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February 6 - 12, 2018

Back-to-Back Dreams This Week
Fly-on-Web Dream Looks Like a Child-Molestation Theme
Is Hope Hicks Spinning a Strand of Web?
Fleets, Flecks, Fulks were Strict Flavian-Dragon Liners, Who Would Have Guessed
Crazy: Smoke in Crystal City is God's Finger Toward Shooting of Steve Scalise

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Remember the staged Charlottesville crash? SonofNewo learned of court documents proving from a street camera that the attack car approached the crash area 75 seconds before the crash. In fact, SonofNewo personally discovered in a video, before the court case took place, that the crash car approach 75 seconds earlier. This in itself threw a huge curve into the official story. NOBODY, not one soul, reported to the media that the crash car arrived that early. And no one reported that, after it first arrived, the car backed up more than a block so that it was seen backing up on the street camera. This is what was reported in the court case of the accused.

SonofNewo reported on this backing-up a couple of weeks ago. But this week, he has come out to say that a prominent reporter told him that a second camera has a street view even closer to the crash site, but that the FBI is in possession of it, yet has not delivered this footage to neither the lawyer of the accused, nor the prosecutor's attorney...not even to the local police. Doesn't that make the FBI complicit with the hoax? You decide:

I don't recall hearing from Newo that he checked the store to assure that it did have a street-view camera installed.

I can't recall the name of the one who caught the car going down the street to the crash. He had worked for the state department. He was standing exactly, or almost exactly, in view of the camera above that supposedly has the footage in the possession of the FBI. He was standing where the attack car arrived to, 75 seconds before the crash, yet in his video, the car did not back up, but drives down the road toward the crowd. One can assume that he was not standing there 75 seconds earlier, but then we should like to know where he was at that time? In other words, if he was on that same street 75 seconds before the crash, then he should have seen the car arrive initially. But he never did testify to such a thing in his media reports. I expect this man to be an insider. He knew the car arrived 75 seconds before the crash.

The footage in the possession of the FBI, if in fact this is true, would have caught, in all likeliness, the early approach. That's because another video (not a street-surveillance camera) caught the car cruising 20-30 mph past the intersection that is just two stores from the camera. At that speed, we would expect the car to reach that second store before stopping. What did it do after passing the store? How far down did it go? How long was it there? Did it ask a fellow insider whether the hoax was a green light at that moment? Did it really back up, or are the authorities fabricating that part to make the event appear to be 1st-degree murder? Court documents claim that after backing up, the car was put into forward gear, at which time it rammed the crowd.

It wouldn't be surprising if Newo has follow-up eventually.

While Palestinians are suffering shock and dismay with Trump's direction in Israel, the following headline is all we need to see to figure who's side the pope is on: "Pope Francis Welcomes Turkish President Erdogan in Vatican to Discuss Status of Jerusalem". Ahh, the pope wants to signal to the Palestinians that he's supporting them. Erdogan is a chief enemy of Israel these days.

Turks are still involved in military ventures into Syria in the Carchemish area, where Isaiah 10 places a successful anti-Christ prior to his successful invasion of Israel. Isaiah calls him an Assyrian. Daniel 11 has him invading Egypt successfully before he takes Israel, yet this doesn't seem realistic from either the Kurds or the Sunni Arabs, both of whom live in what was once the Assyrian empire, unless some stronger power comes to their aid. At this time, the United States has alliances with both the Sunni and the Kurds of Assyria. Bluntly, I cannot sharply predict a Russian anti-Christ in this current situation. One shot-in-the-dark option is that Trump joins the Russians in Syria to permits a Russian column to gain authority in the region, which then gets out of control in seizing it militarily. But at this time, we cannot imagine Trump a willing partner in the invasion of Israel. A Democrat president, who would be loved by both pope and Palestinians, would change this scenario to a favorable one for the rise of the anti-Christ.

Although Isaiah 10 can be taken as speaking on the Assyrian king of ancient times, it seems to me that God took the opportunity at that time to give a prophecy of the end times using the ancient king as somewhat of a secondary fulfillment of the prophecy. But as that king did not successfully invade Jerusalem, I see the prophecy in the end times, for Isaiah's end-time prophecy in his 13-14th chapters calls the anti-Christ an Assyrian (14:25).

After Isaiah 14:25, we learn that the Philistines, whom we can gleans as either the Palestinians if Gaza and/or Jerusalem, will suffer when the anti-Christ invades. It seems to me, according to the current situation, that Gaza will support this invasion but that the Palestinians at Jerusalem will not for obvious reason of having their lives sorely upset by severe war and occupation. Verse 29 then begins to speak on a serpent, Revelation's kings of the east, apparently, who are allowed to attack from the north to destroy the anti-Christ's forces in Israel. The last verse tells us why the latter invasion comes, on behalf of Zion, because the anti-Christ made it his chief issue.

Last week was a great thumping week for pro-Trumpers. But there was a sense of small disappointment with Nunes' memo, because it wasn't bad enough. Pro-Trumpers, as well as some like me, want to celebrate a lot more damage to the liberals in Intelligence. We are waiting for phase two, three, four...thirty. You can't give us enough phases, Mr. Nunes. I don't know if I can go cold-turkey this week. Can you please step on the gas? Never mind about whether your memos are fit for the liberal media; they will never applaud your work. No need to tweak your memos for satisfying the FBIers that oppose you, let them have between the eyes fast. And why only memos? How about a hundred pages next time.

Here's an early-week development, from some classified papers fed to Fox, telling that Hillary's campaign contributed to Steele's research for the dossier. As the redacted documents don't allow Fox to determine whether Steele used any of Hillary's contributions, it raises the legitimate need to get the answer, meaning that the people are justified is demanding unredacted copies of this work. If the DoJ refuses to give unredacted forms, it's just burying itself further with self-inflicted death. If that sounds like a thump on my part, it is, gladly.

From the above: "The memo from Grassley and Graham, which is now public for the first time, provides new insight into Steele’s circle of contacts during that time. While heavily redacted, the memo states Steele said he received information that came from 'a foreign sub-source who 'is in touch with (redacted), a contact of (redacted), a friend of the Clintons, who passed it to (redacted).'" As Steele was involved in American politics, a foreigner trying to influence the election by the will of Hillary herself, the people have the right to know who the redacted were.

Who redacted the names, Grassley, Graham or the FBI? As this is a memo from the Republicans, it could seem that the Republicans redacted it. Yet the article says: "Entire sections of the memorandum were redacted by the FBI on the basis that it contained classified information, though a review of the document shows the FBI redacted references to media reporting, including a Washington Post story available on the Internet." Ahh, that sounds as though the media were dishing out false information that the FBI wishes to cover up. Step-by-step, the FBI digs its own grave. "The senators are asking that the FBI and Justice Department 'immediately review the classified referral in light of [Friday’s] declassification and provide the Committee with the declassified version by no later than February 6, 2018.'" Oh goodie, we may not need to go cold-turkey for too long. We are addicted, give us more highs, we like it. Feed your chicks, Republicans. Toss it out by the buckets, let it shower down like confetti.

Here's a video put out by the Washington Post. It's very short, and has a woman claiming that, wow, the FISA court approved the spy request four whole times, evidence that Comey had a real good case to make against Carter Page. It's called spin, and to spin a reality into fake news so that it sounds true, she's got to leave some things out. Guess what she left out? She didn't mention that Hillary paid for the dossier. What kind of reporting is this, to leave out the most-important part of the story? She left out the corruption part. She didn't tell her listeners that Steele had prepared propaganda for Hillary, and that the FBI knew it. That's the Washington Post for you, unworthy news:

Nunes probably would not have declassified the memo had not the Democrats paid for the dossier. If Steele had prepared the dossier as an independent, without political bias, then there is less a case for criminality. One would then need to first prove that the material in the dossier was known by Steele to be false, but even then the FBI could argue that it didn't know. The crime here is that the FBI knew the dossier to be a Clinton product for election purposes. No one has disputed this. The CNNs are not disputing this. The crime does not revolve around Carter Page; it could have been anyone else. The point of corruption is where the Hillary-purchased dossier was about Trump, and not his team members or anyone else, and where the FBI used it at least primarily (i.e. if not wholly) to gain spy powers on an American citizen. If the CNNs of the world are not talking about that, shut them off, they have no validity. They are unworthy of your ears. They are skirting the crime.

It's because Hillary and the Democrat party purchased the dossier that Nunes felt compelled to release the memo. The memo's release is not a breach of national security; it is a means to expose the federal police chief who was not providing national security, but rather was trying to elect corrupt woman to the White House. Comey new full well that Hillary paid for the dossier, which purchase is a crime in itself, apart from anything to do with a FISA application, if the material in the dossier was known to be false. By all appearances, because even Comey said that the dossier was garbage, the FBI winked and colluded with her crime, and he committed another crime for purposes not yet known (there are options).

There are some morons out there saying that it's really not so bad that the FBI pushed a political product for obtaining spy powers. Imagine that. These are not kids, but seasoned journalists. Try to image their attitudes if Trump had purchased the dossier to ruin Hillary? Try to imagine their outrage had the FBI taken a Trump-purchased piece of garbage in order to spy on Hillary's election supporters.

The Democrat talking heads are warning that, should Trump get Rosenstein fired, they will take to the streets and riot. Nothing could be better for the elections soon to come. Imagine. Those in the wrong tearing up the streets. Here is a good definition of the shadow government: "Former CIA counterterrorism official Phil Mudd: The FBI people 'are ticked' and they'll be saying of Trump, 'You’ve been around for 13 months. We've been around since 1908. I know how this game is going to be played. We're going to win'". The definition of "deep (entrenched) state" is: we've been around since 1908, a lot longer than any president. We know how to manipulate any president.

Mudd says what I know but what the cautious Republicans are hiding: "There are hundreds of agents and analysts working on this investigation. It’s not just Christopher Wray, the FBI Director." It's not just the very top of the FBI, but hundreds of influential others now coming to Comeys defence. More, there have got to be thousands of FBI employees who are on Comey's side, for we can expect that every Democrat voter in the FBI is likely to support this war against Trump. yet he goes around saying that all the other FBI people, in lower levels, are good people. Gingrich wrong again this week: 98 percent of FBI agents are good guys. This is playing it cautiously so that the FBIers don't rise up and start a major schism, but, the truth is, they are not good people necessarily. There are stubborn, immoral Democrats too. This could get out of control into a civil war, because the only remedy is to nip hard against the FBI, at which time the Democrat side will scream dictatorship. They are threatening a civil disturbance as we speak.

It's a good time to call the Democrat bluff, because, if they cause disturbances, the Republicans can release more crimes until the disobedience of the counter-attack starts to cost the Democrats too much to make that action worthwhile.

Here's Mark Levin saying that he'd like to get Obama's daily briefing records because it's a sure bet that Obama knew about the FISA warrants at issue from the briefings. To put it another way, it's time to go after Obama:

I just want to report a dream I had as I slept this Tuesday morning. A fly got caught, in my bedroom, on a strand of a spiders web, and as it tried to walk along the strand away from a fat spider chasing it along, I slipped a piece of cardboard between the two to save the fly. I was on my bed. Immediately, as I was laying down on my back, I felt something wiggling in my armpit. It must have been the fat, menacing spider. I tried to get up, but could not. It was awful. I tried to get up, but was paralyzed. Then, as it got unbearable, I realized I was sleeping/dreaming. That is, I became semi-conscious.

Save the fly from the spider, get attacked by the spider. Is the spider the FBI? It strikes me here that "spider" is like "spy." Is the web a symbol of the FBI's world wide web spider? Watch it, Mr. Trump, the FBI is in your armpit listening to everything you say. Republican voters are itching for the war to begin, to call the Democrat bluff. But will Trump play cautiously, to avert the escalation of passions on both sides? Isn't that allowing the spider to live under our armpits forever? Take a vacuum cleaner out, Mr. Trump, and suck that thing out and trap it in the bag.

On Monday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Hannity,” House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes (R-CA) stated that “we’re going to try to ask the court whether or not they will provide the transcripts” of the four court proceedings regarding the surveillance of Carter Page.

The answer from the court will tend to reveal on whose side the FISA court stands. If the court is itself guilty of granting www spy power to Comey, it won't release the transcripts. If Nunes can force the transcripts out on this Page issue, why not also get transcripts of Mueller's FISA applications when he was the FBI boss? Remember, I shot the PAGE as a PAPER plane into the corner pocket when on Obama's billiard table, and there was hint in the dream that the billiard hall was partially owned by Loretta Lynch. The last update showed that both a newsPAPER and wallPAPER, as with the Paper/Papperwall surname, is a Rothschild-Rockefeller entity.

Here is Nunes on Hannity, where I can see nothing dishonest about him, not even a stretch:

Keep in mind that Nunes' memo is only on a Carter-Page plot; the Obama administration is guilty of so-much more.

Dream Proves to be from God

Hmm, I've just looked up the Fly surname (use this extra page to load other Coats) in case that dream was from God, and while is uses a reflection of the Bush Coat, it also shares the FOOTless Cheney martlets. And the "fato" motto term of Cheneys has got to be for the martlet-using FEETS/Fate's. "FootLESS" can be part-code for Less liners, and it just so happens that English Lise's were first found in Hampshire with Fly's and English Josephs. The Fly / Cheney martlets are colors reversed from the same of French Josephs.

The fly was on a strand of web, like a string, and the fly crest uses string: "A cubit arm in ARMOR eRECT proper holding in the GAUNTlet a gold hawk's lure stringed red." Hmm, Obama's grandfather was of the Armour surname. In fact, zowie, his name was STANLEY Armour Dunham while Stanley at the 9-11 memorial held the American flag as he sat beside Miss Hicks. he then went on stage with the flag. And Fly's are said to be from "flagi"!!! The Strings share the eagles of Bush's and GHENTs (Hampshire), in Fly colors and format to boot.

This recalls the morning when a webpage would not load smoothly. It started to load (I was on dial-up service) from the top, and stopped loading when it reached a black spot on Obama's forehead. It looked like a bullet between the eyes, but as it continued to load, it turned out to be a fly. There are youtube videos with flies on Obama in other photos. So, now what? Do we interpret that fly in the dream as Obama, with the spider chasing him? Or do we interpret the fly as Obama's enemy pestering him, with the spider as Obama? The latter interpretation seems best.

I kid you not, that I had a twitch in my right ARM that was DEFINITELY code for Stanley Armour Dunham, and that twitch started in my upper back, on the right side, then went down into my right arm, and the spider in the dream last night was under my right armpit, I kid you not. The String eagles are also the eagles of Stanley-possible Staners/Standards. The twitch was at the shoulder blade, and heraldic shoulders are suspect with Schultz's, the surname of Debbie Wasserman.

Armours use "A hand holding a squire's helmet." Twitch's/Twiggs use: "An esquire's helmet." Poindexters use "An esquire's helmet proper." Esquers use a white coney rabbit.

The piece of paper / page on Obama's billiard table had a small arch. After I shot the page into the pocket, Obama appeared in the back yard with a dark suit. I never said it was black, but always said it was dark. One day after the dream, I recalled that Darks are also d'ARQUes' / Arcis'. I can now say that the Dark Crest is an ARM, the Armor symbol. The Darks are said to be of FOLKEstone, and Arques is a few miles from Debbie-possible Dieppe. Flys were first found in the same place as Debbie's. Folks/Fulke's were first found in Norfolk with Flags/Flecks (and Dunhams) that must be of the Flagi entity of Flys. Fly-beloved Strings (Strong eagle, probably) are said to be from Fulk of Eaton. Eatons once showed the same cross design as Flag-loving Samsons. The double Flag/Fleck fesses are those of Stanley- / Standard-suspect Stans/Stands.

Now that Page is central in the news, I've got to take him more seriously as the page on Obama's billiard table. What could it mean that I, and not someone else in the dream, shot the page into the corner pocket? I saw the page with arc in it, which was seen above as a code for Obama, though I'll probably find that it was code for something else too. Obama wore a dark SUIT while riding a skateBOARD on an arched ramp, and Suits are listed with Sewers/Suters (version of the BOARD Coat) as evidence that the dream was from God, for I missed all the red balls (scratched) when shooting the page straight into the pocket, a sewer. Why did I stick cardBOARD between the spider and fly?

"Sewer is a billiards slang term that is a part of Pool Table Terminology. Sewer is another term for a pocket, that is commonly used by players in disgust when describing a scratch shot. It is named as such that players liken it to the cue ball going down a sewer".

Compare the Board Coat to the Tankerville Coat (SUTHERland stars?), for Tankerville's (Donkey cinquefoils) are said to have married D'Arques. The Chamberlains (donkey) use a version of the Tankerville Coat, and that strongly suggests Chambre on the Arc river, and nearby Chambery. I saw the dream's spider in my bedroom, which, in Italian, is a camera, a form of "chamber." Chambers were first found in Savoy, which is the Arc-river theater. There must have been some clever thing happening when Rome liners gave themselves a Room variation, for their Coat is like the Scottish Chamber Coat (suggests a Rome/Room merger with Chambre elements). Camerans use three bends colors reversed from the same of Sturs.

Tankerville's were from a Tanerdevilla location that may have been from the Tanaro river, a tributary of which is the Stura Demonte. Stura liners can easily be of the Suits/Suters.

Chamberys (Denbighshire, same as Scottish Chambers) use an arm in armor, the Armour symbol. Darks/D'Arques' use a purple arm while Fonda's/Font-de-VILLE's (may have named TankerVILLE's) use a purple FLAG. The "FUNDavit" motto term of Chambers may be partly for Fonda's, and partly for the Scottish king, David I (grandson of king Duncan), who descended from the Donkeys / Duncans.

Duncans are DunCHADs, and I had found a way to resolve that they did descend from St. Chad, important here because Chads (same place as Skate's) use the potent cross of Skate's (as per the skateBOARD) while Boards use the Chaddock / Chadwick Coat. The "funDAVIT" of Chambers use fleur-de-lys (lilies) in the colors of the lilies of French Daviots/Davis'. These Chambers also use "AlTISSimus" while Tiss' were first found in Hampshire with Flys.

I didn't check Webbers until now, and they share the Fly fleur! The fly was on a string or strand of a web! That clinches the dream from God. The Webber Crest: "Two ARMs holding a blue DISK [!!!] on which there is a gold fleur-de-lis." If the disc is code for Tiss-like Diss'/Dice's, they use eagles in both colors of the Strong eagle, and moreover Diss'/Dice's were first found in Suffolk with STRAND(er)s and STANDards (share three spread eagles with Diss'/Dice's). Dice's are suspect with Dyke's and Decks, the latter using the red squirrel of SQUIRE's (the Armors use a Squire's helmet).

Duncans use the motto, "Disce pati".

I'll get to the Strands, but first, lookie: the Cards, as per "cardboard," share a blue-on-white lion head with Cubits/Cupits, the latter in the "cubit arm in armor erect" of Flys (near the first Pellets). Flys use pellets (black roundels) while Pellets use CUPs. And while Cubits/CUPits use "Two hands issuing from cloud battling with scimitars", Cards use a hand from a cloud (holding a letter). The Rickets/RecKITTs, suspect with the "erect" of Flys, share the scimitar. It appears that God used cardboard to make a strong link to Flys, which helps to verify that he gave this message to us. And, of course, isn't this Jesus himself?

I forgot something that just came to mind. How many times have you heard a housefly flying in the dark? I can recall just once. And it was the night before I saw a fly on Obama's forehead in the news. My bedroom was black, and a fly (sounded large) above me sounded like it was hovering, like a helicopter. Black helicopters came to mind, which, in social media, are a police-state symbol. It appears that God set that fly up just before He knew I'd see one on Obama's preparation for this latest dream. But while the heraldry is clicking, I'm not sure how to interpret / predict the dream as per real events. Is Jesus going in to kill Obama? Why did that fly look like a bullet to his head? The page stopped loading with half the fly showing, but one couldn't make it out as a fly yet. It was just a black spot on his head.

