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April 10 - 16, 2018

Joel, Michael, and the Beetles
William of Gellone and Knob Hill Farms

For best results, take the time to load the Coats to see them for yourself. Load the first-Coat link I offer (or open one here) to get a tab open, and then open more if needed. To check a description in the Coat of Arms, type the surname at this page:

Ha-ha-ha, the DoJ / FBI has raided the offices of Trump's lawyer on the excuse of his affair with a porn witch. The president deserves this because, instead of attacking the deep state as he promised, he let it go on the attack. Ha-ha-ha. It serves him right.

They say that Mueller is behind this attack. The FBI will now have legal information from that lawyer on a host of matters involving the president. Trump is a bonehead. He had the opportunity to send the deep state running and running, like an army afraid to the death blow from those chasing it. Instead, he showed himself soft, afraid to attack, and so the snake is coming round to bite his donkey. And the best part is, his own FBI pick, Chris Wray, must have given the nod for this latest surprise attack. Trump deserves this and more for choosing the wrong man. I have yet to hear Trump speak out against Wray for refusing to give congress their requests. Step down, Mr. president, your are a disgrace. Let the vice president lead the nation.

This president will be responsible for the next gas attack in Syria, because in less than a day, before the evidence was in, he blamed it on Assad. If people did die, then the real culprits will do it again, and Trump will be directly responsible because they will do it again exactly because Trump blames it on Assad. See how foolish this president is???

Late in the week, the French leader said that he personally changed Trump's mind about pulling out of Syria. And a few days earlier, France announced that it had the evidence to prove that Assad was responsible for the chemical attack. It sounds as though France was at least partially behind the staging of the attack.

It should be Trump supporters breaking doors down in the middle of the night, but Trump didn't get the right attorney general nor FBI director to do those things. Nor has the president indicated that he will replace these two stooges along with Rosenstein. The president is permitting a mafia to rule the justice system. He sees that Rosenstein is corrupt, yet doesn't do what he's got to do. This is a bonehead, and the Republican camp is filled with the very same. Do what's right, and pray to God for help in doing what's right for when the evil counter attack.

Trump's lawyer was violated with full public knowledge because Trump's enemies think they might be able to kill him, so to speak, with this raid. Meanwhile, Mr. Trump acts the nice-guy, soft-guy, afraid of what the media will say about him if he does the right things. He puts himself in chains, afraid of repercussions, while doing the wrong thing in Syria at the same time to the tune of the war hawks. This president is such a failure.

The right thing to do is to fire Mueller and then fight it out in the media, where the Republicans can work together to shame him further. Give Mueller two days to show his best evidence against Trump-Russia collusion, and if he has none, he must be fired. A political war must be started. The snake must be killed without mercy. But Trump has the snake on the offensive. SHAME! The people put their confidence in this clown. It's agonizing to watch him procrastinate.

If you want to watch Trump lie with a bald face, watch him when he denies that he was with the porn witch. How many other witches did he sleep with? If he sleeps with such things while married, and lies to his wife about it, why wouldn't he also lie to the voters?

Nunes threatened to impeach Chris Wray on Wednesday night, if he didn't "cough up" a two page-document, unredacted, by the next day...and Wray caved. That's how to send the enemy running. Do it more, and do it right away on a large scale. Demand everything that congress has a right to see, or impeach. Wray is the enemy. Trump chose the enemy to run the FBI. Trump is a disgrace, an imposter, a fake, and now looks like a clown. The porn witch is making Trump look like a fool. She's probably bucking for another big pay-off.

Here's James Mattis contradicting Trump's decision to re-send missiles to Syria:

In the 7th minute of the video above, Mattis seems to be giving an excuse for not attacking a rising al-Qaeda group reportedly taking the place of ISIS. It is very possible that Mattis is nurturing this al-Qaeda group for to have the excuse of remaining in Syria. Mattis has already indicated that he wants to remain in the Middle East forever.

This is how close we are to an American war with Putin thanks to a president who made the voters feel that he would subside animosity with Russia. This president has two faces. Here's all you need to see to know that the American shadow government is creating fake news: "The United States estimates that Syrian regime forces have used chemical weapons at least 50 times during the seven-year long conflict, US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley said on Friday (April 13..." It is unthinkable that Assad would have used chemical weapons. It does him no good, and brings a terrible light from around the world. How will killing 70 civilians with chemicals win the war for Assad? To the contrary, it calls the West to the support of his enemies. That's why Assad wouldn't use chemicals, and why Russia would assure that Assad not use them. Haley is being fed a pack of lies from the CIA / military, and Trump knows it's a pack of lies. Disgraceful. The tyrants are here. If you don't like what they do, too bad, they will do it anyway, over your dead body too. That's tyranny.

Americans are fooled into thinking that a dictatorship is defined as one taking freedoms away. Wrong. The American dictatorship is based on giving the country satanic freedoms. This is the Masonic plot, to give satanic freedoms while pretending to be a freedom-loving democracy. If any Muslim leader does not give the same satanic freedoms, they are portrayed as evil dictators. Women should be restrained by law from becoming porn witches, the Muslims have that right, yet Trump sleeps with them. In the American dictatorship, people have the right to spread any lifestyle, and you can't do anything about it because the dictators protect the devil in our midst.

While the American Christian praises American democracy, the dictators are killing children in the womb so that the new woman can have liberated sex from an early age without qualm of unwanted pregnancy. Muslim men don't want this, unless they have been Westernized. Deep-state dictators as well as many "freedom-loving" Republican patriots want to make the Muslim world just like that. The anti-Christians believe they are the role model for a global society.

It seems that the nutcase the world has always feared is here with Trump, not with the Russians. His ego won't know when to stop a war with Russia. And Russia's ego will fight back, war begins. Right now, I'm hoping Russia takes this on the chin and doesn't strike back, because Trump seems like a nut who will retaliate. He really does seem that way to me. Russia has promised to retaliate, and swears that it will not tolerate another attack from Trump like the last. Here we are. Will our food prices spike because the American dictators allow it? Didn't we watch them allow gas prices to spike for the least-little commotion in the Middle-East? Tyrants, we known they are tyrants that care not for our well-being.

The Americans bombed what they say is Assad's chemical-weapons facilities. It seems to me that this smallish (or maybe not so small) shot at Assad will not hurt him at all, but will give the anti-American countries more resolve to detest the Americans. This is the Republican war hawk, smash and burn, to which Trump is dancing. There should now come Boltons of lightning from Trump's fingertips.

Why do the Americans know where these chemical facilities are tonight, yet we heard nothing about them previously? When asked by the press for his evidence that Assad was responsible for the chemical attack, Mattis didn't have the math to present. He said, "I am confident the Syrian regime conducted..." I am confident??? Is he nuts? Yes, he is. There is no evidence, is there? The journalist didn't press him (8th minute) for the answer to his question after Mattis answered briefly and unacceptably. Mattis did not give the evidence because Assad didn't do it, and Mattis knows it. Why is the news conference being given at all within the hour of the strike?

How did they bomb the facilities while being sure that chemicals didn't explode into the air? Mattis was asked this question and answered that they wouldn't do that. How could they know they wouldn't do that? How could they know? Easy. There were no chemicals, and they knew it. So they said they targeted "three scientific research centers". What theater. But then we hear: "The second target was a chemical weapons storage facility west of the city of Homs...The third target, which was also near Homs, contained both a chemical weapons equipment storage facility and a command post." How could they possibly strike the latter two not having any idea whether or not they would send chemicals into the city air??? Forget it. They knew there were no chemicals. They are lying to the world. They must be eradicated from power structures, yet Trump is fully in bed with these demons. God is keeping score on whether Christians support this fake.

Logically, they will use this once-only strike as a trial balloon to see what Russia does so that they might plot their next strike with another faked / home-spun chemical attack. Russia knows it and is advertising it openly.

In the video above, Mattis seems to know nothing about the attack's details, and sounds as though he and Dunford are going to create the details by morning. They are making it sound as though Mattis had nothing to do with this. He said earlier today, or perhaps yesterday, that Trump had not decided on whether to do the strike. I say that Mattis is not the boss of the military. There are invisibles he is inferior to. I can see this now by his attitude, his words, and even with his blank look. Dunford buds in on Mattis to answer a question for him as though Dunford's more privy to the hoax than Mattis.

The timing of this attack coincides with the Inspector General's report, which takes air time away from it. The CIA may be seeking to protect its FBI buddies, partners in tyrannic crime. Isn't it tyranny when they are still spending more money than they have? Is this not abuse on the people?

They are making it sound as though there are a half-dozen or more chemical facilities in Syria. Surprise, I've not heard this before. Why now? When the Russians and Syrians said that they removed all Syrian chemicals, why didn't Mattis speak out to say, no they did not? All of a sudden, several chemical facilities pop up overnight. Forget it, it's a bad trick for their imminent plot to oust Assad, and out-muscle Russia in his country. Whether Trump continues to play this bad trick, we will need to see.

Reuters has a long article without the evidence that Assad did it. That's how Trump did the strike last year, without evidence presented that Assad did it. One would think that they would not do a news conference until they had the evidence to present. What fools do they take the people for? Ask the fools at Fox who won't ask the obvious questions. Fact: Assad is not going to drop chemical weapons in the same week that Trump announces a military pull-out from Syria. But those seeking Assad's ouster have every motivation to conduct a staged event at that very time.

The Inspector General's report, at least one on McCabe, came out late this week at the same time as Comey's book that takes cheap shots at Trump. One needs to ask, not whether Comey timed the release at the same time as the IG's report, but whether the IG timed it that way so that his report will do less damage amongst Democrats. The liberal media can now spend more time on Comey's book than on the IG's report.

The report says that McCabe lied under oath or when questioned by the IG, on multiple occasions, to protect himself as per some plot he cooked up concerning the Clinton Foundation. This is minor as compared to the crimes of the Clinton Foundation. The IG has seen a lot of emails between Hillary Clinton and the DoJ, and this is what the people must be made to know. His report of this matter has yet to come out. The world will know whether this IG is biased or not by the things he comes out with against Clinton. It is my opinion that he's taking a long time because he's afraid of being hammered for being soft on her.

I'm not meaning to minimize McCabe's crime of leaking news. The FBI did not seize documents from Trump's lawyer for any other reason than to leak the worst they can find. The world must be made to know that the deep state has been in the practice of creating news, and, of course, it's often partially false, and partially extorted. Fox does its part in passing off deep-state and freedom-lover news.

Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch says that the organization has 26 law suits against the FBI / DoJ, to seek documents that are not being handed over. JW has done an enormous job to show that the deep state is covering up its activities. Mr. Fitton has a regular spot on Fox news to tell this story repeatedly. This is the most-important issue of our time, because the rats over the American government, from president to president, are the ones seeking to exploit the people with a colossal, too-costly globalist program. Instead of working to remove American animosity from those who hate them, they are sticking their fingers into their eyes at this time. They have the bombs to force the world into their brand of peace. If they could control all nuclear powers, they could make the world's governments just like Washington, the worst stench of all. There has been, since Reagan, and still remains, a push to Americanize the Russian government. This is the crux of American globalism.

A tyranny is defined as a conspiracy of rulers willing to make life miserable for the people on behalf of their own gain. If the people rebel against them, they will see how miserable the tyrants are willing to make them. To make America great again, get rid of the tyrants, in jail, not merely fired, and that includes the bosses of the liberal media and the judges who chose for satan on every social-issue decision. The tyrants want us to focus on the economy as our chief concern because they don't want to change the satanic society now cruising along. Trump has indicated that it's the economy that matters to the voters. I say that it Trump had the powers to do so, he would make the people very miserable should they rise up against him. How is that any different from the Assads of the Middle East? Jesus will not be such a failure as Trump has been. The liberals aren't going anywhere but into a horrible prison.

Devin Nunes has just said (Friday) on Fox that he likes Rosenstein and Wray. It's such a contradiction. Has Nunes been compromised? These are the men withholding documents from Nunes, and he likes them? This is the wrong call to the people wishing for a revolutionary change, and I think it comes from Trump to Nunes. Trump wants the congress to tolerate Wray because Trump doesn't want to face the prospect of firing, so soon anyway, his own bad picks. This is where the revolutionaries are with this bonehead president, in limbo, with satan permitted to eat the American people alive from the inside out.

God is Still Advancing My Heraldry Project

On Thursday morning, I awoke recalling a dream, for the first time I've recalled one over the past several weeks, maybe even months. I was getting into a white Volkswagen (not a rabbit model) of the type still using the famous model shape of decades ago. After putting a bucket into the back seat, I went to the mall and started to look for the bathroom. I saw the sign, but had trouble finding the bathroom, and don't recall ever finding it. The dream ended there, so far as I recall.

The dream is such a simple set of items that seems obviously to indicate that the Fulke/VOLK surname is to be connected to the Bucket bloodline, the latter from the Bug river of the Ukraine. I looked into this, suspecting that the dream was from God, and it checks out. Two surnames from the Neuri on the Bug are the Bus' (Norfolk, same as Fulke's/Volks) and Hamiltons', the Bus' using a giant cinqueFOIL in the colors of the giant fleur-de-lys on the one half of the Fulke/Volk Shield. On the latter's other half, the same white fleur is colors reversed from the cinqueFOILs of the Loches', and Fulk II of Anjou had a mother from Loches elements.

French Buckets use more cinqueFOILS, and this symbol is from RoqueFEUIL, and earlier from the Roxolani Alans that I've insisted, for years before this dream, were allied to the Neuri. I've seen the Roxolani stamped on the modern BUZau river of Romania. I trace the Neuri both to the NERETva river, and the NERTHus, the goddess of the Varni (proto-Varangians of the Ukraine's Kiev) at ROStock. The WAGRians on the Warnow river to Rostock are suspect with the Wagers and WAGNers, appropriate for the VolksWAGEN. Wagers and Wagners were first found in Yorkshire with BUSH's and WALKers, the latter from WALLACHia, location of the Buzau river. German Wagners share a single, blue pale bar with Roxburghs. Yorkshire is where Maule's/Morleys were first found in case it's the reason that I was looking for the washroom in the MALL.

The Walker-suspect Walch's/Walsh's can be traced reliably to the Wallis canton, location of Sion/Sitten, and Sions/Swans are also Sine's. The dream includes the bathroom/washroom SIGN. Sions/Sine's use FALConer's gloves, such a volkincidence. The Yorkshire Walker's even use a "magna" motto term while Plancia Magna is definitely the line to Fulks (ancestry in one Tertullus), but her husband, Tertullus, has been traced (by me) to Tertulla, and her husband's Flavian line married Vespasia POLLA, the line to "Fulk," in my current opinion, because her line to Pollocks (same place as Hamiltons) is also to Fulk-like Polks and Plocks.

English Wagners use "A SWAN swimming in WATER." You will see WATER bougets soon, and here we can add that the Waters' (with the 's') share the Wagner pale bar in both colors. Although no Wagon surname comes up, Wagens, like "VolksWAGEN," uses swans.

For more cinquefoils, we go to Sarah's/Sayers (Essex, same as Waters) in the "sera" motto term of Fulke's/Volks. The bend with bendlets of Sarah's/Sayers are those also of Watters. The Sarah's/Sayers, potentially from Saraca's near the Neretva, or possibly on the Neretva, share the bend of the Varni-like Varns and the Shakespeare's; the latter share the double-tipped spear in the Crest of Fulke's/Volks.

The Bucket bloodline includes Boucher's. French Boucher's may be using the Rust/Roost saltire, for a potential trace to ROSTock. I once kissed a young lady in the KITCHEN of Steve Mellanson, at his party. It didn't develop into a relationship. I knew Michael Boucher, who ended up dating, if not marrying, that lady. I was in his apartment while he was with her. It looks like God set that kissing event up because Kitchens share the WATER BOUGET (probably a water bucket) with Bugs. Apparently, Kitchens are using the bouget of Banisters (Lancashire, same as Kitchens). Now KITCHens became suspect with Shicks/Shake's and Shakespeare's from the Biblical Shechemites. So, this morning's dream brings me to the notion that Shechemites went through Neuri liners of the Bucket kind.

I neglected to mention that the Volkswagen in the dream was owned by a Michael, for I have now come to Michael Boucher. The "supero" motto term of Michaels should be for Supers, who are virtually clinched as a merger with Rusts/Roots. As Michael owned the VOLKswagen, it recalls the theory that the Byzantine RANGABE's, who married INGer the Varangian), may have named ANGEVins, of Anjou, or vice versa. Michael I of Byzantium was a Rangabe, and Fulks of Anjou were birthed by INGelger. The latter was the son / grandson of quasi-mythical Tertullus; if he's mythical, he may have been created because someone knew Fulk ancestry in Tertullus of Perga. Michael Rangabe's father was Fulk-like TheoPHYLACtus.

I also neglected to mention that when I couldn't find the washroom, I went back to look at the sign, which had a broken ARROW (first straight, then forked in a different direction). Walsh's use a swan pierced by an arrow. The Arrows/Arras' use a Crest from the Murena's/Moratins i.e. from Terentia Murena. The Boucher's with the black saltire may be with the Tarent eagle's. In any case, the Walsh's (love the Trans'/Trents) are from Terentia Murena, and the Roxburghshire Walsh's use a black saltire of their own. The Walsh saltire with annulets has got to be the one of Benjamins (Norfolk, same as BUS'), for I trace Benjamites from Israel's Rimmon to the Rimna area at the near-north of the BUZau river, in Wallachia, where Walch's/Walsh's are from. Trans'/Trents share the split-Shield of Mauls/Morleys, and Morleys are expected with the Mortons in the Walsh motto (Walsh's use Morton colors and format).

