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January 16 - 22, 2018

Huma Abedin and Revelation's Abaddon
The Damning Four-Page Memo is Coming Out of the DoJ Closet
A Packed Finger of God Pointing to Glenn Simpson of Fusion GPS
But What Could He Mean by Including the Murder of Madalyn O'Hair

For best results, take the time to load the Coats to see them for yourself. Load the first-Coat link (or open one here) I offer to get your own tab open, and open more if needed. To check a description in the Coat of Arms, type the surname at this page:

It's been a long time (many months) since checking my tracker, and I still haven't bothered at this time, though I might check soon, for whatever it might be worth. I noticed that some of the same readers would check updates for long periods of time. I don't know who most of them are; about all I am allowed to know is the city/country their computers are stationed in. Last I was checking, there were some regular readers over months and even years of time, I was always amazed by this. I just want say, if you're still checking up, that I've been praying for you, from time to time, that God should not disappoint you for following along. I would hate to be wasting your time here.

When Yahoo took my email account away, I was communicating with Miss Florida, who was always helpful with the shortest of posts. If she or anyone else is still reading who supported my work in emails, thank you, and know that I do think about you from time to time.

Clinton Woes Mounting

Here's Clinton and Trump in a debate with Trump calling the Clinton Foundation criminal:

So why isn't Trump trying to arrest the Clintons now that he's the Chief Overseer of crime? He's not only the Military Boss, but the Crime Boss.

There has been a major indictment from the DoJ on the Uranium-One issue that may amount to a scape-goat for Hillary, or the other way around: some charges against her. We wait to see.

If you're a Democrat that hasn't admitted to the Clinton pay-to-play, government-bribery routine, here's the Young Turks talking what the liberal media didn't want to back in 2016:

Devin Nunes has said that, by the end of this month, he will reveal FBI abuse of spy powers. Hang in there.

Here's a video claiming, from revealed records, that more than 90-percent of donations to the Clinton Foundation didn't go to any charitable purposes.

The Nazi Element in Plancia Magna

If you missed the Walk/Wach discussion in the last update, you should see it. In short, I never would have expected that my walking through the mall parking lot, in the sleeping-bag dream, was part-code for Walks/Wachs, an apparent branch of Walkers because the latter use a "magna" motto term. The Walks/Wachs share a red-on-white fleur-de-lys with PARKINGs/Perkins, and the latter's "Simplex" motto term is code for a Mr. Simplex, a relative of Plancia Magna...which is why I see "Perkin" as a line that named itself after Perga, the city of Plancia's husband (Tertullus).

The fear is that Trump will be lulled into doing the will of the Bush-circle for Middle-East purposes, and the presidential Bush's were Walkers. Could this be the reason that God gave the sleeping-bag dream, to point to the Walker circle of end-time Globalists? George Herbert Walker Bush married Miss Pierce, and, in the mall, after being in the parking lot, I was with Christine PEARE. Pierce's come up as "Pier."

Trump's attitude throughout the exposure of the Clinton crime ring is more hands-off than on. It could be that he wants no backlashes for instigating a rebellion against the deep state. Note that, as Fox steadily exposes the work of a few Republicans such as Jim Jordan, Devin Nunes, Chuck Grassley, and the people at Judicial Watch, Trump has taken no credit for the exposure. If Trump had been even a little responsible, how could his ego resist taking credit? He's shown himself to boast on any achievement.

The question is whether Sessions and Wray are part of the Bush circle. Certainly, the fact that the Syrian rebels have a group slated to visit the White House this week plays to my fears on Trump's chief of staff, general John Kelly. Syria is over in the Russian theater; the Russians have a right to form a trade partnership with Syria, and that includes oil/gas pipelines if the two countries so desire. The United States, or its shadow government in the CIA / military brass, or its Bush circle, are intruders if they wish to stop a Russian-Syrian alliance by the force of war. This is a dangerous way to go, but the shadow government is full-steam ahead, never ceasing to put out reports (probably falsified) to tarnish the Russians with a bad light.

The irony is that the shadow government sold-out much American uranium to Russians. We hope to discover the motives soon, but, in all likeliness, money in the pockets of the crime ring is at the root. Don't try to make diplomatic / political sense of it. Money has priority for the corrupt over normal / benevolent foreign policy, but foreign policy, when its formed by the corrupt, is made to cater to money-making. What are the real motives behind the foreign policy of the Council of Foreign Relations? We don't know, because even Fox doesn't touch that secretive group. And Fox is definitely part of the war-hawk Republicans.

Assad is now working on eradicating the Americans from Syria, but Trump, I assume, supports the American presence there. Is that not a symbol of American-military globalism? Didn't representatives of the Syrian rebels just visit the White House? And look at what Fox reports this week: "The U.S.-led military coalition is training a new border force comprised of recruits and the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces that is expected to reach 30,000 members and secure areas recently liberated along its border with Turkey and Iraq." Where did many of the new recruits come from but the defeated warriors of ISIS? It's well known that the Americans allowed their escapes from city conflicts, the same that would use their fellow Arabs as shields against the American bombers.

The deep state agenda for Syria continues under Trump so that, in this regard, Trump has been relegated to the back seat. Someone else is driving his foreign-policy car. "Despite Iranian and Russian support for Assad, Tillerson said the U.S will attempt to isolate the Syrian regime government by cutting off international reconstruction aid flows to any parts of the country controlled by Assad. 'Once Assad is gone from power, the United States will gladly encourage the normalization of economic relationships between Syria and other nations,' he said." Sure, once Syria is an American ally rather than a Russian one, all will be well, and Russian trade is Syria will be essentially cut off. But Russia has the world-class right to form trade deals with Syria.

Shouldn't I oppose Russia because Assad opposes Israel? Yes, I should, but I oppose the United States even more, ever since realizing that CIA, in league with Republican war hawks, was a partner in committing the 9-11 crime. The Russians don't do things like that. It is in the interest of the Russians to protect themselves against the Americans now threatening, we can't fault them for this. If Israel is not to Russia's liking because it serves the Middle-East expansionism of the CIA's shadow government, then let the United States cease its globalism crimes. Killing Arabs to produce a nicey-Americanized Middle East is a gigantic crime. Russia sees this and cannot trust the United States, especially now that it is continually provoking Russia in a new cold war.

Trump has himself engaged in anti-Russia rhetoric on behalf of global expansion. On this issue, Trump is likely speaking with Kelly, and the CIA with the military together can be feeding Trump false Intelligence reports so routinely that Trump has no choice but to at least entertain the reports as truth. It's a no-brainer that the CIA would do all in its immoral powers to make Trump an active tool for the Middle-East / global agenda that the CIA was running with long before Trump came to power. No mere president is to get in the way of this agenda, this is the arrogance of the CIA. While the exposure spotlight is now on the FBI, it has yet to truck over to the CIA's fox hole. We will find Fox News in there too, which is probably the reason that Fox is not working to expose the CIA at this time.

Perhaps the liberals will work on it in the name of getting out of the Middle East. Perhaps the liberals will make an attack on the CIA as an attack on the Trump administration. The false-missile announcement in Hawaii was more-likely a military false-flag operation, unless there really was a Korean missile coming in that was shot down. But I don't believe that Korea would send in such a missile. The question is, was Trump in-the-know, beforehand, of that accidental-button-push explanation? If not, then this event can backfire on the shadow government if Trump has a mind to make that happen. Perhaps not now with the FBI under investigation, but in due time.

Have you heard that there was a false-missile alert in Japan days after the one in Korea? Check it out. Is this the Trilateral Commission at work? Was this an attempt to justify the attack on Korea, or is it a faked make-appearance to merely scare Korea?

I was wondering this morning, though, why God would have me expend myself on this sleeping-bag dream only to discover, in the end, that it's pointing to Plancia Magna. For new readers, the dream started on a slope of almost 45 degrees, which I considered the side of a HILL. I walked up the hill, across a road into a parking lot, and then into am mall. The Hills happen to share the white-on-black tower of Plancia-line Plunketts. This morning, I had asked myself what "Plancius" could derive in, when "Pollans" came to mind, and from that "Apollo/Apolluon," which makes a lot of sense because Plancia's family officiated the Artemis cult in Perga, and she was the twin sister of Apollo.

Plus, the mother of the twins had a wolf symbol that transferred to the twins, which symbol made it up to Lithuania (beside Apollo-suspect Poland), where the god was Perkin-liner Perkunas. I trace that term to "Verkana", meaning "wolf land," at the southern tip of the Caspian sea. Verkana became Hyrcania, which was a name used by Maccabees.

It's more than merely interesting that "parking LOT" can be part of the Leto = Latona line, and, in fact, the brown dog of Lots is shared by Lothians who in-turn share the striped hunting horn in the Arms of Traby. Wikipedia's Traby article says that Traby married Lithuania's Astikas'. Moreover, the Walks/Wachs (Dumfries) were identified (last update) with the Close Coat, which itself shares the gold-striped, black hunting horn of Traby and Lothians. At houseofnames, the Polish Traby surname is listed with Sadowski's, and the Coat uses what looks like a giant 'Q' (evokes my cue on Obama's billiard table), but call it a scarf while Scarfs use wolf heads, probably the Quade wolf heads, thus revealing why the scarf is in a Q-shape.

Amazingly, the Walks were linked to Kilpatricks (CLOSEburn), at which time I discovered that the Kilpatrick Crest is using the Parking/Perkin lion. I stumbled on this discovery as per the Parrican variation of Irish Kilpatricks (I think they share the white saltire of Scottish Walkers), for I then entered "Parkan" to find the Parkins/Perkins. And that discussion led from the Sheera variation of Irish Kilpatrick to the Scarf-like Scherfs/Schere's. And, it's online, from a reported deathbed-confession of a Nazi (Otto SKORzeny), that George Herbert Walker Bush was born, George Herbert Scherff Jr., son of a Nazi. Can we believe it? Feel free to read my long chapter on this Scherff topic when you have the time:

It also struck me that the Walk/Wach Coat is a good reflection of the MAUREL/Maurinis' Coat, while it was David Morley who was on the hill with me. I was led to conclude that God was pointing to Morley-like surnames, especially the Marleys of Morlaix, who later (recently) became suspect with the Brittany Maurels/Morals. Marleys share a white-on-black dolphin with the Hollys who in-turn use a good Coat reflection of the Plunketts (Brittany). Morleys were first found in Derbyshire.

As I said from the beginning (many months ago), Dave Morley appeared on a motorbike looking like a WW2 Nazi. I kid you not. No Nazi element has ever, so far as I can recall, entered the sleeping-bag dream via my attempts to decipher the heraldic codes...until yesterday, as I write here, when I decided to check the Walks as per my walking in the parking lot. I have never been familiar with Walks, but they are proving to be the glue that bonds other parts of the dream into a story I can now well-understand, the story I'm telling right now. It appears that this dream is corroborating the Scherff identity of president Bush Sr., meaning that the Bush family which illegally / insidiously "adopted" him was a Nazi-colored family.

It should be made clear to you, if you believe what I'm saying, that George Herbert Scherff Jr. stacked the CIA with Nazi dopes when he was the CIA director, and later as president. The Peare surname is listed with Perle's, evoking Richard Perle, who was brought into the Reagan administration i.e. when Scherff was the vice-president. Later, Perle was part of president Bush Jr, who married Laura WALSH, likely a Walker branch.

The Bush's are loved in the "holly bush" of Maxwells, and the "I make sure" of Scottish Kilpatricks is partly in honor of Maxwells/Makeswells (share the black Kilpatrick saltire), and partly for holly-using Sure's/Shore's (Derbyshire, where Plancia-Magna lines have been expected), who smack of both "Sheera" and "SKORzeny."

The same hunting horn above is used by English Brians while Irish Brians look to be sharing the three MAGHEN lions, for yet another trace to Plancia MAGNa. The two surnames share similar Crests, and the "sacra" motto term of Maghans could be for a Schere line, likely the SCARboroughs (same place as Scarfs) in the write-up of Sichs/Sykes' that should be in the "Sic" motto terms of Maghens. Half the three Brian lions in pale are the two in pale of English Base's/Baise's while Maghens are said to be from lords of Corca BAISgin. German Base's/Bassens use more black, striped hunting horns (in pale). I see Brians from Briancon/Brigantia, a location on the upper Durance river of the Salyes. If Sichs/Sykes' named Skye and Lewis, where McLeods/CLOUDs were first found, the Brian cloud is interesting.

If you enter "Meghen" instead of "Maghen," you are probably viewing the Perken and Car chevron.

[Insert -- Days after writing here, I was viewing the Corrys as per the Abaddon discussion shortly below. Seeing that Scottish Corrys were first found in Dumfries with Kilpatricks while sharing a green dragon with them, I thought to look further by entering "Corey," but did a poor type and entered "Irey" instead, and got the Irish surname, which shares the fesse of the Dumfries Walks/Wachs. Irish's were first found in Shropshire with white-fesse Sleeps, but there is more that can connect to the sleeping-bag codes.

Recalling that Rush's share a white fesse too (in both colors of the Sleep fesses), I wondered whether IRISH's were a Rush branch, and this led to finding the "Rish" gets the Rush Coat. As I think that Rush's were from Rusticus of Lyon, I noted that the Irish fesse is in both colors of the Maurel/Maurinis fesse. The latter surname traces to MauriLION, whose daughter married Rusticus' grandson, Mummolin. The latter's son (Babon, father if Grimo), is suspect to Babons/Bavents, first found in the same place as Rush's.

After seeing those things, I got back to entering "Corey," and found English Coreys (Suffolk, same as Rush's!) using a version of the Kilpatrick Coat (!), but with the Bag Chief (!!!) in colors reversed, no kidding at all. The Corey / Kilpatrick saltire thus looks like that of Rusts/ROOSTs. Bags use the Grimaldi Coat as a good reason to trace Bags to something in the Mummolin > Babon > Grimo line. But Bags also use the Cock Coat, and the related Babon liners, Babcocks, share the red ROOSTer of both Cocks and Babon-like Bibo's/Bible's who in turn share the cushion that Kilpatricks substitute for the Corey cinquefoils. While Bibo's/Bible's look like Babon liners in this picture, they can yet trace to similar terms, such as queen Bebba and the Pepins / Poppo's.

The fesse of Irish's (same place as Dol Alans) links solidly to that of Dols, and while the latter's is wavy, as is the Dutch Ghent fesse, note that Irish's share the red bend with Gonns/Guenets and Gaunts. Why are Rusticus liners linking to Gaunt? Gonns were suspect with the GONfanon BANNER, part-code for Fanano and part-code for the PANARo river upon which it and Marano are on. Marano's were first found in Modena with Morinis', and the latter share the Maurel/Maurinis and Irish fesses. The Arms of Fanano uses the same fesse as that of Maurels and Irish's. End insert]

It dawns on me here that God named Morley as David because Davids share a passant, black-on-white lion with Parkings/Perkins. When we trace Perkins to Lithuania's Perkunas, but go to the Lithuanian city of Vilnius, where Astikas' lived, we take things over to Vilnius-like Vilaine, the part of Brittany where Plunketts were first found. The Alans of Dol were in Vilnius, and they were elevated to the position, Steward of Scotland, by king David I, whom I see in the David surname (shares white bend with Plunketts, in case it's the same bend).

In the book of Revelation (chapter 9), Apolluon is said to be the Hebrew, Abaddon. There is no other source I know of that makes this claim. "Abaddon" brings Baden to mind, and then Badens/Battins can be gleaned with Baths, both first found in Somerset with Astikas-line Sticks. And while David Morley came to the hill from a road, and then rode back down that road, we can suspect it as code for the Rhodes surname (Yorkshire, same as Morleys/MAULs, Bush's and Scarfs), or the Roets, likewise first found in Somerset. It just so-happens that the Rhodes Coat is a colors-reversed version of the Bath Coat, perhaps indicating that Abaddon was in Rhodes, for the revelation was written in Patmos, not far off. In fact, I have identified Chora and Skala on Patmos with Coronis and her son with Apollo, ASCLepiosa. The latter term looks like a Skala-Lapith combo, for Coronis was a Lapith.

Amazingly, there are reports that Abaddon-like Huma ABEDIN was in North Korea a few days before the false-missile threat. And I have suggested in the past that the namers of Coronis/Chora named Korea (goes back to ancient times), so that Korea traces back to Apolluon = Abaddon. I was speculating on the theory that the prophetic Abaddon will be North Korea. In Revelation 9, Abaddon is described as the one exploding a nuclear bomb, by all appearances, and the text appears to suggest that Abaddon is in opposition to those who love the 666. North Korea fits that part very well if the 666 is to be a Western product.

I'm not of course saying that Huma Abedin is Abaddon, but that, if she really was in Hawaii, along with Bill Clinton (as some are reporting on youtube), then her name may be a Sign from God that N. Korea will send a nuclear bomb to the Middle East a few years before Armageddon, to kick off the Armageddon scenario. This sort of thing may become the fault of the CIA's shadow government for provoking North Korea, as we see it doing right now. Here's an article from Hawaii:

Clinton was the 42nd president to serve our country, serving from 1993 to 2001.

Hawai‘i State Sens. Kai Kahele and Brickwood Galuteira got to meet with him on Friday, Jan. 12, 2018, for about 45 minutes.

The false-missile alert was the next day.

Here's a youtube video sharing a Daily-Mail headline, "Huma Abedin flees her troubles for $1,000-a-night Hawaiian resort...". The video shows the Daily-Mail headline from an article out January 10. The article implies the date of January 5 for Abedin's stay for the night, but we can assume she was there longer, doing monkey-business with Bill Clinton. Abedin was a high-level operative for Hillary Clinton, and is responsible for some fall-out situations from Hillary's crimes. The article says: "An exclusive photo obtained by DailyMailTV, shows Huma Abedin at the Four Seasons Hotel Hualalai in Kona, Big Island on Friday [assumed January 5].

This news comes just as Trump called for Abedin's arrest. Might Trump begin to suspect that the military created the false-flag (which may have involved a real missile shot from the American military) on behalf of Clinton woes, in hopes of creating a super-duper distraction? Did they actually send in a non-nuclear missile that turned out to be a dud? Or, did they send one in but change their minds (shoot it down) at the last minute?

