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January 9 - 15, 2018

QAnon: Rising Star, or Something Else?
My Walker Through the Parking Lot
They Say they Don't Know Herod Ancestry, But How Can't They?
I'm Seeing a False-Flag Operation in Hawaii This Week

For best results, take the time to load the Coats to see them for yourself. Load the first-Coat link (or open one here) I offer to get your own tab open, and open more if needed. To check a description in the Coat of Arms, type the surname at this page:

It's been a while since seeing Middle-East news to speak of. But here come the Syrian rebels begging Trump for money:

Leaders of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) are in Washington, D.C. where they will meet with White House officials Tuesday. Their goal is to increase cooperation between FSA and the Trump administration, and at the same time warn of the consequences of ceding control to Russia and Iran.

Last week they made their case to Congress.

Trump seems to have altered course after firing a whack of missiles at Assad's airport. The CIA wants Trump to expend himself on the dictator Assad, but I say that Trump has his hands full with the CIA, NSA and FBI dictators. They are far-more wicked, far-more dangerous, than weeny, crippled Assad. Besides, the Republican war hawks are guilty before God of unspeakable international murders. Will Trump go to their support? Will Trump draw Armageddon nearer than would otherwise be if he stayed out of the Middle East? Big decision-day coming.

The Clintons, or someone connected to them, have exposed their own guilt, which, the culprits think, is better than going to jail:

After the FBI announced it would re-open the investigation into Clinton’s e-mail her and Bill’s house in Chappaqua, N.Y. suddenly caught fire. Nobody was hurt and they weren't home and secret service agents put out the fire. What is suspicious is that a room full of servers and hard drives was destroyed in the Clinton house fire in Chappaqua, New York, on Wednesday, according to a Chappaqua Fire Department source, raising fears that incriminating evidence against the Clintons has been destroyed just days after a White House insider warned that Trump was preparing to prosecute their crimes. “I saw smashed up hard drives, melted memory cards and the charred remains of paper scattered all over the room and immediately knew the fire must have started there,” a Chappaqua Fire Department source told local news reporters, explaining that the house fire was “put out by Secret Service agents” before the Fire Department arrived. “I immediately called it a code 10-41 and requested a Fire Marshall.” Code 10-41 is firefighters’ code for a suspicious fire.

There's nothing to say. The obvious is obvious.

The guilt involved in having her own server while secretary of state is, not as Fox and others would have you believe, but has to do with secret business that she carried on for herself and for Obama. It's not merely that she put top-secret documents through her unprotected server. It's that everything she sent out and received in emails was NOT recorded by an outside server, where she had no control for to destroy her emails, if need be. But with her own server, she was able to destroy material. So, when Comey says that she was careless because there was some top-secret material made available to the Russians and Chinese, big deal. That's nothing compared to what she was doing for herself. She didn't get the private server because she wanted top-secret beans to be spilled (though on second thought, maybe she did that too for a price). She got one because the things she planned to do as secretary of state were going to be anything from questionable to illegal. And that's why she needs to go to jail, to send a broad message, because we now know, even without her emails, the sorts of things she was doing with Bill, her convenient president-husband, what a bonanza.

God is not interested in exposing the Clintons only, but those who supported the Clintons while it was obvious from the start that they were two cheaters. This is the anti-Christ America. This is what needs to be Smashed and Burned; jailing Hillary won't do it. The voters could care less for the Clintons if the Clintons are unable to get into power. The anti-Christs provide a continual, nation-wide conspiracy to destroy normal society. That is their goal.

In the last update, the Obama dream (I had) was a major topic. It dawned on me that the pool CUE in the dream links excellently with Perkins COIE, the legal firm where Hillary got her election-campaign lawyer (Marc Elias), who, with Perkins Coie, set the wheels in motion for to procure the criminal, anti-Trump dossier. I talked about the cue quite a bit, and shared also on the Cue surname, but I must have had a blind spot because it wasn't until Monday evening (as I write here), after the update was put out, that QAnon came to mind because he's Q-Anonymous, and is sometimes just called, Q. I mentioned him for the first time in the last update. Until then, I ignored even his fans.

It sounds like a hoax. It sounds like Q is a liar. But he also cound so much like "cue" that I've got to entertain him as the cue in the Obama dream. But for all we know, he could be working for Trump's enemies. In this game, everything's on the table. I have just found a video that's on the topic of explaining QAnon, and discussing whether he's real or not. But it's not until half-way through the 10th minute that some hard evidence is presented for his legitimacy, where Q predicted the New-York terror attack, in obvious code. See the female speaker at the middle of the 10th minute for more:

Why didn't youtube provide for me this story? I use youtube daily, and this story did not come up with those who spread QAnon messages. Or is this prediction by Q a false flag where his accomplices created the prediction for public dissemination, giving it a date before the false-flag took place? Q is way over-elevated by his followers, probably due to the theory of some that he's a White-House staffer, possibly working with Trump in making his "leaks." Q seems to have a lot more time on his hands than a White-House staffer should have. Q has some prophet-like characters spreading his wares.

The last update talks about how the Elias surname came up. It share the cross of raiders, and uses a "NON" motto term while I described Devin NUNES as a raider. The sentence in which he was a raider proved to have multiple terms spoken by God through me. It must be true. There was a lot in all that which won't be repeated here. I just want to say that Elias', which signalled Marc Elias of Perkins COIE, use a "Non QUO" motto phrase. Note "QAnon". I was not familiar with Marc Elias, and came across his name very-soon after introducing the Elias surname (two updates ago). Just the introduction of Elias', apart from Marc in the picture, was a miracle in itself. It seems to be predicting that Devin Nunes is going after Hillary's ties to Perkins Coie.

In order to decide whether the pool cue is code for Coie and the "quo" of Elias', or QAnon, or something else, it may be necessary to decipher why I shot a paper plane with the pool cue. Last week, Julian Assange released a tweet sharing a long code along with the song, Paper Planes. Something's happening. God seems to be preparing a spectacular event or set of events. The amount of work he's invested in me alone, for this particular task, is phenomenal in my eyes. The results / fruits can't be small. I haven't had a dream for this work in months. Dreams / visions / special events were popping up left and right last year.

The last audible Communication I think I received was "buckle up" (mid December). It's a phrase I heard in my head as I awoke. And so here is a video below, "Qanon BUCKLE UP - A bit of reality must be revealed in weeks!", which I found AFTER writing the paragraph above. This video is an attack against the Qanon cult, and because I feel that the speaker has some good points, I'm not jumping to trust Qanon as anything but the typical far-right character not necessarily a political insider.

The video above points out that Q is now under the gun because he claimed that 30 congresspeople will be removed from their congressional seats after the Christmas break. Only an insider could know this. But if it doesn't happen, how can we explain that anyone in his right mind would give a far-fetched prediction? Thirty congresspeople being removed at one time just isn't normal in the United States. Maybe Q's a nut, or maybe he's being taken out of content. I'll keep an eye out on his future posts.

Listen to Trump's speech, before he became the president, in the video below, and note what sounds like great passion to jail the corrupt. What happened? Was Trump just speaking what the Republicans wanted to hear? He sure did an eloquent job. I agree with all that he said. I have the same sentiments, but I'm not turning my back on those sentiments. For his first year, it appeared that he did, and he's the one who made the promises. The speech is a grand promise to do something about the corruption, yet all he does is tweet-tweet complaints about his subordinates, because they are not going after corruption. Well then order them to do the task, Mr. Head Cheese. The people wouldn't have hired you if they knew you were going to recuse yourself from fulfilling your promises.

To me, "buckle up" means, we've arrived. Some would say that it means, "we're on our way to something exciting / dangerous," but, to me, it means, we've arrived to the exciting / dangerous thing. But, if it was God speaking those words in my head, I don't know what he's referring to.

In the same way some are skeptical of QAnon, ditto for Julian Assange when he releases codes or promising tweets but then doesn't deliver a bomb. Kim Dotcom did the same. Some are thinking that we are being played, strung along by various carrots on a sting until the deep states is able to identify all of its most-avid enemies, those with some power to do damage. But hardly no one thinks that Julian is part of the deep state. The song, Paper Planes, is about crime generally, and that's my white-rabbit theme, which I put online long before QAnon appeared. QAnon is mainly responsible, so far as I can tell, for a white-rabbit, or follow-the-rabbit, theme now active in pro-Trump social media. This makes QAnon more intriguing to me. I with a pool cue shot a paper plane into a corner pocket, on Obama's billiard table, that had first been a page on the table in representation of Lisa Page. How can this related to QAnon?

Q's rabbit theme seems mainly to be about the pedophile rings suspect with John Podesta. In the last update, I showed a video where Alex Podesta is in a rabbit suit. Well, on the night that the white rabbit became my theme, when it came to mind that I was standing on a rabbit cage at the backyard of Jerry Peterson, I was seconds only from recalling a bedwetting experience a few years earlier where Jerry popped up outside the bedroom window to taunt me because he heard my mother in the act of chewing me out for wetting the bed. In my Iraq updates, I was working, at that very time, on the "wetworks" and "bedwetters" terms in emails between John Podesta and Mr. Elmendorf...emails that we would not have known about had not Seth Rich secured them for to pass them on the WikiLeaks.

Jerry was never known for being in my backyard (we never played in my backyard, always at his place), but he was there, that day, without anyone knowing it. Who sent him there? I know.

To get to a white bra that I wanted to poke, just for fun, I climbed a few steps to a PLATform, suspect with Platte-River Networks, which Hillary Clinton used for a server, and which would not answer congressional questions (guilty). Last year, I had a dream, given by with proof that it was from him, with an ending where I was on a platform with an old girlfriend, pulling her toward me by the waist. The dream end right there. It's explained with more detail in the last update, afterwhich I wrote this:

Amazing, this really is. Before writing the paragraph above [about Miss Peare's waist], I was looking at the Fitton Coat as per Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch. I was asking whether the three garbs on a bend of Fittons (Cheshire) applies to the six, same-colored garbs of Cue's, but could see no further / special connection to other items on [Obama's] pool table. It would be meaningful if there is a Cue-Fitton connection because we could view the billiard shot against Strzok, Page and Perkins Coie as God working through Judicial Watch. I quit seeking a Cue-Fitton connection, and came to insert the paragraph above. At the end of the paragraph, Waistells were re-loaded because there is no Waist surname, and Waistells use three garbs on a bend in the same colors of the garbs on same-colored bend of Fittons. Believe it or not. Waistells use doves too, a Page symbol, and the Page pheons are colors reversed from the Coy pheons.

That tweaked my interest (use the Cue page above to load the other Coats as I go on). But I had not yet realized that QAnon has called himself by a cue-like term. Let me repeat that one day, on Miss Peare's horse, it took me for a gallop, but when it reached a bank/slope, I directed it to the right and ended the gallop there. Waistells use "a horse in full gallop." And the dream with she and I on a platform started with me on a bank/slope that, in the last update, was interpreted compellingly with the Bank surname using the same cross as Raiders/Raids, and this discovery came just after I called Nunes a flying raider on a horse with flame-tipped arrows aimed at Mueller's heart. I deciphered that statement in the last update, which included this:

AHHHAAA!!! My search feature show only two files containing "flaming heart," and the second one is: "The Ratterys/Rattrays use 'a flaming HEART'..." It's the Raider/Rat line!!! I now know that God wrote that line above about Nunes. Go get 'em, Nunes, God is with you!

The important details were scattered throughout the last update so that it's not a bad idea to put a few of them up-front in this one. In the dream, midway between my being on the slope and on the platform with Peare, I was walking in a PARKING lot to a mall, and the only thing that happened in the mall, when I walked in, was the platform scene. Perkins-Coie was a fresh topic as I re-told that platform part of the dream, at which time I recalled that Perkins come up as PARKINGs, can you believe it? This must have to do with the fact that Cue's use the same garbs (or wheat sheaves) as Fittons and Waistells. I always link the latter's Wessel variation with Wissels/Whistle's, and can bring up, "whistle blower," as might relate to the Peare's-waist scene. Is someone about to blow the whistle on Platte River? Perkins Coie has only six offices nationwide, one in Denver, location also of Platte River Networks.

The mall was deciphered overwhelmingly as code for the Morleys/Mauls who share the split Shield of the Dossier/D'Hosier surname, and Hose's share the bent leg with Leaks/Leakeys while Lakeys love the bent-leg Prime's in their motto term, "praemium." I neglected to add, in the last update, that German Wessels, likewise share the split-Shield of Dossier's/D'Hosers. It's by such heraldic links that God proves to me that certain dreams or events are from him, but I then get to ponder / learn how the surnames, pointed to by the dreams, point further to people having the same surnames in real-world news on the Clinton crime ring's exposure.

The paper plane was shot into a corner pocket, and Corners/Garners share the fleur-de-lys of Hausers/Hoss', a surname like "D'Hoser." But why was it me who made the page on the table into a paper plane? Why wasn't it someone with some clues attached who points excellently to players in the exposure?

