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April 1 - 9, 2018

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Surnames from the Horites

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Some of the best news these days was Trump's announcement that he's pulling military out of Syria. I don't know whether he mentioned Iraq. This seems like a major blow to the globe-trodding fiends that likely include James Mattis.

This week, the son of Osama bin Laden has threatened to unleash a lot of Arab money to attack Israel. I'm wondering whether this is the CIA creating a new monster to counter Trump's pull-out. We shall see. I still wonder whether Obama stole American money that he's allotted to Middle-East war i.e. in the hands of Arabs seeking to conquer Israel.

Word is out now that the CIA chief under Obama was either partially or wholly and initially responsible for the illegal attempt to re-rail candidate Trump, and this conspiracy involved Harry Reid, no surprise. In your thesaurus, an alternative word for "political dirtbag" is "Harry Reid."

To show that the American government is involved in faked events, the video below shows evidence I have not seen as yet. What I do know is that the car crash at Charlottesville had the government, under trump's watch, using used Brennan Gilmore to show the car supposedly crashing. The problem is, there is another video that captures the car with brake lights on midway between Gilmore's camera position and the crash site. If one studies the Gilmore video, no break lights go on. Plus, the people beside the car in the other video (still pictures were given us only, we can wonder why), when the brake lights are on, are not in Gilmore's video. Therefore, the car approached twice, a thing that Gilmore has not reported because he's an agent of the hoax.

What I have not known until now is that brake lights do show when the car is passing by Gilmore, as this youtube video shows at the start:

Sonofnewo has revealed that, in the court case against the one falsely charged for the crash, the government prosecutor revealed that the car did approach twice. Perhaps the government took this position due to a problem(s) with the original plot. As the brake light is seen on in Gilmore's take of the car, it means that he's capturing the first arrival of the car 75 seconds before the crash. The government claims that the car then went in reverse, past where Gilmore was standing, yet he did not report that part, of course. There are tricks being played, but one thing is certain, the government under Trump is guilt of mass deception, and Trump could care less. That's because he's a fake.

He's now wishing to send military to the Mexican border, which may be a trick to make the public accustomed to military on the streets acting as police. False-flag events are going to evolve society-controlling measures, by all appearances, far worse than what we've seen thus far. I am ready to proclaim that Trump is a fake. I've given him more than a year to prove himself a good guy, but he has not.

There's an article out this week by AP claiming that Trump is unhappy with John Kelly: "But those close to the president say that Trump has increasingly expressed fatigue at Kelly’s attempts to shackle him and that while Trump is not ready to fire Kelly, he has begun gradually freezing out his top aide. Trump recently told one confidant that he was 'tired of being told no' by Kelly and has instead chosen to simply not tell Kelly things at all..." Shackle? Sounds like someone's trying to control the president, or to stuff him into a tight shirt. Kelly should have known better, but he may have been under pressure from his invisible partners / bosses to govern Trump.

The article says: "As Kelly’s public profile and behind-the-scenes influence has faded, speculation has risen that chaos could return." Yes, the shadow government will again make things harder for Trump as he ignores Kelly. The trick is to discover, by laying out traps, who the leakers and trouble makers are. It shouldn't be that hard. Turn one or two of your own, trusted players into one of them, feigning it, and use them as spies to discover what the enemy in the White House is up to. This is how the shadow government plays, by infiltrating the enemy with fakes. Fight fire with fire, but don't use fire to tear down others in order to prosper yourself. The latter is the definition of "hell". All who destroy others to prosper themselves will be a heap in hell. The liberals are all well on their way.

"'It’s not tenable for Kelly to remain in this position so weakened,” said Chris Whipple, author of “Gatekeepers,' a history of modern White House chiefs of staff. 'More than any of his predecessors, Donald Trump needs an empowered chief of staff to tell him what he does not want to hear..." It seems obvious that the shadow government will want to control every chief of staff, not merely to run day-to-day operations, but to form the president's policies and, if possible, desires. "For months, Kelly made it a practice to listen in to many of the president’s calls, particularly with world leaders. While he is still on the line for some of those conversations, Kelly was not part of the call Trump made to Putin last month..." Did Kelly snitch this thing? How might anyone know that he wasn't on the phone unless he snitched / complained? To whom would he snitch, if he did? Not to a loyal Trumper. This AP article is a snitch job, a political tool to assist Kelly's prospects in the White House.

"Although Kelly had agitated for the removal of outgoing national security adviser H.R. McMaster, he counseled Trump against hiring Bolton, a neo-conservative media commentator. Trump did it anyway, offering the job to Bolton in a one-on-one meeting in the Oval Office and telling his chief of staff about it later." You see, Kelly's not there to run the White-House operations, or to assure that filing cabinets (do they still exist?) are kept tidy, etc., but to make the foreign-policy decisions for the president. I'd like to know why Kelly opposed Bolton. Perhaps Kelly had another one in mind whom he could work with to get his own agendas passed with Trump.

Who does Kelly think he is? "For months, former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski was barred from the White House, only to return when Kelly was overruled by Trump, according to four White House aides and outside advisers." Did he tell Trump he prohibits certain people from contacting him? Kelly needs to be slapped in the face and sent flying out the door. When the president says he doesn't want to see anyone, that's who the chief of staff should forbid. You can't have a chief of staff acting like a second president, playing mind games with the president and throwing the agenda off-kilter.

Another way to view the military at the border is a Trump hit-job on the global hawks, and using the military to do something at home in return for the extra money that the president obtained for it. That's better than using fighters to kill Arabs (people) involved in toppling governments.

Is Mueller in trouble now along with Rosenstein? We hope so:

Hell is defined as the place of the corrupt, those who deceive others for their own profit, those who practice the "art" of deception for to prosper by it at the expense of their victims. With this latest news and its gleanings, Sessions has reason to fire Rosenstein; there's more pressure, therefore, on Sessions, to do what he clearly does not want to.

Here's Napolitano on Session's recent dubious move:

Bob Goodlatte has been one of the champions on cleaning swamp, but on Session's refusal to start a Washington-based criminal inquiry, Goodlatte sound a lot like mush-mush, soft on Sessions. He says that he wants a criminal inquiry, but he's applauding Session's move with John Huber in Utah. As Napolitano says, Huber will have no teeth so long as he stays in Utah, and Sessions wants him to stay in Utah, Napolitano added. Sessions needs to be throttled for playing tricks, but Goodlatte is sounding like he's willing to see time wasted, which must be what Sessions' plan is.

