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March 1 - 5, 2018

Ticino Liners Exploding, Includes Benjamites
Timna-Suspect Taman in Caucasia

For best results, take the time to load the Coats to see them for yourself. Load the first-Coat link (or open one here) I offer to get your own tab open, and open more if needed. To check a description in the Coat of Arms, type the surname at this page:

SonofNewo's latest video this week has undeniable proof that either the police / prosecutors are lying in their court cases, or that Brent Gilmore and Christ Mahoney are lying in their testimony of what they saw at the Charlottesville car crash. There are a lot or people claiming to have evidence of fraud in a false-flag event, but none comes close to this work by Newo. The latest video is the fourth one down, but if you have a couple of hours total, you may wish to watch the four videos in order. The third one below was in my last update, in case you watched it already. :

In the fourth one above, Newo introduces a new character, Chris Mahoney, whom he says has worked for the World Bank and even George Soros' societal-engineering program. That makes all the sense in the world, but why is it that not even Fox news will touch the evidence that Newo presents in these videos? Why is it that Fox news always gives the official stories on false-flag events?

If you watched Newo's previous two or three videos, you will understand why Mahoney and Gilmore are lying. In this latest, Newo is spending a lot of time on Mahoney's claim that he walked a full block in about 20 seconds (not true). Mahoney can't change this claim at any time, saying that he just remembered the time span incorrectly, unless he says that he ran fast with his buddy, Gilmore. His predicament is that he placed himself coming by the crash car when it had probably less than 30 seconds to go before the crash. There is no time for him to walk the entire block because it takes about 60 seconds.

The street cameras would reveal whether they were running or walking. Newo has put out a video saying that neither Gilmore nor Mahoney have responded online to his claims that they lied outright to the nation. That's a big deal. Newo is challenging them to speak out, and telling that they are afraid to speak out because he's got them cornered. It looks like he's right. However, I think that Newo has the government cornered even more than Mahoney. I don't think the government claim in court is accurate. Newo is proving that Mahoney and Gilmore are working in concert with the stagers and prosecutors.

One damning part is that Newo has the Ford Fischer video where the crash car is seen passing the final intersection at far less that the 40-50 mph claimed for it my Mahoney. It's not "barreling" at all, as Gilmore says it was. Moreover, if the court testimony is correct that the crash car passed the final intersection three times (once in reverse) in about two minutes BEFORE the crash, then Mahoney and Gilmore are revealed as insiders, no small thing. It means that they are insiders on a con-job to which the police are winking, though the police must also have special involvement. This is the current state of things, one that the people cannot trust. It's bad, very bad, for the next generation. The future is bleak with such deceivers ruling over the people. And Fox won't help to stamp this out. All it cares to do is to cater to Republicans; there's good money in it. Shame.

The problem that Newo has not yet addressed is the contradiction between Fischer's video and the court testimony. Newo claims to have assured that the Fischer video is non-stop, and with this claim he says that the crash car passed the final intersection about 75 seconds before the crash. yet the court testimony, by the government, claims that the crash car first passed the final intersection about 115-120 seconds before the crash. Both of those scenarios cannot be true.

Court testimony claims that the crash car passed a street-view camera, roughly at the final intersection, when going forward toward the crash. Seventy later, the same car passed the same camera, but driving in reverse, with no damage to the car, we assume. As the court testimony (government) continues, the same car passes the same camera 43 seconds later, now driving faster toward the crash. There you have roughly two minutes of time taken up between the first time that the car first passed the intersection and the crash. Yet the Fischer video does not agree with this. I suggest that the government is giving false testimony in court.

Let's assume that the court testimony is all correct, which places the drive in reverse, past the camera, about 50 seconds before the crash. This means that the end of the drive in reverse (when the car was put into forward gear) was less than 50 seconds from the crash. The duo, according to their own testimony, were on foot down the very street that the car was traveling in reverse. Newo, in a newer and too-long video (but appreciated) has shown that the walking of the one block, starting from the traffic lights, to the street camera, takes about a minute. Therefore, assuming that they were walking and not running, they could not have been further than the traffic lights when the car was no longer in reverse. That is, they had to be along that one block in which the car was driving in reverse, and so they would have seen it do so.

Let's put it another way, that since they passed the street camera (the one that's been used for court) about 15 seconds at most before the crash, they are expected to have been at the traffic lights 75 seconds before the crash, if they had walked that one block. Or, if they had jogged the entire block, then they are expected to have been at the traffic lights about 50 seconds before the crash, just as the car was in reverse past the street camera. Either way, the car was in reverse down that same street with 50 seconds to go before the crash.

According to Mahoney, the car was across the intersection at the traffic light, just sitting there, not moving, prior to it's trip toward the crash. The car had to be sitting at the traffic lights with significantly less than 50 seconds to go before the crash. According to Mahoney's account, therefore, he was on that road while the car was in reverse. The car had to pass him while in reverse. The only way out of this is to claim that he was around the corner, along another street (from where it was impossibly to see the car) with some 30 seconds before the crash. His predicament is that he can't be too far from the intersection because he claims to have been at the street camera about 10 seconds before the crash. From wherever he claims to have been for not being able to see the car, he had to get to the street camera in time for the car to pass him.

He can't claim to have been as long as 20 seconds away from the intersection, and walking toward it, while the car was in reverse through the traffic lights, for by the time that the car got to the far side of the traffic lights, there was only some 30 seconds to be before the crash. If he was yet 20 seconds from the intersection with only 30 seconds to go, he would not have beat the car to the street camera. The only way to beat the car to the street camera is to pass that car at the intersection with 35 seconds to go, and to bolt it down to the camera in 30 seconds (allows about 5 seconds for the car to travel from street camera to crash). As this is not impossible, I claim that the court testimony was manufactured (or modified) to help Maloney's story. But, as we can see, it's a doubtful scenario.

Trump News

If Trump were a respectable man, he would stick up for his family members as the media and the deep state attack them all. It's not enough to merely tweet. Mr. Trump, if he really had any iron, would call Mr. Nunes into his office, and discuss with him how to fast-track the exposure of his enemies. The opening for this attitude is huge. The enemy has played dirty, and can now be treated as it deserves. Fast-track the exposure, and blow the enemy out of the waters for all to see. Or, be a weakling and keep on letting the enemy abuse your own family.

There is only one possible way for the media to succeed over Trump: due to a significant percentage of Americans being complete fools. Why is Trump afraid of mere fools? Why does he not conspire with the enemies of his enemies to blow the fools out of the water now that he has the huge opportunity? I don't know, but my guess is that he's a huge fool himself. He continues to come across as an imposter, saying one thing to the masses but doing the opposite with the congressional leaders.

A lot of people are suffering under this disgraceful president, exactly because he allows raids of his family and political circles while doing nothing in return but tweeting. Get a spine, Mr. Trump, and stick up for your supporters. If you can't find it in your heart to fire Wray, then quit yourself, and give Mr. Pense a crack at your job. You did commit adultery with a porn devil, didn't you? Mr. Trump never gave the nation a response on that $130,000 payment to the porn witch. Mr. Trump, you are disgusting.

Nunes said on Fox that he's happy about Sessions appointing the inspector general to look into FISA abuses, but this could be a waste of time. Unless Sessions is pressured, there will not be any punishments, and therefore no changes. Nunes is terribly wrong to say that he's happy about this Sessions move without calling for criminal charges already on several law breakers known already. Even the FISA judges appear like criminals for not having Comey, McCabe and others charged for the crime of deceiving the court. The FISA judges must have winked at these crimes (as touches upon Carter Page), and this was probably not the first time. Perhaps Nunes doesn't want to get on Session's worst side at this particular week while the answers to his written questions are being worked on.

On Jeanine Pirro, Trump said that while he appreciates Nunes' bravery, that the country must come together, including Adam Schiff. That is, Trump has exposed that he's more interested in creating unity with his enemies than fighting them, for the sake of unity, but what he really means is, for the sake of passing his agendas. Is he nuts? Yes, and right up until now, he continues to fool Christians. He's ready to pull up to the table of demons, yet wants Christians to support him, and boasts that he will have Christians eating out of his hand. You've been warned. By me. And others say the same.

If you listened to Trump, you can see that he's a braggart, and making deals with Democrats in order to pass his own agendas. But at what cost?

We are being told by Fox that the overdue report of the inspector general is coming out before the end of march. We will then get a glimpse on whether he's partisan and/or favorable to the criminals. It won't be hard to figure out one way or the other.

The Oakland mayor has broken the law, and Sessions has not immediately promised criminal charges. The Sessions DoJ is lawless while its leader pretends to be honorable. Lawlessness is loose and happy-go-lucky, and Sessions is not doing his job.

After more than a year of taking a daily beating by Democrat fools in the media, Trump has a better approval rating suddenly than Obama had after the same time, even though the fools went light on criticizing Obama, if they criticized at all, and even though they predominantly praised him. In other words, the Democrat party is a fringe party if there is no establishment media in Democrat support.

There are things not right about the latest mass murder. I find it hard to believe that such events can take place without the winks of police forces. Here's the Angle lady seemingly trying to convey a suspicious story that she may not be able to express fully on Fox:

If Mueller continues to go in the direction below until Trump is placed in hot water, the latter could appeal to WikiLeaks and Kim Dotcom for relief:

Special counsel Robert Mueller's team is asking witnesses pointed questions about whether Donald Trump was aware that Democratic emails had been stolen before that was publicly known, and whether he was involved in their strategic release, according to multiple people familiar with the probe.

Mueller's investigators have asked witnesses whether Trump was aware of plans for WikiLeaks to publish the emails. They have also asked about the relationship between GOP operative Roger Stone and WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, and why Trump took policy positions favorable to Russia.

I'm still waiting for Mueller's fabricated charges against Trump. If he still dares now. This week the president called Mueller's task an "illegal disgrace." That's the strongest language I recall him making on the issue. "As WikiLeaks was strategically publishing stolen emails in the closing months of the campaign, Trump also publicly said he loved the group. In 2017, President Trump's CIA director, Mike Pompeo, would label the group a hostile non-state actor." So why do we think that Trump hasn't appealed to WikiLeaks, which claims to have proof that Russia did not hack the DNC emails under discussion above? Is Trump afraid to go against Pompeo? Who's the boss here? The CIA? Really? Since when did the CIA get elected to call the national program? And if Pompeo doesn't care for Trump's predicament enough to appeal to WikiLeaks, shame on Trump for goofing up even with choosing the CIA director.

The corrupt ex-CIA director is making rounds bad-mouthing Trump in just the way the CNNs are doing, and of course there's growing knowledge that CNN gets its world news from the CIA: "Former CIA chief John Brennan on Friday predicted 'rough waters ahead,' particularly on international issues, because President Trump is 'unstable, inept, inexperienced, and also unethical.' In an interview with MSNBC's 'Deadline: White House,' Brennan told host Nicole Wallace...'"It is no secret to anybody that Donald Trump was very ill prepared and unexperienced in terms of dealing with matters that a head of state needs to deal with, head of government, and I think this is now coming to roost.'" Say it enough, and people will believe it.

The light in Brennan's statement is that Trump is not doing what the CIA wants, at least not all of it, especially as concerns animosity toward Russia. Fox is busy this week bad-mouthing Putin for coming out to say that Russia has nuclear bombs which can go undetected by enemy radar. I don't take this as a bogeyman statement, but as a reaction to CIA animosity. It's the CIA that's pushing the cold war, and Russia feels that it needs to look muscular to give its people some sense of security.

Trump is getting into a checkmate position, with Mueller about to be defeated, if he pushes Trump too far so that WikiLeaks gets into this game. Mueller's game is to keep Trump from becoming friendly with Russia, and ditto for Pompeo. It would put the CIA effort to topple Putin way back a number of years. Putin is tolerant of Christianity, whereas I don't think I can say the same about the CIA.

With Trump lashing out verbally against Sessions (is this just a game for the masses to swallow), Sessions has this reaction / rebuke this week: "as long as I am the Attorney General, I will continue to discharge my duties with integrity and honor, and this Department will continue to do its work in a fair and impartial manner according to the law and Constitution." In other words, doing what Trump wants is not honorable, but partisan. And by "fair," does Session mean he'll lay the blame on both sides equally? Or does "fair" mean something like mild weather, or a mild slap to the wrist, since, after all, Trump is asking for something a lot harder. Is Sessions telling us, forget about jail terms, because that's impartial and politically motivated? Isn't the FBI the thing that's acting partisan?

What's wrong with hiring a pure pro-Trump Republican to fetch all the documents that incriminate the FBI concerning the FISA scandal? That person appointed is not permitted to fabricate documents, but only to gather the documents of others that already exist. The more partisan on the Republican side, the better this job will get done, because if Sessions gets someone who leans Democrat, the work won't get done. The goal is to hunt and find incriminating evidence; if it doesn't exist, fine, but get a pro-Trump Republican to do it, if Sessions wants to be sure that the work will get done with the best chances of success. If Sessions claims to be honorable, then he's got to appoint people who want to get the incriminating documents, not some stooge of his own. It's clear that Sessions doesn't want to pierce his own people; that's DISGUSTING, not honorable. That's the police chief protecting the corrupt officers.

Trump's beef this week: "Why is A.G. Jeff Sessions asking the Inspector General to investigate potentially massive FISA abuse. Will take forever, has no prosecutorial power…Why not use Justice Department lawyers? DISGRACEFUL!" Them's harsh words. We have yet to see whether the Inspector General is compromised for to treat DoJ crime lightly, but, in any case, the inspector general is not there for criminal issues, and Sessions knows it. The inspector general is for discovery of unethical behavior only, to be reported to the attorney general for changes and due punishment. However, this FISA issue is a massive criminal issue. Sessions wants nothing of criminal charges. But Trump doesn't want to replace him.

First of all, Rosenstein becomes the acting attorney general once Sessions is released from the job. But putting it off for a later time looks worse. Rosenstein at this time is under shame (but he ignores it), with FISA on his face, and is relatively lame due to it. That is, if, as the interim attorney general, he pushes an anti-Trump agenda hard, he's taking extra risk by inviting harsher treatment from the pro-Trump reaction to his criminal issues.

The word this week from some is that Sessions is not the attorney general, but that Rosenstein is the true leader (see video below). This may mean that Rosenstein is holding a dark cloud over Sessions head as a means to keep him from investigating toward prosecuting. In this picture, the best thing to do is to replace Sessions, allow Rosenstein to lead for a few months until a new leader is chosen, and then use Rosenstein's time of leadership against him in the court case to jail him for permitting the FISA-court scandal. The new attorney general must promise to bring Rosenstein (and others at the FBI / DoJ) to court before being confirmed.

