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May 15 - 21, 2018

Digging Deeper into Balas-Seleucid Liners
Something at the Serio River Gets Suspect with Seth, Father of Annas
The Sharks Teeth Suddenly Make Some Sense

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I was going to put the news first this update, but some phenomenal discoveries were made in heraldry that should be up front. The last update discovered Seleucid lines I didn't know of in the past, and they led to Mr. bocci ball, the owner of the house I spent the summer in at 10 years of age. He is in the last two updates. For those who didn't read the last update, I'm going to list the Seleucid quotes here first. You can skip the entire quote if you've read them:

Malahule was the ancestor of BALSo D'EsPAINES, the one whose seed birthed the Norman rulers of the Bessin, and because the Meschins therein were Maccabees, "Balso" may have been from a Maccabee line that had honored "Balas" in a surname. This can trace Seleucids to the Norman pirates...

...Sant'Elia has the same sort of spelling as Sant'Antioco, the alternative name of Sardinia's Sulcis, which is how I know it's a Seleucid location, for Seleucus I founded Antioch in Syria.

...Now be amazed, for Shirts are suspect from Sardinians while Tous' use a MAN wearing a shirt (with buttons), and Tous', can we believe it, share the eight-pointed stars of Manelli's and Minelli's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow. Malahule's line to Balso was suspect with Seleucids, and Tous' are Tosini's too, like the Tosni's that descended from Malahule! ZIKERS, this is huge. The Espaines write-up says that the surname was from a brother of Roger Toeni (same as Tosni's).

Aha! The Spineto variation of Espaines caused a loading of Spine's, who are said to be from Cloughton, and Cloughtons share red roundels with Shirts and Bullis'! Excellent. Cloughtons were perhaps a branch of Glove's, the latter using half the Alexander Coat.

...Brox's are listed with Brock-branch Brocuffs, who use a sphinx while Spinks (Spine branch?) share the eagle of Sans'/Sanguez' while Brogitarus was at a Pessinos location on/off the Sangarius. Pessinos had been suspect with Piscinas [beside Sulcis] in the past, but now that Mr. bocci ball has been clinched with Piscinas-line Seleucids, by what coincidence have we also clinched Bocci's[/Brocato's] with Brogitarus? It makes the Balas-Maccabee line suspect at Akmonia, which is itself in the neighborhood of the Sangarius. Thank you, sphinx of the Brox's. And another sphinx is used by OPENheimers, whom have been traced to the so-called "OPEN helmets" of Mynetts/Minute's, from Amyntes, son of Brogitarus. "In just a minute, just a minute," repeated Mr. bocci ball to me about a half dozen times. This is indeed incredible, but it is true.

The Spinks can indeed be a Spine branch, for as Spine's were at Cloughton, the Cloughs/Glue's share the same mascles as Spinks. This makes the sphinx suspect with Balso-D'Espaines liners, if Spine's (Warwickshire, same as Spoons) are a Spineto branch. Spine's are said to have been at Feltwell (Norfolk), and Feltwells are the only surname I know of sharing the Jewish Levi Coat.

Here's what happened on Monday night that led to the conclusion that Vespasia Polla was a Seleucid. Bear in mind that this is phenomenal because Daniel predicts the anti-Christ to be of Seleucid elements while Revelation 17 insists that he will be from seven Roman emperors who include Vespasian and his two sons. It started with recalling that Roe's use the paschal lamb, while Pasi's, from the naming of VasPASia, are also Pascels and Picenze-like Pacenti's. I was wondering whether Vespasia Polla had elements in L'Aquila's Roio, you see. So I started to investigate even though I have not proven that Roe's and their Row branch are related to Roio.

Roe's and Row's were first found in Norfolk with Polla-line Sabine's (she married Flavius Sabinus) and Flavian-like Flags/Flacks. I realized quickly that Roys share the lion of Polla-line Pools, which made things instantly interesting. I had noted that Roys use a "LYMphad" on the "SEA," and that Sea's were first found in Kent with Royals, Hamons/Hammands and Mynetts. I've always had trouble deciphering "lymphad," but the Limbs were loaded to check things out. And that made me realize that Limbs (Lamb fesse), with a Lomb variation, were a branch of Lambs, who use, and probably own, the paschal lamb. As Passe's/Pascals (beloved in the Rollo motto) share this lamb, we can glean that Pasi liners merged with Lambs = Lamberts, from Mieszko II Lambert II. In the last update, it was shown that Rollo's family trace to L'Aquila, and that Rollo's uncle, Malahule, was at least an ancestor to possibly two Seleucid lines. It's unbelievable at first, but it's sinking in.

The Masci-line Hamons/Hammands, suspect as a Mynetts branch, are said to have married FitzRoys (earl of Gloucester), and Roys use red roundels to keep in mind. Hamons are said to descend from a Hamon DENTatis, perhaps a line from lake Tatta (in or beside Galatia).

The Limbs/Lombs, by the way, with what could be a version of the Child Coat, have eagle heads colors reversed from the Passe/Pascal eagles, and the red Passe/Pascal eagles are in the colors of the Tarent and Reed eagle. The Tarent Coat is a colors-reversed version of the Child Coat, and Reeds were from Rieti, home of Vespasia Polla. Childs were first found in Hertfordshire with Titus', the name of Vespasian's heir and son, the 5th head in Revelation 17, the one who conquered Jerusalem.

Limbs share the scepter with Godfreys. Red roundels are about to get very important, and Godfreys (share the pelican with Polla-line Pullys/Pullens) are from Godfrey de Bouillon, whose Bullis-possible Boulogne location has Arms with red roundels, as do Bullis'/Bulliards. Billiards/Billets, who can be linked via the other Billets and the Bellows, to the Bouillon motto, were first found in Maine with Pellicans, as were Josephs in the Pully/Pullen martlets. Billiards/Hilliards were first found in Yorkshire with Pullys/Pullens. See the pattern? Seleucids, says Wikipedia, derived in Epirus, which is the location of Bullis/Byllis, what had been suspect with "Balas" some months ago, the surname of a Seleucid king.

I don't know that Limbs are in "lymphad," but I'll continue, anyway, with Lambs, in the colors of the English Lamberts that use lambs. Note that two Lamb Coats have two stars in colors reversed from the two Sabine stars, and that one of those Lamb Coats shares pierced stars with the two of Seleucid-like Sellicks. The latter's two stars are in a black Chief, as are the two pierced stars of Sabine's. But this had been realized after I arrived to evidence that Vespasia's Polla surname was from "Balas."

Lambs love the Palms/Parms, first found in Yorkshire with Pullys/Pullens, and Palmers/Parmers were first found in Norfolk with Flags/Flacks whose double fesses they share. They both put white symbols on their fesses, in the colors of the Sabine stars. It's further evidence that Lambs merged with the Pasi line of Vespasia.

Next, the Pullys/Pullens (share the Sabine scallop) were loaded again to check out the motto term, "PALLEScera." And so I loaded the Palles', first found in Yorkshire with Pullys/Pullens. Had I not been emphasizing the Balls recently, I would have missed this: the three ermine spots at the base of the Palles Coat. They are those of French Balls, and since Mr. bocci ball turned out to be a Seleucid line, I was more sure (earlier tonight) than a week or two ago that Balls are from "Balas." And so I reasoned that Pallas' were Balas liners, but as they are in the motto of Polla-line Pullens, her surname must have been a Balas variation too (there were 150-200 years separating the two).

[Insert: it wasn't until Saturday of this week that the Balas surname was re-loaded to be reminded that it uses large ermine spots! The bocci balls are spot on!!!]

What do we suppose that BULL is doing in the Sabine Crest? It's got to be the Bullis = Balas line to Vespasian, the Seleucid-Roman connection that prophecy predicts. I searched for this connection for years and years when studying prophecy, and so did thousands of others. No one could find it. But here it is. I now know why, as soon as I became a Christian, I was drawn to prophecy. I was Destined for this discovery, and more. I was Destined to reveal the dragon bloodline. I can think of better things to do, but, alas, who can thwart God's will? He does what he wants.

German Lamberts use ducks. French Lamberts share virtually the Billiard/Billet Coat. You can't argue with the facts. Lamb / Pascel liners were from Bullis. Pascels were not named after Pascal, and Lambs were not related to Paschal. Names change on twists of fancy. When the Pasi bloodline found a Lamb-like surname, the pascal-lamb fancy was born, and names were changed to reflect it.

The Lambs with the red Coat use a "PULvere" motto term. There is a Pulver/PulverTOFT/PulverTAFT/PulverTOST surname that must have merged with the Toste's/Tafts/Tofts, whom we met in the last update from the Dane elements, Tosti, probably a mythical code, said to be the father of the daughter of Mieszko I. In other words, someone could have put Mieszko in-code with "Tosti" because they didn't want to reveal that a Dane married a Pole. And who named Poles, anyway? Tosti's/Tafts share the red eagle we saw above with Passe's/Pascals. Tosts/Tosti's are in Lamb / Limb colors.

The armored arm of Mieske's is shared by Italian Pallas'/Pallone'/Palotta's (royal-blue background, rare). The latter's arm comes out from the Shield's sinister side, and sinister is a Masci- / Massena- Rasmussen-line symbol from the Mucianus surname of the Romans. The Mieske arm faces sinister. Normally, the arm would face the opposite way. The Pallas'/Pallone arm does face the other way, but if it were normal, the arm would not begin at the sinister edge of the Shield. It would instead begin inside the Shield, off the edge.

When I spent the summer in Picenze, the boys (and me) would often go play soccer at the church of San Felice. I don't know how to spell the Italian word for soccer, but they pronounced it, "pallone." Might the Felice / Felix / Fulke / Flack line have been a Balas line? Flys of Flagi/Flavian help us to trace those surnames to Flavians.

The other half of the Mieske Coat is a bull head, from Bullis, surely, for Alexander Ballas merged with Jonathan Maccabee whom I trace to ancestry in king Massena. To put it another way, Maccabees were from the Mucianus bloodline, which had mythical Mucius as a symbol. The Tarent eagle we saw above is from Terentia Murena, wife of Cilnius MAECENAS, a Mucianus liner if ever we saw it. Mythical Mucius put his right hand into a fire / coals to display his courage, and lost it, having only the sinister hand remaining. I suppose the fire was a symbol of metal making, but I can't recall the details. Mythical Hephaestus (the metal maker) was given the island of Lemnos, location of Murena-like Myrina.

Earlier today, I was sanding the frames of the doors that will eventually be hung on the bathroom vanity. I'm almost finished the interior of this place. At the time, I was going through the greater meaning of Katrina Hansen, and came to some excellent conclusions that will help me to find what it is that God wants found concerning Annas, the killer of Jesus. It led me to conclude the Annas' ancestry was on the Serio river. Then, after quitting for the day, I checked the news and came across the Sere-like Shearer surname. The Sere's are suspect at the Serio river, and they share the Annas star. And the Shearers put stars into their red roundels, as do Bullis'/Bulliards! The latter use the Sere / Annas star! Wow. Let me tell you what went on in my mind as I was sanding those pieces of oak. But it'll need to wait till morning, because it's after 1 am, and I have a couple of things yet to do.

Good Morning, a Nice Time to Talk Katrina Hansen

She's been a topic recently. God proved that He set up at least one event between she and me as surname pointers. On our first date, I took her for a drive in a Valiant owned by the parents of Dennis. Valiants use the shark as code for Saraca's, who were in Kotor (says Wikipedia), which I had traced to mythical Kodros of Athens years before introducing Katrina. Kodros has a fish symbol, the symbol of Saraca's, and so KATRina must be code for the Biblical Keturah, whom traces excellently to "Kodros" for more reasons than similarity of terms.

This is what came to mind last night, after I had asked self why she was working at Sam's restaurant the first time I spoke with her. There are a few possibilities with "Sam's," either the Sam/Sammes / Samson surname, or Samsam the SARACen, or the mythical Samson that was inserted into Judges probably by a Levite priest not of the true God. It seems obvious that Samsam the Saracen was the likely line to Saraca's, for the latter moved from Kotor to Ragusa while Saracens of Sicily lived at their own Ragusa. The Samson surname loves the Palmer kin of Flags/Flecks.

I was SANDING door parts at the time, and Sanders use elephant heads, and bull heads suspect with Bullis. Elephants trace to Eliphas, husband of Timna in Saracen-suspect Seir, and I did read how both the Saracen ruler, Samsam and Timnah, betrayed their fellow Saracens to fight against them on the side of the Guiscard Normans. Here are the Guiscard brothers with an unexpected pulley on the floor beside them. What do you suppose a PULLY is doing there? How could Vespasia-Polla liners possibly lead to Guiscards? Ask the Tancred / Tache scallops. Tancred was from a Hauteville location in Normandy, perhaps of the Hoots/Hoods / Hotts (share Reed eagle).

It should now be clear that Sam's restaurant represents a line from the Samsam Saracens, and his fellow ruler, Timnah, tracing things to mythical Samson, and to the historical Timna, wife of elephant line, Eliphas, whose descendants named the Elaphiti islands, beside the Ragusa of the Saraca's. Here is Sam's Restaurant on Woodbine avenue. The map shows it beside Gordon COLLINS Dr., which recalls Colin Cowie of Woodbine ave., a topic of the last two weeks.

I have been tracing Samson to DIONysus for years, suspect with IaSION, founder of the Kabeiri. Zeus was also called, Dion, and in the myth with IXION and Nephele, Ixion was likened unto Zeus. Dionysus was the chief priest of the Kabeiri, a cult founded on Samothrace by a brother of DarDANUS, and Samson was made a "Danite" that I say was the writer's way of disguising the reality, that Samson was code for a people group from Egypt's Tanis, where mythical DANAUS (son of Pelusium-likely Belus) traces excellently. Tanis was in Pelusium's area upon the Nile delta, close to Sebennytos, which was also called, SAMANnud. This location is very traceable to the Sabine's and their SAMNite branch. The imperial family married by Vespasia Polla lived at Sabina. As Vespasia has just been linked to Alexander Balas, what about that mythical Belus, more-commonly spelled, Belas? Was Bullis a Danaan / Laish entity?

I was sanding when these thoughts were crossing my mind. I always trace Sand liners to that Santones Gauls (were they close to Laevi / Ananes Gauls?), who trace well with Lemovices to Sintians of Lemnos (beside Samothrace). I trace Gauls/Gali to the Galli priests of the Kabeiri. Don't we think that these priests, who had a castration symbol (probably a spoof on Israeli circumcision), should trace to the Levites of Dan, a city that is mentioned in Judges after the mention of Samson? The writer, an imposter who can't be trusted with writing factual history, claims that Dan was named after 600 Danites of Israel, who took a pagan Levite priest by force to be their own. These proto-Danaans, from the Tanis, migrated to Argos, explaining why the Argo ship (myth code) mated with the Amazonian woman of Lemnos (not really but we get the connective point).

The descendants of Keturah must be in this picture somewhere. Amongst the names of her sons (Genesis 25), the Mitanni of the Habur river in Mesopotamia are suspect, and perhaps these Mitanni named Modi'in, which already existed in the time of Joshua. It seems like an excellent theory that Jonathan traces to mythical Oeneus, father of Modon/Methoni, a real place in Greece's Messene, a term like the Mycenae at Argos. I have read that Messene named Messina, home of Saracens of Sicily's Ragusa. A son of Keturah, Midian, is suspect in naming the Midianites amongst whom Moses (the Levite) got his wife. Midianites and Mitanni may have been identical, the point being that Jonathan may have been amongst Midianites at his Dan/Laish location. They are probably in some surnames.

From this picture we go to the myth in which Hephaestus of Lemnos was mating with Athena, and he pulled out at the critical time, spilling his seed on her thigh, which may be how another writer came to give him a lame symbol, for while Dionysus was born lame, it was play on his birth from the thigh of Zeus. My dictionary says that "thigh" is derived in Old English rather than Greek, but it's possible that this thigh symbol was as per a proto-English people-group so that the thigh was code for queen Tiye, a daughter of Yuya, said to be from the Mitanni. Tiye was mother to AkhenATEN (he introduced the god, ATUN, to Egypt), the line likely to "Athens." That is an excellent reason for tracing the thigh to Tiye. And Keturah's son, Medan, tends to prove that her tribe traces to Kodros, the last mythical king of Athens, father of Medon.

I always forget the name of Kodros' other son, said to be the founder of Hephaestus-suspect Ephesus. If Hephaestus was invented as code for Ephesus, why did another myth writer give him a sacred island on Lemnos? Because, he was made the leader of the Kabeiri, which had major centers in Lemnos, Thebes, and Samothrace. Ephesus was a city of the Amazons, as was Lemnos, and it just so happens that mythical Pandareus of Ephesus was father to Aten-like Aedon (mythical queen) of Thebes. This strongly identified Aedon with the thigh symbol in Athens / Athena.

God gave Mamie a thigh symbol, which is for Ticino-river liners that include the Tye surname, related to Annas'. It's very interesting, but for now I want to stick to Katrina Hanson, whose name suggests a Keturah- / Kotor-line merger with Annas, the killer of Jesus. Tiye's brother was Anen, and Annas went be the names, ANANus and Hanan too. German Hansons share the Coat of Lombards while Lumbers are listed with one of the Lamb surnames. Were LomBARDs named after Berards?

I started to think about Samson with his wife at Timnah, which is near Modi'in, where Maccabees would arise many centuries later. Annas was probably descended from Maccabee king-priests of Israel. I can see no reason for God's use of Miss Hanson other than to say that Hansons were from "Annas." And that's where Hansers came up big in the last update. But if God wanted to point to Annas with her, why does the ice cream I purchased from her, at Sam's restaurant, on the first occasion that I spoke to her, trace to Cremona rather than the Ananes Gauls at nearby Placentia? This is what I was asking.

Of course, just because history texts locate the Ananes at Placentia doesn't mean that they lived only there. I think it's Wikipedia saying that they lived between the Taro and the Trebia, and the Taro goes to Parma. We saw the Lamb-beloved Palms/PARMs and Palmers/PARMers above.

As I was sanding, I found myself willing to accept that ANANes Gauls were at Cremona, as per Miss Hanson's ice-CREAM symbol. And that's when Crema came to mind, a location so near to Cremona that they should be related. Crema is on the Seir-like Serio river, and Sere's (share the Seer/Sear chevron) happen to share the Annas star! I can now understand why God wanted to use the ice-cream with an Annas line. I became instantly convinced that Ananes were at Crema and along the Serio river.

German Cramers/Cremers use the giant ram head, as do Rams said to be from METINges. Is that a Mitanni line? A Metin surname is with the Meaths, a branch of Methleys and Medleys, the latter first found in Sussex, where Mede's/Meats were said, for years previous, to be first found. The Metin/Meath fleur-de-lys is shared in the Chief of Irish Cramers/Cremers. Metins/Meaths are said to have been at Yorkshire's Marr, and it just so happens that Marrs almost use the two lions in pale of Gernons, while Robert Grenon gave Metinges to the Rames'. And these Rams/Ramseys (from pharaoh Ramesses?) were first found in Essex with the Sams/Sammes' and Seers.

Cramers were first found in the Desmond area, and Desmonds use a "Crom" motto term now suspect with Crema. The Desmonds even share the Tease/Tess saltire, in colors reversed from the Annan saltire. It's got Tiye and her brother, Anen, all over it, for Tye's (Annas star) are also Tease's. This is why God made me ask Katrina out while purchasing an ice-cream from her. I had never spoken to her previously.

