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July 3 - 9, 2018

Mueller's Role in 9-11 May Be Central to His Trump Probe
Nunes Calling on Trump with SOS

Fox news, to this day, has chosen not to take the position that 9-11 was a government fake job. I'm sure that many at Fox know that it was, but the risk of taking that position publicly has been too much for the Fox bosses to take. I'm hoping this will change with the Nunes effort to expose corruption in government, and with the Mueller attack on Trump. I'm hoping that God will find it good to reveal the truth to the point that even the liberal media come to open terms with it.

There are now so many reasons to conclude a 9-11 fake job that it boggles the mind. This disaster represents the spiritual illness that has overtaken American government and society together. The risks and tasks in the dossier plot pale in comparison to those in 9-11. Although we can suspect the CIA as the leading force behind 9-11, the FBI had to be complicit with the conspiracy. Wikipedia: "Mueller was nominated for the position of FBI director by George W. Bush on July 5, 2001." That's just six days before 9-11. And we know that the Bush's hate Donald Trump, begging how much the Bush's are behind the dossier scandal, especially as John McCain and other Republicans were part of the dossier plots.

When John McCain turned out to win the Republican nomination for the presidency, he appeared to be a Bush agent for to carry on Middle-East intrusions. The first George Bush was a CIA director, and the CIA is involved in foreign plots (it does more than merely spy). Figure it out; the clues are all there to get an accurate picture. Although the dossier was paid for by president-wanna-be Clinton, might the Republican hands all over it have been due to fears that a president Trump might snitch on the 9-11 truth? Trump is a New-York man.

Rosenstein testified recently that he's not a Democrat. He didn't say what he was, but, says Wikipedia, he's a Republican. I took him for a Democrat, as Jews usually are. "Mueller" is itself a Jewish surname. Isn't it amazing how such a tiny portion of the American population is much-too-often at the highest levels of government and the judiciary? At the risk of sounding anti-Jewish, this looks to me like a cesspool. I don't view this as a blessing from God upon the Jewish people-group. I don't think that the Jew-promote-Jew practice cares much for ordinary Americans, and it seems that these Jews have pirated and exploited the population to the point of controlling everything. Like I said, a cesspool.

We deplore Hitler's method of repressing Jewish banding, but it seems that something needs to be done to curb the Jewish monster before it eats the flesh of the nation raw. We should not stereotype, as neo-Nazi's tend to do. We don't demonize the entirety of a people group for the pirates amongst them. Every people group has its pirates, and many Whites descended from literal sea pirates. It's important that many Nazi's had Jewish blood, a mystery.

The first George Bush nominated Mueller to the Assistant Attorney General, a very good reason to expect that the second Bush was in cahoots with Mueller. It seems that Mueller's game is to ruin Trump politically, does it not? It's the desire I expect of the Bush's. It may appear that Mueller is keeping Trump in check to curb him from damaging Democrat secrets, but might it be short-sighted if we don't view it more like protecting Bush-circle secrets? Doesn't that circle wish to make a come-back? Ask candidate Jeb Bush, who wasn't so long ago.

A lot of people don't know it, but while the Bush's pretended to be pro-Israel, it was the second Bush who devised the "roadmap to peace," the one that Trump just obliterated. This roadmap to peace is a smokescreen for mortally weakening Israel by forcing it, with international pressure, to create a Palestinian state. This international club is the same that is disgusted with Trump.

So, we have the cultic Clinton-circle Democrats into which we can lump the Obamaites, and we can view this as the liberal, global reach wishing to satanize the global village under the facade of something angelic. We then have the Bush-circle rot that wishes to exploit America for global expansion, using "democracy" as its facade, the underlying purposes of which must have to do with money-making. And now we now have Trumpism, which may not last longer than Trump himself. The first two groups weaponized the CIA, the FBI, the NSA, and all sorts of other government institutions for the furtherance of their agendas, all of which is paid for by the poor, exploited people. It's a crying shame, it really is. The people elect, over and over again, those who exploit them. The voter is tricked into believing that they really care for the people. The media, including Fox, are responsible for this false image.

I've been wondering whether Mueller's appointment by Rosenstein is actually a move of God to bring 9-11 back to the national discussion. Might the oversight committees fall upon some Mueller communications that accomplish it? Where are the whistle blowers? There have got to be thousands who would like to blow the whistle on 9-11 players. But where are they? Perhaps they do not have confidence that Trump will protect them. At this point, I can't even say that Trump is a good man enough to protect Julian Assange for his evidence that Seth Rich robbed some of the DNC data base. Assange claims to have the material that puts the DNC's leaders in prison, if only the FBI under Trump would prosecute the DNC, which doesn't look likely, at least not yet, thanks to the Rosenstein-Mueller partnership that controls Christopher Wray. And Trump has not shown himself to be trustworthy. At times, he looks like a deep-state sympathizer or guard.

