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January 30 - February 5, 2018

UnLaished: the Atlantis of Aetolia
The Juice: Everyone Wants to Know What the Memo Says
Bill Kristol in Crystal City with Rex Tillerson

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It seems that most are viewing Project Fulsome as a hoax. The last update (link at top left above) treated this project, allegedly a request by Obama to the British to spy on Trump before the election. I didn't see the document as beyond credibility. The writer claimed that Project Fulsome is the first page of Nunes' four-page memo. Why would someone limit a hoax to a week or two only by adding that part to the hoax? Everyone will think it's a hoax once the memo comes out without Project Fulsome. Here's a very-interesting comment:

Did Adam Schiff leak the contents of the memo, live on CNN? Near the end. He describes the memo as a “fulsome attack”. When does anyone ever hear the word fulsome used to describe an attack? Was he referring in code to “Project Fulsome”?

The page above includes a short video with Schiff on CNN. Schiff is a complete demon. He sits there and lies as though he has no soul whatsoever, completely controlled by a lying spirit. It's nothing new for liberals. His "fulsome attack on the FBI" comes a few seconds after the 4-minute mark. How do we explain this? The first part of the video has QAnon claiming that Obama just hired a lawyer(s). How would Q know? As no one (virtually) can prove or disprove it, we can't judge Q's authenticity on this. But again, how would an enemy of Obama know that Obama just hired a lawyer? I don't know what all the fuss is about QAnon. I don't find him to be predicting much. He has ideas as others generally do. He is way over-rated. He too-often speaks short on explanations, leaving the reader to guess at what he's talking about. What's the purpose there? To make himself look like a prophet? Julian Assange has been a lot like QAnon lately. Is no one leaking anything to WikiLeaks these days? Hard to believe. I am open to QAnon making a significant discovery, or providing a lead, pertaining to my white-rabbit mystery, and that's why I keep tabs on the things he's (or she?) saying.

Last January 17, three days before Trump became the official president, there was a Fraser-Institute headline, "Trump’s fulsome attack on free trade and the dangers for Canada." When did such a phrase become "popular"? The author is Fred McMahon. Was he an insider to Project Fulsome? Was he using the term for speaking to other insiders? He's got a Toronto phone number and can, via Canada, be linked to the British. McMahon is pro Global Free Trade. However, there are others who have used "fulsome attack" in the past, totally unrelated to Trump. Yet Schiff's timing was not only bang-on, but he was discussing the four-page memo at the time. The page below claims:

During the Jan. 20 edition of CNN Newsroom, host Ana Cabrera asked Rep. Schiff, "Let me ask you about the Russia investigation. I can't have you here and not, especially given how much we talked about it in the first year of the presidency.

That's the CNN sit-down where he used "fulsome attack." January 20 was BEFORE the Project Fulsome article came out that I saw and shared, which was dated January 21. That is, Schiff probably didn't know that it would come out, and so, I assume, he wasn't afraid (theory) to use "fulsome" in "waving" to his insider buddies.

Schiff is a complete idiot to minimize the importance of the memo only days before people see it for themselves. This sort of damage-control is a sure backfire. Of course it's not important for Democrats, since the only important thing for them is to impeach or murder Trump.

Does the FBI spy exclusively from its own internal spy system, or does it depend 20 percent, 40, 60, or 80, on NSA / CIA systems? Were other spy agencies guilty in winking for this spy service to Clinton / Democrat causes? It's pretty hard for the other side to argue that republicans are only being partisan when the crimes themselves are steeped in activist support for Democrats or even Hillary herself.

Where are the FISA judges who winked with this spy service? Why aren't they coming out to condemn McCabe and Comey? Do we never get to know who they are, who they vote for, what they believe, what their past has been? Why are they untouchable?

Aha, " With the government’s budget deficit rising, the Treasury Department announced Monday that it expects to borrow $441 billion in the current January-March quarter, the largest amount in eight years. The Treasury said this figure compares to actual borrowing of $282 billion in the October-December quarter" (AP). So, Trump gave big corps big tax breaks, meaning less government revenue, so the government now borrows above 50 percent more this quarter than the last quarter, to make up for it, making the lenders i.e. bankers happy too. Thanks Trump, you big dope.

There is no such thing as a thriving economy. There is only a roller-coaster economy, or a flat, stable one that neither grows nor shrinks. Which would you prefer? When a president and all his men try to invigorate the economy, what they mean by a better economy is more spending as opposed to more saving. But people can only spend so much, then need to stop and save again. So, the faster people spend in a high time of confidence, the "bigger" the economy (it's an illusion), when in fact it's just a faster upswing before the downswing. The faster and higher the upswing, the faster the downswing arrives. Or, stop trying to grow the economy, and let it always be the same, with no price increases...because when prices increase on the upswing, companies are loath to bring their prices down in the depression that follows.

In an upswing, businesses increase prices, which tempts ordinary employees to start their own small businesses (because they see opportunity to make profit by intruding into any area of sales) so that bringing prices back down isn't going to happen due to more businesses needing to put food on the table. It may be a great economy for small businesses and their larger suppliers, but someone needs to pay more money for shoes, clothes, lumber, and everything else. It's not a growing economy, it's just businesses getting the upper hand for a spell. It's not good for everyone at all. Judge for yourself. Would you rather live in a town with three shoe stores, or six with shoes at 50-percent higher cost?

Short of money coming in from abroad or from the printing press, there is no such thing as a growing economy. The only reality is that money changes hands. The economy is not growing just because the stock market grows. It only means that money is changing hands. No one can receive money without someone losing it. If the hardware store gets it, the shoe store doesn't. If it's a great economy for the stocks of big corps, it's a bad economy for others who would have otherwise gotten the money. Those who measure the growth or non-growth of the economy do so by measuring business sales. But what about the condition of the consumer? Or, what about the call of God not to stress money matters? What about the call of God to look down on the rich rather than approve them or hold them up as a model? Is Trump your model American-dreamer?

Why are Christians pushing and engaging gold, Bitcoin or stock-market gambling? Shouldn't we be calling for restraints on increasing prices so that normal people, and our youth, don't need to scratch out a living for the sake of business growth? There can still be free enterprise with some government restraints on pricing. What's wrong with a rule forbidding price increases beyond certain percentages of a product's overall production cost? That would stabilize the economy forever. There would never be too many businesses to feed, and a lot fewer bankrupt cases from employees risking all they have to get into the sales game. As things are now, one can be a multi-millionaire selling mere coffee and donuts, and you know the story: the workers scratch out a meager living.

Why can't there be a rule on paying employees according to profit levels? The only ones who call this "communism" are the business owners and would-be business owners. The rule should be that if you can't make a living in a business without paying the employees a decent wage, don't go into business. It is on the immoral side to start a business with the plan of paying workers minimum wage. Why can't the government take immorality into consideration in the realm of business? If free enterprise is defined as freedom of immorality, that's the problem with free enterprise. It's akin to free speech where the devil gets his voice too. A few rules to curb immoral acts and immoral speech cannot be hurtful. It should not be against the rules of free speech to speak against witchcraft, but it should be against the rules to speak against Jesus. If you think this is wrong, you're not likely invited to the Kingdom of God, where that rule will be in place. It's the Democrats who support the devil's free speech. And just look at what it's done to the face of society in only 40-50 years. It has grown a political body of satan-supporting goons whom have won the White House. And getting into power, they can't resist getting it again so that they can finish their immoral projects.

Whoever buys stock is not only hoping that share prices go up, but also down. The gambler can't make money unless share prices go up and down. He picks a company that he thinks will increase in profits, and crosses his fingers. If the economy were stable, he'd never make money. So, the ones who have influence over the stock market like to see a predictable roller coaster. They need the bad times, when they buy stocks, and they need the high times, when they sell stocks. Is this the world we want to live in, where stock-market gamblers get their way?

Stock markets assure that corporations maximize their profits, meaning that consumers are the losers. The best way to run an economy is where corporations sell their products and services at a modest profit. A hundred dollars then goes further for everyone. Keep it that way. But these are the end times, when the greedy become more greedy.

Judge for yourself whether it's better for YOUR saving to go to big corporations in stock-market gambling versus going to small, local businesses? The problem is, even the small, local business has become greedy. Business schools teach to maximize profits, as though business owners are the only people who matter. Business is a two-way street, the seller and the buyer. Being modest with prices means to recognize the needs of the buyer too. Set prices as you would like others to set their prices for you. Love others as we love yourselves. But maximizing profits breaks that Law. We would fare better to break the laws of men than to break the laws of God.

A decent economy ought to be the goal, not a big economy. Trump has a fat head as well as a fat wallet. A decent economy is determined by the human heart, but in these last days, hearts are becoming a thing of the past. What is decency? Fat cats wouldn't know. They didn't become fat cats by being decent. To be decent, you do everything you can never to become super rich. You recognize the law of God for fair play. If you're getting too rich, you need to drop your prices fast, or give your products away at cost. Do everything in your power not to become rich, or suffer the consequences from demons. Be assured, you will reap demons if you are happy to be rich, and happier to be richer.

To be decent, I do not capitalize at the others' expense. I don't charge ten dollars for a gallon of water during a drought. I don't set my prices on what the upper class can afford. I have a heart for the poor, because the poor are a fact of life in a greedy world. As the few fat cats suck more of the available money to themselves, there's less for everyone else, and naturally the poor are formed. Those who see a greedy society have the choice of joining it, or staying aloof. The latter option tends to lead to poverty, which is why God loves the poor. But those who chose to jump into the rat race with both feet, for to become one of the fat rats, they won't fit through the eye of a needle for to get into God's Kingdom.

What does it mean to lose your life for Jesus? It means exactly this, not to get into the rat race. Not to go with the flow. Not to live for the lusts of this world. Lose that sort of life, and do it the Jesus-way. It means that we chose to suffer without a society. We suffer because God created man to be part of a society, yet because society is rotten, we must choose to be no part with it. So, we lose out on A basic need of humans, to be a happy part of a happy society. This is what we are called to suffer. Lose the quest for your own lusts, and wait it out to the end of life, trusting that God we reward us in the next life. It takes a tall man and a tall woman to chose this route. God bless those who do it. But not with lucre.

American Christians are joining the Republicans in the great and growing economy. Have they lost their minds? Do not touch, do not handle. Do not become stained by the filthy clothes of the fat cats. Until Trump gives away his fortunes, he is indecent. He's controlled by demons. He is defiled. He only knows how to put on a good show. Demons operate this way, as angels of light. To be clean, obey the command of Jesus to ignore and reject the lusts of this world.

A growing economy is defined as the growing gross domestic product, which is measured in dollars. It measures what number of dollars are spent by everyone per period of time. So, if you give companies a large tax break, they will spend more, and up goes the product. Is that a reflection of a happier middle / lower class? When prices go up, up goes the gross product, but it doesn't necessarily mean that people bought more. The gross product is not measured in weight, but dollars. Best thing, stop listening to money-matter news. There will never be a high time without a crash to follow. Stop trying to make the economy "better" because it results in mutations. Just because there is one percent more people working this year than last does not make the world a utopia.

The most-outrageous thing to befall my generation is the super increase of God's earth. A plot of land for a house must never be permitted to increase just so that fat-cat real-estate people get rich at the expense of new home owners (usually the young). This is a gross crime, because everyone needs a house to live in. As it is now, the land in a city costs more than the building. Great shame. No one has improved the land so that it should cost a penny more. Yet since 1962, when the land for my father's house cost about $3,000, it has shot up to $700,000. Great shame. Do you know any fat-cat, real-estate people? If I go back to that house today, it's 50 years older, and it's got the same grass. No one has made it any better.

On Monday night (as I write), the House committee on Intelligence voted to release the four-day memo. "The vote came the same day that it was reported that FBI official Andrew McCabe has left his post as deputy director." He took off so that he cannot be called at his FBI office. He looks awfully guilty. The Democrats (led by Schiff) wanted to release their own counter-memo simultaneously, but that would be nothing more than a memo to bash the memo. If they really want to release a memo of their own, why didn't they do it all their lonesome, before the Republicans got their memo out? The Democrats will now have their opportunity to put their best face on what the memo says, and, we can be sure, it's got to have some damning things, judging by the sadness of the Democrats at the vote tonight. This looks like a long, down-hill slide for Democrats. Show no mercy, release more documents against them, for the Democrats will never repent, not even when Armageddon stares them in the face.

"On Sunday, FBI Director Christopher Wray went to the Capitol on Sunday to view the four-page memo, sources told Fox News." The memo can say nothing more than what the official papers say to which Wray has had full access. I doubt very much that the memo is merely an interpretation of what FBI documents reveal. If Wray were decent, he would have called this corruption out all his lonesome. He would have gone to talk with the Nunes circle, and would have discovered the corruption that offends them. But, if Wray is only now engaging in this memo, at the last minute, great shame. He's like a man willing to close his eyes to justice, yet he runs a big arm in the department of justice. What a filthy man, thanks for this, Trump, you dope.

I totally understand the need to protect certain people from disgrace, but I do not agree with it in this case. I totally understand the need of the wicked to escape disgrace, but I do not agree with it when they fail to repent. It's too late now to say, "I'm sorry," because they are not to be trusted with such an admission. And, to the last hour, instead of repenting, they have sought to change the meaning of the memo. And this is how they will continue even after it's released.

Wray will now need to comment on the memo. We get to see whether his comments are more like those of Democrats or Republicans. Isn't this fun? Will he chose to side a little toward Trump for fear of being fired? Maybe. Wray read the memo Sunday, and his highest employee, Andy McCabe, was out Monday. Logical, but Wray gets no credit at all for doing this right thing, if in fact he was responsible, because he waited until the last moment, hoping that he wouldn't need to fire McCabe. Great shame. Who gets to pick the deputy director to fill McCabe's boots. Oh no, not Trump.

The leading Democrats will now give 40 percent of the nation, the deluded ones, their marching orders on how to behave toward this memo, how to respond to it, and how to go forward with more attacks against Trump unto winning the 2018 elections. You will see with your own eyes that the 40 percent are the world's biggest problem, because, rather than to accept the glaring truth, they will throw truth to the ground, allowing demons to fill their mouths...with trickery and hocus-pocus, of course. Do not be afraid of these empty suits; they full-well know the truth, yet for political lust will knowingly invent lies to protect themselves. Don't even answer them when they set out their arguments. Just look at them as though they were crazy.

It wasn't many days ago that Wray threatened to quit if Trump forced him to fire McCabe. Nothing like condemning himself along with McCabe. Tom Fitton says that he's not content with the memo, that Judicial Watch is going for the official documents that go beyond the material in the memo. The release of this memo, in the short term, cold and freezing for Mueller, is the best thing for Trump's collusion woes. But after it passed, Mueller gets to decide how he will do a counter-attack...unless the memo condemns him too. Hopefully, Mueller will survive for to make a counter-attack, so that Republicans will dig deeper to find even the condemnation of Mueller. Without this fight, we may not have had this memo coming straight at us.

Wray will now have the responsibility to look into all the charges that the memo sets out. If he ignores looking deeper, it could come round to bite him hard on the rear. Expect Wray to take his sweet time, unless he fears losing his job. I doubt very much that he's afraid merely of a Tweety Bird.

One of Trump's Lawyers, said Monday night that respect goes to Wray for removing McCabe. This tends to notify me that Trump wants to praise Wray for this, as if to keep from vilifying him. Trump's a dope if he continue's to respect Wray just to keep from looking like a dope for choosing him in the first place. Trump would do better just to say, "I made a mistake choosing Wray. The media scared me into not asking Wray too many questions about his personal positions on the Hillary crime ring." Dope.

It wasn't too long ago that McCabe appeared ever-so-arrogantly before congress. But Wray showed his own arrogance. He spoke as though he had Trump wrapped around his little finger. That's because Trump acted like what he was, a green (unseasoned) president when choosing Wray. Wray had convinced Trump that the president has no right to get into the conduction of his FBI business. Trump needs to admit that he's sorry for choosing Wray. The fact is, Trump has every right to order the FBI to conduct criminal investigations against criminals in the highest places. Trump has been convinced that it's respectable to use a hands-off approach. You're the king, not a hands-off jack. You're supposed to be leading on this issue. How your supporters continue to respect you, I will never understand. I suppose it's because you're the best they've got in the White House.

The best thing that can happen now is for Democrats to fight back furiously, for if they become soft or lame, we may not get more revelations. But if they fight back with serious threats, and if they land a few good punches, more revelations will be leaked to hit them back even harder. About the second day into the five-day waiting period for Trump's decision, on the day he was overheard (on a hot mic) that he's fully for the release of the memo, the FBI issued a letter, which can be assumed to be Wray's will, advising that the memo is not good for release, because it has omissions. Well, then, Mr. Wray, please do enlighten us on all that's been omitted. We are about to see what Wray himself wants covered up, great shame. Nunes himself is accusing Wray's bureau right now for covering up information that the House has long been demanding.

It appears that Wray was not responsible for McCabe's quitting early, for Wray has shown every sign that he opposes the memo's release. On the day before the scheduled release, there was talk in the news that Wray would quit if the memo is released, like a last effort to twist Trump's arm. If he quits, it's time to celebrate.

The Democrats want to make the release so rocky that Nunes doesn't try it again with other classified issues. Hopefully, Nunes will not sharing back for fear of empty suits. There is a lot of work to do in the direction that Nunes is taking this. Nothing could be better for seriously crippling the Democrat party, and Nunes should want it destroyed, not for political reasons, but because it's a corrupt organization.

Let us be one with Jesus and with the Father whose will Jesus advances. It's so easy to be one with Jesus. His words are not shocking or strange. They are easy to understand. He speaks logic. Learn from Him the right way to think, and you will be accepted into eternal life. What American pie can be more important than that? If you believe in Him, you must also learn of him. It should not be a responsibility only to learn from him, but a desire, because you agree with his world view. If you agree, then reading his words are not like reading a list of rules that rub you the wrong way. If his words rub you the wrong way, you must be a liberal. But if you agree with His platform, then you will wave your banner for his cause, and applaud with others. I've known Jesus, and, Mr. Trump, you are no Jesus.

Trump owes it to his voters to order Sessions to release everything immediately. Period. If Trump won't do this, then he appears to be involved in ballet with the enemy. The enemy is ruthless, desiring above all to corrupt the nation beyond repair. Is this the time for ballet?

Laish Levites to Mythical Oeneus Works

The last update found William Binney connected to Obama's billiard table. Or, at least, the Benjamite-suspect Binney surname led to a new and decent explanation of the billiard table's cue ball. The timing was perfect for the release of the memo, and the forcing of McCabe out from his FBI job. I should like to go back to the part of the last update where I threw a party at my place for my fellow Knob Hill Farms employees at the age of 17, the summer before God put me together with Christine Peare.

At Knob Hill Farms one evening, I approached Debbie, asked her out, and got rejected. But she surprised me by showing up at my party, and stood out alone with me on the back porch talking like a lady talks when she likes you. Nothing happened, I didn't pursue it, but I remember it. Anything that I recall so vividly is checked out for surname connections to God's revelation through me these days. I looked at the Debbie surname in the last update, but didn't see much to speak of. She brought Debbie Wasserman Schultz to mind. And so I looked up the Wasserman surname, which uses a version of the McCabe Coat, apparently. I was just wondering whether God arranged this to indicate that Wasserman was working with McCabe, for it is completely logical where she was the head of the DNC while the DNC paid half of the $1 million for the Steele dossier. And Wasserman is also suspect in covering up, if not calling for, the murder of Seth Rich.

I've talked a lot recently about Miss Peare's waist, but here Debbie at my party has brought me to the waist in the Wasserman description. The girl I kissed next after Debbie spoke with me on the porch was Miss Peare. The Wasserman description: "On a green shield, a man standing in silver water with a torse of black and gold around his WAIST, holding a gold fish in each hand." In this picture, due to the timing of my being at the Wasserman surname, the fish can even be a code for FISA, for McCabe's troubles are directly due to the FBI's corrupt use of the FISA court. English Fish's (tiger) are the only ones I know of who share a wavy chevron with Piers/Pierce's, and these chevrons are in the same colors. To lend further support that this bit of heraldry was arranged by God, the German Fish surname use a "WahREIT" motto term while Miss Peare worked for Reitmans when I first saw and kissed her.