What was the meaning of my putting the cardboard in front of the spider as it chased the fly down the strand of web? I didn't see the outcome because there was this immediate and large wiggling, or more like repeated jumping / thumping, in my armpit. I'll assume that this was code for Twitch's/Twiggs (share the helmet of Armors), although my shoulder-area twitch has long been gone. I wonder, was that twitch code for Obama, Poindexter and Debbie Wasserman Schultz together?

The Strand Coat looks simple, but it's packed with surname code: "Blue shield, a savage crowned and wrapped in ivy, holding a club proper in his DEXTER and resting the CLUB on his SHOULDER, and his sinister hand resting on his HIP. He is STANDing on a green terrace with a silver stream flowing through it." The savage is the "man" in the Wasserman Coat, and the shoulder is code for Schultz's, suggesting that God may have used the web strand to point to Debbie Wasserman's involvement of some crime(s). And while the Wasserman Coat looks much like the McCabe Coat, the latter share salmon with Strand-beloved Clubs. Salmon use salmon too, and Salemans/SALIANs get us to the String fleur-de-lys again. Clubs/Clobbe's can be gleaned with "CLOVis," son of CHILDeric, a SALIAN king, for Clubs share the colors and format of Childs. Savage's are from SAVIGliano, on/off the Tanaro river.

The only problem is, I can't known for sure whether God meant the web strand to be code for Strings or Strands or both. The strand was up at the ceiling's corner area.

"Write your STORy" was singing on my speakers as I saw that the STRand "STReam" could be code for Sturs / Storys and Reams together, for I had previously not found a Stream-like surname. Reams (remiGANDun") happen to use white-on-green, the colors of the Strand stream. There are two Storan surnames, one listed with STARmounts while Stars/Starmans use more white on green. Stars/Starmans were first found in Wiltshire with Webbs (!) and the other Storans/Storms/Sturmys, and "Storm" is like "Stream" and some Stur variations. Stars/Starmans share the eye with Battins/Badens (!), first found in the Stur-river area, and that could mean that Battins/Badens were BATTIstelli liners. Storms (not Stormys) share three fesses in red with Sturs. The Battin/Baden eye traces to Eye, a location beside Diss, and Diss'/Dice's share the Strong eagle in both colors.

Just look at what Battistelli did this time. It tends to verify that the web had a strand for Strzok liners. "StrZOK" was somewhat suspect with the Soggs, first found in the same place (beside the Stur river) as Flys.

So, now the wonder is whether the spider is code for the Strzok circle that goes after Obama. It could be that Obama had Strzok demoted. The dream in Obama's billiard hall ended with his being upset with an employee, and I saw this man's back (he was crouched low), as though his back was emphasized. Backs/Bachs were first found in Styria, like the Styre variation of Sturs, and Welsh Bachs were first found in the same place as Chamberys. As Chambre is on the Ark river, let's add that Obama's disappointment / quarrel with the crouched man came immediately after Obama was on the arched ramp.

The Strand codework (includes a hip) is interesting as per Scalia being shot in the hip. If we view the dexter code with Poindexters, I come to the murder of Scalia. If I view it as code for Dexters, which it likely is, the Dexters were kin of shoulder-using Parrs (both from king Pharnaces of Pontus), explaining why the two use similar Coats, the Parrs using double fesses in the colors of the double pale bars of Cindys/Cuntys, the latter suspect with the attempted murder of Steve Scalise.

[I didn't realize until the day after writing here that "paralyzed" can be double code, one for Parrs, and one for the Lise's, first found in Hampshire with Flys, and using pale bars in the colors of the Parr fesses. I was paralyzed with what seemed like the spider in my armpit. Flys use fleur-de-LYS as code for Lise's/Lys'. As per armPIT, the Pitts were first found in Dorset, the Stur-river and Poole area, beside Hampshire. And can we believe it, Pitts use a stork in Crest while Dorset is beside the Wiltshire Stars/Starmans and Stur liner Storans/Storms/Sturmys. It's as though God chose the armpit to help prove that stork liners were Stur liners. The Stork surname shares acorns with Corners/Garners.]

Cindy Richardson on second base became suspect with Steve Scalise (shot at second base) partly because Cindys/Cuntys use their pale bars in the colors of the single ladder, acting as one pale bar, of Scalia's/Scalise's. Shortly after I saw Cindy at second base, she entered the pizza restaurant with her parents, where I was the waiter that night, and I served them. Steve Scalise was probably shot because he was investigating PIZZAgate.

We are still waiting for Trump to do the right thing, investigate how the FBI created a false-flag event at the shooting of Steve Scalise. The online video of the shooting shows obvious signs that it was a production on another day rather than the real shooting on the day that Scalise was shot. The video was staged by the insiders, and Jeff FLAKE (hates Trump) was a part of that hoax, for he can be seen in the video as the first man out to Scalise, who looks like a bag at second base rather than a person. If it's not a bag, neither was it Steve Scalise. The video does not zoom in on whatever was at second base, for obvious reason that it wasn't Scalise.

Let's go back to the Strand savage with hand resting on a hip. Hipps' are suspect with the Deck/Dagger Coat, and with the APSus river of the Dexaroi as well as the Hypsas river (Sicily) that was also the Drago, the line to Drake's (same place as Flys) that love the Flys in their motto. The Dragons/Drainers (helmets) were from the Drin river, near the Apsus. It can suggest that Drin-river elements were at the Drago.

I trace Has on the Drin to Hasdrubal of the Numidians / Carthaginians, and the Draco river faces their area of Africa. Numidians were in Kent, where Dragons/Drainers were first found. Has liners are suspect to Hazels, first found in Cheshire with the related Weavers, a Webber branch. Flys use the Webber fleur, and the Fly's in the Drake motto are disguised cleverly as the Mosca's/Muscas' that married Montechiaro, near the Drago. Obama's Dunham / Armour line was from Cheshire's Masci's, at Dunham-Masci, and Hamons (Kent) use "DISCrimini" while Webbers use a hurt but call it a disc.

I am reminded that, on the 9-11 memorial in 2002, Miss Hicks sang a great song, which I had never heard before. I assume she wrote it. I liked it so much that I hollered. When she came back, I said, "You even had me going" (exact word, I remember them). I meant that I don't usually get that carried away as to holler at someone singing. But she thought I meant that I'm so good at singing / music that she pushed me by the right shoulder and said, "Even you?!" She was having fun. She pushed me by the right shoulder. Hmm. The Hykes'/Hacks happen to use the quarters of Schultz's. Can this indicate that Wasserman Schultz links to 9-11 plotters? I don't see how? The Hykes'/Hake's (not the Hykes'/Hacks) use a Coat like that of Clubs (same place as Stanleys), and the Wasserman-like Coat of Strands is the one with savage with club on right shoulder. That white-on-green seen with the Strand stream is in the Coat of Songs (same place as Hykes'/Hacks) too. It seems that Jesus is creating suspense here. That push couldn't have been for surname connections only.

Zowie, the Push's are with German Bush's! That night was the memorial to the 9-11 event under George Bush. Hicks and Leakeys share the fleur-de-lys with Push's/Bush's, and were first found in Yorkshire with English Bush's (share gold fleur with Hicks and Leakeys).

I just found myself singing the chorus of, "You Raise Me up," which includes, "...I can STAND on walk on STORMY seas, I am STRONG when I am on your shoulders..." Strongs (same place as Battins/Badens) are suspect with the String eagle.

By the way, the RESTON Coat is a good reflection of the FELLOW Coat while the Strang description had a hand RESTING on a hip while the stream is FLOWing along a green terrace. As Terrace's use the Scott Coat, Restons (same place as Arthurs) look like Rhizon liners, for Rhizon is beside lake SCODra, where I trace Scotts. Arthurs, who lived at the Rhizon area, use "rests." Risings/Risons are Ristons too.

I think I can trace Strongs, Strings and Strangs/Strange's to Bra (beside Savigliano, where the Strand savage traces) at Langhe, for Langleys share pale bars with Armstrongs, and the latter are said to derive in "fortenBRAS," that capitalized term meaning "arm." German Langs were first found in Luneburg, which was paired with Brunswick while Brunswicks use two lions in pale on a red Shield, as do Strangs/Strange's. Brace's use arms.

By the way, I've just poured me a tea with ginger root. I was tired of coffee, tea, and herbal tea. If you spend as much time online as I do, you could appreciate a different drink. Get a couple of ginger roots (cheap), and cut about a square inch off for each cup of tea (herbal or otherwise) without cream. Strip off the peal so that the ginger's flavor gets into the tea better. Don't cut the root into round slices, or they may float. Cut in thin strips, and they sink. If you don't cut them, you won't get as much tang. I can get a second cup by just pouring in hot water over the tea bag still in there. Also, add some cocoa (you can get non-sweetened) into coffees.

The Democrat side of this fight is fast-becoming a hot potato. The leaders will loath to speak out against the exposure, soon enough, because they themselves appear implicit with the corruption.

I am wondering whether Trey Gowdy has quit the congress because he failed to reveal everything in the FISA applications. Nunes says that Gowdy is the only Republican who was permitted to read the applications. If Gowdy left out an important point, and if Nunes gets copies of the applications, it would be better for Gowdy if he's no longer with congress. But this is just a theory.

Here's Carter Page on Ingraham:

Carter Page is one of a significant percentage of Americans who think that Russia should be given a chance, and that the belligerence of the CIA and American military is not the right way to go forward. My sentiments became more those of Page than those who want war with Putin, and Putin's disrespect of the USA in the past five years has been justified due to belligerence. These sentiments that Page holds does not make him a Russian spy necessarily. As he is still a free man, it speaks to his innocence. I do not think a FISA warrant on the man is justified just because he's part of the American faction that wants friendlier relations with Russia. Trump had the same sentiments, explaining why Carter was chosen for his team. The FBI needed the dossier to get a FISA warrant because they did not have evidence against him for that purpose.

There may have been some business-related conflict-of-interest on Trump's part, with Russia, but so far the demons have failed to prove it, and, even though they were able to spy on Page without his knowing about it, he's still a free man. That says a lot. Now it's the FBI's turn, and maybe the CIA too, to reveal their documents, and their "private" conversations.

The worst and least-credible dossier accusation against Page is where he is accused of meeting the CEO of Rosneft. The dossier claims that Page was offered a whopping 19 percent stake in Rosneft. Mr. Steele was an idiot for using such a large number. It's not peanuts, but if the Russians wanted something out of Page, they were not going to offer that much, because, even if they did, Page wouldn't have taken it seriously.

But Page did meet with Rosneft's head of investor relations. Even if the purpose was innocent, Page may be reluctant to tell why he met with him, because he rightly can't trust American deep state. Trump claimed that he had never met Carter Page, and Page affirmed this.

A couple of updates ago, I found myself investigating whether "STRZok," whom I've assessed as a Stur liner, was also a Store / Stork / Storek liner. I didn't mention, "Write Your STORY," the song by Francesca Battistelli by which God revealed that the paper on the table was to be regarded as a page for the Page surname. This was several months before anyone knew of Lisa Page, or that she has ganged up on Trump with Peter Strzok. This is amazing, so let me re-tell that, as I was wondering whether the paper was code for the Paper versus Page surname, I loaded the Page surname to take a look, and within 10 seconds, "I'm an empty page," a line in Write Your Story came over my speaker. This happened a second time so that I knew that God had intended the Page surname. Therefore, because the song's title seems to indicate clearly that Strzok is a Store branch, I assume that God named the song for this exposure at hand, to convince readers that God is saying something to someone(s).

For those who don't know, the page was shot into the corner pocket as a sewer, because the paper plane I made was acting as the cue ball. And Sewers are properly Stur-like Suters, you see. God had to figure out a way to indicate the Strzok surname, and that was the way he chose to do it. In the meantime, he chose BattiSTELLI to help in this revelation because Stelli's are a branch of Steele's, and this now allows even Carter Page to be part of the paper plane because Christopher Steele was used in an attempt to ruin Carter Page's life. This is what the deep state does, ruin lives, sometimes with murder. And we have yet to see what role Strzok had with Steele's dossier.

God did not chose for me to be in Hillary's billiard hall, nor Comey's, nor Mueller's, nor Holder's, but in Obama's. Why? What crimes has he committed? Doesn't it suggest that he was behind the spy program on Trump? The FBI had the dossier used for after-election purposes, and Obama, the Republicans believe, set up an anti-Trump program to keep the new president from undoing his achievements. Is this legal? It depends on how Obama did it? Did he spy on Trump's team unlawfully? Looks like. Is God the one who's creating the current situations, the fall of the FBI, etc., or is He merely predicting it using my heraldry experience for some unknown reasons? If He's causing it all, look out Obama. The one you mocked might be plotting against you.

The closest thing I can find to a Spider surname is with Spitzers. They are interesting: "...a gold unicorn rampant facing the sinister...three green hills, a tunnel in the center one." A sinister-facing unicorn is a Rasmussen- / Rothschild-line symbol. The Tunnels/Tunnochs use a vertically-split Shield in colors reversed from the same of Dossier's/D'Hosers. And while I traced the Fire unicorn to something (I've forgotten) at the Stura river, the Sturs are also Styre's while Spitzers were first found in Styria, all terms suspect with Strzok.

Can this mean that the spider was code for the Strzok agenda against the Republicans? I'm not sure whether the spider should be code for a surname, or for Internet spying. It makes a lot of sense as code for spying, and, maybe, it's the Trump administration spying on the Obama fly, or on the Bush and Cheney circle as per the Fly Coat looking like it links to both. Eliot Spitzer was the disgraced governor of New York when Hillary represented New York in the senate, but I can't see why he should be the spider.

There's also a Spizer/Spitzer surname sharing two Zionist stars on red with Tunnels, the latter using them in the colors of the same of Reitmans and Rotens. Spizers/Spitzers also show three nails. A Rasmussen variation named Assmannshausen at RUDESheim.

Who Really Shot Steve Scalise?

I have just seen a set of suggestions telling that Conte's and Conteville's were from Lemnos. It starts where Cindys/CUNTYs share the two pale bars of Seats/Cedes'/Seeds while Amore's share "Tu ne CEDE" with Steers, both mottos suspect with Seats/Cedes'/Seeds. Asking whether Seeds had been Sends, for example, like "CINDy," the SINTi(ans) of Lemnos came to mind. The Damory branch of Amore's share the wave feature with Marina's so as to trace to Myrina on Lemnos. The Amore's (come up as Armers so as to possibly be the origin of Armours) happen to use the nebuly feature of Marina's, but the latter call it "wavy bends." I trace heraldic wave to Weavers / Webbers because Webbers use wavy fesses, and Webbs (falcon) were first found in Wiltshire with Murena-line Mortons. French Falcons/FalCONTE's were Conte kin, both sharing the same crescent.

The Amore motto (Tu ne cede malis) is shared almost by Lemnos-like Loomis' ("Ne cede malis"), can we believe it, who use the Seat/Cedes pale bars in red, the colors of Amore's and Damorys. Seats can be Seatons/Sittens, whom I traced as Sidonians to Sithones off the mouth of the Axius, and Seaton happens to be a location at the end of Devon's Axe river (represented by the axes of Battins/Badens, for example). Malis' not only were first found in Devon, but use swans highly suspect with the same of Sions/Swans (falconer's gloves), for Sion is also Sitten. Sithones may have named Sintians. Tunnochs/Tunnel's share the vertically-split Shield of MORleys/MAULs, an apparent Myrina-line merger with Malis'. "TU NE Cede" can be part-code for TUNNOCHs/Tunnels, and the Spitzers even use "a tunnel in the CENTER one," while Centers/Senters/Sainters can be from Sainte, the city of the Sintian-line Santones.

By what coincidence were Santones beside the Lemnos-line Lemovices, who named Limousin, where Seconds/Segurs were first found? Did God arrange Scalise and Cindy at second base for this cause?

Dionysus, who ended up at Lemnos, has a leopard symbol, and Centers/Sainters use leopard faces while Face's/Fesses are suspect with the cross of Mee's/Mea's/Meighs suspect in the "Tu ne cede ME" of Steers. Mea's were from the Meu river in Cotes-D'ARMOR, no guff, where Motts/Mottins were first found whose Morte variation suggests contact with Mor liners of the Morton kind. The three leopard heads of Centers/Saints are the gold ones also of Restons, and, can we believe it, Restons came to topic with the Strand savage's hand resting on his HIP! The spider's strand is now suspect with the shooters of Scalise. For it to make sense that the spider was chasing Scalise when chasing the fly, we need to be able to link him with Flys, and here it can be said that Hips' share footless martlets with Flys, and, moreover, Hephaestus had a lame symbol as well as a thigh symbol. Dionysus himself had a lame and thigh symbol (he was born from the thigh of Zeus). It appears that God arranged for the bullet to hit Scalise's hip for this fly-on-strand exposure and more.

Hips' were first found in the same place as Fly-beloved Cubits. Take a wild guess as to why Cubits/Cupids could have been from child molesters. I'll tell you soon. The Hips martlets are red, the color of the Alan / Henry martlets, and these Brittany Henrys were from the Meu river at Cotes-d'Armor (also called Cotes-du-Nord), which I am sure is represented by my armpit due to my previous twitch in that area, just below the armpit). I can trace Henrys to the Modens (same place as SUNTers) via the Moden fretty in the Enrico Coat (Macclesfield lion?), very good for resolving that Mea's/Meighs were from the Meu, for that's the area where Motts/Mottins were first found. You can verify below that the Arms of Macclesfield uses a "deSUNT" motto term.

I should mention too that while Armors share the squire's helmet with Poindexters, the latter show a Puddester variation while the Podesta brothers are fingered by many as central to pizzagate child molestation. The "me" motto term of Poindexters must be for the Mee's/Mea's/Meighs. As the Esquers suspect in the Poindexter/Puddester Crest use a white rabbit, it's interesting that Q-Anon has taken up a white-rabbit symbol as per John Podesta dressing in a white-rabbit suit, and I didn't yet know while writing up here that Cupids could be a Cue branch, for the two were first found in the same place, where Hips' were first found too.

As Flys are said to be of Flagi's, let's repeat: "The video [at the baseball field where Scalia was shot] was staged by the insiders, and Jeff FLAKE (hates Trump) was a part of that hoax, for he can be seen in the video as the first man out to Scalise..." Flakincidence? It looks like the fly or the spider was code for the enemies of Scalise. If the Fly is his enemy, then the spider must represent some part of the Republican activists. Usually, immediately after a dream, I make theories, but eventually the realities, or at least the best theories, come to light. As I stuck the cardboard into the web to block the spider, it seems that the spider is the bad guy. But then maybe the fly's a bad guy too.

PLUS, let's repeat: "...the "cubit arm in armor erect" of Flys (near the first Pellets). Flys use pellets (black roundels) while Pellets use CUPs. And while Cubits/CUPits..." Cubits are also Cupids, the Roman Eros, the latter being a son of Aphrodite (= eroticism), the official wife of Hephaestus (almost a hip symbol, maybe did have a hip symbol). It's known that Eros (brother of Erotes) was a child-sex cult of the Greeks! By what coincidence was that quote found in this update just before coming to Steve Scalise, who wanted to use congressional power to stamp out the child-sex industry???

Isn't Cupid the one with the arrow through the heart? Didn't God depict Nunes (a few updates ago) with flame-tipped arrows? Go Nunes. he could do some research in FBI files on the attempted killing of Scalise; he will find a cover up and other suspicious things. And be on the look-out for a link to Bill Richardson in the killing of Scalia.

