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Jun 19 - 25, 2018

More on the Shopping Cart Dream
The Laevi, What Else?

For best results, take the time to load the Coats to see them for yourself. Load the first-Coat link I offer (or open one here) to get a tab open, and then open more if needed. To check a description in the Coat of Arms, type the surname at this page:

I apologize if you tried without success to get at the last update. I had loaded it into the FTP's wrong directory, and didn't learn of it until Saturday of this week. It's not a long treatment on heraldry, and includes an important message on the False Prophet's lamb entity shared by Shapiro's.

Last week was heavily on God's latest dream, where the items in the dream are code for surnames, and it's my task to figure out why God wants certain surnames emphasized. In this dream, I was riding the side of a shopping cart (with foot on the frame that holds the wheels) down a hill on the road, and immediately afterward was talking to Mr. Simone, the previous owner of my Jeep, about its broken door handle. Immediately after that, I was holding a bucket, which then fell out of my hands and lit on fire at the ground. The three events seem unrelated to one another, as three packs of messages, yet I expect a common vein in all three, especially the Numidians.

Below is a clip from the last update with this morning's insert in square brackets, but first let me say that Gaunt-branch Ghents share the Side/Sudy Chief, which explains why I was RIDING the shopping CART from the SIDE. Roets are a Reed branch so that Ridings are expected to be a Roet / Road branch as well:

Catherine Roet [married Mr Swinford] was also married to John of Gaunt. I read that he was at Candale, on the Gironde river where I trace Grands. My Jeep is a GRAND Cherokee Laredo. There is a French Laredo surname with an upright and giant boar in the colors of the Swinford / Riding/Reading boar heads, and Laredo's were first found in Picardy, where Roets had ancestry. Porcia's use the giant and upright black boar too, and Porci's share the bend of Fes'/Fez, suspect from Morocco's Fes/Fez, home of queen Kenza of Aures [where I'm tracing Shops/Shawlands as per the shopping cart], and near Morocco's Sale. You are about to see a Shop surname that can apply to Kenza's Numidians.

Fes'/Fez' share the fox with Jewish Simons and Germo-Jewish Fox's, and this can be code for Foix, an area paired with Candale to form Foix-Candale. The Irish Fox (SIONnach) surname happens to share the giant lion of Simone's! Bingo, and these Fox's share red hands with Handle-like Hands!!! Excellent. This comes while tracking Laredo's from the Laredo sold to me by Mr. Simone. The Fox motto is "SIONnach aboo" while Swans [suspect as a SWINford branch] are Sions too.

[Five days after this update was out, I recalled that, during this update and for a week previous, a young fox pup without its mother was seen on my yard at least four times. At first, I didn't know what to say about it as relates to the dream, but I've just loaded the Yard surname to find water bougets! Amazing. Heraldic water BOUGETs are water containers and therefore BUCKETs. It therefore seems that God sent that fox pup to assure that Simone's were Sion / Swinford liners merged with Fox's. I have no idea why this should be important to Him, but Yards may have been Gards, and Gards may have been of the namers of Sardinia, for the Yard Coat is not a bad reflection of the Shirt/Sherard Coat.

The "Facta" motto term of Yards can be code for Faucets, who lived at FOXside!!! I have always suspected "FoxSIDE" to be named after Side's because they are branch of Sutys while Sutys share "hazard" with Seatons/Sittens, the namers of Sitten, the alternative name of Sion! Seatons/Sittens were first found in East Lothian with Faucets, and I always link the Faucet and Side/Sudy / Suty lion to the same of SITlers, first found in Silesia with Handle's and rose-using Schlesingers (named after Silesians) while Rose's use water bougets. Rose's were at the Moray theater while Handle's use the Moray Coat. The colors and format of Yards is that of Walsh's, from Wallis canton, the location of Sitten/Sion! It's bang-on. God sent that fox pup to my YARD for this reason at least. I'll have this insert in the next update in case there is more to say.]

There is a question on whether Handle's/Handels are a branch of Candale-like Candle's.

Sitlers are suspect with the trefoil of Pike's, first found in Devon with Yards, and the vertically-split Pike Shield is that in the Arms of Sion or Wallis canton, though in colors reversed. Scottish Pike's/Pickens were first found in Ayrshire with the Nons/Nevins in the Yard motto. Pike's/Pickens share gold, pierced stars with Sulcis / Silesia-suspect Sellicks, the latter first found in Herefordshire with Barrels. Barrels entered the dream when I told Mr. Simone that the missing part on the door hand was SHAPED like a barrel. Shapers/Schapers are listed with Shapiro's (ostrich feathers), and another dream on the morning before this dream was on Shop-like Shapiro's / Shepherds.

Saer de Quincy is in the Faucet write-up, and he was the ruler of Winchester, where CARTers were first found who became suspect with the shopping cart, for Carters (beside the first known Roets) use the wheel while Catherine Roet is the owner of the heraldic Catherine wheel. Carters also share the Sforza lion while the latter's lion hold a quince as code for Saer de Quincy. It seems that everything in the scene with my riding the shopping cart has been deciphered accurately in this nutshell you have just read. The Yard Crest, by the way: "An ostrich emerging from a crown holding a horseshoe."

Ultimately, the purpose of this dream was to enlarge upon the Seleucid elements to the anti-Christ that I've been tracking to Sardinia's Sulcis. I have no idea where God will go with this, whether He intends to point to certain leaders in the deep-state cabal.

The fox pup was casually smelling things around the yard, not walking fast through it. The Yardleys ("deer's head") happen to use martlets that, in colors reversed, would be green, the color of the Gard martlet, making Yards suspect as a Gard branch. Yardleys use a Petty Coat exactly, which is using the Fast quadrants while Fasts are expected from the Vasto's of Saluzzo while Barrels share the Saluzzo Shield. Amazingly, Pettys put a red ear on their white elephant head, and Barrels put a red ear on their white talbot dog, which tends to link the fox-in-yard to the dream's door handle, perfect because that was about Mr. Simone while Simone's use the giant Fox and Talbot lion. Talbot-loving Carricks use a "Garde" motto term.

Barrels are expected from Bar at the coast from lake SCODra, where I trace Talbot-related Scotts (Catherine wheels) who share the red border on white Shield with Talbots, Sellicks, Scoots and Scottish Pettys (Perthshire, same as Saluzzo-related Cluns). Scoots were even first found in East Lothian with Foxside. The SCOTTs above, first found in Kent with Gards and Ghent-related Gaunts, share the black griffin with the Gard Chief which is itself a reflection of the Side/SCYTHES / Ghent Chief.

The Scythes variation makes the surname suspect from SCIDrus, beside BUXENtum, where I trace Buchanans and Buchans, both with black lions. The Buchanans share the giant Faucet lion, and so the Buckets may have been Buxentum liners too. Buchanans were first found at Lennox, and the Lennox surname is also LEVENax. Buxentum was also, Pyxus, and the first-known Faucets lived in the land of the Picts. "Scidrus" is suspect with "Scodra" so as the link Barrels to this picture. Pictons use the giant lion above in colors reversed.

There is a Pickton location in KirkLeavington while Leavings/Levens/Lewins (Sand colors) share elephant heads with Sanders while Santones were beside the Pictones Gauls. In the dream, I yelled out for SAND when the bucket took flames, and Side-related Seatons were Flemings. Sands is an area in Lancashire, where Sands and Seats were first found. I trace elephants to the Elaphiti islands, beside the Saraca's of Ragusa, which was also called, Laus(a), and this was related to the Laus location at Buxentum and Saracena. The Saraca's of Ragusa were, according to Wikipedia's Saraka article, from Kotor, beside lake Scodra's northern shores.

KirkLeavington is in Stockton (Yorkshire), and Stocktons are said to have been on a Tees river (Durham) while Tease's/Tess'/Tecks use leaves for a potential honoring of Leavington liners. I trace Tease's to the Ticino/Tessin river, home of Laevi Gauls, perfect. The Leavings/Levens/Lewins happen to share the stars of Tease's/Tyes' (in Leaving/Leven colors), and moreover one of the two Stockton Coats may be using these stars. There is also a Stockton on a Teme river...of Worcestershire, where Hills were first found, and Tease's/Tyes' are linkable to TickHILLs, who named Yorkshire, where Anne's/Hanne's were first found suspect with the Annas', the latter first found in Nottinghamshire with Tease's/Tyes'. The Annas star is in the Coat of Tease's/Tyes' and Stocktons (Flint and Simson colors). Tease's/Tyes' were at Rutland, and Picton (Flintshire) was held by Mr. Rhuddlan.

Pictons share a demi-red lion in Crest with Brocks, and the latter's "VireSCIT" motto term can be suspect with Scidrus / Buxentum liners. Brocuffs share the potent cross of Scythe's/Skits/Skeochs, you see, and Potentia is near Buxentum. Both Brocks and Brocuffs share the Chief-Shield colors of Sheds, the latter first found in Ayrshire with Scythe's/Skits/Skeochs. Excellent, and one Stockton Coat shares "tree trunks" with German Brocks/Brockens. English Sheds/Scheds (compare with Chads, Peks and Peckers/Pickers) were first found in Yorkshire, and share that potent cross too. I resolved that Sheds / Sheets were the namers of Shetland, location of Yell, and the last update convinced me that I yelled for sand to put out the bucket's flames as per that Yell entity.

