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March 27 - 31, 2018

Why Do Lonnys with the TreFOIL have Felice's in their Motto?
The Whole World, and Even the Flintstones, are Tracing to the Marsi
I Thought Wrong that I was Finished with Lorraine the Babe

For best results, take the time to load the Coats to see them for yourself. Load the first-Coat link I offer (or open one here) to get a tab open, and then open more if needed. To check a description in the Coat of Arms, type the surname at this page:

My theory that Trump's chief of staff (John Kelly) was a spy for those who don't like Trump gets some support. The clue was where Kelly forbade certain papers from reaching the president, and his "fulfilled" promise to stop the White House leaks. I think the leaks were drastically reduced when Kelly got the job because those secretly behind him, who were the real leakers, wanted to make him look good. It seemed to me like he was commissioned to control Trump's agendas rather than to manage the White House. It took Trump a long time to realize that Kelly is a hostile actor:

Kelly wasn't with the president last week when Trump abruptly decided to oust H.R. McMaster as national security adviser and replace him with John Bolton. Just two people were in the room for that decision: Trump and Bolton.

And Kelly is rarely on the line any more when Trump calls foreign leaders. Last week, when Trump spoke with President Vladimir Putin days before the U.S. decided to expel dozens of Russian diplomats, Kelly wasn't on the call.

We wonder who it was that arranged for Kelly to listen in on foreign-policy calls, and we wonder how Kelly sought to control Trump's foreign policy thereby. My senses were that Kelly works for Middle-East intruders. Yet, McMaster was replaced by John Bolton, a Middle-East war hawk. This goes against Trump's image-making in pre-election times. Why does he want Bolton to advise him on fighting terror? Where does the president see eye-to-eye with Bolton? What's Bolton's opinion on 9-11, or the Boston-Marathon bombing?

The article says that Kelly prefers Mercedes Schlapp to replace the attractive Charlotte Hicks as Communications Director. Trump appointed Schlapp, another attractive women (i.e. that Trump gravitates toward), as his director of Strategic Communications. She was born Miss Mercy, by the way. Her husband: "[Matt] Schlapp joined George W. Bush’s 2000 political campaign, serving as a regional political director with oversight of Missouri, Arkansas, Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Kansas and Oklahoma. During his tenure at the White House as George W. Bush’s political director, Schlapp advised the President, the Vice President, members of the cabinet, senior White House staff and had extensive contact with members of Congress and federal agencies." Ahh, John Kelly could be a Bush-boy spy.

The article continues: "[Kelly] is overhauling the internal policy process, aides said." I'm not up to speed on White-House matters at all, but it's not the job of the chief of staff to decide policy, is it? Well, he can oversee and even choose its leaders, apparently: "At the senior staff meeting on Wednesday morning, Kelly’s newly-named deputy chief of staff for policy coordination, Chris Liddell, announced the plan, which includes new short-term and long-term structures for handling policy and reacting to news of the day, aides said." So why did Kelly get to choose Liddell rather than Trump? Is there a Kelly-Liddell team, or does Kelly allow Liddell to work on his own? If Liddell is the deputy, who's the head cheese for policy, the one responsible for creating official reactions to the daily Trump-bashing news? This dance by necessity involves the Communications and the Strategic Communications directors. Kelly may be more in charge of Trump's media image than Trump would like it.

Checking at Wikipedia, it appears that the "chief of staff for Policy Coordination" is identical with the deputy chief of staff: "The White House Deputy Chief of Staff is officially the top aide to the White House Chief of Staff..." Wikipedia again: "The duties of the White House chief of staff vary greatly from one administration to another and, in fact, there is no legal requirement that the president even fill the position. However, since at least 1979, all presidents have found the need for a chief of staff, who typically oversees the actions of the White House staff, manages the president's schedule, and decides who is allowed to meet with the president." I see no job description of policy making there. I see a tool of the deep state, so long as the deep state can get one of its own into that position, and I'm sure that this dog has learned some smooth tricks (false / unrealistic promises, etc) for doing so, such as creating leaks / chaos and then having their tool promise to fix the leaks / chaos.

The Bush's favored Romney as president: "In 2012, Liddell was Executive Director of Transition Planning for the Romney Presidential Campaign. Liddell is a recognized authority on presidential transitions and the author of Romney Readiness Project: Retrospectives and Lessons Learned. He also was a director and treasurer of the Romney for President fundraising campaign, a joint fundraising vehicle with the Republican National Committee (RNC). In January 2017 [Trump wasted no time] he was appointed as Assistant to the President for Strategic Initiatives in Donald Trump's White House...He is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. " Ahh.

Here's a frustrated and still-determined Nunes with Hannity:

Although Sessions should be arresting people right now, he just announced that no special council is warranted. Sessions has become the sick joke, the one obstructing justice for the crimes of several internal rats. This is the way that Sessions will go down in history, the one who protected government corruption. Sessions as the attorney general at this time is the best thing that could happen to Republicans, to reveal the true colors of the republican establishment. A schism is needed, and what better way to create it but to see who's on the side of evil? Another good thing is that the wicked liberals are galvanizing around the corrupt-government players. And that's all they are players, fakes, just like Trump and many other Republicans. Takes sides now, because God has a cave-in prepared for the Left side, so that all rats will go down and never come up again. Their sons will not rise up to rule the planet, when Wonderful arrives with the government on his shoulders.

In the first few minutes of the video below, you can listen to a Republican arse trying to convince the American people that they way to deal with Putin is to bankrupt his country, and to check it militarily at every corner, yet the arse doesn't want to pay for this approach, very expensive, himself. It is far cheaper and less nerve-wracking for the American people to make peace with Putin, let him have fair trading grounds with Europe, and let the American people spend their money on things other than paying for a new cold war. This is where the war hawks want Trump to go, and they are working hard to make Trump take that view.

The video also discusses Trump's decision to de-escalate the Syrian war. I think that Trump realizes the need to save money somewhere because he's got large projects to pay for. The question now is whether the CIA will create another Middle-East monster to justify escalation from Trump. The CIA's problem is that, instead of working to create another monster to replace ISIS, it has been working to soften ISIS fighters into "moderate" fighters, hoping that Trump would support their war on Assad. If Trump doesn't support this plot, then the CIA may create a new monster. But where will the CIA get the weapons to build this other monster? The CIA had Obama, who was willing to take Libyan weapons to Syria for to build ISIS, in his passion to build an anti-Israeli war machine. Now what? Trump is not likely to be of that stuff.

What I cannot understand is why the congressional oversight committees are not summoning Obama to answer questions under oath, on whether he knew anything of the dirty tricks played on Trump's election team by his DoJ. It forces Obama to lie under oath, and this can then be used to jail him, if the right judge is assigned to his case. That's what the country needs, but to accomplish this, Sessions needs to be replaced by the right person. There is no evidence I've seen that Trump will do this. He became the president based largely on the promise / announcement to do what he's now refusing to do...even though he has the green light to do so, and a sea-to-sea army of voters who would support the move. Trump is a fake.

It's getting to the point where Sessions will hope for a Democrat president in 2020 to protect himself from being charged with obstruction by the next attorney general. Sessions is in danger of just that if Trump appoints the right man or woman to replace him. Sessions and his inspector general need to fear this possible turn of events when they come out with their report...which will fail to tell the entire picture.

Repeat from Last Update

The day after the last update was out, I started to add late in it, then added so much I thought I had better put it at the top of this update, not only in case you missed some of it, but it's important and shouldn't go near the end of a page. If you read this section after Tuesday morning, just skip this indented part:

...It seems crazy to say that God set up a situation where meself, at four or five years of age, urinated (accidentally from my point of view) on the head of a child my age. But I can see the importance right here where the rising Chichester heron is code for Shechemites through Istria and into Pavia. If we compare Pavers with Jewish Marks, we might reason that the latter's Zionist star is that of Pero's, for German Marks share the SHAKEsPEARE spear. It's got Shechemites with Pavia's Marici all over it, and French Marks even share the green Shield with Stars.

I kid you not. I had a twitch as per an act of God, near my shoulder, for months, though it's been gone for many months. Yet, within the past 20 minutes, a twitch developed in my left index finger. After writing the paragraph above, I recalled that I was on the porch roof with my father while he did a repair job. We climbed out the kitchen window to this roof. It was the same porch from which I pee'd on Pino, and it was probably for being on its roof that day that I thought about jumping off like Mary Poppins. Didn't Mary Poppins just lead us to Risings and Istria?

That day, my father caught a pigeon and gave it to my mother, and she twisted its neck right in front of me as though she had been doing this all her life. I was old enough to assume that she was going to cook it, and old enough to think my mother was a barbarian. This thing really shocked me. And that's why I looked up the Pigeons, followed by the TWISTS, though checking out Twists had not to do with the TWITCH that just developed in my finger. The demi-griffin design in the Twist Crest is in the Pigeon Crest too, which now makes me think that it is God who is the barbarian (joking). Twists use it with an orange color, but aside from this, I have nothing more to say about the Pigeon, Twist/Twiss and Twitch/Twigg Coats. Maybe something will dawn on me.

Here's something. The Griffins use the motto, "Ne vile VELIS," now suspect with Monte Velino. Also, as we saw demi-griffins, it's notable that Demys/DuMais', first found in Normandy with Pigeons, share the Pigeon chevron. And where was my head? Griffins are suspect with Argippa's, and Gripps/Grape's/Gropers (Cropp colors) share the Shakespeare bend. The demi-conclusion is obvious. DuMais' can be a branch of Maisys that come up as Mercys. Marici-Massey merger? I add "Groper" (new to me) because I've just found online that pigeons are used by Croppers/Crappers (colors and format of Levins).

Plus, Berenice Agrippa is suspect with Bernice's and Burns (both in Cumberland), whom combined appear to be linked to the Pigeon chevron. PLUS, the Burns are said to be from East TEVIOTdale!!! My TWITCH is now gone, and has been gone for a while. The Teviot river is related to the Tweed of BERNICia. God must be indicating that Herod Agrippa traces to Bernicians. Both the Burns and Bernice's use Heron-related hunting horns.

Plus, I've just recalled that rulers of Orange, and the Orange surname, use hunting horns, suggesting that there was a griffin-Pigeon merger at Orange. In fact, the orange griffin of the Pigeons comes with a bend-with-pigeons in the colors of the Sales bend with items while Sales' are expected with the Salyes on the Durance river, the mouth of which is near Orange. The Sallett variation of Sales' is suspect with the Selletae at Cabyle. The Twists use an orangey griffin, and so I'd peg the Twist Coat with Brecks/Breakers (hunting horns colors reversed from those of Orange's), for I trace them to Brigantium up the Durance.

The Tyne rivers are up there at the Teviot theater, and Shicks/Shake's use an "obTINEns" motto term.

Thanks to the twitch at the finger, Fingers were looked up, who use a blue finger pointing from flames. And the Finger motto happens to be "VIGIlance" while Italian Vigils (Piedmont) use a vertically-split Shield in colors reversed from the Fulke's that share the Mark / Shakespeare spear, can you believe it? And while "VigiLANCE" suggests Lance's, they were first found in Norfolk with Fulke's. In colors reversed, the Lance fesse is the Pierro/Pero fesse. Lances are used by Italian Res'/DERE's, but there is no write-up offered. There is a DEREham location in Norfolk! New to me now, thanks to the finger twitch. And the Twitch Chief looks like it has the Totten dancettes, while Tute's/Tuits and Thwaits/Twitts were first found in Norfolk too. Tottens use an "astra" motto term.

The amazing this, while Mr. Taff lived on the first floor of that place, Taffs share fretty within a cross with Thwaits/Twitts, confirming that this twitch is from God. The Taff fretty is colors reversed from the same of Caens, and the "PERimus LiciTIS" motto of Caens suggests Pero's on the Tessin because Caens were first found beside Pavia's/Paveys while using a form of their fesse with martlets. Instead of martlets, the Caens use the Peare leopard faces, what a great find. "LICitis" is expected as code for Lice's/Lees' (leopard heads). Tiss' were first found in Hampshire, beside the Caens (Dorset). It explains why Taffs use part of the Bessin Crest, for Caen is in the Bessin. In the Lice/Lees Crest (Quade colors and format), the Bessin arm with sword is apparently in the Quint lion paw, for Quints were first found in Dorset. This paragraph tends to confirm that "LiCITIS: is a clever code partly for Citis/Cetis, where proto-Bessin Bassus' ruled. Taffs were first found in Louth while Louths share the black wolf with Quade's, from quadratilla Bassus, queen of Cetis. Louths can be a branch of Louvier's, who share the Paver checks.

Aha! We were out the kitchen window to the porch's roof, and Kitchens share the Lice/Lees and Bessin arm with sword while Windows use a lion paw holding a gold fitchee, the Quint symbol!

Aha! Norfolk (Roofs) is also where PORCH's/Portis' ("PRO rege") were first found, and they use eight horizontal bars that are virtually the Totten dancettes. My mother cooked the pigeon, and Cooks (Shechemites of the Check kind?) were first found in Essex with Quints. And Chick-like Kitch's use another black border for another trace with Furnace's (same place as Kitchens and water-bouget Banisters) to Pharnaces! I kid you not, Kitchens share the water bouget with the Nairnshire Rolphs!! Incredible.

Both the Fulke's and Vigils put a white item before their split Shields, and these are in Star / Cable colors.

I almost didn't load Cable's again, but in doing so, I saw their "ImPAVide" motto, like the "impavidun" term of Perrins. There we have the evidence that Cabyle liners were at Pavia with Pero's/Perino's. Cable's use the erect sword, symbol of Bistones that can be from the Bessi at Serdica, very traceable to the Bessin (Orne river) and to Cable-related Caens in the Bessin (see erect sword with Bistone's sharing the Bessin Coat). For what were the Bessi priests? A pagan god from Levites in Laish? It's known that Bessi were priests of the Satrae Thracians, and if correct that the latter were from Seir, it tends to identify Bessi with Bozrah, and from that we trace to Bus' that share the giant Porch cinquefoil.

Bus' share the Hamilton cinquefoil because both are from sons of Nahor, but here it can be added that Wikipedia's article on pigeon heraldry includes the Hamiltons of Hameldon, which, if I recall correctly, has to do with Hamiltons in East Lothian.

Were the Lice's/Lees' a Laish branch of the Lise kind? Heron-loving Chichesters were first found in Devon with Pine's. This is beside the Wedge's (another "Nil conscire sibi") of Somerset, and also beside the wedge-using Watch's/Wychs/Wage's of Cornwall that are said to have included Richard of Chichester (= Richard de Wyck). Wycks look like the namers of vikings, to be expected from an Ares line to Rus (the Bistones sword was in honor of Ares).

Repeat: "While Pettys share the quadrants in the Arms of Rothschild, the Swift motto is translated with an "imPETuosity" term." I see Imps, but as they share the SITTen crescents, what about that "impetuoSITy"?

This now recalls what my mother told me from when in was too young to remember, that I drank turpenTINE on the stairs and was brought to the hospital. Turpens use a version of the Aid/Ade Coat, and the latter, beloved in the Levi motto, share the leopard faces (same colors) of Lice's/Lees'. Does that square nice with the Laevi on the Ticino merged with Lissae elements? The Lice's/Lees' are loved by Caens, first found in Dorset with Turpens. And the Tyne river (through the land of the first-known Sittens and Keiths) is near to where Aids/Ade's were first found.

Turpens (Bus colors) are said to have named Turpin au BOIS. French Bois' (Quint colors) share the Stur Coat while the Stur river flows in Dorset. Scottish Bois' are in the "boast" motto term of Nimo's who in-turn share the Imp crescent while Imps were first found in Essex with Quints (the two use chevrons in colors reversed) and English Bois'. Sturs are suspect with the Stura which is in-turn suspect with the SATRae, tending to assure that Bois' and Bus' were from the Bessi along with the Bassus > Bessin line.

The Pigeon Coat at houseofnames is on Wikipedia's pigeon page with Chambarlacs. Chambre happens to be on the Arc river with Modane while Modens (same place as Arks) share FRETTY with Taffs, Caens and Cable's. I always called Mr. Taff's son (my age), FREDDY. I've just checked the Frederick Coats to find a dove version of the Chief (page above) of BOIS-Columbes that uses pigeons instead. Amazing.

The Arms of Bois-ColomBES has a giant tree, the special Hamilton symbol. The Simple's (hunting horns), apparently in the "simplicitas" motto term of the same English Fredericks, were first found in Renfrewshire with Hamiltons. Amazing. And the Simple's use fretty (though don't call it such so far as I know). The Beats in the Frederick motto were first found in Edinburghshire, beside the Hamiltons of Linlithgow. The Leafs/Leve's (share bees with Bessins) use the dove, and the Frederick Chief with doves can be a version of the Levin Chief. If English Bois' are using the Petit lion, COLOMbes looks like a Column/Malcolm / Calam branch. Columbs do use doves.

Malcolm III was father to king David, highly suspect with the David Coat that's been resolved with the Levi lion. And the David Coat us even a version of the Turpen Coat.

I trace water BOUGets with Bugs to Nahorites (Neuri) on the Bug river of Ukraine. Nahor's sons, Buz and KEMUEL, are surely to Bus' and HAMELtons. At this website, you can read that early Hamiltons of Northumberland were probably kin to Umfraville's, who share the gold cinquefoil with Bois'/Boasts. Yet the Umfraville cinquefoil is in both colors of the Preston cinquefoil, and Preston was the location of water-bouget Banisters. Neuri worshiped the wolf, and Banes' use the wolf. As Uts (Biblical spelling) was Nahor's first son, it's no coincidence that "ut" is a Preston motto term! English Parrots share "ut" with Irish Pettys for a trace of Nahorites to Pavia. Banes' were first found in Dover (hunting horn) while Dovers use the giant cinquefoil. Repeat: "Banes' were first found in Dover (hunting horn) while Dovers use the giant cinquefoil." Yes, and it's the cinquefoil of Rodhams, first found in Northumberland, same as early Hamiltons. Dovers (Dove branch?) have another green dragon in Crest.

As Preston is in Lancashire with Parrs and Furnace's, by what coincidence are Prestons sharing the double fesses of Ness'/Nessans? I've debated whether Banisters were in God's code as I stood on the porch railing to pee on Pino. Porch's do use the giant Bus cinquefoil. They say that a banister is technically the railing of a staircase, but then Freddy and I would slide down the the stairs where I drank turpentine. Stayers/Stairs use the Capone Coat.

Scottish Prestons (Westmorland, same place as Levins) use a "praeSTEM" motto term while Stems/Steins (same place as Roofs/Rolphs) share three leopard heads on a bend with the Ade's, who in-turn share a version of the Turpen Coat. Looking at this now with all I know of Pero's and Pavia's, the Stems/Steins use the Peare leopard heads (in Pavia/Pavey colors), which tends to reveal why Levi's love the Ade's. King David's son married ADA of Warenne. While Morleys share the specialized leopard face of Morlands (same place as Prestons) and the Ade Crest, God put DAVID Morley into the sleeping-bag dream of last year.

Sleeps use two fesses in colors reversed from the same of Prestons, and if you look at the Arms of Hamilton of Hameldon, it's got an ermined fesse in the colors of the two ermined fesses of Sleeps, which matches the ermined Hamilton and Bus cinquefoil in the same colors, suggesting Nahorites with the Selepitanoi. The latter lived at or near Butua and Keturah-line Kotor. Perfect, for Nahor was brother to Abraham, and Abraham's alternative wife was Keturah (Genesis 25). Nahor's sons are in Genesis 22.

Now this gets very interesting where Butua liners named Butts/Bute's/BOETs, suspect with the Boetus-branch Sadducees. As that surname uses a fish, we need to repeat that Keturah and her son, Medan, trace to mythical KODRos and his son, Medan (at Athens), and this Kodros character had both a boar and a fish symbol (Bus-like Bush's and Booths use the black boar while Bothwells were from Bute). The Arms of Saraca shares a fish on a fesse with Butts/Bute's/Boets, and Wikipedia's article on Saraka's says (or did say) that they lived at first in Kotor, can you believe it? Bois' can be expected with the boy pulling down a pine tree in the Crest of Bothwells ("ADversus"). The Pine's are from king Pinnes, and his Ardiaei peoples lived smack around Ragusa. The "urGENTIA" motto term of Bothwells must be code for Gentius, the Ardiaei king who married Dardanians, and Darts share a single, ermined fesse in the colors of the same of the Hamiltons of Hameldon.

Saraca's moved from Kotor to LAUS(a), alternative name of Ragusa, and "LAUS deo" is in the motto of ArBUTHnotts. Then, while Ragusa is beside the Elaphiti islands, suspect with Eliphas at Buz-suspect Bozrah (black boar symbol), Elaphiti-like Oliphants, kin or associated of Arbuthnotts, were granted lands at Bothwell (Lanarkshire, home of Flemings) by king Malcolm. You can read in the Arbuthnott write-up that the clan received land from Mr. Olifard, which is an Oliphant variation.

The Book of Enoch (not Inspired in my opinion) claims the black boar as a symbol of Edom, and that's where Esau ruled who birthed Eliphas. The latter married Timna, the line to Timms/Time's that are in the "Deum Time" motto of a Moray Coat no longer shown at houseofnames. The Moray stars are shared by Arbuthnotts. Amazingly, it was a reader who contributed much to this work, Tim, who informed me of the black boar in the book of Enoch, and it was Tim who first got me to seek Esau / Edomite lines in heraldry. I didn't have a clue at the time as to what Edomites traced to. So, you see, it appears that Tim was used by God because Timms/Time's are from Timna of Edom. And Tim's surname uses the water bouget for a trace to Nahorites suspect at Bozrah's naming. Online quote: "Edom is even compared to a black boar (i En. 89:12, 42–43, 49, 66; Jub. 37:20, 24)."

Back to Pinnes, for his father was AGRon, which recalls my theory that the Greek goat, which goes by Agri-like terms, was from "Hagar," Abraham's concubine and mother of Ishmael. The AGARus river is near the Bug of the Neuri, and the Agarus is now the Seir-suspect Siret. In the Bible, we find that Esau had much hair on his arms likened to a goat, and then while Esau conquered Seir in ruling Edom, I read that "Seir" means "shaggy." It suggests that Seir went by another name previously, when Esau conquered it, and that it was named after Esau's goat symbol after he conquered it.

Timnah was from Horites in Seir (Horites were also in Nuzi, where Nahorites are mentioned). I'm sure this picture traces to Nuzi-related DioNYSus and his satyr friends, the Satrae Thracians. "CADmus," Dionysus' grandfather, can be named after BozCATH, a Bozrah-possible line in Hebron, home of Abraham. When we trace Satrae to the Stur river, we are near Portishead, suspect with Bus-related Porch's/Portis. I pee'd on king Pinnes' head from the porch railing, and, I assume, it was God urinating into Pinnes' mouth, for when Pino felt the water on his head, he looked up to see where it was coming from, and, bullseye, right into his open mouth it did go. I just have the sense that God especially hates the Ardiaei. Edom's Petra was ruled by Aretas III.

"Who inhabited Petra, the Ancient City? It is believed that the earliest inhabitants of this mysterious area were the Horites (Genesis 14:6)." Might Petra's Edomites / Horites have named the Pietro's/Petri's/Pero's? Might Prays have been Pero's? Pierro's/Petri's/Pero's (share roses with French Sturs) use one fesse in the colors of the three Stur fesses. The French-Stur pale bars may therefore be with the Prays (wolves, Neuri symbol) suspect in the "PRAEstem" motto term of Nahorite-liner Prestons. Are not water-bouget Rose's Nahorite liners? ROXolani lived on the Buzau river. Horites are suspect with mythical Horus, likely code for the Hros = proto-Rus / Rose peoples. The Horse surname shares gyronny with Campbells/CAMMELLs, suspect with "Kemuel." Gamble's share the Petro fleur. Mythical OSIRis (related to Horus) looks like "Seir."

My mother twisted the pigeon's NECK, suggesting the raven vikings out of the Neckar river. The pigeon was caught on the roof, and Roofs/Rolphs (same place as Lance's) use ravens. Rollo's loved the Parrs and Touts, and the Yorkshire Touts (Twitch suspects, right?) are highly suspect with the Pino crescent (as per queen Teuta and king Pinnes). The French Pine's are linkable to the Moons (Devon, same as Chichesters, Pine's and Pinsons), and this latter surname looks like a version of the Italian Pavia Coat. Necks/Neckers are suspect with Ness' from Nysa, and her family almost-certainly married and/or birthed the first Herods.

Pino came walking around the SIDEWALK at the corner of the porch when the urine was falling from the Uranus. Side's share the tiger with Ditts while Walks use "DITat." The Ditt tiger is stripeless so as to look like the Side lion, probably the Levi/Levin lion. Side's/Sudys not only share the bush eagle, but they're a branch of Sutys that love the Nothings/NORTHens suspect with Neuri of the North kind. I was on the porch railing because I loved jumping across the sidewalk, and over the short fence to the neighbor's yard. It's interesting that while fretty is in-code with Freddy Taff, Jumps use fretty, and were first found in Yorkshire with both Bush's and Walkers.

It should be added that, to support the theory that the goat is from Seir's Esau-ites, Bush's from Bozrah use a goat head.

There is no Fence surname (fesse colors reversed from Walk fesse) but the Fens' are interesting for sharing the Mar scallops while the Fens crest is a green griffin evoking the green snake of Marsi liners, or of the green dragon of Seatons that share "hazARD" with Nothings/Northens (another green dragon). It seems to me that since Norths use a dragon too, Neuri liners were in cahoots with Marsi liners...from the Marsyas goat, right? And a green snake is looking into the mirror of snake-woman MeluSINE (Sitten-related) in the Sire/Siret Coat. The Fens' are Venns too, suspect from Veneti, from the Heneti that link very easily to Marsyas Phrygians. The green griffin head in the Fens Crest is shared by Leslie's, suspect from LesBOS.

Wagers, first found in the same place as Walkers and Jumps, are suspect with Wagrians of the Pomerania theater, where Trumps were first found who share a white-on-blue stag head with Jumps. Wagrians were at Roxolani-suspect Rostock. Jumps use roses, and Roxolani were Ros-Alans. I haven't looked up Yards (Devon, same as Fens' and Pine's-Moons-Darts) again until now, and they happen to use water bougets!!! I jumped from the porch's banister into the neighbor's yard, and Banister use water bougets. Banes' use "Vel arte vel marte," which can indicate Marsi of the Martin king at Velino. German Marte's/Martins share the Mark and Marcus lion.

The only event I recall in the neighbor's yard (not Pino's lawn) was the old woman throwing a rock at me when I was in her front flower garden. This looks like code for the Roxolani Alans, whom I've said were merged with Neuri. We can trace Roxolani through Aulon/Avlona to Velino of the Marsi, then to mythical Avalon, the island of Bute i.e. from Nahorites at Butua. And Flowers happen to use an ermined Shield with a giant cinquefoil, all colors reversed from the same of Dovers! Dover is one of the five CINQUEport cities along with Hastings, and the Hastings / Toeni / Tony sleeve is in the Arms of Leicester while Italian Tonys use a "flower."

If you back up one page to 259 (you may have loaded this link above), it tells that Hamiltons descended from Mr. Bellmont (Beaumonts) of Leicester, and it's therefore not a coincidence that the Arms of Leicester use the ermined, Hamilton CINQUEfoil. I get the impression that the Cinqueport cities were foil liners from RoqueFEUIL, and then while Rockefellers were Fellers too, the latter can be gleaned in the Verona Coat while Bellmont-like Belli's/Belini's and Bellino's were first found in Verona. Rooks share the raven with Verone's. These Bellmonts/Beaumonts, from when they were at Meulan, furnished the Leavells, extremely suspect with the Paver checks and thus painting Leavells as Laevi. The Arms of Meulan is the ValliBUS/Vaux Coat, and there's always a question on whether Vel / Velino liners were also Bels / Belini's.

Leavells (near the Stur), first found beside the Bellmonts in Dorset, are suspect with a nebuly version of the Stur fesses. Dorset is where the Pavia-tracing Caens were first found. Dorset is also where Belini-like Palins were first found. I remember my teenage cousin (Dino) throwing a ball straight up on the front walkway between the porch and the road. I was so impressed by how straight-up and high it went. Balls share the Palin lion. Palins are Pawleys and therefore suspect with paws, and Bellino's (two 'l's) use a bear paw, used in colors reversed as a "gamb" by Paw-like Powys'. The latter's Powys location is in Wales, where the Palin lion can be found with Powells and Roberts.

Recall the rock fight I had with Robert Powell, for we just saw why Roquefeuils (Roque/Rock branch) should trace to Belini's. The Rock fight (not serious) was on Reesors street, just as we passed the house of Karen Whelan whom I would later date, and Whelans are Failins too, potential Fellers (almost the Bothwell Coat). Failins evoke Velins and Velino (Dino's father was born in Picenze), and then Dino's are using the Taddei Shield while the Taddei cross is shared by Ferrands while the latter put blue vair into the cross, making it the Reesor cross. Balls, first found in Cheshire with Tattons, have a "digniTATis" motto term. There are two events linking here, one when I was about five (Dino would have been 13), and the other when I was about 13 while throwing rocks in the air (instead of the ball by Dino) toward Powell. balls use the Powell lion.