Do Republicans who routinely report to the public via news stations sign a contract to do so, and do they get paid for it? It's possible and even logical. For a news station to prosper best, it needs controversies.

Late in the week, a chemical attack in Syria, timed perfectly for it to be a CIA event. No sooner did Trump announce a pull-out from Syria that ther CIA and/or military create this carnage to change Trump's moind. For his part, Trump is acting the fake, as though he doesn;t realize that this is an American can job: "On Sunday morning, Trump condemned the latest attack as 'mindless,' referred to Assad as an 'animal' and said Russian President Vladimir Putin was 'responsible' for enabling the carnage." Only a fake speaks this way before the evidence is in as to who done it. A normal person would not speak this way this soon. Trump is speaking this way to hold his friends in the military.

Assad would never have used chemical weapons again after the near-60 missiles sent upon him the last time. Assad would never have used chemical weapons, with Russia's nodd, just as Trump is announcing a pull-out from Syria. This is so-obviously a CIA operation.

It crosses my mind that Trump feigned a pull-out from Syria to make it appear that his imminent assault on Assad was not planned. If he assaults Assad and Russia together at this time, that's the position I will take. The other explanation is that Trump is an ignoramus on what the CIA is up to, which I doubt. As Trump is even blaming Putin, it seems that he is willing to do war against his military inside Syria. John Bolton may be privy to this hoax (not necessarily meaning the people didn't die). The Lord our God needs to catch the CIA in a faked event such as this. In the opinion of many, including those who cannot speak out publicly, the CIA has already been caught.

murder p The last update introduced my cat, Sassy, which I think proved to be another Set-up. Not only did it indicate the cat-using Cetins/Cattans (share Saracen's heads with Sassys/Caucers) already claimed (by me) as Masci / Meschin ancestry, but the cat was given to me while I was refinishing a woman's banister while Banisters are in the Meschin write-up. Sassy was therefore a code for the Cottian line to Keith Catti, and then Keats use cats too. The mouth of the Cetina is near the Saracen-like Saraca's whose Laus location(s) named the fleur-de-lys of the Childeric line to/from Masci's. I have got to reason that, when God sets me up with an event, it's got my mother's ancestry involved. He wants me to find the line to my very mother, which will lead back to the killers of Jesus.

I have evidence that the Childeric line, which was half Sicambrian Frank, goes to Decimus Rusticus of Lyon, and to his wife, Tullia. Her name has become suspect with "Attila" and the Tilurius river, and Attila's capital at Budapest was called, Sicambria. Therefore, the Huns are expected with the Sicambrian Franks, and Franks are suspect as a Phrygian > Varni > Varangian line. I'll try to not forget to show how Rusticus of Lyon, descended Decimus Rusticus, was a proto-Varangian to the Sinclairs. Morrisons, who use Saracen heads looking like boys (Meschin-Tailboys / Bois symbol), use the Sinclair cross, suspect with the same-colored Rust/Roost saltire, and ROSTock is on the Warnow river of the Varni. The Morrison Crest has the erect sword of the Bistones (700 BC in north Africa) line to the Bassus-of-Cetis > Bassianus-of-Cetina > Basina-of-Childeric > Meschin-of-Bessin line. Masci's use the fleur-de-lys of France. Merovingians from Moravia are suspect at Scotland's Moravia/Moray, where I trace Mackays of Man. The Boii named Bohemia, beside Moravia.

Meschins and Masci's never leave my work because this is central to all of FreeMASONry, and because God wants me to use Masci liners to get to the full and complete line, through the centuries, to modern hellholes. I regret to say that virtually everything I've been dealing with is from Attila.

Mummolin was a Merovingian ruler. Mummolin's father, Munderic, is suspect with Mundzuk. Attila's father, and Munderic's grandfather was Rusticus of Lyon. This traces from the Lune/Lyon lion to the Lorraine lion (Lorraine's share the Child eagles), and both Lorraine and Mamie apply here, as well as Miss Peare, who I dated a few months before Lorraine and Mamie. Mamie was code for Mummolin and for Isle-of-Man liners (Manx peoples), especially the MAUNCH-using Mansfields of MAMESfelde. Was that a Feld/Field line too? Mame's/Meme's/Mens', beloved by the Merovingian Pepins, were first found in the Lothian area of Sinclairs and the Keith Catti.

It dawned on me this morning that Rusticus was not named as a Rust liner, but as a RUS-Tick merger. The Tickhills happen to be very linkable, and not only by their maunch, to maunch-using Mansfields. The latter were first found in Nottinghamshire with Tease's/Tye's and Annas', a symbol given to Mamie (by God) from the first two days that she became my girl. So, Rusticus is now suspect, thanks to Mamie-Mummolin, with Tickhills, where Anne's/Hanne's lived. Tease'/Tye's happen to use the Annas stars, and when Jesus was arrested, he was brought to the home of Annas, the defacto acting chief priest, where He was attacked by false witnesses.

Annas was the father-in-law of JOSEPH Caiaphas, and Jewish Felds, with the moline of CAIAPHas-suspect Chives' in their Chief, share the split-Shield of German CAPlans. One of the two stars of Jewish Felds is the Annas star. English Caplans (same place as JOSEPHs) share three griffins in Chief in the colors of the three garbs in the Joseph Chief. Heraldic Chiefs are suspect with "Caiaphas." Griffin heads are shared by Ticks/Touque's/Tooks, who were first found in Kent with Ticks/Touque's, no guff. It indicates, by the way, that "Rusticus" named Rostock, not the other way around (i.e. Rusticus definitely looks like a Rus-Tick merger, in a line to Maccus of Man). If a Rusticus named Rostock, it traces the Tick griffins well to the Griffins of Pomerania, and Welsh Griffins do use a giant griffin in Tick-griffin colors.

Ticks/Touque's use a version of the Stump Coat, and German Felds use a "tree STUMP bearing six LEAFed branches perbend." Was MamesFELDE from these Felds? Mamie is code for the Rusticus > Mummolin line, and Rusts/Roosts share the fitchees of Tarves' while Chives' were first found in Tarves.