The Sere's/Saire's use two stars in Chief in colors reversed from the same in the Seer Chief, and between their two, the Seers put the red scallop of Sabine's and Pullys/Pullens, not to mention the Tancreds (same place as Pullys/Pullens), who were immediately ancestral to the Guiscards that we saw with a pulley.

Tancreds were pointed out to me in a dream in which my dentist, whose surname is a Tancred branch, was laughing at the red buttons on my shirt while in his CAR after a game of golf. The Seleucid-line Tous' use a red shirt with buttons, and Shirts were greatly suspect in the last update with Seleucids at Sulcis, in Sardinia, an island suspect with Shirt variations. The Shirts happen to use the colors and format of Tancreds, and GUIScards/WISharts are expected in Sardinia as VISconti's of Sardinia's Gallura area, and this picture should apply to the "vis" motto term of Cramer-beloved Rams. The other Visconti's were at the Lombardy capital, and Crema is in Lombardy.

Moreover, German Hansons share the lozengy of Scottish Lombards, tending to clinch that the ice cream was code for Crema. We have just got to sit up and hearken. God has played his hand beautifully with Miss Hanson, a hand that is desirous of vengeance upon the end-time lovers of Annas. The same German Hansons share a blue snake with Visconti's. The Tache's share the Tancred scallop too, and while Tache's are in the motto of Peerless'/Napiers, and while the latter were first found beside the first-known Guiscards/Wisharts, the similar Tacks are said to be a Tancred branch.

It's therefore interesting that Tacks share the estoiles of Irish Cars, the latter in the colors and format of Rams. English Cars, sharing the stars of Seers and likely the Seer / Sere chevron in colors reversed, use a motto, "Sero sed serio." It makes the Car stars suspect as the Annas / Hanser star.

[The Balas Coat shares the estoiles of Irish Cars.]

The dentist was laughing at my buttons in his car. He was driving it. I was in the back seat, suspect with Seatons that I usually see in "sed" motto terms. Yet, it was the BACK seat while Backs/Bachs use the BULL as a "STEER" while Steers (from Saxons) love the Cedes', a variation of the Seats. As the driver, he was STEERing the car, right? And my first date with Miss Hanson was in a car, even though I didn't own a car at the time.

Miss Hicks appeared in a dream hovering over the seats of a car, in a dream that started with a shark in a pool with a BULLdog that was resolved with Bullis. The car I took Miss Hanson on a date with was a Valiant, and Valiants use the shark. I touched Miss Hicks on the knee while Steers use a "ne" motto term. The Steers (Surrey, same as Sheers/Shere's that can be of the "Sero sed serio" motto of Cars) are said to be from a Steart/Stert location (Somerset, same as Bulls), suspect with Stivers/Sturtivants, for they use a lion in Steer-lion colors. Miss Hicks married the Kilpatrick surname that shows a Sheera variation.

I had no shirt on in the Hicks dream, and Shearers are almost in Shirt colors and format, sharing red roundels even. Stivers/Sturtivants were first found in Nottinghamshire with the Annas'. Repeat: "Shearers put stars into their red roundels, as do Bullis'/Bulliards! The latter use the Sere / Annas star!" The car in the Hicks dream was on pure beach SAND. As I said, after finishing the job of sanding the door parts, I went online and found a Shearer/Sheerer surname.

Why did God have him laugh at the buttons? There are many other ways to include the buttons in a dream. Yet Laughs happen to share three piles with Guiscards, and they are in the colors of the same of (different positioning) of Leavells and Yonge's (Essex). It's indicating that Guiscards were close to the Leavell piles. "Laugh" can even be from the Lovell variation of Leavells. However, the laugh surname is listed with what is properly shown as "Lochore/Lahore."

Laughins/Lochlains/CLAUGHans (Glove's?), first found in Meath, are said to have included (or originated from) a character whose name honors St. SECUNDinus, which recalls that Laugh-suspect Levi's use a "second" motto term. It just so happens that the horizontally-split Shield of Laughins is shared by Pavia's (Piedmont, same as Pavia). And Kennedy-beloved Lafins/La Fonts can be suspect with Fountains, in Pavia / Laughin colors.

"Claughan" looks like a variation of the Cloughtons/Claughtons (dagger) who share red roundels with Shirts and Bullis'.

Bullis is near the Ceraunii mountains, which may have named Crema. I see Ceraunii as Carians. Crannys share the elephant with Sanders, and throw in a crane, the Shark symbol (suggesting Ceraunii merger with Saraca's). "CreMONA" may have been names partly from a Mon entity that named HasMONeans. In the dream with the shark and bulldog, I was walking onto a beach with no shirt. If the shirt was on, I would have had no reason to point out the Shirts. The very next scene was seeing a lone car parked on the beach.

Both the Sheerer and Bullis stars are inside red roundels, shared by Shirts, and while Bullis is suspect as the namer of the Seleucid, Mr. Balas, Seleucid-liner Sulcis (Sant'Antioco) is on Shirt-line Sardinia. The Maynards use the colors and format of Shirts, and meanwhile it's a red version of the Hand Coat, stag in Crest (same design) included. Hold on to your seat, for Maynards were looked up as per the Minard of Amyntes-line Minute's/Mynetts. Amyntes has been clinched, in my opinion, as a Seleucid liner.

As the shark in the dream expects a Saraca / Saracen merger with Bullis elements, let's go to the Becks, for the dream's car was on a beach while Beach's are Becks too. English Becks (share pelican in Crest with Stewarts) use a moline colors reversed from the same of the Brittany Sarasins. And while the latter is used by Valiant-like Vallans, German Becks were first found in Westphalia with Velens / Velins and Ducks. The latter look like they share the bars of Vallens/Valence's. We can now clinch the Hicks dream with the Valiant and Miss Hansen. Vallans use a "valle" motto term while the Brittany Valle's (Alan fesse, probably) share the three fesses of Steer-like Sturs.

[Insert - Later in this update, I realize that Hoods can be with the Saracen crescents in colors reversed. I saw Miss Hicks at the hood of the car in the scene immediately following my having no shirt. I was already on the beach at that time, having come out of a body of water. I still haven't nailed down whether it was code for Waters or Lake's. It was blue water, and I was in about thigh deep to begin with. It was as though I was coming out from being fully submersed in the water. It happened while I had jumped into the pool to rescue the bulldog, which had a ring of nasty shark teeth around its belly. This evokes the belly and thigh symbol of Miss Peare. The dog was head-first into the shark's mouth. It may be indicating the Bellys were a Bullis liner. Teets are with the Tate's sharing the Annan(dale)/Annon Coat.

Bellys/Beillys (Moray) look like a branch of Bailys (Moray stars), thought to be a branch of Sword-line Baliols (Northumberland, same as Bailys and Siward). The royal Baliols are in the Scott write-up, with a certain Alexander as the brother of king Baliol, which makes Baliols suspect with Alexander Balas. JJ Tolkien used a Numenor code for an island beside his "Avallone," and I guessed that Numenor was Arran (beside Bute = Avalon), which happens to be beside Kintyre, where Alexanders were first found. Numens/Newmans are expected in Tolkien's code, and they share "Ubi" and "ibi" with Baileys, which is just super. Tolkien was obsessed with rings of power owned by his Sauron character, whom I traces to Saracens.

Moreover, Arran is expected with the Raines' who share the Numen/Newman lions. If that's not enough, Numens/Newmans use an "amor" motto term while "Amore" is the full motto of Terras' in the Alexander motto, and Terras' (same place as Bellys) use a Scott Coat. There's no mistake here. Terras' may be in Urban colors and format for a trace to the Ceraunii.

As Arran is where MacAbbe's were first found, I trace "Arran" to "Airaines," near Picardy, where Baliols are said to have been, at Bailleul-en-Vimeu. The Bailys are traced to the same place, about six miles from Abbeville. There is no mistake here; God gave the dream, not for me, but for some readers. This must be the line to the anti-Christ's leaders. The "Ubi" and "ibi" motto terms must be for Abbe liners.

MacAbbe's include McCabe's. Where have we seen that in the news lately? Comeys may be a branch of Comets, and the comet is used by Raines-like Reines', which makes a blood link feasible between Comeys and McCabe's.

So, I have now, for the first time, heraldically deciphered the shark's teeth around the belly of the bulldog. This is about the 10th time I've mentioned the teeth around the belly. I'm not making it up here. The dog was exactly half way into the shark's mouth.

There was a curb at Major MacKenzie drive that was a topic in the first update of this month. It brought the Curbys/KIRKBY to topic. Miss Hicks was the trophy girl (about 30 years of age at the time) when her team won a cooking contest, and her husband is online (Baytown Sun) in a photo, for that cooking event, standing with Spuds MacKenzie, a bull-terrier mascot for BUD Light beer. A KIRKBY location was owned by Baliols. I am amazed that while there was a lady in the car with me when I almost hit the curb at Major MacKenzie, I can't remember her name. She's got to have been relevant.

Was it called a bull terrier by God's will to indicate that Terras' are Bullis kin? Can we believe that Buds/Bude's put a star into a roundel, as do Bullis'/Bulliards?

Baliols are also said to have owned DamPIERRE, and a "flaming star" looking like the Reines comet is used by Pero's, a branch of Pierre's/Pero's. I can see "Player" developing from Pierre's, especially as Players use a fesse that can be the Pero fesse. Players, in this update later, will be traced to Fier county to the north side of Bullis. Players use drops (same as Drops/Trope's) that come from Fier county's TROPoje, and Miss Hicks was the TROPHy girl at the event.

The idea that Players may have been Pierre's caused a loading of a Paier surname, listed with Italian Pairo's, and using ears of wheat in the colors for them of Seleucid-suspect Bocci's. When the Players enter the discussion, it's about golf BALLs.

The Paiers have many Pag terms while sharing three bends with Pings/Pongs/Paganells. Paiers are like the Paion variation of Pagans/Payens, and the latter happen to come up as "Payer." It looks like a Peare-line merger with the mainline Templars. Paiers are shown most commonly as Pagliaro's, yet their Paglione variation may indicate merger with Pierleoni.

The other Paiers are with paws that probably stem from Powers. There are two Paw surnames sharing the peacock with Harcourts, and Baliols that ruled Dampierre also ruled Harcourt. Powers share a part of the Palin/PAWlin Coat while the latter shares the Dampierre lion. Powers are probably a branch of Poors, said to be from Picardy, same as Baliols. The Poors (Dutch-Berg Coat?) share the black tower with Domino's while Poors share "Dominus" with Dampierre's and Boyle's/Boyville's (Spike/Speck eagle?), the latter looked up as per the Buyll variation of Bulls.

I will also add here that Bud Light gives reason for looking at the Light/Lite/Lighter surname in the motto of Ayers. Boyle's/Boyville's were first found in AYRshire, making them connectable to the boy in the Crest of Bute-liner Bothwells (beside Ayrshire). The Lite's/Lights are linkable to the Tooths and the latter's Palman kin (share swans with Lite's/Lights). The Tooths share the feathers of Lite's/Lights and the griffin of Lauders, and Lauderdale was home to Bullis-suspect Blythe's (topic later in this update). Lauders were first found in Berwickshire with TEETs/Tate's, and so the shark's teeth around the belly of the bulldog can thus include the Tooths.

The Tooth Crest happens to share the red griffin of Brox's/Brocuffs, highly suspect with Bocci's/Brocato's. Lux's in the "lux" motto term of Brox's/Brocuffs use the black bull head. The flag held by the Brox/Brocuff griffin probably has the Dart fesse because Brocks use a red lion holding a dart.

The Kyle's of Ayrshire were at Cumnoch, near the Lanarkshire of Bothwells. The Porters, first found in Kyle, share the portcullis gate with Yate's/Yeate's, and Yeate's will be found with a shark later in this update. Saraca's were in Kotor, beside Butua, now Budva, making Buds/Bude's suspect with that place.

Without going into the details again, CHRISTine Peare's belly and waist symbols are part of, "it felt so good" (see last update). I've got Feltwells in my files a few times, but I have completely forgotten them. I have mentioned that Feltmans (Caplan Shield) use stars in two colors schemes shared by the stars of both Reitman Coats while Miss Peare was working at Reitman's clothing when I met her. And I've mentioned that Felts use the Bouillon flory in colors reversed while Bouillons use a "bello Christi" motto phrase. And there was more to it, but here the Feltwells share the Jewish Levi Coat while I've been claiming for several weeks now that Miss Peare was code for the Pero's / Pierro's/Pero's at Pavia, a city co-founded by the Laevi. Is that amazing? English Feltmans/Felthams share gold leopard face's with Peare's, and were first found in Middlesex, near the first-known Peare's, and where Fier-county clans were first found. End insert]

Sturts ("est") are listed with Stuarts. The "LeoNIS" motto term of Stuarts suggests that English Stewarts use the giant Leon lion (colors reversed from the same of Stivers/Sturtifants), and that the Nice/Ness fesses are two of the three of Sturs. Alans had merged with Saluzzo, near the Stura river of Cuneo.

The Shearer Crest is a hand holding a wheat sheaf. Hands, Anne'/s/Hanne's, Hanna's and Annabels/Hannibals all use stags. Hanna's were first found in Wigton, said to be owned by William Meschin. The write-up says that Meschin gave Wigton to Odoard (Edward), who must have been important because Edwards (version of the Macey Coat) use the Hanna stag head in colors reversed. You can bank on Edwards being from Atheling Saxons along with Edgars (share dagger with Mackays, use "Man" versus "Manu" motto terms), Edge's/Eggs and Eggertons (Cheshire, same as Hands). The Edge's are suspect with the Adige river, on the opposite said of Garda from Val Trompia, and the Edward stag head is in the colors of the Trump/Tromp stag head. This picture looks like the Saxon merger with Sitric Caech of Dublin, not far from Waterfords, which shares the same white-on-blue stag head.

The Hanna Crest has been suspect with the black fitchee of Davenports (Cheshire), and the three of Davenports are those of Shearer-like Sheers/Shere's (probably a Schere/Scherf branch), who are not only in Carrick colors, but share their black dog. The dagger-using Kilpatricks (not far from Wigton) are also Sheera's. Suddenly, the Serio river looks linkable to the Charax > Carrick line that I think included Saraca's. I cannot trace "Saraca" both to "Charax" and to "Seir." I've got to make up my mind. I chose Charax. I can see here that Saracens (in the Valiant used for the date with Katrina Hanson) were in merger with Caracalla liners to Serio-river suspects, and this comes after Miss Hanson's ice-cream sales already led me to the Serio.

Charax's first name, Proculus, has been suspect with the portcullis gate of Porters (and Yate's), which may play to "DavenPORT." Scottish Porters were first found in Ayrshire with Carricks, who in-turn sometimes show, on the Arms of Carrick, the three black fitchees of Sheers/Shere's and Davenports. These are the symbol (six of them) of Tarves, in the pattern of the same-colored lions of Savage's (same place as Davenports) who may once have been honored in the Davenport Crest, for the "man" there is often called a savage in other Coats.

I didn't know the Shark surname when claiming that Saraca's trace to the fesse of Cassandra's/Casano's, first found in Methoni-suspect Modena. The Sharks happen to share the trefoil of Albino's (Modena) and Barnstaple's (the latter are in the Albin write-up).

A Gelato in a Cone

On the question of why Minute's/Mynetts use helmets, I frankly don't know the significance of the Helms, who apparently own the helmet. The Baves' (Hampshire), which I've just found seeking a branch of the Pavia-listed Paves'. Bove's/Bauve's use nothing but a chevron in colors reversed from nothing-but-a-chevron Tiss'/Teece's (Hampshire!), indicating that Bavers and Bove's/Bause's could both be Pavia liners. Bove's/Bause's were first found in Marne, home of Mummolin, father of Babon, suspect to the Bavent location of Babons. It's making "Babon" look like a Pavia/Papia liner. Pepin of Landen married Metz in the Marne theater.

Bovingtons/Boyntons/Poyntuns (upright goat can be the Chives line) happen to share the fesse of the Pavia Pierro's/Pero's. Looking good, and Boytons (no 'n') were first found in Suffolk with Babons/Bavents. Zowie, Italian Bove's/BOETs's use a version of the Pierro/Pero Coat while Sadducees in Jesus' day were from the house of BOETus!

Poyton in Cheshire (see Warren write-up) was owned by the Warenne's (birthed from the Conqueror), and Ada of Warenne is expected in the Levi motto. Bove's/Boets are also Boi's, and a BOY is in the Crest of Boet-like BOTHwells pulling down a PINE tree! Maschi's use pine cones that should apply to this thing. Can we believe it, Bothwells ("ADversus), known to be from Bute, share the Bove/Boi/Boet stars on what is likely the Macey Shield. (Bove's/Boets share the Back/Bach bull in case it applies.) Stars in the color of the Bove-Chief stars are in the Galla Chief.

The Passa surname (red roundels) shares the Bovington bull while Bovingtons use a "passa" motto term. Passe's/Pascals, remember, share the Levi lion. Passa's are said to be from "Paci," which, whether correct or not, looks linkable to Backs/Bachs. VesPASia Polla married Sabinus, the line to bull-using Sabine's, first found in Norfolk with Bosons/Boyzums. And Passa's are most-excellent in case readers aren't convinced that Vespasia was of Pasi's/Pascals, because the Passa scallops are the red ones of Sabine's and Pullens. Excellent.

If Bove's were purely a variation from a Pavia term, then, I assume, Boso, the ancestor of the Marsi, can become a Pavia liner, for Boso's use the bull too, as do the Bosonid line of Beards/Bearts. Boso was from Burgundy, where Mars were first found. Bards/Beards were first found in Lanarkshire with Bothwells. This part of the discussion looks heavily Laevi and Marici. I have never realized before that Boso's could connect to Pavia, thanks to Baves' that kicked the idea off.

Paci's share the giant "green tree" with Pane's/Panico's, and were first found in Boii-town Bologna with Pane's/Panico's and Pasi's/Pascels. Pincs/Pinks can be using the gold fitchee of Points/Pointers. Woods (linkable to Bologna's Guido's) use both the tree and the gold fitchees (both colors) of Passa's. French Packs, yup, a bull, in front of a "green tree." English packs were first found in Sussex with warrens (of a Poyntun location). The PassiGHETTI variation of Passa's is Geddes-interesting where the latter use pikes. Paci's are said to have arrived in Bologna with emperor Federico I, whom I assume is Fredrick BARBArosa of Hohenstaufen.

Battistelli-suspect Bota's/Batti's were first found in Cremona. They use just three eight-pointed stars colors reversed from the three stars only of Hansers. Very interesting. Stelli's (giant Teeger star), first found in Bologna, share the eight-pointed star, in the colors of the same of Manelli's and Minelli's, both first found in Venice with Passi-like Pesci's. Manelli's / Minelli's are of Mr. bocci ball, who traced overwhelmingly to Amyntes' father at Pesci-suspect Pessinos. And because Vespasia Polla is suspect with Julia Polla, great-granddaughter of Amyntes, it looks like Pasi's and Pascals are from Pessinos, ancient home of the great-mother goddess that's the history of the Revelation harlot. Pesci's (share fish with Bute's/Boets) are in Pasi colors, but as Pesci's share the Arms-of-Saraca fish while Bute's/Boets share the fish on a fesse with the Saraca', note the Saracen's head in the Crest of Monells/Manlys/MANDlys.

