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May 6 - 14, 2018

Exploring Templar Make-up in L'Aquila's Street and Village Names
The Rollo Normans Appear to of L'Aquila Elements
I Have Found Malahule-Line Seleucids in Picenze!
Did Judas Iscariot Have a Tribe or Cult?
God Uses Another Francesca Battistelli Song To Guide Us, and Much More

For best results, take the time to load the Coats to see them for yourself. Load the first-Coat link I offer (or open one here) to get a tab open, and then open more if needed. To check a description in the Coat of Arms, type the surname at this page:

In the last update, I started to talk about the night I did a perfect, circular turn from a set of traffic lights, but, three-quarters into the turn, I saw myself headed straight for the meridian. Yes, I had some drinks earlier while watching Cheech and Chong live. The event turned out to be a Set-up from God i.e. with all sorts of surname connections that wouldn't have been the case had it not been a Set-up.

The corner was at Woodbine Avenue and Major MacKenzie drive. One thing I didn't mention is that while Kenzie's/Kenneths are from queen Kenza of Aures, that's where Shawia lived suspect with Sava's/Savage's in the savage in the Crest of Woodbine-suspect Woods. The latter share the tree with Alpins, probably named after McAlpin, father of quasi-mythical king Kenneth of the Kenzie's/Kenneths.

As I said, the surnames connections were such that it appears to have been God's doing to name Woodbine avenue in preparation for my living near it. For example, I lived in Gormley from a mother having a Grimaldi maiden name, while Gormleys/GRIMES' use the Velen martlets while Gormleys/Grimes' are a branch of Grime's while Velens / Velins are expected at mount Velino, near my mother's village of birth (major topic in the last update).

I pointed out that Mary Nigro (wanted a relationship with me, spent time with me), who lived off of Woodbine 1.25 miles south of the meridian above, has a surname using five ears of wheat in the pattern of the five keys of Shawia-liner Sheaves'/Chiava's, first found seven miles from my mother's place of birth. "Mary" is code for the Marsi of the Velino area, yet Marsi are suspect also in Picenze, my mother's birthplace. I failed to remember, until now, that Mary lived in BUTTONville, and the last update was witness to a small miracle of God concerning a brown button that fell off my pants at the toilet. But they had been Joel's pants previously, who gave them to me as work pants when I discovered that he was giving a bunch of clothes away to a second-hand store. And Joel was, by a highly-unlikely event, in Picenze less than a year ago. It therefore appears that Buttons/Bidens (Hampshire, same as L'Aquila- / Mosca-line Drake's) ought to relate strongly to Picenze / L'Aquila liners, and especially the Marsi depicted by Mary of Buttonville.

I can't recall how I got the job at Knob Hill Farms (Woodbine avenue a mile south of Buttonville, but as Mary worked there, she probably suggested I apply, for we were spending time together just before I got the job. Farms/Farmers share the Button fesse, and both Farmer surnames can be gleaned with Brocks/Broke's (Essex, same as farmers) and Breakers/Brecks (share gold-on-red hunting horns with Farms/Farmers). Farms are said to be of Grange's on a very-not super argument, yet there may be more to it than I know (that Farms were related to Grange's), for Grange-like Grands are linkable to Courts having a French branch with the Farm/Farmer hunting horn. And this hunting horn can thus be gleaned with that of Grange-like Orange's (rulers of Orange used the hunting horn).

Marsi descended from Bosonids of Burgundy, where Mars and French Grands were first found, and while triple bends are used by Mary-related Merit liners, French Grands happen to use triple bends in colors reversed from the same of Pings/Pongs/Paganells (share black eagle with the Arms of L'Aquila), who were discovered in the last update to be from Paganica, just outside of L'Aquila. Pings/Pongs/Paganells share the crown with Grands, and the black eagle is in the crown as though Grands were L'Aquila liners. The black eagle is shared by Courts/Coverts, and to this I'll add that the stars of Coffer-beloved Victoria's are in the French-Court Coat in the colors and format of the three Grand crowns.

French Grange's (Champagne, same as Sauvage's) use the three lozenge's of Breck-like Brix's/Brests, and throw in a chevron that causes the Coat to be in the colors and format of the Mar / Mackay Coats. Mackays were of the Cowie's at Woodbine and Major MacKenzie. English Grange's were first found in Cheshire with Maceys and other Mosca liners (do Farmers use the Mosca leopard?), and happen to have a BLACK griffin head. As griffins have the heads of eagles, the Griffins should be fundamental L'Aquila liners. I learned only in the last update that Picenze is in a Navelli area, and Griffins use the motto, "NE VILE velis."

Again, when Joel dropped in on Picenze this past year, he was headed to Poland's VOLLEYball championships, and Velis'/Vails come up as "Volley." Clearly, God set Joel up with a Brazilian sports writer, for he was covering those championships, and was with Joel at the time. This Brazilian became suspect as God's code for Bra liners, and Brae's/Brays happen to use a "flax breaker," which is how I know that Brecks are also Breakers. "Flax" goes to the Flagi/Flavian location of Flys (same place as Buttons), and Flavians such as Pullens and Sabine's share the red scallop with the Chief of English Grange's.

It was discovered recently that the Arms of Picenze is the Aquila / Este eagle, and here we can add that Farms can be from "Fermo," the origin of the house of Este.

Brae's/Brays were first found in Northamptonshire with Quince's/Quincy, who are in the quince held by the Sforza lion, which may be the English-Grange lion too. If Grange's were Orange liners, then we take the Durance river near Orange to the Durance-like Turano of Sabina, which has a source in the area of the Marsi. Repeat from the last update: "On my atlas, the source of the Turano looks to be between SUBRaco and Avezzano. Subers and Sobers share leaves, but as Sobers use rose leaves, let's mention the rose of Avezzano's. Avezzano-like Vezina's just came to mind to find nothing but three keys in pale." Supers/Sopers share billets with English Grange's (billet border), the one's sharing the Sabine scallop, and Avezzano-branch Avesnes (Artois) married rulers of Champagne, where French Grange's were first found. Billets/Billiards were first found in Maine with the Josephs sharing the Fly / Pullen martlet. Leaves are on the saltire of Tease's/Tess'/Tecks, now suspect with the saltire of Navelle's/Neville's and Navals (Nottinghamshire, same as Tease's/Tye's). Tache's share the red scallop in Chief with Grange's.

The English Durante's, because they share the fleur-de-lys of Sales'/Salletts (from Salto river beside the Turano), can be gleaned as Turano > Durance-river liners, for Sales'-liner Salyes Ligures lived on the Durance (location of Breck-like Brigantium). The point here is that the Durant dancette (colors reversed from the West dancette) can be the dancette of Mine's/Menne's/Mince's/MEANS while Sheaves-related Shaws use the motto, "I mean WELL," making Wells look like Velino liners. Durants were at WALLINgsWELLs. Scottish Durante's were first found partly in Shropshire with the Brecks/Breakers sharing with them the hunting horn. The Scottish Durant Coat looks like a version of the Coat of Bernice-branch Burns, and the latter are being traced to Griffin-suspect Berenice Agrippa.

Bernice's share "vincit" with Sheaves'/Shaws. The Bernice fesse is also that of Saraca's.

While sanding my pine floors yesterday, I took a COFFEE BREAK out on the stairs of the deck, with the Jeep parked next to me. The side of the Jeep read, "Grand Cherokee," and because I knew that God chose this vehicle for me, I started to wonder where there is a Cherokee-like surname related to Grands. The Saraca's immediately came to mind, suspect in the Sarasins that share the Vallan/Valle moline. I see Saraca's and Cherokee-like Carricks at least distantly related to the same stock from Proculus Charax of Cetis. The Grands use crowns that are often code for the Ceraunii (a term like "Grand"), who are on maps at the Urbanus river, not far from Saraca's of Ragusa (Dalmatia). Saraca--line Sharks use the crane while Ceraunii-line Crauns (crown) are also Crane's.

Just like that, "Grand Cherokee" seems to apply to related families from the royals of Cetis, and Cetis is near Olba/ORBA, what looks like it could have named the Urbanus. Caracalla Bassianus had a coin etched out (it's online, I've seen it and written about it) with "Olba" upon it, probably because he descended from Quadratilla Bassus, mother of Proculus Charax. Perhaps God arranged for the Jeep to be called a Cherokee for to inform us that Jeepma's/Cheps are Charax liners through Caracalla. It's online that Caracalla stationed Julius Bassianus in Dalmatia, so that he appears to be related to Saraca's thereby, and this Julius was the nephew of Julius Agrippa, suspect in the Griffin line to Navelli / Picenze / L'Aquila. I will repeat here that Julia Maesa, the daughter of Julius Bassianus (sister of Caracalla's mother), looks as though she married the Maezaei peoples beside the Ceraunii.

Reminder: French Grands are tracing to L'Aquila's Paganica, beside Poggio (means "village") Roio that may have been Royal / Roy/Roi liners, and then French Reals share three crowns with Grands. Reals were first found in Forez with same-colored, Bazzano-like BESANcons/Bassets. Bazzano is between Roio and Paganica. See satellite map:

Now the Ceraunii mountains are down in Epirus beside Aulon/AVLONA, the line to mount Velino. And Aulon was the proto-Alans of Dol (where likely Sarasins lived), while Dols were first found in Pomerania with the house of Griffin. Possibly, Pomerania is one reason for the heraldic pomegranate shared by Bazzano's, from Bazzano some three miles from both L'Aquila and Picenze. Bazzano's were Bassianus liners, weren't they? Bazzano's call their symbol a "MELOgrano," what looks like code for a Mel-like surname in combination with Ceraunii of a Gran / Grand kind. Italian Grano's are with Grandi's. The Grand Cherokee speaks. [See Bussy-le-Grand of the Boucys later in the update as per Bessin liners at Bouce.]

The giant and upright greyhound of Grano's/Grandi's is in the colors of the giant and upright bull of Boso's, whose bull is in the design of the Chiaro/Charo/Claro bull, the latter first found in Ferrara with Grano's/Grandi's and Button-related Capelli's (Este kin). The Chiaro's are likely of Chiaramonte, smack beside the Ragusa location of Sicily, home of Saracens. The counts of the Marsi descended from Boso (a Frank).

Capelli's are said to derive from Venice, where Pesci's were first found, which reminds of what I wanted to say since a couple of days ago. When my mother and I spent two months in Picenze, we went a few times to Pescara's beaches. I have it burned in my memory that Luciano, who was with our gang, was lying on the beach getting sun. I don't remember anything else about this Luciano character at that time. Yet Luciano's, an obvious branch of Luce's, share fish with Pesci's, which may reveal that Pesci's were of the namers of Pescara. The Pesci fish is that of Saraca's, and while the Geddes' falsely claim that their pike fish is derived in a lucy term meaning "pike," the reality must be that the pike is code for a Picenze liner, and that "Geddes" is from "Cetis" i.e. the Bassus/Bassianus line there. Scottish Pike's are also Picenze-like Pickens, and I've read that "Picenze" was named after a woodpecker, though, even if that's false lore, it's probably true that the woodpecker symbol of mythical Mars establishes an historical Marsi-Picenze merger.

As I said, I was SANDING the PINE floor while seeing "Grand Cherokee," and while king Pinnes was from the area of Dalmatia's Ragusa, Sandins and Sanders use bull heads, which should indicate lines from Bullis/Byllis at the Ceraunii-mountain area. The Bulls (bull heads) have annulets linkable to the same of Crauns/Crane's. In a dream from God of nearly 40 years ago, a British BULLdog fell into a pool with a SHARK. That dream then included a sandy beach, which begs why Luciano was on a beach in Pescara. The Sanders with Bull heads share the upright, red bull of Chiaro's/Claro's, and Claro's became the Sinclairs/Saints i.e. like "Sand" right beside the Musselburgh of Mussels/Mascals and Keiths/Mascals.

I was on a COFFEE break at the time while Coffee/Coffer kin are tracing strongly to Picenze elements. Courts/COVERTs are the ones with a "GRANDescunt" motto term suspect with Ceraunii / Grano/Grandi liners. The Grounds/Cranny/Grans use the elephant that I trace to the Elaphiti islands smack at Dalmatia's Ragusa. Sanders use elephant heads. Sanders share plates with Mussels/Muscels while Mascals, first found in Sussex with Courts/Coverts and Coverts (and Felice's), share the white elephant with Grounds/Crannys/Grans (crane).

Aha! I was sanding the pine FLOOR while Flore's (Sicili) are said to have received a SANDIONisio location, which looks like it may have been a Nysa liner. While half way through sanding the floor, my FURNiture arrived (couches and bedroom set). Furnace's/Furness' are from queen Nysa. God had chosen a Nissan for me when I got coffee and a newspaper in Victoria (see Newes' / Neve's last update for link to Coffee's), and Nissans share the double fesses of Parrs, the latter sharing the black border with Furness'/Furness', first found in Lancashire with Parrs and Sands. Sandys (version of Sand Coat) share the gold griffin with griffins and should therefore be using the Alan fesse.

PERSONs share the split Shield of Cetins/Cattans (Norfolk, same as Peare-related Parsons), suspect from Dalmatia's Cetins river, and the Flore's were granted both Persano and Sandionisio. Peare's, Parsons and Coverts all share the gold leopard face. Sandins is one of only three surnames I know of with a wavy chevron, all three white chevrons, the others being Fish's and Pierce's.

As Sheaves'/Chiava's use Keys, note "CheroKEE." Chiava's were from the Cavii Illyrians at Bassania. As the Bassania location was to queen Basina, wife of the first Merovingian king, while Marsi (or Maruvium) were from Merovingians, I assume that the bloodline's now represented by the Cherokee were at Bazzano. Jeepma's/Cheps share the black eagle with L'Aquila, and Kee's are listed with Mackays/Caws, a branch of Maxwells that share the black, two-headed eagle with Jeepma's/Cheps. The Maxwell-branch Maxtons (bee for Basina liners), who may be with a version of the Sand Coat, use an "esto" motto term while Este's are highly suspect with Merovingians (Childs share the white, spread eagle with Este's).

The fleur-de-lys derives, in my opinion, from Laus, the alternative name of Dalmatia's Ragusa. It was the Saraca fish initially, or the fish owned by the ancestry of Saraca's, and Pesci's of Pescara may apply. The Clubs are from Clovis, son of Childeric (first Merovingian), said to have owned the fleur-de-lys, and Clubs (Child colors and format) use fish in the colors of the Luce and Luciano fish. Luciano was at Pescara, and, a decade later, after he immigrated to Canada, he got me a job at his place of work, where I put aircraft generators into a FURNACE. People call him, Lucky, and there is a Lucky/Lick surname (mascles) using greyhounds in the colors of the Furnace/Furness dog, how about that. He was a machinist there, and there is a Machine surname listed with Meschins/Masculine's.

The Licky/Lick Coat is almost that of Church's. The latter's greyhounds have gold collars, as do the same-colored wolves of Quoids/Quade's (Quadratilla-Bassus liners, could be from the stock to Basina) that were looked up as per the "quod" motto term of Church-like Kirks/Kerks, that latter not too far-off from "Cherokee." It again suggests that "Grand Cherokee" was God's choice for me for pointing to Quadratilla and Lupus Laevillus. He always points there. Quids/Quade's share a Coat of Irish Mackays/Quoids/Caws.

The Jeep was purchased used from a landlord of the Italian Simon bloodline. He was from Benevento. I wonder if that was a Set-up too. There is a Benevento surname with a red bear and possibly the Simon / Woodbine lion (I believe that God is telling me that Woodbine's are related to Mackays of the MacHeth / Cowie and Cowes kind). I have the sense, due to this landlord, that some of the Naples-area elements of Picenze were in Benevento. I wonder if the Mackay sept of Beins/Beans are Benevento liners to WoodBINE's, since Woods use the Clovis-suspect club. I have read that both Bane's/Beans/Vans and Fane's/Vans are Mackay septs, whom I view as Veneti, a peoples like "BeneVENTo." Carricks and Carrots/Carews share a "bien" motto term. Bine's are also Vynds, and Winters/Vinters use the polar bear. Laevillus is to a relationship with Yonge's/Yonge's while Italian Simons use "UNGibus."

It get's interesting where Italian Simons were first found in Lorraine with Louis', whom I am to link to Phillips, and then the landlord above, Joseph by first name, married a FiliPINO i.e. from the Philippines. Hmm.

I rarely mention the motto of Irish Mackays/Quoids, which looks like it honors the Roens. One Roen/Rowan surname used gyronny, suspect from France's Gironde because its Arms use gyronny. Grand-like Gironde could be a Ceraunii liner, in which case the Garonne river (flows through/by Gironde) may have been a settlement of Ceraunii liners. The Arms of Gironde uses the gyronny in colors used for it by PICars/Picards? Roen-like Roe's are a branch of Rows that can be with the trefoils of Picenze-suspect Pike's. The other Roens are listed with the Rome's/Rooms whose Ping/Pung/Paganell kin as well as their links to Annandale trace very well to Paganica and neighboring Navelli. Navals were first found in Nottinghamshire with Ananes-suspect Annas'. CampBELLs, with gyronny in Roen-gyronny colors, are suspect from Campania's Avellino (ABELLinum), near Benevento, though I have not clinched that trace. The Cammell variation makes them suspect with Kemuel, son of Nahor, and while Neuri-suspect Nahorites lived on the Bug river, the Campbell-clan plant is the BOG myrtle. Neuri were wolf worshipers, making Campbells suspect from the Hirpini ("wolf people") of Avellino. The clan badge of Campbells is a boar head, either white or gold, and the latter is the Roet boar head too while Roets love the Books/BOGs. Their boar is said to be "fancifully" from a Celtic cult that came to be named, Duine (this could be cover for the reality), but I'll bet that the god, Camulos, of Camulodunum, applies to "Kemuel."

Camps/Comps, in Campbell colors have a Campes/Camp branch, first in Cambridgeshire, beside Camulodunum. I had traced the line of Quintus Caepio(nis), suspect with Capone's, to a COLapis > Colchester line, and Colchester was previously Camulodunum. The Colins thus appear to have been Colchester liners in cahoots with Camps / Campbell liners. I suppose the Roens / Roe's could have been a Roet branch, especially as I trace Roet ancestry to Picardy while Picards share gyronny with Roens. Campons/Deschamps/de Camps ("ears of corn" may apply to Shawia liners) were first found in Picardy.

On the Lucania map below, one can see COMPsa near Abellinum. Apparently, proto-Campbells were Campso liners developing a CampBELL variation honoring their ABELLinum elements. I have read that mythical Camulos is related to mythical Mars, as odd as that sounds, but then Colins / Colans were suspect from the Marsi capital of Celano, and it's the Marsi of that place which makes it traceable to a goat cult at mount Cyllene, birthplace of Hermes, code for Armenians, and the Neuri-like Nairi were from Armenia. I have read that Phrygians, who had the Marsyas goat, were from Armenians.

English camels were first found in Somerset with Roets, and with the Ladons/Ladds and Burleys that were from the Ladon river and nearby Boura, both near Cyllene. German Camels (Bohemia) happen to share the gold griffin with Colins and Camps/Comps, in both colors of the Camp/Comp griffin. That should clinch a Cammell-of-Campbell trace to Camulodunum while clinching Colins from Colchester.

It's now very interesting that while Nairi were at Armenia's Lake Van, the latter's peoples were called, Biaini, where "ini" was the suffix. They not only look like the namers of Beins/Beans and Bine's, but explain the Van/Vain variations of Beins/Beans. This explains why Colin Cowie lived at Woodbine avenue, as though God were pointing Colins to a relationship with Biaini liners. German Camels were in Bohemia, founded by Bia-like Boii. And while the Beins/beans have the branch of Fane's/Vans with gloves, there is a Campo Glove location on the outskirts of L'Aquila.

