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January 1 - 8, 2018

Devin Nunes Clinched as God's Raider Instrument, I Feel Sure
The Real Meaning of the Great Seal of the United States
Do Not Miss the Perkins-Coie Billiard Ball, Late in the Update.
You Must Read Further Yet, to the Perkin Lot, or Poorer Be You

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Here's a headline at Drudge: "Woman run over by own car trying to escape cat attack..." Matt Drudge is laughing his head off.

On the first day of this update, January 1, without having yet said anything as per the news, I came across a January-1 offering (3:01 am Eastern Time; 10:01 pm his time) by the WikiLeaks founder, in which he offers the world a song (nauseates me), celebrating crime. The song is called "Paper Planes" by M.I.A:

I don't think Julian likes the singer, as she's just a young girl, and I can't imagine that this music is his style. But there are paper airplanes in the song's video production, and pistol shots throughout as part of the music. I'm just wondering whether Julian Assange has been reading about the paper airplane I made, on Obama's billiard table, in a dream I had from God, which I've been talking about all-year long, and for weeks in a row to this point, in previous Iraq Updates. I had the dream in the first week of February, 2017, where I wrote this:

Last night, I had a dream. I was in a billiard hall owned by Obama, and when it came time for me to shoot the cue ball, it was a piece of paper on the table. There was a ball at the other end on the table, next to the pocket, an easy shot, but I knew there was no way I could shoot a piece of paper flat on the table, so I made it into a paper airplane, and when I shot it, it went straight alright, but it missed the ball and went straight into the pocket...

There was more to this longish dream, including verification that God gave it to someone. Yes, he gave it to me, so that I could work to decipher it, but He must have provided it for someone else, or something else. I can't imagine God giving a dream about Obama's affairs just for my personal gratification, especially as I find no gratification in Obama.

Ok, Assange is not reading me. Let's instead consider the possibility that God gave me the Obama dream to link to this Assange offering above. What for? Along with the song, he released another cryptic code.

The songs starts off, "I fly like paper, get high like planes, you can't catch me at the border, I got [illegal] visa's in my name." The first stanza is on illegal immigration. She doesn't mention paper airplanes, nor use the word, "plane," again in the song. It makes no sense to give the song that name. The lyrics are garbage, a song about a criminal lifestyle. There's no hint that the song's producers are opposed to crime. There's arrogance in the feel of the song. There's no way Assange was offering this as a gift to his followers. Whatever he's up to with this offering, I would like to know, and, maybe we shall find out soon.

Apparently, the singer is or was a WikiLeaks supporter, but the song is not in line with his image, or the image he seeks to cultivate as an anti-crime fighter. The lyrics are here; there's nothing that makes sense, nothing that grabs hold of any particular theme, except crime. I can't see how the lyrics can be anything that WikiLeaks would want to unleash for any of its purposes. Therefore, I'm driven to think that it's the title Julian's interested in passing on.

Or, since he released this at almost midnight, new year's eve, maybe he was just drunk. It explains all the typos in his only message: "fb4e568623b5f8cf7e932e6ba7eddc0db9f42a712718f488bdc0bf880dd3"

None of the letters are past the 'f'. He uses only a, b, c, d, e, f. This can suggest that he's indicating paragraphs, the kind having laws, for example, with sections and sub-sections. And the crime song may be his way of sending this code to those who broke the laws he's indicating. The first "fb" may be to say, this if for you, FBI. I know you broke such-and-such laws. The problem is, the code doesn't look like paragraph numbers only, nor paragraph numbers mixed in with page numbers. I can't think of any other reason for using only the first six letters of the alphabet, however. Perhaps Julian knows that the FBI uses such codes where some of the characters are to be ignored, taken out of the code, used initially only to confuse those for which the code is not intended.

In my 4th update of December, with my news stories ending on the 26th, I mentioned Cramers not knowing about the developing scandal with John McCain and David Cramer. I had said: "German Cramers were first found in Bavaria with Zerrs/Zehrers, and use a ram while Rams (rams in the colors and format of Carrs) and Crams/Cromps share the same chevron." My only purpose there was to serve evidence that Cramers were from Creme or Cremona down the Serio river. I started to treat the ram-using Bagleys later in that update, and again in the 5th update in December. I'm trying to figure out whether this situation was set up by God to point to David Cramer.

With the Dossier/D'Hosier surname new to me, and suspect as a branch of the Hose surname, I said:

As the Cheshire Bagleys are said to have given a title to Leghs, it evokes the legs in the Coat of Os(born)-like Hose's/Ouse's. Recalling that Hose's traced not-bad to the Aous river beside Fier county, by what coincidence is "fieri" in the Ram motto while Rams and Bagleys share the ram head? Suddenly, the sleeping bag connects to the Dossier, especially as the Cheshire Steels are said to descend from Bigot (Biks?!) de Loges (leg line) while Osberts are said to have held a fief from earl Bigot.

If that's hard for you to follow, let me do the hard work, I'm accustomed to this sort of thing. That quote can be appreciated only by those who've been following my work. I can't re-explain it all for new readers. New readers can see "Dossier" as a surname in the 4th update of December. In short, the quote predicts that the Steel-dossier scandal links to the sleeping-bag dream as well as to the Obama dream with my sewering the paper airplane.

It was shortly after introducing the Dossier surname that I included this:

Hours after writing here, Hoss'/Hausers/Howsers were loaded to find them using just a giant fleur in the colors of the Corner fleur!! Can we believe it? It was already established that I shot the BattiSTELLI page [paper plane] into CORNER pocket as code for Strzok's involvement with the Steele dossier, and here a Hauser surname, like the Hausier variation of Dossier's, comes up big with the Corner fleur.

This was exciting because it dawned on me that God may have, perhaps, arranged the Obama dream in such a way as to fit the Dossier surname into what was already deciphered about the dream. The plane started as a flat PAGE on the table, and it was there as the cue ball. I turned it into a plane so that I could shoot it with my cue, but sewered it with a rifle (fast and straight) shot. God assured, with the rest of the dream, that Sewers/Suters/Suits were indeed central to the sewer. Recently, when realizing that it's impossible for God to convey a STRzok surname to me with any item I know of, I assume he used the SUTER surname in conjunction with the page because Strzok's scandal (said to have involved the dossier) was with Lisa PAGE. That's why a Dossier-related surname using a symbol of the Corners justifies an exclamation mark.

That find came hours after a few exclamation marks came out of me upon loading the Dossier surname for the first time, and finding it sharing the split Shield of Morleys/Mauls. This relates to the sleeping bag dream, which caused me to arrive to Ram-using Bagleys, but not until the same update that had the Cramer ram. For the moment, the sleeping-bag dream can now be suspect with the McCain-Cramer scandal, in other words. This scandal happens to involve the dossier. Here's the story on Fox, in a youtube video out on December 27th:

The jerks at Fox news, and all the major media, fail to put dates on their television screens, deliberately, because, I assume, they make more money by having youtube viewers guessing whether it's new or old news. I now need to go fish for the date that Nunes' subpoena came out to Cramer, because it looks well timed with my mention of Cramers roughly midway between the 19th and 26th.

As you can see, David Cramer met with Steele, the author of the dossier, and Steele's got into the Obama dream as per Francesca BattiSTELLI, whose song God used to convince me that the piece of paper on the billiard table was a page i.e. that I should emphasize the Page surname instead of the Paper surname, and I did stress the page surname for this thing starting way back in February of 2017, long before the Strzok-Page scandal broke.

The Dunham surname of Obama's mother was in the dream as per Obama doing a dance in a suit, then skating on his skateboard immediately after the dance. Skate's were first found in the same place as the related Chads and Dunhams, and Dunhams use a DANCEtte. Earlier in the dream, there was a sheet, and Skate's are listed with Sheets. The Chads (share potent cross of Skate's/Sheets) use the same split Shield as Dossiers/D'Hosiers. And here I can add that Irish Cramers use the same-type dancette as Dunhams, and the Chief-Shied colors of Cramers are reversed to the same of Dunhams.

Google is refusing to (probably programmed not to) bring this story up on January 3, when I use " "david cramer" "devin nunes" " in the search. Google does worse when I throw in "subpoena." All I want to know is when Cramer came into the news last week. The video below has the story as obtained and reported by The Hill on December 27.

It doesn't tell the date that Nunes issued the subpoena, but, by all appearances, this story does coincide with my mention of the Cramer surname near or on the 24th. I didn't get this update fully online (deadline 25th) until the 27th, and added much heraldic material, but checked no news, on that day. I also added much on the 26th. The mention of Cramers would have been near the end had I not added material on the 26th and 27th, but it may be doubtful that Nunes issued a subpoena on the 24th, or at anytime before Christmas. Timing is important when I'm trying to decipher what God is doing in such circumstances. Why does he reveal things on certain dates, or give dreams on certain dates? Why was the Obama dream given back in the first week of February? My impression at the time was that Obama was about to do combat with Trump, the latter taking office on January 20. Since then, the dream looks to be more about convicting Obama and his pals rather than his doing battle against Trump. Trust God the Leaker and whistle blower.

Cramer is scheduled to appear before congress January 11, according to The Hill. Trump's tweets are becoming harder against the deep state, but buzz words from some Republicans appearing in the news seem to be steering Trump voters to let this thing go where they demand jail time. Fraidy cats, or worse. It's January 3 as I write, the day Nunes promised jail time if the DoJ doesn't give up documents he's been asking for. Let's see what happens.

You may recall George Bush Jr. speaking on the spread of democracy worldwide: "In 2008, President of the United States George W. Bush nominated Kramer as Assistant Secretary of State for Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor, and, after Senate confirmation, he held this office from March 21, 2008 to January 20, 2009" (Wikipedia). He then became the CEO of the global-democracy group, Freedom House, and "In November 2014, Kramer became the Senior Director for Human Rights and Human Freedom at the McCain Institute." So, he's a Republican in cahoots with the fink, John McCain. Finks borough their way into the houses of others for to do damage. It's a fundamental part of American democracy, which includes rights for people to smoke dope legally, and for women to strip in front of drunken sailors.

A small word on Jesus. I have Him figured out on the way he operates as a priority. That priority is to save people. He genuinely seeks a word to speak to a person's heart that will cause correction of some behavior that offends the Father, for example striping before drunks. That's Jesus' main job, and he does it gladly. He studies the stripper's thinking patterns, looking for ways to make her hear. He genuinely wants her to hear, guaranteed. There are two kinds of people, even three. One type rejects correction, the other accepts, and then there are the lukewarm in between, who try but fail for love of the world. I am absolutely sure that Jesus would give the word not to respect American democracy's freedoms, but to use God's standards instead. The Roy Moore's of politics are a little wishy-washy on this thing, and I hope that they will correct themselves. People are fully free to do life God's way.

"Mr. Kramer currently serves as a member of the board of directors of the Halifax International Security Forum and a Member of the Advisory Council for the George W. Bush Presidential Center’s Human Freedom Project, as well as a member of the International Advisory Council at the Center for European Policy Analysis." He sounds like a Bush-nosed globalist, and we saw what destruction and finkism Bush's globalism entailed. As Cramer went to fetch the dossier (who sent him?) for to get it to the FBI, it seems possible that the Bush circle was trying to take Trump down, and this effort may have been fully but secretly in league with the democrat effort to take Trump down. And Cramer has Russian background as well as experience in Russian affairs.

The Bush's hated Bill Clinton for taking power from Bush Sr. after his first four years. And after Obama's first four years, the Bush circle may have been instrumental in advancing John McCain for to beat Obama. When Cramer returned from obtaining the dossier, he gave it to McCain instead of giving it directly to the FBI. It was McCain who gave it to the FBI. And so when we see that Mueller, a Republican appointee from Bush, trying to take Trump down, we can ask whether that's the Bush point man in the FBI. Looks like, but I don't know for sure.

The Obama dream looks to be partly on the dossier, and on the Bill-Clinton meeting with Loretta Lynch to help Hillarys email scandal, which was Obama's responsibility, and probably his will. I've seen no evidence from the items involved that it's about Uranium One, but the Clinton-Lynch meeting may overlap the Hillary-email scandal, and Mueller, who could very well be part of the dossier scandal, is the one reportedly bringing the Russians a sample of American uranium, a point that I have not heard from Fox, however. I wonder why not.

I do not think that God is pointing so strongly to the dossier scandal for to help Trump. With Cramer's using the rudiments of the Dunham Coat in colors reversed, assuming it was God-arranged, there may be indication that the Cramer investigation by Congress will spill over to nabbing Obama's people. This Cramer scandal can be viewed as a lure from God, because the Trump-side Republicans will treat a fellow-but-enemy Republican as a primary target, whereas if the enemy were only Democrats, the congress would drag it feet, as it has been. It's been a year of brazen Democrat stonewalling and combined assaults, and the Trump-side congress is still only threatening contempt charges. They should be well past the threat stage. One year wasted, with any credits going as much to Judicial Watch and Jay Sekulow as to congress.

They are going to ask Cramer on the details of the people he saw that gave him the dossier. He has refused to reveal them, which is why there is a subpoena against him. We can assume that Steel's friends can be revealed here, if they can get Cramer to talk. And if he doesn't? Why would God give the Obama dream -- for humans to hear -- unless there were going to be a revelation to humans that the angels already know? Keep in mind that a sewer is akin to the swamp. Lisa Page and Peter Strzok, the sewer hole of Obama. Cramer can uncover Obama's part in the dossier.

Former president Omaeba lurks invisibly in the swamp waters, waiting for the Trump duck to take a poisonous drink. Omaeba did say that, once Trump is in office, he would still, as a private citizen, war against Trump. Okay, let's find his bullets, shall we, Mr. Trump? The elections are nigh, and no assurance has arisen for the Republicans to keep the senate. I say that if Trump wants to become a lame duck upon the swamp, he should continue tweeting but not enforcing his powers to expose the Democrats. Trump is getting harsher, saying this week to "lock her up" in referring to Huma Abedin. This is no way for a president to behave. He should be working expertly with his team to get her locked up, but if his team members don't want to play, bench them. Is the President someone in the stands shouting at the players to play better? Wasn't he elected to be more like the coach?

Natasha, an avid Trump supporter, has the "lock-her-up" story, and she's now adding, for the first time that I've seen, little white rabbits at her channel. Is it a Sign that Abedin is about to be tried for a crime? I watched her a day or two ago but did not notice any rabbits. The title of her video is: "President Trump Said Lock Her Up !!! [four white rabbits here] January 2, 2018 ! Final".

There is a youtube character, QAnon, whose name has come up recently in a growing way. He said, "follow the white rabbit," and so I think Natasha has been listening to QAnon opinions, or those who popularize QAnon[ymous], "Q" for short. I've stayed away from QAnon, as those who follow him seem to be far-fetched / make-up story-tellers (and Trump supporters). So far as I can tell today, youtube is not permitting comments on videos covering QAnon. Instead of a comments section, youtube fills it with video suggestions. This doesn't necessarily mean that QAnan is bang-on correct with some important bomb he's throwing to the Democrats, but it could. I'm ignorant on QAnon's messages by choice.

A few minutes after finding that video, Natasha had another one (below), dated Jan 3, with the title: "Julian Assange Is Free ! [four rabbits] White Rabbit !!! [two rabbits] KaBoom ! [two rabbits]" Natasha is trying the best she can to expose the grime on America's counters. She's a cookie baker, unlike Hillary, and prefers clean counters for to roll out dough and sprinkle on sesame seeds. It is merely a theory of others that the Paper-Planes message is Julian's code to indicate that he's been flown from his "prison" to some place where he's now talking to Trump. My question is: why does she include white rabbits into this WikiLeaks-related video, as well as the video concerning the Clinton crime ring? My white rabbits, provided by God in the mid-1960s, were exactly on these topics. My white rabbits indicated a Clinton union with the Council on Foreign Relations. Do we expect Fox news to ever attack that group? Is it a sacred group? Is it above the law? Apparently, yes.

This is very interesting because my white-rabbit event at Jerry Peterson's place was realized as a Sign from God on the same night of my recalling an event where I urinated my bed, at about six years of age. When my mother scolded me in my bedroom, Jerry Peterson (my age) popped up on the outside of the window to make fun of me, having heard what my mother said. Last year, I had every inclination of seeing that event as God's code for Podesta's "wetworks" (murder) term to Elmendorf, while the latter responded with "bedwetters," which I took as code for the murderers of judge Scalia in his bed. This interpretation of the event was instant. If I recall correctly, I was working on Scalia's murder at that time, and had studied the wetworks emails just before remembering my bedwetting event. The wetworks emails were uncovered only because WikiLeaks leaked them.

Some months after recalling the two events of my youth, I came across Peter Peterson, a chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations (sorry for the repeat-repeat-repeat, those who have read this before). As the white-rabbit event was expected to link to a Peterson surname, because I came to trust God's perfection in the events he provided, I checked out Peter Peterson's Wikipedia article, and other articles, discovering that he had married Mrs. COONEY.

On the night that the bedwetting event came to mind, I had first recalled (moments earlier) the white-rabbit event, and only due to that recollection did my mind click over to the bedwetting event. I was in bed at the time. I knew within seconds that God provided the white-rabbit event because: 1) I had known a Bra location in Cuneo for years; 2) I had traced Cuneo liners to Conn and Conys that use white CONEY rabbits: 3) my mother's an Italian, and I knew that "Cuneo" sounds like the word she used for "rabbit." In the white-rabbit event, I stood on a deck, with a white rabbit cage below me (I had fed the white rabbit(s), seeing its color), and I was up there for only one reason: to touch the sparkling-white BRA of the attractive tenant in Jerry Peterson's basement. I can recall nothing in that basement, when Jerry and I would spend time down there before the tenant moved in, except his tiny billiard table about three feet long. Why was his father (Fred) Polish? As I recall it, he was a Polish Jew.

It just so happens that Mrs. Cooney was the founder, or maybe co-founder, of Sesame Street, which is going to attract pedophiles, we may assume. Hmm. Not long after telling readers, for the first time, about these two events, and how I came to believe that they are God's work to expose the Clinton crime ring, it was White Rabbit at youtube (a sinful man whom I stopped watching) who came out with a video where he actually shared a link to almost 29,000 Hillary emails. Nothing has yet come of that, so far as I know, and we may assume that some Trump-side Republicans downloaded the emails. The truth may be that White Rabbit works for the Democrats, that the emails were all chosen to be tame, and, in the meantime, the owner of the link could record computer numbers of all who downloaded the emails.

The Obama billiard table has several messages to glean. The cue ball was a page at the center of the table, where the blue-ball spot sits. In heraldry, a blue roundel is a hurt, and they are used in the Table surname as well as with Irish Arthurs, and it's therefore certain that the Round Table of king Arthur was merely a symbol for the Round and Table surnames. The point is, Cecil Rhodes and his secret societies are said to have had a Round Table of their own to which this page can be pointing.

Here's a character, Defango, who I stopped watching months ago due to his sewer mouth, who claims to have been involved with youtube's White Rabbit. In this Defango video, "Follow The White Rabbit Explained Correctly #pizzagate?", we see Alex Podesta's white-rabbit productions (pedophilic overtones?), big hmmm:

Others covering pedophiles in relation to the Podesta's are using "follow the white rabbit," though I don't know where this originated, perhaps from White Rabbit himself. Here's a short video telling that QAnon claims to be an anonymous Intelligence man; it also goes into some speculation on a current Google scandal:

There is no comments section for the video above, at least not for me on January 3. There is nothing wrong with the video so that comments should not be permitted. But it does talk about the Google scandal, hmm.

It would be nice if QAnon were indeed an Intelligence man leaking anti-Clinton information. But someone could do this as a trick, because there's no name attached.

Wait. I just went to a BBC youtube video, and there's no comments there either. Is youtube now fighting back by preventing the world from communicating on issues? Checking if others are experiencing this problem I got to a video telling that comments sections have had problems ever since youtube merged with Google. One video tells that, when someone's not getting the comments section, the person needs to enter their account to click a box. But I refuse to have a youtube account. It's possible that I'm getting no comments because youtube just persecuted me, automatically, by researching QAnan. I was getting the comments section earlier this morning, then they all disappeared. Clicking "Settings" at youtube brings up a Google box asking for my email address of PHONE NUMBER (Google pig!) before I can sign in. What business is it of Google or youtube to have my email address? Are they going to send me love letters?

I searched "youtube persecution", but youtube gave me nothing on that topic. Instead, there was some videos on Christian persecution, and the first video I loaded had a paper airplane, the sharp kind, just like in the Obama dream. This video brought water to my eyes:

In the above, the paper plane is shot directly to a corner of the room, the left corner, and I shot my plane, on Obama's table, into the left-corner pocket. If this video above is God's intention for me this morning, it puts a new twist on the meaning of the dream: Christian persecution from the Democrat crime ring, one that includes Obama as a leader.

Fox news never ceases with murder headlines. It must have access to police files, and when there's no better news, it feeds the world the juiciest murder stories. The Fox website is sick, shoot it out of its misery, and replace it with something healthy.

Tullia and Mummolin, Continued

Coming across the Nordic (Scottish surname) Brows/Broughs/Burghs/Bruchs, they use a version of the Rust/Roost Coat; the latter may have named Nordic Rostock. Watch how this leads to Rush's. Brows/Broughs share black swans with Saxon-beloved Chaplets, and the earliest-known Saxons lived around Rostock.

Broe's/Brews/Broys/Borroughs share blue annulets with Rush's, and the Rush motto is a motto phrase of Daces'/D'ARCy's. The latter were looked up as per "AuDACES fortuna," a motto phrase of Broe's/Brews/Broys/Borroughs. This makes D'Arcys (Galway) suspect with Darks/D'Arques', first found in Kent with Rusts/Roosts (same saltire as Darks) and Roots (tree). I'm not familiar with Roots, but I've just picked them up from the description of Broe's/Brews/Broys/Borroughs: "...a tree stump showing the roots...".

The Root Coat is also the Bagley Coat, very interesting because the page on Obama's billiard table had a small ARC as it otherwise lay flat, and, from the start, I told readers that Obama (in the dream) wore a DARK SUIT, not a black one. I sewered the page, and Sewers are listed with Suters/SUITs too. I don't yet know what this means, in the scandal department, to find Roots as Bagley kin, but can say that Roots look like are a Roost branch, with both linkable to Dark liners.

As Bagleys of Bagley Wood were at Berkshire, that's where Arks and Modens/Modeys were first found who appear to be from Modane, on the Arc river of eastern France. So, the fact that Bagleys share the Root Coat exactly suggests strongly that D'Arcys and D'Arques' were Arc-river liners. D'Arcys share cinquefoils with Bagleys.

I reject where D'Arcy's are traced to some term said to mean, "dark," for there must be a few such terms, and family historians have shown the repeated bad inclination of deriving surnames in dictionary terms instead of people groups or geographical terms. For example, they might trace the Axe river to an axe shape in the river bend, or axe makers on the river, rather than to the namers of the Axius river. They too-often assume that rivers must be named after some physical thing at the river. D'Arcy's are said to be from Arcy in Manche, and while Maccabee liner Masseys were also from Manche, I see Maccabee liners from Modi'in, way over in Israel, where historians would never look for derivation of "Modane." Look to Modena as the middle ground, where Albino's share three green trefoils in Chief with French Broe's. The latter use a Coat reflective of Cramers.

English Browe's/Brewse's/Brue's, who share a shield of the same-style crosslets as Broe-beloved D'Arcys, are said to be descended from Brix and/or Le Brus of Normandy, suggesting an Abreu > Bruce line if that derivation is correct. Browe's/Brewse's were first found in Suffolk with Rush's and Crane's, the latter two sharing three, blue annulets on a fesse. The Crane's use them in both colors of the Brow/Brew/Broy annulets. What's the Crane-Brow connection? With Brow liners looking like Bruce's, whom I trace to Brixia/Brescia, that's not far from Cremona, and then Cramers were also CRAINors. Heraldic cranes trace with Cronkite's and Croce's / Crocs (maunch) to Cronciaconnum, otherwise called, Crociatonum, in Manche.

As German Crone's use the Cronkite crane, the other Crone's may be Crane liners too. Scottish Crone's may be using a version of the bag Coat, and English Crone's have a mural crown that now traces to Mummolin, the ancestor of Molle's. Robert Croc married Eschyna de Molle, and the Molle boar in colors reversed is blue, the color of the boar of Vere's, likewise from Manche.

As Brows/Brews/Broys put their annulets in their Chief, as do Ladys/Laudymans, the fact that Brows/Brews/Broys have a "fortuna" motto term identifies their kin from Lady-Fortune liners, and then she (in the Klassen Coat) holds a banner, code for the Panaro river in Modena (yup), location of Marano. And Marano's share the Montfort and MowBRAY/Montbrae lion, the latter likewise from Manche.

