of the Colours issuant from a Chaplet of Roses alternately Gules and Argent a female figure habited Azure and Veiled Argent crowned Or holding a PASSION [caps mine] Cross Or". That's the Crest in the Arms of Colchester with antique crown and nails. Do you think the Passion term can be a Piscinas liner? There is a Passon/Paston/Paiston surname (Child Coat). One suggestion for the derivation in the write-up is that Passons are from "paesce = pool," the very meaning of "piscinas." The three spread eagles of Passons/Pastons are in the colors of the same of Herefords, can we believe it? Sellicks were first found in Herefordshire, and while Sardinia is beside CORSica, Courcys use these three eagles in colors reversed! Bingo. We have found a way to trace Sellicks to "Sulcis."

Plus, while I think the Sellick Coat is a version of the Sabine Coat, while Sabine's are from Flavius Sabinus, husband of VesPASia Polla, I trace her to Pasi's and PAISleys, like the PAISton variation of Passons. That's a big deal, making emperor Vespasian (runner-up to the Seleucus-related anti-Christ) look like a Seleucid liner.

Recall the Hicks dream with the Saraca-depicting shark in the POOL with the Bullis-suspect bulldog, and my walking out of that scene onto a beach without my Sardinia-suspect shirt on. If the pool was code for Piscinas, perfect, for it just so happens that the fish in the Arms of Saraca is in the colors of the giant Pesce fish. Amazing. Bulls were first found in Somerset, beside Poole. Although the latter is suspect from "Polla," might a Pool surname have developed that has Piscinas blood? That's that "VesPASia" looks like. Her son, Titus, must be to the Titus surname, first found in Hertfordshire with the Childs that share the full Coat of Passons/PAIStons.

English Pasleys were first found beside the Clare-line Crispins, the latter first found in Oxfordshire and using nearly the Pasley Coat. French Crispins use the pomeGRANate, which had been suspect partly with Gernon liners even before I knew that Crispins used it, and before I knew that Clare's were married to Gernons.

Roger de Clare (Tunbridge) was the son of Miss Gernon, the sister of Ranulph de Meschin-Gernon. Gernons ("CyFOETH") are suspect as kin of the Foots, and while left = sinister is code for Massey / Meschin liners, we saw the Antick parrot holding up its left foot. Foots were first found in Cheshire with Sardinia-suspect Shirts. Parrots/Perrots share pears with the Arms of Dudley, and Dudley is in Worcestershire too (now part of Herefordshire). Parrots/Perrots share "Amo" with the Balas-suspect line of Scotts. I've got to say, heraldry is really telling a story here, on the week that God gave a dream (in a mall with the furnace) that I instinctively knew to be about Seleucids.

I was on the mall's SECOND STORY, and here it can be added that Sturs share three red fesses with Piscinas-suspect Pasleys. Worcester has an alternative Stur river. The Passion/Paiston-related Courcys (Somerset, Stur-river theater) are said to have been at SECKENDen, and Seconds/Segurs were first found in Limousin with Clairs. Seconds/Segurs are beloved by the Levi motto, and Foots may be with one of the Levi chevrons.

Courcy-like Cursons/Curzons use parrot-like popinJAYs. Wikipedia: "Popinjay may refer to: Old-fashioned term for a parrot...". That adds to the likelihood that Anticks are from Sant'Antioco. And can we believe it: Jays were first found in Herefordshire with Sellicks!!! Triumphant.

Cursons/Curzons were first found beside the Huberts of Cheshire, who are said to descend from Hubert of Curzon. Both surnames share the black bend with Cheshire's Malls/Mallibone's. Seleucids were on the seckendus floor of the mall, weren't they? Of courcy they were. The Mall/Mallibone quadrants are shared by Kennedy-branch Kennets at the Stur river. And while the Kennati priests at Cetis worshiped Ajax (what stupidity), Corsica has a major AJACcio location. Kennedys have an "Avise" motto term for Avezzano-liner Avis'/Avisons. Looking good.

The Roets were Boofima liners, and use a version of the Anger Coat. Boofima was led by an Imperi peoples, who named Imperia, the alternative name of Oneglia (on-shore from Corsica), where Angers and Angle's/Angels trace. The latter use the bastion while Angers and Roets use the Chief-Shield colors of French Bastons in colors reversed. Both Baston surnames come up as "Bastia," which is the name of another major center on Corsica. It begs the question on whether the Beaston location (Cheshire) of Bessins applies to Bastia, and Bessins (another black bend) do trace to Cetis. It appears that the Bassus bloodline named Bastia.

The Ajaccio-like Jackets are JAYcocks too. It recalls that, soon after I found a bag of new red buttons in my trailer, I found a new bag of brown buttons in the inside pocket of my years-old jacket. If the red buttons were set up by God in pointing to the red SHIRT and buttons of Tous', then perhaps the buttons in the jacket are to point to Ajaccio.

Visconti's ruled at Sardinia's Gallura, which faces Corsica. This Gallura is highly suspect with Jay-like Gays. And the Visconti's call their snake a biscione, much pike "Piscinas." Wikipedia's explanation: The word "biscione" is a masculine augmentative of Italian feminine "biscia", "non-venomous snake"; "grass snake" (corrupted from "bistia", ultimately from Latin "bestia")." The question now is whether Piscinas was originally a Biscione-like name, then altered to mean, "pool." The Vico location near Ajaccio thus becomes suspect with the Vise/Vice surname, i.e. perhaps a Visconti branch.

Vise's/Vice's, I've just learned, share bucks' heads with Biscone's/Biscombs/Bisphams. As Bucks share the antler with Cone's, BisCONE's look like Vise / Biss merger with Cone's. Biss' (Meschin scallops) do use a pair of snakes. Hamon(d)s use the antler too, as well as pean (black ermine spots on gold), colors reversed from the ermine spots of Biscone's. Visconti's named part of Massino-Visconti in Piedmont. Cone's share their antler with VisCONTI-suspect Conte's. Visconti's are also VICEconti's/VISEconte's.