Youtube is such a lousy media. I can't ask it for Jeanine Pirro videos and get her latest ones. Youtube prefers to give me her videos weeks and months old. What nutcrackers are running youtube? It's anti-educational, as though the leaders are buffoons trying to run our intelligence into the ground.

Bret Hume on The Angle said a very stupid thing when arguing that Sessions is not supposed to do the bidding of a president. Mr. Hume, if the FBI commits a crime against the president, the attorney general must prosecute the FBI for both the president's sake and the standards of law which serves all good people. Hume is minimizing this call to justice as merely something that Trump and his party wants. What are we to say, that if a man guilty of breaking a serious law is supported by a political party, that he should therefore not be charged merely because it's a partisan act to charge him? Is Hume bonkers? Is the president a nobody, Mr. Hume? Can a crime against the president not be prosecuted by the attorney general because the president's desire for defense is to be viewed as a political thing?

If the Republicans in congress deal with only the corruption that touches upon Trump, then that is a slap to the face of justice. For example, Judicial Watch is going after Obama's involvement with FBI corruption, but neither the Republicans nor Trump are so-far interested. In the video below, Judicial Watch says that Trump's lawyer (Sheri Dillon?) is lying to the president. I wonder what that's about:

Suddenly, Hope Hicks has quit the White House. I don't think anyone knows why. Perhaps without Rob Porter there, she's unable to do her job, whatever that is. CNN has said that Hicks has the nearest office to Trump's office, just outside of it. Is this sexually suspicious? Trump has said that Hope is shy, and perhaps she stays away from microphones (though she loves cameras on her) because she doesn't want to reveal how lacking in wisdom or knowledge she is at a mere 29 years of age, since after all she's reportedly Trump's confidant, and is expected to have some wisdom that he appreciates, unless of course he appreciates her for something else. Maybe she has a guilt complex for messing around with Melania's husband. Could there be something very amiss about her, as in a spy for the other side?

Just watch this below at the approach of two minutes, where she leaves the president looking bad for saying that she's talented. She did not want to be at that mic. There are various explanations. (There's nothing worth watching after two minutes.)

Hicks and Trump worked together in real-estate before she came on board his election campaign. It's suspicious because Trump has a heat problem between his legs, and no morals in his heart to keep him from sin. The question is whether she was a liberal or conservative before joining Trump's team. Trump said that she said she knew nothing about politics when joining his team? What if she's been secretly a liberal all this time? The question I'm asking is whether she will now elaborate on the lies she's told on Trump's behalf, and whether this will grow into a major scandal. Maybe she has refused to do television interviews because she feels she can't possibly act as genuine / loyal to Trump as everyone is making her out to be. Maybe she would rather puke than do that act over and over.

Caye Liners Lead to Shechemites on the Ticino

I've just checked Miss Hick's Wikipedia article, and finding that her mother was Caye Hicks, I looked up the Caye's (use this page to load other surnames), and added the following to the last update where Ceva at the Cevetta river was traced to Cavetts:

Cavetts were first found in Picardy with French Cails/Caye's, and the latter use the split Shield of Tarves' (colors reversed) along with sharing a moline cross with Chives', the latter first found in Tarves. It suggests a Ceva link to Chivasso (Bautica river). As Chives' are Shewas' too, Caye's looks like a branch of the Shay variation of Shaws.

Amazingly, Caye's maiden name is CAVender, and this surname has the Ann Coat (different colors) while her middle name is, Ann. Anns, Kays and Hicks' were all first found in Yorkshire while Anns and Cavendish's (Buck colors) call their stag heads, bucks, the name used for the Hicks stag head. Pretty amazing. The three Ann stag heads are in the colors and format of the three eagles of Diss'/Dice's, the latter first found in Suffolk with Cavenders/CavenDISH's. The Dice variation suggests Ticino liners to me, making Cavendish's suspect with Chives / Ceva liners. Cavenders/Cavans share the Tute crescent while Cavenders/Cavendish's use the motto, "Cavendo TUTus." Irish Cavenders are the Cavans discussed in the Kewin discussion two updates ago.

I trace Kenneths (stag head) to Kenza, a queen from Aures, land of the Shawia Numidians. This Caye investigation looks Shawia.

Cavenders/Cavendish's share the "serpent" with Sava-suspect Save's. CIBALae (Vinkovci) is not far off the Sava/Save, and Sibal(d)s share the red moline with Caye's. Bucks may be using the lion of Sauers, from the Sava/Save/Sau river. This red moline is in both colors of the similar flory cross of BIRDS/BURDS (martlets), while the middle name of Hope Hick's father is, Burton, while BURTons are also BIRTons (Birdon/Burdon colors).

There's more, for the Diss'/Dice's use a gold version of the Child Coat, and the latter are from Childeric, the ancestry of king Charles MARTEL (grandfather of Charlemagne), the latter represented by heraldic MARTLets, which are used by Charlotte's/Charlemagne's. The latter are in the colors and format of Diss'/Dice's. Hope was born Hope Charlotte Hicks. Hope's have lately been resolved with the Goplo Piasts, and the Piast eagle happens to be the Child eagle too. Perhaps the Caye's/CAILs were a merger with Childs/Chills.

The Pauls/POHLs were first found in Picardy with Caye's/Cails and Cavetts while the father of Hope Hicks is, Paul. German Pohls use approximately the Lux Coat while Burtons use a "Lux" motto term.

The Shawia Numidians were also "Chaoui," explaining why Caye / Key/Key liners should apply. The Irish Cails/Cale's/Kahills give reason to see Ceva as per Shawia, for these Cails share an anchor in Crest with Kyle's. The latter were first found in Ayrshire, where Shaws are honored in the Arms of Ayrshire, and moreover the Kyle candleSTICKs are part-code for the Sithech entity in Shaw ancestry. This tends to reveal that Kyle's and Cole's (share the Lux / Pohl bull, apparently) were Shawia liners integrally. Yet I've traced Cole's to the Colapis/KUPa river, yet that's perfect where Shaws use CUPs. It tends to reveal that Shawia, or Shawia ancestry, was at the Colapis. Some of the Chives motto was first found in Ayrshire.

The Pullys/Pullens, whose motto is apparently honoring Colapis liners of the Cope/Cup/Colp kind, share the martlets of French Josephs while the latter were first found in Maine with French Cails/Cailleres'. The latter use a cloud in both colors of the McLeods/Clouds (and Lois') who were in-turn first found on Skye and LEWIS while Lewis' were also Louis' while LOIS of Ceva is the Alan-important line to the West. The FitzAlans of ARUNdel (in Arun), who married Lois' daughter, are suspect with cloud-using Arens/Aarons. Lewis' are highly suspect with the Laevillus > Leavell line, and the inclusion of Clouds into Leavell circles can explain why English Leavells use NEBULee (= cloud symbol). The whale of Irish Cails/Cale's now looks like a symbol of Waleran de Leavell, and then the Dols likewise use a whale. Perfect.

The "patITUR" motto term of Shaws has, for a long time, been traced to IDRis of Morocco, for his wife was from AYRshire-suspect Aures, home of the Shawia. Idris is suspect as being named after ITUReans of Lebanon (and Syria?), for he originated in Syria.

The Cope's/Cups/Colps were first found in Aberdeen along with Tarves, and we saw the Caye's/Cails using the Shield of Tarves' in colors reversed. Cope's/Cups were in Culp of Aberdeenshire, beside the Sibals of Fife, the latter sharing the red moline with Caye's/Cails.

Arundels were in Clun of Shropshire while Cluns, first found in Perthshire with Celts/Colts, use the Saluzzo Shield, proving that Cluns were descended from Luis of Ceva. The Celts (and Kelts) may be evident in the Caillet variation of Caye's/Cails. Celts/Colts share the stag head with Kenneths ("ITUR"), suspect with "Kenza," the name of Idris' wife. Malcolms/Columns/Callams (from DunKELDs) and their Colum branch share the Celt/Colt stag head, and Caye's/Cails show a CAILLEMer variation that may indicate Callams / Columns.

Calleys/Caillys ("Callide") use the quadrants of Keele's/Kills, both in colors reversed from the same of Chives' and Bengs. The latter are suspect with Benjamins, first found in Norfolk with Calleys/Caillys (and Leve's). Benjamins use a Coat version of the Walsh's, the latter being part of the Wallis-canton line.

I've been tracing the 600 Benjamites of Israel, with proto-Meschins, to the Colapis for six years, but this discussion may be the first piece of hard, heraldic evidence for that trace. Bengs are also Bings/Binks while Binch is about five miles south of La Louviere. This area was home to Flemings while Benjamins (Levi colors) use "A FLAME of fire proper". Binch is in Hainaut while the counts of Hainaut used the three Levi chevrons. Binkleys, in Bing/Bink colors, use Bing-like Wings, which can indicate that Wings/Winks, and Vinkovci, were Benjamite lines. Binkleys, and Yorkshire's Bingley, likely share the Palmer / Fleck fesses, for Palms were first found in Yorkshire. The Binkley canton is called a "square," and Square's/Squire's are in the Valentin Coat while Valentinian I was born in Vinkovci. Perfect.

While the Binkley description places a pellet in Crest, it looks like a scallop, in the colors of the same of Hykes'/Hacks, the latter sharing the Bing/Bink quadrants. The Hykes'/Hacks use other scallops in both colors of the Fleck / Meschin scallops. The Binkley pellet is likely that of German Nickels because Binkleys share the white-on-black pheon of English Nickels. The Benjamite-beloved Propers/Robins, first found in Cheshire with Nickels, were at Malpas while the Malpas' and Robins share the same white pheons, on red. MALpas can now be gleaned with Mauls (same place as Bingley), for Binkleys look like FLAG/Fleck kin while Flys are from Flagi while I had a dream about a week ago of a spider chasing a TRAPPED fly on its strand of web. Traps/Trappers were first found in Styria with spider-suspect Spitzers, and the latter use a TUNNEL in a HILL while Tunnels share the split-Shield of Mauls and Hills (same place as Binkley-beloved Square's) look like they use one of the Palmer / Flag/Fleck fesses. The Fire's, beloved in the Benjamin Crest, use a unicorn in half the colors of the Spitzer unicorn.

In passing, the Bradfield area around Bingley should be mentioned because the Bradfields, first found in Yorkshire with Bradfield, share the Quade / Queen wolf head suspect with the Traby/Sadowski SCARF, shaped as a 'Q'. The Scarfs, first found in Yorkshire, use the wolf head too, and Trabys are highly suspect with the rat-trap entity along with Traps/Trappers and Square's/Squirrels. I'll elaborate more on this later. The Quade's are kin of Walerans, and the latter were at Bradfield. Bradfields may be sharing the gold annulets of Benjamins, but hard to clinch at this point.

The motto, "BENIGno NUMINE," may be part-code for Numidians, and partly for Bengs. Calleys/Caillys (share the Cheile bend) use the Glass and Kyle stars in colors reversed, which can now drag Glass / Clausula / and Wallis/Wallace liners into the Shawia fold. As Calleys/Caillys are said to be of the Isle of Man, which uses the human leg as a symbol, the leg of Cheile's (same place as Keele's) tends to reveal Keele's as a Calley/Cailly branch without dispute. The Calley/Cauley bend with symbols reflects that of Callans/Callins, comparable also with the bend of Fasts from the Vasto bloodline at Saluzzo. Sales' were likely from Saluzzo's namers, and the Sales Coat is like that of Coughs while Cale's/Cails shows a CAUGHell variation.

The Keele / Calley/Cauley quadrants are shared by Tailards while the Tiller and Tailer lions are suspect with the same colored cats of Chives'. That says a lot already, but Tailards are said to be close to Chapells while English Josephs share the double gold chevrons of CHAPLains (and Manna's/Manni's who share the Botti and Stelli star). Behind the chevrons, Josephs use a green perchevron, perhaps the green color of Chapells (Shake colors). Tailers (Kent, same as Cone's) use three lions in pale in the colors of the three antlers in pale of Cone's. The "wreath" of Chapells could have been a chaplet to begin with, and Chaplets share the swan (same colors, that is) once shown with French Josephs.

Irish Auleys/Cauleys look like a Calley/Cailly branch because they use a red lion in both Crest and Shield, as do Aures'/Aurs. The same red lion is in the Crest of Tarves' (Caye/Cail Shield in reverse). It's asking whether Aurelia's were an Aures line. The Auley/Cauley Coat looks a lot like that of KEVins/CAVans. Scottish Auleys/Cauleys ("periCULUM") can be sharing the checkered fesse of Boyds, the latter first found in Ayrshire, and share "CONfido" with Irish Cails/Cale's. Cons/Cohens share the checks of Marks too. As Marks share checks on a fesse with Boyds (same as Jewish Marks) while tracing to the Marici of the Ticino, note the "PERIculum" motto term of Auleys/Cauleys. Peri's/Pero's are a branch of Pierre's/Pero's, the latter first found at Pavia (on the Ticino), while Pavers use the Leavell-line checks in their Chief. I didn't realize until now that German Marks share the vertically-split Shield of Caye's/Cails.

German Marks share the double-tipped spear of SHAKEspeare's (Levi colors), suspect with the Shechemites of Israel, partners with the Kenites whom Moses married. It's not a bad theory that Kenites went on to join the rebellious, pagan Levites. There is good heraldic evidence (not to be re-shared here) that Shake liners were from Shechemites as they passed through Schimatari of Boeotia, where Boyds out to trace. For example, Shake's use mole hills while Mole's (same place as Scottish Leavells and Benjamin-related Walsh's) share the boar of SCHIMs/Shands. Mole's have been resolved with Moline's (Shakespeare colors) and therefore with the moline crosses of Chives' and Caye's/Cails.

More boar heads are used by Maple's, and while the latter have virtually the Chives motto, the split Shield of Maple's is colors reversed from the same of Caye's/Cails.

I've assumed that Shakespeare's were a Shake-Spear duet, yet they may be a Shakes-Peare duo. The Shakespeare Crest has a spread falcon holding the double-tipped spear in its claw, and the Mark description explicitly says that its spread eagle has the same spear in the "claw," while Claws' are suspect with Lady Fortune (Klassen Coat) from the Clausula. Schims/Shands (Glass stars?) use "fortuna" in their motto. It appears that Shechemites were on the Ticino with Laevi Gauls. The Mark eagle is the black, two headed eagle of Maxwells, first found in Roxburghshire with Mole's and Leavells.

The Kenites are suspect in the Kennati priests at Cetis, where Laevillus was king. The cats of Chives' (share "non" with Shakespeare's) are suspect with a branch of "Cetis." Irish Kennedys (SCIMITAR, no guff) were first found in TIPPERary with whale-using Cails/Cale's (whale colors reversed from the Tipper dolphins), and the line of Laevillus was to Waleran de Leavell. It appears clear that Kennedys were Kenite-SCHIMATARI liners.

