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January 23 - 29, 2018

William Binney is the Object of Miss Hick's Beautiful Knees
William Benny is the Cue Ball on Obama's Table
The Tea-for-the-Tillerman Miracle

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Why Does William Binney Possess My Mind?

This section was started late in the week, but moved to the front because of how important it appears as God's work. I added much to it that clinches the Obama dream with Binney kin from Cuneo, and linking to Bra suspects.

Santilli has put out a suspect video believing that whistle-blower Binney released the 99-page FISA document, to Infowars, from which Nunes compiled his personal four-page memo. If I understand this issue correctly, Jones claimed that the 4-page memo was taken from this 99-page "memo," but this cannot be true, because the 99 pages were declassified long ago. I'm not sure what Binney claimed, nor am I very happy to see that he gave it to Jones, whom I don't trust. I tried to read the 99 pages, but quit after the first three. Too dry for me, and it didn't seem to be on-topic with the Nunes memo. It looks more like a distraction.

I don't trust Santilli in his video. On a matter this important, he should have read the 99 pages first (he claims he didn't read any of it), and then treated the most-important parts. After about 50 minutes, he's only gone though about 30 pages, and nothing of the things we expect in the Nunes memo has been spotted or crossed. It's more a blah-blah to that point. The video up to the first hour is more a snore and what Nunes promised. Perhaps William Binney is part of the choreographers along with Alex Jones.

If there was anything to this, people picking it up from Alex Jones would have reported it en-masse. Alex Jones on this document looks like a fake. It's pathetic. In the one video I watched, he shows the documents but doesn't discuss them. It's click bait.

It's interesting that the Binney bend is engrailed, as are the Leak and Knee bends. Was God pointing to Mr. Binney, rather than (or as well as) WikiLeaks, with the knee-on-Leakey-road event? The Binney bend has only one item, a lone star, as does the bend of Botters in colors reversed from the Knee and Leak bends.

Binneys are in Beng/Bing colors, recalling that Banks link to Elias'. Binneys were first found in West Lothian with Elias', and while Elias' use Coie-suspect "quo" and "quoMODO," Binneys use "doloQUE." Elias' share the white-on-black crescent of modo-like Motts/Mottins, first found in the Nord/Armor part of Brittany, beside the Dol that seems to be in the Binney motto. Tenants were likewise first found in West Lothian, and they use crescents in colors reversed from the Elias crescent. Moreover, Tenants put only one item in their red chief, as do Leaks on their red Chief. The West-Lothian Towners suggest that they with Tenants are Tonbridge's (share black crescents with Tenants). The "Teubor" motto term of Bengs/Bings thereby looks like code for something hatched by the TOBRidge variation of Tonbridge's. Tobers/Dobers use the same bend, essentially, as Botters. English Dobers were first found in Yorkshire with same-colored Leaks.

There is a Dober location (mouse-tower line) two or three miles from Koplik (mouse-tower line) upon the Clausula river. I trace Lady Fortune of the KLASSens to "CLAUSula," and, as I said, I saw Miss' Hicks beautiful knees, on the Leakey road, through the GLASS door of a store. Her knees had never impressed me before, and, being a lady, she almost-always wore dresses to church. From the very beginning of the Hicks dream, before I met her, I regarded the woman in the dream as a "lady." She just had that lady persona. Was she a representation of Lady Fortune?

The banner that Lady Fortune holds is code for the Panaro river in Modena, where I trace Motts/Mottins seen above. I even traced the Saraca fesse to the same of Casano's/Cassandra's, first found in Modena, and the Saracen surname shares the three Tonbridge crescents. This is pretty amazing. It looks like we need to expect a devastating leak (or set of leaks) from William Binney.

The Fortuna dog is that of Canossa, and the house of Canossa happens to have originated in Lucca, where Botters were first found. Amazing.

The Marano location of Modena is on the Panaro. And Marano's are branches of Morano's (Modena). I can scarcely believe that Binns, first found in Yorkshire with Hicks, share the Moor head (same colors) with Morano's. The latter call them blackamoor heads, and Blacks are suspect with the stars of Glass' / Botters / Batti's/Botta's. At first I thought that Binns use a CANNON in Crest, which brought QAnon to mind, who named himself Q (ANONymous), like the "doloQUE" motto term of Binneys. I'm a little startled here. But the Binn Crest is a "MORTar," likely code for the Morte variation of Motts/Mottins or that Mauritano variation of Marano's. It very-much appears that Binns / Binneys trace to Modena elements, yet Motts entered the discussion at the Elias motto.

Had I not seen the CUTlass sword of Elliots immediately after writing the above, I wouldn't have known that Cutts/Cute's use an engrailed bend in the colors of the same of Binneys, and both put a white symbol on that bend. The other Binneys put pellets on what can be construed as their black bend, which is the Cutt/Cute Coat in colors reversed. The Bends use lots of roundels. Plus, the Canons (Canossa branch?) put a single "pellet or cannonball" on their white bend.

The amazing thing here is that, on the night that I saw Miss Hicks beautiful knees, Stanley had sat momentarily beside her in the park, after I had sat in the same seat (beside her) most of the night. This was like corroboration that God set the evening up, for Stanleys (share stag heads with Knees and Hicks) use the same-colored bend as Leaks (Hicks fleur) and Knees. But here I find that while the latter two use their bends engrailed, as do Binneys and Cutts, the latter were first found in Cambridgeshire with Stanleys.

After some hard work seeking more corroboration, I recalled that Stans/Stands use two engrailed fesses in the colors of the engrailed Binney bend, and that Levers (Lancaster), with a "standing" term in their Crest description, use two bends in the colors of the Binney bend, and only one Lever bend is engrailed. It looks like Levers use the Binney bend. Stans/Stands were first found in Yorkshire with the Tute's in the Binney motto. The Lever rooster is standing on a trumpet, and, I suppose, a trumpet is like a whistle. William Binney might even blow the trumpet to save Trump, making sense.

The Bra-suspect Brae's/Brays use a "flax breaker" suspect with Flags/Flacks, who share the double fesses of Stans/Stands. Breakers can be code for Broke's/Brocks / Brooks and/or Brecks/Bracks; I point to Brocks (Masci fleur) here because they share the Stewart motto which includes "VIREscit," like the "VIRtute" of Binneys, code, I feel sure, for the Vire river at Manche, home of Masseys. Manche's COUTance is where MontaCUTE's are said to derive, and then French Binneys use the Cutt/Cute Coat in colors reversed. Cotta's are also Cottons. The French-Binney bend, by the way, which is the Cute/Cutt bend, rises left, a Masci symbol.

"VireSCIT" is code also for the Skit branch of Skate's/Sheets (share potent cross with Brock-branch Brocuffs) while Obama was on a SKATEboard in the dream. Brocks and Brocuffs both use the Chief-Shield colors of Cutters, hold on to your hats.

If Cutters are closely using the Chief-Shield colors of Saluzzo's (in Cuneo with Bra), Binneys may be with a version of the Sales bend. As Sales' were first found in Cheshire with the Bens/Bends, it's notable that while garbs originate with the earls of Cheshire, the Cue's, possibly in the Binney motto, use the same garbs as in the Arms of Cheshire. Again, French Binneys use a colors reversed version of the Cutt/CUTE Coat, while Binneys use a "doloQUE" motto term, while MontaCUTE's are also MontaQUE's. I didn't know the latter variation until today, thanks to the Binney motto term (I knew previously that no MontaCUE surname comes up). It could therefore appear that Binneys are in my pool shot on Obama's billiard table. Let this sink in. Most pool shots are even called, cut shots.

Bens/Bends were partly first found in neighboring Lancashire, as with Levers. That works. It appears that Bens/Bends married Sales' or someone using the Sales bend, then merged with Levers (or someone who married Binneys married Levers). As Masci-line Meschins became the Cheshire earls, what about that Obama dream, when I, a Masci on one side, used a cue to shoot the paper plane? Was I a symbol of Mr. Binney? Does QAnon work for his team?

Tattons, said to have married Miss Massy, share a greyhound in Crest with Cute's/Cutts, and share the Tute crescent too, tending to assure that Binneys were Bens/Bends. The latter share red roundels with Claytons who in turn use more engrailed in Binney-engrailed colors. Claytons are in the GREYstoke write-up while Greystocks (in the Tatton greyhound?) are in the write-up of Horse's (Bend fesse?) while Binneys use the horse. I'll elaborate on this later to show that this was the line of Plato's Atlantis.

After writing all the above, and not before, the Bennys were found with the same bend as Binneys, and sharing both a horse head and "Virtute," and throwing in a single cinquefoil in the colors of the giant one of Pockets!!!! I kid you not! There are layers upon layers on Obama's billiard table, and this one interests me most. I just know that Houstons, who share the martlets of the Josephs, first found in Maine with French Binneys (ROUNDELs), apply, for Houstons (GLASgow, home of the Dol Stewarts) use the hourGLASS while I saw Miss Hick' knees through the glass door. Houstons use the checks of the Alan > Stewart line. Perfect. It tends to prove Binneys use the sales bend, that Sales' were Saluzzo's, and that Cutters do use the Saluzzo Shield closely.

Pockets were first found in Lincolnshire with Halls, and Binneys were at UpHALL. Halls use talbot dogs while Dogs/Dogs (same place as Bennys) use the Pocket cinquefoil in colors reversed.

Bennys (share two bends with Levers) were first found in Cumberland with Lever-possible Livings/Levins who in turn share a version of the Plain/PLATEr Coat. I shot the paper plane into the pocket with a Binney-beloved MontaQUE, so to speak, and Cutts/Cute's use PLATES! The Plain / Levin Chief-Shield colors are those of Vilains too while the Binney motto term, "DOLoque," looks like part-code for Dol, which is in Brittany's Villaine area. The Montaque's share three lozenges in the colors of the three of Reno's, and Miss Hicks middle name is Rena. I trace Reno's to Renier of Montferrat, beside Bra, who family merged with Alice of Saluzzo's. Montacute's thereby look like Montforts (share the Grey / Stock / Stake / Marano lion) because of a Monforte location at Montferrat. The Montfort lion is definitely through Marano, which explains why Binns share the Morano Moor head.

As Montacute's were first found in Somerset with Borders, and as the Montacute Coat uses a border, the Benny (and Dog?) sword looks like the Border sword.

It should be interesting to see whether the Montaque motto terms apply to people in the news. I have no comment at this time on any of the terms. Waiting. Cutts/Cute's are said to be a branch of Cuthberts (dart), who in turn share the Alan / Rundel fesse. Brocks have a lion said to be holding a dart. Cuthberts were at LANDISfarne, and Landis' are also LANDERs (pale bars) while Landers/Landens and Langleys (Lander/Landen pale bars) proved to be of both the LAUNDRy line upon which the bra hung, and Langhe at Bra. There is a good argument here for tracing Cutts/Cute's to neighboring Cottians. Landis'/Landers may be sharing the pale bars of Athols (Perthshire), possible Tools / Tolle's/Tulls / Dols. for I see Alans/Alengs (share the French-Julian stars) in "Langhe." The six Athol pale bars are much like the six of German Julians.

The FitzAlans of Dol were at Roundel-related Arundel, and they married Alice of Saluzzo. As these FitzAlans lived at Shropshire's Clun, it explains why Cluns share the Saluzzo Coat. Cluns were first found in Perthshire, where Bennys are said to have had a Bennie location, "near BRACO in the parish of Logi-Almond." And Braco evokes the Brocks / Brooks / Brecks/Bracks (Shropshire). In fact, the German Brack Coat share's the fesse of Coneys / Conns, the coney-rabbit line to Bra. The Coneys / Conns use a version of the Meschin Coat, perfect as per the Cue / Arms-of-Cheshire garbs. German Bracks use a "dog" while Dogs/Doags, first found in Perthshire with Bennys, use a cinquefoil in colors reversed from the Benny cinquefoil.

The Fittons (Cheshire) share the Cue garbs on a bend all in the three colors of the Stanley bend, but as the Fitton bend is identical to that of Wessels/Waistells, I'm seeing the Cutts/Cute's / Montacute's from the royal Cottians, because I see Waistells from Vestalis, son of king Cottius of the Cottians. As Cotta's use "fretty" that I see as code for Ferte-Mace, the Cottians had merged with the Masci liners of Piedmont. This thing developed into Freemasonry, going all the way back to Julius Caesar-Cotta. The Julians who share the Alan/Aleng stars were first found in Languedoc with Cotta's.

Cuthberts were first found in KirkCUDbrightshire, making that place suspect with Cottian liners. The Brights (Cheshire), using the Macey/Mace (and Clinton?) stars, are suspect from Brigantium, directly across the Cottian peaks from the Riparia river through the Cottian capital, Susa. The Bright stars are in the colors of the French-Julian stars, and I trace Julians (and Gillie / Gilly liners) to GUILLEStra, beside Brigantium. The giant Susan lily is interesting here for being in the white-green colors of the Arms of Kirkcudbrightshire and the Gill/Gilles Coat. Rippers/Ripleys use green too.

There is no mistake. Susans were first found in Berkshire with Arks and Modens/Modeys (share fretty Shield with Cotta's), who are from Modane on the Arc river, and Modane is about 25 miles from Brigantium. The Arms of Kirkcudbrightshire (quadrants, suspect with "QUADRatus) share a cross in the colors of the Cromby cross, and Croms (QUATRefoils, Cetis-suspect cat) were first found in Berkshire too. I'll explain later (probably the next update) why this paragraph traces to Aetolia and Elis.

White lilies are shared by Susans, Sestier's that come up as "Cetis," and Lilys. The Sestier lilies are in the colors of the "gillyflowers" of Julian-liner Joels/Jewels, and Gillie-like Gullys/Gollys share the Julian cross. The Caens, sharing a Shield of fretty with Cotta's, use a "LiCITIS" code for Citis/Cetis, which was ruled by the son of JULIUS Quadratus Bassus, whose daughter married Laevillus, the line likely to Livings/Levins that use a version of the Plain/Platers Chief. Stick with me because this is the Cutt/Cute link to the paper plane that I shot with my Montaque. Gillys, with perhaps the Morell bend and lion, were first found in Languedoc, and Morells have become suspect with the very end of the Obama dream.

While the fleur-de-lys is a lily, Plains/Platers use the fleur in white (as do Sales' in both colors), and colors reversed from the June fleur. June's were first found in Cambridgeshire with Cutts/Cute's, Julians and Capone's, while Junia Caepionis was a granddaughter of Quintus Caepio. The latter's daughter (Servilia) had a long extra-marital affair with Julius Caesar, making one of the three Junia Caepionis sisters suspect as Caesar's a line to Julius Quadratus Bassus.

We now go to the Papers, for the paper plane was at first a piece of paper / page lying almost flat on the billiard table, though, as I've said from the start since about last February, it had a small arch in the middle, which can now be determined as code for Arc-river liners. The Papers use white CARnations, and Pepers share the Car and Page chevron. It just can't be coincidental that Page's put three black items on their chevron, as do Pepers. God is a genius. I think God arranged for this heraldry, just for making this giant revelation. What is he up to; we should be pleasantly surprised to discover it.

Page's share doves with Waistells, and the Wessel variation is suspect with Wissels/Whistle's (same place as Montaque's), who I see as God's clever code for whistle blowers...such as Binney. Whistle's use lozenges in colors reversed from the Montaque lozenges, wherefore we see the great importance for the sharing of Coats between Binneys and Cute's/Cutts.

Why have I had a back ache for the last three days? I have learned by now that God uses tell-tale signs in my life to lead me with this massive revelation. A back ache at this time can be for the back at the end of the Obama dream, now suspect with Mike Morell, the CIA chief at Obama's Benghazi scandal, at which time Hillary was herself being dragged through some mud. My suspicions are that Morell was not behaving as Obama desired, for Obama, in the dream, was scolding the employee whose back was turned to me. Three months after a four-month stint as Obama's CIA director, he abruptly quit the CIA altogether: "Morell announced his retirement from the CIA on June 12, 2013. In November 2013, he joined Beacon Global Strategies as a Senior Counselor".

The founder of Beacon is treated heavily in this update, and will be placed in the corner pocket into which the paper plane went after my cue gave it a stiff shot. We can repeat, therefore, that Reines-like Reno's/Rhyne's share three red-on-white lozenges with MontaQUE's.

As Cotta's are Cottons too, we now go to English Cottons, who had a Cotton location in Cheshire. The Cottons (Cutter Shield colors) are said to be from Coney-like Connington, and while Cue's use the Arms-of-Cheshire garbs, Cottons use an "utraQUE" motto term, clinching such terms with Cue / MontaQUE liners, and affirming that Cute's/Cutts were Cotton liners. The first record of a de-Cotton (not yet a surname but getting there) was in Cambridgeshire, where Cutts/Cute's were first found. In other words, there was a CotTONE location in Cambridgeshire. As Tonys use a flower in the colors of the Joel gillyflowers, and in the colors of the Sestier lilies, CotTONE may have been named partly after Tonys/Toeni's, for the latter use a maunch as code for Manche, location of COUTANce.

Huntingdonshire is a part of Cambridgeshire, while the main residence of early Cottons was at Huntingdonshire's DENTon. I see Dents with Dance's (same place as Dents), while Italian Dance's are also Donnus-like Donnas', suspect with king Donnus, father of Cottius. The Dent bend with lozenges, suspect with the Montacute lozenges, can even be a version of the Binney bend. The Dents share the Hound lozenges in both colors while Cutts/Cute's (same place as same-colored Hounds) use the greyHOUND, and, moreover, the border of Hounds is colors reversed from the same of Montacute's. We can't argue with 2 + 2 = 4. Hounds and Montacute's share three lozenges on their Shield in the same pattern and size.

Why was Obama dancing in the dream? Ask the Dunham dancette. To where can we trace Cheshire's DUNham-Masci? To Donnus, apparently, for Dunhams are in Dance/Donnas colors. While Hamon de Masci ruled Dunham-Masci, Hamons use the ANTLer while the Dunham ancestors, the Singletarys (share spear with Dunhams), use an ANTELope, suspect with Les ANDELys, home of the Toeni's/TOSni's. "TOSNI" is like the Tosini variation of TOUS', and Cottons are said to have been at TOSEland (Huntingdonshire). Tose's not only share the border of Hounds, but the crossed swords of Borders, for Tose's were first found in the same place as Borders and Montacute's.

Tous'/Tosini's use a red shirt with buttons, and, after playing golf with my DENTist, in a dream of last year, he laughed at the red buttons on my shirt while driving his car away from the course. I was in the BACK SEAT, and Backs use a steer while Steers love the Seats/Cedes'.

The Tose's, however, point their swords down, perhaps code for the Downs/Douns / Dunhams/Downhams/Dounhams, for Dunns use a sword. The Tose swords are crossed in the colors of the same, downward ones of Feschs. Why? The Fieschi of Genova were kin of Grimaldi's, and the latter's Shield is filled with lozenges in the colors of the Montacute lozenges.

William Binney is an old Intelligence man come whistle blower / leaker. Where did he get that 99-page report, and who redacted it if not the department of justice? Why of all people did he give it to Alex Jones? I don't trust Jones.


William Edward Binney is a former highly placed intelligence official with the United States National Security Agency (NSA) turned whistleblower who resigned on October 31, 2001, after more than 30 years with the agency.

He was a high-profile critic of his former employers during the George W. Bush administration, and later criticized the NSA's data collection policies during the Barack Obama administration. In 2016, he said the U.S. intelligence community's assessment that Russia interfered in the 2016 presidential election was false.

He quit only months after 9-11, and the Knee-Leak evening was on 9-11, 2002. I can see God setting things up with him. And wow, the article later adds:

In September 2002, he, along with J. Kirk Wiebe and Edward Loomis, asked the U.S. Defense Department Inspector General (DoD IG) to investigate the NSA for allegedly wasting "millions and millions of dollars" on Trailblazer, a system intended to analyze mass collection of data carried on communications networks such as the Internet. Binney had been one of the inventors of an alternative system, ThinThread, which was shelved when Trailblazer was chosen instead. Binney has also been publicly critical of the NSA for spying on U.S. citizens, saying of its expanded surveillance after the September 11, 2001 attacks that "it's better than anything that the KGB, the Stasi, or the Gestapo and SS ever had" as well as noting Trailblazer's ineffectiveness and unjustified high cost compared to the far less intrusive ThinThread. He was furious that the NSA hadn't uncovered the 9/11 plot and stated that intercepts it had collected but not analyzed likely would have garnered timely attention with his leaner more focused system."

Wow, a man after my own heart. He wants to uncover the 9-11 culprits, and it now appears to me that God will give him success.

Checking the Loomis surname, it proves that the "cede" motto term of Steers is for Seats/Cedes' (Lancaster, same as Cars and Loomis'), for the same term is used by Loomis' that share a red version of the Seat/Cedes pale bars. And Miss Hicks was hovering over the seats of a car when my hand grazed her knee. God doesn't make mistakes. Expect Hands to relate. Back-beloved and Stur-suspect Steers use "Tu NE cede me," and Loomis' use "NE cede maLIS," very possible code for Knee's/Nee's. The latter share the stag with same-colored Hands and Hanna's. Lise's use pale bars in the colors of the Seat/Cedes pale bars.

This crossing of Steer kin has made me remember the end of the Obama dream, where he was unhappy with an employee, whose BACK was emphasized to me. Backs/Bachs use the steer, but I feel that Backs/Bachs were from Apachnas-liner Hyksos (for a good reason), a line generally to the Hicks (buck). The employee had become suspect with the CIA's Mike Morell, probably a branch of Morleys/Mauls that I can glean in the "MALis" motto term of Loomis'. The only two lions or animals I can think of that look backward over their shoulders, as the dream's employee was doing toward Obama, are the Morells and Scottish Lise's i.e. that can be in "MaLIS." So, maybe, Morell will betray the deep state oh goodie.

And perhaps Lisa Page already started to betray, which can explain why Horowitz (inspector general of the FBI) leaked her emails, to make her stop betraying lest they release more. But, now, the Republicans have got them, anyway.

The "Heure" motto term of Hicks is suspect with Eure's that use a version of the Mall/Marlybone Coat, and Eure liners may have named HORowitz's. The latter use a Shield filled with red-white checks, possibly related to check-using Houstons with an HOURglass. As the Houston hourglass tilts left (our right), I judge that Houstons are Massa-Carrara liners of the Massi/Mattis kind. Loomis could be with a version of the Tweed Coat, and Tweeds share the red saltire with Loons/Loonez's, while ancient Luni is near Massa-Carrara, or even in it. The hourglass is shared by Books/Boggs (potential Back / Buck liners) whom are loved by Roets that share the wheel with Carrara's, and moreover Reeds (Knee eagle?) use both a book and a saltire colors reversed from the Loonez saltire. I judged that Hyksos became the Sea Peoples, who included the Masa of Caria.

Binneys seem to honor Tute's in their motto while the Tute crescent can be that of Luna's. I can now add that Loomis' share double-red pale bars with German Steels. These trace to the single-red pale bar of Tulls/Tullia's (Dauphine), from Tullia of Lyon at Clermont-Ferrand. Ferrands were from Florence/Firenze, in Tuscany with Luni. Italian Ferrands share the checkered Coat (same colors) of the counts of Massa-Carrara, and of the Tulls/Tolle's, and as they are also the Stewart checks, it tends to trace the naming of Dol back to Tolle's = Tullia of Lyon. Tulls/Thole's share the pyramid with Steel-line BattiSTELLI's, whom God chose for pointing to the dossier's accomplices.

I once lived on a Reesor street when God struck the chimney on my house, scattering bricks over the roof. It was my wake-up call, but I didn't heed it. About seven years after moving away (at 13), I dated a lady at a CORNER house partially on Reesor. Her name was Karen Whelan (I've mentioned her about ten times), and Karens/Kerns/Gerns were of the Garner variation of Corners, as you will see late in this update if interested. I've never focused on this corner-house aspect before. Whelans share the Coat of BRICKS, like the bricks on my roof. Reesors/Reasons, a branch of Rice's, share the vaired cross of English Ferrands, who can be gleaned in a merger with Taddei's (Florence), suspect as a branch of Tattons that share the Tute crescent. What do these coincidences mean? How should we view things? How do we put it into good words?

I think I understand that lightning incident better now. I was sleeping when it struck. I must have been dreaming, and was just coming to waking. This is how God has given me His dreams recently, just as I awake, so that they are fresh on my mind. But when the lightning struck, I can't remember what I was dreaming. All I heard were the words I was speaking, not audibly, but as when one speaks them in a dream. I was saying, "No, I don't believe in you, God, I don't believe..." And as I was repeating this sentence a second time, wham! The lightning was loud and terrifying.

God was calling me to my heraldry work. He would set up events in my life to coordinate the things I would need to tell the world. As proof, I offer the Selepitanoi Illyrians, at Rhizon. They were the proto-Sleeps. The lightning struck while I was sleeping at Rhizon-suspect Reesor street. The Rice's share three black-on-white ravens with Roofs, and the latter were first found in Norfolk with Risons/Risings. Believe it, this is how God has worked through my life in many ways. My life has not been mine to live. He has directed me into and through events of His choosing like his robot, but I didn't know it until my 50s. He fooled me all that time, didn't even give me a clue. And when I first began to report these things, I felt like a nut.

There were many times I said, "there is no way I'm going to tell that to readers," only to find myself being compelled to do so later...because the evidence became compelling soon enough. You can't resist whatever God wants to do through you. Forget it. I used to cry out against Christians that said, I dreamed this, and I dreamed that. I felt this to be dangerous territory, to claim for God's message the interpretation of that which was only a dream from a human source. Now look at me.

As additional proof, Miss Whelan lived at a Corson street, while Corsens share the lozenges of Brix's, in colors reversed from the Brick / Whelan lozenges. Perhaps for a reason I don't yet know, God was linking the lightning event (His code for Armageddon?) to Miss Whelan. Karens were from Carians, and Carians traced well through Cretans to mount Carmel, smack beside Megiddo, location of Armageddon. The Bricks are probably my own mother's Masci / Massey line, which I expect to furnish the 666-loving False Prophet.

There is a Carmel surname, first found in Lancashire with Cars, but I don't see a way to trace the Carmel Coat to mount Carmel even though Cars trace, I feel sure, to Carians. It's interesting that Cars use a motto which I trace to the Serio river flowing to Crema, near Cremona, for "cream" and "mel = honey" are similar substances. The Cretans from Tyre, near CarMEL, founded MILetus in Caria. The bee cult of essenes in neighboring Ephesus must have had a honey symbol. While Europa was the entity in Crete that founded Miletus, her brother founded Boiotia, where there was a major honey goddess, Melia (wife of the founder of Argos, home of Danaans).