Lorraine's share laurel with Laurie's (at or near the Nith river), and Laurie's have a stump in their Crest, though they call it a "trunk of an oak, sprouting". Sprouts share the pelican head of Biggars, who are in the motto of the Arms of Shetland, where Varangians must have had a station.

Biggars linked hard (last update) to the bike I rode when asking Lorraine out for the first time. Laurie's use a giant cup, and Christine's, first found on the Isle of Man, use cups. Lawrence Kepke, suspect with Laurie's and Varangians, had a serious but failed relationship with Christine Peare, whom God gave an "it FELT so good" symbol. He met her at Reitmans. German Felds share the stars of the two REITman surnames, I figure, because Miss Peare worked at Reitmans. Reitman-branch Rottens are probably of the Rodhams/Roddens (same place as Keep-loving Hebrons) that use a "stump of a tree with leaves." Levi love the Aids/Ade's that share a version of the Rodham Coat. The Rodham motto loves the Alters/Colters, first found in Lanarkshire with Biggar and Biggars.

Nottingham is of the Nottings who share a version of the Sassy/Caucer bend-with-besants, and Chaucers with Chalkers were first found in Kent with Ticks/Touque's, along with Massins/Mason to whom further Sassy considerations will touch upon. Sassy sucked her tail routinely, and the Sauchy variation of Sassys looks to apply to "suck." The Such surname (share's besants with Sassys) can be a branch of Suggs/Soggs, first found in Hampshire with Caplans, for the Ormskirk entity of Sassys is on the Orms'/Orrens that share double-gold chevrons with Chaplains and Josephs. Orrens and Orme's are suspect with the Orne river at the Bessin. Orms/Orrens were first found in Aberdeenshire with Tarves'.

By the way, while HAMPshire's show no Coat, CAMPS/Comps, with griffin heads in both colors of the other Griffin griffin, and gold like the Caplan griffin heads, can indicate that Hampshire was named by Camps/Comps (another gold chevron). NorthAMPton is the location of the first-known Spinks that share the eagle of English Orms (Lancashire, same as Ormskirk). Spinks get important as Sassy leads to Homers, while a Spink-suspect sphinx is used by OpenHEIMERs (nine besants). The latter's dancette is red, which is what the dancette of German Camps would be in colors reversed. Homers share a lion paw holding a gold cross with Quints (share Meschin-line mascles with Spinks and Winchesters), and Quince's were first found in Northamptonshire too. Sear-de-Quincy ruled Winchester, and Winchesters, first found in HAMPshire, use the gold Quint fitchee behind their blue lion.

Now RUSticus is expected as a Rus line to Varangians, and to Rose's, and Rose's share the water bouget with Banisters. Sassy was given to me when I stripped a banister to bare wood (I had patience once, not anymore). Bougets are code for the line of Bugs (water bougets), who were first found in Nottinghamshire while Nottings use three besants on the same bend that Sassys place two besants. The Notting Coat is that of Big-like Bucking(ham)s too.

Nottings can be suspect with the Nitts/Naughts, from the Nith river, who share the checkered Shield of Tulls/Tullia's. The Tulls with the butterflies have a pale bar in the colors of the two of Ways/Weighs/Weghe's, and the latter's fish are lucies, which everyone connects to the pikes of Geddes. The Way/Weghe fish are those of Geds, while there is an online article claiming that proto-Geddes' Geds lived on the Nith river (from before 400 AD), prior to becoming the Geddes' who merged with the Rose's who use the water bouget. Sassy has just led with Banisters (Lancashire) to the Geddes-Rose merger. The Ged / Way/Weghe fish are highly suspect with the same-colored fish in the Arms of Saraca, the latter likely part of the Sassy Saracen's heads.

The Knights, who have a variation in their write-up that convinces me (along with their spur) of their being Nith liners, use three pale bars in the colors of the two of Ways/Weghe's, and it just so happens that Spurrs were first found in Devon with Supers, suspect from Sybaris, founders of Laus, beside Saracena! Plus, Sassy has just led to the Rusticus saltire in the Super Coat. The spur is used by Close's/Clovse's, from Closeburn on the Nith. The Greeks at Sybaris were on the Nith, and the Geds were there during the life of Tullia of Lyon, and, as I said, the pale bars above are used by Tulls.

Clovse's were from Clovis, son of Childeric and Basina, as were Clubs (Child colors and format) that use more fish, this time in the colors of the Lucy / Roach fish. Sassy didn't suck her paw, but her TAIL, and Lucy TailleBOIS can apply to the Saracen's heads, that look like boys, of Morrisons. It's interesting that the banister was stripped to BARE WOOD, for while Bare's/Bars (Este eagle) are likely using the Child eagle (Childeric descends from the Veneti at Este), the Woods use a club. The Wood-possible Wide's (and Croziers) use the Arms of Chalons-sur-Marne, where Mummolin ruled.

I'd like to say that nine besants (used by Openheimers) can be gleaned in the Metz Coat while Mummolin ruled near Metz. To describe two events between myself and Christine Peare, I always said, "it felt so good." Then I realized that this was code from God, which includes the Gothelo-line Goods/Guths (Gothelo's son was allied to PIERleoni Jews, highly suspect with the initial plot of the Crusaders to invade Jerusalem). "IT felt so good" It may be partial code for Ita of Metz (in/beside Lorraine), wife of Pepin of Landen. The Goth/Gothel star is half in the colors of the same of Pero's, and it's white, as are the Zionist stars of both Reitmans, suspect with Rita's (pieces of WOOD), first found in Rome with Pierleoni and Lucy-related Luciano's (Lucy fish), not to mention the Sforza's whose lion holds a QUINCE. The Bare/Berrey lion (in Barrys/Barry colors) might just be the Rita lion.

The Bars/Bare's of Bar-le-Duc (Lorraine) probably share the Way/Weghe fish (see Arms of Bar-le-Duc), and Ways entered the discussion as per God setting up my meeting with Lorraine at the Finch subWAY station. Finch's use the griffin in the colors of the Tick/Touque griffin, which is a good way to trace Vinch's to Rusticus, important because Vinch's are from Vinkovci, related to Valentinian I, whom I traced to Lyon. Valentinian's wife, of Picenum, is suspect with Pike's/Pickens, and Lucys with Geddes use pike fish. Vinch's share the motto of Weggs/Wedge's, making the latter suspect with the Weghe variation of Ways.