God has used Francesca Battistelli so many times that I'm ready to entertain Bota's/Batti's as Boetus-Sadducee liners in Cremona. The eight-pointed star was anciently of Ishtar, the precursor to Cybele.

The motto of Monells/Manlys (giant hand) is shared by Propers/Roberts (Cheshire, same as Monells/Manlys), and includes "Manus" and "tyranNIS, which is probably part-code for queen Nysa, for the Coat shares the black border with Furnace's and Parrs. The Monells/Manlys put a wreath on their Saracen's head, and Wreaths (one of the two Ness fesses) were first found in InverNESS (called "Nis" by the Irish), on the Ness river. The three stars in the Wreath Crest are in the colors of the Bota/Batti stars. Hmm, as Ness' are Furness/FERNESS kin, compare with "InVERNESS." Looks good.

The Balas Coat uses "A demi antelope PROPER GORGED with a collar BUCKLEd gold." This antelope is in the design of the Singletary, Must/Muscat and Wheelwright antelope, all three traceable to Masseys / Masci's. Antelopes are suspect with Les Andelys, home of Toeni's/Tosni's from Malahule. This line was part of Seleucid suspects in the last update. Buckleys/BULkellys use the bull. Gorged crowns are used often as code for the Ceraunii, so why not gorged collars for the same entity? A gorged crown is used by Crauns/Crane's whose annulets are colors reversed from those of Bulls/Bule's. The Balas estoiles are half in the colors of the same of the other Bute's/Butts.

The lion-on-fesse of Propers/Roberts is shared by Poyntons/Bovingtons (the ones with the "passa" motto term), with a Coat that's reflective of the Pierro/Pero Coat. And this lion on a fesse is in the colors of the fish-on-fesse of Bute's/Boets, whose Coat is even more reflective of the Pierro/Pero Coat.

"Manus" is shared by Mens-liner Poppins, likely of the namers of Pavia/Papia. Poppins probably use the Anne/Hanne stag heads because the latter were at TICKhill, traceable with the Tickhill maunch to Mens elements in the Mansfields of Nottinghamshire, where Annas' were first found. The Hands and Hanna's share the stag with Anne's/Hanne's, and I think we can glean here that Annas liners formed a Hand surname due to the hand symbol ("manno" in Italian) of Monells/Manlys. In other words, Man liners through Picenze were merged with Annas suspects. (Irish Manlys share the Marley Coat), and thus the Ananes of Piacenza look related.

Of all the places where Annas / Caiaphas liners passed through, why did God emphasize little Picenze, the town of my mother's birth? It just has to be true that He chose this project for me due to my ancestry in Picenze. But why not someone from Piacenza, a large city, and where Ananes are known to have been? The Bible calls him, ANANus. I don't know the answer. I hope to have one. Why did God point to the Cremona theater, yet pick me for this?

The Boyntons/Bovingtons (Yorkshire, same as Craven) can be using a modification of the Craven Coat, and the Meschin marriage to Skiptons of Craven traces back to general Scipio at Piacenza and Cremona.

About a year after purchasing the ice cream from Katrina, and asking her out as she handed the cone to me, I lined up to get an ice cream at Knob Hill farms, and asked Darlene out while she handed the cone to me. In both cases, there were people lined up behind me so that the two events are unlikely scenarios, yet the events were demanded of me by God, I now realize. Both girls agreed on the spot to go out with me though they had never spoken to me before. The Darlene surname, I now realize, must be using the red fitchees of Cravens for a trace to Scipio liners. The Darlene Coat is a reflection of the Boyton Coat. So far, no event I recall with Darlene has become meaningful. There must be more to it, maybe for another day.

The "female FIGURE" in the Darlene Crest must be partly for Viggers/Vicers (look like they named vikings), first found as a MacDonald branch in the Bute area, and sharing the red fitchee with both Darlene's and MacDonalds. The latter has a HAND holding the fitchee, and MacDonalds were probably of Maccus of Man, for the MacDonald eagle is that of Ferte's, suspect from Ferte-Mace. Maccus' father, Harald, is suspect in the Herod/Harald surname, first found in Argyllshire with MacDonalds. The MacDonald hand, therefore, links well to the giant hand of Monells/Manlys (may be of the original owners of the HERALDic hand). Manelli's are Manno's/Manna's too.

The Bothwell Coat is shared by Verona's (Ile-de-France, same as Levi's) who in-turn throw in the Pesci / Saraca fish, a good reason to see Bothwells and their Bute origin in the Bute's/Boets. As Arthurian myth writers called Bute after mount Velino elements, I'll bet they had ancestry in little Picenze. Note that Wreaths, on the Saraca-suspect Saracen head above, are like the Wrath variation of Rothes while Bute was earlier, Rothesay. The Verone's (with an 'e') use ravens while Rothesay was conquered by the raven vikings. Cravens (share the MacDonald fitchee) may have named themselves after Ravens.

The paragraph above was not intended by me to be related to the one above it on Viggers. It seems, however, that God may have Intended it, for Vigger-like Biggars, first found in Lanarkshire with Bothwells, are in the "Byggar" motto term in the Arms of Shetland (ship, raven), and it was the raven vikings of Shetland that conquered Bute! Bingo. Darlene's (share red fitchees with MacDonalds) name comes up big here. Rory of Bute was a MacDonald. I'd say MacDonalds were Danish Rus, interesting where Darlene's (Cnut colors) share drops on blue with Cnuts. But what's this got to do with ice-cream?

It just so happens that while Darlene's surname is Ray, French Rays share the escarbuncle with Cnut-beloved Hangers. And by the way, Raven-like Rayens are the Raines', traceable to "Arran," beside Bute. Raines' are said to be from "Ragin," and so RAGNvald the viking may apply. Raines' included Warenger, a Varangian suspect, and Varangians were from Wieringen, beside Friesland, the latter suspect with Freys who share a Coat like English Rays. But what's this got to do with ice cream aside from frigid Scandinavia? The Cree's of the Lanark theater are also Rays, and they happen to have variations like the Rothesay-suspect Wreaths. Shouldn't Rothesay = Avalon trace to Velino elements at Piacenza?

Wreaths share a Coat like that of Rome's/Rooms who in-turn use a motto highly suspect with Place's/Plais' out of Placentia. Place's/Plais' (Robert lion?) are said to have been at a CROWhurst location, and the Crauther variation of Crowhursts looks linkable to Wreath variations such as Craith. The Rome's/Rooms love the Pungs/Pings/Paganells (recalls the Panico's and Pinks) that have three fesses colors reversed from the three of Cree's/Crests/Crets/Craits (same lion as Levi's), a possible branch of Levi-beloved Chretiens/Crestiens.

It just so happens that the lights went on in this update on the Chretien link to Cirta-suspect Certs/Cards. They both use the blue lion, as do Massena-suspect Massins, and so this must be the Massena-Scipio line to Craven. It's got to do with Darlene's, doesn't it? That's why she sold me the ice cream, for the ice cream traces to Cremona elements. To my surprise, Rays are looking like Cirta liners.

Back to Paves-like Baves' with three helmets in Helm-helmet colors, and throw in a pheon in Crest, the symbol of English Helms. I've known that English Helms come up as "Helion," and that this term is in the write-up of Helens, who had shaped up well, in the last update, with Elias' / Elis'. I've just learned that Elions are listed with Helm-like Elms. This suddenly makes heraldic helmets suspect with Laish > Elis liners, who were anciently at the Hellespont, not far from Amyntes' Galatian home.

Hmm, in Italian, an ice-cream is a Galatia-like gelato. Were proto-Galatians at the Serio? The Galatians had been Gauls, and Ananes were Gauls.

The Baves-like Babes' were first found in Dorset, beside the Baves' / Tiss', and suspect with the name of ArtemiDOROS. BABcocks share the Bibo rooster, and roosters are used by several Gaul-like surnames. Cremers use a good reflection of the Bibo rooster on a green cushion. Sheera-line Kilpatricks use cushions, and while the Kilpatrick lion is suspect with the Levi lion, I see a Serio-Laevi combination. It looks like the ice-cream is coming up big at Crema's Serio river. God gave Lorraine (old girlfriend) a beautiful-feet symbol, and he also gave her a "babe" symbol, and Feet's share the Pavia Coat (virtually), the latter first found in Somerset, beside Dorset.

[Insert -- I did not intend to come across Lorraine's feet symbol when starting on a Baves suggestion for Pavia liners. As all my work tends to trace to Laevi / Laevillus, I can understand, now, why she was given that symbol at the time that Mike Oullette called her a Bave-like babe. Later in this update finds, I think, an Oullette/Willi branch in the Willastons, first found in Staffordshire, where Stops/Stubbs were first found. The Stops represent the bus stop where I first asked Lorraine out.

As with Darlene and Katrina, I approached Lorraine without having talked to her before, and asked her out. She agreed. All three women were sun-bright blonds, and Blonds apply because they use a foot. Foots and Fothes' use a chevron in Levi-chevron colors. The three chevrons of Levi's are in the colors of the bars of Blonds. The latter's are half in the colors of the Babe bars; both use the same number of bars, and both put a sun in Crest.

Now watch and be amazed; I know I am. Willastons use a "quid" motto term that gets the Quids/Quade's, from Laevillus' wife. Quids/Quade's are in Willaston colors and format. The Quid/Quade Coat is shared by Irish Mackays, and I did read that Mackays have a Williamson sept while one Williamson surname happens to use a version of the Foot Coat! That's huge. For one, it tends to reveal that Oullette's/Willi's and Willastons were a Williamson branch, absolutely explaining why Mike Oullette was at the scene when she showed those beautiful, bared feet on the PAVEment. Yes, on the road.

I could even add that while Beautys/Bowoods, first found in Dorset with Babe's, share the black bull with Lux's, Blonds have a "Lux" motto term.

Williamsons (could be the Levi chevron) were first found in Pavia-suspect Peebles, and Williamsons share three trefoils with Falls'/Fallis', the latter possibly in the Willaston motto. The other Williamsons use three stars in the colors of the three of Willastons.

The Quade/Quid wolf heads are likely for Laevillus' first name, Lupus, and for the wolf theme around Leavells, first found in Somerset with Pavia's. As Babe's are expected from Babon, whose mother was Berthe, note that Berta's share the white and upright griffin with the Willaston Crest. There is another white griffin in the Pool Crest.

When I was a child, I lived near a Falstaff Rd, which came to mind with the "falsi" motto term of Willastons. As soon as Falstaffs were loaded, I noted its "staff" ending, as with the Staffs Staffordshire, where Willastons were first found. I also noted that Falstaffs could evolve a Fast variation, and that they share the Fast quadrants. I recalled that I usually apply the Fast bend-with-symbols to that of Lorraine's, but, forgetting that Fasts are also Fastoffs (and even FaSTALFs, I now see), I wasn't going to mention any of this unless Fasts were first found in Norfolk with Falstaffs. They turned out to be, and this is where Bus' were first found who are in the bus stop.

The Pettys sharing the same quadrants can be, as evidenced in the Petty parrots, a branch of Pierre's/Petris'/Pero's, first found in Pavia. The green Petty parrot is used by Pavia-suspect Peeble's. It seems that God wanted to make a Levi-of-Pavia link to the William bloodline, all connecting it to France's Lorraine to boot. In fact, the apartment I was in when with Lorraine was vacated when the landlady got upset at me for inviting Diane's sister for a dip in her pool. I then moved into the apartment of Paul Oullette, Mike's brother.

The second-last time I saw Lorraine, just weeks after we had separated ways, was at a bus-and-subway station in Toronto, several miles from where we lived. I recall living at the place above with the pool at the time, and Poole is in Dorset, where Babe's were first found. Pools of Poole happen to share the lion of Falls/Fallis' thereby suspect with the "falsi" motto term of Willastons. My bumping into Lorraine was a very unlikely scenario, with me getting off the bus first, and she being the first in line to get on (it is a big city, very unlikely). I was there with Joe Oullette, the third Oullette brother, can you believe it? That is why the Bus' should apply to Lorraine's symbols. And Joe's wife at the time was the sister of Diane above.

The last time I saw Lorraine, a year or two later, was in a coffee shop with PAUL Smith, as she walked by us carrying her infant CHILD. Babon was likely descended from CHILDeric. The first date with her involved our meeting, on the evening of the bus-stop event, at a laundromat in LEVENdale plaza, which turned out to be absolute code for Pepin of Landen, a Merovingian, as with Childeric and Babon. Pepins/People's share a version of the Stop/Stubb Coat, can you believe it? Her Stop/Stubb symbol was absolutely for Paionians at Stobi, but Paioni had another major city, AstiBUS, which I traced (aside from these considerations on Lorraine) to Asti, in Langhe of Cuneo, exactly where the laundromat traced...because Landers/Landens share the Langley pale bars.

I can now add that while POINdexters were suspect with Paionians, or the Paion variation of Payens, and Poindexters share the fist of Fists/FAUSTs. Amazing, is it not? Fasts (share the Falstaff quadrants) may have named the Vasto's of Saluzzo (Cuneo). I've never before had this evidence for a Lorraine link to Fasts...all thanks to Falstaffs and the "falsi" motto term of Willastons that brought them to mind. This motto term looks like code for Falaise, where Oullette's/Willi's are said to have operated, which was the first thing to convince me that God furnished Mike Oullette at the scene for helping me to make the Oullette link to Willastons. There is a La Falaise location, beside the first-known French Levi's.

Willie's (share the dog design of Williams) are in Quade / Willaston colors and format, and share the Vince Coat, I assume. William the conqueror married the daughter of "the tanner" (a cover-up) of Falaise, whom I trace to Cuneo's Tanaro river. It's all near Pavia/Papia, which I see named after Pepins of some sort, and so the Lorraine events suggest that Paionians were at Pavia. Charles MARTEL, in the Pavia / Feet MARTLets, was a direct descendant of the Pepins.

Therefore, the Merovingian ancestors of the Marsi in Abruzzo were the Marici co-founders of Pavia. Two Mark surnames share checks with Pavers, and Pavers use the checks in the Arms of Meulan (also called, Mellent), what should be a Milan/Millen/Mellent line. Irish Flemings (Meath) share the Paver checks, both in their Chiefs, suggesting that these Flemings were at La Louviere and Mons. Pavers were first found in Yorkshire with Meaths, Pauls and Pullens/Pullys.

There was both a Paul Oullette and Paul Smith involved with Lorraine. The Paul surname ("Pro" likely for Pero's of Pavia) is excellent here for multiple reasons. It should be a branch of Palins/Pawleys, first found in Dorset with Babe's and Poole. And Palins trace to Palinurus, smack beside Buxentum, where the Millen/Milan lion traces which is therefore likely the Palin lion. This lion is obviously of the lion paw in the Quint Crest, and Quints (Dorset) share the vair fur in Chief with the Chiefs of Pavia's and Flemings. The Quint chevron is therefore suspect with the Staff chevron.

But there is more, for Pauls share three large ermine spots with Paul-like Balls while Pauls are said to have named a Pagele location in Yorkshire, where Pings/Paganells were first found. Pagele may have been of the PAGLione's/Pagliaro's, for they share three bends with Pings/Paganells. It appears that Balas-line Pauls had merged with Paioni. In the top half of the Paglione Shield are the Bocci/BROCATo ears of wheat, recalling the bocci-BALL event that God set up for linking Seleucids (of the Balas kind) to BROGITarus.

Again, Lorraine walked by Paul Smith and I with a child. The three Paglione bends are almost the bends of Kos' while mythical Merops of Kos was the proto-Merovingian. Merops' son was Paioni-possible PANdareus, and his daughter in turn was Aedon, whom I trace to the Aedui peoples of Autun, near ChamPAGNE and Lorraine. The bend in the Arms of Champagne has the crutch pattern (called potent), which is shared (for a related reason) in the bend of Avezzano's, first found on Sardinia, and suspect with the Seleucids there. Avezzano is in the thick of the land of the Marsi, from mythical Merops. The "PALLEscere" motto term of Pullens/Pullys can be for the Palle(s) variation of Pauls.

While I was living in the apartment of Paul Oullette, Mike Oullette was there with a cast on his leg (he was on crutches). I almost hurt his leg accidentally, and he became far too upset for the occasion, which is why I remember it. Then, a year or two ago, God gave me a dream in which Paul Smith, whom I hadn't seen in decades, walked up my driveway on crutches. This caused me to find that the Paul fitchee, similar in style to the Crutch/Crooch fitchee, is colors reversed to it. Apparently, this dream reveals that Pauls/Palle's were of the Champagne-Avezzano merger of which we can expect the line of Balas Seleucids.

In the dream, Paul followed a sickly-looking stag. I have always called it a SICKly stag, which goes well with his crutches. The Fisks use a "sic" motto term, while Fisks can be expected as a Fish branch, in the "fish" of the Smith Crest, for the Fish Coat is in the colors and format of the Smith Coat. I moved to the place as PAUL Oullette because I invited Annette into the landlady's POOL, and while Pool use a "Pollet" motto term, Pollet share down-pointing swords, in the same colors, with Feschs. They are suspect from the Fieschi of Genova, where Bocci's/Brocato's were first found (who share the symbol of Paglione's suspect with the Pagele location of Pauls). Fish's were first found in Yorkshire with Pauls, Anne's/Hanne's (sickly stag?), and some early Sichs (Kiss/Cush fOUNTains).

There is an ANNette surname listed with Arnetts, who remind me of the Arness variation of Annas'. Both surnames use stars colors reversed from the other, and both look related to Angus'...which reminds that neighboring Fife's are a branch of Vivians/Veys that are probably from Vevey, near LausANNE. The Pools are very traceable, with Pullens/PULLYs, to Vespasia Polla, and so Annette in the pool with me speaks to her line settling Pully and Lausanne. The Morges > Morgan line to mythical Morgan le Fay of Avalon is a neat way to trace this thing to mount Velino, near Avezzano, and near the home of Avez-like Vespasia Polla.

Scottish Smiths use an anvil, but there is an Anvil/Hanville/Handville surname that could be from Annas of Israel. Anville's use a patee cross in colors reversed from the patee-fitchee of English Smiths, and so one can see why an Anville surname should develop from Smiths (as play on metal smiths). The Anvil Coat gives the impression of being a Palin-lion version of the Pool Coat, yet the Palin / Anvil lion is also in the Oullette Chief so that AnVILLE's may have been a merger with the Wille branch of Oullette's.

Font de Ville's/Ville's may apply to Wille's too because they are expected with Lafins/La Fonts, the latter being in the Kennedy motto along with Avise's/Avisons, who are of the Avesnes entity that married Champagne i.e. the Avezzano-Champagne link. Smiths were first found in Durham with English Conte's, and French Conte's were first found in Languedoc with Font-de-Ville's/Ville's.

Fieschi's were related to GRIMaldi's while the latter share the Cock Shield while Oullette's use a moorCOCK. Joe Oullette became a special friend to Jeffrey MOORE, which was seemingly a Set-up for linking the MOORcock to Moore's. It just so happens that Moore's / Morgans use a giant lion colors reversed from the lions of Lorraine's who are in-turn supposed to be related to Oullette's. The wife of Mr. Moore was Carol, and Carols share a white-on-black sword, with gold handle, with Feschs and Pollet.