I claim that God set up an event on September 11, 2002, and from this event I suggest (not claim rock-hard) that He promised a whistle blower to come forth. I've told this story many times but won't repeat the entirety or the evidence here for the sake of those who have read it over the past few to several months. One of the Signs was a Stanley character, for while the main Sign had to do with the link between the Leak(ey) and Knee surnames, the Stanley surname shares the Leak(ey) and Knee bend, apparently. There was a reason that Stanleys were looked up in conjunction with the Knee's and Leaks. The Leak surname played to my mind as code for a whistle-blower / leaker.

The Knee surname entered the event with the knees of a Miss Hicks at a store on a Leakey road, where I greeted her about an hour after Stanley took my seat beside her. I had gotten up, then sat elsewhere, and he took that very seat. He was holding the American flag, which he took to the stage, for our church had put on a 9-11 memorial that night. Leak(ey)s share the fleur-de-lys of Hicks (Yorkshire, same as Leak(ey)s).

Today, I was struggling to understand why Stanley was used, bringing the bankers, Morgan-Stanley, to mind. I then did a Google search for, morgan-stanley 9-11, and found the following that I didn't know:

A man who was convinced the Twin Towers would be targeted in a terror attack led 2,700 people to safety from the World Trade Center before being killed when he went back in looking for stragglers.

Security chief Rick Rescorla carried out training drills with staff at Morgan Stanley Dean Witter to prepare them for a terror atrocity after realising the vulnerability of buildings to air terror attacks.

...Mr Rescorla survived the 1993 car bomb attack on the World Trade Center, but later became one of very few people who realised how vulnerable the skyscraper could be to a terror atrocity.

Isn't it suspicious that he knew of the 9-11 attack before it happened? They say he died going up to rescue others, but might he have been murdered instead by the plotters? Perhaps he heard through the grape vine that this attack was coming, or perhaps he was part of the plot in some way but later came to oppose the murders involved. Perhaps he and others were told that the building would first be cleared of all people before bringing it down by common detonations.

Rescorla was the security leader at Morgan Stanley's Twin-Tower location. It continues: "He became so convinced that the banking firm, at his insistence, started running drills every three months on how to get thousands of staff from the company's offices - which covered 40 floors of the South Tower and a site nearby - out as quickly as possible." Hmm, Morgan Stanley covered a whopping 40 floors in one of the towers. I can therefore see Morgan-Stanley bosses as accomplices to the detonation of the building (planes did not crash into the towers).

Wikipedia: "After the 1988 bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland, Rescorla worried about a terrorist attack on the World Trade Center. Because his old American friend from Rhodesia, Daniel Hill, was trained in counterterrorism, in 1990 Rescorla asked him to visit the World Trade Center to assess its security." Does that not sound bogus? Of all the buildings to attack, why did the Trade Center come to Rescola's mind to the point that her conducted regular drills? These drills expose how seriously he knew that the attack was coming. He couldn't have merely dreamed it up on his own judging by a 1988 event in Britain. He had inside info, and he knew too much, apparently.

The next sentence:

When Rescorla asked Hill how he would attack the building were he a terrorist, Hill asked to see the basement, and after the two walked down to the basement parking garage without being stopped by any visible security, Hill pointed to an easily accessible load-bearing column, and said, "This is a soft touch. Iíd drive a truck full of explosives in here, walk out, and light it off."

This was some three years before "terrorists" bombed the basement of the tower. I've got to say, Rescorla looks like part of the insider (American) plotters seeking ways to bring the building down. An unreported / little-reported fact I had read from a trustworthy source said that New York wanted the buildings to be torn down due to fragility in some of its parts, but the owner(s) didn't want the terrible expense of taking it down piece by, they demolished it while blaming this mass-murder on terror, making the tax-payers pay for it, and in the meantime they used the event to line their pockets in myriads of others ways. Nunes, you haven't realized anything yet on government corruption.

They could not legally demolish the twin towers by detonation due to the adjacent buildings. So, they did it illegally. They decided to revamp the entire site, making others pay for it. One of the 9-11 players was New York's mayor at the time, Rudy Giuliani, now Trump's official advocate whose main task is, supposedly, to bring the Mueller probe to an end. Giuliani had to be privy to the 9-11 plot. If anyone knows that this was a faked event, he does. The plotters could not have pulled it off unless they got the New-York mayor on board.

