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February 20 - 26, 2018

Still Finding More Indicators from the Galveston Mugging
Nizza Monferrato was at my Blind Spot; It's the Wine Line

For best results, take the time to load the Coats to see them for yourself. Load the first-Coat link (or open one here) I offer to get your own tab open, and open more if needed. To check a description in the Coat of Arms, type the surname at this page:

Imminently, they are going to increase cell-phone radiation by a few times. Get rid of your cell phone, and use a land line. It's doable. Wait until you get home to call your sweetie. Pick up your messages in the evening. What's the problem? Free yourself from your phones, and use the money on better things. Increased frequencies to these levels will not only increase brain-cancer victims, but allow the spies to spy on (and record) better all that you do. This is an insane policy. We should not live life knowing that everything we do and say is being recorded by other people. Corruption breeds, and demonism infests, right there at such a system.

If you would like to review the Kim-Dotcom offer of last year, there is an article out this week. The questions are: 1) Why doesn't Dotcom release his evidence proving that Seth Rich was the "hacker" of the DNC? 2) Why doesn't Trump bring out a red carper for Dotcom since the evidence blows the Guccifer / Russia-hacking out of Mueller's waters? Dotcom wants something in return for the evidence, but Trump can't accept it under those terms because it flies in the face of justice. After not hearing from Dotcom for several months, he put out this tweet this past week:

Let me assure you, the DNC hack wasn't even a hack. It was an insider with a memory stick. I know this because I know who did it and why. Special Counsel Mueller is not interested in my evidence. My lawyers wrote to him twice. He never replied. 360 pounds!

The Seth-Rich issue is not yet forever gone. If Dotcom can prove that Rich stole DNC documents, it makes the DNC suspect with his murder. If the Republicans care at all for that murder, they will find a way to talk to Dotcom.

Here's a hopeful piece of news this week on the congressional fight against FBI evasion:

This video below should make the American tax payer furious at Trump's raising military spending. Dope, give the money to committees instead, that investigate Middle-East corruption from the CIA, for the CIA is far more dangerous to Americans than ISIS. The Nunes team can't handle all the many scandals at this time. They need more money for more assistants and committees. But my making the shadow government richer, they will turn the money against Americans who want to see the demise of the CIA. Trump seems to be a CIA stooge and an imposter. The CIA is now elevating Russia as America's biggest threat, replacing ISIS. This is global destruction from the CIA. The purpose is to make Americans hate Russians, as the CIA hates Russians.

The shadow government needs to do something quick to take the peoples minds off of the congressional exposure coming down the pipes. It wouldn't surprise me if something very big was staged soon. Remember the faked nuclear button in Hawaii, which could have been a staged nuclear attack gone bad that needed to be canceled. It seems to me that the CIA wants to convince its presidential stooge that North Korea is a real threat, and ditto for Russia.

The White House recently released a threat to Russia for the most-disturbing cyber crime, dubbed, NotPetya, but there was no evidence presented for this accusation. It seems obviously to be an accusation from the CIA, what else? And the CIA presented evidence to Trump that Russia was involved. By, surely, Trump is wise to CIA tricks. We have heard from WikiLeaks (and maybe Snowden too) that the CIA conducts cyber crimes set up to appear as though Russia did them. Yet Trump permitted this late accusation to be released against Putin??? Is Trump a complete donkey? No such accusation should be released by something like the White House without evidence. It's cheap to the point of plastic. Are the American people to believe everything they hear, from the God-forsaken spies, without blinking?

Is Trump completely ignorant of the fact that the DNC, with the wink of the FBI, blamed Russia for something that an DNC insider did? Is Trump too stupid to see that, if the FBI set him up on a complete fabrication to appear in collusion with Putin, that the CIA likewise plays tricks of that sort? No, Trump's not that stupid. But the only other alternative is that he's an imposter, in bed with the military. And the military is in union with the CIA, is it not? RT responds as any normal person would, that no evidence has been presented:

Rosenstein's announcement last week concerning the election interference by Putin cannot stand without evidence. There needs to be some effort at providing the evidence along with the accusation. It is said the Soros is in the globalist business of entering the social spheres with actors, and having them employ tactics that turn peoples of a nation against one another politically, and that's what these 13 Russians were doing. Why couldn't Soros hire Russians to do what the 13 Russians did, with the purpose, in the first place, of blaming Russia in the end.

This week, a Florida Republican is said (Fox news) to have jumped about 50 feet to rocks below as a suicide. Does that sound like a comfortable way to die? He was murdered, wasn't he? Maybe he knew something about the Florida school shooting. Here's a suspicious thing about that shooting:

As you can see, "The security cameras in Broward School District had a 20-minute delay," but that's impossible unless someone messed with them. Nobody puts any delay time on a security camera for a school. Here's a student from the school claiming that CNN is trying to set an agenda for the aftermath of the shooting, as in: "don't let a good crisis go to waste," the words of the devil.

The video below puts holes through the official story of the so-called Valentine's Day Massacre. It sounds as though the accused (Mr. Cruz) was not the shooter:

So, there is now evidence from multiple sources that the authorities spoke with some students about doing a drill with blank bullets, as a means to get into the school, but then used real bullets. One needs to assume that the principle could have been in on the murders. Or put it this way, that if the principle knew of the drill from being notified, wouldn't he realize after the real shooting that he was deceived by the government? Yes, and so I reason that he had to be a participant with the murders. Note that one student claims that they were gunning for the teachers, which may have been to silence those who knew it began as a drill. The shadow government killing teachers before the eyes of the students merely for a political agenda??? What scarlet evil is this?

Below is another student (from Fox news) saying the they thought it was a drill. How many times did the police come to your school to do this sort of drill where blank bullets are fired as per a mock massacre??? This student said that, after shots were heard, her classmates tried to stay calm, as though this was the advice of the teacher...because she believed it was a drill:

The on-site security man did not enter the school once the shots started, suggesting that he thought it was a drill. Do we think that Fox will make the drill claims a special topic? Wouldn't that be a lot like inviting the deep state to murder yourself? But someone's got to do it. We can't just let this continue. Can't Fox even make the multiple-shooter issue a special story? The students are reporting this, after all. Fox always goes along, lock, stock and barrel, with the government story on massive shootings. Ditto for Trump. Isn't that a lot like traitors?

SonofNewo has had a tweety-verbal exchange with Brennan Gilmore, and has cornered his testimony:

In the 26th minute, Newo takes out court transcripts telling that the crash car arrived near to the crash site some two minutes before the crash. It says that the car passed a street camera toward the crash, then re-appeared 70 seconds later in the same camera but driving in reverse. The same car re-appears for the third time, at a faster speed and driving frontward toward the crash, 43 seconds later. That puts it's initial passage in front of the camera about two minutes before the crash, which doesn't jibe with Ford Fisher's video, where it arrived to this camera about 75 seconds before the crash. Newo is not tackling this problem in the video above, but rather tackles the canned testimony of Brennan Gilmore, an insider.

What was the crash car doing for one full minute in the final block of the driver's trip to the crash site? The court transcripts claim that the white car, the one that was crashed into, passed the camera 6 seconds before the crash car initially passed the camera. This means that the two cars arrived at the same time, as might be expected in a staged event. Or, if the white car was not a part of the event, it could be that the driver of the crash car was calling the boss to say that, oops, a car is in front of me, and between myself and the maroon van (part of the staging). What should I do? And maybe they told him to back up and come in again for a mild crash in spite of the white car's presence. No air bag deployed in any of the three vehicles involved.

Newo has Gilmore cornered. Gilmore is the one who happened to be standing at the crash site, taking video in the direction of the crash, as the car came down the second time. But he told Newo that he never saw the car back up or arrive the first time. He was a few steps down from the intersection, toward the crash, which is the intersection almost bang-on where the camera was that captured the car for court purposes. There were only about 45 seconds between the time that the car backed up through the intersection, and when it came through it again as per what is seen in the Gilmore video, which I think is sped up to a false reality. No matter which way Gilmore came from, he was able to see the car both arrive and back up.

Forty-five seconds puts Gilmore a maximum of some 45-60 steps of walking, or about 90-120 feet, or two to three home properties, from the intersection. It isn't far. It's possible that he had his back turned to the car as it backed up. But his words to Newo suggest that he was already on the street, filming the protesters at the crash site, a minute before the crash. For he tells Newo that, if the car had backed up, it was done behind his back so that he could not see it. He therefore takes the position that he was on that street a minute before the crash, probably because his video serves as proof that he was filming the protesters for as long as a minute before the crash...during which time the car was backing up past the camera, some 40-50 feet (I'm guessing from what I saw in Google earth) behind him. Newo is right to say that his statement is impossible, if the prosecutor in court has provided the correct information concerning the backing up.

It's possible that the prosecutor is giving a false report on what happened, or that the car did not back up at all. Gilmore's video can be useful either way. The state may be fabricating the backing-up part because Ford Fisher's video reveals the car passing slowly (about 20 mph) through this same intersection, some 75 seconds before the crash as timed by Newo, based on Fisher's non-stop video. The state therefore is found to be in a pickle, tempted to make up a story on how the crash involved the car "barreling" down through that intersection, for Gilmore used "barreling" on multiple occasions to news media. But in Fisher's video, the car was not barrelling, and was only about four seconds from the crash site. How can the state explain that the car was a few seconds from the crash site, yet the car is there 75 seconds before the crash. If the car did not back up, the state needs to fabricate a reason as to why the car arrived 70 seconds too soon. Perhaps it decided to have the car back up as the explanation, for it can then be said that it barreled down on the second approach.

However, there is evidence that the car did come in twice, for there is a video, shown to the public only with still photographs, of this same car a couple of seconds before the crash, with its brake lights on. The scene in front of the car is not the scene we see in Gilmore's video. So, the car came in early, having it's brake lights on i.e. slowing down some 70 seconds before the crash. If the state was fabrication the drive-in-reverse part, it seems to me that it would need to fabricate the video section showing the car driving in reverse the first time (later, after the crash, the car was in reverse past this same camera).

Why is that second video always shown to the public in still photos? It must be too problematic to show as a full video. But why, then, did this video get releases to the public at all? Isn't it damaging to begin with to show the car's brake lights on a couple of seconds (about half way to the crash site from the intersection above) before the crash? Did the stagers goof by allowing someone else to capture video of the car? How did an non-insider's video make it to the media? Why doesn't the owner of that video reveal to the public that the car did not crash on that particular approach?

Or, perhaps it performed a crash on the first approach, but backed up and came in for a second crash because, for example, the first one was not to the liking of the staging's leader(s). Judging from a sky view of the crash, the maroon van's transmission was left in neutral so that it could roll forward easily, feigning a slide as per someone having the transmission in the park position. The driver of the maroon van was not in the vehicle at the time of the crash.

With Gilmore claiming to Newo that he was facing the crash a minute before the crash, the car would have passed by him in reverse for the fist time. This is the problem that Gilmore has made of this event. To decide how he's lying, one way or the other, congress needs to get hold of Gilmore's full video, and report to the public what's on it, because I doubt that any media will do so. If any media merely requests Gilmore's fuller video up to a minute or more before the crash, the prediction is that Gilmore will incriminate himself by refusing to give it up. In my opinion, there is more than enough out, in this Charlottesville crash alone, to prove that the government, with local police and mayors, is involved with staging mass murders. This serves the deep state nothing.

It's because he was the leader of a Democrat's campaign to become the Virginia governor that Gilmore can be suspect with this crash staging. The current Virginia governor is McAuliffe, the one involved with the scandal of Andrew McCabe. It tends to guarantee that this staging is from Democrats, and that it involves the FBI. But will Nunes touch this? Will any congressional body finally expose these false-flag operations, and the ones behind them? Guaranteed, the FBI is behind them, but we would like to know where else they touch that is "higher" than the FBI.

Now this: "The home of the former school resource deputy who stayed outside the Florida high school as last week’s massacre unfolded was being protected Friday by law enforcement officials...Reporters who attempted to approach the West Palm Beach home of ex-Broward County Sheriff's Office Deputy Scot Peterson were reportedly met with resistance from at least six police officers who were standing guard outside." They have a small army "protecting" him? Nay, they are shielding him so that his story doesn't get out to the media. Isn't that right? And they are convincing him, one way or the other, not to talk. Or, he was an insider to begin with.

Try to imagine if Trump had done the right thing. Imagine if a proper Republican was now the FBI chief along with a proper Republican at the DoJ. Imagine if they were making public all the illegalities and unethical things that the FBI and DoJ engaged under Obama and Bush. So, with all that at stake, we need to ask: did Trump really make a mistake with Sessions and Wray, or did he chose them exactly because he knew they would continue to cover the gross past?

By the end of the week, we learn that there was not one deputy outside the school, but three, or even four, who failed to go inside during the shooting. What school has that many armed men protecting it at any one time? Surely, this is strange, and some police radio transmissions are missing, how can that happen, really? It looks staged:

As you can see, Fox doesn't even get close to suggesting a government-staged event. Shame. Fox suggests that there was mere negligence on the part of the deputies. Like, they were just scared to go in. What about mentioning -- just mentioning, for starters -- that it is bizarre for a deputy to stand down, and then asking whether there is another explanation besides cowardice? The attorney general of Florida, thus far, seems to be no friend of the local police that's trying to wiggle out of this:

The Line of Josephus and Caiaphas

Repeat from the last update (use the Swallow link below to view any other Coat of Arms):

With the Hope globe now deciphered as code for Goplo liners, I can add that HOPkins are Goplo liners too due to their PISTols, for Pistols and their variations must be for the Piasts (derived from Goplo). Hopkins love the Primo's in their motto, and the Primo quadrants are colors reversed from the same of ARENs/Aarons. Hopkins were at SWALcliffe (Oxfordshire), and ARUNdels [from Arun] share SWALlows with Swallows while Sallows (Shropshire) look like they named Salop (= Shropshire), where Cliffs were first found suspect in "SwalCLIFFE." The Cliffs are said to be from Sticks, a great way to help prove that the Dol Alans [in Shropshire] were connected to Astikas'. Sallows can be with a red version of the Landen/Lander / Langley pale bars, especially as Saluzzo is near Langhe. Swale's can therefore be gleaned with the Dol fesse. Swallows, who share the tree with Sallows, use swallows "in FLIGHT," suspect with Flett / Fleet liners from Flavians. Swale's were in South STAINley while Stains/Stands share the double fesses of Fleets and Flecks.

...There is a Flet location in the ORkneys and a similar one in the Shetlands.

If Flavius Josephus had children, they can be expected with a Flavian woman to the Flys at Flavian/Flagi, and to the Flags/Flacks, Fletts, Fleets and Stan/Stand / Stanley liners. At the 9-11 memorial, Stanley, who I thought was having an affair with Miss Hicks, was holding the American FLAG. He came to sit beside Miss Hicks, taking my spot exactly after I got up. My mother is a Masci, which named Meschins, first found in Shropshire with Cliffs, the latter from Glaphyra Archelaus, to ancestry of Lupus Laevillus and the Bassianus-Masci line. Joseph Caiaphas is suspect in Laevillus' ancestry somewhere, and may have been the grandfather or uncle of Josephus.

The Cliffs share the three black wolf heads of Quade's and Maccabee-suspect Mackays. Quade's are from Quadratilla Bassus (wife of Lupus Laevillus), the line from Glaphyra, whose husband (Alexander) was a Maccabee. Laevillus' father was Mr. Lupus (Gaius Julius Lupus," and the first Meschin's uncle was Hugh Lupus, an earl of Cheshire. His Wikipedia article gives him a white-on-blue wolf head, and the Lupus surname, listed with Welfs/Wolfs, was first found in Cheshire, and shares three wolf heads with Cliffs, Quade's, and Scarfs. The Scarfs are in the Q-shaped scarf of Trabys-Sadowski's, and the Astikas' married Traby. By now you realize that these things are not coincidences.

My first shot at deciphering the Traby/Sadowski Q was for Queens, who happen to share the three wolf heads of Quade's. Queens, suspect with Quintus Caepio, suspect in-turn with the naming of Caiaphas, were first found in Skye and Lewis with FLAG-using McLeods/Clouds, the latter suspect in the Aren/Aaron clouds and therefore linkable to Arundels and Swallow liners. Lewis' (from/of "LLEWELyn") have been heavily suspect with a line from Laevillus to the Percival-Leavells birthed by Waleran, and the Walerans use three black bull heads in the colors of the three wolf heads under discussion. Plus, the houseofnames page for the sept of McLeods gives them a black bull head within their flags.

The island of SKYE and Lewis is suspect with the Sykes/Sich surname (Walerans use "Sic vos") that shares the Coat of Laevillus-liner Kiss'/Cush's. The "ASSIduus" motto term of Sykes'/Sichs can be for the Shetland ASSi's (see last update), part of the Vilnius line of Astikas', and suspect with "AZZO," founder of Este. The Welfs are roundly know to have been an Este branch. The Scarfs use their wolf heads in the colors of the Este eagle, and in the colors of the Hugh-Lupus wolf head.

At one time, houseofnames (Swallow link above) allowed one to access septs from their menu bar, then disallowed it. But here's their McLeod septs page, showing the Herods/Harolds and Lure's while Herods/Haralds and Cheshire's (share lion paw with Quints) both use the hawk's lure while hawks use a "Strike" motto suspect with STICKlands/Stricks (share Meschin scallops). The Cliffs, from Glaphyra Archelaus, who married two Herods (her Alexander was a Herod-Maccabee), married the Stycks. In colors reversed, the three Stickland/Strick scallops are in the black-on-white of the Queen wolf heads, and Cheshire's were first found in Essex with Quints. The Sticklands/Stricks were first found in Westmorland along with Branch's (beside the Sykes'/Sichs), the latter suspect with "Avranches." Hugh Lupus was of Avranches, and his Meschin nephew ruled the Westmorland area.

Cliffs are said to have been at MORETON-Say, and then the Spanish Murena's/Moratins use a giant tower in the colors of giant castle of Portuguese Lupus'. This drags to discussion the Morinis' and Marano's/Mauritano's of Modena, a place like Israel's Modi'in, home of the earliest-known Maccabees.

By the way, in the past couple of years, I have experienced several dreams from God to assist me in His task of discovering the line of Caiaphas. On one dream, I purchased carpenter's glue for my wheel bearings. My car was on four STANDs with the wheels off (Wheels, a possible branch of Swale's / Swallows, were first found in Shropshire). The family of Gouel (like "glue") de Perceval married a daughter of the Beaumonts of Meulan, and the Arms of Meulan shares the Coats of Bearings/Beckerings (suspect with Bec, where the Beaumonts of Meulan were) and Louviere's, the latter having a black wolf as evidence that La Louviere at Mons (Hainaut) was named by a line from Lupus Laevillus. The Levi's, whose three chevrons were used by the counts of Hainaut, love the Aids/Ade's in their motto, while Aids share the symbol of Morlands, first found in Westmorland, essentially in the same place as the Livings/Levins and Sticklands of Cumberland. And while Sticklands are suspect from "Astikas," the latter were in VILNius while the Vilains share the Chief-Shield colors of Livings/Levins. There is no mistake.

The "mal" motto term of Stickland/Stricks is easily understood as code for the Mauley entity of Morlands, and the Maul surname that lists Morleys. Expect these to be of Moreton-Say, home of a Cliff branch.

