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Jun 12 - 18, 2018

The Shopping Cart Dream
God Now Leads Us to the False Prophet's Heraldic Lamb Symbol
I Had Suspected It

For best results, take the time to load the Coats to see them for yourself. Load the first-Coat link I offer (or open one here) to get a tab open, and then open more if needed. To check a description in the Coat of Arms, type the surname at this page:

The last update had a dream that I cannot recall, except that, at the end of it, I was working with the Shapiro's / Shepherds on my mind, surnames that have not been mentioned in years, nor were they on my mind recently while conscious. It turned out that the Shapiro dream was on the morning after the day that I did landscaping for the first time this year, with a rake and shovel only, levelling the ground, which is the fundamental definition of landscaping. Then, on the day of the dream, I did the second day of landscaping, realizing that God set that up because I had a hunch that a Scape like surname related to Shapiro's. The closest surname I could find to "Scape" was the Schapers, who happen to be listed with Shapiro's.

Why would God set this surname up? It was done in the thick of my stressing Seleucid liners for the past few weeks in a row, and the prophecies in Daniel 8 and 11 speak of the end-time anti-Christ being somehow linked to ancient Seleucid kings. But why would God want to lump Shapiro's into that thing? Well, Shapiro's use a lamb, and other surnames using lambs were introduced in the last update, and finally when I concluded that Shapiro's were from general Scipio, whom I always link to proto-Meschins, I recalled my prediction that the False Prophet and/or anti-Christ will be a Meschin liner out of the Mieszko mouse tower. The only heraldic mouse I know of belongs to Misls while the mouse tower, a mythical product, was given a SiemoMYSL as one of its rulers.

[Late in the week, while re-reading the above, "Schaver" was entered to find Schaefers with a giant lamb looking like a form of the Baut/Baux/Bude Coat. Schavers/Schaefers (Hesse) are in Scarf colors, in case Scarfs / Schere's/Scherfs are branches.]

The theory is, therefore, that God depicted the False Prophet with two horns like a lamb to play into my writings, for example, or to link the False Prophet to the heraldic lamb...from Lambert. It's possibly that Mieszko Lambert was named after a related Lambert, perhaps one from Hainaut about the time of his own lifetime.

Alright, but so what? What do we do with this knowledge? I don't know, but I'm not belittling what God has obviously done through me, even though I am never satisfied with making surname links, as fun as it is at times, and as rewarding as it is to have God contributing to my writings constantly. What I would like to know is why this revelation is necessary for the purposes of revealing the end-time duo? Perhaps God only wants us to have a proper understanding of the details, untold in the Bible, concerning the end-time prophecies.

Perhaps this heraldic work is an addendum to the prophecies. Perhaps it's of vastly greater importance yet, for example, to give stronger faith to some who really need it when the profane duo arrive. The world will be clamoring that the duo are not the prophetic fulfillment, and those with weak faith will need a solid boost in such an environment. They will need to see God at work, which is what the signs of the end times is all about, to boost our faith. The signs will do nothing for those who do not respect or want Jesus, but for those intent on keeping Him to the end, the signs will be a huge boon.

It does not appear that the duo will arrive in the open under Trump's first term, for he is intent on securing Israel against its enemies. But the dentist dream I had, where my dentist was laughing at the red buttons on my red shirt, may be a Hint that Joseph Biden, a Catholic, will become the False Prophet. He wants to run again for the presidency in 2020, and with Hillary Clinton not likely to run, he may just win the American throne, then turn the table on Israel as she now sits happy with Trump. Globalist-liberal leaders everywhere await the toppling of Trump so that one of their own, anti-Christ kind can rule America again.

I can't say that I've clinched the Shirt/Sherard surname with Seleucids out of Sardinia. When I awoke from the dream with dentist laughing at my red buttons, I already knew that the Tous/Tosini surname has a man with red shirt and buttons. And I already knew, thanks to the chapeau shared between Buttons/Bidens and Capelli's, that Tous' trace to the TONZus river of Thrace, for Capelli-like Cabyle was a location on or just off that river while Tous' show a TONSo variation. It's a neat package of links, and it just so happens to be related rather well to that dream. I can add that the Selletae peoples are marked beside Cabyle at the lower-right of this dark map:

In the last update, I was exploring whether Salto-river peoples were of the Sulcis location of Sardinia, where I am very sure the Seleucids were. The latter were named after king Seleucus, and so the automatic question is: was he from the Selletae? Did the latter have other versions of that name? In a "Dictionary of Greek and Roman Geography", we have this entry alone on the page: "SELLE´TICA [SELLETAE]". The "tica" suffix may explain why Seleucus named his son and heir, AnTIOCHus. It also has the potential to trace Selletae kin to the naming of the Ticino river, presumably named after Ticinum upon that river.

When I click on "Selletae" at the page above, it brings to another page with this: "SELLETAE (Plin. iv. 11. s. 18, init.), a people of Thrace, whose country was called SELLETICA..." At the mouth of the Hebros (the Tonzus is a Hebros tributary," there was a Sale location that could apply, perhaps defined as "salt."

Repeat from the last update while on the Seleucid-suspect Slake's:

I think I can link Slake's to Sellicks. The Slake bend is that of Jays [Herefordshire, same as Sellick] too, suspect in the "JE GARDEray" motto of Bridge's, and Slake's use a "bridge of three arches."...

The three arches of Slake's can be suspect with Herod ARCHelaus, whose suspect in naming the Arc tributary of the Isere. The Arc river is about 25 miles from Bridge-suspect Brigantium (now Briancon), and this location is on the Tarent-possible Durance (Tarents use the three Courcy eagles).

After writing the paragraph above, a huge, green moth, about four inches across, was at the outer side of the window, where I type. I've lived here about a decade, and have never seen such a monster around here in the far-north. And it's only the first half of June. I've not known the Moth surname, so far as I can recall, but as I was writing on the Arc at the time, location of Modane, it looks like God may have sent this special moth to indicate that Moths (Lorraine, giant tower) are a branch of Modens/Modeys, first found in Berkshire with Arks/Arch's (three arches). This moth has an amazing tail about an inch long. Other moths don't have tails, but this one has a beauty. The moth is about the size of a small bat, and I thought it was a bat at first.

Moths are Lamoths too, and Motts are Lamotts/Mottins too. The latter were from Cotes-du-NORD while Moths share the giant Denardo/NORDI tower. The latter share the North (and Maschi) lion, and Norths share the white-on-blue fleur-de-lys of Bridge-beloved Crabs. Norths were first found in Sussex with Bone's while Denardo's/Nordi's come up as NarBONNE's, explaining why the latter share a lion in Bone-lion colors. The Bone-branch Bonns use more red, spread eagles.

The impression I received is that Norths and Nordi's were named after Cotes-du-Nord, unless it was the other way around. Cotes-du-Nord is in northern Brittany so that it appears named after a northern direction. But this may be a coincidence. There is another Nord region in northern France, but it may have been named before France had its official borders. I'll show here how both Nord areas, and meanwhile the North bloodline, can link to the Naro/Neretva river of the Daorsi and Ardiaei.

We can start by saying that the Nord of northern France is at the Arduinici line of Artois. We can add that Jays are in the jay of Davers (Arthur colors and format), from the Daversi version of the Daorsi. Arthurs are also listed as ARCHibure's, as though they had merged with Arc-river liners.

The Door surname was first found in Herefordshire with Sellicks and Jays, and the Seleucids of Sardinia were starting to become suspect with the Gaia > Massena Numidians (Jays were at De GAI).

Doors can be suspect with Daorsi because one of three Door surnames uses leopard FACES while Face's/Fessys are from the Fieschi of Genova, where Doria's lived who married the Oneglia-branch Arduinici. I tend to see the Face/Fessy cross as that of Mea's, from the Meu river that flows through/beside a Mott area (see Henry write-up for their Mott location on/off the Meu), yes, at/beside Cotes-du-Nord of the Motts/Mottins. It explains why Enrico's (Henry variation) shares the Moden/Modey fretty.

I always link the Doria eagle to that of Genova-suspect Ghents, and while the Ghent Chief (with the eagles) is the Side Chief too, the Side-branch Sutys ("hazARD") use a "nothing" motto term that gets the Northens (Norden fesse in colors reversed), whose fesse is linkable to that of Darts/Dards and Sleeps, two surnames expected in relationship with Daorsi and Ardiaei Illyrians.

Another of the Door surnames uses a giant lion in the colors of the North / Nordi lions, and it's in the rampant position of the Bone lion. The Bonn eagles are in the colors of the Bode/Bottin eagle, which I see with Ardons, especially as French Bode's are also the Bauts from the Bautica river, home of the other Arduinici branch. Bautica liners named Baldwin of Boulogne i.e. in the Nord area of France. The Lys river of Aosta is a Bautica tributary while the Lys river of Artois (flows to Ghent/Gaunt) is in Nord. You can't argue with the facts and win.

Arthurs were first found in Berwickshire with Artems, suspect from ArtemiDOROS, whose line was traced to Dorset, not far from Doors of Herefordshire, and not far from Bode-like Bude (Cornwall, place of king Arthur's birth). The Bude Chief has a gold star within a blue roundel, the symbol of Irish Arthurs. The gold star within a blue sphere (or whatever it is) in the Chief of Swedish Nords/Nordens looks very linkable to the Bude Chief, especially as Nords/Nordens use a "boat." Clearly, Nords/Nordens were from Arduinici, themselves from the Naro/Neretva river.

The Bode's were looked up in the first place due to the Nord boat, for no Boat surname comes up. Dutch Bode's use a version of the Bothwell Coat, and throw in the Percy lozenges (or fusils as they are called). Bothwells are known to be from Bute (location of king Arthur's death), and the "OBdura" motto term of Bothwells looks linkable to the "OBstantia" of Arthurs, probably part-code for Hobs/Habs (same place as Arthurs).

"ObDURa" then signals that Dure's can be other Daorsi liners. There are three Dure surnames, the Dol branch using the Warren Coat while Ada of Warenne is one I trace to Ade's/Aids (leopard faces), like the Aiton variation of Artems, both first found in Berwickshire with Arthurs. Ade's/Aids share the look of the David Coat, and Ada married Henry Huntingdon, son of David. As the Meu is near Dol, it appears that the Meu-river Henrys were from this Henry. French Alans once showed ducks, the Herl/Hurl symbol, and the Dol-branch Dure's (said to be from "hardy," hmm) are also Hurels and similar variations. Hurts, the name of the blue Arthur / Bude roundels, use a Coat I link to Herls/Hurls.