Morgans are traceable to Morges (Switzerland, same as Feschs), near Pully, Vevey and Lausanne. Vevey is suspect with Vibia. Fieschi were in Genova while Morges and Pully are at lake Geneva. Jeffreys share the Palin / Oullette lion, and were first found near the first-known Palins and Babe's. Babon, father of GRIMo, is the line to BabCOCKs, who share the red rooster of Cocks, Bibo's and Kiss'/Cush's. Lausanne liners could be to the Lawsons ("Leve", chapeau), first found in Yorkshire, and having the same chevron as Annette's/Arnetts and Kiss'/Cush's, which is another way to link Annas suspects to Laevillus mother, Vibia.

The Babcock pale bar is in the colors of the one of Crutch's/Crooch's. The latter are a branch of Croce's (potent cross) who share "Cruce" with Jeffersons, and the latter were first found in Herefordshire with Jeffreys. The Jefferson saltire is in the colors of the similar Cruce cross.

Scottish Jeffreys (PEEBLES-shire, same as Williamsons) share the Willaston / Williamson stars (amazing), and throw in a sun in Crest, symbol of Babe's and Blonde's (more amazing), suggesting that the six pale bars of Jeffreys are the six fessewise bars of Babe's.

Babe's were first found in Dorset with Beautys, and the latter share the black bull with the McLeod/CLOUD badge, and it just so happens that the Jeffrey sun comes with a cloud while McLeods/Clouds share the flag with Font-de-Ville's.

Pavers share the Brick lozenges, or the Brix/Brest Coat in colors reversed, while German Brix's share the Willaston Coat. This connects Pavers to the Briquessart > Meschin line, and while Meschins married Skiptons of Craven, Wolseys/Wolsleys, suspect of the Woolaston variation of Willastons, are said to have furnished a vicar in Craven. Their Wolseley location in Staffordshire was ruled by the bishop of Chester, which is the city of Meschins. Moreover, Wolseys/Wolsleys use a giant talbot, a symbol from the Taillebois wife of Ranulph le Meschin (nephew of Hugh Lupus). Wolseys/Wolseys use a "lupus" motto term, and a wolf head, suggesting branch of Wolfleys/Wooleys.

Wolseley is in the PIREhill part of Staffordshire, and Pire's use pears so that the Pero's / Peare's/Pears / Perrots may have been there. French Perrots were at Launay, near Brest, a line from Brescia/Brixia (where Lane's were first found) near lake Garda. The Wolsey wolf head is brown, and there is a brown wolf with the Gards expected in the "gward" motto term of Welsh Wolfins/Walwins (said to be from a sister of king Arthur (but there was no such person)). The Wolfin/Walwin bend is in the colors of the Wolworth/Walwork bend. The latter's Crest: "Two arms holding in the hands a cake of bread." Looks like code for Cake's/Cakebreads. The line of Sitrc CAECH was on the Isle of Man while the Wolsey motto is translated, "Man a wolf to man."

The Wolsey talbot is in the design of the William talbot so that, though you wouldn't expect it, Wolseys and Wolfleys should be a branch of Williams...from William > Willaston > Wollaston > Wolsey. The Williams think they descended from Brique-like Brychen Brecheiniog, who (if we read the write-up) sounds like a code of the Arthurian cult.

The only thing I recall about our first date was kissing at a picNIC table. The Nickle's happen to share the downward pheon (probably code for Paioni) in both colors with the three of Stops/Stubbs (Staffordshire, same as Wolseys). While Nickle's were first found in Cheshire with Stations/State's (as per the bus station), that surname has been suspect with the Statielli Ligures. The PICnic table can apply to Piacenza liners, and then: "The Statielli...were a small Ligurian tribe...Their chief town was Aquae Statiellae (Acqui Terme), on the road from Vada Sabatia, near Savona to Dertona (Tortona) and Placentia." I can imagine Statielli with the Ananes Gauls, therefore. Stations/State's may be with the lozenges of Grimaldi's, for they were likely from Grimo, Babon's son.

Ananes were definitely at Annandale, in Dumfries with the first-known Willie's. Nickle's use "Fide," and "Fides" is the entire Willie motto. Fido's are listed with Foot-branch Fothes'. Willie's share the Vince/FINCH Coat, and that second-last time I saw Lorraine was at the FINCH bus-subway station!!! Zowie, I almost missed this. The Finch-avenue station is the last subway stop going northward, which is why Lorraine was there, for she had yet to go north on a bus. Amazingly, I think I understand where God is going with this, for Vince's are beloved in the Shaw/Sheaves motto while Shaws come up as "Seth," the name of the father of Annas, killer of Jesus.

Later, the Annandale motto gets suspect with Rabys, and it's the latter who brought Willastons to topic.

I can trace the red greyhound head of Stations/State's, with the same of Majors, to the proto-Geddes Geds of Dumfries' Nith river, for Geddes' use a "majora" motto term. The Chief-Shield color combo of Majors is that also of Annas', and both put a giant, white symbol on their red Shield. The Geddes' use pike fish, and Lorraine and I kissed at the PICnic table. Kiss'/CUSH's link to the cushions of Kilpatricks, who had a castle on the Nith river. The Bibo's, probably a Babe branch, share the red rooster with Kiss'/Cush's, and the Bibo's put it on a cushion. It's undeniable that God used Lorraine for pointing to these things. Lorraine's share the green lion with Close's/Clovse's ("FIDELis"), from Closeburn, where the Kilpatrick castle was! Zikers. Geddes' were first found in Nairnshire, suspect with the Neuri to which I trace Bus'. Majors were at Guernsey, which has a Footes location.

Back to Faust-related Poindexters, who use an esquire's helmet while Esquers use a white coney rabbit, the symbol of Coneys and Conns, from Cuneo. God showed me that Coneys were of Bra, beside Asti. The "Nemo" motto term of Poindexters is for Nemo's/Newmarch's, first found in Stirlingshire, and then the Stop/Stubb Coat can be gleaned with Stirlings/STURlings, suspect from the Stura Demonte river through the city of Cuneo. Poindexters were first found in Jersey, beside Guernsey.

Lorraine and I broke up when I accused her of being on the grass with her friend's husband. She came home while on an evening walk with him, and I dropped in to her place between the time that she left and returned. She had a streak of grass stain on her white pants, at her butt area, and it looked like she was on the grass with him. One of the two surnames I suspected with the white pants are the Pansys/Pantzers. The coney rabbit in the Coney Crest holds a pansy. The other surname suspect with pants are the Panthers/Panters (helmet, same as Poindexters), who share "spur rowells" with Paions/Payens. And Spurrs are in the spur of the Close's who share the Lorraine lion.

Pansys/Pantzers share doves with English Page's while French Page's were first found in Dauphine with Paions/Payens/Pagans. English Page's use downward-pointing pheons in colors reversed from the same of Nickle's and Stops/Stubbs. Lambert page in the Page write-up makes the English Page's look like they distinctly use a version of the English Lambert Coat, and while French Lamberts (Dauphine) use a version of the Billiard Coat, the latter use it with Zionist stars so as to be a white-blue version of the gold-blue Paion/Payen Coat. The Billiards/Hillards were first found in Yorkshire with the location of English Lamberts. The Kirk motto suggests Mummolin. English Lamberts are said to descend from counts of Mons and Louvain, in the area of Pepin of Landen.

The Paver checks are shared by French Louvier's while La Louviere is beside Mons, and then English Louvier's bring up the Louvain (Kent, same as Massins/Masons) who share the Percy and Mason/Massin lion (Sforza lion in colors reversed). The latter are likely from Massino-Visconti, signalling that the Lamberts were connected to Ottone Visconti, first Visconti ruler of Milan, whose titles ended up with Sforza's. This makes the Ottone chevron linkable to the Billiard chevron. This explains why the counts of Hainaut (had Mons for a capital) are the only thing I know of sharing the three Levi chevrons (see Wikipedia's counts / county of Hainaut). It strongly proves that Levi's were from the Laevi Gauls, and HAINaut happens to look like an Annas line. It's easy to see that Percys were from Gouel de Perceval of Leavell, whose son (Waleran) married the Beaumont counts of Meulan. The Nickle motto has the full motto of Beaumonts.

One can begin to suspect Katrina Hanson with the Hainaut elements in connection to Milan, making the bends of Russian Hansons look like two of the three bends of Gallia's/GALLATO's (Milan). Perfect ice-cream expectation. As Russian Hansons were first found in Prussia and Denmark while Mieske's were first found in Prussia, it makes the Hansons look linkable to Sigurd the Haughty, Danish queen, daughter of Mieszko I. It then links to Mieszko II Lambert, making the Lamberts of Hainaut look like Mieszko liners. The other ice-cream lady has a Darlene Coat linkable to the Cnut Shield, and Danish king Cnut was Sigurd's son. Katrina works at Sam's restaurant, and Sams/Sammes', with the same giant lion of the Hainaut surname, share drops with the Darlene and Cnut Shields. That's got to explain why Katrina was Danish, though Hansons could just as well have been Swedes or Norwegians.

Back to the Vada Sabatia of the Statielli Ligures. "Sabatia" is like the name of the ancient Zab river at Nuzi, where I trace Dionysus' name. He's been suspect with Liguria's Nice (Nickle line?), which is Nizza too, and then there is a Nizza Monferrato near Asti and Bra. The other Zab was the Lycus, very possibly the namers of Lycians and Ligures. The two Zabs were in Subartu, smacking of Sybaris, suspect with the line to Spurrs and Supers. End insert]

In colors reversed, the Pavia/PAVIS / Feet martlets (in Grime-martlet colors) are those of Gormleys, and Miss Hansen sold ice-cream in Gormley. Gormleys are Grimes' too Griims use the giant Annas star in colors reversed. Grimo's father, Babon, appears to be in this paragraph, and either of the two men could have had Lorraine (of France) elements. Grime's use three fesses of the two of Babons/Bavents. Therefore, the ice-cream theme used of God should connect to Mummolin's line, and indeed Maurels/Maurini's, from Maurilion, Mummolin's father-in-law, were first found in Milan, beside Creme. About as far south from Milan as Crema is to its east, is Pavia. I'm a Grimaldi on one side.

Italian Pavia's share the scallops of the Fens'/Venns, in Devon, beside the Pavia's/Pavis'. These are also the Mar scallops, and while Marsi were from Berardo's, Bards/Beards share the green griffin head with the Fens/Venn Crest. The Marsi are suspect as Marici at the founding of Pavia. Sam's enlarged the name of his Gormley restaurant to "FAMous Sam's," and Fames'/Fane's/Vans are probably a Fens'/Venn branch. The Fens fesse is probably the one in the Arms of Modena's Fanano. Lake Garda is not far from Crema, and Carrick-beloved Gards share the green martlet with Grime's.

And this reminds me, Fame's/Fane's/Vans share "Ne Vile" with Griffins, now suspect with Navelli, near Picenze.

The Ananes are said to have lived between the Taro and Trebia, and while the Ceni is a Taro tributary, "Cremona is first mentioned in history as a settlement of the CENOmani, a Gallic (Celtic) tribe that arrived in the Po valley around 400 BC." The Serio goes through Bergamo, which has an Arms using only colors, the red-gold colors used by multiple Berg / Burg liners, including the Irish Burghs from John de Burgo. Dutch Burgs once showed the three Clare chevrons, and Irish Clare's (Sans/Sanguez eagle?) share five, while ostrich feathers with Caens and the Arms of Traby, which is why I trace Caens to the Ceni river. The Cenomani are on the map clear across to the Veneti, and Fane's/vans were likely Veneti, especially the Celtic Veneti at Vannes.

I assume that the Italian Fane's settled Wales when Maschi's / Masci's arrived to Cheshire, and that's how they were Celticized, being part of the Arthurian elements in Wales. Vannes was king Arthur's wife. Fane-suspect Navals (same place as Annas') use the Annan saltire in colors reversed.

If Clare's use the Sanguez eagle, that's a trace to the Sangarius river, which as the Sakarya traces to Segurana's that almost use the Sans/Sanguez eagle. The Segurana-branch Seagars (Marsi snakes) were first found beside the English Clare's.

The Serio is a tributary of the Adda, which speaks to me of the Ade's/Aids in the Levi motto, and thus expects the Laevi in cahoots with Adda-river liners. The Adda flows through Lecco and Lecco province, the latter having an Annone location, and a Cremella location. There is an Annone surname listed with Annan(dale)s. There is also a Lecco surname with what could be the Montfort lion on one side as per Simon de Montfort of LEICester. Lecco's were first found in Brescia (shares the Bruce lion in passant form), and royal Bruce's were from Annandale. This appears excellent for starters. Blue-lion Bruce's were first found in Yorkshire with Leaks.

Lecco's share the Leak/Leakey and Knee bend. After checking Lesks/Less' to see if they apply to Lecco liners, I realized that the illegal and giant gold-on-silver Lecco lion is that or Irish Leslie's, who happen to use the same bend with that lion!

I traced Leslie's to a Lesce location (near Hungary), beside Bled, and Bleds use the triple chevrons of Clare's in colors reversed. Bleds use a "tous" motto term for red-shirt Tous'/Tosini's, Seleucid suspects of the Malahule kind, for Malahule was the ancestor of Tosni's, sometimes called the Toeni's who have their maunch / sleeve in the Arms of Leicester! Zowie. And while the dentist laughed at my red buttons, the Laughins are the ones suspect with the Second/Segur bloodline in the Levi motto with Ade's/Aids.

On top of this, the Scottish Burgers once showed the three chevrons of Clare's (both colors), and Sam's restaurant, which brought us to the Serio river, was famous for hamBURGERs (they were great). It's just that BERGamo is on the Serio river, and its Arms use colors only, the red-gold of multiple Burgs / Bergs. John de Burgo ruled / owned Conteville, the line of Conte's/COMITissa', suspect in the comet ("flaming star") of the Ticino's Pero's, perfect for linking to the Laevi. I can now assume that "ComiTISSa" reveals a Conte merger with Tiss' / Tease's/Tess'/Tecks.

The English Conte's share the antlers of Cone's, and I bought the ice cream at Sam's in a cone. Sam's/Sammes' share the lion of Italian Conte's and Laughin-like Lafins/La Fonts. His place is now called, FAMous Sam's, and Fame's/Fane's are likely from Fano, beside the Maschi's with the pine cones. The Kennedys who love the Lafins (Tipperary, same as Irish Kennedys), also love the Avise's/Avisons, who share the Comyn/Comines Coat while John de Burgo also ruled Comines (or at least, his son, Herluin de Conteville, did. This is the line that birthed the mother of the first Meschin, though Meschins were also descended from Malahule > Balas-suspect Balso D'Espaines. MAULs/Morleys share the scallops of Tailbois', and the latter married the first Meschin (from Maschi's, right). The Tailbois Coat looks like the Annan/Annone Coat. Just look at all that ham from Sam's.

The Seleucid element here makes "Lecco" suspect with "Alex(ander)".

Next, let's go to the antlers of Cone's and Conte's because they are likely code for Les Andelys, home of the Malahule-line Tosni's. Perfect, and the antler is shared by ZAHRingers while Zerrs/ZEHRers can be Sere = Serio-river liners. The Serio's/Signore's look linkable to Segni's/Segurano's and Seconds/Segurs that connected to Levi's with Adda-suspect Ade's/Aids.

Now the Leslie's are excellent for tracing to the Levi again, and for showing where Adda-river liners went. The founder (Bartholomew) of Scottish Leslie's was on a ship with princess Margaret Atheling, and her cup bearer at the time, I did read, was Henry Sinclair of Roslin, which explains why Scottish Leslie's (same bend as Lecco's) and Roslins share buckles. Why did Margaret name her last son, Alexander? Her second-last son, David, has been resolved with the David surname, which has been resolved with the Levi lion, and this David's descendant, ruler of Huntingdon, married ADA of Warenne!!! And the Ade's/Aids use a leopard version of the David Coat!

The Athelings loved Adda-like names such as Edward, Edmond, Edgar, and Sitric was married to the Saxon, Edith. It appears that we have found the proto-Athelings in the Adda river. There is a Saxon location near Sion, and to the other side of Sion there is a Serio-like Sierra location. These places are all in Wallis canton, and "Wallas" is suspect with "Glass" for two reasons. The Glass'/GLACE's, like the "creme glacee" term used by Franks for "ice cream," share the stars in the Arms of Wallas, and moreover the Glass/Glace Crest shares the mermaid of Wallis-liner Walsers. The Wallas/Wallace's, moreover, share the lion in the Lecco Coat. The Glass/Glace stars happen to be that also of Seers, in colors reversed from the same of Sere's and Annas'. It appears that the ice cream was Intended to get us to Wallis liners too, especially as Walsers lived in Aosta's Lys river while Glass'/Glace's through in a fleur-de-lys with their stars.

We can now go back to David's because they share a version of the Eiton Coat while AITons/ARTEMs first found in Berwickshire with AIDs. We can clearly see the connections, adding evidence to the Atheling trace to the Adda. The Eitons even use a bend colors reversed from the Lecco / Leslie bend.

The Knee and Leak(ey) bends were connected by an event to the Stanley bend, and Stanleys were first found in Cambridgeshire with Toothills, who share the Eiton / David bend with single lion. It was through a GLASS DOOR that God impressed me with Miss Hick's beautiful knees, on the Leakey road. Scottish Doors are interesting for sharing the leopard faces of English Wrights while Scottish Wrights share the Stewart Shield while Stewarts (married royal Bruce's) descended from Shropshire, where Eitons were first found who are expected as a branch of Aitons, the latter first found in Berwickshire with Wrights.

Checking whether Toothills/Tuttle's are in all three colors of the Arms-of-Saraca fish, yup. Toothills thus become suspect with the Teeth of the shark. The black Tuttle leopard can thus be the Hover/Hoffer leopard.

Let's not forget that this Serio material was birthed while sanding the DOOR parts to the Veneti-like vanity. The Veneti named Vannes in Brittany, and I did see one Arms of Vannes using the three ermine spots of the Brittany Balls. And the Alans of Brittany were from Aulon, near Ball-suspect Bullis. The Doreys (Brittany) use three lion heads in the colors of the three leopard heads of Doors. There is an Ermine surname (Lincolnshire, same as Tailbois') with a single ermine in Crest, and sharing the Annan/Annone / Tailbois Shield and Chief.

The Arms of Vannes is an ermine mammal wearing a scarf, and Scarfs (same place as Leaks) are suspect with Serio-possible Schere's/Scherfs with likely the Sheer/Shere fitchee in a different form.

Toothill was related to Bec Abbey, and Bec was related to the Beaumonts of Meulan, who ruled Leicester, which is starting to look like a Lecco liner. I was sanding the door frames, and Sandins (bull heads, Bullock Coat) were first found in Leicestershire. Sandins are in Sere colors and format, which reminds that Miss Hicks, as a symbol of bull-line Walerans (and Beautys) that were of the Beaumonts, was in a CAR parked on the SAND of a Bec-like beach, and it's the Cars that use a "Sero sed serio" motto. Sere's (come up as Sarro's) were first found in Languedoc with French Conte's whose Coat in-turn looks linkable to that of Toothills/Tuttle's. It's also where Borgia's/Burgs were first found that may be using the Vallan / Vele / Sarasin moline.