Ah-ha-ha, here's more evidence that God set Miss Peare up at the mall: the Perry's use the Mall/Marlybone quadrants in colors reversed, and, because Malls/Marlybone's were first found in Cheshire with Masseys, which is my Masci line, I must assume that the Perry quadrants are those of Masseys...because Peare was on the platform with me. An early Perry line is said to have been Hugh PARCARius (son of Matilda de Perer), who smacks of Parkers (said to have been Parcars), and the latter might just be a branch of Perkins/Parkings. The Hind Coat is a colors reversed version of the Parry Coat, suggesting that Perrys (hind with pear in Crest) are a Parry branch. Parrys and Parrs are from king Pharnaces of the Pontus.

Look at this coincidence. One Parker-Coat write-up traces to Norman Venator of Salop, the ancestor of Hugh Parcarius, and while we just saw such a name as a son of Matilda, queen Matilda is in the Parker write-up who catered favor to Mr. Venator, whose alternative name has been thought to be Norman de Parcar. So, because Sleeps were first found in Salop, while I slept with Christine Peare with an arm around her waist, and while I was with arms around her waist again in a dream after entering a mall from the parking lot, by what coincidence are WAIStells also Wessels while German Wessels, suspect with the Dossier / Maul Shield, use an antler that, in colors reversed, is the red one in the Crest of the other English Parkers? On top of this, it appears that Peare's are ultimately a branch of Parkers.

BEHOLD. Peare's are Pearls/Perle's too. If the Peare/Pearl Coat had a white chevron and white symbols, it would be a good reflection of the Perkin/Parking Coat. Immediately after I was in the mall's parking lot, I was on my platform, where Christine Peare appeared. Was Richard Perle behind the dossier along with Perkins Coie? The latter's lawyer (Marc Elias), when hired by Hillary, hired Fusion GPS for to produce the dossier.

It seems that God arranged the naming of Fusion because Fussen (uses legs in its Arms) is on a Leck river that links to the three legs in the Hose Coat. The Christine surname was first found in the Isle of Man, which Arms shares the three-leg design of Fussen, and this line is suspect to the Fessys/FACE's that are in-code with heraldic leopard faces...used by Peare's/Perle's and Fitch's. But I haven't yet gotten to the BEHOLD part. Morleys and Morlands use leopard faces too.

Besides, Fussen is also FOETes, a possible namer of Fittons because Foot-branch Fothes' are also Fitte's. It's clear to me that the Fitte's line goes to the six fitchees of Tarves' (same place as Fothes'/Fitte's) shared exactly by Clintons and Hillarys.

Here's the BEHOLD part. In the beginning, the dossier was a product of anti-Trump Republicans who involved Mr. Downer, a high-level Australian diplomat. First off, Downers share the chevron of Pearls/Perle's, but then see also the Dunn sword design, that also of Corners/Garners. Moreover, German Perle's, who almost use the split-Shield colors of Dossier's, share the portcullis gate with Snipe's/Snape's, first found in Oxfordshire with Peare's/Perle's and Clintons. The Snipe's/Snape's, because there is no Snip surname coming up, are suspect with the "PAIR of snips" of Meullers. And the Snipe's use a version of the Clinton Coat. (I apologize if you couldn't find the snips for the first day that the last update was out, because I spelled "Meuller" wrong as "Mueller".)

I could easily view the links above as something from God to prove that this discussion has merit. To put it another way, God used Christine Peare in the sleeping-bag dream, and in my life, for to point to Perle's together with Clinton kin.

There are several further observations I'll jot down here. The PORTcullis gate is shared by Porters/PAWters, and the Pairs seen above are the German Paws/Pauer, who link to Powers that can be gleaned with the Coat of Palins/PAWleys. John McCain chose Sarah Palin as his vice-president-to-be (or not-to-be). The Pear variation of Peare's/Perle's can easily be a branch of Pairs, and the Cullis' suspect with "portcullis" use "peascods" while the Peas surname is listed with Peacocks while both Paw surnames use peacocks.

The Pockets are also Pauer-like Pauchers/Powchers, and they use the giant fleur-de-lys of PORTis'/Porch's/Porchers in colors reversed. With that pair of branches, the portcullis-using Snipe's can link loosely to Pockets suspect in my shooting the paper plane into the corner pocket. Corners/Garners share the acorn with Dutch Tromps who in-turn share a vertically split Shield with, and roughly the same spread eagle as, German Perle's.

The above reminds me of when I found a dead squirrel, in the left pocket of my shorts. I'm not making this up: I've told the story at least five times. See in the last update how Robert Mueller became suspect with the 17 squirrels in my attic. The Squirrel/Squire motto loves the Tiens/Thames', first found in Oxfordshire with Peare's/Perle's and sharing their chevron-with-stars.

The fact that the Hauser/Hoss Coat is that of German Bush's/Buschs reminds that Richard Perle was an elite with the Reagan and Bush presidencies. The description of German Perle's is partly: "...a silver rock topped by a double tower with a gold portcullis half open. The left side is gold, charged with a black eagle, cut in half perpale." However, there are other people with variations from the Peare's besides Richard Perle.

The do-nothing Republicans are making appearances of doing something:

House Intelligence Committee investigators got access to the remaining documents they had long sought as part of their Russia inquiry during a classified session at the Justice Department on Friday, a source close to the matter told Fox News.

Investigators were allowed to review the records and take notes but not take copies, which is standard in sensitive cases

Garbage! What sensitive case? This is nothing but the dossier. The public has a right to view copies, to see how their government agencies treated the matter. The do-nothings agreed to take notes only, so we never get to see the material accept for what the do-nothing, back-room deal-makers decide for us to see. Pathetic. String the people along a few more months, do-nothings, haven't you taken way too long already? All they care about is putting sufficient damage out for election time. We may not get any goods from them until nearer to the election. Until then, piddles. But Nunes I expect action from. No sooner did he come back that he attacked.

Late this week, an article came out saying that Hillarys 33,000 deleted emails have been "found". Trump, according to the video below, tweeted "We Have Found Hillary’s 33,000 ‘Missing’ Emails" My question: why didn't Trump demand these emails from his subordinates months ago? Why have we had to wait for some other body to bring them out?

Dianne Feinstein revealed an item From Glenn Simpson's testimony behind closed doors, but showing that the FBI had at least one spy in the Trump administration:

In the video below, Larry Klayman says that 97 percent of the lawyers in the justice department are pro-Obama or pro-Clinton, which sums up the definition of the liberal, anti-Christ deep state:

I don't know what could be more important than an FBI and justice department catering to a political party with even the use of the entire spy machine on top of the big media to which to leak "news releases" for their political ambitions. This is the hijacking of the nation by insidious worms. Feinstein just leaked Simpson's transcript, and she gets away with it. No wonder, the justice department's punishing rod is almost-fully Democrat.

Trump allowed TV cameras into his White House session this week, maybe hoping to show that he's not incompetent, but see below how he's willing to abandon his campaign promises, yet again, or how he looks like a fake, a liar:

Trump is a genius. The only problem is, he's a liar and a moron at the same time. And the only place where he's a genius is in his own mind. He thinks he won the election based on his genius when in fact he won it on lies, or because the voters trusted his promises. That doesn't sound like a genius at all, just a scammer.

Here's Hannity and Sarah Carter claiming, for the first time, that the dossier was used as basis for getting the ability to spy on Trump's election team. Not just Trump, but his election team also. Imagine, the politicization of the FBI in the worst ways, not just the spying, leaking and twisting of "facts" for media dissemination, but fabricating an elaborate report to justify the spying, or for obtaining court permission for spying. What should we think of Trump if all he does is tweet against this criminal situation?

What is worse for democracy, illegal aliens, or an FBI along with the justice department, the IRS, and other government organizations, contributing, not just to the elections, but to government policies, with underhanded / law-breaking tricks in league with a willing / winking media? Which of the two should Trump be expending himself on, at this time? Trump may simply not be man enough to tackle the swamp. It appears that he was just spouting off whatever it took to get elected. Even though the swamp snakes are wrapped around his throat, he's still hasn't got the stuff or smarts to lay all other matters aside in order to deal with it. Where's the genius he claims to be? Had not the Democrat candidate been Hillary, Trump would likely have lost...precisely because the swamp snakes control elections as far as they can swing it. It's a no brainer that the shadow government would control elections when need-be. He just saw it in action with Roy Moore, but did nothing to support Moore's fate. We are seeing that some of the snakes are in the Republican camp, but Trump wants to win their favor so that he can pass bills, the moron, so that he's unwilling to tackle this problem for fear of losing congressional "friends." MORON.

Clean the swamp of snakes, and he'll get a landslide in 2020. Be a man, and expose the Republican snakes. Do not be a moron, working with them out of convenience. First things first, and let the chips fall where they do. Trump said this past week that he's willing to "take heat" from the "far-right." We wonder, who exactly does he lump into "far-right"? Does he define the term as Democrats do? Was he using that phrase to win the favor of Democrats around his White-House table? MORON. He's trying to win the favor of the snakes around his neck just so that he can pass a bill on immigration. Send me any bill, he told them all, and he'll be sure to sign it eyes closed. MORON. He thinks he can blame a bad bill on congress' bipartisan substance. Forming a bipartisan bill on immigration is smoking-up with those who want illegals in the country for their votes. Ignore those far-right voters of mine, he said. Pass the hash pipe and let's talk.

Trump is now the chief Executive. He has the right and the duty to execute criminal prosecutions. Where are they? Is it really true to Sessions is blocking Trump's demand to prosecute? Something is drastically wrong here. Trump can order all paperwork from Sessions, and expose it on the news media. Judicial Watch has a video below dealing with some of the Glenn-Simpson transcript. Approaching the 6th minute is a good place to start. Grassley's lawyer wants to know who Simpson's sources were, and Simpson and his lawyer refuse to get into that. Grassley's lawyer allows Simpson to get away with it. This is a closed-door meeting, but what's the point of having it, out of public view, if even criminals can refuse to answer the key questions there? This is a bonanza situation for the deep state, the reason that it thrives. The only solution is for a good president to make sure that criminals are prosecuted in courts of law. This is how his voters interpreted draining the swamp, on top of replacing Obama-era tools with normal people (who don't use their positions as political wedges). Even if the court cases are lost, or come with minimal sentences, it sends the message out that will curb political activism from government bureaus.

Simpson's lawyer takes the position that Simpson (co-founder of Fusion GPS) wants to protect his sources, as the reason for not revealing them. But that's exactly correct, to protect them, because the sources are presumed guilty too. So, the criminals can protect the criminals in congressional oversight, all the more reason for a president not to be a tweeting moron. In fact, I now think that Trump tweets as his way to keep the far-right on-board with him. But the president has no teeth, and therefore no clothes. He's a fake.

We all know by now that the dossier's sources were Clintonites, exactly why Simpson doesn't want to reveal the sources, but, the depressing thing is, Grassley's lawyer agrees that Simpson should not reveal sources, and it therefore tends to reveal that Simpson agreed to the meeting under those terms. It's the do-nothing Republicans. Feinstein thought it advantageous to release the transcript because there is nothing necessarily condemning against Fusion GPS, because the Republicans do not demand answers, nor hold the seated ones to the fire unless they answer. A normal congress would have started the wheels, by now, to lay obstruction charges against Simpson. As Hillary Clinton and the Democrat National Convention paid for the dossier, it is a criminal case, without doubt. There is no escaping it, and even the FBI is obstructing congress by failing to give details on the birth and development of the dossier.

I cannot understand the 5th amendment except that it was intended to play to the guilty. By what justification does the law allow a guilty person to not answer questions that are intended to reveal guilt? It sounds as though the criminals created this law for themselves

Why protect Simpson by giving him a closed-door meeting when, if he refuses to appear because he's told beforehand that he's going to need to reveal sources, it's justification for a law battle? The law battles in themselves will frighten the snakes. But that's what it's going to take.

The best reason I give can for justifying my "moron" term is that the entire nation knows of a systematic coup underway to topple the president, and Trump, being that president, isn't taking the action expected for such criminality that's not short of treason. But this is worse than treason, because it exposes a shadow-government machine with enormous power to corrupt a proper democracy. And Trump wants to talk about a wall on the border??? Is he nuts? What's wrong with him? Is he afraid? Does he not realize the severity of this crisis?

Forget Trump. He even came out this week to say that Sessions is going to keep his job. Forget Trump. There are better men for the task at hand. Time is slipping away, Sessions is moving too slow, and the White-House moron isn't bothering to get Sessions to transfer to him the damning material against the Clinton crime ring. If Sessions doesn't want to do the investigation, Trump has many people to chose from who will. I know exactly what the secret liberals (in his camp) have told Trump: don't give appearances of political bias. They hope to keep Trump from acting. But only a moron would fall for that. Expected scenario: Trump appoints Jay Sekulow of Larry Klayman to go fetch from Sessions all the material that he so desires on Clinton dirt. How easy would that be for the tweety bird? Why hasn't he done it?

“A man is tweeting to his lover that if {Democrat Hillary Clinton} loses, we’ll essentially do the insurance policy. We’ll go to phase two and we’ll get this guy out of office,” Trump said in an interview with the Wall Street Journal.