Although I read that the green Visconti snake has seven coils, I count only six at houseofnames, the number of coils in the Nettle and Biss snakes. While the biscione-using Visconti's were rulers in the Lombardy capital, Biss' use "A green mountain with two snakes respecting each OTHER." The Others/Otters were Lombardy nobles. The biscione passed to Sforza's, who share the giant lion of Each's/Eagers/Augers, in "reSPECTing each other," we can safely assume, for Each's/Eagers use a "SPECTemur" motto term. Perhaps the motto makers knew that Res'/Dere's merged with Speccots in Biss ancestry.

I see Visconti's from Guiscards/Wisharts, first found in Stirlingshire with Scone's, who were just checked as per "biSCIONE." If this is the correct view, the biscione is probably not derived in Piscinas, unless the latter was named after the establishment of Visconti's. At Wikipedia's Biscione article, the symbol is shown with a version of the Quince Coat. The Sforza lion holds a quince.

The same Arms (Duchy of Montbazon) showing the Quince lozenges shows a version of the Faucet bend. The Faucet write-up mentions Saer de Quincy. Clicking to the Montbazon article: "The Duchy of Montbazon is the area around Montbazon, near Tours, in France. During the Ancien Regime, Montbazon became a seigneurie held by the House of Rohan in the fifteenth century..." Rohan? It just so happens that the Montbazon Shield shown with the biscione has the Rouen/Rohan Coat. English Rohans/Rowans/ROME's were first found in Durham with Conte's, and Sforza's were first found in Rome, which faces Sardinia / Corsica.

Italian Conte's share the lion of Faucets, and the Lafins/La Fonts in the "Avise LA FIN" motto of Kennedys (same place as Lafins/La Fonts), now tracing to elements from Corsica's Ajaccio. In my dream with my golf game with my Guiscard-related dentist, he LAUGHed at the red buttons on my SHIRT. I get it. It was code for Sardinia-related Lafins. The GOLF game must have been thrown in for the Guelphs = Welfs, for Welfs/Wolfs were first found in Cheshire with Shirts and wolf-using LAUGHtons. Perfect, suggesting that Laughtons relate to Lafins. Laughtons share the cinquefoils of Potters, first found in Hampshire with Buttons, yup. The Welfs/Wolfs are of Hugh Lupus, whose mother was Emma de CONTEville. Her father (Herluin) ruled Comyns/Comines, and the Comyns/Comines' share the Avis/Avison Coat (from Corsica's Vico?). The motto of Comyns/Comines' is, "Courage," a Corsica / Courcy possibility. The Courage surname (same place as Colchester) is in Courcy colors and format.

Recall that, when in the mall, I found myself in a room with a Bible STUDy, where a woman, suspect with the Parr woman, showed me some STUDs on the wall at the furnace. I had suggested that this was code for Stouts, and here I find that Courage's are said to derive in "stout." That's not correct, but someone seems to know that Courage's were related to Stouts. Courage's are said to possibly have named Cowridge in Bedfordshire, and Bedfords happen to share a black border with Parrs and Furnace's. Cowridge is in LUTon, which reminds me of two dreams with a mall PARKING LOT, for Parkings/Perkins share the three fleur-de-lys of Courage's. Lots share the brown talbot dog with Lothians/Loudons, and the latter have a "CUSTodit" motto term while Bible's use the rooster of Kiss'/Cush's that share the FOUNTains of Custs (Lincolnshire, same as talbot-using Halls).

Another Dream to Investigate

I left off yesterday with the Lothian/Loudon Coat showing on my browser. This morning, I was having an uncomfortable dream, as I awoke, that I cannot recall, except that it was about the Shapiro surname. I woke up with that surname on my mind. And so the Shapiro's were loaded from the Lothian/Loudon page, the latter having a hunting horn in the colors of the Arms-of-Traby hunting horn. The Crest in the Arms of Traby have five ostrich feathers, and the Shapiro's, a Jewish family, have three ostrich feathers. Is there a connection between the two surnames? Yes, from Sigrid the Haughty, mother of king Cnut.

The German Pole's/Pohls/Pohlmanns (enter "Pole") use one ostrich feather, and German Pohls/Polans/Pohlmanns (enter "Pohl") have three ostrich feathers and a buffalo head that I regard as a version of the bull head (same colors) of Mieske's. Sigrid the Haughty was a daughter of Mieszko I, while Mieszko II Lambert is suspect with the lamb-using Lamberts, and then, first of all, Shapiro's share the lamb. Secondly, the lamb looks like it acts as one of the two bars in the Shapiro Coat, which are in the colors of the three fesse bars of Haughts. I always link the Haught bull head to the Mieske bull head, for obvious reason of the Mieszko > Haughty line. [The two Shapiro bars are actually called a single, black fesse.]

Shapiro's were first found in Prussia with Mieske's, but there is no obvious way to link Lothians/Loudons to Sigrid the Haughty, aside from the hunting horn possibly (not conclusive) tracing to Poland's Traby location. However, Lothians, with a "Non" motto term signalling Nons/Nevins of Ayrshire) are said to have had a Loudoun location near Cunningham of Ayrshire, and Cunninghams use a "shakeFORK" while Forkers/Farkers were first found in Ayrshire with Cunninghams, and than Sigrid's husband was FORKbeard. I think that works.

It pressed me this morning that Shapiro's should be Seleucids in some way. First, the Forkers created the FarquHARSONs, suspect immediately with the Harcourt Danes because Cnut was a royal Dane, as was Rollo, and Rollo's were first found in Perthshire with Lothians/Loudons. With the Sinclairs living in Lothian, the Harson cross looks like the Sinclair cross, but let's add that I always link the Haught bull head to that of Buckleys, a branch of Buckle's that are likely honored in the Roslin-surname buckles. Sinclairs lived at Roslin.

The Mieszko's are suspect with Mosca's (Pisa, suspect with the Mieszko Piasts), and so the demi-leopard in the Harson Crest can be the Mosca leopard (same design, anyway). Demys, perhaps a Dumas branch, are Mais liners, suspect with lamb-using Lamas'.

