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March 20 - 26, 2018

Felice of Nola was a Keith Feline
Catti Out of the Fogg of Fowlers
Andrew of Hungary and Maurice Drummond

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Oh no, the media is attacking the Republicans as per the firing of Andrew McCabe. Oh no, what can the Republicans do? Start apologizing? Oh no, they can't figure out a solution. Please, says Lindsey Graham, don't fire Mueller now or the liberals will wipe us up.

Now is the time to let the media fight hard, and now is the time for all Republicans to fight back harder until the media nails itself shut into its own coffin. Fight hard, and reply to every argument that the liberals put out. That's how to play their game, to respond with authority because the responses are in truth. Expose, expose, expose. Then the country will not trust the liberal media, at which point it will cease to play dirty with lie upon spin.

The Republicans: Boo-hoo, we asked the DoJ for documents, we asked the FBI for documents, and they both wouldn't give them over, boo-hoo.

Well then do what Judicial Watch is doing, and give the issue to the courts, because you are sure to win, you faking cry-babies.

Sessions can't cover over his bimbo performance of the past year with the mere firing of McCabe. Why do the people pay Sessions at all? Is he a mere symbol of Justice, without teeth? There are countless high-level criminals running loose, but, so far as I've heard, he's yet to be responsible for prosecuting even one. What kind of a bimbo do we call this?

This past week, ABC claimed that McCabe had ordered a criminal investigation on Sessions about a year ago, which can explain why the latter has been impotent. The good Republicans are still banging on Sessions' door for to get juicy documents from him, but, it seems, he's on his best behavior as the McCabe side would want it. Great shame.

Prior to Trump, Hannity might have laughed off conspiracy theorists claiming that an invisible government exists. But this week, he's got a show, "Proof the deep state is real". However, this definition thus far includes only the FBI, but why not the CIA? In the seventh minute, McCabe reveals that his job, several times weekly, was to share information with the media, and this is what I call their "news releases," their political spin, their efforts to control what people think on the issues of the day, especially the false-flag events. McCabe is not alone. The CIA does this too, as many others. The media welcome this part-garbage, especially if routinely slants toward Democrat causes.

As you can see at that 7th minute, McCabe said that he had the green light (permission) from his boss, Comey, to leak information to the media, only McCabe is framing it as a routine release of news rather than leaks. How do we tell the difference between leaks and routine news releases? Well, news releases should be a-political, just giving news in truth without a goal or an agenda, and leaks have a pin-pointed goal, political in this case. Moreover, leaks can be spun as half-truths or worse. When Intelligence people have such agendas, their spy powers become their god, or their nuclear deterrent. If anyone would go against the FBI, the latter has the nuclear bomb for to return in reaction. Therefore, the Intelligence people control with a god that other folks don't have access too, and it's all paid for by the people, and supported by Trump.

Ryan and McConnell, and other establishment trolls, are trying to make Trump look like a promise-breaker and a hypocrite with their disgusting spending increase this week. All eyes on Trump to see whether he allows himself to betray his own promises. But these promises are not Trump's alone, but many other Republicans who promised to shrink government. If Trump doesn't axe this bill, be betrays those Republicans too, and places their re-election in a dire place. Why should the middle vote Republican when it spends as much as Democrats? There have got to be shadow-government trolls in both parties seeking to bankrupt the United States for some end-game toward complete control.

He signed it right away, the imposter, and made it appear as though he really didn't want to. Imposter. Trump is an imposter, and the Republicans under Ryan are their own undoing. Trump will now exert himself sucking up to his disappointed base, promising them some candy to repair their broken hearts. Daddy imposter, there is something terribly wrong about this man. Whenever he opens his mouth, no matter how it sounds like it's what I'd like to hear, I will ignore it. The goon cheated on his wife, and he'll cheat on his voters too.

It's been made clear that Americans don't get to choose what there money goes toward. The invisibles decide, and they don't tell the people what they plan on spending toward, to start a public debate, to see whether the voters want the details, or not. The invisibles vote on the spending package before the people know what's in it, and the imposter signs it. It's real money, and real people need to pay for it so that the rich invisibles can become richer. The video below makes it sound as though Trump is the victim of the Republican establishment, but the reality is, Trump is the imposter:

James Mattis is happy with all the new money his military will get; wonder what he plans on doing with it. The American people are broke, but Trump wants to take more loans for paying fighters more money who don't need to be fighting, anywhere. The United States has enough nuclear bombs to assure that no superpower would invade. So why not minimize the number of troops and let the people keep more of their own money?

Trump just replaced his National Security Advisor with John Bolton, which is like going the way of George Bush.

Building My Understanding on the Marsi

One of the things in the last update was the new surnames leading from the Marsi in the area of the birth of my mother (a Grimaldi and Masci), as though confirming that God chose me for this work due to the Biblical dragon / Illuminati coming forth from that area (Picenze). I was able to see that the Fountains, who made up the Conteville ancestry of Masci-line Meschins, was of the Taddei's, who are likewise in my ancestry (three generations back). It's simply amazing because Taddei's were related to the first Templar kings of Jerusalem, while Tattons married Masci-branch Masseys.

August's mother is a Masci too, and a Taddei a couple of generations back. The Birch's came to topic because August, when he visited my mother, too a picture of me and his wife beside the birch tree. It this sounds crazy of me, see the last update for proof that God set that photo up in order to help me reveal certain bloodlines of importance to His exposure, especially the Conteville's from John de Burgo, a Birch/Berch suspect because his Burgh line is also "Berk."

The green snake of Birch's/Berch's was confirmed as the Marsi snake cult, only to find the green snake with the Fountain Crest too. Birch's/Berch's share the Masci fleur, and while Bellamys are known to have married Ferte-Mace, home of the Macey branch of Masseys, Bellamys were at Perche while German Birch's/Pirch's share the red chevron with Perche's. The Porch's/Portis' are coming to mind, for, at age five, God provided a urine event fir me on the porch of August's aunt, and urine liners were discovered (with good evidence) from mythical Orion, which I assume named Orne, where proto-Meschins and Maccabee liners had lived.

Here is a Mackesy Coat (flaunches) with the green snake. And Margesons/Mackesys were first found in Sussex with Felix's! Note the erect sword in the Mackesy Coat, symbol of ancient Bistones (Cyrene, same as proto-Massey Meshwesh/Mazyes) who used it as their symbol for Ares. Keep in mind that the Greek Ares was the Roman Mars, from the Marsi without question. The first Meschin's father lived in the Bessin (Orne river), and Bessins/Beastons (Cheshire, same as Masseys / Maceys) share the Coat of Bistone's, who have the erect sword in Crest, but see a version of that sword with the Bessins/Beastons and Bessens/Besants too...and also the Mieske's/Mesechs, who share the black bull head with Dreux's that can trace with their Drake branch (see motto) to Mosca's (same area as Taddei's) and to L'Aquila, seven miles from Picenze. Note that Bessins and Bistone's share the bend of Sale's/Salletts (Cheshire), because the Greenhoe's/GreenHOUGHs in the Fountain write-up use it with hunting HORNs for a trace to Orne's/Horns. That is, Fountains were at Greenhoe. And Houghs (and Coffs/Coughs) use the same bend.

Hoe's/Hoys/Kehoe's were not only first found in Tipperary with the Conte-related Lafins/La Fonts, but they use the same lion as Herluins and Font-de-Ville's/Ville's.

I'm wondering whether the gold tower in the Bessin Crest is that of Felice's, for one of the shocking revelations of the last update was that Fulke's / Flags/Flacks / Felice's/Felix's were of Felice de Nola (born in Nola), the "patron saint" of Picenze. As Pullens/Pullys can be clinched with the surname of Vespasia Polla (Salto river), mother of the emperor Vespasia (a Flavian), the fourth head of the Revelation dragon (confirmed in Revelation 17 because the 6th is Domitian, Vespasian's grandson), note the "NULLa" motto term of Pullens. If you read why Avezzano (Salto river smack beside downtown Marsi) traces to Champagne, note that Pullens/Pully use a good reflection of the Champagne Coat / Arms of Champagne. The latter share the crutch feature (upper crutches) in their bend along with the Avezzano bend, which feature is called, potent, in heraldry, symbol of Saint Chad, explaining why Chads use the potent cross, yet Felice's/Felix's use the potent cross too, as did the first Templar kings of Jerusalem, the line from Taddei's. Chad's were first found in Norfolk with Sabine's (share the Pullen scallop), from Flavius Sabinus, husband of Vespasia Polla. There seems to be an obvious Felice connection to Sabinus' family.

The Bouillon / Taddei cross is a fleur-de-lys form of a potent cross, and while Godfrey de Bouillon was elected to be the first king of Jerusalem, he died suddenly so that his brother (Baldwin) was made the first king. Do the math, we are tracing Vespasian's family to the first Templar kings, and the obvious reality must have been that Flavius Josephus (adopted by Vespasian's family), and others in his family, disclosed to de-Bouillon's family that they knew where the Romans had missed some treasure at the temple, and so they conquered it, with Vatican sanction, to seek that treasure.

Flavius Josephus (1st century AD) claimed to descend from priest-kings, especially the Maccabees, but I suspect that he was a close kin to Joseph Caiaphas, killer of Jesus and the chief symbol of the Illuminati I feel sure. Pullens/Pulley share the martlets of French Josephs in both colors. And Hugh de Payens, who spent a long time at the Jerusalem temple, is known to have had ChamPAGNE connections (Payens are also PAGANs). Champagne was also "Campania," and Italy's Campania had the Nola location of saint Felice. I am keeping eyes out for any evidence that Felice's descended from the Biblical Felix.

It's Payen-notable that French Paine's use one of the three Fountain fesses, in the red-blue colors of both Felix surnames. The millrind of the potent-using Felix's suggests Mills, who use a moline form of the potent cross, and were first found in Hampshire with English Josephs.

"Vespasia" is suspect as a Ves-Pasi combination, and while AVEZzano may apply to that Ves entity, note Nola: "Pleasantly situated in the plain between Mount VESuvius and the Apennines, 16 miles ENE of Naples". As I said, my mother has a book of Picenze that traces its occupants to nobles of Naples, and that area has a Picentini mountain range. The Jeep I now own was purchased used from a landlord I had who was from Campania's Benevento, and as God has set up numerous situations in my life for this revelation, note that Jeepma's/Cheps share the Zionist star of Goths/Gothels, from Gothelo (duke of Lorraine), father of Godfrey III (the Bearded).

The Jeepma/CHEP eagle is in the colors of both birds used by French Josephs, while English Josephs (share the garbs of Avezzano-branch Avisons) use a "mago" motto term while Magor in MONmouthshire is beside CHEPstow. This motto term has been traced well to Mago, brother of Hannibal, sons of BARCa, suspect with Berks and therefore now with Birch's. Barks were first found in Norfolk with Flavian liners, and while Barks use larks, the Larks, I kid thee not, use a version of the Coat of Flys (Hampshire, same as English Josephs), said to be from a FLAGi location that was also, Flavian!!! Flys and Larks share the martlets of French Josephs, and the Lark Crest even shares the garb in the Joseph Chief and Crest. So, add Flys (in the translation of the Drake motto) to Felice liners, and note that they use one of the three Levi chevrons, as do Foots and Fothes that I trace to Foote on Guernsey, the island where Magors/Majors were first found. I will soon link Birch's to Chives' in Tarves, near or exactly at the first-known Fothes'.

Monmouthshire is where Fane's/Vans were first found who share the gauntlet glove with Maceys (mace, Maccabee symbol). Magors are listed with Majors who use a version of the Anchor/Annacker Chief, and then Avisons use the anchor. As "ANNACKer" is suspect with "Annas," the name of Caiaphas' father-in-law (likewise the chief priest of Jerusalem), note that the Magors/Majors share a version of the Annas Coat. On the night Jesus was arrested, he was brought to the Annas' home for the kangaroo court.

The red-black color combination is rare. Whenever I see it, I always think of Templetons, wondering whether they and Temple's were from the Templars. This color combination is used by German Birch's/Pirch's (Bohemia, linkable to the Bessin bees), and it just so happens that Templetons share their lone star in both colors, used on blue by French Temple's. As French Temple's look to be using the Macey Coat while Templetons were first found in Ayrshire with Margys/Mackeys, let's repeat that Bellamys of Pirch-like Perche married someone at the Macey town of Ferte-Mace (upper Orne river).

English Temple's (Cheshire, same as Maceys) not only use a black martlet linkable to the same of French Josephs and the Hampshire Flys (Temple colors), but a giant eagle in the colors of the giant Jeepma/Chep eagle, and Chepstow is where Fane's/Vans were first found that share the glove of Maceys.

The red-black combination is that of German Caplans while the Hampshire Josephs can be gleaned with the Chief of the Hampshire Caplans, and with the double chevrons of Chaplains. Perche's use double chevrons too, and the eagle of the Hampshire Botters is standing on a PERCH while Italian Botters bring us back to the Pulley / Champagne bend, shared by Chattans and Chatans (Clan Chattan uses the cat and a "bot a glove" phrase for Botters). Massars/Massai's (Lucca, same as Botters) share the cat with Berks/Burghs and Chives', the latter showing the Birch/Pirch star at the center of their moline. The Mathis' likewise put that star at the center of their moline, and the Hampshire Mills (martlet) put a lozenge at the center of their moline.

When I accidentally urinated on Pino's HEAD, while standing on the PORCH railing (Porch's are also PORTIS'), it was God's code for Orne liners along with king Pinnes of the Ardiaei, who formed the Arthurs at PortisHEAD / Clapton. Claptons use a patee cross in both colors of the Felix potent. Clapton is beside the Hampshire Mills linkable to the millrind of these same Felix's. Amazingly, there is a Nola surname sharing the white martlet with these Mills! Heraldry has a giant mouth once you get acquainted with it. I recognize the Nola sword design as that of Mustans/Mussens/MuSTAINs, first found in Yorkshire with Stains/Stands/Stants in the Arthur motto term, "obSTANTia." Stains/Stands share the double fesses of Flags/Flacks, a perfect way to trace Nola's to Felice of Nola. Botters: "...a red eagle STANDing on a silver perch." Arthurs of Clapton used the clarion trumpet while Levers: "A rooster standing on a trumpet, all proper."

Mustans/Mussens are traced in their write-up to Gilbert of Ghent at FOLKingham. Mustans/Mussens were a branch of Moses' who share a single, red pale bar with French Tulls, and the latter put butterFLIES on their pale bar. Flys (same place as Ghents) named Flagi while Folks/Fulke's were first found in Norfolk with Flags/Flecks and the Fly-related Larks. Gilberts are definitely using the chevron that is the Arms of Carrick, while Marjory Carrick is suspect with the Margy variation of Mackeys (Ayrshire, same as Carricks).

As we arrived to Mustans/Mussens view the Nola's, by what coincidence do Pullens/Pullys use "Nulla" while sharing the Fly / Lark martlets? Clearly, Vespasia Polla had a line linked to this Felice-of-Nola entity that is very traceable through Picenze elements to Vespasia herself. There is even a German Noll/Knoll surname (probably the Masci wings) in the colors of both Felix Coats (and the Masci / Massena Coats). English Nolls/Knowls (Yorkshire, same as Pullens) look related to Cars and Gilberts, making the latter look like the line of Gilbert of Ghent.

The English Nolls/Knowls share a white elephant in Crest with Mascals, first found in Sussex with Felix's and Margesons/Mackesys! These Mascals (related to the Keith/Mascal Catti) share the fleur of the neighboring Flys.

The martlet of Nola's reminds me of the Rutherford martlet, and RutherFORDs share black martlets with Flys, and are said to be from Maxton, while the Maxton bee is in the Fort Chief while FORTs ("PROvidus") use quadrants colors reversed from the Felix quadrants. The Maxton fitchees are in the colors of the Mea/Mee/Meigh fitchees while the latter share the Nola cross. "Meigh" looks connectable to MACCLESfield because Macclesfields share the Mea/Meigh cross, and it just so happens that this Arms of Macclesfield share a blue lion with Knowl-like Noble/'Nobels ("FORTitudine") while the latter's flaunches are colors reversed from the same of FORDs/FORTHs. Macclesfield was anciently Makeslesfield, linkable to Maxwells/Makeswells, who lived at Maxton too. [Near to the end of this update, Fords come up big.]

The Mackesy Coat presented above uses flaunches, as do Wolfleys, Cheshire, same as Macclesfield). The Mackesy flaunches are blue, as with the Nobel flaunches, Recently, I told why Flaunches are suspect with the Flans/Flints/FLINKs (Flintshire, beside Cheshire), who are in the colors of the Wolfley flaunches. The Passant Wolfley wolves are colors reversed from the same of Flan-suspect Flynn/FLINKs, and the latter share the green snake ("serpent") with Mackesys. Flinks might just have developed from the Flick variation of Flags/Flacks.

The Flynn/Flink SERpent may be partly for the "Qui sera sera" entity in the Folk/Fulke motto. Sarah's share the Shakespeare bend while Folks/Fulke's share the Shakespeare spear while Russells, with a "Che sara sara" motto, share the scallops of Flags/Flecks. "SerPENT" should fall into the bloodline of Pennys/Penes', who share the courant greyhound of English Fords and Fleck-related Palmers.

From the Knowl variation of Nolls, we take it to the Knowells/Noels (Staffordshire, same as St. Chad), said to be from Ranton, while Rands/Rhynds/Rants (Norfolk again, same as Sabine's and Larks) are in the motto of the Rinds who are in-turn in the Felix millRINDs. From here we take it to the Joels/Jewels, for they use gillyflowers while Rinds use "gillie flowers." Joels/Jewels were first found in Wiltshire with Dreux's and NarFORDs, the latter in the Dreux write-up. The "DiuTURNiTATE" motto of Rinds can even be for Taddei-like Tate's (same place as Rantons) and for Turano-river liners, for the Turano runs across the same side of Mont Sabina as the Salto. Birch's/Berch's ("simpliciTATE") were at Manchester (near Flintshire and Cheshire), the Arms of which I see with the Maxton / Bessin bee.

Narfords share the cloud with Larks, and sometimes, I gather, the heraldic cloud traces to mythical Nephele, the mythical cloud that is like the Frankish Nibelung family, which is itself like the Nobels. In this way, Nola may have been a Nibelung entity. There is a Nibelung surname (huge pheon) that shows properly as KNOBloch, which recalls that Knobs/KNOBELs are likely using the Rothschild/Rothstein arrow. I minute before loading Nibelungs/Knoblochs, I added the following to the last update: "Plus, amazing enough, the Fountain write-up mentions pope Swift while Swifts, with the Plunkett motto, share five bunched arrows with Camera's/Camerons!" That was added after telling that Fountains look to be using a version of the chevron of Taddei's in August's Taddei ancestry. The exclamation mark is because August's camera was a significant topic along with the photo he snapped of me and his wife beside the birch tree. I showed that five, bunched arrows are the Arms of Rothschild.

The way I read the Fountain write-up, Narford Hall was built by Andrew Fountaine, a friend of Jonathan Swift and Alexander Pope. Swifts, suspect with the SWAFFham location of Fountains, use courant stags while Greens use stags while Swaffham is in GREENhoe. Those of you who read me on my place of work (more than 40 years ago), KNOB Hill Farms, may remember that God chose for me to have back-to-back girlfriends who likewise worked there, one being Alison Bauer. Bowers, sharing a green Shield with Bauers and Rays, use five, bunched arrows, and while I was able to trace Rays to Rothschilds too, Rays share courant stags with the five-arrow Swifts!

