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April 17 - 23, 2018

My Ice Cream Line
Ticino Elements of Andrew I of Hungary
God Speaks Pipes Through Michael (God spent time on this, take a peep)

For best results, take the time to load the Coats to see them for yourself. Load the first-Coat link I offer (or open one here) to get a tab open, and then open more if needed. To check a description in the Coat of Arms, type the surname at this page:

Late in the last update, I came across Clan Chattan members and discovered that God set me up working at Knob Hill Farms partly to indicate the GilliVRAY member of Chattan, and this was confirmed where Allisons were MacDonald kin. Yesterday, the day that the last update was published, I got to thinking that the same Rothschild themes should carry over to my next job at the shoe store, when I met Miss Peare from REITmans. This was weeks, or probably not more than two or three months, after God had Allison drop me for Mike Denardo, for an important heraldic reason as per Denardo's. Immediately before Allison, I was with Darlene RAY, both of whom worked at Knob Hill, but she dropped me too (another guy lured her, I think), I now know why. God was hurting my ego at the same time, it figures.

I recall that I was fired by Gill, the store manager, on a surprisingly minor point. I can't recall the perfect details, but as I recall it, it had something to do with taking too long on a lunch, and perhaps the way I responded when he brought it up. He fired me on the spot as though relishing it. But I now know this was God's idea to get me to follow Kepke, my co-worker there, who went to sell shoes at a mall. I think it was he who suggested I try getting a shoe salesman job in the same mall, and the first store I went to, cold, I got the job. It looks like a Set-up from God.

Yes, for the Keppochs are in an Allison write-up, and Mr. Kepke was sitting with me when we watched Allison get into Denardo's car (she refused to come out when I went to her). This can all mean that the "PREvail" motto term of Allisons can be part code for Pero's (Peare line). After I got the job, I found a nearby apartment to rent, and I recall crossing the road with Allison still on my mind. The second job was that fresh from the Denardo event. There appears to be a solid connection between the Rothenburgs met yesterday and the Reitmans.

Rothenburgs came us as per Kepke, Denardo and myself being stockboys, for Stocks were at Rothenburg, and it just so happens that Stocks, whom I rarely mention, were earlier in the last update, an important topic on its own as their beetle links to the Lupus-Laevillus line of Beatle's/Beetle's/Bedwells. God always seems to be focusing on the Laevillus line. s

This morning, I came back to the Allison Coats (both surnames are said to be from Donnels), and felt sure that the dogs in one Allison Coat, in the colors of the same of Halls (same place as Taillebois') and Hulls, are from Lucy Taillebois, wife of Ranulph le Meschin. The Hills that worked their way into the Knob-Hill-Farms code are said to have had one Mr. Hull. That well explains my being with Allison, a cashier at Knob Hill. I did ponder the Cash's/Cass yesterday on that point, as they with Kiss'/Cush's are of the Lupus-Laevillus line to Loupe (Glasgow area), the latter being a home of Allisons.

The Gaelic version of Allisons is said to be Allister, and the Lesters/Leicesters were checked yesterday, but I saw no tidy connection to all the things I was discussing to that point, so I didn't include them. This morning, I tried for a Lister surname, and got two, the German branch with the same Coat as the Hampshire Liss'. This can explain why Allisons share the griffin head in Crest with Leslie's. Lusters/Lusts use bendy in Leslie-bend colors. English Listers (Yorkshire) happen to share the Hill fesse, colors reversed from the Allison fesse.

Hold on to your waist, for the Listers use a "RETines VESTiges" motto phrase, which can be viewed also as "reTINES." There are several points to make on this one term. First, Peare's were first found in Oxfordshire with Tiens/Teans/Thames'. The latter, with stars colors reversed from the Lister stars, are in the "Tiens" motto term of Square's, and while Kepke-liner Keeps use a "square," the Square's use a bear paw while Allison-like Alice's/Alis share the bear with Truths/Trotts in the "Truth Prevails" motto of Allisons. Listers were first found in Yorkshire with Elis' (Hill colors, easily makes for the Gill surname) and Keppocks.

Elis' use a woman while Darlene's use a "FEMale figure." The "famae" motto term of Listers looks like it can identify the Darlene Crest with Fame's/Fane's/Vans, for Darlene's share the red fitchee of MacDonalds and figure-like Viggers while MacDonalds share the Ferte eagle suspect from Ferte-Mace while Maceys of that place share gauntlet gloves with Fame's/Fane's. In this picture, the female figure looks like the "virgin" in the Arms of Gaunt. Virgins were first found in Kent with Gaunts (wolf in Fleming-wolf gold), and the latter use fessewise bars in the colors of the Darlene fesse. I should mention here that a page presented in the last update with the genealogy data for Gouel de Percival called his name "Gonel" as well, and Gonels are listed with Gonne's/Guenets who share the Gaunt bend. Percivals use the bear too.

"Tines" is listed with the Tine's, first found in Shropshire with Rothes', SLEEPS, and Rudes'. The "cause" motto term of Tines' may be the reason that Allison was a cashier. In fact, as I've reported before, I asked Darlene out while lining up to get an ice cream from her (she worked the snack bar), and while there is no Cream surname coming up, Cremers/Cramers not only share the red rooster with Kiss'/Cush (same Coat as Cash's), but use a "CUSTodet" motto term while Custs/Cuss' (same place as Halls and Taillebois') are the third surname using the Cash Coat, all in Lister colors. Alice'/Alis ("MUZZLEd" bear as code for a Meschin branch) are expected with Alice de Meschin, a relative by marriage (if I recall correctly) of Lucy Taillebois.

Aha! The Sleeps look to be in, "The sentinel sleeps not, " the translation of the Cramer motto. "SenTINEl" can be partly for the Tiens beloved of Square's. So, that's why Darlene agreed to go out with me as I asked her cold (spontaneously) while getting an ice cream from her. It was a miracle, not because of me. About a year earlier, I had done the same with Katrina Hanson, while she sold ice cream too, while I was purchasing an ice cream from her, and she said yes too. She attended one of my hockey games in UNIONville, where Darlene lived. I recall that I scored a GOAL that night, suspect with Gouel de Percival of Lupellus, the Lupus-Laevillus line (Cilicia, beside Syria). Hansons are thus suspect with Annas/Ananus/Hanan (had a father, Seth, in Syria), the killer of Jesus Christ.

One of six Hanson surnames uses the mascle of FAUX's, said to be from VAUX, which is a surname merged with the Laevillus line to Percival-Leavells. French Faux's/Chaulnes' (branch of Salnier's/Saunier's) share the fleur of Danish Hansons. Faux's were first found in ESSEX with English Rams, who are not only in the ram of German Cramers (exciting), but in the ram of Dutch Rams that use the ram design of BAUX's/Bots/Bode's! I like that. It tends to verify that the ice cream was part code for Cramers/Cremers. Cramer-suspect Cremona is near Milan, and the Percival-Leavells ruled at Meulan/Mellent (Arms of Meulan shares a Vaux Coat) while Mellents are listed with Millens/MILANs. Amazingly, the latter share the lion of Sams/Sammes' (ESSEX!) while I purchased the ice cream at Sam's restaurant (that was the place's name, as well as the owner's name).

More. On my first date with Katrina, Dennis Quinn let me borrow his parent's VALiant, and Vaux's are Vallibus' too. There is a Valiant surname with the only heraldic shark I know of. Sharks share the trefoil, and trace well to "Saraca" partially because Saraca's lived near the Ceraunii to which I trace the Shark crane. Sharks were first found in Yorkshire with English Hansons!

Milan is the Lombardy capital, and, can we believe it, German Hansons share the lozengy of Scottish Lombards!!! Amazing.

It's been so many years since mentioning the Valiant that I have not known of this shark in all the time that I spoke on a shark appearing in a dream from God. In this dream, a BULLdog fell into a pool where there was a nasty shark, and the dog went half way into the shark's mouth. I traced "Bull" to Bullis at the Ceraunii mountains! Beautiful.

This paragraph was written a couple of hours after the above. There needs to be a reason why Walerans, of all symbols, use bull heads. In the dream, when I was given a close-up of the woman, I said, "She's beautiful." It's now obvious that this was God's code for Beauty's/Bowds, who use three bulls in the colors of the three bull heads of Walerans. I wrote "Beautiful" above while not yet remembering that I said, "She's beautiful." It was due to seeing my reaction at "Beautiful" that "She's beautiful" came back to mind. I'm sure that God is choosing my words at times like this.

I jumped into the pool to save the bulldog, but the dream switched at that second to a scene where I was walking out a lake. When on the beach, I saw a woman whom I had identified as Miss Hicks (met her decades after the ream), and the Hicks (Yorkshire) can be linked to Ceraunii-liner Crauns/Crane's. The latter share fessewise annulets with Bulls, and the annulets are colors reversed from one another.

Miss Hanson had the very look of Miss Hicks, or I wouldn't have asked her out (God lured me with her looks). Here's what I said in the 1st update of January, 20127:

I will also add here that, while I quit hockey after playing with Steve Tarr, I resumed at age 16, and had invited Katrina Hanson (Danish) to a game, who was tall, blonde and model-like, as is Miss Hicks now leading to the Hanna's expected in the Battins/Badens of the Axe river. The Axe river is suspect with the Axius of Paionia, but can't Hack / Hykes liners apply to that term? KATRINa Hanson reminds that CATHERINE Roet, daughter of Payne Roet (i.e. suspect with Paioni), had a line first found in the same place as the Axe river [and the Bull surname]...

The Hykes'/Hacks share the Mathis / Chives moline for a trace to the Mathis river, to the near-north of Arnissa, where I trace Annas'/Arniss'. (I'll come back to Arnissa later, where a map is offered.) As the dream had a bullDOG, there needs to be a Dog-Bull connection to Saraca's, and this can be where the heraldic dog is often a talbot, traceable with Tails and Talls to the Taulantii, who lived at / around Arnissa.

It's interesting that Irish Hansons were first found in Derry while the Drilon river, where I trace Darlene's, was also the Drin so as to possibly account for Darrin > Dare-like surnames. It seems that Hansons were Annas/Arniss liners. In fact, I've just tried for a Hannis surname, and it's listed with Annas'.

My first job was when I asked Sam whether I could have a package of French fries if I cleaned up his PARKING lot. He agreed, but I think he only did this once, not the second time, because there was nothing to clean up. There is a Danish Fries surname, interesting where Hansons are Danish. Katrina is Danish, and so Freys/Freie's might just be using the German-Hanson lion. Along with the Lombard lozenges and the same lion as Freys, the same Hansons share a snake with Quinns, and my first date with Miss Hanson was with the car of Mr. Quinn. Hold on to your cones, because the other Irish Quinns use a horse in the colors of the Frey horses! Bingo. God made me ask for those fries in return for cleaning the parking lot (of paper).

The Freys / Phreeze's/Freie's use three courant horses in the colors of the three courant stags of Rays, believe it or not. This tends to verify that God arranged for a cute Darlene Ray to lure me to ask her out. He set her up at the snack bar, and moved me to take the chance, at the risk of her saying, no thanks. I'm getting the impression that I may not have had any girlfriends if not for God arranging them.

Per chance, the Danish Fries' (white tower) may be with the Hans/Hand chevron. Phreeze's/Friese's, suspect with "Pharisee," were first found in Essex (same as Quints), which is the place that has the exclamation mark above for when Sams/Sammes' were seen first found in the same place as Faux's and Rams (beloved of Cramers/Cremers).

To nail Quinns with Hansons, Hannes'/Hains/HAINSONs share the Quinn crescents. Quinns can be Quintus-Caepio liners because WINchesters share the gold fitchee with Quints. So, with Quintus Caepio furnishing Joseph Caiaphas (my theory yet to be proven), that's Annas' son-in-law. God must be trying to say something with Quinn's Valiant, and my take is that Saraca's were Caiaphas liners.

In their first quadrant, German Hansons put a lion beside their so-called "blue" snake (looks green) that can be the Sforza lion because Sforza's took Visconti titles while Visconti's, who originally used a green snake, now show a blue one. It just so happens that the Sforza lion holds a QUINCE. This is an excellent way to decipher the Hanson Coat because the third quarter shows the same lozengy as Lombards while Visconti's ruled the Lombardy capital.

Danish and Norwegian Hansons share a Fugger Coat in colors reversed. Miss Florida is the one who wrote in about Fugger bankers. I don't know much about them. Thinking here that Fuggers may be a branch of Viggers (probably in the Darlene Crest), it was found that "Vugger" is listed with Fuggers. In this way, it may appear that Darlene's link to Hansons, which is to be expected. In fact, I got cones from both ladies, and pine cones are used by Maschi's, kin of Fame's/Fane's/Vans suspect in the "FEMale FIGURE" of Darlene's, and then Vuggers/Fuggers with Hansons share the Masci fleur. I haven't clinched that motto term with Fame's, but I have find no better theory thus far, and I've tried.

The female figure of Darlene's holds a books, and Books/Boggs have been resolved as Boofima liners, which was a goat-depicted cult that I trace to proto-Masci's in north Africa. Boggs can possibly be English Bogars/BUCKETs/Bogarts from which I can see Vuggers > Fuggers developing, which I say because the other Fuggers use the goat. Boofima's priests conducted goat and human sacrifices while wearing leopard-claw gloves, and Fame's/Fane's/Vans use GAUNTlet gloves while John of Gaunt married Catherine Roet while Roets (= BEAUForts) use the book. German Bogarts (like "Beaufort") share the tree with Roets but add a FENCE around it, and "Fens" is the closest thing I can find to "fence," but it just so happens that Fens' are Venns too (i.e. suspect with Fane's/Vans) while first found in Devon, beside the first-known English Roets. If Fens'/Venns are with the Mar scallops, Fuggers look like lake-Fucino's Marsi, to whom the green heraldic snake has been tracing well.

I failed to look up the Annas-like Aunis' yesterday as per the Aunis area that cover La Rochelle, the home of the Loupe's (it's the Allisons who lived in a Loupe location). Aunis' are listed with Annas', first found in Nottinghamshire so that "the sentinel sleeps NOT" may be for Notts/Nottings (their Coat reflects a Scott Coat). Annas' share the stars of Annas-like Angus, and Allisons are said to be from Angus Mor MacDonnel.

The Hockeys share the black griffin with Boltons, and Allisons use the griffin head in black. Can we believe it, the Listers are said to have moved from Derby to Yorkshire as per marriage with John de Bolton. Bolds/Boltons are said to have been in Bould of Oxfordshire. This comes as Trump is making John Bolton his national security advisor. Is that a Rothschild circle in the making? As Scotts share the Hockey crescents, the black griffin here must be close to the Scott griffin, which comes with Catherine wheels while their owner, Catherine Roet, married John of Gaunt. I trace Scotts to lake Scodra, home of the Sleep-line Selepitanoi.

Hockeys are also HOCKLeys, and their fesse-with-crescents are those of HAZELs while Hazeltons use a "Scot's head." It appears that Hockleys were a Hazel branch. Hazels are kin of Weavers beloved in-turn by Keeps. Unions use the millrind while Rinds use GILLIE flowers, same as Gouel-suspect Joels. Gillie's (dagger, sinister canton) are a Clan-Chattan member which may have included Katers/Catters. Donnels (raven on a ROCK) share "Terras" with MacDonalds, and while Scottish Terras' share a Scott Coat. the Bavarian Terras' share the rook with raven-using Rooks, Rookbys and Rockets. Rookbys are in Mansfield colors and format because they are said to have married Mansfields. I feel sure that Mansfields (same place as Annas') were linked to Annas liners.

Rooks are used by Havers while Rams are said to have been in Rammes of Normandy's Havre, suspect with Haverens and therefore with Avaran Maccabee.

Did God name KATRINa to point Hansons to Catherine Roet? Katers/Catters look linkable to Allisons. I scored a goal in Unionville on the only night that Katrina came to see a game, and I taunted her in fun (which I shouldn't have done), by saying that I scored three goals when Mary came to watch (she was almost my girlfriend at the time). I'm telling this because three goals is a HAT-TRICK while Hatters/Hettericks can be Kater/Catter branch. It begs the question on why I didn't score a hat trick when Katrina was watching. The Tricks share the spear design of Unions/Onions (Junius liners?), and Uniaks are listed with Gards whose English branch once again use black griffins.

Look at this. The Katers/Catters were first found in Berkshire with cat-using Croms/Crummys, a possible Cremer/Cramer branch. Croms/Crummys share quatreFOILs (RoqueFEUIL symbol) with Ayers and Eyers, and while I peg heraldic ears with "Eyer," Nigro's/Negro's use five "ears of wheat." Mary's surname is Nigro. This is compelling evidence that Katrina was chosen as code for Katers/Catters.

[A day or two after writing here, it struck me that Katers/Catters should be from Kotor, where the Ragusa Saraca's lived originally. According to God's codes, Katrina Hanson must link to the Saraca's in the Valiant Coat. Perfect.]

I didn't want Mary to be my girl, but we spent time together, where I treated her as a friend. As best as I recall, she worked at Knob Hill Farms. When I threw a party (parents gone) in Gormley for my fellow employees, Denardo brought his drums, and Mary slept alone in the BASEment with Kepke. Why? Earls of Scottish Mars were at KilDRUMMy, and Marys use lions in colors reversed from the Scottish Mars. The two lions in pale of Mars are almost the same of Base's. Kepke can apply where Keeps are suspect with the Varangian RUS of Kiev, suspect in the naming of Ross-shire, near the earl of Mars. The three upright Ross lions are the three of Marys in colors reversed, and Ross' were first found in Yorkshire with Mars and Keppocks. Rose's were at Ross-shire while Keep-loving Hebrons, and Hebron-loving Trysts, use roses.

If God so chose Mary, why does she have a Nigro surname? What about the ears of wheat, the symbols of Nigro's and the Moor-line Chappes' in Stirlingshire, home of Drummonds and near Ross-shire? Ross' are said to have been vassals of MOREville's of Stewarton in AYRshire's Cuningham. Aren't "ears" code for Eyers/Ayers?