When Rollo made a treaty with the French king, it was called after Sinclairs. He must have been a Claro > Sinclair in some way. The Rollo motto uses "passe par," and while Passe's/Pascals use the lamb too, Parrs are at least cousins of Furnace's/Furness' while Harsons (from a St. Annes area) are said to have been associated with the abbey in Furness. The fleur-de-lys covering the Shield of Harsons are those of Corsica-suspect Courage's, but also of Parkins/Perkins, and the latter throw in the same lion as Passe's/Pascal's. On top of this, while the three fleur of Courage's are in the colors and format of the Courcy eagles, the latter's are in the Passe/Pascal Coat. But if that's not enough, these spread eagles are colors reversed from the Piast eagle.

To put this another way, the Piast eagle (see Wikipedia Piast article) is in the colors of the Passon/Paston eagles, and the latter's Coat is in the colors and format of the lamb-using English Lamberts. These lambs are in a so-called passant position, and Passans are listed with Passons/Pastons. Now we know that heraldic passant is always traceable to Mieszko Lambert. Moreover, while Passons came to topic with the "Passion Cross" in the Arms of Colchester, the Passe's/Pascals were first found in Essex with Colchesters, as were the Sinclair-beloved Works/Workes'.

The Piast eagle is in the Lorraine Coat (and the Arms of Lorraine) because Mieszko Lambert married Richeza of Lorraine, though that place was also called, LOTHARingia, perhaps to the Lothian/Loudon surname. The Shapiro-like Shepherds below use a "ram "passant in laurel branches, and Lorraine's use "an arm in armor holding a branch of laurel." The Mieske's use "an arm in armor."

I can therefore begin to claim that Passe's/Pascals are from the Piscinas line out of Sardinia, and expected to be of the Passons/Pastons/Paistons. It just so happens that Shapiro-like Shepherds are said to have had a PASTor variation, clever, but enlightening too. Mieszko's were at least associated with Poland's Silesia, where Pole's/Pohls were first found. I had been wondering whether "SILESia" was a term from "Sulcis." For example, the Silly/Sully surname (the three Clare chevrons?).

Spanish Pastors share a red tower and the black eagle with Spanish Murena's, and I trace Childs, who virtually use the Passon/Paston Coat, to CILNius Maecenas, the husband of Terentia Murena, for Tarents use the Child Coat in colors reversed, meaning also that Tarents share the Courcy / Passe/Pascal eagles. The CILNius-like Kilners/Kelners share the white, spread eagle of Childs / Passons/Pastons, and then Schlesingers (Silesia), known to be named after Silesians, share the fesse of Italian Pastors.

Let's bring back the Harsons suspect with Forkbeard and/or the Forkers/Farquharsons, for Scottish Harsons share keys on blue with German Kelners (Swabia, same as Kellers/Kelners/Cellers). It just so happens that Sellers are in Child colors and format, allowing the Sillys/Sullys to apply with three of the Tarent chevrons. The Childs trace with Childeric to the Salians/Salemans, who share the Sale/Sallet/Sally bend, making Salyes / Salassi Ligures suspect with Sulcis liners. Terentia's brother (Aulus Terentius Varro Murena) is known for having conquered the Salassi. Sellers are in Child colors and format.

The Kelner/Keller keys are in the colors of the same of Sheaves'/Chiava's, first found in black-eagle L'Aquila, not far from the Salto river, which flows parallel with the neighboring Turano suspect in naming the Durance river of the Salyes Ligures. Avezzano is off the Salto while Avezzano's were first found in Sardinia, can we believe the logic?

It gets more interesting, for Saluzzo is beside Busca while Silesian Schlesingers use roses on a Pastor-suspect fesse. The Scottish Rose surname is said to have had a Mr. Rose of Geddes marry Mary Bosco, and French Pastors, can we believe it, use a version of the Dutch Bos/Bosch/Bush Coat while German Boschs share the fleur of German Bush's/Busch's. English Bush's/Buschs share the eagles of Salians/Salemans, which are colors reversed from the black eagle heads of Kellers/Kelners/Cellers. Sillys/Sullys are said to be from an old Ceely surname, and as Rose's use the WATER bouget, the three Water chevrons may be the same colored three of Sillys/Sullys. Clare's share three red chevrons with them while French Clairs were first found in Limousin with French Rose's, while the other French Clairs (Brittany) use the three Rose roses in colors reversed.

Limousin's Lemovices were from Lemnos, location of Murena-suspect Myrina, probably the proto-Marsi at Avezzano. Ligurians were co-founded at Marsi-suspect Marseilles (off the Sardinian coast) by Phocaeans at what is now Foca (Lydia, down-river from Sardinia-like Sardis), suspect with Lake Fucino at Avezzano. The Sintians of Lemnos trace to the Santones (named Sainte), beside the Lemovices, and Clare-related Sinclairs are also Saints.

Wow, I really did my homework. I've become a nerd. When do I actually get to live life again? Did we see Shapiro's with ostrich feathers? Irish Clairs use five, white ostrich feathers. The Shapiro bars, in the colors of the Haught fesses, are in the colors of the Pastor / Schlesinger fesse.

The Shepherds (Peebles) with the ram can be gleaned with the Masci fleur and the colors / format of Maceys / Mackays, which tends to reveal the Shepherd stars, on what should be the Mackay chevron, as the Sutherland stars in colors reversed, for Mackays were first found in Sutherland. An online Geddes article tells that the proto-Geddes Geds gave their swords to Mackays. I traced Mackays to Moray before reading that the Sutherland stars are the Moray stars in someone else's colors. The Shepherds are said to have had a branch at moray, and the Moray stars proper are shared by Lamberts and Harris'. The latter's Coat is a version of the Billiard/Billet / Billiard/Hillard Coat, and Billets are loved by French Pastors and Dutch Boschs.

The colors and format of these Shepherds are those of the key-using Harsons, who look like a Harris branch. Harris' were at SALISbury, and Salisburys can be gleaned with Abreu's/Abruzzo's for a trace to the Salto river, which begins in Abruzzo and flows later through Reed-line Rieti. The Reeds share the red eagles we saw with Turano-possible Tarents, the Corsica-suspect Courcys, and the Piscinas-suspect Passe's/Pascals. Then, I trace Vespasia Polla, who lived in Rieti, to Pasi's/Pascels. What a hoot. These red eagles are shared by Hotts/Hottins too, and Haughts of Haughton have just got to apply here, for they are colors reversed from the Piast eagles.