Water bougets (water containers such as buckets) are likely code for Buckets, who share the cinquefoils of Wedge-suspect Gangs/Gedge's/Geggs (Norfolk, same as Bags), and these are the Bag cinquefoils in colors reversed, making Bags suspect as Buckets / Beckets and other such terms.

The subway can be partly for Subbe's/Sobbe's/Sobers (ROSE leaves), and Subers (green leaf). The Artems, by the way, use Rusticus-suspect roses, for ARTEMia was Rusticus' daughter. The Geddes and Bosco's both married Rose's, and Bosco's share the "tree stump" with Felds, and Stumps are the ones with a Coat version of RusTICus-likely Ticks/Touque's. The Touques' (with an 's') use besants. One can expect Sobers to be a branch of Supers (same place as Ways/Weghe's) because they share the Rusticus saltire. It's important if correct that the namers of Roquefeuil were at Rostock as its Roxolani-Rus namers, for Supers share billets with the Arms of Roquefeuil, and with Vinch-related Wings/Winks. The whole world is tracing to Rusticus.

The Bar/Bare fesse is colors reversed from the two fesses of Ways/Weghe's (they put the pale bars on those fesses). And two fesses in the colors of the Way/Weghe fesses are with FELTmans/Felthams, no kidding at all, who share the gold leopard head with Peare's. And German Bare's/Bere's/Berreys share the Peare stars while German Berrys/Barrus share fish heads on red with Geddes'.

Time to go to Homeward Bound, which had a cat star, Sassy. It's interesting that Homewards/Homewoods/Holmeworths and Bounds/Bone's were both first found in Sussex with Roquefeuil-suspect Felix's. When seeing that Bounds/Bone's are from a Humphrey of the Bohuns, that name looked like "Homeward." And so I loaded Humphreys to find what looks like the Bouillon flory, which is the Felt Coat in colors reversed, and symbols of Christine Peare (including her belly that felt so good), trace to Godfrey de Bouillon (Gothelo's great-grandson) in multiple ways. The Bouillon / Humphrey cross is almost the moline (same colors) of English Becks while Bachs/Baghs were first found in DenBIGHshire with Humphreys.

The "L'homme" motto term of HumPHREYs helps to support their being a Homeward branch, and "L'homme vrai" together suggest that Vreys/FREYS were a Ward branch in "HomeWARD." Wards share the Warren Shield while Ada of Warenne was at Huntingdon with Otters/Others, and there is a wounded otter in the Humphrey Crest while Bounds can be a branch of a Wound-like surname. It seems important that the otter has what looks like a spear piercing it, for crossed spears are shared by Sprouts ("HUMAN hearts") as well as by Pays/Pasi's in the "pays" motto term of Humphreys. This makes Humans/Yeomans (spear cronels) suspect with Homewards / Humphreys. Home's/Hume's (the Lyon lion in colors reversed) were first found in Berwickshire with Artemia-suspect Artems/AITons, but also with the AIDs/Ade's suspect from Ada of Warenne.

The Vreys are the Freys/Freie's suspect in "Freemason," for they share the lion of Massins/Masons (same place as Rusts/Roosts and Ticks), though one half of the Vrey lion is the Bound/Bone lion too. And the Vrey lion looks like the Reines lion while its Reines' who share the comet with Pero's. The Comets then use three towers (alone) half in the colors of the three towers alone of Homme's (Guyenne, see Martin-castle colors). Humphrey kin have just linked to Miss Peare while she links to crosses like that of Humphreys.

There is a great chance that Comets are using a tower version of the three castles of Vile's (Griffin motto), for Comets are suspect with Conte variations while Conteville's are expected with Vile-like Ville'/Font-de-Ville's, first found in Languedoc with Conte's, Laurels (Bound/Bone lion?) and Falcons/FalCONTE's suspect in the Homeward falcons. Between their besants, Sassys may therefore be using the Falcon / Conte crescent. It's laurel-using Laurie's that describe their stump as "trunk of an oak, sprouting." German and Swedish Thors use trunks, and English Thors (Devon again) share three white towers alone with Vreys/Freie's.

The it-felt-so-good code, which we saw above with the killers of Jesus, was with her Bouillon-related belly, as well as her waist as code for Waistells that use a galloping white horse. I took Peare's white horse for a gallop, and the Waistell horse design is with Freys/PHREEZE's. Why did this Vrey branch use a Pharisee-like variation? Gallops are with a version of the Levi-related David Coat, and her waist symbol was in a mall as code for David Morley while Morleys and Morlands (same place as Waistells) share the stylized leopard face of Levi-beloved Aids/Aids. The latter are suspect with Ada of Warenne, or Varenne, and we saw Vreys/Freys linking to her.

Varenne's share the three ravens of German Bugs, and the Neuri on the Bug river are suspect with Nerthus, the Varni goddess. Ravens are shared by Rolphs who share the water bouget with English Bugs and BANisters (June fleur?), the latter perhaps from the Biaini of Lake Van, home of the Neuri-suspect Nairi. Water-bouget Rose's were in NAIRnshire.

By the way, when I was on Peare's horse, Lawrence (Kepke) was there, and while Lawrence's have a "Be ready" motto term, Gallops use "Be bolde, be wyse". Weis'/Wise's, who look like ":Wessel/Waistell, share the two Zionist stars of Peare's, with a gold bend, same as Gallops. There was a Masci liner on that horse, and Masci's share the white wing with Weis'/Wise's and Wies'.

As my first kiss with Peare at La Paloma was a set-up, I'd like to mention that a cauldron came up in the last update with Denicks/Dahns, who led to the dancing theme of Dionysus' Maenads, a perfect symbol for Kepke and Peare at La Paloma's dance floor. "Be bolde" looks like code for Bolds (giant griffin), and they are said to be from Barkisland while the Barkis surname (why a green snake?) is listed with Bachus' while Dionysus was also Bacchus. Denicks look like a Dahn merger with Dennis' (said to be from Dionysus), and the Lancashire Dennis' share the axe with the Lancashire Orms' while Sassys were from ORMSkirk. If you follow me for a few more paragraphs, we come right back to Sassy suspects at Susa/Segusia, where king DONNUS ruled whose suspect in the Donnas/DANCE surname (Piedmont, same as Segusia). Already I can repeat that Waistells are suspect with Donnus' grandson. Remember, Sassy is to link to Banisters, first found in Lancashire.