Was the spider in my armPIT? Look at "CuPIT" (Cup/Cope merger with Pitts?). Was the spider the symbol of a child-sex industry? Wasn't Eliot Spitzer disgraced for visiting prostitutes? Cupits share a blue lion with Cindys/Cuntys, and with an Arms of Macclesfield that uses a "COPia deSUNT" motto phrase. It's interesting here the Cupid-like Cue's (Norfolk, same as Cupids) use the Arms-of-Cheshire garb, and a lion holding a garb in colors reversed from the Macclesfield lion holding the Arms-of-Cheshire garb. Perhaps Cupids were not Cups/Cope's but Cue's. Macclesfields share the Meigh cross for a loose trace to Cotes-D'Armor.

Evidence that Centers/Sanders (not the Centers above) are from Sintians is where they share the red bull of Claro's/Charo's, from the Carians at Clarus, next to HEPHAEStus-suspect Ephesus, founded by Amazons, who were stacked on Lemnos too, the sacred island of Hephaestus. And the Claro line of Sinclairs are also Saints, probably for their Clarus-line merger with Sintians. Loomis' were suspect with the Luni-line moon goddess of Latmus, beside Clarus. In this picture, Lemnos may have been named ultimately from variations "Luna."

Ares, the father of Eros and Erotes, was from the Aras river passing near the Moschian mountains, and also near Ardahan and Rize. The Ris line can easily be from Rize and Ardahan. The proto-Amazon Meshech who named the Moschians were of the Rosh, suspect with "Aras / Eros / Hros."

It's the Strands who use a green terrace while Terrace's use the motto, "Amore." Greens are suspect with Greenwich's, both from Kent, location of TONbridge, a Tunnoch possibility. Greenwich's share the Coat of Odins (at STORKhouse), possibly from the Edones, whose fellow branch were the Sithones.

They say that Scalise was shot by Mr. Hodgkinson, and Hodgsons are interesting for using a perchevron in Scalise colors. Hodgsons use "MISERis," and Misers share "rien" in their motto with Hodgkinsons. "MiseRIS" can also be code for Ris'/Reiss'/Rice's/Reys', whose perchevron is colors reversed from the same of Hodgsons. Ris'/Reys share the crozier with Greenwich's, and with the Wears said to be at the Axe river. The Wear river is in Durham, where English Conte's were first found. Meschins descended from both MALahule and Conteville's, and Misers look like a branch of Messeys/Messier's. The Malis' are suspect with the Sion/Swan swans, and the latter once showed gauntlet gloves, the Macey symbol.

The Misers motto appears to love Valerys, and the latter use " a blue WAVY chief" as well as a chevron in the colors of the perCHEVRON of Hodgsons. Ray Luff is coming to mind because Ris' are Reys' too while his wife was Valery. In fact, this takes me back to Darlene Ray, for when she got into a car accident, I went to see her. The only thing I remember is that I hugged her at that time. When I went to Luff's funeral, after he died in a car accident, I was the only one to hug Valery at the grave sight. Peter Smith was at the funeral.

The long and curved perchevron of Ris'/Reys' is shared (different colors) by Flake's/Flachs (Flag/Flack colors). Doesn't that appear arranged by God due to Ris' looking very-much like they are in the "MiseRIS" motto term of Hodgsons? In colors reversed, the Reston cross is that of Hodgkinsons.

Heraldic helmets must be code for Helms, because the German Helms use a giant helmet. There's not much more to say about them because they show no other symbol, and no motto. But English Helms can be linked to Sales', Huberts and Nickle's, all three from Cheshire, where Richardsons were first found who are said to descend from Belwoods (Cheshire), the latter sharing the white pheon with Helms, Nickle's and the Pilate branch of Fly-beloved Pellets.

I've got to say that Fox's webpages have frozen up permanently over the past couple if weeks. I need to reload them, and then start the videos from scratch. No other website does this. Why Fox? Is my Opera browser, or perhaps Google, arranging this with many others on a rotating basis, to lessen the Internet-friendliness of this media? Seems logical?

On February 6, during the day in which I awoke with the spider-on-web dream, Fox put out a video, "Oh, The Tangled Web They Weave", and it's right-on topic, talking much about the next memo from Grassley, where Clintonites fed Steele some dirty-data for to put into the dossier:

Look at this story and its irony for the Clinton crime ring, and those who hoped to benefit from it. The Hillary election team went risky, way out of its way to produce the dossier. When finally it was delivered to the FBI, it was just one more step: the FBI would leak it to the press. But Comey refused. So Steele had to go to the media all his lonesome. The irony is that the story would have got traction had the FBI released it as a credible source. Lisa Page, Strzok and McCabe were three elite FBIers all part of the drive to get Hillary elected using the dossier, and any one of these could have, would have leaked it anonymously before the election. The media would have simply said that an FBI official shared this dossier...and this was timed about two weeks before the election, you see. But Comey didn't play ball. That's half of why Hillary lost her mind when she lost. But cheaters never prosper, so what's she complaining about? And she's still not in jail, more reason not to complain.

Ingraham early this week shows Schiff on Russia Today (in the past) saying that there should be some oversight on FISA decisions and process, can we believe it? She also mentions that while the ACLU has, in the past, been outspoken against the FISA court, there's not a peep from the ACLU at this time.

Midweek, Republicans have come out with new Strzok-Page emails. From Fox:

“Checkout my 9:30 mtg [meeting] on the 7th,” Strzok texted Page.

“I can tell you why you’re having that meeting. It’s not what you think,” Page responded.

“TPs {talking points} for D [Director Comey]?” Strzok asked.

“Yes, bc potus [because Obama] wants to know everything we are doing,” Page said

See Obama on TV, at the article above, denying that wants to know anything from the FBI. he acts the angel, behaves the demon.

The Democrats will say that Page wasn't referring to Obama wanting to know about the Clinton email probe, or the Perkins-Coie attacks on Trump, but rather something else such as the Trump-Russia collusion. But that doesn't work for Dems because Strzok and Page, so far as we know, or at least from what I've seen, never talked about Trump's Russia-collusion, probably because the FBI wasn't having any luck finding some.

Someone at the article says that these exchanges came three days before Obama gave the impression that Putin was meddling in the U.S. election. Therefore, it seems to me that the meeting was on that very topic, how to make Russia appear to be in collusion with Trump, and Obama simply contributed to the scam with his announcement days later (early September).

Due to the unknowns in this exchange, and because there is a possibility that Obama was involved in a crime against Trump at that point, the congress has the right to ask more questions of Strzok, Page and Comey...but, of course, it's doubtful they will admit that Obama wanted to know anything on a criminal level, unless they are force to admit it.

Look at how long they spied on Page; I would sue the FBI if Americans could raise the money needed: "But information made public in recent weeks shows the main focus of the FBI spying was Page, a volunteer foreign policy adviser to the Trump presidential campaign, and not Russian nationals. The FBI's surveillance of Page began in October 2016 and lasted for a year. It appears to have been a dry hole for FBI counterspies seeking linkage between the Trump campaign and the Russians." It is a disgusting thing to have other people know everything you say, and just about everything you do, over that many months. It's an unwarranted invasion, and a criminal offense under the circumstances. This Free-Beacon article goes on to say, "What is clear is that the FBI was under pressure from the CIA, the State Department, and Congress to take action in response to the Steele allegations." Ahh, the CIA was pushing it. But why hasn't Pompeo revealed the dirtbags in the CIA? Why is it that only the FBI is under attack?

From this point onward, the president needs to stop commenting if he's not calling for arrests. It's cheap to merely say that he's disgusted. If these people go free, then the CEO of the United States is a lawless man. Plain and simple. People have been abused by men who risked all, and they got caught. They remain mocking and unrepentant, and should they also remain free without due punishment? Which is more disgusting, those who commit the offenses, or the authorities who allow them to remain unpunished?

Trump gives tax cuts, and congress now raises spending so that it raises borrowing so that it raises taxes. Nice trick, Mr. Trump, taking credit for nothing. Slice government intake, force congress to borrow more to offset it.

States are protecting illegal "citizens". Where are the arrests? When will illegality stop if the Trump side refuses to make arrests? It is bewildering to see this non-action wherever the Democrats flaunt the law. Is there no spine? These Democrats are taking tax dollars of others to purchase voters. It stinks so bad, but where are the arrests to curb this atrocity? If Wray won't prosecute, there's an excellent reason to replace him. Every illegal who risks coming into the country knows that he/she can get caught one, five or ten years later. They acknowledge that they take that risk, that they can be sent back to Mexico if they get caught ten years later. So why are some Republicans showing open arms? Won't that increase illegal traffic across the border? A wall 1,000 feet high won't stop the digging of tunnels under the wall.

I'm not heartless, but I am disgusted with illegals taking the money of others, or voting Democrat in return for money favors from Democrats. It's disgusting. If this were only a couple of hundred people, let them live in the U.S, but there are millions, enough to give Democrats the edge in elections. This is wrong and disturbing. You can't talk to the Democrats; you need to throw the book at them.

On the 7th, the day after the spider-fly dream, Judicial Watch put out a video talking about its reception of Classified state-department documents provided as a 42-page dossier to a senator, Ben CARDin. Is that what the CARDboard was about? Judicial Watch won the right to view these pages.

It just so happens that Cardins -- with another "amore" motto term -- share the downward and white-on-black pheons of Helms, Coys and Nickle's ("cui"). Page's use them in colors reversed. While German Cardins (Car chevron) use three martlets in the positions of the same of Flys, the "Fide" motto term of English Cardins should be for Fido's/Fothes'/Fette's, a branch of Foots in the "footless" martlets of Flys, and both branches share the Fly chevron surrounded by black symbols. Fido's/Fothes' were first found in the same area as KinCARDINE (and footLESS-suspect Leslie's), and Cardins are also Cardine's. Just like that, Ben Cardin could actually be the dream's cardboard and fly.

I can't recall reading the Fly write-up enough to see that they came from a location of Flavius, owned by Flageum. Flavius later became Flagi. There is online support for this, which I'll get to below. Flake's share a single wing, in colors reversed, with Dine's/Diens/Dives' so that CarDINE may have been a Dien / Dein/Dean merger with Cars.

After reading about Flavius, wondering whether it traces to the imperial family Flavius Petro of Rieti, not five minutes later, I came to French Dine's that use a great reflection of the Petro Coat, which was traced to Flavius Petro because it's a version of the Reed Coat, that surname suspect with "Rieti." These Reeds use "copia," and Fido's/Fothes' (suspect in the Cardine motto) use a cornuCOPIA. The Rieti-like RIEDS/Reeds (version of the Car Coat?), first found in AberdDEENshire with Fido's/Fothes' and Kincardine, use a "FortituDINE" motto term. Amazing. It tends to connect the Fly surname to Cardins apart from anything to do with Ben Cardin.

In passing, I'll add that Darlene's share the book with Reeds and Roets, while the Ben fesse with three roundels is in the three colors of the Darlene fesse with three fitchees in the colors of the Ried/Red fitchee. Due to "copia," this gold fitchee was suspect with the gold one of Quints, as per Quintus Caepio. It's in the WINchester Crest, making Wins suspect with "Quint and Quince, for Saer de Quincy ruled Winchester. Carters were first found in Winchester, and Winchesters were first found in Hampshire with Flys.

Online: "I have acted on a suggestion from one of the Cousins (Was it Ralph David junior or senior?, (or someone else?,) I have sought possibilities as to WHO was our large-scale LANDOWNER, Flavius, whose Estate name was Flaviacus, leading to the village name Flagium, Flaiensi, Flagi. And ulitmately "de Flagi" became "de Flye" and Fly/Fley/Flye, Flythe, etc." He suggested Flavius Honorius as a possibility. That makes sense because "Honorius was Western Roman Emperor from 393 to 423. He was the younger son of emperor Theodosius I and his first wife Aelia FLACcilla". There is an Honor/Honen surname sharing the Green Coat (only stags), and we saw the "green hills" of spider-like Spitzers. Or the "green terrace" of Strands. Greens are a branch of Greenwich's, in Kent with Tunbridge's, the latter suspect with the Tunnels/Tunnochs who must be in the tunnel of the center, green Spitzer hill. Tunnocks are also TunNECKS while Greens use two "Nec" motto terms suspect with the Neckar river. Dutch Necks/Neckers share the stag. It's Tun-interesting that Fleets share the double Flag/Fleck fesses while Flowers are suggested as Fletchers/Flegers, while TONy's use the flower while Tunys are listed with Tunnocks/Tunnels.

Amazingly, Honors and Greens use three stags in the colors of the Stanley stag heads, and Stanley held the FLAG on the 9-11 memorial. On top of this, Hicks and Leaks share the fleur-de-lys of Petro's. The 9-11 attack was on New York, where Eliot Spitzer was governor a few years later. Stanleys can be a branch of Stans/Stands who in-turn share the double fesses of Fleets and Flecks.

Honorius' father had some relationship, or at least associations, with the family of Valentinian I, brother of Valens, and Valens is suspect in the motto of Feathers/Fathers. I can now relate a terrible dream I had the night after the spider-fly dream, which I wasn't going to tell because I've had dreams like it before that I did not consider messages from God. I was feeling satanically attacked. I have talked to others that get the same sort of dreams. When this attack occurs, I usually am made to hover over my bed by a wicked spirit that feels to be right beside me nor all around. I try to move, but am paralyzed, as with the spider-fly dream. I had always called, "Jesus" when having those dreams (maybe a half dozen times over the years). Eventually, after several attempts to move, I wake up and realize that I've been tricked by the same dream. But the last time it occurred, I said that I won't be tricked again.

This week, that terrible feeling started again, only instead of calling "Jesus," it was "Father." This dream was short, no hovering. Instead, a black, faceless demon (Mr. Death?) with a human-like body came and cuddled up with me, front to front, with its head right beside mine. It was disgusting, and woke me up immediately. I had two jars of water in the bed with me, as is my habit in winter to warm up the bed before getting into it. One is put down by my feet, and the other is beside me. My unheated room is about 45 degrees these days, and this one bottle to my side feels so good, I often hold it like child would a Teddy bear...because the warmth feels good with cold sheets all around. I sometimes place the jar along my back, or hip, or side, wherever it feels cold. But never have I plopped the bottle standing up anywhere, and never at my armpit, which I did in the latest dream, the night after the spider was in my armpit. As soon as I awoke from the dream, I put the jar standing up between my arm and chest, and realized: it's in my right armpit.

I wouldn't have told this dream, because it may not have been from God. I sure hope not. But as I've just come to the Father/Feather surname, I thought I had best tell it. God may have been moving me to put the jar in the armpit to connect to the spider-fly dream. The suspicion is that this habit of putting hot water in the bed may have to do with Waters', who use one pale bar in Cindy-pale-bar colors, and it's in the color of the palewise ladder of Scalia's/Scalise's. Didn't we see Scalise linking to the Flys and Jeff Flake? Who are Jeff Flake's best friends in the deep state? Find them.

I was only having fun the first time that I told readers that I hold the water jar like a Teddy bear. I'm just saying that I hold it against my chest, but suddenly this statement, with "Teddy bear," brings to mind the children that the Pizzagate demons abuse. And these demons of death do snuggle up with children. It's disgusting to put children through such things. These people need to be destroyed.

The Waters' (with an 's') were first found in Shropshire, and while Watters are Walters too, "Walter" was a name beloved by the Alans of Shropshire and Dol. There is no Jar surname, but there are two Cardin-like Jardin surnames, the JarDINE's first found at Angus (with Gardens), near Kincardine, and the other first found in Brittany.

As the Brittany JARdins use three lilies in the colors of the water lilies of Waterfords (same place as Sear de Quincy), zowie, it appears that God arranged for my keeping the bedroom cold so that I would come to use jars of hot water. And so Jardins (said to be Gardens) may in fact point to Ben Cardin. Waterfords (Carr Shield?) use "Fida," like the "Fido" of Cardins, such a hoot.

Jardins (compare with Tailbois') share the ARMy/Armine/Ermine Shield!!! The jars are code for Jardins! Hee hee. I've been using the jars for about two years and never suspected.

French Cardins (Car chevron?) use martlets colors reversed from the same of French Alans. I appealed to the Father when the black demon came to me. The Fathers/Feathers share the Cardin chevron too, and use a "Valens" motto term while Valence's share three red martlets with French Alans. The Valence martlets are in both colors of the same of the Brittany Henrys (on the Meu river around Montfort). Scottish Valens'/Valences (wings for Vinkovci, birthplace of Valentinian I) use their martlets in both colors of the Alan martlets. English Cardins and arm-liner Brace's use a good reflection of the Plunkett Coat, while Plunketts were first found in Vilaine, as were Montfort and Dol. The Arms of Vilaine, I kid you not, share the double pale bars of Cindys / Seats/Cedes'.

Rennes is in Vilaine too while Rennes-line Raines' share the Flake lions while the Reines' are the ones with the comet and a lion like that of Pisa's, suspect with Comet Ping Pong pizza, the place that coined "pizzagate."

The Jardin-Garden possibility reminds that I was hugging Mamie at home plate, where Cindy was eyeing us from second base (I remember nothing else that evening) not many days after Mamie was at her GARDEN, when God have me her thigh symbol. She was in a two piece, and her beautiful thighs impressed me. Was that a hip theme as per Scalia being shot in the hip? It was in the middle of summer, warm enough for us to have waded in a lake the previous noontime, and we went in only hip deep. It's possible that her mother had asked her to WATER the garden, but I do not recall whether she had the HOSE out. Why else would she be at the front garden? Hose's (same bent leg as Leaks/Leakeys) are suspect with Dossier's/D'Hosers. The latter use a Shield like that of Tunnels while Plunketts share the Hill tower while Spitzers have a tunnel in a hill.

I was hugging and kissing Mamie, and Hugs (Alan Chief?) share the three fesses of Fountains while so-called fountains are shared by Kiss' and Waterfords/WaterVILLE's. Cindy was eyeing us with displeasure, and Hugs were first found in Languedoc with Conte's, like the Cunty variation of Cindys, and with the Fonda's/FONT-de-Ville's/Ville's (FLAG!)...who may have named the Waterville variation of Waterfords.

I kid you not, that Cindy's brother, Steve, suspect as God's code for Steve Scalise, wore a white sheet over his head and body for the church halloween party. The black demon without a face had the look, roughly, of a person with black sheet over its body. I woke up immediately after this thing snuggled up to me, and stood the water jar at my armPIT. Now that the Alan-Stewarts of Dol are linking to Cardin liners, let's add that Pitts share the checkered Stewart fesse.

If I haven't mentioned it already, Amore's are ARMers too, and look to be using the bend of Malls/Marlybone's, a branch of Mauls/Morleys who share the split Shield of Tunnocks/Tunnels/TUNNECH suspect in the "TU NE Cede malis" motto of Amore's/Armers. The Tunnels share the Zionist stars of Reitmans while Christine Peare worked in a large mall at Reitmans while she appeared in the mall (sleeping-bag dream) with a waist symbol while Peare's were first found in Oxfordshire with Amore's/Armers. I see the Blonds using a version of the Amore/Armer Coat while Pitts were from BLANDford. It's a toss-up, therefore, as to whether the armpit is code for Amore's/Armers rather than Armours.

Blandfords (Dorset, same as Pitts and Stur river), are using bars looking much like the Amore/Armer / Damory and Stur bars, and Pitts use the stork. There is a pistol in the Blandford Crest.

One day, I wrote that Lawrence Kepke and my girlfriend, Lorraine, both had SUN-bright blond hair. In was telling readers at that time that I had been impressed with Lorraine's beautiful feet, and I happened to load Blonds ("mea") when writing "sun-bright" to find a foot in a sun! It's described: "An armed foot in front of the sun, proper." I became sure the Kepke was of the Keppocks/Kipax', and now find Blands said to be of Kippax. It's evidence that God moves my writings at times for to make discoveries. As I've said, Kepke liked to dance, and while Dance's look like they merged with Keppocks, the Dents (same place as Keppocks and Dance's) were from Sedburgh, as were Blands, suggesting that Blands use a version of the Dent (and Helm?) Coat.