The Yells connect to Sticks = Astikas' suspect with Stocks / Stake's from Astakos in the land of Calydon, where I trace Caledonian Picts. I trace the Laevi Gauls to Calydon's mythical king, Oeneus. There's a good chance that Yells were from Gela (Sicily) of the Saracens. I trace the motto term of Simsons (BUCKINgham) to the Enotri = OENotrians at the Saracena theater, suspect from mythical Oeneus, and Simsons do share the BUCHANan / Picton / Faucet lion. The Astikas' are in the candleSTICKs of Kyle's, and Candle's/Kentwells may have been a Handle branch.

Simson liners may be the reason for Mr. Simone appearing in the dream. The Simms' were first found in East Lothian with Faucets and Seatons/Sittens, the latter being of the tribe that named Sitten = Sion. The Simms' share the halbert/halberd axe with WALSers, and the latter are from Wallis canton, location of Sion/Sitten (linkable to the split Shields of Trents/Trans' / Sheds/Scheds). The WALSH motto love's the Trans'/Trents, and Walsh's share the swan with Swans/Sions/Some's. The Stake's share the Wallis/Wallace lion, and were first found in Gloucestershire with Samsons, suspect with Samsam, a Saracen ruler.

The Simms Crest has a feather called a "pen," and Penns (Buckinghamshire, same as SIMSons) use a Coat like that of Hills while being said to be from "penn = hill." It appears as though someone knew of a Penn merger with Hills and assumed wrongly that Penns were named after a hill, as with Hills.

Stake's/Stocks, said to be from SIMON Stock and SEMAN de Stoke. There is a Seman/SEAman and Sea surname who both almost use the wavy Suty/Siddie bars, and while I rode the SIDE of the shopping cart to see Mr. Simone, Shops/Shawlands (Kent, same as Sea's!) use a SEA-horse. Wow. The Sea fish can even be the Saraca fish in colors reversed. The Sea's were at Seal as per Mr. Roet-like Rots, and we saw why the shopping CART should link to Roets. Rots' are listed with both Rothchild (no 's') surnames. In this Sea-Shawland connection, Sea's may be of the Shea's/Shee's, for English Shea's are with the Sheaves'/SHAWS (share bundle of arrows with the Arms of Rothschild)...first found in Berkshire with Simson-suspect Sinsons/Zinzans.

Another sea-horse is used by Meriks, suspect with the Marici partners of the Laevi. It just so happens that the Merik Coat is a not-bad reflection of the Pero Coat while Pero's/Pierro's were first found in Pavia, known to be founded by the Laevi and Marici together. The wavy Merik fesse is in the colors of the wavy split of Shee's/Shea's (Sheaves'/Chiava colors), tending to clinch Sea's / Semans/Seamans with Shea's/Shee's...though this doesn't necessarily conclude that Semans were Simons, or at least not of all Simon surnames. In colors reversed, the giant Simone lion (related to Fox's) is that of Stake's/Stacks. This all looks like the Samson-fox entity (code for Avvites, in my opinion) to Astakos.

French Simons, with a "plaiSIR" motto term feasibly for Timna of Seir (Samson's wife was made to be from Timnah, hint-hint), even share the giant Stock/Stake/Stoke lion, and we just saw Seman de Stoke. French Simons (Lorraine) use a "mon" motto term while Mona (Wales) was also Anglesey, where Meriks were first found. Lorraine? God informed us that Lorraine elements had elements from the Paeoni/Paioni, which includes the Payens/Paions/Pagans. Read on.

Stake's/Stocks were first found in PemBROKEshire, home of Strongbow Clare, who is in the Stake/Stack write-up too, and "ClaRUM" is used by Penns so that the Penn-Crest lion can be the Stake/Stock lion. Pembroke's (familiar lion) come up as PENbroke's. What can we make of this Penn link to Stack-suspect Astakos? I trace Oeneus of Astakos to Jonathan the pagan Levite of Laish (proto-Laevi), a couple of miles from Panias, and this picture traces to the Peneus and Ladon rivers of Pisa, home of mythical OENOmaus, a line from Oeneus at Astakos. The Peneus and Ladon were home to mythical Daphne, from a Daphne location (on my modern atlas) smack at Laish and Panias, and this mythical thing was code for the Taphian pirates (real peoples) known to have lived in Astakos / Calydon.

The Simms' happen to share "spur rowells" with Payens, making the latter look like a Panias line, and cousins of Penns. The Ladon river is near Boura, where the founders of Sybaris and Laus are said to have derived, and Ladds/Ladons were first found in Somerset with Trents and BURleys, the latter in Simson / STOCKton colors.

With Saraca's tracing to Saracena, near Buxentum, just look at the paragraph below, and don't forget that the broken DOOR handle is suspect partly with Daorsi, who lived smack at the Ragusa theater. Buxentum is beside PALINurus, and Palins, who share the Buchan / Buchanan lion, we may assume, were first found in DORset, making "PaliNURus" suspect with the Naro/Neretva river of the Daorsi. Trents, who share the split Shield of Sheds/Scheds, speak of a Trent location in Dorset, where Tarents are said to have lived, beside the Tarrs/Tarres'.

In conjecturing that Barrels are from Scodra's Bar, near KOTOR, and using the Saluzzo Coat, it can explain why CUTTERs use the Saluzzo Chief-Shield colors in colors reversed. This suddenly traces Bar elements to Saluzzo. And the Cutter Chief-Shield colors are those of Brocuffs (Silesia) and Brocks/BROKE's while the door handle was broken! Bar is at the Daorsi theater, more or less, while Daorsi were suspect with the DOOR handle i.e. that was missing a barrel-shaped part. Perfect. And Cutters were first found in DORset!

I know as a fact that Kotor was named after a tribe from KETURa, the other wife of Biblical Abraham, and then tribes from "Abram," Abraham's earlier name, are suspect to Bramtons, who happen to share a talbot head with Barrels. Bramtons even use the double Brunswick lions in colors reversed while it's known that Bars were at Brunswick! The red ear on the Barrel talbot head is thus suspect as the red Bramton talbot head.

The "writing pen" in the Scoot Crest is a black feather, the color of the middle ostrich feather of Shapiro's. The Scougal variation of Scoots is suspect with the Schug variation of Shoe's, explaining why the Yard ostrich is with a horseSHOE. Beaks (Babe kin), first found in Dorset, use an ostrich too, and Scottish Pettys have "A parrot with an arrow in its BEAK". Therefore, God sent that fox pup to point out the Yards and their kin. Thanks to the Shapiro ostrich feathers, the Shapiro Shield's one fesse appears to be a take from the three Beak fesses. There are two unidentified feathers in the Shoe/Schug Crest.

The Dorset surname share's the sun with Babe's (Dorset) and Feather-suspect Fetters. The Dorset crescent is likely that of Scottish Scotts, who in turn probably show the Sellick star.

Here's what was missed in the last update. When the bucket fell to the ground, it landed on its RIM, and flames started all around the rim. Rims are listed with Rome's/Rooms/RUMs, and they can be in the "verum" motto term of Roets, for the Chief-Shield color combo of Roets is shared by barrels, and the bucket was not only midway between a bucket and barrel in size, but the bucket was in my hands immediately after I told Mr. Simone that the missing door-handle part was shaped like a barrel. That's why the "PaRUM" motto term of Barrel-like Borrows was mentioned. But here one can point out that the book in the Roet Crest is for a branch of Buckets/Bockets, for Bocks are listed with Books.

I don't push a Gard(en) link to "Sardinia," but am open to an ancient diversion of a Sardinia line to Gards. Recall those black boar heads of Swinfords at the top of this discussion, for Gardens (Angus, same Brecons) use one in giant form. And the "junGUNTUR" motto term of Gardens can be partly for Gunturs/Gaunters (BRECONshire) who happen to use GAUNTlet gloves while Catherine Roet was Mrs. Swinford as well as Mrs. Gaunt. I personally saw the falconer's gloves of Sions/Swans as gauntlet gloves years ago. The Brecon Coat is also the Bucket Coat. This paragraph has means by which to link to Side's and therefore to Foxside, and therefore to the fox-in-yard Sign.

Here's from the last update:

In the Clement write-up, a Clement liner partnered with Bernard Newmarche to fight in Brecon, and Brecons use a Bucket Coat exactly! It seemingly fits the dream where the BROKEN-door-handle scene changed to the one with me holding a bucket. Look at how "Brecon" is like "broken."

Brecons and Buckets must be using the Guiscard/Wishart piles because Guiscards were first found in Stirlingshire with Newmarch's. The latter use a "Show" motto term that gets the Shows/SCHAWS/SCHORE's (!!), excellent for looking like a branch of Shops/Schawlands/Shorelands in the shopping-cart scene immediately before the door-handle scene.

Breconshire is beside the Sellicks of Herefordshire. While Welsh Gunters were first found in Breconshire, English Gunters were first found in Northumberland with the Scott-related Baliols / Balys/Baileys, suspect from Alexander Balas, a Seleucid king whose line is expected into Sulcis. And the Baliol Coat uses the upward, white swords, with gold handles to boot, in the flag of Breconshire. The Maccabees who likely married Alexander's family have been traced to lake Garda's Val Trompia, and Tromps/Trumps happen to use a stag head in the colors of the Jung/Young stag while Gardens use a "JUNGunter" motto term.

