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March 13 - 19, 2018

Sobek Investigation Leads to Sabina
Franca on My Mother's Lawn Beside the Marsi in the Birch Tree
The Symbols of Picenze Speak

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The day after the last update was put out, I had to go in an add that Italian Martins use goats as some evidence that Martins were from the Marsyas goat of Phrygia. And when checking to see what that shape was between the two goats, and finding it to be a "disc," I once again started to seek what heraldic discs were code for. Previously, I assumed the Diss'/Disc, but this was never clinched. And today is when I found Dischers/Dishers proves it. Into the last update, I thought it was appropriate to add the insert in square brackets below immediately after the paragraph that had the "DISCrimine" motto term of Treys/Traylers, who were suspect with Trecate near the Ticino. But just look at the paragraph that came after that one with "discrimine," for it was already written before I added the Discher/Disher part.

As you read this quote, keep in mind that, in the last update, there were four, even five, women who were mentioned with large breasts, and one of them, mentioned in this way for the first time only last week, was Miss Peare. When I started the insert, I did not yet realize that Dischers/Dishers use a form of the Peare Coat, but made that realization while writing it.

[Insert - While looking at the disc of Italian Martins below, I found Diskers/Dischers/Dishers with a version of the Diss/Dice Coat, which tends to prove that the Diss'/Dice's use a version of the Tarent and Child Coats, which in-turn tends to prove that Childs/Chills were from CILNius Maecenas. The Diss/Dice and Discher/Disher Coats are also a version of the Peare Coat, apparently, because Peare's were first found in Oxfordshire with Dischers/Dishers. That supports a trace to Decks/Daggers, who share the red squirrel of Dyke's, to "Ticino." And Italian Martins were first found in BREScia. This insert was placed here after the below was already written where you see it.]

These large breasts all around may not have been by God's choice (sound crazy?) to merely link Mamie to Mamesfelde, but to point to Brest in Brittany, for Brests/Brix's were kin of Alan-possible Launay, from Lane's/Lano's, first found in BREScia/Brixia, and I read that the Eburovices who named Abreu-line Evreux were also in Brescia. Makes sense. Bricks can be gleaned as Brix's with the Massey fleur-de-lys, and the gold-on-red wing of Portuguese Abreu's [the Portuguese Miss Abreu has large breasts] is shared by Masci's. I suppose this is why I rented a room in Miss Abreu's house. Whelans share the Brick Coat [branch of Brests] while Dolls/Dols [as per big-breasted Dolly Parton] use the whale. If Miss Peare had stayed with me rather than going to Mr. Kepke, I would not have dated Miss Whelan immediately upon moving out of the apartment that Miss Peare shared with me.

Good Morning

I awoke this morning wondering about those breasts. I remembered that they should be God's code also for the great-mother goddess, and so I asked why Pero's should trace to her, and immediately a slew of realizations occurred. "Pero" could be from a "Phrygia" variation such as Frey > Prey > Parry, for the great-mother Cybele was the Phrygian goddess. In this picture, any developments from Pero's to Pierre's / Perez's and therefore to Peters was as per some Peter entering the family.

I realized that even "Christine" could be from Phrygians because the Phrygian goat was Marsyas, the line to the Marsi of Abruzzo, highly suspect with Marici that lived where Pero's lived. The French Mars (almost the colors and format of Christine's) were first found in Burgundy with Pilate's while Christine's share the cups of Pilotte's and Pellets.

The Masci's in that quote are important because the Brescia Martins (and Panico's/Pane's) share the Masci fleur-de-lys while "discRIMINE" is like the "DiscRIMINI" of Hamons, who can be gleaned from Hamon de Masci because Maschi's (with an 'h') were first found in RIMINI. This makes a fundamental Masci-line link to Marsyas while my Masci-line mother was born very possibly from Marsi, for they lived at lake Fucino (assume they were spread further out) while my mother's place of birth was perhaps 50 miles from that lake.

My mother's place of birth was Picenze, less than 10 miles from L'Aquila, both places sharing the eagle, symbol of Diss'/Dice's, Dischers/Dishers, Tarents and Childs, and the eagle surname with the Hagels trace to ACHELous river, where I trace the Oeneus-line, pagan Levites out of the Biblical Laish. Masseys, a branch of Masci's, were from Julia MAESA Bassianus, while MAEZAei were at the Oeneus river (see center-left light map below), while those terms are like the surname of Cilnius MAECENas, which is itself like the Masons/Massins, first found in Kent with Hamons.

But there is more, for "Picenze" is likely from the Picensii Illyrians (upper-left of the dark map below) who are to the east side of the MARGUS river in Moesia, which is a term that can easily form from/to "Marsyas." So, Mars / Marsi, Martins, Martels and even the Ticino's Marici can be from this Margus river alone. The Frankish Martels descended from CHILDeric, the Child/Chill line, and the Coat of their Tarent kin is shared by Francys'/Francis' (Oxfordshire, same as Dischers/Dishers, yup). The Tarents / Francis eagles are used by Courcys, first found in Somerset with Trents. Scottish Francis' use the same Coat as their English counterpart, but in different colors, now with the eagles colors reversed from the Este eagle. The Merovingian-related Pepins love the Este's.

Near the mouth of the Margus is what looks like VINCCium. Between PINCum (where I trace Panico's) and the mouth of the Margus is VIMINacium, where I trace (with confidence) the woman in the Crest of Laish-likely Elis' (Elis of Greece was closely related to Calydonians at the Achelous), and proto-Massey Amazons lived at Elis. The Laevi partners of the Marici on the Ticino were from the Laish Levites at the Achelous.

The Marsi lived at the upper SALTo river while the SALDensii are shown to the east side of the Picensii. To their south on the Ister, a Bononia location may have named Bononia/Bologna of Italy, where Panico's/Pane's were first found. Diss'/Dice's share torteaux (red roundels) with the Arms of Boulogne, and Boulogne is near Avesnes, the line from Avezzano (upper Salto), smack beside lake Fucino. And zowie, I was just at the atlas and saw Trecate-like Trasacco even closer to Avezzano than lake Fucino. As I said, the daughter of the Taffs is TERESa, like "TRASacco." Trecate came up only in the last update, and was suspect with Tracks/Tricks and Drigs that happen to share the green lion with Touch's/TUFFs, can you believe it?

It is obvious to me that God called me from birth to make this revelation, because he wanted to include things in that Picenze area for His exposure of the lines to and from the killers of Jesus. As I was living in the home of Mr. Taff from as early as I can remember, I was maybe born there for the reason that Taphians were at the Achelous river. His wife (a Pharisee-suspect Ferrari) was born in Picenze too. The Taffs birthed Fred less than two months before my birth, and he's maybe code for Ferte's (the Diss/Dice eagle in colors reversed?), probably from Ferte-Mace, home of Maceys / Masseys. Taffs were first found in Louth, near the Dublin location of barons Massy.

Now look. With Fred Taff suspect as a code from God for Masci-liners out of Ferte-Mace, by what coincidence is the Ferte eagle shared by MacDonalds that use a "PER TERRAS" motto phrase. I am now convinced instantly that Terras' (and maybe Tarrs/Terres') were from Trasacco, or the namers thereof. Terras' even use a rook version of the Sales/SALLETT Coat, a surname from the SALTo river, and probably ancestral to the Salian Franks that birthed Childeric. Scottish Terras' (Moray) share the Scott Coat while the "Amo" motto term of these Scotts had got to be for Hamo(n) de Masci, for these Scotts (and Terras') use a reflection of the Masci bend. The Amo-like "Amore" motto of Terras' suggests the Amore's, first found in Oxfordshire with Dischers/Dishers...and the Peare's from the Ticino Pero's highly suspect in "PER terras."

Teresa's mother is Letizia, and then while Letizia's/Leto's use a crane DRINKing, the Drinks share the single pale bar of rook-suspect Roxburghs. The Dreng variation may indicate Drigs now suspect with Teresa-suspect Trasacco, and rook-using Terras'. Isn't that rather neat? Later in the day after writing this paragraph, I found the Trasks looking for Trasacco-like names. Trasks (branch of Tracks/Tricks?) use red lions combatant, and the lions combatant of Abreu's/Abruzzo's would be red in colors reversed (compare with SALESbury lions to see that Sales liners linked to Abruzzo liners, and see Evreux in the Salesbury write-up).

PRESleys are suspect as ABRUZzo's because they share two of their items, and Presleys happen to share the hook with Trasks (the latter call them, lures). The three Presley "grappling hooks" on a chevron are in the three colors of the three trefoils on a chevron of Lattice's/Lettice' that not impressive? The Presley Crest (shares the spear with Trasks (between the lions)) is almost the red wyvern dragon of Drake's, and the latter use an "Aquila" motto term suspect with the Abruzzo capital (L'Aquila). Trask/Trasch variations (includes Thirst) can suggest Tresure's/Trashers.

The Timms/Time's (Masci fleur) are in the "Deum TIME" motto of a Moray Coat no longer shown by houseofnames, and this line was from Timna of Edom, which line can now be traced fairly solidly to TIMacus river that has a mouth between the Picensii and the Saldensii. The Timms/Time's use the Morinis fleur while Morinis' are in the write-up of Deerings, first found in Kent with Timms/Time's and Massins/masons, the latter sharing the Moray Crest while Scottish Terres' were at Moray.

To the south of the Saldensii is PHRATeria, while Rieti, on the Salto, uses Arms with a "PRATus" motto term. Excellent. Scottish Prude's/Prides, share the fish in the Arms of Rieti, and call them lamPREYs, this coming after the quote above suggesting that Pero's were maybe Prey / Frey liners. Lamprey-suspect Lamps/Lambie's (Surrey, same Lamberts) use a "Per" motto term.

The Prude-Pride fish are in the colors of the Prater wolf heads, themselves colors reversed from the same of Macey-likely Mackays and Quade's, from Quadratus Bassus, whose line birthed Julia Maesa Bassianus. Recently, the Flys (share the Pully/Pullen martlets) from Flavian/Flagi clinched the English and Irish Pratts from the Flavians of Rieti because both Pratt Coats are version of the Fly Coat (proves that Pratts are from the "Pratus" motto term). Pratts use a wolf head split in white and black colors, the colors of the Prater wolf head versus the Quade head. Lattice's/Lettice's were first found in Essex with Pratts.

While Pullens/Pullys share the Sabine scallop because they were both from Vespasia POLLA and her husband, Flavius Sabinus, note PELENdova to the north side of the Saldensii. Pelens/Phelens are listed with Whelans, and they use the Massey fleur, excellent. Pelens/Whelans were first found in Waterford, an Arms of which share's the Trump/Tromp stag head while Val Trompia is at Brescia/Brixia, where the Brests/Brix trace who use lozenges in colors reversed from the same of Bricks (same Coat as Pelens/Whelans).

Praters (Meschin colors), sharing the WINGed horse with Masseys, are in Prat/Prude colors, and were first found in Lincolnshire with le-Meschin's wife. Prude's/Prats share "spes mea" with Taffs, perhaps indicating that Taphians (or other Daphne liners) were at or near Phrateria. In fact, while mythical Daphne swam the Ladon river at Elis (there was and still is a Daphne location a couple of miles or less from Laish), Prats/Prude's share the Ladon/Ladd fesse. It's the Brack fesse in colors reversed, while Brattia was also, Brac (island off the mouth of the Tilurius, where Julia-Maesa liners have been traced).

Bracks share the Meschin fesse with probably the TALBOT dog of Carricks / Crags because Ranulph le Meschin married Lucy TAILLEBois. Meschins were from the Bassianus-line Bessin in Orne, explaining the horns of both Brack surnames (Orne's are Horns too). And while Caen is in the Bessin, Caens share the Ferte-like fretty symbol with Taffs. It's then interesting that Mrs. Taff (Teresa's and Fred's mother), Letizia, smack of "lattice," for fretty may have been lattice to begin with, as code for Lattice's/Lettice's.

In fact, this is incredible, for the Italian word for "lattice," which my mother pronounces something like, "radiccia," is like the Radice/Radix surname that is highly suspect with the Coat of fretty-using Cable's, from Cabyle, near Sub Radice (on both maps), and the incredible part is that I had traced the Salto river to the Selletae shown (lower-right on dark map) smack at Cabyle! That's not a contradiction because Selletae can now be traced to the Saldensii.

Whether God arranged the naming of Bra to fit in with his breast liners, I don't know, but Braswells do use a girdle, and they do reflect "BREScia." The Saltz's share the EAGLe leg with Brae's/Brays, you see, and Bra is in Piedmont with the first Masci's, and near Vinchio, like the Vinccium location near the Margus. The Margus got suspect with the Margy variation of Mackie's, first found in Ayrshire with MARJory Carrick. And Margesons come up with "Mackesy." The Massey and Masci wings are likely a Vinchio code. As the green snake will lead below unquestioningly to the Marsi, let me add that I have a Mackesy Coat in my files with a green snake.

I think I may be able to trace Phrateria to the Rothes castle of Peter Pollock (from Vespasia Polla), which is at Moray, where Mackays lived at some point yet to be resolved. Keep in mind that Masci-suspect Terras' were first found at Moray. As Welsh terms beginning with 'R' sometimes add a 'P' or 'B" to its front, as is claimed for Baths/Atha's, this practice may go back to Celts, the origin of the Welsh. And Celts were mixed in with Illyrians. The point is, what if "Phrateria" had no 'P'? That is, why do P-less Prathers, as Rathers, bring up the Rothers/Ruths/Randolphs of Moray (obviously linked to Moray's Randolphs who share the Baths/Atha / Taff / Mea/Mee/Meigh cross) as well as the Bavarian Rothes' who share the raven with Margys/Mackie's, Mea's/Mee's, and Taff-beloved Mea's/Mee's ("numine")? "Me" is a motto term of Margesons/Mackeseys (Newman/Numan lion?). Mea's/Mee's are said to have named My in Flanders.

There were several proofs that my sleeping-bag dream was from God. It ended with Miss Peare, which is what brought her to topic in a big way, and she has never left my discussions since. In this dream, there was a road that I crossed, after picking up a sleeping bag. A man on a motorcycle came from the road to where I picked up the bag, then rode away down the road while I waked across it. At first, I though that the road was code for Roets, for Catherine Roet uses a wheel symbol. But then I loaded the Roads and figured that the Child / Piast eagle was in that Coat. But much later I found Rute's/Roots/Rouets who not only share a tree with Roets, but use the Coat of BAGleys, first found in Shropshire (Salop) with Sleeps. The dream ended in a mall, and I had met Miss Peare in the mall she and I worked at, where she worked for REITmans. Reitmans share the ROTEN star, and Ruths/Rothers (Child chevron?) are in RODDEN/Rodham colors.

I know for a fact that proto-Rothschilds were out of Pollock's Rothes castle, at Rothes, near Tarves. But Pollocks were earlier at Shropshire, where English Rothes' were first found who are suspect with neighboring Sales'/Sallets.

It's interesting that Saltons/Saltans share the black bend of the Sales'/Salletts and Salemans/Salians. I think I can glean the Bush/Busch / Saleman/Salian eagle in the that Salton Coat. The SaltonSTALL variation makes it appear that Saltons married Stalls/Steels, for English Steels (Sales bend?) were first found in Cheshire with Sales'/Salletts. The Saldens and Soltans are listed with Sodans/Sowdons, who share the red lion head of the Cheshire Steels. As the Saltons/Soltans use a motto term that can be for Tanners/Tans, it can explain "SalTAN," noting also that the Tanaro river is near Saluzzo and Busca. As Sowdons/Saldens are highly suspect with the Sodans of the Patterson write-up, while Pattersons use the pelican, see the Salton/Saltan Crest: "A blue pelican's head vulning itself." And the Chief-Shield colors of Pattersons is that of Saluzzo's.