One side of the German Camel Coat is the lozenge used by French Grange's, first found in Campania-line Champagne. I became confident that Italy's Campania was related to Champagne because the latter's southern end has an Avellino-like Avallon location. English Champagne's/Campens were first found in Leicestershire with savage-using Woods (traceable to Bologna, home of Boii) while Sauvage's were first found in Champagne. The Arms of Leicester uses the Bus / HAMELton cinquefoil, who are respectively from Buz and Kemuel, sons of Nahor. Hamiltons/Hambletons had a HamelDUNE location in Leicestershire, and they share the oak tree with Woods, making their motto, "Through," suspect with the True's/Tree's.

Hamiltons are said to be from earls of Mellent/Meulan, and the Beaumonts of that letter entity did rule Leicester. My first long-term, paying job was pumping gas for Tony Campania, and Tonys own the maunch or sleeve in the Arms of Leicestershire. "Sleeve" is suspect with Saluvii Ligures because the river at Leicester is the Legro. The Pavers share the checks used by the Arms of Meulan. A mule is used by Capote's/Capone's.

I'd like to re-mention that Bine's share the Ness/Nessan Coat. The latter are suspect with DioNYSus liners to his Nysa entity, and while I trace it to Nuzi, the latter was, if I recall correctly, between the two Zab rivers of ancient Assyria. I had read from one person that at least one of the Zabs was also called something like the Sabatus river through Avellino. I always link Roxolani Alans to Neuri, and Avellino liners are expected from Alan-liner Avlona.

Clan Campbell had its capital at Inverary upon the Loch FYNE, which happens to be the location of a Cowal peninsula. There is a Cowel/Coul surname with "Cole" motto term, and perhaps sharing the Woodbine lion. In the Cowel/Coul Crest, a book, the Roet symbol for the Books/Bogs suspect with the bog myrtle, the official Campbell flower. Everything in heraldry is secretive bloodline lust for ancient ancestors we are not to know about. But God wants it revealed in time for Armageddon. Cowels/Couls use spurs but call them spur ROWells.

Cole's, first found beside Spurrs, Supers, and Fyne's/Fens'/Venns (all three from Devon), share the bull with Boso's, the Marsi ancestry. Boso liners (Bosonids) were also called after Berards, and the Brittany Beards/Bearts share the passant bull with Cole's. But that's not all, for Fyne's/Fenns'/Venns (Arms-of-Fanano fesse in colors reversed) share the Mar scallops, and the green griffin head of Scottish Bards/Beards (beside the Hamiltons of Renfrewshire). Now we know that Loch Fyne was named after Lake-Van liners in cahoots with Marsi liners.

For some reason, "Maris" came to mind just now, and it just so happens that Maris' share the Naval Coat, the Navelle/Neville saltire. It can be gleaned that this is the saltire of Ticino-line Tease's/Tess', for Marsi-suspect Marici were on the Ticino.

Glen CROE is part of the Cowel peninsula of the Campbells, which is in Argyll and Bute, origin of Bothwells that use a BOY pulling down a pine tree. German Camels are at least suspect with Boii, and Croe's/Crows (Norfolk, same as Roe's /Rows) happen to use a camel head, as do Pattersons that share the Fyne / Mar scallops. Glen Croe is in the Loch Fyne article. Crows/Croe's are suspect with the Campbell gyronny from Ceraunii liners.

The Devon surname, which share's ducks with Velis' (Veles' once showed ducks too), has a "Spero" motto term suggesting that Supers and Spurrs of Devon were Spear liners. Spears (Renfrewshire, same as Hamiltons) share the gold Roet boar head in both colors, though the boar of Bards/Beards (Lanarkshire, beside Renfrewshire) is also gold so as to possibly be the Campbell boar more closely. The hourglass of Books/Bogs is suspect with Glasgow, at Renfrewshire, near the home of Cole-line Kyle's, and Glass' were first found in Buteshire.

The gold griffin we saw with German Camels is in the Crest of Annandale's, who use the motto, "SPERabo." Annandale is in Dumfries with Closeburn while the Close surname uses spurs. As this gold griffin is the Griffin griffin too while Griffins use "Ne vile," it seems that the Annandale saltire is that of Navals / Neville's in colors reversed.

Hambleton-like Hamble's (Hertfordshire, not far from Camulodunum) share red roundels with Bullis' (Sussex, beside Camulodunum), and the latter have the same star as Annas' in their roundels, while Annas' were first found in Nottinghamshire with Navals. Plus, Nottings can be suspect with the Nitts/NAUGHTs (Dumfries), expected with the river Nith, location of Closeburn.

As the Devons call their ducks, shelDRAKE's, they are expected from the Velino / L'Aquila area. The "captivat NITor" motto phrase of Devons may be for Nith liners, and one term is like the "captat" of Drake's or the "capta" of Geddes' (Nairi-like Nairnshire), whose Ged ancestors were on the Nith. Devon is where Pike's were first found. Devons were first found in Sussex with Saddocks and Felix's, and the Saddocks share the Natt Coat which is likely a version of the Nitt/Naught Coat.

Now the Avlona line of Dol Alans (indicators point to Roxolani) was first found in England as "Stewart" in Devon, a greater reason to trace Alans / Roxolani to Velino. And the Devon-like Davins/Davis' use the lily, which is what Bazzano's show. Davins/Davis' use the harp while Harps (Lennox) share the gold boar with Bards/Beards, suspect with proto-Marsi Berards along with the Brittany Beards/Bearts. The Harp boar is gorged around the neck with a Ceraunii-likely crown. Lennox is on the Loch Fyne.

I almost missed it: Lennox's/Levenax's are said to be from Campsa-like Campsie in Stirlingshire, right beside the first-known Peerless'/Napiers and Shaws, and in the same place as ears-of-wheat Chappes'. I often wonder whether "Camp" was a Chappes / Capone variation, but remain unsure. Italian Capone's/Capua's were first found in Campania so that I expect camp liners to be merged with Capone's.

For some reason that seems to have an Irish bias, Gaelic terms for Scottish things are often viewed as the originals. I don't see why this should be the rule. This is the claim for the Wikipedia's derivation of Lennox's Leven river (Lennox article). In the PEERless/Napier write-up, the family is said to descend from Lennox's, and Pero's / Pierro's/Pero's were at Pavia, co-founded by Leven-likely Laevi and Marici. When stressing Peerless'/Napiers in the 3rd update of last month: "As the Naparis river separates the Ardiscus from the Cotesii and Sensii together...". I have read from an ancient work that mount Sion in Phoenicia went by an Ardis-like term, and this is evidence that the Sensii named Sion in Switzerland. I have seen Roxolani on the Buzau river, where Cotesii lived. Mythical Cotys was at times made the son of mythical Manes, suspect with Armenia's Mannae. I'm seeing the Nahorite Nairi, and the Rose's of Nairnshire thus look like Roxolani. Peerless'/Napiers (roses) share the Lennox/Levenax / Annandale saltire.

Lennox's/Levenax's of Campsie were at WOODhead, and share "defend" with Woods. The Woodhead write-up places the family at Bradford's BURLEY Woodhead, in Yorkshire, same as Camps/Comps. The wings of Woodheads (share giant cinquefoil with Bus') indicate Wings/Winks, first found in Perthshire with Peerless'/Napiers and the Glove's suspect with Campo Glove (a little outside L'Aquila province).

There is a very good chance that Glove's are a branch of Glaphyra-liner Clavers/Cleavers (key). Though not the same design, Glove's share double-gold wings in Crest with Woodheads. As the Glove Coat is roughly half the Alexander Coat, it doesn't appear coincidental that Alexander (both a Herod and a Maccabee) was Glaphyra's husband in the line to Quadratilla Bassus. She's the line to Bessins and Bistone's, both of whom share an arm with sword in Crest with Alexanders. The Bessins of Cheshire's Beaston are said to be related to Blundville's, who use two white wings, though with a gold tinge, in Crest, suggesting that the white or gold Masci wing is in the Woodhead and Glove Crest. The Bessin's Meschins, first found in England at Shropshire with the Bayston location of Bessins, use a version of the Claver/Cleaver Coat, making the white towers of Clavers/Cleavers suspect with the same in the Bistone Crest.

Although the Claviere's (with a final 'e') show a hand looking like a perch for a hawk / falcon, they are said to use keys as well as a saltire, in the colors of the Naval / Neville saltire, which has the potential of tracing various things from Glaphyra and Alexander to the Picenze area, if not right in Picenze. Included in their descendants were Opgalli and Tigranes, whom I trace with confidence to Irish Teague's/Teegers. German Teegers happen to share the eight-pointed star, in the same colors, with Manelli's and Minelli's. These latter two surnames are expected with the surname of Mr. bocci balls, who was suspect with the Ball surnames, like the Balas surname of king Alexander, the one who likely brought the Alexander name to Maccabees. Balas was a Seleucid king, and Daniel tells that the anti-Christ will be related / associated with some aspect of Seleucid royalty.

The Bocci's share ears of wheat in the same colors with German Brinks (sunflower), the latter looked up as per ColleBRINCioni, to the near-north of the city of L'Aquila (I assume "Colle" is a prefix meaning "village"). The Brink acorn is on a "triple MOUNT," as is the eagle in the Arms of Picenze. Claviere's married French MOUNTains, and Italian Montana's use a "triple mound" centrally. Spanish Montana's use: "...leaves (panelas) leaves within a silver roped border," and Panels are listed with Ping=Pings/Paganells, strongly suspect with Paganica to the near-south of Collebrincioni. Here's the map:

Rope's (believed to be from the Bessin's Ropers / Rupier's) use the same lion as English Mounts, and they throw in a black antelope in Crest which I trace to Antalya, beside Plancia Magna of Perga. She was descended from Glaphyra and Alexander.

Irish Brinks are with the Brians, expected from Briancon on the Durance river near Modane. I expect Modane elements at the L'Aquila area. Dutch Brinks are said to have included a Mr. Brinkeman of Barth (Pomerania), and Barths use an old man with a BEARD so as to look like a Beard/Beart / Bard/Beard branch. The Durance is suspect with the namers of Turin, and Turins have boar heads in the colors of the Bard/Beard boar. In short, Barth looks like a Berardo > Marsi entity. French Brians were first found in Brittany with Beards/Bearts. Dutch Brinks share the Maccabee-line acorn with Alans (and Oakhampton-suspect Oaks). Berardo's said to be in Maire, south of Turin. Pomerania is a good place to expect the family of Ragnvald of More.

The Mons variation of Mounts is suspect with Mons, the Hainaut capital, where Levi liners were counts, in my opinion. Some ancient Mon entity is expected in the makings of Mr. "HasMONean," the proto-Maccabee. The fox (holds a "ragged staff") in the Crest of English Mounts suggests that the Mount lion is that of Fox's, who share an "aboo" motto term with Desmonds. The latter have the same saltire as Peerless'/Napiers; the latter's is a red version of the French Brian Coat, both using a "Sans" motto term to start their mottoes." Kilpatricks (suspect with the Levi lion) use a "laidir A BOO" motto phrase while the "aboo" Brians share "laidir." The "aboo" motto term must be for whatever the Alexanders honor in their motto.

As Rollo's (Perthshire) use three boar heads in the colors of the three dolphins of Reagans (Meath), the latter are suspect with RAGNvald, father of Rollo, and brother of Malahule, the latter being the known ancestor of the Bessin's Meschins. Right beside Collebrincioni is Ragn-like Aragno. I can definitely see Ferdinand-of-ARAGON elements at Aragno, but the question is, which location was named first (if they were related)?

Back to the "Sans" motto terms of Ticino-suspect Peerless'/Napiers and Brians, for while Sans' are listed with Sanchez's/SANGUez's (Castile, spread eagle, almost the Picenze / Aquila eagle), possibly from Castel di Sangro in L'Aquila province. Nearby is a Meta mountain range while Reagans were first found in Meta-like Meath. Meaths are said to have been at Marr of Yorkshire, explaining why Scottish Marrs, with possibly one half of the Brian/Brink lions, were first found in Yorkshire. French Mars were first found in Burgundy with Meta-like Mathis'. Brians share three lions in pale with Irish Manns/Maghans (familiar arm and sword, similar to that of Brians) said to be from a Math term, possibly a Math-Gamala combination, for Maccabees, descended from MATTathias Hasmonean, lived in Gamala (a potential Kemuel liner).

The Arms of Meath uses "cheile" (as do Camerons). Cheile's were first found in Lincolnshire with Keele's/Kills, and the latter's quadrants are colors reversed from those of Mathis-related Chives'. The Chiava bloodline was in L'Aquila, and the Cheile bend is similar to the Berardo bend. The nebuly they share is suspect with the Nibelung Merovingians.

I can glean that Meaths are of the Methleys (Yorkshire) and Medleys (Sussex, same as Meads/Meats), the latter's tiger suspect with "TIGRanes." Meads/Meats (Joseph / Fly / Pullen martlet) are now said to be first found in Somerset...where they married Arthurs of Clapton. Arthur elements are expected from the Marsi, where king Arthur was secretly a Merovingian bloodline in Britain (my personal discovery).

I suspect Methley liners from Methimna and/or Mytilene, both on Lesbos, an island off-shore from Foca, the latter suspect with Fucino of the Marsi. Foca (ancient Phocaea) is near the Geddes-like Gediz river, anciently the Hermus river of a Hermes cult. That makes Keele's suspect with Hermes' birthplace at Cyllene. LesBOS was an island of the Lapiths, and may have been named partly by the line to Boso, the Marsi ancestry. Cyllene has just reminded that Kilners/Kelners, like "Celano," use a giant spread eagle, and it's colors reversed from the L'Aquila eagle. German Kelners/Kellers use a large key colors reversed from the five of the L'Aquila Chiava's! Bingo. German Kellers/Celners (Swabia, same as Kelners) use black eagle heads (in the colors of the Temple eagle).

Aha! It reminds that Kellys share lions combatant with Abreu's/Abruzzo's, and both put a white tower with them. I once was making Kelly links to Cilnius Maecenas, and tracing the Cilnius clan to "Cyllene." I had the habit of tracing Childs/Chills (and Tarents) to his wife, Terentia, but here the Marsi-Merovingians are looking like they had the Cilnius line at Celano and in L'Aquila too. Remove the capital from "Aquila, and it's a Keele/Kill-like term.

While Maecenas' ancestry is expected with Maccabee formation, and while ACORNs are now being traced to Avaran HACHORANi Maccabee, it's notable that Scottish Kellers/Keelers (Angus) use acorns in pale while Pale's use the camel suspect with the Maccabee city of Gamala. "Maecenas" looks linkable to Greece's Messene, location of Methoni/Modon, suspect from ancient Modi'in (Israel), where Maccabees were first known, five sons of Mattathias Hasmonean. One of these sons, Jonathan, formed a pact with Alexander Balas. It's a toss-up in heraldry whether an eagle is from the imperial Roman symbol or code for the Eagle surname that I trace to the Achelous river (Aetolia, from Antalya's Atlanteans, may be the proto-Italy), home of mythical Oeneus, father of Methoni.

I'd like to repeat from the last update to show here that Pings/Pongs/Paganells were likely of Yorkshire's Marr:

When I threw a party for the young Knob-Hill employees, Mary slept the night in the BASEment with Kepke. But I have failed until now to see the full significance. The baseMENT must be code for Ments/Mants too, recalling that Kepke loved to play ping-pong with me in his basement. The Ments/Mants not only share three gold bends with Merits while Marys are said to be from Normandy's Meret, but the three Ment bends are colors reversed from the three of Pings/Pongs/Paganells (Yorkshire, same as Ments)!!! Zowie. I have no idea whether the two had sex that night; I just didn't ask, but there's a chance they did not because it appears like an act of God to have had the two down there alone. The Nigro surname of Mary uses ears of wheat linkable to the L'Aquila Sheaves'.

Mar(r)s, by the way, can be expected in the "Mare" motto term of Alexanders. The latter's crescent is half in the colors of the Keele/Kill crescent.

My second girlfriend as a Christian was Kelly (father was a song writer). I don't recall her surname. God performed a miracle in her parents' apartment, telling me, "You will have a song." I now check heraldry with every act of God in my life. The Songs/Sangers use two symbols, one being the Frey horse, and Freys are suspect with Phrygians from the SANGarius. The other symbol is the Stick garbs, and Sticks are suspect with Astikas' from Astakos, at the Achelous river. The Song Crest, "A horse's head THROUGH a wreath", may be play on the Hamilton motto.

The Normans Look Like Abruzzo Liners

Previously, I traced Ragnvald to Reghin on the Mures/Maros river of Romania, for Ragnvald was the ruler of a More location (I assume in Norway, unless it refers to Moray). This trace does not obviously contradict a Ragnvald trace to Aragno, since Maros-like Marsi can be expected there. This can indicate that proto-Marsi Merovingians had been on the Mures river with Biharia's Khazars, whom I trace to Biggars, first found in Lanarkshire with Bards/Beards, the latter suspect from the Hungarian, Bartholomew, founder of Scottish Leslie's (share green griffin head with Bards/Beards) who share a blue-on-white bend with Biggars.

The Dolphins are suspect with Pomerania's Dols, in the same place as Barth, location of a Brink family). Aragno is beside Collebrincioni. Dolphins use dolphins colors reversed from the same of Tippers, and connectable thereby with the Reagan dolphins. The "vita" motto term of Dolphins is suspect with Julius Avitus, who married Miss Bassianus-Maesa. The Dolphins are in Este colors so that their "FIRMum" motto term can be of Azzo of Este (lived in Fermo), probably a line to Shetland's Assi's. The Arms of Shetland uses a "Byggar" motto term.

The blue Reagan dolphins can be those of Tippers, because while Scottish Kennedys use the dolphin, Irish Kennedys, merged with an Avezzano line, were first found in Tipperary, with or beside the Brians/Brinks. Reagans and Kennedys share the blue dolphin with Hortons, suspect in the last update with Ortona di Marsi (L'Aquila).

It's important that Dolphins are in Moray colors, for I trace Moray to the namers of the Mures/Maros river. For example, the Biggars share the Coat of Dallas', first found in Moray, and this makes Moray suspect with RagnVALD of More (possibly named after VLADimir "the great" of Kiev). If correct that Dolphins are a branch of Dols (whale in Dolphin-dolphin colors), then we could expect Dolphins from Velino, and for this discussion we go to the Vito-suspect Vele's/VITals (share annulet with Vito's) that share the red moline of Vallans and Valentinian-line Cibals.

The Veals have variations like Vele's/Vitals, and have a "wheat-sheaf" in Crest as evidence of L'Aquila liners. The Assi's of Shetland can be linked to Justine's (Perthshire, same as Rollo's), which is why I trace Assi's to Azzo of Fermo, within reach of political Picenum.

The point was, the white-on-red feather of Vele's/Vitals is that of Feathers too while a Moray Coat no longer shown at houseofnames uses FETTERlocks. Feathers use the motto, "Valens and volans," a great way to trace Moray liners to Velino of the Marsi. The antelope in the Feather Crest makes the Perkens (Feather feathers) linkable to Perga, especially as Perkins/Parkings were definitely from Perga. Feathers were first found near the first-known Childs, and they probably share Coats, since CHILDeric was a Merovingian king who married the Bassianus / Bazzano bloodline.

The Bazzano MELEgrano, otherwise called a pomegranate suspect with Pomeranians, might just be code for Malahule of More, for he's suspect in the "Malo mori" phrase of Paine's, they traceable to the namers of Paganica, smack beside Bazzano. Malahule was the ancestor of BALSo D'EsPAINES, the one whose seed birthed the Norman rulers of the Bessin, and because the Meschins therein were Maccabees, "Balso" may have been from a Maccabee line that had honored "Balas" in a surname. This can trace Seleucids to the Norman pirates, and we can agree that the end-time anti-Christ system will be run by global pirates, control freaks like the Conqueror, who recorded everything on everyone. If you owned two cows, he could check his records to find out. The globalist today is such a freak with malady.

Malahule is known also for being the ancestor of Tosni's / Toeni's of Les ANDELys (antelope suspects). The same Paine's share "quam" with Temple's. The "foedari" motto term of the same Paine's (Nola / Marr lion?) may be for a Fedder-like variation of Feathers. Rollo's love the Touts/Toots, and Tooths use the Feather/Fedder feathers.