The Fulks may have named Focsani near the Rimna (both are on my atlas). "Focsani, city, capital of Vrancea judet (county), east-central Romania. The city lies 100 miles (160 km) north-northeast of Bucharest. It is situated on the Milcov River, which was once the boundary between Moldavia and Walachia" (Britannica). "Vrancea" looks like "Varangi" and "Avranches."

If the Arms of Wallachia has a raven, that's the symbol of Rolphs/Ruffs, and Rolphs happen to use the water bouget too, of the Bosco-related Rose's (Nairnshire, same as Rolphs). Nairnshire is also where Rats/Raids were first found that look linkable to the Bucket saltire. At the map (link above), Buzau is to the near south of RAMNiou SARAt, which is the Rimna-river area. To the south of Buzau, a Boucher-like Bucheresh/Bucharest location. Walkers are suspect from nearby Comana, because the term is almost like the Italian for, "a walk."

I kid you not, I know a woman who married Mr. Wagner, and he's buried in her field beside a raven that she carved out. I saw this grave and raven with my own eyes. God must have set that event up. The Stout vikings had a raven symbol, and Stouts use three of the Wagner fesses.

The WASHROOM is now making Wash's/Wassa's/Gace's suspect as a branch of Walsh's. Wassa's/Gace's are proto-Washingtons, and the latter (same place as Kitchens / Banisters) use a raven in Crest, can we believe it? The ROOMs were first found in Dumfries with Walks. The Banisters were a hot topic in the last two updates as per Sassy my cat, and her tail-sucking looked like code for Segusia, the Cottian capital. I just so happens that I've been tracing Cottians, for years before today's dream, to the Cotesii on the Buzau! Zinger. That's where Banisters are tracing via their water bougets.

I received Sassy as a gift from a customer whose banisters I was refinishing, and she proved to be code for the cat-using Cetins/Cattans (share SARACen head with Sassys), suspect from the Cetina river, near the SARACa's. The Neretva is between the Cetina and the Saraca's at Ragusa.

I wouldn't have known Michael Boucher much, and definitely wouldn't have known that he was dating the lady I kissed in the kitchen, had his driveway not been one and the same with that of Barry's driveway. We got together lots at Barry's, and we drank beer on that driveway, and we'd see Michael once in a while. One Barry surname shares the double bars gemel of Wash's/Wassa's (same colors), and Gemels ("three hearts JOINed by a chain") not only happen to share the arrow-pierced swan of Walsh's, but a version of the Wager Coat. (Chains share the Arrow/Arras cross). As per the DRIVEway, there is a Drive/Drave surname that could possibly be of the namers of the Trave river near the Wagrians of Rostock.

The Rooms are also Rome's, important where I claim, unabashed, that the Rimini location of Benjamites founded Romans under that name. Prior to being Romans, they were Trojans, who lived in Thrace, which is near the Rimna area. Thracians had a goddess, Cotys, and Cotesii were at the Rimna area. But that Rimna area is in Romania, named after Romans. Why did Romans name that area, Romania, of all the places they conquered??? The Romneys share the Shield of Polla-liner Pullens/Pullys, from the Salto river. Both surnames share the bend of Bone's suspect in "MarlyBONE/MalliBONE."

The sleeping-bag dream emphasized the mall too, and its parking lot (which I walked through) was code for Perkins/Parkings, the Perga line of Plancia Magna / Tertullus. I assume that Michael's Volkswagen was in the mall parking lot. The sleeping-bag dream definitely wanted the Maul/Morley surname emphasized, but why? Malls/Marlybone's (Hall/Hole colors) look to apply, but are Mauls and Malls a corruption from "Morley / Marley", or did the latter merge with Malls? Are Malls / Mails, and Malahule the viking, from Amalek, Esau's grandson who likely lived in Bozrah? Is this why the mall is being Emphasized? Morleys/Mauls share the scallops of TailBOIS', the latter first found in Lincolnshire with English Halls. The line of Lucy Taillebois was in Cheshire with Malls/Marlybone's.

Lincolnshire is where Buckets (lily) were first found who use Holla-suspect holly, and one Holly surname uses the MELusine witch while the other used Plunkett colors and format. Boucher-like Bouchards (= Bucket liners) appear to be using a version of the Tail/Tailer Coat. Note how MeluSINE can be code for Sine's/Sions, as with the sign in the Mel-like mall! Excellent. Walsers, from Wallis canton (location of Sion), share the Melusine MERmaid, sometimes called a Siren. Hollys share the "dog" (same colors) with Hulls/Hole's and Halls, but only the latter call it a talbot in honor of the Taillebois line. Dogs/Doags were first found in Perthshire with Rollo's.

Melusine was deciphered (by me) as code for Melissena Rangabe, daughter of Theophylactus and thus granddaughter of emperor Michael I. It's making the Bucket / Bug-river line suspect in merger with this Rangabe family. It's telling me why the Volkswagen was owned by Michael.

Especially if MalaHULE (viking, uncle of Rollo) was named after Hule's/Hulls, I should mention that there were two halls in the mall when I was seeking the washroom. I couldn't find it, but when I saw the sign with the broken arrow pointing one to go to the extreme left, then turn, I looked and saw the two hallways, one at the extreme left, the other not so far.

While Halls are also Hole's, Wagrians were near HOLstein, which is said to have named a witch cult, Holla. Was she Angitia (snake goddess) of the MARsi, as per a Marsi branch in Holstein? Politically, Holstein and neighboring SCHLESwig are paired, and the latter term looks like it could be of the snake-using Schells/Shells (Sale branch?). The snake is used by Save's (Burgundy, same as French Mars) who share the Bone / Romney / Pullen bend, and Sava's/Savage's were first found in Cheshire too, though French Sauvage's (share heart with Wagers) were first found in Champagne with French Boucher's, and nobles of Champagne married Avesnes, the line from Avezzano up at the downtown area of the Salto-river Marsi. The Scottish Mars (Yorkshire, same as Wagers, Walkers, etc) look connectable to the Coat of Bouchards. I traced the water bouget to Bouchard II, founder of MontMORENcy, and Waters share three red chevrons with Dutch Halls/Hole's.

The Holstein surname uses a savage with club. Savage's use the Coat of Eagle's in colors reversed, and Eagle's are from the Achelous river, home of Sirens (suspect from Seir of Edom), who were an all-women cult of pirates (same as VIKings) that WIKipedia links to Holle/Holda and the German Hulder cult. Eric Holder comes to mind as one super pirate. Holders are in Begley colors and format, and use griffins while the Griffins were from Pomerania i.e. the Varni / Wagrian theater. The Achelous was the line also to Hagels, who may be using the King / Kingston lion for a trace to Kingston-on-Hull (Hull river, Yorkshire). Wagrians were at Mecklenburg, location of Varni-suspect SchWERIN, and the split Schewrin Coat is that of German Halls/Hole's in colors reversed.

Sirens lived amongst the Taphian pirates, the line of mythical Daphne, and the latter had a dolphin symbol from her Delphi witch cult. She is the likely reason that Melusine's snake tail was turned into a fish tail. The Hollys who use the Hall / Hole talbot share the Marley dolphin in both colors. The Dolphin surname (dolphins in Dol-whale colors) looks like a branch of Dols (Mecklenburg), and Plancia-line Plunketts, with a version of a Holly Coat, were first found in Vilaine, location of Dol.

Holla is also Frau Holda / Hulda. Wikipedia's anti-Christ article on Holda is intent on connecting her to Christianity, a common tactic amongst the humanists devoid of Jesus and filled with dark spirits. Wikipedia is intent on paganizing the entire world, and taking the lead in online knowledge. Use it, but never pay it a dime, and expose its rebellion from time to time.

The broken arrow, if it's code also for Broke's/Brocks and Breakers/Brecks is interesting where the latter's hunting horn is colors reversed from that of Rangabe-suspect Orange's. Orange is near the mouth of the DURANce, which I trace with its Salyes Ligures to the TURANo and neighboring Salto river. The latter has a source in the land of the Marsi. Malls/Marlybone's (probably the Sales/Sallett bend) and Marleys were first found in Cheshire with Sales'/Salletts. Brecks are suspect with Brigantium, up the Durance river, and this suggests the Brit goddess, Brigit, and the Norse goddess, Frigg. FRAU Holle appears to be of that Norse witch cult in relation to mythical Frey.

I put a bucket into the Volkswagen before seeking the washroom. Buckets use "A lily and holly BRANCH in SALTire." Saltire's/Salters were first found in Shropshire with Sleeps and Bagleys, and while Bagleys became a topic with the sleeping bag, Begleys use boar heads colors reversed from the same of Rollo's. Malahule was Rollo's uncle. Some boars are from Porcius Cato (Porcia's share the black boar, an Edomite symbol, with Bush's), and he had land, according to his Wikipedia article, in Sabina i.e. location of Vespasia Polla, the Turano and the Salto. Porcius Cato can be the line to Cetins/Cattans, and therefore to my Sassy. She sucked her tail as God's code for Segusia, suspect with Susans, first found in Berkshire with Bagley Woods. Susans share the lily with Buckets. I suppose that Bags could be Bug-river liners.

Bigleys (beside BUDE and the Veys/Vivians = Morgan le Fay code), in Bug colors, use griffins in the colors of the Gard griffins, and the latter's Coat is a reflection of the Pullen/Pully Coat. There is a Pully location on the north shore of lake Geneva along with Morges and Vevey, the latter two suspect with mythical Morgan le Fay, chief witch of mythical Avalon, an island (BUTE) named after mount Velino at the upper Salto near Avezzano. Bigleys, said to be named after the pickaxe, possible code for Picenze (near Velino), were first found in Devon with Pike's, the latter suspect with the Arms of Sion / Wallis, and with the Morley/Mauls Shield.

Repeat: "It's making the Bucket / Bug-river line suspect in merger with this Rangabe family. It's telling me why the Volkswagen was owned by Michael." The Bug-river Neuri are to the Nerthus-like Norths, whose black-dragon head can be of the green one in the Crest of English White's, perhaps explaining why the Volkswagen was white. One White Crest is feasible the black Hagel eagle because Irish White's use an "Echel" motto term.

Black-eagle Scottish White's were at Coldingham while Coldings/Goldings (Essex, possible Colchester / Colapis liners) share the green dragon head in Crest. Coldings can be of the Holdens (eagles) and Holders. The latter have one fesse in the colors of the eight fessewise bars of GOELs/COLTsteins/Goldsteins. Walerans (beside the Cole's) are likely sharing the bull of Cole's/COALs, making "Gouel" (father of Waleran) suspect as a Cole / ColAPIS liner (Apis was an ancient bull cult). Colters (Lanarkshire, same as BIGGARs, Sions/Swans, and heart liners recalling the Wager hearts) share the wheel with German Wagners (griffins) while English Wagners share the Holder / Begley fesse, in the colors of the Stout fesses for a link to the Stout-raven vikings. I trace Benjamites and their wives from JABESH both to the Rimna area and to the Colapis' JAPODes (mythical Jupiter). The Neuri-line DeNORDI's/Narbonne's use this wheel.

Biggars can be both from Biharia and Bucharest (both in Romania), especially as Bucharest is at Wallachia while Wallachia uses what looks like a raven while the raven is a symbol, along with a Byggar motto term, in the Arms of Shetland.

Beggers use nothing but black-on-white checks, as do Pepoli's, and then Popoli's (Naples, same as the Picentini mountains) may be with the split Schwerin / Hall/Hole Shield. Pepoli's were first found in BONonia with Quido's (probably Wood kin), and the Volks/Fulke's are traced to Guido fitz-Fulco. I can see the white VOLKswagen as code for a White > Wide branch from "Guido." Wide's share the Wagner / Panico/Pane fleur, and have a saltire colors reversed from the same of Fulk-liner Loges' and Guido-like Gette's. Scottish Wide's are also Woods while Guido's are said to be named after the Italian word for "woods," though I tend to disagree. Suddenly, Wide's and Woods are fundamental with the Anjou Fulks as well as with Guido Fulco.

The Wide saltire (surrounded by the Masci fleur) thus looks very linkable to the same of Messeys/Messier's (Burgundy, same as Loches' / Loges'). My mother, born in Picenze, is a Masci (Massey branch) on one side, and a Grimaldi on the other, while Grimaldi's share the Bag Shield. "Grimaldi" is suspect as a Gris-Mallet / Grey-Mallet merger, and here it can be added that Mallets (from GREville) use scallops colors reversed from the ones on the Wide / Messey saltire. Can we say that Mallets are Mall / Maul liners from AMALek? Yes, for Mallets (almost the Mar Coat) trace excellently by their deer to Melita, an island beside the ELAPHiti islands (beside Ragusa), named in all likeliness from ELIPHAS, father of Amalek. Malls are suspect with the Massey / Say quadrants.

The "haut" motto term of Mallets can be for the Hauteville ancestry of Guiscards, the latter first found in Stirlingshire with the Stirlings/Sturlings who share buckles with French Mallets (Bucket colors). The Stirlings/Sturlings share "Gang" with Drummonds, while Gangs/Geggs (Norfolk, same as Bags and Volks/Fulke's) use the cinquefoils of Bags in colors reversed. The Gang/Gegg cinquefoils are in the colors of the same of French Buckets (Normandy, same as French Mallets), and while I put the bucket into the BACK SEAT of the Volkswagen, Seatons/Sittens (kin of NORTHerns) share "forward" in their motto with the "Gang forward" of Stirlings.

The wavy Drummond fesses are used by Bassets whose motto looks like it loves Popoli's, and these three fesses are in the colors of the STUR fesses while Drummonds have a Drymen location in Stirlingshire. Clearly, Stur-river liners named Stirling. The nearby earl of Mar was at KilDRUMMY castle.

Guido's come up as Guis', and GUIScards share three piles with the holly-using Buckets. The Guiscards share the piles of Ore's (same place as tree-using Hamiltons), and the Ore motto seemingly loves Bononia liners, which include tree-using Panico's/Pane's (at the Seaton-suspect Setta valley). The latter share the label with Fulk-liner Plants/Plantagenets, and the latter's Crest is a red stag, symbol also of Kissane's/GUISsane's (Cork, same as Begleys).

The Volks/Fulke's share "Qui" with Shell-possible Shields (Shaw motto) and with English Shaws/Sheaves' (Berkshire, same place as Bagley Woods), and keys are used by Italian Sheaves'/Chiava's, who were first found in eagle-line L'Aquila, seven miles from PICENze. Scottish Drummonds were first found in Perthshire with Shaws, though German Drummonds were first found in Hamburg, beside Shield-possible Schleswig. Scottish PICKENs/Pike's were first found in Shaw-loving Ayrshire with dolphin-liner Kennedys that love the Avise's/Avisons, an Avezzano line.

While Wide's share the fleur of Panico's/Pane's, the latter share the tree with Picks who in-turn share the gold-on-blue fitchees of Woods/Wide's, possibly the reason for "Bagley Woods." In any case, Woods share the giant tree with Watts and Vatts/Watters/Quattie's, and the Shaw-suspect savage-with-club with Holsteins.

As Geddes' use pike fish, note "AnGITia." As Gettes'/Gette's were first found in Anjou, named after ANGers, it appears that the Angitia snake cult was fundamentally related to Anjou. Melusine's mirror is code for the Mire's/Mireux's of Anjou, for Nicholas de Vere von Drakenberg (Drake's have L'Aquila in their motto) traced her from Avalon to her son, Milo, count of Anjou immediately before the Fulk counts of Anjou. And so her mirror looks like code for the Marsi line to Mire's, meaning that Melusine and Angitia were one and the same under different names. It can't be coincidental that the Gettes'/Gette's share the Coat of Loges', first found in Burgundy with Loches (and snake-line Save's), for the mother of Fulk II of Anjou was of Loches elements.

The Arms of Wallachia has its symbolism on a tree (the Hamilton tree comes to mind), the symbol also of Watts / Vatts/WATTERs/Quattie's. The Quade's/Wade's share the black wolf head with Neuri-suspect Norrys, making Vatts/Watters high amongst the suspects for deciphering the water bouget. One of the first Varangians, aside from Inger (Melissena's husband), was Harald (brother of Rurik), who ruled Schleswig (and perhaps Holstein) for a time. The Harald/Herod/Hurl surname was first found in Argyllshire (beside Buteshire) with Vatts/Watters/Quattie's. It's interesting that the Marsi snake cult can be of Asclepios, for the Asclepios rod is used by Quarters/Waters (Ayrshire).

The Asclepios rod may be a clever play on the Rods, who use the green trefoil, much like the green "clovers" of Tackle's suspect in the specTACLES of Watts and Vatts/Watters/Quattie's. The clovers are in the colors of the three Loches cinquefoils, and colors reversed from the similar three roses of mirror-using Primo's (Burgundy, same as Loches' and Loges'). You can't argue with the obvious facts.

Tackle's are Dutch and should be kin of the Dutch Clavers (clovers), and, besides, English Clavers (Norfolk, same as Volks/Fulke's) share the key that I see in the "qui" motto term of Volks/Fulke's. English CLAVERs share the Plunkett tower because Plancia Magna was descended from GLAPHYRa ARCHELaus, whose surname is suspect in naming ARGYLL. Glaphyra married two Herods to explain why Haralds are also Herods. Harald of Schleswig may have been a Herod, in other words. Geddys/Gideons use a fesse colors reversed from that of Haralds/Herods.