Now look more. Ferrands were of Claremont-Ferrand (same as Taddei-related Bouillons that love the Bello's listed with the Verona's Belli's), and Decimus Rusticus at Clermont-Ferrand was the ancestor of Mummolin. Dino's father was Dominic Grimaldi, but everyone called him, MIMo, and MUMmolin was the grandfather of GRIMo. The Grimaldi Coat is shared by Irish Weirs (Vere's/Vairs) while Vairs/Fers' (which we saw in the crosses above) almost use their Coat.

One of the things I think I can take away from this is that Belini's and Bellino's, with Balls with Palins, were from Palinurus, making the latter suspect with Avlona / Avellino / Velino. Now Palinurus is at Laus, next to Saracena so that we trace this to Saraca's at Laus/Ragusa, and so we find the same white-on-blue fish of Saraca's in the Verona Coat. Verona's were Varni vikings, weren't they? And Roquefeuil cousins are expected at Rostock, a location on the WARNow river of the Varni, and Decimus "RUSTicus" can be related to "ROSTock."

The raven vikings were from STUTTgart, and then the sort of fitchee used in the Stout Chief is in the Crest of Chicks and Laevi-possible Love's/Luffs, the latter first found in Suffolk with Checks/Chicks. If you understand me here, Checks/Chicks are Shechemite suspects expected to move across Europe with the Laish's Levites.

Whenever we find a black dog, there is a great chance that it links closely with Furnace's to the Pharnaces / Carrick line. Such a dog is in the Crest of Griffins, and while the latter's motto loves the Velis', the Velis'/Wills use griffins too. Recall the temporary twitch in my finger that came when finding the griffin of Pigeons and Twists. The Finger-like Wingers share the white and upright griffin with Griffins, and below the griffin the Wingers add a goose that takes us to Shechemites again. The Goose surname is with the Gooch's/Googe's (Gedge branch?), first found in Roxburghshire with Mole's (share the Goose/Gooch boar), who are in the molehills of Shicks/Shake's.

As Gedge's are tracing to Ares / Rosh elements, while quasi-mythical Gyges/Gugu (around 700 BC, same roughly as when Cimmerians made Rusa of Lake Van their vassal) was a king of Lydia, isn't that the Gog-Rosh entity in Ezekiel 38? Gedge's are also Geggs. Googe's share the boar of Gophs/Goughs, in Gopher colors. These boars are probably from the ones of Gog-like Hoggs. The latter's are black, as with the boars of Bush's whom may have named LesBOS.

It's no shechemcidence that the Mole boar is shared by Schims (same place as Fothes'/Fette's). The Roxburghshire Rutherfords/Rudderfords ("nec" twice) use a goose on a rock. The "fato" motto term of Rutherfords can be for Fate's/Feets sharing the Pavia/Pavey Coat (same place as Wedge's). Why do Schims use "VirTUTE"?

There had been the question or expectation on Shechemites to Foca and Lesbos, and here it can be said that while Schims were first found in Aberdeenshire with Lesbos-suspect Leslie's, the Schim Chief is almost the Fuggle/Fowl Chief, the difference being that the latter pierce their three Chief stars, as do the Methleys suspect (with Fogg reasons) from Methimna on Lesbos. Fuggle's/Fowls were first found in Devon with Chichester, and while Selham is in Chichester, Sellers were likewise first found in Aberdeenshire.

Mytilene and Methimna on Lesbos was suspect from the ancient Mitanni, the capital of which was WASSukhani, suspect with proto-Washington Wassa's/Gace's/Gassons. It just so happens that the Washington Chief has the three red-on-white stars in the Chiefs of Schims and Fuggle's/Fowls. I showed the Arms of George Washington, which pierced those three stars. Was George descended from George, father of Maurice Drummond? Read on?

The Mitanni lived on the Hebrew river, the (K)Habur, the peoples of which may have named the Kabars. The latter lived at Kabardino, like "Aberdeen." Kabars are known to have co-founded Hungarians, and the Leslie's were Hungarians. Does this predict proto-Hungarians on Lesbos? Moreover, the Andrew motto shares "fortuna" with Schims. The latter use "VirTUTE," and Rollo's (same place as Drummonds) use "La fortuna passe par tout." The Tute's/Touts use a canton with item like the canton with Zionist star of Wassa's/Gace's. Fuggle's/Fowls happen to use an ANTELope, which I trace the Les ANDELYS, near the Touques river that has a Gace location. The latter is almost in the center of Orne. Gace is a few miles from Sees, and Sees' are with the Sea's that share the three wavy fesses of German Drummonds.

We would do well to find Schim branches if we want other Shechemite lines. As Schims are also Chands, the Chandlers, first found in Lancashire with Washingtons, look good. Chandlers (Hohen Coat) use a Shield filled with CHECKs, yup. I once theorized that checks were code for Czechs, and that was a good theory because I trace Cohens and Hohens to Moravians, but it now seems better that checks should be code for Shechemite-liner Chicks and Checks. Cohens claim to be from Jewish priests, suggesting that they view themselves as Levites. I know this for a fact, for I worked with a Mr. Cohen who managed Jews for Jesus in Toronto. I claim the Cohens as Khazars (branch of Kabars) in relation to Melissena Rangabe. Did Shechemites name Czechoslovakia?

Schims are also Schiens and therefore suspect with Skinners/Skins. If we thought that Griffins were Shechemites, here we find Skinners using griffins in the colors of the Griffin griffin. Schims are also Shands and therefore possibly a branch with Shins/Shanahans (there's that black dog again). I once owned a Ford Van purchased from Mr. Shanahan, and still owned it while having a second vehicle, the Nissan that God arranged for telling of Nysa liners. Hmm, the Ness'/Nessans share the double fesses of WaSHINgtons.

I can barely believe it, for I decided to tell that the van was a Ford because I intended to check the Ford surname, and having just done so, it's got the black border used also by Furnace's and Parrs! Can you believe this? God chose my vehicles even.

And wowieee, Fords were first found in Devon with Fuggle's/Fowls and Chichesters while sharing the owl with Fowlers. There are all sorts of fords such as Oxfords, Waterfords, Longfords, any one of which can be a merger with Fords. The Fords with the black border even use a black dog (greyhound) within it! It's the Shanahans that use a black dog like the one of Furnace's, and I purchased the van used from Mr. Shanahan. There is an Owl/Howl surname, first found in Suffolk with Chicks/Checks.

Why does the Schim branch of Skene's use a "merces" motto term? French Mercier's (Artois, Coffer Shield?) share a green Shield with French Marks and Italian Marconi's (Crema). I've just noted that French Marcus use the Maurice lion in colors reversed, making Maurice's traceable to the Marici (co-founders of Pavia) as well as the Marsi. The Northumberland Mercier's ("Christi") share the Pierro/Pero fesse, and the latter share roses with Christs, now explaining why God chose CHRISTine Peare to represent Pero's. As Pierro's are also Petris', the "nostra" motto term of Mercier's suggests Paters/Paternosters at / near / connected to Pavia. That's the AntiPATER line, right? I see at least five reasons for tracing French Mercier's to the Ceraunii mountains, Aulon/Avlona and/or Bullis, all near Antipatria.

Shane's/Shints are listed with Chains/Cheyne's (possible Kenites), and Cheneys (share "fato" with RutherFORDs) happen to share the gold martlet with the Ford Crest. Chains and Cheneys are in Cunningham / Conan colors. Cheyne's (Buckingham, same as Orange's and Shake-colored Simsons) are said to have been Kenite-like "Kaineto."

I suggest that Fords were Fortuna liners, for Fortuna's use the dog. Italian Forts were first found in Ferrara as to suggest that Forts / Fords were Ferrari elements. Ferrara may have been named by Pharisees, and Shechemites with Pharisees seems logical. Proto-Ferrara was FORUM Allieni, and Italian Forts share the Alan fesse. After writing that, I got round to finding Fordhams, and saw their using a reflection of the FORMan/Forham Coat (same martlets as Cheneys), which has two fesses in the colors of the two, blue Parr fesses. While Parr-loving Manners/Maness' use two blue fesses in the colors of the Fordham barry, both use peacocks in Crest...which tends to assure that Fordhams were of the Forham variation of Formans. The latter share anchors with Firmens (at GereFORD) who are in-turn suspect in the Chichester motto, amazing.

As Chichesters (share the Quint Chief) use one Fleming Coat in reverse, it makes me wonder whether Flemings named themselves purely after Fire's and Firemen liners. The Gereford location of Firemans was also GateFORTH, and the Forths come up as Fords, which share flaunches with Flander-like Flints. Although Flemings had a home base in Flanders, they moved massively to the Firth of Forth, where Flemish Seatons, for example, lived.

As the Italian Forts use the Ferrari-car logo, why didn't God get me a Ferrari instead of a van? Oh yes, I now remember. The van was used to pack it with flamingos as per my part-time business decorating lawns. And so I've just loaded Flamingos to find a Shield filled with checks! Bingo, God even arranged that business...which ended up using a huge, fiberglass bullDOG that has been traced to Bullis'/Bulliards, first found in Suffolk with Checks/Chicks. The Flamingo checks are those also of Pavers and Flemings.

After the van and the Nissan, I purchased a Safari van, which may have been to point to Severus Bassus, as I call him, of Akmonia. I'm just wondering, therefore, whether he was married to the family of Pharnaces and Nysa, for my previous vehicles point to that couple. Moreover, Tigranes was king of Armenia, location of lake VAN.

The Furnace dog is not called a talbot, but simply a "seated dog." And while Fords use a greyHOUND, symbol of German Huns/Hundts, English Huns/HunGETE's use "silver talbots seated"! Amazing, is it not? Talbots use the Grey Coat in colors reversed, both coming with borders. Seats look like they link to Parrs (same place as Seats). The double Seat and Parr bars can link to the double bends (same colors) of Debbie's because, as the business started to grow, Debbie was hired to man the phones.

I'm really dumbfounded when I think of how much time God has taken to manipulate my life for these pieces of information. It's as though my life was never really mine, and yet he provided some nice things in the meantime, as to be expected of a Gentleman who borrows a soul for a time.

The "Firm en foi" motto of Chichesters can square with Azzo of Fermo and his line to Justine of Picenum, and, in fact, "Ferme tiens" is the motto of Squirrels/Squire's while Peare's share part of the Tiens/TEAN Coat, possibly from Teano, near Nola / Avellino. The Azzo's line to the Assi's uses a Fesch-suspect fasces.

"Firm en foi" looks like code for Firmens, who use a "Christo" motto term like the "bello Christi" phrase of Bouillons, the latter first found in Auvergne with Foi's that happens to share the Moray stars. God caused me to sleep with CHRISTine Peare when she was no longer my girlfriend, and to assure that we had no sex, Louise Phillips slept on the other side of me. It wasn't even a queen bed. Yet I awoke in the middle of sleep pressing Peare's BELLY toward mine (her back was toward me). I let go when becoming conscious.

I kid you not, that I always say that "it FELT so GOOD" whenever I tell this story. To assure me that He set that event up, I had a code-studded dream last year with Miss Peare in it, and it ended with my pulling her toward me by the waist, and it felt so good, just like when I was pressing her by the belly. I've never thought to look up Goods until realizing just now that Goths/Gothels were from Gothelo, Godfrey de Bouillon's great-grandfather, and, sure enough, German Goods (Stick Coat) are also Guths/Gutte's (like the gut, the belly). That caused me to look up Felts, and, shocker, it's the giant Bouillon cross in colors reversed! Hilarious. Goods/Guths were first found in Switzerland, and therefore possibly in the Ticino canton.

English Goods might just be using the three Chick lions. The Chick lion is that of Rita's too, while Miss Peare worked for Reitmans when I met her, and this tends to trace Pero's to Rieti. Rita's were first found in Rome with PIERleoni, said to be named after a Peter. Reitmans share Zionist stars with Goths/Gothels. The FELTmans (Fowler patee?) use two stars in two color schemes, one scheme used for the two stars of Dutch Reitmans, and the other by the two stars of Jewish Reitmans. That's why it "felt so good."

English Feltmans/Felthams share gold leopard faces with Peare's. It's interesting that while I pressed her belly while we were sleeping, the Sleeps share two ermined-white fesses with these latter Feltmans. The dream where I was pulling her by the waist started with a sleeping bag circled by Dave Morley on his bike, and Morleys share the leopard face of Feltmans in both colors. The latter were first found in Middlesex (beside the Capes') with Capes-related Apps', and German Feltmans share the Shield of German Caplans, first found in Switzerland with Goods/Guths.

I almost missed it. Sticks were Astikas' of Vilnius, whom I trace to Villaine, like "Velino"!!! That's also why it had to feel so good, for Goods share the Stick Coat. It must mean that Pero liners were at Velino, or that proto-Avalon elements (especially Melusine) from the Alan Huns were at the Ticino. And English Alans do use LEAVES.

Years after Kepke left her for good, I picked Miss Peare up in a FireBIRD, and Birds happen to share the flory cross of Felts (in the colors of the Nola cross). There was a question on whether I should take Miss Peare seriously for marriage, but as she was not a believer, I decided against it. After the Sunday spent with her after picking her up on Saturday, I never saw her again. I had no idea why I took her to the home of Mr. Moore on Saturday, I didn't like this man much. But it just so happens that Bellys and Bouillons use the Moor head, and moreover Irish Moore's share the lion of Morgans while Morgans are in mythical Morgan le Fay, chief witch of Avalon. Miss Peare must have represented that Avellino line to mythical Avalon. It just so happens that French Fays/Fes' were first found in Auvergne!

Do Maurice liners trace to Pharnaces with terms such as "Frank"? Scottish Moore's, sharing the Saracen head with Morrisons, use a "FRANGor" motto term, and an obvious version of the Nagle Coat. These Moore's love the Nons/Nevins (Ayrshire, same as Moore's) as does the Nagle motto. The Moore Coat is the Weir/Vere Coat though the latter use the Moray stars proper. Sarasins almost use the Bouillon cross.

I'd like to stress here that the pigeon topic led to the pigeon-using Arms of Colombes (surname means "dove") on the same day that I first found myself very open to viewing Chicks/Checks as Shechemites. Therefore, I've got to repeat that I kissed Miss Peare for the first time at a bar called La Paloma (means "dove"). Mr. Kepke was almost furious that I got her first (he had introduced her to me), and he robbed her from me later. He then left her and went for Miss. Walsh, and while we were at La Paloma, she and he were having a spat. So while he sat down on the curb of the parking lot, next to me in my Firebird, she got into the passenger's seat and slammed the door on him. Something compelled me to lean over and give her a kiss on the cheek. I stressed the Kiss/Cush surname over this pair of kisses of both of Kepke's girlfriends at the same place, and also introduced the Paloma surnames (La Paloma might have gone out of business because I can't find it online).

However, I now think that the CHEEK is the important part, not to minimize the Kiss surname that I trace to Lupus Laevillus, a Laevi suspect. And my hunch is that God wants to reveal the Walsh surname in particular with Shechemites along with Laevillus. Cheeks are listed with Chicks/Checks.

In conjunction with a Cheek-Walsh combination, other candidates are Fire's and Birds as per the car she got into, and dove liners such as Leafs/Leve's. Italian Paloma's (Bari) use only a dove, and Spanish Paloma's happen to use two pale bars in the colors of the Pero pale bar. It's as though God set me up at that Paloma place with the first kiss to Peare to indicate a trace of Leafs/Leve's and Lupus Laevillus to Pavia (where Pierre's/Pero's were first found). For new readers jumping in here, Pavia was co-founded by the Laevi Gauls. In colors reversed, those pale bars are blue, and while Seats use two blue pale bars, Miss Walsh took a seat beside me when I kissed her.

As Pero's (not the Pierro's/Pero's/Petri's) use the star, I've got to assume that it's code for the Stars because they use the Shick/Shake chevron in colors reversed. Shechemites were not far from Petra. Quote from Josephus: "the Shechemites...dwelt in the very middle of the country of Midian...they were of the kindred of Raguel, Moses's father-in-law.". Midian is suspect with a son of Keturah by that name.

Time to Check Out Lawrence Kin

I've known for years that the green-on-white Star lozenges are shared by Settle's, and that latter surname can be of the Shuttleworths, who share the weaver's shuttle with Keeps, the Kepke bloodline I have assumed for good reasons. I assume that Keturah lived in Hebron with Abraham, and it's the Hebron/Hepburn surname that uses "Keep Tryst" as a motto (shared by Simple's). Curiously, no Shuttle surname comes up, perhaps because they were Settle's (Lancashire, same as Shuttleworths) who come up as Suttle's. Kepke's first name, Lawrence, as a surname, is in Keep colors and first found in Lancashire.

I have a decision to make. Were Shettleworths/Shuttlewords merged with Worths (share double-headed eagle with Spocks/Specks/Spicks) or with Words/Wordens (may have named Woerden in the Netherlands)? It seems the Words are the best choice, and they are excellent for clinching the Levi-beloved Ade's/Aids with Ada of Warenne, for Words (and Wards) not only use the Warren Shield (CHECKS!), but three leopard faces on a bend, the Ade/Aid symbol. And that gets Shuttlewords hitched with the Laevi at Pavia, making them feasibly the kin of the Pero-beloved Stars. As Pavers and Marks use checks, isn't that the Shechemites at Pavia? [It wasn't until the day after writing here that I learned of the Lawrence Crest: "...demi turbot tail upWARDs".

I kid you not, I would not have known at this time that Worden-like Wardens use pears (Pare's are also Pears!) had I not spotted the Warton location of Lawrence's (I often don't even load Lawrence's, but did this time). After loading Wartons, the Wardens were loaded, and there were the pears! God wants to convince the reader that he's used events in my life for this unique revelation. Both Warden surnames were first found in Hertfordshire with Words (RISING eagle). Instead of telling us simply that Wardens use pears, both surnames mention their LEAVES too. It's the Peare line with the Laevi.

While Wartons were first found in Westmorland, Wardens share the fleur of Morlands (Westmorland), but the latter's comes with a gold leopard face like that of Ade's, and this gold face is shared by Peare's/Pears. In the sleeping-bag dream, I found Miss Peare in a mall, which confirmed that David Morley was earlier in the dream, for Morleys are also Mauls (the other Morleys share the Morland symbol). But I didn't know how Peare's could link to Morley / Morland liners until now. Wardens, you understand, are Warren kin and linkable to Ade's via Ada of Warenne, whose husband was the son of David while Davids use a version of the Ade bend with black leopard faces.

It's a good idea to record that Wardens use the "Industria" motto term in the Arms of Rothschild, shared by Openheimers (Goth star?) who use a sphinx while Spinks were first found in Northampton with Wards. It's hard to say whether Heimers (foxes) were Homers. German Hammers (sinister split indicates Maccabee liners) use an "ad" (and "Per") motto term to suggest Ada of Warenne, making Openheimers look like a Hammer branch. Shechemite lines liked green and white, the colors of the Sussex Hammers and Hams. The latter share the salmon of MacAbee's/MacCABE's, in Cable / Radice green and white.

In the mall of the sleeping-bag dream, Christine was given a waist symbol, which has been resolved with Wessels/Waistells (doves), who use a galloping horse. As I took her horse for a gallop (in real life), in the presence of Mr. Kepke, it's perhaps not coincidental that Gallops (Dorset, same as Peare-related Caens), with a gold-bend version of the David Coat, has a bend colors reversed from the Keep bend. Keep-loving Hebrons share the white horse. As the David's have been found with the Levi/Levine lion, ditto for Gallops, and this squares with my expectations that royal Cottians (to whom I trace Waistells) were in cahoots with Laevi.

Gallops use a "wyse" motto term while Wise's/Weis' share two Zionist stars, in the same colors, with Pero's. God set me up with that gallop, didn't He? English Wyse's/Wise's use three chevrons colors reversed from those of ARCHdekins/COTYS'. Why do they come up as "Cotys"? Ask French Cotys'/Cotta's, always suspect with royal Cottians. French Cotys'/Cotta's share the fretty Shield with Caens and Modens, and Modens were first found in Berkshire with Arks while Modane on the Arc river is directly across the Cottian Alps from the royal-Cottian capital, Susa. That explains ARCHdekins. The latter use that erect sword just like the one in the Crest of Bessin-branch Bistone's. Caen is in the Bessin, yup. And the French Levi's (Paris, same as Chappes') share three, black chevrons with Archdekins/Cotys'. This paragraph clinches the Levi's with Cottians, and, thanks to Miss Peare, it clinches them with Laevi.

I kissed Miss Peare at dove-line La Paloma, and Leve's use the dove while sharing the bee with Bessins and Bistone's. It's now clear as to what else the dove links. We had to climb the stairs to go kiss outside, making the Stairs/Stayers (the Capone Coat exactly) suspect with the Pero-beloved Stars. Stars use a "Vive" motto term while Laevillus' mother was Vibia (her father had a Vibius surname). It looks like God knows what he's doing.

Stars were first found in Wiltshire, right beside the Levi-related Gallops who bring us right back to the dove line of VESTalis, son of king Cottius. Again, in the dream, I pulled Miss Peare by her WAIST toward me (on a deck at the time), and there you can see good evidence for Peare liners being in cahoots with Cottians, but shouldn't my Masci line apply to that waist event, since Masci's were first found in Piedmont with the Cottian capital? The deck may mean that Decks/Daggers (Massey fleur) were Decan / Deacon liners as per Archdekins. Decans and Deacons use lions in colors reversed from the Wissel lions, and Wissels were first found in Somerset with eye-using Battins and the Baths that use the Decan and Deacon Coats in colors reversed. Deacons were first found in Suffolk, the location of Eye, and Stars use the eye too.

We climbed the stairs, code for Quintus Caepio in the Pero star, and kissed, code for Vibia, for Kiss'/CUSH's share the red rooster with Vibia-like Bibo's. The latter's rooster in on a CUSHion. Bibo's were first found in Mecklenburg, location of Rostock for which the Bibo rooster may be code. If Roxolani maned Rostock, let's add that they were on the Buzau river along with Cottius- / Cotys-like Cotesii. The Bozrah-suspect Buzau is a tributary of the Seir-suspect Siret. And let's not forget that Stars use the lozenges of Settle's/Suttle's suspect with Shettleworths/ShuttleWORDs. The latter's "Utile" motto term can be for Tile's, first found in Dorset with Quints, and beside the Stars. What do we suppose the wyVERN dragon of Tile's is for? Warrens, right?

Lawrence's were at Lonsdale, and while Lonsdale's may be with the giant annulet of Vito's, the latter definitely linked to the annulets of German Tile's/Tillers.

As Scottish Words ("imperial crown") use a garland while Garlands are Steven kin, the Word leopard faces are likely those of Stevensons. This garland was probably a chaplet at one time because these Words were first found in Stirlingshire, same as Chappes'.

Amazingly, I pulled Miss Peare toward me by her waist on a platform. I did not call them decks or stages to begin with, but platforms. Platts happen to share the Word leopard faces in both colors, as well as otherwise using what could be the Coat of Marici-suspect Mars. Aha. If we compare the Coats of Platt-like Flatts/Fletts to those of Fleets and Flags/Flecks, we will spot why Parchments/Parchers (Lincolnshire, same as Fleets) use the Platt scallops in colors reversed, especially as Parkers use a "flatu" and "fluctu" motto code. The other Parkers use "merces" (Marici, I assume). This is incredible, for before entering the mall to see Peare and another woman on a platform, I walked through the parking lot of the mall, suggesting that Parkers and Parchments are a branch of Perkins/Parkings (share "veri" with Bouillons). It makes the Perkin/Parking lion look like the Levi lion. The latter's is used by Davids, and David Morley was riding his bike down the road (away from me) as I was crossing it to the Mall's parking lot. Bike's were suspect with Biks/Bicks (BERKshire, same as BAGley Woods), who share stags with Parkers (Derbyshire, same as Morleys!). The other Parkers were first found in Somerset with Pavia's/Paveys and Wissels (same lions as the Yorkshire Mars). Stags are code for STAGE's/Staggs (stag), the line of Staceys and Eustace II, father of de-Bouillon. Wissels share the harp with French Davids/Davis! In colors reversed, the WAISTell-suspect German Wessels have an antler that is the red one of Parkers, and ANTLERs are code for Antalya, smack beside Perkin-based Perga. Whew! Those are incredible surprises. The road was suspect with Roets (Somerset) or Rhodes' (Lincolnshire).

I recall first seeing Kepke at age 11, when I was working on my newspapers. The News' are the ones who love Parchments/Parchers.

The Garland pale bars (those of Sturs) are shared by Scottish Walkers, whom I see as a Walsh/Walch branch. English Walkers seem to love Plancia Magna (of Perga), and she was kin to a Mr. Simple while Simple's love Keeps too. Perkins/Parkings have a "Simplex" motto term. The imperial crown was come across a couple of updates ago with English Lawns/Lane's. The Lawns might just be a branch of the Lonsdale location of Warton (home of Lawrence's). Scottish Lawns/Lane's share the bend of Keeps. As Felice of Nola became an important topic in the last two updates, it's notable that Lonnys/Lunnys/Looneys use "inFELICI." Lune's/Lions (beside Scottish Words) use "Pro." Dutch Loons are in Lonsdale colors. Lonsdale is as per the Lon river, which starts in Westmorland.

I could never before recognize the great significance of Biks/Bicks. They are also Bickers while Dutch Bickers use spikes, and what could be the Pierro/Pero fesse. Kepke became suspect with Spike-like Syphax (ended his life in Rome, suspect to the Pierleoni), and therefore with the Spicks/Specks/SPIKE's (Porcius-suspect porcupine), and the Spice's in the Walsh motto. The Bicker spikes might just relate to the Nails that come up straight ahead. Bickhams/Bickens, who use a leopard-face version of the Parchment/Parcher Coat, might just be using a version of the Paver Coat, and throwing in the courant, black greyhound of Palmers (same place as Pavers and Bag-like Becks). The Leavell-related Beaumonts of Meulan, who shared the Paver checks, were rulers of Leicester, where Bickhams/Bickens were first found. I recall that these Beaumonts were of Bec abbey. Are Becks (likely the namers of Bec for multiple reasons) using the Bouillon cross?

Beckerings were first found in Nottinghamshire with Hannity-like Annas', and Hannitys/Henage's, first found in Lincolnshire with Parchments/Parchers, share the blue leopard faces, and the black, courant greyhound, of Bickhams/Beckins (version of the Parchment Coat). Biks/Bickers share the Anne stag heads.

The imperial crown (of Lawns/Lane's) is suspect with Imperia, also called Oneglia, the line of Nagle's, who have a German Nail/Neil branch, and the "Nil" motto term of Words looks to apply. The ragully cross in the Arms of Colchester, in colors reversed from the ragully cross of Lawrence's (Lancashire, same as Spike's), has nails in it. Ragully is shared by Sands (Lancashire), and Lawrence's lived at Sands. The Crest of the Arms has a VEILed woman. Yup, the Veils are with Velis', suspect with Monte Velino just a black dog's romp from Picenze.

The Boofima cult (north Africa somewhere) that I traced to Imperia were suspect with Numidians, and Spike-suspect Syphax (about 200 BC) was a Numidian. As Spike's use the two-headed eagle of Rome, his descendant must have married an imperial line to which Porcius Cato (about 200 BC) also traces. I trace the Numidian Massylii to the founding of Ligurians at Massilia, and Imperia is a Ligurian location not far off. The Spike Shield shares the eight Knighton/Nightons bars, and Knightons are in the Nagle nightinGALE, suspect from king Galla of the Numidians.

Now the Nagle lozenges can be gleaned with Angers and Angels/Angle's, especially as Nagle's had one Mr. Angulo. The Angle people group worshipped Nerthus along with the Varni that were obvious Warrens and Vernons. Varni-likely Varangians were in the Ukraine with Kepke's. Can this mean that Syphax > Keppocks > Keep liners to the Varni named Kiev? While Dutch Bickers use spikes, Biks/Bickers share the red fesse with Keeps, and Word-like Worths share the double-headed eagle in the colors used for it by Rome. And Woerden is in Holland, where Spike-loving Bickers were first found.

King Galla is suspect to the Galli's and Gays, for both use the gold rooster while Galla was also Gaia. Can we believe that Keeps use a "GALLEY" ship? My Masci mother probably descends from Massena, Galla's son, and I was Kepke's friend. French Galleys were first found in Dauphine with Galli's, and English Galleys (more greyhounds in the right colors) share the German-Becker checks, unbelievable. The Crest of English Galleys (same place as Pavers) may be with the bends of Italian Angels. Doesn't it make sense that Massena liners should be at Pavia? Beckerings/Beckings/Bearings, for which God gave me/us a dream, bring us back to the Paver / Meulan checks. Galleys share checks on a fesse with Marici-suspect Marks.

The Galley horse can indicate the Numidian cavalry that came to northern Italy with Hannibal, and the Galley greyhounds are part-code for Graeae Amazons. Massena was an Amazon. Angels/Angle's use a winged horse in Crest, as do Masseys. It seems as though Massena liners abandoned the hot desert for the cold tundra. The checks on a fesse of Galleys/GALEys are shared by Stewarts, from Aulon in area of the Tint-suspect Atintanes.