I stripped the banister to bare wood, and while it's a long shot that this was God's code for Bare's/Barrs, we cross Bare/Barr-like terms straight ahead. But, I have just realized, the strip-like Stirrups (Nottinghamshire, where the Sassy bend traces) may apply, and stirrup-using Hinks share the saltire of Burrels/Berrils ("AbBAEReo" full motto), who in-turn use axes, and Baers are listed with German Barrs/Berrs who use a hunting horn in Burley colors. As Boura liners were at Buxentum, can't Bacchus / Barkis'/Bachus' trace there? The Sassy bend is both a version of the Notting and BUCKING(ham) bend.

Dionysus elements are highly suspect to Liguria's Nice/Nizza, and Barr-possible Bra is beside Nizza Monferrato. The Orms eagle was suspect with the Spink eagle while Spinks were first found in Northamptonshire with Brae's/Brays, who are like the Preys expected in the Barkis/Bachus Crest: "An eagle preying on a snake". The BackHUSE variation can indicate Dutch Bakers who share the leaf design of French HOUSE's, and the latter call them cabbage leaves' while the Chief of Cabbage's (Northamptonshire) shares the lion in the Chief of English Bakers whose saltire-in-turn looks linkable to Sybaris-suspect Supers. Moreover, the leaf design above is shared by Sobers (Saxony, same as Baers/Barrs).

As per the subWAY, the Ways/Weighs/Weghe's were brought to topic meaningfully, and they use two wavy fesses colors reversed from the same of Borleys/Bareleys (quatrefoil).

Why should the Bacchus cult trace to the naming of the Bug river? The Neuri there had birthed Buz, suspect with the naming of Bozrah, in the land of the Edomite Horites from the Horites of Nuzi. And DioNYSus was also Zagreus while Nuzi is at the Zagros mountains. That explains it. And the Nairi were at Lake Van's Mus was CadMUS (caduceus snake symbol) was Dionysus' grandfather.

The kiss with waist-line Peare was at La Paloma. Italian Paloma's share the dove with Waistells. We therefore have the green light to move over to Spanish Paloma's, who with Denicks/Dahns share the CAULDRon with Bore's/Bors'/Borres', who were looked up here as per the "RoBORE" motto term of Aikens/Atkins (Lancashire, same as COLTers, like the CALDER-related Colts), who share the rooster with Kiss'/Cush's. Calders use "VIGILans" while Aikens/Atkins use "vigilantia." The Aikens (said to have included one from Barr) were found as "Akents when searching for the "ACCENTEd in chief" phrase in the Wies description.

Weis' were first found in Silesia with Roet-related Karens while Roets share the oak tree with Aikens/Atkins, a not-bad reason to suspect that "Accented" is code for Aikens. Plus, Oaks (oak tree), in Somerset with Roets and Wissels/Whistle's, use "Robur" instead of "robore," and throw in a motto term like that of Roets and Bows/Boughs, while Bug-colored Bogans were first found in Bavaria with Weis'/Wise's. If "Robur" is partly for Burrs/Burs, they share the white-on-black Raines lion.

It's hard at this point to say whether Burrs apply, or whether these motto terms are for Roberts/Robare's/Roberre's. Burrs are said to have named Burr at Tarves, which is a thing to try to remember, especially if it's a Boura line. I trace Raines' with Reno's to a relationship between Renier of Montferrat and Panico's/Pane's whose Coat I see with Roets (same place as Paine's/Payne's who share the white Wissel/Whistle lion). In fact, it's the same place as Boura-liner Burleys who share the green Shield with Bowers and Bauers (same place as Weis'/Wise's, Bogans/Bugle's and black-border Buckens/Buckers) while their arrows and bows are linkable to Bows/Boughs and Bogans. Burrs of Tarves were close enough to Buchan to be using the Buchan/Bucken / Buchanan lion in colors reversed, for a trace to Buxentum, where I trace the Boura Greeks. Buckins (Bug / Bogan colors) are also Buggins/Boggans, who can be with the Salton eagle because Barkis'/Buchus' use a green snake.

The Borres' variation of Burrs is like the Borris' of English Burghs (beside the Burleys of Somerset). These Burghs are highly suspect with the green perchevron of the Josephs (Hampshire, same as Borris/Burghs and Ticino-suspect TICHes'/Tice's/Tess'). Tiches' were just looked up as per the TichFIELD location of Borris'/Burghs, and the latter share the white griffin head with Ticks/Touque's (Field/Feld colors and format). We are right back to the RusTICus line, and Rusts/Roosts share the fitchees of Tarves', such a burrincidence.

Irish Fields/Feeleys use an "oak tree eRADICated," possible code for Radice's. It strikes me here that Fields/Felds (share the Tickhill maunch) have a format in colors revered from the MansFIELDs (and Mansells), first found in Nottinghamshire with Tickhill-suspect Tease's/Tye's.

Horite Investigation

Josephs were first found near enough to the first-known Wissels/Whistle's to be closely using the garbs of Wessels/Waistels. The latter are suspect with Vestalis at Susa, the ancient SEGUSia, and Suggs/Soggs were first found in Hampshire with Josephs while Spanish Vigils share the rare green-and-gold vair fur with Soggs/Suggs. Vigils are expected in the Caulder motto while Calders (giant "BUCK's head cabossed") are expected in the Bore/Bors cauldrons. It looks like we are on Sassy sucking her tail here. The Chives' of Tarves (same place as a Burr/Burres branch) use a "vi" motto term suspect with the Viu tributary of the Riparia (location of Segusia). It's the Such's/Souchs that are from Ormskirk while Orms/Orrens are the ones with the double Joseph / Chaplain gold chevrons.

The Orms/Orenns are suspect with Horns/Orne's from Orion. Orion was in Boeotia, to where Cadmus followed the Bacchus bull. This makes Orion look like the HORites of Edom. It is excellent that the Crest of Horite-like Hortons (giant "stag's head cabossed") share a spear with dolphin with Orms!!! Amazing clue. Recall the Homeward-suspect Humphreys with a wounded otter, for Horts use a "stag wounded by an arrow." The Arrows/Arras' might be Arthurs of Artois, and when I urinated on Pino, it indicated the Orion line to Pinnes of the Ardiaei.