But there is still more, for while the Wahr surname (as per "WAHReit") is a Warren branch, the first term of the Wasserman motto looks to be partially for Warts, while Wards share the Warren Shield. The Warts (Steven perchevron) use nothing but an hourglass shape, and it's colors reversed from the same of Helps (same place as Stevens), the latter suspect from the Helpe river, location of Avesnes. This location was definitely from Avezzano's, and the latter's red rose on a stem looks linkable to the red cinquefoil on a stem of Debbie's (cinquefoils on stems are rare). The Pockets use a cinquefoil in Debbie-cinquefoil colors. If that's not enough, Avisons share the garbs of WAISTells, and an anchor with Dutch Reitmans while German Reitmans use yet another red rose on a stem. The Reitman anchor, in colors reversed, would be black, the color of the Avison anchor.

Roses on stems are not as common as stemless roses, and while Stems are listed with Steins, Stevensons are Steinsons/Steensons too. Dutch Steins/Steens use a stemless red rose, as can be expected if someone later merged with a Stem family to invent the rose on a stem for themselves. Stevensons (same place as Rodhams/Roddens), share the Rodham/Rodden bend while Rotens share the Zionist stars of German Reitmans, indicating that Reitmans were a Rodham branch. So, as Miss Peare was on a PLATform, the further fact that Hillary Rodham Clinton hired PLATTE River Networks (for her server during her private-server woes) appears to be part of what God is pointing to with this set of heraldry. Hillary and the DNC together paid for the $1 million dossier. And as Wasserman Schultz is suspect in this transaction, by what coincidence do Wassers/Wassa's/Gace's share the Zionist star of Reitmans and Rotens?

It appears that God caused Christine to work at Reitmans, and myself in the same mall, to make this very revelation: that God is involved with the exposure of the DNC, and the Clinton crime ring. It happened this way: I invited Kepke to apply for a job at Knob Hill Farms, and he sold shoes as his next job, which caused me to sell shoes at another shoe store in the same mall. Kepke then met Peare and introduced her to me.

While the Helpe river is in Artois, along with Boulogne, the Arms of Boulogne share red roundels with Swedish Steens, and the latter use exactly the Shirt/Sherrard Coat while they are suspect as Sardinians. Avezzano's were first found in Sardinia.

In another dream I shared recently, my dentist LAUGHed at the red buttons on my SHIRT while I was in the BACK seat of his car (why was I on the back porch with Debbie?). Tous'/Tosini's use a man with red shirt and buttons, and Shirts use a Coat reflection of my dentist's surname. The Lafins/La Fonts are in the "Avise lafin" motto phrase of Kennedys, and Avise's are with Avezzano-branch Avisons. As VISE's/Vice's share the same-type cross between antlers as EUStace's, it makes sense that AVESnes is near Boulogne, where Eustace II ruled whose son, Godfrey de Bouillon, connected hard to Miss Peare's belly in an event that was related to my pulling her toward me by the waist while she was on my platform. That platform can be a stage too because Stage's (cross between antlers) are with Stacey-like Staggs, and they share the stag with Stacey's and their Eustace branch.

It could therefore be that Eustace descended from Avezzano, which is close to the Salto river, which I trace to Sales'/Salletts, who share the bend of Salemans while the latter are in the colors of Salmons while McCabe's use salmon.

Why did God chose for Kepke and I to sell shoes? I'm not sure as related to this exposure, but I can say that Shoe's "a SILVER TOWER tower topped with a tree, and with walls on either SIDE." Side's share the Saleman eagles, and a silver tower is shared by Denardo's while Mike Denardo was at my party with Debbie. He brought his set of drums, and Drummonds linked hard to Elliots while the Elliots were directly across the road from my place. These Elliots are suspect with the Laish line to Elis, and so let's repeat from the last update that Mika's/Micks (share three fesses with Drummonds) seemed to trace excellently to the Biblical Micah, whose Levite priest ended up at Laish (book of Judges). I assume Mike Denardo was born "Michael," and Michaels were first found in Surrey with Salemans.

The house was in Gormley, and while Gormleys/Grimes' share the martlets of Grimms, the latter use three fesses colors reversed from the three of Scottish Drummonds. Is God trying to say something?

The Side-branch Sudys (same place as Scottish Drummonds), who love the Nothings/NORTHens, use wavy bars half in the colors of the wavy fesses of German Drummond fesses. Denardo's happen to be a branch of NORTHS! The Side's share the eagles of Shaws (same place as Scottish Drummonds) in colors reversed, and these Shaws come up as Side-like "Seth." Debbie Wasserman is suspect with at least the inside knowledge of the murder of Seth Rich, and Debbie's were first found in Hampshire with Rich's. It's a little interesting, but not enough to prove to me that this is God's arrangement for pointing to the murder. On the other hand, Rich's use a "garde" motto term while Gards share the green martlet with the Grimm Crest! Zinger, that's connecting Rich's to Gormley, where Debbie came along with Denardo's drums. In fact, the neighbors must have complained to someone about the noise, for my aunt showed up. My parents were out of town for a week. My aunt is Mrs. GRIMaldi! Amazing. I have no idea who it was that called her, probably my parents, who left their going-away-number with a neighbor?

What else can the "torse" of Wasserman's be code for other than the Tors', first found in Languedoc with Narbonne? Then, as Narbonne's are listed with Denardo's, by what coincidence do Narbonne's/Denardo's share the tower of Tors' in both colors? It looks like Debbie was indeed code for Debbie Wasserman. I don't remember her surname, and may never have known it. The only thing I knew of her is that she worked at Knob Hill Farms. And Hills use another white tower. I also know that she was on the porch with me, which recalls that Pellicans, who use another white and giant tower, were linked to Arthurs of PORTIShead (at Clapton). Portis' are listed with Porch's, you see. If we say that the porch was a deck, then we can add that Decks were first found in Worcestershire with Hills.

The way I know that Pellicans link to Arthurs of Clapton in particular is that the latter are online having married Tewkesburys, and the latter use a giant castle in the colors of the giant tower of Pellicans that are in the Arthur pelican. Moreover, pelicans are used my Mede's/Meads, who likewise are online having married Arthurs of Clapton. The Mede's/Meads are sharing the martlets of Josephs, first found in Maine with Pellicans. As Tewkesburys/Tucksburys look like Touques-river liners, by what coincidence is Gace at the Touques river while Gace's are listed with Wassers? God showed with an event at five years of age that Arthurs of Clapton were amongst king-Pinnes liners of the Ardiaei at the Neretva/Naro river. Narbonne's/Denardo's are Neretva liners, right? Maschi's, who share the Denardo lion, use PINE cones as part code for Pinnes liners. While French Bonne's were first found in the Narbonne area, English Bonne's have eagle's colors reversed from the same of Diss/Dice's, the latter first found in Suffolk with the Davers, from the Daversi-branch Daorsi likewise on the Neretva.

Tucksbury-like Tokers/Tuckers use four-and-four wavy bars in the colors of the three wavy fesses of Drummonds. The Toker/Tucker seahorses are part code for Sea's who share the three, wavy Drummond fesses. The Sea's share the salmon with the McCabe's suspect with a version of the Wasserman Coat. I showed why Masci's were integral with Laish liners, and here I can add that Maschi's (with an 'h') were first found at Rimini, suspect with the Rimmon location of Judge's 600 Benjamites. For a decent trace of Michaels to mythical king Oeneus in Aetolia, the Astikas' of Vilnius can be connected to Sticks and traced to modern Astakos in what was once Aetolia. It just so happens that one Michael Coat is a gold-scallop version of the STICKland/Stirkland Coat while the three Michael scallops are in both colors and the format of Sticks. Therefore, this Michael surname, at least, is tracing to tribes that named themselves after Micah. And the other Michaels look connectable to Masci-line Meschins! Bingo.

The NORTHs share the white tower with Denardos/DeNORDI's, and Norths are suspect from the Neretva river, near the Ragusa home of Saraca's whose fish is suspect in the Fish Coat. Ragusa was once, Laus/Lausa," a Laish suspect. The mythical Nereids, whom can be deciphered with "Neretva," were fish so that the Saraca's took their fish symbol from that entity. As Saraca's lived previously at KOTOR, I traced that fish entity to mythical KODRos (king of Athens) because he had a fish symbol. Kodros' son, Medon, was from Medan, the son of the Biblical KETURah. The Cutters linked with Cutts/Cute's (version of one Binney Coat), in the last update, with Benjamite-suspect Binneys / Bennys / Binns. Are Mede's/Meads from a Medan > Medon line?

I discovered that the fleur-de-LYS (from "Laus") was created from the white-on-blue Saraca fish, making the white-on-blue fleur-de-lys suspect as the first one ever. Mika's/Micah's happen to use it.

God had pointed to the Morleys/Mauls and Malls/Marlybone's in the dream where Miss Peare was on a platform/stage in a mall. To further support that God was in that dream, or that God is pointing to Aetolia elements, Sticklands use a motto, "Sans MAL," and were first found in WestMORLAND with Morlands, a branch of Morleys. If you go to Wikipedia's Traby article, you will find that Traby of Poland married Astikas' of Vilnius, who were from RADZiwills (Rads use the Roten / Reitman star on blue). Check all the surnames using the Traby Arms, for it includes the Brzezinski's, and one famous one in Democrat circles is Mika. She is the daughter of the political globalist, Zbigniew Brzezinski. "[Mika] was formerly a CBS News correspondent, and was their principal 'Ground Zero' reporter during the morning of the September 11, 2001 attacks." Uh-oh.

Mika has become engaged to Joe Scarborough while I sold shoes at Scarborough Town Center. The Shoe's use a "knight ISSuing [suspect with Issa = Vis] from the KNEES," and if you read my story of Miss Hicks beautiful knees, as they relate to Leaks, you may also know that this Knee-Leak theme is now suspect (as of the last update) with William Binney, the anti-NSA leaker. The beautiful-knee event was on the evening of September 11, 2002, immediately after our church held a 9-11 memorial. Read on for a small thrill, but let's add that Mika's "mother, of Czech descent, is a grandniece of Czechoslovakia's former president Edvard BENES."

As SCARBorough's were first found in Yorkshire with SCARFS, by what coincidence do Trabys/Sadowski's use a scarf? Scarboroughs use a Saraca-suspect "Saracen's head on the tip of a lance."

I had found that the Sandowski variation of Sadowski's had a family related to Gastons, and the latter were first found in Surrey with Michaels and with Scherf-related Share's/Shere's. Surreys come up as Saraca-like Sarks. Gastons share gold scallops with Michaels, no guff, and Michaels use them on both colors of the garbs of Astikas-suspect Sticks. French Gastons share the Chief-Shield colors of Vilnius-suspect Vilains. We can't argue with the facts.

Miss Hicks was also Mrs. Kilpatrick my marriage. The Knee-suspect Knights have a term in their write-up suspect with the Nith river, location of Kilpatrick castle. God gave me an event at 12 years of age where I floated a puck over the KNEE PAD of Jim McGEE, and McGee's were first found in Dumfries with pad-like Kilpatricks, a branch of Patchie's. The Kilpatricks/Shera's love the Sure's, who were first found in MICKLEover, no guff. MickleOVER can be suspect with HOVERs/HOFFERs, which recalls that the Hicks dream, which started at a pool having a SHARK, had her HOVERing over the seats of a car. Mika was married (until 2016, the year of the dossier) to James HOFFER, can we believe this!? What could this mean?

The Overs were first found in Cheshire, where Maccus of man sat down with Saxons. Later, Meschins / Masseys / Maceys / Macclesfields appeared in Cheshire. It could seem that Mickleover was a Maccus liner. She hovered OVER the seats. The Seats may therefore be of the Setantii Brigantians who lived at first between Louth of Ireland and Lancaster of England. I take Seats/Cedes' from the "cede" motto term of Steers, first found in Surrey with Michaels. Maccus grandfather (Sitric) was the king of Dublin, near Louth. Dublin is the origin of barons Massy of Ireland.

If that's not enough, Mickleover is suspect with Mickle's, who share the spur (but call them spur rowells) with Knights and Closeburn-related Close's/Clovse's. Kilpatrick castle is at CloseBURN. The Burns and Trabys (and Patch's) share the black hunting horn with Mickle's! Things are clicking, and Cue's use what looks like the Macclesfield lion...while Coys share the pheons of Mickle-like Nickle's, in case they were branches. Mickle's share the motto of Elis-like Alis', perfect. The Alis bear (shared by Mackays) is suspect with the Burn-likely Bernicians (Berwicks of Bernicia use the bear). English Shaws share "vincit" with Mickle's.

The muzzled bear of Alis' (motto reversed from Keith motto) is for the Masci-line Mussels/Muscels at Musselburgh, the Scottish area of the Mascals/Keiths. Michaels (mascles, Mussel / Meschin / Ladon fesse) are said to be from an InnerKETHin location (Scotland). Looking good for that Masci-Laish-Micah merger that I see from ancient times.

There is also the Mickie surname (shares dagger with Mackays and Kilpatricks) I'm not very familiar with. It's said to be from Michael MacDonald, and even uses the red Spock/Speck/Spick eagle as an alternative to the Ferte / MacDonald eagle. Overs use a Ferte-like fret, and I see Ferte's from Ferte-Mace. I had suggested that Spocks/Spicks were from "Syphax" along with Mr. Kepke and the Keppocks, and here I find the Mickie's said to be from MacDonalds of Keppoch. Excellent. Mickie's even use the McCabe/MacAbee salmon.

It appears, therefore, that Micah liners were to king Maccus and their several branches, and may finally makes sense of the difference between Masseys and Mackay liners, related from long ago but not from identical sources prior to Micah. Or, Mackays may have been Masseys while Mickie's / Mickle's were Micah liners. Hard to say.

The place where historians place the Budini were not far from the Rimna area of Moldova. They don't tell us where else the Budini lived. Herodotus said that Budini had blonde hair, though some historians interpret his term as red hair. Budini-like Boyds are said to be named after blond hair, and I taken this as confirmation that the family, in old times, knew themselves to be from Budini. Boyds use a version of the Stewart Coat and therefore trace with the Dol Alans to the RoxoLANi Alans, who were on and around the Busau river, smack at the Rimna area. On my atlas, the Rimna is to the west side of the Siret, and north of the Busau, outside of modern Moldova in Romania.

The point is, the Michaels are said to be Irish MacGille's too, and Steve McGill, who had red hair, played road hockey with Jim McGee and I, along with Greg Fisher. Fish's are Fishers too. The McGill motto, "In Domino confido," and the Boyd motto is, "Confido." Coincidence? The Gille's (without "Mc") use "domine." English Fishers (McGill colors) use "finem," and McGills use "Sine FINE" while Gullys/Gollys share "sine." The latter are said to have had a Golie variation, and Jim McGee was the goalie in the final match.

McGee, Fisher and I became friends. God may have named Greg's first name, especially if heraldic storks were invented by the Ceraunii line that invented the crane for itself. The Ceraunii (Urbanus river) lived near the Ragusa SARACa's, and while SHARKs use a black crane with trefoil, Greggs use a black stork with trefoil. Stork-using Store's share a black-on-white pale bar with Fisks. STIRKlands/Sticklands had become suspect with a Michael Coat. Greggs are in the colors of Saraca-suspect Carricks, the latter said to descend from Gregg-like Craigs. God named Greg's first name, didn't He, to make a Fisher link to Saraca's.

The Greggs are the closest thing I've seen, along with Cotys', with the three Levi chevrons, and the Boets/Bute's/Butts, smacking of Budini, who share a fish on a fesse with the Arms of Saraca, are suspect from the House of BOET(h)us to which the Sadducees proper of Israel belonged. "Sadducee" could have crept up as a variation of "Cotesii, a peoples on the Busau. The Craig-branch Craigie's are said to have named a village in Linlithgow, where Tenants were first found who share the McGee boar head. Tenants and Towne's bring us back to Tonbridge's (see last update), who share the SARACen crescents. It appears that God chose my childhood friends for to make these points.

Both Towne surnames use the same chevron, and the Suffolk Towne's look like a merger with Diss'/Dice's, potential Ticino liners.

I was asking whether God named Jim (James) McGee for an heraldic reason, but I didn't have anything to say, until finding the three James lions with Chocks. The latter were looked up because David, the previous boyfriend of my girlfriend, my TENANT, came by one night and left CHOCKolate on the door knob of my side door, which was the tenant's entry. Tenant's use a Davit-like "Dabit" motto term. It turns out that James' were first found in Surrey with Michaels, and Mika married JAMES Hoffer. It's excellent that James' use the motto, "Victor," for what you are reading here is being inserted after the below was written on the "Victoria" motto term of Hoffer-like Coffers. The Coffers enter my story in relation with God setting me up with Miss Hicks, the one HOVERing in a car. Is God pointing to the Brzezinski family? The father is a rabid anti-Russian seemingly bent on the destruction of Russia, and such a movement continues under the Trump CIA.

James' use the ostrich while the Arms of Traby and Brzezinski use five ostrich feathers in Crest. The Beaks use the ostrich too while the Gregg trefoil is in the beak of a stork.

English Gastons (share checkered Shield with Warrens and Wards) use a Coat version of the Fish-suspect Fisks, and the latter's "ad" motto term is suspect with Ada of Warenne/Varenne, and we saw the Fish motto with the Warren-branch Wahrs. Fish (chevron colors reversed from Teague/Teeger chevron) use the tiger, suspect with Teague's/Teegers/CAIGE's, and French Gastons use a CAGE. God showed me that my homemade squirrel CAGE was related to a RAT TRAP that caught 16 squirrels the year after the cage caught three. The 17th squirrel apparently died in the attic for lack of food and water, for it couldn't get out after I plugged the entry way. The rat trap was code for the Traby-Radziwill marriage, and I assumed it's also code for God's catching the Democrat rats in his trap. Robert Mueller had 16 lawyers, and then hired a 17th, which, according to Tom Fitton, was the number of lawyers as per this past December. I wonder who his 17th lawyer was. The Arms of Traby is suspect (by me) with a beloved and openly-advertised 666 code.

Muellers share the wheel with Carters while Zbigniew Brzezinski worked at first as the national security chief of president Jimmy (JAMES) Carter. Carters can easily be Carian liners along with Corners/Garners. Garners recall Karens/Gerns, and Karen Whelan, suspect as a 666 code. This is interesting where Whelans share the Brick Coat while Bricks use the lozenges of Brix's/BRESts in colors reversed, in case BRZezinski was a Brest liner. Two squirrels, which I think was the same, 17th squirrel, which I named "satan," bounced off my chest = BREAST twice in the same summer/fall. How many times has a squirrel bounced off your chest in an entire lifetime?

Recall that Karen Whelan lived at the corner of my Reesor street, where God struck the chimney and scattered BRICKS on the ROOF. The Roofs not only share the three ravens of Reesor-Branch Rice's, and Susan Rice was not only Obama's national security chief, but Roofs use a version of the Shark Coat. And one of Obama's foreign-policy advisors was Zbigniew Brzezinski...which may suggest that he chose Susan Rice for Obama. The "expecTATA" motto term of Sharks is expected with Tate's (more ravens). Tattons share a white and seated greyhound with Carters. As Jimmy Carter was the one who loved Palestinians, Brzezinski may be suspect as the anti-Israeli pushing for a Palestinian state, the task of Obama. I see lightning strikes, whirlwinds, huge hailstones, and noises from Heaven. Carter us a white "shield" in Crest. Karens/Gerns share the sleeping moon with Roets, and while Catherine Roet owned the Catherine wheel, that's the giant symbol of Muellers.