It was reasoned that Glue's were of Gouel de Percival. But some Glue variations look globe-like while Hope's, suspect from GOPlo, use a Goplo-like globe. The Clough/Cluff variations of Glue's (do Clubs / Claptons / Clappers / Clavers apply?) can therefore reveal a Goplo line, from a Gloph/Glove-like term, for example, and Glove's almost share the colors of format of Wheels. That's the way that God reveals my dream to be from him, by having the items in the dream connect heraldically. For another example, Carpenters share the globe with Hope's. It didn't need to be carpenter's glue, but it was for a reason. The Carpenter pale bars are those also of Sallows, and it's interesting that Wheels (same place as the Dol Alans and the FitzAlans of Arundel) use a fesse colors reversed from the Swallow fesse while Dols use a WHALE while Wheelers are also Whalers.

Alans named Langhe, and the Carpenter / Sallow pale bars are suspect with the Langley pale bars. In fact, the six Sallow pale bars are exactly those of Longfords, a Langford branch. See also the six pale bars of Solars with a Neen-Solar location in Shropshire; they are the six also of English Lise's while Scottish Lise's/Leash's (Claren chevrons) were first found in Perthshire with the Cluns having the Saluzzo Coat. Queen-like Quinns (suspect as Caffery kin) were first found in Longford. The line of Quintus Caepio probably provided the Chappes' whom were married by the Panel line of Hugh de Payens, and Painells are in the Sole write-up.

Saluzzo's share the Clun Coat exactly because the FitzAlans who married Alice of Saluzzo were in Shropshire's Clun location. Yet Cluns were first found in Perthshire with the Vilnius-connectable Justine's, the latter's Wing kin, and the wing-using Glove's/Glovers. The latter is suspect with Clovers/Clavers/Cleevers (suspect with the Coat of Cuneo-line Conys and Conns), from "Glaphyra" along with Cliffs/Cleave's.

So, you see, God knows what He's doing with his dreams. Perthshire is also where Colts/Cults were first found who can be a branch of Colters, highly suspect from "KOLODziej the WHEELwright, a mythical character that ruled Goplo. Colters share the Catherine wheel of Wheelwrights so that we may realize Kolodziej to be part-code for Wheelwrights. Colters were first found in the same place as Swans/Sions, and the latter use gloves, no guff. The Swans are suspect with Catherine Roet, owner of the Catherine wheel, for she married Mr. SWYNford. Swynfords share the boar with Sweenys and Roets. The Cole's are likely using the Mieske and Waleran bull, and while Kyle's claim to be from king Cole, Kyle's use candleSTICKs, we get it. Candle's are listed with Kentwells, suspect with the John of Gaunt's Kendal entity. Not only did Swans/Sions once show GAUNTlet gloves, but Catherine Roet married John of Gaunt too. And his family was down in Kendal-related Candale (Aquitania).

The Cliffs are said to have had a branch at Cheshire's Huxley while Huxleys share their black-wolf symbol. The Huxleys are likely using the bend of Gaunts (Kent) and Gone's/Guenets, for the Gaunt-Crest wolf head is in the design of the Huxley-Crest wolf head. (It starts to become clear that the Cantii founders of Kent were a Gaunt and Candale branch.) My guess is that Huxleys share the Hubert bend. The Hux bars are in the colors of the HUCKaby chevrons.

The "OMNIa" motto term of Huxleys is suspect with Omans/ORmans/OSmonds. I suspect those variations to be from Orkney, and Assi liners of Shetland. Assi's are said to be of OSwalds, first found in Caithness, which is just on-shore from the Orkneys and Shetlands. German Oswalds share the Zionist stars of Reitmans and Rotens, suspect with the Zionist star of Rads, the latter suspect with Radziwills, the ancestry of the Astikas'. I'll link Scottish Oswalds below to Astikas liners.

The Omans share black martlets with French Josephs and Flys (same place as English Josephs), signalling that Omans can bring us back of Flavian liners. The Oman colors and format is that of Swallows while German Oswalds use "An oak trunk with acorns, between two red proBOSCES." Swallows are from Saluzzo, beside Busca, and the Bosco's use a tree stump. God showed me that he set Christine Peare in my life to point to Pero's, a branch of Pierro's on the Ticino river , home of the Laevi Gauls suspect to the Levites that birthed Joseph Caiaphas. The Pero's have lately become suspect in "pro" motto terms, and here we see "PRObosces." I met Miss Peare when she worked for Reitmans, and Bosco's (same place as Pero's) use a "tree stump" while Rodhams, who love the Colters/Alters in their motto, use the "stump of a tree with LEAVES."

The Bosco's and Pero's both use a gold-on-blue star, but the Pero star is the comet of Reines', important because Scottish Oswalds use the comet: "A blue shield with a SAVAGE wrapped and crowned in green bay LEAVES, a sheaf of arrows on his sinister shoulder and holding a bow with the sinister hand, with the dexter hand pointing to a gold comet in dexter chief." The Savage's have been resolved with the Eagle's from "Akheloos," a river of Greek Calydon, home to Taphian pirates now tracing to the Astikas liners in the Shetlands. For the Astikas' trace almost-certainly to Astakos, a location just off the Akheloos (or "Achelous").

I'll trace the ECCLEstone kin of Bishops ("Pro") to the Akheloos later. Bishops were first found in Worcestershire with Squirrels.

This is another way to say that pagan Levites of Laish (beside Taphian-based Daphne) trace through the Laevi Gauls to the Nordic pirates, and because Laish became, Dan, the Dane Rus are likely the culprits. While Astikas' and Trabys have been pointed out as 666 lovers, Savage's and Eagle's use their six lions in the shape of the six swallows of Arundels. And Arens/AARONs (a name expected from Levites) use hands coming from clouds, as does the Oswald Crest: "A right hand emerging from a cloud pointing to a star of eight rays". The 666ers appear to love RIGHT / dexter hands, and while WheelWRIGHTs use a six-sectioned Shield, Dexters (same place as Huckaby-like Hose's/HOSABYs) share the double chevrons of Hux's/Hucks, suspect with the Cliff-Huxley merger in Cheshire, where Savage's were first found. The Oswald bow (held by the savage) is code for the Roet kin of Bows/Boughs, and Roets were Wheelwright kin.

I trace mythical Coronis to Chora on Patmos, the island from which John revealed the end-time 666 upon the right hand. Coronis was the mother of Asclepios, and Huckabys use Asclepios rods. Moreover, Coronis was the mythical crow, and the raven species of crow was used by Shetland's Stout vikings.

Lest you have forgotten, the Omans are expected in the motto of Huxleys, and Omans became the topic, I do believe, in an OMEN I received while driving my NISSAN through the Beaumont-to-BAYtown area of Texas (was this God's code also for the Laevillus line to Beaumonts? Looks like). Miss Hicks, a possible Huck liner, lived in Baytown as few as three or four months before I drove past, and I was destined to meet her for the first time later that year. Hux's/Hucks were first found in Yorkshire with Hicks. Read on.

We just saw Oswalds with Bay leaves as part-code for the Laevi Gauls that I trace to Laevillus, and the Nissan acted as the revelation that Nissans (share the double-PARR bars) were from queen Nysa, wife of PHARnaces. Pharnaces is suspect in naming Pharisees, which, if true, predicts that a Laevi-Gaul family merged with the line of Pharnaces. Nysa's daughter (another Nysa) was queen of Cappadocia, where Glaphyra Archelaus had her religious cult from the PHARsi / Persians. And while this is all expected to birth Joseph Caiaphas as yet another Laevi liners, Omans share black martlets with Josephs and Flys.

The omen concerned my being mugged hours later in Galveston, and I'm sure that God set things up there to point to Caiaphas in other ways. In the morning, God provided a coffee symbol for Caiaphas-possible Coffees/Coffers. That sound ridiculous on its face, but, for new readers, God revealed that is was a sign because I actually recall where I stopped for the coffee, and I didn't sit anywhere nor have a meal with it, but just took it into the Nissan, and drove away. Why should I remember that this took place in Victoria? Because, Coffee's/Coffers use a "victoria" motto term, and God wanted to get to that.

Let's wager that Parrs were Pero liners on the Ticino. The double-Parr / double-Nissan fesses are in the colors of the double Dexter / Hux/Huck chevrons, and Nysa is known to be descended from king Antipater of Macedonia. He is suspect with an Antipater/Antipatria location to the near-north of Macedonia, for that's where Dexter-line Dexaroi lived. Miss Hicks married DAGGER-using Kilpatricks, and they both lived in BAYtown while Bays use two fesses half in the colors of the two Parr / Nissan fesses.

Were Bays (Beaumonts colors) a branch of a Beaux-like surname from Beaumonts? I'm sure that Vaux's were also Baux's. The Waleran motto could have a Vaux branch, and while one French Foix surname was first found in the same place as Levi's and Chappes', the other French Foix's were first found in Auvergne with Caiaphas-liner Bouillons, fox-using Fes', and Baux's/Bauts that I trace to the Bautica river not fat from the Ticino. My power is out at this time so that I can't get online, but if I have it right, the Waleran-suspect Whalleys use a mascle in colors reversed from that of Faux's.

The black Oman martlets are in the colors and format of the Swallow swallows, and I imagine someone else's Coat, from vikings, identical but with black ravens / crows. The Flett, with three trefoils in the same colors, use almost the same format, making the swallows "in FLIGHT" suspect with Flett / Fleet / Flag/Fleck liners, a great reason to see the Oman martlets as those of Flys and therefore of Caiaphas-suspect Josephs. So, the omen in Texas looks like it was about the killer of Jesus. Fleets and Flags/Flecks share the Stickland SCALLops, suspect from Skala on Patmos. Fletts were first found in the Orkneys. The Flett-like Letts use ORGAN pipes as possible code for ORKNey, wherefore whatever the Letts were prior, they may have created a Lett variation when merged (married) with Fletts.

The omen was calculated in the last update to occur at or about Beaumont, Texas, and Beaumonts were part of the Laevillus > Louviere line. In fact, while the Louviere Coat is also a Vaux Coat, the BelliVaux's can be a branch of the Bellmont variation of Beaumonts. Proculus, Laevillus' son, was suspect with the portcullis gate of Porters, and Porters use bells, perhaps code for Bellmonts. It slipped my mind until now that the Texas surname shares a Shield filled gold-and-red checks with the Arms of Meulan, the Louviere's and the Vaux's!!! Zowie. And while I see the Tecks/Tess' (LEAVES) from the Ticino/Tessin river, why not also Texas'???! Bingo. In the last update, I was pleasantly surprised to find these same checks with Pavers, suspect from Ticino's Pavia location. The Ticino starts in the Swiss canton of Ticino, and while Tecks/Tess' were first found in Switzerland, the Laevi actually founded Pavia under the name of Ticinum.

Checks are shared by Marks, suspect from the Marici co-founders of Ticinum. The Laevi must have had a relationship with Marici. For how long into the past or future? There are all sorts of variations to be expected from Marici.

When I ask myself who Caiaphas named for sure, from all that I know based on his connection to Laevi Gauls, and from that to Hannibal, I can appeal to the MUGGing. Hannibal is suspect from the same Ananes Gauls as named Annan, Caiaphas' father-in-law, and while Mago was Hannibal's brother, English Josephs use a "mago" motto term. If the Negro MUGGer was code the Moor head of Chappes', it makes sense that this Moor head traces to north-Africans, especially the Shawia Numidians that named the Shaws/Seths, said to be from Stick-liner "Sithech." This is the importance of Astikas', and the Sticklands, you see, that God should want to stress that thing.

The mugger stole my keys just after he tried to start the Nissan and drive away with it, leaving me at the house of someone who wouldn't open the door to my knocking (it was past 1 am). For the first time ever, the vehicle wouldn't start for him, and he took off with the keys. But I had a spare KEY under the floor MAT, and I'm sure I know the meaning of this. The vehicle wouldn't start for me, the first two attempts, then started, and never repeated the same problem again. Miracle, you see. Pay attention. The Mat river was home to the Cavii, as was the Drin, and the mouth of the Drin and Mat are near one another, with a Lissus and a Bassania location, one to the Lys/Lise surname, first found in the same place as Chappes' and Levi's. The Bassania location (or the namers thereof) must have named the Bassianus', who descended from Quadratilla Bassus, for I have seen her surname as "Bassianus" too.

So, Caiaphas must have descended from the Cavii, and the Chives', from Chivasso (beside Turin) the Bautica river, where we can expect the Laevi too, has a Shaw-like Shewas variation. There just cannot be any mistake about this. Wikipedia's Shawia article shows that they went by the Key-like term, you see, And while the modern Mat was anciently the Mathis, the Mathis surname shares the black moline cross of Chives'. The latter were first found in Tarves (same place as Turins) while the Tarves surname uses six, black crosses in the shape of the six Arundel swallows and six Eagle / Savage lions. The Savage's come up as Shaw-like Sava's...and SETH Rich is thought to have been murdered by the surgeon, Jack Sava, the same surgeon that attended Steve Scalise when he was shot. That's why I think Scalise was threatened and made to promise that he would not buck against the official (but false) story of the shooting.

There is a Lys tributary of the Bautica river, no coincidence. The Cavii, and the Cavii at Lissus, were in the Bautica, without a doubt. IVRea on the Bautica can then be gleaned with assurance with the Yvery location of Leavells. How can anyone deny the obvious, that God wants to reveal the ancestry of Joseph Caiaphas. There are two other Lise surnames besides the Lys', but let's first mention that the Lys/Lise fleur is that also of Masseys/Maceys while there was a Julia MAESA Bassianus (around 225 AD, roughly a century after Laevillus), making it appear that Lissus and Bassania liners merged. The Bassianus line was on the SAVA river as Maezaei, and so the Shawia Numidians are expected at the Sava's naming.

English Lise's were first found in Hampshire with English Josephs, Bidens/Buttons and CAPLans (branch of Capelli), and Scottish Lise's share the double chevrons of CLARens/Larins, which are in the colors of the three chevrons of Clare's, and then Claro's/CHARO's (same place as Capelli's) are in the motto of the English Joseph's, making Josephs (share the double chevrons of CHAPlains) look to be from Caiaphas. French Larins share the CAPES scallops, and Hannibal was at war in Larinus, suggesting that he had a child there with a line to Larins and Claro's. The Lease's, can we believe it, use a sun behind a cloud, which is what the omen was as I drove from Louisiana into Texas. There is no mistake here. As I looked at the tiny cloud (as tall as the sun's diameter) covering the afternoon sun, I had a bad feeling of danger ahead.

So, because I was in the Nissan when the mugging occurred that night, the Cavii liners along with Laevi had to link to the line of queen Nysa of CAPPadocia. I assume that Cappadocia was in existence by that name before Caiaphas was named, and it could therefore be that Cappadocians named the Cavii, and their line to Caiaphas worked its migratory way back to Cappadocia again. The Cappadocian capital, that went by a Key-like Kaysariya term (or variations like it), was more-anciently Mazaca, what look like the proto Masseys and the Piedmont Masci's. The Galveston Negro mugged a Masci liner, me, expected from the Massey-like peoples to which king Massena/MassiNISSa (Numidian) belonged. Did God not do an excellent job with the mugging, at my expense?

Larinus (Larino) is, if I recall correctly, in Apulia, location of the first-known Motels, who are suspect with the horse of Cafferys/Caffertys because the naked rider on a dolphin in the Coffee/Coffer Crest is in the Arms of Taranto. This tends to link Coffers / Cafferys to Capes'. An hour after being mugged, I checked into a MOTEL, and drove out in the morning to get that coffee in Victoria. Expect the Motel horse, with ARM in its mouth, to apply. The Caffery horse is white on green (Coffer/Coffee colors), as is the winged horse of Queen-like Quinns, suggesting that Cafferys were from Quintus Caepio. Masseys use the winged horse too.

The Negro shook the vehicle to wake me up, as I slept in the back, and threatened to shoot me. Thanks to some headlights coming out way, I was able to get out with incident. I was also able to take my keys from out of the running shoes (why did I place them there?), and went straight away to unlock the passenger door (driver's door would not unlock with key). I slipped into the cab, and while reaching over to unlock the driver door from the inside, the mugger lunged at me, knocking my head into the rear-view mirror, and knocking it right off the windshield? It's interesting that a mermaid with mirror is in the Glass Crest while I trace Glass' to the Clausula river, to the immediate north of the Cavii's Drin river.

Let me go on, for Drin liners are definitely in the Drainer/Dragon surname while Drake's were first found in the same place as English Josephs and the Flys from Flagi. The Drake motto includes a "captat" term like "Capet," and Capets happen to share what look like the split Shield of Belgian Flecks and Fulke's/Volks (Flagi kin), the latter having had a Jerusalem king too, and being from Anjou, where the Mire's/Mireux's were first found that are in code with the mermaid's mirror. If I recall correctly, GEOFFREY Plantagenet was a son of Jerusalem king Fulk V. Geoffrys are a branch of Jeffreys, making the mirror event in my Nissan look to be code for this aspect of the Caiaphas line. The Templars must have invaded Jerusalem (Godfrey de Bouillon was their leader) because they had come into contact with Temple secrets when married to Caiaphas liners, for the first grand master of the Templars married Elizabeth CHAPPES, though others say he married Catherine Sinclair.

While the McLeods/CLOUDs use a flags while tracing to Leavells, the Suns are listed with Sinclairs. The cloud was over the sun in the omen. The sun was in the sky, and McLeods/Clouds were on SKYE and Lewis. Lewis' (share drops with Kilpatricks = Antipatria liners for sure) share the green dragon with Baldwins and Worms (and Kilpatricks), while royal Capetians were from Worms, Germany. The Sykes'/Sicks, suspect with Skye, share the Coat of Cass' and Kiss'/Cush's while the Joseph motto with "charo" also uses "Cas" while the Kiss'/Cush's share the rooster with Sinclairs (known to be from Claro Normans). Drops/Trope's (drops) were from the Tropoje location (Fier county) on the Apsus, the river of AntiPATRia and the Dexaroi i.e. the ancestry of the queen Nysa's. The Apsus-liner Apps' (same place as Fiers) share the scallops of Larins and Capes'. Fier's/Fere's (branch of Vere's) use a version of the Charo/Claro Coat.

Bradfords use a "Fier" motto term while sharing the hunting horns of Patch's, the latter suspect with the Patchie variation of Kilpatricks.

When Miss Hicks HOVERed over the seats of a CAR, we can guess that God was pointing to Charo's/Claro's. She was sleeping at the time, and Sleeps use double fesses colors reversed from the same of Ness'/Nessans. Recall the Assi-branch Oswalds, suspect with the Osman variation of Omans, for Oswalds were first found in CaithNESS, and there is a Ness river in the area that named InverNESS.

The Sire's/Sirons/Sirets use the mirror too, and they were from the mythical Sirens at Calydon, land of the Achelous Eagle liners, and of an Astakos location, as well as mythical Oeneus that I trace to the Oeneus tributary of the Sava. The Eagle's use a version of the Savage/Sava Coat, you see, and while the Maezaei were at the Oeneus river, mythical Oeneus was made the father of the real city of Methoni/Modon, suspect from lines out of ancient Modi'in, in Israel, where the first-known Maccabee lived by the name of Mattathias, whose ancestry is suspect from the Mathis river. Modon > Modena liners may have named Motels. After I took the spare key from under the mat, I drove straight to a motel. I then got the coffee that traces to Motels at Taranto, who use an arm.