Again, gauntlet gloves have got to be part-code for Glove's, who use a version of the Alexander Coat. Glove's were first found in Perthshire, beside the Guiscards / Newmarch's of Stirlingshire. Stirlingshire is also where Years/Yairs were first found who were looked up as per the Yeard variation of Yards. Loading Gears (share WINGs in Crest with Glove's) then got what could be the Harcourt / Hair fesses i.e. with the potential to expose Harcourts / Hairs as Yard liners.

Glove's were first found in the same place as Wings/WINKs, and WINCHesters (share mascles with Gears and Quincys) have a fat cross in the colors of the same of Balas' (compare with French Balls). Balas' were first found in Glamorgan, beside Breconshire. The Brecons share the Bucket Coat, and while the water bouget is partly suspect with Waters, the latter use three chevrons in colors reversed from the same in the Arms of Glamorgan. The broken handle was followed with my holding a bucket. Winchesters were first found in Hampshire with Ghents.

The Arms of West Glamorgan use shares the Water chevrons, and these are the Clare chevrons which can be seen in the Arms of Glamorgan along with, probably, the Clair roses.

The Yearlys (Salian/Saleman Coat) are now excellent for more than being first found in Devon with Yards. The Yearlys happen to use the Side / Ghent eagles, tending to verify that the fox-in-yard sign is linkable to Foxside castle (built by Saer de Quincy) of the Faucets in the Yard motto. Perfect. And the Quincy mascles are code for Mussels/Muscels who named Musselburgh, two miles from Foxside.

Musselburgh is the area of the first-known Keiths/Mascals, whose Marshall kin are suspect with Newmarch's/NewMarsh's. The latter's "boast" motto term is linkable to Bush'/Buschs / Bosco's, and Bush's/Buschs not only share the boar in the colors of the Garden / Swinford boar head, but the Yearly / Side / Ghent eagles too. The Boasts use a version of the Yearly / Salian/Saleman Coat, and are expected from the namers of Busca, beside Saluzzo. The Boze variation of Boasts gets another surname with giant rose while Bosco's are in the Rose write-up.

I have found a way to link Barrels to Balas suspects. This time, we go to French Barrels (Dauphine, beside or part of Burgundy) with three bends half in the colors of the same of French Blass'/Blains/BLEIS' (Brittany, same as Balls and Clairs) who look like the Bles' variation of Bleds (Burgundy, same as Save's). And Bleds/Bles', with three chevrons in colors reversed from the three of Clare's, (Suffolk, same as Bullis'/Bulliards), have their chevrons in the colors of the three bends of Blass'/Bleis', making a Ball-Blass-Bled link compelling. The Clairs above are the ones with the roses in the Arms of Glamorgan, and Balas' are the ones first found in Glamorgan. This is strong confirmation that Balls were Blass' were Balas' were Bullis'.

If that's not enough, Bleds/Bles' have a "tous" motto term while it's the Tous'/Tosini's that use a shirt suspect with Shirt-line Sardinians. Shirts share the red roundel with Bullis'/Bulliards, suspect with the naming of Alexander Balas (known to be descended from Epirus, location of Bullis).

The Bullis location is beside the CERAUNii mountains, represented by the CROWN around the neck of the stag head in the CRAUN/Crane Crest. And the Gears who have a crown around the neck of the leopard head in their Crest were first found in Suffolk with Bullis'/Bulliards and Crauns/Crane's.

I now have a problem that may be a solution. Bleds/Bles' are suspect from a Bled location on the Save/Sava river because they were first found in Burgundy with Save's. There are good reasons to view Bleds from Bleda, brother of Atilla the Hun. And the naming of Atilla can be of the Tilurius river that has a source near the Ceraunii Illyrians on the Sava. The problem is, we have just seen why the Bles variation of Bleds can be of the Balas-suspect Blass'/Bleis'. The Ceraunii were on the URBANus river, and Urbans share three Zionist stars on a gold bend with Blass'/Bleis'.

There is an Italian Blass/Biasi/Biagi surname first found in Benevento, which was the city of origin for Mr. Simone. He was in the broken-door-handle scene, and the Italian Blass'/Biasi's happen to share the Brock/Broke fleur as well as the Door lion. Hmm. This can make the Handle Coat (compare with Irish Doors/Durwards) suspect with the Coat of Bulliard-like Billiards/Hillards and Billiards/Billets. That works, and these stars that the latter three surnames share are used also by Balys/Baileys and the Foix's of Auvergne while the other French Foix's share the vertically-split Shield of Alexanders. The latter's sword can be gleaned with the sword of Baily-branch Baliols (Northumberland), and with the swords of Swords from Siward of Northumberland, whom I trace to Sardinia-suspect Serdica.

Both Foix surnames come up as "Foy," and while Irish Foys share the eel with Bellow-loving Ships/Shiptons, English Foys (share pellets with Foix's/Foys) were first found in Suffolk with Bullis', etc.

The Daorsi were centered on the Neretva/Naro river, near the Tilurius, but nearer yet to the Urbanus. The Zionist stars of the French Blass' are colors reversed from the same of Davers (Suffolk), who are from the Daversi version of "Daorsi." See left of this light map:

There is a Bless/Blois/Bleys surname ("FELICitas") with a version of the Porci Coat (same bend as Fes'/Fez'). Porcia's (not Porci's) share the black boar with Gardens and Babons while Mamie in her garden (explained below) was code for MUMmolin, ruler at Chatillon, and father of Babon. Porcius Cato was suspect to the naming of Chatillon (also named, Chalons-sur-Marne). The French Chalon surname even shares the Porci bend, and Welsh Chalons were at the Brecon theater.

It's known that Chatillon's rulers had merged with Blois (the city), and so one can glean that the Bless/Blois surname was mixed with a line from Porcius Cato. Here's the Arms of Chatillon, with blue vair on red, same as the Bless/Blois Coat. Note that while Bleds/Bles' use "tous," Bless'/Blois' use "VirTUS." English Blois' were first found in Suffolk with Bullis' (and Babons), very revealing, isn't it? I was able to glean that Blake's were Bles liners, and Blake's have Chatillon-like variations.

Some updates ago, I found myself tracing Alexander Balas to Vespasia Polla, wife of Flavius SABINUS. I didn't know the following at that time, not until now: "...the evidence for the Seleucid rulers representing themselves as kings of Syria is provided by the inscription of Antigonus son of Menophilus, who described himself as the "admiral of Alexander, king of Syria". He refers to either Alexander Balas or Alexander II Zabinas as a ruler." Zabinas???

The Sabine surname, sharing the scallops of Polla-line Pullys/Pullens, has a version of the Sellick Coat, and Flavius Sabinus lived downriver on the Salto from Avezzano, while Avezzano's were first found on Sardinia with Sulcis. AVEZZano elements may have named emperor VESpasia, the son of Sabinus and Vespasia. The Marsi on the upper Salto were in Burgundy as the Mars who share the scallops of Blois', and then, wow, the Chalon / Porci bend is shared by Colans who in-turn share the martlets of Pullys/Pullens. If that's not enough, the Porci fleur are those of Spanish Petro's, from Flavius Petro, Sabinus' father. Wikipedia even says that Porcius Cato (200 BC, predated the Flavian imperials) owned land in Sabina. I've said some of these things before, but now the Bullis line is linking even harder to the Flavians of Roet-line Rieti than before, and it's looking more like the Alexander-Balas line than before, thanks to king Zabinas (who may indicate a Sabine relationship with Seleucids). Blois' tend to reveal here that Bullis liners were with the Marsi and Flavians together.

Roets and Reeds both use books, and were both from Rieti elements. It just so happens that while Books are Bocks, German Bocks use a "NoBLESSE" motto term while Bless' are also Blois'. The German Bock Coat is very comparable with that of Bauxs/Bauts, first found in Auvergne with Fes'/Fez's who in-turn share the Porci bend. I trace proto-Rothschild Pollocks to Miss Polla, and Knobs, perhaps in "NOBlesse," are suspect with the Rothschild/Rothstein arrow.

Maybe it's a coincidence, but "Ves" is like "Fes/Fez," the fox-using surname of the Moroccan capital of Idris, husband of Kenza of Aures. I had read that his son / descendants have to flee Fez around the time (978) that the Foss/Voss surname first recorded the surname. The Auvergne location of the first-known Fes'/Fez' is much like "Aures/Awraba."

To my shock, I've just loaded the Foss surnames. One of them shares the red fox with Simons, and the other Foss'/Voss', I kid you not, use three bends in the colors of the three of French Barrels!!! Incredible. I told Mr. Simone that I need the barrel-shaped part for the door handle, but this was in a crazy dream that makes no sense...aside from making surname links. English Foss'/Voss' are said to be from SHEPTON Mallet, and Sheptons are listed with eel-using Shiptons. Perfect.