Below is a video telling that "Huma's mother is a leading member of the Muslim Sisterhood," suggesting Obama's fingers in Huma's nearness to Hillary Clinton. This is where Clinton herself was being tailored, by Obama, to becoming an anti-Israeli tool. Perhaps Obama's demons caused him to give American uranium to the Russians in hopes of weakening American grips in the Middle East. While that program agrees with my recommendations for the Middle East, Obama's motive was to weaken or even destroy Israel. My motives are to show the wrongness of fatalistic American meddling in the Middle East. It is my opinion that Obama wanted Hillary to operate without a government server due to the illegal foreign plots the two were involved with. Hawaii happens to be the state that loves Obama enough to conceal the birther truth on his behalf.

Talk about conspiracy theories, the video above tops all others. It suggestively ties her to 9-11 terrorists, though I say that the 9-11 terrorists were CIA nodders, who were willing to have their names used in the world media (they never did fly the planes, however). Can Huma Abedin be seen with a destroyer symbol in the images on 9-11? "Abaddon," say some, means "destroyer."

Revelation 9:11 "They had the angel of the bottomless pit ruling over them as king. In Hebrew he is called Abaddon, and in Greek he is called Apollyon. " Did you notice that it's in Revelation 9:11 I didn't realize this until now.

Then the fifth angel sounded his trumpet, and I saw a star that had fallen from heaven to earth, and it was given the key to the pit of the abyss. The star opened the pit of the abyss, and smoke rose out of it like the smoke of a great furnace, and the sun and the air were darkened by the smoke from the pit. And out of the smoke, locusts descended on the earth, and they were given power like that of the scorpions of the earth. The star opened the pit of the abyss, and smoke rose out of it like the smoke of a great furnace, and the sun and the air were darkened by the smoke from the pit. And out of the smoke, locusts descended on the earth, and they were given power like that of the scorpions of the earth. They were told not to harm the grass of the earth or any plant or tree, but only those who did not have the seal of God on their foreheads.… (Revelation 9:1-4)

No one in his right mind would predict that scene, back in the first century, with the expectation of it becoming an historical event. Even until the first half of the 20th century, there was no conceivable way for such a huge pit-and-fire scenario to block out sunlight. We can't say that this was a volcano in the mind of the prophet, for he has it taking place as per a bright object falling from the sky. It looks like nuclear disaster coming to the anti-Christs...God's distraction so that they will cease persecuting His people. So, shadow government, stupids, just keep-on pushing those buttons until this star falls on you.

What could it hurt to speak to God some words to the effect of, "please write your name on my forehead, and Seal me from the destruction to come"? Make it a habit, and you will find yourself better conforming to the will of God. It please's Him, and when you give pleasure to God, instead of asking him endlessly for things you desire, He remembers that your enemies not only fail to appreciate Him, but denounce and slander Him. It is for the sake of those who love God, His voters, that he will come and incarcerate those who trouble you. Where Trump, Sessions and Wray fail, God will not.

The matriarch of Trojans (Dardanus' wife) was BATia. She could very-well have been the Abydos / Abaddon entity.

Perhaps satan knows that Revelation's Abaddon is North Korea in particular. Perhaps he's trying to alter prophecy by ruining, and then taking over, North Korea. I see a back-fire on him. The Abaddon explosion occurs in the 4th Trumpet plaque, which, in my estimation, will be less than a year before the 5th Seal is opened to spoil the anti-Christ's 3.5-year reign. The 6th Seal then follows, the arrival of Armageddon, within days.

I assume that the explosion is intended for those with the 666, but the 666 is not here yet. We have some time left for repentance. Don't cross God's red line. And, by the way, expect the 666 to be obscured to some degree, not a blatant "666" on the hand or forehead.

The end times is going to legalize the drugged-up Trojan society. Sex, riotous music, and drugs, they didn't name condoms after Trojans by accident. The old Hyksos, dread enemies of Israel's God, are back. I know what "weed" can do. It causes personality disorders, inferior complexes, paranoia of failure, laid-backedness = uselessness, all predicted to form chronic depression, leading the person to smoke-up all the more to get "high," and to find like-minded friends. It's not high at all; it's a state of uselessness. Just recall the old dope addicts of the 70s, their torn jeans, their scraggly hair, irresponsibility was their name.

Yet, liberal American, and even some Fox contributors, want it legalized so that my children's children are lulled into using it, because, after all, the government says it's okay. And the reason the anti-Christs want it legalized is so they can jab Christians as hard as possible before their time is up. You can't get better losers than this. To their deaths will they go at enmity with Jesus, whom they do not correctly understand. The dopers of old never did come to understand God correctly, though some of us were lucky to be removed from that fatalistic mentality. From the liberal, cheap, and morally-disturbed Daily Mail:

Marijuana users are significantly more likely to feel that others wish them harm
Cannabis increases connectivity in the brain regions associated with psychosis
Teenage users are particularly affected as their brains are still developing

If even the liberals are crying the dangers of pot, it should be kept illegal. Jeff Sessions is bang-on with this issue.

The "house of horrors" in California, where two Christian parents supposedly beat and tortured their many children -- it's way over the top unbelievable -- looks like a CIA hoax to clamp down of Christian home-schoolers. Headline out already: "California house of horrors case a 'wake-up call' for state to toughen private school oversight, lawmaker says". I get it. One lunatic family means that all homeschooling parents can be spied on, telephones monitored, data collected on their private details.

Even the photos of the parents looks crafted. The mother looks half crazy (photo-doctoring can produce the look), and the father is looking right into the camera without qualms, as expected if the cameraman is more his friend than the arresting officers would be, looks like he's posing with an out-of-style wig on. The mother likewise has no qualms about the picture being taken, yet we expect pictures from the police, don't we? I don't trust this story. I expect more Christian bashing of this extreme kind. Note that it comes out just when they decided to make Trump look crazy with day-and-night media fables. The liberals are the true lunatics dressed as moralists, spit!

Hmm, as per a Lapith possibility, there is an Italian Lapes/Lapo surname (colors of Italian Davids), looking like a lopo=wolf term, that has the David lion in almost all three colors. And while Davids (and Wolfs/Welfs) were first found in Cheshire, that's where Hugh Lupus ruled whose got a white-on-blue wolf head at his Wikipedia article, the colors of the Scarf wolf heads. It can then be noted that the David bend is in the colors of the Traby/Sadowski scarf (not exactly a clinching in itself for a connection, but interesting). Why do Italian Davids use the hunting horn? Probably due to king David having been the earl of Huntingdon, for Huntingdons (David-bend colors) use hunting horns too.

If I recall correctly, king David's son was Henry of Huntingdon, and husband of Ada of Warenne/Varenne. I trace her name to Ade's/Aids and therefore to Aitons / Eitons, which now recalls, I think, what I couldn't recall in the last update, the evidence that Hunters (Shropshire, same as Eitons) were Eiton kin. Eitons use the David bend-with-lion on a blue Shield. I also recall linking Eitons to French Toothills, suggesting that the Huntingdon fesse is that of Darts/Dards, for Toot liners should be from queen Teuta. Teuta's relations married Dart-line DARDanians, which we can assume to be from the mythical Dardanian Trojans. In fact, I had mentioned several times that ancient Abydos (Mysia) was linkable to "Abaddon," and Abydos was near, or even smack beside, Dardania (a real location). Apollo, in the mythical Trojan war, was pro-Trojan.

This section you are reading on the Davids was started a day or two before I inserted all the Abaddon material earlier, but I had no idea I'd be writing the paragraph above when this section was initially done. I'm adding things here as I re-read it, and I'm re-reading it because I inserted the Abaddon material above it. I suggest that Abaddon liners trace to the Dardanians over in the Kosovo theater, and Italian Davids share red bends with Kos'/Kosinski's.

The split Shield of Lapes'/Lape's is in the colors of the split Shield of German Walkers (compare with Scherfs/Schere's), and both use roses while Rose's are said to be kin of Bosco's (of the Busch variation of Bush's). The Bosco pillar is in the colors of the similar Schore column. The last update emphasized the Malcolms/Columns, in fact, and king David I was a son of Malcolm III.

Although I think that Walkers were, as with Walsh's, from Wallachia, at the BUSau-river theater where Bush's may trace, the Walker variation of the bloodline may have been formed to reflect the Wager surname, for Wagers and Walkers (and Bush's) were first found in Yorkshire. I see Wagers from Wagrians, over at the WARNow river (of the Varni) to which I trace Warrens / Varenne's. King David's mother was in exile with the VARANgian of Kiev, and her mother's roots are yet much of a mystery (may have been Varangian). Hugh Lupus was of D'AVRANCes, a possible VARANGian entity. The antlers of Veringers of Abaddon-like Baden might just trace to Antalya. I see the ancestry of the mythical-Pelops Lydians, who removed to the Pisa/Ladon theater, from Antalya's Pisidians, and further back from the Poseidon Tyrians (term like "Troy").

I read that Margaret's mother named David, but I don't think anyone knows today who he was named after. It's possible for a David name to derive from Cheshire's Diva, or Cheshire's Davenports, or from Devon (location of first-known Darts/Dards). Devon was founded by a Dumnonii peoples that I see from the LaceDAEMONian Spartans, and while the Ladon river is to the north side of Sparta, myth writers made this river the father of Daphne, whom I trace with the Traby kin of Astikas' to the Taphian pirates at/near Astakos. Apollo loved Daphne (wanted to rape her) when he saw her swimming in the Ladon river, and peoples on that river were so bad, and so populous with tribes, that myth writers gave the mythical Ladon dragon 100 heads. The Romans called Apollo's mother, LATONa, we get it. Trace the Ladon back to Lydians, Trojan allies living near Abydos.

Spartans were represented by mythical Helen (sister of Apollo-line Pollux), and because she was abducted by mythical Paris, at Troy, I trace her to the namers of the Hellespont, location of Troy, Dardania and Abydos. I trace her husband, MeneLAUS, to Las/Laas at Sparta's Mani peninsula, but also to the Maeander river that I see mythical ScaMANDER (Saka on the Maeander?) from, he being the father of Teucer, the co-founder with Dardanus of Trojans.

David- / Taphian-like Taffs share the Macclesfield cross while Davenports had their fitchees in an Arms of Macclesfield while another Arms of Macclesfield shares a "copia" motto term with the Cheshire Davids while Malcolms can be using the Cooper saltire. The Macclesfield cross is that also of Baths, first found in Somerset with Abaddon-like Baddons/Battins, and the Dumnonii also founded / settled Somerset.

It strikes me here that the Macclesfield cross is in the colors of the similar saltire of Corrys/Currys (Waterford), a branch of Coronis-like Correns. Macclesfields / Maceys smack of the Macestus river, on the map below, flowing to Apollonia in Mysia. Abydos is on that map not far to the left (Ilium is Troy by another name). Note Astakos-like Astacus at the eastern side of Mysia. Lesbos, the island of the Lapiths, is off the map south of Troy. The island

As I said, the dream opened with my picking up a sleeping bag on a hill. I saw no blue sky, no sunlight, and, to the best of my recollection, which is fairly clear to this day, I was in the woods. The Bosco's are said to be from the Italian word for "woods = forest," and while I don't think that Bush's derived from that source, it was probably believed by family members at some point(s) in time.

The day that I awoke from the dream, I was telling readers that the sleeping bag was code for the killers of judge Scalia. I didn't yet know that Judge Scalia was invited to his death by the owner of a hunting camp, John B. Poindexter, while Mr. Foster was standing there too. Poindexter said/implied that when Scalia didn't look too thrilled with the invitation, Foster piped up and urged him to go hunting (in remote Texas). Foster then accompanied Scalia to the Houston airport, where Scalia left his security guard(s), possibly at the urging of Foster. Scalia was found dead in bed i.e. while sleeping, hours after he sat beside Poindexter at dinner. The Fosters, who use more gold-striped, black hunting horns, are also FORESTers. But this was not the reason that I deciphered the sleeping bag as code for Scalia's death, though the fact that the bag was in a forest, where one also imagines hunters, is compelling corroboration that I had rightly deciphered the bag's meaning.

But this new insight where the dream points to the Bush-circle neo-Nazi's, or call them what you wish, is throwing me for a loop, because I don't expect them to want Scalia (fellow Republican) off the court.

I must go on, for I predicted that David Morley is the clue to the killers, for he circled round the area where I picked up the sleeping bag (I do not recall carrying it with me when walking up the hill). While Fosters use a "Hunter" motto term, the Shropshire Hunters (same place as Sleeps) s are linkable to Davids, because I traced Hunters (Kilpatrick saltire?) to the Eitons (Shropshire) that use a blue-Shield version of the David Coat. The David bend with black lion is in all three colors of the near-same of AIDs, first found in Berwickshire with Eiton-like AITons, clinching the Davids with Eitons...and it just so happens that the Dol Alans lived in Shropshire, who were soon to escape England into the protection of King David.

Where Shropshire was called, Salop, it looks like the Sleeps were responsible, and if we chose to view the hill as a SLOPE, "Salop" looks to fit there. Aitons, by the way, share a red rose of stem with Walkers and Scherfs, and moreover have a reflection of the Rhodes Coat.

God verifies his dreams in me through heraldic connections. After the connections are made, I tell a story as best I can with what happens go through my head, figuring that God will eventually reveal the realities He's intended. Perhaps the connections serve only one purpose, to corroborate that the dream is from Him, or perhaps there are other gleanings in the connections. I've just found another solid connection with the EYGHton variation of Eitons, for they are in the colors of German Eggs, the latter using a bendwise split in the colors of the Eiton bend. When we go to the English Eggs, first found in the same place as Eiton-related Davids, it's a giant eagle in the colors of the same of Roads. David Morley came from the road, and rode back down it. Amazing.

But there is more, for the Egg Shield is split diagonally in colors reversed from the diagonally-split Hiedler/Hitler Coat. David Morley looked like the sort of Nazi I saw in WW2 movies. Plus, the Hiedler/Hitler Coat shares red bends with Italian Davids. Plus, Heidlers (not Hiedlers) use a similar-split Shield, and throw in a single bend in David-bend colors in the one half, and a bend in Eiton-bend colors in the other half. Amazing. Eggs and Scherfs were first found in Austria, though Eggs were also first found in Bavaria, location on Munich, where Hiedlers/Hitlers were first found.

The Eggs share blue roundels with Irish Arthurs and the Cheshire Table's, who, I'm sure, are behind the Arthurian code, "Round Table," a phrase beloved of the globalist, Cecil Rhodes. His Rhodian cult survives to this day, and may have fingers in the Council on Foreign Relations.

I don't remember how I made the Hunter link to Eitons. The Aitons come up curiously as "Artem," evoking Artemis of Perga. The Foster/Forester motto, "Hunter blow THY horn," recalls that Thys/Thigh's use a giant wolf (Artemis symbol), and that God impressed me with Mamie's beautiful thighs the night after we slept in a sleeping bag (no sex). Artems/Aitons were first found in the same place as Arthurs.

The fact that the Republican congressman, Steve Scalise, has a surname listed with Scalia's may not be coincidental. It may be that Scalise is to be linked to the sleeping bag too, which is to say that the same group killing Scalia tried to murder Scalise (he was investigating child trafficking). Scalise was shot in the hip (or thigh?) at second base. I don't remember how long after I was impressed with Mamie's thighs that I took her to a church function outdoors. I recall nothing that night but seeing Mamie at the area of HOME plate, at a baseball diamond. The Home's/Hume's use the Tyson lion, amazingly enough, as though God is corroborating things.

I walked over to her at home plate, and gave her a hug, but, turning around, the pastor's daughter was eyeing us not very happy. That's all I recall for that entire evening. I told this story a few times, telling that the pastor's daughter was at SECOND BASE, before realizing that this had to do with Steve Scalise at second base. Cindy's brother is Steve.

For what value would God provide that event? Okay, let's assume that Cindy Richardson at second base was God's code for Steve Scalise, or more-likely her killer? Was she code for the Clinton appointee, Bill Richardson? He's a politician of New Mexico, and then judge Scalia's dead body was quickly brought, for abuse, to El Paso, which, I think, is smack on the New-Mexico border. He was embalmed (in El Paso, I think), without an autopsy, and later cremated, hiding all evidence of a murder plot. It's obvious.

It's unthinkable that one of nine supreme court judges could die suddenly without an autopsy. Why does the nation pay for his body guards unless the representatives believed that he could be in danger of being murdered??? Yet, on this occasion, under Obama, no autopsy for this anti-Obama, anti-Democrat judge. It reeks, yet Trump has yet to call for the needed investigation. What kind of a buffoon is this president? What sort of clown acts like he's angry with such corruption before being elected, then does nothing when he's the president but act like someone in the stands watching the game? He can be heard cheering for the players in the dirt, when they score against the crime ring, but how about getting on the field, Mr. President, and leading. Forget the president. This revelation goes on in spite of his aloofness.

Bill Richardson's parents are Spanish and Mexican, from Mexico, which is where the leader of the International Order of Saint Hubertus lives. He's not Mexican, but of Austrian nobility, I can't recall his name. El-Paso is on the Texas-Mexican border, and it just so happens that John B. Poindexter is a leader in the Hubertus cult (has a hunting theme). More than 30 men from this cult were hunting the day that Scalia was murdered.

Following Barack Obama's victory in the 2008 presidential election, [Bill] Richardson's name was frequently mentioned as a possible Cabinet appointment in the incoming Obama administration. Most of this speculation surrounded the position of Secretary of State, given Richardson's background as a diplomat. Richardson did not publicly comment on the speculation.[64] Hillary Clinton was Obama's nominee for Secretary of State.

Richardson was also being considered for the position of Commerce Secretary. On December 3, 2008, Obama tapped Richardson for the post. On January 4, 2009, Richardson withdrew his name as Commerce Secretary nominee because of the federal grand jury investigation into pay-to-play allegations.

Ho-hum, par for the course for Clintonites. I figure that if Obama was considering Richardson for vice-president, he was wondering whether Richardson was corrupt enough for his planned plots.

I have told the following story many times. While with Mamie, I was working at a pizza restaurant. I was with her a couple of months at most, and so it was near the baseball-diamond event, when Cindy and her parents walked into the pizza place (total surprise, fat chance on the outskirts of a large city), and I happened to be serving tables that night. I happened to serve them. I worked there no more than a couple of months, long enough for the apparent revelation that God wants to make. After telling this story more than once, I realized that it was God's code for Pizzagate, the code-word used by others for child trafficking. Scalisincidence?