After my head was knocked into the mirror, the Negro clasped both hands around my throat, though I assume this was code for the Necks/Neckers, suspect with Ness'/Nessans, what a coincidence. Ness'/Nessans share double fesses with Nissans. And while I trace the STOUT-raven vikings to STUTTgart on the NECKAR river, compare with "NEGRo." The Negro had his hands around my Necker. We might even ask whether Bays share the fesses of Stouts.

Next, he took his right hand off my neck, and raised it high, then came down with it as though he had a knife that we wanted to thrust into my body. It was coming down toward my stomach as I sat on the passenger seat facing frontward but also half-way toward the passenger door. My leg was slightly bent at the knee, but as the thrust came down, all I could was raise the knee as high as possible to block the weapon, bending the leg even more, like the bent leg of Lease-like Leaks/Leakeys who share the Knee bend, you see. And the Joseph motto with "charo" and "mago" also has "Cas NE." In fact, it starts with "Cas ne charo" while Charo's/Claro's share the blue bend with Knee's, who come up as "Nee."

It worked. The weapon popped out of his hand to the floor, and we both searched for it with our hands. My hand came into contact with his as he was looking for it, but I then found it first. And depending on Jesus, I exclaimed, "In the name of Jesus, get off." Pushing simultaneously, he was pushed out the door, and I came to stand there with him, with the weapon in my hand, but fearing he still had a gun, I ran up the driveway, jump over a gate (Gate surname?), and knocked on the front door. No one answered. When I went round to the backyard, I looked at the weapon while in a bright-enough spot on the lawn, to find that it was merely half the plastic COVER of a black, remote-control, unit, like the kind for controlling televisions. "Cover" is like "Coffer."

Realizing that the mugger was unarmed, I rushed back to the vehicle, hopped a privacy FENCE at the front, and saw the vehicle with open driver's door (I had opened it). No one was there, but I expected him to be hiding, watching me from behind a house or car. The BAUMgartners, suspect with Beaumonts, use a fence. The omen was introduced again in the last update where it was said, "The BAUMgartners use a fence, and Baums with Beaumonts/BAUMeaux's were first found in the same place (Dauphine)." The omen was approximated at Beaumont, Texas. This is why I've continued with the Beaumont-Leavell line in this update. Beaumonts (fleur-de-LYS) share the Gate lion.

The Dauphine Baums ("PAS") use a bend in both colors of the Charo/Claro and Fier bends, and Austrian Baums share crossed spears with Spear-related PASi's/Pascels. Speer's use the boar heads (in colors reversed) of Baum- / Claro-colored Rollo's who in-turn have a "PASSE PAR" motto phrase. Rollo's treaty with the French king was named after Sinclairs. Passe's/Pascals share the Templar lamb with LEVEque's while Sinclairs are said to be from St. Clair Leveque. The "thy" motto term of Sinclairs can trace to the Laevi by way of Tease's/Tye's and Tease's/Tess'/Tecks. Dauphine is where Gay-related Galli's were first found, suspect from Gaia/Gala, father of king Massena, and both the Gays and Galli's share the gold rooster with Sinclairs. The Massena-line Meschins are known to descend from Malahule, Rollo's uncle.

The Thighs'/Tye's happen to use the Vos Coat, just a giant wolf expected from Lupus Laevillus. His line to Walerans use "vos" as a motto term. So, with Laevillus suspect from Laevi on the Ticino, it's important to prove that Tye liners were from the Ticino. The two Tease surnames come in very handy here. Vos' can be the Vaux's, and then the Texas' share the Vaux/VALLibus checks owned by WALeran-of-Leavell liners. "ValliBUS" looks like it can prove that Vos' were a variation of Bos' / Bus'.

For as long as years now, everytime I check the stat counter, I see a computer (reader) from Friendswood, Texas, which is in the part of Houston facing Galveston. I checked the tracker for the first time in six or more months a few days ago, and the Friendswood computer is still reading. The Friends named Miss Friend, the person from whom I purchased property in Texas. She had married Mr. Teague, and Teague's are Caige's (two septs of McLeods) while Cage's share the split Shield of Gate's. Gate's are suspect from the north-African Geta's in the ancestry of Caracalla, brother-in-law of Julia Maesa Bassianus. The Geddy/Geddes' and Giddys/Gideons can apply who became suspect with Get'n Go, the place where Miss Hicks beautiful knees became a code for this work. Get'n Go is a gas station and corner store, treated in the last update; it's on the Ranch road to Leakey that locals call the "Leakey road."

My trip through Galveston (without my family) was for the specific purpose of finding a second property where my family could spend the winters as "snow birds." I ended up coming back with my entire family, six months later, with enough cash to purchase raw land. While driving down the Ranch road toward Leakey, after dark, the upper wind was fast so that the thick clouds were flying over a full moon. I had another omen while watching that moon, like a warning not to continue driving that way. I may have ignored it except for the previous omen with cloud over the sun. That night, we slept at a camp site directly across the road from Miss Friend. Asking the lady at the camp site where I could find a real-estate agent, she pointed across the road to Miss Friend. The latter had exactly what I was looking for, and we purchased. We were ten minutes or so from Miss Hicks' place.

The Friends (Somerset, same place as TRENTs) should be using the Child Coat for a related reason. Childs use the Coat of TARENTs (Knee eagle?) in colors reversed, and that coffee I had the next day points to Taranto. That's the line of Terentia Murena and CILnius Maecenas (1st-century BC), and the Spanish Galves' (TRENT Chief-Shield in colors reversed) happen to use a castle in colors reversed from the similar tower of Spanish Murena's/Moratins. This line is that of Marano's/Mauritano's who share the Montfort lion without a doubt, and while Galves' use it in colors reversed, Simon de Montfort took over Leicestershire (where English Moor's were first found) from the same Beaumonts that married the Leavells. I drove from Beaumont at the omen, past Friendswood to GALVESton, and had the coffee the next day in my Nissan, code for Nysa and Pharnaces, and then the Nissans and Parrs use two fesses colors reversed from the same of Morinis', the latter first found in Modena with Marano's/Mauritano's and Negro-using Morano's. The latter share essentially the three Moor heads of German Negro's so as to identify Murena liners with the heraldic Moor and Moor surnames.

Since the last update, I've come across the Burys, from the Bury location of Omans. By what coincidence do Burys share the Beaumont fleur-de-lys on a bend reflecting the Knee bend?

The Negro Moor heads look like the boys that the Masculine variation of Meschins use in some Coats, suggesting strongly that Murena's / Moors were from the Massena/Massinissa Numidians. The Shawia Numidians are represented in heraldry with sheaves of wheat, and, sometimes, they are called "ears of wheat," the named used for them by Italian Negro's and Scottish Chappes'. In the meantime, French Chappes' use the Moor head. Wheats/Whate's are a possible branch of the Wade variation of Quade's.

The Pillar Post in Texas

I installed a fence with my Pillar Post (a fence-post product I invented but failed to market) on a property in downtown Leakey. This took place in the year of 2001. I drove down to Texas with a Texas woman, assumed late in 2000. I recall being in her place when Bush won the election in November, 2000. Upon arriving, she suggested we try the Pillar Post in Texas, and so I built a machine there to fabricate the posts. I know I was there eight months in that period, but know I was back north when the 9-11 disaster took place. I must have gotten back north shortly before the disaster, and the fence in Leakey must have been installed likewise shortly before the disaster. The Pillar Post in Leakey, the only place the product was installed in the United States. Why Leakey? Can this connect Bush and his 9-11 animals to the Knee-Leakey incident with Miss Hicks?

I first saw her on Christmas day, 1994, at her church...on the Leakey road I've been discussing. I saw her there a few more times in 1995, but when she stopped attending that church, I did not see her again until about December of 2001. I had changed churches, and she happened to be attending there with her husband. So, I assume, God provided this situation in the run-up to the 9-11 memorial on September 11, 2002.

The Bosco's are Pillar-Post interesting for using PILLARs. And while the Pillars are Pilots too, Pelosi's/PILATI's were first found in Montferrat, near Busca. Pelosi's use columns, almost pillars. It looks like we have a story to investigate. Bosco's are a branch of Bush's, right?

Lookie: the red eagle in the Tuft Crest is also in the Knee Crest. The Eagle's use the six Savage lions while Savage's/Savidge's were from Savigliano, where Pelosi's/Pilati's were first found. As Leakeys (Knee bend) use the human leg while Brae's/Brays use eagle legs, it seems that the Eagle's were involved with elements at/from Bra, which is smack beside Savigliano (all in Cuneo). It dawns on me here that "Knee" is a branch from "Cuneo." I never would have guessed. If I'm correct in seeing Knights as a Knee branch, it can now make apparent that Cuneo liners named the Nith river, the river where Miss Hicks' husband derived. And he is from the line of king Cassander of Macedonia, which makes Cassander liners suspect in Cuneo. Let's go on.

Tufts/Tuffs should be a branch of Touch's/Toughs/Tuffs (Cheshire, same as Tufts/Tuffs). In the dream, I TOUCHed Miss Hicks knee, and at the 9-11 memorial, I asked Miss Hicks whether anyone was sitting in the seat beside her. I noticed her green toenails (not Christmas green, yuck) as I edged past her to take my seat. That's why the Tow surname seems applicable, for it's listed with the Touch/Tuff surname with a giant GREEN lion, same as Tysons/Tessons suspect from the Ticino/Tessin.

I can glean that Tuffs were Teague / Tick/Touque liners, for Tufts/Tuffs use a red version of the Teague/Teeger Coat. Again, Italian Bosco's use the stump while Stumps use a version of the Tick/Touque Coat. Tufts/Tuffs share the black chevron with Foots (same place as Tufts/Tuffs) while the green nail polish was on her feet. The Feet/Fate's are in the Cheney motto, and Dick Cheney was Bush's vice-president during the 9-11 disaster. The Foots are a great way to link the Flys (same chevron, both colors, of Foots) to Cheshire elements, for Foots use a flag, apparent code for the Flagi location of Flys. The Foot Crest, a griffin holding a flag, is that symbol, almost, of Font-de-Ville's (did Fonts become Foots?). The Foot Fly chevron is in the colors of the three Levi chevrons.

Miss Hick's seat was directly beside the center ISLE, and I, a Masci liner, was standing in that isle when asking to sit beside her. There is an Isle surname, perhaps from Isle-de-France, where Levi's, Chappes', and Lise's/Lys' were first found. The Isle Crest is a copy of the Quint Crest, and the Isle Coat share's the June fleur while Quintus Caepio the younger was the grandfather of three JUNia Caepionis'.

[A few hours after the paragraph above, the Niss/Nissi Coat (Rhineland) was found with the Quint chevron and the Jeune fleur, underscoring why I had a Nissan. I was checking surnames as per Nizza Monferrato in the ASTi part of Cuneo. ASTons can be using the lozenges of the Shaws with a VINCit motto term, and VINCHio (Tarr bars?) is beside Nizza Monferrato. The Knee's share the red, spread eagle with Ferrat-suspect Ferte's. As "vinchio" means "victory" ("makes me victorious" is a song line that played on my speaker just as I wrote "victory"), this reminds me of the victory that Steve Tarr supplied our hockey team when God emphasized the Knee surname for the first time. I was sliding on my knees and poked in the winning goal from Tarr's slap shot.]

Capone's and June's (and Jeune's) were both first found in Cambridgeshire with Stanleys, and the latter, sharing the Knee / Leakey bend, were applicable to that 9-11 evening because Stanley (don't know his surname) sat beside Miss Hicks with the American FLAG after I got up and sat elsewhere. So, you see, her feet do seem to apply, for Foots were merged with Flag/Fleck liners, even as Stans share the double Flag/Fleck fesses. The "Amo" motto term of the Scotts is suspect with Hamo(n) de Masci because the Scott bend-with-symbols are in the colors of the same of Masci's and Massena's.

Miss Hicks indicated that the seat I wanted to sit in was reserved for her daughter, Geneva, but said that, if she arrives, I can "scoot over." The Overs share the bend of Scottish Scotts, and so just compare the Scoot Shield to that of English Scotts. It's a hit. God arranged that setting with me in the isle. The bend and Crest of Scotts looks connectable to the Knees. About a decade ago, while trying to figure out what "SCYTHian" was derived in, suspect with Skits / Scoots and similar others, I thought that they were named after their SLEDs that SKI / SKID along snow. Scoots are said to be a branch of Scougals, who remind that the Shoe's/Schuck use a "knight issuing from the knees." Overs share a blue bend with Knee's. When I touched her knee in the dream she was HOVERing OVER the seats.

Her green toenails were in her sandals, and Sandals (Touch colors) not only use a green cross, but it's the Rising cross while Overs use "A gold bird RISING, with red beak and claws [Clausula-river suspect], and an olive branch in the mouth." You see, the event all clicks, as though God wanted to prove that he destined me to learn heraldry; otherwise, this revelation could not be made. Risings are from Risinium/Rhizon, smack at lake SCODra. I never did have to scoot over because Geneva never did come. Olive's and Olivers are suspect with Laevi liners of the Leaf/Leve kind.

Why all this emphasis by God on the Scodra entity? Was "Sadducee" named after a branch of it's namers? Was the Sadducee house of Boetus from "Butua," smack at Rhizon? Compare the Over description to that of Sheds/Scheds: " A falcon, wings expanded proper, BEAKed, LEGged in gold; RESTing on the dexter CLAW on a cross potent, as in the arms". Why did the flag of Templar Jerusalem (and Shed-like Chads) likewise use a cross potent?

Overs were first likewise first found in Cheshire, and Scoots ("HAEC ORNant") share the courant greyhound in pale with Lise's/Lys' (Schutz's use the greyhound too). Scoots (probably the Chaddock / Chadwick / Saddock/Sedgwick Shield) were first found in east Lothian with Musselburgh of the Mascals/Keiths, and Mascals were first found in Sussex with Saddocks/Sedgwick, Scoots and Diens/Dives'. Geneva's/Genova's are likely using the Masci wing, and it's upside down, as is the wing of Diens/Dives', while Chester, where Masci-liner Meschins ruled whom I have traced to the Foot branch of Fothes', ruled at Diva, later called, Chester. Diva is suspect with Daphne-of-Ladon (Laish) liners along with Tuffs. Ladons'/Ladds share a version of the Meschin Coat.

Having said that, let's add that the Masci wing holds the sword in the Chaine/Chenay Coat. It appears that God was pointing to the 9-11 monsters both with the Pillar-Post invention, and the 9-11 memorial. Will God end His story on this there? There has got to be more to come.

Get'n Go is a GAS STATION. There is a Station surname listed with State's/Stathams, suspect in previous years with Statielli Ligures that lived between Montferrat and Genova, and while Grimaldi's were at Genova, State's/Stations use lozenges in the colors of the Grimaldi lozenges. They are suspect also with the Rein/Reno lozenges for a trace to Reinier of Montferrat. Miss Hicks has a Rena middle name.

And there are GASS surnames too, the French one listed with Grace's/Grasse's/GRESS' that we saw above with the Bustard egresses. These egresses are usually called pellets, and Pellets share the Coat of Pilotte's, first found in the same place as Cheile's and Klees'. Reminder: Bosco's use tufts of GRASS on their pillars. My partner in Texas was Mandy, and Mandys share legs with Cheile's. In fact, Mandys share eagle legs with Bra-suspect Brae's/Brays, and Bra is at Montferrat. Heraldic legs have always been suspect with Ligurians, and Leghs/Lighs happen to use the same lion as Dutch Bos'/Bush's/Boschs, suggesting Ligurians at Busca.

New realization: the Arms of Pula/Pola (Istria) uses the same green cross as English Sandals, though on a gold background that makes it the Pollock saltire. Still, Miss Hicks' nail POLISH is now speaking to Pola > Pollock liners, especially as the Polish surname is listed with Pollocks. It's amazing how God puts things together. Mr. Klees is Frank, and English Franks ("hawk's CLOSE"!!!) share the Polish/Pollock Coat. It appears that God chose Mr. Klees' first name to link Klees'/Clays to Close's, and the latter's spur can be for Speer liners.

Scottish Sandals use a "Spero MeliORA" motto while Speers and Orrs were first found in Renfrewshire with Polish's/Pollocks. I had sandals on that evening too. Scottish Sandals may even be using the Knee bend because I touched her knee while Tows are with the Touch's.

English Sandals were first found in Suffolk with Sandal-like Candle's, and Candals/CUNDals share the bend of Scottish Sandals/Sandilands (Douglas sept) while Cindy's/CUNDYs/Cuntys use a lion in colors reversed from the lion of Tows/Touch's (same place as lion-using Richardsons). Cuntys are suspect with Conteville's, who descended from John de Burgo, which can explain why the Irish Burghs (Conte lion) share the Candall/Cundell cross.

On the old map of the Sandilands-clan article below, you can see the clan with Douglas' and Keiths, all beside Roslin. This is where the Keith-related Marshalls were who share the NAIL saltire, though the latter's is enGRAILed and in the colors of the engrailed bend of Knee's and Leakeys. Grails are listed with nail-branch Neils. Her toeNAILs speak. The Simpsons are on the map who use a Chief-with-symbols in the same colors as the Cindys/Cundys. Hamiltons (first found in the same place as Polish's/Pollocks) are on the map too who use cinquefoils colors reversed from the same of Cindys/Cundys. Note that Yule's (ear of wheat) are on the map too, who are listed with the Yells of Shetland, for a Henry Sinclair of Roslin was a leader in the Orkneys.

Here's a map of Scotland compliments of the above, if you would like to use it in following my writings:

More: The Sandle's (not "Sandal") share the scallops of CAPES' while Candals/Cundals share ears of wheat with CHAPPES'.

Cindy Richardson was resolved as a symbol of child molestation in connection to the pizzagate investigations of Steve Scalise. Geneva was herself resolved as a child-molestation symbol. I was crossing into Geneva's SEAT when seeing her mother's green nail polish, and Seats share two blue pale bars in both colors of the two Cindy/Cunty pale bars. Scalise's use one blue pale bar formed with a ladder. On that evening, I mildly accused Miss Hicks of adultery with Stanley, and a couple of weeks later, the day after I saw Miss Hicks with Stanley again at a FOOTball game, I called her to talk about it, but she wouldn't speak to me, and Geneva got on the phone instead, accusing me of being a child pervert in retaliation. Nasty, very nasty. I have never had sexual feelings for kids, even before I was a Christian. I cannot fathom a man wanting a child. I now take Geneva's accusation, "I see the way you look at me" (she was 300 pounds at 13 years of age, and wholly unattractive sexually), as God trying to convey that Geneva/Genova liners somehow relate to Pizzagate.

Three days before the 9-11 memorial, I called Miss Hicks for the first time. Geneva answered and said, "It's John." And when Miss Hicks came on the phone, she said to someone standing there, "daddy, can you go out and get some bread." I thought that she was speaking to her husband, sending him off, for she then stayed on the phone for four hours with me. It didn't look good on her. Twice I said I better get going, but she wouldn't let me go. And at the end of the call, she insisted that I go to church that night. During the call, she suggested I go to the church at Crystal City. What was that for, do you think?

However, when trying to find Miss Hicks' address years later, to send her a letter to explain why I called her in the first place, I came across Geneva's surname, Daddy. She's adopted. I then had to wonder whether her mother called her "daddy," asking her to go out and get some bread. The point is, the Daddy surname shares the Polish Coat. Toeincidence? Two years later, when Geneva was 15, I received a few emails from a Taddy, 15 years old. Why did she tell me her age? Was this Geneva trying to trap me, lure me on to chasing a child? Taddy wrote back just one more time at 26 years of age, saying, "remember me?", and that she was still single.