As you can see with Jewish Rothchilds (no 's'), they use items facing the sinister side of the Shield, and so it's notable that the Swift arms with arrows is facing sinister. The Rothchilds have a horse facing sinister, and Nephele was the mother of Centaurs with Hicks-suspect Ixion as the father. Hicks call their stag head a buck, and Swifts use "three bucks running", and, not surprisingly, Runnings/Ronnys share the fesse of Narfords who brought the cloud up in the first place. Fountains were at Harford (in Greenhoe), and Harfords/Hertfords (Hertfordshire) use more bucks. While Pettys share the quadrants in the Arms of Rothschild, the Swift motto is translated with an "imPETuosity" term. Again, the Narford hall of Fountains is connected to a friend of Mr. Swift.

The Petty quadrants are those also of Festus-possible Fasts (Norfolk), and Vests may be using the giant Rothschild arrow.

To prove further that God arranged my working at Knob HILL Farms, the Swifts use "Festina lente," the Plunkett motto in full, and Plunketts share the tower of HILLs. Irish Harfords share the lion of Plancia-related Perkins/Parkings. As I said, our boss at Know Hill farms was Gill or Giles (we all pronounced it, "Gill," and the Rays were at Gill. As I'm, now expecting my arrangement to work at Knob Hill for connection to Felice of Nola, beloved of Picenze, by what coincidence is Picenze in Abruzzo while Abruzzo's/Abreu's share the lions combatant of Spanish Gills (may be the Falconte / Conte crescents). Plus, that white tower of Hills and Plunketts (horse in Crest) can be the white one of Abruzzo's/Abreu's.

Let's quote Wikipedia twice: "Marcus Antonius FELIX was the Roman procurator of Iudaea Province 5258..." And: "Porcius FESTUS was procurator of Judea from about AD 59 to 62, succeeding Antonius Felix." The Plunkett / Swift motto: "FESTina lente." Remarkable. We could say that Marcus was a Marici liner, and then Antons (flaunches) share the leopard face with Peare's. So why can't Felix's also be of the Pero-Laevi fold?

There is a VASTo location near the mouth of the TRIGno river that separates Abruzzo from Molise. There is a Molis/Molleson surname (red antlers), first found in Aberdeenshire with "grip-FAST" Leslie's. I don't yet have an opinion as to whether Tricks and Drigs apply to that river. But "Festina" Swifts were first found in Norfolk with Fasts. If Tricks were from the Trigna, we could expect DarDANians there as per the Trick darts. And Dardanians were from Trigna-like Trojans. Cool. This makes Vasto suspect with peoples from Dan = Laish. When the mythical Argo ship stopped at Lemnos (off the Troy coast), it must have been code for Danaans of Argos in Lemnos.

If Festus was descended from Porcius Cato, it's notable that Chattans come up as "Cato" while the Keith Catti merged with MARSHalls while MARSi lived in Abruzzo while Wikipedia's article on Porcius Cato once said that he grew up in Abruzzo. It was changed to his owning property in Sabina, down the Salto river from the Marsi. You can't argue with the Faucets. FESTus-like FAUCETs were first found in the same area as Keiths and Seatons. The Festus line might just have named the Vasto's of Saluzzo and Busca. Busca elements are probably in the "boast" term of Nimo'/NewMARSH's.

I had suspected and mentioned that Nephele was Aphrodite, but I wasn't thinking of the Aphrodite connection, at the time, to Aprutium, the old Abruzzo capital. I did find a way to trace Ixion's other wife, Dia, to Ares elements, and Aphrodite was Ares' special lover. As her official husband was Hephaestus on Lemnos, the Myrina location on Lemnos looks like the line to the Marsi. Remember, while the snake cult (Angitia) of the Marsi looks about clinched with the heraldic green snake, that snake is in the Fountain Crest. We find the Myrina-suspect Morinis' in the write-up of Deerings, who look to be using the Harford/Hertford stag heads, yet the latter call them roebucks, what the RAYburns use! Again, Harford was the location of Swifts in the Fountain write-up, and Swifts share the courant stags of Rays (different colors).

While Roe's are also Rows (both from Norfolk, German Rows/Rau's share the roses on a white and sinister bend with Jewish Rothchilds. The "Rebur" motto term of Rayburns can be for Robe/Robb liners.

Spanish Felice's use a giant castle in the colors of the giant tower of Murena's/Moratins, and while Mortone-Say is a location of the Says, the Sea's/Seighs (share the Dreux bull head) are in the "sea of silver WAVES" upon which the Felice castle sits. And Italian Marina's use "black WAVY bends"' that have the pattern usually called "NEBULY" (cloud-like) for what looks like the Nephele> Nibelung line. I rarely see nebuly called "black wavy bends," but English Clements call them that too, and Clements are Climers, connecting well in the last update to August's mountain climbing. Spanish Marina's use three wavy fesses in colors reversed from those three of Sea's/Seighs. The latter's wavy bars are shared in the so-called "fountains" of WATERfords/WaterVILLE's. Let's not forget that Narfords were in Wiltshire with Mortons.

Amazingly enough, as per Drinks/Drengs coming to topic in the last update, who share the lion of Dreux's (traceable to Abruzzo), Rayburns ("GREEN base") use a "roebuck DRINKING out of a brook." It's telling me that Rays connect to Felice of Nola along with Knobs/Knobels. The Drinks came to topic as per the Letizia surname, and Letizia is August's aunt. Her husband was Pepin, and Pepins share the bend-with-fleur of Webbers (WAVY fesses), whom I say own the wavy feature because they are a WEAVer branch. August's family and his wife (Franca) traced to Cuneo by numerous methods, and Brae's/Brays, suspect with Cuneo's Bra, use a weaver's shuttle.

I expect the Felice castle to have been once said to sit on water because Waters share three red chevrons with both Taddei's and Clare's while Clements/Clermonts' share the Clair besants. These Clairs were first found in Limousin, named by the Lemovices, from Lemnos. The Sintians of Lemnos are in the Santones Gauls, who lived beside the Lemovices. While Spanish Marina's are Marins, French Marins use wavy "WATER in base". As Sands are expected from Santones, compare them with English Marins. Sands share the red fitchee with the Narford Crest, and the Sand fitchees are in both colors of the Darlene fitchee while Miss Ray is Darlene. The Darlene Crest has a "female figure" in robes while the Robe/Robb Coat looks like a version of the Green Coat while I assume that the Greenhoe location (Fountains) has Narford hall.

Darlene's use a version of the Bellamy Coat while Bellamy's share the crescents of Say-suspect Seatons. Let's repeat that Bellamys were at Perche while German Birch's are Pirch's while Perche's use two of the three Water chevrons. Moreover, while I'm guessing that NARford was a North branch (from the Neuri nordics), Seaton-branch Sutys love the Nothings/NORTHens that share the green dragon with Seatons. This green dragon may be nothing other than the green-snake cult of the Marsi. The Norths not only use a dragon, but they share the Maschi and NARbonne/DeNORDI lion. North's use "Animo" while Nimo's/NewMARSH's, first found in Stirlingshire with Robe's/Robbs, share the Seaton / Bellamy crescents.

Denordi's remind that Alison Bauer left me for Mike Denardo, a fellow worker at Knob Hill Farms. The Hills share the white tower with NarBONNE's/Denardo's, and Bone's were first found in Sussex with Norths. Neuri nordics lived on the BUG river while Bugs use "WATER BOUGets." French Bonne's were first found in Languedoc with French Narbonne's, Conte's, FalCONTE's and Font-de-Ville's (brings us to Fountains at Narford Hall). Falcons/Falconte's share the tower in both colors of the Narbonne/Denardo tower. And this Falcon line goes to the Fulks of Anjou, from Plancia Magna, while Hills share the Plunkett tower in both colors. The Harfords with the Perkin lion are said to have been at Falcondale.

The Brooks in the Rayburn are said to be from Broc of Anjou, and Waters were first found in Essex with Brooks and Brocks.

I usually lump Norrys in with Neuri liners, but didn't know until writing all the above that the Norry Coat is the Narford Coat! Herodotus said that Neuri became wolves once annually (ceremonially, we gather), and there is a wolf in the Norry Crest, in the black of the North-Crest dragon. The Narfords and Norrys use nothing but a white fesse in their Shield, as with Franca's, and German Franks were first found in Bohemia with Birch's/Pirch's. Bohemia was named by Boii in BONonia, which should explain Bone's and their Bonne branch (both probably using a version of the North lion). Bone's look to be using the Champagne / Pullen bend for a trace to Avezzano in the Marsi theater. Avezzano's use the rose while Rose's use the water bouget. Roses are shared by Culps/Cope's/Cups in the Pullen motto along with "Nulla."

Let's go back to the swift motto term, "FesTINa," for Tine's can apply where they use a "cause" motto term while Justine's, from Picenze-like Picenum, use "causa." The Cause's were first found in Sussex with Bone's, and Tine's use the motto phrase, "bonne cause." If the Jays are in the Tine motto, it's notable that Jays can be with the Row/Rau / Rothchild bend with roses.

Cause's use a giant griffin suspect with Herod Agrippa, whose daughter married Marcus Antonius Felix. His Marcus name can be from the Marsi-suspect Marici. Cass' use fountains. The Tine river is between the Bernicians, suspect from Berenice Agrippa (engaged to emperor Titus), and the Faucets / Keiths. As Plancia Magna married Tertullus, look for that name in the quotes below:

* [Felix] was married to Drusilla, the youngest daughter of Agrippa I. According to Josephus (1st century historian), she was married to Azizus, the king of Emeza, at fourteen years of age (ca 50 AD). Her husband was known for his cruelty.

* Within a year of her marriage, Felix employed a Cyprian sorcerer, who enticed her away from her husband. Felix married her around 54 AD. They had one son.

...* He presided over the first trial of Paul, which took place in Caesarea (ca 56 AD).

...* Several members of the Sanhedrin, the high priest, and their spokesman (Tertullus) appeared before Felix [to argue against Paul].

The article goes on to point out that Festus continued persecution against Paul. I can't get exact dates for Plancia, but she was born around the period that Festus' ruled at Caesarea. As I said, her Tertullus line goes to Tertullus of Ingelger, the latter being father to Fulk I of Anjou. The Plantagenets descend directly from Fulks to PLANQUE's/Plants, and while it is said that the First Mr. Plantagenet was named after the sprig of BROOM in his hat, I see this as secret code for the Brooms/Brome's, the write-up of whom mentions the sprig of broom. The Broom/Brome ears of wheat are even called, "broom sprigs." Brooms/Brome's are in Plunkett colors, and Spriggs share two blue pale bars with the Arms of Villaine (and Contys). Plunketts, though said to be first found in Louth, are said to have been in Villaine. As SPRiggs (beside Sabers/Sabine's) share "rose leaves' with Sobers (Polish), Spriggs are Saber/Sabine suspects, and can trace with Sybaris-Laus elements to the Spree river of LUSatia (Poland).

It's interesting that Poland's Goplo is like "Knobel." It's also like "El GABAL, the sun god of the Azizus character we read above. "Gabal," in spite of where other derive it, looks like it can be from Gamala, a Maccabee city, for Italian Gobels have a giant camel while French Gobels use the Macey Shield with the Masci wing. German Gobels were first found in Bavaria with Knobs (suspect with the Rothschild arrow), and English Gobels use a sinister-rising arrow. The bows of English Gobels are in saltire, reflecting the arrows in saltire of Knobs. Nibelungs use a giant ARROWhead, and Arrows/Arras' (Murena tower) are from Arras, the Artois capital, while Azizus-like Assisi is near Arezzo, the ancient Arretium, home of Cilnius MAECenas (married Miss Murena), whose ancestry is suspect in naming Maccabees as well as RasMUSSENs, the latter using the Pepin bend (Arrow/Arras fleur) in a sinister rise, and then Pepins use another camel. If that's not enough, Azizus' El-Gabal cult was at Arretium-like ARETHusa (before it was at Emesa).

Let's go back to the crane DRINKing of Leto's/Letizia's, for while Letizia married Pepin, Lets/Late's use "organ pipes" while Pipe's share the Pepin Coat. The family of Plancia Magna were priestess' to Artemis, daughter of Leto. The Drinks use one of the pale bars in the Arms of Vilaine, and while that place traces at Astikas' of Vilnius, Astikas' are in the Sticks that share the Shield of Brooks who are themselves in the Rayburn roebuck DRINKing from a brook.

Pepins are probably a branch of Poppo I of BAMberg, suspect with PAMphylia: "Plancia Magna came from a distinguished family. She was born and raised in Perga, the capital of the Roman province of Pamphylia." When I lived at Pepin's home (my parents rented the upper floor), prior to the age of six, I wanted to jump off his patio roof with an umbrella, like Mary Poppins, because I saw either her on TV, or someone else that was doing it. I remember realizing that it was dangerous to try. Until now, I had no idea that this movie was released in the summer of 1964, the timing within the period that we lived at that house. The point is, as God used that porch to point to the Porch's/Portis' it's a good bet that Poppins are Pepin liners, and the two surnames do share a "Mens" motto term.

? I think I can now say that Pepins were from Plancia Magna, and as Walkers use "magna," by what coincidence was Mary Poppins produced by Bill Walsh while Walsh's/Walchs are likely a Walker branch? AHA!!! The "prisTINA" motto term of Poppins is probably related to the "FesTINA" of Plunketts! The latter's motto is "Festina LENTe" while that now evoked Pepin of LANDen, and the Lanters that were in the last update to August's mountain-climbing theme. As we saw that "FesTINA" looked likely to be of the Tine river, there are two of them, both near the Midlothian area where Mens' were first found.

There has been evidence that Pepins/People's name Papia/Pavia, which I trace to "Peebles," and the Peeble surname shares green parrots (very traceable to Pero's and Pierro's/Pero's of Pavia) with Tine-like Twine's/Tweng's.

If Bars named Bra, it's interesting that Bray-beloved Weavers use "FideLIS esto" while Lant liners trace to Langhe (at Bra) while Pepins ("est") share the bend-with-fleur of Weaver-branch Webbers ("PRAElucent teLIS" phrase) while Lanters share the Bar and Este eagle. Webbers even share wavy bars with Drummonds. Assuming that Webbers love the Bray-like Prays, the latter's Irish Branch share six pale bars with Landens/Landers, Langleys, Longfords and Langfords while German Langs were first found in Luneburg, which was paired with Brunswick, where the Bars of Este were before/after they named Bar-le Duc. Therefore, Welsh Maurice's (lion in Brunswick-lion colors) may be with the Lorraine bend. Brunswick-suspect Bruno's (same place as Barone's) had a branch at Este-like Asti, beside Bra.

Irish Prays share the six PALE bars in both colors of Langfords and Trots, and Pale's share the camel with Pepins. It's making a Pepin link to Vrm of Angusta, which can trace Bela's naming to Pavia, helping to confirm that proto-Hungarians were on the Ticino. Trots share the black-on-white bear with Landons, the latter in the colors and format of Brae's/Brays who in-turn share eagle legs with Augusts. As Pale's (same bend as Worms) were first found in Yorkshire with the Mars having two lions in pale that are almost the two Brunswick lion in pale, I'd say that the Pale lion is the Maurice lion in colors reversed. It should be added that Lants, who started this insert, use acorns for Maccabee liners, likely from Gamala.

Taksony's father, Zolten, evokes the Solten/Sodan / Saltan/Salton (Saleman/Salian bend) discussion of the last update. The Lant acorns come with LEAVES, as does the Tease/Tess/Teck saltire shared by Marici-likely Maris' (Kent). Welsh Maurice's are said to have been at West Putford (Devon) while Puts/Potts' use two fesses in the colors of the one wavy one of Welsh Mericks and Bellamys / Bells.

As MERovingians trace to the Salto river of the Marsi, and as Merovingians were from Merops of Kos, it's interesting that the Kos'/Kosinski's share the full Coat, the bendy of Italian Barone's, which I would link to the three bends of Merre's/Merits and Ectors, the latter (in Angusta-suspect Angus) likely naming mythical Ector de Maris. The Mar lion, which is almost the FORMan / Brunswick lion, may be in the Crest of Irish Prays.

The long and the short of it seems to be that Maurice Drummond was from the Marsi of Abruzzo, tending to trace Andrew I to the same but at the Ticino river, explaining the Andrew saltire in the Lant Coat (green "serpent" in Crest). And that saltire is suspect as the Pollock saltire while Pollocks were from Flavius Petro, now traceable to Pero's Pierro's/Pero's at Pavia. That's why the Lant cross should be a form of the Tess/Teck saltire, or the cross of Maris'.

The ones who wrote the Lant write-up may have known that the Langet surname applies as a branch, yet the dopes or liars derive the surname in "langet = long strip of ground." Langets use a reflection of the Bellamy Coat while Bells and Bellamys could have been from the Bela marriage to Helena of Angusta. The Langet Chief has anchors while Anchors/Annackers (Annas branch?) are loved by Major's that are likely in the "majores" motto term of Saltons/Saltans, now suspect as a Salto-river liner to the naming of Hungary's Zolton. The Major Coat looks like a version of the Annas Coat while Annas' share the stars of Angusta-suspect Angus and Tease's/Tye's.

I recall the first times that I saw the Plunkett Coat with a second symbol, a white horse (full horse, not a head) below its bend (there's nothing there now). Perhaps I'm mistaken, but, in any case, if the Pepin bend were white instead of gold, with its two white horse heads on either side of the bend, it becomes much like the Plunkett Coat. I've not realized this connective possibility before, but it's compelling here as per the above. The co-star of Mary Poppins was DICK Van DYKE, two terms I trace to the Ticino i.e. location of Pavia. Dicks were first found at Midlothian with Mens'.

The Scottish Tyne: "The River Tyne is a river in Scotland. It rises in the Moorfoot Hills in Midlothian near Tynehead to the south of Edinburgh..." Dicks were first found in Edinburghshire. The Tyne goes through East Lothian, through the Haddington location of Keiths, as well as through East Linton while Lintons (acorn) are also Landen-like Lantens (East Lothian) while using the same eagle as Childs, sensible because Pepins ruled Merovingians while Childeric was the first Merovingian king. Moreover, I claimed that Pepin and/or his wife was directly related to Bebba, queen of Scottish Bebbanburgs at Bamburgh castle, those entities being like the German Babenbergs founded by Poppo I of Bamberg. Bamburgh castle is at the Berwick theater, and Berwicks share bears with Landen-like Landons/Lantons.

Having said that, let me remind that the Montferrat branch of Vasto's, suspect with the Plunkett motto and with Festus, uses a blue-Chief version of the Montferrat rulers, the latter using nothing but a white Shield with a red Chief, the colors of the Poppin and Mens' Coats. The combination is used by German Linds (Plunkett / Pepin horse?), and Lintons/Lantens use the combination in colors reversed.

Dutch Linds share the green cinquefoils of Loches, and Swedish Linds use "three PLANT growing out of a LOG" as code for Plantagenet-Fulks, for the mother of Fulk II was log-like Loches. Dutch Linds wanted to add that their cinquefoils are pierced while Pierce-branch Percivals, with the Montferrat combination again, share bear heads with Landons/Lantens. These muzzled bear heads to this point, which trace to East Lothian's Musselburgh, are shared by Forbes' probably in the "forbear" motto term of Sarah's who are in-turn beloved by both the Fulke and Russell mottoes, the latter suspect with "Roslin" at Midlothian i.e. near the Tine. The Sarah bend-with-cinquefoils is also that of Boasts/Bois'/Boze's while Forbes' are also ForBEIS'/ForBOZE's. As that makes Forbes' suspect as Fore's/Forez' or something like it, they can be in the "FORward" motto term of East Lothian's Seatons, who share the crescents of Boast-loving Nimo's/Newmarsh's, suspect with the Marshall-Keiths of East Lothian, who in-turn use the motto of muzzled-bear Alice's/Alis' in colors reversed. Sarah's are SAYers too while Beis'/Besants (Massey quadrants) use the Say quadrants in colors reversed. That tends to reveal Boasts/Bois' (share the black bend with Bessins) as Bessin liners, and BESANcons happen to have been first found in Forez.