If I recall correctly, satan was the 8th squirrel caught in the rat trap. It escaped, unlike no other squirrel. I was taking it to the brook a good distance from my home, and I let it out of the bucket (in the van) just before arriving. I didn't think there was any harm, as I would open the van's side door, and out it would zing, right? Nope. It ran up the heater duct, and would not come out. I drove it back home, and found it dead in the pocket of my shorts. If this was a SIGN, then Shorts and/or Pockets would seem to be a heavy-duty, anti-Christ-related entity, unless God is only using the event for heraldic purposes.

I do not recall ever thinking that the bucket may have been code for Buckets, first found in Lincolnshire with Bucket-like Pockets/Pouchers and Boucher's!!! Buckets are Bockets/Buchards too. Amazing. The bucket was a typical one used for a five gallon pail of paint. As there is the heraldic "water bouget," defined as a water container so as to look like code for Bucket liners, I would suggest that the lake or ocean I was coming out of is to be viewed as code for Waters. Recall the man in water in the Wasserman Coat, for Debbie's can be sharing the Pocket cinquefoil closely. Debbie's were first found in the same place as cinquefoil-liner Potters, along with their apparent branch, Porters/Pawters, suggesting the Portis' listed with Porchers, in-turn suspect with the Poucher variation of Pockets because Portis'/Porchers use the giant Pocket cinquefoil in colors reversed.

The Heaters were just checked to find it using three bulls heads, same as Whelan-suspect Walerans, first found in Devon with Heaters (Short colors). Hatters/Hettericks can be using a version of the Boet/Bute/Butt Coat (suspect with Arms of Saraca) while Shorts share the estoile of Bute's/Butts. This line is suspect from Butua, beside the Kotor location of Saraca's.

This now seems connectable to the start of the Hick dream, where there was a shark in a pool along with a BULLdog. The Dog's/Doags use the cinquefoil of Pockets in colors reversed. Immediately after I dove into the pool to save the bulldog from the shark, I was coming out of a lake or ocean with jeans on but no Shirt. The latter are a possible branch of Shorts, first found in the same place as Poole. I saw a blond (Budini symbol?) in front of the HOOD of her car, and Irish Carrs use estoiles half in the colors of the Short estoiles while Hoods were first found in Devon (beside Shorts) with bull-using Heaters and Walerans. The James' share the lion of Poole's (Dorset), and have a motto suspect with the motto of Doag-like Douglas'. After seeing a close-up of her beautiful face, I was standing at the DOOR of her car, perhaps code for Dorset.

In the dream, upon seeing her face, I remarked, "She's beautiful," and Beautys (Dorset again) happen to use three bulls in the colors of the Waleran bull heads. You decide. Was God speaking to us in code? What for?

Was I wearing jeans? Jeans/J'Ane's use the James / Pool lion in colors reversed, and James' use a "j'aime" motto term. French Jeans use two lions facing one another ("comBATTANT") in the same colors as the same of Carters, and the latter have a white lion, the colors of the James / Pool lion, in Crest. Battants were first found in neighboring Somerset with Bulls. Dogs/Doags are also Docks while English Docks, said to be from Doxey POOL, share the Jean/J'Anes lion. The Dock lion is giant, and colors reversed from the giant one of Pools. It appears that the bulldog in the pool was for this Dock entity while merged with Bulls. The thistle of Dogs/Doags/Docks makes them suspect with Ticino liners such as Decks/Daggers / Tecks/Tess' (all three in the same colors).

The Arms of Vilnius is related to the SIRE Coat, a branch of Squire's/Square's/Squirrels in-turn suspect with Share's/Shere's / Schere's/Scherfs. The Fish entered this discussion with the fish of Wassermans, whose Coat not only looks like a version of the McCabe Coat, but shares a man walking in water with the Arms of Vilnius. The WASSERman water makes Waters / Vatts/Watters' / Waters' / Watters'/Walters suspect as a Wasser/Wassa branch.

When I shot the puck over the knee PAD of Jim McGee, it was the final game (for the trophy) in organized hockey, I was 12 years old. It was a year after the lightning event. The puck had been passed to me by Steve Tarr, who was in the CORNER, at the BOARDs. He was wearing SKATES. I've told of this pass from the corner about ten times over the years, but can now repeat that the Obama dream had an important CORNER pocket, and then had Obama in his SUIT on his SKATEBOARD while Boards use a version of the Sewer/Suit Coat which was the object of the corner pocket, for I shot Lisa Page, as the cue ball, into the pocket without hitting any balls on the table, which is a sewer shot. So, it appears that the Tarr pass from the corner applies to some aspects on Obama's table.

We were in the finals thanks to an act of God. Steve Tarr was traded to our team late in the year; he was the league's best player by far. He and I had a two-on-one break with two minutes to go in the game, the score tied at 2-2. Instead of passing to me, He opted to take a slap shot from inside the blue line. The puck bounced off the goal, and came to a stop on the goal line with me coming straight for it. The net was empty, the goalie sprawled on the ice way out of the net, and the lone defenseman had been occupied on the other side of the rink with Tarr. I was alone in glory. All I had to do was poke the puck in. But the event was so thrilling or nerve-wracking (at my age, my first year of organized hockey), that my KNEES gave out. I slid in a poked the puck in, which sent us to the finals. I backhanded the puck over McGee's knee as the first goal in the final game. Back-to-back goals, that is, both involving Tarr and the knee. We won the trophy.

This event with Steve Tarr at the corner BOARDs recalls that I bought little Andrea two gifts, a gameBOARD, and a book on TARZan, suspect with the Tarrs variation of Tarrs. Recall the white-on-blue fleur-de-lys, symbol of Mika's/Micks (Poland), for Corners use it too. The Garner variation of Corners got suspect with Karens/Gerns, who share the sleeping moon with German Roets while the Somerset Roets use the book. You see, there is consistency in God's workings. Watch how this goes to the corner pocket. I POKED the PUCK in with my STICK. I have told this about a dozen times. I slid in on my knees and poked it with the tip of the stick. Poke's are listed with Polish-suspect Pollocks (could use the Traby horn in someone else's colors) and suspect with Pockets/Pouchers. You see, consistency. The hockey event is linking to Obama-dream items.

Side's and Sutys are a branch of Sittens traceable to Sitlers/Schitners of Silesia (Poland), where Mika's/Micks (and Wassermans) were first found. It's hard to say whether the Side's, suspect in the Shoe/SCHUCK description, were an Astikas branch. The SITHECH root of Shaws looks applicable at "Astikas", and "Schuck" is like the Skeoch variation of Schit-like Skits, first found in Ayrshire with the Kyle's that use candleSTICKs. Skits/Skeochs use the Skate Coat. Tarrs were first found in Somerset with Sticks.

Caens use five ostrich feathers in Crest with the Arms of Traby because they trace to the Ceno river, near the Trebia. The Ceno is a tributary of the Taro, suspect with Steve Tarr. He was in the corner when passing the puck to me for the McGee goal. The CORNers (Mika/Mick fleur) share the aCORN with Storks, the latter suspect with the Stur river that begins in Somerset, and flows to Seaton in Devon i.e. while Seatons are Sittens too, who were first found in the same place as Scoots/Scougalls. The latter use a black horn, and an "ORNant" motto term, while Caen is in Orne. The "writing PEN" in the Scoot Crest suggests that the two courant greyhounds in the Scott Shield are those of Pennys/Penes'.

I am impressed with Miss Hicks hovering in a car and linking so well to Mika's previous husband. Whoever he has been, it recalls the night after I drove past the Houston area that Miss Hicks had lived in months before. It was the day of the omen in the sun, the night I had a terrifying experience with mugger in Galveston. The morning after, I stopped off for a coffee and newspaper in Victoria, changing my mind about getting property in Mexico, for fear of getting mugged there. The newspaper was purchased to get at some classified ads for to see how much Texas properties went for. It was great. I ended up purchasing 10 minutes from the hew home of Miss Hicks. I had noted and reported that the Coffee/Coffer surname, a possibly branch of Hoffers, uses a Victoria motto term, and found further evidence that God was setting up my experiences for to make surname connections, to prove to readers that He was guiding me.

On the night that I stopped in Victoria, I slept in a motel in Crystal City, not knowing that Miss Hicks attended church there. There were cockroach noises behind the wallpaper all night long, and in the morning, the truck developed black smoke from the tailpipe. More than 20 yeas later, I discovered that Papers were Papperwalls (as if God arranged the roaches behind the wallpaper), and that Smokes were listed with Roach-like Rauch's, said to have included an old Roeuchli variation. I know a Sign when it stares me in the face. Mr. Roeuchli is said to be from Zurich, and that place is like the Surrich variation of Surreys/Sarks i.e. where Mika-suspect Michaels were first found. The night in Galveston, the smoke, and the new prospect of purchasing in Texas, caused me to return home, to cancel the trip (for scouting land in Mexico). It all felt like the right thing to do.

I know it sounds crazy, but I seriously believe that the Benjamites of Rimmon were the namers and founders of Rome. Rome was founded by mythical Romulus, and there is a location by that name in the area of the JAPODes, who formed the chief Roman god, Jupiter. This was from the 400 wives from JABESH of the 600 Benjamites of Rimmon. And the Oeneus/Una river next to the Japodes was both mythical Juno and Ina, the chief Roman and Etruscan goddesses respectively. So, we can trace Benjamites, or at least their kin, to the mythical Oeneus elements at Calydon, Pisa and Methoni. Calydon was in AETOLIA, and a mythical queen of Calydon was ATALanta, code for ATTALeia, the alternative name of Antalya in Pisa-based Pisidia. Laish is suspect in the Lasonii tribe of Pisidians.

Repeat from the last update: "Claytons are in the GREYstoke write-up while Greystocks (in the Tatton greyhound?) are in the write-up of Horse's (Bend fesse?) while Binneys use the horse. I'll elaborate on this later." The Binns use a MORTar suspect with the Morton / Murena/Moratin Marano/Mauritano line to that definitely goes back to Terentia Murena. It's probably not a coincidence that Marano is a location in Methoni-like Modena, for I read that Methoni, mythically the daughter of Oeneus of Calydon, was also, Modon.

Modens must be in the "quomodo" motto term of Elias'. Benjamins use annulets, or rings, the Olympic symbol today, and the original Olympics were held at Elis. Elis' and Elias' share the Mott crescent, which can be expected with the moon goddess loved by Endymion, king of Elis.

The point is Plato's western Atlantis. Its king was made Pisidia-depicting Poseidon, and his chief/first son was made Atlas, the known symbol of Atlantis. So, ATLas was a symbol of Attaleia of the Pisidians, pure and simple. I'm apparently the only one who has figured this out, because I have an edge, called God, over most myth "experts." Plato called Poseidon's wife, Cleito. What entity does that look like? CALYDon, right? Yes, but the latter looks like CLAYTON, and I've been insisting for years that Greys are from the mythical Graeae Amazons in north Africa, where the myth writers trace Myrina, an Amazon goddess from the naming of Myrina on Lemnos, who smacks of "Murena." And the Clayton kin of GreySTOCKS were at Stoke-on-Trent while Trents were from Terentia's family.

Yes, and while Hagels and Eagle's definitely trace to the ACHELoos river in Calydon, Trents and Tarents use eagles, as do the Binney kin of MontaCute's, while Cute's/Cutts use a greyhound. It';s now interesting that Amazons originated at the Thermodon river, where I trace "Drummond," for Greystocks share the fesses with Drummonds in the same colors. And the KHALDi peoples lived at the area of the Thermodon whom I see equal with CALYDon. The Micah-suspect Mika's/Micks share three white fesses with Drummonds and Greystocks, though on a red Shield. The first Greystoke known was Ralph, and I trace Ralphs to Rephaites, who had a branch smack at the Jabesh area of the Jordan. This Ralph character is said to descend from Ralph Fitzwilliam, and, until now, I have never checked the Fitzwilliams, who share the Grimaldi / Fabian / Bag / Cock Shield.

It looks Laish-important that Fitzwilliams were first found in Buckinghamshire with, not only Cheneys, but with Simpsons, the ones from the Enotrians/OENOtrians at Laus of southern Italy.

Ralph is a name beloved of the Rollo vikings. Rollo's line included William the Conqueror, whose mother (daughter of "the tanner") I trace to the Tanaro river in Cheney-suspect Cuneo. It makes Fitzwilliams suspect from the name of the Conqueror. As Langhe is on the Tanaro, look at this: Alard Fitzwilliam, the first of this name, married the daughter of Emma LANGEtot, and she descended from Cheyneys and Crispins, the latter's Bec (Bag kin?) elements having been related to TOOThill, which may be in the LangeTOT term as well as in the Hamon motto, for Hamons use the Cone / Conte antlers because Hamon de Masci was related to the line of Emma de Conteville, whose father married the mother of the Conqueror. Emma birthed both Hugh LUPUS and the mother of the first Meschin, and so we have got to look at the black wolf heads of Alards, as per Alard Fitzwilliam, for these are the wolf heads of Quade's, the line from Quadratilla, wife of LUPUS Laevillus, from the Laevi on the Ticino. And while the Ticino is suspect to Tease's/Tye's, the latter share a good reflection of the fesse-with-stars of Alards.

The Hamon motto is excellent as per my Masci-Micah dream (explained in the last update) because it has "rimini" buried in "discrimini." It looks like part-code for eagle-using Diss'/Dice's (Ticino liner?) and Crimmons/Rimmons, yet it gives hint of the Maschi's, first found in Rimmon-suspect Rimini. Again, the Hamons share the Cone / Conte ANTLers, code for ANTALya liners suspect at Les Andelys, home of the Tosni's. Compare the latter term with the Tosini's (first found in Pisa!), for the write-up of the Norfolk Tute's (said to be from Les Andelys) implies that the Conqueror descends from "Todini."

The Maschi pine CONE's are clearly for the Cone's, and German Tanners share pine cones. But these Pine cones are also for the child-king, Pinnes of the ARDiaei, which explains the RisdeARD variation of the Norfolk Tute's, for Pinnes' regent was queen Teuta of the Ardiaei. Or. RisDEARD" is of the Dard variation of the Darts, from the Dardanians that the Ardiaei married (see Monunius II). Darts/Dards share a canton / square with the Yorkshire Tute's/Touts. "RISdeard" looks like a Reesor/Reason / Rice entity, from the Rhizon area of the Ardiaei, but then Rize was a location at the Thermodon theater smack at/beside ARDahan. The Reesors/Reasons share the vaired crosslet of Ferrands (same place as Tute's/Tute's) who in turn share a version of the Taddei Chief. Tattons share the crescent of the Yorkshire Tute's/Toots. Connections everywhere. Rollo's use a "tout" motto term.

Since coming across the Connington location in the last update, Connings / Coneys / Cone's suddenly look like an Oen term fronted with a 'C', for Connings share the June fleur, and the Una version of the Oeneus river was the makings of mythical Juno, wife of Jupiter, himself a symbol of the Japodes on the neighboring Colapis. And the Connings/Conans use the cross of Sinclairs that could be also in the Elis and Elias Coats. Sinclairs were at Roslin, beside the Seatons/Sittens suspect from Sidonians of Laish. Therefore, Cuneo may have been named by an Oeneus liner from Laish, which can explain why Laevi were nearby on the Ticino, and why Levi's may be using the Codys/Cotys/ARCHdeacon chevrons but in the colors of Elis' / Elias'. The ARC river is the location of Oeneus-liner Modane, and it's near the Cottian capital while Cotys-like Cottons were at CONNINGton. The Coney / Conn fesse is colors reversed from the Levi chevrons, and the Coney / Conn rabbits may have developed from "rabbi."

Cody is a son of Miss Hicks while Coney liners can be from "Khyan," a HYKSos king. Cody and his father appear in a Baytown-Sun article with Spuds MacKENZie (mascot), and Kenzie's are a branch of Khyan- / Janassi-possible Kenneths (nearly share a Hicks motto term). Khyan's son was Jonathan-like Janassi/Yanassi. As Jonathan of Laish was probably of the Levite sector that made the golden calf in the Exodus wilderness, and as I say that Khyan was the Exodus pharaoh (there is evidence for this, just fix the dating system of Egyptologists), it's possible that Jonathan was related to Khyan my marriage, for this pharaoh acted as Moses' father. The Moses Coat share the calvary symbol with Crystals ("Mens CONScia"). In short, Cuneo could have been a Hyksos line through Jonathan's family. I had traced the Fire's/Firs to Cuneo, and Crystals use the fir tree. I see Moses' from Moesians, but they may have been named by the same Mus household that I see Moses named after. He was not named by his mother, but by pharaoh's daughter.

It was interesting to cross mythical THYestes in the last update, the son of Pelops, Lydian king of Pisa. It reminded me that while Pelops' grandson, MeneLAUS, was a Maeonian line in merger with Laish liners at Las (I've seen it spelled "Laas"), God had given us a THIGH symbol for Mamie, and the latter was found to be code for Mame's/Meme's/Mens, first found in the Roslin area. The Claro's at Roslin were from Clarus, not far from the lower Maeander river (home of Maeonians), and smack at the home of the Elis-related moon goddess. Maeander-suspect Manders use a "Laus" motto term, you see, and Mens' are said to be a branch of Manners. So, it appears that Ticino-suspect Tease's/THYs were from Thyestes (the Ticino was also the THYEStes-like Tessin). MENElaus was code for the Mani peninsula, location of Las, but this peninsula was the out-to-sea extension of the TAYgeti mountains; that explains "THYestes," apparently. Why did Maeander-like Maenads (mythical Amazons / Muses) have a pine-cone symbol?

The Maschi pine CONEs suddenly become an Oeneus suspect, especially as Masci's were first found in Cuneo or nearby. The conclusion is that king Pinnes was a Panias liner to the Peneus river of Elis (Panias was about two miles from Laish). This is to the line of Pendragons, whose motto is suspect with dolphin-using Tippers (same place as Pendragons). The ancient dolphin was a symbol of Daphne in the Ladon. This recalls that urine-depicted Uranus had a set of offspring that can be traced to Elis.

As Fitzwilliams use the GRIMaldi Coat while having had their seat at the titles if CRISpins (branch of GRAZio's), Crispins may have been named from the Gris variation of Griims. Perhaps CrisPINs were a Gris merger with Pinnes / Pino / Pine liners. The Pino / Pine crescents can be expected from the Carian / Elesian moon goddess, because she was at Clarus while it's known that Crispins were Clare's. Here's an online quote: "According to [Mr. Grimaldi], Crispinus, Baron of Bec, was the son of Crispina, daughter of Rollo [a Claro], by Grimaldus, Prince of Monaco." In other words, Rollo's daughter mated with the Grimaldi's. Bec should explain why Bags share the Grimaldi Coat.

I was with Debbie on my PORCH, and, at age five, I accidentally urinated on Pino while standing on the porch's railing. As crazy as it sounds, I actually believe that God arranged that pee on Pino to discover the mythical urination liners, Uranus and Orion, and what they apply to. Porch's share the eight Crispin bars, and while Debbie's share the dog in the William Crest, the thin bends of Debbie's are shared (different colors) by Twitch's. The latter's Chief happens to use the TOTTen dancette, revealing that Twitch's were a branch of Tute's/Tuits. While Debbie's are also Dibbens, there is a Scottish Dibben Coat (Moray, beside the Perthshire Rollo's and Drummonds) using the Chief-Shield colors of Tanners in colors reversed.

I didn't know until days after writing the above that Pina's/PinARDs (just cups) were first found in Maine with the Pellicans and Josephs that I both trace to Portishead, suspect with Portis'/PORCH's. The giant Gris/Griim star is in the colors of the giant cinquefoil of Pockets/Pouchers. That makes the three fesses on the Portis/Porch lion suspect as the same of English Grimms/Grime's. German Grimms use the sun while Suns are listed with Claro-line Sinclairs. It's making great sense of CrisPINs, first found in Lorraine, but also why God chose for me to ask Lorraine out at a BUS stop, for Bus' share the giant Portis/Porch cinquefoil. Lorraine's share the green lion with Tows/Touch's and Tysons/Tessons, and I met THY/Tease-liner Mamie on my last night with Lorraine.