More in particular, it was the Essenes of mount Carmel that traced to the Carians at Ephesus, where there was an essenes bee cult, beloved by Artemis, daughter of Latona, code of the myth writers for LatMUS (beside Ephesus), home of the moon goddess beloved by the eternal SLEEPER. Yup, God is a genius. Karens/Kerns use a sleeping moon to show their trace to that Carian entity. Latmus was beside Clarus, home of the false prophet, Mopsus / Muksus. The biggest false prophet of all was the similar Apollo Oracle, and Apollo, leader of the Muses at Latmus, was Artemis' twin brother. Apollo's special symbol (myth writers loved it) was the arrow, derived from the lightning bolt of Zeus.

While I was in that bed where lightning struck, I talked to God once, and I received this amazing feeling in the heart of my heart. It was amazing. I don't remember whether it was before or after the lightning. But I forgot Him, anyway. No matter, he gave me event after event, and plotted to convert me finally before I turned 22. It happened, I had no choice. That feeling I had 10 or 11 years earlier was given to me again, it was so good. It was given to me again and again, hundreds of times.

I want you to know what I half believe, due to the many years when I thought that God wasn't very interested in my life, after I became a Christian. He was there, close, all along. And you, if you are His, will probably be made aware of all the times when he was doing good things for you without your realizing. He wants to do it in that secretive way so that he can surprise you at an intimate moment with Him, when He makes you understand. He loves intimacy, and created the world for this. He knows how to touch hearts with class, with respect.

Where was I? Oh, yes, Tullia of Lyon, the line to Reesor-related Ferrands? Did you know that my grandparent is a Taddei? That surname is showing a version of the Ferrand / Reesor cross. So, who arranged for my father to buy a house at Reesor, himself, or God?

Why does the French Ferrand Coat reflect the Coy Coat? Perkins Coie hired Fusion, and Fusion hired Steele. Why are Coys in Cutt/Cute colors and first found in the same place? Coys use a hand "GRASping" a snake. Late in this update, I discovered that the so-called furisons of Scottish Steels were used by GRASsawers. FuRISONs (fire makers) look like part-code for Furs/Fire's and Risinium/Rhizon element, the line, apparently, to Reesors/Reasons / Rice's/Rhys'.

Litch's share the hand grasping a snake with Coys, and Litchfield is in Staffordshire, where Tulls/Tolle's were first found. Snake's, can we believe it, share the fleur of Perkins. It appears to be an arrangement from God to prove that Perkins Coie (Hillary Clinton's lawyer in the dossier scandal) is one of His focal points. I can understand that.

"GrasPING" needs to be noted from Coys especially, for this update points to Comet Ping Pong (pizzagate) from a couple of interesting sources, both from the platforms in the sleeping-bag dream. Litchfield was home to St. Chad, the ancestor of Chads (Cutt branch?). We have yet to see whether Dossier's are sharing the Chad Coat closely. I have no idea at this time on how to make that connection.

Cute-like Chute's (Chad colors) are listed with Shots/Shute's, whose "guerre" motto term should be for Guerra's. The latter use the three blue fesses, in both colors, of Ping/Pongs/Paganells. Shouldn't pizzagate be in the corner-pocket sewer? This is the first time that Cute's have been found as part of the pool shot, and here they are found to be a branch, apparently, of Sewer-branch Shots/Shute's.

Chads were first found in Norfolk with Cute-suspect Cue's, yet I won't equate Chads with Cute's. Sadducee-suspect Chaddocks and Chadwicks, not to mention Saddocks/Sedgewicks, share white martlets with Levi-suspect Livings/Levins, and the latter share a version of the Plain/Plater Chief.

Rinds "(fragRANTior"), who can be gleaned as a Rand branch, are said to be from a Plater location, and my pool cue shot the Plains/Platers into the corner pocket. Rands, first found in the same place as Cue's, and beside the Plains/Platers, share the three chevrons of Singletarys, the line to Obama. The Rands are probably using the personal lion of Ranulph le Meschin, ruler of Cheshire, while Cue's use the Arms-of-Cheshire garbs that originated from the Meschin rulers. Believe it, God is the maker of this mystery.

I didn't think to check MacCoys until now. They are listed with three surnames, two of them the Mackays (probably a Macey branch). The Irish Mackays/MacCoys use the Quade wolf heads with collars, and Collars share the Binn / Morano Moor head. This recalls the link of Binneys to Cue's and Cute's / MontaQUE's.

Here's how goons treat good Americans, those who stand up for Americans: "After he left the NSA in 2001, Binney was one of several people investigated as part of an inquiry into a 2005 The New York Times exposé on the agency’s warrantless eavesdropping program. Binney was cleared of wrongdoing after three interviews with FBI agents beginning in March 2007, but in early July 2007, in an unannounced, armed, early morning raid, a dozen agents armed with rifles appeared at his house, one of whom entered the bathroom and pointed his gun at Binney, who was taking a shower. The FBI confiscated a desktop computer, disks, and personal and business records". These goons are not Americans, be assured, they work for the devil. They respect / serve no one but their own bottomless stomachs.

They found Binney in the shower? It was only days ago when I thought to check for a Shower surname, though I can't remember why. Showers are listed with Sewer-suspect Sewards, a branch of Swords beloved by the Sewer branch of Chute's/Shots/Shute's.

Wikipedia is part of the goonery, be assured: "[Binney] has appeared on Fox News at least ten times between September 2016 and November 2017 to promote his fringe theory". What theory? That the DNC emails were leaked by an inside source i.e. like Seth Rich. A fringe theory? We will see, Wickedpedia, we will see.

Project Fulsome

Natasha was right on the ball Monday morning, finding that the memo's first page was leaked. But the article says, "Hal Turner, a former FBI agent who worked with the Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF) between 2003-2008, explains that contacts in the international Intelligence Community (IC) provided him with the leak." But isn't that illegal, to leak classified material? Yes, so how could Turner take credit for the leak? Ahh, it's a British top secret. Plus, I'm reading and hearing that it's not illegal to reveal in the news a classified document leaked by someone else. Only the original leaker is guilty, but this seems to be wrong.

The leaker says: "Thanks to my contacts in the IC, I have now obtained the TOP SECRET MEMO from inside British Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) proving the facts laid out about above concerning spying on President Trump."

[Update: it turns out that this page above is thought by most to be a hoax. For one thing, its claim that it's part of Nunes' four-page memo has proven to be wrong, unless Nunes removed it before releasing his three-plus pages. I will retain this section, anyway, for the heraldic value on the Fulsome surname, and in case this British document proves not to be a fake.]

Here's the scoop in the page above. GCHQ (British Government Communications Headquarters) was asked by Obama to spy on Trump, in an operation called, FULSOME. Obama requested that Trump's links to hostile Russians be the target of the spy program. The British gave permission up to 90 days only, but renewable if there was merit. To help provide merit in this application to renew (written by Robert Hannigan, chief of GCHQ), GCHQ provided the Steele dossier. We get it. Trump was right: Obama had spied on him, and this, if all true and not a trick, drags Obama into the dossier. Perfect. It's what "my" (God's) Obama dream predicts.

We can easily glean that the dossier was used inside the U.S. to get the FISA court to give Obama additional spy powers. Just think of it, that with this great advantage over Trump, knowing the ins and outs of his team's maneuvering prior to the election, the Democrats still lost. Incredible. It serves them right, of course, and I sense that God is furious, not so much because he loves Trump, but because he hates the Obama circle.

The FULSOME spy program was applied for on August 28, and permission was granted on September 15. It gave almost two months prior to election day.

We then read that Susan Rice recommended to GCHQ to continue spy services into the transition period, between election day and January 20, to which Mueller himself contributed by securing the emails, etc, of the transition team. This is nasty, a true definition of the shadow government for which the culprits need be jailed. I see a civil war shaping up. The Democrats will cry that there was evidence to support Obama's spy measures.

It is complete science fiction that Trump had not seen this page long ago. It appears that he was withholding this issue from public view, but that the Republicans at the Nunes level pushed him...until he gave-in, because the congressional elections are drawing nigh, and because the liberal media is still attacking him. To me, it is unthinkable that a president should want to keep this from the public for even a second. As Napolitano said, it is immoral (my word) for the Republicans to release this thing AFTER congress had a vote recently on whether or not to reinforce the FISA court.

"Conspiracy theorist" is no longer a swear word.

Comments from Republicans imply that the other three pages involve FBI corruption with FISA. The sponsor of the page above says: "By doing this [asking the British to do the dirty work] without a US Search Warrant or Court Order – at the direct request of the President, both the British Government and President Barack Obama committed federal felonies punishable with prison, for violating wiretap laws and Constitutional protections afforded to then Mr. Trump and his people. These actions by the British and by Obama were CRIMES." I hope so. The great thing is, if it can be proven by other documents, the original request was from Obama himself. It looks like he missed the ball and sewered. That's because he's a dope.

This is not like a master of deception, but more like a drunken gambler. How could Obama think that he could get away with this? But this was his passion to keep his "legacy." I had insisted that Obama, and especially Comey, came to the conclusion that it was better to let Trump win the election. I imagine that Obama had to weigh whether the congress would investigate his eight years more deeply with Hillary in power versus Trump. In mid October, Comey came out with what looked like an attack on Hillary Clinton. Was that his own choice, or did Obama change his mind about who should win, and then push Comey to do it?

Democrat leaders are on the news telling that there's nothing wrong with the contents of this memo aside from it being Republican "spin." If the liberals want to be so stupid as to take that view, let us all see their tack vividly. Please, do condemn yourselves further. The FBI's Christopher Wray, for his part on self-condemnation, concluded and reported days ago that text messages between Strzok and Page had disappeared, between mid December and mid-May, for a reason that no one but the drunken gamblers believe. So as not to be lumped in with the self-incriminating, Sessions said that his department "will use every technology available to determine whether the missing messages are recoverable from another source." But no one trusts Sessions on this matter, aside from the few Sessions loyalists.

This time, under wheeler-dealer Trump, and likely due to the many Democrat woes, the Republicans won the government-shutdown showdown in three days flat. This was also thanks much to Schumer being in charge for the Democrat side, for there are videos online showing Schumer, just a few years ago, saying that forcing a government shutdown on behalf of an immigration issue would become a crisis (he was blowing it out of proportion, besides). The hypocrite (standard fare for Democrat leaders), rather than letting that video go too far, decided to cave. But it wasn't just Schumer; many Democrats voted Monday not to keep the government shut down, because, obviously, their own voters, enough of them, were against it on the grounds / tactic Schumer was using. On a tactical level, there's a point where earning a bad reputation merely for the Mexican vote (minority) isn't worth it. Fortunately, this issue became only a minor distraction, allowing the important matter to be dealt with.

The military is still way out of control, leaking a news report this week that the Russians have killer nukes for frying entire if the Americans don't have the same. This contemptible leak has the object of increasing the money roll by creating a fearsome monster abroad in need of taking care of. It's obvious. The military leaders know that Russia will not nuke American, or the leaders would not speak the way they do these days about Russia. Clearly, if there was any real threat, open anti-Russia rhetoric would not exist.

But the military is putting out a constant stream of anti-Russia propaganda, and seeking to make Trump support their anti-Assad agenda via false / exaggerated reports from the CIA. Judging from what we are now seeing from the FBI, it's a no-brainer that the CIA would likewise exaggerate / fabricate situations for to fulfill every one of their "important" (to them) agendas. I have no doubt that the McCabe-Strzok circle was working with the CIA to fulfill the same agendas. They were not trying to elect Hillary because they love her enough to fulfill her dreams, but because they were conducting corrupt acts with her elite supporters.

The military is crying the blues that it's equipment is out of date. Baloney. This is the last thing that anyone would say if they thought the Russians were poised to send nukes over to the east coast. They are crying the blues because they want more money, for the military has been known to make money disappear in the billions, and because they see they have Trump hooked on giving more money, because he thinks it's good for re-election. That's because the Republicans are as deceived about the need for a stronger military as the Democrats are deceived about the need for same-sex marriages. Both are ruinous to the world. Both cause God to turn his protective face from the that, because of this alone, the Russians, Koreans, and Chinese can become a real threat. The CIA chief even this week has continued to say that North Korea is a threat to the United States. Ridiculous.

Here's the real threat that needs dealing with, and the Russians are willing to help with it, which can explain why the CIA / military is bad-mouthing Russia, so that the American people take less seriously any input from Russian media:

Two top FBI officials under fire for exchanging anti-Trump text messages during the 2016 election spoke of a “secret society” the day after President Trump's victory, according to two lawmakers with knowledge of the messages.

...Gowdy said the “secret society” reference occurred the day after Trump won election in November 2016.

“There’s a text exchange between these two FBI agents, these two supposed to be objective fact-centric FBI agents, saying that perhaps this is the first meeting of the ‘secret society,'” Gowdy said.

Last I heard, "society" is defined as MANY persons, not just two or three. And it's defined also as one-mindedness i.e. for a cause...= conspiracy.

Wray has revealed himself, now, as part of the enemy:

Attorney General Jeff Sessions — at the public urging of President Donald Trump — has been pressuring FBI Director Christopher Wray to fire Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, but Wray threatened to resign if McCabe was removed, according to three sources with direct knowledge.

Wray's resignation under those circumstances would have created a media firestorm. The White House — understandably gun-shy after the Comey debacle — didn’t want that scene, so McCabe remains.

Uh, this gun-shy excuse is exactly what the Democrats want Trump and Sessions to believe. It's the Democrats telling the Republicans that if they do the "wrong" (= right) thing, the Democrats will unleash the fake media on them, woof-woof, bark-bark. Oh no, not that. And the no-nothing Republicans were thus born from such threats. Do the right thing, and then expose the retaliatory media for the paper tiger that it is. There is no other choice but to leave the wicked more-strongly in power so that they will torment the good people further. The only ones who vote Democrat are the ones who want something from them; OTHERWISE NO ONE LOVES THE DEMOCRATS. They take the money of the good for wicked causes, and for paying off their voters. Obama took 800 billion in his first year for to circulate in Democrat circles mainly.

If this Axios story is true, then Trump is doing something more than tweeting. The problem with tweeting alone is that one can put out an image of himself, true or false. But actions are what really speak for his will and motives. So, if Trump had been trying to get McCabe fired, it's a good work. But look at how Trump is going about it (according to the Axios story), by asking Sessions to do the firing. And when Sessions wasn't successful, for whatever reason, the work didn't go any further. On the other hand, McCabe announced his retirement recently, probably because he saw the writing on the wall, and didn't want to go down in disgrace. In this picture, the Trump-Sessions work was successful, though not good enough for those who wanted to see McCabe disgraced.

Axios (the author here is not Trump's friend, keep in mind) tends to reveal that either Trump, or those in the White House who conduct some of Trump's business apart from his advice / knowledge at times, were opposed to firing McCabe:

Sessions told White House Counsel Don McGahn about how upset Wray was about the pressure on him to fire McCabe, and McGahn told Sessions this issue wasn’t worth losing the FBI Director over, according to a source familiar with the situation.

Translation: McGahn is a no-nothing Republican, afraid of the backlash, and he was probably playing on Sessions' fear of a backlash. The big question is whether Trump advised McGahn to taken this tack on Sessions, for, if so, it reveals Trump as the do-nothing.

Fox's video below shows Strzok using a choreography term, that I used in the last update while speaking on Miss Phillips. She was on a PLATform that I've deciphered, thus far, as code for Platte-River Networks (Hillary's non-governmental Internet server, which can be considered a private one). And Miss Phillips surname is now suspect as code for Phillippe Reines, founder of pro-Hillary Beacon Global Strategies. Reines was Hillary's Communications Adviser back when she was the secretary of state i.e. using a private server. Wouldn't a communications advisor have advice about her use of a private server for to conduct her communications? You bet.

I must now repeat this part of the sleeping-bag dream, and also an event in my life from the 1970s. In the dream of last year, after I walked into a mall, I was on a wooden, rustic platform, like a stage (where one conducts choreography). Beside me were two women, on their own platform, just like mine. The next thing, Christine Peare, one of the two, was on my platform, and I was drawing her toward me by her waist on both sides, and it felt so good. The dream ended. When I awoke, I recalled sleeping with two ladies, Miss Peare and Miss Phillips (no sex) at age 18. I woke up in the middle of the night with my arm around Peare's waist, and was pressing her against me with a hand on her BELLY, and it felt to good. The feeling was exactly like the feeling in the dream, and so I assume that this is God's evidence that Miss Phillips was the second woman upon the platform. The last time that I saw her, she said she was into choreography. In the last update, I made the case that her brother, Glen(n) Phillips, was named as code for Glenn Simpson, founder of Fusion GPS.

The point here is that Phillippe Reines' BEACON company is now linkable to the Belli surname, because German Belli's use a BEACON. You can verify this by entering "Belli" at the link below, and then clicking "German" to view the German Belli Coat. Scottish Belli's are also Bellys.

So, is it not amazing that Belli's use the beacon as an apparent finger-pointing to Phillippe Reines? But there is more, for, as I've said at least twice before, Louise had a boyfriend, Moreno, and I happened to come across the Morano surname in the last update which I don't recall knowing before. Keeping in mind that God used David Morley in the sleeping bag dream to indicate Morleys/MAULs (i.e. the reason I was in a mall), here's how it happened in the last update:

I have talked a lot lately of the Morley connection to Maurinis' and Morinis', and then we find Merano in the Rubenstein write-up. There's no Merano surname coming up, but there is a Morano surname (MOOR heads) first found in Modena with Morinis' and Marano's. In this picture, the Morano Moor heads look like those of Schutz-beloved Collars.

Well, it just so happens that Scottish Bellys/Belli's ("PER" motto term!) share the Marano Moor heads! And, for the record if you don't yet know, Belli-like Bouillons use both a Moor head and a "bello CHRISTi" motto phrase that tends to point hard to CHRISTine Peare's belly. Plus, the per-like Peare's share the chevron-with-stars of Tiens'/Thames' while "Tiens" is a motto term of the Squirrels that in turn share the bear paw with the Bellino's, first found in Verona with Italian Belli's. it can be added that Verona's use a version of the Lynch / Feller Shields. French Bacons share the Billet / Bellow cinquefoils, and the latter two surnames use Chief-Shield colors in reverse from the same of Beacons/Bacons. (The Fox video mentioned above, with link below, talks about Loretta Lynch.)

I therefore know that God was, way back in my bed in my 18th year, setting things up for me to talk today about his intension of snagging Phillippe Reines in His trap.

The Italian Belli's share three pale bars in red-on-white with Knights (Suffolk, same as Beacons/Bacons), who are in the knight of the Shoe/Schuck surname. I was in the store selling shoes when I first saw Miss Peare. To the best of my recollection, the shoe store was spelled, "Fredelle's". Knights are probably Nith river liners, and Nitts/Naughts (same place as the Nith) use a Coat like the Patty Coat (KilPATrick castle is on the Nith) which in-turn shares the lions of Reines-like Raines'. Renier of Montferrat is likely the line to Fredelle-like Ferte-Mace, the bloodline of my own mother's mother, and Reno's/Rhyne's share the lozenges of Grimaldi's, my mother's maiden name. With Montacute's sharing the Reno lozenges, it tends to assure that "MONTacute" is from Montforts / Monforte / Montferrat.

I have always connected the three pale bars of Italian Belli's to the three fesses of Fullers, for the latter not only use another beacon ("on fire" on a Mandy like mound), but a motto "Fermiora" motto term like the "ferme" motto term of Squirrels and the "firma" of Beacons/Bacons (very likely from the Rosicrucians). As I've said several times, Miss Peare worked at Reitmans (Scarborough Town Center) while I sold shoes there, but I don't recall whether it was pointed out that Dutch Reitmans use two stars in Chief colors reversed from the two Beacon/Bacon stars. Recall (last update) the many roses in Rothschild liners, for Jewish REITmans (Walker rose?) use yet another rose on a stem.

Squirrels had recently become suspect as code for Robert Mueller's 17 lawyers, and while Meullers (not "Mueller") use snips, Snipe's/Snape's (version of Clinton Shield) were likewise first found in the same place as Peare's (and Clintons).

The "puro" motto term of Bellows must be for the Purys, first found in Oxfordshire with Peare's and Tiens'/Thames', and Purys happen to share the stars of well as the black martlets of Glens and Glennys. Purys are suspect in the motto of Mens-related Manners/Maness', which explains why Glenny and Bellows / Billets share the Chief-Shield colors of Mens, the latter said to have been at GLENlyon. In other words, it does appear that Bellows were Peare kin of the Pury kind, which adds to the evidence that God arranged for my hand to be on Peare's belly.

But in the dream, my hand was at her waist, though in my bed, my right arm was around her waist. And I've already shown was this was code for Wessells/Waistells, who share the Fitton bend-with-garbs. And Fittons bring me to the "futura" motto term of Fullers, who, by the way, may be code for "FULsome." Futters use one fesse (with a "mastiff" dog) in the colors of the three Fuller fesses. Futters are said to have held a seat at Reines-like Rhynie.

We have yet to discover why Project Fulsome was given that name for the Obama spy program in Britain. There is a Fulsome/Fuljambes surname (Derbyshire), and the FulGAMBE variation recalls that while Powys use the Bellino bear paw in colors reversed, the Powys' call it a "gamb"! Zinger, we have just linked Fulsome's ("An un-armed lion's paw") to the Peare-Phillips-platform part of the dream.

And the Powys motto, "Parta tueri" is not only suspect with Perta, near Derbyshire-rooted Derbe, but "TUERi" is a term like the one of Masts/Masters suspect in the Futter mastiff dog. Fullers use "fuTURA", suggesting the Turins (bend in colors of Turan bends), first found in Aberdeenshire (beside the Futters) with Fothes'/Fette's. If that's not enough, "maSTIFF" is suspect with Stiffs who use a version of the Teague Coat while Teague's use a "SUMmum" motto term that can be for whatever named FulSOME's. The Rhynie location of Futters caused me to take a look at Rhyne's, who are the Swiss Reno's while Some's/Sions are expected from Switzerland's Sion/Sitten. Amazing. Sion was also Sitten, while Seaton/Sitten-related Side's use a Chief reflecting that of Tipps'/Tippins, the latter suspect in the "teipSUM" motto term of Pendragons. Some's/Sions once showed gauntlet gloves while GHENTS share the Side Chief. (A huge crow just perched outside my patio door, never seen one so close to the house, just 15 feet away).

Some's/Sions/SINE's use falconer's gloves while SIMsons use the falcon. Perfect, for SINsons use "a falcon standing on a rock and a estoile." Varns, with a reflection of the Fulsome Coat, use "A falcon KILLING a stork". The Store's/Sturye's that use the stork can be a STRzok branch. Store's look like Tailor/Tail kin because the latter share the Stormy lion. KILLINs share the Plunkett Coat. Store's share the pale bar of Renfrew's Eskins/Erskins ("pense").

I'm not forgetting that I link Plancia Magna to Derbe, for her surname is to the Plunketts, first found in the RENNES part of Brittany. And while I feel sure that Rennes liners named RenFREW, where FULbert of Pollock's family settled (named Pollok location suspect with Pole FRYing pan), whom I see in the Fullers, that's where Ore's/Orrs were first found suspect in the Fuller motto term, "fermiORA." It could be pointing us to Mrs. Ohr of Fusion GPS. Ore's/Orrs share the cornucopia with Futter-like Fothes/Fette's/Fittes'/Fudes', and Futters show also as "Fudas'/Fotty/Futty," possibly of the namers of Foetes (Bavaria), also called Fusion-like Fussen. Very impressive, all thanks to the Fulsome's.

At this point, I'm willing to entertain the comet in the Reines Coat as God's clue that Mr. Reines was involved at Comet Pizza. We could expect choreography at Comet Pizza. In fact, where was my head, I almost missed it. The Reines Coat uses a counterchanged lion (two colors schemes) in colors reversed from the Pisa Lion!!!!! Can we believe it. It's as thigh God arranged this heraldry to link Phillippe Reines to Comet Pizza, the place where Pizzagate was born. One should also see the counterchanged lion of Freie's/Freys in case "RenFREW" was from them.

I'm not familiar with the Frew Coat (Rhyne/Reno colors), but it's using the Car/KARR Shield. I looked up Karrs when in the last update I came across Mr. Karr, one of the three murderers of Madalyn O'Hair. Another one was Mr. Fry, what a frewincidence. This recalls my ancient dream where Miss Hicks appeared first in front of her car, at the hood. That dream caused me to emphasize the Cars. One day, immediately after ending off on writing about that hood event, I went to town (told this story at least twice before), and, on my last errand, found a MEDALion on the HOOD of my vehicle with "Saint-Petersburg, Russia," printed upon it. I came home and wrote about it, checking the Medal surname, listed with DOUGals, interesting because Dogs/Doags (Bellow / Billet Chief?), who were a part of the Hicks dream, share the Car chevron. But I can now add, zowie, that Dogs/Doags were first found in PERTHshire (Perta liners) with Frews!!! And the Medal variation now appears to have been arranged by God to point to the murderers of MADALyn O'Hair. But what do Hoods have to do with her murder? I don't know.

Dutch Karrs use the Catherine wheel owned by Catherine Roet, whose father (Payne Roet) was at Montreuil and area, or at the SOMME theater of Picardy. Roets share a motto term with Masts/Masters that indicates Carians to me.

As I said in the last update, it seems that God set me up in Texas partly to link "my" (His) revelation to the O'Hair murder. But God also had in mind for me to meet Miss Hicks when purchasing property in Texas. A couple of years after first seeing her, I began to suspect that she was the woman in an old dream I had at age 21. Mr. Danny Fry was killed by his two partners in crime, and dumped off in Dallas, where Miss Hicks moved to (roughly)...after I knew her in the area that I had purchased a property. Why Bill Hicks? Bills share the Roet Shield.

When I found reports online that Alex Jones was really Bill Hicks, the crude comedian, I found it interesting that Alex Jones lived in Dallas while Bill Hicks was from Houston, where Miss Hicks lived previous to moving to my area (of Texas). I feel I have yet discover the fuller story in this situation.

After writing to this point, I started to ask whether Peter Strzok is a Store / Stork liner. After a couple of failed attempts at finding a Stork-like version of "Strzok," I found the Sturrocks/Storeks (Store colors), and they happen to use a Chief in the colors of the Plain/Plater Chief!!! In the Obama dream, I shot a paper PLANE, made from a page, into the corner pocket that was deemed code for Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, and have been holding out for almost a year that the plane was code for Plains/Platers, and here we are. The dream occurred early last February.

News media pronounce his surname, "struck." The Stricks/STICKlands (Store / Stormy colors) are said to have named, STIRKland. The motto, "Sans MAL" suggests the Morleys/Mauls because the other Morleys use the Morland Coat, while Morlands were first found in Westmorland with Stricks. Morleys/Mauls share the split Shield of Dossiers/D'Hosers. Isn't this amazing, especially as Stricks share white scallops with Morleys/Mauls> And the symbol-less fesse of Dossiers is black, as with the symbol-less bend of Malls/Marlybone's. The Stickland variation can suggest Sticks, first found in Somerset = the Stur-river theater. It looks like a Strzok link to the platforms is shaping up.