Hardys became suspect in the last update with Herdsons/Harsons, whose St.-Anne location was found to be a surname too, listed with the Stands/Stants in the Arthur motto. It's possibly that "Herod" derived from ARDiaei. Hardy-suspect Herods are listed with Scottish Hurls/Heraults, and Herault is an area of southern France at Narbonne, while Nordi's come up when searching the Narbonne surname. Harsons were repeatedly fundamental with Shapiro's / Shepherds. Narbonne is near Roquefeuil, which had a woman who married Henry IV of Herod-like Rodez, likewise suspect with the Henry surname. The Roquefeuils use lots of trefoils, the symbol of Bothwells.

Scottish Dure's/Dewars ("Quid non pro patria") use the Clun Coat, and both surnames were first found in Perthshire. Cluns are part of the Alice-of-Saluzzo line that married firstly FitzAlans of Roundell-related Arundel (Sussex, same as Bone's), and secondly the Percys that we may glean in the Coat of Dutch Bode's (reflection of the Bothwell Coat). The Doria eagle is also of the Candida's in the PERCival motto (see last update for a fuller explanation). Buteshire is paired now with Argyllshire, and the latter is where Herods/Hurls/Heraults were first found.

As Saluzzo is suspect with the Salyes Ligures, known to have lived in the DURance, Scottish Dure's, at least, may be Durance-river liners. There's some hints that Scottish Dure's/Dewar's were at least merged with Were's / Warrs / Weirs/Vere's, possibly a Salyes merger with Guerin of Provence. Saluzzo had been ruled by Montferrat elements. Fers/Ferrats almost use the French-Dure Coat. French Dure's were first found in Brittany with Dore's/Daurins. As Dure's came off the motto of Bute-liner Bothwells, note that Dore's/Daurins share the "gold fish" with Bute's/Boets, Sadducee-line suspects.

The Doors and Dure's/Daurins both come up as "Dorey," which reminds of the time, a story I've already told and elaborated on heraldically, when Terry MacAdorey visited my place for the first and last time with his boxing gloves, and we had a little boxing match in the garage. I can't find a MacAdorey-like surname, but the point here is the Box surname. It first of all uses what could be the Nord lion in white, but, in any case, it's in the colors of the Dure/Dorey lion heads. The Box surname was a pleasant surprise soon after a quasi-conclusion that Box-like Bocci's/Brocato's were Seleucid liners. The Box Crest shares a fireball with the Balls that had, at that time, become suspect with Alexander Balas, the Seleucid king who had a strong partnership with Jonathan Maccabee (son of Mattathias the Hasmonean). Balls (one surname from Brittany) had entered the discussion with Mr. bocci ball, as I call him.

Hmm, the Balet variation of French Balls may be from "BALTea," an alternative name of the Bautica river. In fact, the Brittany Dure's/Doreys are said to have been lords of Auvergne, which is where Bauts/Bode's were first found who use a giant ram in the colors of the giant Box lion, and Bauts/Bode's are Baux's too!!! Zinger. Evidence for a Balas/Seleucid trace to the Bautica/Baltea river has just lit itself.

In fact, the Doors came to topic this Tuesday morning because I awoke from a crazy dream that included a door handle to my Jeep. I started to tell of this dream, got most the way through it, when I pressed some key combination that always causes the html program to crash, and as it didn't save the work, I didn't repeat writing down the details of the dream because the crash caused me to speculate that the dream was not from God. I had noted that Handle's were first found in Silesia, suspect with Salyes liners and even Seleucids. I had also noted that the Handle Coat, which is the Moray Coat exactly, share the stars of Balys/Baileys, a branch of Baliols highly suspect from Alexander Balas. The three Handle stars are in the format and colors of the three leopard faces of Doors.

Note that while Balas-suspect Alexanders love the Terras', the guy who came over with the boxing gloves was TERRY. There are three, even four, Terry surnames, if the Terence's/Terrys are included. I assume that Terry was born Terence. As the Bocci's are also BROCato's (Genova, same as Doria's), perhaps the Box's (share griffin in Crest with Brox's) developed as per the Brox variation of Brock-branch Brucuffs/Procks, first found in Silesia.

Did you catch it? I missed it at first. The Box's got suspect with the Baux variation of Bautica-river Bauts, and Arduinici lived on the Bautica while marrying the Doria's of Genova. It's a great reason for tracing Bocci's, Brocks, Brox's/Brocuffs and Brogitarus to the namers of the Bautica. Brogitarus was a Galatian, and they were from western Gauls (prior to about 250 BC), who lived in the Bautica theater.

Bear with me if you've read it before, but the Brocuffs share the sphinx with OPENheimers, and Mynetts/MINUTE's use "OPEN helmets." Mynetts/Minute's are from Amyntes, son of Brocato-like BROGITarus, and ArtemiDOROS was the son of Amyntes. One day, when I was 10 years of age, Mr. bocci ball took me to his bocci-ball match. He took so long, and I was so bored, that I asked him repeatedly, as many as five or six times, when are we going / can we go now (I don't remember the exact words)? I recall his response to me in each case, his words never changed: "In a MINUTE, in a MINUTE." Each time, it got me to go back and sit down. But he never kept his word. God set that event up, obviously.

The Brox/Brocuff Crest has a flag that probably has the Dart fesse, for Brocks use a lion holding a dart. It's code for Dardanians that lived beside or amongst the Daorsi.

Where was my head? The Glove's share a version of the Alexander Coat!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow. That's why God chose Terry to bring over the boxing gloves. Glove's are like Cloughs while the latter share the mascles (same colors) of sphinx-suspect Spinks.

French Terrys (Champagne) share the Dart fesse, and Terence's/Terrys use it in colors reversed. French Terrys, can we believe it, have martlets in the colors of the same of Hips'/Hipkins, who share a gold sphinx with Brox's/Brocuffs. Irish Terrys love the Leo's in their motto, who share the lion of Box's. Irish Terrys have a red lion (could be the Brock lion) in Crest holding a gold shield, and that shield is in the Scute Chief. In the Scute Shield, "DEER." Can't Terrys be Deerings, for example, since Deerings are said to descend from Morinis'? Yes, for the latter have two white-on-blue fesses, the colors of the one fesse of Irish Terrys! Good one.

Deerings were first found in Kent with Mynetts/Minute's and English Scotts (share griffin in Crest with Box's and Brox's), suspect with the Scute's. It's these Scotts who are said to descend from one Alexander, brother of king Baliol. The other Scotts share the Coat of Alexander-beloved Terras! Zowie, such a zap.

I had forgotten until now that the English Scott Coat is a red-border version of the Sellick Coat! Amazing. Shortly below, a Terrys surname will bring us to Sellicks once again. Scotts / Scute's are suspect from lake Scodra, the Daorsi theater. I can see Daorsi becoming Terry-like Derrs / Deerings / Derrys / Doreys, and Terry's surname was MacADOREY. Scute's use a crane for a potential trace to the Ceraunii mountains, beside Balas-suspect Bullis (the latter are in Epirus, the known ancestry of king Seleucus).

Bute liners are expected from Butua/Budva, on the northern side of lake Scodra. Kotor, beside Butua, can be of the Cutters that use the Chief-Shield colors of Brocks and Brox's. I already know that Saraca's, out of Kotor, were linked to Ceraunii as per the crane of Sharks, and, besides, there was evidence that Saraca's were of Bullis elements. That can bring Balas liners close to the Daorsi, explaining the dream this morning with the BROKEN door handle (Broke's are with Brocks). Ceraunii are in heraldry with some crowns, and Bottle's May be a BUTLer branch) show nothing but crowns. Recall the heraldic, antique crown, suspect with Sant'ANTIOCO, at Sulcis.

Deerings use roeBUCKs, and Bucks share a horizontally-split Shield, divided by nebuly, with Hips'/Hipkins. German Bucks, first found in Brandenburg, beside the Brox's/Brocuffs of Silesia, may be using the Brock / Terry lion, in which case Bucks may have been a Box branch.

Brocks and Brox's/Brocuffs use a Chief-Shield colors combination colors reversed from the same of Saluzzo's. It's not a bad reason to trace Saluzzo's namers to Silesia's namers. The Lys tributary of the Bautica was in the land of the Salassi. The Hips use "birds", and Birds use the flory Bouillon cross in colors reversed, and Box-suspect Bauts/Baux's were first found in Auvergne with Bouillons (Godfrey de Bouillon was at the other Lys river). The flory cross has fleur-de-LYS ends. I resolved that Clintons, first found in Oxfordshire with Terras-beloved Amore's (nebuly in Hips-nebuly colors), are using the Saluzzo Chief-Shield colors for a related reason.

I've saved the best till last on the Terrys. Terence's/Terrys are said to have been chiefs of Hy-CinSELAGH, a Seleucid-like term. And there is a Cinselagh surname (same area as Butlers) listed with KinSELLA's ("Kin" looks like a prefix, as in "KinTYRE," where TERRAS-beloved Alexanders were first found), and Sella's are listed with Sellicks! Surprise.

Let's go back to the Baux's/Bauts, for they are Bude's too, highly suspect with Bute liners. Arthurian myth had nine witches on Bute, and Terry's mother was a witch. After Terry's sister hung herself, Terry did too. I don't think either one made it to 20 years. The Terras star is in the colors of the Bude star and the Bute estoile.

The Cinselagh/Kinsello Coat is the closest I've seen to the Keppock Coat. Keppocks were first found in Yorkshire with Selagh-like Slaggs/Slake's (bridge with three arches). The Bridge's, by the way, are said to be from Bruges/Brugg of Belgium, and that's a Brox-like term.

Latest Dream Shapes Up

The dream I had yesterday was packed and crazy. I was riding a shopping cart on the side like one rides a skate board. There needs to be a reason that I was riding it down a road on a hill. After that, I arrived to the place where the previous owner of my red Jeep, Mr. Simone, was. I was telling him that the door handle to the Jeep needed a part, and that it had the shape of a barrel. I kid you not, I had to describe to him what it looked like, and said it had the SHAPE of a barrel. This was immediately after the SHOPping cart.

After telling him that, I was up high (about ten feet), I don't recall if it was on a ladder or what, and I had a large bucket (or was it a small barrel?) full of things that I don't recall, and I dropped the container to a pile of sand-colored material on the ground. It landed upside down, with the rim to the ground, and a fire started from inside the container, and started to become visible around the outside of the rim as it sat on the ground. I rushed and yelled, "someone get some sand" (to smother it), but I smothered it with the sand-colored material (I don't know what this material was for sure, but I assume sand). End of dream, I awoke at that time.

In light of what was said previous to this section as per the Doors, which linked to Butua liners, Barrels look like Bar liners, from a Bar location on the coast from lake Scodra. As the dream was the morning after the Shapiro dream, the theory is that shape-like Shapiro's are Bar liners to Barrels somehow. Unbelievably, Barrels, who use the Chief-Shield colors of Saluzzo's, were first found in Herefordshire with Sellicks (i.e. who use a Coat version of Scodra-line Scotts).