Scottish Kennedys love the Lafin-Conte(ville) and Avezzano > Avison bloodlines in their motto, and while Conteville's were at Comines, the Cale/Cail Crest is "An anchor with an oak BRANCH COMING out of its dexter side." Commings/Comine's share the Avise/Avison garbs while the latter share the anchor with Cale's/Cails. The latter's "CONfido" can be code for the Cone's / Cons/Coneys. Cone's share the antler s of Conte's, and the latter were first found in Durham with the Branch kin of Sherwoods (probably a Schere/Scherf branch). Conte's/Comitissa's and Commings/Comine's are suspect with Comets, and the Pero stars are in the design of the heraldic comet (see it in the Reines Coat). The Arms of Comines (Artois, same place as Lois') uses a key while Keys are also Kays. Schims/Shands use a "comite" motto term. Como and Cantu, neighboring cities, are about 25 miles from the Ticino. Schims/Shands share the dove in Crest with the Leafs/Leve (leaves).

The Comets use three towers in gold, the color of the one in the Maple Crest. As Chivasso is at Turin, the Maple / Comet tower is suspect with Turin / Turner / Thor liners, especially as Tarves' (same split colors as Maple's) were first found in Aberdeenshire with Turins (and boar-using Schims) while Turins share boar heads bendwise with Maple's. The Tuareg Berbers (Numidians?) come to mind. Tarves' are suspect in naming Tarvisium/Treviso, and Travis' use the boar head too along with the same scallops as Meschins (ruled in Cheshire, i.e. where Maple's were first found).

Of the seven cities in Italy that Italian Conte's (Lafin lion) are said to have been first found in, Pavia is one of them. These Conte's share the black lion with Jewish Levi's, and use it in both colors of the Levi chevrons. The Shakespeare's are in Levi colors too, and their falcon should be code for Falcons/FalCONTE's, first found in Languedoc with French Conte's who share the Falcon crescent. The Moline's are probably a branch of Milans/Millens; the latter share the Conte / Lafin lion.

SHECHEMite-suspect Schims/Shands/Chands can be a merger with same-colored Chaine's/Chenays/Chands and therefore related to Cheneys (the Joseph martlet in colors reversed). Cheneys are suspect from Cuneo, location of Savigliano, where Pelosi's/Pilati's were first found who use columns along with a large white bull. I expect this bull to be the bull of Turin, for one, but we see a white bull (statue) in Wikipedia's article on Turriff, a location near Tarves, both places connectable to the Turins. "The Knights Templar appear to have had a base in the [Turriff] area, and a nearby site is still known as "Temple Brae"." As Bra is smack beside Savigliano, Temple Brae looks connectable to Bra.

Cheneys were first found in Buckinghamshire with Simpsons and the Shaw-loving Hinds (Shaws use a hind). English Bucks are suspect with the Cone antlers, and Bucking(hams)s (Oxfordshire) use a red lion in both Crest and Shield, as do Aures'. German Bucks use that lion in their Shield as well as "black WINGs" that can be of the black eagles used by the hind-using Shaws (same place as Wings/Winks).

Schims/Shands are the ones sharing the boar head of Mole's while Mole's are in the molehills of Shechemite-liner Shake's. The Mole stars are the Moray stars too, in colors reversed from the same of Innes' (Moray) who come up as "One," suggesting the Una/Oeneus river (beside the Colapis). Can we imagine the 600 Benjamites migrating to the West with Shechemites? I have been tracing the Levites out of Laish to Oeneus elements for years. I trace Yonge's/Youngs to the Una with June's / Jeune's, and Yonge's/Youngs are the ones sharing the three piles of the Leavells, first found in the same place as Mole's. Three piles (but called pennants) are used by Cowes'/Coo's, and the Turriff bull is called the Turra COO. Why do we think that is. Penants share the same Coat us used by a Welshman, John Yonge (I have it in my files). Penants could be of the Penestae Illyrians at / through Laish-liner Lissus.

Schims/Shands/Chands were also at Gamrie while Gamers are with Game's/Cams, and the latter share the six pale bars of LISE's. Believe it or not. Game's/CAMs (Schim/Shand / Chaine/Chand colors) were first found in Gloucestershire with KEMMis', and the latter share the Coat of Skene- / Chand-suspect Shins/Chinns/Chynne's. The latter (Somerset, same as Leavells) can be using the fesse bars of Leavells in the colors used for them by Amore's / Damorys (both of Oxfordshire, same as Peare's). Behind the Game / Shin fesses there is the blue vair FUR of the Irish FLEMINGs that share the Paver Chief, while Pero's/Perino's use "FLAMING stars," while Perrins use FIR cones, while Firs are also Furs (UNIcorn).

Vair fur is obviously code for Vairs/Fers' and Fers, for both use Shields full of checks, but as Fers are also Ferrats, Montferrat seems absolutely appropriate here. Especially Alice of Montferrat as she may have been related to Alice of Saluzzo. There is a question on whether these Ferrat liners named Varesse at the Ticino. I'll explore Varesse suspects below.

Alis'/Alice's (from Alice of Saluzzo?) not only use the fir tree, but are in the motto of Enotri-loving Simpsons. Alpins use a form of the Alis Coat while king Alpin (of the Picts around Perthshire) was made the father Kenneth MacAlpin. The Aures-line Kenneths are suspect with this royal thing, and Picts had a Caledonian tribe highly suspect from Calydon, the latter being home to mythical Oeneus, the symbol, in my strong opinion, of the Enotri. It seems that the Calley-like variations of Shawia liners were Calydon elements as they formed Scotland's Caledonians. Sava-river Sauers share a red lion in Crest and Shield with Aures' and Auleys/Cauleys. Shawia or proto-Shawia liners were on the Sava, weren't they? Yes, and the Oeneus and Colapis are two Sava tributaries. English Sauers are the Sawers, and they can be using the Shin / Shannon Crest round-about.

Coo's/Cowes' share swords with the Skene's, a branch of the Schien variation of Schims/Shands. Skene's use the cloud, and a motto, "VirtuTIS regia MERCes," suspect with Marici on the Ticino/Tessin. TISS'/Teece's were first found in Hampshire with Lise's. Scottish Lise's share the chevrons of Clare's (same place as DISS'/Dice's) and Clarens/Larins while the Irish Shins were first found in County Clare.

Another Sava tributary was home to Ceraunii, a line to the Crauns/Crane's that use the patee crosses of Mercers in colors reversed. Mercers/Marcers were looked up as per the Skene motto. Mercers love the Crux's (Kent) that use patee crosses in the format of the lions of Tailers (Kent) and the antlers of Cone's (Kent). Kenza-like Kent was stacked with Shawia liners, including Massins/Masons. Kent, says Wikipedia, was founded by a Chand-like Cantii peoples.

The Ceraunii were on the Urbanus, and while Urbans (Austria, same as Sava-river Sauers) share the Massena bend because Maezaei were their neighbors, the Massena's use more patee crosses. The Zionist stars of Urbans and Massena's are shared in the flaming stars of Pero's. Perfect, if we want to trace Mercers to the Marici co-founders of Pavia. Mercers (Poindexter star?) use "corona" in their motto as code for Ceraunii liners.

God has used CHRISTine Peare to represent Pero liners, and this may be where the "Christi" motto term of Mercers comes in big. Christ's share roses with the Pavia Pierro's/Pero's. Christ's/Criss' can be from mythical Chrysippus, part of Laish-suspect Laius. Compare Mercers to Tease's/Tye's, a good reflection, and the latter even share the stars of Schims/Shands. Dutch Tye's/Thigh's use the wolf, highly suspect with the Fleming wolf (and therefore linkable to the flaming stars of Pero's), both from Lupus Laevillus, right? It's important for connecting the Laevi co-founders of Pavia with "Laevillus." Christine's (cups, yup, same as Shaws) were first found on the Isle of Man, where Mamie traces whom had beautiful thighs by the will of God for this revelation.

The Shaws with the cups love the MEANs/MENNE's who in-turn use a dancette. The crazy Maenads, right? The Mean/Menne dancette has the LISE pale bars, yup. Means/Menne's are said to be of MERCia, no guff. You're learning unique history today. Maeonians on the Maeander co-founded Ladon-line Lydians, suspect with the Laish-suspect Lasonii to Lazio, home of Latins. The neighboring Tyrrhenians (from Cadmus Tyrians at Laish, right) were from mythical Tyrrhenus, a Lydian code. Dionysus and Laius were both Cadmus descendants (not really, but this is what myth writers saw as a generalization: a Tyrian connection to Dionysus and Laius). The Irish Means/Meegans may not coincidentally be sharing the red stag head with Celts/Colts.

I met Mamie a few months after I last saw Christine Peare. My first night with Mamie, at her party, I danced with her (probably the only dance at that party by the will of God) in her LIVING room. Dancing was a symbol of mythical Maenads, from the Maeander river, where Man liners trace (especially the Mansfields, first found in Nottinghamshire with Tease's/Tye's). Livings/Levins (beside the ShakesPEARE's) were likely Laevi liners. The Manx peoples of Man were of Manche, where the maunch of Mansfields / Mansells trace, and Manche was at the Vire river, where the Skene motto probably traces in part. The maunch is used also by TICKhills, who were possibly merged with Hills (Mansfield / Mansell colors), the ones expected in the molehills of Shake's.

Manche was the location of Crux-line Crociatonum, and Mercers love the Crux's in their motto. Mercers also love the Ceraunii while CRONKite's use the crane (Ceraunii symbol) while Crociatonum was also CRONCiaconnum. CONE's share a form of the Crux Coat, and Cone's could have been at CronciaCONNum.

The Skene wolf heads are in the colors of the same of Welfs/Wolfs/Lupus', and colors reversed from the Tye/Thigh wolf. Welfs were a branch of Este's, and so see how the Bars of Este can trace to the Ticino below. Bars were in Lorraine, and my first meeting with Mamie (in her living room) was my last with Lorraine. Skene's use "skenes, blades pointing up, and on the point of each a gold wolf's head." It looks linkable to POINDexters (Mercer star?). Dexter-suspect Daggers, Shakespeare's and Levins were first found in Cumberland / Westmorland with Branch's (share the Schim/Shand stars), a line from Hugh LUPUS D'AVRANCHes, who ruled where Welfs/Lupus' were first found.

Mythical Oeneus was at CALYDon, suspect with the Celt people group and therefore possibly with Celts/Colts / Kelts, both first found in Perthshire with Shaws. Shawia-suspect Calleys/Cauleys use "CALLIDE."

As per the pennants of Coo's/Cowes', the Penant Coat is that also of Trevors (Welshmen), suspect in the "trouveras" motto term of Sawyers/Sauers. The latter were first found in Norfolk with Calleys/Caillys and same-colored Seagars, the latter suspect from Segni's/Segurana's that share their moline. The Sibals (same area as Schims/Shands) that share the red Caye/Cail moline also share the Seager / Segurana moline. If we're thinking that SHAWia trace to the Laevi on the Ticino, the SAWyers share checks on a fesse with Marks (and Auleys/Cauleys). The latter's "trouVERAS" term may be code for a family named from Varesse, a location about 10 miles from the Ticino, and between it and Como.

Varesse is beside ARONa, perhaps the kin of Arun of the Arundels. A Vares surname is listed with Bars (AYRshire). Hmm, the Vares/Bar eagle is half in the colors of the same one of German Arens. The Fasts (same place as Sawyers), suspect with the Vasto's at Arun-liner Saluzzo, share the quadrants (almost) of German Arens. While Bar-le-Duc is in Lorraine, the Fast bend with items are in the colors of the Lorraine bend with items, as well as in the colors of the Callan bend with white martlets, and then Sawyers share white martlets with Saddocks, the latter first found in Sussex with Arun of the Arundels. Callans may be with the Annandale griffin.

The Fausts/Fists are in the fist of Poindexters, first found in Bayeux, at the Bessin, location of the ORNE river, and my discovery of Schimatari was as per mythical ORION. Orne liners use the heron as play-on-word, and Smiths use both the heron and a "BENIGno numine" motto. The Benjamites trace to the Colapis and Una rivers while One's/Innes' share the blue star with Poindexters. The latter's split colors are those of Caye's/Cails, Tarves', Maple's and Marks. Poindexters, whom have already traced to Cuneo, are suspect with Paeoni (lived in Cuneo) from Panias, which was also Banias, a possible Benjamite town (just change the 'j' to an 'i' to get "Benia").

Bennys (branch of Binnie's) use "OPERA" while Pera's are with Pero's and Petro's/Perez's. Binnie's were first found in East Lothian with Laish-suspect Seatons (the Binnie motto may include a code for Lugano elements). Binnie's are in Elis / Elias colors while Elias' (almost the Benjamin cross) were first found in West Lothian. The Banks use the Elias cross in colors reversed, and the Bank Coat as a whole is a version of the Pera/Petro/Perez Coat. Banks were of Craven...of Yorkshire, where Binkleys had their Bingley location.

Benny is the name of the husband of my cousin with Taff surname, suspect from Daphne, an ancient city smack beside Panias. My parents lived in her parents home until I was five, by which time I had accidentally urinated on Pino from the PORCH railing. God set that event up for an important set of revelations, one of which includes the Porch/Portis surname Norfolk, same as Benjamins), which use a "Pro" motto term, and the cinquefoil of Bennys in colors reversed. Her father was Pepin while Pepins share the Benny horse head. She with Benny ran a pizza business, and Daphne of the Ladon river was at Pisa. Virtually every year in my life concerns this revelation. God destined even the marriages, jobs and businesses of others for this revelation. She became a Christian, by the way.

As the Bar-related Este's once showed the Bute-Crest horse head, I trace Bars to Bar at lake Scodra, near Butua/Budva, the latter suspect from Boeotia, location of SCHIMatari. With Bar liners on the Ticino, Butua liners could have named the nearby Bautica, location of Ivrea, suspect with the Yvery location of Leavells. Are the BEARS of Percivals (Leavell liners) code for Bar liners? Iverys are in Shake colors while sharing the Schim/Shand stars. The Ivery write-up ("Eburius") suggests the Burleys/Bourleys (same place as Leavells and Percivals), who share the white boar head with Schims/Shands, but in colors reversed from the Ivery and Shake Coats.