The question now: whose white bull heads are in the Storek Chief? Or, are the Storeks related to the Futters/Fottys (Angus stars), first found in Angus with Storeks? The three fesses of Futter-suspect Fullers are red, as are the three of Sturs. The French Sturs use the three as pale bars, red, in the colors of the three Belli pale bars. I recall tracing the Fire's to the Stura-Demonte river (Cuneo), but have once again forgotten how that was done aside from the Demonte's sharing the upright unicorn with Fire's. The Fuller beacon is "on fire."

I've lost that video I promised. Hope to come across it again. It shares Strzok saying to Page that the news was making their circle of corruption, surrounding Loretta Lynch, appear choreographed. I'm just wondering whether this use of term is a clue for me to link Strzok-Page conspiracy to the mall's platforms. The paper plane in the dream was suspect with the airplane in which Loretta Lynch entertained Bill Clinton on a secret mission to advise her.

For a rear conspiracy theory, which I may be sharing too hastily here, see Screen Hoopla's approach to the 6th minute, where the Russians supposedly discovered a CIA plot to kill Trump while he visits Syria, blaming it on ISIS. I'm not very familiar with Screen Hoopla yet, but he does say at the end that he can't be sure whether the report that he's relating is all true.

Killing Trump would be easy unless he stops telling the world where he'll be on any given day, but the killers do not want to be found out as part of the deep state, as if they could fool us, anyway. That brings us to realizing why it would be a method of choice to make it appear that the killing was done by ISIS, and, to boot, outside the United States. I can even well-imagine that they can use an Arab suicide bomber on Trump inside the United States.

If Trump does not secure CIA Intelligence, his life is at risk now that the deep state is on the verge of being exposed. Trump must secure the CIA with pro-Trump leaders who will ferret out the rats that would form a secret group against the president, in the lower levels of the CIA. Anyone with the ability to see the phone / email records of the Trump team can forward that information to shadow-government elites. Like I said, a real conspiracy theory, but we can be sure that this is indeed in the works. It's too logical not to be the truth. I don't trust general Kelly.

The video above mentiones Julian Assange's Paper Planes tweet, which came with a code where all the letters were a, b, c, d, e or f. There were no other letters in that long code of 60 characters. I'm sure that Mr. Assange was not giving clue to the Scottish Lang Coat, which uses, ABCDEF, but perhaps God arranged this coincidence to point to Loretta Lynch. See the Lang-Lynch discussion in the last update, which traces to Paeonians at Lyncestis, and moreover see Miss Phillips (on the platform, right?) with job at Penningtons obviously by the will of God, partly to convey the Penny/Penes surname that shares the lynx with Lynch's. The Page's have been traced with their Payen/Pagan/Paion branch to the Paioni for years, and I have traced Paionians to Cuneo, location of the Stura river to which Strzok is traceable.

There were many things I did with Louise Phillips, yet few of them come to mind as meaningful for further codes. I expect at least one other event with her to so stand. It was on New Years eve that I fornicated with the friend she invited to our apartment. At the ring of midnight, the party gang all took the elevator to the ground floor, but when I found myself going down in an elevator alone with her friend, I started something, and took her back to the apartment. We were there, with front door locked, for about an hour, meaning that we were there until January 1. I have told this story at least twice before, but only now does it dawn on me, thanks to its mention in the video above, that Julian Assange tweeted Paper Planes on January 1. Hmm.

Wow. After saying that, I was wondering what other clues there may have been from that night. I don't recall her name. The first thing coming to mind was the name of the street of our apartment (Christine Peare was living there too). It was on Ellesmere, and it just so happens that Ellesmere's share the downward, black-on-white, Paeoni-suspect pheons with English Page's. Moreover, Hillary hired Marc ELIAS of Perkins-Coie. Can you believe that Coie-like Coys use those pheons in colors reversed?

I wouldn't suggest that God chose for me to commit fornication, but that He may have caused Assange to do the tweet on January 1 so as to bring the meaning of his Paper Planes, or his 60 character code, back to Louise. It was due to that act of mine that Louise' brother, Glen(n), kneed me in the face, which I reasoned to be part-code for Face's/Fessys, part of the Fusion-like Fussen-on-Leck entity to which I link the Dossier-branch of Hose's (shares human legs with Arms of Fussen). He could have punched me in the face, but he decided to put a knee there. And Knee's have been shown to be linkable, by God's choice, to Leaks/Leakeys while the latter were suspect with WikiLeaks.

It now seems obvious to me that God set me up in Texas partly for the evening in which I sat beside Miss Hicks on the first anniversary of 9-11, in a park where our church was doing a 9-11 memorial. Less than an hour after it was over, I met Miss Hicks in a CORNER STORE on what the locals call the LEAKEY road, and the corner pocket was part-code for Strzok while stork-using Store's are now heavily suspect with the Strzok surname. As I was about to enter the store, I saw Miss Hicks beautiful KNEE's through the glass door. I had never been impressed by her knees before, and I recalled that I grazed her knee with my hand in the Hicks dream. But I had no idea, until last year, that Knee's and Leaks/Leakeys (same place as Hicks) use the same bend, or that Leaks/Leakeys use the Hicks fleur. So, you see, God is trying to communicate something about the culprits of 9-11, and the inclusion of Leaks makes me suspect that WikiLeaks will reveal that part, it's main part, or will be the first to kick it off. But if not WikiLeaks, then someone will conduct a major leak to nail those criminals.

It's notable that German Elias' use a "bush" as well as a reflection of the German Walker Coat. Dutch Bush's/Bos/Boschs can therefore be sharing the Ellesmere lion. Scottish Walkers share the three pale bars of French Sturs. And Bush's were first found in Yorkshire with Elis'. Is this speaking to 9-11 under Bush and his father, George Walker Bush? Or did the Bush family / circle (hate Trump) join Mark Elias in hiring Fusion GPS? I wouldn't be surprised.

So, I now think that God arranged my moving into an apartment with Chris Peare and Louise Phillips at Ellesmere in order to point to the FBI's Lisa Page, but as Page's and Ellesmere's use the Coy pheons in colors reversed while ELLES' / Ellesmere's can be an Elias branch, I'd have to predict that Lisa Page was part of the hiring of Fusion GPS by Marc Elias. And can we believe it, the Elles surname (somewhat a reflection of the Bush Coat), which I have not loaded in a long time, has fleur-de-lys in Chief in colors reversed from the same of Plain/Platers!

For new readers, I had a dream where a page on the table of Obama's billiard table was acting as the CUE ball (like "Coie"), and so I had to turn the page into a plane so that I could shoot it. It went straight in, as a sewer shot, into the corner pocket. I was aiming for a red ball. I don't recall any colored balls. Ore's/Orrs use red roundels.

So, while discussing WikiLeaks' Paper Plane tweet, here we turn up the Plains/PLATers, suspect with the PLATform and Platte River Networks. But, I have just realized, the cue ball is white, and, in heraldry a white roundel is a PLATE, no kidding at all. God is a genius, for using the Plains/Platers as the cue ball is perfect. In other words, the Platers are evidence that the paper plane was code for that very surname, especially the Plain variation. By why? Who with a Plain surname did he arrange to point to? And why is it that Ellesmere road is the thing that ultimately brought us to a version of the Plain Coat?

As Penns use plates in the colors of the three Palin stars, Plains may have been a Palin branch that merged with Plate liners (this could be a new theory right here, I can't recall going over this in the past). It's been establish that the Quint lion paw is code for the Pawley variation of Palins. The Elles', with the Plain/Plater Chief in colors reversed, use a lion's paw (!) holding a cross, as do Quints (same place as Palins). That seems to clinch things, and Sarah Palin was chosen as John McCain's running mate while it was McCain who handed the Steele dossier to the FBI! This discovery would not have taken place had I not lived in that Ellesmere apartment.

The three Palin stars in Chief, and the white Shield below with one black item, is a reflection of the Plain/Plater Coat. I don't see how I could have avoided realizing this in the past. I have developed a terrible memory; I may have made the Plain-Palin link before. What had the Platers been prior to merger with Palins?

If you check English Platers (same place as Plains/Platers), you'll see three wavy bends in the blue-on-white colors of the three wavy fesses of Irish Phillips/Philbins. Corroboration from God that Ellesmere's do apply to the Plains/Platers? Looks like, yes. The lone lion in the Phillps/Philbin Chief is in Elles-Chief colors. Seconds prior to loading Phillips' (with an 's'), I was looking at Terrace's because I recalled that the apartment complex at Ellesmere was called. Ellesmere Terraces...though I can't find it online (it may have changed names). Terrace's use the motto, Amore," like the "amor" of Welsh Phillips' (Louis lion in colors reversed) and the "amore" of Penningtons (share blue lozenges with Louis' and Bagleys).

Why do Philbys/FYLbeys (Fulbert liner?) use virtually the Chiver/Cheever Coat (same place as where Chives' were once said to be first found)? Why do Fillers/Villers ("crux") share gold scallops with FULsome's? I'm seeing Fellers from Roquefeuil.

The three Plater bends are colors reversed from the same of Mertons/Murtons, and the latter were first found in Hampshire (beside Palins) with the LISE's that use six (three and three) pale bars in those same colors. Is that not amazing? LISA Page and paper plane, perfect. For the record, Lambert in the Page write-up tends to reveal that Page's are using a version of the Lambert Coat.

The Cat-Stevens Miracle

As the ancient PENEStae Illyrians were near to Lyncestis, its seems clinched that the PENES/Penny surname, using the lynx, is from the Penestae. I've told a few times that, in my apartment with Louise, I painted an entire kitchen wall with an album cover by CAT Stevens. I have been waiting for something useful about this because I sensed that God should have been behind it. Well, the Penningtons use a cat in Crest, and so do the Chives' that were from the ancient Cavii on the lower parts of the Drin / Drilon river. The Penestae were on the upper Drin. Therefore, it appears that God arranged for me to prove that Louise worked at Penningtons for something to do with Loretta Lynch in her airplane.

We have yet to learn what message Bill Clinton hurried to send her, or to receive from her, in that plane, but as it was in the PHOENix airport, note how the Page PHEONs reflect that city's name. And the Cavii were at ancient LISSus, which I trace to the Lisa-like Lise/Lys surname because it shares courant greyhounds with Penes'/Pennys. You can't argue with the facts. It's pointing to Lisa Page as much as to Loretta Lynch, and the plane was originally a page on Obama's billiard table. God is a Genius. And I didn't know until after writing this paragraph that one of Cat's songs on Tea for the Tillerman is, "Sad Lisa"! Yes, sad Lisa Page she will be.

Courant greyhound are shared between Lise's/Lys', Pennys/Penes' and Wigmore's (same place as Lingens). In the LINGen write-up, you can find Ralph de Wigmore of Lingen, the progenitor of Lingens. The latter were first found in Herefordshire with Jays, and both use the same red bend with white roses. This recalls that while I lived on Jay street, God gave me a touch-bra event as it hung on a LAUNDRY line that was code for Landers/Landens sharing the LANGley Coat. And Langens share the banner with German Lingens (crossed spears). Therefore, I can see Lyncestis elements at Bra, in Langhe, especially as I trace Paeonians there. Lingers look like a Lingen merger with Meschins and Sales'. (As German Langens/Langs (pelican) were from Luneburg, Irish and Welsh Langens are suspect with a white version of the Brunswick lion.)

The album cover I painted was, Tea for the Tillerman. Is/was Mr. Tillerson (he's been hiding incriminating evidence against the Clintons) part of the Tea party? In any case, I now have more corroboration that God was manipulating (or directing) my life at Ellesmere, for Tillers are from the Tilurius river along with Tailers/Tails, and the latter use three lions in pale in colors reversed from the three Cat cats! Bingo, you can't speak more clearly than that, think your, Lord. The Tailers/Tails use a leopard in Crest, as do the Chives, though the latter have come to call it a cat, probably for merger with cat-using Cetins/Cattans, for the Tilurius river was also the Cetina. The Tailer/Tail lions are in the colors of the Chives-Shield cat-a-mountains, the name used for the Pennington cat. And ultimate proof that Chives' were from the Cavii is where they share the moline cross of Mathis' while the Cavii lived on the Mathis (modern Mat) river.

The Penestae are on the map below with the Mathis and Lissus, though the Cavii are not marked. Other maps have the Penestae as far up the Drilon as LYCHnidus, very close to Lyncestis. The Tilurius is to the north at the island of Brattia.

I've just listened to the song, Sad Lisa. It's not exactly a number-one best seller. I have several points. The first stanza uses the words, hurt, door and dark. I shot the page from the area of the blue ball, and blue roundels in heraldry are hurts, shared, for example, by Table's and Arthurs (this must be God's code for the Round Table secret society of the late 1800s in Britain). I shot the page on the TABLE from the area of the hurt, and Arthurs are from the Neretva river, marked the Naro on the map above, to the near south of the Tilurius. No coincidence. God knows what he's doing.

And the Daorsi were also on the Neretva, who were the mythical Doris, mother of the Neretva-like Nereids. The Doris entity smacks of the door used in the first stanza of Sad Lisa. And the dark term was in the Obama dream too, for while I sewered the page/plane, Sewers are also SUTERs/Suits while the very next scene in the dream was Obama dancing in a DARK SUIT. I never did use "black," but always said that it was "dark," for it was not quite black. I later realized that it must have been code for the Darks/D'Arques', because it explains why the page was on the table with a slight arch in the middle. Keep in mind that Plain-branch Palins were first found in DORset (STUR-river theater), beside the Somerset location of the Elles' that use a colors-reversed version of the Plain Coat. Perfect. And while Daorsi were also called, Daversi, the Davers (Arthur colors and format) were first found in Suffolk with Plains

Moreover, after Obama danced, he was skateboarding with his suit still on, and he was going up a severely-ARCHed ramp. There was only one Obama dancing, but two Obama's going up the ramp. The two Obama's were like in double vision, each exactly identical, one beside the other. I had theorized that this was code for the Twins (Hampshire, beside the Palins and Elles'), and they happen to use a good reflection of the Elles Coat. The Twin Coat uses an embattled fesse colors reversed from the same of Drin-river liner Dragons/Drains (PENdragon colors), first found in Kent with Darks/D'Arques'. And we're only at the first stanza of Sad Lisa.

Again, Lissus, the line to Lys'/Lise's (same place as Cavii-likely Chappes'), is at the mouth of the Drin river upon which the proto-Pendragon Penestae lived who, according to myth writers, birthed King Arthur. It's a no brainer that Illuminatist Round-Table Rhodians trace back to Penestae. And there is an English Lise surname, first found in Hampshire with Twins. Lise-like Elles' share the Pendragon fleur-de-LYS, can we believe it?

In the second stanza, there are the words, window, CORNER, and pain. As French Page's/LePage's were first found in Dauphine with Payens/Pagans, and because Payen liners are found with doves aside from those of English Page's, it can be said that Lisa Page had a surname that was a branch of the Pains/Payne's, which is the surname of Obama's grandparent. Pains/Payne's share the white lion paw with Elles', and the two were both first found in Somerset with the line of Payne Roet.

I have always traced Payen liners to the Pek river's Pincum. Beside that location was VIMINacium, to which I traced the WOMAN in the Elis Crest. Pincum was the line to Pincs, who use a Coat much like that of Sewers/Suits, and, moreover, the Paganells (share the red label with Panico's/Panetta's/Pane's) come up as Pings and Pongs. The Pincs throw in the Rhyne/Reno lozenges, for Panico's were at the Setta valley, a Reno-river tributary. So, you see, it's not a hallucination that Elles' and Ellesmere's should be linking to Paioni liners such as Page's and Pains. And the hand in the Pinc Crest holds a gold fitchee cross, the color of the fitchee of the Quints using the Palin lion paw. Quints were from Quintus Caepio, a Cavii / Chappes suspect.

Cat Stevens has a song, HARD Headed WOMAN (Tea for the Tillerman album), and because Hards are also Harts, they look like a Hurt branch. English Hards (red and blue antlers = Zahringers and Veringers) share the Arthur chevron and the two-tailed Montfort lion.

And, lest we forget that God chose for LOUISE Phillips for me at Ellesmere, I trace Cavii to Ceva, home of LUIS of Ceva, mother of Alice of Saluzzo, the line to Clintons, for one.

It dawns on me here that Paganells/Pings/Pongs share three blue bends with Platers. Pizzagate starts at Comet PING PONG pizzeria. If God is pointing to the Paganell bloodline for to link to that pizzeria, I haven't got a clue as to why. But maybe someone else does.

We saw that both "pain" and "window" were in the second stanza of Sad Lisa, and it just so happens that Windows (same place as Pings/Pongs and Pincs) use more lion paws, as well as sharing an embattled fesse with Pains/Payne's. The Window Crest even has a lion paw holding another gold fitchee, as with Pincs. How can this be a coincidence? Cat Stevens didn't know his heraldry, but God does.

In the past, I identified the Window lion paws with the same-colored lions of Fiens/Finis, and these lions are also the colors of the Paper lions, in case the paper plane applies here. The Montfort lion is definitely used by Marano's, from Marano, near Fanano, where I trace Fien / Fane liners, the latter first found in the area of the first Tillers. Fiens/Finis, in Fein/Fane colors, were first found in Kent with the Hards with the Montfort lion.

In the third stanza, we have "door" again, and one Door Coat has yet another lion paw in Crest (recalls the lion paw of DORset's Palins). The second stanza uses "deeper" while Deeps share the "orle" border with Rutlands and Rutherfords, and while the latter share "nec" with Rodhams and Teague's, the latter were first found in Galway with the Irish Doors having the same lion as Window-suspect Fiens/Finis'. It's interesting that the colors of the Teague/Teeger perchevron are those also of the Kitchen perchevron, for the CAT Stevens album cover was painted on a kitchen wall. The Door lion is also that of QUINCE-using Sforza's, and the bee-using Doors use the split Shield of Cage's, suspect with the Caige variation of Teague's, in colors reversed. See also the same split colors of Cetins/Cattans, noting the black spots on the white cats, like the black roundels (pellets) on the white Tiller lions. Tea for the Tillerman was an name directed by God, wasn't it? And who named Mr. Stevens, Cat?

Kitchen variations suggest the Cat-suspect Catch's, you see, who use a Teeger-suspect tiger in Crest that was probably a cat originally as per "CATch." Catch's even put five items (code for Quints?) above their chevron, ditto for Teague's/Teegers. The Stevens even share a perchevron with Teague's so that God did in fact direct me to paint that mural.

FINALLY, the Catch Coat is a reflection of the Platte Coat, and Platte's were first found in Lancashire with Kitchens! Zinger, did Hillary Clinton have her private server in her kitchen before giving the service to Platte River? One thing we know, she wasn't baking cookies with an apron on? She was more likely melting gold bars in her oven.

I am shocked but pleasantly so. The Cat Stevens mural has proven to be a finger of God pointing to Lisa Page and Palin liners to Plains/Platers. I was so amazed when, on the first night of using Lepage's carpenter glue to build my closet doors, the French Page's/Lepage's came up strong. I have just run out of that bottle of glue, as I write here, on my forth closet DOOR, with just one more board to do. Why did I run out with one BOARD yet to do. Aren't the Boards part of the Obama dream, using a version of the Sewer/Suter/Suit Coat? Yes, the Board were in Obama's skateboard. I am building four closet doors, each with five boards, for double (twin) closets in the bedroom. Here's what was said in the first update of January while relating a dream where I put carpenter glue into my wheel bearings, as code, it was later realized, for Gouel de Percival, father of the Leavells:

YOU ARE NOT GOING TO BELIEVE THIS. It's new. I just tried for the Goel surname, and found one with eight bars in the colors of the eight bars (four fesses, really) of Lepage's!!!! I kid you not, that last night, I started to glue together some boards using Lepage carpenter glue!!!! Talk about funny! I'm making my own closet doors. It's clinched: the glue was code for Gouel.

That was paragraph number was 248. As I finished the Paper Planes (Julian Assange) discussion on January 1 at paragraph 123, 248 could very well have been written Jan 2, and, if so, I must have started the closet doors on January 1, the day Julian released the Paper Planes tweet. Believe it or not. I had been wondering whether the closet doors were arranged at that time for a closet-like surname,m and here I can add the Closkeys (cat in Crest), a variation of the McCains i.e. right down the dossier alley. Closkeys/McCains (Fallis colors) use a "FeLIS" motto term that can be partly for Lise's, for the latter were first found in Hampshire with the Tiss' suspect in the "miTIS" motto term of Closkeys/McCains.

As Boards share the split-Shield colors (both with horizontal splits) of cat-using Cetins/Cattans, it makes sense the Closkeys/McCains are in view with the closet doors. The first surname stab I took of Obama's employee was the Back/Bagh surname because the employee's back was toward me, and my concentration zeroed in on his back. It just so happens that Glue's/Cloughs were first found in DenBIGhshire with Bachs/Baghs. The latter were first found beside Powys, and Powys' are the one's with the bear's gamb suspect with the Fulgambe variation of Fulsome's. However, I don't yet know whether Obama's Project Fulsome applies to the Fulsome surname.

Scottish Lise's are the ones who share a rare lion looking backward with Morells, and Michael Morell was/is a CIA chief. The Obama dream ended with his employee, unnamed and unidentified, looking back over his shoulder at Obama, just like those lions. I don't know any other surnames with lions looking backward.

This would be a good place to add a new discovery concerning a PRADleves location in Cuneo, to the near north of the Stura-Demonte river (Stura for short). Wondering whether the Levy surname named that place, I was telling self that because Cuneo-liner Coneys and Conns use a fesse colors reversed from the Levi chevrons, perhaps there is a Prad-like surname with a fesse in Levi-chevron colors. And that recalled the Prude's, who do come up as "Prad," that use just such a fesse. I have traced this fesse with Bracks to Brattia, also called, Brac, the island off the mouth of the Tilurius. The Tillers happen to share the Coney / Conn fesse, very-likely the Meschin / Muscel fesse, the latter using plates. The Mussel variation of Muscels named Musselburgh, up in the HADDington land of Catti-liner Keiths. Perfect, especially as Masci's were first found in Cuneo or beside it. Meschins share white scallops with Catch's and Platte's.

The Tilurius was in the Daorsi / Ardiaei and Maezaei theater, which should explain why Bracks/Brechs use the colors and format of Arthurs and Davers. The Daorsi-suspect Doors were suspect with the quince-using lion of Sforza's, and then Saer de Quincy is in the write-up of Faucets, the latter said to have had a location a few miles from Musselburgh. That area was also of the Seatons that share the crescents of Tillers.

Prad-like Pratts happen to share the black chevron with Levys, and moreover share pellets with Tillers. English Pratts were first found in Essex with Brac-like Brocks/Broke's and Brooks...and Quints. I saw glimpse of Brooks in the last update's brook out of which the Rayborn roebuck is DRINKing. That adventure tended to prove the Drinks/Drings, and a small host of similar surnames, were from the Drin river. The Brooks share the scallops (almost the Meschin scallops) of Fulsome's, and the latter use yet another lion paw, partly black, the colors of the Quint lion paw and the Palin / Phillips lion.

Hmm, as the two use the same lion, might Palins/Pawleys have been Phillips originally? This caused a check of Pawley-like surnames with an 'i', which found Phillys listed with Phillipsons. It's interesting that, because Lisa Page needs to link to Plains, that Phillys/Phillipsons use the colors and format of Page's. Phillys are said to have been at WINDERmere, while Winders share the motto of Pullys/Pullens, and then Palins share the stars of Polesdons who in-turn share the stars of Sabine's who-in-turn share the red scallop with Pullys/Pullens. That's not a bad find. And the Powells likewise share the Palin/PAWLey lion. Winders can be suspect with paw-liner Windows/WINDRos', and while I see the latter with Fiens, Powells use a "fynw" motto term.

Some endings on Windows look like they had merged with Drows/Drews, who share the bull head in Crest with Winders. The latter are interesting for using checks in the green-and-gold colors of the Sogg vair, while Soggs are still suspect in "StrZOK." The Winder bull head is white, as are the three in the Chief of Storeks/Sturrocks, and the latter's Coat is another version of the Palin / Plain/Plater Coat.

In the Philly Crest, a MURAL coronet while Muriels are also Merrills. The feathers in the Philly Crest suggest that Phillys are using the colors and format of Feathers/Fedders, in colors reversed from the Futters. The Philys/Phillipsons do not call them ostrich feathers, but Feathers (white feathers) do call them so, and Lois' happen to use a giant ostrich.

Homeland Security Wanted to Kill Me

I can now repeat a story I've told a few times, because I am sure that God set me up with Robert Powell. I can't recall anything in his house (we were about 13 years old) aside from asking him to replay the song, Silver Bird, by Mark Lindsey. This bird is a plane. And the Powells share the Palin lion so as to be a potential branch of Plains. How interesting, because Powell (dope dealer) was later thrown off a bridge to his death.

Much later in my life, I rebuked an officer at Homeland Security because he was giving me problems with my Texas property. It had been put up for sale at the time, due to this problem, and I had been fed up with his office. Two days later, I appeared in another office of Homeland Security, and this same man came walking in, because this office called him up to say I was there. In the interview, which I didn't want to have due to this man walking in, about six officers lunged at me, unprovoked, took me down to the floor (belly first), with my arm bent behind my back, and a boot on the back of my neck. "Oh Lord, forgive them, for they really don't know what they are doing." That's what I said when finally I was on the floor. But I was more commenting, maybe even making fun of them, than praying for them. It was totally ridiculous, something you'd expect from immature men, if they reach the level of manhood, that is.

They pushed me into a jail cell, cuffed me behind my back, and left me there for seven hours while they went through my things, and through my computer that was in my vehicle. After the seven hours, they arrested me with the false charge of assaulting an officer, chained my feet, and put the hand cuffs to my front because it's illegal (I think) to cuff me behind my back for very long. I was in extreme pain for all seven hours (blood flow through the arms is greatly reduced). They put me in a small unmarked car to drive me to the police station's jail cell for the night, because I had to appear in the morning before a judge.

Neither of the officers in the front seats were wearing uniforms. No one would ever know that this small hatchback was a police car. It stopped at the crest of a bridge, with me sitting in the back seat alone, on the side of the bridge's railing. "Why are we stopping." They said they had to wait for someone else. That sounded wrong, but I didn't ask what for. For 20 minutes we just sat there. and it was dark, shortly after rush hour. I thought they were going to throw me over the bridge. But the third man didn't arrive, and they started the car, driving me to the police station.