Again, Miss Hicks was hovering over the car seats, and Hovers/Hoffers (bull horns, apparently) share the black leopard with Toothills/Tuttle's (OVER colors). Hovers/Hoffers were first found in Westphalia with Velens and Velins. The red horns on the Hover leopard face can indicate the red bull of Spanish Borgia's, first found in ZARAgosa (Aragon), or of German Sanders/Centers whose Crest bull is that of Chiario's/Claro's (Ferrara, same as same-colored Serio's/Signore's), suspect with Chiaramonte which had linked to Ferdinand of Aragon! Bingo.

Amazing, for heraldic FRETs were recently clinched (I think) with "FERDinand", and Hover-like Overs share the fret with Hoods. She was standing at the hood of the car (!) when I saw her from far off, without my shirt on (wearing jeans). In the next scene, I was standing at the (passenger) DOOR, to see her through the glass hovering over the seats (her head over the back seats evoking the Seat relationship to bull-using Backs/Bachs). The leopard face in the Hover/Hoffer Crest is white, as is the Door leopard face, and two Jean Coats look linkable to Doors / Doreys.

The mystery is why God would want to emphasize the Seleucid-liner Shirts in this picture, but as a clue, Jeans share the red scallop of Seleucid-liner Pullys / Sabine's, and the latter use a red bull too, in the design of the Borgia / Back/Bach bull. The dentist, whose surname is of the red-scallop Tancreds, laughed at the red buttons on my shirt while I was in the back seat. Why were we previously on the golf course together? The red roundels of Shirts are those of Bullis/Bulliards and the Arms of Boulogne, and the white bull heads of Bullocks and Sandins, in colors reversed, are red like those of Sanders, yet Sanders throw in a white bull head of their own.

Marjory Carrick, mother of the first Bruce king, was married to Mr. Bruce of Annandale, which tends to make a Lecco > Leak link to Bruce's stronger. Marjory was married first to Adam Kilconquhar, who had some Annandale affiliations, as we can glean from the Adam surname (first found in Annandale). I read that Adam's mother was a Miss Comyn(s), and I traced her to Como's (sinister symbol) and therefore to Como. But here I find that the Adda river flows through lake Como, perfect, we can't argue with the creme-de-la-facts staring us in the face. The Alda's of Ayrshire (same as Carricks) even come up as "Add." Lecco is at the southern end of lake Como, and while one Sander surname comes up as "Sonder," there is a Sondrio location on the Adda to the north of lake Como.

So, with the Burgo ancestry of Conteville's at Bergamo, it makes sense that the Comines location of the Burgo's is from nearby Como.

I see Athelings in the Athol surname, and Legens/Lagans, possibly in the Leak leg, were first found in Athol. The Legens/Lagans are listed with Conkie's/Conachie's, smacking of Adam KilCONQuhar. Here is a fair argument for tracing Leaks to Lecco. The Legens/Conkie's use three white wolf heads colors reversed from the same of Fiddle's of Vis-de-lou. Legens/Conckie's are said to be purely from king Duncan, whose father, Crinan, may have been a Crema liner. Chamberlains use the donkey while Duncans are a branch of Donkeys while I knew Mr. Chambers (attended his Bible studies) on the Leakey road.

I had noted that Miss Hicks has the sort of model look to her as Katrina Hanson did (both tall blonds, not an ounce of fat, great hair). I suspected that the two would link, and here I'm finding that the Hicks dream, and her knees through the glass at Leakey road, are linking exactly to the things that Miss Hanson points to. I'm wondering whether a Model like surname, such as the Motels, apply. I do recall Miss Hanson attending one hockey game of mine, but I can't see how the Hockey surname (Hazel fesse-and-crescents) can be linked to the Hicks.

But wait a minute. The Hockeys just brought Hickeys to mind, and I recall that Leakey-suspect Lakeys share "virTUTis praemium" with Hickeys! And Hickeys (ermine Chief), in Hockey colors, share "honor" with Seers while the Seer Coat looks linkable to the Lakey Coat. "PRAEMium" must be code for Prime's (spur, probably the Eyer/Ayer leg) because they use the human leg bent at the knee in the Leak Crest! Therefore, Hockeys, Hickeys and Hicks are expected to trace to the Serio river. The Hickey baton rises sinister, and the baton surname could be of the Battins/Badens (axes) i.e. probably from Baden, home of Serio-suspect Zahringers. Zerrs/Zehrers use both the axe and hatchets, while Hatchets (could be the Seer eagle) are also HACKets. Hatch's are also Hacchs, and Hykes' are Hake's share fish with Hatchets/Hackets. Hatchets use "fish HAURient" (means vertical, by looks like code for something) while Hicks use a "heure" motto term. The Aurs/Aures' come to mind, and Aures is where Spuds MacKenzie traces.

Katrina worked at Sam's while Sams'/Sammes' are said to descend from tenants in Kelveden Hatch.

This reminds me of Buddy Hacket because, about an hour before seeing her beautiful knees, I asked Miss Hicks if Stanley, sitting beside her, was her "buddy." There is a Buddy surname with Botters, but at this time I don't know what to do with it in connecting to Serio elements, though the Bautica river comes to mind because Bauts share the ram with Cremers/Cramers.

I've had the article on lake Iseo loaded for a couple of hours not knowing whether to mention it as an Ice possibility: "Lake Iseo or Lago d'Iseo or Sebino is the fourth largest lake in Lombardy, Italy, fed by the Oglio river." It's near lake Como. If the Ice eagle is that in the Arms of L'Aquila, that's not far from Sabina. The Eggs/EDGE's, with what could be a version of the Ice Coat, may be with the Este eagle, for the ADIGE river flows near Este. The Oglio goes by an Olius term which might just reveal the root of the estOILE. Eggs/Edge's use the split colors of Gardners while the Adige flows along lake Garda's shoreline. The Oyle's/Oilie's/Ollie's, I recall, use two blue bends, the colors of the two of Como's! Bingo. This is not a bad argument for tracing Ice's to the Iseo, and, perhaps, Ice's were not Adige liners at their root, but only merged with them.

The Olius has sources in the ADAMello mountain, and at Ponti di Legno, which is what brought Legens to topic. Italian Adams (ear of wheat) were first found at Fermo, origin of the house of Este! Este's share the Aquila eagle and the Arms of Picenze eagle, and ear-of-wheat liners were in Picenze and L'Aquila. The Irish Adams are traced to FERMoy. Irish Adams can be with the Logan heart because Logans are like "Legno." German Adams can be with the Lecco eagle. There was a L'Aquila connection at the Adda-river theater, and Cremona, let's not forget, is beside Picenze-like Piacenza, home of the Ananes Gauls who migrated to Annandale, where English / Scottish Adams were first found.

As we saw, Legens were of the Duncans, the latter related to Chamberlains while Mr. Chambers on the Leakey road was an OIL man. Just saying. The Bush's were oil people too, and the beautiful-knee night was the anniversary of 9-11, the event for which president Bush needs to be punished, by God. I suspect that these heraldic clues from that evening have to do with God's exposure on the 9-11 plotters. Waiting...

The source of the Olius is said to be at Corno dei Tre Signori, which could have been named by the Serio/Signore surname. It has the peculiarity of showing only a chevron, nothing more, as with the same-colored Demy/Dumais chevron. Hockeys use a black DEMI griffin, as do English Scotts while Scottish Scotts share the Hockey crescents. Scotts have been traced to Alexanders, for they are said to descent from Alexander, brother of king Baliol, an Alexander-Balas suspect. A Scott Coat is shared by Terras' (in the Alexander motto), who may have been from the Taro river along with Ananes Gauls. Terras' use an "Amore" motto, and while Amore's were first found in Oxfordshire with Oyle's/Oilie's, the latter's bends (in Serio/Signore colors) are in the colors of the Terras / Scott bend! Excellent, for Hockeys have been responsible for this round-about come-back to the Serio / Adda theater. Baliols are a branch of Baileys who inturn use the Moray stars while Amore's were first found in Moray.

If you read on the curb symbol on the night of Cheech and Chong, a couple of updates ago, it entered the Curby/KIRKBY surname (lived in Furness), which happens to use three gold crescents on a chevron, same as Hockeys. And Baliols are said to be from a Kirkby location which was owned also by the Eure's, suspect in the Icke/Hicks motto. Besides, the Eure's share a version of the Hanan Coat, both using a black bend over their quadrants, and there is a black bend alone in the Hickey Chief. There is a Bene surname, expected in the "bene" motto term of Baileys, who show nothing but a sinister-rising bend in the colors of the Hickey bend. It therefore shows that Hockeys have proven fruitful in adding insights on Annas liners, now linking then to a possible royal-Seleucid line.

On the night of her beautiful knees, while the sun was still out, I asked if the empty seat beside her was taken. She said I could scoot over if her daughter arrives to take it. Her daughter's name, Geneva, is suspect in the Leak motto, and lake Geneva is fed by the Rhone / Rotten that has the Sierra location. It was when getting past her to the empty seat that I noticed her pale-green toe nails, and I had noted that Tows/Touch's use a green lion while Sandals use a green cross. It was her toe nails that makes me recall her SANDals. In the dream, I TOUCHed her knee, but I can't yet say whether God intended the Tow/Touch surname for that aspect.

The point here is that the Scottish Sandals share the Knee / Lecco bend, and while Lecco is on lake Como, the Como's (share arrow with Scottish Adams) use two bends in these colors. The Stanleys use the same bend, and Stanley came to take my seat, later in the evening, when I went to the stage to speak with the pastor, asking him to call Miss Hicks up to sing another song. And he did. The gold spread eagle in the Sandal Crest could be the one in the Lecco Coat. The Stage's/Staggs share the Serio/Signore chevron, but so do hundreds of others. Yet the Stage's/Staggs share blue stag heads with Ananes-possible Hanna's.

The Serio/Signore chevron is shared by Toothills/Tuttle's, and the latter's black leopard can be the one of Ade's/Aids, because the Adda takes the waters of the Serio. The Adds/Alda's ("VirTUTE") can be a branch of Italian Alda's, first found in Florence with Tuttle-like Taddei's, and the Taddei Chief is therefore feasibly the Add/Alta Chief (both use two white-on-red symbols). The Saraca's were so close to the Ardiaei, or even amongst them, that the shark's teeth can be expected from queen Teuta. She may have been vicious, for the shark in the dream was. Teets/Tate's were first found in the same place as Arthurs, makes sense.

It took me a while to realize that the Icke variation of Ice's can be a Hickey branch, explaining why Miss Hanson watched one of my Hockey games. "Icke" doesn't bring up the Ice's, however, but instead brings up the Hicks. This would have been better had the Hickeys shown signs of connection to the Ice Coat. However, it can be added that I did not sign up to play hockey that year. Instead, a friend with a surname beginning with "Brill" (his full surname doesn't come up) asked me to play once the season had already begun. And Brills share the white-on-black annulet of Burgos' (it the only thing used by the latter). Bergamo is on the Serio river where Katrina's ice cream led us.

The sinister-rising baton, held by a gauntleted hand, suggests that Hickeys use the Maschi lion. Maschi's use pine cones in connecting to the Burgo > Conteville line. But more than this I can't say at this time.

The Frocks/Frogs use annulets in colors reversed from the Burgos annulet, and Froggits are suspect with "BROGITarus" because Froggits were first found in Derbyshire. I attended a school in grade eight for two months only, where I liked Cathy Froggit, though we never got together. The closest I got to her was the event burned into my memory, where someone had drawn a square on the school pavement with white chalk, and inside this square there were quadrants. Players were standing in the quadrants bouncing a volleyball within it (I don't know the name of that game). She and I were two of the players. Heraldic quadrants are suspect with Quadratus, a descendant of Brogitarus, and Volleys are listed with Velis'/Valleys. Froggits use a parrot in Crest traceable to Pierro's/Pero's, first found at Pavia, a city co-founded by MARICi. The school was called, MARK II. Marks share checks with Pavers.

Pavers were first found in Yorkshire with Meaths (quadrants) and Methleys, the latter sharing the pierced stars of Foggs and Figgs who both share a version of the Frock/Frogg Coat.

Recall that Annas of Israel is expected with the Vibia > Laevillus family, for it dawned on me that Hansons should have been named after Han(n)s. Hans are with hands, but German Hanns are the most interesting for using the giant Hahn rooster (different colors) with a red one in Crest, the colors of the rooster of the Bibo's who tell that they descend from Hahns! The Hann rooster is in both colors of the giant Kopple rooster, and the latter's is on a green surface, as are the red roosters of Bibo's and Cramers/Cremers. This link to Cramers makes Hahns and Hanns have "Hanson" written all over it. Kopple's are from Poland's Goplo.

My guess is that heraldic hands (used by Hans/Hans'/Hands) are from Annas liners in relation to Laevillus-liner Hanns / Hahns.

Here's my reasoning. God wanted me to find the Hickey surname so that I could link it to Hanans in relation to Katrina Hanson, so that by the latter it would dawn on me that Hanns apply. In order to accomplish this, he had her attend a hockey game while also having the things she represents represented by Miss Hicks, and he used two females with similar looks as well. If not for the Hicks-Hanson linkage, I wouldn't have checked the Hickeys, and that would have made me miss the Icke-like look of Hickeys. To boot, Hicks are Icke's too, tending to reveal Ice's as such. The aim was to have me link Annas to the Laevillus > Bibo-Hahn line.

Hahns (Mecklenburg, same general area as Ice's) were foreign to me, just about, until March of this year. I have it recorded that emailer Patterson introduced the Hahn Coat to me in 2010. It wasn't mentioned again until April of 2016: "The Bible/Bibo write-up, which I have not read until now, tells a silly story about the surname deriving in a German word for drinking, and that one Mr. Hahn was re-named, Bibow, for the nice cups that he kept for drinking. This sounds like typical code, perhaps from the Hahn family itself. Shaws use cups, and Shaws are listed with Seths, suspect with the father of Hahn-like Annas/Ananus."

Wow, am I ever glad I checked my files of I would have missed the following from the 2nd update of December, 2016: "The Bible's/Bibo's share a red-on-white rooster with Cocks, and are said to be from EGGERd von Bibave. This family is said to be from Hahns, and while both Hahn surnames use the giant rooster too, one of them is Jewish? Annas liners? On either side of the rooster in the Hahn Crest, the blue wings likely of Here's and Herzogs [Eyers/Ayers, right?]. The Hahn roosters are in the colors of the Este eagle, which, in colors reversed, has blue wings. Hahns are "DISplaying" the rooster"

Can you believe it. I didn't read the Bibo write-up lately, and so I missed their being from Eggerd. It's the Ice-suspect Eggs / Eggers. There is an Eggerd/AGARD surname, looking like a lake-Garda liner, using a version of the Bowles Coat. The Bowles got suspect with Judas ISCARiot in the last update, as did buckles as per ESCARbuncles. And here I find that Eggertons (same place as Eggs/Egde's) own all of Tatton township in Bucklow hundred. Worsley hall, it says, was owned by Masseys, followed by Stanleys, and later by Eggertons.

I've just learned that Heggers are listed with Hagars (Este colors), who tend to confirm connection with the Adige in their "ModESTE" motto term. "Adige" was not necessarily the first variation of this line. I had reason to trace Hagars to the Agarus river (now the Siret). Modes' are listed with Modens/Modeys. Hagars (beside the Rose's) are in the colors of the six roses of L'Aquila-suspect Mota's/Motino's, and Ice's/Icke's share the eagle of "L'Aquila. The giant Hahn rooster is in the colors of the giant Zionist star of Hagars/Heggers. Aggers/Augers are also Etches'.

I think the thing to do is to seek a gelato-like surname that traces to the Brogitarus Galatians. It just so happens that king Gala/Gaia traces to two surname using the giant rooster, the Galli's and Gays. He pre-dated Brogitarus, but was concurrent with the arrival of Gauls to Galatia. Was he (father of Massena) named after Gauls ending up in Galatia? Massena > Masci liners were at Goplo, where the Kopple rooster, which is the Hann rooster, traces. And I expect Annas to have ancestry in the same entity that named Hannibal, down in the area of Massena. I kept a theory in which Annas had family in ANGUSta, which, if I recall correctly, was off the Trotus tributary of the Agarus. And Hagars/Heggers were first found beside Angus while Angus' share the Annas / Hanser star.

Italian Galli's use the rooster in illegal silver on gold (can't have both metals in contact; it's reserved). Note the HanSARD variation of Hansers, which is the proper showing of the surname. The Hahns / Hanns use roosters, and so does the Arms of Sardinia's Gallura. The rooster-using Visconti's (see Wikipedia) were at Gallura, and the Milan Visconti's (in Lombardy with the Serio river) are in the snake of German Hansons, the latter sharing the Lombard lozengy. Annas liners thus trace to Gallura, where we might expect Gala's Numidians. It just so happens that Italian Lombards share the Chief of French Galli's! It explains the Massino-Visconti location in Piedmont. These Galli's are also Gaelits.

Aha! Sere's are also Serts, like "Cirta," the Numidian capital! There we go. I, a Massena liner, bought the ice cream that traces to the Serio. The gelato-like Golds/Gilders (Suffolk, beside Masons/Massins and Mynetts) may therefore be using the Mason/Massin lion. It's a blue lion, as is the lion head of CERTs/Cards. Cirta may have been named in honor of CARTHaginians. Hannibal (a Carthaginian) had a brother, Mago, a term in the Joseph motto.

I don't know where my head was all these years. Levi's use a "Chretien" motto term while CHRETiens share the blue lion head with Certs. Why didn't I spot that before? It's potentially linking the Massena-line Numidians to Laevi. Chretiens are also CRESTiens while Crests use the same lion as Jewish Levi's. King Massena made a pact with general Scipio, who founded Placentia and Cremona as an army base. I assume that Massena had children in that area that named La Mose. The patee cross of Mose's/Moss, a symbol shared by Massena's/Messina's, is code for Patti in Messina, where Milans were first found.

The Visconti's of Milan could have been Guiscards of Sicily rather than vice-versa. It just so happens that Maurels/Maurini's, first found in Milan, share the eight-pointed stars (same colors) of Seleucid-suspect Tous'/Tosini's.

Gallura faces Corsica, and Courcys, like the surname of Curtus Maccabee, share the spread eagle of Tarents while Courcys/Corsie's were in Somerset with Trents. This was the Maccabee-suspect line of Terentia and MAECENas. Courcys use "VERitas" while Scottish Vere's/Weirs just came up as "Corras," tending to indicate that Corras' were Corsica liners of Masseys to the quadrants of English Vere's, that add the same star as Annas'. But there are other possibilities.

Corsons/Carsons, with a fesse colors reversed from the Corras/Vere fesse, use the lozenges of Massey-line Bricks in colors reversed. While Whalens share the Corson lozenges, KAREN Whelan lived on a Corsen street with her sister, who was dating Mr. Young, also on Corson, when I was dating Karen. Youngs share the piles of Leavells (of Whelan-like Waleran), first found in Roxburghshire with Corras/Vere's. Karens/Kerns, I've just realized (where was my head?), use Zionist stars in a bendwise direction in the colors of the same of Urbans, and Ceraunii are marked on the URBANus river. Spanish Urbans share the crescent on blue with Karens/Kerns (Silesia, same as Brox's/Brocuffs). Where was my head, not realizing this until now. The Urban bend can be gleaned with the Massena bend so that Massena the Numidian gets suspect with the Maezaei between the Urbanus and the Una/Oeneus. Is God saying, through Karen Whelan, that Waleran de Leavell was part of the Ceraunii, and did this thing include Bullis elements since Correns/Vere's share the Bullis/Bulliard star?