Plancia Magna was related either directly to, or to the kin of, Mr. Simplex, and Perkins use a "Simplex" motto term. Simple's were first found in Renfrewshire with Peter Pollock of Rothes castle at Moray. Tempera-like Dempers share the Peter lion and throw in a "petra" motto term. The Semple variation of Simple's may have formed Temple's, who may then have named Tempera, beside Paganica. The other English Peters (raven, Shetland / Rothes symbol) share "Sans" with Peerless'/Napiers and Brians.

Simple's use a "Keep" motto term while Keeps were first found in Sussex with Feathers, a good reason to trace the Feather antelope to Perga elements. Simple's share the full motto of Hebrons (Child / Feather colors and format), said to be from Chillingham, linkable to the Chill variation of Childs. Reminder: Antalya's Atlanteans trace to Maja at the Maiella mountains at the border of L'Aquila province. Here are those locations on a map of Abruzzo:

It's a good distance between the Ragnvald-suspect Aragno and Castel di Sangro, but look at this. The latter is beside Barrea, and there are two Barrea surnames coming up, one of them being what I ordinarily call the Scottish Barrys, first found in Angus beside Valentinian/Justine liners, but also beside the Perthshire Rollo's. These Barrys/Barrea's are obvious kin of the Fiddle's/Fidelows (share the Barry/Barrea wolf head) for even their "fidelis" motto term says so, and Fiddle's can be gleaned in the "FIDELitas" motto term of Songs/Sangers. Can you believe it? Angus is where Kellers/Keelers were first found, and Kelly, my girlfriend, was part of a miracle of God having to do with Songs/Sangers.

I was still visiting Barry while dating Kelly. Earlier, we saw why Kelly liners should be related to Hermes elements, and while the Hermus is now the Gediz, the Geddes' share fish heads with German Barrys/Berrys.

Why do Barrys/Barrea's use a "Regi" motto term? Is is for a Reagan liner?

The last update got onto a Barrow location at the Furness area, and here the other Barrea's are found properly shown as Barrows. Barrows and Barrets were discussed, and Barrets (Carrick symbols) are with Barrys too. Barrea's/Barrows use a "PARum" motto term while Rollo's use "par." The clan badge of Rollo's is a stag head, as with the Barrea/Barrow Crest. Barrea's/Barrows were first found in Lancashire with Parrs and Furnace's/Furness', and "PaRUM" can be code also for the Rum variation of Rome's/Roens that love the Pings/Pungs/Paganells, suspect from beside Ragnvald-suspect Aragno, and linkable to Paine's who may be honoring Malahule (Rollo's uncle) in their motto.

The swords in saltire of Barrea's/Barrows, and their "sufFICIT" motto term, give away their having had the kin of Feschs/Fechts, for the latter use swords in saltire in the same colors.

Now Barrea is beside Castel de Sangro, which I'll assume is named after lines from the Sangarius river, which was also the SAKARya, suspect to Seagers (the Marsi snake, right?) and Fessy-beloved Segni's/Segurana's, first found in Genova with Fessy-liner Fieschi. The Sans/Sanchez/SANGuez surname uses a spread eagle in the colors of the same of German Siegers/Seagers.

Segni's/Segurana's have got to be of the Feschs (and Fisks) that we just saw related to Barrea's. The Sangarius was of Phrygians, also called Brigians, suspect with Brigantium, the alternative name of Briancon. And the three, double-colored lions in pale of Brians/Brinks are shared by Irish Constantine's. English Constantine's/COSTANTine's use the Barrea fleur in colors reversed, and they were looked up as per PescoCOSTANZo, beside Castel di Sangro. Marsyas the goat was from the Phrygians, right?

L'Aquila liked pesci-fish terms suspect from Piscinas, beside Seleucid-line Sulcis (Sardinia, where Avezzano's were first found). There is a Pescasseroli near Pescocostanzo. Thanks to an event in my youth, I can trace the fish entity of Pescara to Luciano's of Rome and then to the Lucy / Geddes surnames, which might just reveal that Seleucids (named after SeLEUCus I) were on the Nith with the Geds. I'll need to explore this further at a later date.

Siegers/Seagars: "...two HALVES of a gold eagle, each displayed..." The Have's/Haafs (Felen-like Flanders) share ducks with Velins and Velens/Valance's/Felens. "DISplayed" can be part-code for the Diss'/Dice's suspect with a gold version of the Tarent Coat.

Players are worth a mention here because Diss'/Dice's are in Arthur colors and format, and first found in Suffolk with the Davers (Arthur colors and format) that I trace to the Daversi version of the Daorsi Illyrians, who lived on the Neretva river with proto-Arthur Ardiaei. Players share drops with Drops/Trope's, from the Tropoje location in Fier county along the APSus river. Players were first found in Middlesex with Fiers and Apps'. The Player motto, "ServiTUTe clarior," suggests the Ardiaei queen, Teuta, and also the clarions of the Arthurs of Clapton, who married the Meads/Meats. Clare's were first found in Suffolk too, and Fiers are suspect with a version of the Claro/Chiaro Coat (a good way to trace Fier-branch Vere's to Ferrara's).

The Player Shield: "...pale guttee de SANG."

In colors reversed, the Fier moline is red, as with the Vallan and Vele moline. Irish Fairs use a moline in colors reversed from that of Vallans and Vele's. The Irish Fairs use a version of the Fier Coat, and throw in a "VirTUTe TUTis" motto term that can be for the Tiss' too, first found in Hampshire with Drake's. These Vele's are Vitals too, and while Saffers use a "vita" motto term, making them suspect with emperor SEVERus Septimius, husband of Domna Bassianus, sister of Avitus' wife. The Fair motto above is translated with, "safe," and the Crest looks like it has a falcon, symbol of French Saffers, first found in Burgundy with French Fairs.

The Fair bird (unmentioned in the description) is in the design of the Steven falcon, which reminds that Stevensons look like they use a form of the Provence Coat (Burgundy), for a potential trace to Vere-suspect Guerin of Provence. The other Stevensons share the bend of French Fairs. As Falcons/FalCONTE's share the Conte crescent, while Conteville's are suspect with Comets, let's now add that Stefano's use the Comet tower as well as a comet. Let's then add that Provence has a Draguignan location suspect with de Vere's of Drakenberg, highly suspect with the Angitia snake cult of the Marsi. Finally, we trace Stevens to the naming of Stefano di Sessanio, about five miles east of Picenze.

Between Stefano and L'Aquila is Paganica. The Stevensons may be with the Ping/Pong/Paganell fleur-de-lys because Pagans/Payens share the Shield of Guerra's. As the Stevensons with the Fair bend look like they use a version of the Valentin Coat, note that the latter were first found in Vicenza, near Schio (Vicenza province) while Stefano di Sessanio is beside CalaSCIO (might mean "lower Scio"). The Skeochs/Skits/Skeets come to mind.

Let me remind that Fair-suspect Chiaro's are expected with the Mosca marriage to Montechiaro elements near the Drago river, while Drake's use a "muscas" motto term honoring Mosca's/Muscas'. Let me remind that, at age 10, I was catching flies on a boring day, yet I remember this. Why? I was staying at a woman's home whose one parent was a Masci and the other a Ferrari. I was catching flies outside their home. I just know what this means. Nicholas de Vere von Drakenberg was from that family's ancestry. Do Vere's (Massey quadrants) use the Annas star?

Aha! Sessons/Sessions were first found in Gloucestershire with Stevens, making Trump's pick for attorney general (Sessions) suspect from Stefano di Sessanio. To help prove that Sessons/Sessions trace to Sessanio, there is a BARISciano village between Stefano and Picenze while Barris' come up with German Barrys/Berrys. Two other Barry surname share horizontal red-and-white bars with Dutch Bests while there is a "best" motto term in the Sesson/Session motto. Perhaps it should be read as BariSCIANO, from Schio elements.

The Camerons/CAMERA's (Angus, same as red-bar Scottish Barrys) use a mild reflection of the Scottish Barry Coat (Shields not necessarily related), and then there's a San Pio del CAMERE village along highway 17, maybe two or three miles from Barisciano. That looks like an amazing hit. I believe that God showed me (I wrote on this a few months ago) that the camera of August, from Picenze, applied to an event set up at my mother's place. Barisciano is on hwy 17 between Picenze and Camere. Closer to Aquila on 17 is Onna, and the Camerons use an "AONAibh" motto term that looks difficult to decipher. Let's not forget here that Bars share the Aquila eagle.

In the photo he took of his wife and I, she was kissing me (or feigning it for the shot) on the cheek as he snapped the photo. Does this indicate Kiss/Cush liners at/around Pio del Camere? I had said that we were sitting on the lawn as the photo was taken, and can add here that Lawns/Lane's use a "Garde le ROY" motto, suspect with Roio and with the "Garde" motto of Charax-line Carricks. Proculus Charax is of the Kiss bloodline, in my opinion. Her name is Franca, which as a surname was first found in Piedmont with the Cottian capital.

I can go on to the kiss from Miss Peare, for God gave her a waist symbol for Waistells (wheat sheaves), probably a branch of Wests. As Wests offer evidence that they are from Vestalis, son of king Cottius of Susa, and because the West griffin head is in the two colors of the two Sesson/Session griffin heads, Sessons are now looking linkable to Susa, the Cottian capital. The Susans share the lily with Bazzano's, and were first found in BERKshire, which became suspect as I discussed the birch tree on my parents' lawn, where the photo was taken (this was 40 years ago). Birch's/BERCH's (Masci fleur) are suspect with the green snake of the Marsi. Another lily is used by Cetis'/SEStie's, and they were first found in Provence, where Stevensons, and therefore Stefano of Sessanio, can possibly trace.

To the near south of Picenze is San Demetrio ne VESTINi, and Westons (Staffordshire, same as Lawns) use a giant eagle that is also the Arms of L'Aquila. Are Cheile's Aquila liners? There is a boy wearing a VEST, and holding a stick, in the Coat of German Knapps, and the latter's crowns could be those of Roy-possible Reals (Boy/Bie colors and format). Vestini is near Camere, and while Camerons/Camera's use the five, bunched arrows of Rothschilds, the Rothschild arrow can be in the Vest/Vesten Coat. To the near-south of Vestini is Stiffe, a term like Stephen variations. There is a Stiff surname.

Remember, Miss Peare was code for Pero's, whose "flaming star" is the Stefano comet. Cotta's were first found in Languedoc with Conte's/COMITes' (Mar colors and format) and Ville's, who I connect to form the Conteville's of Comyns, and the Comet line beloved of Stefano's. The Conteville's are on the Irish Burghs/BERKs, probably a Birch/Berch branch, share the cat with Scottish Comeys (Perthshire) while Irish Comeys use another green snake. Italian Conte's were first found in Ferrara with Claro's/Chiaro's, and Comets were first found in Limousin with Clairs. Is James Comey masonically related to Jeff Sessions?

Vests/Vestens were first found in Switzerland with Stovers/Staufers (almost the Stefano comet, minus the tail) while Stiffe can be suspect with Stivers, though the latter's variations look like Stuarts. Stivers/Sturtivants share the coat of Greys, first found in Northumberland with Stevensons.

The Sesson/Session Coat looks linkable to the Masts/Masters/Mosters. It reminds me that Helen my tenant left me for Steven with a 1960's MUSTang. The Tenants were looked up as per Helen, checking to see if she was a Set-up for heraldry purposes, and Tenants ("vela") use a ship with MAST and sail, while Sailers ("MOST HAS SERVed") share the Mast/Master/Moster / Sesson griffins. The Sesson Crest shares a gold griffin with the Colans that use the martlets of Flys (same place as Drake's) on their bend! Now we have super evidence that Stevens trace to Stefano di Sessanio.

The "Hope" motto term of Sessons can now be linked to the giant Fair anchor, colors reversed from the giant anchor of German Hope's/Hoods.

Sailers are also SAYlors while Says' use the Vere quadrants in colors reversed. Says named Mortone-Say in Shropshire, and Mortons share the goat with Elia's/Elias'. Tenants were first found in West Lothian with Elia's/Elias', suggesting that God named Helen to show that Helens (Este horse) were Elias liners. And there is a Sant'Elia area (shown on map) on the L'Aquila border while the Arms of Picenze shares the Este eagle! Zowie. It's been a couple of years since introducing Helen, but only now do I discover her greatest significance. Her name as a surname may have been a version of "Velen for a related reason.

Sant'Elia has the same sort of spelling as Sant'Antioco, the alternative name of Sardinia's Sulcis, which is how I know it's a Seleucid location, for Seleucus I founded Antioch in Syria. Now Helen my tenant was found to be code for Helen of Troy, a Greek entity from the Hellespont, which I think was related the Elis in Greece. Or, we can point to the old name for Greece, Hellen, for Seleucus was a Greek. "Elis / Helles" is still suspect from "Laish," which, if correct, reveals Greeks from Laish, and tends to identify Greek paganism and mythology with the same of Jonathan the Levite. "Greece" is suspect from Gorgons, who lived at Parion/Parium, which named mythical Paris, prince of Troy, who abducted Helen of Troy.

The Elia/Elias and Elis crescents are colors reversed from those of Tenants, and the Elia's/Elias' use a "quoMODO" motto term that can be for one such as Motts/Mottins (same crescent as Elia's/Elias') or the Mota's suspect in the "Immota" motto term of L'Aquila. The six Mota roses are in the pattern of the six Cheshire garbs of Cue's/Kews, and the latter could be a branch of whatever "QUOmodo" is code for (the same motto has "quo"). Cue's/Kews can be gleaned as a branch of Scottish Kevens while Irish Kevens/Keevans/Cavans (Nola colors, Nola lion in colors reversed)) were first found in Carlow with Nola's. Felice of Nola is suspect with Felix's, first found in Sussex with Kiev-suspect Keeps. The swords of Nola's are those of Mustang-like Mustans. Helen, Steven, Mustang.

Cue's/Kews are probably of the Caw variation of Mackays, but as the Cue/Kew Crest is colors reversed from the lion in this Arms of Macclesfield, it's notable that the Nola cross is the Macclesfield cross in colors reversed.

The Keven/Cavan crescent is shared by the Irish Foys with the EEL. These Foys were first found in Cavan, can we believe it? The eel, shared by SHIPtons, must have been Elias / Helen liners.

Obama Dream Re-Visited with Helen

As I set out here, I have no idea what this could mean in the real world where the Obama dream was resolved with the perpetrators of the Steele dossier.

In the dream of a year or two ago, I was with a POOL CUE in hand in Obama's billiard hall. The Pools, from Poole near Cue-suspect COWES (see Cowes variations), share the lion of Kevens whose symbols are those of Cue's/Kews. Helen left me (a good thing) when she met Steven in a billiard hall.

As I prepared to take a shot of the cue ball, in the dream, I saw that the cue ball was a piece of paper laying flat on the table. But God made it very plain to me that this was to be regarded as a page for the Page surname, and later it turned out to be code for Lisa and/or Carter Page (both central in the dossier scandal). I then turned the page into a paper airplane so that I could shoot it. Helen worked for an airliner. Tenants use a "PLENa" motto term, though I haven't yet known what surname it's code for, perhaps a variation of the Plains, Palins, or the Plene variation of Plants/Plantagenets. The latter started off as Fulks, and Stevens use the falcon.

Recall that Tenants have a sail suspect with Sailers/SAYers, a good bet for being from Stefano-di-Sessanio liners. Fulke's/Volks use the motto, "QUI sera sera," suspect with the Sarah's/SAYERs who share a leopard in Crest with SEWERs/Suters. When I shot the airplane on Obama's table, it missed the red ball I was aiming for, beside the corner pocket. The plane went straight like a bullet into the corner pocket, a SEWER SHOT. Shots/Shute's (SWORds) must be a branch of the Sewers/Suters, suspect with the namers of SUTHERland, where Mackays/Caws were first found. I assumed that Peter STRzok, Lisa Page's accomplice, was a Sturs / SUTER liner.

Sewers/Suters were first found in Angus with Barrys/Barrea's who love the Fiddle's. The latter use a garland while German Stevens share the Garland Coat, which is also that of French Sturs (Manche, same as Vere's). English Sturs (same bars but as fesses) were first found in Hampshire with Drake's and the Cowes location off-shore from the Stur river to Poole side. And the Stur fesses are almost the Barry/Barrea bars. Barrea's/Barrows use swords. The Stur-branch Esters may be with the Stevenson / Fair bend in colors reversed.

I don't know what these connections to Helen and Steven can predict about the outcome of the dossier scandal. I'm trying to come up with a theory. After I predicted that Julian Assange might be used by God to leak an important message, he sent out a tweet entitled, "Paper Planes," if I recall correctly. It was not long after I was discussing the paper plane in the dream. Shortly after that tweet, Assange's embassy cut him off from the Internet, possibly because spies had determined that he had been prepared to unleash some sensitive things.

Repeat: "Angus is where Kellers/Keelers were first found, and Kelly, my girlfriend, was part of a miracle of God having to do with Songs/Sangers." In trying to determine the kin of the Assange surname, Sangs came to mind. The slang term, "sing," means to unleash valuable information against someone. Will Assange sing soon? I'm reading this week that Trump's team (not necessarily Trump, John KELLY comes to mind) has been responsible, says Wikipedia, for the cutting off from the Internet of Assange. Will WikiLeaks find something sweet in its nest soon, to unleash what Trump wants concerning the dossier? It's a wonder that no one has yet sent WikiLeaks the goods that Sessions doesn't want revealed. That's very curious, but the deep state has ramped up its spying on government workers in efforts to assure that such leaking won't happen. Shame. A miracle is needed.

Here's perhaps a lead: while Sant'Elia is at Pianola and beside Roio Piano, there is a Sant'Elia a Pianisi location in Campobasso to Abruzzo's south. CampoBASSO looks related to Bazzano, smack beside Sant'Elia.

"Piano" looks like the Italian word for "plain," and so the namer of this location may be responsible for the Plain variation of Playters/Platters (Elia/Elias colors). That is, the paper plane was code for the Elias-Piano area at L'Aquila, thanks to Helen who worked for an airline while her tenant status brought us to the Elia surname. But as Helens/Heylins (named Hellion) are Este liners, so is the Arms of Picenze. And the Seleucids now suspect at Sant'Elia can be suspect with Mr. bocci BAll (Mr. Manilla) of Picenze. Behind his very home, there was a bocci-ball arena (with three or four lanes).

Now be amazed, for Shirts are suspect from Sardinians while Tous' use a MAN wearing a shirt (with buttons), and Tous', can we believe it, share the eight-pointed stars of Manelli's and Minelli's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow. Malahule's line to Balso was suspect with Seleucids, and Tous' are Tosini's too, like the Tosni's that descended from Malahule! ZIKERS, this is huge. The Espaines write-up says that the surname was from a brother of Roger Toeni (same as Tosni's).

Aha! The Spineto variation of Espaines caused a loading of Spine's, who are said to be from Cloughton, and Cloughtons share red roundels with Shirts and Bullis'! Excellent. Cloughtons were perhaps a branch of Glove's, the latter using half the Alexander Coat.

I became sure that the Obama dream's plane was code for Plains/Platters (won't come up as "Platter") because the other English Platters are said to have held SOTTERley, an obvious branch of Sewers/Suters. And while the Piano areas are suspect with Paine / Paion liners because they are near Paganica, the Platters share three blue bends with Pings/Pongs/Paganells. Paganica is right beside Sant'Elia.

Graduating now to a Google satellite map, but using it as a road map, I see that highway 17, between Bazzano and Fontana Luminosa, is called Antonia Panella. While Panels are listed with Pings/Paganells, Panella's are with Pane's/Panico's, and the latter are from Pincum, right beside VIMINacium, to which I trace the WOMAN of Elias-branch Elis! Excellent. That makes the Cuppae location near the Pek river (to Pincum) suspect with Coppito, along hwy 17 on the other side of L'Aquila.