Molle's share the boars of Marano-like Marone's, and moreover the Gouch's/Googe's (same place as Molle's) use the same boar head while Tints love Couch's. And the two symbols of Browe's/Brewse's, in colors reversed, makes the Coat look like the Tint Coat. Tints were traced to Atintanes at Bullis/Byllis, both off the Aous river suspect recently with Hose's and Dossiers/D'Hosiers. The mouth of the Aous is at/beside Aulon/Avlona, which I trace to Alauna at Crociatonum, and to mythical Avalon. The Petts/Perts below will show us why Rush's (same place as Bullis'/Bulliards) should link to Bull liners.

Let me repeat; the gonFANON banner is owned by Montforts, explaining why Marano's, from Marano on the Panaro, share the Montfort lion. And then FANANO is a Modena location not far from Marano. So, we have just gleaned a Clausula-river trace, of the Klassen kind, to Modena's Panaro, explaining why Clasons/Claws' use the same lion. As Marano / Morinis liners are from Mummolin and Berthe (Chalons), let's add that Cramers use "Non" while Nons/Nevins (Morinis' / Maurinis' fesse? have become suspect in a fundamental relationship with Chalants/Chalons. I've just tried for a Non-like Mom surname, finding it with Mame's/Meme's/Mens' of GlenLYON. For new readers, Rusts/Roosts are suspect from Rusticus of Lyon, and Berthe was daughter to MauriLION.

Where was my head?! Obama's billiard table was much about the dossier, and there is a Dossier. I had totally neglected, in the 4th update of December, the Bulliard variation of Bullis'! The 4th update is where Hose's/Ouse's are suggested from the Aous. It's perfect if Billiards/Billets were named after Bullis/Byllis. And Bill Clinton's biological father was Mr. Blythe. Both Billiard surnames share the white star with Bullis'/Bulliards.

As Aulon was home to proto-Alans while the Pollock patriarch in Dol / Shropshire was a vassal of the Alans, let's mention the Eschyna de Molle (two husbands) married an Alan from Dol while her daughter married the second Pollock, for the Bulls are said to be Bole's at some point while the Molle boars are in the cups of the English Bole's. And this Bole Crest has a pierced boar (with a spear), the Pollock symbol. In a nutshell: Pollocks look like a branch of Bole's from Bullis, which should explain why Billiards use the Moray stars, for the first Pollock was at Rothes castle in Moray. And the Bullys use three mascles in colors reversed from the three similar lozenges of Thomas Randolph, the first earl of Moray! Zinger. And historians will say that

As Bacons/Beacons are suspect with the same boar (different color), compare both Bacon Coats with English Billets. Ask why Billet-like Belli's use a beacon. Ask why Bellows share the Billet Coat. Just how many surnames derive from Bullis?

Here's from the last update:

As proto-Maurels developed from Lyon elements, it should be noted that Lyons use a "patria" motto term. The Mame's/Mens', said to have lived in GlenLYON (Perthshire, same as where Lyons were first found), share the Chief-Shield of Tulls, which is heavy evidence that Tulls were from Tullia of Lyon. If we ask why Lyons were first found in PERTHshire, we need to ask the PERDrix peak at Mont Pilat, not far from Lyon. The Mame's/Mens are said to be from Glenlyon's CULDares area, and it's the Cults/Colts/Celts, first found in Perthshire, who use the Pilate pheon in colors reversed. Shaws of Perthshire share the cups of Pilotte's and Pellets. Mont Pilot is to the near-east of the FOREZ mountains, and Lyons are said to be from Lyon-la-FORET.

As Malcolm III killed MacBeth, whose line was connected to the Others/Otters, it may explain why the Pett/PERT bend is a reflection of the Other/Otter bend. These bends are in the colors of the Lorraine bend, while the green rampant lion is shared both by Lyons and Lorraine's. The latter share laurel with Lowrys and Laurie's, both of which use giant cups. Petts/Perts use mascles, code for such surnames as MUSSELs/Muscals, and the area of Lorraine includes the MOSELLE river. On my atlas, Lorraine is marked smack between the Meuse and Moselle rivers.

Now watch what the Pett/Pert Crest (code-studded) does for us, where it uses a stork in bulrushes. The Bulls and Rush's both use three annulets fessewise. Rush's were first found in Suffolk with Bullis, and Bullys use mascles in the colors of the Pert-Pett mascles. It tends to indicate that all three Bull-like surnames are branches. Rush's were first found the first-known Rusts/Roosts, from Rusticus of Lyon. There were two Rusticus' of Lyon that I know of, one being Mummolin's grandfather, and the earlier one the husband of Tullia above.

It should be added as an incidental that Bullis' share red roundels with the Arms of bull-like Boulogne, and that the father of Godfrey de BOUILLon operated out of Boulogne. This was the Artois theater, and the "Ardens" motto of Petts/Perts should be for the Ardons/Artois' as well as for Ardens. Malcolms / Colums use "ardua."

The royals under Malcolm III were from Cults/Colts, / Kelts, for these royals are called DunKELDs. The Malcolm / COLUM Coat shares red stag heads with Cults/Colts. Columns (not to mention a bull) are used by Pelosi's/PILATi's. It could appear that the mother of Pontius Pilate, said to be a Pict of Perthshire, had a wealthy lineage to the Scott royals, and may have gone through the royal Picts that were taken over by those Scotts. Her line may have been a strong foundation in the Pict royals.

Malcolms and Colums/Callams use the same Shields, and slightly-different mottoes. Malcolms have a "petit" motto term that gets two surnames, one first found in Burgundy, the Perdrix / Lyon theater. The PETTs/Perts, first found in Perthshire with Colts and Kelts, can explain "Petit." The Malcolms / Colums/Callams share the blue saltire with Loges', first found in Burgundy, as with Loches'/Locks/Deloges'. Pilate's were first found in Burgundy.

Colums/Callams substitute "petit" with "tendit." Tintons can be implied in that motto term, for they use "royal tents" while Roys use a "tendis" motto term. Royal variations suggest Reals. Spanish Reals/Reys share the castle of McLeods while Colums are said to have been strong with McLeods. French Reals use the colors and format of Pilate's, and were first found at Forez, to the near-west of Mont Pilate. We got here from the Colum motto. Isn't that interesting?

Forez is where Besancons/Bassets (Pilate colors, and very linkable with Etienne's to Mont Pilat at St. Etienne) were first found, and then English Bassets ("populo") share the three, wavy fesses of Drummonds, first found in Perthshire. We see a pattern here.

The father of Malcolm III was king Duncan, and his name named the DUNkelds too. Duncans are said to claim descent from DunCHAD. St. Chad, who predated Duncan by centuries, was from Staffordshire, where Bassets and Tulls were first found. They are said to have had an ancestor at Dreyton, whose line named Dreyton-Basset. Dreys were first found in the same place as Pilate's.

The three fesses of Bassets are in the colors of the three chevrons of Clare's (first found in Suffolk with Rush's and Bullis', the two surnames connecting earlier to the Pett/Pert Crest). The three Clare chevrons are expected with the three in colors reversed of Bleds. The latter has been treated as a line from Bled, Attila's brother. The last update had significant material linking the father (Munderic) of Mummolin to Attila's father, Mundzuk. When considering, years ago, why Bled-like Blade's/Blate's share white pheons with Pilote's, I developed a theory in which a Pilate line somehow named Bled. And here the Bassets are bringing us to some evidence for it. The French Besancons/Bassets use Pilate-like billets, but that symbol is also like "Bled." The Bled surname comes up as "Blet," and it was first found in Burgundy with Pilate's.

There were only three centuries between Pontius Pilate and Tullia's mother, Gallia. The Gallia surname is telling, first found in Milan with Maurels/Maurinis' and Ottone Visconti. The Gallero variation can then suggest Gallura, where the Sardinian Visconti's ruled. And the Galleti variation can suggest the Opgalli-line Galatians? Unfortunately, I can't at the moment remember what surname used the three Gallia bends in gold, but as French Merits use three in gold on red, it's notable that English Merits share a white griffin with Berta's, suspect with Berthe, wife of Maurilion (ancestry of Maurels above). Gallia's use the Murton/Merton Coat exactly.

Burgundy included, at one time, anyway, Dauphine, and this is where Tulls/Tullia's, Galli's and Galleys were first found. And Attila was from a house of Tull-like Dulo. It stands to reason that either Tullia's mother or father was a Dulo liner, yet these people pre-dated Attila's father. Munderic, on the other hand, was a contemporary with Mundzuk. Brothers? Cousins?

Keep in mind that the Bassets of DREYton could be using their three fesses in the colors of the three Bled chevrons for a kinship reason. We now go to Munds, who share the peacock with Manners/Maness', and then the Mame's/Meme's/Mens', said to be a Manner branch, are the line from Mummolin i.e. Munderic's son. Enter the Dreys, for they use ducks that were, at some point, likely shelDRAKE ducks, for "Drey" is likely a Drake branch, and Drake's are traced to "duck-like gait" (they probably used ducks but likely misrepresented deliberately their known derivation, for Drake's use a motto term like that of gait-like Geddes'). The Dragons/Dreyners use the helmets of Mund-like Mynetts, the latter first found in Kent with the Munds above and the Dragons/Dreyners.

The Teague motto term, "optem," has been practically clinched as code for Opgalli liners. And "OptiMUM" is a motto term of Sheldons, who use sheldrakes.

Amazing, but I almost missed it. Those three bends in gold on blue, the ones I expected to be a complimentary match with the three white-on-blue of Gallia's, are used by Ments/Mants! I just looked them up to see what more could be added to the Munt discussion, and, while recalling the Ments (from the last update), I also remembered that Ments/Manns (dragon and pellets) share the colors of format of Dragons/Dreyners.

I had missed this Ment link to Gallia's, but here it comes up like a bolt. Alongside all the other evidence, this is full-proof for clinching the Gallia's with the Gallia > Tullia line, and tending to clinch the Ments with a Gallia-related line to the naming of Munderic and/or Mundzuk. In Arthurian myth, there is a Hector de Maris, given by others three red bends as a symbol, which is used by the Hector surname (Angus, near Perthshire). As you can see, Arthurian myth characters were secret codes (the writers never revealed it) for surnames. The French Merits that use three bends are also Merais', you see.

I had read that Lancelot's father, Ban (of BENwick), was also Bant at times, and while Ban was made the father also of Hector de Maris, we can glean that Ban was code for the Bend bloodline, and that heraldic bends are for this entity. Bans are also Bants/Bands (Champagne). Bends/Bens share a blue lion in Crest with Dutch Mers'/Meers and Hectors, and this lion was seen in the last update with a good revelation on Jean / James liners, who were shown hooked to Harveys and Bellamys, both of which share the fesse of Bends/Bens. It was reasoned that the Jean bloodline named lake Geneva; that's the sort of capability presented by heraldic connections. The Dutch Mers/Meers are likely using the blue Louvain lion in their Shield, and then the Percys are known to have used the Louvain lion, while the Perche area of Bellamys is suspect with the line to Pierce's and Percivals. Yes, there is a Percival surname that was in-code with mythical Percival.

The Geneva/Genova surname uses white inverted wings, and the Diens/Dives' use one white Masci wing inverted. It's easy and clear to understand whose wings the Geneva's/Genova's use, though Masci's didn't own white wings alone, likely. They are code for Wings/Winks, first found in Perthshire, kin of Justine's/Justus' who share the sword of Chaine's/Chenays, the latter's sword held by the white Masci wing. Cheneys (with a second 'e') were first found in BUCKinghamshire, and Bucking(ham)s (beside Buckinghamshire) share besants (Masci- / Meschin-line symbol) on gold with Bends/Bens. The lion under the Bucking besants is the same one given to Ranulph le Meschin at his Wikipedia article, and it's also the Legh/Lee lion (the Cheshire elements of Bagleys have the Leghs in their write-up). As I always link the Buckley bull head to that of Haughts, note that the latter have a Hoctor variation, yet entering "Hoctor" at houseofnames gets the Hectors.

As Bags use the Cock Shield, might HOCtors have been a Cock branch? After all, Cockers (look like kin of Cheshire Sale's) were first found in Norfolk with Bags, and Cockers are shown properly as Hoct-like Cockets. The conflict is where Heckie's/Hectors/Hoctors look like Hicks liners rather than Cocks, but I don't recall clinching Hicks with Hectors (i.e. I've never seen the sufficient evidence, if any at all).

The new theory is that mythical Hector de Maris, and also the Round-Table knight, Hector, father of Kay, are Cock liners, which jibes with the Kopple rooster, for I trace Haughts/Hoctors to Goplo...meaning also that Sigrid the Haughty was named, not after an arrogant disposition, but after Cock liners. "SIGRid" is like "Seager / Segurana," and the latter were first found in Genova with the Bag and Cock kin of Grimaldi's, and Cocks are suspect from the entity represented anciently by CYGnus/CYCnus, mythical (code work) king of Liguria. His swan symbol was likely code for Savona, smack beside Genova. The Genova's/Geneva's use white wings likely of the white eagle in the Segurana Chief. The Arthurian Swan King was made a son of Percival, suggesting proto-Percivals with Ligurians, and Vasto's were in interior Liguria.

Heraldic fesses must be for Fessys, from Genova's Fieschi. Fessys use a motto term in honor of the Segni variation of Segurana's. Fessys share the Macclesfield cross, and the blue lion under discussion above is in the Arms of Macclesfield.

Lionel was the cousin of Hector de Maris, and Lionels are listed with the Perthshire Lyons. Assume that the line of Tullia of Lyon merged with the neighboring Hectors, though the latter entity generally may have been merged with Tullia liners earlier than when they arrived to Scotland. On the other hand, the line of Pontius Pilate's mother may have been ancestral to Tullia or her husband (Decimus Rusticus).

Lyons are in the colors of the squirrels on the bend of Valentins, that being the line of Valentinian I (husband of Justine, daughter of Justus), born in VINKovci, and whose lines are in the Wings/WINKs and Justine's/Justus', both first found in Perthshire with Lyons/Lionels. As I regard the Squirrels/Squire's as kin of Decks/Daggers, DECimus may have been named as a Dexaroi liner merged with Mus elements. The Lyons/Lionels even use a "patria" motto term for Antipatria, where Dexaroi lived. Lyons can thus be regarded as Valentinian liners through Lyon's nobles, especially as Lyon is not far from Valence.

Vinkovci was CIBALae when Valentinian was born there, tending to prove that SIBALs are Valentinian liners, for the Sibal moline is that of Segni's/Segurana's, and therefore the one of Seagars/Sugars, the latter using more wings as well as sharing a green snake with Sire's/Sirets/Sirons, the latter being a branch of the Squire variation of Squirrels, the latter being in the squirrels of Valentins. The Segni's are in the "signo VINCes" motto phrase of Fessys.

Why do Wings/Winks use Pilate-suspect billets? It could appear that the line of Valentinian was hooked up to, or from, the line from Pilate's mother. The single Wing/Wink pile is in the colors of the single Tullia pale bar, and Pile's (use the pile) can be Pilate liners. In fact, French Pile's (Sava lion?) are also Pilots. Valentinian was born off the Sava river, and Sava's/Savage's named Savigliano (or vice-versa), where Pelosi's/Pilati's were first found whose double columns, in colors reversed, could be a take on someone's red pale bars. Two red pale bars are with German Steele's, who share the Berta griffin. Berthe was Maurilion's daughter, and Mummolin's wife.

As Couch's likewise use double-red pale bars, I looked up Cocco's just now to find a version of the Gallia Coat!!! Cocco's were first found in Sardinia, location of Gallura, suspect with Gallia variations. The Cocco Chief-Shield colors are even those of Morinis' (probably share the Maurel/Maurinis fesse). As the line of Mummolin went to Cocks and Babcocks, these Cocco's may have something to do with them. Couch's are beloved of Tints who traced (last update) to Piedmont's Vasto's and Tropoje liners, and Piedmont is where Savigliano is. Gouch's/Googe's share the boar head of Mummolin-suspect Molle's and Marone's, and while MontBRAI named MOWbray's (Marano and Monfort lion), and while Molle's are also Mows, Savigliano is right beside BRA and Monforte. Montbrai is said (Mowbray write-up) to be in the canton of Perci...probably the Percival line. Couch's share the bear with Percivals, the latter first found in Somerset with Tints and Percival-founded Leavells.

The rulers of Montferrat (included Vasto's) used a red Chief with white Shield, shared by Tints and Percivals (Chad / Pek patees?). Gouel de Perceval had a son, Waleran of Leavell, who married a daughter of the Beaumonts of Meulan/Mellent, who in-turn went on to rule Leicester, but whose titles passed by marriage to Simon de Montfort. It just so happens that the Mellent surname is listed with Milans/Millers while Gallia's and Maurels/Maurinis' were first found in Milan with Ottone Visconti i.e. expected from Gallura's Visconti's. And while Mellents/Milans/Millers are said to be of the Buchanans, Buckle-suspect Bagleys use a reflection of the Mellent/Miller Chief while the Beaumonts of Mellent also ruled aspects of Bag-like Bec.

And Bagleys use lozenges colors reversed from those of Percys while using them in blue with Whelans, which can suggest that Waleran-de-Perceval of Leavell was a Whelan / Valentinian line to/from Chalons-sur-Marne. Leavells (pile's, same place as Molle's/Mows and Gouch's/Googe's) are from Lupus Laevillus, in the first century AD, predating Valentinian by a few hundred years. Laevillus' wife is to the Quade's who use the colors and format of Walerans.

The Crispins of Bec were Clare's, likely from Clermont-Ferrand, home of Gallia's daughter, Tullia. Crispins are a branch of Grazio's, first found in Perusia with Visconti-suspect Ottone's, kin of Pucks, feasible branch of Pucks/Puckle's who share the hand, feasibly, of Claviere's, the latter first found in Auvergne with Clermont-Ferrand. Claviere's are from Glaphyra Archelaus, wife of Herod Archelaus (banished to Vienne-Isere, near Lyon), and this Herod was ancestral to the Lyons.

Dutch Valence's are in colors reversed from the Valentin squirrels, and in the colors of the giant fleur of Voyts, who were looked up as per the "voided field" in the red Merrill/Muriel pale bar. It's a white fleur shared by Decks/Daggers (red squirrel) and Dyke's/Op en Dyke's/Updyke's (common Dutch family) while the other Dutch Dyke's use the white fleur of Decks/Daggers in both colors. It thus expects that the Voyts are using this fleur i.e. they married the Dexaroi line suspect to proto-Merrills = Maurilion. Red-squirrel Dyke's even share the same annulets as Bebbans/Bevans, suspect from Babon, Mummolin's son.

Babon's son, Grimo, is the line to Grimaldi's, who use the Bag Shield. English Valence's, first found in Kent with a host of Tullia liners, share the double-white wings in Crest of Bagleys, while Bagleys share the lozenges of Squirrel-branch Sire's/Sirets who in-turn love Justine's. If this doesn't amaze you, it's because you've been accustomed to seeing perfect links (from me). VALENtinian liners recalls the WHELAN discussion (last update), where it lead to Chalons-sur-Marne, home of Maurilion's son-in-law (Mummolin). Whelans share blue lozenges with Bagleys and Sire's, how about that. And the Bagley Crest has drops as code for Trope's/Drops = elements from Tropoje (same river as Dexaroi). The Tull Chief is also the Trope/Drop Chief.

Still Trying to Figure Out the 666ers

Whelans became suspect (not in the last update) with the 666-loving bloodline, suspect in the strings of this Arms of Traby. Wikipedia's article on Trabys says they married Astikas' of Vilnius, and the Arms of Vilnius connects clearly to the symbols of Sire's and Justine's. I don't mind re-explaining why Miss Whelan became suspect with 666, though it doesn't seem like hard evidence. I'll mention it below after getting past a few more points.

I mentioned a dream from God almost 40 years ago where I was walking out a body of water, and I think I proved, in the last update, that the dream was from God with the partial evidence presented alone. I can add here that, while I was walking onto a BEACH with JEANS but no shirt, the Shirts (suspect with Sardinians) were first found in Cheshire with Bends/Bens, and both use red roundels. So, compare the Beach Coat to that of Cocks, for Cocco's were first found on Sardinia, and Cocks use the rooster, likely the Gallura rooster, right?. Amazing, is it not? I've been deciphering, and trying to decipher, that dream for many months, and it still spills new secrets to this day. And Voits, suspect with the voided pale bar of Merrills/Muriel's, use pale bars in the colors of the one pale bars of Babcocks (share the red Cock rooster).

The Bends/Bens share the motto of Buckleys (Cheshire). The red Bend/Ben roundels are on the fesse, just as Bellamys put red crescents on their gold fesse. As Bellamys were first found in Shropshire with Meschins (rulers of Cheshire), and while I have read that Bellamys married someone in Ferte-MACE, one can glean that Bellamys had attained some noble status via le-Meschin. The Bellamy bend is shared by Cordons/Carson (same crescent as La Bel's), potential Corsica liners. To the north of Corsica, the Cock-suspect Ligurians.

The very-next scene after seeing myself with jeans and no shirt, on the white sand, was a woman at the front of a lone car parked on the sand. She was identified as Miss Hicks, and then Hectors are also Heckie's. The Hick ie surname has a motto, "praeMIUM," part-code for Mummolin, where the Maris and Merits are tracing. Later in this update, I re-visit, and add to, the dream's Knee-Leakey mystery that was founded on Miss Hick's knee, and here I'll mention that Lakeys (not "Leakey") share "virTUTis praemium" with Hickie's. Hicks use "Tout." Prime' share the bent leg with Leaks/Leakeys.

German Mers/Mertz's/Merts use double bends in colors reversed from the three of Hectors. Clearly, Hector de Maris was code for when the Hectors married a Maris line, at which point the spouses were legally allowed to use one another's heraldry. All sorts of clues can be had by becoming familiar with heraldry, therefore, and it can trace to people groups, and even to specific rulers. Heraldry is owned by individuals, not families, though certain relatives may borrow the symbols.

When I met Miss Whelan, her sister was dating Rick Young, who lived beside our friend, Mr. Kepke. They all lived on Corson street, and the homes of Kepke and Young backed up on to a Dexter street. Dexters (can mean "right hand") had become suspect with the 666 line independent of the Traby horns and strings. Dexters were from the Apsus river (Dexaroi, that is), location of Traby-suspect Tropoje. Kepke's and Young's house numbers were 31 and 29. Wondering whether Miss Whelan lived at 6 for a total of 66, sure enough, I found her house on Google's street view, and it's number 6. Her first name, Karen, had been traced to Carians before she was part of my work in heraldry. And Corsens are listed with CARsons. The Corson/Carson Coat is a not-bad reflection of the Maurel/Maurinis Coat, with the Brix/Brest lozenges, in colors reversed from the Whelan lozenges.

I'm telling this story because I've just found Corzine's sharing a giant, white griffin with Berta's/BERTOLI's, and the Cheshire BIRTLE's are in the write-up of Huberts of Curzon. Why are Curzon liners linking to the Berthe line? Cordons of the Carson are likely a branch of Curzons/Coursons, feasibly from Corsica, the island right next to Gallura.

French Courcys share the cinquefoils of Gangs/Geggs/Giggs, potential Gouch's/Googe's, potential Cocks / Cocco's, you see, for Bags share the Cock Shield. It's hinting of, but not yet clinching, Corsica liners. The Gang/Gegg cinquefoils are colors reversed from those of Bagleys, and the latter were on a site once owned by John Grey, bishop of Norwich. Checking Norwich's (same place as Bagleys), we find what must be the Grey lion, but partly on someone else's colors, the whole of which looks a lot like the Otone/Olten Coat i.e. a possible line of Ottone Visconti because there is a rooster in the Norwich Crest. If we can just prove that Norwich's share the Otone/Olten Coat, we can half-prove that Otone's/Oltens were of Ottone Visconti. The Norwich rooster is said to be legged red, suggesting the Legh-suspect Leightons that named Cheshire's Leighton, held by the Otone's/Oltons. Perfect (for making the Norwich-Otone link), for the Leghs are in the write-up of Bagleys along with Norwich.

Serlon de Burcy is in the Otone/Olton write-up as the owner of Oulton (Cheshire), so we check Burcys (Somerset) to find the six bars of the Somerset Leavells, the PERCIval line, suggesting that BURCYs were Percival and/or Percy branch. So, Percival liners were at Oulten, and they got hooked up with John Grey's line at Baguley.

King Arthur's Round table was code for Rounds and Table's (share hurts with Irish Arthurs), and while Table's (same place as Otone's/Oltons) are also TarpLEYs/TarpLEIGHs (Legh/Ley variations), Otone's/Oltens are said to have been at Tarporley.