While the Arms of Colchester uses an antique crown, I did once find an antique-like suspect in the "antiquas" motto term of Angels. It's tracing Angles and Varni to Colchester (near the Surrey location of the Varenne rulers). The Angels/Angle's use a "stare" motto term perhaps code for Stars / Stairs/Stayers (the latter were in Kent, beside the rulers of Warenne).

The three fessewise lozenges of Angels/Angle's are in the colors of the four fessewise lozenges of Penningtons, and they are blue like the lozenges of Louis' (Lorraine). When Kepke took Miss Peare for a walk in the mall, past my shoe store, she turned out to be a friend of Louise Phillips, who was a saleslady at Pennington's (clothing). I was sleeping between these two ladies during the "it felt so GOOD" event. The Goodes', in the "goddess" (why is she green like Melusine?) of Warren-branch Vernons (Kent, Sussex and the Wiltshire of Stars), were all around the rulers of Varenne.

Vernons appear to use the Weir/Vere fesse, which I see as the Nagle fesse too, for the "nihill" motto term of Vere's is likely for the Nihill variation of Neils. Recently, I traced "Pharnaces" to "Varni." It's making a Pharnaces trace all the way west to Colchester, which was CAMULodunum in BC times. I've been looking, for years, for a way to trace the Maccabees at GAMALa to Camulodunum, and here we are with a goodes possibility.

Aha. The Bohemian Camels use the Griffin griffin while Griffins share the black dog with Furnace's, and Griffins were of Pomerania, the Varni theater. The other half of the Camel Coat can be the Louis lozenge, for example, in colors reversed. I expect Maccabees to have been from the proto-Bohemian Boii. Boii of Bologna appear to be in the BOUIllons (Godfrey-de-Bouillon lived at Bologna-like Boulogne), who share the Good flory cross in colors reversed, and are the ones with a "A vero bello Christi" motto connecting to the it-felt-so-good belly event. Pepins, with the camel, are suspect through Pavia, and I say that the Pepin bend is in the Coat of Webbers, a branch of Weavers beloved by Shuttlewords and Keeps. The Tile axe is code for the Axe river that begins in Somerset, where English Camels were first found.

Now Godfrey's grandfather, son of Good-suspect Gothelo (Goths are Gothels too), is known to have been in an alliance with Peare-suspect Pierleoni Jews (named partly after pope Leo) in Rome, where the Rieti line of Rita's were first found that could have named the BistRITA river flowing not far from Falticeni. I'll show why Falticeni is suspect with "it FELT so good." The Rita lion, in the colors of the Leo lion, holds "pieces of wood," potentially code for dove-liner Peace's. The Arms of Colchester has "four Pieces of Wood raguly conJOINed in a cross proper each side arm TRANSFIXED with a Nail palewise Sable ensigned by an Ancient Crown Or and that in base enFILing a like Crown and transfixed by a like Nail in bend". Walsh's use "Transfixus." File's are with English Vile's, and Joiners (probably the Mackay daggers) share the three cups of Christine's (from Isle of Man, same as Mackays).

Mackays were from king Maccus, of the Isle of Man, and the Mackay motto, "Manu FORTI," might just be part-code for a Ford branch. If Maccabees of Gamala named Camulodunum, might Maccus' name have originated there?

To show the leopard face's were a merger of Face's/Fessys with Leo's, the German Leopard surname with the leopard HEAD (it's a head if it comes with a neck) has a chevron in Leo-fesse colors. English Leopards (same place as Keeps) then use leopard face's in the colors and format of Christine's, while the latter share the Joiner cups in both colors. Face's/Fessys were of Genova's Fieschi, and the Genover variation of Joiners, and the crossed swords in Crest, suggest the Feschs = Fieschi of Genover-like Genova. Excellent.

We assume well that Leopards/LeoPARTS were a merger between Leo's and Parts because Parts are the pear-using Perrots/Parrots, tending to assure that Parrots, and the Peeble's/Peoples' along with Pettys, are Pero liners. Perts/Petts share the Hain mascles while Hains may be a Hannity/Henage / Hannity/Heaney/Hegney branch. The latter probably use the Arms-of-Hainaut lion while the counts of Hainaut used the three Levi chevrons (both colors), pearfect.

A Pierleoni link to Hainaut expects the connection of the Eustace-Bouillon family, and we can add that these blue leopard heads are in the colors of the Hanna ("PER ardua AD alta") stag heads (i.e. stags being code for Eustace's line). German Hanne's/Hahns use the giant Gay / Galla rooster in colors reversed, while throwing in a red rooster in Crest, and Gays were first found in Savoy with Aude's, perfect for tracing Laevillus (red-rooster line) to Hainaut's Levi's, especially as a Mackay branch in Ireland shares the Quade Coat (wolf heads "CHAINED", may include Schims/Chands).

I almost missed it. The Hanne's/Hahns (Kopple rooster for a trace to the Mieszko mouse tower) are in the Bibo write-up! The red Hanne/Hahn rooster is therefore the red Bibo rooster, and then the red-rooster Laws use a "FASQUE" motto term. Hannitys share blue leopard faces with English Lawlers. Hands use the stag too, and a chevron on Hanna colors. Bibo's were first found in Mecklenburg with Trumps, the latter having one stag head in colors reversed from the Hanna stag heads.

HainAUT looks like a Hain-Aude merger because Aude's have swords touching at the points, as do Joiners and Mackays (almost), all swords in the same colors, the colors also of the Chaine sword. The Crest of the wolf-head Mackays shows two swords in Crest touching at the points, but is described as: "Two swords in saltire, points down." The Joiner swords are on a red fesse with scimitar-using Rickets ("Quid", like the Quoid variation of Mackays). The Fesch swords are in saltire points down. The Genova surname shares the white Masci wing with the Chaine's. Genova's are also Geneva's, and lake Geneva is in Switzerland, where French Joiners/Jenners, and Feschs (and German Goods/Guths) were first found, as well as the Ricket-like Recks.

It's now clear that the Fesch swords make for a Fesch-Joiner link (Joiners have swords in saltire, points up, in Crest). "Points DOWN" looks like code for Downs (Sussex, same as Leopards), with a stag in colors reversed from the Hanna stag heads.

Two "swords in saltire" are in the Chief of Gumms/Comme's, first found in Cambridgeshire with Fuss'/Fussels. "Comme je fus" is the motto of Word-branch Wards. It appears that swords in saltire love Fieschi liners. Fuss'/Fussels use a moline cross alone in colors reversed from the Face/Fessy cross.

The Rickets are in Pierro/Pero colors and near-format. The Rickets were at Combe, and Combe's are with the Comets while Pero's use the comet. Why should Rick-like lines trace to the Laevi? Maybe we should ask Rick Young, especially as Leavell-related Youngs share the demi-red lion of Capone's, and of the Recks (roses) suspect with Decks/Daggers. English Youngs share the Ricket / Pierro roses. Ricks were first found in Somerset with the Roets who share "verum" with Rickets. Rick Young pops up later in the update, where his motorbike comes up big.

As the sleeping-bag dream was about Bags while David Morley circled the bag on his motor bike before driving away, I expect Bags to relate to Bick liners. And Bags share the Grimaldi Coat with Grimaldi's (Genova) were Fieschi kin / associates.

The Aude's are said to be from PithiVIERS while Viers' are with the Vairs/Fers' that share the checks of Bickens/Beckings, the latter being to ones with the blue Hannity/Henage leopard heads, colors reversed from the Leo lion. Bickens/Bickings were first found in Leicestershire, where the Meulan Beaumonts ruled, and the Arms of Meulan is nothing but the checks filling the Louvier Coat while La Louviere is smack at Mons, the Hainaut capital. The Mons surname shares the Hannity/Heaney/Henage lion. Biks/Bicks/Bickers, remember, use the Anne/Hanne stag heads.

Fesch-like Fix's/Fecks (in Colchester's "transfixed") may share the eagle of Doria's, first found in Genova, for the Fix/Feck fesse is blue like that of Nagle's (related to the Nails in the Arms of Colchester) while Doria's married Arduinici of Oneglia. These Arduinici can be traced to mythical king Arthur because he was made born in TintaGEL (CORNwall), which is a term combining the Tints and the Nagle-related Gale's (Nagle colors and format), both of which share blue UNIcorns in Crest. The Nagle's/NainGALE's/NainGELs use the nightinGALE in Crest, a clear indication that Tintagel was an Arduinici-Oneglia entity. Gale's even use the Nagle/Nail saltire.

You don't need to be a genius to unravel heraldry because motto terms are the biggest mouths on this planet. The second biggest are the symbols. The Gale lions are probably from Masons/Massins, for Massena was the son of king Galla, and the RasMUSSENs share the unicorn.

The UNIcorn is suspect with Cornwalls (Cole's, Cornwall; Tintons, Cornwall), and with the Una river beside the Colapis, origin of the Junius > June / Jeune line, and then Fix's/Fecks use the Jeune fleur in colors reversed. Servilia Caepionis (related to the line of Porcius Cato) married Decimus Junius Selanus. Her mother, a Levi-suspect Livius, married MARCUS Porcius Cato, suspect from the Marici. Servilia, whose grandfather was Marcus Livius Drusus, was named as per "Servilius," and Servitium is near the mouth of the Una. Colapis-line Cole's use a "serva" motto term. Colchester was in code with mythical king Cole.

The cups we have been seeing are for the Cups/Cope's/COLPS that I trace to the COLAPis/Kupa river. I then trace "Kupa" to Cuppae, the "city of doves." Christine's use cups, and a Massey liner kissed her at dove-line La Paloma. Heraldic doves love palm branches, and Palms (Paloma suspects) share the Massey fleur. Flag-related Palmers share the courant Ford greyhound.

The Fix / Jeune fleur are shared by Constantine's, and the Arms of Colchester are known to honor Helena (3rd century AD, shortly after Bassianus'), mother of Constantine I.

The NIGHTINgale must be part-code for Nightons/Knightens, of the Knighten location in Worcestershire, because they use bars fessewise in the colors of the one Nagle fesse. The Knighten Crest share's the Blake / Blackie dragon head.

By the way, the "vile" motto term of griffins can be gleaned with Ville's/Font-de-Ville's or Conteville's, for while the latter were at Comines, the Comets (Comine colors and format) are suspect with Conte variations. Then, Vile's use three castles in the colors and format of the three Comet towers, and the other Vile's share the gold garb with Comine's. As Pero's use flaming stars looking like the comets of Reines', this is a good way to trace Pavia elements to the Pomerania area. The comet tail looks like three piles, and Pile's (three piles) use the Peare leopard face while Pale's use the camel...a good way to trace Pavia elements to Colchester, where Lawrence's are linking. The Pile piles are in the colors of the Pero comet tail.

The Stars use a cat-a-mountain with "paw resting," and Penningtons use a mountain cat "GAURDant." I trace Maccabees from Lake Garda to the Trumps, first found in the Varni theater. As Chives' on the Drin river use the cat-a-mountain too, Penningtons were likely from Penestae on the Drin. The discussion below shows how Julius Avitus, the line to Vito's, traces to Gabuleum upon the Drin, near Krume. Krume's were first found in Hamburg ie. the Varni / Angle theater.

As Louise Phillips has a surname that uses virtually the Pennington motto, it affirms that God set her up in my life. She was Peare's friend, and the Amore's in both mottoes were first found in Oxfordshire with Peare's. Moreover, the "amor patriae" phrase they both share (almost) is thereby suspect with the Petri variation of Pierro's/Pero's. And Phillips use "DUCit amor patriae" while Duc-like terms have always been suspect at the Ticino. This is now a good reason, suddenly, to suspect why God chose Miss Phillips to be part of Peare codework. Otherwise, until now, I really didn't know why Phillips were included aside for their perhaps using the Palin lion = Quint lion paw. Duce's share two lions in pale with Jewish Levi's; both wear crowns, as does the Capone lion in both colors of the Levi lion. The Phillips lion, in the colors of the Capone / Levi lion, has a crown around its neck. So, Phillips appear to use the Levi lion in an upright (RAMPant) position (Ramps use rampant lions).

And ZIKERS, I had forgotten that Louis' share three blue-on-white lozenges with Pavers! Now we definitely know why Louise was part of that set-up. Louis-like Lewis' use that green dragon of Blackie's. If you check the motto and lion of the other Welsh Lewis', you will see why they should link to Penningtons and Phillips'.

AHA! Recall the pigeon's neck that was twisted by my mother, for Twists (share the Pigeon GRIFFIN) are also Twizels while Blake's were at Twizel castle. It says that this castle is near Tillhouse, the present mansion of Blake's, and Tills are also the Tile's. Tillers put pellets (Pellets share the cups of Pillote's and Christine's) on their lions, and Blake's put pellets on their dragon. The Tiller lions are the Tailer lions, and Tailors share a single pale bar with Blake's (same colors), and throw the Chives cats onto that bar as lions.

Tillers can be traced with Bracks to the Tilurius river, which was the Cetina, and cats are used by Cetins/Cattans. Cato's/Chattans (cat-using Clan Chattan) use the castle in the colors of the Vile castle, and this is excellent, for while Velis' (Salton colors) are suspect at Velino (Abruzzo), Porcius Cato grew up in Abruzzo, and owned land in Sabina down the Salto from Velino. It's excellent because Griffins use a "vile velis" motto phrase while Till-related Mr. Avitus married the daughter of Julius Bassianus, the nephew of Julius Agrippa (i.e. a surname suspect with griffins). The Vile-suspect Ville's use a flag that traces with the Flagi/Flavian location of Flys to Rieti's Flavians. Therefore, and in other words, Griffins appear to be from this Mr. Agrippa's line through the Salto river, explaining why Saltons and Velis use the Gripp/Grape/GROPER bend. Let's not forget the pigeon-using Croppers/Crappers.

As I said, a few years ago, God used a GRUB in my firewood to indicate that Caiaphas was from Avezzano. I had no idea how that claim could be shown or proven, but I told this to readers, confident that God was speaking. Avezzano had never before been a topic, and Rieti was itself never emphasized until after that time. And here I can now say that Groper-like Grubs use a griffin in Crest! It's amazing, for the theory had become that Joseph Caiaphas was a grandson of Flavius Josephus, a Jewish traitor who went over to Rieti's imperials (for a price, I'm sure). Josephs share the Grub-like garbs of Avezzano-line Avisons. The latter are beloved in the motto of the Kennedys ("Avise la fin") that moreover love the Lafins/La Fonts (same place as Irish Kennedys, use the Conte lion), a branch of Vile-suspect Ville's/Font-de-Ville's.

Wile's/Wileys (black talbot) use the black griffins of Vince's/Vinch's, the latter first found in Hertfordshire with Titus'. Wile's/Wileys share the black dog in Crest with Shire's/Shere's, a branch of Schire's/Schere's/Scherfs, and Vince's use "conSCIRE." The Vince's are of/from Vinkovci, birthplace of the imperial husband of Justine of Picenum, suspect with Picenze, and that gets us back to Velis-suspect Monte Velino. Justine is beloved by Sire's and her husband's line loves Squire's. The Shire dog is definitely the Carrick talbot, and Carricks were first found in Ayrshire with Picenum-suspect Pike's/PICKENs. Kerricks share the single pile with Wings/Winks (Vinkovci), first found in Perthshire with Justine's.

By the way, LA Paloma may have been named by God to indicate the Laws (Lawrence colors), perhaps a branch of Lawrence's (Paloma's share the Pero pale bar, remember). Laws (same pierced stars as Pike's/Pickens) share a red bend with Keeps, and add red roosters, the Kiss symbol. The Comps/Camps, apparently in the Law motto, use the colors and format of Stairs/Stayers. Peare and I rushed up the stairs (before Kepke could see) at La Paloma to kiss. Chapeau-using Lawsons (Yorkshire, same as Comps/Camps, Campbells/Cammells, Pavers and Keppocks) use a "Leve et reLUIS" motto, and Campbells/Cammells use "obLIVIscaris."

Comps/Camps are suspect from Campania, the location of Nola, and the very formation of Picenze is highly suspect from a peoples in Nola. Comps/Camps have griffin heads in the colors of the giant Griffin griffin, and they are gold griffin heads, the color of the same of Joseph-related Caplans. Reminder: Blackie's share the double-gold chevrons with Chaplins and Josephs, and I think I can bank on Blackie's and Blake's being from Pharnaces...including the black talbot of Carricks. Scottish Chappes' were first found in Stirlingshire (beside Perthshire) with the Nimo's/NewMarsh's (Marsi?) suspect in the animi" motto term of Laws. In colors reversed, the Nimo/NewMarsh Coat is a reflection of the Pike/Picken Coat.

I think I have Lawrence's figured out as Laus > Law liners in cahoots with Saraca > Saracena liners which the RAGully cross of Lawrence's can partially represent. Picots and other such surnames are from Pyxus (Buxentum), smack at Laus (near Saracena). And the fish of Saraca's is shared by Turbots in the Lawrence Crest. Turbots share the three fish of Trouts/TrueBECHs/TroutBACHs. The Turbot TRIdent (rises sinister) can be part-code for such surnames as Trys/Troys / Treys/Treis' or True's in the Truebecks. But with the clues that Lawrence's trace to Piacenza liners, the Taro river of the Ananes Gauls makes sense. The Ananes were between the Taro and Piacenza.

The Dent-suspect Dance's share a now-illegal metal-to-metal (silver in contact with gold) Shield with Mose's, expected from Le Mose in Piacenza. Heraldic metal could be code for Middle/Mittle's, who use ragully. Mettle's (Yorkshire) are with the Methleys, whom I trace to Lesbos with the BUCKle-using Leslie's, first found in Aberdeenshire with the Buxentum-line Buchans. Tarrs are Terres' while Terras' use a rook version of the Dent Coat, and the Dent Crest is a tiger, symbol of Medleys too, a branch of Methleys/Mettle's. I was able to trace Blake's (connects to Blackie, Kepke's dog) to Bled, right beside Lesce (near Hungary border), suspect with proto-Leslie's (Hungarians). Didn't we just see Attila-like TILLhouse near the Blake's at Twizel castle? Lesce is on the upper Sava, upstream from the Colapis, which itself had lines to Colchester, suspect with a colors reversed version of the Lawrence cross.

If we go back to Laws (share the red bend with Keeps) and enter Laus-like "Laws," the Laws do come up who share pierced stars with Mettle's/Methleys and Medleys, the latter first found in Sussex with Keeps, and then the latter share the bend in both colors with the Lorraine bend while French Laws' are with the Louis' (!), first found in Lorraine. The Lorraine's share laurel with Laurie's of Laurencetoun (near Annandale, which traces to Ananes at the Taro river). The Laus surname is listed with Lauers, which uses a scythes suspect with Scidrus, beside Laus, for Scythe's are listed with Skids/Skits (share the potent cross of Chads that already traced to Lawrence's). "Scythes" gets the tiger-using Side's. Mose's were at CHAT Moss of Lancashire (can't be too far from Lonsdale), where Chaddocks and Chadwicks lived, and St. Chad was from Staffordshire, where English Lawns/Lane's were first found. [I just loaded the Lonsdale article to find it at Furness. Will talk about this in the next section.]

We saw Law-like Lawns/Lane's possibly being of the Lonsdale of Lawrence's. Lawns/Lane's not only share the Keep bend in both colors, but may be with a version of the Liddell Coat. The Liddell-branch Little's were near Annandale, and, as you will see below, Liddle's are suspect with the Arms of Teramo. As Kepke's brother, Robert, married the sister of Kepke's Miss Walsh, it should be mentioned that the Lawns/Lane's put the same lion upon it as used by French Roberts and Roberts/Propers. The latter put a key (traces to L'Aquila's Sheaves') in the mouth of an ostrich, and the ostrich is used by Louis-like Lois' while the Lawson motto is "Leve et reLUIS." The ostrich is shared by Carricks who share "Garde" English Lawns/Lane's, and Lake Garda is over by Brescia, where Italian Lane's/Lano's were first found. The Brix/Brest and Brick lozenges likely connect to the lozenges of Laws'/Louis', therefore. The Brest-related Launays were first found in LONdon, and Londons / Lundys share gyronny with Lonsdale's.

The Lawn/Lane motto is "Garde le roy" while French Roys use a bend-with-stars in colors reversed from the same of Laws'.

Kepke's brother was in plumbing retail, which is what Lawrence ended up doing for most of his adult life. It's therefore La-Paloma interesting that Plumbers/Plummers (palm branch), in Christine colors and format, share "Consulto" with the motto of Pavia- / Pero-suspect Pettys. He met Peare at Reitmans, and Reitmans share the star of German Plumbs/Plume's/FLAUMENboims, which looks connectable to the "FLAMING" Zionist star of Pero's.

Colchester is in Essex with the first-known Quints, who share the chevron of the Colchester surname. The Crest of the Arms of Colchester: "On a Wreath of the Colours issuant from a CHAPLET [caps mine] of Roses alternately Gules and Argent a Female Figure habited Azure and Veiled Argent crowned Or holding a Passion Cross Or" Darlene's likewise have a "female figure," and share the red fitchee with Vickers/Viggers. The fitchee reminds me of a human-sacrifice instrument, especially when held by a paw. Boofima was a human-sacrifice cult. Homers use a lion paw holding a gold patee, almost the lion paw with gold fitchee of Quints, and then Homers (red roosters) throw in a crossBOW while Bows/Boughs are Boofima liners.

I've just remembered. Kepke had a black dog (Labrador) named, Blackie! Lawrence's were first found in Lancashire with black-dog Furnace's. I get it. The "Be ready" motto of Lawrence's can be for a Read branch, and Reads share the book with Boofima-liner Roets. Boofima had Imperi priests that I trace to Imperia with no doubt about the correctness of that trace. The Colchester surname shares the estoiles of Irish Neils.

Reads are from Rieti along with the Sabine's that share the red bull in Crest with Lonsdale's, and while emperor Titus (of Rieti) was Sabinus' grandson, the Lonsdale's (Lawn / Keep colors) share gyronny with Titus', first found in Hertfordshire with Words and Wards.

Warrens use a "nostrum" motto term now tracing to Pero's by way of Paters/Paternosters. Although Warrens are the Varenne's, the latter surname is listed with Verone's. It reminds that while Miss Peare has a belly symbol for Belly/Belli liners, Italian Belli's were first found in Verona. Warrens put an orange wing on their wyVERN. Yet their descriptions reads: "A silver wyvern with wings chequey red and gold." Isn't that code for Cheeks/Checks?? The Warren Shield is filled with chequey.

I spent a couple of weeks with Miss Peare after we kissed at La Paloma. We were on my bed, I remember, but I never did start anything sexual. I may not have been sure whether I wanted to be serious with her. I was maybe hesitating, but likely, God didn't want me to go there. One night while we stood and hugged / kissed in my bedroom, with Kepke and Miss Phillips in the living room, Kepke blurted out something like, "He doesn't love her, he just wants to use her" (not true because she was in my bed but I didn't use her). And with that bomb, she looked at me too fast, asking if it was true. And before I could answer, she was out of the room in a flash. I could tell that she wanted to be with Kepke, probably because I was hesitating. I left the room, and slammed the living-room WINDOW in front of Kepke to let him know his low trick wasn't appreciated. And it BROKE the glass. I've told this story before, but it didn't dawn on me until now that while Windows share the Quint Chief (almost), Broke's/Brocks were first found in Essex with Quints.

We were hugging, and then I broke the glass. Hugo's share the Melusine mermaid with Glass'. The Drakenberg Vere's insist that Melusine was at Anjou, where Broke's/Brocks are said to be from, and where Mireur's/Mireux's were first found for which Melusine's mirror alludes. I'm pretty sure that it was after she went over to Kepke that I slept between these two ladies, when awaking with my hand on Peare's belly, pressing her toward me. As Hugo's were first found at Bale (Basil), by what coincidence do French Bale's use a Coat in good reflection of the Belly/Belli Coat? Furthermore, Bellys were first found at Moray while Morays use the Melusine mermaid too.

Hmm, we were hugging in the bedroom while BedFORDs share the black lion paw with Quints while Fords share the black border with Bedfords, Furnace's, Parrs and Kitch's/Ketch's. The first Mr. Ketch mentioned is Hugo. Bedfords even use "fortuna" while Lady Fortune is in the Class Coat.

Now when a slammed the window and broke the glass, Miss Peare laughed slightly, as if to send the message that the awful thing she did to me was no big deal. However, perhaps God arranged that laugh to point to the Kennedy-beloved Lafins/La Fonts, for Kennedys were from Cetis' Kennati priests, suspect with the Kenites that were associated with the Shechemites. We now go back to the kiss on Miss Walsh's CHEEK, for while Kiss' are for the line of Lupus Laevillus, king of Cetis, his wife, QUADRAtilla, is suspect in heraldic QUADRants, which are essentially four CHECKS, very clever. And both the colors and format of Walsh's, and their "mortuus" motto term, looks like they had merged with Mortons, whose English branch uses quadrants Wiltshire, same as Shick/Shake-suspect Stars).

The Arms of Carrick is a red-on-white chevron, and sometimes it comes with three black-on-white fitchees, as we see in the Kennedy Coat, because Laevillus' son was Proculus CHARAX, the line to Carricks (Ayrshire, same as Kennedys). Yet the Carrick surname shows a black Lab (talbot), and while Kepke's black Lab was Blackie, there is a Blackie surname (Yorkshire, same as Keppocks/Kippax's) with a chevron surrounded by three gold fitchees (can we believe it?), the color of the Window / Quint fitchee. It's as though God named Blackie, but why with the Kepke's?

Walsh's and Mortons share the colors and format of Kennedys / Carricks, you see, and so do Exeters with bells while Proculus is suspect in code with the portcullis gate of Porters that use bells. The Yate's probably own the portcullis, and they are suspect in the "yet" term of Seatons/Sittens, who probably share the green dragon in the Blackie Crest ("couped at the neck vert, gorged with a silver crown".

Between the two gold chevrons of Blackie's, which are shared by Josephs and Chaplains, there is a third chevron with blue vair fur, the Quint symbol. The green Blackie-Crest dragon head is in the Blake Crest, and Blake's (Devon, beside the Pavia's/Paveys) not only share a single pale bar (different colors) with Pero's, but use the Pavia/Pavey martlets on a bend, which is red, the color of the Keep bend.

The Tile's are implied as kin to the neighboring Mandeville's (Wiltshire, same as Stars), and they use the Vere / Massey quadrants in colors reversed. Vere's trace with Drake's / Drakenberg witchcraft) to L'Aquila (seven miles from Picenze), and Vere-related Angels share the angel in Crest with Picenze-like Beckins/Backens, begging whether Bickens and Bicks were Pike/Picken liners. Italian Angels were first found in Treviso with Tile-related Vito's. I sometimes ate my lunch (high school) with Vito, whose mother had me lay marble on her stairs. Stairs are in Marble colors, and Marble's share the giant Griffin griffin. Weren't Griffins tracing to the Picenze theater with Julius Agrippa, the uncle of the father of Avitus' wife? She was Julia Maesa, and Marble's were first found in Cheshire with Masseys. Vito's father, Severio, has been deemed God's code for Severus Bassus, because I see Maesa's ancestry in him.

I almost missed it. English Angels, who share the winged pegasus with Masseys, use a "stare" motto term!!!! Incredible. My mother's name is even Angela. Her Grimaldi birth name shares lozengy in the colors of the Pecker/Packer lozenges. I'm now wondering whether the Picensii Illyrians were from the Hyksos pharaoh, Apachnas. Good chance (depressing for me).

I have told a few times of the miracle shot God gave me in a marbles game (age 10/11). I spent the summer, at 10 years of age, in Picenze. We called marbles, alleys, and Alleys may be using the checkered Mark fesse. Alleys use buckles facing sinister, which is a Masci- / Massena- / RasMussen-line symbol from ancient Mucius (myth code for Mucianus'). Alleys share crossed arrows with Beckins/Backens. Again, Beckins/Backens (Parr / Nissan fesses?) share the angel with the Angels, and the latter share blue keys with Sheaves'/Chiava's/Chiapponi's, first found in L'Aquila. Amazing.

We saw what looked like a Picenze trace to Geds on the Nith, the river on which is Close-line CloseBURN is located, and Burns with Bernice's are suspect from Bernice Agrippa. Close's use spurs and Spurrs were first found in Devon with the Supers expected in the "Stare super VIAs" phrase of Angels. No Via surname comes up, but there may have been due to the Vio variation of Vito's. Chives' were at Tarves, from the Tarvisium location of Vio's/Vito's, and Chives' use "vi." Chives'/Shewas' must have been of the Chiava variation of Sheaves', and therefore Chives', highly suspect in the Caiaphas name, passed through L'Aquila.

The same Angels use a cane but call it a Bistones-like "bastion" (ignore the 'i'; the spell checker won't let me remove it). Bastons/Batons use bats, linkable to the Bath / Randolph surnames that share the same cross, which is the Nola cross in colors reversed while the Nola cross has a lion in Bath-lion colors. Picenze's patron saint was Felice of Nola.

The German Angels with keys use a lamb with banner, as do Pascals, and then the Pace's/Pascels are also Pacenti's (crossed spears, points down), smacking of the Picentini mountains near Nola.