“This is the FBI we’re talking about—that is treason,” he added. “That is a treasonous act. What he tweeted to his lover is a treasonous act.”

Well, Mr. Trump, if it's such a severe crime, why don't you send someone to Sessions, requesting the emails in greater context, and, in the meantime, show them to the public so that the world can know what the FBI was doing to obstruct a democratic election????????? Why not, Mr. Trump????? Why not do what's in your power to do? Are you some kind of imposter? Do you only talk a good talk, with ZERO action? Looks like.

Trump: "'Of course there was no obstruction — there was no crime. They make up a crime, and the crime doesn’t exist, and then they say obstruction." Are you serious? Do you really believe that they fabricated your crime? And what are you doing about such a gross thing? Tweeting????? Is that all??????? Are you going to let these types get away with this, to do more of it? Are you a moron? Looks like.

Nunes has receive some bank records of Fusion GPS this week, to see where they received the money for their part in the dossier. But it would be better to start court proceedings against Fusion simultaneously for failing to disclose Democrat criminality. Does the Congress have the money for the border wall but not for court battles against the criminals in high office? Which of the two is more important? The wall can wait, because government is infested with worms. Decay has progressed to stinking with a foul odor. The nation is witnessing the ploys of Democrats to wiggle out of their hard place by continually putting the best face on rather than admitting guilt and repenting. Therefore, the full force of the law needs to be applied...just as soon as the president puts an FBI chief in there who will do the job. The president is responsible for loading the FBI with do-nothing Wray and no-nothing Sessions, not exactly making him look like a genius. Getting elected by telling lies is one thing; getting into office while making the wrong decisions is even worse.

Getting cozy with Democrats for a bipartisan bill is justifying the existence of the Democrats...the wrong decision. The president promised too much, and now needs to compromise with Democrats, which allows the snakes to look much better at election time. If Trump resists the Democrats, exposing them, as he should, he will pass fewer laws, but that's the right thing to do. If he gets hammered at election time for not passing many laws, then he has only himself to blame for promising too much. He should have said: if the Democrats don't stand in my way, I will do such-and-such. Instead, he said that he will do it. He was asking the voters to trust in his abilities to accomplish the promises, but that's equivalent to lying. The only way to make America great is to chain the dark men of Democrat power. Putting a few hundred dollars annually into the pockets of people, through less taxes, does nothing to make the nation great. It's an illusion. Allowing companies to spend more money for greater profits does nothing to make the nation great. Greatness has nothing to do with money. Money is what spoils greatness. The Trumps are spoiled by their money, and so are their children.

Are we to believe that Trump's knowledge of the dossier is equal to mine who gets his information from the news? Did Trump only-now discover that the dossier was used to get spy powers? Does he get his information from the news rather than by probing his government institutions? Instead of tweeting, moron, why don't you get information from the people who brief you daily, and then leak it to the media? Such leaks are justified. It's called transparency, a government duty. If your briefers refuse to get you the information you're requesting, you replace the FBI chief, etc. In other words, as Trump has access to all the secrets while the public has not gotten them from Wray or Sessions, it's Trump's fault. He must be behind it. There is no other explanation. He's the mad joker in the deck.

Trump has full access to reports from the justice department. How possibly could he not use that power to get the information some congress people are seeking through court orders and other somersaults? Why burden the congress in this task if the president can get them the things they want by simply requesting them? As far as I've heard, the president has never tweeted, nor said in any other way, that he's asked for information only to be refused. What does this tell us? He's not interested in justice against the Clintonites. Therefore, let the snakes strangle him to near-death until he starts to do his part.

The House just voted to reinforce FISA spy powers, and, once done successfully, Trump get's onside as though it's a great thing. But prior to it being passed, he showed signs of not being excited about it, which is Trump putting on the best face (fakery) toward his voters in case the bill didn't pass. But afterward, when the bill is passed, he puts on the best face for keeping his Republican friends, needed for passing his own agendas. What a disgusting situation. What a disgusting president. There is a way to behave respectably in a disgusting situation. You simply go for what's right, regardless of the political fall-out. You hold your head high in respectability no matter what dogs are nipping at your pants. You can boast in that. Is it right to make spy powers stronger? Ask Trump's Mueller woes. But it's not Trump alone who was spied on. How many of his supporters were violated? What will Trump do to cease the violation of politicians everywhere by those who feel they have the right to order political outcomes?

As the president takes heat for an alleged insult against third-world countries, Fox took the opportunity to have Tom Fitton speak about Clinton-Foundation corruption in Haiti:

Here's an excellent delivery from Screen Hoopla on what I didn't hear previously, that, according to Sean Hannity, either Comey or McCabe purchased the dossier:

Here's Tom Fitton saying that, thanks to Judicial Watch's lawyers (not himself included), a court has just ordered Jeff Sessions to speed the giving up of all available / collected Hillary-Clinton emails that were deleted by her. Apparently, these 72,000 emails were found on the computers of others. The bad news: the "speeding up" means by September of 2018, though much better than 2020 as Sessions wanted it.

Nunes came out to verify that the dossier was the basis of acquiring spy powers against Trump, which is treason against him, for while the plot started before he was the president, it was continued afterward too. This is the tearing-down of a nation by the spies, pitting people against people, a civil-conflict scenario that would otherwise not shape up. The same sort of organized coup-attempts practiced by Obama and the CIA in other nations has been utilized against an American president. This includes inciting the masses against the president. Their idea of free speech is to secure cover for to incite treason. Are you still opposed to the conspiracy theorists? Ahh, they are getting traction now, really digging in. Trump reaction: ho-hum, let's make American great again. The nation's tent is being pulled down at all four corners, and Trump wants to make America like the hay-days of a generation ago. War time, Mr. President, is not the time for that. How about joining the war? Until then, we can't be sure which side you're on.

Bagley / Buckley Heraldry

I'd like to return to the last update's heraldry where surnames were traced well to the Angusta area of what is now Moldova (Ukraine border). I'm actually amazed at how quickly the investigation turned to the Bag bloodline, and even tends to verify that Bag > Bagley liners were a branch of "Buckle / Buckley."

It starts with the Enger/Anger surname (use this tab to load all Coats) using three lozenges colors reversed from the three of Bagleys and the three of Sire's/Sirets. Angusta was on a tributary of the Siret river, yet I've insisted (long before Bag liners were a topic) that Engers/Angers are a branch of Nagle's (same three lozenges) from Liguria's Oneglia. It just so happens that Bags share the Coat of Grimaldi's, from Liguria.

The source of the Siret is near LVIV, explaining why Nagle-beloved Nons/Nevins/Nems//Neme's/NANS (Nagle fesse in colors reversed) have a "VIVis" motto term. The NANgale/NainGALE variations of Nagle's ("Non" motto term) obviously apply to the Nan variation of Nons/Nevins, and the latter's Nome variation makes it suspect, along with Noon / Name/Neem liners, from a Piatra-NEAMt area along the Bistrita tributary of the Siret. The Bistrita is where I locate Angusta (cannot find anyone who nails down its location precisely). Name's/Neems share a blue fesse with Nagle's and Gale's, and the latter even put three gold items on their fesse, as do Nagle's.

The Hume's, suspect at Humorului, near Piatra-Neamt, use an "end" motto code likely for Enders/Ingers. What do we suppose Ingers derived in? Why does it appear that Ingers are listed with lines from king Anders I of Hungary i.e. who was in the protection of the Kiev Varangians?

Along the lower Bistrita is a Bacau area that seems applicable to "Buckle." The Buckle's are in the buckle's of Buncle's, and the latter are applicable due to the so-called escarBUNCLE in the Enger/Anger Crest. That's how we can glean a Bagley=Buckley equation. If we read the Buncle write-up, the writers, guessing at what the surname derives in, seem oblivious to the apparent fact that Buncle's formed as a "Buckle" variation, or at least to reflect "Buckle" for a kinship reason.

I can glean that Engers/Angers were from the Varangians of Kiev, an area of the Ukraine that was home to Trypillians. The latter trace to Tropoje with both the drops of Bagleys and the Chief of FORMans/Fermans (from "Vrm", count of Angusta). The latter share the Fair / Firmin anchor, and Firmin liners are beloved in the BACon motto. Bacons share two stars in Chief with ANGUS', and German Engers (same fleur as Fair-colored Farrs/Phars) even use two stars in Chief in both colors of the Angus (and Vere) stars, revealing that Engers/Angers / Nagle's (said to have included "D'Angulo) were from/to ANGUStus. It's obvious as to why the anchor finds its way into this, for the Anchor/Annacker Chief is a red version of the Enger/Anger Chief.

It's revealing that Inger (born around 805 AD), the Varangian guard of Byzantines, was a Varangian-of-Kiev merger with something in Angusta. Helena, a daughter of Vrm, count of Angusta, probably applies. It seems clear that the Anchors/Annackers were of a people group that named Inger, and it's suspect with ancient Ankara, in what was then Galatia. And there was a nearby Ancore location (Mysia) that became Nicaea, which can trace to Liguria's Nice location, 50 miles or less from Oneglia.

Thanks to English Hope's sharing a "spes" motto term with Sire's/Sirets, we can know that the anchor of Sire's/Sirets (Bagley lozenges) is that of German Hope's/Hoods, and that Hope's now link square to the Forman anchor. What could it mean for a Hope trace to Galatia's Ankara? It's a vastly-important question.

There is obvious, deliberate heraldic coordination at play. We can now prove that the ESCARbuncle (shared by English Hangers) is part-code for both the Spanish Esquers and the Irish Eskers, the latter sharing the Bagley cinquefoils, and first found in FERMANagh. I don't know whether Formans and Worms (probably of the Danish entity of Gorm) descend directly from "Vrm," or whether Worms elements named Vrm in the first place.

Eskers (probably a branch of Sire's / Square's/Squire's) even share the unicorn in Crest with Gale's and Cnuts (Danish) while Danish Cnut's are the ones with the "pot HANGERs." The Cnut's knew why they were using that symbol, and it's not anything that naive historians claim. Historians, in the main, have acted blind to heraldic codes, I do not know why. The Cnut line obviously merged with the line from Inger the VARANgian, and they both may have descended from the more-ancient VARNi/WARNi up on the edge of proto-Denmark. The WARRENs even share the checked Shield of Nains/Nanots/Nene, the latter being a fairly-obvious branch of Nagle's/Nangale's/Naingale's, but also very connectable (heraldically) to Fers/Ferrats, Vairs/Fers' and Vere's / Weirs.

This was the Varni / Varangian line to Nicholas de Vere von Drakenberg, who loved mythical Melusine, secret code for the historical Melissena, Inger's Byzantine (and Khazar) wife. The heraldic mermaid is often Melusine, for the mermaid often holds a mirror (Sire's/Sirets use it) as code for the Mire's/Mireux's of Anjou / Angers. The "merMAID" may even be play on the Maid variation of Moldova-like Molds.

There is an Italian Magna surname (Bologna) with a blue fesse in both colors of the Nagle fesse. Two such fesses are used by Nissans and Parrs.

Gale's can be suspect from HOPe-suspect Opgalli (Galatian, thought to be Jewish). The father of Plancia Magna (Herod-Maccabee) was from Galatia, and the Trocmii Galatians under Amyntes conquered Derbe (according to Wikipedia) while Hope's were first found in Derbyshire. It's speaking volumes. And to my amazement this past week, a mouse got trapped up in the flange of my wood-stove / chimney pipe. I built this house fully, and no know way for a mouse to get in at this time, but not one, but two, got in. I had wondered whether it was a Sign (God has used mice as Signs in the past, pointing to the Mouse Tower at GOPlo) for me to make the Chimney link to Derbys, and here I am ready to expose that it was, for Hope's were traced very-recently (two updates ago), with Opgalli-suspect "buckle UP," to the Mieszko Mouse Tower, as well as to Opgalli. And here we are on the Derby bloodline, relevant because Derby's (Derbyshire, same place as Cnuts!) share the antelope-head design of Chimneys, which has got to be the antelope of Wheelwrights, from the Piast-the-Wheelwright entity at the foundations of the Mouse Tower.

Mieszko I was the father of Sigrid the HAUGHTy, mother of Cnut. "HAUGHTy" is suspect as code for Buckley-related Haughts, who, as Haughs, look a lot like the Hoogh (pronounced "hoof"?) variation of Hope's/Hoods.

The Varni worshiped the same goddess as the Angle's, and so, in this picture, the Angle's (proto-English) trace to "Ankara." A tribe of he Angle's were the Frisians, suspect for years with Phrygians...who lived in proto-Galatia. Varangians were named after Wieringen (or vice-versa), a location in the Netherlands area of Frisia. Ancore of Mysia was not far from Parion/Parium, the Phrygian-suspect city of mythical Priam, Paris and Hector. This city is suspect with "ImPERia," the alternative name of Oneglia.

And by the way, as mythical Arthur was made born in TintaGEL while Oneglia-liner Gale's (version of the Nagle fesse) and Tints (both near the first English Hoods) share the blue unicorn in Crest, it's obvious that the Pendragon-Arthur entity of myth was well-steeped in Oneglia's Arduinici elements. ArtemiDOROS has been suspect with the Doria family of Genoa, who married the Arduinici of Oneglia.