Time to re-tell a story I've told before. It was on my 21st birthday, I think, when my party gang named the party in honor of my birthday. While I was up in the apartment, some of them slipped down to the road, and installed my wide tires and rims on my '67 Firebird, the brought me down to see. It was their birthday present to me. Asking myself (today) whether this picture can link to Berthe, because another birthday event (last update) had become suspect as code for her, it was checked out, and it worked.

I first checked Rims to find them with Rome's/Rooms, who use a "sed" motto term for Sedbergh, where Dents were first found that should be in the Tull motto. And, believe it or not, the Tull-Chief lion is the Rim/Rome lion in colors reversed. Tullia is not quite Berthe, but close. My FireBIRD has been used before as possible code for Birds (Birth-like!), who are in the Pane/Panico tree while Rims/Rooms love the Pings/Pungs/Paganells that not only trace to Panico = Pinc liners, but use the three Ment/Mant bends in colors reversed, and we saw Ments/Mants with a version of the three Gallia bends. But Gallia was Tullia's mother, and that's not quite Berthe.

Next, the RIMmons/Crimmons were loaded, where I instantly recalled (from the last update) their using the BIRTLe crosslets, both in the same colors, like my Firebird. And Berta's are the Birtle-like Bertoli's. They installed the rims on a car owned by a Masci liner while Maschi's were first found in RIMIni, while Maschi's, Rims/Rome's and Tulls all use just one item, a lion, in their Chiefs. The PASsant Maschi lion can be the same-colored one on the Rimmon/Crimmon chevron.

Next, I recalled that Wheelers use the Lyon lion in both colors of the Lorraine lion, and it was Lorraine who I asked out, on my 24th birthday, the first time that I met her. Births are listed with Berts, who share laurel with Lorraine's. Births/Berts use a "garland of laurel," and garlands are sometimes wreaths while Wreaths use a version of the Rim/Rome Coat. Rimini had become suspect with Remus, brother of Romulus, mythical founder of Rome. Rimini liners may have named Rheims.

Wheelers use "A GRIFFIN's head eMERGINg from a gold MURAL crown." Muriel's are from Berthe's father. The griffin is white, the color of the Berta/Bertoli griffin. Wheelers come up as Whalers, perhaps indicating Waleran of Leavell, especially as he was the object of a dream I had (probably within the last year), when I was putting carpenter glue as grease into my wheel bearings (heh-heh); it's nice to see God has a sense of humor. Bearings/Barings/Beckerings use the checks in the Arms of Meulan, you see, both Shields identical. Carpenters (globe, now suspect with Goplo) have the same crosslets as the blue ones of Rimmons and Birtle's, and would be blue in colors reversed. Carpenters share a blue chevron with Rimmons / Birtle's. You see, God wants these things revealed: the lines from Berthe. The carpenter GLUE was gleaned as code for GOUEL de Perceval, father of Waleran, husband of Miss Meulan.

YOU ARE NOT GOING TO BELIEVE THIS. It's new. I just tried for the Goel surname, and found one with eight bars in the colors of the eight bars (four fesses, really) of Lepage's!!!! I kid you not, that last night, I started to glue together some boards using Lepage carpenter glue!!!! Talk about funny! I'm making my own closet doors. It's clinched: the glue was code for Gouel. He's online as Goel too. Some leave Waleran out as Gouel's son, I don't know why. He's in the Waleran write-up. Spanish Goels/Guele's share two fesses in the colors of the Babon/Bavent fesses.

I don't recall any surname using "HERALDic crosses," but that's what Rimmons/Crimmons wished to use, and it just so happens that the HARALD/Herod fesse is that of Wheelers/Whalers too. "Emerging," the description term of Wheelers/Whalers, is a regular heraldic term, and my best attempt to decipher it is for the Mergins / Mergens/Morgans, both of whom use giant rampant lions, while the latter use them in colors reversed from the Wheeler/Whaler lions.

When applying the carpenter glue to the wheel bearings, it was at the end of the dream. Before that, I found myself in a parking lot, where the car was jacked up and resting on four stands, with all wheels removed. It turned out to be the parking lot of a store or service station, where I got/bought the carpenter glue. I don't know what in this picture is supposed to be additional code, but can add that the dog head of Lots (Lothian branch) is used by Glue's. The latter share the mascle with FAUX's, a branch of Vaux's who in-turn share the Bearing Coat and Arms of Meulan. Scottish Vaux's were first found in Lothian with FAUCets. Walerans use a "vos" motto suspect with a Vaux branch. German Vos' use a red fox while Faucets were at Foxside. Dutch Vos'/Foss' get us three more bends, in the colors of the three Ector bends, and the three Carpenter fesses.

Walerans use a "non" motto term that may indicate the nonchalant line. To see this story, see "nonchalant" in the last update where Mr. Kepke said to me, "be nonchalant" as I got up to go speak to Miss Whelan, whom was caught by use dating another man. She never did return to me, because, I assume, I was with her only as part of God's work. The nonchalant part was the last one needed, and so I can now feel certain that Whelans were Waleran liners, and that they were from Chalants/Chalons = Chalons-sur-Marne, home of Berthe. Are you not impressed? God is a genius.

Miss Whelan lived on Corson, and Corsens/Carson (same place as Rims/Rome's) use lozenges in the colors of the similar Glue mascles. Glue's (Gauls?) are in Carr colors, and show evidence of being Macclesfield kin. Birtle's, can we believe it, were at Macclesfield. It appears repeatedly that the carpenter-glue dream is playing into the birthday event with the rims on my birthday.

French Faux's are listed with Chalons-like Chaulnes'/Chaulens (branch of Saunier's/Saulniers), more indication that the line of Waleran was into Berthe liners, yet Berthe may herself have been descended from Laevillus. French Faux's share three fleur in Chief with Whelans, the latter using the Massey fleur, and the Faux's using the Masci fleur, apparently, in colors reversed to the Morinis' fleur. I, a Massey-liner Masci, was made to date Miss Whelan, whose sister at the time was dating Rick Young, also on Corson street, while Youngs share the three piles of Scottish Leavells. Believe it or not.

Rims/Rooms were involved at ANNANdale, and their "placit" motto term is for Placentia liners, for ANANES Gauls lived at Placentia. It is on the TREBia river, and this brings us back to Trabys, suspect with the 666 along with Corsens. Placentia is beside Cremona, toward which the Serio river flows, whose families I see in the motto of Carson-like Cars. I couldn't clinch it, but Cars may be in "Cremona." It may have been Carmona, or something like that.

For what it's worth, the Cumberland Carmons share a tower in the colors of the same of Spanish Carmona's, but the latter use it with only three embattlements, the number used for Spanish Muriel's, and they both use arrows. If interested, see also the Scone's and the Vigils they may be honoring in their motto.

Aha! Carman liners can be suspect with the Rhodian Carians to Roets. It recalls that Roets / Rhodes' were suspect with the road in the sleeping-bag dream, for the biker came from the road, and went back down the road. Roets own the Catherine wheel. In the glue dream, all my wheels were off, right? And on my birthday, they put the new rims and wheels on my car. The Roet-like Roots/Rouets (share tree with Roets) use the BAGley Coat exactly!!! The links never stop coming. JUST LOOKIE: the Roet motto term, "veRUM." The Rums are listed with RIMs/Rooms, I kid thee not. Hahaha! God was using the road in the bag dream because Roots are Bag kin.

MORE! I kid you not, the biker from the road did a LOOP. I have told this a dozen times, I'm not making this up here. He came down the hill or bank, circled the spot where I picked up the sleeping bag, then followed me up the hill to the road, and rode the way he came. So, I've just checked Loops for the first time as per this dream, to find the sleeping moon of Roets / Karens! The Loops use Zionist stars with their moon, as do the Carian Karens. Myth had a moon goddess (Selene) of Caria who was loved by Endymion, the eternal SLEEPer. The SLEEPing Bag!!! Hill-arious.

These things are verification for readers that God lives, and that He has given us these dreams, not for my/our enjoyment only. I would be perfectly happy if God's sole purpose is to convince even one person that He does live, a person struggling with that question, who is prepared to serve God if only He is truly there, a person so relieved that death is not all there is to look forward to. What a mighty gift when Christ hands forgiveness to anyone wanting the Father in-heart.

The last update was able to realize that the hill was a bank for the Bank surname, not at all meaning that Hills could not apply, for Banks came up in an Elias / Elis discussion while they both share the white crescent (moons, right?) with Hills. And Endymion had royal ancestry / presence in Elis of Greece.

As I was eying "ENDymion above," asking what that term could mean, the song in my ear was, How Great is our God (World Edition), and the word being sung as I was looking at "Endymion" was "end." This sort of thing happens so regularly now, it doesn't surprise me. I'll have withdrawal symptoms when He no longer does them. And when I heard "the beginning and the end" in the song, I remembered Endymion's Elis though God is right here guiding me for this part of the exposure. But why? It must have to do with Elis' links to Aetolia, location of the mythical Sirens, and where I trace the pagan-Levite cult of Jonathan of Laish.

The Astikas' of Vilnius, who married Traby, were named after Astakos, smack in the land of the Sirens. And the Sire/Siret Coat that links to the Arms of Vilnius, comes up as "Siron." It uses the mermaid's mirror, likely, because the Elis', in this Elis Coat, use her. I've never seen her in red before, aside from Elis'. She is almost-always called a mermaid, but one surname (I forget) called her a siren. Sirens were given a murder code.

On the other hand, the sleeping-bag dream is expected to link also to current-news events. I figure that God first wants to convince readers that he's in this so that they will know he's also in the news events. Hang in there.

It's the three strings of the Traby horns that look as though they may have formed 6's. There is a String surname sharing the gold, spread eagle with Strongs. Eagles are used by German Hagels, who smack of "Achelous," the name of the river in the Aetolian land of the Sirens. And English Hagels (Somerset, same place as Strongs) share the single, red pile with Wings/Winks, the ones from Vinkovci, and therefore of Valentinian I, husband of Justine who's in the "Justitia" motto term of Sire's/Sirons. The Arms of Vilnius uses the same or similar term, and they both share the scales of justice with Justine's/Justus' (same place as Wings/Winks).

The Eagle surname, likewise suspect from the Achelous, use the six lions of Sava's/Savage's in colors reversed. But the six of Eagle's are in the colors of the Cecil six, and while Hagels and Strong's (giant eagle) were first found in the same place as Roets, Eagle's were first found in Lincolnshire with Rhodes', now pointing to Cecil Rhodes'. And the Roads use another giant eagle. Maurice Strong (globalist) comes to mind. AND, luckily, I loaded the MAURice Coat to find a second lion looking backward, as with the Morell Crest. I had too many spaces between "second" and "lion," and, as soon as I deleted them, with the cursor right at "lion," a song by Francesca Battistelli was on, and her word, "lion," was bang-on when the cursor was at "lion." The song title is, "He Knows My Name," with the line, "I'm MEANT to be a LION." The Morells and their branches, along with MENTs/Mants, were traced last week to Lyon liners, as they birthed Mummolin. Ments/Mants are now expected with a gold version of the Gallia Coat (same place as Maurels/Maurinis'), from Gallia, mother of Tullia of Lyon.

It could seem that God is indeed pointing to Maurice Strong, but he passed away in 2015. If Strongs do use the Achelous-line eagle, then Strongs can be of the Strings suspect in the strings of the Traby horns.

Strongs are suspect with Strange's, and the latter use the Tool and Tull lion, confirmation, it seems, that Strongs do trace to Tullia of Lyon. The Strange / Tool lion makes the full Chiefs of both Traby-suspect Trope's/Drops and Tulls. Although Traby is a Polish location, the Traby strings may have originated in an English family (i.e. so that they can represent the Strings). This Traby horn must have originated in the Orne area of the Normans (became Anglicized on the English throne), for the Caens, from Orne, share five, white ostrich feathers with the Arms of Traby. Caens were from the Ceno river, a tributary of the Taro, and though Wikipedia located the Ananes between the Trebia and the Taro, why couldn't they have spread also to the Ceno? Tarrs were first found in Somerset with the Strong's.

The green griffin in the String Crest is shared with Leslie's and BARDs/Beards, but as Berta's use a giant griffin, Bards may have been from Berthe variations. After writing the last sentence, I left and went up the page. It couldn't have been more than two minutes later when I realized that Francesca was on with another of her songs, "Strangely Dim." It's amazing, isn't it? I stopped the song to see how far along it was. It's two-thirds the way done, and it's 3 minutes, 21 seconds long. It must have started just as I left this area. There's about 12 minutes between the end of, He Knows my Name, and the start of, Strangely Dim, but some of the above was written yesterday. I'm only adding things here tonight. Everything on Hagels and Eagles, and Maurice Strong, was added tonight.

I've just gone to Strong's Wikipedia article to learn that his father had a Milton middle name while Miltons share the Strong eagle. Miltons can be from Miletus, in Caria right beside the eternal sleeper from Elis. Miletus was founded by a son of mythical MINOS, who got suspect in "DoMINUS" motto terms, used, for example, by Bards/Beards. The Arms of EDINburgh uses the phrase, "Nisi Dominus," and the mythical founder of Miletus was SarpEDON, whom I trace to Sorbs and Serbs, and then while I see Serbia named after Servitium, that old place is on the Sava not far downriver from Lesce, where I trace Leslie's. Recall that Cecils and Hagels are likely sharing the six Sava/Savage lions. Why six? They are in the pattern of the six fitchees of Tarves', and the latter linked without doubt to Turins (same place as Leslie's), who use the Bard/Beard boars.

The Pollock boar is pierced by an arrow, which was a theme of the Caledonian boar, which ravaged Aetolia. Pollock titles went early to Leslie's, and the Pollock boar is gold, as is the Bard boar. Pollocks are from Pula, not far from Lesce.

The Strong eagle in the Milton Coat can be viewed as an Achelous-Elis line to Endymion at Miletus. Note that LESlie's, Less' and Liss' can be Elis liners. Liss' use the six pale bars of Cams while Miltons have Camville's in their write-up. About a decade ago, I had found cause to link Milton-like MILLETs to what I thought were proto-Leslie's in Padova. I lost the entire work, and can't recall the spelling. Here I find that one Millet surname uses the giant, eight-pointed star of Stelli's and German Teegers. Irish Teague's/Teegers have a Coat reflection of the griffin-using Ticks/Tucks/Touque's who in-turn use the motto term, "MILITia."

As I traced the pagan Levites to Aetolia, it was a good guess that the carriers of "Laish" named Elis and some Liss-like terms. I trace "Laish" to Lissus, and therefore to the Lys/Lisse surname, like the variations of Liss'.

Does God Even Give a Bad Tooth?

This week, after months of a swollen gum subsiding, and the tooth no longer painful to chew on, I was in severe pain for two days. It's 90 percent better now. I figured that it was time again to discuss the Tooths and Gumms, but didn't know how right until I dug in.

Tooths share the white-on-red feathers of Feathers ("ostrich feathers, super), and while the Feather motto honors, I think, Valentinian's brother, Valens, note how this terms reflect "Whelan." The Tooth motto includes "PALMan," and the Taro flows to Parma while Palms are also Parms (share the Whelan fleur). Whatever Tooths were they could have been at Parma, and it checks out where the Darts share the fesse of Italian Palmers. Can you guess what Tooths were from with the Dart clue? I could toot my horn as another clue. The Dart fesse is almost-definitely the Sleep fesse, and they trace to Selepitanoi at lake Scodra. It looks like these peoples were at Parma.

Palmans ("patria") were first found in Hertfordshire with Prests, the latter suspect at the Prestbury area of Birtle's, and it just so happens that Tooths share a giant white griffin with Berta's/Bertoli's, but in the colors of the giant lion of Claws'/Clasons, who were looked up as per the "sinister claw" of the griffin in the Tooth Crest. That's the Clausula river the waters of which end up in lake Scodra, and the Clausula was between the Selepitanoi and the proto-Dart Dardanians. Listen up, family historians, be good students, your Creator has taught me well.

Claws'/Clasons are said to have been first found in Middlesex i.e. along with Apps' and Fiers that trace to the Apsus river, as does the "patria" motto term of Palmans. We are back at Tropoje, with the Apsus, and so we note that the Claws/Clason lion is in the colors of the Trope/Drop lion. There's a Topoje, that I saw as "Tropoje," to the near-east of the Clausula. Middle's were first found in the same place as Sleeps, and I think I'll add that Swale's, looked up as per swollen tooth, use a fesse colors reversed from the same of Middle's, both using a fancy border on their fesses.

By the way, the Middle fancy is called, "emBATTLEd," and Battle's share a giant griffin with Berta's/Bertoli's while I've just tried for a Bartle surname in case Battle's had been Birtle liners. Bartle's/Bartholomews were first found in the same place as Battle's, looking good. This reminds that Scottish Leslie's were founded by Bartholomew (Hungarian, near or on the Sava) while Bards/Beards share the green Leslie griffin head. I'm guessing that, with Bartle's looking like Berthe liners, the Bartle goats are in the Moline Chief, for Berthe was wife to MumMOLIN.

Moline's are actually excellent in this discussion, for the Chives' (the Cavii, right?) were once said to be first found in Devon, where Darts and Moline's were first found, and Chives' share the black moline cross with Moline's. So, we are now linking Cavii liners to Mummolin. The thing that heraldry doesn't inform us is the timing of the family links. Chives' are now said to have been first found in Tarves, as with Leslie's and Turins, making sense where Chives' are from Chivasso, very near Turin (Italy), in the area of the Dance's. And as the Turins share the boars of Bards/Beards, it can appear that Bards, Bartle's/Bartholomews and Battle's were all Berthe-Mummolin liners.

The Tooth griffin is half in the colors of the Battle griffin while the Tooth griffin is used by Lauders, from Lauder, beside Berwickshire (i.e. where Battle's were first found). Lauder is near one of the two Tyne rivers while Tooths use "obTINEbit," suspect also with the Berwickshire HOBs/Habs, possible Apsus liners. Arthurs us "OBstantia." As Berwickshire is where Arthurs were first found, can you now guess where Tooths derive?

Now just look at all of the Caiaphas possibilities. Apps' share the scallops of both Capes' and Scale's, and the latter's five, white ostrich feathers are shared by Tropoje-possible Trabys. Capes' were first found in London with Tooths. Middlesex is in greater London. The Gumms (same place as CAPone's and CHAPmans) use a Chief like that of CAPES', with two swords in saltire that are often called Saxon swords, and Saxons (same place as Clausula-suspect Copple's) use CHAPlets. The Arms of Middlesex use Saxons swords, tending to clinch Claws'/Clasons, Tooths and Gumms in a family trio.

My swollen gum (called a fistula) is due to the infected tooth (my dentist sabotaged it deliberately), and here we find Tooths and Gumms linking. I can see why God would allow this bad tooth if it's about Caiaphas lines. The Caiaphas-like Cavii are usually marked on maps beside the Clausula and Scodra, but why couldn't they have spread into them too? It doesn't seem a stretch to say that Illyrians from the Apsus had relationships with Illyrians around lake Scodra. The Apps', to whom the Tooths are linking round-about, share the same fesse with Darts, suggesting the link that we can predict from the above. The Cavii are on this map:

The Gumm Chief is a reflection of the Trope/Drop and Tull Chiefs. The Tooths may have named the Dents, and Tulls use "pruDENTia." Dents use lozenges colors reversed from the Apps lozenges, but with Dents first found in Yorkshire with the Palms/Parms while Tooths use a "Palman" motto term, it can appear that Dents, whatever they were previously, came to use that variation upon merging with a Tooth line. While Caiaphas liners are expected with the Cavii, Annas liners were likely at Parma with the Ananes Gauls.

Dents look like Dance's (fesse colors reversed from Italian-Palmer fesse), and Mr. Kepke loved to dance (no exaggeration) while Keppochs have a Coat reflecting that of Dance's, both first found in Yorkshire with Dents. Italian Dance's share multiple gold pale bars with Tarrs, suggesting that Annas liners on the Taro were in the Dance's as D'Annas', which is an actual surname that brings up the Dance's. The question is, which came first, "Dance" or "D'Annas"?

While German Gumms are Gomers and similar variations, Comers/Combers share the fesse of Dance's, apparently, because the Comer/Comber fesse is also a dancette. There we have what appears to be another Tooth-Gumm link. The swords of English Gumms suggest Siward of NorthUMBERland (in the general area of the Dents and Dance's), a land suspect with Comber / Cumber liners.

With the Tooth griffin in the colors of the Claw/Clason lion, it could be the Berta griffin. Why should these Clausula liners trace tooth-and-claw with the Tooth griffin to the same one of Letters/Lauders? The Clausula is where I trace LADY Fortune in the Coat of Clason-like Klassen. Ladys/Laudymans therefore look like a Lauder branch. And while Koplik is on the Clausula, Kopple's (Nuremberg, Bavaria) share the black rooster with German Gumms/Gomers (Bavaria), who in-turn share a solid chevron, in colors reversed, with Chapmans, and a striped hunting horn colors reversed from the Traby horns. There are a lot of arrows here, with Caiaphas' name on them, pointing to the area between the Ceno and the Trebia. Koplik is also Caepionis-like Cupionich.

Why should the Chapmans use one crescent in the colors of the Tute/Toot crescent? It tends to make more solid the Tooth-Gumm relationship, if indeed the Chapmans are using the Gumm chevron. Again, the Cambridgeshire Gumms (same lion as Middle's) share the Saxon sword with the Arms of Middlesex, and this is a curved sword, perhaps a clever play on the same-colored crescent of Chapmans and Toots, for not only were Tooths first found in or beside Middlesex, but the Chapmans love the Ponders in the motto while Ponders were first found in the same place as Gumms.

The Lauders (same griffin as Tooths) share the stump and motto of Laurie's, suggesting branches, and Laurie's were first found in Dumfries with the Ananes line to Annandale. You see? Tooth kin have got us soundly to the Ananes Gauls. But why, if they were not the line that named priest Annas, the scum of Israel who had innocent Jesus murdered in great shame and pain? I'm willing to suffer a bad tooth, but I refuse to get it pulled because it's such a small matter for Jesus to get that little bacteria cleaned up.

Kepke was a symbol of Caiaphas, and his surname may even be related to Kopple's. His first name, Lawrence, may be a Laurie / Lauder branch, and that's suspect with Ladys/Laudymans at the Clausula. Kepke was also suspect with Syphax Numidians that I traced to Has (Albania), at the northern end of the Drin, which is quite close to Koplik. The double-tressure border of Lauders suggests that their swords in saltire are those of Borders/Burders, a potential Berthe line. Keeps were first found in Sussex with the Tooth- and Lauder-beloved Feathers.

I have been neglecting, sorry, the Dober location said to be a couple of miles from Koplik. Where was my head? The Dobermans (Dober branch) use white-on-red griffins, the colors of the Tooth / Lauder griffin, and white, the color of the Berta/Bertoli griffin. This links Tooths, as should be expected from the griffin claw of Tooths, to Clausula liners, even as we saw Gumms suspect with the Kopple rooster. I've never been able to link Gumms to Tooths as strongly as this.

Wikipedia's House of Griffins article mentions the Pomeranian Griffin dynasty in association with the Mieszko Piasts. Dobermans were not only first found in Pomerania, but trace to DOBRawa, wife of Mieszko I, from the Goplo mouse tower, where Kopple's trace. The Arms of Pomerania is a giant red griffin, in the Tooth Crest too. Pomerania is at least beside a Cumbria designation for Denmark, tending to nail Gumms as those Cambrians. As Saxons were in the Pomerania area before removing to England, the Cumber area of Britain applies well to Cambria. And the Welsh, related to Cumbrians and thought to be from Gomer-suspect Cimmerians, use a red dragon.

I trace Cimmerians to Kamiros of Rhodes, and while I say Roets were from Rhodes, note that Roets are said to descend from Cros/Groys while "The last Griffin duke of Pomerania was Bogislaw XIV...Duchess Anna von Croy, daughter of Duke Bogislaw XIII..." I routinely point out that the Roet Chief belongs to the Caplan Chief, and Caplans put griffins there. Catherine Roet owned the Catherine wheel, used by Wheelwrights i.e. the latter in code with mythical Piast the Wheelwright, ruler of the mouse tower.

Croys/Groys are listed with Greys, first found in NorthUMBERland. I see the Grey lion fundamental with the Fortuna dog, and thus expect Greys to be of the Clausula liners, which can explain why Greys share the giant lion of Claws'/Clasons. I often tell that the Lady/Laudyman Chief is a version of the Anchor Chief, and we can see why Greys love the Anchors/ANNACKers, who may have been Annas liners. The Anchor motto, "Anchor FAST Anchor," is probably proof that Fasts and FISTs/Fausts were Anchor kin. The rulers of Montferrat, which provided the Fast-like Vasto's, used a Chief-Shield color combination shared by Anchors and Lady's. The Anchor-Crest bull is evidence that Bullys use mascles specifically in the colors of the Anchor lozenges.