The Fay variation of Fes'/Fez's evokes mythical Morgan le Fay, which recalls that Glamorgan was earlier called, Morgannwg. It strikes me in the Aures / Numidian picture that GLAmorgan was a Gala-line merger with Morgans/ I trace king Gala to Gale's in the forming of "TintaGEL," the birthplace of mythical king Arthur, though he was made to die in Avalon, the island of Morgan le Fay. The Gale's (Nagle kin) share the blue unicorn with Tints (Somerset, same as Foss'/Voss'), which is how I know that Tintagel (Cornwall, same as Gale's) was a Gale liner. And Tints (descended from Arundels) are from the Atintanes of Epirus, smack between Bullis and the Ceraunii mountains. Yes, and right beside Aulon/AVLONA (on the old map above), the secret behind mythical "Avalon."

I claim that the Arms of Chatillon are a version of the three pale bars of Knights (Suffolk, same as English Blois'/Bleys'), and here I can add that Knights/Nights are expected in the NIGHTingale of Nagle's. The French-Blois scallops are used in colors reversed by Sodans/Sowdens (Devon) who in-turn use a version of the Gale Coat (itself has a version of the Nagle fesse). These surnames may be using a blue-on-white fesse due to the same-colored bars of Knightons. I see Knights with the namers of the Nith Dumfries, where Rums/Rims/Rome's were first found, and then Scottish Nights/Naughts use a "NIL duRUM" motto phrase suspect partly with Neils / Nagle's/Neils. Dure's (Clun / Saluzzo / Roet Shield) share "non" with Nagle's.

Gale's use a "semina" motto term while Semans/Seamans were once again first found in Suffolk with Bullis' and Blois'. The Seaman Coat even shares the eight bars of Knightons, though the Seamans use them wavy, like the wavy fesse in the same colors of Sodans/Sowdens. The latter use their stars on a fesse in the colors of the fessewise annulets of the neighboring Bulls (Somerset, same as Tints from the Atintanes at Bullis) while Perts/Petts use BULrushes and share the Sodhan/Sowden scallops. Seman de Stoke comes back to mind, and while Astakos was in CALYDon, I trace that place to the Khaldi (Pontus), suspect with the Galli priests of the Kabeiri, in-turn suspect with the pagan Levites, or something similar, from Dan = Laish.

The "Danites" who conquered Laish are to be lumped in with the Danites ascribed to mythical Samson, who is a line suspect to Samos and the related Samothrace, origin of the Kabeiri. Mythical Samson was given 300 foxes as one of his symbols, and we saw why Simone's are Fox kin. I don't throw the baby out with the bathwater just because I see Samson as a myth slipped into the historical book of Judges by some wayward priest. It is impossible / ridiculous to catch 300 foxes and keep them all alive at the same time; there are easier ways to burn down the fields of Philistines. God can do anything, but, please.

Knightons are from Knighton (Worcestershire) upon a Teame river, and the Stockton write-up has a Stockton location on a Teme river of Worcestershire, which I assume is the same river. Stocktons were suspect earlier in this update with the Annas stars, and Annas of Israel was traced to Ananes Gauls on the Serio river while the Sere Coat is much like the Stockton Coat. I naturally link Ananes Gauls to the Laevi Gauls, and we saw how the Tees river, location of another Stockton, traced to Laevi Gauls, thanks to the KirkLEAVINGton location in Stockton of Yorkshire, which is found in the write-up of Pictons sharing the red lion in Crest with Stocktons.

There is a Teem(e) surname that uses the same symbol as German Bullis', though the latter calls it a ploughshare while Teems call it a blade. Teems were from Gelderland, and Gelders (Calydon / Khaldi > Celt liners?) share the fleur-de-lys of Ploughs/Plows (a Blois-like term), tending to prove that the blade and ploughshare are indeed the same symbol (passed on from family mergers). This paragraph is another proof that Blois' were Bullis liners. The Epirotes (people of Epirus) were at Blois. German Gelders can be with the bend of Coins/Cohens (share white pheons with Bled-like Blade's) because the Bullis/Bulliard roundels are called "coins." Coins/Cohens share the sea-horse with Shops/Shawlands so as to be linkable to Sea's / Semans/Seamans (and Tokers).

And by the way, the Plow/Plough Coat is a version of the Curtis Coat while Curtis' use a farmer holding a plowshare over his shoulder.

Tintons (Cornwall) are in the colors of the neighboring Walerans (bulls) who use a "vos" motto term. Walerans were first found in Devon with Yards (and English Simons). The fox in my yard appeared on at least four mornings over the past couple of weeks. On two occasions, I walked out on to the front deck to see if it would accept me as a friend, but each time it just took off. I never did see a mother. Why only a pup instead of an adult fox? I kid you not, that this pup was at the very area of where I keep frog ponds, where multitudes of BULrushes grow. Bulls share annulets fessewise with Rush's (same place as Bullis and Blois!), whose horses are in the colors of the Blois/Bleys dragons.

I now have reason to believe that God caused me to dig out seven frog ponds (I reburied three of them). I wonder, does this have to do with the three frogs that come out of the throats of the False Prophet, the anti-Christ and satan, in Revelation 16? Is that fox pup related to that picture? That would be more interesting if it can be proven that Yards use the Shirt chevron, and we are seeing here that while Tous' love the Shirts, Tous' are loved by Bleds/Bles'! Zikers.

The three Bled/Bles chevrons are shared by English Mathie's while Scottish Mathie's use a "Fac et" motto phrase suspect with Faucets of Foxside.

The Foss'/Voss' are said to be from a Doulton location too, and while Arthurian myth had a Tristan character who can be deciphered as mere code of merely the stupids for the Tristans (Devon, Cornwall) and Trists (Cornwall), "TrisTUS" is a motto term of Doultons. And Tristans even share red roundels with Bullis' and TOUS-beloved Shirts. Walerans can be gleaned with a version of the Quade Coat, and Quade's use the black wolf head in the Tristan Crest, though the Doulton/Dalton and Gard mottoes suggest linkage also to the Fiddle/Fidelow wolf heads.

The Avalon line included mount Velino at Avezzano, and that's been assessed as part of the Vallans/Valle's and Vele's (Devon) who share the giant and red-on-white moline of Fuss'. Thanks to the moline in the Sibal Coat, the red one in the Sibal Crest can be traced to Genova's Segni's/Segurana's, and therefore to the Fuss moline, for Segni's are in the motto of Fuss-like Fessys/Face's. It's an excellent way to include Fox liners in with the Fieschi of Genova. Sibals were related to the Lundys (Londons/Lundin branch) and therefore to the Doors/Durwards (leopard FACES)

[Insert - A couple of weeks after this update, I was checking through a file of Arms not from houseofnames, and came across an Arms of Avis that was sitting right next to the giant lamb in an Arms of Avellino. The Arms of Avis is a giant flory cross in colors reversed from the similar Grenon cross, and as Bouillons use the giant flory while Wikipedia says that Eustace II (father of Godfrey de Bouillon) had a Gernon name, it appears that Avis'/Avisons, who named Avesnes near Eustace's Boulogne, were linked to the line of Godfrey de Bouillon. Avellino is in Campania, which is the alternative name of Champagne, and it's known that the elite of Avesnes married rulers of Champagne, which is why Avesnes-like Avezzano's share the crutch = potent feature, on a bend, with the Arms of Champagne. The Templar cross of Jerusalem is a potent cross.

It just can't be a coincidence that Avezzano is smack at Mount Velino. It predicts that Avellino liners were Velino elements. As I said, I am descended from a Taddei family from the area of nearby L'Aquila, and Taddei's share the Bouillon flory cross in both colors.

In the Arms file (I was at the letter 'A' section), I also saw a potent cross in an Arms of Armenia, meaning that the Crusaders / Templars injected themselves into Armenia.

In this other Arms of Avellino, the lamb is sitting on a book. What could that be about? Or is it a Bible for the Bible/Bibo surname? End insert]

The "royal tents" of Tintons recalls that God put me together with Mamie at a camp site, where I slept with her in her tent. I assume that God made her a tease that night, and cold toward my hug when I tried to get warmed up with her, to keep us from going too far. The next evening at her place, when she was at the front garden (this made the GARDen surname a regular topic since) in a two-piece bathing suit, I was impressed with her beautiful thighs. Keep in mind that this was in a period when God was taking me, a fledgling Christian, through the first tracks of my prophetic understanding. Decades later, her thighs proved to be code for Tease's/Tyes', first found in Nottinghamshire with Mamesfelde of the Mansfields, but the point here is that another red and giant fox is used by Dutch Thighs and German Vos'/Voeske's (identical Coats). The interesting thing here is that the other Tease's with a Teck variation are thought by me to be a branch of Decks, and I went out to my deck to greet the fox pup twice.

After Mamie and I broke up (she didn't want to be a Christian), we met "accidentally" while I was driving a TAXi. I was called to pick her up twice when she needed a cab, and we got together one more time. The Tax's/Dacks use the crossed swords of Fieschi-suspect Feschs (Switzerland, same as Tease's/Tecks), I assume, but in the colors of the Tease/Teck saltire.

On that last night, we went to the restaurant of Joseph FIX to watch some live music. The Feschs/FECHts can be gleaned with the Fecke variation of Fix's. That's all why I say that God set me up with Mamie. The top half of the Fix/Fecke Coat looks like part of the Coat of Doria's (Genova, same as Fieschi).