The Stalls/Steels/Stahlins share the griffin of Berta's (Ferrara's), from Berthe, wife of Mummolin (Mayor of the Palace), and the double fesses of Stalls/Steels are in the colors of the one pale bar of Tulls, from Tullia of Lyon his ancestor (fact, not merely my theory). The Tulls put butterFLIES (part-code for Batovi?) on their pale bar, suggesting that Tullia descended from the Flavians at Rieti. Mummolin was probably a descendant of Childeric, and the latter's Salian-Frank side should even be to Salemans/Salians and therefore to Saltons/Saltonstalls. Vespasia's grandson, Titus, is expected with the Titus surname, first found in Hertfordshire with Childs/Chills.

Recently, I've been saying that Bush's were from Edom's Bozrah, where Timna is expected to have lived that was the proto-Timms/Time's (almost the German-Bush fleur-de-lys). I neglected to add that the goat head in the Timm/Time Crest is also in the Bush Crest.

Early Fullers, a possible branch of the Puller variation of Pullys/Pullens (pelican), were first found in the same place as Titus'. The Fuller write-up mentions Ambrose le Fuller of Shropshire, where the patriarch (FULbert) of Pollocks lived. Ambrose's are not only like the Amber variation of Lamberts, but French Ambrose's were first found in Dauphine with Pilate's and French Lamberts, the latter looking like they had merged with Pilate-suspect Billets/Billiards (Moray stars?), first found in Maine with Pully-beloved Pelicans. I've been saying that Lamberts show definite signs of being from Masci-liner Mieszko II Lambert, and here we can see the Masci bend with French Ambrose's. As it's also the bend of Terras', in my opinion, note that the latter use an Amber-like "Amore" motto term while Amore's share three fesses (almost) in the colors of the three of Fullers. While Amore's were first found in Amore-like Moray, I'd guess that the Lamberts took on "Amber" i.e. an Amore-like variation when Mieszko liners arrived to Moray. French Ambrose's share fretty with Taffs while the latter have the Mieske/Mesech arm-and-sword in Crest.

Fullers were first found in Yorkshire, where the Ruth/Rother write-up places Routh, and Ruths/Rothers were first found in Moray with Pollock's castle at Rothes, near to where Drummonds lived that share three red fesses with Fullers.

The Trausi (dark map) at Sub Radice look like the makings of Treviso/TARVISium, the line suspect to Tarves. Mr. Avitus, husband of Julia Maesa, is suspect with Vito's, first found in Treviso, and then the Vito's are also Bitini's, like the Horn-loving Bidens/Buttons (same place as CAPLans) who share the chapeau cap of Cabyle-liner Capelli's. I know that Bidens/Buttons link integrally with Cabyle because that location, along with Sub Radice, are in relation to the TONZus river while Tonso's/Tous' use a red shirt with BUTTONs. Treviso is only 50-60 miles from Dine-like Udine, and while Dine's/Diens share the Masci wing, Udine is where Radice's were first found. Treviso is about 50 miles from Este, where the Capelli's engaged. Este was integral with Ferrara, while Letizia Taff is a Ferrari. Letizia's/Leto's (Lattice/Lettice colors) use the crane, code for the Ceraunii at the Maezaei theater.

Sobek Investigation

Over the years, I've said little about Sobeks for simply not knowing where they link, and because they show only one symbol, though it's a purple buckle. I've linked them to purple-Shield Pace's/Pacys, for found in Cheshire with Buckle-related Buckleys. But there's more, for Sobeks were from SandoMIERsz (Poland), and while Miers look like Mayers, Myers/Mere's were first found in Cheshire too, with the Masseys that formed the Polish Mieszko's. And while Mere's share the ship of DeMere's, I see the latter in the "temere" motto term of both Buckle's and Buckleys (share colors and format). It just so happens that Myers/Mere's were at Buckley-like Bucklow. Therefore, it's begging whether Sobeks and their SOBANski/SOBALski variations were from the Buxentum area (see last update for surnames tracing there), land of the peoples of Sobek-possible Sybaris.

I feel that I have enough solid Sobek links now to check out who their branches were. And I'm entertaining that their Sybaris line is to Sabine's that happen to come up as "Saber." In other words, did Sybaris' Achaeans name mount Sabina, and later Flavius Sabinus? Apart from anything to do with the Cheshire Pace's/Pacys, I traced his wife, VesPASia Polla, to the Italian Pace's/Pasi's. "Polla" is an apt term to trace to "POland." Mount Sabinus is downstream from the Mier- / Mere-like Marsi.

The German Miers/Meiers (Jewish surname) happen to share a "green tree" with Panico's/Pane's/Panetta's, the latter first found in Bologna with Pace's/Pasi's.

Now the Sabers/Sabine's have a Sabin variation like the Sobin of Sobeks. And the Saber/Sabine stars are those of the Cheshire Polesdons, we can safely assume. The Buckley motto is suspect with Timms/Time's, and therefore with Timacus river flowing to the Saldensii peoples, which were just linked hard (last update) to the Salto river flowing from the Marsi through the Rieti home (in Sabina) of Flavius Sabinus. The Timacus flows near to a Bononia location while Bologna is known by that very same name, as is the bull-like Boulogne of Eustace II. And the Buckleys developed in to BULkellys, for which reason they use the bull. This can therefore trace the Sobek buckle to Bologna liners.

And it was TIM (why Tim?) who found for me the Pulsipher variation of Polesdons when I mentioned the Pulcipher co-founders of Romulus in Wayne county, Michigan. I had noted that while the other co-founders were Pullens, the latter share the Romney Coat, both of which share the Saber/Sabine scallop because all three are from Vespasia Polla. As Wayne's even share the pelican with Pullens, I reasoned that Romneys were the namers of Romulus, and there happens to be a Romulus location at the east side of the Saldensii, right beside Pullen-like Pelendova. I feel sure that Buckleys have a motto connecting to Timms/Time's, and that helps to link Buckleys to the Sobek/Sabin buckle if that latter are a branch of Sabine's.

Wayne's may be using the Bullock chevron, but, in any case, the Bullock Coat is a red version of the Buckley Coat, and while the latter's is in the colors and format of Wayne-like VAUGHNs, Wayne's share gauntlet gloves with Fane's/Vans/VEYNES'. Wayne's (WANstead colors) share the chevron of Childs/Chills, said to be from Wanstead, and first found in Hertfordshire with Titus'.

As a reminder, the Panico's (or proto-Panico's) of Bologna were at Pincum, not far from the Timacus. Pincum is beside VIMINacium, and then Jewish Miers use a "WOMAN" on "GREEN GROUND." German Miers were first found in Prussia with bull-using Mieske's, and then Sabers/Sabine's use a bull of their own. What is this bull from? The Arms of Boulogne share red roundels with Bullis/Byllis', I think I get it, especially as Bullis' were first found in Suffolk with bull-using Buckleys/Bulkellys. And while Bullis is beside the Ceraunii mountains, where cranes trace, GROUNDs/Crannys (share cutLASS with Elliots and Pilgrims) use the crane. It's notable that both Lass/Lacy surname use purple while Cuts can be sharing the Sale/Sallett bend.

An oak tree is used by Lube's along with what can be the Mieske arm in armor, and Lube's were looked up as per the Lublin clan to which a branch of Sobeks belonged. There are lost of trees popping up, and one is used by Miers while Sobeks are also of Sandomiersz's. This gets very interesting if I'm correct about Joktan liners to the ancient oak tree, symbol of Zeus, the mythical bull who had a cult at Dodona of Epirus...which has got to be near Bullis of Epirus. The Joktan-related Sepharvites are suspect at Sybaris, and while the founders of Sybaris were at Boura (near the Ladon), that line's Burley surname was first found in Somerset with Ladons/Ladds and Oaks (LEAVES), and the latter use there Ladon/Ladd fesse in colors reversed.

Why do Oakleys use the scimitar, a "NON TIMeo sed CAVEO" motto, and fleur-de-lys that trace to Cavii at Lissus? The scimitar is shared by Peleg-suspect Pilgrims. Hebrewincidence? Oakleys may be sharing the fleur of Petro's. Hmm, "Oakley" is a little like "Oneglia" while Nagle's use "sed" too. Seconds after writing that, it was found that Nagle-like Nigels (share gold lozenges with Nagle's) use a "GREEN oak tree"! Surprise.

Recall Phrateria at the Saldensii theater, proof that this area was connected with the "pratus" motto term in the Arms of Rieti, for Miers/Meiers use a "Semper paratus" motto while Sempers/St. PERE's (Essex, same as Pratts) are said to be Peter liners and therefore traceable to Flavius Petro, Sabinus' father. Sempers/St. Pere's (Pierro/Pero colors) share double lions in pale with Mare's/Mars while the earl of Mar was beside the Rose's in the Pierro/Pero Coat. It now appears that the Sybaris-Laus entity traces to the Ticino's Laevi, who I expect from pagan-Levites line out of Laish. The Mare's here are suspect with the Laevi-partnered Marici.

Pero's / Pierro's became a great interest to me as per God pointing me to Christine Peare. This is a good place to remind that Christine's were first found on the Isle of Man with the family of Mackay-liner king Maccus, and while the Manx people of Man named Manche, that's where the Semilly location of St. Perre is located, as we read in the Semper write-up, "St. Perre de Semilly in Manche." The Semper's look like they use the lion of Ranulph le Meschin, and of the Leghs (Cheshire) suspect in the legs in the Arms of Man. These legs are in the Arms of Fussen, which place is suspect with the FUCINo location of the Marsi.

As Laus-like Leslie's use buckles, it speaks again to a Sobek/Sobin trace to Sybaris. The Leslie's share the GREEN bard griffin while Bards use a boar in colors reversed from the Luss/Lust boar. This could be the BURLey-line boar. The BURLs (Essex) happen to share the three upward arrow / spear heads (different colors) of Pigots, suspect with the "Pyxus" version of "Buxentum." The Pigots call their symbols PIKEheads, and they have small roundels at their base, as do the Burl "spearheads." Perfect. The Burl Crest: "A squirrel holding a staff." The Square variation of Squirrels is suspect with the "palleSCERE" motto term of Pullens, and Palles' use three upward ermine spots, which are essentially the three pikeheads (same colors) of Pigots. Palles' were first found in Yorkshire with Pullens and Scarfs (white wolf heads), the latter suspect both with the SCHERE's/Scherfs and with the white wolf head in the Pigot Crest.

The Geddes use pike fish as well as a "majora" motto term like the "majores" of Saltons/Saltans. Spanish Majors (Navarre) share the Steel checks. Majors share a greyhound head with gold collar with Schutz's, the latter suspect with branches of the Scidrus location near Buxentum. French Majors share the red lion heads of the checkered Steels (same place as Pigots), whom are said to be related to Pigot-like Bigots (gauntlet), first found in Essex with Boura-suspect Burls. Perfect. French Bigots use almost the French Mar Coat. Bigots were at FINCHingfield while Vince's/Vinch's/Finch's use "NIL conSCIRE," like the Squire variation of Burl-beloved Squirrels.

If Polesdons are Polla liners, why did they use "PulSIPHER? Is that hint of Sybaris elements? Looks like. In the Polesdon Crest, the same stag as Eustace's, which has an item at its neck that I've yet to discover. Polesdons call it a "stag PASSant proper," and Propers/Robins/Roberts (Robert lion) were first found in Cheshire too. The Polesdon and Sabine stars are colors reversed from those of Palins, from Palinurus at Buxentum and LAUS. While Polesdons are PILSons too, there is a Pillis/Pilona/Pileggi surname that shares crossed spears with Pace's/Pasi's and Speers (from the Spree river of LUSatia / Poland). We now have reason to trace Vespasia Polla's ancestry to Peleggi-like Pelagonia, where the Pullen pelican traces. And while Peleg was Joktan's brother, Joktanites are heavily suspect with Sybaris-like Sepharvites. Look at what the Sobek investigation has just found, the earliest Hebrew (non-Israelite) tribes.

While Pace's/Pasi's were first found in the same place as green-tree Panico's, Poloni's/Apolloni's, first found in Florence with Pillis'/Pilona's/Pileggi's, use a giant "green tree." There is an Apollonia location showing smack beside Bullis. The English Grounds/Grundys (Rhodes Shield) might just be using the leopard of the Tuscany Mosca's for yet another Bullis-area link to Tuscany. This leopard can be the cat in the Crest of Wayne-like Bayne's/Beans (probably the Mere / Demere / MacDonald ship), a sept of Mackays along with Fane's/Veynes'. MacDonalds use, "PER MARE, per terras," and share the Ferte eagle for a trace to Mackay-like Maceys at Ferte-Mace. Recall Ferte-like Fred Taff, brother of Terras-like Teresa Taff, for the Bayne/Bean motto (version of the Clan Chattan motto) uses "Touch," likely as code for the Cheshire Touch's/TUFFs. The Cheshire Myers/Mere's are listed as MARE's. Both Mar Coats (one shares Mackay colors and format) are listed as "Mare" so that the SandoMIERSz's entity of Sobeks/Sobins can indeed be of Marsi liners in cahoots with Sabinus liners. And the Sobek-beloved Buckle's use a rampant cat in Crest.

Grounds/Crannys use "Amor" while Terras' love the Amore's in their motto. The Terras-related Scotts are expected to be a branch of the namers of SCIDrus over by Laus. Scotts share the black griffin with Vince's/Finch's, and we just saw Pyxus-liner Bigots at FINCHingfield. Laus' share grapes with the Arms of Vinchio, and the Laus' man even holds what should be a scid-like scythes while Scythe's are also Skits/Skeochs.

Polish heraldry has lots of horseshoes, and the Sobek buckle looks a lot like a horseshoe with NAIL while Sobeks are said to be of the NALecz's clan. Pullens have the motto, "NULLa palleSCERE culpa," while Bullocks (Vince motto) use "NIL conSCIRE sibi." There is a Null/Nulty surname, and German Nails are also Neils/Nagle's. The Trabys/SANDowski's are said to be of the Nalecz clan, and they use the scarf while SCHERE's are also Scherfs. Sobek-beloved Buckle's use "NIL temere." If the Pullens are citing the Palles' in "Pallescere," they use a version of the Nagle fesse-with-symbols as well as a "PRO rege" motto phrase. As Pattersons use both the pelican (Pullen symbol) and a "Pro rege" motto phrase, note that the Patterson scallops are those of Sodens who likewise use a version of the Palles fesse-with-symbols. Sodens come up as Soltans and Saldens.

With those GREEN trees and green ground coming to topic in this Sobek investigation, let me repeat from the last update:

ArduiNICi were at ONEGLIa (Liguria) too while Nagle's/Nails share the saltire of BALDrics. It signals a Bautica-Oneglia tie [the Bautica was also the BALTea]. With Sithones suspect as STHENelus, mythical king of Liguria, by what coincidence do Sittens use a "HazARD" motto term? Or, with the PORTcullis gate tracing to Portishead (Clapton, where Arthurs lived), note that Yate's, in the "yet motto term of Sittens, probably own the portCULLIS (because Yate's are likely a Gate branch). And even when we load Cullis', we could be at the Irish-Nagle fesse, especially as these Nagle's use "sed", a term I suspect with Seatons. As Sithones are suspect with Sitones of Scandinavia, and with mythical ODIN there, note that the Baldric and Nagle/Nail saltire is also that of Oddie's, a branch of Odins. Neville's use the saltire of Oettingen-Oettingen, I assume, because the former is said to be from Baldric TeutoNICus (queen Teuta of the Ardiaei?) while Baldric's share the saltire (both colors) of Oddie's (both white like that of Neville's).

Greens were first found in Kent with Greenwich, and Greenwich's share the lion-with-crozier of Odins. That "green ground" (of Jewish Miers) makes Greens ("semper") look like a branch of Grounds/Crannys i.e. from Ceraunii liners.