Chances are, the Boseville's ("Vraye FOI") share the Boast/Bois cinquefoils (different colors), but as Tyne's are also Botville's, by what coincidence are the Boseville cinquefoils in the colors of the same of Potters, first found in Hampshire with Botters. Boseville's are said to have settled Berwickshire (south of the Scottish Tyne, east of the English Tyne). Bots (in the Clan Chattan motto?) are listed with both the Butts/Boets and the Bauts, the latter first found in Auvergne with Foys/Foix's/FOI's (in the Boseville motto?) and fox-using Fes'. East Lothian's Faucets (Festus suspects now) were at FOXside. As there is a falcon in the BoseVILLE Crest, they could be a merger with Ville's/Font-de-Ville's, which might just reveal that the latter's lion is with Tine's/Tyne's.

I have too little to say on the Swifts who share the Plunkett motto. However, as that motto led us to Tine's/Tyne's/Botville's with Festus-suspect "FesTINA," while Rays may be in the Boseville motto, it's very conspicuous that Rays share the three courant stags of Swifts. The three of Rays remind me of the three, same-colored courant horses of Pharisee-possible Freys/Phreeze's while Botville-possible Bots/Butts/Boets are suspect with the Boetus house of Sadducees. The Saddocks were first found in Sussex with Mascals (Saddock escutcheon on colors reversed) while Keiths come up as "Mascal." Keiths are of a Catti tribe while Clan Chattan uses a "bot" motto term.

My thinking is that Pepins were Paphlagonian Heneti to their beloved Aphrodite i.e. the Abruzzo line, and that Catti are from the Hatti smack in Paphlagonia. Plancia's father was Galatian, and Galatia overlaps Paphlagonia. The Laevi Gauls are simply expected with the Galatians, perhaps a chief tribe in the formation of Galatians, who arrived in-time to form HASMONeans, suspect from Galatia's AKMONia, home of the proto-Bessin Bassus'. And this line is expected from Bassania smack at the Mathis river to which I trace Mattathias the Hasmonean. Up the Mathis river, GABULeum is suspect with El-Gabal. And the Ardiaei to the near-north of Bassania are expected in a migration to the Galatians too, especially to Artemidoros, the father of grandfather Severus Bassus of Akmonia (he's not always given the Bassus surname).

So, due to my living in Pepin's house (maybe from my birth), and because proto-Pepins are expected in Abruzzo, and because the porch symbol of Pepin was pointed to by God in pointing to Pinnes, an Ardiaei king, but also because Pepin-related Merovingian royalty needs to link with Salto-rivers liners, and because Phrygia's Marsyas is in the thick of things at Akmonia, I'd say that Porch's/Portis' were from Porcius Cato of Abruzzo and the Sabina area down the Salto, and that he was a Hatti element that historians call, Hittites. Pepin of Landen married ITA, like "Hitt(ite)," of Mathis-possible Metz.

I know what it means if I was made born in Pepin Taff's house, that I was correct in pegging the household of royal Hyksos (otherwise called, Asians) with Mus at Lake Van, the proto-Masci's to my mother's line. Pepins were from the Hyksos king, Apepi, and Lake Van is in Armenia, where the Cadusii lived that named both Hattusa (Hatti capital at Galatia / Paphlagonia) and the caduceus rod of Hermes, the line to the Hermus in downtown Lydia. Mythical Atti(s), code for the Hatti, was made the father of Lydians for that reason. And Hermes' son, Pan, was from Panias, beside Daphne, the line to Pepin Taff, indicating that Apepi-line Hyksos were at Panias, the naming of the mythical Phoenix, the myth writer's code for Phoenicians. There is the bedrock of the dragon bloodline.

And because I urinated on little Pino from atop the porch railing, we take it to mythical Orion, the hunter. Let me repeat that while I recall being at {Pino's only once, even though he was my age and lived directly beside me, I happened to be at his garage where a man showed by a hunter's rifle. No coincidence. God was pointing to Orion. And he was from Boeotia, same as the CadMUS Phoenicians, who is code for a Cadusii-Mus combination to Boeotia's Thebes, where mythical Aedon was queen whose father was made, PANdareus, we get it. And Pandareus' father was Merops of Kos, the proto-Merovingians. I've got to assume, if I trust the Signs in my youth, that Orion leads to Porcius Cato.

I traced Aedon with little doubt (sufficient evidence) to France's Autun, beside Novara-like Nevers. Where Laevi lived at Novara, this is very important that Boeotians are suspect with the Sadducee house of Boetus, for it can link Nevers to Novara. And Pepins trace to Pavia, which was co-founded by Laevi and Marici. Although there is no Autun surname, Datons are said to be from Picot of Autun, and this is excellent because it's in this update only that I recognized the Pepin link to Plancia Magna, and here the Datons are using a good reflection of the Perkin Coat. Instead of the black lion of Perkins, which could very well be the Levi lion, the Datons use the same passant lion as Drinks, Dreux's and Drake's, recalling that while Pepin married Letizia with a Masci side, Leto's/Letizia's use a crane drinking.

We now trace the crane to the Ceraunii peoples (beside the Maezaei to Letizia's blood), and find that they were on the URBanus river while an ORB is used by Metz's i.e. that Pepin of Landen married. And while Urbans share the Zionist stars on a blue bend with Massena's (version of Masci Coat), Massena's use patee crosses colors reversed from the same of Datons. I'll assume that Spanish Urbans use the Macey Shield. A patee cross in Urban-star colors is use on top of the Metz orb. While Metz is in the Meuse region, and while mythical Muses were NINE women, there are nine besants in the Metz orb, including the giant besants that is the orb.

The Metz write-up suggests that they were a branch of Messers, though perhaps the two merely merged. Messers were first found in Austria with Metz's and Urbans, and the giant Messer castle is red, as is that of Spanish Felice's, first found in Nevers-possible Navarre.

Now trace the Bessin back to Bassania at the mouth of the Mathis with Metz's, and assume that the Metz besants are code for these Bassania > Bessin liners. As Masci's were of the Orion line to the Orne river through the Bessin, and as we're looking for Plancia-Magna elements in this picture note that English Messers are listed with Messier's while French Messier's/Messeys were first found in Burgundy with Mathis'. Then, Mathie's are also Magna-like MacMaghans while Irish Maghans (from "Mathuna") use three lions in the colors of the lion of Datons suspect as a red version of the Perkin lion. Datons were first found in Yorkshire with "magna"-using Walkers and Meuse's/Muse's.

It just can't be a further coincidence that Mathie's use a SCIMITAR ("emerging from an eastern CROWN") while Orion's father was from SCHIMATARi.

Schimatari elements are to the Schims/Shands/Schiens and Skene's, and to the Shins in the Newton shin BONES. The Newton Crest is an "EASTERN prince," like the EASTERN crown of scimitar-using Mathie's/Maghans. The crown is likely code for Ceraunii, for Crauns/Crane's use a crown as well as sharing the gold patee cross with Metz's. In fact, the Craun patee is in the Meuse Chief! For one, this traces Maezaei to the naming of the Meuse. As English Crone's use a black lion in their crown, as well as the Massey / Lise/Lys fleur (traces to Lissus, beside Bassania), I now suspect that the Perkin Coat closely has the Massey / Lise/Lys fleur in colors reversed. In fact, Crone's were first found in Herefordshire with the Harfords that were suspect earlier in this update with the Perkin lion! The English Harfords/Hertfords were first found in Hertfordshire with the Merovingian-liner Childs that share the colors and format of Crone's. There is a crown in the Mathie Crest with the scimitar.

As Mathie's are expected as the Mathis liners that formed Maccabees, by what coincidence do Meuse's share the six pale bars of COURTs/Coverts (same place as Bone's and Saddocks) suspect with Curtus Maccabee??? That makes the Pepin camel more suspect with Israel's Gamala. Josephus said that some Sadducee-like Sadduc character was a friend of a Gaulonite (Galatian?) from Gamala. It's known that Sadducees cropped up from the Maccabee king-priests of Israel, and so a MaccaBAEUS trace through Boii of Bononia speaks well to the Boetus house of Sadducees. The Boii of Bononia even conquered into neighboring MODENa in about 218 BC, while Mattathias Hasmonean, father of the Maccabee brothers, lived a generation later in Israel's MODI'IN. You can't help but wonder how that Boii / Modena connection to Israel took place.

The shin bones are important for the trace of Bone's to Bononia, home of the Boii, very-possibly from Boeotians/BOIOtians, making "shin bones" connectable twice to Schimatari. It expects Schimatari / Orion elements in Bologna and Boulogne and Bohemia. The ancient SHECHEMites (from SCHIMatari-like Shechem of Israel) can be expected with Levites out of Laish, for Shechemites were associates of Kenites, the people that Moses (a Levite) married. Moses was named by the Hyksos because they were from Mus. I tend to see Moses raised by the daughter of Hyksos pharaoh, Khyan, who preceded Apepi on the throne. Apepi was not Khyan's son, and I say that Khyan's first-born, the heir, was killed in the 10th plague. I say that Egyptologists have got their Egyptian dating a little wrong, deliberately perhaps, to disguise the real Exodus pharaoh.

In colors reversed, the Mathie/Maghan lion is that of Festus-suspect Faucets, likely in the "Fac et" motto phrase of the same Mathie's/Maghans. Reminder, "FESTina lente" is the Plunkett motto while Lentins/Lintons/Lantons (Child eagle) can trace well to Pepin of Landen i.e. who married Mathie-like Metz. While Childeric traces excellently to the Heneti > Veneti line at Padova, location of Este, which is in the Pepin motto, note that Lenters are listed with the Lanters (probably the Messey/Messier saltire) having the same eagle as Este's.

The LAISNEY variation of Lanters evokes the d'ISNEY term to which Disneys are traced. I looked Disneys up upon mentioning Mary Poppins, for it was produced by Walt Disney. The Disneys use a Coat reflecting that of Ardens while French Ardens are also Ardennes' while Lanters/Laisneys are said to have been from Ardennes, not far from Landen (beside the Belgian Ardennes).

The eastern price should be part-code for Prince's, who use a PINEapple, as do Pine's, and I urinated on PINO as code for Pinnes. The pineAPPLE can be part-code for Apollo liners to Apple's and Applebys, whom I see using the martlets (from Charles Martel, son of a Merovingian Pepin) of English Mountains while the last update tended to establish that French Mountains had merged with Lanters/Lenters. This is simply excellent, because "Festina LENTE" can be for the Lents (dolphins), who almost use the colors and format of English Mountains. Apollo was the chief of the Muses expected at the Meuse river, which is between Landen and Metz. Apollo was the son of Leto and therefore traces to Letizia, wife of Pepin Taff. The myth writer said (invented) that Apollo wanted to rape Daphne in the Ladon river because Leto is Latona to Romans.

Recall that Boseville's (Yorkshire, same as Meuse's, Bush's) got suspect with Tine's/BOTville's in the "fesTINA" term, for the Boseville Coat is a Coat reflection of both French Pine's and Ardens while I say that Ardons (with an 'o') use the Botter eagle. The French-pine crescent is suspect with the same of Moons (Devon, same as pineapple Pine's), from Dardanian king, Monunius I (predated Boii in Bononia by three generations), the chief suspect for forming "Hasmon" and therefore "Akmonia." Monunius II, in the time of Mattathias Hasmonean, had a daughter (Etuta) who married an Ardiaei king, Gentius, a Heneti suspect of the Genetes kind, and possibly the namer of Ghent/Gaunt (near Landen) at the end of the Lys river.

LONGARus was the father of Monunius II, and Longars/Langfords (share six pale bars with Meuse's and Courts/Coverts) are expected as a branch of, or merger with, Longfords, Landens/Landers and Langleys. Note that the Landen/Lander roosters are in the colors of the Kopple rooster for a trace to Koplik on the Clausula, between the Mathis and the Dardanians.

There is a good chance that Dardanians were from the DARdanian Trojans that can be gleaned in mythical PanDAReus. Batia was the mother of the Trojans while Bato was the brother of Monunius II. The brothers had Macedonian connections, and can therefore trace to the Pontus / Cappadocia with the Antipater > Cassander > Nysa line. Artems/Aitons (same place as Arthurs) look like they use a version of the Bato-like Bath Coat, the latter being a colors-reversed version of the Rhodes Coat while Rhodes is beside Kos, home of the Merops > Pandareus > Aedon line. Might Bato have named the Bassus out of Akmonia?

It's not surprising that Plancia, whose family served Artemis, should link to the Merovingian line between Merops of Kos and Pandareus of Ephesus, for Artemis was big in Ephesus along with her mother, Leto.

Andrew of Hungary from Pharnaces

I didn't load Lants until the day after first mentioning them above. I glean Lants with the Marsi snake (or witch?) cult: "A silver dove standing on a serpent." It's another green snake. Earlier, I had actually loaded Andrews because Mary Poppins was played by Julie Andrews, and here the Lants show the unique Andrew saltire. The Andrews named the Ross cult from Andrew I of Hungary, and the earl of Mar was near their Ross-shire. The Drummonds are known to be born directly from Andrew I, and their Tremond variation is like TERAMO, the old Aprutium in Abruzzo.

This recalls that I traced proto-Hungarians to the Ticino river before discovering that Levente was Andrew's brother. The first Drummond was Marici-like Maurice (!), whose father, George, was a son of Andrew I. The Marici co-founded Pavia/PAPia!!! Zowie. I read that Maurice was "Marot of Yorvik" (York, I assume), and Scottish Mars were first found in Yorkshire with Ross', adding support to a Marsi-Marici equation. French Maurice's (same place as Martins / Martels) use a version of the French Mar Coat, and these Maurice's share the Moray/Murray stars, yet the Maurice Coat is a good reflection of the Billet/Billiard and Hilliard/Billiard Coats, the latter first found in Yorkshire with Scottish Mars. Moray is smack at Ross-shire, which I trace to Varangian RUS that Andrew married. At his Wikipedia article, he's painted holding an orb that could be secretly for Metz's marriage to Pepin of Landen.

I didn't know until the day after writing here that Swedish Anders' share the Mar scallops...and probably the Krume crescent, for Krume's were first found in Hamburg with Drummonds. German Trips were first found in Hamburg while English Trips were first found in Kent with a branch of Welsh Maurice's while Morris', first found in Herefordshire with Welsh Maurice's, share the scaling ladder with English Trips. It's very clear that Maurice liners named the founder of Drummonds. English Morris' have a version of the Maurice lion.

MARY Poppins may have been named by God to point yet again to the Marsi. Marys (Norfolk, same as some Rieti liners) use the three Ross lions in colors reversed (and there's an umbrella in the Ross Crest...kidding). The Ross clan is said to have been subservient to MOREville's, begging whether the Mary lion is the Ville/Font-de-Ville / Herluin lion. In fact, the Herluin Shield is exactly the Mary Coat, crowns and all. Welsh Maurice's (falcon) share the rare backward-looking lion with Morells and Scottish Lise's. If the latter are sharing the double Perche chevrons, Bela may have been the line to Bellamys and Bells or vice-versa.

Andrew's other brother, Bela, was married to Helena, daughter of count Vrm of Angusta, and then the Cabbage's, with an "angustis" motto term, were first found in Northampton with these Lants (leaves) who have the Andrew cross. Beli-like Belli's were first found in Moray. Vrm is suspect in the Worms and FORMans (Edinburghshire, same as Mens'), who both use a green dragon in Crest (!), tending to assure that the Cabbage's are honoring Angusta elements, and it just so happens that Plancia's line to Plants/Planque's use cabbages. Helena-like Helens (from Hillian at Brieux near Launay!) share horse heads with Este-loving Pepins in the black color of the Este-Crest horse! Helen my tenant brought me to the Tenant surname (beside the Mens'), which shares the Chief-Shield combination of Pepin- and Poppin-beloved Mens'...and Formans!! This paragraph tends to clinch Helen with Helena of Angusta.

ZOWIE!! From a map showing Angusta's location, I was able to trace it to the TROTus river, and here I find that Trots (Berkshire) share the six pale bars of Langfords!

Lants can be suspect in anyone's "vigiLANTia" because Italian Vigils (Piedmont!) use the slit colors of Flecks and Fulke's as well as the white bend of Landens/Landers, Longfords and Langfords. As these elements were at the Bra theater, by what coincidence were the first-known Brae's/Brays (FLAX-breaker) in the same place as Lants? Did Brae's name BRIEux? Vigils (Piedmont, same as Franca's and Bra) are even in Franca colors while August is suspect with Angusta, which is not the Angustiae at the Hebros river, yet I trace Aphrodite both to the naming of the Hebros and to Abruzzo so that Angusta and Angustiae may have been related.

Italian Belli's use six pale bars in colors reversed from the six of Longfords. German Belli's use a good reflection of the Fontana Coat, which recalls that Fountains share a Coat version of the Taddei's, first found in Tuscany with Fontana's. The Bruno's of Tuscany are said to have been at Langhe. The Bello-loving Bouillons share the Taddei crosses! It's now tracing Vrm / Helena to de Bouillon's cult of satanic "Christians." The Lant cross might just be the Bouillon cross if Bouillons were Bela liners. Godfrey de Bouillon was descended from Oda of Metz about four generations back, and she was from the family that put the Otto's on the royal map, wherefore, as Godfrey's ancestry ruled Lorraine, note that the Lorraine bend is in the colors of the Otter bend. The Otters (Bellamy crescents in colors reversed) are said to be proto-Windsors, and the latter show a saltire in the colors of the Bouillon cross.

And the mother of Andrew I was "a lady from the Clan TATONy". It can explain Taddei connection to Bela liners. The impression is that Andrew's line from the Ticino was from Tuscany's Taddei's before the birth of de-Bouillon (11th century, same as Andrew). The early Hungarian king, Taksony, is suspect from "Ticino/Tessin." Yet his name is like "Tuscany" too. Taksony was Andrew's great-grandfather. The Bouillon / Taddei cross may be a form of the Tess/Teck saltire. The Tess/Teck saltire is probably the one formed by swords of Tax's/Dacks.

Now as it was at Pepin's PORCH roof that I wanted to jump off like Mary Poppins, it's interesting that the Lant cinquefoil can be the Porch/Portis cinquefoil in colors reversed. Porch's/Portis' ("PRO rege") were first found in Norfolk with Marys, and the Porch/Portis Crest has a lion with the wavy (they look wavy to me) fesses of Drummonds. Remember, Porch-like Porcius Cato was at Abruzzo / Sabina. Pavia's/Paveys were first found in Somerset, the border of which has Portishead. While PIEDmont looks like it means "foot of the mountain," Pavia's/Paveys share the Feet Coat while Foots and Fothes (and Cabbage's) use one of the three Levi chevrons.

The umbrella-like Umbers/Humbers are expected with Umbria, where Grazio's were first found who share the pomegranate with French Crispins (same place as BAR-le-Duc) while English Crispins share BARRY in the colors of the Porch/Portis barry. The Umbers and Welsh Maurice's were first found in Herefordshire, which is beside Portishead. The Morells that share the backward- / sinister-looking lion with Welsh Maurice's were first found in NorthUMBERland, and the Lise's that likewise use a backward-looking lion share the double chevrons of Clarens/Larins (the Clare chevrons too) while Crispins descended directly from Clare's. The Morells may be with the Nimo's in their "animo esto" motto term, and Nimo's were first found in Stirlingshire with Drymen of the Drummonds (descended from Maurice), and with Chappes', the latter traceable to Ottone's, first found in Umbria's Perusia along with Grazio's.