I am sure that Burleys were from Boura in the area of the Ladon river, Greece. If correct, Boura liners were a deep root, if not the originators, of the heraldic boar. The boar was a symbol of mythical Kodros, and he traces to Kotor, beside Butua and therefore making Boura liners suspect at Bar. Peoples around Boura are known to have founded Sybaris and Laus, and the latter was home to Enotri/OENotrians, highly suspect from mythical Oeneus in the land (Calydon) of the Taphians, from "Daphne" at the Ladon river, and therefore from Daphne, a real and ancient location a couple of miles from Laish. The Enotri are in the motto of Simpsons, who share Burley/Bourley colors.

There was the myth, Calydonian Boar," at Calydon above. That myth helped me to trace "CALYDon" to Artemis elements of the KHALDI. The latter were at TRABzon, and Traby married the Astikas', from Astakos at Calydon. Astikas' are part of the Sithech ancestry of Shaws (same place as CELTs/Colts). Whatever the Shawia were in their ancestry, they may have been fundamental Laish elements. I trace proto-Daphne of the Ladon to mount Saphon, near Kewe (Cilicia), and the latter went by many variations such as the Chaoui (Shawia) may have been named after. The Coo's/Cawes'/Kowe's were traced tentatively to Qewe, and their pennants can easily be from Panias, beside Daphne and Laish. Panias was also "Banias," perhaps indication of the 600 Benjamites.

Cue's/Kews (suspect with Kevens/Kewins) use "wheat SHEAVES," part-code for Shawia liners. The Kewin Crest shares the blue wheat sheaf of the Cue/Kew Crest, and the Kewin Shield is split horizontally in the colors of the same of Poindexters.

The family of Percival-Leavells married the countess of Meulan, and the Arms of Meulan use the Coat of English Vaux's exactly. The Callan Coat is comparable to that of Scottish Vance's/Vaux's, suspect in the "Avancez" motto of Hills, and Shake's don't use moles alone, but mole HILLs. The fesse of Hills (Worcestershire, same as Oseneys/Hosneys) is colors reversed from the Oseney/Hosney fesse. Peare's, in Pierro/Pero colors, were at Oxfordshire's Oseney. That's another reason to trace Shechemites to the Laevi at Pavia / Ticino, especially as English Vaux's (same place as ShakesPEARE's!) share the Paver checks! Zowie.

As Gells/GILLS/Jells use a version of the Vance/Vaux Coat, it's reasonable to identify Hills with Gills.

Astakos is near the ACHELous river, where Eagle's and Hagels trace back to. Irish Shaws have eagles suspect with that line, but also use one chevron in the colors of the three of Levi's (same place as Lise's/Lys'). Eagle's (Tailer / Tiller lions?) are kin of Savage's out from Savigliano, which is near VINCHio (not far from the Ticino), the latter now suspect with Wings/Winks that share the red pile of Hagels, and were first found in Perthshire with Astakos-liner Shaws.

Repeat: "German Bucks use..."black WINGs" that can be of the black eagles used by the hind-using Shaws (same place as Wings/Winks)." German Hagels also use the black eagle. Why do the other Bucks use a "SET" of antlers? Shaws are also Seths. The Shaw motto, "I mean well," must also be for Wells, the English branch of which was first found in Lincolnshire with Mercer-suspect Messier's and Pelosi-suspect Pilotte's (share the Shaw cups). I read from a Wells-family page that they were of the Vallibus variation of Vaux's (same place as Flemish SEATons), but then the Vance's/Vaux's use the same stars as Pelosi's

At some point, heraldic stars, shared by Pero's/Perrins and Peare's, have got to be code for the Stars, who use a chevron colors reversed from the Shake chevron. The Star motto term, "esPOIR," can be code for star-using Poire's/Poirez's. The latter use almost the PROvence Coat, which now asks whether ProVENCE's/ProVANCHers were a Vance-Pero combo, perfect for predicting the Pero link to Laevi > Laevillus. Provence's were first found in Burgundy (beside Provence) with French Messier's and Pilate's, and the French Messier's use the flag of MERCia. And here I always thought that Provence's were from Provence. But maybe they were, where that area was named by a Pero-Vance merger.

Burgundy is also where Vairs/Vers'/Veirs' were first found who use checks in half the colors of the Fleming checks while the same Flemings use vair fur. Was Varesse a Vere/Vair bloodline of the Vair kind? Vere's had elite control of Oxford for centuries, and that's where Peare's (Vere colors) were first found. Note the Pharisee-like Phreeze variation of Freys, how it could have named Parez/Paresse (i.e. like "Varesse") location of the French Crispins, for English Crispins were first found in Oxfordshire too. It can appear that Crispins had been merged with Pero liners that named Varesse, all from Pharisees or proto-Pharisees. But why did God put Miss Peare together with Mr. Kepke? What do Keeps or Keppocks have to do with the Levites of Israel in Jesus' day?

A reflection of the Provence Coat is used by Stevensons, first found in Northumberland with Mercers/Marcers and Amfraville's/Umfraville's, the latter being in the Poire/Poirez write-up. I trace NorthUMBERland to Umbria, location of Poirez-like Perusia (where Grazio's were first found), which is the line to Perez in Lorraine, where Grazio-branch Crispins were from. I lost Lorraine within an hour after dancing with Mamie (first time I met her) because Lorraine came home from a walk with a married man with a GRASS stain on the THIGH of her white pants. I was at her apartment at the time, but she didn't know I was dropping in. The pants were suspect with variations of Pansys, who are in the pansy of the Crest of Coneys (Meschin colors and format), first found in Lincolnshire with English Messier's.

Poire's/Poirez's can be a branch of Purys/Bureys, first found in Oxfordshire with Iverys (stars) and Peare's (stars), and sharing the same fesse as Hills. Both Hills ("AVANCez") and Purys put white items on their fesse, and the Purys/Bureys use their three stars on a fesse in the colors of the two on a fesse of Vares'/Bars, now suspect with the namers of Varesse a few miles off the Ticino. Yet Bars of Bar-le-Duc were in Lorraine. As Purys (now looking like Perez-of-Lorraine liners) use the colors and format of Mercys/Maisys (suspect with Messier's/Messeys), Purys/Bureys look like Pero liners. The Purys are suspect in the motto of Mamie-liner Maness'/Manners (branch of Mame's/Meme's/Mens').

As Poire's share the Moray stars while Mackays were at Moray, it's notable that Poire's use roughly the colors and format of Mackays. The latter are from king Maccus, whose family was through the Isle of Man, as with Christine's (share the gold fesse with Mackays and Poire's). The Poire-suspect Stars (Wiltshire, same as Saddle's) share the green-on-white lozenges of Settle's, and the similar Saddle's ("saPERE") share the Louvier/Louvain / Massin/Mason Coat while French Louvier's are the ones with the Paver / Fleming checks from the line of Laevillus. There you have the flaming stars of Pero's connectable to Stars and leading to Laevi suspects. The Trabys/Sadowski's are also Saddle-like Sadlowski's, and as their Q-like scarf is code for Quade's and Queens, note that the latter two share the Coat of Irish Mackays, all sharing the black-on-white wolf with French Louvier's. La Louviere is beside Mons, in Hainaut, and Wikipedia's article on the counts/county of Hainaut may still be showing their three chevrons, the three Levi chevrons.

The last update showed that Mr. Maness was living in MARKham for to link Manner liners to Marici. Markhams ("MiTIS et auDAX") were first found in Nottinghamshire with Tease's/Tye's, and specifically at MAPLEbeck, and Maple's (suspect with the Comet tower) share nearly the motto of Chives'. The last time I saw Mamie, I drove her home in my taxi as code for Tax's/Dax's/Dachs.

If it therefore seems that the Oseney/HOSnee fesse is connectable to the Pury fesse, note that the Pury fesse is black, as is the fesse of Dossier's/HOSiers.

The Innes' look like they can be a branch of Inch's / Ince's/Ines'. The latter two share double bendlets in the colors of the same of Kaye's/Keys, and the latter are in the keys of Sheaves'/Chiava's. Scottish Inch's were first found in Perthshire with Shaws. The Cue/Kew wheat sheaves are those in the Arms of Cheshire, and English Inch's were first found in Cheshire. The Inch's are said to have been of the Newton barons (Makerfield, Cheshire), and Newtons are the ones with the SHIN bones (Burley colors) while Shins/SHANnons (Callan bend?) can be a Skene / Schien/Schim/SHANd branch. Add Newtons to the list of Shechemite kin, and ask about the chaplets of News'/Newes'.

Lookie: Shannon-like Shane's/Chains/Cheyne's may be using the Elis cross because Elis was off the Peneus river (beside the Ladon), named after Panias, making "Elis" suspect as a variation of "Laish." Elis' were first found in Yorkshire with Newton-beloved Prince's/Prinse's. Scottish Shannons were first found on KinTYRE with Alexanders, and the latter share the Elis crescent.

The Newtons use an "eastern prince," and PRINce's/Prinse's (pineapples) were first found in Yorkshire with PERRINs ("ImPAVidun").

Wow. I've been telling, for years, that I kissed Miss Peare for the first time at a La Paloma BAR. But this story was told long before I arrived to Bar-suspect Pero's. The latter use one pale bar in the colors of the two of Spanish Paloma's. Italian Paloma's were first found in BARi. Spanish Paloma's put a cauldron inbetween, suspect with Calydon liners. Caulders probably use a version of the Celt/Colts Coat. The Caulder description: "...a black BUCK's head cabossed, attired red." If "cabossed" is code for Boss', they can be using a version of the Fast Coat for a trace to the Vasto's of BUSca. The Boss Coat is split horizontally in colors reversed from the same of Fist/FAUST-loving Poindexters (probably kin of Kewins).

The Caulders were first found in Inverness with Gowans while I first saw Miss Peare when we worked at Scarborough Town Center, on McGOWAN road. I suppose that Gowans can be a branch of Kevens/Kewins.

Recall that Flemings trace to the flaming star of Pero's, for German Flemings use an "ostrich PLUME," and Plummers, for example, look like they can be of the variations of Italian Paloma's. Miss Peare worked at Reitmans in the mall above, and Jewish Reitmans share the Zionist stars of German Plume's, amazingly enough. And the Dutch Reitmans share the two stars of Bars.


Also, I've told for years that while Mr. Kepke introduced Miss Peare to me, I was determined to make her mine first. So, while down in the bar at La Paloma, I asked her outside, and she came up the STAIRs with me (followed by a very-jealous and angry Kepke) and gave one heck of a kiss (do I owe this to God?). To the Italians, stairs are "scala," and Scalia's use a ladder in palewise position so that it forms one pale bar in colors reversed from the Pero pale bar. Things are making sense with Pero's in the picture.

Scalia's were first found in the same place as Bruno's (Pero / Paloma colors), and Bars of Este were at BRUNswick. The Brunswick lions are those of Base's too, and the Paloma bar was in the BASEment. The Ments, if they apply to "baseMENT," use three bends in the colors of the one of Bruno's. Kepke loved playing ping-pong with me in his basement, and Pings/Pongs/Pungs/Paganells (same place as Ments, Palms and Keppocks) share the three Ment bends in colors reversed. Bruno's are said to have had a branch at Asti, location of Bra. While Plume variations suggest a branch of Flemings, Palms share the blue fur with Flemings. English Plume's use that fur too, but in the colors of the Paver / Fleming / Louviere checks.

Bruno's and Scalia's were in Florence, location of the Arno river that flows to Pisa. The Arniss'/Annas' are suspect with the Tease/Tye star, though I have no proof that Arniss' named the Arno. The Thigh's/Tye's can be with the wolf of Flemings that comes with the ostrich plume, and this links well to Pero liners. There is a large chance that Flemish ostrich liners included the Lois'.

Repeat: "But why did God put Miss Peare together with Mr. Kepke? What do Keeps or Keppocks have to do with the Levites of Israel in Jesus' day?" Keeps happen to share the Lorraine bend, and moreover they use the eagle that can be of the Achelous river, exactly where I expect the proto-Laevi Gauls. I trace "Gaul/Gali" to the Galli priests led of Dionysus, and his line is expected at Nizza Monferrato, as well as Nice/Nizza over by Provence. Ferrato-like Ferte's use the giant eagle, and while Nizza Monferrato is beside Vinchio, Wings/Winks are the ones sharing the single, red pile with Hagels. Amazing.

Did I mention the ancient GALLI priests? Keeps use "...a red bend and on a silver SQUARE at the top left a GALLEY." Why did Kepke have bright-blond hair even into his 20s? Herodotus said that the Ukrainian Budini had blond hair, and that they lived with the Geloni. Kepke's father is Ukrainian. What do we suppose Keeps were from?

Unfortunately, I found the location that Kepke's were from, near the Kuban river, but have forgotten the spelling (am searching for it). It was a Caucasian location at the eastern coast of the Black sea, near Tanais, the proto-Danaans of Tanis (Nile delta). It makes proto-Kepke's suspect with naming Cappadocia, beside Keep-like Qewe. Herodotus called the Kuban, Hypanis, and Hips' happen to use a version of the Deck/Dagger Coat, which shares the red squirrel with Square's/Squirrels, now suggesting that Square-loving Keeps were from that Caucasian area. The Square's use a "Tiens" motto term while Tiens'/Thames' (Thames river, Oxfordshire) were first found in Oxfordshire with the Peare's that share the Tiens/Thames stars-on-chevron. Amazing, is it not?

I trace "Thames" to "ArTEMIS" at the THEMIScrya location of Amazons on the Thermodon river to the Pontus. The Cappadocian capital, Mazaca, was an Amazon entity. Herodotus claimed that Amazons at the Thermodon migrated north through the Crimea to the land of Sarmatians, which were at Tanais. The Crimea is very close the Caucasian peninsula upon which the Kepke-like location sits. In the area that I'm speaking of, I saw a sphinx with the head of a female that reminded my of Miss Peare, and, investigating, I found the Kepke-like location in that area. The Hips show a sphinx in Crest. And the Brogitarus-suspect Brocuffs (Brock branch) use another sphinx. I thought that God had set this up for me to make the connection. If I recall correctly, king Pharnaces had military connections to this part of Caucasia.

Note the HIPKin variation of Hips', like "KEPKe." The Hebrons/HEPburns ("Keep TRYST") love the Keeps in their motto. Hips' are in Keppock colors. The Trysts are suspect from Trusesti, up the Prut river of the Ukraine.

This heraldic square of Keeps is normally called a canton while CANTons use the Washington Coat (same Chief as Schims/CHANDS!) in colors reversed, can we believe it? The Washingtons share the double fesses of Ness'/Nessans! Perfect for connecting to Nizza, and to queen Nysa of the Pontus, wife of Pharisee-suspect Pharnaces. And Pontius Pilate is still suspect with the Pontus, which was essentially home to the Galli priests (and the Khaldi = proto-Calydon), though the Galli lived where the Galatians (known Gauls of France) came to roost later on.