The Charax line to Carricks passed through emperor Caracalla, whose mother's sister was Julia Maesa, the line to Vito's that share a giant, red annulet with Lonsdale's (Lawrence's were at Lonsdale, Lancashire). His mother's sister (Julia Maesa Bassianus), the line to queen Basina and the Bessin, and therefore expected in connection with Pero / Pavia elements, was the mother or grandmother of emperor HelioGABALus, who wanted to remove the traditional Roman gods for to replace them were El-Gabal of EMESA (almost "Maesa"). There was a temple built to El-Gabal by a Roman at Woerden, in the Netherlands, far from Emesa (no Homs) in Syria. How did that happen? Did the Words or Shuttlewords (related to Keep-beloved Weavers) have anything to do with that temple? Weavers share the colors and format of Vernons, a branch of Warrens that share the checkered Word/Worden Shield.

And Weavers (same place as Hazels) share the colors and format of Hazels whom I trace to Has, on the Drin river not far downstream from GABULeum. If we load Hazeltons ("Pro"), it's the Shick/Shake chevron. And the mouth of the Drin has Laish-liner Lissus. I expect Shechemites through Laish's pagan Levites. Hazels and Hazeltons (same place as Warrens) use LEAVES.

I've been saying for a while that Felt-like Falts (same place as Carricks / Kennedys) share the Hazel / House leaf design while being from FALTiceni way up the Siret river at the Ukraine theater. Hazeltons were first found in Sussex with Goodes' suspect in "it felt so good" (when I pressed Miss Peare's belly toward me). I had found a sphinx in a Wikipedia article on Phanagoria, beside Kepoi, and reckoned that Kepke's named that place, for it is in Caucasia, beside the Ukraine, and Kepke's father is Ukrainian. The sphinx's female face reminded me of Miss Peare prior to my finding Kepoi (roughly within the hour).

By the way, while Prestons proved to be Neuri liners, and while Neuri were near Falticeni, the Falts us a "praesto" motto term, like the Praestem of Prestons. Falticeni is beside HUMorului The "veult" motto term of Prestons can be for a Falt / Felt branch. If you recall the Angel part of this investigation, the Prestons is what had me write it as per their angel. I added that section earlier near the Colchester / Nagle parts.

Lawrence of Picenze

My question is whether Pike's are from Picenze. Amazingly, Lawrence's share the turbot fish with triDENT-using Turbots (Yorkshire, same as Keppocks and Dents), and the Turbot Coat is the Ged Coat (presumably) while Geds were proto-Geddes, the latter using pike fish. The Dents are suspect with Dance's (Yorkshire), and while Kepke loved to dance, Dance's are in Keppock colors and format. Suddenly, Lawrence Kepke may actually be a line through Picenze along with Geddes'. The latter may have been from the Gediz river, beside Foca, that being suspect with Lake Fucino i.e. near Picenze.

Geds were on the Nith river, in Dumfries, where Laurie's (branch of Lowrys) were first found that use a giant cup (related closely to the Christine cups?). Laurie's are said to have named Laurieston (Stirling and FALkirk), which was also "LAURENCEtoun." That looms like an excellent Lawrence-line trace from Picenze / Picenum elements. Stirling was home to Drummonds, though they were first found in neighboring Perthshire with Justine's. Drummonds are still suspect with the KilDRUMMy castle of the earls of Mar, and with Abruzzo's Teramo.

A couple of hours before writing this section, I added the news on Mr. Liddell to this update. At that time I checked the Liddell and Little Coats and saw right-away that Liddells trace to Kilpatricks, at Closeburn. Amazingly, having just loaded the Teramo article for the first time in years, I saw that it's Arms are a version of the Liddell Coat. There we have the Teramo trace to the Nith-river Geds. Amazing. God must have put Liddell in the news at this time.

The way this works is that Latins are known by me for using both saltires of Kilpatricks. And Italian Latins (stirrup, plays to the Close spur) have always been said to be using the Hink saltire, don't ask me how I knew it, I can't remember. It's also the saltire of Annandale's (Dumfries) as used by Bruce's of Annandale. And here I find a "hinc" motto term with Liddells, while the Liddell bend has spurs. The Little's (Roxburghshire, same as Liddells) share the Latin / Kilpatrick saltire. Little's are said to have been 20 miles north of Carlisle, near Annandale.

Amazingly, Jackie LITTLEford was my first high-school sweetheart, and Jacks share the holly of Irvings, first found in Dumfries. Henry Drummond of the cult, Catholic Apostolic Church, started it with Mr. Irving as the pastor. It was founded in 1830, the same year that the Mormons started their church. There was a relationship. And I had quoted: "In 2012, Liddell was Executive Director of Transition Planning for the Romney Presidential Campaign. Liddell is a recognized authority on presidential transitions and the author of Romney Readiness Project..."

Romney is a Mormon.

Mormons used codes just like heraldry. One of their codes was "Latter Day Saints," what they called themselves. "Saints" was deemed code for the Santones Gauls (named Sainte) because they were from Sintians of Lemnos, while the Book of Mormon had a sacred Lamanite peoples. The Liddells use a "SANITas" motto term. The Saints/Sinclairs share the Gay / Galla rooster. Santones were beside the Picenzo-like Pictones, and Picots/Pickets (same place as Masseys), who call their symbol PIKEheads, may be using a form of the ermine owned by Ermine's that share the Annandale Coat...and probably the Tailbois saltire. The Tailbois Coat looks connectable to the Hink Coat. Picots were first found beside the Flintshire Pictons (PYKEton location).

Hmm, Flints use flint stones while Stoners (Stone eagle) use spread eagles colors reversed from the same of SALTons. That can trace Pictons (guttee drops, same as Denets) to Picenze elements. After writing here, while on the Trasacco location at Fucino / Avezzano, Trasks were found with guttee drops too. The Drops/Trope's (similar to the Trask Coat) then share the Nola lion. Interesting. I now see that "Flint" is like "Velin(o). Didn't flint stones just trace to the Velino area? Valents are with the Valentins, and Falints/Fallons use the upright greyhound on Huns/Hundts. Flintshire is right beside Meschin's Chester, and Chesters use "hawk's lures" while the Trask hooks, suspect with the hooks of Abruzzo-line Presleys, are called, "lures." Excellent material for the family historians. No one has made a greater contribution to family history than God through me, yet even while I had an email account, for almost all of the last ten years, the pagan goofs never sent me a note to say they appreciate it.

As I said, the Presley hooks were once exactly in the shape of the Kerrick calTROP / GALtrap. Can we spot the Trope's. Yes, even the goofs can spot it. Presleys (Yorkshire, same as Trasks) share the Abreu/Abruzzo lions and tower. The Presley cockaTRICE is probably the wyvern of Abruzzo-line Drake's, and this now trace's Trice's/Trysts, in the "Keep tryst" motto, to Trasacco. Presleys ("ReSPICE") are in the colors and format of the neighboring Hebrons ("Keep tryst"). Trasks (spear) share combatant lions with Abreu's/Abruzzo's.

Now watch. Liddells share the fleur of Litts, first found in Silesia, home of the Sitlers whose same-colored trefoil has been traced to the same of Devon's Pike's. The latter were beside the Geddys/Gideons while Geddys/Geddes' use pike fish. It appears that Picenzo liners may be all over Albert Pike. Picot-like Bigots use a gold version of the French Mar Coat, and another green snake.

Lemnos was off the coast from Fucino-suspect Foca, and while the green snake has suddenly revealed itself, these past couple of weeks, as code for the snake cult of Fucino's Marsi, Days (taken from Latter Day Saints) use green snakes looking linkable to this Mackesy Coat. Days share the erect sword with Nola's, and the latter's lion is also of Scottish Mars. The latter's Kildrummy castle is suspect with Teramo.

The Pike Coat is split vertically in the colors of the same in the Arms of Piacenza, and the Annandale's trace to the Ananes Gauls at Piacenza. I've never known until now that Picenze can be a sister of Piacenza (Placentia). The trefoil, shared by Pike's, is becoming suspect in this update as code for a Felix-Treff merger, and Treffs/Trips were first found in Hamburg with the Drummonds (i.e. traceable to Marsi). I have been tracing the Geddes escutcheon to the Piacenza square for years, but don't recall whether I noted how their pikes can link to "Piacenza." The Pike's and Hinkleys use a split Shield in colors reversed.

I can now entertain that Annas, the chief priest of Israel who helped to hang Jesus, was from Picenze. The Litt / Liddell fleur can be in use closely by Polish Packs/Pacewicz's. English Packs were first found in Sussex with Felix's, but I can't make the connection at this time between the two nor of Packs to Picenze liners. Rieti-liner Reeds use "Pax."

The Piacenza Shield is shared by Chads who share the potent cross with Felix's, and moreover the patee crosses of Chads are those of Peks/Pecks and Massena's. The Chad cross is half in the colors of the Nola and Lawrence crosses, and Chadwicks with Chaddocks (both share the Geddes / Caddell escutcheon) were in Lancashire with Lawrence's. It seems that Chaddocks can trace with Geddes' to Piacenza, but let's not forget that the Lawrence fish linked to the Ged / Geddes fish. The Chad Coat can be a version of the Packer/Pecker/Picker Coat, therefore. The god Mars had a woodPECKER symbol, though it may not have been in English. "Piceni" is thought by some to be named after the woodpecker. Rita's use "pieces of wood," like "woodpecker" in reverse.

Placentia is beloved in the motto of the Dumfries Rome's/Rooms/Rums.

I was able to connect the ancestry of the Bush's who adopted the two presidents of that name to Joseph Smith, founders of the Mormons in 1830. And here I can add that Maxwells (same place as Little's/ Liddells) use a "holly bush." Then, while that Bush family technically adopted (did not birth) George Herbert WALKER Bush, from the Walker surname, the Scottish Walkers have long been suspect (don't ask me how I knew) with the white Kilpatrick saltire, which happens to be the Little saltire too. And Little's use a "MAGNum" motto term while English Walkers use "Magna." Walks were first found in Dumfries.

I can now finally understand why Jackie's surname was Littleford. Hold on to your seat, for Jackets/JAYcocks share the three crescents of English Walkers. The Mormons claimed that the native "Indians" were Israelites, and Jackie was part native "Indian." Jackets were first found in Suffolk with JAY-using Davers (Daorsi Illyrians).

I am reminded of the red buttons that God provided in my used trailer as a Sign, followed shortly afterward by finding, for the first time, brown buttons in my blue JACKET that was at least ten years old. I just never checked the inside pocket. The buttons in the trailer (belonged to the trailer's previous owner) were still in the bag, unopened, as were the brown buttons. I now find BOTTONy crosses, code for Bidens/Buttons, who were at BATH and Wells i.e. of the Bath surname. These bottony crosses are in the Arms of Teramo, and then while Liddells are suspect with the Arms of Teramo, the write-up claims descent from Turgis BRUNdoz, who was granted Liddel by Ranulph le Meschin. The latter descended from Gaia, suspect with a line to the Gays and Jays (from de Gai), and therefore to Jaycocks/Jackets. The Jays happen to use the same bend as Liddells (Massey fleur) and Teramo, and all three place three, red items on their bends (incredible). Jays put red roses on it, which is in the Liddell Crest.

TURGis Brundoz might just have been from Turks (the surname), one branch first found in Dumfries and using a "Pace VEL bello" motto. Pasi's/Pascels/Pacenti's are also Pace's, and "vel" can be of Velino liners. French Bruns, first found in Poitou, land of Pictones, uses a saltire in the colors of the Pasi/Pacenti saltire. German Turks were first found in Silesia with the Litts sharing the giant Pack/PACEwicz fleur.

The "odor" motto term of Liddells can be for Doors, suspect with Daorsi / Daversi Illyrians to Jay-using Davers. The Daorsi lived on the Neretva river with the Ardiaei, and the latter formed the king-Arthur cult of Christian stupids (satanists, really). The crux of my calling is to expose that king-Arthur's cultists were from the Drakenberg witch cult from the L'Aquila / Velino area. Out of all the peoples in that area, the son of my mother was chosen for this. I wish I could say that it's because I'm the model Christian, but, alas, it has to do with geography, and my ancestry, only, and because my family must trace to the killers of Jesus.

I'm intrigued that Lawrence's can trace to Picenze, and maybe the Keeps too, for Vere's of Drakenberg were from the Varni / Angle people group, whose goddess, Nerthus, looks like "Neretva." And the Varni founded / conquered Keep-suspect Kiev. It strikes me here that "LawRENCE" may have been from a Law-Rance merger, for Rance's/Rants share the triple chevrons of Singletarys, the latter first found in Lancashire with Lawrence's (and black-lab Furnace's). Single-like Shings/SHINers share a red and upright, giant lion with Rance's/Rants (the latter's is probably the lion of Ranulph le Meschin). Or, what about a Law-Reines merger since Reines' are suspect with the Pero comet. The Rance/Rant lion is in the colors of the Place lion, that suspect with "Placentia."

The Rynd variation of Rance's/Rands can be gleaned in the Rind motto, and Felix's use the millrind.

Lawrence's were at Redmayne while Redmayne's use Kiss-suspect cushions (the red Bibo rooster is on a cushion). REDmayne's must be from Red/Reads as per the "ready" motto term of Lawrence's, and it just so happens that Mayne's/Maine's (dart, Devon) are linkable to Walsh's! Zikers. The Mayne/Maine motto, "PROjeci." As that's suspect with Pero's at Pavia, "ProJECi" may be code for the Yorkshire Jacks with a version of the Pavia/Pavey Coat.

I've never been able to figure out why Jackie had a LittleFORD surname, but the Ford trace now to Pharnaces can start to explain it, for Little's ("PARvo") share the gold leopard face with Peare's. I just had the idea to look up Naces' as per "PharNACES," to find greyhounds, in colors reversed from the Ford greyhound, in the Naces/Nash Coat ("sprigs of ash"). Was Pharnaces named after an ancient proto-Nash variation? Was that the naming of Nysa too? German Ash's share the triple Rance chevrons, and English Ash's were first found in Devon with Fords. Ash's use the cockaTRICE while Trice's are with the Trysts in the "Keep tyrst" motto. Spriggs use rose LEAVES.

Luciano Put Me into a Hot Furness

Back to the red buttons in the trailer, for I can connect these to Mr. Kepke. First of all, Traylers are listed with Treys that may be a branch of the TRIdent in the Crest of Turbots, the latter beloved in the turbot tail of the Lawrence Crest. The white Dent lozenges can be traced to the white Brest/Brix lozenges because BRISTols are said to be from Hamon aux Dents. And I'll tell a dream below with red buttons and my DENTist, but here I can repeat that he same squirrel, probably, all within a month or two or three, bounced of my BREAST twice, the second time inside my trailer. It had committed break-and-enter when chewing through the screen, and it found a falling part of the ceiling in which to build it's nest...after I booted it out of my home's attic rafters, at the first time it bounced off my breast, both times in a panic while I was at its nests. Do we think that Ness'/Nessans/Nests can apply to things in this picture? English Trey use three of the two Parr fesses. Good start.

Repeat: "First of all, Traylers are listed with Treys that may be a branch of the TRIdent in the Crest of Turbots, the latter beloved in the turbot tail of the Lawrence Crest." IN FACT, the Traylor variation is probably like the Taylor variation of TAILS due to the Turbot tail! Excellent. This now trace's Lawrence kin to the Tilurius river, where I trace Avitus, and then Lonsdale's share the Vito annulet, I assume. Lawrence's were in Lonsdale, at Furness, and while Lawrence Kepke had a black Lab, Furnace's use the black dog. I myself owned two black labs, the latest one named, Katie, in case that has symbolism. Yes, for the Tilurius is the Cetin while Cetins/Cattans use the cat while Katie got killed by a car when chasing a cat.

But there is more, for Tillers (share the Tail/Taylor lion) are assured from the Tilurius because Brac/Bratia is an island off the mouth of that river, and Bracks share the Tiller fesse. The Brack fesse has the Carrick dog almost in black, and Carricks are exactly expected at the Tilurius, not only because Cetins may have been related to Quadratilla of CETis, whose son was Proculus CHARAX, but because Avitus' wife was the sister of CARACalla's mother, and Avitus' wife was the daughter of Julius Bassianus, whom, one can read online, was located by Caracalla in Dalmatia, where the Tilurius flows. And Carrick liners are suspect with "Saraca," and the Saraca's of RAGusa were likewise in Dalmatia. The Turbot / Ged fish are suspect with the Saraca fish, and we saw how "Lawrence" can trace with Laws' to "Laus." The latter was the alternative name of Ragusa.

I'd like to mention here that DalMATia may have been named from the Mathis river, for Mate's/Mathe's (Champagne) share the cross with BESANTs of Manders while the latter use "Pro omnibus Laus Deo." Chives' have been resolved with the cats of Tails/Tailers, and with the Cavii at the Mathis river. This is making Dalmatia suspect with Hasmoneans or proto-Hasmoneans from the Mathis.

If I'm correct with the trace of Blake's/Blaiks (share the Tail/Tailor pale bar and leopard), who obviously merged with Cattle / Caddell liners, to Bled, it's notable here that Mathie's/Matthews share the triple Bled/Bles chevrons while sharing the blue wing in Crest with Irish Leslie's i.e. from Lesce at Bled. In this way, both Blackie and Katie trace to Dalmatians. Chief Dalmatians were the Ardiaei to king Arthur in Avalon, which cult is now pitted (or pegged) at Velino. There is a French Avallon location near Champagne's Mate's/Mathe's, and Champagne is suspect with Campania, location of Avellino.

The Bleds/Bles'/Blez's may be in the "m'ouBLIEZ" motto term of Corsons/Carsons (Dumfries), looked up because Kepke lived on a Corsen street. Curzons/Cursons (share the Jacket/Jaycock crescent) use poppinJAYS, linkable to the Jackets/Jaycocks that God may have been pointing to with the brown buttons in the pocket of the blue jacket. The "Let" motto terms of Cursons can be of the Lets/Late's along with the "RePULLuLAT" motto of the Dumfries Laurie's.

Now the Bleds/Bles' happen to love the Tous' in their motto, while Tous' use a red shirt with BUTTONs. We assume red buttons on that shirt, the colors of the buttons in my trailer. But there is more, for I had a dream (maybe last year) where my DENTist was laughing at the red buttons on my shirt, after we played a game of golf.

Near the time of that dentist dream, I had another one where golf balls were appearing everywhere from the white ground (either sand or snow, I forget which), and I was collecting them. This is amazing, for Lawrence's were at Sands (Lonsdale), and Lawrence and I, at the age of 12, would wade through the river of three adjacent golf courses to pick out golf balls, then sell them back to the golfers somewhere far from the clubhouse. And Keppocks are suspect with Dent-like Dance's while my dentist (in the dream) may have been code for Dents. I'm assuming that the golf theme is God's code for Guelphs/Welfs, whose wolf could very well be in the Arms of Piacenza.

He laughed at me in the car, with me alone in the BACK SEAT, and while Seats/Cedes' were first found in Lancashire with Cars and Sands, the Seats/Cedes' are in the motto of Steers while Backs/Backs use the steer. The laughing is suspect with Lafins/La Fonts, beloved on Carrick-related Kennedys, so that the golf theme may be of the Tilurius / Cetina / Quadratilla elements discussed above. Quade's use wolf heads, and Laughtons use the wolf too. BUT there is a Laugh/Laugher surname that looks like it can be from "Law"! However, Laughs/Laughers are shown properly as Lochers/Lahore's. The latter share three piles meeting at a point with Guiscards, and the surname of the dentist in the dream is directly related to the early Guiscards.

I'd like to point out that the best of the three golf courses was CEDARbrae while Cedars (lizards) are listed with Cottars, like the Cottard variation of Cautes'/Cotta's/Cottons in the "Cautes" motto term of Cetins/Cattans. It just so happens that Cedars/Cottars were first found in Oxfordshire with Gullys/Gollys (Kennedy colors and format), suspect in "RaGULLY." And Gullys/Gollys (keys) share the cross of English Julians while Cotta's (Languedoc, same as French Julians) were apparently from Aurelia Cotta, mother of Julius Caesar. And Caracalla was born, Aurelius. If that's not enough, Lafins/La Fonts share the lion of Italian Conte's, and can thereby be proven to be a branch of Languedoc's Font-de-Ville's and Conte's. Laughtons share the black-on-white fitchees of Kennedys.

The dentist laughing at me can be considered to be a representation of Kepke, for he never allowed any friend to have the passenger seat when he wasn't driving. That is, Kepke would never get into the back seat. In the dream, there I was in the back seat. I'm having the sense that this relates to a Keppock-Dent relationship because Laughs are Law > Lawrence liners. I was tearing the trailer apart when I noted the bag of two red buttons in the kitchen sink (fallen out of the CUPboard above it), and while Kitchens were first found in Lancashire, Sinks use the format and colors of Dents. Sings share the garbs of Laugh-possible Aughtons (Lancashire), which are three gold garbs in the format of the same of Avise's/Avisons in the motto of Kennedys i.e. who share the Laughton fitchees. If Aughtons were Laughtons, then let's add that Aughtons were looked up as per the manor at Aughton of the early Lancaster surname. And South Lonsdale is beside Lancaster (the city).

I want to move on to the Furness location at Lonsdale. But first, I've got to mention Luciano, a relative in some way, maybe not too close. He must have been close to Dino, my cousin on my mother's side, and Dino got me a job at Panelpina, at the Toronto airport. Panel's are with Pings/Pongs/Paganells (same place as Keppocks), and Kepke loved playing ping-pong with me, which we did in his basement to roughly my age 20, which is when I was at Panelpina.

The Panels/Pings/Pongs are also Pungs, in the motto of the Annandale Rome's/Room's along with "placit," suspect with the Place's and with Placentia, where the Ananes (to Annandale) lived. Annandale could not have been far from the Laurie's and Laurencetoun. And with "Panelpina," Pina's were checked to find cups, the Laurie symbol. And while Lawrence's were at RedMAYNE (South Lonsdale), Pina's were first found in Maine. As Christine's use cups while being first found on the Isle of MAN, there's a good chance that man liners named Maine. Redmayne's use a giant castle in the colors of the giant tower of Pellicans, first found in Maine.

If the Place's share the Rance/Rant/Rynd lion, and if LawRENCE's were a Law-Rance merger, it can be added that Rant-suspect Rinds were first found in Perthshire with Lune's/Lyons while South Lonsdale is at the Lune river, and named after it. The Glenlyon location of Lune's/Lyons is where a branch of Mens' lived, a branch of manners suspect with Laus-loving Manders that in-turn use the Mate Coat. As Mate's are suspect from DALmatia (location of Laus = Ragusa), it's notable that Dale's share the swan with the Ready's in the Lawrence motto while Dale's (Yorkshire, beside Lancashire) may have named Lonsdale.

The Rinds use gillie flowers in a flower pot, and Flowers share the Potter cinquefoil, and the Potter Coat looks linkable nto the Laughton Coat. Potters were first found in Hampshire with English Josephs while Maine was home to the first-known French Josephs that showed the swan.

Upon being let go from Panelpina (air cargo), Luciano got me a job in a plant making aircraft parts. My job was to coat the copper wires of aircraft generators with a paste for protection while the generators were wheeled into a walk-in FURNACE. It's just that Luciano's (Rome, same as Ready-suspect Rita's) use the Luce/Lucy fish said to be shared as pikes by Geddes, the latter being the Ged line that links to the Lawrence turbot tail. And Lawrence's were first found at Furness! Amazing. And Coppers (leopard faces trace to Rita-suspect Pierleoni) were first found in Sussex with Keeps...which made me try for a Keeper surname, and it happens to be listed with Keeps!

Hmm, Keeps use a ship (galley) while I stole an entire roll of copper wire and used it in place of strings to make the sails of a string-art ship. I got caught stealing this roll by Jack (a machinest), and was fired. Scottish Jacks share holly with the Copper-Crest leopard, and the Yorkshire Jacks can be sharing the Keppock fesse.

Now this is amazing. As Pullys/Pullens (pelican, Joseph martlet) are suspect in the Laurie motto (RePULLulat), note that Pully-related Pellicans (Maine) have been traced to Pocket/Poucher-suspect Porch's/Porchers/Portis' (share the same, giant cinquefoil, essentially) at Portishead, and that's where God pointed little Pino while Pina's (share cup with Laurie's) were first found in Maine. So, maybe the brown buttons were found in a jacket pocket to link Buttons to this picture, and Buttons use horns, the symbol for Horns / Orne = the urine line that I assume God used on Pino's head. Urine liners are from Orion at Schimatari (suspect with a Shechem merger with some Tar entity, probably the Zeus Taurus at or near Thebes), and Corsens/Carsons use the scimitar. Kepke lived on Corsen when I knew him. Readys use the scimitar too, can we believe it?

Every week, a 40-foot trailer of chicks would come in, and I always got elected to unload them, by hand, box of chicks by box of chicks (I was in the shipping/receiving department). If we're wondering whether these chicks are for Shechemites, I would offer that God arranged for me to get that job precisely to link Chicks/Checks/Cheeks (Suffolk, same as jackets/Jaycocks) to this discussion, especially as Pino's share the Chick/Check crescents, three of them linkable to the three of Jackets/Jaycocks (see them with French Pine's). Is that not amazing? I can't recall why I was let go at Panelpina, but it had to be because God wanted me at Luciano's place of work, at the furnace.

Tous', who use the red shirt with button, were first found in Tuscany with Dino's, and Dino got me the Panelpina job. He lived in the same apartment building as Luciano, and the three of us would routinely take the elevator down each workday morning to drive in the same car to work. I was living at Luciano's, and this was immediately after I dated Karen Whelan on the same Corson street. As I said, she lived at the corner of Corson and Reesors, while Reesors share the vaired patee cross of the Yorkshire Ferrands (from Firenze, Tuscany, where Taddei's and Brown-liner Bruno's were first found) while the Ferrand Chief can be gleaned with the Chief of Taddei's, kin of Dino's (from Taddao Dini). When I lived on Reesors (moved away seven years before I met Whelan), Bruno was my neighbor, and fellow real-estate agent with my father. Whelan's sister was dating Rick Young, also on Corson, and smack beside Kepke.

Be amazed (because I am, anyway). The chicks were unloaded from a trailer, and the red buttons were found in the trailer that I purchased ($500) for the very purpose of living in while I built my house. The trailer was bought at a camp site a few minutes from my property at SHAKLe street, where I parked the trailer. Is that not amazing corroboration that the Chicks relate to Shechemites? Shake's are Shicks too. I feel I have not yet discovered the greater significance of Treys/Traylors as to how they were Shechemite kin.

I recall working at Luciano's place for nine months, and I was fired there while living at a Demaine street, and Demaine's were first found in Maine. Kepke visited me there once, and after my visit to his place shortly afterward, we parted company for good (I suppose God was done with his part of the revelation). That's where I made the string-art ship and where I became a Christian. Repeat: "The latter [le-Meschin] descended from Gaia, suspect with a line to the Gays and Jays (from de Gai), and therefore to Jaycocks/Jackets." Jackets were first found in Suffolk with Bacons/Beacons in the beacon of the Redmayne Crest, and Redmayne is at the Furness theater too.

For the longest time, I recall Fullers said to be first found in Herefordshire, same as Jays. Fullers share the beacon with German Belli's, but are now said to be first found in Yorkshire, same as Keppocks that share a fesse in Fuller-fesse colors. The Italian Belli's and Carpenters clinch the Fuller link to Belli's, and this brings me to the string-art ship I made with copper, and the Keep/Keeper ship, for the Ship surname (same place as Peare's) uses bellows. There is a Bellow surname ("VITA et PECTore PURO") related to Maine's Billets/Billiards, and we know that Miss Peare was given a belly symbol. The Bellows can be gleaned with both Bacon Coats, and one is the Beacon surname beloved by Redmayne's.

The Ships are also Shiptons, suspect with Skiptons (Yorkshire), from general Scipio (founded Piacenza), who made an alliance with king Massena, son of Galla i.e. in the galley ship of Syphax-suspect Keeps. This explains why Meschins married Skiptons.

When Peare was first my girl but went to Kepke, I see it as per Sophonisba, engaged to Massena but marrying Syphax instead. After Massena defeated Syphax with Scipio, Sophonisba went over to Massena, but the story ends there with unknown facts aside from the claim that she was went to Rome, where Syphax was under house arrest, and where the Pierleoni grew up. After Kepke let Peare go, she came to visit me, but the relationship was quickly nipped in the bud, I assume, by God. My next girl was Lorraine, very linkable to Laurence's, and she had a foot symbol from God, while Fullers are suspect with Futters (share the one Keppock fesses) in their motto.

Futters were first found in Angus with Rieti-likely Readys and the Marsi-line earl of Mar, beside the Reeds ("Pax COPIA" used by English Reeds) and Cups/Cope's of Aberdeenshire, where Foot-branch Fitts/Fothes'/Fette's (cornuCOPIA) were first found, and while Fitts/Fitch's use more leopard faces, "fit" is a motto term of Wartons while Lawrence's were from Warton, near COPEland. Wartons use the maunch (sleeve) as code for Manche, named from the Manx peoples on the Isle of Man, where cup-using Christine's were first found. The Sleeve is the term used for the English Channel, off of Manche, and location of Guernsey and its Footes location.