Ottone's/Otto's may have been from Otto, son of Henry the Fowler (brother of Oda of Metz), for Fowlers ("VIGILat") use a chevron in the colors of the PERCHEvron of Ottone's. Oda's nephew, Godfrey I of Hainaut, was made a ruler of Lower Lorraine under its duke, Bruno. Wondering whether this Bruno was related to Tuscany's Bruno's, I noted that Fowlers use a reflection of the Brown/Brun Coat (brown lion), while the latter use "FLOReat" as code for Florence, where Bruno's were first found along with Taddei's. I wouldn't have been wondering it if the Fowler write-up's FauFLOR location (Oxfordshire) didn't bring Florence liners to mind. The Flora's share the fleur-de-lys of Browns and Masci's while Fowlers use the Maschi lion and a chevron all in the colors and format of Maceys. The Godfrey surname uses a "libertas" motto term that is across the Chief of the Taddei-related Dino's.

Fauflor of the Fowlers is at an EvenLOAD river while Lode's are Lodders too while Lorraine was also LOTHARingia (namer after Lothar). If Evenlode was named partly after Evens/Avons (share the Eustace stag), they happen to use a lion in Fowler-lion colors. Evens/Avons (share upright, gold lion with Maurice's) were first found in Herefordshire with Maurice's. The Avon river crosses near the Herefordshire border. And while I am sure that Maurice's were from Maurice Drummond, it's very notable that Fowlers use "sapiens" while Andrews use "sapientia" (it's elusive to me as to what that's code for).

The style of tail on the Even/Avon lion makes it the lion of Dino-like Deins, and the latter's is in both colors of the upright lion of Reesors (BROWN wolf), who in-turn share the vaired cross of Ferrands, a surname from Firenze = Florence. Ferrands were first found in Yorkshire with the Mars that almost use the Brunswick lions (in Maurice-lion colors). Reesors were first found in Lincolnshire, by the Humber river. When I lived on a Reesors street, our neighbor, and fellow real-estate agent with my father, was Bruno.

The Humber can be from Umbria, where Ottone's/Otto's and Crispin-branch Grazio's were first found, and then English Crispins were first in the same place as Evenload and FauFLOR while French Crispins (Bruno bend in white?) were first found in Lorraine.

Other versions of "Fowler" include Foglers and Foghelers. I can trace this thing to the Marsi. Earlier, when seeing the Put/Potts Crest, it had the design of the Medley tiger, but I saw no connection between the two surnames. However, upon loading the Foggs and Figgs, I saw the pierced Medley / Methley stars, and was reminded that I trace the latter to Methimna and/or Mytilene, both on Lesbos, an island off the coast of Fogg-like Foca, the ancient Phocaea at Lydia's Hermus river, exactly where I expect the Marsyas Phrygians i.e. proto-Marsi. For Pan, Hermes' son, was a goat, as was Marsyas. Now, trace "Phocaea" / Foca" to lake Fucino of the Marsi. It can explain why Fuge's/Fuggers/Fuegens use the goat. The Puts/Potts had been looked up only due to the West Putford location (Devon) of Welsh Maurice's.

Drummonds named Drymen at Stirling while Stirlings share "Gang" with the Drummond motto and share a Moor head in Crest with Andrews. Gangs/Gedge's can be gleaned with the cinquefoil of "est"-using Bags (Norfolk, same as Gangs/Gedge's), and GEDge-suspect Wedge's (Watch colors) use the Fogg / Figg Shields. Foca is near the mouth of the modern GEDiz!!! Excellent. It was anciently the Hermus, and Hermons/Harmons were first found in Norfolk with Gangs/Gedge's. This makes Harfords suspect with Hermus liners. Mythical Harmonia (Cadmus' wife, snake symbol) was a version of "Hermes" (caduceus snake symbol).

Harmonia was a daughter of Ares (god of Lydia), and he was the proto-Hros/Rus, in my opinion, suspect to Rose's and Rats, both first found in Nairnshire with GEDDES! Geds, who share fish with Geddes', use a "DuRAT" motto term. Ares (Rosh) liners are expected with king Rusa of Lake Van, and that was the location of Mus in "CadMUS," and of the Nairi peoples suspect with Nairn(shire).

Methimna is suspect from ancient Modi'in, and so don't lose sight of the Maceys / Masci's / Maschi's evident in the Fowler Coat, for proto-Masci's and proto-Maccabees were with Pelops, the mythical Lydian King at (H)Eneti. I'm not sure whether this Heneti location was the Phrygian Heneti, or another location of the same name in Lydia. LESbos is suspect from Laish, and especially from mount SION at proto-Hermes' mount Hermon. Lesbos was an island of Lapiths, which included IXION. As it's known that Phocaeans co-founded Ligurians, at LACYdon, in about 700 BC, Lesbos liners are suspect at Lacydon. This location was involved with the neighboring MARSeilles, a Marsyas / Marsi entity.

Phrygians are suspect with Frogs/Frocks, who use a version of the Fogg Coat. Franks may have been called frogs as evidence of their Phrygian origins. Frigg was wife to Ottone-like Odin. It's got Fowlers written all over it.

Lacydon was suspect with LaceDAEMONian Spartans, and Hermes was made born at Arcadia, between the Pelops' proto-Masci Amazons (at Pisa) and Sparta. I trace the Lacedaemonians to the DUMNonii founders of Devon i.e. where Puts/Potts were first found. Potters (beside the Somerset Dumnonii) share the sea horse with Maurice-branch Mericks and Tokers (Devon), and, be amazed, Tokers use wavy bars in the colors of the three wavy fesses of Sea's (in the sea horses, right), while these wavy bars are those of German Drummonds, born from Maurice Drummond. Irish Morris' (Carrick dancette?) must be using a "Si" motto term for Sea's/Seighs. The "nos" motto term of Morris' can be for the Nos/Ness bloodline.

The LESbos-like Leslie's even say that their motto, "Grip Fast," is as per Maurice Drummond piloting the ship that brought princess Margaret to Scotland after she was in exile (and maybe in bed) with prince Andrew I of Hungary. And Drummonds are still suspect with the naming of Abruzzo's Teramo, which was the ancient Aprutium, from Aphrodite, who was a Heneti entity. Aphrodite was made born on Paphlagonia-suspect Paphos, on Cyprus, location also of Lapithus.

Fowlers were first found in Wiltshire, and while Dumnonii are said to have founded Devon (Daphne-suspect) and Somerset, Wiltshire is beside Somerset. Wiltshire is at the Salisbury Plain while Salisburys (probably Salto liners) use the lion of Abreu's/Abruzzo's, and it just so happens that this is the Maurice lion too. It starts to clinch Fowlers with lake Fucino elements.

Sea's and Foggs were first found in Kent, where Maurice ap Morgan put out a branch, and it's his son who is said to have been at "Chuston" (spelling mistake?) and West Putford (at Bideford). I can find no Chuston location, but there is a Churston Ferrers in Devon. CHURSton can be suspect with the Somerset Courcys, from Corsica, the large island off the Ligurian Coast. The Courcy eagles are highly suspect with the same of Tarents, for Courcys were at Stoke while the Trents of Somerset were probably to the Stoke location on the Trent river. This was the line of Aulus Terentius Varro Murena, whom I trace to Wallis canton, land of SION/Sitten. The Wallis-liner Walsers use a Marsyas-suspect goat and MeluSINE, suspect with the Marsi snake cult, for she originally had a snake's tail. Sions are also SINE's.

As Merovingians are suspect from Marsi elements, or at least from the Salto river, note that I always link the Tarents to the Child Coat.

Melusine is giant in the Coat of Lapith-like Lapps, and as Fowlers are suspect from Foca, on-shore from Lapiths of Lesbos, by what coincidence were Lapps first found in Wiltshire with Lapps. The Drakenberg Vere's claim that Melusine was a Vere, and that she was on Avalon (like "Apollo"), which in Arthurian myth was given nine witches, the number of Apollo's Muses, and the chief witch was Morgan le Fay. Note Maurice ap Morgan, therefore.

It's interesting that while Foggs share a version of the Frock/Frog Coat, Froggits were first found in Derbyshire with Churston-like Cursons (POPPINjays). And Ferrers share the white unicorn in Crest with Foggs. If, therefore, Fowlers (Foghlers) were at / or Churston Ferrers, it's notable that Courcy-like Church's, in the colors and format of Foggs, were first found in Somerset with Courcys. Church's look linkable to Ligurian-suspect Licks/Lucks. As Fowlers are expected from Henry Fowler, father of emperor Otto, it's notable that Foggs and Figgs share the annulet with Ottone's/Otto's. Foggs and Figgs share pierced stars with Fogheler-like Fuggle's/FOWLs (Devon again), which looks like a clinching of Fowlers with Foggs.

Aha! While Wedge's share the Fogg Coat, Gediz-suspect Gangs/Gedge's share the Bag cinquefoils (colors reversed), and Bags share the Grimaldi Shield while "frock" is a code in the Grimaldi write-up.

While Churston Ferrers is at Brixham, the Brix's/Brests share the lozenges of Corsons/Carsons (scimitar). The first-known Corson/Carson member was MORRIS Carson of Dumfries, and this surname shares one of the Put/Potts fesse. The Bells, first found in DumFRIES too, share the Corson/Carson fesse, making Bells and Bellamys suspect from king Bela. French Bells/Labels share the crescent of Corsons/Carsons and Swedish Anders. This is the Falcon crescent too while Fowlers use the falcon. As Annandale is in Dumfries, the Andrea's and Andersons can be suspect with the Annandale saltire, especially as Andrews are said to have moved into that area.

The Annandale Coat is shared by Hermus- / Harmon-like Ermine's/Hermine's.

If we ask why FOWLers use the OWL, the HOWELLs (Abreu tower?) of Monmouthshire look good, as that place is not only near the first-known Fowlers, but Monmouthshire is where Fane's/Vans were first found who share the Macey gauntlet while being from Fano, beside the first-known Maschi's (same lion as Fowlers). MORE, for while Powells are said to be a Howell branch (I don't agree, I see a merger instead), Fuggle's are also Phowels! It's about clinched Fowlers with Foggs.

PoppinJAYS look like code for a Pepin-relationship with Jays, the latter first found in Herefordshire with Maurice's. In colors reversed, the poppinjays on a bend (of Cursons) would be in the colors of the Pepin / Pipe fleur on a bend. Pipe's were first found in Staffordshire with the Ferrers' expected at BRIXham. The Cursons use a "Let" motto term while Letts use organ pipes.

I claimed that God set up the rock fight between Robert Powell and myself at age 13. We had just passed the house of Miss Whelan at the corner of Reesors and Corsen, when one of us lobbed a rock at the other, and this went on for a few tosses. Whelans and Bricks use the BRIX and Corsen lozenges in colors reversed. We both lived on Reesors, and his house backed up on Sherwood forest. Sherwoods, first found in Durham with Puts/Potts', share the Coat of Varangian- / D'Avranches-suspect Branch's. Seven years later, after moving away for seven years, I would meet Miss Whelan for the first time, and date her.

God might even have named Robert because English Roberts use three stars on a chevron in the colors of the three crosses on the same-colored chevron of Fowlers. Besides, Welsh Roberts share the Powell lion. It therefore makes Fowlers expected in the royal Robertian (Worms) line to Capetians. French Roberts (same lion as the Cheshire Propers/Robins/Roberts) were first found in Burgundy with Mars' while using almost the Scottish-Mar lion. The Robert lion is a passant version of the Maurice / Morris lion.

Fane's are also Fiens while same-colored Fiens/Finis' (Kent, same as English Evers/Hephers) share the Petit lion. I trace Finis' to Finistere (near Vannes), the Brittany area where Brix-liner Brest is found, but let's repeat that Bricks use the Massey fleur because Mr. Briquessart was the father of the first Meschins.

Churston now looks like the Lapith line of Coronis. If you see the arrangement of the Cecil lions, it's like the six horseshoes of Ferrers', then note Coronis elements in the Cecil motto while Cecils share black shields with Correns, a branch of Corrys/Currys who in-turn share the Tess/Teck saltire for a trace to the Ticino. Correns happen to use a parrot while the Brittany Perrots (at Launay, related to Brest) share the PUTER eagle. As LANTs (same place as POTTERs) started this section, note that PATRicks/Patris' use roses in Potter colors while being from Patrick of La LANDE. The Ticino-river Pierro's/Pero's are Petris' too, and I trace Coronis to PATmos. Suddenly, to my surprise, Potters look to be from the Antipater > Cassander line to the wife (Nysa) of Pharnaces.

Fuggle's are interesting where their motto is suspect with Ostens / Austins, for the latter share black lion paws with Bedfords/BIDEFORDS (and Palins, beside Fowlers), who share the black border with Pharnaces-line Parrs and Furnace's. The Putford location of Maurice's is at Bideford. Portuguese Austins (there are Portuguese Abreu's) use three of the two Put/Potts fesses (hmm, four such fesses are used by Lepage's that come up as "Lapp"). "Corona" is a motto term of Scottish Austins. Austins probably use the chevron of black-lion-paw Quints. As Os-like Oxfords share the three fesses of Portuguese Austins, the latter with Ostens may have been Oxford liners.

Coronis' son (Asclepios) with Apollo had a snake symbol, and she is highly suspect with mythical Cyrene, the crow line to Cyrene in North Africa, home of the Muse-likely Meshwesh/Mazyes', whom I see behind the MASSYLii/Maesulians Numidians that birthed king Massena/Massinissa/Masensen. He was preceded on the Numidian throne by LACUmazes, perfect for tracing to LACYdon, where Phocaeans founded Ligurians along with MASSILia (later called Marseilles). Massena had a strong alliance with general SCIPio, leading to the marriage of Meschins to the SKIPtons, who share the purple lion with LACY's (Yorkshire, same as Skiptons).

The three fesses of Austins are shared by Stouts, the latter first found in Cambridgeshire with Quintus-Caepio liners and Figgs (version of the Fogg Coat). The three Austin fesses are in colors reversed from the same of Changers, who are in-turn in the motto of the Cambridgeshire Stanleys/Stoneleys, who use a Coat version of the Lesbos-possible Leslie's. I say that Stanleys were Ligurian-liner Sithones to Odin's Sitones, through Sion/Sitten. Stone's, first found in Cornwall with Puters (share spread eagles with Stone's / Stoners), look connectable to both Courcy Coats. Changers were first found in Hampshire with Potters.

At this point, we can add that while Drummonds were born from Andrew, they were at Stirlingshire with the first-known Scottish Chappes' (Caepio suspects) while Ottone's/Otto's share the tall perchevron of French Chappes'. Capone's were first found in Cambridgeshire with Jeune's, the latter sharing the Pepin fleur, but as Chapmans were likewise first found in Cambridgeshire, note that they share a white perchevron with Chappes / Ottone's/Otto's. Why do we think Pepins should link to Henry Fowler?

The Stout vikings could have been Varangians, and here we can add that prince Andrew I, before he became the Hungarian king, was under the protection of the Kiev Varangians.

If I'm correct in pegging Lesbos' Methimna as a Modi'in line, I've got to link that city with Methoni, which was made the mythical daughter of Oeneus, whom I trace to Levites at LESbos-suspect Laish.

Again, Fowlers share a white-on-blue chevron with Ottone's/Otto's while Henry Fowler was father to Otto. The "vigiLAT" motto term of Fowlers is suspect with Lats/Letts, first found in Gloucestershire (beside the Fowlers of Wiltshire) with the Stevens/Stephens (from king Stephen of Hungary?) who share a reflection of the Fowler Coat, and a perchevron (same colors) with Ottone's/Otto's. I see the Stevenson Coat linkable to the Provence Coat (Burgundy, same as same-colored Mars), and then Andrea's were first found in Provence while the Andrews and Andrea's share the red-on-gold saltire, colors reversed from the Lat/Lett saltire. It makes Andrea's and Andersons suspect with Andrew of Hungary, for Andrea's likely use the Anderson saltire. And we get hint that Andrew was linked to Henry Fowler. Andersons use a "Stand" motto term suspect with STANs/Stands. Stevens share the falcon with Welsh Maurice's.

While I haven't checked to see, there's a good chance that Oda of Metz (she married Metz), Henry Fowler's sister, traces back to the Pepin marriage to Oda-like Ida/Oda of Metz, and then the Lats/Letts, suspect in the Fowler motto, use organ pipes while Pipe's use the Pepin Coat. Moreover, Wikipedia's article on Andrew I has him holding the Vatican orb, and the Metz surname calls its giant besants an orb. Pipe's are said to have been at UTTOxeter (Staffordshire).

When the first Scottish Leslie (Bartholomew) arrived from Hungary with Maurice Drummond and princess Margaret, he married the sister of king Malcolm, the one who married princess Margaret. And the "petit" motto term of Malcolms can be for the Petits, first found in Burgundy with Maurice-suspect Mars. The latter share the scallops of camel-using Pattersons/Casane's, and then Pepins use the camel too. Were Petits a Patterson branch? The Pettys share the Fast quadrants while Leslie's use "Grip FAST."

Scottish Pattersons were first found in Ross-shire, which was named by the Ross clan said to be derived from a mysterious Andrew. It's not a mystery to me. And as Ross-shire is with the Rose's and Rats, we can trace Ross to Ares elements at the Gediz river. There is an online article of the Geds of the Nith river in 400 AD, who are said to have evolved into Geddes of Nairnshire, and the Nith was home to Patterson-branch Kilpatricks.

Tiger-like Tagerts share the owl with Fowlers, and were first found at Ross-shire. Tagerts share "non vi" with Chives', first found at Tarves, near Ross-shire. TARVISium is also Treviso while Travis'/Travers use another tiger. Therefore, Tagerts are to be expected from Caiaphas liners through Tigranes Maccabee.

The Petit lion is in Fowler- / Maschi lion colors while the same Meschins who married Skiptons also married Malcolm's grandson, William fitz-Duncan: "William...married Alice de Rumilly, daughter of William Meschin. By the latter, he had a son, also called William (William of Egremont or William the Atheling), who died in 1160, and a daughter Cicely, Lady of Skipton, who married William le Gros, 1st Earl of Albemarle." Margaret was herself an Atheling, and Athols were first found in Perthshire with Drummonds. Romily is near Eure while Eure's are Evers (branch of Vere's) while Evens/Avons share the Petit lion while Rumillys use the motto, "PerseVERE."

Above, I initially mispelled "Pharnaces" above as "Pharances," and wondered if Francis' were Pharnaces liners. Scottish Frances' (Derbyshire) are in Parr colors while sharing a tree stump in Crest with Welsh Maurice's. This is interesting where Irish Leslie's share the blue wing with Albini's while the latter use a version of the French Maurice Coat. Scottish Francis' use blue eagles i.e. with blue wings. The Albini quadrants are colors reversed from the same of Fasts in the Leslie motto. Petit-like Pettys use the same quadrants. French Maurice's have the colors and format of Mars so that the Martins (Gascony, same as Maurice's) can apply who share the Ness/Nessan fesses. And so the evidence builds that Maurice's / Drummonds were from Pharnaces.

I trace "Drummond" to "THERModon," at the Pontus, where Pharnaces ruled. And German Drummonds were first found in the same place as Nysa-line Nissans, who in-turn share the double fesses of Parrs, while these, in colors reversed, are the Drummond fesses! Zikers. Pharnaces traces to Maurice Drummond, but how? By his mother or father? His mother is suspect with a women from Podebrady, Bohemia, for this is who his father (George) is said to have married.