Back to the "ears of wheat" in the Negro Crest. When the Negro was pretending to stab me with a knife, he was yelling, "Give 'em OVER, give 'em OVER." He wanted the keys (which he thought were in my hand, they weren't). The best I've been able to do with "EARS of wheat" is as per the Eyer surname, listed with Ayers. I've always been sure that heraldic ears are code for Eyers, and they happen to use a leg bent at the knee. My leg was bent at the knee while he was pretending to stab me with a COVER (like "over"). And keys are used by Italian Sheaves while English Shaws/Sheaves', who are in the "shaw" motto term in the Arms of AYRshire, use a "qui" motto term. It seems clear that God provided a fright for me to make these heraldic links and more.

With Shaws suspect from a line of Sadducees, isn't it noteworthy that Spanish Negro's use three pale bars in the colors of the three chevrons of Levi's? And what could it mean that the six pale bars of Klees' are in both colors of the Nearly-identical pale bars of Negro's. The Lise's/Lease's, first found in Perthshire, are also Klees-like Cleish's, and Klees' (share six pale bars with English Lise's) come up as "Clees." If Klees' and Lise's were branch's, it explains why Klees' use wings, for Wings/Winks were first found in Perthshire too. The six pale bars of the Perthshire Athols are now clearly linkable to the six of Klees'. And the first-known Scottish Chappes' were right there in Stirlingshire, to the south-west side of Perthshire, and Stirlingshire is beside GLASgow. The GLEASons/Glissons share the Glass stars, and Lease's are also Gleish's. Moreover, French Chappes' were first found in northern Paris with Lise's/Lys's.

I can now repeat that I took the Pillar Post to a trade show in New Orleans during the short time (mere months) that Mr. Klees was my partner, and then Donna LEASE Brazile was born in New Orleans, as was Steve ScaLISE. I have not realized until now that Klees' could be a Lease variation. I just didn't study Lease variations enough to make the realization.

Another realization is that Laus, the alternative name of Ragusa, may have been a branch of the namers of the CLAUSula, all from Lissus, the line to Lise's / Lease's but now suspect with Klees'/Clees'/Clays too. The Knee-LEAK-Hicks connection can therefore reveal that Lissus liners were fundamental with Knee liners. The latter are suspect with Knights (share three pale bars with Negro's) at the Nith river, the area in which Knee-like McGee's were first found. I have traced Leak-like surnames such as Licks / Locks to proto-Ligurians at lake LYCHnidus, but the Drin river out of that lake flows to Lissus, begging whether proto-Ligurians were a branch of the namers of Lissus. Wouldn't that reveal Ligurians from Laish???

With Klees' looking linked to Athols and the Clausula together, while the latter traces to Childeric's son with Basina, note that Athol-like Thals/Talls, first found in Thuringia with Basina, use bees, the symbol on Childeric's tomb. Bessins use bees. The Athals (same wolf heads as Quade's / Queens / Cliffs) give me the impression of sharing the Oman Coat. The Cliffs are CLEAVES' too while the son above was CLOVIS. Turn the 'u' in "Claus" to a 'v', and the term becomes "Clavs." Or, take the ending on "ClauSULA," and see that Sole's/Sola's share fish with Clovis-line Clubs (Oman martlets?). Basina traces to the Bessi priests of the Satrae, beside an ancient Lissae location (deep root of the fleur-de-lys) at the sources of the Hebros river.

I view LIGURians with good reasons from mythical LYCURGus of the Edones, and while Edones were a branch of Sithones, the latter are suspect from Sidonians, who happened to own Laish. I view Lycurgus' son/father, Dryas, as code for Dorians (Macedonia), and from Dor of northern Israel, not far from Laish. As Strabo made the Mygdones a third tribe with Edones, I trace them to Megiddo, smack beside Dor, and this may now indicate that Armageddon (named after Megiddo) will be at Megiddo due to the pagan Levites from Laish having settled there. Mygdones lived in similar MACEDONia, and as Cassander was a Macedonian king, it might indicate that his line to the three queen Nysa's were Megiddo liners, especially as NAZareth is very-near Megiddo.

As Negro's and Knights share three pale bars, might NEGro's have been KNIGHt liners? The Knights can now be suspect with Cuneo liners that named Canute/Cnut, a DANE king and therefore suspect from Dan, the alternative name of Laish. Cnut was the son of Swietoslawa, a daughter of Mieszko I, whose Piast ancestry I trace to "Bistue" in the area of the Maezaei i.e. off the Oeneus river. Bistue likely named Beaston in Cheshire, of the Bessin/Beaston / Biston surnames. The Bessi Thracians, apparently. As queen Basina must be a Bessin liner, it explains why her husband (Childeric), who traces to the Nith river, is to the Childs/Chills that share the eagle in the colors of the Piast eagle (see Wikipedia). The Masci-related Scotts were at a Chill-suspect location.

While Mosca's were first found in Piast-like Pisa, there is a Moasca location to the west side of Nizza Monferrato, and the latter's Arms have an upright lion in both colors of the upright leopard of Mosca's. PLUS, zowie, while I say that the Mosca leopard is the so-called cat in the Chives Crest, Chives' use a moline cross while Castelletto Molina is on the east side of Nizza Monferrato too. DioNYSus had a leopard symbol, but then why does the Arms of Normandy use leopards? I have the sense that the Norman rulers from Malahule were heavily Masci liners. Masseys were in Manche while Malahule's Toesni line was to the Toeni's that use the maunch sleeve. You might like to talk to the Pisa-area Tous'/Tosini's about this, for their "man" looks boyish, a Meschin / Masculine symbol too, probably as per the Meschin-related TailBois'/TailBOYs'.

They say that the fleur-de-lys was originally the symbol of Clovis, son of Basina and Childeric. He traces with Clovse's/Close's (share spur with Knights) to Closeburn upon the Nith, yet I know that the fleur-de-lys traces to Lissus, smack beside Basina-like Bassania. Scotts trace to lake Scodra, to the near north of Lissus.

Why do Nitters/Natters (same place as Hicks) use "black savage's heads ERASed", and why are they female heads? With Nitts/Naughts first found in Dumfries with the Nith, it appears that Nitters/Natters (probably the Natt-Nathan Shield) can now trace Nith liners to Savigliano, increasing the chances that "Knee" is a Cuneo variation. The "ERASed" part of the Nitter description is suspect with the Eras/Rasmussen surname (shares unicorn with Cnuts), which share the unicorn of Fire's/Firs/Furs, whom I have traced to Cuneo's Stura-Demonte river. The Firs can be linked exactly to Oeneus liners and Oeneus lovers (Simpsons), and Firs were likely from the Fier county, and thus connectable to the Cassander elements I see at Antipatria.

A Nith / Dumfries link to Cuneo speaks to a Lease link to Bra, and Wikipedia's article on Donna Lease Brazile (born in Louisiana) claims that her ancestors were BRASwells. One Lease surname has the omen that occurred a couple of hours after I crossed into Texas from LOUISiana, and it occurs to me now that "Klees / Cleish / Gleish" can be a variation of the namers of "GALVESton" so that the latter is likewise a Lease line. The Galves lion may therefore be the Lee/Legh/Ligh lion, for the Lee variation may be of the Lees'/Lice's. The Italian Gallus' have the Galves lion in gold, I assume, since both surnames show a Gallego variation. German Gallus' share the Kopple rooster as evidence that Kopple's were from Goplo, for mythical Goplo history was written by Gallus Anonymous.

The Pelosi's/Pilati's (i.e. of Cuneo) of Savigliano, now traceable to the Nitter/Natter savages, share the column with one German-Frank Coat. English and Scottish Franks use a "nati" motto term that can thus indicate a branch of Nitters/Natters / Nitts/Naughts / Knights. The IllumiNATI may have been coined by this line, for Masonic spirits love to conceal but reveal using word-play. The other German Franks share the saltire of Annandale's while Annandale is in Dumfries too. This Frank link to the Nith underscores why Mr. Klees was named Frank, for Klees' are suspect with Close's at Closeburn. Jewish Franks use a "hawk's CLOSE." Can we believe that God named Frank for this revelation?

Back to the Rasmussen unicorn, not forgetting that Rasmussens (Masci / Massena branch) came to topic with Nitters/Natters. Mr. Rasmussen, a Dane, was, not long ago, the chief of NATO, an organization suspect in honor of, and perhaps run by, NATHan Rothschild. The current NATO chief is Mr. Stoltenberg, and if you load Stoltenbergs at the webpage below, you will shockingly find them using "On a blue shield a red heart pierced by an arrow." It's shocking because Nathans/Nations (may have named the United Nations), first found in Cnut-liner Nottinghamshire, use "A red heart pierced by a black arrow in bend SINISTER." Is this the Sauvage heart?

Rothchilds (no 's') and Rasmussens share the sinister-rising bend with Masci's and Massena's, and Cnut was a Masci liner of the Mieszko kind. If Nathans/Nations are using the Coney / Meschin / Muscel Shield in colors reversed, it again tends to make a Nith trace to Cuneo.

I've just realized that "siNISTER" can be code for Nesters/Ness'/Nests (Sussex, same as Saddocks sharing the Natt / Mascal Shield), with variations like the Ness'/Nessans. There was an ancient Nestus river coming down in the land of the SATRai Thracians suspect with Cuneo's STURa-Demonte river! Excellent, for Fire's/Firs (share unicorn with Demonte's) put a goat in the lower half of their unicorn, and Satrae (real peoples) likely named the mythical Satyrs. The latter are known to have been close to Centaurs (like a unicorn) and to mythical DioNYSus, he representing the people group that likely named the Nestus.

Moreover, mythical Nestor may have been named after the Nestus river, and he ruled at PYLos (beside Oeneus-related Methoni), the line feasibly to Pile's and therefore to Pillars/Pilots/Pile's and Pelosi's/Pilati's. That works. I'm seeing the Jonathan-line Levites out of Laish and into Nazareth, then over to Methoni. Dionysus (long hair at times as per his transvestite symbol) was also known as the Bacchus bull, and Pelosi's ("hairy") use the bull. His symbol was wine = oen in Greek, used for the name of Oeneus. Jewish Franks, who share the grapes of Jewish Laus', use a "jug of wine." Wine's share the green Shield with Oenotrian-loving Simpsons.

It's relevant that Franks and Laus' use a "man" holding the grapes, for that's code for Maeonians, who were mythicized as Dionysus' all-female MAENADs. The Frank man actually looks like a woman. Maeonians were on the MAEANDer river, and Manders use a "Laus DEO" motto suspect partly with DIOnysus (god of Nysa). Cuneo's Nizza Monferrato comes forcefully to mind because it's beside Vinchio while the Arms of Vinchio (besants) uses grapes. Dionysus' other name was Laish-suspect Lyaios. As the Biblical Nazarites are praised for not drinking wine, it appears that Nazareth liners took on wine as their code in mocking the Nazarite sect. Simpson-like Sampson was a Nazarite (long hair), and he's in Judges just before the Jonathan Levite at Laish comes to topic.

The Maenads used thyrsus rods suspect as code for Tyrus = Tyre, to the near-north of Nazareth. The Tyrian Taurus bull of Zeus / Bacchus is suspect at Haifa, between Nazareth and Tyre. As the Arms of Haifa use a long perchevron linkable to the same of Haifa-like Chappes', I reason that Haifa liners, especially of the Templars in Israel, were Hoffers / Overs / Covers / Heffners / Coffers / Caffers, or even all of them.

English Coffers are in Wine colors, and may be using the Simpson crescents in gold. Irish Coffers/Coffee's (a MAN in Crest) are in both Wine and Simpson colors, and their Crest traces to the Arms of Taranto. Taranto was made mythically the spouse of Satyrion, and while Satrae Thracians were near the Axius river, which itself goes down to the Edones, Sithones and Mygdones, the English Coffers were first found in Somerset, location of two Axe rivers.

Dionysus had a drunk symbol. The first time I was drunk was in the home of a friend with Winn-like Quinn surname (Winn/Wine colors), and while Winns are also the Wine's, his first name, Dennis (axes for Axius liners) is said to be from "Dionysus." This Quinn character was wild and evil, and I do now think that God arranged it this way to express Dionysus' Maenads through him, for they had a wild and crazy symbol. The Quinns use a winged horse, in the colors of the Caffery/Cafferty horse. It thus appears that QUINtus is a name from the Oen entity. The Quinn horse is even in the colors of the Simpson crescents. This recalls that, during my first LSD trip (nasty) with the drug coming from Dennis, I was with Cathy Simpson. Amazing. Although I hated that first trip because I took a double dose, I did LSD one more time when with Miss Simpson. I don't know how important it is for God to make this revelation, whether He tolerates even such things as LSD trips to make points. I've stopped asking what God would or would not allow, and I just tell the stories that appear to apply to heraldic links.

Later, Dennis raped a drunk lady in his own apartment with his wife there, and a with gang of partiers. He came out of the bedroom, pulled me aside, brought me into the bedroom, and told me to stay with her so that he wouldn't get caught by his wife. She was passed out on the floor, bra below her breasts, no pants on, and raped. Soon after, I was seeing her, and she gave me VD, perhaps from Dennis. I then accidentally gave it to Miss Simpson when meeting her at a party. I took her home even though I knew she had a boyfriend. When I discovered that I had the disease, I called her up to let her know. He came over, entered my apartment, and showed a knife, but being smaller than me, he didn't get too ugly, but went out and slashed all four tires of my car instead. He wasn't a bad guy, just mad, and rightly so.

Dennis was a terrible influence on me, I regret it all so much. He was demonic, and when I became a Christian, God caused me to get on my knee before Dennis' sister, who, totally out of character, started to scream like a crazy women, possessed. The Maenads were portrayed just like that. And while on my knee in front of Dennis and a couple of others, I called to Jesus audibly. She stopped screaming at that very second. I had been converted maybe a month, and was sensing the Spirit coming over me, so I told the gang about Jesus, but Dennis' sister was so upset with me that she got possessed.

When I first met Dennis at 13, I learned that he had stolen a new Mustang off the lot with his friend, Dave Bishop. I thought he was nuts. So I looked up the Bishops to find that they are to be viewed as Bis-Hope's, for Hope's share besants with Bishops, first off. The "ECCLesia" motto term of Bishops (eagle in Crest) is very clever, for while it's an apt term (means "church" in Greek) for a bishop, it's code for Eagle / Hagel liners at the Achelous river of the all-female Sirens, killers, just like the all-women Maenads. And mythical Oeneus was exactly at the Achelous, can you believe what God has done with my life???

Ecclestone's (share the Eccle fleur) translate "Spero meliora" as "I HOPE for better things." The same motto is used by the Sintian-suspect Sandals (English Sandals use virtually the Bishop Coat), and Dionysus was on Lemnos, home of the Sintians. Dionysus moved to Lemnos with a wife from Crete that belonged to the Tyrians, the bull cult of the Minoans, and while that bull cult, as it touched upon Dionysus, became Bacchus, Bucking(ham)s share the Notting bend-with-besants in all colors. That makes BIShope's suspect with the Bessi Thracians as they translated into Bessins / Bistone's. The Bessi lived at Lissae while Bassania was beside Lissus.

Now, let's look harder at "eccLESia." They stuck the Laish line in there too. Recall the "Laus Deo" of Manders, for Bishops use "Pro Deo et ecclesia." "Pro" is from the Ticino river, where Laevi merged with Mark-liner Marici, and I met Quinn and Bishop at a new school, with just a couple of months to go in the year, called Mark II. My previous school was in neighboring Markham. There is a Markham surname, first found in NOTTINGhamshire, and the Bishops share a version of the Notting / Bucking Coat. You see, so much in my life was Set Up to make surname connections later, now.

The man on the dolphin in the Arms of Taranto is mythical Taras, a son of Poseidon, a clear indication of Tyre liners, for PosEIDON (looks like the line to Edones) was king of Tyre. Therefore, Taranto liners (and Trents of Somerset) were Tyrians merged with Satrae THRACians and Paeonians on the Axius (Phoenicians were also, Poeni). Poseidon's ancestor was Phoenix, suspect as code for Panias, smack beside Laish and dolphin line Daphne. Phoenix's ancestor was mythical Danaus, suspect from Tanis at the lower Nile, and this entity is suspect as disguising itself as part of the Israeli tribe of Dan. In the book of Judges, we read that the 600 Danites in Israel had no place to call their home, and so they invaded Laish. This was roughly the time that the Hyksos were booted out of their domain around Tanis.

The Paeonians put out dove-liner Page's and Pansys, for example, and this dove traces to Cuppae, "city of doves," to the near north of the Paeoni. The Nesters/Ness'/Nests happen to use the doves of Page's, and the latter's doves are with PHEONs, you just can't make a mistake here. Cuneo-liner Coneys use the pansy. Nizza Monferrato is in Asti province, which I traced to the Paeonian city of Astibus, now looking correct. For years while making this Astibus trace, Nizza Monferrato was a blind spot to me upon my atlas.

The Paeonian city of Stobi was traced to Stops/Stubbs (STAFFordshire), who use PHEONs, and this surname's kin, the Stirlings, connect by their Moor head, to the Chappes', and then the Scottish Chappes' (share ears of wheat with Negro's) were first found in Stirlingshire. The Stirlings are also STURlings, from the Stura, right? From the Satrae Thracians, right? It's begging whether Taranto elements named Turin.

Stirlingshire is where Nemo's/NewMARSH's were first found, and MARSHalls share a string of five lozenges in the colors of the same of Nigers. Didn't we just see why Niger-like Negro's connect with Stirlingshire's Chappes? The Lease surname with the omen uses a "teneBRIS" motto term, and while Bris'/Brix's are a branch of Bricks, the latter share a string of lozenges (different colors) with Nigers. The three Bris/Brix lozenges are in colors reversed in the Cheff/Chaff Chief, and so the latter's are in the colors of the Brick lozenges. And, can we believe it, the Cheff/Chaff Coat is a good reflection of the Lease Coat with omen! Zinger. Cheffs/Chaffs were first found in Dorset with Quints and Quint-beloved Palins/PAWleys (see Paws below). The Pillar-Post at the New-Orleans trade show is expected to connect to Donna Lease Brazile, and here we find that Palins share the Pillar/Pilot lion, which is in the black lion paw of Quints.

The Covert-Maness Surprise

I installed Pillar Posts and a fence in Leakey. Did that get done to connect Leakey to the Pillar-post in New Orleans? While my omen on the Leakey road was a moon with dastardly-looking clouds (reflected in moonlight) on a mission, I rarely see clouds with a moon. Still, the fact that this omen came in Texas seven months after the cloud-on-sun omen on the eve of Galveston, it seems to be telling that Leaks/Leakeys were a Lease branch. The morning after Galveston, God led us (my readers, not just me) to the Coffee/Coffer surname, like the Chaffey variation of Lease-suspect Cheffs/Chaffs. The latter share the peacock of Manners/Maness', and peacocks are used by both Paw surnames.

I didn't only get a coffee in Victoria, but a newspaper too, and News' (probably the Chapman perchevron) use the colors of the Candle/Kentwell / Lady annulets.