I had to move out of my place at the end of October, and so quite the pizza place. I ended up at HUNT street, I kid you not, where a taxi dispatcher (Bill) lived who got me a job driving cab. I didn't have a car at the time. Just before moving in, I was asked to paint an apartment building, and needed to buy a 32-foot extension ladder. Not having a vehicle, I later walked this ladder on my shoulder to Hunt street, put it in the backyard, from where it was soon stolen. That's why I remember the event. The Scalia/Scalise surname uses a ladder. So, a ladder at Hunt street suggests the murder of Scalia by the hunters of Saint Hubertus (the cult has ancestry in Bavaria), and the fact that I can still recall the name of the dispatcher, Bill, is amazing for suggesting Bill Richardson again. Just a theory, that's all this is.

For whatever it might be worth, the apartment building belonged to a man with German accent, whose daughter (Miriam) attended Mr. Richardson's church.

A few months after starting the taxi job, I happened to be on a call where Mamie needed a cab (we had split up by then). And, later, I was dispatched to pick her up again. Soon after, I took her on a date with the taxi as my personal car (it was rented). It would be our last night of seeing each other. I resolved that this last night was code for a few things, and submitted to readers the Tax/Dach surname (German) as per the taxi. I resolved that it pertained to Dachau, the Bavarian headquarters for Hitler's concentration camps. The Tax/Dach Coat shares the swords of Shots/Shute's, and the Arms of Dachau uses a sling SHOT.

Besides, Otto Skorzeny said, on his deathbed confession, that Hitler escaped to Montana, which is where the neo-Nazi, Charles Mangels lived whose surname makes him look like a son of Josef Mengele, a chief Nazi. It just so happens that beautiful-thigh Mamie turned out to be code for Mamesfelde (same place as Tighs/Tyes', share "Tye" with Thigh's), a town of the Mansfields who share the same Coat and Mangels/Mansells. It seems that God is once again corroborating Skorzeny's story, and in the meantime corroborating that He set me up with a taxi job for to make the link to Nazi's. But as my events with Mamie seem to point to Scalia and Scalise, are we to think that the Bush-circle killed Scalia, or tried to kill Scalise? That's what it looks like.

Didn't George Bush Jr. join Bill Clinton in collecting Haiti relief? Didn't the Bush family have business relations with Osama bin Laden? Were not the Bush's all about 9-11, and the demented demand that Israel give East Jerusalem up to Palestinians?

Mr. Richardson's church was attended also by David Morley. The Richardson surname (Cheshire, same as Davids) descended from Hugh Lupus through the Belwoods (virtually the Malpas Coat) into lords at Malpas. The MALpas surname (Cheshire) is interesting because it's in Morley/MAUL and David colors, and because Scalia's trip to El PASo may have been arranged by God to indicate the Cheshire Pace's that contributed to naming MalPAS. I have noted before that God has gone to great lengths to make these revelations and others. Wikipedia's article on Ranulph le Meschin, who eventually took Lupus' earl job, has his lion as the same one of French PAStors, and we all (but maybe not me) called Mr. Richardson, "pastor Richardson." The French Pastors share a version of the Dutch Bush/Bosch Coat. Bushincidence? This is the lion of Seconds/Segurs too, and the pastor's daughter was at second base. George Bush lives in Texas.

Below is a video from Fox (late 2016) with a former, high-level Haitian legislator, crying the blues (very justified) on how Bill Clinton was sucking up most of the money slated for Haitian relief from donors and tax payers. Approaching the 4-minute mark, he mentions Bill Richardson in a plot to bribe him, because he wasn't happy with Clinton's oversight over Haiti. Judicial Watch has documents to prove that the Clinton Foundation applied, only five days after the earthquake, to receive money from the state department (i.e. from his wife) for Haitian relief. What's wrong with that picture, American tax payer? And Obama was a part of this scam because he was the one who put Clinton in though Obama couldn't understand the obvious conflict of interest:

Another Stab at the Hicks Dream

I don't often tell the beginning of the Miss-Hicks dream. I was standing by a pool when a British bulldog ran past and went into the water. A nasty shark took the dog into its mouth head first, with the back end sticking out, and a row of nasty teeth around its belly. I jumped in to get the dog free, but the dream changed scenes, where I was in a natural body of water, a sea or a lake, and that's where I walked onto the beach, seeing Miss Hicks at her parked car upon the sandy beach.

There is at least one online article telling that the Hicks of Clapton were married to Arthurs. That's why it's suspicious that the Beach Coat is also the Clapper Coat. Plus, James Clapper is thought by many to be a deep-state operative. Clappers look like "Glaphyra," and so we keep this in mind as we go on, especially if the dream Intended the PARKED car to be God's code for Glaphyra's gr-gr-granddaughter, Plancia Magna. Perga is beside Caria, and the Cars likely represent Carians. Carians of Rhodes were in the Roets, first found in Somerset, location of Clapton. I've determined that the Carians of Masonic / heraldic importance were the Masa Sea Peoples. They trace to Massa-Carrara, and the Carrara surname happens to use the wheel, the symbol of Catherine Roet. Perga was in the land of Pisidians, who definitely named Grecian Pisa, and then Italian Pisa is at Massa-Carrara. Should we expect Plancia elements at Massa-Carrara.

Grecian Pisa was home to Endymion, though myth writers called him the eternal sleeper (as play on the moon goddess of Caria, who he loved), and located him at Caria's LatMUS. This location is beside Clarus and Ephesus, the latter being home to Leto and her daughter, Artemis. The latter was the special affection of Plancia's family, and so let's not forget that "Plancia" can be from "Apolluon" (the official version of "Apollo"). Clarus is important for a couple of reasons: 1) the Hicks and Arthurs who married at Clapton used "clarions"; 2) the sun in the Clapper Coat (= Beach Shield) can be for the Sun variation of Sinclairs, who were from Claro's. The dream is thus making sense, but there is more.

The Sand on the beach was interpreted with the Santones, who named Sainte (France), and the Sinclairs also come up as "Saint."

After I saw Miss Hicks at the hood of her car, I walked to the car but found her hovering inside the car, over the seats, and later (still in the dream) discovered that God wanted me to wake her up, suggesting the sleeper, Endymion.

That's the back-drop to the first part of the dream. Why was there a BULLdog rather than just a dog or a bull? I know. It took me so long. I am content with the evidence that heraldic bulls are code for people from, and honoring, Bullis. This location was near the Ceraunii mountains, and here it should be said that a Masa-like Maezaei peoples lived to the north, beside the Ceraunii peoples that I've seen on maps at the Urbanus river. We are still making sense because the second part of the dream took us to the Masa-Carian theater.

I discovered the Ceraunii in heraldry first of all from the Crauns/Crane's, whose crown tipped me off that some heraldic crowns are code for Ceraunii. The point is, the Sharks use the crane. So, we can trace both the shark and the bulldog to the Ceraunii mountains. But the dog part has stumped me. Aside from Dogs/Doags/Docks sharing the Car chevron, I have nothing more to say. There must be more to it.

One day not many months ago, I was telling this story, and ended at the hood part. I knocked off for the day, and went to town. The last thing done was to get groceries. When getting to my vehicle, there was a medallion on the hood. Someone had set it down, and, I assume, forget to pick it back up. When I got home, I took a look at the Medal surname, to find it listed with Dowels, a branch of DOUGals. But, still, I'm not satisfied with this. It's not telling me anything more than maybe Dougals were a Dog/Doag branch. Howe does this connect to Caria? Possibly, the wolf symbol of the Leto cult became the dog too, but were Doags and Dougals really named after the dog? I don't think so.

The Derby's use the colors and format of Doe's (same place as Cars), and, perhaps for this reason, some wise-cracker historian figured a way to make the Derby's look rooted in "doe." Forget it. Trace Derby to Derbe with Plancia-Magna connections. Take the Dow variation of Doe's and get the Dowells.

I figure that God arranged the medallion on the hood because I would flounder otherwise with the reason for His inclusion of the bulldog. It just so happens that Medals/Dowels/Dougals share the Pool lion, you see. The bulldog went into the pool. The Saraca's even use the fish so that the shark does appear to be a symbol for them. Why do we think that Medals/Dowells/Dougals use the quadrants of Pettys (same place as Claptons) in colors reversed? Why do Claptons share the Craun patee? And why does the Petty Crest have an elephant?

But why should the Hoods apply to Dog / Dougal liners?

Derbe and lake Tatta were in Lycaonia, and myth writers use mythical Lycaon to depict it. He was a wolf. Look at the "expecTATA" motto term of Sharks. Plus, PERTa was a location on the shores of lake Tatta, and Dogs/Doags were first found in PERTHshire. Wow, that works. And the Perts are Petts, like "Petty." In the past, I've settled on viewing Sharks as the Saraca's, and their Ragusa location is smack beside the Elaphiti islands. It appears that Sharks and Pettys were both from lake-Tatta elements, but removed to the area of the elephant-like Elaphiti islands. The Ceraunii, suspect in the Shark cranes, were not far inland from Ragusa. And, by the way, I read that historians derive "Ragusa" in some word for "deer" (this is hocus-pocus from those who should know better), which is a term also in the derivation of the Derby surname. The Mallets use a deer, and Melita is smack beside the Elaphiti islands. Yet, doesn't Melita come from Caria's Miletus? This dream is teaching quite a bit.

And can we believe it? Dutch Clappers use mallets. Are we talking Glaphyra liners at the Elaphiti theater here? Didn't Glaphyra marry two Herods, and were not Herods Edomites (Idumaeans, as historians like to say), as was Eliphas?

The Crauns use a "hind," and Hicks use a "buck" while Hinds were first found in BUCKinghamshire. There has got to be a reason that Hicks (gorged chaplet) share the colors and format of Crauns/Crane's. They both use a "gorged" item around the necks of their stags. And the Craun patee is in both colors of the Clapton patee while Hicks (or Hicks') married same-colored Arthurs of Clapton. Patee crosses are code for lines from Patti in Sicily's Messina, beside the Saraca-line Saracens (there's a second Ragusa in Sicily). In myth, Messina was known as Scylla, explaining the Meschin scallops, but the Scylla monster (code for the Sicel founders of Sicily) trace to Skala of Patmos, right? Why was Scylla a monster, a killer of sailors (evokes the Sirens), and why did it have wolf heads?

RUSH's (wolf) share three blue annulets on a fesse with Crauns (same place as Rush's, BUCKle's and Bullis'), and Perts/Petts (stork) use BULrushes, can we believe it? It appears that Perta-Tatta elements were at Bullis / Ceraunii mountains, or at least merged with one or both.

Next, we take the Ceraunii to mythical Coronis, a mate of Apollo. And we trace Coronis to Chora on PatMOS, way out to sea from the Masa at Caria. The writer of Revelation was exiled to Patmos, and the seven churches of Revelation (includes Ephesus) were, if I'm not mistaken, all around Caria. Coronis was the sister of Ixion, who I view as a Hyksos entity and therefore the line to Hicks. In this way, Hicks can be expected with Coronis elements, explaining why Crauns and Hicks share heraldic similarities. One Hyksos king, APACHnas, can trace to such things as Bucks and Beach's/Becks.

Now Coronis' son, Asclepios, was sometimes given an owl symbol because his name is like an ancient word (something like "ascalaphus") for the owl. But they say that the Edomite god, Kos, was an owl entity, and there is an island of Kos off the Carian coast. Coronis had a crow symbol, and while the chough is a crow species, the Hoods use a Cornish chough. The Cornish's (same place as Hoods and Cornwalls) share the Corn chevron, and suddenly this line looks like a branch of sleeping-moon, Karen/Kern Carians. But then compare the Cornovii founders of Cornwall to "Coronis."

Cornwalls (more Cornish choughs) use a Beach/Beck- / Bag-like "beg" motto term while Begs use crescents colors reversed from the Luna / Massey / crescents. Compare the Coat of Bags and Beach's.

Reminder: Miss Hicks was at the hood of her car, and then was sleeping in the car, suggesting a Hood trace to Carians of the Ixion-Coronis kind in Patmos. The car was on the sand, and while Sands share a ragully fesse with Cornish's, Sanders use another elephant, as do crow-line Corbetts and mascle-like Mascals. The elephant-using Sanders (compare with Buckley Coat) even share the upright red bull of Charo's/Claro's, the Carians from Clarus, right?

But there was a second group of Cornovii: "The Cornovii were a Celtic people of Iron Age and Roman Britain, who lived principally in the modern English counties of Cheshire, Shropshire, north Staffordshire, north Herefordshire and eastern parts of the Welsh counties of Flintshire, Powys and Wrexham." Meschins, a branch of Masseys, and therefore traceable to Masa Carians, were first found in Shropshire, yet ruled Cheshire, and the Meschin Coat happens to be a good reflection of the Cornish Coat, perfect, because I see the Masa people as namers of Patmos. And the "Pat" part may explain why Petts/Perts use mascles.

After God said, "What are you waiting for, go wake her up," I brushed her knee with my hand while going over to kiss her awake, and she popped up into my arms. We both rose up into the sky embraced. This is why I thought that she would one day become my wife. But I have another theory. They way that heraldic clarions (owned by Hicks of Clapton) are trumpets, and the rapture into the sky will be at the last trumpet. So, perhaps God wanted to prove to readers by all that I've said in this section that He did give the dream, and he put in a rapture for good measure, as per the Hicks trumpet symbol.

Arthurs love the Stands in their motto, and Levers use a rooster "Standing on a trumpet." You see, the clarions were trumpets.

At the Massa-Carrara theater, there is a city that was anciently, Luni or Luna. This place got suspect with the Carian moon goddess (Selene, sister of Helios at Rhodes). Roets, for example, use a sleeping moon. The point is, the Luna's (Milan) share the crescent of Tute's/Touts, feasibly a lake-Tatta liner, for Tattons (married Masa-like Massys) use the same crescent. French Masseys/Masse's use the same crescent. The Arms of Massa-Carrara once used the checks in the Massi/Mattis Coat, and the latter share the eagle of Luna's. It's all square and level.

Kos was the island of mythical Merops, the proto-Merovingian Franks. There is a Kos/Kosinski surname, sharing six bendy in half the colors of the six bendy of Italian Davids. I'm mentioning this because of David Morley, for Maurels/Maurinis', Merovingian suspects, were first found in Milan with Luna's. See also David-colored bends of Mereys/Merits/Merais' whose Demere variation looks linkable to the Mere's and Demere's of Cheshire, where English Davids were first found. We now go to the sleeping bag (Sleep theme of Caria, right?) which Morley circled, and we trace his road to Rhodes, off the Caria coast, but closer to Plancia Magna than Kos. Her line goes to the Plunketts that share the tower of Hills and Clapper-like Clavers.

One day in mid 2016, I was telling the Hicks dream in an Iraq update (a little off-topic), which may have been before realizing that it was filled with surname connections. And because I was still holding out that Miss Hicks would become my wife, I checked online to see whether her husband had passed away. Not only did I find his obituary, but a page came up in the Baytown Sun with a photo of both her and her husband. The two were in separate photos, and he was in one with a bull-terrier mascot, Spuds MacKenzie. I'll show the photo for you, but let me first tell the rest of the story.

It's the Wikipedia article above that calls it a BULL terrier, and while I don't know for a fact that the dog in the Hicks dream was a British bulldog, it certainly looked like one, the short and fat kind of bull terrier. I believed right away that this dream was from God, and I figured I'd have to wait until a bulldog crossed my path before she would enter my life. But no such dog appeared, and I got married.

About nine years into the marriage, I purchased a huge, fiberglass British bulldog. It was my wife's discovery. I drove to Hamilton to see it, and paid 5,000 for it. It was "gorgeous." It was for out party business. We set it up on people's lawns and hung a sign around its neck, "You Old Dog," for their big 40th or 50th birthdays. The bulldog in the dream did not come to mind. The same year that we purchased it, I took the family to Texas to purchase land, and we got a lot 10 minutes from Miss Hicks. On the first day we went to church, she was there. A few weeks later, she sat in front of me in church, while my wife was doing baby care outside. After the service, she turned around and gave me a friendly smile.

I don't quite know what happened after we left Texas to come back home, but my wife and I were separated, and then divorced. I'll skip the details. I was feeling very uncomfortable in the house with her, and decided I was going to spend some time in our rental property, since the basement tenant had moved out. As I opened the closet door, to get some clothes, something like a bolt from above came zapping into my mind: "The bulldog, in the wife, she's the shark!." That is either exactly what I was thinking, or close to it. I realized that the woman in the dream was my second wife.

After I moved out, my wife sicked a lawyer on me, and just got nasty. The shark in the dream was nasty, very nasty looking. It was my responsibility to feed my children, and so I called her to let me use the bulldog to make income, but she refused to give me the dog. It was half hers, you see, and half mine, and, in the dream, the dog was half in the shark's mouth, half out. I jumped into the pool to get it out, but God did not let me see what the outcome was.

I've told the following before; I'm not making it up, that, upon seeing her from a good distance at the hood (could not make out her face whatsoever), I was given a close-up of her face, and I remarked, "She's beautiful." There is a Beauty/Bowd surname, first found in Dorset, location of Poole, and using nothing but three black bulls.

Three black bull heads alone are used by Walerans, that being the Gouel-de-Percival line that ruled Leavell, the line from Lupus Laevillus. Percivals and Leavells were first found between Poole and the first-known Walerans (Devon, same place as Hoods, in case they connect). Sharks share the trefoil of BARNstaple's (Devon), and Barnys use the key in colors reversed from the key of Beauty-like Bettys/Beatys. I did trace the Saraca fesse to the same-colored one of Casano's/Cassandra's, who were first found in Modena with trefoil-using Albini's, yet I did not yet know the Shark surname at the time. I didn't know until roughly two years ago, or less, that the Hicks dream was code for surnames. The Albino's are clearly of the English Albins/Aubins, first found in Devon's Barnstaple, and using a bull head.

Now watch. The Albin bull head must be suspect for/from St. Taurin, where Albins/Aubins are said to derive. St. Taurin is in Evreux, location of Eure while Hicks use a "Heure" motto term. The Eure's are also Evers/Ivers, and while Leavells were from Ever-like Yvery, the Ivorys/Ivers' (Hicks fleur in Crest?) use a bend colors reversed from the Albin/Aubin bend. To make the Albin/Aubin link to Walerans, we load French Aubins (Brittany, hurts) to find the Brick lozenges. Bricks share the Coat of Waleran-suspect Whelans. As I said a few weeks ago, my old girlfriend, Karen Whelan, lived on a Corsen street, and Corsens share the Hind / Brix/Brest lozenges too.