Doria's who married Arduinici of ONEGLia have everything to do with NAGLE's and their Gale kin, and therefore with Arduinici > Arthurians at Tintagel. Nagle's even use a nightinGALE. And Gale's share the Nagle/Nail/Neil saltire. This Arthurian cult evolved into globalist satanism, world-class murderers in charge of the American military. Their exposure is ongoing for anyone willing to see, and though they survive and even prosper in the coming years, the ending for them is utter painfulness and hideous shame. They hope to build a glorious world, but so does Trump. It's the wrong way. It's the broad way to destruction. But Trump won't listen. He'll pick up globalist thorns on his pant legs as he passes that way. There's nothing good on that path, yet he has devoted himself to making even the world great. It is not enough for him to make America great; he will want to rub Trumpism off on other leaders. My personal prediction.

Nagle's share "non" with Walerans, and while the latter use a "vos" term too, Nagle's use "vox." Walerans were married to Meulan, and while vox-like Vaux's share the Arms of Meulan.

So, this is where God has led things in the last couple of weeks, to the prophetic picture concerning the Seleucid-related anti-Christ, and to the False Prophet depicted with the horns of a lamb. What does Revelation 13 means when it says that he has two horns like a lamb but speaks like a dragon? It seems to be painting a contrast, that while he's mild in manner, and even Christ-like, he's of the world trade that Revelation 18 taunts. It's interesting that Trump said, not many days ago, "I love trade." But I'm not suggesting him to be the False Prophet, though he may be paving the way for such a man in a later Oval Office.

Beware those who emphasize money in a nation already too money-crazy. There are good Republicans who would give space-industry money to the poor of the nation, or to some poor of other nations, who would cancel the space program, in other words. Not Trump. He wants to increase space-waste money, and to glory in being some god-like figure at the head of the Space Force. The dope thinks he's Superman or something. Watch out for his pride, for he definitely has it. Pride was birthed by satan.

Trump Still Acting the Imposter

Finally, some goods on Obama:

Former Obama administration National Security Council cybersecurity coordinator Michael Daniel confirmed on Wednesday that a "stand down" order was given to counter Russian cyberattacks during the 2016 election.

During a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing, Sen. James Risch, R-Idaho, asked Daniel about a passage in the book Russian Roluette. The passage was about a staffer from Daniel's team, Daniel Prieto, retelling the time that Obama's national security adviser Susan Rice told Daniel and his team to halt their efforts and to "stand down" in countering Russia's cyberattacks.

It appears that team Obama was desirous of Russia-meddling evidence because Obama knew that Strzok and McCabe / Comey were using it to frame Trump. Or, put it this way, that the Russia meddling was itself fabricated / exploded out of proportion, and the O-team didn't want anyone discovering it.

Here's a suspicious thing:

Hundreds of pages of documents obtained by the Guardian through Canada’s access to information system reveal the fullest picture yet of a database that, although employed in Canada, is maintained exclusively by the US. It contains the personal information of as many as 680,000 people believed by US authorities to be linked with terrorism, and functions effectively as a second no-fly list that is cloaked in secrecy.

...Originally created in 1997 as a consular aid, the list was repurposed and expanded after 9/11, and in 2016 Justin Trudeau and Barack Obama agreed to expand it still further.

I can't believe there are 680 thousand terror suspects. Most of these people must be framed by the U.S. government as terrorist types when the reality must be something else. I can see Obama's people placing mere political enemies or American militia types on this list. We should like to know the details on some of the people on the list. Apparently, people on the list are not told they are when refused a border crossing. It continues: "American anti-terrorism lists have frequently been accused of including names of people with no links to terrorism. In 2014, the Intercept obtained data showing that 40% of the 680,000 names in the FBI’s list had no known ties to any terrorist group. Internal audits have found high error rates and incomplete records that could mix up people with similar names." Wow, "more than 680,000" on the Tuscan list, and 680,000 on an FBI list. It sounds like the same list, basically. The FBI must be behind this scam. The list must be soaked in political bias, therefore.

By the way, when I said that the blond in the Miss Hicks dream was beautiful, I meant it. She reminds me much of the woman in the Fox and Friends video below (whose name I don't know). I'm presenting this video, however, as per 10 and a half minutes in, where we find a story that was let loose in oversight discussions. Mr. Steele, who was integral to the dream with Obama's billiard hall, is now known to have visited the White House in October, 2016, where he "briefed Obama officials on the dossier"...just weeks before the election, and just as he was about to leak dossier details to the news.

The video moreover states that Victoria Newland (state department) handed this dossier to the FBI, yet the FBI already had it before that time, and so this was a faked exercise between Steele and Obama to make it appear that it was given to the FBI at this late time. The players must have known that Obama was privy to this part of the scam, for Strzok told us that Obama knew everything, probably because Obama wanted to assure success, tweak the plot, etc. But in the end, Comey came up dry for this plot...which may explain why Rosenstein opted to get him fired, as punishment for not going through with it.

Here is a juicy story for the Nunes side of things:

Former British spy Christopher Steele, author of the Trump dossier, concluded a four-hour videotaped deposition in London Monday [June 18], Fox News has confirmed.

Steele's long-delayed, court-ordered deposition was for the ongoing multi-million dollar civil lawsuit on both sides of the Atlantic, filed by Russian tech guru Aleksej Gubarev against Buzzfeed and Steele.

Gubarev is suing because he claims his companies, Webzilla and XBT Holdings, were defamed by Steele after the unverified dossier was published by Buzzfeed on January 10th 2017. The dossier alleged that Gubarev's companies "used botnets and porn traffic to transmit viruses, plant bugs, steal data and conduct 'alerting operations' against the Democratic party leadership.”

Steele and his company, Orbis Business Intelligence, were hired by Glenn Simpson's U.S. based company, Fusion GPS, to work on the dossier and promote its contents to journalists. Fusion GPS received $1.8 million via the law firm Perkins Coie, which was paid by the Democratic National Committee and the Hillary Clinton campaign...[this is a crime]

...Prior to the Monday morning deposition, Gurvits told Fox News in an email that "We expect Mr. Steele to confirm that he did not lift a finger to verify the false allegations against our clients and that he has absolutely no reason to believe any of these allegations to be true."

This plays heavily against Clinton and Debbie Wasserman's leading role over the DNC at the time, yet it also touched upon Comeys and McCabe's corruption.

The last update was much about a dream of last weeks that appeared to me to be a Message on the False Prophet's ancestry from various heraldic-lamb liners. I had noted that the dream may have had a scene that was symbolic for the False Prophet's fire from the sky, which I peg as the American military machine. By Monday of this week, Trump came on the news to announce his giddiness for a "Space Force" in addition to the Air Force. Trump's press secretary says that Trump asked the military to produce this space force, as though this is Trump's own baby. That's very weird. Shouldn't Trump be trying to save money? What's with his outer-space ambitions? Is he a little loony? He says he wants to advance American "dominance in space." Yup, he's a loon. That's world-war dominance, in case you need a translation. He's putting Russia on notice that it had best seek the same in a new race to world-war dominance, because, as Trump implies, the United States is going to win this one. Why did Trump stress "dominance"? The term has no place in mere missions to the moon or Mars, even if they could land a manned rocket on those bodies, which they cannot. It is impossible to jet downward to any planetary body without a crash landing. The lunar landings were faked (never happened); if Trump doesn't yet know it, he's out of touch.

If they can jet down to the moon, they can jet down to earth. Why have you never seen the Air Force with a craft that can jet down to a wheel-less landing on earth? Because, it's still impossible, even with sophisticated computers controlling the jets. When a craft is not straight up and down (it's going to be tilted from perfect vertical from the start), correcting it by a squirt of gas from one jet to one side, then another squirt from another jet on another side, etc., lends itself to further error rather than to correction. There is no way they could do that with computers in 1970, and no man could control the errors from inside the craft (are you kidding me?). It was a faked landing, therefore. If Trump doesn't know that much, he has no business talking about a space force.

They can't add an unlimited number of jets, for better correction by computer, because each jet engine has weight, and weight needs more gas / thrust to slow the craft's descent, increasing the risk of error. Whenever the craft is not pointing straight down, the resistance to fall is decreased (the craft picks up downward speed). The only way to slow a fall is to have a powerful jet(s) of gas pointing straight down, or almost straight down. Each tilt of the craft to a different angle (using small jets to the sides of the vehicle), on every attempt to correct the tilt, either increases or decreases the fall velocity, complicating the correction because each squirt of gas needs to be calibrated for specific downward velocity as well as specific tilt angle. It would make the computer go crazy. It could not handle the task, or we would have seen such landings here on earth.

It's a suicide mission to try to land such a craft, and yet we're to believe that the very first attempt on the moon, in 1970, was bang-on correct? And they did it again and again in the next Apollo missions without one crash??? Please. Don't be a fool.

Horowitz told Lindsay Graham that Peter Strzok admitted that "Andy" in the office with the "insurance policy" conversation was Andrew McCabe. And Horowitz revealed further that McCabe himself testified (to Horowitz) he doesn't recall whether he was in the office at that time (sounds like he's evading). We have learned that Strzok wrote to Page, "We will stop [Trump from becoming president]," just four days before he says in McCabe's office that he needs an insurance policy to stop Trump. Such confidence on Strzok's part is indicative of his boss(es) being part of this plot. If not mistaken, Comey had already let Hillary off the legal hook by then, and Strzok probably knew not to gather data about her for legal purposes. Strzok's job was clearly to make Hillary look clean.

