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Jun 26 - July 2, 2018

Trump's Test on his Pro-Life Promise is Here

For best results, take the time to load the Coats to see them for yourself. Load the first-Coat link I offer (or open one here) to get a tab open, and then open more if needed. To check a description in the Coat of Arms, type the surname at this page:

Most of this update is on deep-state news and my opinions thereupon, but something happened on Sunday afternoon that got me into some heraldic thinking. It started when I found myself reading the story of Ruth and Boaz (great-grandparents of king David) on Saturday night. I have always found it curious that Ruth was instructed by Naomi (mother-in-law) to put on some perfume and lift Boaz's sheet at his feet in some sort of romantic gesture. Boaz, instead of taking her by the hand and inviting her to cozy up with him, decided that she could sleep down by his feet. Maybe he was wavering.

The next day, as this was on my mind, I was working with a substance that got wiped accidentally on my bare foot (on the heel). Hmm, the timing was such that I thought I had best check the Foot surname to see if there is anything there as per its trace to Boaz. I hadn't yet realized that I was working with it beside the corner of the computer desk. This is the corner of the desk where the Bible still lay open from the night before, still at the story of Ruth and Boaz.

Okay, so, I asked to what ancient people group I had traced the Foots and Fothes'/Fette's. And this turned out easier than I thought when recalling the decent evidence that Foots are from the namers of Foetes, also called Fussen, which I suspect as a term related to Fucino, which I trace to Foca (ancient Phocaea), in what was once Lydia directly offshore from LesBOS. What a boazincidence. However, this doesn't convince me that Lesbos was necessarily named by a descendant of Boaz, for it could be that something similar, in his ancestry, named Lesbos.

There are a couple of things to add. Heraldry has footLESS martlets that can trace with Less' / Liss' / Leslie's to "LESboz," and then back to Laish, origin of the Levi surname (my opinion) that shares the black-on-gold chevron with Foots and Fothes'/Fette's. Moreover, while Merovingians are of the Marsi, they lived at lake Fucino, and then the footless MARTLet is part-code for Charles MARTEL, who was a Merovingian in his direct ancestry. Feets/Fade's/FadMORE's use footless martlets. I don't know of any heraldic martlets with feet, suggesting a very fundamental merger between Foot and Martel liners.

But there's more, for while Merovingians were named by a term related to mythical Merops of Kos, there was a god of Edom, Kos, and Edom's capital was BOZrah. Make of it whatever you wish.

It may be a big deal that the supreme court upheld Trump's travel ban by a 5-4 score, with all four liberal judges voting against, meaning that Gorsuch voted for Trump. This and other things tend to show that Gorsuch will judge responsibly on all social issues that Christians care about. I tell you, the killers of Scalia are puking at this time, for they had hoped to tilt the court liberal. I hope it hurts very badly. What next? Another murder of a conservative judge?

I had noticed that at least three of the four liberals were Jewish, and was wondering whether Stephen Bryer, the fourth, was also Jewish. I loaded the Bryer surname at houseofnames, but saw no indication of Jewishness. However, Wikipedia says he's Jewish! Just look at that. Does it look a little conspiratorial? How can it be otherwise, if with so few Jewish people (by percentage) in the American population, all four liberals on the supreme court are Jewish? And they regularly vote for the issues, no matter how sinful, that liberals advance. Sin is sin because it hurts someone. Just look at how liberals don't mind hurting people innocent of their charges, who don't approve or desire their sinfulness.

When I saw that Bryers share large ermine spots with French Balls, I started to wonder. I've recently had reason to see Balls from Alexander BALAS, a Seleucid king, and I've been saying that his bloodline went through Sulcis (Sant'Antioco) of Sardinia, and that SARDinia was named from SARDis, the Lydian capital. It just so happens that while ermine spots were suspect with a line from Hermes, Sardis was on the Hermus river. But there is more to prove that ermine spots are from the worshipers of Hermes who named the Hermus river. In fact, Hermes was probably named after that river.

An ermine is a mammal, and the Arms of Vannes -- in Brittany, where French Balls were first found -- uses an ermine mammal. Hermes had a caduceus symbol, meaning that he was from the Cadusii Armenians, and Lake VAN happens to be in Armenia. If we think that's coincidental, no it isn't, for the Cadusii, I have gleaned, named Hattusa, as well as Kutaisi of mythical Aeetes. That's why I've been able to glean that mythical Attis/Atys (i.e. like "Aeetes") was code for the Hatti that named Hattusa. It just so happens that myth writers (fanciful) made Attis the father of Lydus (he didn't exist), mythical founder of Lydians.

Plus, there's an online statement that Attis was: "A son of Nana, and a beautiful shepherd of the Phrygian town of CELAENAE." It explains why myth writers had Hermes' birth at CYLLENE.

Amazingly, this section of heraldry from Bryer on down was written days before the incident with my foot. As I said, the substance was wiped on the heel, and this recalls that Achilles was suspect as per "Cyllene." I never did prove it, however.

As Vannes was founded by the Veneti of Armorica, it stands to reason that the Greco-Italian Veneti, and their Wend/Vandal branch in the north, were from Lake Van. As Ferrara is at the Veneti theater, French Bryars may be with the Ferrari lion. English Bryars are also Brays/Brars and use a "{deFIANce" motto term that could be for a branch of Fane's/Fiens / Fiens/Finis', especially as the latter share the same lion as French Bryers. I even trace Finis' to Finistere, in Brittany north of Vannes. The Voirs/Voyers, first found in Penhoet and Gripel, at Vannes, use a passant lion in the same colors, and it's the North lion too while I have been saying that Norths and their Nordi/Denardo branch are from the Neuri, suspect with the more-ancient Nairi of Lake Van.

Herodotus (proto-Herod?) said that Neuri turned into wolves (ceremonially, we may assume) annually, and there is a wolf in the Fien/Finis Crest. It's a brown wolf, the color of the Irish-Gard wolf, and an Adige river along lake Garda flows into the land of Italian Veneti. There is a question on whether "Gard" and "SARDis" were related terms. The Fiens/Finis' were first found in Kent with English Gards. The latter's "fidele" motto term is code for Fiddle's/Fidelows, who use wolf heads.

The Fane's/Fiens ("fano" motto term) use GAUNTlet gloves, and while Fiens/Finis' are said to have been from Artois (beside the first-known Bryers in Picardy), where a Lys river flows to Gaunt/Ghent, the Gard Chief has three griffins in the colors of the three eagles in the Ghent and Side Chiefs. The Suty/Sidey branch of Side's has two "nothing" motto terms while Nothings are listed with NORTHens (in the colors of both Fien surnames).

Northens/Nothings share the Seaton/Sitten dragon, informing us that Side's and Sutys/Sideys were a branch of the namers of Sitten/Sion, and Hermes was from month Hermon (my personal discovery), location of an ancient Sion summit. The Suty/Sidey Chief is in the colors of the Gard / Side / Ghent chiefs.

The North / Nordi / Voir lion is that also of Masci's, first found beside Fano. Maschi's are from the Amazons of Pisa, beside the birthplace of Hermes. They are suspect at the naming of Mus at Lake Van. Herodotus said that Amazons of Mysia and Lydia had been from the Thermodon river, home of the Khaldi, who I see as proto-Celts. It just so happens that Nairi-like Nairs share the blue pheon of Celts/Colts, first found in Perthshire with Nairs. Nairs share the mermaid of Sion-liner Walsers and Glass' (same star as per the Arms of Sion / Wallis canton).

The Celt people group (whom I see at the naming of Grecian Calydon, and the Caledonian Picts at Perthshire) were in Illyrium, and myth writers gave Harmonia, an Armenian term, as the mother of Illyrians. For the father, they chose CadMUS, part-code for Mus at Lake Van, and part-code for the Cadusii Armenians.

It means that Armenians were in Phoenicia, because they said that Cadmus was a Phoenician king. Panias, Daphne and Laish were in Phoenicia too, all at mount Hermon. These three towns, all within a dog walk of one another, trace exactly to the Peneus (obviously of Pan, Hermes' son) and Ladon rivers at Pisa, home of the Amazons that myth writers made the wife of Pelops, a Lydian king, and a friend of Hermes...which speaks to the Lydians on the Hermus river having named the Ladon. Pelops' wife was a daughter of OenoMAUS, giving appearances that Mus' Armenians were at Pisa as its Amazons, in which case the Amazons of the Thermodon area (at Mazaca) must have named Mus.

Mazaca-line Maschi's use pine cones, symbol of Dionysus' thyrsus rod, and while Dionysus was a chief priest of the Kabeiri, Attis, who himself had a pine-tree symbol, was the god of the Kabeiri and the related Galli that I see as proto-Gauls (also called, Gali).

I trace the pagan Levites of Laish through the Galli priests (had a castration symbol suspect as play on Mosaic circumcision), and through the Ladon river and Calydon, to the Laevi Gauls who founded Pavia with the MARICi, suspect in code with St. MARK's lion in the Voir/Voyer Crest. The latter may have been a branch of Boyers / Boys, and as such can be a branch of the boy pulling down a pine tree of Bute-liner Bothwells. Galli-like Glass' were first found in Buteshire, and Walsers use the goat, which can trace either from Pan or from the other mythical goat, Marsyas of Phrygia, whom I see as the line to the Marici, part of the proto-Merovingian Marsi.