When we go to the Copple's (beside Yorkshire's Keppocks), they are also Ognells, curiously, perhaps a Koplik-line merger with Ogdens (Yorkshire, Keppock colors). Ogdens happen to use gyronny in half the colors of the Fortune gyronny! That's a bingo with Lady Fortune off Clausula elements. Ogdens happen to have a motto term looking like code for Austins/Ostians (Copple colors), who share black lion paws with, and the same chevron as, Caepionis- / Cupionich-suspect Quints. I didn't know the Copple's (very-well, anyway) until getting to "got a couple of DENTS in my fenders, got a couple of rips in my jeans," a song line discussed at length in the last update, where Jeans were shown as "J'ANES'. Anne's/Hanne's were first found in Yorkshire, along with Dance's suspect with "D'ANNAS'.

Rips in my jeans? Rippers/Ripleys were said (last update) to be from the Riparia river, home of king Donnus (same place as Dance's/D'Annas'), whom I trace to the Donnas variation of Dance's/D'Annas'. You see, God was in that song line, preparing it for me to you. Why? Because Annas had Jesus killed along with Caiaphas, and this is not old history only, but about their descendants in the last days, who will kill some of Jesus' followers before receiving their just rewards. Warning, Illuminatists and anti-Christs, a severe warning to you.

I think God chose Francesca BattiSTELLI for this song and others, to work with, because it points to the Steel dossier, which is to say that some of the nastiest descendants of the killers of Jesus are being exposed in the dossier's associations.

Copple's were first found in Bedfordshire, in the neighborhood of Tooths, Gumms and Capes', and Bedfords share the black lion paw with Austins and Quints. Beatle's/Bedfords, first found in Bedfordshire, share the hourglass shape with Copple's, and throw in the checks shared by the Arms of Meulan. As the Great Seal's motto is suspect from Quintus Caepio, here we see a Battistelli song term linking square to Quint liners.

Sooo, I/we now have reason to trace Keppochs to Cupionich and Quintus Caepio, probably the richest non-king on earth in his time. It's Lady-important that Beatle's/Bedwells share the rock in Crest with English Lauders. Ladys/Laudymans were first found in Northamptonshire with Quince's. It really looks like Quintus Caepio was from Cupionich, or at least from its namers.

Kepke was symbol for Syphax and Donald Trump too, interesting because I traced Syphax to Spice's/Spicers, while Trump chose Mr. Spicer as his press secretary. The other Austins can be using a motto term for Correns, first found in Waterford (same as Corson-related Whelans), and the Arms of Waterford share the Trump stag and perhaps the long chevron of Chappes' round-about. Spice's, in a Walsh motto (recalls that the Kepke brothers were married / engaged to the Walsh sisters), use the colors and format of Capone's. Kepke and I sold shows in Scarborough Town Center, and Scarborough's (same place as Keppochs / Austins) use the Spice Coat in the colors and format of Quints / Austins. Austins share the mural crown with Scarboroughs. Walsh's trace without doubt to Terentia Murena, and Scarboroughs share the Murena tower. Terentia lived roughly at the time of Quintus Caepio.

On the day that the tooth's pain subsided, I started to glue together the boards for the closet doors (I make everything here). I was wondering, earlier, upon finding the Lepage topic, whether a closet-like surname can apply. The best I could find was Klosters, with a Clausen variation, almost-exactly "Clausula." The Klaus variation is like the Claws'/Clasons expected in the Tooth-Crest claw! Upon arriving to Claws', it was noted that their CLAXTon location could be construed as a Clost-like term.

To glue the boards together, I use concrete blocks on top to get the surfaces even. So, Blocks (Glue colors) were checked to find a reflection of the Paisley Coat, with the latter's chevron colors reversed from the same of Blocks and GLASgows. The Glasgows use a "Lord" motto term that gets the Lords/LAUDs (Ampton cinquefoils), a branch of Ladys/Laudymans (NorthAMPTON). That's how I know that Clausula liners were at Glasgow, location of Paisley, and where Block-like Pollocks were first found. Glasgows also use a "let" motto term that can be for some Lady branch. GlasGOW recalls the Gows in the Scarborough discussion (last update). Gows happen to share the thistle with Paisleys. German Blocks use Pilate-suspect billets. Lords/Lauds use the Pilate pheons in both colors while Thistles use them in half the colors.

Pollocks have called their arrow a DART, and the DARdanian king, Monunius, is suspect with Moonans, who can be gleaned with the Gower/Gore motto and black flory cross. If that's all correct, Gowers can be traced to GlasGOW. Gows/Gowans use boars heads in Pollock colors, and Pollocks put a dart or arrow into their boar. Moonans share the tree stump with Blocks and Pollock-related Watsons (same chevron as Blocks), the Watsons first found in Rutland, where I trace tree-stump Rodhams that share the bend of Jewish Pollocks. Rutlands share the "orle" border with Rodham-related Rutherfords, and the latter share the black martlet with Glasgows, and, besides, Rutherfords (first found near Lauder) share the goose on a rock with Lauders.

In this picture, the goose looks like code for the German Gos', for their chevron is that also of Paisleys. Richard Gos was the father of Hugh Lupus, the first Norman earl of Cheshire, where Polesdons were first found that share the stars on the black side of the Gos Coat. The first Pollock was at Moray's Rothes castle, and the blue half of the Gos Coat shares the Moray star. Morays share the mermaid with Glass', and the latter share the red stars of English Gos'. Jewish Glass' appear to use an hourglass shape between their wings, and Hugh Lupus' blood may be in the hourglass-using Houstons/HUGHstons (share the black martlet with Glasgows), first found in Renfrewshire with Pollocks, Paisley and Glasgow.

The Houston hourglass tilts left, suggesting some Meschin blood in that surname. The first Meschin was Hugh Lupus' nephew, which is how he got the job as earl. The Houston martlets are inn the colors of the Pully/Pullen martlets, and "pull" can be seen buried in the Laurie motto. MacCowans use the Chief and saltire of Annandale's, and the tree stump is shared also by Laurie's, first found in the same place as Annandale. Scarborough Town Center is on a MacCOWAN Rd, which is why it was interesting that Gows/Gowans were entering the discussion.

The "In Time" motto of Houstons is like the "Deum Time" of a Moray surname I once knew well enough (no longer showing) to know they used FETTERlocks, suspect with TOOTH-beloved Feathers/Fedders. Monunius II married the part of the Ardiaei Illyrians related to queen TEUTA, and she may be the line to the Tooths. Teuta was the mother or mother-in-law or regent (I forget) of king Pinnes, and while Moons and Pine's were both first found in Devon with Darts, Tute's/Toots (Tooth colors) share the Moon crescent. French Pine's use a reflection of the Lord/Laud Coat, suggesting that Ardiaei were in cahoots with the Lady-Fortune line (I haven't a clue what it was there) at and around the Clausula.

Lords/Lauds were first found in Suffolk with Davers, from the Daversi on the Neretva river, home also of the Ardiaei. French Pine's were first found in Poitou along with Poitvins, and the latter share the jay with Davers. The Diss'/Dice's were likewise first found in Suffolk, and they happen to use the eagles of Copple's (hourglass shape?), excellent.

America's Founders from the Achelous

Battistelli's share the pyramid with anchor-using Tulls, and this very pyramid is very-likely the Masonic / Illuminati pyramid. The pyramid (part-code for Middlesex liners?) is on the Great Seal of the United States along with a motto, "ANNuit COEPtis." It's a toss-up on which surnames are implied in that motto, but they can easily be of Annas and Caepio branches. Anchor-suspect LADYs/Laudymans use ANNuLETs, and the Let Coat is linkable to the Annas Coat while Lets can be a branch of Letters/Lauders. In colors reversed, the Let Chief-and-Shield is that of Annandale's. Anchor-suspect Bullys were first found in Dumfries with Annandale.

And, can we believe bit, the Chief-Shield colors of Battistelli's is that also of Lets, with the giant Battistelli pyramid in the colors of the giant star of Annas'. The Battistelli and Steel billets are code for Bullis/Byllis liners, right? Yes, and Bullis is on/off the Aous river suspect with Dossier's/D'Hosers. It's staggering. I've yet to find whose chevron-with-stars the Battistelli's use, but they can be a five-pointed version of the Stelli star.

In case you missed it, a Battistelli song was playing with her line, "I'm an empty page," coming up in my ears during the ten seconds while I was trying to decide whether the piece of paper on Obama's billiard table was code for Papers or Page's, and Billets happen to be listed with Billiards. There can be no mistake: God chose to use Francesca Battistelli for this exposure. Papers, I now realize, use three items on their chevron all in the three colors of the Battistelli chevron with three stars! And the paper items are lions, in the colors of the Finis lions, relevant because there is an unFINIShed pyramid in the Great Seal. I read the official description, and it uses "unfinished pyramid."

There's more, for while the eye at the top of the pyramid has been suspect by others as a Rothschild eye, I've discovered that it's code for Rye, a location beside Diss. And the Diss'/DICE's can be a branch of Tiss' suspect in "CoepTIS." Three dice showing 6's (deliberate 666?) are used by Quint-like Quintano's. Very suspicious, under the circumstances of this paragraph. And Papers use carNATIONs while Nations have been resolved with the naming of Nathan Rothschild (about 1800), the likely guts behind the secret societies of England. Nations/Nathans share the arrow-pierced heart with Stoltenbergs while the Battistelli's share red billets with Steel-like Stolts.

Just think of it, along with Jens Stoltenberg, the current NATO Chief, influenced by globalist stupids to build a new cold war as we speak. While Stoltenbergs are not showing their pierced heart, the descriptions page says that they use: "On a blue shield a red heart pierced by an arrow." The Obama dream strikes again with the piece of paper on Obama's billiard table. It along with Battistelli's are pointing at the Middle-East war machine, NATO, and its schemers.

The Nation compasses form blue-on-gold chevrons, the colors of the Paper / Battistelli chevrons. I'm impressed with how quickly the Battistelli chevron became deciphered, so well, immediately after telling that I didn't know what it linked to. It should be clear that the Finis lions are the Paper lions and that this circle of surnames is all about the Great Seal of Washington's idiots. Spiritual idiots with billions and trillions of dollars are dangerous. They are rolling the dice right now, with the world's peoples helpless to stop them. Finis' use "ANImum," linkable to "ANNuit." And "AnNUIT" can be for Newts/Nute's/Nutts/NOTTINGs, first found in the same place as Papers, because Nottinghamshire is where Paper-beloved Nations/Nathans were first found! Perfect. For Nottinghamshire is where Annas' were first found. Can you believe what a single chevron can reveal?

Click the link above and see bunched arrows, a Rothschild / Bower / Cameron symbol, in the claws of the American eagle. Camerons are suspect from Kamiros of Rothes-like Rhodes, and we may estimate the prime minister Cameron was a willing tool of the Rothschild empire. Here's an early idiot, the founder of part of the design, speaking in describing the Seal:

The Escutcheon is composed of the chief & pale, the two most honorable ordinaries. The Pieces, paly, represent the several states all joined in one solid compact entire, supporting a Chief, which unites the whole & represents Congress. The Motto alludes to this union [false information]. The pales in the arms are kept closely united by the chief and the Chief depends upon that union & the strength resulting [blah-blah false information to cover the bloodline realities]...

Note that the pallets (in the colors of the Tullia pale bar), as pale bars are normally called when multiple in number, are given the "pieces" code. There probably was a Piece surname, though houseofnames doesn't bring one up. The Peace's/Paise's use doves with an "olive branch," and the Seal's eagle holds an "olive branch" in its dexter claw. Claws'/Clasons are expected with Quintus Caepio from the namers of Cupionich.

Peace's/Paise's were first found in Orkney with the Brows/Broughs that in-turn share a version of the Rust/Roost Coat, from Decimus Rusticus of Lyon, Tullia's husband. Orkney was home to raven-depicted vikings (Stouts by name) that included the raven-using Rothes surname. The latter are in the sinister claw of the eagle, wouldn't you agree. The Pallet surname shares the black boar head with Babons/Bavents, but this alone is not much of a certified link.

Why does the speaker, Charles Thomson, say that the heraldic Chief along with pale bars are the two chief heraldic symbols? There is no Chief surname coming up, but I expect it from "Caiaphas." There is the possibility that "Caiaphas" was formed from Caepio merger with Paise-like Pasi's. I suspect that Caiaphas', if he was still alive in 70 AD, swung a deal with Romans and took shelter with his family members in the shade of VesPASIan. The priestly ancestry of Annas, whose daughter Caiaphas married, was in Maccabees, whom I trace to Boii in Bologna, where Pasi's were first found. It's perhaps logical that God would chose Vespasian as Jerusalem's conqueror, in fulfilling Jesus' words, just because his ancestry was connected to that of Caiaphas.

The Chief-like Cheffs/Chaffs use a Chief, and maybe the Battle griffin for a trace to Berthe. Cheffs/Chaffs were first found in Dorset with Quints. Caepincidence?

The rays surrounding the so-called "ConSTELLation" of stars, above the eagle, is called the "glory," and then Glorys/Lowrys (cup) are a branch of Lawrie's (German-Caplan colors), first found in the same place as Annandale and the Rums/Room's said to have been of Annandale. The Rums can be in the "SecloRUM" motto term beside the Seal's pyramid. The Lowrys / Laurie's can explain "SecLORum," shockingly enough. These coincidences didn't appear on the symbolism by coincidence, did they?

We can now theorize that BattiSTELLI liners are in the Constellation. And both Batti's/Botta's and Stelli's use stars. As the Battistelli pyramid is the best pyramid suspect for this Seal, let's go back to that eye hovering over the unfished pyramid, looking like it's in the CAP that finishes the pyramid. Isn't that cap a code for Caiaphas, the chief of the Illuminatists? And Eye is beside Diss while Diss' use gold eagles, the colors of the eagle in the Seal. Is it also the Strong eagle, from the land of the dread Sirens, the killer pirates?

The Rum motto is connectable to the Panico's of Bologna, and my head developed a theory that Caiaphas' family, and other priests in Jerusalem, found shelter at the Setta valley of the Panico's. In those days (first century), I expect proto-Panico's from the piece-like Pek river, at Pincum. Rums use a "Pungit" motto term for Pinc-like Pungs/Pings/Paganells. The Bagley RAM can be a Rum branch, I suppose, and Bagleys share blue lozenges with the Cheff/Chaff Chief. The Bags Chief share's three blue items with the Cheff/Chaff Chief, and the Bag Shield shares roughly the Pecker/Packer lozenges.

We just can't get away from Caepio / Annas suspects while investigating the Great Seal. CRAMers share the ram with Bagleys, while Batti's/Botta's were first found in CREMona, and Crams appear to be using the Caepio lion and Caepio fitchee, but with a Shield looking like a version of the Maurel/Maurinis Coat. The latter along with Batti's/Botta's were first found in Lombardy, while rulers of Lombardy formed the Windsors in Berkshire, where Bagley Wood is located. Rams, sharing the Cram chevron, were first found in Essex with the first-known Quints. It's known that modern Windsors proper descended in-part from Tecks, who are the Tease's/Tess', probably a branch of Diss-like Tiss' suspect in the Seal's motto term, "CoepTIS." The Tiss' were first found in Hampshire with the Caiaphas-suspect Josephs. The Tighs/Tease's/Tye's share the Annas star, and were first found in Nottinghamshire with Annas' We had arrived to Nottinghamshire via "Annuit" too in a fabulous string of links starting at the chevron of Battistelli's.

As the article continues: "The supporter of the shield is a bald eagle with its wings outstretched (or "displayed", in heraldic terms). From the eagle's perspective, it holds a bundle of 13 arrows in its left talon... Talons/TALENTs use the colors and format of Capone's, as well as eagle talons in gold. As this gold eagle was just suspect with Diss', by what coincidence did they make the Seal's wings DISplayed? Codes such as this were developed over centuries by different families, and we can now see that eagle wings displayed were likely developed as code for a Wing/Wink merger with Diss'. That is important for tracing to the Sirens at the Achelous river, for that river's name is where Hagels trace who share a single, red pile with Wings/Winks.

There's a lot of dis terms besides "disPLAYED." Why that one? It could be for the Plate's, Plays/Plessis', or Players. I am not readily seeing which one, but a Player variation may be in the Seal's "PLURibus" motto term. If it's code for the Plays/Plessis, I think I can show it to be from Bullis along with Pollocks. Spanish Pelaiz's use half the Pollock saltire, and the Bils checks, while Bullis was also, Byllis, just like "Bils" and it's variations. Pollocks started out with Peter Pollock, and Petersons (beside Rothes castle) use a Coat almost that of Plays/Plessis'. The Petersons throw in black eagles, the colors of the Hagel eagle, and if the Play/Plessis lions were gold, they with the gold cross would both be in the colors of the Hagel lion and bends.

Alternatively, "displayed" and "pluribus" can be for Pilate-suspect Plate's, and the PILLAYs sharing the PILLER/Pilotte Coat.

If you just venture to think like I do, with certainty that the heraldic terms are code for kin, you can make a lot of discoveries to prove it. You will naturally ask, why did the stupids choose a BALD eagle? So, you just look up Balds, and you find that they use what appears to be the single, red pile of Hagels and Wings/Winks, and a solid chevron too. Mystery solved, and the stupids of fledgling Washington look like the stupids that they were, lying to the world about their symbols when they knew darn well what the symbols truly represented. Back in Templar times, the founders of heraldry probably knew much of what parts of the world their ancestors were in. The Washington stupids knew to be from the Achelous.

I trace mythical Oeneus to the Oeneus river, called the Una too. "Pluribus UNUM," out of many, una. We get it. The Una is beside the Caepio-suspect Kupa. NOW, just compare Balds with Copple's/Cupple's, recalling that the latter use the Diss eagle. It's a match. One can thus trace Oeneus elements at the Achelous to the Kupa too, as well as to Koplik/Cupionich.

Now, take the pagan-Levite cult of Oeneus, and trace it to Diss'/Dice's, suspect with Tiss' at the Ticino/Tessin river, location of the Laevi. Or, take the Eye location beside Diss, and take the Eyes surname, listed with Eyers/Ayers, and link the Ayers to Shaws because the latter's SITHECH ancestry is of the Astakos > ASTIKas line. The Kyle's of AYRshire use candleSTICKS, and the Arms of Ayrshire uses a "shaw" motto term. Shaws were first found in Perthshire with Hagars, from the Agarus river, later called the Siret, suspect with the Siret variation of Sire's/Sirons.

The Washington Masons, the spiritual bastards, were from the pagan Levites, those part of Korah's rebellion, and they loved being so.

It dawns on me here that while Bus' were very-likely from Buz, the Aous river may have been named by Uts, his brother, the first two sons of Nahor. "OUT of many" may even refer to an Uts line (Others/Otters come to mind). The Aous-suspect Hose's/Ouse's were at Leicester, which itself uses the Buz cinquefoil. Dexters, likewise first found in Leicestershire, were from the Apsus, beside the Aous. Kopple's (not the same as Copple's/Cupple's) were first found in NURemberg.

As the Bullis line goes to Billiards/Billets, it's notable that they share the Moray stars while Peter Pollock's castle was at Moray. These are the colors of the stars in the Constellation, and on the American flag. Billiard/Billets (and Josephs) were first found in Maine, and the Manys (white cinquefoil) are also Maineys while we find: "In its beak, the eagle clutches a scroll with the motto E pluribus unum ("Out of MANY, One")." Caps mine. The English Billets and Billows share the white cinquefoil, in both colors, of Bus'...suspect in "PluriBUS."

There is a Scroll surname listed with Scrope's/Scope's, and it shares five, white ostrich feathers with the Arms of Traby, which is the entity that married Astikas', from Astakos off the Achelous.

The only entity I've noted (I've been with open eyes for years for this thing) sharing the three Levi chevrons in both colors are the old counts of Hainaut. Manys/Maineys share three black chevrons with Levi's, but on white. Yet, Manys/Maineys are said to be from Hainaut. I'm sure that the Levi's came from the Laevi on the Ticino, which river named the Tease's/Tecks and therefore likely the Tiss' in "Coeptis." The TICINo-like ArchDEKINs/Codys/Cotys' use the three Many/Mainey chevrons, tending to prove that Levi's were from the Ticino. As French Cotys'/Cotta's share the fretty Shield with Modens, it appears that ARCHdekins/Cotys' were Laevi liners linked both to the royal Cottians and to the Ark river just over the Cottian peaks from the Cottian capital (Susa).

The Laevi Gauls go back, in my opinion, to pagan Levites at Laish, and they go forward in time to mythical Oeneus, suspect with the line of "Jonathan" at Laish (he's in the book of Judges as the pagan Levite). King Oeneus was in the Achelous theater, no coincidence. Jonathan's rebel line of obstinate Levites goes to the eagle of America. Not happy with Moses, Jonathan formed his own church. Laish was a line to Lys'/Lisse's, first found at Ile-de-France with Levi's and Chappes'.

It dawns on me here that Ile-de-France may have been named after two surnames, a branch of Elias', and of the France / Frans surnames. France's both use the same lion as Seconds/Segurs, who are in the Levi motto. The Frans' use the split Shield of the Arms of Sion or Wallis canton (Switzerland) in colors reversed. I'm not familiar with the Frans surname, and may never have checked it. A Swiss woman named, Frans, or something close, informed me that Walsers were Wallis-canton liners with a history in the Lys river of Aosta. I now find it remarkable that Frans' share the goat with Walsers. Again, both Lys' with Levi's were first found in Ile-de-France...and one France Coat shares the same fleur as Lys'/Lise's. The Lise variation of Lys' can even be of the Ile/Iles surname, or something similar. Wallis-liner Walsh's love the Trans'/Trents who share the Frans Shield, and Francis' share the Taran/Tarent Coat. Perfect. Scottish Francis' use the same Coat but in blue, making their blue-on-white eagles linkable to the Segurana eagle (= Este eagle) and the Geneva eagle wings, for Geneva's share the France / Second lion. Is the Morgan lion the gold one of France's / Seconds? German Franks use leopard FACES for the Fessy/Face kin of Segurana's.

It's possible that "AchelOUS" was itself an Achilles-Ouse combination, for the Achelous is not far from Epirus, home of Achilles liners. This recalls the likelihood that Buz's tribe named Bozrah, the Edomite capital of Esau, a relative of Nahor. Esau subdued the Seir entity of Edom, and that's suspect with mythical Sirens. Esau's son married Timna, and her line goes to the Timnah location of Samson's wife, and from there I trace it all the way to Moray's "Deum Time" motto (the Moray Coat with that motto is no longer shown). Morays use the mermaid whose mirror is in the Sire/Siron Coat. Over time, I can see "Esau" becoming "Ouse," and it just so happens that Hose's/Ouse's are said ton be of Mr. Nueris, a Neuri-like term.

Wikipedia shows that the Aous also went by an Ous-like term: "The name [of VovOUSa village at the Aous] possibly derives from 'Voiousa' or 'Vovousa' (alternative names for the Aoos river) related to the Greek word 'vous' (Greek: ΒOYΣ, adjective BOΪOΣ) for 'bull'." The Greek word for bull was "bos," a Buz-possible entity. Myth made the Bosphorus descended from Io the white cow. I'm not excited about a vous-bull derivation for the Aous; the bull theme may have entered the historian's task of derivation discovery due to "Bullis." VOVousa may derive in an entity that named Lviv at the river of the Neuri, for the Hose's/Ouse's are said to descend from Mr. Nueris of Hose. Vivians/Veys, thanks to mythical Morgan le Fay, trace well to Vevey and Morges, both on the north shores of lake Geneva. But I have no idea (yet) whether Vivian / Vevey liners apply to Vovousa.

The bull-using Walerans use a "vos" motto term, suspect with Vaux's, Faux's and fox-using Vos'. The latter's Coat is that of Thigh's while the Lviv-line of Five's (Fife branch) use a chevron-with-symbols in the colors of the same of Coupe's, while Hose's/Ouse's use "three red legs couped at the thigh." It looks like a Lviv link to both Aous and Hose/Ouse liners. The Coupe branch of Cups/Colps were first found in Aberdeenshire (beside Fife) along with Five's. And the Colp location of Aberdeenshire is from the COLAPis/Kupa river, where I trace the black bull of Mieske's and Colds/Cole's, the latter first found in the same place as Fife-related VIVians/Veys, and beside black-bull Walerans. The Coupe fleur is almost the Hauser/Hoss fleur.