The Vrancea location in Wallachia was looking much like the Varangians I see in the naming of Avranches, and, besides, Hugh Lupus D'Avranches has been pegged as a Wolf/Welf liner, traceable to the Neuri wolf. There is a good way to identify the Branch surname with Avranches elements, and here one can point to the "branch of holly" of Hollys, seemingly linkable to Harald of Holstein elements.

I have never made a Fulk link to Guido's before. I don't recall being familiar with Guido Fulco before. But I do recall linking the hourglass-like Shield of Beatle's/Bedwells to the same (different colors) of Guido's, and the white Volkswagen was a Beetle. Beatle's do come up as "Beetle."

There are two pieces of evidence readily found, now, to prove that Fulks should link to Beatle's/Bedwells. First, the latter share the checks of Meulan, the Leavell line. We read:

The county of Meulan, in Normandy, France, appeared as an entity within the region of the Vexin when the otherwise unknown Count Waleran established an independent power base on a fortified island in the River Seine, around the year 1020. Waleran's origins are subject to several genealogical myths [who was hiding what?], not least that he had predecessors in his office.

...Both he and his son Count Hugh maintained an independence from the Capetian king at Paris by a judicious if dangerous alliance with the dukes of Normandy downstream. This led to the marriage of Adeline, Count Hugh's sister, to the Norman magnate, Roger de Beaumont (Wikipedia, link above).

I've read elsewhere that Waleran married a daughter of the Beaumonts, but Google won't let me find the page where I read it. Google has become a fiend by no longer giving us all that we ask for in our queries. It has robbed us of even half the full potential to do research on any topic. The webpage below doesn't give Hugh as Waleran's brother, and Wikipedia can be suspect in cover-ups at times. God gave me a dream, a while back, which turned out to be codework for GOUEL, for I was purchasing carpenter GLUE for greasing the wheel BEARINGs of my car (funny). Bearings/Beckerings use the Arms of Meulan, you see.

Why is God interested in exposing the Waleran-Leavell line? I'll bet this very family had much to do with the Normans becoming chief Crusaders against Jerusalem, a few generations after Gouel (father of Waleran). The stupids were after gold in the Jerusalem temple, and Fulk V happened to become on king of Templar Jerusalem. That alone can explain why Fulks link to the Beatle's sharing those checks.

I've just spotted a Louviers location on the Seine near Meulan. The Louvier's use the Arms of Meulan too, and throw in a wolf for Gouel's Lupus entity that has got to be from Lupus Laevillus of Cetis: "Guillaume Gouel DE PERCEVAL, 'Le jeune loup' or 'Lupellus', Lord of Castle Cary." "Lupellus" has got to be play of "Laevillus / Leavell." It's important that Flemings use these checks because there is a La Louviere location beside Mons, in the land of Flemings, and because Flemings were chief Crusaders / Templars. The Beatle's even use "On a rock a FORT in FLAMES, proper." Note the for, for English Stocks use a "Fortis qui" motto term, sharing "qui" with Volks/Fulke's, and, besides, hold on to your chair: Stocks were looked up because I recalled beetles in the Coat of German Stocks!!! The dream of the Volkswagen Beetle has proven to be from God, undeniably.

Plus, there are few two tailed lions in heraldry, but English Stocks/Stake's share a two-tailed white lion with MontFORTs, and the Leicester titles of the Beaumonts who came to own Meulan went to Simon de Montfort. The English Stake's/Stacks even use the white lion in both colors of the Montfort lion. It's important that Stake's/Stacks are said to have had a seat at Bath, in Somerset, where castle Cary, Leavells and Percivals were first found. Parkings/Perkins, highly suspect with the Levi lion, were first found in Leicestershire.

It's important to prove yet in another way that this dream was from God, for the Dutch Grave's share the Bath cross. "Bath" is like "Bedwell'/Beatle," by the way. For the longest time, years, I could not remember who shared the gold-on-green spread eagle of Lutons, whenever I loaded it. Or, if I loaded the English Grave's/Grieves', I could not recall whose spread eagle they used. Finally, I came to remember that it's the Lutons and Grave's/Grieves that share a gold spread eagle on green, and here one can add that the Grave's/Grieve's share a red-green split Shield with Volks/Fulke's. It's important for a few reasons, first because Luton is in BEDfordshire, where Beatle's/Bedfords were first found. And the Volkswagen was in a parking LOT while Lots and Luton-like Lothians/Loudons (share "qui" with Volks/Fulke's!) share the brown talbot dog. This is very impressive, Oh God.

[During the next update, I came across Allistons that use a version of the Volk/Fulke Coat but with a giant eagle so as to appear linkable to the Luton / Grieve eagle, and Allistons were taken from Lestone location of Luton-like Leytons.]

I've never made this Fulk-Beatle link before, but thanks to the dream, it checks out as follows. The Volkswagen was in a parking LOT, and while Lots share the brown dog with Lothians, the latter are like the Lutons. Lutons were not only from Luton, in BEDfordshire, where Beatle's/BEDwells were first found, but the Lutons use a giant eagle on a part-green, part-red Shield, in all three colors of the giant fleur on a part-green, part-red Shield! Amazing. I've not made this Luton link to Fulks before.

The two-TAILed lion can be suspect as code for Talbot-related Tails/Tailors. Talbots can thus be using the Montfort lion in colors reversed.

The Lot talbot head is in the design of the "GREYhound" head of Glue's, and the Talbot Coat is a colors reversed version of the Grey Coat. Roets, first found in Somerset too, were descended from Croys or Groys, both a branch of Greys, and in the sleeping-bad dream, Roets are suspect in the road I was crossing while entering the PARKING LOT of a Mall! The Road surname even share a giant spread eagle on red with Lutons, and I can trace this picture, with Henrys (giant green spread eagle) to Henry IV of Rodez/Rodes, who married a daughter of ROQUEfeuil, explaining the fort (= Montfort) on a ROCK on the Beatle/Bedwell Crest.

I've never before thought to check grease-like surnames as per the carpenter glue substituting for grease. There is a Greas surname (fetterLOCKs, Loches / Lucca possibility) listed with Greysons/Greirsons. Greas'/Greysons use "Hoc" while Hocks share the swan with Locks and Locks/Lokens. Logans/Loggens/Lohens (love the Pierce's) use another "Hoc" motto term. Hocks share an item between antlers with the three branches: Eustace's / Vise's/Vice's and Staggs/Stage's. Vise's can be suspect as Vis-de-Loop. Hocks (and Graffs/Gravs) were first found in Switzerland with Sion while Sions/Swans use falconer's glove's while Henrys use a "falcon closed" while Close's are from Closeburn, in Dumfries, where Greas'/Greysons/GREIRsons (and Greers/Griers) were first found. Sion is at Wallis canton while Wallis'/Wallace's, possible Waleran liners, share the Montfort lion. Fetterlocks are shared my Morays no longer shown at, and the Morays still shown share the MeluSINE mermaid with Wallis-canton Walsers. Guise's/Guys use the swan.

Greers, who look like a Gregor branch, use somewhat the colors and format of Bute's/Butts, and the latter use the black horse head once shown for the Este's who are in the "esto" motto term of Greers. Were Greas' Gregor liners, of were Gregors Greas liners? Were they Guerra liners together? I think so, for I had found that Guerin of Provence was the founder of the royal Scottish Alpins, who share the Gregor Coat to a fair degree. Italian Gregors may be using the Greer lion. Guerins/Garens are said to have branched the GREE and Landelle in Brittany.

The Butt colors and format are shared also by Scottish MELANsons and the Maurels/Maurino's of MILAN. Melansons were first found in Aberdeenshire with Buchans, a branch of Buchanans who in-turn share the Milan/Millen/Mellent lion. Meulan was also, Mellent. French Maurels/Morells (Brittany, same as French Melansons) look to be using a version of the Corner Coat, and my car prepared for the wheel grease / carpenter glue was at a corner lot. Corners are properly GARNers, and then German GERANs use what looks like the white Glue dog head. English Gerans use serpents in the green colors of the Guerra dragons.

This reminds me of Steve Mellanson (always drinking beer, probably an alcoholic in the makings when last I saw him), who had blood in his ear. Joe Oullette and I had just became Christians, and so we dared Steve to have us heal him. He agreed, and we prayed for him with laying on of hands, and he then said, "okay, look, I'm going to stick this Q-tip in my ear and draw blood." But when he put it in and brought it out, he was surprised to find no blood. The Geran dog is in the colors of the Fortuna dog, and while Q-tips are cotton swabs, English Cottons ("utraQUE") use a "fortuna" motto term. "UTRaque" must be part-code for Others/Otters because Cottons were first found in HUNTingdonshire with Cottons (and Taylards). As Others are in code with mythical Uther Pendragon, the Atrebate namers of the Artois capital, Atrecht, comes to mind with that motto term. "Que" endings are twice in the Pepin motto.

Hunt-like Huns share the dog in Fortuna / Geran-dog colors, and Huns/Hundts (Taylard colors) use it as a GREYhound. Hunts were first found in Shropshire with English Gerans. ARTEMia of Lyon was the mother of Munderic's wife, he suspect with the "Mundzuk," father of Attila. Artems/Aitons were first found in Berwickshire with Arthurs and Aiton-like Aids, and the latter were, I think, from Ada of Varenne, wife of Henry of Huntingdon. The latter was descended from king David I, who in-turn built a HolyROD (or "Rood") house for his mother. That makes Henry Huntingdon look like a descendant of Henry of RODez. The Aids use a version of the David Coat, no guff.

Now be amazed, for Melansons use "a bundle of rods with an axe in the middle." And Cottons use "three hanks (bundles) of cotton" Hanks (Anger liner?) share the bendy of Guerra's. Hankers share a version of the Anchor/Annacker Coat. Hankers look like Reitmans while Miss Peare worked for Reitmans while Peare's were first found in Oxfordshire with Hankers. Guerins are said to be from Bire while Bire's/Bere's (Beer branch?) share the Peare stars. There's a falcon (with buckle) in the Cotton Crest while Falcons were first found in Languedoc with French Cottons/Cotta's. Stevens use the falcon.

I say now that God created that Q-tip miracle because, as I write, I still have a dozen or so cotton swabs on my kitchen counter with dried carpenter glue. I used a half package of them gluing my kitchen-cupboard doors (yes, built from scratch, I must be crazy) in the past three weeks. I ran out of matches a week ago, and am using the used Q-tips (lit at the gas stove) to light my wood stove mornings. Stove's are listed with Stevensons. The Tipps' share a bull head in the colors of the same of Walerans i.e. from Mellent.

Through Morelli's, the Maurels/Maurino's are linkable to Morinis' (Stevenson fleur?).

Steve Mellanson, a good friend of mine at the time, I'd pray for him often and urge him to Faith. I'd like to see him again. He asked me to be his assistant coach in organized teenage hockey, and Hockeys share the Mellanson crescents. The Hockey crescents on a blue fesse are shared by Hazels. His favorite player by far was Glen, the goalie. There are two Goel surnames, and Goleys/Galleys share the greyhound with Glue's. Glue's share "Sine" with Gullys/Golleys, the latter perhaps a branch of Gouel-like Joels/Jewels.

This reminds that in our first year of organized hockey, at age 12, Kepke was a goalie when out team played his team, and later in life, as adults, when his father coached a team, his brother was the goalie, and it just so happens that Keeps use a galley (ship). I now think that God set those goalies up to make a hard link of the Ukrainian Kepke's to Keeps. For several games I played in, the Kepke brother was the goalie.

As I've told, Joel and I, while we were taking the Volkswagen for a spin on a country drive, we had to turn around. Joel stopped the car on the shoulder to check out the map on his cell phone, when the blinker was on, making a clicking sound exactly to the stepping along of a GULL in a parking lot just outside my window. I found the gull walking to the blinkers like dance steps, and told Joel about this, having no idea until afterward that Joels use gillyflowers so as to be linkable to Gullys/Golleys. It's not likely that, if you decide to pull to the shoulder on a country drive, you're going to do it at a parking lot, and so it seems that the Parkings/Perkins and/or Lots are to be included in the Gully bloodline. Parkings share red fleur-de-lys with Gellone's/Gillings/Jellings (look connectable to Henrys). William de Gellone is said to have been the father of Guerin of Provence.

There is a Blinker/Blanchard surname, but I can't see how that links to Gull liners or anything else in the items / props that were involved with the pulling over at that time. However, he was checking the map on his phone while Phone's/Fane's/Vans use gauntlet GLOVES. Mapps were first found in Lancashire with Blinkers/Blanchards. And Wait. I almost missed it: Blanch's/Blanks share the giant and ermined cinquefoil of Bus' that's in the Arms of Leicester. Plus, while Gullys/Golleys and Glove-suspect Glue's love Sine/Sion/Swan liners, and while the latter's falconer's gloves were once gauntlet gloves, Leicesters share the swan with Sine's/Sions. And while Joel's Rabbit is white, Blanch's/Blanks share the gold leopard face with English White's, first found in Gloucestershire with Stake's/Stacks, the latter being the line of Simon de Montfort at Leicester.

Blanch's and Bus' share the giant cinquefoil of English Dangers/ANGERfields (Dorset, near Portishead). See the same cinquefoil, almost, with Portis'/Porch's, first found in the same place as Bus' and Volks/Fulke's. French Dangers ("Fides") are also Angers/ANGETS, like "Angitia."

Bus' are of the Neuri while I recall that Mrs. Graff was Nora, perhaps Designed to suggest a Graff link to Neuri liners. The Norths ("fide" = Leavell line) share the lion colors of the Graff lion, and Norths (Sussex, same as Bone's) share the NarBONNE/DeNORDi lion too while Narbonne is beside Roquefeuil and the Gellone monastery...near or at the first-known Falcons and Cottons/Cotta's. Gellone's share the fleur of Barbers while Barbars use the Feller Coat while Barbera's (Bar-Bere merger?) share the Roach/Roch fish. It's got Roquefeuil all over it.

Joel and I were headed, at the time of pulling over to check the map, to the home of a Vier residence, and Viers/Oliviers share the Panico/Pane fleur (both use the label too) while being first found in the same place. Vere's ruled Oxfordshire, where Gullys/Golleys (Julian branch) were first found. Gulls look to be sharing the pale bars of German Julians. Gouel de Percival looks like a Julian liner. In Wikipedia's page on the counts of Meulan, the second creation of the county was started by Olivier le Daim, and this name smacks of LouVIERs. It therefore appears that God set that drive up to add more clues to Lupus-Laevillus liners.

Blinkers/Blanch's evoke the Plantagenet-suspect line of Plants/Planque's, from Plancia Magna of the Parking/Perkin bloodline. The first Plantagenet was son of Fulk V of Jerusalem, and Joel pulled his Fulk-representing Volkswagen over on the entryway of a parking lot (we were still on the shoulder of the highway, however). Scottish Oliviers/Olivers were first found in Roxburghshire with Scottish Leavells (share the Young piles). Plants/Plantagenets happen to share the label with Viers/Oliviers, and while Labels are La Bells, Bellamys lived at Perche while Perche's share the double chevrons of Scottish Olivier's. And, zowie, while Harveys (Arve river, Switzerland) share the Bellamy / Bell fesse, Garveys share the double Perche chevrons while Joel and I stopped at Harveys to grab a bite when later we were at Parry Sound! I rarely go to Harveys anymore. Oliver-suspect Leafs/Leve's were first found in Norfolk with Volks/Fulke's.

Plants/Plantagenets share the rose of a White Coat that looks like the Gully/Golley chevron surrounded by the Caesar roses. The Gully / White chevron is in both colors of the Oliver / Perche chevrons. It's signalling that some White's may have been originally Plancia liners (she's the ancestral root of Fulks) that developed into Blanch's / Blinkers/Blanchards. Blanch's were once said to have been first found in Shetland, where Jell/Gell-possible Yells/Yule's were first found.

Plancia descended from Glaphyra and Alexander Maccabee, and the "Numine" motto term of Yells/Yule's traces with Numans/Newmans to MacAbee's, first found beside the Alexanders who share the Yell/Yule (and Mott) crescent. Glaphyra's descendants named the Cliffs/Cleave's (might they have named Glove's?), and the latter married the Stock-suspect Sticks who share the Yell/Yule garb. Therefore, the yule logs of pagan Christmas look like secret code for Glaphyra, lover of Herods. Herods put out Grave-like Agrippa's, and Gripps/Grape's share the bend of Jells/Gells. The Newman lion (Simon / Stock lion?) is a demi one, as is the Graff lion, and Graffs may have been of the Grapp variation of Gripps/Grape's.

Harveys is a HAMburger joint. I don't recall what Joel and I ate. Hams share the MacAbee salmon. German Hams use shrubs with red FLOWERs. Joels/Jewels (beside the Newmans in Dorset) use flowers.

French Grave's will throttle us in a moment, but for the time being, let's add that they are in the colors of Rocks/Roque's (and of Glue's, probably a Glove branch), both first found in Languedoc with Roquefeuil. We should also add that French Grave's share six fesses with Leavells. The motto of Roxburghs assures their trace to Aude, location of Roquefeuil, and Scottish Leavells were first found in Roxburghshire along with Sion-liner Walsh's ("Numine") who share a Raines-connectable motto term. The Raines motto is part-code for Judicael of Rennes.

I always equate the Raines lions with those of Newmans. Walsh's (PIERCED swan) love the Mortons, first found in Wiltshire with Joels/Jewels, all beside the first-known English Leavells, Pierce's and Percivals. It looks like the Joels/Jewels can connect well-enough to Newman-loving Yells/Yule's. Why a yule log? We maybe need to ask the Fulk-Loches line.