Giuliani gives appearances of attacking Mueller, yet Giuliani came out and attacked Trump on day one when claiming that the president knew of the $130,000 pay-off to the porn witch, because the president personally paid it. I'm wondering whether God has arranged Giuliani to be a part of this game so that he too can be caught with the other 9-11 rats. Giuliani is not so dumb that he didn't know what he was saying or doing when making that "confession" on Trump's behalf. Giuliani deliberately betrayed the president, no time to waste, and Trump can't fire him right away because it would appear as though he's doing so due to this Giuliani "confession" (snitch).

We have yet to see whether Trump had played some part in 9-11. Or, it's not unthinkable that a New-York real-estate tycoon would hear the reality about the take-down of the Trade Center. Maybe they fear he knows too much, and that he's not dependable to keep quiet. It appears that their worst enemies are they themselves, for their attack can backfire, and is backfiring. They would have been better off had they never attacked Trump.

It seems a no-brainer that Giuliani was used as a faked Trump supporter in order to worm his way into his affairs, but he can't be the only mole. Giuliani's net effect thus far is to tighten the rope around Trump. This rope is the porn witch, introduced into the game my the Mueller circle, and so it's of no surprise whatsoever that Giuliani played on this very theme. We have yet to learn, so far as I've read, why Trump's former lawyer (Cohen, a Jew) revealed that he paid the witch $130,000 to keep her quiet. Was Cohen forced into the confession, or was it more willingly?

The rope is intended to keep Trump from acting as he should against the deep state. But Trump should not permit himself to be manipulated in this way when the cards in his hand are full of serious deep-state crimes while Mueller has nothing but a porn witch. Giuliani's part in this is to deny Trump a separation from Cohen's $130,000 payment. What if the reality behind this entire affair is that Trump is being threatened because Rosenstein and Mueller fear that he may speak up on what he knows concerning 9-11?

It would be best if Trump were to confess his sin with the witch, and then do what needs be done to make his enemies plagued. And he should watch his back from vengeful Bushites. Everyone knows he was with the witch; there's no use denying it.

Wikipedia shows that Morgan-Stanley was on floors 56 through 74 of Twin-Tower 2, with two mechanical floors (utilities, equipment) directly above on 75 and 76, enabling the conspirators to work their plot safer from 75 and 76 if Morgan Stanley was privy to the plot. Their task was to create (bomb out) the two holes in the twin towers so as appear that the wings of planes formed them. Their mistake was to make the holes almost as long as the entire wing spans of the planes. They did this because it looks like proof that planes made the holes, yet it's impossibly for the wing spars (the heavy-metal wing frames) to slice through the columns of the buildings right to the end of the wing tips. The wings would bend back plenty upon striking column after column (I think they were 40 inches apart).

So, the best thing that can happen on behalf of 9-11's victims (all of us, really), if Trump knows something about it, is for the deep state to apply more pressure on him until he comes out with it. The deep state is expected to go soft on him to prevent such an outburst, yet act stern enough to keep him in check.

Other News

The FBI permitted the leader of the corrupt Awan brothers to plead guilty on some minor banking charge(s) in return for no charges pressed on the government-related things he was guilty of that would have implicated Debbie Wasserman and even Obama. From what I've read, Jeff Sessions is allowing Awan to get away because the Democrat lawmakers upon which he spied wish to protect the Democrat party and/or Obama by letting this story go away. This plea bargain is happening under Wray, whose boss on the matter is Jeff Sessions. The latter has not recused himself from this matter so that he would have an excuse for allowing this plea deal. I have no confidence in Sessions to use a plea deal to get Wasserman or Obama into some legal heat. Surprise me.

Awan stole state secrets under Obama's winking eye, didn't he? Awan (Pakistani) was into the computers of dozens of Democrat lawmakers, freely, under the guise of fixing the computers, and Obama spent about a year in Pakistan in his college years, some saying that he was a CIA agent at the time; it can explain how he became the president. It's been my opinion that Obama was half a television personality, and half a corrupt spy in protecting all of his agendas, explaining how the FBI under him became corrupt. Trump shows no move against Obama, NOTHING. As time goes on while he does nothing, his most-loyal voters begin to look at him differently.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't Trump have access to all of Obama's White-House emails / phone calls? If so, then how better to catch Obama in his crimes, yet Trump has said nothing, done nothing, to show that he's who he pretends to be, one of us.

Here's a Nunes update; going after Obama government (with or without Trump):

As you can see in the video, Nunes has added 10 people to his list of 17 advanced last week. The 10 are said to be largely/all of the state department, and, of course, we hope that correspondence from the state department is obtained, but where is Trump's pick for the state department? Uninterested in nabbing Obama? No, we think not. But the alternative is that someone higher than he, someone like Trump, commanded him to leave Obama's people alone. We have heard NOTHING from Pompeo. Why has he not offered to help congress? My theory: Pompeo was so faithful to Trump in not getting the CIA involved in discovering Obama crimes that Trump hired him for the state the very time that Nunes wanted to focus investigations on the state department. That is, my theory is that Trump is blocking Nunes' aspirations using Pompeo.