Next, let's go to the Wreath' in the Buckle wreaths, for there is a pelican in a wreath in the Crest of Palles-like Pelles'. The latter were first found in Lincolnshire with the Rhodes' who share the Ground cross-with-lions, and with the Parchments that share the Sodan/Salden scallops. One can spot here a Buckle-kin trace to the Salto river past mount Sabina, adding to the evidence that Sabers/Sabine's/Sabins were a branch of the Sobin variation of Sobeks. As the latter are suspect with Pace's, note that Pace's/Pasi's and Speers share crossed spears with pelican-using and Speer-like Sprouts (said to be a branch of Dorset's Spratts).

Wreath's were at Clunes, and while the Cluns can be traced solidly to Clun of Shropshire, that's where Clun-like Colins were first found who share the martlets of Pullens and Josephs (share the Chaplet swan), these Josephs first found in Maine with Pelagonia-suspect Pellicans. Which came first, Cluns or Colins, and were Colins from Columns/Malcolms / Callams? The wreath may have developed into the chaplet upon a line from Joseph Caiaphas finding a Wreath family, who not only use one of the Ness fesses, but were first found at/near the Ness river (beside the first-known Cluns).

Wreath's are also Rays/Rae's while French Rays use the escarBUNCLE while Buncle's use buckles and Buckle's use wreaths. It now appears that Wreaths did develop the French Rays, at least, something I could not say until now. Hangers and Angers (Nagle lozenges) both use the escarbuncle. Hangers love the Honors who share a version of the Buckley motto as well as the Green Coat. This makes for another new realization or two, if Green's are indeed Ceraunii liners, that Buckinghams use a version of the Urban bend-with-symbols...because Urbans are definitely from the Urbanus river of the Ceraunii. And while I trace Crauns/Crane's to those peoples, their Hick kin use the BUCK.

As Buckinghams are Buckings while Buxentum-liner Buchans are also Buckins, this is the other realization: Buxentum liners were at Buckingham. And by the way, the "SECUTUS" motto term of Buchans can be for a Schut- / SCHUTZ-like branch from "SCIDrus." In fact, Belgian Schuts/Schoots share the Palin / Buchan lion! The Buchans even use "Non" while English Noons (Norfolk, same as Sabine's) share the Schutz saltire...and probably the Sabine bull round-about. Irish Noons use the cross in the Arms of Pola/Pula while Sabinus married Vespasia Polla.

It reminds me that, at a 9-11 memorial on September 11, 2002, Miss Hicks let me sit beside her under the condition that "You can SCOOT OVER" if my daughter arrives. Scoots/Scougals (share the Scott border) use a "Haec" motto term, you see. As that evening was packed with God's codes, including Knee's and Stanley's, who both use reflections of the Buckingham / Urban bends along with Overs, I'd say that Hicks trace to Buxentum somehow. Scoots/Scougals share the black greyhound with Schutz's, and Scougal-like Schuchs use a knight issuing at the knees, and another TREE. In fact, German Buckens/Buckers use a giant "GREEN TREE."

In a dream I had, which included Miss Hicks almost 20 years before I first saw her, she was HOVERing OVER the seats of a car. Note the esCARbuncle, which can indicate that Cars are to be lumped in with Buxentum liners. Seats/cedes use besants on their blue pale bars while besants are on the blue bend of Bucking(ham)s. Besants are code for the line of Basina, wife of Childeric (many gold bees found in his tomb), and she was from Thuringia, where bee-using Talls were first found who use roughly the bend of Urbans (not fully in the three colors of Urbans and Bucking(ham)s). While Scoots/Scougals use a "WRITing pen," Scottish Write's put a blue feather in the mouth of their unicorn, the color of some feathers in the Tall Crest. The Tall Coat is a reflection of the Berkshire Coat, and Berkshire is at Buckingham. As Duttons/Tuttons (Lancashire) share the Berkshire Coat, it's a good bet that both use the Tute/Tuit and Tatton quadrants. While Childeric was likely a Lilley liner, the Lilleys tell of a Lille location in Berkshire, which is near Hertfordshire (Buckingham is between Hertford and Berkshire, the royal tent). Susans, first found in Berkshire, use the giant lily.

Hovers/Hoffers use horns while Horns are Orne's while Scoots/Scougals use "Haec ORNant." Hovers/Hoffers happen to use an important crown that should be code for Ceraunii, for Crauns use a crown around the neck of their "hind" while Hicks use a "GREEN [!] CHAPLET" around the NECK of their buck. The Neckar river is where the "nec" motto term of Rutherfords and Rodhams/Roddens traces, while Necks/Neckars (possible Ness = Nysa liners) put a crown on their antler while Bucks use antlers. The Rutherfords share a so-called "orle" border with Rutlands, and that border is of the type of the BLACK BORDER of Buckens/Buckers. In the last update, it became apparent that the line of queen Nysa and Pharnaces lead to surnames with BLACK BORDERS. The Hicks chaplet is "GORGed" around the neck while George's use one of the blue Parr fesses.

While Miss Hicks was destined to move to FORNey after she said I could scoot over, Pharnaces-liner FURNACE's, with a black border, use a "dog SEATed" in the colors of the Scoot/Scougal greyhounds. And she was hovering over the seats while Cars and Seats/Cedes' (Parr bars?) were both first found in Lancashire with Furnace's and Pharnaces-line Parrs (black border), whose double-blue fesses are with Nissans.

Seats/Cedes' can be linked to Bachs/Backs (steer) via the Steer motto. She hovered over the seats of a car that was on a sandy beach, and Hovers/Hoffers were first found in Westphalia with Buck-like Becks. The Beach's/Bechs/Becks are important to establish the origin of the lily that was the fleur-de-lys of Childeric, he being the line to Childs while Miss Hick's new home in Forney was the address online of a Mr. Childs. Childs share the Car chevron, and were first found in Hertfordshire with Beach's/Becks while Hertfords use bucks' heads. Beach's were at Lilley`, you see, while Lilleys use lilies. The Lilley write-up has Lilley in Hertfordshire. So, I would trace Lilley's namer to Lille of the Lys river of Artois, the area where Childeric's family ruled.

On the "Lucania map, you can spot the Haleys river to the near-north of Buxentum, and then Beach's were at Hailey. The Hailey/Haleys lion is gorged with a crown. Now what follows is amazing, as per Haleys-like Helen, my tenant (in the last two updates), for while Tenants share the white boar head with Haileys/Haleys', the Helen motto uses "vela" while Velia is smack at the mouth of the Haleys river! Zowie. Vela's were first found in Navarre. Note Muranum on the Sybaris river, for the Haleys/Haleys' boar heads are in both colors of the Marone/Maroon boar heads. And the Morano's share the Moor heads of Collars in the Hailey/Haleys collar. The Haleys river is therefore traceable to Mysian Gorgons at the Hellespont, who lived also at Pharnaces-like Parnassus.

As Scottish Towns were first found in the same place as Tenants, it may not be coincidental that the crosslets of Towns are those of Vela-possible Julians, and that Velis'/Vails share the black Julian / Gully/Golly cross. English Towns share the spread, black eagle with Velis'/Vails (share swan head in Crest with Lilleys).

This section started with the proof of tracing Sobeks to the Cheshire Pace's as well as to Sybaris, and here we find "Pace" as a motto term of the same Turks/Torks using "vel." The Turks/Torks entered the discussion with the torches of Vela's. The next section elaborates on the proto-Maccabees, and the Maccabee line to Horns and Corner / Acorn liners, wherefore note the hunting Horns of Turks/Torks, and the "four torches on BLUE corners" of Vela's. Blue's were first found on Arran with MacAbee's.

The Mysian Gorgons were Phrygians on the Parthenius river, even as Gorgons were with the Parthians at the southern Caspian sea, and Phrygians had a Scodrus area at the Hebros river. The Parthini are near lake Scodra likely for that reason, for Lissae up the Hebros traces to Lissus, between Scodra and the Parthini. Online quote: "[Macedonia] had the mountains Scodrus and Haemus on the north and north-east..."

If you check your light map, you can see that Scidrus should be right around Lissae. The nearby mount Dunax and SERDica trace to Duncans and the Swords, the latter being the line of Siward of Northumberland, who was partner to Malcolm III, from son of Duncan, SCOTTish kings. It's a great reason to trace Scots to Phrygians at Scodrus, and asking how much Laish-Levite blood they had. Velis/Vails were first found in Northumberland along with the Duncan branch of Donkeys.

On the dark map, I think I see "LESSI" (at the 'H' of "THRACO") along the peaks of the Rhodope mountains, which is where Dunax sits, and then while Leslie's were first found beside Angus, spot the location, beside Lissae, that looks like "Angustiae." Compare the Duncan Chief to the Angus Chief. The Bessi at Lissae and along the Lissa peaks definitely trace to Basina, and then while she's related to Talls, by what coincidence do Talls share a bend like that of Leslie's? That Talls can thus trace to the Taulantii, beside the Parthini. As Cabbage's use an "Angustis" motto term, by what coincidence do they share the lion of Tillers and TAILs/TALLers/Tailers? Taulantii-like Talants/Talons share the eagle leg (talon) with Augusts (!), and with Brae's/Brays, first found in Northampton with Cabbage's.

Should not "DUNax" be from Dan = Laish? DENtheLETae, shown beside Dunax, could be a Dan-Laish combination of the Leto/Latona / Leda kind. This Lissa area is not far from Peleg-like Pelagonia so that the Joktanites, whom I see at Sybaris and Laus, could have been nearby. As Joktanites of the Sepharvite kind were Spartans and LACEdaemonians, who both lived at Laconia, by what coincidence is Sybaris in Lucania? Laus is from Las of Sparta, right?

While Scoots/Scougals ("writing PEN) in Crest) share courant greyhounds with Lise's/Lys' and Penes'/Pennys, CARlisle's share the pen in Crest with Scoots. And Lille's (Oxfordshire, same as Bucking(ham)s) are also LISLE's, like "CarLISLE," making Carlisle's suspect as a Car-Lille merger.

The Hicks dream has been deciphered gradually more with time, and here I find that Carlisle's apply to Cars, a thing I've never stressed. The Carlisle and Penny WRITing pen is a feather, and a single feather is used by Scottish Write's while English Write's share the white leopard face with Hovers/Overs. The unicorn of Scottish Write's is "gorged" with a collar around it's neck, the Hicks symbol essentially.

The lily of Lilleys/Lily's can be that of Cetis/Sestie's, and while QUADratilla of Cetis is the line to Quade's/WADE's, Watts (giant oak tree) were first found in Worcestershire with Lilleys/Lilys. As Quadratilla's husband is suspect to Levi's/Levine's and similar others, note that some Cetis variations look like the Setters (Cumberland, same as Livings/Levine's) who use a rose version of the Levin/Levine Coat. The Setter Crest has a collar around the neck of its lion, though "gorged" is not used in this description. George's share the blue-on-white doves with Wessels/Waistels, suspect with Vestalis of the Cottians, who ruled at Susa, suspect with the lily-using Susans.

Again. Susans were first found at Berkshire...beside the Buckinghamshire Rivers, suspect from "Riparia," the river at Susa. The Rivers are a branch of Revere's that share the Dudley lion, and Dudley is a location in Worcestershire i.e. where Lilleys/Lilys were first found. The double fesses of Rivers are interesting for being colors reversed from the three of Changers (in the Stanley motto), first found in Hampshire (beside the Stur river) and therefore suspect with a blue version of the three Stur fesses. There is a second Stur river in Worcestershire. I always link the Cottians to Sion/SITTEN where Stone's likely trace that look to be in the Stanleys/Stoneleys. Stoners (Bush eagles) were first found in Oxfordshire i.e. beside Berkshire and Buckinghamshire.

My Mad Maccabee Theory Looking Good

I'd like to go back to the Taulantii for some new additions to Maccabee findings. Why is the Brae/Bray Coat a black version of the Talent Coat? While I've done a "crazy" thing by tracing Mattathias the HasMONean (father of the Israeli Maccabees) to a Dardanian people (from MONunius I) living on the Mathis river (dark map), that's where the Taulantii lived, and then CURTUS Maccabee is suspect with the girdle in the Braswell Crest, or with the Girtle's/Gurtlers who use virtually the MACEY stars while Maceys use the mace, symbol of Maccabees. In this way, Maccabee elements can trace to Brae's/Brays, especially if they do use the Talant/Talon Coat.

And Bra is in Piedmont with the first-known Masci's, who created the Meschins (Shropshire, same as le Meschin's father) who share the scallops of Flags/Flacks in the "flax breaker" of Brae's/Brays. Now just look at all the obvious links. The father was of BRIQUESsart, like "BREAKer," and he lived in the BESSIN, in ORNE, and then Horns share the Coat (herons) of Horns while Breakers/Brecks use horns. BASSANia is at the mouth of the Mathis, and while this was the line to Basina, Childeric's wife, Orne's and Horns are in CHILD colors while Horns were first found in Hertfordshire with Childs. Can you really view all of this as mere coincidence?

Not finished nearly. The Horns/Orne's share the herons of Herons and Haverans, whom I trace to AVARAN Hachorani Maccabee. And while I deciphered "HACHORANi" with heraldic ACORNS, the Dutch Tromps use the acorn while German Tromps/Trumps share the stag in this Arms of Waterford, which is where the Haverans are said to have had a branch. Waterford is where Correns and Currys/Corrys were first found, who might just be from "Curtus." In any case, Haverans of Waterford were from Cork while Corks are CORE's too, and, besides, Corks/Core's use the lion TAILs of Tails/Tailers, whom are very linkable to Basina-related Talls and therefore to Taulantii. It's easy to spot a Taulantii merger with Bassania.

The Waterford Currys/Corrys use an "ear of wheat" in a rooster's beak, and Wheats/Whate's are suspect with Wade's/Quade's from QuadraTILLa Bassus. Tillers are obvious Tailers, and the latter's pale bar can be of the pale bar formed by the two horns of Base's/Bassens. Weights share the motto of HAZELtons so that Has liners connect feasible to the Wheats/Whate's.

Tailers use the lion of Cabbage's, first found in the same place as Waterfords, who share the Coat (with fountains) of Kiss'/Cush's who in-turn share the red rooster of Scottish Currys/Corrys with the same saltire as the Waterford Currys/Corrys. As this saltire is shared by the Tease's/Tess', the latter's leaves can link to the trefoils (leaves) of Corrys/Currys, which may indicate that whatever named treFOILs (I say RoqueFEUILs) were integral with Laevi on the Ticino. Roquefeuil is in Aude while Currys/Corrys use an "AUDaux" motto term, partly suspect with Dax/Dachs i.e. linkable to the Teck variation of Tease's/Tess'.

So, the Kiss/Cush line of Lupus Laevillus at Cetis traces well to Waterford, especially as Waterfords use water lilies while Cetis'/Sestie's use lilies in the same colors. If Lily-using Susans were from Susa (Piedmont, same as Bra) along with Sestie's, I'd like to add that while Suggs'/Soggs' may be from "Segusia" (earlier name of Susa), Vigils share the green-gold vair fur of Spanish Vigils, suspect in the "VIGILans et audaux" motto of Currys/Corrys. Italian Vigils were first found in Piedmont, you see, and moreover the tower of Spanish Vigils is that of Pellicans, first found in Maine with French Josephs while Suggs'/Sogg's were first found in Hampshire with English Josephs, from Flavius Josephus, who wrote that he descended from Curtus Maccabee, and even from Jonathan Maccabee.

It can be added that Haverans use a pelican while Italian Curtis' share the Shield colors of the Italian Vigils. Or, while Dole's share the fleur of Curtis-beloved Plows, Dols were first found in the same place as Trumps, the latter highly suspect with Avaran Hachorani Maccabee. The Curtis quadrants can be gleaned with the quadrants of Spanish Vigils. Why do we suppose English Curtis' (Warwickshire, same as Pere's/Peirs) use crowns?