I had said that Fullers use the blue jay, but then learned that it's a blue dove (maybe was changed from a jay to a dove). Blue dove's are used by WAISTells, and Peare was given a waste symbol too.

When I started to get the impression that Lawrence's should link to Lorraine's via the laurel shared between Laurie's and Lorraine's, I said to readers that both Lorraine and Kepke have (or had) "sun-bright" blond hair. And that's when I checked Blonds to find a foot on a sun, which was long after I claimed that Lorraine was given a foot symbol.

Jackets/Jaycocks must be in the blue jay of Daorsi line Davers (Arthur colors and format, should trace to Pinnes of the Ardiaei), and so jackets are suspect with the Pine crescents while Pina's were first found in Maine. It's probably relevant that Pina's use cups while Cups/Cope's can be a branch of Copelands, for Copeland is smack beside Furness, and it just so happens (wow) that Copelands share the double fesses of Nysa-suspect Ness'/Nessans! So, it indeed does appear that Furnace's and Parrs (double fesses of Nissans) were from Pharnaces and Nysa. Here's a map of the Furness area:

Note the Dalton location at Low Furness, for Daltons (Rita lion?) use a Tristus" motto term while Trists are with the "Keep tryst" motto of Hebrons/HEPburns (Northumberland).

The last time I saw Miss Whelan, she had gotten another guy. I found this from Rick Young, likely, who told us where she was meeting him. So Kepke and I arrived first, which was 10 miles or more from her home, and it happened to be at the restaurant at Scarborough Town Center, where Kepke and I often ate (and had some beers) when we worked at that mall, both selling shoes (different stores). And when she and he walked in, I got up to go speak with her, but Kepke said, "Be non-chalant." I've gone over this several times in the past. It's now interesting that Lawrence's use the motto, "BE ready." And the Nons/Nevins (in the Warton motto) use the PALM branch. The point is, his utterance was code for Chalants/Chalons (Keep bend in colors reversed), and Chalons-sur-Marne is where Mummolin ruled who was the son of Artemia of Lyon while Lune's/Lyons may have named the Lune river at the Redmayne theater. Therefore, figure on Mummolin's line at the Lune river. Mummolin's wife, Berthe, is suspect with my birthday symbols, one of which is when I asked Lorraine out (never knowing her before) on my birthday. She and her symbols were for Pepin of Landen, who married Metz in Lorraine, and Mummolin could very well have descended from Pepin.

At the time I spotted Lorraine's beautiful feet, which I say was God creating her foot/feet symbol, Michael Oullette saw her for the first time, and blurted, "what a babe." She maybe was too far to hear, but Mike said it while I was walking by him. It must have been God speaking because English Babe's (leopard face) nearly use the Oulette fesses, and the Babe Crest has a sun, as does the Blond Crest with foot. Babe's, feasibly from Babon, Mummolin's son, are expected with queen Bebba of Scottish Bebbanburgs, whom I had figured to be a close kin of Pepin of Landen years before I started telling of Lorraine the babe. I didn't know until weeks ago that Feets/Fate's (same fesse as Futters) share the Pavia/Pavey Coat.

Welsh Chalants/Chalens were first found in Powys while the Powys surname uses a bear paw (gamb) in colors reversed from the same of Bellini's (same place as Belli's). The bear gamb is in the colors of the giant fleur of Gamble's and Demaine's. This fleur has got to be the one used by Spanish Petro's, from Flavius Petro of Rieti, where REDmayne's must trace, for the Petro Coat is like the Red/Reed Coat (Northumberland, same as Keep-loving Hebrons and Pax-copia Reeds), and it just so happens that Readys are in the Lawrence motto. "Be ready" should be for Bee's, traceable with Sale's/Salletts to the Salto river through Rieti.

Welsh Chalants are in the colors and format of Comps/Camps suspect in the Law motto, and Laws share the red rooster (from Galla, father of Massena, right?) with Bibo's while the Bibo rooster is on a cushion while Redmayne's use cushions. Are Bibo's the namers of Bee's? I see Bibo's with the husband of Quadratilla Bassus, she being the line to the bee-using Bessins and bee-using Thals/Talls (Thuringia, same as queen Basina), and Talls can then be of the turbot tail of Be-Ready Lawrence's. That works. "Be non-chalant," suspect with the Bibo line, therefore, and the son of Chalons' Merovingian ruler, Mummolin, was BABon. As Ranulph le Meschin's father was from the Bessin, the Talls are probably using the Massena bend with Zionist stars, which are the stars of Pero's too, as well as those of Weis'/Wise's that probably use the white Masci wings.

It's known that Ranulph le Meschin ruled Copeland and other areas of those parts, and so Furness and Lonsdale may have been included. Copelands share double-red fesses with Babons (Suffolk), and Lancasters almost use two red ones. Further evidence that Mummolin's line was at the Lune is where Belgian Furness' share the Law bend.

After I accused Lorraine of messing around on the grass with her friend's wife, she wouldn't see me any longer. I asker her out at a bus stop, which was packed with surname code. After she left me, a girl I had been seeing in the far-north was living in the city near me. Joe Oullette (my buddy) was seeing Sandy, her friend, at the same time, and so one day this Mr. Oullette said to me that this other lady (forget her name) was in the city. And since neither of us were driving at the time, we took the bus to the bus station for to catch a subway to her home. And when we were getting off the bus at the bus station, I was the first one in line to get out. And when the door opened (this is a large city, Toronto), there was Lorraine first in line to get on. We eyed each other, but she didn't look like she was in a mood to talk, so I walked by and said nothing. We went to see the other lady, who was from WIARTON. It's just that God paired Lorraine with Lawrence while Lawrence's were first found in Warton, and it's Wartons that use "fit" for apparent Foot liners.

[Upon entering the Slate's below, I noted how they have a fair reflection of the Lorraine Coat, but this didn't occur to me until after seeing the "sub" motto term of Slate's, which was conspicuous because I was wondering whether the SUBway event here was code for a Sub-like surnames). There is even a Way surname using vertical fish in the colors of the same in the Arms of Bar-le-Duc, in Lorraine! The Way fish are called " lucies haurient" and therefore link to the Lucy / Luciano fish. The Way Crest: "An arm in mail armor holding a baton". Subbe's/Sobbe's/Sobers use rose leaves, and Subers use a green leaf. Slate's love the Ponders along with Chapmans.]

I saw her beautiful feet while with Mike Oulette, and saw her at the bus station while with Mike's brother. The Oullette's/Willets seems to be relevant with Lorraine liners. So why don't I remember my girl's name from Wiarton, but do recall Sandy from Wiarton? Well, Lawrence's (share ragully feature with Sands) were at/beside Sands while Sandys share (almost) the Sand Coat, both using fitchees while Fitts/Fitch's can be in the "fit" motto term of Wartons (share "non" with Sandys). This explains why I saw Lorraine while going to the lady's place from Wiarton, if Lorraine's and Lawrence's were branches.

Now the bus station where I saw her as I stepped off the bus is called the Finch Bus Terminal, and Vince's/Finch's happen to share the motto of Sandy-like Sanders, who look to be with a version of the Glenny Coat (FOOTLESS martlets), Lune-important below. Glennys were first found in Aberdeenshire with Less-suspect Leslie's and Foot-branch Fitts/Fothes'.

Lorraine's happen to share the green and upright lion with Lune's/Lyons, you see, and Mummolin's Lyon line has got to be at the Lune river that named Lonsdale.

If that's not enough, I accused Lorraine of messing around with her friend's husband while dropping in on her after dancing with Mamie, at her party, maybe an hour earlier. I had never known this Mamie before, and as she walked by me in the living room, she just came to me and started to slow dance. It was a God set-up, because Mamie became the symbol of Mummolin, as well as for Mame's/Meme's/Mens/Mengzies' at GlenLYON along with Lune's/Lyons. And her lines are from the Isle of Man. When she became my girlfriend a few weeks later, just after I visited the Wiarton woman, and while I was living in the apartment of Paul Oullette (the third brother), God gave Mamie a thigh symbol. It was the day after we first got together at a camp site. She was at her front garden (Gardens share the Babon boar head) in a two piece, when her terrific thighs just burned themselves into my mind as did Lorraine's feet. As it turned out decades later, I learned that MANSfields had a MAMESfelde location in Nottinghamshire, where TYE's were first found. And Mansfields with Mangels/Mansells share the maunch with Wartons. Is that cool?

As Glennys share the Chief-Shield color combination with Mame's/Men's/Mengzies', as well as the martlets of Glenns, it can appear that the Lyon-Mummolin line was at Pavia's Pepins, for Glens were first found in Peebles.

Lorraine's laundry symbol is what clinched her with Pepin of Landen, as per Landens/Landers, who share the Langley Coat, and then while this was traced to Cuneo's Langhe, the Wartons are said to have purchased the manor of Langdale. Langhe has always been suspect with LANCaster, which is smack at the Sands / Lonsdale / Furness area. We saw that Ness liners are at Furness without doubt, note that Ness'/Nessans come up as "Nas" while Wartons use a "NASciter" motto term.

I didn't pursue Mamie the night we danced. I left early to go see Lorraine, but God had other ideas, I figure. And by a fix of God, Mamie ended up going camping with a gang I had been with, one of which asked me to go camping too. I bought Mamie a new Bible, and Bible's are with Bibo's, potential namers of Babon. Mamie went on a trip and said she left her Bible under the bed, something I don't believe. But Bedfords can apply to Badon, Mummolin's grandson. BABcocks/BADcocks share the red rooster with cushion-using Bibo's/Bible's and cushion-using Laws.

It's a virtual certainty that Babcocks/Badcocks trace to Mummolin's family because Cocks share the Coat of Grimaldi's while Grimo was Babon's son. The Grimaldi and Cock Coats are shared, essentially, by Irish Weirs, and English Vere's are also WIERs, like WIARton. Vere's share the Weaver / Hazel fesse, and while Weavers are expected as Keep kin as per the motto of Hebrons (same place as Manners/Maness'), Hazel-branch Islips/Haslips (share lodged stag with Babcocks) are suspect in the "I zal" motto phrase of Meme's/Mens', for Manders use "A plover (bird) proper with a green SLIP of oak with gold acorns in its mouth". Hazels use "hazel SLIPs." I don't recall deciphering the plover bird, but it does face sinister, as expected for Maccabee liners.

Mummolin's mother was the daughter of RUSTicus (I view him as a proto-Varangian i.e. from Word / Ward liners), and Rusts/ROOSTs (probably play on that line's roosters) use fitchee crosses. Mummolin's father was MUNDERic, perhaps to Laus-Deo Manders. Munds (Kent, same as Mynetts) share the peaCOCK with Manners/Maness', a Parr-loving branch of Mame's/Mens'/Mengzies'.

The plover bird can be code for Pulvers, who share the annulets of Foggs and Figgs. The latter share the fesse-with-stars of Purys suspect in the Manner/Maness motto, as well as sharing the Glen / Glenny martlets. That works. The suffixes of Pulvers (Wier fleur?) makes Pulvers appear merged with Toste's/Tafts (Were/Wear crosslets), probably from Tosti the Dane. The Were's/Wears happen to share the Bruce motto while Wiarton is in the Bruce peninsula.

On the map presented earlier, Broughton is between High Furness and Copeland, and Broughtons ("Vitae") share the double fesses of Copeland and Ness/Nas'. Broughs share a version of the Rust/Roost Coat, tending to clinch the Lune river with Rusticus of Lyon. Broughs share black swans with French Josephs (once showing), Guests, and Chaplets. Guests (Caplan Shield) were first found in Worcestershire with Babcocks. French Guests are the gold-rooster Gays, and that rooster is in the Crest of Sinclairs that nearly share the Rust/Roost and Broughton saltire. If we trace the black Broughton swan to Maine's Josephs, let's add that Lawrence's were at Yelton-RedMAYN while Yeltons are suspect with Yell on Shetland, beside the first-known Broughs in the Orkneys. Yells share the gold-on-black garb with the Aughtons of the Furness area.

Broughtons are said to descend from Vernons (Vere/Wier Coat with goddess) of Shipbrook (Cheshire), and Vernons are probably Varni along with Furness'/Furnace's. Vernons of Shipbrook were under Hugh D'AVRANCHes, a Varangi suspect that I trace to Welfs/Guelphs i.e. suspect with my golf theme.

Time to go back to Luciano, the machinist at the aircraft manufacturer (Aircraft Appliances and Equipment, I think it was called) at a corner of TorBRAM road. The red talbot of Broughtons reminded me of Bramtons, whom I trace to lines that honored Abraham, probably from his wife, fish-liner Keturah. Luciano's and Luce's/Lucys use fish. "AAE has supported the Canadian Dept of National Defence for all of its 60 years...located in BRAMTON at the corner of Torbram Road and East Drive since 1970..." God has done a super thing here. Red-lion Bramtons were first found in Norfolk with red-lion Yeltons and Luce's/Lucys. So, God may have set up the job at Torbram for Luciano in anticipation of making this revelation: Abraham liners were at Yelton-Redmayne with turbot-TAIL Lawrence's. Lucys are suspect with Lucy TAILLebois (wife of Ranulph le Meschin, he from king Massena, conqueror of Syphax, right?) That explains it.

Again, the Turbots share the fish (same colors) of Geds that are suspect with the same-colored fish of Saraca's, who lived at KOTOR, which was from mythical KODRos of Athens, who had a fish symbol, and his mythical son, Medon, was from "Medan," KETURah's son with Abraham. It's clear to me that Greek myth was connected way back to Abraham's pagan families. We can assume that the red Bramton / Broughton dog is the black one of Furness'/Furnace's (because Broughton is beside High Furness).

The Bramton Coat is that of Sempers/St. PERE's, from a Peter of Manche.

Kirkby is a wolf's howl south of Broughton, and now we find a green snake in the Crest of the Lancashire Kirkbys. Off the coast of Kirkby is the Duddon waters, which recalls the Dons that share the double Parr / Nissan fesses in colors reversed, for Dons were a topic as per God speaking in the middle of the night, telling that I should check Dons and Donna's in the morning. Dons are said to be from Duddon of Cheshire. The "Firm" motto of Kirkby can link to the motto of Beacons/Bacons in the Redmayne beacon, and Redmayne's are doubly from Rieti, the area into which the Marsi are expected. The Fleetwood location near Lancaster has been resolved as a Flavian line. Kirks (Cumberland) look like they share a form of the Barrow Coat, for Barrow is on the map in Cumbria, and south of Kirkby. Kirks have been suggested from Mummolin before because their motto is "OptiMUM quod priMUM."

Barrows could be from Bar, on the coast at lake Scodra i.e. near Kotor. Bars were at Brunswick, and the double Brunswick lions are colors reversed from the same of Bramtons. In the Don Sign, Dons were to link to Bra liners, especially Brazile's / Braswells. There is a Dudon surname (flag, traces to Flavians) sharing hunting horns with Bars, and Duttons were first found in Lancashire while Dalton, perhaps a Dutton branch, is beside Barrow at Low Furness. Furness is just outside the Lancashire border. Daltons ("Tristus") are also Dultons. Trists/Trysts use "A falcon holding in its mouth a FISH". If the Dalton lion is closely that of Rita's, they're from Rome with Luciano's.

Kirks can explain the black border of Furness' and Parrs because the Kirk saltire is almost the Border saltire. Kirk-like Church's (Somerset, same as Borders) use black dogs (greyhounds) in both colors of the Furness dog. I wonder what Kirks / Church's are from in history. Carricks? They use a black dog too, and Pharnaces' line is expected to the parents of Proculus Charax. The Church Coat is a good refection of the Luck/Luke Coat (mascles), and the latter could just be a Luce/Lucy branch. The greyHOUND is highly suspect with both Hun surnames whose dogs would be red, the colors of the Bramton dog, in colors reversed.

The waters off the other side of Barrow are shown as "Leven," and the first-known Levins were nearby in Westmorland. Levens (with the second 'e'), reflecting the Coats of Sands / Sandys, share the elephant with Sanders while Sands is near these Leven waters. The Levens are important where Sandys (share dancette fesse with Carricks) can be gleaned with the Arms of Carrick when it uses the three fitchees. Therefore, Levens trace to Lupus Laevillus. And the elephant has been resolved with the Elaphiti islands smack beside Ragusa. The ragully fesse of Sands, a version of the dancette-fesse of Sandys, is possibly code for Ragusa liners. And Saraca's have already traced to Lawrence elements while Lawrence's were at the Sands theater. Levens (Leavells colors) are also Law-like Lewins, big hmmm. Lawlers, in Leven colors, use an upright lion in the colors of the Bramton lions, and Bramtons especially went through the Saraca fish to the Lawrence fish. And this recalls the Law-Rance theory, for the Rance lion is the upright Lawler lion, and Rance's happen to have been first found in Norfolk with Bramtons and Leafs/Leve's!!! Zikers. Although Laws were suspect with "Laus," that's the Laish line, i.e. the Levites out of Laish. Rance's were at YELverton while Lawrence's were at YELton. The Rand-branch Rinds use a version of the Crag Coat (LEAVES), who in-turn throw in the black Carrick dogs. The Rance lion can be in use with Lancashire's Cartmels/Carmels, said to be from "Lonsdale north of Sands." Cartmel is on the map between the two Lonsdale areas.

I've been sure of a Mallet trace to Melita, an island beside the Elaphiti islands, because "Ragusa" is wrongly said to derive in a deer, while Mallets use the deer anyway. The Mallet scallops are in use on the Rind bend in place of the Crag leaves, and by now you know that Carricks are Saraca liners.

Repeat: "Now the bus station where I saw her as I stepped off the bus is called the Finch Bus Terminal, and Vince's/Finch's happen to share the motto of Sandy-like Sanders..." I was on my way to visit sandy friend from Wiarton. Wiers/Wire's/Vere's love the Neils/Nihills (same as the Saraca fish), and the motto of Sandys uses "Nil." I've repeated this because Stations use a red greyhound in Crest, suspect with the red dog in the Bramton Crest. If we change the griffins on Vince's/Finch's to greyhounds, we get the Church Coat. I kid you not, Lorraine lived at Church street when I was with her. In fact, I've just checked the map, and she lived at the corner of Church and Lorraine-like Lorne (Richmond Hill).

No Lorne Coat shows, but they are said to have been first found in Aberdeenshire. They can be with Lanarks/Lurnachs. Lorraine's (Northumberland) are also Lorrens. And the bike I was on can now suggest that Biks/Bickers were a branch of Biggars, who have a Biggar location in Lanarkshire. I trace Biggars to Biharia (Romania), home of Khazars that I trace to Moray. The first time that I saw Lorraine was when I was walking around the corner from Yonge street to Lorne, when she was coming up Lorne toward me. As we walked by one another on Lorne, I blurted, "I'm going to marry you." Don't ask me how that came out of my mouth; it wasn't like me to speak that way to a stranger, but this lady was a knock-out. She didn't say anything, and I didn't feel good about pushing things by stoping to talk. I didn't even turn around to see whether she liked or disliked what I said. I figure she didn't like it.

After seeing her a couple of times, at least, at her bus stop, from inside a restaurant where she could not see me, I saw her again and spontaneously rode up and asked her out. She must have remembered me. She agreed, and because it was on my birthday, I started to seriously believe that she would be my wife, as a gift from God, to fulfill what I now call the Hicks dream. The woman in the Hicks dream was a blond, as was Lorraine. But she turned out to be a Jehovah's Witness, and I could not marry her so long as she was serious about that religion. I cooled down on her, and she felt it.

Biggars share the Dallas/Doleys Coat, and the latter were first found in Moray. I view Cohens as Khazars, and Tulls/Tolle's (Tool lion), who share the Cohen Shield, were first found in Staffordshire with Stops/Stubbs. I asked her out on my Biggar-suspect bike at her bus STOP. Stops/Stubbs use "A gold demi eagle with a LAUREL branch in its beak." There is a Laurel surname, said to be from TOULouse, where I tend to trace Tools and Tulls/Tolle's, and Tullia of Lyon, in Clermont-Ferrand, was not far from Toulouse. Italian Ferrands share the Cohen Shield too. This is the first time that I've gone from my bike to Biggars, and it looks very correct, not to mention revealing on a wide scale. One can link Tullia to Khazars, and the question is why Tullia's line should link to Lorraine the babe.

Interestingly, Toulouse was in Roussillon, or at least beside it, and while Tulls/Tolle's use a pyramid in Crest, I read that the founder of Jehovah's Witnesses, whose Russell surname is like "Roussillon," had a pyramid-shaped tombstone. I know that he loved the great pyramid of Cheops, as a nut loves fantasies of his own inventing.

I didn't know that there is a Be surname until now, a few seconds after loading the Collins Coat with the CHALANT/Chalons bend (colors reversed from the Lorraine bend). It evokes "be non-chalant." The Be Coat uses two lions combatant (as do Irish Collins') in the colors of the Laurel lion, and Be's were first found in Languedoc with Laurels. Mummolin of Chalons-sur-Marne was descended (as a fact) from Tullia of Clermont-Ferrand. I was trying to load the Bee's but forgot the second 'e', causing the Be Coat to pop up with good timing. I was loading Bee's to assure that they use a version of the Stubbing Coat. Stubbings were first found in Essex with the Sempers in the motto of Dallas-related Biggars. It's all fitting great for the bike ride to Lorraine's bus stop, and the Stubbs even use a version of the Pepin Coat while I asked her to meet me at a laundromat, which proved to be code for Pepin of Landen. Amazing.

It appears that God wants to link Lorraine's to Lorne's, or at least to present evidence that Lorraine was a set-up for the importance of Lorraine liners. After we met at the laundromat on the first evening together, we walked to her place, and sat, then kissed (great kiss) at a PICnic table across the street from her place. The Picks share the Sandy Coat but in different colors. Unbelievably, while I was just linking Sandys to Levens, I can now add that we met at a laundromat at LEVENdale plaza. While Scottish Leavells share the three Yonge piles, the laundromat we met at was at the corner of Yonge and Levendale. I've said several times that I had moved to Hunt street, which you can see on the map beside Levendale. Prior to moving to Hunt, I myself was living on Church street, about a half dozen properties from her apartment.

Biks/Bicks might just be a Pick branch from Picenze liners. There's options. But isn't it neat that Stops/Stubbs share the downward, white-on-black pheon with the Nickle's that can work into the picNIC table? Table's were from Cheshire with Nickle's, and the Table's (Halton) are in king Arthur's Round Table because Table's share the Arthur's blue roundels. This is great, for blue roundels are called, hurts while Hurts share the fesse of duck-using Herls/Hurls while duck-using Velins were suspect at Avalon-like Velino, near Picenze!!! Most excellent.

The Hurls/Herods (share gold fesse with Herls/Hurls) are also Heraults, and Herault is an area between Nimes and Toulouse. Laurels (taken from the Stop/Stubb Coat) are said to have been at Nimes and Toulouse.

Let me get this straight. I was at Levendale when on the bike, and from there I moved to a nearby home, where I know Lorraine visited me. I then moved to Oullette's, and when he moved out abruptly (my last days with Mamie = Mummolin code), I went back to Church for a short time, where I had been previously. I then went to Hunt, and while there, Albert at Levendale asked me to move back in while he went to Whistler mountain. I had Mamie over there one time, the last I saw her, while Albert was gone. Amazingly, the home on Church was owned by Mr. Archibald, and, checking only now, the Archibalds (Roxburghshire) use a Coat much like the Biggars. While Buz was Nahor's second son, his first was Uts (Biblical spelling) while Archibalds use an "ut" motto term. I asked Lorraine out at the Buz stop, so to speak, while riding by Biggar. It works.

So why was Mamie over one more time, months after I stopped seeing her? It just made me ask whether Mummolin was connected to Whistlers/Wissels, and that's when I realized that Whistler's share the Tool / Tull/Tolle lion! This job never ceases to amaze me. The Rounds (as per round table) use a white sleeping lion while Tints, with the white Whistler / Payne lion yet again, use a couchant (lying down) lion. My last moments with Mamie were on Albert's couch. Mummolin was highly suspect directly from Attila's Huns (house of Tull- / Dol-like Dulo), who later formed the Khazars in Alania (at Kizlyar). Mummolin was a Merovingian, and those Franks were marrying the Avar Huns.

The mystery is not so much why Mummolin's father, MUNDeric, has a name like Mundzuk, Attila's father, for they lived at roughly the same time. The mystery is why Tullia, who predated the Hun invasion to the west, as a Dulo / Dol ring to it while Alans of Dol had themselves been Huns, and were probably of the Alans in the military camps of Attila. Was the house of Dulo somehow related to Lyon? The Shuttlewords use a "UTILE DULCE" motto that can be code for Attila lines as well as the Dulles' that share the Biggar Coat. Does "Attila" link to Tile's / Tillers / Tailers / Taylards / Tilurius?

On the day when I blurted, "I'm going to marry you," I must have been walking to Archibald's place. Or, when riding my bike a little later, I may have been in that area at all for being on my way to Archibald's. He always had a small group of young, Christ-interested men staying at his place. Archibald's first name is Verne, and Verne's (Forez) look like they link to Besancons/Bassets (Forez) and Etienne's. The latter were even first found in Lorraine, though are heavily expected from St. Etienne, beside Mont Pilate, itself beside the Forez mountains. Besancons/Bassets (billets) are therefore expected as same-colored Pilate's and Pilate-suspect Billets/Billiards. The latter, along with Verne's, share the Moray stars, while Bissets were at Ross-shire, where I trace the Andrew Hungarians, and smack beside Moray. Rose's were at Ross-shire, and Etienne's use roses. Did Huns live on the BISTrita river?

Verne's use a version of the Kidd Coat ("ORBem"), a surname I trace to "Cetis," at Orba. And I link QuadraTILLA of Cetis to the Cetina = Tilurius river. Kidds were first found in Aberdeenshire (near Moray), which smacks of "Kabardino" (within the Khazar sphere), and roughly one third the tribes that formed the Hungarians were Kabar-branch Khazars.

Pontius Pilate's mother was a Picenze-like Pict at Perthshire, beside Aberdeenshire, but this was centuries before Attila. Great mystery, for "Pilate" smacks of "Bleda," Attila's brother. And Blade's share white pheons with Pilate's. Buxentum/Pyxus traces to Buchan in Aberdeenshire. Hungarian Leslie's of Aberdeenshire use BUCKles. Lorne's were first found in Aberdeenshire. Were the Attila Huns from the Jewishness of the royal Khazars? Were they Laish elements somehow to the Laevi and Marsi / Marici? Might Etienne's be in the Tien variation of Thames', kin of Peare's? Bissets share the tree stump of Laurie's. The latter call it a trunk sprouting, and Sprouts ("human hearts") have the pelican-head design of Biggars!!! That is incredible confirmation that the bike to Lorraine's bus stop is for a Biggar-Laurie merger, and Stubbings even talk about tree stumps in their write-up. Bissets highlight "green oak LEAVES" on their "stump."

The twisting of the pigeon's neck had to do with Twists from Twizels, and Attila-like TILLhouse is said to be near the Blake's at Twizel castle, while I have been claiming that Blake's were a Bled branch while the Huns were at least near Bled so as to make it suspect with "Bleda." You might want to go back to where I linked Blake's to Tailers, a Tiller branch! Blake's may be with the martlets of neighboring Pavia's/Paveys. Twists share the orange demi-griffin of Ricks, who could be from the namers of Richeza of Lorraine.

Immediately after leaving Louise, I met RICK Young (owned a whippet greyhound) for to get together with Miss Whelan, and I'll have a story to tell of his motor BIKE below. I'm not sure whether this should be code for Moters/Mottier's, first found in Auvergne and using the Lorraine bend in colors reversed. There is also the issue of Rick Stoner from high school, who became a SALES rep for BRICK siding. Whelans use the Brick Coat, and Stoners can trace with Sales'/Salletts to the Salto river with Saltons, while Pictons were in Flint with the latter's flint STONEs. Whelans have Velino-like variations, very impressive. Stoner was speaking to me personally when he discussed his sales-rep job, and he tried to get me interested in insulated brick siding. The Side's, can we believe it, share the Stoner eagles! Amazing. He had reddish-blonde hair as God's possible code for Budini / Boyds / Blonds (foot, symbol of Lorraine the babe).

Louis' were first found in Lorraine. On the kitchen wall of my apartment when living there with Louise and Miss Peare, I painted the album cover of "Tea for the TILLERman," by CAT Stevens, and Cetins/Cattans use the cat. Tea's are listed with Tease's/Tye's, and Tessy is the location of Biggar-like Viggers/Viggors (stags, Hungarian symbol). Viggers (had a branch at Barnstaple) are said to have been neighbors of Traceys, perhaps from Trasacco at lake Fucino. Traceys are also Trasys. Trasacco is very near Velino, and while Velins use ducks, Traceys (share falcon with Stevens) use a "falcon seizing a mallard". It could appear that Velin liners married a Mall line that then created "Mallard" as per the duck symbol they received from Velins. Mallards (Chives / Mathis moline) were first found in Derbyshire with Morleys while the Yorkshire Morleys are Mauls too.

In the sleeping-bag dream with Morley, I was in a MALL with Miss Peare, and I met her when she worked in a mall at Reitmans. The Maulers (Gascony), checked only now, share the Zionist star of Reitmans (both colors). Her friend worked in the same mall at Penningtons, and Penningtons use virtually the motto of Maylers/Maillers (share the Miles / Mill Shield).