The next day, the judge saw that I was innocent, and let me go on a lesser charge, making me promise that I would not charge Homeland Security with any crime, can you believe this? The judge, protecting the officers, knowing that they set me up on a trumped charge. I kid you not, that three of the officers who had taken me down had prepared, for court purposes, affidavits claiming that I tried to grab an officer's gun, or that I raised my fist to assault one. It's laughable. It was my wake-up call. I saw first hand their corruption. What you are told, about the respectability of America's police forces, forget it, it's a thing of the past. If all of these officers could wink and break the law with me, you know that they do this routinely, as they feel like it, to severely punish anyone who merely raises a voice to them. They are like immature bullies.

The point is, way back in 1979, one week after I had the Hicks dream, which was in my first month of my conversion, I had a second dream that seemed like one from God. For two to three decades later, these were the only two dreams that I could claim to be from God. I was not in the habit of claiming many of my dreams as from God. Dreams I knew to be from Him did not begin again until 2010, but even then, I had that one only (about the Russian bear), and can't recall another divine dream until about two years ago, when God started to pump them through me one after the other.

Back to the second dream. It started with me tumbling deeper and deeper into a dark body of water. I then saw a commercial jetliner, an airbus, same as a silver bird. It swooped down close to the water surface, and I suddenly found myself saved inside this plane. There was no one in it, not even a pilot. I then saw it go upward with nose pointed up. It flew over three brick buildings, one taller than the next. I was dropped down onto the roof of the third building, and scaling the wall toward the ground like Spiderman, I finally jumped from a height, landing safely on all fours like Superman. I then saw the city lights before me, like at rush hour, after sunset, roughly like the timing of my being on the bridge with the unmarked car.

Finally, I saw a man in dark hair, wearing a black leather jacket, and I walked over to him, saying, "Did you see that?" And we watched the plane disappear in the horizon. I knew that it was God driving that plane.

Well I had tried to understand that dream for decades without success. I thought that my drowning in the body of water was some spiritually-depressing time I would go through, where God came to salvage me. But the time came when the dream looked like proof that God saved me from death that night on the bridge. The three buildings that I went over, in the dream, could have been the three buildings of that time: the first Homeland Security, then the police station, and finally the court house, where, I kid you not, I was like superman. The officers were shocked that the judge released me, and while they were driving me back to Homeland Security to set me free, that goon who started the whole affair called the driver to ask how it went. The driver gave him the bad news, I was let go.

I ask you, why did God chose to use an airplane to save me? There was no plane in the real-life situation. Recall the Silver Bird song at Robert Powell's, for he was thrown over a bridge to his death. And then there is this paper plane to deal with, in the Obama dream. I have the sense that the dream used a plane for to link that Homeland Security crew to Lisa Page, Strzok, and the other FBI goons who are corrupt to the core. God will pay these people back to their utter, sorry regrets. You just watch.

So, I owe my life to God many times over. I can't complain that this writing project has made me without a life as you live one. But I will finish this project one day.

The man in the black jacket and longish dark hair was me 25 years after the dream. I did buy a black leather jacket in 2004/5, a few years before that false arrest. I still have it, and wear it at times. I walked up to myself in the future, and asked, "Did you see that?" And we together watched the plane fly away. I purchased the jacket from Danier leather, and Danier's use fusil-type lozenges, code for lozenge-using Fusils/FUSSie's/Fusier's (same place as Page's/LePage's and same-colored Payens/Pagans); perhaps the jacket was God's code for Fusion GPS. In the interview with the officers, I wore a heavier, brown leather jacket, likewise purchased from Danier. Jackets/Jaycocks were first found in Suffolk with Plains/Platers. The officers attacked from behind while I was reaching for the jacket on a chair, because I was about to leave, but they had planned on attacking me, be assured.

It strikes me here that because Bagleys use blue lozenges in colors reversed from the Fusil lozenges, Bags may have been Page's! The sleeping bag can therefore be code for Lisa Page too, and her bosses, for Sleeps were first found in the same place as Bagleys.

Jackets/Jaycocks use three crescents in blue, the colors of the three Bagley lozenges (arranged in the same way upon the Shield). The JayCOCKs therefore show evidence of being a merger with Cocks, for they share the Coat of Bags (beside the Jackets/Jaycocks). Fuss'/Fussels share the BECK moline, but as this is the red Sibal moline too, it traces exactly with the Sibal-Shield moline to Segni's/Segurana's in the Fessy motto. The Seagars who use this moline were first found in Norfolk with Bags. As the sleeping bag was on a HILL, Fusils and Fussels may have originally been FusHILLs.

Just look at what the jacket has done. German Becks not only share the Zionist stars of Suters/Sutters, like the Suter variation of Sewers, but there is a dolphin that ultimately traces to Dauphine (uses the dolphin), where Page's/LePage's, Pagans, and Fusils were first found. Suters/Sutters share the fleur in black with Plain/Plater-suspect Elles'. And Platers share three blue bends with Paganells/Pings/Pongs. As the latter are suspect in pizzagate with the comet of Reines', let's add that Bags share the Rhyne/Reno lozenges while Bag-like Bacons/Beacons are pointed to by Beacon Global Strategies, founded by Phillippe Reines. I tried loading "Bung" as per the Pung variation of Pings/Pongs, and that got the Bings sharing the Raines lion, a combination recalling that Pincs/Pinks share the Reno lozenges as well as a version of the Sewer/Suter Coat.

Just keep this pizzagate thesis to when I get down to Geneva, for the Fessy branch of Fieschi was at Genova along with Segni's/Segurana's, while the Geneva surname is listed with Genova's.

About 10 years after the false arrest, I had a dream. I was in Obama's billiard hall. And I shot a plane fast into the corner pocket, like shooting it down Strzok's throat (sewer). The cue is now in my hands, and it's my turn to act. Together, God and I will speak to you of his judgments on the Strzoks of American law enforcement. That's what's shaping up as we speak.

I can't believe that, all-update long until now, I neglected to load the Stork Coat. It shares the acorn with Corners/Garners! Both on a blue Shield. There you have extra evidence that God has Peter Strzok in that corner pocket. And it comes a minute after finishing the paragraph above.

As German Corners use a black boar, it appears that Corners/Garners were Garden liners. Lake Garda, where Gardens (black boar) must trace, is beside Val Trompia, and Dutch Tromps use the acorn too. The "JUNGunter" motto term of Gardens is partly for German Jungs/Youngs, who share a white-on-blue stag with German Trumps/Tromps. And CORNer-like Correns (branch of Corrys/Currys) were first found in Waterford while the Arms of Waterford share a stag head in Trump stag-head colors. There no mistake here.

Back now to the Screen Hoopla video presented earlier. In the middle of the 2nd minute, he introduced Julian Assange's Paper Plane tweet, and calls the 60-character code, a "dead man's switch intended to trigger the release of documents in the event of his death." Immediately after saying this, the video producer quotes from a line in the Paper Planes song, saying, "if you can catch me at the border." Well, my false arrest and bridge scare was at the border. Doesn't it therefore appear as though God used a plane in the dream in alluding to this tweet?

I did not read from anyone else that the 60-character code has only the first six letters of the alphabet. I saw this all my lonesome, and, perhaps, it was a miracle, because the Langs, suspect with Lynch's, use "ABCDEF" on their fesse. We can surmise that these letters are code for LINKletters, whom share checks on a fesse with the Stewarts, who are known to descend from the Alans of Dol, whom I see in the Langs for more reasons than the Aleng variation of French Alans. It again appears that God's finger is pointing to Loretta Lynch's plane. Loretts were first found in Suffolk with Plains.

But what could that plane in Phoenix have to do with my bridge scare? Is there more to it than just a general judgment on law officers in relation to the Clinton circle. In December of 2001, I took my first and last plane to Texas. The following September 11 was the Knee-Leak evening at the 9-11 memorial with Miss Hicks. I had never spoken with her previous to that plane ride.

As I sat beside her in the park, I got up to go ask the pastor if he would ask Miss Hicks to sing her second song. When I returned to the seat, I decided to sit a little ways off from her, because I didn't want to give appearances of committing adultery with her, which I never would have done. And that's when Stanley sat beside her. I had seen him sitting right close beside her twice before, so close they looked like a married couple. On this third occasion, at the park, after he went to the front to hold the American flag, I walked up to Miss Hicks' from behind, and putting my head near her ear, I asked, "Is that your 'buddy'"?

"He's just a friend," she said. I left it at that. Years later, when realizing that the Hicks dream is stacked with codes for surnames, I learned that Stanleys share the Knee and Leak/Leakey bend. It's more corroboration that God was doing something that night for this revelation today.

Things went from bad to worse between Miss Hicks and I after that, and peaked when I saw Stanley with her a fourth time a couple of weeks later. I called her up on it, and she slammed the phone down, so I set up a meeting in the pastors office, though I was not going to tell the pastor about Stanley. She's the one who brought him up, thinking I was going to. anyway. I had called the meeting because she must have gotten her daughter to tarnish my name. I had heard that she thought I was a child molester, but there was nothing I ever did that could give her that impression. The day after Miss Hicks slammed the phone, the daughter said to me on the phone, I see the way you look at me. But she was 300 pounds at 13 years of age, downright unattractive.

The only explanation is that her mother was freaking, thinking I was about to tell the entire church that she was committing adultery with Stanley. Her husband was very wealthy (their place was up for sale for millions), and she could lose it all if he found out. On the day that her daughter was accusing me, I told her that if her mother didn't get on the phone, I was going to call a meeting with the paster. So, she thought I wanted to spill the beans on the Stanley thing, but instead I wanted to blast her for egging her daughter on in this child-molestation fantasy.

Years later, I found the "GNAViter" motto term of Leaks/Leakeys, and because the Leaks share the Hicks fleur, I was able to see that this child-molestation theme from the daughter was God's probable doing, for the daughter's name is GENEVa. In other words, God set that thing up as per the child-sex ring that He wants to bust, and he may have arranged for a pointing finger at Beacon's Phillippe Reines for reasons explained above.

Whether I have Geneva figured correctly or not, I learned that there was a high probability that Miss Hicks lodged a formal complaint against me at Homeland Security, at the Texas border, which explains why I was not allowed to go back to my Texas property again, after I had sold the place, to get my belongings. On the very attempt to do that, it turned into the bridge-scare event. If Miss Hicks gave a false complaint about me, she almost had me killed. There was plenty of evidence, from God, that Miss Hicks lodged a child-molestation complaint against me.

For example, in the courthouse awaiting the court hearing the morning after the bridge scare, my court-appointed lawyer came to my cell for the first time, asking if I was the pedophile, or perhaps asking (I can't recall the wording exactly) if I was the one charged with pedophilia. This was so weird. It was the first thing she said to me. I said no. So she sort-of apologized and walked away for a while. I suppose she was trying to check me out for a guilty-look reaction before defending me in court. If Miss Hicks did this to me, great shame.

Meanwhile, I was doing push-ups on the floor, getting tired of just sitting around in jail. God was making me Superman for the court hearing. I was raring to go. I wanted in there to tell my story, to condemn those officers if I could. My lawyer could not contain me; I was smoking mad.

In the hearing, I asked where the video of the alleged assault was, for the officers assaulted me, not me them. The lawyer for the officers, so low in volume, and apologetically, said that she's in the throes of securing it (baloney). She and the officers were hoping I wouldn't mention the video. The judge wasn't an idiot, thankfully, realizing that it takes about 30 minutes to get a few minutes of video copied for court purposes. If they had all night and all morning to do it, and if the video clip wasn't in court, then, obviously, I wasn't guilty. I was set free.

The officer in charge of interviewing me, before they took me to the floor and had me arrested, had previously given an order to his fellow officer, Robert Rhodes, to go pester / arrest Zhao Yam. Rhodes pulverized her face into the concrete. Don't believe me? You can see her face at the article below:

I lodged a formal complaint against the arresting officers, but all I got was a promise that the complaint was forwarded to the Responsibility Office, the in-house police of the police. I wasn't allowed to know what their findings or conclusions would be, as expected from a cabal that protects cabal members. The article reads, "[Judge] Wolford’s ruling Monday found the government liable for US Customs and Border Protection Officer Robert Rhodes “assault and battery and FALSE ARREST” of Zhao..." There you have it. If Rhodes thought he could get away with pulverizing that woman in the way you see her face, then he works for a cabal of wicked officers. He almost got away with it fully. Zhao's lawyer had previously failed to get a "conviction" in civil court. While her assault was back in 2004, she didn't win this case until August of 2017.

I don't know what happened to Rhodes, but the devil wants to speak to him about the spot that he would like to have in hell. "Rhodes initially was fired and criminally charged with violating Zhao’s civil rights. He was acquitted [by what corrupt court?] at a 2005 trial and eventually reinstated to his job."

One would think that judges have more sense than to believe officers when they say such things as: "But during the 2015 civil trial, US authorities said Zhao’s injuries were her own fault because she ran from the officer and then kicked, punched and scratched him before two other officers arrived and helped restrain her on the ground." This is what officers always do in false arrests, make up false stories on what the victim was doing to invite abuse. But this was a defenseless woman, and Rhodes' crew obviously went too far even if she had been kicking, which I very-much doubt she was. I judge that the article is filled with fake news on behalf of the officers.

Trump: most police officers are good; there's just a few bad apples. If that were the case, the bad apples wouldn't have a chance getting away with such things. We see them getting away with it routinely. We can't define a winking officer as a good one, and if good officers are afraid to speak out against the bad, then the bad have the majority or the upper hand.

How many times have we lost something only to find something else that we thought we had lost. In other words, losing something is not all bad news. So, the loss of the Strzok-Page emails is good for finding other secretive things while seeking to recover the missing messages. And what about Strzok's communications with others on that same phone? Are they all gone too? I caution that some of the released messages from this couple may have been fabricated by the guilty to protect themselves. For example, there is a report from congress that the two texted about causing the texts to go missing, which may be a fabrication to make us believe that the FBI isn't responsible for the disappearance, but that one or both of the couple are.

Darlene Ray Gives Up her Secrets

Lyncestis is so near to lake LYCHnidus that "Lynx" and "Lych" may be related terms, or, in any case, a merger of the two could explain why Scottish Licks/Locks are in Lux colors while "Lux's are said to derive in a "lynx." Moreover, English Licks are more-properly shown as Lucks/Luke's. The latter share black greyhounds with Schutz's, and Scottish Licks/Locks use the Schutz saltire in colors reversed. This begins to inform me that a people from Lychnidus went down its Drilon river to lake SCODra. In case you're doubting, English Licks/Lucks have a pelican as code for Pelagonia, on this map beside both Lychnidus and Lyncestis:

When we look at the Lukins Coat, we find them in Sleep colors, and first found in Shropshire with Sleeps, while the SELEPitanoi Illyrians were smack at lake Scodra. Plus, as Ardiaei were in that area too, it explains why Lukins share the colors and format of Irish Arthurs. Scottish Arthurs use another pelican. If that's not enough, the Perkins use "eagles RISING," code for RISINium/RHISON on the north side of lake Scodra. Rhison evokes Susan Rice, who is now in the news along with Loretta Lynch. We saw Susan Rice in the leaked page, where she was applying for an extension of Obama's Fulsome operation.

Rhizon is smack at Kotor (not shown), where Saraca's lived (according to their Wikipedia article, before moving to Ragusa. The latter was also called Laus(a), which I trace strongly to Lissus at the mouth of the Drin. And there was a Laus location near the toe of Italy that is right beside Saracena, no coincidence. It is also near SCIDrus, looking like a Scodra entity. The Schutz-like Scythes'/Side's/Sudys (out of Scidrus, apparently) and their Suty branch can therefore be gleaned with the Simpson lion because the other Simpsons use a "NUTRor" motto code for the ancient Enotri known to live at the Saracena area. It just so happens that Irish Arthurs share a "falcon volant" with Simpsons.

It's important that while Laus is like "Laish, Enotri were also called, OENotrians, suspect from mythical Oeneus, the line of Laish's Levites. The region Oeneus can be traced back exactly to mount SION (at Laish), suspect with SINsons, for example, and therefore with Simsons.

The Lukins evolved into LUFkins/LOVEkins, looking like a merger with Luffs/Love's, first found in Suffolk with Daorsi-liner Davers. This recalls RAY Luff, a friend of mine that died in a car accident. My old girlfriend, Darlene RAY, has a first name that was traced in the last update, as a surname, to the Drin river, partly because the DerLING variation looks like a Lyncestis or even a Lynch line. I failed to see that "DARLENe" is also like "DRILON," the alternative name of the Drin. I failed to load Luffs in the last update, and have just re-found their fitchee cross in Crest (with a "bird"), which is red, the color of the Darlene fitchee. This is good because I was saying that she was in a car accident possibly because God wanted me to link her codes to Ray Luff.

The Drin comes up close to lake Scodra, into which the Clausula drains, and the Dober location on that river is to Dobers, a branch of Tobers so that it looks relevant that Darlene's share the fesse of Toppers. Both put three red items on their fesses. Compare variations of Toppers/Toupfers (Roet / Speer boars) with those of Dobers/Taupfers. As the Saraca's of Kotor were at the north side of Scodra, German Toppers/Topfer (same place as queen Basina and German Roets) are likely using the Saraca fish. Dobys were first found in Renfrewshire with Spears. I'm not of the opinion that all Dober-like terms trace to the one Dober location at Scodra, but it might be true. Dobbs look like Pendragon / Kim kin, and Kims were first found in Buteshire along with the Glass' that I trace to "Clausula."

Here are the only things (potential codes) I recall about Darlene, in roughly the two months we were together: 1) I asked her out for the first time at the snack bar of Knob Hill Farms, while buying an ice cream from her 2) sitting at her couch with her lying on the couch with head on my lap (or knees?), and kissing her; 3) she threw a party, though I recall nothing more for surname value on that night; 4) going to see her after her accident, and giving her a warm hug; 5) driving at night in my Impala; 5) calling her on the phone to try to get her not to leave me. Out of those five things, I can recall her car accident in which she suffered no injuries. Why would God want to connect her accident to the death of Ray Luff?

The Luffs use a formee-fitchee, nearly the patee-fitchee of Plains/Platers, first found in the same place as Luffs. And Darlene's are suspect with the Lynch line. Does the Clinton crime ring kill people with car accidents? Ray Luff knew Peter Smith very closely, and while Smiths use the same cross type as Luffs, the Clintons are suspect in killing another Peter Smith, found with a BAG over his head to make it appear like a suicide. Smiths share drops with Darlene's and the Bagley ram.

As per the ice cream, I looked up Ice's and Cramers (no Cream / Creme surname comes up). Dutch Cramers share the ram's head (in Lux / Lick/Lock colors) with Bagleys, the latter first found in Shropshire with Lukins/LUFkins. Bags share red lozenges with Rhyne's/Reno's, while Bagleys share blue lozenges with Penningtons, the latter suspect with the lynx-using Penes'/Pennys from the Drin river. And the Penes'/Pennys share the black greyhound with Licks/Lucks/Luke's. Reno's can thus be suspect as a line to Phillippe Reines, whose surname (comet and probably the Pisa lion) got suspect with Comet Ping Pong's pizzagate scandal on two counts. The Pings/Pongs/Pungs are the ones sharing three bends in blue with Platers.

The Reno's/Rhyne's share three red-on-white lozenges with MontaQUE's, the latter now suspect with both Cue's and my pool cue. What could this mean, that Phillippe Reines is in the corner pocket with the sewage? Lookie: Montaque's are also MontaCUTE's while Cute's/Cutts show PLATES! I shot the Plains/Platers with my cue! I am sure that I now have the fullest part of the pool shot resolved. It has to do with William Binney, for French Binneys (Maine, same as Billiards) use a colors-reversed version of the Cute/Cutt Coat while Scottish Binneys show a "doloQUE" motto term. We saw why Binneys should be a branch of Bens/Bends, and the latter put three red roundels on their fesse, all in the three colors of the Darlene fesse with crosses. Why has God kept this secret from me until now? I was shooting for the red ball on Obama's table. Though Cute's/Cutts show plates, their description reads: "...a black bend three white squares." It looks like they were related to such lines as Squirrels.

When we go to the Irish Cramers, they are sharing the red KISS/Cush rooster because the Cramer motto uses "CUSTodet," code obviously for the Custs, a Kiss/Cush branch. As I said, the next event I recall after asking Darlene out while buying ice cream was kissing her with her head on my lap. She was lying down on her couch, and there is a Couch surname much like "Cush." The Kiss'/Cush's and Custs use "fountains" while Fountains, first found in the same place as Luffs, share three red fesses with Luffs. Amazing, is it not? Do 40-year-old events in your life have props that bring surnames together like this? I doubt it.

As Pings/Pongs are PAGANells, but what coincidence are Page's/Lepage's (first found in the same place as Pagans), showing up as "Lapp"??? Amazing, for the Lapps/Lepage's use four fesses in Darlene-fesse colors. If that's not enough, the Philps share the Darlene fitchees with a blue wolf, the colors of the wolf in the Arms of PLACentia, where I trace the "Placit" motto term of Rooms/Rome's (Annandale). The "PUNGit" motto term of Rooms/Rome's is what discovered the Pung variation of Paganells so that I later found them as Pings and Pongs, very important for linkage to Reno-related Pincs/Pinks. And the latter are the ones with a version of the Sewer/Suter Coat, can we believe this? The Philps look like they are a God-set-up for proving that Phillippe Reines is at issue.

Placentia has a Le Mose area, and Mose's/Moss' share the now-illegal gold in contact with silver with Philps. Perfect. The same illegality is shared by Larose's/Rose's that seem to be in the Mose motto. Mose's/Moss' share the billets of Steel-liner BATTIstelli's, and Batti's (share eight-pointed star with Stelli's) were first found at Cremona, smack beside Placentia. Recall Darlene's ice cream to me, for while the cream is suspect with Cremona, Ice's share the trefoils of Pike's while I traced pike-using Geddes, years ago, to Placentia. As Stelli's were first found in Bologna with Panico's, from Pincum (Pek river) in MOESia, I suggest that Cramers share the Panico Chief. Mose's/Moss' share the patee cross with Peks. The Batti/BOTTa star can be the Car star, but also the Botter star.

Couch's are loved by the couchant lions of Tints (same place as Pains/Payne's), who in-turn share the Pain/Payne lion while French Payne's use one fesse in both colors of the Fountain fesses. Did I hug Darlene when she had her accident? Hugs, first found in Languedoc with FONT-de-Ville's, share three red-on-blue fesses with Fountains.

Cramers use the same-type dancette as Dunhams (same place as Fountains), with the Chief-Shield colors in reverse, and Obama's grandmother, I think it was, on his Dunham side, was a Payne by surname. That is, if I remember correctly, Obama's mother's father married Miss Payne. My events with Darlene now bring us to Obama.

As per the gold-silver illegality of Mose's and Philps, Male's do the same with three white squares called shields, the Scute symbol in gold (think ESCUTcheon), and the Arms of Placentia uses a white square that I don't know what is called. Scute's use a DEER suspect with Darlene variations, and I trace Scute's to lake Scodra, near the Drilon river. In a Mose picture, the "feMALE figure" of Darlene's can be for Male's/Mahlers (Maul branch?) and for Fame's/Fanes/Phone's, which recalls the last thing I remember about Darlene, calling her a few times to convince her not to leave me. Fane's/Phone's share gauntlet gloves with Maceys (can be a Mose branch), and the Arms of Gaunt/Ghent uses a virgin that can easily be the female figure.

Morleys/Mauls use a part-white shield within the larger Shield, the color of the Male/Mahler shields. While Morleys/Mauls don't mention their shield by any name, they call their scallops shield-like SeaSHELLs (why SEAshells?). Shells/Schells share a white fleur-de-lys with Morleys.

Irish Shields share the lion of Virgins, first found in Kent with Ghents. I trace Numidians to Kent. Virgins use both a red lion in Crest and Shield, as do Aurs/Aures', and I trace the latter to Aures of Numidia, home of the Shawia while the other Shields share the Shaw motto. Shaws share part of the motto of Pendragons, the latter from the Drilon river. Numidians joined Hannibal in the invasion of the Placentia area. Placentia was founded by general SKIPio (lost the war of Trebia), who made a war pact with the Numidian king, Massena, explaining why Masons/Massins (and Gaunts) were first found in Kent, and why Meschins married SKIPtons. Meschins were Masci's while Maschi's were first found beside Fano, where I trace Fane's, whom, by the way, I can see in Fennels too.

We now take the Aures entity and assume that Aurelia's were Aures kin. From there we entertain ORELLs as an Aurelia branch, then ask why Darlene's come up as DORLings? DORELLs/Darrells are said to be from "D'Airel/Airel, and even mention a Mr. Orell. Dorells/Darrels use a giant lion in Darlene colors, in the colors of the Maschi lion, and I'm a Masci on one side. Ghents share the Chief of Sudys/Scythes' (probably a Scute branch) while a branch of Dorells/Darrells were at SHUDY Camp. Plus, Gaunts share the red bend with Darwins and Darrins, excellent, as well as with Gone's/Guenets that I see in the gonFANon banner that traces to Fane-suspect Fanano. That bend is in colors reversed with Doris'/D'Oris'. Irish Doors share the giant lion of Dorells/Darrells.

It's getting confusing as to which of the three, the Drilon, Aures or the Daorsi these surnames trace from. The Drilon was perhaps named by mythical-Doris (fish symbol) elements of the Nereid kind. Daorsi (within reach of lake Scodra and the Drilon) were on the Nereid-suspect Neretva/NARO river while Blacks share the Glass stars while Darlene-beloved Books use an hourGLASS while Glass' share the mermaid (fish symbol) with Massins/Masons and Laps. Darlene's head was on my lap, and heraldic heads were code for Gorgons / Amazons in north Africa. The Arms of Sicily is three human legs (like the Arms of Fussen and Man) with the head of the Gorgon Medusa upon it, and Messina is in the Scylla part of Sicily that named the island. King Massena was likely an Amazon of the Meshwesh/Mazyes = Amazhigen kind. [Later, I find the Lapps listed with LePage's, first found in Dauphine with Doris'/D'Oris', and using fesses in Darlene-fesse colors.]

For what looks like a fundamental understanding of Payens/Pagans and the related Lapps/LePage's, note that English page;s are using a dove-version of the Shield Coat that has the Shaw motto, for Irish Shaws share a version of the Rowell chevrons-with-symbols while Payens/pagans use "spur rowells." It's even possible that "Rowell" is "Orell" without it's capital 'O'. Rowells look like they merged with the Roses around Moray's Rothes castle, near the Perthshire Shaws, and Aurelia's share the Moray stars.

At this point I would like to say that Rothesay was later named BUTE, while the Dorells had made me been wonder why I own a Dorel BOAT. In fact, the boat caused me to look up the Dorells as "Dorel". The Glass' were first found in Buteshire, the area also of the VICKERs (share the red Darlene / MacDonald fitchee) suspect in the "female FIGURE" of Darlene's.