I purchased the ice cream when Katrina worked at Sam's restaurant in Gormley, and this is amazing, for while Gormleys are Grimes', the Grime's share the green martlet with Gards while Gormleys/Grimes' use the Wray martlets while I don't know for a fact that Darlene Ray wasn't Darlene Wray. She was probably the girlfriend immediately after Katrina...and I purchased an ice cream from her too, and asked both of them out cold while doing so! Zikers, that is incredible. It looks as though Uniaks are Unions, for Darlene lived in Unionville. Gormley were first found in Donegal with Donnellys. I was 16 when playing hockey for one year in Unionville, and 17 when at Knob Hill Farms (I quit high school in grade 11, but didn't realize until now that it must have been God's choice).

Griims/Gris' use the giant Annas star in colors reversed, is that not amazing? Recall my greasing the wheels with carpenter glue, which brought Greas'/Greysons to topic, who use a "HOC SECURior" motto, partially suspect with Segurana's, first found in Genova, home of GRIMaldi's.

Gaunts share six bars with Leavells, the latter first found in Somerset with the Roets who share the Spear boar heads, and the Spears (in the Union Crest) are from Lusatia's Spree river. Allison-suspect Listers are said to be from Silesia and Lausitz (Lusatia). This is making Katrina HANSon suspect with LausANNE at lake Geneva, not far from Annecy. Anne's are also Hanne's while Hans/Hands while both share the stag with Hanna's. Geneva, the city, is beside ANNEmasse. Katrina sold me an ICE cream, and Ice's share the trefoil of Silesia's Sitlers, suspect with the tribe that named Sitten up-river (on the Rhone) from lake Geneva. The Bellamys and HERVeys in the write-up of English Allisons trace in my books to the Arve river into lake Geneva.

Now most cantons (squares in the Shield's top corner) are called, cantons, but both the Keep and Cremer/Cramer cantons are called, square's, much more rare. The red roost on a green mount of Cramers is reflective of the red rooster on a green CUSHion of Bibo's/Bible's. And it was the Bible under a bed that brought me, in the last update, to the Beetle's/Bedwells, who use a fort in flames while Pero's use the flaming star.

God gave Miss Peare a WAIST symbol (for Waistells absolutely) in a dream I had roughly a year ago, and so "RETines VESTiges" does look like it honors the Reitman bloodline. That's the Lister motto phrase while Wests use a fesse in Lister-fesse colors, and throw in a griffin head of their own in Crest (as with the Allison Crest), tending to prove that Listers were Allisters. Wests use a "vie" motto term likely for some surname (Vio's/Vito's?) named of the Viu tributary of the Riparia, the latter being home of VESTalis (yup, Waistells).

This gets us smack to Rothschilds again. Vests, first found in Switzerland, might just be using the Knob / Rothschild/ROUTENstein/RODDENsteins arrow (it's the Rodden/Rodham bend), for Lusters/Lusts (Swabia, perhaps in the Bavarian part) share the white wings of Geneva's, which is the wing design of Bauers. Lake Geneva is fed by the upper Rhone that, I was told, is the Roten/Rotten to the Germans. I've just checked my atlas to find it labeled as the Rotten. The Rhone was once the Rhodanus, which can explain why Rothschilds are always connected to Cecil Rhodes.

The Waistell Chief is in the colors of the Rudes quadrants, and while Rudesheim is the location of Assmannshausen while Assmanns are listed with Rasmussens, I'd like to add that while the latter share the FIRE/FIR unicorn, this may be why God had me FIRED by Gill, to suggest that Gills / Gillivrays are kin of Fire's. Gills (same place as Listers that use the motto phrase above) use a Shield filled with are green-white lozengy, the colors of the checks (or squares?) in the RADice/Radix Coat. Rads share the white Zionist stars with Rotens, and Miss Peare links fundamentally to Goths/Gothels that share the star in both colors of the Rad star. So, God set Miss Peare up absolutely to point to Rothschild kin of many sorts.

The black hawks' head ERASed in the Alice/Alis Crest is suspect with the Eras variation of Rasmussens. The Roten star is in the canton of Wassa's/Gaze's while the Ray stag is said to be "at a gaze."

Now, there is a heavy story told by the "vray" motto term of Wrays, pointing to Christopher Wray as a Rothschild puppet. We first suspect that GilliVRAYS were a Gill-Wray merger, then take it over to the Peacock motto, not only because Rothschilds descended from Pollocks while Peacocks (in an Allison Crest) were a Pollock sept, but because Peacocks use "Be JUST and FEAR not" for their motto, while Wrays use "En JUSTE et vray." Fears/Fere's were Fier liners which can include the Fire's. Recall the dagger of Gillie's, for daggers are for Dexaroi, on the Apsus river that goes through Fier country. I was fired by Gill. And while German Cramers use the ram, English Ram's have a "vis fier" motto phrase. Vise's/Vice's share the Eustace symbol roughly, and Eustace II was father of Godfrey de Bouillon.

The patriarch of Pollocks was a vassal of the Dol Alans, and some have said the English Allisons (share red fesse with Alans) derived from Alencon so that, ultimately, Allisons. Listers and Alis' may have been Langhe liners.

Justine of Picenum seems to be in both motto's, excellent because she's of the Sire's/Sirets (and Square's/Squire's) while the Trotus river is a Siret tributary while Allisons use a "Truth" motto term for Truths/Trotts while the Wray motto is translated, "In justice and truth" (Justus was Justine's father). The Azzi's can be gleaned as Justine kin, and they were from Azzo of Este, at Fermo, the latter being in the "Tiens FERME" motto of Square's/Squire's. Now the house of Azzo formed the Bavarian Welfs/Guelphs while the Bars of Este were at Brunswick, where Rothschilds/Roddensteins were first found.

I trace Brunswick-Luneburg to Langhe, and Langs (Allison fesse?) were first found in Luneburg. I was fired at LUNCH, and though there is no Lunch or Lanch surname, the Langs might just be in play. Indeed, one of two German-Lang surnames (Luneburg) uses arrows in the colors of the Rothschild/Roddenstein arrow. Wrays were first found in LANCashire (!), and while Alans/Alengs named Langhe, Lance's use the Alan fesse in colors reversed. French Lance's were first found in Maine with Pellicans, and both the Alan-Stewarts and Luneburg Langs use the pelican. English Langs were first found in Northumberland with Roddens/Rodhams.

Amazingly, while I saw a lynx (which I lost) that linked to Manche's Alauna, the Lunch-like Linch's/Lynch's (Feller trefoils) use the lynx. This symbol is for Lyncestes, beside pelican-line Pelagonia. Loretta Lynch has been suspect in the L-shaped billiard hall in an Obama dream I was given to expound upon, where he owned a billiard hall with an unnamed partner (I knew in the dream that there was a partner) that could have been Lynch (Obama's attorney general) because both her names begin with 'L'. Billets/Billiards were first found in Maine with Pellicans, and she's been in the news for months as per her secret meeting with Rothshild / Rhodian actor, Bill Clinton.

Clintons (same place as Teins'/Thames and Peare's) use a fair reflection of the Wray Coat, and the Clinton Chief might just be the Chief of Italian Dere's/Res' because the latter use lances. DARlene's were actually suspect as a Dare / Darrin line from the Drin river, which begins at lake Lychnidus, beside Pelagonia and Lyncestes! Zikers.

To help prove that Lyncestes elements were to the Alans and Langs, Linkletters share what should be the checkered Stewart fesse (different colors), and then English Langs use letters. There's a good chance that Dare's (beside Checks/Chicks) share the Check/Chick crescents. Darwins/Derwents (share Darrin / Gonne/Gonel bend) were first found in Lancashire with John of Gaunt, and we saw Darlene's linking to Gaunts. Darlene was Miss Ray. The Ray stag at a gaze as code for proto-Washington Wassa's, and Washingtons were first found in Lancashire.

German Dere's share acorns with English Langs, and English Dere's/Deers use "A galloping horse," linkable to the horse on a full gallop of Waistells. The Bolds in the Gallop motto take us to Boltons (LANCashire) once again, whom we saw in the Allison Crest and in the Lister write-up. I have been of the opinion for years that Stewarts own the military as the shadow government. Mattis'/Massys share the Stewart checks. Knowing now that Trump is a fake, watch out for a Trump-Wray-Bolton partnership.

This is where I checked for Donleys as per the Donnells of Allison to get Donnellys. Then, checking Danleys, they are using the Gellone/GILLing Coat. The Gellone monastery, founded by count William of Gellone, is beside Narbonne while Denardo's are listed with Narbonne's, curiously, and moreover Narbonne's/Denardo's share the tower of Loupe's while Allisons were at Loupe. It's proof that God set Allison up with Denardo, but as He also set her up with me, I assume my Masci line applies to Narbonne / Gellone elements. That's where the Hoods come in with their mascle-using fret, for Kepke and I watched Allison go to Denardo while we sat on the hood of my car while Hoods share the "blackbirds" of Allisons, though Hoods call it a Cornish chough.

Now just watch what happens on the Hoods. First, we need to say that Hoods were first found in Devon with Laevillus line Walerans, a prime Loupe liner. The three Waleran bulls are likely in the colors and format of the three Quade wolf heads because Quade's were from Lupus Laevillus' wife. The "zealous" motto of Hoods is therefore for the Zeales'/Seales' who use the same three black wolf heads on what can be the Bernice Shield, for while I trace Bernice's to Berenice AGRIPPA, GRIFFins are used by the Seals-branch Sailors. As the latter has a "greatest" motto term, I have claimed that the GREAT SEAL of the United States, a Masonic piece of garbage representing oneness with satanic freedoms, is code for the Seal / Sailor bloodline.

As Hoods are Hoots too, I looked Hotts up to find them from D'oust, in the Roquefeuil area to which Denardo's trace! Looking D'oust up at Google, it brings up SENTINac d'Oust, like the "sentinal" motto term of Cremers/Cramers that came up as per my ice cream. Sentinac is not far south of Comminges, where Herod Antipas went to live when banished from Israel by Caesar.

[Insert -- A couple of days after writing here, I was seeking a Sentinal / Sentinac-like surname, and came to Santins/Sintons (no symbols, same as Saluzzo's) who happen to use the Chief-Shield color combination of Wrays. Very compelling, but, drats, Santins/Sintons were first found in Selkirk (near a Tyne river suspect in "senTINEl"), but I forgot what other surname was seen a day or two earlier from Selkirk. Knowing that Selkirk is near Roxburghshire, I loaded Wikipedia's Selkirk article to see how close to Roxburgh it is, and there I saw that Selkirk is on the ETTRICK Waters . Is that not the hat-trick line? I loaded Ettricks, and they turned out to be listed with Hatricks, first found in Selkirk. Yes, this was the other surname first found in Selkirk that I had forgotten (I wrote on it below). The Hatricks/Ettricks are, I think, using the Chief-Shield combination of the Montferrat rulers, and perhaps the Guido lion.

Santins/Sintons are probably from the Sintians of Lemnos. To the near north of Lemnos was an ancient Sale location (near the mouth of the Hebros) that can apply to Sale's/Salletts and Saluzzo's. Doesn't "SELkirk" look like a Sale liner, especially as Selkirks use a SALamander?

[Insert -- By the way, when I mention Hatricks below, I discover that they share the Mary lion. Perfect. I vividly recall the third goal of the game, a defenseman's slapshot along the ice with me in front of the net, my back to the goalie. I let the puck shift direction off the stick, to pass between my LEGS. I'm saying this because the red and upright Hatrick lion is also the Legh lion (same as the one shown for Ranulph le Meschin at his Wikipedia article) while Leghs were first found in Cheshire with Sale's/Salletts and Masseys. It makes sense that Marys and Sale's/Salletts should connect as per Marsi on the Salto river. Nigro's have five ears of wheat in colors reversed, and in the format of, the five keys of the Sheaves/Chiava's, first found in L'Aquila (Abruzzo). The Legh lion is colors reversed from the combatant Abreu/Abruzzo lions (same color as the SALESbury lion), and the combatant lions in the Salesbury Crest are white, the color of the one lion in the Mary Crest. This is why I got the Hatrick with Mary Nigro watching.

The Walter de Evreux in the Salesbury write-up assures that Abreu's named Evreux. Salisburys were first found in Wiltshire with goal-like Joels, by the way. Walter is said to be "Devereux," and there is a Devereux surname (directly from Normandy royals) with a talbot's EAR emphasized, which tends to corroborate that ears are code for Eyers/Ayers, from the Shawia of Aures. Note how "Aures" is like "Eure," location of EVReux. It appears that Aures was a branch of the namers of Abruzzo. The Aur/Ure/Aures lion is also the Mary / Hatrick lion. The Devereux's (share red roundels and "invidia" with Cheshire Shirts) are said to have had a Devrill location in Wiltshire. End insert]

I loaded Atters as per "Ettrick," to be reminded that they are the Tyre's (MacDonald branch), and while staring at the Tear and Tier variations, a song played on my speakers, at that very second, by Faith Hill, with the line, "every tear He'll wipe away" (song title, There Will Come a Day).

So, because I bought an ice cream from Darlene Ray (or Wray) while Cramers may have Santins/Sintons in their "sentinal" motto term, it can appear that Wrays are in the Santin/Sinton Shield.

The Wray-like Frayne's/Freyne's (Shropshire, same as Sleeps) just came to mind who share the giant and red, upright lion with Hatricks/Ettricks. As they use a black border while including a FRANE variation, they appear to be Frey / Fray liners merged with a line from king PHARNaces. The Frane's/Freyne's share the lion of Farns/Ferns, and were first found in Ross-shire while it was discovered below that Marys use the Ross Coat in colors reversed. Take a gawk at what I wrote a day or two ago that appears below:

Ice's use the giant eagle on the top half of their Shield, in the colors of the Eagleson eagles, and the latter's black border makes the whole lot suspect with Parrs and Furnace's/Furness', which is to say from Pharisee-suspect king Pharnaces. The one thing that has not worked into all the Knob-Hill-Farms props, in the last week, are the Farms / Farmers, who may have been PHARNaces liners, but if not, then Fermo liners from Azzo of Este.

Eggertons share the same lion as Hatricks/Ettericks (found new here), Cramer-like Crams, Fox's and Marys, which may now reveal why I scored the hat-trick with Mary watching. It's a red lion, the color of the lion heads of Farms/Farmers (Essex, same as Cramer-beloved Rams).

The red lion head is shared by Farns/Ferns. End insert]

Hotts share the fesse of Sailors, and while the Cornish chough of Hoods/Hoots should be partly for Coughs/Cuffs that share the Sales/SALLETT Coat, there is a Salat area on my atlas, on a river flowing up-river from downtown Ariege and St. Girons. The river has a mouth at downtown Comminges. Sentinac is in Ariege (part of Foix), and in the arrondissement of St. Girons, the latter smacking of Garin/Guerin, the son (likely) of William Gellone. Ain't that a hoot? The Arms of St. Girons uses only a bell, which may be a symbol of the Gellone monastery.

Seeking surnames from the namers of Ariege, I checked Reigs to find the Spanish REYs/Reina's/Reals (castle in the colors of the Denardo/Narbonne tower). I bought an ice cream from Darlene Ray (or perhaps Wray but doubtful). German Riegers/Reiger/Riggers and Riechs/Reichers might therefore apply.

I had noted that the Sailor Coat has the colors and format of Hazels, the latter being a branch of Dozens/Dussels (probably of Dusseldorf), the latter using the Rod / Rock trefoils for a trace to Roquefeuils. This can explain why DUSTERs (compare with Jewish Rothchilds no 's') are in the "InDUSTRia" motto term in the Arms of Rothschild...because Dusters are D'Oust liners! Bingo.

Dusters share the green trefoil with Dozens/Dussels, but also with Albini's and Barnstaple's, and the Albins/Aubins of Barnstaple named Aubin, near Rodez, the Rod line. Perfect.

BARNstaple's (Devon, same as Hoods/Hoots) look like Burns (same place as Bernice's, share their black hunting horns), and while Rothschilds were descended from Peter Pollock of Rothes castle (Moray area), and while all three Peter surnames at houseofnames is from Peter Pollock, one of them shares the Staple motto, which includes "rien," like the Reini variation of Spanish Reigs/Reys. The latter even have Raines' like variations for a trace to Renfrewshire, location of a Polok location after which Pollocks were named. I had entertained and even insisted that FULbert "the Saxon," father of Peter Pollock, was a RoqueFEUIL liner. Fulbert lived in Shropshire with the Alans of Dol, and that's where English Rothes' were first found using a version of the Sales/Sallett Coat.

The crowned Rothes-Crest lion is in the rare design of the Staple-Crest lion, and this crown, especially the one gorged around the neck of the Staple lion, is code for the Ceraunii entity of proto-Alans of Aulon/Avlona, the line to Avalon = ROTHEsay.

The Duster bend-with-trefoils is that of Barnstaple's ("ReGARDez"). The latter share the green griffin head in Crest with Leslie's, and the latter are known to have taken Pollock titles by marriage with them. This was told to me again and again by emailer Pollock, whom God set up in my email life. She disliked the terrible, greedy Leslie's. The Staple bend with leopard faces is in the colors of the Leslie bend with buckles, and the red fleur of Staple's can be closely linked to the Gellone fleur for obvious reason. Staple's are said to have a Staple-FitzPAINE location while Garins/Guerins use the Payen/Pagan Coat. I feel sure that Staples are of Payne Roet, father of the Catherine wheel.

I had traced the Bernice fesse to the same of Modena's Cassandra's/Casano's, which, thanks to the Cassane variation of Pattersons (from Sodhans), can be gleaned with the fesse of Sodans/Sowdons (scallop colors reversed from Patterson/Cassane scallop), first found in Devon with Hoods and Albin-related Barnstaple's. As you can see, Modena's Albino's (green trefoils of Barnstaple's) linked to Cassandra's/Casano's. This is being repeated because I was on my hood watching Alison slip away, and because she was the cashier, here's a Casier surname (Milan) listed with CASONs/Cassello's/Casetti's. They have three fesses in the colors of the Cassandra/Casano fesse.