AHA! "SEIZING a mallard" must be part-code for Seasons/Says because they share the quadrants of Malls/Marlybone's! Excellent. This is compliments of the bike's leading to Biggars (otherwise I wouldn't have had the Viggers here). Viggers are suspect in the "feMALE FIGURE" of Darlene's (share Vigger fitchee) and the Arms of Colchester. Darlene's use guttee (blood) drops while Bloods/Buds use stags as some evidence of being from "Bleda." The robed female of Darlene's holds a book.

PICNic, like the Picken variation of Pike's (pierced Law stars), suspect from Picenze. And the kiss, so super that I remember it (though I don't remember other kisses with Lorraine), isn't that code for the Kiss/Cush line from Laevillus, father of Mr. Charax along with Quadratilla? The problem is, how do I reconcile a Bik/Bick trace to Biggars and to Picenze too? Kiss' share the Cass/Cash Coat, and Cass' can indicate Khazars. And this recalls that Khazars lived with, or beside, a Picensii-like people group, the Pechenegs. Excellent. It's amazing what that bike just did. It's not a wonder that I didn't have a car at the time. I still cannot recall what I did with the Firebird. I can't recall selling it, nor calling the scrap yard. Pechenegs lived beside the Alans, who went through Aulon/Avlona to Velino, right? It now appears that Picenze was named by Pecheneg Turks / Bulgarians.

What could it mean that Lorraine is code for a Khazar / Pecheneg and a Stobi-Paioni liner and a Neuri scythian / Hun at the same time? My head hurts. Well, to answer, Payens/Paions are Pecheneg-like Pagans too, and the Whistler's/Wissels (same place as Paine's/Payne's) share the two Paine/Payne lions. The latter even use them in pale, as do Scottish Mars (same place as Keys that could be in the Stubbing motto).

The Cohen checks are shared by Nitts/Naughts, from the Nith river, home of proto-Geddes, and Geddes' use pikes. It looks like a Khazar-Pecheneg merger.

I've got to say, this is the first time I've made the bike link to Biggars. Until this time, the bike there, and the motor bike in the sleeping-bag dream, wasn't shaping up into much at all with merely the Bik/Bick/Bicker surname. And this happens to be the update that has the motor bike of Rick Young and Livio too. Had I not introduced Lorne street, a thing I've never done before, and had I not traced Lorne's to Lanark variations in the past, I probably would not have thought of Biggars as a Bicker variation. Had that not been done, I would not have arrived to the Pechenegs as I just have. Not would Pechenegs come to mind at all if Picenze hadn't become a topic in the past week or so.

Hunts were first found in Shropshire with the Dol Alans, and may be with the split Shield of Sprout-like Sprows'/Spous'/Spruce's, perhaps linking to the Sprout spears (form a saltire) and therefore to the SALTire's/Salters of Shropshire. German Huns (greyhound) are Hunt-like Hundts. And both Hun surnames are linkable to Greys and therefore to greyhounds. Perhaps that's why I lived at Hunt after Church street (Church's use greyhounds). I've got to ask why I moved there when a taxi dispatcher was living there, who lived on the third floor with an alcoholic taxi driver. Didn't Attila die by choking on his own drunken vomit? Aha! As I've said, the dispatcher is Bill, and Bills (Roet kin) use pelicans heads in their Chief!!! The Bill pale bar can be the Pero pale bar because it has the Pierro/Pero/Petri rose upon it while the Bill motto has "patria." (It's easy to mistaken the Bill-Crest stork head with its pelican heads.)

The Tax's/Dachs are expected as Ticino liners, and I did trace proto-Hungarians to the Ticino. Part of Hungarian ancestry was Khazar, and the better part of it was Magyar. The Magyars had lived smack with or beside the Pechenegs. Perhaps the Attila Huns settled hard at Lorraine. It's known that HUNgarians trace themselves to the Attila Huns, and Attila did have a capital at what would become the Hungarian capital (Budapest). The Sicambrian Franks were from that capital, and these Franks were half Merovingian make-up as early as Childeric. Childs share the Lorraine eagles.

This recalls my learning that Hun have a blue-wolf symbol, perhaps assigned by Normans, and then Picenze like Piacenza has a blue wolf in its arms. The wolf of Hugh Lupus is in both colors of the Piacenza wolf, in colors reversed.

To the best of my recollection, I was living at Libby street when with Lorraine, and Libbys might be a Levi branch. I did kiss her there, at the patio, beside the pool, but I don't recall it as a great kiss because I was cooling. Still, I remember the event, and Pools, from Vespasia Polla, use a giant lion colors reversed from the same of Libbys (probably the Bruce / Louvain lion).

To the best of my recollection, I was at the corner of Rumble and Libby, and Rumble's happen to share the Leven chevron while using a "laus" motto term and another leopard face. Rumble's are in Keep colors and first found in the same place. It tends to confirm that the Leven elephants trace to the Elaphiti islands, smack beside Laus = Ragusa. The Leven chevron has three stars in the colors of the three cinquefoils on the Rumble chevron. That appears Planned to me. I felt that Keturah traces with the Biblical Og (Rephaite giant) to Ogyges (mythical monster) of Acte, an ancient area around Athens, and here we find an "actio" motto term with Rumble's. Ragusa is in Croatia, and while Croatians are also KRVati, CRAVENs (share red fitchees and red fesse with Sands / Sandys) love the ACTons in their motto. Recall that Mate's got suspect with "DalMATia" while using the Coat of Laus-Deo Manders.

I asked Lorraine out at a bus stop on that first day, and was maybe living at Rumble and Libby already. Bus' share the Rumble cinquefoil (but so do many others).

Ricks use the Craven Coat in colors reversed, making them suspect with Reka/Rika/Rijeka, in Croatia, as well as a village of Reka in Croatia. This could have named Richeza of Lorraine, whose eagles are in the Lorraine Coat. I do not recall knowing that Rijeka is called, Sankt Veit am Flaum, for Germans. The Flaum term reminded of the Flaum variation of German Plumbs/Plummers, and there is a red dog in the Crest of the Brittany Plumbs/Plume's. Isn't that the Bramton dog i.e. Abraham and Keturah? Recall that Kepke worked in plumbing retail, for Lorraine's share the Keep bend while Lawrence's are suspect as a Lorraine branch. Royal Varangians of Keep-suspect Kiev married Casimir of Poland, son of Richeza of Lorraine, I GET IT!!!

Kepke worked at Pluming Mart, and got me a job at the Richmond-Hill branch, which, to the best of my recollection, was at a small strip mall three of four properties down from Lorne at Yonge street, and that was essentially directly across the street from the bus stop where I asked Lorraine out that first day.

The Galleys (roughly the Meschin Coat) are suspect with the Keep galley. These Galleys (same place as Galla's i.e. from the king-Massena line) were first found in Yorkshire with the Meschin-Skipton marriage, in Craven, and with the Keppocks (almost in the colors and format of Sands / Sandys). Galleys and Galla's were first found in Dauphine with the Paeoni-line Payens/Pagans, and Lorraine (the babe) traced by her bus stop to Stobi of the Paeoni, for Stops are also Stubbs, and AstiBUS was a Paeonian city near Stobi. Paeoni are suspect with the Picensii Illyrians at Moesia. Rumble variations make the surname look rooted in Rums/Rome's/Rooms, whose motto traces both to Picenze-like Piacenza, and to the Pungs/Pings/Pongs/PAGANells, a branch of the Payens/Pagans, right? The Pincs/Pinks, from Pincum near or at the Picensii, share red lozenges with Stations; the latter entered the discussion as per seeing Lorraine at the Finch bus station. Finch's share the Sander motto.

Back to the picnic table. The Picots/Pickets, first found in Cheshire with Nickle's, use arrowhead-like "PIKEheads." Kepke got the job at Plumbing Mart from his brother, who married Nikki Walsh. Nickle's share "sed" with Irish Walsh's (pheons), but Walsh's also use "TransFIXus" while I built a dance hall for Joseph Fix (roughly a year after being with Lorraine) in the same strip mall that had the Plumbing Mart I had worked for, can we believe it? That little mall had maybe six or eight stores only. Scottish Walsh's were first found in ROXburghshire with Maxwells (and Yonge-related Leavells), whose double-headed eagle I trace to the one standing on a ROCK in the Arms of Rijeka. Lest you've become confused in the dizziness, let me remind that the German name of Rijeka looks like it should link to Flaums/Plummers. And look at how "Rijeka" looks like "Richeza" of Lorraine, mother of a son who married Kiev. Wow.

Lawrence's Miss Walsh is Kim, and Kims share white cinquefoils with the above. Kim variations such as Shimmie/Kin can reveal the Shins suspect with Schims/Schiens and Skeene's as Shechemites. Kims were first found on Bute = mythical Avalon, traceable to Monte Velino. The Kins/Kyne's are in the motto of Keys/Kays while Keys are loved by the Sheaves'/Chiava's of L'Aquila, now resolved as a branch of Chives'/Shewas'.

As the strip mall's closest corner is Yonge and Lorne, while Lorne's can be of the Lurnach variation of Lanarks, let's go to the Asteys, first found in Lanarkshire, and sharing the lion of Lorraine's in both colors. The Lorne's were first found in Aberdeenshire with Schims/Schiens and Skeene's, and near the Perthshire Lune'/Lyons that share the green lion with the two above. Asteys can therefore be the Astibus line of Paeonians to Asti, at Bra, but Asti is also at Savage-line Savigliano. And Lanarks share the heart with the Champagne Sauvage's. The Cheshire Savage's are Sheaves-like Sava's too, and the strip mall is between Lorne and Major MacKenzie drive while Kenzie's / Kenneths trace with near-certainty to Kenza of Aures, the land of the Numidian Shawia. It works, don't transfix it. We can even trace Bra to Brays/Brae's, first found in NorthAMPTONshire while Amptons (Staffordshire, same Stubbs/Stops) use three cinquefoils colors-reversed from those of Kims. Kenneths almost use the motto of Fix/Ficks-like Fisks.

Directly behind this strip mall is Church street, and, to the best of my recollection, David Morley lived near, or even at, the corner of Church and Harding. If this was a Set-up, it's notable that Hardings are in Hardy colors while Hardys (Lanarkshire) use black boars, symbol of Edomites, which included the Hard-like Herods. If this was a Set-up, Davids and/or Morleys are looking like Herod liners. Davids are from David I, son of Malcolm, and the Malcolm saltire is in the colors of the Hardy cross. Lanarks share the Douglas heart, and Douglas' are said to descend from Herods. Hardings use martlets, symbol of Charles Martel, founder of CAROLingians, and Morley married Carol.

My Firebird Unleashed

I can trace Davids now to Velino. Their "PAX ET copia" motto has just been realized as code for Packets/Paggets (Oxfordshire, same as Peare's), who share the black David-Crest lion in their own Crest, and share the passant David lion on their cross, which must be a version of the Peterson Coat because the Packet/Pagget motto phrase, "Per il," should be for Peraults, because the latter's giant eagle is in the Packet Coat (colors reversed from the Peterson eagle). This wildly confirms that the David lion is the Levi lion, and that Pero liners got to the Scottish throne somehow. It also confirms that "Per" term are for Pero's. After ten year of wondering what that term was for, now clinched.

Plus, as the Kilpatrick lion was claimed as the Levi lion, it can be added here that Packets/Pagetts (same Levi lion) were at Mickleover with the Sure's in the Kilpatrick motto, "I make sure." Make's are obvious Masci / Massena liners, probably of the Maccus kind to Maxwells. The Packet/Pagget and Peterson cross is in the colors of the Kilpatrick saltire. It tends to assure that Pero / Pierro/Petri liners were from Antipatria, very good piece to the puzzle, indeed. What do we suppose the green Kilpatrick dragon traces too?

The David Coat is a version of the Coat of Levi-beloved Ade's, and the latter's is a version of the Marsden Coat. The latter's is a reflection of the Arms of Teramo. The MarsDEN motto, "Mars denique victor es," shows that they may have been a Marsi merger with a Den-like surname. The dove-like creatures on the Marsden bend are described: "...three birds (bald coots)..." Coots are used and owned by Coots/Cootes', only now they look like ducks, the Velin symbol. As Coots share the Keith motto in reverse (making it the Alis motto), they look like a branch of Keith Catti. The Cottians???

The Coot motto is that of Mickle's (LIDDESdale, links to Kilpatricks) too, and the Mickle spurs connect to Kilpatricks at Closeburn. We just saw Packets/Pagetts and Kilpatrick-related Sure's at Mickleover. Liddells (spurs), connectable to Kilpatricks, were suspect earlier in this update with the Arms of Teramo! It's now suspect with the Marsden Coat.

Pause. Spurrs are a branch of Sybaris-suspect Supers, and Laus liners were suspect with Laws' who happen to use stars in the colors of the stars of Victors/Victoria's in the Marsden motto. "Victoria" is a Coffee motto term, and the Coffee Crest traces to Taranto, across Lucania from Laus. Pagetts recalls the Picots suspect from Pyxus = Buxentum = Laus. Dionysus' wild cult was Bacchus, probably the Moloch bull. Pictons were first found in Flintshire, which is across the small water from Liverpool / Marsden. Marsden is near Chester too, and may therefore have been a Marley branch while sharing the David fesse. Davids come up as "Daffy," and Daffy Duck might just have been created by a Velin liner.

The three birds of Marsdens recalls that "It felt so good" with Peare's belly and her waist, the Waistells (doves) suspect as the Vestalis Cottians. And the Felts share the flory Bird cross. Amazing, is it not?

The Packet/Pagget Coat is much like that of the MARburys/Marlboroughs/MayBURYs, from Cheshire's Bucklow, a Buxentum likelihood.

Ahh, the denique-like Denicks/Dehns use a cauldron, likely code for the Calders who share the Colt / Coutes stag head (Keiths use the stag head), and Coutes' were first found in Lancashire with Marsdens. French Coutes/CAUTES' are with the Cottian-suspect Cotta's/Cottons. And the cat-using Cetins/Cattans use a "Cautes" motto term, wonderful. We have apparently clinched the Keith Catti from the mother of Julius Caesar. And while the Marsden coots look like doves, Italian Paloma's use the dove while Spanish Paloma's (Pero pale bar?) share the cauldron with Denicks. Can we assume that these Dehn liners were of Dan = Laish?

Denks/Dankins use, "PRO fide et PATRIA," feasibly the Antipater > Cassander line to queen Nysa. Convinced yet?

I kissed Miss Peare at La Paloma, where nurses from a nearby hospital frequented. I had wanted to mention it as potential code for the nurses of Dionysus, and here I can add that Denick like Dennis'/Denisons (same fesse as Pierro's/Pero's) are said to be from "Dionysus." He was a Nysa entity that may have named queen Nysa, or even Massinissa (king Massena). Kepke and Peare loved to dance at La Paloma, and Dionysus Maenads had a wild-dancing symbol. As Peare's use leopard faces, check out the Maenad with leopard skin, symbol of Dionysus, here:

It says: "Often the maenads were portrayed as inspired by Dionysus into a state of ecstatic frenzy through a combination of dancing and intoxication...These women were mythologized as the 'mad women' who were nurses of Dionysus in Nysa." I assume that God caused Miss Peare to act the Maenad for Kepke, but why should Kepke's trace to Dionysus? The Keep galley goes to Massinissa's father, right? It says that mythical Lycurgus, the proto-Ligurians (says me alone), chased the Maenads at Nysa, which sounds like it traces to Nice/Nizza of Liguria. Wikipedia's Nysa article alludes that the Hatti name for themselves, Nesi," was a Nysa entity. The Hatti have been suspect at the root of the Keith Catti.

We read that Maenads were associated with snakes, and here we can glean Angitia of the Marsi. The mythical goats would chase Maenads too, and Marsyas was a goat. Maenads are known for tearing people and creatures apart, and Apollo skinned Marsyas alive (cannibal / human-sacrifice symbol?). This looks like the proto-Boofima cult in all of its terror and satanism. English Dennis' were first found in Lancashire with Marsden, and God probably set me up with very-wild Dennis Quinn at as a young teen while Quinns use snake's.

It appears that Marsden is at the Liverpool canal, and Levers of Liverpool are Laevi suspects, perfect where Marsi liners were the Marici of Pavia. Levers mention their Darcy Lever entity while Darcys happen to share the three cinquefoils of Kims (Buteshire, potential Velino liners at Avalon, location of a mythical, all-female witch cult). I kissed Kim Walsh on the cheek, in by FireBIRD, at La Paloma, and Kiss' share the rooster in Crest with Levers. Fire's happen to use a unicorn in the colors of the Marsden unicorn, and it's Marsdens that use the dove-like birds!! Finally, my Firebird makes full sense with Marsdens. In colors reversed, the two Paloma pale bars, on either side of the Denick cauldron, are blue, the colors of the two Seat pale bars, and I kissed Kim as soon as she slammed the door on Kepke, and got into the seat with me. Seats were first found in Lancashire with Marsdens, and may be a branch of Seatons, first found in east Lothian with Keiths.

"MARSDEN, a township and two chapelries in Whalley parish, Lancashire...2˝ and 4 miles NE of Burnley" Whalleys (Lancashire) use whale in Waleran-bull colors and format. Whalleys are from Aughton elements too. The Whalley mascle looks to be that of English Faux's because Waleran de Percival-Leavell was of Meulan, which shares the Vaux Coat. Meulan was also Mellent. and Mellents are with the Millers who share the Buchanan lion for a sure trace to Buxentum/Pyxus. Pictons (near Marsden) use the lion in colors reversed! Excellent.

French Faux's, first found in Boofima-suspect Perigord (Gords share the Roet boar head) with Beefs/Boeufs and Saunier's/Saulnier's, show variations that I glean as Saulnier variations, and potentially from Chalons-sur-Marne (Mummolin). It recalls Kepke saying, "be non-chalant" while I was getting up to see Karen WHELAN for the last time. Karens/Kerns share the sleeping moon with German Roets!!! Zowie, I am ever more-amazed than before. I purchased the Firebird (Marsden symbol, right) while seeing Miss Whelan. I therefore think that Velino-like Whelans were a Whalley / Waleran branch, and I can see the importance for God's set-up with Miss Whelan where He's been wanting to take my decade-long work, now, to Velino and Picenze.

Recall that Agrippa's were traced to the Velino area, for I see Agrippa's with Burns and Bernice's, and Marsden is a couple of miles from Burnley. Gords were first found in the Tweed / TEVIOT area of Bernicians (this is funny), and this recalls the TWITCHing finger when speaking on the twisted neck of a pigeon. Here it can be added that Faux's/Chaulnes'/Fage's/Chaulens use the pigeon, no stool whatsoever. And while Fage's look linkable to lake Fucino, that's right beside Chaulen-like Celano! Zikers. It appears that God has succeeded in His task.

Saunier's/Saulnier's even use a reflection of the French Mar Coat, and Boofima is suspect with the Marsi snake cult. Walerans share "non" with Nagle's (Beef/Boeuf fesse), and the latter's fesse is colors reversed from the Non fesse. The Beefs/Boeufs have variations suggesting Turnbulls, and the Roxburghshire Turnbulls share three black bulls (same format) with Walerans. The Roxburgh location is important because a controversial mystery surrounds Mr. Saunier of Rennes-le-Chateau, beside Roquefeuil. We saw the goose on a rock of Roxburghshire's Rutherfords, first found in Maxton, and here we can witness that Burnleys (Lancashire) use a version of the Maxton Coat, bees included.

The Walerans of Meulan became barons of Essex, and Maxtons share the chevron of the Quints, the latter first found in Essex with Youngs, who share the piles of the piles of the Roxburgh Leavells. You can't make more sense of things. Rick Young was dating Karen Whelan's sister when I was with Karen, can you believe it? His father is/was, Simon, and Italian Simons use an "UNGuibus" motto term as well as sharing the Young-Crest lion. Italian Simons have a hollow star in the corner, like the hollow lozenge in colors reversed in the corner of the Whalley Coat. I'm suspicious that Kepke, Rick and I all worked at Simon's FURNiture store, for Furness is near the Aughton location of Whalleys. The Simon lion is that also of Font-de-Ville's/Fonda's while Pero-suspect "proFUNDis" is a Whalley motto term.

The Percival-Leavells were a branch of Pierce's, and so I suspect that God arranged for Vince Peare to smack Kepke in the mouth on Rick Young's driveway. I watched it. But if God arranged it, why Vince? Vince's use three griffins in the colors and format of Whalleys and Walerans. Vince's are in the Keith / Alis / Mickle / Coot mottoes, and the Marsdens use coot birds. The "MiRABILE" motto term of Whalleys can be for the Ribble river near Marsden and Whalley.

Aren't the Vince's/Vinch's all about the dastardly Da-Vinci Code that alludes to Mr. Saunier of Rennes-le-Chateau? Compare the winged bulls of Turnbulls to the Vince griffins, thus making an heraldic Vince connection to Mr. Saunier via the Turnbulls in the Beef/Boeuf page. The Ribble is between Chester and Whalley, and so far as I can tell, the Chester Chief has the Vince-griffin design, and Chesters use a "Vincit" motto term, yup. The entire motto is that of Shaws/Sheaves, a branch of Sheaves'/Chiava's of L'Aquila.

This RIBBLE / Chester area is so close to FLINTshire that I can now dazzle you with the Flintstones cartoon, which featured Barney RUBBLE. Flints use "flint stones." The French Barneys (Non Shield?) use a key in colors reversed to the Betty/Beaty key, and Barney Rubble is married to Betty Rubble. Bettys/Beatys (Roxburghshire, no guff) share mascles with English Faux's, and I think I'm now ready to confirm that Faux's/Fage's and Vaux's (and Foix?) were FUCino liners, so unbelievable. The Betty/Beaty keys are blue, the colors of the Sheaves/Chiava keys.

Again, the Saunier's of Perigord (Gascony, same as Martins / Martels) use a reflection the Mar Coat, and these Mars are More's and Maurs too, while Bettys use a "sequaMUR" motto term. Then, on Gascony's Garonne river, and in Comminges where lived Herod Antipas, there is a Muret location while Murs/Murets were first found in Gascony, and they share a lozengy Shield with Grimaldi's. The son of my mother's brother is Dino, the name of Fred Flintstone's pet dinosaur. His father was probably born in Picenze.

[I was writing here before realizing that Flints could be Velino liners.] The baby of the Flintstone's, Pebbles, may have been code for Peeble's/Peoples'. If we trace this to Pavia/Papia, we get a double whammy. The Flaming star of Pero's is a Fleming code, and "Flint" us suspect with Flanders, home of Flemings proper. Poppo I was possibly a Papia liner, and he lived at BAMburgh, which was suggested for Bamm-Bamm years ago. In case some don't know, Bamm-Bamm was the baby of the Rubble's, and he welded a club while Clubs (share the fish with key-using Barneys) are from Clovis, whose Merovingian rulers included Pepins. WILMa Flintstone has got to be code for the Vlaams, the Flemings. She was given red hair and a white dress, the colors of one Fleming Coat. Betty had a blue dress, the color of the pale bar of Roxburghs ("AUDax"), which looks linkable to the Betty pale bar. Quillan, on the Aude river, is right beside Rennes-le-Chateau, and has an upright wolf (Fleming symbol) in the colors of the Richard-Avranches wolf, in case this applies, and the variations of Quillans look like the Kills/Keele's whose quadrants (Foix colors) are colors reversed from the Bamm/Bemelberg quadrants.

[Fred Flintstone's boss was Mr. Slate, and Slate's use trefoils now becoming suspect with Felice liners, maybe even Felice of Nola. The RoqueFEUILs are chief trefoil liners, and the Rocks use trefoils in both colors of the Slate trefoils. Fred and Barney attended the Water Buffalo Masonic lodge. I kid you not, this insert was placed here the day after the next paragraph was written, which has the Slate-like Salat river...but I didn't know it when first slipping in this insert. Just look at how near the Salat is to Roquefeuil, yet the goofs derive "Slate" in a "slat" as though there is no question about it.

The Slate's use a "sub" motto term that was linked to Lorraine at the Finch-station-subway event, and Finch's are with Vinch's while Da-Vinci-Code goofs play on Rennes-le-Chateau, near Roquefeuil. God should be very interested in exposing da-Vinci-Code goof because it claims that Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene, and had children. If I recall correctly, these children are traced to Merovingians / Septimania. Lorraine-like Laurels were first found in the Septimania area. End insert]

Between Quillan and Muret is Foix, and the question was whether this was a Fucino line. It just so happens that the Salto-like Salat river flows across up-side Foix. The source of the Salto is at lake Fucino. The goofs might derive the Salat in a salad. The Salat flows to Comminges, and whatever the goofs may say on Comminges' derivation, it sure looks like the Commings/Comyns that share the Avison Coat, and Avezzano is smack at the Fucino theater. Herod Antipas has just got to me in this somehow. Why do the Auvergne Foix's use a sinister bend?

The Cailin variation of Quillans may be a Celano variation, therefore, because Celano is even nearer to Fucino than Avezzano. On my atlas, the short river through Celano appears that it would have flowed into Fucino (now drained). Of the 37 communities in Marsica (named after the Marsi): Cappadocia is one, Opgalli-possible Opi is another, Celano and Avezzano. I would guess that Opi was from the Opps bee cult of Sabines.

Another one of the 37 is Morino, a term listed with the Morinis/MORET surname that may have named Muret at Comminges. As the Morino surname uses the double-Parr fesses in colors reversed, let's repeat that the daughter of Pharnaces and Nysa was queen Nysa of Cappadocia. Opgalli would have lived in or just outside Cappadocia.

Repeat: "The Packet/Pagget Coat is much like that of the MARburys/Marlboroughs/MayBURYs, from Cheshire's Bucklow, a Buxentum likelihood." I stuck this line above while writing on Opi here, for I checked Mayberrys as per Opie and aunt Bee of Mayberry. By what griffincidence did they appear on The Andy Griffith Show? Aunt Bee was Beatrice, like the Betty/Beaty surname that shares a black-on while pale bar with Taylors, and Beatrice's surname was Taylor, making the show appear steeped in Masonic code. The Griffiths/Griffins use a "velis" motto term for a potential trace to Monte Velino. This mountain is situated such off the Salto that its namers must have been in Marsica. With Mayberrys listed with Mar liners in the same place as Masci's, it speaks for itself.

Mayberrys/Marburys share the pheon of the Cheshire Nichols/Nickle's, and the latter are said to be from Mr. Albani. The Bavarian Albini's use the colors and format of French Mars. And it just so happens that Italian Albino's were first found in Modena with Morino's/Morinis'/Morets. While Comminges' Muret is near the Salat, the Cheshire Sale's/Salletts use a black downward pheon, which is what the white Nickle / Mayberry pheon would be in colors reversed. Nicholas de la Sale is in the Sale/Sallett write-up. English Albins/Aubins, said to be from (Abruzzo-line) Evreaux, share the white bull head of Buckleys. Albins/Aubins were at Barney-possible Barnstable. Flints had become suspect with Falints while Valents/Valentins [the Vinkovci > Vinch line] use a version of the Barnstaple Coat.

Flowing near Muret is the Save tributary of the Garonne, and the Cheshire Savage's are also Sava's. The Save's (same place as French Mars) use a snake, no guff at all. The Save bend could be the Foix bend because these Foix's share pellets with German Nichols. These Foix's were at Auvergne, near Aubin. Save's were suspect with the Leslie bend, which has buckles, very linkable to the Cheshire Buckleys, likely the namers of Bucklow, location of Mayberrys/Marburys.

There is an Opie surname, and while king Arthur is to be a Velino liner, this is interesting. The Opie's may be using the Arthur hurts on the Arthur chevron. The "OBstantia" motto term of Arthurs is expected as code for Hobs/Habs (Berwickshire, same as Arthurs and the Bernice- / Burn-line Agrippa's. Hobs/Habs use the tiger that suggests Tigranes (a Herod), husband of Opgalli. Tigranes was the grandson of Glaphyra Archelaus of Cappadocia, and we saw tiny Cappadocia and Opi in Marsica. "Glaphyra" is to the key-using Clavers and Claviere's (Auvergne), and this speaks well to the keys of Bettys, Barneys and Sheaves'. Tigranes' line with Opgalli married the Bassus line to Julius Bassianus, nephew of Julius Agrippa. That was a Basina > Bessin bee line, which connects to Taylor kin, and the Ops bee cult of Sabina down the Salto river.

Andy of Mayberry was Mr. Taylor himself, and Taylards, first found in Huntingdonshire with Ada of Warenne, use the Chives quadrants while I think I am ready to equate Chives' with Sheaves'/Chiava's. Barnstaple's look like kin of Ade's (same place as Hobs/Habs), and Staple's use the specialized leopard face in the Ade Crest. The Warrens use a Shield of checks in the colors of the lozengy filling the Mur/Murat Coat. Staple's share the motto of English Peters, and the other English peters, sharing the mascle of Bettys, share the swan in Crest with Petersons (very traceable to Pero's and Laevi of Pavia), the latter using a version of the Packet/Pagett Coat, itself a version of the Mayberry/Marbury Coat, and Packets/Pagetts were picked off of the motto of Ade- / Levi-related Davids. The quadrants above take us back to Bamms, and Pebbles Flintstone is able to trace to Pavia with the Peeble's and their Petty kin.