Next, Darlene threw a party, and was talking that night to a fellow worker at Knob Hill Farms. This is all I recall, nothing else, not even his name. If anything, this event was code for the Party/Pardy surname (Shropshire), which looks like a Stewart merger. I can't see where this event is at all meaningful. On the other hand, the next event I recall, we were driving at night on a rural road. The Driver/Dryver surname shares the saltire of Andrea's, which recalls little Andrea at my 11th birthday party, and her trace to Pertuis. The Drive's/Drove's share the quadrants of Hunts, first found in the same place as Partys/Pardys. Therefore, we go to the Perts/Petts (share mascles with Peters), who use the stork as a potential finger pointed to Peter Strzok. Peters were from Peter Pollock, whose father, out of Shropshire, is suspect with the Fullers sharing three red fesses with Sturs (and Luffs). The Fuller write-up has a branch in Shropshire. So, the party that Darlene threw is suspect with Strzok, and I think we can expect a Party-like surname involved with him. We shall see. [Later, Andrea becomes what looks like code for the FBI generally.]

We were driving in my car. It's known that Obama's Dunham surname originated in Jonathan Singletary, and Singletarys (same place as Cars) share the Car chevron while Cars use motto terms suspect for the Sero river, which flows to cream-like Crema and Cremona. Ice-creamincidence? Why do Singletarys calls their birds, "birds," the term used for the bird in the Luff Crest? Because, Luffs are kin of Musts/Mousquette's/MUSCATs, kin in-turn of Montfiquets/MUSCHATs that use three chevrons in the colors of the three Luff fesses, and colors reversed from the three Singletary chevrons. The code-studded Singletary Crest uses a BROKEn spear (Payne symbol too) while Montfiquets/Muschats were first found in Essex with Broke's/Brocks (dart for Dardanians), Brooks and RAYne's/Reine's. Rayborns use a roebuck drinking at a BROOK. The Luff-beloved Birds were at BROXton.

Aha! Recall that Luffs were first found in the same place as Plains/Plater while almost using the same cross. Broxtons (Cheshire, same as Birds) do share a patee-fitchee with Plains/Platers, and both are black. Brox's/Brocuffs (Brock Chief-Shield colors), with a "lux" motto term, use a flag in Crest looking like the Dart fesse.

It's hard to know what surname variation Rays derive in, and if I've ever come to a solid conclusion, I can't remember it. Rays may have been Raines' / Reines' / Regans.

The Andrea's can now be traced to king Anders/Andrew I of Hungary via the Driver's wings, for Wings/Winks were first found in PERTHshire with Drummonds (Andrea / Driver colors), and the latter were born from George, son of Andrew I. Drummonds were at DRYman, suggesting that the DRYver variation of Drivers were Drymen liners. Drivers share a red heart between wings with the Acorns (at Rotherfield, Sussex) who in turn use a reflection of the Plain/Plater / Palin Coat. Rotherfields (Hampshire, beside Sussex) share the same-colored fesse as Darlene's, and Knobs are suspect with the Rothschild/Rothstein arrow.

Drymen is in Stirlingshire, where Robe's (same chevron as Lings) were first found who are in the robes of the "female figure" of Darlene's (Ling / Linger / Lingen colors). I can't find a female-like surname better than the Fennels who share the chevron of Robe's. "Figure" could be for a variation of Viggers/Vickers because they share the red fitchee with Darlene's.

Andersons share the Andrea saltire, I assume, and as Andersons are said to be a tribe of Clan Chattan, Swedish Andersons must be using the CATch scallops. Andersons and Hendersons were both first found in CAITHness. The evidence that little Andrea at my party was a Perduis liner to/from the Perdrix peak at mount Pilat is where Brisons use the Anderson saltire in colors reversed, as well as sharing the Pilate pheon, for MontBRISON is beside Mont Pilat. And while we wore pointed birthday caps, the ancient Phrygians wore pointed caps while Phrygians were also Briges/Brigians, suspect with such surnames as Brix's/Brisons.

Andersons share a motto term of Kilpatricks (castle at CLOSEburn), and Brisons share the spur with Close's.

Aha, the Darwins were in the last update in a list of Drin-river possibilities with Darlene's, and while Partys are Pardys too, Partons/Pardons were at Derwent while Derwents are listed with Darwins. That may explain why I can recall Darlene Ray's party. Darwins and Darrins use the bend-with-bendlets of Phrygian-possible Ferris'.

As I gave Andrea a book on Tarzan, I'd like to record here that Greystoke's/Greystocks have John Clayton of Greystoke in their write-up, said to be the fictional Tarzan in some unexplained way. The book may have been code for Tarrs'/Terres liners, who use pale bars in the colors of the bendy of Italian Andrea's. Tarrs' were first found in Somerset with book-using Roets, and are in the colors of one Coat of book-using Reeds. But then Darlene's (drops, very linkable to daggers) use the book too. The Terres' (not "Terres") use rooks while Rooks (suns) are from Roquefeuil, in Roussillon, which along with the Arms of Aragon, use bars like those of Tarrs'/Terres''. It looks like there is a Clayton link to Tarrs' here, round about.

We can now trace from Roussillon/Rosellon to Roslin, home of Sinclairs/Suns (compare with Rhodes cross) that share the engrailed cross of Claytons. And Claytons are thus suspect with the red roundels of German Rhodes'/Rodes', kin of Rods/Rodes and Rocks, from Henry IV of Rodez and his Roquefeuil wife).

Loading Claytons, they use the dagger (as do Kilpatricks) as code for Daggers/Dacre's, for we read that Greystock titles went by marriage to Dacre's. Greystocks (Cumberland) were first found in the general area of Greys (Northumberland), and Stake's (probably the Stock/Stoke lion) share the Grey lion. Later, I discuss evidence for equating Stocks/Stoke's with Stork / Stur liners. Claytons were at Taunton Hall while Tauntons use lozenges in the colors of the similar mascles of Perts/Petts while the latter use the stork. The Greys love the Anchors that in-turn use the same lozenges as Tauntons, the latter first found in Somerset with Tarrs' and Tarr-possible Trents, the likely namers of the Trent river, location of Stoke-on-Trent.

Here's something interesting, starting with Scottish Anders/Andrews (Caithness, same as Andersons). They are said to have been at SHOTley of Northumberland, expected to be of Siward of Northumberland because his name is in the Swords that share the SHOT/Shute swords. And SEWERS/Suters are expected to be a merger with SIWARd elements, perfect for shedding light on the background nature of my sewer into the corner pocket. And Anders/Andrews were first found in Caithness, the are of dagger-using Mackays first found in SUTHERland. In this picture, the Greystoke-Clayton merger can apply with the Greys of Northumberland.

The way to know that Birds/Burds are a branch of Borders is where the Gotts (Bavaria, same place as sling-SHOT-using Dachau) use both the crossed Border swords and "birds." The same crossed swords are in use with Dachau-liner Tax's/Dachs.

Hendrix' (Cupid with a torch) are said to derive in "Henry," but that looks wrong because Hendrix's almost use the bendy of Italian Andrea's. Anders/Andrews use a "VicTRIX" motto term while being in Trick colors. While Tricks (suns) are using the DRIG Coat, it may suggest that HenDRIX's/Hendricks were an Andrea-Drig merger. Drigs were first found in Cumbria, same as Greystocks, and so Hendrix's can very well descend from Henry of Rodez so as to be an Anders-Rodez merger. The Roslin-suspect Ross' (Russell lion in colors reversed) are said to descend from an Andrew. Of interest here is that Cupid was the Roman Eros, the son, and the child-molestation cult, of Ares and Aphrodite. Aphrodite was from Phrygian Heneti, and Ares (god of war) is suspect with a horse code, "hross / Hros." The Horse write-up says that Horsleys owned the lands of the Greystocks.

I've just realized something else missed above. The Rays use three white, courant stags in the colors of the three courant horses of Phrygian-suspect Frys/Freys and Free's/Phreeze's, and the latter's courant horses are with Rush's who are in the bulrushes that the PERT/Pett stork stands in. This party by Darlene thus comes to indicate that Christopher Wray and Peter Strzok are buddies, as can be expected now. Look at the timing of my coming to Darlene, just as Wray has exposed himself to be on the side of Mueller et-al. In fact, the thing that exposed Wray this week was his claiming that Strzok's text messages have disappeared! Zinger, God is a genius!

This recalls that God led me to Don Frey, who, the last time I saw him, was creating a computer program for the manufacture of window SHUTTERs. Shutters are listed with Sewers/Suters. Coincidence? Don entered surname discussions with Mr. Doner, the original owner of my Nissan, during the time that God moved me to investigate Dons and Donna's as per Donna Brazile. Brazile investigations led me to see that my first-ever trip through Texas, to scout for property, was linkable to Donna Brazile in New Orleans (Louisiana) as per an OMEN I had an hour or so after crossing the Louisiana border into Texas. The omen was deciphered with the "omnia" motto term of Dons, who also use a "dona" motto term. Dons, it turned out, use the double Nissan fesses in colors reversed. And Omans are also Osmonds, evoking Donny Osmond. As per his sister, Marie, Marie's are in Doner colors. It appears that only God could have arranged these coincidences.

If Doners are using the Simson Shield, then recalling the mention above of a Simson trace to mythical Oeneus, the latter lived at the Acheloos river, where Hagels and Eagle's trace, which can explain the eagle in the Doner Chief. It makes Doners suspect with the Dan name of Laish.

Rays, very linkable to Joels (GILLYflowers) as per the Ray homeland of Gill location (Cumberland), use "omnia" too, can we believe it. Doners use white wolves in Fry/Frey colors (Danish Anders/Andersons use a white, courant wolf). And "gillie flowers" are used by Reines- / Rhyne-like Rhinds/Rinds. Flowers can thus be using the Raines lion.

In the Rind write-up, Mr. Rynde is granted land by the Scottish king (David II) at Plater (Perthshire, I assume). It just so happens that Rinds use one bend in the colors of the three Plater bends. As Moray is to the near north of Perthshire, it's very notable that Aurelia's use (loosely speaking) the Moray star and the Rind scallop.

About the time that I was including Don and Doner in my writings, the brother of Joel got a job installing shutters, no word of a lie. Joel is the one who flew to Europe with a Brazilian journalist a few days after he came up with his White Volkswagen Rabbit. My white-rabbit mystery was from Bra, and Wikipedia says that Donna Brazile's ancestors were BRASwells, who use a girdle. Clearly, by touch-bra event was pointing to Donna Brazile. The Brazilian journalist was the one who got me onto Donna Brazile in the first place, and God showed me a Sign to indicate that he wanted me to look at the Don / Donna surnames. Donna's are with the Dance's/Donnas', suspect from the Piedmont Cottian royals. Bra is in Piedmont. Bra is beside Monforte, where Cottian-suspect MontaCUTE's traced.

If the Reines' are sharing the Pisa Coat, compare the latter's to Freie's/Freye's/Vreys, first found in Bavaria with Reines'. While Rays look like they use a version of the Frey Coat, Luffs/Love's can be LOVaine's/Louvaine's, for the latter share the Freie/Freye lion.

But what's with Darlene's car accident? Or, by what coincidence were Rush's first found in the same place as Luffs while I'm thinking to link Ray Luff's death by car accident to whatever God means with Darlene's accident? I find this amazing. It doesn't look coincidental. The only thing I recall about her party, essentially, is that she had a party, and that's the only thing needed for this key, coupled with the theory that Strzoks were Stork liners. The CORNER pocket tends to argue for that equation.

Storks / Corners share acorns with Darrs, in case they were part of the namers of Darlene's. In this picture, we can place Mr. Wray into the corner sewer along with Strzok and Page, for Dare's/Derrs/Derns share the Cue garbs. This Dare-Cue possibility now gets very interesting as per a theory I've been keeping up my sleeve. On Obama's pool table, there were only red balls beside the corner pocket, and I was aiming for one with my paper plane from the area of the blue ball, and then Saltire's/Salters (billets = Billiard liner) use both blue and red roundels. Hmm. Red roundels are in the Arms of Boulogne, probably the most-important red roundels, though if Ore's (red roundels) can become code for Mrs. Ohr of Fusion GPS, that's relevant. Boulogne was home to Eustace II, whose son was Godfrey de Bouillon, and while the Luff / Singletary bird must be for Bouillon-related Birds, Godfreys were resolved with Godfrey de Bouillon's family.

I didn't know until writing several paragraphs lower than here that Wrays use "birds" too, and they are the Bird martlets in the same red color.

Godfreys use pelicans for a trace to Pelagonia Paeonians, and while de-Bouillon's family was the first of the Crusaders to rule Jerusalem, Paeoni liner Hugh de Payens became the leader of the Jerusalem Templars at that time. He could very well be the ancestor of the Payne > Obama line. Whose red roundels was I aiming for who descend from de-Bouillon? The Billiards? Are Darrens using the Billiard stars? Salters (roundels for Arundels that married Saluzzo) are Billiard/Billet kin, and Darrens (Sullivan boar) almost use the Clinton Shield while Clintons use the Shield of Salter-related Saluzzo. If I recall correctly, Wikipedia suggested that the Saluvii Ligures were also the Salyes. Darrens use the Dare Chief-Shield in colors reversed.

Back to the Dare-Cue possibility. I see Eustace II in the Eustace and Stacey Coats. Staceys share the saltire of Andersons, but the Stacey saltire is expected to be very close to KilDARE's, for Eustace's were first found in Kildare. That's what birthed this discussion. Kildare's are said to descend from Mr. Geraldino (not exactly an Irish name), and Geralds/Desmonds ("CROM" motto term) share the Kildare saltire in both colors (Staceys don't). Crom liners are expected with the ice-cream code of Darlene Ray (code for the current FBI chief, right?), and the full Desmond motto is, "Crom aboo," code, I think, for MacAbee's/McCabe's, the surname of the acting FBI chief that was over Strzok and Page. In fact, I have read that DESmonds were a branch of Deas' (bee), and I traced, years ago, the Deas colors to MacAbee's/McCabe's (salmon). The latter were first found in Arran, traceable to Airaines (Picardy), near ABBEville, perfect. And Darrins (with an 'i') are said to have been Araynis' too.

That's wild, but there's more, because French Desmonds are Demonts too while the Stura river to which I've been tracing "Strzok" is the Stura-Demonte. French Desmonds/Demonts were first found at ORLeanais, while Orleans', ORELLs and Ore's share red roundels. Isn't that wild? And Orleans' use fesses colors reversed from the MacAbee/McCabe fesse, and in the colors of the Deas pale bar and Abbe/L'Abbie saltire. Scottish Abbe's/Abbie's, first found in Angus with Deas', use a version of the Apps/Abbs Coat so that, apparently, MacAbee's and Abbeville were from the Apsus river. It's likely that Paeonians moved into the Apsus. In fact, the Payne's share the lion of Wissels/Whistle's (same place as Payne's), and the latter's lozenges are those also of Abbe's/Abbie's.

This is a good place to add that the platforms in the mall could be considered stage's as per Strzok's choreography term to Payne-related Mrs Page. Stage's are listed with Staggs, who, like the EUStace's and VISE's/Vice's, put a cross between antlers. Therefore, Stage's/Staggs must be a Stacey branch. Reminder: Christine Peare on one of the platforms was given a waist symbol for Wissel-suspect Wessels/Waistells, and perhaps God gave her that symbol for to make this point, that the platforms are to be regarded as Stage's for the line of Eustace II to Jerusalem's debauchery. In fact, the platforms were in a MALL while Payne's (Morley/Maul colors) use a "Malo mori" motto phrase. They even use a "foeDARi" motto term, can we dare believe it? The Morleys/Mauls even share the Abbe/Abbie / Apps/Abbs scallops. Christine's have also figured as a branch of Christs/Chriss' in the Bouillon motto phrase, "bello Christi," recalling that when my arm was draped around her waist in real life, I was pressing her BELLy toward me. There we go, another piece to the dream puzzles accomplished successfully.

[The Vise/Vice stag head is black on white like the one of Acorns, first found in Sussex with Vise's/Vice's. Acorns are used by Storks. The Vise/Vice stag head is in the design of the Trump/Tromp stag head while Tromps use acorns too. This paragraph is being inserted here after the Ice section below was written. At that time, I was wondering whether Ice's were a corruption of "Vice," and here it can be said that Ice's (Vice colors) were first found in Rostock, same area as Trumps/Tromps. When we go to German Wise's/Weis' and Wies', they share two white wings in Crest with Acorns. Ice's share the trefoil of Sitlers, the latter first in Silesia, where Wies' were first found. It looks like we have a story here as per the ice cream.]

Let's go on. The Darr / Cue garbs are those of Comyns/Comine's, and the latter's three are in the colors and format of the Comet towers. The Comyns/Comine's were from Conte's/COMITissa's, you see, for Conteville's ruled Comines up near Boulogne. Comines is also near AVESNes, a line, with no doubt, from Avezzano's (noble-Champagne kin) at the Salto river to which I trace the Salters, the Billiard kin with both red roundels and blue.

Payne's even use a "quam" motto term, which, because it's used by CAMbridge's, must be code for the Cam river through Cambridge. And Cams use the six pale bars of the Hampshire Lise's [don't miss the next mention of Cams]. It looks like the entire FBI is in that sewer pocket. It must stink down there, without a Wray of light at all. The Wray of darkness is more like it. Where are those text message's, Mr. Wray, in your basement? Where's the phone? What did you do to it? Mr. Wray, you stink bad. The odor is crossing the world as we speak. You have vilified yourself. If the FBI chief behaves this way, why should anyone show you mercy? You are even acting against the sitting president, protecting those committing treason against him. The greatest shame goes to you because this president gave you this important job, yet you are treating it with contempt.

Darlene Ray and I worked at Knob HILL FARMs, and while Hills can be expected as part of the sleeping-bag dream too, Farmers share the Steel lion heads. I was just looking at the Farmers (same place as Brocks/Broke's), asking if they were linkable to Brocks, when "broken" came to me ear, from my speakers, smack at the second that I started to wonder it. Luffs share the Farmer / Steel lion heads, and Steels were first found in Cheshire with the Bird kin of Luffs while Birds were at Cheshire's BROXton. Makes sense, but doesn't that tend to link Rays to Luffs? Yes, but it's the Wrays that share birds with Luffs. Rays use a motto term that I think is for Omans (martlets), the latter first found in the same place as Luffs and sharing the Farmer fesse. If that's not enough, Omans and Farmers share the HILL fesse (both colors).

I can't remember why I was fired from Knob Hill Farms, but it was God's will, because the next job was selling shoes, where I met Christine Peare. It was the manager, Gill or Giles (I don't know how to spell it, but we all pronounced it, Gill), who fired me. The Rays are said to be from GILL. I was a stockboy, by the way, and so I've just recalled that Storks can be Stock liners. The Stocks use a two-tailed lion in the colors of the STURmy lion, the latter first found at or near the Stur river. Sturmys were first found in Wiltshire with the Joels/Jewels that use GILLYflowers. The Gilly fitchee, in colors reversed, is the red Luff fitchee.

French Lise's/Lys' use three courant greyhounds as fesses in colors reversed from the three fesses of the Hampshire Sturs, thus making a solid Lisa Page link to Strzok suspects.

I think I have just found why Darlene sold ice cream to me at my request. I've had Ice's on my mind ever since first mentioning it, but, until now, no Coat was linkable to Ice's. It starts with Strocks, for they pronounce "Strzok" as "Struck." Strocks use a giant eagle that's in the upper half of the Ice Shield. I then asked what surname I knew of the shares the white-on-red trefoils of Ice's, and knew of the Pike's (same place as Darlene's), at which moment I recalled that the split-Shield of Pike's was colors reversed from the same of the neighboring Trents, while Trents named the Trent river, location of Stoke-on-Trent. Stoke's are listed with Stocks, you see. But I didn't yet know that Ice's use a horizontally-split Shield in the same colors as Ice's. The red trefoils of Pike's are similar to the red fitchees of Darlene's.

But there's more if we believe that Strocks were Strzok liners, for the vertically-split colors of Trents are also those of Dossier's/D'Hosers.

Strocks are shown properly as Strechleys, evoking the Stricks/Stirklands. It's interesting that Stricks/Stirklands are suspect in the "Strike" motto of the Hawks using "pilGRIM's STAVES," for the owner of Knob Hill Farms is/was Mr. Stavros. GRIMaldi's share the Cock Coat while the other Stirklands use a "turkey-cock in his pride."

Aha! The Strocks are also Stracks, but there is another Strack/Strachen surname sharing the blue-on-gold stag with Stage's/Staggs, the latter first found in Devon with Pike's and sharing a blue chevron with them! Zinger, that traces Strzok suspects to the platform in the mall.

Rothschild-liner Nations/Nathans were first found in Nottinghamshire with Stracks, and Nations/Nathans share the red heart in Crest with Acorns. A read of the Stoltenberg description will show that they use the Nation/Nathan Crest, important because Mr. Stoltenberg is now the NATO chief.

Compare Pike's with Sitlers (Prussia and Silesia) and trace the latter to Sittens, first found in the same place as Faucets (same lion as Sitlers) suspect in the "facta" motto term of Stork-branch Starks, the latter first found in the same place as Luffs. The SCHITner variation of Sitlers must be of the Scythes variation of Side's or the Scythe variation of Skits. Why do Stockhouse's (near Yorkshire's Storkhouse) use "Prussian wings"? Turke's, suspect with the Stirkland turkey-cock, were first found in Silesia.

It looks like my adventure through Knob Hill Farms was about the Strzok affair, but linking not only to Chris Wray, but to Mr. Bauer of Perkins Coie, for after Darlene came Allison Bauer (see last update), also of Knob Hill Farms. Allisons use "blackBIRDS," and are said to have been from Bourges' of Suffolk, where Bird-related Luffs (three fesses in the colors of the one of Allisons) were first found. The only Bourges' (Fuss moline?) coming up are well-traceable to John de Burgo, father of Herluin de Conteville of Comines.

I'm very satisfied that God did set me up with Darlene. The only thing I'd like to know about is her car accident. I attended the funeral of Ray Luff, and saw Peter Smith there. My suspicions are that these two car accidents were not codes for surname connections, but concern murder by car crashes. Lady Diana just came to mind.

Francesca Battistelli's song, "Write Your STORY," was responsible, months before I knew of Strzok and Page, for revealing that the piece of paper on Obama's billiard table was to be regarded as a page. Lisa Page fit that billiard table so well that I was amazed. Later, I treated another Battistelli song heavily, with the line, "I've got dents in my FENDERs." Is that a car-crash code from God to you? At that time, the Fender surname was seen in the "defend" motto term of Woods. But, just now, I loaded the Spencers, because Lady Diana was a Spencer by surname, to find "defend" in the Spencer motto, I kid you not. Here's how the fender topic started in the 5th update of December:

More. I was looking at the "defend" motto term of Woods, a term I've always struggled with, but ended up suggesting Fenders. And that's when I recalled a Battistelli song ("Free to Me") with the line, "I've got a couple dents in my fenders, got a couple rips in my jeans." And while Bagley-Wood is in Berkshire, where the Windsors have their castle there, Windsors are from Others/Otters (Huntingdonshire, same as Fenders). Fenders use "...a right hand holding a sword on which there is a gold OTTER's head." The Battistelli page was SEWERed, and Swords are from SIWARD of Northumberland. God is a genius. Siward defeated king MacBETH, and Beths/Beatons share the three Fusil lozenges and show an otter's head in Crest! Baits/Beeths ("Fortuna") even use the Sword sword in the fashion of the Fender sword.

The Spencers share the Berkshire Coat, can we believe it? Therefore, it looks bang-on to decipher "defend" as at least part-code for otter-using Fenders. What else is "DEFend" for? I can't come up with a Def-like surname, but Scottish Langs use "ABCDEF," which ends in "DEF," and Lingers use the same bend-with-scallops as Spencers. That's at least interesting.

It was my conclusion that God used Miss BattiSTELLI because her surname was a Steel branch. Battistelli's share billets in Chief with Steels, and the pyramid with Fisks, the latter very traceable with Feschs to the Fieschi and therefore to Face's/Fessys/Vesseys (Vise/Vice liner?) suspect as code for Fusion GPS, which hired Christopher Steele, a Brit, just like lady Diana. Some say the British government had Diana killed because prince Charles wanted it that way.

It's also interesting that while the Spencer scallops are those of Meschins, the Fulsome's are in Meschin colors, and share scallops on black with Meschins / Spencers. Project Fulsome is the name of Obama's snot in Britain, which includes the Steele dossier. Things are making sense. Fulsome's were at Peak (Derbyshire) and Peaks are in Fulsome colors. Peaks (or Peks) were from the sheriff of Nottingham, and the Peak Crest happens to use the Acorn Crest. Storks and Starks use acorns, and Stracks were first found in Nottinghamshire. The Peak location of Fulsome's might just have Strzok's name all over it.

Perhaps God arranged for Diane's/Deins to be first found in the same place as Deins/Dives' who in-turn use the Masci wing as well as the Peak patees (both colors). And, freak me out, Italian Diana's use only three crowns in the colors of the same of Scottish Steels!!! Wow. And it was found not many weeks ago that Steels use the checks of BECKers!!!! Wow. Steels just linked to Fulsome's Peak location while Diana's linked to Steels while Diane's linked to Peaks. Just to be sure, Italian Deans share the crescents of Diane's/Deins/Deans.

Ask whether Scottish Deans use the Fender sword in order for God to assure that Deans are code for lady Diana.

Wow! Scottish Deans use the moline of Face-loving Segni's/Segurana's, first found in Genova with Fieschi. And Diens/Dives' (first found in Sussex with Deins/Diana's, Acorns, and Packs, as well as the Scottish Deans) use an upside-down white wing, like the upside-down white wings of Genova's/GENEVA's, the latter suspect as God's code for pizzagate / child molestation. Genova's even use the Dean/Diana lion.

NOW, recall that the comet of Reines' made Phillippe Reines suspect with pizzagate, for he founded Becker-like Beacon. And Beakers/Beaks (leopard FACE), like the Peaker variation of Peaks, share the ostrich design of Wrays. Beacons/Bacons (beloved of Fulsome-suspect Fullers) share the Chief-Shield colors of Diane's/Deins, in colors reversed from the Chief-Shield of the Leaks that use the Geneva-suspect "GNAViter" motto term. Leaks were partly first found in Nottinghamshire i.e. location of a branch of Peak's Fulsome's.

Did God arrange the vertically-split colors of Tunnels to be reversed from the same of Dossier colors because Diana's murder was plotted in a tunnel?