I gave Lorraine up because, on that last night, she was out for a walk with a married man, and came home (I was there) with a GRASS stain on the thigh area of her white pants (a little on the side of, and below, her butt). Crispins share the pomegranate with GRAZio's.

It now appears that God placed Debbie on my porch for more reason that pointing to Debbie Wasserman. It now appears that God wants to link Debbie's to the Conqueror's Tute / Tosini elements. It's known that Tosni's descend from Malahule (Rollo's uncle), as do Meschins of the BESSIN, and Wassermans are also BASSermans, which may indicate a merger with Bessin liners, from Quadratilla Bassus. The Bessin is at the urine-line Orne river, and Orne's share the heron with Smiths who-in-turn share the fleur of Perkins, from Perga, smack beside Antalya. It appears that Pisidians were all over Normandy. Mosca's/Muscas', in the motto of Drake's (same place as Debbie's), were first found in Pisa.

The Yorkshire Tute's/Touts look like they share a version of the Wasser/Gace crescent, and Gace is over by Les Andelys along with Laish-possible Lisieux. Lise's were first found in Hampshire with Debbie's, and I'm now thinking that Debbie/DIBBEN elements were from "Daphne." IN FACT, I peed on Pino's head on the porch of Mr. TAFF!!! Apollo was the chief of the all-female Muses, the line to my Masci bloodline, and while Apollo wanted Daphne in the Ladon river, she ran away from him. I asked Debbie out but she rejected the offer. Dolphin-using Tippers come to mind with Dibbens, as well as the Tipps'/Tippins.

Tippers share the fesse of Cups/Cope's, from Colp and therefore from the COLAPis/KUPa river of Japodes. Cups are the sole symbol showing for Pina's/Pinards, suspect from a Panias line to the Peneus. The latter river is so close to the Ladon that Daphne was given both the father of Peneus and Ladon. King David chose a priesthood at Nob, and I asked Debbie out at KNOB Hill Farms. Nob was about three miles north of Jerusalem and therefore on the border area of Benjamites...who I trace to the Colapis with the 400 wives of JABESH. David conquered JEBUSites at Jerusalem. The 600 Benjamites were at Rimmon, suspect with pine-cone Maschi's at Rimini. Cope-branch Copps share the Masci fleur, and NOBels (same place roughly as Copeland) use a lion colors reversed from the Maschi lion. Copelands (compare with Wassers and Washingtons) use a Benjamin-suspect "Benigno" motto term.

Lise's use a version of the LIZart Coat, and Irish Dene's use what looks like the heraldic lizard, though it's called a "crocodile statant." The DepeDENE location of Debbie's looks like Dibbens liners merged with Deins/Deans/Dene's, first found in Sussex with Diens/DIVES' (share the wing with Irish Dene's), a Daphne-line suspect from Devon, the latter founded by a the Dumnonii, suspect with the LaceDAEMONian Spartans i.e. beside the Ladon river. "LACEdaemonian" can be a Laish line. The Ladons/Ladds were first found beside Devon, in Somerset, likewise founded by Dumnonii (proto-MacDonalds). The Dene's with the crocodile share the double fesses of Washingtons, who were from the Wassers/Wassa'a/Gace's.

Debbie appeared at the party along with Mike Denardo, and Denardo's/NarBONNE's can be of the Bone's (Bonne branch), first found in Sussex with Deins/Dene's. Perfect. French Bone's (Alard stars?) use the DAUPHINE dolphin, we may assume, because these Bone's were first found in Provence. Debbie's now look like Dauphine liners.

At this point, as per Debbie Wasserman Schultz, we can mention the Hykes'/Hacks of Devon (Meschin scallops), who share a version of the Schultz Coat while Scottish Hykes'/Hake's share the fish with Wassermans. Ranulph le Meschin ruled Chester, previously called, Diva, and Diens/Dives' use the white Masci wing. This recalls that Diens/Dives' share the upside-down white wing with Geneva's (Dein/Dene lion), and Miss Hicks' daughter is Geneva. The latter became suspect as code for the child-porn / child-trafficking industry, and Debbie Wasserman is expected to have winked with John Podesta in the Seth-Rich murder. The Podesta brothers are central to this pizzagate (child-porn) scandal, and John Podesta is shown online wearing white-rabbit suits while God gave me a sign concerning white-rabbit liners at Bra and Langhe, where I'm now tracing Fitzwilliams (expected with Taddei's in some way as per Godfrey III's Tuscany elements).

Debbie's share the dog in the William Crest, and Williams share the gyronny of Hoppers (same place as Conte's/COMITissa's) who in-turn share the Hill tower. I picked up a sleeping bag on a hill in a dream that God gave for to finger the Clinton crime ring. Fitzwilliams share the Bag / Grimaldi Coat, and, while Debbie was at my party, Mrs. Grimaldi showed up. Her son is Dien-like DINO, and Dino's were kin of Taddei's. I have seen Geneva online with a Daddy surname, and Grimaldi's were heavy in Genova...and Monaco, suspect with Monks of Devon. Debbie's are suspect with the Pocket cinquefoil, and Pockets were a Portis'/Poucher branch while Godfreys share the Mede/Mead pelicans while Mede's/Meads (can't recall which) married Arthurs of Clapton = Portishead.

I urinated on Pino's HEAD from a PORCH railing, likely code for PortisHEAD (hard to believe, I know). The Portis/Porcher cinquefoil is white, as are the Pine cinquefoils. As I've said many times. I had to take a leak while playing on the railing. As soon as it started to fall, Pino, the next-neighbor of my age, came walking around the CORNER of the porch, and got it on the head. The corner pocket seems applicable, and that's where all the Democrat sewage can be found. This event looks like code for golden showers of faggots and child molesters. Wikipedia says that Uranus was named after urination, as in rain from the sky. Uranus' grandson, Zeus, was portrayed as a golden shower when birthing Danaans from mythical Danae. It's the Laish proto-Danaans, right?

My urine went smack into the center of Pino's mouth while he looked up, in a wha (open-mouth) moment, to see where the liquid was coming from. MonMOUTH is near Portishead, and the Ardiaei married a daughter of MONunius II. The Moons and Pine's were both first found in Devon with Dards/Darts, and the Moon crescent is colors reversed from the same of French Pine's. Pino's use crescents in colors reversed from the other Moon crescent, and these all look linkable to Daphne- / Devon-suspect Deans/Dene's (Danaans out of Laish and neighboring Daphne, right?). You may find it hard to believe that God would create a pee-in-mouth event, but there you have the evidence. On my modern atlas, there is a Dafna location a couple of miles from Dan (Laish).

Moons share the split Shield of Cetins/Cattans, and while the latter were first found in Norfolk with Tute's/TUITs, Cetins/Chattans use a "meTUIT" motto term. It nails Monunius / Teuta liners at the Cetina = Tilurius river. The Chives', highly suspect with Hykes/Hacks and Bengs, share the cat with Cetins/Chattans, and the lion of Tillers / Tailors / Bengs.

The Tilurius is near enough to Ragusa for the Cetin/Chattan fitchee to be that if Shere's, who share Carrick colors and the Carrick dog. It's in the Coat of Bracks in both colors of the Carrick dog, and Bracks are from Brac (Brattia) off the mouth of the Cetina. Why do Bracks use urine-line horns? Bracks/Brecks use hunting horns, and mythical Orion was a hunter. Orion was out of Boeotia's Schimatari, and Boeotians are suspect with Boets/Bute's/Butts, who share a fish on a fesse with the Arms of Saraca. This fish goes back to Kodros of Athens, beside Boeotia. The latter was home to Cadmus and therefore to Laius. This dog's head is used by Abraham-suspect Bramtons (Norfolk, same as Cetins/Chattans), and Kodros was from the line of Abraham with his other wife, Keturah.

I hope to have more evidence of surname traces to the Aetolia area as I can get to it, maybe in the next update.

Democrat-Exposure Update

A number of youtubers are reporting from a Hannity episode that Michael Horowitz may be about to get McCabe fired, which, as I understand it, will rob him of his pension package. Here's the story:

The only entity I know of seeking the texts of McCabe is Judicial Watch. See Tom Fitton angry:

Way to go, Tom. That's exactly the right attitude. Just think of how many FBI workers are getting ready to betray their leaders as they see the FBI itself obstructing justice. It gives the underlings a bad name, doesn't it?

Here's a short Fox video telling that the FBI visited the White House to pressure John Kelly to in-turn pressure Trump to not release the memo. Do we detect some guilty FBIers here? Isn't this pressure just an example of the deep state trying to change the course of a political issue? Why not just let the president make up his own mind? What business is it of the FBI to try to force its will on Trump, even as the deep state cries that Trump has no right to interfere with FBI process? I beg to differ. One of the two is a boss, and the other is not.

Has Wray lost his mind? What's he afraid of if Nunes continues to release FBI secrets? Wray is siding with the criminals. Unbelievable. This is Trump's shortcoming coming round to bite his donkey. There were so many men clearly anti-Democrat who would have made fine FBI bosses, yet Trump picked a Chaos man, an imposter. Make amends, Mr. Trump. Get the right man for the job before it's too late. His voters will praise him for admitting a wrong move with Wray if he corrects it before it's too late. If he doesn't correct it, and lets this bleed longer, much longer, the voters will feel betrayed and less hopeful, not good for the coming vote. We are at the brink, the day of decision. Which side is the president on?

Trump needs to stay home, where it's safe, until after the memo is released. Trump is expected to bring the memo to the House with a green light on Friday. I'm not sure whether the House will have it released by Friday evening, or whether the weekend will go by first.

Here's a clip of John Kelly being asked what's in the memo. Instead of answering as we would expect if he were truly on Trump's side, he decides to give no answer, which is expected if he's a deep state man secretly. It's becoming apparent that the deep state is a federal-police state, a thing that seeks to have the military as its partner for securing the ultimate power over the people.

The alternative explanation for McCabe leaving just before the memo comes out is that he wants to spare himself embarrassment at work. I don't see any other option if Wray or Sessions didn't have a talk with him. It is not looking correct that Wray fired McCabe, as some Trump supporters are saying.

In my opinion. Nunes hasn't yet started to fire his arrows. He's only gotten on his horse, and already the Democrats are crying noises of defeat. The great thing is that Nunes forced the Wray stun gun into the open. The noises are already a bully tirade; what will it be weeks from now? The Dems are out recruiting their supporters. Every word from everyone on the matter can reveal who's side they are on. When Paul Ryan praises Rosenstein under current circumstances, expect him to be a closet Jeff Flake. Ryan is calling other Republicans to support Rosenstein, because the latter is part-and-parcel with McCabe, and is expected to be under fire imminently.

These days, they say that vehicles can be hacked and controlled by outside sources? They say that they can turn off a car's engine from a radio tower. Can they turn the engine of a garbage truck off as it's crossing train tracks? "A train carrying dozens of Republican members of Congress to a strategy retreat in the countryside slammed into a garbage truck in rural Virginia on Wednesday, killing one person in the vehicle and sending several lawmaker-doctors rushing to help the injured." Just look at the timing, days before the release of the memo. Is this an act of war? It's exactly the sort of political murder attempt that could expected at a time when the deep state is on the verge of being severely stabbed. One would think that the Republicans will investigate this event, with the people in the garbage truck, and we hope that it was indeed a deep-state plot. Whether or not the plotters were going for the kill, it can nonetheless works to quell the ardor of the Republicans for attacking the FBI. Or, it can spur the Republicans at attack with fury. I've yet to see one Republican having the stuff enough to point out that the timing of this accident is highly suspicious. Here's an on-site news report:

If you look at the condition of the train's nose early in the video below, you might be of the opinion that this was a staged operation that never took place. Look at how untouched the nose is. is this possible when ramming the long trailer of a tractor at 70 mph? The only explanations, if this was a staged operation, is that all of the dozens of Republicans in the train were privy and supportive while the train hit nothing, or, the train was made to hit some lighter thing, or in some other way there was a noise / jolt made to occur, and then blamed on the garbage truck, fooling the Republicans in the train that were not part of the hoax. The garbage truck and its debris could have been there overnight, covered with tarps until the "crash". Theory: anyone reporting the tarps doesn't make it to the news, and he/she is given a nasty, stiff warning not to say anything. A motive for such a staged event is to scare Republicans into silence on the memo, etc. Past the one-minute mark, the trash can be seen tucked into a steepish embankment that could be missed by some drivers coming over the tracks.

Nearing two minutes, note how the tractor has it's skin pealed back. With the train striking the trailer, that's maybe not the sort of damage to expect, though it may be expected in a man-made piece of destruction. Someone could argue that if the trailer is on its side, the tractor should be too. Or, someone could argue that the tractor remains on its wheels because it was driven there moments before the "crash."

The train stopped after only about three cars passed the road. Does that seem correct or possible if it was indeed traveling 70 mph? Or was this parking arrangement planned to keep Republicans further back from seeing the accident area? At the 2-minute mark, see how far the trash is, and how it's concentrated there rather than being more largely scattered, from the place where the truck crossed the road. We assume the news camera is on that road, and we assume the trailer had no top to keep garbage inside, as it rolled down / slid to where we see it. Shouldn't that trash be closer to the road i.e. more to the left of the picture? Was most of that trash pasted into the image? Anything like that is possible with the FBI now under investigation. In fact, anything is expected.

The crash was near Charlottesville, Virginia, where the faked car crash was staged recently. Virginia is where McCabe's political lover, Terry McAuliffe, was governor until three weeks ago. McAuliffe was the DNC chief, and Hillary's campaign chairman in her 2008 presidential bid. This train crash is suspicious no matter how we cut it. Perhaps the Charlottesville car crash will be exposed by the Republicans due to this train wreck.

SonofNewo is on the car crash with a new video out this week, if you're interested. He has court papers telling that the driver arrived 85 seconds before the crash, then backed up roughly a black, then put it into forward to ram the throng. But this version of events is suspect as a government concoction, partly to explain why the car was caught on camera arriving 85 seconds before the crash, and partly to nail the victim (possibly not the true driver) with first-degree murder (keeps him from talking to the public longer). It was SonofNewo who first found the car on a video arriving that early.

Here's a video on how remote car manipulations and crashes can take place:

Mid-week, with two or three days to Trump's 5-day deadline, Trump's press secretary said that Trump had not yet read the memo. That's hard to believe. If it's true, talk about an aloof president. Shouldn't he have asked to see it sooner? Doesn't he care a whit? Why is he allowing Nunes' team to be attacked like this by the Schiff-side animals, and now the Wray-side animals? Why not just go get the memo, get on TV, and read it? In the meantime, grab a couple of hundred other pages from Nunes, and release them at the online, White-House bulletin board? What's with all this theater? The president can de-classify anything his heart so desires. It's lawful. What's all of this five-day theater?

Or, why didn't Nunes take his memo to the White House from the start, before anyone ever heard of it? How could Nunes care so little for Trump that he kept him in the dark? In other words, there seems to be theater in the release of this memo. It's notable that the memo is the only thing that hasn't been leaked to the news lately...because the Democrat rats have been the leakers, and they don't want this memo leaked. Guaranteed, this memo is nothing as compared to all that the FBI is guilty of.

Trump has been a dismal failure in his promise to clean swamp. He gets no credit for Nunes' effort. Nunes, release more, what are you waiting for? Trump is enjoying this. Bless his selfish little heart, for if this memo were about Seth Rich, or judge Scalia, the president might have caved in to animal pressure. The double-tongued animals are showing with each passing day that they are uninterested in the guilt of the FBI, for, in this case, the FBI has acted corruptly on behalf of the horned animals. Celebrate good times if the dragons counter-attack with fury, for in that way, the Republicans will have the open invitation to release more secrets against them. It was their bad attitudes that made Fox a better-respected news media than CNN in a few years flat. Rather than learning to do better, they yet growl and roar while being hopelessly exposed. In the world of politics isn't that a paper tiger?

They roar with their pants down as though they don't know they're hairy privates are fully exposed. That's how hopeless these people are. Try to imagine Hitler frothing at the mouth in war propaganda, the nerve in his forehead popping in sweat, on a stage before a million people, but without his pants on. That's what the situation is right now. The FBI didn't start fabricating things to control government this past year, and the FBI is not the only guilty organization. September 11 in both 2001 and 2012 required the FBI. The most laughable hairy thing all week has been seen on the Schiff deplorable:

Trump recently said that he would love to be in the shoes of Sessions or Wray right now, because, the president said, he would love to prosecute Hillary. But, he added, Sessions won't allow the president to get done what the president wants done. This is smoke and mirrors. Trump spins lies. He is free to investigate and prosecute whomever he wishes. It is a travesty that Trump supporters are giving him the credit for the way things are right now. In the world of humanity, the real credit goes to those who voted him in, and to the Nunes / Grassley teams. But there is another world, ABOVE, and I say that God deserves the credit, not Trump. Those who are raising Trump to the clouds are doing a disservice to the country. They are failing to realize that it is God who is abhorred by corruption, and He it is who acts without fail at the proper time. Trump is an ego. Trump has his own concerns at heart. To defeat the chief demons, God's hand is required. I don't hate the man, but neither do I worship him. I see media people daily who speak as though Trump can do no wrong. Isn't that a political animal rather than a spiritual normal? And Trump seems to like it when his voters worship him. But these things are irrelevant to my point: Trump has disappointed with his skimpy input to cleansing deep state.

Trump has been doing next to nothing about this beast now being exposed. It's the chance of a lifetime, the beast falling down to one knee, but Trump goes around bragging about his American-dream successes. The beast is the liberal fascist with a powerful police state, and here the war against it seems to have its first victory, but Trump only read the memo on Thursday??? That's an insult to those who have placed their hope in him? Try getting engaged, Mr. president. There is nothing more important than jailing those who have secretly propped the corrupt police state. Unless this thing is put away, the people have no country. The liberals are intent on bringing civil unrest, divisions, and spiritual / social mutations, and they have secured the FBI, for one, with which to prosper. Is this the time to spur the people to fantasia, a chasing of their financial dreams? Only a few people can become fat cats like the president, but only if they are greedy and manipulative enough.

Mueller suddenly delayed the sentencing of Michael Flynn this week. I know why. Because Mueller's yardstick used on Flynn will be used on the FBI guilty, and one of those prosecuted could be himself in due time. The stone Rosenstein and Mueller rolled is rolling back upon them. Sweet. But we have yet to see this game through. The sparks may be only beginning.

More to come: "Another document — an eight-page criminal referral filed with the Justice Department by Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) and Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) — is also part of the GOP case." What's a criminal referral? Sounds serious. Who's the target(s)? Can Sessions ignore this one too and survive? Hurry, election season is nigh. Get a better upper hand in the Senate.

There's a little hope for the FBI if it can justify the dossier as a respectable piece of work. The talk will be on whether the dossier was factual or otherwise. Yet, by the sounds of it, there's more in the memo than the dossier. The FBI is not an integral Democrat body. We saw that Democrats were willing to spite the FBI boss because he contributed to Hillary's loss, meaning that Democrats will vilify the entire FBI, if need be, to secure power. But at this time, the FBI finds itself in a position to use Democrats, because they gladly allow themselves to be used for political advantage. Democrats have no loyalties but to raw power and a hairy beast, satan. A Democrat-FBI team is a considerable piece of work, but the whole of it is proving to be an empty suit, without the substance of truth necessary to win hearts, or to produce a healthy nation.

The travesty is that Democrats are now willing to ignore / deny FBI corruption just because FBI support at this time is conducive to bashing Republicans. Imagine what this exposes in the "human" heart. The other travesty is that the president is willing to knock down the FBI only where it affects himself. This is my disappointment, and avid Trump supporters are not willing to show such disappointment in efforts to urge their idol toward on this corruption. They hope their idol acts, but they are unwilling to criticize him for inaction. Signing the Nunes memo is great, but is that all Trump can do? Can he not ask a trusted supporter to work as a liaison between himself and law-makers with the task of burning all deep-state corruption? How can Trump say with a straight face that he didn't see the Nunes memo until a day or two before signing it? Is it fine for the president to get near-daily FBI briefings from the FBI snake but not fine to get updates from the Nunes side? It makes me feel that Trump is a complete dope, but, if not, what's his problem? I've been saying that he doesn't want to cause unnecessary waves to his presidency by fighting the snake, in which case he's a complete dope, because the snake is ever after his tail. And he's a dope also for letting the snake slide (ignoring it) even if it were not after his tail.