With the president a-scared of Mueller, and showing it, we find the following headline at Bloomberg this week: "Mueller Taps More Prosecutors to Help With Growing Trump Probe". The article continues with this irony:

As Mueller pursues his probe, heís making more use of career prosecutors from the offices of U.S. attorneys and from Justice Department headquarters, as well as FBI agents -- a sign that he may be laying the groundwork to hand off parts of his investigation eventually, several current and former U.S. officials said.

Mueller and his team of 17 federal prosecutors are coping with a higher-than-expected volume of court challenges that has added complexity in recent months, but thereís no political appetite at this time to increase the size of his staff, the officials said.

Mueller is passing off his probe to the justice department under Rosenstein, allowing Rosenstein to himself dig for dirt against Trump, so perfect because Trump is an idiot to let it go this far. Will he act now? I don't know. I don't know how idiots think. With Rosenstein going through justice-department correspondence, he can hide any of it as he can find ways to do so. Thanks for this, Mr. Trump.

This one-minute video below shows that at least 10 of Nunes' 17 had contact with the Senior Executive Service (SES). What's that? Wikipedia's article on that org doesn't tell the date of its formation. It has a logo that looks like it loves the EU flag. I don't think the EU would allow such a logo unless SES were tied to the EU. I consider the stars in the EU flag to be the Bauer stars because Rothschilds (descended from Bauers) are probably the invisible rulers of European globalism.

Wikipedia's article is titled, "Senior Executive Service (United States)", as though the same organization includes members from other countries. What is this thing?

According to the Office of Personnel Management, the SES was designed to be a corps of executives selected for their leadership qualifications, serving in key positions just below the top Presidential appointees as a link between them and the rest of the Federal (civil service) workforce.

It appears that these people inject themselves into the business of the president's leaders. I wonder, what if the president doesn't want them? Do they offer their services merely to spy out / control / manipulate the presidential agenda? Is this SES a trick of the shadow government? Here's another page from the UK:

SES employees are not appointed by the president or confirmed by the Senate but occupy the agency leadership positions just below presidential appointees. SES employees generally:
Direct [act as bosses] the work of an organizational unit.
Are held accountable [spied on] for the success of specific programs or projects.
Monitor [spy on] progress toward agency goals and evaluate or adjust [control] those goals.
Supervise the work of agency employees.
Exercise policy-making [da boss], policy-determining or other executive functions.

Who are these guys??? Just look at that intrusive "responsibility" they hold? Does the president have the choice of telling these guys to get lost? Neither article says one way or the other, very suspicious. Who are the SES people under Trump's appointees??? Hello? Is this a joke? Leaders that the president hasn't approved of? The article above is by Thompson-Reuters, and the Reuter surname is a branch of Rothschilds.

These guys go from president to president, the very sort of thing that the people should be very suspicious about. I predict these guys try to alter the course of presidential agendas. Here's a statement from mid-December, 2016 (i.e. with Trump preparing to rule): "Nearly 70% of SES Are About to Experience Their First Presidential Transition as Executives" It continues:

The bulk of the current career Senior Executive Service Ė composed of roughly 7,000 individuals across the executive branch Ė were appointed to the SES during the past seven years during the Obama administration, data from OPMís internal Enterprise Human Resources Integration tool shows. The SES plays a critical role in every presidential transition, supporting [smokescreen?] and educating [hogwash?] political appointees about how government works, and often temporarily serving in top agency jobs during the lengthy appointee confirmation and onboarding process.

It sounds so necessary to have this transition group. But at what price? It's not a wonder that Trump's team was initially in disarray, with Obama-era operators infiltrated into the Trump team. Rats everywhere. "Given that many of President-elect Donald Trumpís political appointees are expected to be Washington outsiders with little or no experience serving in the federal government, the experience and judgment of senior executives during this particular transition could be more important than ever." Scam, guaranteed! To whom do these guys report??? Not the president.

"'We do a pretty good job of selecting really good senior leaders,' said Steve Shih, deputy associate director for the Senior Executive Service and performance management at OPM, and a senior executive since 2008. 'They're equipped with the executive skills, appreciation and commitment to public service [i.e. trust them, don't worry] where they will be able to effectively lead through this transition.'" They chose people to run the government??? I thought this was the president's job.

In the article, SES says that outsiders to the Washington game are not desirable just because they don't know the game. It figures. Who cares about the Washington swing of things? WHO CARES? Who needs it? Trash it. Just do the things that are the right things to do. Dismantle shadow-government organizations who inject their policies onto the tables of the presidential policy makers.