[Hours after writing here, I was asking who else might be a Francis liner, which brought Frane's (Shropshire, beside the Francis') to mind who happen to share the black border with Furnace's and Parrs. French Frane's are also Franez'. While it's Maurice's whom I assume were at Churston-Ferrers, Frane-line Ferrans share horseshoes with Ferrers, and Spanish Ferrans throw in the Maurice / Morris lion. Remember, Maurice's were at Bideford while Bidefords/Bedfords share a black border too. It's becoming clearer that Drummonds were from Pharnaces. This is when Franz's (goat) were looked up to find them sharing four annulets in the same positioning, as Froggs/Frocks.]

"Froggit" is like "BROGITarus, who's son conquered Derbe. While Froggits were first found in Derbyshire with Scottish Francis', Froggits use a parrot with a "bunch" of cherries while Bunch's (share stork with Petts/PERTs and PUTnams/Puttenhams) were first found in PERTHshire with Scottish Drummonds. The Cherrys (same place as Froggits) share annulets with Foggs and Froggs/Frocks. It's all connecting to lake Fucino, and this is roughly or exactly where I trace Merovingians, who are said to have been the first Franks, now making Franks (and Varangi) suspect from "PHARNACes"!

Both France surnames share the Maurice lion, and English France's were first found in Lancashire with Furnace's and Parrs. Amazing, an entire country, by the looks of it, from Pharnaces.

Varangians were from the Varni (1st century AD), at the Hamburg theater, where German Drummonds were first found. Makes sense. Shoe-using Trips were first found there too, and so the Ferrari / Ferrer horseSHOEs may be play on a Trip-liner merger with Shoe's/Schuchs. As Puts/Potts share double fesses (different colors) with Nissans and Parrs, might they have named PODEbrady? German Franks were first found in Bohemia, and, zowie, these Franks use a column while Malcolms are Columns! Malcolm III was closely involved with Drummonds and Leslie's, and he married the Andrew-acquainted Margaret who was in the protection of the Kiev Varangians (they furnished Andrew's wife).

Proto-Bohemians were in the same place as Panico's that use the label for Labels/La Bells, who proved to be from Bela, by all appearances. At that time, Andrea's and Andersons entered the topic as per Bells being at Annandale.

The other German Franks use the same saltire as Andrew-line Andrea's, and Danish Anders use a vertically-split Shield in the colors of the vertically-split man in the Albini Coat (holds an EVERgreen tree). West Putford (near Cornwall border) is beside Barnstaple, where Albins/Aubins lived that were from Abruzzo-line EVReux. Italian Albino's were at Modi'in-suspect Modena. As an 'f' converts often to a 'v' while the latter often converts to a 'b," note how "Putford' could be from "Podebrady."

With German Franks now suspect with the wife of George, son of Andrew I and his Varangian wife, it's conspicuous that English George's (Dorset) use one fesse in the colors of the two Parr fesses. English George's share the blue dove with Wessels/Waistells while German Wessels use the Casimir antler (it's the Veringer antler) in colors reversed while Casimir I of Poland married the Varangians of Kiev. At his Wikipedia article, Casimir holds the Vatican orb, as does Andrew I at his article. And lookie: "[Casimir] was the only son of Mieszko II Lambert by his wife Richeza, daughter of Count Palatine Ezzo of Lotharingia (of the Ezzonids) and granddaughter of Emperor Otto II." It looks like Oda of orb-using Metz was ancestral to Casimir, which recalls that Mieszko's ancestry in the mythical Goplo mouse tower goes back to mythical Popiel, a Pepin suspect.

I had read that Bela married Helen of Angusta, but he also married the mouse tower: "Exiled from Hungary, Andrew and his brothers settled in the court of Duke Oldrich of Bohemia (r. 10121033). Here they came across King Mieszko II of Poland (r. 10251031, 10321034) who likewise took refuge in Bohemia after his opponents had expelled him from his kingdom. The Polish monarch regained his crown and returned to Poland in 1032. Andrew, Bela and Levente, whose 'condition of life was poor and mean' in Bohemia, followed Mieszko II who received them 'kindly and honourably' in Poland. After the youngest among them, Bela, married a daughter of Mieszko II, Andrew and Levente decided to depart from Poland..." (Wikipedia's Andrew article).

Did descendants of George, father of Drummonds, produce a surname? Belgian George's share the same bend as Bohemia-suspect Bohuns/Bone's, in colors reversed from the Bode fesse, in case Bode's apply to Podebrady liners. Bohuns/Bone's were first found in Sussex, as with Puttens. English Bode's are with Botters, same place as Potters. Puts/Potts are said to have had an ancient Mr. Pote, and Pote's/Pots' share a blue fesse with George's. Casimir's children included Otto and Swietoslawa of Bohemia (she married the duke of Bohemia). Bovuns/Bevans (more annulets) were first found in the same place as Maurice's and Morris', and Dutch Bovens use capital A's with red horns, the color of the Wessel horn. The 'A' is suggesting Andrew, father of George, and the George surname sharing the blue Wessel doves.

Sweits/Sweets (very traceable to a Polish Swietoslawa) were first found beside the Fuggle's/Fowls, and the two share the same-colored stars in their Chiefs. The latter are the ones with Osten-like motto terms while I shared an apartment with Mr. OOSTYEN, a Dutchman who went to work at Whistler mountain. Whistlers are listed with Wissels, first found in Somerset with Sweits/Sweets. Again, Bedfords share the black border with Furnace's, Parrs and Frane's, and black lion paws with Austins/Ostians, first found in Bedfordshire.

Fuggle's, first found in Devon with Ash's (share "non" with Fuggle's and Ashtons), share the stars in Chief of Ashburns (Derbyshire, location of Ash). Ash's use two of the Fuggle chevron. The cockaTRICE of Ash's must be part-code for the neighboring Trice's (share the Ashburn / Fuggle stars), who might be in the "VicTRIX" motto of Andrews.

Repeat: "Sherwoods, first found in Durham with Puts/Potts', share the Coat of Varangian- / D'Avranches-suspect Branch's." I claimed that little Andrea (ten years of age when she was in my class) was used by God for surname-related Signs, and then discovered that Anderson use the motto, "Stand SURE" while Sure's are listed with SHORE's (same chevron as Sherwoods) while Andrea lived on Shoreham. Sherwoods (same stars as Andersons) can apply, and their SCIREwode location can bring the Shere's/Shire's (Furnace dog?) and Schere's/Scherfs into this Andrew-Varangian picture.

As I said, Powell and I had a rock fight while his house backed up on Sherwood forest. Powells, suspect with Phowels/Fuggle's/Fowls, were at least related to Howells, who use the tower of Italian Andrea's in colors reversed. And Fuggle's/Fowls share the Sherwood / Sure chevron. Andrea was at my 11th birthday party as a Sign. We wore pointed birthday hats and blew birthday WHISTLE's while Whistle's/Wissels are expected as a branch of the Casimir-related Wessels. Pointed hats were worn by Phrygians while "Andrea" is suspect with "Heneti," who lived in Phrygia. For example, mythical Perseus, likely from the Parthenius river of the Heneti, married ANDRomeda. Heneti were depicted by mythical ANTENor, and English Antons (goat head possibly for Marsyas Phrygians) share the red leopard face with the Bohemian Franks, the latter sharing the Anderson saltire. Italian Andrea's were first found beside the Heneti line to Veneti.

Casimir's wife, DOBRoniega, smacks of DOBRawa, a wife of Mieszko I. Dobers share the bend of Belgian George's, and Dobers thrown in griffins in the colors of the giant Berta griffin. I trace Berta's to Berthe (wife of Mummolin), suspect with Andrea's appearance at my BIRTHday PARTY. As if to confirm that the party was itself a code, Pertuis is a location (Durance river) that was in historical Provence (Andrea's were first found in Provence). It just so happens that Partons were found in the last few weeks as a Pharnaces line, and it's interesting that Partys share the checks of Pavers while Marici co-founders of Pavia are expected with Marks who share checks on a fesse with Partys.

Partridge's/Patridge's share a Shield of checks in the colors of the same of Pepoli's (Bononia, home of proto-Bohemians), and Partridge's share the Chief-Shield colors of Pepin-liner Poppins and Mens'. The same checkered Shield is used by Spanish Majors of Novara-suspect Navarre. The Pavia's/Paveys use a Coat like that of Bunch's, in the bunch of cherries of Froggits, and cherries are in use with Misers that could have named the Miserden location of Partridge's/Patridge's. If PATridge's came first, they could be Antipater > Nysa liners that then named Partridge's after Pharnaces' Petris / Pater / etc. liners. Partridges are used by Chards whose Coat somewhat reflects that of Close's/Clovse's (related to KilPatricks), the latter first found in Lancashire with Partons, Parrs and Furnace's. Clovse's suggest Clovis, and he was the son of the first Merovingian / Frank king now suspect with Pharnaces. Watch how this discussion leads to the Salto river of proto-Merovingians.

Kilpatricks (Closeburn) share "sure" with Andersons, and are related to Shere's/Shire's. Johnstone's use the Kilpatrick Coat with the Close/Clovse spur, and throw in a "PARATus" motto term. Moreover, the Johnstone Coat is a good reflection of the Partridge Coat. Reminder: Marsi could have reached the imperial family at Rieti, where the Arms uses a "PRATus" motto term. Belgian Pratts share the Andrea / Stacey saltire. Staceys are a Eustace branch from Eustace II at the Belgian border along with Avezzano-liner Avesnes. As the Close/Clovse Coat (probably the Macey Shield) is a reflection of the Fowler Coat, the PATee crosses on the Fowler chevron look relevant.

After writing the paragraph above, Morris' were loaded and placed with Maurice's earlier in this discussion. That's when the Gallus lion came to mind, for it's the Maurice / Morris lion, and I know for a fact that Gallus' are in code with Gallus Anonymous, the writer of Goplo mythology. That's because German Gallus' share the rooster of Goplo-line Kopple's. And when seeing the bendy of German Gallus', it was found to be a colors-reversed version of the bendy of Italian Andrea's who throw in the Gallus lion. In this way, heraldry confirms that line of Andrew I went through the Mieszko Poles. English Galleys even share the Pepoli checks, though on a fesse. It's likely the Pepin horse head that's got bendy in the Galley Crest. Gallus-rooster liners give the impression of being Gay / Galli liners from Gaia/Galla, father of king Massina.

Morrisons share the cross of Rats/Raids (an appropriate name for Varangian vikings), first found in Nairnshire with the Rose clan, beside Ross-shire. Therefore, we add Morrisons to the list of Maurice-Drummond suspects. Both Scottish Morrisons use the dagger, and the "Dun Eistein" motto term suggests Eystein, Rollo's father. It's impressive that Morrisons just came to mind while viewing the Fortuna surnames, as per the "fortuna" motto term of Scottish Andrews (Caithness, viking area), for Rollo's happen to use that motto term. The Morrison cross looks like the Elias / Elis cross, but it could just as well be that of Thomas', from Thomas of Saluzzo, father of Elis-like Alice, who married the FitzAlans of Clun (Shropshire) while Cluns, first found in Perthshire with Drummonds and Rollo's, use the Saluzzo Coat.

Eystein and Rollo were at MORE while Rats/Raids were beside Moray. I've always have the suspicion that these Rollo's Danes were at Moray, and it had not to do with the fact that Rollo's and Morays share "tout." Rollo's use "PAR trout." Morays use "Tout Pret" while Pretts (Staffordshire) look like Roberts, from Robert of Stafford whom you will see below in the Pettys write-up. That makes Pretts suspect with Perts/Petts, and with Perthshire. The Sutherlands say that their stars are the Moray stars, and the Sutherland stars are in both colors of the Prett stars.

Royal Robertians were from Worms, like "Vrm" of Angusta, suspect with quasi-mythical GORM, a Danish king to which Rollo can trace. FORMans share the green dragon of Worms but also share the Robert lion between two anchors while Anchors/Annackers (Pert/Pett lozenges?) are suspect with Annas' and Angus'. Formans were first found at Edinburghshire, beside the Sinclairs that share the Morrison cross. It just so happens that while Maurice Drummond brought the Hungarians to Scotland that came with princess Margaret, her cup bearer was Henry Sinclair of Roslin, six miles from Edinburgh. And that family had other Henrys, possibly after Henry Fowler.

As Maurice's father is said to have married Bohemia, that was beside Moravia, which may indicate that George's wife was at least part Moravian, explaining "MAURice." Moravia is said to have been named around 800 AD, just as Moravia-like Merovingians were being crushed by Carolingians. I assume that they fled to Bohemia and settled in what they called, Moravia, and perhaps this had to do with their ties to king Andrew or George himself. Rollo predated Andrew, but by a generation only. Morays are said to be from "MacANGUS de Moravia," which strongly plays to Vrm of Angusta because one writer claims that his daughter married Andrew's brother. As he was Beli, note that Scottish Belli's/Bellys, first found at Moray, share the Moor head with Andrews and Bello-loving Bouillons.

So, if Maurice was a Merovingian, he can trace to the Marsi with them, and the earl of Mar was at Angus, perfect. The Mar lions are almost the Forman / Robert / Prett lion. Noels/Knowles were first found in Staffordshire with Robert of Stafford while French Noels (could be the Label/La Bell crescents) share a version of the French Mar Coat, and the latter were first found in Burgundy with French Roberts, and it's the latter who share the lion of Moray-beloved Pretts. Noels entered the discussion with Felice of Nola, and one Felice/Felix surname shares the Moray stars. Nola's share the Scottish-Mar lion, and Mars operated out of KilDRUMMy castle.

Felice was loved in Picenze while the line of Justine of PICENum was first found in Perthshire with Rollo's and the line of Maurice Drummond. I claimed that mythical king Arthur was a Merovingian entity in Britain, and one myth writer placed his death on Avalon, suspect from Monte Velino, on my atlas some 10 or 20 miles from Picenze. As Velino is about 10 miles from the Salto river, I can now trace it's name to Volleys/Velis/Vails because they share the eagles and bend of neighboring Saltons/Saltans, first found in Yorkshire with Scottish Mars.

This just floors me. Joel went to Europe last year to watch the European VOLLEYball championships with a Brazilian reporter, and on their drive across Italy, they dropped off in Picenze. The Brazile Coat is essentially the Robert / Prett lion under discussion.

Velins use ducks in Volley/Velis colors, and they look linkable to Valentinian liners i.e. married Justice of Picenum. It could indicate that Valentinian's ancestry was from the namers of Velino.

By the way, while Merovingians were at first Salian Franks, Salians are listed with Salemans while I just saw a Sulmona location in Abruzzo. Salians/Salemans use the spread Sultan / Volley/Velis eagles in colors reversed.

Sometimes I get the impression that heraldic write-ups were from in-the-know individuals who lie openly in derivations but use definitions they know to apply to a surname's relatives. For example, Salemans/Salians/SELhams, which can be a branch of Sellers (same place as Cups/Cope's) because the latter use Child colors and format, are said to derive in "homestead by a COPSE of sallow trees." Who in his right mind uses "copse" for a definition like that...unless it's code for Cops', a branch of Cups/Cope's in the cups of Sellers? And there is a Sallow Coat suspect with the Julian pale bars (different colors) because Volleys/Velis share the Julian cross while Joels/Jewels are likely Julian liners. Keep the Brazile's/Braswells in mind because the Sallow pale bars are those (both colors) of Longfords, a branch of which named Langhe, at Bra. God constantly keeps me amazed in the way he's operated this revelation.

Sallows (same place as Clun) can be gleaned with the swallows of Arundels (and Swallows), and therefore the Sallows trace to Saluzzo (beside Busca while Bush's/Buschs share the Saleman/Salian eagles). It's the FitzAlan rulers of Arundel that married Alice of Saluzzo, and while their Arun location is in Sussex, the Salemans/Salian write-up suggests a trace to Selham in Sussex.

Arun-suspect Arens/Aarons use clouds while McLeods/Clouds use the FLAG while Brays/Brae's use a FLAX breaker while Morrisons were first found on Louise-like Lewis, home of McLeods. Didn't we just trace Morrisons to Maurice Drummond, from the Merovingians of the Marsi area, which covered Monte Velino? And Felice of Nola was near Avellino. Noels/Knowles' share a fretty Shield with Caesar's Cotta line.

What do we suppose the ducks of Velino-like Velins are code for? We could expect the Duck surname with "TICino," which, if correct, tends to identify their red-on-gold lion heads with the same-colored lion of French Marcus. Ducks (Logan/Duck colors) happen to share the Sutherland / Prett stars for a trace to Moray elements. Mackays of Sutherland, who share the dagger with Morrisons, use the colors and format of French Mars and French Noels. The Saracen heads of Morrisons are wreathed, and Mackays use the wreath. This is a good place to repeat that this Mackesy Coat uses the green snake now tracing to the Marsi snake cult. As Margesons (same place as Arun) come up as "Mackesy," I assume that the line of queen Margaret (of Malcolm) had hooked up with the line of king Maccus of the Scottish Isles. They are highly suspect with the raven vikings because Margys/Mackeys use the raven, and while I trace these Stout vikings to Stuttgart on the NECKar river, the Saracen heads are said to be "conJOINed to one neck". Joiners (cups) share a version of the Mackay Coat. However, I don't think I've nailed Margys and Margesons to queen Margaret, though Marsi liners to Malcolm is a likeliness.

The Logans/Ducks are said to have had a Leochain sept that migrated across the Shannon river. Shannons are the Shanahans with the "black demi dog." Scottish Shannons (same bend as the Irish branch) use the full black dog, and happen to have a Duck-like "duce" motto term. Duce's use lions in Duck-lion colors, and they happen to be two lions in pale, same as Scottish Mars! That's excellent for making the Marsi-Marici equation while also helping to confirm what's not yet clinched, that Duck- and Deck-like terms are really after "Ticino." As Duce's were first found in Staffordshire with Robert of Stafford, the Duce lions can be the Robert / Forman/Forham lion in colors reversed.

It dawns on me here that Welsh Roberts are using the horizontally-split-Shield of Fords in colors-reversed, for the Roberts have HOWELL of LLangedwyn in their ancestry while Fords use the OWL. Langdowns are with Landons, and I insisted, several years ago, that Alans of Langhe, out of Forum Allieni, were the line to Brunswick, and here I can add that the two Duce lions in pale are the two Brunswick lions in pale in colors reversed, meaning also that the Brunswick lion is the French-Robert and Forman lion.

The Welsh-Robert lion is also the Powell lion while Powells were at least Howell kin. Powells use the split Shield of Fords in the same colors! This is evidence that both Roberts and Powells (suspect with the Palin/Pawley lion) are Pharnaces liners of the Furnace kind. It recalls Robert Powell at Sherwood forest. The Powell write-up suggests that they use the lion of Welsh Phillips "(DUCit"). As Duck liners are expected from Velino (Marsi theater), by what coincidence do French Phillips use the colors and format of French Mars?

As French Roberts share the blue vair in Chief with Quints, and because the black lion paw of Quints can be resolved with the Palin lion, the Powells (a Palin branch in my eyes) apply to Quintus Caepio (possibly named after Cappadocia, where Pharnaces' daughter was queen). And while Powells were first found in BRECONshire while Brecons (Angus, beside the Perthshire location of Pontius Pilate's mother) use piles, it's notable that French Pile's/Pilots share the giant Powell / Palin lion. This is excellent for helping to confirm that PONTIUS Pilate was from Pharnaces' Pontus elements. Perthshire and Angus are near the Firth of Forth suspect with Ford liners.