Between Sant'Elia and Bazzano, a Palombara area, and then while Cuppae was the "city of doves," Palomba's/Paloma's use the dove (because the term means, dove). Amazing. Between Palombara and Sant'Elia, a Piemonte street, suggesting Piedmont elements here. Via Valle d'Aosta has a corned at Via Piemonte. And a little further north on Piemonte, a Via Navarra, like the Novara location of the Laevi. Navarra turns into Marche street, suspect with the Marici partners of the Laevi. It's interesting that Players, like the Palomar variation of Spanish Paloma's, use a pale bar that could be of the two of Spanish Paloma's. Or, were Players of the Playter variation of Platters? The Picenze-beloved Felice's were first found in Navarre of Spain.

Recall that I kissed Christine Peare at a BAR (see Bari below), the La Paloma, for Pero's were first found in Piedmont with Masci's. Was God using that event to tell that the Piemonte-street area had the Pero's? Pero's use one of the Paloma pale bars. English PAGE's use doves in Paloma/Palomba-dove colors, and Paganica is beside PalomBARA. French Page's share the Pool lion, evoking the page on Obama's billiard table. Obama's mother has been traced to Dunham-Masci. Italian Paloma's/Polamba's were first found in BARI, of Puglia, and there is a Puglia street, with a corner at Via Piemonte, and between the Navarra and Marche streets. Can you believe it? The Marici and Laevi founded Pavia, where Pierro's/Pero's were first found. It seems that the kissing event with Peare had to do with this area at L'Aquila, and, I suppose, the line of Laevillus was here, for Kiss' are expected to be Laevillus liners.

Let me repeat that she and I went up the stairs to kiss outside because the bar was in the baseMENT. Base's have long been treated as Bassianus liners, which now tends to clinch them with Bazzano, for Ments/Mants use the three Ping/Paganell bends in colors reversed, and here we were just tracing that event to the Bazzano / Paganica area besides this basement clue. A street in Palombara is the Bazzanese.

A couple of years later, I kissed Kim Walsh at La Paloma, and Walsh's share a Coat like that of English Page's, both using black-on-white pheons. Page's use the colors and format of Childs, and Walsh's use a "TRANSfixus" motto suspect with Trans'/Trents, probably a branch of the Tarents that use the Child Coat in colors reversed. Childeric's wife, Basina, must have been a Bazzano liner, making Page's look like Paganica liners. The Fix's/Ficks may therefore be using the L'Aquila eagle. The Fix/Fick fleur are shared by Barrea's/Barrows, whom I expect from Bar at lake Scodra, opposite the Adriatic from Bari of Puglia. Barrea's/Barrows are the ones highly suspect with the swords in saltire of Feschs/Fichts, suggesting that the latter are a branch of Fix's/Ficks.

For reasons I've explained, the Arrow/Arras Crest is the Murena tower, from Terentia Murena, where I trace the Tarents. The point is, the Arrow/Arras cross has the Barrea/Barrow / Fix/Fick fleur too, and it's a good reflection of the saltire of Scottish Walsh's, first found in Roxburghshire with Leavells. The latter share the Yonge piles, and the Yonge's love the Jeune's that use the same fleur yet again! Zowie.

Kiss'/Cush's use fountains while Fountains (Norfolk, same as Leafs/LEVE's) have three fesses in the colors of the one of French Paine's/PainLEVE's.

A large street in Bazzano is MAUSONia, expected from Julia Maesa Bassianus. Amazing, is it not? I trace her back to Laevillus. A company, VITHA Group, is in Bazzano, like her husband, AVITus. Via Mausonia takes one to Pianola, where I see a road, Vinni Piano, suggesting a surname behind "Pianola." A few miles further out on 17 is Picenze, in which I see a Via Masci. Must have been an important Mr. or Ms. Masci.

Following 17 further out, I arrive to Navelli, a small corners with a main Pereto street, possibly from the Perets that, in using pears, can be of the Peare's/Pears and therefore of the Pierro's/Pero's/Petris' (Ticino). This is excellent because Navelle's/Neville's and Navals are suspect with the Tease/Tess saltire for a trace to the Ticino. Navelli can therefore be a branch of the namers of Novara. Neville ancestors birthed Courcys, and the latter share the Tarent eagles. The Courcy-like Currys happen to share the Navel / Neville saltire, and while Currys were first found in Waterford, Waterfords share the same-type fountains (roundels) as Kiss'/Cush's. Courcys were big in Somerset, where Trents were first found. One of the few streets in Onna (ancient Unda) is Trento. Onna is between Bazzano and Picenze.

Whelans/Felins, suspect with mount Velino, were first found in Waterford too, and my girlfriend, Karen Whelan, lived on a CORSon street with Mr. Kepke. It's likely that Mr. Young, on that street, introduced me to Karen, which was shortly after Miss Peare moved out of my apartment at ELLESmere road. Or should we read that as EllesMERE? The Ellesmere's happen to use the three pheons of Page's and ELLESmere's.

L'Aquila has a Via Celano with a corner at Via Avezzano, indication of the Marsi of that place. This recalls Colin Cowie at Woodbine avenue, for Woodbine's use nearly the four fesses of French Page's/Lepage's (Dauphine, same as Pagans/Payens). Avezzano and Celano are across the street from one another at Via Crocetta, which reminds that Croce's use the potent cross while the crutch feature that formed the potent cross is a pattern in the Avezzano bend. Crutch's/Crooch's are a Croce branch, you see, and with the naming of these streets were can see a Croce link to Avezzano's. For the record, there is a Crockett surname (sleeping dog) with interesting things I won't mention here because it will get long and off-topic. But I should get back to them.

Betty Crocker PanCaechs

Look at all of these links. Eschyna de Molle married Robert Croce while her daughter married Robert Pollock, brother of Peter at Rothes castle. Rothes' were first found in Shropshire with Sleeps while Crocketts use a "sleeping dog." The Crockett motto, "Tak TENT," therefore looks linkable to the "Sans Tache" of Peerless'/Napiers, the latter first found in Perthshire with Dogs/Doags.

I slept in a sleeping bag with Mamie in her tent, where she got her tease symbol (voluptuous, great figure, attractive all around, she came to sit on my lap an hour or two earlier, but wouldn't hug me all night long on this first night of a two-month relationship), and the next day, God gave her a thigh symbol at her front garden, which was part code for Gardens/Jardens ("CRUCiata CRUCE" motto phrase), first found in Angus. It immediately appears that Mamie's tent and sleeping bag is related to the Crocker "tent." This gets interesting where the sleeping-bag dream is suspect with Bags that share the Grimaldi Coat, for I seek Grimaldi's of L'Aquila.

Gardens share the black boar head with Babons, whom I trace to Babon, son of Mamie-like MUMmolin (Merovingian, now suspect to the Marsi). "MumMOLIN" is suspect with the Molle's / Moline's. Moline's were at Dartington, in Devon with the first-known Darts, who share the fesse of Sleeps (share two fesses with Babons) because Dardanians had merged with Selepitanoi. Babons were first found in Sussex with Daorsi and Ardiaei suspects (Davers and Dice's), and with the Tache's. Babon's son, Grimo, is suspect as the proto-Grimaldi.

The Dardanians (daughter of Monunius II) married the Ardiaei, the line to fable-ous king Arthur, who was made born at TINTagel, in Cornwall with the Tintons ("royal tents"). It appears that we have found the sleeping-dog line of Crocketts partly with Tintons, but let's add that king Arthur's round table can be gleaned as code for the Table's (share hurts with Arthurs) and Rounds, the latter using a couchant lion but called a "sleeping lion." Tintons were at Tudy, possible named after queen Teuta, and Tudys/Tottie's share the chevron of Crocketts.

The Crockett motto can be code for Tintons along with the neighboring Tints (Somerset, same as Crutch's/Crooch's) who use a "COUCHant lion," and Couch's (share the bear with Berwicks) therefore became suspect with Gouch's/Googe's (Roxburghshire, same as Molle's, beside Berwickshire), who share the Molle boar. Couch's share the red pale bar with Tulls/Tullia's, suspect from Tullia of Lyon, ancestor of Artemia of Lyon.

Look. Mamesfelde of the Mansfields must have been a branch of Mame's/Meme's/Mens', who are said to have been at GlenLYON, home of the Lyons, in Perthshire, same as the Crockett-beloved Dogs. And Mummolin was the grandson of Artemia of Lyon. You see, God knows how to give me clues. Artems were first found in Berwickshire with Arthurs.

The Gardens/Jardens were first found in Angus with Jardins (Annandale / Tailbois Coat) while the Brittany Jardins (could be the Annas star in Chief) share the lily with Bazzano's. The latter were of the Bessin, beside Manche (had a CROCiatonum area), in-code with the Mansfield and Mansell maunches. The Mame's/Mens' love the Parrs, and the latter's double fesses are those of Dutch Gouch's. I can now mention a street in L'Aquila named after Mr. VOMANo (one corner at Via Avezzano). Parrs use the WOMAN, and Via Crocetta turns into the Vomano street. While Pharnaces' wife is known to descend from king Antipater, Dexters were from Dexaroi at Antipatria. This could be a clue that Pharnaces liners were in this area of L'Aquila, and it is especially interesting if Crocketts share the fesse of Dexters/Decksters.

Crocketts were first found in Lanarkshire (beside Pollok) with Bards/Beards expected in Marsi ancestry. The titles of Pollocks went by marriage to Leslie's, who share the green Bard/Beard griffin and perhaps the bend of Biggars (Lanarkshire).

Gardens were first found in Angus', and the latter use the Annas star while Annas' were first found in Nottinghamshire with Tease's/Tyes', Navals, and a MAMESfelde location of Mansfields. Navals share the saltire of Tease's/Tecks (Switzerland, same as Ticino canton), like the "Tak tent" motto of Crocketts. In seeking surnames after the Onna location, I came across a One variation of the Annas-like Innes', first found in Moray with the Biggar kin of Dallas', and using the stars in the Crockett Chief.

I had given Mamie a Bible, and it's the Bible's/Bibo's that share the red rooster of Kiss'/CUSH's. Bibo's (rooster on a CUSHion) can be both of Babon liners, and Vibia, mother of Laevillus. Mummolin's grandson, Badon, along with Mummolin's son, Babon, alerts that Babcocks/BadCOCKs apply, who share the red rooster of Bibo's/Bible's (and Grimaldi-related Cocks). Repeat: "While Pharnaces' wife is known to descend from king Antipater, Dexters were from Dexaroi at Antipatria." Antipatria is where Kilpatricks trace who share the cushion with Bible's/Bibo's, and throw in a dagger as code for Dexaroi.

Amazingly, Pharnaces-liner Furnace's use a black dog, the colors of the sleeping dog of Crocketts. And the pale bar of Babcocks/Badcocks is that of Crutch's/Crooch's, Cracks/Cricks and Crux's/Cricks' too, which can thus trace Mummolin Merovingians to the namer of Via Crocetta. I kid you not that Via Abruzzo turns into Via Celano a sleeping-dog's walk from Via Crocetta, and I lived in the home of Miss Abreu who was married to the late Mr. Babcock (died of cancer). Now I know why. It was while living there that I started to realize how Abruzzo could be a Hebrew element (previously, Abruzzo was not a topic of mine). Via Celano is the one turning into Parr-suspect Vomano, and the counts of Marsi had their capital at Celano.

As Crocketts share the black dog with Crux's/Cricks, these look like Charax > Carricks / Crag / Crick/Crack/Critch liners. Yup, from Laevillus' son. Ultimately, I trace these surnames to mythical Creusa at Acragas. As Crews/Creuse's should apply here with Crozier's, let's mention that Crows use the rooster colors reversed from the Bible/Bibo rooster.

Parrs use "A woman's head and SHOULDers," and Shultz's (Switzerland, same as Tease's/Tecks) share the quadrants of Chiava-suspect Chives'/Shewas'.

The Bible/Bibo rooster is said to be that of Annas-like Hahns (Jewish). Hahn's were at BASEdow (Mecklenburg), and there is a Basedow surname (Mecklenburg) with scythes facing sinister. Scythe's are listed with potent-cross Skits/Skeochs. The Scythes' (with a final 's') are with the Side's who share a version of the Knapp Coat, and while Peerless'/Napiers use a "Tache" motto term, it's interesting that Tacks, possibly in the "Tak" motto term of potent-suspect Crocketts, were first found in Cambridgeshire with Knapps. That's not a bad way to glean a Napier link to the sleeping DOG of Crocketts. The Tack "wheat SHEAVES" are in the colors of the same garbs of Wheat/WHATE's while Dexters/DECKsters use "weights."

Basedows/Basedoe's look like a merger with Dows/Doe's, for the latter use scythe-like "coulters," and Colters happen to have been first found in Lanarkshire with Crocketts (same chevron as Colters). Their COULter variation evokes the Cowels/Couls (spur rowells), which we met as per the Cowel peninsula of the Campbells. The Cowel/Coul Crest is a "book" that may once have been a Bible, if for example the Books/Boggs merged with Bibo's. Dows may have been Dove's while the latter may have formed from Palombara elements, because Palombara is beside Base-suspect Bazzano.

However, I have no evidence that Cowels ("Cole") were Coulter liners aside from the Kyle's being at Cumnoch, beside Lanark.

The "NobiLITAS" (code for Nibelung Merovingians?) motto term of Tacks is like the "alit" of Crockers. Lots of stuff here. As we are on the Isle-of-Man lines, descended from Sitric CAECH, Betty Crocker panCAKEs come to mind. Cake's/Cakebreads were first found in Cambridgeshire with Tacks suspect in the Crockett motto, and Bettys (Roxburghshire, "COELeste") share the blue key with Sheaves'/Chiava's, suspect in the "wheat sheaves" of Tacks. It's a round-about way to make Crockers look like Crocketts while inserting Betty Crocker into the mix. The Bettys even share a pale bar in the colors of the same of Eschyna-suspect Eskins/Erskins (Renfrewshire, same as Pollocks married by Eschyna's daughter). It's known that Erskins were linked closely to Scottish Mars, making Eschyna suspect with Marsi liners / Mercian Saxons.

Erskins love the Pense's in their motto, and Pense's share the Aquila / Este / Arms-of-Picenze / Child eagle. Pense's share the chevron of the Barneys that use the key of Bettys ("coelESTE") in colors reversed (evokes Betty and Barney Rubble).

At one end of Crocetta street, there is a road named after Mr. Vicenza, and, can we believe it, Italian Croce's were first found in Vicenza. The Valentins of Vicenza can apply here because Valentins use a version of one Stevenson Coat while the other Stevensons use a reflection of the Crockett Coat. Valentinian had lines in Perthshire, where Crockett-beloved Dogs were first found along with GlenLYON. The Valence location near Lyon may explain why Valentins use squirrels in Lyon-lion colors. Justine's (same place as Dogs) share the sword with Crockett-beloved Dogs.

It can now be added that while Navals and Neville's share the Tease/Teck saltire, the Crockett write-up has a member (without explanation) in Testa de Nevill. A couple of old Crukets were in Dorset, beside the Crutch's/Crooch's.

Repeat: "Parrs use "A woman's head and SHOULDers," and Shultz's (Switzerland, same as Tease's/Tecks) share the quadrants of Chiava-suspect Chives'/Shewas'." There is a round-about way to make a Schultz link to Shoultz's/Shouldhams here with the assumption that Parrs were Pero liners on the Ticino. We can start with the leaves of Tease's/Tacks, linking them to the Leafs/Leve's, first found in Norfolk with Shoultz's/Shouldhams. The latter's eagle is in the colors of the Sans/Sanquez eagle, and PEERless'/Napiers, first found in Perthshire with Parr-loving Rollo's, use a "Sans tache" motto. The "passe" motto term of Rollo's gets the Pascals, who share the Templar lamb with Norfolk's Roe's.

Was Rollo named after Roio-Piano? Some say he was born, Ralph, and Ralphs (Norfolk, same as Shouldham) share ravens with Crockers. Ralphs also share the Row trefoil. Are the royal tents of Tintons from Roio-PIANO liners? Catherine Roet was the daughter of PAYNE Roet, and he was at MontREUIL (Picardy), I did read. So, yes, Royal / Real / Roy/Roi liners may have been of Roio's namer. Scottish Roy/Roi's ("Qua TENDis"!) were first found in Lanarkshire with Tak-TENT Crocketts! Zikers. And the Crockett write-up has one Crockett liner (without explanation) with Placita de QUO Warranto. I'm now seeing the "Placit" motto term of Paganell-loving ROENs/Rome's/Rooms. Roio is an area, with a L'Aquila street named after it, near Paganica. Rollo's Normandy capital was at ROUEN, near Gace of proto-Washington Wassa's/Gace's (Cornwall, same as Tintons).

Roio is beside Sant'Elia while "quo" and "quomodo" are in the Elia/Elias motto.

Crociatonum was home to Alans of Alauna, easily from mount Velino of the Marsi. Velens and Alans (once showed ducks) share red martlets, but we see them again with Washburns (Devon, same as Stewarts). The latter were loaded as per the company, Washburn Crosby, whose director, William Crocker, is the reason for the naming of Betty Crocker. This information is in the Crocker write-up. While Washburns share one of the Washington fesses (probably the Alan fesse), Washingtons share the raven with Crockers (Exeter colors and format). We can assume Crockers from Crociatonum. Washburns are said to have inter-married with raven-liner Corbetts and Zouchs, the latter first found in Lancashire with Washingtons. Why is Washington DC in dove-liner Columbia?

Indeed. Leto's/Alitto's, highly suspect in the "alit" motto term of Crockers, share the crane with CRONKite's, and Crociatonum was also called, CRONCiaconnum." Crane's are of Ceraunii, and the Ceraunii mountains are beside Aulon/Avlona. The Cronkite crane has a rock in its foot as likely code for Roxolani Alans. The white griffin in the Shoultz/Shouldham Crest can be that of Aliotta's/Ali's, for the latter's Coat reflects that of Leto's/Alitto's.

That white-on-red dove we saw from Paloma's and Page's could be on the bend of Cossans (Angus), who were looked up as per Cussons (Ferte eagle?), while checking whether I could now make a Cusson / Cossan link to the Bible/Bibo cushion. Kellers/Keelers (named Keiler location) were first found in Angus with Cheile-loving Camerons, and with Jardins. The latter use a version of the Tailbois Coat while Tailbois' were first found in Lincolnshire with Keele's/Keils and Cheile's (and Kiss-branch Custs/Cuss'). The Cheile's share the same bend as Cossans. The Jardin Chief shares the Annas star, which is in the Angus Chief. Jardins share "Cave" with Cave's.

I now need to repeat how the miracle at Kellys place happened. I had a vision (age 21) at my conversion in which I saw myself in the future looking like a singer. What does a singer look like? How did I have the idea that I looked like a singer? But I could not sing into my mid 30s, though I did learn after that. The point is, Kelly's father was a song writer, and so, one day, I opened the BIBLE, asking God about this, and said to Him that I will read the first passage that my finger happens to land on. It landed smack on (no moving the finger at all) on the passage, "You shall have a song" (Isaiah 30:29).

This should not be viewed as God my genie, answering whatever I ask of him on a whim of the moment. Instead, God moved me to ask him that question in the first place, because He wanted me to have this answer. The reason I'm telling this is in case the event related to the Bible/Bibo surname. But I've just been side-tracked by the following.

The passage is: "Ye shall have a song, as in the night when a holy solemnity is kept; and GLADness of heart, as when one goeth with a pipe to come into the mountain of the LORD, to the mighty One of Israel." I've never studied this passage as per the possibility that there are surname codes there for us. So I entered the Glad surname just for fun, to find a bend in the colors of the same of Cheile's and Cossans. That fits "Kelly." The sword on the Glad bend is in the colors of the doves on the Cossan bend, and so we are already, possibly, at the cushion of the Bible/Bibo Coat.

And while Cossans were first found in Angus with Cheile-likely Kellers/Keelers, that's also where Jardins were first found while Jordans (Brittany, same as French Glads) share the Coat of French Glads, which is the fesse of Washburns too.

