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Dec 26 - 31, 2017

The Marlion-Wing Line is a Total Dive, All Upside-Down
Another Battistelli Song For Our Clues; Maybe Pointing to Leon Panetta
Bagging the Banks is One Helias of a Success Story
The Faked Toasted Cars of 9-11

For best results, take the time to load the Coats to see them for yourself. Load the first-Coat link (or open one here) I offer to get your own tab open, and open more if needed. To check a description in the Coat of Arms, type the surname at this page:

I'm not taking email at this time, here's why. I apologize to all having left email, as I can't even mail to inform you.

I hope you are enjoying the global warming. The thieves, seeking to take the hard-worked-for cash of nations, no longer call it global-warming. Thanks to the irony of their situation, and maybe it's not luck at all for the rest f us, they now need to blame cold climate on global warming, but as it sounds ridiculous, they call it "climate change." Or, if they say that this cold winter is due to a cooler sun, then we the normal will say that any small increase in global temperatures is from the sun, not greenhouse gases. They can't win, but are taking our money anyway, thanks to liberals. This is outrageous, and, to his credit, though perhaps not if he's acting for oil and coal, Trump has shown the right stuff on this matter.

Oil prices have increased under his presidency, which can be expected if he's not animalistic toward Russia. While he does take regular pop-shots at Russia, part of it may be for making his CIA and war hawks happier, and partly to help his Russia-collusion cause, but, apparently, he's not animalistic toward Russia as are those whom have sought, in recent years, to bring oil prices way down to unexpected levels in attempts to break the Russia economy. These are not normal people who do things like that, and they could just be the same globalists that promoted global warming in the first place. But if Trump is for high oil prices, then he's not really Mr. Valiant, is he? Rising oil prices will put a dent in the "economy," as he calls it, so that he's got to think twice if he wants prices to increase.

A "good economy" can be a lid over the reality. A good or rising economy is when people are spending more. But higher spending can be from both lower costs or higher. If we are forced to pay higher prices, isn't that going to increase the "gross domestic product" measured in money spent? The "economy" is a thing watched by the government, because it makes more tax money on a "good economy." Is that necessarily a good thing for you, the spender? No. My point is, don't be lulled into celebrating a good economy, for the powers over us even want us to celebrate higher oil prices as though it's a thermometer indicating health. We have twisted peoples over us, the fats cats. If I sound like a liberal in this regard, it's because the liberals are correct at times, but, in this case, they are right to oppose fat cats though their motive is rotten: to secure voters on the poor side, who greatly outnumber the fat cats. Yes, the liberal strategy includes securing the poor, the workers, the unions who support workers, and even then the Democrats are not as well as could be expected in elections...because they are immoralites, and care to have an immoralite political platform.

They lose a lot of the poor votes due to their support of faggots, Hollywood flesh-mongers, etc. But this is their cross, which they are now carrying, to suppress voter turn out in return for achieving success in an unGodly social-engineering program. Just think of how much it means to them. Think of their deep sacrifices to defeat Christians. What could this be? Can't we predict corruption-based persecution when they can't get their way? And with Trump supporting Christians openly, whether he's faking it or not, that's why they despise him all the more. They first of all despise him for taking their White-House power away just as they were poised to make significant gain in ushering in their mad, immoral society, and they hate Christians more for seeking to take their senate turf from them, explaining the lashing on Roy Moore from the Washington Post, and they hate Trump all the more for sticking up for Christians.

They even murdered a supreme-court judge. We have yet to see the particular moral stripes of the man Trump chose to replace Scalia. We have yet to see whether the do-nothing, fraidy-cat Republicans will investigate his murder. Later in this update, after more heraldic work, you'll see a video where John Podesta used "buckle up" in an email that some believe was in regards to Scalia's murder. This video was put online this week, the week after I introduced "buckle up" myself. I need to take this seriously.

The last update stressed the Maurels/Maurinis', and here I can add to it. John B. Poindexter is a natural suspect in the killing of Scalia. Any FBI agent practicing an honest living would consider Poindexter a chief suspect, because he invited Scalia to his ranch with a horde of St. Hubertus hunters, which is a cult that he himself has some leadership in. Months after telling readers that a touch-bra / white-rabbit event started to look like it, too, was about Scalia's murder, I found myself checking for an Esquer surname because Poindexters use an "esquire's helmet." There was an Esquer/EskiBEL surname coming up (use the link to load other Coats as I describe them), first found in Castile with Maurinis-like Murena's, and it shows " eagle catching a coney [rabbit] running on green mound." It's amazing, because I predicted that a Maurel-like surname would prove to be of the killers of Scalia, and there we see a possibility that a white-rabbit line was linked to Murena's.