The "mea" term of Grave's/Grieves' is for the Mea/Mee/Meigh surname that share the Bath / Grave cross. This surname is from the Meu river of Brittany, and the Brittany Henrys are said to be from the Montfort area along this river. It's important that Rennes is at that theater too, for Guido Guerra III married a daughter of William V Montferrat, son of Rennes-suspect Renier/Rainier of Montferrat. MonFERRAT is smack at MonFORTE, a small location that can be traced to Montforts. It's close to Bra, and God showed that a white Volkswagen Rabbit, purchased by Michael's brother, applied to Bra. It's therefore amazing that Michael comes up in a dream with a white Volkswagen Beetle. I've never had even an inkling that Grave liners or Beatle's connect to Fulks, but let's remind here that an hourglass shape is found both with Guido's and Beatle's, for the Guido's throw in the Montfort and/or Talbot lion.

I passing, I'd like to add that the motto of Lothians, which includes "DORmit," is translated as "The sentinel SLEEPs not." Sleeps are from the Selepitanoi, beside the Talbot-suspect Taulantii on the south side, and the DOARsi on their north who may have formed Doors and other such surnames. Irish Doors share a gold-on-blue lion with Irish Carys (Waleran ruled castle Cary) while the latter's Crest is a spear held by an arm while Scottish Doors have a spear (in the Volks/Fulke and Grave Crests too) held by a lion paw, the lion paw being the symbol of BedFORDs. The latter share the black border with Fort-suspect Fords...and Parrs and Furnace's/Furness'. When Joel came up with his Volkswagen, four days before purchasing it, we drove to PARRY Sound, and Parrys use one of the Parr fesses, in both colors of the Grave fesses.

Bobby Ore was born in Parry Sound, and Ore's (love Bone elements in their motto) share red roundels with the Arms of Boulogne/Bononia, where the first Crusader king (Baldwin) of Jerusalem lived. Red roundels are shared by German Rhodes'/Rodes', in colors reversed from the roundels of the Lincolnshire Rhodes' who use a colors-reversed version of the Bath Coat, and thus are expected to be using the cross of the Languedoc's Grave's. Perfect.

Why so many spears? The Spears (same place as Ore's) use the Roet boar heads, colors reversed from the same of Rollo's, and while Rollo's capital at Rouen is on the Seine with another Montfort location, and with Louviers and Meulan, Rollo's were first found in Perthshire with Dogs/Doags and Lothians/Loudons. The Rollo motto uses "PAR" as well as "FORTuna," and Fortune's/Fortuna's use the dog.

When I was 13 years old, my father moved to a house one property over from directly across the street from the Grave-like Graffs/Gravs (German accent) who drove a Volkswagen van, if I recall correctly. But even if I'm wrong about that, their 13-year old daughter, Karen, took a shining to me. I saw her first riding her BIKE past the house my father and I were building (child labor, I know), and I would eye her as she rode by from time to time. The Cary-like Karens/Kerns share the sleeping moon with Roets, and the sleeping-bag dream had David Morley on a motor BIKE coming down the Roet-suspect road, and then leaving down that same road as I walked across it to the mall parking lot. Why was he on a bike? Mr. Graff visited my father often with a BEER in his hand, and Beers with bike-like Bicks/Biks can be of the BEARings/BECKERings, the Meulan line.

The Graffs moved away in the first year that we moved in, and their driveway (corner house) was around the corner so that whatever they drove isn't clear in my mind. Beers share the bear with Percivals, amazingly enough, and the English Beers, first found in Devon with Walerans, share a raven on a gold garb with Rooks (Roquefeuil liner). That makes the blue-on-white Rook chevron with gold symbols suspect with the same of Carpenters. German Beers were first found in Silesia with Karens, now explaining why God had Mr. Graff (Simon, if I recall correctly) coming over with a beer in his hand. The Hands even share a blue-on-white chevron. Rockets, first found in the same place as Roque's/Rocks, use a giant rook.

Repeat: "Guerins/Garens are said to have branched the GREE and Landelle in Brittany." Landells/Lansdale's (Roxburghshire) were in Landells of Bire, and Bire's/Barreys/Bere's share the Montfort / Stake/Stack lion. Recall our drinking beer on Barry's driveway. Simons share "mon" with the Roach's/Rochs that linked above to BarBERa's, and Simon Graff always came over with his beer bottle in hand. Barry drove a Beetle, and Bottle's might just be a Beetle branch. Bottle's are said to be from Liverpool, where the Beatle's band came out of. Beatle's/Beetle's share the hourglass design (my term) with Spanish Barbera's (cauldrons).

If his name was Simon, or even if not, it's interesting that French Simons ("mon") share the lion of Stocks/Stake's, for while the latter's is that of Montforts, the Simons thereby look like they are from Simon de Montfort. Now the Newmans use their lion in the same colors, and they were first found with Quints in Door-like Dorset, making the lion suspect with the Palin lion and QUINT lion paw. The Sforza lion, in the colors of the Graff lion, holds a QUINCE flower. I saw Karen Graff more than seven years after she moved away. I'll tell about this later, but want to say here that I saw her, for a few seconds to a minute, from a door. It just so happens that Graffs/Gravs share a gold lion (both colors of the Door lion) holding an anchor with Mea's/Mee's. The Greys/Croys/Groys love the Anchors/Annackers.

Joel's blinkers had a loud clicking, and so I've just checked the Clicks/Glicks/Gleeks to find bear paws alone ("facing outward") in black. The Carpenters love the Belli's while Italian Belli's were first found in Verona with bear-paw Bellino's, and Joel's longtime girlfriend had a Bella-like surname (French, I forget the pronunciation). It seems as though God put a lot of work into this project. Bell liners can be of the Bellmont variation of Beaumonts.

The Henrys', whose green eagle can be the Grave eagle in colors reversed, are said to be from the Mott area of the Meu river, and Motts/Mottins can therefore be suspect with David's MOTor bike (I'll show how Moters link to Davids later). Motts are also Morte's (means "death"), and so one can glean that the myth, "Le Morte D'Arthur" (in Avalon), was code for Motts/Morte's and Deaths/DARTHS (looks like an ARTHur branch), for they share the same crescent. The gold griffin head in the Death/Darth Crest has a green trefoil, not only the symbol of Aubins/Albins, Barnstaple's and Albino's, but of Rocks and RODs, from the marriage of Roquefeuil to Henry of RODez. One of the English White's uses Arthur colors and format, and a "death" motto term.

Albino's were first found in MODENa, like the Mottin variation of Motts/Morte's. Or, the Modens/Modeys share a version of the Caen Coat while Stocks (share the two-tailed Montfort lion) were from "near Caen." The Henry-branch Enrico's share the Moden/Modey fretty. Motts/Morte's were first found in Cotes-du-Nord, at the upper Meu river. Of some interest, the Guidi (Guido's) of Florence lived in MODigliana while Mauds share the Guido lion.

While Karen Graff's house was across the street from the BARN that was our next door neighbor, Albins/Aubins, from Aubin near Rodez, are said to have been at Barnstaple (Devon, same as Walerans). Not only do I trace Karen-related Roets to Staples/Estaples, but Albins/Aubins are said to be from Eure, beside Meulan. Barnstaple's use a "mort" motto term. The Albin/Aubin Crest is a bull head, the Waleran symbol too. And the Albino's are easily traceable to Montforts where the Albino's were near the Panaro river, location of Marano, for the Marano's/Mauritano's not only use the Montfort lion (with one tail), but Montforts, I did read, own the gonFANON BANNER, part-code, one may glean, for Fanano (in Modena with Marano) and the PANARo river. The Morinis', likewise first found in Modena, share the double Parr fesses.

The bikes involved here must be code for Bec abbey: "The original island settlement [of Gouel / Waleran] was dominated now by a fortified bridge, at which river tolls were collected, and the church of St Nicaise, refounded by the count as a priory of the Norman abbey of Bec-Hellouin."

Enter Barry's Beetle

Now, the following throttles me. I went camping several times in the blue Volkswagen Beetle of Barry. He's the one living beside Michael Boucher. And so I loaded the Barry's to find the Scottish branch sharing six fesses with the Languedoc Grave's, and half in the colors of the six Leavell fesses. The Grave fesses (blue-white) are in the colors of the fesses of Barry-like Parrys and Parrs, and Joel took me to Parry Sound with his Volkswagen Rabbit. God is trying to get an important message across. Scottish Barrys, can we believe it, share the red wolf head of FIDDLE's/Fidelows, and throw in the common motto term, "FIDELis," as obvious proof of their links to Fidelow. The Fidelow location, said to have been Vis-de-Lou in Normandy, was found by me with the alternative, Vis-de-LOOP. So, repeat: "Guillaume Gouel DE PERCEVAL, "Le jeune LOUP" or "Lupellus", Lord of Castle Cary".

When we load Loops, we find the sleeping moon and Zionist star of Karens/Kerns. Karen Graff is expected to be of a Grave branch. Plus, the Karen-related Roets can be linked to BarnSTAPLE's while Karen lived across from a barn, and one reason I link Roets to Stapes/Estaples is that it's beside Montreuil, where I've read that Payne Roet (Roet patriarch) had titles or affairs of some sort, and this reminds that I drove to Montreal with Barry in my blue Firebird, of the same blue shade roughly as his Beetle. The Blue's are Gorms while Karen lived in Gormley. The Blue's/Gorms (Arran, same as MacAbee's) are connectable to MacAbee's, from Abbeville some 35 miles from Montreuil. I am absolutely sure that Newmans, in the Mea/Mee motto, love MacAbee's in their motto. And before I knew that Rennes was near the Meu, I identified the lions of Rennes-line Raines' with those of Newmans. This was before I knew that "Arran" was from Airaines, near Abbeville.

Newmans use "Ubi AMOR ibi FIDES," translated with "love", and the six Leavell/Lovell bars look connectable to those of Talbot-loving Amore's and Damorys (Oxfordshire, same as Gullys/Golleys). The Amore's use their six in the colors of the six of Scottish Barrys. The latter's "LEGi fidelis" phrase looks like it should be of the Legro river at Leicester, i.e. of the Leavell-line Beaumonts. "FideLIS" can be partly for Liss' who use six pale bars in the colors of the six fesse bars of Grave's.

Gormleys are also Grimes' while sharing martlets with Grime's. The latter's fesses look linkable to the Leavell fessewise bars. My mother, who lived beside the barn, is a Grimaldi. Her Masci side is related to the brothers, Michael and Joel. The three Gormley martlets are in the colors of the three of the Brittany Henrys, and these are those of the Alans, who lived in Vilaine, location of Rennes. Ore's were first found in Rennes-line Renfrewshire, all suspect from Rainier de Montferrat.

The Meu-river Henrys were at Saint Gilles, for one, while Joels use GILLYflowers while one Gilles Coat is in Henry-eagle colors. The Jewel variation of Joels suddenly smacks of "Gouel"! French Gilles'/Gillys (Russell lion?), in Henry-martlet colors, were first found in Languedoc with Henry of Rodez. If that's not enough, a "glove" motto term is used by Scottish Gillys while Gouel-liner Glue's are also Glove-suspect Cloughs. Glove's use the crescent colors reversed from the Mott crescent.

The Gellone/Gillian Coat is in Henry colors and format, and while the Gilling location of Gellone's/Gillians (Yorkshire, same as the Alans of Richmond) is said to have been held by a count Alan, French Alans definitely own the Henry martlets, for the latter's description still says they use ducks (instead of the martlets), what French Alans (share the French-Julian stars) were shown with before they were changed to martlets.

The Brittany Henrys can thus be sharing the Carpenter chevron, for God assured in a dream that Carpenter's are Glue / Gouel liners. Carpenters use a Glove-like globe, and love the Belli's along with the motto of Bouillons (same place, near Rodez, as BAUTs/Baux's, suspect with Leavell-liner Vaux's), and the first Templar king of Jerusalem was the brother of Godfrey de Bouillon. Barry was starting to go bald at an early age in his 20's, which is odd, yet the first Templar king was BALDwin, hmm. I trace Baldwins to the Bautica/Baltea river through Yvery-like Ivrea. Leavells were at Yvery. I drove to Montreal with Barry in a FireBIRD, and Birds share red martlets with Henrys and use the Bouillon flory cross in colors reversed.

As I said a few times when sharing the dream with the carpenter glue, I had my car (not the firebird) jacked up on four stands in a PARKING LOT of what seemed to be to be a gas station. The Parkings/Perkins share red fleur-de-lys with Gellone's/Gillings (Gilly/Gilles colors) while William de Gellone was the count of Toulouse and ruler also at Gellone (monastery), near Roquefeuil. Recall the Beers with their connection to Waleran de Percival, for Dutch Beers share the Gellone fleur in both colors. Recall the Bire location of Guerin of Provence (said to be Gellone's son), while Bire's are Bere's/Barreys too. Recall that beer-drinking Mellanson traced to Guerra liners.

The "Simplex" motto term of Parkings/Perkins must be for Simple's, first found in Renfrewshire with Ore's. The same fleur are used by Staple's with a "rien" motto term.

I've just pondered whether God intended Bobby Ore to be a part of this revelation. Bostons use the Touch lion in colors reversed while Touch's (Henry / Gilles colors) are in the Gilly motto along with Glove's and Botter-line Bots/Bauts/Baux's. Bobby Ore played for the Boston Bruins, and Bostons were first found in Roxburghshire, interestingly enough. Did God arrange for Bobby Ore to play for Boston?

There is a Bruin surname (Leicestershire, same as Beaumonts of Meulan!) sharing the red-on-white fleur-de-lys of Gellone's. I went through Parry Sound with Gilly-loving and Gouel-suspect Joel. Amazing coincidence. Botters (near the first Bruin-like Bruno's) share the Chattan / Chatan bend while the motto of Gillys is that of Clan Chattan, and moreover Lucca's share the cat with Lucca's Massai's/Massars (Botters were first found in Lucca), which evokes LUCY Taillebois' marriage to Masci-liner Meschins. The Lucca cat looks like a leopard, which is in the Crest of Mosca's (Pisa, beside Lucca), Tails/Tailors, and the Rhodes' (Lincolnshire, same as Lucy Taillebois). An Arms of Massa-Carrara, a location beside Lucca and Pisa, share the checks of Italian Fulks/Fulkis' and Massi's/Mattis'. Karens/Kerns are highly suspect as Carians at the naming of Carrara at Massa (like the Maso/Masa Sea peoples of Caria). Carrara's (split Shield almost of Carlo's) share the wheel with Karen-related Catherine Roet (probably from Rhodes off the Caria coast). Place your bets on whether castle Cary was a Carrara line. Bruins/Brunhus' use a lion in both colors of the uniforms of the Boston Bruins.

Guido Guerra III (married Montferrat, suspect with the Volk/Fulke line) looks linkable to Guerin of Provence. Guerra's share the Coat of Payens, and while Hugh de Payens (named after count Hugh of Meulan?) was the first Templar grand master, Payens look like they went though Payne Roet.

The gas station, where I bought the carpenter glue, might just be code for Stations/Stathams, for they share the lozenges of Reno's. I've just checked the Gas surname, with perfect timing, for it not only uses the same checks as Fers/FERRATs, Vairs/Fers', Massa-Carrara and Italian Fulks, but possibly the Cary lion. My CAR was up on STANDs in the parking lot of a gas station, and Stands are also Stat-like Stants. The Setta valley of the Panico's/PANE's, who I think share the Roet tree, is a tributary of the Reno. Guido's were first found in Bononia/Bologna with Panico's/Pane's, suggesting strongly that Payne Roet was a Panico liner. Pincs/Pinks share the Reno lozenges.

The German Gas' (Hamburg, same as Parr-liner Nissans) share the goose with the Roxburghshire Rutherfords, and the latter's is on a ROCK. Rutherfords (and Rutlands) use an ORLE border while Orrells share the red roundel with Bononia-suspect Ore's and Boulogne/Bononia. Montreuil is near Boulogne/Bononia as yet another explanation as to why Payne Roet was a Panico / Bologna liners. Rutlands were first found in Surrey (same as Michaels) with GAStons who share the left-side Gas checks (red and white). French Gas' were first found in Dauphine with Payens, and they share same-colored stars.

It's clear that God had me at a gas station parking lot with all four Waleran-suspect wheels off the car. Catherine Roet owns the so-called Catherine wheel, used by Wheelwrights, and Wrights share the leopard faces of Doors. Recall the likeliness that Doors are Daorsi Illyrians, beside the Sleep-liner Selepitanoi, for the ermined, white fesse of Wheels (Salop, same Sleeps) is shared by Sleeps. Wheels use a reflection of the Glove Coat while Glue's/Cloughs can link to Roets by their greyhound (see Huns). Hounds look linkable to Carys and Stations/Stathams.

The Wheel Crest shares the blue boar with Irish Barone's, while Italian Barone's were first found in Florence with Bruno's, Fulks and the Bouillon-related Taddei's. The white moline of Wheels thus looks connectable to the similar white flory of Bouillons and Taddei's. The moline has tops like the tops of rooks used by Rooks / Rookbys and other Roquefeuil liners. Roquefeuil is in Aude wile Irish Barone's use "FORTUNA juvat AUDaces." "Fortuna" is shared by blue-boar Rollo's. Italian Barone's share the Kos Coat while Gas' / Goz's can possibly be from Kos (Carian coast). Hugh Lupus of Avranches, highly suspect with count Hugh de Lupellus of Meulan, was the son of Richard Goz. Wolfs/Welfs/Lupus ("Fides" motto term) were first found in Cheshire with Hugh Lupus, and are obviously using the Fide/Fidelow wolf heads closely.