The talbot in the Barrel Chief has "red ears," and my Jeep is red. There needs to be a reason that I was RIDING the shopping cart down a ROAD. Ridings/Readings/Reddins happen to share the three black-on-white boar heads of Swinfords, and Catherine Roet, owner of the Catherine wheel, and perhaps other types of wheels, was married to Mr. Swinford. Carts were first found beside wheel-using Carters. It appears that my riding the shopping cart applies to Roets and Reeds. But why? How does it relate to a broken door handle on a Jeep?

Catherine Roet was also married to John of Gaunt. I read that he was at Candale, on the Gironde river where I trace Grands. My Jeep is a GRAND Cherokee Laredo. There is a French Laredo surname with an upright and giant boar in the colors of the Swinford / Riding/Reading boar heads, and Laredo's were first found in Picardy, where Roets had ancestry. Porcia's use the giant and upright black boar too, and Porci's share the bend of Fes'/Fez, suspect from Morocco's Fes/Fez, home of queen Kenza of Aures, and near Morocco's Sale. You are about to see a Shop surname that can apply to Kenza's Numidians.

Fes'/Fez' share the fox with Jewish Simons and Germo-Jewish Fox's, and this can be code for Foix, an area paired with Candale to form Foix-Candale. The Irish Fox surname happens to share the giant lion of Simone's! Bingo, and these Fox's share red hands with Handle-like Hands!!! Excellent. This comes while tracking Laredo's from the Laredo sold to me by Mr. Simone. The Fox motto is "SIONnach aboo" while Swans are Sions too.

[Five days after this update was out, I recalled that, during this update and for a week previous, a young fox pup without its mother was seen on my yard at least four times. At first, I didn't know what to say about it as relates to the dream, but I've just loaded the Yard surname to find water bougets! Amazing. Heraldic water BOUGETs are water containers and therefore BUCKETs. It therefore seems that God sent that fox pup to assure that Simone's were Sion / Swinford liners merged with Fox's. I have no idea why this should be important to Him, but Yards may have been Gards, and Gards may have been of the namers of Sardinia, for the Yard Coat is not a bad reflection of the Shirt/Sherard Coat.

The "Facta" motto term of Yards can be code for Faucets, who lived at FOXside!!! I have always suspected "FoxSIDE" to be named after Side's because they are branch of Sutys while Sutys share "hazard" with Seatons/Sittens, the namers of Sitten, the alternative name of Sion! Seatons/Sittens were first found in East Lothian with Faucets, and I always link the Faucet and Side lion to the same of SITlers, first found in Silesia with Handle's and rose-using Schlesingers (named after Silesians) while Rose's use water bougets. Rose's were at the Moray theater while Handle's use the Moray Coat. The colors and format of Yards is that of Walsh's, from Wallis canton, the location of Sitten/Sion! It's bang-on. God sent that fox pup to my YARD for this reason at least. I'll have this insert in the next update in case there is more to say.]

Spanish Laredo's/Lares' have a swan in Swan-swan colors, and though there are many such swans, let's add that Swans once showed GAUNTlet GLOVES so as to be linkable to John of Gaunt, and in the meantime to reveal that SWINfords were Swan/Sion liners. The Lares-like Lawrence's/Laurence's use a "Be READy" motto while Readys/Reedys use swans in both colors of the swans above. It appears that my Jeep's Laredo model is linking to the dreams shopping cart ride. Glove's are the ones suspect with the Alexander Coat. Glove's were first found beside the Laurencetoun location of Larrys/Laurie's (German-Caplan colors), who in-turn use a "GARLAND emerging between two green laurel branches."

But lets add that while I was riding the cart down a hill, Hills use a "GARLAND of laurel," for Garlands use a chaplet while Chaplets use more swans, now in the colors that French Josephs once showed a giant swan. Chaplet-like Chaplains/Caplans, who use a version of the Roet Coat, were first found in Hampshire with Carters and English Josephs (beside the Roets of Somerset). Both Joseph surnames are highly suspect from Flavius Josephus, who was taken under the protection of the imperial Flavians of Rieti. Lawrence's were at REDmayne, while Maine is where French Josephs were first found.

Roets share the book with Reeds, both from Rieti at the Salto river, where I trace Saluzzo's, and Roets use the Chief-Shield colors of Saluzzo's too. English Reeds come up as "Red," and they share the garbs of Clints/Clents and Blythe's, while the Clent HILLs are at the Herefordshire theater, and while Clintons use the Saluzzo Chief-Shield colors too, with gold pierced stars, ditto with Sellicks. The latter were not far from the Sales'/Salletts of Shropshire, which is beside Derbyshire, where ear-suspect Eyers/Ayers were first found, who are suspect with "Aures," land of Shawia Numidians. The Aurs/Aures' share a red lion in both Crest and Shield with Simone's (Trapani, Sicily, near Carthaginians / Numidians).

The Clent hills are in Worcestershire, where Hills were first found. I rode the shopping cart down a hill. There is a Shop surname, but it's a tough one to interpret for originality because it shows SHAWland/Shoreland/Shireland/SCHAWland variations (German Schore's are also Schaws). Shire's/Sheers share the black fitchee with one Shepherd Crest, and with the Broxton and Clinton Shields. The Shire/Sheer talbot is that of Carricks (AYRshire), and the Carrick dancette is in the colors of the same of Shops/Shorelands/Shirelands.

However, the shopping cart on a HILL is interesting where Hills share the black fesse with Schapers/Shapiro's. I apologize for saying that the Shapiro's use white-on-black bars, for the description says: "The top is silver with a black fesse" (I use "white" for silver, as my habit). If we now take the position that Shops are listed with Shawlands due to a marital Scipio merger with the Massena Numidians, that's consistent with the fall-out from the latest two dreams.

[Insert -- As was said, lamb-using Schaefers might be a branch of Scarfs. German Scherfs/Schere's use a cross that's almost a fitchee, and in the colors of the Shire/Sheer fitchee. Austrian Schere's have a snake entwined around a STICK, and while I see Sticks with Vilnius' Astikas', they married Traby while Trabys/Sadowski's use a scarf. This is excellent because Traby liners are expected at the Trebia, where we can expect Scipio liners. General Scipio's war at the Trebia will be mentioned shortly.

Schavers/Schaefers (in Schore/Schaw colors) are also SHAVers while all three SHAW surnames, as well as Italian Sheaves'/Chiava's, come up as "Shave." Sticks use "gold SHEAVES"! The black fitchee is shared between Shire's/Sheers and the Tarves', and Chiava-suspect Chives' were first found in Tarves. The vertically-split colors of Tarves' are those of Schere's ("ears of wheat" often called sheaves). In recent weeks, the green heraldic snake, which is entwined around the Schere stick, has been highly suspect with the Angitia snake cult of the Marsi Italians, who were concentrated to the south-west side of the first-known Sheaves'/Chiava's.

This nails the Shaw link to Shire's/Sheers, though they were not necessarily branches as I define branches (needs to be a name variation of the same originating entity). It tends to verify that the shopping cart was code for Shops/Shawlands/Shirelands, and moreover the ride down the road on the shopping cart traces to Rieti, i.e on the Salto river with the Marsi. Perfect. It verifies that the dream is a message from God.

But this now sets up the problem on whether Schapers/Shapiro's / Schavers were Shawia to begin with, or Scipio liners instead, in case the terms were not from the same originating entity. If Latins took "Shawia" and turned it into a Shapia/Shabia-like term, I can see "Scipio" forming, though "Sc" is normally a Germanic version of "S". However, I think the crux of God's pointing to the Shapiro's is as per the lamb symbol of the False Prophet, and my prediction has been his stemming from the Massena/Massinissa Numidians i.e. to the Meschins / Masseys. The False Prophet is said to put out the 666 commercial system, and I've been saying for years that the strings in the Arms of Traby look like code for 666. Therefore, that stick being in the Schere Coat while the other Schere's are Scherfs looks very linkable to Traby elements. Compare "TARVes / Tarvisium" to "Traby / Trebia."

Austria (where Schere's were first found) is where Schiffs were first found who might just be with the Shop/Shawland Shield. The Schiff "crow" has a ring or annulet, same as the Gettel/GARTsen "blue bird" (wears a CROWN for Crow-line Ceraunii) that looks like a crow, and Gettels (Blue/Gorm colors and format) had been looked up in the first place (years ago) as per the Getuli Numidians to which Syphax belonged. "Syphax" is suspect with Spicks/Specks/Spocks, who share the double-headed eagle with Jeepma's/CHEPs. As a young man, Mr. KEPke looked like Syphax on one of his coins (shown at his Wikipedia article). The Ceraunii lived beside the Massena-suspect Maezaei. Irish Crows use the crown.

The Ceraunii were on the SAVA and URBANus rivers while Urbans (Austria, same as Schiffs) share the Zionist stars of Massena's and Shawia-possible Schivers/Siewers (discovered just now as per "Schiff"). Schivers/Siewers (Sewer variation of Suters?) share red roundels with Shireland-possible Shirts/Sherards, potentially exposing Shire / Shireland/Sherland liners as Shawia Numidians on Sardinia.

The crescent of Spanish Urbans has potential to reveal Schivers/Siewers/Sivers as a branch of German Silvers, and the latter were first found in Hesse with Schiver-like Schavers/Schaefers, and with the RasMUSSENs who share the unicorn of Austria's Fire's. English Silvers use a version of the SAFFER Coat (almost the Rasmussen unicorn), begging whether Schaefers were Saffers (looks like), whom I trace back from emperor SEVERus Septimius (married sister of Julia MAESA Bassianus) to Severus Bassus of AKMONia, where I trace the Assman variation of Rasmussens. It's making "SEVERus" look like a Shawia > Sava liner. The Saffer motto loves the Vito's/Vita's, from Julius Avitus', Julia Maesa's husband. And while Bellows (in the bellows of Skipton-like Shiptons) use a "vita" motto term, they also share the Chief-Shield color combo of Schivers/Siewers. Sheeps are in Saffer colors.

What am I to think, that "Shapiro" is from both to "Scipio" and "SEVERus." I don't see how. But I can fathom a Massena marriage to a Scipio that went to the veins of Severus Bassus. Compare "Severus" with the Siewers/Sivers. Saffers are also Savarys, and English Savards are listed with Salfords (three black wolves perfect for a trace to Quadratilla Bassus) who happen to share the Shapiro fesse.