Merovingians claimed to be from the Veneti, but I was able to trace them to mythical Merops of Kos, father of PANdareus. If "PanDAREUS" strikes us as a line from the Dareus-named Medes, we can trace that picture to mythical Medea, the myth writer's code for the Medes (in the 8th century BC, scythians were at Lake Van, Medea and Lydia). Medea was the daughter of Aeetes, of Kutaisi, yup, the Cadusii Armenians. His mythical kingdom was of the real Lazi Caucasians, and they were given the spouse, mythical NERgal, whom as "NerGAL" looks like a Nairi mix with the Galli of Hattusa. Nairi are suspect from, or of, Nahor, Abraham's brother, and Keturah, the other wife of the same Abraham, traces to mythical Medea and all sort of entities related to this discussion.

[Insert - As was said, this section was written days before getting to Boaz. Nahor's second-listed son was Buz. Medes may have been from a son of Keturah, for example Medan, and this may have led to Medleys / Methleys, who I see sharing the pierced stars and fesse of Foggs / Figgs, the latter two suspect from Foca because Methymna and Mytilene are on Lesbos. Medleys use a "FIDES" motto term, you see, and Fothes'/Fitte's (same place as Leslie's) are also FITTES' and come up as "Fido."

Medleys and Fothes' both use black stars, as do RUTHs/Rothers/Randolphs, hmm. The latter, though first found in Moray, location of ROTHES castle, are said to have named Routh in Yorkshire, where Mars were first found, suspect with the Ross lion. The "InDUSTRia" motto of Fothes', a term shared by this
Arms of ROTHESchild, is suspect with Dusters who happen to share the arm in armor with Armors, who in-turn use the same stars as Morays. Armors could be from Cotes d'Armor, to the direct north of Vannes. Armors may have been named from a line of Hermes, and moreover the Hermus river flows by Foca and has a mouth onshore from Lesbos.

Irish Ruths share the white stag with Fothes', Austins that come up as "Aust," and D'Oust-suspect Dusts/Dousts, the latter first found in Oxfordshire with Amore's/Armers who can be with the bars of Drummonds, who may have named Kildrummy castle of Mar. There is a D'Oust location near Roquefeuil, and while Rockefeller lines (e.g. Rods, Rocks, Fellers, Fallis') use the trefoil, so do Dusters and Foots. The Hotts are said to be from D'Oust, and they share the red, spread eagles of Tarents/Tarans while Mus at Lake Van was at Tarun. End insert.]

Pandareus was made the father of mythical Aedon of Boy- / Bute-suspect BOIOTia (land of Cadmus and Harmonia), which I trace to Butua, beside Keturah-line Kotor.

Attis' father, Manes (king of Maeonians), is expected to be the same as mythical Maeon, father of Cybele, Attis' wife. It's obvious code for Maeonians, but I expect it from Armenia's Mannae. This page says that when Cybele married Attis, he was called, Papas. Hmm, Pavia was also Papia, and as I see Pepins behind this, Attys is suddenly traceable to the Hyksos king, Apepi/Apophis, for her story at the link above says that she was brought up be shepherdesses, which looks like code for the so-called Shepherd Kings, the Hyksos. They are suspect from the Armenian god, Haik/Hayk.

I didn't know about this papas before, so far as I can recall. It seems perfect for tracing the Galli to the Laevi Gauls.

Remember, Attis' mother was a shepherdess, and he himself is called a shepherd at the link above. I don't remember knowing this before. There was a shepherd seer, EVERES, obvious code for Avaris, the Hyksos capital. Everes was the father of Tiresias, who owned Hermes' caduceus. Tiresias was an alternative father of Daphne, besides the Ladon dragon or the Peneus river being her others fathers (depending on the myth writer and his particular storyline).

Cybele (or Kybele, as I've called her), in the link above, is given the madness and cymbal symbols often given to Dionysus' Maenads, obvious code for Maeander-river Amazons. That was Cybele, therefore, a Maeonian-river Amazon on her father's side, and so the real Cabelees peoples might have been such, unless they were Sangarius-river peoples (to which Cybele also belonged), at Pessinos. I've always claimed that the Hyksos were non-Israelite Hebrews who made up the Kabeiri, and yet the pagan Levites were Israelitish Hebrews (by blood only) in that mix. The "Danites" of Laish, and mythical Danaus, the ancestry of Cadmus, were from Tanis, a chief city of the Hyksos. Cadmus' more-direct ancestor was Poseidon, code for the Pisidians, a fellow tribe with the Cabelees, and the namers of Pisa.

Again, Merovingians traced themselves both to the Veneti and to a sea-bull which they called, Qinotaur. After seeing the Brauer surname in the news, I loaded them to find them with a Breyer variation, and with a giant eagle in the colors of the same in the Arms of Aquileia (half in the colors of the same of nearby Este). The Brauers/Breyers (German) are also Browers, and there is an English Brower/Breyere surname first found in Devon with Thors/Torre's, and said to be from Tor/Torre abbey in Devon. The tower of Thors/Torre's is red, as is the tower of Spanish Murena's, and the latter's happens to be in both colors of the same of Italian Torre's, first found in Piedmont and having a bull in Crest that probably links hard to Piedmont's Turin.

This is all great for more than one reason, one being that I trace "CHILderic, the name of the first Merovingian king, to CILnius Maecenas, husband of Terentia Murena. That's why Tarents share the Child/Chill Coat in colors reversed. I have traced Terentia's brother (Aulus Terentius Varro Murena) to the Walsers, who happen to share the mermaid with Browers/Breyere's of Torre, amazingly enough. Aulus Murena conquered the Salassi (Saluzzo's namers?) in Este-like Aosta, in the neighborhood of Piedmont.

Aquileia is in Padova, where Abreu's/Abruzzo's were first found who use a white-on-red tower that, in colors reversed, if the Thor/Torre tower. And while L'Aquila is the capital of Abruzzo, the Marsi-branch Merovingians, who may have been the very founders of Merovingians, lived in Abruzzo (it's the location of Fucino). It is therefore amazing that Spanish Torre's use five towers half in the colors of the Abreu/Abruzzo tower, and colors reversed from the Murena / Torre towers, and in the pattern of the five wings of Portuguese Abreu's. Murena's (Castile, same as Torre's) even use a couple of eagles in the black color of the giant one in the Arms of L'Aquila.

In the last update, the following insert was added:

A couple of weeks after this update, I was checking through a file of Arms not from houseofnames, and came across an Arms of Avis that was sitting right next to the giant lamb in an Arms of Avellino. The Arms of Avis is a giant flory cross in colors reversed from the similar Grenon cross, and as Bouillons use the giant flory while Wikipedia says that Eustace II (father of Godfrey de Bouillon) had a Gernon name, it appears that Avis'/Avisons, who named Avesnes near Eustace's Boulogne, were linked to the line of Godfrey de Bouillon. Avellino is in Campania, which is the alternative name of Champagne, and it's known that the elite of Avesnes married rulers of Champagne, which is why Avesnes-like Avezzano's share the crutch = potent feature, on a bend, with the Arms of Champagne. The Templar cross of Jerusalem is a potent cross.

It just can't be a coincidence that Avezzano is smack at Mount Velino. It predicts that Avellino liners were Velino elements. As I said, I am descended from a Taddei family from the area of nearby L'Aquila, and Taddei's share the Bouillon flory cross in both colors.

In the Arms file (I was at the letter 'A' section), I also saw a potent cross in an Arms of Armenia, meaning that the Crusaders / Templars injected themselves into Armenia.

In this other Arms of Avellino, the lamb is sitting on a book. What could that be about? Or is it a Bible for the Bible/Bibo surname?

The Marsi are expected to have been the Marici of Pavia (Piedmont), and the latter place is where Pero's/Pierro's were first found who were a branch of Peare's with Pearl/Perle variations. But I didn't know of a Perlo location in Piedmont until reading just now that Italian Torre's were rulers of Perlo. This now allows us to peg the lion of English Marks (Marici suspects) as the Abreu/Abruzzo lion, especially as these Marks were first found beside the English Thors/Torre's sharing the red tower with the Perlo Torre's.

German Marks, with a common eagle but in both colors of the Murena eagles, use spears on both halves of their split Shield, which is split in colors reversed from the same as Tarves'. The Chives', the namers of Chivasso at Turin, were first found in Tarves, and the Tarves Shield can therefore be closely linked to the Mark Shield. Chivasso happens to be on the Bautica river with Ivrea, the latter being home to an Arduinici branch. Arduinici trace to the naming of Artois, location of Avesnes and Boulogne, and the Artois capital (Arras) is in the Arras surname that uses the Murena / Thor/Torre tower in Crest, for Cilnius Maecenas was from Arretium, now Arras-like Arezzo.

Why should German Marks use spears? Tarves is in Aberdeenshire with the first-known Turins/Thurins, and the latter's boar heads are gold, as are the Speer and Roet boar heads. I'm entering Roets because they use a book while the Avellino lamb sits on a book. Moreover, Roets and Books/Boggs trace to Boofima elements Imperia/Oneglia, where Doria's married Arduinici, and the Doria's share the Candida eagle while Candida's were first found near Avellino (and Aquila), and while this eagle is also the eagle of German Marks. The crossed spears of Speers are in the Coat of Pasi's/Pascels while Pascals/Passe's share the Templar lamb with Avellino. This all goes to mythical Avalon of mythical, Arduinici-liner, king Arthur.

As the Eustace surname (stag) is an obvious branch of Stacys and Staggs, all three of which use stags, note that there is a stag in the Coat of the Piedmont Torre's, very linkable to the Arduinici. The "me" motto term of Eustace's can be expected with Mea's whose cross would be the red one of Eustace's in colors reversed. Mea's are the namers of the Meu river, which touches upon the Armor area of Brittany where Motts/Mottins were first found, and the "ImMOTA" motto term of L'Aquila is suspect with Mota's. The Portuguese Mota's use five fleur in the pattern of the five fleur of Portuguese Abreu's, and the five towers of Spanish Torre's.