Recall that Hoods/Hoots use a "Zealous" motto likely for Zeales/Seales' who share the black wolf heads of Sailors, for the latter use a fesse-with-symbols in the colors of the same of Sodans, which happens to use the fesse of Hotts (D'Oust) too. It's perfect for proving that God was pointing to this while I sat on the hood, especially as Denardo's/Narbonne's use the tower in the colors of the Reig/Rey/Reina castle, itself in the colors of the castle of Cassells now suspect with Casier's/Casons/Casello's. As Scottish Cassells share most of the Kennedy Coat and motto too, note that this motto is for Avis'/Avisons, who share the anchor with Hoods/Hoots.

There is an Avice surname in the Avis write-up suspect with Vice's/Vise's and therefore with Eustace II (lived near AVESNes), suggesting that he may have been from Avezzano, on the SALTo river up by Avalon-line mount Velino. I expect the Salat area at St. Girons to be of Salto elements. There was a Margaret de la Pole/Pol (wife of an earl of Kendall) at Foix-Candale, and Candale was of John of Gaunt. Their daughter married Louis of Saluzzo, the Sales'/Sallett line. Foix is beside D'Oust, yup, that's how to get the Pollock-Rothschilds down to that dusty place.

Roets and Reeds, from the Salto's Rieti, share the book with Darlene's female figure. The Books/BOGGs can be Bug-river Neuri.

Repeat: "One of six Hanson surnames uses the mascle of Faux's, said to be from Vaux, which is a surname merged with the Laevillus line to Percival-Leavells. Faux's were first found in ESSEX with English Rams, who are not only in the ram of German Cramers, but in the ram of Dutch rams that use the ram design of BAUX's/Bots/Bode's! " Baux's/Bode's were first found in Ile-de-France with Foix's (and Lys'/Lise's), suggesting that Foix was a Vaux branch.

If Bode's were from BODEgisel (Mummolin's son), then Bode's may have come first, and later the Vaux's / Faux's, or there may have been a Vaux-line merger with Bodegisel's. As Bode's are also BAUTs, let's repeat that while Leavells were at Yvery, Ivrea is on the BAUTica river, which takes the water of the Lys river further up from Ivrea, a good reason to explain why Lys'/Lise's were first found in the same place as Foix's. And Lissus is not far north of Arnissa.

The derivation I have read for "Comminges" at Wikipedia doesn't pass the smell test, though it does sound logical. I argue instead that it was named after the Commings/Comine's, who share the Avis/Avison Coat exactly, and meanwhile Avesnes (Helpe river) is near Comines (in Lille). The Arms of Comines (cinqueFOILs) shares the black key with Cassells.

It's then interesting that Motts/Morte's were first found in Brittany's Cotes-du-NORD. Let's not assume that it was named after "north" because I trace Neuri (included Norths) heavily to the Brittany Alans, whom I see from Roxolani Alans to the naming of Rostock (location of goddess NERTHus) and Roquefeuil. Rostock is where Ice's were first found, and while I bought an ICE cream from Miss Ray at Rothschild-depicted Knob Hill Farms, Cremers/Cramers are the ones with the motto suspect with Sentinac d'Oust.

As per my theory that Fullers are RoqueFEUIL liners, we can surmise that Fowlers are using the North / DeNordi/Narbonne lion, for Fullertons are also Fowlertons (they curiously show a McCoy variation). Fowlers use the OWL and Fullertons/Fowlertons (otter, "teneBRIS") show an OULertoun location, which went to a Mr. Foullertoune. My understanding of the heraldic owl just took a new twist. Henry the Fowler was father to Germanic emperors, and possibly the ancestor of Others > Windsors. The first of this family was ALANus de Fowlertoun, which supports my claim that Fullers were of FULbert, vassal to the Dol Alans, and patriarch of Pollocks. Dols were first found in the general area of Ice's.

Let's go back to Hazels (Cheshire, same as Sales'/Salletts), whose blue bend-with-symbols is in the colors of the same of Sailors, Cassandra's/Casano's and Bernice's. The latter share the water bouget with Banisters. As was said recently, I was given Sassy (a kitten) while refinishing a banister, and here I find Mr. Casati (Casier/Cason write-up) as the "Imperial Vicar" of Mr. Sassone. The Casiers/Casons share the fesse under discussion in both colors, as do Saraca's. I had traced the Saraca fesse to Cassandra's/Casano's with some logic, and Sassys happen to use SARACEN's do cat-using and kitten-like Cetins/Chattans, from the Cetina river near Saraca's of Ragusa/Laus. That entity named Laus and Saracena at Buxentum, where I trace Millens/Milans. The Maurels/Maurino's share the eight-pointed stars of Batti's/Botto's (share eight-pointed stars with Maurels/Maurino's), the latter first found in Cremer-suspect Cremona. The Hotts share a blue bend, and as they were from Milan, where Maurels/Maurino's were first found, let's add that Morinis', Marano's and Morano's were first found in Modena with Casano liners.

DarLENE sold me an ice-cremona, so to speak. It's possible that Darlene's were a Derry/Dar merger with Lene's, for the latter use a reflection of the Cassandra/Casano Coat, both with a fesse colors reversed from the Darlene fesse. If Darlene's were a merger with Lene's, I would hesitate on tracing them to "Drilon." God usually provides ways to iron out problems like this. The Lene Coat is a reflection of the Bernice Coat. If Lene's were from Lane's/Lano's, the latter were at Brescia near lake Garda.

As Allison was the cashier, we might want to ask how Allisons relate to Casiers/Casons? Were Allisons and Alis' named after "Laus"? I do see Laus with Laish, and do have excellent methods of tracing Laish to Elis (Greece). The Lys river of Aosta flows into the BAUTica/BALTea (home of Arduinici) to which I trace Baldwins and the household generally of Eustace II, they being around the Lys river of Artois (the Arms of Lille use the Lys/Lise fleur in both colors). Allisons use blackBIRDs while Birds share the cross of Bouillons (colors reversed), the latter first found in Auvergne with Bauts, who share the ram with German Cramers/Cremers.

The white Baut ram is used on red by Dutch Rams, and Cramers use the ram. Hansons are the ones with the Faux mascle while Bauts are also Baux's. There you have a good reason as to why God chose a Hanson to sell me an ice cream.

Moreover, Allisons were form Loupe while Loops share the courant greyhound with Lys'/Lise's. Plus, the border of Aosta is very near the source of the Arve river, where Herveys/Harveys trace who are in an Allison write-up. I sat on the hood watching her slip away, and Hoods/Hoots (Hazel crescents?) use Cornish choughs while Coughs/Cuffs (Caiaphas liner?) share the bend of Salassi-suspect Sales'. The Arve-river Garveys (double Perche chevrons) share two red chevrons with Scottish Lise's, perfect, the latter's being in both colors of the three chevrons of German Cassells, a great way to link Allisons to Casiers/Casons/Casello's!

Not finished. Hoods are the ones with a Salassi-like "Zealous" motto. I trace the Walsers, who lived in Aosta's Lys valley, to Aulus Terentius Varro Murena, who conquered the Salassi, and whose sister was Terentia, wife of Cilnius MURENA. Didn't we just see Casiers linkable to Maurino's / Morinis'? The Tarents happen to share the HOTT eagles. Hottens/Haughts (Albin bull head?) had a Hooten location in Cheshire.

The Allison talbots now give away that they were from Lissus, which on this map is to the near north of that TAULantii. Talbots are likely a branch of Talls, first found in Thuringia, home of queen Basina, and another map has Bassania closer to the mouth of the Mathis than Lissus. Lissus is at the mouth of the Drilon, and at the northern-most part of the Drilon there is a Has location (not shown) to which I've been tracing Hazels for years. "Darlene" looks like "Drilon." Aulon/Avlona is at the southern end of the Taulantii. It's the Taylard link to Mathis' that really traces Tails/Taylors to the Taulantii.

In the middle of the land of Taulantii there is a Genusus river that had an Arnissa location to which the Arniss variation of Annas' can trace. If the Genusus named Geneva, Annecy becomes suspect with Annas'/Arniss'.

I'll assume that Ice's were linked to Cramers by an act of God to make the ice cream a bloodline package. The Cramer term for "sentinal" is "CUSTodet," the Cash/Cass bloodline linkable to Casier's, and the Cramer Chief is the Morinis-Chief fleur in colors reversed. There is a good chance, because general SCIPio founded Cremona while Meschins (Alice de Meschin's family) married SKIPtons, that Cramers use the Masci fleur.

Masci's named Dunham-Masci in Cheshire, and they probably named the first Meschin there. Ice variations look like they can be of the Cheshire Eggs/Edge's and Eggertons, and while Eggs/Edge's have variations suggesting the Adige river past lake GARDa, and past Este too, the giant Egg/Edge eagle can be the giant Este eagle on someone's red Shield. Egg liners (Eugene's / Augurs?) may have named Euganeo (beside Este), suspect in the "AGENdo" motto term of Eagers/Augers (said to be from "Eggar"). Eggars/Edgars (dagger) look like Isle-of-Man / Mackay liners.

Gards came to topic earlier in this update with the green martlet of Grime's (same place as Eggs/Edge's), and Grime's came to topic as per the Gormleys/Grimes' because I bought an ice cream in Gormley from Katrina. Amazing, is it not? And "ReGARDez MORT" is the motto of Barnstaple's, who share the DUSTer bend-with-trefoils while Hoots were in D'OUST with Sentinac suspect in the Cramer motto.

Let me repeat from above while on the Gard-Grime topic, at which time Katrina Hanson was suspect with chief-priest, Annas/Ananus:

Griims/Gris' use the giant Annas star in colors reversed, is that not amazing? Recall my greasing the wheels with carpenter glue, which brought Greas'/Greysons to topic, who use a "HOC SECURior" motto, partially suspect with Segurana's, first found in Genova, home of GRIMaldi's.

The "Hoc" motto term had been stressed in that quote because I was passing the hockey stories and the Hockeys/Hockleys. Segni's/Segurana's use the Este eagle so as to be traceable to Ice-suspect Eggs/Edge's (share giant eagle with Eggletons/Eagletons). Grimaldi's, suspect as GRIS-Mallets, share the Coat of Cocks who in-turn throw in the red rooster seen in the Cramer Crest. Haughts/Hottens (of Hooten) are also HOCtors, perhaps indication that Haughts married Hockeys/Hockleys, now suspect as a branch of Hazels (same place as Eggertons), which tends to support the possibility that Hoods/Hoots use the Hazel crescents.

Ice's use the giant eagle on the top half of their Shield, in the colors of the Eagleson eagles, and the latter's black border makes the whole lot suspect with Parrs and Furnace's/Furness', which is to say from Pharisee-suspect king Pharnaces. The one thing that has not worked into all the Knob-Hill-Farms props, in the last week, are the Farms / Farmers, who may have been PHARNaces liners, but if not, then Fermo liners from Azzo of Este.

Eggertons share the same lion as Hatricks/Ettericks (found new here), Cramer-like Crams, Fox's and Marys, which may now reveal why I scored the hat-trick with Mary watching. It's a red lion, the color of the lion heads of Farms/Farmers (Essex, same as Cramer-beloved Rams). We saw how the Hatters/Hettericks smack of "Katrina," and I think there should be a reason as to why Katrina Hanson and Darlene Ray were both chosen with as the ice-cream symbol. If Ice's are Achelous liners, then I expect the Laish Levites to apply, whom I trace to Annas and Caiaphas, and generally to Pharisees and Sadducees, wherefore to Maccabees from which they all came or were at least married.

My Mother Must be the Ice Cream Line

As I said, Maccabees are expected from the alliance between king Massena and general Scipio, the latter being the one who founded Cremona and Placentia as an army barracks when losing the war of Trebia (according to Wikipedia). Massena is suspect in naming the surname of Cilnius Maecenas, a Mucianus suspect. I expect "MACCAbee" to be from Maecenas' ancestry, therefore. There has got to be a reason as to why Tarents, from Maecenas' wife, use eagles. Achelous liners have been resolved to Justine of PICEnum, and Picenum liners are suspect with Pike's/Pickens and Pike's, the latter sharing the Ice trefoils. The Picensii Illyrians and/or Picenum is suspect in naming Picenze (place of my mother's birth) and Piacenza, the latter being the alternative spelling of "Placentia." It makes my mother's Masci line suspect with the Massena line to Maecenas.

I'm now realizing that the ice cream will turn out to be a Picenze element. The Ice eagle may even be from neighboring L'Aquila. Recall how Fuggers share a Hanson Coat (colors reversed) while being suspect both in the female FIGURE of Darlene's and lake Fucino of the Marsi. Recall how Mary looked like code for earls of Mars near Ross-shire, by way of Marys using the Ross Coat in colors reversed.

For some reason I can't recall, Dingwall, an old capital of Ross-shire came to mind, and so I loaded Dingle's/Dingwalls to see its gold fleece again. This time, I looked for a fleece-like surname, and almost gave up until Felice of Nola, the patron saint of Picenze, popped to mind. The Nola's/Nolans use the same passant lion as Scottish Mars, in the colors of the RAMpant lion of Ross', and Rams are in the colors and format of French Mars, the latter said to be named after a ram, but this looks like code by someone who knew the relationship between the two. Avezzano's and Nolls/Knowles' (same place as Ross' and Mars) use roses while Rose's were at Ross-shire (Avezzano is beside lake Fucino). It was me, my mother's son, who bought the ice creams, right? Moray is beside Ross-shire while Felice's/Felix's share the Moray stars. German Nolls (Masci wing?) are in Felice colors.

Heraldry is all code for surnames. What could the ramPANT animal be code for. Panters use "SPUR rowels" while spurs are in the Dingle/Dingwall Coat underneath the fleece. I even recall by heart that Ross-branch Russells (same lion as Marys) are descended from Mr. BertRAM. Russells share the Meschin scallops. German Bertrams, same lion as Ross'. One Mr. Bertram is said to be the lord of DIGNam, a term that's a consonant-reversal from "DING." Dignam's/Dickmans/Dikemans happen to use three lions in the colors of the same of Ross'. They are demi lions, as with the lion of German Dike's in colors reversed. Dickmans/Dikemans recall that I trace king Andrew I of Hungary, whose behind the Ross clan and the Drummonds, to the Ticino river.

Now watch how Darlene can link to Rams as well as Cramers. We'll start with the "fieri" motto term of Rams, for Fier county is the location of TROPoje, and then the Darlene Shield shares drops with Trope's/Drops. Why do Rams use a "tibi" motto term? It could be for the cat-using Tibbs/Tibbits, for they are blue, like the wolf in the Arms of Placentia (beside Cremona), while the cat is shared by CROMs/Crummys. Crams share gold fitchees with Tibbs'/Theobalds/Diebolds, and the latter's are colors reversed from the Darlene fitchees. Bradfords, home of Eckersleys, were first found in Yorkshire with Scottish Mars, and use a "Fier" motto term. The Peacocks in the Bradford Crest use "fear."

Dibbs (Moray) are said to be of "Theobald," and they get more red lions for which they may be using the Russell Chief-Shield in colors reversed. Some Dibb variations are like those of Debbie's, and as I said not long ago, I asked Debbie out, who worked at Knob Hill Farms. She turned me down. She came to my party, though, with Denardo's DRUMS, and with Mary too, suspect with Mars of KilDRUMMy castle.

Justine married Valentinian, and Valentins use squirrels on behalf of Squire's/Squirrels/Square's, but then Dike's share that red squirrel, now suspect with Dignams/Dikemans. It's making Dingwall of Ross-shire look like a Ticino liner merged with the line of Felice of Nola. The Marsi trace to the Marici of the Ticino, right? Scottish Dike's/Dyke's, said to be descended from RAMerus de Dikes, were first found in Cumberland with Daggers. Dickensons may be with the Nola / Mar lion on the colors of French Mars, but see also the Knowles-like Nobels (Cumberland). Knobs are also Knobels. Why do Dutch Nobels (ROTTERdam) use the giant rose?

The Arms of Placentia uses a square, though I don't know what it's officially called. It just a square. The Squire's helmet is in the Crest of Eckersleys, who were looked up as per Ice variations, and Eckersleys were first found in Worcestershire with Squire's/Squirrels and Hills. The latter, by the way, share the Farm/Farmer fesse, and Fermo liners are in the "ferme" motto term of Squire's/Squirrels. It's also interesting that Farns/Ferns use lions looking linkable to the lion of Placentia-like Place's. It just so happens that Cremona-suspect Crams (Ram chevron?) were likewise first found in Worcestershire.

The Eckersleys use lozenges in color reversed from the Pink/Pinc lozenges, and Pincs share gold-on-blue fitchee crosses with Crams. If Eckersleys were an Ice branch, then their link to Crams is the ice cream. Pincs are from Pincum/Punicum in the area of the Picensii on this dark map. "Punicum" smacks of the Pung variation of Pings/Pongs/Paganells whom I see in the motto of Rome's/Rooms along with "PLACit." There you have a good reason for tracing Crams to Cremona / PLACentia. I trace Quintus Caepio to Cuppae / Kupa elements, and then Quints, first found in the same place as Cram-linkable Rams, use a gold fitchee of their own along with sharing the black lion paw with the Savage's, who in-turn use the Eagle Coat in colors reversed. Savage's are also Sava's while the Sava river is where Japodes lived.

Punicum is shown at VIMINacium, where I trace the WOMAN in the Elis Crest, and Elis' are highly suspect with Laish liners, for even in mythology, the rulers of Elis were fundamental with the rulers of Aetolus, the latter being at the Achelous. The Elis cross with crescents (very possibly the symbol of mythical Endymion) looks like a version of the Benjamin cross with annulets. In the book of Judges, 600 Benjamites married 400 women of Jabesh, who led to mythical Jupiter, or the historical Japodes on the Kupa river, which I trace to "Cuppae", shown beside the Picensii-suspect Pek river that has a mouth at Pincum. Jupiter was also Jove, and the map has a Jovis Pagus location on the Margus river, at the west end of the Picensii. The 600 Benjamites lived at Rimmon, which led to Rimini at the northern end of Picenum. This was probably mythical Remus, brother of Romulus, mythical founder of Romans.