Lupus Laevillus descended from Galatians of the Bassus kind, whom I trace to Base's / Bassans, as well as to besants shared by many surnames, including Flame's. Kepke loved to play ping-pong with me in his BASEment, and Ments use the Ping/Pong/Pung bends in colors reversed. Ments are suspect with "Amyntes," the royal Galatian that was ancestral to the Bassus'. Amyntes' father, Brogitarus, was the chief priest of Cybele, the goddess of the Galli priests. And Kepke had a white, pet rat in the basement that I see as part of the Rat-Trap bloodline, the Traby marriage to the Radziwills = Astikas'. From Trabzon, land of the Thermodon Amazons and of the Khaldi. Therefore, trace the Trabzon elements with the Khaldi to Calydon, location of Astakos.

The split Shield of Italian Romans is that also of the Boss' who came to topic with the cabossed item of Calydon-like Cauldrons. And Trappers share the BUStard with Bush-liner Bustards. Moreover, Rats were first found in Nairnshire with Rose's, the kin of Bosco's. Why do Ukrainian Romans use roses? Ask the water BOUgets of Rose's, for the Bug river is in the Ukraine while Bugs use the water bouget too.

My Nissan was initially owned by Mr. Doner, and Doners/Donahue's were suspect with Dan = Laish. Doners/Donahue's use wolves in the colors of the Freys/Phreeze's, as well as sharing the black eagle with Hagels. It's then very interesting that while Varesse can be of the Vares variation of Bars, they share the giant ESTE eagle. Shouldn't this eagle trace to ASTakos off the Achelous? And, besides, Vinchio, expected with the Hagel-related Wings/Winks, is in ASTi...which I trace to the Paeonian city of AstiBUS.

On top of this, the Penestae Illyrians, because they were beside Paeonia, or even in it, look like Paeonians so that the latter nation can be traced well to Panias > Peneus liners. Then, the Este eagle (as well as the PISTON/Paiston eagle) is shared by Pense's/Pinsons/Poincons/MontPESSONs, first found beside Pendragons. Pense's/Pinsons are said to be from a Pincon area around LISIEieux (Normandy), and Pincs/Pinks, potential Winks, are expected with Reno's while the Reno river is near Este. Pincs/Pinks are also expected with Pings/Pongs/Paganells, an apparent branch of Paions/Pagans.

Pessons may not be integral to Pinson liners, and may indicate a surname formed when Pinson liners merger with something else. For the record, the Piston/Paiston Coat (Paine colors) is that of Childs, indicating that the Pesson line merged with Childeric's line of Franks. Childeric must always trace to Saluzzo liners, and therefore can have contact with Busca. Childeric was a Merovingian, and so was mythical Pendragon, in my opinion. Pendragons are suspect with the Sales fleur. I'm about to show that Busca liners enter this picture, but we should keep in mind that the Child eagles can indicate the Levites out of the Achelous, then turn the 'u' into a 'v' to get, ACHELOVS, like "Clovis," Childeric's son. Why do Close's/CLOVSE's ("fideLIS") share the gold-striped, black hunting horn with the Arms of Traby? Do hunting horns trace to the mythical hunter, Orion?

The Piston chevron is engrailed, as is the Pistol/Pistor chevron. Spanish Pastors use another eagle, but French Pastors (Normandy) throw a curve into this by sharing a version of the Dutch Bush/Bos/Bosch Coat (share billets with Wings/Winks). Bush-liner Bustards (WINGS) were first found in Devon with Pense's/Pinsons/MontPessons, which may indicate that Paeoni liners merged with Bush's to form their Pesson variation. It was recently resolved that BusTARDs were a Bush merger with Darts/Tards. Billets are shared by Pesson-possible BESANcons/Bassets/Bezers. Bissets were first found beside the Bosco-merged Rose's. Italian Pastors use Bush colors and format in colors reversed, and Bush's use more eagles with a fleur-de-LYS between them.

As I see Bush's from Bozrah, home of the Seir-ian, Timna, the Bush-Crest goat can be suspect with Seir liners if they were the line to the mythical goat. If I recall correctly, "Seir" means "shaggy." Pan the goat traces from Panias, and there was fairly-obvious connection of his goat entity to the Satrae Thracians, to the north of Paeonia. The priests of the Satrae happened to be the BESSi, who lived at / near LISSae (upper Hebros). Seir liners may therefore have named Serdica, at the west side of Lissae.

The Sire-related line of Justine of Picenum (to ASSI-related Justine's, same place as Wings/Winks and Qewe-suspect Shaws) traces in multiple ways to the Arms of Vilnius (Lithuanian home of Radziwill-Astikas'), and she married Valentinian I, born in VINKovci. Fermo, at the southern side of Picenum, was home to AZZO, the founder of Este, and Fermo is suspect in the "Tiens ferme" motto of Keep-loving Square's/Squirrels. The Rat-Trap bloodline became my item when catching 16 squirrels in my attic with a single rat trap (can be part-code for Bustard-loving Traps/Trappers, in Traby/Sadowski colors). The attic became suspect with Attis, mythical husband of Cybele. The Assi's, Justine's and the Arms of Vilnius all link to the Sire's/Sirets/Sirons, an obvious branch of the Squire variation of Square's/Squirrels, and Valentins (Vicenza, near Este) even use squirrels. Poindexters (the split-colors of Boss'), who suddenly look like the Poincon variation of Pense's, use an ESQUIRE's helmet.

The Vilain Shield is suspect with that of Levins so that Vilnius elements link to suspects from the Levites of Laish.

The ancient Assi peoples, suspect in naming Asia, are thought by some to be from Azov, the Black-sea waters around both the Crimea and that peninsula where the Kepke-like location sits. The Sire's/SIRONs (Burgundy), Justine's and the Arms of Vilnius all share the anchor, a symbol in the Arms of Temyruk (why the grape bunch?), a location at the Hypanis river. The mythical SIRENs were on the Achelous. TEMyruk may have been a Tiens/Thames / Themiscyra element.

As Rome's/Rooms were at ANNANdale while using a "PLACit" motto term, I trace them to Ananes GAULs at Placentia. This city was founded by the Roman general, Scipio, when he founded neighboring CREMona, the latter suspect with "CRIMea."

And, by the way, Tiens'/Thames' come up as "Tean," possibly revealing connection to Teano, the capital of the Sidicini in the area of Capua and Avellino, the latter highly suspect with "Apollo," brother of ArTEMIS. I trace Avellino to Aulon/Avlona (Aous river), home of the proto-Alans of Dol, making "Avellino" suspect with "Vilaine" and "Vilnius." The Sidicini-like Side's share the Ghent Chief, all with the Bush eagles for yet another trace to Rat-Trappers at the Achelous. I see the black boar (ancient Edomite symbol) of Bush's as evidence that Bush's were from Bozrah, the Edomite capital, where Timna would have lived. She was from Sire-like Seir, and she was a Horite while Horites lived in proto-Dionysus Nuzi.

Why do Alans use LEAVES? Alan Huns (blonds, right?) were from the Tanais area. As Boyds (share checks on a fesse with Marici-line Marks) are said to be from "blond" and of the Alans of Dol, I suggest that the Geloni of the Budini were the Alan-Boyd combo. Budini were in downtown Ukraine, not far from the Siret river.

The Side and Ghent Coats share the Chief-Shield colors of Vilains. What's that about? The Side's and their Suty branch can be gleaned as Seaton/Sitten kin, and then Seats share two blue-on-white pale bars with the Arms of Vilaine, that being the area of Brittany having Rennes, Montfort and Dol, all traceable to the Asti area of Cuneo. Seatons are still suspect as the Sidonians of Laish.

Sire's/Sirets (same place as Mars) use the green snake, and the Marsi of Abruzzo had a snake goddess (Angitia). The Marsi, suspect with the Marici of the Ticino, lived at Monte Velino, such a vilainincidence. I'm therefore suggesting that the Sire/Siret tower is that of Abreu's/Abruzzo's and Presleys. As Abruzzo is the origin of the royal Bruce's (at Annandale and therefore linked possibly to Rome's/Rooms), the Sire/Siret lozenges look linkable to those of Bricks and Brix's/Brests. The latter were from Brescia, where Lano's were first found who trace to Launay, near Brest of Brittany. The Launays use lozenges in colors reversed from those of Sire's/Sirets. That works. And I read that the Eburovices/Ebroicum peoples (namers of York as Eboracum) of Abreu-line Evreux were at Brescia (shares the lion of the Yorkshire Bruce's).

We can't argue with the facts. The royal Scots were not descended from fictitious Neanderthals of 10,000 BC, but from Italians that were previously Greeks of Abruzzo-line Epirus (location of Aulon/Avlona) a millennium earlier. The evolution-steeped historians are satanic liars. A full-blown Italian can become a skirted, piping Scot in one, single generation. Christine Peare is Irish, not descended from Neanderthals, but from Italians in Piedmont and Rieti. The latter is on the Salto river along with Monte Velino and the Marsi.

Between Monte Velino and the lake Fucino of the Marsi there is a Celano location while Callans share the Keep bend. You will just need to ask yourself how many coincidences you can bear before agreeing that this animal traces from the Temyruk area to Velino...which is perhaps no more than 25 miles from where my Masci-line mother was born, that surname suspect from Mazaca of Cappadocia. Moreover, her maiden name, Grimaldi, share the lozenges of Irish Weirs, very-possibly from Varesse or the namers thereof, for Scottish Weirs are a known branch of Vere's/Vairs/Vaires'.

The Spanish Lugano's share the single pale bar of Spanish Romans (share blue fleur with Spanish Varro's/Baro's!) in both colors, and Lugano (Ticino canton) is less than 25 miles from Varesse. Varro's/Baro's use black wolves, linkable to the same of Louths/LOWthe's and LOUVier's. The latter share the Fleming checks, in half the colors of the Vair/Veirs checks. And Louth of Ireland was home to the Seaton-like Setantii Brigantians, and where Taphian-like Taffs were first found. Taphians were pirates in Calydon. That exclamation mark is because the Vares variation of Bars can now trace with some certainty to Varesse. Varro's are suspect from Aulus Terentius Varro Murena, for the Morinis' fleur are blue too (in both colors of the Roman fleur). The Tarents and Trents use eagles, yup.

This is a good place to add that the French Mars share a version of the Marone Coat while the latter share the Schim/Shand boar heads. It makes Murena liners suspect with the Marsi > Marici line to Varesse. It's known that Varro Murena conquered Aosta (Astakos liner?), where the Lys river is found, home of the Walsers (named after Wallis canton) that use the Melusine mermaid with two tails. She often holds a mirror, and the Sire's/Sirons (same place as Mars) use a green snake (the Marsi goddess, right?) coiled around a mirror. I've seen this mermaid called Siren (i.e. from the Astakos area). The Walsers were Wallis/Wallace kin, and the latter share the Montfort lion (two tails) along with Marano's/Mauritano's, a branch of Murena's/Moratins, and first found in Modena with Morinis'. The latter share the double fesses of Dons, can you believe it? The evolutionist historians, crackers, have nothing on this historical work of God.

Walsers share the "halpert" axe with Simms, making the Simms suspect with Some's/Sions/Sine's (for Sion is in Wallis canton). But why is Sion also, Sitten? Because it was named by Seatons/Sittens, first found in East Lothian with the Simms. It's a great reason for tracing Sittens to Sidonians of Laish.

Let's add that the Marone / Schim boar are shared by Googe's/Gooch's, first found in Roxolani-liner Roxburghshire along with the Mole's that use the same boar head. And while Schims were Shechemite liners along with Shake's, the latter use mole hills.

The POINdexters are expected as Paeoni/Paioni along with Pings/Pungs/Paganells and Paions/Pagans. While Rome's/Rooms (merged with Ananes of Placentia) use "PUNGit" in their motto, Italian Romans (Naples) share the split Shield of PoinDEXTERs. Queen Nysa of Cappadocia, descended likely from the proto-Dexter Dexaroii, brings us now to mythical Capys (Trojan), said to have named Capua (near Naples). Capua's/Capone's (Levi lion?) were first found in Naples too. Did this thing name Caiaphas?

My Nissan's original owner was Mr. Doner, and Doners share what looks like the upright, white wolf of Italian Romans. There is a Ukrainian Roman(ov) surname with the Chief-Shield colors of Doners in colors reversed. However, Doners use foxes, yet the Irish Fox surname is also SIONnach, and mount Sion was near Dan/Laish. Jewish SIMons use the fox too, and SIMsons use the Chief-Shield colors of Ukrainian Romans, which makes Simsons so linkable to Doners that it speaks again of the Simson-beloved Oenotrians that I trace from Dan/Laish. In fact, the Simms (share spur rowells with PANE's/Paions/Pagans) use a PEN traceable to Panias > Peneus liners. The Tanais river today is the Don, and Dons share the double fesses of Nissans in colors reversed, can you believe it? It's as though God set me up to drive a Nissan previously owned by Mr. Doner.

Foix's were first found in the same place (PARIS) as Levi's, Lys', Chappes' and MORENcys. Rome's/Rooms share the fesse of Keppocks and Budini-possible Bidens/Buttons. Fox-using Fes' (Auvergne, same as Budini-possible Bauts) use a bend colors reversed from the Keep bend. Fes' are highly suspect from Fes/Fez, the Moroccan capital of Idris.

The Don bend with three arrows is in the two colors of the Callan bend with three martlets, and these Allan-possible Callans (Keep fesse) are now suspect with Celano at Velino, the latter from the Alan Huns around Temyruk and the nearby Don river. In fact, the Callan martlets are in the colors of the Hips martlets, and the latter are now tracing well to the Hypanis river, location of TemyRUK. The latter look named after ROXoLANI Alans. Previously, Hips' were traced to the Drago river at Agrigento because it was also the Hypsas river. However, I also traced the Anchors/Annackers to the Arms of Agrigento, and the Arms of Temyruk use an anchor. The Simson-suspect Sinsons (same place as Crimea-possible Croms/Crums) use a ROCK, and the Chaddock / Saddock martlets, in the colors of the Hips / Callan martlets, are in the Arms of ROCHdale.

The Hagel Crest is a bunch of LEAVES but called an "olive branch." Olive liners can easily be Levi liners, and Scottish Olivers (Pury martlets?) even share double-red chevrons with Laish-liner Lise's, and Clarens/Larins (the Keep ship?). The latter's motto looks like code for the Craig > Carrick line from Proculus Charax, son of Lupus Laevillus and his Galatian wife. The Olivers thus trace well to Laevi on the Ticino. Craigs / Craigie's are traceable to "ACRAGas," the alternative name of Agrigento. The Drake motto is for the Mosca's who married Montechiaro, near the Drago.