Who elected the Council on Foreign Relations? Nobody. But the group is always there, president after president, no doubt telling what the president ought to do. It is these misfits who convinced Trump to forego the Washington outsiders for the same-old.

President Obama in 2015 issued an executive order on strengthening the SES, and part of the administrationís efforts to improve the corps have focused on those two Rís.

That says it all. The SES deck was stacked with those he approved of, and he reinforced it, therefore, dictatorially, no discussion about it. SES is a perfect spy service on a presidential team. It's natural that the elite who wish to control the agendas will infiltrate / control the upper levels of SES. Obviously. SES claims that it's required in order to make government run efficiently when new people take the horns of power, but at what cost? It's not a wonder that things never change. It's not a wonder that government decisions serve the elite, to make them richer than they already are. It's the obvious thing to do. You don't need to check things out to see if what I'm saying is true. The control freaks will want to control SES, period.

This week, the liberals have launched a Roy-Moore job on Jim Jordan. It's because Trump allowed the Roy-Moore job on Roy Moore to take place without a whiplash in response that the liberals are trying it again now (I feel sure this is a staged move). Poor Mr. Jordan. Liberals just repeat the lie over and over until people begin to think there has got to be some truth to it. They front more than one false witness these days. Mr. Trump was witness that the Washington Post paid women at large (any woman willing to fabricate an accusation) to accuse Mr. Moore, but this president did nothing about it, didn't even mention it.

Headlines With a Voice reports that Jordan's nephew was killed in a car crash last week. All the more reason for Nunes and Trump to be afraid of the deep state, all the more reason to wipe it out faster than the Trump turtle is walking it at this time. Such people must not be permitted to continue. They must be exposed and eradicated. The longer you give them, the more people they will silence with threats and murders, the more they will succeed in getting away without exposure. The president needs to attack, send the rats scurrying with no time to draw up elaborate plans. Never let up on the heat. Job one: fire Rosenstein. Job two: fire Sessions. Replace them with the people who will support Nunes. It's just so easy. But Trump won't do it. He's part of the problem. A better president is needed.

Look at how easy this is. Trump says to Rosenstein: Prove to the people that Mueller has a crime pinned on me, by the end of this week, or be fired. Who could blame Trump as trying to cover anything up with those words? To the contrary, he's inviting his enemies to expose his crime. If they have no crime, neither do they have the right to do the probe, which justifies the firing of Rosenstein on that score. So why isn't Trump intelligent enough to figure this out? He is smart enough, but he has a reason for not doing this right thing.

I came across this Trump video below that's maybe a couple of months old, from the day (or day after) they seized Cohen's papers / files. I'd like you to watch as he criticizes the crimes of Hillary and her supporters; you can see that he's uncomfortable / worried with the seizure. I'd like you to watch with this question in mind: if he is so disgusted with those crimes, why is he blaming Sessions while doing nothing himself when it is in his power to act? Watch him closely. Think hard:

He eventually talks on Syria, and it seems that he went along with the military's faking of Assad's chemical-weapons attack in order to make the voters a little happier (he thinks) to spend the hundreds of billions of new dollars on growing the military. He's actually justifying it by pointing out teeny-weeny Assad, making him into a monster. It's what the CIA does, and here's Trump doing the same in full living color...unashamed to be going forward in concert with the CIA's plot to overthrow Russia.

In the video, after someone asks him if he had an affair with the porn witch, he sidesteps the question thanks to someone else asking about another matter, and after answering the one, he cuts off further questions to seemingly assure that the witch doesn't come up as a topic again.

I lost respect for Putin when he became cozier with Iran and North Korea as the Western hydra spewed flames toward him. He should have stood firm against the hydra without trying to add Iranian and Korean muscle to its legs. He would have looked much better. As it now stands, it has a prophetic look with a Russian-Iranian partnership, and the west breathing foul-smelling threats down its collar. Trump makes it appear more prophetic with his two-pronged approach to Russia, one breathing threats, and the other holding out a hand in partnership. It's the making of a superficial US-Russia partnership that has dragon heart at its cores on both sides. But I cannot fathom Trump's involvement in an attack on Israel by Russia. The False Prophet is expected to at least wink with the anti-Christ as the latter invades Israel; Obama fit this role so well that I had seriously entertained 2009 as the beginning of the last seven years (I called the possibility off in 2010).

By Saturday, it was disclosed that Orrin Hatch called Trump's choice for the supreme court a "her" and a "she." Apparently, he's chosen Coney Barrett. And by the way, judge Napolitano said that the Bush's are pushing Kavanaugh instead of she. George Bush betrayed pro-lifers.