Italian Mota's were first found in Calabria, the Arms of which use the potent cross, and these Mota's can be gleaned with Motels, and the latter's horse has an ARM in its mouth suspect with the namers of Armor. Mota's are from Mottola, at Tarent-like Otranto, and Motels were first found in nearby Taranto. "CALABRia" is the origin of king Arthur's ExCALIBUR (or Caliburnus) sword i.e. the myth writer invented the sword as code for Calabrians from mount Alburnus, near Abreu-like Eburum. Calabria was also Bruttium, like "Aprutium," the older capital of Abruzzo. On the Lucania map at the link above, Avellino, as Abellinum, is shown near Eburum. One can trace this picture to the Round Table of the Illuminati, and even expect the False Prophet from the future remnants of that group.

The Eburum theater is near the Enotri expected in the Simson motto, and that's who can be in the "tutisSIMA" motto term of Armors. "TuTISsima" should also be for the Tiss'/Teece's, highly suspect with the Ticino/Tessin river (location of Pavia and the Marici), especially as Ticino-suspect Decks/Daggers (Prussia, same as German Marks) share the red squirrel with SQUIRE's/Squirrels while Armors use a SQUIRE's helmet. The Amore's who come up as Armers were first found in Oxfordshire with Peare's/Perle's and Saluzzo-line Clintons.


The supreme-court decisions this week, both with 5-4 decisions, were unanimous, because the four Jewish judges rate for nothing. They do not count. They voted against because they are drastically out of touch with normalcy. If four normal judges were there instead, it would have been more like 9-0. This is why Trump needs to pounce and clobber the Democrats while he still can, to reveal Obama's corruption, and that of other leading Democrats. Yet Trump has done virtually zero to make such revelations. It's disgusting. It's cowardly. It's shameful, in light of the huge stakes involved. Both the voters and the supreme court are still borderline, and can tilt the nation back into liberal hands. This president STINKS! His big mouth accomplishes NOTHING.

Trump will get another chance to show his colors because Anthony Kennedy, one of the supreme-court judges, just announced his retirement in five weeks. Could he not have announced this earlier? Anyway, the president gets to choose his replacement, and this could send the liberal nation into a tailspin, unless the president fails with this too. Will any of the judges be safe from now on, if the social temper of the nation begins to swing hard toward the rules of God? I'll believe it when I see it.

The timing of the need for a new judge couldn't be better, near the mid-terms, for increasing liberal-voter turn out. The liberals are pulling their hair out over this. It's why they wanted to impeach Trump, for they knew that three supreme-court judges could retire before 2020. That's why they so-badly wanted president Hillary, and you can be sure that the highest court, had she become the president, would have been dismal. But, perhaps, God refused to allow the hope of Christians to go that sorrowful. Instead, we hope, He's making liberals sorrowful, but that is not the best word in describing their condition at this time.

On day one of the retirement, everyone's talking about the court changing the abortion rules. That would be as easy as the Republicans choosing and voting in an avid pro-lifer. But will they? What if they don't? What if they so disappoint Christians that many don't come out to vote, so that liberals have a great victory? That's what Trump and/or the Republican establishment can cause. Christians have been waiting for, and working toward, this situation for decades. The acute moment has arrived. Let's see what happens. They used the "nuclear option" to get Neil Gorsuch voted in. Why not use it to get a pro-lifer in too?

In fact, why not chose a devoted Christian (not a Catholic)? Isn't America a democracy? It's supposed to be. And Christians play a big part in the country, so why not a couple of Christian judges to reflect their values? Again, there are four Jewish liberals on this court, and Jews make up only about two percent of the American population / voice? That's so lob-sided, biased toward Jews, no coincidence, we can be sure. These sorts of Jews have destroyed the walk of Jesus in the country. Hollywood has been much the Jewish stench of Hell. Jews in high places war against Jesus, you can be sure. This is what God has His sites upon, the satanic synagogue of the Jews.

Kennedy, a Catholic, sided with abortion rights, the stink bomb. Good riddance.

Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) warned President Trump and Republicans against nominating a Supreme Court justice to replace Anthony Kennedy prior to the 2018 election, and demanded they reject any nominee who would seek to overturn Roe v. Wade.

This man will be aborted by God, no joke, and will not have life anymore. He gives all the rights to a mother who would actually kill her child, and gives zero rights to the child. Therefore, God will abort this man from life, and he shall no longer have it. It is very near for old-man Shumer.

Strzok gave a criminal matter over to the criminals to investigate:

We still don't know the full extent of the damage Clinton caused, because the inspector general reports that the FBI intentionally chose not to follow every potential lead of compromised classified information. The report notes that "Strzok further stated that the FBI's 'purpose and mission' was not to pursue 'spilled {classified} information to the ends of the earth' and that the task of cleaning up classified spills by State Department employees was referred back to the State Department."

Strzok gave the excuse that trying to figure out who got the email material was so-so hard, like chasing fruitlessly to the end of the ends, and this excuse set up his giving the matter over to the criminals responsible in the first place, who knew all along that Hillary was using a private email system. Strzok likely gave the matter over to one(s) he knew would protect Hillary.

There was talk in the week before the report came out that the Democrats were barking up Horowitz's tree to have him change / redact some of his report at the last minute, before it went public. The "original draft" in the following quote speaks to that, I think: "But we did not know at the time that the original draft included one more sentence: "'That use [of Hillary's private email] included an email exchange with the President while Secretary Clinton was on the territory of such an adversary.' According to the inspector general, 'This reference later was changed to "another senior government official," and ultimately was omitted.'" So, Obama becomes a "senior official" to hide his knowledge of this trespass, and then Horowitz agrees to complete removal from public eyes. The pinnacle of damning evidence was removed from public eyes.

In short, Obama knew she had a private email when doing his official government business, and we don't need Horowitz to inform us that Obama wanted it that way. It may have been his decision to destroy the emails. Forget going after Strzok, Mr. Nunes, Mr. Meadows, Mr. Gowdy, and go after Obama, Holder, and Lynch.

Where is Trump's pick for the leader of the state department? Why isn't he spilling any beans yet? Because, probably, Trump is an imposter who directed him not to speak on Hillary's business at the state department. Or, at least, he's not asking him to fetch that information. It would divert from the spotlight that the president wants on his own agendas. Everything his government does needs to reflect back on him, or he's not interested. He accepts and fuels congressional oversight into Clinton / Mueller matters because he can use it to better his standing.

The state department under Trump has had a year and a half to unveil suspicious emails between Clinton and her staffers, but there has not been a peep. Figure it out. Pompeo had about a year to reveal CIA corruption, but not a peep from him. That's why it is possible that he, as the new chief of the state department, won't snitch on Clinton. Trump doesn't want the news to be filled with Clinton crimes, does he, at the expense of his own business taking less spotlight. But there could be other things behind Trump's inaction that only his body language will tell.

Every day, the anti-Republican press accuses the people in charge of Trump's government as dismal failures one way or the other, with the task of toppling the Republicans in coming elections, and while Trump holds the cards to do severe damage to their beloved Democrats i.e. the Obama government they supported blindly, he refuses to play those cards. Why why why? Why isn't Fox discussing this sort of question? Why does Fox suck Trump's tit when he gives no milk? How will this cause Trump to call for the dirt on Obama players that's imperative to better assure election wins for Republicans? Fox does the voters a disservice by kissing up to president Empty Vessel. Can we name one bombshell report that Trump is personally responsible for, or even one that he boasts responsibility for? Some Democrats, like Hillary and Obama, are waking up about this time to the fact that Trump really is their best friend.

If Trump does act, the Democrat leaders will secretly call for violence in the streets. So be it. Justice cannot be sidelined due to threats from the guilty. Those who incite violence must be swiftly punished, or others will do the same. Was Maxine Waters punished this past week? No. Wray did not arrest her. But if Trump arrests inciters swiftly, the deep state will have not many willing to be their tools to that extreme. There is nothing wrong with Trump calling Wray up to suggest some action on Waters, for she was bucking the nation, on national television, to attack Trump supporters. She walks away? What next? Does Trump become afraid of making waves for fear of riots and violence? That's exactly the Democrat game to be expected. Trump the Man On Empty can't even depend on asking Wray to support him in case of civil disobedience. That's how dismal this appears, yet Fox continues to talk as though Trump is a shining star.

The Democrats are showing the thug's club, warning Republicans that the club will come down if they push too far. The Democrats exist as a political power house precisely due to Republicans going weak at the very sight of this club. Democrats place the club into the hand of their Neanderthal, the liberal media. Republicans are deathly afraid of this giant. That's why Democrats are not the fringe party they deserve to be. If there's going to be civil disobedience, much better if it comes with Republicans in power. The Neanderthal does not have a level head, let's put it that way. He's not capable of thinking properly because he's blinded by demonic control, literally. That's why he dares to hold the club of satan's chiefs.

Democrats are clearly poised as satan's chiefs, to murder God from the central position he deserves in society. That's what this political fight is all about. That's why satan's sons are feeling sick this week over news on the supreme court. It has all come at once like fast arrows penetrating deep into their thick skin. What can we expect from this but a ramped-up political agenda to attack Trump even harder? They are going to fit the end of their club with steel spikes, and they will dress their Neanderthal with armor. Expect it. It's a great time for Trump to show his courage, but, alas, judging on his track record, he might no NOTHING but heckle.