I traced the Fiat car that had been suspect in Diana's car crash to Jewish Mr. Fix, and Fix's share the Strack eagle as well as the fleur of Peaks, can I believe this. Here's how that trace to Mr. Fix occurred to me, though I may not be remembering all the evidence. Fiat bought out Lada, and I once owned a Lada. When it needed repairs, I took it to the Lada dealer, to find Joseph there as either the owner or manager, or so it seemed. I had known Joseph earlier when he ran a coffee-and-snack shop. I took Mamie there, on the last occasion of our being together. Mamie was not only a symbol of pizzagate, but she was code for the Mame/Meme/Mens and Mamesfelde location of Mansfields. And Mamesfelde is in Nottinghamshire, I kid you not, where Stacks were first found along with the Fulsome sheriff. Incredible.

Back to Miss Hicks, mother of Geneva, and the Knee-Leak lady. In the dream, she was hovering over the seats of a car on the beach, and Beach's use a version of a Becker Coat, the one with a black stag head, the Acorn symbol. I don't think that this dream was exclusively for lady Diana, but this is the new theory here, for Miss Hicks is virtually the same type of lady as Diana. Both are blonds. Even before meeting Miss Hicks, I called the lady in the dream a "lady." That was the perfect term for her. So, she's hovering in a car, a potential code for car injury. Miss Hicks middle name: RENA. She moved to Forney, and Forneys became suspect with the chevron of Balfours, the latter putting an otter on their chevron. We saw lady Diana linking to otter-using Fenders.

I had noted that Cars, Sands and Seats were all first found in Lancashire. And Seats happen to share two blue-on-white pale bars with Cindys, while Cindy Richardson was on second base, when I was at the baseball diamond with Mamie. Steve Scalise got shot at second base, and he was investigating pizzagate. Weeks later, Cindy and her parents walked into the pizza store where I served them dinner, and, o far as I can recall, Mamie appeared later that evening in that pizza place. Had that not took place, Cindy at second base would have meant nothing. It was the two events with Cindy that tended to clinch them as acts of God.

The Scottish Steels do not use crowns technically, though they certainly look like crowns. They are called fuRISONs, looking like part-code for Furs/Fire's and partly for Rhizon/Risinium or the Rison/Rising surname. In heraldry: "A furison is a fire steel, used with flint to strike sparks for starting fires. It is also blazoned a “ferris” in mundane heraldry. The furison is a period charge, found in the arms of GRASSawer, c.1340 [Zurich 237]; but its most famous usage is as a badge of the Order of the Golden Fleece, c.1430."

Again, I trace Furs/Fire's to the Stura river, and it's interesting that English Grasse's share the Poole lion, for Poole is near the mouth of the Stur. The Stur flows to the Tanaro which itself flows through MontFERRAT, and Fers/Ferrats (share checks with English Steels), whom naive historians and heraldry "experts" would derive in "fer = steel," are from MontFerrat. It just so happens that the Arms of Pula/Pola (Istria) is the fat Rison/Rising cross in colors reversed. And Risons/Risings were first found in Norfolk with check-using SAWYERS, tending to explain why GrasSAWERs used the furison. The Sawyer checks are partly black, as are the Steel checks. Irish Ferris' (like "FURISon") use an eight-pointed star, ancient symbol of Istria-like Ishtar. Stelli's (means' "star") use the eight-pointed star too, making them suspect from Istria, perfect for a Steel-furison trace to Istria.

English Ferris' (clearly Forman / Firmen / Fair liners from Fier county) use the moline of Seagers (same place as similar Sawyers) in colors reversed, and the Ferris moline is that of Scottish Deans, the ones suspect with the Fender sword / lady Diana. This moline is that of Segni's/Segurana's too, who use the eagle of Istria-suspect Este. Formans/FERMans can be more-directly of the namers of Fermo, home of Azzo, founder of Este. Beacons/Bacons and Fullers love Fermo liners. The interesting thing here is that the Lady/Laudyman Chief is a version of the Anchor Chief while Ferris' / Formans / Firmens all use anchors. English Ferris' share a Crest ostrich with Wrays and Beakers/Beaks, recalling that Beckers share the Steel checks. English Ferris' look like they were merged with Darrins / Darwins.

Late Week Developments

By Friday night, no vote for release of the memo.

On Thursday night, word came out that the missing Strzok-Page emails were recovered, or at least "many" of them. The prediction is that not all of them will be handed over of "found" at all. They may claim that the recovery process will be slow so that they can work longer to scrap the most-damning material. In fact, also on Thursday evening, there was word from Hannity that the DoJ does not want to Nunes to release the four-page memo to the public, can you believe it? What is wrong with Mr. Sessions? How could Trump blunder so badly as to chose Sessions and Wray? Didn't Trump have a little chat with both men before giving them the job of running the nation's legal / law system? Didn't he ask whether they were inclined to charge the Obama circle with crimes if crimes should turn up? Didn't he ask them whether they would look for such crimes? Was Trump asleep at the wheel, or is he altogether a phony?

There are many other phones in the FBI that those of Page and Strzok. What about Wray checking out McCabe's phone calls? Forget it, that's not going to happen. But it absolutely should, for the evidence thus far has revealed an FBI conspiracy. Why shouldn't McCabe and Mueller's phones be checked out under these circumstances. For some new Strzok-Page emails, see about a quarter of the way into this Hannity video:

At the 17th minute, there is strong word that Nunes will go to a vote to release the memo to the public. The vote is necessary to trump the DoJ's will not to expose the memo, can you believe this? What is wrong with Sessions? Is he a wicked man? How could anyone leading the court system of the nation not want crimes exposed from the upper levels of the FBI? By exposing a few details, thousands of others can work to expose more. People in the FBI will turn on the upper levels and expose more. If the FBI is filled with good people, where are all the whistle blowers?

The public can apply pressure on the exposed goons. This is all very good, but Sessions doesn't want to play his ball. He looks retarded standing in the middle of the court, not dribbling, not wanting to pass, not shooting. What's he doing? Has he lost his senses? Meanwhile Trump is up in the stands yelling at him, "pass the ball, pass the ball"! What is wrong with Trump? He's supposed to be coach, not a fan. Shouldn't Trump be benching Sessions, telling him to throw in the towel? It looks like Sessions needs more than a cold shower. He's broken the contract with the nation. He's betrayed the nation, and has sided with the criminals. How can Trump be afraid to cancel Sessions? People are dumbfounded. Let the reason be known.

CNN had Trey Gowdy on, and the anchor woman said that thousands of FBI phones suffered the "glitch" to the point that their data is irrecoverable. The anchor woman said about 10 percent of all FBI phones simply had disappeared data, and she, like a moron, acts like this is a truthful thing. When has this disappearance act happened before, yet it happens right now? Forget it; it's a cover up, to be expected. This is why, when data is delivered, we can expect that it's been raked through first, to collect the biggest damning things, to keep those things from eyes. But the disappearance act is sufficient to tell the story for anyone on the side of truth versus political bestiality. The Democrats are now fornicating with their madness.

Last week, I assumed that the vote for the release was to take place with the Intelligence Committee in the House of Representatives, but I may have that wrong. The vote now seems to be of the entire House in an effort to over-ride the unwillingness of the Committee to release it. If the Committee has roughly half Democrats, then I can understand why a vote there may be unsuccessful. The House has a substantial advantage in the number of Republicans, and I'm hearing that the vote there will be successful. CNN is making light that Nunes refuses to reveal his memo to the FBI. Assuming this isn't fake news, I suggest that Nunes doesn't want the FBI to fornicate with his memo. Instead, Nunes wants to release it as a virgin so that it enters the public mind without defilement from the criminals. Good move. If the FBI gets it first, the FBI will leak it's own spin before anyone reads it. Don't worry, FBI, you will have lots of time to give it your own spin. We can't wait to see how you frame it. Everything the FBI does now, especially by Wray, will be a revelation upon a revelation.

It's a good thing that CNN is at least talking about the memo, and interviewing Republicans in an attempt to defile it. It's good thing especially if it's as damning as the few committed members say it is, for CNN will then need to stretch things to defend the Obama camp, and that's a recipe for further self-destruction. Besides, in mid-stream, while defending the O-camp, there is bound to be more and more real and justified defamation even of the O himself. It looks like it's going to become unmanageable, and the regular viewers of CNN will begin to wonder why CNN no longer covers the story once things get too indefensible. That's where it appears to be headed. CNN will be damned if it covers the story, and damned if it doesn't. We are right now at a turning point in which, after CNN had falsely accused the legitimate president of purchasing or bribing the Russians to interfere in the election, it looks like the DNC with Hillary herself both paid off the FBI mafia to conduct the election interference. I cannot see light at the end of Hillary's tunnel. What's about to come out looks like eternal darkness for her camp, to be followed by more darkness. Her past supporters will wish they had never supported her, that she had never been born, and CNN will eat dirt for raising her up to begin with. New Yorkers will regret that they were accomplices with CNN in raising her up. If that's the best the Democrats had, what a farce the entire party is.

Here's the July-1 exchange between Page and Strzok. But first, here's the backdrop as worded by Fox: "Another exchange between Strzok and Page dated July 1, 2016 referenced then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s decision to accept the FBI’s conclusion in the Clinton investigation. Lynch’s announcement came days after it was revealed that the attorney general and former President Bill Clinton had an impromptu meeting aboard her plane in Phoenix." In the eyes of the Republicans, Lynch is acting insufficiently because she's not bucking the FBI as it fails to do its job. Rather, the FBI is doing exactly as she would like, which is why she's winking okie-dokie. Why does Strzok not mention this? At this news, Strzok says: "Holy cow....nyt breaking Apuozzo, Lync[h] will accept whatever rec[ommendations] and career prosecutors make. No political appointee input." Strzok is celebrating this shocking thing, and goes so far only as to say Lynch is being obedient to the FBI...when in fact she was the FBI's boss.

In his next text, he succumbs and alludes to Lynch guilt: "Lynch. Timing not great [so near the Clinton-Lynch tarmac meeting], but whatever [I'm happy anyway]. Wonder if that's why the coordination language added."

Page – No way. This is a purposeful leak following the airplane snafu.

Strzok – Timing looks like hell. Will appear to be choreographed [staged]. All major news networks literally leading with "AG to accept FBI D's recommendation." Page – Yeah, that is awful timing. Nothing we can do about it [oh goodie].

Strzok – What I meant was, did DOJ tell us yesterday they were doing this, so D(irector] added that language.

Strzok – Yep. I told Bill [Clinton?] the same thing. Delaying just makes it worse.

Page – And yes. I think we had some warning of it. I know they sent some statement to rybicki, bc he called andy.

Page – And yeah, it's a real profile in couragw {sic}, since she knows no charges will be brought.

It sounds as though Page ended in sarcasm. It sounds as though the players and the FBI are all drinking buddies. It seems that if delaying makes it worse for Lynch, then the FBI director had this story come out in the Times right away to take pressure off of Lynch. That is, if the dignified (spit!) FBI says charges should not be pressed, Lynch can act accordingly as her excuse not to press charges on the problematic aspects of Hillary's private server. And, bonus, the FBI doesn't want Lynch to press charges, anyway. When Strzok says, "Will appear to be choreographed," he probably means, "It looks choreographed to me." The story's appearance in the Times, that is.

I'm not very up to speed on Hillary's use of the server. If I remember what I read correctly, she quit using the server when public pressure got to hot, and got a server with Platte River in Denver, where there is an office for Perkins Coie (her lawyer's company). So, if Louise Phillips, on one of the PLATforms or stages, was made to tell me that she was going into choreography for the Purpose of addressing the Strzok-Page exchange above, what more can I make of it? There was nothing that happened at the platforms but my taking Miss Peare by the waist, and in the meantime the meaning there needs to link to Morleys/Mauls. In that dream, David Morley looked like a WW2 Nazi. Waistells (same place as Morley-branch Morlands) share the garbs of Coie-like Cue's, and moreover Waistells share doves with Page's. It was not the Obama dream, but it seems to link to it in this respect, for I shot Lisa Page, as the Lynch airplane, I think, with a cue into the sewer.

A new finding is the Pero/Peri surname with various suffixes. It was first found in Piedmont, where Vestalis lived whom I think were in Waistells. Vestalis was the son of king Cottius, suspect with Aurelia Cotta, and Aurelius liners are suspect with red-roundel Orells, Ore's and Orleans', while I was aiming for a red ball when shooting the plane. You see, the end of the sleeping-bag dream seems to link very well with my pool shot. And Miss Peare loved to dance while the Piedmont Dance's are Donnas' too, suspect with Donnus, father of Cottius. Then, immediately after my pool shot, I was in the backyard of the pool hall, watching Obama dance. I met her while she worked at Reitmans, and Reitmans share two white stars in Chief with the Aurelia Chief.

So far as I can recall, Miss Peare's horse was white, and it took me for a gallop the first and last time that I mounted it, while the white horse in the Waistell Chief is said to be on a "FULL gallop." Did God arrange this as per Obama's Project FULsome? The Waistell doves should, with the Page doves (and PHEON arrow heads), trace to the "city of doves," Cuppae, off the upper Pek river, and Fulsome's were at Peak while there is a Pek term in the Peak write-up. Peks share the patee cross with Peaks. "Page" itself is suspect as a Pek variation ultimately, for I see Paioni liners at the naming of the Pek. Can you see that this Waistell link to Fulsome and Peaks is not a coincidence?

The first time that I described, recently, my time on Peare's horse, I said that I rode it until it came to a (geographical) bank, for that's what it was, and the Banks had surprised my just before telling it, wherefore the hill in the sleeping-bag dream was realized as a bank too, as code for Banks. By what coincidence do Banks share the Peak fleur-de-lys? Can't bags be a Page branch? Here's what I said in the 5th update of December before realizing that it was probably encountered as per Hillary's lawyer at Perkins Coie, March Elias: "The Elias cross is fairly-obviously that of Sinclairs, at Lothian's Roslin, and Roslins use buckles! You can bag that, and take it to the bank." It was the latter statement that seems to be one from God to say that I found the sleeping bag on a bank.

Then, in the 2nd update of this month, it was said: "Let me repeat that one day, on Miss Peare's horse, it took me for a gallop, but when it reached a bank/slope, I directed it to the right and ended the gallop there." Banks even use the Raider cross in colors reversed, and nearly the Nun/Nones/Noon cross. Banks are traced in their write-up to "a slope, or a hillside".

Aha! As Peaks were first found in Staffordshire with Litchfield/Lichfield, where St Chad operated whose family used the potent Chad cross, it's amazing that while Chads use the split-Shield of Morleys/MAULs and Dossier's, Fulsome's were first found in Derbyshire with Morleys. I haven't checked the Lichfields/Litchfields (Staffordshire) for months or even years, but did so now to find them with gold-on-black leopard faces, the Morley / Morland symbol! And Morlands put a fleur with the Fusion-suspect face in the colors of the Bank / Peak fleur. Lest we take this as a coincidence, German Litch's share the Mall/Marlybone quadrants!! It seems to me that such coincidences were provided my God to verify that the sleeping-bag dream is His dream.

The Litch's (and Coys) have a "hand GRASping" a snake in Crest, which recalls that GRASsawers share the furison with Steel's. FuRISONs are suspect with Rhizon, where Sleep-liner Selepitanoi lived. Morley circled the sleeping bag on what looked like a Nazi motorbike. Rhizons are probably the ancestry of Susan Rice (Obama's homeland chief), who requested an extension of Project Fulsome. Recall the terrifying lightning at Reesor street, asking whether Reesors/Reasons share the Grass lion closely. These lions are both those of Seconds/SEGURs while Rice's use a "SECRet" motto term. Seconds/Segurs were first found near the Hardys (Rice colors and format) that appear to be in the Rice motto too. Litch variations can suggest the Lise's/Leish's, from Lissus, at the mouth of the river that begins at lake LYCHnidus. That works, don't fix it. Why do Fix's, suspect with the Walsh motto, share the Peak fleur?

And shouldn't "grasPING" be part-code for Pings/Pongs, which recalls how Kepke used to love playing ping-pong (with me). We played in his basement, where he kept his pet white rat. Rats/Raiders use a cross in Walsh-saltire colors, and Mr. Kepke's brother married Miss Walsh, whom Kepke went with, into the basement, while he and she and me played strip poker. She was already married, was bare breasted during the game, with only her underwear, and Kepke spun the bottle, and awarded himself a trip to the basement with her. They were there long enough for adultery, dirty rats. So, perhaps this is indication that Rats/Raiders were Walsh kin. By what coincidence do Licks/Lucks share the saltire of Walsh's while both surnames use the swan?

Was our playing ping-pong God's code for Comet Ping Pong? Don't Pero's use the comet? I think so, yes, and after Kepke dumped Miss Peare, he dated Mrs. Walsh's sister. One day, he boasted that he "f'd" both Peare and Walsh in the same day, but isn't that the sort of sexual mentality expected in pizzagate? Licks/Locks use a "non" motto term, as well as the Nun/Nones/Noon saltire in colors reversed. We saw Nunes as the raider as code for Rats/Raiders. Elias' use "non" too and the same cross as Rats/Raiders. This would be a good place to repeat that the "quo" motto term of Elias' looks God-arranged to point to Marc Elias of Perkins COIE. The "sed" motto term of Elias' can be gleaned with Yorkshire's Sedburgh, home of dance-suspect Dents and therefore with Keppocks (Dance colors and format).

I knew Kepke closely since he was 12, and he never started to dance so much as when he was with Peare. Pero's were first found in Piedmont with Dance's/Donnus'. Dance's, can we believe it, share the Steel lion heads, and an illegally-split Shield in colors reversed from the same of Philps. Peare and Phillips on the platform, and her waists there was code, I think, for Vestalis, Donnus' grandson. Chris Steele was purchased by Fusion, and Fusion was purchased by Marc Elias, can we believe this? God set Kepke and Peare to dancing like mad for this revelation.

At 12 years of age, the Kepke brothers and I collected golf balls in three golf courses along the same river. I then had a dream with golf balls (less than two years ago) to remind me of this thing, and resolved that golf balls were code for Guelphs = Welfs, a branch of Este's. The Dance-Crest horsehead is identical with the Este Crest, as shown at one time. And the Philps / Placentia wolf should prove to be a Welf line. In the dream, golf balls just popped out of white sand or snow, I can't recall which, and I was collecting them. The Sands (Lancashire, ragully) seem like a good choice as they share a gold version of the Craven Coat as well as a good reflection of the Lawrence Coat (Lancashire, ragully). Kepke's first name, Lawrence.

The apparent trace of Philps to Dance's (same place as Scarfs) can indicate that Philps use the Scarf wolf in colors reversed. As Philps share a blue wolf with the Arms of Placentia, it's notable that the Dance lion can be that of Place's, or even that of the Place's in the motto of Rooms/Rome's, the ones with the "PUNGit SED PLACit" motto that's part-code for Pungs/Pings/Pongs. Are you impressed? The Rome's/Rooms even use a reflection of the Dance / Keppock Coat. Dance's/Danse's can even be from high-priest of Israel, Annas, for Ananes were at Placentia. "Keppock/Keppax" is still suspect with "Caiaphas," Annas son-in-law.

Litch's/Leche's, who remind of the legs of the Legro-river Hose's (Steele lion head yet again), a branch of Dossier's/D'Hosers, I assume, put a snake in Crest while Snake's/Snooke's share the fleur-de-lys of Smiths. God showed me in a dream that Smiths are Crutch kin while it's known that the potent cross of Chads derived in a crutch shape. In the dream, of probably less than two years ago, Kepke, Peare's old boyfriend, walked up my driveway, followed by a sickly-looking stag, and then a man with heavy beard on crutches. I told readers that he looked like Paul Smith, but then discovered that Smiths use nearly the Crutch cross in colors reversed. It was a pleasant surprise to find God giving dreams to further my work. And more followed quickly.

The Crutch cross shows as the one (same colors) of Plains/PLATers, though the latter call it a patee-fitchee instead of the FORMy-fitchee of Crutch's, yet the two together strike us as "Plat-Form," so amazing. Pattys happen to share the lion of Bank-like Bengs while Smith use a "BENIGno" motto term while BENJamins (same place as Chads) use a saltire cross colors reversed from the Bank cross, and in the colors of the Elias / Elis cross. Banks are said to be from Yorkshire, where Elis' were first found, thus making Banks look like a Benjamin branch.

While Smiths use a heron, the Croce's/Cross' (potent cross), whose variations are like the Crooch variation of Crutch's, use a stork while stork-using Store's share a white-on-black pale bar with Crutch's/Crooch's. Is this bringing Peter Strzok into the Smith picture? Paul's father was Peter Smith while another Peter Smith was murdered and left with a BAG over his head, begging, as per the Bag-Bank link to Elias', whether Marc Elias knows anything about the murder. In fact, Smiths share the fleur-de-lys of Perkins while Mr. Elias was a lawyer for Perkins-Coie! Peter Smith was snooping into the affairs of Hillary Clinton, Elias' client! It works.

But why was Kepke in the dream with a sickly stag? I can't wait to learn the answer, but can add that Keppocks and Cravens look related. The Skiptons of Craven share the purple lion with Wrens, wherefore read on to see that Kepke's girlfriend (Peare) will now lead us to the root of Reines' in more than one way, especially when you get to the Pavia discussion.

Next, there is no Full surname so that the full gallop may pertain to Beacon-loving Fullers. As Beacon Strategies was founded by Phillippe Reines, likewise suspect with the platforms, by what coincidence do Pero's/Peri's use exactly the comet design of Reines??? I've been seeing Coats for a decade and more, and can vouch that comets are very rare. These two may be the only two I've ever seen. Pero's were first found in Piedmont with Pierro's. The Pero's call their symbol, "flaming stars," suggesting Flemings. Beacon-like Beckers share the vair FUR Shield of Irish Flemings, and the other Beckers share the Steele checks. Furs are also Fire's, like the flame symbol of Flemings. This blue vair is shared by Becher-like Bachs.

Recall that important red roundels are in the Arms of Boulogne, the household of Eustace II, who links to STAGE's/Staggs, while his son links to Miss Peare's belly and therefore to the platforms / stages. The Eustace's are a branch of Stage-like Staceys and Eus-like Vise's/Vice's, while the Beckers with the Fleming vair use a Vis-like Bis motto term as well as a black stag head, the color of the Vise/Vice stag head. There is a Biss/Bice surname. These Beckers were first found in Yorkshire with the Nettle's that in turn share the two coiled snakes in the Biss/Bice Crest.

Hmm, one can make the argument here that Wessels/Waistells were Vis > EUSTace liners, especially as Waistell-beloved Gallops use a "WYSE" motto term. The Wise's/Weis' even use two Zionist stars in the colors of the similar, two flaming stars of Pero's!!! Zowie, it's only now that I have clinched Miss Peare with Pero's as per God's obvious will. Amazing. I don't recall ever knowing Pero's before.

Hmm, the Guis variation of Guido's (Boulogne-like Bologna) can be another Vis > Eustace branch, and then Guido Guerra III married a daughter of William V of Montferrat, the son of REINier/Rainier. Montferrat is in Piedmont with the first-known Pero's and the royal Cottians. Ore's share the piles of WISharts/GUIScards, I reckon, because Ore's share red-on-gold roundels with the Arms of Boulogne. The Ore motto looks like code for Bononia, the alternative name of Bologna.

AVESNes is near Comines while Dutch Reitmans share the anchor with Avisons, and while Jewish Reitmans share the red rose on a stem with Avezzano's. Jewish Reitmans share the Zionist stars of Jewish Rotens, like the Roddens/Rodhams. This may mean that God chose for Miss Peare to work at Reitmans to point to Hillary. Rodhams are suspect with Rutland and Rutherfords, both of which use the Orell-like orle border.

Waistells share the garbs of Comine's while Comines is near Boulogne. The Arms of Comines uses five cinquefoils in the colors of the giant one of Pockets, but that in itself is not cause for a link to speak of. The Cindys/CUNTE's must be a Conte branch and therefore of Herluin de Conteville of Comines. That should explain why Cindys use the same cinquefoil as with the Arms of Comines.

I had failed to read the Pocket write-up. It traces to Judicael of Brittany, especially of Rennes, which is why I see Judicael in the motto of Raines'. Therefore, we can start to put Phillippe Reines deeper into the corner sewer, especially as I was aiming for the red ball suspect with Boulogne.

The Flamings/Flemings use an upright and giant wolf in colors reversed from the same of Philps. If God intended Miss Peare on the platform to be code for Pero's in order to point to Phillippe Reines, by what coincidence do the flaming stars of Pero's bring us so effectively to Philps? Reminder: Philps'/Phillips share the Palin lion while Palins are a branch of Plains. To this we can add that Palins/PAWleys share the Chief of Powers, I assume, because German paws are Pauers too. And Powers share the Coat of Vilains while Vilaine of Brittany is the location of Rennes! Bingo. Pockets were thus a branch of Powers from Judicael. It's interesting that the Palin-chief stars are also the Reitman-Chief stars, yet Reitmans use only two, the number of stars, in colors reversed, in the Beacon Chief. Doesn't that once again make a Miss-Peare link to Phillip Reines? Yes. It's as though God secretly named Beacon when Mr. Reines thought that he named it. God must have named it to capture Reines in His trap.

With Pockets tracing to the Dol area like this, it appears that Pocket elements named the Poke and Polk variations of Pollocks, first found in Rennes-like Renfrewshire. One Fuller surname shares the red star with Glass'. Hmm, the "stRENNE" motto term of Pollocks looks like a Stur-Rennes combo, because Fullers should be using the three Stur fesses (and maybe the Border star). The Pollock saltire if from ISTRia's Pola/Pula, suggesting that Sturs were Istria liners. The STOReks even share the Chief-Shield colors of Powers and Villains.

Fullers are said to have been early at Hertfordshire, where Titus' were first found, and Pollocks trace to VESpasia Polla, grandmother of emperor Titus. VesPASia-suspect Pasi's (line to Renfrewshire's Paisley) were first found in Bologna. The Pollock arrow must be code for Arrows/Arras' of Artois, location of Boulogne. It can explain why Fulsome-related Peaks share the fleur of Arrows/Arras'. Peaks are probably a Pek / Packer/Pecker branch (Packers are suspect with the Reno/Rhine lozenges because Pek-river elements trace to the Reno-river theater = Bologna).

Philps' were first found in Monmouthshire, which, like the Denbigh location of the first Bachs, is beside Powys, and it's the Powys surname that uses a bear's GAMB, in colors reversed to the bear paw of Italian Belli's (probably use the three Fuller bars). And the Fulsome's are also FulGAMBE's.

LOOK! I had failed previously to look for a Gambe surname. It uses the three fesses of Fullers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It proves that Fulsome's/Fulgambe's were Fuller liners, and this is linking Phillippe Reines, by my herald method only, very hard to Project Fulsome. Let's not forget that I had a dream from God where I put carpenter glue into my car's wheel bearings. Bearings are also BECKErings, can you believe it, and Carpenters (Gallop-like globe) use the Belli motto, as well as the three pale bars of Italian Belli's in colors reversed. The "Per" motto term of the latter might just be for flaming-star Pero's, but let's add that Fullers use "a beacon on fire." See the colors of the three Bacher bends.