Why did God apparently put that mouse in my chimney flange this past week? It seems to be indicating the mouse-tower line from Plancia Magna's ancestry / kinship links to Opgalli. Plancia is the line to the Fulks and Plantagenets / Planque's of Angers. Chimneys may be using the Tiss chevron for a trace to Julia Tyche, daughter of ARTEMidoros, son of Amyntes of Derbe. Perfect. Note how a Flange-like surname can be a PLANCia branch. There are heraldic flaunches uses by Obama-line Wolfleys, for example, as well as the Goplo-possible Hobbits/Habbards ("AUCTOR") who share the Anchor / Mieske / Haught/HOCTOR bull, apparently.

Hobbits/Habbards (probably a Hubert / Hubbard branch) are said to derive in "hobby hawk", a ridiculous claim, but this probably has to do with the hawks used by Hobs/Habs (same place as Arthurs and Artems), whom I see in the "OBstantia" motto code of Arthurs. The split-color Hobbit/Habbard bull can be that of the split-colored bull head of Noons/Nones', because the latter shares the gold lion paw with Cheshire's who in-turn use a hawk's lure.

At one time, I claimed that God spoke to us with a bat trapped in the chimney flange, at which time I recognized the Sign as a means to indicate the Obama line of bat-using Randolphs. Obama's mother is a Dunham (same place as Hobbits) descended from both Randolphs and the Wheelwright-related Singletarys, as well as the German (Orsingen) Wolfins who are said to have changed their surname to "Wolfley." It's Payne-fully obvious that Obama traces to the Mouse-Tower Masci line in Cheshire's Dunham-Masci. I predicted that this mouse line to Obama would be the False-Prophet entity, and it seems that God is playing to that theme this week's mouse Sign. It is yet possible that Obama will raise and hold up the False Prophet for world acceptance. The time seems to be drawing near, to within a decade, maybe two, definitely time to keep on our spiritual guard.

The Hobbit/Habbard motto term, "facit," is like the "Fac et spera" motto of Magna-like McMaghens/Mathie's, and the latter happen to translate the motto as, "DO and HOPE", while we can find the Doe's/Dows, said to be from "D'O," in the Derby write-up, no coincidence at all. This Opgalli-suspect line through Plancia Magna can be suspect in the naming of the International Order of Saint Hubertus. The Doe's/Dows use scythes while Scythes'/Side's (tiger = Opgalli's husband), because they traced to Genoa with Ghents, are suspect with the Doria eagle. Huberts are suspect with the Hill crescent while Hubert-like Hoppers share the Plunkett tower. The Hopper gyronny is in half the colors of the McMaghan/Mathie gyronny. Hills were first found in the same place as Square's/Squire's sharing the Deck/Dagger squirrel. Repeat: "German Engers (same fleur as Fair-colored Farrs/Phars) even use two stars in Chief in both colors of the Angus (and Vere) stars..." Why do we think that Farrs/Phars share the maunch with TICKhills/Tickle's? Why do Hills share the tower of Plancia-line Plunketts? It looks as though Plancia's links to the namers of Ankara were merged with Julia Tyche.

As Julia was mother to Julia Polla, extremely traceable to Vespasia Polla, whom I trace to Pasi's, by what coincidence were the latter first found in Bologna with Magna's? Why do Pane's/Panico's/Panetta's of Bologna share the label with Plants/PlantaGENETs (i.e. the Plancia-Magna line)? It's not a coincidence that Irish Maghens use the three Plantagenet lions in pale in colors reversed. Plants/Plantagenets and Plantagenets were both first found in London while Londons / Lundys use gyronny too.

The Maghen motto links well, in this picture, to the Sichs/Sykes', a likely branch of Diss'/Dice's and Tickhills. One can glean the lake-Tatta Tattons in the Sich/Sykes write-up, tending to assure that Tickhills were from Julia Tyche (lake Tatta is near Derbe).

Note the "FESTina" motto term of Plunketts, for while John B Poindexter has been a leader in the Saint-Hubertus cult, the Poindexters/Pudesters (probably a Podesta branch), share the fist of Fists/Fausts. I have resolved to my satisfaction that the "esquire's helmet" in the Poindexter Crest is for the white-coney line of Esquers, now suspect with Eskers in the escarbuncle code. The finding of the white coney rabbit in the Poindexter Crest nailed John B Poindexter with the murder of judge Scalia. I feel that God showed me, without a doubt, that John Podesta was at least complicit with that murder.

It is fruitless for God to begin this revelation through what most would view as debatable or questionable evidence that I've presented, if He doesn't finish it off. I expect the exposure to become a horror to the criminals involved, but the task has got to be also about alerting His people on the timing of the times, and the Christian persecution thereof. The deck has been stacked against Christianity now that the joker is the president. This is not going to have a happy ending for Christians in support of Trump, at least not on this side of the rapture. The anti-Christs furious with a Trump presidency are blaming Christian activism, make no mistake about it. If I'm correct in labeling the CIA deep state as an American-Nazi-ized group of yahoos, can we imagine a ruthless stab at evangelical / Protestant Christianity with the vatican in favor? I can. And most Catholics are in the Democrat camp, justifying their fires of Hell. This is no small matter for people claiming the name of Christ for themselves who side socially with the anti-Christ Democrats. Expect some dirt to be found on the CIA, in due time, that grows into a media story not going away.

As French Plants (cabbages) are also Planque's, it was made apparent that Geoffrey Plantagenet was NOT named after a sprig of broom in his hat, as claimed by historians, but rather was a variation of those who created a Plancia-like surname developing into the Plunketts. The Genets, in Plunketts colors, use a Chief-Shield color combo colors reversed from that of Ghents, the latter first found in Hampshire with the Tiss'/Tyce's. Again, the latter use only a chevron, in the colors of the only-a-chevron Chimneys, and the ANTELope in the Chimney Crest is code for lines from ANTALya, smack beside Plancia's home in Perga. The Les Andelys location of the Tosni's comes to mind as a potential Antalya line, and Les Andelys is over by the Touques river suspect with TICKS/Tucks/Touque's. We're making too much sense not to be correct in the implications. Tosni's had their maunch (Tickhill symbol) in the Arms of Leicester.

Repeat from the last update, where I was on the Dossier-suspect Hose's/Ouse (Leicestershire): "The German Hauss' give their handles a different color, possibly to point out that A Scythes bloodline were kin of the Handle/Handell surname looking like a branch of Hands/Hants, which has made me realize, for the first time, that Hands/Hants (Hanna colors) use a version of the Cup/Colp Coat. And the Hose's/Ouse's are said to be from Handel-like Les Andelys! Beautiful."

The Tick/Tuck/Touque motto traces to Caria's Miletus, not very far from Antalya off to the other side of Caria. The Tick/Touque variation of Tolkien reminds that the Hobbit was a fictional creation from JJ Tolkien. The Ticks/Touque's are definitely Opgalli liners. She with her husband were grandparents of Plancia Magna? I am suddenly brought to the Plain variation of Platers (same place as Diss'/Dice's), as a possible Plancius line, for Plains/Platers (same place as same-colored Hobbits/Habbards) use the Chief-Shield colors of Ghents. We can even glean that the black Chief of Cabbage's ("angustis" and "forTIS" motto codes) is the Ghent / Plain/Plater Chief, especially as the latter share the same fleur-de-lys in that Chief. The Plunkett bend is that also of Hollys while Cabbage's use holly leaves.

The Cabbage Chief is comparable to that of Chesters, the latter first found in Derbyshire but very traceable to neighboring Chester, in/near to the first-known Huberts. The latter are using a version of the Sale Bend, while Sale's share the fleur of Plains/Platers and Cabbage's.

If you can follow all of this because you have the time and desire, it's an eye-opener. It's the history of the lines now ruling the planet just in time for God's judgment. God will speak to them, warning them, but they will go full-throttle ahead to Hell. Prophecy tells us. It's inconceivable to me that this history should go back to Israelites of the Maccabee-Herod fold (in Opgalli's husband) without also touching the bloodline of Annas and Caiaphas. There is not greater candidate for expressing "Illuminati." Jesus said to these types that, because they claim to see straight, their sins will not be forgiven. That is, even while they claim to have wisdom and insights, yet they reject God when he appears before their noses.

This discussion may have cleared up my vague understanding of the Plain variation of Platers. I now think, or at least will forward the theory, that Platers were not Plate liners inherently, unless Plate's were a corruption from "Plant." There is a Plater-like Planter surname listed with the English Plantagenets (share red rose with Magna's), and so let's repeat that the Plain/Plater Chief-Shield colors are looking a lot linkable to the same of Genets / Ghents.

The blue Magna fesse is split in half with a "gold bar" running across it, making the one fesse look like two, which are in the colors of the two Parr / Nissan fesses, and so tending to form the theory that Plancia's line was linked to that of Pharnaces and Nysa of the Pontus, whose line went to Nysa of Cappadocia. The latter person has already been traced without doubt to blue-fesse Sodans and Casano's/Cassandra's, but when we go to English Cassane's/Cassandra's (same place as Tiss'/Tyce's), they use three fesses in the same colors as Tiss'/Tyce chevron.

? The reason that the line of Julia Tyche connects excellently to Vespasia Polla is due to more than Julia Polla, Tyche's daughter. Plancia's husband, Tertullus, had a name like Tertulla, wife of Flavius Petro, father in-turn of Flavius Sabinus, the latter being husband to Vespasia Polla, mother of the dragon-line emperor who succeeded in destroying Jerusalem in 70 AD. We may even wonder whether the apostle Paul was murdered by the decree of Vespasian (regarded himself as God). It doesn't appear coincidental that the red Sabine bull is in the Crest of Hobbits/Habbards (flaunches suspect with "Plancia"), first found in Norfolk with Savona's/Sabine's (beside Plains/Platers), and the latter happen to use a version of the Plain/Plater Chief, with two white stars evoking the same of Angus' and Engers.

The Plate's (trace via Patterson/Cassane scallops to Sodans) happen to share the red leopard face with Antonys (Hobbit flaunches in colors reversed) while Tosni's of Les Andelys were the Toeni's/Tonys. Do you see it? Les Andelys was from Antalya elements, and Plains/Platers are now suspect as PLANcia = Planque = Plant(er) liners back to Perga's pagan stupids (Plancia's family officiated the ARTEMis cult). It's suggesting that the line of Marc Antony was injected into Plancia's line. German Antons use mallets while the Mallets (Suffolk, same as Plains/Platers) almost use the Plate scallops.

And Tosni's are known to descend from MALAhule (Hull liner?) while the sleeping-bag dream had me WALKing through a PARKING lot of a MALL as code for the Perga line to Parkings/Perkins (Leicestershire, yup). And we saw why Bags and Bagleys should apply to this very discussion on the Opgalli line. The Bagley-related Nagle's can be gleaned in the Sodan Coat (Devon, same place as Hope's), itself a good reflection of the Italian-Tony/Antony Coat.

Enter "Plater" and compare with Gallia's. Then notice that the label of Plants/Plantagenets is bendwise in the colors of the three Plater bends! Bingo. The paper plane on Obama's billiard table was code for the line of Plancia Magna. Yes, for the Plater write-up tells of a SOTTERley location in Suffolk, and when I sewered the paper plane into the corner pocket, it was code for Sewers/SUTERs. God doesn't make mistakes.

The WALKers happen to use a "Magna" motto term, and, can you believe it, the Walks/Wachs (Dumfries) share the same fleur as Parkings/Perkins!!! This is new right here. PLUS, as I walked into the parking lot as David Morley rode away, by what coincidence do Walks/Wachs use roughly the colors and format of Italian Maurels/Maurinis'?

The Walk/Wach Coat looks like a version of the Close Coat for a Walk trace to the Nith river's Closeburn location (Dumfries). The Close Coat has a spur, and Spurrs share the gold garb with Walks. Proof that Close's were of Closeburn is where Johnsons use a version of the Kilpatrick Coat (both share the cushions) along with a spur in Crest. As the Kilpatrick castle is at Closeburn, it recalls that I pegged the Coat of Scottish Walkers with that of Irish Kilpatricks, though I don't remember why. English Kilpatrick love the Sure's (Derbyshire) and Irish Kilpatricks had merged with the Shere's that I trace to Schere's/Scherfs (WILKens split-colors), the latter using a Shield close-enough to that of German Walkers.

Aha! The Parrican variation of the Irish Kilpatricks just caused me to enter "Parkan," and it gets the Parkings/Perkins (!) whose black lion is in the Kilpatrick/Parrican Crest! Bingo. I would not argue that Kilpatricks were a Perkin branch, but rather that they were merged (by marriage) so as to take on a Perkin-like variation. The Kilpatricks also show "Parogan."