The Brick / Whelan lozenges are colors reversed from the Brix/Brest lozenges, for a trace from Brescia to Brittany's Brest. And Brescia had, I once read, the Eburovices peoples, known to have named Evreux. They were also called, Ebroicum, like the Eboracum version of "York," where Hicks were first found. But there's more, for while Crauns use the colors and format of stag-head Hicks, the Crauns/Crane's call their stag head a hind while Hinds use the Brix/Brest lozenges.

Due to court appearances, I was unable to get back to Texas for three years (four since last there). But in 1996, a little more than a year since Miss Hicks turned to smile at me (I didn't yet know her name), I was sizing her up as the woman in the dream. She was lady-like, impressive in her appearance, and blond, just like the woman in the dream.

When arriving three years later, I went to the same church where I had seen her, but she was not attending. My regular seat was directly behind an old man, and I soon heard from a friend that he had a beautiful wife with blond hair. My heart dropped, because she had been alone on the first occasions of seeing her years earlier. It would be years before I learned the old man's name, Hamilton, and some years yet before realizing that this is the name of the city where the bulldog was purchased.

One year, as I returned to Texas (I would come and go), I went to another church, but not seeking Miss Hicks. I was moved by a couple of people to attend their church, and both Mr. and Mrs. Hicks happened to be attending there. And so, half-thinking that I needed to wait until she was a widow, I kept some good distance, yet got on some friendly terms with the couple, and she was friendly toward me. Try to imagine how you would deal with this. Perhaps as few as two weeks after I started going to this new church, the pastor asked the people to the front of the church, and once there, he asked us to hold hands. I put out my right hand now knowing that Miss Hicks was standing beside me (and a little to the rear), and her hand came into mine. If the demons were playing tricks on me...Or, maybe, it was God confirming that this would be my wife.

On the bottom line, however, it was a lousy if not ridiculous situation, so I tried to forget that she could be the one in the dream. But one day, I found an excuse to call her at her home, because I wanted to investigate whether she might be the one by whether or not she even liked me. This was my only priority, to discover if she liked me enough to one-day be a wife. The call turned out to be a big mistake. She talked to me for four hours, and then insisted that I go to church that Sunday night. After church, she came to sit across from me in the lunch room, but I immediately got up and left, insulting her. I didn't want to be this close to her.

Four days after I called, the church put on a 9-11 memorial in the local park. I said to self, "Do not sit anywhere near her tonight." I arrived, sat down in the middle of the near-empty place (it was still early). She came striding down the center isle, and sat down. I promptly got up and asked if she'd like me to set up her video camera. Doing it at the front isle, I returned to her, saw an empty seat beside her, and asked, "is someone sitting there?" I could not believe how forward I had suddenly become. Why? I now blame it on God, because that was the night of her beautiful knees on the Leakey road. See "Leakey" in the last update for that story, for I think God was in it.

To make a long story short, nothing happened between us; circumstances prevented it, anyway. And a few years later, I was forced to put the Texas property up for sale, in the same year she and her husband put their place up for sale. I waited five years more, and finding that the residential phone was in her name alone, I thought that Hamilton had passed away. I wrote her a letter, but there was no response. I called to make sure that she at least got the letter, but, on the third try, an old man answered the phone, Hello? Who's this?"

"Ah, er, don't worry about it, Mr. Kilpatrick." I hung up promptly as though the phone was hot.

Five more years later, I decided to tell the bulldog story in the update, and it was then that I found his obituary, and his photo in the Baytown sun with a bull terrier. It was like corroboration that Miss Hicks was the woman in the dream, but, so far, I have not had God's direction to call her, nor have I had the desire.

Miss Hicks (Mrs. Charlotte Kilpatrick) is somewhere in the top-right photo (very blurry), and Mr. Kilpatrick, with the dog mascot, is in the photo below hers:

The white color of the bull terrier, and the type of large spots (not small, leopard-like spots) are exactly what the bulldog in the dream appeared with, and exactly what the fiberglass dog came with. Can coincidences like this happen? I suppose. But I am much-more sure now that God gave this dream, due to the heraldic sense that the items in the dream are able to produce.

The reason that I told the story to readers (couple of years ago) is my hope that God would glorify himself by making the dream come true after I predicted that he would. It would strengthen the faith of readers, and maybe even birth faith in others. I sometimes think that this is half the reason that God has given me a string of dreams / visions in the past couple of years, something he was not doing regularly for 35 years previous. Not that I know of, anyway.

The photos can be expanded in size. Where it says, "Page 24 article text," one can read, "at the Second Annual Baytown World Charlotte Kilpatrick, trophy girl;..." and, with mouse on the text, one can scroll down to find "...Courtland and Cody Kilpatrick with their father, Dr. H.W. Kilpatrick III," the latter quote being in the caption for the Spuds-MacKenzie photo. I just want you to believe that this is true. I'm not making it up.

I ended the writing on Tuesday at the paragraph above. On Wednesday morning, I came across Hope Charlotte Hicks, in the news. This is amazing, for I'm not familiar with her, and German Hoods are also Hope's. But she's with the Trump campaign. "Hope Charlotte Hicks (born October 21, 1988) is an American communications and public relations consultant and former model who is the current White House Communications Director for President Donald Trump. From January to September 2017, she served as White House Director of Strategic Communications, a role created for her. She previously served as the press secretary and early communications director for Trump's 2016 presidential campaign, as well as the national press secretary for his presidential transition team, and before that was an employee of The Trump Organization. She is Trump's longest-serving political aide" (Wikipedia). Uh-oh.

From the very beginning, as I described the Hicks dream to others, I said that she looked like an actress or model. In fact, while a teen, she was a paid stripper. And here I now find Hope Charlotte Hicks (29 years old), a model. Plus, Trump's wife is a model, and 24 years younger than Trump. Miss Charlotte Hicks was 32 years younger than her husband. There are similarities on top of both women having Charlotte Hicks as their names. Hope Hicks is in the news today because she's being asked to appear before the House Intelligence Committee. I don't recall knowing that Hope Hicks replaced Anthony Scaramucci as Trump's Communications director. Is God pointing to this woman? Why?

Just look at the timing of my discovering Hope Hicks. And the Hicks of Clapton used TRUMPets. Does this have to do with 9-11, either exposing the perpetrators, or joining them for more tricks in the near future? I've spent some time looking up Hope Hicks, but she's so young she has no political history to speak of. I'm stumped if God is pointing to her. Wasn't Robert Mueller the FBI chief during 9-11? Doesn't he need to be caught red-handed on that issue? Might God have this in mind, to cause a break-open revelation on the heels of Mueller's demise? I sure hope so. The world needs to know.

I identified the household of Hyksos pharaoh, Khyan, as a Mus one to Masseys / Masci's. "ScaraMUCCI" caused a look-up of Mucci's, to find them with Maschi-like Macchi's. The latter share gold fleur with Masci's, but in both colors of the Hicks fleur. Macchi's are also Maconi's, and Macons come up with Masons/Massins. This gets us back to the Massa-Carrara area to which the Hicks dream first lead us at the top of this section, for the Mason/Massin lion is probably a version of the Pisa lion. The latter's split-color lion is colors reversed from the Reine/Reines lion, and Miss Hicks has a Rena middle name.

As Reines' are suspect with Renier/Rainier of Montferrat, whose line was close to Alice of Saluzzo, note that the Saluzzo Coat is shared by Cluns/Clunys, for Cluny is a location in the Maconnais mountains, at Macon. Clunys were first found at Perthshire with Mont-Pilat liners, and that latter place is not far from Macon. If you recall, the Hicks dream just revealed that the Perthshire Dogs are to be linked to Medals/Dowels/DOUGals, and the latter's lion is half the Pisa / Reines lion.

I just saw a Reines surname yesterday at the Beacon-Global Strategies corporation. In fact, Mr. Reines is found below, in a piece started yesterday. Here's what I had written:

The following comes across as a betrayal of, or a distancing from, Hillary by Michael Morell:
Former acting CIA Director Michael Morell, who currently works at the Hillary Clinton-tied Beacon Global Strategies LLC, previously revealed that he “learned” that Steele paid some of the purported sources cited in the dossier.

Morell serves as senior counselor at Beacon Strategies. Beacon was founded by Phillippe Reines, who served as Communications Adviser to Hillary Clinton while she was secretary of state. From 2009-2013, Reines also served in Clinton's State Department as the Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Strategic Communications. Reines is the managing director of Beacon.

...“I had two questions when I first read it,” Morell stated of Steele’s dossier for Fusion GPS. “One was, How did Chris talk to these sources? I have subsequently learned that he used intermediaries.”

Morell then made the comments about Steele allegedly paying his purported sources [money came from election-animal Democrats, right?].

Morell stated: “And then I asked myself, why did these guys provide this information, what was their motivation? And I subsequently learned that he paid them. That the intermediaries paid the sources and the intermediaries got the money from Chris.

“And that kind of worries me a little bit because if you’re paying somebody, particularly former FSB [Russian intelligence] officers, they are going to tell you truth and innuendo and rumor, and they’re going to call you up and say, ‘Hey, let’s have another meeting, I have more information for you,’ because they want to get paid some more.

“I think you've got to take all that into consideration when you consider the dossier.”

Besides Morell’s comments, Vanity Fair last March published an extensive article on the origins of the dossier that reported Steele had a history of paying sources.

Beacon sounds like a mini deep state.

The medallion found on the hood of my vehicle has "Saint-Petersburg, Russia," on both sides, one written in Russian, the other in English. I await to discover why God might have me find such a medal, and how it links to Hoods. My guess is that it's about the Uranium-One scandal. I'll repeat here that the medallion has five links of its chain still on it, which might be God's code for Dick Cheney. The 9-11 imposters need to be exposed.

The Democrat Growl of Fear Sounds Pathetic

If you watch the first five or six minutes of Hannity below, you should be able to glean that the reporters at the Trump press conference were coached in a conspiratorial meeting. There's no way all of those questions from so many anti-Trumpers could take place in the same hour unless they all met in a room, or at least all received messages, directing them to ask questions to imply Trump's mental instabilities. I doubt that anyone would put that plot in emails, however. This is not news, but political activism that needs to be destroyed at all costs, with law suits. There will be no cure for this until the media bosses are taken to court on defamation charges. These animals destroy good people. I'm not suggesting that Trump is angelic, but Trump is not the only target of these animals in suits. A furious defamation charge against top-level CNN would make all other media take notice. It's not petty for the president to lay a defamation charge, it's necessary. This is the filthy humanity that needs to be purged from the human race. The Day will do it, but first, the good need to be witnesses to how filthy it is.

I would like to take issue on the media claims that the economy is flying high just because the stock markets are flying high. This is only one sector of the economy, the big-corporate sector. Walmart came out to brag that, thanks to the tax cuts, it will raise wage's from $10 per hour to 11. While that extra $150 monthly will be greatly appreciated by those making only $10, how is an extra dollar per hour to be defined as a "great" economy? If you're making $20 or 30, are you jumping for joy to get an extra one dollar? But even if every American got a $10 raise today, guaranteed, the corporations and their distributors would take it back with increased prices on all their goods and services, for when the people have more money, up go the prices. Trump has done nothing for workers, but has done much for the fat cats. Celebrating a rising stock market is, in my eyes, a sin.

Below is John Kelly admitting that he and others have been changing the mind of Trump. Kelly says that he informs Trump on the other side of the coin, you see, which is another way to say that he's taken it upon his own shoulders to alter Trump's agendas. Who does Kelly work for? Who's views are the other side of the coin that Kelly brings to Trump's ears? When he says his job is to keep Trump informed, it strikes me that, whenever Kelly disagrees with Trump, that's when the president has got to be properly informed. That's how I see Kelly, as the shadow president. But then again, any advisor to the president is a "shadow government," including his wife or daughter. It's my suspicion that Steve Bannon disliked the government-related input that Trump's son and daughter were giving, because Bannon wanted his ideas to be foremost. And he may have a point. I'm not trying to downplay the value of sharing advice with Trump, but Kelly has always struck me as one determined to "fix" Trump. Bring him into line.

The good news, maybe, is that Kelly is coming out publicly with his opposition to Trump, if only mildly, suggesting frustration with Trump. Trump tweeted that Kelly is incorrect to say that the wall policy is evolving. It looks like Trump has put himself into the drivers seat, of his own car. Now, if he'll just punish the political criminals, and remove their broad spy powers, that's what's going to give the nation rest from chaos and division. The deep state is that which eggs on the anti-Christs to create divisions. Liberalism has become an open mouth that needs to be filled with a concrete cap. Put a wall on that mouth, and stop feeding the animal.

A four-page memo circulating in Congress that reveals alleged United States government surveillance abuses is being described by lawmakers as “shocking,” “troubling” and “alarming,” with one congressman likening the details to KGB activity in Russia.

...“It is so alarming the American people have to see this,” Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan said.

“It's troubling. It is shocking,” North Carolina Rep. Mark Meadows said. “Part of me wishes that I didn't read it because I don’t want to believe that those kinds of things could be happening in this country that I call home and love so much.”

Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz said he believed people could lose their jobs after the memo is released.

“I believe the consequence of its release will be major changes in people currently working at the FBI and the Department of Justice,” he said, referencing DOJ officials Rod Rosenstein and Bruce Ohr.

“You think about, ‘is this happening in America or is this the KGB?’ That's how alarming it is,” Pennsylvania Rep. Scott Perry said.

The House Intelligence Committee on Thursday approved a motion by New York Rep. Pete King to release the memo on abuses of FISA, or the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, to all House members.

Whose guilty on FISA? The article spells it out: "The vote Thursday morning on releasing the memo to lawmakers was along party lines, with Democrats voting against making it available for all members." Ahh, the Democrats don't want this exposed. What fine-sounding reason will they cook up? Imagine the arrogance, that a few straw-hat Democrats should demand to prohibit the people from reading what their own government was discussing, even while the other party is crying wolf. How can the Democrats live with themselves?

"The process for releasing it to the public involves a committee vote, a source said. If approved, it could be released as long as there are no objections from the White House within five days."

Below is Hannity on the issue, featuring Jim Jordan, who was pushing for this very revelation. They are adamant in wanting to release this information to the public. Hannity opens by saying that Rosenstein (spit) was disappointed with the decision of Sessions in caving in to the Republican overseers.

The Angle has a commentary on the same topic where it's said that similar matters have been known for about a month, and that Republicans wanting to publicize them were blocked by the authority of Sessions. This is incredible, good Republicans cannot believe this. The Angle seems to imply or even claim that congressman Labrador is the one who has started the motion to publicize the four-page memo. Pete King, of New York (ironically for liberals), is the one who moved the House to allow all congressmen to view a compilation put together by Nunes (California, ironic for liberals). There needs only be a vote in a Republican-led House to get it out to the public, but if the votes aren't there, we will see a brilliant example of the no-nothing Republicans, the obstructionists. Either way the vote goes, there will be a major exposure, and so hats off to King, Labrador, and the rest.

The same Angle video reveals a back-and-forth between the Committee and the Fusion co-founder, Simpson, where he testifies that the FBI did not approach wanting to know about the dossier. But Simpson then confesses that Mr. Ohr (justice department) did approach him, even though it was his wife who had worked for Fusion. What did Mr. Ohr want to know, and was he part of the foreplay?

Simpson claimed that no one in the government contacted him or Fusion before the election, which is not credible. He lied. We can see here why Fusion hired a British man to do-up the dossier so as to protect the U.S.-government players in on it. Ultimately, it was Hillary's attorney from Perkins Coie that hired Fusion, and so it is non-credible that no one in government contacted Fusion during the election, since Hillary's lawyer is her own shadow. The FBI did meet with Steele, and so we can safely assume that Steele shared with Fusion the ins and outs of the discussion(s), and the direction of their shared plot. That information would then go to the Clinton lawyer, of course, but also to those in the Democrat party that had paid millions to have the dossier fabricated. They didn't pay for it, and then forget about its progress, evolution or successes/failures. They monitored the situation closely because they badly needed to weaken Trump in good time before election day.

Labrador (Mormon past) implies that getting the four-page memo publicized is not a sure thing, and calls out to the people to contact congressional Republicans of their state to urge them to vote, yes. It's not just the Democrat deep state that's being exposed by this vote, but we may see the Republican no-voters too. And we then get to see on whose side Sessions and Trump are on. The worse this memo is, the guiltier Sessions looks for keeping it covered. If he doesn't want to release it, how can we expect that he wants to lay charges against law breakers? In this regard, Sessions is like a sponge in the swamp, soaking up all the bacteria, and eating it too. He's got egg on his face. His clothes are soiled with the wicked. He cares not to step down to let another man take over unafraid to lay charges. Therefore, the voters will need to attack him silly to get him to press charges, and they have already started.

If Sessions kept this information from Trump, then the president, who fired others in his administration for far less, would be compelled to fire Sessions. But if Trump shows no animosity toward Sessions for this cover-up, then I would assume that Trump knew about this memo, or similar discussions, and intended to keep it/them from the public.

The only reason that this has become a public spectacle at all is because the crimes attacked Trump's right to be the president. We can't be naive, believing that such shadow-government manipulation has crossed the illegal line only now for the first time. Here we see it acting directly against a person wanting to become the president. Don't we think that endless other manipulations, using spy powers and other methods, were the name of the Shadow-government game for lower-level people too, for decades in the past? What for? For stacking the government / lawmaker deck with like-minded ones, which is the definition of infiltrating into power structures for to control a nation with a common agenda, one main purpose to steal your money. This deserves more than cutting the thieves' hands off. They not only desired to put their "man" in power, but they desired that thing to steal your money.

It would be far cheaper to have a king who helps himself to money mainly for his immediate family only, than to have a high number of cabal operatives to feed with money-by-corruption. The seniority is compelled to pay those who assist them in corruption. No one participates in corruption unless there is money to be had. By accepting money-by-corruption, they put themselves into a position to be blackmailed. Is this Session's problem?

This memo has to do with abusing the secretive FISA court, to which the government spies go to get expedited spy powers. The Republican House just passed (this week) a resolution to continue with FISA without the safeguards wanted by the better Republicans. The energetic Labrador team may be a schism in the Republican camp, who are fed up with the cover-up from their fellow Republicans. In all likeliness, the contents of this memo will be leaked if the no-vote wins the day. The more that Democrats keep pushing their agenda, the more likely this memo will be leaked. As you can see, the Democrats show no lying-downedness, for they have shut down the government in an attempt to get their illegal Mexican voters legalized. The good news, Sessions appears prepared to charge high-level operatives in regards to immigration scandals, probably because Trump is pushing him for this cause, as it's one of the president's chief agendas.