The Opie's may be using the FELD/Field Coat (garbs), which evokes "it FELT so good," because Goods/Guths (Switzerland) use the Feld/Field Coat in gold. The Good/Guth Coat is the Stick Coat, and Sticks are in the write-up of Glaphyra-line Cliffs/Cleave's (like the Cleaver variation of Clavers), and while the Clavers/Cleavers use the key along with Sheaves'/Chiava's, the Sticks are resolved with the SITHECH ancestry of the British Shaws/Sheaves'. Cool.

Fords use the black dog (Greyhound), and Cliffs use the black wolf, and ClifFORDs share the Warren Shield. Cliffords love the Sempers/St. Pere's. Watch. The latter were first found in Essex, where Quade-related Walerans had barons, and Walerans are said to have acquired BradFELDE from Fulke Paynel, lord of BRAMton, while Bramtons share the Semper/St. Pere Coat, and while Bradfields share the Warren / Clifford / Pape/Pope checks while Bradfords ("Fier") share the Quade wolf head and throw in a green snake for good measure, in the mouth of a peacock. Peacocks use "Fear" while fears are also Fiers. The Bradfords thus probably use the Burn / Bernice horns closely.

Emailer Pollock had noticed that the bows on hunting horns (shared by Pollocks) look like bees in flight, and this reminds that hunting horns are goat horns, which derive with Crete's Amalthea goat cult, which doubled as a bee cult in relation to the infant Zeus, satan's bedrock. Crete had Curetes that attended Amalthea, and the Ops bee cult of Sabines, with Quirites, had the cornucopia, a goat horn. Then, while we can glean the Boofima > Baphomet goat here, they were beloved by Bows/Boughs, which can explain the bows on hunting horns. The Bogans (bow) are also Bugle's/Bugels while the hunting horn is a bugle. These word games evolved over decades and centuries from satanic nutbars that had nothing better to worship but their own blood, and they sometimes offered humans to their horrific deaths to get a thrill for the night.

Why was the sheriff of Mayberry, Andy?

The Goose Miracle

I'd like to repeat: "Do we think that Ness'/Nessans/Nests can apply to things in this [squirrel-on-breast] picture? English Trey use three of the two Parr fesses." Three such fesses are used by Newberrys, who share the Chief of Parr-suspect Partons, and Newberrys were loaded as per Rickets (scimitar) of Newberry. Rickets look definitely like Pierro/Pero kin, and perhaps Pharnaces was of the Pero's. I recall the day, near my separation, when my wife came to a Newberry street, where I was working (in the house), and she took the NISSAN without coming in to tell me. She drove off, and didn't come back. I had to walk home. As I moved out shortly afterward, while still working at Newberry, her friend came to visit me there to warn that I would be very alone without my wife. And her "prophecy" has come true, but I say that God has had this revelation as my first priority, and that I could never have written it while married. I had to be alone to do this.

I'm guessing for good reasons that Newberrys/Newburys (BERKshire) are of the Burys (said to be BURGs) that share the Bonnie Coat with Masci fleur. I'm also claiming that her taking the Nissan from Newberry was a Set-up to link Burys to Pharnaces-Nysa liners. The last paragraph and this one were written after the mention of Bonnie's shortly below. Burys were first found beside the Bauer-suspect Burleys/Bourleys. Burys are said to be possibly from Bourry, near Gisors, and while wondering only a second or two (Coat not loaded yet) whether the latter was a Guise/Guy branch, geese flew low over the house, at that very second, and I heard them. Guise's were first found in Gloucestershire with BERKeleys while Burys are said to be Burg liners. In the Guise write-up, Mr. Gyse married Miss Burgh/Burke. That works. It makes Burgs suspect from Greece's Boura area, the Achaean founders of Sybaris and Laus. The Guise swan may suggest the Guests/Gays and swan-using Guests.

To prove that Burleys were Boura liners, the Burls share the spearheads (different colors) of Picots/Pickets.

Thank you, Lord. The geese (or maybe just one) did not make sounds for longer than a second or two, directly above the house. It's my confirmation that the divorce sits fine with Him, but don't anyone get the impression that God is fine with divorce. It's probably the first set of geese to arrive back from the south. Just think of it. God had to time these geese for the topic starting at Newberrys, or, rather, with Rickets. I don't remember how I got back to the Rickets after mentioning them earlier in this update. But after writing the Louise-Phillips section below (I'm inserting this section here), I was back to Rickets somehow, and then inserted the following in a paragraph above: "Ricks were first found in Somerset with the Roets who share "verum" with Rickets. Rick Young pops up later in the update, where his motorbike comes up big." By that time, God had already started to steer the geese (how does he do it?) to fly over my house, from a long ways back, and then opened their beaks as they flew over. He has done things just like that many times before. I've learned to spot his "voice."

I don't get to heraldic geese much, let alone the Goose surname. Repeat from earlier in this update when God provided a finger twitch to steer me: "The Finger-like Wingers share the white and upright griffin with Griffins, and below the griffin the Wingers add a goose that takes us to Shechemites again. The Goose surname is with the Gooch's/Googe's (Gedge branch?), first found in Roxburghshire with Mole's (share the Goose/Gooch boar), who are in the molehills of Shicks/Shake's..." There was a little more to it, but you get the point that the goose is on His Shechemite track. And so I'll assume Shechemites at Laus (founded by peoples of Sparta-suspect Sybaris), makes sense, but it seems that the geese spoke while on the Boura line in particular to Burgs, and that points hard to John de Burgo, I feel it in my gander.

Ha-ha, I was just trying to be a little amusing with "gander." I first wrote, "I feel it in my bones" (rickets is a bone disease), but changed it to "gander." I then checked for a Gander surname to find it as GAUNTer too, while John of Gaunt married Catherine Roet while Rickets share a Roet motto term. Looks good. And the Ganders share six fessewise bars in the colors of the same of Leavells! Zowie. It's the Laish Levites. That's why the geese (or maybe just one) were so important, and even why God set me up to work at Newbury. Ganders use roundels ("gouettes") that are half besants, half torteaux.

Ganders were first found in Oxfordshire with Amore's and Damorys, to whom I've traced (tentatively) the Leavell Coat. Scottish Leavells were first found in the same place as Goose-using Rutherfords, as well as the Goose's/Googe's, Mole's and Schims that all three share the white boar with Burleys/Bourlys, be amazed, because I have a great Teacher. The "terret" motto term of Ganders gets the Tarents, and Trents were first found in Somerset with the English Leavells, Roets and Ricks. The Goose / Mole / Schim boars are all on blue, as is the gold boar head of Roets.

Belgian Gands/GENDRons/Gendre's use a MOLine cross in Burley colors.

MORE!!! Recall my mother twisting the neck of a pigeon when God provided the twitching finger. I've just loaded Ricks, and they use the exact orange (rare heraldic color) griffin of Twists!!! Astounding. I am very amused by these things. How many times have you caught a pigeon? My father did, on a roof, and wasn't that an act of God? There were no pigeons around that house that I can remember seeing. The name of the street was RoseCLIFF, and Cliffs share the Quade wolf heads.

The Twists were first found in Northumberland with Manners/Maness' that use a reflection of the Newberry Coat, as do Formans. I trace Manner lines to mythical MeneLAUS, at Sparta's Las/Laas location (Mani peninsula), suspect with Laish. So, trace Las Spartans to Sybaris and Laus, makes sense. I've been tracing mythical ATREus, Menelaus' father, to ATREbates at Hampshire for years, and that's beside Somerset's LaceDaemonian > Dumnonii line. Atrebates were probably in Somerset too. Atrebates founded Atrecht, which was later Arras, the Artois capital. I trace Artois and Arras to "Arettium/Arrezo," home of Cilnius Maecenas, husband of Trent- / Tarent-liner, Terentia Murena. Marone's (Mar colors and format) share the Goose / Mole / Schim boar. Morone's/Moroni's (new to me now), smacking of the Mormon character, share the oak tree with Roets. Bad Roets, very bad, worse than rickets.

Italian Marone's look linkable to the Avison anchor and the Reitman stars for a trace to Rieti and Avezzano, but were first found in Calabria, which has a border at the Sybaris river. Mars were the goat line to the Boofima cult of Roet liners, weren't they? Bad Roets. Julie introduced both Catherine Roets and Boofima to me. She should believe that God moved her to make important parts of this revelation. I wish I knew her surnames. Morone's were first found in Verona with the Bellini's who use a bear paw in colors reversed from the Powys bear paw, and Goffs/Goughs, who share the Goose/Googe Coat, were first found in Powys.

By the way, the "AUDaces" motto term of Goose's has got to be for Aude in southern France, location of ROQUEfeuil (where Roque's/Rocks were from), the entity that I trace to ROXburgh, where Goose's were first found. Why is the Rutherford goose on a rock? Recall what I said, "I FEEL it in my gander." Feeleys share the oak tree with Roets, and Fellers are Roquefeuil liners without doubt. Fells use familiar lozenges that come up in the next section as per a BONNIE-suspect surname (the Roet-related Bowness'/Boness'). I was going to say, "I feel it in my BONES." The next section was written before this one, like Providence. I now recall, "It FELT so good." i

The Goose-et-all boars are blue in colors reversed, and that gets one to the Vere Crest, relevant because Vere's were guardians of some cookie witchcraft cult. Nicholas de Vere was nutty. He should have picked a better way to become famous, because it backfired to promote himself as the guardian of his ancestral witchcraft. It's not true that God can do everything. He can't tolerate unrepentant witches. Vere's ruled Oxfordshire, where Ganders (Vere colors) were first found.

Repeat: " seems that the geese spoke while on the Boura line in particular to Burgs, and that points hard to John de Burgo, I feel it in my gander." John's granddaughter, Emma of Conteville, married Richard GOZ. Goosincidence? I didn't realize until now. They birthed the mother of the first Meschin. She married the Brick line, and Bricks share the Fell lozenges, though many use them in those colors. The Goz surname (Bavaria) is also "Gosse," and half its Shield is in Goose/Googe / Goff/Gough colors. The latter were first found at Radnorshire, near Cheshire, i.e. where Mr. Goz's son was the first earl of Chester, which is why the first Meschin followed in his office.

The geese flew overhead while I was wondering whether Guise's applied to the Gisors location of Burys (Burgs), and while Guise's are also Guys, there is another Guy surname said to be from Guy of Spoleto, and that surname shares buckles with Spoleto-like Spoltons/Spauldings, only the latter have the buckles facing sinister, code for Masci liners. And Spoltons/Spauldings (Lincolnshire) are said to have been tenants of the first Meschin (married Lincolnshire). The Geese flew over the house of a Masci liner, and they said, "hello there, take a guise at what we're here for."

Spoleto is in Umbria, suspect with Cumbria, where the first Meschin had rule. Buckle's (the surname), I feel sure, trace to Buxentum, smack at Laus. You can't argue with a miracle. Lay down your tools, family historians, and give it up. Buckle's were not named after the buckle on your pants. They did not sell buckles, stupid. Look a little deeper. Look for branches. Heraldry has such a big mouth for revealing branches. Buckleys are a Buckle branch, yet Buckleys don't use buckles, but a bull, because someone in that family desired a BULkelly variation. I'm sure he/she wasn't trying to make your job difficult. Spoltons use a "Hinc" motto term.

I've just tried for new Sybaris possibilities, and got to Sparrs with "A swan devouring a fish." As Laus is partly of Saracena / Saraca elements, isn't that the Saraca fish? I trace Simsons to the ancient Saracena-area Enotri, and have pointed out that Simsons are in Burley/Bourley colors to support the Simpson trace to Laus, and here the Sparrs are found in the same colors, and even use a giant eagle while Eagle's and Hagels have been traced to the Achelous river, home of mythical Oeneus, the likely code (of ancient writers) for the real Oenotrians, i.e. who were also "Enotri." Excellent.

What do we think the two "Per" terms in the motto of English Sparrs (Pierro/Pero / Keep colors) is for? The MacDonald ship ("galley") used by English Sparrs (MacDonald eagle) is called a galley, same as the Keep ship. If this traces MacDonalds to Sybaris elements, figure them as the namers of Dan = Laish. Recall that Laws' are suspect as Laus liners, for the pierced Laws stars are shared by Donald-like Daniels/Danis'. I say that Donalds (see their Irish version) were the Irish Domnann, from the Dumnonii founders of Somerset, where Burleys/Bourlys were first found with Laish-liner Ladons/Ladds (Boura of Greece is near the Ladon river), and from the Dumnonii I take them back to LaceDAEMONian Spartans (south of Boura), who appear to be partly Laish liners. Ladon-river Daphne was code for Taphians on the Achelous, and, so, the MacDonald eagle is now traceable to the Achelous.

I recently mentioned that Freddy Taff was God's code for the fretty symbol, but here we find that the MacDonald / Sparr eagle is the FERTE eagle. Amazing. Ferte's are suspect with Ferte-Mace, home of the Maceys from the Amazons of the Ladon / Boura area. This tends to reveal that Laish's proto-Danaan were the makings of Daemonians. Whatever that term meant in old times, it may have been arranged by God to indicate demons = satan's sons.

As Leavells were first found in Somerset, the Levites amid the Daphne cult look like the Levites out of Laish, and for all I know, proto-Leavells may have founded the Laevi Gauls. Heraldry doesn't tell the order (which came first) of branches. Scottish Leavells were first found in the same place as Goose-line Rutherfords, and the Rutherfords share "Nec" with Scottish Daniels/Danier's (Gloucestershire, same as Guise's).

Irish Burys, sharing a green Shield with Burleys, use a SPEAR through the NECK of a gold boar head. Spears use the gold boar heads of Roets (married a Gander entity, right). The Neckar river was home to the Stout or proto-Stout vikings, and the three Stout fesses, in colors reversed, are blue, as with the three of Newburys (BERKshire, beside Ganders of Oxfordshire). The Vexin in Normandy, smacking of "viking," is where Gisors is located along with the Epte river that named Rollo's treaty (deal) with France, St. Clair sur Epte. My kindergarten school while I lived at Rosecliff was at the corner of a St. Clair street. Epte is near La Falaise (Felice liner?), and the latter is beside the first-known French Chappes' (God has given me hint that Caiaphas should trace to the Picenze area, and even my bloodlines in Picenze itself), while Gisors-suspect Guiscards were first found in Stirlingshire with Scottish Chappes'.

If we remove the green perchevron of the Hampshire Josephs, expected with the double-green chevrons of the Hampshire Burghs/Borrows (because Josephs share the Comyn/Comine garbs), the Coat is a not-bad reflection of the Stout Coat. These Burghs share the wreath with Buckle's while Buckle's share the cat with Irish Burghs/Berks. Wreths are listed with the Shropshire Rothes' while there is even a second Goff surname (black dogs), first found in Dol. The Goffs/Goughs share the Mole boar while Eschyna de Molle married an Alan of Dol (Burgh/Berk colors) while her daughter married Robert Pollock, brother of Peter of Rothes. And the Pollock progenitor, who shared the Fulbert named with "the tanner" of Falaise, lived at Shropshire with the Alans because he was a vassal of the Alans, according to Wikipedia's Clan Pollock.

The Stout vikings, I had read, conquered Rothesay = Avalon, from Velino, right? French Alans once showed ducks instead of martlets, and Velins use ducks. When those ducks disappeared from the Alan Coat, I searched my files to discover whose duck design was used, and, if I recall correctly, it was the ducks of Herls/Hurls (Meschin colors and format), suspect with Herluin of Conteville (Emma's father), son of John de Burgo. Houseofnames was frantic for a period in changing designs (seemingly without acceptable reason) when I was making surname connections using design as a basis. The Herl/Hurl design may have been changed since then.

There is an Italian secret (a vast merger with Italians) that the Norman founders of heraldry have wanted to hide. Clare's were Crispins, a branch of Grazio's of Umbria, same place as buckle-liner Guy of Spoleto. Herluin above married the mother of "the tanner" of Falaise, and Nola's may therefore be using the Burgh/Berk cross. Dutch Burgs once showed (I have it recorded a few times prior to the change) the three Clare chevrons in both colors. Burghs/Berks seem to love the Jungs/Youngs three times, and while they share the bars of Ganders, the Gardens use a "junGUNTER" motto term while Gunters use gauntlet gloves (Glove's were in Perthshire, beside the Gardens of Angus). There you have a Gander branch with Mamie's garden, and the Thighs happen to be Dutch. Gunters were first found in Breconshire with the Clair-related Clermonts/Clements, and that's in Powys along with the Goose-branch Goffs/Goughs (Radnorshire). The Brittany Clairs share one Young Coat, using only roses and evoking Rosecliff, near St. Clair. The other French Clairs share the Chief in the Arms of Radnorshire (it's the Clermonts/Clement Chief too).

The Clairs that share the Young/Yonge ROSES (Rus-viking symbol that likely named Rothesay). Now Rosecliff ends at Dufferin, and I would walk down Dufferin to the school. Duffers happen to share the Morgan / Moor lion, which I think is very meaningful because mythical Morgan le Fay is seemingly at issue, suspect from Velino's namers, and that's the area of my mother's birth. I recall few events in Kindergarten. I recall the art teacher saying she liked my artwork, which of course she did not. I recall sitting between two cute blonds, twins, at cookie time, and they giving me a mean look as though I were some sort of viking intruder. Aside from that, I can recall vividly only the day when forgetting to put my boots on, and found myself going out the front door without them. Not knowing better, I decided to walk home without them, and there was snow. It must have been cold on the socks, but as my father happened to drive by before my feet got too cold (was I ever happy to see him), I assume that God sent him, for he never before, and never after, picked me up while I was walking home. It just so happens that Avalon is Bute. I was on DUFFERin WITHOUT my BOOTS. The French Masseys once showed boots, I have it recorded many times, and now show a "tree WITHOUT leaves." At that time, I lived in the house of a Duff-like Taff, and Duffers are also Duffs.

The Trips that now show shoes once showed the Massey boots exactly, and Trips share the Gore / Windsor crosslets, which are in the Arms of Richard D'Avranches (grandson of Richard Goz and Emma Conteville) along with a white wolf head, the colors of the Gore/Core and Gower/Gore wolves. Gore's formed mythical GORlois, whose wife was made the mother of king Arthur, and another writer (or even the same one) had Arthur dying on Avalon. Yup, from Velino's namers, or even directly from Velino, we shall maybe see.

Both Gore Coats are versions of both Alan Coats, and the daughter of a Dol Alan married Robert D'Avranches of Ferte-Mace. Wikipedia's article on Richard's father, Hugh Lupus (white wolf head), once said that his Flaith(e) name meant "wolf" (probably deliberately wrong to make for cover) but I knew that it was from "Flaad," the patriarch of the Dol Alans. Richard's wolf head is in half the colors of the wolf heads of Welfs/Wolfs (Cheshire), from Hugh Lupus, and this looks to be the golf theme that God has provided for my work. The Welf/Wolf wolf is colors reversed from the Thigh wolf, and this can indicate the line of Lupus Laevillus at the Ticino, or even with Garden-related Ivo Taillebois, for Ivo's/Ivers share those three red roses of Youngs/Yonge's and Clairs! German Ivo's were from the same area as German Trips, and when we check out the Trip-beloved Boots (boots), they were first found in BERKshire with Gore- / Gorlois-related Windsors. The three Ivo roses are in both colors of the three of Sparr-like Sparrows (Norfolk, same as Sparham), another Sybaris suspect.

Aha! Boots are said to derive from Buat castle "near Falaise"! My walking home without boots now looks like a Set-up to convince me that Felice of Nola was a line to Falaise. I feel it in my feline. That sentence made me think back to Sassy, my white cat. It had the peculiarity of routinely sucking its tail. If one removed the tail from the mouth, she would go back to sucking it, like a kitten on its mother's tit. There is a Sassy surname using a bend with besants in the colors of the Tall bend with bees, and besants are of the bee-line Bessin. The Tall bend is in the colors of the Talbot bend, and Talbots are said to have been TaleBOTHs, from the Boy-beloved Bothwells of Bute!!! Amazing. And Bothwells share the trefoils and Coat overall with Fellers, and they share trefoils with Fallis'/Fallers!! The Boys are also Bie's. Sassy came to mind minutes after writing on Ivo Taillebois.

"I FEEL it in my feline" was used as play on the Burgh/Berk cat, but I didn't immediately realize how it's like "Velin" (ducks), which is a Felin branch (Alan martlets) because Felins/Velens (from Aulon/AVLONA, right?) once showed ducks, as did the Alans that now use martlets in the same colors (as their ducks). As you saw, after I quoted the feline phrase at the Falais term, it got me to Fallis'/Fallers. Velens/Felins were first found in WestPHALia with Ducks/Duchers. Phale's/Vails/Falls share the Vail/Velis eagle, and it might just be close to the same spread eagle of Sassy-beloved Temple's (Cheshire, where I would expect Velino liners of the Masci kind).

I recall that I was given Sassy as a kitten from a woman who contracted me to strip and re-varnish her banister, in case Banisters apply to Sassy liners. In the Meschin write-up, Richard Banistre held the Skipton location that the Bessin's Meschins married. The write-up speaks also of a Meschin link to Mr. Rhudland, while Rutlands share the orle border of Goose-loving Rutherfords (probably Rothesay / Rothes liners). Orrel-branch Ore's use the Polworth / Guiscard piles in colors reversed.

Banisters are said to have been at least associated with Aughton (Lancashire), and the latter are said to have been Actons, likely, who were in-turn found in the same places as Meschins. If Aughtons formed the Laughtons (Cheshire), I can see that my dentist laughing at the red buttons applies. The "actione" motto term of Cravens loves the Actons, and Skipton is in Craven, wherefore it seems certain that the Aughton of Banisters was an Acton branch. The "Vaillance" motto term of Actons can be for a Velino line, the Vallance's, for example, who share red martlets with Velens/Felins, the Velino-suspect Velin branch. Actons claim to be an Aughton branch, where a Saxon of Dalton (Low Furness, at BARROW!) is said to have held Aughton.

I've had the hunch for years, and have said so, that Larry Barret (on my bus for high school) and his girl, Laura, would play importantly in my work. So far, they have not. But now, Larry Barret lived in Gormley, and Gormleys share the three martlets (identical Coats) of Velens/Felins. Impressive and spot-on. Barrets share the black dog with Furness'/Furnace's so as to look like a Barrow branch, and while no Laura surname comes up, I can assume that she was code for Laus'/Lauers (Bohemia), because Barrows are looking like Boura > Laus liners. Let me repeat that the man in the Laus/Lauer Coat holds what's often called a scythes, and SCIDrus is beside Laus. Here's the map:

Barrets use "desirer," and Guiscards use "MERCY is my DESIRE." Barrets are said to be from Chatelle Rault, and Raults, with the bend of the Cheshire Marleys (Marsi?), are said to be from Mercia's Bedfordshire, though descended from neighboring Oxford elements. The Oxfordshire Ganders look good where they were play of geese liners such as the Guiscards ought to be. The "bien" motto term of Barrets assures that their black dog is the talbot of Carricks "(Garde bien"). German Biens (share erect sword with bee-using Bessins) use bees, and Carricks were from quadratilla Bassus (the line to Quade's who have wolves in the black of the Carrick dog). Quade's share a Mackay Coat, and the Mackay wreath ought to link to the Sassy description. Sassy sucked her tail, and Carricks use talbots, suspect with Tailboys/Tailbois' and bee-using Talls. It's interesting here that while Barrets are Bratt-like in some of their variations, Brattia is off the mouth of the Tailor-related Tilurius, which was the Cetina river of cat-liner Cetins/Cattans ("Lupus") too. Yup, white cats, just like Sassy. I kid you not that the paragraph below was already written before this entire paragraph was written, and I didn't know until after the last sentence that there is a Saracen's head in the Cetin/Cattan Crest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is hilarious. Thank you, O Lord.

Sassys: "...two Saracen's heads proper, silver and blue wreathed around the temples." God set me up with a job re-doing the banisters of a woman who would give me one of her kittens, and it was me who named it, Sassy. He did this for this revelation or set of links. Larry Barret is a Cetina-river liner, I therefore figure. Brattia was also Brac, and Bracks use the Carrick dog in brown. I am sure that Carricks were Saraca's by this route of the Cetina theater, and therefore traceable to Laus and Saracena. The Arms of Carrick shares the black fitchee with Cetins/Cattans. I had to give Sassy away when going down to Texas, and it was on that trip that I purchased a black Labrador pup (Carrick symbol, right), which my son named, Katie. Amazing. She was picked up with the Ford, and Fords use a black dog. I had to give Katie away when I returned to Texas, and with her new owners she got killed by a car while chasing a cat. I loved Katie. God arranged for Sassy to suck its tail, didn't He? The Caucer variation of Sassys may indicate Chaucers and Chalkers. Homewards and Bounds/Bone's were both first found in Sussex.

Sassy-beloved Temple's were first found in Cheshire with Kerricks, and Bracks probably use the Meschin fesse because le Meschin married Taillebois. Carricks/Kerricks use the fesse in colors reversed. Temple's are said to be from Saxon earls of Chester. Hmm, Maccus is said by Wikipedia to have met with Saxons in Cheshire (before le-Meschin arrived), and French Temple's (could be the Maxwell / WORTH eagle) may be with the Macey stars but with the chevron of Maccus-line Mackays (share wreath code with Sassys, right). Maccus' grandfather married Edith of PolesWORTH while Pollocks (from Fulbert of Falaise?) are a Maxwell sept. The progenitor of Pollocks was Fulbert "the Saxon" (on his mother's or father's side, no one seems to know). Polworths share the three piles of Goose-suspect Guiscards, and the latter throw in a "Mercy" motto term while Temple's are from Henry, brother of the earl of Mercia. This is probably the reason that Messeys/Messier's (same place as Mars in Mackay colors and format) use the Mercian flag.

Amazingly, the picture in the paragraph above can be linked to the write-up of Orms/Orme's, from Ormskirk. This surname was loaded when finding Suchs, as per Sassy sucking her tail, who are like the Sauchy variation of Sassys. Such's were at Ormskirk (Lancashire). Orms are said to be from Orm, a Cheshire Saxon, but driven away to Lancashire. Orm owned Halton, which I assume to be Halton (Lune river) at Aughton. Hattons (Comine garbs) of Cheshire are said to be Halton (Cheshire, same as Actons) elements, which recalls that Table's were at Halton. We therefore find that Maccus-associated (or related) Saxons ended up on the Lune, where Lawrence's were first found. As Orms/Orme's share the Joseph garbs, it's interesting that the same Josephs share two gold chevrons with Scottish Ormes'/Orens (Patten / Schole Shield), potential Orne = urine liners from Orion. Josephs are suspect from Caiaphas, and Orion with Shechemites.

Temple's share the black martlet with Rutherfords, first found in bee-line Maxton with Maxwells. As per the look of the Temple Shield, I'd say it's the Joseph martlet, shared by Pollock-suspect Plocks, Pollock-liner Pullens, and Lark-related Flys that I suspect in the motto of L'Aquila-line Drake's.

By the way, Flaad-like Flatts/Flaits/Fletts (Orkneys, same as Stout vikings and Henry Sinclair) are of Fleet liners, a branch of, or merger with, Flags/Flecks. The Larks (Flatt/Flait chevron?), beloved of the Bark/Berk larks, can be linked exactly to the Flags/Flecks via the Flagi location of Flys (share the Lark Coat, essentially). So, the Barks/Berks look like John-de-Burgo liners to Hugh Flaith Lupus. Fulk-like Pollocks/Polks trace with Flags/Flecks to Tertulla of Rieti, and therefore to Tertullus, husband of Plancia Magna, while it's very possibly that Plunketts (feasibly in Dol) named Pollocks, as one can glean in the Plunkett term of the Plock write-up (the goofs say that "Plunkett" is from "blanket"). We just compare "Felice" to "Fulk / Fleck." Then, German Flocks share the Poole / Rita / Fallis lion, take your pick. English Flocks/Folcketons (share the Flatt/Flait/Flett) chevron are said to be from Saxons. All of this is a good reason to suspect Fulbert of Pollock with Fulbert of Falaise.

"Fulbert" may have been a version of the Filbert variation of Philbys (goats), and so just keep this in mind for the next section's Louise-Phillips topic, which starts at Phillis', a potential branch of the Fillis variation of Felix's.

Now the Flag/Fleck/Flick/Flack scallops (in the colors of the Meschin scallops) are called "sea shells," and Shells, with likely the Brick / Massey fleur (are Bricks / Briquessarts from Brac???), use a blue snake, which reminds me that while Visconti's show a blue snake, it was originally green, i.e. now tracing to the Marsi snake cult. Mars share white scallops. The geese sounded overhead while wondering about the Gisors location of Burys. The Burys share the Bonnie Coat while Bonnie's share the white martlet in Crest with the Mill/Mylles Crest, no guff. The Mills/Mylles' (moline, can link to Goose's/Googe's) were first found in Hampshire, beside the Felix's/Fillis and Bonnie-like Bone's, and Felix's/Fillis' use the MILLrind! Zinger.