Again, Mamie was given a thigh symbol at her garden, and I then bought her a new Bible. Almost four decades later, I discover that God is pointing to Babon with the Garden boar head. It's got to be about Annas, the killer of Jesus. English Jordans (scroll on a rock) were first found in Suffolk with Babons, and these Jordans use a "Percussa" motto term, like musical perCUSSION. Amazing, is it not? It looks like she was at the garden to clinch the trace of Kiss'/Cush's to the Bible/Bibo cushion in the way it was just shown for the first time. Cuss' share the Kiss/Cush Shield, and were first found in the same place as Kelly-like Keele's / Cheile's. Unbelievable.

What else is "PERcussa" code for? Cuss' are listed with Kiss'/Cush's. German Cuss'/Guss', if they apply, share the Coat of the Brittany Roys. Cushions are used also with Redmaine's, who share the beacon with German Belli's who in-turn look like they use the Fontana Coat. Cuss'/Kiss' use fountains. That works. Scottish Belli's/Bellys (Moray), which God linked to Miss PEARE, use a "Per" motto term.

Italian Belli's are a branch of Bellino's who share the bear paw (colors reversed) of Powys' while English Gunters (gauntlet GLOVEs) were first found in Powys. The Gardens seem to love the Jungs/June's/Youngs and Gunters together. German Gunters (Moray stars?) share the quadrants of Felix's and the stars of Felice's. Spanish Felice's were first found in Navarre, but it's yet to be determined whether this related to Novara, where I expect Pero's.

The Nevers/Neve's surname (Angus again, same as Navys/Neve's) is interesting for sharing the lily with Bazzano's. Bazzano is beside Sant'Elia while Nevers/Neve's use a version of the Elia / Elis cross.

Why does the Isaiah text use "gladNESS"? Again, Glads share the fesse of Washington-liner Washburns, and Washingtons share the double fesses of Ness'. There are four Ness surnames, one first found in Fife with Angus' ("est"). English Ness' (Sussex, same as Felix's) have those white-on-red doves again, shared by Cossans. George Washington married Mrs. CUSTis, and Custs/Cuss' share the Kiss/Cush Coat.

Columbia's use doves in the colors of the Poitvin jay, and both surname use variations of one another. The Poitvin Coat looks like a colors-jumbled version of the Galli's, first found in Dauphine with Columbia's and Page's/Lepage's. That makes the Columbia doves linkable to the doves of English Page's, in the colors of the Ness doves. The Columbia Coat looks like a version of the French Pepin's. The Coullon variation of Columbia's might just indicate Cyllene > Celano liners.

Now Ness' trace to queen Nysa of Cappadocia, home also of Glaphyra Archelaus. She married two Herods, and the Isaiah quote uses, "Ye shall have a song, as in the NIGHT when a holy solemnity is kept; and gladness of HEART..." If God is in this, He obviously isn't suggesting that this passage was initially about Herods and his kin. But for the purpose at Kelly's place, it may be to point out that Glads and Ness' relate to Herods. As was said, Nysa is known to descend from king Antipater (Macedonia), and the first king Herod (the nasty, kingdom-building brute) had Antipater for his father.

Glaphyra is the line to Claviere's that married Mountains while "mountain" is yet another term in that Isaiah passage. Claviere's were first found in Auvergne with Tullia of Lyon, and Herod Archelaus went into exile at the Lyon area. They say he was at Vienne-Isere, specifically, and then "bien"-using Vienne's (Burgundy, same as Cussons) use the Cusson eagle in colors reversed.

The passage uses "night," and Scottish Nights/Naughts (near the Nith river) happen to share the lion of Carols. It was Carol Moore who introduced Kelly to me, and Carols share lions combatant with Kellys. Nights/Naughts use a "duRUM" motto term suspect with the Rum variation of the Dumfries Roens/Rome's/Rooms. But what's the "VOLENti" motto term of the same Nights for? The Nith was home to Cetis-suspect Geds > Geddes' from at least 400 AD, the time of Tullia of Lyon at Clermont-Ferrand. Why do Kite's / Kitts use tulips? Closeburn on the Nith is to the Close's/Clovse's that share the spur with Knights and Cowels/Couls', which might reveal that Close's were from, or responsible for, a Couls-like variation.

Check out the SOLEMnity term in the King-James translation. The Solem surname is with Salemans/Salians, who share the Scythes/Side eagles, who are suspect with Skits/Skeochs...and the Shoe's/Schuchs that love the Knights. The Schutz's share the saltire of Salways/Solways while the Nith river pours into the Solway gulf.

The Solem/Salemans/Salian bend with eagles is all in the colors of the Pipe bend with fleur, and while other translations use "flute," the Biblical term was likely more like "pipe," the term used by the King James Version. Pipe's (Merovingians and later CAROLingians) were first found in Staffordshire with Glads.

The Angus' can be using the Mar / Nola lion because earls of Mar were in Angus, and because Angus' share "Fortis" and two stars in Chief with Forts who in-turn use the Felix quadrants in colors reversed.

I don't recall being able to find a Glad branch, when I tried, but suddenly the Gladwin variation suggested Godwin of Dol, for Glads probably use the Saluzzo Shield as per the Alan-Saluzzo marriage. And Godwins share a winged lion in Crest with Glads/Gladwins.

Claviere's and Clavers (both use keys) appear to have developed into Chiava's (keys), or vice versa, but this creates the contradiction of tracing them both either to Shawia Numidians or to "Glaphyra." However the contradiction might be resolved, Shaws are said to be from a Sithech entity while Songs/Singers use the "sheaves" of Sithech-liner Sticks.

Into what box do we place Clappers, the Clapton box, or the Claver box? Is there a ClavER-like variation that belongs to Chiava's / Chives', such as CheevERs/Cheves'? The latter happen to use a "foy" motto term while Foys share the eel with Clappers. French Foys/Foix's were first found in eel-like Ile-de-France (perhaps it wasn't named after an island; there is an Ile surname). It could appear that Chives liners were also Claver liners. Cheevers/Cheves', who come up as "Chiver," were first found in Devon, where Chives' were said to be first found for years previous to this last year. The Cheevers (goat) tend to link to Capras' (goat), first found in Piedmont with Chivasso. We shouldn't assume that "Capras" was the original form. Cabras' (another goat, in Chiava / Chiaro/Charo colors) are said to be from Aragona of Agrigento.

This picture traces well with Mosca's to Aragno in L'Aquila, and while Sinclairs lived at Russell-suspect Roslin, Russells use the goat. Russells are probably from Roussillon (version of the Arms of Aragon), beside Creuse (which I trace to mythical Creusa at Agrigento). Sinclairs (from Montechiaro / Chiaramonte, right?) were from Rollo's family, and we saw why Rollo's father should be from Aragno liners. Creusa's mythical husband, a Trojan, is suspect as code for mythical Oeneus at Calydon, an area related to Elis, i.e. from the Hellespont of the Trojans. This is a Gorgon conclusion.

This is all good reason to view many heraldic goats as code for Cavii liners, but how were Cavii a branch of Shawia Numidians? The latter were also Chaoui, like the surname of Colin Cowie, first found near Tarves, where Chives' were first found. The goat-using Walsers lived/live in the Lys-river valley of Aosta, and Lys'/Lise's are from the Cavii city of Lissus. It ain't broke, don't fix it. Goat-using Moline's (share black moline with Chives'), first found in Devon with Chivers/Cheevers and Chives'. Lys'/Lise's (and Foys/Foix's) were first found beside La Falaise at Paris, and Moline's were related to Falaise.

Should I toss out the Claver trace to "Glaphyra"? But the Clavers share the tower of Plunketts while Plancia Magna was a descendant of Glaphyra. Did the ancient form of "Chaoui" name Glaphyra? Were these Chaoui's in Abruzzo at the time? Were they tossed out to Cappadocia by Vespasian's imperial line? I am convinced that Plancia's husband, Tertullus, was of Tertulla, Vespasian's grandmother. Plancia's father (Mr. Plancius) was from Galatia, home of Julia Polla, and then Vespasian's mother was Vespasia Polla. Julia Polla was a daughter of Julia Tyche, daughter in-turn of the Galatian ruler, ArtemiDOROS. The Doria's that married Artem-suspect Arduinici use the same eagle as L'Aquila, and Doria's were first found in Genova with ears-of-wheat Bocci's.

This is amazing. The Bocci's were introduced in the 4th update of last month, like so:

"EARs of wheat" (sheaves) are shared by Caiaphas-suspect Chappes' (their French branch has the Moor head) and by the Bocci's I've just loaded, for I have never forgotten the rotten day when Cepina's husband (iron worker / welder = ferrari) took me far off (out of town) to play bocci balls (like lawn bowling) with his pals. I had to stand around all day watching, bored out of my tree. I asked him about ten times, "are we going now / can we go now," and each time he'd say, "in a minute, in a minute." Each time I hoped it would be only three or four minutes. Perhaps God made that event unpleasant so that I would remember it.

In Italian, he would say, "in a minute, in a minute." I remember those words. The Minute/Mynett surname is from Amyntes, father of Artemidoros!!! Very impressive.

More. Amyntes' father was BROGITarus, and Bocci's are also Brocato's!!!!!!!!!!!! I've shown that already, recently, but this time it has the minute clue from God, as well as the Doria trace to the L'Aquila eagle. We may have been in L'Aquila with the bocci balls, I can't recall how far it was. It was a built-up center, not a small village. For some years I've been investigating the Brogitarus Galatians with increasing measure, and here I discover it as a plot of God through me as a set-up for the day I would mention Mr. bocci ball.

I gave my black Labrador to a woman, Dora, and the dog, Katie, was run over by a car when chasing a cat. Can this indicate that the black-dog line of Pharnaces of the Pontus merged with the line of Artemidoros? I purchased Katie as a pup from a breeder in Texas immediately after purchasing property from Mrs. Teague.

Let's assume that Julia Tyche brought Artemidoros' line to Ticks/Tooks/Touque's. The first thing of note is that the latter's Coat is a version of the Stiff Coat, and there's a Stiffe location three or four miles south of Picenze. It's important that the Tick/Took Coat is also a version of the Teague/Teeger Coat, for Teague's were already traced to the Galatian, Opgalli (she married roughly the grandson of Glaphyra and an Alexander suspect from Alexander Balas, whom I'm assuming is part of "bocci balls"). It's anti-Christ interesting because Seleucid blood can thus go to Vespasian's grandmother. VesPASia was suspect with Pasi's/Pace's who share crossed spears with Stiffs (Gloucestershire, same as Stephens).

The Tick/Took Coat shares griffin heads with Masts/Masters (Kent, same as Ticks/Tooks) and Sessons/Sessions so that, possibly, Stiffe was related to Stefano of Sessanio. The "Militia" motto term of Ticks/Tooks must be for Millets (Burgundy) because they share the giant, eight-pointed star, in the same colors, of German Teegers. But eight-pointed stars in the same colors are used by Minelli's and Manelli's, and Joel said that the surname of Mr Bocci ball is, Manilla. Therefore, not just his bocci-ball game, but his very surname, traces to Artemidoros, apparently, which tends to confirm that Julia Tyche was the proto-Tick surname, and it's a great surname to see from Ticino liners such as the Laevi. Ticks/Tooks were even first found in Kent with Minute's/Mynetts, yes, it's true.

Ticks/Tooks are said to be from L'Eveque (Sinclairs are said to be from this area), and Leveque's (Moray star? probably) are also LEVESke's. The latter share the paschal = Templar lamb with Pascals while Pasi's are also Pascels (Levi lion). Not only do Stiffs (suspect with the Tick/Took Shield) share the red, spread eagle of Pascals, but the crossed spears of Pasi's/Pascels. Pascels were first found in Essex with Brogitarus-likely Brocks and Brooks.

The Pascal Crest: "A BEARDed man from the WAIST up." He's got blue clothes on, as does the "man dressed in blue" in the VEST/Vesten Crest. The bearded man is now suspect with the Berardo ancestry of Marsi (no one ruler or father of a people group has only one ancestral line).

The Pacenti variation of Pasi's/Pascels may have been the original, from Picenze elements. You can take that to the bocci-ball arena.

Pasi's trace as surely to Paisley as the Speers of that area share the crossed spears of Pasi's. There are two Pasley surnames, the English branch (Berkshire) said to be from Pashley in TICEhurst. Are you tickled? Tice's/Tiss' are also Tease-like Teece's. Annas' were first found in Nottinghamshire with Tease's/Tyes', and Anne's/Hanne's were at TICKhill, of the Tickle surname that shares the maunch with the Mansfields of Nottinghamshire. Yes, the line of teasy Mamie in her tent.

She let me fall asleep with my right arm around her waist, but she was facing away from me, the position she took when I was going in for a nice cozy, frontal hug. She never explained, and I didn't ask. We were in her sleeping bag, and because the sleeping-bag dream has Miss Peare's waist symbol, I assume that Waistell liners are to be linked to Sleeps and/or Bags and/or the Bagleys of Shropshire (same as Sleeps) who had a Bagley Wood in Berkshire, same place as Pashley and Ticehurst. Ain't that tidy?

At 18 years of age, I slept with Miss Peare and her friend, and awoke in the middle of the night, with my right arm around her waist, with she facing away from me. That's how she got her belly symbol, for I was pressing her toward me from her belly. "Per"-using Bellys (eight-pointed star) share the roses of Pasleys/Paisleys, and Peare's were first found near Pashley.

So, whatever you just saw with the Pasi-to-Pashley discussion, it's fodder from Julia Polla, daughter of Julia Tyche, yet Pasi's enter as per "VesPASia," tending to assure that her name was indeed of the Pasi's, because she was Miss Polla too. Tice's/Tiss'/Teece's were first found in Hampshire, beside Poole in Dorset. Place you bets on whether the namers of ArtemiDOROS named DORSet. It makes Poole look like a line from Julia Polla. Hampshire is where Caplans were first found who share the griffin heads of Masters (same place as Minute's and Ticks/Tooks). <{> The Master motto shares a term of the Roets while Roets share the Speer boar heads. That's why the Poole's should be using the Rita lion, for Rita's and Roets were from Rieti, home of Vespasia Polla. The anti-Christ line in our faces. And the Cowes location off-shore from Poole has a Cowes surname sharing the Polworth piles. And Polworths were first found in Berwickshire with Artems, no guff at all. Artems are also AITons, and Aids (same place) are beloved in the motto of Levi's while Julia Tick is suspect from Laevi on the Ticino. Aids share the leopard faces of Newports while Newport is on Wight with Cowes. Eitons use the Levi lion, don't they?

Cowie's share the gold boar head with Roets and Speers, and in the Cowie crest is "A hawk, wings displayed on the STUMP of a tree SPROUTING with new branches, all proper." Stumps use the Tick/Took Coat in colors reversed, and Sprouts share crossed spears with Speers and Pasi's/Pascels/Pacenti's. Pascals share the Eiton / Levi lion as well as the red, spread eagle of Reeds, who share the book with Roets.

The Cowie hawk is suspect with the hawks of Hobs/Habs (Berwickshire), who I expect from the "OBstantia" motto term of Arthurs, but as Hobs/Habs use the tiger, I expect them from Opgalli and her husband, TIGRanes. Teague's/TEEGERs use an "OPtem" motto term and a version of the Stump Coat.

Mr. bocci ball got suspect with the Box's because the Box crest as a griffin holding a fireball, the Ball symbol. It indicates a Bocci merger with Balls, and perhaps God arranged it to stress the gold griffin heads of Box's, in the colors of the same of Caplans / Masters / Sesson/Sessions. Box's were first found in Wiltshire, beside Artemidoros-likely Dorset, and near enough Poole to be using the Pool lion. Bocci's and Box's were a branch of Books (Berwickshire), weren't they? Books share the red stag head of Book-loving Reeds.

Books share the hourGLASS (tilts sinister) with Houstons (Renfrewshire, same as Pollocks and Speers, and GLASgow / Paisley), and Houstons share the martlet of Polla-line Pullens and Flavian-line Flys (beside Poole), all from proto-Reed Rieti. The Joseph martlet tells us that this was also the line from Flavius Josephus, the Judas Iscariot of the Pharisees. As Darlene's use the book too, while God put me together with Darlene Ray, note that the ESCARbuncle of French Rays can be from "ISCARiot." Was there a tribe from Iscariot, proud of his betrayal of Jesus? Did that tribe form an illuminati cult from generation to generation?

So, God has been watching the Masons, and wants someone out there to know it. The time of testing is here. God will play fair; if you know your worldly evil and continue in it, your fair reward will be poured out on you.

I am sure that the HOURglass is part-code for Eure's (another gold boar head, and it's that of the Campbell clan badge), who share the Coat of Hanans. Annas/Ananus of Israel was also Hanan to some Jews. We assume that Annas gave the nod to pay Iscariot his 30 pieces of silver to do his worldly deed. The Hanan Coat looks to use the pale bar of Crux's/Crucks/Crycks', first found in Kent with Ticks/Tooks. The Italian Croce's, suspect with Crocetta street in L'Aquila, share the Pool lion. Eure is likely an Abruzzo line, for the Eure quadrants, and the gold boar head, belongs to Vere's and Weirs/Vere's respectively. The Vere star is also the Annas star. The line of Annas was in Abruzzo somewhere, wasn't it?

Shortly after Katrina HANSon sold me an ice-cream while I asked her out for the first time while receiving it, the same took place with Darlene Ray. The Ray escarbuncle has fleur-de-lys ends in the colors of the Bazzano lily, and the Hicks use a fleur-de-lys in those colors while throwing in a "heure" motto term. The ice cream became suspect with Cremers/Cramers ("qui"), who show a Crest like the Bible/Bibo rooster, which the write-up says is the Hahn rooster. It's got an Annas merger with Laevillus (the line to Bazzano) all over it, but this is not the first time that merger has come to mind. I've been looking to clinch it for a couple of years. Annas' father, Seth, was in Syria, not far from the Cetis location of Laevillus. The latter's son (Mr. Charax) is expected as a line to Crux's/Crucks, and Hicks were first found in Yorkshire with the related Crags and Cracks/Cricks.

Judas Iscariot Was No Superstar

I link Hicks to Crauns aside from the Crainer term that Cremers are said to be from. Crains are listed with Crauns, first found in Suffolk with English Rays, which is a good way to link the Hick fleur to the Ray escarbuncle. This is amazing. Here's why? In the bulldog-shark dream some 40 years ago, there was a woman that I later identified as Miss Hicks (married Kilpatrick). When she and I moved away from our area of Texas, I looked her address up online to send her a package. In the meantime, a Charlotte Kilpatrick came up in the stage production, "Betrayal." I had wondered whether this was the Charlotte Kilpatrick in the dream, because the dream portrayed her as an actress, but here I was just linking Hicks to ESCARbuncle moments after it came to mind that Judas ISCARiot may apply. Is that not amazing? Rayburns use the roeBUCK, and Hicks the buck.

Online: "Betrayal By Harrold Pinter Directed by Charlotte Kilpatrick." Wikipedia has an article on this 1978 production by Harold Pinter, though I've never seen this article before. The article mentions a male as the director, with no mention of a Charlotte Kilpatrick. I know she married Mr. Kilpatrick a year or less before my conversion in 1979. I had the dream with her in it in about April of 1979. But there are many Charlotte Kilpatricks in the nation.

Isn't Christopher Wray a traitor, and proud of it?

The Buncle's are BONkills, and "bon" is a Hicks motto term. The Benedicts (branch of Bennets) use "bon" and they are expected from a pope (Leo Benedictus) whose name named the Pierleoni Jews. Hmm. Buncle's/Bonkills use buckles. The escarbuncle is shared by Hangers (Hampshire, same place as Drake's) and Angers, and Nicholas de Vere von Drakenberg traced the witchcraft of his Vere ancestry to Angers. Was that ultimately from the cult of Judas Iscariot? Was it living on the Drago river, and at Provence's Draguignan? Was it in L'Aquila with Drake's and/or Drake kin? Well, first of all, the Marsi entity predated Judas Iscariot, though I don't any details on the Angitia snake cult of the Marsi to know when it was founded, for example, or off of what it was an offshoot.