Note that the eagle is catching the rabbit. There is a Catch surname looking like a cross between the Coats of Maurel/Maurinis', Morinis, and Morello Coats. This now reveals that the Catch scallops (Moray colors) are those of Mars/MAURs/More's, excellent for tracing to Scottish Mars, who ruled around Angus, near Moray. It recalls my linking the Arms of Mar (or their rulers) to Tarves, and Tarves' share the six fitchees exactly of Clintons and Hillarys. The Billiards/Hilliards not only share the Moray stars, but a reflection of the Catch Coat. Finally, the Caiaphas-suspect Chives, first found in Tarves, use a "CAT" in Crest that must be code for Catch's. The Chives cat is the Mosca leopard, and Mosca's were first found in Tuscany with Morello's and the Tous' that share the eight-pointed Maurel/Maurinis star. All this comes to us thanks to a code in the Esquer description.

The tiger in the Catch Crest, the Kidd- and Cetis-colored Coat, and the KETcher variation, can suggest an Opgalli line to Cetis. The Catch Chief even uses the Patterson-Chief scallops while Pattersons are said to be from Sowdens, who must be the Sodans that use the scallops in colors reversed. From the Sodan Coat, we go to the Cassandra/Casano Coat, because Pattersons are also Cassane's, and finally we note that Cassandra's/Casano's were first found in Modena with Morinis'. I this way, the Catch's can be using the Morinis Shield but with the Morello chevron. Pattersons are suspect with Dexaroi / Dexter liners at AntiPatria, and PoinDEXTERs should apply to a Paeoni-Dexaroi merger. In fact, the Patterson-branch Kilpatricks use a "dexter paw" of what could be the Levi / Capone lion, in the colors of the lion paw of Quints, which is a black paw in both cases, the colors of the Patterson lion (share's drops with Kilpatricks for a trace to Tropoje, on the Apsus river of the Dexaroi). The Apsus-line Apps'/Abbs share white scallops with Catch's and Pattersons, and use them on red, as do Kilpatrick-beloved Daggers (= Dexaroi liners) and Capes'.

As proto-Maurels developed from Lyon elements, it should be noted that Lyons use a "patria" motto term. The Mame's/Mens', said to have lived in GlenLYON (Perthshire, same as where Lyons were first found), share the Chief-Shield of Tulls, which is heavy evidence that Tulls were from Tullia of Lyon. If we ask why Lyons were first found in PERTHshire, we need to ask the PERDrix peak at Mont Pilat, not far from Lyon. The Mame's/Mens are said to be from Glenlyon's CULDares area, and it's the Cults/Colts/Celts, first found in Perthshire, who use the Pilate pheon in colors reversed. Shaws of Perthshire share the cups of Pilotte's and Pellets. Mont Pilot is to the near-east of the FOREZ mountains, and Lyons are said to be from Lyon-la-FORET.

The Morello chevron is "inVERTed," which can be code for the Veret variation of Verona's (share the Lynch Coat), first found in Ile-de-France with MORENcys/MontMURANs and Chappes'. The latter, suspect from an Opgalli > Caiaphas line, use a solid chevron in the colors of the Morello / Catch chevrons. Could we ask whether Michael Morell was in cahoots with Loretta Lynch at the time she was called upon to testify, where she plead the 5th? Or, is the employee in the dream Morell, who was disappointing Obama for some reason? Obama made Morell the CIA director twice, once during the Benghazi scandal while Hillary was on her way out with Obama. His first appointment had replaced Leon Panetta.

The Morell Crest has a very-rare lion looking over the shoulder, what we might say a murderer does, figuratively speaking. It's exactly what the end of the Obama dream had, one of his employees looking back over his shoulder. That's very interesting.

German Decks/Dagger share the red squirrel with Squirrels/Squire's in-code with squire's helmets, like the "esquire helmet" of PoinDEXTERs. That's a good way to reveal Poindexters as a branch of Daggers.

The last update talked on Tullia of Lyon, of a Vatican-ruling family in Clermont-Ferrand. English Tulls (share the Shield of Italian Ferrands and Fers/FERRATs) were shown with the Chief of Tropoje liner, Trope's/Drops, both using the white-on-red lion of Tull-like Tools...and Scottish Mars. Why are Mars working into this? Ask the Maurel bloodline, right? The rulers of MontFERRAT used a red Chief and white Shield, the same as English Ferrands, and the latter's Chief-with symbols is in the colors of the same of Trope's/Drops and Tulls, indicating that Fers/Ferrats (branch of Vairs/Fers') , and MontFerrat, was probably a line of Fiers/Fere's, from Fier county at Tropoje. Excellent, it's a thing (Montferrat trace to Fier) I've not considered before. There is even a Troop surname first found up in the Mar-clan theater of Scotland.

Montferrats put out the Vasto rulers in Cuneo, suspect with Fausts/Fists that share the same fist as Poindexters.