Rasmussens share the sinister feature (sinister-rising bend) with Massena's and Masci's. My mother is a Masci on one side, and this is why God chose me to do this work, to find the details behind Masci's. The left-hand (= sinister) feature is from mythical Mucius (code for the Mucius > Mucianus surname), who placed his right hand into hot coals until it burned off, leaving him only his left hand. But, as you can see, he appears to have had a right-hand symbol to begin with, and Revelation 13 says that the 666 will be placed on the right hand. As we can also see, he had a hand symbol, which can play into the Manno surname dealt with below. End insert]

I've just recalled that Squirrels/Square's/SQUIRE's, like "Shire," were first found in the same place as Hills. So, the shopping cart on a hill has led to some good verification that Hills are involved, and to the theory that they use the Shapiro fesse. Hills use a "garland of laurel," and Shepherds use "laurel branches," which recalls that SHERwoods, from an old SHIREwude location, share the Branch Coat. So, Shepherds can connect by their "branches" to Shops/Shirelands. I think that's a neat package after all, thanks to where Hills were first found.

Thanks to the help of what I know on the Sire's/Sirets, I was able to resolve that the "ferme" motto term of Squirrels/Squire's was for Azzo of Fermo, founder of Este. I'm keeping in mind that Barrel-like Bars use the Este eagle. I traced Azzo to the Assi's (Shetland) because the latter were linkable to Sire kin, but that was before finding the Azzi's, first found in Fermo. The Azzi's happen to share the lion of Hill- / Shop/Shirewood-beloved Laurels. Assi's use "a pair of blue balances," and Vance's/Vaux's, suspect in the "Avancez" motto of Hills, use a "pair of balances." The Balance's (Balas liners?) share the giant and white spread eagle with Este's and Bars. It's therefore interesting that the Shepherds have stars colors reversed from the Vance/Vaux stars. Pairs, as per "pair of balance's," are listed with Paws/Pauers, and Squirrels/Squire's use a "bear paw."

I didn't consciously know until after writing the paragraph above that English Este's use the motto, "J'aVANCE"!

Barrels are said to have named Barwell (Leicestershire), and they share the talbot head in Crest with Barrets, whom were just looked up because I told readers that Larry Barret and his girlfriend, LAURA, were a Set-up by God for heraldic linkage. I assume Larry was born, Lawrence, and Lawrence's/Laurence's are suspect as a branch of Laurie's (laurel). Larry Barret lived in Gormley near Terry MacAdorey. The black talbot head of Barrets is that of Shire's/Sheers, and the "deSIREr" motto phrase of Barrets looks like it loves the Sire's. As I said, Sire's link to Azzo of Este, explaining why Barrets share the white horse with English Este's. Lawrence's were in YELand-Redmaine, and Yells were first found in Shetland with Assi's.

And zowie, having come to Lawrence's, it can be added that they were from "Lonsdale south of Sands." I expect the Sands to work into this because I YELLED, "someone get some sand"!!!! Wow. That fits so excellently, the reader might think I'm making up this dream. I assure you, I did not know I would be to the Lawrence surname and YELand, nor to Yells, when I wrote earlier: "I rushed and yelled, "someone get some sand" (to smother it)". It was the rim of a big bucket (or barrel, I suppose) that caught fire. Lawrence's share ragully with Sands (Lancashire, same as Lawrence's and Sands).

As I said not many weeks ago when sharing my evening to see Cheech and Chong, I asked Laura out when in Victoria SQUARE. I've not mentioned before that the Cheech/Check/Chick Coat is essentially the Schaw/Schore/SCHAUER Coat in colors reversed. The Message is, maybe, that Squirrels/Square's are Shawia liners of the Schauer kind. Laura turned me down, maybe because she was with Larry Barret at the time. Carricks descend from a Gilbert character, and Gilberts share the red squirrel with Squirrels/Square's/Squire's. That's why Squirrels use "a red squirrel CRACKing his nuts." The Barret motto term, "bien," is linkable to the same of Carricks, who share the black talbot with Barrets. Amazing, is it not?

German Biens were first found in Silesia again, and French Biens share the axe with Shepherds (but many others too, this is not strong link). Less than an hour ago, Shepherd-like Gephardts (buck) came to mind, to find them from Silesia too. Shapiro's were first found in neighboring Prussia with Decks/Daggers, and the latter not only share the red squirrel, but the horizontally-split colors of French Biens. These are the colors that the FIRE unicorn is horizontally split in.

[Insert -- The Fire Coat is essentially the Rasmussen Coat, and Rasmussens were first found in Hesse with Schavers/Schaefers. I don't cross many surnames first found in Hesse.

The axe of Biens (vertically-split Shield) can be in the paw of the red Tarves lion because Tarves' share the vertically-split Shield of Schere's while TARVes-like Trabys/Sadowski's use the scarf while the German Schere's are Scherfs too. On top of this, the Arms of Carrick is a red chevron alone, but is often shown with black fitchees, the Tarves symbol. It's perfect for linking Biens to Tarves'.

All inserts are coming on Saturday, days after writing the story. The Trabys / Astikas' were not yet a topic, until Saturday, and here I can add (follow this closely, it's what God wants to get across) that Yells put the Stick sheaf of wheat on their fesse, which happens to be a fesse in Shapiro-fesse colors. It's black, same as the Yellow/Yelley fesse. In the Yell Crest, "an ear of wheat," the symbol of the Schere's, first found in Austria with Fire's, a little amazing, but there had been a question on whether the flames at the rim of the bucket were for Fire's versus Flame's, yet here I can add that the Flame surname shares the roundels, in Stick colors, of the Treebys (!), from Devon's YEALmton!!! Amazing.

In other words, Yells were Astikas-Traby liners, perfect for linkage with Revelation 13's "two horns like a lamb," for Trabys use the horn, and "Traby" is even said (Wikipedia's Traby article) to mean, horn," though I do not think that the original Traby-stock term was created after a horn. I, a Masci liner, was up high when the bucket fell to the ground, and Revelation 13 says that the beast (False Prophet) with two horns like a lamb will make fire come out of the sky. Why did God use a bucket / barrel for that fire picture? I am so intrigued by this.

Horns are listed with Orne's, and Caen is on the Orne river while the Caen-surname Coat shares five, white ostrich feathers in Crest with the Arms of Traby (shown at link above).

Yelands happen to use eagle heads in the colors of the eagle in the Arms of L'Aquila, and that's where Sheaves'/Shave's/Chiava's were first found who link easily to Traby liners. Treebys were first found in Devon, where Chives' were said to be first found for years, until about a year ago, when it was changed to first found in Tarves. Tarvisium is now Treviso, and Travis' were first found in Lancashire with Yelands (and the Lawrence's of Yeland-Redmayne), assuring that Yells do use the Stick symbol quite directly, and that Yelands do use the L'Aquila eagle for their being linkable to L'Aquila's Sheaves'/Chiava's. The Yelton/Yelverton lion can thus be the Tarves lion.

The Shawia Numidians were in L'Aquila, therefore, and nearby Picenze is like Piacenza, at the Treeby-like Trebia river. The blue wolf in the Arms of Piacenza is colors reversed from the Scarf wolf heads. Yells were first found in Shetland with Este-related Assi's, and the Aquila surname shares the Este / Bar eagle. Este is in Padova, where Abreu's/Abruzzo's were first found, and as Assi's are linkable to the Picenum liners, Justine's and Wings/Winks (both from Perthshire), it explains why Portuguese Abreu's use five wings in the pattern of the five keys of Abruzzo's Sheaves'/Chiava's.

The Yelton lion must be the Tarves lion, but as the Yelton write-up mentions Yelverton in Devon, that's where Treebys were first found along with Darts and Dartington. Yelverton is then said to be on the edge of DARTmoor, suggesting that the red and upright Tarves / Yelton lion is that of Brocks, for the latter's holds a dart. Yeltons are said to have been first found at Norfolk's Yelverton, in Lodden, like the "qui"-using Loudon/Lothian surname (Perthshire) that has a hunting horn in the colors of the Traby horn.

It is just incredible that on top of the yelling, I was yelling for sand while Yeland Redmayne is of the Sands theater. Yeland-Redmayne was earlier called, Jalant, but then Yellows/Yelleys are in Jell/Gell colors. No Jalant surname comes up, but as Galants/Calants/Galens share the three leopard face's of Peare's, it's notable that the latter were first found in Oxfordshire with Yellows/Yelleys. The Peare's share the chevron-with-stars of Tiens'/Thames' (Oxfordshire), in the Squire/Squirrel motto with Fermo liners. These Peare stars are in the colors of the Jell/Gell stars, and Pero's, can we believe it, use "FLAMING stars"! My yelling for sand now brings in the Pero > Peare line, and Miss Peare left me for Lawrence Kepke.

If Galants/CALANTs/GELANs were from king Gala/Gaia (father of Massena), they look like a branch of Massey-line Whelans. Mr. Kepke spoke "CHALANT" to me on an occasion set-up by God in which Miss Whelan was with us. I'll get to this not far below. Whelan variations can link to the namers of WestPHALIA, where Velino- / Whelan-like Velins / Velens were first found.

German Flamings/Flemings were first found in Lower Saxony with Jeepma's/CHEPs, who have been suspect with "KEPke." Later in this update, Lower Saxony comes up big for linking to my Jeep.

From Wikipedia, no guff: "The civil parish [of Yealton Redmayne] also includes the hamlet of Yealand Storrs. The village borders Yealand Conyers." The Conyers/Coniers (suspect from Cuneo, location of Saluzzo) are said to have received lands (at Sockburn) by a bishop FLAMbard, and Flambards are listed with Flame's. Therefore, when I yelled due to the flames, it was God's code for Yeland liners.

Yelands/Yealands were first found in Lancashire with Suchs/SOUCH's, like "SOCKburn," and God showed that Sassys and Suchs/Souch's are to be linked to BANESters (Lancashire), who use a Bucket-suspect "water bouget," which is an heraldic water container very likely play on the Buckets. Sockburn is in Durham, where Conte's, a branch of Conier-like Cone's, were first found. Conte variations link to Comets and Comyns (share dagger with BANES'), and the "flaming star" of Pero's is shown as the comet of other surnames, for example with the Reines' suspect with Renier of Montferrat i.e. in Cuneo. The Banes' share the crescent of French Conte's. Banisters are in the write-up of Meschins who share a version of the Cony / Conn Coat. Conans share the Banester fleur.

The Banester-like Banes' happen to use a wolf head in the colors of the giant wolf of Flamings/Flemings!!! Amazing. That container on fire was a bucket, wasn't it, because God knew I would be led to Banisters right here in this insert. Early BANESters are said to have received Lancashire's Aughton, and Aughtons happen to use the Stick Coat exactly. In white, the Banes wolf head is the Scarf wolf head, perfect for Traby-Astikas linkage. Banes' (their motto has Marsi all over it) were in Lancashire's Littledale, not far from the first-known Scarfs of Yorkshire.

It gets very interesting where the Scarfs and Conyers share the green trefoil with Scarf-possible Sharks, the latter from the Saraca's expected in the Saracen heads of Sassys. The Sarasen surname shares the moline cross of Vele's and Vallans/Valle's, while Banes' use "Vel" twice in their motto. It looks like the Velino > Avalon / Whelan line from Avlona, near Bullis, where Sharks must link. Valiants use the only heraldic shark I know of.