Lest you've forgotten, Fords share a black-on-white dog within a black border with Furnace's. Fords and Forts can be alternatively from the Forez mountains near Mont Pilate. The Mars (Burgundy, same as Pilate's) are expected as using Pilate colors and format for being merged with them. It just so happens that while Salisburys can be confirmed with the Abreu/Abruzzo lions, the Salisbury Crest shares white lions combatant with the Forez Crest. Salisburys were at Wiltshire with owl-using Fowlers. How close was the Fowler owl with the Ford owl?

The "Tout travers" motto term of Forez's brings us to Travers, who share three white scallops with the Burgundy Mars while the Forez mountains may have been within Burgundy. The Travers share the motto, and the colors and format too, of Buckleys, who are from Buxentum, and PALINurus, where Palins, and therefore Pile's/Pilots trace. Buxentum was also PYXus, and the mother of Pilate is said to have been a PICT of Perthshire, which I firmly believe due to heraldic verifications.

As Fords use the owl that's linkable to Pilate-related Powells, let me repeat: "Tiger-like Tagerts share the owl with Fowlers, and were first found at Ross-shire. Tagerts share "non vi" with Chives', first found at Tarves, near Ross-shire. TARVISium is also Treviso while Travis'/Travers use another tiger. Therefore, Tagerts are to be expected from Caiaphas liners through Tigranes Maccabee." Tigranes was king of Armenia, beside the Pontus.

Owl-suspect Howells use the Thor/Tour Coat in colors reversed, and Turins/Thurins (share "fortuna" with Andrews) were near or at Tarves because Chives-liner Chivasso is near Turin (Piedmont). Turins/Thurins use a version of the Otter/Other Coat (Seaton crescents in colors reversed) while Balfours (share Seaton motto term) use the otter. Tarves is near Buchan, another Buxentum line in the land of Picts.

As Pilate is now suspect from Pharnaces, it's notable that the Buckley and Travers chevron is shared by Forneys/Fornier's. As this chevron is colors reversed from that of BalFOURs, who use a "FORward" motto term, these could be Forez / Ford liners, Seatons "use "forward" and were on the south side of the Firth of Forth. Balfours were first found at Fife (north side of Firth of Forth), beside Angus (location of the earl of Mar). The Valentinian-related Cibalds were of Fife.

Otters can be expected with Fowler > Otto line, and perhaps Ottone's/Otto's apply. The Otone's/Oltens, first found in Cheshire with Atons/Hattins (Avison Shield?), share the Odin lion, and Oddie's (Yorkshire, same as Odins) share the Great saltire in colors reversed for a trace to Gratian, father of Valentinian, who married Picenzo-suspect Picenum. And while Picenze loved Felice of Nola, the Felix's (compare with Nolls) use quadrants colors reversed from those of both Otone's/Oltens and English Forts (probably the Martin castle, for Martins were first found in Gascony with French Forts). English Forts were first found in Lancashire with Furnace's, and, by the way, in case Forts were Ferrari's, note how "Pharnaces" could have named the Pharisees.

The Aton/Hattin motto is shared by Vince's/Vinch's, and the "sibi" motto term tends to be for Cibalae, otherwise called, VINKovci, Valentinian's birthplace. If Atons/Hattons are with the Avison Shield, it's a trace to Avezzano, smack near Velino. As Greats share the Nagle/Nail/NEIL saltire, note the "NIL conscire sibi" motto of Atons/Hattons. It now makes the Nola cross look like the HADDINgton cross, and, indeed, Atons/Hattons come up as "Hatting." It's been years since toying with a "Keith" (of Haddingtonshire) trace to Cheatle's of Cheshire, and here we are finding what look like Haddingtons (Cheatle colors) in Cheshire. The Atons/Hatton Crest shares a stag with the Keith stag, and the Aton/Hatton stag is that of Noels. As Keiths are said to be of a Catti tribe, Porcius Cato of Abruzzo upbringing comes to mind. Keiths come up as "Mascal" while Mascals share the white elephant in Crest with English Nolls. Perfect (piece to the puzzle).

As Wedge's share the Aton/Hatton motto while tracing very well with Gedge's to the Gediz = Hermus river, let me repeat that Hermes' Cadusii Armenians named Hattusa (my discovery) of the HATTi. Also, if I recall correctly, Sardis on the Hermus was also called, HYDE. The Wage variation of Wedge-branch Watch's, or the Gedge's, are like variations of Wassa's, who I trace to the capital of the Mitanni, and then I see Mitanni in Lesbos, so why not also on the Gediz? Makes sense.

Cattings are listed with Cottons ("fortuna PARATUS" can trace to Rieti), a possible branch of Cotta's/Cottons. Fortuna's were first found in the area of the first-known TOUS'/Tosini's, and Toseland was the home of Cattings/Cottons. Cattings/Cattons happen to share a chevron in the colors of the same of Cotton-like Ottone's, and then Cattings/Cottons were first found in Huntingdonshire with Otters/Others, excellent for confirming that Others (and Uther Pendragon) were Otto liners. This can identify Otto I (and Oda of Metz) from Cotta's.

AMAZINGLY, Nola's were at Carlow while Carlows/Carleys share pomegranates with Great-suspect Grazio's, first found in Perusia with Ottone's/Otto's! That really makes the Nola cross look like the Haddington cross.

Cattons/Cetins use a split Shield in Felix-quadrant colors, and the "Cautes" motto term of Cattans/Cetins brings up the Cotta's/Cottons, who in-turn share a fretty Shield with English Noels while German Noels use nearly the Felix quadrants.

Velins share ducks with Herls/Hurls, suspect with Herluin de Conteville of Comines (near Avezzano-line Avesnes), and the Comine's share the three Aton/Hatton / Avison garbs too. While these garbs are shared by English Josephs, French Josephs once showed a black-on-gold swan, the colors of the FIVE swans of Chaplets (Lorraine), and then Duck-like Duke's use CHAPlets? I was given what I considered a Sign, from a grub in my firewood, that Joseph Caiaphas relates to Avezzano / Avisons, a strange thing I had never before entertained. And here we are.

What do we suppose Bar-le-DUC of Lorraine was named after? Why should Bars trace to Duck-suspect Velino? It recalls the Bar / Este eagles of Lanters/Lentiers of the last update as they linked to August of Picenze. God had arranged my first date with Lorraine (on my 24th birthday), and as I was doing LAUNDRy that night, I asked her to meet me there. Trust me, it turned out to be code, along with a bra on a laundry line, with Landens/LANDERs. Line's are also Lints.

Evidence that Velins / Monte Velino are Valentinian liners is where the Saracen heads of Morrisons are said to have faces while Valentinian's line was related to Face's/Fessys. Valentinian's father, Gratian, is suspect with the Greats (share the Malcolm saltire) and with Grazio's, the latter's Umbria location traceable to Northumberland, where Velis'/Vails (AND DUCK-USING HERLS/HURLS!!!) were first found. Greats, who share gold BORDER with Justine's, were first found in Herefordshire with Maurice's and Morris'. Borders share crossed swords with Feschs, and Face's/Fessys trace by their motto to Segni's/Segurana's, first found in the same place as Fieschi.

Segni's can easily be Sagans/Segans, who share the SALAmander in flames with Julians. Manders are linkable to Rhodes', and the latter might just be with the Nola cross, which is the cross of German Seagars, and the Face/Fessy cross in colors reversed. As Segans can be Segusia liners, that's from the Cotta-suspect Cottians, which begs whether Segusia was named after the Sakarya river (of Brogitarus) to which I trace Segurana's (Seagar moline in colors reversed) and Seagar/SUGARs. It just so happens the a mythical snake god, Sugaar, was made the husband of Mari. Seagars were first found in Norfolk with Vespasian liners. "SALAMander" may be code also for the Salams that bring up Salemans/Salians. The Fessy cross is shared by Mee's/Mea's likely in the "me" motto term of Margesons/Mackesy.

If you can believe it, there are green snakes in the Seager/Sugar Crest between two wings in the colors of the Masci wings. I see for the first time that Seagars/Sugars are said to be first from Devon, for they were said to be first in Norfolk for years previous, where Ducks were first found. Duck-using Velins can be the namers of Velino, in the land of the Marsi to which the Seagar snakes trace, with less doubt now than before. The Logans/Ducks happen to use nails while the Malcolm / Great saltire is that of Nails/Nagle's too, yet another reason to trace the Gratian > Valentinian line to Velino. It makes the Velin link to Velino with some sound evidence aside from similarity of terms.

There is no other Nail surname coming up, but nails are found on the ragully cross in the Arms of Colchester, which may be the cross of German Seagars, for Colchester is near Norfolk. The Colchester surname (probably the Quint Shield) shares the Neil estoile while Nails are also Neils. German Seagers share the Fast / Petty / Arms-of-Rothschild quadrants.

I just went to my page on heraldry changes to add that Seagars are now said to be first found in Devon, and I spotted the following on that page: "The Valen/Falen/Valence duck was changed to three red martlets." is that not amazing?

The French Alans once used ducks too, and they were changed to red martlets too. Here's what else is on the changes page: "French Alans/Alliens (= proto-Stewarts) once showed ducklings, but now use red-on-white footless martlets/martins. This was deemed a suitable change by me because Alans now show the FROME footless martins, useful for tracing "Alan" to "FORUM Allieni," the name of proto-Ferrara in 70 AD..." Ferrara is not far from where Valentins were first found, and I trace proto-Alans to Aulon/AVLONA (Epirus, ancestry of Abruzzo), like Abruzzo's "Velino."

Frome-like Formans use martlets too. Frome-like Brome's/Brooms were first found in Kent with English Valence's, who share red martlets with the German Valens/Falens/Valence's above, first found in Westphalia with Nails/Nagle's. German Brome's were first found in Wurtemberg with Seagars, whose cross was suspect with that of Nail-like Nola's. English Frome's were first found in Dorset with Colchester-related Quints, and this Frome Crest has "A GREYHOUND couchant between two branches of laurel in ORLE." It's a white greyhound, as with Irish Felans, and the Nola-Crest martlet had reminded me of the Rutherford martlet while Rutherfords use an ORLE border. Nola is near Avellino, suspect as a distant cousin of Felans, right?

As Nola's are now linked solidly to Keith Catti, while Felice of Nola is expected at duck-suspect Velino, note that duck-liner Felans come up as feline-like Felins.

I trace the Greys (lion like the greyhound of Felans) in the heraldic greyhound to the mythical Graeae Amazons of north Africa, highly suspect with Apollo's crow line to Cyrene. And Apollo was likely of the Avellino term. In fact, Aulon/Avlona is beside an Apollonia. Apollo's mother is expected to be a Lydian, and while Phocaeans were at Lydia's Foca, there is a road through the Apennines at Benevento (near Avellino) that goes down with a river to Foggia. It's in Apollo-suspect Apulia. Actually, Apulia is also Puglia, suspect with the pugilist symbol of Pollux, but as he was Leda's son while Apollo was Leto's son, they look to be the same entity, as per a Lydia trace to Spartans in the Ladon river. After all, myth writers gave a dragon (Ladon was a dragon) at Thebes, the one defeated by Cadmus, teeth called, Sparti. And Spartan Lacedaemonians probably named Lacydon (where Phocaeans settled), while myth writers gave its Ligurians a swan symbol, which they had given to Leda and Pollux too.

The Piedmont Line of Pettys

I feel ready to trace "Petty" to "PIEDmont." I don't know which came first. The Irish Pettys share "Ut" with Parrots while Scottish Pettys ("ConSULTO") use parrots that I see in the line between Piedmont's Pavia and the Peeble's. English Pettys share the Fast quadrants while Fasts are suspect with Piedmont's Vasto's. Additionally, Irish Pettys use a Zionist star that is the "flaming star" of Piedmont's / Pavia's Pero's. Scottish Pettys are said to have named Peada of Mercia, and that place was probably named by the Marici of Pavia. The Mars were first found in Burgundy with Messeys/Messier's who use the flag of Mercia.

Irish Pettys: "...magnetic needle pointing at a gold star..." Is that code for Plancia Magna? her line is expected with Perkins and Perkens, the latter using feathers while fetters share a giant sun in the colors of the same of Needle's? Magneticidence? Needle's were first found in Shropshire, home of the Dol Alans, while Plunketts were first found in Vilaine with Dol. Shropshire is where Froggs/Frocks were first found while Froggits share the parrot with Pettys.

The Perkens: "A cubit arm erect VESTed erminois, with silver cuff, holding a red OSTRICH feather." The Propers/Roberts use the ostrich, and are with the Crest description of the Pettys with the needle: "A beehive and bees PROPER." That sets up the white Perkin chevron with black stars, symbol also of English Roberts. These Pettys are said to be from ROBERT of Stafford. Ferrers were first found in Staffordshire while Maurice's, whose lion is in the colors of the Robert / Proper/Robert lion, are assumed to have been at Churston Ferrers.

The black stars are used also by Peare's, first found in Oxfordshire with Bee's (Vere Shield) in the Petty Crest, an with the Vere's who ruled Oxford. The Arms of Oxford shares the elephant with English Pettys. The latter share gold martlets with Pavia/s/Pavie's. English Parrots (share "ut" with Irish Pettys) share pears with the Oxfordshire Tiens'/Thames' who in-turn share the Peare chevron with black stars.

The "GEOMetriam" motto term of Irish Pettys has always eluded me as per its decipher. The motto is translated, "As bees geometry." But as GIAMpierro caused me to find the Pierro's/Pero's of Pavia, there may have been an important Giampierro in Petty ancestry. It dawned on me here a that "As bees" can be code for Asbeys, who happen to share three gold leopard faces with Peare's! And Asbeys are in the colors and format of Fowlers who use a reflection of the Robert chevron with stars. The Asbeys share the full motto of Peacocks, a sept of Pollocks, important for my trace of Pettys to Pietas-Julia at Istria's Pula/Pola. That motto is "BE just and fear not."

Yet Pettys don't use bees alone, but a beehive too, but no Hive surname comes up. There must be a reason for that hive. As Coverts/Coffers share the leopard face as well as the same martlets as Pavia's/Paveys, I'd say the hive is code for Hover/Hoffer liners. Here's a Petty description again: "A cubit arm erect VESTed erminois, with silver CUFF, holding a red OSTRICH feather." A cubit arm is used by Vest-suspect Wessels/WAISTells, whom were related to Peare's, as God showed me well. Vests use a giant arrow, and here's the Scottish Pettys: "A parrot with an arrow in its BEAK." Beaks use an ostrich. It can be gleaned here that Pettys were Piedmont liners in cahoots with Vestalis of the Cottians, at Piedmont's Susa. The Hover leopard face wears horns, symbol of German Wessels.

The Petty cuff would be for the Cuffs that share the Bee bend-with-fleur, used also by Sale's/Sallets suspect in the "ConSULTO" motto term of Pettys.

I now wonder whether some Masonic good invented the PIED piper as code for Piedmont's Pepins at Pavia. The green Petty parrots are shared by the Peeble/Peoples surname. Pepins come up as "People." The engrailed black-on-white chevron of Peeble's/Peoples', surrounded by green parrots, is a super reflection of the Perrin Coat (more leopard faces) while Pero's are also Perino's. The fur CONES of Perrins ("ImPAVidun") should explain "CONsulto." Cone's share the white antler with German Wessels.

Wikipedia's Clan-Pollock article explains how the father of Pollocks was a vassal of the Dol Alans. That article shows, or at least once did, the Pollock saltire was green on gold rather than the gold on green of houseofnames. The Arms of Pola is a similar cross in green on gold. So, as Pietas-Julia is at Pola, we just trace the namer of Pollok, the village in Renfrewshire, to a PIETas-Julia line through PIETro's/Pero's of PIEDmont, and that's why the father of Pollocks named his first son, Peter. And then we have this JULIE Andrews, Mary Poppins, while Andrews put a green saltire on their gold saltire, as though God may have named her in preparation for this trace of Andrew I to Pietas-Julia.

The Pietro/Pero Coat can now be suspect with the Alan fesse and Caesar roses, for Julia's are listed with English Julians while French Julians share the Chief of French Alans. And French Julians were first found in Languedoc with Cotta's while Aurelia Cotta was the mother of Julius Caesar. And as this Caesar (his birth surname) was an ally of the Cottians at Susa, note that their city was anciently, SEGusia," while Segans/Sagans share the salamander in flames with English Julians/Julia's. And Pero's use FLAMING stars that can trace with other stars to Istria, location of Pietas-Julia. Pietro's/Pero's are said to have been at Pietro and Costa, and there is a Costa/Caustes/COTeau surname (giant bell), first found in Languedoc.

Portuguese Costa's share "shin bones' with Newtons, though Spanish Costa's call them ribs, perhaps for a Riparia branch, for Susa is on the Riparia river. Now, thanks to Mary Poppins, we got an inkling that Andrews use a saltire version of the Arms of Pola. But it can be added that the "VicTRIX" motto term of Andrews is for Tricks/Tracks and Drigs, who share green-on-gold lions (Andrew colors) with Rippers/Ripleys, believe it or not. I wonder if they have witches dropping from the sky with umbrellas over there at Pola.

The Drigs: "The sun RISING proper." By what coincidence do Risings use the fat cross in the Arms of Pola in colors reversed??? The DARDanians were within shot of RISINium, and the Trick / Drig spears are called, darts, what Pollocks sometimes called their arrows. The Brocks that use a dart (in the lion's paw) share the motto of Julian-related Stewarts.

If one takes a ship from Risinium out to sea, the nearest land mass across the sea is at Pula-like Apulia, location of Taranto, which shares a naked rider on a dolphin with Coffers/Coffee's (Rising / Pola colors), and the latter love the Victor(ia)'s suspect in "VICTRix" of the Andrews. While there is a Bar location near Risinium, Apulia has the major center of Bari.

The Petts/Perts can be traced to Pavia with Pettys. The latter were first found in Warwickshire with Ardens, and the latter are in the "Ardens" motto of Petts/Perts (lozenges in Arden-cinquefoil colors). The Ardens use a version of the Pavia/Paveys Coat. Ardens are from Risinium, aren't they? The Ardiaei sailed over to Pola, didn't they? And then named Vespasia Polla along with the Pasi's whose spears are now suspect with the Trick / Pollock darts. Yes, for Pasleys, in Pasi colors, were first found in Renfrewshire with Pollocks and Spears. It could appear as though Pietas > Pietro liners named Flavius Petro, whose son married Vespasia Polla.

While Ashburns/Ashburys share the Dart fesse, Ash's (Devon, same as Darts) use a cockaTRICE while Trice's share the Ashburn/Ashbury stars. It looks as though Trice's are very linkable to Tricks and Drigs.

Pollock-like Bullocks use bull heads that, in colors reversed, are red, the colors of the Sabine bull. Yup, Sabinus, Vespasia's husband. Bullocks use "Five Lochaber axes with gold HANDLES and silver BLADES, BOUND with a scarf". Blade's use the Pollock saltire was used by one English Frank Coat. Another Frank Coat uses them in both Pollock-saltire colors. With these Frank surnames now tracing to "Pharnaces," note that Furnace's share the black dog with the Blade Crest. The first Mr. Pollock built Moray's Rothes castle while Handells show nothing but the Moray stars.

German Franks were from Bohemia, and the Boii were in Bononia along with the first-known Pasi's/Pace's. Another bull is used by Astons (Ash colors), first found in Cheshire with English Pace's. BOUNDs are listed with the Bononia-suspect Bone's/Bohuns, who nearly use the bend with bendlets of Polla-liner Pullens. The latter first found in Yorkshire with the Blade-beloved Scarfs, suspect as a branch of Schere's/Scherfs in the "palleSCERE" motto term of Pullens.