It's a great time to weaken this Neanderthal by exposing Obama's crimes. Nothing can make the Neanderthal look like the dope he is but to force him to support criminal activity in government. It is working well to this time (with the Neanderthal looking more stupid than ever), and so the obvious solution is to ramp up the exposure on their beloved Democrat chiefs. That's what will evaporate the centrist voters from the Democrat camps. That's what will win Republicans electoral victories (unless they blow it on other matters).

Shumer came out to say that Waters was wrong to call for "harassment" on Republicans, but I say that Shumer is speaking the political-expedient thing while truly desiring to see Republicans clubbed in the streets. That's where things stand. The order to bash Republicans comes secretly, therefore, from the Shumers in the party. They hope they won't get caught, but how else can they stop the exposure? The deep state is the thing that calls up politicians, secretly of course, and threatens their families. Politicians need to come out more, taking Chaffetz's attitude, to reveal that they were threatened in phone calls. The Democrat rat needs to be exposed and pierced through. It is not enough to expose it; it must be given the Death Blow. Jesus will appear at No-Mercy Time. The sons of the wicked shall not arise to rule the earth. Gog, the Big Skull, will be destroyed by the sling-shot of Jesus Christ. The stage has been set. First the exposure, then the Blow.

It could be gleaned that Waters and her supporters wanted more than harassment. She is not the first person to call for violence. Shumer is sending the message that Democrat politicians should not call for it; let lower-level Democrats do the inciting instead, right?. Aside from these drastic actions, Democrats are projectors. If they are portrayed as dopes or insane, they instantly come out to call Republicans dopes and insane. All their own sins they deflect / project on their enemies. They have no problem deflecting Trump's heckling; they project it back on himself. But if Trump starts to actually do something to expose the Obamaites, you WILL see violence spring up suddenly, and you can probably guess correctly that certain Democrat chiefs call for it secretly.

Here's an example of projection: "During an expensive fundraiser in Beverly Hills on [June 28], former President Barack Obama accused 'the other side' of being 'angry all the time.'" This comes as Democrats are showing anger to violent levels. Obama's tactic must be to pacify Republicans so that, in their anger, they don't move up the ladder from Comey to himself. I say, stay the course indignantly, because the other side deserves punishment from Obama on down. Another statement making the news: "One interesting twist is liberal ANGER at Kennedy for having the temerity to retire shortly before his 82nd birthday after three decades on the court." If things don't blow their way, Obamaites get angry. And you can be very sure that Obama has taken a severe blow with Trump's positioning to virtually destroy the liberal court. Liberals ought to be very happy that God did not direct Christians to use violence against anti-Christs. It is God's will that He gets to enjoy the vengeance.

Chicago Tribune: "Trump promised during the campaign that he would try to overturn Roe v. Wade. 'Well, if we put another two or perhaps three justices on, that's really what's going to be — that will happen,' Trump said during a debate." Yet I don't trust Trump, especially for this promise. I don't think anyone yet knows whether Gorsuch will vote against abortion. I hope that God's time has come to forever curb abortion rights. I hope the liberals who supported abortion are driven mad before being dumped into Hell like pieces of garbage. I am ANGRY, and rightfully so. Pity the believer who is not angry with liberal tides in this generation. "Do not let the sun go down on your anger" pertains NOT to things such as liberals advancing satanic / anti-Christ values.

Trump, although he lives a liberal lifestyle, which is why I don't trust him, is under the gun for his pro-life promises: "'The most important commitment that President Trump has made to the pro-life movement has been his promise to nominate only pro-life judges to the Supreme Court, a commitment he honored by swiftly nominating Judge Neil Gorsuch,' said Marjorie Dannenfelser, president of the Susan B. Anthony List, an anti-abortion group." It's very good that Kennedy retired just as the mid-term elections are getting into swing, just when Trump wants conservative senators the most. But Trump might play to delay the confirmation process (for a new judge) until after the election, if he wants someone who's not pro-choice. A pro-life woman on the Supreme Court would make Obama and all his ites VERY ANGRY.

Trump is the kind of guy who would praise Kennedy, as he just has, even though Kennedy voted for such things as queer rights, state-recognized queer marriage, and abortion rights. Good people do not recognize queers as husband and wife. That's an absurdity, a mutation of society into a Frankenstein. But, the queers will call us the Frankensteins for not getting with the new liberal waves, the tides that seek to drown God. And that is precisely why God is ANGRY. Make no mistake about it. The liberals are headed for unspeakable torment. They will not escape, they will not win.

The battle is playing out in America, which is why I'm covering related American politics in these Iraq Updates. This American situation is expected to culminate into the False Prophet who supports and assists the coming Seleucid "king" of Iraq. Sometimes, it appears that it won't be in my lifetime (next 20-25 years), but we may be surprised. I have no way to predict the timing. I can only speak of how I see the False Prophet, as a fake Christian and likely an American president. This past week, there appeared an article on how Clinton failed in securing the Christian vote. Good luck, anyway, but the point is, the next liberal president might just pose as a Christian. There are not a few of these types in the Democrat camp.

You should listen to, from Devin Nunes, the civil war coming to a head:

If you listened to that, you heard Nunes say that his relatives and friends have been threatened, as are many Republican leaders. BIG QUESTION: what is president Trump, who has recused himself from taking action, going to do about it? Yes, he has recused himself because, likely, he's been threatened too, with dirt on him exposed, if he takes action. The president looks like a lame duck to take action. He needs to step down because the left will score with a lame president.

Trump tweeted this week that he's staying "uninvolved" (recused) because of the Mueller probe. Spit! What king of excuse-me is that? It's a recuse-meself. Step down, you imposter! Let president Mike Pence have a crack at this.

Nobody but the devil's children respect the Mueller probe, and here the president is showing respect for it? Spit! Outside one side of his mouth he calls it a witch hunt, and here he implies that it's respectable enough that he can't take action against the DoJ. The two things are not even related, because Mueller has his investigation to take care of, and the House has its investigation. Trump has fabricated an excuse to excuse himself from taking action on behalf of the House's investigation. Trump is therefore showing more respect for Mueller's probe than for Nunes'. Call a spade a spade: Trump is an imposter, a fake, a lame horse. Shoot him and put him out of his misery. He has done nothing good for humanity, anyway. He only fakes a good image. He is filthy inside the cup, full of greed for lavishness. All he cares for is re-election, just like bad-apple Republicans.

This attitude from Trump comes as the enemy calls for violence against Trump's people. Is this the time to take a back seat? What an enormous failure. He fails even his own supporters, most of whom are lulled into thinking that he's their savior.

Mark Meadows this week said that part of the documents sought are conversations between Strzok and McCabe. That is such a natural thing to want to see, and while these conversations are expected to show a gang-up on Trump, he does nothing to obtain them. What mystery is this? Part of Mueller's falsified evidence against Trump can be fathomed as rigged claims made by McCabe and/or Strzok, more reason that all their conversations should become known also by the Republicans, to keep Mueller from reporting fabricated evidence.

The DoJ has shown its sensitivity to the Republican report that it has acted with deliberate stalling. The DoJ is now trying to make it appear that it is doing all it can to expedite the documents. In other words, the bad press on the DoJ is working against the plotters, slowly, anyway. If this goes to court, a judge can take into consideration the stall tactics, and hammer the DoJ into quick compliance. The Republicans need to take this to court, because president Rump is sitting on his fat rump.

We all know how Trump likes and wants to take credit for victories, all the more reason that he's under a cloud of shame for recusing himself on this matter of obtaining the documents. There is something very big stopping him from scoring big in obtaining the documents. He has decided that his prospects as president is more important than getting the documents at the price he thinks he'll need to pay for doing so. That's called selfish and a lame-duck failure, and that's why he needs to step down. So long as he postures himself as vehemently opposed to the deep state while not obtaining the documents, he's an imposter.

The Intelligence community shackles enemies by threatening to expose one or more of their sins. If you claim to be opposed to this sort of thing as president, you need to confess your sin openly so that the trolls no longer have the power to shackle your attack upon them. Confess your sin, Mr. Trump, and then jail those goons. The country cannot tolerate the mobster-style control measures they utilize. Confess your sin, and then be truly great. Probably, Nunes and others know that the sin that shackles Trump has to do with the porn witch.

Fox and Friends quoted Trump's tweet this week where he excuses himself from getting involved with helping Nunes, but, like sucking Trump's tit, the Fox show did not discuss why Trump thinks he can't get involved.

Here's Bill Bennett on Fox mentioning that the best alternative is for Trump to order the documents. There is a movement pressing the president, but ever-so-lightly pressing him, at this point:

As you can see, one commentator suggests that Trump does not want to embolden his enemies in their accusation of his obstructing justice, when he orders the documents. But this is no argument at all, for the documents do not belong to him, nor can he write them as fabrications. Whatever the documents speak, they speak. They cannot obstruct justice. On the other hand, they can reveal FBI / Obama criminality and can thus have the opposite effect of obstruction...a huge score for Trump, yet he refuses to do this simple thing. It seems that his excuse for not doing so is bogus. He's lying to his voters.

I don't think anyone is asking Trump to get documents that are directly of the Mueller investigation. I think they want conversations from times prior to the Mueller investigation, on things relating to the Trump attack, and thus this can add light to the Mueller investigation, the very light that Mueller wants in the dark forever. It's such a win-win-win for Trump, yet he's been a complete failure.

On Monday night, Rosenstein snubbed his nose at Nunes. It doesn't take a wise man to realize that the following response to Nunes, from Rosenstein, is an admission of guilt, because instead of the response, "the FBI sent no spies against the Trump campaign," it instead says that it can't reveal answer the question because it entails the revelation of the names of the spies, which threatens their persons:

The Justice Department on Monday declined to answer requests by House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes...