As Plancia's Galatian connections can be suspect with the LAEVi Gauls, note that the Perkin / Kilpatrick lion is that of Jewish Levi's. Reminder: Scottish Kilpatricks share the cushion with Bibo's/Bible's, the latter suspect with the mother of LAEVillus. Plus, the Perkin lion in the Kilpatrick Crest has a "dexter paw" on the head of a green dragon, and while Kilpatricks share blood drops with green-dragon Lewis', I see the Llewellyn term in the Lewis write-up as one from Laevillus. That makes the Welsh Lewis' ("Patriae" = like "Patrick") suspect with an upright version of the Kilpatrick lion (in colors reversed)...which recalls that, when I entered the mall, after walking in the parking lot, I was on a platform beside a second one having both LOIUSE Phillips and Christine Peare. The Welsh Phillips ("patriae" again) share the giant Lewis/Louis lion in colors reversed. Is that not amazing?

As Irish Kilpatricks show Sheera-and-similar variations traceable to Saracens, the Kilpatrick Crest likely uses the Masci fleur, for Saracens were at the Massena theater while Messina's use a version of the Masci Coat. This explains why the Close Coat is the Macey Shield (but with the Patch and/or Burn horns thrown in, I reckon). Miss' Hicks was married to the late Mr. Kilpatrick, who had PARKINson's disease, as does a Masci relative of my mother. That's interesting for pegging the disease as a gene-based one.

Honestly, I do not ever recall linking Kilpatricks to Parkings/Perkins as has just happened, and so it's quite freakish to continue the discussion with Mr. Kilpatrick's Parkinson's disease. The Parkinsons are listed with Perkens, and as the latter love the Feathers, by what coincidence do Feathers use the Derby antelope head for a trace to Antalya, i.e. beside Plancia Magna at Perga? My walk through the parking lot (this was a dream, remember) is wholly responsible for the Perkin link to Walks (same place as Kilpatricks), which brought to mind an old trace of Walkers to Irish Kilpatricks, which discovered the Kilpatrick link to Perkins.

In the Miss-Hicks dream, her car was parked on a beach, and so let's add that Cars (same place as Parkinsons/Perkens) share a red-star version of the Parkinson/Perken Coat, can we believe it? It should be added that Peare's share three stars on a chevron with English Cars and Parkinsons/Perkens. Also, the latter two were first found in Lancashire with Close's, the ones with a Coat linkable to Walks, but I now see that the French Phillips use a good Coat reflection of the Macey-branch and dagger-sharing Mackays, who are from the Isle of Man, as are the first-known Christine's (Shaw cups?).

And zowie, I've just loaded the Platte's as per Platte River Networks, but also as per the PLATforms, to find that Platte's were likewise first found in Lancashire, and use another good reflection of the Mackay Coat (see the Macey Shield with Swans/Sions as per the swan of French Phillips). Platte's put three items on their chevron all in the three colors of the same of English Cars, and the blue Shield of Platte's makes the whole a reflection of the Irish Carr Coat.

The same chevron as Tiss' is used by Parchers/Parchments, who are in the "roll of parchment" in the Crest of Rolls, and Rollers/Rollesleys were first found in Derbyshire, making Parchments look very good for descent from Plancia Magna. The Rollers/Rollesleys may be using the Dart, and therefore the Sleep, fesse. Later, Rolls start to look like Rollo liners. The Roller/Rollesley scallops are those also of Sodans, first found in Devon with Darts. Rolls should link via Royals to Tintons / Tints / Tintagel, part of the Dart (= Dardanian-Ardiaei) people group. Tints were first found in Somerset with Parkers.

As the Atintanes were at Bullis/Byllis, it's not only notable that Rolls/Rowles' use billets, but one TurnBULL Coat is in the colors and format of the Roll/Rowles Coat, and, besides, the other Turnbull Coat is a bull-using version of the Tick/Tuck/Touque / Teague Coat. What a tychincidence.

The Turnbull motto, "I saved the KING," apparently reveals that the King / Kingston lion is in the Roll billets, a good theory because Kingston is in Yorkshire, where Rolls/Rowles' were first found. Moreover, the location, Kingston-upon-Hull, plays into this because the Hull Coat is a good reflection of one Turnbull Coat. Besides, the Hull-branch Halls were first found in Lincolnshire with Roll-beloved Parchers/Parchments. Kings were first found in Devon with the Darts suspect in the Roller/Rollesley fesse.

I've told the story before that I was ROLLER skating with Camille Brady (we were holding hands). The Parkers (more flaunches) include Camilla Parker Bowles!!! That looks like Camilla Parker Bullis, so to speak. And there is a Camile/Camel surname first found in Somerset with Parkers. Bowles' (compare with Swynfords), with almost the colors and format of Scottish Turnbulls, were first found in Lincolnshire. I held her HAND, recalling the Andelys area by the Touques river, and Bradys (hand pointing) were first found in Galway with Teague's.

As Mr. Swynford married Catherine Roet (Somerset), while Roets (Gord boar head) were from the Boofima cult, see the Turnbulls in the variations of the Beefs/Boeufs, first found in Imperia-suspect PeriGORD. I maintain that Roets are connectable to Royals (and therefore to the royal tents of Tintons) from their being at MontREUIL.

The red fleur-de-lys of Parkings/Perkins are shared by Gellone's/Gillings/Jellings, and the Gellone monastery was at HERAULT, while I shot the paper plane from the blue-ball area, while blue HERALDic roundels are called, HURTS. The HARALD/HERAULT/HURL/Herod surname is a branch, I think, of Herls/Hurls/Herrals who I think share a Coat version of Hurts. The Hurt Coat is a super reflection of the SOTTER/Suter Coat, you can't argue with the facts. God gave that Obama dream, not to me, but to you. He unfortunately used a slow cracker to get this revelation out, please forgive.

Houseofnames does not bring up the Plains/Platers when entering "Plater." I would probably never have found the Plain/Plater Coat had there not been a paper plane in the dream. If I had not found the Plain variation of Platers, the Sotterby location of Platers would have been meaningless for connecting Platers to the dream. The plane was SHOT and sewered as code for a Plater link to Suter / Shot/Shute liners. I have come to believe that God knows Peter STRzok to be a Suter liner because the paper plane was at first a page on the table, code for Lisa Page and Peter Strzok together.

By what coincidence were Jelling-like Jells/Gells at HOPton of Derbyshire? And the Hopkins (Oxfordshire, same as Hurts) use a reflection of the Hurt Coat (Arden/Ardin cinquefoils, likely). There's a good chance that a Gelling variation morphed into Clints/Clents (Yorkshire, same as Gellone's/Gellings), and the Clintons/Glintons (Oxfordshire) then came forth. I see Gellone's as a Julian / Gully/Golly branch. After walking through the mall parking lot, I was in the mall, on a PLATform, where I was put together with Christine Peare, relevant because Peare's were first found in Oxfordshire too. Apparently, Peare's (leopard faces would be red in colors reversed), according to the dream, were Plate / Plain/Plater kin.

I might now suggest that Plate's (Pilate colors) were from Pontius Pilate, then to "Plant" with a merger of a Pilate line with a Plancia line. Christine's share the cups of Pilotte's and Pellets, you see. On the platform, I pulled Christine by the waist, and Waistells/Wessels share use a blue-on-white bend.

Knowing now from the bendwise label of Plantagenets that Plantagenet liners use a blue-on-white bend, I can entertain the Knee bend, for Knee's are said to have been of Mirren, smacking of the Mire's/Mireux's (MERTle tree) of Anjou. And the Mertons/Murtons happen to use three bends in colors reversed. And Myrtons/Mittens/Muttons, first found in Salop with Sleeps and Bagleys, share a gold-horned ram's head in Crest with Bagleys. It therefore traces the sleeping-bag line to the Plantagenet Fulks...who sat on the throne of Templar Jerusalem.

The Rams (Ottone-VISconti kin), I failed to see in recent weeks, were in Suffolk's Breset, and the Brests/Brix's happen to use the Brick and Bagley lozenges! Excellent clue. It traces to Brest of Finistere, location of Morlaix, suspect with David Morley, who in the dream circled round the area where I picked up the sleeping bag up. I gleaned that French Maurels/Morels were of Morlaix, but then Italian Maurels/Maurinis' were first found in Milan with Gallia's (and Ottone Visconti), the ones having the Merton/Murton Coat exactly. As the plane went into the corner pocket, compare Corners/Garners with Maurels/Morals.

The fact is, Plancia's father, Marcus Plancius Varus, married Julia Iotapa (Joseph variation?), a daughter of Opgalli and Tigranes. But as Opgalli was a Galatian, it stands to reason that Julia Polla, herself from Galatians, was closely related to Opgalli. I had predicted that Joseph Caiaphas was a close relative of Opgalli and the Galatian, Julius Severus Bassus at a time when I didn't know that someone online makes Julia Polla Bassus' wife. At that early time, the theory was that Caiaphas and/or his sons escaped the invasion of Vespasian by betraying the Jews and making a money deal with the emperor. This theory comes from the Joseph name of Flavius Josephus, for he did in fact betray for protection under Vespasian. So, Josephus may have been Caiaphas' son or grandson.

The point is, there may not have been need of a money deal if Josephus was descended from Opgalli, if she was related to Julia Polla, for Vespasian's mother was Vespasia Polla. In other words, Joseph Caiaphas may have been related to Vespasian. The father of Julius Severus Bassus (one genealogy calls him, Gaius Julius Severus, Tribune of Legio VI Ferrata) is, apparently not known. according to Wikipedia, but the genealogy above makes him a son of Artemidoros. Was Caiaphas the father of Bassus? Did early historians eradicate all evidence of that thing? As I have it on my scratch pad, Opgalli was of age to be Bassus' sister. I sometimes get confused with relationships and dates, it's hard to keep track of in this area of unknowns. Opgalli was of age to be Caiaphas' daughter, sister or aunt, depending on when the two were born.

Herod Ancestry Like Historians Don't Know
Or Maybe they Did but Weren't Telling

If I understand the article below correctly, Opgalli may have been Julia of Chalcis, daughter of Herod Pollio of Chalcis. But why did someone come to that conclusion? Did he know that Opgalli was a Polla liner, and assume wrongly that her father was Mr. Pollio? Pollio's may have been Polla's, but that alone doesn't make Julia Polla Herod's daughter necessarily, though it certainly seems possible.

Herod of Chalcis was married secondly to Berenice Agrippa, and the latter was engaged to emperor Titus, Vespasian's son. Therefore, as Challis'/Chalice's (besants, symbol of Bassus') were first found in Herod-like HERTfordshire along with Titus', it appears that Challis'/Chalice's (compare with Herods/Haralds) were from Herod of Chalcis. Hertfords share the stag with Herts/Harts, and, I think, the red Hert/Hart stag can be gleaned in the Plant/Plantagenet Crest. By what coincidence do Scottish Herts/Harts use the saltire of Polla-line Pollocks?

Sometimes, Pollocks called their arrow a dart. The Darts are highly suspect with the fesse of Sleeps (Salop), and this looks linkable to the three fesses of Chalkers, in colors reversed to the two Sleep fesses. Plus, Chaucers, first found in Kent with Chalkers, use a bend that can be that of Jewish Pollocks. In other words, Chaucers and Chalkers look like they too were from Herod Pollio of Chalcis.

After I picked up the sleeping bag, I walked up the hill / slope / bank, onto the road. The Road was code for Roet / Road liners, and the sister of Catherine Roet married Mr. Chaucer of Kent. Catherine was herself married to John of Gaunt/Ghent, suspect with "PlantaGENET." John of Gaunt was the founder of the red Lancastrian rose, and Plants/Plantagenets do use the red rose. Note that Roads share the Child eagle, for Child's were first found in Hertfordshire.

While I was walking across the road, the biker who had circled the area of the sleeping bag rode back up the hill, driving away down the road from where he came. As he was David Morley, he connects to the Maurels/Maurinis' and therefore to the Morinis'. The latter are found in the write-up of the Deerings (Kent, same as Chaucers), important because his bike was suspect with Biks/Bicks/Bikers sharing the stag heads of Deerings. But, I now see, the Hertfords use the Deering stag heads too. It just so happens that Morinis' share two white fesses with both Sleeps and Challis'/Chalice's.

After walking on the road, I was in the parking lot, i.e. the line of Plancia Magna out of Perga. The reason that I clinched David Morley on the bike is that Morleys are listed with MAULs, and it just so happens that the split-Shield of Morleys/Mauls is that also of Chaucers, a new thing cooked up right here and now. Amazing. And David's share the bend of Chaucers. David's were first found in Cheshire with Marleys of Morlaix (suspect with Maurels, right?), as well as Malls/MARLYbone's...are you not impressed by God's dream?

The Arms of Hertfordshire (more stags) shares "fear not" with the motto of PeaCOCKs, and the latter may be using the Dart fesse because I've read that Peacocks are a Pollock sept. The question is: were Cocks a branch of Chaucers? The Cocks (Cornwall, beside the Darts) look to be sharing the Peacock / Dart fesse, but these Cocks happen to use the Bag Coat, can we believe it? This can actually trace Cocks to "Chalcis." The David bend-with-lion got suspect with Eitons/Eytons, first found in Salop with the Pollock patriarch, the Sleeps, and the Bagleys.

So, as it ends out, God gave the sleeping-bag dream in large part to trace certain key surnames to Herods and Plancia Magna.