The Negro pretended to be stabbing me with a knife, but it was only a plastic cover, and Covers/Cove's were first found in Sussex with Coverts/Cofferts, Courts/Coverts, and Maeander-line Nesters/Ness'. Manners are expected to be Maeander liners. This doesn't appear coincidental because Manners/Maness' are the ones who love Parrs, and the latter share the double-blue fesses of Nissans. The double-blue fesses of Manners/Maness' are those of Bays while I recall urinating on a ramp at Baytown. French Bays can be using a version of the Moon / Pine Coats. God's urine symbol in my life is part code for Orion > Orne liners, and part-code for king Pinnes, of the Ardiaei who married Moon-liner Monunius, a Dardanian, from the Trojan Dardanians, and Trojans are suspect with Tyrians. Nester-related Page's were first found in Devon with Moons and Pine's.

I've just looked up the Knife surname because the Negro pretended to have one. The Knife's are listed with Nons/Nevins, who use a Coat like that of French Bays. Negro's use Ayer-suspect ears, and Knife's/Nons were first found in Ayrshire. The other Bays (Colchester) are the ones with the double Maness/Mander fesses.

Miss Covert (lives nowhere near Texas) told me that her husband was Mr. Maness, and he is listed online with a Louisiana, and a Texas, address. When I was in Galveston, it was some 15 years before Miss Covert began to email me on post-tribulation issues. Yet her husband has a listing in Markham, Texas, which was once called, Cortes, like the Court variation of Coverts. And Irish Cortes' share a dolphin in Crest with Coffee's/COFFERs, amazing. Guess where Markham, Texas, is? It's just outside of Bay City, midway between Baytown and Victoria. The Cortes Coat (black-and-white checks) even has the look of the Manner/Maness Coat, and adds gold martlets, the Covert/Coffert symbol. Neither of these people could have arranged these "coincidences." Is God speaking to us a message here?

Recall why the Texas surname (shares the checks belonging to the Leavell-Beaumont line) should be of the Ticino/Tessin river, where the Marici co-founded Pavia with Laevi. MARKham, Texas. Coincidences? But what does the Maness surname have to do with the Ticino? The Pepin-beloved Mens', said to be of Manners, share the Shield-Chief of Poppins ("Mens" and MANSit" motto terms), which are colors reversed from the Shield-Chiefs of Chaffeys/Chaffs, can trace with Pepins to Papia/Pavia. That was easy. And the Cortes' share black-and-white checks with Pepoli's (and Steels).

My partner in Texas with the Pillar Post was MANDy Deeter. Her maiden name is Simpson, the surname that loves the wine-liner Enotri/Oenotrians. And Deeters happen to use more grape's while Simpsons trace to Enotri at Laus while Laus' use grapes and while MANDers use "Laus Deo." Mandy could not possibly be responsible for these links. And Mr. Deeter worked for BP on the Texas coast (he was involved in piloting oil tankers) while Mr. Maness flew BP employees to off-shore oil rigs with his helicopter. These things are according to Miss Covert and Mandy (don't know one another). Likely, the two BP employees didn't know one another, but God is wanting for me to connect them for heraldic reasons, it seems, at the least.

Maeander liners had a wine symbol anciently, and they connect with Dionysus to my Nissan that probably drove through Markham. I did not take the highway out of Galveston way north to Houston, but went closer to the coast. The main highway 35 through that area goes right through Bay City and skims past Markham. Again, Bays (Colchester, traces to the Colapis, beside the Una/Oeneus) share the double fesses of Manners/Maness'. Mr. Maness' Louisiana address is in the BAYou-Cane area, which reminds me that the Bessin was also Bayeux. The Arms of Bayeux uses one of the two lions in pale of the Bays'/Baise's/Base's (with a 's'), in the colors of the English-Mark lion, and colors reversed from the lion of Markhams, the latter first found in Nottinghamshire with Ticino-liner Tease's/Tye's and Manner-branch Mansfields whom, as God showed us, links to the Tease's/Tye's.

I urinated while facing Baytown, and the urine-liner, mythical Orion, the hunter, is suspect at the Orne river of Bayeux. Miss Hicks and her husband moved from Baytown to a ranch where they kept exotic animals such as gazelles and buffalo, which I assume were sold to elite hunting ranches. The Bays'/Base's, by the way, share the double lions of Hatch's/HACCKs, in Hicks colors.

In fact, this was shown as per Mamie's beautiful thighs, and while Mamie was code for the Mame/Meme variations of Mens'/Mengzies' (like the Mangels/Mansells who share the Mansfield maunch), as well as for the MAMESfelde location of Mansfields, she traced to MUMmolin, a descendant of Gallia, mother of Tullia of LYON. And while Lyons were at GlenLYON (Perthshire), the Mens' are said to have had a branch there. The point here is that while Gallia's are highly suspect with Gallia above, they are also Galliano's while Mr. Maness' Louisiana address is at Galliano. And, can we believe it, German Manders use the three bends of Gallia's/Galliano's in colors reversed (and in the sinister direction).

Lyons share the Touch lion while the Markham write-up traces to Markham, near Texas-like TUXford. Markhams ("MiTIS" et AuDAX") with Marks definitely look like Marici. The "auDAX" reminds that, as a TAXI driver (Tax's are also Dax's/Dachs, linkable to Thighs/Tye's / Tease's/Tye's), I picked Mamie up twice by "pure chance," and it ended up being a Set Up to point to Dachau, Hitler's concentration headquarters. And Miss Covert lives/lived beside Aryan Nations headquarters, and for other reasons she became a symbol of Hitler's leaders inside the United States. One of the leaders of Aryan nations was Charles Mangells (suspect as a son of Josef Mengele), that being part of the bloodline represented by Mamie. And Mangells are also MANESS-like MANSells.

It looks like God set Mr. Maness up in TEXas' Markham location to help prove that Tax/Dax liners were Ticino liners of Caiaphas importance. My first job was at a BP gas station. The owner was Tony, I'm not making this up. Tonys share the maunch sleeve with Mangels/Mansells and Mansfields.

Miss Maness' other husband had a mother from West ISLIP (Long Island), beside the Patchogue area where Hitler's nephew, William Stuart-Houston, lived and raised three sons or more. The sister of Miss Covert's husband married Mr. Scheriff, like the Scherff Nazi's who I think provided the president Bush's. This and more is what made Miss Covert appear as a God-provided (to me) symbol of Hitler's Nazi's inside the United States and the CIA. The Islips/Haslips are in the "hazel SLIP" of Hazels (squirrel), and Islips are suspect in the "I zal" motto phrase of Mens'/Mengzies. English Manders use " A PLOVER (bird) proper with a green SLIP of oak with gold acorns in its mouth." The plover may be code for Plows, and Plows are kin of Curtis' (plowSHARE = Schere/Scherf bloodline) while Coverts are also Courts. Mr. Maness was in Markham, earlier called, CORTES. These people could not have provided these coincidences.

It was established that Mummolin's wife, Berthe, daughter of MauriLION, traces to Maurels/Maurinis', first found in Milan with Gallia's/Galliano's. And the Morinis', in Gallia/Galliano colors, use two fesses colors reversed from the Nissan / Parr fesses. The Morinis' even share the Shield-Chief colors of Markhams. The Morano's, first found in Modena with Morinis', share the Chappes Moor head while Perthshire is beside the first-known Scottish Chappes', though of course they could have been heavily in Perthshire with CUP-using Shaws.

There's no Copter surname as per Mr. Maness' helicopter, but Coppers were first found in the same place as Coverts/Cofferts. Amazingly, while the Sybaris founders of Laus are said (Wikipedia's Sybaris article) to be from Is of Helike, that looks like "HELICopter." "Copter" sure does look like "Coffer." Whoever that Is character was, might his line have named Issa (near Laus-Ragusa), also called, Vis, suspect with the VICE-grips in my Nissan? Knife's/Nons use a "ViVIS" motto term, and Vise's/Vice's were first found in Sussex, same as Coverts/Cofferts. "Vivis" can be code also for Vivians, whose dolphins trace to Daphne at the Helike area. Helike appears named after Elis of Pisa, or vice-versa. As per the vice-grip. Gripps are listed with Grape's. It's highly likely that Helike and Elis were of mythical Helen (Hellespont liner), wife of Maeander-line MeneLAUS, brother of Mamie-suspect AgaMEMnon (a good place to trace Mame's/Meme's/Mens'), whose name ends in "Non," a variation of the Knife's.

While the Coffee/Coffer Crest traces to Taranto, Sybaris is on the gulf of Taranto. The Motels of Taranto share the horse with Cafferys/Caffertys, Coffert suspects, and the Caffery horse with rider is on a black Shield with Navys/Neve's, suspect with Knife's/Nevins. The Navy/Neve Crest has a winged horse, the Motel symbol. After the Negro pretended to STAB me with a knife, though it was a COVER, I checked into a motel, and then stopped for coffee in Victoria about an hour after passing Markham. I suggest that Coffer / Coffert / Cafferty / Cover liners were with the Marici on the Ticino. The Motel horse has an ARM in its mouth, and STABBs/Stubbs use an "arma" motto term. God is cool. The Stabb/Stubb Coat is a version of the Pepin Coat (share white horse with the above), and Pepins were from Pavia (really cool) and related to Manner/Maness liners of the Mens kind (awesome).

Back to the female savages of Nitters/Natters, which now begs whether Nith liners were DioNYSus / Nysa liners. With Maezaei-liner Rasmussens using the UNIcorn, it is suspect with the Una/Oeneus tributary of the SAVA, while Savage's are also Sava's. Oeneus is still suspect with the line from Laish's Levites, and the Oenotrians are in the motto of Alis-loving Simpsons while Alis' use the FIR tree, making Alis'/Alice's traceable to the Stura, perfect as per Alice of Montferrat and Alice of Saluzzo. We can assume that this entity formed NIZZA Monferrato. The latter Alice was daughter of Luis of Ceva, and while Ceva is at the Cevetta river, Cavetts share nearly the KNIGHTon Coat. The Oenotrians were at Italy's Laus and Saracena.

Cavetts were first found in Picardy with French Cails/Caye's, and the latter use the split Shield of Tarves' (colors reversed) along with sharing a moline cross with Chives', the latter first found in Tarves. It suggests a Ceva link to Chivasso (Bautica river). As Chives' are Shewas' too, Caye's looks like a branch of the Shay variation of Shaws.

Jewish Laus' share a man holding grapes with Jewish Franks, and grapes are in the Arms of Vinchio while the Klees wings link hard now to Winks/Wings, from Vinkovci near the lower Sava river. As Valentinian I was born in Vinkovci, and as the namers of that city are now expected at Vinchio, very near Savigliano, by what coincidence were Knightons first found in Worcestershire with Squirrels (Deck kin) while Valentins use squirrels? The Bishops, likewise first found in Worcestershire, linked well to the Ticino kin. As per "BisHOPE," it's notable that Hills (Worcestershire) share the HOPPER tower. And then the TICKhills use another maunch.

Is it coincidental that Italian Negro's use FIVE ears of Wheat in colors reversed from the FIVE keys of Sheaves'/CHIAPPONI's? Doesn't the latter look like it's a Shaw line merged with that of QUINTus Caepionis'? As Chiapponi's are also Chiava's, doesn't that look like Cavii at Cupionich (Koplik)? After all, Chives' are also SHEWas'. As I've seen French Josephs with two giant birds in the colors of the giant bird of Kopple's, doesn't this look like the line of Joseph Caiaphas?

I now recall that my high-school MATH teacher was a negroid Mr. Shaw. The Cavii were on the Mat/Mathis river, right?

As Cupionich is on the Clausula, where Glass' trace, is it not relevant that Kyle's, first found in Ayrshire, and living near GLASgow, share the Glass stars while using candlesticks as part-code for the Sithech ancestry of Shaws? Ayers share the leg with spur with Cheile's, first found in the same place as Keele's/Kills, making those two look like a Kyle branch. Change the "u" to a 'v' and then a 'p' to get "CLAUS(ula)" to become "COLAPIS." Kyle's use candlesticks while Candle's/Kentwells (near Colchester) share the Lady annulets while Lady Fortune is beloved by Class'/Klassens.

The Eyers/Ayers use a motto with a translation having "inVINCible," while Shaws/Sheaves' use "VINCit" in their motto. As this is code for Wings/Winks, let's add that the Garb surname, in-code with the "garbs" in the Wheat Shield, use wings. Moreover, when daylight arrived, God had me pull into VICToria for a coffee as code for the Hover-like Coffers, and then the Eyers use an "inVICTa" motto term (the one translated, "invincible").

The Wheat dancette (shared by WESTs) and the gold Wheat garbs (called wheat sheaves by WAISTells) suggests the Cottian line of Donnus > VESTALis. The "vie" motto term of Wests (like the "vi" of Chives'), first found in Devon with some of the earliest Chives', is suspect with the Viu tributary of the Riparia, the latter being home to the Cottian capital, SEGUSia. The latter term could have named the TECtoSAGES Galatians, and the "Tec" portion could be a Ticino term. These Galatians were ancestral to Quadratilla Bassus. The mother of Artemidoros was a Tectosages Galatian, and the daughter of Artemidoros was Julia TYCHE. It can start to indicate a Laevi-Cottian merger in the family of the Tectosages of that generation. Wests even share the griffin head with TICKs/Tucks/Touque's. The Riparia-like Rippers/Ripleys share the lions of Tracks/Tricks / Drigs, possibly from the TROCmi Galatians to which Artemidoros belonged.

Rippers/Ripleys share the same-style perchevron as Teague's/Teegers, the latter using a version of the Tick/Tuck/Touque Coat. Can Teague's/Teegers be named after a Tyche variation as well as a Tigranes variation? Yes, for roughly the great-grandson of Artemidoros married the granddaughter of Tigranes VI.

How do we think that Juba of MAURITANia, a descendant of Massinissa, got to marry Glaphyra Archelaus of Cappadocia??? Queen Nysa of Cappadocia thus looks like she was named by the same that named MassiNISSA (a couple of generations before Cilnius Maecenas). And I say that "Massena" named Maecenas while also forming the Maccabees proper of Israel. Tigranes VI (Maccabee-Herod) was a grandson of Glaphyra Archelaus (with another husband, they say).

Should we be looking to a merger between the Maezaei Illyrians and the Cassander Macedonians? Look like. Maezaei were between the Oeneus and URBanus rivers, and Cetis includes an ORBa area on a Track like river valley. The two Urban surnames therefore use, probably, the Macey Shield and Massena / Masci / Scott bend. Scotts were from Scodra, at RISINium, and Cassandra's/Cassane's use a "blue dove RISING" while blue doves are shared by Waistells. The "PROsequor" motto term of Cassandra's/Cassane's is now expected with the Pero's / Pierro's on the Ticino, and I showed why Christine Peare was both a Pero element and connected to Waistells (share "alis" with Laish-liner Simpsons).

Pero's use "FLAMing stars," and while items surrounding Mr. Maness and the Mangels/Mansells have traced to Ticino elements, Maness liners have not traced to the Ticino apart from their kin. Here we can add that Mangels/Mansells use a "flame." There must have been crazy Maeonians at the Ticino? But wait, I made a mistake. "Laus Deo" is not the full Mander motto. It's "PRO OMNibus Laus Deo." And the Omans use a reflection of the Mangel / Mansfield Coat.

Italian Cassandra's/Casano's are thus expected to have the Masci fleur in colors reversed...which is the fleur of Morinis', first found in Modena with Cassandra's/Casano's. Modena is suspect from Methoni, the latter made mythically a daughter of mythical Oeneus, and then the Simpson motto uses "NUTRior," suspect with the Enotri, also called OENotrians, suspect with "OENeus." When I was given the sleeping-bag dream, that ended with my pulling Christine Peare toward me by her waist, she had come off a platform beside mine, where Miss Phillips was too, and she had a boyfriend, Moreno. God knows what He's doing. It's the line of Terentia Murena with Cilnius Maecenas.

My expectation is that, when Massena formed an alliance with general Scipio just before 200 BC, he had a child that merged/married with the Laevi of northern Italy, and together they had come to rule some aspect of Cappadocia. My hunch from Christine Peare (waist symbol for WAISTELLs/Wessels) is that the Massena line joined that of VESTALis, for Cotta's/Cottons share a Shield of fretty with Modens/Modeys, the latter from Modena-like Modane near the Cottian capital.

Orba is highly suspect with the orb and besants of Metz's. But the "Per orbem" motto of Klees' is interesting. Klees'/Clays were first found in Lincolnshire with Klees-like Keele's and their Cheile branch. The Cheile's are in the CAMERA/Cameron motto, and, before asking Miss Hicks whether I could sit beside her, I set up her camera on its STAND at the front ROW. Rows (share buck with Hicks) share trefoils around a chevron with Klees'. Mr. Klees was my partner in the Pillar Post, and Pillars are Pilot liners while Klees' and Cheile's were first found in the same place as Pilotte's. Later, Stanley would sit beside her with a flag, and while Stands share the double fesses of Flags, Klees'/Clays look to be with a version of the Fly and Foot Coats.

Moreover, "Klees" is suspect with Klassens/Class', and the white wings in the Klees/Clay Crest can be those of Glass'. I saw Miss Hicks beautiful knees through the GLASS door on the Leakey road, and Leakeys share the leg with Cheile's. As that was at the Get'n Go, note that the Cheile bend with COTISed bendlets is that of Belgian Gone's, for the other Gone's are the Gows suspect with Get'n GO. Klees and Rows share three trefoils around a chevron with GEDDES-beloved Pike's, what a get'ngoincidence. This reinforces the theory made above that the Pillar Post was as per the monsters of 9-11 under Bush's government.

Cheile's (COTISed bend) use a version of the Schultz Coat, and the latter surname is suspect with heraldic shoulders, shared by COTIS'/Curtis' (plowshare over a farmer's shoulder). This tends to nail the theory that God caused me to set up Miss Hicks' camera, and so let's add that after she sang her song, she came back to sit down, and, as I commented, she shoved my shoulder in jest. What's with this? Shove's are listed with Shoulers.

While I claim that George Bush was a Rothschild puppet, the Arms of Rothschild share the five, bunched arrows of Cheile-loving Camera's/Camerons. George Bush invaded Iraq with Tony Blair as the British prime minister, and next came prime minister Brown while Rothschilds/Roddensteins (arrow) were first found in BRUNswick. Next came prime minister Cameron. Scottish Browns share the Fish Coat, essentially, and the Bars of Brunswick used fish.

It appears that Rothschilds, with supreme power in both end-time (nasty-to-God) Israel and Britain, have a good grip on American power structures. Beware, Lord Rothschild.

The Klees/Clay Coat has six pale bars (three and three) in its chevron in the colors of the three Levi chevrons, making the "Per" motto term of Klees' suspect with Pero's.

As I said, I asked someone on a FERRY (crossing the Mississippi) where there might be a good place to see the Gulf of Mexico. An this person responded, Galveston. It just so happens that Ferrys share the Galves lion. The Ferrys use a plow in Crest while Plows share the fleur of Gavestons. Ferrys were first found in Lanarkshire with Alters/Colters suspect in the "alteri" motto term of Plows. The Mander plover can be a Plow code, and the Manders use the omen-suspect "OMNIbus" motto term. I had the omen after someone on the ferry suggested I go to Galveston.

Before going to sleep in the Nissan, I had locked the latch of the hatch from the inside by clamping a set of VICE grips to the locking mechanism. The Vice's/Vise's share the cross between antlers of Vise-like EUStace's (Waistell branch?), and I think that king BALDwin of Templar Jerusalem, son of Eustace II, was named after the BALTea version of the Bautica river, explaining why Bauts were first found in the same place as Bouillons, for Baldwin's brother was Godfrey de Bouillon. And while the Jeffreys and Godfreys are said to be branches, the Jeffreys use a sun covered by a cloud too.