As I've insisted that Formans/Fermans and Firmans trace with the Forman Chief to Fier / Tropoje, note that both share anchors with the Tulls. The "Christo" motto term of Firmins is beloved by Bouillons (same place as Clermont-Ferrand), which is another way to trace Fier-county elements to Tullia's line. Clermont-Ferrand. Her Lyon entity is beside Vienne of the Isere area, and while Vienne's share the giant STRONG eagle, the STRANGE's use the double lions of Mars (= Tull lion). It appears that we just traced Luther Strange to Tullia. There are two strong arms I know of off the cuff, though they are not called such so far as I know. The two surnames are the Darks/D'Arques and the Butters, the one linkable to the BUTTERflies of the Tulls/Tullia's, and the Darks (same place as Rusts/Roosts) suspect with the saltire of Rusts/Roosts, suspect from Rusticus of Lyon, Tullia's husband. Arms bent at the elbows are shared by DEUSters/Dusters suspect in the Butter motto.

Why are Strange's descended from Guido le Strange? Why is the Guido lion in the colors of the Strange lion? Didn't Guido Guerra marry a gal of Montferrat? Just like that, Fier-county elements can be traced to Bologna, where I trace Paeonians. Repeat: "Montferrats put out the Vasto rulers in Cuneo, suspect with Fausts/Fists that share the same fist as Poindexters." If that links Poindexters to Montferrat, it's excellent because it's in Cuneo, where the coney rabbit traces that we saw with Esquers suspect in the Poindexter Crest. And the Paeoni-line Pane's/Panico's of Bologna use a label as code for Labels/La BELs while Esquers have many Bel-like endings.

The Faust-like Fasts (same place as Trope's/Drops) share the crosses of Tints while Tints use the Strange / Tull / Tool / Trope/Drop lion. In fact, I was very happy to come across the Couch's in the last update because I was having trouble remembering any surnames sharing a red pale bar with Tullia's/Tulls. The Couch's came to topic with the COUCHant lion of Tints! Excellent link. We can now expect Vasto-Cuneo liners at Somerset's Tints, and at nearby Tintagel, where the dopey myth writers thought it was good to have king Arthur born. And while king Arthur was the son of GorLOIS' wife, I DID REALLY TRACE (with readers probably rolling their eyes) GorLOIS to LUIS of Ceva, smack in the Vasto area of Cuneo! I must have a gift, but using exclamation marks sparingly isn't one of them. Alright, I got lucky.

Aha! The Strange-suspect Strongs, first found in the same place as Tints, use a "TENTtanda" motto term. Their "est" motto term suggests that they use the Este eagle in someone else's colors.

Recall my sleeping in a sleeping bag, in a TENT, with Mamie, for she represents the Mame/Meme/Mens surname (same area as Formans/Fermans) that likewise uses the colors of the Montferrat rulers. And she is also a symbol of Mummolin, Munderic's son. I found another red pale bar in the last update, of the Merrills/Muriels. Mummolin's wife was born to Maurilion. Tintons (same place as Tintagel) are royal tents while Royals use a bend in the colors of the Tullia pale bar. Roys use a "TENDis" motto term.

It's been about six years since taking a stab at the meaning of "Forum Allieni, the original name of Ferrara from at least 70 AD. I suspected that Ferrara got named after Pharisees escaping Titus' invasion of Jerusalem (going over to the Romans, perhaps). At that time, I traced both Strange's and Trypillians to Ferrara, and even to the Sadducee-suspect Setta valley of the Panico's. It would be years before discovering Tropoje, which I reasoned was a Trypillian entity once found. I didn't have much evidence for tracing Trypillians to the Ferrara area of Italy, but I just saw (above) a full-proof trace of Tropoje liners to the area.

Forum Allieni was claimed (by me lonely) to be the proto-Alans of Dol, and from "Forum" I traced to the Formans/Fermans, not yet knowing about Fier county. I had not yet known Tullia at the time. Here's what I did. Noting that "Allieni" is thought to mean, "alien," and knowing previously that Strange's had connection to Stewarts (= the Dol Alans), I reasoned that Strange's were the line from Forum Allieni where they wrongly believed the place to be named by aliens = strangers. And noting that Strange's use the Tool lion, it was noted how Tools were like "Dol." I can now add that Tullia could even be the namer of Attila's house of Dulo, which can explain why her descendant, Munderic, is like "MUNDzuk, Attila's father. As Formans/Fermans use the green dragon of Form-like Worms, I ventured to trace count VRM of Angusta to Forum Allieni, because this complimented my Trypillian trace to that place. Trypillians were from what is now Moldova, where Angusta was located.