The Lincolnshire Mile's (share millrind with English Mills/Mylles', looks like a fret) share the Chief-Shield color combo of Simsons (BUCKINGham), who trace to Laus / BUXENtum and Saracena, which recalls the SARACEN heads of Sassys. Sasse-like Susans, first found in BERKshire (Berkshire's use frets), are in these green-white colors, and in the colors of the Simson crescents. Saracens use crescents, and the Brittany Sarasin use the moline. And the Sassy bend (shares a white crescent with Simsons) is a version of the Bucking(ham) bend, no word of a cat's tale. Buckings (reflection of the Bury / Bonnie Coat) were first found in Oxfordshire with Ganders and the Lille's suspect in the Susan lily. Didn't the geese overhead cry out for a trace to Laus elements? The red Bucking-Crest lion can be the one in the Crest of English Mills/Mylles'.

The Arms of Gisors is a cross in colors reversed from the same-style cross of Irish Burghs/Berks, which I know to be from John de Burgo of Comines. Irish Burghs/Berks use a "foy" motto term while Foys/Foix's were first found in Ile-de-France with French Chappes'. Foix's are therefore suspect with Foix-Candale because John of Gaunt's family was at Candale. Foix is beside RoqueFEUIL, traceable to the Neckar-suspect and Goose-loving Rutherfords.

The German Sparrs share a white martlet in Crest with Bonnie's, can we believe it? Bonnie's are the one's with the Bury Coat, and while God gave the geese Sign with the Burys, this Bonnie martlet is the martlet design of goose-using Rutherfords. Zikers. As Rutherfords were in Roxburghshire, which I trace to Rijeka (eagle on a rock), that's where I trace Ricks while Newberrys came up with Rickets of Newberry. Isn't rickets a bone disease? Aren't Bonnie's a Bone branch? As I said, this section from the mention of Bonnie's was written after introducing Bonnie's below.

Laus'/Lauers could be a branch of Bark-beloved Larks/Laurks, jiving with a Bury-of-Burg link to Laus. Laus'/Lauers were first found in Bohemia, and that country is from Boii of BONonia. Yup. And the Rutherford orle border is likely code for Orrels (Lancashire) and Ore's, the latter using Bone-like motto terms and suspect with the three piles of Guise-like GUIScards! Zinger. I've got to say, therefore, that the Guiscard Normans were Guy-of-Spoleto liners, and, probably, from Gaia of Numidia, especially if the latter's rooster is in the Sinclair Crest.

It's amazing how geese can talk proper English and make sense more than some very goofy family historians. "Goof" in the dictionary is defined as "family historian." They would say such things as Larks (Fly / Pratt kin) were named after the lark, and Burgs were named after burgs, so simple minded. Names change and often gravitate to dictionary terms, not the other way around from dictionary terms to non-dictionary. Barks are also Berks, like the Burghs/Birke's married by Mr. Gwse. Ganders are said to be named after glove makers.

It dawned on me here that Dan liners should go through the Marsi snake. The Daniels/Danier's use fusil lozenges in the colors of fusils of the Berkshire Sheaves' while Italian Sheaves' were from eagle-line L'Aquila. Fusils/Fuzier's (Daphne-line Dauphine, same as Galleys and Galla's) use lozenges, and you will see more in this next section.

Louise Phillips Mystery Unleashed

Good morning. I was wondering where to start today. I started on Felix suspects, checking out "Fellis." No luck, but I know there's a Fallis surname suspect with Rockefellers due to its sharing the trefoil with Fellers and Rocks. The trefoil is in the mouth of a buck trippant with Looneys/Lunnys, who have a "inFELICI" motto term. That's powerful, but I can't be sure of Looney/Lunny branches in order to get a bigger picture. Spanish Felice's share the castle with the Looney/Lunny Chief, but I don't know who's Chief it is. Trefoils are partially expected with Trips/Treffs, and they appear to be in the trippant buck. I suggest that trefoils are rooted in a Trip-Felice merger.

After trying "Fillis" to get the Felix's (Sussex), Phillis' were loaded to find them with Phillipsons. I was surprised to find that "the east window of stained glass is said to have been bought from Furness abbey." I was all over Furness only yesterday. This east window is on the church in Windermere (Westmorland), the town where Phillipsons had put out a branch. And Windermere is in Bowness, wherefore the Bowness surname (Cumbria, same as Furness) was loaded to find three lozenges in the colors of the Louis lozenges. It makes Louise Phillips suspect with this very thing, but why? Was the Biblical Felix of Judea the line that named Phillips'? Or was Felice of Nola the line to Phillips? Can't "Nola" be of the Nail/Neal variation of German Nagle's?

Fellers (Jewish) come up as Fillers while English Fillers/Villers/Devilliere's ("coticula") share the same cross as Nola's, no small deal. The white Filler-Crest lion may be the Fallis/Faller lion. As Fillers/Villers were first found in Leicestershire with Dexters, they may be with the Dagger scallops. The Dagger motto has a "loyalte" like the "Loyalite" of Margesons/Mackesys, the latter first found in Sussex with Felix's. The Fillers/Villers are in Noel colors, and Noels are said to be from Ranton while Felix's use the millrind for Rant-branch Rinds.

I then spotted the Boness variation of Bowness', which made me think of Bononia and the Bone's of Sussex, same place as the first-known Felix's. Amazing coincidence. Yet I had the Roet-related Bows/Boughs on my mind that I trace to Boofima, and it just so happens that while I trace the Imperi priests of Boofima to Imperia = Oneglia, that's where Nagle's trace who share the Bowness/Boness fesse in both colors. And Nagle's put lozenges on their fesse to boot. It looks like Bowness'/Boness' are a score on the nasty Boofima > Baphomet cult of Templars, and Bononia traces to Boulogne, home of Eustace II (family very-much involved with the first Templars), in Artois, where Lois' were first found. Great start.

But it got amazing, for as I said, Louise's brother is Glen(n), and it was just yesterday that I read the description (which I had forgotten) of the Glenn-branch Glennys: "A silver shield with three black martlets BEAKed and LEGged red; a red chief on which there is a silver claymore (sword) and a black pennon with a staff inscribed 'BONNIE' crossed in saltire." I never got around to mentioning the Bonnie's (Rind colors and format) yesterday, however. Is this not amazing??? This is what God has in mind for Louise Phillips. Let's dig in.

Let's start with the millRIND of Felix's/Fillis', and assume that the Fillis variation is a branch of the Phillis variation of Phillipsons. Glenn Phillips came over to my apartment, because on New Years Eve, I brought Louise's friend, who attended our party, into the apartment at midnight (the entire party was going outside), locked the door, and had sex with her. Louise and the others were outside the door wanting in, but I was too busy to open the door. So Louise, some days later, sicked Glenn on me, and he kneed me in the face (I probably deserved it). I was almost passing out, and with eyes closed could sense that Glenn with Louise were watching to see whether I might pass out or even die. This was a hard shot to the face. I came to, and Glenn didn't hit me again for fear of hurting me too much. Later, I put Louise's furniture in the hallway, because she refused to move out, and forced her out. That set me up for the next girl, Miss Whelan, and Whelans use lozenges in Louis- / Phillipson-lozenge colors, can we believe it?

Now the Fallis' suspect with "the tanner" of Falaise, share the Rita lion while Rita's were first found in Rome with Felix's/Felice's. Suddenly, Roquefeuil > Rockefellers look like Felix/Felice liners, which gets especially interesting where Fellers use the colors and format of Nola-like Noels (Mar colors and format). We read that Robert Noel was a close associate of the Conqueror, the latter being the son-in-law of "the tanner" of Falaise.

I took a hard shot from Glenn's knee. The Knee Coat is a version of the Rind and Bonnie (and Harding) Coats, can we believe it? Miss Whelan lived on a Corson street with Kepke too, and while Corsons use lozenges in colors reversed, they also use a "Ne" motto term while Knee's are Nee's too. It looks important that Knee's/Nee's share the black stag head with Eustace-line Vise's/Vice's (both put the same black cross between antlers), and so we are now at the STAGE/Stagg surname (cross between antlers), and Louise Phillips must have been the second woman on a platform in the sleeping-bag dream. That platform has been resolved as a stage because, after Louise moved out, I saw her again a year or two later, and she told me that she was working in choreography, which involves stage productions. So, there you have a set-up from God to link her to Eustace II.

We can assume that the knee to the face wants the Face's/Fessys involved here, who were in Genova with Doria's, who married the proto-Artois Arduinici of Oneglia. The Artois Lois' share the ostrich with the Beaks in the "beaked and legged" martlets of Glennys, and Leghs share the lion of Rind-branch Rance's/Rants//Rynds. The sleeping-bag dream, which includes the Bags who share the lozengy Shield of the Genova Grimaldi's, started with David Morley on his motor bike, and Morleys share the specialized leopard FACE of Westmorland's Morlands, while the Phillipson/Phillis branch from Berwickshire, where Arthurs were first found, were in Westmorland's Bowness...which itself traces to Oneglia. You can't argue with the Fieschi's, who use swords in saltire, as do the Bonnie-loving Glennys.

Bonnie's share the martlet with Glennys and Marlins (Lancashire). The Bonnie martlet is white, as are the Nola martlets on what could be the Fessy/Face cross in colors reversed. I wouldn't have known that David (lived on martlet-line Harding) had a motor bike had he not visited me with it (Carol was on the back), while I lived on a Marlin street. The Marlin martlets are in both colors of the Glenn and Glenny martlets, and Glenny were first found in Peebles along with Bowers, the latter sharing five, bunched arrows of Bows/Boughs, though the latter have them with "points DOWN." Downs share the stag with Knee's, first found in Down. And Downs, can we believe it, were first found in Sussex with Bowness-suspect Bone's and Felix's/Fillis'. You can't have this many strong links immediately, out of some 30,000 surnames, unless God sets things up. If you pick eight or ten surnames from a hat, there is a great chance that they will not form a story of similar origins.

The bike-suspect Biks/Bicks were first found in Berkshire with Points, and while I suspect this thing from Pincum (Pek river) to the Panico's of Bononia, it's not easy to explain it convincingly, so I won't bother. The Panico's share the fleur-de-lys of Bonnie's, and Roets are suspect with the Panico tree. The Panico label is expected with the Labels/La Bells (linkable to martlet-liner Martins and Martels) that share the crescent of French Phillips. But it's not looking easy to prove links between them. Labels share the crescent of both Irish Martins and Martels (Gascony, same as Labels). Labels (red greyhound) are said to be from MAULeon, while Morleys/Mauls are of the Mauly location of Morlands, both suspect with Marleys/Marlons of Morlaix, about 35 miles from Brest while Brests/Brix's have lozenges colors reversed from Whelan / Phillipson / Louis lozenges. About 10-15 miles south of Brest, a Corson-like Crozon location, and then Curzons were first found in Derbyshire with Morleys! Surprise.

The French Phillips share the crescent of Corsons, but so do many others. Yet Corsons almost use the colors and format of Phillips', and my girl just weeks after Miss Phillips lived on Corson. The French Phillips are in the colors and format of French Mars, for a trace to the Marsi, whom I assume were in Picenze with their patron saint, Nola of Felice. You see, the Phillips are still hanging us on the Felix/Fillis line, and as this revelation is from me, that's why I count Picenze as relevant to Felix's / Felice's.

Glenns had become suspect from the Gaulonite of Gamala, mentioned by Josephus. It was a theory only, but as my head is constantly watched over by God, I never take my theories lightly. They often work out to prove true. Maccabees of Gamala are expected through Masci's. The CAMEL is used by Pattersons/Cassane's who happen to share the French-Mar scallops. I often find it a little amusing to think back at the events He's set up, seeing Him behind the scenes working them out without my knowing. To get me with Miss Whelan, he had to get Rick Young to go out with her sister, and he chose to have her father purchase a house at the corner of the street where I had lived seven years earlier. Things like this floor me repeatedly. What was He up to?

I was on the back of Young's motorbike several times. The only other motorbike I was on, that I can recall, was when Livio let me take his out for a spin. I had learned to ride a bike before, probably Young's bike. Youngs share the piles of Livio-like Leavells. There is no Livio surname coming up, but they are expected from the Livius family, which included Servilia Caepionis. To put this another way, I expect the Laevillus > Leavell line at or near Morlaix.

The Morlaix area is in Finistere, and I trace Finistere / Finis/Fein elements to Windsors, who had a castle in Berkshire, where Biks/Bicks were first found. In fact, I see the Windsors (have Feins in their motto) of Finistere with Windows, because "Finistere" is like the Latin/French word for "window," and Windows happen to share a lion paw, holding a gold fitchee, with Caepionis-suspect Quints. The Window paw is blue, and while two Austin surnames use the paw in both blue and black (color of the Quint paw), the Austin chevron is also the Quint chevron. Youngs were first found in Essex with Quints...not to mention the Gore's in mythical GorLOIS. In the Crest of blue-paw Austins there is an upright, white stag, symbol of German Youngs/Jungs/June's.

The Biks/Bicks were first found in Down while the Down stag is in the colors of the Young/Jung stag! It's looking perfect to claim that I was on Young's bike due to God's pointing to Biks/Bicks, who share the stag head with Windsors (and the Gore crosslets). And the sleeping bag led to Bagleys, who had a Bagley Woods in Berkshire. It appears that Windsors are a target. I windermere why. Where is Windermere? Oh, yes, in Bowness with Phillis'/Phillipsons. And Winders (Pullen / Patten motto) were first found in Cumberland with Furness, which recalls the WINDOW at Windermere's church (!) purchased from Furness abbey. Did God set that window up to say that Pharnaces traces to Windows > Windsors? What is that "Nulla" motto term in the Winder motto? It includes "culpa" as code for the Cups/Cope's/Culps, expected with Copeland, smack beside Furness.

Hold on to your shutters, I have an earthquake. German Winders (Bavaria, same as Bauers and Rothes'/Rothchilds) share two red-on-white wings with Jewish Glass', and while Glass' put their bend (it's probably the Jewish-Pollock and Jewish Rothchild bend) on their wings, Glass' put fesses on their wings. It was a stained-GLASS window that was transferred to Windermere. In colors reversed, those double wings are the two of Nolls, and the latter's background looks like the Felix's/Fellis' / Felice's. The Felix's/Felice's of Rome, with the same lion as Fallis', share the Moray stars. What's going on here? I smell a rock.

Pollocks were at GLASgow and PAISley (GlasGOW is suspect with Gow liners too, and Gore's are a Gower branch). WinderMERE might just be the Mayer line that named Mayer Bauer, who changed his surname to "Rothschild." English Mayers/Majors share the red greyhound with Labels/Labels while the latter's crescent is colors reversed in the Coat of French Mayers/Majors. German Mayers share the tree with Panico's.

Winder-like Winters use polar bears while Polars/Pollards share red scallops with Pullens. The Winders share the motto of Pullens, who are from VesPASia Polla along with Pollocks, and she is expected to the Pasi's of Bononia, the line to Pasleys/Paisleys. I know this, because God set up emailer Pollock in my email life, who married Mr. Speer, and while Speers were first found in the same area as Pollocks, Spears share the crossed spears of Pasi's. The Speer boar heads, furthermore, are those of Roets, who share the Bow/Bough motto, which links to BOWers and Bowness'/Boness', suspect from Bononia. In fact, the Boii of Bononia founded Boofima-like Bohemia. The Roet tree links well to the Panico tree because Panico's are also Pane's while Catherine Roet's father was Payne. A glass pane comes to mind.

Now the Winders with the Pullen motto use a Coat looking linkable to that of Spanish Vigils while Italian Vigils have a vertically-split Shield in colors reversed from the same of Bologna's. What in Bologna do Winders trace to? Some Veneti, of course. But what kind of Veneti? The Radice's look winderbar. Radice's can be to the Rats/Raids near Rothes castle, and in the same place as Rothschild-beloved Roses.

Peter Pollock at Rothes castle was the proto-Rothschilds, though the latter are known to be from directly from Bower-branch Bauers (blue wings), and we saw the five bunched arrows of Rothschilds with Bows/Boughs too, the Boofima liners ("Bough" can be pronounced, Boff").

Culps/Colps are from the Colapis/Kupa, the line to Colchester = CAMULodunum, where I tentatively trace the Patterson camel. Emailer Patterson had a Martin on one side (I think she was born with it), which helps to convince me that Martins and Martels were Mar liners. Her pet is/was COPPERchief, and Coppers (same place as Bone's / Felix's / Keeps) are now suspect with the Keeper variation of Keeps. Both the proto-Keeps and the heraldic Chief are suspect with "Caiaphas." White scallops are shared between Capes' and Mars.

Pullens share the RUMney/Romney Shield, and the "veRUM" motto term of Roets and Bows/Boughs has got to be for Rums/Rooms, the ones who love Placentia/Piacenza. It recalls the Rumble's, and my living at the corner of Rumble and Libby (shortly after knowing Livio). While Livio is the one who let me ride his motor bike, I was without a car while being with Lorraine, and I recall riding my sister's bicycle to find another apartment to live in, and got one at the Libby/Rumble address. I think this is sufficient to expect Libbys from the Livius > Caepionis line, especially as Rumble's (Sussex again, same as Bone's, etc.) share the Quint chevron.

I have always suspected the fitchee, a Quint symbol, as the killing instrument of the Boofima human-sacrifice cult. I can expect the Fitt/Fitch surname, and its branches, with this nasty cult, including the Foots whom God represented with Lorraine's feet. In fact, while Boofima sacrificed goats, the Baphomet symbol, Russells use the goat, and, as I've said in the past, Lorraine was a Jehovah's Witness, a cult founded by Charles Russell. I figured that God chose this Lorraine for me for to link Lorraine's to Russell's line.

Charles Russell was heavily into Rothschild Zionism, and 19th-century Rothschilds hooked up with satanic-Christian cults similar to the "dragon-light" of Jesus claimed by Nicholas de Vere von Drakenberg. De-Vere's line included the Glass crest, which is Melusine of Avalon, explaining why Glass' were first found in Buteshire. And we just saw why Rothschilds were in cahoots with Jewish Glass, while it just so happens that Bute was earlier called, ROTHESay. It makes the Marsi at Velino suspect with Boofima because mythical Marsyas was a goat. And the Russell-Chief scallops are white, the colors of the Mar scallops, and the latter's are in the Patterson/Cassane Chief.

Rick Young had me on his bike, and Yonge's love the Jeune's in their motto, a branch of June's, from Junius Caepionis. You can't bake this stuff up. God set me up with those two motor bikes.

I'm now going to make the case for more Marsi liners out of Velino and into Avalon = Bute, but connecting also to Bononia. It makes the witch cult of Avalon suspect as a Bohemia = Boofima cult. I had read that Bothwells were named from Bute, and then Talbots, who share the Bonnie fleur (same as Panico fleur) on a blue bend, are said to be from "TaleBOTH." The Bothwells use a "a BOY PULLING DOWN a GREEN pine TREE", all traceable to the Boii and "green-tree" Panico's of Bononia, and throwing in the Pulling variation of Pullens who must trace to Pasi's of Bononia. We can begin to trace this to Boofima elements where German Roets were first found in Thuringia with Tale-like Talls/Thals, who share a bend-with-symbols in the colors of the same of Taleboth>Talbots. The latter put the Masci fleur on their bend, and Talls put the Massena stars on their bend, and Massena's can be easily seen with a version of the Masci Coat.

It can be gleaned that both Talbot Coats are version of both Scott Coats, and one Scott surname uses Catherine wheels, symbol of Catherine Roet. We are on the line of Basina from Thuringia, and while her husband is in the Child surname, Childs use the colors and format of Dogs/Doags, explaining why an heraldic talbot is a dog. It's closely related to GREYhounds because Roets descend from Croys or Groys (I forget which) while both are listed with Greys, who use the Talbot Coat in colors reversed. Any dog that is upright and white-on-blue is suspect with the Hun/Hundt greyhound, and the same-colored, upright lion of Greys, and it just so happens that the Bologna surname uses such a greyhound. The Dogs/Doags were first found in Perthshire with Rollo's, and while the Rollo boar heads are colors reversed from the Roet boar heads, Rollo's love the Fortuna's in their motto while Italian Fortuna's use a white-on-red, upright dog that looks like the talbot. It's known that Catherine Roet was a BEAUFort (suspect with Balfours), and the Beauforts happen to use the Talbot lion in colors reversed, which is to say that it's the Grey lion.

So, there you have Talbot elements from Bononia and into Avalon. John Beaufort was Catherine's son with John of Gaunt, ruler of Lancashire. The Arms of Gaunt (Lys river of Artois) uses a virgin while Virgins/Vergins, first found in Kent with Gaunts and the Massin Numidians, use the Talbot lion. As the latter use a red lion in both Crest and Shield, as do Aures', Talbots can trace to the Shawia / Numidians of Aures, which is where Boofima's origin is suspect from other considerations. And where do Shawia trace? To the Sheaves' of L'Aquila with Drakenberg-suspect Drake's, and to the English Sheaves'/Shaws at Windsor-targeted BERKshire, perhaps a VERGin branch. English Bergins (share red scallops with Winter-beloved Polars) share the key with Italian Sheaves'.

Although I could find little on Boofima, I did read that their priests use gloves made of leopard paws / claws when conducting their sacrifices. This speaks heavily to the GAUNTlet glove. I can't be this neat and tidy, and be wrong about it. God hates human-sacrifice cults, and those who honor them. Come out with your hands up, royal Windsors. Nuclear Winter is here. Your time of luxury is over. You have played the fool.

The Bergin scallops come with both colors schemes of the Tass scallops, and the latter throw in a greyhound. It's the Graeae Amazons of north Africa, the Numidians. The Bergin Crest can then be gleaned with the Tax/Dach Coat, which is a crossed sword-version of the Teck/Tess Coat. And the Royal Windsors are known to descend recently from Tecks.

Now when I was without a car, shortly after Mamie, I moved to Hunt street and was given a job driving TAXi with a tenant (a taxi dispatcher) in that house. It was a good move, thank you, Lord, because it gave me a full-time car, though rented. And dispatchers called me to pick up Mamie twice. After the second time, we went out again for one night only, and I took her the cafe of Joe Fix, at that little strip mall on Yonge street between Lorne and Major MacKenzie drive. If one goes directly behind that mall, it's Church street, and I was living smack at that part of Church street before moving to Hunt. Church's use greyhounds, and then, while living at this Church-street location, some of those other guys renting rooms in the same house, and I, attended Bible studies on this Church street, but on the other side of Major Mackenzie, and then Majors use the greyhound too. As for MacKenzie's, they are the Kenneths from Kenza of Aures. And the Bible studies were in the home of the similar Kendrys (Cupid with a torch). Kenzie's/Kenneths use a "Luceo NON ura" motto, partly suspect with Aurs/Aures', and then Luceo-like Luke's/Lucks use greyhounds too, with a Coat looking much like the Church Coat. And the Nons/Nevins in the same motto are also in the motto of Nagle's (fesse colors reversed from the Non-Nevin fesse). As Nagle's were of IMPERIA, the Nagle fesse is suspect with that of Beefs/Boeufs (PERIgord).

It seems that Boofima liners are heavily to greyhound liners, if this is God's message for me in that Church-street turf that was mine for a couple of years. I met Roxanne Bennet at the Kendry Bible studies, and while Bennets and Benedicts are Pierleoni liners, it's also notable that the Dutch Bennets/Benedicts may have a lion holding a book, the Roet symbol for Bough-like Books/Boggs. But the description for that surname doesn't mention the item held by the lion.

I know how ridiculous it sounds for me to claim that Kenneth MacAlpin was from Kenza, way down in Africa. But she was queen of Morocco, and her descendants had to flee Fez in the 10th century. They are suspect to the Fes'/Fez', for example. In any case, hours after writing here, after adding the Newberry section above, I accidentally typed "ary" instead of "Mary," and up came the Alpin Coat but with the Ary/Arra/Carry surname (Perthshire, same as Shaws) smacking of the Aur variation of Aures'. The Carry variation may have named Cary castle of the Leavells. Houseofnames should not forbid surnames from coming up just because someone doesn't first type "Mac." I've loaded Carrys many times, but the Arys/MacCarrys never came up.

The Arys make their sword rise sinister (unlike Alpins), indicating the Massena Numidians. The Arys call their crown an "imperial crown" (unlike Alpins), indication of the Imperi priests of Boofima.

A small ways further down Church street from the Kendrys lived David Morley, at or near the corner of Harding. Hardings are said to be from Bristol, and these Hardings formed the first baron of BERKeley. That could be back to the Vergin / Bergin bloodline from Aures, the possible naming of Barca, Hannibal's father. The Hardings use another form of the Bonnie Coat, and the latter's is akin to the Coat of French Talbots, and so because Bonnie's and Talls can be gleaned from Massena Numidians, and because Talls have the Bessin bees, it's likely that Talbots named Lucy Taillebois, wife of the first-known Meschin. In other words, Boofima liners go to Lucy as well as to Meschins, independent of that marriage.

The Bristols are likely Brests/Brix's, kin of Bricks from Briquessart, father of the first Meschin. We therefore trace Bristols to Brest, near Morley-suspect Morlaix, that latter said to be of the Marleys (similar bend to that of Dents), first found in Cheshire with the first Meschin. And Bristols are said to descend from Hamon aux Dent while Masci's of Cheshire were represented by Hamon de Masci.

The red buttons were in the trailer with the squirrel off my breast, and red buttons are supposed to link to my DENTist. We can add the Masci-line mascles of Treys/TRAYLors, that surname now suspect in being fashioned as per "TAYLor," that being the Tails i.e. feasibly a Talbot branch. In fact, TALEBOTHs are traceable to Bothwells, the latter using a reflection of the Traylor Coat. I'm setting up the possibility that Ponds/Ponts, first found in Hampshire with Buttons, and sharing red fesses, are of the Bonnet variation of Bonnie's, for Ponds/Ponts share the black boar with BOOTHs and Hardys, the latter in Harding colors. In colors reversed, the Pond/Pont / Ponder patee is of the ten of Berkeleys (same patee as Massena's), and the Berkeleys were Harding / Bristol elements.

I failed going to Denets (same place as Keeps) when on the Dents earlier. The Dent write-up suggests Denets, and the Denet motto suggests the Dents. It dawns on me that the Dent lozenges can be the Sheaves lozenges in colors reversed because Dents and Keeps were Shawia liners. Keeps (love the Galla Numidians) are suspect from Syphax Numidians. French Denets/Jordans not only share the Biden/Button fesse, but are in Keppock/Kippax and Dance colors and format. I can't recall whether I've yet discovered whose garbs the Keppocks use.

The Jordan variation of Denets must be a branch of Jardins (Brittany, same as Denets/Jordans), and then the Scottish Jardens (Garden branch) use the full Coat of Boofima-suspect Tailbois', who married the Massena line. The Scottish Jardins are said to have been at Banff, where Barca-possible Berkeleys were sheriffs. Troops were first found in Banffshire, and this should link nto the Drop/Trope link to Trasacco-like Trasks. One of the Berkeley Coats is in the colors and format of French Mars while Jardins were also in the area of the earls of Scottish Mar. The English Denets share the boar head with Gardens. I now recall Mamie at her garden, a Sign from God that included the giant-wolf Thighs. If the Dents were in-code with my dentist playing golf with me, the golf theme is still suspect with Guelphs/Welfs.

The English Denets are said to be from near Dreux in Eure, which is where Ivo-like Ivers/Eure's (Vere/Weir boar head) must trace. And while le-Meschin married the daughter of Ivo Taillebois, and while we just saw the Tailbois Coat with Jardins, the Gardens share the black boar head with French Ivo's, no guff. God's set-up with Mamie at the garden had to do with my own Masci line, and I didn't know until now.

Upside-down items have become suspect with Masci kin, and so we see an upside-down helmet with German Ivo's (Helm-helmet colors). Panthers, first found in Angus with Gardens and Jardins, use helmets in the same colors. And I first danced with Mamie, on the first occasion of meeting her, on the same evening that I accused Lorraine with messing around on the grass with a married man. She was out on a walk with him when I arrived to her apartment, and her female friend was there. When Lorraine arrived, a long streak of brass stain on the white pants at her thigh (from the side of the butt down). She would not have put those pants on for a dinner party, with that stain already there. Decades later, I assumed that this was code for a pant-like surname, and chose the Pansys/Panzers and/or the Panter variation of Panthers...who just linked to the beautiful thighs of Mamie at her garden! Excellent.

It just means that Panthers were merged with Garden-related Ivo's, but if God wants me/us to know it, why? And how exactly were Thighs (Dutch) involved in that mix? The Ticino river, with the "Per" motto term of Denets as some proof. The girl I was with briefly, before Lorraine and Mamie, was Miss Peare. I decided to leave her for good after she got up to dance with a guy who came over to sit with us. The two of us had been there just five minutes when he (bright blond) came over to sit beside her as though I wasn't there. While she was DANCing, I left the BAR. I think I had an overwhelming sense that I didn't want to be with her immorality just to be cut lose, as she did me when going over to Kepke. I just wanted to sit and talk and check out whether I should proceed with her. Whatever I was feeling, the event looks like another Set-up, as per the Dance surname that Peare's link to, as per the "Per" and "PROviDENTiam" motto terms of Dance-related Denets, and as per the countless dances she had with Kepke (Denets were first found in Sussex with Keeps, right?). And Bars were in Lorraine.


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