Nunes had given Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein until 5 p.m. ET to say whether the FBI had used "informants against members or associates of the Trump campaign and if so, how many informants were used and how much money was spent on their activities?"

In his response to Nunes, Assistant Attorney General Stephen Boyd said: "Many of your requests relate to documents and information regarding issues surrounding confidential human sources that are solely in the custody and control of the FBI."

"The FBI retains and has the ability to produce the documents requested in a manner consistent with its obligation to protect confidential human sources and methods," Boyd added.

That's the same as saying that the names of the spies cannot be publicized. Secondly, Nunes wasn't asking for any names. He asked how many spies. So, you see, on top of stalling and obstruction, Rosenstein just admitted guilt. It's time for court. It's time to arrest Comey on the charge of using Intelligence apparatus to confound a prime election candidate. Excellent question, Mr. Nunes, right on target. Send in another arrow while Rosenstein pulls the last one out of his arm.

The deadbolt, Adam Schiff, clamored that Nunes' questions are unacceptable because his purpose is to assist Trump's legal team. Let me get this straight. If Nunes gets factual information from the DoJ that happens to help Trump's cause because it hammers Mueller's cause, that's somehow against the rules of play? Mr. Schifoso, deadbolt, open your door and become hospitable to what you know is right.

A June 28 headline: "House approves resolution demanding DOJ documents by July 6". ANOTHER DEADLINE? They're kidding? This looks laughable, but it makes Trump look even worse for tolerating this anguish. Trump is responsible for this mockery of the House. Keep on with your inaction, Mr. Nobody, because it will reveal your true heart to more potential victims of your facade.

Look. Another heckling fit from Trump on the sidelines: "Lover FBI Agent Peter Strzok was given poor marks on yesterday’s closed door testimony and, according to most reports, refused to answer many questions. There was no Collusion and the Witch Hunt, headed by 13 Angry Democrats and others who are totally conflicted, is Rigged!”" As you can see, he (or his tweet writer) took the opportunity to score points for himself as per Mueller, but the president did not say that Strzok should be jailed, which is far-more important than merely clearing himself from guilt on Russia-collusion. The latter did not happen, but Strzok was put in charge by Comey to conduct a government-sponsored crime, and this ball should go all the way up to Obama. That's what's important here. Someone at Fox should tell this president to get his mind off himself, and to start punishing these crimes for the good of others, or these goons will be back in power with vengeance on the brains. Fox reporters will become their targets after Trump is gone, and Trump will be responsible if he does nothing now to send the goons a very painful "reward."

I'm serious. If these goons get away with this, they will consider themselves extremely superior, and will strike back due to it. But if they suffer mortal wounds for their behavior, they will be subdued both now and when Trump is gone. As we can see, Trump is permitting them to gain confidence in their games. He is the number-one culprit. He is in charge, and he is the one permitting this to take place. Wake up, Fox.

Don't you find it incredible that the president doesn't appoint a team to look into Obama's part in the Comey FBI? Don't you find it irresponsible on his part to hand that investigation to Horowitz while the DoJ is under Rosenstein? I can't tell you enough what a failure this president has been, precisely why Fox is guilty of giving the opposite impression in hopes of winning the coming elections. There is something more important for news media than contributing to the winning of elections, and that's reporting truthfully.

Look at what else Trump said on June 28: "Trump also said Thursday that Strzok took 'orders' from Comey and former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe..." What about Obama, Mr. president? Ahh, Trump is concerned only with Comey because that's got to do with himself. It figures. But what about all those crimes that Obama is expected to have partaken in? The president doesn't care. If it doesn't touch on himself, he doesn't care. He could demand all of Obama's emails to the state department's employees, for any given year. He could appoint four teams, one for each year of Hillary's working under Obama, and each team could have charge of sifting through one year each of his emails to Clinton's staff, because, when Hillary destroyed her government emails, Obama became suspect in crimes and unethical plots. The new president has the responsibility to look into such a matter, but this president has done nothing, and even allows his own DoJ to practice laughable stall tactics, and to accuse the House of unethical conduct. When the president calls others disgraceful, he needs to look at his own lack of performance.

It's been over a week since congress oversight promised action against Rosenstein / Wray. I haven't heard a thing. Is this something to laugh at? Or cry over? Mark Meadows appeared on Fox to talk on what little he could concerning the closed-door meeting with Strzok, saying that the latter's legal team advised that he not answer most questions. Step by step to nowhere, it appears. Fox then reported that Strzok refused to answer whether he was in contact with the owner of Fusion GPS, and the response was that his attorney counseled him not to answer that question. So, he clearly did contact Fusion GPS. Doesn't Rosenstein, the goodie-goodie actor, or Wray, the smug actor, want to know what sort of sewage Strzok was receiving from Fusion, which at the time was purchased by Hillary Clinton?

Rosenstein appears to actually believe that he's not a fool for supporting the Mueller probe. He shrugs off half the people he rubs shoulders with who believe that his Mueller probe is a corrupt farce. Rosenstein is hanging more than his own hat on this; he's hanging his neck on it too. That's why he doesn't want the probe to end, because they haven't yet figured out a way to justify it, or to make it work. Unless they figure a way to make it work, he'll be exposed as the fool. And whatever happens to Trump, if it works, too bad, he deserves it for allowing these predators a high road.

Trump says that so long as the Mueller probe continues, he can't demand documents from Rosenstein. It may therefore be the truth that while he calls it a witch hunt, he actually doesn't want it to end. As of this week, Trump has cause to demand Strzok's communications with Fusion GPS. Actually, Trump had cause to ask for this sort of communication long ago. Where has this fool been all that time? What sort of a fool points the guilty finger at Strzok, but then fails to so much as ask for the evidence of guilt? This speaks to me of Trump's dark side. What exactly goes on in that dark half?

Jim Jordan is on fire. Take a look at this fiery display from out of the gate, a great example on how Republicans should go on the attack, with passion. Rosenstein is saying with a straight face, as Wray just has, that he has complied with the Committee requests for documentation. Well, partially, slowly, and only after a lot of game-playing to slow / confound the process even further. As with Wray, note how Rosenstein has confidence, thanks to Trump who has permitted this very situation. So long as the DoJ gets to hide the damning evidence, Rosenstein can have confidence, and then make the House look like it's the fool. I say on their behalf: thank you, Mr. Trump.

Rosenstein had all his fightin' words decided and prepared beforehand. That's how I read him. He takes precautions to have the pat answers to the expected Republican accusations. He refuses to take the blame for the redactions, blaming others under himself, but this is unrealistic on such a high-level controversy. Surely, those in charge of submitting documents are going to check with Rosenstein's office, chiefs of staff, or directly with him, OFTEN. But he has decided to give appearances that all suspicious play in document submission is not his fault. This can backfire on him because he's under oath with that claim. He and Wray are now taking the tack of bragging on how many tens / hundreds of documents they have handed over, but, the question is, are they deliberately handing over innumerable nothing-burgers to waste congress' time? Probably.

I'm starting to believe that the exposure is just as much about Trump as it is his enemies. I will continue to make light of his inaction, or, if he impresses me, I will speak on that. I would like to know whether Trump has silenced Julian Assange.

Democrats in the US Senate have urged Vice President Mike Pence to press Ecuador’s government about the asylum it grants to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

Senator Robert Menendez, the ranking Democrat on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, and nine other Democratic senators wrote to Mr Pence to say they were extremely concerned about Ecuador’s protection of Mr Assange at its embassy in London.

Mr Pence was beginning his stop in Ecuador on Wednesday as part of a three-nation tour of Latin America. He will meet Ecuador’s president, Lenin Moreno, to discuss trade and the crisis in Venezuela.

The New-Daily article (June 28) says about nothing more. We can understand why Democrats want Assange shackled and gagged, but we do want to know what Trump is up to on this matter. Why has Trump not revealed his position on this mystery?

WikiLeaks, in my opinion, revealed that Seth Rich released the DNC emails. Trump, if he's normal, has a pretty good idea that Democrats had Rich murdered. If Trump doesn't take such a thing into consideration, then he's not watching his own back well enough. The same sorts who killed Rich also killed Scalia. Piled on top of the terrible disappointment of those who killed both, thanks to Trump's election, there is the compounded disappointment from Trump now getting to choose a second, third and possibly a fourth supreme-court judge. This is more than "justifiable" reason to murder Trump. It should be taken seriously.

He's said that he reveal his first choice by July 9. Wow, that's fast. Some impressive things about Trump is that he seems to work hard, and that the report about his being decisive is true. But he ruins any positives with a bad brand of decisiveness, normally called hastiness, or, in the case of his bombing Syria, outright corruption (he knows that Assad didn't use chemical weapons). Trump has told me that he's not to be trusted. If he hasn't told you, you haven't been watching him properly. His supreme-court pick is more-likely to be someone who will support his coming agendas rather than being especially pro-Christian values.

Here's Matt Gaetz trapping Rosenstein with the question on whether the Trump attack occurred before a July date stated by the DoJ as its beginning. Rosenstein tries to duck by saying that he wasn't there at the time, I dunno, duh. Gaetz then asks whether he looked into this matter, and Rosenstein, realizing he's been trapped, says, oh, uh, of course (my words). In that case, why does he act like he knows nothing about it?