The "CRESco" motto term of Scottish Olivers looks partly for Crispins (in the colors of the Oliver chevrons), from Varesse-like Paresse, and first found in Oxfordshire with Peare's, Purys/Bureys, and elite Vere's. This is why the Olivers can be with the Pury/Burey martlets. Crispina, daughter of Rollo, married Grimaldi, explaining why Scottish Weirs share the Grimaldi Coat if Grimaldi's were at Varesse. Just compare Grimaldi's to Vairs/Veirs'. The Rollo's, first found in Perthshire with Shaws, share "fortuna" with Simms and add a "par" motto term that should be for Parrs, the latter using the double fesses of Nissans and therefore the double fesses of Dons. The English-Oliver tree can be of the "tree leaves" of Leafs/Leve's (dove, often holds an olive branch, as does one in the Schim/Shand Crest).

"CresCO" can also be part-code for Coo's/Cowes'. Although the latter's piles are pennants, they can yet trace as piles to Pylos, a city beside Methoni. The latter was made mythically the daughter of king Oeneus of Calydon (probably from the Galli, right?). This king was related to Elis, location of the Peneus river to which the Penant surname should trace. If "Elis" is from "Laish," might not G-fronted Elis terms, such as "Galli(s)," be Laish liners too? Just look at this. Gells/Gills/Jells (share black greyhound with Olive's and Oliver-beloved Tree's) ) were suspect earlier as a Hill branch, and Hills are in Elis / Elias colors while sharing the white crescent together. In fact, the Elis crescents are in both colors of the Craig crescents while Gells/Gills (Carrick colors) were at HOPton (Derbyshire), feasible from the Hypsas river at Agrigento. Perfect, for the Gela location on southern Sicily is said by Wikipedia to have founded Agrigento.

Gela liners are suspect with Julians, and the latter share the cross of Coo's/Cowes' and Gullys/Gollys while the latter use keys. Yup. To help prove that the Oliver motto includes Coo's, the Oliver-beloved Tree's share double bendlets without a bend with Qewe-possible Keys/Kays. The Coo's/Cowes' share the crosslet also of Teague's while the latter share the perchevron pattern of Keys/Keyes', and while Qewe is at Adana, I purchased the Texas property from Adana Teague. Did God set that up? Looks like. The previous owner of that property, before Adana owned it, was from a surname that, to the best of my recollection, started with "Gil." Keys/Keyes' share "In Domino confido" with Cale's/Cails (anchor) while Caye's are Cails too.

Olivers even us an "AD" motto term suspect with Levi-beloved Aids/Ade's, whom I trace to ADA of Varenne/Warenne. The Vairs/Veirs' and Fers'/FERRATs share a Shield of checks with Warrens. can we trace this to Varesse upon the Ticino watershed? Varesse is near Lugano while the Lugano Coat shares the same-colored fesse as Weirs/Vere's (Roxburghshire again), and the Verres/VERRAT surname shares the stars that Weirs/Vere's put on that fesse. Verres'/Verrats (looks someone connectable to the Vares/Bar Coat) have a write-up looking like it's of the Veyr variation of Vairs/Veirs'.

Just realized. French Loge's were first found in Burgundy with Vairs/Veirs', suggesting that Lugano was named by Loge loners. The Scottish Olivers share the heart with Logans, by the way (I almost missed it). As Vere's love the Neils/Nihills in their motto, note that Neil-branch Nails/Nagle's share the Loge saltire while the Logan heart is pierced with nails. I trace Nagle's to Ligurians at Oneglia. Oneglia was home to Arduinici, whose other branch was at Ivrea, near Lugano and Varesse.

As the Colums and Malcolms/Columns/Callams share the Nail/Nagle saltire in both colors while using an "ardua" motto term, it speaks for itself. Malcolms love the Petits, first found in Burgundy with Loge's. Pelosi's use columns, and were first found near Nizza Monferrato while Oneglia is near Nice/Nizza. Oneglia was previously, IMPERia, likely home of the Imperi priests of the Boofima human-sacrifice cult. These priests used leopard gloves in their sacrifices while Nizza-liner Dionysus had a leopard symbol. Therefore, Boofima was from the Galli priesthood.

I feel pressed to link proto-Boofima to the human-sacrifice cult of Moloch/MOLECH, suspect with "AMALEK," for while this line is expected to Mal terms such as Melia and MELEAGer, "MALcolm" comes to mind. MALpas' share the colors and format of Childs, who traced uniquely to the Achelous, with "Clovis," earlier in this update. Moloch had a bull symbol, and Zeus was in particular a white bull out of Tyre (had the Hercules human-sacrifice cult that translated to Carthage), and Pelosi's use a white bull. The other Petits use a giant lion colors reversed from the same of English Loge's/Lodge's. This is as satanic as it gets. I don't know why God allowed these people to breathe.

The line of Oeneus was to mythical MELEager, king of Calydon, who may indicate the Amalekites suspect with Melia, mother of Argos, the city of the Danaan proper. When we trace these Danaan back to Tanais, we find it not far from the golden-fleece city of Kutaisi, where the Argo ship sailed. Why did the myth writer name it that? he made Jason the ship's principal character, and Jason (a MINyan) was descended from mythical Cretheus and Tyro (Tyrians in Crete's MINoans), who were part of mythical Sidon, and then Sidonians had owned Laish. Jason's family links easily to the Kabeiri cult of Attis and Cybele, which cult was operated by the Galli, the chief of which was Dionysus, from the IRANian city of Nuzi. The Galli-like Alans of Alania (Caucasia) were also Irons. Ancient Iranians are suspect with the urine-liner, Uranus, and it's urine-liner Orion (or his father) that was at Schimatari.

The lodged stag is used by Haslips (same place as Keppocks), a branch of Hazels. The latter are suspect with the three oak leaves of Alans, which are shown as hazel leaves with Hazelwoods and Hazeltons (same place as Keeps). Hazels share three crescents on a fesse with Craigs but in the three colors of the three lozenges on a fesse of Nagle's, and in the two colors of the three leaves of Crags (Carrick dog). The Hazel crescents are even those of Craigie's. Do the math, and trace Boofima kin to the Drago river at Agrigento. That river was also the Hypsas while Hips'/Hipkins are suspect with the Shield of squirrel-loving Decks, and you can see the Squirrels in the Hazel Crest as: "A squirrel CRACKing a nut." It's code for Acragas > Craig > Carrick liners. Recall that the Hypsas river is suspect with the Hypanis river near the Kepke-like location, for Keeps use a SQUARE.

I have found the peninsula, Taman, where that Kepke-like location sits. It sounds like the Teman tribe in Edom, from Teman, son of Timna and brother of Amalek. "By the late 980s [Taman] came largely into the possession of the Kievan Rus..." The blonde Budini were south of Keep-like Kiev. Ask whether Hazels were from people groups named after Azov such as the Assi. The Hermon Chief has roses in the colors of the Hazel crescents, and HermonASSA is in Taman.

I've refound the sphinx that reminded me of Miss Peare in the Phanagoria article. The Assi named Asia Minor, and then while Peare's share the Tiens chevron-with-stars, and while Square's/Squirrels love Teins', "Phanagoria was founded ca. 543 BC by the TEIAN colonists who had to flee ASIA Minor". The Squirrels use "Tiens ferme" while AZZO of Fermo was the founder of Este.

Repeat: "However, I also traced the Anchors/Annackers to the Arms of Agrigento, and the Arms of Temyruk use an anchor." Yes, and the Tiens Chief is a colors-reversed version of the Anchor Chief. The Annacker variation of Anchors is suspect with "Annas," and while Annas' share the stars of Angus', Angusta was on a tributary of the Siret while Squirrel-branch Sire's are also Sirets. Sire's are still suspect with Seir...of Edom, location of Teman. For all I yet know, Teman is in the Seir part of Edom. With Esau's bloodline tracing to Taman, let's keep in mind that God hated Esau, while Caucasia was home to Gog.

I have found the Kepke-like location of Kepoi a couple of miles east of Phanagoria. Likely, the latter was named after Pan / Panias, because mount Hermon covered Panias. Did Pan liners name the HyPANis? Pan was the goat son of Hermes, ultimately an Armenian god, and Boofima sacrificed goats, which is how we can know that it developed into the Templar god, BAPHomet. The Laish location was suspect with the Lazi Caucasians that lived at least in the Armenian border. The Lazona location of the Lazi is suspect with the Lasonii near or at Miletus, and while the latter named the Milesians, Kepoi "was established by the Milesians in the 6th century BC." Lasonii are suspect with the naming of Lydia, which was itself on the Hermus river (of Hermes). Hermes of Arcadia helped to get the mythical Lydian king, Pelops, established at Pisa, location of the Peneus and Ladon rivers. This Ladon dragon (100 heads) could have been the Lotan dragon of Syria (had seven heads, as does the Revelation dragon), especially as Lotan was the true-life brother of Timna.

Kepke lived beside Mr. Young, and Youngs love Jeune's.

As the Sion summit of mount Hermon is to trace to Sion/Sitten, is it a coincidence that Phans/FanSHAWs, in Shaw colors and format, share a green dragon in Crest with Seatons/Sittens? As Phans/Fanshaws were first found in Derbyshire with Hypanis-possible Hoptons (share the roses of Jeune-loving Youngs). The Phans/Fanshaws share the Jeune / June fleur while the latter two were first found in Cambridgeshire with the English Capone's (Young lion) that in-turn use the colors and format of Hopkins (same place as Peare's and Tiens'). The Hopkins are in the format of, but with colors reversed, of Phans/Fanshaws. Hopkins love the Pistols that should be using the chevron of Quints, the latter first found in Essex with Youngs. Hoppers share the Hill tower, and we saw Hills (same place as Squirrels) tracing to Agrigento with the Gells/Gills (share the Capone stars) that happen to be from a Hopton location (Derbyshire).

Remember, the Tiens'/Teans (stars colors reversed from the Capone / Gell/Gill stars), beloved by Squirrels, can be from Teano, near Capua, where Capone's lived. And the Craigie's were at a Caputh location. Meschins (are said to be from "Capite in Shropshire," and Shropshire (beside Derbyshire) is where Hoptons (share gold fitchee with Quints) were first found. Capote's can apply here. Meschin's use scallops for their trace to mythical Scylla, in the Messina part of Sicily, and from there proto-Meschins (Massena's, right) were able to contact the nearby city of Gela, which founded Agrigento, the line to Craigie's. In myth, mythical Aeneas (Trojan, as with Capys), son of Aphrodite, and his wife (Creusa) were at Agrigento while entertaining Tyrians at Carthage. "Aeneas" may have been an Oeneus version. "Aeneus" with a 'u' was the symbol of Aenus, to the near north of Lemnos and Samothrace. Creusa elements are suspect in the "cruce" motto term of Gela-suspect Gullys/Gollys (share the Julian cross), first found in Oxfordshire with Tiens'.

I can now repeat that Mr. Kepke / Keppocks were traced to "Syphax" of the Numidians, who married Sophonisba, daughter of Hasdrubal. I then traced Hazel liners to "HASdrubal." But I don't think I have ever traced Hazels, as I just have, to the Kepoi theater. Hasdrubal's Carthaginians were human-sacrificers, right? Syphax was suspect with Spice's, who once again use the colors and format of Hopkins. The sphinx-suspect Spinks might be a Syphax line too. I can tell you this, that Hips' use the sphinx while Spinks share the black dog of Carricks and Crags, perfect evidence for a trace from Acragas' Hypsas river.

Who else uses the colors and format of Hopkin-beloved Pistols? The Scarborough's (Yorkshire, same as Keppocks) and the near-same Coat of Hibens/Hobens/Hobbis'. The latter were looked up as per seeking surnames from the KUBAN river near Kepoi. It can indicate that Hopkins were Kuban liners, or that Kepoi was of the same entity. Kepke, Peare and myself worked at Scarborough TOWN Center. The Town bloodline will soon become a topic here.

Let's go back to the Teian founders of Phanagoria. Who were the Teians? "Teos or Teo was an ancient Greek city on the coast of Ionia, on a peninsula between Chytrium and Myonnesus. It was founded by Minyans from Orchomenus, Ionians and Boeotians...Its ruins are located to the south of the modern town Sigacik in the Seferihisar district of Izmir Province, Turkey." That's the peoples on-board Jason's Argo ship. This ship stopped at Lemnos to mate with its Amazons, and that was the island of Aphrodite's husband (HephAEStus) while Phanagoria loved Aphrodite. Jason's father, AESion, suspect with the Assi, was a version of "Iasion," founder of the Kabeiri, a secret society on Lemnos and at Boeotia's Thebes. The Cadmus Tyrians, right? Yes. Seferihisar is in the land once populated by the Lydian Amazons. Off the Seferihisar coast is Samos, which named SamoThrace, where Iasion (and his brother, Dardanus) was placed by myth writers.

Suddenly, we can ask whether the Kepoi location at Phanagoria, or Keeps, beloved of Hebrons/HEPburns, were related to the entity that named HEPHaestus. Lemnos and Samothrace are near the mouth of the HEBRos, suspect from Israel's Hebron. So, were Keeps ultimately a branch of a people group in Hebron? Reminder: Keeps use a galley ship while Hephaestus was the leader of the Kabeiri that had Galli priests.

I am now reminded that Helen, my tenant and girlfriend for a while, called Paul SMITH "ugly." I am sure that this was God speaking through her because Hephaestus, a metal SMITH, had an ugly symbol (his mother, a goddess of Samos, threw him away to Lemnos because he was so ugly). Helen was found to be code for mythical Helen of Troy, from the Hellespont (beside Troy). Lemnos is off the Hellespont coast. Smiths use the heron as evidence of their trace to Orion-line Boeotians. The Helen surname is said to be from CREDY-Helion, and Jason's grandfather was CRETHeus, code for Cretans.

She was my tenant, and so the Tenants were investigated. They use a ship's mast and sail while Sails/Sale's (same fleur as June's) can be from ancient Sale, near the mouth of the Hebros. Sails/Sale's share the Coat (almost) of Helions/Helms while Helens are from Brittany's Hillion. Did God arrange for Helen to be my tenant because her name is Helen? Looks like.

Craigie's had a branch in Linlithgow, where Tenants were first found, and then Aenus is at the mouth of the Hebros too while suspect with Aeneas at Agrigento. On top, the Tenants and their Town branch look like Craig kin. Both Town surnames use a chevron colors reversed from the Smith chevron. Tenants are looking like Teans from Teos, the land of the Jasonites. The Teos article calls its people, Teans. In this overall picture, the Teos entity can be to the Tiens'/Teans/Thames', the latter traceable to Themiscyra near Mazaca.