Abreu's named Evreux in Eure, and the Pasci location of Passe's/Pascals is in Eure. The Salisburys (Abreu lion) are said to be from Evreux elements. The Salisbury Crest shares combatant lions with Abreu's, and the Salisburys use them in white, the color of the lion head in the Crest of EVREUX-like Works/Werks, hmm.

I missed the following earlier when linking Haughts to Shapiro's. At that time, the Ships/Shiptons were on my mind as per their bellow fans, at which time I stumbled across the "HAUT" motto term of German Belows. Excellent. Here we find that Hooton of Cheshire was held by Mr. Vernon, baron of SHIPbrook. This constitutes a good argument for linking Shepherds, said to be from a "scyp" term (Scyphard), same as Ships/Shiptons, to the Mieszko Poles. And I predicted, some six years ago, that the False Prophet / antiChrist would be from the Goplo mouse tower, origin of the Piasts > Mieszko's.

But before realizing that the mythical mouse tower would apply, I predicted that the False Prophet / antiChrist would be a mouse liners, expecting Masseys / Meschins and even Mousquette's/Muscats. The latter can be gleaned as kin of Much's/Muschats, first found in Essex with Passe's/Pascals, while the latter are said to have been granted the lands of Much. The theory developed where I thought the two horns like a lamb, in Revelation 13, belonging to the False Prophet there, would be of the Lambert line, or the heraldic lamb of Templars. And here we are linking Mieszko's, thanks to a Shapiro dream this morning, to Seleucids of Sardinia. I had even found an historical quote, in Wikipedia's Dagome article, saying that Mieszko I, whose name was Dagome, had ancestry in Sardinia, which I had forgotten until writing this paragraph!

The Much/Muschat Coat happens to be the Silly/Sully Coat.

ShipBROOK can be of the Brooks / Brocks (both from Essex along with Vere's), descended from Brogitarus, whose son conquered Derbe (proto-Derbyshire). The Vernons (Cheshire garbs), whose "ears of wheat" are very linkable to Eyers/Ayers of Derbyshire, are said to be from Cheshire's Shipbrook and Avenells of neighboring Derbyshire. There is an Avenell surname (Derbyshire) said to be from Avenelles in Eure. Avenell share the Till annulets while the other Tills use the VERNon-suspect wyVERN dragon. Brogitarus' son (Amyntes) traces to Dragons/Drainers, which feasibly includes the Dreux's of Eure, with possibly the Brock lion, and it's in the colors of the wyvern dragon of Mosca-loving Drake's.

I took most of the day off from writing at this point, but came back at nearly 8 pm. I was looking at the ScypHARD/ShepHARD variations of Shepherds (Peebles), thinking that the neighboring Hardys (Lanarkshire) merged with Sheeps or Ships/Shiptons, and while wondering, I started to sing for the first time this evening, to a Francesca Battistelli song, when she was on the chorus: "This, this is Christ the King, whom SHEPHERDS guard and angels..." This sort of thing exactly has happened many times with her songs as verification that God guides me. Remember, I awoke this morning with the quest to investigate Shapiro's and Shepherds.

It often happens that other words in the song, near the word that I hear at the exact time that I'm viewing that word as a surname, as I just did with "shepherd," applies. In this case, "shepherds guard" caused me to look up the Gards, and I recalled seeing a surname this morning with the Gard motto, "Toujours fidele." Scrolling back through the Coats, I found it with the key-using Harsons. There was nothing to say about that, until the other Harsons (Furness abbey) were loaded to find that they are traced in their write-up to "a GUARDian of cattle or SHEEP." This is ridiculous, in my opinion, taken from the HERDson variation, as though it were the first one and referring to a herd of animals.

Reminder: Angels use the Anger lozenges in colors reversed, and they are the Anker/Anchors lozenges while the latter have a version of a Shepherd Chief. German Ankers (coronet) use a "SHIP at anchor" (as well as the Hamilton tree and motto).

However, just look at the timing here, my singing "shepherds guard" just as I was mentioning Gard-like Hardys. I can see Herdsons as Hardys in merger with Sheeps / Ships/Shiptons. Ain't that another hoot? Hardys share the same type, and engrailed cross, with English Harsons. And this is what God may have had in mind when writing the chorus for Miss Battistelli. The other reason that I think God wrote it is that it includes, "shepherds guard and angels sing..." Hold on to your chair, because German Angels use a lamb, and keys in the colors of the Hardson/Harson keys!!! Zinger, He's done things like this before with Battistelli songs. And Italian Angels use three bends in the colors of the Shapiro bend. Incredible. English Angels, first found in the same place as Harsons, are the ones with a Antioco-suspect "antiquas" motto term.

The baton of English Angels is for Batons/Bastons/Bastia's, suspect now with Corsica's Bastia location. The "super" motto term of the same Angels can indicate that Sybaris elements were on Corsica. As the Angel keys trace to Shawia/Chaoui Numidians, it can explain why English Angels share the winged horse with Masseys/Maceys. "AntiQUAS" can be part code for a Chaoui line, such as the Kays' with an ancient Caa variation (Mackays are Caws' too). The Massena Numidians are highly suspect with Cyrene's Bistones, the line to Bessins/Beastons and Bistone's. The song is by Francesca BATTIstelli, and Batti's share the eight-pointed star with Stelli's. It could appear that Batti's are in the Angel baton.

The reason that God continues to work through me so obviously is, I think, to let readers know that he's still guiding things to an end that promises a big bang. I hope so, anyway. In the meantime, I hope it strengthens your Faith in Jesus as the actual Son of God = God incarnate. The name of the song is, "What Child is This?".