The Karen-like GARENs (Karen colors) were first found in Languedoc, home of William Gellone, said by some to have birthed Guerin/GARIN of Provence. And we read: "The geographical extent of the [Meulan] county...ran west along the right bank of the Seine as far as the lordship of La ROCHE Guyon, and included the priory of St-Martin-la-GARENNE..." La Roche Guyon can easily by of the geese-liner Guise's/Guys (probably share a version of the Rouen Coat). I now see that Aspley Guise, in the Guise write-up, is in Bedfordshire with Beetle's/Bedwells. And while the latter's hourglass shape was suspect with that of Guido's, the latter come up as "GUIS"! Bingo. And Aspleys share the Coat of Scottish Barrys (the ones suspect with the Grave bars).

For a miracle from God on the Guise/Guys surname, see "geese" two updates ago (5th update in March). Guise's/Guys were first found in Gloucestershire with Stake's/Stacks who in-turn share the same lion as Guido's/Guis'. "Guise" is like the Vise variation of Eustace's, and the latter are an obvious branch of Stack-like Staceys. It seems clear from this that Eustace II, father of the first Crusader king of Jerusalem, was a Guise / Guido liner. This clinches the Montfort lion with the Guido lion.

Gloucestershire is where Stevens were first found while I see the Stevenson Coat as part of the Provence Coat. Guido Guerra is expected with Guerin of Provence, and the latter's father was at Languedoc with the French, Fulk-suspect Falcons in the falcon of Stevens. The Languedoc Grave's: "A giant's head PIERCED with a spear." I can fathom a giant-like Guyant variation of Guy liners, and there is a Guyant/Guyon/Guiont surname (Morgan lion?), first found in Languedoc. The Irish Henrys use a "falcon closed."

The car in the dream was on stands, and Stands have a Stan variation while Stevensons are also Steensons while Steins share a version of one Stevenson Coat while the other Stevenson Coat share the Stand/Stan Crest. Now the car was up on stands for a greasing of the bearings, and Greas'/Greysons share fetterlocks with Morays while the latter's stars are in the Stevenson Chief. Stevensons call their Crest a garland (laurel), the term used for the Grover Crest ("garland of flowers"). Both use a cloud with their garlands, as do Stands/Stans with their "wreath." Apparently, God wanted to stress this Stevenson aspect, or He would have had me greasing the wheels without the car on stands.

I discussed the Grave's / Grieves above before seeing this from Wikipedia's Meulan article: "The count also held in fee of the bishop of Paris the substantial Parisian suburb of La Greve." So far as I can see, Wikipedia doesn't even mention Gouel. All Grave surnames come up as "Greve."

Let's repeat that Wash's/Wassa's/Gace's, who use Gas-possibly variants, share same-colored bars gemel with Irish Barrys. Gemels, probably sharing the Guise/Guy swan, but pierced as code for Percival-branch Pierce's, share the heart with Garens, though the latter use it in the colors of the Wager hearts for a GAREN trace to "WARNow / Varni." The Gemel heart looks very linkable to the red, pierced one of Logans/Lohens, who are in code with the Swan Knight, LOHENgrin. Bars gemel are shared by Mauds, while one Waleran, count of Leavell in Yvery, was a son of Maud of Beaumont. The Mauds share a version of the MONmouth Coat while La Louviere is at Mons. Mauds and Monmouths both share a red and upright lion with Mons' and Guido's/Guis'. Guido Guerra was a Varni liner, wasn't he? Ask the wyVERN dragon of both Guerra surnames, then compare the Guerra bendy to the same of Panico- / Payen-suspect Pings/Pongs/Paganells, for Guido's are suspect in merger with Panico's/Pane's.

The Monmouth lion (red, as with the Legh lion) is missing a leg while Leghs share the Mons lion. Leghs are suspect at the Legro river of Leicester. We saw why Simon Graff should trace to Simon de Montfort (French Simons use a "mon" motto term), and here I can add that Monmouths and Mauds/Maids use their bars gemel in the same colors as the bars gemel of Oullette's. This is spectacular. Karen Graff moved away when I was 14 years old, but at the age of 22 or more, I was with Mr. Oullette, a friend, at the apartment of his brother (David), and there inside the door sat Karen Graff, whom I had never seen since we were 14. I never saw her again. I have no idea whether they were married or about to be married. Oullette's share three sets of double bars with Mauds/Maids (Cheshire, same as Davids).

David Morley rode his MOTOR bike away in a dream while I walked across a road into a mall parking lot. I saw nothing I can recall in the parking lot so that the only meaning I can draw from this is the Parking/Perkin / Lot surnames. No sooner was I in the parking lot that I was immediately walking into the doors of a mall, and upon entering, I found myself on a stage / deck beside another one with Christine Peare upon it. Then came the final scene, with Christine on my stage / deck, and my pulling her toward me by the waist. As I said, I took her white horse for a gallop in real life, some 40 years before the dream, and the WAIStells use a white horse said to be on a gallop. The Gallop surname happens to use the David Coat with a gold bend, and that is the color of the Moter/Motier bend.

In the latest dream with the mall's washroom, I saw a broken-arrow sign pointing to the hall leading to the washrooms, and here I've just found a "broken arrow" in the Gallop Crest. Moters/Motier's (Auvergne, same as Bouillons to which Miss Peare traces on several counts) share a blue-vaired Shield with Beckers (Yorkshire, same as Morleys/Mauls), a likely branch of bike-suspect Bicks/Bickers. This solution to the motor bike was long in coming because Moters don't come up as Motors. It's full-proof because Waistells are Wessels too while German Wessels share the split-Shield of Morleys/Mauls. And while Waistells are suspect with Vestalis, son of king Cottius, their Cottian capital is directly across the Cottian Alps from Mottin-suspect Modane i.e tends to identify Moters/Motier's with Motts/Mottins.

The decks in the mall worked out to be stages well, for Stage's/Staggs are a branch of Eustace's / Staceys and Vise's/Vice's, all sharing the stag with Biks/Bickers and Beckers, while Beckers use a "Bis" motto term applicable as Biss' to Vise's and Wessels / Wissels. Biss', first found in Surrey with Michaels, share the scallops of Meschins, whose Coat is shared by Michaels. Biss' use snakes resPECTing each other, evoking Masci's of Picenze, or the Picots (same place as le Meschin and Masseys), in merger with the snake-loving Marsi of the Picenze area. The Burgundy Mars share white scallops with Biss' / Meschins.

As I said, Michael in the dream with his white Volkswagen is the brother of Joel, who both descend from multiple families in Picenze. And the patron saint of Picenze is Felice (of Nola), the line to Volks/Fulke's, right? PICTons were first found in Flintshire, beside both Cheshire and Denbighshire, the latter being where Becker-like Bachs/Baghs (share the blue vair of Beckers) and Glue's were first found. The latter share three mascles with Michaels. I showed how my mother's relatives in Picenze trace to Peare-line Pero's / Pierro's/Pero's (Piedmont, same as Vestalis and Masci's), and Michaels use a "suPERO" motto term.

Picots are likely of the Bigots in the write-up of the Cheshire Steels, and the latter share the black-and-white checks of Beckers.

Pictons share the Kingston lion, and Picton is beside Kingston (Ontario). I have taken the Picton ferry many times, and Ferrys share lions combatant with Abreu's/Abruzzo's. Picenze is seven miles from the Abruzzo capital. I lived in the home of my employee, Miss. Abreu, when taking the Picton ferry, usually with her on Sunday drives. The Salisburys (Abreu/Abruzzo lion), from Abreu-line Evreux, use combatant lions too, and were from downtown Wiltshire, where Joels were first found. God seems to have done a lot of work in preparation for things you are now reading. Why? Who really named Joel, his parents or God?

The Flowers, first found in Devon with Walerans, might just be using the white lion in the Salisbury Crest, for Joels use flowers. But as vair fur is code for MontFERRAT liners, the white Raines' lion should apply here, and the Reigns (with a 'e') happen to share the Pero comet (Montferrat is in Piedmont). As I always link the Raines lion to the Newman lions, let's repeat that Newmans were first found beside Wiltshire, in Dorset, and then Raines' were first found in Essex while Quints were first found in Essex (with Yonge's) and Dorset. The Raines motto is suspect with the same-colored Terras'/Terra's (rooks), and the Scottish Terras' use an "Amore" motto akin to the "amor" of Newmans.

I am telling you that the line of Joseph Caiaphas went through my ancestry and that of Joel's. That's what this is about, I partially regret to say. I should not regret this, however, as blood counts for nothing. It's our decisions on how we will respect, or do not respect, Jesus, that counts.

The Hulls/Hule's are from Kingston upon the Hull river, and the Hull dog head is the white one in the Amore Crest, but suspect with the Glue dog (said to be a greyhound but looking like a talbot). The Amore-loving Terras' (probably a version of the Masci bend with symbols) were first found in Moray while "malo mori" is a motto phrase used by some, suspect with Hull-suspect MalaHULE of More. The motto is used by Were-related Giffords and Payne's; the latter happen to use the Wissel lions, and the Wessels/Waistells love the Gallops, first found in Dorset with Quints. The Payne's use a red broken spear while Broke's/Brocks were first found in Essex with paw-liner Quints. The Brooks (Essex) share the Michael scallops, and are said to be from Broc in Anjou, which recalls that Michaels are suspect with Michael I Rangabe, whose surname is suspect with Anjevins of Anjou.

The Gallop motto loves the Wise's/Weis' that share the Pero stars. English Wise's (Flower colors) were first found in Devon with Giffard-related Were's (white lion in Crest), Flowers (white lion in Crest) and Darts (share the fesse of white-lion Payne's), and while the Broke/Brock lion holds a dart, it's a red lion like that in the Crests of Capone's and Yonge's (from Junia Caepionis). It's the line of Quintus Caepio through Joseph Caiaphas, and later through Lupus Laevillus to Leavells, first found in Somerset with Payne's. English Wise's put a MACE in the paw of their lion, and through in a "SaPERE AUDE" motto looking linkable to the "supero" motto term of Michaels. The Were bend is colors reversed from the same of Pere's/Peirs, and the Were motto ("FuiMUS") is shared by Abreu-liner Bruce's. The Supers (Wise colors) were likewise first found in Devon, and trace to Sybaris / Pyxus elements with the Quint-related Palins.

The Arms of Rangabe is the white Bouillon flory on a blue Shield, the colors of the Zionist stars of German Michaels. Bouillons are suspect from Boii of Bologna, founders of Bohemia, where Michaels were first found. The Arms of Bohemia share the two-tailed lion of Montforts, and the latter were in Modena, where Boii conquered from Bologna. While thinking hard just now about how to clinch Michael's with Rangabe's, a song over my speakers sang the word, "broken," and so I loaded the Broken/Brogan surname that I'm not familiar with. The song is "In a Moment" by Rebecca St. James, and James', first found in Surrey with English Michaels (!!), share the blue lion with German Michaels!!! Zowie.

But there is more. Brokens/Brogans use "trefoils SLIPped," and, I kid you not, the fesse of German Michaels was, within seconds of hearing "broken," looking like the fesse of Hazels and Weavers. I was entertaining a Hazel-Michael link, that is, but was deciding not to pursue / mention it for lack of evidence that I could see. But now, it just so happens, Hazels (Broken/Brogan colors) use "hazel SLIPs, can you believe it? It's code for Islips/Haslips. Weavers use the motto, "Esto FIDELIS."

Incredible. The same song as has the line, "FACE down, on the GROUND, VICTORious," while James' use the motto, "Victor." And the Face's/Fessys love the Segni's/Segurana's (same place as the Fieschi) in their motto while German Weavers use a "segne" motto term!!!!!!!!!!! Amazing. The Segni's use the Este eagle while the Cheshire Weavers use an "Esto" motto term. Clinched! God arranged my thoughts to coincide with Rebecca's song. He has done this about 10 times with other songs, but He also had to get me to download the songs, and He had to write parts of songs so that the names of the singers could verify that God was behind it.

Segni's/Segurana's share the moline cross of Seagars/Sugars in colors reversed, and the latter's is almost the Rangabe cross. Seagars/Sugars (now said to be first found in Devon) were said for a decade and more to be first found in Norfolk with the Angevin Volks/Fulke's. The Seagar Crest is highly suspect with the Angitia snake cult.

English Grounds use the Rhodes Coat and Crest, apparently, with possibly the Face/Fessy / Macclesfield cross in colors reversed. An Arms of Macclesfield shares the James lion, and Macclesfields can link to the mascles of Michael's. Sprinks/Springers share mascles, who were looked up because Michael works in sprinklers. MASCALs happen to share the white elephant with Scottish Grounds/Craneys ("Amor"), can you believe this? Michael works with pipes, and the Pipe's and Pepins share a part of the Coat of Weaver-branch Webbers. Incredible. The wavy Webber fesses are almost the Meschin/MASCULine / Michael fesse. Michael is essentially a plumber, but in fire/FLAME control, and Plumbers/Plummers are likely a branch of German Plumers/Plume's/FLAUMs (may be using the white, Zionist star of German Michaels), suspect with "Fleming." Flame's share the Michael fesse! Flamingo's share the Arms of Meulan, which are the checks in the Chief of Irish Flemings. I can't believe it. It looks like God chose for Michael his occupation to make these points and more.

German Weavers use the two white wings of Wise's/Weis' and Wies', and it's the English Wise's that use "Aude," where trefoils trace. German Weavers use a "Gott" motto term while Goths/Gothels share the Zionist stars of Michaels. Can you believe this? I said I didn't have the evidence for a Weaver-Michael link, and here the Goths/Gothels are from Gothelo, great-grandfather of Godfrey de Bouillon. It means that the Michaels are Bouillon liners (Rangabe's use the Bouillon flory).

I can glean that the Webber bars are those of Leavells and Blonde's, and Michael was born sun-bright blonde. Blonde's were first found in Suffolk with Sprinks/Springers. French Blonds were first found in Picardy with Blundells (and Guys). English Blundells use only BILLETs in Michael-star colors, which are the Goth/Gothel stars while Bouillons love the Bello's, a branch of Bellows and Billets/Billiards that use the same stars. Bouillons use "bello Christi," which linked hard to Christine Peare, yet Joel's longtime girlfriend with a Bella/Belleau-like surname (I can't recall exactly) is Christine herself. Recall that the Kepke's were Joel-like goalies while Goleys are also Galleys.

There are two Belleau surnames, one with the Belows/Bella's. This can be linked to Kepke liners by way of the Keep galley, a ship, for Ships/Shiptons (same place as Peare's) use bellows (fans). Keeps share the weaver's shuttle with ShuttleWORTHs, and Worths share the black, double-headed eagle with German Belows/Bellows. The latter's is in both colors of the same of Keep-like Cheps/Jeepma's (Japodes?), and the latter's comes with the Goth/Gothel star. Variations of the Jeepma's look to be of Joblins/Joplins , who may be using parts of both the Galla and Galli Coats, for Kepke must trace to the Syphax Numidians while Gala was a Numidian king, an ancestor of king Juba. Joblins/Joplins (Northumberland, same as Greys and Keep-loving Hebrons) are suspect with the Grey lion while I trace Greys to the Graeae Amazons of north Africa i.e. likely the Numidians.

As Gays share the Galli rooster while Gala was also, Gaia, it doesn't look coincidental that Ship-like Sheeps/Chipmans/Shiphams (Hereforedshire, same as Jays and Jeffersons/JEPsons) share the bend of Jays. The Jefferson/Jepson Coat is even a version of the Grey Coat.

The Crest of Blonde's loves the Cheshire Foots, and the Blundells were of the Cheshire earls after Ranulph le Meschin. The Foots are traced in their write-up to GODwin Fot of Kent, reminding of Godwin of Dol whose daughter married Robert D'Avranches of Ferte-MACE, where Bellamys of Perche also married. The Godwin Coat shares the Alan fesse. Recall that red lion of Wise's with the mace, for Wikipedia's article on Ranulph le Meschin gives him a red lion. German Wise's/Weis' and Wies's and Weavers must be using the white Masci wing. Le Meschin's son, Ranulph de Gernon, must be of the Gernons who use a "cyFOETH" motto term for Foots and their Fothes/Fitte's branch. Ranulph de Gernon had ties to Montfichet, and Montfichets/Muschats/MITCH's (Essex again) use three of the Perche chevrons. Michaels are also MITCHells.

The Musts/Muscats, who must be a branch of the Muschats in the Montfichet page, were first found in Suffolk with Blonde's and Sprinks/Springers, the latter using one of the Montfichet chevrons. The Must/Muscat Coat is an obvious version of the Godwin Coat (compare with Richmonds). And for this matter, the Dol fesse might just be that of German Michaels. Dols (Rangabe colors) were first found in Michael-like MECKLenburg.

Christine's were first found on the Isle of Man, where the family of king Maccus ruled who is highly suspect with Maceys / Masseys of Ferte-Mace, for he is said at Wikipedia to have sat down with some Saxons in Cheshire. The Wessex Saxons were at Cheshire. It has just come to my attention that the Wessex surname is listed with the galloping-horse Wessels/Waistells!!! Can thouest believeth this? God made me pull Christine Peare by the waist, and it was a Masci liner (me) on her horse. It did take me for a gallop on the first try of giving it my heels.