The video above has reminded me that Horowitz is investigating the FISA scandal at this time. Rosenstein is banking on Horowitz to clear him of guilt, but the best way to check his guilt is for congress and the public to see the FISA applications, and the surrounding material. Never mind asking Rosenstein questions, let's see the documents, Mr. Trump. Mr. Trump? Are you there? Where exactly are you picking your nose at this time? What respect, exactly, do you deserve, you Tanzanian devil, spinning out your successes with bragging, and using these scandals in hopes of increase your senatorial powers in the mid-elections; I can see your game. You don't want to deal with the war on yourself when demanding the documents, in which case, it is true after all: you are obstructing justice. As president, you have no choice: you must reveal these crimes even if it upsets you or brings the entire Democrat house down upon you. Your behavior is marred further by the fact that you have half the country backing you, who will fight for you. Instead, you are letting them ALL down.

Nearing the three-minute mark of the video below, Rosenstein seems to be trying to justify not reading the FISA application that he himself signed, but the likelihood is that he's only claiming not to have read it so that he can claim non-guilt for its essence. I just about fell off my chair when hearing from Rosenstein the same that Gohmert assumes, and when the two turn up the volume on each other, not once, NOT ONCE, does Rosenstein blurt out, "yes I read it," not even at the end of the five minutes when he is given a clear allotment to respond to that very issue. \

We are learning their game. Rosenstein assured that Horowitz would do investigations in order that Rosenstein need not answer any heavy questions to congress with the excuse that the ongoing investigation won't allow him to divulge information. He freely answers any question that he knows will assist his reputation, and one investigation or another does not figure in at those times, but when heavy questions come his way that have answers which make him look bad, suddenly an investigation he cites won't allow him to answer. And that's why Rosenstein has a detestable, smug smirk / look on his face, because he's confident he can win the game with congress based on an assortment of excuses not to answer the hard questions.

Rosenstein therefore wants the Mueller investigation never to end so that he can hide information based on it.

So why don't the Republicans resort to the sheriff to seize everything? It's a gamble because the press will lambaste, but the alternative is to be treated openly like a fool. Thank you, Mr. Trump, for that.

Here's wild but mild-mannered Larry Klayman with a no-nonsense show on this deep-state situation as it stands. The show is on the "dog-and-pony show" (lame, do-nothing) that describes Klayman's view of congressional oversight:

In the 34th minute of the Tucker-Carlson video below, he has a guest telling (and showing) of a new video at Mandalay Bay, with police officers standing there while a mass murder takes place, exactly to be expected with a government operation to fake this mass murder (not necessarily meaning that no one was killed).

Go to the third minute at Laura Ingraham for a discussion on why Trump won't demand documents for congress:

Watching Laura here, she brings a good point to mind, that where Rosenstein cleared himself of redaction accusations by saying it wasn't his job to redact documents handed over to congress, then why didn't Rosenstein unredact the redactions when he heard, a long time ago in the news, that congress was unhappy with the redactions? Instead, Rosenstein did nothing to clarify the redactions, by-and-large, anyway. He therefore lumps himself in with those who were hiding / confusing / overloading things. But Laura gave Trump a pass on the issue in the paragraph above, meaning that she too sucks Trump's tit. It's not a very nice picture, I know, but I intend it to be a nasty picture, for Trump is being very nasty as this frustrating charade drags on.

Don't get me wrong, I like Laura's solid / outspoken / genuine approach and vivid revelations against Trump's enemies. As compared to liberal news people, she's fathoms thicker than their thin ice. But fear or absence of criticizing your own president has no place in news media. Trump is woeful on this matter, like a key part of the enemy. It is high time to criticize, if only to change his attitude and get him to win the day. It can be done if they try, and they have started to try over there at Fox.

Forget covering the ICE diversion. Give the liberals something to really rage about: demand Obama's communications with Strzok, McCabe and Comey. Why stay centered on Strzok alone: go after the king-pin of corruption, their ex-president. But Trump is loath to do so; you need to ask him why. Fox? Are you there?

The video below on Rosenstein's body language, though not exactly shared in a saintly fashion, is as entertaining as it is informative. Rosenstein is too confident, as though he has a powerhouse behind him. I personally think he has Nazi types, but, the problem is, he's Jewish. Uh, what sorts of Jews might be behind him? He knows his task today, to vindicate himself against Republican accusations:

A solid point in the video above is that Rosenstein did not apparently greet Wray, unless they talked before entering the chamber. There does seem to be ice between the two, very interesting indeed. The part I detested the most, and laughed at, is Rosenstein's face in the 17th minute, where he talks about the non-merit of his own recusal. How can Trump stand to be witness to this arrogance? Rosenstein seems to know that Trump "cannot" fire him. How do we think that situation has cropped into this game? Why is Trump playing second fiddle to this detestable Rosenstein?

Rosenstein had to come to this meeting in denial of the dark and looming clouds over his head, anyone of which could burst at any time to upset his game, make it game-over for him. In the same way that McCabe from not candid under questioning, ditto for this goon. He has definitely made a lasting impression. The mention of Sally Moyer, in the 31st minute, really bothered him, but he escaped because Gaetz let him, and to keep Gaetz from coming back to her, Rosenstein starts to gab to another track.

This video has shown that Wray seems uncomfortable with his boss. I wonder, will Wray come to terms with the charade he's being forced to play out? Will he break from Rosenstein and squeal on him? The deep state never knows who will end up betraying, which is why it always monitors the phones and computers of those expected to be loyal. This is no way to operate a country, and I'm beginning to think that Rosenstein's bosses are those trolls who have their own spy machinery outside of government buildings. Surely, this sort of spyware, amongst the shadow government, has been around a long time.

Throughout Trey Gowdy's time allotment (same video), he's got his index finger pointed at his head as though it were a gun. In the last couple of weeks, Gowdy has come-on strong with a new look, a new attitude. He no longer sounds like a Mueller advocate, and he appears to wear humiliation on his face, like one who got beat up, as per when many on Fox lambasted him openly for being a Mueller advocate. It's a good turn of events, and that finger pointed to his head may be his subconscious way of telling the people that he had been threatened. If that's true, even so, he appears decided that he will not play the stunted board on the fence any longer. Go Gowdy. Be genuine, make back your name for yourself. Get off the fence. Nunes needs you because Trump is useless.

The video above did not include the clip below where Rosenstein dodges the question on whether Mueller has spoken to him concerning expanding his investigation to other territory not part of the original scope ordered by Rosenstein himself. This yap-yap evasion tactic seems like proof that Rosenstein wants to hide behind the block wall of the investigation. Rosenstein can keep all of his secrets behind that wall. Rosenstein finally reveals that the questioner's question has merit, but the questioner wants to know whether Mueller asked him, initially, to enlarge the scope. I think it's more likely that Rosenstein asked Mueller to increase the scope, and that's what Rosenstein is afraid of, being caught with this latest move just when even Gowdy is telling him to put a lid on this Hell hole.

So, the Mueller-Rosenstein team, seeing that Trump will not order the documents until the Mueller investigation is over, have enlarged the investigation therefore. Logical. And, I say, thank you for that, Mr. Trump, you traitor. You are letting these rats get away because you failed to set the rat traps. They are the black rats, and you are the white-house rat. You have made them so happy thus far, just look at that happy face on Rosenstein. They attack you rather than you attack them. You throw mere words at them while they gather the legal chains to be worn around your neck. They send moles into your turf to check out your attitude, to spy out your behavior, men bent on treason, and you fight back with mere insults. What's wrong with you? That's really good-going, Mr. President, you really dig into them from day to day, but is that all you're ever going to do?

Rosenstein is the one who recently threatened to open up (spy on?) the communications of congressional staff. That's a rat cornered. He probably intended to let slip that he has the means to spy on them, and to punish them by the powers thereof. What is that called? The invisible powers. The goons under the throne.

Those who want to manipulate the electoral process also want to manipulate the country between elections. This is not the time merely to restore the good reputation of the FBI. This is the time to save the country from villains intent on exploiting the country, president after president. This salvation is what Trump promised, and this is what that white rat has failed to apply himself toward. He's an imposter.

He even fails to tell the people that his tax cuts are being eaten away by higher consumer prices and higher borrowing. Higher wages means higher prices; the free market system works just like that. You can never win with free market unless you are one of the money-grubbing Trump, for example. Had he not become president, he would be, right now, seeking ways to expand his earnings, obscenely. Trump will never know what the eye of a needle looks like from the inside. He's just too fat to pass through it, and his gloating makes him all the more a fat rat. I'm not talking about body fat. If the Pharisees were camels, Trump is a blue whale. Last I heard, Pharisees were not running casinos, sleeping with porn witches, or letting their wives pose in sexually-explicit ways for all other men to see.

There is a good chance, with some additional time, and a near civil war if and when the House takes Rosenstein by the horns, that this president will feel compelled to order the documents into public view. But even then, I predict that, barring a miracle from God, the documents will show little guilt because the DoJ has had plenty of time to hide the damning parts. In fact, the congressional requests for documents has allowed the DoJ to parse through and separate much of the damning material. What's needed are some traitors amongst the Obama rats, those who can be convinced to come out to testify against their chiefs.

Rosenstein is feisty and quick to exonerate himself against Republican accusations. Therefore, why didn't he just say that he had read the FISA warrant, when under fire on the accusation that he did not, and be done with it? We fully expect him to have said so, whether it was true or not. Who could prove otherwise, that he had not read it? My takeaway is that he had prepared beforehand to "confess" that he had not read it (for example to Horowitz when questioned by him) because that is the lesser evil as compared to admitting that he knew exactly what faked evidence and conspiracy plot the warrant contained. That's why Trump needs to demand this warrant, and to declassify it so that all the people can see the corruption of Comey, Rosenstein and others.