I've held the theory that Scarfs / Schere's trace back to the same stock / entity as Saracens, but the historical facts elude me on this question. Guiscards had merged with Saracens, and the Guiscard piles may be with one Bucket surname. I am seeking another meaning for the bucket in the dream aside from the Bucket surnames.

Not many months ago, there was another dream from God with a bucket in the back seat of a white Volkswagen, and Volks/Fulke's use "Qui sera sera" as their motto. Seats/Cedes' (linkable by the Steer motto to the steer-using Backs/Bachs) share the double pale bars in the Arms of Vilaine (Brittany), a term that I trace to "Vilnius," Lithuanian home of the Astikas-Traby marriage. It again pits the bucket with the 666-suspect Trabys.

This is a good place to repeat that Astikas' trace to Astakos, a Greek location near the Achelous river that was anciently home of the mythical Sirens. The Sire surname (green snake) is also "Siron." There are ways to figure that the Eagle and Hagel surnames trace to "ACHELous," and Eagle's happen to share SIX lions in the pattern of the six fitchees of Traby-suspect Tarves'. The six lions of Eagle's/Hegels (share lion paw with Sava's/Savage's) are in the pattern of the six lions of Shawia-like Sava's/Savage's while Sire's/Sirons were first found in Burgundy with Save's (share snake with Sire's/Sirons) and Marsi-line Mars who share white scallops with Travis'. This makes the eagle lion suspect with the same-colored one of Treebys. To make this short, without explanation, Sire's/Sirons love Justine of Picenum, the line to Justine's and Wings/Winks, and the latter share the single, red-on-white pile of Hagels. The latter are said to be from Flanders, home of Flemings suspect in the Flame surname that shares the Treeby besants.

I tend to think that the bucket taking flames should yet be viewed as a barrel, for this container was in my hands immediately after telling Mr. Simone that the door-handle part I needed was barrel-shaped. The Barrels are from Barwell, indicating Bars, and while one Bar surname shares the black fesse with Yells / Yellows, the other Bars use a black-on-gold hunting horn while the Traby / Loudon horn is black with gold stripes. Bars are expected from a Bar location near the Kotor of Saraca's. The Ragusa location of Saraca's my be in play with heraldic ragully, used by both Sands and Lawrence's (of Yealton Redmayne).

The Barwells emphasize the EAR of their dog, which is linkable to the ears of wheat we've been seeing. The Barwell Chief-Shield is that of Saluzzo's, and while Alice of Saluzzo was the daughter Luis of Chives-like Ceva, Alice married the rulers of Arundel, in Sussex. We then read (Yelton write-up) that unidentified earls of Sussex were descended from Andrew de Yelverton. The Saluzzo-related Cluns were first found in Perthshire too. Ceva is at a Cevetta river while Cavetts were first found in Picardy with Galants/CALANTs. Lawrence Kepke spoke God's choice words to me one night, "Be non-CHALANT," and Chalants are listed with Clun-like Chalons while Chalons-sur-Marne is near Picardy.

He spoke those words to me when I got up to speak with my girlfriend, Miss Whelan (Chalons variation?), for the last time. Whelans have been suspect with Walerans, and the latter share the black bull with the Warton Crest. I can now understand why God chose Lawrence to speak those words to me. And I can repeat that while Miss Whelan's sister was going out with Mr. Young at the time that I met Miss Whelan, Mr. Young lived at number 29 of a Corson street, next door to Mr. Kepke at 31. When I got suspicious that their numbers in total would add up to 66 if I included the number on Corson street where Miss Whelan lived, I checked to see if she lived at 6 Corson, and, yes, that was the case. There must be more to this than meets the eye at first glance. Corsons/Carsons share the Whelan / Brick lozenges.

Mr. Young's father is Simon, and Kepke liners are potentially of Jeepma's/Cheps. Why did the dream have the bucket immediately after I spoke to Mr. Simone? I happen to trace SIMsons to Enotri/Oenotrians, suspect with the naming of mythical king Oeneus (Calydon) at the Achelous river.

The Whelan and Brick Coats (identical) use the Brix/Brest lozenges in colors reversed, and the Launays, from near Brittany's Brest, have related lozenges in the colors of the Percy lozenges while Gouel de PERCeval was father to Waleran (this family is in the Waleran write-up). Launays were of the Lane's/Lano's of Brest-line Brescia/BRIXia, which shares the blue, passant lion in its Arms with Warton-like Warrs, the latter first found in Devon with Walerans. Lawrence's are said to have been at the Warton manor in Lano-like LONSdale. Lano's/Lane's are also Lancca's, which plays into Lancashire, location of Lonsdale. English Lane's/Lawns/LONE's use a "Garde" motto term while Brescia is beside lake Garda. Warton manor is where the earls of Lonsdale are now. Brescia is not far from the Trebia while Lane's/Lanos' share the besant with Treebys, the latter first found in Devon with Warrs and Wears/Were's. The latter share the motto of Bruce's (Abruzzo liners), who use the lion in the Arms of Brescia.

I had read that Brescia was home to Eburovices, who are known to have lived in Evreux, location of Dreux. I connect Vere's to Drake's while the Warton bull head is in the Dreux-surname Crest. Dreux's (Wiltshire, beside Drake's) married Abreu = Evreux liners, the Salisburys, and Drake's love Abruzzo's L'Aquila in their motto. Back to the Conyers/Coniers, who share the giant MAUNCH with WARtons (Vere's are from MANCHE) of Lancashire. I trace "Lancaster / Lancashire" to Langhe of Conyer-suspect Cuneo, and Wartons are said to be from LANGdale of Westmorland, and Lonsdale's were first found Westmorland.

It makes Lonsdale look like a Lang / Long liner, and Longs share the white lion in both Crest and Shield with Treebys while their Shield lions are in the same two colors. The "preux" motto term of Longs can be of the Evreux line of Salisburys (more white lions in Crest), first found in Wiltshire with Longs. The giant Lonsdale annulet is partially red, the colors of the giant annulet of Vito's, first found in TREVISo/TARVISium. And the Langdale's (Westmorland), in the colors and format of Lancashire's Travis', use what looks like the Alexander Coat but with the Mott/Mottin estoiles, important because Alexanders share the Mott/Mottin crescent. End insert]

As I said, the big bucket dropped on its lid side, or on the rim. The Rims are with the Rooms whose "placit" motto term traces to Place's, suspect from Placentia because it was home to Ananes Gauls, the namers of Annandale; Rims/Rome's are said to gave been of Annandale associations. They were both in Dumfries with Kilpatricks, who have a Sheera variation, and moreover their motto loves the Sure's/Shore's, recalling the Shoreland variation of Shops/Sherlands/Shawlands (Annas Chief-Shield colors).

I always tell that Mr. Kepke, whose first name is Lawrence, loved to play ping-pong with me in his basement. Pings and Pongs are listed with Pungs/Paganells, suspect in the Rim/Rome motto term, "Pungit." "Laurie's were first found in Dumfries with Rims/Rome's.

The shopping CART had to be part-code for Carts, who happen to use the same saltire as Annandale's. Carts throw in some palm trees while Palms are Parms too, and Palmers are Parmers too. The latter use two fesses in Shapiro-fesse colors, and the ram of Shepherds traces to Cremona (Cremona-suspect Cremers use the ram), a city founded by Scipio along with Placentia. Wikipedia says that the Ananes lived between the Trebia and the Taro river (where Terrys / Terras' / Tarrs may trace), and the Taro flows to PARMa. While Hannibal's Carthaginians (= Tyrians) attacked general Scipio at the Trebia river, and while Scipio-suspect Shapiro's share ostrich feathers with the Arms of Traby, Hannibal is known to have had the Numidian cavalry with him, and Shawia Numidians may therefore have been behind the Shop/Shawland/Shoreland/Shireland surname (view as a Shapiro-line merger with Massena-partnered Shawia). Numidians had a capital at Cart-like Cirta. Or, Carts can be from Carthaginians, who may have named Cirta. Cards/Certs may be sharing the Massin lion.

It may appear as though the Taro was named after Carthaginians who yet loved their Tyrian ancestry. I peg Ananes as a peoples that named Hannibal, not vice versa. I keep the theory that Hannibal expended himself greatly in attacking the Trebia river in order to protect the Ananes Gauls from the Romans. Hannibal took his path toward the Trebia through the land of the Salyes Ligures, the potential namers of Silesians. The Italian Palmers share the fesse that's in the flag of Silesia's Brox's/Brocuffs, and Flags share the double fesses of Palmers/Parmers. If that's not enough, the double fesses of Hannibals/Annabels (Norfolk, same as Flags and Palmers/Parmers) are colors reversed!

Manno's/Manna's/Manelli's were first found in Cremona, and may have been a branch of Hands, though I have no direct evidence for that idea. Mannix's/Mangans share the stag with Hands and similar others (but call it a deer), and it's in the colors of the Power stag while Pauers/Paws share the peacock with Manner's/Maness' who love the Parrs, and who have two fesses in the colors of the two Manno/Manna/Manelli's chevrons. The Mens'/Mengzies, said to be a branch of Manners, look like they are in the list of Manno/Manna/Manelli variations along with Maness'. Another stag, with a "serpent" in mouth, is in the Cart Crest.

Recall how Carts were linkable to Carters via Roets. Repeat: "Chaplet-like Chaplains/Caplans, who use a version of the Roet Coat, were first found in Hampshire with Carters (beside the Roets of Somerset) and English Josephs." French Chaplains share the double fesses of Manno's/Manna's and Josephs.

The double Hannibal/Annabel fesses are those of Ness'/Nessans too, and Nissans share the double Parr fesses while Parrs (Lancashire) are regarded as a branch of Furnace's/Furness', who are named as per Furness near the Sands part of Lancashire. And there is a Barrow-in-Furness location that uses both a ram and a stag. Hannibals/Annabels share the stag with Hands, Anne's/Hanne's and Hanna's, and I'm still looking for the reason that the shopping-cart ride ended with the broken door handle needing a barrel-shaped part. Again, it looks like Barrel liners are to be Shapiro kin. But why a door HANDle, instead of any other kind of handle?

Barrows use a "Parum suffiCIT" motto, and Rims/Rome's are also Rums. The latter use a "cit" and a "git" ending, suspect with Cetis/Citis liners to proto-Geddes Geds on Dumfries' Nith river. Barrows use swords in the colors of the Baliol swords, and the Balys/Baileys, first found in Northumberland with Sword-liner Siward of Northumberland, and with Baliols, share the stars of Handle's. Irish Balys use a Bien-like "Bene" surname, and Bene's share the red hand with Hands. The Bene Crest is a mountain lion holding another gold shield, shared by Terrys and Scute's. Shute's use swords in Sword-sword colors, and Irish Hands have a Glavin variation like the Clavin variation of Irish Swords.