I assume that Comey brought Strzok to his position at that time. But it gets higher, because the Strzok-Page texts (Sept. 2, 2016) revealed that Obama wanted to know everything about Strzok's investigation(s). That was Obama's way of casting his shadow over the agenda, basicly telling Strzok to do all that the president would like to see done.

Chris Farrell of Judicial Watch pointed out that Horowitz didn't even address this Obama demand to basicly oversee the Strzok agenda. Did Horowitz inquire with Strzok as to what particular message he received from Obama? Or, did Horowitz obtain the Obama message to Strzok? Did Horowitz obtain the messages sent between Strzok and Obama's office as per notifying the president as to what was going on? No, Horowitz has not enlightened us on this matter. And the Republicans are not pressing his buttons on it either.

Horowitz just admitted that Strzok was the lead investigator in charge over the Hillary and Russia scandals. Therefore, a higher-up in the FBI placed a Hillary lover in charge over Hillary crimes, but at who's recommendation? Was it from someone outside the FBI, with a special request to Comey? Horowitz implies he could find nothing to implicate Comey, McCabe's boss, in this Strzok scandal. I don't believe Horowitz on this. He seems to be protecting Comey. Why?

Comey is central in the unwarranted FISA warrants against Carter Page, yet, so far as I've heard, Horowitz has been silent on it. One could even conclude that the Horowitz report amounts (perhaps deliberately on his part) to a media diversion from the FISA issue that Comey fears most. Horowitz knows that Comey used the Clinton dossier to get FISA warrants to spy on a Trump-team member. Horowitz knows darn well that Comey failed to report the crime that the DNC was committing with Hillary. Comey knew this crime first-hand. Comey was protecting Hillary, yet Horowitz sees no bias on his part. Why is Horowitz protecting Comey? Who did Horowitz vote for? Hillary?

Yet, it appears that Comey railroaded, at the last hour, the Clinton effort to railroad Trump. This is the mystery: Comey had protected Hillary, supported the bogus FISA warrants, but in the end wouldn't allow the dossier plot to be carried out against Trump (in time for the election). Steele had to go it alone, without the FBI. It predicts that Comey had a falling out with Hillary, because he didn't want to appear publicly as a contributor to the dossier plot. Hillary would have been furious for his refusal to support the dossier plot at election time, and that would then cause Comey to prefer a Trump victory, because he stood a chance at retaining the FBI-boss job with Trump, whereas he was thinking that president Hillary would fire him. It's a theory.

It was one thing to support the FISA warrants based on the dossier, with no one knowing he had done it, hoping that the warrants would get severe dirt on Trump. But the crime would have been made more gross if Comey had allowed the dossier to affect the election with his full support. It appears that Comey opted not to go that far.

Horowitz has been commissioned to do other investigations by both Wray and Sessions. By the time he's done, he himself could be under the magnifying glass due to false statements / false impressions. Below is Jim Jordan giving Horowitz the gears, but I think Mr. Jordan could have spent his time better asking key questions on what's not yet known (especially as Horowitz seemed to be talking). When I see things like this, it looks like theater on the part of the Republicans. For example, Horowitz needs to be asked whether he knows of other pertinent and similar texts from Strzok, OR OTHERS. Horowitz needs to be asked on Comey-to-Strzok correspondence, or McCabe-to-Strzok / McCabe-to-Comey correspondence on these issues, to force Horowitz to appear biased toward Comey, or to force Horowitz to lie due to protecting Comey. It's not everyday they get the chance to question Horowitz, and here Jordan wastes his time on things we already know, and on lecturing Horowitz.

In the 6th minute of the video above, Jordan forces Horowitz to appear evasive when he won't answer the details surrounding the sudden "finding" last month of the "We-need-to-stop-him" text. Horowitz ought to know those details plain and simple, but responds, "I can't answer that question." Duh. We can study Horowitz's body language to see how strongly he sides with those he's trying to protect. "We need to stop him" may be mild in comparison to what Horowitz failed to show us.

You need to understand. Horowitz is the one who initially released the Strzok-Page correspondence written mere days from the we-need-to-stop-him text, and yet Horowitz failed to give the public the latter. So here he is making appearances, before Jordan, that he could only give us what the DoJ gave him. So, not only is Horowitz blaming the DoJ in this pressure-cooker situation, but it's not a credible pass-the-buck. Surely, since he's doing the investigation, pertinent papers are not limited to his perview based on what the DoJ will or will not grant him. Surely, he has free access to everything without getting permission, otherwise the DoJ can hide everything its guilty of.

Horowitz ends up using the excuse that months of Strzok-Page texts when suddenly missing. So, the FBI may have provided him with this escape route for when he fails to give up the worst material, in case the worst is found.

At 14:00, Jordan is in the midst of asking a FISA-related question, and a Democrat woman pipes up to stop him from asking this question. It should be obvious to us that the Democrats planned on doing this, with the excuse that FISA is not relevant to Horowitz's report. You see, it's the FISA scandal that Democrats are scared to death over, and Horowitz is the DNC dancing clown. Horowitz has been commissioned to look into the FISA scandal; we wait, and it's not likely to come out before the mid-term elections in about five months. At 16:10ish, Horowitz admits that he won't be reporting on anything scandalous if it's not part of his investigative perview. That's why another investigator is needed into these matters, one friendly to Republicans such as Jim Jordan.

Supposedly, Strzok has a lawyer, who came out to defend him this week. Surprise, I wasn't even sure if Strzok was a real person. Legislators are trying to force Strzok to come in person to answer some questions, next week, they hope:

If you are on the side of Intelligence, you can commit crimes with them without worries. But if you leak to WikiLeaks, look out:

Joshua Adam Schulte, who worked for a CIA group that designs computer code to spy on foreign adversaries, was charged in a 13-count superseding indictment with illegally gathering and transmitting national defense information and other related counts in connection with what is considered to be one of the most significant leaks in CIA history.

The indictment accused Schulte of causing sensitive information to be transmitted to an organization, which is not named in the indictment but is thought to be WikiLeaks.

That's from news this week. It's very possible that the leak was intended to expose CIA corruption.

Trump is now fighting "for the American people" against big-bad China. Trump likes to appear like the defender of America, but, first of all, it's not China's fault that Americans are buying so many products from China. China can't force American people to buy their goods. Secondly, just as Trump favored big corporations rather than consumers (or the typical person) with tax cuts, so he favors big corporations with tariffs on China. Fox reporters who are in love with Trump, such as Lou Dobbs, are recklessly suggesting that Trump's tariffs are good for the country. For who in the country are they good? Not the consumer, because tariffs assure higher consumer costs. So, Trump gives the American people a little more money with a tax cut, and then takes their savings away by allowing American corporations to sell them what the Chinese once sold them without the consumer paying tariff taxes.

On the economy, he speaks only through one side of his mouth because half his scheme is to hide / ignore half the realities. He thinks a vigorous economy is when corporations make more money. But someones must be the losers if corporations are taking more of the overall wealth. When Trump gave corporations a huge tax cut, the American people paid for it because government money is that of the people. If you reduce the amount of corporate tax dollars that pay for government services, the people will pick up the tab. Hello? Is there anyone home in the other half of Trump's brain? Trump needs to explain how he will get the extra taxes that corporations save, and part of it, quite apparently, is from tariffs.

You probably think that the world would be a better place if everyone's income could double overnight. But that's incorrect, for products would then cost more to the amount of everyone's increased wages. Trump is the sort of fraud that would boast about increased wages without telling the other side of the coin. If the price of your house goes up, you also need to spend more to buy another house (no gain, no loss), but real-estate companies love increased home prices, and the news media celebrate this as though it's all good for you, but it's a gross sin against those who do not yet own a home. Do real-estate tycoons give a hoot about them? Ask Trump; he was a real-state tycoon.

The next thing to come from Trump is his open attacks on the media, the left, etc., which has caused Fox to be on a steady attack mode so that the left needs to contend with this new chipping away at its most-trusted imagery. I have no idea how anyone can think that the economy should be the most-important issue. The fluctuation of gross-domestic product, the unemployment rate, etc. is always going on, and does not affect workers much at all. Small businesses can be happier at time, unhappier at others, but this should not be the chief national issue for any country when liars, connivers, schemers, conspirators and devils are in the media, not just the news media, but in Hollywood, in weekly magazines, and countless other forms of communicative materials.

There is no other country where people seek money as much as in America, and this is exactly the lifestyle at odds with the calling of Jesus. Godless people are concerned for what money might buy them versus whether God is happy or not with the national morality. Where do you think Trump stands on money versus morality? Sure, he seems to have a sense of right and wrong, but does his political platform show esteem for fighting evil? He does a lot of finger-pointing toward evil in his own face, but evil, which exists in many others' faces, needs to be taken on, subdued, punished, made an example of. Here is his golden opportunity to make an example of evil men in high places, to rip open their doors and catch them in the very acts, but he's more interested in making himself look wonderful in all he does.