Having said that, by what coincidence was mythical Oeneus at the Achelous while the Colapis is beside the Oeneus river? The Hose/Ouse motto led us directly to the Colapis.

The Neuri-suspect Norths (share "animo" with Coupe's) use the same fleur as Hausers/Hoss', while Northerns/Nothings (share dragon with Coupe's and Seatons) are in the motto of Seaton-related Sutys (branch of Side's/SCYTHES') while Seatons were first found in Lotan-like Lothian with Faux-like Faucets at FoxSIDE. Timna above was a sister of Lotan. The only symbol showing for Hauss' are SCYTHES. It could appear that the "vous" term to which Wikipedia (and others in the remote past?) link the Aous was a line to Vos', Vaux's, Faucets, and their branches, yet the links go simultaneously to the Bug river(s) of the Neuri. French Hauss'/House's use the leaf design of Hazels while HAZel liners are suspect in the "HAZard" motto term of Sutys and Seatons. As I trace Laish's Levites from the Achelous to the Oeneus, let's add that Seatons/SITTENs have long been entertained with SIDONians of Laish (Judges says it was a town of the Sidonians). Isn't Laish the line to the Lys river where Walsers, from the Sion/Sitten area, lived? What if the Arms of Sion use the Annas star? What about LAUSanne between Vevey and Morges?

The German Hauss' give their handles a different color, possibly to point out that A Scythes bloodline were kin of the Handle/Handell surname looking like a branch of Hands/Hants, which has made me realize, for the first time, that Hands/Hants (Hanna colors) use a version of the Cup/Colp Coat. And the Hose's/Ouse's are said to be from Handel-like Les Andelys! Beautiful. The latter was home to Toeni's/Tosni's in the Arms of Leicester along with Bus'. As Hands/Hants were first found in Cheshire, along with Masci-line Meschins, the Coupe's and Copps are revealed with the Masci fleur. It's known that Toeni's/Tosni's were descended from Malahule, but he was also the line to Ranulph de Briquessart, father of le Meschin, earl of Cheshire (or Chester). As Chester- and Hauss-like Hesters/Hasters use a version of the Sale Coat, I can see even "Chester" as an Aous and/or Hose/Ouse line.

Recall that Papers were linked fairly hard to the chevron-with-stars of Bullis-liner Battistelli's, for that's used exactly by Five's. Lviv is not far north of the sources of the Siret, which flows down to Angus-suspect Angusta, and the assumed relationship between the two entities explains why Fife is beside Angus way over in Scotland. It's not a coincidence that Bug-river liners go to Bugs, first found in the same place as Annas' and maunch-using Mansfields, linkable to maunch-using TICKhills, suspect with the Ticino, home of the Laevi.

Addressing Papers again is due to the hand holding a "roll of paper" in the Ring/Crann Crest. Rings were looked up because Hesters/Hasters put a ring on the mouth of its parrot. The Crann variation is very-traceable to the Ceraunii Illyrians not far from the Oeneus, who apparently named the Ceraunii mountains at/near the mouth of the Aous. It's interesting the German Rolls may be with the lion of Bistrita-possible Rita's. My best attempt to find Angusta (I had it found on a rustic map not showing sufficient geographical details) was on the Bistrita, if I recall correctly.

My first guess was the Trotus river, but, on better inspection, I moved Angusta north one major river to the Bistrita. The Trotts, I now see, are using pale bars in the colors of the Couch pale bars, and both use cantons as well as the upright bear, while Couch's (Oxfordshire, beside the Trotts) are in the "couchant" (lying down) lion of Tints, suspect from the ATINTanes smack at the Aous / Ceraunii mountains. This can speak to Trotus-river elements at the Aous. And the Ceraunii-suspect Rings/Cranns use a reflection of the Other bend while Trotts were first found in Berkshire with Other-line Windsor castle. The Roys and Royals are suspect with Atintanes to royal-tent Tintons, and Royals use Roll-like variation(s) while we just saw the Rolls in the Ring/Crann Crest. English Rolls even use Bullis-line billets.

The GALTs (share "VINCit" with Shaws), first found in Perthshire with Wings/Winks, Colts/Celts and Shaws, and with Siret-suspect Hagars, can, therefore, be traced to GALATi at the mouth of the Siret. Galts even share the upright, black-on-white bear with Trots. It makes a strong case for at least linking Colts/Celts/Cults in merger with Galati liners.

While these things suspect Roll liners at the Trotus, the t-like crosses of Royals might just be code for Trotus liners, for the Royal bend is red, the colors of the Trott bars. Moreover, I own solar batteries by Siret-like Surrette/Rolls (that's the name of the company). Surrette's (English-Roll colors) are listed with SAYERs/Sarah's, and they put "Bear" into a motto, while Trotts use the bear. German Galts are also GaltSAYERS! The same motto also uses "forbear," suspect with bear-using Forbes', first found in Aberdeenshire i.e. where we can expect Lviv / Angusta liners. Forbes' were at PitsCOTTIE, feasibly from the Cotesii on the Busau tributary of the Siret, smack beside Galati. The Roxolani were stamped at the Busau on one map, which can explain a Rockefeller merger with Forbes'. The Galt bear wears a red muzzle, as with the Forbes bear.

As Alis'/Alice's call their bear, "muzzled," while they use the FIR tree, I suggest that Forbes' were rooted in Fur/Fir liners, wherefore Firbys/Furbys look interesting for a Forbes branch. German Galts, suspect with the Gallia/Galati/Gallero bends, were first found in Hamburg with Trypillian-liner Trips, and while the latter trace to Tropoje in Fier county, the Firs/Furs and Forbes can thus be revealed as Fier-county liners. Firbys/Furbys are in Tinton colors and format while Galts use the motto, "PaTENTia vincit."

Next, the Reale's show only crowns, which are at times, as with Crauns, code for Ceraunii liners. The Reale crowns are in the colors of the billets of Besancons/BASSETS, first found at Forez (namer of Forbes?) with Reale's. And the BISTrita can be a line to same-colored, Basset-like Bissets. BISTRita-like Bisters/Busters are the ones sharing the bustard with Trypillian-suspect Traps/Trappers, and as the Bisters/Busters are the colors and format of Bush's/Buschs (when they once showed a red fesse) while Bosco's are in the Rose write-up, let's mention that Rose's were first found in Neuri-possible Nairnshire, beside Ross-shire, the latter where Bissets were first found.

As Roxolani were ROS-Alans, and while they were on the BUSau river, it appears that there was a Busau-element merger with Bistrita elements. And here it can be added that German Bush's/Buschs share the Hauser/Hoss Coat.

Even "Great Seal is code for surnames. The Seals and Sailers use roughly the same Coats, and "sailor" is an appropriate variation for this line because Sirens were killers of sailors, and thus revealed as pirates. Sailers use a "GREATest" motto term for some Great-like surname. Sailers were first found in Yorkshire with Scarfs, and while Scarfs share the white wolf head with the Seal Crest, Trabys/Sadowski's use a Q-shaped scarf...that must be for Quade's, because the latter share the black wolf heads of both Seals and Sailors. And the Traby entry in this, perhaps by a miracle provided by God to me, is what trace's the Great Seal to the Achelous once again. I say that it's a miracle because we don't expect houseofnames to list Trabys with Sadowski's (Polish), unless someone knows something about their marital merger. The "most" motto term of Sailors gives away that they use the Moster/Master griffins, and to this we can add that Tenants use a SAIL with mast for the Mast variation of Mosters/Masters. Sails are with the Sales'/Salletts so that the Salyes Ligures are behind "Great Seal."

The Greats were first found in Herefordshire with Trevors who in-turn share the Most Coat. You see, the apron-wearing stupids knew what they were encoding. As fate would have it, they got away from the king, and started the strongest nation based on Christian fakery, leading the way for satanism of the worst kinds, as we are witnessing today in the name of their freedoms. Christians, let loose their freedoms, and restrain yourselves. Hell has worked through the American soil to our human domain, and we've got to watch out steps, or we will go down.

Wikipedia's article gives details on the development of the Seal, with Jefferson and and Ben Franklin part of the first committee, the first attempt, that is. They both chose Biblical themes, perhaps as a ruse to trick all into believing that the Seal was a Christian work. Both their designs were rejected by the acting judges, choosing instead the satanic design by Du Simitiere:

Du Simitiere showed his design, which was more along conventional heraldic lines...The crest was the "Eye of Providence in a radiant Triangle whose Glory extends over the Shield and beyond the Figures", and the motto E Pluribus Unum (Out of Many, One) in a scroll at the bottom.

They didn't call it a pyramid's cap, but rather a triangle, such a non-glorious term, but complimentary to the "architect of the universe," the Masonic view of God. And they didn't call it the eye of Jesus or even God, but of "Providence," so secular. Simitiere's design survived the second and third committees, who took their own shots at a design. What's with his "Figures"? That doesn't sound very glorious either. There is a Figures/Vigores surname from Manche's TESSy canton. Figures'/Vigores' (not all variations of course) settled Barnstaple.

"On August 20, 1776, the committee presented their report to Congress. The committee members chose Du Simitiere's design, though it was changed to remove the ANCHOR of HOPE and replace the soldier with LADY Justice holding a SWORD and a BALANCE." Ladys/Laudymans, in my opinion, use the Anchor Coat, and Hope's use the anchor, and so we can see the craft at work. The Justine-loving Sire's/Sirons use the anchor and balance, the latter shared by Justine's who add a sword. Clearly, Simitiere's designs were focusing on these elements, also from Achelous liners. Sire's/Sirons even share three lozenges in Chief along with Anchors. Justine's ("spes" = "hope") were first found in the same place as Colts/Celts who share the red-on-white stag head with Figures'/Vigores'. I've long seen the Celt people group from the Khaldi that named CALYDon, smack at Achelous! It's now well-established that Simitiere's group had Aetolians / Calydonians on the brain.

Vigores' may have been a branch if Biggars, who are in the motto of the Arms of Shetland, an island where Justine-related Assi's were first found. Assi's have been excellent for the Justine / Sire link to Astikas', because they (the Assi's) share the fasces with the Arms of Vilnius. It looks like Lady Justice to the Masons was Justine of Picenum, an area to the north of Fermo, the latter being home to Assi-like Azzo, founder of Este. The Yells/Yule's, first found in the Shetlands, share the garb of Sticks, the Astikas line from the Achelous (Aetolia). And as Elis' royals were closely related to Aetolia, not that Elis-like Yells use the Elis crescents in colors reversed! I don't recall noticing that. And Elis' use a DISheveled woman.

YELLs are in the colors of Ile's/YLLeys, and the latter use the MacDonald fitchee, by the looks of it, which can trace Ile's to Shetland (shares ship symbol with MacDonalds). It might just be that the namers of Ile-de-France formed the Yells, which traces the Levites of Laish from Achelous to Levi's and Lys' in Ile-de-France. If it works, don't fix it.

Another act of God, I am sure. After writing the paragraph above, it came to mind that the Great saltire should be the Malcolm saltire because Malcolms (same place as MacDonalds) use the Colt/Celt stag heads, while Colts (Calydonians?) were first found in Perthshire with Vinkovci-liner Wings and Valentinian-liner Justine's. And just as the question passed through my mind, not a literal second earlier or later, "How great" played in my ear from the song, "How great Thou ART." Malcolms use an "ARDua" motto term. Amazing. God was not corroborating with this timing that MY thought was correct. He created the thought too i.e. it wasn't mine. So I asked Him, "how do you do that?" He doesn't answer, not right away, anyway, but I know he hears. GRATian was Valentinian's father. Get it? God's going to make the Great Seal squeal.

The Arms of Vilnius uses what looks like Moses in water, though I suggested that it was Hercules disguised as Moses. When I said that, I did not know the following, for I learned of it only today:

Franklin chose an allegorical scene from Exodus, described in his notes as "Moses standing on the Shore, and extending his Hand over the Sea...."...Adams chose a painting known as the "Judgment of Hercules"...

You can see that the founders were kicking Hercules around. Why? Hercules was a Danaan, and proto-Danaans were the Dan/Tanis liners of Laish, who forced Jonathan the Levite to be their priest. Proto-Hercules was Samson, a Tanis-Dan liner himself.

The third Committee was kicking around a "perennis" motto term looking like code for Pharnaces and Nysa. The term was located with the pyramid. This term had already been used, with the pyramid, on a 50-dollar bill. Why was nothing about Jesus chosen for the "great" seal? The Bible has so many excellent phrases, but, nope, a pyramid, symbol of Egypt, was chosen for the United states. How moronic. yet that pyramid must be code for two surnames.

There was a blue Chief chosen that no one is said to have objected to. Why just pure blue? Why not take the opportunity to add a symbol within it? Well, as "Great Seal" was seen as a line from the Salyes Ligures, it can appear that they chose the Saluzzo Chief, pure blue. I'm sure that, in the secret rooms, there was a lot more to these decisions and conflicts than Wikipedia lets on. Not once does the article speak on a controversy amongst the people working to chose aspects of the design. I suppose the writer wishes to glorify the Seal, and the best way is to glorify also those who decided for its design. But I say the Seal is heraldic garbage, a testament to the arrogance of fleshy man seeking to light a sacred candle in honor of ancient paganism.

Read This Until Perkins-Coie is Found in a Sewer

A conspicuous thing in the section above is that the Taphian pirates (mythical Daphne) of the Achelous did not come up in the heraldry codes. I expect Daphne liners with Ladons/Ladds and Burleys, for example, because the Ladon river and Boura were in the Elis area. It seems fairly clear that the mythical ties between Elis and Aetolia were much about the Daphne-Taphian entity. The Ladon was from Lydians, who had a Sea Peoples that I say were descendants of the Hyksos wanting to reclaim their Egypt. The Mus / Meshwesh household of the Hyksos must have been the Masa Sea Peoples in Caria. Daphne's father was made Tiresias (as well as Ladon), whose father was Everes ("shepherd seer"), code for the Hyksos capital of Avaris. It doesn't seem a coincidence that Manetho, who smacks of Manto, Daphne's sister, called the Hyksos, Shepherd Kings. He must have known that the shepherd seer was code for Hyksos.

Was mythical Manto, said to have named Mantova (northern Italy), the line to the Manys/Maineys suspect with the Great Seal? Watch what happens as I visit my youth, where God placed some codes for us, but first let me repeat:

The only entity I've noted...sharing the three Levi chevrons in both colors are the old counts of Hainaut. Manys/Maineys share three black chevrons with Levi's, but on white. Yet, Manys/Maineys are said to be from Hainaut. I'm sure that the Levi's came from the Laevi on the Ticino, which river named the Tease's/Tecks and therefore likely the Tiss' in "Coeptis." The TICINo-like ArchDEKINs/Codys/Cotys' use the three Many/Mainey chevrons, tending to prove that Levi's were from the Ticino. As French Cotys'/Cotta's share the fretty Shield with Modens, it appears that ARCHdekins/Cotys' were Laevi liners linked both to the royal Cottians and to the Ark river just over the Cottian peaks from the Cottian capital (Susa).

My mother lived in the upper flat of a house from the time of my birth to the age of five. Alfred TAFF is my age and lived those same five years on the bottom floor. Like my mother, Alfred's mother is a Masci, and that's from the Mus household of Hyksos. All the kids called Alfred, Freddy, like "fretty," and Taffs use fretty. We can trace that fretty, with the paragraph above, to Archdekins and therefore to the Laevi. The Taffs can be gleaned using both the Mea/Meigh and Fessy cross, and then Mea's are from the Meu river, in the area of Brittany that Motts/Mottins were first found. There you have more reason to link Taffs (Hyksos) to fretty (of Modens/Modeys from the Ark river). And while one Hyksos ruler was Apepi, Alfred's father was Pepin Taff. Independent of these considerations, I've insisted that Pepins named Pavia/Papia, a Ticino-river city founded by the Laevi.

The "signo" motto term of Taffs (and Fessys) is definitely code for Segni's/SEGURana's, and then Seconds are listed with Segurs while being in the "second" motto term of Levi's. Perfect, for making the case. The Taff / Fessy / Mea crosses (used in Piedmont and Switzerland = Ticino theater) are colors reversed from the same-type cross of Decans and Deacons, and the latter were first found in Suffolk with Diss/DICE's and Clare's, while French Clairs (three chevrons) were first found in Limousin with Seconds/Segurs.

With Fessys, we are back to the line of Valentinian and Justine, and because GRATIAN was the father of Valentinian, "Great Seal" is suspect with him, especially as Salyes Ligures were in/near Genova while the Saluzzo Shield is shared by Genova's/Geneva's. Besides, the Greats are also GREETANs. There is a high probability that the Genova/Geneva lion is that of Seconds/Segurs. The Genova/Geneva lion holds a sword in the colors of the Sword sword, and Swords share wings with Genova's/Geneva's. Swords were of Siward of Northumberland, who defeated MacBeth in 1054. Malcolm III finished MacBeth off in 1057. There's the Valentinian connection to Swords, though it would be interesting to know how Valentinian liners arrived to Malcolm's veins.

The Sword description mentions the swords hilt and pommel, and the latter term can be for a surname intended also by the POMEgranate of Great-like Grazio's, a branch of Crispins. Grazio's were first found in UMBRIA while Swords are of Siward of NorthUMBERland (= Cumbria). The Hilts split their Chief into bars in the colors of the Umber/Humber bars.

Hilt/Hyatt variations are like the Hate/Hait/Haight variation of Hague's (Roque rock in Crest), smacking of the Haughts that use the three Umber/Humber bars in colors reversed. The Hate's/Haights happen to use a saltire in colors reversed from the Great/Greetan saltire, and it can be in those colors as per the Segni/Segurana / Sibal cross. The Hague variation can indicate a Hilt-line merger with same-colored Hagans (Sword sword?) and Hagars (Hague star?), the Hagars suspect from the Agarus = Siret river, which tends to get the Great Seal back to Achelous liners. In fact, the "inVICTa" motto term of Hate's/Hague's can be for Victors, a branch of Feschs/Vechters/Fechters and Fisks, the latter using a pyramid. As could be expected, Feschs and Swords both use white swords with gold handles. The Sword motto, "Paratus," can be for the PYRetis river of Moldava, which meets the Siret down in Galati.

The Umber/Humber bars are in the colors (why?) of the three chevrons of Archdekins/Cotys'. The Heights share the black cross of VISE's/Vice's while Ottone's, suspect with Ottone VISconti, were first found in Perusia with Grazio's. It's a small world, suddenly.

The Galati/Gallia surname is also Gallura-like Gallero, and Visconti's ruled at Gallura. It can perhaps explain the Great/Greetan rooster. In any case, Gallia was mother to Tullia while Tulls use the pyramid too, as well as a "PRUDenti" motto term suspect with the Pyretis, now the Prut. We have a story.

I've just seen a Braila area to the south side of Galati, and while Braile's/BRAYle's use barnacles, the Wikipedia page below on barnacle-using Arms shows the first example with Morell-like Moraille's. Morells were first found in Milan, where Ottone Visconti ruled, with Gallia's/Galati's/Gallero's. This now traces Gallia of Tullia quite acceptably to the Siret-Prut theater. Beside the Moraille's are the Bray-like Broyes'.

The last example on the Wikipedia page happens to be the Hyatt-like Wyatts...who share the Hilt/Hyatt lion, apparently. Also on the page with barnacles is MontMORENcy-Beaufort, suspect with the Maurinis' variation of Maurells. Wyatts (Guy colors) are said to be from "Guy," and Guy of Spoleto was in Umbria too. Guy liners were also Guis-like while that must refer to the Guiscard variation of Wisharts and Visconti's. The Barnacle GEESE are like the Guise variation of Guys.

Likewise on the barnacle page are Les Roise's, who share the potent feature with AVEZzano's (rose!), first found on Sardinia with Gallura. Scottish Rose's are the ones sharing the water bouget with Bugs, from the Ukraine not far from the sources of the Prut and Siret. Besides, I traced the water bouget to Bouchard II, founder of Montmorency. Morencys were first found in Ile-de-France with Levi's and Ottone-related Chappes'. Water BOUGETs are water containers and therefore look like a play on the BUCKETs/Buchards, who share the three, red piles of Guiscards/Wisharts (same place as Chappes'/Cheaps).

And French Buckets/Boquets share the cinquefoils of Bags in colors reversed! Zinger. Bags are now highly suspect from Bug-river Ukrainians. Bags were at GAYwood, and Gays share the gold rooster of Galli's, which recalls that I had an inkling to trace king Gaia/Gala, a NUMIDian, to the NEAMT part of the Siret theater. I wasn't able to prove that trace, though Name's/Neams (same place as Buckets/Buchards and le-Meschin's wife) can be using the Massin lion while Massena/Massinissa was Gaia's son. Plus, the Numidian capital, Cirta, looks like "Siret."

Syphax Numidians, represented by my old friend, Mr. Kepke, whose father was Ukrainian, are suspect with "spes" motto terms, and with the Space's/Speccots, while Bags use "spes." Syphax liners are also suspect with Spice's, who share towers with Gaywoods, and towers were considered for the Tuareg Berbers / Amazons, who lived with or beside Numidians. The "tueri" motto of Masters (same place as Massins) is suspect with Tuaregs.

I had read that Bassets use the porcupine, a symbol also of Syphax-suspect Specks/Spicks/Spocks. Can't that trace Numidians to the BISTrita? Yes, and Syphax was captured by the Romans, and put into house arrest, or something like that, in Rome, where Rita's were first found. Rita's use "pieces of wood," and Woods use the tree, symbol for the Tree's/True's, right?

As the Bug was home to the Neuri-branch Nahorites, let's look at the True's/Tree's, first found in Warwickshire with geese-using Barnacle's. We assume that the geese are for the Gaia-Numidian line to Guys, Gays, etc. The True's/Tree's, are said to be from "trog / trough," and that latter term, which may simply be a code for a surname, smacks of the "Through" motto of tree-using Hameltons, from Kemuel, son of Nahor. There are two Barnacle surnames, one "displaying three geese", and one with Irish Cohens/COYne's/Kyne's, suspect of Hyksos named after pharaoh Khyan.

Next, just compare "trog" to "Tuareg." That traces Tree's pretty fast to the Numidian theater. And then let's remind of the Hume motto, "True to the end," for Hume's (Lannoy / Lyon lion in colors reversed) may have named Humorului, up the Siret and near Piatra-Neamt, and nearer (about 30 miles) from TIRGU-Neamt. It's pretty compelling. And the True's/Tree's share the plumed helmet on knight with Lannoys...while Helms use the giant helmet while HOMers (Home variation of Hume's) are HOLMers too. I suggest Tuaregs at Tournai because Tours are a Tower branch, and because Merovingians, who started at Tournai, are expected from Moors / Mauritanians.

Now recall my Surrette/Rolls batteries, for HumoRULui looks like it can be a Roll liner, for Humorului is off the Surrette-like Siret. It's amazing what shocking history batteries can unleash. I've never before seen this Hume-Roll possibility, but in checking the Roll surnames again, I've just seen that the German branch uses a white-on-blue lion, almost the white-on-green one of Hume's, which recalls part of the reason that Hume's were traced to Humorului, because it's at or beside Suceava, the Arms of which share the white-on-blue lion with German Rolls. How about that. It's the Rita lion too.

Roll-like Rule's/Rools (German) share the courant (off all fours) hare was HAAS', and the Rule fleur is colors reversed from the same of Hoss'/Hausers. It recalls that HAZels (Rule/Rool colors) share the leaf design of the Falts/Fauls (and House's/Hauss'), suspect at Falticeni, beside Humorului. I had traced Hazel liners to Hasdrubal, father-in-law of Syphax. Assume that "Hasdrubal" is rooted in "HasDRU-Baal, same ending as "HanniBAL." "Dru" can mean "tree," or it may even be the proto-True line. "SuCEAVA" may be a Chiava/Sheaves (keys) line to Keys/Kays who in-turn share double bendlets, without a bend, with True's/Tree's. AND, ZOWIE, True's/Tree's were first found in Warwickshire with Pettys, who are not only suspect at PIATRA-Neamt, but they share the quadrants of Name's/Neams! I had missed this last part previously. Warwicks then use the Roll / Suceava lion! Hee-hee.

Plus, there is a Tirgu-Mures location on the Mures river (Romania, near Neamt), and Scottish Mures'/Moors use a "NON" motto term, and the same head as HAZELtons/Heslingtons. The head wears a head band, as does Hasdrubal on his coin. This head band became the band or scarf over the eyes of heraldic Moor heads. Heads are suspect with African Gorgons / Amazons / Berbers, for heads were anciently the Gorgon symbol, especially the Medusa Gorgon.