More. The Tailers use the lion of Cabbage's, first found in the same place as Brae's/Brays, which expects a Cabbage trace to the Taulantii. House's use cabbage leaves, which are called hazel SLIPs by Hazels due to ISLIPs/HASlips being a branch of Hazels, all from the entity that named Hasmonean-suspect HAS (Albania), a small location on the Drilon river between the Dardanians and the Mathis. The Caiaphas-liner Cavii lived at Has, who probably named Ceva and its Cevetta river, and then Cavetts (Picard colors) were first found in Picardy while Has is near Epicaria. I have never traced "Epicari" to "Picardy" before. Hazels call their stag, "lodged," which is a lying-down position, as we see the Breaker/Breck antelope.

I'm writing this the day after Andrew McCabe was fired, and Haverans are in MacABEE/MacCABE colors. It's a good bet that "MacABEE, while being from Abbeville in Picardy, was formed as play on "Maccabee." Abbeville is near Airaines, which named Arran, where MacAbee's were first found. The Mathis river has the unnamed tributary on which EPICARia is located, and moments before coming to Abbeville, which wasn't in my plans, I had been wondering whether Picardy was named after Epicaria. What put that in my head? Picards, who happen to come up as Picars, share gyronny with Titus', first found in Herod-suspect Hertfordshire along with Childeric liners.

With Childeric's wife tracing to Bassania, let's add that Base's/Bassens, first found in Austria with Bassans/Bessens and Brecks, share hunting HORNs with Breakers/Brecks. I can't argue with the facts; I need only to find how Maccabees (reason for the Tall / Bessin bees?) could have descended from far-off Albania. Albanys, first found in the same place as Meschins and Sleeps, share the Mason/Massin / Louvain/Louvier Coat while La Louviere is beside MONS, suspect with the Moons (Devon, same as Dardanian-line Darts/Dards/Tards) from the same Dardanian king that named HasMONeans. Leghs/Lighs, who share the Mons lion as well as the lion shown by Wikipedia for its article on Ranulph le Meschin, were first found in Cheshire, where le Meschin ruled. The Mons lion is in the red color of the lion of Breck-like Brocks, which itself holds a dart.

By what coincidence do Monunius-like Monans/Moonans use a flory cross in both colors of the similar moline of Mathis'? And the "Flecti" motto term of Monans can link to the flax breaker of Brae's/Brays because Flags/Flacks are also Flecks, first found in Norfolk with Fulke's who-in-turn use the split Shield of Belgian Fleck and Curtis-suspect Vigils.

While Stewarts were related to Albanys (Albanians?), the latter's lion is a colors-reversed one from the Brittany Picards. Albins/Aubins (Devon, same as Moons and Stewarts) are traceable to Brittany's Meu river, where roughly the Modi'in-suspect Motts/Mottins were first found. Dole's share the fleur of Curtis-related Plows and Hachorani-liner Corners/Garners (acorn, Moch sword). The Devon Stewarts share the pelican on a nest with Haverans...and the all-important Pattersons who can enable us to see how all the proto-Maccabee elements under discussion cane trace to Israel by way of the first Herods.

Cavii-liner Chives' share the quadrants of Tailer-branch Tailards/Taylards (HUNTingdonshire), in the colors of the split-Shield of Hunts, and the fact that Chives' were, for years, previously said to be first found in Devon identifies them with the quadrants of Hykes'/HACKs (Devon), suspect with "Hachorani." An historian who knows his Macedon / Dardanian history should love to tackle this riddle on how the proto-Maccabee trace works. But God is faithful; he will find it through me, or He is One who does not finish his work.

Gyronny is shared by Mathis-suspect Mathie's, as well as Campbells suspect with Camps who in-turn use the colors and format of Talants, from the Mathis-river Taulantii. And English Capone's use the colors and format to Talants too. The clues are everywhere sprouting like the uncontrollable seeds of weeds in your yard. Weeds/WEETons, first found in Northamptonshire with Cabbage's, share the double fesses of Ness'/Nessans, which are colors reversed from the double fesses of Sleeps (from the Selepitanoi), who in-turn share the ermined fesse of Darts/Dards. Let's remind that the Cabbage motto traces to Angustiae, probably near Scidrus, the line to the Cavii / Taulantii / Selepitanoi at Scodra, and that Augusts share the eagle legs / talon with Brae's/Brays (Northamptonshire).

If we trace Angustiae elements to Scodra, it makes the August fesse look like a colors-reversed one of both Sleeps and Darts, which makes the Monunius-Dardanian link to Scidrus liners. Scotts use Catherine wheels, owned by Catherine Roet, whose family was from Picardy, yet Roets were first found in Somerset with Thorns, and beside Moons and Darts. August colors and format is with the Thorns, likely from the Thornton location of Herons (Sword colors), and of the Athorn variation of Orne's/Horns. Thornton is in Northumberland, home of Sword-liner Siward of Northumberland, who was honored at Heslington Hall, the line of Hazeltons. Swords are from Serdica, which had to be near Scidrus (location unknown exactly). Northumberland is also where Velis/Vails (share the Vela eagle) were first found while Vela's are the ones with the blue corners.

The Thorn lions are suspect along with the Thorn motto with the lion of Keons/Owens and Owens. Keons/Owens share a version of the Neil Coat, and the latter's combatant red lions are shared by Monans. Neils can be in the Orne/Horn/Thorn motto.

Masons/Massins use "Dum," and the Heron motto has "desPERanDUM" while Haverans use a "Per Ardua" phrase indicating Pero's merged with Arduinici at Ivrea. Iverys share the Pere bend, and while Verys use the plow, Plows/Plough's share the Coat of Curtus-like Curtis who themselves use the ploughshare. Turks/Torks, first found in Dumfries with Cassander liners (Kilpatricks) to the first Herods share the hunting horns of Hunts (same place as Meschins and Breakers/Brecks) while Orne's are said to have had a branch at Hunts.

You have got to follow this now because I can trace proto-Maccabees very well from Dardanians in MACedonia to the first Herods via this Cassander line. It's important to know that Sleeps, first found in Shropshire with Hunts, share the ermined fesse of Darts while SELEPitanoi lived at lake Scodra, on the north side of the Cavii that named Joseph Caiaphas. I've got to repeat here that Cavii-liner Chives' share the moline cross of Mathis', the latter first found in Phrygia-suspect Burgundy. And thanks to Mr. Skeetz, whose Sheet-related surname could be from "Sadducee," I learned that Scidrus was a Phrygian entity. I had never pictured Scidrus in Macedonia, as the quote above claimed, but in Thrace. The Phrygians on the Parthenius trace to the Parthini, who lived with or beside the Cavii.

We saw the water lilies of Waterfords linking to Kiss'/Cush's, a branch of Cass'/Cash's, and Waters share the Cassandra/Cassane Coat. The Cush's link to the red rooster on a cushion of Bibo's/Bible's, from Vibia, mother of Laevillus. The king-Cassander line to the first Herods included the CUSHion-using Kilpatricks, and this line is known to be to queen Nysa, the line of Ness'/Nessans who use two fesses in colors reversed from the same of Sleeps. There is obvious evidence that an entire batch of peoples around Macedonia transferred to Cappadocia, where I see the first Herods, father by Antipater, the same name of king Cassander's father (likewise a king of Macedonia at roughly the time of Monunius I of Dardania.

Kilpatricks were at Closeburn, in Dumfries, where Turks/Torks were first found who share hunting horns with both Close's/Clovse's and Patch's (Devon), a branch of the Patchie variation of Kilpatricks. And the Close chevron is colors reversed from the Turk/Tork chevron while Close's use the three Macey stars that cropped up with Girtle's/Gurtlers, suspect with Curtus Maccabee while Corners/Garners, beloved by the Tork-loving Vela's (torches at blue corners), are from Avaran Hachorani Maccabee. And the Girtle/Curtler (like "Curtis") Coat is that also of Brights (same place as Maceys) smacking of the Brigians = Phrygians. And Brigantium is about 25 miles from Modane while Maccabees proper of Israel lived in Modi'in (home of Mattathias Hasmonean). The facts are obvious, but the trick is to find how Mathis-river elements traced to Mattathias.

"Vel" is a motto term of Scottish Niels/Neils/Grails, who can be in the "Nil desperandum" motto of Orne's/Horns/ATHORN and Herons, the latter said to be from THORNton (Northumberland). Orne's/Horns/Athorns were first found in Middlesex as well as Hertfordshire, and Middlesex is where Fiers and Apps' were first found who are from the Apsus river through Albania's Fier county, this being the river where Antipater/Antipatria is located.

Repeat: "Weights share the motto of HAZELtons so that Has liners connect feasible to the Wheats/Whate's." The Weight hunting horns are those of Close's/Clovse's, and the latter are suspect with Clovis, son of Basina. The horn of Patch's (LEAVES), black like that of Weights, is that of Base's/Bassans. The Weight motto includes "PRO aRIS" while the Rice's/Rhys' ("hardi" suspect with Herods) share Weight colors and format. We need to ask why Laevi-suspect Patch's (Tarves fitchee) were first found in the same place as Moons and Darts, for Patch's are a line from king Antipater to Antipater, father of the first Herod. It's as though we can trace Monunius with Antipater blood to the first Herod, out of which came the Hasmoneans of Modi'in.

Modens share the fretty Shield of Caens, from Caen of the Bessin, in Orne, and we know how this relates to Maccabee liners as well as to the Mathis river. The Caen motto is shared by Sure's, who are in-turn in the Kilpatrick motto, and moreover Sure's can be in the "per ardua SURgo" motto of Orne-liner Haverans. We can ask whether the Sheera variation of Kilpatricks links with Sheers/Share's to the Curtis ploughSHARE, for the Curtis' were first found in Warwickshire with SHARiffs/Sheriffs, the latter sharing the Curtis fesse. ("desPERandum," Pere/Peir colors)

Warwickshire is also where Pere's/Peirs were first found while Haveran-branch Orne's/Horns/Athorns use "desPERandum."

At ten years of age, I spent two months in the home of August (a teen at the time) when my mother spent that time in her place of birth. Later, August married Franca. God showed me that there were surname clues in this family. August's brother, GiamPIERRO, is the reason that I discovered the Pierro's/Pero's (Pavia) and Pero's, the most-important find of the year by far, if not the most-important ever. God even sent Joel to August's village with a Bra-line-suspect Brazilian sports writer. They were driving nearby toward Venice from the airport at Rome when they dropped in on my mother's place of birth unannounced, arriving on the day of Franca's funeral. Franca's, in the three colors of Curtis', were first found in Piedmont with those same Curtis' and Pierro's / Pero's. And neither the Franca's or Curtis' use symbols. Masci's were first found in Piedmont too, and August's mother was the daughter of a Masci and a Ferrari while Augusts were first found in Ferrara. Maccabees. I spent the two months in the home of Maccabees.

The Lawn Sign Just Brixs me Up

When I was about 20, August and Franca flew over and spent some time at our house, when, during a photo of Franca and I, she leaned over and kissed me on the cheek for this photo. We were sitting on the front LAWN / YARD during this photo, and Alan-suspect Lawns/Lane's are in the colors of Pierro's (Alan fesse). Yards can be of the Gards in the motto of English Lawns/Lane's, likely a branch of Lane's/Lano's, first found at Brescia/Brixia, beside Val Trompia and Lake Garda. Corners/Garners, who share the acorn with Tromps, are traced suggestively to "gardener." Makes sense.

Broders (Oxfordshire) use the split Shield of German Gardeners in colors reversed, and the griffin heads of English Gardners (Oxfordshire), which are in colors reversed in the Gard Chief. Gardens/Jardens and Jardins were first found in Angus, and I can see how Augusta entities could have become Angusta elements to the naming of Angus.

Broders can be Brigantium liners because Brode's are listed with Brights, and the latter's Crest shares the black griffin of Gards. Brights share the pierced star with the Jardin Crest, which seems to be the Angus star. The Brians, from Brigantium when it became called, Briancon, share the three lions of English Lawns/Lane's. Brights share pierced stars with Brix's/Brests so that a people-group connection between Brixia and Brigantium is signalled. Brescia had the Abruzzo-related Eburovices, and Aphrodite, the proto-Abruzzo, was from the Heneti that lived in Phrygia. Makes sense.

The Bright Coat is suspect with that of Girtle's/Curtlers, the latter beloved of proto-Brazile Braswells. Both Lawns/Lane's share the same lion, almost the Brazile lion. That's pretty amazing from my perspective. English Lawns/Lane's use the three "lions of England" as well as an "imperial crown" suspect with Imperia, which was also Oneglia, the line to Nagle's who share the Launay/Lawny lozenges. No mistake. The crown can even be code for the Ceraunii Epirus, the origin of Abruzzo's, and the location of Alan-liner Aulon/Avlona.

Let's not leave Camera's/Camerons out of this photo, for they use three fesses in colors reversed from the one of Pierro's, and while I trace the latter's Pavia/Papia location to Peeble's, that's where Bowers (and Mons') were first found who share FIVE, bunched arrows with Camera's/Camerons and the Arms of Rothschilds. I know how hard it is for godless historians to love me when I claim that God has made events in my life to expose the things the world loves. I have taught historians hundreds of people links to specific places, but not one ever wrote to say they appreciate my work. It just can't be coincidental that Yardleys share the Coat of Pettys (Warwickshire, same as Curtis') that happen to use the quadrants in the Arms of Rothschild, and moreover the other Pettys share green parrots with the Peeble's surname. God set that up that photo shoot on my yard, didn't he? What's that, historian? God doesn't exist? Parrots share pears in Peare colors with Abotts ("patria"), the latter first found in Oxfordshire with Peare's.

Don't family historians want to know that Peare's were in Pavia just because I believe in God? The "patria" motto term of Abotts makes one wonder whether Pierro's/Petri's were Antipatria liners. The Dexaroi lived at Antipatria, and I do trace Daggers to the Ticino. Abott-like Botts/Bute's/Boets nearly use the Pierro Coat. Yup. And Boets are suspect with the Sadducee house of Boetus. Trace this to Bute = mythical Avalon, from Aulon/Avlona. The Alan-Stewarts just loved Bute.

Rothschilds descended immediately from Bauers (share green Shield with Bowers), and were previously Rose liners from Rose's at Rothes, and Pierro's use FIVE roses. Jewish Rothchilds (no 's') use roses. Rothes castle was built by PETER Pollock, likely of the Pierro's, for Pollocks share the saltire of Franks, in Franca colors. One can even take this from the column of German Franks to the column of the Piedmont Pelosi's/Pilatti's, first found smack beside Bra. But as it seems that God set up that camera shot with Franca, it begs whether Kiss'/Cush's apply to Franca liners.

It's interesting that while I trace Dyke's with Decks/Daggers to the Ticino, Ditch's are listed with Dyke's/Dike's (Cumberland, same as Daggers) while the photo was taken as we sat on a slope down to the ditch. The bottom of the ditch was maybe four or five feet away from us. August took the photo. God may have made August a mountain climber just to lead me to the Climers/Clements, whose "Patriss" motto term is like the Petri variation of Pierro's. Climers/Clements were likewise first found in Oxfordshire with Peare's, are you not impressed, family historian? What's that? You're too smart to believe in God? Italian Clements use three bars almost in the colors of the three of Italian Franca's. Franca at the ditch = Franca's merged with Ticino liners.