Earlier, when taking stabs at the make-up of Forum Allieni, I traced to it's proto-Alans to the naming of Langhe, beside MontFerrat, and assumed that Ferrat was a Ferrara element. In this picture, there is a question on whether Ferrara was named after Pharisees or Fier county, but then what named Fier? I didn't yet know that Formans/Fermans (use the Fare anchor) have the Chief-Shield colors of Montferrat's rulers. With the Tints coming to topic above as per the crosslets of Vasto-liner Fasts, note that Trips almost use them in both colors. Can we therefore identify Vasto's as Trypillians? It's a good question. As I always link Alan-related Gore's to the Trip (and Windsor) crosslets, note that Gore's were definitely behind the myth writer's code, GORlois, for we just saw Gorlois tracing to the Vasto area.

While Luisa of Ceva was mother to Alice of Saluzzo (married the Dol Alans), the Saluzzo entity is part of the Sales / Saleman / Salmon bloodline to the salmon of McCabe's, first found in Arran with the Blue's/GORMs. Isn't that the Worms line and therefore from count Vrm of the Trypillian theater. What were Trypillians doing in the Scot-Irish isles? Ask the boots that Trips and Masseys/Masse's once shared, then ask king Maccus of the isles whether he ruled Bute, beside Arran. As McCabe's became MacAbee's too, doesn't it appear that maybe Maccus' family knew themselves to be from Israel's Maccabees? Bute and Arran is where the myth writer thought it good for king Arthur's death at the hands of Morte-like MORDred...just code for Morte's/Motts, kin of the Maccabee liner Alexanders, first found in Kintyre, beside Arran.

If you check the Darths/Deaths, then see their crescent with Morte's/Motts and Alexanders, it's justified to ask whether Alexanders share the Pendragon chevron.

One of Wikipedia's Trypillian articles removed the photo of ancient artwork of Trypillians that carved their so-called hourglass goddess. I reasoned that the hourglass shape in the Coat of Guido's (Tint lion?) was deliberate as per their Trypillian past.

St. Hubertus the Hunter in the Maple's

Guido's were also Guis', suspect with Wis / Vis terms, and there is an island of Vis that's also Issa, perhaps an entity of IsherWOODs. The latter have the look of Formans/Fermans, i.e. of Trypillian-suspect Vrm. The double bars of Isherwoods and Formans are those of Parrs and Nissans for a trace from Pharnaces and Nysa. The Isherwoods were first found in Monmouthshire, and the MonMOUTHs use multiple sets of double fesses too, those of Moldova-like Molds/MAUDs. Monmouths and Molds/Mauds use the same lion with their double fesses, and it could just be the Quido lion. It can be shown that Guido's/Guis' were kin of Woods, and Isherwoods look to apply.

The Marples/Marble's, who mention Isherwoods, were looked up because they are in the write-up of Huberts, whom I looked up for recalling that they share the Mott / Alexander / Death crescent. The HuBERTs mention the BIRTles' (Macclesfield lion), begging whether this was a line from Berthe, daughter of Maurilion above. Amazingly, Marple's share the giant griffin with Berta's, first found in Ferrara = Forum Allieni. I totally expect proto-Alans of that place to Tullia's line i.e. which Berthe married.

Steels were Stelli (Bologna) liners, and so note how those terms could have been Setelli, for example, from the Setta valley at Bologna. No such surname comes up[, but Settle's/Settels, first found beside Cheshire, share three lozenges only, in the format of the same of Reno's. The Setta is a Reno tributary. On the other hand, Stelli's could have been from star-line Este and therefore Isher-like Istria. English Sturs use three of the Alan fesses, and while their French branch, ESTURmys, use three RED pale bars, they are in the colors of the two of Couch's! More double-red pale bars are used by Steele's. Perhaps the Stelli line, not originally an Este one, merged with Este, for the latter is not far from Bologna, and typically united with Ferrara. The Isters/Esters share a red label with the Pane/Panico Coat! It seems perfect for tracing Tullia liners to the Setta. And the State's/Stathams (Cheshire) use lozenges in the colors of the Reno lozenges.

The red-pale Sturs were first found in Hampshire with the Flys suspect in the butterflies on the red Tullia pale bar. Hampshire is beside the Couch-beloved Tints and Roets. Couch's are suspect with Gouch's/Googe's, who share boar heads with Mapels/Marple's/Maple's, and the latter share the Roet boar heads. The Roet Chief is suspect with the Chief of the Hampshire Caplans, and the latter put griffin heads in the Chief in the colors of the Marple/Marble griffin. And the Tint crosslet is suspect with the Rick fitchee, both in the colors of the Bert/Birth fitchee! In colors reversed, this fitchee is red, the color of Brett/Brit fitchee, making Bretts/Brits (same place as Tints) potential Berthe liners (what had named her?). Rich's use a bottony cross for the Hampshire Buttons, very-possibly a Butter branch.