Her full name, Amy Vivian Coney Barrett (married to Mr. Barrett). Trump himself nominated her to the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit. I wonder what the true story is behind her nomination(s). "Barrett graduated magna cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts in English literature from Rhodes College, where she was a Phi Beta Kappa member". I'm not at all sure I like this personality.

The most-important part of this: "She then spent a year as clerk to Associate Justice Antonin Scalia of the Supreme Court of the United States from 1998Ė99." Several months ago, perhaps more than a year, I had an event that led me to conclude that the coney rabbits of the Coney surname were being pointed to by God in conjunction with the murder of Scalia, and here we may see Amy Coney, born a daughter of Mr. Coney, as a sort of double-whammy replacement for judge Scalia. I'm not suggesting that Coney is God's pick for the top court. I am suggesting (not predicting or claiming) that is God may have told us before it happened that she would be chosen for this job. I'll re-tell the story so that you can form an opinion on that suggestion, but not until she's confirmed by the Senate.

"During her hearing, Barrett said: 'It is never appropriate for a judge to impose that judge's personal convictions, whether they arise from faith or anywhere else, on the law.'" She's not thinking correctly. She separates "personal conviction" from the thinking process used for making decisions on legal controversies. Personal conviction is either wholly a product of thinking, or from a religious position taken by other thinkers, or from a religious position handed down by a thinking God. It is not devoid of reason. Every personal conviction has reasons behind it. The Bible does not mention abortion, but Christians such as myself reason that God opposes the killing on unborn children for obvious reason. I do not take my position on abortion from the Bible, but on the conviction that it is an evil practice. Why shouldn't a judge be permitted to exercise that conviction in a legal challenge to Roe v Wade? All sorts of legal decisions are made with convictions in mind. Mrs. Barrett needs to alter her thinking.

I don't think anyone has made the case that she's pro-life, at least not to the point that she would overturn Roe v Wade. But even if she does, they are saying that such an upset does not automatically rid the land of legal abortions. It just kicks the bucket down to the states to decide, which allows women to drive or fly to any state that permits abortion. The Democrats would then make the people pay for the trips to do so. What's needed is a court challenge to the liberal notion that the unborn child is not a participant of the American constitution i.e. that secures / protects life for all citizens. When a child is born, he/she is does not become a citizen based on whether the mothers wants it or not. The state recognizes the child as a citizen either way, and so ditto it should be for the child yet in the womb. The mother or father cannot pick and chose which child should be protected by the constitution or by the thinking process leading to personal conviction.

It is clearly twisted thinking to say that the unborn child has immense value only if the mother wants it to be born. We all recognize why the unborn child has immense value, not just because it gives the mother great pleasure and joy to possess it, but because it is a human being. Unfortunately, it may become an evil human being, but, clearly, we are not in a position to snuff out its life based on such a future possibility. If it becomes evil, it follows the people who, by-and-large, practice abortion.

When I became a Christian, I found myself attending Catholic church because two ladies, as part of the friends held by a Christian group I was in, were Catholics. From their attitudes and Biblical passion, I never would have guessed that they were Catholics. I found it strange that they had decided to cling to the Catholic church in spite of its superstitious and heretical ways. It seems that something within them caused them to believe that the pope has the blessings of God, though I did not question them on their view of the pope. Amy Coney Barrett is a member of People of Praise:

People of Praise was formed in 1971 by Kevin Ranaghan and Paul DeCelles. Both men were involved in the Catholic Charismatic Renewal, in which Pentecostal religious experiences such as baptism in the Holy Spirit, speaking in tongues and prophecy were practiced by Catholics. In its early history, it influenced the institutional development of the Catholic Charismatic movement in the United States and played important roles in national charismatic conferences.

Judging from my experiences / notions, charismatics are by-and-large anti-abortion, and tend to be moralists along Biblical values. However, there is great evil in Pentecostal movements, where demons mimic the Spirit of God in attempts to make Christians appear like lunatics, or at least mentally deranged. These demons have the power to make people "slain in the spirit," an apt phrase for such deception because demons seek their spiritual deaths.

About one year in as a Christian, I found myself at an event featuring Benny Hinn, way back in the early 80s. That was the night I began to frown on this fake preacher. He's the goon who waves his hand as though it's filled with God's power, and people fall back "slain in the spirit." Well, I was watching this man that one Sunday evening, where we were in a field because it was an outdoor event. And two women both fell flat on their backs directly in front of me. I saw this with my own eyes. We were not even close to the stage. I knew both ladies, and one was the sister of one of the two ladies above that were still holding out at a Catholic church. These young ladies had passion for God. I do not think that they would fake falling on their backs. They did so spontaneously, it appeared to me. Something blew them over, or, probably more correctly, something disengaged the muscle strength in their legs.