Now watch. The Arduinici at Ivrea (Bautica river) had a branch at Oneglia, and while Nagle's were from the namers of Oneglia, the Nagle fesse with lozenges is shared by Latch's. I locked the latch with VICE-grips, can you believe this? I've never told this before: God not only caused me to have the vice-grips on hand but made me use them as I did, without telling me that He was doing this. How many things has God caused you to do without your realizing? Is that not profound?

If God can do this to me while hear all your prayers, and do similar things in your lives, up to a couple of billion people, then he can also raise the souls of the dead, no matter what their bodies suffered. And he can clothe those souls automatically with new bodies of non-flesh. Isn't it beautiful that Jesus clung to the cross, because the sins of others held him there, for he was determined to die that their sins may be wiped away. Is that not a beautiful priest? It wasn't mere theater. He had the free choice to do it, or not to do it.

"Ivrea" is like the Ivory/Ivery surname that links to Ferrys, and Perrins (Pierce chevron in colors reversed) use a "feriunt" motto term while Ferys (one 'r') share the chevron of Perrins. Pero liners in merger with neighboring Ivrea elements is a virtual expectation. The Arduinici of Oneglia married Doria's, and Doria's share the Candida eagle while Percivals, very-probably Pero liners of the Pier/Pierce kind, use a "candida" motto term.

Latch's thus connect to the family of Eustace II, who lived in ARTois. Plus, while Eustace's / Staceys are a branch of Stage's/Staggs (share cross between antlers with Vise's/Vices and Eustace's), the Latch's were at Wigton with Hanna's ("Per ardua"), whose stag heads are blue, as with the Stage/Stagg stag heads. It begs whether WIGton was named after Vis liners.

The Latch- / Lease-like Leetch's/Leach's/Lacks/Leche's look to be using the Leakey Chief, and Leakeys were first found in Yorkshire with Wigtons. The latter's write-up says that a Wigton location was granted by William Meschin to a lord of ALLERdale, explaining why Latch's share red escutcheons with Allers. It appears that we can add Latch's and Leetch's to Laish liners, expected at Pavia, right?

As French Perrins use the allerion eagle on the same chevron as Stage's/Staggs while fir-cone English Perrins ("ImPAVidun") were likewise first found in Yorkshire, the "Per ardua" motto phrase of Hanna's must be for Pero-of-Pavia liners, recalling Christine Peare on the stage with me, in a mall. The Peare stars are colors reversed from the Wigton stars, and while Mauls were first found in Yorkshire with Wigtons, Malls (Massey Shield) share the Hannan Shield in colors reversed. I dated a Danish Miss Hannan, and MALahule was a Dane whose line went to Masci liners in the Bessin.

As Wiggins (spur) share a version of the Annas Coat, it's safe to assume that the stag users -- Hanna's, Hands and Anna's/Hanne's (TICKhill of Yorkshire) -- were a line from Annas, the high priest of Israel while Jesus was growing up. As Wiggins (Cambridgeshire) use wings, might Wing/Wink liners have been Wig liners? Why do Annabels/Hannibals (stag) share the double fesses of Annas-like Ness'/Nessans?

As Hicks married Arthurs of Clapton who in-turn married pelican-using Meads, the pelicans and Arthur colors of Letch's/Lechmere's ("CHRISTus pelicano") can suggest that the Hick fesse and partial format is used by Letch's/Lechmere's (given a location in HANley). After all, the Leak Chief has the Hicks fleur-de-lys.

New realization: Oneglia is about 50 miles from Nice, suspect with ArduiNICI. English Ardens use three gold symbols on a fesse, as do Nagle's. The Arden fesse is partly the fesse of French Pine's (Limousin, same as French Ardens), and the Pine fesse is in the colors of the Nagle fesse. Compare the Pine / Arden fesses with the Bag Chief, and then compare the Bagleys to Angle's/Anegals, the latter using the Nagle (included d'Angulo's) lozenges in colors reversed. Oneglia is now IMPeria, perhaps in the "IMPavidun" motto term of Perrins.

Bautica- and Arduinici-suspect Baldwins use "pas" again. Balds were first found in Peebles, where I think Pavia liners were. Balders ("ferme") share the cross of Claro-liner Sinclairs and Conans. AHA! The Irish Conans use a reflection of the Oman Coat while I can see Omans developing from "Conan." The omen was a cloud over the sun, and Sinclairs come up as "Sun." The Sinclair motto phrase, "Commit thy," loves the COMITissa / COMITes variation of Conan-suspect Conte's. Put a 'C' on "Oman" to get Comans, for Conteville's (married the mother of the Conqueror) ruled Comyns / Comines (Artois) while I've just tried for a Coman surname, and it does bring up the Comyns (Norfolk, beside the Omans). While the Conans use the June fleur, Omans share black martlets with French Josephs. Comines is near Avison-liner Avesnes, explaining why Comyns share the Avison Coat, and the garbs (sometimes called sheaves) of English Josephs.

The Avise variation of Avisons is in the motto of Scottish Kennedys while Irish Kennedys were first found in Tipperary with Irish Conans (and the Lafins likewise in the Kennedy motto). Recall that Vice's/Vise's link to Eustace II of Artois, for AVISE's look to apply. Recall the latch and the vice-GRIPs, then see the Leetch's and GRUBs crop up below. Latch's are the ones with the Nagle fesse and lozenges, very possibly the gold lozenges of Anchors (a near-copy of the Leetch Coat) because Nagle's are a branch of Anchor-like Angers. The Nagle lozenges-on-fesse are in the colors of the Leslie buckles-on-bend, and Leslie's use a "GRIP fast" motto. The Nagle's (fesse colors reversed from the Non fesses) love the Nons in their motto, and Nons are now known to be the Knife's.

The Gripps/Grape's (Austria, same as Garbs) are simply with a bend, and in the colors of the Stubb bend. It just so happens that Stubbs share buckles on their bend, as do Leslie's, thus indicating well that Leslie's are honoring the Gripps/Grape's. The Gripp/Grape bend is in Levi colors, and Levine's use the grape vine as word-play so that one might expect a Grape surname to develop from a Levi / Levine line. Gripps/Grape's (Pepin bend in colors reversed) predominantly show Grab terms, and this may be from Grabfeld. "Poppo I (died 839–841) was a Frankish count in the Grapfeld (Grabfeld) from 819–839. As a grandson of Heimrich, Count in the Upper Rheingau, he was a descendant of the Robertian count Cancor, and therefore a member of the Frankish House of Babenberg (Popponids)." The Robertians were also Capetians. Note that "Cancor" is like "Cancer" the CRAB. I'm seeing Stobi Paeonians at Papia/Pavia, especially the Paeonian who married Elizabeth Chappes.

Garbs look like they belong to Masci's, Maceys and the Arms of Cheshire. The Garb wings are those also of Weis'/Wise's and Wies', and the latter happen to use the Wager heart while WAGRians lived on the Warnow river of the Varni, at ROStock. The raven-using Tate's below share the ROXburgh pale bar. Grubs use a Gripp-like griffin, indicating the Griffin family of Pomerania, where the Varni lived. Varns share the Gripp/Grape bend. The grape-using Deeters were first found in Pomerania. As same-colored Dols were first found in Pomerania, Deeters look to be using the quadrants of Arundel-suspect Arens/Aarons in colors reversed.

Gripps and Griffins are suspect with BERNICE AGRIPPa, and it just so happens that while Deeters are Teeters, Teets are listed with the Tweed-branch Tate's, first found in BERNICia (includes Roxburgh). Two Herods married Glaphyra Archelaus, whose religious cult was near (or even at) lake Tatta. Teets/Tate's share the Annandale Coat, and the latter has the griffin in Crest seen in some other surname of this update. "GLAPHyra" is to Cleaver / Cliff liners, and so by what coincidence do Cliffords use a version of the Warren Coat and Crest. See Wards (Warren Shield) too with "Comme" motto term and first found in the same place as Quince's. The Wards are using the Clapton fesse because they had a branch at Clopton. Clifford castle was built by Mr. FitzPOND, and Ponds/Ponts / Ponders are suspect with Pharnaces of the Pontus: perfect for tracing Pharnaces to the Varni. And Cappadocia-like Chapmans love the Ponders (same place as Capone's) in their motto so that Quintus Caepio is being fingered here. I suggest that the red Warren and Ponder fesse is that of the Roxburgh Leavells.

The queen-Nysa line could have been at lake Tatta, and king PHARNaces could have named entities from which Varni were named. Varenne's share the raven with Tate's while raven vikings named Stuttgart (Varn colors) on the Negro- / Ness-like Neckar river.

The Arms of Comines shares the key with the Sheaves'/Chiava's/Chiapponi's first found in Abruzzo with Avesnes-liner Avezzano. This recalls a sort of promise that God made to me with a grub in my firewood, that I would find the line of Joseph Caiaphas in Avezzano (or Avezzano's). The June's are highly suspect with Junia Caepionis, like the Chiapponi variation of Sheaves'. Grubs (Leetch/Leach Shield?), a potential branch of Garbs, were first found in Berkshire with Shaws/Sheaves', and beside the Leetch's/Leach's of Oxfordshire (same place as Pero liners of the Peare kind). If Grubs are sharing the Leach Shield, it recalls the omen in the Lease Coat. Is a leach a grub?

The Negro thief woke me by shaking the Nissan up and down, and then spoke lies to me through the open window of the Nissan. Windows share the lion paw, holding a gold fitchee, with Quints. Everything about this event points to the killers of Jesus.

Pavia is not far from Ivrea. As Perrins look like Pavia liners, their black chevron can be suspect with the Levi chevrons, especially as the Levi motto loves the Aids that use leopard faces (partly for Pierleoni, right?) in colors reversed to the leopard faces on the Perrin chevron. The "RUINae" motto term of Perrins suggests the Ruins, said to be of Rouen, the Norman capital, and Normandy used leopards for its chief symbol. The Rouen surname uses MASCles, suggesting that the Perrin fir cones are linkable to the pine cones of Maschi's. Cone's share the antlers of Conte's, the latter first found in Durham with Ruins.

When I pulled Miss Peare (a dream) by the waist, we were on a platform that can be taken for a stage, for Stage's/Staggs definitely look like a branch of the Stacey variation of Eustace's. That's a way that God may be indicating that the first rulers of Templar Jerusalem were descended from VestaLIS (Lissus liner?) while merged with Laevi-related Pero's.

As I said, I once slept between Miss Peare and Miss Phillips in real life. I awoke with my arm draped around her waist, and with my hand on her BELLY, pulling her gently toward me. God must have set that up, for Bouillons use a "bello CHRISTi" motto phrase that's code for Belli's, and then Eustace II was father to Mr. Bouillon. Miss Phillips is Louise, suspect with Luis of Chives-suspect Ceva. Cave's share a fretty Shield with Cotta's, and moreover share the greyhound (Schutz/Shutz greyhound?) with Lise's/Lys'. Bello-like Belows use another fretty Shield. Compare Bellows with Percivals.

This reminds of the time when I loaned Rod Gardner my winter Coat. Later, while driving Miss Peare and Miss Phillips to visit my parents, I stopped in at the motel that Gardner was staying at, asking for the Coat back. Coats must be Cottian liners, therefore. Coats share six pale bars with the Hampshire Lise's, first found in the same place as the Sturs, whose French branch use pale bars in the colors of the Coat pale bars. Gardners show themselves to be the kin of CAPES' and the Joseph-related Caplans.

Satanic Polluters of Christmas

I'd like to go back to Nizza Monferrato, for I had not seen this location at my atlas until last night. As I said, a Vinchio location is beside it, and English Shaws, whose Sithech ancestry is suspect with "Sadducee," use a "vincit" motto term. Nizza, as I'll call it, is right beside, and on the same river with, Acquio Terme, the capital of the Statielli Ligures. The State's/Stathams share lozenges with English Shaws, while Asti-possible Astons (Cheshire) use them in the same colors with Shaws. Nizza is in Asti province, and the Aston use a reflection of the Oman Coat while the omen was about my NISSAN, the line of queen Nysa. The Ligurian location of Nice is Nizza to Italians, and Nice is a surname listed with Ness'/Nessans. We have another story to ferret out, especially as Nice's/Ness' were first found in Fife, beside the Scottish Shaws that use the Pilotte and Pellet Coat.

Let's go back to the Sandals of Miss Hicks. The Hamiltons are shown on the map above beside Sandlilands, and while Miss Hicks married Hamilton Kilpatrick, Hamiltons use the motto, "Through," while Klees'/Clays use, "Through the world." In Latin, the same motto is "Per orbem," suspect with Pero's on the Ticino that came around to Orba, at Cetis, to be in its royals, especially Lupus Laevillus.

In Mr. Kilpatrick's obituary, it happens to say the unexpected, that he was a pilot. Mr. Klees was the one who registered a corporation for the PILLAR Post, and Pillars are Pilots too. One of the peaks at Mont Pilat is PERDrix, the line to PERTHshire, where the mother of Pontius Pilate lived, and where the Shaws were first found who use the Pilotte / Pellet cups. The Flys who use pellets use a mild reflection of the Klees Coat, and the Kilpatrick castle on the Nith river was at CLOSEburn, suspect with the Clays/Klees' from the Clausula river. This is where I trace Class'/ Classens, who may be in the classic car, as I've always called it, in the Hicks dream. She was asleep in this nicely-redone 1950's model car, and Sleeps are from the Selepitanoi Illyrians, smack at the Clausula theater.

I suspected that the Illuminati picked up their Santa CLAUS from Clausula location, and stuck it to Christmas as an insult to Christ. Santa was given 12 REINdeer, and Reins/Reno's are like the Rena middle name of Miss Hicks. Everything the Masons create is based on their cherished bloodlines. Santa's special reindeer, Rudolph, had a red NOSE, and Nose's are listed with the Dutch and German Ness'. So, trace Clausula liners to Nizza.

Santa rode a sleigh, and Sleighs/Slays can be of the Clay variation of Klees', which then traces Sleighs to the Clausula. While the Clausula is where Koplik is found, that went by the alternative name of Cupionich, suspect with "Caepionis," the Sleighs/Slays, I kid you not, use a lion holding a gold fitchee, while Quints (from Quintus Caepio, father of Caepionis') use a lion paw holding a gold fitchee. And Quints were first found in Essex with Sleighs/Slays (share the Rudolph chevron). Are you impressed? The village of Ash (Ashtons = Astons?) that belonged to the Sleighs went to the Cottons.

Or, recall the Christmas tune, "PARTridge is a PEAR tree." Chars use the partridge, and Pears are with the Peare's while Christine's likewise use the Pilotte / Pellet cups, making the partridge suspect as code for Perdrix liners, especially as the Greek partridge was mythical Perdix. By what coincidence is "Char" like "Charlotte? Aha! The Neiss surname ("ASTutia"!), with an "eagle RISING," was first found in Perthshire. Ness' are also Neise's, and this recalls the Spree-Neisse area of Lusatia. The Arms of Spree-Neisse uses the red antler, which can now link to the red stag head of the Perthshire Colts/Cults, who in-turn use the Pilate pheon, obviously.

The "asTUTia" term of Neiss' must be partly for Tute's, because they share the red-on-white crescent of Spree's and Speers. Queen Nysa of Cappadocia was near or at lake Tatta, where I trace Tute / Tatton liners, and Daddys share the saltire of Pollocks, first found in RENfrewshire with Speers. This queen's mother was queen Nysa of the Pontus, suspect with the naming of PONTIUS Pilate.

Besides, red crescents are used by Nimo's suspect in the "Animo" motto term of Neiss', and Nimo's are also NewMARCH's, suspect with Marici Ligurians, but especially with the line of Azzo of Este (beloved of Squirrels/SQUIRE's) in Marche's Fermo (Picenum) that goes to the Perthshire Justine's (Neiss colors) and Wings/Winks. The husband of Justine of Picenum was Valentinian I, and squirrel-using Valentins were first found in Vinchio-like Vicenza (near Este). "Vicenzo" is a form of "Vince(nt)."

"Nemo" is a motto term of POINdexters (eSQUIRE's helmet) who share the Fist/Faust fist. Dexters/Decksters are suspect with the Parr / Nissan fesses so that queen Nysa is now tracing to Nizza Monferrato and Vinchio by the force of these "coincidences". As one Nysa ruled Cappadocia, it's doesn't look coincidental that Nimo's/Nemo's/Newmarch's were first found in Sterling (beside Perthshire) with Chappes'.

The Arms of Spree-Neisse uses a SCORpion, which may have been created by English speakers so that it's code for Share's/Schore's, who share the column with Pelosi's/Pilati's. It's then feasible that the ScorPION is part-code for the Pilate / Colt/Cult PHEON. Or, Hamons use antlers along with a "chevron PEAN," and Peans are listed with Payens, first found in the Mont-Pilat theater.

I first saw Charlotte Hicks on Christmas day, and the Christmas surname uses the white coney rabbit, shared by the Cuneo-liner Coneys and Conns. With Knee's suspect now as Cuneo liners, note that Knee-like Nizza is in Cuneo. And the Christmas fesse has the Joseph and Fly martlet. Knee's come up as "NEES/Knees," which recalls that I blocked the stab of the mugger in my Nissan with my knee.

God impressed me with her knees at a gas STATION while Stations are listed with State's/Stathams who share the Rein/Reno lozenges. I was at a gas station parking lot in the dream where I put carpenter glue in the wheel bearings, a dream about Waleran de Leavell.

I don't expect the families who knew to descend from Caiaphas or Annas or Sadducees to use a Sadducee surname. They would have wanted to hide this history, during Catholic rule, especially when the Vatican joined the Templars. The Vatican was intruded upon by the Jewish-Catholic PIERleoni, who wanted to set up popes of their own, and when this schism took place to the point of a major breakdown, Godfrey III came to the rescue of the Pierleoni. Were they from the Pero's? Godfrey III was the father of the wife of Eustace II (original Templar family), and the grandfather to Godfrey de Bouillon. I showed why Christine Peare was used by God to indicate the Bouillon bloodline, which had made her suspect as God's code for Pierleoni long before I discovered the Pero surname. The Pierce's/Piers were a branch of Percivals and therefore of the Laevillus > Leavell line.

Recalls Miss Hicks green toenails in her sandals, for Tows/Touch's share the lion of PierLEONi-suspect Lyons/Lions, first found in Perthshire.

In the Sandilands map, we saw Yule beside the Sinclairs of Roslin. The first grand master of the Templars, who married ELIZabeth (Lise term?) Chappes, spent many years at the Jerusalem Temple, and when he came back West, he went to see the English king straight away, and then the Sinclairs of Roslin. The Yule's/Yells, who seem to be at issue in the yule symbol of Christmas, use the Stick garb as evidence that the Sinclairs were with Sadducee liners of the Sithech kind. The Sinclairs of Roslin were fabulously wealthy, and there are hidden-treasure stories concerning Henry Sinclair of the Orkneys, where he is said to have been in Canada a century before Columbus sailed.