Back to Mamie at the garden, for Gardens, with "junGUNTER" motto term, share the black boar with Gunter-like Sunters. Welsh GUNTers share the GAUNTlet glove with Flys, the latter first found in the same place as Ghents. German Gunters/Guente's share the quadrants of Spitzers.

When I was about six years old, I chased a big housefly around a kitchen with Raid. I didn't know it wasn't good to breath. I sprayed it and sprayed it until it was soaked and came to its end on the window sill. I have never forgotten that dastardly deed, for it comes to mind now and again, I know not why. But a few weeks ago, I wrote, by God's will apparently, that Devin Nunes is a RAIDER on a winged horse with flame-tipped arrows. Raiders are listed with Raids. Does this mean that Nunes will be as per whatever the spider-fly dream means?

I was about six when I had a bet-wetting experience with JERRY Peterson popping up at the bedroom window to hear my mother chewing me out about it. That event was linked to John Podesta's "bedwetters" and "wet works" terms (thanks to WikiLeaks) that some think is code for the murder of Scalia in a bed at the ranch of John B Poindexter. Poindexters are also Puddesters, and they share the Twitch / Armor helmet. Twitch's can be a branch of Tweeds, who in-turn can be sharing the saltire of Armys / Jardins. I had reasoned for two reasons that Jerry was code for JARRys [I didn't check the Jarrys until the end of the update for the big surprise].

With Fly's (Hampshire) being from a Flavius location, it well explains why Poole is at the Dorset-Hampshire border, for the son of Flavius Petro married Vespasia Polla. This was the family of the Revelation dragon. Fullers, suspect with proto-Pollocks, likewise from Miss Polla, were in Hertfordshire, where Titus' were first found whose Moor head gives hint of being from emperor Titus, Miss Polla's grandson.

Scandal Updates

You may have read about the White House's latest chill on Rob Porter, which the liberal media has blown out of proportion for lack of anything substantial by which to attack Trump. This latest attack is even threatening the job of John Kelly, who, due to media pressure, offered to resign. In the middle of this, we learn that Hope Charlotte Hicks has been dating Mr. Porter. I don't like to make false accusations, but I do speak my mind. I'll bet that Trump has either been after Hicks, or vice-versa with him interested. That's my sense. She's too young to be as praised and valued as Trump does those things for her. She is portrayed as a quiet, loyal-to-Trump, inner-circle gal.

NY TIMES: As the White House staff secretary, Rob Porter is not a public figure, but he is responsible for paper flow to the president, a job of crucial importance in the Trump administration. He frequently travels with President Trump on Air Force One, and he helped write Mr. Trump’s first State of the Union address last month. We could call Porter the door man to the door man (Kelly) to the president's office. Paper flow to Trump, we heard in the past, is overseen by John Kelly, who praised Porter this past week before someone turned up a photo of his ex-wife with a black eye.

Perhaps it's a paper-flow coincidence, but the page was shot into the corner pocket while Pockets/Pouchers look to be a branch of Portis'/Porchers, the latter linkable to Porters. And while I made a paper plane with the page, we read above that Porter flies with Trump "frequently." Does he also ask Hope Hicks to fly along due to Porter being there? But as the shot took place on Obama's billiard table, this new view of the dream's meaning doesn't seem acceptable unless Porter is secretly Trump's enemy along with Kelly. Did the latter chose Porter to be the paper-flow guy? Miss Hicks claimed that Steve Bannon was leaking White-House secrets to make himself appear more important than he was. It sounds like a rivalry between she and he. I'm not at all convinced that Bannon was a leaker. I believe that leaks were minimized as soon as Kelly became the chief of staff because the enemy was now content to have their own spy in that position. In other words, to make Kelly look good so that he could retain the job, they stopped the leaks, because Kelly promised to end the leaks.

Therefore, is Hope Charlotte Hicks the enemy too? Is she acting loyal to worm herself into the affairs of, and into bed with, the president? The Miss Hicks in the dream is Charlotte Hicks, and, in real life, she provided me/us with a Knee-Leak Sign yet to be deciphered as a real-world event. Might Hope Hicks be a Bush player seeking to undo Trump? If I recall correctly, she was elevated to politics under president Bush Jr.

Remember, I found a medallion on the hood of my Jeep, with "St. Petersburg, Russia," upon it, when going to town after leaving off the updates at Miss Hicks standing in front of the hood of her car. And the last update found that Trump's Russian woes have to do with accusations concerning St. Petersburg. But frankly, I don't see that the Hicks dream was about Trump. This can get convoluted if I entertain too many theories as to what these dreams pertain to in the real world.

I and others had held a theory that Osama-bin-Laden was a Bush ally, working for the CIA, and that Obama was actually a part of that program. With a little facial make-over, I can see that Obama posed as bin-Laden in the CIA photos of Laden that appeared in the news. Obama was in Pakistan over an extended time, in his youth, a thing he tried to keep secret. It is believed that he was working for the CIA. Bin-Laden retreated to Pakistan, they tried to convince us, and Obama's administration caught him there and killed him under very-suspicious circumstances (looked like a trick to end the CIA's program on bin-Laden). Next, ISIS arises in Syria, and Obama is sending Libyan weapons to Syria with Hillary's support. As the Knee-Leak sign took place on the 9-11 memorial, is God intending to expose the Bush-Obama alliance that together sponsored the Middle-East globe-trodding?

Trump's fight with the CIA was likely due to his opposing Middle-east intrusions, and even starting a partnership with Russia in Syria. So, the CIA leaked daily from Trump's affairs in efforts to get him in line with the CIA program. It worked to a large degree, which is what made me suspicious of John Kelly. But it didn't work fully, and Trump has since been gravitating away from being a nice, little puppet. People in the CIA are no-more scarier than the FBI jerks we are seeing. The CIA is not to be feared anymore than it has grips on the military, yet Trump is its commander-in-chief. Will the situation at hand blow over into a military coup on Trump? Note that it hasn't yet happened. Why not? Does the CIA not have the military firmly enough in its grip?

Here's a justified and suspicious criticism of George Bush, making him look like a RINO. Laura Ingreham repeatedly makes Bush appear pro-Obama:

Here's why Google can track you even when your cell phone isn't connected to the internet:

If Google can do this, so can the CIA. This is not the world I want to live in. Mr. Trump is dreaming to believe that his team isn't being spied on by secret equipment, unbeknown to the government or the state department, owned by the CIA's shadow government. It is wholly logical to believe that a shadow government would produce such spy powers out of the government's reach. You won't find them in the official CIA offices overseen by Pompeo. We should like to know who it is that oversees the secret systems, and what their sinister aims are.

Late in the week, Tucker Carlson has a story that looks like the Russians set the NSA up to be caught in an anti-Trump scam. Intelligence was about to pay a million dollars for anti-Trump information that never materialized. Had not a large sum been paid for this dirt, the Democrats could ride this off as legit, but the payment begs whether the NSA was purely purchasing the dirt, no questions asked on the dirt's merit. It's another thing to look deeper into.

During the period in which Mr. Schiff was opposing the release of the Nunes memo, Schiff was talking irrationally, lying through his teeth on the dangers of releasing the memo. It gave the impression that his superiors demanded of him to stop the memo's release using any method possible, with threats if he didn't succeed. The memo has sufficient voters on board with it that the Nunes team(s) can now spy out other matters. The exposure has yet to find the head of the serpent. It has only hit upon the FBI so far.

The Republicans are thinking that much of the reason for Hillary deleting her emails was to hide the Obama involvement in Uranium One. This week, Douglas Campbell testified before congressional committees, saying that Russia was paying the Clinton Foundation through a company, APCO Worldwide (American lobby group), to bribe Obama, not just Hillary, for to allow Russian fingers in U.S. Uranium. We here from Campbell's lawyer (Mrs. Toensing) that this Russian effort goes back to 2005, in the middle of the Bush administration. No sooner did the Obama / Clinton crooks get into power, after Bush, that they were talking friendly reset with Russia. Now we know why.

It's not likely true that Campbell is fabricating all that he says this week. The Republicans now have ammunition for to look deeper into this matter. The deeper they look, the more the deep state's handiwork will be discovered. Campbell claims that Obama was briefed twice on the bribery details. Therefore, Republicans can ask for the White House's briefing records for a specific time period to discover what the president was told, and by whom, on this matter. Some surprising things on other matters may show up.

Everytime a new suspicious story arises, the Democrat talking heads say that it's all conjecture, and Republicans are out to lunch. Never do they say that they could look deeper to see what's there. Is there anything wrong with looking deeper to see what's there? Not when it comes to Mueller's investigation. But this thing is dangerous, because it's obvious where it's trying to go. It wants to blame the Trump win on Russian meddling, and then it wants to tie Trump to Russian meddling, giving Democrats the ability to say that Trump's election win is to be canceled. In order to make this happen, Mueller's team needs to fabricate heavy evidence that Russia was involved in the election, and that's what the Russian bots -- though laughable -- are for that have hit the news lately. If Mueller doesn't do something heavy soon, he comes out the clown. He's tempted to fabricate a false charge, but he's concerned because of the other exposures. The Nunes offensive is the single-most thing to spoil the Mueller plot. No one believes the FBI anymore, and no one respects the Democrat leaders either. Mueller is the wild joker; they are all depending on him to turn a surprise. It should be interesting to see what his blow will be. He has more confidence because no one's been charged yet on his side.

In my opinion, the exposure has already been complete as per indicating the realities. We can guess the rest, no need to see more. The media is a falsification bastion on behalf of the Democrat party, building its facade of respect and trust because it cares nothing for the people. The Democrat agenda is then the anti-Christ agenda. The exposure is complete. The media lies because the goal is to install the wicked society. It cares nothing for the people to which it lies. It cares only to build the wicked society, and, to accomplish this, pretends to be respectable, above reproach. The wicked society is couched in respectable terms. The exposure has been complete in the sense that enough of it is understood to guess the rest. The exposure is not complete in the sense that deeper wickedness (details, specifics) has yet to be exposed. Does anyone want to see it? I can think of better things to see. But for the sake of its partial ruin, let's see it. Let's see how it behaves as the exposure goes deeper.

A spider sees a delicious fly, fat and juicy. The fly is vigorous and scampers along a strand, and the spider starts to go for it, knowing that this will be a piece of cake. But yours truly sticks a piece of cardboard in front of the spider, and it gets angry. It comes to abide in my armpit, and bothers me there, like the devil bucking against me. That's how it felt, like the spider jumping up and down against my skin, bucking against me. The armpit can be considered a secret pit in which the shadow government hides out. This reminds that, the last time I slept in my mouse-infested trailer, I saw a vision of a huge black spider about the size of the closet door (three feet long) behind it. The eight legs were in pairs so that it formed a black saltire with four extensions from its body. You've seen this type of spider. The Kilpatrick saltire came to mind, as did Miss Hicks, for she married Mr. Kilpatrick. Can't a closet be another symbol of a secret place?

A few updates ago, I believed that God showed the Lepage's carpenter glue to be a part of His signs...when I was building my CLOSET doors. And here I can add that Hope's share the globe with Carpenters. Hmm. The Hope's and "globe" are suspect with the Mouse-Tower Poles at Goplo, for the namers of Goplo (Goplanie) were also called, GLOPeani. The Hope description: "A broken globe surmounted by a RAINbow." The Carpenters share the motto of tower-using Belli's while another Belli surname shares the BEACON with Fullers, perhaps a branch of the Puller variation of pelican-line Pullys/Pullens. Now Mr. Reines founded Beacon GLOBal Strategies, big HMMMMM. And then there's the Washington Free Beacon, said to have started the dossier against Trump. Is Hope Hicks a part of Mr. Reines' anti-Trumpers? Did God arrange the Hope RAINbow to make this revelation? By what coincidence was the dream's Miss Hicks born Charlotte RENA Hicks??? Amazing. And French Bacons share the cinquefoil of Portis'/Porchers. Reines' are the ones suspect as God's code for Comet Ping Pong Pizza.

The closet that is now popping up can be of the Close surname, and Closeburn, location of Kilpatrick castle!!! Bingo. And I think that Close's were from the Clausula river, location of KOPLik, the line to Kopple's that were of "Goplo"! Amazing. The closet door in my trailer with spider-vision upon it has just led us to the Goplo line of Hope's and the Carpenter globe, and I was making closet doors with Lepage's carpenter glue when God piped up and made me listen. I trace Lady Fortune of the Klassens to the Clausula, and she holds a banner that may have been a flag too. Close's share the spur with Knights whose old variation suggests the naming of the Nith river, location of Closeburn.

I'd like to add here that, when God sent me on an adventure that would cause me to meet Miss Hicks, I got that coffee in Victoria that was code for the "victoria" motto term of Coffee's/Coffers. The Charlotte's/Charlemagne's (Arthur colors and format) share the footless martlets of Coffer-like Coverts/Cofferts. I can now add that Victoria Toensing can apply to the Lepage glue because she's the lawyer for Carter Page. Carters happen to share a white greyhound with Glue's. If this is how God speaks, through a string of "coincidental" heraldic connections, what's He saying here?

When I destroyed the trailer by taking it apart piece by piece, red buttons, still in their original bag (from a previous owner of the trailer), fell from the CUPboards into the kitchen SINK, directly across from the black-spider vision that brought Charlotte Hicks-Kilpatrick to mind. I treated that red-button event in the updates, I'm not making it up here. I recall that Joel had visited me on that night of the spider vision, which is why I was sleeping in the trailer, so he could sleep in the house. [I didn't realize until later in this update that Joels were first found in Wiltshire with Webbs]. On another occasion, Joel slept in the trailer and lit candles, putting them into a red coffee mug next to the kitchen sink. Coffee's/Coffers use coffee mugs / cups, and, can we believe it, German Tonsings use CANDELabras'! Similar candleSTICKs are used by Kyle's while Scottish Porters were first found in Kyle! Sink-like Sings/Songs/Singers share the Stick garbs!!! Zowie. I'm not sure how the Buttons/BIDENs (same place as Flys and Porters) fit into this, but Joseph Biden is on youtube suspect as a pedophile.

Joels use gillyFLOWERS, hint of the Fly bloodline. Covert-suspect Curtis' use the PLOWshare (over the shoulder), and the Courts/Coverts are the ones with a "GrandesCUNT" motto term suspect with Cindys/Cunty, and with Cindy Richardson as second base as code for pizzagate. Strands use a club on the shoulder and a hand on the hip, now suspect with the shooting of Steve Scalise in the hip.

The Sinks/Sinkers remind that Miss Hicks is a singer. The Siners/SINGARds, by the way, share the fesse of RESTons while the Arthur-Hicks clarions double as "rests." And the Siners/Singards share the dolphin with Sinks. This reminds that God promised me a song when at the home of Kelly, my girlfriend. As I don't recall her surname, I had wondered whether she was code for John Kelly, and here I'm asking whether Hope Hicks, dating Rob Porter, is the spying enemy along with John Kelly and Porter. Again, is "spider" code for spies? Why was that spider vision at the closet door. Whose inside that door? After seeing Miss Hicks at the hood of the car, I was standing at its door, looking in, and she hovered inside, code, I reckon, for Coffer-like Hovers/Hoffers/Hoffs, who share the leopard face with Cofferts and Restons. It had seemed that, in 2012, God showed me that Coverts/Cofferts were a symbol of the CIA's Nazi's.

Hovers/Hoffers put red horns on their leopard face, and Buttons/Bidens use horns in their Crest looking much like the bull's scalp of Cheneys. The latter's footless martlets are colors reversed from the same of Flys, and the Cheney-beloved Fate's/Feets (same fesse as Buttons/Bidens) bring us back to the Covert/Coffert / Charlotte martlets.

In the Nunes memo, Sally Yates is one of the crew that signed one or more of the 90-day extensions of the FISA warrants on Carter Page. The Yates happen to share the portcullis gate with Porters. Sallys/Sales' share the Coat, roughly, of Coffee-possible Coughs/Cuffs (baton), in the colors and format of the Sink(er) Coat, all sharing the Hoff bend. All-in-all, I'm very impressed with this Hope Hicks - Rob Porter theory as pertains to the vision of the huge spider, and as may pertain to this week's spider.

The Strands happen to use a club, perfect, for Clubs (Cambridgeshire, same as Sinks) use the Coat of Hykes'/Hake's in colors reversed, and Hykes'/Hacks share the scallop of Flags/Flecks. Excellent. Moreover, Clubs, who share black martlets with Flys, were from "CLOVis," and Close's are CLOVSe's too. Moreover, Miss Hicks-Kilpatrick moved into a home owned by Mr. Childs while Clovis was the son of CHILDeric (suggesting that he was from Vespasian). Childs share the colors and format of Clubs, and moreover Childs were first found in the same place as Fly-suspect Titus'. You can't get more "coincidental." I'm now more convinced that Hope Hicks is part of the spider.

Webbers share the wave feature with Strands, and Webbers share the gold fleur in both colors with the Flys. Yet Hicks use the gold fleur too, in the colors of the patee cross of Claptons. The Hicks and Webbers both share the wavy, gold fesse, how about that. There you have yet another Hicks link to the spider. Hicks use the chaplet, and Chaplets use five swans in the black-on-gold once showing for the swan of French Josephs. The Hicks fleur is in both colors of the Petro fleur...from Flavius Petro, right?

Webbers use a "disc" in Crest, and Trails (beside the Childs / Titus') use "DISCrimini" while Reds are listed with the Reeds that use a version of the Petro Coat. The RED buttons in the sink of the TRAILer, directly across from the closet door where the huge spider appeared for a split second that brought Closeburn's Kilpatricks to mind. Miss Hicks is again linking to the spider and its web.

Clapton was also Portishead, and Portis'/Porchers share the cinquefoil of Hamiltons (same place as Polla-line Pollocks), while Miss Hick's husband was Hamilton. The Portis/Porcher cinquefoil is white, as is the one of Potters and Flowers. The latter two use it in white on black, and Flowers are now highly suspect with Flavians, wherefore note that Potters were first found in the same place as Porters/PAWTERs and Flys. It looks like we are to include Hope Hicks and Rob Porter into this dream. I never would have guessed.

Trails use "A column emerging from the sea," and Sea's/Seighs use more wavy fesses, which are those of Tokers (SEA horses), the latter first found in Devon with Malis' (and Hykes/Hacks). The Malis' use flaunches in colors reversed from the Sea flaunches, suggesting that Sea's (fish) were a branch of Seeds/Seats/Cedes' in the "Tu ne cede MALIS" motto of Amore's; the latter are a branch of wavy-fesse Damorys. Amore's are in the motto of Terrace's who are in-turn in the terrace of the Strand Coat; this terrace has the wavy "stream." Tokers use the axe as code for Devon's Axe river, location of SEATon. Malis' share the swan with Sions/Swans while Sion was also, Sitten. Miss Hicks was hovering over the SEATs of the car, and the Hovers/Hoffers use "a black leopard's head with red HORNs WEARING a gold crown." The Wears/Were's are said to be from the Axe river, and Wearings (Warren / Ward checks), using hunting HORNS, were first found in Devon too. Ada of Warenne of HUNTINGdon comes to mind, for Ade's share black leopard faces with Hovers/Hoffers. You can't argue with these strong facts.

Mr. Trump, don't sleep with Hope Hicks, or it might be leaked to ruin you. Remember how your own daughter threw Roy Moore into the trash based on questionable evidence against him? If Miss Hicks comes out to accuse you of sexually molesting her, it looks like you will have no choice but to step down. What's good for the gander is good for the goose. Get rid of your daughter as your advisor, it looks very lousy of a president. Put people in the White House from amongst those voters who support you, and ignore the blastings of the CIA and media when you do so. Fight man, fight, and ruin the CIA before it ruins you. Now is your opportunity, but a year has already passed.