The good news is that Kellyanne Conway has said on Fox that we should see the memo. Is this her own opinion, or is this the Trump will? How in his right mind can Trump publicly oppose releasing this memo? This issue is a sledge hammer to hoped-for Democrat fortunes in the elections later this year. If Trump wants to retain the Senate after these elections, he had best not lay aside the sledge. It is justified to smash heads at this time. If he does it, expect civil unrest, because Democrats will not take it lying down...unless there is first a vast number of their operatives charged with crimes, for in that scenario, civil unrest fomented by Democrat leadership only serves to put the charged in jail for longer periods.

It's bad enough that they tried to alter an election result, and afterward committed treason, but if they also foment civil unrest to protect their guilty, judges will take out their own sledges. It's to be expected. And Scalia was replaced by one who, hopefully, will vote in Trump's favor. The wild joker is in the hands of the Republicans at this time, and the president is the trump card. What are the Republicans afraid of? The voters are behind them. Everything is set up for a big score. Democrats are cornered.

It reminds me of the recent tweet by Julian Assange of a chess game in which the black side was on a fabulous lightning-strike attack, only to have everything go wrong, to quickly lose the game. And the loser was Frank Marshall.

When things get this bad, people betray one another to better save self. Wonderful. The brotherhood will experience its own internal, "civil war." Smog will betray smog, and the end will be cleaner air for all. But where the attack comes against the Democrats, expect them to get onto a high-moral ground, oblivious to their own blatant sins, to rally their base for war. The Democrats believe, justified by do-nothing Republicans, that Republicans are too afraid to attack all the way. The latter may feign attacks, but Democrats know the GOP soon retreats at the sight of their paper tiger. Shame, Republicans, great shame. You have permitted this beast to get this far on smoke and mirrors. And so they use smoke and mirrors all the more because it works on you. Push aside the do-nothings, and take the heat to the tiger. Watch it burn. How does one push aside a no-nothing? By telling them that they are do-nothings in their hearing.

Republican voices are celebrating that this memo will cause some law-enforcement people to lose jobs (big deal), or end the Mueller probe. Merely losing jobs is like shuffling dirt from a high spot on the lawn to the wheelbarrow temporarily, but finally to a lower spot on the lawn. Ending the probe is the worst thing that can happen. The release of this memo is directly due to Mueller's stick-fastedness to Trump's head with all of his investigative tentacles. When the Mueller probe goes away, Trump will stop calling for a counter-attack on the deep state. The consolation is, we can depend on the Democrats generally to be the stupids that they always are, to resist and oppose the exposure, to deny that it's an exposure, and to ignite good people, firing them up for counter-attacks.

I wonder, though, whether the Republican establishment is teasing us with this story, knowing beforehand that no public revelation will be made. The purpose could be to threaten Mueller and Rosenstein at a time when they are poised to attack Trump in their next step against him. Just wondering.

Best thing to do, ignore the Democrat paper tiger, treat it with a match stick. This thing has no legs to stand on. It's like a tiger head growling without an attack body. The more it growls, the more the middle-political turf sees Democrat corruption. We hope the middle will take a sledge hammer to this head, to put it out of its misery, yet the fact that they are in the middle means that they are half Democrat. Ouch. The problem is the centrist-Republican mutation, isn't it? The centrist Republicans scored many of their votes from centrist Democrats, didn't they? These do-nothing Republicans are heads of state without attack bodies, aren't they?

There are probably sufficient Christian people in the country who would come out to vote to make up for the centrists needed to keep Republicans in charge, yet the establishment chose to depend on the middle rather than on the "far right" Christians. And that's why many Christians won't come out to vote. The problem seems to be the centrist Catholics in the Republican camp who would dislike a Protestant / evangelical takeover. That's life in a melting pot, a battle for another day.

Jim Jordan went on Fox, and refused to answer the question on whether it's Session's job to protect the president. It's not that Jordan didn't have an answer, but that he refuses to be pulled into a Trump-bashing discussion. While Jordan is at the full-body charge against the FISA-dossier collusion, CNN wants to use him for Trump-bashing, wholly ignoring the arising exposure on the Democrat conspiracy. The answer to the question is, yes, Jeff Sessions has a duty to protect the president, or any other citizen, from criminal attacks inside the government. How could CNN ask this question as though the expected answer is, no? Because, CNN has championed the causes of its willing, anti-Christ viewership, and these people will throw truth to the ground. Jeff Sessions does not have the right to protect the president, they are now arguing, hoping that Sessions will do the CNN will.

The police are no longer the good guys. I keep getting told that the majority of cops are good guys, but where are they? Was there no good cop present to keep the evil cop below from violating a household? Will the good cops appear in a court of law to speak up against the charged evil cop? Not a chance. How good are the good cops, really? If Christopher Wray is a good FBI cop, we have a problem, don't we? The end times are stacking the upper levels of law enforcement with the wicked, the old iron-fisted Romans, kill and ask questions later. Gabe Zolna is one very-concerned citizen:

There's no end on youtube of cops who treat the people as slaves to kick around and verbally abuse, hoping that they can get a chance to physically abuse. After all, it's such a shame to go through all the training with a gun if they don't get to kill someone every once in a while. Being a cop in real life is not thrilling like in the movies. Cops are their worst enemies when they display their condescending attitude. It's not often that I meet a genuine / gentlemanly police officer. One would think that female officers would have milder attitudes, but most of them that I've bumped into have throw-the-book, iron fists. People have a right not to be treated like someone else's dog just because the other works for the government. The government is the problem, isn't it? It lords things over us now, just like the Romans.

Daniel 7 tells that the end-times will be an extension of the terrifying Roman beast. You might think of the Roman soldiers, and even Caesar himself, as killing you on the spot if you just look wrong at them. Ditto for cops today. They are losing their minds. Please excuse the terrible, derogatory language in the video below, but be reminded of what cops today believe they can get away with:

Touchy-touchy, their patience has run out. They want to be able to intimidate the public while we show no complaint at all. They want to lord it over us while we suck up like their dogs. The human spirit is not agreeable to such treatment, but if we don't do it, the cops get furious. Sure, they have a hard time when too many people mouth off, but the solution is for the cops to put on patience as an ordinary part of their daily routine. Nobody likes to be approached by a police officer, so get used to the public feeling uncomfortable, or get another job. When people feel comfortable being approached by officers generally, that's when the government is properly training them. If people show derision, there's a reason. Sure, there are bad guys out there, but if an officer can't take their verbal abuse, he/she got the wrong job. You can't change people by forcing them to submit to your governmental powers; the bad guys will despise you more. You can't win with bad guys, all the more reason that the government needs to unload bad police officers, FBI included.

Until the courts begin to decide 50-50, or roughly half the cases for the cops and half for the public, the public will know that the government is corrupt on behalf of the bad cops. Right now, it's 99 percent of court decisions in favor of the cops, even when they murder someone in cold blood. I tell you, this is the terrifying Romans, but only because they have lost their minds due to corrupt governments over them. Immorality breeds evil. The federal government can be blamed for producing bad apples in a nation because it did nothing to prevent the wellspring of bad attitudes during the onset of the anti-Christ generation, which the government itself brought on. The government is therefore responsible for hatching a disrespectful, evil public, and for protecting evil cops. It's a recipe for uncontrollable insanity. This is the short-fuse era we are entering. It's best to speak softly with cops these days, for they have the shortest fuses of all. It's their own days that they spoil with an angry approach, you can be sure that they will never reach pleasant levels on those days.

Never, ever, respond to a police officer with fear or subordination. They are not your master; they are not your friend; they will abuse and punish you if you argue with them. Never allow yourself to be reduced, for when you stand up for yourself like that, they will turn you into their punching bag, revealing that they are unworthy to be responded to with respect. I-have-the-power is their attitude these days. We are already in a control-freak state in all Western nations. The public is being monitored, all the details of our lives are desired in government data banks. It will use any of that information, out of context if necessary, against you in their court of law. Yes, it is their courts, and you are an outsider in such a court.

You can be forth-right and polite without showing subordination. "Obey the law" doesn't mean you need to let the officer cut you down to size as his/her inferior. But this is what cops now want, our acting inferior as a sign that we are being properly respectful. They will test you to see whether you show the slightest rebellion against being cut down to size. If you pipe-up, they will raise their voices (I've tested them), or even threaten with an arrest, that's the sort of children the government is making of them. Instead of training them to be more patient and more kind, city governments seem to have the liberty, from federal overseers, of allowing them to be control freaks. This plays to setting the stage for controlling society. The government turned our teens into Godless sluts, dopers, rapists, thieves, strippers, hookers and queers, and the government then abuses them with the police because the bad apples abuse the police. You reap what you sow, Mr. Government. For all the time between now and their dying days, Western nations will not go unpunished for leaving God behind.

When bulk Christian persecution comes, don't try to test the cops; they are too immature to resist heaping abuse on you. A slight tone of defiance on your part, and you will reap the whirlwind. Be smart, let the child with the badge win the superiority contest, at that late time, when the wicked have become completely wicked. Don't assert your rights, make a sacrifice on your own behalf at that time. Until then, don't act subordinate, or they will get used to it, and demand more of it. Let the public "war" with police attitudes until they decide to curb their power trips. It's our service to others. The police must submit to us, who pay them. They must approach us with respect, until we feel very comfortable and pleasant in their presence. When was the last time you were happy to be pulled over because the officer was going to make your day with pleasantries and mercy?

I prefer that officers be filled with kindness, mercy, tolerance, humanity. But that's a thing of the past. People in the final generation will have tossed those words from their dictionary. Instead, they will be rude, brutish, arrogant, you know, Paul gives a long list. We are seeing it. But Paul didn't mention the spies, the wicked, filthy spies. If only Paul's list was of end-time criminals only, and not the cops.

Just gawk at Democrats in high places today, carrying around their corrupt baggage like trophies to be proud of. They hallucinate. They see their dark deeds as having moral motives. And the police are their paid servants. We pay for the police, and the corrupt governors use them against us. If we are Christians and they find out -- the filthy spies are putting us on a list, we can be sure -- they will rape us. We have seen these dastardly wheels turning already; it isn't going away just because social media exists. To fix this problem, the good people need to identify the corrupt politicians, and unelect them. The revelation needs a host of brave good guys, but, maybe, God will come to our aid and expose the corrupt in spite of the do-nothing Republicans running the show.

Why don't cities direct officers to hand out traffic tickets only once per every two violations? How nice that would seem, how kind and merciful. But, in the end times, money will be the goal, not making people happy.

I don't feel sorry for Blacks in the Democrat camp who receive abuse from racist Whites. Some Whites are not racist, yet resist Blacks because they empower the Democrats. Perfect, I agree. There is something sick about Blacks supporting a party promising to favor Blacks over Whites. This is the same mentality that Democrats use to win Mexican voters, by buying them. It's not correct to favor a skin color, or a Mexican camp, at the cost of Whites. It's not the fault of Whites that they are in the majority in the United States. It's just the way history went. But Democrats use the White majority to make Whites look authoritative / abusive. I've never had anything against Blacks until they started to rally politically against Whites. It gave me pause, making me think that Blacks are indeed racist...or White-bashing divisionalists. What started out as defensiveness has turned into offensiveness. The Blacks are taking it to the whites thanks to Democrat directives. It contributes to the civil war now festering. Blacks are being hateful and yet blaming Whites for hating them. Blacks are inviting disrespect and crying the blues for being disrespected. It's a war rally, like when you send a bomb into the other guys camp hoping for retaliation in order to justify a war. The situation would be dangerous had Hillary won the election. The Black president set that situation up, and Hillary's command would have permitted it to push the throttle.

Best thing. Smack the tiger in the mouth, make it shut up, before it brings on a civil war with bullets. To smack the tiger in the mouth, bring its head to court, send fear quivers down its spine. It has risen its head at all because its leaders have evaded criminal charges. That's just the plain truth. That's been the problem. Send a couple dozen to jail, and watch the tiger lay down. But don't show mercy, because it will rise again given the opportunity.

The Rothschilds are Sorry

To Trump's credit, he is poised to remove US funding for Palestinians. Jay Sekulow has a show on this matter this week. Jay is predicted (by me) to be part of the exposure on Judge Scalia's murderers, and items surrounding the white-rabbit mystery that has come through me. In the video below from Jay, he hones into the vote on the memo. Jay is important because he's one of Trump's lawyers. I don't know how legally in-depth he's been with the president, but, I think, if he believed that Trump was opposed to publicizing this memo, he might not be doing this show (it's a good show), for Jay has shown signs of sticking loyal to the president:

The vote to publicize is imminent, but apparently did not come by the end of Friday. This feels like being on the pinnacle of a cliff-faced rock, with the deep-state chiefs about to be pushed over to their frightening deaths. Will it deliver? The threat to release comes exactly at the government-shutdown showdown...meaning that, maybe, the release was used to make the tiger lay down. It didn't lay down. It went on smear attack totally ignoring its own stripes. Note that the Sekulow show tells repeatedly that the vote was expected Friday afternoon, the last day of government funding, the day when the hottest "negotiations" (farce) took place.

As Rod Rosenstein is said to be an integral part of the memo, the situation is one in which the Republican side of the House is inviting Trump to the cliff top for to personally push Rosenstein over. It's a lot like a sting operation, isn't it? We are not accustomed to the wheat winning over the thorns like this. It's fun. I see imminent celebrations in conservative and Christian camps, and may God be praised.

The deep state can be defined, for clarity's sake, as the police sector (FBI, DoJ) of the shadow government, and the latter can be defined as higher-level operatives in the CIA and Council on Foreign Relations in direct contact with globalist money bags, and globalist societal engineering toward demonism i.e. the soul of the one-world government. It should strike us that the Democrat party is one of the many heads of this soul. We don't need to look into some mysterious places to find it. It's before our eyes as we speak. We are watching its machinations. It's not even mysterious, it's just a bunch of stupid (foolish) people making all the wrong decisions.

Rod Rosenstein is likely a Rothschild liner. Rothwells and also Rosewells. Rosensteins use a giant rose in the colors of the Rothschild/Roitstein/Rodstein stars, and the latter's arrow is not only bendwise, but in the colors of the Rodham/Rodden bend. It could appear that God is about to push an elite Rothschild circle over a cliff, and so the good people of America should not be content with this alone, for there are other government operatives who do the bidding of globalist money bags. You would need to be a dull mind if you think money bags don't try to control politicians and politics. Sean Hannity has been a prime example of such a mind, but, thankfully, he is now being enlightened. Things may now change if Fox allows this revelation to go further. There are many people standing behind Hannity like the waters of a fire hose pointed at a burning house, all wanting to save it. Until now, Hannity didn't have enough water to get the flames extinguished, but, if he starts to elevate his coverage of the wicked, telling it like it is without stopping half way, more water will get into his hose, and the added pressure will make the throw go further.

Rosensteins share a giant gold rose with Scar-like Schwartz's, and that's the original surname of George Soros. Note how "SCHWARtz" is like "Sewer," for Swiss Sewers share another giant rose, this time with stems, as with the roses of Schere's/Scherfs and Walkers. Therefore, while I'm well-convinced that my sewer shot on Obama's billiard table was code for STRzok, there's no reason that God couldn't have set the dream up with a sewer shot to point to George Soros too, as one who stands behind Strzok, for example.

The Sewer rose is in the colors of the Sachs (Jewish) roses. The latter's are in the colors of the giant swan of Secords/Sicco's that show a Schwartz-like Secort variation. Secords were first found in Maine with Billiards and the French Josephs who once showed a giant swan (black-on-gold). And swans in Joseph-swan colors are used by the Chaplets who are in the chaplets of Saxons/Septons, wherefore it appears that Secords are a Sachs branch. I'm seeing the Sequani Gauls on the western border of Switzerland.

It's the SUTER variation of Sewers that suggests STRzok. And Shots/Shute's/Schute's use three swords as fesses (in the colors of the two Sleep fesses) that are almost the six horizontal bars (same colors) of Rubensteins. Scute's et-al were branches of the Sheets/Skate's who appeared in the dream under separate circumstances. The Sheets appeared when all of Obama's billiard tables were covered in a large, black sheet. Why black instead of pink or blue? It gave me the impression of Illuminati black.

The Scute's (same place as Saxons/Septons) put a stemmed rose in the "mouth" of its crane, and Crane's are from the Coronis crow, right? Scute's call their eSCUTcheons, "shields," but Sewers/Suters call theirs an escutcheon. Raven-like Rubensteins are in Rothschild/Rodstein colors, and first found in Bavaria with raven-using Roths/Rothchilds (no 's'). Ravens are crows, yet ravens are a special symbol of Raven-like surnames such as Ralphs/Rolphs, who share the water bouget with Rose's. The Rothschild/Rodstein Coat has the look of the Sacher/Sakker Coat.

It's interesting that Rubensteins almost use the Sleep fesses while the sleeping-bag dream progressed to a road that was a symbol of Rhodians. I have talked a lot lately of the Morley connection to Maurinis' and Morinis', and then we find Merano in the Rubenstein write-up. There's no Merano surname coming up, but there is a Morano surname (MOOR heads) first found in Modena with Morinis' and Marano's. In this picture, the Morano Moor heads look like those of Schutz-beloved Collars.

Rubensteins/Rubins were just checked because David Rubenstein, of the Carlyle Group, is now the chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations. The sleeping bag was on a HILL, and "[Rubenstein] succeeds both former U.S. Trade Representative Carla A. Hills, chairman and CEO of Hills & Company, and former U.S. Treasury Secretary Robert E. Rubin, who are concluding their ten-year terms as co-chairs." I think this is very compelling, and have no problems claiming that the sleeping bag dream is pointing to this situation. The crime ring that I think God wants to expose goes up the hill / road-bank up to the Rothschild bankers.

Reminder: English Rothes'(share white bend with Rodhams) were first found in Shropshire with Sleeps and Rudes'. The latter use a mural coronet, symbol of the Coronis-crow liners to Merrills/Muriels (share Morinis fleur) liners, highly suspect with Muriel de Pollock, the daughter / granddaughter of the first Pollock at Rothes castle. The father (Fulbert) of the first Pollock lived in Shropshire, and he's suspect with Fullers (Herefordshire) who happen to use three fesses in colors reversed from the two of Sleeps.