The waist symbol of Christine Peare extends from the Wessels/Waistells to Wissels, the latter using lozenges colors reversed from the Rein/Reno and State/Statham lozenges. It seems obvious that the Wissel lions are those of Paine's/Payne's (Somerset, same as Wissels), and while French Paine's share the Leo fesse while PierLEONi are known to be named after pope Leo, the first Templar grand master was Mr. Payens. German Wissels (Westphalia, same as Class'/Klassens/Klaas' of Clausula elements) use giant wings as code for the Perthshire Wings/WINKs, suspect with the "VINCit" of the Perthshire Shaws, which may now indicate that Wings/Winks were at Vinchio. The Wissel wings are colors reversed from the Jewish-Glass wings so as to make a Wissel-Klassen link fairly solid, and Klees'/Clays use wings too so as to look like a Klassen/Klaas branch.

The Coney coney holds a Paine-suspect pansy. Panthers share "spur rowells" with Payens while Spurrs were Closeburn / Nith kin. That is, spurs are shared between Close's and Knights so that, if Knights (Nith-river liners) were Cuneo liners along with Knee's, the whole of the spur rowell can be from Cuneo elements, making the namers of the Nith suspect with "Nizza." That looks very nice. Nitts/Naughts (same place as the Nith) are suspect with the Raines lion, and Raines are suspect with Rainier of Montferrat, whose son (William V) had a daughter, Alice. Recall the camera I set up for Miss Hicks at the front ROW, for while Camera's use the Rothschild arrows, the Rowells are Rothwells and Rosewells too. These were the raven vikings at Shetland, where Yells/Yule's had a Yell location.

The yule log "was originally a Nordic tradition. Yule is the name of the old Winter Solstice festivals in Scandinavia..."

We saw the Levite-suspect Simpsons beside Sandlilands, and so let's repeat that Waistells share "alis" with Laish-liner Simpsons, for Alis' use "vincit" too along with the Keiths that are likewise said to have been at the Sandilands theater. And Alis' may have named Waistell-suspect VestALIS. Alis'/Alice's share the fir tree with CRYSTals, and Bouillons love the CHRISTs, the latter sharing roses with the Pero-branch Pierro's (I wouldn't have suggested this link based only on roses if not for CHRISTine Peare). Cuneo is beside the province of ALESsandria (part Sander / Sandilands line?). Perrins (share leopard faces with Peare's) use fir-CONES and Pavia-suspect "ImPAVIdun." What do you think Cone's were?

The Wissel wings, like the Geneva/Genova and Bauer wings, look like they have an arm-with-fist between the wings, and Fists/Fausts are expected with the Vasto branch of Montferrat.

"The Marici were a Ligurian people. In the Third Book of his Natural History Pliny the Elder identifies them as the co-founders, along with the Laevi, of Ticinum, the modern Pavia" (that's the entire Wikipedia article on the Marici). Not only were Pierro's (Avezzano rose?) first found at Pavia, but the Peare's (same place as Tiens'/Thames") share the Tiens/Thames chevron-with-stars while "Tiens FERME" is the Squirrel motto while Fermo is in the Marici-like Marche while squirrel-loving Decks/Daggers are suspect as Ticino liners along with Pero's. You can't make this stuff up.

I pulled the waist of Christine Peare toward myself (a Masci and a Grimaldi as per my mother, she born near the Marche and nearer still to the MARSi) while she was on a PLATform with me, and while this platform can be regarded as a stage for Stage's/Staggs, it can also be a deck for Decks/Daggers. Can you believe further that French Mars' share essentially the Platt Coat? The Platts even throw in leopard faces, the Peare's symbol, and the Scottish Mars share the same lion as Wissels and Paine's while Paine's (same white lion as Leo's) were Pierleoni kin. Scottish Mars share two passant lions in pale with Jewish Levi's/Levine's. There is no mistake about the implications.

The Platt faces are in the colors of the same of German Franks. The other German Franks share the column with Pelosi's/Pilati's, a great reason to trace Mr. Klees' first name (Frank) to Pillars/Pilots. Is that not amazing already?

The Marsi were at Avezzano, and Hugh de Payens was known to have relations in ChamPAGNE. The Avezzano bend shares a rare potent-crutch pattern with the Champagne bend, and it's known that nobles of Champagne married AVESNes (Helpe river), the latter being obviously a branch of Avezzano's. The latter use a rose with stem while Stems/Steins use more leopard faces. Avesnes is near the Boulogne location of the Stage/Stagg bloodline i.e. of Eustace II, who married the daughter of Godfrey III, the one who partnered with Pierleoni.

I trace Marsi to Marseilles where Ligurians were founded. The previous name of Marseilles (Massilia) is highly suspect with the name of the Numidian tribe to which MassiNISSA belonged. One can then draw a line from Nizza/Nice to Nizza MonFERRATo, especially as Masci's / Masseys were at FERTE-Mace while Masci's were first found in Piedmont with Nizza Monferrato.

The Barn

My mother is related to Joel, who purchased a white Volkswagen Rabbit four days before he happened to come visit me, at the time I was stressing my own white-rabbit mystery from Bra of Cuneo. The following makes Bra suspect with Barn/Berne liners. It starts with the fact that the first machine I built, to fabricate the Pillar Post, was re-assembled in a barn of Mr. Klees' business partner, Chuck. They both joined the Pillar Post corporation. Chuck's son is now Joel's boss even though Joel did not ever know Chuck. It just happened that way.

The Coney / Conn fesse should be compared to the two of Barns. Coneys were first found in Lincolnshire with Klees' and Klees-possible Keele's / Cheile's. Barns share besants with orb-using Metz's while Klees' use "PER ORBem." What's that Per term for? Pepin of Landen, who traces to the Papia version of "Pavia," and to Langhe, location of Bra, married Ita of Metz. Therefore that Per term looks like it's for Pero's / Pierro's.

The two men entered a 50-50 deal with me. But after the machine was almost finished in the barn of one, on their property, they called to say that they wanted 66 percent. I went to the barn, dismantled the machine, and quit the company. Mr. Klees sent me a letter from his lawyer to change this outcome, but it was fruitless. I didn't want to lose control of the company to "sailors" that may not have informed me as to where they were sailing my ship. I owned the patent, anyway.

And so I looked up the Barns. The Barns/Berne's can be using the Nissan bend, for Berne was founded by Zahringers (blue antler), kin of red-antler Veringers, and then this red antler is suspect from the Arms of Spree-NIESSE. That's how Barns can be in the naming of Bra. Braswells use a colors-reversed version of the double Dexter chevrons, and therefore Bra can link well to Nizza.

German Wessels look to be using this antler, for Gallops share the Barn/Bern bend while the other Wessels/Waistells use a horse on a gallop. Gallops put a single, black item on their bend, and ditto for Barns/Berne's. The "wyse" motto term of Gallops must be for the Wise's/Weis' (WINGs) who share the two Zionist stars of Pero's, and I actually took the horse of Christine Peare for a gallop. It looks like Wise/Weis liners connected with the namers of VINCHio. Did the Klees motto trace to Pero's? Yes, and Klees' share two white wings (probably the Glass wings) in Crest with Wise's/Weis'. French Perrots (Brittany) use a giant, white eagle that can relate to these white wings. I can easily see the white Masci eagle wing with Perrots as a Masci-Pero merger.

Repeat: "Perrins (share leopard faces with Peare's) use fir-CONES and Pavia-suspect "ImPAVIdun." What do you think Cone's were? " Cuneo liners, of course. Cone's share the Conte and Buck antler. Why should the Hicks buck (wears a chaplet) trace to Cuneo? Maybe ask the Cheneys of Buckinghamshire. In any case, add Perrins to the growing list of Pero branches. In fact, Perino's are listed with Pero's. Imps use more double wings in Crest.

My patent attorney for the Pillar Post was Mrs. PARsons, and Parrs are beloved by Manners/Maness' ("parvenir"), who use the double Parr / Nissan fesses on gold, as do the English Bays. The French Bays use a version of the Neiss Coat, and I drove my Nissan past BAYtown, the home of Miss Hicks a few months earlier (actually, they may still have owned the house when I drove by). The Manners/Maness' use the motto, "POUR Y parvenir," and Purys/Bureys share the Coat of Omans while I had an omen while driving into Baytown. Purys/Bureys were first found in Oxfordshire with Peare's, and the latter share the gold-on-red leopard faces of Parsons, can you believe it? My patent agent was a Pierleoni liner from the Pero's / Pierro's. Pierre's (Languedoc) use "pour." Might "pourVENir" be for a Fens/Venn liner? Looks like. Can the FENS' be in code with my FENCE post? Looks like.

Manners were a branch of Men's (Glenny Chief-Shield colors), and the latter (Mens') were at GlenLYON, Perthshire home of the Lyons. Glenns, sharing the Pury martlets, and perhaps the Sauvage heart, were first found in Pavia-suspect Peebles along with the Bowers who share five, bundled arrows with Camera's/Camerons. The Peeble surname uses parrots while Parrots use PEARs. That's how Glenns can link to Purys even better, and therefore to the Pierre motto. German Glenns were first found in Westphalia with the Wissels that share the wing design of German Bauers (share a green Shield with the Peeble's Bowers), the proto-Rothschilds along with Polish's/Pollocks. Lyons share the Tow lion while I saw Miss Hicks' toe polish immediately after setting up her camera, while taking the seat reserved for Geneva, and then Geneva's share the wing design of Wissels and Bauers.

Asti-like Hasters use the parrot too. And the Parrot Shield adds "a black demi-lion rampant with red tongue and CLAWS." It looks like Klees'/Claws do link to Pierro/Pero liners. The Parrot motto, "Amo ut inVENio," may be part-code for Fens'/Venns. "Amo" is the full motto of Masci-suspect Scotts.

I built a few fences with the Pillar Post. The Baumgartners use a fence while Baums look like a branch of French Beaumonts/BAUMonts while the omen took place at, or almost at, Beaumont. There is no Fence surname coming up, but Fens'/Venns use one of the Parr / Nissan fesses, as do Parrys that trace by their lozenges to Brest, in Finistere, where I trace Fens-suspect Fiens / Fane's/Vans (kin of Ferte-Mace). The Wies' (white wings), a branch of Weis'/Wise's (same white wings), use the same fesse as Fens', the fesse in the Arms of Fanano (Modena), and the same fesse as the two of the Modena Morinis'. Might the Wise's/Weis' be sharing the Pierre fesse since the Weis/Weis stars are the flaming ones of Pero's? Flemings / Flame's became suspect with the Flaum variation of German Plume's, who share the Zionists stars of Reitmans, for example.

When Joel came for his visit with the white Rabbit, we drove to PARRy Sound. Later, he drove through BRACEbridge. It looks so Bra. Joel now works for the son of one of my Pillar-Post partners. The other partner is Frank, and his Klees surname looks to be sharing the Pury/Burey martlets. English and Scottish Franks share "non" with Neiss', and Nons/Nevins share the same fesse as Fens'. Coincidence?

Scottish Franks share the two-tailed lion with Montforts while Monforte is at the Asti area and therefore near Nizza Monferrato. Jewish Franks share grapes with the Arms of Vinchio. Italian Franks are also Franca's, first found in Piedmont. A few days after Joel visited me with his white rabbit, he flew to Italy with a BRAZilian sports writer, and while going to the European volleyball championships via the Venice airport (the Fens-related Veneti, right?), they dropped unannounced into my mother's home town in Abruzzo (near or even in the land of Marsi), arriving during the funeral of Franca. She was the wife of August (had a Masci mother), in whose house I stayed for two months when my mother took me as a child to that town. Augusts share eagle legs with Brays/Brae's, no coincidences. Eagle's are kin of Savage's from Savigliano, beside Bra. God is speaking. August's brother, GiamPIERO, is how I discovered the Pierro's (Pavia) in the first place.

Wikipedia: "Giampiero (often Gianpiero) is an Italian given name. It is often short for 'Giovanni Piero'." "Giovanni" means "youth / young,", and it just so happens that one Young/Yonge Coat shares red-on-gold roses with Pierro's while the other Youngs/Yonge's use piles while Pillars/Pilots are also Pile's. Youngs/Yonge's were first found in Essex with Quints (means"five"), and then there are five roses in the Pierro/Pero Coat (Alan fesse). Essex is also where Imps were first found who have the Quint chevron in colors reversed. The Pierro-branch Perrins use "IMPaviDUN." Scottish Duns share the white-on-black spread eagle with the Brittany Perrots. You can't argue with the facts. This Masci eagle named DUNham-Masci, right? The Dol Alans did marry Robert D'Avranches of Ferte-Mace. His wife was daughter to Godwin of Dol, and Godwins almost use the Pierro Coat.

The first-known Pelosi's were at a location of Eagle-related Savage's, and the Wings/Winks share the red PILE with Eagle-branch Hagels (from pagan-Levite line = proto-Laevi Gauls through of Calydon, right). While Frank Klees owned the Pillar Post for a while, Klees' use wings while Pillars/Pilots are also Pile's. As Jewish Franks share grapes with the Arms of Vinchio, that's where the Klees wings can trace.

Klassens use Lady Fortune while Fortune's share the gyronny pattern with Allers. The latter were first found in Westphalia with Klassens, and Allers are in the allerion (beakless) eagle (shared by Holdens) used also by French Perrins. The latter were first found in Lorraine with the Crispins (at Parez) who share the pomegranate with the Cris-like Grazio's, the latter first found at PERUSia, in UMBRIA, suspect with the "umbra" motto term of Allers. Crispins were in the ancestry of Godwin of Dol. Why do Belgian Paris' use red squirrels?

Let's entertain that the Pillar-Post is to link to Fens/Venn liners. Fien / Finistere liners are in the motto of Veneti- / Wend-liner Windsors, whose castle is in Berkshire, where the Shaws/Sheaves' were first found who use fence-like "vincit." Vince's are also Vinch's/Finch's. French Vincents might be using the Pillar/Pilot lion. Vince's were first found in Hertfordshire with Titus', while the family of emperor Titus was at Rita-line Rieti, which was near the central area of the Marsi. Fens' use the scallops of Pierleoni-related Mars. Marsi were in Abruzzo, where KEY-using Sheaves'/Chiapponi's were first found while the Shaws/Sheaves' use "QUI vincit." The key is shared by French BARNeys (Pilate colors), first found in Dauphine, the Mont-Pilate theater, and using the Fens chevron in colors reversed. I built the Pillar-Post in a barn. Perrot-like Perts/Petts use a bend-with-symbols like the same of English Barneys.

The POST surname shares the lion of Rita's, first found in Rome with Pierleoni, and these lions are in the colors of the Leo lion. The Pillar Post was code for the Jewish-Catholic Pierleoni. Mr. Klees' first name is Frank while German Franks share the pillar-like column with Pelosi's/Pilati's, first found smack beside Bra. English Franks share the Polish/Pollock / Daddy saltire while Bern / Burn liners are in the Polish/Pollock write-up.

God's Running Toilet

Balders share the saltire of Rusts/ROOSTs, and the Rusts share the fitchee crosses of Balders while Balders use the cross of ROOSTer-using Sinclairs. Rusts have been resolved with Rusticus of Lyon, or his ancestor, Decimus Rusticus of Lyon. The latter was married to Tullia (400 AD) of Clermont-Ferrand, that location being a Friend liner, very likely, but also the Claro > Sinclair line. Keep in mind that Friends are suspect with the Wayne Shield while Wayne's are suspect with the Shield of Irish Arthurs (share pelican in Crest with Wayne's and Mede's) while ARTEMs/AITons were first found in the same place as Arthurs and Levi-beloved AIDs while ARTEMia was a daughter of Rusticus of Lyon.

In roughly my last year in Texas, the water bill back home was a whopping $700 over the span of about six weeks. When getting back, it turned out that the tenant allowed others to come in and rent without my knowing about it, and they just left the TOILET running without addressing the simple fix. These four tenants together refused to pay for this bill (a measly $175 each)4, and they all moved out instead, what low lives. For some reason, I felt that this story could have been set up by God, and the first thing coming to mind is that the toilet may have been code for Tullia's/TOLLETs (share the checks of Italian Ferrands), who use an "ADversis" motto term suspect with Aid (and Ada-of-Warenne) liners.

I don't remember the original tenant's name, or any of the others who moved in. All I can say is that, trying to get some money from the original tenant, I visited him at his work as COSTco, and it turned out he worked in the MEAT department. Meats are listed with Meads, whom the Arthurs of Clapton married, and Clapton is at Portishead, suspect with Porters, whose portcullis gate is traceable to Proculus, son of Laevillus. This is the line that God always seems to want to emphasize. As per COSTco, I looked up the Costs (same place as Cotta's), and, zowie, they share the Porter bell, and, in colors reversed, the bells of the Exters/Exeters likely in the "extra" motto term of COSTello's.

Laevillus' mother, Vibia, was a Vibius liner, which I think went to Bibo's/Bible's, who use a red rooster on a CUSHion, while Kiss'/CUSH's use a red rooster too. And Kiss'/Cush's are using the Coat of Cost-like Casts/Cass' and Custs. Costello's even share "ne" with Josephs while the latter use it as "CAS ne charo," and Knee's/Nee's share the blue bend with Claro's/Charo's. So, you see, it works like a charm from merely the toilet, Costco and the meat department, but we can throw in the wasted WATER, for at least one Water surname is suspect from "QUADRatilla." These Waters were first found in Essex with Quints so that the two can be sharing red chevrons.

What are the chances that Waters share the three chevrons of CASSandra's/Casane's (same place as English Josephs)? King Cassander was not only the son of Antipater of Macedonia, but he was in the line to queen Nysa! So, there we have it, that Costco has led us to the line of Cassander. The AntiPATRia line of Pattersons (share pelicans with Meats/Meads) is also that of Cassane's / KISSane's.

Plus, Meats/Meads share a version of the Godfrey Coat so that we are at the line of Godfrey de Bouillon, whose surname was first found in Auvergne, location of Clermont-Ferrand. You see. It cost me $700 to make this revelation on His behalf. Costello's are said to be a branch of Nagle's, from "Oneglia," home of Arthur-line Arduinici, who had another branch at Ivrea on the Bautica river...and Bauts were first found in the same place as Clermont-Ferrand. Bauts share the ram with the Crest of Bagleys, and the latter use the Costello Coat! The Bagley / Costello lozenges are colors reversed in the Nagle Coat.

I was never able to get back to Texas again after fixing the toilet. Before returning, I had hired Mr. CASey as a real-estate agent, and we sold the Texas place while I was not there. It was fortunate timing that I decided to sell at that time. Italian Case's are probably using the fesse of Italian Cassandra's/Casano's (Modena), and Spanish Case's/Casino's share the white castle with Italian Costello's.

Caseys can be using a version of the Tarent Coat, and the latter is a reflection of the Diss/Dice Coat while English Case's (Diss colors) use a "DIStantia" motto term. As we saw, the Galves' trace to Terentia Murena, and it just so happens that Testers share the Galves / Ferry lion while English Case's (buckles) were at Testerton (Norfolk, beside Diss). This so-suggested that TESters were a Diss branch that I checked Disters to find a version of the Diss/Dice Coat. Disters were first found in Worcestershire with Squirrels who share the red squirrel with Dice-like Dyke's and Decks/Daggers. Testers were first found in Oxfordshire with the Tiens in the Squirrel motto. I therefore reason that Testers were Tess / Tease liners from the Ticino/Tessin river. Testers were at Cosquer while Caseys come up as "Cosey."

English Case's share the "cubit arm" with Flys, from FLAGI/Flavian, and Plows are said to derive in "plaga," which I see as evidence that Plows were Flavians. Flys are a Flag/Fleck branch while the latter share the double fesses of Stants/Stands, suspect in "diSTANTia."