Years after Kepke left her for good, Miss Peare and I got together, but I was hesitating because she wasn't a Christian, and I had become a serious one. I drove her home (now a voluptuous 22-year old) with a FIREbird, slept on her couch, took her to church the next morning, and then in the evening we ended up at a small bar. A guy she knew asked her to dance, and she did. That was the last night I saw her. She danced. The FireBIRD now seems Chosen because Birds use the cross of bello-Christi Bouillons in colors reversed.

Bearings/Beckerings were first found in Nottinghamshire, where the Beck-like Peaks (in the Fulsome write-up) had a branch. Glue's were first found in the same pace as Bachs.

Repeat: "In the Rind write-up, Mr. Rynde is granted land by the Scottish king (David II) at Plater (Perthshire, I assume). It just so happens that Rinds use one bend in the colors of the three Plater bends. As Moray is to the near north of Perthshire, it's very notable that Aurelia's use (loosely speaking) the Moray star and the Rind scallop." The Rinds can be using a motto term for Turin, in Piedmont.

I think I can explain the derivation of Fulsome's (Samson-cross colors) from a Fuller merger with Samsons (share scallops on black with Fulsome's. The FulGAMES variation goes to Game's/Cams, I'm assuming, who were first found in Gloucestershire with Cam-like Kemmis' and Samsons. Kemmis' use a Coat like that of Bachs (beside bear-gamb Powys'), and Fulsome's merged with Peaks. Fullers, sharing three red fesses with Kemmis, are said to be from Hertfordshire, near the Cam river. In this picture, Gambe's were originally Samson liners in merger with Kemmis'.

I've got to ask: why was the quest to spy on, and ruin, Trump called Project Fulsome? Another question: why has Fox not aired that Fulsome page, reportedly the first page of Nunes' four-page memo? Is it because it's illegal to leak it? Isn't it amazing that Nuns/Nones'/Noons (Fulsome colors, could be the Pollock saltire) share the gold lion paw with Fulsome's? The Nuns/Noons use a saltire in the colors of the Samson cross. Samsons love the Flags/Flecks, first found in Norfolk with Nuns/Noons.

Back to the flaming stars of Pero's, for I portrayed Devin Nunes as a flying raider with flame-tipped arrows. The Raiders us a cross colors reversed from the Nun/Noon saltire, and in the black color of the Arrow/Arras cross, but I was not at all thinking heraldry when portraying him like that. The Arrows/Arras' (Staffordshire, same as Peaks) are the ones with the Peak fleur. And Peak-like Page's use pheons, which are understood as arrow heads.

Dutch Flamings are excellent for using the Bearing/Beckering Coat, which appears as the Chief of Irish Flemings while the latter use the Becker vair fur while Vairs/Fers' use a Shield of checks in half the colors of the Flaming / Beckering checks while Fers/Ferrats use a Shield full of checks in the colors of the similar Fleming / Becker vair. It's begging whether Pero's and Flemings were from the Marici founders of Pavia, for while Pero's and Pierro's were first found in Piedmont, Pierro's are said specifically to be first found in Pavia. The Marici-suspect Marks / Marx's use checks too. While Flamings/Flemings use a DEMI-wolf in Crest (with ostrich plumes), the Demys/DuMAY's/LeMays share the chevron of Dutch Beckers/Bakers. Prime Minister May oversaw Project Fulsome. Are Mays using the Pierro fesse (colors reversed)?

Should we be asking whether Elias' trace to Marici as per MARC Elias?

Jewish Marks use checks in the colors of the Vair checks, and throw in a Zionist star in the colors of the same of Pero's. Jewish Marks moreover have three roses beneath their fesse, as do Pierro's. It looks excellent for making the link to Marici, yet the latter are said to have co-founded Pavia (as Ticinum) with the Laevi Gauls. French Marks share the Fer/Ferrat / Stewart checks, and Pavia is near MontFerrat. The Pero's are sharing the comet design, in the same colors, of Reines', now suggesting a Pero link to Rainier/Renier of Montferrat. Casale Montferrato is only about 25 miles from Pavia.

I kissed Miss Peare for the first time a La Paloma bar (Paloma's use the dove, as with Waistells). I asked if she would like to come with me outside, and she knew what I meant. We climbed the stairs, got outside, and started to kiss no hesitation at all. It was one heck of a kiss, like she had been doing it all her life. She was only 16 or 17. But this climbing of the stairs, which I have reported several times in these updates, seems meaningful because I had been asking, before this came to mind, whether the Pero pale bar is the Scalia ladder (a form of scala = stairs) that's in a vertical position like a pale bar, and it's colors reversed from the Pero pale bar. If this is what God intended, then I assume that Scalia's/Scalise's were kin of Kiss'/Cush's.

For a discussion to follow, it should be noted that German Marks use a split Shield colors reversed from the same of Tarves', for Tarves was home to the Chives' (from Chivasso in Piedmont), from the Cavii that lived at Elias-suspect Lissus. This location was from ancient Laish, home of pagan Levites that I trace to Laevi at Ticino.

The sickly stag was suspect with Sichs, who share the Kiss/Cush Coat, and the latter trace by way of Bibo's to "Vibia," mother of LUPUS LAEVIllus. We expect his Laevi line to wolf users, and the Flaming/Fleming wolf is upright, and all alone on the Shield, like a pale bar, and it's in the colors of the pale bar of Flaming-star Pero's (from Pavia, I assume). It's even likely that the flaming star is code for Stars, for they use a chevron in colors reversed from the Shake chevron while German Marks use the SHAKEspeare spear.

Moreover, Stars use the eye, suspect with Eye, a location right beside Diss, and the Diss'/DICE's/DEISE's are not only suspect with Sykes-DYKE in the Sich write-up, but while Deise is at Waterford, the Waterford Coat is likewise using the Sich/Sykes / Kiss/Cush Coat. It looks pertinent that Stars are in Ray colors, and first found in the same place as Lapps, for I kissed Darlene Ray while her head was on my lap. French Lapps/LePage's share the fesse of both Darlene's and German Elias', and moreover Darlene's share the red fitchee with Cravens, while Craven is where Elias-suspect Banks were from.

Kepke's fiancee after Miss Peare was Miss Walsh, and I kissed her cheek at La Paloma while Paloma's share the dove with Page's who in-turn share black pheons with Irish Walsh's. Scottish Walsh's use a motto linkable to the Smith motto with "Benigno" because these Walsh's use the Benjamin Coat in colors reversed. Kepke came up my driveway with a sickly stag followed by Paul Smith, but I don't yet think that I've fully deciphered the meaning of that event as relates to the FBI woes now under exposure in the news.

Walsh's and Smiths share "numine" while Newmans share the Raines lion. Walsh's share gold annulets with German Elias', and while the latter share the Darlene fesse, the Walsh's love the Mortons, first found in Wiltshire with Lapps (and Stars). I have clinched Mortons with Terentia Murena, where the Trans'/Trents in the Walsh motto trace, and where the Murena tower in the Arrow/Arras Crest trace (without doubt), and then the Arrows/Arras (in the arrow of Irish Walsh's) use the cross of Craven's Banks in colors reversed, and in the colors of the Elias cross. It can appear, therefore, that Walsh's do share the Elias annulets. Kepke's brother had actually married Miss Walsh's sister, signalling a strong Walsh - Keppock merger at some point.

I helped to get Kepke a job at Knob Hill Farms probably while dating Darlene, which may serve evidence that Keppocks share a version of the Craven Coat, because Darlene's share the red fitchee with Cravens. As Elias-related Banks were in Craven, it stands to reason that German Elias' share the Darlene fesse, and as Darlene's were from the Drin river to Lissus, it begins to unveil Elias' and Elis' as a branch of Lise's/Lys', first found in the same place as Levi's...from the Laevi at Pavia, right? Yes, and as Miss Peare was on a platform, which can also be a deck, let me remind that I've long sees Decks/Daggers, and their Dice-like Dyke kin, from "Ticino." And that's where Pero's trace with Pierro's.

God is a genius. My girlfriend immediately after Darlene was ALISon/ALLISon Bauer, and Allisons use a version of the hall / Hull Coat while Hulls were first found in Yorkshire with Alis-like Eli's/Ellis' (Alis' are beloved of Simsons who trace to Elis-related Oeneus at Aetolia). You see, God was intending to speak to us. The Allison Coat is a reflection of the Dragon/Drain Coat (Cravens use the dragon), and the latter were from the Drin, adding more evidence that Elis' and Elias', with Allisons and Halls, were from Lissus. The Hall / Hull Allison TALbot dogs can even be from the Taulantii Illyrians near or at Lissus. The Benjamite-suspect Banks use the Dutch-Camp eagle head while English Camps (same place as Elis' and Banks) use the colors and format of Taulantii-like Talants (Bank colors).

Darlene and Allison were girlfriends immediately before Peare and Phillips, which may start to indicate that God is specifically pointing to the Philps when he place Phillips on the platform, for Philps not only use the Darlene fitchee in both colors, and not only use the Craven fitchee in both colors, but the wolf of Pero-line Flamings in colors reversed. Or, on the other half of the Shield, the Philp wolf is that of the Scarfs (same place as Craven) in colors reversed. The Scarf wolf head is in the Crest of Seals, suspect with the "ZEALous" motto of Hoods that share a white anchor with Reitmans, and moreover the anchor is in the mouth or beak (doesn't say) of the black bird design of Allisons. Kepke and I sat on the hood of my car, watching Allison Bauer leave me for Mr. Denardo (she got into his car and wouldn't come out at my request).

Elliots probably wouldn't have been in this update if not for the Elliots living directly across the street from our home when I was working with Denardo at Knob Hill Farms. He brought his set of drums to a party I threw at my place for Knob Hill's young employees, and Drummonds share the wavy fesses of Elliots, apparently, in colors reversed. There may be more to it than what I can say here.

In another dream, Miss Hicks was at the hood of a car, and Hicks' were first found in the same place as Cravens too. Talants share eagle legs with HICKsons/Hixons, the latter first found in Staffordshire with Peaks that share the gold fleur with Hicks. Mandys use more eagle legs, and were first found in Derbyshire with Fulsome's of Peak. The Peaks became the sheriff of Nottinghamshire, which evokes the fable, Robin HOOD. Again. Lichfield/Litchfield is in Staffordshire, and there is a bow in the Lichfield Crest while Lichfields share the same perchevron as Tucks, suggesting that Friar Tuck was named as per Lichfield kin. For you young ones, Friar Tuck was Robin Hood's best sidekick.

But why was he made a friar? See the same-colored chevron of Friars/FRYers. The Friar Coat even looks a little Marley-ish while we saw Litch's using the Mall/Marlybone quadrants. As the Friar / Marley dolphins can trace to Dauphine, where Payens/Pans were first found, note the heraldic frying PAN. Robins share pheons with Page's, and Dauphine's Lepage's share the lion of English Pole's/Pools while German Pole's use the frying pan. The Pole/Pool lion is that also of Posts, and Scottish Robins use a "post" motto term. I trace Pavia/Papia to Peebles, where Scottish Robins were first found, wherefore it's interesting that these Robins are in Pero and Darlene colors. The latter use robes while Robe's share the chevron of Scottish Robins. Frying-pan Pole's use the ostrich feather while Propers/Robins/Roberts use the ostrich. Scottish Robins use thistle's so that the Thistle's/THISSle's (pheons) look like Tessin=Ticino liners. Twizzle's (weasels) not only use another white dolphin, but the colors and format of white-dolphin Friars. It appears that we have discovered some base secrets on the origins of fabulous Robin Hood.

And Weasells are listed with Waistells! The latter's bend with garbs is a reflection of the Thissel bend with that if Thissels were from the Ticino, which flows through Pavia, then we are reminded that Miss Peare had her WAIST emphasized in the dream while she is now utterly realized as code for the Pavia-likely Pero's. But as me this Masci liner was drawing her toward himself by the waist, then, as Masci's were first found in Piedmont, I might assume that they were heavily in Pavia.

From Twizzle's were can go to Tweets, first found in Peebles-shire, same as Thistle-beloved Robins. And the Tweeds use the Tess/Teck/Tease saltire (with LEAVES) in colors reversed. Checking Elliots to see if they were Laish liners through Elis, they use a "cutLASS" sword that could be part-code for a Laish line, and it's held by a DEXter hand. The "recte" motto term of Elliots can be for the Rickets, who happen to use a not-bad reflection of the Pierro Coat (Pavia). And Ricks use the Craven Coat in colors reversed. As soon as I saw "cutlass," I recalled that Mike Denardo owned a Cutlass, and ALLISon got into his car. I TOLD YOU that there was more to Denardo bringing his drums to my place across from the Elliots! The heraldic cutLASS can even be of an Alis/Alas branch, and Lass'/Lacys do share pellets with Elliots. That looks like a Laish line to Elis.

One lady from Knob Hills farms rejected me when I approached her, but she came to my party, and spoke nicely to me alone in the backyard, which is why I remember her. Debbie's/Dibbins share double almost fesses (low-rising bends) in the colors of the double Elliot fesses.

Irish Elliots use pellet roundels colors reversed from the plate roundels of Cutts. Moreover, Elliots are said to be from the Teviot river, in the Tweed-river area. The Tyne rivers are there too, while Tweeds use a "think" motto term possibly for the Thin circle of Tyne's/BOTville's (REINdeer). The Beacon/Bacon write-up speaks in a THINGoe location in Tweed-like THEDwastry (Suffolk).

The other Tease's love the Annas'. This now reminds me that while God cause Mamie to represent Tease's/Tye's, first found in Nottinghamshire with MAMESfelde, she once came out of the shower with only a robe, which I removed, which is why I recall the event. It's suggesting that Robe / Robin liners were from the Ticino. And it also reminds me that Mamie and I were alone was at the baseball diamond but with Cindy Richardson looking on, and Richardsons (same place as Propers/Robins/Roberts sharing Robert lion), who share the lion in the Crest of Welsh Roberts, are said to have been integral with Belwoods...who happen to use a version of the French Robin Coat with pheons.

Mamie was code for Mame/Meme/Mens liners, kin of Manners and Maness, the latter probably in the "Manus" motto term of Propers/Robins. I'm a little shocked, actually, that God would set Mamie up in a robe, knowing I would remove it, but she (or He?) stopped us from sex.

There's a good chance that the Proper/Robin / Robert lion is in the Forman Crest, for Robertian royals descended from Forman-related Worms'. As I caught sight of a Geddes' trace to Placentia's square, note that the Geddes motto looks like code for Capetians, an alternative name of royal Robertians. Therefore, the Proper/Robin / Robert lion can be the same gold one in the Place Coat. Geddes' were from Geds on the Nith river, where roughly Rome's/Rooms of Annandale associations were first found whose red lion is likewise in the Place Coat.

The lower annulet of German Elias' is called a ring, and it just so happens that Rings (Dragon-Drain / Allison colors) share black scallops with Darrins (Drin suspects) and Hykes'/Hacks. The latter were first found in Devon with Hoods and Darlene's, and the Chives', once said to have been first found in Devon, can be gleaned with the quadrants of Hykes'/Hacks, thus tracing the latter to the Drin's Cavii. Rings (same place as Benjamins) even use a version of the Pendragon Coat, while Pendragons share the open helmets of Mynetts (same place as Dragons/Drainers)...the latter using the Dragon/Drainer Coat in colors reversed. It's a little interesting that the Pendragon motto uses "teipSUM," possible code for Fulsome's, and Ringers (Lise/Lys / Deck / Dyke fleur) were first found in Nottinghamshire, where Peaks had a branch. Penes'/Pennys, a Pendragon branch at least round-about, share the courant greyhound with Lise's/Lys'.

An Aging Dream Not Yet Deciphered Heraldically

Repeat: "But as me this Masci liner was drawing [Chris] toward himself by the waist, then, as Masci's were first found in Piedmont, I might assume that they were heavily in Pavia." I'll ad that while I see Decks/Daggers at the Ticino, Chriss' (see CHRYSippus below) use a version of the Deck/Dagger Coat but with the roses, apparently, of the Pierro's of Pavia. The Chriss Crest can therefore be the white Masci wing.

By what coincidence do Elliots share "recti" with CRYStals (thistles)?

This reminds me of a dream six years ago, where God was definitely the author. The dream opened with execution papers upon which I saw the names of Masci and Micah (see Micah below). A man was then seen, with rope around his neck, and he was dropped down a well to be executed by a spirit-like man who looked like Jesus. It terrified me.

When I awoke that morning, I found myself reading up on Laish-like Laius, who had a rape symbol, expected from the rape in the book of Judges for which the Benjamites paid so as to be reduced to only 600 men at Rimmon. Laius is a mythical character descended from CadMUS, the proto-Masci's, and as Cadmus was a Tyrian entity, and descended from Danaus-of-Egypt elements, it makes sense that Laius was code for Laish.

From Laius (raped Chrysippus, code also for the Zeus rape of Europa, Cadmus' sister), I found myself at Wikipedia's article on CHRYSippus, who has an ippus suffix as per hippo = horse = Amazon symbol, recalling Chris Peare's white horse and the Waistell-beloved Gallops. Horses are expected from the Hyksos, whose kings included Apepi, whom I trace to such things as Pepin Taff. And as I say that the Hyksos under king Khyan (preceded Apepi) had a Mus household, it appears that God put me into the house of Pepin Taff for to tell the story of my very ancient roots. Hyksos were at Tanis (Nile delta), later ruled by Meshwesh (21st dynasty), suspect with the naming of Dan = Laish i.e. beside Taff-suspect Daphne. So, I see a Mus / Meshwesh entity at Laish with a Hyksos bent, and this was early enough to have been the ancestors of the Mysian Amazons around LatMUS. LATmus must have been the naming of mythical LATONa, mother of Pelops-suspect Apollo, explaining why some myth writer invented the story of Apollo wanting to rape Daphne in the LADON river.

Chrysippus of Elis was a son of Pelops, husband of Hippodamia (Amazon queen at Pisa / Elis). The mother of Chrysippus was sometimes Danais, obvious code for Danaus, from "Tanis," brother of Aegyptus, father in-turn of Lynceus, the line to the Lyncestis Paeonians / Macedonians. As the lynx line goes to the Penestae, it's not coincidental that one of Daphne's three fathers (depending on the myth writer) was made Peneus, code for both Panias at Laish, and for the Peneus river of Elis, beside the Ladon. You now know the Phoenician roots of Uther Pendragon, the satanic cult beloved of the Round-Table Illuminati.

I first related this dream in the last update of December, 2012. So far as I can recall, this was only the second dream since 2010 that I can claim to be a message of God. After the one in 2012, I think I went dreamless until about 2016. Here's what I wrote in 2012, quoting from Wikipedia's Chrysippus article:

Let me repeat from the quote above: "Atreus and Thyestes...[sons of Pelops]...together with their mother [= Hippodamia], were banished by Pelops and took refuge in Mycenae. There Hippodamia hung herself." But two sentence before that line, I read: "Hellanikos and Thucydides write that he was killed out of jealousy by Atreus and Thyestes, his half-brothers, who cast him into A WELL." That's how I knew absolutely that the dream was from God.

So, the dream is telling us that Chrysippus and Hippodamia were Masci and Micah liners. Atreus was father to king Agamemnon (Sparta), and the latter was made husband to Lysimache, suspect as a Laish-Micah or Laish-Macey combo. Masseys/Maceys even use fleur-de-LYS, as though its creator-owner knew that he was descended from the real place, Lysimachia (Thrace). Trace this Lys entity back to Laus = Ragusa, trust me. Note that while AgaMEMnon's brother, Menelaus, was code for Las/Laas at the Mani peninsula, the former looks like he fits with the Mame/Meme/Mens surname, which is to say this surname and its branches were through the Mani peninsula of Sparta. If you read Wikipedia's article on Laus and Sybaris of Italy, you will learn that the peoples there were from the Boura area of Greece, at the Ladon river.

Yet, God seems to be including Christine Peare in with this thing, to the Pero / Pierro surname. It seems assured that Pero's were of the Laevi, therefore, but the Peare's (same place as Thames') share the chevron-with-stars of Thames', whom I see from THEMIScyra, the original home (see Herodotus) of the Mysian Amazons, and the naming of ArTEMIS, Apollo's twin sister i.e. a daughter of Latona. Apollo was the leader of the mythical Muse's, created by a fictional writer as word play on LatMUS, right? Themiscyra is at THERModon, where I trace Drummonds, now linking to Elliots (elephant head).

When reading that morning about the fates of Hippodamia and Chrysippus, it caused me to realize that the Mus household of the Hyksos, or the Mus in the Cadmus Tyrians, were integral to the 600 Danites of Laish, who stole the Levite priest (Jonathan) of Micah, whom I've traced to the Laevi for years, and here we are in this update tracing Masci's to Pavia, co-founded by Laevi. Annas and Caiaphas are suspect from the Laevi.

Pisa and Elis were home to mythical Daphne, who anciently had a dolphin symbol so that, likely, the Laish > Ladon line goes to Dauphine as well as to Lissus. Dauphine was part of Burgundy at times, and Chives-related Mathis' were first found in Burgundy with Messeys/Messier's and Robin-branch Roberts. Robins are the ones with thistles suspect with Tessin liners. When God impressed me with Mamie's thighs, it was for a reason, to link her Mansfield/Mamesfelde entity to Tease's/Tye's (same place as Mamesfelde), but then Tysons are also Tessons.

Mythical Aetolus was a son of Endymion, and Endymion is the eternal sleeper, lover of the moon goddess of Caria. The Jonathan-line Levites are, in my opinion, to mythical king Oeneus of Calydon, in Aetolia, and from there we take it to the Oeneus river, land generally of the Maezaei (see the Masa below). If Jonathan liners became "Oeneus" (playful term of myth writers, doesn't need to be exactly spelled as what it represents in real life), might we expect Micah liners to be ancestral to Mika's/Micks, for example? While asking self this question (as I write here, not years ago), I was also asking whose white-on-blue fleur they use, and Corners came to mind, who are listed with GARNers. It was only a minute before Corners came to mind that I was asking whether KARENs/Kerns/GERNs can link to Mika's/Michs, for I trace the sleeping moon of Karens to the Carian moon goddess. While asking, I hadn't yet realized that Mika's/Micks were first found in Silesia with Karens/Gerns. Corners/Garners use a sinister-rising sword as evidence of their link to Masci's.

Therefore, it appears that the corner pocket is code for the pagan Levites expected through the killers of Jesus to end-time Illuminatists / anti-Christs. As Endymion was at LatMUS, the Masa Carians are expected, a base of Freemasons. In fact, while Freie's share the Mason lion, Freie's look linkable to Pisa's, at Massa-Carrara. Mosca's were first found in Pisa, and Endymion was king of Elis in Grecian Pisa. One of Endymion's brothers was made Paeon, and his Wikipedia article tells that he was thought to be of Paeonia (north of Aetolia). Therefore, when Hugh de Payens became the Templar grand master, wasn't he a line from the pagan Levites? He married Caiaphas-suspect Elizabeth Chappes.

The Silesia-based Sitlers share then trefoil of Pike's, which may indicate that Pike's (and Peks) were hard-c "Pisa" elements. Peks share a colors-reversed version of the CAR/Kerr Coat. The Picentii Illyrians in Moesia (between the Paeoni and the Pek river) may therefore have been Grecian-Pisa liners. As Pincum is at the mouth of the Pek, the MontPINCon in the Pense write-up can apply, and Pense's were first found in Devon with Pike's. It begs the question on whether Pense-like PENEStae (beside Paeonia) were a Pincum line, and, yes, I do think that works. My Masci mother was born in PICENZo (Italy), and the Uscana capital of the Penestae is suspect with the Italian Oscans.

When having the Masci-Micah dream, I was not yet clued in that items in dreams are code for surnames. I've never tackled that dream in that way. But I can start now. As the man was lowered down a well, by what coincidence do German Wells share the giant pelican design, both on a red Shield, with Kern-like Carns? Or, as the man was lowered down the well with rope around the neck, how is it that Rope's (same place as Pike's) use Paeoni-suspect pheons in colors reversed from the Carny pheons? Rope's even share the same lion as Carnys. You see, God is speaking this to you. Rope's even use an antelope, which I trace to ANTALya, the capital of PISidia, the entity which I've long traced to "Pisa." For the Attaleia version of "Antalya" is like "Aetolia." Atalantis was the mythical queen of Calydon at Aetolia, and mythical Atlas is from "Attaleia." Besides, TANTALus, the father of the king of Pisa, looks like play on "ANTALya." This king of Pisa, Pelops, married Hippodamia, and, moreover, her father was OENOmaus, looking like code for an Oeneus-MAUS combination to the MAEZaei on the Oeneus river (or between the Oeneus and the Urbanus).

As Fulsome's were at Pek-suspect Peak, let's add that Rupers were first found in Derbyshire with Fulsome's, both sharing the same colors, and that the Derby Crest is an antelope. Rope's (antelope) are said to have included Rupers. God is a genius. We read that the main stem of Rupers was with TEYNham's barons, explaining why Tyne's/Botville's (Shropshire) share the Ruper lion, apparently. Rope's / Rupers / Ralphs / Rove's / Rovers / Ravens are suspect with Jerusalem's Rephaites to raven liners, and the STOUT-viking raven symbol traces to the NECKar river's STUTTgart, while the dream had the rope around a man's NECK. Amazing.

German Neckers happen to use the pale bar of Store's, suggesting that they were of the Stow variation of Stouts. This idea comes from the Stower variation of Sturs, who share three fesses with Stows/Stouts.

[Insert -- This can identify Strzoks with Stutt variations, as for example an Strutz surname. There are two Strutz surnames, one (Suffolk) whose Coat gives the impression of being Stick kin, recalling Sticklands/Stirklands. But I can't quite prove at this time that Strzoks apply to Strutz's. I do think that God has suggested a Suter-like term for the makings of "Strzok," and English Strutz's are in German Suter/Shutter colors, and share the fitchee with Sewers/Suters. German Strutz's use half (demi) lions in colors reversed from the demi horse in the Arms of Stuttgart.

As German Strutz's use demi wolves as well, it could be that they are directly related with Demys/DuMAIS'/LeMAYS, evoking prime-minister May's willingness to allow Operation Fulsome, the operation based on the Steele dossier to which Strzok was an accomplice. However, I have no evidence that God is pointing from Strutz's to Mays.

Hmm after the paragraph above was finished, while thinking on whether God was pointing to May by that paragraph, a song (This is the Stuff) by Francesca Battistelli was playing, recalling that Mays share billets in Battistelli-billet colors!!! This is amazing. Battistelli's even share the same chevron as Demys. This is maybe the fourth time that God has seemingly used a Battistelli song.