Somerled MacDonald was traced with MacDonald (Domhnull) ancestry to the Dumnonii founders of Somerset, and as Bretts/Brits were first found there, note that MacDonalds share their red fitchee.

If I recall correctly, St. Hubertus' cult derived from Bavarians, and Maple's were traced to the "May Pole" of witchcraft, their holy day on May 1, the day that the Bavarian Illuminati was founded. The Bavarian Illuminati can be traced to Boofima (proto-Baphomet), and the BOGG-loving, BOUGH-related Roets (= BEAUForts) were Boofima liners i.e. who share the Maple boar head. Keep this in mind while we explore Marple / Hubert elements. Boofima was a human-sacrifice cult in Africa.

There are plenty of black hunting horns, but in this picture, the black ones of Berts/Births can be close to the same in the Arms of Traby...because I expect Trabys with Tropoje elements. At houseofnames, Trabys are listed curiously with SADowski's? From the line that named Setta?

Barrs use a black hunting horn as well as one that would be green in colors reversed, the color of the Hunter horns. The Barrs with the Este eagle were first found in Ayrshire with Hunters. Hunter's use a "Cursom" motto term that should be for Hubert of Curzon (in the Hubert write-up). Compare Curzons/Coursons (popinjays, signals Gay liners) with Hubert-branch Hubbards. Compare "Courson" with Coeur-de-Lion in the Hubert write-up. In that Barrs share the Steel lion head, one can argue for a Steel trace to Este / Stelli liners in Ferrara, or even as early as that place was Forum Allieni.

There is Corsen/Carson Coat reflecting the Coats of Bute's/Butts and Maurels/Maurinis'. The Bute connection can explain the Isle of Man popping up in the Curzon/Courson write-up, and why the Corsens/Carsons are in Mackay colors i.e. as per king Maccus, whose family ruled Man. The Corsen/Carson Chief looks linkable to Brests/Brix's and therefore to Brest, in the area of Morlaix i.e. where I trace French Maurels. French Mars/Maurs/More's use Mackay colors and format.

I've discussed an old girlfriend, Miss Whelan, on a Corson street, because the Corson lozenges are colors reversed from those of Whelans (Massey fleur), who use the Brick Coat. My Masci line and Whelans had been related because Bricks are from Masseys, or Ranulph de BRIQUESsart, father of le Meschin. This should predict Massey liners through Brest, and can explain why French Maurells share the Masci fleur, and why Morlaix liners to/from Marleys were first found in Cheshire.

The Berthe line of Maurels/Maurini's share the eight-pointed Stelli stars, and as this star was an ancient Ishtar symbol, it at least tends to connect Steels to Istria elements. English Steels were first found in Cheshire with Huberts, Birtles' and Marples'. It looks like Maurilion > Berthe liners were in these Cheshire elements, and that MARples were Maurilion liners but with a twist, perhaps a Mapel line that took on a Maur look. The Berta griffin was found (last update) with German Steels, who share two red pale bars with Tint-beloved and Trypillian-suspect Couch's.

The Fasts with the Tint crosslets share the quadrants of Pettys, suspect from Pietas-Julia (or Pola) on Istria. Pettys were first found in the same place as Tree's/True, and we need to assume that the Pane/Panico tree is in honor of Tree's/True's because the latter share the feathered helmet with Lannoys, who are a branch of Lyons. And the Huberts are said to be from Richard Coeur-de-LION, making them suspect with Tullia of Lyon. The "apes" motto term of Pettys looks like it's an Apsus-river element because the Petty Crest has a bee hive fashioned to reflect the Tull pyramid, apparently, and a pyraMID is suspect with Middle's and Middlesex, where Apps' and FIERs/Fere's were first found. WEIRs/Vere's are said to have been ruled / held Kensington in Middlesex, which is in London, where Apps-branch Capes' were first found. After years of uncertainty concerning Vere ancestry, it was found in Albania. Were Saxons of Middlesex from the Fier area to begin with?

Tulls use the Trope/Drop Chief, right? We herein can suspect a Tropoje line to Istria's Pola, the line to Pollocks, whose patriarch (Fulbert) was a vassal, and close associate, if not a relative, of the Dol Alans. Fulbert lived in Shropshire with the Dol Alans, and that's where Middle's were first found. The PYRamid could be code for either pear-using Pire's or the Pears, noting that Scottish Pettys (PERTHshire, same place as Petts/Perts and Lyons) have parrots for pear-using Parrots. This adds to the proof for a Tullia trace to Pola.