Irish Kerns are KIERans too, and Kiers/Keirs (Sinclair cross) are said to have had a Kier Stirlingshire, where Guiscards/Wisharts were first found. Kerns/Kierans share the upright, black lion in Crest with Gernons while the German Karens/Kerns are Gerns too, making Ranulph de Gernon look like a Ceraunii, perfect because he was son of le Meschin. The Gernon motto term, "cyFOETH," has been suspect with Foetes/Fussen, near lake Constance, and the Irish Kerns/Kierans use a motto, "FIDens et constans." Fido's are with the Fothes/Fette's, a branch of Foots first found in the same place as de Gernon.

Keirs, by the way, use a reflection of the Cloughton/Claughton/Clayton Coat, the surname suspect with at least on variation of Laughins. Cloughs come up as "glue."

Wow. I've always had problems with the name of le Meschin's father, Brick-suspect BriquesSART. Now it looks like a Shirt line of Sardinians. There is a Sarthe region that Normans controlled. It's in the Maine / Angers area. French Josephs could have been along the Sarthe.

The dentist with a surname from the Guiscards was laughing at the red buttons on my shirt, suspect with the Sardinia-suspect Shirts. Guiscards/Wisharts (beside Hagars/Heggers) became Visconti's, I feel sure. Lafins/La Fonts are in the Kennedy motto, and Irish Kennedys (helmets no open) use the Minute/Mynett Coat, almost, in colors reversed. The open helmets of Mynetts are suspect with Openheimers, who share the sphinx with Brock-branch Brocuffs, from Brogitarus, father of Amyntes. The other Openheimers share the single Hagar/Hegger star. Reminder: the rest of the Kennedy motto is for a line of Avezzano's, first found on Sardinia.

The Kennedy motto, "AVISE la fin." It's got Avis'/Avisons / Avezzano's all over it, in light of what was just packaged neatly for you.

Gelato-like terms can include the Celts/Colts, first found in Perthshire with Icke-like and Ice-possible Hagars/Heggers. Celts were first found in the same place as Drummonds while German Drummonds were first found in Hamburg with Gelts. As Leslie's are said to use a motto in relation to Maurice Drummond, who piloted the ship taking princess Margaret and proto-Leslie's to Scotland, it's notable that Gelts show nothing but a bend in Leslie- / Lecco-bend colors. It was the Leslie's and Lecco's with the illegal lion. Lecco is on the Adda river, now connectable to princess Margaret Atheling. Athols were first found in Perthshire with Celts and Drummonds. This discussion is giving Celts and Gelts a gelato flavor.

"Roman writers calling [Galatia's] inhabitants Galli (Gauls or Celts)...Its capital was Ancyra (i.e. Ankara..." The same article has Amyntes mentioned: "Upon the death of Deiotarus, the Kingdom of Galatia was given to Amyntas, an auxiliary commander in the Roman army of Brutus and Cassius who gained the favor of Mark Antony." Clicking to his article: "He was the son of Brogitarus, king of Galatia, and Adobogiona, daughter of king Deiotarus Philoromaeus." Ado prefix?

This article has Amyntes as the Cappadocian king in the first year, as king, of the first Herod. While Herod's father was Antipater, so was the king of Derbe whom Amyntes killed [and replaced, I assume]. In Wikipedia's Galatia article, we read that Galatians were in partnership with Macedonians, who had a king Antipater that I trace to the father of Herod. Antipater of Macedonia was ancestor to queen Nysa of Cappadocia. Keep in mind here that the shark's teeth can trace with Toots / Teuts and their Tatton branch to lake Tatta:

Amyntas seems to have first possessed Lycaonia [location of Perta and lake Tatta], where he maintained more than 300 flocks. To this he added the territory of Derbe by the murder of its prince, Antipater of Derbe, the friend of Cicero, and Isaura and Cappadocia by Roman favour....

After the death of Deiotarus, Amyntas was made king of Cappadocia in 37 as a client ruler of Mark Antony. Plutarch enumerates him among the adherents of Mark Antony at Actium and is mentioned as deserting to Octavian...

The sudden emphasis on multiple Seleucid suspects at this time, including Brogitarus, merits a repeat of Piscinas and neighboring Sulcis, looking linkable to Pessinos, home of Brogitarus (chief priest of Cybele), ancient home of the Cybele cult, and near ancient Kabeiri (or it may have been called, Kabeiros). Remember, my first date with Miss Hanson was from a car loaned to me by Dennis while Dennis' are said to be from "Dionysus," while mythical Dionysus was the chief priest of Cybele's Galli cult, suspect with the line to Galatians. The ice cream is therefore suggesting that Ananes Gauls at the Serio theater were part of the Brogitarus-line Galatians to Annas of Israel. As Jesus said that the priests sit in Moses' seat, I take it they were Levites by blood, but I suspect from the Laevi Gauls, and it's the latter who are suspect with the Galli priests represented by Dionysus. Whether Dennis' descended from a Dionysus is not necessarily important; so long as Dennis can be God's code for Dionysus, it's enough.

The fact that the Valiant loaned to me by Dennis, as a surname, has a shark for Saraca's, points me now to the fish of Pesci's, in the colors of the Arms-of-Saraca fish, and that Pesci entity (Este colors) can be a Piscinas / Pessinos one. The fact that Dennis' surname is Quinn can suggest the line of Quintus Caepio, suspect in naming Caiaphas (Annas' son-in-law).

I've only mentioned three events with Katrina (I remember only four), one being her at the hockey game. The Hockey crescents are also those of Dione's (named Dienne in Auvergne). The "Domine" motto term of Dione's can be for Domine's/Dominic's with the single Vere / Annas star. It now appears that God intended Dennis to represent Dione's, who throw in an "ad ADjuvandum" motto phrase possibly for Adda-river liners. Amazing, it works.

The Dienne location indicates that Diens/Dives' and Deins/Deans can apply, both first found in Sussex with Warrens, and beside the Warenne earls of Surrey (same place as Shere's/Sheers). Irish Deans (Segni/SEGURana moline) were first found in the same place, and share the blue patee of Mose's/Moss' (illegal quadrants), suspect with Le Mose in Placentia (blue wolf). In the Haught write-up, a Haughton-Moss location in Cheshire makes Mose's/Moss' look like Mieszko liners. The "tort" motto term of Haughts can be for whatever the red roundel, a torteaux, stands for, and the "MALgre" term in the same motto can be for the Seleucid line from Malahule. "HALton" can be a Hall / Hull entity, and Hule's, suspect in "MalaHULE," bring up the Hulls.

The Mose/Moss motto uses "la rose," and Larose's (illegal stars) were first found in Limousin with Seconds/SEGURs, the latter in the Levi motto along with Ade's/Aids. SECKENDon (Oxfordshire) was handled by Courcys. The five feathers of Irish Clare's/Clairs are traceable with Traby to the Trebia river (location of Placentia), and French Clairs (same place as Lerose's use the three Lerose stars in colors reversed.

Something I didn't know: Ada's great-grandmother was Anna of Kiev, queen of France. Ada had married a descendant of queen Margaret Atheling (Adda liner, probably), who had been in exile in Kiev. Ada's husband, Henry, was suspect with Henri IV of RODez, the line to the Rod surname, because Henry's ancestor, David I, built Holy Rod House for his mother. What connection could his Atheling mother have had with Rodez? I don't know, but I trace that Henry to the Henrys on the Meu river, the line of Mee's/Mea's expected in the "me" motto term of Dione's. The Mee's/Mea's share the blue fitchee of Albins/Aubins (Aubin is near Rodez), and the latter, with their Barnstaple kin, share the Rod / Rock trefoil, code for RoqueFEUILS, whom Henry IV of Rodez married. Anna of Kiev married king Henry of France.

English Domine's are with Dunhams, the surname of Obama's mother. I was given a dream where Obama owned a billiard hall, and he was dancing in the dream as code, I assumed, for the dancette of Dunhams. I assumed that God wanted to prove to me that the dream was from him, for immediately after his dance, we was skate boarding while Skate's/SHEETs were first found in Norfolk with Dunhams. The dream had a single sheets covering the billiard tables. This dream strikes me now as God's pointing Dunhams to the Balas > Bullis > Billiard bloodline. As this dream was given (January or February of 2017) after Obama's days were over, I wondered whether he might arise with a UN capacity to inflict the world with the anti-Christ, which makes this Obama-Balas theory look relevant.

Golf Ball Seleucids

There remains the mystery of why my dentist and I were playing golf before he drove me home and laughed at my buttons. There is no Golf surname coming up, but Guelphs > Welfs may have been named after Gala liners, I now realize, especially as Kepke liners are expected with a golf-ball theme while I trace Kepke's to Syphax, a Numidian enemy of Gala's.

Kepke and I collected golf ball in the streams through gold courses as kids. And God then gave me a dream where golf balls were popping up everywhere out of white ground (sand or snow, I can't recall which). Let's assume that the Balas-suspect Balls apply with Guelphs, keeping in mind that the Buttons are beloved of Seleucid-suspect Shirts with a version of the Coat of the Yorkshire Tancreds (i.e. right down the dentist alley). The Shirts and Tancreds almost use the colors and format of Keppocks and Blythe's, the latter feasibly a Bullis/Byllis line to Billets/Billiards. In fact, Blythe's are said to have been at Lauderdale while Lauders/Letters are in the letter in the Cert/Card Chief.

While on the Sarthe river above, noting its nearness to Le Mans, I checked the Leman surname to find evidence of Sardinian / Seleucid signs, and found that they were in Suffolk's BLYTHING!!! Suffolk is where Bullis'/Bulliards were first found. The thing is, this area of the update, and all the above, was written before inserting the Sarthe material above. I almost missed this, but, fortunately, I was at the Mayenne article yesterday, noting the Sarthe area but not realizing its Sardinian possibility. Today, I inserted the BriquesSART material above, which brought Sarthe back to mind. Lemans share the fesse of Blythe's, and add three red dolphins in both colors of the three Blythe crescents. It's a match. Bill Clinton was born to a chief Bullis line! "Sard" rhymes with the Card surname, making the Numidian capital suspect with Sardinians, whom had been the Sherdana Sea Peoples, probably partnered with the Maso/Masa Sea Peoples from Caria.

The Blythe and Leman fesse is that of Buttons/Bidens too, and the Shirts use almost the colors and format of Blythe's and Lemans. The DENTist laughed at the buttons, and while Dents were first found in Yorkshire with Dance's (illegal colors), the latter use the colors and format of Blythe's and Lemans too, and throw in the Bute horse head too, which, I suppose, makes Buttons look like Bute / Boet liners, especially as Bute's/Boets share a red fesse with the others in this paragraph. Dents were at SEDbergh, which may be in the "Sero SED serio" motto of Cars. "SedBERGH" recalls Bergamo up the Serio river, now expected as an origin of John de Burgo. Dutch Bergs use a DANCEtte.

I'm not familiar with Dutch Berghs, who share the red arrow with Dutch Bouts, looked up as per the Bouton variation of French Butons/Buttons (BURGUNdy). Burguns/Burgoigne's (Burgundy elements) use another dancette but call it inDENTed, probably because Dents were a Dance branch. It just so happens that Burguns (scallops in the two colors schemes of the Tache scallops) share the red scallop with Tancreds and Tache's (same place as Bullis'/Bulliards), two kin of my dentist's surname. It appears that the dentist in the dream is very connectable to Butons/Boutons (not familiar with them). Again, the Lafins/La Fonts (Conte lion) are traceable to Font de Ville's suspect in merger with Conte's to form the Conteville location ruled by John de Burgo. Butons/Boutons show nothing but a fesse, suggesting kinship with Fessys.

It's notable that Laughins (not Lafins) use crescents in colors reversed from the Blythe crescents. The Laughins share the sword design of Corners/GARNers, who had come to mind above with the Karens/Kerns/GARNS, and it just so happens that both surnames use a sinister rise. It makes Corners traceable to the Ceraunii, because Karens were shown to be Ceraunii.

When Obama's billiard hall was in another dream, it signalled the Billets/Billiards for multiple reasons. The following coincidences appear set up by God to link to this dream. The HILLARDs happen to come up as "Billiard," evoking BILL and HILLARY Clinton. Clints/Clents share the garbs of Blythe's while Bill Clinton was born to Mr. Blythe (Bill's mother later married Mr. Clinton). Clintons and Hillarys both share the six fitchees of Tarves'. Hillards/Billiards were first found in Yorkshire with Keppocks that use red garbs, what the Blythe and Clint/Clent garbs would be in colors reversed. The two stars in the Clinton Chief are in the colors of the three in the Galli / Lombard Chief for a feasible Clint link to the Gallura Visconti's.

As I go deeper, it seems that Blythe's (Berwickshire, same as Arthurs) use the Pino/Pinto crescents for a trace to the Ardiaei king, Pinnes. The first Blythe known was at Chirnsyde (Berwickshire), and there is a Chirnside surname (Berwickshire) with a "hawk DISplayed" in Crest. Diss'/Dice's use Arthur colors and format, as do the Davers that I link them too routinely, and Davers use the Jay, suspect with a Gaia > Gay line, for Jays were at De Gai. Hawks are used by Hobs/Habs (Berwickshire), suspect in the Arthur motto. If CHIRNside was named after Kirns, they use the Daver Coat on blue. Kirns share the Zionist stars of Karens/Kerns (sinister-rising Coat).

A "pelican DISPLAYED" is used by Carns, who were looked up while on Karens/Kerns above. The Pellican surname was first found in Maine, and can therefore have been in Sarthe, for historical Maine is "now divided into the departments of Sarthe and Mayenne." Sardinian and Carian pirates together makes sense, especially if Sardinians were from Lydia's Sardis. The Carn Shield: "...pelican wings displayed, feeding her young in her nest proper." Why should wings be displayed unless it's code for a Wing/Wink link to whatever "displayed" is code for? Wings/Winks use billets, and were first found beside the Kier location of Kieren-possible Kiers/Keirs. No Playd/Plaid/Plade surname comes up, however.

When Kepke and I collected golf balls (age 12), the second- or third-most prized brand of ball was by Gary Player, and Players are suspect in "displayed." Players are excellent for tracing with Apps' and Fiers (both first found in the same place as Players) to Fier county, location of TROPoje, where Drops/Trope's trace who share drops with Players. Fier county happens to be beside Blythe- / Ball- / Balas-suspect Bullis, and so let's add that Bullis'/Bulliards (Suffolk, same as Diss'/Dice's and Davers) share red roundels with Shirts.

The Hobs/Habs can thus be a branch of the Abbs variation of Apps'. The likely scenario is that Bullis liners traced to the Pontus and Cappadocia with the line of the Antipater > Cassander (kings of Macedonia, beside or including Bullis), which I see at the naming of Antipatria/Antipater on the Apps-related Apsus river (goes through Fier). The Hob-like Hops happen to be the German Hope's sharing the giant anchor of Fier-line Fairs. The FIREballs of Balls (Cheshire, same as Shirts) likely apply to Fier liners, and it makes sense that these Balls would be of a Bullis-Fier merger. It just so happens that golf-suspect Welfs were first found in Cheshire too.

This begs whether GARY Player applies, and the Gary/Hare surname happens to use a "Fear" motto term while Fiers are Fears too. The Hair-branch Harcourts use a peacock while Peacocks use another "fear" motto term. Of the three golf courses Kepke and I collected and sold at, the most expensive one (richer golfers, better balls) was Cedarbrae, and Cedars/Cottars share the lizard (but called evetts) with Garys/Hare's. The latter share the fox in Crest with Billet-branch Bellows (Balas suspect, right?). It appears that I remember Gary-Player golf balls for a Balas-line reason.

As king Arthur traces now to the Velino area of the Marsi, that's where Avezzano's were, though they were first found in Sardinia. Chirnside's share the woman with Elis' and Parrs. The three Chirnside "women's heads" are "attired blue," and Tyre's use "PER ardua" as a motto. The Tyre dagger traces to Dexaroi at Antipatria and also in Fier county. Tyre's (MacDonald branch) are the likely namers of Kintyre, where Balas-suspect Alexanders were first found, all beside Boet-like Bute = Avalon. This where myth writers had Arthur's death as code for Morte's/Motts and Deaths/Darths, who both share the crescent of Alexanders and woman-using Elis'.

The last update found a Vomano street (named as a surname) in L'Aquila, indicating that the heraldic woman may have been in that city. L'Aquila is the location of Sant'Elia while Elia's are Elis liners. The Skipton-like Shiptons that use bellows also use the EEL, sharing it with Irish Foys/Feys, linkable to French Foys/Foix's (ILE de France) that could be in the Bellow fox.

Elis' use a woman with DISheveled HAIR, and Hairs are clearly a branch of HARcourts who share a peacock in Crest with Parr-loving Manners/Maness' and Shirts. That's why the Parr woman has got to be the Elis woman. And Shirts link to Bullis', first found in Suffolk with Diss', suspect with Tiss' in the "HosTIS" motto term of Shirts (share the Tiss chevron). Tiss' were first found in Hampshire with Buttons/Bidens.

Alexanders share the MacDonald motto, and the MacDonald ship is a "galley." Why do you think this is so. Kepke-liner Keeps use the galley too. This has got to be code for Gaia/Gala, but let's add that Syphax-suspect Spicks/Spike's/Specks/Spocks (porcuPINE) can be with the MacDonald eagle. Spicks/Spike's were first found in Lancashire with Parrs, the two sharing same-colored bars. French Galleys, first found in Dauphine with Galli's/Gaelits, have many gelato-like variations such as Galet/GALEton/GALTon. Galts use "a black bear with a red muzzle, probably the Berwick bear. The Galt Crest: "A red SHIP with flags and pennant flying." The Ships happen to be the Shiptons so that heraldic ships and galleys are interchangeable at times.

I can fathom "Syphax" (suspect to galley-using Keeps) evolving into a Shippit-like term. It makes sense, where the Gala-Numidian line merged with Scipio's, that a Syphax-Numidian line should bump into Skipton liners and get a name like them. Ships/Shiptons are said to be from a scyp term, which they wrongly translate as "sheep." The Sheeps share the bend of Jays, both first found in Herefordshire (near Clent). The Sheep Coat looks linkable to that of the Auvergne Foys/Foix's so the Sheeps do look like a Ship/Shipton branch...but this doesn't mean that they were both named after the sheep mammal.

Birminghams and Fox's/Foix's use no symbols, and share a vertically-split Shield in the same colors. The Clent hills are near Birmingham, and the Sheep estOILES can now trace to Oyle's/Oileys', first found in Oxfordshire with Clintons.

The Gale's (Cornwall), because the share the blue unicorn with Tints, were resolved with the naming of TintaGEL, the place of king Arthur's birth. And Tints / Tintons (Cornwall, same as Tintagel) were traced to the ATINTanes smack at Bullis! Excellent.

The "semina" motto term of Gale's is likely for Seamins/Seamans (bars in Spick/Spike-bar colors), who lived in Reston (Berwickshire, same as Arthurs), probably the reason for the "rests" of Arthurs. Gale's use a fesse in the same colors, and it happens to be colors reversed from the Reston fesse. Restons can be from Risinium/Rhizon, home of Ardiaei and Daversi, and Reston is in Suffolk, same as Davers / Diss' who both use Arthur colors and format. The white Reston fesse is ermined, as is the white fesse of Dardanian-line Darts/Dards (Devon, beside Tintagel and the Tints).