This section on Hope Hicks was inserted here after much of the below was written on the spider-fly dream. I'm about to re-read it and add some things, likely.

Aside from the clicking heraldry, earlier, on the spider-fly dream, what does it mean in the real world? The Fly surname was shown to be from Flavian, and the Jewish general, Josephus, murdered his own army, women and children included, when Vespasian was attacking him in Israel. Josephus then went over to the imperial Flavian family, which is how he got the name, Flavius Josephus. I have been saying for a couple of years that this traitor had a line to the two Joseph surnames along with Joseph Caiaphas. And Flys were not only first found in the same place as English Josephs, but share the footless martlet of French Josephs. And the Fly pellets are code for the line of Pontius Pilote, for Pilotte's share the Pellet cups.

I'm inserting this paragraph. The Pellicans of Maine (same place as French Josephs) are from Vespasia Polla. And these Pellicans trace exactly to the Arthurs (pelican) of Clapton who married the pelican-using Meads of Clapton, but also the Hicks. And these Hicks of Clapton are online, said to share "clarions" with Arthurs due to their marriage. Heraldry buffs believe that the clarions are TRUMPets, and then Hope Charlotte Hicks is now getting cozy with Mr. TRUMP. She's dating Mr Porter, and I have been saying for a lot longer than I've known Mr. Porter this week that Clapton is at PORTIShead. Is Hope Hicks part of the spider?

If the fly represents the Flavian bloodline to Josephus, then I'm stumped on how to interpret the dream. Why would I save the Flavian bloodline with a piece of cardboard? Who's the spider chasing the Flavian bloodline? Makes no sense at the moment. If the fly is code for those who want to protect their pedophilia industry, why would I want to save it from the spider? It makes no sense, unless the cardboard was injected, not to save the fly, but simply to point to Ben Cardin, for example. I was very convinced that Cardins should apply to this dream, though this doesn't necessarily mean that Ben Cardin applies. Cardins were able to make sense of a lot of things, and things repeatedly pointed to the shooting of Steve Scalise.

This paragraph is inserted. What's Scalise that got to do with Hope Hicks? The daughter of Charlotte Hicks-Kilpatrick became a symbol of child molestation. Hmm. The daughter's name is Geneva, and Geneva's (Singard lions?) were linked to Diens/Dives', first found in the same place as Coverts/Cofferts. Courts/Coverts, and Deans/Deins while Miss Covert, a long-time emailer to me, married Mr. Dein, whose family (included Scherf-like Scheriffs) and geographical connections linked to Nazi elements close to Bush's and Hitler himself. I won't go back into all that except to add that president Franklin Roosevelt was involved in hiding Adolf Hitler in America. Dutch Roosevelts (share roses on stems with Scherfs) use a "PLANTavit" motto term while you're about to see why Plants were Fly kin.

There's a lot of evidence that Obama has been a sexual pervert. He was on a skateBOARD, and now the cardBOARD. Not only are Boards very linkable by their Coat to Skate/Sheet liners, but they (Boards) share white martlets, and an antelope in Crest, with Obama's Singletary line. Yet Singletarys don't call them martlets, but rather "birds," and Birds/Burds (martlets) are like "Board." The Board, Chaddock and Chadwick Coats are shared by the Arms of Lancashire, where Singletarys were first found. AND ZOWIE, I didn't know (at this general time) until now that Singletarys are said to be from Singleton-in-the-FLYDE, in a Fylde area. Isn't that a Fleet = Fly line???

Recall that I awoke and put a WATER jar in the ARMpit, the latter definitely code for Obama's Armour line. Jonathan Singletary was the ancestor of Stanley Armour Dunham. The Waters use the three Singletary chevrons in colors reversed! The dream is pointing to Obama! The Water Coat is shared by Cassane's/Cassandra's, first found in Hampshire with Flys.

"'These [state-department] documents show the Obama State Department under John Kerry gathered and sent its own dossier of classified information on Russia to Senator Ben Cardin, a political ally in the U.S. Senate, to undermine President Trump,' said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton."

And here's an article on February 6, the day of the dream: "Ben Cardin is losing his role as the top Democrat on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, ending a run that began almost three years ago with the tricky politics of the Iran nuclear deal...The position had significantly elevated his national profile, allowing him to serve as the Democratic voice opposing President Donald J. Trump’s foreign policy." I didn't know this until now. I expect Senatorial foreign-affairs people to be cued up with the Council on Foreign Relations. The exposure needs to go to that latter body. Who in government does it boss around? Isn't it to be expected that this Council opposed Trump's pre-election foreign policy?

Repeat: "English Cardins and arm-liner Brace's use a good reflection of the Plunkett Coat." In the spider-fly dream, I called, "Father," and Fathers/Feathers share the feathers and chevron of Perkens, from Perga, home of PLANCIA (like "Plunkett") Magna, wife of Tertullus, the line to Tertullus, the ancestor of Fleck-like Fulks of Anjou. Fulke's/Folks/Volks were first found in Norfolk with Flags/Flecks and Dunhams, now making Fulks very suspect from "Flavian," who would have guessed? Jonathan Singletary changed his surname to, Dunham. The Singletary ANTELope is code for a line from ANTALya, right beside Perga. Perkens use an antelope too. Tertullus is very suspect as a relative of Julia Polla of Galatia, and with Tertulla, wife or mother (I forget which) of Flavius Petro of Rieti, father of Vespasia Polla. That can't be a coincidence. Plancia's father (Plancius) was from Galatia, and his name is to the Planque variation of French Plants while PlantaGENETs were Fulks. GHENTs were first found in the same place as Flagi-line Flys. Fulke's/Folks/Volks share the split Shield of Belgian Flecks.

The Feathers and Perkens are in the colors and format of Childs, the latter first found in Hertfordshire with Titus', which is beside the first-known Tooths who likewise use the three feathers of Perkens and Feathers. The fly dream has exposed what I had been blind to, that Flys were Flavius liners along with Fulks and Plantagenets. The English royals like to call themselves after Plantagenets (Fulks by birth). PLANTagenets could be of Blands / Blonds and the Blandford of Pitts. While Childs were from Childeric, a contemporary, if I recall correctly, of Valentinian I / Flavius Honorius (name suspect with Huns), it's notable that his name did create a Child surname, for this discussion seems to be on gross child abuse to the modern times. Is God trying to say that child offenders are largely from Plancia Magna's Artemis cult?

Twitch's/Twiggs (as per my muscle twitch right beside the armpit) are suspect with the TOTTen dancette, and TOOTHs (London, same as English Plants/Plantagenets) share the griffin of Letters without doubt who are in the Card Crest, and Cards share the Cupid/Cupid lion head, essentially. This is a great reason to see the cardboard with Cards and Boards / Birds/Burds together in connection to Obama's line to Dunham-Masci (same place as Birds/Burds), which was ruled by Hamon de Masci, and then Hamons use a "tott" motto term. Figure on DUNhams (dancette) being a branch of the Dance's and Dents, interesting where Tooths are said to be from Hugo de dentibus.

Tooths use "palman," and Palmans/Pelhams (pelicans) were likewise first found in Hertfordshire. Palmans/Pelhams use a version of the Tott Coat, apparently, and Pellicans were first found in Maine with the Josephs that use the Fly / Pullen/Pully martlet. The pelican-using Pullens/Pullys were definitely from Vespasia Polla because their red scallop is shared with Sabine's while Miss Polla married Flavius Sabinus. Palmans/Pelhams use an "amore" motto term. They use a peacock while Peacocks are a sept of Pollocks i.e. from the same Polla line as Palmans/Pelhams.

Fathers/Feathers are the ones with the "Valens" motto term, and while Valens was the brother of VALENTINian, note that this update is due two days before Valentine's Day, which the human demons depicted with Cupid, the child-sex symbol. Cubits/Cupids are in the cubit arm of Flys. Feathers/Fathers have a "Valens and volens" motto, with Volens' listed with Valence's/Falens. If we turn the 'v' of "Flav" to a 'u', it's Fal- / FLOWer-like term.

You can bank on Cupid's arrow symbol being that of Apollo, son of Leto, the line to Alitto's and Letters (in Leto colors). Apollo was the twin brother of Artemis, and Plancia's family was overseer to the ARTEMis cult in Perga. Julia Polla was the granddaughter of ARTEMIdoros (Galatian), and the latter's father conquered Derbe, the line to Derbys that share the Perkens antelope. The Derby Coat is a colors-reversed version of the Field/Feld Coat, making the latter (and RoqueFEUIL liners too?) suspect with the Flyde location of Singletarys.

This now goes to the Randolphs (bat) and Baths (same cross), for ARTEMs/Aitons use a colors-reversed version of the Bath Coat, and the Syrian Baathists were founded by Mr Bitar and Mr. AFLAQ, while Bitars/Butters and AFLACKs share the same cross. The Tulls, can you believe this, use ButterFLIES!!!! Tullia of Clermont-Ferrand (lived around the time of Childeric) was a daughter of Gallia. The Baths were first found in the same place as Battins/Badens, suspect with Battistelli's, the latter sharing the pyramid with Tulls/Tullia's.

On the night between the two dreams this week, I saw a huge starburst go off in my head while going to sleep. I interpreted it immediately as the Stelli Coat. It's interesting that BATHgate's use suns, the symbol of Feather-like Fetters.

Tottens use "A red lion rampant charged on the SHOULDER with a bar dancette." My Obama-depicting twitch was at the side of shoulder blade. A similar red lion has three chevrons "on the shoulder" in the colors of the BAR dancette of Tottens, and while they are in the colors of the three Singletary chevrons, Rands, suspect with Randolphs, were first found in Norfolk with dancette-using Dunhams. The latter share the Coat of English Randolphs. So, you see, God is pointing to Obama, even now that he is no longer the president. Why?

DUNbars are said to derive in "summit," but this must be code for Summits (necklace), first found in Lorraine with Bar-le-Duc. Sunters are also SUMMETers, and they share the black boar with Jardin-line Gardens who in-turn look like they can be honoring Sunter-like Gunters/Guente's (share GAUNTlet with Flys and SUN-like Swans/Some's/Sions). Dunbars must be from a Duns location, on my atlas a few miles off the TWEED river at Berwick. This explains why my TWITCH was code for Obama's bloodline. Lauder, which is of the Card-loving Letters/Lauders, is about 20 miles from Duns. Lauder is at/near the TYNE river while Obama appeared as a TWIN on his skateBOARD, and my atlas has "Borders" written to the near-west of Lauder. BROAD Law peak is at Borders (about 20 miles south of Bathgate), and Broads were first found in Somerset with Borders. It seems that Dunhams were a branch of the Dunbars.

Checking to see what river Lauder is on, it's in the Leader-Water valley, and Leaders (arm), no guff, share black-on-gold pellets with Flys, both using gold symbols in those pellets! That tends to clinch the lion head of Letter-loving Cards with the same of Fly-beloved Cupids. Ladons/Ladds share the Leader scallops and fesse in colors reversed, and the Ladon/Ladd fesse is wavy, and in the colors of the wavy fesses of Webbers (!), first found in Somerset with Ladons/Ladds!

Rands/Rynds are suspect in the motto of Rinds, and the latter's gillie flowers are suspect with the gillyflowers of Joels (same place as Webbs). Flowers are said to be of fletchers = people that use arrows, and Fletchers/Flegers ("arm drawing a bow") are clearly Fleet / Fleck liners. Fletchers share the Bitar/Butter and Aflack cross, and even share pellets with a symbol within with Flys.

Are Fletchers using the pheon arrowheads of Coys closely? Hillary hired PERKINs COIE to hire the Steele dossier, and Perkens share the Tooth / Father feathers. Fletchers were Flavians, who would have guessed?

Again, Scottish Randolphs (bat) share the cross of Baths, and Obama did arm the Sunni Baathists and their ISIS partners. It's interesting that al-QAEDA is like BathGATE / BathGETum, while Bitars/Butters use "DiriGET" in their motto. Ladds/Ladons, like "bin-Laden," were first found in Somerset with Baths.

This reminds of when Joel came up to take me for a ride in his newly-purchased, white VOLKswagen Rabbit. He said that he was flying to Europe with a BRAZilian sportswriter to cover some European volleyball championships, and as Volleys are listed with Velis' who in-turn share the black Julian cross, I gathered that Joels/Jewels were Julian liners, and that God was speaking to us through these Joel events. On the drive, he pulled over to the SHOULDER with his blinkers on, and I laughed when seeing a GULL walking along to the very beat of the blinkers. I told Joel about it. The Volleys/Velis' and Julians share the GULLY crosses, no guff.

The Wills/Volleys (Berwickshire, location of Lauder) share a red griffin in Crest with Tooths, and while the Tooth Shield shares the Letter/Lauder griffin, the latter use an "umBRA" motto term that can be both for UMBERland (where Velis'/Volleys were first found) and Bra of Cuneo. During Joel's drive, which went through BRACEbridge, I was telling him about God's pointing out TWITTer's White Rabbit, because he dumped almost 29,000 Hillary emails. I have never heard anyone comment on that dump since, and am still waiting. While telling him about White rabbit, and my white-rabbit mystery that predicted an exposure of the Clinton crime ring, I didn't yet know that his white car was a rabbit model, which he promptly told me. I then started telling readers that Volks were listed with Fulke's/Folks, and it just so happens that Brae's/Brays use a "FLAX breaker" as apparent code for the Fulk branch of Flags/Flacks.

So, the Brazilian reporter became suspect with Bra / Brae/Bray liners, and that put me over to Donna Brazile, whom Wikipedia says was from the BRASwells. I had verification from God, including the girdle of Braswells, that I was to go to Donna Brazile. She took over the DNC from Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

My white-rabbit mystery enters when I touched a BRA on a laundry line (age 9) at the home of Jerry Peterson, for while contemplating that event, I realized that Cuneo-like Coneys / Conns use white coney rabbits while I was standing over a rabbit cage when touching the bra. I fed the white rabbit(s) in that cage myself. I was standing on a small platform a few stairs high where the lady of the house stood to hang her laundry, and the cage was under the floor of the platform. The bra belonged to a blond tenant in the home, and tenants with Teonsing-suspect Towns were both first found near or at Bathgate. Towns use the Julian cross in colors reversed. Tonsings use candelaBRAS, can you believe this, and Hillary is right-now in trouble with the lawyer, Mrs. Toensing. Towns can be a branch of Downs/Douns and therefore of Dunhams/Downhams.

Look at this timing. Just now, I wasn't able to recall the Toensing-like variation of Towns, and started looking when I fell on Townsins/Townsends (Pilate colors) that share the Coat of Platts! I don't recall calling the floor above the rabbit cage a platform. I usually call it a deck. Townsins (share white scallops with Flags/Flecks) were at Snoring MAGNA, in Norfolk, a potential Plancia-Magna line, for Norfolk is where Flags/Flecks and Fulke's/Volks were first found. The TUNIShende variation may suggest Tunis in the Numidian theater. The Platts can be a branch of Platers/Plains suspect in the paper plane that was at first a page. In this picture, the page can be for Carter Page because he may have been spied on to see whether he or any of his associates knew about the Uranium-One scandal.

TownSENDs may have been Town-Sender merger, for Senders/Sanders, the ones sharing PLATEs with Singletarys (same place as Platts), share the chevron of both Town surnames. Plains/Platers first found in Suffolk with English Towns that in-turn use Sender/Sander colors and format. Sanders are expected from Sintians of Lemnos, and myth had Myrina of Lemnos as an Amazon goddess at the Atlas mountains, the Tunis theater. Remember, the family of Plancia Magna oversaw the Artemis cult, and Artemis was a twin of Apollo. I'll return to the twin symbol of Obama below.

Amazingly, I have told of HELEN, my TENANT, surprising me by putting a Christmas CARD into my mailbox, saying, "I love you." We had only been together a week or two. The point is, Tenants were first found in Linlithgowshire with Towns, and Cards come up as "Cert," like "Cirta," the Numidian capital. Cards/Certs are therefore suspect with the lion of Massins/Masons, likely from the Numidian king, Massena. The people group he belonged to were probably the Meshwesh Amazons, from Mysians at the HELLESpont, which myth writers depicted as HELEN "of Troy". Lemnos is off the Mysian coast at Troy.

Helen left Dave for me. One night, Dave came to her door and, not finding her home, left a chocoLATE treat on the door knob. The Late's/Letts are suspect with Leto, mother of Apollo, chief of the Muses, who were the Meshwesh, for Apollo mated with Cyrene, and Cyrene is where Meshwesh lived. Cyrene is likely a form of "Coronis" the crow, which was a white bird until Apollo made it a black one (code for Africans). CHOColate is brown, and Certs/Cards use the collar while Collars (and Myrina-like Morano's) use Moor heads = brown-skinned North Africans. CHOCKs use the Cert/Card lion in colors reversed, and Chaucers with Chalkers were first found in Kent with Massins/Masons. Apparently, Moors / Mauritanians were from the Myrina Amazons.

The "TU NE Cede malis" motto looks like "Tunis," and "malis" can be code for a line from north Africans at Mali. The Tunesende variation looks a lot like "Tu ne cede." Cards/Certs use a LETTER in Crest while Letters have a Coat like that of Leto's/Alito's and even share the griffin of Aliotta's, first found in Messina. Mythical Leto was special in the Clarus area, and Leto's/Alitto's were first found in Ferrara with Claro's and SENIORs, the latter suspect with SNORing Magna location of TownSINs/Townsends. English Seniors/Singards/SINers were first found in Norfolk with Townsins/Townsends, as well as the Flags/Flecks that share the scallops of Biss' suspect in the "ibis" motto term of Seniors/Singards. By some coincidence or not, Flags/Flecks are beloved of SINNERs/Samsons.

I actually left Helen a LETTER on the stairs trying to make her interested in me, or offering myself to her more-or-less. She became so concerned that she asked me to install a lock on the door between us. The heraldry is so compelling that I've got to think that God arranged her in my life. The Certs/Cards are the ones with a letter. I took her out for dinner, and one of us had duck, the other had buffalo. Irish Ducks are listed with Logans, a branch of Locks. Logans/Ducks use nails piercing a heart, perhaps play of Cupid at Valentines day. English Ducks (same place as Seniors/Singards) use lion heads colors reversed from the same of Seniors/Singards. Can you believe it?

She left me for Steve, who she met in a billiard hall. She got the non-Christian that she wanted. It may actually have been around Valentines Day, for Cupids share the Card/Cert lion head. About a week after she first dated Steve, he brought her flowers. It may have been Valentine's day. I left for Texas in April or May, and they had been together for a while by then. I was in Texas in time to give Mandy flowers on mother's day, May 9. I didn't know her previous to that trip. Stevens can be assumed to be a branch of Stevensons who in-turn share the Valentin bend, believe it or not.

Pohls/Pohlmans (feathers), who are the only ones I know of that use the buffalo, may be a branch of Palmans/Pelhams, who are in the motto of Feather- and Letter-related Tooths. Palmans/Pelhams use "VINCit", suspect with VINKovci, birthplace of Valentinian I. Palmans/Pelhams use the peacock while Peacocks use "just," suspect with Justine, Valentinian's wife. Justine's were first found in Perthshire with Wings/WINKs.

It dawns on me that two / twin Obama's may have been on the skateBOARD because Twins/Twyne's (same place as Flys) were a branch of same-colored Towns. The Tyne river is near Broad Law and Borders, remember, just south of where Scottish Towns were first found. Nearby Letters use the double-TRESSURE BORDER, and Borders were first found in Somerset with Tresure's/Treasure's. Though of a different shade, both Ramps and Tonsings use upright, brown lions. That has got to be the meaning of the twin Obama's skateboarding up a ramp! Perfect. It's taken his long to solve that part, exactly one year this first half of February.