These evil men in high places are far-more guilty than merely attacking Trump or letting Hillary-circle people off the hook. They are guilty of supporting the Clintons, Obama, etc., in their long-term agendas for the nation and world, and these "powerful" people are the very incarnation of severe wickedness. If Trump won't fathom the gravity of this situation, it's because he's thinking about his own political survival instead. That's his own evil, which he does not recognize as evil. His sin of omission is blatant. The rats are caught before him, and he has the executioner's sword, yet he refuses to use it for fear of what backlashes might come against his political standing. He'd be ashamed if someone else behaved this way, but to his own sin he is blind. After all, he thinks he never sins.

Rod Rosenstein is an excellent example of severe wickedness in high places. He exposes that this is far more than men attacking Trump, but of men who think they have the powers of thumbing their noses at legislators right under the nose of the president. They are dogged to remain in power. Who might be behind Rosenstein? How does he dare obstruct justice like this? How possibly can he be alone in this arrogance? Is it not clear that there is a cabal? Do we not realize that they, "fake media" included, conspire together in secret? Trump is trying to redeem a dictator in Korea while letting dictators in his own country go free who show no signs of repenting. He's blind to his own sins.

When I heard on Wednesday morning that Strzok was "escorted" out of the FBI building last Friday, it sounded as though Wray's hand was forced to act. Only now does oblivious Wray think it's necessary to announce that FBI people will undergo morality training. But, Mr. Wray, the problem is not so much with lower-level operatives, but with leaders such as yourself who decide the agendas. You are part of this problem. It's the leaders who decide to abuse the FBI for sponsoring the anti-Christ agenda. You are covering for those anti-Christs, and you always do it with a smirk on your face, like one who thinks he's smart. If you really were smart, you would have fired Strzok long ago based on what was already known, and, furthermore, you would have investigated his emails yourself. But we heard not a peep that you were doing so, and neither will you allow others to read the communications of guilty FBI operatives in high levels. It is not Strzok alone that needs to be fired, but you.

And Trump fails the nation by not firing you even though it is obvious that you are obstructing justice and covering for the guilty. The only reason you repeat that the FBI is made of good men is to deflect from the issues, to cover over the rot. It's as though we are to believe, at the wave of your wand, that the guilty are not guilty just because the FBI has good people. The good people are immaterial to the issues at hand, why bring them up at all? The issues are the guilty, and you failed to fire them. You do not wish to fire them because you yourself are rot.

If a political party in power cannot attack the crimes and criminals of the other party, due to acting "merely" out of politics, then both parties can commit crimes with no fear of repercussions from the other party's oversight. There is nothing wrong with the Republicans acting politically to commit Hillary to prison because the Democrats won't do it, yet somebody must. The truth is, instead of Democrats calling for justice, they are the ones acting in mere political bias to empower the criminals. Rosenstein the squeak has much more confidence when the leaders of the Democrats support them tooth-and-nail just to see Republicans lose this battle.

Unless Republicans win this battle to the point that the criminal side is burnt to a crisp so that no one will forget it for decades, the criminal side, when they get back power, will jail innocent people now calling for the jailing of their like-kind. This will possibly be on Trump's head due to his inaction. The time is now to pounce on this opportunity. The Democrats have become the Criminal Party of the United States, and this inevitably will come back to bite all good people who see through them and bite back. This promises to become violent, with murders.

Media bosses need to be punished, because the media fuels the war, tips off the fighters with the talking points and specific strategies. I'm all for leniency and even forgiveness, but this cabal is dangerous and unrepentant. The media anchors and their regular (paid) guests have suddenly become wicked (others say "demented") beyond my wildest imaginings. It's getting scary. I see mass danger ahead. Murderous attitudes have not been leashed.

There's been so much news lately that this Mueller story didn't make it; it shows the Mueller team to be unlawfully unreasonable in its seeking to persecute / jail a former Trump-team member:

I understand why Christians and others support Trump, because it's the best they have, a potential winner in 2020, against the dark Democrats. But they should call Trump out on the things I do, for example, because it would affect him to become better. Instead, for fear of losing 2020, his supporters don't dare criticize him, and so his head is swelling even larger than it was before he took Office. In that state, he could make it go-it-alone decisions that cause his defeat in 2020. At this time, he really thinks that he's wonderful, like a miracle to the country. But he is not such a miracle. It's a false image. What he says publicly is debatable as to whether it's the real position that he holds versus image-making for himself. Politics creates image-makers.

Some good news is that Trump wishes to ruin the Democrat goal of obtaining illegal Mexicans for increased votes. The idea is to flood the nation with illegals who one day become legal and therefore voters. In the meantime, the plot includes the racist or anti-Mexican accusation against Republicans to better assure that Mexicans vote Democrat. The other good news is that the Democrat deep state has seen its anti-Trump plot backfire, so far, anyway, and the oversight Republicans should cause the backfiring to become more explosive in time for the mid-term elections. As Trump's approval rating stays steady instead of declining, the Democrats are becoming desperate, and are using tactics that even the Mexicans can see for what they are. But Mexicans will still vote Democrat because their track record says so. It is wrong to favor Mexican illegals at the expense of American dollars, but Mexicans will yet vote for the party that dishes out money to illegals, and which protects them against the law. In this way, most Mexican voters are thieves and law-breakers.

Hillary is still making public appearances, thanks to Trump's poor attitude against the deep state. There is no question that she hopes to become the presidential candidate again. If she doesn't, the Democrats don't yet have a viable person to run against Trump. The other good news is that Paul Ryan won't be the Speaker after the mid-terms, and, hopefully, some anti-Democrat man will get the job.

Below are some comments on FBI issues from Larry Klayman that Fox hasn't covered. He suggests that Wray is acting the way he is for fear of repercussions from FBI people. I'm not so sure it's that alone. A man who is a justice king does not behave this way for fear of what subordinates might say or do. Wray does not deserve this job. He's a failure from the get-go. A justice king puts his job on the line in order to punish and remove those underneath him who promise a fight if he goes after them. Those like Trump and Wray who wish to create the impression that most FBI people are unlike Comey are sorely incorrect. The FBI is infested with liberal junk that needs to be retired. More than half the FBI, from top to bottom, is corrupt. There would be nothing to fear if it were otherwise. Look at scaredy-cat Trump, for example.

If Oversight cannot get respect, or if the criminals laugh the oversight committees off, it is the president's duty to take the smirks off of the faces of those who disrespect Oversight. The president has permitted the deep state to ridicule Oversight, and even to defame it. Shame, Mr. Rump, you are a shameful ass. The same should be done to you as you are allowing the criminals to do to Oversight. Banging their heads against the wall, they even came begging to you for support, and you have not helped them. You farce. Step down, let someone better take the job.

By Thursday night, I heard that Mark Meadows was preparing subpoenas for the DoJ, for some days off. Wake me up when it happens, for this is another broken promise from the oversight Republicans. They promised "action" if the DoJ did not comply this week. At the last minute on Friday, the DoJ just sent a letter saying it hasn't had time to gather all the requests. But most requests have been out there for months. The DoJ is laughing at the Republicans, toying with them.

Meadows was hoping that Trump would just order the documents from the DoJ, but, apparently that's not going to happen this week. We now wait to see how the deep state thumbs it nose at the subpoenaed next week or the week after that, or maybe never. This is sickening. What's needed is for a president to put his own man inside the DoJ to do his own investigation (no one can deny him whatever he wants to see) in similar fashion as Horowitz did it, but a man who is like Jim Jordan, for example. The very thing needed is not going to take place because Trump is a fraud.

On Friday, Fox confirmed that a subpoena had been issued to Strzok because, although he said he would speak to congress, he wouldn't set a date. We now get to see how these delinquents treat a subpoena. If Strzok shows up, he will minimize his words that the news has been talking about, and deny that there was any illegal motives to his words. And the leftist media will support him, calling Fox news nuts to think otherwise.

On Friday, I heard from Lou Dobbs that Mark Meadows is stepping aside from wanting to replace Paul Ryan, and that Jim Jordan therefore has a chance to become the speaker. Last month, Hannity endorsed Jordan as the new Speaker, but I think establishment Republicans don't want someone whose opposed to deep state. We shall see what revelations this could result in, on the Republican divide.

Even if Rosenstein gets charged with contempt, the documents are not immediately forthcoming. It results in a court case, and Trump is permitting things to go down that belittling avenue. Why isn't Fox talking about this Trump failure? Because, Fox sucks mother's tit, never to speak against the Republican president. Fox has the thumb in mouth, hasn't grown up yet. Put a pacifier into Hannity's mouth, it suits him. He's not wholly a man of truth because he's firstly a Trump groupie. The nation is breaking asunder, and Trump wants his groupies to start a personality cult around himself. That's Hannity's project. I simply don't comprehend how a grown man can be so always-Trumpish no matter what he does. It's so much fun to attend a Trump rally, the president told his supporters this past week. Wow, such humility. The avid supporters blame Sessions and Wray and Rosenstein, but never do they blame Trump. They're bewitched.