Now watch these "coincidences." Jabesh was in Gilead, evoking Gill at Knob HILL Farms, where God gave the ice-cream code. I have suspected that Jabesh elements named the Biblical Jaffa, the Greek Joppe (now Joppa), the line to "Japodes." If I have this correct, it predicts the Benjamites in Jaffa. Joppa was made the place where mythical Perseus married Andromeda (looks Parthian-Mede), and while I trace Perseus to the Parthenius river (Frey- / Freie-suspect Phrygia theater), the Parthini are on both maps to the southern side of the Mathis river, and therefore near Laish-line Lissus.

The coincidences come where the Templars must have named two Joppa locations, one at Edinburgh (Sinclair territory), and one at Ayr, the latter being home generally of Kyle's whose candleSTICKs are from the Astakos location near the Achelous. Ayrshire is also where Margys/Mackeys were first found that can trace to the Margus river, which has a mouth near Pincum and Elis-beloved Viminacium. The Sinclair cross an be deemed the Elis cross because Clarus was beside Latmus, location of the eternal sleeper, Endymion, himself from Elis-Aetolia elements, and traceable to the sleeping moon of Caria-liner, Karens/Kerns, first found in Silesia with the Sitlers that share the Ice trefoils. Ice's are still suspect with Eagle liners from the Achelous. Endymion loved the moon goddess of Caria, and so this is why the Elis crescents are suspect with Endymion elements.

I'm not familiar with Ayr, and have just discovered that the Arms of Ayr share the head of John the Baptist, on a platter or plate, with the Arms of Breslau (Poland), which city is also WROClaw, like "WORCester," where Hills and Ice-suspect Eckersleys were first found along with the Squire's. The latter are a branch of Sire's that can be traced to the Arms of Vilnius (Lithuania), home of the ASTIKas' in the Kyle candleSTICKs. This is the SITHECH line of Seths/SHAWS, suspect with the Savage's/Sava's that share the Eagle Coat in colors reversed. The Arms of Ayrshire uses a "shaw" motto term, and Shaws were first found in Perthshire with Justine's/Justus', from Justine of Picenum, beloved by Sire's and Squire's/Squirrels. One Ayrshire Coat, East Ayrshire I think, uses the squirrel, and it can be gleaned with the GILbert squirrel because Carricks of Ayrshire were from one Gilbert. The Gilbert chevron is in the Arms of Ayrshire.

It's interesting that proto-Carrick Craigs and Craigie's use "viv" terms while Joppa is at Tel AVIV. Hmm. The other Joppa is in Ayrshire. The Craigs share the Elis crescent on what can be the Hill fesse, for both put a white symbol upon their respective fesses. Craigs are said to have been in the area of Elis-possible Allisons. Craigie's (Ayrshire) use the crescent in the colors of the Karen/Kern crescent, making CARricks suspect as the Masa/Maso Carians. Kerricks share a single pile with Wings and Hagels, and the latter's is red, like that of Wings/Winks (same place as Justine's), who are from Vinkovci, birthplace of Justine's squirrel-line husband.

It was resolved that Warwick was named after Warsaw, Poland's capital on Massey-suspect Masovia. Warwickshire is beside WORCestershire, while the Arms of WROClaw, the one sharing John the Baptist with the Arms of Ayr (beside Joppa), share the Massey quadrants. There is an alternative Arms of Wroclaw, shown below in an Arms shared by Nazi's, that has the "Silesian Piast eagle" in its top half, and the Nazi patee in the bottom half, which recalls that an ancient swaSTIKa jewel (at Wikipedia's swastika article) was unearthed in the land of the Aryan Gels/GILeki, who can be the namers of Gela (Sicily), said to have founded Agrigento, which went by the alternative name of ACRAGas, where I trace Craigs > Carricks. By now you may know that Carricks are from Proculus Charax, son of Levite-suspect Lupus Laevillus. Gela looks like the line to Gilberts.

Generally, this Arms of Wroclaw looks like a version of the Ice Coat, which can tip us off, now, thanks to the ice cream, that Piasts are from the Achelous. That would work very well if they were from Pisa at Elis. I trace "Piast" to Bistue in the Maezaei theater along the Sava, a little downstream from the Japodes. The Maezaei are suspect in naming the Mieszko rulers in Masovia and elsewhere. The eagle in the Arms of Wroclaw can be the one on the Chief of Massi's/Mattis' (share the checks in the Arms of Massa-Carrara).

From whom did I purchase an ice cream? From Katrina Hanson. And German Hansons may therefore be using the castle in the Arms of Ayr. I took Katrina out in a Valiant upon our first date, and Valiants use the shark suspect highly with Saraca's, from Ragusa/Laus, near Bistue. There is another Ragusa in Sicily near Gela, amazing. On this light map, see Bistue at the source of the Urbanus river of the Ceraunii, the people to which the Shark crane traces.

This is making the Ice eagle suspect with the Arms-of-Wroclaw = Piast eagle.

The Gilbert motto is suspect with Haddocks (same cross as Elis' / Sinclair'), who share the June fleur while June's are from mythical Juno (wife of Jupiter), from the Una/Oeneus river, home of the Maezaei. And mythical Oeneus was at Calydon i.e. at the Achelous river. This is the proto-Maccabee along with Dardanian elements of the Hazel kind. Hazels (squirrel CRACKing a nut) share the Craigie crescent.

Let's go back to the Arms of Ayr, for while the motto of Ayrshire loves Shaws, they are Seths too, and said to be from some wolf-depicted Sithech entity. It just so happens that while Seth was the father of Annas/Ananus, suspect with Hansons, the German Hansons use a castle in the colors of the Arms-of-Ayr castle. Note how the head of John is in a cup in this Arms at the page above. Cups/Cope's/COLPs are from the Colapis river (the Kupa) of the Japodes, and Joppa is beside Ayr.

Seth was in Syria, and may have been born there. In ancient times, Syria was Ram-like Aram.

In my opinion, no one but Herods would use the head of John the Baptist on a plate or cup, for a Herod murdered the Baptist. This is their trophy who love evil deeds. The two-tailed Bohemian lion in the Arms of Wroclaw faces sinister, indicating Mieszko's. The Bohemian lion traces very well to Boii in Modena, where the two-tailed Montfort lion can be traced (to Marano), and I think Modena is from Methoni/Modon (Greece), the daughter, mythically, of Oeneus of Calydon. It makes Methoni suspect from ancient Modi'in, where Maccabees came out of later.

At Wikipedia's Traby page, the Radziwill Arms is shown with what looks like the Silesian-Piast eagle. Radziwills were of the Astikas'. And Radziwills were from KERNave (Lithuania), suspect with Karens/Kerns (Silesia). On the breast of the Radziwill eagle are the 666-suspect Traby horns.

Radziwills were earlier, Radvila's, possible Rads because the Neris surname almost uses the Rad Star while Kernave and Vilnius are on a Neris river, said to take the waters of a Narach river. As Neuri were wolf worshipers, it's notable that the Lokys river is a Neris tributary. "Lokys" means "wolf," and the Lithuanian goddess, Lada, is probably from wolf-liner Leto/Latona at the LATmus area. Note "LatMUS," for the Neris has a Muse tributary too, making the Maso/Masa Carians highly suspect at the Neris. I always trace Alans of Dol, in Vilnius-suspect Vilaine, to Neuri. They are suspect at NAIRNshire, home of bouget-using Rose's and Rats/RAIDs.

Neris' share the Karen/Kern stars, no surprise now. Neris' were first found in Lucca with Massai's/Massars, and this is smack beside Piast-suspect Pisa and Massa-Carrara. It can explain why Carrara's (compare with split-Shield of Pisa's) and DeNARDo's/NARbonne's share the wheel in the same colors, and why Norths share the Maschi lion with Denardo's/NarBONNE' the colors of the Bone lion. Carrara's were first found in BONonia, very traceable to the Bohemian lion that took the place of the Piast eagle in the Arms of Wroclaw. The Neretti variation of Neris' makes them suspect from the Neretva/Naro river, near the Saraca's.

Renis' are said matter-of-factly (doesn't always mean writers are correct) to be from "RaNIERIS," but I suspect a Reines/Rainer/Renarus' merger with Renis' because Reines' share the comet with Pero's while Bonne's were first found in Oxfordshire with Peare's. Reines' were suspect with the Pisa lion, and they likely named Rennes, in Vilaine. So, the Zionist Pero / Reines star must be the same of Neris'. The Pisa / Reines lion is COUNTERchanged while Counters/Conte's are the ones with Comet-like variations.

It gets interesting where Rams were first found in Essex with Ram-like Raines', both sharing a white chevron with Crams. As this is the ice-Cram line suspect with the Arms of Wroclaw, let's add that Croms/Crummys use both a cat (Lucca / Massai/Massar symbol) and quatrefoils, the latter shared by Ayers while the Arms of Wroclaw shares the Baptist with the Arms of Ayr. Moreover, Croms/Crummys were first found in Berkshire with Windsor castle while Windsors share the crosslets of Worcesters, and, moreover, Windsors are said, in the Other/Otter write-up, to be from Lombards while the Arms of Lombardy is a quatrefoil, so far as I can make it out. The same Hansons (must link to the ice-Cram line) that use the castle of Ayr also use the lozenges of Lombards, first found in Rennes-line Renfrewshire. And Katrina-suspect Katers/Catters use the colors and format of Raines'.

The Bohemian lion in the Arms of Wroclaw traces to Monforte, and Montferrat, right, home of Rainier/Renier. Yes, and Ferrats/Fers share the checks in the Arms of Massa-Carrara. These checks are shared by Stewarts, who were out of the Vilaine area too, and ended up in RENfrewshire en-masse.

The Karens/Kerns/GERNs can be a branch of German Gerners/Karens (North fleur?) because the latter were first found in East Prussia. The Corners/Gerners use a sinister-rising sword to match the sinister rise of the Karen/Kern symbols. Corners/Gerners are said to have had two men with a Gardiner surname that alternated as "Garner," and this surname shares the griffin with Gards, which may reveals Carians at the naming of lake Garda. This griffin recalls Karen GRAFF that I think God used as a code. She lived in Gormley, and it was the Gormley branch of Grime's that share the green martlet with Gards. I like the way that works. Graffs share the Gerner/Karen lion, zowie.

Recall that Eckersleys came up with Eggs/Edge's and Eggertons suspect from the Adige river past lake Garda, for Eckersleys use lozenges colors reversed from the same in the Corner/Garner Crest. Eckersleys share red martlets with Gormleys, and Gorms/Blue's were first found in Arran, which was likely named after Raines-like Airaines (Picardy). The Gorms/Blue's share the rooster-head design of Jonathans/Jonas', and the latter's roosters are in the colors used by the Polish family of Kur, in case that applied to Kern liners. It looks linkable to the Kopple rooster i.e. from Poland's Goplo.

Maccabees (suspect with Arran's MacAbee's) were traced to lake Garda and especially to the acorn in the Corner/Garner Coat. CURTUS Maccabee now comes into play as per Knob Hill Farms because Curtis' use a farmer in Crest, with a plowshare, and moreover they share the Plow Coat that has the same fleur-de-lys as Corners/Garners (share the white wings in the Acorn Crest) There's a Mr. Plowden in the Plow write-up who was at a battle against Acre/Akko in Israel, where such names as Eckersleys and Ackers (acorns) may trace. But even if that's correct, I'm holding firm to an ACORN trace to Avaran HACHORANi Maccabee. He may have been named after Acre elements, I wouldn't know whether that version of the city's name existed in his time. Curtis' look like they use a version of the Sheriff Coat (both first found in Warwickshire).

If Knob Hills Farms was Intended to be code also for Farmers and their Curtis kin, let's go back to Jonathans/Jonas', suspect from Jonathan Maccabee, for they were at FREINwald, and then Freiens are also VRAYens/Vreyens, looking like a Ray / Wray / Vrey liner. And while God used Darlene Ray at Knob Hill Farms, Darlene's share the Curtis fesse. Again, the three Ray stags are courant and in the colors of the three. courant horses of Vrey-like Freys. "Freien" recalls the insert earlier in this update, with the Frane's/Freyne's and Farns/Ferns that looked like the red-lion Farmers.

God Speaks Through Michael

Yesterday as I write here, my mother's relative, Michael dropped in while doing some work in my area (two hours from his home), and he took me to work with him for a while just to install a check valve in a sprinkler system. This comes a week after I had, and explained, the dream with him in it. He told me that he sometimes gets work from a company called, PEERless, in my area. There is a Peerless surname (roses again) that I can link to Pero's on the Ticino. The surname happens to use the motto, "Sans TACHE," and the Teck/Tess saltire in colors reversed. Therefore, the Peerless fleur is suspect as the Massey fleur. The Tecks/Tess' are almost-certainly from the Ticino, where Pierro's/Pero's are said to have been first found.

But what floors me is that while his only appearance in the dream was for a split-second with a VOLKswagen Beetle, Volks/Fulke's share the Shakespeare spear while Shakespeare's (Cumberland, same as Daggers) use a "sanz" motto term. And the Peerless fleur is also in the Volk/Fulke Coat. Amazing.

The Sans-like Senns were first found in Switzerland with the Napier-suspect Tecks/Tess'. While the latter were surely at the Ticino canton (Switzerland), the Senns' are suspect with Sion, also in Switzerland. [I didn't realize until late in the update that Spinks can apply to Sprinks, as per Michael's line of work in sprinklers, and Spinks happen to share the Sans eagle.]

More amazing. Shake's/Shicks and Shakespeare's are being regarded as from the Biblical Shechemites highly suspect on the Ticino with Laevi Gauls, and recently the Checks/Chicks were gleaned as Shechemites. We went to install a CHECK valve! Amazing, truly. Checks (Suffolk, same as Love's/Luffs) share the Love/Luff cross, perhaps indicating that Love's were Laevi. In fact, the Tache's/Tash's were likewise first found in Suffolk.

However, the Peerless surname comes up with Napier's. There are no Peer-like variations shown in the list. I conclude that Napiers were Pero liners, or a merger with them from some Nap-like family. Peirs/Peers (Shake/Shick colors in reverse) were first found in Warwickshire, and Warwicks (same place as Shakespeare's and Moreville's) use the other Chick Coat, which happens to use the lion of Moreville's (Moray colors). We saw Moreville's above in the Ross write-up.

[Insert -- Late in the update, I find Napiers in a 2014 update where they came up as per a Naparis river near or beside the Sens-suspect Sensii peoples. It looks full-proof for a Napier trace to that river. The Sensii are both on the light map and dark map, almost in Moldova, and there are a Pipe-like Piephigi peoples on the south side of the Naparis. This is completely amazing because Pipe's use the Pepin Coat while I trace Pepins to the naming of Papia/Pavia, the Ticino location where Pierre's/Pero's were first found. I would never have had reason to view the Piephigi as proto-Pepins otherwise.

On the dark map, you can see the Cotesii on the river to the immediate north of the Sensii that is a tributary of the AGARus. It just so happens that HAGARs, first found in Perthshire with Peerless'/Napiers, share the white-on-blue Zionist star with German Michaels.

During my marriage, my wife and I had friends in Mr. Pucini, whose first name is Michael, and his wife, Susan. The Puecini peoples can be seen to the near-east of the Cotesii, and Susans are suspect at Susa, the Cottian capital. It's as though God arranged those friends to help assure that Cottians, and therefore Julius Caesar, were from the Cotesii. Note how "Pucini" is like "Picenze" so that they may have developed into the Picensii (also on the dark map further up the Ister). I have not much of a great idea as to why such history is important to God, unless it has to do with Israeli elements that pertain to end-time rulers.

I trace the Benjamites of Rimmon both to Maschi's of Rimini, and to the Rimna area to the immediate north of the Cotesii. But here I can add that the Maschi pine cones trace excellently to Cone's, who appear to be in the "CONabor" motto term of Hagars, and my atlas has a Rimna tributary of the Agarus between Rimnicu-Sarat and Fulk-possible Focsani. There is a Focks Coat that could be a version of the Hagar Coat, and Irish Fox's are also SIONnachs so as to be traceable to the Sensii suspect at Sion.

It's possible that the top half of the Senns Coat is another version of the Hagar Coat, for while Hagars use an "HonESTE" motto term (recalls the "est" term in the Pepin motto), the giant Sans eagle is almost the giant Este eagle (again in Hagar colors and format). I trace Benjamites to Japodes on the Colapis river, which in-turn traces to Colchester, where English Este's (share the Pepin horse heads) were first found. It just so happens that Pepins and Pipe's use a camel suspect with Camulodunum, the earlier name of Colchester. Este's may have been Ister-river peoples, but that's a lot to choose from. The Piephigi are on the Ister.

I trace Pepins to king Apepi of the Hyksos, which can explain "PiepHIGi." In fact, the Biblical Hagar (Abraham's concubine) may have been named after the same that named Hyksos. I therefore expect Hyksos at Pavia.

It's interesting that Hicks were at a Leyton location of Essex. God showed that Hicks are to be linked to Knee's, who use a leg while Leytons are LEIGHtons too. The Pipe's are said to have been at a LEIGH location, and Michael's middle name is, Lee, can we believe this? The Leighs/Lee's/Leghs look like a branch of Leytons/Leightons (Shropshire, beside the Lee's/Leghs of Cheshire), and share a vertical arm in Crest with Peerless'/Napiers. Amazing. Why should Legh liners / Ligurians trace to the Naparis?

I've just loaded Allistons as per the Lestone location of Leightons to find what could be the giant Este eagle on the split Shield of Volks/Fulke's. It sounds complimentary to the clues thus far. Let's assume that Este's were Piephigi so that Piephigi were amongst Fulks of Anjou. Volks/Fulke's share a spear in Crest with Lee's/Leghs, though the latter use a broken one suspect with Broke's/Brocks (share red lion with Lee's/Leghs), which brings us back to Essex, location of Camulodunum i.e. in the Pepin / Pipe Crest.