The Arthur rests are sometimes called clarions, like the "clarior" motto term of Players. Keep your eye on the golf ball here, for Players are suspect with Balas liners. The Player drops are colors reversed from the same of Darlene's, the latter looking like MacDonald elements and using a reflection of the Bellamy Coat. Bellamys married Ferte-Mace while MacDonalds share the Ferte eagle while Darlene's share the CNUT drops while Lacys, linkable to Cravens / Skipton, use a FRET-KNOT. The Darlene / Bellamy Coat is a reflection of the Boytons (Suffolk again, same as Clare's).

There is a question on whether Seamans are from SAMNites of Sabina. The Sabines were Safina to Italians, and Savone's/Saffins were first found in Somerset with Tints. The stars of Savona's/Sabine's (share the Boyton scallop) are in the colors of the Clinton stars, and the latter's are two pierced one in Chief while Pierce's were first found in Somerset too. The Savona's/Sabine's share two pierced stars in Chief with Clintons. Sabina liners from Flavius Sabinus traced to Seleucids all their own, but then Seleucid-like Sellicks (Herefordshire, beside Clent) happen to share two gold and pierced stars in Chief with Clintons. The Glinton variation may indicate the Gallin variation of Gale's ("semina"). In this picture, Bill Clinton is shaping up as a Seleucid liner from both fathers.

Aha. Antioch just brought to mind the antique crown, and crowns are suspect with the Ceraunii mountains beside Bullis. The Arms of Colchester uses the antique crown, and Colchester is near the first-known Bullis'/Bulliards.

There is an Antick surname with a giant parrot. Parrot-using Pettys are suspect from Pola/Pula, expected to the wife of Flavius Sabinus. The latter is the line to Flags/Flacks beloved by the flags of Galts. The latter are the ones with the muzzled bear, likable to Berwickshire, where Blythe's were first found who may be sharing the Galton fesse (both have gold symbols on their fesses). Galtons may thus have named Clintons/Glintons, and the Galton Coat looks like a version of the Craven Coat. Galtons use a "luce" motto term while the Skiptons of Craven share the purple lion with Lacys. The other Lacys use a purple FRET-KNOT while Cnuts have a Coat suspect with the Darlene's.

As Cravens use a Coat like that of DARlene's, the latter suspect from Drin-river suspects such as Derrs/Derns/Daers, the "viDERi" motto term of Galtons is interesting.

I have a very compelling story to re-tell. David Boyd, who liked to pester me with uncomplimentary nicknames in high school, was standing at the school-bus stop (at the school). I shrugged him off at all times, as he seemed jocular when pestering me. At the bus stop, he asked to see my lighter, and promptly dropped it to the ground, deliberately. "Pick it up," I said. he didn't. I slapped him in the face. "Pick it up." He promptly picked it up and handed it to me. I've told before that Boyds were said by at least one writer to be from Bute, which is near Ayrshire while Ayers use "LIGHTER than air" as a motto term. That's why I thought that God set up the lighter event, yet there was more.

The Boyds (Mark checks?) were obviously merged with Stewarts, and the latter were in Shropshire = SALOP, like "slap." 'But NOW, wow, I checked Picks due to this "pick-it-up" event, to check if they link to BOYTons, and, wow, they share the same fitchees! Picks look linkable to Woods.

"Pick it up" also evokes the Picots/Pickits ("Tout foy prest"), first found in Cheshire with Welfs, and sharing a wolf head with them. It just so happens that the three "pikeheads" of Pickits are like the three ermine spots of Balls (Brittany) so that this looks like the golf-ball line again. As Pike's share the Ice trefoils, I can repeat that Boytons look like they use a version of the Darlene Coat. Darlene lived in Unionville, where I played hockey when Katrina joined me for a game. It may have been the same night, I wouldn't have a clue. After I took the PUCK early in my first game with this team, I heard David Boyd (watching) say, surprised, "he's pretty good." I remember it; I remember the words. English Prettys were first found in Staffordshire with Stops/Stubbs (recalls the lighter event at the bus stop), but Italian Prettys, wow, share the gold-on-blue drops Shield of Darlene' if God set the event up to assure that Boyds and Boytons are Darlene kin. And this tends to support the Picket link to Balls.

Boytons came up in the Boynton/Bovington discussion where Paci's and Passa's emerged, who may have been a branch of the Cheshire Pace's. Here I find that Pickets of BUTley married Peshals (Staffordshire, same as Prettys), listed with Pearsalls, but suspect with Pasleys/Pashleys (TICEhurst).

Pucks use the hand now suspect with Hansons / Annas. The other Pucks share the annulets of Ottone's, suspect with Ottone Visconti, a Seleucid suspect. The antique crown is highly suspect with Bullis-liner Seleucids, and so let's go to the Arms of Colchester. But first, let's tell that while Peshals/PEARsalls can be from Pierleoni (linked with Good liners), whom I link to Rita's that use "pieces of wood":

Gules four Pieces of Wood raguly conjoined in a cross proper each side arm transfixed with a Nail palewise Sable ensigned by an Ancient Crown Or and that in base enfiling a like Crown and transfixed by a like Nail in bend.

Crest : On a Wreath of the Colours issuant from a Chaplet of Roses alternately Gules and Argent a FEMALE FIGURE habited Azure and Veiled Argent crowned Or holding a Passion Cross Or.

Darlene's use the female figure, and she lived in Unionville, where I played hockey. Unions, first found in Sussex with hand-using Pucks, use a hand in Crest holding a spear. Unions were suspect with the Una/Oeneus river, beside the Colapis that I trace to COLchester. What do you suppose the PASSion cross is code for? The Colchester cross is colors reversed from the same of Passe's/Pascals (Essex, same as Cheshire's).

With Ice's needing to link both the Darlene's and Hansons, let's remind that Ice's together with the Cheshire Eggs/Edge's can trace to the Adige river by lake Garda, for Gards tell that they were UNIacks too. Gards share the hawk's lure with Cheshire's, and the latter's crossed paws look linkable to the Pretty Coat. Gards share the Chief-Shield color combo with Worsleys in the write-up of Eggertons (Cheshire).

The nails on the Colchester cross are code for Neils sharing the Colchester and Prest estoiles. The Cheshire Pickits ("prest") were at PRESTbury. Prestons (probably the Bus cinquefoil in gold) are said to have been in Beeston of Norfolk, yet Beaston is in Cheshire with Prestbury. If Prests were the Pretts/Prettys, "pretty good" can play here where Goods/Guths share the Stick Coat, for Cliffs are said to have married Sticks, and to have been in Moreton-Saye while Pict of Cambridge was born in Saye. Hawks use the motto, "Strike," while Stricks are STICKlands too.

These things make me dizzy, going in circles and not knowing the End Game. But I am progressing to the End game. I (age 16) slapped David Boyd in the FACE very near to the pretty-good comment. David's (Cheshire again) share the Passe/Pascal lion, and the cross of Colchester, suspect with the latter's cross, is also the Face/Fessy cross. The Davids are suspect with the Eiton Coat, and Eitons were first found in slap-like Salop with Moreton-Say and the Cliffs. Fessys were from Genova's Fieschi, and the Doria's of Genova (same eagle as Ice's and Eggs/Edge's) married Arduinici of Oneglia, the line to Neil-branch Nagle's/Nails in the Arms-of-Colchester cross.

The Colchester cross is called pieces of wood, which is the symbol held by the lion of Rita's, suspect with the lion of Pools, from Pool of DORSet, a Doria line, in my opinion, that named ARTEMidoros. The Eiton-like Aitons (same place as Arduinici-line Arthurs) are also Artems. This is where hawk-using Hobs/Habs were first found that are possibly in the "habited" terms used for the description of the Arms of Colchester. The female figure of Colchester is habited in a blue robe. Half the Doria eagle is that of Veils/Velis' in the veil worn by the female figure.

I have just searched my records for another antique crown: "The antique crown [Arms of Macclesfield] occurred in the crests of both Knutsford (colored gold) and Wilmslow (colored red)." This is amazing, for while Darlene's are suspect with Knuts/Cnuts, Cnut was the son of Sigrid the Haughty while Haughts (same place as Macclesfield) are said to have named one Haltone in Staffordshire while Knutsfords (Bucklow) are said to have been were at Cheshire's Halton. I tend to see the Macclesfield cross as that of Fessys, both being the Arms-of-Colchester cross, and this sharing of antique crowns tends to nail the Macclesfield-Colchester link. The Balas line to Freemasonry is expected from Maccabee liners, and Macclesfields look like such.

Recall the Shipton / Foix eel, for Dol is in the ILLE et Vilaine area of Brittany, which looks like, Ille AND Vilaine, as though there was a pair for which the area was named. There is an Ille surname with red fitchee held by a hand, the MacDonald symbol, and a red fitchee of a different sort is used by Lille's ("SeDULO" should be a Dol code). The Ille's share the black-on-white chevron with MacDonald-related Alexanders. Lille's were at SHIRburn (Oxfordshire), said to be the seat of Macclesfields. Shire's/Sheers use fitchees too, black, like those of Clintons (same place as Shirburn). The Ylley variation of Ille's suggests the Yellews/Yellows, first found in Oxfordshire. The latter share the black fesse with the Shetland Yells/Yule's (ear of wheat), who have been resolved with the garb of Sticks, from Astikas' of Vilaine-like Vilnius, now suggesting that Vilnius (Lithuania) was an Avlona / Velino liner too.

The Lille cross could just be the Balas cross, for the Balas ermines are rife in Brittany, even upon the Arms of Brittany. Mayenne (the old Maine) is beside Ille et Vilaine, and the Arms of Mayenne uses a single and wavy pale bar in colors reversed from the two wavy pale bars of Ille et Villaine. The Mayenne pale bar is in the colors of the wavy Dol fesse. French Alans share the martlet with the Maine Josephs, and "Vilaine" is like "Velino," while, as was said, the Velins use ducks, what French Alans once showed in place of the martlets.

Again, Velino is like the Avlona location of Aulon, beside Bullis and the Ceraunii mountains, and Balas' nearly use the Bute/Butt estoiles, while Bute was the mythical Avalon. French Balls were first found in Brittany.

Again, the double pale bars of Ille et Vilaine are in the colors of the two of Seats/Cedes', while "cede" is a motto term of Steers while Backs/Bachs use the bull but call it a steer.

Online: "The Eel is sometimes met with, as in the arms of Ellis..." The same page: "The crest of an Irish family named Yeates is said to be: 'A shark issuant regardant swallowing a man all proper,' and the same device is also attributed to some number of other families." That's only the second heraldic shark I know of. As Visconti's use a snake with a Moor child about to be swallowed, the Yeates shark speaks of a Guiscard merger with Saracens. Yeats/Yates were first found in Gloucestershire with Samsons, and Samsam, the Saracen leader, did form as pact with Guiscard.

The Yates' are said to have been at a HUTTon location as well as HOOD-Ridding. This has made me realize that Hoods/Hoots use crescents in colors reversed from the Saracen crescents. In the dream with the shark, the scene changed from the shark in the pool, to one where I walked out onto a beach, and saw Miss Hicks at the HOOD of a car. But a scene between leaving the shark scene and the hood was seeing myself from someone else's eyes without a SHIRT. This was just after I tried to save a BULLdog that was half in the shark's mouth. It speaks of a Saracen merger with Bullis, all linked to Seleucids of Sardinia. I had jeans on, and Jeans/J'Anes' happen to share the red scallops of Guiscard-related Tancreds. They are also the scallops of Polla liner Pullens/Pullys, and the shark was in a typical swimming pool.

Yates (probably a Gate branch) share the portcullis gate with Porters for obvious reason, meaning that Porters merged with Yate's. Scottish Porters were first found in Ayrshire, same as Carricks suspect with Saracens of Agrigento. As Saraca's were from beside Butua, and as Butts/Bute's/Boets are suspect with the Saraca fish, by what coincidence do Ports share the Bute/Butt estoiles? The Butt/Bute Coat is a version of the Maurel/Maurini Coat, and the latter were suspect earlier in this update with Visconti-related Sardinians.

Milan was founded by INSubres, whom I entertained with the Innis', first found in Moray, beside the first-known Rose's, in-turn beside the Millens/Milans that share blue stars with Innes' and Seleucus-like Slake's. The Innis' share the stars of Slake's in both colors. The InSUBRES can also explain the Suber and Sober surnames, both using leaves suspect with Laevi, who were near enough to Insubres' to become partnered with them. The Sobers happen to use ROSE leaves. The Levi love the Aids/Ade's who share the bend of Slake's (bridge with three arches). It's all interesting, but not all the proposed links are conclusive. The green snake of Innis' (shares "vi" with Chives') was suspect with the original snake of Visconti's, which was green, but the green snake is now practically clinched with Marsi, yet I have a hard time seeing "Innus" from "INSubres" unless they were named partly after an Innis branch. Perhaps the Ananes or Annas'/Annis'.

"InSUBRES" looks like a Sybaris line, for I confidently trace Buchanans to Buxentum/Pyxus, near both the Sybaris river and the Siris river, which should be in the "MiSERIS" motto term of Millens/Milans. Did Siris-river elements name the Serio, which flows near Milan? Looks like. Here's a Lucania map with these locations:

Italian Milans were first found in Messina, with or beside Saracens. And Buxentum is near Saracena and Laus, the latter founded by peoples of Sybaris.

Yeate's might just be a branch of Geats/Gedde's, who use three crescents only in the colors of the three Ged fish only. The Ged fish are in the colors of the same in the Arms of Saraca, and Saraca's lived in Kotor, not far from modern Krume on the Drin river. The Krume's, first found in Hamburg with Geats/Gedde's, share the Geat/Gedde crescent. A little downstream from Krume is modern Has (see "Has, Albania"), and the Seatons have a motto, "HAZard YET forward" that has been suspect with Yate's/Yeats. It now appears that the motto is code also for Has elements, but "HazARD" can also be for Ardiaei at Kotor. As Crooms are Crone's ("mural CROWN"), Krume could be just another Ceraunii center. Seatons were Flemish along with Innis'.

There is a Sation location at the lower-left of this old map. It's on the south side of lake Lychnidus. The Drin happens to flow out of lake Lychnidus. Sation is near KODRum (shown) on the Apsus river. There is cause here to view Kotor with Kodrum, but let's not forget that KATRina Hanson is suspect with Saraca's of Kotor as well as with Annas'. The latter show an Arniss variation while the same map shows Arnissa on a Genusus river, one major river north of the Apsus. The Genusus, or one of its tributaries, flows right by Sation. Bullis is marked as Byllis on this map.

TROPoje (not shown) is at the lower Apsus, and Miss Hicks, who married the Kilpatricks (same place as Geds of 400 AD) from Antipatria (a little downriver from Kodros), was the TROPHy girl at an event featuring a BULL-terrier mascot for Bud Light, suspect with Budva, beside Kotor. It's all clicking. Miss Hicks was an addition to what God intended with Miss Hanson, now tracing hard to the Annas / Ananes elements at the Serio river.

So let's go back to Innes' of Moray, suspect from the Serio area. They are said to have had an Innes barony in Urquhart, and Urquharts/Orchards were at Moray's Elginshire. Urquharts were therefore beside the TROOPs of Banffshire. It's Insubres-interesting that Elgins / Elkins share the tiger (stripeless) with MEDleys while Milan was founded by Insubres' as MEDiolanum. The Elgins even share the black pierced stars of Methleys and Medleys! Zinger. Milans/Millens are said to descend from METHlan, no kidding.

Mitanni-like Mittens use a ram's head and the split Shield of Gate's in colors reversed, which can make a gate-using Yate's link to this very picture. The Bagleys (drops) use a ram's head, and they were first found in Shropshire with Mittens. Bagleys had a Bagley Wood in Berkshire. Repeat: "German Cramers/Cremers use the giant ram head, as do Rams said to be from METINges. Is that a Mitanni line? A Metin surname is with the Meaths...Robert Grenon gave Metinges to the Rames'. And these Rams/Ramseys (from pharaoh Ramesses?) were first found in Essex with the Sams/Sammes' and Seers." Cremers should be of Crema on the Serio river, and Rams/Ramseys use a "VIS" motto term that should be code for Visconti's of neighboring Milan. Seer-like Syria was once Aram. Annas' father was from Syria, maybe born there. His name, Seth, brings up the Shaws that link to the Urquhart motto.

This Syria trace to the Serio is very compelling under the guideline that God has led me to the Serio to find Annas liners. Hansons use the Lombard Coat and share the blue snake of Visconti's, remember, and Milan is the Lombardy capital. Place bets on whether Annas liners trace with the Other/Otter Lombards, suspect with OTTONE Visconti, to their Windsor descendants. Windsor castle is in Berkshire with the Arches' in the Urquhart Crest, with English Shaws/Sheaves', and with Crema-possible Croms. The latter share quatrefoils with Shaw-related Ayers / Eyers. Windsors use a saltire colors reversed from the same of Annans/Annons and Desmonds ("Crom" motto term). DESmonds may have been Tess', for the two use saltires in colors reversed.

I trace Medleys and Methless to LESbos, a great argument now for tracing Less'/Lush's to Lesbos, because the Less/Lush boar head is that of Urquharts. I see Methimna on Lesbos with Mitanni liners to such things as Methoni, Modena and Modane, and Modane happens to be on the Arc river, making Urquharts/Orchards suspect with Herod ArcheLAUS, near the Arc river. Methimna may have been of the Keturah-Medan line to Kodros-Medon. It makes sense.

Modens and Arks/Arches' were both first found in Berkshire, as were Less'/Lush's. Arches' are probably in the arches of the Slake Crest, and Sellicks use pierced stars too, begging whether Seleucids were of Lesbos or of the Mitanni. Nicholas de Vere traced his family's witchcraft cult to Mitanni, but also to the Melusine mermaid suspect in the Urquhart Crest. Urquharts had a barony at Loch NESS (Ness river), and can be suspect as UrquHERODs, therefore, or Arch-Herods. The Orkneys come to mind.

Methleys were first found in Yorkshire with Meaths, and the latter were at Marr. Meath is where Irish Harts were first found that could have named UrquHARTs. I trace the Fucino lake of the Marsi to Foca, on-shore from Lesbos, and beside the GEDIZ river that could have named the Geds / Geddes'. Milans/Millens were in the area of the earls of Marr, making the green snake of Innis' link harder to Insubres'. The "SUCCURrere" motto term of Milans/Millens looks like code for Sugaar, the Basque snake god, husband of Mari, and likely in the green snakes of the Seagar/Sugar Crest. The two Seagar snakes are coiled around a scepter, a symbol of Irish Godfreys. English Godfreys share the Mead/Meat Coat. The Seagar Crest is a version of the Hermes caduceus, and the Gediz was earlier the Hermus river, location of Sardinia-suspect Sardis.

The Urquhart Crest looks like the Arms of Warsaw, but is described as "A nude lady holding a sword in one hand and a palm leaf in the other." Ladys/Laudymans can be linked to Lauds/Lords in the motto of Glasgows, and Glass' have the nude mermaid that is probably in the Urquhart Crest. In all likeliness, these Moray liners linked to Peter Pollock of the Glasgow area. Scottish Harts share the Pollock saltire.