God told me that white rabbits trace to Bra, beside SAVIGliano, named by Savage's, beloved by Woods, beloved by Rita's, from the Bistrita, location of Numidia-suspect Neamt. Savage's share the lion paw with Neamt-possible Noons and Homers/Holmers, while the English Rule's share the red heart with French Sauvage's. I was lucky for this paragraph, having loaded the Coys only yesterday seeking surnames that may relate to Perkins-Coie. The Perkins-Coie lawyers of Hillary Clinton are in the section below (this section was inserted here, before yesterday's section below), and they bought the dossier on her behalf. Perkins-COIE was suspect only as of yesterday to be of the Obama dream's pool CUE. I'm lucky because, while wondering how "Barnacle" was formed, "Bar-Nickle" came to mind, and after that it was noted that Coyne's/Barnacle's share the downward and white pheon with Nickle's/Nichols. At that point, I rushed (by scrolling back through the Coats) to find the surname I had seen yesterday with the Nickle pheon in both colors, and it turned out to be the Coys, suggesting that Coys were a Coyne branch, and that Barnacle's are indeed a Coy of Coyne merger with Nickle's.

BEHOLD: Nickle's/Nichols happen to be first found in Cheshire, and use a "CUI" (!) motto term, while the Cue's share the garbs in the Arms of Cheshire! Can we believe this? By every appearance, I was playing pool on Obama's billiard table so that God could point to the guilt of Perkins-Coie. The Cue Crest can be gleaned as a colors-reversed version of the lion in the Arms of Macclesfield (Cheshire). This is a huge deal.

The pellets of German Nichols suggests that the Nickle's/Nichols use the Pilate pheons, which are in both colors of the Coyne/Barnacle pheon. Pelosi's/Pilati's were first found beside Bray-suspect Bra so that, perhaps, Bra was named after Braila elements. German Nicholsons, by the way, look like a merger with Leo's/Leons.

There are many barnacle designs on Wikipedia's page. The design used by Braile's is on the page with Smith-of-Totnes, and Scottish Smiths happen to share the motto in the Arms of Lviv. English Smiths happen to share the colors and format of Coys. Reminder: Braile's came to topic with a Braila area on the south side of the mouth of the Siret.

Repeat: "The GALTs (share "VINCit" with Shaws), first found in Perthshire with Wings/Winks, Colts/Celts and Shaws, and with Siret-suspect Hagars, can, therefore, be traced to GALATi at the mouth of the Siret. Galts even share the upright, black-on-white bear with Trots. It makes a strong case for at least linking Colts/Celts/Cults in merger with Galati liners." The Colts/Celts are the ones with the Pilate pheon without doubt.

My solar batteries had revealed that Surrette's/Sayers belong to the Galts/Galtsayers, the latter using a bend in Coyne/Barnacle-bend colors. There seems to have been a major Moldavian, or proto-Moldavian, stream through west-European rulers (the ones who used heraldry). English Galts use "A red ship with flags and pennant flying", and pennants are used by COE's/Coo's/Cowes'. If we view it as a POOL cue, we can note that Poole is onshore from the Isle of Wight, which itself has a Cowes location. God can chew gun and walk at the same time; he can use a pool cue or a billiard cue for making the links he's interested in. It would be His task to convince readers, or certain readers, that He's in this dream, wherefore He could have arranged a Pool-Coe relationship for the purpose of reinforcing the apparent fact that he's pointing the guilty finger at Perkins-Coie.

It was my stab that Plancia Magna was involved at Derbe near lake Tatta, the shores of which had a Perta location anciently. As she had a Mr. Simplex as kin, the "Simplex" motto term of the Perkins surname is from Perga, Plancia's home. I was able to satisfy a trace of the Perga > Perkin line to mythical Perkunas of Lithuania, location of Vilnius, and Plancia-liner Plunketts were first found in Brittany's Vilaine. We are right back to the Achelous line, the Rat Trap. A couple of years ago, I predicted that God would set a rat trap for the 666 lovers, and Nunes is about to set one for the dossier's criminals.

Weights/Waits share the black, gold-striped hunting horn in the Arms of Traby, in the colors and format of the three wolf heads of QUADe's/Wade's. The Isle of Wight is interesting because Wyatts and Hyatts both share black lions with Perkins and Irish Wights/White's. Scottish Wights/White's were at Colt-like COLDingham, though Colds are listed with Cole's, a branch of Astikas-liner / Kyle-related Ayers/AIRs (Shaw-Sithech kin), who happen to share black QUATRefoils with Scottish Wights/White's (see also the Shaw foils). And while Shaws / Colts were in Perta-suspect Perthshire, Scottish Wights/White's use a "parta" motto term.

Quatrefoils are for Quadratilla, the line to Quade's/Wade's and therefore likely to Weights/Waits. But why not also same-colored Wights and Wyatts? And while I have been drawn to peg Joseph CAIAphas as the grandson roughly of Lupus Laevillus (Quadratilla's husband), perhaps his surname got to the Cowes variation of Coe's/Coo's and/or the Coy / Caw liners. We could then understand why God would want to make a pool-cue link both to Perkins-Coie and to the killer of Jesus. Plancia Magna was a descendant of Glaphyra Archelaus, whose grandson in-turn had a daughter (Julia of Cetis) who married Quadratilla's father.

The best I could do, heraldicly, with the airplane cue ball, was to suggest the Plains/Platers. They use a Coat reflecting that of Scottish Wights/Wights quite well. But I falter here, as it's just not tidy enough for God. When he does it, it's perfect. While Wights/White's can link square to Cowes off-shore from pool, Plains/Platers were first found in Suffolk, not far away, yet of all things to use for a cue ball, why a paper plane if all it does is point to Plains/Platers? Was God stumped for a better means of making a link that could get me to use a couple of exclamation marks? It can be added that the Plain and Wight Chiefs are a reflection of the Levin/Living Chief, making Laevillus suspect to that surname.

The "Echel" motto term of Irish Wights looks like the Achelous > Hagel / Eagle/Hegel line, suggesting that the black lions above, shared by Irish Wights, are to be equated with the Eagle/Hegel lions. Hagels (use two symbols in the Arms of KYburg) share a black eagle in Crest with English Wights, and Scottish Wights have one in place of the Plain/Plater cross. I just feel that there is more to the use of the airplane than what I've suggested thus far. Look at how long it's taken for me to recognize that Perkins-Coie is involved with the cue ball.

I've just found ECCLEstone's (Perkin colors) sharing the red-on-white fleur-de-lys with Perkins. The Ecclestone Shield: "...a black cross and in the left top corner a red fleur-de-lis." Very rarely do descriptions use "top left corner." I sewered the airplane in the left corner pocket. Was God thus setting that up for to get me to the Ecclestone's (Magpie in Crest)? What for? To verify that he's tracking the Laish Levites through the Achelous' Oeneus elements? The Echel surname even uses a giant cup suspect with the Cups/Cope/Colp line from the Colapis, beside the Oeneus. But Echel-like surnames came off the Wight motto, not the Plain/Plater motto.

There are two ways to make a paper plane, one slick with the V-shape, and one not slick and sharp. I made the V-shape one, in the shape of the large ermine spots of French Balls/Balons. Balance's/Balancors, beloved by Astikas-liner Justine's, would have the Wight eagle in colors reversed. English Balls bring us back to that black lion shared by Echel-line Wights. This gets interesting because Balls are suspect from Alexander Balas, the Seleucid king that I figure is ancestral to the end-time anti-Christ. Balas merged in a political union, ironically enough for the other Maccabee brothers, with Jonathan Maccabee. I wonder whether he was named after a line from Jonathan of Laish? In any case, Maccabees formed the killers of Jesus, and the Alexander name was used all the way to the two Maccabees, Glaphyra's husband and grandson, the latter being the father-in-law of Quadratilla's father (Quadratus). That's the line to the quatrefoils of the Wights suspect with the Balancor eagle. I wouldn't be making these links if not for the airplane cue BALL.

Ale's share the Pool and Page/Lepage lion, interesting indeed because the airplane was at first a page. I kid you not that, before loading Ayles'/Ailes', the Ale's were loaded because "Ayl" is compatible with "Hagel," and I wrote the above before seeing that Ayles' use pale bars with thin space between them (rare), in the colors of the bars of Gots/Goths, the latter in the last update like so: "The Gots/Goths use rare fesses, where the spaces between fesses are not equal to the width of the fesses...I can't think of any other Coat using this feature aside from French Page's/Lepage's." In this picture, the pheons of English Page's can very well be closely related to the pheons in colors reversed of Coys. Is that not amazing for pointing with my pool cue to Perkins-Coie?

And with Ayles' from the Achelous, we may assume, since their pale bars are colors reversed from the double bends of Hagels, by what coincidence are there three pale bars in both colors of the three chevrons of French Levi's, while Jewish Levi's/Levins use another black lion? It's the pagan-Levite line at the Achelous, isn't it? And mythical Oeneus at that river was father to mythical Methoni, the name of a real Greek city that became suspect with Israel's ancient Modi'in (Joshua's time), where Maccabees lived as king-priests of Israel in the run-up to the Levite killers of Jesus. Jesus said that his enemies sit in the seat of Moses, and that the people therefore should obey them, suggesting that they were true Levite liners.

As Josephus was ancestral to the heraldic Joseph surnames, let's add that he claimed to descend from Jonathan Maccabee, for the Cue/Kew/Cues surname shares the blue garb with English Josephs.

There is/was an ancient Qewe area with many Cue-like versions. It was in Cilicia's Adana area, and you can read for yourself that Adana is suspect by others with the Greek Danaans, whom I have traced to my satisfaction to the Danites in Laish, the ones who took Jonathan as their own pagan priest. You see, even while God is using the pool table to point to deep-state criminals, He's able to use it also to indicate the ancient and rebellious Levites, as they formed a large part of Greek mythology, and perhaps even originated it with Zeus character looking like a washed-out (diluted) version of the God of Moses.

I purchased land from Adana Teague, which may not have been coincidental, for while Teague's/TEEGERs trace to Tigranes, he was the son of Alexander (husband of Glaphyra), and father of Alexander of Cetis, in Cilicia. Can you dig it? Annas' father, Seth, was in Syria, living at the time of Glaphyra, or just before her, which is smack beside Qewe. And Teague's are suspect with Diggs and Tighs (same stars) while Tighs share the Annas star. In colors reversed, the Digg Chief-Shield color combination is that of Annas'.

One day, while at the church with her son, I happened to be there while he was leading a project to DIG a trench, otherwise we had not worked together. We didn't even associate on a friendship / buddy level. We were using PICKs to dig this trench (few inches deep only), and Scottish Picks/Pike's/Pickens (Picenum liners?) happen to share the gold-on-red Digg / Tigh stars. It wasn't deep enough or intended to be a ditch, nevertheless Ditch's are listed with Dike's, while Diss'/Dice's were first found in Suffolk with Tigers (and Cliff-related Fisks). And the "Diem" motto term of Teague's/Teegers gets the Ditch-like DITTmayers while Ditts/Dyots use the tiger (without stripes, we wonder why).

French Dyots, can we believe it, share the checkered Coat of CLIFfords while Glaphyra is a line to Clavers/Cleavers (Plunkett tower) and Cleve's/CLIFFS (Quade wolf heads, share a wolf head in Crest with Teague's). Dyot-like and "copia"-using Dots/Dodds (same place as Cliffs/Cleve's) can be using a version of the same-colored Teague chevron. The Fisk-Cliff relationship (fiscal-cliff scam under Bush and Obama) that I see now recalls that Battistelli's share the pyramid with star-loving Fisks while Stelli's share the giant star of German Teegers/Tegens/Digners, but see also Degens, can you dig it.

There's a little more Coie material in the next section.

Because You'd Be in Jail

The Department of Justice and the FBI have agreed to giving up documents to Nunes, but look at the timing. Nunes gave until January 3, and the DoJ waited until the deadline. It doesn't look like the DoJ wants to help. Can we trust that it gave up all the documents? No, we cannot.

Judicial Watch recently won a court order to secure documents from the DoJ too, but if Judicial Watch can get them, why can't Trump? What's with all the president's fussing around with tweets? Trump has Session's phone number. "Hello, Jeff, this is the president. Would you mind at all if my staff could have all emails of interest in Hillary's unethical government business? Thanks, Jeff, I'll be looking forward to it." Click. Have an anti-Clinton group of White House staff go over the emails. There is no issue for bias in using anti-Clinton staff, because this group isn't charged with giving opinions or making decisions on Hillary's fate. It just sorts through the emails and brings into Trump's office all that would be of interest to him. You can't give that job to Hillary lovers, because bias would then spoil the task.

Sessions has decided to open a case against Hillarys emails. Why now? Because, I suppose, the cat is out of the bag with his release of material to Nunes. Sessions is still acting like a sly dog. He says he wants to go over whether Hillary did wrong in handling top-secret materials. Where is your head, Mr. Attorney General? She deleted 10s of 1000s of government emails just as congress wanted to see them? A court of law would have no problem convicting a person on the deletion of material alone. It's cause to assume that destroying the emails had the purpose of hiding guilt. But as the emails are gone, it's not going to be easy for a court to know what she did wrong, wherefore give her 33 years, one year for every 1000 emails, just in case she deserves 66 years. Send a message to the Democrats so that they will not abuse government without thinking hard twice. Their inclination is to abuse power, and that's why they need to be hammered by the full force of the law. How could the attorney general himself not get it?

Hillary's "pay to play" activities constitute gross and multiple conflict-of-interest violations, defined as 1st-degree advertising of herself as a bribe-taker. Imagine, welcoming national governments and billionaires to make "grants" to the Clinton Foundation in return for political favors. And Sessions isn't talking about this? Give the man the boot if indeed he's neglecting this thing. This is the woman who would be president. If she gets 33 years, she should consider herself lucky. Doing political favors for others means that she robs the tax payers to get those favors done. No favor can take place without cost. She was a big-time thief in a high government position, and would have continued as president.

I believe in and like forgiveness, but only when there is repentance. The Democrats show no remorse, no sign of changing their ways. Instead of repenting, they attack with character assassinations those asking questions. Below is part of the pay-to-play guilt, which is massive. When you think that a person deserves jail time for one offense of using a political position in conflict-of-interest, just think of how many offenses the Clintons are guilty of. They had an out-of-control conflict-of-interest machine running full speed. We can forgive Fitton's repeated boasting for the successes of Judicial Watch, as it's his job to fund raise:

No sooner did the Senate Judiciary Committee get the emails that it sent out this tweet:

Senators @ChuckGrassley and @LindseyGrahamSC have referred Christopher Steele to @TheJusticeDept for investigation after information reviewed by committee investigators revealed significant inconsistencies in statements provided to authorities

Fox is saying that Peter Strzok is being called, for the first time, to a hearing. Fusion GPS lost a court session this week when seeking to get court approval to hide certain things from investigators. We could say that the pot is starting to simmer. What kind of documents is Nunes receiving? "Late Wednesday, the Justice Department and FBI stopped their four-month old stonewall of subpoenas from Congress for documents and witnesses related to the Steele dossier, the infamous compilation of unverified and salacious material alleging President Trump had improper dealings with Russia. All of the material will now apparently be turned over. The House Intelligence Committee had demanded that the Justice Department and FBI explain how they came to become involved with former British spy Christopher Steele, who compiled the dossier after being paid by Fusion GPS."

Remember: the billiard hall did not belong to Hillary, but to Obama. If the dream is about the dossier, then Obama is behind it more than Hillary. The dossier didn't come against Trump until after he won the election. It stands to reason that whatever Strzok and Page were discussing in McCabe's office was something altogether different, to be accomplished before the election. Like, tapping the communications of the Trump election team using FBI equipment.

Mueller must have chosen Strzok for his special council because Strzok was known to be a headstrong opponent of Trump, willing to be dishonest and ruthless in his capacity as a law enforcer. Mueller demoted Strzok, according to reports, only for writing emails to Page that revealed his bias, but, surely, Mueller already knew of that bias. He must have demoted Strzok simply to protect his own honest / unbiased facade, in case those emails came to light. And they did come to light, lucky Mueller.

Youtube is buzzing with these developments. Glenn Simpson of Fusion has agreed to be questioned whereas he and Fusion's other partners refused previously, taking the 5th. The message sent by the DoJ's release of material is that Nunes was dead-serious in charging those who stonewalled. Next, we want to know whether Strzok will actually answer questions. Nunes comes across as a solid moralist. I portrayed him as a "flying raider on horseback with flame-tipped arrows aimed at Mueller's heart". A little later in the update (3rd of last month): "...the Raiders/Raids and Irish Noons/Nuane's both use an engrailed cross on a gold Shield. Amazing, as though God put those words about Nunes into my mouth. Go ahead and compare English Noons/Nunns/Nones' with Raiders/Raids." The Noons/Nuane's are not the same as Noons/Nunns/Nones', the latter use saltire colors in colors reversed from the Raider/Raid cross.

More amazing and what looks like confirmation that God is in this. I have four tabs open at this time from houseofnames. On this occasion, I happened to be at the tab that still had the Elis Coat showing from when I mentioned Elis' and Elias' with Yells. I used that tab to load Noons, and because the English branch uses a "modo" motto term, I went looking for who it was that uses "quoMODO." I found it in the last update with Elias'! When still on the Elis Coat, as I entered "Noon," I knew without checking that the Elis (and Elias) Coat is a cross in the colors of the same-type cross of Raiders/Raids.

The interesting thing here is that I see "modo" with Modens/Modeys and Motts/Mottins, the latter sharing the crescent colors of the Elis / Elias crescents. And Modens/Modeys were first found in the same place as Arks for a trace to Modane on the Arc river. Well, this Arc-river line is suspect with the arced page on Obama's billiard table. And Modens use "fretty" so that Obama should be fretting about Nunes' raids. More seriously, as I said, the plane that I made from the page was shot straight into the corner pocket, "like an arrow" as they say. It was fast and straight, yes, it really was. And so we just view the pocket as Mueller's heart, because the paper plane now looks like code for Nunes' activity against Strzok. Previously, the sewer was itself suspect with Strzok, and it was Mueller who brought Strzok into his investigation of Trump, which includes the use of the dossier against the president. Wow.

[Insert -- I didn't consciously know until a day or more after writing here that "Perkins Coie lawyer Marc Elias hired the company that compiled a dossier with allegations about Donald Trump's Russia connections...Elias hired the company, Fusion GPS, to assist in the law firm's representation of the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National." Again, the Elias' are the ones with a "quoMODO" motto term as code for the line from Modane on the Ark river. Therefore, as the page on the billiard table had an arc, it can be suggesting that Lisa Page was involved with Marc Elias of Perkins Coie, which doesn't seem like a stretch at all. Note how "COIE" is like the pool CUE with which I shot the page. Or, take "QUOmodo" and compare with "Cue / Coie."

Wikipedia's Perkins-Coie article: "In 2009, President Obama appointed Robert Bauer, the chair of the firm's Political Law practice, to become his White House Counsel. Bauer returned to private practice with Perkins Coie in 2011. In [April] 2015, Hillary Clinton named Marc Elias as general counsel to her campaign."

In the last update, at the end of a paragraph that introduced the Elias and Elis surnames, I had written, "You can BAG [caps added here] that and take it to the bank.". My emphasis was on the Bags, or the sleeping bag, not on the Bank surname. Readers may not understand fully why I get excited or use exclamation marks. You would need to know all that's in my mind, or the way I gauge whether a coincidence is such or otherwise. Soon after, upon writing an exciting paragraph on the Bank surname, with good potential to link to Elis' / Elias', I wrote:

This is unbelievable, for Banks came to topic only because of my saying (below), "You can bag that and take it to the bank." The Bank surname (Yorkshire, in the colors of the Yorkshire Camps and the Chalons) was not on my mind, but I decided to look it up, and it uses a near-match with the Arms of Chalons-sur-Marne. PLUS, Banks are traced to "a slope, or a hillside"!!! I was on a hillside, a rather steep slope, when picking up the sleeping bag!!! GOD IS GREAT.

I understood that I was onto something from God, especially as Hills (like "Hillary") share the white crescent with Hill-like Elis' and Elias'. And I recognized that Elias' came to topic as per God's message through the sleeping-bag dream. But I had no idea why. Marc Elias makes a lot of sense with the dossier, but I've yet to scratch the surface on why he should relate to the sleeping-bag dream, which I think is on Scalia's murder. The way I now see it, the sleeping bag was in the bank / hill that is code for Marc Elias and his client, Hillary Clinton's election bid. Scalia was murdered (February 2016) after Elias became Hillary's lawyer. Hillary and the DNC paid a total of $10 million to Perkins Coie, chump change for Hillary if it could secure the election for four or eight glorious years of receiving international bribes. Here comes the bribe, all dressed in white...

Reminder: Dossier's/D'Hosers share the split Shield of Morleys/MAULs (Yorkshire, as with Banks), and after David Morley did a loop on the hill / bank, I walked into a MALL PARKING lot (at the top of the hill), then into a mall. Banks share the fleur-de-lys of Morlands (beside Yorkshire), who in-turn use the lys-leopard symbol of English Morleys. I kid you not, I am not lying, that I did walk into a parking lot upon crossing the road. I have told this many times. And Parkings are a surname listed with Perkins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've said that before, but didn't know of Perkins Coie. After walking into the parking lot, I entered the mall, and was at two PLATforms, not knowing whether they were code for Platts or Decks, but, when Hillary changed her server due to scandal, she hired PLATTE River Netwroks, as a decoy, to replace it!! Plus, this reveals why God used an airplane cue ball, I think, for Plains/PLATers. I assume that Perkins-Coie was with Hillary during the switch to Platte-River. Perkins Coie has a location in Denver, location also of Platte River Networks. To put it another way, of the six Perkins-Coie locations across the United States, one is in Denver. Coincidence?

I was on one platform, and two ladies were on the one to my right, when one of them, Christine Peare, came into my arms, and it felt so good as I pulled her toward me by her waist. The dream ended there. I have no idea how she with the other lady can apply to the Clinton crime ring. When I figure it out, or, rather, when God reveals it, I'll let it out. When I was 19 years old, maybe still 18, I slept with the two ladies (no sex) in my bed. I woke up in the middle of the night with my arm around Christine's waist, pressing on her belly toward me, and it felt so good. Why would God give me a dream, some 40 years later, in respect to that old event?

Amazing, this really is. Before writing the paragraph above, I was looking at the Fitton Coat as per Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch. I was asking whether the three garbs on a bend of Fittons (Cheshire) applies to the six, same-colored garbs of Cue's, but could see no further / special connection to other items on the pool table. It would be meaningful if there is a Cue-Fitton connection because we could view the billiard shot against Strzok, Page and Perkins Coie as God working through Judicial Watch. I quit seeking a Cue-Fitton connection, and came to insert the paragraph above. At the end of the paragraph, Waistells were re-loaded because there is no Waist surname, and Waistells use three garbs on a bend in the same colors of the garbs on same-colored bend of Fittons. Believe it or not. Waistells use doves too, a Page symbol, and the Page pheons are colors reversed from the Coy pheons.

What does this mean? Tom Fitton versus Perkins Coie and Platte River? But it wasn't Fitton who had Miss Peare by the waist; it was me. Is God going to have Fitton read my work to direct him with it, to strenghten his drive? He is a Christian. Waistells were first found in Westmorland along with Morley-branch Morlands. The Fitton motto, "Vae duplici cordi," has no meaning to me as per surnames in the deep state, but may to someone else. It's translated, "Woe to the deceitful heart."

Okay, after making a tea, and thinking harder, I came up with something. I'm glad that I've told this before, it's not being made-up. Alison Bauer split up with me, didn't say why. I remember going to live downtown, with the sense of losing her still walking with me. The apartment I got was where I would sleep with the two ladies, probably witin a month of moving in. It just so happens that Perkins Coie had this fellow: "Bob [Bauer] served as White House Counsel to President Obama, and returned to private practice in June 2011. In 2013, the President named Bob to be Co-Chair of the Presidential Commission on Election Administration." Next, Marc Elias of Perkins Coia joins Hillary's catastrophe.

I'm not getting a rush, no eureka moment here. The best I can do, as silly as it sounds, is to view Christine's waist as a symbol of Tom Fitton, and that I'm pulling Tom Fitton close to me, and it feels good because we're going to win this battle with the help of God. The battle will be against Platte River and Cue-depicted Perkins Coie. In fact, I can say that I've cuddled up with Fitton already. I get his updates, that is. But I'm a nobody online, how can I think I'll work with Fitton? I dunno. I might be allowed to see what He's going to do through me.

The Fitton / Waistell bend is that also of Knee's, Leaks/Leakeys and Stanleys, and I've yet to understand how that trio works out in the news.