One night shortly thereafter, I was with both she and her husband in a home, and a few of them were praying as a group, all touching one another (or holding hands) while praying, though I was not a part of it. And I heard one pray that Moses and Elijah were in this room. Thereafter, her husband became Elijah, and another man in the room became Moses. I denounced this and separated myself from them, which helped them come to their senses, I suppose. They abandoned those positions, so far as I know. This is the power of demons to infiltrate the minds of young / immature but passionate believers. Sometimes, these believers continue as demon-sponsored believers for years i.e. not recognizing that demons color their religious activities.

It is what we all need to guard against, and the first rule is to acknowledge that it's happening. The second rule is to ask ourselves where some demonic thinking has crept into our own lives, or, at least, where it's knocking to get in. It is not cause to abandon the "religious experience" altogether, but cause to be careful when going on into maturity while kicking satan's butt away. Demons are fools who laugh at tripping us up even though each act against us turns up their heat of Hell to their future. I can't imagine a greater fool. The runner-up fool is the liberal who mocks at our being tripped. He mocks even while a hell cloud surrounds his own head.

In my opinion, demonic activities amongst believers causes them to cling to the Catholic church. They are deceived into believing that it is the true church of Christ, and that separation from one is separation from the other.

A demonically-inspired thought would very much look like one presented above, where Mrs. Barrett tends to argue that personal conviction should play no role in legal decisions. Why is one's personal conviction less valuable than someone else's conviction? Are judges to abandon their "personal" conviction on behalf of using the convictions of others? Whose conviction will a judge borrow from if he/she must abandon his own? If everyone's conviction is out of bounds for decision making, what's left to make decisions upon? Have judges abandoned all human thought when making legal decisions? Do they purely look to previous decisions? Do they conform today's decisions to previous decisions? Ouch. What if previous decisions were wrong? Ouch. If judges want to change precedent, whose convictions should they abide by for doing so?

The answer is clear. God knows best. All decisions must reflect his decisions. The thinking patterns of liberals who reject God are to be rejected in making legal cases. The world will never heal until anti-Christians are thrown out of court in contempt. Mrs. Barrett sounds more like a liberal than a Christian when she argues that judges should not use personal conviction. She's been fooled by demonic influences in liberalism.

So, what happened on Friday after Nunes' deadline for the DoJ arrived? Well, he says, the Doj gave his committee some documents, and promised more on Monday...just enough to stave off some legal repercussions, and force them to make another deadline-with-threat. Only this time, Nunes is getting adamant that Trump needs to step in and declassify the FISA documents. Yes, on national television, Nunes is signalling SOS to Trump's lighthouse, to assist in the Hurricane, as you can see in the second half of this Jeanine video:

Good move, Mr. Nunes. Put the ball into the president's court. But deliver this message as it should be, by reminding the world that it's good for Trump if he reveals the FISA documents, if they reveal what's expected: that the FBI acted politically-charged by attacking Trump in so-called operation Crossfire Hurricane. That's the FBI's official name for the plot to take Trump down based on Russia collusion.

In other words, Trump looks like he's chronically severe on his hesitation to acquit himself from the charges of this plot. Trump would prefer to make himself appear honorable for not acquitting himself, but the gravity of the situation weighs down heavily toward his doing so, because the time has come to "finish the hell up." Act II of Crossfire Hurricane -- the Mueller probe -- is tearing the country apart for as long as Trump hesitates merely for looking honorable. Mr. Trump, finish this the hell up! And don't take credit for the fall-out, after you de-classify the documents, or you will make me puke. Waiting for you to do the right thing has been painful enough, you slime bucket. You may as well be the slime bucket sunk rim-deep into the swamp you claim to oppose.

Giuliani is being given credit for playing hard ball with Mueller this week. Articles are saying that he'll give Mueller a meeting with Trump under the condition that Mueller first show a crime that Trump has committed. How do we know whether this deal was Giuliani's baby, or someone else's? Fox news reports, "President Trumpís lawyers", in the plural. And the same Fox article implies that Giuliani is yet open to a meeting whether Mueller agrees to this ultimatum or not. In fact, Giuliani speaks for Mueller when saying that Mueller will not likely accept this deal. Why would a lawyer whose fronting a deal claim, before it's even considered by the other side, such a thing? It appears to me that Giuliani doesn't like this tactic, and that it's from another of the president's lawyers.

The presidentís lawyers specifically want Mueller to explain how the Justice Department gave him the authority to investigation possible obstruction of justice in what was initially a probe into Russian interference in the 2016 election, according to the Times. They also want him to show that the special counsel has exhausted every other investigative measure before requesting an interview with the president.