My perception of the future is that the American / global police state is here to stay until Armageddon, but that God will check it to a degree sufficient to lessen Christian persecution. The shadow government can make its plots, but God has the last say.

I found Trump's body language at his speech "funny," as in a little strange. It could be age, or too much stress. He is being blasted for not telling the people that Black unemployment dropped mainly under Obama, and only slightly more over the past year. This game of taking credit for good things when unjustified makes a president look like an air bag that pops out into your face during an accident. It may save the Republicans' life, but they still get whacked with a blow to the head. Try humility, Mr. president. The economy has been improving since the Obama years because the economy goes up and down due to manipulators with fingers on the machine. Leave the machine alone. Let it run stable. But, no, the fat cats don't want things stable, for the stock market would die if stock prices remained stable. No one will buy a stock if five years later it remains at the same price. So, certain people need to keep the economy going up and down, and they are the ones who buy stock at low prices knowing it will go high soon. It's perfect for making money without working for it, and it's corrupt too.

"Average hourly wages jumped by 2.9 percent when compared to last January, the biggest increase since 2009...About 200,000 jobs were created [this January], higher than the 180,000 expected. The unemployment rate held at 4.1 percent, an 18-year low." For an income of $50,000, the 2.9 percent is $1,450. It's nice, but I see no American dream there. It's nice, but the quality of life doesn't shift enough to play this ball like a miracle ball. It's nice, but it's not nice enough to concentrate presidential focus on the economy when the police state is a snake around the neck of America. First remove the snake, then tackle adding a thousand dollars to a worker's wages. The snake reduces the quality of life. By design, the police state wants the people powerless, divided, and eking out a living.

Finally, It's Out

You can read the memo below. For those who want my explanation, let's start from the top. It says that the Secret FISA court allows only 90 days, once it gives permission, for the applicant to spy on a party. After the 90 days, an alternative reason needs to be argued to get an additional 90 days. One cannot use the same reason or excuse more than once so that one could, for example, get 900 days instead of 90 based on the same reason. Nunes' team says that the FBI applied for three additional 90-day extensions, and we may assume that, because the original reason was criminally bogus, so were the other three. That's four counts of politically-motivated criminality already. We may also assume that the judge(s) was as corrupt as the FBI for turning a blind eye to the lame cases made by the FBI.

The memo tells us what we already knew, but at least it's verification, that the Steele dossier was used as the basis for "convincing" the FISA court that spy powers on the Trump team were justified. A judge worth a dime would realize that spying on a presidential candidate requires some very-solid stuff. We should like to see what that stuff was for the first grant of permission. The public needs to know whether the FISA court itself is corrupt. That's what's at issue here as the memo's by-product.

Bluntly, Nunes says (as a fact, not an opinion) that Mr. Steele was paid indirectly by Perkins Coie (Hillary campaign), or that the ones who hired Steele were paid directly by Perkins Coie, but that the FBI failed to share this with the FISA judge, which gives the judge wiggle room so that he may be safe from reprimand (he may get away with claiming ignorance of where the dossier originated). The FBI therefore engaged in a political assassination using spy powers, the highly-serious crime that the Republicans were implying from the start. If it can also be shown that the FBI knew, or had reason to know, that the dossier itself was a political stunt, rather than factual, the crimes grows more serious.

? The coming media debates will therefore center on the guts of this dossier. If the Democrats push this thing too far with their side of the debate, the Republicans can bring out more facts about the dossier. Perfect.

The memo also tells of an obtained note, written by Mr. Ohr of the DoJ, saying that Steele admitted his seeking to stop Trump from becoming the president. It tells us that Steele was working for the FBI, and that he later became rebellious to the point of leaking to the media his employment by the FBI. Ouch, the FBI didn't want that to get out, too bad. He who kills by the leak shall be killed by the leak.

The start of the memo is on a FISA application to spy on Carter PAGE, and Steele leaked the above to David CORN. This recalls that the paper airplane into the CORNer pocket was at first a PAGE on Obama's billiard table, and that page was connected by God to Francesca BattiSTELLI, code for Mr. Steele. It works, and claims to drag Obama into this application to spy on Trump. However, Obama may have wanted to spy on Trump for other reasons besides defeating him in the election. For example, was the Trump team aware of Obama's crimes? Obama would have wanted to know.

The memo confirms that Mrs. Ohr of Fusion GPS was hired to dig up dirt on Trump, and that she fed this dirt to the FBI through her husband. You can glean the plot. Fusion needs to get the dossier to the FBI, and does so by temporarily hiring Ohr's wife, and he worked at the time for the DoJ that oversees the FBI. So, Ohr slipped the dossier to the FBI as a "justified" means my which it came to the FBI. The FBI acted surprised, "what's this?." And before Comey could say, "praise God for a miracle," he uses the dossier to spy on Carter Page. But why him? Why not spy on Trump? The court judge may have felt queasy about allowing direct spying on Trump, so Comey chose a man who had some connections with Russia, and some with Trump. By what justification did a judge allow the FBI to spy on Mr. Page where the dossier was dirt on Trump? The FBI must have created the conspiracy of Page-Trump collusion with Russia.

The memo says that the Ohrs were paid by Fusion GPS, the same that paid Steele. We wonder how many organizations the FBI has been working with to steer politics in the past. The FBI could not have been a virgin prior to this one fornication with Obama. Once again, the FBI did not disclose to the FISA judge that the Ohr-delivered dirt was from the bowel of Hillary Clinton. It makes Trump look like the virgin, doesn't it?

The memo goes on to quote McCabe, saying that the FISA application would not have been applied for aside from possession of the Steele dossier. This was all the FBI had, a joke used criminally as the wild joker against a Trump card. And the FBI still lost this game.

And that's about it for this memo. It wasn't shocking because the contents were generally known beforehand. I was hoping for new things rather than confirmation. This is not to say that the FBI is guilty of a small thing. It's to say that I and others have long known that the FBI is corrupt. In my opinion, this bit of exposure is routine process. What about the psy ops and false flags, the murders, the threats? The FBI is guilty of all those things as well as collusion in 9-11. In this case, the biggest crime was not using false information to get spy approval, but in collusion with those who fabricated the false information. That's where it gets extremely demonic. Create a false reality, put it on official paper, then use it as reality. Disgusting already, but in this case the FBI was acting for a disgusting, crime-ridden Hillary Clinton, a partner in crime.

The memo claims that the FBI knew before applying to the court that the dossier was paid for by Hillary. I do not think that the FBI can deny this because the Republicans have it on paper. If the FBI doesn't deny it, any impartial judge in the land would send people to jail over this. Keep in mind that this memo is about an application (issued October 21, 2016) to spy only on Carter Page. Who else was spied on, and was the FISA court manipulated also on those projects?

I would hope that most Republicans are of the opinion that the FBI has pushed this fabrication all the way to Trump-Russia collusion. Chris Wallace has just said that he thinks there could very well be some truth to Russia collusion. What he seems to mean is that the FBI is not altogether corrupt, that it has a legitimate motive for having played tricks on the FISA court. This is a terrible assessment, one to be made by the Democrats. Wallace feels sure that the FBI used other criteria for securing four 90-day sessions of spy powers other than the dossier, yet the memo makes it plain: "Furthermore, Deputy Director McCabe testified before the Committee in December 2017 that no surveillance warrant would have been sought from the FISC without the Steele dossier information." Whatever else there was, it was minor. McCabe's testimony above may have been in a closed session so that no one knew about this until the release of the memo. It can explain why McCabe vanished from the FBI this week. He becomes the player who put the winning goal into his own net. Wray might argue the McCabe was wrong in his testimony.

Yes indeed, what will Wray have to say about this? Why did he not wish for this thing to come out? What did Nunes leave out that Wray was so concerned about? Let us see it, Mr. Wray, let us see it?

There is also the question on whether the DoJ was complicit with the FBI, for the FISA application could not go forward at Comey's / McCabe's signature alone. The application had to be agreed to also by the DoJ's highest level. Comey signed three of the four applications against Mr. Page alone, making Comey responsible for these crimes in the least. He has a lot of explaining to do, but probably won't, at the advice of his lawyer.

? Rod Rosenstein signed on behalf of the DoJ, and was therefore complicit with Comey, explaining why Rosenstein sicked Mueller on Trump. That's what this is about. Rosenstein, guilty of a crime. Will Trump punish him at all? Is it petty for the president to do so under these circumstances? Will Trump dishonor his own supporters instead by leaving a criminal in office?

The liberal media now need to chose whether to go down with Comey, or to admit his defeat. Instead of blasting the FBI, Wolf Blitzer blasted the Republicans for exposing before Putin's face the internal division in American politics, as if Putin didn't already know. Aside from that, Mr. Blitzer, is the FBI guilty or not? We need to hear CNN's position on that part, please. We would like to know how far CNN will go to avoid reality, and to make its news devoid of it.

Even while the Nunes' arrow still vibrates on the front door of the FBI, he says he's sending in another one. Thud, boing, such a lovely set of sounds. Nunes has already appeared on Fox just hours after the public release. He says that he did not speak to the president beforehand about the memo, and I assume it's because he fears looking badly for doing so? I say he looks bad for not speaking to the president. It matters nothing that Democrats would fashion such a meeting as a conspiracy, for there is no conflict of interest whatsoever. Nunes is obviously trying to protect the president from a corrupt FBI, and rightly he should, nothing to be ashamed of at all. Just because they both happen to be Republicans is nothing in itself to be ashamed of. If Nunes is doing this for justice alone and not for the president, that looks bad on him. Do it for the person being wronged. Save the person being wronged from the nasty mafia inside the FBI. And don't apologize for having to do it. Celebrate the victory. And watch your back, because the FBI can be lethal.

Here's a Democrat's accusation: "Memo slams FBI to protect Trump". So what? Isn't that a good thing? What do Democrats have against team players supporting one another? Are Republicans going to betray one another just because Democrats urge them to? Isn't it betrayal if you do nothing for your team player when it's in your power to help? It was the FBI on the attack, not Trump against the FBI.

Nunes becomes passionate as the interview goes on, spurring himself on, feeling justified, showing indignation, all excellent. This is the Nunes that the party needs. The more the other side gets his goat, the more he will want to come out with more. He makes the point that is generally not reverberated on Fox, that the dossier's data comes from Russians, which he says is Clinton-Russia collusion. I agree. Or, in the least, it was Steele-Russia collusion...with certain Russians willing to lie to influence the election Hillary's way.

He's says that this memo was phase one, with phase two still in the works concerning the House's / Committee's investigation into similar matters, but in the state department this time. Nunes has made me feel that there is yet hope for normal attitudes. I do find it strange that, while he says that Trey Gowdy helped him to write the memo, Gowdy announced that he was leaving congress this past week.

Gowdy sounds like a traitor: "Rep. Gowdy: FISA Memo Does Not 'In Any Way' Discredit Mueller Investigation". Why is Gowdy sucking up to the Mueller? Is this the time for such a thing when, on the other hand, it's better time to ask questions about whether Mueller's motives were exactly those that birthed the details of the dossier? Gowdy's statement sounds like sucking up, as though perhaps his family was threatened. I dunno. Maybe we'll see.

Gowdy doesn't sound like he's fit to be a leader, more like someone raising the white flag at a major victory. This is not the time to pet the enemy. What's up, Trey? Don't you have a big, heavy boot that you can use? If you've been threatened, tell the world. They won't get you if you tell the world.

Another theory is that Gowdy didn't want to be part of the good-fight Republicans, such as Nunes, who wants proper justice done, and a solid cleansing of this grime, who are about to bring this fight up a few notches as of now. Gowdy had indicated several weeks ago that he's not much for prosecuting anyone. Maybe he's a RINO, I dunno. We'll see. But with his honoring Mueller at this wrong time for it, I'm wondering whether Gowdy told Nunes the whole truth on what's in the FISA applications. The timing is such that Mueller is to be suspect as the dossier's shadow, not the time to honor him with the words chosen by Gowdy.

Screen Hoopla suggested that Gowdy's quitting to expect a position on a supreme court, and so maybe he just wants to appear non-partisan so that he can win the job on a court. Makes sense, anyway.

Nunes did not see the FISA applications. Instead, Gowdy was permitted to do so, and he had to take notes (not allowed to have a copy, spit). By what justification can't the oversight committee have copies on hand of these applications while they are assessing them for criminal acts??? There is no justification. We must now take Gowdy's word that the applicant (FBI) justified the FISA applications solely on dossier material. That's what Nunes says above. The other side can claim otherwise because Gowdy doesn't have copies to prove anything he's claiming. We should like to see the truth, therefore. It was good of Nunes to come before the nation so quickly to answer questions. He's got the stuff; he's done the homework, hats off. He can obtain the applications if he needs them badly enough.

Just think of it. The FBI is now under the gun to produce the other, more-minor evidence against Carter Page by which it applied for spy powers. If the FBI says nothing, it will be assumed that the dossier is all she wrote. The FBI must now turn the gun toward itself, and poll the trigger. There is no other option. I can imagine Mr. Wray calling McCabe into his office. "Did you tell congress that the dossier was all the FBI had." "Um, yes sir, I did." "Pack up, you're done. Don't come in tomorrow."

Mr. Wray actually wanted to redact the names of the FBI people in the memo. He wanted the people not to see the names of Comey and McCabe. Is that not the enemy of the state? Yes? Then how can Trump say with a straight face that most FBI people are good. Right off the bat, the president himself installed the enemy of the people, a corrupt operator, as the new FBI head. Imagine that.

Tom Fitton makes the great point that, if there was insufficient evidence for a court to grant spy power over the Trump team, then Rosenstein had insufficient evidence to appoint the Mueller bull, especially as that bull has produced nothing thus far but a field full of patties. Mr. Mueller must be made to lick it up, because he has made the field filthy that was more innocent than himself. At the 11th minute of the Fitton video above, he says that Judicial Watch sued for the records on the FISA applications. My understanding is that everything that happens in FISA courts is classified, how convenient for the culprits.

It's possible that the attack on Mr. Page and Manafort was to find whether either knew about the Uranium-One scandal. I can see them afraid of Trump discovering it. And what has Trump done against that scandal? Nothing, so far as we have heard. Shame shame, he says almost every week, but he seems far from appointing someone with action to show. If Trump feels petty for appointing someone to defend himself, then at least investigate scandals that do not touch himself. Order Sessions to hand over anything asked for by the president's appointees. Perfect. So why isn't Trump doing it?

Are we to believe that the judge, looking at the evidence, didn't ask why a British man was at the root of the evidence? The judge didn't ask why Steele had obtained this material on an American presidential candidate? The judge didn't lift an eyebrow at the golden-shower accusation? This was in October, weeks from the election. Was the judge a ninny? He didn't have a clue that the FBI might want to spy on a presidential candidate for to ruin his election chances? Was he completely out of touch? What were the FBI responses to the judge's questions? Were they lies too? Isn't that another crime, to lie to the judge?

Unbelievably, Paul Ryan came out to say that the memo is no bash at all against the FBI, the DoJ, the Mueller investigation, or Rod Rosenstein. This Paul Ryan, be assured, is a traitor. Sure, he needs to disguise himself at times, and he acts like part of the GOP gang, but he's a liberal lover, clearly. He's trying to get Republicans over to the wrong side of the tracks.

The Democrats sent Trump a serious, threatening letter assuring severe consequences (a law suit for obstruction of justice) if he should fire Rosenstein. This can be deemed an empty threat, for if they had a case, they wouldn't have threatened. Instead, they would have hoped, quietly, and waited for him, to fire Rosenstein, at which time they could jump on him. By sending Trump the threat, they show they have no power to do a thing about it. The Mueller investigation cannot be separated from the FISA warrants because, if there was no other case against Trump-Russia collusion aside from the dossier, then Rosenstein had no basis to appoint Mueller in the first place. Paul Ryan pretends that he can't wrap his mind around that simple thing. Rosenstein is one of the signatories in the dossier scam, along with Comey, which provides Rosenstein the motive to appoint Mueller as per vengeance against Trump for firing Comey. It's glaring, but Ryan acts oblivious. Why? What is his motive? He claims to be for the release of the Nunes memo, yet openly advocates the line of Trump's enemies by seeing nothing of severity within the memo's list of tragedies.

Fox's Bret Baier, who seemed rather harsh / dry when interviewing Nunes earlier in the day, has the audacity to quote John McCain's view of the memo, which is akin to Ryan's. Is it not obvious by now that McCain is a traitor? McCain sees good reason to continue the Mueller investigation, and sees no good in Nunes' call to fix FBI corruption.

The FBI was attacking the Republican party when seeking to cast a black mark on the Republican candidate. Are Republicans going to stay isolated from one another for fear of being labeled partisan? What's wrong with teaming together to counter-attack the FBI on this issue. Is that partisan? Yes, and so what? What good is a party if it can't be partisan? If someone attacks a man's son, it is wrongly partisan for the father to step in and protect her?

A Republican schism can exist between those who favor family values and God versus those who favor free market. This is a major problem that may define the "establishment" on the free-market side. They loath the family-values side because it wants the upper hand of power. You cannot serve both God and money, for you will come to hate the one while loving the other. Trump's problem is that he needs to appear favorable to both sides. And he's been clearly on the free-market side while offering lip service to Christians. This other side of the elephant is an explanation for why Christians are showing a money-matters rump to their Christian walk. In fact, this other side of the elephant may be the RINO (Republicans in name only). It depends on how one defines a Republican. The one who makes a definition makes it on what he/she favors most about the party's platform. The meaning of a RINO therefore becomes multiple.

But all Republicans can agree that an FBI in favor of a political party to the point of activating its spy powers to demolish / subdue the opposing party is criminality in its worst form. And when the Democrats support the FBI by ignoring this crime, they show themselves to be unworthy of democracy. So, now is the time for Republicans to play as a team, to show partisan loyalty exactly when the Democrats would criticize them for being partisan. No matter how anyone cuts it, the FBI has broken the law and the spirit of democracy.

The liberal media have already shown that they don't want to talk about it. Instead, exaggerating uselessly (can anyone take them seriously anymore?), they're talking about how tragic Nunes' delivery of the memo is. Never mind the stuff in the memo, just shoot the messenger for daring to release classified information, even though the FBI and other Intelligence agencies do this routinely through the liberal media. There is no cure for the American society. The liberal media has assured that truth is a way-back secondary to whatever it takes to secure influence over society.

Liberals make their arguments, not on principles they hold dearly to, for they have no principles. Instead, they form their arguments at the moment of need; it can be white one day and black the next. Power to influence society is their only bullseye, and Republicans need to make that thing part of their fighting words in coming elections. This attitude needs to be emphasized repeatedly until the better masses clamp down on it. A people without principles, who moreover seek power for making the entire world like themselves, needs to be stamped out at all costs. Growing a worker's income by a thousand bucks annually pales in comparison to the importance of stamping out the Democrat machine. It is important to inform the voters that Democrats have no principles. This is where the light needs to be shed, for then the country will hear that principles / morals are important, and heal themselves, and their children, though them. The Hollywood rebels, and the cherished adulterous president (Clinton), must not win the day.

It seems to me that free-market Republicans have a lot of moralists in their ranks. There is a notion that a free-market society is desirable because the alternative is Marxism. This is not so. Applying rules to the marketplace is nothing new, but if the rules favor corporations over workers, then that's immoral, for workers have the poor in their camp. Protection for workers is desirable, but corporations call this communism. For corporations, "free-market" means: don't touch us, let us go the natural way to wherever we take things. Democrats support workers over corporations, not because they love the poor, but because there are more voters amongst workers than business owners.