The Towns are interesting for using the Julian / Gully cross in colors reversed, for Julius Caesar is suspect as the father of one Junia Caepionis. I am very desirous of finding where Junia Caepionis traces in the Galatian / Cappadocian / Cetis theater, and suddenly Helen might have the clues. Could Tenants and Towns be a branch of Tiens'/Teans (same place as Gullys)?

Helens use the horse, the Trojan symbol, and Troys use griffins in the colors of the Mast/Master griffins. The other Troys share the unicorn with RasMUSSENs, whose ASSman variation looks like "AKMONia." Having said that, I'll repeat that, before Helen became my girlfriend, while a tenant, I asked if she would like to come help choose the color of my new SAFARi van. She refused, drats. But I'm now looking at SEFERIhisar. Isn't that amazing? That's the land of the Jasonites, the Aesonites, the Ixionites, and Ixion was father of the horse-loving Centaurs. I read that Minyan would bury horse heads in their graves. The people group intended by CENTaur are suspect with the Cantii of horse-depicted Kent, where Helles' were first found along with Masts/Masters.

The Heneti are suspect as the Centaurs, and they became the Veneti, a branch of which was in Brittany, where Helens were first found. The Veneti named Vannes, like my Safari VAN. Yet the Vannes surname is listed with Ness'/Nessans while I got the van to replace the Nissan (which was sold to Paul Smith). It looks like God chose the Safari for me as well as the Nissan. I now drive a Keep-like Jeep, and Nissans use a bend in colors reversed from the Keep bend.

I recall finding evidence for tracing Hephaestus to Jebusites at Jerusalem, and the location of Jabesh in the land of Og. The Teans were between Athens and Boeotia, where mythical Ogyges was a monster, suspect with (not being flippant) the Biblical king Og. This is interesting where Tiens' were first found in Og-like Oxford. The Arms of Oxford uses an elephant, which I see as code for Eliphas, son of Esau that married Timna, she suspect with Taman. Timnah was a location in Israel where SAMSon (proto-Hercules Danaan) got his wife, and his line is expected to Samos, where the Jasonites were, though only after they were out of the Hercules cult of Tyre. Samos was the island of Hera, mother of HEPHaestus, and of HEBE, wife of Hercules. To the Greeks, "Jerusalem" was HIEROsolyma," wherefore Hebe could have been Jebe to the Israelites. Og's Rephaites were at Jerusalem's Rephaite valley. As Og was a giant, he may have been named after the ox by Aryan speakers in Israel.

In the past, the Safari brought SEVERus Bassus of Akmonia to mind, whom I can now trace to both Base's and Ments. Helen was a tenant in my BASEMENT. Again, Ments along with Mynetts and Hamonds trace to Amyntes, who conquered Derbe (Asia Minor), the line to Derbyshire, location of Hopton, home of the Gells/Gills (Capone stars), suspect with the Gela founders of Agrigento, where Creusa was that was likely a line to the "cruce" motto term of Gullys/Gollys. Cruise's (Gully/Golly chevron?) use a red version of the Capone Coat. Mynetts and Hamonds were first found in Kent with Masts/Masters i.e. in the Tenant Crest.

Junia Caepio (father was a LIVIus surname) is therefore suspect in the family of Amyntes, the grandfather or great-grandfather of Severus Bassus. Therefore, I/we should look for her around Seferihisar, which was the ancient Smyrna, an Amazon city. "Smyrna" can be a cross between Samos and Myrina of Lemnos. I trace the metal "smith" to "Samos." I sold the Nissan to Paul Smith because he lost his red Jeep, the color of my Jeep some 25 years later. It could seem that God is trying to make a point with "Jeep."

While Chepmans/Chapmans were first found in the same place as Capone's, Julians, June's and Jeune's, Cheps are JEEPma's too. The latter share a double-headed, black eagle with Kubans, and Kubans happen to share a single pile with eagle-liner Hagels so that the Kuban river can now start to trace to the Achelous river. One Hobbs Coat uses a black eagle in both colors of the Jeepma eagle. The other Hobbs share the heron with Smiths. Don't under-estimate the importance of the heron, expected from Orion the mythical hunter. Hobens/Hobbins/Hobiss' were first found in HUNTINGdonshire. In this urine line, it's probably only funny that Hopkin-beloved PIStols look like "piss," but as one piddles when urinating, is it still funny that Piddle's share the three lozenges of Hunt-like Hounds, the latter first found in Cambridgeshire with Chapmans? Scottish Hunters use a greyHOUND, and English Hunters were first found in Shropshire with Hoptons.

The "ponder" motto term of Chapmans traces with black-boar Ponders to Brittany's Pontivy, to the near north of Vannes and to the near-south of St. Brieuc, where Helens of Hellion are said to have been. Right beside St. Brieux is QUINTin. Brieux is in Cotes-du-Nord, where Motts/Mottins were first found who use a giant crescent in colors reversed from the two of Tenants.

Tiens' use mascles colors reversed from the same of Quince's, the latter first found in Northampton with Spinks (more mascles). Spinks are beloved by the Hips' that I see sharing the Deck/Dagger Coat, and that surname's Squirrel kin love the Tiens'. Moreover, English Daggers have an Acre branch that use share the June fleur. Quince-liner Quintus Caepio may have been related to Mazaca, the CAPPadocian capital.

Recall that Jason's ancestry is in Cretheus and Tyro, and traceable via Cadmus to mount Hermon, for the SION summit there is suspect with mythical IaSION, who was probably used as IXION by another writer, for Ixion was of THESSaly, the homeland of Jason's family. Gullys share the chevron of TESS', hmm. Tiens' were first found in the same place as Gullys, the latter using a "sine" motto term probably for Sine's/Sions. I trace the line of Side's to Sion's Sitten version, and so watch this.

God started acts in my life before I was 12 years old. At that age, he performed a couple of events while I was playing organized hockey in my first year. After causing me to get the winning goal in the semi-final game, we went to the final match, with my friend, Jim McGee, in the other team's net. I don't remember anything in that game but the first goal, while I got. I've told this story several times, and have often said that I SAILED the puck over McGee's pad on a backhand from a perfect pass from Steve Tarr. The latter was in the CORNER of the boards.

I didn't, of course, have the mast and sail of Tenants in mind when saying that the puck sailed over his knee. But here I can add that the Tenant-Chief boar head is that of both McGee's and Judds/Juggs, the latter from Cotes-du-Nord, where Helens were first found. Laus' use a "JUG of wine," by the way.

Before having the above in mind to tell, I was wondering whether the "vela" motto term of Tenants was for Gela / Gully liners, for I knew off-hand that Velis' share the Gully / Julian cross. I loaded "Vel" to find a Spanish surname with "four torches on blue CORNERs." The Vels share the black eagle with Velis', and with the Arms of Guillestre, where I trace Julian liners. Guillestre is on the Durance river near Brigantium, and then the Brigantians of Britain had a SETANti tribe suspect with Sitten, where the "sine" motto term of Gullys traces. Plus, the Side's use the Velis eagles in both colors. Side's use the tiger (faces backward, rare) while Teague's/TEEGERs (from Tigranes VI Maccabee) share the Julian / Gully cross.

Plus, while no Torch surname comes up, the Turks use a "vel" motto term, and were first found in Dumfries with McGee's. It's all pretty amazing, more so because the Gullys are said to descend from Hugh Golie. Jim McGee was the goalie. That same year, I was surprised to see little Kepke as another goalie on another opposing team. He had not yet become my friend, but would the following summer. Turks share the green hunting horn with red stripes and red strings with Hunters.

The Turks ("flaming mount") above were first found in "Muchrum," which I assume is the Mochrum (near Wigton) of the Dunbar write-up. Mochrum looks like it's of variations of the Mochs, and it just so happens that French Mochs use the sword design of, and in the same colors, of CORNERs (in the "blue corners" of Vela's). Dunbar-suspect Duns use this sword design. I can see why God would want me to know the Mochs, for the Scottish branch uses a SCIMitar as well as sharing the Schim/Shand Chief. It was near the first time that I told about Steve TARR in the corner than I suggested the scimiTAR for his surname. Is that not amazing? But it would not have been found had I not written this update, as it led to the "vela" motto term of Tenants, which I don't recall ever investigating before.

Is this God telling us that the Schimatari Boeotians were at the Teos / Tean entity (where Wikipedia says Boeotians were), and that Tenants trace to Teans? Looks like, yes. Helen never suspected. God wants to tell us about Shechemites, and has wanted to ever since I urinated on the head of little Pino, when we were both four or five years old. It was code for the urine line of Uranus to the Orion Boeotians at Schimatari. Uranus was grandfather to Zeus, and he gave birth to the Perseus Danaans with a "golden shower." We get it. It's the Shechemites at Dan/Laish. Uranus was the urine line as play on the rain (piss) of the sky god. It looks like "urine" was a term after "URANus." I was at the home of the Taffs, and the Taff cousin I spoke of earlier in this update, who linked hard to Daphne at Pisa, is Teresa, while Terres' are listed with Tarrs. Taffs love the Mea's who share the McGee and Jugg boar head, can you believe it? Mea's were of the namers of the Meu river that flows out of Cotes-du-Nord i.e. location of Jugon. Rance is in Cotes-du-Nord while Rance's/Rands use another white boar head.

The Dinah location in Cotes-du-Nord might just have been named affectionately by Levite liners after Dinah, the Biblical Levi's sister. The Dine's/Diens are a branch of Deins/Deans that in-turn use a giant lion in colors reversed from the same of Rance's/Rands. Diens and Deins were both first found in Sussex with Dans and Scottish Deans, and the latter use "vel" twice!!! Scottish Deans even share the moline (same colors) of Segni's/Segurana's in the Taff motto! The Fessys that love the Segni's in their motto share the Taff / Mea cross. Irish Deans may be using the Moch sword, can we believe this? I peeing my pants, someone get me a jug. Dinah was the full sister of Judd-like JUDAH, son of Jugg-like JACob.

It appears as though people who thought they descended from these Biblical peoples were in Cotes-du-Nord. I've read that the current British royals (partly from Alans of Dol, beside Cotes-du-Nord) claim to descend from Judah. Laus' use a "jug of wine," by the way, did I stress that? Wine's use EAGLE's, and the mythical wine man, Oeneus of the Achelous area, is suspect from "Jonathan" the Levite of Laus-like Laish. He was the satanic priest of the brutal, vagabond Danites who renamed Laish, Dan.

The Wine eagles are in the colors of the same of Lotan-like Lutons. One Mr. Luyton in the Luton write-up was a rector at an ELPHIN church while Lotan's sister (Timna) married ELIPHas, father of Teman and Amalek. Unbelievably, while I've traced Time's/Timms solidly to Timna, Amalek's mother, the church of St. Elphin is in Warrington (Lancashire) while Warringtons use a version of the Time/Timm Coat! Zowie. To trace Time's/Timms (goat head, same place as Massins/Masons) to Timna, I used the mermaid of Massins/Masons (same lion as Warringtons) in a trace to the same of Morays, while the alternative Moray Coat once showing had a "DEUM TIME" motto suspect with "EDOM. Massins/Masons use "Dum" in their motto. That trace to Timna is now clinched with the Luton-Warrington-Time addition to the evidence.

It looks like Jesus set me up in the home of the Taffs to make this Daphne-line link to Dan/Laish liners in Sussex. If you don't quite believe it, check the Pino's to see that they use the crescents of Deins/Deans and Italian Deans! Amazing.

Irish Deans (Galway, "CROCodile statant") use the Ness/Nice fesses as well as a "nihil" motto term for Neils/Nihills for a trace with Nagle's to Oneglia, which can explain why Scottish Deans love what looks like the ArduiNICi. Fessys were from Fieschi (probably the Feschs) of Genova, where Doria's (giant EAGLE!) were first found who married the Arduinici of Oneglia. Genova is also where Segni's were first found that share the Este eagle for a trace to the Achelous, home of the Taphians. Very Impressive work, Jesus. Nagle's/Nails (a saltire in the colors of the Segni / Dean cross) are expected in the Logan nails for their trace to Ligurian-suspect Lugano, which is near Varesse while Vares'/Bars share the Segni eagle!!! Bingo bango.

The Dean crocDILE can be code for Dile's (Warwickshire, same as Pere's/Peirs) because they share the giant Dean lion, and for Dillons because they share the crescents of the same Deans.

The Scottish-Moch description: "A hand grasPING a scimitar proper". Recall how Kepke's ping-pong table connects well to Pings/Pungs, beloved of the Rome's/Rooms/RUMs of Dumfries, where Turks were first found, though they were in particular from MochRUM. Rome's/Rums happen to share the fesse of Scottish Mochs, and both use a red lion besides. Now compare Mochs with MOPPS'/Moberleys, for mythical MOPSus was also MUKSUS, from MOKISSOS on the Halys river. I'm entering Kepke in this paragraph because GRASping evokes KRASnodar at the Taman / Kepoi theater. Just wondering whether Grazio / Crispin / Grasse liners apply. Grazio's use Paine colors while Pings are Paine liners round-about.

It appears that Shechem liners were merged with a proto-Tarr line in naming Schimatari. DARdanus comes to mind as a Dar-Dan combo. Or what about "IshTAR." What was she named after? I suggest the Zeus Taurus, the Tyrians. "Shechem and its surrounding lands were given as a Levitical city to the Kohathites." Kohath was a son of Levi. It's interesting that Simson-like Simeon was Levi's full brother. Tarrs were first found beside the Dardanian-liner Darts/Tards.

Dana Perino

The Pero/Perino and Perrin surnames have been helpful (see last update) for discovery of lines from the Laevi on the Ticino. As I trace these to the pagan-Levite cult of the Biblical Jonathan, who became the priest of the 600 "Danites" of Dan, did God name the first name of Dana Perino? What else did God intend if he did name her?

She's been with The Five at Fox for years, and Samson, a "Danite" himself, was given a fox symbol. Samson didn't really catch 300 foxes, for they don't live in packs. God would not have a man catch 300 foxes. Where would he keep them? How would he feed them? Why would he catch that many? Plus, the Samson account as 30 pieces of clothes, 300 foxes, and 3,000 men of Judah. It looks symbolism, and it looks like a false man of God (a Levite?) fabricated a myth in the style of the Greek myths, begging whether Greek mythology had its roots in the Levite line out of Dan/Laish. It bothers me some that mythology has made it to the pages of what we call the Bible, but I don't throw out the entire Bible because of this. Usually, mythology is easy to spot. Killing a thousand Philistines with the jaw bone of a donkey looks like mythology too, and the donkey symbol here is suspect with the donkey god (Tartak) of the Avites, who lived amongst Philistines.