Ahh, here's a man/woman of truth: "As a Trump voter his ongoing inaction is not acceptable to me..." (comments section of a youtube video). In effect, Trump is guilty of obstruction of justice. He needs to step down because he deserves jail. He has the power to unveil the crimes but has, for months in a row, failed to act. Justice is slapped in the face by this president, and his groupies don't care. Mama Tweety Bird just keeps feeding them the worms and grubs, and they continue to chirp happily all day long. Trump had admitted in his tweets and other public comments that there are criminals afoot in high places over the departments he's the boss of, yet he has done nothing to get them prosecuted. What a despicable duck. Someone slap him across his mouth the next time that he speaks on crooked Hillary, and rebuke him to his face: "Do something you quack-quack"!

Here's what's needed a long time ago. Anytime a news reporter makes a false statement that is easily assessed as deliberately dishonest, he/she is forced to appear before a court set up for this purpose alone, of monitoring the media. The person gets up to 30 minutes to explain why he/she said the offending thing, and if the judge doesn't buy it, there is a penalty of up to $5,000, depending on the seriousness of the false statement, and the case is made public, or available to the public so that there is shame and ill-report added to the financial penalty. All of a sudden, reporters will tell their bosses, no, I'm not going to contribute to that false story. The media will get cleaned up.

Below is an example of Time trying to clear itself from some false reporting. Time admits that the little girl at the US-Mexico border, which just appeared on the front cover of TIME, was NOT separated from her parents, which was the implication of both the cover and major media:

CNN and others are trying to blame this crying girl on Trump, as though he is somehow responsible. This easily deserves a $5,000 fine, and even jail time for defaming the president. The girl was crying probably because it was dark with headlights in a strange situation after weeks of migrating across Mexico. It was the mother's fault that this girl was crying. In fact, she could be accused of abusing her little girl with such a trip / endeavor. If the media then blame an American citizen for this, before the entire nation watching, then this deserves jail time, to clean up the fake media. What is wrong with the Republicans that they can't come down hard, immediately, on this sort of false reporting??? Free speech, okay, but deliberate-defamation-by-false-reporting never. This has become the staple for CNN and others. It is tearing the country apart a lot more than what illegal Mexicans can do. They ruin normal, common-sense thinking, and lead into erroneous thinking with enormous evil consequences such as gay marriage and the right to smoke pot (makes the mind hazy, perfect for making the youth susceptible to liberal thinking and turning them into Democrat voters).

The media are outrageous; lying, conniving, defaming. And the only thing Trump does is to quack about it. Do something. Set penalties for false news. No court in the land can strike down an executive order demanding that media cease from conveying false / misleading material. Set up the punishing rod. Crime and sedition are at your feet, and you propose nothing.

Mr. Trump is a product of the Tanzanian devil. He's a whiz alright. He enchants his followers. They fall to his spells as he spoils them. How can he make America great again if he is not a great man? He is permitting the nation to fall to liars. He is allowing the liars to have voice without the punishing rod. He wants Mexican lawbreakers in jail with their children, but the mobsters in the media, and in his DoJ, he lets off the hook for much greater sins than seeking a job / life in the United States.

The Democrats are the real criminals, wishing to have illegals in order to obtain their votes. They need to be punished, but there is no one to punish because the president is AWOL. If there can be an Executive Order on behalf of keeping a child together with a parent, why not an Executive Order to keep the nation from falling to the Democrat mob? Punish false reporters. There is already liability set up in the courts for issuing a false report. The only thing lacking is punishment. Once the false reporter has been charged, he/she will be on the best behavior until after the court case is over, and even beyond. Correct the madness of the Democrats. Use the punishing rod, because they cannot be talked into using their good senses. They are snakes who, with professionality, fashion their lies as good arguments. The Tanzanian devil needs to spin back and make an example of certain media bosses. Add a little zing to life by jailing a few.

If there can be zero tolerance against people wanting a better life in the U.S., why not zero tolerance against media conspirators? Priorities, Mr. Quack, priorities. They conspire seditiously, and pit American against American, calling all Americans to join the sedition? But where is your punishing rod, you moron? Entire states break the immigration laws, and the mouse you put over the DoJ has yet to show muscle...because he hasn't any courage. What a mess you have made of things, all at your feet, and yet you refuse to clean it up. You have urinated on the White-House floor. Clean it up. Bend over and wipe away your error. You missed the target. The toilet is that'a way, but you spattered on the wall in this'a way, and it came down to the floor at your shoes. Don't leave it there, get rid of Sessions, Wray, and, in the meantime, replace Rosenstein. The solution is so simple, but this president won't apply it. He prefers to go onward in his own mess, complaining, but never getting out the mop to make things right. Is this the man who will make a nation great?

WikiLeaks has done an unexpected thing. It just published the names of thousands of ICE agents (uphold immigration law), which strikes me as a shot across Trump's bow. One would rather expect WikiLeaks to get on Trump's good side, yet this latest leak looks like retaliation against Trump for the sorrows now being experienced by Julian Assange. In other words, as WikiLeaks stated a few weeks ago, Assange's woes at this time are due to the Trump administration. This is in-line with my view of Trump Fraud, who could receive, with a phone call, Assange's evidence against the Democrat rats, but has decided instead to forego it...because the president has no desire to punish the deep state. Don't be fooled: Trump is an elitist who understands elitist corruption, and tolerates it. Such a one could also come to practice it.

Matt Gaetz made FBI agent #2 an issue when questioning Horowitz. Gaetz resolved that this mystery agent was bounced, by the FBI leadership, from the Clinton "investigation" to the Trump-Russia collusion plot to the Mueller probe, just like Strzok and Page had done. That's why the people want to know the agent's name. It's known that #2 is another anti-Trump troll. It seems impossible to carve Comey out as unbiased under these conditions, for he oversaw these trolls as they were bounced around from task to task.

By Sunday, the DoJ has come out with its latest stall tactic: "The House Judiciary Committee and House Intelligence Committee had requested more than a million documents from the FBI and DOJ related to the Clinton investigation and surveillance of members of the Trump campaign during the 2016 presidential campaign...But a spokesperson for Ryan told The Associated Press on Saturday that the department had partially complied with the subpoenas and had turned over more than a thousand new documents" (Fox, no other details). Wow, they no-doubt turned over the least-damning things, hoping they can buy more time before a new threat / deadline is issued.

The few Republicans that the people can count on: "However, House Freedom Caucus Chair Mark Meadows, R-S.C., pushed back, saying that the documents handed over relating to the subpoena by the Judiciary Committee are just a fragment of what was subpoenaed. He told Fox News that the additional 1,400 documents produced this week related to just one section of the subpoena: FBI and DOJ officials' requests to review surveillance records of the Trump campaign or Trump administration...This represents less than three percent of the potential universe of documents for that section.'" In other words, out of almost some 46,000 documents (how do they know that number exists in the first place?), only 1,400 have been given up.

How do we know whether the 46,000 weren't screened in the first place, with the most-damning ones destroyed from the records? The plotters can save themselves from jail, but they cannot save themselves from the exposure. The rocks are being laid bare, and we want to know what is beneath them.

The oversight committees do not even know yet who it is that is causing the stalls, or responsible for dishing out the documents, whether Rosenstein or Wray. A committee (Nunes, I think) has asked this question and demanded the answer by Monday night.

Here is Mr. Goodlatte asking Horowitz a question touching upon Obama. What I think the question goes to is whether Horowitz investigated Obama's role via his communications with the DoJ. Horowitz responds in such ways, with lots of uh's, as to show deliberate incompetence, clearly covering up for Obama's role. His long investigation, which we all thought was being thorough therefore, didn't even touch on Obama's communications. Duh.

The reason that the DoJ is "complying" is because a court case on the matter could order the DoJ to give up the entirety of the request in a certain short time. It is an incredible exposure of elite American politics that the department of justice is committing the crime of obstruction of justice right before the eyes of the people. The most insidious part about it is that the DoJ under the Republican leadership is covering the evils of a Democrat administration. This plays to the conspiracy "nuts" who have been saying for years that both parties are infested with Illuminati. It makes sense because we expect the wicked to infiltrate, to control, both parties. Until this is well understood, the people will not realize the full magnitude of the cancer in Western governments. It is not true that most FBI officers are good. God is not a liar. Most people are evil, He says, and this applies to law-enforcement people too. Evil people by nature practice a good image to fool others.

On the outside, the rocks appear beautiful, but underneath they are foul. This is the image that Wray wants for his FBI, otherwise he's king of stench, and there is no honor in that. Jesus revealed the sin of the political rulers, that they seek honor for themselves, loving to be greeted, "Rabbi," in the marketplaces. Everything they did was imagery for men to see, but in their hearts they were thieves and capable of murder.

It is incorrect and false to say to the people that the economy is on fire just because two more Americans out of 100 is working now that was not working under Obama, or because the average worker is saving a few hundred dollars annually on income taxes. It is incorrect to say that the nuclear threat from North Korea has been minimized since there was never any threat. It was a manufactured threat, a manufactured monster. No one in the CIA believes that North Korea would bomb the United States, but the CIA wants the people to believe in such monsters, especially the Russian and Chinese monster. And so because the CIA is making such monsters, monsters they are becoming for real, for as the military keeps-on demonizing those super-powers, and keeps-on building bigger military to subdue them, the monsters will build their own bigger military until, guess what? Armageddon.


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