Unions are not the solution, for that pits employee against employer, a terrible way to run the workplace. The solution is to put limits (in percentage points) on price increases. Unjustified increases are defined as greed. Workers suffer when corporations ape one another in raising their prices.

And governments must not be permitted to tax products at the manufacturing level so that the consumer can't see the tax amount they are paying by those hidden fees. It is shady for a government to charge the lumber industry a tax / fee that then gets passed to the consumer when he buys a 2 x 4. It pits worker against government, and testifies to government greed.

No one, except those who hope to get well-off on free-market business, would oppose a law forbidding unjustified price increases. If business costs increase one percent over a year, how can a 10-percent hike in prices be justified? I'm sure that you would vote me in as your president on this one issue alone. Republicans can seize the workers' votes from the Democrats by this platform. No one would disallow price increases, but they need to be justified. If you see this as communism, I'd say you don't know the meaning of the word. Communism is the sharing of a pool of money, where the commune owns everything, and everyone gets an equal dish-out of money for the month.

When price increases are limited generally (it will never be an exact science) to an amount equal to the rising cost of doing business, life in the rat race stabilizes. We all can relax and take a deep breath. Ahh. And less will start a business for a get-rich-quick motive. Fewer businesses means lower prices for all. The government doesn't need to police all businesses, for most will comply with the price-increase limits, at least closely. Consumers will be the "police" when spotting extravagant increases. When needed, some companies can be permitted higher increases at a critical time(s), but if competitors can't increase, the critical businesses will possibly go belly-up. That's life in the business world.

Julian Assange has come out to mock Comey's tweet. He needs to watch his step, for the British government / court is now considering letting him go free. This can be a trick to get him murdered, or caught and tormented first. I'm sure this has crossed his mind. I'll be surprised if Julian doesn't receive a leak from someone in the FBI helping out the Trump side in the coming battle.

Fox has Mr. Gaetz on, and he skirts the first and important question, possibly because he doesn't know the answer from his own reading of the FISA applications. The anchor lady asks him if there was other argumentation presented by the FBI for spy rights on Page. The show concludes that it's vital to get hold of those applications in order to settle this issue, a brilliant way to frame the battle at the outset. What possible reason could Wray and the guilty parties have for refusing to publicize the applications? If the Comey camp was so justified in applying, show us the applications to make fools of us. Alas, they would have done so by now if they had anything to argue.

It doesn't matter whether McCabe said what Nunes and Gaetz claim he said in the closed, Committee hearing. It doesn't matter whether the FBI side now argues that McCabe said it but was wrong in saying it. The only thing that matters is to press Wray on whether there was more to the applications than the dossier. As Comey himself has condemned his own hide by saying that the dossier is a scam, how can he justify using it in the FISA applications? Clearly, when Comey denounced the dossier, he was banking on no one ever discovering that he himself signed on to using it. Oops. The Clinton dirt has fallen straight down onto his head from somewhere in heaven.

Rex Tillerson? Who's that? When was there a time that Tillerson spoke out about FBI corruption? Is this none of his concern? How has Nunes fared when asking Tillerson for state-department documents? Is "Tillerson" about to become another swear word? Come out from your hiding place, Mr. Tillerson, and give us some gas. The FBI needs to be lit on fire, and you have the gas by which that can be done. Nunes is knocking on your door again, won't you please answer it? Otherwise you could get a thud-boing noise on it too.

Who can imagine Tillerson, a Trump appointee, protecting the operators of Obama's state department. Word is that Tillerson is doing just that. It seemed to me to be not coincidental that three top appointees by Trump were all tight-lipped and evasive when it came to exposing the Hillary crime ring. It seemed to me that they were taking orders from Trump not to leak anything. Is this possible? Yes, it is, but, finally, Trump had to play along like he was happy to see the FBI exposed, because Nunes found a way to make it Trump-friendly. Yet, Sessions, Wray and Tllerson remain tight-lipped about revealing things on Obama and Clinton. What's this about, if not about loyalties to the shadow government? These men know that their failures are more-assured if they abuse the will of the shadow government, which is heavily involved in global affairs made-in-the-USA, which is right down Tillerson's alley.

"Joe diGenova, a former federal prosecutor...In this highly detailed video interview, he holds up an unreported April 2017 99-page FISA court opinion that 'describes systematic and on-going violations of the law {by the FBI and their contractors using unauthorized disclosures of raw intelligence on Americans}. This is stunning stuff'" (Daily Caller). He says that while the names of the FBI contractors were blacked-out in this opinion piece, Nunes likely knows who they were. If the FBI buckles at this point, we may never learn more. Therefore, let's not be unhappy about the continuation of this fight. We have yet to discover who runs child-trafficking rings as per the white-rabbit mystery. I predict that we will find them in American globalists: the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, the Council on Foreign Relations, and the CIA.

Trump's own daughter has been reported as an activist against child porn. There are pressures upon him to include anti-corruption efforts upon his platform immediately, starting now. Enough pussy-footing around, Mr. president, get serious. There is blood-letting in the land, cold and brutal murder. You promised, Mr. president, you promised. You gave your word, sir, and then took it back once elected. You don't deserve to be the president if you won by lying. Make up your mind to do the right things.

Stop depending on a department of justice that refuses to act. You can't glue yourself to that thing and look good in the meantime. You can't give appearances of being upset with Sessions and fool me. If Sessions does not condemn the FBI at this point, then you are one with Sessions if you permit him to continue. Sessions had the ability to know about Nunes' disclosure all by himself. We watch your decisions on this matter. Sparks from your mouth are insufficient. You need to do hand-to-hand combat with Tillerson, create some sparks where your sword strikes his shield. You need to bang him up, because he's hiding Hillarys secrets behind that shield. Your inaction testifies against you, Mr. president. You have chosen to be one with those who protect the scum of government. Those who put their hope in you because they have hope in no one else, for the matters at hand, are hesitant to criticize you, but they are not blind to your inaction, and to the attitudes of your chief appointees. Something is far wrong here.

Ticker Carlson's show for February 2, where he does the memo for the entire hour, featured Digenova early in the show, and he claims that he has heard from someone at the closed meeting that McCabe did in fact testify concerning the dossier being the only piece of evidence used for receiving spy privileges. On top of the liberal media ignoring this testimony, they are also spreading rumors as fact where they portray Carter Page as a Russian operative, an enemy of the United States. There can be nothing better than such things for the liberal media to bury themselves further, like a drunken gambler risking all he owns on just one more whirl of the dice. Tom Fitton appears with Digenova, and says hopefully that there is precedent for releasing FISA applications.

In the 16th minute, the guest of Carlson says that the FISA court rubber stamps almost every request put before it by the Intelligence orgs. In other words, the judges are corrupt, servants of the spies. This is the entire purpose of these judges, isn't it? If true, expect to hear to the contrary from those who deceive us. The judges only ask the applicants to make their evidence look sufficient to let them off the hook for wrong-doing. I get it. It's a political spy machine set up to spy "legally."

Tucker's next guest is a Democrat lunatic wanting to make the case that Page was a Russian spy, but when pressed to give evidence, he has none. He would talk about anything but the memo's issue.

I used to think that Sessions was a moral man. But look at what he says: "Congress [the Nunes memo] has made inquiries concerning an issue of great importance for the country and concerns have been raised about the department’s performance. I have great confidence in the men and women of this Department. But no department is perfect." That latter phrase is a thing used when someone steps out of line minimally. It is the wrong phrase for the demonic misdeeds of Comey and McCabe. It's also wrong to say, "I have great confidence in the men and women of this Department," in response to what Comey and McCabe did. The words expected of Sessions are woefully missing. And to make matters worse, he added, "Accordingly, I will forward to appropriate DOJ components all information I receive from Congress regarding this. I am determined that we will fully and fairly ascertain the truth..." "Fully and fairly" means that he will, and would rather, listen to the Comey side. There is obviously no fair play, Mr. Sessions. What are you talking about when you use "fairly"? The Chicago mafia does not play fair, and Nunes has made it plain that your department's leaders have turned the DoJ into Scarface.

By saying "fully," he's saying that Nunes omitted some important points. In other words, Sessions is antagonistic against Nunes, and will go to bat on behalf of his underlings, as though they are his very own chicks. I'm ashamed of Sessions. What man is this? He's just like the corrupt police chief protecting the unlawful acts of his officers. Just think of it. And, lest you missed it, he fails to say that the truth will be reported to the people. This skunk has already made it plain that he doesn't want this stink getting out from his four walls.

The Dems are putting up a large scarecrow on the White House lawn. The Dems are warning that, if Trump fires Rosenstein, the scarecrow's going to eat him up. What will Trump do? Is he one to run from a scarecrow? I don't think so. Besides, his passionate voters are making it plain that he has no choice but to set Rosenstein on fire like a bag of leaves. "President Donald Trump has refused to rule out firing Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. Asked in the Oval Office whether he would axe the Justice Department official, Mr Trump said with a scowl to reporters: 'You figure that one out.'" That's what you say when you're decided on doing it. We shall see. But it is sorely insufficient merely to fire these boys. They jailed people for less. Lots of them. And they may have jailed innocent people. They are set at this time to jail Manafort and Flynn, and, if possible, Page too. Men like these should not be permitted to live amongst us.

The mystery has always been as to why Rosenstein agreed to the firing of Comey by Trump? One suspects that the two had a major argument or point of conflict.

Did Jeep Bush Start the Original Dossier?

I'd like to do a little Digenova heraldry to see where it leads. It struck me that the Degens could be from "DIGENova." Yet I've considered seeing Degens with Deacans / Decans and a Decani area on the White Drin river. It's very interesting, therefore, that Deacons and Decans use the Fessy cross in colors reversed while the latter love the Segni's/Segurana's (Genova). Upon loading Degens again, I was reminded of their estoiles, likely a code for Este liners, and the Segni's/Segurana's use the Este eagle. Plus, there is a Krume location at or near the mouth of the White Drin while Krume's (Hamburg, same as Griims/Gris') share the sinister-facing crescent, in both colors, with Degens. My only problem with all this is on how "Decani" could have been named from a deGen / deGenova term.

Degens are properly Duggans/Dougans, and as they are said to be from Fergus MOR, the Moray Douglas' (Moray stars) come to mind. Krume-like Crooms share the colors and format of Dogs/Doags, and Grooms were first found in Suffolk with Deacons, and the Groom "pennants" can trace to Penestae at/beside the mouth of the White Drin (at the Black Drin). I have had the "GNAViter" term in the Leak/Leakey motto on my mind from the start of the DiGENOVa discussion. I have therefore had in mind the event where I saw Miss Hick's (mother of Geneva) knees through a glass door on the Leakey road. For those who know what I'm referring to from recent updates, I want to say that the glass in the door has become the thing that can further explain what that event refers to in the real world.

Note the "AGENdo" motto term of the same Leaks," looking like possible Genoa/Genova liners. "Gnaviter" caused me to look up "Vite," and it's listed with Watts/Vatts/Watters' who happen to share a giant tree with German Degens/DegenREITs. "agendo" is shared by English Augers (almost the Medal/Dougal / Dougal lion) while French Augers are also Daugers/Daugays.

The Glass Crest shares the Moray Crest, and Glass' were first found in Bute while Bute's/Butts share the estoiles of Decans/Dougans. The knees that I saw in the door were in the Miss Hicks dream, and she first appeared in the dream at the HOOD of the car. In the 4th update of last October, I said this:

Another bathing suit appeared when Miss Hicks was in a dream at the Hood (Heid suspects) of a car, just before she was HOVERing over its seats...There is a Hover/Hofer surname, but the Hopfer variation of German Hoods/Hope's is more interesting. It could be that Sling-colored Bogans secretly use Robin Hood in Crest.

The Yam on Saint Petersburg

As often happens, I'll leave off at a certain paragraph, and when I come back, something has happened that relates. In this case, I got off the computer in the paragraph above to go to town. My last stop was groceries. When I got back to the Jeep, there on the HOOD was a silver and gold (fake) medallion with part of the chain to a necklace still upon it. It reads, "Saint Petersburg Russia" on one side, and the same in Russian on the opposite side. How many times have you found medallions on your hood after leaving off talking about Robin Hood and the Hoods? I realize how problematic this report is for the reader to believe. I'm not lying, the medal sits in front of me. The chain has four links only.

I checked the Medal surname to find it listed with DUGals. And Douglas' are also "DuGLASS'," a possible Glass-Dugal merger. I see Glass' at the Clausula river, very near to the Decani area. I can easily see Daorsi at the Clausula / Decani area, and that may be the meaning of the glass DOOR. I trace Daorsi to Davers, first found in Suffolk with both Deacons and an Eye location suspect in the eye of Vite's/Watts/Vatts. My quest is to understand whether there will be a news leak, and by whom, that relates to some glass entity, perhaps a Glass surname, though Klassen/Klaas/Clasen variations are most suspect. I'm also wondering whether God has sent the Nunes team a message about someone in Saint Petersburg who relates to the makings of the Steele dossier.

Here's a statement just found: "But the dossier also alleges, in a different section, that Trump had 'paid bribes and engaged in sexual activities' in St. Petersburg but that 'key witnesses were silenced and evidence [was] hard to obtain.' 'Speaking to a trusted compatriot in September 2016, two well-placed sources based in St. Petersburg, one in the political/business elite and the other involved in the local services and tourist industry, commented on Republican US presidential candidate Donald Trump's prior activities in the city,' the dossier says. It continues: 'Both knew Trump had visited St. Petersburg on several occasions in the past and had been interested in doing business deals there involving real estate ... The local services industry source reported that Trump had participated in sex parties in the city too, but that all direct witnesses to this recently had been "silenced," i.e. bribed or coerced to disappear.'"

But why was the medallion on the hood of the Jeep? I don't know. I touched Miss Hicks right knee as she hovered, but the result, her popping up into my arms immediately, makes no sense as per this present controversy, unless she was code for a hooker in St. Petersburg. It's interesting that her first name, Charlotte, is like "harlot." I doubt that interpretation very much, for we were rising toward Heaven, and there was nothing sexual in this part of the dream or elsewhere within it. The only reason that I was sitting beside Miss Hicks at the 9-11 memorial, and the only reason that I saw her beautiful knees in the glass door minutes after the memorial, is that I was suspecting her to be my future wife, precisely due to the ending of that dream i.e. our embracing upon my touching her knee. I almost feel as though God lured me, by using the ending of the dream, to fulfilling the things that took place that evening, just so He could now make whatever points He wishes to make through me. [For a comprehensive revelation on the hood's meaning, see the 4th update in March, 2019].

While she was a lady in that dream, the Hopfers/Hoods/Hope's use a giant anchor while Anchors share a version of the Lady/Laudyman Chief (both in the colors of the Chief of Hicks-related Leaks/Leakeys) while Lady Fortune is in the Klassen Coat while Glasgows love the Lords who are also Laudyman-like Lauds. I see American descendants from Hitler's Nazi's all over this discussion.

The Lady annulets would be red in colors reversed, the color of the giant annulet of Vito's suspect in the "gnaVITER" motto term of Leaks.

The article above looks like some Russian(s) in Saint Petersburg tried to set Trump up with a knock-down controversy: "President Donald Trump's longtime bodyguard Keith Schiller reportedly told the House Intelligence Committee in a closed-door interview earlier this week that someone in Russia offered to send five prostitutes to Trump's Moscow hotel room in 2013 but that it was not accepted." This is all new to me, and I found the medallion in the 4th update of October, while the article above was written the 10th of November. That puts Schiller's testimony near to my finding the medallion on roughly October 25. We can maybe assume that Schiller was invited to testify roughly on October 25.

What seems to be the crime here is that someone inside the United States got some Russians to set Trump up with hookers, and whether or not he agreed, the act of those who set him up should not be ignored. If the hookers urinated, it wasn't likely to Trump's pleasure, for that was done to make Trump look as badly as possible. It's likely that Trump did turn down the offer, but that the people who put the dossier together included it as a false charge anyway. If this is what's going on, the deep state is way out of control and down-right pathetic. "Schiller reportedly denied that anything inappropriate happened, telling the committee that he and Trump laughed off the offer and went to bed."

I would have known earlier about this St. Petersburg connection to the dossier had I ever looked into the dossier's details. I never bothered. I never cared to.

I have just checked the Schiller surname, to find a gold annulet, the color of the Lady/Laudyman annulet. "Per fesse blue and gold, a cubit arm at the top dressed in red and grasping a gold annulet." UNBELIEVABLY, the horizontally-split Schiller Coat is colors reversed from the same of Groce's, who were checked as per the grocery store at which the St. Petersburg medallion showed up.

For the record: "The Trump-Russia dossier is a private intelligence dossier of 17 memos that were consecutively written from June to December 2016 by former MI6 intelligence officer Christopher Steele." The "best" accusation from Steele was that Putin had been nurturing Trump for years as a Russian agent, and sharing anti-Hillary info with him. The purpose here seems to be in Hillary's anticipation that Trump would expose her Russian ties, at which time Hillary could turn it back against him with the dossier.

"Although several news organisations were briefed on Mr Steele's dossier before the election in November, most decided not to report on the material at the time." It turns out that the FBI was prepared to pay Steele as per a deal they made in October of 2016, weeks before the election. The FBI canceled this deal when Steele went about telling the news people about the dossier, suggesting that the FBI wasn't interested in using the dossier to oust Trump as president. The FBI, Rosenstein and Mueller wanted to keep tabs on Trump, after the election, to assure his team wasn't onto their Russia collusion. This FBI deal with Steele was roughly or exactly when Comey came out publicly with some cut-down words against Hillary. It may appear here that Steele was upset with the FBI for not wanting to get the dossier out immediately, and so he rebelled and did it on his own, with not much success. We can assume that Steele was doing so at the marching orders of Hillary's campaign.

My theory is that Obama / the FBI wanted to know only whether Trump was a threat to FBI collusion with Russia, and, if not, the FBI might choose to wish for a Trump presidency rather than a Hillary presidency...because, from the standpoint of Comey / Mueller, a Hillary presidency with a Republican-led senate in 2017 would cause the Republicans to come against Hillary with a fury, risking the discovery of FBI collusion with Russia. Comey made his anti-Hillary announcement days before the election, by which time the FBI was able to ascertain (theory) that the Republicans would win the senate.

Comey blew it, after the election, when he stood behind Hillary rather than to betray her, for Trump then fired Comey. And we know the rest.

In October, anticipating that funding supplied through [Fusion] would dry up, Steele and the FBI reached a verbal understanding: He would continue his work looking at the Kremlin's ties to Trump and receive compensation for his efforts.

But Steele's frustration deepened when FBI Director James Comey, who had been silent on the Russia inquiry, announced publicly 11 days before the election that the bureau was investigating a newly discovered cache of emails Clinton had exchanged using her private server, according to people familiar with Steele's thinking. Comey came out less than a week after the FISA court granted the initial warrant on Carter Page. Perhaps that was enough time to discover that Page didn't know anything damaging toward the FBI.

Those people say Steele's frustration with the FBI peaked after an Oct. 31 New York Times story that cited law enforcement sources drawing conclusions that he considered premature. The article said that the FBI had not yet found any "conclusive or direct link" between Trump and the Russian government and that the Russian hacking was not intended to help Trump.

Clearly, in this picture (fake news or real?), the FBI was not intending or willing (take your pick) to railroad Trump. The Chicago Tribune is shy in properly phrasing Steele's heart. He wasn't merely frustrated, or disappointed that the FBI would shun his personal work. He was under the gun to the tune of one million Hillary dollars to publicize the dossier against Trump by election day. Otherwise, Hillary would have wasted all that money and much more. The liberal media are loath to phrase it in this way, because they are fake news when they need to be, and that's almost-always the case these days because truth is sorely insufficient to keep their political raft afloat.