The parrots are green, as are the Peeble's parrots, and Peeble's are suspect with Papia/Pavia, while Peeble-like Pepoli's were first found in Bologna with Pane's/Panico's. So, it looks like a Pola-Istria migration to (or noble marriage with) the Setta valley. And Pepoli's share the checks of Steels suspect with star-using Stelli's (Bologna) who are in turn suspect with Istria-star liners. And as BattiSTELLI's use the pyramid while Batti's use another eight-pointed star, we take this Bologna picture over to Tullia of Lyon, which makes more sense where she ended up in Auvergne, where Bird-related Bouillons were first found who lived at France's Boulogne. And the Pane's/Panico's use a "BIRD" on their tree. Boulogne was in Artois, essentially, anyway, and Huberts, of Marple and BIRTles, are said to be from the Artois capital.

The YEOmans, by the way, have perplexed me on their alternative identities. But I've just seen YEOvil in the Parrot write-up, and while True's/Tree's are beloved by Hume's, Yeomans come up as "Human." Hume's use the Lannoy / Lyon lion in colors reversed, adding yet more stuffing to the Pola-Tulli link. Yeomans (spear cronells) love the Spears, first found in the same place as Pollocks, and the broken spear in the Yeoman Crest is for the Alan kin of Brocks (same place as Paw-loving Quints), who put a dart into the paw of their Crest lion. The Pollock boar has been said to be pierced by a dart at their Clan Pollock article (Wikipedia), and that article showed the gold-on-green Pollock saltire in green on gold, the colors of the cross in the Arms of Pola.

To make the Hume link harder to Lyons, the latter are said to have received ForTEVIOT, while the Teviot and related Tweed rivers flow to Berwickshire, where Hume's were first found. The Gords, incidentally, said to have been on the Teviot, share the Roet / Mapel/Maple boar head, and are suspect with the ImPERI peoples of Boofima with the Boeufs/Beefs, first found in PeriGORD. The Lyons are also said to have received, from the same kind, lands in Aberdeenshire, where Pire's were first found that could therefore be in the Tull PYRamid. Suddenly, the pyramid and similar terms can trace all the way from the Imperi, and Liguria's Imperia.

Tint-like Tenants bring us to another Montferrat Shield, apparently, and even have a chief (more boar heads) reflecting the Trope/Drop Chief. Tenants use a sail and mast while Masts/Masters happen to use griffin heads in Marple-griffin colors. The Sails are with the Cheshire Sales'. Tenets/Denets, who share a Shield of drops (they call them "gutee") with Trope's/Drops, are important because their motto suggests the Dents of SEDbergh, suspect with Setta liners. This gets virtually proven later, and so we can see a Tropoje link once again to the Setta. As Tenets share a white boar head with Tenants, the latter look like a Tenet / Dent branch. Perfect. And Tulls/Tolle's (Trope/Drop Chief) use a "pruDENTia? motto term!

Mapels/Marpels use a "sed" motto term, and because they share the Roet boar heads, we can add that Roets share a tree with Pane's/Panico's. And the Rome's/Rooms, using a "sed" motto term, love the Pungs in their motto, who are listed with Pings/Pongs/Paganells, very identifiable with Pane's/Panico's.

I loaded "Tolle" just now to get the Tulls, and found that German Tolle's (same place as Dols!) use the Steel / Pepoli checks!

Lookie: the bra that I POINTed to and touched (at nine years of age) belonged to a tenant, who came out to scold me after I touched it (she saw me through a basement window). The bra must link to POINDexters, and the Tenet canton is called simple a "square," linkable to the esquire's helmet, for Square's are also the Squirrels/Squire's. Esquers use a white rabbit too, and its "running" while Runnings/Ronnys may be using the wavy Dol fesse.

Roets use a "book expanded," and Pander liners are suspect with Paeonians, and in fact Panders/Panters share the helmet with Poindexters, and, moreover, Bra at Cuneo was with the white-rabbit Conys that use a pansy while PANSys are also Pantzers. The Panes' are listed with Pane's/Payne's, highly suspect with Pane's/Panico's...who show a Panetta variation. Keep this in mind, because Leon Panetta had already been the CIA directed when Scalia was murdered.

Mapps/Moberleys use a "A demi lady, holding a pair of SCALES," recalling that Scalia's and English Trips (almost the Tint crosslets) share ladders while Trips call them SCALing ladders. There we have evidence that we have not left Trypillian / Tropoje lines with Marple elements. Trabys are suspect with the Trebia river, where Hannibal won a famous victory, and Scale's happen to share the five, white ostrich feathers with the Arms of Traby (borrowed from Wikipedia's Traby article). Scale's happen to share the scallops of Apps', from the Apsus river, location of Tropoje.

We saw that Tropoje elements are expected at Istria's Pula, and here the "pair of scales" looks like part code for the Pairs/Paws/Pauers (Quint chevron?), who are linkable to the Peacock-Pollock merger, the Palins, the Palin-related Powers, the Quint lion paw, and the Polesdons.