I would suggest that Buncle's/Bonkills were previously Buckle's, from Buxentum. Amazingly, while Buxentum is beside the Laus location founded by peoples of Sybaris, the line to Supers, there was a stage production, Jesus Christ SUPERstar that honored Judas Iscariot. I'm reading that a couple of mere teenagers (easily influenced by dark spirits) produced Jesus Christ Superstar, and that they got the idea to "humanize" Iscariot from a Bob Dylan song: "A BOB DYLAN LYRIC INSPIRED THE MUSICAL’S DEPICTION OF JUDAS. That lyric was “Did Judas Iscariot have God at his SIDE?” from the 1964 song “With God on Our Side.” Lloyd Webber later said the line was "Tim's starting point for the text ... " I trace the Side's/Scythes to Scidrus, on the Laus bay with Buxentum, and moreover the Side's/Scythes' share a Coat version of the of Knapps while Napiers are also PEERless' and therefore possibly PIERleoni. "PeerLESS" may even be for the Leslie's (Aberdeenshire, beside Peerless') who happen to use buckles. Aberdeenshire is the location of Buxentum-line Buchan.

This reminds that Bob Dylan, in the early 1980's, put out a Christian album, but he was never heard from again as a Christian, a traitor. Or, he was using Christ for making money.

Benedicts use "roy" too, and German Benedicts use "boilers" (a mystery as to what they are) that can indicate Boii of BONonia as Benedict / Bennet ancestry. The heraldic bend comes to mind. German Benedicts (double-white wings = Valentinian liners in Perthshire with Peerless') were first found in Westphalia with Velens, Velins and Ducks for a trace to mount Velino of the Marsi. The Germans Benedicts can therefore be using the Dol fesse and possibly the Maschi Chief, for the gold lion of English Benedicts upon that Chief becomes the Maschi Chief. The Benedict Chief is blue like that of Leo's, and Leo's do put a passant lion in that Chief, same as the Maschi Chief. Leo's share the French Paine Shield. German Leo's/PYRzewski's (Hamburg) use a sinister-rising bend as indication of Masci / Massena liners.

The Leo/Pyrzewski bend with Zionist stars thus looks linkable to the same of Massena's and Urbans for a trace to the Maezaei and Ceraunii, and therefore to Velino and Avalon through Aulon/Avlona. And Nicholas de Vere von Drakenberg put his snake goddess, Melusine, on Avalon, claiming that her son, Milo de Vere, was the first count of Angers/Anjou. One of king Arthur's favorites was Percival, a branch of Piers/Pierce's which had merged with the line of Laevillus when the son of Gouel de Perceval married a daughter of the Beaumonts of Meulan. I had been linking the Beaumont lion to that of Bone's, and, later, I learned that Meulan was also "Mellent," which as a surname is with the Millens said to be a branch of BUCHANans (same lion as Millens and Buchans), a Buxentum line.

I once read that pierced heraldic stars are code for the piercing of Jesus (by those who love his death satanically). The Methleys and Medleys use pierced stars, and Meaths use quadrants in colors reversed from the same of Leo's/Pyrzewski's. Meaths were at Yorkshire's Marr with Scottish Marrs, and the latter's lion has been suspect with that of Nola's, interesting here because the Felix's were first found in Sussex with Bone's. Nola is near Avellino. Felix's use millrinds while Mile's/Mills were first found in Hampshire with Drake's so as to make the fictitious Milo de Vere suspect as a Mile/Mill liner.

The Miles' (with final 's'), once said to be first found in Hampshire, use the millrind. They are now said to have been first found in Lincolnshire, same as Messier's/Messers, and the Miles write-up mentions Milo de Messer (Bedfordshire, where Miles' were numerous by the 13th century). French Messeys/Messier's (Burgundy, same as Mars) use the flag of Mercia, indicating Masci liners in Mercia from way before the Norman invasion. These Mercians must have been the Arthurian Merovingians to the founders of Marsi proper, and I expect Mercians from the Ticino's Marici. Again, the Hangers and Angers share the escarbuncle, and Hangers, in the pot hangers of Danish Cnuts, were first found in Hampshire with Mile's/Mills, which is where Cnut (Mieszko liner) invaded England.

There is a good chance that pierced stars are part-code for the Star surname (estoiles), said to be from Longbridge Deverill. Deverills are listed with Evreux-liner Devreux's, which reminds that Vere's share the Annas star, etc. Drake-suspect Dreux is in the Evreux area. The "Vive" motto term of Stars can be of the Veys/Vivians (Cornwall, same as king Arthur's birth), which I trace with the boot of Dutch VEYS to Bute = Avalon, where the Arthurian goons placed Morgan le FAY, a chief witch obviously of de-Vere's Melusine witchcraft. Vivians can be gleaned in the mottoes of Carrick-liner Craigs and Craigie's, and chief-priest Annas is suspect in merger with Mr. Charax. The latter's grandmother was Viv-like Vibia. So, you see, Laevillus and Quadratilla Bassus were ancestors of Avalon's and Velino's witchcraft. This has got to be to the False Prophet.

Buchans, by the way, share the sunflower with the Brinks who throw in the ears of wheat in the colors for them of Bocci's/Brocato's. And the latter are, as an undisputable fact, from Brogitarus, the ancestor, by a few generations, of Quadratus Bassus, father of Quadratilla. The Brocks and Brooks were first found in Essex with the Angers that use the escarbuncle.

The Base lions are those of Benedicts, by the way, and it's interesting that heraldic Shields have a "base" below the Benedict-suspect bend. The Bends/Bents (besants = Bassus liners) share red roundels with Deverills/Devreux's, and Abreu's use two lions comBATANT in the colors of the two lions in pale of Base's. The Batants are listed with Battins/Badens, who share the eye with Stars. The sunFLOWER should be partly for the Flowers who share the cinquefoil of Cnut-beloved Potters (same place as Hangers).

The Bends/Bents (same place as Buckleys), can we believe it, share the motto of Buckle-branch Buckleys! It tends to assure that Benedicts / Bennets are behind the heraldic bend, and that the "bon" motto term of Benedicts is part of the Bonkill line. The Bend/Bent write-up mentions Bennets, but it also gave me cause to look up Bennet-like Bonnets/Bonnie's, first found in Bedfordshire, where the Miles' are said to have ganged in early times. Might the Bedford / Quint lion paw be that of the Buchan / Buchanan lion? Yes, indeed, for Quints were first found in Dorset with Palins/PAWleys, who share the Buchanan lion, because Buxentum is at PALINurus. The Bonnet/Bonnie bend with fleur looks like the Leslie bend with buckles.

The heraldic Chief is suspect as code for Caiaphas liners, for example the Cheffs/Chaufs (giant gold griffin, same as Hangers), first found in Artemidoros-line Dorset, beside the Stars in Wiltshire, and the Hangers. Wiltshire is the location of Evreux-liner Salisbury (lions combatant), and as goat-using Mortons were first found in Wiltshire, let's remind that Marsi are from the Marsyas goat cult, suspect with satanic Baphomet (a Templar god with goat head). The Stars are thus suspect with "satyr." The Chives-line goat (Capras', etc) may have formed as Chives liners connected to Marsi liners.

Satyrs were mythical goats expected as code for the Satrae Thracians, who had a Bessi priesthood. The Bessi Thracians trace excellently with their Lissae location (Hebros river, same as Arda = proto-Arthurs) to Lissus of the Cavii, smack beside Bassania. Just trace that Bessi-line picture to Bazzano, and Satrae elements are expected there, which I trace to Sturs (Wiltshire / Dorset area), first found in Hampshire too. The mouth of the Stur is near Poole.

The Cheshire Mortons (same place as Bends/Bents) have a star of their own that could be the Bonn star because they (Mortons) share buckles with Buncle's/Bonkills. Bonns use a version of the Bone Coat, and while Bone's share the BEAUmont lion, the latter can be BOII-of-Bononia liners. The "bon"-using Benedicts use this star too.

It seems a contradiction to trace Buncle's both to Bononia and to Buxentum, unless Buxentum liners merged with Bononia liners so that Buckle's became Bonkyl-like. Buckle's were first found in Sussex with Bone's.

Hangars use an "Artes" motto term, and the Hanger griffin is in two colors, the colors of the West griffin head. The demi griffin in the Hanger Crest (holds an escarbuncle) is the gold one of Colans/Colins, and the latter share the Joseph / Pullen/PULLY martlets with the Hampshire Flys. Morgan le Fay is likely a merger between Morges and Vevey, both on the north shore of lake Geneva along with a Pully location, and with LAUSanne. The latter may be an Anne/Hanne / Annas liner from Annecy. The Vibia > Laevillus line is suspect at Vevey.

Between Vevey and Pully is Cully, and Cole's were first found in Cornwall with Veys/Vivians. Cole's likely share the Waleran bull for a trace to the Laevillus > Leavell line, though Glue-suspect Gouel de Percival of Leavell. The Cully-like Glue's are said to use a greyhound head, but it shows as the talbot head, the Cully/Cule symbol too. However, the three talbot heads of Cullys/Cule's makes them look like a branch of Hulls or Halls. Or, "Cule" was formed when a Cole line merged with the Hule variation of Hulls. Cullys/Cule's look like they merged with Burtons. Culls/Colls share the motto and eagle of MacDonalds (Argyllshire), who were in the Avalon area. The Cull/Coll eagle is the giant one of Cussons, suspect with the Bible/Bibo cushion!

The Waterfords/Waterville's (fountains) use a talbot with a water lily while the Cully/Cule crest is a talbot with a lily. If you catch the drift, the Waterfords share the Kiss/Cush chevron-with-fountains for a trace to Bible/Bibo's = Laevillus mother, exactly where I'm tracing Vevey. An Arms of Waterford shares the Trump stag head, and Trumps were first found in the same Nordic area as WHALE-using Dols. The Trump stag head is in the colors of the Jung/Young stag, and Youngs/Yonge's share the three piles of Leavells. Amazing coincidence. Moreover, the Trump stag heads are colors reversed from those of Annas-possible Hanna's, possible namers of LausANNE. Reminder: Anne's/Hanne's were at Tickhill (from Julia Tyche), in Yorkshire, where Pullens/Pullys (and Hulls/Hule's) were first found.

I now want to go back to Gardens who love the Jungs/Youngs and Gunters, for God's thigh symbol with Mamie at her garden is exactly the line of Julia Tyche. This is amazing, for the Gunters became suspect a few minutes ago with the Guthreys (wheat sheaves), first found in Angus with Gardens. And Guthreys came to mind because I saw the Guthrum (a viking attacker of the Poole area) in the Pool write-up! These are the Dorset Pools from Julia Polla, daughter of Julia Tyche!!! Incredible.

The Guthreys have a motto, "STO pro veriTATE," and Guthreys share the raven with Stows/Stouts and Tate's. GuthRUM looks like he was from the Rum variation of the Annandale Rome's/Roens, and it just so happens that Scottish Tate's share the Annandale Coat. This tends to assure that Guthrum was a Guthrey liner, especially as Cnut is in the Poole write-up after Guthrum's mention while Scottish Tate's were first found in Berwickshire, same as Buncle's/Bonkills in the escarbuncle of Cnut-beloved Hangers. Guthrum was obviously of the Stout vikings who owned the raven banner, and these raven vikings are said to have invaded Rothesay = Avalon. Excellent. German Rothes'/Rothchilds use the raven.

There is a question on whether English Tate's share the Paisley roses for a trace to Vespasia-Polla liners. It's very possible that Peter Pollock of Rothes castle was in cahoots with Paisley liners. Peter's father was in Shropshire, where English Rothes' were first found.

As for the "pro" motto term of Guthreys, it recalls my statement, "it felt so good," in relation to the BELLY and waist of CHRISTine Peare, which I found to be an utterance of God in pointing me to Felts (Bouillon cross in colors reversed) and Goods/Guths suspect with Gothelo's Goths/Gothels, for "it felt so good" was shown to be code for a line to the Bello's and Christs (both in the Bouillon motto) beloved of Godfrey de Bouillon, great-grandson of Gothelo. And Gothelo's son, Godfrey III, actually took his army to the support of the Pierleoni, which is how Peare's got suspect with them. It appears that "it felt so good" included Guthrum.

On top of that, Godfrey III married Beatrice of Bar, who was previously married to BONIface III of Tuscany, where Tate-like Taddei's were first found that share the Bouillon cross. Boniface suddenly becomes suspect with the "bon" motto term of Benedicts, suggesting that Benedicts and Bennets, and pope Leo Benedictus, together with Bends/Bents, were from Boniface III.

The Guthrey quadrants are those in the Arms of Rothschild, and of the Pettys that are traceable to the Pierro's/Petris'/Pero's, which explains the "pro" motto term of Guthreys. But as "it felt so good" was in the sleeping bag dream, where I took Miss Peare by the waist in a mall that was code, with certainty, for Mauls/Morleys, it's notable that I traced the latter's scallops to those of Tailbois', whose Coat is a version of the Jardins (Tate saltire again), first found in Angus with Gardens and Guthreys. Perfect.

Mauls are suspect with the viking, MalaHULE, and his Normans are suspect with Varangians of Kiev. Miss Peare went over to Mr. Kepke, suspect with "Kiev", because his father was Ukrainian. When I slept between she and miss Phillips, I believe that she was already with Kepke, for had she been with me at that time, I wouldn't have let go when waking in the middle of the night, pressing her belly. Bellys (same place as Rothes castle) use "Per," almost the "pro" of Guthreys. Bellys share the Carpenter motto, which recalls the dream with carpenter glue that first alerted the Glue connection to Gouel de Percival.

The "acuta" motto term of Carpenters and Bellys looks like code for Montegue's, for they had a Shipton-MontACUTE location while Shiptons (Oxfordshire, same as Peare's) use BELLOWs. Montegue's share the black border with Parrs and Furnace's while the latter use a black Labrador while Kepke had a black Labrador, Blacky, while Conrad Black (previous owner of Jerusalem Post) is a Montegue. The Montegue motto appears to honor Actons along with the Craven motto, and Shipton-like Skiptons were at Yorkshire's Craven. Why do Skiptons and related Lacys share the purple lion with Veys/Vivians? Is it due to the purple Shield of Pace's (Cheshire, same as the Meschins who married Skiptons)?

I've now got to mention that, shortly before meeting Mamie, I worked on a lumber MILL that made picture FRAME's, where my foreman was Gunter. It's cause for an investigation. I faintly but distinctly recall getting the job while still living at Demaine crescent, though I can't recall which of two girls, if any, I was with at the time. I recall not having any girl at the time, which tends to place it between Kelly and Diane Muschatov. A few months after a two-month relationship with Diane, I was with Roxanne BENNET, and shortly after a six-month relationship with her, Miss Peare came to visit me for the last time, a few months before Mamie at her garden. It's got the Pierleoni line to Bennets all over it, and Garden-beloved Gunters were a part of that entity. Scottish Bennets were first found in Perthshire with PEERless'/Napiers.

It's important that I was with Peare in the FireBIRD, for Birds/Burds (Burton branch?) use the Felt flory cross, colors reversed from the same of Bouillons. The flory cross has fleur-de-lys ends, as does the escarbuncle.

I was done with the lumber mill by the time I met Miss Bennet (got the Firebird back on the road while with her), but it's still interesting that Frame's share the lion of Dutch Bennets/Benedicts, which appears to be holding a book. This gets interesting where Roets use the book while being a branch of Rita's, first found in Rome with Pierleoni, and sharing, likely, the Pool and Leo lions. The Books (same place as Buncle's) are now heavily suspect with the Bocci/Brocato line from Brogitarus, the same line, likely, as the Polla line to Poole.

The Rita lion should be in play with Debons, for Benedicts and Bennets use "De bon." Lebons share the Benedict star. Lebons share virtually the Fife Chief, and the Fife Chief-Shield colors are those of Vivians. Fife's ("oPERA") share the Five/Fify lion, which is also the Frane lion. It's interesting that Titus' share the Chief-Shield colors of Vivians. The Lebon Chief is a reflection of the Speer Chief, and Speers share the boar head of Roets so that Speers connect to Pierleoni liners of the Rita kind. It's the same as saying that Speer use the crossed spears of Pasi's, from Vespasia of Rieti. Was Flavius Josephus a Vibia liner? That's been roughly or exactly my theory. Were the two of the same family? Was she his sister?

Frane's use the Frame lion in colors reversed, which is red, the color of the Picture/Pictall (and Lumber) lion. Frane's throw in a black border for a trace to Pharnaces of the Pontus, where there was another ruler, POLEmon, whose rule reached into Cilicia, where the royal Bassus' ruled that descended from the family of Julia Polla. Furnace's were first found in Lancashire with Picture's/PICTalls, and the latter share crossed spears with Pasi's i.e. suspect with Vespasia Polla. The Pontus probably included the PYXITes river.

Polemon looks like a Polla liner, therefore. And it just so happens that I would not have known the Teague surname that applies to the Bassus' had it not been for ADANA Teague (suspect with Julia Tyche), whose property I bought. Her maiden name was, Friend, like the Frane's and Ferrands. Adana was an ancient location in Cilicia, home likely of the "Danites" of Laish/Dan, and therefore suspect with the Levites from Dan's Jonathan (book of Judges).

Ferrands were from FIREnze, very applicable to the FIREbird, for Firenze is Florence, where the flory cross of Birds likely gets its name, which is shared by Taddei's, first found in Florence. So, it seems clinched that I was working for Gunter in making picture frames as code for Pierleoni liners in cahoots with the de-Bouillon family...which lived in Boulogne = BONonia, near Ghent/Gaunt, in code with the Gunter gauntlet gloves. And Glove's were first found in Perthshire with Frame's. Ghent/Gaunt is at the end of the Lys river to which the fleur-de-lys applies.

Let's go back to the "bon" motto term of Benedicts and Bennets, and the "bon" term of the Hicks that use the fleur in the colors of the ecscarbuncle's fleur. Let's recall that Buncle's are BONkills. Let's recall the Charlotte Kilpatrick in the Betrayal production, and that ESCARbuncle is thereby suspect with Judas ISCARiot. He was a traitor, which is another name for a Benedict-Arnold, what a coincidence, or not. And Dutch Gunters share the Hick fleur.

In the dream with Charlotte Kilpatrick, it ended with my being asked by a voice to go wake her up. It assumes she was sleeping as code for the Selepitanoi, who lived at or beside RISINium. When I went to wake her up, my hand brushed her knee, and she popped up into my arms, and we were then RISING into the sky, at which time the dream ended (so far as I recall). The Rising surname happens to use a fat cross colors reversed from the same in the Arms of Pola (Istria), which place is also called, Pietas-JULIA, suspect with Julia Polla. It's also suspect with Pettys, but then the Hick fleur is also that of Petro's, whose Coat can be traced to Reeds and therefore to Flavius Petro of Rieti, the one who married Tertulla and birthed Vespasia Polla. Incredible, but this comes thanks to Miss Hicks appearing in that dream. And the household of Vespasian took in the traitor, Josephus.

Therefore, my previous theory, that we were embraced as code for out future marriage, has been displaced or discredited by the fact that the event was code for Hicks liners at Risinium. It just so happens that while Hyksos were suspect with the Asians, the Hayasa Azzi, they lived at Rize and/or neighboring Ardahan, suspect with the Ardiaei at Risinium. But Ardahan elements are suspect first through Arda of the Hebros river, and in cahoots with the Bessi of Lissae there, which ended up as Lissus and Bassania, smack at the Selepitanoi theater. And this had to connect to Quadratilla Bassus/Bassianus.