We can assume that the Clinton plot was for the FBI to leak the dossier, otherwise Ohr wouldn't have been commissioned to bring it to the FBI. But the FBI's FISA warrant(s) didn't turn up anything that could convince the FBI to partake in good conscience with this scam. Comey therefore demanded from Steele that he not reveal his relationship with the FBI. Work with fire, get burnt. Thanks to Nunes, the FBI has been exposed with four applications to the FISA court using the dossier as though it were a reliable piece of work. Great shame, Mr. Comey, that's it.

So, we can either choose to theorize that the FBI didn't want to release the dossier because it didn't want to appear ridiculous for subscribing to it, or because it didn't want to reveal its political leanings at election time, or because it didn't want Hillary to win. In any of the cases, it yet used the dossier in high legal matters to its advantage exactly where the people had reason to suspect corruption.

It should be wrong to believe that this was an isolated case. It was likely going on under Bush, especially under Bush, for to control or kill the main bodies planning to expose 9-11. It was Bush who raised the spy powers. And that same circle of establishment Republicans passed their spy bill days before Nunes' memo came out, very suspicious, as though they either tried very hard to get it out before Nunes shot his gun, or Nunes agreed to wait until after the votes were taken.

It's not yet clear whether Ohr was commissioned by Fusion to make a request to the FBI to do the FISA thing for more possible dirt on Trump. To the contrary, the FISA applications may have been wholly a plot of the FBI, for FBI purposes, not for Hillary's election purposes. As the dust still floats about, I'm not yet sure which position to take. Yet the FBI was protecting Hillary after the election, attacking Trump to the raw bone in the meantime, suggesting complicity between the FBI and Hillary during her term in Obama's state department, and especially with Uranium One. It may be that Nunes' phase two centers on Uranium-One details. That's where Nunes will find Obama / Clinton collusion with Russia.

The great value of Nunes' memo is as per this claim, for one: "'The {intelligence community} has not made any judgment that the information in this [dossier] is reliable, and we did not rely upon it in any way for our conclusions," then-Director of National Intelligence James R. Clapper Jr. said in a statement in January." That was a year before Nunes came out with the memo. Clapper and Comey were lying. They did, they did, rely on the dossier...that they themselves were ashamed to put their names upon.

William Binney came out recently with a 99-page FISA work that was unclassified long before. I read that Judicial Watch had this work posted at its website. It concerned some beefs that the FISA court had with applications from the FBI and the CIA together, and, if not mistaken, National Intelligence too. All three and more were part of the applicants, one deadline I recall reading in this work was October 26, roughly the day before Comey came out to say that there was cause to re-open up the Hillary-email scandal. The names are redacted from this work, and so is the particular number of applications made. It's hard to say whether they pertain to Carter Page, but from what little I was able to read on my first attempt, it didn't seem like it to me. There is a question as to why Fox is not talking about this, and, perhaps, there is nothing sinister about it, perhaps to the contrary it was released as a protective measure to make the FISA court appear respectable, not as one that quickly rubber stamps all requests for spy capability.

Repeat: "On the night that I stopped [for coffee] in Victoria, I slept in a motel in Crystal City, not knowing that Miss Hicks attended church there. There were cockroach noises behind the wallpaper all night long..." Let me also repeat that while she hovered in the car in the dream while Hopfers are also Hoods, and while Hovers are also Hoffers, the Coffee's with "victoria" motto term are also Coffers. I'm repeating this because I've just looked up the Washington Free Beacon (not to be confused with Mr. Reines' Beacon company), the organization accused of starting the dossier. I have learned that Bill KRISTOL worked for this organization.

So, I ask you, what possible purpose would God have in providing a Sign at Victoria, for to link to Coffers, as well as providing the omen Sign the day before predicting my getting mugged that night? It could seem that we are to straighten out and listen to the Sign at Crystal City too. The latter involved the Papers/Papperwalls, which can be bonded to the piece of paper on Obama's billiard table that God claimed in yet another obvious Sign to be a PAGE. While I appreciate that Coffee's/Coffers use a "victoria" motto term as a Sign that God was yet conducting his strange work, I yet think there is more to it than just a Sign. Either the Coffers or the Victors/Victoria's are to apply here, I venture to guess, and it's first of all interesting that Victors can be gleaned as a branch of Fisks while the latter share the pyramid with Battistelli's, God's code for Christopher Steele. Again, it was Battistelli's song, "Write Your Story," that was used as a Sign to indicate that the piece of paper was to be viewed as per the Page surname. This was several months before we all know of Lisa or Carter Page.

The Papers/Papperwalls use carNATIONs while I am sure that Nations/Nathans are Rothschilds, and God then pointed to what seem to be Rockefellers in the roaches and the smoke on my vehicle. It makes a lot of sense for indicating that, ultimately, the masked imposters in the Intelligence communities march to the tune of the elite bankers we all dread and despise. The Paper/Papperwall chevron with lion heads is a reflection of the Battistelli chevron with three stars in the colors of the Bauer stars. The stems of the carnations can be code for Stems/Steins (Coffert faces?), and then Dutch Steins share the eight-pointed star with Batti's (Cremona), Stelli's and Rothschilds/Roddensteins/Ruthensteins, who smack of Rosensteins and Roddens/Rodhams.

So listen up, Mr. Nunes, and take care of your life, for the Rothschilds/Roddensteins use their arrow as a bend in both colors of the Rodden/Rodham, Smoke/Rauch, and Jewish Rothchild (no 's') bend. Both the latter's and the Smoke/Rauch bends rise toward the Shield's left side (rare, reserved). The same bend (rising right) is used by Stevensons (version of the Stein bend), explaining why they are STEENsons too, and then Stevens were first found in Gloucestershire with Papers/Papperwalls. My trip to Crystal City was a Sign. God is speaking, and he's telling us to listen, to acknowledge the evil. It could be that God is now wishing to strike down the Rothschild empire, to slice it's power in half, or maybe more. Unfortunately, they yet get to put food on their table.

Miss Hicks was hovering in a car while Hoffer liners were in Swabia, the theater of Zahringers, whom I trace with Zerrs/Zehrers, Sere's and Seers (version of Beacon Coat) to the Serio river at Crema (Lombardy). The Car motto appears to love these Sere liners. The Arms of Crema use antlers, the symbol of Zahringers. The Arms of Crema use exactly the Shield of rulers at Montferrat. The Chief-Shield colors are reversed from the same of Beacons/Bacons, and the letter use a motto term I suspect with Lombardy's capital. Miss Hicks car was on a beach, and Beach's use the vaired Shield of Clappers.

We saw Rothschild kin in Gloucestershire, which is where Tewkesburys were who married Arthurs of Clapton (Gloucestershire border). These Arthurs also married the Mede's that can now be suspect in the "MEDiocria" motto term of Beacons/Bacons, making Mede's suspect from Mediolanum (Milan). The Crem-like Grooms use the Chief/Shield colors of Crema, and moreover put a small shield in Crest with a single pile, as do Clappers, the latter sharing the sun with German Grimms. This is the first time that I can recall clinching Grimms with Crema. The Crone's/Crooms (strong Ceraunii suspects) are in Car colors, and I link Hicks' to Ceraunii-liner Crane's/Crauns. My trip to the coffee in Victoria linked to Miss Hicks at least loosely.

The Grooms even have the armored arm that's in the Arms-of-Cremona Crest. Perfect, and then the English Grime's/Grimms share the Coffert martlets and perhaps the three fesses of Beacon-loving Fullers. The three Coffert martlets are colors reversed from the three of Gormleys/Grimes', suggesting that even Gormleys were Crema / Cremona liners, but then why not also the Gorms/Blue's, first found in Arran with McCabe's! This is remarkable because McCabe's use a reflection of the Wasserman Coat while Debbie, the young lady at my party in Gormley, was looking like code for Debbie Wasserman. As I see Gorms with Worms while Worms share the crest of FORMans (more gold martlets, same as Grimms), by what coincidence do Formans use two fesses in the colors of the Nissan fesses, and in the colors of the two near-fesses of Debbie's (cinquefoil with stems). The Debbie cinquefoil was found traceable, earlier in this update, to the Pocket/Poucher and Portis/Porcher cinquefoil, and the Pockets use a giant one in the colors of the giant star of Griims/Gris', first found in Hampshire with Krume's and Nissans. It was the Nissan that developed black smoke in Crystal City, and Nissans almost use the left-rising Rothchild / Smoke/Rauch bend.

But, the big question is, how can we prove that God chose Crystal City for my one-night stay as code for Bill Kristol of Beacon? French Bacons happen to share the Pocket / Bus cinquefoil, and I do think that Bus' were Bush's. It was my estimation that George Bush invaded the Middle East for Rothschild benefits. Calvers, looked up as per the "calvary" symbol of Crystals, even share the Bush fleur. Why are the Forman martlets also the Cheney martlets in both colors? Cheneys love the Fate's/Feets who use these gold martlets in both colors of the Grimm/Grime / Coffert martlets.

I don't ever recall looking up the Stepps, until now, as per the steps of heraldic calvary. The Stepps are shown properly as Stepto's/StepTOE's/Steptows. I did tell readers that, as I was getting past Miss Hicks to sit on her left, I was looking down at the green color of her TOEnails. I probably would not have mentioned it but for the Tows/Touch's using a giant green lion, in both colors of the Sandals while she was wearing Sandals. Four days before sitting there, she told me that she had previously gone to church at Crystal City. On that phone call, she lured me to church that Sunday night by saying that her daughter was SINGing, though the daughter didn't sing, and she didn't even show up. Was that a Sign for Peter Singer of the Free Beacon? That night, she slipped me her own CD of her songs, at my request earlier in the day. That morning, she had sung a solo at church. I recall slipping the CD into my shirt pocket.

Aha! English Singers (beside the Sticks) share the Stick garbs, from the Traby-Astikas marriage, and the Arms of Traby is shared by BrzeZINski's, who thus look like a SINger / Siner/Singard branch. Recall from the top of this update that the Miss-Hicks dream had led to the Hoffer surname of Mika Brzezinski's former husband, while Mika's/Micks were traceable to Maccus of Man and their Seat-suspect Setantii Brigantians. Siners/Singards use a motto suspect with Biss' (same place as Michaels) who in-turn share the scallops of Sinners/Samsons. Siners/Singards/Saynors use a "Medio" motto term, and while Mediolanum is Lombardy's capital, the Biss' use two snakes "respecting each OTHER," looking like code for the Others (Seaton/Sitten crescents in colors reversed) from Lombard lords. Siners/Singards/Saynors may loosely be of the Saytown location of Setantii-suspect Seatons/Sittens.

Singers/Sangers are suspect with the Sangarius river of the Phrygians, who were also Brigians, and thus likely the later Brigantians. Sittens are also suspect as Sidonians of Laish. Modens and Arks were first found in the same place as the Other-descended Windsors, and Modane upon the Arc river is some 25 miles only from Brigantium.

Step-like Stephensons use the Step / Bush fleur in colors reversed. She was sitting directly beside the center isle, and Isle's/Eels' may be with a version of the Bush Coat. The eel is used by Clappers, the latter first found in Surrey with Scherf-related Shere's, potential Serio-river liners. Surreys are also Surrichs while Zurich is near the Zahringers of Baden.

Cheneys are suspect with the Chenay variation of Chaine's, which recalls that the medallion, broken off from its chain, had four links yet to its chain. I am about to explain why this medallion is being linked by God to the Bush's, and this apparent inclusion of Dick Cheney speaks to me of His 9-11 exposure. This is no jeep trick. I'm going to take a really-big jeb at this. The medallion was on the hood, and Miss Hicks was at the hood of her classic car (1950s model), and she was sitting beside me at the 9-11 memorial, as was Stanley, on the night that her knees spoke to me of some leak about to take place to expose 9-11. I don't yet know why the dream had a 1950's car.

Kristol was a board member for Keep America Safe, co-founded by Liz Cheney. Keep-America-safe was the movement birthed by 9-11 scammers.

"Readers of The Weekly Standard [founded by Kristol] incline toward loyalty: they have remained by Kristol’s side when he pushed for the invasion of Iraq, when he urged John McCain’s campaign to select Sarah Palin as the Vice-Presidential nominee, and when he grew appalled by the nativism of the Donald Trump campaign." It goes on to say that Kristol interviewed at least four men for to convince them to run against Trump as Independents, and one of those men, James Mattis, is now seeing too much of Trump and his agendas. Another one was Mitt Romney, which makes me more sure that Kristol was a Bush ally. In fact, Kristol was the chief of staff for Dan Quayle, the vice president of Bush Sr.

Kristol: "I really could make a case that the country would be better off with the Democrats running the House, because, if the Republicans aren’t willing to check Trump, someone has to." What is Kristol so worried about with Trump? His Middle-East policies? Does Kristol have assets in the Middle East that are pending on further intrusions by the military?

Kristol's Wikipedia article: "He also served as a foreign policy advisor for Senator John McCain's presidential campaign." Ned more be said. All the Republican war hawks hated Trump because his Middle-East policy slanted toward peace in the Middle East. Yet Trump catered to them anyway, at least in the beginning, though it's doubtful that Trump will cater to their specific desires by which they can seize the wealth they hope to seize. Why else did they murder Arabs if they didn't want to seize wealth? Suddenly, Kristol is becoming a suspect with the insiders of the 9-11 crime.

Although this original dossier from the Beacon was not the Steele dossier, it's possible that it's mainly a true story. Nunes has said that this work by Beacon's people wasn't the dossier, but he may have meant that it wasn't any significant part of, or not spinal with, the Steele dossier. I looked up the Free Beacon to see whether the St. Petersburg medallion on my JEEP could be code for JEB Bush, and have found this article written at roughly the day that I found it: "Oct 27, 2017 - President Trump claimed to have an idea about who had paid for the research originally (most likely Jeb Bush or Ted Cruz, others speculated), the real culprits have revealed themselves: The Washington Free Beacon, a conservative website closely aligned with the Never Trump movement. Representatives of the website told House Intelligence Committee they were behind the operation on [October 27]" (round brackets not mine).

The medallion was come across while writing in the middle of the 4th update in October, dated from the 24th to the 30th, suggesting that it was on the Jeep about the 27th, is that not a hoot?

As if to verify that I now have the Crystal-City interpretation with Mr. Kristol correct, the Cruz Coat is a red-on-gold cross, as is the Crystal cross! That looks like a hit. Mr. Nunes, please take out another arrow and a match. Aim it toward Florida and Texas. You have a Bush or two to set on fire as hot as satan's shadow set the twin towers ablaze.

The Cruz cross style is used in the red color also by Deacons, first found in Suffolk with Beacons. I'm a poet. Did they form similar surnames due to kinship? Deacons came up with Krume / Groom liners earlier, before they were clinched with Crema (Lombardy). Two motto terms of Deacons end in "que," both of which begin with "Utr," suggesting Uther Pendragon, the line from the Others/Otters of Lombardy. The Lombardy capital appears to be in the Beacon motto. Bachau is to the northern bank of the Trotus river while Trotts were first found in Berkshire, where Other-descended Windsors lived.

The otter is on the chevron of Balfours, which can explain why Arthur Balfour rose to prominence in Britain. We all know that Balfour was a partner with the British Rothschilds in establishing pagan / godless Israel. The Balfour Coat looks like a Coat version of the Calvers suspect in the Crystal calvary steps. Waddaya think? Is Kristol (Jewish) part of the Rothschild / Rockefeller gang? Didn't Rockefellers start Standard Oil, and didn't Kristol start Weekly Standard? Standards/Stannards (Stoner eagles) were first found in the same place as Beacons, and share the Bush eagles as well as a split-Shield linkable to the same of Schere's/Scherfs (roses with stems) and Scottish Lombards (GRIMaldi lozenges in someone else's colors?). Stanleys named Stonely.

It's important that Staners/STYNers (back to Stephenson suspects) use a reflection of the Annas Coat while Standard-possible Standish's (same place as Stephens) can be using the Annan(dale) saltire for a trace of Stan/Stand liners to the Ananes Gauls near or in Cremona. It's a good bet that Ananes lived in the Ceno river, the potential proto-Cheneys. The Ceno is a Taro tributary while Tarrs were first found in Somerset with Staners/Styners. The latter use a stork while stork liners (e.g. Store's) are suspect at the Stur river (Somerset theater). The Tarr pale bars are in the colors of the same of Sturs.

Recall that wallPAPER with roaches in Crystal City, for on the day I arrived there, I purchased both a newsPAPER and a coffee in Victoria. That all I did there, then drove off to Uvalde. The News surname was looked up for the first time as per that newspaper, but here I can say that it has the look of the Staner Coat in colors reversed, and that the News surname, sharing chaplet with Hicks, was first found in Cambridgeshire with Stanleys, Chapmans and Capone's. Stanley, who I think was either after adultery with Miss Hicks, or engaging in it, rarely came to our church, and, perhaps, he was attending the church in Crystal City that Miss Hicks had attended. The first time I saw Stanley was at our church's Christmas play, the night that Miss Hicks sang a solo. The only other solo she sang at that church was on the morning before I called her for the first time, when she said she had gone to church in Crystal City.

The News' use a Shield divided per saltire, which forms what others call a perchevron, or a solid chevron, and it's a red one, the color of the Chapman perchevron. The latter's CHEPman variation can be of the Chep variation of JEEPma's. It can therefore tend to prove that my purchasing a newspaper, something I don't normally do when traveling, was by God's direction to make by Jeep linkable to the Crystal City experience.

Kristol's Wikipedia article uses "Victorian" when mentioning his mother. Irish Victoria's use savages while French Savage's share the heart with Nations/Nathans suspect in the carnations of Papers/Papperwalls. I bought a newsPAPER in Victoria on the day I arrived to Crystal City, at which time I slept while Rockefellers made noises under the wallpaper. I'm sure they were drilling for oil under our houses while the world slept. I made it home more than 2,000 miles away without fixing the black smoke (bad gasoline mix, probably) out the TAILpipe in the morning, and the smoke problem just disappeared, anyway. Tails/Taylors share a black pale bar with Dutch Victoria's. Tailer-branch Tillers share the Nation/Nathan fesse, and Rex Tillerson was an oil / gasoline man, the CEO of Exxon. Amazing.

Why would God point to Tillerson in this event? Rockefeller man? There's got to be more to it than that, something more relevant to the current civil war (almost). I have come to glean that while God creates the events so that the particulars utilize surname connections as corroboration of his hand at work, there is also extra meaning in the events unfolding at this time as per an exposure of his enemies. Is "Rex" a Rauch entity? Rex's/Ricks are in Roach / Smoke/Rauch colors, as well as in the colors of the Ricket/Recket swords while Shots/Shute's use three swords in the same colors, and in the fesse-wise format of the three Roach fish.

German Tillers/Tile's share a single, upright and white arrow with Vests, so amazing, because God wants to convince someone that I'm not crazy. Whew. The News Crest: "A dexter arm proper VESTed PERCHEVRON gold and red gold holding a roll of silver parchment." It may signal that Vests are with the Rothschild / Nation/Nathan arrow. I kid you not that it may have been as little as two or three months since quitting my TILE store that I arrived to Victoria. Victoria's share the wyvern dragon with English Tile's. The VEST Coat recalls the TORSE around the WAIST of a man in the Wasserman Coat. Here's the Vest Coat: "The torso of a man dressed in blue, holding a gold arrow." We can see that the man has a chain or belt around the waist. Can't Vests/Vestens / Westons be of the Vechten variation of Victoria's? Can we better see thereby why I picked up a newspaper in Victoria?

The MAN we see in both descriptions reminds that while Crystal-like Christine's (share cups with Coffee's) were first found on the Isle of Man, God gave us the waist symbol of Christine Peare. Isn't it fun to try to guess where God is going with these clues? Crystals use a "Mens" motto term, as do Pipe-branch Pepins (all three Tiller colors), and the latter share "est" with Roach's. Coffee's/Coffers: "A MAN RIDING a green dolphin." Ridings/Readings were first found in Sussex with Cofferts and their Court/Covert branch, tending to identify Coffee's/Coffers as a Coffert branch. Courts/Coverts use a "GRANDescunt" motto term while my Jeep is a GRAND Cherokee. French Courts share the stars of Victoria's. Cords/McCourts share the red heart with, and the fesse of, Nations/Nathans.