It should be added that while the omen in connectable to Lease's, the English Lise's were first found in Hampshire with Tiss'/Tice's/Teece's, who may be using one of the Cassandra/Cassane chevrons.

It was resolved that I crossed the Mississippi at Greenville. There is a Greenfield/Granville surname ("organ rests") sharing the Arthur Coat, and I see the Diss' (same place as Omans) using a version of the Arthur Coat because the same is true of Davers (Suffolk, same as Diss'). The latter are from the Daversi, an alternative name of Daorsi that lived on the Neretva river with the Ardiaei Illyrians. The Ardiaei married the daughter of the Dardanian king, MONUNius II, and then MONANs/Moonans use the Greenfield/Granville motto ("Frangas non FLECtes") in reverse. We can then read the term as, "flecTES", for Testers use the Galves lion.

This gets more amazing because Monans use the two embattled lions of Ferrys (!!), which are likewise in the colors of the Galves lion. Plus, I passed BAYtown on the way to Galveston, and French Bays look to be with a Coat version of the Moons (Pine crescents in colors reversed), first found in Devon with the Dardanian line of Dards/Darts (not to mention the Pine's from Pinnes, an Ardiaei king). Is that not amazing? This Greenfield link to Ferrys (plow) is new right here.

Aha! Testers are also TesTARDs/TesTARTs, and Tards/Tarts are listed with Dards/Darts. In this picture, trace Ardiaei to the Arduinici at Ivrea, and assume a merger with Ticino liners of the Lise/Lys kind from the Cavii. The latter lived amongst, or to the immediate south of, the SELEPitanoi Illyrians, and the Darts (Devon, same as early Chives') use one of the ermined fesses of SLEEPs.

The Were's and the Greenfields are both said to have been with Giffards. Were's share the GREEN-on-white bend of Ivorys/Iverys (Oxfordshire, land of political Vere's), and then Scottish Verys are the Ferrys.

I had to take a leak so bad, while driving, I stopped the Nissan on a ramp and did it there. I was turning south at the time, at Baytown. There are two issues here, the fact that Leaks share the Hicks fleur (both first found in Yorkshire) while Miss Hicks lived in Baytown, and the day I accidentally urinated on Pino (we were both about 4 or 5 years old). Again, the Pine's use the Bay crescents, by the looks of it, and Pino was resolved as God's code for king Pinnes (it doesn't look like He liked Pinnes), a child king. English Pine's (colors and format of Irish Arthurs) share the ermined chevron of the neighboring Friends, in the colors of the ermined fesse of Darts/Dards.

A third issue is that Ramps share combatant lions with Ferrys and Monans. Ramp-like Rams (same place as Fier-branch Vere's) use a "fieri" motto term that can be of the Ferrys. The Rams were granted land by Robert Grenon, who's surname looks like "Granville." Grenons (Bourley colors, on GREEN) use a white version of the gold Bury Coat, and omen-like Omans were at a Bury location.

Dossier News

The Democrat rebuttal to the Nunes memo came out this week. It verified that the FBI did not notify the FISA judges that the Steele dossier was paid for by the Hillary campaign, and even by Hillary herself. The rebuttal is an excellent piece of incrimination on the part of the FBI because it (the rebuttal) makes the excuse that the FBI withheld the owners of the dossier to protect their identity, as if the secret judge, who convenes over classified issues as his primary job, is not permitted to know the names of the owners. This excuse is so laughable that this issue will continue to condemn the news outlets, and their Democrat supporters, all-the-more as they try to spin this is a justifiable reality. It isn't even a reality.

There are two options for the reality: 1) the FBI notified the FISA judges that the Clintons paid for this thing, but the FBI does want to reveal this in order to protect the FISA court's existence and capabilities; 2) the FBI didn't want to tell the judges that Hillary was behind it because the FBI was acting as a political tool for her campaign (= scandalous, criminal offense). If 1) is the reality, the FBI is perhaps wanting to take the fall to protect the FISA court, but if the FBI decides that taking the fall is unacceptable, it will rat-out on FISA, placing the blame on the judges. According to Nunes, 2) is the correct option.

The Democrat rebuttal starts off with beatitudes for the FBI, which the Democrat voter will spoon gladly into his mouth, to swallow with a delightful gulp, because that's what utter idiots do. They will act as though they deny the FBI reality, and if they do this, they are unworthy to lead their dogs on a leash let alone the nation of free people. This issue amounts to an exposure of demonism in the United States, where people tote, not only the doctrines of demons, but demonic attitudes. The greatest idiots are the demons. If they were not idiots, they would cease to be evil. The Democrats will continue to expose the extent of evil that humans are willing and desirous to employ openly. This is for their condemnation in the True Supreme Court.

The rebuttal's first point of contention, in its introduction, with Nunes says that the FBI did not make its decision to investigate Carter Page as per the information in the Steele dossier. This is irrelevant to Nunes' issues, yet it's posed as an important point, being the first on the list. Fine, the FBI decided to investigate Page aside from anything to do with the dossier, but this does not speak to whether the dossier was used specifically to increase FBI spy powers over Page, a victim of a corrupt FBI force. And the dossier was obviously used in that way. Besides, the purpose of the dossier is not about Page, but about Trump.

The good thing about the rebuttal's next point is the claim that Page was investigated for reasons outside the dossier. Having said that, the Democrats should now state those other reasons. The people would like to know.

So, the first bullet in the rebuttal does not speak to anything concerning the FBI's criminal issues. The second bullet gives the admission that the first of four FISA warrants against Page was at a time when he was no longer with the Trump campaign, which makes surveillance on Page far-less important, especially as Page was not a politician in other ways. It therefore appears that the FBI chose to spy on Page as an excuse to dig up correspondence by Trump and his upper circles. This is the FBI's criminal part. The FBI had to convince the FISA court that Page's relationship to the Trump campaign touched upon their shared criminality. As the FBI has not come out with anything remotely looking like Trump's criminality, we can comprehend why the dossier was put before the court, for the dossier portrays Trump as a criminal.

The people should like to know what else, besides the dossier, made the FBI case for Trump's criminality in Russia. If the Democrats can't come out with that one thing, they are lame. The second bullet speaks only to Page's contact with high level Russians, but says nothing to prove that page was working with Trump in his Russian contacts. The FBI's job was to prove to the FISA court that Trump and Page were working together. The first paragraph of the second bullet makes that assumption, but it's an assumption only, made to justify the FBI's behavior. The second bullet ends with the claim that the Trump team brought Page aboard at the same time (March 2016) the FBI started to investigate Page. There are two ways to look at this, and one is that the FBI started to prepare an assault on Trump via connection to Page, by framing Trump as a Russian operative. But even if that option is not true, it's irrelevant to the NUNES memo.

The second bullet ends with a couple of issues: 1) the FBI did not pay for the Steele dossier; 2) the FBI distanced itself from Steele when he started to go public with the dossier. The rebuttal wants to frame this latter point as good for the FBI, as though the FBI is a moral and upright player. But it's terrible for the FBI. It shows that the FBI did not wish to be associated with Steele's dossier where the public would know of the relationship, yet it used Steele's dossier secretly in the FISA courts. This is downright condemnation upon the FBI. The FBI has, all by itself, by firing Steele, incriminated itself. The very things that the FBI used to get spy intrusions into the life of Carter Page are the very things that the FBI considered worthless and embarrassing. This is at the heart of the NUNES memo.

In a letter obtained by Fox News, committee Chairman Devin Nunes, R-Calif., posed a string of dossier-related questions to current and former intelligence, law enforcement and State Department officials. He specifically wants to know when they learned the document was funded by Democratic sources, and how it was used to obtain one or more surveillance warrants at the secret Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court. In the Feb. 20-dated letter, Nunes even threatened to issue subpoenas.

Asking those questions isn't good enough. The people requested will give incomplete answers and try to get away without guilt, if they think they can. The Nunes team needs to ask for all communication exchanges where they think the quilt likely exists. In that way, there is the possibility of uncovering other guilt. In fact, as crimes have been committed, ALL communications since the start of 2016, at the least, should be requested. The government can afford to foot the bill for this work because it's important. By the sounds of it, this second phase is going to take a long time.

I don't see any difference between asking questions on paper verses asking questions in a closed setting and being disappointed / deceived there. The officials have already shown that they lie. Letter exchanges can be as slow-paced and useless as email exchanges when complaining to a company about their product that doesn't want to be bothered about it. But here's something more promising from Nunes:

As a winter approached a few years ago, I caught 16 squirrels in my attic with a single rat trap over a period of about two weeks, maybe three, I can't recall exactly. A few survived and were taken away to a brook. A 17th squirrel entered alone the following summer. It seemed to be the only squirrel around in the yard. When it got it after all the soffits were installed (sealing the attic closed), I had to look to find how it possibly could have gotten in. I found the small passageway and sealed it, with the squirrel in the attic at the time. Or so was my belief. I figure that it died of thirst in the wall or joist insulation somewhere. These squirrels were suspect with the 17 lawyers hired by Mueller, though I await to see if this is correct. Here's an article out this week:

None of the 16 publicly-confirmed lawyers on special counsel Robert Mueller’s team are registered Republicans, The Daily Caller News Foundation has found.

Voter registration records indicate that 13 of the attorneys are Democrats and three have no party affiliation. This is the first time the political affiliation of all 16 lawyers has been reported.

...There is a 17th lawyer on the Russia probe, but this person’s identity and political affiliation remain unknown.

There were 16 initially, and then a 17th was added later. Again, the Steele dossier was originally started by Republicans suspect with the Bush circle, and then, as per the rat trap, Trapps/Trappers use a BUStard while the Bustards use a version of the Bush Coat when it was showing with a red fesse. It wasn't until seeing the TesTARDs that the realization occurred to link "Tard" to Darts," and here I find that BusTARDs were first found in Devon with Tards/Darts!

And TEStards, who share an upright, red lion with Dutch Bush's/Boschs/BOS', are suspect generally with the red-squirrel Decks/Daggers and Dyke's. German and Dutch Dyke's share the same lion as Testards, and German Dyke's happen to use the giant fleur of German Bush's/Buschs and Gavestons!

The Bustards share three pellets on white with German BRESTs/Brese's, and the 17th squirrel, while I was installing soffits and reaching in to remove some urine-infested pink insulation, jumped out of its NEST (in the rafters) with fear, bounced off a rafter straight for my chest / BREAST before it had time to think about what it was doing, and dropped two stories to the ground with an umbrella-like body (with all four legs spread wide apart). Later that year, the same squirrel, I think, came out in fear from a hole in the ceiling of the trailer, as I put my hand up there (I didn't know it was there), and it bounced off my breast too. So, this 17th squirrel looks like God's code for German Brests sharing the Bustard pellets.

The Bustard and Bush fesse now looks like a colors-reversed version of the Dart fesse. The Bustards call their pellets "three black ogresses." The Gress' are listed with the Grasse's/Grace's of Provence, near Grasse. The Bosco's use "...silver pillars, out of each, a gold tuft of GRASS", suggesting that Grasse elements merged with Busca, beside Sole-possible Saluzzo.

Did you notice the Tick-like "attic"? The Ticks/Tucks/Touque's use a reflection of the Stump Coat while Italian Bosco's use a "stump." The 17th squirrel got in at a small opening in the center of my SOLAR PANELS, and Sole's ("fish haurient") have the Painells (by marriage) in their write-up, while Panels are the Paganells/PINCs, like the pink insulation used for the squirrel's nest. The Solars share the six pale bars of Lise's, and the latter were first found in Hampshire with Tiss'/Teece's/Tike's who in-turn happen to share the Sole chevron.

BEHOLD. The RAT TRAP became suspect with the TRABy-RADziwill merger, which is to say, the Traby-Astikas merger in Vilnius. By what coincidence do chest-like Chesters share the Chief-Shield of Vilains as well as the motto of Stick-related Shaws? The Trabys/Sadowski's uses a SCARF while I still believe the online theory that the president George Herbert Walker Bush was born George Herbert SCHERFF Jr., a good reason as to why God would want to provide the rat trap as a central item with the squirrels. Moreover, while German Brests are Brese's, English Brese's use a white wolf on blue, symbol of Scarfs! Bingo, for this is the wolf shown at Wikipedia's article for Hugh Lupus (could be removed), the fist earl of CHESTer!!! Just look at that.

Has God verified that president Bush was from the Scherff Nazi's? Looks like. And so Mueller's legal team may be of these pro-Nazi's that Bush stacked Intelligence / the shadow-government with, and Mueller is one of those suspects.

On my roof, there are two sets of solar panels with a lid between them. I remove the lid to climb up there to slide snow off the panels. The 17th squirrel got in through a 1.25" gap (intended as an air vent) at the top of the lid, and so let's go to the lids of jars that were under topic two updates ago: "LIDDESdale (Roxburghshire), in the Liddel river, is near Lauder. Liddels' were first found in Roxburghshire, and they even share the fleur of Litts." Litts were first found in Silesia with Brests/Brese's, and share the Dyke / Deck/Dagger fleur. It's even possible that "Silesia" was named after something if Saluzzo. Cheneys are still suspect with Boasts with a version of the Saleman/Salian Coat (Salmon colors), and Rafters share salmon with Salmons. Did the squirrel bounce off the rafter before striking my chest? Yes, and the Rafter Crest has "A gold eagle DISplayed on a green mount." English Bush's use a gold eagle on their Bustard fesse (I have a Bush Coat in my files with red fesse).

The fact that Boets/Butts/Bute's share "fish" on a gold bend with Rafters is excellent. To set this up, the "ogresses" of Bustards can be suspect with the Biblical OG, king of REPHAites that I trace to the heraldic raven, and therefore to raven-using Ruffs/Ralphs/ROOFs (Norfolk, same as Brese's). The solar panels are on my ROOF, and the same squirrel that bounced off the RAFter also came in at the solar panels. If Rafters were Rephaites, then let me repeat that I link Og to the line of Keturah (Abraham's other wife), whose son, Medan, traces to mythical Medon, son of Keturah-liner Kodros, last mythical king of Athens. Og (Biblical giant) has been traced to mythical OGyges (a monster at attic-like ATTICA!) was between Athens and BOEOTia, and that line traces to BOETs/Butts/Bute's. Perfect.

But there is more, for Kodros had both a fish and a boar symbol while Bush's use the black boar, symbol of Edom in the book of Enoch. Esau was the Edomite king at BOZrah. Not only do Boets/Butts/Bute's use "fish," but it's on a fesse along with the salmon of Rafters and the Arms of Saraca, and Wikipedia says that the Saraka's were first at KODRos-like KOTOR, smack beside BUTua (now Budva) at the Selepitanoi / Ardiaei theater. The Saraca's then moved to RAGusa, and it strikes me here that it was perhaps named after a Raf-like Raugh term. In fact, Raughs are listed with Ralphs/Roofs, and, unbelievably, their Coat is similar enough to that of SHARKs to make the SARACa connection! Bingo. Sharks and Rafters were both first found in the province of Ulster.

Compare the Arms of Saraca to the German Fish Coat, asking whether Fish's use the Busher lion.

The Boeotians were largely from the Cadmus Tyrians, and Cadmus' mythical ancestry was at Panias / Laish. Cadmus was made the father of Illyrians, and he's suspect at Butua. From there we take his Boeotians to the Bautica river, a tributary of which is the Lys i.e. a Laish line. The Arduinici on the Bautica, from the Ardiaei Illyrians, named Artois, location of another Lys river, the one to which Clovis belonged. Clovis descended from mythical Merops (proto-Merovee) of Kos. If this is all correct, Baldwin I, the first king of Templar Jerusalem, was a Boeotian liner, highly suspect with Boetus Sadducees. I had read, from either the Book of Jasher or Book of Enoch, that mount Sion near Laish was called, Ardos. Mythical king Arthur represented Merovingians in Britain.

I was able to glean, from the Laus name of Ragusa, that the Saraca fish became the white-on-blue fleur-de-LYS, which is not only used by Bush's and Boschs, but by Raggs! Wow. The center of the fleur-de-lys looks like a fish, and the two outer sides got suspect with curved fish (or dolphin heads), afterwhich I found curved fish in the Arms of Barr (Brunswick), and the Arms of Dar-le-Duc, and it just so happens that there is a Bar location (at lake Scodra) at the coast from Butua. Bars are very possibly from Boura (Ladon-river area of Greece) along with Bourleys (Bury colors), and the Boura area is said to have furnished the peoples of Sybaris (southern Italy) while the latter's Wikipedia article has them founding neighboring Laus, itself beside Saraca-like Saracena and Scodra-like Scidrus. Bourleys (boars) were first found in Somerset with Ladons/Ladds, and this was the line from Laus-like Laish. The Cavii from Lissus were in Devon, on the one side of Bourleys, and the Lise's were on their other side.

The viking name of RAGNvald is now suspect from Rephaites. Rollo was Ralph too, and his father, Ragnvald. Regans/Reagans use the dolphin, and Dol-suspect Dolphins use dolphins in the colors of the Saraca fish / Ragg fleur / Dol whale. The Dolphin motto term, "nihil," is for Nihills/Neils (Ulster, same as Sharks and Rafters) that share the Saraca well as the combatant lions of Ferrys, important because Vere's use "nihil" too. This was the Neil/Nagle line from Oneglia, near Grasse. The Weir line of Vere's (boars) use a fesse with symbols in all three colors of the Saraca fesse with fish. I wish I knew the species of fish used by Saraca's, but I'm not a fisherman. Weirs/Vere's were first found in Roxburghshire with Leavells, and the latter were from the Sadducees, I claim/predict, who in-turn had a house of BOETus.

French Baums (Saraca colors) were first found in dolphin-line Dauphine, and share the black horse head of Butts/Bute's, which was once shown for the Crest of Este's. The latter share the Bar eagle as evidence that Butts/Bute's were from Butua, near Bar. If that's not enough, Scodra-suspect Scotts use a bend in the colors of the Baum bend, and Baumgartners share the fleur of Fish's (compare with Pierce's). Baumgartners can be Gardens, who share the black boar with Bush's. The Scotts above were first found in Roxburghshire, location of Liddesdale, and the latter came to topic with the lids of jars that were in-turn resolved as God's code for Garden-branch Jardins. It's Jardin-interesting that Rephaites had a branch at the Jordan river. The Brittany Jardins (Dolphin colors and format) use lilies (symbol of the fleur-de-lys) in the colors of the Bush fleur / Saraca fish.

As DICK Cheney was Bush's vice-president, it's notable that Cheneys ("prudentia" = Pratt kin) use martlets colors reversed from the same of Flys (and Josephs) while Flys and Pratts share pellets. Then, the "fato" motto term of Cheneys can be gleaned with Fate's/Feets that use martlets on a fesse, all in the three colors of the bustards on a fesse of Bustards. As I the Bush circle has been pushing Mitt Romney, it's notable that the Fly martlets are those of Pullys/Pullens too, for they share the Romney Coat. Bustards/Busters were first found in Devon with the Manders that use "omniBUS."

It can be added that the Dart / Bustard fesse is in the colors of the two of Nests/Ness', the Nysa line expected in merger with Laevi at the Ticino and/or in Piedmont. In both cases, the 17th squirrel was in its nest, and if you check the write-up of Chaine's/Chenays, you will see a Cassane-like term that traces to Cassander, Nysa's ancestor.


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