By the way, Shepherd-suspect Gephardts (Silesia) use "A dark brown buck RAMpant", the color of the Hannibal/Annabel stag. The Handle's were first found in Silesia too, and thus they look like Hannibal / Ananes / Annandale liners. The door handle part of the dream was immediately before dropping the big bucket/barrel on a sand-colored heap of material, upon its rim.

I suppose the first task in a Handle investigation is why they share the Moray Coat. The Moray motto, "Tout pret," should be for Prets because they share the Sutherland stars, and the Sutherland write-up says that the Sutherland stars are the Moray stars. The Shepherds use these stars in colors reversed, on a chevron that can be of Sutherland's Mackays.

There's a question as to why the container caught on fire was not as large as a barrel. Was it code for Buckets too? Buckets are also Bocketts, and while Bocci's are Brocato's too, Brocketts share a giant cross (not the same type) in the same colors as Broxtons. The Brockett cross is a patonce, probably related to the potent cross of Brox's/Brocuffs (sphinx in Broken/Brogan colors). The "lux" motto term of Brox's/Brocuffs gets the Lux's, from HANS Lux it says, with a giant bull in the colors of the two crosses above. They are all in the colors of "tree trunks" of German Brocks/Brockens. Hans' are listed with Hands. Lux's were first found in Swabia with the Wandels/Vandals (traces to HANS Wenderl at the earliest) in the Handle/Handell motto, but none of this satisfies me fully concerning the door handle for the Jeep, although as it was broken, it's got to be code for Broke/Brock liners.

[Insert Monday morning -- The Handle's share the Shield of Ceelys/Seelys, and the Silly/Sully surname has this old quote: "John Silly, gentleman of St. WENN, altered his name from Ceely to Silly." Not only do Wenns smack of Wendels, but Wenns are said to descend from BROCHwell, a prince of Powys. The Childs are said to be from WANstead, and while I see Clubs (Child colors and format)as a line from Clovis, son of Child-suspect Childeric, Wendels/Wandels use the club. Silly-like Sellers are in Child colors and format. I hold a theory in which Merovingians formed "Moravia," and while Scotland's Moray was called, Moravia, Handle's use the Moray Coat. There is a Brockwell/Brockway surname (Wiltshire, beside Sticks) with estoiles in Stick colors and format. It just so happens that while Sticks were linked to Traby, the Scarf wolf head is in the Ceely- / Silly-like Seal Crest. In the Seal Shield, the Mackay / Quade / Cliff/Clive wolf heads, and the Cliff/Clive write-up speaks on a Cliff marriage with Styche's.

The False-Prophet line is not only suspect with Traby, but with Shawia Numidians to lamb-using Schavers/Schaefers and Shapiro's, and the latter's black fesse is in both colors of the same of Cliffs/Clive's (same place as Hands), and the two fesses of Clermonts'/Clements. The Shawia line to Shaves'/Sheaves'/Chiava's use keys, as do Clive-like Cleavers/Clavers, Claviere's and Clermonts. If one enters "Clermonts," the Clements (share three besants in Crest with Treebys) come up who were from BRECHnoch in Powys. We just saw Wenns from Brochwel of Powys. Recall the Irish HANDs/Glavins and Clavins, for Claviere's, though they are said to use keys, show a HAND. It's a little interesting that Claviere's, along with their keys, are said to use a saltire colors reversed from the Cart saltire, for keys trace to Shawia Numidians, as can Carts. Carts use palm trees while Palmers share two fesses in the colors of the same of Clermonts'/Clements.

In the Clement write-up, a Clement liner partnered with Bernard Newmarche to fight in Brecon, and Brecons use a Bucket Coat exactly! It seemingly fits the dream where the BROKEN-door-handle scene changed to the one with me holding a bucket. Look at how "Brecon" is like "broken."

Brecons and Buckets must be using the Guiscard/Wishart piles because Guiscards were first found in Stirlingshire with Newmarch's. The latter use a "Show" motto term that gets the Shows/SCHAWS/SCHORE's (!!), excellent for looking like a branch of Shops/Schawlands/Shorelands in the shopping-cart scene immediately before the door-handle scene.

While Silly/Sully / Seal liners may have been from Sulcis of Sardinia, Wisharts are said to have held the lands of SARDINIA-possible Kenny MurCHARDYN. This can explain the WysCHARD / GuisCARD variation of Wisharts. Isn't this Chardyn / Card element part of the shopping CART code?! Chards/CHARTS (Somerset, same as garb-using Sticks) share the chevron of handle-like Hands, and Stick-related Cliffs/Clive's were first found in Cheshire (near or even beside Powys) with Hands while Cleavers/Claver's have a version of the Meschin Coat. Sticks and Chards/Charts share the gold garb. While Brecons / Buckets / Guiscards use piles, suspect with Pilate liners, Murchardyn-like CARDINE's (Cheshire, same as Cliffs/Clive's and Hands) share the white pheon with Pilate's while Shaws (and Sellers) share cups with Pilotte's (Lincolnshire, same as Buckets) and Pellets. It's a bit of a mess to follow, but the shopping cart looks very linkable to things in this picture. End Insert]

Later on this day, I decided to look at the Door Coats again, and mis-typed, "Dorr," to find German Dorrs with hands [in Claviere-hand colors], very appropriate for "door handle." If Door liners are from Artemidoros, then I think this update is trying to discover that the line of Hannibal to the Hands goes first through the Artemidoros Galatians to Annas, the chief priest of Israel who had Jesus killed. One could then entertain the white Annas star with that of Handle's.

The so-called "small square's" in the Dorr Coat are in the sinister side of the quadrants. The "majorem" motto term must be for Majors, who use the Chief-Shield colors of Annas'. The "glorium" motto term (of Dorrs) can be for Glorys/Lowrys and Rums/Rims/Rome's, for Glorys/Lowrys are a branch of the Larrys/Laurie's, first found in Dumfries with the Annandale-associated Rums/Rims/Rome's. The rim of the container caught fire, and Fire's (somewhat linkable to the Square/Squirrel kin of Decks/Daggers) were first found in Austria with Dorrs.

The following was just found for the first time. It starts with clicking the link for "Lower Saxony" in the Jeepma/Chep page, where it says that Lower Saxony was run by the Cherokee-like Cherusker, which Wikipedia calls, Cherusci. My Jeep is a Grand Cherokee. This find comes minutes after I inserted the Manno / Mannix paragraph above, in case it's of the door handle, and so see the Mannus character in this quote:

The Cherusci were a Germanic tribe that inhabited parts of the plains and forests of northwestern Germany, in the area possibly near present-day HANover [caps mine], during the first centuries BC and AD. Ethnically, Pliny the Elder groups them with their neighbours, the Suebi and Chatti, as well as the Hermunduri, as Hermiones, one of the Germanic groupings said to descend from an ancestor named Mannus.

I wonder, was Hanover named by a clan carrying the Hannibal name? Did Hands and Manno's descend from that to mythical Mannus, ancestor of Germanics? Hanover is near the first known, Trebia-like Trips, and while English Trips use scaling ladders (as code for ladder-using Scala's, I assume). I was up high immediately after dealing with the Jeep's broken door handle, and I assume I was on a ladder, for my view of the dropped container seemed to be about ten feet below my eyes. I was holding this container to begin with.

The article continues: "The etymological origin of the name Cherusci is not known with certainty. According to the dominant opinion in scholarship, the name may derive from the ancient Germanic word *herut (Modern English hart, i. e. 'deer')." Is that why Hands and similar others use the stag / deer? Lower Saxony includes the hart-like Harz mountains, and while the door handle was BROKEN, "The Brocken, also sometimes referred to as the Blocksberg, is the highest peak of the Harz mountain range and also the highest peak of Northern Germany..." Absolutely amazing. God must have been pointing to this thing with this dream.

Kenza-line Kenneths use the giant stag head, as well as a "mountain in flames." In the dream, a pile or mound of material caught flames. As Kenza was a Numidian, note the "LUCEo" motto term of Kenneths, for Lace's share the purple lion of Scipio-liner Skiptons. The Nons/Nevins in the Kenneth motto were first found in Aures-suspect AYRshire (Arms of Ayrshire has "shaw" in its motto). The Nons/Nevins use a "branch of palm," and were saw palm trees with Carts. Palms/Parms were first found in Yorkshire with Lace's, Skiptons and Scottish Mars. The latter use lions in the colors of the Ross lions, and Kenneths were first found in Ross-shire with Pattersons while Irish Pattersons share the French-Mar scallops. Patterson-related Kissane's/GUISsane's (possible GuisCARDs) use a "red stag trippant."

It may appear that the Harz mountains were named after the deer symbol of Hannibal / Kenza liners. When I clicked over to the Mannus article, I found the Marsi Germanics, and while Brunswick is at the Harz theater, the Brunswick surname shares the Coat of Scottish Mars. German Harz's have red antlers in Crest. German Harts/Hards (Bavaria, same a Hartz's) use a "red deer." Mannus-like Mannix's/Mangans use the deer, as do Mallets that use a gold version of the French Mar Coat. Early Mallets are said to have been from Mercian Saxons. The flag of Mercia is with the French Messeys (same place as Mars). It looks like this picture relates to the Marsi of the Avezzano / L'Aquila area, and Joel told me that the Manilla surname is rife in Picenze, seven miles from L'Aquila, like the Manelli of Manno's/Manna's. Plus, as the Shapiro topic is expected from Scipio, founder of Placentia, that place is Piacenza too, like the Picenze village of Mr. bocci ball.

Recall the Shave's/Sheaves'/Chiava's, for they were first found in L'Aquila. My Masci-line mother was born in Picenze.

We saw the "SMALL squares" of the Dorrs, but then a square is in the Arms of Piacenza too, though I don't know what it's called officially. It's just your basic square. Of the three Small surnames, one uses "non"," and another uses the Messey / Mercia saltire in colors reversed.

The "Immota Manet" motto in the Arms of Picenze reveal that the motto is code for surnames, for Manets/Maneys/Mannai's share the spread eagle in the colors of the eagle that is the Arms of Picenze. And the Mannez variation of Manets looks linkable to mythical Mannus. Every mythical character's name is to be suspect as code for a surname or people-group code. If Manets are part of the Hand bloodline, then it's notable that the L'Aquila eagle is black, as with the Jeepma eagle. Again, Jeepma's were first found in Lower Saxony with mythical Mannus.

Manus was made the son of TUISto, perhaps play on a Tous liner, for Tous' use a "man." And the Tous' happen to share the gold-on-blue, eight-pointed star with Manno's/Manna's/Manelli's and Minelli's/Mengo's. I've pointed this link out in the recent past, but look at how important it suddenly becomes. As Bocci's/BRACATo's look linkable to Brogitarus, his son, AMYNTes, was suspect with the "Manet" motto term of L'Aquila. And the Brogitarus > Amyntes line birthed Quadratilla Bassus, mother of Cherokee-like Mr. Charax. The latter's first name. PROCulus, is like the first term in "BROGitarus." The Brox'/Brocuffs are also Procks.