When you become sure that God is providing these clues, ask why Coffee's share a fesse in the colors of the McCabe fesse? What could we imagine from Andrew McCabe in this mystery?

In my last year at the tile store, I flew out to see a friend in Vancouver Island, the main city of which is Victoria. Someone of the Victor bloodline needs to apply in the circle that produced 9-11. The friend was Mr. Bell, and while Bells share the Bellamy Shield, and while Bellamys were at PERCHE, suspect with the News PERCHEvron, Bellamys put three red crescents on their gold fesse, as do Tillers/Tylers. Didn't Mary Tyler-Moore work in a NEWSroom, as does Bill Kristol? By what coincidence do Borderlands Bells use a good refection of the Beacon/Bacon Coat?

I was on the island for eight days of sailing, in case that means anything. Late in the trip, we floated (with engine only) by the outer perimeter of a whirlpool, but the engine freakishly gave out no sooner after we passed the far edge. We were close enough to be sucked in, but another boat happened to see us, and for some reason, it came near us and towed us out. There's no way that anyone in that boat could have heard our small engine. The pilot of that boat must have been looking our way, seeing that we were not making any distance from the whirl. Was this a Sign for something today? We shall see.

It can be gleaned that Bell-like Bellows and Billets are using a version of the Beacon/Bacon and Bacon/Bacou Coats. The Bellows happen to use a "vita" motto term while the Vita annulet is definitely the Tile annulet in colors reversed. "Vita" is shared by Dolphins, and the latter are probably in the Coffee-Crest dolphin. I was still working a tile store while out with Mr. Bell those eight days. Buckets/Bouquets/Boquarts (Bag cinquefoils in colors reversed) share cinquefoils with Bacons/Bacou's/Bacquarts.

Siners/Singards share the dolphin of Dolphins (Dol colors) and have what could be the Dol fesse with the dolphin in place of the same-colored Dol whale. The "Medio" motto term of Siners/Singards can then link to the "Mediocria" of Beacons/Bacons because the latter use a motto term like the "Firmum" of Dolphins. We saw earlier why the Siner/Singard motto traces with Biss' to Windsors. As the latter use a motto in honor of Fiens, Dolphins/Dolfins look like a Dol-Fien merger.

The Irish's, first found in Shropshire, home of the Dol Alans, share the Dol fesse, and moreover are beloved in the "Irish cups" of dolphin-using Coffee's/Coffers. That works.

It would be interesting to see what the Free Beacon created as its dossier, and whether it was called a dossier at all. The article above says that the money bags of the FREE Beacon is Peter SINger. Singer's share the courant horse (both colors) of Free's. I predict lightly that Peter Singer is in cahoots with the circle of general Kelly, Trump's chief of staff and maybe a White-House spy on behalf of anti-Trumpers / war hawks.

I had a girlfriend, Kelly. I don't recall her surname. Her father was a song writer. One day while at their place, I asked God whether I will ever get into music, because, at my conversion, I saw a vision of the new me, a singer. I was unable to sing then, and for 15 years afterward, but I did eventually learn. Here's how I asked God that day. I was going to open the Bible, and put my finger wherever it landed. I didn't expect God to answer, but it landed on the verse, "you shall have a song." Why did this happen at Kelly's apartment? It was such a miracle. Yet nothing in this update on Singers / Siners/Singards shows a way for linkage to the Kelly surname. Was that day to point to John Kelly? What for?

Singers/Sangers/Songs use the Stick garbs, and Sticks were first found in Somerset with Coffers/Coffarys. Singers/Sangers use a horse in the colors of the Coffee/Coffer fesse, and in the colors of the Cafferty/Cafferys (knight) from FERMANagh. I checked into a motel at Crystal City, and there is a Motel surname sharing the horse of Cafferys, I figure, for Motels were first found in Taranto, and the Arms of Taranto uses a naked man on a dolphin, the Coffee/Coffer-Crest symbol. Taranto liners can be to Trents, first found in Somerset with Coffers/Cofferys. So, that day at Kellys appears to link to my trip through Victoria, and therefore to Bill Kristol (war hawk) and Peter Singer of the Free Beacon. Again, Free's use the Singers/Sanger horse suspect with the Caffery horse.

I have repeated (not making it up now) that my getting mugged in Galveston, at about 1 am on the day of being in Victoria (Texas), was a Sign centered around the keys of the Nissan, which the mugger ended up taking when God forbid him to start the Nissan. Otherwise I would have been without my shirt, wallet and vehicle some 2,000 miles from home. I had a spare key under the mat, which I was not in the habit of placing there, but, for obvious reason, God must have moved me to putting one there for this trip. I now read at Wikipedia that Bill Kristol was the campaign manager of Alan KEYES. The Keys/Keyes' use another red perchevron, the color of the News perchevron.

SonofNEWO is a firm believer that 9-11 was a hoax, and I await to see whether he finds a key for to reveal the ugly guts behind 9-11.

Why did they put steps on the calvary symbol? Not because they love Jesus' Crucifixion. Why do Stepps use the German Bush Coat exactly? I didn't have my red jeep yet while driving through Crystal city, but what I did drive was sold to Paul Smith when he lost his red Jeep, can you believe it? I think he totalled the Jeep in a car crash. The last time I saw Paul was in the home of Ray Luff, and the latter died in a car accident. It's put me to wondering whether Chris Wray and Jeb Bush will get together to kill Trump in a car accident? My Jeep's tailpipe needed some homemade fixing a few months ago, but, alas, in the last couple of weeks, smoke has started to pour out a crack.

This recalls that, on the day that a plow was first mounted to the Jeep, returning from where it was purchased and installed, I crossed train tracks, hit some ice, and swerved from side to side about a half dozen times, each time thinking I was going into the ditch. I mentioned this to readers, telling that I had my DENTist on my mind at the time. The Coffee's use a "proviDENTia" motto term, and Plows (Bush fleur?) use a dancette while Dents were first found in Yorkshire with Dance's. Dents were at SEDburgh, and Coffee's use a "providentia SED" motto phrase. Italian dance's/Donnas' are expected with king Donnus, grandfather of VESTalis, the one suspect with Waistells / Vests.

Earlier that night, I was slated to go see my sons. But the mechanics had dire problems installing the plow, taking about four hours longer than expected . I was driving north wondering whether to drop in, but a noise developed in the engine, which made me decide not to go. It was raining. The roads were not frozen until I got further north, two hours later. I told my kids that, had I come to visit them, I would probably have killed myself on the way home, because it would have been much later and colder. The noise in my engine saved me. The plow was so low to the road (about two inches up) that I asked the installers to pump the tires to the max at 44 psi. All four tires were like balloons, in other words, useless on ice. And the plow was front heavy, with no counterweight in the back. I see this swerving event as a Hint that a fatal or near-fatal car accident is about to take place. Trump seems to be the best theory, for Mr. Luff was overweight too. Paul's father is Peter Smith, and the Clintons had another Peter Smith murdered.

Mr. Trump needs to watch his own people, not trust any of them. He should remove anything in the engines of his vehicles that allow the military to turn the engines off or manipulate them in any other way. He should not announce where he will go, and he should go out far less these days. He needs spies to protect him, to discover anyone with plots against him, but he has given the spies more spy powers, and they are likely against him because he's failed to cleanse the spy organizations. I don't have any word from God on this, but consider getting rid of Wray, now, and arrest McCabe along with Rosenstein. Put their circle to flight. Make them very nervous about ganging together to plot your murder, Mr. Trump. If you procrastinate, maybe you need to prepare for murder. You need to spy on the Bush / Kristol circle as per a defensive, not political, move. Do you know that you can trust the NSA chief? You can't trust Wray, that's for sure. Replace him with one you can trust.

Recall the "riding" term in the Coffee description, for Ridings/Readings can be Rads, the latter sharing the Zionist star of Jeepma's/Cheps. It's the Rat Trap that God will trap, and Trapps/Trappers share the Bush-related bustard with Bustards. The latter use a version of the Bush Coat while Bush's share the black-on-white boar with Ridings/Readings. Remember my coffee in Victoria, Mr. Trump, the morning after my bad omen as I crossed from Louisiana into Texas. When seeing the omen, I had my video camera out. Code for prime minister Cameron? Why do Camerons use the five, bunched arrows in the Arms of Rothschild?

The omen was exactly the sun and cloud in the Jeffrey Crest, but compare that to the Tibbs Crest, for Tibbs' may be in the "tibi" motto term of Plows. Next, compare Plows with Holders and Dunhams, for Eric Holder and Barrack Obama-Dunham would truly like to see Trump dead. Did I almost wipe out immediately after crossing the train tracks? Yes, and Tracks (sun in Crest) may be using the Dunham / Singletary spear. Recall that Coffee's/Coffers look like a Court/Covert branch, for Curtis' use a version of the Holder, which itself has the Plow dancette. Courts/Coverts are the ones with a motto suspect with my Grand Cherokee. Curtis' (dancette) use "A farmer HOLDING over his shoulder a PLOWshare", and Farmers use a version of the Dance Coat.

I'll add that, when setting up the video camera of Miss Hicks, it was set up in front of my female barber (Mexican). There are two Barber surnames, one sharing the Lise / Larin Coat with maybe the double Perche chevrons. Barbers (same place as Curtis') share the red fleur of Smith's while the mother of Paul Smith is Barbera. The Lise's (Lisa Page comes to mind) are the ones with the rare lion looking over it shoulder, same as Morells suspect with CIA man, Michael Morell. Morells are in Lise / Barber colors, and first found in Northumberland with the other Barbers.

Why would God want to stress Jeb Bush and the Free Beacon when the lion's share of the guilt appears to be from Steele's relationship with Fusion? Was the Free Beacon part of the Steele deal too? Did Fusion take the work of the Beacon's conspirators, and slip it over to Steele? Sounds logical. But this revelation is about 9-11 too, which was foundational to the near-razing of the Middle East.

Back to the Balfours coming to topic with the Crystal-suspect Calvers/Carvers. The BalFOUR chevron was suspect with the FORney chevron, and Miss Hicks moved away to Forney. Elliots share the baton with the Balfour Crest, and "RECTi" with Crystals. Balfours share a "FORward" motto term of Seatons/Sittens, first found in the same place as Scoots, and the latter use a pen and the Penny greyhounds while Penns use "RECTum." Rickets/Reckets (Chute/Shute swords?) use "atQUE DECENs," smacking of Deacon liners. Were Penns (Cute plates) a branch of Cute- / MontaQUE-related Binneys / Bennys? Penn liners were from Panias/Banias at Laish, and that place may have been named by the Benjamites of Rimmon. Elliots and Crystals can be expected as Laish > Elis liners in merger with mythical Chrysippus, half brother of Laius.

The Balfour motto shares "FORward" with Seatons, and the latter were first found in East Lothian with Scoots. After I set up Miss Hicks video camera, at the 9-11 memorial, I went back to her, and asked, "is anyone sitting there"? I was pointing to the spot beside her.

"It's for my daughter [Geneva]," but if she arrives you can SCOOT OVER." I remember those words. Why? It looks like a Scoot-Hover combination, not forgetting that Hoods are Hoffer-like Hopfers while the medallion was on the hood of my Jeb Bush, so to speak. Arthur Balfour was, they say, a satanist prime minister of England around whom secret societies banded that eventually recruited Bill Clinton, for one. It's likely due to this British entity that Democrats care nothing for traditional / moral America. The goal of Democrats is to spoil / divide the people so as to weaken their powers over a corrupt shadow-government body every growing in power. Arthur Balfour is often linked to the British Rothschilds all descended from the banker, Nathan.

While the Arms of Dachau uses a sling SHOT, which connects to the Shots/Shute's due to Tax's/Dachs sharing their sword colors, Slings are also SINTZENhoffers/Schlings. The value here is that SINSONs (beside Buckinghamshire) are expected as Laish-liner Simsons, the latter first found in Buckinghamshire with Scoot-beloved Penns. The "Hazard" motto term of Seatons was suspect with a Has location (Albania) a little downstream on the Drin river from Krume, and as that's where I trace the makings of "HasMONean." CreMONA is suspect with its Mon entity that I see from king Monunius I (300 BC, in time to name Hasmoneans proper in Israel). We could expect Penestae at proto-Krume.

In the late 1980s, Miss Hick's husband, and their two sons, appeared in the Baytown Sun with the mascot, Spuds MacKenzie. It's a bull terrier, matching the British bulldog, essentially, in the Hicks dream. The MacKenzie/Kenneth surname uses "uro" while Hicks use "heure." The MacKenzie's/Kenneths ("SIC") use a giant stag head in the colors of the Stanley stag heads, and Stanley sat in my spot beside Miss Hicks after I got up and left. The MacKenzie/Kenneth motto term above makes this surname suspect with the SICKly stag that came walking up my driveway -- at the corner of the garage, where I park the Jeep -- with Mr. Kepke. The latter was gleaned as code for Mr. Trump aside from anything to do with the Kenneth surname, which happens to use a stag head in half the colors of the Tromp/Trump stag head.

"Sickly" was my term for this skinny-to-the-bones stag from the first time that I told the dream. To corroborate that it was sick, a bearded man on crutches followed the stag. He was suggested to be Paul Smith, another old friend, and it later turned out that Smiths use the cross, roughly, of Crutch's/Crooch's, a branch of Croce's/Cross' (potent cross, belongs to Scoot/Scougal liners) and therefore likely a branch of Cruz's and Crystals. In other words, that dream too could have been pointing from my Jeep to Jeb Bush and Ted Cruz's plots against Trump. The Skits/Skeochs, Skate's/Sheets and Chads (owners of the crutch-potent cross) use the potent cross in red, the color of the Cruz / Crystal cross. But no Kristol surname comes up. Scoots use "HAEC ORNant", and Smiths use the heron, symbol of Orne's / HAVERans. The latter were from Avaran HACHORANI Maccabee, the line to heraldic acorn shared by Dutch Tromps, Corners and Clauds/CLAUSELs.

To help prove that my Jeep applied to the dream, even though I didn't see the Jeep in the dream, Kepke was suspect with Keppocks and Jeep-like Keeps. Keppocks/Kipax's / Kepke liners were traced to "Syphax," a Numidian ruler, and Kenneths (share "itur" with Shaws) were traced to Kenza, a Numidian queen from the Aures area of the Shawia, wife of Idris (like "itur") of Morocco. "Syphax" was suspect to Spocks/Specks, who share a giant, two-headed eagle with Jeepma's/CHEPs (in the colors of the giant Tromp eagle). When seeing this dream as the viewer of events, I (Maccabee liner) was standing at the front of the garage. It's where the Jeep's plow sits.

"Never-Trump Loudmouth Bill Kristol is among high profile GOP elite linked to the Washington Free Beacon's hiring of Fusion GPS to dig up dirt on Donald Trump during the 2016 election." Yup, but the loud-mouthed Democrats with forked tongues want to pin the whole thing on Republicans so badly while ignoring the FBI scandal out this past week, where it's obvious that the FBI worked with Fusion's conspirators. Kristol may be a RINO, but Democrat activists are all swamp HIPPOcritics, in dire need of common morality and consistency. They don't show signs of even wanting to be cured. They will not stop until their errors are deemed truths for all to live by.

On Sunday night, neither Fox news or Drudge loaded in the same five-minute period that they were loaded, but Google, youtube and houseofnames loaded instantly at the same time. Expect Google to begin playing unfair to make anti-FBI sites less Internet-friendly.

The Republican overseers of justice say that they are trying to restore American confidence in the justice system, but are they prepared to lie to the people, to give them a softer picture of the harsh reality, to say that all is now well again when in fact the serpent remains alive and well in the grass? Beware those Republicans, pay no attention. Republicans are excited about the Inspector General's report, now imminent, but I fear a soft attack on the FBI that will disappoint.

Here's Trump Jr. looking wholly sincere and rational, no games coming out of him:

Suddenly, contemporary with the announcement to release the dossier, and/or with the tax cuts, take your pick, the Republicans are rising in the polls, and the DNC is said to have crashed financially. So, the best thing we should hope for is that the liberal media continue to ignore the core of the memo, for in this way they show themselves to be the utter stupids that they are. No one is calling them stupid but their own actions. I've caught some of their shows, but have not once heard them talking about the fact that the FBI did not inform the court that the dossier was paid for by Hillary Clinton. That is the core of the matter, yet the utter delinquents talk about how terrible Nunes is for revealing this fact. It's laughable.

Why bother arguing with them? They are intent of being jerks, so be it, let them. We don't need to speak a word to defeat them, they are doing fine all their lonesome to cover one another with death. Insanity will come upon them all. Their end will be like Korah's rebellion. The earth will swallow them up alive. It is coming, they are evidence that prophecy is a fact to be expected. Their antagonism, and their projecting their own sins on others, will roll over them on Surprise Day. Good riddance, or we will all be infected with their poisonous and twisted minds. Be normal, be happy. Sing a song. Sing ten of God. Dance.

"Comey himself told Congress the dossier was 'salacious and unverified,' yet he was [earlier] secretly willing to use it in court against Page." How do liberal media play that one? They don't. They just ignore it. The deep state is more than the FBI. It goes out to a solid 30 percent or more of contributing, activist, American masses. This cannot be defined as anything less than a grand conspiracy amongst those with evil attitudes. The hope is that some 10 percent of Democrats will refuse to be a part of these bad attitudes, and maybe not vote Democrat in the coming elections. It's enough if they simply stay home, allowing a Republican victory. But even that's not enough because Republicans are divided between moralists and money seekers, and moreover Republican leaders have quite a few war hawks that promise to escalate the Middle East to an Armageddon scenario.

The tweets of John Brennan (ex-CIA chief) serve to expose him as a conspirator. It is so easy now to see with clarity who the conspirators are, because the entire lot of them are seeking to put out valid arguments in defence of Comey when in fact the arguments are expository. Anyone with ant sense can see where these bad guys stand. Brennan: "I had many fights with Congressional Dems over the years on national security matter. But I never witnessed the type of reckless partisan behavior I am now seeing from Nunes and House Republicans. Absence of moral and ethical leadership in WH is fueling this government crisis.” The partisan attitude of the FBI doesn't bother him a bit, you see, so that he is merely projecting Comeys guilt upon the Nunes' side. He is part of the leadership of the laughable clowns, so very sad because these guys once controlled the spy agencies and reported their lies and craft to the White House near-daily. They considered themselves higher and more influential than the presidents because their job was to influence presidents. We are watching that very thing unfold with only the FBI.

We wonder what Pompeo will say. Is he staying home these days? Is he wearing a fake mustache so that media people don't recognize him. Come out, come out, wherever you are, Mr. Pompeo. Tell us what you think about Rosenstein and Comey. Although Pompea blasted Comey for his handling of the Hillary-email scandal, the Nunes memo is an attack on the FISA court, which, I assume, is needed by the CIA too.

Is it wrong for Trump to ask Pompeo to spy on the FBI? The Washington Posts of the liberal world say, of course. But I say that if the FBI is run-amuck, unwilling to give up the peoples' documents for seeking to hide criminality, it is justified to use someone else's spy powers to uncover the realities. Is Pompeo willing? Is Trump the only elite without his own spy machine? Does that look right? Yes, for the liberals, it looks like the right thing. Shouldn't Republicans stop attacking Mueller and start biting on Pompeo's pants? Mr. Pompeo, have you decided to come to the aid of your president? Have you applied to the FISA court to spy on the Wray FBI? Will you abandon your president to the liberal dogs wanting to tear him apart? That's why the Republicans should behave like dogs at Pompeo's pants. Give us your position on this FISA matter, Mr. Pompeo. Will the Fox go ask him the all-important question? Or is the Fox the puppet of the CIA? Are the two not both war hawks? Yes.

For a comprehensive revelation on the hood's meaning, see sub-title, "Hicks Hood Finally Deciphered," in the 4th update in March, 2019.


For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God

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