I can now say with confidence that the Wessex/Waistell garbs are those in the Arms of Cheshire. The garbs are on a bend in the colors of the Masci bend with fleur. The Wessex/Waistell description doesn't mention the drops with the horse at "full gallop." Blood drops (red or otherwise) are often called, guttee, and when I pulled her from the waist, it felt so good. As I said, I slept with Miss Peare and her friend (no sex) on the same night. I awoke in the middle of the night pulling her belly toward me, and it felt so good. I had told this story enough times that I finally realized that "felt so good" was God's code out my code for Gutt / Gott / Goth liners to the Belly-loving Bouillons ("bello CHRISTi").

And the Felts, can we believe it, use the Bouillon cross in colors reversed. It's the Bird cross while there is said to be a bird in the tree of the Bologna Panico's/Pane's. Then, the Feltmans (Prussia, same as German Wessels) share the colors in the Wessex/Wessel/Waistell Chief, which is where the drops and galloping horse appears. The Feltmans share the CAPLan Coat while Saxons/Septons use CHAPLets.

So, do the Waistells derive from "Wessex," or from "Vestalis," or both? Miss Peare's boyfriend, Mr. Kepke, was with us at that gallop. And Keeps (galley ship) are loved by the Northumberland Hebrons (white horse head), while SITRic, Maccus' grandfather, made a marital pact with Saxons in Northumberland, where SITTERs/Sitwells/Sidewells were first found who use eight pale bars, perhaps of the pale bars of Donnas'/Dance's, first found in Piedmont with Masci's and Vestalis, and suspect with Donnus, Vestalis' grandfather. Wests use a DANCEtte, and Keppocks are suspect with the Yorkshire Dance's. The Yorkshire Mauls/Morleys share the split Shield of German Wessels. Sitwells share the lion of Sitlers, the latter from Silesia, but said to be first found in East Prussia with Wessels and Mieske's/Mesechs. Silesia makes Sitlers feasibly from the Kwisa river that I say named the Gewisse area of the Wessex Saxons.

"Gewisse" suddenly looks like the Guise's/Guys, and the latter's swan is likely for a line from Sion/SITTEN, named partly by the Seatons/Sittens suspect with the Setantii Brigantians, from Louth, the Irish area where Sitric was king. Seatons, who share the green dragon with Guerra's, can be gleaned with Side's and Sutys suspect in the Sidewell variation of Sitters. The Sitler lion is in both colors of the Dutch Geese/Goes and Suty lions. Sutys were first found in Perthshire with the Athols (pale bars), suspect with the Atheling Saxons.

The Kwisa went by a Quies-like version, which term is buried in the Stubbing motto (QuiesCAM), and the Stubbing quadrants are those also of Says while Seatons were at Saytown. Stubbings were first found near the Cam river. Stubbs/Stops happen to share buckles with the Picardy Guys, and I always connect the Stubb buckles (black as with the Guy buckles) to those of STIRlings, which causes me to notice how the latter are like "SITRic." Sitric's surname was Caech, and Cake's/CakeBREADs were first found in Cambridgeshire, location of the Cam. Stirlingshire is beside the first-known Sutys/Sideys (share "hazard" with Seatons), who likely use the wavy bars of Drummonds that had a Stirlingshire branch. "HAZard" takes me between the Hazels and the motto of the Man-line Mens', the latter having a branch of GlenLYON (Perthshire, same as Sutys/Sideys and Drummonds), but first found in the area of the first-known Breads (Edinburgh). Moreover, the Pepins who love Mens' use a version of the Stubb/Stop Coat, and Hazels were kin of Weavers while Webbers (Pepin bend in colors reversed) use more wavy bars of the Drummond kind. Sutys use a "hull of a ship".

Repeat: "The "haut" motto term of Mallets can be for the Hauteville ancestry of GUIScards, the latter first found in Stirlingshire with the Stirlings/Sturlings who share buckles with French Mallets (Bucket colors)." Buckle's are shared by French Guys (Picardy), feasible a branch of Guise's/Guys. Look like, anyway. The "den haut" phrase of Mallets is shared by Belows/Bellaeu's/Bella's.

Sitric married Edith of Polesworth (probably an Atheling), and Polworths (Bernicia, home of Saxons) share the piles of GUIScards, now more suspect than before with Guise's. As I was looking at the "Mercy" motto term of Guiscards, and as the Mercy surname was loading, a song (Hosanna) by Selah was on the speakers where he sang, "love and mercy," in the very second or two that I first eyed the Mercy term. The Hose's happen to share three legs with the Arms of the Isle of Man. Pardon me, I happened to type "Mercia" instead of "Mercy," and Mercia's/Mercier's (Artois) are in Sitter colors with perhaps the Coffer/Coffare crescents.

The Coffee/Coffer motto phrase, "proviDENTia sed", is clearly for Dents at Seaton-suspect Sedburgh, in Yorkshire with Dent-like Dance's. Coffee's/Coffers share cups with Christine's.

This reminds me of the Coffee's/Coffers (same colors) that God made me emphasize when he had me stop in Victoria (Texas coast) for a coffee and newspaper. It was a decade before I would first venture into heraldry, and some 15 years before realizing that Coffee's/Coffers use a "victoria" motto term. The newspaper was much resolved with News'/Newes', who share the hourglass design, both partially in red, of Guise-suspect Guido's/Guis'. As I write the latter part of this paragraph, the playlist has come full circle to the song by Rebecca St. James, with the word, "victorious."

That newspaper was purchased to see whether land in southern Texas was cheap enough to purchase for a winter retreat. I looked at two, maybe three properties (end of April), and decided to come back in sixth months, which I did on November 7, to purchase some acreage. After three weeks of seeking, the Lord led me to a property in the NUECES canyon. But I did not know of the Nuse/Newse/Nuce surname until the last update.

I decided to go back home, in April, after sleeping the night in CRYSTal City. The "Mens" motto term of Crystals (Yorkshire) convinces me that they are a branch of Christine's. My first day in church after purchasing land was on CHRISTmas day. Christmans/Christmas' use the swan. I decided to go back home due to black smoke out of the tailPIPE, and then "Mens" is shared by the Pipe-branch Pepins. Manners/Maness' were first found in Northumberland with Sitric's agents. Pepin of Landen got suspect with queen Bebba of the Bernicians, and while Polworths were first found in Bernicia, Pullens/Pullys share the martlets of English Christmas'. It's got Isle of Man all over it.

Coffee's/Coffers use mythical Taras in the Arms of Taranto, and Taras'/Tarrs use even more pale bars that Sitters, both half in gold along with the Donnas/Dance pale bars. "Sed" is shared by Sprinks/Springers who in-turn share the red-on-white mascle with Nuse's/Newse's/Nuce's (Hertfordshire, near the Parchments), and the latter share the chevron of Parchments in the News/Newes Crest. Sprinks/Springs are said to be DeFonts in some way, and then the Lafins/La Fonts share the Sitler / Suty lion, which happens to be the Millen/Mellent lion while Meulan was also, Mellent.

The Mens'/Mengzies' in the Crystal motto is very good for where Mamie, who was my girlfriend thanks to Barry's influence, was found as God's code for the MANSfields and Mansells/Mangels, after which I found that Mens'/Mengzies come up as "Mame" and "Meme." Although I usually point out the "Mens" motto term of Pepins and Poppins, it's the Crystals that get the Mens liners to the Isle of Man, thanks much to voluptuous Christine Peare. Mamie's breasts were even larger than those of Miss Peare, and I think this was a set-up from God because Mansfields says that their Mamesfelde location was named after "breast." Poppins even use a "ManSIT" motto term looking like it's for Sitric elements too.

The black smoke in Crystal City was at the tailpipe of a Nissan pick-up, which was code for queen Nysa, wife of Parr liner Pharnaces, and the Manners/Maness' love the Parrs (share the double fesses of Nissans) in both their motto and their double-blue fesses. The great thing about Manners/Maness' is their peacock in Crest, for both Paw surnames use peacocks while Mamie left the new Bible I gave her under a bed when she went away on a trip. I think she left it there deliberately because she wasn't interested in reading it, yet it looks like God's code for Bibo's/Bible's for a good reason I'll explain shortly. Bibo's (share red rooster with Babcocks) are suspect with Babe's/Babbs (Dorset, same as Paw-liner Palins/Pawlins and Quints) and Babe's/Babels with queen Bebba (named the Bebbanburgs), who, I repeat, was traced to Pepin of Landen firstly, and later to Poppo I, founder of Babenbergs. Babe's/Babbs can be gleaned as using the Blond bars and partial Crest.

This tends to verify that she left the Bible under a BED as per the black-paw Bedfords. I usually relate that bed with Bedfords, but have perhaps neglected the Beatle's/Bedwells of Bedfordshire, who happen to use the checks of Meulan for a trace back to Lupus Laevillus, excellent because Bibo's have been traced to the Vibius surname that named Vibia, Laevillus' wife. Bedfords even share the black border with Pharnaces-liner Parrs and Furnace's/Furness'. Pharnaces ruled at the Pontus, and king Polemon of the Pontus even ruled nearby Cilicia, where Laevillus was king. Polemon's descendants are suspect at Dorset's Poole location. Nysa is known to descend from king Cassander (Macedonia), and Babenbergs happen to share the three chevrons of Cassandra's/Cassane's, first found in Hampshire with Poppo-like Poppins/Pophams. The "presTINA" motto term of Poppins (PRESley colors) is highly suspect with the Scottish Tyne river, because that's the area of the first-known Mens' in the Poppin motto. Tine's/Tyne's share the gold stag with Poppins, and throw in more fessewise bars, in both colors of the Blond bars.

I always am unsure of the name of David Morley's sister, but recall it now as Tina. Asking myself why God would want to link Tine's / Poppins to Morleys, I noted that the Morley / Morland leopard face is in both colors of the Babe leopard face. The other Tyne river is, I think, in Bernicia, where Bebba ruled. Bernicia-likely Bernice's were first found at the Westmorland area along with Morlands and Maule, and the Bernice fesse is that of Italian Cassandra's/Casano's, first found in Modena with the Morinis' that share the double Parr fesses, making the Cassander / Bernice fesse suspect with that of Manners/Maness', especially as the latter were first found in Northumberland (may be part of Bernicia), where Sitric's people settled.

Bernice's and Burns were first found in Cumberland with Daggers, the latter being from the Dexaroi Illyrians / Albanians at Antipatria/Antipater. Cassander's father was king Antipater, who I say named Antipater, father of the first Herod (nasty, Biblical king of the Jews), and his seed birthed Herod Agrippa, father of BER(e)NICE Agrippa, begging whether the Beers in this update were from her seed. Recall Mr. Graff and his beer in hand, for "Graff" got suspect with "Agrippa."

Herod Archelaus, son of the first Herod, settled the area of Lyon on the Rhone river of France. Mens'/Mengzies' were at GlenLYON (Perthshire, same as PONTIUS Pilate's Pictish mother) along with Lyons. Recall the beer drinker, Steve Mellanson, for his favorite hockey player was Glen, and Glenlyon was named after Glenns and Glennys, for one of them shares the Mens / Poppin Shield-Chief color combination. It's making the Mellanson fesse suspect as one of the two Manner/Maness fesses, in colors-reversed from the Bernice / Cassandra fesse, and thus linkable to the Morinis' / Parr bars. MELANsons use the colors and format of Morley- and Morinis-like Maurels/Maurino's, the latter first found in Milan with Gallia's (Morinis colors), from Gallia (born 4th century), mother of the wife (Tullia) of Decimus Rusticus of Lyon. This line birthed a later Rusticus of Lyon, great-grandfather of Mamie-lime Mummolin, father in-turn of BABon (roughly in the time of queen Bebba). So, the Mame's/Meme's/Mens' should prove to descend from Mummolin to the family of Maccabee-suspect Maccus in the Isle of Man.

You can ask the Manner-like Manders about this, as per MUNDERic, Mummolin's father (married the Lyon of the Mens'). You can also ask the Massey Shield of German Manners, for "Maccus" is expected from Ferte-Mace. Mummolin's wife, Berthe, was the daughter of MAURilion, the line to Maurels/Maurino's (same place as Gallia's, right?). We can read the name as MauriLION too. That's how you get Mummolin's and Gallia's line to the Morinis', Marano's/Mauritano's and Morano's of Modena. The three bends of Gallia's are colors reversed from the three of German Manders, clear indication that Manders are from Munderic.

The Mander bends rise to the Shield's sinister side, the symbol owned by Masci's, Massena's and RasMUSSENs (Pepin bend), all suspect from Cilnius MAECENas, husband of Terentia MURENA. The "plover" bird of English Manders faces sinister, and while the "I zal" motto phrase of Mame's/Mens' was suspect with Islips/Haslips, who are in code with the hazel slips of Hazels, the Manders use this description: "A plover (bird) proper with a green SLIP of oak with gold acorns in its mouth." Islips/Haslips share the "lodged" stag with BABcocks, assuring all the more that Man liners were from Mummolin.


While thinking hard just now about how to clinch Michael's with Rangabe's, a song over my speakers sang the word, "broken," and so I loaded the Broken/Brogan surname that I'm not familiar with. The song is "In a Moment" by Rebecca St. James, and James', first found in Surrey with English Michaels (!!), share the blue lion with German Michaels!!! Zowie.

But there is more. Brokens/Brogans use "trefoils SLIPped,"...

Brogans and Bruggs look traceable to Brogitarus of Gallia-suspect Galatia. "In a MOMENT" looks like God's code for Minute's/Mynetts (Kent, same as Rusticus-suspect Rusts/Roosts), whom I always trace to Amyntes, Brogitarus' son. And "Amyntes" liners such as Munds/Munts' are thus traceable to MUNDeric. Munds/Munts' were not only first found in Kent, and not only share the Manner/Maness peacock, but have the same head in Crest as HAZELtons ("hazel leaves"). Munds/Munts': "A savage's head couped dripping BLOOD, all proper." German Manners use the savage too. Not only do Bloods/Bluds share the lodged stag with Islips/Haslips, but Bleda and Attila (yes the Huns) were sons of Munderic-suspect Mundzuk. Munderic lived at the time of Mundzuk / Attila.

God showed me that Mandys apply to Manders via a ladyfriend, Mandy Simson. Mandys, using perhaps the German Feltman Shield, were first found in DERByshire with BROGITarus-line FROGGITs, and Amyntes is known to have conquered Derbe. The Derbys use the Field/FELD Coat in colors reversed. FELTmans proved to be for the "it felt so good" code in relation with Christine Peare, for English Feltmans (BROKEN spear!) share the gold leopard face with Peare's, yet I now see that these Feltmans (similar Shield to Babe's/Babbs) use it in both colors of the Babe/Babb leopard face, excellent because "IT felt so good" was suspect with Ita, wife of Pepin of Landen, whom I link to Babe's/Babbs!

Manders and Mate's share besants with Metz's, and Ita was of Metz. Besants in Feltman colors are used by Flame's while Pero's use "flaming stars." It's no coincidence that the two Feltman stars are in the colors of the Reitman stars, for I met Miss Peare while she worked for Reitmans clothing.

The Feltman leopard face is in the garb colors of German Good/Guths, and English Goods were first found in Kent with Mynetts and Munds/Munts'. Felts use nothing but a MOLINE cross suspect from MumMOLIN. Again, Mummolin is suspect as the line to the naming of the Manx peoples in Man, and Christine's were first found on Man.

I don't recall having Miss Peare in my FIREBIRD but on the last weekend I saw her. If I recall correctly, she and Kepke split up by the time I purchased the Firebird. A couple of years later, we someone connected by phone and went out that last weekend. The felts share the BIRD cross, and the FIRE's can be of the Fere's/Fiers (moline), who are definitely from Fier county of Albania. The Apsus river of the Dexaroi flows through Fier, explaining why Fere's/Fiers and Apps' were both first found in Middlesex. And that's where English Feltmans (at Feltham) were first found. Mandys: "A black wolf's head erased bezante with FIRE COMING from his mouth."

Moreover, the Comyn/COMING dagger is code for the Dexaroi because Fier county has a Kuman location. "It felt so good" was in relation to Peare's waist, code for Waistells, who share the garbs of Comyns/Comings. They are in Comet colors, and Comets have got to be of the Comet-like variations of Conte's because the Conteville's ruled Comyns / Comines. It just so happens that the flaming stars of Pero's look exactly like the so-called comet of the Reines'. The latter are suspect from Renier of MontFERRAT, and Ferrats are also Fier-like Fers. The latter share the Tullia checks, and Tullia of Lyon (wife of Decimus Rusticus) was at Auvergne's Clermont-Ferrand. We saw how Miss Peare traces by her it-felt-so-good belly to the Bouillons, who were first found in Auvergne and use the Felt / Bird cross in colors reversed.

So, God must have chosen the Firebird for me in preparation of its use with Miss Peare. I no longer had it shortly after that weekend, but can't recall what I did with it. At her apartment Saturday night, she showed me a photo of herself on a beach, with a two-piece, and I had no idea how large her breasts were until them. Wow. She was proud of that photo, and was maybe coaxing me to sleep with her, which I did not. The point is, breasts are looking like God's code for Isle-of-Man liners, and so God has brought that point across to me by her breasts and Mamie's.

Weeks, or not more than about two months, after Miss Peare left my apartment (she was dating Kepke at the time), I dated Miss Whelan (lived on the same Corsen street as Kepke), who did not have large breasts. Yet Whelans use the same Coat as Bricks, with lozenges colors reversed from the Brix/BREST and Corsen/Carson lozenges. It appears that God set this up, especially as Miss Whelan's house was a corner lot, partially on Reesors street. Reesors share the rare, vaired cross of Ferrands, of Clermont-Ferrand. Ferrands use the Mens / Poppin Chief-Shield combination that was also that of the Montferrat rulers. Italian Ferrands share the Tull/Tolle / Ferrat/Fer checks. The Yorkshire Ferrands use a Pero-suspect "PROpositi" motto term.