I accidentally typed "Gorton" to get Hortons, and afterward thought that Orion liners might be in a Renn surname (spear), which gets the Raines-branch Wrens who share the Gore/Core / Windsor (stag = "deer's head") crosses. The Renn/Wren spear is broken while Broke's/Brocks use the dart for a likely trace to the Ardiaei marriage to Dardanians. Mythical GORlois (beside the first-known Darts/Dards) was part-code for Lois', first found in Artois with Hort kin. Gowers/Gore's and Gore's/Core's share a white Crest with Wrens/Renns, and Gowers/Gores have eight fessewise bars in half the colors of the same of Portis'/Porch's, who are integral to my pee on Pino. Porch's may be from Porcius Cato, and Porcia's happen to share the black boar with Scottish Harts/Hardys (Lanarkshire). Gows/Gonne's have boar heads half in the colors of the Burley boars. It's all interesting but not conclusive on whether Gore's were Horites or from Orion.

Orion was in Boeotia with both with the Cadmus Hatti and mythical Aedon of Thebes. Cadmus was code for the Cadusii that named Hattusa, the Hatti capital. It was just resolved that Hatti trace to both Keiths and Cottians, the latter being where Sassy brought us. "Aedon" could be code for some Hatti branch evolved. From my understanding of heraldry, at least some of the heads we saw above have got to be code for the Heads (unicorn heads), and this is where Hatts, Hede's and the Keith CATTI at HADDington can apply. Keiths love the Vince's/Vinch's while Aedon like Atons/Hattons share the Vince/Vinch motto. Keiths share the "deer's head" with Windsors. Sassy my CAT proved to be code for the Cetins/Cattans, and I have traced the Keith Catti to the Cetina river with little doubt. The Sassy and Cetin/Cattan Saracen heads connect to the Saraca's in Ragusa, very near to the Cetina, in downtown Ardiaei land.

The son of Aedon was ITYLus. "Hittle" and the Hiedlers/Hitlers/Hittels came to mind, and the latter show bendy in the colors of the Kos bendy while Aedon's grandfather was made Merops of Kos. Interesting indeed. Merops' son, Pandareus, was at Ephesus, which a myth writer made founded by a son of Kodros, the line to Kotor smack at the Ardiaei theater. Kotor is smack beside Butua/Budva. I had read that the Illyrians, founded mythically (generally-speaking) by Cadmus, were at Butua, where his snake symbol changed to a fish (used by the Saraca's out of Kotor), the symbol of Kodros. I therefore reasoned that Butua was a line of the Cadmus Boeotians, especially as Boeotia is beside Athens, where Kodros was king. In fact, the Hittle's use an eagle leg, which may have been a talon at first for the Taulantii, near Butua. It could be that "ITYLus was code for a peoples that branched into TAULantii or even the TILurius (Cetina) river. The latter are to Tails/Tailor, to be expected with Sassy sucking her tail. Was Sassy from "Catti." Talants/Talons use talons but call them "eagles legs."

Years ago, I claimed that the two snakes of the caduceus rod were for the Cadusii Armenians and the neighboring Gileki/Gel Iranians (potential urine line of Uranus). I later learned from Wikipedia's swastika article that a swastika jewel had been unearthed in the land of the Gileki/Gels. Hitler loved Iran-line Aryans. As the Julian cross looks much like the Nazi swastika, I reason that the Gels named Julians. Nazi-like Nuzi was in the land of Iran, believe it or not.

In myth, Hermes' caduceus was transferred to Tiresias, suspect with Hyksos at Daphne, beside Panias and Laish. Panias was the line of Hermes' son, Pan, to Pandareus, we must assume, father of Aedon, a queen in Boeotia, land also of Horite-suspect Orion. Daphne, daughter of Tiresias as well as of Peneus (expects Daphne elements with Pandareus) was given the laurel and dolphin symbol, and we saw the latter with Orms' and Horite-suspect Hortons. The Dionysus Maenads were code for the Maeonians on the Maeander, which passed s near Ephesus (location of Pandareus. I trace Maeonians to mythical Manes, suspect with Mannae in Armenia, and sometimes Manes was made the father of Atti(s), code for the Hatti, and sometimes Manes was made the father of Cotys, suspect with the Cotesii that could have named the Cottians.

Catters, first found in Berkshire with cat-using Croms, use fish. It makes Catters suspect with "Keturah," but then asks whether Keturah (predated the Hatti so far as we know) was named by the Cadusii. Armenia is the location of Lake Van, traceable to the Feins/Fane's/Vans that I see in the motto of Windsors, whose castle is in Berkshire. Feins/Fane's use gloves while the Glove(r) Coat (crossbow) is a reflection of the Catter Coat. The Glove crescent is also of the Motts/Mottins, a possible branch of Modens/Modeys, first found in the same place as Catters. The latter use a griffin in Crest in the colors of the Tick/Touque's griffin, and Ticks/Touque's use a motto that I trace to Miletus, between the Maeander and Ephesus. The Manders are the ones with a Laish-likely "Laus Deo" motto phrase, and Laus connects to Saraca's. The Mander / Mate besants are in the colors of the same of Sassy-suspect Such's/Souch's/Suckers at Ormskirk.

MumMOLIN (Merovingian, from Merops of Kos, right?) is suspect with the moline cross of Chives' and Mathis'. Cavii lived at Laish-line Lissus, smack beside the Taulantii. I can see Mathis' and Mate's/Mathes' naming Metz, where Ita (Itylus line?) belonged who married the Merovingian Pepins. Metz is near MUMmolin's town of CHATTilon (alternative name of Chalons-sur-Marne), and Metz's use several besants too. Metz is roughly in Lorraine along with Bar-le-Duc (fish). Lorraine's use laurel, a Daphne-line symbol. The Dolphin surname (dolphins in Dol colors) uses "FirMUM," and Mummolin was descended from Dol-suspect Tullia (Tulls are Tolle's too). Dols were first found in Mecklenburg with the first-known Kos' (probably Polish).