Hyksos were said to be Hebrews, but they were not Israelite Hebrews. There were many sorts of Hebrews in those days. Mythical Hebros was made the brother of Hyksos-possible Kikon, code for the Cicones. They were given the Rhodope mountains as their mother, which is the location of Lissae and the Satrae Thracians. Lissae was from Laish, wasn't it, and the Bessi priests were the pagan Levites (traitors to Moses) from Laish, weren't they?

The Ardiaei were at the Arduinici of Oneglia, which is where they married the Doria's highly suspect from Artemidoros. And the Angers that use the escarbuncle, first found in the same place as Brocks / Books (from Artemidoros' grandfather), can be gleaned with Angels/Angle's and Oneglia-line Nagle's. Recall Jesus Christ SUPERstar, mentioned at the introduction of the Buxentum-suspect escarbuncle, for Angels/Angle's use a "super" motto term. Angels/Angle's were first found in Lancashire with English Eckers (nearly share "libertas" with Godfreys).

The "Danites" of Laish probably became the Danes, a king of which was Cnut. As he invaded England by way of Hampshire, that was where Cnut-beloved Hangers were, but as they use the ESCARbuncle, by what coincidence do ESKERs/Coskers/Oscars share the unicorn head with the Crest of English Cnuts (Derbyshire, same as Brogitarus liners)? The Esker Coat looks like a colors-reversed version of the Cnut Coat. Danish Cnuts use pot hangers that are hooks, and Hyksos-possible Hooks are in Cnut colors. Amyntes conquered Derbe, the line to Derbyshire, and he was the great-grandfather of Julia Polla. One website makes Polla the wife of Severus of Akmonia, whom I view as a Bassus because his son was Mr. Bassus. "Akmonia" (Phrygia) is suspect with the Asmans / Assmanns/Rasmussens, and the latter share the Fire unicorn, white like the unicorn head of Cnuts.

The Cnuts share a blue Shield covered in gold drops with Darlene's (book, suspect from Brogitarus), which reminds of Darlene Ray, for Rays share the escarbuncle. It was only minutes ago, while looking for Escar-possible surnames. that Ice's/Ickys came to mind as per "ISCariot." It's Esker-interesting that German Eckers (Bavaria, same as Cramers) are in Cnut colors.

English Eckers/Ackers use acorns that I trace to lake Garda's Val Trompia. Dutch Tromps use acorns and possibly the Ice eagle, for the Ice Coat is a version of the Egg/EDGE Coat while the latter look to be from the Adige river on the opposite side of lake Garda. Ice's were first found in Rostock, where generally or exactly German Tromps/Trumps were first found. I view president Trump as a traitor to Christ, and using his people. I view American Christians at this time, in support of Trump, fully equipped with dark moods for to fulfill the end-time apostasy.

Trump seeks loyalty, and so does Jesus, but the programs of the two are vastly in contradiction. It's Jesus who will make the world great again. Actually, it was never great, but Trump thinks America was once great. How was American great? Was it great in prosperity or in charity? We do not include American hand-outs to other nations as charity, for those payments are more like bribes or purchases, deals that allow Americans to control the politics of other nations. When corporations are freely charitable to workers, then the nation is greater, but to be truly great, God needs to be honored much better than with the lip service on the American dollar bill. God's not interested in making America rich, nor is Trump, for if this president were truly concerned, he would start to pay off the national debt, not increase it. Trump serves self; God serves all.

Trumps/Tromps were first found in the Pomerania area of the house of griffin, and Griffins use their griffin in colors reversed to the same of Gards. What exactly was over there by lake Garda and Brescia?

Gardens can apply to lake Garda. I was wondering how soon God started to create events to serve as codes for surname revelations. Did he cause Judas Iscariot to dip his bread into the BOWL as code for Bowl(e)s', who share the black boar with Gardens...and Bush's. In fact, the Bowles Coat is a good reflection of the Bush Coat, and Bush's almost share the fleur-de-lys of Cake's/CakeBREADS. Interesting, but perhaps coincidental. Then again, German Bush's share a giant, white fleur with Cake's/Cakebreads. Unbelievably now, the German Bush Crest shares a black item between two tall white wings, same as the Bowles Crest! Wow.

Two white wings in Crest are used by acorn-using Corners/Garners (said to be Gardners), and they happen to share the Bush fleur in both colors.

An hour or so after writing here, I remembered this from the New Testament: "falling headlong [Iscariot] burst open in the middle and all his BOWELS gushed out". Incredible. He hung himself at a cliff, and Cliffs/Cleve's (married Sticks) are suspect from "Glaphyra." Cliffs share the three wolf heads of Quadratilla-line Quade's.

Cakebreads are expected from Sitric Caech, grandfather of Maccabee-suspect Maccus, and the acorn line to Val Trompia is from Avaran HACHORANi Maccabee. Eggertons/EDGErtons were first found in Cheshire with Maceys liners to king Maccus.

I've just noted for the first time that EGGERTon is like "Gard." This led to loading "Eggert," and the Bowles Coat, nearly, popped up, minus the gold scallops. Eggerts/Agards were first found in Lancashire with acorn-using Eckers/Ackers. The "liberte" motto term of Eckers/Ackers (Leve dove?) must be for Leve-like Liebs/Liebers (Alan fesse, probably), who use oak branches showing acorns. Keep in mind that the motto of the Charax > Carrick line loves a "Garde" entity.

It's interesting that Liebers were first found in Silesia, home of Sitlers/Schitners that share the Ice trefoil. It it seems too trivial for God to point merely to Ice's, when setting me up with two ladies while purchasing ice cream, then perhaps the Ice's can now be expanded to the Adige-river suspects above. The similarity between the Ice and Egg/Edge Coats tends to favor this view, but we then need to ask why God used Katrina Hanson and Darlene Ray for that ice-cream theme. The ESCARbuncle of Rays comes up big here on that question, and while Eskers link well to Cnuts, he was Danish, as was Katrina Hanson...and the Hangers, I assume. The similarity in the latter two surnames caused a check for a Hanser surname (broken sword), and it uses nothing but three of the Annas stars! It makes Angers / Anjou suspect with Annas, and for this we should ask Anchors/Annackers if they know anything about it.

Again, I suspect that Annas' family was merged with Vibia, and here I can add that the "vivo"-using Craigie's use nearly the Cnut Coat. Annas and Iscariot were both money lovers.

Again, Judas Iscariot probably got the nod from Annas to receive the money to betray Jesus, for when he returned the money, he threw it to the priests. And when He was arrested, they brought him to Annas' home to stand trial. There were kangaroos everywhere pouncing on Him. And we read that Judas betrayed Jesus with a kiss, perhaps God's code for the Laevillus line. Laevillus was born probably after 70 AD, but his father might just have been Flavius Josephus.

Repeat: "It's interesting that Titus' share the Chief-Shield colors of Vivians." That can link Vibia to Flavius Josephus. Emperor Titus was engaged to Bernice Agrippa, we wonder how that came about, she being a Jew. Did Josephus, a Jewish general, set that relationship up? The Bernice's and Burns together have Coats looking linkable to the chevrons of Five's and Vivians.

It just dawned on me to re-check the Robe's as per the robes worn by the "female figure" in the Darlene Crest. The Robe's were first of all seen using the stag of RAYBorns, who could possibly have become Robe's. By some fluke chance or not, my girlfriend was Darlene Ray. But not being happy, yet, with that, I started to get a little impatient / feisty with God, telling him there needs to be more to this as per the ice-cream theme. And that's when it hit me that Robe's share the chevron of Cnuts in both colors. That again makes the ice-cream suspect with the ESCARbuncle. Again, Darlene's share gold drops on a blue Shield with Cnuts.

I am a little beside myself as I claim that the escarbuncle was from the family / children of Iscariot, but I'm delving anyway. A minute before loading the Robe's, I loaded Cliffs, because Judas fell off a cliff, and that's when I inserted the above on his Bowles-like bowels gushing out as he fell down the cliff. You need to understand here that this opens what could be an endless can of worms, with my asking what other clues God gave me 2,000 years ago that are recorded in the Bible. I'm not sure I like this.

The point was, the Cliffs have the Huxleys in their write-up, and Huxleys share the wolf head in the Cliff Crest. Recall how the Hux-like Hicks were linkable to Iscariot suspects. The Huxleys happen to share a red bend with red bendlets with Darrins and almost with Darwins (the infamous Darwin said he felt like he was murdering God when he came up with evolution). Darrins were suspect with "DARlene," and here the Darlene's came up big just as I had loaded Huxleys.

Judas HUNG himself, and Danish Cnuts use pot HANGERs.

Cnut was the son of Sigurd the Haughty, whose name must be of the Cheshire Haughts sharing the white bull head of Buckle-branch Buckleys/BULkillys. Isn't that the Buncle/Bonkill line?

Another thing or two. Did the creators or supporters of Jesus Christ SUPERstar know that Iscariot liners were to the Super / Spurr / Speer bloodline? Judas dipped the bread in the bowl at Super-like supper. Who arranged the English word, "supper"?

Better yet. When Jesus asked the apostles, at the supper, to prepare some swords, they got a couple of swords, and Jesus said, "that'll do." Achem, but how will two weapons protect them from the mob that Jesus knew was coming? Besides, Jesus later tells Peter to put his sword down. So why did Jesus instruct them to get the swords out? Apparently, only one was needed to fulfill God's will, the cutting off of the EAR of a man. Why an ear? The Eyers/Ayers, first found in Derbyshire with Cnuts, use Quadratus-suspect quatrefoils, and are beloved of the Caiaphas-suspect Chiava liners. Was God setting up clues to the end-time descendants from the killers of Jesus?

Why is their a SPUR on the heel of the "BOOTed and armed leg" in the Eyer/Ayer Crest??? Didn't Psalm 41:9 say that Judas had lifted his heel against him? Remarkable. Here's the quote: "Yea, mine own familiar friend, in whom I trusted, which did eat of my bread, hath lifted up his heel against me". Jesus quoted that Old-Testament verse, in John 13, in speaking about Iscariot.

If we want to view the bowl as a dish, we can go to Diss, a location smack beside Eye. Why do the Breads/Bradds share the Poole / Rita lion. The Breads use it as a head, in the colors of the lion heads of the Cheshire Pinters, which recalls that Mr. Pinter created, Betrayal.

As I said, Sigrid the Haughty was related to Siward of Northumberland, and he's of the Sword surname. The sword at the ear. Did the Eyes variation of Eyers name Eye, and is the Eyer bloodline in the eye of the Star surname that got caught up in "SuperSTAR?

So what am I saying, that God set up events 2,000 years ago just for me? Yes, that's what it looks like. But it's not just for me, of course. I'm just the one he decided to use to reveal these things. It's no big deal, unless it strengthens your faith, which must be one of God's Intentions with this project.

What do we suppose the "inVICTa" motto term of Eyers/Ayers is for? The Feschs/VECHTE's are the ones with TWO SWORDS, and they share the estoile with Stars and Fisks, while I always link the Fisk Coat to that of Cliffs, and assume that the recent "fiscal cliff" phrase tossed around under Bush and Obama was Masonic code for these two surnames. Two swords and an ear, and here we find two swords suspect in the Eyer motto.

It's interesting that Grimaldi's use Arms with a sword under the frock or cloak of a monk. It's interesting because Grimaldi's had some relationship with Fieschi's. And the Fisk Coat uses chequey in the colors of the similar Grimaldi lozengy.

Let's now go to the Sticks married by Cliffs, for they have got to be the Sithech entity said to be in Shaw ancestry. Shaws use a version of the Eyer/Ayer Coat, and Jesus was brought to the home of Annas immediately after he healed the ear. Annas' father was Seth, and Shaws list a Seth surname.

There's more, for after Peter cut off the ear, so valiantly willing to die for Jesus, God removed his courage. While warming himself by the fire, he got nasty while denying his friend, Jesus. The latter sees him at dawn after a nasty night that you would not want to endure, and the rooster crowed at that moment. Can you imagine the look on Peter's face, his heart torn, but, ahh, he knew his God, and he arose stronger. He did not walk away for good. Was this crowing rooster code for the Kiss/Cush / Bibo rooster? Was his killer from Vibia, in other words? Which killer was from Vibia, Annas or his son-in-law?

The Crows use a rooster colors reversed from the Bibo rooster. You will need to decide whether God set that crowing event up to assist my work, though it is His work. The Crow Coat looks very related to the Lite/Light Coat, a surname expected in the "lighter than air" motto of Scottish Ayers. The Lite/Light surname was first found in Somerset with Sticks.

The rooster of Crows and the swans of Lite's/Lights are in the colors of the doves on the bend of cushion-suspect Cossans (Angus). The latter's Coat reflects that of Cliff-related Huxleys Coat, and while Huxleys are said to have married Birkenheads (Chives-line goat, probably), the latter use the Stick Coat. Therefore, Annas liners trace to Birken liners. The bends of Huxleys and Cossans have got to be close to the same-colored bend of Cheile's, for the latter are from the Angus Camerons and Kellers/Keelers. And the Cheile Crest is a leg in armor (looks like a boot) with a spur, thus being part of the Eyer/Ayer Crest.

Recall Tempera at L'Aquila, for Birkenheads have Masseys of TIMPERley. Timperlays/Temperlays are in the colors of the Templeton Chief-Shield combination, but also in the colors of the Fire unicorn, which, I think, is a goat on its lower half. That is, the goat half is in the colors of the upright Timperley lion, a fair match because black on red is a rare color combination, and may be reserved for illuminati-devoted families.

The star in the Templeton Chief is that also of Cliffs and Fisks, which helps to resolve whether Peter was warming himself at the fire as code for Fire's. I don't know whether Annas' house was part of the temple complex, but he was the temple's ruler in times before Caiaphas became the chief priest. Templetons were first found in AYRshire, can we believe it? The Broxton location of Birkenheads is expected to be from Brogitarus.

Brox's are listed with Brock-branch Brocuffs, who use a sphinx while Spinks (Spine branch?) share the eagle of Sans'/Sanguez' while Brogitarus was at a Pessinos location on/off the Sangarius. Pessinos had been suspect with Piscinas in the past, but now that Mr. bocci ball has been clinched with Piscinas-line Seleucids, by what coincidence have we also clinched Bocci's with Brogitarus? It makes the Balas-Maccabee line suspect at Akmonia, which is itself in the neighborhood of the Sangarius. Thank you, sphinx of the Brox's. And another sphinx is used by OPENheimers, whom have been traced to the so-called "OPEN helmets" of Mynetts/Minute's, from Amyntes, son of Brogitarus. "In just a minute, just a minute," repeated Mr. bocci ball to me about a half dozen times. This is indeed incredible, but it is true.

"You shall have a song," God told me at Kelly's place, which looks to trace Sangarius Phrygians to mount Cyllene, where the Pan goat was born. The Marsi were from Marsyas-goat Phrygians, weren't they?

Don't Moline's use the goat? Tempera has a Mulino street with one end a few houses from at Mole street, and Mole street has a corner at Paganica street. This reminds that Mullets share the Pagan/Payen Coat. It begs whether Tempera was named after the Jerusalem temple that de-Payen probably felt he owned. Heraldic stars are often called Mullets, and the Zionist Mullet stars happen to be "SPUR rowells" in the Pagan/Payen Coat. The Mullet mullets are "pierced." The French Temple Coat, with probably the Macey stars unpierced, is a version of the Pagan/Payen Coat. Who in the world has exposed Hugh de Payen's connections's as God has? Is it because God loves de-Payen? Who lured him to Jerusalem, and why?

I was just listening to Amazing Grace, and the word "come" was sung as I was looking at the "quam" motto term of English Temple's. So Come's were loaded to find them with the Cambridgeshire Gumms (same place as Capone's), and almost using the Timperley/Temperley Coat. This reminds that God wanted to link Tooths to Gumms, both first found one another. Tooths were first found in London with Capes', and the Capes Chief looks like the Gumm/Come Chief. Mulino street ends at CAPO Vera, and Capo Vera ends at Mole street. Hold on to your chair, because Italian Capo's are with the MULE-using Capone's. Hugh de Payens married Elizabeth Chappes.

Tooths are linkable to the Lauders/Letters of Berwickshire, and share the red griffin in Crest with the Wills/Velis' of Berwickshire.

Let's not forget that a grand master of the Templars was de Molay, or that the goat, the god of dark Templars, is used by Mulino-like Moline's (Devon, same as Mule's, Spurrs and Supers). Spurrs use a spur rowell in the colors of the Pagan/Payen rowell, and throw in a couple of wheat sheaves. Supers use billets while Billets/Billiards use a white version of the Pagan/Payen Coat. Spurrs are Spurways too, and Ways/Weigh's (Wheats?), first found in Devon with Spurrs, use lucies (fish).

Wade a Mynett

I was just reminded that, when the voice in the dream wanted mew to wake Miss Hicks up, it said, "WHAT are you WAITing for, WAKE her up." There is a What Coat ("cocks") sharing the Star chevron, and a green Shield with Wheats/Whate's. Waits/Weights ("Pro") are suspect with the Traby hunting horn, and Traby was married to Astikas', almost-certainly of the Sticks / Sithechs = Seths, which recalls that Annas and/or his father is suspect in merger with the line of Laevillus and QUADratilla. Waits are with the Weigh-like Weights, first found in Cornwall with the Tintons that share their colors and format, and beside the Ways/Weighs.

This recalls that the night after sleeping in the TENT with Mamie, we went for a WADE (not a swim) in the lake, thigh deep (her thigh symbol came later that day when we got back to her house). "Wade" is a variation of Quade's, but also of the Waids that use a version of the Arms of Chalons-sur-Marne, where Moline-suspect MUMmolin ruled that Mamie represented. God showed me her breasts that morning in the lake, large breasts. I knew men on the beach were watching, and so I looked to verify it. Yup. Mame's are listed with Mens, and Mansfields tell that their Mamesfelde location was named after breasts, which is incorrect, but this is why God put me together with her, or why God rose her up for that event, to prove to me and to you that He is in this.

When I was putting "Pro" in brackets above with the Waits, "wait" was a word in my ear from a Francesca-Battistelli song. As I was thinking about it, "pray" was heard in the next line, which tipped me off, I figured, that Pero's were a Pray branch, for I was writing "Pro" at that very time. So I loaded Prays to find three wolf heads colors reversed from the Quade/Wade wolf heads. The song goes, "Got a front row seat to the longest wait, and I just can't see past the things I pray today." The conclusion here is important, that Laevillus was from the Laevi in cahoots with Pero's at Pavia. It's important enough that God would want to form her song line. The Irish Pray Chief even has the Strange lion, and the song is called, Strangely Dim.

Battistelli's (billets) share the PYRamid with Tulls/Toole's (ancestry of Mummolin), and the same lion is use by them as well as by Tools. God knows what he's doing. Fisks use the pyramid too, and while they are suspect with a version of the Grimaldi Coat, Grimo was Mummolin's grandson. The Irish Prays share the six pale bars of Langfords/LONGfords (Bedfordshire), and the line has "front row seat to the LONGest wait."

Note the "row" term, evocative of court case, Roe vs Wade. I have wondered whether both Roe and Wade were working for the same snakes to knock down abortion laws. Rows (same place as Roe's) are suspect at Roio along with Royals, and Tintons (colors and format of Waits/Weights) use royal tents. That's why I was wading with Mamie, a miracle, or I wouldn't have stood a chance of getting myself into that position, if left to my own powers.

The song goes on, "when I FIX my EYES on all that You are." Fisks, and especially variations of Feschs, are linkable to Fix's/Fecks, and I was at the restaurant of Joseph Fix on the last night I ever saw Mamie. I have told this before, I'm not lying, that after we split up, I picked her up by no choice or plan of my own, in the taxi I was then driving. I took her home. Nothing happened, we said our good-byes. But I was called to pick her up a second time, and this time I asked if she'd like to get together. We went to see some live music at Mr. Fix's place. The point is, the taxi, for Tax's/Dachs share crossed white swords with Feschs/Fechts, and they both show the same sword design (houseofnames has a half-dozen or more designs). So, this must mean that the Mummolin > Grimo line goes to the Feschs because they were Genova's Fieschi (Grimaldi's were in Genova).