The Soros-like Sorry surname has yet another rose. On either side of the rose, there are two arrows bendwise, reflecting the Rothschild/Rodstein Coat. I walked from the Rothschild-suspect road into a parking lot, and Parkings/Perkins share a "Simplex" motto term with Sorrys. The latter share a fasces with the Arms of Vilnius. Rothschilds descend from Peter Pollock (or "Pollok") at Rothes castle, and Simple's ("Keep tryst") were first found in Renfrewshire with the family of Peter Pollock. Astikas' of Vilnius married Traby, and the Arms of Traby share striped hunting horns with Simple's and Pollocks.

Simple's (probably the Burn hunting horn) share the motto of Hebrons/HepBURNs, and the latter are suspect from Israel's Hebron, where there was an important Eschol valley that I trace to Schole's, and then Sorrys use a Coat in colors reversed from the near-same of Schole-like Skulls (same place as Fullers) who in-turn can be using the Jewish-Pollock bend. The Eschol valley, home of Jerusalem's Amorites (very likely include Morleys, Morinis'), is to the southwest of Jerusalem, and the Rephaites (root term, Raph), whom I trace to "raven" and Ralphs/Ruffs, lived on the southwest of Jerusalem (in the Rephaite valley). The BRAMtons (Norfolk, same place as Ralphs/Ruffs) became suspect with ABRAM/Abraham (patriarch of Israel), who lived in Hebron, and then the Bramton lions are also those on the Sorry bend. Amazing "coincidence." Ralphs/Ruffs were first found in the same place as potent-cross Sheets/Skate's, and Patents share the Schole Coat.

I hope the angels are proud of, not me, but God. He had to teach me, by a decade-long guessing game, to get these things right. I'm sure that God feels good when, finally, I get a connection that he desires. I'd like for you to view these links as things God wants known. I'd like to put God's face on this work, because His is like the sun, and mine is of flesh only. My face is attached to a human soul only. Bramtons use the double lions of Bram- / Brun-like Brunswicks in colors reversed, and the Rothschilds/Rodsteins, the ones suspect with the Sorry Coat with the Brampton lions, were first found in Brunswick. It begs whether Burn / Bern liners were from children of Abraham and Keturah.

Bern's (same place as Swiss Sewers) share the Sorry bend, and the one Base surname shares the black hunting horns with Burns. The latter had a location in Renfrewshire, where the first Parking-beloved Simple's were first found. The other Base' use the double Brunswick lions. I walked from the mall parking LOT into a mall, finding myself on a platFORM, while Formans use the Brunswick lion. Formans and Firmans use anchors while the Annacker variation of Anchors is suspect with the Biblical Anaki...Amorites of Hebron, associates of Abraham.

The Lots share the BROWN (likely code for Bruno > Brunswick liners) dog of Lothians, and the latter show the Traby horn. I find it amazing that my understanding of the dream is still growing months after I had it. It's now looking like it includes George Soros along with Rothschilds and their Council on Foreign Relations. I feel sorry for the end they are asking for. If only they could put away their grotesque money, and live like the rest of us.

Bramtons use a dog in red, which looks like code for Dog's/Doags, first found in Perthshire with Astikas'-related Justine's and Wings. Justine's are kin of fasces-using Assi's (Sheet-like, raven-depicted Shetland), and we saw the fasces in the Crest of Sorrys. Assi's are from Azzo of Este in Forman-like Fermo, and Bars (share the Este eagle) of Brunswick were known Este liners. Fermo appears to be in the motto of both Fullers (beacon) and Beacons/Bacons, the latter sharing the Dog/Doag cinquefoils.

The parking lot was code for Plancia Magna's city of Perga, wherefore Maghens are probably using three of the Bramton lions. The Berns are from Berne, a city founded by Zahringers, and, NOW, the antler symbol of Zahringers can indeed be traced to Plancia, because Perga is beside ANTALya. Perfect. Likely, Zahringers got their antler from an English family, unless the German word for "antler" is likewise like "Antalya." Zahringers share their antlers with Veringers, the latter suspect from the Varni at the Warnow river, where Wagri(ans) lived that smack of Walkers "magna" motto term). Walks/Wachs share the fleur-de-lys of Parkings/Perkins.

While in the throes of explaining to readers the white-rabbit mystery, which started when I lived at Jay street, Joel called me up to say he was coming up for a visit. He said he had just bought a Volkswagen, and so he took me for a ride. I was soon telling him about Twitter's White Rabbit (dumped 28,700 Hillary emails online) when he informed me that his WHITE Volkswagen is a Rabbit. He knew the owner of someone on a Scalia-like Shakle road, and so we went to visit people there. But "Shakle" is also like "Sekulow," and the white-rabbit mystery, as well as my calling from God, took place at JAY street. This is why I'm looking forward to something from Jay Sekulow. I don't think I've yet seen it. I don't think it means generally his activism against the deep state.

I became sure that the white-rabbit event at Jay street pertained to the killers of Scalia. But I became more sure that it pertained to Peter Peterson, a chairman of the Council of Foreign Relations previous to Carla Hills.

Here's more on Rubenstein, with what looks like a Masci branch: "CFR has also named Jami Miscik, CEO and Vice Chairman of Kissinger Associates and former Deputy Director for Intelligence at the Central Intelligence Agency, and Blair Effron, co-founder of the investment banking firm Centerview Partners, as vice chairs of the Board." None of that strikes me as good for humanity.

I was standing on a white-rabbit cage at the home of Jerry Peterson, and God showed me that these rabbits pertained to the white CONEY rabbits of Coneys and Conns. After sharing this with readers a few times, I discovered that Mrs. Coney married Peter Peterson of CFR. And while the Haass surname uses the Coney coney-rabbit design as a hare, here's more from the article above: "'David’s broad experience, along with his deep appreciation of history, makes him uniquely suited to lead CFR as it heads into its second century,' said CFR President Richard N. Haass. 'The Board of Directors is united in its confidence that he will build on Carla and Bob’s impressive legacy, as well as that of Pete Peterson and David Rockefeller before them.'" None of that sounds as though it caters to humanity. It all sounds fashioned to deceive, to put a remarkable, world-class face on a globalist set of criminal scams.

Rothschild globalists do not have a right from God to conduct their business through use of government organizations. The Rothschilds are not given the right from governments to possess the government. If rewarded government puppets do allow Rothschilds to own government, they haven't told the peoples. Rothschilds need to back off, allow the taxes to go to tax payers instead. Rothschilds need to lay off, or suffer the terrible consequences from a GOOD God, whom they will never own. The GOVERNMENT of Jesus hangs over the Rothschild head. The Sledge Hammer in the Sky cometh down. Rothschilds are only men, they fart, unlike the gods, and they have limits to their stamina. They have bad days, they make mistakes, they are not invincible.

Make them act, and they will surely make mistakes. Fight them, and they will act, but they will make mistakes. Yet when they are in their last hour, they will have power over us, when we need to retreat, be on our best behavior. Their last hour will be like their best thrust, all for nothing but shame. Jesus alone gets the honor for piercing the dragon's heart.

The court order against Jeff Sessions to hand over Hillary emails to Judicial Watch has already shown fruit with 78 classified documents. Hillary must be nervous to the point that her own emails measure. The worse she done, the worse her nerves are on edge here. It could be like a slow death. Screen Hoopla is on the ball:

The Outer Light's video, Daily Rabbit Hole #84, claims that the memo was photo-copied by those congressmen who viewed it, but I haven't read that anywhere. This January-19 video is the first I've seen in revealing the one-million-dollar reward (in Bitcoin) offered by WikiLeaks (January 18) for a copy of the memo. The thing is, it's the 20th as I write, and I haven't seen anyone else reporting on this reward. I've done a lot of youtube surfing in the last couple of days. The reward looks legit, but it suggests the difficult, that WikiLeaks has reason to believe that the Committee will not release it, soon anyway. Why offer that much money if it's going to be released this coming week? You need to see the 8th minute for the WikiLeaks offer:

But even if the memo is not released, we expect that Rosenstein should lose his job. If he doesn't lose his job, then Trump is not playing the cards that his voters expect of him. Something could be deemed very wrong. Trump's fat cat might jump out of the bag for all to see. This is Trump's last chance for me. If he doesn't permit this memo to be publicized, I will permanently view him as a swamp plant, regardless of his saying things to suggest the contrary. Trump then becomes a Venus fly trap, where he traps his own supporters when they come to him looking for honey. Trump does not need a Committee vote before being allowed to publicize this memo. Trump should have known about this memo before this week, yet we heard nothing from Tweety Bird. Why not?

It's a no-brainer that the Committee is bound to notify the president on anything important. If this memo is so important, then Trump knew about it before this week. It seems to me that Trump had every reason to have the Committee bring this memo to the fore at the 11th hour in the government-shutdown showdown. If this is the truth, I think it stinks. Trump exposes only what's advantageous to his own agenda. That stinks. If you have the notion that Trump is totally unaware of the key findings of all the Committees, you're living in Trumpish lalaland. You've got to be smarter than that.

I see so many people extremely passionate against the deep state when it threatens Trump. But what about the deep state for the deep state's sake? Do we cease to be passionate against it if it attacks someone else? Is Trump the only thing that matters? Is he our king? Is he our savior? Can't the Republican House go against the deep state whether or not it's attacking Trump? Why not? Trump is only one man, and he's done nothing to expose the deep state. He doesn't have a White House committee, that we know of, that keeps in contact with all the latest revelations from the DoJ on Democrat corruption. Why not? Why doesn't he have a White-House committee barking up Session's tree for to get all the evidence of Democrat corruption over the past eight years? What farce is this president? He's for the revelations, but only after someone else discovers it. How about Trump turning up some dirt? The day I see that is the day I take him seriously. Until then, he's not fit to be president. You're fired!

If I were Julian Assange, I'd not come looking to Trump for honey, lest the president trap him. Trump has not proven to me that he's not in bed with the shadow government. He is clearly opposed to the FBI deep state, because it opposes him politically, but this says nothing about Trump and the CIA. Isn't the CIA just as much a spy monster as the FBI?

Tucker Carlson had Trump Jr. on, asking him outright if he thought it would be a good idea for the president to de-classify the memo. Jr. said to it would phenomenal. I find it hard to believe that such a memo, so important for acquitting the Trump team from the Rosenstein-Mueller assault, has not yet made it to the eyes of Trump's own son. If Jr. has his way, Trump will declassify it. It all looks pretty good.

Here's a partly-comical night out with Devin Nunes, speaking on the approach to this memo's making of the news:

I learned a lot about Nunes in that "speech." He has yet to properly see 9-11 for what it was, and he wrongly views RT as Russian propaganda when in fact it's Russia's attempts to protect itself from bad American mouths. A country has a right to defend itself against accusations. Russia has become so fearful of American military invasion that it has decided to keep North Korea as one of its cards. But that's another story.

Nunes reveals quite a bit about the roadblocks to properly comprehending the development of the dossier. One of the roadblocks he mentions (at the end) is the Republicans who run scared of the bad-mouthing from liberal media. These media can unelect them, they fear, and work harder to do so if they, the Republicans, cause waves against the Democrats. But to be feeble is to allow the wicked to fester and grow. So, stupids, get out and fight, and if the media makes you a victim, and you need to get another job, so be it. You claim to be there for the country, but act like you're doing it for self. Make the needed sacrifices if war is what you need, or stand aside and give the job to someone willing to fight.

The solution is to send shivers down the spines of media bosses if the media try to ruin the lives of representatives. Who is going to send these shivers? Not Trump's tweets. The media mock them. So what's the man to do? He's in a perfect position to sue every liberal-media's rump. Yes, they have a right to free speech, but they don't have the right to conduct a fake-news crusade against an elected representative. So, I think the people are willing to pay for law suits against the media in order to cut out its forked tongue, or, better yet, I think there are a hundred lawyers in Washington who would be glad to sue the media, no money down, to get paid later when the suits are won. There's nothing stopping Trump from doing this. Waiting. Or, just let the media slander forever. Which will it be?

Just look at how long the country needed to wait before one GOP president had courage enough to attack the media at its every move. But will his courage end there, with verbal attacks alone? The president has an army of voters willing to egg-on an attack against slanderous "news." Why waste this opportunity? What could be more important than rooting out the weeds who daily turn half the nation into dopes and immoralites? They coach this half to lie, to bite, to divide, all for the sake of winning political power for to make everyone as immoral as themselves. This is national rot. Only those with morals can lead this fight. Those without morals will not have passion enough. That's Trump's problem. He attacks the media because the media attacks him. Any child will tend to do the same to a brother or sister. But the man lays down his life for the country, and cares for it enough to eradicate the immorality. There is a Man coming.

Nunes is of such a high-caliber politician in a committee that the 9-11 criminals fear that he's dangerous to them. He could, at any time, come across the evidence that Bush was involved in 9-11. He ought to know that 9-11 was conducted as an inside job with the Bush's either complicit or winking. But he too, because he fears losing his job, or worse, is afraid to come out and label 9-11 as an American crime. There are a lot of politicians like him who can, at the right time, betray the criminals. When is the right time? Hopefully before Dick Cheney dies. Nunes rose to politics, in California, in 2002, shortly after 9-11.

George Bush conducted the Iraq raid with prime minister, Tony Blair, and Blairs use a "proBOS" motto term suspect with Bos'/Bush's/Boschs (billets). That's because Blairs share the Maxwell saltire as well as the lodged Maxwell stag while Maxwells use a "holly BUSH" with their stag. More-closely, Blairs look to be sharing the saltire of Spurr-branch Supers (billets), which allows the Blair saltire to connect also with Maxwell-related Kilpatricks (Schere/Scherf liners, right?), and we saw that Kilpatricks/Sheera's were kin of Walkers and Walks. The "I make sure" motto of Kilpatricks use for Sure's/Shire's, a branch of Radziwill-connected Sire's/Sirets. "Super" is a motto term of Radziwill-line Ratterys (the Sure/Shire Coat in Close colors), who were at BLAIRgowrie and Rattery of Perthshire. Therefore, as the Rattery Crest shares the heart and crown with Douglas, it appears that the Dogs/Doags (Perthshire) apply, who happen to share the BUS cinquefoil.

Rats/Raiders were first found in Nairnshire (near Rattery) with Bosco-related Rose's, and we saw many roses above in Rothschild circles. The "VOTum" motto term of Ratterys looks like code for Vots/Voeths/Foeyts, who share a giant, white fleur-de-lys with German Bush's/Buschs and Boschs. I'm guessing that Foeyts were Fothes' / Foot liners at/near Rattery Head of Aberdeenshire. Fothes' share an "Industria" motto term with the Arms of Rothschild. The Fittes variation of Fothes' is of the fitchee, the only symbol showing in the Rattery Shield.

While I have Bush-rooted reason to see Foeyts as a branch of Saraca-related Boets/Butts/Bute's, I can also see them as the namers of Foetes/Fussen, suspect with Fossano, about 10 miles from Cuneo's Busca. I suspect Cheneys from Cuneo.

Ratterys use a "siDERA" motto term that can be for both Side's (share the Bush eagles) and the Rose-like, Italian Res'/Deres'/Dere's (compare with Darrens) who in-turn use lances as possible code for a line our of Cuneo's Langhe, the theater, roughly, of the Saluvii Ligurians suspect with Sullivans who share the Darren boar. The Side Chief (three eagles) is that also of Ghents while John of Gaunt/Ghent was the founder of the LANCastrian-rose line (LANCAshire). Spanish Ros'/Deros'/Dero's (probably the Maxwell eagle) use a giant eagle colors reversed from the eagles above. The Ghent Coat is a version of the Tanner (and Vilain) Coat while Langhe is on the TANARo river. Gaunt/Ghent is at the end of Artois' Lys river to which the Bush fleur can trace. Langhe is in both Cuneo and Asti so as to make Busca traceable to AstiBUS, a city of Paeonians.

I trace Alans of Dol (in Vilaine) to the namers of Langhe aside from the fact that Lance's use the Alan fesse in colors reversed. Both Gore Coats are versions of both Alans Coats (one Alan Coat shares the Res/Dere and Lance star) while Gore's/Core's share the Lance fesse. Gore's/GOWERs share the white wolf with Gore's/Core's, and that seems to take us to BlairGOWRIE and Rattery. It's hard to know whether Gore's stem from Gow liners, or whether Gore's were first Coronis > Core liners that merged with Gow liners. Gows/Gowans (dagger, traces to Paeonian theater) use a "TeneBRAS" motto term suspect with Bra at Langhe. Thanks to the Stewart pelican tracing to Pelagonia (Paeonian theater), we can trace "Langhe" to the Paeonian area of Lyncestis, the mythical Lynceus, brother of Danaus, making "TANARo" suspect with a Danaan line from Tanis.

I'll repeat here that God may have been responsible for calling the anti-Trump document as "dossier," a term we don't expect. The Dossier's/D'Hosiers are suspect with the Hose's (share the Steel lion head) who in turn use three LEGs, a symbol in the Arms of Foetes/Fussen (LECK river), and "Fussen" is like "Fusion GPS," the ones who hired Mr. Steele to fabricate the dossier. I'm suggesting that God arranged to have the document called a dossier so that he could use me to disclose what you've just read. And God set me up on a rabbit cage to touch a bra (at nine years of age) as code for Cuneo's Bra location. I know this because Coneys / Conns use white coney rabbits while I recall feeding a white rabbit in the cage. That event was partially for the purpose of pointing to Peter Peterson and the Rockefellers in the Council on Foreign Relations.

Hose's are Husebys too, suspect with Huckabys that share blue chevrons with Hucks, and the latter's two chevrons are in colors reversed from the two of BRASwells (which was the surname of the ancestors of Donna Brazile). The Huckabys use Asclepios RODS, part-code for Asclepios, the mythical son of Coronis. I see her father, Ixion, as a Hyksos liner to Huck-like Hicks (Yorkshire, same as Hucks). Ixion's father, PHLEGyas," looks like his intended entity could have named Pelagonia. The Rods share the Rock treFOIL because Henry IV of Rodez married a woman from RoqueFEUIL, explaining why Fallis' and Fellers use trefoils. And we already know by now that Rothschild elements trace hard to Coronis.