More "coincidence." French Mountains have a Coat reflection of French Lanters, who can be of the Landers to Langhe elements. French Lanters use spread eagles in colors reversed from the same of Francis', what a francincidence. These Lanters were first found in Champagne with Sauvage's, who named Savigliano (in Langhe, I think), smack beside Bra (Pelosi's were first found in Savigliano). The Cheshire Savage's use "pro." The Arms of Poggio Picenze, where August grew up, uses a white-on-blue eagle, the colors of the Lanter eagle, amazingly enough. The Picenze eagle may be holding ears of wheat (sometimes, garbs are called sheaves of wheat) for connection to the Caiaphas-suspect Sheaves'/Chiava's/Chiapponi's (keys), first found in L'Aquila, I kid you not. We will see more keys in this part of the discussion.

Avezzano is near Picenze, and Avezzano's named Avesnes on the Helpe river, the nobles of which married Champagne. Avezzano is near key-using Comines. The Billets/Billiards, first found in Maine with Caiaphas-suspect Josephs, are probably in the billets that form the Lanter saltire. The bend in the Arms of Champagne (or the Champagne surname) share the potent feature with the Avezzano bend. This is amazing but also a sad shock.

The potent cross is used by Felix's/Felice's (Billet/Billiard / Billiard/Hilliard stars?), and as you can read at the link above, Picenze made Felice its patron saint. In my opinion, patron saints are mere Masonic code to cover the bloodline realities. In this case, I suggest that St. Felice was meaningless to Picenze, and that it secretly honors a Felice family that was important to Picenze history. The Biblical Felix comes to mind. Spanish Felice's were first found in Navarre. Billets (Pilate / Besancon colors) are highly suspect with Pontius Pilate, whose line named Mont Pilat at St. Etienne, and near to the Forez mountains, where Besancons were first found who use 11 of the six billets of Etienne's (all in Pilate colors).

My mother has a book on Picenze, written in Italian. It says that its history flowed out from nobles of Naples, and it just so happens that the Picentini mountains are at Naples. And Naples is where Italian Capone's/Capua's, like the Chiapponi variation of Sheaves', were first found. It's not making me very happy. The Arms of Picenze has FIVE mounds, or whatever they are, under the eagle. They are colors reversed from the FIVE keys of Sheaves'/Chiapponi's, the number we expect for Quintus Caepio.

Capua (near Naples) is not far from Teano while Tiens'/Thames' are also Teans (stars colors reversed from those of English Capone's). Teano was the capital of the Sadducee-like Sidicini. The Peare's that share the Tean chevron and stars can be Pharisee liners disguised as Pierro's. August's brother, GIAMpierro, may even be from the Cam river in Cambridgeshire, where Capone's were first found, for Cams/GAME's share pale bars with Lanters / Landers/Landens, Langleys, Longfords, etc. English Sheaves'/Shaws ("qui"), in Bray/Brae colors and format, were first found in Berch-like Berkshire, not far from the first-known Brays/Brae's.

Capua is in Campania (Champagne was likewise called Campania), and that's where Picenze's patron saint was: "The life of the Felice priest is told to us by St. Paulinus of Nola, who also owes the important complex of early Christian basilicas to Cimitile, six kilometers from the locality of Campania. Here the remains of Felice had been laid, probably dead after 313 AD." Whether he was a real or fabricated person, I don't know.

The Drengot Normans had come to control Capua, which recalls the Dreng entry earlier in this update that came with the Trasacco location beside Avezzano. It doesn't appear coincidental, for August's aunt is Letizia (mentioned above) while Letizia's are the ones with the crane drinking that brought Drengs to topic. The Dreng lion is also that of Dreux's (Drake colors), and the latter's so-smack of Drake's (beside Dreux's) that they should be branches, especially as Dreux is a location in Abruzzo-related Eure. The Dreux / Dreng lion can therefore be a passant version of the HerLUIN and Font-de-Ville lion. Dreux's have Salisbury in their write-up while Salisburys share the Abruzzo/Abreu lion (and maybe the Conte / LUNa crescents).

French Mountains, I read, married Claviere's...from Herod-loving Glaphyra Archelaus, suspect with the Arc river, location of Modane. Lanters almost use the eagles of Irish Clairs, the latter said to be the line to Crispins, first found in Lorraine.

More mountain-climbing "coincidence." Claviere's: "A red shield with a silver saltire between four silver keys". So, they share keys with Clermonts and Clavers, the latter using a version of the Cony / Conn Coat for a trace to Cuneo. Claviere's are showing the saltire of Clermonts and Brisons, and were definitely kin of Clermonts while "Clermonts" brings up Clements because the latter share the Clair Chief. So, the mountain climber has led us to see a Climer/Clement link to Mountains. Hope he had fun climbing mountains by the plan of God. He didn't get himself killed, anyway.

The Savage lions are definitely those of Palins/Pawleys and therefore of the Bedford lion paws, while English Lanters/Landers were first found in Bedfordshire. Lanters/Landers are said to derive from Lorraine, and before that from Burgundy. The Bars of Bar-le-Duc in Lorraine were Este kin, and Bars share both the Este eagle and that of the particular Lanters with a version of the Mountain Coat. French Crispins, a branch of Grass-like Grazio's, were first found in Lorraine and are known to descent from Clare's. English Crispins, Oxfordshire again, yup. As Crispins and Grazio's were first found in locations like "Pharisee," might the English-Crispin fesses be the Bott/Boet / Pierro fesse, since Abotts were first found in the same place as English Crispins. The Brittany Clare's even share the Pierre roses.

Irish Clare's use a version of the Nagle Coat while we saw English Lawns/Lane's linking to Oneglia / Imperia, which is near Grasse. We were sitting on the lawn, on the GRASS. I've been tracing Grass' to Brians out of Brigantium for a long time. The Brittany Brians (more roses) are said to be from Alan the red, ruler of Richmond, and Brights are a Brittany-surname branch. The Brittanys use a reflection of the English Mountain Coat (Essex, same as Quints). The Brittany Brians share the saltire of German Nagle's/Nails, and use a "Sans" motto term while Spanish Sans' have a giant version of the Irish-Clare eagles. The full motto is "Sans detour," suspect with Deeters, first found in Pomerania with Dols. Lorraine's Richeza (wife of Mieszko Lambert) is traceable to Richmond-possible Rich's/Richess'.

Burgundy at times covered Dauphine, where Clermonts and Pilate's were first found, while Pelosi's of Savigliano are also Pilati's and share the white bull with Mountains. Claviere's (same place as Clermont-Ferrand) and Clermonts are highly suspect with the Scottish Brison saltire (comes with the Pilate pheon) because Mont Pilat in Dauphine is at MontBRISON. French Brisons are also Brix's/Brests (in Pilate colors and format).

As people I know who read me from time to time are close to the relatives now living at that house, the name of the street where this photo of Franca and I was taken won't be mentioned. August was standing on this road when snapping the photo. The name is a surname (from near Rothes castle) that almost shares the passant Lawn/Lane lions, but are called tigers yet come with no stripes. The write-up, shockingly enough, traces to Augustine, a man of a place name after the surname. The fesse of this surname uses the August fesse in colors reversed. Amazing, for it now seems that God even chose my parents' property.

The pierced stars on the fesse of this mystery surname are those in the Chief of tiger-using Medleys, the latter using bars-gemel, which we will see again shortly. The Motleys of Medlicott (Shropshire, same as Middle's/Mittels and Muttons/Mittens) are in the colors of Muttons/Mittens and Maybe's/Mabee's, the latter having another stripeless tiger. Medleys: "A green tiger sejant, TUFTed and maned gold". The mystery surname has a branch (first found in Oxfordshire) with the same Shield but with tufts in its Crest, and Tufts/Tuffs were first found in Cheshire with Touch's/Tuffs. The latter's green lion likely links to the green tiger of Medleys, from TIGRanes Maccabee.

Stripeless tigers are used by Ditts while the latter are suspect in the "ditat" motto term of Walks who share a version of the Close Coat. Walks were first found in Dumfries with Closeburn and the Corsons coming to topic below thanks to the Brix's. Walks even share the red fleur with the Lawn/Lane Coat suspect with a lion version of the tigers of the mystery surname. The Lions/Lyons are also Lane-like Lannoys, and they both share the green lion too. It's suggesting that Tullia of Lyon on Clermont-Ferrand was a Tigranes liner, and, indeed, Tullia's mother, Gallia, was suspect with OpGalli, wife of Tigranes. Opgalli is in the "OPtem" motto term of tiger-like Teegers, and Motleys/Medlicotts use a "quieTEM" motto term suspect with "opTEM." The term may relate to the Diems/DITTmayers in the "Diem" motto term of the same Teegers. Diem-like Tiems/Teems use a Shield split in the colors of the Maybe / Motley/Medlicott Shields.

We haven't diverted from the mountain-climber topic because Tigranes was the grandson of Glaphyra, the line to Claviere's who married Mountains. And Claviere's were first found in Auvergne with Clermont-Ferrand. But, family historians, just close your eyes to this "nonsense," and wake up in hell, if that's what you prefer. Or, if you think it's best, humble yourself before Someone who's much bigger than you. The world will be a better place. Glaphyra's Archelaus surname was carried by her previous husband, Herod Archelaus, who himself was banished to the area of Lyon a few centuries before Tullia of Lyon. And Archelaus liners are suspect in naming the Arc river, location of Modane, suspect with MOTley-like Motts/Mottins.

On the yard where out photo was taken, there is an over-spreading birch tree, and so the Birch's are interesting for having a Birches location in Cheshire, and for sharing the Masci fleur. The Berch variation may indicate the namers of Berkshire, where Modens/Modeys were first found with Arks. Motleys are also Modleys, and their MedliCOTT is beside Cheshire while Cotts (Languedoc, same as Mountains) share a fretty Shield with Modens/Modeys. As Enrico's share the Moden/Modey fretty, we trace Modens to the Brittany Henrys (at Mott-Henry) on the Meu river that is also in Cotes-du-Nord, where Motts/Mottins were first found.

Birch's/Berch's were first found in Lancashire with Washingtons, but take a look at the Arms of George Washington, with pierced stars, and compare with the Medley Coat.

It was a nasty job when, after many years, the porch tiles needed to be repaired at that same house. And I got that job, thanks to God, I'm now sure, because Porch's/Portis' are suspect with Portishead at Clapton, and the Medley-like Meads/Meats (Sussex, same as Medleys) married Arthurs of Clapton. Meads (Joseph martlet) use pelicans in the colors and format of Talants while Taulantii were at the Mathis river, origin of Mattathias the Hasmonean, at Modi'in. Such a mottincidence.

The same pierced stars (same colors) as the mystery surname and Medleys are with Methleys and German Brix's/Bricks' while French Brix's are the Brests, from Brescia, what a lawnincidence. Lane's/Lano's of Brescia are to the Launays/Lawnys (Percy lozenges) at Launay, in the Brest area of Brittany. Maceys share the pierced stars of Clintons, first found in Oxfordshire with Peare's, and the latter's leopard faces are in the colors of the Launay leopard, colors reversed from the leopard of the Clairs that share the Clement Chief. The gold leopard face of Coverts/Cofferts can apply where they were first found in Sussex with Medleys as well as their Covert/COURT branch, in Curtis colors.

The ram in the Mutton/Mitten Crest is that of Bagleys too, because both surnames were first found in Shropshire (along with sleeping-bag Sleeps and Britch's/Breakers/Brecks). And the Bagleys use more lozenges, now in colors reversed from the Launay lozenges, important because Alans of Dol, beside Mott, lived in Shropshire. Bagleys speak on Bagley Wood of Birch-like Berkshire, but aren't Birch's like "Brix" too? Again, the pierced Medley and Methley stars are also those of German Brix's. FRANCa and I had our photo taken beside the birch tree, and German Birch's were first found in Bohemia with both German Frank surnames. German Bergens use three of the giant Mott/Mottin crescent. English Burguns, from Burgundy, apparently, look like they square up with the Tass Coat.

The Brittany/Britton surname shares pierced stars in the colors of the same of Brights, and were first found in Essex, where the Brittany Motts/Mottins lived. As Brecks come up as Britch's, note that Brocks (share Stewart motto) were likewise first found in Essex. The Brock lion holds a dart, and the Broder greyhound has a dart too while Brights are Brode's. Brittanys share the motto of Armors while Motts/Mottins were from Cotes-d'Armor (alternative name of Cotes-du-Nord). I sense a thick nest of great and Masonic wickedness.

This was the house that I started to live in when I was dating Miss Whelan, and Whelans (Waterford) share the Brick Coat. What wasn't Planned for my life? By no plan of my own, Miss Whelan lived at a corner house with one of the streets being where my parents lived some seven years earlier, some 20 miles away. She lived on Corson street, and Corsons/Carsons (Dumfries) share the Brix/Brest lozenges. Corsens/Carsons (from near CARlisle) share the fesse of Curtis'. The other street that her house is on is Reesors, while Reesors share the vaired cross of Ferrands.

The Brix lozenge in giant form is used by German Camels while Italian Gobels use the camel while French Gobels (Macey Shield and Masci wing) were first found in Champagne with Lanters. Then, Landers/Landens are expected from Pepin of Landen while Pepins use the camel. Pepin married Metz in Lorraine.

Percys were first found in Yorkshire with Ferrands, and the Perrins/Perans suspect in the "EsPERANce" motto of Percys. Perrins/Perans, likely of the Perino variation of Pero's, use the fir cone suspect partly with Cuneo-possible Cone's.

"Frangi" is a motto term of the Monans who also use "Flecti" for the Flecks that use the Italian-Curtis Shield in colors reversed. A few days before Joel flew to Rome with the BRAzilian, he visited me with his newly-purchased VOLKswagen Rabbit, and Volks are listed with Fulke's. I didn't yet know that his WHITE Volkswagen was a Rabbit model when, during a drive we took in it, I was telling him about Twitter's White Rabbit, who unleashed (suspiciously) 29,000 Hillary-Clinton emails for a few days only. Previous to knowing White Rabbit, I was telling readers about my white-rabbit experience that links to Bra. And while telling Joel about White rabbit, he informed me that his car is a white rabbit, and minutes later said he was planning to fly to Italy with a BRAzilian sports writer. They drove to the Venice airport to catch a plane to Poland, to cover the European VOLLEYball championship. As they dropped in at Picenze on the way, I'll add that the Joel surname was first found in Wiltshire with Dreux's (a branch of Mosca-loving and L'Aquila-suspect Drake's).

The Joel surname was also first found with Mortons while Spanish Felice's may be with a castle version of the Murena/Moratin tower, but I'm not sure that whether or not the ancient Murena surname was a Marsi entity. Murena's are expected with the Myrina line out of Lemnos (Amazons) and into the Mauritanian theater with the mythical Myrina goddess. Marina's can be linked to Clements.

I assume that God made Joel interested in watching and later playing volleyball, which is how he met the Brazilian, for Volleys/Velis'/Vails are expected to be a Julian-related branch of Joels/Jewels, the latter using GILLYflowers (in the colors of the Cetis / Waterford lilies). Julians are Gillians too. Rinds, whose motto suggests a branch of Rands/Rynds, use gillie flowers, and Rands can be in the "despeRANDum" motto term of Herons/Thorns and Orne's/Horns. Rands are highly suspect with le Meschin and therefore with the Mons lion. And Felice's/Felix's use millRINDs! Rinds can be using a version of the Bernard Coat (Bernards come up big below).

Shortly after Joel's trip, in a Sign during the middle of the night, God called me to investigate Donna Brazile as per the Brazilian sports writer, at which time I learned from her Wikipedia article that her ancestors were Braswells instead of "Brazile. And it was the Braswells who use the girdle, which meant a lot to me because, at age nine, the year before spending the summer at August's, I (a Maccabee liner) was standing on cage holding a white rabbit(s), while reaching out to touch (in fun on a boring day) a bra on a laundry line. The LAUNDRy line was God's code for LANDERs/Landens, who share the six pale bars of Langleys while Bra is in Langhe. Langhe is in Cuneo while Conys and Conns use white coney rabbits. So, at age nine, God began the Bra revelation that's now connecting to Curtus Maccabee. Line's/Linds can even be a Landen branch. German Julians use six pale bars too.