The Stuff surname is listed with Stiffs, and shares a white perchevron (solid chevron) with Stevens (same place as Stuffs), while Stevensons come up as "Stave." One of the Stevenson Coats shares the bend of Rodhams (same place as Stevensons), and the Stave's/Stevensons use fleur-de-LYS (Laish line) in colors reversed from the same of Mika's/Micks (Micah suspect). The latter were first found in the area of Lusatia's Spree river, the line to the Spree's and Spears, and to the spears of Stuffs.

Now look: As per the rope around the neck of the man in the well, I said: "We read that the main stem of Rupers was with TEYNham's barons, explaining why Tyne's/Botville's (Shropshire) share the Ruper lion, apparently." And here, thanks to Battistelli's Stuff song, we find the Stave's/Stevensons on the Tyne river. The Batti's, who are also Botta's, now look like the Botville's who merged with Tyne's.

The Battistelli stars are in the colors of the Pero stars so that the Battistelli PYRAmid may be code for Pero's/Pera's. Fessy-line Fisks use the pyramid too. As it seems necessary to connect the Ananes Gauls at Placentia to the Laevi at Pavia, in order to make a Laevi connection to high-priest Annas, note that the first Battistelli quadrant can be a version of the Annas Coat while Batti's/Botta's were first found at Cremona, beside Placentia. The Battistelli billets are in the colors of the Pierro roses, and the Billets/Billiards use Zionists stars half in the colors of the same of Pero's.

The neck is what brought us to the Neckar, location of STUTTgart, and from there we went to Strutz's, asking whether this was the family circle of Peter Strzok, and God appeared to interject with the song, with the answer, yes, and He did it in such a way as to link Strzok to Theresa May. Hmm, see Teresa Taff, wife of Benny, below, because, can we believe it, Taffs love the Mea's/MEIGHS!!! This insert comes a couple of hours after the forthcoming Teresa material. Incredible. I feel like God's robot, programmed, and timed. Note that Taffs also love the Fusion-pointing Face's/Fessys. End insert]

Roper-like Rovers use the Morano / Collar / BINN (!) Moor head, and Collars can be from the Colapis river, next to the Oeneus. The Colapis was home to the Japodes that I traced to Jabesh-Gilead (east side of Israel's Jordan), the general area of the Amorites who filled Jerusalem along with Jabesh-like Jebusites. The Rephaites were also in that eastern side of the Jordan. The 600 Benjamites of Rimmon (book of Judges) married 400 wives of Jabesh-Gilead, and so it appears that Binns / Binneys / Bennys are a part of that entity.

Amazingly, I lived my first five years in the home of Pepin Taff, whose daughter (Teresa) married Benny, and they ran a pizza outfit, hmm. Teresa's brother, Freddy, rhymes with the fretty in the Taff cross. Taffs are suspect with mythical Daphne on the Laish-line Ladon river, for there was, and still is, a Daphne location about a mile from Laish (now called Dan). Pepins are suspect at Papia/Pavia. Unbelievably, Pepins share the same white horse head as Bennys!!! I've never mentioned it before, and it comes in this update thanks to investigating William Binney.

Did web trace Laish's Levites to the Ticino? Look: the "oPERA" motto term of Bennys (and MacArthurs) can be for Pera's/Pero's! Zinger. That's got to be Benjamites on the Ticino.

Back to Deep State Exposure

Here's a letter from Sessions deputy (#2 at the attorney general's office), asking Nunes not to release the memo:

Trey Gowdy continues to send the message that the FBI is dignified, because, he says, he worked with the FBI for almost two decades. But the human animal, on a professional level, is wonderful. If Gowdy had worked with Strzok, he would have found him to be wonderful. But the real human is hidden under the professional face, we all know that. Wicked politicians know how to put on a professional face. Big deal. It's how they feel deeper down that counts. The measure of a man is from how he resists, or doesn't resist, promptings of evil spirits. The measure of a man's dignity is how much he listens to / appreciates the Spirit of God.

The Hoopla video below shows that while Trump is supposedly blasting Sessions for trying to cover up the memo, the president, late in the video, is shown acting as though his hands are tied to do anything about Sessions' and Wray's will on this matter. This is suspicious about Trump. Is his anger just a stage show?

The overwhelming disclosure of the Strzok-Page texts is that they show no concern / fervor / or even acknowledgements of the Trump-collusion accusation. Surely, if there had been anything about it, Strzok would have been yapping about it with her, building up a case, etc. The funny thing is, why are his texts with Page being released, and not other texts to others? Has no one asked for them? Ha! Whenever you plug in a search query at youtube, you get a long list of video results. But I just asked for "gchq memo fulsome", and it only spit out one video, the one I had already watched. This must mean that the government asked youtube to hush this topic. This single result may change in the future, but I've tried it twice on two separate tabs, and that's all youtube will bring. But when you ask for "memo fulsome," leaving out GCHQ, a full page of results comes out, though with few videos on the topic. It seems to me that this GCHQ story should be viral in social media, but youtube suggests it's barely respected at all. I don't see why this story should be a pure fabrication, and no one seemingly has a video even to explain why it should be a fabrication.

We hope they get Podesta: "Two Republican senators are pressing top Hillary Clinton campaign and DNC officials for details of any contacts they had with Christopher Steele, Fusion GPS employees, and several government officials regarding the infamous Trump dossier. Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley and South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham sent letters this week to Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta, strategist Joel Benenson, and former DNC chairwomen Donna Brazile and Debbie Wasserman Schultz..." These Republicans are asking for records that will condemn deep-state operatives, yet they are asking this of deep-state operatives. Do we think the latter will hand in what the Republicans ask? The Republicans need to do break into their offices in the middle of the night, and take the records, no questions asked. If the Republicans won't do this, they are not to be taken seriously. Time is a-wasting. Call the sheriff, or go blow soap bubbles.

Gowdy generally reveals in the article below what the four-page memo contains. I like the part where he says: "Do you want to know whether or not the primary source in these [secret anti-Trump] court proceedings had a bias against one candidate? Do you want to know whether or not he said he’d do anything to keep that candidate from becoming president?" It's packed with suspense. Who is the "he"? Gowdy is telling us that the memo reveals the man who initialized the FISA-sanctioned spy program against Trump.

It's known that Clinton and the DNC paid Steele a million dollars to put the dossier together. No one deserves that much money merely for a so-called opposition-research project. It's clearly a big pay-job because he's being asked to fabricate things, risking his career / reputation. The sole fact that he took this money should ruin him, except that there are enough corrupt entities to still hire and respect him.
Further Evidence of Strzok in the Corner Pocket

Remember, the dream's billiard hall was not owned by Hillary Clinton, but by Obama. That is my premise for predicting that the Black pimple is about to be picked apart on the face of the nation. Where's he been hiding? He said that he was going to fight Trump? He's hiding up the nation's nostril, planted amongst the snot, including those Whites willing to betray Whites on behalf of shameful, Democrat Blacks.

If we've been wondering whether the pocket into which I sewered is itself a code, yes, it looks like it is. It recalls that, after putting my black shorts through the laundry, I smelled something as the shorts were hung up to dry on a post in my living room, when the house was still under construction. When finally I put the shorts on, there was a lump in the LEFT POCKET. Reaching in, I discovered a furry ball, a dead squirrel. I was sure that this was the squirrel I had named, satan. I sewered into the pocket to my left.

If we remove or make silent the 'q' of "Square," all that remains is "Suare," a term that could be changed to "Swar/Siwar(d)." Swords are also Swards.

As an aside just found, the Cornwall SWARDs use the Gower/Gore/GOWARD flory cross in colors reversed, suggesting that mythical GORlois (Cornwall) was of this Sword-suspect merger with Gore's. Gowers/Gore's share the white wolf with Gore's/Core's.

At this point in time, as I write, the 17 squirrels that were caught in my attic (all with one RAT trap), a few months previous to finding satan in my pocket, are suspect with the 17 lawyers hired my Mueller to fight Trump. Surely, the nation's snot includes Mueller. Satan had been one of the 17, but it had escaped twice, once in the house, and once in my vehicle while I was in the process of releasing it into the wild, down by a brook / creek. It had ran up the heater duct, and would not come out, so I had to drive back home with it. I assume that the shorts were in the vehicle, and that it crawled into a pocket to keep warm, for this was around November / December. And there it died.

In the first update of this month, I described Devin Nunes as a raider on horseback with flame-tipped arrows...for to fight the Mueller camp. I then discussed why God put those words in my mouth, and spoke on the Raider/RAT surname. A couple of years earlier, after catching the squirrels, I predicted multiple times that God was about to use a Rat Trap on his enemies, and I had defined the rat trap that I used as code for Rats and Traby liners. And here we are, with Nunes apparently God's Rat Trap. It's very interesting that Traps/Trappers use bustards, as do Bush-suspect BUStards (colors and format of Bush's). By the way, BusTARDs were first found in Devon with TARDS/Darts.

I emphasized "BUStard" because the Pockets/Pouchers/Poachers use the giant Bus cinquefoil in colors reversed. As I see the Pouchers as a branch of Porchers (beside the Pockets/Pouchers) because the latter use the giant Bus cinquefoil, by what coincidence are there three fesses on the Poucher-Crest lion in the colors of the Stur fesses? This tends to convince me further that "STRzok" is a Stur-river liner. Porchers were first found in Norfolk with Bus'. And Bustard-loving Traps were first found in Stur-like Styria. And the Sturs come up as "Styre," no guff. It appears that our Genius was able to point a finger at Strzok even with the corner pocket, as well as with my sewer of the Plane into that pocket. And here I can add that Livings share the colors and format (almost) of Plains/Platers, first found in Suffolk, i.e. beside the Bus' and Porchers.

I need to add that Porchers come up as Portis', traceable to Portishead in northern Somerset. The Stur starts at the southern-Somerset border with Dorset, and the latter is where Plain-suspect Palins were first found who share the colors and format of Plains / Livings. My SHORTS were hung on a living-room POST, and Shorts were first found in Dorset. God is a genius. The Stur flows through Dorset to the area of Poole, and Poole's share the giant POST lion. Poole is near the Hampshire border, and Posts were first found in Hampshire. It's clear as to what the Genius was pointing to now.

I invented a fence post and called it the PILLAR Post (never marketed). I was satisfied that God set that product up for telling a story linking to Donna Brazile, and my being mugged in Galveston the night of the day I had the omen. Pillars/PILOTs, can we believe it, share the Palin lion, and plane's need pilots. Bustards use pellets while Pellets share the cups of Pilotte's, the latter first found in Lincolnshire with Pockets.

There's more genius in "Living ROOM," for Rooms/Rome's use a "PUNGit" motto term while Pungs/Pings/Pongs/Paganells share three blue bends with Platers, which is remarkable because Plains/Platers can be kin of Livings (Cumberland, the general area of Siward of Northumberland, the line to Sewers/Suters. This recalls that I traced Scute's to PLACentia, where I trace the "PLACit" motto term of Rooms/Rome's (Dumfries, location of ANNANdale), because the ANANes Gauls lived at Placentia.

Earlier in this update, we saw that Tarzan was related to the Greystoke-Clayton family. As Tarzan was suspect with good reasons as code for the Somerset Tarrs'/Tara's (pale bars in Stur colors), by what coincidence did the Ananes live between the Taro and the Traby- / Trap-like Trebia river? Hannibal won his big war at the Trebia river while there is a Hannibal Potter in the write-up of Potters (Hampshire again), kin of PORTers/PAWters (Hampshire), potential kin of the Pawley variation of the neighboring Palins. Potters share the white cinquefoil with PORTis'/Porchers and Bus'. French Porters were first found at Berry, and Portis'/Porchers use so-called, barry.

What do you suppose we should do with the phrase, "satan in the shorts' pocket"? Is that to allude to Strzok as satan in the corner pocket? The fact that Shorts were first found in the same place as the Stur and the Plain branch of Palins, its quite amazing for linking the shorts pocket to the corner pocket, especially as Corners share the acorn with Strzok-suspect Storks. And while there is a second Stur/Stour river in Worcestershire, that's where Squirrels/Square's were first found, no guff. But who else was in the corner pocket? I shot Lisa Page into it, didn't I? The Squirrels/Square's recalls that while Cutts/Cute's show plates, they are said to use squares, and Montacute's are MontaQUE's too. This drags my attic-squirrel saga onto the billiard table.

While writing the paragraph above, I was asking why God didn't give a code for "FBI," at which moment I recalled that Andrea's surname is FaBIan. I gave her a book on Tarzan, as well as a GAME BOARD, while Tarrs', book-using Roets, BROADS and BORDders were first found in Somerset, location of an Axe river to which I trace the axes of BORDens. Fabians were first found in neighboring Hampshire. The Game's happen to be listed with Cams (share the bars of the Hampshire LISE's), and, can we believe it, Fabians have a Fabianus of Cam in their write-up. The Fabian fleur are colors reversed from the one of French Lise's/Lys'. Game's/Cams (and SAMsons) were first found in Gloucestershire, and Portishead is at the Somerset-Gloucestershire border. If that's not enough to make a Game-Porter link, Babels share a gate with Porters, as well as the six pale bars of Lise's/ Game's/Cams. God made me go out to buy Andrea a game board, didn't He? Samsons love the Flags/Flecks (share the Samson scallops) while there appear to be flags in the Fabian Crest (unless they are banners).

The British Prime Minister, David CAMeron, had his last day on July 13, weeks or months after the dossier plot was spun into action. And it involved the British. Can we believe that Camerons use three fesses colors reversed from the same of Sturs? Did God arrange this to put Cameron into the corner pocket? Kemmis', first found in the same place as Cams/Game's, share three red fesses with Sturs.

I can now put Phillippe Reines and pizzagate into the corner pocket by way of Reines' using the Pisa lion in colors reversed. Both lions are COUNTERchanged, and Counters are listed with Conte's/COMITissa's, = the Conteville's who ruled Comines, while Comyns/Comine's are in the colors and format of COMETs in the comet of Reines'. The Comyns garbs are suspect with the Hampshire Josephs. Next, the Mosca's/Muscas', in the motto of the Hampshire Drake's, were first found in Pisa, and the Mosca leopard is used by Sewer-suspect Sewards in the blue color of the Pisa lion. Comyns/Comine's, sharing the garbs also of Cue's, can we believe it, were first found in Norfolk with Cue's (and Bus', Portis'/Porchers and Flags/Flecks). Dossier's, first found in Bavaria with Reines', use the split-Shield colors of Reines' in colors reversed. Counters/Conte's/Comitissa's were first found in Durham with Wrens (share the Raines lion). I see Conteville's as a Conte merger with flag-using Ville's.

There's a little more, for there is a FREEman term in the Seward write-up immediately after mention of Siward of Northumberland. The Seward leopards are in both colors of the counterchanged FREIE lion (almost the Pisa / Reines lion), so amazing, for I have not known this "trick." I claimed that "Freemason" was code for the Masons/Massins and Freie's together because they share the same lion, and here we have the Mosca's linkable round-about to Freie's. Irish Freemans use the three Reno/Rhyne lozenges in colors reversed, another piece of evidence for Mr. Reines in the sewer pocket. As English Freemans (Essex, same place as Gore's) share a white wolf in Crest with Gore's, the Seward leopards must be on the Gore fesse. The Freemans/FREMans probably use the Frane/Frayne lion, which is colors reversed from the Frame lion. Frane's may be in the "frying pan" of German Pole's, and Poole's are also Pole's. It was Futters (same place as Sewers/Suters) that were at Rhynie.

With Andrea Fabian suspect as code for the FBI, it recalls that the CIA was, if not already, stacked with Nazi elements from George Herbert Walker Bush, whom I half think was a son of George Herbert Scherff. The Scherfs are also Schere's, a branch of Shere's/Shire's (merged with Kilpatricks/Sheera's), and Andrea lived on SHOREham while Shore's (Stork) are listed with the Sure's in the Kilpatrick motto. Recall Andrea at my birthday party, for Perts/Petts share the stork with Shore's. Recall the STIRKland variation of STICKlands, for one of the two Schere surnames has a snake coiled around a STICK. Is this revealing that Strzok was a Nazi element, or working for the neo-Nazi elements in the deep state?

The Nazi's came over to America with government permission as per Operation PAPERclip, and here the paper plane into the corner pocket might just be code for that operation. Hmm, a new idea to play with. The Paper Planes tweet by Assange was immediately before his chess-game tweet, and, as I have related in the past, Andrea lived directly across the street from a Jewish family, where Herald, my classmate lived who invited me over on at least two occasions to play chess. I also recall telling that I first hugged/kissed Andrea at the property directly across my friend's home, Frank, which brings Franklin Roosevelt to mind, whom I claimed helped Hitler escape to Montana / Idaho, as per the deathbed confession of the Nazi, Otto SKORzeny (Shore / Schore liner, by the looks of it). Plus, Assange's chess game is where FRANK Marshall went on the attack (1918) but lost the game.

I kid you not, in heraldry, a checkered board is included in heraldic gameboards, and I bought Andrea a game board. Check it out right here:

Get ready for this: Franklin's share a version of the Pert/Pett bend! On either side of the Franklin bend, the Steel lion heads. As Franklins were first found in Buckinghamshire with Cheneys, they are using a version of the Cheney bend, and Dick Cheney is a suspect with the CIA' Nazi / Scherff elements. At my party, Andrea and the others were blowing (party) whistles, cool.

By what coincidence do Franklins use "A gold Eel's head erased perfesse, between two BRANCHes." I recall that Branch's (Durham, same as Sherwoods) use the SHERwood/SHURwood Coat, and the latter share roses with stems with Schere's/Scherfs (and Walkers). For another stemmed rose, see Roosevelts. There is no mistake here. It appears that God arranged to name Franklin from birth for to make this revelation.

I was led to make Nazi discoveries involving Roosevelt and Idaho (location of Aryan nations) by an emailer whose surname was SURbrook my marriage. She had married Mr. Dein too, whose sister married Mr. Scheriff, can we believe it? This Scheriff family is only from the West-Islip area of Long Island (NY), smack beside Patchogue, where William Hitler, Adolf's nephew, was permitted to live. The Schere-related Kilpatricks are also "Patchie," like PATCHogue." William Hitler changed his surname to Stuart-Houston, and Partys/Pardy are clearly using a version of the Stewart / Stuart fesse, which has part of the chess gameboard upon it.

Sherwoods/Shurwoods remind me of Sherwood forest, which was directly adjacent with the backyard of Robert Powell. He was the one at whose home I asked to replay Silver Bird, which I connected with the plane in my dream about being arrested by a corrupt Homeland Security (founded by George Bush Jr, son of George Herbert Scherff), whose agents were willing to toss me over a bridge, in the way that Robert Powell had died. I think I now understand God's paper-planes code as per Americanized Nazi's in corrupt places.

Stewarts and Houstons (hourGLASS) lived at Glasgow, the Pollock theater, and Sherwoods/Shurwoods share the Glass stars in a way as to appear the kin of Blacks. Houstons are now expected from Hugh D'AVRANCHes, whom I see in "Branch." Hugh's wolf was colors reversed from the one in the Arms of Placentia, and, moreover, Hugh's wolf head was in the colors of the same of Scarfs too, can we believe it? It appears that William Hitler was joined with Scarf liners. Placentia was home to the Ananes Gauls (lived at the Taro suspect with the Tarzan book to little Andrea) who removed to Annandale, the theater of Kilpatricks that share the saltire of Scottish Blacks. And the latter appear to use a black version of the Annandale Coat. Perfect. The Placentia wolf was suspect earlier with Philps, and therefore with Phillippe Reines, whose surname is probably of the namers of RenFREW (Frews of PERTHshire share the Glass stars), location of Glasgow. Mr. Reines founded Beacon Strategies, and Fullers love Beacons/Bacons. I'm impressed.

Let's go back to hugging and/or kissing Andrea across the street from Frank's. We were in the backyard. First of all, I can't be sure that I kissed her, but recall wanting to when I did hug her briefly (we were only 10 or 11 years old). The Hugo's share the mermaid with Glass', and Hugs share the three Fountain fesses while fountains are used by Kiss'/Cush's, who in-turn share the red rooster with Bibo's/Bible's (possible kin of hourglass Books), while the mermaid is used also by German Babels. The Bibo's put their rooster on a CUSHion, and cushions are used by Kilpatricks.

At Frank's place, I was doing the hippy shake to the song, Hippy-Hippy Shake. So I've just loaded the Hips' (like "Apsus"), to find a version of the Christ Coat, and the latter is almost the Coat of German Lapps/Labbs, all suspect with Apps/Abbs' from "Apsus." The drops of Darlene's are code for Tropoje upon the Apsus, and Darlene's head was on my lap soon before her party. English Laps/Lapps use the mermaid once again. The mermaid was mythical Melusine, code for real-life Melissena Rangabe, wife of Inger, one of the first-known VARANGians, suspect with AVRANCHes and therefore with the Sherwood-related Branch'. The Varangians were likely the Franks, from the Varni up at Schere-like Schwerin. Schwerins almost use the split Shield colors shared between Hips', Lapps and Christs.

Having said that, note that Ingers are listed with HENDERs/Enders while Andrea's are a branch of Andersons and HENDERsons. Then, while Melissena was from royal Khazars, they developed in to the Cohens that use the chess gameboard. And Game's/Cams use the six pale bars of English Babels, first found in Middlesex with Apps/Abbs and Fiers.

The Warnow river of the Varni is at Rostock, where Ice's were first found who share the eagle of Babels, which is a black eagle used by the Cohen branch of Hohenstaufens / Hohenzollerns. The latter got their red eagle from Zahringers, kin of Veringers, we get it that Cohens and Hohens (compare with Fers and Vairs/Fers') were Melissena-Rangabe liners. I kissed Darlene's head when it was on my lap, days after I asked her out while she handed me an ice cream, and Cramers share the Kiss/Cush rooster, a potential Rostock symbol of old, or vice versa. Varni are suspect with putting out Nicholas de Vere von Drakenberg, and while he loved mythical Melusine, and while his branch of Fers/Ferrats and Vairs/Fers' are Cohen-Hohen liners, Dragons/Drainers were Drilon-river liners, as are, I think, Darlene's.

We can forgive our anti-Christ enemies when they show repentance, but Google is not ready to repent:

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WZTV) — UPDATE: A Google spokesperson has responded to this story and said they are temporarily disabling certain responses of religious figures. Click here for the full response [not worth clicking].

...Brentwood resident David Sams owns a Google Home and an Amazon audio speaker. He says both give two different answers when asking "Who is Jesus Christ?"

"I even asked Google who is David Sams? Google knew who I was, but Google did not know who Jesus was, Google did not know who Jesus Christ was, and Google did not know who God was," Sams said.

...Comments, videos and test results posted asking "Who is Jesus?"

The general response from Google Home is "I'm not sure how to help you with that."

There's still no response from Google as to why that is the response.

"It's kinda scary, it's almost like Google has taken Jesus and God out of smart audio," Sams said. "First it started with schools."

Google might just end up cut into pieces like Madalyn O'Hair. It's due to anti-Christs trying to undermine and ridicule God's people that God will fight back and torment anti-Christs, both now and forever more. It's their choice if they want to be tormented. They know the Warning. They claim to be adults; they claim to see. Therefore, if they choose torment, so be it. They are the idiots willing to enjoy a little freedom from God now, and the thrill of deceptiveness and maliciousness, for an eternity of worse than normal death.

If they think they will just close their eyes and slip away peacefully, what a big surprise they have coming. On the day they die, they will fall asleep, and wake up long afterward in the Judgment. It will feel as though they are at the Inferno as soon as they slip away, because they won't feel the time of sleeping, even if it's as long as thousands of years. So, stupids, go ahead and slip away peacefully, because you then get the best contrast to what you expected. PAYDAY for your crimes and endless sins. Or, if you wish, repent and respect your Creator.

The piece below was written a week ago if you're interested. You might keep Le Mose in Placentia in mind.

The Moses'/Moesens were a Moesian line to such variations as Mustans and Mostyns. As the latter use a left-rising split, they are a branch of, perhaps distantly in some cases, Masci's, Massena's and Rasmussens. Moses'/Moesens share one red-on-white pale bar with Tullia's. This line is known to go from Tullia of Lyon to the Merovingian ruler, Mummolin. This man is where the Mame's/Mens' trace. The Moses'/Moesens are said to have had Moy / Moyes branches, for which reason Moyers were loaded to find (for the German branch) a unicorn on a wall (Rasmussens and French Maurels use a unicorn). It's called a "castle wall," and the surname includes "Maur/Mauer/Maurmann," meaning that this is yet another line from MauriLION, father of Mummolin's wife. The castle wall is an excellent find because Spanish Muriels use "walls" that look like tops of towers or castles, while English Muriels are also Merrills (i.e. like "Maurilion"), and they too use a red pale bar: "...a red pale engrailed, voided of the field..." There's a reason that it's voided of the field.

It appears that Moesens had merged with Maur liners to form Moyer-like terms. The Moyer/Maur wall has a left-rising split (our right is the Shield's left). The Merrills/Muriels have peacock's head "erased," which I think is code for the Eras version of Rasmussens, suspect (in merger with) with the Arras/Arrow surname. The Spanish Muriels and the Moormans/Mormans use arrows. It reminds me that the Book of Mormon (total fabrication) has codes for Lemnites, while I showed recently why Mummolin's home at the Marne river (has a source in Moselle = Little Mos) was named my Myrina liners, from the Lemnos capital by that name. Merrills/Muriels use the Morinis fleur, for example, and Italian Maurels are also Maurinis'.

Scottish Moyers/Moars use Moor heads, suggesting that Moor heads could be wholly a code for Maurilion liners, and he or his ancestors might just have been from North Africa. The Massena-line Mauritanians (king Juba, for example).

Scottish Moyers use the motto, "MEDIOcriter" (a Bacon motto term), perhaps code for Mediolanum (now Milan), where Maurells/Maurinis' were first found. The Moar/Moer variations of Scottish Moyers reminded me of the Mow variation of Molle's (from MumMOLIN, right?), who share the boar head of Marone(y)'s, who smack of the Mormon character, Moroni. There is an Italian Moroni surname ("green tree"), first found in Verona with Belli's and Bellini's. German Belli's use the beacon, and Beacons are listed with Bacons. It's interesting here that Moses'/Moesens are said to have bumped into (by marriage) to Crispins of BEC, who smack of Beacons, and, besides, I trace Moses/Moesens on other grounds, including their dove, to the Bec-like Pek river (Moesia).

The dove in the Moses/Moesen Crest is shared with Moer-like Mowers/Mawers (Moses/Moesen colors). Mowers/Mawers use two chevrons in the colors of the one of Mustans. Irish Mowers are listed with Irish Moore's/Moare's/Mooers (rampant lion in colors reversed from the same of Lorraine's).


For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God

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