The Perkens (with a second 'e') come up as Parkins/Parkinsons (ostrich feathers). They love the Feathers, who in-turn share the red ANTELope of Derbys, code for ANTALya, smack beside Perga. And DERBE, not far away, is the line to Derbys, right? I'm such a Tatta-taler, I know. I caught an inkling here that Perkens/Parkinsons (Lancashire, same as Cars) are using the car chevron with stars, which recalls that Miss Hicks, in my beach dream with a car, was married to a man with Parkinson's disease. Antelope-using Singletarys (three chevrons in the colors of the Perken / Car chevron) were likewise first found in Lancashire.

Repeat: "I've just found ECCLEstone's (Perkin colors) sharing the red-on-white fleur-de-lys with Perkins. The Ecclestone Shield: "...a black cross and in the LEFT top CORNER a red fleur-de-lis."" I shot the plane into the left-corner pocket while Corners share the fleur of Hausers/Hoss', a surname like the D'Hoser variation of Dossiers. Just looks at that. And Hose's were first found at Leicestershire while Rutland, where Corners were first found, is a part of Leicester (the city). The Eccles/Ackles surname (halbert axes) was first found in Lancashire with Perkins/Parkings. The latter are in the colors and format of Halberts. The Perkens/Parkinsons share the same feathers as Tooths, and the latter share a red griffin in Crest with Halberts, and then Hicks use a Tooth-like motto term.

It gets more amazing where Perkins/Parkings were first found in Leicestershire with Dossier-suspect Hose's, while Hicks were first found in neighboring Yorkshire with Mauls (Dossier Shield). The Hick motto term, "heure," an now be deciphered as code for Eure's/Evers ("oblivisCAR") because they use a version of the Mall/Marlybone Coat, and because the Bone's we see there at in the "Le bon" motto term of the same Hicks. Is that not amazing? The quadrants of Eure's and Malls are those of Leytons (and Says), we may assume, because Legh-suspect Leyton is in the Hicks write-up...and Hose's use Legs! In the dream, I touched her leg, at the knee, because, as God showed me, Leaks (Hick fleur) are Knee kin. Leaks share the bent leg with Hose's! This is astounding. Leytons are also LIEGHtons.

I kid you not, it happened again. While writing the paragraph above, while wondering whether I should include the Says with the Mall / Leyton quadrants, the cursor was at the end of "Leyton," and the phrase, "They say," in a song by Francesca Battistelli, came over the speakers at that very instant, not more than one literal second later. This is the song, Write Your Story, the one with the "I'm an empty page," which convinced me that the paper on Obama's table was to viewed as a page. The song starts with, "They say," and that's when I just heard it. The English Page's use the three colors and perfect format of Car-suspect Perkens/Parkinsons. Cars are from Carians, and Perga is either in Caria, or beside it. The Cars use a sun in Crest, the giant symbol of Feather-like Fetters, and both Cars and Feathers (along with Perkens) use the same chevrons.

Miss Hicks car was PARKED on a beach, all alone. Beach's can be suspect with Bags for a fairly-obvious heraldic reason, and so the Hicks dream is now becoming more fodder for the revelation involving the dossier. I have very-good evidence that the Hicks dream is to expose the culprits of 9-11. On the first anniversary of that disaster, our church put on an outdoor music as a memorial. We were in the local PARK. I ended up sitting beside Miss Hicks, as though God provided the event because her husband was away that day. After the event, she left, and I then left, and when I stopped off at the local store, I was walking up to the glass door, and saw her inside the door, when I noticed her beautiful knees. I had seen her many times before, but this impression of her knees was like radio-activity into my mind. And that's when I recalled the dream, that I touched the knee of the woman in the dream. She seemed like a perfect match for that woman in other regards.

More than a decade later, after I began to realize that the dream was filled with heraldry links, I wrote and wrote and wrote on the topic, until I realized that I saw he beautiful knees on Leakey Road, and Leakeys are listed with Leaks sharing the engrailed bend on Knees. If that's not enough, after I got up from sitting beside her, my place was taken by Stanley, and Stanleys use the same bend minus the engrailed border. I can add that the Stanley bend is like the Bik/Bicker bend (different color), with three gold stag heads (version of Windsor stag head), the color of the Hick-Crest stag. Biks/Bickers were first found in Berkshire with Bagley Wood, and are suspect with the Maul-related biker who circled the sleeping bag, then followed me up to the road when I was crossing to the PARKING lot, code for Perkins Coie but linkable to Miss' Hicks' husband. In the dream, her car was parked, and we were in the park on 9-11-2002. Parks and Parkers use stag heads, and the Windsor liner, prince Charles, married Camilla Parker Bowles.

When I touched her knee, a voice behind me told me. What are you waiting for, go wake her up." She was asleep, in the car, on the Bag-related beach, and that connects to the sleeping bag. God arranged it that way, and, I smell, the sleeping-bag revelation on the dossier will also reveal the perpetrators of 9-11. Imagine the world noise when proof comes out, all over the news, that 9-11 was an inside job. It will be revolutionary. But will it really happen? Did God impress me with her beautiful knees on Leakey road only to make a connection between two surnames? Why was it a memorial to 9-11 that night? My stab at the Leakey/Leak connection is to predict a massive revelation from WikiLeaks, very possible at any minute.

I was sitting at the park, when Miss Hicks came down the center isle with a camera and its stand. I went over to see if she would like it set up, and after doing so, I sat beside her. She said that if her daughter, Geneva arrived, I could scoot over. "Geneva" looks to be in the "GNAViter" motto term of Leaks/Leakeys. And there is a Camera surname listed with Camerons, who use three fesses in Hicks-fesse colors. A Cameron surname would soon become the keeper of the deep-state guard as the British prime minister. And the camera STAND works where Stands/Stans (same place as Hicks) are likely a branch of Stanleys. Stanley, who sat beside her after I got up and left, held the American flag; he took it to the front momentarily, to the stage. Flags/Flecks share the double fesses of Stands/Stans.

The Bowles' (boar heads), who use a version of the Bush Coat, were first found in Lincolnshire with Leaks/Leakeys, and Irish Leakys ("Semper paratus") use a boar head too. The Arms of Camilla Parker Bowles has a boar. I almost deleted this paragraph as irrelevant, but maybe I'll prove better. (-11 happened under Bush, who had a "love affair" with the British leader, by which time Lady Diana had been murdered with Charles eyeing Camilla. Unrelated to 9-11? Isn't Steele a British spy?

I like the Perkins-Coie connection to the page and the pool cue. It's as though to say that Perkins Coie sent Lisa Page (lawyer) fast and straight to Peter Strzok. But why didn't I turn the page into a cue-ball shape by crumpling it up? Why did I make it into an airplane before shooting it? A cue-plane??? Did she fly to see Strzok? Did Coie pay for her plane ticket? The planes of 9-11? Or did Bill Clinton take the news about the Coie-Fusion project to Loretta Lynch's airplane (in June of 2016) so that she could contribute to, or have a heads-up on, the operation? Coie had hired Fusion in April, a couple of months earlier. There is a question on what this team provided for the Clinton effort prior to the election. It wasn't the dossier. If Coie was paid the 10 million before the election, what for? I'm not aware of the date that Steele had the dossier compiled, nor when he and his company (Orbis Business Intelligence) were hired by Fusion. The dossier didn't become known to the public until Trump was president. Too late. Did the team encounter a glitch, a hang-up? Why? Putting out the dossier while Trump is the president is a desperate move, backfiring predictably.

Here's an example on how the NY Times puts out lies from phantom sources: "A Perkins Coie spokesperson confirmed the law firm had hired Fusion GPS in an interview with the New York Times. The unidentified spokesperson said the Clinton campaign and the DNC were not aware that the law firm had hired Fusion GPS." Then news came out that the two paid for Coie for the dossier. As the spokesman gave false information to a public media, it is imperative and justified to reveal his/her name. Here's Dan Bongino saying that the FBI started its investigation on Trump before the dossier, and that the latter was put out as a cover, or false-corroboration, for the investigation:

The New York Times, on December 30, put out an Alice-in-wonderland fable where Papadopoulos, a nobody in world affairs, was in a nightclub with an Australian diplomat who had been, for years, Australia's foreign minister. They supposedly met just after Coie was hired to be on the ball for to assassinate Trump's character. The article, short of details, starts off:

During a night of heavy drinking at an upscale London bar in May 2016, George Papadopoulos, a young foreign policy adviser to the Trump campaign, made a startling revelation to Australia’s top diplomat in Britain: Russia had political dirt on Hillary Clinton.

About three weeks earlier, Mr. Papadopoulos had been told that Moscow had thousands of emails that would embarrass Mrs. Clinton, apparently stolen in an effort to try to damage her campaign.

As you can see, the three weeks earlier gets the timing roughly to when Clinton hired Marc Elias / Perkins Coie, and so the Times fable acts to justify that relationship. It pretends to give justification to the FBI too, for starting a spy probe on Trump's election team. The luring of Trump Jr. to a meeting with the female Russian was obviously part of this sting, to help corroborate that the Russians were offering dirt on Clinton i.e. so that this Papadopoulos story comes across more credible. I'm not suggesting that the meeting between Papadopoulos and the Australian didn't happen. It may have, but most-likely the New York Times was fed a false story on what was said. SonofNewo covers this story, and thinks Papadopoulos (young Trump advisor) was a mole or worm within the Trump-election team. In that picture, the Australian diplomat (Alexander Downer) appears to be complicit with Steele, and the Steele-Downer team needed to know from Papadopoulos what certain goings-on were within the Trump election team. Or, the meeting never happened; it's just typical fake new (= criminal offense) from the deep state.

We await the news from when the DoJ releases to congress the 10,000 messages between Page (wife of Joseph Burrow) and Strzok. " married to fellow alum Melissa Hodgman, who was promoted to Associate Director of the SEC’s Enforcement Division by Obama in late 2016." For what feat was she rewarded at roughly election time? End insert]

The Meuller surname (Dutch) uses "a black pair of snips, in bend." There's no Snip/Snipp surname coming up, but Snipe's/Snape's/Snepe's, first found in Oxfordshire with Clintons, use a version of the Clinton Coat. Oxfordshire is smack beside the first Modens, Arks and Windsor castle while the Snipe/Snape Crest is the stag-head design of the Windsor Crest. Instead of the three Clinton stars, Snipe's use portcullis gates, though called, "castle gates." One Castle Coat can be gleaned as a branch of Chattans / Chatans, and therefore of Italian Botters while the portcullis gate is shared by Porters/Pawters, the latter in the colors of Potters, both first found in Hampshire with English Botters. Finally, Scottish Porters were first found in Kyle while the Kyle candlesticks are a line, along with Yells, from the Achelous river to the Astikas'.

Somewhere down the line, Snipe's were merged with Clintons or someone who had the right to use the Clinton Coat due to merger with Clintons. These links are what bloodline lusters look to, a brotherhood showing favoritism to mere blood rather than basing their choices on morality. The Steel Coat is another version of the Clinton Coat, substituting the Chief's stars with Blythe-suspect billets (symbol of Battistelli Chief too).

The Miltons, suspect with the Strong eagle and thus connectable to the gold eagle of the Seal, were not only first found in Oxfordshire too, but use a vertically-split Shield in the colors of the same of GATE's! And both put gold symbolism on those Shields. So, the Meullers (not "Mueller") were kin of castle-gate liners first found in Oxfordshire with Gate-related Miltons. See also the Cage's, for they use the same Coat, virtually, while Caige's are listed with Irish Teague's/Teegers, a branch of Tooks/Touque's that use a "MILITia" motto term, for Milton liners we may assume. And German Teegers share the giant, eight-pointed star of French MILLETs, all in the colors of Gate's, etc!

I know for a fact that Clintons use the Saluzzo Shield, that being the line suspect with "Great Seal." Alice of Saluzzo married the FitzAlans of Arundel, and Arundels use six swallows (Swale's use swallows) in colors reversed from, but in the same pattern of, the six Clinton / Hillary fitchees. Why six? The Arundels are said to have possessed MODEShole in Cornwall, while Mode's/Modes' are listed with fretty Modens/Modeys. Are we not impressed?

One of the designs fronted for the Seal was a six-sectioned Shield, but they settled on six "pieces" of pale bars. These pale bars are in the colors of six pale bars of Swallow-like Sallows. It's important to note that the Seal has the same color on both sides of the Shield, meaning that the white section is not technically made of bars, but is rather the background color to the six pale bars. But when either side of the Shield is of different colors, as is the Sallow Shield, then both colors are pale bars. So, both the Seal and Sallows use six pale bars. The Sallow Shield" "A shield divided paly of six silver and red with a willow tree eRADicated on a gold chief." The Astikas' are said, at Wikipedia's Traby article, to be of the RADZiwills, suspect for years with the Raiders/Raids/Rats! In fact, this was the Rat-Trap (Radziwill-Traby) line that I predicted for God's end-time enemies, as per the 16 squirrels that I caught in my attic with a single rat trap (this is another story to be re-visited, I'm sure).

It therefore appears that Seals were a Sallow branch in connection to Saluzzo > FitzAlans. In fact, I read that FitzAlans lived in Clun of Shropshire, which checks out because Cluns and Saluzzo's use identical Shield, no symbols in their blue Chiefs, and no symbols on their white Shields. So, the Seal (white Shield) can be gleaned as the Saluzzo Coat but with pale bars used by some Sallow kin. Cluns were first found in Perthshire with Wings and Justine's, both of whom made it to the Seal's symbolism.

The Solways/SALLOWaye's happen to use a saltire in the colors of the same of Noons/Nones'. Sollars (Collar branch?), who share the six Lise pale bars, are said to have been at a Nene/Neen location (Herefordshire). It's now important that the Seal Shield (that goes on the eagle's breast) is called an ESCUTcheon, part-code for Keons / Keens and part-code for Scute liners such as Schutz's, who have the same saltire as Solways/Sallowaye's and Noons/Nunes'. And Sewers are also SUTers, suspect with Shute / Scute liners, for escutcheons are used by Scute's. The Obama dream had a code for Skate's/Sheets, a branch of Schutz-like Skeets'. The latter share the potent cross of Chads while St. Chad was of Staffordshire, where Solways/Sallowaye's were first found. Solways were Way kin, and Ways share the Lucy fish while Lucy's were first found in Norfolk with Chads and Skate's/Sheets...and the surname of Obama's mother, who's father, if I recall correctly, had married a Panel-like Payne! Zikers. Obama's mother was a Dunham, and Dunhams use the Chief/Shield colors of Cramers in reverse while the Cramer Chief is that also of Panico's/PANELLi's/Panico's!! Wowie. And low-down, snooper Obama chose Leon Panetta for his secret services.

In the Lucy write-up, Richard de Lucy was a baron in Pasi-like Passy! That's apparently in Orne along with a Lucy location.

It wasn't realized, when on the Wing-Hagel connection of the Great Seal, that the red pile of Hagels and Wings is probably in the Coats of Skeets' and Skate's/Sheets! The latter use the same hourglass-like design (same colors) as German Balds, the surname behind the bald eagle. There is lots to contemplate here, but I have so much else to say. Obama's billiard tables were covered in a black sheet, suggesting that Sheet liners can be fundamental with Bullis/Byllis liners to Billiards / Hilliards. I had traced Sheets and Sheds to "SHETland," where we saw a couple of surnames tracing back to the Achelous through Traby-Astikas liners.

I can add here that the six Arundel swallows are in the colors and pattern of the six Eagle/Hegel lions. It's perfect, because Eagle's were first found in Lincolnshire with Swallows (share the Arundel swallows). And I've been tracing Alans to the Traby-Astikas marriage for years, which is why I see "Vilnius" in "Vilaine," the latter being the part of Brittany where Dol sits, which was the origin of FitzAlans. Swallow-like Swale's should even be using the Dol fesse. And while the Eagle/Hegel lions are in the colors of the Raines lions, Rennes is in Vilaine too. I can glean here the Panico / Guido partnership that I see with Renier of Montferrat, for the same hourglass shape, in colors reversed, is used by Guido's, while Panico's/Panetta's share the tree with the Swallows and Sallows. Eagle's/Hegels share the lion paw with Noons/Nones'.

It dawned on me, when mentioning the escutcheon upon the eagle's BREAST, that Brests/Brix's were first found in Brittany's FINIStere, where I traced Finis' and the UnFINIShed pyramid. This is spectacular evidence of bloodline lust behind the Great Seal. I kid you not, that I came across the Brest location only because the same squirrel bounced off of my chest / breast twice in the same summer. Whether or not it was the same squirrel, ask: how many times has a squirrel bounced off your breast?

This was the last squirrel in my attic, after the 16 were caught. I was almost finished the soffits, but, until then, the squirrels were throwing parties up there. While doing the soffit on the side of the house, I came across a foul odor in the rafters, from a squirrel nest, and while reaching in to remove the insulation that they used as bedding, a squirrel jumped off the rafter, then bounced off my chest in fright. I watched it goes straight down like it had an umbrella, for when it spread its lags, there was a lot of stretched skin acting like an umbrella.

A few months later, while in the old trailer that had its ceiling ruined by rain water, I was in its toilet room noting the hole in the ceiling. I reached up, and out came a squirrel, bouncing off my chest, and running out a hole in the screen that it had chewed out without my knowing. I figure that a squirrel would be nuts to make a home in that small poor-man's home when it had the house (a castle by comparison) to choose from. But at this time, all the soffits were plugged, with no way into the attic, or so I thought. I reasoned that the 17th squirrel had hit my breast twice, for this was the summer season after the 16 were eRADicated. I didn't see but one squirrel in the yard all summer. What does this mean? Were the Squirrels/Squire's at Brest or nearby?

My heart dropped when I heard a squirrel on the top side of a soffit, in the middle of the night, at my bedroom window, after the second breast event. I had heard this sound many times before because the same squirrel would often make its nightly round across this part of the soffit...prior to when I had the backyard's soffit fully finished, and prior to the first breast event. So I went into the attic to see where it had gotten in, and found an opening 1.25 inches wide by about 8 inches long, at the very top of the 8-inch-wide divider that separates the two sets of SOLAR PANELs. And, soon enough, I was telling readers that Sole's are said to have married Painells. Since blocking up that crack with a piece of cement board, there has never been a squirrel in the building again.

SOLways/Sallowaye's are said to have moved to Worcestershire, where Squirrels were first found. As Valentins use squirrels, note the "VOLUNTas" motto term of Solways/Sallowaye's. As Sole's share three vertical fish with Ways, it tends to explain "SolWAY." Sols/Solers are with Solana's. The Squirrel motto traces to the founder of Este, and Este's link to Valentinian's wife, which essentially spells the Squirrel-Sire equation.

I can now clinch Squirrels/Squire's with Sire's/Sirons, thanks to the solar-panel event, for Sire's use: "A red shield DISplayed [same term for the Seal's eagle] a gold anchor and SCALES with three PANELS [!] at the top containing a silver castle, three blue fusils and a green snake looking at himself in a mirror." I don't recall knowing that. The Scale's share the five Traby ostrich feathers so that Sire's can trace to the Achelous with the Traby kin in Vilnius. I don't see the panels included in the houseofnames Sire Coat, but the white castle is there. The Panel surname is listed with Pings/Paganells, who share a red label with Panico's that come up as "Panelli."

Total number of squirrels in the attic: 17. Why? Actually, the total number was 20, for the year before catching the 16, three were up there. I caught all three with a home-made CAGE. It was at that time that I started to wonder whether God was using the squirrels as a sign for the Squirrel bloodline, but I also considered and wrote about the Cage surname, how it looks linkable to Gate's. Let me repeat, therefore, from above:
Repeat: "The Miltons, suspect with the Strong eagle and thus connectable to the gold eagle of the Seal, were not only first found in Oxfordshire too [as with Clintons and the GATE-using Snipe's suspect in the Meuller snips], but use a vertically-split Shield in the colors of the same of GATE's! And both put gold symbolism on those Shields. So, the Meullers were kin of castle-gate liners first found in Oxfordshire with Gate-related Miltons. See also the Cage's, for they use the same Coat, virtually, while Caige's are listed with Irish Teague's/Teegers, a branch of Tooks/Touque's that use a "MILITia" motto term, for Milton liners we may assume. And German Teegers share the giant, eight-pointed star of French MILLETs, all in the colors of Gate's, etc!"

I recall reading that Mueller had 17 lawyers on his Trump-attack team. On June 17, we read: "Mueller has so far hired 16 people and intends to bring on more, his spokesman Peter Carr told The New York Times." Wikipedia says he had 16 lawyers "by August." In my 3rd update of December: "But if he were a man of integrity, Rosenstein would clarify that, out of 17 lawyers that Mueller is employing in his special council...". If this goes up to 18, then, I suppose, the 16 squirrels plus one isn't a match with that scenario. Until then, it looks pretty good. But why would God use squirrels and a rat trap to depict this situation. The RAT trap looks much like the "FLYING raider" that I called Nunes.

The Fly surname came to mind with "flying," but then "Fling" seemed better, and the first of two Fling surnames is listed with Flynns!!! Can you believe this? Mueller's investigation had Michael Flynn charged, and this was recently, when he may have had 17 lawyers. The second Fling surname is listed with Flints, who happen to use "flint stones" shaped as arrow heads! All before any of these things came to topic, I portrayed Nunes as a "flying raider on horseback with flame-tipped ARROWs aimed at Mueller's heart". I regret that I did not record the surname, mentioned recently, with a flaming heart. My files record: "Here's the Arms of the Salesians of Don Bosco, showing a man (purple robe) beside an anchor with a coiled rope, and a purple flaming heart". As Busca is beside Saluzzo, the Salesians look like Saluzzo liners.

[Update -- From my 4th update in June, 2015: "The Ratterys/Rattrays use "a flaming HEART"..."]

AHHHAAA!!! My search feature show only two files containing "flaming heart," and the second one is: "The Ratterys/Rattrays use 'a flaming HEART'..." It's the Raider/Rat line!!! I now know that God wrote that line above about Nunes. Go get 'em, Nunes, God is with you! Ratterys were first found in Perthshire with Saluzzo-liner Cluns.

The Rattery Coat looks like a reflection of the Cram Coat, and while Cremona was in the theater of an InSUBRES peoples, Ratterys use a "Super" motto term while Supers use an engrailed saltire in the black color of the engrailed cross of Raiders/Rats. Raiders (Nairnshire) and Ratterys were first found beside one another. Supers use billets in colors reversed from the same of Wings (same place as Ratterys / Cluns). And Super-like Spurrs (Devon, same as Supers) may be using the pierced star of Saluzzo-line Clintons. Sobers use ROSE leaves while Rose's were first found in the same place as Raiders/Raids. Remember, these are suspect with the Polish Radziwills-Astikas', the Rat-Trap line. Trappers share the BUStard with Bustards (Devon again), while Bustards (wings in Crest) use the colors and format of English Bush's/Buschs i.e. from Busca, beside Saluzzo. The Bosco's are in the Rose write-up, no guff.

I am hoping that the hammer of God comes around to the presidential Bush's, as per 9-11, before they die.

AHHHAAA!!!! I loaded the Squirrel Coat after writing the above, recalling that its "Tiens" motto term is a surname first found in Oxfordshire, as with the Snipe's suspect with the Meuller snips. When I saw the mascles in the Tiens/Thames Chief, I was able to recall that they are used (colors reversed) by Bullys, and that's when it was remembered, without checking, that the Bully Crest is the one with a flaming heart "heart in flames," to be exact)! Therefore, it seems that Squirrels can link to Muellers, or, at least, to Meuller kin in Oxfordshire. The Cage's share a gold stag in Crest with half the Snipe stag.

The Flings/Flints were suspect, with FLINTshire, with FLANDers, and Flame-suspect Flemings were in Flanders.

A trace of Bully elements to Oxfordshire recalls that Clintons link well to Billiards/Billis', from Bullis/Byllis (Aous river), near the Dexaroi that I trace to Decks/Daggers, who in-turn share the red squirrel with Squirrels/Squire's, a branch of Sire's/Sirons i.e. from the AchelOUS. As the Sire/Siron Chief can be gleaned with the Anchor Chief, note that Squirrel-beloved Tiens'/Thames' use roughly the Anchor Chief. And recall that the Assi's are a branch of Justine's/Justus' beloved by the Sire/Siron motto and scales, for Azzi's were from Fermo's Azzo of Este while Squirrels use a motto, "Tiens FERME." PoinDEXTERs use a ESQUIRE's helmet, and Dexters were first found in the same leg-depicted place as leg-using Hose's suspect from the Aous river. Do the math.