It is a lame excuse not to release a copy of this warrant on the grounds that Horowitz is involved in an investigation. For, the investigation is not a criminal one. Horowitz's investigation is intended to enlighten both the public and the punishing rod of the state. If therefore the investigation is to enlighten, there is no risk of anything if the public is enlightened on some documents prior to Horowitz ending the investigation. Besides, the people have a right to see the documents themselves because Horowitz may himself be involved in covering up the serious crimes of his fellows. There is no risk to security, or anything else, but the guilty, if the people see the warrants, and the details behind their issuances. That's what the punishing rod is demanding, and that's what Rosenstein is covering for. And that's what Trump is covering too.

We can even wonder whether Trump chose Rosenstein as Session's deputy on the condition that he cover everything up so that Trump could make a deal with Rosenstein's invisible bosses to keep him free from their harm. As unbelievable as this sounds, it is a logical explanation for Trump's attitude. One might argue that, under that condition, Trump would not publicly humiliate Sessions and Rosenstein, a good argument. This week marks the first week that Fox has removed Trump from its tit to ask, why won't you sign the documents?

Trump badly needs Fox to win in the next election. Fox needs to remove Trump from its tit, then slap him whack-whack swiftly to the face in both directions, and finally ask: why won't you declassify the documents? Since Trump doesn't know how to blush at his own inexplicable failure, someone needs to make his face red in another way. Call him out openly, chide and embarrass him if necessary, if Fox really cares for the nation. At this point, the battle needs to be the people versus Trump. He has shown his colors on this matter. He has no cards to play in order to defend himself against anyone who challenges him. The shadow government is attacking him, giving him full rights to demand any document that will prove his innocence. He has no cards to play in excusing himself from this demand.

His voters should want to know why he is behaving as he is, assisting the shadow government. The people should take this criminal cabal to task, for it fears the masses more than anyone. Right now, it's using the Democrats to protect itself. In the future, it might use the Republican half to defend itself. The cabal is a parasite that needs to be surgically removed, piece by piece, until the infected part of the brain center heals. Trump and Wray are in positions to take the knife into their own hands, and to be wildly popular for healing the nation, yet, even while this president promises to make the nation great, he abandons its brain center with this infection, then brags about his tax cuts and his biggness on North Korea.

The body-language video above showed that Wray feels woefully inferior to Rosenstein. My take is that Wray, knowing the corruption of the FBI, has chosen to play Rosenstein's tune. This is woefully to Wray's discredit, explaining why he looked extremely unhappy at the question period. His conscience is bothering him. he has made the wrong decision, to protect his own job while letting the country down on behalf of aiding Rosenstein's cover-up. Shame, yet Trump does not reprimand him.

We are all capable of gross sins if the conditions / situations are set up for us to that end. We can all slip into doing things we know are wrong and compromised. The ultimate question is whether we continue to the end with gusto toward the sin, or whether we come to regret it and alter course. The latter will become the knife in Rosenstein's back. When one turns to Jesus, he/she betrays satan. Fox has surprisingly been a great boon for the country in this fight against the deep state, but at the final act, we fear, it may get hung-up (like a computer crash) on Trump, and fail to carry out the necessary task. If this hang-up continues as long as into the mid-terms, it will become a sore spot for many voters (it's already a sore spot to many). It will appear as though Fox has compromised itself, delivering entertaining theater more than the knock-out punch everyone expects.

In the video below, now about six months old, Wray is before congress while Matt Gaetz asks him whether the FBI paid for the Steele dossier. He could have said, no, or I don't know, but instead said that he will not answer questions on the FISA matter, which seems like an admission that the FBI did pay for the dossier. Does it seem to you that Wray was in repentance mode at the time, or more like in the midst of his sin? He hides his known truths behind the Horowitz investigation, and refuses to be of any help to those lawmakers who want to catch the criminality. That is, the FBI director sides against those responsible for unveiling the criminality. See anything sinful in that picture?

Six months later, Wray was giddy on Horowitz's practical exoneration of the FBI. Wray had not yet repented. He was still intent on covering for the crimes of the previous FBI bosses. Trump saw this. The lawmakers then asked Trump to intervene. Trump did not intervene. In fact, we have not heard whether Trump even responded to the lawmakers' letter to him, wherein they asked for his assistance. Safe to say, Wray sucks.

On June 21, Nunes was poised to pay the Doj "hell," but, since that time, Paul Ryan stepped in to take command of the affair. And as we have seen, the Ryan club has turned out to be a toothpick, for the DoJ just got another extension until this-coming Friday. It has all week to prepare another excuse as to why the desired documents cannot be delivered. Another week, another blotch on Trump's face. Watch Trump to see how he wiggles out of taking responsibility for dropping the ball in his court.

Not wanting to see this matter ended, Nunes (long-suffering is the word) sent Gowdy and Goodlatte a letter on June 29, with a list of 17 people that they should consider for questioning in an open setting. The names of the 17 are here:

One interesting thing spoken by Jim Jordan to Rosenstein this week: "Why did you tell Peter Strzok not to answer our questions?" Rosenstein said he didn't instruct Strzok anything. But, the point is, where did Jordan get the idea that Rosenstein was behind Strzok's evasiveness? Perhaps Jordan meant to ask why Rosenstein merely allowed the FBI to direct Strzok to be evasive. Or, Jordan knows something more, that Rosenstein ordered Wray to assure that Strzok not answer certain questions. It makes more sense that way, for if anyone wants to bury the details of the Strzok scandal, it's Rosenstein. Jordan should have followed up, asking whether Rosenstein instructed Wray to put the gag on Strzok. This question needs to be answered.

As Strzok has lawyers, paid by the FBI, to direct him in his meeting with congress, doesn't that mean that Wray's FBI is sheltering this problematic Obamaite? If this one man did wrong, why should the FBI be concerned one way or the other about directing his speak, over whether he condemns or saves himself, all on his own? Because, the FBI is involved in a cover-up; these lawyers are added proof of it. The FBI does not want Strzok to shine light on other FBI people that were a part of his conspiracy. The Republicans have been emboldened with Strzok's obstruction. Every act of obstruction makes the Republicans want to know all-the-more what exactly went on.

Another Woman on the Supreme Court, Maybe

The infection in America's brain has caused more than the courts to uphold the killing of children in the womb. Even the mothers speak out for the right to kill. If we thought that mothers the world over would be the saviors from this method of population control, we are shocked to discover that the wicked have convinced them that we Christians merely wish to take away their rights. Dastardly, the middle name of population-control freaks. Plus, both planned or unplanned children take women out of the workforce, spoiling the feminist movement to corporate, political and judicial take-over. I'm all for a normal woman on the supreme court, i.e. so long as she's not a feminist who believes that woman should prioritize careers over keeping the family traditional. It is dastardly for woman to abandon womenhood, and to wish to play the man instead. The dastardly world is forcing women into the workforce (government makes more taxes this way), whether or not they want to be, by the high cost of housing and rent.

Word by Saturday was that Trump had boiled his supreme-court picks down to two women and three men. Out of the 25 on his list to this point, there are only four women, suggesting that Trump may have already chosen one of the two women. If Trump is therefore gunning to secure more female voters, he might just give them a feminist type, a betrayal of all that is good for the brain center. There are many closet feminists even in Christianity, like low-key / secret infections, seeking to topple the "old" regime. They grease their hands with a slippery substance, hoping to slip the church closer toward the feminist viewpoint. I'm all for woman being all they can be with upright work and values, but when they abandon the family on behalf of careers, they slip-slide things toward leftist thinking.

It is beautiful for a woman to be a woman, and obscene when a woman works to prove that she can be as much a man as a man, which is exactly the twisted thing leftists are promoting. The human race needs femininity; it's why God created it. Let's perfect female-inity as God intended, and men will sing the praises of women. But seeking to compete with maleness is the sort of destructive disease that leftists approve of. Let women be sassy, chirpy, engaged, or even proud to be women, anything innocent, but this modern drive to topple maleness, or even to feminize maleness, is a stinking skunk of the left.

If a woman can't take a joke on the "war" between sexes, that's how she can know she tends to hate males rather than love them. We can all agree that men are weaklings, which is why they succumb to taking women as partners. The women is so dumb she actually desires a man. On and on we can go, I hope you aren't becoming angry. When Jesus said that we should love one another, he also meant that women should love men in non-sexual ways. Do we see feminism obeying that command? Instead, feminism is expected to tear the male down so that females can get ahead. You watch, it'll come out into the open.

Here is the stench of women: "Republican Sen. Susan Collins, a key vote on President Donald Trump's pick for the Supreme Court, said Sunday she would oppose any nominee she believed would overturn the landmark Roe v. Wade decision that legalized abortion." Nothing more needs to be said, she said it all herself. She is so proud to be the wall standing between wickedness and righteousness. Perhaps the new judge should be voted on after the next election, i.e. after Republicans abort Collins. After all, Republican voters have a right to choose.

Why is Trump in such a hurry to get the new judge in by October? Is it wise to rush if he needs to compromise with a pro-abortion judge? Is this what Trump will do? Let's see. It seems that Collins won't be happy unless the judge is pro-abortion. Let's see who's side Trump falls down upon. We will know in mere days. If he doesn't keep his promise, wouldn't that cause evangelicals to stay home rather than vote? Will Trump derail the mid-terms on behalf of killing his promise, on behalf of twisted sisters such as Collins? Will he pick someone whose position on abortion is not known? In that case, I would mark it down as his failure to keep the promise.