Childs use the Coat of the Oxfordshire Frances' in colors reversed, and that name is probably the Italian, Francesca. The France surname (Lancashire, same as Harsons and Harrisons) uses a lion version of the English Shepherd Coat; neither surname puts symbols on their white Shield. The Frances Coat is identical with the Tarent Coat, and Terentia was the wife of Cilnius Maecenas of Arretium (now Arezzo) Tuscany, where Francesca's were first found. I trace Terentia's brother to Walsers, who share the axe with the Shepherd Chief. Walsers were named after Wallis canton, location of Sion, and Sions/Swans (same chevron as Gards) were first found in Lanarkshire with Harson-branch Hardys.

I've just found Schippers listed with Shepherdsons/ShepHERDSONs!!! Aha. They use "three diamonds shaped on each a sun." I think that's supposed to be "shapes" to indicate that they are a branch of a Shape-like surname. Their bend is in the colors of the Shapiro bars, that explains it. Suns are listed with Sinclairs who share the engrailed cross of English Harsons. The "Toujours" motto term of Gards is shared by Diamonds.

I almost forgot to mention that Sheeps, with gold estoiles in the color of stars of Seleucid-suspect Sellicks, were first found in Herefordshire with Sellicks. That's not a strong Sheep-Sellick link, but I had the impression that Shapiro's would be Seleucid liners.

I also forgot to say, this morning, that the ram of the Peebles-shire Shepherds is shared by German Cremers/Cramers, suspect from Cremona, which Wikipedia says was founded as an army base by general SCIPio when he lost the war of Trebia to Hannibal. I can see Scyphards from Skipio > Skipton liners. Shapiro's share ostrich feathers with the Arms of Traby, and Trabys can certainly be from the Trebia. The Chief of Irish Cramers shares the fleur of Shepherds!!! Zowie.

And I didn't consciously know until loading Cramers just now that they share the motto of Lothians/Loudons (could have the Traby horn in Crest). It's they who are said to be from Cunningham, and it's the shakefork of Cunninghams that brought Forkers/FarquHARSONs to topic, which then got the Harson...who, I think, God wanted to topic. As I said, I left off yesterday with the Lothian/Loudon Coat showing, and I used that page first thing this morning to load Shapiro's. So, God seems to have arranged that, or Harsons would not have come to topic. He needed Harsons to topic for the Battistelli song he had prepared for me tonight. Amazing. God moves things without my knowing it, so easy, so smoothly.

The motto (Non dormit qui custodit) of Lothians / Cramers shares "qui" with English Shaws/Sheaves (Berkshire, same as Croms) while Italian Sheaves'/Chiava's use qui-like keys, another reason to link Lothians to Shapiro liners. Keys are also Kays and may have named Mackays from a Kay merger with Maceys. The motto of Sheaves'/Shaws is shared by Harson-like Harrisons, and Harris' use hedgehogs in the colors and format of Mackays.

Back to the Harsons with keys, whose Coat is in the colors and format of Mackays, which recalls that Shepherds are suspect with the Mackay chevron and Sutherland stars. If you check Suthers, you will find a Coat in the colors and format of Sheeps. The Mackay motto is translated "strong hand," which should be the reason that Shepherds use a hand in Crest. It appears that the Mackay motto was formed in honor of Strongs. As the Strongs (Somerset) share the eagle of Harson-like Harrisons (green snake around a column), and as the giant eagle is colors reversed from the same of Ferte's, suspect with Ferte-Mace of the Mackays-suspect Maceys, note that the Ferte eagle is used by MacDonalds.

The Harson hand holds a fitchee, the MacDonald symbol shared by many of its tribes. As was said earlier in this update, I trace Donalds to the LaceDaemonian SPARTans, whom I trace in-turn to Assyria's Subartu, suspect with the Sephar location of Joktanites and SEPHARvites. Note how the latter are a Shepherd-like term. Sparta is very near the Boura area that is known to have had the Greek founders of Sybaris. I trace LaceDAEMONians to the Dumnonii founders of Devon and Somerset, and Diamonds/Diments (came to topic with the Schipper/Shepherdson diamond shapes), who look like they can be from "Dumnonii," were first found in Devon.

The Strong / Harrison eagle is the giant one of Vienne's, and while Vienne of Isere is near Lyon, note that Irish Hairs/Garrys/Jarrys share the giant Lyon lion. The Vienne's have the Biens in their motto, and Carricks (same place as Scottish Hairs) use "Garde bien." The Beine's/Beans/Vains (MacDonald SHIP), with a "Touch" motto term, are known to be a Mackay sept, and Touch's (Cheshire, same as Maceys/Masseys) share the giant Lyon lion too. Beine's/Beans share the dagger with Mackays, and put a shield in Crest while English Shields share the motto of Harrisons. Irish Shields share "forti" with Mackays, and throw in hands. Irish Shields look like they use a version of the Forker/FarquHARSON Coat. Is that indicative of a Herod-line merger with Forkbeard Danes?

Har-like Herod (Archelaus) was banished by Augustus Caesar to Vienne-Isere, and English Harsons/Hardsons look like a Hardy branch. Herods were Edomites, and while the black boar is said to be a symbol of Edom (in the book of Enoch), the Hardys use the black boar. Herods and Shepherds together.

By the way, Scipio found Piacenza (Trebia river) when he founded neighboring Cremona, and for the time being, I'm trying to understand how Piacenza may have been related to Picenze at the L'Aquila theater. Which came first? Did my Masci mother, born in Picenze, descend from king Massena? The latter was in a partnership with Scipio in conquering Hannibal's Carthage, explaining how Masci-liner Meschins came to marry Skiptons. There is a statue of a Numidian queen (forget her name) that looks like my mother, except that the statue makes the queen look like a warrior goddess, which my mother is not.

I predict that Massena's family founded Maccabees, and the Alexander line of Maccabees married Quadratus Bassus, a line to Julia Maesa and later to the Quade's that share a Mackay Coat. Then, SKIPers/Skeppers (Essex) use besants, the Bassus-line symbol. The Skipper/Skepper Coat and write-up is too vague; I've known the surname for years, but hardly ever mention it because of it.