Bar liners linked solidly above to such surnames as Burls (recall Larry Barret and his girl, Laura, who by the way turned me down at a baseball diamond). The latter are being brought up because they share the spearheads of Picots while Picot d'Autun is in the Dayton write-up. The peoples of Autun (near Avallon) are the Aedon-like Aedui. "Aedon" is suspect with Hatti / Catti, and Autun is very near Chattilon-sur-Bazois. Between Autun and Nevers is MORVAN, a Merovi suspect from Merops. While Barone's "AUDaces," makes Aedui suspect with Aude) share the blue boar in Crest with Morvans/Marwicks/Morville's (Berwickshire, same as Ade's/Aids and AITONs/Artems!), and Italian Barone's, no guff, share the Kos bendy! Zinger. It appears that Aedon of Merops is clinched with Autun. The Aid/Ade bend is in the colors of the Kos bendy.

Moreville's (have their own Coat), now suspect with Morlands and Morleys thanks to the Aids/Ade's), are said to have had kinsmen who married MAITland. Mate-related MANDERs share the Rhodes cross (compare with Aitons/Artems) while Kos is at the end of the MAEANDER river, near Rhodes, and the Rhodes' (probably in the road that David Morley took) were first found in Lincolnshire with Lucy TAILLebois while there is a Luz location near Autun. Spanish Luz' share purple lions with Lacys/Lace's and with Wrens/Renns, the latter offered above as a possible Orion line...which offering now looks very good where it links to the Aedon Boeotians. As German Luz'/Lutz's use bends in half the colors of the Kos / Barone bendy, Luz's/Lutz's (Pomerania, beside the Kos') may be with the Bruno bend because Bruno's were first found in Florence with Barone's.

Another purple lion is in the Thornton Crest, and this surname was looked up as per the Thornton location (Yorkshire) of Hortons, which happens to be in a Morley area of that city (I almost missed this). And Thornton is said to have been held by William Banaster!

Welsh Mervans (with an 'e'), first found in Wiltshire with Mortons. The write-up traces to Llewylyn son of Merfyn, king of Powys, and earlier from other Merfyn names. As I said, the Arthurian cult was Merovingian, and here we find the claim that "Merlin" was an early form of the Merven name while the latter is a Merovee-like name. Merovingians were Veneti, and they named Vannes/Gwened while northern Wales is Gwynedd, said to be named by a Venedotia peoples. Vannes is at Morbihan, a Morfan-like term. Fane's/Vans were first found in southern Wales. How do we think that mythical Merlin got his magician theme? Shouldn't we ask the snake goddess of the Marsi since Arthur and Merovingians were from them? That goddess, Angitia, is suspect with the naming of the Angles, who named Anglesey, a northern part of Wales beside Gwynedd. It i now called, Mona, like "Monmouthshire," where Fane's/Vannes were first found, as well as the prolific Arthurian-myth writer, Geoffrey of Monmouth. Mona is at the Menai straight, perhaps a Man line.

Mervens connect to Carricks by their "A squirrel with a collar, cracking a nut." Nutts are the Nottings with the Bucking / Sassy bend (Bruno bend in colors reversed), wherefore Mervans may be with the three Tail/Tailor lions in pale. Browns were first found in Cumberland with Moreville's, whose surname is found in the write-up of Morvans (with an 'o'). In the dream, David Morley came off the road, circled the sleeping bag, and then rode away down the road again. Sleeps are from the Selepitanoi at Butua / Kotor / Bar. Mervens are traced to RHODri, son of Merfen, perfect for the expectation that Kos liners were in Rhodes, and then Ectors, from Ector de Maris of Arthurian myth, use three bends in the colors of the near-three bends of Kos'.

Helios (probably the Gileki/Gels) of Rhodes was made to mate with the wife of mythical Merops of Ethiopia, suspect with mount Nysa of Ethiopia. The SOMALians are down that way while SEMELE was the mother of Nysa-line Dionysus. Cadmus himself had African ancestry in Poseidon, and so Semele (Cadmus' daughter) is suspect as a proto-Somali merger with Nuzi's Horites as the latter made their way to Phoenicia. Poseidon was code for Pisidians, near Rhodes, a fellow tribe with the Minoan-related Lasonii, who were situated perfectly for a trace to Daphne in the Ladon river, at Pisa, home of Lydians. The spear we saw in the mouth of the Orms dolphin is for Speers, from the Spree river of LUSatia. It's a good bet that Lasonii were part of the Cadmus / Orion Boeotians. That area had a Spree-NEISSE area while Neise's are listed with Nuzi-like Ness'/Nice's, making the queen Nysa's suspect as Nuzi Horites.

Pisidians were at Attaleia, a term like "Itylus." This thing goes to Atalanta, the Calydon queen at Aetolia. Now, compare "Calydon," or the Pictish Caledonians that Merlin loved, to "Caulder," for Merfyn ap Rhodri had a brother Cadell, while Cadells/Cadwells (probably the Keith stag head in Crest) share the Caulder stag head and motto. Cattle's/Catells, who share the giant Blake/Caddell fret (different colors), were suspect at "Cattolica," beside Fano in the Fane/Van motto. "MarVAN" might even have started as a Marsi-Van merger.

I had read that the most-important Arthurian character was Bors, and it's the Bors/Bore's that use cauldrons. Repeat: "Suggs/Soggs were first found in Hampshire with Josephs while Spanish Vigils share the rare green-and-gold vair fur with Soggs/Suggs." Vigils are in the Cadell / Calder motto, and Suggs are expected with Suchs/Suckers while Sassy sucked her tail while Mervens share three white lions in pale with Tails/Tailors while the latter's black pale bar was linkable to the same of Blake's/Caddells. The Tail/Tailor Crest leopard is in the Blake Crest, and Rhodes' (same besants as Suchs/Suckers) happen to share a gold lion in their Crest.

Banisters might me a branch of Banes' who use the motto, " Vel ARTE vel marte." Banes' had a mansion in Lancashire (where Suchs/Suckers and Banisters were first found), at Cragg, and Craggs look like the Carricks in the "cracking a nut" code of the Mervan Crest. Cracks/Cricks/Critch's were not only first found in Yorkshire with Craggs, but share a single black-on-white pale bar with Blake's and Tails/Tailors. The Cragg bend with three leaves is in the colors (different background) of the Sassy bend with three items, one of which is the same crescent as the Banes'. I stripped the ancient banister to bare wood, and Stirrups were first found in Nottinghamshire while Nutts/Nottings share a version of the Sassy Coat.

The same pale bar is shared by Erskins, whom, I had read, were a branch (merger) with Scottish Mar. The Erskin write-up tells that the family was the earl of Mar. The Pense's in the Erskin motto may be with the Child and Este eagles.