Recall that Pettys have an elephant linkable to the Arms-of-Oxford elephant. Those same Arms use a red ox that can be clue of the Sabine-bull line at Oxford. The same Arms use the beaver while Drago de BEWERE is in the Blade write-up. Bewere's use crossed pitch forks that can be of the crossed Spear and Pasi spears. The Beaver surname shares the fesse of Beaver-like Weavers, first found in Cheshire with Astons. The latter's write-up mentions the Weaver river. Weaver's are loved by Keeps (weaver's shuttle), in the "Keep tryst" motto of Hebrons. Trysts are the Trice's. The cockaTRICE is a version of the wyvern dragon of Drake's, from the Drago river.

While Drake's had some ancestry in Abruzzo's Marsi area, their wyvern (in the same colors) was the symbol of the dukes of Masovia (Poland), the Warsaw capital of which links to Warwick, where Pettys and Scherf-like Sheriffs were first found. Drake's were first found near Poole while Warwicks share the Poole lion. The three Warwick lions are those also of James' while the latter use a motto, "Victor," and share the dolphin with Victor-loving Coffers. Didn't we see Victors in the Trick-beloved motto term, "Victrix," of Pula-line Andrews? The James' share the blue lion with English Jeans/Janes', and the latter happen to share the red scallop with Sabine's and Pullens.

The Moray write-up says that some historians trace Morays to Flemish ancestry, and while I have it as part of God's situations in my life that Christine Peare linked to Bellys, the latter happen to use a "Per" motto term. Christine's share cups with Sellers while the Selham location (of Salemans/Salians) is in Chichester while Chichesters use the Irish-Fleming Coat in reverse while Pero's use flaming stars, incredible. I met her while we were both SALESMEN (sellers) in the same mall. The Chichester / Fleming CHECKs are shared by Pavers. It looks like petty good stuff, doesn't it? Sellers were first found in Aberdeenshire with Piedmont's Turins and Piedmont-possible Fothes'.

The "heron rising" in the Chichester Crest appears to have a green snake in its beak. Why should Chichesters trace to the Marsi snake? Ask the Arms of Pula in the Rising Coat if it knows anything. But as Herons are Orne liners = urine liners, let's repeat that I urinated on Pino while Pino's share the Check/CHICK crescents. If we ask the SHICKs/Shake's what they know about this, I can hear them telling that it has to do with urine-liner Orion at Shechemite Schimatari. Why is there a Jewish Shick surname? Am I saying that Shechemites were on the Ticino with Pero's? The latter's stars can be code for Stars (estoiles) that have a chevron colors reversed from the Shick/Shake chevron.

Stars were first found in Wiltshire with Fucino-suspect Fowlers. If we trace this further back to Foca, near the mouth of the Hermus, that's where the Hermes Cadusii were that had been depicted by a writer as CADmus. And the writer traced this Cadusii element to Boeotia, location of Schimatari. The myth writers made it plain that Cadmus' ancestry in Phoenix was identical with the ancestry of the Danaans of Argos...whom I say were of Dan's 600 brutes who made the proto-Laevi their priest. And that's why the myth writers made mythical Melia of Boeotia the wife of Inachus, the founder of Argos. "INAchus" must have been play on Ino, Cadmus' daughter. We can tentatively trace SARDis, a chief city on the Hermus, to SERDica, beside Laish-line Lissae.

And we can ask whether Cybele, mother of Lydians as the myth writers saw it, was somehow a piece of the Ishtar cult that ended up in Istria, near to where the Radice's (Star / Shick/Shake / Cable colors) were first found that trace excellently to Sub Radice, between Serdica and Cybele-suspect Cabyle. I think we can expect the namers of the Danube in Istria.

It seems crazy to say that God set up a situation where meself, at four or five years of age, urinated (accidentally from my point of view) on the head of a child my age. But I can see the importance right here where the rising Chichester heron is code for Shechemites through Istria and into Pavia. If we compare Pavers with Jewish Marks, we might reason that the latter's Zionist star is that of Pero's, for German Marks share the SHAKEsPEARE spear. It's got Shechemites with Pavia's Marici all over it, and French Marks even share the green Shield with Stars.

I kid you not. I had a twitch as per an act of God, near my shoulder, for months, though it's been gone for many months. Yet, within the past 20 minutes, a twitch developed in my left index finger. After writing the paragraph above, I recalled that I was on the porch roof with my father while he did a repair job. We climbed out the kitchen window to this roof. It was the same porch from which I pee'd on Pino, and it was probably for being on its roof that day that I thought about jumping off like Mary Poppins. Didn't Mary Poppins just lead us to Risings and Istria?

That day, my father caught a pigeon and gave it to my mother, and she twisted its neck right in front of me as though she had been doing this all her life. I was old enough to assume that she was going to cook it, and old enough to think my mother was a barbarian. This thing really shocked me. And that's why I looked up the Pigeons, followed by the TWISTS, though checking out Twists had not to do with the TWITCH that just developed in my finger. The demi-griffin design in the Twist Crest is in the Pigeon Crest too, which now makes me think that it is God who is the barbarian (joking). Twists use it with an orange color, but aside from this, I have nothing more to say about the Pigeon, Twist/Twiss and Twitch/Twigg Coats. Maybe something will dawn on me.

Here's something. The Griffins use the motto, "Ne vile VELIS," now suspect with Monte Velino. Also, as we saw demi-griffins, it's notable that Demys/DuMais', first found in Normandy with Pigeons, share the Pigeon chevron. And where was my head? Griffins are suspect with Argippa's, and Gripps/Grape's/Gropers (Cropp colors) share the Shakespeare bend. The demi-conclusion is obvious. DuMais' can be a branch of Maisys that come up as Mercys. Marici-Massey merger? I add "Groper" (new to me) because I've just found online that pigeons are used by Croppers/Crappers (colors and format of Levins).

Plus, Berenice Agrippa is suspect with Bernice's and Burns (both in Cumberland), whom combined appear to be linked to the Pigeon chevron. PLUS, the Burns are said to be from East TEVIOTdale!!! My TWITCH is now gone, and has been gone for a while. The Teviot river is related to the Tweed of BERNICia. God must be indicating that Herod Agrippa traces to Bernicians. Both the Burns and Bernice's use Heron-related hunting horns.

Plus, I've just recalled that rulers of Orange, and the Orange surname, use hunting horns, suggesting that there was a griffin-Pigeon merger at Orange. In fact, the orange griffin of the Pigeons comes with a bend-with-pigeons in the colors of the Sales bend with items while Sales' are expected with the Salyes on the Durance river, the mouth of which is near Orange. The Sallett variation of Sales' is suspect with the Selletae at Cabyle. The Twists use an orangey griffin, and so I'd peg the Twist Coat with Brecks/Breakers (hunting horns colors reversed from those of Orange's), for I trace them to Brigantium up the Durance.

The Tyne rivers are up there at the Teviot theater, and Shicks/Shake's use an "obTINEns" motto term.

Thanks to the twitch at the finger, Fingers were looked up, who use a blue finger pointing from flames. And the Finger motto happens to be "VIGIlance" while Italian Vigils (Piedmont) use a vertically-split Shield in colors reversed from the Fulke's that share the Mark / Shakespeare spear, can you believe it? And while "VigiLANCE" suggests Lance's, they were first found in Norfolk with Fulke's. In colors reversed, the Lance fesse is the Pierro/Pero fesse. Lances are used by Italian Res'/DERE's, but there is no write-up offered. There is a DEREham location in Norfolk! New to me now, thanks to the finger twitch. And the Twitch Chief looks like it has the Totten dancettes, while Tute's/Tuits and Thwaits/Twitts were first found in Norfolk too. Tottens use an "astra" motto term.

The amazing this, while Mr. Taff lived on the first floor of that place, Taffs share fretty within a cross with Thwaits/Twitts, confirming that this twitch is from God. The Taff fretty is colors reversed from the same of Caens, and the "PERimus LiciTIS" motto of Caens suggests Pero's on the Tessin because Caens were first found beside Pavia's/Paveys while using a form of their fesse with martlets. Instead of martlets, the Caens use the Peare leopard faces, what a great find. "LICitis" is expected as code for Lice's/Lees' (leopard heads). Tiss' were first found in Hampshire, beside the Caens (Dorset). It explains why Taffs use part of the Bessin Crest, for Caen is in the Bessin. In the Lice/Lees Crest (Quade colors and format), the Bessin arm with sword is apparently in the Quint lion paw, for Quints were first found in Dorset. This paragraph tends to confirm that "LiCITIS: is a clever code partly for Citis/Cetis, where proto-Bessin Bassus' ruled. Taffs were first found in Louth while Louths share the black wolf with Quade's, from Quadratilla Bassus, queen of Cetis. Louths can be a branch of Louvier's, who share the Paver checks.

Aha! We were out the kitchen window to the porch's roof, and Kitchens share the Lice/Lees and Bessin arm with sword while Windows use a lion paw holding a gold fitchee, the Quint symbol!

Aha! Norfolk (Roofs) is also where PORCH's/Portis' ("PRO rege") were first found, and they use eight horizontal bars that are virtually the Totten dancettes. My mother cooked the pigeon, and Cooks (Shechemites of the Check kind?) were first found in Essex with Quints. And Chick-like Kitch's use another black border for another trace with Furnace's (same place as Kitchens and water-bouget Banisters) to Pharnaces! I kid you not, Kitchens share the water bouget with the Nairnshire Rolphs!! Incredible.

Both the Fulke's and Vigils put a white item before their split Shields, and these are in Star / Cable colors.

I almost didn't load Cable's again, but in doing so, I saw their "ImPAVide" motto, like the "impavidun" term of Perrins. There we have the evidence that Cabyle liners were at Pavia with Pero's/Perino's. Cable's use the erect sword, symbol of Bistones that can be from the Bessi at Serdica, very traceable to the Bessin (Orne river) and to Cable-related Caens in the Bessin (see erect sword with Bistone's sharing the Bessin Coat). For what were the Bessi priests? A pagan god from Levites in Laish? It's known that Bessi were priests of the Satrae Thracians, and if correct that the latter were from Seir, it tends to identify Bessi with Bozrah, and from that we trace to Bus' that share the giant Porch cinquefoil.

Bus' share the Hamilton cinquefoil because both are from sons of Nahor, but here it can be added that Wikipedia's article on pigeon heraldry includes the Hamiltons of Hameldon, which, if I recall correctly, has to do with Hamiltons in East Lothian.

Were the Lice's/Lees' a Laish branch of the Lise kind? Heron-loving Chichesters were first found in Devon with Pine's. This is beside the Wedge's (another "Nil conscire sibi") of Somerset, and also beside the wedge-using Watch's/Wychs/Wage's of Cornwall that are said to have included Richard of Chichester (= Richard de Wyck). Wycks look like the namers of vikings, to be expected from an Ares line to Rus (the Bistones sword was in honor of Ares).

Repeat: "While Pettys share the quadrants in the Arms of Rothschild, the Swift motto is translated with an "imPETuosity" term." I see Imps, but as they share the SITTen crescents, what about that "impetuoSITy"?

This now recalls what my mother told me from when in was too young to remember, that I drank turpenTINE on the stairs and was brought to the hospital. Turpens use a version of the Aid/Ade Coat, and the latter, beloved in the Levi motto, share the leopard faces (same colors) of Lice's/Lees'. Does that square nice with the Laevi on the Ticino merged with Lissae elements? The Lice's/Lees' are loved by Caens, first found in Dorset with Turpens. And the Tyne river (through the land of the first-known Sittens and Keiths) is near to where Aids/Ade's were first found.

Turpens (Bus colors) are said to have named Turpin au BOIS. French Bois' (Quint colors) share the Stur Coat while the Stur river flows in Dorset. Scottish Bois' are in the "boast" motto term of Nimo's who in-turn share the Imp crescent while Imps were first found in Essex with Quints (the two use chevrons in colors reversed) and English Bois'. Sturs are suspect with the Stura which is in-turn suspect with the SATRae, tending to assure that Bois' and Bus' were from the Bessi along with the Bassus > Bessin line.

The Pigeon Coat at houseofnames is on Wikipedia's pigeon page with Chambarlacs. Chambre happens to be on the Arc river with Modane while Modens (same place as Arks) share FRETTY with Taffs, Caens and Cable's. I always called Mr. Taff's son (my age), FREDDY. I've just checked the Frederick Coats to find a dove version of the Chief (page above) of BOIS-Columbes that uses pigeons instead. Amazing.

The Arms of Bois-ColomBES has a giant tree, the special Hamilton symbol. The Simple's (hunting horns), apparently in the "simplicitas" motto term of the same English Fredericks, were first found in Renfrewshire with Hamiltons. Amazing. And the Simple's use fretty (though don't call it such so far as I know). The Beats in the Frederick motto were first found in Edinburghshire, beside the Hamiltons of Linlithgow. The Leafs/Leve's (share bees with Bessins) use the dove, and the Frederick Chief with doves can be a version of the Levin Chief. If English Bois' are using the Petit lion, COLOMbes looks like a Column/Malcolm / Calam branch. Columbs do use doves.

Malcolm III was father to king David, highly suspect with the David Coat that's been resolved with the Levi lion. And the David Coat us even a version of the Turpen Coat.

I trace water BOUGets with Bugs to Nahorites (Neuri) on the Bug river of Ukraine. Nahor's sons, Buz and KEMUEL, are surely to Bus' and HAMELtons. At this website, you can read that early Hamiltons of Northumberland were probably kin to Umfraville's, who share the gold cinquefoil with Bois'/Boasts. Yet the Umfraville cinquefoil is in both colors of the Preston cinquefoil, and Preston was the location of water-bouget Banisters. Neuri worshiped the wolf, and Banes' use the wolf. As Uts (Biblical spelling) was Nahor's first son, it's no coincidence that "ut" is a Preston motto term! English Parrots share "ut" with Irish Pettys for a trace of Nahorites to Pavia. Banes' were first found in Dover (hunting horn) while Dovers use the giant cinquefoil. Repeat: "Banes' were first found in Dover (hunting horn) while Dovers use the giant cinquefoil." Yes, and it's the cinquefoil of Rodhams, first found in Northumberland, same as early Hamiltons. Dovers (Dove branch?) have another green dragon in Crest.

As Preston is in Lancashire with Parrs and Furnace's, by what coincidence are Prestons sharing the double fesses of Ness'/Nessans? I've debated whether Banisters were in God's code as I stood on the porch railing to pee on Pino. Porch's do use the giant Bus cinquefoil. They say that a banister is technically the railing of a staircase, but then Freddy and I would slide down the the stairs where I drank turpentine. Stayers/Stairs use the Capone Coat.

Scottish Prestons (Westmorland, same place as Levins) use a "praeSTEM" motto term while Stems/Steins (same place as Roofs/Rolphs) share three leopard heads on a bend with the Ade's, who in-turn share a version of the Turpen Coat. Looking at this now with all I know of Pero's and Pavia's, the Stems/Steins use the Peare leopard heads (in Pavia/Pavey colors), which tends to reveal why Levi's love the Ade's. King David's son married ADA of Warenne. While Morleys share the specialized leopard face of Morlands (same place as Prestons) and the Ade Crest, God put DAVID Morley into the sleeping-bag dream of last year.

Sleeps use two fesses in colors reversed from the same of Prestons, and if you look at the Arms of Hamilton of Hameldon, it's got an ermined fesse in the colors of the two ermined fesses of Sleeps, which matches the ermined Hamilton and Bus cinquefoil in the same colors, suggesting Nahorites with the Selepitanoi. The latter lived at or near Butua and Keturah-line Kotor. Perfect, for Nahor was brother to Abraham, and Abraham's alternative wife was Keturah (Genesis 25). Nahor's sons are in Genesis 22.

Now this gets very interesting where Butua liners named Butts/Bute's/BOETs, suspect with the Boetus-branch Sadducees. As that surname uses a fish, we need to repeat that Keturah and her son, Medan, trace to mythical KODRos and his son, Medan (at Athens), and this Kodros character had both a boar and a fish symbol (Bus-like Bush's and Booths use the black boar while Bothwells were from Bute). The Arms of Saraca shares a fish on a fesse with Butts/Bute's/Boets, and Wikipedia's article on Saraka's says (or did say) that they lived at first in Kotor, can you believe it? Bois' can be expected with the boy pulling down a pine tree in the Crest of Bothwells ("ADversus"). The Pine's are from king Pinnes, and his Ardiaei peoples lived smack around Ragusa. The "urGENTIA" motto term of Bothwells must be code for Gentius, the Ardiaei king who married Dardanians, and Darts share a single, ermined fesse in the colors of the same of the Hamiltons of Hameldon.

Saraca's moved from Kotor to LAUS(a), alternative name of Ragusa, and "LAUS deo" is in the motto of ArBUTHnotts. Then, while Ragusa is beside the Elaphiti islands, suspect with Eliphas at Buz-suspect Bozrah (black boar symbol), Elaphiti-like Oliphants, kin or associated of Arbuthnotts, were granted lands at Bothwell (Lanarkshire, home of Flemings) by king Malcolm. You can read in the Arbuthnott write-up that the clan received land from Mr. Olifard, which is an Oliphant variation.

The Book of Enoch (not Inspired in my opinion) claims the black boar as a symbol of Edom, and that's where Esau ruled who birthed Eliphas. The latter married Timna, the line to Timms/Time's that are in the "Deum Time" motto of a Moray Coat no longer shown at houseofnames. The Moray stars are shared by Arbuthnotts. Amazingly, it was a reader who contributed much to this work, Tim, who informed me of the black boar in the book of Enoch, and it was Tim who first got me to seek Esau / Edomite lines in heraldry. I didn't have a clue at the time as to what Edomites traced to. So, you see, it appears that Tim was used by God because Timms/Time's are from Timna of Edom. And Tim's surname uses the water bouget for a trace to Nahorites suspect at Bozrah's naming. Online quote: "Edom is even compared to a black boar (i En. 89:12, 4243, 49, 66; Jub. 37:20, 24)."

Back to Pinnes, for his father was AGRon, which recalls my theory that the Greek goat, which goes by Agri-like terms, was from "Hagar," Abraham's concubine and mother of Ishmael. The AGARus river is near the Bug of the Neuri, and the Agarus is now the Seir-suspect Siret. In the Bible, we find that Esau had much hair on his arms likened to a goat, and then while Esau conquered Seir in ruling Edom, I read that "Seir" means "shaggy." It suggests that Seir went by another name previously, when Esau conquered it, and that it was named after Esau's goat symbol after he conquered it.

Timnah was from Horites in Seir (Horites were also in Nuzi, where Nahorites are mentioned). I'm sure this picture traces to Nuzi-related DioNYSus and his satyr friends, the Satrae Thracians. "CADmus," Dionysus' grandfather, can be named after BozCATH, a Bozrah-possible line in Hebron, home of Abraham. When we trace Satrae to the Stur river, we are near Portishead, suspect with Bus-related Porch's/Portis. I pee'd on king Pinnes' head from the porch railing, and, I assume, it was God urinating into Pinnes' mouth, for when Pino felt the water on his head, he looked up to see where it was coming from, and, bullseye, right into his open mouth it did go. I just have the sense that God especially hates the Ardiaei. Edom's Petra was ruled by Aretas III.

"Who inhabited Petra, the Ancient City? It is believed that the earliest inhabitants of this mysterious area were the Horites (Genesis 14:6)." Might Petra's Edomites / Horites have named the Pietro's/Petri's/Pero's? Might Prays have been Pero's? Pierro's/Petri's/Pero's (share roses with French Sturs) use one fesse in the colors of the three Stur fesses. The French-Stur pale bars may therefore be with the Prays (wolves, Neuri symbol) suspect in the "PRAEstem" motto term of Nahorite-liner Prestons. Are not water-bouget Rose's Nahorite liners? ROXolani lived on the Buzau river. Horites are suspect with mythical Horus, likely code for the Hros = proto-Rus / Rose peoples. The Horse surname shares gyronny with Campbells/CAMMELLs, suspect with "Kemuel." Gamble's share the Petro fleur. Mythical OSIRis (related to Horus) looks like "Seir."