Hmm, as God called me today to investigate Shapiro's, I asked myself what I did between leaving off this morning, and coming back tonight. I was raking the dirt that was ruined last year when I buried the electrical wire to the house (yes, no more on solar power (though the system is still hooked up and usable in power outages). So, I asked self, what's a rake got to do with Shapiro's. Nothing. I was also using the shovel to transfer dirt from high spots to low spots. Isn't that called, landSCAPing? Can you believe it. Schapers bring up Shapiro's. There's no way I would have been landscaping that area so early this year had it not been a dry spring (something only God could have controlled for timing it for today).

Now wait, Rake's (version of Hamon(d) Coat) can apply here because they were suspect with Richeza (of Lorraine / Lotharingia), wife of Mieszko Lambert. And Schapers/Shapiro's have bars suspect with the Mieszko-line Haughts. There is a Shovel surname, first found in Hertfordshire with Childs (Piast / Lorraine eagle), and using their colors and format, but with the same fleur-de-lys as Masseys. Sir Cloudesley Shovel, whose first name looks like a version of "Clovis/Chlodevech," is said to have married Mrs. Harborough, and we saw Shirts at Harborough. This Mr. Shovel is said to have drowned at the "Scilly Isles" (off of Cornwall), and Scillys are listed with Sillys/Sullys.

The Cornwall surname uses a "Durante" motto term while Salyes lived on the Durance. Durants share the fleur of Sale's/Sallets/SAILs, and French Durants use a "sailing SHIP." The Cornwall motto is, "La VIE Durante," and "vie" is used by Wests (Devon, same as Cornwalls) who share the dancette-fesse of Dove's (beloved of Waistells), the latter's in the colors of the same of English Durants. The Durance river is over the peaks of the Cottian Alps from Susa, the capital of Cottians who had a Vestalis character (may have been a king, I can't recall).

As Wests were at a location that appears to have been named by Haughts, let's recall that Haughts link by their fesses to the Shapiro bars, which are in the colors of the Durante dancette-fesse. It appears that Shapiro's are tracing to Salyes Ligures, explaining the sailing SHIP of Durants. CORNwalls can be Coronis (mythical crow / raven) elements, for some ravens are called Cornish choughs (Coughs use the Sale/Sallett Coat but with a dancette-bend), and I trace Coronis to Chora of Patmos, where the other major city is Scylla-suspect Skala. Scylla is of the Sicel namers of Sicily in the Messina part of the island. Recall the coronet of Ship-using Ankers.

I had looked up Hones' as per the "HONEStum" motto term of Rake's, to find two fesses in the colors of those that would come up with Staplefords (Leicestershire), the latter looked up because the Shirt write-up says that Mr. Sherard of Stapleford was the earl of Harborough. Again, the Shirt Crest shares a peacock with the HARcourt Crest, and thus the Harsons may have been Harborough liners. The same peacock is used by Manners/Maness' that love the Parrs who use the same double fesses. It's known that the Harcourt > Beaumont line ruled Leicester.

Harcourts share the double fesses of English Hairs, the latter first found in Surrey with Anticks, suspect with Sant'Antioco at Sulcis. The Scottish Hairs share the double fesses of Manners/Maness', and were first found in Ayrshire with Forkers/FarquHARSONs. It looks like Harborough of the Sulcis-suspect Shirts links to the Harsons that God wanted to bring to topic today. The colors of the Chief-Shield combo of Hairs is that of Harrisons too.

Harsons and Harrisons were first found in Lancashire with Shake's expected in the shakefork symbol for Forkers/FarquHARSONs.

Stapleford is in Leicestershire. Behind the leopard faces of Staple's are the same fleur used by Beaumonts (as well as Cramers and Shepherds). On either side of the Staple bend are the red fleur-de-lys of Courage's and English Harsons. One gets the impression that, if Har liners were not from Sardinia or Corsica, they were heavily merged with lines out of those islands.

I've just taken Lythom-St.Annes to task, the location of English Harsons. Although Annes' are listed with Annas', who have the Chief-Shield color combo of Harcourts and Hairs, there is a St. Annes surname listed with Stans/Stants/Stands, first found in Yorkshire with Anns/Hanne's of Tickhill. This means that Stans may have been named after Annes liners. Stanleys even share gold stag heads with Anns/Hanne's. St. Annes is near Liverpool, and Livers/Levers, who share the double bends of Stans/Stands, have a rooster STANDing on a trumpet. Arthurs used clarion trumpets, and have an "obSTANTia" motto term. The Arthur clarions are substituted for organ rests, and Letts/Late's, with the Chief-Shield colors of Annas', use organ pipes.

The Stanley stag heads are half in the colors of the Trump stag head, and while Dutch Trumps are Tromps too, Val Trompia is over by lake Garda.

I think I can link Slake's to Sellicks. The Slake bend is that of Jays too, suspect in the "JE GARDEray" motto of Bridge's, and Slake's use a "bridge of three arches." Jays were first found in Herefordshire with Sellicks. The Mackay stag head (in the colors of the Stanley stag heads) is at the tip of daggers, shared by Bridge-beloved Crabs (possibly the Mackay Shield). Bridge's are in the colors of Herefords, whom I did not check until now. Herefords share the three spread eagles of Childs, and thus they are the Courcy Coat in colors reversed. Masseys/Maceys use the fleur-de-lys in colors reversed from those of Corsica-suspect Courage's, and the latter are in the motto of dagger-using Comyns.

After writing the paragraph above, a huge, green moth, about four inches across, was at the outer side of the window, where I type. I've lived here about a decade, and have never seen such a monster around here in the far-north. And it's only the first half of June. I've not known the Moth surname, so far as I can recall, but as I was writing on the Arc at the time, location of Modane, it looks like God may have sent this special moth to indicate that Moths (Lorraine, giant tower) are a branch of Modens/Modeys, first found in Berkshire with Arks/Arch's (three arches). This moth has an amazing tail about an inch long. Other moths don't have tails, but this one has a beauty. The moth is about the size of a small bat, and I thought it was a bat at first.