Broads use a savage with arrows, and French Sauvage's share the giant heart with Ducks/Logans.

Brown is suspect with Brunswick, where the Bars of Este were who had a branch at Bar-le Duc, where the DunBARs of Duns (Berwickshire) trace. "Brunswick" is like the Bryneich name of ancient Berwick. Was this a Bra line? Very possibly, yes. I kid you not, I actually remember that when we had DUCK that night, I wore BROWN pants!!! Bar-le-DUC! Amazing.

Bar-le-Duc is in the area of the Little MUSE river, and Steve had a MUStang (Mustans are a branch of Moses' and Mostyns). Helen of Troy was abducted by prince Paris, code for Parion (Hellespont), home of Gorgon Muses. Helen saw Paul SMITH and called him "ugly" (not in his presence), which was the symbol of Gorgons as well as for Hephaestus the metal SMITH, I kid you not. Hephaestus' wife was the mother of Eros = Cupid. Eros had an arrow symbol too.

Cupid's symbol is an arrow through the heart (used by Nations/Nathans and Stoltenbergs), and the Bitar/Butter Crest is an ARM holding a bow while there are red hearts in the Bitar/Buttar Shield. The Deus motto term of Bitars/Butters is suspect with Deusters/Dusters (more arms), themselves in the "InDUSTRia" motto term in the Arms of Rothschild (feathers). Nations/Nathans are Rothschild liners.

Bathgate's use a motto term suspect with Veys/Vivians, who share a part of the Fife Coat while Five's and Fifys too. The Bitars/Butters then were first found in Fife, and moreover Dutch Veys use a Butter-like boot. It's clear that Veys were the line to the mythical witch, Morgan le Fay of Apollo-line Avalon, the mythical island of king Arthur, which I identify as Bute. Nicholas de Vere claimed that his witch cult went from Melusine of Avalon to the first count on Anjou immediately before the Fulks were counts of Anjou. It suspects that Vere's / Guerra's / Guerins were from the Tertullus-of-Perga line to IngelGER, father of Fulk I of Anjou.

Two Evil Events in Virginia

Back to CHARLOTTE Hicks standing in front of the car, which has been resolved with the hood, and Hoods can perhaps be a branch of Hodge's / Hodgkinsons. People were killed by the front of the car in the hoax at CHARLOTTESville. It can be gleaned that the Obama people staged that anti-supremacist hoax. Charlottesville is not far from Alexandria, Virginia, where Steve Scalise of Louisiana was shot. I entered Texas the day before driving through Victoria, from Louisiana, and had reason to believe that I drove to Crystal City for something to do with the murder of Scalise-like Scalia in yet-more remote areas of Texas. I also had reason to link Louisiana's Donna Brazile to this drive through Texas. But I didn't know until now that: "Also shot were CRYSTAL GRINER, a U.S. Capitol Police officer assigned to protect Scalise..."

This is new right here, and, I kid you not, that while my vehicle's exhaust developed black smoke in Crystal City, or in the drive between Victoria and Crystal City, the Smoke's/Rauch's use nothing but a bend in the colors of the nothing-but-a-bend Griners!!!!!!! Wow. And both were first found in Bavaria. The hood Hicks stood in front of can now be linked tentatively to Mr. Hodgkinson, the one who reportedly fired at Scalise. In other words, the same fiends that carried out the Scalise shooting are suspect with the ones who carried out the car-crash hoax two months later (August 14, 2017).

Hodgkinsons were first found in Gloucestershire with Toker-like Tewkesburys/Tucksburys that married Arthurs of Clapton. Recall the Sea-Toker discussion issuing forth from the Hicks-Webber discussion, for while Tokers were first found in Devon with Hoods (Toker colors), the Hoods use a "ZEAlous" motto connectable to the sea horses of Tokers. The Hodge's (Hood colors) use "A garb enTWINed with two serpents." Horse's use gyronny in the colors of Hodgkinsons, and were first found in Northumberland with Hodge's.

The Hodge's are said to have developed into Hoge's, and then Locks/LesLOGES share the green-on-white cinquefoils of Hodgkinsons. By what coincidence is Miss Hicks linking to Hodge liners while Hodge's share the fesse of RESTons (leopard faces) while the Hicks-Arthur clarions double as rests? The Hodge-crest crescent is called a horn, and while Miss Hicks went from the hood to hovering over the Sea-suspect Seats, Hovers/Hoffers are the ones with a horned leopard face WEARING a crown. The Wears and Wearings applied in the Sea-Toker discussion, yet it can be rementioned that I see Hicks (Arthur colors) with a version of the Craun/Crane Coat and Crest (share annulets with Hodge's), that being a surname sometimes portrayed by the crown. The Hicks dream opened with a shark in a pool with a BULLdog, and Bulls share the annulets of Hodges in both colors while Sharks use a crane. The Craun/Crane annulets are colors reversed. Crauns are said to be Bernicians, and while Restons were first found in Bernicia with Arthurs and Aids, Ada of Warenne/Varenne is suspect with Ade's (share the black leopard face with Hovers/Hoffers).

Crauns/Crane's share the Clapton patee, no guff. NECKs use a stag ("deer") with a crown on one antler, more evidence of Ceraunii liners. The Crauns/Crane's put a crown around the neck of their stag, and Hicks put a chaplet around the neck of their stag. So, this is more evidence that Hope Charlotte Hicks and Rob Porter are to be connected to some aspect of the Hicks dream that predicts and/or verifies God's involvement in some event(s) in the real world. Miss Hicks went from the hood to hovering OVER the seats, and Overs not only share the fret with Hoods, but the bend of French Porters.

The Hicks stag is a BUCK while the Craun/Crane stag is called a hind while Hinds (BUCKinghamshire) share the colors and format of Hodge's (same place as Hicks). On the morning of the coffee in Victoria, I purchased a NEWSpaper, which I entertained with SonofNEWO long before I had seen his videos on the Charlottesville crash. He may yet expose the people behind that hoax. News' (PARCHment) share the chaplet with Hicks'.

Repeat: "Just now, I wasn't able to recall the Toensing-like variation of Towns, and started looking when I fell on Townsins/Townsends (Pilate colors) that share the Coat of Platts!" These Coats use scallops in the positions, and colors reversed from, the scallops of Parchments. Of old, they were PERCHamunts, explaining the PERCHEvron in the News Crest along with the roll of parchment.

I'll add that while the PARKed car on the TownSEND-suspect sand, in the Hicks dream, was a 1950's model, I saw one in the garage of Steve, a Pentecostal preacher from Arkansas who moved to our Texas area, and started to attend the church that Miss Hicks and I attended. I spent only one afternoon with this Steve. It reminds that there are some FBI agents at Arkansas' Little Rock looking into some Clinton-crime ring details. Steve had a spiritual disposition like that of Miss Hicks, whose own father had been a Pentecostal preacher. I had wondered whether she had a friendship with this Steve after I left Texas. The Arkansas crew will likely investigate the Clinton Foundation's links to Uranium One, which involves Victoria Toensing.

Take the Parchment and Townsin scallops to the white ones of Tailbois', from Lincolnshire, where Parchments were first found, then compare the Stable's/Stabils to Tailbois', because Stabils appear to be in the "stabilis" motto of ParchMENT-suspect Ments/Manns (Arthur liners). Stable's are said to be from Estaples, where I trace Staple's (same fleur as Perkins) that use a "RIEN" motto term. Barnstaple's trace with Albins of Barnstaple to Italian Albino's, the latter in Modena along with Cassano's/Cassandra's whose Coat traces to that of Sodans (Devon, same as Barnstaple and Albins) that share the scallops of Parchments.

This recalls where Miss Hicks' Rena name was mentioned with the Hope RAINbow, while the Hope globe looked like God's code for Mr. Reines' Beacon GLOBAL (which he founded). At that time, I said: "Reines' are the ones suspect as God's code for Comet Ping Pong Pizza." That's because Reines' are suspect with the Pisa lion while using a comet. It can now be added that the Yorkshire Ments share the three Ping/Pong bends.

I'm suggesting that God manipulated heraldry symbols for to help me make the proper theories that will come to light in the news. I think I know what I'm doing.

Townsins/Townsends were at RAINham, perhaps likable to the Hope rainbow. In fact, Rainhams/Wranghams share besants with Hope's, and the Rainham motto term, "SUPERata" looks like code for both the Supers (Devon, same as Spurrs and Hoods) and the Rattery location of Hoods (Hoods share the anchor with German Hoods/HOPE's). Yup, for Ratterys use a "Super" motto term. Hmm, Ratterys (same place as Pontius Pilate's mother) share the fitchees of Hood-like Woods, and the latter looks like it has the Strand savage in Crest. Does that link Hope Hicks to the spider strand? It makes the Rattery heart look like the Sauvage heart. Supers use Pilate-suspect billets, and it's the BESANcons (near Mont Pilat/Perdrix) that best prove billets to be of Pilate's.

Did Miss Hicks marry Mr. Kilpatrick? Rainhams even share gold garbs on white with Spurrs for a loose trace to the spur of Close's and Knights. In fact, Devon is the location of the Axe river, which can explain the axe in the Close Crest. The Rainham Shield, I now see, can therefore be the Kilpatrick Shield (shares Super saltire). The cushions in the Kilpatrick Chief trace to Laevillus, whose wife, Miss Bassus, is the line to the Hope besants in the Rainham Chief, for Hope's share the Savary/Savard Coat while Miss Bassus descended from Severus of Akmonia, father of Mr. Bassus. The Bessin was part of this Bassus line, and it goes through Basina, wife of Childeric and mother of Clovis, the latter suspect in the Clovse variation of Close's (horns). Orne in the Bessin has a Hiemois area like the "Hyeme" motto term of Rainhams, and while EXmes is in Hiemois, the Rainhams use "Hyeme ex."

To be sure that the spur is for Closeburn, see the cushions of spur-using Johnsons. Then compare Danish Johnsons with the Wansteads in the Child write-up.

Believe it or not, Ratterys were first found beside the first Rats/Raids/Raiders, and the latter's "Spero" motto term is translated, "I hope." Rats/Raids even share the white anchor with Hoods so as to clinch Hope Hicks with Miss Hicks at the hood of a car. Rats/Raids were first found in Nairnshire while Nairns share the chaplet with Hicks! Amazing. But there's more, for Nairns share the Car motto in full!!! Astounding. Nairns use "A trunk of an oak tree sprouting leaves", and Sprouts share the crossed spears of Speers suspect in the "Spero" motto term of Rats. Clearly, Rat liners named Rattery, home of the Hoods in Devon.

Repeat: "Hodgsons use "MISERis," and Misers share "rien" in their motto with Hodgkinsons." The latter's full motto is that of Staple's, and the latter share the leopard-face-with-fleur of Ade's while Ada of Warenne was beside Kent, where Staple's were first found.

On Porter's demise, Trump has said: "'People's lives are being destroyed by a mere allegation'". Yes, and Trump's daughter was willing to destroy Moore based on the same. If nothing is done about such allegations, the deep state will continue to use the tactic. So, Ivanka is partly responsible for this attack on the White House, and, of course, the attackers want to use it to bring Trump down. In politics, a sex charge should never be entertained automatically, a thing Ivanka is guilty of.

When the two wives of Porter came out, so do an ex-wife of Mr. Sorenson, who also resigned from the White House this past week. It may be that the two resigned too easily because Trump didn't want them there any longer. Perhaps he's after Porter's date, or perhaps he suspects Porter and Sorenson as spies. The two should not have resigned so easily, and Trump should not have permitted it until the photos of Porter's ex-wife were tested for authenticity.

Sorensons can actually be from the Ceraunii Illyrians, to whom I trace Crauns. A soft-c version of CERAUN can form the Seuren(son) variation. The SAUERson variation must be from the same-colored Sauers, said to be from the Sau/Sava river, home of the Ceraunii. This indirectly links Hope Hicks to Sorenson liners. Sorensons use a demi-stag while Crauns use a demi-hind. Other Sorenson variations are suspect with Savarys/Savards, who share the Hope Shield. Savarys are from Severus Septimius, husband of Domna Bassianus, and I do trace Bassianus' exactly to the Maezaei, beside the Ceraunii..which may indicate that Severus named the Sava river.

As I said, I spent only one afternoon with Steve, and he asked me then to come play DOMINos with a gang. I really wasn't into dominos, but was that God's code for DOMNa? The Domino's use a giant tower in the colors of the giant cinquefoil of Danish Sorensons. In the Hicks dream, I saw the man who owned the classic-model car. He was hefty and looked remarkably like Steve. father-in-law Sorrys, who may be with the arrow of Rothschilds/Roddensteins (Brunswick, same as Sorensons), share "Simplex" with Perkins. I wonder what really is going on in the Hope-Hicks sector of the White House this week.

Hope was/is a model like Trump's wife. Simpsons, who share three crescents with Hoods in Chief, were first found in Buckinghamshire with Craun-beloved Hinds (Hodge colors and format), and the latter share lozenges with Mandys/Mundays. I started this paragraph only because, when I was with Mandy Simpson (about 42 years old), she looked a lot like Hope Hicks. I didn't know when starting this paragraph that Mandys and Hope's were first found in Derbyshire. Nor did I know that Hoods and Simpsons share crescents in Chief, apparently relevant to Hope Hicks because Hoods share the anchor with German Hoods/HOPE's. Amazing, is it not? Mandy said she had done some modeling in her youth. Sorensons share the red stag with Parks / Parkers, evoking the ParchMENTs. Derbys use the Fields Coat in colors reversed while James Alex Fields was blamed for the Charlottesville car crash.

It can now be added that while Cindy Richardson, whose father was my Pentecostal preacher in my early 20s, was at second base, Simpsons use a Chief in the two colors of the Cindy Chief. The Cindy pale bars are suspect as God's code for the Scalise/Scalia Coat. Scalia's dead body was brought to El-Paso, on the border of New Mexico, where Bill Richardson hails. Cindy Richardson may be God's code for Bill Richardson's involvement in the Scalia murder.

I didn't know when introducing Mandy Simpson above that the Hodgkinson shooting was at Eugene Simpson Stadium Park. Amazing. When Mandy first brought me to church with her, her regular seat was directly behind Miss Hick's husband. Miss Hicks was not attending because the leaders there did not appreciate her charismatic extremism (neither did I), and so I assume she was attending in Crystal City, for she later said she did attend there. Again, Crystal Griner was shot, they tell us, trying to protect the others when Scalise was shot. Griners/Gruns/Grunders look like they were of the crane-line Grounds i.e. more Ceraunii suspects. In fact, English Grounds/Grundys (compare with Deacons / Decans / Rhodes') look to be using the Mandy cross, can we believe it? I told you. God set me up to tell you beforehand what will happen in HIS exposure of the rotten rats.

Grounds/Grundys happen to share the Grimm martlets, tending to lump Grimm liners in with Ceraunii. Charlotte's/Charlemagne's/Charles' share these martlets (same colors), and Irish Charles' use Ceraunii-suspect crowns, as do the Martels that are in code with MARTLets (Charlemagne was the grandson of Charles Martel).English Charles' look to be honoring Flavius Honorius, the one suspect at the origin of the Fly surname, which brings us back to Webbers and Hicks.

Scottish Grands/Grants use more crowns for yet another proof that some heraldic crowns are for Ceraunii liners. While Grands are suspect in the "GRANDescunt" motto term of Courts/Coverts, the Coverts/Cofferts share these same martlets (same colors). The Crest of Irish Charles' has the pilGRIM's stave of Pilgrims (and Hawks), tending to clinch the Charlotte link to Crystal Griner. God sent me to Crystal City to speak on the shooting of Scalise/ Someone needs to make God happy in a exposure on the real criminals behind that crime. Is not the "GrandesCUNT motto term the thing that speaks to Cindy at second base?! And while Mamie was with me on that day, at home plate, she was resolved as God's code for the Mame/Meme/MENS bloodline while Crystals use a Mens motto term. (Christine's were first found on Man.)

As the Mandy Chief looks linkable to the Bag Chief, note that Bags share the GRIMaldi Coat. I didn't know until after writing that that French Grands share the Ment Coat, and moreover Mandys share fire with the Crest of Scottish Grands ("Stand fast"). Grimaldi's share the Coat of COCKs, and the latter Grands use a rock, as do Roque's/Rocks at the founding of Roquefeuils = Rockefellers, who are suspect with the COCKroaches in the motel at Crystal City. The smoke in my tail pipe in the morning was proof that the cockroaches were set up by God, for Smoke's turned out to be listed with Rauch's, a branch of Roach's/Rochellans (Roxolani?), apparently. And the Pipe's share the Coat of Mens-loving Pepins who use the Webber fesse-with-fleur in colors reversed. Pepins use the Este horse, and Pepins share "est" with Roach's.

I am so amazed by Crystal Griner, and with Griners using the Smoke/Rauch Coat, apparently. Judge Scalia was killed the day before Valentines Day, 2016, and the Griners share the bend of Valentins (and Rodhams).

It seemed to me from the spider-and-fly dream that Jeff Flake applies, who was caught on a fake video being the first one out of the dug-out, after the shooting stopped, at which time the video wants us to believe that Hodgkinson had been shot dead. If you've seen this video below, you may agree that the people around a car near the road are too calm for the shots we hear going off. A jogger can be seen at 1:20-21, jogging right past the shooter, which of course proves that the video was not taken during the shooting. The gunshots were added to the video's audio. It's a simple trick. Just before 2 minutes, someone says the shooter is "behind home plate," which is very near the road. No one's going to be jogging past that area, casually, especially when you hear how loud these shots are. If the youtube video is not clear, see the one below it:

Listen to how fake the speaker is midway into the second minute: "Hey, has that guy been shot, is he okay? Anyone talking to him?" What a farce. Yeah, sure, someone's out there having a chat with Scalise while a high-powered rifle is going off 60 times. The purpose of this portion of the video is to make the viewer think that Scalise is out there. Flake can be seen coming out at 4:50ish of the youtube video. I saw Flake that morning on television, and know what he was wearing. One could make out, in this video, in one with good visual quality, that Flake was the first one out of the dug-out, to fake his approach to Scalise. But the shortened Hill video above -- by the stinking, rotting New York Times -- removes Flake coming out. Why? There must have been a decision to cut him out. And it also cuts out the jogger. Why? This latter video is of great quality, yet it cuts out the problematic parts. Don't be fooled.

It seems that the jogger was mainly removed from the scene, but that they failed to remove him all across the screen. What I mean is that, if you watch from 1:10 onward, no jogger is ever seen coming from left to right. He suddenly appears on the right half, moving right, at 1:20. He's gone quickly in about a second, so you may need to use the pause button. At 1:20, the jogger appears in the middle of the full, chain-link diamond to the far left. He disappears behind the fence, meaning that he's at the edge of the road, like a jogger along the sidewalk. This was early in the shooting. No one in his right mind would be moving into that area if this was the day of the real shooting.

One should also ask why there is not any other cell phone that captured the shots, so that a comparison can be made. Another cell phone would prove this video to be a fake, and so we assume that the police took the phones that could be used for this purpose. Faked events always have the problem that cameras are now everywhere, and if hardly anyone shows us all that's expected from the many, then we have got to assume that the police took care of those cameras.

Question: why didn't the man with camera above go to the field and take a close-up of the man shot on the field after he saw Flake and others coming out? You know the answer. Don't you? Scalise wasn't there. I assume that Scalise and family was threatened if he talked, and was permitted to come out of the hospital alive under those terms. I'm not saying that Scalise wasn't shot, but that the video above was not on the day of the shooting. It begs why they didn't just use the footage on real day? Too risky?