Does anyone know whether Gorsuch will vote anti-abortion? I've not heard. How did Gorsuch get to be a top judge while Collins was in the senate? Does she know that he's not anti-abortion?

What we do expect is that an abortion case should make it to the supreme court fast after Trump picks this next judge. Right? But if not, why not? There is more than enough money in evangelical circles to afford a major abortion case. Half the population or more will stand behind such a case. It is time that the courts no longer allow mothers to play god with their own children. The children belong also to the fathers. The child is not a cancerous growth so that its removal should be classified as therapeutic procedure. If a judge can't sort the difference out in his head, he's a wicked liar, a typical liberal. The unborn child is granted, by the courts, the status of a human being when the mother wants to give it birth. A person who accidentally kills her child in the womb can be charged with manslaughter, the third-degree killing of a HUMAN BEING. But when the mother doesn't want the child to be born, suddenly, the child ceases to be viewed in the courts as a human. That is clearly blockheaded.

The mother has no right to kill her own child. There is no justifiable argument in the right to choose whether it's a human or not. There are many woes that befall people, and one of them has always been the unwanted pregnancy. But, for God's sake, do the right thing: don't kill him/her. Practice Godliness; bring him/her to birth, and give him/her up for adoption if still unwanted at the time. Butchering him/her is the sickest practice of this generation, and liberals will pay the price.

I wonder, does Trump have in mind to pick Diane Sykes? She's one of the females on his short list. I had a dream in which there was a sickly-looking stag that I resolved as part-code for the Sich/Sykes surname. The stag was being led by Mr. Kepke, whom I resolved as code for Donald Trump at that time, BEFORE learning that Sichs/Sykes' look like a Dice branch as per their Sikes-Dyke location. The Deise variation of Dice's is a term in an Arms of Waterford along with the same stag head of Trumps. The Waterford surname even shares the so-called fountains in the Sick/Sykes Coat. Lookie: "[Diane] Sykes graduated from Brown DEER High School in 1976..." Hmm.

The three wavy fesses of German Drummonds, first found beside Pomerania, are in the colors of the one wavy fesse of Dols, the latter first found in Mecklenburg / Pomerania with same-colored Trumps. The Waterford / Sykes fountains are three wavy fesses colors reversed from the same of Drummonds. If Trump nominates Mrs. Sykes, I'll be entertaining her as a sickly-stag of a judge. Waterfords are said to have named Water-like VALTIERville in Normandy.

Her Wikipedia article doesn't tell of her judicial positions on matters of social importance. But it does say: "On June 7, 2017, Rep. Louie Gohmert of Texas's 1st congressional district noted her conservative judicial philosophy, stating that: 'There are only two reliable originalists on the court, Michael Kanne and Diane Sykes.' President Trump ultimately nominated Neil Gorsuch to the Court on January 31, 2017." Gohmert is highly pro-life.

You'll need to go to the 40th minute of the video below to see Trump the scaredy-pants telling a newslady that he's not going to ask his supreme-court picks whether they are pro-life or otherwise. He says, "probably not, they're all saying 'you don't do that'...". And so there you have Trump showing respect for the liberals. There is no reason that he cannot ask a potential judge whether he will outlaw the MURDER of unborn people. It is the president's responsibility to do so.

How could he promise to re-institute a pro-life America though he now says he'll take a risk by not asking any judge what his/her position is? He's giving indication of caving already. Trump is essentially sending the message that there might be something to be ashamed of in opposing a pro-abortion judge. He's saying that he's going to flip a coin (50-50 chance) in deciding whether a pro-life judge will be chosen. He's a farce, that's the problem under his presidency. He cares zero for morality. He wildly screwed-up his picks for the heads of the DoJ and the FBI, and now he's flipping a coin or rolling the dice as per the destiny of the abortion controversy under his presidency.

Let me say it again: God expects an American president to assure that no judge anywhere in the land is a pro-abortion judge, for such a one is unworthy to be a judge. Instead, he should be punished most severely for denying the humanity of the unborn child. It's time to not only ignore the liberal policies for running government business, but to punish liberals most severely. If Trump sends up a pro-abortion judge, then Trump shall be aborted from life.

There are many Republicans who are creatures of the now, and therefore they do not respect the values of Jesus. But Christians are to be creatures of the future. In the meantime, we insist that things should be done on earth, in the now, identical with whatever the case is in Heaven. Let God's will be done in every country on earth. That's our calling, to point mankind to God's will.

So long as we are in these bodies, God made the male to be the leader. Jesus did not chose one female apostle, not at all meaning that he doesn't respect women. But in the future, there will be neither male nor female. A woman of God accepts her God-given role, and waits patiently for the Future to arrive. The leader always takes the greatest pains. It's harder to be the leader. A man of God does not gloat or exploit his leadership position. It all works fine for the interim, between the now and the future. This should be the way that all nations conduct themselves, yet what do we see in this generation but complainers and game-changers? The liberals are intent on transgressing everything that is in Heaven, even the One who sits on an unspeakable throne. Obama's "change" includes rebellion against God. Doom-and- gloom comes alongside the Future. Obama gets the doom-and-gloom, because he asked for it. (I'm not prophesying; I'm speaking generalities. There is still time for repentance even for Obama.)

Democrat drivers have become the modern-day Herod, lovers of pleasure and murderous together. Having most of the Black and Hispanic voters, and about half the female vote, they need a little more to better-assure ongoing powers. For this, they cow-tow to, and therefore promote, faggots, lesbians, pornographers, sluts, pimps and hookers. They could have chosen the very opposite for obtaining power. They could have chosen to cow-tow to moralists and Christians, but they did not. That's because they are the modern Herod, the hedonist. And this choice is why they started to lose power starting with Reagan. They pushed that immoral envelope under Clinton, and raised it as their flag of war under Obama. And they lost both the senate and the house for their stupidity, yet they drive onward at this time with still-more insane policies. That's because Herod was demented, insane with evil spirits. This is not a mere poke against them on my part, but a literal reality, a warning to you that things are about to become more dismal for Christians. You maybe didn't need me to tell you that, but Trump, the hedonist, might have made you believe that things are about to get brighter. Enjoy the lighter times, fine, but the hour of darkness still cometh.

Nothing has driven Democrats more insane but the turn of events starting with Obama's failure to replace Scalia on the supreme court. That's because the quack lost control of the lawmakers' votes. It took him only a year of rule to lose them. The people were already decided by then that they would remove his dictatorial powers, and he never regained them. He had both the House and the Senate in his first year, but his gloating was turned into gritty gravel down his throat. He played like it didn't hurt, but we know it killed him. And after his supporters gloated as he won a second term, it fell to scandal and reckless abandon, when finally they had to swallow a Hillary loss, one of my brightest days of the past decade of reporting news. And here we are at a supreme show-down, with Democrats fuming, with Trump more bouncy than ever to hand the Democrats more pain. The only problem: Trump is not one of us. He could be, but he hasn't shown any sign that he's become one of us. At any time, he could hand us more pain.

In the meantime, Obama, some still say, is leading the rebellion against Trump, pity those who are assisting him. It's not enough that he lost the party so much to date, he wants to lose even more in the months ahead. Be my guest.

Mitch McConnell is very excited about Trump's supreme pick, but why? He's setting the chamber up with gusto, like a mother of the bride setting up the wedding hall, but why? Does McConnell have his own designs for the top court? Is he going to leverage Trump, make a deal with him, so that McConnell ultimately chooses the new judge? Would Trump use this high card to make a deal with McConnell on some Trump-agenda issue soon to come up in the congress? If so, it looks like stink to me. It looks like personal gain trumps choosing the best judge.

[Amul] Thapar, 49, is also a Trump appointee. He was recommended for his current post by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, a fellow Kentuckian. Thapar, whose parents immigrated from India, would be the first Asian-American justice. McConnell said Saturday he had touted Thapar, but acknowledged he had “no idea” who Trump would choose, Associated Press reported.

They are both from the same state, making it sound as though there could be some conflict of interest involved. Trump's enemies are saying that Thapar is likely pro-life, and one media says he opens political meetings with Christian prayers. Can this be confirmed? Is it a trick? I don't trust anyone on this issue of choosing the next judge.

But why would Trump speak on two women candidates if he doesn't intend on choosing one? There are two female senators who lean pro-abortion, and any one of these could derail Trump's pick (a good reason for not electing pro-abortion infections to the Senate).

This controversy, between the liberals and conservatives, can offer another revelation on the infected mind patterns of the demented. But only if Trump puts up a pro-life (read as "normal") judge. Then, we are going to see their latest argumentation on the abortion issue, only now they are playing from the losing position, with all to lose, with the stakes going beyond abortion alone. It promises their pulling all the stops, worse than flushing their toilet water all over the much-better people. The latter are not opposed to womens' rights, as the liberals would have the world believe. They are not without justification. They simply view the baby in the womb as a precious human being, and are horrified that an abortionist goes in and punctures the child dead, or slices him/her apart piece by piece. It's horrifying. It seems like a horror movie. No one wants to dwell on it, it's so terrifying with senseless gore. The abortionist, the monster who makes money while killing, the secretly-celebrated hero of the liberal.

May this be the battle of Jesus Christ, to repay the killers for their sin of an entire generation. Pity me too, for I too was forced to stand by in the generation that they largely controlled.

The problem is, the more this hurts the liberals, the more they will take vengeance against Christians. Liberals always get unruly when they are booted out of power. They always sin more when they are booted out of power. They want the world to view them as the champions of a better way of life and society than those of Christ, but when they lose elections, it's of course the fault of the Christian / conservative voter. Sooner or later, Christ will take up the case.


For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God

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