The Leighton Shield is that of Says (Seaton colors), and Seatons/Sittons (of Saytown) named Sitten, the alternative name of Sion. This brings us back to the Sensii at the Naparis river. End Insert]

Shake's/Shicks don't use moles alone, but moleHILLS, and Hills were first found in Worcestershire with the Deck/Dagger-beloved Squirrels. Hmm, I've never noticed before how "Squirrel" is like the Shakerley location of Shake's/Shicks (at Manchester). Last year, Michael's brother bought a Volkswagen Rabbit, and came to see me, took me for a spin, and we ended up at a Shakle road before returning for home. I am sure that it was a Set-up. The Tecks/Tess's (as per the Tessin version of the Ticino) are also Tease's while Tease's/Tyes' share the fesse of Shakle's and Pierro's/Pero's (more roses). The latter were first found at Pavia, which was founded together by the Laevi and Marici as Ticinum.

In the last update, I learned that Manchester was MAMucium in Roman days, which struck me as the line to Mamesfelde of the Mansfields (Nottinghamshire, same as Tease's/Tye's), and here it can be added that the Mansfield / Mansell maunch is shared by TickHILLs/Tickle's, so funny.

Peerless'/Napiers were the earl of Lennox, which checks out where they use a version of the Lennox Coat. But lookie, Lennox's are also LEVENax's! Bingo. Plus, before Michael got sidetracked into sprinkler systems, he took schooling for furnace installations, and Lennox sells furnace's.

Levens even use a version of the Tease/Tyes Coat while Tecks expected in the Peerless motto are also Tease's! Excellent. It appears that we have nabbed the Laevi in Levente's veins. Who's Levente? Tease's/Tyes' (same place as Annas') are said to have had a branch at Mousehole (Cornwall), which place was also called, Enys. There are two Enys surnames that look like "Annas." One Enys surname is said to be of "Angus," and Angus' share the stars of Annas' and Tease's/Tyes'.

More. As Lennox's were at Stirling, they can be gleaned with the saltire of Nimo's/NewMARCH's/NewMarsh's (Stirling), and that looks like the Marici partners of the Laevi.

Now this is totally amazing, for the Furnace/Furness surname (Lancashire, same as Shicks/Shake's) has been suspect with the Laevi over in the Pontus with king Pharnaces. The sprinkler-like Sprinks/Springs were at LEVANham, and Levanhams were first found in Suffolk with Sprinks, Love's/Luffs and Checks/Chicks. It's completely impossible to have links this easy, logical, dependable and numerous, from random but related items in someone's life, unless God set them up. Michaels share mascles with Sprinks/Springs. Tending to prove that Shicks/Shake's were Chicks and Checks/Chicks, German Shicks (probably Jewish) share the Chick lion.

I was starting to get the impression that, somehow, Pharnaces liners named Pero's so that a Peerless-Lennox relation appears to be a set-up by God in order to allow me to make these very connections under discussion. It's one simple thing if Peer liners link to Levenax's from the Ticino, but to have Lennox's start a furnace company appears a Set-up in order to link Peers / Pero's to Pharnaces liners. As Parrs (same place as Furnace's) are definitely Pharnaces liners, couldn't Pero's apply? When Michael's brother (Joel) and I left Shakle, we stopped at PARRY Sound, and Parrys use one of the Parr fesses. Joels/Jewels are like "Gouel" de Percival, the line from Laevi-like Laevillus. I get it. But in order for Pero's to have been Pharnaces liners, there should have been Peters in his line. Flavius Petro is the biggest candidate, who has been resolved with Spanish Petro's.

Flavius Petro was married to Tertulla, suspect from Tertullus, husband of Plancia Magna. Her line traces to Volks/Fulke's, and the latter share the Peerless/Napier fleur. One week after Michael was at the Volkswagen, which he did not know about, he dropped in on me and told me about Peerless. The last time he was here was about two years ago when he and his wife told me they were having a baby, Andrew. As the baby was named after the father of Michael's wife, I've got to conclude that God chose for this marriage. Michael has been blessed in these choices. His wife's brother-in-law, from the Ukraine, is Vladimir, playing right into the Kiev Varangians. Prince Andrew was in Kiev under the reign and protection of Vladimir the Great. Anastasia, Andrew's wife, was the daughter of Vladimir's son. [I didn't consciously know while writing in this area that Andrew's grandfather was Michael, possibly named after Michael Rangabe, for the latter's granddaughter married a Varangian].

The Hampshire Josephs use a "wlad" motto term, and Vlads (Westphalia) share the Zionist star of German Michaels. The Dol Alans descend from FLADD, suspect with the Flaith name that Wikipedia once quoted for Hugh Lupus D'AVRANChes, a Varangi suspect. A woman of Dol did marry Robert D'Avranches of Ferte-Mace.

Michael's ancestry is in Picenze, and we just saw the patron saint of Picenze at Dingwall. Dingwalls not only share "favente" and "Deo" with the motto of mascle-using Michaels (Meschin / Mussel fesse), but these Michaels use "Favente Deo SUPERo" while Dingwalls use SPURs while Spurrs and Supers (branch of SPRinks?) were first found in the same place. I assume that it was not Michael's parent(s) who named him, but God.

Michael's were first found in Surrey with James', and the latter's three lions are those of Chicks.

Sprinks/Springs were at Houghton le Side while Side's share the lion of Napps/Knape's (Knobs / Nobels?). That explains the NaPIER/NaPEER variations of Peerless', but it does so, not from a family historian, but from a Peerless sprinkler company along with the Sprink surname. That just can't happen unless God sets it up.

I've been tracing king Andrew of Hungary, brother of Levente, to the Ticino for years, before Andrew, Michael's first child, was born. Proto-Hungarians were from the Ukraine along with PECHENegs, what look like the Picensii namers of Picenze. Side's are a branch of Sutys that share wavy bars with Drummonds while it's known that the first Drummond (Marici-like Maurice) was Andrew's grandson.

So, I suppose that Andrew's mother must have been from Ticino elements. Wikipedia calls her: "a lady from the Clan Tatony". Tattons are said to have married Massys. I'll come back to this after we have some cake.

Sprinks/Springs happen to share the mascles (almost) of Eckersleys, the one's with the Squire's helmet, and first found in Worcestershire with Squire's/Square's/Squirrels, the ones beloved by Decks/Daggers. Eckersleys were at Yorkshire's Bradford, and Bradfords ("Fier") use the green snake, now tracing well to the snake goddess of the Marsi. BRADfords can be suspect with the Bradds/Breads of the CAKEbread surname, suspect with Sitric Caech, the one to whom I trace Side's and Sitters/Sidewells. Excellent, and Cakebreads were first found in Cambridgeshire with Napps/Knape's (Side lion).

Now I found an online article telling that George, son of Andrew I, and father of Maurice Drummond, was in Scotland in 1055, according to an old, historical record. The year before, Siward of Northumberland, defeated king MacBeth, but it wasn't until 1057 that MacBeth was killed by Malcolm III, who married the Saxon, Margaret; she had been in exile in Kiev with Andrew I, and it was Maurice Drummond who brought her to Malcolm.

Siward is in the Swords, and there is a sword in the Napp/Knape Crest held by what looks like the Mieske arm. I actually traced Siward to Swietoslawa, daughter of duke Mieszko I. She was also called, SIGRID the Haughty (mother of CNUT), and Siwards were also SIGURDS, while Sweets/Sweits share the two chevrons of Sewards. This predicts that Haughty-like Haughts/HOUGHTONs of Cheshire are using the Mieske bull. Some Houghton lines were named Haltone (according to the Haught write-up), and in the write-up of KNUTSfords (Broad/Brod Shield?), we find Knutsford at Cheshire's Halton (at Bucklow). Now, let's repeat: "Sprinks/Springs were at Houghton le Side while Side's share the lion of Napps/Knape's".

It appears Cake-important that Walerans, who use bull heads colors reversed from the same of Buckleys, were at BRADfield while Bradfields share the annulets of Bulls/Bule's, suspect with Bole's = the line of Boleslaw, brother of Swietoslawa. Bole's share a pierced boar with Pollocks ("AUDacter" = Roquefeuil > Roxburgh liner), and Bullocks (Roxburghshire) use more bull heads. The Bole's with the pierced boar put boars into cups that are in the colors of the boars of Mole's (Roxburghshire), and then Eschyna de Molle's daughter married the second Pollock.

The Napp/Knape arms holds the BLADE of a sword, and Blade's are said to have had a Burseblade variation while Burse's/Burcys (from Vassy at Manche-Bessin theater) are in the write-up of the Cheshire Oltens, who use a version of the Halton Coat. Oltens are said to be of Oulton, owned by Serlon de Burcy of Vassey, and Vasseys are listed with Face's/Fessy's who love the Seagar-branch Segni's/Segurana's. Oltens speak of Miss Oulton of BRADley. Is that another Cakebread line? Oltens happen to share the Bradd/Bread lion, apparently. Bradleys share "Audax" with Roxburghs, and the latter throw in "fidelis" for the Waleran-de-Percival line.

Hmm, while Oltens come up as Otone's, like the Ottone variant of emperor Otto, Oltens (with an 'e') share the owl with Fowlers, while Henry the Fowler was Otto's father. This tends to prove the emperor-Otto liners were in Cheshire's Oltens/Otone's (and Eltons too?), and that many heraldic owls are code for Fowlers. It also predicts that Aude at Roquefeuil was an imperial Otto line, and lumps the Yorkshire Odins and Oddie's into it all.

The "sage" motto term of Bradfords tends to connect their green snake to that of Seagers/Sugars and therefore to the snake god, Sugaar, husband of Mari. Yup, it's got to be the Marsi. And the amazing thing here is that the Bradd/Bread lion is the white-on-blue one of Chicks so that "Caech" looks like a Shechemite line, which explains why Sitric's grandson was Maccabee-liner Maccus. Remember, Shechemites were at Schimatari while Kennedys, who had kin from Avezzano's, use the scimitar. Bradd liners can be of the Brode's/Brights who share the pierced Macey stars.

Plus, Schimatari was home to mythical Orion, which has been resolved with the Orne river, where Meschins derived, and near the Ferte-Mace location to which I trace "Maccus," and then AVARAN Hachorani Maccabee is expected for those reasons to the Haverans that use the Orne/Horn heron. It looks full-proof all-around, and has just got to be from Masci's of Picenze (explaining why I was chosen to reveal these things). Vassey is at the Vire river that separates Manche (home of Masseys/Maceys) and the Bessin, a good reason to connect the Vassey/Fessy cross to that of Macclesfields.

I spent much effort showing, within the last month sometime, that Andrew I of Hungary can trace to the Picenze area, and so I now have the task of proving that his Tatony mother was from its Marsi, and specifically from the Tatton-Massey relationship. There is a clue here where I am a Taddei in a great-grandparent, and then Andrew's brother, king Bela (had Andrew killed), might just have named Bellamys, who did marry Massys of Ferte-Mace.

Tattons were in East Cheshire with Macclesfield, which was MAKESlesfield in 1086, suspect with Maccus-line Maxwells/MAKESwells/MACCUSwells. This tends to check out where Maxwells (Roxburghshire) share an eagle in the colors of the Kenworthy eagles while the Tattons who married "WITHENshaws alias Massy" were at Kenworthy, in Cheshire, where king Maccus sat down with some Saxons after Sitric made a pact with Saxons up in the Roxburgh area.

Sitric marred Edith of PolesWORTH, with the same ending as "Kenworth," and Worths share the double-headed eagle of Maxwells in both colors. There are also the Shuttleworths/Shettleworths (love the Cheshire Weavers) who can be Side/Sudy / Suty liners.

This Arms of Macclesfield shares the blue half of the Schick lion, which can be the Massin/Mason lion too for obvious reason. This adds support to the theory that Sitric Caech was a Shechemite line.

Bradds/Breads were first found in Edinburghshire, where there is a second Joppa location, interesting where Joplins were first found in Northumberland with Sitric's Saxons. Joplins (same ending as "RosLIN") probably use the Grey lion, and Tattons use the greyhound. The question here is whether Andrew's Tatony ancestry connected to the naming of Joppa at the Roslin theater. It does look good with the Tatton greyhound, especially as Hounds / Huns/Hundts (greyhound) are expected from Huns, whom HUNgarians claimed to descend from. The greyhound is shared by Bela-possible Bells/Labels. English Bells share the fesse of Bellamys. The Huns/Hungate's use a seated dog in white, the color of the seated Tatton greyhound. So, it can appear that Greys and Joplins both connected to Andrew's Hungarians...which included the Leslie's (probably in "footless") suspect in "PeerLESS." Peerless'/Napiers use a "Tache" motto term while Tache's (Ticino suspects) use another greyhound, as do Majors/Magors that smack of Magyars, the proto-Hungarians. French Majors use a crescent colors reversed from the Bell/Label crescent.

Jappa's/Jeepma's/CHEPs bring us back to the black, two-headed eagle of Maxwells, and both use an escutcheon on the eagle's breast. Chepmans were first found in Cambridgeshire with Cake's/Cakebreads, and Chepmans happen to use a crescent in the colors of the Check/Chick crescent. That looks like a clear Sitric > Maccus line hit on Joppa suspects.

I got Keep-liner Kepke a JOB at KNOB Hill Farms, and Joplins are also JOBlins while Jeepma's are also Jabbs. Let's not forget that Israel's Jaffa/Joppa is suspect from Jabesh Gilead, for Jeepma's are also Jabachs/Jabeeks, and they use a Zionist star that can be the one in the Israel flag. German Michael's share the Jeepma Zionist star, but so do many others, yet these Michaels share the two Nobel lions, both having one lion on either side of their fesse. Israel had an ancient NOB a couple of miles north of Jerusalem where priests gathered, and, perhaps, they included Shechemites. Jabesh is suspect with Jebusites of Jerusalem. This is where Gill at Knob Hill Farms can come in as a Gilead line.

Maxwells are suspect in naming of Macclesfield, the area where Tattons lived, and then this place was MakesLESfield while Leslie's, who are known to derive in the Hungarians in the circle of queen Margaret (the Saxon who was in Kiev with Andrew), share buckles with Roslins. Edinburgh is six miles from the Roslin home of Henry Sinclair, the cup-bearer of queen Margaret. Edinburgh is roughly where Mens' were first found that are from the Isle of Man, where Maccus' family ruled.

Roslins (probably Russells) use buckles, and Shakle's use buckle lozenges. What's with that? I'm gleaning that Shakle's are a Cake/Cakebread branch, and so let's not forget that Breads were first found beside or in Roslin. Buckle-branch Buckleys share the bull head of Haughts/Houghtons for a link to Siward of Northumberland. The Peerless'/Napiers (same fleur as Masseys, white like the Cakebread fleur) were first found in Perthshire with Shaws, suspect in the Withenshaw-Massys that Tattons married. Shaws were Numidians along with Massys.

Napps/Knape's have the Mieske-suspect arm on the BLADE of the Siward line, so to speak, and Blade's (Peir/Peer colors) are interesting for a white-on-green saltire, almost the white-on-blue saltire that is the Scottish flag, called "Andrew's Cross" secretly in honor of Andrew of Hungary. The Malcolms/COLUMNs use Andrew's cross in colors, and then German Franks (Bohemia) use both the column and the saltire of Peerless'/Napiers, while Scottish Franks ("nobis") use the Blade saltire while throwing in a two-tailed lion, same with the Arms of Bohemia. The Frank column comes with what can be the Mieske / Napp arm because Boleslaw, son of Mieszko I, was named after Boleslaw of Bohemia. The Frank arm comes out the sinister side, indicating Masci liners.

The other Joppa is at Ayer, and that entity loved Shaws/Seths. If the latter are from Seth, father of Annas, let's remind that the Hanson castle should be the one in the Arms of Ayer, for I have found this: "Buckley is the second largest town in Flintshire [beside Cheshire] in terms of population...A prominent nearby landmark is the Hanson Cement kiln just south of the town." There is another Buckley in nearby Greater Manchester, where Shicks/Shake's were first found. The latter Buckley is at ROCHdale, and the Mole's in the Shick/Shake Coat were first found in ROXburghshire.

Let's go back to the Withenshaw-Massys, for Withens/Whittens (Selkirk, same Roxburghshire area as Maxwells and Maxtons) use a giant water bouget in the colors of the same of Banisters and Shechemite-suspect KITCHens (Lancashire, same as Shicks/Shake's and Banisters). The Arms of Manchester was pegged with the Maxton bee, and this gets us to the Bessin bee because Masci's were from the Bessin's rulers. The Kitchens bring us back to the Mieske arm, found also in the Bessin Crest, and while the Bessin is the location of Caen, it was resolved that Cunninghams were Shechemite kin of the KENite kind. This is where the KENworthy location of the Tatton-Withenshaws comes in. I kid you not, until reloading Tattons just now, I did not realize that they share the Chick/Check crescents!

As was said in the last update, I kissed a lady (forget her name) in a kitchen who became the girlfriend of Michael Boucher. The little event looks like a Set-up as per Kitchens using the water bouget, and it's clearly linkable to that of Withens.

The Tweeds became suspect with Tute's and their Thwaite kin, and Tweeds share the Peerless/Napier and Tate saltire. The Tweed river is in the Roxburgh theater, explaining why the Roxburgh pale bar is shared by English Tate's. This could very well be a primary Tatony line from Hungarians, though I would like to know Tatony's ancestry. The Twitch's are suspect with the Tottenham dancette. This gives appearances that Withenshaws were Withens of Roxburgh connections. Withens share the owl in Crest with Fowlers, and the latter's Coat looks like a version of the Mackay Coat but with the Maschi lion. As this lion is also used by Norths, it explains: "Robert Tatton of Kenworthy, in NORTHended, who married the heiress of William de Withenshaw, alias Massy."

See also the crescent of the Yorkshire Tute's and the Tatton quadrants with the Norfolk Tute's, all in Tottenham colors. Touts are beloved of Rollo's, first found in Perthshire with Peerless'/Napiers. Northends are listed with Suty-beloved Northens/Nothings.

When Michael went to install the CHECK valve, I watched him LEAK water on the floor to get the pressure down. He asked me to watch the pressure GAUGE because he couldn't see it from where he was turning his WRENCH. German RENCH's/Reints'/Renz's share the fleur of Leaks, can we believe it? It's the fleur also of Petro's. Geese flew over my house while looking at this paragraph, and so I tried for a Gause surname as per "Gauge," and got the Gause/GOZEpohls with the same scallop as Meschins, expected because the first Meschin was a son of Richard Goz's daughter. She was the sister of Hugh Lupus D'Avranches, whom we saw above in the Vlad / Flaad paragraph.