Neckar / Baden Vikings to Shetland

Although it has not to do with my hunt at hand, I'd like to add an observation while visiting Neckers when mentioning Necks (RED stag and ANTLERS) above. German Neckers, first found beside the area of Veringers (RED ANTLER) and the Neckar river, use a pale bar in the colors of the giant pheon of Nickle's/Nichols. I had never noted the NECKELere variation of Neckers, I don't think, suggesting that Nickle's were Neckar-river liners. The Deer Coat can apply to that Necker/Neckelere pale bar. English Nicholas' (at a Horsley), with lions in the same colors, happen to use ravens, important because a raven banner (in the Arms of Shetland) was used by a viking with Stout surname, who I've trace to STUTTgart on the Necker. That trace seems clinched here. Veringers were Varangian vikings, weren't they?

I've always entertained Necks with Ness', but don't recall telling that the Varni (probably proto-Varangians) look to be named after king PHARNaces, husband of Ness-liner Nysa of the Pontus. That looks perfect. I know for sure that Nissans are Nysa liners, but doesn't this discussion make Nickle liners into Nysa liners too? This is a good reason to entertain Forneys and Furnace's as Pharnaces liners, for Miss Hicks moved to Forney. As Parrs share the double Nissan fesses, it's notable that Pharn-like Formans/Fermans (Farn lion?) share the double fesses too. Varni were at Schwerin, and Schwerins use a split Shield in the colors of the same of Farns.

Scottish Nicholsons ("GeneROSiTATE") look like they use the eagle of the MacDonald sea-goers, and Tate's with Nickle's/Nichols and Hoods use ravens called "Cornish choughs", perfect, as well as what should be the ROXburgh pale bar but with ROSE's instead of the horse. The Berwickshire Tate's can be using the Tweed Coat because the Tweed flows to Berwick. Note that the bird used by Hoods is not the typical raven that's normally used for the Cornish chough, and that while Allisons use the bird design of Hoods, Alis' share the muzzled Berwick bear and a fir tree with Crystals, the latter highly suspect from the Maccus vikings from the Isle of Man. The "Truth" motto term of Scottish Allisons gets a bear in the Truths/Trotts.

Hmm, it recalls that while Christine's were first found on Man, Christine Peare's (I'm sure it was white) horse took me for a TROT...though it was surely a gallop as God's code for the galloping horse of WAISTells/Wessels. German Wessels use an antler that in colors reversed is the red Veringer antler. Waistells/Wessels share the garbs of Cue's, suspect in the Nickle/Nichol motto. These are the garbs in the Arms of Cheshire while Cheshire's share the hawk's lure with Herods/Haralds, and Wikipedia tells that king Maccus was in Cheshire.

Maccus' father, Harald, is suspect in the Herod/Harald surname, first found in Argyllshire with MacDonalds. And while Lure's, Herods, Haralds Hurls and many similar others are listed as septs on McLeods, the latter were first found in Skye with the Scottish Nicholsons. The MacDonald eagle is the Ferte eagle while Hoods use the fret. It appears that the Hood / Hood/Hope anchor is a clever play on vikings as well as the Anchor surname.

As Dutch Stouts share bells with Porters, maybe this is not off-topic from the Rob-Porter news this week. Allisons are said to descended from Mr. BELESme (Bellamys), count of ALENcon, himself related to, or associated with, HERVEY de Bourges. That latter term is the current name of a city that is also called, Berry, where French Porters were first found, and then the other two Porters use bells, not for door-ringing purposes, as their write-up would lead us to believe, but for kinship with Bell(amy) liners.

English Bells speak on a Hugo Bell, while Hugs share fesses in the colors of the same of German Nichols, half in the colors of the Stout fesses. The Cheshire Nichols use a motto term suspect with a Coy branch (the Cue's, probably) because both surnames use the same pheons, and Coys were first found in Cambridgeshire with Stouts. The Hugo surname (Basil, near the Veringers) shares the Melusine mermaid with Glass', first found in Buteshire. The three Stout fesses are in the colors of the four of Page's/Lepage's, and both use thin gaps between fesses instead of the normal gaps between fesses.

At this point, I want to remind that while Mamie (Isle-of-Man code) was at home PLATE with me when Cindy was on second, I did suggest that Mamie had a virgin symbol from God, but Virginia was not on my mind at the time. That idea first occurs here, so far as I can recall. And Mamie was hugging me at home plate while we just crossed Hugo of the Bells. I have told a few times that Mamie once came out of the shower with her ROBE, and I took it off, which is why I remember this. But she did not want sex at that time (I didn't push it) when she was wholly naked on the couch with me. To put it another way, God likely didn't let it happen. The other point is that Darlene's use a "female figure" with a robe, and Darlene's (colors and format of Bellamys) share the fesse of Bells and the red fitchees of MacDonalds. There is a Robe/ROB surname that can thus link Mamie's robe to Rob Porter. But why? Darlene's were first found in Devon with Hoods and bell-using Exeters, etc.

Compare Couch's to Truths/Trots, for I did have wee sex with Mamie on a couch the last time In saw her, and Couch's are expected in the COUCHant lion of Tints (from Atintanes at proto-Alan Aulon/Avlona), the latter being part of Mamie codework. The Truths were brought to topic from an Allison motto, and Alison with Darlene were back-to-back girlfriends at Knob Hill Farms.

It's probably related here that while Alans of Dol were Bellamy kin, and while Bellamy's share the Bell / Harvey / Darlene fesse, the Alan line to English Stewarts was first found in Devon with bell-using Exeters and Hoods. Dole's use a buck with crown around its NECK (comparable to Hicks and Crauns), and it's a red stag, the color of the Neck(er) stag with crown on one red antler. Perfect for an Alan trace to Stuttgart liners. English Bucks use antlers, and German Bucks (Stewart lion?) use "fideliTATE, we get it. The robed woman in the Darlene Crest holds a book, shared by the Reeds that share the red stags of Dole's, and Robs/Robe's (same chevron as French Harveys) may be using the Stewart stag on a form of the Bellamy / Darlene Coat.

French Alans once showed ducks instead of martlets, the Devon-surname symbol. Recall the duck dinner with Helen, for Alan-like Helens (probably the Este horses) were first found in Brittany. One of us had buffalo meat, and while Pols use the buffalo, proto-Pollocks were in Dol and/or Shropshire with Alans (Fulbert, father of Pollocks, was a vassal of the Dol Alans). Fulbert's son (Peter Pollock) built Rothes castle, highly suspect with the naming of Rothesay, and definitely the proto-Rothschilds.

Cindy Richardson at second base applies here because Richardsons are said to be BELwoods, and because the Cunty variation is suspect with CONTEville's, who were birthed from John de BURGO of Comyns. The Comyns are a branch of Comets beloved by Reines', whom I say were used by God to indicate Pizzagate, the symbol also of Cindy Richardson. The one Tate pale bar is in both colors of the two of Cindys/Cuntys, and in the Arms of Vilaine, the area in which Dol and RENNES is located. The Raines lions are actually in use by Nicholas' while Tate's are in the Nicholson motto. It's been many years since claiming that Alan-of-Dol ancestry was in raven pirates of Shetland, the conquerors of Rothesay (Bute / Avalon). English Rothes', first found in Shropshire with Alans, share the Raines / Nicholas lions.

The lion of Bute is used by Rorys because Rory MacDonald ruled Bute. And the Bute-like Budge's, first found on-shore from Shetland, use a lion in the same colors while showing a "neci" motto term. The Buge entity of the Bugs may apply here, from the Ukraine's Bug river. Shetland's Yells are highly suspect with the Stick garb while Sticklands/Stricklands may be in the "Stricta" motto term of Budge's. The Budge motto and their dagger held by a dexter hand suggest Antipatria's Dexaroi.

Neckar-river Stuttgart elements were in Rennes, apparently, and while Nichols/Nickle's were first found in Cheshire with Masseys/Maceys, it's known that a daughter of Dol married a D'Avranches (Robert, I think) of Ferte-Mace, where Bellamys married into too. "AVRANCHes" is suspect with "VARANGI / VERINGer." Did these elements name Rennes / Raines / Rainham/RANGham / Ring / Renfrew liners?

Allisons (share red bend with Alans) are important, for when I had back-to-back girlfriends at Knob Hill Farms, Alison and Darlene, Alison left me while I and Kiev-suspect Kepke (Kiev Varangians?) sat on the hood of my car. It was only recently when realizing that Allisons (two 'l's) use the same bird design, in black, as Hoods. Her surname is Bauer, the proto-Rothschild surname, while Knobs are likely using the Rothschild/Roddenstein arrow. The Roddens/Rodhams share the Smoke/Rauch / Griner bend. The hood symbol already led us to the two events in Virginia, one of which had Crystal Griner.

The Lids Speak

It was this morning, as I write, that I noted the writing on the lids of the two jars that I sleep with. God has always known that I had a problem desiring to sleep with ladies, and so, as compensation, He's now given me warm / hot jars to sleep with. These jars need to be the canning-jar types, with metal lids, or you will get hot water in your bed. This is a great idea to have on hand in emergency situations when you can't afford much home heat in winter. I've used the jars for hundreds of nights, with the original lids, amazing. One of the lids has "President's Choice" brand (tomato sauce), and the other has "Classico" tomato sauce. I was of course seeking to know whether there is a President surname, and whether it can be linked to the spider-fly dream that brought these jars to topic in the first place.

There is no President surname coming up, but let's investigate, anyway. I have just remembered that the Choice/Joyce surname came to topic when I had my twitch! The twitch went away when I stopped using Taster's Choice coffee! These jars under discussion related to my twitch, did they not, and to the two dreams this week.

In the past, when the coffee brand above was at issue, I had noted and reported that Taste's are listed with Taets, in the colors of the Berwickshire Tate's that are suspect with the Tweed Coat, and Tweeds are like "Twitch." The Twitch's/Twiggs are suspect with the TOTTen dancette. The twitch returned after a week or so after going off Taster's Choice, but that's probably because God needed to emphasize that twitch for purposes at hand. Taste's can be sharing the Nicholson chevron because these Nicholsons have Tate's in their motto, and because they share the red eagle with Choice's/Joyce's. Tweeds use "Think," and English Tate's use "Thincke." The Tyne river is near the Tweed (could be a tributary, haven't checked), and Tyne's are also Things.

I had been drinking Nescafe prior to it, and ever since, but had accidentally purchased a jar of Taster's Choice that month. God did that, didn't he? And now President's Choice tomato sauce is sleeping with me along with Classico. I wonder what this can tells us. For one thing, sauce-like Saws' share cups with Coffee's.

The Choice/Joyce surname shares the red, double-headed eagle of Spicks/Specks/Spocks, whom I link to Spice's/Spicers (Devon again), and Trump's press secretary, Sean Spicer, was removed in the leak scandal that brought John Kelly into the White House, who is the one that apparently chose Rob Porter to be his paperwork policeman. I do recall that, when the Twitch surname was linked by God's will to Obama's Armour line, the Joyce Foundation came up because "Barack Obama sat on its board from 1994 to 2002 [Bill-Clinton years], and directed the foundation's money to causes Joyce almost certainly would not have favored." Also, the following brings judge Scalia to mind, murdered under Obama's presidency: "During Obama's tenure, the Joyce Foundation board planned and implemented a program targeting the Supreme Court and Gun Control." I'm sure that when I saw a fly on Obama's forehead, that Sign was about his desire, akin to the UN's, to take guns from Americans.

Hope Hicks, now suspect as a White-House spy or spider, was linking very well to the spider-and-fly dream that has yet to be deciphered most-accurately. And she through her symbolism with Miss Hicks is being considered as part of my newspaper and COFFEE in Victoria. The Fly line was traced to Flavius HONORius, a good trace, and here we find the Choice/Joyce motto with an "HONORabilis" term. Amazing, is it not?

Spicks/Specks and Spice's are suspect from Syphax, and while Mr. Kepke acted as God's code for Syphax, Kepke also acted as code for Trump, because the two have similar attitudes / lifestyles and hair. In this way, "President's Choice" can actually be code for Trump. To help prove this, the jars were resolved as code for Jardins, and one Jardin Coat is the Tate Coat, apparently.

The "HonoraBILIS" term reminds of what I've reported a few times, that Bill's father drove me and Bill to buy little Andrea (11 years old), my sweetheart, presents for her birthday, one of which was a book (on Tarzan), and the other a gameBOARD. Andrea's and Andersons can be sharing the Tweed / Tate saltire, but this is not the point. Bills were first found in Somerset with Board-like Broads and Borders, and with book-using Roets; the latter share the Bill Chief-Shield colors. Broad Law peak is at Borders in the Tyne-river area! The Bill-like Bells are said to be from Borderlands, and while the gameboard brings to mind the cardboard that I stuck between the spider and fly, the Cards are the ones with the Letter as code for the Letters at Lauder, in the Tyne / Borders theater.

If I have your attention, let's add that, on my last day in Bill's area, on the night the moving van was loading our furniture, I was in Bill's backyard, and taking a tomato from the GARDEN (Jardin branch), I lobbed it (not my hardest) at the neighbor's window in a malicious moment. I don't know what got into me, but there is a Tomati surname that can perhaps apply to President's Choice tomato sauce, for Choice's are the ones with "honorabilis." Tomati's share barry in the colors of the same of German Thomas' (duck).

Bills use pelicans, the Fly bloodline, and Pellicans were first found in Maine with Billiards/BILLets and Fly-related Josephs.

The Tate-related Tyne's/Things (Shropshire, same as Dol Alans) use bars in the colors of the Blond bars, and God showed that Blond's represented Kepke's blond hair. Kepke's father was Ukrainian, and the Ukrainian Budini (probably named Bute), who lived with the Alan-suspect Geloni (suspect from mythical Hellen), were said to have blond hair. The Tyne's/Things are also listed as BOTville's, no guff.

The Tomati / Thomas barry (bars in fessewise direction) is in the colors of the three fesses on the lion of Portis'/PORCH's, who were looked up as per the PORCupine of Spicks/Specks (the ones share the double-headed eagle of Choice's/Joyce's). This is important because I urinated from a porch railing on the head of Pino as code for PortisHEAD, and Porters were first found in Berry while Barrys are Berrys too. When we go to Welsh-Alternative Thomas', we find the Saluzzo Shield as per Thomas of Saluzzo, father of Alice, wife of the Dol FitzAlans. The beauty here is that the Saluzzo Chief-Shield colors are shared by Bills, and the tomato was thrown in Bill's backyard. But there's more, for the latter Thomas' share white cinquefoils with Porter-branch Potters and Portis'/Porch's, but the Thomas cinquefoils are in both colors of the PINE cinquefoils!!! The porcuPINE speaks by the choice of God. These Thomas' use a wavy Chief and sea-horses for a link to wavy-fesse Sea's and Tokers. The latter were suspect with TekwesBURYs/Tucksburys, who married Arthurs of Portishead (Gloucestershire border), and Tewkesburys were first found in Gloucestershire with English Thomas'. As the other English Thomas's use the Elis Coat, Alice of Saluzzo is suspect to/from Elis'.

So, you just saw that Choice's can definitely be using the Spick/Speck eagle closely that itself comes with a porcupine linking to Tomati liners. President's Choice tomato sauce at your service.

Hodgkinsons (and Staple's / Peters), first found in Gloucestershire, share the motto of Elseys (just discovered new), first found in Yorkshire with Elis'. Elseys use a rare "Sagitary (Pan)," a Satyr, which I happened to trace to the Stura-Demonte river, near Saluzzo, because Fire's/FIRs use the Demonte unicorn but with a goat lower half. Alice's happen to use the FIR tree. In fact, there is a goat head in the Crest of Elias' (Borders area) who share the Elis / Thomas Coat! Portishead is near the source of the Stur, explaining the three Stur fesses in Portis/Porch Crest.

FitzAlans share swallows with Swallows, suggesting that Swallows and Sallows (both share trees) were Saluzzo liners. And this is where SALLY Yates comes in again, as per Yates' (Gloucestershire) sharing the portcullis gate with Porters, for we just saw Thomas of Saluzzo tracing to Portishead elements. Yates' were at Hood-Ridding, recalling the Rattery location of Hoods. Riddings/Reddins share a motto defend(e)" term with Woods who in-turn share the fitchees of Ratterys, and the related Rats/Raids share the Elis / Thomas cross. Devin Nunes just revealed that Sally Yates was part of the signing of the illegal FISA warrants. Sallys are listed with Sales', first found beside Shropshire (Salop), the latter being where Sallows were first found, and while FitzAlans were at Shropshire's Clun, the Cluns, who share the Saluzzo Coat exactly, were first found in Perthshire, where Ratterys were first found.

The Gardens, who share the Ridding/Redding boar head, were first found in neighboring Angus with Jardins. The Cullis' (probably the Justine sword), perhaps in the portCULLIS code, were first found in neighboring Aberdeenshire with Reddin-like Reeds. The Justine's (same place as Cluns / RATTerys), likely in the "just" motto term of PEAS'/Peacocks, should be in the PEAScods of Cullis', and as Justine's were of Justine of Picenum, whose lines connected to the Traby marriage to the RADziwills-Astikas', let's repeat that Astikas' are in the Kyle candleSTICKS, for Scottish Porters were first found in Kyle.

Sallows (could have named Salop, the Sleeps thereof, and the heraldic sleeve) use a willow tree while Willows (suspect with Willa of Tuscany and Rozala of Ivrea) share the griffin of Thomas', apparently. The Willow griffin is in the design of the Godfrey griffin, and these Godfreys were at PORTumna. The other Godfreys share the Mead Coat, and Meads married Arthurs of Portishead. Godfrey III (grandfather of Godfrey de Bouillon) married Beatrice of Tuscany, and this marriage is expected to bump into Taddei's (share the Bouillon cross), suspect with the Tate's (share ravens with Thomas') that you saw linking above to my President's Choice TOMATI sauce, so to speak.

I can now blame God for another difficulty in my life of difficulties on behalf of this Project: cold feet. It's the reason I started to put hot water jars in my bed. He chose President's Choice jars, didn't he?

Willows were first found in Berwickshire with Letters/Lauders, and the Tweed river to which the Tate's and Twitch's trace with Taster's Choice coffee. The Alice bears must be the Berwick bears. I am sure that God provided my bad tooth that He will not completely heal, because he wants me to stress the Tooth and Gumm surnames. The Tooths (potential Taet/Taste / Tweed branch) are the ones with the Lauder griffin, in the colors of the Thomas griffin, and the red Lauder-Crest griffin is in the Willow Crest. Twitch's share the TOTTEN dancette, we may assume.

Let's go back to "Hodgkinsons (and Staple's / Peters), first found in Gloucestershire, share the motto of Elseys." The Elias goat looked like it was the Satyr in the Elsey Crest, and here the goats of Scottish Ments/Manns can be appealed to, who use a "STABILis" motto term linkable to Staple's, and readable also as "staBILIS," like the "honoraBILIS" of Choice's/Joyce's that brought the Roet / Saluzzo-related Bills to topic. I have been tracing Roets to Estaples for years, where Stabils (same place as Roets and Bills) and Staple's (same place as Hoods) must trace. By some coincidence or not, the Thomas sauce (so to speak) jar from President's Choice is code for Jardins that share roughly the Stabil Coat. I threw a Thomas from the GARDEN of Bill to a neighbor's window 40 years ago. I feel like Moses into the promised land after 40 years of bare wilderness.