With Samson living at Timnah, it's probably correct that Edomites of Seir were in that area, for Esau's son married Timna, a woman from the Horite people of Seir. DioNYSUS was named from the Horite city of Nuzi over in western Iran, by the Zagros mountains, explaining why Dionysus was also called, Zagreus. As mythical Cadmus' ancestor, Phoenix, can be traced to Panias, right beside Dan, it stands to reason that the proto-Dionysus cult was part of the Cadmus Tyrians, for Dionysus was made a grandson of Cadmus. Dionysus' mother, SeMELE, may have been play on mount CarMELE, to the near-south of Tyre and beside NAZareth, where I see Nuzi's people as proto-Dionysus.

I perhaps can't recall how to spell it, Sephorus, I think, an ancient city beside Nazareth, that's suspect with Sepharvites, like the Seferihisar area above. In 2 Kings 31:17, the Avvites are lumped together with Avites. In Genesis, the Hebrew sons of Joktan are said to be on the edge of Sephar, and HADORam, a son of Joktan, probably reflects ADRAMmolech, a Sepharvite god, for that reason. MOLECH was a god himself, of human sacrifice, and his name is suspect with AMALEK, a son of Timna above. The God of Israel was disgusted with Amalekites. The Zeus Taurus, in Crete, and from the Tyrian sister of Cadmus, was raised by AMALthea, a bee-honey goddess, suggesting that Amalekites had a honey symbol. This traces very well to Melia, the honey goddess of Boeotia, for Cadmus' Tyrians settled Thebes in Boeotia by following a bull there. This white bull of Zeus was partner with the white cow, Io, goddess of Argos, home of Danaan, and it just so happens that the god of Argos, Inachus, married Melia above. We get it.

In myth, the Danaan, Perseus, who smacks of an Iranian entity, was at Joppa, in Israel not very far from Carmel. One myth writer placed him into a crate and floated him out to sea, reminiscent of Moses floated down a river. It could be that the Perseus Danaan, who were claimed by myth writers as founders of Mycenae at Argos, were from Jonathan's "Danites," for Jonathan was a Levite priest, and probably descended from Moses. While Jonathan may not have respected Moses, his son or other descendant may have, and this can explain the imagery of Perseus floated out to sea. I expect the pagan Levites after Jonathan to have been with some of those if the rebellion of Korah, and this name may have [persisted as a tribe until it named Chora on PatMOS, a term that I see with "CadMUS," from Mus of Lake Van. Joktanites were also on the edge of Mesha, which may have been a Mus element.

Lake Van is in Armenia, and CADmus was obviously code for the Cadusii Armenians as depicted by the caduceus rod of HERMES (probably named mount Hermon at the Dan/Laish theater). Cadmus' wife was made HARMONia, code for Armenians, and a myth writer depicted Cadmus and Harmonia as two snakes, the symbol of the caduceus. ASClepios, highly suspect with Skala on Patmos, was given the caduceus as a symbol too, but with one snake. "AscLEPIOS" looks like part-code for Skala, and part-code for "Lapith," for Chora-like Coronis, mother of Asclepios, was a Lapith.

Dana Perino was the press secretary for George Bush Jr., and Bush's are from Busca, while Italian Dana's are listed with the Donnus'/Dance's, first found in Piedmont, the location of Busca and of Novara, the latter being one major home of the Laevi. By what coincidence do Dana's/Donnas' use four pale bars in the colors of the one of Pero's/Perino's? I have been entertaining and proving as best I can that Laish's Levites trace to the Laevi at Novara. The Novara-like Nevers surname even uses a form of the Elis Coat while Laish traces to the Ladon river at Elis. This area had the Peneus river from "Panias." Panias was likely the proto-Pan of Greek myth, the son of Hermes, and, in Greece, Hermes was given a birthplace in Arcadia, near both the Ladon and Peneus rivers. Pan was depicted as a Satyr probably because Panias elements were with the Satrae Thracians, who lived between the Strymon and NEStus rivers. As I can trace the heraldic goat in the lower half of the Fire unicorn to the STURA river, it appears that the Stura was named after STRymon elements, and that river itself appears to be fairly synonymous with "SATRae." So, if Panias elements trace to the Stura river passing near Busca, so can the Levites out of Laish and through the Peneus / Ladon rivers.

One night, God told me to check the Don and Donna surnames as per Donna LEASE Brazile, when her surname was becoming suspect with Bra of Piedmont. I didn't yet know that Donna's were listed with Donnas'/Dance's, but that's what was found in the morning. Dons use omen-like "Omnia" and "dona," and the omen I had while driving the Nissan near Donna's place of birth (and her childhood?) is in the Lease Coat. Lease's are suspect with Levites from Laish. This is suggesting that Laevi were in cahoots with king Donnus, or that he may have been a Laevi liner from birth. I am ready to believe that Donnus' line was at least merged with the Pero/Perino bloodline that contacted Bra elements too. While Bosco's are in the write-up of Rose's, the Pierro's/Pero's, first found on the Ticino, use roses.

Pierro's/Pero's were first found at Pavia while Pavers share the checks of both Louviere's (share the wolf with German Flemings) and Irish FLEMINGs. The Pero's/Perino's use "FLAMING stars." The Pero's can thus be linked to Percivals (same place as Ladons/Ladds and Piers/Pierce's), the line to Leavells, from LUPUS Laevillus.

It's Bust-interesting that Novara is near Busta Arsizio. One Bust Coat appears to use a bust of a naked woman, and the Elis Crest has a "naked woman." I trace Bush liners to Bozrah, the Edomite capital and home of Timna.

Busts/Boasts, in Bush colors and looking linkable to Cheneys, give me the impression of using the Sales' bend for a trace to the Busca-area Saluzzo. The SINKs use dolphins, a symbol traceable to Daphne, smack beside ancient Dan, on a bend in all there colors of the Sales bend-with-LYS. Dan/Laish liners go to the Lise/LYS surname. The Sinks were looked up because Busts put CINQUEfoils (= FIVEfoils) on their bend. And while "five" is suspect with Quintus Caepio, father of the Caepionis surname, Sinks were first found in Cambridgeshire with Capone's.

In this picture, the Nevers/Neve's, because they share the Sales fleur, can be entertained as Novara liners. I'm reminded of God's Sign with the Nissan, the NEWSpaper and the coffee in Victoria. As Coffee's/Coffers (CUPs) are suspect with Caepio liners while tracing to Taranto, let's add that while the Navy Crest can be sharing to winged horse of Motels (Taranto), Navys were first found in Angus with Nevers/neve's, beside the WINGs/Winks of Perthshire. The Wings/Winks can be of Vinchio, near a Molina location while we will bump into NUOVO Moline shortly, in the Ticino theater. So, because God is most-interested in revealing Laevi liners, the NEWSpaper, or the News/Newes surname (CHAPlets), sharing a red perchevron in Crest with Chapmans (Cambridgeshire), could be a Novara line. The Newes-like Neves' use wolves for potentially the line of Lupus Laevillus.

The Boasts/Busts are in the motto of Nimo's, first found in Stirlingshire with Scottish Chappes'. Busca and Saluzzo are near the STURA river while Stirlings are also STURlings. And the Stirlings use three items on a bend all in the three colors of the Boast/Bust and Cheney items on a bend. The Stirling Crest must be the Moor head in the Coat of French Chappes', the latter first found in the same place as Levi's and Lise's/Lys'. Dana Perino has led us to all of this already.

The Cheneys (suspect with "Cuneo," location of Busca), use the martlets of French Josephs in colors reversed, while Dana's/Donnus' are expected as kin to Wessels/Waistells (part of the Pero/Perino entity), and moreover English George's (Dorset, same as Quints) share blue-on-white doves with Waistells/Wessels (suspect with "Vestalis," grandson of king Donnus). These same Waistells share the garbs of English Josephs. It appears that God arranged to name GEORGE Bush's first name for this revelation.

The Nimo motto includes "show," and Shows are also Schaws/SCHORs, and German Schors look like they love the Bosco pillar and the Rose's that have Bosco's in their write-up. Rose's lived in Nairnshire, to the near north of the first-known Nimo's. Nimo's are suspect with Numidians, and the Shawia Numidians are expected in the Shows/Schaws. It appears that Shawia merged with Bosco liners, and either merged with Schors or became them. German Schors (column in Drummond colors) were first found in Hamburg with Drummonds (and Nissans) while Scottish Drummonds, first found beside STIRlingshire, she the three STUR fesses, and moreover they have a Drymen location at Stirlingshire. The Stur / Drummond fesses are in Alan-fesse colors while there is an Allan river through Stirlingshire. Stur liners look like they may have become some of the Stout variations.

The three Stout/Stow fesses are in half the colors of the three of German Drummonds, and as these are in the colors of the Darlene (expected from the Drin) fesse while the latter share fitchees with Stouts/Stows, Drummonds may hereby be recognized as Drin-river liners. I trace the Krume location of the Drin to Krume's, first found in Hamburg and sharing a white crescent (thing Pinnes liners to Pine's) with Shows/Schors but in both colors of the Drummonds. Stouts/Stows were raven vikings, and Krome's (partially in Bohemia, as with column-using Franks) show a "black bird" that is usually used for the raven. Crome's/Crone's share the fleur-de-lys of Lise's/Lys', from Lissus at the mouth of the Drin.

A little downstream from Krume, there is a Has location that I trace to Hazels (more crescents), who use a fesse colors reversed from the DARlene fesse. The "dar" portion of "Darlene" is suspect with "Drin," and the Sheriffs, with the same fesse as Darlene's, use a "viDERi" motto term. Sheriff (roses) are like the Scherff surname that I think was the birth surname of the senior president Bush. The Hazel branch of Islips/Haslips share the Maxwell stag with holly, yet Maxwells use a "holly BUSH." There was Maxwell-ROS surname sharing the water bouget with the Nairnshire Rose's, and while Dere's are also Res', Dero's, using the two-head and black Maxwell eagle, are also de Rosa's. Hazels (squirrel, traces to Laevi kin) use LEAVES as code for Laevi, but call them "hazel SLIPS" as code for Islips. The latter use a "lodged stag" while Lodge's are also Loge's while the Ticino has its source along a lake at LUGano. You just saw Levi elements tracing to the Ticino again.

Logans (near AuchinLECH) are Lennans too while Irish Lennans could be / should be using an upright version of the Islip stag. Lugano was anciently, Luano, but also Lowans and Laius. It could appear that the Drin-river peoples from lake LYCHNidus named Logan, and that they were merged with Lissus liners to their Laius version. In Lugano, the Moline Nuovo location now looks linkable to the moline cross of Chives' and Mathis', both from the area of Lissus near the mouth of the Mathis. "Nuovo" may not be a play on "new", but on Novara, a Laevi location. Or, Novara liners named Moline Nuovo. The last update found Castelletto Molina at Nizza Monferrato, and while the Ligurian center of Nice is Nizza to Italians, here we find a "STIRpe hiberNICO" motto phrase with Lennans (Galway, same as Teague's).

There is a Luan/Lowan surname (branch of Lambs) that looks to apply to Lugano. While Krome's were first found in both Bohemia and perhaps the LUSatia area, Bohemia is where Germo-Jewish Lowens/Lebe's were first found smacking of Levi liners. Mieszko Lambert was at least associated with Bohemia, and I've read that the father of the Drummonds, George, married a woman in Bohemia's Podebrady. The George's who share the blue doves of Waistells/Wessells may be using a fesse colors reversed from the Drummond fesse for a related reason. German Wessels use an antler colors reversed from red.

Lusatia's Spree-NEISSE (SCORpion) can apply to Nizza Monferrato. While Nizza Monferrato is in ASTi province, "ASTutia" is a motto term of Neiss'/Ness' ("ANIMO") who share "non" with Scottish Lambs (Lambert colors) while Nons are also NEVins, possible Novara liners. NIMO's were first found in the Area of Scottish Drummonds. The Shawia-suspect Chives' use "non."

Neiss'/Ness' (Perthshire, same as Drummonds) share roughly the Coat of French Lamberts. With Lambs suspect with Mieszko II Lambert out of Goplo (of Gallus / Landen elements), the Lowen lion can be that of Gallus'/Gallego's (see "Gallus" last update), highly suspect with a version of the Mosca leopard. Mieszko Lambert was related to Casimir of Poland (married Veringer-like Varangians of Kiev), and while his mother was of Lusatia, Casimirs share the red antler (sinister direction) with the Arms of Spree-Neisse as well as the Veringers (probably of the Stout vikings), kin of Zahringers. The latter are suspect with the naming of the Serio river not far from the Ticino, and this river flows to Krume- / Crome-like Crema, near Cremona. Crome's/Crone's share the fleur of Palms suspect in the "Palma" motto term of Lambs (same fesse as Palmers/Parmers). Luans/Lowans are said to be been at least associated with CROMwell's followers. Croms/Crums use quatrefoils in the colors of the Lamb cinquefoils, as well as sharing the stars of Serio-suspect Seers (Bacon Shield?). Cramers use another "non" motto term, and the "CUSTodet" motto term of Cramers (see Custs, Cush's and Casimir-like Cass') tends to assure that the red Cramer-Crest rooster on a green surface is the red one on a green CUSHion of Bibo's, suspect with the Vibius surname of Laevillus' mother.

French Lamberts have double chevrons in colors reversed from the same of Dexters, the latter being highly suspect with Casimir-like Cassander of Macedonia.

While one Neve/Neves surname was shown above with the Sales fleur on what looks like the Elis cross, the other Neve's use a trout while Trouts have a "naked man" in Crest while Elis' have a "naked woman" in Crest. The Trouts are TroutBACK and other such variations, suggesting the Bacau location along the Trotus river, land of ancient TRYPillians. Trips were first found in Hamburg with Drummonds and Krume's, but also with the NISSans that use a sinister bend in colors reversed from the sinister antler of Casimirs (= NEISS / Spree-Neisse elements). Bachau-suspect Bacons share the stars and cinquefoils of Lambs while Casimir was the son of Mieszko II Lambert.

Neiss' are said to be related to the term, Angus, but I suggest not. Instead, this recalls that ANGUSta was on or near the Trotus river. "Angustis" is a motto term of Cabbage's while Hazel-branch House's (same leaf design as hazels) use "cabbage LEAVES." As Neise's do share two white stars in Chief with Angus', it's feasible that Neiss liners developed Angus-like variations when merging with Angusta liners. Neisse's probably share the Innes stars closely, for Innus' are said to be Angus elements too.


For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God

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