Miss Peare moved out of my place shortly after I asked her friend, Louise, to move out. It just so happens that Louis' share the Brick lozenges.

God wants me and you to know where my Masci bloodline traces. At age 13, my parents moved away from Reesors street, not far from KAREN Whelan's house, though I did not know or see her until seven years later. We moved to build the house across the street from KAREN Graff, hmm. The Karen/Kern symbols, which includes the Zionist Peare star, perhaps, rise in the sinister direction, the symbol owned my Masci's, from mythical Mucius (known code for the Mucianus surname), who had a right-hand, and then a left-hand, symbol. He lost his right hand in a fire, I wonder if that's where the Flemings (share blue vair fur with Ferrands / Reesors) and flaming star of Peare's traces. The Fire surname shares the white-on-red and giant unicorn with Mucianus-liner Rasmussens, who use a sinister-ring bend.

So, while the dexter = right hand traces to Dexaroi liners in Fier county, the sinister = left hand symbol connects with Fire's. Now the Greek word (pyra) for a fire is our pyre, is it not? Pyre's are in mythology as instruments of human sacrifice, especially of the death of Hercules, which was a human sacrifice cult in Tyre. It begs the question on whether Pero's were of the fire symbol of mythical Mucius, which expects a fundamental Pero-Masci / Pero-Rasmussen merger. Tulls/Tolle's (and BATTistelli's) use the PYRamid (Batti's/Botto's were first found near the Gallia's of Milan). As I said, when my left for a two-month stay in Picenze, at my age 10, she stayed in her mother's home while I stayed in the house of another Masci, where the mother birthed GiamPIERRO, which is what caused me to find the Pierro's/Pero's, first found in Piedmont with Pero's/Perino's.

This all lends itself to Miss Peare's galloping-horse symbol, which is that of Waistells now resolved with the Cheshire garbs, owned by Masci-liner Ranulph le Meschin. They are in the colors of the Comyn/Comings garbs. The latter surname shares the dagger with Maccus-line Mackays, and the Conteville's of Comines provided the mother of Ranulph le Meschin, whose father was Brick-liner Ranulph de Briquessart. That's why God took us away from a house at my age 11, to move to Reesors street that year. Within a month or two of our moving in, God struck the BRICK chimney with lightning at the very second I heard myself, while waking, repeating, "No I don't believe in you, God," for the second time. Bricks were all over the roof, and, surely, God was using that event for an important reason. So far as I can recall, all my dreams from God that come with heraldic messages are just as I awake from sleep.

Gouel and Golf

The peacock we saw above is in the Crest of Harcourts. This discussion takes us back to the question of whether Joels were of Gouel de Percival. Recall the gull that God provided when out for a drive with Joel, for Gullys/Golleys were first found in Oxfordshire with Harcourts.

The double Harcourt fesses are in the colors of the fessewise bars of Leavells, for starters, and it's known that the Beaumonts of Leavell descended from Humphrey de Vieilles, a Harcourt. The Harcourt peacock is used my Manners/Maness', and the latter's double fesses are in the colors of the eight fessewise bars of Dutch Goels/Goltsteins/Goldsteins/Coltsteins. Should we be entertaining such variations as being from or to "Gouel"? I don't know. But Spanish Goels/Guells/Guale's/Quells use the Harcourt Coat exactly.

French Galleys, first found in Dauphine with Galli's, are also GALTons and other such variations. The Galli Coat can be gleaned with the Poitvins, and Roger de Poitvin is in the write-up of Settle's/Suttle's, the latter first found in Lancashire with the Shuttleworths who in-turn share the weaver's shuttle with Galley-loving Keeps. The Shuttleworth bear must be for the Bury location of Shuttleworths. Keep on reading, and follow to the tee.

The Manner/Maness fesses are in the colors of the pale bars of Courts/Coverts, and I think that God showed me, via Miss Covert's marriage to Mr. Maness, that this link is acceptable. Therefore, HarCOURTs may have been a Hare merger with Courts, in Curtis colors and suspect from Curtus Maccabee.

The Guale variation looks like it honors Waleran liners. The Whale's/Whele's (evoke my wheel bearings) look like they use a version of the Keep Coat, minus the galley that must be for Galleys/Goleys, which can indicate that Gouel was a Gala-Numidian line. Whele's evoke "Vieilles." Whaleys, in Waleran colors and format, share a black canton square with Whale's/Whele's. Wells share a double-tailed lion with the Montforts that married the Meulan Beaumonts. In the Whaley canton, the Faux mascle in colors reversed. Faux's are said to be Vaux's/Vallibus', and the latter share the Arms of Meulan. This is the viking line that God wants to expose, the end-time robbers, tyrants, who luxuriate on the backs of the poor.

Wheelers/Whalers use an "Avito" motto term, like the "vide" term of the Holme's who share the eight bars of Goels/Goldmans/Coltmans. Holme's use a chapeau cap and the chaplet, a sure sign of the Quintus-Caepio line that traces to peacock-using Paws, and it just so happens that there is a lion paw, holding a gold cross, the Quint symbol, in the Holmer/Homer Crest. The latter's Shield uses red roosters suspect with the Bibo > Laevillus line.

While Harcourts share the double fesses of English Hare's, and while Scottish Hare's use the double fesses of Manners/Maness', Irish Hare's/Jarrys/Garrys share the green lion with Wheelers/Whalers. Then, while Waleran's family ruled at Cary castle, Carys are also Harrys and Harris'. The spear in the Cary/Harry Crest is of the design used by Tricks/Tracks and Drigs, who share the green lions of Wheelers/Whalers in both colors. English Cottons use a Track-like "utraQUE" motto term, and English Harrys/Harris' use "UbiQUE." The house of Waleran was seen of the Fiddle's/Fidelows, and then the other English Harris' use a "FIDELitas" motto term.

All hairy things seems to be from Harcourts, so far as heraldry is concerned. Harris' were first found in Derbyshire with Here's/Heyers and Eyers (Ayer branch). The QUATREfoils of Eyers and Ayers are for QUADRAtilla, Laevillus' wife. They are shared by Quade/Wade-like White's. Quadratilla descended from Amyntes of Derbe, suspect in the naming of Derbyshire. I expect her line to have married that of black-border Pharnaces, and there is another black border in the Coat of Sola's/Solneys (Derbyshire, yup), in the "sola" motto term of Eyers. And the Sols/Solana's were first found in Catalonia with Goels (Harcourt Coat). Dutch Goells call their bird a "bird," and German Goells call their dove-like bird a martlet.

German Goells/Golls are GOLFins too, interesting where there is no Golf surname yet God has provided a golf theme in two dreams and in my childhood experiences with Kepke. I assumed that the golf theme was for Guelphs/Welfs, and the Welf/Lupus surname does apply to the Lupellus line of Waleran. Amazing. It's as though God was using the golf theme to verify today that Goells are from Gouel, father of Waleran. Joel lived in Guelph (Ontario) for about four years, if you can believe it. Yes, and the gull was walking to the blinkers of his Volkswagen.

The wolf heads of Welfs/Lupus' are colors reversed from those of Solana's, and shared in the same colors by Skeene's, a branch of Schims/Schiens, from the Shechemites of Israel, who passed through Schimatari of Greece. Scottish Maths use the scimitar, and English Maths share blue wings with both Here surnames, and the Herzogs too. My best shot is to identify Hare liners with the Aures Numidians, the Shawia.

The Guelphs were a pro-papal faction in opposition to pro-empire Ghibelline's, the latter like the Kibble/Keebler surname (Middlesex) in Keep/Keeper colors. The Syphax Numidians, right? The Arms of Middlesex uses scimitars (perhaps called Saxon swords). Keeps/Keepers call their canton a square, and Square's/Squirrels are loved by Valentins, from emperor Valentinian I, born in Kibble-like Cibalae. Shaws (version of the Ayer / Eyer Coat) use a motto suspect with Cibalae's alternative name, Vinkovci, which is near the Shaw-like Sava.

Numidians included a GETa line to emperor Caracalla's (brother of Geta) family, which was in cahoots with CETis' Kennati priests, suspect with the Kenite partners of Shechemites. Caracalla's mother, Miss Bassianus, was from Quadratilla Bassus, queen of Cetis. Cetis is in a Tracheitis valley that looks like "Track." English Cottons use a Track-like "utraQUE" motto term, and the Cue's/Kews (Shawia went by such hard-C terms) use the Cheshire garbs in the format of the six lions of the Cheshire Savage's/Sava's. English Babels, suspect from the Vibia > Laevillus line, use a GATE in Crest, and Proculus Charax (obvious line to Caracalla), Laevillus' son with Quadratilla, is suspect in the heraldic code, portcullis, a gate. Carrack-related Kennedys, from the Kenites, use the scimitar.

English Babels (Middlesex, yup, beside Oxfordshire) share the pale bars (almost) of Lizarts/Lazards, and lizards are used by Cotton-like Cottars (Oxfordshire, same as Gullys and Harcourts). Cottars worked their way into this because Kepke and I would collect golf balls on week-end mornings from three gold courses, the first one always being CEDARbrae, and Cedars are listed with Cottars. If they are from Aurelia Cotta, mother of Julius Caesar, the Biblical dragon, we can understand why Ghibelline's were pro-empire. Gullys/Golleys (share Julian cross) have keys in Crest that are often directly related to Shawia liners.

German Julians share six pale bars with Babels, and while English Julians were first found on or near the Cam river, Cams share the six of Babels. English Julians were first found in Cambridgeshire with Keep-suspect Chepmans/Chapmans and Capone's, while Kibble's/Keeblers (Middlesex) share the chevron of Quints in both colors and the chevron of Gullys/Golleys in one color. Keeps/Keepers love the Goleys/Galleys. Syphax, who reportedly spent his last days in/near Rome, predated Caesar. The latter might have stacked the Galatia / Cetis area with his own blood, yet instead of giving the throne to a son, he adopted Augustus, funny that, and made him the official heir.

Back to the Shuttleworths, who were somehow connected to golf- and goalie-theme Keeps. Their Suttle/Settle branch share the green lozenges of Stars, first found in Wiltshire with Joels, and the "VIVE" motto term has got to be for Vibia liners, for Carrack-branch Craigs use that term while Craigie's (AYRshire, same as Carricks and Kennedys), use "HonESTE VIVO" (Este founded Guelphs). It's known that Guelphs were a branch of Este. Vivians are an obvious branch of Fife's and Five's/Fifys, and Ghibelline-like Sibal(d)s (traceable to Cibalae) were of Fife. The Sibal moline is that of Segni's/Segurana's (Este eagle). The earl of Carrick is in the Sibal write-up.

After collecting golf balls for what could have been two summers (we sold them back to golfers), Kepke decided that we should go up in the world to become caddies at Cedarbrae. Hmm, caddies could be God's code for Cetins/Cattans, suspect with Cetis elements of the Quadratilla kind. There is a Caddy/Caddies surname: "...three pennants meeting in base, at the top three sheaves of wheat". Okay, we have Shawia, and pennants are shared by Cowes'/Coo's/Kows (Julian / Gully/Golley cross), suspect with Cilicia's Qewe, and first found in Lancashire with Suttle's/Settle's and Shuttelworths. That's pretty good for linking Caddys to Keeps.

I traced Quade's to Wight (recalls that Scottish White's use QUATRefoils), an island off of Poole that has a Cowes location. The pennants of both surnames above are piles in the colors of the PolWORTH piles, a good reason to trace Edith of Polesworth both to Poole and to ShutteWORTHs. The green cross in the Caddy/Caddies Crest could be the Irish-Bury cross in colors reversed, for Shuttleworths were at a Bury location (Lancashire). Irish Burys (Sitter colors) are said to be of the Normans but living around Louth, making them suspect with Sitric (Edith's husband) and the Setantii (the latter lived between Louth and Lancashire). Bury is in MANchester, suspect with the Isle of Man.

Maccus probably met the Saxons in Chester (near Manchester) so that ManChester looks to have named Chester (previously Diva). Or, it can be viewed as MANCHester as per the naming of the Manx peoples of Man. The bees in the Arms of Manchester could be the Bessin bees. Maccus-liner Maxtons use the bee and the same fesse as Kibble's/Keeblers, in case it applies. The Manchester surname has a Shield of blue vair, used in the Chief of Quints (same chevron as Kibble's/Keeblers).

Ranulph de Gernon was earl of Chester, and Grenons (green color comes to mind) use the Bury cross in white...both on a green Shield so that it's a green cross in colors reversed, expected to be used in green by a relative or marital merger. The Caddys/Caddies' can easily be the Catti of Keiths/Mascals/Masculs because Cheshire had fundamental links to their Haddington area. I trace Mascals (Sussex, same as Keeps) to Mascula in Numidia. The "vincit" motto term of Keiths/Masculs is shared by English Shaws, and links back to Ghibelline-suspect Cibalae. English Shaws were first found in Berkshire with black-cat and quatrefoil-using Croms/Crummys (compare with VINCents), and Scottish Crummys/Crombys use a gold-on-green cross, the colors of the Bury cross. Plus, Crummys/Crombys are said to have been of Fife, where Sibals were first found, I kid you not.

Our new profession as caddies is floating over the Keeps, isn't it? And it looks like it can rain down all over the Ghibelline - Golf turf, so to speak. The bear of Shuttleworths strikes me as the Bellino bear paw, in case "Ghibelline" was something like a Guido-Bellino / Guise-Bellino merger. After all, the piles we saw above are used by GUIScards. Recall Christine Belleau (or however it's spelled), for she lived in Guelph with Joel. It may have been God's plot to get me/you to entertain this Bellene theory. Let's not forget the belly of Christine Peare.

I didn't know until now that MAMucio was Manchester's name in the 4th century (Caracalla era), and later Mamecestre (1086). This name predates Mummolin, creating a problem for me to iron out. It was originally the Roman fort of Mamucium. Mamesfelde of the Mansfields is in Nottinghamshire, along with Belline's/Ballengers. The Welsh had a Bellin-like god (I forget the spelling), explaining why the Powys' use the Bellino bear paw in colors reversed. It may be that Mummolin was named after early Manchester elements, explaining why Man liners trace to his circle of relatives. I'll keep eyes out for evidence on that theory.

If Moline's apply, the Molle link to Shechemites makes this interesting for finding Shechemites in Roman-era Manchester. Already I can tell that Schimatari is in Boiotia, where there was a honey goddess (Melia), which might explain the bee in the Arms of Manchester. And then there was mythical Lug (half Danann) and his Danann partner who escaped Ireland to the Isle of Man, while Melia was made married to the founder of Argos, where Greek Danaans came to roost.

Aha! The giant red rose of Belline's/Belangers, feasible the Lancastrian rose, is in the colors of the same of English Bayers/Beiers (Gloucestershire, same as Guise's/Guys!!!) while German Bayers/Baiers use the bear! The theory is working out wildly, and I do recall reading about the Guidi being involved in the Ghibelline-Guelph struggle. Scottish Bayers (East Lothian, same as Keiths) are Byers, recalling the Bire's/Bere's/Barreys. The latter came up as per Guerins said to be of a Bire area. And Guerins are suspect with Guido Guerra. Plus, Belline's/Belangers are said to be from Bellengers of Picardy, where French Guys were first found, whom I connect to Spoleto-suspect Spoltons/Spauldings, the latter being in the company of the Meschin earl of Chester.

[Guido Guerra V] spent a period at the court of Frederick II of Hohenstaufen, where he became one of the pupils of the sovereign, although once he returned to Florence he embraced the Guelph party, becoming one of the chief leaders, becoming a man of trust of Pope Innocent IV. From 1248 he was Captain General of the Holy See.

...He married Agnesina, perhaps of the Fieschi relatives of Pope Innocent IV...

But there is a problem with the theory: "The Welfs were said to have used the name as a rallying cry during the Siege of Weinsberg in 1140, in which the rival Hohenstaufens of Swabia (led by Conrad III of Germany) used 'Wibellingen', the name of a castle today known as Waiblingen, as their cry; 'Wibellingen' subsequently became Ghibellino in Italian." But this doesn't mean that Bellino's / Belline's/Belengers / Belli's couldn't have been named after Ghibelline's, rather than vice-versa.

Note WaiBLINGen," evoking Joel's blinkers as we pulled to the shoulder. Repeat: "Joel's blinkers had a loud clicking, and so I've just checked the Clicks/Glicks/Gleeks to find bear paws alone ("facing outward") in black." Bear paw, the Bellino symbol, as though God wanted to verify that Bellino's were Ghibelline's. But why? Does this go to the Jewish Pierleoni, Catholic Jews at Rome, vying for the papacy, and suspect as chief plotters in the Templar invasion of Jerusalem? Wikipedia's article on the faction: "...the Guelph Republic of Genoa and Florence."

It almost escaped me. Keeps use a square while Square's use a bear paw in Crest. And the Square motto is partly for Fermo, where Azzo, founder of Este, lived. The "Tiens" motto term of Square's is for Tiens/Thames' (same place as Peare's) who share part of the Peare Coat. Keeps: "Gold with a red bend and on a silver square at the top left a galley."