The Italian Curtis Coat looks linkable to that of Landers/Landens, but see also the white bend of Longfords and Langfords. Curtis' are tracing smack to Bra and other things in Langhe. It means that Scottish Landers/Lanters, possibly in the "VigiLANTER" motto of Gregorys, can be with the August fesse. If you recall, Vigils, likewise suspect in that motto, linked hard to Italian Curtis'. Gregors are suspect with fir-liner Alpins with Albanians, and Albino's were first found in Modi'in-like Modena with Morinis', the latter suspect with a version of the Gregory Coat.

The bra belonged to a cute and blond TENANT in the home of my nine-year-old friend, Jerry Peterson. I later realized that God chose this home for this sign because Peter Peterson, chief of the Council on Foreign Relations, married Mrs. Cooney. She was the founder of SESame street, and, perhaps, "Sesame" is related to Susans / Cetis/Sestie's, who both use lilies. Cetis'/Sestie's were first found in Provence, which is now suspect as a Pero-Vance combination. By what coincidence are Vance's also VALLibus' while Valleys are listed with Volleys/Velis'? Petersons (beside Rothes castle and the Rose's) share the swan head with Volleys/Valleys, and the spread eagle of Volleys/Valleys and Vela's. The Caesar surname could be using the Pierro/Pero roses closely.

As Joel's Volkswagen was code for Fulke's/Volks, note that Fulks birthed Plantagenets, whose French Plant/Planque (PLANCia-Magna line) branch use cabbages while Petersons share the lion of Cabbage's, first found in the same place as Brae's/Brays. It's likely that Cabbage-beloved Angustiae was named by emperor Augustus, the adopted son and therefore the heir of Julius Caesar. The Roman eagle was black, and very usable by Julian liners, and the Peterson / Volley / Vela eagles are black. The Vela-beloved Turks/Torks were first found in Dumfries with Rome's/Rooms who share the August fesse, and with Antipater-liner Kilpatricks (drops), an obvious branch of Pattersons/Cassane's (drops), the latter perhaps formed as "Patter" due to merger with Petersons.

It's interesting that Pattersons/Cassane's share drops on a lion with Sams/SAME's, in case "SeSAME" applies, for it was Peter Peterson who married the founder of Sesame Street. Drops are code for Drops/Trope's, from Tropoje in Fier county, at the Apsus river flowing from Antipater.

Brazile's have the only lion I ever recall with all four feet on the floor. Brazile's are said to be descended from Fiacrach CASAN, and Casans are listed with Cassandra's/Cassane's ("PROsequor aLIS"), who share the triple chevrons of Waters, suspect with lily-using Waterfords. It's making king Cassander look like the ancestor of Mr. Caesar, Julius' father. Cassandra's/Cassane's, a branch of Antipater-liner Pattersons/Cassane's, were first found in Hampshire with Lise's suspect in their "alis" motto term. Lise's not only share six pale bars with German Julians, but a red fesse with Augusts. Pattersons/Cassane's use "PRO" as a motto term.

Alis' share the sword with fir tree with Albania-suspect Alpins/Cappins, suggesting that Lissus liners merged with Albanians. Alpin was a Pict king in the transition to Scottish royalty (i.e. the first Scots proper), and Scotland, from Albania's lake-Scodra area, was earlier called, Alba. You piping Scots, Greco-Albanians. Trace to Scidrus at Laus, home of the Enotri in the motto of Simpsons along with another "alis" term.

The Patricks are amazing for sharing the Kilpatrick saltire, and for being descended from Patrick de la Lande. This recalls the Landens/Landers connection to Cuneo's Langhe, and then La Lande is at Cuneo-suspect Caen, Norman land of Maccabee liners. The Patrick Chief must be a rose version of the Sabine Chief, for both surnames were first found in Norfolk, and this can identify Patricks with Flavius Petro of Rieti, for Flavius Josephus, the Maccabee liner, and despicable traitor to his people, took war shade with this Flavian family.

The Patrick border looks linkable to orle borders mentioned earlier in this update, when the black Bucken border was mentioned, and then the Peterson lion heads are colors reversed from the same of Scottish Buckins/Buchans, first found in Aberdeenshire with Petersons. Buchans use "InferiORIA" while Patricks use "labORA," both suggesting Aurelia lines to Orrels and Ore's. Mr. Caesar married Aurelia Cotta, mother of Julius Caesar, and Cotta's share a fretty Shield with Caens (August fesse again?). Dee's of Aberdeenshire use "Hic labor," but I've not tended to view it as part-code for Ore's because there is a Labore surname (Yorkshire, same as Hicks) using fesses in the colors of the Hick fesse. Orrels were downriver from Yorkshire in Lancashire. Labore's use bars GEMEL while Maccabees later ruled at Gamala.

"Labore" is shared by Margys/Mackie's and COURTs/Coverts, the latter in Curtis colors. Their Covert/Coffert branch share the martlets of Pavia's/Paveys (fesse colors reversed from that of Coverts/Cofferts). This makes the gold leopard face in the Covert/Coffert Crest very linkable to the same-colored one of Peare's. Both Covert surnames were first found in Sussex with the Margy-like Margesons ("me") that come up as "Mackesy."

Gamels were first found in Cheshire with Maceys, and share the Peare stars. Gamels should link to the camel of Italian Gobels, for French Gobels share the Macey / Close Shield. Gemels use Herod-suspect hearts, which is in giant form with the Sauvage's, first found in Champagne with French Gobels. Close's were of the Kilpatricks for an easy trace to Herods. Kilpatrick-branch Pattersons use a camel, and while the "PRO rege" of Pattersons can be for Rechs/Rich's/Richess', the Labore bars gemel are expected with the same of RICHmonds (Yorkshire, same as Labore's). Richmond in Yorkshire was given to Alans of Brittany while Pierro's/Pero's share the Alan fesse. The Rech's/Rich's almost use the Lawn/Lane motto (both use "Garde" for a trace to the Brescia theater).

One summer, the same squirrel or not jumped off my chest = breast twice. Why do we think that was? The last update emphasized a breasty theme with both man liners and Dolly Parton. I added this in that update as I write here: "Partons were first found in Lancashire, home of the Setantii Brigantians whom I trace to the family of Maccus through Man." Why Brigantians? From Brest-related Brescia, home of Lane's/Lano's suspect with the York besant? Or from Grass-related Briancon? The Lawns/Lane's are probably using the three Brian lions, and the latter's are split in the two colors of the Grass lions. We can ask: why were Setantii-like Seatons Flemings? What are Flemings?

They were Plume's, and here we can gravitate to Palms (Yorkshire) too because their Chief has the Fleming vair fur while their Coat has the Brick / Deck/Decker fleur. And the Plume vair is shared by Arc-like Erks/Herricks while Brigantium/Briancon is near the Arc. However, I don't have proof that Erks are Arc-river liners.

The Green Snake of Birch's

The Birch's/BERCH's are erking me. Who were they otherwise? Were they Arc- / Erk-river liners to the Arks at BERKshire? The only Berk surname coming up are with Irish Burghs (Galway), which I know to be from John de Burgo of Conteville and Comines. The Conte's have Comet-like variations while Comets (Comines colors) are expected in the "flaming stars" or Pero's (because they look just like the comet that houseofnames uses for Reines'). The most-known Conteville was Herluin (married the mother of a royal Rollo liner), and there is a Conteville location in Eure (home of Eburovices that were in Brescia), near Rollo's capital at Roeun.

German Birch's (share red chevron with Perche's) are also Pirch's in case Perche applies.

The daughter of Herluin de Conteville married Richard Goz, and they birthed the mother of Ranulph le Meschin with Mr. BRIQUESsart as her husband. We therefore want to link that latter man to the Paver lozenges. If this suggests Brescia liners at Pavia, I'm sure that this is what God is getting at: the line of Joseph Caiaphas from the Laevi at Pavia, to Rollo's Danish vikings to the English throne to the stinking Masons who thought too highly of themselves just because they won royal thrones by brute force and enjoyed the worldly fruits thereof.

Briquessart is a known descendant of Malahule, Rollo's uncle, and Malahule is known to father the Tosni's/Toeni's at Les Andelys, beside Conteville. This seems to explain why Andelys-like antlers are shared between Conte's and Cone's, and we may assume that Cone's were Cuneo liners so that we should seek Conteville roots in Cuneo. The red Herluin lion is likely that of Ville's/Font-de-Ville's, first found in Languedoc with French Conte's i.e. the makings of "Conteville." As Font-de-Ville's use a flag, note that Flags/Flecks are like the Felice entity beloved by Picenze.

Cuneo includes the Tanaro river, and Herluin married Herluin-like HerLEVA, daughter of "the tanner" of Falaise. Tanner liners (the German branch uses pine CONES) are expected with Tankerville's at TanerDEVILLA. Font-de-Ville's come up as Deville's, and Tankerville's (Rollo liners) are said to have married the viscountess of d'ARQUES, such an arcincidence. The Tankerville-related CHAMBERlains must be from Chambre upon the Arc river. Darks/D'Arques share the Sinclair and CONan cross, we get it.

Now there is more reason than "HerLEVA" to suppose that Levite liners out of Dan-Laish named the Tanaro river along with the Danes. The Conqueror was, in my opinion, lying when he said his father-in-law was a tanner. The Conqueror just didn't want to make public that he married an Italian line. It was not in style amongst the Nordics, yet it became an obsession for Normans to engage Italians thereafter, especially by the Tankerville branch of Tancreds > Guiscards. And we can ask why Deck-like Tacks are said to be a Tankerville branch. Tacks use "nobiliTAS," and Erks/Herricks use "nobilitat." Tass' share the red scallop with Tancreds, and cinquefoils with Tankerville's. It looks like Tanaro-river liners were also Tessin-river liners. Perfect.

The Tass Coat is a good reflection of the Burgun Coat, and the latter's split colors are half those of Decks/Daggers while the Cumberland Daggers share the scallops of Burguns and Tass'. The Burgun Crest then has a saltire in the colors of the Tease/Tess/Teck saltire, lending good evidence to a Tass equation with Tess' and Decks / Tacks. The Burgun saltire consists of one sword (in saltire) in the white color of the swords in saltire of German Dacks/Tax's, and English Dacks/Ducks (in the right colors) may be using the German-Dyke/Dickenhausen lion.

Ducks are shared between Herluin-suspect Herls/Hurls (share the gold fesse with Harcourts) and German Lamberts. It seems to me that German Lamberts are using a version of the Luna Coat, and the Luna's put a Chief down at the base of the Shield, and moreover share white crescents with French Conte's. German Dyke's (become connectable to Ruel of the Harcourts below) put their Chief at the base too, which therefore seems evident with the Ruel Coat too. Therefore, it appear that "HerLUIN" was a Luna liner, from ancient Luni near Massa-Carrara, and passing through the Lamberts of Mons and Louvain, as we read in the write-up of English Lamberts. Both Herls/Hurls and Herods/Hurls share the gold fesse with Harcourts. Lambs, shared by Lamberts, are in the Arms of Grasse down by Provence.

The Luna crescents can also be in the Moon Coat, which looks like a version of the Italian Pavia Coat. I have no idea how I could have missed or neglected the Pavia surnames all these years. They were last mentioned in late 2013, but I think I have so forgotten them that I assumed there were no Pavia surnames. A Monunius trace to Pavia is huge. I was even wondering whether the PHOTO snapped by August was code for Foots / Fothes', and here I inadvertently find that English Pavia's/Paveys share the Feet/Fate Coat. While Augusts can trace to the naming of Angus, that's where Futters (Angus Chief in colors reversed) were first found who share the Feet/Fate / August fesse. And Angus is where Camera's were first found!!! Angus is beside the Fothes' of Aberdeenshire, and both the chevron of Fothes' and Foots has been suspect with the Levi chevrons. I find this amazing.

I am reminded that FOETes/Fussen on the LECH river uses legs in its Arms. Augusts use the eagle leg. Fussen is suspect with lake Fucino of the Marsi i.e. not far from August's village. The son of Ranulph le Meschin (I'll bet August was descended from him) was Ranulph de Gernon, and Gernons, who use a "cyFOETH" motto term, use two lions in pale in half the colors of the same of Scottish Mars. The earls of Mar were in Angus. Believe it or not. Italian Pavia's share the scallop of French Mars. As I said, Franca and August are expected to lead to Pierro / Pavia elements, and here we are big time. Gernons were from MontFiquet, and Fiquets are also Fiots.

We were sitting on the LAWN at the ditch, beside the BIRCH tree. Berch-like Berks/Burghs use "Ung roy, ung foy, ung LOY," and while Rich's and Lawns/Lane's both use "garde," the difference between their mottoes is "roy" versus "foy." Roys can be Royals = Rolls, especially as German Rolls share the German-Roy lion...which just might be the lion of English Grasse's who share the same-colored bend as Foys/Foix's. Rich's are traceable to Richeza of Lorraine, and Loys/Louis' (share the Brick lozenges) were first found in Lorraine.

Louise Phillips was in my SLEEPing-BAG dream with Miss Peare. They were both in a mall, and because David Morley appeared earlier in the dream, I was able to decipher the mall as code for Morleys/MAULs. But not until now have I fallen on the German Loys, while looking up the "loy" motto term of Berks/Burghs and finding them with French Louis'. The point is, the German Loys share the Morley / Morland leopard face in both colors, and it's gold like the Peare leopard faces. That dream now links to John de Burgo, and moreover the three Louis lozenges are probably those of BAGleys too, first found in Shropshire with SLEEPs, but said to have had a Bagley Woods location in BERKshire, yup. I get it. When I met Louise, she worked in a mall at Penningtons, and Penningtons share lozenges in both colors of the Bagley lozenges.

Aha! "LOYaLITE" is a motto term of Margesons/Mackesys, and Lite's/Lights are tracable to the feathers of PERKens, a branch opf Perkions/PARKINGs while I walked first (in the dream) through the PARKING lot of the mall before entering it. Lite's/Lights are suspect in the "Lighter" motto term of Ayers while Margys/Mackie's were first found in AYRshire.

It is simply amazing now, since I have never-before had cause to see that dream with John de Burgo, that the Pennington Crest is a "MOUNTAIN cat," the symbol in the Berk/Burgh Coat. The Berk/Burgh cat is in the colors of the Conte lion. Penningtons were first found in Lancashire with Marsi-line Birch's, and Morleys are suspect with the Morlaix location (near Brest) of MARleys. The OSCANs probably lived in the neighborhood of the Marsi, and USCANa was the Illyrian capital of the Penestae to which Penningtons can trace with Penes'/Pennys.

It appears that Berks/Burghs loved the Yonge's or Jungs/Youngs, but most-suspect are the Czech Ungers, for they share a lion holding a flag with Conteville-liner Ville's (while rulers of Conteville were Burgo's). Zowie, the flag held by Ungers is almost the Berk/Burgh cross. Franca kissed me on the cheek, and while Cheeks are Checks too, heraldic checks have been suspect with Czechoslovakia, half of which is Bohemia, where German Franks and German Ungers were first found. German Franks use a saltire in both colors of the cross in the Unger flag, and while the other German Franks share a column with the Pelosi's, first found beside Bra, Brae's/Brays (share the August eagle leg) use a FLAX breaker suspect with the Flags/Flacks! Bingo all around. I win, heraldry loses. The Boii namers of Bohemia had been at Bologna and Modena, and some say that Boii named the Bessin, or at least Bayeux.

The Unger lion is "bearing" its flag while Bearings share the Arms of Meulan.