If Flaad was a Flatt/Flett liner, that's the Flavian line to Flys' at Flavian/Flagi, and while English Josephs (same place as Flys) use a "wlad" motto term, French Josephs share the Fly martlets. Flatts/Fletts and Fleets (same scallop as Gause's) are a branch of Flags/Flecks, first found in Norfolk with Volks/Fulke's and Flatt-related Palmers.

There is an EBELin variation looking out-of-place in the list of Gause variations, but it just so happens that French Gauge's share the Bell/Label crescents, which are also those of Conte's, the line to Emma e Conteville, wife of Richard Goz!!! The geese speak again faithfully. The Conteville's ruled Comines, and the Comine's share a "Courage" motto term with English Gauge's, can we believe it? Geese overhead had spoken excellently in the 5th update of last month. We now know that God set me up on that day with Michael, but Michael had no idea that it was a Set-up, and neither did I. God moves us that easily without our knowing.

Now look. "Ebelin" evokes the Bellino's and Belli's of Verona, and while Verona's use a version of the Feller Coat, from ROQUEfeuil liners, Abelins use ROOKs. It's now linking Rockefeller lines to Richard Goz, Gauge's and an assortment of Geese kin such as Rutherfords of ROXburghshire. Belins/Belaine's, in Bell/Label colors, use rams heads in the colors of the ram of Bauts, first found in Auvergne with Bello-loving Bouillons. The Belin/Belaine ram heads are in the colors of the same of Rams, and while the latter are said to be from Havre, Havers (Verona branch?) happen to use rooks! The chevron in the Ram Crest thus looks like the Rook chevron.

The Haver rooks are three fessewise, colors reversed from the three fessewise ducks of Velins. As French Mars (Belin/Belaine colors) are said to derive in a ram, it's very notable that Mars were first found in Burgundy with ram-head Belins/Belaine's. I can now glean that "Belin" is from mount VELINo in the land of the Marsi. This conclusion is no small thing if Bells / Bellamys and Labels were likewise Velino / Avalon liners. The Mar scallops are those of Swedish ANDERsons, and the latter share the Label / Conte / Falcon crescent. Felice of Nola is expected with Nola's who share the lion of Scottish Mars. I have a story to tell below with Miss Anderson on the LEAKey road.

As English Gauge's use "Courage sans PEUR" while Peerless'/Napier's use "Sans tache," it appears that "peur" is a code for Peer / Pero liners. It is possible that Peerless sprinklers got Michael this job with the check valve. I'm impressed. The Courage surname shows only fleur-de-lys, colors reversed from the Peerless/Napier fleur. The latter's is on a saltire colors reversed from the Corry/Curry saltire, in case Courage's were of that surname. The Curry/Corry saltire comes with a white-on-red rose, the colors of the roses on the Lennox saltire. Lest you have forgotten, a Napier was an earl of Lennox. The "AuDAUX" motto term of Corrys/Currys can be for Tax's/Dachs, for example. Pavia-suspect Pavers share the Laevillus-line checks of TEXas'.

The Curry/Corry saltire is that also of Tecks/Tess' and Windsors, the latter sharing a stag in Crest, and the same crosslets, as Wrench's/Rench's!

Currys/Corrys were first found in Waterford with courant-suspect Currents/Correns. This is excellent because the latter share the green parrot with Peter-likely Pettys while Parrots can easily be of the Pierre's/Pero's, first found in Pavia/Papia, which place I trace to Peebles, especially as the Peeble surname uses a green parrot too. It therefore appears for yet another reason that Peerless'/Napiers were from/of Pero's. A Mr. Perrot is said to have married HELEN, daughter of MARCHion Rice, suspect from the Marici co-founders of Pavia. Helens share the horsehead with Este's and Este-liner Pepins and Pipe's (!), suspect with "Papia."

Michael can vouch that I was squatted down, possibly on one KNEE, when telling him the gauge's reading, which recalls an event on the Leakey road where I noted Miss Hicks' beautiful knees for the first time (saw them before but they didn't look beautiful then). The Knee's use the same, engrailed bend as Leaks/Leakeys, you see, and the latter, first found in Yorkshire with Hicks, share the Hicks fleur-de-lys. It's half in the colors of the Peerless/Napier fleur. Moreover, that night, at the 9-11 memorial, I was sitting beside her, but when I got up to go speak to the pastor, Stanley came to sit beside her, and Stanleys (Cambridgeshire, same as Wrench's/Rench's), who share the stag with Wrench's/Rench's and Windsors, use the Knee bend too. Stanleys have the motto, "Sans changer," and "Sans tache" is the Peerless/Napier motto.

AMAZINGLY, while the locals called that road the Leakey road because it led to Leakey, it's officially called RANCH Road!!! It's got to be the Wrench / Rench bloodline!!! You can verify this online. I saw her beautiful knees at the GAS (!!) station, Get'n Go, in Camp Wood, on the corner of Ranch road. The Gauge-suspect Gause's are also GASEpohls. But what does the event with Michael have to do with the 9-11 disaster? Note how "Ranch" is like "RANGabe."

There are two Pohl surnames, one from Silesia using a Bouillon-possible "buffalo," which is probably the Mieske/Mesech bull head. Mieszko's were probably Masci's, as were Meschins birthed by the daughter of Richard Goz. There is a Goz surname with what looks like a white-star version of the Macey Coat.

Leaks use "a human leg", which looks like code for Lee's/Leghs, like "Leak."

Gauge's share the red-on-white saltire with Peerless'/Napiers, and the wrench reminds that Michael's are suspect with RANGabe's. There is a Wrench surname first found in Cambridgeshire with Napps/Knape's, what a peerincidence. Wrench's were lords of HADDENham, and, zowie, a scimitar is in the Haddon Crest, perfect because I was just about to link Gauge's to Shechemite kin of Gooch's/Googe's (same place as Mole's, Withens, Maxwells), who share the Mole boars. Gauge's are said to be from Gauchi's.

Gauge's are said to include Mr. Wacy, but that surname is listed with Wassa's/Gace's, the latter first found in Cornwall with Corks (Tail-lion tails), and the latter are said to have included Gouch's. The Gauge saltire therefore becomes suspect with the Tailbois saltire.

The Shield of Gauge's is that of Helps/HALFs, which can be traced strongly to Avezzano, down from Mount Velino. That's because Avesnes is on the Helpe river while Belgian Haafs share ducks with Velins. Excellent.

Michael leaked water while the three Water chevrons are used by Mitch's/Muschats while Michaels are also Mitchells. Michael Rangabe was related to Melissena Rangabe, wife Inger the Varangian, suspect with the Kiev Varangians but in times a few generations before king Andrew. I don't know whether it's true of Michael Rangabe, but Melissena's ancestry on her mother's side was from royal Khazars, who lived beside the proto-Hungary Magyars.

Repeat: "Eggars/Edgars (dagger) look like Isle-of-Man / Mackay liners." Edgar the Atheling (born in Hungary) was the brother of queen Margaret, and Atholls were first found in Perthshire with Peerless'/Napiers. As was said, Augers/Eagers are suspect for good reason from Euganeo (not very far from Hungary), and then Eugene's use Andrew's Cross in the canton or square of a flag. If Bela was the line to Bells / Bellamys, note that both share the fesse of English Augers. Hungarians were called, On-OGUR, from the Ugrians (share the Hungarian language). Leaks share "Agendo" with Augers/Eagers.

The motto of Gauge's, "Courage SANS peur," get's us back to the "Sans Tache" motto of Peerless'/Napiers. "Courage" is the full motto of Comet-branch Comyns/Comine's (a line from Counters/Conte's/COMITissa's), and Pero's use the Reines comet but call it a "flaming star." The Flame's use besants in the colors of the Withen besants, and the COUNTERchanged lion of Rangabe-possible Reines' is almost the counterchanged Schick lion. The check valve was installed in a CONDOminium complex, and Condo's are listed with French Conte's/COMITes (Mackay colors and format). Why do we suppose they used "ComiTISSA"? For those who don't know, Counters/Conte's share the antler with Cone's and Masci-related Hamons, while Maschi's use pine CONEs.

There can me no mistake: Ranulph le Meschin, who ruled Cheshire, location of Hamon de Masci of Dunham-Masci, was a Masci somehow. I suppose that there was a Masci in the ancestry of Richard Goz. At Wikipedia's article on le Meschin, the creators of the article chose a red and upright lion as his personal symbol, though he had others. Gause's use such a lion along with the Meschin scallop. Scottish Gass' (Gaston branch) use "squares," and Wassa's/Gace's/Gassons call their canton a "square." German Gass' were first found in Hamburg with Nissans, the line from Pharnaces and Nysa.

German Gass' use the goose. Repeat: "Geese flew over my house while looking at this paragraph [with "Gauge's], and so I tried for a Gause surname as per "Gauge," and got the Gause/GOZEpohls with the same scallop as Meschins, expected because the first Meschin was a son of Richard Goz's daughter." She was the daughter of Miss CONTEville, the Condo line.

Maccle-like Michaels (Macclesfield lion?) use mascles easily linkable to a Maccle term. English Nolls share the white elephant with Mascals, and then Scottish Mascals/Keiths were at HADDINgton and MUSSELburgh. We just saw Wrench's (share stag in Crest with Keiths) of Haddenham, while it was Michael turning the wrench. And Gauge's have a coat looking linkable to that of German Nolls.

I just got up to make a coffee, singing to a song. It's a bright sunny Saturday morning. As I was putting in the coffee to the cup, it got me asking whether I should mention the "Victor" motto term of James' (same place as Michaels), because Michael stopped to buy me a coffee before installing the check valve. He was still carrying his coffee cup as we went into the condominium complex. I wasn't going to mention this as a God set-up because it's only a coffee, no big deal. But just as I was putting the coffee into the cup, I found myself singing, "MAKES me victorious," a song by Selah (song title, Victory in Jesus). The Coffee's/Coffers use cups and a Victoria motto term that gets the Victors. And, amazingly, Coffee's/Coffers share the dolphin with James'. Incredible. If God chose for me to include Makeswells by this event, then let's add that I trace Maxwells to the double-headed eagle of Rijeka, near Hungary, and that Maxwells had a Maxwell-Ros branch using the water bouget of Rose's (I assume), which makes a clear Maxwell link to Andrew I.

Ahh, Scottish Andrews use a "VICTRix fortuna" motto phrase while Fortuna's look linkable to both Hun surnames. Ahh, some more. The SHOTLey location of Andrews can be of the Shuttleworths/Shottleworths, first found in Greater Manchester with Shicks/Shake's, and then the latter's green chevron is colors reversed from the same of Stars who in-turn use the green lozenges of Settle's/Suttle's, first found in Lancashire with Shuttleworths/Shettleworths. Shots/Shute's are suspect with the Sword swords, another reason to link king Andrew to Siward. Suttons (Maness motto, can signal Sitric liners) share the green lion of Tricks/Tracks suspect in "VicTRIX," though the Sutton lion has two tails, as does the lion of the Franks whose English Branch has a saltire is colors reversed from the green Andrew saltire. Hungarians had a Tural hawk in their ancestry, and English Franks happen to use a hawk! That's new. Italian Franks now come up strong because they were first found beside the Ticino river. And they use a white fesse with a different color above it than below it, as do German Anders (Silesia). Dutch Dyke's compare with France's.

[Insert -- At the end of the day in which the above took place, I was seeking surnames from Vazul, Andrew's father, and Vassels were found not only with a large cup, and not only with a sun, the Trick/Track symbol, but with two "pro" motto terms suspect with Pero's. Vassels are like Wessels/Waistells, and God showed that the latter is to connect with Christine Peare. It may mean I was wrong in identifying Waistells with Vestalis, when it should be a surname from Vazul. The waist symbol took place on platforms that were to be regarded as stage's for Stacys/Eustace's, and Andrew's wife, AnaSTASia (from Kiev's Varangians) plays well there. The antler of German Wessels was traced to the antler of Casimir of Poland, who married a daughter of Vladimir "the great." (Kiev's Varangians).

Casimir was the son of Mieszko II, while Swietoslawa, daughter of Mieszko I, was the mother of king Cnut; the latter protected prince Edward, Margaret's brother, when he was forced into exile. Margaret had a sister, Cristina, and these were Wessex Saxons while Wessels come up as "Wessex." Is Christine Peare supposed to be a symbol of this very family? Were Athelings from Pero's? Hmm, Athols were first found in Perthshire with Peerless'.

Was Cristina from the line of Sitric due to Christine's being first found on Man? Sitric married the Saxon, Edith, and then English queen Matilda (daughter of Margaret) is said to have been christened, Edith.

I'll remain open to a Waistell trace to Vestalis, for names in his honor may have named Vazul. Vassels were first found in Hampshire with the Josephs that share the Wessel/Waistell garbs. The Vassel motto includes "semper pro," and Sempers are Pierre's/Peers/Pere's while Pierro's/Pero's' were first found in the general area of the Pero's (Piedmont, same as Vestalis). I've known that Waistells share blue doves with George's, which now argues very hard for a Waistell trace to Vazul, as per George, Andrew's son. George's were first found in Dorset, beside the first-known Vassals and Wissels.

When I was given the dream roughly a year ago (I lose track of time) with Miss Peare's waist symbol, it was Deliberately connected (by God) to her belly as per an event I had with her about 40 years ago. And that belly was my indicator that God was linking Peare's / Pero's to the "bello Christi" motto phrase of Bouillons. If Vassels were from Vazul, then this is a super way to trace Andrew's Tatony line to Taddei's. Vassals even use a ship in Crest while Ships (Oxfordshire, same as Peare's) use bellows, which convinces me instantly that Vassels are a Waistell/Wessel branch.

I didn't know that Vazul was a son of Michael until now. Michael was a son of Taxsony. German Michaels share the Zionist star of Goths/Gothels, suspect with Gothelo, who son (grandfather of Godfrey de Bouillon) had an alliance with PIERleoni, and he married Tuscany (a lot like "Taxsony"), which is must have set up the Taddei-Bouillon relationship (Taddei's were from Tuscany). This Michael was born 1.5 centuries after Michael Rangabe was the Byzantine emperor. With Bouillons looking like they linked to the Michael > Vazul > Bela line, we've got to repeat that Rangabe's and Bouillons share a white, flory cross. It appears as though Vazul was a Rangabe.

Bouillons, or at least the Boulogne location of his father, are suspect out of Bologna, where Panico's lived who use a label for French Bells/Labels. In the Panico tree there is said to be a bird while Birds use the Bouillon flory in colors reversed.

By the way, I've just checked to see that there is a Victory surname that curiously brings up Napp-like Naboe's/Nebo's (savage heads). The derivation in the write-up looks out-to-lunch in my view, but as Victorys have been found thanks to the song, Victory in Jesus, it may be that Naboe's are in fact the line to Napps that married a family of the Peerless/Napier bloodline. Peerless' are new to me this update, and figure large.

Nabors/NeiBAUERs (red Zionist stars) are in Peerless/Napier colors. The first-known Napier was Nabor-like Napur, earl of Lennox, and the Levenax variation of Lennox's is highly suspect from Laevi that named Levent, Andrew's brother. Levens/Lewins almost use the colors and format of Nabors.

It dawned on me that Napps may have been Naples folk, because Picenze's people are said to be from Naples, which is in Campania with Nola. Champagne was also called, Campania, and Sauvage's were first found in Champagne. End insert]

I recall tracing Bela lines to Eustace II, but can't recall the details, though I do recall that the "bello" motto term of Bouillons played into it. It's important because the Bouillon cross is that of Taddei's, who can thus be suspect with the Tatony-line mother of Andrew I. The latter married AnaSTASia of Kiev, which per-change is a name after the Stacy variation of Eustace's, and Stacys happen to share the Andrea saltire (probably the Anderson saltire).

Andrew was a great-grandson of Ticino-suspect Taxsony, and Suttons (Nottinghamshire, same as Ticino-suspect Tease's/Tye's) were at TUXford while Tucks are listed with Ticks while I see Tease's/Tye's with Tickhills. The Ticino starts in Switzerland's Ticino canton, and the Peerless surname may have importance here where it uses the saltire of the Swiss Tease's/Tess'/Tecks in colors reversed. I suppose that Taxsony was a Teck liner. The Tax's/Dacks may be with the Sword sword closely. The sword-using Napps/Knape's were first found in Cambridgeshire with Tacks ("NOBILitas") and Tracks/Tricks. "Nobilitat" is used by Hendersons/Handersons, first found in Caithness with Scottish Andrews, and both Hendersons and Tacks use "sola" too. Hendersons: "...three silver piles coming from the sinister SIDE..." They are probably the Polworth piles.

As some further proof that Andrew's ancestry was on the Ticino with Pero's, the Peerless/Napier saltire is that also of Andersons. One day, while driving toward Leakey with Miss Anderson, we saw a lump on the road ahead, which turned out to be a nearly-newborn fawn. Hungarians claim to descend from a mythical stag. But was the Purpose of this event merely to indicate that Andersons are from king Andrew? Or is there more to it?

I took the fawn home to raise it as my very own, but it died for lack of mother's milk (I was feeding it milk used for baby goats). On the morning I found it dead outside the house, it had ants in its nose. It was always trying to suck behind my KNEE, as though it thought I was its mother. Knee's share the Leak bend. We saw the Leaks earlier, who are also Leakeys, with the "AGENdo" motto term of Augers/Eagers, suspect with Euganeo, suspect in turn with Eugene's that use Andrew's Cross (Scottish flag). Malcolms/COLUMNs use Andrew's cross in colors reversed, and throw in stag heads, the symbol of Eustace's / Vice's/Vise's. Rams, with the ram of Bauts (same place as Bouillons) use a "vis" motto term. Might Biss' apply to Vise liners since Biss' can link to Swedish Andersons?