The Urquhart motto shares "mean well" with Shaws, the latter first found in neighboring Perthshire with Lyons, and with the Wings/Winks in both Seagar Crests. The nude lady could be code for Cnut-suspect Nudds/Nute's/Nottings (version of the Leslie bend), who share the bend-with-besants of Buxentum-possible Bucking(ham)s. Cnuts use drops for TROPoje liners. Ladys (Northampton, area that Cnut invaded) can be a branch of Ladds/Ladons i.e. from the Ladon river beside the birthplace of Hermes, and it just so happens that Ladds/Ladons were first found in Somerset with Burleys, from Boura (Ladon-river area), the area known to have had Greek migrants to Sybaris, like "InSUBRES."

The Amantia location shown beside Aulon/Avlona has been mainly ignored by me. I wonder whether Amyntes was descended from this place. The Mynett Coat is in colors reversed from the helmets in the Dragon/DRAINer Coat, which had been resolved with "Drin," for the Drin was home to proto-PenDRAGON Penestae while Pendragons share the open helmet with Mynetts. As you can see, this makes a direct king-Arthur line link to Amyntes, expected from other considerations.

Amantia-like Mandys/Mondays were first found in DERBYshire while Amyntes conquered Derbe. The engrailed Mandy cross is colors reversed from the same of Mantels, first found in Buckinghamshire with Cheneys (share martlets with Mantells), suspect from the Ceni tributary of the Taro, home of Ananes Gauls. Buckinghamshire is also where Simsons were first found while I was with Mandy Simson, which is why I know the Mandy surname at all. Simsons have a motto for the Enotri, who lived around Saracena and neighboring Laus, very traceable to Saraca's of Ragusa/Lausa.

AMAZINGLY, Mandy married Mr. Deeter, while Deeters show a Teter variation and come up as "TEETer," like the Teets/Tate's suspect with the teeth of the dream's shark. The Enotri were also OENOtrians, suspect with the Laish-Levite line through mythical Oeneus, perfectly expected in an Ananes line to Annas of Israel, and Teets/Tate's share the Annan/Annon Coat.

Immediately after seeing the shark's teeth, I was in a lake, walking out to SHORE, and from there I saw Mrs. Kilpatrick. Shore's/Sure's, in the Kilpatrick motto, suddenly look Intended here as a Serio-river liner, for the other Kilpatricks are Sheera's too. Shore's share the Caen motto while Caens are suspect from the Ceni tributary of the Taro, the Ananes theater. Shore's/Sure's were first found in Derbyshire with Mandys, and therefore look good for tracing to the Amyntes Galatians. Shore's/Sure's were at MickleOVER, recalling that Mrs. Kilpatrick was then HOVERing OVER the seats. Mickle's share the spur with Close's (and Knights), from Closeburn, location of Kilpatrick castle. It looks like I have finally deciphered the lake part of the dream, code for Shore's.

The Annan motto, "SpeRABO" looks linkable to Rabys for more reason that similarity of terms. Raby castle was built by Mr. Neville, and Neville-branch Navals, with a saltire colors reversed from the Annan / Teet saltire, were first found in Nottinghamshire with Annas'. "The nude lady could be code for Cnut-suspect Nudds/Nute's/Nottings". Raby is said to have been in the Willaston area of Cheshire, and Willastons/Woolestons share the pierced Methley / Medley stars, and a Coat like that of Polesdons (Cheshire). The "Ne" motto term of Willastons/Woolestons reminds that Annan variations suggest merger with Knee's/Nee's / Knights = Nith-river liners (include Kilpatricks). The Cheshire Wooleys/Wolfleys use "wool packs" looking like the Kilpatrick cushions. Cnut liners may have been Knight liners.

Oullette's were of FALAISE, and "FALSi" is a Willaston motto term, seemingly clinching Oullette's with Willaston. Wooleys/Wolfleys share the blue wolf with Falaise-like Placentia (Piacenza). The wool PACKS can be of Paci / Pasi liners. Fallis were first found in Venice with Pesci's suspect in the fish of Verona's with a version of the Feller / Fallis Coats. There are lots of trefoils here, symbol of Pike's too, and Pike's / Pike's/Pickens should be from "Piacenza" if I'm correct in tracing Geddes' to Piacenza.

Nie's use a Coat like that of the Methley fesses, and Medleys use them as bars gemel in the colors of the same of Oullette's/Willets, making the latter suspect as a branch of Willastons. This is excellent because Nie's share the babe Coat while I've told several times that Mike Oullette called Lorraine a babe, linking this to the Babe's, Bibo's share the cushion with Kilpatricks. As Babe's and Nie's together were first found in the same two place's as Quints, note that the Quint vair fur is in the Raby Coat. Mike called her a babe at the very time that God gave Lorraine her BEAUTiful-feet symbol, and Feets/Fade's share the Pavia martlets. The Laevi at Pavia are suspect with "Laevillus," son of Bibo-suspect Vibia. Beautys share the bulls of Walerans, from Laevillus. Lorraine was beautiful.

German Mantels/Mandels (sinister bend) look linkable to Massena's and therefore to the Maezaei neighbors of the Ceraunii with which Saraca's were also merged. The Mantel/Mandel antlers probably link to the same of Zahringers / Veringers and Hamons/Hamands. The latter are like "Amyntes," and first found in the same place. Hamons/Hamands are said to have received titles from some unidentified proto-Stewart family, and their sun can be for the Sun variation of Sinclairs, for they share the engrailed Mantell cross.

The later Hamons/Hamands are said to have had a seat at High House in Norfolk. High's happen to use a cross in the colors of the same type of Mantels, but the Highs throw in the same black fleur as used by Irish Conans while Scottish Conans use the engrailed Mantell cross too. Pine CONEs are used by Maschi's, first found in Rimini, suspect in the "discRIMINa" motto term of Hamons/Hamands, for Hamon de Masci should apply to this family. The antler in the Hamon/Hamand / Mantel Crest is that of Cone's and Conte's, right? We are right back to the Conteville line that birthed Meschins, and moreover that went through the Lafin/La Font kin of Kennedys, first found in Tipperary with Irish Conans.

Pine cones are likely from king Pinnes, related to queen Teuta, not suspect behind the shark teeth. I, a Masci liner, jumped into the pool to save the bulldog from the shark. I don't see the outcome.

Scottish Kennedys share the Arms of Carrick, with the Gilbert chevron because Carricks descend from a Gilbert character. The Haddocks are suspect in the Gilbert motto, and Haddocks share the High Coat exactly. The Kennedy helmet is linkable to the Pendragon helmet because the Pendragon motto suggests love for Tipperary-like Tippers (Cornwall, same as Pendragons). And the High / Conan fleur can be gleaned with Pendragons. The High / Conan / Pendragon fleur is shared by June's in both colors, and by Jeune's in one color, and then Jeune's are said to descend from Etienne of Gennes of Anjou in pre-Conqueror times. "Gennes" smacks of the Genusus river, with the Arnissa location, that flows out of the territory of the proto-Pendragon Penestae. This family evolved into the lord of Le Motte de Geenes. What do we suppose that is? Le Morte d'Arthur, isn't it? Should we ask the Jeans/J'Anes'? It appears that their was a fundamental Annas/Arniss partnership with Junius / Genusus liners to June's.

Conspiracy News

Julian Assange is in trouble. I've just read an article telling that he hacked through the firewall of his own embassy's computer system. That's a big non-no:

This is a must-watch if you're following the fall of Mueller:

The FBI spy into the Trump campaign was, according to Sara Carter, working also for the CIA. She says that the person is known. No media is exposing the name, so far as I know, but it's supposed to be in the blogs. There are news people who will reveal the name if they can confirm that it's the correct person. It should come out soon. The guilty finger is pointing to Obama; he is the type to have used the FBI for corrupt purposes, to control power structures as he wished. That was his mainline character as president, covered by imagery that he fabricated for himself with endless lies. This is the endtime ruler, satan incarnate. They are everywhere.

This accusation is absolutely false. The truth is, the FBI is in its element when it uses infiltrators, by which I mean to say that the FBI did not have a mole in the Trump team, but rather hand more than one. Let's not be naive.

Trump is in a position to disclose this mole, and so we shall see what sort of fink this president is, for he's given evidence that he's trying to ferret his way to better relations with Intelligence, rather than trying to bury it as it deserves. I am very happy to see spies on Trump, because this president deserves to be spied on, for he did not attack Intelligence even when he saw first-hand that it abuses its power. What sort of a stupid man is this?

Declassify the material, Mr. president, that Sessions is withholding on the excuse that it's classified. Replace Sessions now because the earlier the better. The president doesn't need to get another attorney general who will fire Mueller, if that looks bad, but at least get one who will say beforehand that he'll grant congressional oversight committees all that they request, so that the people can know the crimes committed by those who think they are entitled to rule, even though they were not elected to rule. This is the shadow government, and nasty disease that needs to be eradicated, yet this moron president has yet to take the knife to it. He must be delinquent. Why else did he get into casino's if he's not a delinquent? Sluts attend casinos, and Trump loves sluts. Trump's male friends are slut chasers. This man has serious problems because he deserves one bad egg on his face after another. We reap what we sow.

We can save ourselves from punishments if we correct ourselves. God will relent, but as you can see, corrupt Intelligence is on the attack, and all he does is, roughly zero. If the president of the nation doesn't tackle corrupt government forces, he has failed the nation. He will not redeem himself by putting an American embassy in Jerusalem. He will not appease God by talking rough-and-tough against Iran. He must slice corrupt government to bits so that it cannot arise again. That's the correct thing to do, because leaving corruption unchecked intensifies abuse on the people. Corruption doesn't exist in a vacuum. It's called corruption because it does harm. Mafia is corrupt, and Mafia sets up casinos, and hookers, and porn dogs. It hurts the nation. It's called sin because it harms people.

This story broke when it was revealed that the chief of Fusion GPS, Glenn Simpson, some months ago, testified that the FBI had a mole in Trump's election campaign. He was quickly forced to change his story when the testimony hit the news, but we bare not naive. It is a crime for the FBI to insert a mole in an election team under the circumstances that we now know existed at the time. The moles were not inserted due to any crime, we now know, but this is why Mueller and his team wish to give the false impression that crimes were the basis for the spying...because they anticipate that the spying will be discovered later if not sooner. When Rosenstein came out a week or so ago accusing Nunes of extorting the DOJ, it was a signal that Nunes was getting hot, almost on it. And so this battle rages.

Joe DiGenova said that the initials of the mole as mentioned by Kimberley Straussel are, S.M. It's not likely a household name.

Simpson did not make a confession when he testified that the FBI had a mole. He was not out to hurt the FBI. He made the statement to justify the Steele dossier that he with Fusion were discovered with. They were not supposed to be discovered, you see, and so it was on Simpson's shoulders to explain what in Hell he was doing. So, on the hot seat, he said, "the FBI made me do it" (my translation). The FBI was furious, of course, and did all it could to rectify itself in that bad light. The story hasn't gone away, however, but is now close to exploding into Rosenstein's face.

It is at critical points like this that people get murdered by the deep state. Watch your back, Nunes. Turn and fire arrows to your rear, for that's where the enemy will be. If someone is extraordinarily kind or favorable to you in coming days, that's your enemy. That's the infiltrator.

It was a Democrat who revealed the Simpson testimony because it tended to help the Mueller cause. Simpson was essentially saying, "The FBI had a mole in Trump's house, and so I felt secure in advancing the dossier." The Democrats were saying, "You see, the FBI put a mole out because Trump is guilty of a crime." In other words, in Democrat fervor to make Trump appear criminal, or in Simpson's hot seat, they all threw the FBI under the bus, and it's now coming to a head, we hope, ripe for the sickle, we hope. Or will Trump let them get away with it? As you heard in the video above, Trump can order Sessions to give up the evidence against the FBI.

Instead of doing the right thing, Trump is concerned about repercussions upon himself. Instead of serving country, he's worried about his own standing for re-election time. He's worried that if he seriously hurts this shadow government, the latter will come out more furiously against him. But that's exactly what's needed, for this shadow government is, as we can plainly see, filled with dopes who are sure to make mistakes under pressure. Conceive your plans, draw the enemy out to make its fatal mistake, and pounce. Then celebrate. If the president wants glory, here is his golden opportunity.

To this day, Nunes has had the right attitude. A captain leads the charge, and others follow. But ultimately, the ones most-responsible for the way things stand today does not include Nunes, but rather Mueller and Rosenstein. They are the ones who have brought this situation about. They are the dopes. They have made a great mistake. It is time to pounce, but will the president stand down? Great shame.

Sessions has himself served the truth enormously by hiding the truth. He has been so transparent with his guilt that everyone has been notified that the FBI is guilty. Sessions, once honorable in our sight, has turned out to be the protector of criminals. How many others are there in congress just like that?

What is a mole? An actor. Mole's must be good actors. Spies are trained for deception. They give their souls to the soles under their feet. They walk on themselves, the lowest of human beings. But when they spy on an election campaign in efforts to destroy the candidate, this goes as low as Hell. And what has Trump done to alleviate the burden on Nunes? Nothing. How about giving Nunes a hand, Mr. president? I know exactly what Trump's doing right now: preparing tomorrow's tweets. Tweet-tweet, I'm mad. Sheesh. Try a five-letter word: ACTION?

Some have been saying that Stefan Halper (they say he's an anti-Trump conservative) is the mole, but no one I've read on that position tells how he was involved with the Trump campaign. He may have been anti-Trump, but a mole needs to be a party with the subject being spied on. Halper is not a mole. Perhaps the liberal media leaked this story on Halper to take Nunes and others off-track of the real moles.

By the looks of Giuliani's attitude as Trump's new lawyer, I'd say that he;s a good candidate for a mole on behalf of anti-Trump conservatives. He's now in an excellent position to serve as an informant. I don't trust Giuliani. Napolitano says that Giuliani is lying when he says that Mueller cannot indict Trump. I trust Napolitano on this one. My guess is that Giuliani's true job description at this time is to tell Trump how to answer Mueller's questions in such a way as gets the president in trouble. Trump deserves to be spied on, have no pity. And he deserves to be dragged through the mud because he's not acting against the criminals he himself confesses as criminals. He points the finger at the crimes, then does nothing to have the men arrested. He's been doing this a long time, el-phony.

"Giuliani said he and Mueller spoke about an end date to the investigation approximately two weeks ago. During that conversation, Giuliani told Mueller that any interview of Trump by the special counsel would be contingent on knowing when the probe would wrap up." This is giving Mueller a face-saving out on a fruitless investigation. Instead of needing to call it quits on his own, he's going to use Giuliani as the one to "force" him out. Mueller has suggested an end for September, leaving just the right amount of time to get his report out before the elections, if, that is, there is anything damaging to Republicans.

Isn't Giuliani being false with this: "Giuliani added that he wants Mueller's investigation wrapped up by Sept. 1 so that it doesn't affect Republican chances in November's midterm elections." How does this date help Republicans in the elections? Doesn't the following look like a set-up: "Giuliani also told Fox News that an interview [by Mueller] with Trump would be contingent on having access to an FBI informant who met with members of the Trump campaign in 2016." Are we to believe that Mueller would betray a spy? Well, yes, because the liberal media already has betrayed him, a good reason to suspect a trick from the Mueller side.

"Giuliani said that an interview of Trump by Mueller would also be contingent on the president's lawyer having access to the informant to know what the informant has shared with Mueller." What if Giuliani and Halper are friends, or worse, fellow spies on Trump? Didn't the leak on Halper begin about the time that Giuliani got the job as Trump's new lawyer?

Sessions has not been a total loss, for he's showing us that someone else is in charge at the DOJ. Invisibles are forcing his hand, who are "higher" than Rosenstein. The latter works for them. We should like to know who they are? The grossly rich with a Godless world view are my guess.

Here's White Rabbit News where Rosenstein looks like a rabbit at 32 seconds. The video is on the inspector general finishing his report that includes the Clintons. The report is now to go to lawmakers before the public gets details.

The spies with access to government machines have got to know pretty much what Rosenstein will release, and, probably, he has ignored the grosser crimes for fear of his life. I expect a watered-down report allowing the guilty their fine-sounding excuses to escape justice. However, I half expect God to thwart them. It's interesting that the last white-rabbit talk I had was Joel's white Volkswagen Rabbit, which he purchased about 10 days before appearing in Picenze. The latter had become a topic ever since, and is now central. He visited me four days after the purchase; otherwise I wouldn't have know he bought one. I was right into the white-rabbit theme of the Clinton downfall at that time.

By Sunday, we got wind that Trump promised to officially demand, "tomorrow," that Sessions look into the matter of whether the Obama administration ordered spies on his campaign. Now he's doing something, but he needs to tell Sessions to move on it or a turtle he will be. And this Halper thingie looks like a rabbit trail, anyway. The FBI will claim that it thought Trump might be guilty, and thus justify the spy.

What is a spy? A police officer can come to your door to spy out some things of interest to his case. But he is not defined as a spy if he's wearing a uniform. A spy cannot wear a hat with "Spy" written on it. That's the only difference. Halper may have spied on Trump, but he wasn't a mole. But if Obama ordered the spying, and there is no justification for it, then he can be arrested and charged.

The good news is that if Obama's attorney general, Loretta Lynch, claims that she knew nothing about the Halper project, then the inference is that FBI had to act alone, without permission from its superior. The FBIers who are then discovered behind the Halper project will have the choice of taking full blame as Lynch frames the story, or of ratting on Lynch to say that she did, indeed, give official permission. This is what Nunes wants to know, whether Lynch gave permission, for her desk is right beside Obama's. Investigations into this matter might just catch the true moles.

Remember, we would not be at this point had Mueller not been appointed to frustrate Trump. Sessions would never have revealed what Nunes wants, had not the president been the target. Trump now needs to jab his sleeping attorney general, "get up, you fool, and save me."

Here's DiGenova claiming that there have been criminal referrals (above and beyond the one against McCabe) made from the inspector general against some of the guilty parties. O goodie, but did the inspector general chose low-level operatives to punish while leaving the chiefs to go free? We shall see. DiGenova says that Brennan is about to be referred for prosecution. I can hear rat traps snapping now, but unless Sessions indicts, it's only a mirage:

After Trump's demand, Sessions acted immediately:

The Department [of Justice] has asked the Inspector General to expand the ongoing review of the (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) application process to include determining whether there was any impropriety or political motivation in how the FBI conducted its counterintelligence investigation of persons suspected of involvement with the Russian agents who interfered in the 2016 presidential election. As always, the Inspector General will consult with the appropriate U.S. Attorney if there is any evidence of potential criminal conduct," DOJ spokeswoman Sarah Isgur Flores told Fox News.

She also released a response from Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein: "If anyone did infiltrate or surveil participants in a presidential campaign for inappropriate purposes, we need to know about it and take appropriate action."

It almost sounds as though Rosenstein is for this action. Should we start becoming suspicious of a ruse in play? Is this a trick, a time waster, a rabbit trail to nothing?

There is nothing phenomenal about the U.S. embassy in Jerusalem. What's phenomenal is the past presidents that didn't do it.

Here is why I don't trust Trump or Pompeo, for the latter had the authority to expose Brennan, but did not. And after he did not, Trump makes Pompeo his foreign-affairs chief. A CIA director who does not expose Brennan for the thing that he's obviously guilty of is as good as in the soup with the rotten bones. Pompeo will do nothing good, because he's betrayed good Americans. His direction at this time is down into the pits.

This video is like a taste of the Millennial Kingdom:

But first, the world must endure evil incarnate, how depressing, as it's dragging on far too long.


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