Mapels/Marple's can be a branch of Marple's/Marble's. It's then curious that "Mabel" gets the Annabels/Hannibals, but it seems not to be a mistake because their two fesses (the Ness fesses too) are used by Mopps'/Moberleys (Cheshire), and Mapperlys/Maberleys even use the fitchee crosses of Marples/Marble's. There is a Mapps surname showing no Coat but said to be from "son of Mapel." Mopps/Moberleys share the fitchee of Ricks, white, as with the Marple / Mapperley fitchees. There are more fitchees with Tarves', who share the split Shield of Mapels/Marbles. It's not a coincidence that Mapels/Marples share "vi" with Chives', the latter first found in Tarves.

Recall that I was in the backYARD of Obama's billiard hall. Hilliards are HildYARDs/HillYards too. I wouldn't think much of these variation had the Hilliard surname (same chevron as Morello's) not been a Billiard variation. That's very interesting and should be pursued. After Obama dishonored general Patreaus in the heat of the Benghazi red flags, his job as CIA chief was replaced by Michael Morell. We saw the Morell lion looking back over its shoulder, but it can be added that the one Morell cross is red, what the identical Fast cross would be in colors reversed. Both surnames use a red bend. And while the Morell bend is half the Nimo/Nemo saltire, Poindexters use a "Nemo" motto term while Morells use an "aNIMO" motto term. Was this heraldry arranged by God to make it possible to put them together in this revelation?

If God wanted to point to a Poindexter-Morell combination with the sleeping-bag dream, he might use Dave Morley on his bike, with a helmet, for Poindexters use a helmet. And while the biker in the dream looked like a WW2 rider, sort of like a Nazi due to a rudimentary helmet (no style) on his head, I have the opinion that the CIA was overtaken by Americanized Nazis since at least George Bush took the chair of the CIA. But if God is so perfect, why didn't he arrange a David Morell instead? I'd say it's because he wanted to point also to Mauls Malls/MarlyBONE's / Marleys of Morlaix. Morells use a "Bono" motto term.

I haven't loaded Mauro's until now. The Milan Maurels/Maurinis' are listed with Mauro's, but there is a French Mauro surname ("n'es pas") with a white griffin in Crest, tending to assure that Berta's are from the Berthe > Maurilion line. Excellent link. The Berta's are also Bertoli's, tending to explain "Birtle." French Maurels were first found in Brittany with Bearts/Beards (Bird/Burd colors). French Mauro's (suspect with the Martel / Capet crowns) were first found in Champagne, while the Champagne bend could be that of Bone's. Berthe was the wife of Mummolin, and he operated at Chalons-sur-Marne, but now called, Chalons-en-Champagne. We might reason that the Morell love of Bone's/Bohuns is for Bonona's Boii elements. Morell beloved Nimo's love the Boasts/Bois' (reflects the Hubbard Coat).

The HILDyard mention was added because I've just had an inkling from the Hubert write-up, claiming that Huberts derive in "HILDebert." We can assume a Hild / Hilt / Hilton / Hillary merger with Birds and/or Berts/Births i.e. from Berthe. And while her line goes to Morinis', the latter use double bends in colors reversed from the same of Hiltons. For this paragraph, the Yardleys were checked to recall that they use the Petty Coat (martlets and all), the one with the Fast quadrants. And the Fausts/Fists share the fist of Poindexters while I saw John B. Poindexter beside the leader of the St. Hubertus cult, in their group photo (it's online). You don't get to stand beside the leader in a group photo unless you're second head cheese, I figure.

Yards use the colors and format of Berts. The HildeBERT line is said to have been in Lichfield, in Staffordshire, where both Tulls and Yardleys were first found. And Lichfield is where St Chad operated, while Chads share the split Shield of the Morleys/Mauls who, in the sleeping-bag dream, promised a key revelation as per the killers of Scalia. And here we are now pointing the Huberts at Chads, if possible. While Poindexters were Faust kin, the Chad crosses are in the colors of the Fast crosses, and Fasts were first found in Norfolk with Chads. The Fasts are the ones with the Yardley quadrants, amazingly enough, so that the backyard now looks like God's method of pointing to Poindexter. The fact that Yardleys can apply recalls the BACK of Obama's employee, in the BACK yard, for Bags (same place as Chads) and Bachs/Baghs can apply. The sleeping bag was on a hill while Hills share a white crescent in Crest with the Hubert Crest. You see, it points to St. Hubertus.

The Yards are suspect with Gards, and the latter use a green martlet, and what could be the Morello and Morinis Shield. The Yardley / Fast martlets would be green in colors reversed.

When I awoke from the sleeping-bag dream, I went online to continue my work, and found the group photo of St. Hubertus (International Order of St. Hubertus), all the men dressed in black robes with a red lining hanging all the way down to the ground, hmm, like a red pale bar. The red bar was only on one side of each robe (to the mens' right). That's when I realized that I had slept that night, as I usually do, in a black sleeping bag with a red stripe on the bag's one side only (the right as I'm under it)! I knew God was up to something with that dream.