While German Franks share the column and the Anderson cross, Scottish Franks use a "noBIS" motto term perhaps for Nobels/Knobels and Biss' together, for the Biss Coat (snakes = Marsi?) is similar to the one of Swedish Ander(son)s, and the latter throw in the Label/Bell crescent so as to take us, apparently, to Bela liners. Panico's of Bologna use the label, and Euganeo is near Bologna, where Boii lived that named Bohemia, where German Franks were first found. In other words, the Andersons look like they merged with Bela's line because they were from king Andrew. The Panico bird (said to be in the tree) links to Bello-loving Bouillons.

The Swedish-Anderson scallops are in the colors of the same of the Piedmont Pavia's, but recalling that Pepins and Pipe's are expected at the naming of Papia/Pavia, let's add that Pattersons/Cassane's, who share a camel in Crest with Pepins and Pipe's, share these scallops (same colors). Biss' use it in both colors of the Meschin scallops. I feel it in by bones that Andrew I had ancestry in Piedmont's Masci's. As Michael's have a version of the Meschin Coat, I'm starting to feel that God set Michael (father of Andrew) up in piping to show me that Andrew I was a Masci liner.

Back to the FAWN, for there has got to be more to the event that linking Andersons to Andrew. Fawns are said to be from AlderWASLEY, in Derbyshire. As the Derby write-up traced to a doe, which I don't agree with, I will assume that the Derby family came to believe that error so that, when Derby elements married a Vaughn family, for example, they called themselves Fawns. Vaughns are almost in the colors and format of Dows/Dove's, in colors reversed from Doe's/Dows. This gets amazing, I can see much of it already.

As per AlderWASLEY, Wasleys were found, first found in Lancashire with Wassa-line Washingtons and Doe's/Dows. From Wasleys, I checked for a Wassel surname, and it happens to be listed with German Wessels, whom I've long suspected with Wassa's, meaning that Washington liners can be from Vazul along with Wessels/WAISTells. It just so happens that while the evidence of a trace of WESTs to king Donnus of the Cottians is solid, Dows/Dove's not only use the West dancette in colors reversed, but share doves with Wessels/Waistells! Bingo-bango. The fawn event has just made a way to be more sure that Vazul was from Vestalis, Donnus' grandson. Doe's/Dows even share the gold garb with Wessels/Waistells. The fawn event speaks.

Recall the Listers sharing the West fesse and having a "VESTiges" motto term, for that can be read as "vesTIGes", perhaps for the Tigh variation of Ticino-suspect Tease's/Tyes'. Listers had been taken from the Allister variation of Allisons ("PREvails"), but entering "Allister" gets the Alexanders (Allison colors). Tiges' are listed with Teague's, who share the crosses of Julians, and the mother of Julius Caesar was Aurelia Cotta, probably of the Cottians.

Donnus is suspect in the DANCE/Donnas surname (Piedmont, same place as Cottian capital). That's why the West DANCEtte is important i.e. to assure that Donnas' and Wests were both from the Cottians. And the West motto is partly for the Viu tributary of the Riparia, the latter being the river on which the Cottian capital (Susa) is found.

The fawn died with ants in its nose, and the Nose/Ness surname (Oldenburg) shares the double fesses of Washingtons. Susa can be of the Susans, first found in Berkshire with Windsor castle, and while Windsors were from Others/Otters, who are in code with UTHER Pendragon, Pendragons use a version of the Vaughn Coat. No Ant surname comes up, but perhaps Anders had an Ant-like variation. German Antons use mallets while Mallets and Windsor's use a "deer." The Windsor motto is suspect with Fiens/Finis'/Fine's, a branch of Fawn-like Fane's/Fiens. Fens-like Fins were first found in Burgundy with Belins/Belaine's and Mars (share the Fens scallops).

There is more, because I always link Derbe (in Ant-like ANATolia) to lake Tatta, which can be the Tatony line to Andrew. I see Anatolia named after mythical Anat and the Heneti. The latter were depicted in myth by ANTENor, and Heneti became the Veneti suspect in the Van-like variations of Fane's. Now we know why God killed the fawn with ants in its nose. The Fens'/Venns, can we believe it, share the scallops of Swedish Andersons. I don't know whether Miss Anderson was of Swedish background, however. Anat is expected with the naming of ANTalya, where I trace the antler, used, for example, by Wassels/Wessels. Yup, the latter came up thanks to AlderWASLey of the Fawns.

Plancia MAGNA was at Perga, very close to Antalya, and her father was from something in Galatia. Irish MAGHANs/Manns use a "SIC NOS" motto phrase. The fawn was SICK ever since we found it, and many years later I had a dream with Kepke coming up my driveway followed by a sickly stag (skinny and frail all mover). I always called it a sickly-looking stag. The fawn died while sick with ants in its Nos, so to speak. I had found something to convince me that Plancia Magna had elements at Derbe, but this was before finding that Derbys use the ANTELope. What do we think "Sic" could be code for? And is "anteLOPE" part code for Lupus Laevillus?

I recall that the fawn died at the corner of the house, and while Corners/Garners are said to be Gardiners, I buried the fawn at the edge of the FENCed vegetable garden. I had chickens and pet ducks (wings were snipped as ducklings) at the time. I bought them all as chicks, and Chickens, I now see, share the Shick/Shake chevron! Velino-like Velins use ducks. If you recall how Rams and their Belin kin traced to the Marsi at Velino, let's add that Chicks (Ram colors and format) were first found in Essex with Rams.

It is a fact that Miss Anderson kept cats (she had a large number of cats). The cat-using Catch's/Ketchers share the Mar / Anderson scallops. KITCHens were first found in Lancashire with their Banister kin, and I got Sassy the KITTEN from a woman whose banister I was refinishing. Sassy was suspect with Susa liners, but linked hard to cat-using Cetins/Cattans. The Cetina river has a mouth at the island of Brattia, a great place to trace CakeBREADs. Bradds/Breads share the Chick / Schick lion. Bradds. Breads were first found in Edinburghshire with Alders/Elders (Shick/Shake colors) suspect in "ALDERwasley."

The Cetina is the Tilurius, where Tillers and Tails/Tailers trace without a doubt, and while Sassy sucked her tail regularly as an adult, the Tailers use a version of the Keats Coat while Kittens share the black leopard faces of Keatons. The Keith Catti trace to this river, right? Yes, and so do the Chatti founders of Cassell while Cassells share the Coat of Shechemite-related Kennedys from the Kenite-suspect Kennati priests at Cetina-suspect Cetis and Orba/Olba, where I trace Kidds ("ORBem"), one branch of which looks linkable to Rams / MARtins / Bauts/Baux's.

I built the GARDEN FENCE myself. The heraldic fence of BaumGARTNERs (can you believe it? are suspect with Fens'/Venns, as no Fence surname comes up. Repeat: "Fens-like Fins were first found in Burgundy with Belins/Belaine's and Mars (share the Fens scallops)." I'm telling this because the chickens would go into the garden if I left the gate open, and I'd quickly get in there, give them a great scare to convince them not to go in again. I'd ran after them pretending to be angry, catch them, and throw them high into the sky over the fence. They would fly down safe, but, the problem was, they were willing to go through that scare, over and over again. They were not deterred. My hunch is that Fens'/Venns were as Shechemite as the Chickens, and that Shechemites were at Velino / Avezzano / Fucino and/or Picenze. Jewish Baumgartners (green parrot) share the Cake/Cakebread fleur, white like the Corner/Garner fleur.

It just so happens that Gardners use a giant scallop colors reversed from that of Sabine's and Pullens/Pullys, both from Flavius Sabinus and his wife, Vespasia Polla. They were on the Salto river downstream from Avezzano. I entertained a trace of VesPASia to Pasi's for a long time before finding that German and Jewish Baums share the downward, crossed spears of Pasi's. French Baums (Bute/Butt colors) share the black horsehead of Bute's/Butts while I see Bute as mythical Avalon (never deviated a bit from that equation).

Wikipedia once showed a portrait of the Guiscard brothers (Sicily) with a pulley at their feet, totally out of place and now-obvious code for Pullys/Pullens, for Guiscards share the three piles of POLworths. It makes the Saxon, Edith of Polesworth, suspect as the Polla line to Pollocks, perfect, I think, where Pollocks (beside Pasi-line Paisley) were founded by Fulbert the Saxon. The "triangular bend" of German BAMburgs is one of the Guiscard piles, and then the "guide" motto term of French Baums looks like code for Guido's/GUIS' (Bologna, same as Pasi's). It's making Baums and Baumgartners trace to Bamburg, the Babenbergs, founded by Poppo I.

The triangular bend can be code for the German Angels/Angelli's who share the Templar lamb with Pascals, for Pasi's are Pascels too.

Laevillus-liner Walerans use a "SIC" motto term? Were Sichs more Shechemites? Laevillus' mother is suspect with Kiss'/Cush's, who share the Sick Coat. Sir Tatton-Sykes is in the Sich write-up. Scottish Kennedys love the Lafins/La Fonts (same place as Irish Kennedys) while Sichs use "fountains." The the same Kennedy motto with the Lafins has the line of Avezzano. I purchased the ducklings and chicks at the same time, from the same store, giving me the impression that Shechemites were at mount Velino (above Avezzano). Scottish Kennedys were first found in Ayrshire, which looks out to sea roughly toward Bute = Avalon.

I didn't know Miss Anderson when she sat beside me in church and befriended me. She just popped out of the blue. God sent her to me without her knowing. God moves us without our knowing. He can make us think thoughts without our knowing, and he can deliver us to evil spirits if we resist His Spirit long and badly enough. Salvation is YOUR choice, make no mistake about it. Jesus could not convert many because they were unwilling. You must save yourself, but don't twist that statement into what it's not saying. Only you can decide whether to be saved or not, but sometimes God helps us to make that decision when he knows that we will be willing under certain conditions.

I'm going to claim that Fawns were Heneti from the Amyntes Galatians (in the Heneti theater), for Amyntes conquered Derbe. Fawns share black hunting horns (compares with Bradford Coat) with Bernice's and Burns, first found beside Bernicia, the latter being where Fawns were first found. Fawns were first found in the same place as Artems/Aitons, suspect from ARTEMidoros, Amyntes' father. It's amazing how much ants in a nostril can teach us. Aitons are suspect with Aids from Ada of Varenne, in Huntingdonshire along with Otters/Others.

As Andrew's ancestry on the Ticino is suspect from Picenze elements. It's interesting that the courant, COUNTERchanged wolf of Danish Ander(son)s is blue, the color of the wolf in the Arms of Piacenza. The Placentia name of that place is a lot like "TheoPHYLACTus," son of Michael Rangabe, but this similarity could be coincidental. Counters are of the Conte's, and French Conte's/Condo's, share the Label/Bell crescent.

As Peerless'/Napier's are probably a merger with / branch of Napps/Knape's, it's important that the latter's Coat is a version of the Side Coat, both suspect with the Levi lion so as to indicate a Pero merger with Laevi at Pavia.

Victory in Jesus

The day after writing above, the same song, Victory in Jesus, came on, at the very time that I was looking at the Michael lion in the Heffer Coat. At that time, right now as I write, material was being inserting earlier in this update, at the Havers. That's why I had loaded Heffers. Just as I was deciding to share that Heffers have the crescents of Coffers/Coffare's, the song came on again. The first time it was on, I was singing one of its lines while filling a cup with coffee. A second after noting that the two similar surnames share the same-colored crescents, I spotted the Michael lion with the same Heffers. Coffee's are Coffers too.

These Irish Heffers look to be using the Frank/Franca Coat but with the Maschi lion in colors reversed. That is, the Michael lion can be the Maschi lion in colors reversed. Makes sense.

Let's go back to the Peerless-Lennox relationship, and specifically to the "I'll defend" motto of Lennox's (at WOODhead). "Defend" is the entire motto of WOODs, who use the savage, which we saw with Victorys when God did that little miracle with the Victory-in-Jesus song. At that time, the "Victor" motto of James' had come to mind. The miracle was the timing of my singing, "makes ME victorious," just as that motto came to mind as coffee dropped into a cup. The Windsors were not a topic at that time, yet the middle word is in the Windsor motto, "Je ME fie en Dieu. Not only is the Mee/Mea cross is in the colors of the Windsor saltire, but "Je me" is like "James."

The way I explain this is that God wrote the words, "makes me victorious," just to be able to make the links at hand also to Windsors. God has used songs from Francesca Battistelli several times to help me make links. In her song, "Free to be ME," we see that Me term again. In this song, the chorus includes, Got a couple of dents in my FENDERs, got a couple of rips in my JEANs." Jeans' were highly suspect with the James' due to similarity of terms and similarity of lions. It just so happens that the Fender surname will play into this discussion aside from considering her song.

As James' use the colors and format of Mackays (Sutherland) while Victors share the stars of Sutherlands, I would guess that the blue lion in the James Crest is the Macclesfield lion. In colors reversed, the James scallops are the Michael/Mitchell scallops.

King James I of Scotland was a Stewart, and proto-Stewarts had loved the name, Walter, which we see in the Other family in the Windsor write-up. Why do we suppose Alans of Dol should have been the Other dukes of Lombardy? We should need to ask OTTOne VisCONTI, ruler of the Lombardy capital.

A few months ago, I talked about the Wood motto in relation to FENDers i.e. like "DeFEND". I don't recall too much of what I said. The point here is that "Fender" is much like "Windsor," and also much like the Fiens that I see in the Windsor motto phrase, "fie en." Fenders (same place as Otters/Others) use an otter's head at the tip of a sword, and Otters/Others are the proto-Windsors from the duke of Lombardy. As Peerless-related Lennox' use "defend" too, we can expect a Levenax link to the duke of Lombardy. The colors of the Arms of Lombardy are white on green, the colors of the German-Otter bend, and of the Peer/Pier bend. It can appear that there was Laevi blood in the duke of Lombardy, and we should recall that Annas-suspect Hansons not only share (probably) the blue Visconti snake and the Sforza lion, but the Lombard lozenges.

The same colors are those of Coffee's/Coffers, who share the dolphin with James', and DOLphins look like a branch of Dols (whale in the colors of the Dolphin dolphins). Robert D'Avranches of Ferte-Mace married Hawise of Dol. Note that his Arms uses the Dolphin dolphin, though it's facing sinister to indicate Masci's.

The Windsor saltire is colors reversed from that of Peerless'/Napiers, which is important for establishing that this saltire is also that of Tecks/Tess, especially as modern Windsors of the royal kind married Teck. However, I assume that the Tecks and Windsors shared their identical saltires from long before this marriage. Yes, and while Tecks (LEAVES) are from the Ticino, that's where Laevi lived expected in the proto-Windsors of Lombardy.

Both Gore Coats are versions of both Alan Coats, and Gore's/Core's share the Windsor crosslets because their was a fundamental relationship between the two as far back as Arthurian lore, when UTHER Pendragon was made to mate with the wife of GORlois. The Lois', first found in Artois, share the ostrich with a James Crest.

There is someone's white swords in saltire in the Lennox/Levenax Crest. They have got to be those of Tax's/Dachs. They are suspect from Dachau (Bavaria), the Arms of which uses a sling shot. It just so happens that Shots/Shute's use swords in the colors of the Tax/Dach swords, and moreover, Slings use a Walter-like vulture. I smell some Alans amongst the Nazi's at Dachau. I smell a similar ODOR seeking world conquest right now in the American military, and amongst a quasi-Nazi CIA. These monsters murder / suppress whoever stands in the way of their progress to nothing. In the end, worse than nothing. It would have been better had they not been born.

Lest we forget, easy to do, "tache" is a motto term of Peerless'/Napiers.

What were Slings doing with Dachau liners? Slings show a SINTZEnhoffen variation, and Sinsons/Zinzans (royal-blue Shield) were first found in the same place as Windsor castle. Slings were first found in Austria, turf of count ZINZINdorf, though "Sling" is from something else, we may assume. Sintzens/Zinzans are suspect with the neighboring Simsons (Buckinghamshire, where the queen spends time), and their crescents, in Arms-of-Lombardy colors too, are half those of Heffers and Coffers/Coffare's, which tends to assure that Coffee's do apply to this thing.

My guess is that Slings were the Germanic Salian emperors. Salians were first found in Surrey with James'. The first Sling variation listed is SlingLUFF. Is that the Luffs/Love's? Repeat: "Checks (Suffolk, same as Love's/Luffs) share the Love/Luff cross, perhaps indicating that Love's were Laevi. In fact, the Tache's/Tash's were likewise first found in Suffolk."

The Lennox saltire has white roses, the color of the Yorkshire rose, and then the Woodheads, in the Lennox write-up, I assume, were at Burley Woodhead of Yorkshire. I have routinely linked Burley/Bourlys to Simsons, tracing them to Greece's Boura on the one hand, and to Boura's Greeks at Laus of southern Italy, where I trace Simsons. It just so happens that Burleys/Bourleys were first found in Somerset with Coffers/Coffare's, the ones that use half the Simson crescents. But there's more to be had.

Burleys, Bowers (Peebles-shire) and Bauers all share green Shields, and the Bauer wing design is in the Woodhead Crest. In the Woodhead Shield, the quadrants of Pettys and the Arms of Rothschild in colors reversed. Pettys were first found in Warwickshire with green-Shielded Peers/Piers, and both surnames are from Peters of some sort. Scottish Pettys (the ones sharing the green Peeble parrots), I now see, were first found in Perthshire with Peerless'/Napiers. The latter love the Blade's that use more white on a green Shield.

Why would anyone use a vulture even if it is similar to their surname? It's nuts. The vulture is a symbol of Armageddon, feasting on the myriads of dead soldiers. Repeat:

I just got up to make a coffee, singing to a song. It's a bright sunny Saturday morning. As I was putting in the coffee to the cup, it got me asking whether I should mention the "Victor" motto term of James' (same place as Michaels), because Michael stopped to buy me a coffee before installing the check valve. He was still carrying his coffee cup as we went into the condominium complex.

That's why I think that God wants Michaels included into this James-Coffee thing. I'm saying this because German Michaels have a version of the German Walter Coat (Silesia, same as Anders). The Michael lion was suspect as the Maschi lion in colors reversed, but here we find the Masci lion with German Walters (same fesse as Dols). And Miss Dol married Ferte-Mace.