As we saw above, Guido Guerra V was in Florence/Firenze, where Ferrands trace without doubt who use a motto phrase in reverse to the full motto of Ghibelline-like Scottish Gibbs'. It seems that the Face's/Fessys can now been deemed Guelphs of the Fieschi kind, and then LEOpard faces are part code for they and Pierleoni (named after pope Leo). It's notable here that the Hohenstaufens led the Ghibellines while Hohens and Cohens share the Shields of Ferrats/Fers, Vairs/Fers', Italian Ferrands and Tulls/Tolle's. If it sounds (above) as though Guido Guerra V betrayed the Ghibellines, it can explain why Guido Guerra III married a daughter of William V of Montferrat (i.e. Guido Guerra III was a Ghibelline with Montferrat, though I don't know this as a fact; just conjecturing). Google now stinks for finding anything. Ask for beef burgers and Google gives you chicken, fish and rabbit, whoever pays the most money to get to the top. Spit!

In the translated article for Guido Guerra II (son of Guido V), the Canossa dog is show as the Arms, which is much like the dog of Tuscany's Fortuna's. The page also shows the Arms of the Guidi, which is the houseofnames Coat for Guido's. The translated page for the Guidi has the founder as Tegrimo / Teudegrimo, a possible Taddei but with the Mummolin > Grimo line thrown in to Grimaldi's (Genova, same as Fieschi). My mother's nephew is Dino Grimaldi, and the Dino's are shown to be a Taddei / Ferrand branch...but why did this go to the Reesors? Grimaldi's use a version of the Hohen / Vair/Fers checks, and we then find that Teudegrimo's two sons were Ranieri and Guido, suggesting connection to Renier/Rainier of Montferrat, whose granddaughter married Guido Guerra III.

The article above calls emperor Otto I by the name of Ottone. The time period is a century before the Norman invasion of England, and even more to the Templar invasion of Jerusalem. In that period, Gothelo's son, Godfrey III, joined the Pierleoni, and them married Tuscany (Beatrice of bar), where the Guidi were counts. I don't know how Godfrey's grandson was styled, de Bouillon, but I do know Bouillons use the Taddei cross. It's possible that the first Templar king of Jerusalem was a Taddei and/or a Guidi. It may be not a wonder that Google offers nothing up front, in English, about the Guidi.

A clue is that the Templar flag of Jerusalem used a potent cross, the symbol of the Croce's, and we can see that term in this quote:

Count Guido V married an Ermellina daughter of the first marriage of Count Alberto di Mangona...Guido and Ermellina had three sons, that is Teudegrimo, Guido or Guido Guerra I, and Ruggieri who died, however, a boy as indicated by a parchment dated 1097, written in the Castle of Monte di Croce...

The invasion of Jerusalem started in 1096. Eschyna de Molle married Robert Croce, and Jacques de Molay (used the moline cross) was a Templar grand master. Italian Croce's were first found in Vicenza with Valentins. I'm going to guess that Italian Croce's use the Rita / Leo / Poole lion. English Croce's use the stork for the line of Oettingen-Oettingen (Bavaria, haunt of Guelphs) to English Odins of Storkhouse and GISburn, who use the CROZier. French Crozier's were first found in Auvergne with Bouillons, and with Clermont-Ferrand. The Lyon rulers of Clermont-Ferrand were ancestors to Mummolin in Chalons-sur-Marne, and the Arms of that place is the Coat of Scottish Croziers.

The Gisburn write-up says that Gisburn/Ghiseburne of Lancashire was Giselburn, and then Mummolin's sons included BodeGISEL. Lancashire is the location of Manchester now suspect with Mummolin's origin. BODEgisel could be a Boiotia line. I've read that Bodegisel was the line to Arnulf of Metz and the Carolingians. The Percys married the line of Alice of Saluzzo, and we see William de Percy in the Gisburn write-up, lord of Roger de Poitvin, lord in-turn of Gisburn. The Gisburn lion is the Geese/Goes lion, which I would not have known had not God sent the geese overhead, not many days ago, at just the right time. German Geese's/Geissmanns (looks Jewish) are said to have been from Alsace Lorraine, and that's the origin, at least roughly, if I recall correctly, of the Salian Germans. I always trace Salians to Saluzzo. The Vasto's of Saluzzo are suspect with the Fists/Fausts who show a fist, which may relate to the hand of German Geese's/Geissmanns (Weis liners?).

I'm not reading where the Guidi got their Guerra name, aside from a theory that it means, "war." But Guerins are said to have had an Order in Jerusalem. We get it now. That's why Guerins use the Payen Coat. The Guidi are said to have been about a Poppi location, tending to explain why Mens' and Poppins share the Chief-Shield of Montferrat's rulers. I'm assuming here that Rainier of Montferrat was a Guidi. Poppi is in the area of Arezzo, home anciently of Cilnius Maecenas, and the line, I think, to the Arras capital of Artois. But this Artois was home also to the family of de Bouillon. And the Arras/Arrow cross share the fleur of Pepins and Pipe's in colors reversed.

The Arms of Poppi shows the gonfanon banner, which I've read was owned by Montforts, which can explain why the Guido (and Odin) lion should be the Montfort lion, from Monforte and Montferrat, right?

I'm reading that Guido Guerra V, and his son, Guido Guerra II, were reported in Pistoia in 1099, the year that Godfrey de Bouillon and his army were successful in Jerusalem. However, this looks like a trick, to cover for his real location, in Jerusalem, for his other son is said to have died in 1099.

The article says that Guido Guerra III was a friend of the Hohenstaufens, and of the Salian emperor, Henry VI. Can we trace these Salians to the Salto river? I think so. In colors reversed, the Pepin bend with fleur would be a good reflection of both the Saleman/Salian (Surrey) and Sale/Sallett Coats. I'm reading that, while allied to Henry VI, Guido Guerra III became a supporter of the Guelphs.

The Vikings at Knob Hill Farms

I've got down as far as the Porcianus branch of the Guidi counts, which now looks like the line of Porcius Cato out of the Salto-river theater. Cato's/Chattans, the heart of Clan Chattan, which uses the cat, is a good candidate for the caddies that Kepke and I became after selling used golf balls on the fairways. It's known that the house of Canossa, which the Guidi honored, was out of Lucca, as were cat-liner Botters in the Clan-Chattan motto. The Porci bend is colors reversed from the Keep bend.

Chatans (one 't') were first found in Poitou with jay-using Poitvins, and so the Chatan bend with roses looks like the Jay bend. We saw Mr. Poitvin above in the GISburn write-up, and Guise/Guy liners may be king-Gaia liners to Gays and Jays of Gai. Percys are in the Chatan write-up as marital partners, as are Botter-suspect Potts'. The first leader of Clan Chattan is said to have been Gillechattan Mor. Gille's happen to share the black boar with Porcia's.

The MacGillivrays in the Chatan write-up, a member tribe of the Clan, can now be deciphered as the meaning of my teenage girlfriend, Darlene, and my job at Knob Hill Farms, which God chose for me, very apparently. Darlene works at its snack counter. Our boss was "Gill," as we all pronounced it (I don't know how it's spelled). No one used "Giles" with a soft 'G'. I was wondering whether Gill worked there to point to Gillechattan and the GILLivrays because the latter share red-on-gold fitchees with Darlene's. This was interesting, but not enough to convince me of anything, until I brought to the picture her Ray surname. GilliVRAY. That tends to clinch it. But why would God want to set up an event, at my age 17, to point to Gillivrays?

I suggested to Kepke that he apply at Knob Hill Farms, and he did (got the job). Keeps share the galley ship with MacDonalds, and several Clan Chattan members are MacDonald liners too. Gillivrays use the ship as a lymphad. The red fitchee is used by MacDonalds. The Darlene's use a "female FIGURE" while Viggers use the red fitchee and the MacDonald galley (not sure who the original owner of the galley was). Rays and Vreys together can be gleaned as Frey liners.

I've red that both Fane's/Vans and Beans are Mackay septs, and we read that Beans are a Clan-Chattan member. This Clan ruled the Scottish Isles, but this was after Maccus, the line to Mackays, did so. So, I assume that Maccus elements are a fundamental part of the Clan. The Massars/Massai's (share cat with Lucca's), first found in Lucca with Botters, share combatant gold lions with Spanish Gills.

Gilligans (MacAbee colors), in the colors of Scottish Gills (the ones with the black boar), share the winged horse with Masseys, and Maccus is highly suspect from Ferte-Mace (MacDonalds share the Ferte eagle). Clan Chattan was the lord of Kintyre, where the MacDonald-related Alexanders were first found who share a white crescent with Hills (share the same fesse as Irish Farmers). Knob HILL Farms. I have insisted for years that Alexanders were from Maccabees named, Alexander, such as Glaphyra's husband. Her surname, Archelaus, is suspect with "Argyll," where MacDonalds and many of their members sailed the seas. The Hills use a white-on-black tower, as do Glaphyra-line Clavers.

It's likely that the Alexander name amongst Maccabees was from Alexander Balas, king of the Seleucid faction of the Greek empire. Jonathan Maccabee made a pact with him. The Jonathan roosters are in the design of the Blue/Gorm roosters, and the latter were first found in Arran (beside Alexanders of Kintyre) with MacAbee's. Keep reading.

Knobs are suspect with the Rothschild arrow, and while Rothschilds descend directly from Mayer Bauer, I became the boyfriend of Alison Bauer, a cashier at Knob Hill farms, immediately after Darlene left me (God took her). English Allisons are said to be from Alencon and the BELESme's thereof, who are the Bellamys while looking like "BALAS." I think that's amazing.

While Hills have one Mr. Hull in their write-up, the Hill tower is in Hull colors. Scottish Allisons/Allisters happen to have three dogs in the colors of the three of Hulls. These Allisons are said to descend from Donnel-branch MacDonalds, can we believe it? I dated back-to-back teens both of which trace to MacDonalds of the isles, and Rothschild must trace to Rothesay, an island off the Arran / Kintyre shores. Scottish Donnels (lymphad) use the raven ("standing on a rock") for the raven-viking conquerors of Rothesay (Bute).

The Knob-like Nobels use blue lions, the color of the Bute lion under Rory MacDonald. The Nobel lions struck me as the Michael lions, interesting where Michael Denardo took Allison away from me in the parking lot of Knob Hill Farms. Kepke and I sat on the hood of my car when she got into his car. We watched for a while, and then I went to her, but she refused to come out. The Hoods share the black bird of Allisons. The Denardo's/Narbonne's (same tower as Chatans) happen to use a passant lion in colors reversed from the same of Nobels and Michaels, and so that looks like a Set-up to include Nobels with Knobs.

Why was Kepke on the hood with me? You just won't believe it. I'm not making this up, I've told it several times, but this may be the first time that I've noticed, at the end of the Scottish-Donnel write-up, that Donnels had a Keppoch branch. If I did mention this before, it was only once, in the most-recent telling of this story. That explains why Keeps share the MacDonald galley. Sometimes my heart just drops to think that my life was made of countless events set up by God for to tell this historical story. It's fascinating. Keeps use a "square," and Square's were first found in Worcestershire with Hills.

My trace of Kepke to Syphax involved the Spice and Spick/Speck/Spock surnames. I can now tell that the latter use a giant eagle in red, the colors of the MacDonald / Donnell eagle. And lest we forget that we should be on the line of Porcius Cato to these MacDonald elements, Spicks/Specks use a PORCupine in Crest. Again, the Keep bend is colors reversed from that of Porci's. Syphax was in Rome, and could have met Porcius Cato that way. The two lived at the same time, and Cato was a Roman legislator, or something like that, I can't recall, with opinions on how to deal with Carthage.

It was shortly after we left Knob Hill Farms that we became shoe salesmen in the same mall, where Kepke met Miss Peare, at Rothschild-suspect Reitmans. Recall her white-horse symbol, for Rothchilds (no 's') and use white horse (faces sinister), and then the Reuter horse comes with the motto, "PER mare," half the MacDonald motto. Take the time to load the Jewish Rothchilds, to see that they use the Chatan bend, but rising sinister. Isn't that the Pero star at the bottom of the Rothchild Coat? The Rothchild horse is the Rasmussen unicorn, isn't it? Rothschilds were Mucianus liners.

I didn't like the way Kepke developed from that point. Let's just say he became a pig. He had to have everything, win at everything, be the big cheese, much like Trump. He was a bag full of tricks, and used the women who wanted to marry him, I know not why they wanted to marry him. I was about 2.5 years from becoming a Christian, my lowest years. God made things get so low that I would finally pay attention to Him. And I got lit for Jesus, such a great One to devote myself to, but this world put that fire out at every opportunity. I knew how angry He was with this stubborn, stupid generation. I understood His curses on this world. The people desire not to know God. And He seems like such a gentleman toward me, full of understanding.

The Scottish Allisons, the Donnel-Keppoch ones, are said to have been at Loupe, suspect with Lupus Laevillus. This is the first time ever that the story of the two Knob-Hill-Farms girls brought me to the MacDonalds with excellent understanding of what God is getting at, though I probably haven't realized all that he intends. Loupe's (Roque colors), at La Rochelle, share the Chatan towers, and, believe it or not, it's in the Denardo Coat!!!!! Wow. As we all worked at Knob HILL Farms, shouldn't the white Hill tower apply to Narbonne and/or Denardo's / Norths?

If this is the first I've discovered this, shame on me for not checking the Loupe surname. God took Alison from me to give her to my fellow STOCKboy, Denardo, for to reveal the Loupe branch of Laevillus, which I must assume was at Narbonne, near Rochelle-suspect Roquefeuil. She with Denardo were in a PARKING lot the first I saw them together, and Parkings share red fleur-de-lys with Gellone's while the Gellone monastery is near Narbonne. The German Stocks (beetles) were from ROTHENburg, and there is a Rothenburg surname said to be of Hesse, where Rasmussens were first found. The first Rothschild reportedly got rich partially with his links to a prince William of Hesse-Cassel. We read that "Rothenburgs became the Grand Duchy of Hesse."

[The day after writing here, it was found that Donneleys come up as Donleys, while Denlys/Danleys/DENNARly use the Gellone Coat exactly, and therefore look like they can be a DENARdo branch.]

There is Merovingian lore surrounding William of Gellone, which, I think, touches upon the faked theory that Jesus had children to the Merovingians. Rather, the Herods from Toulouse / Comminges are more likely, for William of Gellone was count of Toulouse. Tulls/Tolle's share the Tool lion for a possible Tullia-of-Lyon link to William of Gellone's Toulouse elements.

Tulls/Tullia's use butterFLIES while Flys (share martlets with Henrys) were Joseph kin. Which Joseph? It's online that Josephs of Hampshire were named after Joseph HENRY or Henry Joseph (I forget which) way back in / roughly the 12th century. Henry of Rodez comes back to mind.

I don't know how close Chatans should be to Loupe's, but the best take-away here is the Yves de Loup (Loupe write-up), like "Vis-de-Loop," the alternative name of Fidelow in the Fiddle/Fidelow write-up. That's the line of Lupus Laevillus. Clan Chattan is said to have had it's start at Roxburghshire, probably the line that named La Rochelle.

The Ives/Ivys surname suggests Ivo Taillebois, and the Eves'/Ivers (Allison colors and format) use the Roquefeuil-liner symbol, trefoils, as well as the three legs that are the Arms of Man.

We were stockboys. And Stocks brought us instantly to Rothenburgs that I have not known, at least not much, perfect for where Knobs use the Rothschild arrow. These Stocks use three saltires while the Saltire's/Salters were first found in Shropshire with English Rothes and Rudes', the latter suspect with Rudesheim, where there is an Assmannshausen location as per the Assman variation of Rasmussens. It works. It means that God chose for me to be a stock boy at Knob Hill farms, and He may even have chosen that name. The owner was a Mr. Stavros, and Stavers/Stovers are listed with Hohenstaufen-suspect Staufers. I can definitely be Rothschilds with Hohenstaufens.

Although German Stocks show no Crest, they have this description: "An armored MAN holding a RAISED sword." I've seen a lot of raised swords, none of which are described with that term. Trying out my luck to find the surname that is stands for, I realized it must be for a Ray branch, and finally the French Rays/Reis' came up as Rays' and Reists. The latter name brought up German Reis'/Rise's (croziers) with a Reisz variation.

The Masci's must work into this since I was a part of the scene. For example, the Denordi variation of Denardo's is of the Norths, and both surnames share the Maschi lion. Then, as I was on the hood of my car watching Alison in his car, it's notable that Hoods use the fret (part mascle) likely for Massey liners out of Ferte-Mace. Allisons may have been a branch of Alice's/Alis', who use a FIR tree while Firs/Fire's share the Rasmussen unicorn. Alice's/Alis' use a "muzzled" bear, that of Mackays ("MANu forti") likely out of Ferte-Mace. The Alice/Alis motto can be gleaned with the motto of Keiths/Mascals (MUSSELburgh area), whom I trace to the Chatti founders of Hesse-Cassell. Keiths/Mascals were first found in Lothian, and Lothians share the brown talbot of Lots. We were in the parking lot. Lots share the double-headed eagle of Maccus-liner Maxwells. Mussels and Meschins both share a version of a Michael Coat, and Denardo is Michael. The first-known Alis is said to have been in Bedfordshire, where the Stock-beloved Beetle's/Bedwells were first found.

If the Stock saltires are for Salto-river elements, that's where mount Velino is that got suspect with Velis'/Vails. The Allison motto is "Truth PreVAILs." Truths/Trotts use the bear as evidence that Allisons are a branch of Alice's, very possibly from Alice of Saluzzo and/or Alice de Meschin.

To be continued at the top of the next update.


For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God

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