As I said, Mr. bocci ball's son was August, and Augusts share the eagle leg with Manet-like Mandys/Mundays. The latter's Crest: "A black wolf's head erased bezante with fire coming from his mouth." The black wolf head is a symbol of Quade's, from Quadratilla, and this wolf has got to be code for her husband, Lupus Laevillus, father of Proculus Charax. I met Mandy just three or four months after purchasing a Safari van, suspect as God's code for Severus of Akmonia, father of Mr. Bassus, the grandfather of Quadratilla. Severus was the grandson or great-grandson of Amyntes, and while the latter conquered Derbe, Mandy's/Mundays were first found in Derbyshire. I was at a motel's parking lot when I met Mandy, and Motels are clearly of the Mota's suspect in the "Immota" motto term of L'Aquila.

The Mandy lozenges are in the rare and unofficial (perhaps outlawed now) purple color, shared by Skiptons. I find that interesting. The "proVIDEbit" motto term of Mandys can be partly for Vito's/Vido's, from Julius Avitus, who married Miss Bassianus. The Vito's have a Bien-like variation while Bidens/Buttons are loved by Tous', and are in the shirt worn by the "man." Mr. bocci ball had already traced in other ways to the Balas-line Seleucids, suspect with Shirts too. The Vido-like Wide's are listed with Wade's, and "Wade" is a variation of Quade's. Wide's/Woods likely share the tree of Watts (Worcestershire).

The Manet eagle is thus important for being the giant Balance/Balancor eagle in colors reversed. There's nothing in the Balance/Balancor Coat to indicate Alexander-Balas liners, yet Balans share the white estoile with Mota-like Motts so that the "Immota Manet" of L'Aquila seems clinched as double code. And the Mott crescent happens to be that of Alexanders too. We're not done, for the Motts use an eight-pointed estoile, as with the same colored one of Feschs, and the latter's swords are in the colors of the Baliol swords. We saw king Baliol in the write-up of Scotts, who use the Sellick Shield. And Feschs are from the Fieschi of Genova, where Bocci's/Brocato's were first found that god linked, vi the bocci-ball game in or near L'Aquila, first to Mynetts/Minute's, and then to Balas-like Balls.

Back to my riding the shopping cart, for there is a Ride(r) surname sharing three large ermine spots with French Balls. English Balls use a FIREball, and this, thus far, is the best thing to be linked to the fire in the dream. The Ridings/Readings/Reddins were part of the discussion to the Rieti entity, which included Flavius Sabinus, the line definitely to Sabine's/Savona's. The Savone's (with an 'e') use a good reflection of the Ride(r) Coat. So, as the Cart was linkable to Rieti-liner Roets, it makes Shops / Shapiro's / Shepherds expected in some close relationship with Salto-river liners. And there is a Salts/Saltz Coat that has a fesse colors reversed from the Hill / Shapiro fesse. The Saltz's throw in an "eagle's leg attached to a wing".

I can now elaborate on the bucket on fire, starting with the Austria location in which both Fire's and Saltz's were first found. The bucket fell on a heap of a white, unidentified substance, and while I assumed it to be sand, it may have been salt. As was said, Box's, perhaps of the Bocket variation of Buckets, share the fireball with Balls. Repeat: "Hmm, the Balet variation of French Balls may be from "BALTea," an alternative name of the Bautica river. In fact, the Brittany Dure's/Doreys are said to have been lords of Auvergne, which is where Bauts/Bode's were first found who use a giant ram in the colors of the giant Box lion, and Bauts/Bode's are Baux's too!!!"

The ram is shared by Bagleys while Bags can be gleaned with the cinquefoils of Gangs/Gedge's, in the colors of the Bucket/Bocket cinquefoils. If we read the French Mar write-up, and note its colors, the Mars look linkable to the Ram Coat. Assume the Marsi on the Salto river. The Ram write-up even has this" "Richard de ARIETE (Ram)". It appears that Rieti liners were at Rames castle in Bolbec, which was earlier BOLEbec, and Belgian Bole's share ears of wheat with Bocci's/Brocato's. Bolebec is beside a Bray area while Brays use a "flax BREAKER."

It's YOUR FBI, Mr. Trump

On June 5, Bill Priestap was interviewed by congress, and word has it that he's betrayed the Comey-circle FBI, but so far details are short. Priestap said something to the effect that Peter Strzok was in charge of FBI corruption against the Trump campaign. Trump tweeted on the same day: "Wow, Strzok-Page, the incompetent & corrupt FBI lovers, have texts referring to a counter-intelligence operation into the Trump Campaign dating way back to December, 2015. SPYGATE is in full force! Is the Mainstream Media interested yet? Big stuff!" Here's the story from Fox:

It is impossible for Strzok to have operated as the man-in-charge without Comey's nods. The inspector general, a fraud in my opinion, leaked some mild things against Strzok and Page months ago, before anyone had heard of the couple, probably because he wanted to protect himself in case others discovered Strzok's guilt. By leaking a few mild things, the inspector general hoped to take himself off the big hook that he would have hung from had he said absolutely nothing to point out Strzok's guilt.

Approaching the 9-minute mark of the video above, an already-known Strzok email is shown where he asks Page, or at least comments, upon her role or desire (hard to tell which) to approve foreign "lures." Previously, "lures" was redacted. I wonder how it came to be that the term is now showing. "Lures" refers to double agents, people whose task it is to enter the Trump circle to act as friends while in fact being enemy spies for the FBI. The date of this email is late December, 2015, before election season, and Lisa's response, in my opinion, tells that the FBI was setting up a green light at the time for use of these double agents.

Don't think that people at Fox or in congress are correct to say that this behavior from the deep state started only with Comey. This has been part of the shadow government for decades, in attempts to influence the national and international agendas that they concern themselves with. To spy or to place infiltrators into high offices is absolutely nothing new. And it's not just the FBI that does it; it's the CIA's bread and butter.

Priestap may be guilty himself, since he's Strzok's boss, and, perhaps, he's trying to shift blame on Strzok. The email with This week, Rod Rosenstein got tough, warning congress that it if sues his DoJ, he will counter in like kind, demanding congress' documents that relate. Relate to what? The deputy attorney general (Rosenstein), who is said to be the head of the DoJ at this time in these matters, has no right to see the oversight business of congress. He can't demand from a court to see any of Nunes' documents, for example, unless there is a criminal charge laid out against the his oversight committee. I doubt very much that Nunes, for example, has done anything illegal in seeking DoJ documents. Rosenstein is desperate and on the losing end of the stick. This is no time to let him get away. Use the judicial hammer.

The inspector general had to weigh how mild to go with his report, because too mild could shame him, seeing that republicans are barking all over the place to get the info that he himself has been privy to. Then again, it's a wonder as to how much damaging material was kept from the inspector general by ploys that the deep-state goons have prepared for themselves in case of exactly the trouble they find themselves in now. Every illegal thing they do has a prepared defense, a fine-sounding excuse, for example, or a deflection, of a cover-up. His report comes out tomorrow as I write here.

It's tomorrow today. Here's one part of the anti-climactic report: "Horowitz criticized Comey and former AG [Attorney General] Loretta Lynch for not communicating before announcements about major decisions in the probe". I see that statement couched as a protection for both Comey and Lynch, as though the two did not conspire together generally. But they were both agreed that no charges should be laid against Hillary, and so I cannot fathom that Comey was not on an open line or page with Lynch in this regard. Horowitz must know that the two did speak / collude on occasions, and that there's some smelly stuff there he's not revealing.

This particular statement by Horowitz seems to be protecting Lynch most of all, as though she was not part of what is already known, that Comey pronounced Hillary innocent before investigating her potential guilt.

When Comey spoke about his decision to throw Hillary under the bus three weeks before the election, he said that the decision was made by "we." Who's we? He didn't want to say it was his decision alone, but if Lynch had nothing so say about it to Comey, who's "we" amongst the decision makers? His subordinates? In that case, it was his final decision. He knew that Lynch would likely snitch such a plan to Hillary, and that's why it's probably true that he didn't ask Lynch on whether he should say what he did at that very-wrong time to say it (it could have waited a few more weeks until after the election). It appears that he was trying to sabotage Hillary's election chances, and so I cannot imagine that Strzok (number four at the FBI at the time) and Page were for this thing either. So, again, who's "we"? He and McCabe? He and Mueller?

One thing we know, this insubordination is no legal threat because Lynch isn't going to press charges. In other words, Horowitz does not place Comey into any legal jeopardy. But he was guilty of the crime of obstruction.

Horowitz revealed again that Strzok was intent on using the FBI to keep Trump from becoming the president, but then why doesn't Horowitz discover Comey's involvement in that plot??? Huh? Because, Horowitz is Comey's dancing clown. He loves to be called impartial, but that's a smokescreen. This report is empty. It adds ALMOST NOTHING to what was already known and expected. The Republicans waited virtually for NOTHING. They placed their chips on this report, and it's ZERO. On behalf of Comey, Horowitz injects his mere opinion as fact, that Comey did not act with political bias, which is another crime.

How can anyone say that there was no political bias when Strzok, working under Comey, is lathered from head to foot with it? We know that Strzok and Page were in the office of "Andy" McCabe (number two at the FBI at the time) talking about drawing up a plot against Trump. How could Comey not have known? Where's Horowitz's material showing Comey's fingers in the dossier scandal? That's yet another crime.

"Comey broke protocol" is defined by me as "slap on wrist." He did more than break protocol. He tried to save a criminal, Hillary Clinton, from prosecution. Does Horowizard put it in those terms? Of course not. His job is to wave the magic wand and make Comey appear respectable. On the day this report came out, there was puke on television: Christopher Wray suddenly making an appearance out of his darkness to say that this report vindicates the FBI. Crawl back into your hole, you imposter. He knows about the dossier scandal, and he's doing all he can to withhold from congress the details therein. Vindication for the FBI? Really.

This report from Horowitz is a boon to Comey. It's time for an investigation into the same matters by a pro-Trump group. Nobody would be asking such a group to invent anything, but merely to dig out the worst, dirt (in document / phone form) possible, which is not dirt invented by Republicans, but dirt created by FBI / DoJ operatives.

For those who are calling this a bombshell just because Horowitz's report "states that Comey 'deviated' from FBI and Justice Department procedures when he spoke out publicly in July 2016 on his recommendation that Clinton, then the Democratic presidential nominee, should not face charges." Yes, this is a huge issue showing Comey's total disregard for law, and in fact this is his obstruction crime, but Horowitz gets no credit for making light of this because it was already in the public domain. What does his report add that wasn't already known? NOTHING of any importance, which is to be expected if he's a leftist rodent in an impartial suit and tie.