As I said, I would not have known that Dave Morley had a bike had he not visited me 30 years ago) on it while I was renting at Marlin. Just look at that similarity, for Marlins/Marlands (beside Cheshire) use three wavy fesses colors reversed from the same of Chalkers. I ask you, why would God go through all the trouble to get me to live at Marlin, then get Dave a bike, and have him drop in, 30 years before He intended to convey what you are now reading?

As I've said, Dave had his new wife, Carol, riding on the back, and while Marlins were MARTLeys too, and because they use MARTLets, they were from Charles Martel, the founder of CAROLingians. Why would God go through all the trouble of having Dave marry Carol for verifying what He wants to convey to us today? Or, maybe, He only named her at birth, knowing they would be married one day. Carols can be gleaned with the lion of Kennedy-beloved Lafins/La Fonts in colors reversed. Italian Davids can be with the bends of Merits/Merais'/Mereys, likely from Merovingians (Carolingian ancestors).

We can now move on to the Doris/D'Orris surname, which shares the Pollock bend, waviness included. The first Herod was married to Doris. And while I resolved that Davids were from David I of Scotland, he was the son of Malcolm III, while Malcolms share the blue saltire with Coopers/Coppers, suspect with Cypros, Edomite mother of the first Herod. The red stag heads of Malcolms (DunKELD dynasty) are those of Pilate-liner CELTs/Colts/Cults (Perthshire), but aren't these the so-called "hart" stag of Herts/Harts? Apparently, yes.

Cypros was related to Aretas III of Petra, and Malcolms use an "Ardua petit" motto phrase, while Petits are suspect with Petts/Perts, the proposed namers of PERTHshire, where the mother of Pontius Pilate was born. The Columns are a Malcolm branch, and then Pelosi's/Pilati's use columns. Pilotte's and Pellets use cups while Cups are listed with Cooper-like Cope's (chevron in the colors of the Malcolm saltire). This creates a conflict for my derivation of Cope's / Copps (lived at Colp), whether from "Cypros" or the Kupa/COLAPis river, but the two options may have been themselves related.

Pilate's and Mont Pilate (PERDrix peak) were from Burgundy, where Loges' were first found who share the Cooper saltire in both colors. Fulk II of Anjou (in Angers) had Miss Loches for a mother, and Loches' were likewise first found in Burgundy, along with French Petits. It's now begging whether Perts/Petts, Petits, and Perdrix were named after Edom's Petra location of Herod's mother.

It just so happens that the Cooper/Copper Chief is a reflection of the Enger/Anger Chief. As we saw Anger / Nagle liners from Oneglia, that place was about 50 miles from Antibes, suspect with "Antipas," the surname of Archelaus' full brother. Oneglia was home to ARDUinici, which tends to explain "ardua" in the Malcolm and Column mottoes.

In the last update:

Colums/Callams substitute "petit" with "tendit." Tintons can be implied in that motto term, for they use "royal tents" while Roys use a "tendis" motto term. Royal variations suggest Reals. Spanish Reals/Reys share the castle of McLeods while Colums are said to have been strong with McLeods. French Reals use the colors and format of Pilate's, and were first found at Forez, to the near-west of Mont Pilate. We got here from the Colum motto. Isn't that interesting?

There's a link of the Malcolm royals to Tintons, Tintagel (birthplace of mythical king Arthur = Arduinici?), or the Atintanes at Bullis. This place was beside Aulon/AVLONa, the proto-Avalon, the mythical island where the myth-code animals placed king Arthur's death.

Why was one of Herod's sons, AristoBULUS? This was a Maccabee name from prior to Herod's birth, which I traced to Alexander balas, a Seleucid king who formed a political alliance with Jonathan Maccabee. As Wikipedia traces Seleucids to Epirus, it stands to reason that "Balas" is from "Bullis." Herod's son before Aristobulus was Alexander, both sons of Miriamne, a Maccabee. But Herod's first son was Antipater, and Bullis was beside Macedonia, where I trace "Antipater." Why do Bullis' use red roundels?

The Atintanes were at or near Antipatria/Antipater, and the first Herod's father was Antipater, whom I do trace very confidently to Antipatria. If you're familiar with my writings, you know the abundant proof for tracing the descent of PATTERsons/Cassane's from AntiPATRia...this suddenly makes the name of this place suspect with Petra's naming.

English Cassane's are Cassandra's too while king Cassander of Macedonia was the son of king Antipater. They predated Antipater, father of Herod, by more than two centuries, and can be connected where queen Nysa of Cappadocia is a known descendant of Cassander. Herod Archelaus received his surname from Glaphyra Archelaus, his wife, in Cappadocia.

Now, as I trace Italian Cassandra's/Casano's (Cooper colors) to the Sodans (Patterson scallops in colors reversed), who were a branch of the Sodhans of Ui MAINE in the Patterson/Cassane write-up, note that the stars on the fesse of Sodans (same place as Maine's), reflective of the Nagle fesse, are the stars on the same-colored saltire of Malcolms and Columns. The Cassandra's/Casano's use these stars but with six points. It's amazing how big the mouth of heraldry has become for me. It's as though God has taught me well for these discoveries. The more I learn, the more the big mouth opens wide.

The Patterson/Cassane scallops are in the white-on-blue colors of the same of Mars, first found in Burgundy. If the Patterson/Cassane scallops were in gold, the Chief would reflect the Cooper / Anger Chief, and the scallops would become those of MALLets. It makes "Malcolm" and/or "Malthace" suspect from/to Mallets. To put it another way, it's interesting that Archelaus' and Antipas' mother, MALthace, can explain "Malcolm" (I ignore the historian's derivation ("big head") for "Malcolm").

[Insert - Days after writing here, I got around to checking the Malta surname, suspecting "Malthace" to be a Malta entity, and found a column in the Malta Coat! The Malta's add a lion that is the Petit lion in colors reversed. I expect the Petits with Massins/Masons, from the Massena Numidians, and Malta faces Numidia. It's known that Meschins married a close relative of king Duncan, father of Malcolm III.

The Shawia Numidians are the line to Shaws, and while Schore's use another column, Nemo-beloved Shows/Schorrs show a Schaw variation. It tends to reveal Nemo's/Newmarsh's (Stirlingshire, beside Shaws) as a Numidian line. Why do NewMarsh-like Marshalls share the Colum / Malcolm saltire?

Note that Schere's share "ears of wheat" with the Stirlingshire Chappes'. The Schere description: "...three gold ears of wheat; 2nd, gold with a snake entwined around a STICK". There's your evidence that the Kyle candlesticks are code for the Sithech ancestry of Shaws/Seths. The Sticks call their garbs, "gold SHEAVES," while Shaws ("QUI") are also Sheaves'. The KEYs of Italian Sheaves' (Abruzzo) tends to link to Glaphyra-Archelaus lines of Clavers.

Malta is south of Sicily, and while Saracens were on southern Sicily, the Shere's/Shire's -- a branch of Scherfs/Schere's and looking like a Carrick line -- can be gleaned with a version of the Saracen Shield and Crest. I'm seeing the Saraca's (share a gold Shield with Shere's/Shire's). End insert]

Mallets are said to descend from earls of Mercia (Mar liners?), and then the flag of Mercia is the Malcolm saltire in colors reversed. The flag of Mercia is the saltire of Messeys/Messier's, first found in Burgundy with Pilate's and Fulk-related Loges' / Loches'. English Messier's were first found in Lincolnshire with cup-liner Pilotte's, tending to clinch Malcolm III with Pilate liners through the Mercians. Parkers, by the way, may be honoring a Mercia line in their motto.

The Pelle's (Lincolnshire too), suspect in the "Impelle" motto term of pelican-using Arthurs, use the pelican, and were first found in the same place as the Tailbois' that in-turn use the Patterson/Cassane Chief in red. Scottish Pattersons, first found beside Perthshire and Colp, as well as beside the earls of Mar, use pelicans. Emailer Patterson emailed me for a long while, sharing with me that her pet was called, COPPERchief. Now I know why. God must have planned for her emailing me. It seems clear enough that Pattersons/Cassane's (from Ui Maine) were related to the Pellicans, first found in Maine. The pelican-using Pulleys/Pullens/Pullers share the martlet of Josephs, first found in Maine. The French nobles in Maine are suspect.

Did we see the Plants/Plantagenets with the red Hert/Hart stag? It's shared by Kissane's'/Guissane's, who are in the Patterson write-up as a branch of Cassane's. Kissane's use a "nihil" motto code for the Nihill variation of Neils, and then the Malcolm saltire can be gleaned as the same of German Neils/Nails/NAGLE's (yup). Irish Neils share the estoiles of Colchesters because the Arms of Colchester uses nails (yup), and Colchester traces to the Colapis river with the Cups/Cope's of Colp (beside Perthshire). Loges-like Logans use a Herod-suspect heart pierced by nails.

The Colors/Kohlers/Koels, looking like Colchester liners, use a heart pierced by arrows, and it just so happens that I looked Colors up as per the Cloor variation of Herod-beloved Lure's (McLeod sept). The Loges-related Loches' share the cinquefoils of Gows/Gowans, who look linkable to the Herod/Herault fesse.

Colchester was once CAMULodunum (at the time of the first Herod's birth), and Pattersons/Cassane's use a CAMEL in Crest. Scottish Mars were first found in Yorkshire with Camulodunum liners. The York surname ("CUPias") even shares the Nail/Nagle / Malcolm saltire. It's also the saltire of Mars-suspect Marshalls.

As Herod's mother, Cypros, is suspect from "Cyprus," that was the island of Aphrodite's birth, and she was loved by PygMALion. Hmm. Aphrodite's main mythical mate was Ares, who supposedly evolved into mythical Mars, the Marsi of Abruzzo. Scottish Mars were first found in Yorkshire. Below, you will see the Cyprus link to Caracalla, who became the Roman emperor while in Yorkshire. Who did he mate with there? What surname(s) did he produce?

I've just found a Mallion/MALLYon/Malling surname using goats in the colors of the Mar / Ross lions, and they are colors reversed from the lion of Russells who in-turn use the Mallion goat as well as a black version of the Patterson/Cassane' Chief. It appears that Mallions are to be included in the Mar / Ross entities. Russells are suspect with the namers of Roslin, and Roslins share buckle's with French Mallets. Looking good. MELANsons use "rods" while Rods are from Rodez in the land of Russell-suspect Roussillon.

Scottish Mars almost use the double lions in pale of Bassus-suspect Base's/Baise's. As Bass'/Bassens were first found in Leicestershire with Dexaroi liners, the Bass/Bassen chevron can be the Cassandra/Cassane chevron. Bass'/Bassens are said to have possibly named Bass Isle in Haddington, beside Roslin.

I always trace Mallets to Melita, an island off the Elaphiti islands (Adriatic sea), the latter suspect with "Eliphas," the Edomite son of Esau. Melita (near Esau-like Issa) is in Dalmatia, where Caracalla stationed Julius Bassianus. While Bassianus' were proto-Bessins, note that MALahule of More was the ancestor to Ranulph le Meschin of the Bessin. Morleys/Mauls were first found in Yorkshire too, and Malls/Marlybone's were first found where Ranulph above ruled.

It could appear that Bassus' were merged with the Cyprus elements of the first Herod. David Morley, whose first name started this Malcolm investigation, was riding his bike up and down a road, and Rodez-likely Roads use the same spread eagle as Childs while king Childeric of the Marsi-suspect Merovingians married Basina, the Bassianus line to the Bessin. German Roets were first found in Thuringia, home of Basina.

The Melans use a BASket, perhaps indicating that Basques were Basina liners. I did trace Basques to a Miletian colony (Abkhazia) in Caucasia, and Melita looks like a Miletus line. In any case, BasKETs/BasKITTs (Kite / Kitt colors) share the leopard faces of Coopers/Coppers, what appears perfect for tracing Melans to Pygmalion of Cyprus. The Kidds (possibly a version of Patterson Chief) use an "ORBem" motto code for Orba, the alternative name of Olba at Kidd- / Kitt-like CETis/CITis. KITion is a location on Cyprus. The Suffolk Kidds even share white goats with Mallions/Mallings. Caens/Canns, from Caen in the Bessin, use a "CITIS: term buried in their motto. And Italian Tonys, of the Malahule > Tosni line, have flowers in the colors of the Cetis lilies. In this picture, the Cooper leopard faces can be of the Antony leopard face because Antipater of Herod was a supporter of Marc Antony.

The paragraph above is a strong indication that there were lines from Pygmalion, and the Piggs (Cheshire) might just apply who share the Swynford Coat while Mr. Swynford married Catherine Roet, from Rhodes, near Miletus. The Piggs and Swynfords (Leicestershire, same as Toeni's) can be using the Porcia boar, for Wikipedia once said that Porcius CATo (200 BC) had a childhood in Abruzzo, possibly with Marsi elements. Leicestershire was home to the first-known Dexters (compare with Pharnaces-liner Parrs and Nissans) that descended from the Dexaroi at Antipatria.