Still Broadening upon Obama's Billiard Table

Let's go back to the Bush-suspect Bus', for the Bus cinquefoil is in the Arms of Leicester while leg-liner Hose's were first found in Leicester (LEGro river) along with the Dexters who share the two Huck chevrons. Bus is suspect with Buz-branch Nahorites of the Neuri kind whom I see in the Neuris surname of the Hose write-up. While the dossier is now linking hard to Lisa Page and Peter Strzok, I shot and sewered the page on Obama's billiard table into the CORNER POCKET. The Corners on the one hand share the Bush/Busch / Bosch fleur-de-lys, and Pockets/Pouchers use a giant cinquefoil in colors reversed to the giant one of Bus'. I feel compelled to see the Bush-circle criminals behind the dossier, and it just so happens that John McCain, who may have been advanced for the 2012 presidential race by the Bush circle, was involved in giving the Steele dossier to the FBI. The McCains (Cheney branch?) are listed with Hyksos-suspect Keens/CLOSkeys, who are linkable to Rothschilds on at least four heraldic grounds.

I'm sure that there is a lot more connectibility in all the parts of the Obama dream than I yet realize. I can see here that the McCains/Keens can form the theory that God arranged to name Lisa Page's first name, for while the Lise Coat (Hampshire) is almost the LIZART/Lazard Coat, McCains/Keens use a "FeLIS" motto term and LIZARDS. Lazard bankers (at Rockefeller Plaza) come to mind, making "FELis" look like part-code for Feller / Fallis liners. Lizarts/Lazards were first found in Provence with French Larins while Scottish Larins/Clarens share the double fesses of Scottish Lise's (Perthshire again). The Lizart-suspect Lise's were first found in the same place as Tiss'/Tyce's possibly in the "miTIS" motto term of Lizart-loving McCains/Keens (Derry, same place as Kains and Kane's). The latter, sharing the KEON fish, share a central white escutCHEON with the Arms of Rothschild. While the latter's escutcheon appears to have the Larin scallop, it's not called a scallop officially, though it may have been a scallop at one time, especially if scallops trace to Skala of Patmos. Keen liners are suspect from Khyan Hyksos. The Kane (VOET/Foeyt colors) and McCain estoiles suggest, via the Bute's/Butts and BOETs/Bute's, that the Saraca fish is showing here.

John McCain is an associate of Mr. Downer of Australia, and the latter is a part of the latest tactic of the coup plotters that put forth the dossier. Downers (colors reversed from the Hampshire Sturs) are interesting for using just a chevron upon their Shield, same as Soggs/Sugs. Both use their chevron on red, and Soggs/Sugs were first found in Hampshire, beside the mouth of the STUR river, where I trace "STRzok," whose "zok" portion looks like a Sogg liner. Downers (same place as Dunham-Massey) are suspect with Downs/Douns (Trump/Tromp stag?) and Dunhams/Downhams, and then the sword design of Corners is that of Dunns too. It's as though the corner pocket drags even Barrack Obama-Dunham into this, especially as Corners share the acorn with Dutch Tromps.

So, the corner pocket may be God's code for the Bush circle as it links to John McCain's part in the dossier, yet the sewer into the corner pocket stands as code for Peter Strzok. Bush and Strzok both hated Trump. On January 15, an article appeared in the Wall Street Journal, "Justice Scalia Spoke Favorably of Trump’s Presidential Run, Author Bryan GARNER Says". The Corners are listed with Garners. Just saying. Whoever in congress is assigned to the case of judge Scalia, I say they could check Lisa Page and Peter Strzok circles (the FBI) for Scalia's killers.

There are a host of Democrat players on Hillary's team who would have wanted to alter the balance of power on the supreme court exactly in early 2016, when Scalia was eliminated. Had the murder been birthed by Obama, its timing should have taken place much earlier in Obama's time. But as it happened just as Hillary was gearing up to make herself the president, the Clinton circle is most suspect. Page and Strzok loved Hillary. Hillary hired a lawyer from Perkins COIE, suspect with my pool CUE that shot the page into the corner pocket. Perkins Coie then got Fusion GPS in on it. Coys are said to be from a Stow location while Sturs are also Stowers. Coys share the Nickle/Nichol pheon while Nickle's/Nichols use a "cui" motto term. Nickle's/Nichols were first found in Cheshire, and the Arms of Cheshire use the garbs of Cue's/Kews. It looks like God knew what he was doing with this Obama dream.

Immediately after I sewered the page, I was viewing Obama at the back yard of his billiard hall. The first thing he was doing is dancing with a dark SUIT on. This was the first clue that God gave the dream, for Dunhams (same place as Cue's) use a dancette while Sewers are also Suits. But then Italian Dance's were first found in Piedmont with the Stura river of Cuneo, as though this is yet another piece of evidence that the sewer shot was about Strzok. And wile Soggs/Sugs use vair fur, Vairs/Fers' are a branch of Fers/Ferrats, from Cuneo's Montferrat. The mouth of the Stura is at Fossano, which can verify that "Fusion" is to be regarded as a Fossano liner. This is important, because I can imagine readers skeptical about viewing the sewer as code for Strzok. But there you have good evidence that God set up different parts of the dream to point to Strzok.

The mouth of the Stura is at that Tanaro, and Tanners share the Chief-Shield colors of Ghents who in-turn use the Side Chief who in-turn use a version of an English Peter Coat, making it suspect that God arranged Strzok's first name for linking to the Fossano location, as though to assure that Strzok was part of Fusion GPS. The Peter lion is that of Side-branch SUTys (Suit branch?). Side's are also Scythes' while Scythe's (no 's') share the Coat of SKATE's/Sheets. Immediately after Obama danced, he was on a SKATEboard, and Boards happen to use a version of the Sewer/Suter Coat, suggesting that Suters and Side's were both Stura-river liners. It appears that God caused Hillary's criminals at Perkins Coie to hire Fusion GPS so that we could make these connections to Peter Strzok.

As I said from the start of telling this dream, long before I knew that it was about Fusion GPS, Obama kicked out a LEG toward me, as he danced. He then turned around and danced away from me, but I did not see him kicking up another leg because he was shown immediately after on his skateboard, still wearing his dark SUIT. This leg now becomes suspect with the Hose legs, and therefore with Dossier's/D'Hosers.

Board-like Broads (Somerset, same as BORDers), use the savage, from the namers of Cuneo's Savigliano, about 20 miles from Fossano. I have related an event that I believe was from God, where my grade-5 teacher shut off the class lights, and threw a dance party for us (I wonder if the principal knew it). If I danced with two girls, I don't remember it. I can only remember dancing with Nancy. This now strikes me as code for Nancy Pelosi, for Pelosi's were first found in Savigliano, in the general area where Dance's were first found. If God wanted to drag Nancy Pelosi into the dossier crime, this grade-5 dance would be a good way to do it.

I was previously fond on Andrea, in that same class. I have related how her coming to my 11th birthday party (shortly after the dance) was part-code for the Perdrix peak at mount Pilat, but at the time I had no reason to suspect a link to Nancy Pelosi. Pelosi's are also Pilati's. Mont Pilat is beside the FOREZ mountains while Boards use a "perFORATus" motto term, like the Foret/Forait variations of Forez's. As Boards seem clinched as Suter kin, it indicates that Stura-river liners such as Pelosi's were at Forez and Pilat. The Borders happen to use swords in the colors of the Shute/Shot swords, and so let's remind that Savage-loving Broads were first found in the same place as Borders. Broads share lozenges with Broders.

The Broad Crest: "A savage holding three arrows pointing to a crown." This can explain why the bra was almost out of my reach. I recall is vividly that I had to put out the index finger, like one pointing, in order to touch the bra. Bra-like Broads are now tracing to Savigliano, smack beside Bra. At my birthday party, Andrea and the rest of us were wearing pointed party hats, and blowing party whistles (I remember both vividly enough), and Whistle's/Wissels (same place as Broads) are expected as a branch of Wessels/Waistels (share the Cue / Fitton garbs), from Vestalis, the grandson of king Donnus (Piedmont), suspect in the Donnas/Donna variations of Dance's (Piedmont).

Here's a Cuneo map. Note Alba likewise beside Bra, for Italian Alba's share the white-on-red swan with Dosers/Dose's, like the Dozer variation of Dossier's. And, can we believe it, German Alba's use the split Shield of Dossier's in colors reversed! I never cease to be amazed. Dosers thus appear to be using the Res/Dere / Lance / Alan stars. Alba is in Langhe, no surprise but surprising just the same.

The Alba swan is on a fesse colors reversed from the Alan fesse, appropriate for the Alan trace to Langhe, but, more relevant, the Alba fesse is that also of Broders! Bingo, we now have a link from Obama's skateboard to the bra event one year before my dance with Nancy. Note that French Savage's share the heart with Skate's.

I kid you not, I have told this multiple times before, that for Andrea's birthday, I bought her a game with BOARD (it could have been Monopoly, I don't remember the name) and a BOOK about TARZan. The Book-loving Roets were likewise first found in Somerset with Borders and Broads, as well as with TARRS' (same area as the Stur river) who use 10 pale bars looking much like the Dance Coat. The Tarrs pale bars are in Stur-pale-bar colors for yet another trace to the Stura.

King Donnus was a Cottian suspect with Aurelia Cotta, mother of Julius Caesar, which makes the Doser/Dose Chief suspect with the Chief of French Julians. German Julians use more pale bars, in the colors of the one pale bar of Broads. Another amazing thing here is that our grade-5 teacher, probably the best teacher I ever had, took the class for swimming lessens, in a pool, perhaps suggesting Poole at the mouth of the Stur river. Obama's billiard hall can be considered a pool hall for this trace.

As I said, BILL's FATHER drove us to the store to purchase Andrea's gifts, and Bills (same place as Book-loving Roets and Board-like Broads) use the Roet Shield, which is the Shield of Cuneo's Saluzzo's. Bills are in Billiard/BILLET colors so that I'm seeing Bill's father as code for Mr. BLYTHE, biological father of Bill Clinton. He married Hillary RODham, a Roet suspect, and Hillards even list a Billiard variation. Why would God want to link the Clintons to little Andrea? The Italian Davids happen to use an excellent reflection of the lower half of the Italian Andrea Coat, and English Davids share the bend of Rodhams. David Morley was on the ROAD in the sleeping-bag dream.

The following was added to the last update as I write here: "Bookers use a column-like "coelum" motto term while Colums share "tendit" with Bookers. Nailed!" Books are also Boogers. Pelosi's/Pilati's use columns, and Malcolms/Columns love the Pett-like Petits. Malcolms and Colums share the red stag heads of Books/Boogers (same place as Blythe's) and the Perthshire Colts/Celts, Pilate kin. Perfect. The Billiards/Billets are loved by the billets of Etienne's (St. Etienne at Mont Pilat) and the Besancons/Bassets (Forez). The Arms of COLchester use nails.

Bills use "wood bills," and Poole's are suspect with the lion of Roet-like Rita's, who use "pieces of wood." You can't argue with the facts. Woods (same place as Hose's) share the tree with Spanish Alba's, and throw in another savage, while Bra is between Savigliano and Alba. The Woods with the savage share the fitchees of Ratterys ("siDERA"), and the latter must therefore be using the Sauvage heart upon the Res/Dere / Lance star. Ratterys were first found in PERTHshire, where Andrea's party hat traces from mount Perdrix.

French Andrea's were first found in Provence, which is why I trace the namers of Perdrix to a Pertuis location (Durance river) just outside the western-Provence border. Perts/Petts use an "Ardens" motto while Ardons are also Artois', while Arras', named after the Artois capital, share the red tower of Italian Andrea's. It's a good bet that the Broad arrows are code for the Arrow variation of Arras', begging whether Broad liners were a branch of the namers of Pertuis. Bradds/Bratts can be with the Pool / Rita lion while Belgian Pratts share the saltire of the Provence Andrea's. Neither add symbols with their saltire. English Pratts, suspect from the "Pratus" motto term in the Arms of Rita-like Rieti, share gold mascles with Perts/Petts, but as Peter Pollock traces to Flavius Petro of Rieti, note that Peters share gold mascles, in both colors of the Pratt mascles.

Peters put their three mascles in a Chief like the similar lozenges of Anchors (colors reversed from the Pert/Pett mascles), and then mascle-using Peters love the Anchor-related Majors while German Pratts use a giant anchor.

It's incredible how God put together the Obama dream to tell so much. I'm a little disappointed with the fact that no Plane surname comes up in order to clinch the paper airplane with such a surname. With the page being so meaningful, I would wish that the airplane had a mega-meaning. The page lay almost flat on the table, but with a small arch. I turned it into a paper plane in order that I could shoot it, and it's the plane I sewered. What does this mean??? While the Plains/Platers can be sharing the Tanner Shield, the Tanner-related Tankerville's share a version of the Morley/Maul Coat while Dossier's share the split Shield of Morleys/Mauls. But, I feel it in my bones, God made that paper plane for more reason than to corroborate that Plains/Platers link to the Stura river and therefore to Sewers/Suters and Mr. Strzok. It's perfect corroboration, but there's more to it.

The Murder of Peter Smith May be Solve-able Herein

While the Platers can be suspect as code for Platte River Networks, speaking to Hillarys crimes, there's got to be more to the paper plane than even that. The Morleys/Mauls were used to corroborate that the sleeping-bag dream was from God, and after I walked into a mall, it was there that I was on a PLATform as soon as I got inside. The Smiths use the cross of Plains/Platers in colors reversed, and I've seen these types of crosses called, "FORMee," a term linkable to "platFORM." I had a friend, Paul Smith, whose father was Peter Smith, and then there was a Peter Smith in the news last year, who, while seeking to uncover Clinton crimes, was found dead, with a bag over his head to make it appear like a suicide.

To corroborate that God is using Paul Smith as a Sign of Clinton crimes, his mother is Barbara while Barbers share red fleur-de-lys with Smiths, and the latter use them in both colors of the Parking/Perkin fleur. I walked from the mall PARKING lot into the mall before being on the platform. Plus, as LISA Page is a suspect with the paper plane, by whet further coincidence do Scottish Lise's share the two chevrons of the same Barbers? Scottish Barbers use a "nisi" motto term while I sold my Nissan to Paul Smith. The two Barber chevrons are red, the colors of the two Ness/Nesson fesses.

As a small aside, the two Barber chevrons are the two of Larins/Clarens too, while the Provence Larins (same scallops as Morleys/Mauls) can be suspect with Guerin of Provence, said by same to be the son of William de Gellone, and then Gellone's share the fleur of Barbers in both colors. Note how Wikipedia is always a great little puppet of the police:

Peter W. Smith (February 23, 1936 – May 14, 2017) was an American investment banker who had a 40-year career managing corporate acquisitions and venture investments. He was active in Republican politics. In 1998 he was identified as a major financial supporter of the 1993 Troopergate story, in which several Arkansas state troopers accused U.S. President Bill Clinton of having carried out sexual dalliances while he was Governor of Arkansas. In 2017 he confirmed to the Wall Street Journal that he had tried in 2016 to contact computer hackers, including Russian hackers, in an attempt to obtain opposition research material to use against Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election. Ten days after speaking to the paper, he committed suicide in a hotel room, citing ill health.

It sounds as though the Wall Street Journal is at least indirectly responsible for Smith's murder. How can this pathetic article not at least suggest foul play under those circumstances? We don't even know whether the claims of the WSJ are accurate where it claims that Smith was seeking hackers. It may be fake news to vilify him.

Peter Smith was murdered May 14, about the time that Hillary hired Perkins Coie. "In 2009, President Obama appointed Robert Bauer, the chair of the firm's Political Law practice, to become his White House Counsel. Bauer returned to private practice with Perkins Coie in 2011. In [April] 2015, Hillary Clinton named Marc Elias as general counsel to her campaign." Mr. Elias was a lawyer with Perkins Coie, and this was the team that hired Fusion GPS, which I assume was in or before May.

Mr. Bauer has just recalled back-to-back girlfriends while I worked with them in a grocery store. The first was Darlene RAY, and the second Miss Bauer. I was therefore wondering whether Darlene was code for Christopher Wray (Trump's FBI chief), for I fear that Wray is on the side of the Clintons. I was therefore wondering whether the Darlene surname could enlighten us. After asking that, I recalled that Peter Smith (Paul's father) co-invented a computer product with RAY Luff. Hmm. And I recall that, nearing the end of my relationship with Darlene, she was in a car accident (no injuries) while Ray Luff was killed in a car accident. Hmm.

An early Darlene variation, Dierlings, suggest the Diers/Dyers. It's notable that the latter are in Lance / Alba colors because the old DerLYNG variation suggests the Lings, Links and/or Linkletters, the latter suspect in the "ABCDEF" of English Langs. In other words, Langhe of Cuneo traces to Lyncestis, near Pelagonia, and the latter is in the pelican of German Langs. And the Lance's are beloved by Dier-like Deres'. But the big point is that Lyngs, first found beside the first-known Darlene's, almost use the colors and format of lynx-using Lunch's, and the first-ever theory I had on the paper plane was Bill Clinton's meeting with Loretta Lynch on her airplane in Paeonia-like Phoenix. There is a Lorett surname, first found in Suffolk with Plains/Platers. And while the dream showed me all of the billiard hall's tables from a top view, they were set up in the shape of an 'L'," the letters of Loretta Lynch. Diers were first found in Oxfordshire with Clintons.

The color differences between the Ling and Lynch Coats are identical to the differences between the Feller and Lynch Coats, the latter two identical but for one color.

BilLINGs just came to mind because Bills, sharing the Shield-Chief colors of Clintons, were first found in Somerset with Darlene's/DeirLINGs. And the Billing fitchees, in colors reversed, are red, the color of the Darlene fitchees. The three Darlene fitchees are in both colors of the three Wray-Chief martlets, and Wrays were first found in LANCashire with Billings. Clicking over to German Billings, it's the sword of Justine's while Wrays use a "juste" motto term, making it appear that Darlene Ray was in fact a helpful device to corroborate that Christopher Wray is to be lumped into the Obama-dream airplane.

To go one further, the first name of Miss Bauer was Allison, and while Scottish Allisons can be sharing the Lang fesse, English Allisons (share red fesse with Alans) are said to be from Mr. de ALENcon (from a Hervey character of Bellamys in Alencon). It's got the Dol Alans all over it, from Langhe.

The peacock in the Allison Crest is that of HARcourts (same place as Diers and Clintons), a branch of Hare's, and the latter use the Chief-Shield colors of Diers/Dyers in colors reversed. That now links Allisons to Darlene's as some good verification that the two back-to-back girlfriends were foisted on me by God. Allison was taken from me in a parking lot by a fellow worker, Mike Denardo, and Denardo's come up curiously as "Narbonne," while Narbonne is a location at/beside the Gellone monastery...recalling the link of the Smiths to Gellone's. The two girlfriends came to mind while discussing Peter Smith. The Smiths, Barbers and Gellone's all share red fleur-de-lys with Parkings/Perkins, and so let me repeat what I've said a few times.