Here's 15 minutes of Hannity:

As you can see, Horowitz reveals that Obama was lying when he said he didn't know about Hillary's secret email account, for the report says that Obama was one of 13 individuals that Clinton emailed using her account. But we already knew that Obama was in-the-know about her email account. Why did Obama allow this secret server to exist? We know. It's obvious. They were hiding their business from wrong eyes. Was Comey one of the 13? Who were the others, we would like to know? "The IG report adds that Obama used a pseudonym for his username" when emailing Hillary's secret account. But not giving details of the nature of the emails, does this mean that Horowitz didn't have the emails, only the subject headings?

Here's another example on how Horowitz releases key information yet reports his position that it was really nothing to be concerned with:

Elsewhere in the IG report, the IG asked investigators why they made no effort to obtain the personal devices [computers] that Clinton’s senior aides were using at the State Department, since those devices were "potential sources of Clinton's ... classified emails" or places where unauthorized classified emails were being stored.

In response, officials on the probe claimed that "the culture of mishandling classified information at the State Department" was so pervasive that it "made the quantity of potential sources of evidence particularly vast" -- a rationale that the IG implied was unconvincing, because investigators could simply have obtained personal devices for a handful of key Clinton aides [i.e. the FBI didn't even do that].

Investigators also [passed the buck] claimed the State Department would be the better agency to handle that kind of deep-dive into Clinton's emails. In the end, Horowitz concluded that the issue was a "judgment call" and that there was no evidence improper political considerations influenced investigators' decisions.

That's why Horowitz is a deceiver. His task was to lightly touch upon the dirt of all the known dirt only, and then to make it appear that the criminality was just minor impropriety. Everyone knew that Obama was emailing Hillary's private server. To protect himself in case the fact leaked to Republican investigators, he decided to reveal that Obama used a fake name when corresponding to Hillary. But if he used a fake name, didn't he also couch his correspondence in codes, when the subject matter was "sensitive" to his illegal operations, to confound those who might obtain the emails who were not on-side with him?

The report reveals a statement from Strzok where he says to Page, "No. No [Trump] wont [become the president]. We'll stop it." This email was given to oversight committees previously, but this particular part had been blacked out, yet Horowitz says nothing about those who blacked it out? What possible motive could there have been in keeping this statement from Republicans other than political bias??? Horowitz: Comey's pal.

DeSantes tweeted on June 14: "The Strzok text about the FBI 'stopping' Trump from winning the election was never given to Congress even though the other texts from that day were provided. Did someone in the bureaucracy deliberately withhold?" Why didn't Horowitz make light of that political bias?

And so what about Wray? Isn't he responsible for the redactions from FBI writ? Trump should be horrified by Wray's obstruction, yet he never speaks against Wray. And the president has apparently ordered Kellyanne Conway (Counselor to the President) never to speak on the FBI scandals. She never appears on Fox to tell us what Trump is doing to assist oversight committees.

Someone might say that Wray is not responsible for his attitude, because he's under Rosenstein's authority in these matters. But if Wray were any man at all, he would disregard Rosenstein's orders to obstruct oversight committees. I see no hint in Wray's attitude to suggest that he's speaking as Rosenstein's puppet by force. To the contrary, Wray appears to be of the same cloth all on his own. There is a time for honoring superiors, and a time, like now, to be insubordinate when the superior is obstructing justice. The head of the FBI knows this better than anyone. Wray has no excuse; he's guilty along with Rosenstein, and Trump says zip. One wonders whether Trump hired Wray in the first place under the condition that Wray not spill the beans on the deep state.

On June 13, Hannity asked his guests whether it would be better if Trump demands the documents that the DoJ has been withholding. Ron DeSantis replied that Trump was sent a letter a couple of weeks ago, from himself, Jim Jordan and Mark Meadows, asking Trump to do that very thing. That's given Trump plenty of time to respond, but DeSantis says nothing about receiving a response.

We hope that the imposter of the United States can't hide much longer behind his facade. He shouldn't have waited to be asked by oversight committees; he should have demanded the documents long ago, many months ago, on their behalf. That's why he's an imposter. He postures himself as one who is opposed to the Obama-era criminality, yet he does nothing to use the DoJ, at his disposal, to unveil that criminality.

Be thankful for Nunes' steel:

As you can see, Nunes is likewise asking Trump to order the DoJ documents. It's shameful that Nunes needs to come on the news to send this beg to trump. Shame on the imposter of the United States. Nunes says that he has two options now, either to impeach Rosenstein, or to depend on trump to demand the documents. I don't trust trump to get the important documents. The irony in all this is that trump is the one keeping the congress in the dark. It's obvious. We should love to know why. Nunes' other problem at this time is that he needs to work with Paul Ryan, another imposter that trump needs to keep in good standing with. However, late this week (week-end), Nunes managed to get Ryan on-board a threat against the DoJ and FBI, for this coming week, in what Nunes promises to be their final chance with a deadline at about Wednesday.

The anti-Trump side is trying to jail people for the purpose of intimidating Trump, and the latter does nothing to try to jail his enemies. Is it really because he's intimidated? Or is there another reason behind his inaction?

At the same time that Horowitz's report comes out, and at the same time that oversight is asking Trump to demand the documents that could jail the enemy, New York launched a law suit against Trump's charity. This smells of trying to keep Trump in line. The deep state is promising to injure Trump badly if he demands the documents. This is where we are now, with Trump under pressure to demand the documents. But I have no confidence in Trump to get the documents that really matter. It would be better to take Rosenstein and Wray to court, to let the supreme court decide, if it needs to get that far, what documents to hand over.

Trump had tried to convince his voters, for a day anyway, that jailing these guys is not the solution. What a disappointment this president has been. He is on-track to being responsible for the empowerment of this deep state when it comes back (to power) with a vengeance on those who are now trying to expose them. Now is the time to break their legs so that when they get power again, they will be weak and fearful.

The oversight committees are not acting with legal jeopardy. They can't possibly lose a court case when they argue on behalf of their oversight powers. This issue should be taken to the courts months ago. Who is stopping Nunes? By the sounds of it, Paul Ryan. This exposure goes even to the RINO's.

The Democrats are now about to plead for Obama to enter politics again, as though he's needed to get the White House back into Democrat hands. It would be risky for Obama to get involved again, but he seems to be willing from news out this week. It would be super if he were to start something public just when the oversight committees nab him with evidence of criminality. But so long as Trump keeps Wray at the FBI, who's going to be charged with a crime? Trump, the imposter, the greatest disappointment. His song is called, 2020. That's all he cares about.

There is not a day when the scandals fail to make news. The exposure has gone extremely far, yet it's only scratched the surface. Here's Trump nabbed on Fox news June 14/15. Check out his "body language" (look deeper than his words) as he talks about his current task of going after the deep-state Intelligence, then quickly changes the topic to his successes, which is fundamental to his song, 2020:

So, is it true that Trump is taking Intelligence to task, as he just implied? What are his plans to alter the situation? Tweets against the deep state? Around the 10-minute mark, the Fox interviewer brings to topic back to "your FBI." He says, "this is your FBI" again, but Trump quickly changes the tune to 2020 again. Trump does not want to respond to the charges that his FBI is being part of the deep-state / Intelligence problem. After trying to derail the "your FBI" topic for some seconds, the president feels compelled to admit that he's stayed uninvolved with it, but adds that he's threatened to get involved. At 10:26, the interviewer uses this opportunity to hit Trump square in the face with congress trying to get documents from "your DoJ, your FBI," and Trump signals that he fully understands the question, which is: why in Hell won't you get the documents, stupid???

Trumps then says that he may need to get involved because "they have to get the documents." Pressed further as to what Trump might do, the president makes a nasty mistake because he's lost for words. He says that "I think that Rod Rosenstein thinks that you have to get the documents, I really believe that, I saw him yesterday, he gave me a briefing, I think he believes you have to get the documents." What planet is Trump on? That is, Trump's lying and he knows it.

How can we explain that Rosenstein agreed to have Comey fired? It makes no sense knowing what we now know about Rosenstein. One theory is that Trump promised Rosenstein the deputy- attorney-general job if he agreed to fire Comey. Trump wasted no time, upon assuming Office (Jan 20), nominating Rosenstein for that job on February 1. Trump has chosen all the wrong actors for the purpose of exposing Intelligence. How can we explain this? To this day, he refuses to take the blame, and now says that he really believes Rosenstein wants to give up the documents. Twisted.

Notice that there was a briefing on the day the IG report came out? Trump must have had many briefings from Rosenstein. What are the duo up to? Yes, the duo. Partners. To this day, Sessions continues to honor Rosenstein and Wray. This week from CNN: "Attorney General Jeff Sessions is taking responsibility for authorizing Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to remain in charge of the Russia investigation..." Rosenstein continues to say that the Mueller probe is warranted, has merit. Yet Trump says he really believes that Rosenstein wants to help by giving up the documents that can vindicate the president against the Mueller attack, which is part-and-parcel with the FBI attack on Trump. Days after Trump nominated Rosenstein, I had a dream as per being in Obama's billiard hall, which was about the FBI attack on Trump.

Same article:

Sessions said in an interview released Thursday that he was the one who made the decision to recommend to Trump that he fire Comey, not Rosenstein -- and that therefore Rosenstein isn't disqualified from his role in the Russia investigation.

"That decision ... really fell to me, ultimately, on the Comey matter," Sessions, who recused himself from the Russia investigation, told CNN affiliate Hill.TV's morning show "Rising." "And that's not a disqualifying thing."

As we can see, amid calls for Rosenstein to recuse himself from the Mueller investigation, Sessions pops up from his hole in the ground, into the spotlight, to come give his fellow rat a life-line morsel. But Sessions is lying when he says that the decision was not Rosenstein's. When someone clarifies with the words, "That decision ... really fell to me, ultimately," it means it wasn't his decision in the first place.

It's not coincidental that Strzok was asked to be on Mueller's team to attack Trump as president. For Sessions and others to close eyes to this and other evidence of bias from Mueller is a scandal and exposure in itself.

Notice that all the leftist media (control freaks, control their audience) have taken all their people away from Trump so that he stands alone on the Fox camera in the video above. Midway into the 11th minute, he's asked whether Comey should go to jail, and Trump says he wouldn't want to get involved in that. He didn't say, "of course," or "absolutely," which is what he should have said if he's serious about fighting the "scum at the top" (his quote in the video).

He goes on to say that what Comey did was criminal, yet this president has the power, with a full house in his hand, to unlock the evidence for criminality, but has refused to use it. In not many months, he may not have a full house anymore. He comes out sounding as though Comey should be prosecuted, but I think this is his political-speak, what his mainline voters want to hear. It's just a carrot for the voters to gnaw on.


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