English Walters were at Weeton (Lancaster), which recalls a thing I read, that the mysterious ancestry of Windsors (said nothing about Others or Lombardy) is in Wettins. Weeton is in Lancashire with the first-known Washingtons, and the latter's double fesses are in the Weeton Coat. Weetons named Weedon LOIS, which recalls the GorLOIS code for an aspect of the Other > Windsor line. It therefore seems to check out that Wettins were involved with Windsor make-up.

The Weeton location in Lancashire is said (Walter write-up) to have been "WIDEtun" in 1086, and it just so happens that one Wide surname is that of Woods with the "Defend" motto. It's more evidence that the motto term is for Otter-loving Fenders.

English Walters, in Napp/Knape and Sling colors, were first found in Cambridgeshire with Napps/Knape's, the ones suspect with Napiers. I haven't re-checked the Helms, as per the helmets of Napps/Knape's, until now. While German Helms use a giant helmet, English Helms were first found in Surrey with Michaels and James'. This reminds me of the "I MAKE SURE" motto of the Kilpatricks, whom had merged with Sheers/Shire's (recalls the SQUIRE's helmet) who were first found in sure-like Surrey. It recalls, "MAKES me victorious," which was about Michaels and James'. Sure's use the Caen motto, which includes "PERImus," and while Peri's are with Pero's, what do we suppose "PeriMUS" is for? Ask the Meschins at Caen.

God is calling the Stewarts to restrain from world conquest. It will lead to an incurable end, the greatest shame of all history for the "noble" ones. But, no, they will not listen, preferring self-deception, preferring to reach for world conquest, even if it's like a dream that cannot be grasped.

Helms (probably related to the Brittany Hellens, who look like Alans) use the Sales/Sallet bend, as do Huberts, and then the English Walters have Hubert Walter the head Vatican cheese of Canterbury. Huberts share a vertical arm holding a white crescent with Peerless'/Napiers. Hellens may have named Helena, daughter of count Vrm of Angusta, said to have married Bela of Hungary.

I've just realized that Sprinks are a branch of Spinks, not only because the two share mascles, but because Spinks share the Sans eagle while Peerless' use "Sans." It looks as though God arranged for a Mr. Peerless to start a sprinkler company in order to make this link. How else do we explain the above? Spings (like the Spring variation of Sprinks) were even first found in Warwickshire with Peers/Peirs? And Warwicks share the James lion while Spings use Michael/Mitchell colors and format.

Spings are also Spine's, with Spineys said to have held land in Feltwell, and Feltwells happen to use the double Levi Lions (same Coat exactly), which can underscore why "it FELT so good" (a phrase I've been stressing this past month).

Mynetts use "open helmets," and Openheimers (motto much like that in the Arms of Rothschild) use a Spink-suspect sphinx, as do Brocuffs, a branch of Brocks sharing the Stewart motto. Spinks were first found in Northamptonshire with Cabbage's, and the latter have an "ANGUStis" motto term.

Let's go back to the Maschi lion in the Coat of German Walters. Near the Maschi's of Rimini is Ancona, the Arms of which has the Nappa Chief. Nappa's (acorns = Maccabees) were first found in Ancona, and their Chiefs use the Masci fleur. This is being taken from the 2nd update of February, 2014, where Napiers and Napps/Knape's are mentioned (didn't know then that Peerless' were part of Napiers). I had said: "There is no Ancona surname, but Ansons/Hansons (sinister-side crescent] are interesting...Ancona is said to have been ruled a few centuries by Malatesta's of Rimini, whom I viewed as Malat-Esta rather than Mala-testa. That works because Este is near Rimini...The Arms of Malatesta use young boys, by the looks of it, which I recall was a symbol also of a Meschin-like surname, important because Meschin's are also "MASCULINE," like versions of the Maschi's, first found in Rimini." The Arms of Malatesta no longer show the boys, but here are the boys of Masculine's. MALAhule, ancestor of the first Meschin, comes to mind. As per Spings/Spine's, Malaspina's come to mind too, who were at/around Massa-Carrara.

"Sans MAL" is the motto term of Stricks/Sticklands, who happen to use the Meschin scallops. Strike's use the giant lion shown for Ranulph le Meschin at his Wikipedia article. "Strike" is the motto of Hawks, and Cheshire's use the hawk's lure. In that 2014 update, I suggested that "sans" is code for the Sensii peoples, who lived beside the Cotesii at the Rimna theater, suspect with Rimini. I had found a Naparis river that brought the Nappa's up to begin with, and then the Napiers. I said: "As the Naparis river separates the Ardiscus from the Cotesii and Sensii together..." The Sensii were suspect at the naming of Sions/Sine's, who use Masci-line symbols, and perhaps the Masci lion in white. Again, the Senns' were first found in Switzerland with the Napier-suspect Tecks/Tess'.

Talbots Unleashed

Recalls the Masculine boys, likely code for the TailBOIS/TailBOYs that le-Meschin married. A little bit now on the Talbot clan of MALAhide, suspect right away with MalaHULE. Recall that Allisons share the talbots of Hule's/Hulls, for the "lir" term buried in the Talbot motto must be for the Liers (from Dol), for they share the Meschin scallops and moreover are in Allison colors and format. Wonderful, and that's why God put me together with Alison Bauer. But why a Bauer?

The Dol location of Liers explains why the other Allisons share the red fesse with Alans. In fact, that Allison Coat shares a white Shield with red border with the Talbots who use the Grey lion. More on this in a moment.

We read that Richard Talbot, the brother of the ancestor of the Talbots of MalaHIDE, "held Bedford from Walter Giffard." Bedfordshire happens to be where Hide's were first found. Wonderful, we can put family historians to shame who don't trace surnames to surnames, but instead invent fine-sounding or off-the-wall fantasies as derivations. Giffards use the motto phrase, "Malo mori," apparently for Malahule, ruler of More. Walter Giffard is said to be the baron of BOLDec, and Bolds/Boltons share the black griffin with a Scott Crest while both Scott Coats look like version of both Talbot Coats. We are on it, Talbots unleashed. And Scotts are said to descend from a royal Alexander character.

Hide's share lozenges with Giffards and Hounds, but the latter two use the same, ermined-white lozenges on black, Meschin colors. So, you see, Talbots (Shropshire, same as Meschins) use the lion of Greys in the heraldic greyHOUND. But not so fast, for the Talbot lion has also got to be the Capone lion because Bedfords are of the Quint Crest, and Hounds were first found in Cambridgeshire with Capone's. The latter are in Camp/Comp colors and format while Talbots use a "D'acCOMPlir" motto term. That's where the Liers are. In colors reversed, the Comp/Camp griffin is black.

French Talbots are said to derive in, "valley bright," by the stupids. They really do need to cut that guesswork-garbage out. I see the Masci bend in this Talbot Coat. These talbots are said to be from Lisieux, over at the Touques river, in the neighborhood of the Toeni's/ Tosnys of Les Andelys, whom were descended from Malahule. Yup. The Lisieux talbots had a man as count of Exmes, at the Orne theater = the Bessin, where Malahule's line to Meschins ruled.

From Exmes, the Talbots became counts of Eu? What's that? Don't ask a family historian. A black man would pronounce it, Yo, what's up? Normal people don't call a place, Eu. It's just too short. It looks like someone ran out of ink at the third letter. When we go to YOEmans/YEOmans, it's the Allison / Lier colors and format, but with Coronis- / Ceraunii-suspect cronells. The Ceraunii-line Crauns can be linked well to Hicks, and the latter share the fleur of Leaks, who in-turn don't use just any leg, but a "HUMAN leg." I don't see many human legs called by that phrase. It's the only one I know of. Yeomans come up as "Human," don't ask a family historian why this should be. I can't tell you that Yeomans were definitely Eu liners, but the theory is there.

Now the Lee's/Leghs (Talbot lion?) are, in my opinion, of the Legro river in Leicester, and the Arms of Leicester happens to use the Toeni/Toney/Tone maunch. It looks like the Malahule > Toeni line got to Leicester. It just so happens that early Meschins who married Allison-suspect Alice of Skipton also married Clare's of TONbridge. Italian Toneys use a flower while Flowers use the giant cinquefoil of Dovers in colors reversed while Dover is in Kent with Tonbridge, and, on a red background, the Flower cinquefoil is in the Arms of Leicester. Dover is one of the Cinqueport cities along with Hastings, and the latter share the Tony maunch.

It's possible that Ports / Porters were named after the CinquePORTs because Porters/Pawters look like a branch of Potters who share the Flower cinquefoil. No, they were not named after makers of flower pots. Porters and potters were first found in Hampshire with the FLAVian Flys, and perhaps Flowers were Flavians seeking a nice dictionary term to go by when they got to the land of the English. The Rinds, a branch of Meschin-suspect Rands/Rynds, use a flower pot, as well as a bend looking like the Masci / Talbot bend. The Rinds share scallops with Meschins and Tailbois', but in someone else's colors.

The Mallets share the Rind scallops, and Mallets can be from Malatesta's of Rimini, and from Malahule too. Mallets use a deer, and Lier variations such as "Daire" can apply. Liers/Daire's (more scallops) are almost in Potter colors and format. Recalling that Liers are in the talbot motto, it plays to Deers, because they were first found in Bedfordshire with the Malahide-line Talbots. These Deers share a six-section Shield with the Tate's who appear to be in a Rind motto term. And Daire-like Dare's/Dairs, first found in Essex with Quints (suspect earlier with the Talbots), use the same lion as Talbots.

Essex is where Brocks were first found who likewise share the Talbot lion, and then German Dare's/Dairs (Cheshire garbs?) use the Chief-Shield color combo of Brocks.

Repeat: "It's interesting that Irish Hansons were first found in Derry while the Drilon river, where I trace Darlene's, was also the Drin so as to possibly account for Darrin > Dare-like surnames." English Dragons/Drainers were definitely from the Drin, and they have the colors and format of Potters, the latter first found in Hampshire with Drake's. The latter share the wyvern dragon with German Dragons. Dragons/Drainers share the open helmet with Pendragons (from the Penestae on the Drin), and the latter share the chevron of Liers/Daire's and Lissus-suspect Allisons.

The Depressing News, Why Do I Bother?

As Fox won't even have a debate as to whether the chemical attack was faked, won't even suggest it for a second, won't even question Trump's decision (this is not journalism), I've resorted to RT videos for getting to the truth:

It is in the CIA's interest to denounce Russian media at this time especially, when in fact it's American media that is the chief of CIA-based nonsense-news. The CIA magicians, puppet masters, children of the devil, this is where we obviously are, and it's probably not coincidental that liberals in both parties are now on-side with this animal. The CIA takes cover in the fact that Americans need it for security, and so the CIA creates the illusion of foreign monsters to provide security for its own survival, and by this it thrives like a bloodsucker on the American nervous system. Dummy American people who let it breathe for one more day, and poor American people because Trump loves the CIA. Who do you think was involved in the North-Korea hoax in that Hawaii scare? Scare-scare-scare, that's the middle name of the CIA.

The reason that Mueller is still going and going is due to Republicans insisting that he should. Headline this week: "11 House Republicans are calling for an investigation into Obama-era officials' [including Lynch] roles in the Clinton investigation; Catherine Herridge reports." Only 11??? How can so many Republicans be out to lunch? They don't care to risk their jobs / positions to fight the wild dogs, and should therefore not be legislators. Better people need to be elected. The good news, these 11 are still pushing Sessions' buttons. The bad news, he's unwilling to do what his job requires of him, and this amounts to a super revelation on why the nation is corrupt at the very top.

However you decide to interpret the pro-Russian reporting above, it should be obvious that it is part of war preparation. The Russians will fight eventually. I can even see that Putin might change from a soft-spoken leader into an iron-fisted one. I do not accept the West's accusations against him. Putin is probably an angel in comparison of those that Mattis works with and for. If you are one who actually believes that Assad ordered a chemical attack days ago, you are not very bright. I'm not very bright, but at least I'm not fooled by this.

Sebastian Gorka (formerly in the White House) said on Lou Dobbs this week that the president doesn't want to make appearances, due to the political cost, of running the "day-to-day " decisions at the DoJ. Lou was asking why Trump doesn't simply order Sessions to give up the documents that congress desires. Gorka admitted that the DoJ and FBI are directly under Trump's authority, and that Trump could order Sessions to do what he doesn't want to. But, Gorka, where is your head? Are you deceiving the viewer? No one is suggesting that Trump run the day-to-day. What kind of answer is that? When does the president have a solid green light to step in, if not months ago, in order to right a terrible wrong??? It is his responsibility to right this wrong.

Take a look at the video below from ABC with Comey saying that John Kelly called him up, to boo-hoo his being fired, and, adds Comey, John Kelly asked Comey if he should resign on account of it. Comey says that, no, he should stay with Trump. While Comey's wording as to why he wanted Kelly to stay doesn't pass the smell test, I say that Comey was Kelly's "boss," explaining why Kelly asked if he should resign? Comey probably said, we rats need a fellow rat in the White House, so get in there.

Go Mueller, make things harder for this fake. It's obvious that Democrats are gunning to take power from the House in elections later this year. We are almost there, and Trump is failing to destroy Democrat chances of gaining ground. If Democrats can take the House, there will be no chance of arresting the Democrat criminals. And they will increase their crimes in cahoots with Intelligence, with the goal of retaining power forever. Trump, you disgraceful pig. You promised to cleanse, but you are a pig in the mud yourself.

Trump chose a new supreme-court judge, who sided with the four liberal judges in a an immigration case decided this week. It looks like Trump may have blown this pick too:

The Republican activists who have been promising the impeachment (or something similar) of DoJ / FBI leaders can't go back on their promise now, can they? But will they dare impeach Wray, whom Trump will not attack, at least not so far? Everyone says that Wray is like a freeze box in a closet. He's not to be found. Hiding. Running quiet. Cold. In the midst of some 20-odd high-level crimes that should be addressed, Wray is a traitor. He was very happy to take the job fully knowing that he would support the Democrats.

Trump has just called for the jailing of Comey. Is that a statement directed to Wray? Why is it deemed a bad political move for Trump to order Wray to arrest Comey, but not a bad political move for the president to tweet about it? Why tweet-tweet day in and day out but never order his subordinates to do the right thing? Isn't Trump just the oink-oink swimming the mud hole trying to provide a clean image for himself because he wants to be re-elected? Isn't that just an empty suit? Of course. That's why he brags about his accomplishments; he's not mature / honorable enough not to. Yet worse, Trump takes credit for what others have done. No one believed they were voting for a saint when they voted for this man, ah, er boy, so why do they treat him like a god now? Because, they hate the Democrats that badly. Trump got elected, not on his capabilities or anything honorable, but because he made repeated promises to beat up the Democrats.

Midweek, word came out that Rudy Giuliano is joining Trump's legal team as one corrupt Cohen looks like he's going out the door. Giuliano was the New-York mayor during 9-11; you can't get much more corrupt than that in government office. Trump is worse than a fake, he's a jerk, like Frankenstein that's not all there. I now take issue with Trump supporters, and think there is something drastically sick about their spiritual condition. When a Republican win in 2018 means more to you than Jesus, so that you're willing to distort your view and opinions about this louse, you're ill. Just ask yourself: what does Jesus think of Trump?

Below is how evangelicals supposedly feel about Trump, if the polls aren't faked. This is a Fox show that looks like it trying to do damage control as evangelicals sour on Trump. Fox is giving the false impression that the majority of evangelicals love Trump so that others will too. Fox is a sly fox:

Here's anti-Trump believers talking about it:

Take a look at Trump's body language as he tries to praise John Bolton, with arms crossed as though his fingers are crossed under his armpits. Clearly, Trump is nervous about Bolton, and he's actually showing that he's lying about how much he likes him. Who suggested (or demanded) Bolton to him, and did they make a deal with Trump to get the porn witch off his back if he appoints a war hawk?

Bolton is a terrorist junkie. He has the common line that the American military must stay in the Middle East to fight terrorism. Anytime you hear a man speak this way, you should know that he's twisted. ISIS didn't pop up to fight Americans, but to win their own country. This happens all over the globe. Bolton's not being honest. He wants the military in the Middle East for something aside from fighting terror.

Trump is becoming a mutation. It probably would have been better to have the devil you know than the devil you don't know. He expends much effort trying to be accepted by evangelicals, and this is pure fakery. I cannot find any video with Christians at this time coming down on Trump. I guess they are taking about him. He needs to lay-off lying to Christians, or else suffer the burning Wrath hotter than it would otherwise be. This is not a game just because he thinks it is.

Who will the Democrats hold responsible for Trump's election when some 80 percent of evangelicals voted for him out of sheer disgust for Democrats? What does this situation predict? I was very glad that Trump won because Hillary is sick. I just didn't know how sick Trump was, and was hoping the best. No luck.

Headline this week: "Air Force Orders New Hypersonic Cruise Missile Amid Escalating Arms Race With Russia And China". This is the road to the False Prophet's fire from the sky. Trump got all that juicy money for the military; what else to do but to make better bombs for Armageddon. Yes, the American leaders are that stupid, really. Poor Americans in the lower classes, having no say over this snake's decisions. You don't need to be Putin's buddy, but leave him alone, stupids. No use; they must overcome Russia, or bust.

The Syrian army has said that, after an investigation of the chemical-attack site, no evidence of chemicals was found, not one person affected by any substance. I would think that, if there really was a chemical attack, regardless of who did it, the Syrian government would not have been able to make such a report. Therefore, it seems that Trump is off the hook for the next chemical attack, if it too kills no one. Better fully faked by the West than real. Word is spreading Middle-East wide and further that the Americans are low-life tricksters. "False flag" is on everyone's lips in the Middle East. Great reputation USA, keep on, stupids.

The unthinkable just a year or two ago, Russia is spreading the message worldwide that the Americans are conducting false-flag events. I'm not a Russian, or a Syrian, and I too take that position. It's obvious to quite a lot of Americans. The thinkers, anyway, or anyone who cares to ask whether Assad would really have done it. The Middle-East has it's satan, but the United States has the bigger one.


For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God

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