I'm going to guess that Erskins were a Rice line from Rize, Ardahan and Lake Sevan (Lychnis), elements of which I trace to lake Lychnidus at the PENEStae theater, where Pense's should trace. A Rize trace to the Ardiaei at Rhizon/Risinium (near the Drin river of the Penestae) makes a lot of sense. Ers-like Ares (evolved in the Roman Mars) was at the Aras river through the Ardahan theater. There is even an Aris surname (Erskin / Rice colors) listed with the Arras'/Arrows. I've not thought of Arras (Artois capital) as being from Risinium, but it might just be the case. "ARES" is suspect with "Hros" (like "Horus") because his son was Eros, which formed a child-sex cult, the Erotes'. Were these entities the Horites? Horus was a son of Egypt's Ra, and mythical Gegham was related to Armenia's Ara (mythical), probably code for the namer of the Aras.

Risings are traceable to the Pollock saltire, and Pollocks were first found in Renfrewshire with Erskins/ESKINs, while Eschyna de Molle's daughter married Robert Pollock. The Molle's (same place as Googe's) share the Googe boar head, and Lake Sevan (now GEGham) went by a Gog-like term anciently, as per GOGARene near its shores. In the Erskin write-up, "Alexander Erskine of GOGAR".

Cadells were beside Moray/Moravia, suspect with Moravian Merovingians, and Morays share "tout" with Mervans and Rollo's, the latter, first found beside the first-known Erskins, and likely using a brown version (in their Clan Badge) of the stag head Colts/Celts/Cults (Perthshire, same as Rollo's), which is red, as with the Cadell / CALDer stag head. This brings me back to the giant stag head of Horite-suspect Hortons, for Horites out of Nuzi and into at lake Sevan make sense, for this lake was named after Lake Van, location of Mus, where CADmus traces, grandfather of Nuzi-line Dionysus.

Repeat: "Another purple lion is in the Thornton Crest, and this surname was looked up as per the Thornton location (Yorkshire) of Hortons, which happens to be in a Morley area of that city (I almost missed this)." The Morleys/Mauls may be sharing the escutcheon of Cadells and Chads, which is the escutcheon of Chadwicks / Chaddocks / Geddes' too. Thorntons ("tuta merces") were first found in Cheshire with Marleys (Merlin liners?), and the latter share the dolphin with Hortons. As William Banaster held Thornton of either Cheshire or Lancashire, this looks well-connected to the Meschin-Skipton marriage. The Thornton write-up mentions an Arrow location in Cheshire, which went to Duttons (fret), who in-turn share the Tatton quadrants, colors reversed from the same of MORtons (Cheshire) who had a branch first found in Wiltshire with Mervans. Mortons share the Prett star whole Morays use "Tout PRET."

Lacys (Yorkshire, same as Skiptons) share the purple lion with Skiptons and Thorntons, and Banisters are said to be from Henry de Lacy. BanASTERs (in the Langton write-up) married Langtons, who share the three chevrons of Waters in the water bouget of Banisters. If Banasters were a Banes merger with Asters, the latter are the Sturs while the Stur river is near the first-known Mervans.

Banes' of Craggs were at Littledale -- in Lancashire, same as Banisters -- a good reason to equate the Sassy crescent with the Banes crescent. Not much is s aid of Littledale's, but they share the lion of Daytons/D'Autons while Autun is beside Morvan. Facks we loaded as per the "Fac" motto term of Littledale's, and Facks/FaZACKERLEYs were in Lancashire too, with Shake's/SHAKERLYs. As I trace "LANCashire" to Langhe, it's notable that Facks/Fazakerleys, in Shake colors, use three fesses in the colors if the six Langley pale bars. It's very interesting that Shake's trace to Schimatari, home of the Orion cult suspect with Horites. The HARE in the Shake Crest might just reveal that hare's were Horites.

Then, the three Fack/Fazakerley fesses are shared by ORleans' that in-turn throw in the red roundels of Orrels (Lancashire again) and Ore's, potential Horites again. I always link Orrels to SAXons/Septons, possible Shake liners. It's also interesting that those fesses are in Lyon/Lune colors while the Lune river flows in Lancashire while German Langs were first found in LUNEburg. Irish Hare's/Garrys/Jarrys share the Lyon/Lune lion. The Lancashire/Lancaster surname may even be using the Brunswick lion. What do we think the Lancastrian ROSE traces to? The Lancashire/Lancaster surname used two fesses in the colors of the double Ness/Nice/Nos/Neise fesses, a potential Nuzi line to Nizza Monferrato, at/beside Langhe.

It's interesting that Hore's/Hoars have a border that, in colors reversed, is the black one of Furness'/Furnace's and Parrs, the latter too likewise first found in Lancashire, and highly suspect with the Nuzi-like Nysa royals. Furness and the Lune river is at Lune-possible LONSdale. I've just found German Nisse's/Nisi's, who can be using the Jeune / June fleur on the Quint chevron, and these fleur are black, as with the Banister fleur. For the record, Nuse's are Newse's too.

The Shake/Shakerley MOLEhills can connect to that Molle-Googe part if this discussion that took us to Gogarene and the Aras river. Suddenly, Sassys may have been Shake liners, Shechemites. Armenia was ruled by king TIGRanes, husband of OPgalli, suspect in the "OPtem" motto term of Teague's/TEEGERs, the latter first found in Galway with Irish Thorntons who use "OPPRemere nec OPPrimi" as possible code for Hoppers/Happers and Prime's, the latter sharing the brown owl with TAGERts (Chives motto, traceable to the Sassy-suspect Segusia location of Cottians). Owls (owls) were first found in Suffolk with TIGERs. Hoppers/Happers can be sharing the PLUNKet / CLAVER tower because PLANCia Magna descended from Tigranes above, GLAPHYRa's grandson. But it's also the Hill tower, and Shake's don't use the mole only, but moleHILLs.

Now the heraldic owls above can include the Howells who not only share the white tower with all the tower-users above, but in colors reversed from the Thor tower. If the Shake chevron is that of Stars, the latter were first found in Wiltshire with Morvens, i.e. suspect from the Merops > Aedon line of Theban Boeotians. Thorntons share the hawthorn tree with Hawthorns, and the latter were first found in Durham with Hoppers/Happers and Thornleys.


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