Trace Dexaroi to the dagger of Kilpatricks, who had their castle (Closeburn) up the Nith river from the Solway firth, and we saw why Solways link to Squirrels at Worcestershire. The Nith was home to Geds (400 AD), who became the Geddes, both of whom use more fish, as do Sole's and Ways = "SolWAY." It's online that the Geds gave their swords to dagger-using Mackays of SUTHERland. The Ways call their fish, lucies, code for the Lucy fish.

It's all telling us that Azzo's line at Este was married to the line of Justine of Picenum, possibly explaining why squirrel-using Valentins (= Justine's husband) were first found at Vicenza, near Este. The giant Este eagle is white, as is the giant Balance eagle, and Justine's call their scales, "a pair of balance's." Clever. These eagles must be of the Eagle / Hagel line from the Achelous term.

As Billets/Billiards are, I now think, from Bullis/Byllis at the Dossier-suspect Aous river, let's talk about the bull head in the Noon/Nones Crest. English Daggers/Dackers use a bull, in red, which is half the colors of the bull head in the Noon/Nones Crest. Besides, the three Bully mascles are in the colors and format of the three Dagger/Dacker scallops, and in the colors of the Blythe garbs. Bill Clinton was born a Blythe (his father).

Rockefeller Links to the Aous

I've just come across a set of pretty-tidy considerations. I was poking around seeking Noon branches, and wondering what people group or place they may have been named after. I found that Nones-like "Nomes" and "Neen" brings up the Nons/Nevins. Name's/Neems and similar others were first found in Lincolnshire with Rhodes'. I then went back to the Raider link to Noons/Nones', and tried for Raider-like Roders, and this brought up the Rodez surname with Rauder variation (German Roders with the Roads with a white spread eagle). The green eagle in the Noon/Nunn Crest was fresh on my mind, and it recalled the green Henry eagle, both eagles with spread wings. And I had traced Henrys with more than a theory to Henri IV of Rodez, who married a woman from Roquefeuil = proto-Rockefellers.

On top of this, there is an Enrico/Enriguez surname (version of "Henry") using a lion with the Moden/Modey/Mode fretty inside of it, and it's the Noons/Nones' that use a "modo" motto term. French Henrys are said to be from the Meu-river area of Brittany, which flows from Montfort into Cotes-du-Nord, where Motts/Mottins were first found. Henrys are said to be from Motte-Henry in the Montfort area, and Montforts were definitely in Moden- / Mottin-like Modena. There's no coincidences here. It tends to discover that Noons were related to Henri IV or at least one of his lines, and moreover adds teeth to my claim that God inspired me to write "raider" in depicting Devin Nunes. That in-turn tends to suggest that Raiders/Raids and Ratterys were Rauder liners in connection to Rodez, and so the Polish Radziwills can be entertained as Henri-of-Rodez liners too, for Brittany's Montfort is in Vilnius-like Vilaine. It's perfect, and the Brittany Henrys share red martlets with French Alans.

I then found a way to trace Noons to the Goplo mouse tower, firstly when seeing that the writer of MOUSE-tower mythology, Gallus ANONyMOUS, may have given himself that name cleverly, because he was a Non / Noon liner. Right here, we need to add that Nons/Nomes'/Neens were first found in Ayrshire with the Kyle location of the Astikas-line Kyle's. Amazing. And this thought about "Anon" being code for Nons was a minute before loading the Roder/Rodez/Rauder Coat, which happens to use the giant lion of Italian Gallus'. German Gallus' are the ones with the rooster of Goplo-line Kopple's, the same lion in the Coat of Spanish Nunes'. This should all explain why the Roder/Road eagle is in the colors of the spread, Piast eagle.

The Arms of Roquefeuil use three billets (gold bars) in pale, in the gold-on-green colors of the cross of the Noons/Nunns having the same green eagle as Irish Henrys. And the bend of Spanish Nunes' is that also of RODhams.

German Rathers/Roters/Rothes' are expected with the Shropshire Rothes that may be using the Raines lion, because I think Raines' use a motto code for Judicael of Rennes, while Rennes is beside Montfort. English Rathers are listed with the Moray Randolphs that come up as Rothers/Ruths too, and Riders use crescents in the colors and format of the Rattery crosses, not to mention that they are in half the colors of the Non/Nomes/Neen/Nevin crescents.

None of this informs we as to what Noons were named after, but it does teach some new things about proto-Rockefellers. Rodez is near Aubin while English Aubins are Albins while Albini's, first found in Modena, share the trefoils of Barnstaple's and Barnstaple is where the Aubins/Albins were first found. The "mort" motto term of Barnstaple's must be for the Morte variation of Motts/Mottins. The Barnstaple motto must also include the Gards with green-on-white symbols of their own, and a Coat version of the Morinis', the latter first found in Modena too, but found in the write-up of Deerings, the latter first found in Kent with Gards. Barnstaple's linked to Valentins, and the latter were first found in the area to which the Adige river flows after crossing lake Garda.

I identify treFOILs as code for RoqueFEUIL because Fellers, Fallis', Rods and Rocks use them. Fellers are also FellTRAGERs while the Trager Coat compares with the Rocco Coat. Tracks and their Drig branch have a Chief in Roquefeuil colors.

German Albini's (their Crest can be linked to Justine's and Wings) use an EVERgreen tree while Evers ("NUMquam") are also Eure's while English Aubins/Albins are said to be from Eure.

The Aubins/Albins share the blue crosslet of Mea's/Meighs, which is why I think the latter were from/of the Meu river. The Aubins/Albins share a bull head in Crest with Noons/Nones', and so what was that about on the Roquefeuil billets? The Bullis/Byllis line again, right? It's the Dossier entity. How many other words could be used for the report from Christopher Steele other than "dossier." Who chose that term? Was it God so that I would come to stress the Aous river, and then fall into proto-Rockefellers, as I just did, who have a symbol for Bullis at the Aous? Wouldn't Rockefeller globalists be on God's end-time target?

As God has been so patient in allowing satanists to rule, for the purpose of showing what happens when evil men rule, then, as Armageddon is after their evil deeds, it makes sense that exposure happens before Armageddon.

Recall how the Mieszko line looked to be working into Noon-Rodez lines. Mieszko-suspect Haughts share the white bull head in Crest with Noons/Nones' and Italian Albini's, and then Aous- Ouse-like Hause's/Hawes' show a Haugh variation? And House's/Howes'/Hoosers, first found in Berkshire with Modens/Mode's, use a cross in half the colors of the Noon/Nunn cross. It starts to detect that mouse-tower liners were Aous-river liners, and, indeed, while Mieszko's were from the Maezaei peoples beside the Ceraunii (Urbanus river), there was/is a Ceraunii mountain range to the near-south of Bullis, or near the mouth of the Aous. Here's an ancient map with the Bullis location in Illyria:

The Maezaei are smack beside the Oeneus, from mythical Oeneus of the Achelous, right? The Mieske bull is likely that of Cole's/Colds, and the latter's is likely of the Walerans. Achelous-liner Kyle's claim to be from king Cole, of COLchester. Cole's trace to the Colapis, beside the Oeneus. As we saw, Wheelwrights are Roet liners, who smack of "Rodez." But why was mythical Piast the Wheelwright, of the mouse tower, called, KOLODziej? It looks Cold to me. Check out the Catherine wheels of COLTers, first found in the same place as Biggars, the latter in the motto of the Arms of Shetland (raven, Rather/Roter/Rothes symbol) i.e. where Achelous liners were seen.

The House's/Hoosers, like the D'Hoser variation of Dossier's, are in the colors of Aubins/Albins, and share a white anchor with the Crest of German Albini's. The latter put the anchor between wings, two symbols of the Valentinian line, and then Valentins share the bend of Aubins/Albino's, likely, because the Valentin bend with green trefoils is virtually the Valentin bend with green squirrels. The Barnstaple's use wings of their own in Crest. German valence's share the red-on-gold martlets with French Henrys, and Dutch Valence's are in House/Hooser / Aubin/Albin colors (let's not forget that Henrys are suspect at Rodez, near Aubin).

Once we trace Aous / Hose/Ouse liners to House's/Hoosers, we skip over to French House's, who use cabbage LEAVES as code for the pagan Levites from Achelous, but removed to the Ticino/Tesson river, where Tiss' trace who are twice in the Cabbage motto. The Cabbage chevron is in the colors of the Levi chevron. The Cabbage Chief lion is colors reversed from the lions of Jewish Levi's, and the Cabbage Chief could be a version of the Levin/Living Chief. The Cabbage motto also goes to Angusta (location not known exactly), up a tributary of the Siret river, suspect with Achelous-liner Sire's. Neamt off the west side of the Siret in the ballpark of Angusta that can explain such surnames as the Neme's/Name's or Nene's/Nons and therefore the Noons/None's.

I'm confident that Cabbage's honor Angusta because the Cabbage-Chief lion is also that of Bakers, while Dutch Bakers/Beckers share the leaf design of the cabbage leaves of House's. Bakers therefore became suspect with a Bacau region at the confluence of the Bistrita and Siret. The Bistrita happens to be the location of Piatra-Neamt. Further up the river is Falticeni, and then Falts/Fauls use the same leaf design, and were first found in the same place as Nons/Neens. The Fauls sure sound like Feller liners, and then "Piatra" sure sounds like a Greek / Latin word for "rock." There is a Pietra surname, first found in Pavia, a city known to be founded by the Laevi. Cabbage's use a "reBUS" motto term, and Bus' share the cinquefoil of French Bacons.

The Fallis'/Fallers are said to perhaps be Falaise liners. They share the lion of BistRITA-possible Rita's. We may assume a Roxolani merger with Falticeni liners to Rockefeller. La Falaise is beside Ile-de-France, where Levi's (Fall colors) were first found. Italian Fallis'/Fallers (same Coat as above) were first found in Venice with Pesci's. The latter's fish is suspect in the base of the Verona Coat, and Verona's, first found in Ile-de-France, otherwise use a version of the Fallis/Faller and Feller Coats. The latter two share three white-on-blue trefoils, in the colors of the rocks of Roque's/Rocks, first found in Languedoc with Roquefeuil (in Aude, found in the Roxburgh motto).

The Falls share the black-on-gold stag head of English Beckers (Bach/BAGH vair), and even use a "Bis" motto term perhaps for one of two entities that named the Bistrita. Entertaining this as the line of Buz, son of Nahor, let me first say that I've been linking the ROXolani Alans to the Neuri for years. I've seen Roxolani on maps at the lower Siret, and Neuri were on the Bug river to the north. Let's go to the Watsons, possibly from "Uts," Buz's brother, for Watsons share the tree with Watts, Vatts/Watters' and Hameltons, the latter suspect with "Kemuel," another brother of Buz. The Watters' are suspect with the heraldic "water BOUGet," shared by Bugs. It looks like Bug-river liners of the Uts king. Bugs were first found in the same place as Annas, who in-turn share the stars on Angus', a surname like "ANGUSta." And Angus is beside Fife, while Fife's are a branch of Five's, from Lviv, on the Bug river.

By what coincidence were Watts first found in the same place as Squirrels/Squire's, a branch of Sire's/Sirets/Sirons??? English Watts share gold billets with Roquefeuil, and they show more wings in Crest. The latter Watts look like kin of Anchors/ANNACKers.

"Through," the motto of Hameltons (same place as Pollocks), is a term in the motto of Bollins/Borlands (share brown boar with Pollocks). Recall that Bole's share a pierced boar with Pollocks. The Bullocks were first found in ROXburghshire, where the Pollock mother-stock, the Maxwells, were from. It's more evidence that Pollocks were Bullis-of-Aous liners.

I've yet to enter Spanish Nunes' in this update. The bend of Spanish Nunes' is that also of Valentins and BarnSTAPLE's. This gets interesting where Staple's (between the royal-tent Tintons and Tints) share the specialized leopard-fleur design of Morleys and Morlands. I link Staples to Estaples in the area of Picardy where Roets roughly had ancestry. Roets (same place as Tints, beside Staple's and Barnstaple) were among the suspects, in the sleeping bag dream, where David Morley rode away down the ROAD, but this is the first time that I can appeal also to Staple's to make the Roet = road equation. The Staple's were at Kent's Staples-next-WINGham, and Wings/Winks were from the city (Vinkovci) of Valentinian's birth. Winghams: "...a gold human heart between two gold wings displayed."

Dutch Benedicts/Bennets use the same lion as Nunes', and holding what looks like a book, a Roet symbol too. This is partly how Roets became suspect with the Rita's, first found in Rome along with the Benedict-line Pierleoni. Rita's had been suspect with the naming of the BistRITA. I read that Payne Roet was at MontREUIL (beside Estaples), which gave reason to suppose a Roet link to Royals and Roys. English Benedicts, with the same lion in Crest, use a "roy" motto term, and the Roys (red roundels) who share the Rita lion use a "TENDis" motto term. Tints share a lion in Bennet-lion colors, and German Bennets, with a pure-blue Chief, use T-like shapes, while the Spanish Nunes' have a 'T' called the "cross of St. Anton in base." Base's use the same passant lion as English Benedicts.

Royals use t-shaped crosses and a bend colors reversed from the Barnstaple bend. The Bend surname, which may be a Benedict/Bennet branch, have lots of roundels as code for Arundel liners, who married Saluzzo's with the pure-blue Chief. The pure-blue (no symbols) Chief of German Benedicts is shared by Cluns, first found in the same place as Scottish Bennets. It appears that Pierleoni liners were merged with Saluzzo-Arundel liners. Rundels, who use the Alan fesse, were first found in Kent with Royals (and Staple's), which can explain why French Roys were first found in Brittany. The red roundels of Roys are shared in the Arms of Boulogne, and that place is near MontREUIL. The T-like items of German Benedicts are called "boilers," suspect with Bouilliers/BOULLIARDS/BOULlINs (Brittany again). It appears that Benedicts and their Roy kin traces Bullis-of-Aous liners to Godfrey de Bouillon of Boulogne, expected because his grandfather (Godfrey III) went to the support of the Pierleoni.

Recall the Staples at Wingham, for the latter use a human heart while Humans/Yeomans use "spear cronels" shaped like the rooks of Boullier's/Boulliards. And while Noon liners were linking to Roquefeuil elements, rooks are shared by Rooks and Rookbys. If the Aous river named the Hose's/Ouse's, note that they were first found in Leicestershire, while the Arms of Leicester use the maunch of Toeni's/Tonys, recalling the St Anton symbol given to the T of Nunes'.

If the Pierleoni hooked up with Bistrita liners in the Rita's, then it can explain why the Perthshire Benedicts, first found beside Angus, share the stars of Annas' and Angus', recalling that ANGUSTa was either up the Bistrita, or a neighboring river valley. And these same stars are shared by Bullis'/BULLIARDS (share red roundels with Boulogne) while Bouilier's are also Boulliards.

Here's The Angle with the scoop on Nunes' success:

Below, Trump asks for prayer in a daily meeting of his inner circle. Notice how the prayer needs to be catered to the Trump agenda, and to a general American agendas for financial health. But I didn't hear anything about God's concern for sin in America, probably because secularists at the table view that agenda with little priority. I don't mean to be overly critical if it comes across that way. I'm just worried about Christians being sucked into the secular agenda of Mr. Trump. We can appreciate his call for prayer, but we don't know whether that's just a piece of craft to keep Christians in support of his agendas. I have a small sense, which may grow, that Trump wants to leave behind (mainly leave untreated) the sins of the Democrats before him, and to instead make the news focus on his coming achievements. I can therefore predict that more trouble will come on Trump from the sinners he's ignoring. And when it comes on, as it is right now, unrepentive, he will be more open to fighting the sinners, the anti-Christs. Afterward, woe to Christians for fighting the anti-Christs should they get strong powers back. That's what's at stake here with Christians, including myself, announcing the desire for the downfall of the wicked.

The wicked attacking Trump now are portraying themselves as moralists while picking at Trump's immoralities. Trump has been winning this war only because the immoralities of his opponents are coming to light like an ever-growing breach in the dam. Therefore, he will be more inclined to catering to an exposure of the wicked. That's how this is working out. The president is calling out to congress to support him against the Democrat onslaught, and they seem to be responding, and may even be pointing their fingers, or shooting flame-tipped arrows, at the Republicans not willing to support, for example, Mr. Let-Clinton-Go Sessions. The latter caved in at Nunes' threats this week, which can maybe be, or maybe not, a very good score for Trump's business. The more the president experiences that exposure of his opponents serves him well, the more he will cater to it, a very-good situation even if it makes Trump lose the news limelight to a fair degree. He's not being given a choice at this time.

My guess is that Rosenstein, whose choice it was to give up the documents, was forced to do so by Sessions. I'm suspicious of a trick because Paul Ryan is getting some of the credit for making the DoJ "cave." Why is it that we've just learned that the FBI in Little Rock" is studying the reception of bribes by the Clinton Foundation? The Clinton bribal virgins there. The name of the Little-Rock overseer is Cody Hiland, interesting because Hilands share the tower and the white crescent with Hills. Hiland has, according to Mike Huckabee, prosecuted Republicans. Huckabee puts a spin on this, suggesting that Hiland is impartial, but, on the other hand, may he be a trick from Democrats? Isn't Little Rock where the Clintons began their political corruption? Look at what it has amounted to, a treasonous coup on a national president. Great shame.

However, the president of Judicial Watch, said this week that of the 2,800 documents / email that the FBI had, only 800 were given over as pertinent to the JW call. Already, we have reason to suspect that the FBI is withholding the most-damning material. The most that Mr. Fitton could say of the emails received is that 18 top-secret documents were passed on to an unprotected email account(s). We already knew this. What JW should want to know is the substance of the emails as concerns the criminal guilt of Obama's people. So far, there's no word that the 800 emails reveal any of that. Therefore, the caving-in of Sessions may be a ruse, to make us think that there's no guilt, and that we should move on from these issues. I don't think that God is satisfied with this, however. Yes, Hillary's future has been demolished already, and Bill's too, but what about Obama? Why is he being treated as untouchable? What about his emails? Are they not public domain?

Obama tests the waters to see whether it's safe to attack Trump publicly. If Trump thinks it's okay, safe, he should do nothing to expose Obama. But if Obama does nothing, his fellow Democrats will think he's a traitor. So, this fight is not going away. It's the greatest thing that could happen, not including the severe human divisions created. The fight is necessary because the anti-Christs are pushing things to the extreme. Almost ten states have legalized pot smoking, which will encourage your teens to engage. American will become like the Trojans, Godless, stupid, losers. The Trojan horse will slip in, because dopes are less aware. People on dope can't think straight. Everyone knows it. But, the state governments say, they would rather make money on dope, with taxes built in, than allow the drug traffickers to do so who pay no taxes. Talk about caving in to senselessness, this is the modern, stupefied Democrat.

Youtube has taken away my ability to read comments unless I sign up. All the more reason not to sign up. In fact, the comments sections have been laced with inflammatory, cheap talk from the wicked, the sort of talk you get in doper circles. Does anyone think that these types will lead the nation's thinking, as they hope to do to? Not yet, but the trend is in that direction. The sewer-mouthed Scaramucci's of the political world are knocking on the door with rams to break it down, so that they can enter Troy to take over. Apollo's flame-tipped arrows won't be sufficient to win the war against the worms, the snakes in the grass. They are at Trump's feet, and curling up around his legs as we speak. We hope the best, but the president does not have a Helmet of salvation put on. He has worn no Breastplate. And he will depend on Christians to be his shield, not a bad thing, perhaps. I don't know God's will in that regard.

The dopers are those who say there's no such thing as good and evil, it's all relative. My Christian good could be someone else's acceptable evil. These are the immoralites, seeking to change the way the world mind thinks. Dopers allow demonic voices to enter into their own souls, just like a Trojan hose. The purpose of a Trojan hose is to wash away the sober, Godly thinking, and replace it with new ideas upside-down. Girls can be boys and boys can be girls. Let's break the bonds that bind us to God, and let's progress to new things, they wish. They come to behave like creatures of evolutionary processes, animals without hope.

Zeus' wife would become extremely angry at Zeus for his adulteries, but she didn't leave him. Hillary Clinton is the modern Hera, therefore, though worse, for she supported the adulterer when it was time to whack him. So, he thought, I may as well keep on doing what I do best. And the dopers and the prostitutes all loved Bill and Hillary if only they could get them political power. But not just the dopers and the hookers, but also the talking heads at the liberal media. They all, in suits and perfect hair, changed the way half of America thinks, to accept an adulterer as the national leader, so long as he could keep Christians at a distance from political power. Hollywood loved Clinton, because Hollywood is made of adultery. To cheat is not necessarily bad in the mind of dopers, because their thinking is clouded by the dope's smoke in their lungs and veins. This is what God is concerned with, because He cares for the human condition like a priority of Creation.

The doper doesn't think it's right for the Creator to ask us to serve Him. The doper views this calling like one from a dictator lying on his lazy-boy chair, with grapes dropped into his mouth by the servants. The doper doesn't realize that, from the start of Creation, God committed to being our servant, and that's why it's justified for Him to call us to serve Him in return. Service to one another is His goal for humanity, the thing that makes a society. God is the chief example of serving one another. The secret societies are not society at all, for they are worms, infiltrators, the spies of the land, the connivers, the architects of wicked work. The "secret societies" are the ruin of society.

Bill Clinton said, "It's the economy, stupid." He wanted the nation to believe that the economy should be the chief concern at voting time, because he didn't want morality (or "social issues") to be the chief concern. That would play into Christian hands, popularizing the need to change human behavior. The question now is whether Trump will keep morality as a distant second priority to the economy. What will you predict?

Where is the valiant president or mayor or governor tackling the task of changing human behavior? Are the liberals the only ones permitted to do social engineering? Are American Christians going to abandon the sin problem for concentrating on the merry-go-round economy? Money makes the world go round only for money lovers. For servants of Jesus, it's enough that money is used for stability. We don't seek joy rides on seats filled with dollar-bill stuffing.

Trump has at least signalled that he would like to see jail time for his enemies, and for the time being, we'll need to take him at his words. This announcement comes at the time where we hear reports that WikiLeaks has won some favor from Trump. It seems logical that Assange has been retaining the damning material for use in getting his freedom, and he's been looking to Trump for that freedom. A Trump deal with Assange would never happen, because it comes with a political cost, unless it's the lesser of two evils. The greater evil is the Democrat onslaught, and for this reason we may imagine Trump turning to a convenient counter-attack called Julian Assange. Assange has placed himself on a shelf, right beside Trump, for the mere taking. Just pick it up, Mr. President, you could use a splash of this. Let me be your genie in a bottle. Pick me up, and turn the cap, Mr. president.

Trump was out to sea with a rubber dinghy, and lost. Even his Ohrs were not working for him. But then he came across a bottle filled with Democrat emails. That's the sort of salvation the president may have in the news in the near future.

Ron Paul, the libertarian, is an excellent example of the liberal stooge. He's out to crucify Sessions for an assault on liberated marijuana use. Everything should be based on individual freedoms, he thinks, without government intrusion, including a government-sanctioned societal situation in which one can to go to work stoned out of his mind, to jeopardize fellow workers there. Most dopers work in factories, where danger looms. A mind that isn't as aware of his surroundings, because he's got smoke in his veins, is more dangerous. The fact that he puts smoke into his veins to alter the state of his mind is already a sign of human destruction at work. Yet, libertarians can't acknowledge the difference between freedoms for the good of society from the opposite, because they have been duped into worshiping Liberty above all. "Liberty At All Cost" is the motto of the idiot box. Give me a country, any day, erring on the side of too-much restraint rather than on too much liberty. A little too much restraint hurts nothing, but a little too-many freedoms is a slippery slope to more.

The Trump-Bannon controversy at this time is a distraction to cover news while the deep state goes for a stumble. This stumble looks like it'll go into a coma, no matter how many distractions are let out. The deep state seems to be going mum over what it sees coming over it. But expect desperation.

Natasha has a title: "President Trump Dismantled Voter Fraud Panel - What Does This Mean?" She takes a positive approach, claiming that Trump is dismantling it because Trump's called for a criminal investigation instead. I think she's guessing. Trump claims that voting outfits are refusing to give up the necessary information for the panel to do its job, and, besides, people (Democrats, of course) are suing the panel for seizing private information...precisely why the panel should not be dismantled i.e. because refusal to comply looks like guilt. Apparently, Trump decided it's too expensive to take the voting outfits to court. On the other hand, that may be his excuse.

He may have dismantled the panel because he advised Roy Moore to step down, never mind whether voter fraud took place. Yes, suppose that the panel discovers massive voter fraud. That will look bad on Trump's treatment of Moore. The latter needs a million dollars to do the recount, peanuts for Trump. That recount alone can reveal voter fraud, if Trump really wants to discover it. If Trump ignores Moore, God may cause Trump to lose in 2020 by one point.


For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God

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