My mother twisted the pigeon's NECK, suggesting the raven vikings out of the Neckar river. The pigeon was caught on the roof, and Roofs/Rolphs (same place as Lance's) use ravens. Rollo's loved the Parrs and Touts, and the Yorkshire Touts (Twitch suspects, right?) are highly suspect with the Pino crescent (as per queen Teuta and king Pinnes). The French Pine's are linkable to the Moons (Devon, same as Chichesters, Pine's and Pinsons), and this latter surname looks like a version of the Italian Pavia Coat. Necks/Neckers are suspect with Ness' from Nysa, and her family almost-certainly married and/or birthed the first Herods.

Pino came walking around the SIDEWALK at the corner of the porch when the urine was falling from the Uranus. Side's share the tiger with Ditts while Walks use "DITat." The Ditt tiger is stripeless so as to look like the Side lion, probably the Levi/Levin lion. Side's/Sudys not only share the bush eagle, but they're a branch of Sutys that love the Nothings/NORTHens suspect with Neuri of the North kind. I was on the porch railing because I loved jumping across the sidewalk, and over the short fence to the neighbor's yard. It's interesting that while fretty is in-code with Freddy Taff, Jumps use fretty, and were first found in Yorkshire with both Bush's and Walkers.

It should be added that, to support the theory that the goat is from Seir's Esau-ites, Bush's from Bozrah use a goat head.

There is no Fence surname (fesse colors reversed from Walk fesse) but the Fens' are interesting for sharing the Mar scallops while the Fens crest is a green griffin evoking the green snake of Marsi liners, or of the green dragon of Seatons that share "hazARD" with Nothings/Northens (another green dragon). It seems to me that since Norths use a dragon too, Neuri liners were in cahoots with Marsi liners...from the Marsyas goat, right? And a green snake is looking into the mirror of snake-woman MeluSINE (Sitten-related) in the Sire/Siret Coat. The Fens' are Venns too, suspect from Veneti, from the Heneti that link very easily to Marsyas Phrygians. The green griffin head in the Fens Crest is shared by Leslie's, suspect from LesBOS.

Wagers, first found in the same place as Walkers and Jumps, are suspect with Wagrians of the Pomerania theater, where Trumps were first found who share a white-on-blue stag head with Jumps. Wagrians were at Roxolani-suspect Rostock. Jumps use roses, and Roxolani were Ros-Alans. I haven't looked up Yards (Devon, same as Fens' and Pine's-Moons-Darts) again until now, and they happen to use water bougets!!! I jumped from the porch's banister into the neighbor's yard, and Banister use water bougets. Banes' use "Vel arte vel marte," which can indicate Marsi of the Martin king at Velino. German Marte's/Martins share the Mark and Marcus lion.

The only event I recall in the neighbor's yard (not Pino's lawn) was the old woman throwing a rock at me when I was in her front flower garden. This looks like code for the Roxolani Alans, whom I've said were merged with Neuri. We can trace Roxolani through Aulon/Avlona to Velino of the Marsi, then to mythical Avalon, the island of Bute i.e. from Nahorites at Butua. And Flowers happen to use an ermined Shield with a giant cinquefoil, all colors reversed from the same of Dovers! Dover is one of the five CINQUEport cities along with Hastings, and the Hastings / Toeni / Tony sleeve is in the Arms of Leicester while Italian Tonys use a "flower."

If you back up one page to 259 (you may have loaded this link above), it tells that Hamiltons descended from Mr. Bellmont (Beaumonts) of Leicester, and it's therefore not a coincidence that the Arms of Leicester use the ermined, Hamilton CINQUEfoil. I get the impression that the Cinqueport cities were foil liners from RoqueFEUIL, and then while Rockefellers were Fellers too, the latter can be gleaned in the Verona Coat while Bellmont-like Belli's/Belini's and Bellino's were first found in Verona. Rooks share the raven with Verone's. These Bellmonts/Beaumonts, from when they were at Meulan, furnished the Leavells, extremely suspect with the Paver checks and thus painting Leavells as Laevi. The Arms of Meulan is the ValliBUS/Vaux Coat, and there's always a question on whether Vel / Velino liners were also Bels / Belini's.

Leavells (near the Stur), first found beside the Bellmonts in Dorset, are suspect with a nebuly version of the Stur fesses. Dorset is where the Pavia-tracing Caens were first found. Dorset is also where Belini-like Palins were first found. I remember my teenage cousin (Dino) throwing a ball straight up on the front walkway between the porch and the road. I was so impressed by how straight-up and high it went. Balls share the Palin lion. Palins are Pawleys and therefore suspect with paws, and Bellino's (two 'l's) use a bear paw, used in colors reversed as a "gamb" by Paw-like Powys'. The latter's Powys location is in Wales, where the Palin lion can be found with Powells and Roberts.

Recall the rock fight I had with Robert Powell, for we just saw why Roquefeuils (Roque/Rock branch) should trace to Belini's. The Rock fight (not serious) was on Reesors street, just as we passed the house of Karen Whelan whom I would later date, and Whelans are Failins too, potential Fellers (almost the Bothwell Coat). Failins evoke Velins and Velino (Dino's father was born in Picenze), and then Dino's are using the Taddei Shield while the Taddei cross is shared by Ferrands while the latter put blue vair into the cross, making it the Reesor cross. Balls, first found in Cheshire with Tattons, have a "digniTATis" motto term. There are two events linking here, one when I was about five (Dino would have been 13), and the other when I was about 13 while throwing rocks in the air (instead of the ball by Dino) toward Powell. balls use the Powell lion.

Now look more. Ferrands were of Claremont-Ferrand (same as Taddei-related Bouillons that love the Bello's listed with the Verona's Belli's), and Decimus Rusticus at Clermont-Ferrand was the ancestor of Mummolin. Dino's father was Dominic Grimaldi, but everyone called him, MIMo, and MUMmolin was the grandfather of GRIMo. The Grimaldi Coat is shared by Irish Weirs (Vere's/Vairs) while Vairs/Fers' (which we saw in the crosses above) almost use their Coat.

One of the things I think I can take away from this is that Belini's and Bellino's, with Balls with Palins, were from Palinurus, making the latter suspect with Avlona / Avellino / Velino. Now Palinurus is at Laus, next to Saracena so that we trace this to Saraca's at Laus/Ragusa, and so we find the same white-on-blue fish of Saraca's in the Verona Coat. Verona's were Varni vikings, weren't they? And Roquefeuil cousins are expected at Rostock, a location on the WARNow river of the Varni, and Decimus "RUSTicus" can be related to "ROSTock."

The raven vikings were from STUTTgart, and then the sort of fitchee used in the Stout Chief is in the Crest of Chicks and Laevi-possible Love's/Luffs, the latter first found in Suffolk with Checks/Chicks. If you understand me here, Checks/Chicks are Shechemite suspects expected to move across Europe with the Laish's Levites.

Whenever we find a black dog, there is a great chance that it links closely with Furnace's to the Pharnaces / Carrick line. Such a dog is in the Crest of Griffins, and while the latter's motto loves the Velis', the Velis'/Wills use griffins too. Recall the temporary twitch in my finger that came when finding the griffin of Pigeons and Twists. The Finger-like Wingers share the white and upright griffin with Griffins, and below the griffin the Wingers add a goose that takes us to Shechemites again. The Goose surname is with the Gooch's/Googe's (Gedge branch?), first found in Roxburghshire with Mole's (share the Goose/Gooch boar), who are in the molehills of Shicks/Shake's.

As Gedge's are tracing to Ares / Rosh elements, while quasi-mythical Gyges/Gugu (around 700 BC, same roughly as when Cimmerians made Rusa of Lake Van their vassal) was a king of Lydia, isn't that the Gog-Rosh entity in Ezekiel 38? Gedge's are also Geggs. Googe's share the boar of Gophs/Goughs, in Gopher colors. These boars are probably from the ones of Gog-like Hoggs. The latter's are black, as with the boars of Bush's whom may have named LesBOS.

It's no shechemcidence that the Mole boar is shared by Schims (same place as Fothes'/Fette's). The Roxburghshire Rutherfords/Rudderfords ("nec" twice) use a goose on a rock. The "fato" motto term of Rutherfords can be for Fate's/Feets sharing the Pavia/Pavey Coat (same place as Wedge's). Why do Schims use "VirTUTE"?

There had been the question or expectation on Shechemites to Foca and Lesbos, and here it can be said that while Schims were first found in Aberdeenshire with Lesbos-suspect Leslie's, the Schim Chief is almost the Fuggle/Fowl Chief, the difference being that the latter pierce their three Chief stars, as do the Methleys suspect (with Fogg reasons) from Methimna on Lesbos. Fuggle's/Fowls were first found in Devon with Chichester, and while Selham is in Chichester, Sellers were likewise first found in Aberdeenshire.

Mytilene and Methimna on Lesbos was suspect from the ancient Mitanni, the capital of which was WASSukhani, suspect with proto-Washington Wassa's/Gace's/Gassons. It just so happens that the Washington Chief has the three red-on-white stars in the Chiefs of Schims and Fuggle's/Fowls. I showed the Arms of George Washington, which pierced those three stars. Was George descended from George, father of Maurice Drummond? Read on?

The Mitanni lived on the Hebrew river, the (K)Habur, the peoples of which may have named the Kabars. The latter lived at Kabardino, like "Aberdeen." Kabars are known to have co-founded Hungarians, and the Leslie's were Hungarians. Does this predict proto-Hungarians on Lesbos? Moreover, the Andrew motto shares "fortuna" with Schims. The latter use "VirTUTE," and Rollo's (same place as Drummonds) use "La fortuna passe par tout." The Tute's/Touts use a canton with item like the canton with Zionist star of Wassa's/Gace's. Fuggle's/Fowls happen to use an ANTELope, which I trace the Les ANDELYS, near the Touques river that has a Gace location. The latter is almost in the center of Orne. Gace is a few miles from Sees, and Sees' are with the Sea's that share the three wavy fesses of German Drummonds.

We would do well to find Schim branches if we want other Shechemite lines. As Schims are also Chands, the Chandlers, first found in Lancashire with Washingtons, look good. Chandlers (Hohen Coat) use a Shield filled with CHECKs, yup. I once theorized that checks were code for Czechs, and that was a good theory because I trace Cohens and Hohens to Moravians, but it now seems better that checks should be code for Shechemite-liner Chicks and Checks. Cohens claim to be from Jewish priests, suggesting that they view themselves as Levites. I know this for a fact, for I worked with a Mr. Cohen who managed Jews for Jesus in Toronto. I claim the Cohens as Khazars (branch of Kabars) in relation to Melissena Rangabe. Did Shechemites name Czechoslovakia?

Schims are also Schiens and therefore suspect with Skinners/Skins. If we thought that Griffins were Shechemites, here we find Skinners using griffins in the colors of the Griffin griffin. Schims are also Shands and therefore possibly a branch with Shins/Shanahans (there's that black dog again). I once owned a Ford Van purchased from Mr. Shanahan, and still owned it while having a second vehicle, the Nissan that God arranged for telling of Nysa liners. Hmm, the Ness'/Nessans share the double fesses of WaSHINgtons.

I can barely believe it, for I decided to tell that the van was a Ford because I intended to check the Ford surname, and having just done so, it's got the black border used also by Furnace's and Parrs! Can you believe this? God chose my vehicles even.

And wowieee, Fords were first found in Devon with Fuggle's/Fowls and Chichesters while sharing the owl with Fowlers. There are all sorts of fords such as Oxfords, Waterfords, Longfords, any one of which can be a merger with Fords. The Fords with the black border even use a black dog (greyhound) within it! It's the Shanahans that use a black dog like the one of Furnace's, and I purchased the van used from Mr. Shanahan. There is an Owl/Howl surname, first found in Suffolk with Chicks/Checks.

Why does the Schim branch of Skene's use a "merces" motto term? French Mercier's (Artois, Coffer Shield?) share a green Shield with French Marks and Italian Marconi's (Crema). I've just noted that French Marcus use the Maurice lion in colors reversed, making Maurice's traceable to the Marici (co-founders of Pavia) as well as the Marsi. The Northumberland Mercier's ("Christi") share the Pierro/Pero fesse, and the latter share roses with Christs, now explaining why God chose CHRISTine Peare to represent Pero's. As Pierro's are also Petris', the "nostra" motto term of Mercier's suggests Paters/Paternosters at / near / connected to Pavia. That's the AntiPATER line, right? I see at least five reasons for tracing French Mercier's to the Ceraunii mountains, Aulon/Avlona and/or Bullis, all near Antipatria.

Shane's/Shints are listed with Chains/Cheyne's (possible Kenites), and Cheneys (share "fato" with RutherFORDs) happen to share the gold martlet with the Ford Crest. Chains and Cheneys are in Cunningham / Conan colors. Cheyne's (Buckingham, same as Orange's and Shake-colored Simsons) are said to have been Kenite-like "Kaineto."

I suggest that Fords were Fortuna liners, for Fortuna's use the dog. Italian Forts were first found in Ferrara as to suggest that Forts / Fords were Ferrari elements. Ferrara may have been named by Pharisees, and Shechemites with Pharisees seems logical. Proto-Ferrara was FORUM Allieni, and Italian Forts share the Alan fesse. After writing that, I got round to finding Fordhams, and saw their using a reflection of the FORMan/Forham Coat (same martlets as Cheneys), which has two fesses in the colors of the two, blue Parr fesses. While Parr-loving Manners/Maness' use two blue fesses in the colors of the Fordham barry, both use peacocks in Crest...which tends to assure that Fordhams were of the Forham variation of Formans. The latter share anchors with Firmens (at GereFORD) who are in-turn suspect in the Chichester motto, amazing.

As Chichesters (share the Quint Chief) use one Fleming Coat in reverse, it makes me wonder whether Flemings named themselves purely after Fire's and Firemen liners. The Gereford location of Firemans was also GateFORTH, and the Forths come up as Fords, which share flaunches with Flander-like Flints. Although Flemings had a home base in Flanders, they moved massively to the Firth of Forth, where Flemish Seatons, for example, lived.

As the Italian Forts use the Ferrari-car logo, why didn't God get me a Ferrari instead of a van? Oh yes, I now remember. The van was used to pack it with flamingos as per my part-time business decorating lawns. And so I've just loaded Flamingos to find a Shield filled with checks! Bingo, God even arranged that business...which ended up using a huge, fiberglass bullDOG that has been traced to Bullis'/Bulliards, first found in Suffolk with Checks/Chicks. The Flamingo checks are those also of Pavers and Flemings.

After the van and the Nissan, I purchased a Safari van, which may have been to point to Severus Bassus, as I call him, of Akmonia. I'm just wondering, therefore, whether he was married to the family of Pharnaces and Nysa, for my previous vehicles point to that couple. Moreover, Tigranes was king of Armenia, location of lake VAN.

The Furnace dog is not called a talbot, but simply a "seated dog." And while Fords use a greyHOUND, symbol of German Huns/Hundts, English Huns/HunGETE's use "silver talbots seated"! Amazing, is it not? Talbots use the Grey Coat in colors reversed, both coming with borders. Seats look like they link to Parrs (same place as Seats). The double Seat and Parr bars can link to the double bends (same colors) of Debbie's because, as the business started to grow, Debbie was hired to man the phones.

I'm really dumbfounded when I think of how much time God has taken to manipulate my life for these pieces of information. It's as though my life was never really mine, and yet he provided some nice things in the meantime, as to be expected of a Gentleman who borrows a soul for a time.

The "Firm en foi" motto of Chichesters can square with Azzo of Fermo and his line to Justine of Picenum, and, in fact, "Ferme tiens" is the motto of Squirrels/Squire's while Peare's share part of the Tiens/TEAN Coat, possibly from Teano, near Nola / Avellino. The Azzo's line to the Assi's uses a Fesch-suspect fasces.

"Firm en foi" looks like code for Firmens, who use a "Christo" motto term like the "bello Christi" phrase of Bouillons, the latter first found in Auvergne with Foi's that happens to share the Moray stars. God caused me to sleep with CHRISTine Peare when she was no longer my girlfriend, and to assure that we had no sex, Louise Phillips slept on the other side of me. It wasn't even a queen bed. Yet I awoke in the middle of sleep pressing Peare's BELLY toward mine (her back was toward me). I let go when becoming conscious.

I kid you not, that I always say that "it FELT so GOOD" whenever I tell this story. To assure me that He set that event up, I had a code-studded dream last year with Miss Peare in it, and it ended with my pulling her toward me by the waist, and it felt so good, just like when I was pressing her by the belly. I've never thought to look up Goods until realizing just now that Goths/Gothels were from Gothelo, Godfrey de Bouillon's great-grandfather, and, sure enough, German Goods (Stick Coat) are also Guths/Gutte's (like the gut, the belly). That caused me to look up Felts, and, shocker, it's the giant Bouillon cross in colors reversed! Hilarious. Goods/Guths were first found in Switzerland, and therefore possibly in the Ticino canton.

English Goods might just be using the three Chick lions. The Chick lion is that of Rita's too, while Miss Peare worked for Reitmans when I met her, and this tends to trace Pero's to Rieti. Rita's were first found in Rome with PIERleoni, said to be named after a Peter. Reitmans share Zionist stars with Goths/Gothels. The FELTmans (Fowler patee?) use two stars in two color schemes, one scheme used for the two stars of Dutch Reitmans, and the other by the two stars of Jewish Reitmans. That's why it "felt so good."

English Feltmans/Felthams share gold leopard faces with Peare's. It's interesting that while I pressed her belly while we were sleeping, the Sleeps share two ermined-white fesses with these latter Feltmans. The dream where I was pulling her by the waist started with a sleeping bag circled by Dave Morley on his bike, and Morleys share the leopard face of Feltmans in both colors. The latter were first found in Middlesex (beside the Capes') with Capes-related Apps', and German Feltmans share the Shield of German Caplans, first found in Switzerland with Goods/Guths.

I almost missed it. Sticks were Astikas' of Vilnius, whom I trace to Villaine, like "Velino"!!! That's also why it had to feel so good, for Goods share the Stick Coat. It must mean that Pero liners were at Velino, or that proto-Avalon elements (especially Melusine) from the Alan Huns were at the Ticino. And English Alans do use LEAVES.

Years after Kepke left her for good, I picked Miss Peare up in a FireBIRD, and Birds happen to share the flory cross of Felts (in the colors of the Nola cross). There was a question on whether I should take Miss Peare seriously for marriage, but as she was not a believer, I decided against it. After the Sunday spent with her after picking her up on Saturday, I never saw her again. I had no idea why I took her to the home of Mr. Moore on Saturday, I didn't like this man much. But it just so happens that Bellys and Bouillons use the Moor head, and moreover Irish Moore's share the lion of Morgans while Morgans are in mythical Morgan le Fay, chief witch of Avalon. Miss Peare must have represented that Avellino line to mythical Avalon. It just so happens that French Fays/Fes' were first found in Auvergne!

Do Maurice liners trace to Pharnaces with terms such as "Frank"? Scottish Moore's, sharing the Saracen head with Morrisons, use a "FRANGor" motto term, and an obvious version of the Nagle Coat. These Moore's love the Nons/Nevins (Ayrshire, same as Moore's) as does the Nagle motto. The Moore Coat is the Weir/Vere Coat though the latter use the Moray stars proper. Sarasins almost use the Bouillon cross.


For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God

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