This is akin to the sorts of things Nunes is hunting for. They compliment one another. It's a simple question that will come to light eventually: what was the premise for the Mueller investigation? Rosenstein hasn't offered so much as a clue even though half the world thinks he's a fraud for this effort. The frauds are hiding behind mere smoke. There is nothing to protect them. They are vulnerable. They can shoot more arrows so long as their smoke holds up. The sooner the president drops the bomb on their patch of smoke, the fewer the people who get hurt from their arrows. Drop the bomb and let's see whose legs come flying out. There has got to be quite a few unheard-of personalities holding the fort with Rosenstein.

Once the smoke is blown away, whose bodies will be found? This is a simple matter of blowing away the smoke; the smoke is the documentation that Trump can order this very minute, yet he won't do it unless he's forced to. Well, then, force the idiot to do it. But even if he does, will he demand that some of the most-damning parts be withheld from the people and from Nunes? This is what the Republicans want to see: how sincere Trump is with his tweets against the deep state. This situation is now an exposure on Trump as much as it is on Rosenstein. The suspense is starting to get killing.

Giuliani has become the spokesman for Trump's legal team. Therefore, when he says, "we have decided to do such-and-such," it's not necessarily his decision, nor is he necessarily for it. His job, for the other side, is to act as though he's for Trump while ruining him. Time, in March of this year, had a headline: "How Jay Sekulow Became Trump's Top Lawyer on the Mueller Investigation":

I cannot imagine the Sekulows criticising Trump for his inaction in assisting Nunes (and the other committees after justice on the Obama DoJ). Perhaps it's time for me to watch Jay Sekulow, which I haven't done in months, to see where he may stand on this inaction issue. Is he the one advising Trump not to demand the documents? I find that hard to believe. But, again, I also figure that Jay will not bad-mouth Trump for his inaction, and, I assume, he will tow the line of Trump's excuse for remaining inactive. We really do want to know the true details behind this decision.

I can't readily find any Sekulow material on Nunes or the FISA scandal earlier than March of this year. Perhaps he's been ordered by Trump to hush up on this issue. Near the start of the video below, Jay implies that the president has already seen the FISA applications, which seems correct. Surely, the president would have ordered copies for his own personal benefit, or even to keep up to speed on what was taking place. The enemy may have given up the warrants the condition that he not make them public or declassify them, a trick of the deep state. How perpetual would such a deal be? Isn't it wrong for the president to make such a deal? How would Nunes feel to discover that Trump himself has made a deal to cover these warrants???

How can we explain that Sekulow himself would NOT have advised Trump to see the FISA warrants? Of course his own lawyers would have wanted to acquire all sorts of documentation pertinent to the attacks on Trump. This gang must all be imposters, pretending that they haven't seen the documents. This stinks.

Sekulow, in the video above, when questioned, gives the impression that obtaining copies of the FISA warrants is near impossible. In other words, instead of showing eagerness to see the warrants, or an excitement to be part of the gang to obtain them, he frowns on the idea. Something stinks. He could be going along with the Trump will against his own will. Jay seems to have disappeared from regular Fox appearances in the past few months. He was calling for a special counsel to look into the FISA scandal. If this attitude was deemed harmful, by Trump, to Trump's attitude toward the issue, it can explain why Sekulow has no longer been appearing on Fox. Last I heard from him, he was speaking out against the "deep state."

I don't recall any comment from Trump to the effect that the Inspector General's report was woefully inadequate. Instead, the president said that the report is "total disaster" for the FBI. Talk about exaggeration. In other words, Trump has not criticized Horowitz, which in my opinion is due to the president claiming publicly that Sessions did a good / acceptable thing to ask Horowitz to look into FISA abuses. Everyone knows that Horowitz will not go deep into those matters; how is it that the president doesn't know it? Something stinks. Trump doesn't want a touch down in the end zone. Trump would rather fumble the ball and let the enemy run with it. It's crazy. I see through this president; he's nuts. He's playing a game with his base. He's pretending to want what they want. That's corruption. That's rotten. That stinks.

The Republicans along with Sekulow were calling for someone other than Horowitz to do the FISA investigation. Trump did not show sympathy toward that will. Since then, he's grown a white stripe down the center of his back, and he's stinkin' badly.

Let me tell you what sort of president America needs. For more than a half century, the gangster liberals have been teaching the human race to use foul language, to be sexually sluttish, to engage adultery, to shun God, and even to denounce those who Bible thump. This country needs someone whose motto is, Make Christ Great Again. What does Trump's financial America have to do with Christ?

I say, Make Christ Great Again. Trump pales into obscurity under that banner. Make liberals gag today by: Make Christ Great Again.


For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God

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