It is not my job but God's to prove to you that I cannot be making this material up. If I was inventing it, I would need to be some deep-dark goon with rotten motives. The extensiveness of these points, and the bang-on nature of the links, proves that I'm not inventing things.

The Strange lions in pale are those of Marrs, and Strange's were first found in Derbyshire with Eyers/Ayers/EYES: "when I fix my EYES..." The English Longfords were likewise first found in Derbyshire. The same song has the phrase, "seek Your face," and Face's are Fieschi-line Fessys. But, strangely, no Dim / Dimm / Dime surname comes up. There's got to be something.

Aha! There is a Deem surname with the DeMere's (share the Mere/Maire/MAIER ship), highly suspect in the Buckley motto (it keeps us on the escarbuncle line), and all three surnames were first found in Cheshire with earl Ranulph de Gernon while Gernons use the double lions in pale in half the colors of the same of Strange's. The latter use them as do the Maire-like Marrs! There is also the Diem surname (in the Teague/Teeger motto) listed with DittMAIERS! Ditts use a Teeger-suspect tiger (without stripes). German Maiers likely use the Maio tree.

I'm now going to repeat the time when I was building Mr. Fix a dance floor / bar in the basement of his restaurant. I was let go because I confessed to him that the wood at the bar was wiped with paint instead of stain. I didn't realize until half way through the job that it was paint. It was my fault. The point is, Fix's are said to have been in Luneburg, which was paired politically with Bruno-line Brunswick, and the paint was brown. But, also, the two Strange lions in pale are almost the two in pale of Brunswicks, and BARs of Este were in Brunswick. So, it seems that it was God's fault that I used paint, to make this point today, and maybe because He didn't want me building a place for drinking. I was out $1,000 dollars for that mistake, but if I didn't make the mistake, I wouldn't have come to mind to put the brown and bar together with Fix's.

I didn't know his surname at that time. After quitting the taxi job, which supplied my full-time vehicle, I purchased a Lada. It was God's idea, because, when it needed repairs a year or two later, I brought it to a Lada dealer in Richmond Hill, and the man who looked after me was Joe Fix. That was the name on the business card he gave me. He must have quit the restaurant. There must be more to that than Ladds/Ladons sharing a wavy fesse with Fix's.

BattiSTELLI's are linkable to Steele because they both share billets in Chief. German Steels are excellent for using two pale bar in the colors of the one of Tulls/Tullia's, explaining why Battistelli's share the pyramid with Tulls/Tolle's. And the top half of the German Steele Coat is the Berta griffin, from Berthe, I reason, Mummolin's wife. As Tulls/Tolle's are expected with Dols, it's great that Ficko de Wesera of Luneburg suggests the Wiesers/Wies' who share the fesse of Dols, though the Dols use it wavy, as do Fix's/Ficks in colors reversed. Langs of Luneburg can be resolved as Stewarts.

Tullia of LYON and Clermont-Ferrand was the daughter of Gallia, and Berth was the daughter of MauriLION, the line to Maurels/Mauro's (looks like the Wieser Coat), first found in Milan with Gallia's. The latter share three bends on blue with Ments, and the bar I ruined was in the baseMENT. The Base's share the double Brunswick lions in pale, can you believe it? The Bars of Brunswicks moved to Bar-le-Duc in Lorraine, not far from Chalons-sur-Marne, Mummolin's place.

Welsh Chalons were first found in Powys with Clements/CLERMONTS'. And French Chalons (same place as Mars/Maurs) share the bend of Colans/Colins (griffin), most excellent because the Marsi Merovingians at Celano were suspect with Mummolin's Merovingians. So now I know that Celano was a Chalons line. French Mauro's, in Mar/Maur colors and format, may be with the Berta griffin.

The Maurels/Mauro's share the fesse of Nons (Ayrshire), which needs another story repeated. My ladyfriend, Miss Whelan, was dating another man while with me, and when Kepke and I got wind of where they were going, we went there first. When she and he walked in, I got up to go speak with her, but Kepke said, be "NON-chalant." I think he saw a little tornado coming off the top of my head and wanted to calm me down. The Chalants are with both Chalons surnames, and so I can now assume for the first time that WHELANs apply to Chalons > Celano liners, at mount VELINo. This tends to trace the Dol whale to Velino, as expected from the Alans sharing the ducks and martlets of Velens/Falens and Velins. The Waleran bulls can now go to Bullis/Byllis at Aulon/Avlona. It all tends to prove that Dols are in the Mauro's and Tolle's too.

When my mother and I spent the summer in Picenze, there was a child of about my age in the house she stayed with, whose name is Mauro. And because this was a Grimaldi household, the Maurilion > Grimo line makes sense.

It's notable that Irish Falens share the giant and upright greyhound of Bologna's while the Falen greyhound holds a spear, suspect with Bologna's Pasi's. The Grano'/Grandi's appear to be with this greyhound, and that surname is suspect in the melograno of Bazzano's.

Maurilion's grandson, BODEgisel, was suspect with Bute / Bude liners from before I knew of Maurilion and the Maurels/Mauro's, who happen to use a version of the Bute Coat, linkable to the Bude Coat. Bute was Avalon. Miss Whelan and Kepke lived on a Corsen street while Corsons/Carsons use a coat in reflection of the Maurel/Mauro Coat. I'm wondering whether Corsons were from Corsica, where Battistelli's were first found.

By the way, that Battistelli song has the line, "then all my worries FADE," and Fade's/FateMORE's/Feets (same Coat vistually as English Pavia's) use three martlets horizontally in colors reversed from the same of Velens/Falens. There is a Worry/Warre surname with a white griffin. This is a catchy song that I didn't download until a couple of months ago. She does a nice job, and apparently had lots of God's help. The song also has "valley low" while Lows use a fair reflection of the Velis/Valley Coat while sharing the gold, demi griffin of Colans/Colins. Valentinian's family was at least roughly contemporary with Mummolin's immediate ancestors. Velis'/Wills use gold griffins too. The Lows use wolf heads and are this suspect with Vis-de-LOU of the Fiddle's/FideLOWS.

Lows may have been from Manche's St. Lo, for Vis-de-lou (also Vis-de-loop) is said to be in Normandy. MowBRAYs were at St. Lo, and they are expected with the Mosca leopard due to the Masseys of Manche. The Mowbray lion must be the Montfort lion because MonBrai in Manche is at Perci while the son of Gouel de Percival married Beaumont of Meulan and Leicester, and Montforts took over the Leicester titles by marriage to Beaumonts. There is a Monforte location smack beside Bra in Cuneo that tends to clinch a Bray trace to Bra. And as Gouel de Percival was of the Lupellus = Leavell line, the Lo and Fiddle wolves must apply with the Quade wolves to Lupus Laevillus. Excellent. Thank you Montbray lion, couldn't have done it without you, nor would this have happened if not for "valley low."

As the Arms of Meulan is the Vaux/VALLIbus Coat, it seems that Battistelli's phrase reveals further that Griffin-beloved Velis'/Valleys/Volleys were a Vallibus branch. The Arms shares also the Louvier Coat tending to identity La Louviere in Hainaut as a Laevillus line. The gold griffin in the Low Crest is the Griffin griffin too. It appears that "Low" is a short version of a Leavell/Lovell variation. Lowers can apply, interesting where English Lowers/Louers (version of Vaughn Coat?) could be with the unicorn of the Derbyshire Cnuts. The Lows are said to have married, in Derbyshire, the Faune's / Fawne's, which caused me to find the Founs/Phones' with the Este / Aquila eagle, and looking like a branch of Fane's/Phone's. German and Jewish Lowers can thus be using the Montfort / Montbray lion in gold.

Now recall the "fly-catcher" translation in the Drake motto that is of the "muscas" term which is secretly in honor of Mosca's/Muscas', for Brays use a FLAX breaker while Flys were at Flagi while Flags are Flacks. Hee hee, the Vere's were in Manche with Montbray too while sharing the Massey quadrants, tending to assure that Nicholas de Vere von Drakenberg was a Drake liner. Brays are said to be from Evreux, location of Dreux.

The Bussys/BUSHE's that come up as "Basey" were at Leicester's Melton-Mowbray, in FRAMville, and Frams/Frame's share the Lower lion. "Melton" must be of the Millets suspect in the Tick/Took motto because Roger de Bussy is said to have been a baron of Yorkshire's Tickhill, and Bush's were first found in Yorkshire too. English Millets have the giant BUS cinquefoil used in the Arms of Leicester. On top of this. Basey-like Base's/Bassens share the black-on-white hunting horn with the Low-related Fawns/Fauns while the other Base's use peasant lions in the colors of the Fram/Frame lions. Recall the picture FRAMEs that I milled out with Gunter as my foreman, for Gunters share gauntlet gloves with Fane's/Phone's.

While I trace Base's to the Bessin, Bussys/Bushe's/Baseys are said to be from Bouce in Orne, which is in the Bessin. This gives appearances that Bush's were Bassus > Bassianus liners to Cuneo's Busca, which may ultimately reveal that Bassus' were from Esau's veins in Bozrah. Boucys, said to be from Bussy-le-Grand, share eagles on a fesse with Bush's.

Does "ValliBUS" suddenly look like a Bussy element linkable to the line of Laevillus?

It is amazing that I can think of no Arthur or Art character in my life. Does king Arthur stink too much to God?

As I was thinking of what more to say here, a song was playing, "...lost within Your BEAUTY, caught up by the wonder of Your TOUCH." I knew that Beautys share the Waleran bulls, and I immediately remembered that I TOUCHED Miss Hicks' knee after the dream started with a BULLdog. In the dream, I said, "she's beautiful." And then it struck me that Touch's share the giant Lyon lion. The song is, Here With Me, by MercyMe. It's interesting that I had been thinking the Mercians when asking the Arthur question above, and this song was playing at the time. I was thinking that king Arthur must have been a Mercian element.

After writing all the above, I hit the play button of the song, and heard, "I FALL down on my KNEES." Falls use a version of the Velis/Vail/Valley Coat, in Velis colors, the main difference being the black stag head of Falls, which is in the Knee Coat! Bingo. It convinces me more that God arranged that old dream with the Intention of adding to it this moment. It's telling me that Arthur was of the Mummolin line of Merovingians. The goons who wrote Arthurian lore were from that batch of clowns, satanists, nothings, the damned.

But why are the Knee's relevant to Mummolin liners? Why did I touch her knee while waking her? It reminds me that I forgot to check the Wake surname when quoting above, "What are you waiting for, go wake her up." The Wakes, haha, share the double fesses of Babons/Bavents, from Grimo's father and Mummolin's son. God gave me that dream largely to help me understand that Mummolin was to my ancestors. Wake's use a Cnut-suspect knot in Crest.

There was a Tosti character in the royal house of Danes, probably close to Cnut. One writer made Tosti the father of Cnut's mother, but Tosti may have been myth code. Tosti was given the name, SKOGul, and then Shoe's/SCHUGs love the Knights and Knees. Toste's/TUFFs were first found in Cheshire with Touch's/Tuffs, and Toste's/Tuffs throw in the Knee-Crest eagle. That explains it. Sigrid the HAUGHTy is the line to Haughts (same place as Toste's and Touch's) that almost use the Nie Coat. There is a Tost/Tosti surname suspect with the Taddei crosses because Taddei's were first found in Florence with TOUS' (Seleucid suspects).

So, the old dream wanted to point to the Mieszko > Sigrid > Cnut line in the midst of pointing to Mummolin > Waleran liners and the Selepitanoi at Risinium too. It's not a wonder I get a big, sore head. Mamie showed that Mummolin's line was in NOTTinghamshire, said to be named after Cnut. And the knot-using Wake's that were in the dream's "wake her up" linked to Babon liners. We can assume that Hicks were in play with "wake her up," and Hicks use the buck while Buckings share the Notting Coat. The Hicks (same place as Leaks) share the Leak fleur while Leaks (also in Nottinghamshire) share the engrailed Knee bend. I must conclude that Mummolin's line went either direct (without Mieszko blood) to Danes, or to Danes via Sigrid's Danish husband (ForkBEARD, I think he was).

[After this update was out, I discovered the Knee Coat with English Craners while Scottish Craners are with the Crauns that I link to Hicks.]

The Knee bend is called, inVECTed, and by now we have a good idea what that's for. It traces to Grimaldi kin, doesn't it? Yes, and Vecht-branch Fisks share the pyramid with Mummolin's ancestry, the Tulls/Tolle's. It should be added that Knee's are highly suspect with Knights at the Nith river, location of the Kilpatrick castle, while Miss Hicks married Mr. Kilpatrick. I have it from a hockey event almost 50 years ago that Knee's are of the Dumfries McGee's.

In real life, on the eve of September 11, 2002, I sat beside Miss Hicks in an outdoor park where our church held a memorial to the 9-11 disaster. After the event, I was about to walk into the Get'n Go, when Miss Hicks knees, seen through the glass door, impressed me as very beautiful. And I then recalled the knee in the dream, because, by this time, I was already entertaining her as my future wife. The Get'n Go is at the corner of Ranch road (Camp Wood, Texas), what the locals call the Leakey road, and Leakeys are with the Knee-related Leaks. But that's not all. The Geds lived on the Nith river with the proto-Knee's that named the Nith, and that must be why God arranged to call this gas station, "GET'n GO." But that's not all. The dream said, "GO wake her up," just before I touched her knee. And I just loaded McGOO's for the first time, due to "Go wake her up," who were put into my head by McGee's. The McGoo/Gow/Gowen/Gone Chief share's the gold fleur with the Leak Chief, and the boar head with McGee's. Irish Gows/Gowans (Cavan) share the dagger with Kilpatricks. That's not bad for starters. But McGoo's are even said to have been at NITHsfield. They are said to have been first found in Inverness (big area), which borders Nairnshire, where Geddes were first found. So, it looks like the Get'n Go was God's code for assuring / proving several things at once, including his giving me the dream, and clinching my theory on who the woman in the dream was.

There is a Gettin/Gettins Coat with the same lion as the Dumfries Nitts/Naughts. How amazing is that? Gettens/Gettins were Welsh, thought to be from Mr. Goch. There is much more to this event than I now know. Why was it on the anniversary of 9-11? Doesn't it seem that Cnut was named after Nith liners of the Knight kind?

The Neet trefoils look linkable to the McGoo cinquefoils. Neets (red bull head) were first found in Cambridgeshire with Stanleys, and the latter share the Knee / leak bend. After I got up from sitting beside Miss Hicks that night, Stanley sat beside her. He held the American flag while sitting beside her, and then went to the stage with it. Flags are use my McLeods/CLOUDS, whose clan badge shares a black bull head with Walerans and Beautys. In the dream, Miss Hicks represented Sleeping Beauty, because I intended to wake her up Sleeping-Beauty style, with a kiss, but God had other ideas, to have me touch her knee, at which time we rose toward the CLOUDS, or into the SKY, and McLeods/Clouds are from SKYE and Lewis. But why were we embraced while rising together?

Stanley-suspect Stans/Stands (same place as Hicks) share the double fesses of Flags, can you believe it? And there is a cloud in the Stan/Stand Crest. So, God set Stanley up with that flag. He rarely came to our church, but was there all that one month while I was getting to know Miss Hicks.

Stanley went to the stage with the flag. The Stage's/Staggs share the stag with Stanleys, Knees and Hicks. It reminds of the sleeping-bag dream that ended with Miss Peare and I on a stage in a mall that represented the Mauls/Morleys, first found in Yorkshire with Hicks.

Here is a timeline of events that happened. I first wrote that Stanley was at the stage with the flag, and new that I would tell that Stage's/Staggs share the stag with Stanleys. But before telling of it, I loaded Needs, after telling about Neets. I saw and recalled that Needs were listed with Name's. Then, before writing the paragraph directly above, while going on to the next point, a Battistelli song came over the speakers where she sang the word "stage," I kid you not, and the name of the song is, "He knows my NAME." Can you believe this? Here's part of the chorus: "'s all His stage, he knows my name." I've got to assume that the Need variation of Name's/Neems is a Nith-river liner, and it tends to assure that Neets apply. Irish Names: gold stag heads, same as Stanleys.

Stanleys were descended from barons of Audley. Audleys were first found in Staffordshire with Bassets, and the latter bare excellent for tracing Bessin / Bazzano liners to the Ticino's Pero's. But first let me say that the line of Basina's son, king Clovis, is suspect at Closeburn (Nith home of Kilpatricks) with the Clovse variation of Close's (share SPUR with Knights). And the Clovis-likely Clubs share fish with Hykes'/Hake's while Miss Hicks moved away from the place where I saw her knees, into a home owned (previously, I assume) by Mr. Childs, the line of Basina's husband. I discovered this when seeking her new address online.

The French Bassets are BESANcons. The Staffordshire Bassets (Cnut unicorn?) use three fesses in the colors of the Pierro/Pero fesse (Leven colors), and throw in a "Pro" motto term. So, we can glean that part of the proto-Merovingians were Marici on the Ticino, for Childeric was the first Merovingian king. The three wavy fesses of Bassets are those of Scottish Drummonds, first found in Perthshire with PEERless'/Napiers, who were of the Levenax's, i.e. the Laevi partners of the Marici. Levens share the Annas / Tease / Hanser star.

Conspiracy News

John McCain has a "deathbed confession":

In his new book, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) confirms that he gave a controversial dossier about President Trump to former FBI chief James Comey.

“I agreed to receive a copy of what is now referred to as ‘the dossier,’” McCain writes in the upcoming book, titled The Restless Wave, referencing information compiled by former British intelligence officer Christopher Steele. “I reviewed its contents. The allegations were disturbing, but I had no idea which if any were true. I could not independently verify any of it, and so I did what any American who cares about our nation’s security should have done [gave it to the FBI chief].”

McCain writes that in November, 2016, he spoke with Sir Andrew Wood, a former British diplomat, at the Halifax International Security Forum. Wood alerted him to Steele's work after which, David Kramer, Senior Director for Human Rights and Human Freedoms at the McCain Institute, traveled to London to meet with Steele. Prior to this, as The Washington Post reported, Steele had already met with American officials in Rome to discuss his findings.

...McCain recounts how he put the dossier in a safe in his office and called Comey’s office to request a meeting: “I went to see him at his earliest convenience, handed him the dossier, explained how it had come into my possession.”

No one else has stepped forward to say that Andrew Wood told them about the dossier. Why McCain, who happened to have been rabidly anti-Trump? Did the real story go down as innocently as McCain makes it out to be? Was it really happen-chance that Wood told him about it in a happen-chance meeting in far-off Halifax? That's about as close as one can get to London from North America.

If McCain only wanted to alert the FBI, why didn't he just call or email the FBI director to tell him to contact Mr. Wood or Mr. Steel for to obtain the dossier himself? Instead, McCain's representative travels to England, and brings the dossier personally to McCain, just as though it was too dangerous to send it as an attachment online, just as though the conspirators needed to talk in-person rather than over a communication system that could be intercepted, with the conversation(s) recorded somewhere. Too bad, they got caught anyway, and, for all we know, someone's given McCain a fatal disease to keep him less likely from creating further complications.

Trump is high on a pedestal with the release of American prisoners from Korea. He's going to meet them personally as they arrive home, as per a political statement he's itching to make, to brag the same way Obama would do at the drop of a hat. Achem, but Korea is a very-minor threat as compared to the deep state right in America. Trump wants to make Korea look like a big monster. If Trump is truly the valiant knight on a horse, how about tackling that? Instead, he has the deep state attacking him rather than he attacking it. If not for Nunes and his supporters, the deep state would be in better shape to launch attacks. The way things now stand, the deep state cannot afford another major screw-up by one of its operators. Lisa Page has resigned.

If you're wondering whatever happened to Julian Assange:

Here's a good update on Lisa Page / Peter Strzok:


For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God

If you are stuck with dial-up service, using the Opera browser can help.
It has an Opera Turbo program (free with the free browser) that speeds download time.
Go into Opera's Settings, then click on "Browser"; you'll find the on/off Turbo button in there.

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