Repeat: "As Bass'/Bassens were first found in Leicestershire with Dexaroi liners, the Bass/Bassen chevron can be the Cassandra/Cassane chevron. Bass'/Bassens are said to have possibly named Bass Isle in Haddington, beside Roslin." Catti-suspect Haddington is where the Keiths were first found who are said to be from a Catti tribe. The Chatti of Hesse-Cassel are highly expected here, and Scottish Cassels (love the Avise's/Avisons = Avezzano liners) share the Bass/Bassen chevron and color-scheme format. In fact, Cassels share the Kennedy Coat while Kennedys were from the Kennati priests (of Ajax) in Olba. Yes, and the Kennedy chevron is known to be the Arms of Caracalla-line Carrick.

If that's not enough, German Cassels share three red chevrons with Cassandra's/Cassane's, making Germany's Cassel suspect as an Antipater > Cassander line through the Bassus' of Cetis. Severus Bassus lived in Akmonia, suspect with the As(s)man variation of Rasmussens, first found in Hesse...begging whether "Assman" is a Cass / Cashman/Kissane liner. The three Cassel chevrons are in both colors of the three Clare chevrons, and Clare's, a line from the Roslin Sinclairs, were first found in Suffolk with Bullis', the latter suspect with the bull of Claro's/Charo's (compare with the Pale/Paly Coat).

There is another Cashman surname (Dorset, same as Russells) listed with Casselmans, using the Herod/Herault fesse, as well as the same white goat as Russells. So, trace Russells to Roslin, and expect Cashman liners there with the Keith Catti. As Seatons/Sittens, kin of Nothings/Northens (in the Suty motto), were first found in the Haddington area, what about the "nothing" motto term of Cashmans/Casselmans? The Kissane's/Cashmans use "nothing" in the English translation of their motto, and this term is "nihil" in the Latin version.

Wikipedia once shared that a coin of Herod Archelaus had a feathered helmet, which I see as the symbol of Lyon-related Lannoys. But this symbol is also in the Cashman/Casselman Crest.

Note the Cooper colors of camel-using Pale's/Palys, and that they may be using the red lion of Sodans. Pale's/Palys are a big heraldic deal, for vertical bars were named after them. Multiple pale bars are sometimes called Pilate-like pallets. The Pallet/Pally surname shares the three black boars heads of Swynfords and Piggs, but in both colors of the Porcia boar. It appears that Cato liners named Cetis, or, to put it another way, Cato's were from the namers of Kition.

In the book of Enoch, the black boar is said to be the symbol of Edom, perfect. The Pallets were first found in Champagne, while the Arms of Champagne shares a bend in Cato- / Chatan-bend colors, and moreover the Champagne bend has a potent pattern, as does the bend of Avezzano's (looks like "Bessin"). AVEZzano, suspect with Vis, the alternative name of Esau-like Issa, is smack up at the Marsi theater, tending to clinch a Porcius-Cato link to the Marsi. Wikipedia changed the article to say that Cato owned land in Sabina, but then the Sabine-related Pullys/Pullens (from Vespasia Polla and Flavius Sabinus) use the Cato bend too. It is a fact that nobles of Champagne married rulers of Avezzano-line Avesnes (Artois). Roets were from Rieti, home of Flavius Sabinus, no guff. Roets share the book with Reeds/Rieds who in-turn bring us back to that red stag.

Sweens/Swine's (Savona/Sabine branch?) share black boars with Swynfords, but in both colors of the Porcia boar, a great reason to view "Swine" as a Savona/Sabine / Safini variation. Savone's/Saffins (with n 'e') were first found in the same place as English Roets. French Sabina's/Savards use the besants and Coat of Hope's, the latter first found beside the Savone's/Saffins. The latter share the stars of Sodans, who are also SOWdens, now suspect from Sween / Swynford liners.

Sweens have a fesse colors reversed from the Herod/Herault fesse. The lizard on the Sween fesse can play to the lizard of Kissane's (probably the Hart stag). The LazARDs/LizARTs (Can pale bars?) might be Hart liners, therefore. The Sarde variation of Lizarts may indicate Sardinia, where Avezzano's were first found. The Sauvage's of Champagne use a heart.

The Pelle's put a gold pelican in both their canton and in their "wreath," while Wreaths can be gleaned with a form of the Washington Coat, itself a colors-reversed version of the Canton Coat. Cantons are said to have been from GAMLeton of Yorkshire, and the myth stupids had king Cole of Colchester also in Yorkshire...probably for the Gamleton connection to Camulodunum. Gamel-liner Gamble's were first found in Yorkshire.

Proto-Washington Wassa's/Gace's (at Gace, in the area of the Tosni's of Les Andelys) call their canton a "square," and their "two sets of double red horizontal bars" are not rarely called, bars GEMEL. The Gemel surname uses Herod-suspect hearts. The Irish Heart/Hart/McArt surname (Irish-Arthur colors) uses a "ForTIS" motto term while Gemels can be using the fesse of Tiss'/Tyce's, first found in Hampshire with the Cassandra's/Cassane's who use three of the Tiss / Gemel chevrons. As Tyce's are suspect from Julia Tyche, mother of Julia Polla, note that Scottish Hearts/Herts/Harts use the Pollock saltire.

The GAMton variation of Cantons suggests the Game's/Cams, from the Cam river near Colchester. The Cam has a source near HERTford. It's hard to say whether Cantons were purely Camulodunum liners, or something else (Gaunts?) but merged with the Cam branch of Camulodunum's royals / nobles.

The Washingtons share the double fesses of Ness'/Nessans, from queen Nysa, a descendant of Cassander and therefore suspect with the first Herod's birth. That is, Nysa was probably related to Antipater (a couple of generations after Nysa), father of Herod.

Prior to knowing Nysa, I had suspected that Pontius Pilate was named after the Pontus, and here we can add that Nysa's father was king Pharnaces of the Pontus. There was also a king Polemon of the Pontus that may have been the reason for Julia Polla.

At one time, the Herod/Harald/Herault/Hurl Coat did not have the same gold fesse now showing. Instead, the fesse did not reach the sides of the Shield. You can see a chevron like this in one of the Cooper/Copper Coats. This feature is sometimes called, "couped" (shortened), and so due to the use of a shortened fesse of Herods/Haralds, it stands to reason that Coopers/Coppers were form Cypros of Herod.

Her name smacks of Cyprus, an island off the coast from Cetis. The latter location, ruled by the Bassus line to Bassianus', is at Olba, and I have seen a coin from emperor Caracalla (200 AD) with Olba honored upon it. This is more than interesting where Caracalla's grandfather (Julius Bassianus) was the nephew of Julius Agrippa (i.e. a Herod-Agrippa suspect). Caracalla's birth name was Aurelius, while the Aurelia surname is suspect with Orells and Ore's, both of whom share red roundels, the color of Edomites, with ORLeans'There is a good question on whether the Doris' merged with Ore liners to form their D'Orris variation. In any case, the Orleans' use green-on-white fesses in colors reversed to the Challis'/Chalice's, suspect from Herod of Chalcis, husband of Berenice Agrippa. It looks perfect for tracing the Herods of Chalcis and Agrippa's to Caracalla's mother (Julia Domna Bassianus).

It's a little interesting that while Herod liners are linking hard to Russells, the latter were first found in Doris-like DORSet with Herod-likely Cashmans/Casselmans and the Baskets who share the Cooper/Copper leopard faces. Baskets are taken from the Basket of Challis-colored Melans, now tracing well of Pygmalion elements at Cyprus. It's suggesting that Pygmalion elements enter the line at Cypros of Herod. Herods/Heraults are a known sept of McLeods, and the latter share the castle of German Cassels, to be gleaned in the Cato/Chattan and Chatan Coats.

And while besants are the symbol of the Bassus > Bassianus line, there are besant roundels on the Challis/Chalice Shield acting as a fesse, making the besants like the gold-on-green fesse of Herods/Heralds/Heraults. Meanwhile, Herault is at or beside SEPTimania, itself at/beside Comminges, where Herod Antipas was banished. Septimania is suspect from Severus Septimius, Caracalla's father, whose name is like that of Julius Severus Bassus, the latter being the proposed brother of Julia Polla, and son of Julia Tyche, the latter suspect with the Cassandra/Cassane chevron i.e. from the Antipater > Cassander > Nysa line.

I'd like to know why the Septon surname (same place as Orells), looking like kin of Orells, use chaplets while CHAPlets share the black-on-gold swan with the French Josephs? Why are there five such swans as if to indicate Quintus CAEPio? Why do Severus-liner Saffers use five falcons. The "VITA" motto term of English Saffers is the clincher for a Saffer trace to Severus Bassus and/or Severus Septimius, for Julius AVITus was husband to Julia Bassianus, the sister of Caracalla's mother.

There is an Aurelia surname sharing the Mallet scallop, and possibly the stars in the Kidd Chief. That makes sense because Kidds are suspect with a motto term for Orba/Olba. The Aurelia-Chief stars are almost the Julian-Chief stars, which speaks to Aurelia Cotta (mother of Julius Caesar) in the ancestry of Caracalla.

Here's Wikipedia's article of Antipater:

Antipater I the Idumaean (...died 43 BC) was the founder of the Herodian Dynasty and father of Herod the Great. According to Josephus, he was the son of Antipas I and had formerly held that name.

As "Anti" is a prefix, "AntiPAS" appears rooted in Pasi's, the surname I trace to "VesPASia" Polla. It could be that Antipas changed his name to Antipater in honor of Antipater of Macedonia, if, for example, his wife was from the Antipater > Nysa line. Antipater had a son, PHASaelus, which makes it look like his family could possibly have named, CaiaPHAS. Antipater had another son, Joseph. His daughter, Salome, seems of the Salamis location on Cyprus. Mythically, Salamis was of Teucer, part of the Ajax cult that was worshiped at Cetis.

The Pasi's are also Pace's while the Cheshire Pace's use besants, which signals the Bassus line through the Meschin family of the Bessin. The Piggs, now tracing to Pygmalion, suspect with Antipater's Cyprian roots, use a purple Crest while Pace's use a purple Shield. Cheshire's share a purple Crest, and it's a hawk's lure (could be a version of the heraldic barnacle), the symbol also of Herods/Heraults.

Pasi's can be suspect with Pasleys/Paisleys because Polla-line Pollocks, and the Pasi-related Spears, were first found in and around Paisley. But then the Base's/BAISE's look like they can be Paisley branch. Recalling that Bass'/Bassens are suspect with the Tiss / Cassandra/Cassane chevron, by what coincidence do Paisleys use THIStles. Thistle's/Thissels (almost the Pilate pheon) can be a branch of Tissels/Twizels, the latter using weasels as possible code for Wessels/Waistels, suspect from Vestalis, son of king Cottius of the Cotta-related Cottians. In fact, Wessels/Waistells share three gold items on a blue bend with Thistle's/Thissels.

So, if Pasi's were Bassus liners -- since, after all, Severus Bassus is said to be the brother of Julia Polla -- then the father of the first Herod looks like his Antipas name was from a Bassus branch to Pasi's. The Rollo's (Perthshire, home of the mother of Pontus-suspect Pontius Pilate), in Thistle colors, use a "passe par tout" motto phrase suspect with Parrs, the line of Pharnaces of the Pontus, father of Nysa of Cappadocia. The Rollo boar heads are those of Spears in colors reversed, and the latter share the crossed spears of Pasi's/Pace's. The black boar in the Rollo Crest is an Edomite symbol, and the "tout" motto term is shared by Oliphants (same place as Rollo's), suspect from the Edomite, Eliphas.

Parrs are said to have officiated at a Lancashire church by the name of Eliphas-like Elphin. The Saraca's of Dalmatia, at Ragusa, smack beside the Elaphiti islands, used a blue fesse, the color of the Parr fesses. Ragusa is near the Neretva river of the Ardiaei Illyrians, who had a queen Teuta suspect with the "tout" motto term of Oliphants (same crescent as Touts) and Saraca-colored Rollo's.

The Rollo chevron is blue, as are the two Dexter chevrons suspect with the same-colored, double Parr fesses. The Dexter chevrons are colors reversed from the one of German Rolls, a good reason to decipher Rolls and Royals / Roys with Rollo liner. Scottish Roys (red roundels, symbol of the Aurelia liners) share the lion of German Rolls, and English Roys have a bend colors reversed from the Thistle bend. Scottish Roys were first found in Lanarkshire, near Paisley. Scottish Roys use a "TENDis" motto code, possibly for Diss / Tiss liners too.

The Yorkshire Rolls (billets, of red-roundel Bullis') look to be using the Carrick dancette, suggesting that Caracalla (Aurelius) in Yorkshire produced the Rolls. Bullis/Byllis was at the land of ATINTanes, and Tintons use ROYAL tents as code for Royals/Roille's. The Tints were first found in the same place as weasel-like Wissels. Roiss' are listed both with Roys and Scottish Rose's (share boar head with Rollo's), suggesting the possibility that Rose's are Sinclair-of-Roslin liners (Rollo's treaty with France was named after Sinclairs).