Allison Bauer was in Denardo's car in the parking lot at the grocery store. Kepke and I were sitting on the hood of my car, watching. I then went to Allison to convince her to come out of the car, but she refused. I never saw her again. Why a parking lot? The grocery store was KNOB HILL FARMS. While the first Rothschild was Mayer Bauer, Knobs (same place as Rothes/Rothchilds) seem to share the Rothschild/Rodstein arrow (both are on a red Shield, both have white tips). And Farm(er)s can be using the Luff lion heads and the Luff fesse, which turns the subject to Ray Luff. Farmers even have the same fesse as Allisons, Kepke-like Keppocks, and Blythe's.

We then take those same lion heads and view them in the Coat of English Steels (billet-version of Clinton Shield?), noting that another white-tipped arrow is in use by German Steels.

I don't think I lived a very natural life. It was put together much by God in forming this revelation. I had no idea. I don't recall telling before that the little black birds in one Allison Coat are those of Hoods!!!!! I think I know why that was never spotted. I used "Alison Bauer" in the past, with one 'l', but this time I used "Allison," and "Alison" does not bring up the Allison Coat! You have just got to be amazed here. I was sitting on my hood, with Kepke, both watching Alison leave me for Denardo, and here the Hoods are found with the Allison symbol and the Keppock fesse. Hoods call their bird a Cornish chough as codes for two kin, and Allisons call them, BLACKbirds, wherefore see that Birds/Burds use a similar Coat, even using the colors and format of Keppocks, and almost the colors and format of Christophers (same place as Wrays). Blake's share the fret with Hoods.

The first girl I kissed after Allison was Christine Peare...who was on the PLATform in the mall. Why did God arrange for her? Our first kiss was at a bar, the La Paloma. I've told this many times, but here it can be added that Spanish Paloma's share the cauldron with Spanish Barbera's while Peter Smith's wife was/is Barbara. This is not the murdered Peter Smith, but the latter is suspect in the run-up to Hillarys use of PLATTE-river Networks. I don't know what else the platform can be code for.

In fact, I rarely speak on Louise Phillips, who was on the second platform with Miss Peare. Both young ladies worked as salespersons in the Scarborough Town Center, and Louise worked at PENNingtons clothing, while Pennys share a lynx with Lynch's! I think that's meaningful coming after the discussion above. It's tending to verify that the paper plane was code for Plains/PLATers as yet another Sign pointing to Hillarys private server with Platte River.

To help prove that God arranged for Miss Phillips to work at Penningtons, the Penningtons use a version of the Phillips motto. Obviously, Louise didn't arrange for this coincidence. And Welsh Louis' share "patraei" with Phillips', but Louise didn't arrange for that either. And French Louis' share blue lozenges with Penningtons. When I asked Louise to leave my apartment, I went with Karen Whelan next, and Whelans use more blue lozenges, can you believe it? The Whelan lozenges are in a string, as with the same-colored (both colors) ones of Penningtons. And Whelans put two blue bendlets with the lozenges that may connect with the two blue bends of Barbara's as further evidence that the murder of Peter Smith may have been due to his attempt to, or success thereof, to hack Hillary's private server.

It the Wall Street Journal that snitched to the Clintons on Peter Smith's hacking activity, apparently, and then "A Tablet investigation using public sources to trace the evolution of the now-famous dossier suggests that central elements of the Russiagate scandal emerged...from a series of stories that Fusion GPS co-founder Glenn Simpson and his wife Mary Jacoby co-wrote for TheWall Street Journal well before Fusion GPS existed..." Or, from his Wikipedia article: "Glenn R. Simpson is an American former journalist who worked for The Wall Street Journal until 2009, and then co-founded the Washington-based research business Fusion GPS." I can see the murder of Peter Smith from Glenn Simpson's circle of friends, but this is a theory for investigation only. WSJ may have snitched to Simpson, who then told the Clintons.

I have some "proof" from my life. It comes from Mandy Deeter, for Deeters share grapes with German Platte's. She was born Mandy Simpson. The Mandy surname happens to use eagle LEGS, and Dossier-suspect Hose's use human legs. The Mandy lozenges are in purple, not an official heraldic color...meaning that it's reserved for a special bloodline. But purple lozenges may have been blue ones originally. The Hinds, first found in Buckinghamshire with Simpsons, use lozenges in colors reversed from the blue ones of Louis' and Penningtons.

After I had sex with Louise's friend on New Years Eve, her brother, Glenn, visited me at the apartment, and kneed me hard in the face, almost sending me into a coma. The Face surname is also the Fessy surname, very possibly of the Fussen location on the Leck river. Does not Glenn's knee to my face speak of Glenn Simpson of Fusion, therefore? I have told of this incident before, as long as a year or two ago; I'm not making it up now. Why the knee to my face (instead of a fist) if the Purpose was to emphasize the Face's/Fessys? Perhaps because the Knee bend is that of Leck-like Leaks who happen to share human legs with the Arms of Fussen, and with Hose's. Is that not incredible? It's as though God is pointing to Glenn Simpson.

And by the way, I deserved the knee to the face for fornicating with Louise's friend. It was Glenn's assault that caused me to put all of Louise's things in the hallway outside the apartment, for she was refusing to leave. I met her later in life, and she said she was going into a choreography career. Doesn't that have to do with stages, which are platforms?

Lecks happen to use a motto term for leg-using Prime's, who in-turn use the leg of ProFETTS, who look linkable to the FOETes version of "Fussen." Be amazed at what God has done. It's so good of Him to plot the overthrow of the wicked. It is coming. Have faith in Jesus. To clinch the inclusion by God of Mandy Simpson into the Glenn-Simpson clues, leg-using Mandys share the Face/Fessy cross, and the wolf-head design of Lecks.

As Face's/Fessy's love the Segni's/Segurana's (Este eagle) of Genoa, where the Fieschi lived too who were related to the Grimaldi's, but what coincidence do Bags ("est") use the Grimaldi Coat as well as three items in Chief in the colors of the three legs in the Mandy Chief? It tends to assure that Mandys (near Macclesfield) are using the Face/Fessy cross (it's expected to be the Macclesfield cross especially because Mandys are likely from the Isle of Man, as are Macclesfields). That Mandy link to Face's is extremely important for clinching a Mandy trace to Leck-river Fussen. One could argue that God arranged for Glenn Simpson to name his own company so that God's revelation here could snag him.

I met Mandy for the first time on the day that the FBI had a road crew at the family ranch where Madalyn O'Hair was cut dead to pieces. She had been dead a few years already by that time. She was the atheist responsible for removing prayer from American schools. I happened to be driving by the FBI crew as I returned to Uvalde after a four-year absence. I was headed to a motel. Later that day, I flagged Mandy down, driving in her truck, from the parking lot of the motel, and asked her out for coffee. God must have given me the courage or impulse to do that.

I think this timing speaks of God's anger against Democrat liberalism in general. I had been personally abhorred by the anti-Christs. To protect myself from the wrong FBI people, I wasn't going to ask: what are the chances that the FBI, on that day, was at the property of the woman (she's passed away) from whom I had purchased my own Texas property a few years earlier? But, if the right FBI people catch wind of this, and if they believe that God is doing this work through me, then let them do what they feel compelled to do, accordingly.

The Chief-Shield colors of Mandys are those of Hairs, and Here's / Heyers were first found in Derbyshire along with Mandys. Perhaps God arranged for Mandy's name at her birth, looking ahead to our conversation on that day. I am sure that I arrived in May of 1999, but I can't recall the day, whether it was on the 14th to match May 14, the day of Peter Smith's death (in 2017).

BEHOLD! I've just looked online to see whether the date of my arrival could be found, and came across:

Federal officials have declined to comment on terms of the plea agreement and whether Waters, as part of the deal, showed authorities where to search at the Cooksey Ranch. Investigators dug at the ranch in 1999, after interviews with Karr, but found nothing.

In seeing "Cooksey," I knew without looking that Cooks share purple with Mandys, and that Cooks are likely the Cocks sharing the Bag Crest. This is so impressive, because Cookseys/Cockseys use the three cinquefoils of Bags in colors reversed!!! But there is more, for the Cooksey Crest has the black Mandy wolf head!!!! What a surprise, especially as the wolf-head design is also in the Teague Crest while I purchased my land from Mrs. Teague! Zinger. God wants someone out there to know that this is His story. Recall those blue lozenges, for Bagleys use more of them, in both colors of the Bag cinquefoils.

Mandys put besants on their wolf head, and Cookseys show besants around their Shield's border. No person could have arranged these coincidences. Mandy Simpson could not have named herself to link to Cookseys. There you have the absolute proof that God was in my life in Texas. He set me up there, and has more work to do, doesn't He? They can run, but they can't hide. And, He was setting me up in Texas also for the Knee-Leak event at the 9-11 memorial in 2002.

So, it appears that Mr. Glenn Simpson is in a heap of trouble. The prediction.

Miss Simpson had married Mr. Deeter, and Deeters use nearly the quadrants of Cooks, the Cooks using purple quadrants where Deeters use blue.

I've never known that the Mandy Chief is a version of the Bag Chief until now. Did God arrange to have O'Hair buried at Cooksey ranch just because Cookseys link to Mandys? Wouldn't it have been more likely that he named Mandy so that she would link to Cooksey ranch? But what for? What would her Simpson surname have to do with O'Hair's murder? How could Glenn Simpson possibly link to her murder?

There are more surname links to be had. We saw in the article above that Mr. Waters, one of the murderers (betrayed his fellow murderers), looks like the one who revealed (in a plea deal) to the FBI that O'Hair and others were buried at Cooksey (the large ranch rents for hunters). Watts, first found in Worcestershire with Cookseys, are a branch of Vatts/WATTERs. And the brown falcon in the Watt Crest is used by French Falcons (share the white crescent with Simpsons) while the Simpson Crest is another falcon. English Watts share gold billets in Chief with Steels. Is that meaningful? No one at the Cooksey ranch was suspect.

I can't find the date that the FBI was along that family ranch, but I do recall that I worked five months that year, beginning in May, to finish off the first section of the cottage. Talk about hot, I worked like a dog, thank goodness I was still young. I don't know what to say, yet, aside from thinking that Glenn Simpson is a candidate for Peter Smith's murder. If there's nothing to it, fine, but I feel compelled to write all this. I have no idea how Simpson can be involved with the O'Hair family.

Remember, this revelation on O'Hair hinged on the platFORM upon which Louise Phillips was on in the sleeping-Bag dream. It was her brother, Glen(n), who pointed to Glenn Simpson of Fusion. The platform could have been code for Formans/Fermans, who use three items in Chief in the colors of the three in the Watt Chief (two of them should be the Steel billets, the third is a besant). The related Firmans/FIREmans, I have just noted, share the red lion head of Steels and FARMers. I find that amazing enough.

The platforms are now pointing to the dossier's writer, CHRIS Steele, hired by Glen Simpson. Mandys use a wolf with "FIRE coming from its mouth." And Christine's were first found on the Isle of Man, where I would trace Mandys. Fire's use a white unicorn that is a goat in its bottom half. Manns/Ments share white-on-black goats with PHILbys, and the latter's dragon design is that of Formans/Fermans and Worms. The Manns/Ments are using a version of the Dragon/Drainer Coat (PENdragon colors), they being from the Drin river, location of a Penestae peoples to the lynx-using Penny/Penes surname. Suddenly, Philipps suspects are linking well to Pennington suspects. And while Penns use a fesse-with-roundels in colors reversed from the same of Manns/Ments, Penns were first found in Buckinghamshire with Simpsons. Philps' happen to use the wolf-head design of Mandys.

Philps share the fitchees of Darlene's, and the latter have drops in the colors of the drops on the Bagley ram while rams use a motto term as code for Fier county, where drop-liner Tropoje is located. Fiers rate as Fir/Fire liners. As Darlene variations were suspect with a Dier-Lyncestis combination while Pennys/Penes' suggest a Penestae merger with Lyncestis elements, I'd now say that Diers were from "Drin." A surname like "Deering / Dorn / Dring / Darrin / Darwin" could do better to reflect "Drin." The Deerings and Rays share three stags with Robe's/Robbs while the "female figure" in the Darlene Crest wears robes. Robe's may have been named from Rayborns "ROBur" motto term) and the latter happen to use "a roebuck DRINKing out of a brook" while Drings are also Drinks. It appears that God named Darlene's first name for to make this Darlene-Ray link.

[It wasn't until the next update when realizing that "DARLENe" is like "Drilon," the alternative name of the Drin.]

Darrins are also Araines', and said to be from "ArRAYnis," though that in itself is insufficient cause to view Rays involved. However, Darlene Ray worked at KNOB Hill Farms while Darrin-like DARNells use a "NOBisCUM" motto term partly suspect with the Comyns/Cummings (dagger) whom I trace with little doubt to Kuman in Fier county. Darnells came up only because I sat beside Dawn Darnell in grade seven, and Dawns happen to be listed with Dorns (same place as Pendragons and GorLOIS). It therefore appears that Rays were ultimately a Fier branch.

As per Darlene Ray, that the Rays use a stag version of the Fry Coat while one of O'Hair's murderers was Mr. Fry. Frys and their Freie / Phreeze branches can be from Pharia, an island beside Vis, the latter being in the Ram motto. Vis was the domain of the Ardiaei Illyrians at one point, who lived in the Ragusa theater of Saraca's. The Simpson motto has been traced to Enotri/Oenotrians at Italy's Saracena and Laus so that it may not be coincidental that the Simpson crescents are in Fry / Phreeze colors. I have read that "Ragusa" was named after the deer, but this is erroneous. Yet, the idea probably arose due to Deer-like surnames having connected with Ragusa elements. The Darlene's look like one such candidate.

I still think that the Forman/Ferman Chief is a version of the Drop/Trope Chief, and the latter (same place as Drops/Trope's and Hirams from Airaines) shares a single lion with the Very Chief while Very-like Wrays share a gold Chief with Verys (Chief-Shield colors of Hairs and Harcourts). It looks like Wrays trace to Fier-county liners, and here we can maybe see that the ArRAYnis entity of Darrins/Araines' applies to Wrays, or we may even hypothesize that Rennes of the Raines' was ultimately a Fier liner. Why do Raines-branch Wrens share the Trip crosslets?

King Pinnes of the Ardiaei (or his regent) ruled Vis, and Pine's (same place as Darlene's) share pineapples with Christophers while both use chevrons in colors reversed. Coincidence?

So, as Darlene's (share the book with Roets) became suspect with something to do about CHRIStopher Ray, the "Christo" motto term of Firmens looks interesting, suggesting the Christs/Chriss' (recalls Chris Peare on the platform) whom I always link to the Decks/Daggers, in case the platforms can be considered decks too. And I always link the red squirrel of Decks/Daggers (from Dexaroi on the Apsus river to Tropoje) to the Squirrels, first found in Worcestershire with the Watts (share wings in Crest with Christs/Chriss' and Here's). The Watts use the eye, code likely for the Eye location beside Diss, for Diss' are also Dice's while Dyke's share the red squirrel and fleur-de-lys of Decks/Daggers. French Rays use the ESCARbuncle, and Esquers / Eskers can be branches of Square's/Squirrels. In fact, the Dexaroi-liner Poindexters use an ESQUIRE's helmet. Rayborns use "an ermine SQUARE at the top a knight's helmet."

That's a mouthful, but there is more, because Peare's (leopard FACES) share the chevron-with-stars of the Squirrel-beloved Tiens/Thames' (the latter first found in Oxfordshire with Hair-branch Harcourts). And Louis-like Lewis' (both from Wales) use drops for their trace to Tropoje elements. This material is so fresh on my mind I don't yet know how to understand it fully.

"Christo" is shared by Bouillons, and Godfrey de Bouillon was the son of Eustace II while the Eustace stag is in the Rayborn Chief. The Wrays share the ostrich with Lois', and the latter were first found in Artois, home of Eustace II, whose name is highly connectable to "Vis" as per Vise's/Vice's sharing the black cross, between antlers, of Eustace's. Artois is a great place to expect Pinnes-line Ardiaei, and Eustace fits that expectation. Louise Phillips' surname has already proven useful to corroborate that God used her for this work. But let me repeat from earlier in case God's using her surname for Phillippe at Beacon Global:

Former acting CIA Director Michael Morell, who currently works at the Hillary Clinton-tied Beacon Global Strategies LLC, previously revealed that he "learned" that Steele paid some of the purported sources cited in the dossier.

Morell serves as senior counselor at Beacon Strategies. Beacon was founded by Phillippe Reines, who served as Communications Adviser to Hillary Clinton while she was secretary of state...

Ask: could Phillippe Reines have known GLENN Simpson? Was Glenn Phillips the brother of Louise for that question? The Louis' happen to share the same lion as Raines'. The latter's motto looks like code for the Prime leg, and while ProFETTS use the same leg roughly, Louis' use a "fidus" motto term looking like code for Fiddes/Fittes/FETTe/Fothes liners.

Late this week, the FBI exposes itself as more a fraud than before: "But the department also said in a letter to lawmakers that its record of messages sent to and from the agent, Peter Strzok, was incomplete because the FBI, for technical reasons, had been unable to preserve and retrieve about five months' worth of communications." Garbage, and everyone knows it. Where does Chris Wray stand at this news? At the very top. The diabolical buck stops with him. Clear enough. It goes on:

But, according to the letter, the FBI told the department that its system for retaining text messages sent and received on bureau phones had failed to preserve communications between Strzok and Page over a five-month period between Dec. 14, 2016, and May 17, 2017...

Up until May 17??? Very suspicious because Peter Smith was killed May 14.

The DoJ is a part of this scam, for it sent the letter to congress saying that the text messages were not available. Of course, the FBI will need to explain how the communications failed to be recorded? How often does that happen? Can the FBI give another example of such a thing? Did anyone else's communications go missing in that same period? Was it just a stroke of luck that the only communications missing are those of Page and Strzok? Mr. Wray, in my opinion now, is the enemy. He has shown his colors. And Trump is responsible for him.

There's a headline, "Sen. Doug Jones co-sponsors bill to pay military during government shutdown." That's the extreme-left Democrat who defeated Roy Moore, and Jones even broke ranks with Democrats to vote against a government shutdown. It could appear as though Jones feels he owes his election win to the Republican establishment. That can explain why Trump did not support a recount or a voter-fraud investigation.

Here's Napolitano on "release the memo", asking what took so long:


For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God

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