There is a Bray location in Berkshire: "Bray, occasionally Bray on Thames, is a large suburban village and civil parish in the English county of Berkshire. It sits on the banks of the River Thames..." It's not a big deal, unless it's the tip of the iceberk of Cuneo liners on Berkshire.

We were sitting on the GRASS at the ditch, beside the birch tree. And German Bernards share the lion of English Grasse's too, not to mention the Grasse bend. She was sitting with a Masci liner that named Meschins, and the first Meschin married Lucy Taillebois from Lincolnshire, where Grasse's were first found. Bernard the Dane was fighting for Rollo with troops from Ruel. And so let's repeat that the Roll / Roy lion is that also of Bernards and Grasse's. Tailbois' (Boii?) share white scallops with Scottish and Irish Bernards, and Italian Pavia's (Piedmont) have scallops in two color schemes, one of the Bernards, and one of the Tailbois'. The latter's Coat is a version of the Garda-suspect Jardins.

French Grace's/Grasse's (Provence) use three of the two Braswells chevrons. Neither Coats adds anything else. As Braswells love the Curtlers, might Curtus Maccabee be the reason for "HarCOURT"? Brays use a flax breaker while Breakers share the hunting horn of French Courts.

The green snake in the Crest of Irish Bernards can be linked to the green snake in the Crest of Birch's, for the Irish and Scottish Bernards share the Mar scallops while Marsi had the Angitia snake goddess. Franca lived in a town that was probably laden with Marsi liners. If Angitia named Angle's, or Angers in Anjou, note that Ungers could be Angers. The latter share the lozenges of Launays/Lawnys, and Ruels were at Launay. The Marsi were up-river from Rieti, and while the "Pratus" term in the Arms of Rieti, along with its fish, are for Prude's, Birch's use "PRUDentia." Dents then use a lozenge version of the Sale/Sallett Coat while Rieti (Sabina) is on the Salto river.

Pratus-like Perots/Peraults (not the Parrot Coat) are said to have been involved with Launay elements. They are in Prude/Pride (and Pierce) colors while showing a Peraud variation, making them highly suspect from Flavius Petro. I can see the Pearls of Peare's developing from "Perault." Chance the 'u' to a 'v' to get "Peraval," not far from "Percival," reasonable because Percys share the Launay lozenges.

The Salto is beside the Turano, and Turins share gold boar heads with SALfords. Birch's were at Manchester's Salford, and Salfords happen to come up as Savards, like the saber variation of Sabine's. Salfords share the upright wolf with German Flemings, and Manchesters share the vaired Shield of Irish Flemings. As the Avesnes branch of Avezzano liners married Champagne, note that English Champagne's likewise use a Shield of vair.

Recall that Sheaves'/Chiava's trace exactly to L'Aquila, for Scottish Flemings (share the red chevron with German Birch's) use a "deed shaw" motto phrase, and Rieti-line Reeds share the garbs of Deeds/Dade's (same colors), and while they are gold, the gold garbs of Avisons are called, "wheat sheaves." Comine's call them "garbs of wheat," and both the Comine's and Avisons (and Comets) are in the colors and format of Birch's, all suggesting strongly that Birch's were of John de Burgo of Comines. We now have good clue that Flemings, whatever they were previously, may have been up the Salto river with Avezzano liners.

Vespasia Polla married the line of Tertulla while Plancia Magna married Tertullus of Berg-like Perga, and "Simple" is in the PERKins motto. Tertullus and/or Plancia (I can't recall) was related to a Mr. Simplex, which can explain the "simplicitate" motto term of Birch's. In this picture, John de Burgo may have been the Perga line through Rieti's emperors. Perkens (with an 'e') share the feathers of Tooths (London), and Dents (perhaps in the Birch motto) may have formed from having been merged with Tooth / Tute / Tatton liners out of lake Tatta. The ancestry of August's mother was related to the Dade-like Taddei's. The three Dade/Deed garbs are in the format of the three of Avisons so that Taddei's (own the Bouillon cross without doubt) in Avezzano makes sense.

Moreover, Birch's share the fleur-de-lys in the Panico Crest while Italian Bernards, sharing a "green tree" with Panico's, were found in Bologna with Panico's. As this is where Guido's were first found, just compare the Guido/Guis Coat to that of News'/Newes', the ones with the roll of parchment, and ask whether the Guido's use the Herluin lion. This is a stunning paragraph, and as she was kissing me (relative-style, on the cheek) as August snapped the photo, it's notable that Kiss' use fountains suspect with Font-de-Ville's. Fountains (Norfolk, same as Sabine's) use three fesses in the colors of the three chevrons of Taddei's. Fountains were at Harford while Harfords are also Hertfords while Titus' -- who share Moor head with Bouillons, Chappes', and Champagne's -- were first found in Hertfordshire.

Plus, amazing enough, the Fountain write-up mentions pope Swift while Swifts, with the Plunkett motto, share five bunched arrows with Camera's/Camerons!

Recall the Felice entity, for Tertullus of Perga leads to Fulks of Anjou without a doubt, for more reason than Fulks having had a Tertullus in their ancestry. The green snake with the mirror, which you will see below, leads to Anjou, suggesting also that Tertullus of Perga goes through Tertulla of Rieti. And we can speculate on whether this Felice entity goes to the flax breaker of Brays/Brae's. Felice's/Felix's (Rome, same as Leo-line Pierleoni) are in Fountain (and Leo) colors, can we believe it? It makes the Font-de-Ville flag look like a Felice/Felix line. And the same line to Godfrey de Bouillon, Godfrey III that is, was in Rome assisting the Pierleoni before he married Tuscany elements (Taddei's were first found in Tuscany). Stunning. The Flags/Flecks share the double fesses of Stands (same colors) while the castle of Spanish Felice's is "STANDing on a sea of silver waves" (Sea's/Seigh's use silver wavy fesses, and flaunches). If Seighs are a branch of Says, the latter named Mortone-Say in Shropshire.

August snapped the camera, and Camera's/Camerons use three fesses in the colors of the two of Harcourts! It never stops. The Cheile's in the Cameron motto, and their Keele kin, were first found in Lincolnshire with the Parchments.

To my amazement, Cheeks/Checks share the three Italian-Luna crescents! The only Mr. Luna in the write-up is BERNARDOo Lunati! These Luna's, with the split Shield of Burguns/Burgoine's (from Burgundy, apparently) are expected with the Fontana (Bologna) and Massi/Mattis eagle, the latter's checks known to be in an Arms of Massa-Carrara. Luni was beside Massa-Carrara. Mars were first found in BURGUNdy with Mattis-like Mathis'. Burguns, sharing the scallops of Spanish Fontana's, were first found in Devon with Chives-related Hykes/Hacks while Chives' share the Mathis moline. Spanish Fontana's almost use the moline of the Languedoc Borgia's/Burgs, highly suspect with John de Burgo of Conteville. Spanish Borgia's (Beard bull?) use a border of FLAMES.

There is another green snake in the Crest of Fountains (at HARford) to assure that the line of Bernard the Dane links to all of this. Harfords (in Harcourt colors) are listed with Herod-like Hertfords. But Irish Harfords were first found in HEREfordshire. Were HERleva and HERluin named after Harcourts?

Lune's ("Pro rege et patria") are listed with Lyons while Herod Archelaus was at the Lyon theater. There is still the question on why "ARCHEL(aus)" looks like "ARGYLL," where Herods/Hurls were first found. There arises a question here on whether Lune's/Lyons were Luni liners, or whether Herluin was named after Luni or Lune's/Lyons.

Scottish Tass'/Taws/Taws' (may not apply to English Tass') share a version of the gyronny of Roeun-like Ruens, and Roeun was not also Rollo's capital, but of his agent, Bernard the Dane, the ancestor of the Laevillus-related Beaumonts and Harcourts. There is a Bray river in Devon that flows through the Mole and then into the Taw river. There is a Bray river in Normandy not far from Rouen so that Tass'/Taws can apply to the Taw river.

Although it's not a hare, it's called a "coney running," in the bend of German Ruels. Harcourts are said to be from Bernard the Dane of Harcourt who commanded some troops (on behalf of Rollo) at VEL de Ruel. It looks like Rollo was named after Ruel elements, though he may have been born, Rolph. It's a little interesting that Val Trompia is at Lake Garda while Garda-possible Yards share water bougets with Rolphs. The Mathis river has a Has location while Haas' use the hare suspect with the Harcourts of coney-loving Ruels. Herls/Hurls not only share the gold fesse with Harcourts and Hairs, but in both colors of the Coney / Conn fesses.

The Ruel coney on its bend is in the three colors of the scallops on the Bernard bend. This is the big mouth of heraldry. And you can bet that the white Bernard scallops are the ones of Meschins who in-turn use the Coats of Coneys / Conns. Whatever the Ruels were, they were at least linked to Cuneo liners, and this was at or before the naming of Rollo. Was he Italian too? Rollo's were first found in Perthshire with Lune's/Lyons.

The first Meschin married Lucy, from Lincolnshire, same as the Roll-beloved Parchments. The Rolls themselves use a roll of parchment. The Parchment scallops are colors reversed from those of Scottish Bernards, and the Parchment chevron is that of French Bernards (Provence, near Grasse).

VEL de Ruel is now linkable to the Spanish Vela's because they use TORCHes while Harcourts birthed Humphrey de Vieilles of TORCY (Torville by another name), the ancestor of Beaumonts. His Wikipedia article: "Humphrey (or Honfroy, Onfroi or Umfrid) de Vieilles (died c. 1050) was the first holder of the 'grand honneur' of Beaumont-le-Roger, one of the most important groups of domains in eastern Normandy and the founder of the House of Beaumont." These Beaumonts, at Meulan, gave a daughter to the family of Gouel de Percival of Leavell, and the Arms of Meulan use a Shield filled with checks in the colors of the same of Vieilles-suspect VALLibus'/Vaux's, and they happen to be the checks of Pavers and Flemings too. Leavells were from the Laevi, weren't they?

The Harcourt fesses are in the colors of the horizontal bars of Leavells.

The counts / county of Hainaut are at Wikipedia showing the three Levi chevrons, and the Hainaut capital at Monunius-suspect Mons is beside La Louviere while Louvier's share the Arms of Meulan. Besides, the Mons lion is almost the Herluin lion, the Mons lion being in both colors of the demi-lion of French Ruels, and the latter's is in both colors of the lion seen in the Arms of Hainaut (link above).

These Ruels, to my great surprise, are said to have been at Launay. It's got Brest elements (or Brescia-to-Yorkshire) written all over it, including the Percival-like Percys (Yorkshire) that share the Launay/Lawny lozenges. Again, Brescia is at Val Trompia while Dutch Tromps share the acorn with Corners while the Vela torches are at the four blue corners.

The Tenants that use a "vela" motto term have been suspect with Tanaro liners, but I don't think this has been clinched. Tenants came to topic with blond Helen my tenant, or the blond tenant at Jerry Peterson's, where I touched the bra. Helens were first found in Brittany, and therefore suspect as Alans. If I am wrong about "Lane / Launay" being an Alan variation, note how "Laun" can be a Lavan variation, for Lavans are listed with Louvains/Louvier's...from Louvain at the Hainaut / Flemish theater. Louvain is in BRAbant. What was BraBANT named after?

Bants (Champagne), in the colors of "vel"-using Banes', share "oak LEAVES" with Alans, and the Banes wolf is in the colors of the Fleming wolf. It's reinforcing a Ruel trace to Laevi. The Banes' are said to be from Baynes near Bayeux (near Harcourt too), while English Bays, in the same colors, share the double fesses of Hair-branch well as the Parr-loving Manners/Maness' that share the Harcourt peacock. French Bays look to be sharing the Conte Shield (Mar / Mackay colors and format).

And God is telling me that Franca on my mother's lawn with me means that the peoples in my mother's place of birth, especially the Masci's, were joined to the Rollo Normans. I don't know Franca's surnames. Our photo was taken at the top of the grassy ditch, and while Ditch's are Dyke's, German Dyke's happen to share the giant demi-lion of Ruels! And Banes' use the dagger. Rolls were first found in Yorkshire, and may be sharing the Carrick dancette because Marjory Carrick birthed the royal Bruce's (out of Yorkshire). Recall how the News'/Newes' ("ROLL of silver parchment") recently squared up with suspects from Novara, home of the Laevi.

Bernard the Dane (French: Bernard le Danois) (c. 880 before 960) was a Viking jarl (earl) of Danish origins. He put himself in the service of another jarl installed at the mouth of the Seine, Rollo (before 911). After the accords of Saint-Clair-sur-Epte that officially gave birth to the duchy of Normandy (911), Bernard converted to Christianity at Rouen the following year (912) and shortly afterwards received from Rollo the county of Pont-Audemer in Roumois (today in the Eure departement) then, later, the city of Harcourt (Wikipedia).

The Brescia-line Bruce's became the Templar-supporting Scottish kings, who immediately married the Alans of Dol. The Bruce's had been from cousins of Evreux, the likely namers of Eure.

Here's a biggie as per the flaming stars of Pero's. Irish Flemings share the Paver checks, both in their Chiefs. What high priest do we suppose the heraldic Chief is code for? Why does the Cheff/Chafe Chief share the three Paver (and Brick) lozenges? Why were Cheffs/Chafe's first found in Dorset with Quints while sharing the peacock with both Paw surnames while Quints use the Savage/SAVA paw? The Cheff/Chafe peacock is in the design of the one in the Harcourt Crest, and the Harcourt Coat is in the colors of the giant Cheff/Chafe griffin. Griffins are suspect from Herod Agrippa while we saw Harfords with HERTfords.

The Brick-like birch tree. We're looking for more evidence that God set that event up to link my Masci line, and August's Masci line, with the Franca's to the Laevi on the Ticino or at its Pavia location. We saw the lozenges of Brix's/Brests, in colors reversed from those of Bricks, and while the latter share the Massey and Dyke / Deck/Dagger fleur, Pavia liners are expected with Pavers (Yorkshire, same as Brescia-line Bruce's), who share the Brick lozenges. As Ditch's are Dyke's, and as other Dyke's share both the fleur and red squirrel of Decks/Daggers while Valentins use squirrels, I'm going to get to my quasi-conclusion that Grass and Grazio liners are from Gratian, father of Valentinian I.

Harfords were first found in Herefordshire with Gratian-possible Greats (share the rooster with Grazio's), who curiously have an Agrippa-like Greep variation. These Greats share the Nail/Nagle saltire, which I mention because Nagle's share the Launay lozenges while Harcourt-related Ruels were at Launay.

Launays were first found in London while CIBALs were closely related to Lundys / Londons. Gratian was born in CIBALae, almost on the Dane-like Danube. Lundys and Cibals were first found in Fife, beside Angus, and then German Ungers share the two Angus-Chief stars in their own Chief (defined as the upper third of the Shield). Angus liners can be from Angusta locations as alternative names to what were at first Augusta locations. There is a question on whether Londons were Landens/Landers. August snapped the camera, and Camera's (three of the two Hair and Harcourt fesses) were first found in Angus. The Marsi probably lived in Picenze with August and Franca, and while Marsi had an ANGitia goddess, earls of Mar were at Angus.

Valentinian I married Justine of Picenze-like Picenum, the line to the Perthshire Justine's (near the Cibals of Fife) that should be in the "just" motto term of Peacocks (Durham, same as Conte's). In fact, Peacocks use "Be just and FEAR not" while Irish Hare's use "Fear" while Hare-like Harcourts love the Peacocks in their Crest. In colors reversed, the Fear/Fier and Fair molines are the red moline of Cibals. Scottish Fairs share the anchor with Justine's, and French Fairs share the Valentin bend. There is a good chance that Fere liners named Fermo, at the south end of Picenum, and in the motto of Valentin-beloved Squirrels. The Tiens'/Thames' are also in that motto, and they were first found in Oxfordshire with Grazio-branch Crispins and Harcourts.