Moths are Lamoths too, and Motts are Lamotts/Mottins too. The latter were from Cotes-du-NORD while Moths share the giant Denardo/NORDI tower. The latter share the North (and Maschi) lion, and Norths share the white-on-blue fleur-de-lys of Bridge-beloved Crabs. Norths were first found in Sussex with Bone's while Denardo's/Nordi's come up as NarBONNE's, explaining why the latter share a lion in Bone-lion colors. The Bone-branch Bonns use more red, spread eagles. As they are linkable to Childs, let's go to Shovels (same place as Childs), who use the colors and format of Childs, for the Shovel Coat is a version of the Dutch Bone Coat.

Recall the Durant part of this discussion where it was able to verify that royal Cottians had linked to Durance-river elements, likely the Salyes Ligures, who started to look like they named the Scilly Isles off of Cornwall. Italian Durants happen to use a version of the North Coat, with Moth tower, and the Cottian capital is even closer to Modane than to the Durance river. The giant, green moth speaks.

As the North lion is the Maschi lion while holding a wheel, the North tower looks like the mouse tower of Goplo, for Mieszko's are said to have been from mythical Piast the Wheelwright, ruler of the mouse tower. I trace Piasts to Bistue at the Urbanus river of the Coronis-liner Ceraunii Illyrians. Durants are loved by Coronis-liner Cornwalls. Skala on Patmos is suspect in the naming of mythical ASCLEpios, Coronis' son. Wheels use a fesse in the colors of the Durant / Haught fesses. Haughts (beside the Wheels) have variations linkable to Hectors/Ectors, who share the sun with Italian Durants (substitute for the gold North wheel by their gold sun).

Moth-like Mothers/Mathers ("CELERiter" can be partly for Wright/Rights or Riters) were checked, and they share the double fesses of Hairs, a branch of Harsons (Mosca leopard) that have linked well to Shapiro liners. Mothers/Mathers were first found in KinCARDINEshire, a Sardinia-like term. Cardine's were first found in Cheshire with Shirts and same-colored Haughts.

Repeat: "...the Shirt write-up says that Mr. Sherard of Stapleford was the earl of Harborough". The Stable's/Stapper use the colors and format of Cardine's, and English Stable's are Staplers too (Tailbois Shield), and their stars can be traced to the stars of Mauls/MORLeys. The latter share the unique leopard face of MORLands and Staple's, and MARLboroughs (Cheshire, same as Cardine's) share the Cardine pheons and colors. We happen to read that there is a Marlborough location at Wiltshire's SELKley, what a sulcisincidence. The engrailed Marlborough cross is colors reversed from the same of Harsons.

It is also the pheon of the Cheshire Nichols/Nickle's, said to be of the dukes of D'Albini, and then Albins/Aubins were at BarnSTAPLE. Aubin is a location near Rodez, and I see Staple's from the Estaples ancestry of Roets (Somerset, same as Stable's/Staplers). German Nichols were first found in Austria with German Stable's/Stappers. Nichols/Nickle's became baron of MALpas, suspect with Mauls / Malls/MARLybone's.


I don't know where Tucker Carlson got this email-evidence of a casual leak by a government worker to a news reporter. Just look at how casual it is, as though it goes on all the time:

Throughout this scandal of more than a year long, I have yet to hear of an FBI raid on a terrorist sleeper cell in the United States. Instead, the FBI is after Republicans, their arch enemy. How can the DoJ justify jailing this Mr. Wolfe for a detail in a leak situation but not Comey or Clinton? Is it because Wolfe is not a big name? Probably. The American law-enforcement branch of government is a hypocrite, doing the very things that it arrests others for. It's more than disgraceful.

Here is why the Republican, Paul Ryan (needs to act the part at times), is an imposter in the Republican party:

Here's the Awan-brothers scandal that the FBI, with Obamaite parasites, must be quietly overseeing, as we speak:

Only in faggot-happy America could this happen: "The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday handed a victory on narrow grounds to a Colorado Christian baker who refused for religious reasons to make a wedding cake for a gay couple..." This bitty issue reached the Supreme Court??? Only in faggot-happy America. Shame on the supreme court for even taking the case. The court should have said, doesn't the baker have the right to be offended by faggots? Go get your cake somewhere else. Instead, the court allowed this trouble-making "couple" to trouble that baking company all the way to the supreme court. Very sad state of events. The end must be looming.

All the faggots were watching this case because they love to give Christians trouble. They want to be in our faces. They want to force us to love them. Christians, unlike myself, have been too kind to them in attitude. I take the Armageddon attitude, for Armageddon was symbolized by the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. In other words, God hates faggots, especially faggots in the faces of His people. Let's not mince words with, "God hates the sin but loves the sinner." Let's not be awash in grey. Keep it black and white. It's the people -- the people themselves -- who promote faggotry that God despises. God is not allowing, and contributing to, the fall of Armageddon only upon the sin, but on the people themselves.

"For God so loved the world" doesn't mean that he loves man's world, but rather the concept of the world which he created. He doesn't want to see it gone, destroyed, and so decided to salvage it with Jesus. In order to do so salvage it, he had to forgive, but those forgiven were "purchased" so as to become God's "possession." I put those words in quotation marks, yet they statement is literally true.

You come after my son, and I have a machete prepared just for you. Chop-chop! There, the world will be a better place now. Go in pieces.

There is a massive wave of rebellion against Christian values. It's always been expected, and been there in the West for 50 years, thanks to the festering of "enlightenment" programs of globalists, but the coming wave will be bitter, and action against the Christian people should materialize as opposed only to legal-venue fights against their values. If fighting is what they want, then Fighting is what they will get. And we will win. They won't listen to our warnings, and so into Hell their souls will go, the garbage heap of humanity.

The word in America should be: control yourself, do not have sex with the same gender. But, no, America has become the faggot-happy land, encouraging this spiritual illness. And the American globalists want to export this attitude to all their satellites. God called men to be higher than this, but the typical liberal says, "I don't care what people do in their own bedrooms." What about what God thinks? What about the fact that these animals crawl our streets at night, seeking victims -- your children -- outside their bedrooms? Liberals haven't got the potential to think past a certain dimness, yet advertise themselves as enlightened. The make an skeletal argument while neglecting the meat of the matter. It's called, spin. Spin always leaves out the meat of the matter, and points to something else that turns out to be a red herring.