The English Ments (same place as Pings/Pongs) share three bends in the colors of the three Twitch and Ping/Pong/PAGANell bends, and while Pagans are also Pans, the Elsey crest is a "SAGITary (Pan)". The Pan/Pagan Coat is that also (different colors) of SACKITs. This is not always a hard job; anyone can do it if they know how to read and spell. Sackits were first found in Worcestershire with the Squirrels/Squire's in the squire's helmet of Twitch's, and the Squirrels/Squire's love Azzo (named after "Astikas?) of Fermo, the line to Justine-related Assi's (share fasces with Arms of Vilnius) of Shetland.

Hmm, the spider was bouncing around, or causing a twitch-like sensation, in the area where I previously had a twitch, and Spitzers use hills while Hills were likewise first found in Worcestershire. But, so far, I haven't been able to clinch Spitzers with "spider."

God doesn't make mistakes. The second jar of water in my bed was from a jar of Classico tomato sauce. The Class/Klassen surname comes to mind, with nude Lady Fortune waving a banner and standing on a roundel, code for Rundels/Roundells and Arundels, the latter being the FitzAlans who married Alice of Saluzzo. Kepke, an employee at Knob Hill Farms, sat on my hood watching Alison leave me for another employee, and his next job was selling shoes, where he met Christine Peare at REITmans. Kepke loved to play ping-pong with me in his basement, where he kept a pet rat suspect with Radziwills of Vilnius, and the rads who share the Zionist star with Rotens, the latter using the Zionist stars of REITmans, we assume. Keeps (weaver's shuttle) were first found in Sussex with Arundels (at Arun of Sussex).

The Weavers are a branch of Webbers. It reminds me that Kepke, at age 13, chased me around with a spider on a strand of web, in front of Karen, the girl across the street that was fond of me. Kepke had great fun that time because he knew I was terrified of spiders. It was probably the thing that made him feel superior to me, aside from his beating me at ping pong, and then winning Peare from me.

Repeat: "The Hope's [use the globe] and "globe" are suspect with the Mouse-Tower Poles at Goplo, for the namers of Goplo (Goplanie) were also called, GLOPeani." These were at Koplik on the Clausula i.e. where I trace Class'/Klassens. So, keep in mind that Hope Hicks can apply with this Classico discussion, and, zowie, the other Miss Hicks was in front of a CLASSIC car! That looks right. I have never been able to find a theory on that classic car until now, especially as I always called the woman in the dream a "lady" whenever I wrote the dream out on paper, or told anyone about it. Miss Hicks has the look of what one would call a "real lady." She is also model like, like the phrase classic-model car. It appears that the car in the dream predicts that Hope Hicks is somehow in the jars of tomato sauce, and with Miss Hicks standing at the hood as potential code for the Charlottesville car crash.

As Kopple's can be proven to be Koplik / Goplo liners, note that French Gobels share the Macey Shield but with the gold Masci wing. This is the entity that I predict will produce the False Prophet.

Why is Lady Fortune nude? The woman in the Elis Crest is naked too, and she's code for VIMINacium, at the Danube river near PINCum, the line to Pincs/Pinks and Pings/Pongs, yup, that's right. I got over my fear of spiders, by the way, almost. Viminacium is also near LEDERata, and the Letters/Lauders are in a LEADER Water valley. We saw that Leaders look like Fly kin. The spider-fly dream connected the next night to the jars of water in my bed, when I awoke from a short nightmare and put one jar standing up in my armpit, where the spider from the strand of web was bouncing around the night before. I had put the cardboard in front of the spider, and Cards use a letter. God knows what he's doing.

So, Elis' were from Alice of Saluzzo, or whatever named her, and the Class'/Klassens are starting to look like they link to the Elis woman. And the Classico jar likewise had Thomas sauce in it, so to speak. Can you dig it? The Fly line was from the Flavians to the Childs, first found in the same place (beside the Lauder-related Tooths) as Titus' and SHOVELs/Shoulers, the latter using the colors and format of Childs, and suspect in the "diSHEVELed" woman in the Elis Crest. The DISheveled term is suspect with the Diss' who happen to use a gold version of the Tarrent Coat, which is itself the Child Coat in colors reversed. The Tarrents may even be using the Choice/Joyce / Spick/Speck eagle.

The Shovels share the fleur of Litts, first found in Silesia with Banners. What do you see? Do we see a disheveled, naked woman with a Classico banner? I took Litts from Littys/Liddys (show no Coat). Why do you suppose I looked up LIDdys? The Litts use their giant fleur counterchanged, which makes their Shield split in half vertically in the colors of the same of Tarrent-like Trents. The jars have LIDs, right? Can God even manipulate the Litt bloodline for this Tomati-jar revelation? Does he have time for anything else? A giant and counterchanged fleur-de-lys (Childeric symbol) is shared by Banners, i.e. first found in the same place as Litts, and beloved in the Class/Klassen Coat. Litts just linked to Classico sauce without a stretch.

Sitlers, from Silesia too, use the trefoils of the Pike's (Devon, beside Trents); the latter have a vertically-split Shield colors reversed from the same of Trents and Litts. The Pike split is in the colors of the same of Tunnels, the latter beloved of Spider-like Spitzers who in-turn share the quadrants of German Gunters, feasibly in the "junGUNTER" motto term of GARDENs. Jardincidence?

The Class/Klassen Coat: "A blue shield showing Lady Fortune standing on a gold SPHERE and holding a banner." Silesia probable covered some of Lusatia's SPREE river, the line to Spree's and sphere-like Spears (spears, Roet boar heads). Jewish and German Baums use spears and share the besant with Class'/Klassens. Baumgartens, a branch of BaumGARDENs, possible Jardin liners, use a fleur in the colors of the Banner fleur. It looks like a hot-saucy hit.

I wonder, is there a spaGHETTI surname? Did God arrange Geddes' to use pike fish for a reason? Why were Pike's first found in the same place as Spicers and the spaghetti-like Speccots/Spacotts (same bend as Keeps), suspect with Kepke-suspect Spicks/Specks that in-turn share the double-headed Choice/Joyce eagle. Can this jarry tale be real, or is this a dream? With so much going on in this world, look at what little thing has been happening in my bed. It may look like a trick, an illusion, or it may seem that God has a plot, that he's on attack-mode, desirous for burning the souls of men like weeds in the field. The flames will go up the trees, and the tallest trees will become a spectacle. Speccots share the fret with Hoods, likewise first found in Devon, and God provided a medallion for my Jeeps' hood while Keep-suspect Jeepma's/Cheps likewise use a two-headed eagle. For whose nightmare was that medallion?

Those who play tricks on humanity will come to an end in fire, their own fire, and the lie they delight in will go deep into their souls like painful burning, on the day that God sheds light upon their deeds, which they won't understand until then. For now, they think they're smart and crafty, but, blind, they have yet to witness the cobwebs of death that accompany their schemes. Go onward liberals, if you must show us how smart and superior you are. But in the end, chains.

What else did the tomato sauce get used for by spaghetti? Nothing else, only pasta, though not necessarily spaghetti. Can Speccots be traced to Thomas of Saluzzo? I always forget how Thomas of Saluzzo was related to MontFERRAT, but I do trace FRETs, used by Speccots, to Montferrat. That works. The Vasto's were a branch of Montferrat in the Saluzzo area, and so just compare the bend of Vasto-suspect Fasts to the Speccot bend, a near match. I've not known this connection before, and I fell upon it only because I had loaded the Hodnets from the Steel write-up (I had looked Steels up due to the steel lids, just to check what might pop up). As soon as I saw the Hodnet quadrants, the Pettys and the Fasts came to mind, and, loading Fasts, yes, there was a near-copy of the Speccot bend, perfect for proving a Speccot trace to Montferrats.

Hodnets look like Hoods because the latter were first found in the same place as Speccots. As the Arms of Rothschild use the Hodnet / Fast quadrants too, the HodNETs can be Nathan / Natt liners, or even Nitts/Naughts of the Nith river, for they share the Ferrat checks! In fact, while Rainier of Montferrat is suspect with Raines', the latter share the lions of Nitts/Naughts. Excellent. And while Reines use a COMET, Nitts/Naughts use a "FORTUNae COMMITTo" motto phrase, excellent. Nathans/Nations were first found in NOTTinghamshire.

Natts/Nathans seem to be with a version of the Nitt/Naught Coat (Necker colors and look), but without the checks. The NICHTer variation of Neckers can thus be a branch of whatever the "naked" woman of Elis' stands for, probably a Nitt/Naught line. Scottish Naughtons ("hope"!) are said to be NEACHDainns to the Irish, and Nechtans to the Picts. The "hope" motto term leads back, by the Hope globe, to Goplo liners to which I link the naked Lady Fortune. All looking good. Masons/Massins use a naked mermaid and translate their motto with "hope."

LIDDESdale (Roxburghshire), in the Liddel river, is near Lauder. Liddels' were first found in Roxburghshire, and they even share the fleur of Litts. It appears that we have found the lids to my jars in Roxburghshire, where I would trace the horse head of Keep-loving Hebrons/HEPburns. "Liddesdale was also a historic district of Scotland, bordering Teviotdale to the east, Annandale to the west and Tweeddale to the north, with the English county of Cumberland across the border to the south."

On their Rodham-suspect bend, Liddels use spurs, recalling the Clovis-suspect Close's (spur), suspect with Class'/Klassens from the Clausula river. And the Clovis-related Childs are suspect with the Shovel Coat that likewise uses the Liddel / Litt fleur. But as Rockefeller / Roxolani liners are suspect with Roxburgh, let's add that the Liddel bend is shared by the Smoke's/Rauch's.

Little's, likewise first found in Roxburghshire, can now be identified with the white Kilpatrick saltire, which I've always linked with the Latin saltire. Italian Latins use the Hink saltire while Liddels use a "Hinc" motto term. The Hink saltire is also the Annandale saltire as used by the Annandale Bruce's.

Kepke dropped Miss Peare and became engaged to Miss Walsh, and the latter surname (love the Trans'/Trents), with one branch first found in Roxburghshire, is a Walker branch. Scottish Walkers are likely using the white Kilpatrick saltire because Walks (version of the Close/Clovse Coat) were first found in Dumfries with Kilpatricks (and Annandale). English Walkers use a "Magna" motto term while Little's use "Magnum." You see, any one that can read and write can make such links, even George Bush. English Walkers share the Lady/Laudyman annulets, and we may suspect that Lady Fortune is a Lady / LAUD liner at Lauder. Fortune's are said to be first found at the Lothian-Roxburghshire theater.

Both jars have "Mason" engraved into them, for mason jars, but the Classico jar also has "Atlas" engraved, and that mythical character was the line from the Pisidian Attaleia to Pisa, location of the Ladon river. This line named the Latin people group. Moreover, the Pisa lion can be the Mason lion, but see also the Reines lion as compared to the Pisa lion. IN FACT, as the Reines comet is part of the "committo" motto term, code for Conte's/Comitissa's and Conte's/Comites', note that Suns/Sinclairs use "Commit," for The Classico jar still has it's label readable enough to see "SUN-Dried Tomato."

The label is ripped at the "CLASSICO" part and shows only "LAS," which recalls that Las of Sparta was the Laish line along with the Ladon river. The Laz Caucasians were at Lazona, and the Pelops Lydians were in the area of the Lasonii, a tribe of Pisidians. I do get amazed by all of these things, but find myself eager to see God's justice, which has been a long-time coming. I'm tired of liberals ruining the planet while they accuse good people of ruining their planet. We need a Judge to decide between us.

Here's more amazing: there is no Dried surname, but the Drydens use "A demi-lion rampant holding a sphere." Not only did we see Lady Fortune standing on a sphere while she's in the Class/Klassen Coat -- which came to topic only due to "Classico" -- but Atlas has a symbol where he holds up the earth! Totally amazing, you can't but get goose bumps. Both spheres are besants, but the Dryden sphere has some black markings as though it were the earth.

Back to the spaghetti-like Speccots. I have suggested for years that the "spes" motto term of Hope's is for the Space variation of Speccots. It's not been clinched, I don't think, but the theory looks good. Hope's (besants) use the globe, suspect with the besant-sphere above.

The Hodnets were important, and they have a Hodnet location in the Drayton area of Shropshire. It's like "Dryden," and Draytons (Gate Coat?) share the Dryden lion, apparently. In colors reversed, it's the giant Mason lion. The Mason motto has a sphere-like "spiro spero" phrase, one term of which is translated as "hope." You can't argue with the facts. Masons were from the Pisa Amazons. French Masons (Mackay colors and format) share the Hope chevron. Tomati's, believe it or not, show as ToMASINi's and other similar variations seen with Italian Masons, and Thomas of Saluzzo was in Piedmont, where Masci's and Masons were first found. The latter are said to be from "Tommaso," but this is not strictly correct, as it seems to be more true that there was a Thomas-Mason merger.

The Mason write-up and the Mason chevron suggests that they were merged with Ottone's, the latter first found in Perusia with Grazio's, and French Grace's/Grasse's were first found in Provence with French Masons, which is near Grasse, the Arms of which share the lambs of LaMAS' (see Dumas write-up), suspect with DuMAS' that share the three besants of Hope's. Spanish Lamas' share the three fesses of Mika's/Micks (fleur of French Masons in colors reversed!), recalling the Masci relationship with Micah, the original owner of Jonathan, the Levite priest of Laish. I had a dream with execution papers having "Masci" and "Micah" upon them that proved to link that duo to the Pisa / Pelops Amazons. Mika's/Micks were first found in Silesia and Lusatia, and were perhaps on the Spree river. Mika's/Micks can be Mackay liners, and, if so, it tends to prove that king Maccus was from Micah liners.

[While on Heels below, the Hells (Kent, same as Masons/Massins) were looked up to find the Mika/Mick fleur. Hells are also Hellers while German and Jewish Hellers share the single wing with Masci's, and show the same lion as Maschi's. And English Hellers use the Macey Shield. There's no mistake here.]

Dauphine may have touched upon Provence, and Dauphine is where Baums and Beaumonts/BAUMeaux's were first found, the latter sharing the Mason fleur.

Saluzzo liners are expected with Shropshire's Alans, and Hodnets share the quadrants of the Vasto-suspect Fasts. The Fists/Fausts share the fist of Poindexters, and the latter use a "LACESsit" motto term. This paragraph was written after the Lass below. Again, it was the Steel's that brought Hodnets to bear, whom I have never known.

On a second look, part of the second 'S' is showing so that "LASS" is showing. There is a Lass surname listed with Lacys/Lace's, suspect from Sparta's LACEdaemonians. The Lass motto uses "honores," like the "honorabilis" of the Choice's that came to topic with the President's Choice jar. I don't think that these connections could possibly have come about without God arranging the symbols, in the first place, of the surnames he foreknew to be utilized through his events produced in my life. It's a massive project on his part, as I view massive. I don't know where He got the time to look after the rain in the meantime.

Ladons/Ladds are with the Webber fesse, right?

Why did I STAND one of the jars up only once, when I did it under my armpit, immediately after a black demon came to snuggle up to me? Was it a pedophilic demon? The Stands happen to share the double-black fesses of Fly-liner Flags/Flecks, first found in Norfolk with Twitch's and furison suspect Risons. Twitch's share the squire's helmet with Poindexters, and the Steels of Hodnet use furisons. Why is this section and update ending with Steels and Poindexters? As per the armPIT, the Pitts use what could be a version of the Nitt/Naught Coat (besants), for while the latter were from the Montferrat > Saluzzo line to the Alan-Stewarts, Pitts share the Stewart fesse.

Alright, so heraldry proves that my sweet jars of warmth are things that God has appointed unto this revelation. But are those jars only for historical value, or do they apply to something in the news now or in the future? Wouldn't we like to know. But he did make one mistake. He forgot to form a President surname. Or, maybe it's not a mistake because President's Choice is code strictly for a president. Remember that Jardins are like the Cardins, the latter suspect in the first dream with the cardboard at the spider, and with Jardins suspect with the jars in the second dream the following night.

There is also the question as to why God set me up with Jerry Peterson while there is no Jerry surname coming up. I was satisfied that he was code for Jarrys/Hare's, and, maybe, God allowed this for to link that white-rabbit event at his house to these jars. Or, recall when he popped into my window and made fun of me for wetting the bed. These two events with Jerry are suspect with both Scalia and Scalise. I normally recall the Jarrys/Hare's only, but I have just reloaded Jarrys to see that the French Jarrys/Jarette's (Dol) share the giant boar head of Jardin-branch Gardens!!!! Beautiful. That's incredible. I have a big smile on my face. See the Brittany Jordans too, with the Alan fesse, probably.

Good Morning

I thought I was finished this update, but I happened to wake up this Monday morning with a twitch between my ankle and the underside of the heel. It didn't last long, 10-20 seconds, but it was there, likely a code for something. There is a Heel surname using nothing but a cartwheel, not the Catherine-wheel style. The Carters use a cartwheel, and they may be a branch of Card-like Carts (palm trees), who might be using the Tweed / Tate saltire. Carts were first found in Wiltshire with Webbs, and I stuck cardboard into the strand of web a few days ago. Wiltshire is near the first-known Carters of Winchester, while Winchesters (mascles colors reversed from the similar Ankle / Anchor lozenges) were first found in Hampshire, where Flys were first found. I have no verification that the twitch was code for Heels, but so far this looks pretty good.

There is an Ankle surname sharing the Anchor/Annacker lozenges, while Hoods with Hoods/Hope's use the anchor. The Anchor Coat is a reflection of the Lady/Laudyman Coat, and the latter were first found in NorthAMPTON with Saer de Quincy of Winchester. Ladys can be traced to the Lords/Lauds (AMPTON cinquefoils) in the GLASgow motto. As Carters were first found in Winchester, it seems that the twitch was for both the heel and ankle in order to point to president Carter (getting very old) or Carter Page (makes more sense at this time).

After putting in the insert above with Heels, I checked "Helly" to find a version of the Ankle Coat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You see, God is speaking, but why did he speak it with a twitch? These Hellys show a Lively variation used also by Italian Leavens. In Belgium, Leuven is also Louvain, and Louvains (same place as Masons/Massins) share the Mason/Massin lion. Put your bets on whether Louvains were from the old Levites from Laish? Moreover, the Louvain lion is known to have been used by Percys, who share a string of gold lozenges with Hellys and Ankle's. The line of Alice of Saluzzo with FitzAlans of Arundel married Percy.

See also the string of Marshall lozenges (Ankle Coat exactly), and link to the Keith/Mascals because Marshalls are said to be a Keith branch. Keiths were first at/near MUSSELburgh, and the Marshall string of lozenges can therefore be gleaned with Musso's/MUSSOLini's. Mussels are MUSCELs while a twitch is a MUSCLE twitch, God is amazing. I see the Numidia-suspect Nemo's/NewMARSH's in Marshalls, however, and do not view Marshall derivation in the way explained, from a marshall of the Keith clan. Mascals were first found in the same place as Arun of the Arundels, and were likely from a Mascula location in Numidia, where king Massena ruled. Massena's use a version of the Masci Coat.

Reminder: Masci liners are suspect with Alice of Saluzzo, and Arundels share swallows with Saluzzo-suspect Swallows, suspect with Sales'/SALLETTS that I trace to the Salto river, with a source in the land of Marsh-suspect Marsi. The latter had a witch cult (snake goddess) by the name of, ANGitia, like "Ankle." Note that Brae's, first found in Northampton too, share the eagle legs with Saltz's, and that BRAbants/Braborne's were first found in Kent with Louvains / Massins. Brabant is at the Hainaut theater, and the counts of Hainaut are the only thing I've found sharing the three Levi chevrons. The Foots / Fothes' use one such chevron, and, perhaps, Foots were play on "PIEDmont" (can mean, "foot of the mountain"). Mons is the capital of Hainaut, and the Mons/Mont surname shares the LEGH lion, looking like this explains the legs of Brae's/Brays.

If you would like to see a classic, end-time fool, the devil's salesman, needing our prayers, here he is:

There is hope for some of the fooled.


For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God

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