Rose's/Roiss' use "water bougets" while WATERs (Essex, same as same-colored Passe's/Pascals), suspect with QUADRatus Bassus at Cetis, share the three Cassandra/Cassane chevrons in both colors, which are red, the colors of the three chevrons of Clare's (same place as Bullis'/Bulliards) be gleaned in the Coat of German Cassels. The Rose/Roiss boar head is in both colors of the boar head of Watters'/Wattis'/Walters (needs the 's' to come up). The latter are said to have been in THISTLEton (Lancashire, same as Parrs). They are said to have been in Weeton, and Weetons (Water colors) share the double Ness/Nessan fesses, parrfect.

The Passe's expected in the Rollo motto with Parrs are listed with Pascals while Pasi's/Pace's are also Pascels. The Parr and Passe/Pascal Crests share a person dressed in blue. The Passe/Pascal cross is that also of Haddingtons while Roslin is beside Haddington. We're back to the Keith-Catti of Hesse-Cassel.

Rose's/Roiss' are said to have has a Ros location in the Bessin. As the Rollo boar heads are those of Roets in colors reversed, note that German Roets and Talls/Thalls (share bees with Bessins) were both first found in Thuringia with proto-Bessin Basina. The Roy motto term, "tendis," is like the "tendit" of Bookers, the latter suspect with the Roet-beloved Books. Bookers can thus be with the green eagle of Henrys for a Roet-circle trace to Henry of RODez. Bookers use a column-like "coelum" motto term while Colums share "tendit" with Bookers. Nailed!

The Saraca's (fish symbol) at Ragusa were in the Daorsi theater, which people group went by mythical Doris, mother of the Nereids (fish-depicted peoples) that I see with the naming of the Neretva river, home of Daorsi. And the Doris'/D'Orris' share a black border with Parrs who in turn share a blue fesse with the Arms of Saraca (Scott-bend colors). The key here seems to be that Caracalla's name was related to "Saraca," and his descent from Bassus' brought Pharnaces-Nysa blood to Saraca's. Wikipedia says that Saraca's were first at Kotor, near Parr-like Bar at Scott-suspect lake Scodra. The "Fortuna" motto term of Rollo's traces with Lady Fortune of the Klassens to the Clausula river, which ends up in lake Scodra. Klassens likely named GlasGOW, at Paisley. Scottish Gows/Gowans use another thistle and another boar head ("...a gold boar's head COUPed...". It just so happens that the boar head is with fleur-de-lys all in the colors of the fleured fesse of Herods/Heraults (Argyllshire).

Irish Gows/Gowans use a dagger for Dexaroi liners to Clausula-suspect Closeburn, location of the castle of dagger-using KilPATRicks, from AntiPATRia. This castle was/is on the Nith river. Scottish Gows/Gowans are said to have been at NITHsfield. The Nith was home to the Geds, and Geds happen to share the white-on-blue fish with Saraca's, and, moreover, the Geds evolved into the Rose-related Geddes (more fish) that must have been from the Geta name in Caracalla's north-African ancestry (his father's side). His brother, whom he murdered, was Geta. Gows/Gowans were first found in InverNESS, named after the Ness river. Nysincidence? It looks like Nysa liners even named the Nith.

The Arms of Carrick, often shown as a chevron alone, in the colors of the chevron-alone of Tiss'/Tyce's, is in the colors of the Ness fesses. Sometimes, the Carrick chevron is shown with fitchees around it. And "Carrick" is very traceable with Kennedys (use the Arms of Carrick with fitchees thrown in) to "Charax," the surname of Quadratilla Bassus' son (Proculus). Therefore, this assures that Caracalla (his nickname) used that nickname in honor of Charax liners to his mother and/or father. It makes perfect sense. Again, the Tiss/Tyce chevron is shared by Bass'/Bassens (looks linkable to Gore's, a branch of Gowers).

Gowers use a motto term suspect with Flags/Flecks (share double fesses with Ness') while Kennedy-related Cassels (the Cassander line to Nysa, we assume) use the castle of flag-using McLeods. The latter were first found in Skye and LEWIS, and I do believe that Lewis' ("PATRIAe"), said to be of "LLEWELlyn," are from "Laevillus," Quadratilla's husband. One Lewis Coat uses drops for a trace with Drops/Trope's (drops) to Tropoje, at the mouth of the river on which we find AntiPATRIA. That's no lewincidence.

"Skye" could be a Sich/Sykes line and therefore a branch of Tiss-suspect Diss'/Dice's. Sykes' share the CASS/CASH / Kiss/Cush / WATERford Coat, and Kiss'/Cush's are suspect with the red rooster of Bibo's/Bible's (CUSHion, symbol also of drop-using KilPATRicks), that surname, I think, being from the Vibius surname of Vibia, Laevillus' mother.

Scotts use the Catherine wheel of Roets, potential Rodez liners, and then the Rods (said to be from Herod-like Hrods) from Rodez share the trefoil with Saraca-likely Sharks (and Rocks). The treFOIL is code for RoqueFEUIL liners, which include Fallis' and Fellers, and so why not Phale's? The latter were likewise first found in Inverness, and use the fesse of Carricks / Rolls/Rowles'. I looked Phale's (branch of Velis') up after looking up the Phelans as per Phalion, the brother of Antipater of Herod.

The Scott fesse with symbols is all in the colors of the same of Thistle's while Thistleton is in Lancashire, where Parrs were first found. Lancashire is also where Aurelia-likely Orells were first found, and perhaps Orells were, along with Doris'/D'Orris', a line from Daorsi. The first Orell-branch Ore's were at the theater of thistle-using Paisley. Recall that the Aurelia Chief shares the stars in the Kidd Chief, for the latter's is a reflection of the Paisley Chief, itself using white roses, the symbol of the York counterpart of the red Lancastrian rose. We can assume that the Paisley roses are for the Rose's/Roiss', which we saw linkable to Parr-loving Rollo's. We can ask whether the York rose is a Caracalla line, from whoever he slept with in York. The Paisley chevron is that also of German Rolls.

Did you notice the besants on the Carrick fesse as used by English Rolls/Rowles'? The Yorks use a central besant, and there are more besants with Payen-beloved Rowells/Rosewells/Rothwells.

The Dud-Nuclear False Flag in Hawaii

How many times, so far as you can remember, has a man, manning incoming missiles from foreign enemies, accidentally pressed the button that alerts the public to an in-coming missile? It's never happened, has it? Why not? Because, such a button would have preventive means to keep a man from accidentally pressing it. It would have a sound alarm, for example, that alerts anyone in the room, and probably outside the room, that the button has been pressed. And, when the button is pressed, people find out immediately about it. You can't press the button while nobody else knows about it. The other people will then call down to the man / men manning the button, asking what exactly is going on. The public sirens and warnings are not going to go off/out due solely to a pressing of the button.

The way that the news media explained it this week, echoing the governor, a man accidentally pressed the missile-alert button when changing shifts, instead of pressing the other button that he routinely presses when changing shifts. Only a dope would believe this story. Are we to imagine that the button he presses every day is right next to the missile-alert button? The military cannot be so irresponsible as to locate the two buttons anywhere near to one another.

So what really happened? There are two options: 1) The Americans decided to go ahead with a feigned nuclear attack, blaming it on Korea, but something went wrong, and it had to be canceled; 2) the Koreans shot a missile toward Hawaii, the Americans shot it down, but decided not to tell the public, lying instead. A third option: the deep state was so in troubled water this past week that it wanted to create a news story that would detract from deep-state news.

If ever someone accidentally pressed this hot button, over the past, say 50 years, do we expect by chance it in Hawaii at the very time that news reports are conditioning the public about a Korean attack on Hawaii? And why has the shadow government been so-conditioning the public, making people feel that Korea really might send in a missile? Anyone with sense knows that Korea would never send in a missile. The Korean president may be bold, and he likes to play with Americans, but he's not crazy. It's the CIA that wants the world to think that he's a whacko.

Fat-fingered? "The full-scale alarm was broadcast when the fat-fingered Hawaii Emergency Management Agency (EMA) employee made the shocking mistake during a shift handover drill at 8.07am." This must be a drill by the shadow government to see how gullible the American people are?

"Governor Ige confirmed as much when he spoke to CNN later in the morning. 'It was a mistake made during a standard procedure at the change over of a shift, and an employee pushed the wrong button,' he said". Two goon-like men stood behind the governor as he spoke this lie...that the goons demanded of him.

The White House sent out the message that Hawaii was conducting a drill. That's not the story told by the governor, and so we may assume that the military sat down and discussed exactly how to tailor their story for public dissemination. And that's the story they told Trump, and the president comes across as though he believes the story, way too fast.

When I saw two men on video trying to get a girl down into a rain-sewer hole on the street, I immediately thought child-abduction. The manner of the two men did not appear correct under the circumstance of their truly believing that a nuclear strike was imminent. They appeared more concerned with keeping the child calm enough to trust them into going down the sewer. The kid did not want to go down. The news reports are telling that parents were putting their children (plural) down these sewer holes, but I have seen only one video, always the same one, no proof that parents were doing this at all. In this video, one man is white, and the other is black, and maybe neither one is the father. So far as one can tell by the video, no one else was yet down the sewer, no adult, that is. It's of no wonder why the child says she doesn't want to go in there (some videos do not include the sound track, why not?), if she's the first one in. Why are we not shown more of this video? Why does it stop while the girl only begins to go down? Why does the black man who push-escorted her to the hole walk away as soon as she starts to go down? A father wouldn't do that.

Does my sewer on Obama's billiard table have to do with this girl-in-sewer shot? Is this false-missile story part of an Obama-supported plot? There are several options on scenario 1) above. The Americans could have sent in a missile with the intention of hitting ocean water only, as pretence to start a war against Korea, but the plot had to be called off due to a dud missile, or to an act of God to thwart the project, or for any number of reasons. Or, the plot may have been to explode a small missile on the island, and in the meantime, the child-abduction rings had planned to use the chaos to their advantage, similar to reports in Haiti. As far-fetched as that sounds to the naive, it's more credible than the official story. For me, I am aware at how evil the shadow government is. They could do exactly what I portray here.

I don't have much more to say on the Hawaii matter because there isn't much news out yet. I could talk about Julian Assange's latest tweet that is solely a single shot of a chess game (in mid-progress) from 1918 where the black side is on the attack, but loses the game. The player of the black pieces was Frank James Marshall, who evokes Frank Marshall Davis, who some think was Obama's true father. Whatever Assange intended to convey by this chess shot, the video below includes attack planes, according to the youtube owner, which seems to parallel Julian's Paper Planes tweet of a week or two ago.

The video producer does a terrible job explaining things. I cannot understand why the coded message he speaks of, which is from Julian's Paper-Planes tweet, leads to a picture of, or in, a theater. The producer doesn't explain, so that explains why I can't understand it. Nor do I understand why the attack planes necessarily play to Assange's tweets. I'm not sure what that part of the story is, but I will repeat the event that I think God gave us, where I was impressed with the beautiful knees of Miss Hicks as she stood in a store on a Leakey road on the first anniversary of 9-11. We were both at a church event that night, a memorial to 9-11, and I was sitting beside her. Verification that this was an act of God included the heraldic similarity between the Knee and Leak/Leakey Coats, with Leaks/Leakeys (same place as Hicks) using the Hicks fleur-de-lys, and a leg bent at the knee in Crest...same as the Hose's suspect with the D'Hoser variation of the Dossier surname.

Although I believe that the attack planes on 9-11 were only in the (doctored) news pictures, but not really crashed into the towers, perhaps the paper planes in the Obama dream relate to some new false-flag with real attack planes, probably operated remotely by the CIA. The point is, I came to resolve that the Knee-Leak surname combination was partly a Revelation that WikiLeaks will be involved, in whatever God wants to expose. This was months ago, and here I am faced with his Paper-Planes tweet.

It is a fact I remember well that, while explaining the Obama dream (to my amazement) in the beginning days (back in February of 2017), I started to see that it linked to a 1979 dream that I thought had Miss Hicks in it. In that dream, I was told by a voice, that I took as God's, to wake up the woman before me, and as I went to do so, my hand brushed against her knee. In 1996, I was entertaining Miss Hicks as the woman in that dream, but I did not see her again until early 2002, when I changed churches and she happened to be going there. I had not been impressed by her knees at any time, while seeing her routinely at church, until the night of 9-11, 2002. As I said, we sat beside one another at the memorial, and when it was over, she left. There should have been no chance for me to see her beautiful knees. But after I helped put away some of the music equipment, I left too, and stopped at the store, where I spotted her knees, and they impressed me. Why did it happen at that moment, on the Leakey road?

To better clinch the event as one orchestrated by God, Stanley sat beside her momentarily after I got up, and Stanleys (share stag head with Knee's) use the Knee bend too.

I've now got to believe that WikiLeaks, or God through Julian Assange, or perhaps some other leaker, will have something to do with exposing the perpetrators of 9-11. When I asked what the Assange surname may be a variation of, I thought that, perhaps the Sangs/Singers, which may explain why Miss Hicks sang two songs on stage at the memorial. I personally was responsible for the second song.

In a January-13 article, RT says: "Last week the Ecuadorian Embassy in London confirmed to that the WikiLeaks founder was still in the building"


For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God

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