Sure, faggots are people too, but so are their victims. Liberals leave out the victims part. In the abortion issue, they ignore the murder part. They don't ask what's right and wrong, or what's best for the best society; they have been trained to think along the lines of a persons "rights" to do as he/she pleases. They insist that all sorts of sins are the peoples' rights. That's the anti-Christ spirit. Liberals are only for the rights of liberals, and in the meantime the rights of their political counterparts are tread and spit upon.

Judge Napolitano shows us what's wrong with America's legal system, and it probably applies to many Western nations. He says that the court decision above is dangerous because it sets a precedent for allowing others, based on one's religious beliefs, to refuse service to Italians, for example. Napolitano thinks that the baker should not be permitted to refuse service because it screws up the legal system for other cases, never mind whether it's right or wrong to force someone to bake your cake against his/her strong and justifiable will.

If some queer baker won't bake my cake because I'm a Christian, the right / Christian thing to do is to get my cake somewhere else. What doesn't Napolitano understand about that? If the court permits someone to force a baker to bake his cake, it sets a precedent in the other direction, the wrong direction. Napolitano's suggestion that a court decision ought to be made based on what precedent it sets defines a judge jaded in his thinking. First make the right decision, and the precedent will be right too.

The obvious problem with following precedent is that bad judges make bad decisions that can then be used as precedent. The devil is in the judicial cake, Mr. Napolitano, and judges need first to recognize the devil, and then follow precedent if it wasn't formed by the devil. Doing the right thing trumps all. Judges are hired to do the right thing, not to follow judicial theory at the expense of the right thing.

"But after six years of relentless attacks from the Colorado Civil Rights Commission and a well-organized militant group of sex and gender revolutionaries, Masterpiece Cakeshop owner Jack Phillips has finally been vindicated." Is it right to put someone through this? Isn't it true that goons of the Obama kind were out, and are still out, to persecute this man? Throw a pie into Obama's face, and let's be done with this nonsense. The faggot side cried that this baker was hurting them. Like I said, nonsense. I'm glad to be on the man side of things where the Obamaites wish to be the little boys. Boo-hoo, the baker hurt them, boo-hoo. In real fact, the Obamaites are grown bullies. The Punch of God is Coming.

Late in the 5th minute of the video below, the interviewer on Meet the Press asks Giuliani: "If you believe that the president has this sort of overreaching authority over the justice department, why are you asking the justice department to produce those papers to indicate how the [Mueller] investigation started? Why don't you order them to do it?"

Giuliani chuckles out of place, and says, "That's a very good question." He was taken by surprise, and was trying to minimize the gravity of the question, or trying to deflect his guilt, and the president's guilt, on this matter. In answering the question, he stumbles over some words, trying to think hard how best to answer with not much time to come up with it, and he says that the other side would probably challenge the order, anyway, so, he seems to be saying, why bother demanding the papers? Like I said, Giuliani is an enemy, guaranteed. In continuing to answer that good question: "We do not intend to exercise that power." He includes Trump in "we," we can sense it. The very thing that Trump needs to do, is now expected to do, has the responsibility to do, he won't do. And it's the same even with other matters aside from the Mueller investigation. Giuliani says point blank that the president has the power to order those documents.

What a colossal farce this Trump character has been, but the pressure is on him now. All his supporters are wondering why he lets Nunes languish while the president holds this raw power to secure documents.

No sooner did Giuliani say the above that he turns on a dime and says that Trump will not sit down with Mueller unless Mueller first hands over certain documents showing how his investigation was / is justified. The lawyer seemingly contradicts himself, and, perhaps, we hope, this side of his response is one that Trump devised, foisting it on Giuliani whether he likes it or not. However, as you can see, this ultimatum to Mueller is not an official demand for the documents. Mueller is permitted to refuse handing them over while merely losing a sit-down with Trump (he deserves prison for this charade).

Basic psychology informs us that Trump is innocent of the Mueller inquisition. If Trump knows he's guilty, he would not publicly make Mueller out to be a fool on a regular basis, which is exactly what the president has been doing. If he knows he's guilty, he would be on his best behavior, hoping for leniency. But by throwing mud on Mueller for all to see, he will reap the whirlwind if guilty. Trump is wise enough to know that. The only way they will get Trump is by creating a false scenario, and though their false scenario backfired on them, there may be another false scenario in the works.

If Trump gets successfully nailed on a trumped-up charge, he deserves it. I will be happy to see it, because he daily allows these goons to exert power in his nation, the nation that he is sworn to protect. He allows criminals to operate daily, and to galvanize into a strong and driving force that can take total power eventually. If Trump goes to jail, I will be happy to see it, because he's an accomplice of these criminals.

It's not a wonder that love grows cold in the end times, with liberals in our faces diving society, robbing children's minds from their parents' will, etc., with no end, all lured down a corruption tunnel to Hell, and made to look exciting, colorful and brilliant. To make America great, this deception needs to be stamped out. What better way than to make light of the corruption of liberal leaders. Look, here's Trump's chance to cancel these demons, to throw them down, to expose them pitilessly. But, nope, Trump's not interested. He burps, and goes back to his work. The next day, he burps again, and goes back to his work. He has indigestion from liberals seeking his demise, but all he does is burp. He's not even ashamed to have the Giuliani clown speaking on his behalf. Virtually every day, the president taunts his enemies, but that's all he does. He may as well burp. He needs to step down. He's incapable of doing what needs to be done.

Well of course the economy is going to do better if he cuts corporate taxes in half. But there is pay day ahead. Whose going to pay the taxes if not the corps? Obviously, the workers. And greedy corporations with lots more money on hand are train wrecks about to happen. It always results in higher prices and a recession.

What the difference between giving corporations half price on their income taxes verses giving the half price to workers instead? Both result in more jobs, and it keeps companies from growing too much, the way it should be to stave off recessions. Extra money in the hands of workers is much, much better than in the hands of the too-rich. When workers have extra money, they can buy more, and businesses can hire a few more workers to provide the more that's spent. Why didn't Trump do it that way? It wouldn't have been as good for his own, too-rich companies.


For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God

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