When we go to the Justine-related and Squirrel-branch Sire's, another green snake, and lozenges in colors reversed from the Launay/Lawny / Nagle / Angers lozenges. And this Marsi-suspect green snake is looking at itself in a mirror, code for the Mire's/Mireux's of Anjou, which is in Angers. The Sire's (BURGUNdy, same as Mars) are suspect with the Abruzzo tower while Marsi were in Abruzzo. Nicholas de Vere von Drakenberg (called himself the prince of a witchcraft cult) loved Melusine with the mirror, and claimed that her son birthed the first count (Milo de Vere, not historical) of Anjou or Angers. It seems clinched that the Marsi snake cult named Angers / Anjou.

The Burgundy Primo's/Primeau's use the mirror too, and while Fucino is suspect with leg-liner Foetes/Fussen, Prime's use the giant leg of ProFETTs, first found in Aberdeenshire with Fothes'. Fucino-suspect Fiquets/Fiots were first found in Burgundy, and use lozenges in colors reversed from those of Sire's. This recalls that Pavia's/Paveys (Somerset, same as Leavells) share the Feet/Fate Coat, which uses MARTLets while Mire's/Mireux's use the MYRTLe tree.

As the Profett Shield is green -- as with the Bowers (Pavia-suspect Peebles), the Bauers and the Bourlys (same place as Pavia's/Paveys) -- the single arrow in the Profett Crest can be of those in the Crest of the neighboring Camera's. The latter share five bunched arrows with Bowers, and then while August snapped the PHOTo with his camera, Profetts are also ProPHATs and ProPHETs.

I have a strong feeling that Nicholas' Vere line was from someone, at least one person, in Picenze. Vere's share the Massey and Eure Shields, and Drake's use a motto term that I trace to L'Aquila, seven miles from Picenze. The Drake motto also loves Mosca's whose leopard is in the colors of the Oxfordshire Peare's. Vere's ruled Oxfordshire for centuries.

Brabants happen to share the fesse of Augusts while the latter share the eagle leg with Brae's/Brays. Brabants were first found in Kent with Royals/ROILLE's, and the latter's bend may be the bend of Camera-beloved Cheile's. In any case, the Royal Coat has the red cross on the Crispin bend. The Perusia location of Grazio's, and the Parez/Paresse of Crispins, are suspect with the namers, or the descendants, of Pharisees. Grazio's were first found in the same place as Ottone's, while Ottone Visconti was the first Visconti ruler of Milan, where Grasso's were first found along with Luna's. Visconti's of Sardinia's Gallura used the rooster.

The Avezzano's were first found in Sardinia, yet were the namers of Avezzano at the Marsi theater. Avezzano's are linkable to Conteville's by the Avisons/Avise's sharing the Comines Coat, and by the "Avise la fin" motto of Kennedys that's partly for Lafins/La Fonts (Tipperary, same as Irish Kennedys) who in-turn share the lion of Italian Conti's. And that squares with "VisCONTI." The Yard helmet can be gleaned with the helmet of Irish Kennedys because Scottish Kennedys use Yard colors and format.

When Jesus says that he is Life, it means that He in us makes life a quality thing, not meaning the life of working and paying the bills, but quality of the inner being, the part that makes decisions and chooses life or death, right or wrong. The brain and mind are not the same. The brain runs the body's mechanics, the mind makes calculations, but the spirit makes plans and decisions. The spirit causes the body to move by deciding that it should, but the brain allows the body to move as the spirit wills it. The spirit exists whether we are thinking or not. If you just sit there without using the mind to do the work that it can do to weigh issues, or to ferret out the wise thing to do, or whatever, the spirit is there. It's you, whether the mind works or not. A mentally-disabled person may have a perfectly-normal spirit. He/she just can't use the mind to convey that there is a normal spirit within.

The Quiet and Patient Spirit of our Coach

The spirit makes plans and decides attitude. If my spirit likes the idea of purchasing a property in the sunny south, my mind works to figure out whether it's doable. The mind has the ability to chose the right thing, which is wisdom. If the spirit wants to go south bad enough that it doesn't use the mind to think it through in wisdom, it could become a bad decision. The mind can become the person's worst enemy, for example if the mind belongs to an liberal anti-Christ. Wrong decision after wrong decision, led by satanic spirits influencing not just the decisions, but the short- and long-range plans as well as attitudes such as, "we're here for a good time, not a long time." So, in short, when Jesus is in you, you get to be influenced by Him, and you become apt to avoiding the wrong decisions. You never know when He's leading you to do things that produce fruit. It's a win-win, and that's why he is Life. Sometimes when he wants to steer us, but not always, you think you have just heard Him say a word to you.

This is the reason that God created Man: to live within us, to teach us from that inner room within us. If we are not teachable in this way, we become scrap. There is nothing amazing if the people at Fox recognize the stupidity and duplicity / craftiness of liberals. But if they want to be perfect in wisdom, Fox newspeople need to cease from being political animals, who agree with the Republican president 99 per cent of the time on behalf of getting him re-elected. This is as stupid (foolish) as the liberals, for this is what they invented. Fox has hired Mark Levin because he's a political animal after their own hearts. But Levin has a small mind, because he's uninclined to reject Trump on his immorality.

? The Republicans are in danger, as a bloc, of pulling off the liberal folly of not only accepting, but of elevating a president (i.e. Bill Clinton) regardless of his immorality. The Republicans are talking just as the immoralites did with Clinton: if he's a good president, and good for the country, I don't care about (I'll ignore) his immorality. Unless Trump can explain why his own lawyer paid the porn witch to keep quiet, it seems an easy piece of thinking to decide that Trump committed adultery with her. And he's asking his voting bloc to deny it just as he's denying it. Fox should be calling for better quality in the next Republican candidates. If the bar is as low as Trump, that bar will be used in congressional elections too, what a mess. Leaders are to be above reproach.

Liberals can be expected to bring other women with false charges against Trump, just as they did with Roy Moore. And because Trump did nothing about that situation only four months ago, let the same situation come upon the president. It looks unavoidable. Let us see how he deals with the false charges, whether he acts on his own behalf in ways he failed to act for Moore. How could Trump have helped Moore? By wanting to. He just didn't care that the liberal machine steam-rolled over Moore. Therefore, that steam-roller is still chugging away, because Trump decided not to take the opportunity to make it a national issue. Having scored a great win against Moore, the Democrat demons will use the same play on Trump. It has been so predictable, and here we are.

Trump should have calling for a re-count in Alabama, to generate the million dollars needed for it. He should have sent a party to discover how voter fraud was working there. It's so predictable that voter fraud will be ramped up against all Republicans...because Trump turned a blind eye to it on behalf of getting his tax cuts.

Here's a Christian on Fox saying hypocritically that it's okay if Trump was with the porn witch, so long as he's for the right political agenda:

Why don't we ask Trump's wife how she feels about it, since, after all, adultery is a sin because it violates and torments the wife, and moreover because it spoils all she worked toward with the husband. But, so long as Trump has the "right" political stuff, it's okay that he committed adultery, say the Christian hypocrites. And all because they want the Christian votes for these dismal, hypocritical Republicans, the ones who rule most of the party. Trump needs to step aside in shame. Nothing needs to get done at this time, absolutely nothing, but to expose, punish and remove corruption in politics. Every other issue pales by comparison. Corruption is why the national debt is so high, why home prices are too high, why two-thirds of the people enter retirement virtually broke, sometimes with a paid home, and sometimes not. Corruption is why the media can't be trusted, and why the shadow government uses the media as its "state media." Corruption is why God's Truth is being thrown to the ground. Political corruption is why the government is way too large. On and on it goes. And corruption is always what God has complained about, especially in high places. In the end times, it will lead to Armageddon.

The beauty of God's Law is that it was never meant to be obeyed as a set of rules on paper. It was Intended to be living in the spirits of all people. And eventually, it's no longer a law, but a natural inclination. There is no law needed for the one that naturally does the good thing, who by nature would not harm another person. That's where Jesus wants to take the world. By contrast, Trump-supporting Christians want to take the world to the American dream. Shame, great shame. What dreams does Trump have for America? Nothing whatsoever that God wants for America. Trump is void of God. He thinks like a man, like one wanting to fulfill his own plans, short-range and long. And he uses his mind to craft out his goals. In the end, nothing, because he rejected the calling of God. Even if he succeeds against the Democrats, the latter will come back and demolish all he worked for. Vanity.

God's not interested in the American dream, or a rags-to-riches wunderbar. God's not interested in guns. God doesn't want to see 30-foot walls between countries. God doesn't care to see big corporations grow richer. God's not interested in how much better manufacturers are doing this month versus last month. Trump can do nothing for Christians, unless they have decided to plunge themselves in love for the world of money. In his own words, Trump says he has nothing to repent for, because he always does what's right. One expects that sort of statement from the devil. Never mind foreign policy; fix internal corruption.

Scandal News

Take 20 or 30 minutes to watch HA Goodman as he shows how much Mike Pompeo dislikes Hillary:

So, now that the openly anti-Hillary man rules the State Department that Hillary once ran, Pompeo is under the gun to expose Hillary's email and Libya scandals, in the least. But what if he doesn't? What if he's no better than Tillerson? I'll hear about it at Judicial Watch. GOODMAN THINKS THAT POMPEO WILL NOW DO TRUMP'S WILL: EXPOSE HILLARY, but I'm not so sure that Trump wants Hillary exposed. I'm still wondering whether he's merely putting on an anti-Hillary show as a cheap, political stunt.

On the other hand, for some weeks now, I've been wondering whether God's exposure of the Clinton crime ring will go slowly, and take years. Yet this sudden change in both the CIA and the state department may, we hope, be of God's purposes.

What will the Democrats do if Pompeo decides to act for the exposure? Might Pompeo have looked into Hillary's Benghazi scandal from the perspective of CIA documents? Probably. But this is why Pompeo has disappointed, for not a peep has come from him on that issue. Maybe he's trying to stay low while snooping into Hillary's past, or maybe he's just decided to be one of the elite rats.

Tillerson is gone now because Trump made the initial mistake in choosing him. And with Leon Panetta saying that he likes Gina Haspel, Trump's pick for the new CIA director, it looks like Trump is making another mistake. Leon Panetta advocates Trump choosing leaders who disagree with him. I totally disagree. It's appropriate for a president to chose leaders who will do what he wants done. That's how it's supposed to work. He can ask Haspel what she intends to do as the chief, and then decide whether he wants her based on her promises. He can ask whether she will look into the Benghazi scandal. The president should ask all candidates what they intend to do as their own, personal agendas. Otherwise, the president should pick his picks from out of a hat, as the Democrats would like it for their enemies only.

Panetta of the Democrat goons always want disagreements because they make the Republicans accomplish less. Democrats always disagree and cause chaos because it makes Republicans accomplish less. Panetta likes Pompeo, perhaps indicating that Pompeo is not a danger to Clinton, unless Panetta doesn't care if Hillary is punished (they may have had arguments).

I don't see pictures of Melania with Trump lately, for weeks now.


The FBI's Office of Professional Responsibility has recommended the firing of former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe...

The recommendation is now before Attorney General Jeff Sessions. OPR has already determined that McCabe should be fired and it's now up to Sessions whether to reverse that recommendation or to accept it(NBC).

Well, it's not a big wow, just that this puts Session in the spotlight. Will he protect the corrupt, allowing McCabe to receive his FBI pension, or will he nix that pension and shame him in the process? Surprise, he decided to fire McCabe, at 10 pm Friday night (working overtime), two days before he was eligible for the pension. It strikes me as theater, to make it appear that the man is getting punished when, perhaps, nothing of the sort is taking place. On the other hand, there are high-level reports that his crimes are about to be reported to the public, along with criminal charges brought against him. We shall see. But as this action would not have taken place in time had the inspector general waited just a few more days to submit his report, it can look like theater to make Sessions look good.

On the other hand, the inspector general may have reasoned that, had he not submitted this in time, it would look bad on him, yet he waited until the last moment, hoping, perhaps, that McCabe would get to the retirement safely. Had there not been pressure on Sessions from the many who have been bad-mouthing him all over Fox, he probably wouldn't have fired McCabe in time.

If this action and more is not theater, then McCabe owes his sudden misfortunes to Mueller, for with Mueller trying to jail Flynn on a lot less, it compels others to prosecute McCabe.

The FBI's responsibility office wrote to Sessions that "lacking candor under oath" is the reason that McCabe should be fired. Perjury and obstruction, it really was, criminal offenses. In other words, we are not being told the entire truth as to what they know about him. He was guilty of more, but his punishment is being blamed on a milder thing. Trump had said that, rather than prosecute, let's just clean swamp by firing the guilty. Big deal, since McCabe has made enough money to retire well. Rats don't have consciences; this is no dire punishment for a rat. He's getting off very light if this is all there is. The other rats will continue to be rats, only more careful next time not to get caught.

"Lacking candor" is the dictionary definition of Christopher Wray as he sat before congress. Not answering the questions is as good as obstruction. Shouldn't Sessions fire Wray too? We await to see how Wray comes out to support McCabe. As McCabe has lashed out publicly, it's easy to see that Brennan was his partner in crime, for Brennan has felt compelled to speak out publicly, and angrily too, just like McCabe. The two are one. Brennan sounds like he's putting out a war cry.

Below is a new issue on Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, from newly-released correspondence. Is this theater? It comes out exactly at the news that McCabe has been fired. Note that Sessions is once again accused of trying to cover things up:

Here's how you can know that Nunes is pure in wanting arrests of the bad guys. The way Nunes looks, at the hot spot of this video, is exactly how I would have felt hearing what Gowdy said. It was one of the biggest disappointments in the movement to arrest the Clinton crime ring. Get out of the room, Gowdy. Fly Nunes.

Below is more reason to believe that the Florida shooting was a staged operation with the local police winking. It's very hard to wrap your head around this, I know. Something is very demonic in police USA, in what we could describe as a soft police state hardening:

You should also see the related video below: "Broward Deputy Scot Peterson stands safely behind a concrete wall taking no action as high school students lay dead and wounded just feet away, newly released video of the Florida school shooting shows". They're calling him a coward when the fact should be that he was ordered not to go in. He may have been told that they were conducting a drill, but, whatever he was told, chances are he was told not to go in. Seeing on-site video footage like this, of the police, is rare from a false-flag / staged event. Perhaps the public outcry has forced it out because, this time, the police got caught looking very complicit (though Fox will never use that term until it's shared by the majority.

I didn't watch the entire 27-minute video, as nothing much goes on. After the 20-minute mark, men are seen, who will need to be interpreted by others (because I haven't a clue) at the top-left, and two people in dark clothes come into view at the center-top-right at 22 minutes. Three officers run away from the school starting about 15 seconds before the 27-minute mark.

There were other cameras in the school. How-about letting us see them too, so that we can see what the officers did around the door areas.

John Kelly was Trump's bad decision. "Kelly said he has been telling Trump that Jeff Sessions is doing a good job. Kelly went above and beyond to defend Sessions, and told the president that the press only reports about 3% of what he does. He said Deputy A.G. Rod Rosenstein and FBI Director Chris Wray are also doing good jobs." Here say? If not, Trump has a stupid chief of staff. This stupidity is the kind that lets corruption in high places roll on. Sessions is a considerable danger to the country, and a traitor to its people, because it's his job to expose corruption. Instead, he's covering for it.

Spare the rod, spoil the nation. When the one getting caught is punished but continues to rebel, it's time to take him to the barn for a whipping. It's a simple principle. The entire Democrat sector needs a good whipping, but it will not be enough, for even then they will fight back. There is only one solution: Hell, and throw away the key. It's God's Solution. It is coming.


For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God

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