As the sleeping bag has been resolved as code for Bagleys (same place as Sleeps), it's important that the Bag-Chief cinquefoils are in the colors of the only Bagley-Shield symbol. I await what this latest meaning of the sleeping bag could mean further. The Bagley-Crest ram appears to have gold drops, but the description ignores them. As Bagleys had a Cheshire location, their lozenges are likely those of Bricks, and therefore related to the Brittany Brest location along with Marleys. It just so happens that the write-up of Mars/Maurs/More's lies, saying that the surname traces to "ram," but we get the reality. They had hooked up with the Rams (almost the colors and format of Mars/Maurs/More's. Such names can be expected of the MERovingians under discussion.

For the record, especially as Vis becomes a topic later, the Rams use "vis fieri" as part of their motto. As Fier county is the situation of Tropoje, the fact that Scottish Marrs/Mare's use the Trope/Drop lion can explain the Bagley drops from a ram. This recalls the Mari capital of Amorites (Amurru), who also had a small empire in Syria, called ARAM in those day. I suspected that mythical Merops (proto-Merovingians) down at Merowe/Meroe was named from Amurru out of Jerusalem / Hebron.

The Bag cinquefoils are colors reversed from the same of Gedge's/Gangs/Gings/Geggs, first found in Norfolk with Bags. Drummonds use a "Gang" motto term, but I'm lost for words to add anything meaningful to that mix. But it just so happens that Bagley Wood (once in Berkshire) is in Kennington while Kenningtons (yew tree) share the three Mar/Maur scallops. As Kenningtons/Kensingtons were first found in Kent and Berkshire, they can be using one of the Morinis fesses, for Morinis' were ancestral to the Kent Deerings, the ones sharing the Bik/Bicker stag heads so as to match the biker in the sleeping-bag dream with Morley surname. This convinces me further that the dream points to Bagley Wood.

Again, Weirs/Vere's are said to have held Kensington, but not before Bra suspects had it: "The manor of Kensington, Middlesex, was granted by William I to Geoffrey de Montbray or Mowbray, bishop of Coutances [Manche]...He in turn granted the tenancy of Kensington to his vassal Aubrey de Vere I, who was holding the manor in 1086, according to Domesday Book." Montbray is in Manche, where Vere's originate, meaning the Fier-county Albanians must have been in Manche. The Bags happen to share a lozengy Shield in the colors of the same of Irish Wiers, tending to clinch Bags with Bagley Wood.

As Scottish Weirs/Vere's were first found in Roxburghshire, where Gouchs/Googe's were first found, and as English Vere's use a blue boar that can be a colors-reversed one of Gouchs/Googe's, I suggest that Googe's and Goughs/Gofs were the Gedge/Gang/Gegg kin of Bags. Drummond involvement now make a little sense where the Drummond motto is, "Gang WARily." A way to explain Vere links to Drummonds, which I'm not familiar with, is where German Drummonds were first found in Hamburg with the Tropoje suspects, the Massey-related Trips, especially as Vere's share the Massey Coat. And English Trips were first found in Kent with Kensingtons. The Hamburgs (Oxfordshire, same place as Aubry de Vere's descendants), sharing the Trip crosslets, add gold drops! It's a great way to prove that Trips were Tropoje liners. Rams use gold drops.

German Drummonds use three fesses in the colors of the one Kennington/Kensington fesse, which recalls that someone online had identified Maurice Drummond, the first Drummond, as MARot de Yorvik. And while Mars of Scotland were at KilDRUMMy castle, Scottish Marrs were first found in Yorvik = Yorkshire. The French Mars (share the Kensington scallops) to which the Bags traced us thus look like pure Drummonds (Ram colors). But whatever the heraldry history, it doesn't mean that its all Intended for the sleeping-bag revelation in our world today. I'm just poking around heraldry land to see what more I can dredge up that could help to predict things.

More. Upon loading Hamburgs ("praeFERO"), which I rarely load (didn't know consciously that they use drops), I saw a tower seen earlier, and scrolling back, it was found to be the Gaywood tower! Gaywoods (same place as Bags) were loaded because Bags were at Gaywood. And the Masseys/Masse's that once showed the Trip boots were first found in Savoy with Gays! Bingo, I win.

Strangely Dim, a song by Francesca Battistelli, came on my speakers just as I was ending the paragraph above. The Scottish Marrs use the two lions in pale of Strange's! He's still with me, isn't He? He's still guiding this revelation. I wonder what Francesca would think if she got wind of these things? I have had this song downloaded for less than a month only, just in time.

I can now trace Bag kin in Norfolk back to the Dauphine Galli's / Galleys, and that area was near the Ligurian Grimaldi's, who share the Bag Shield. I was the one to pick up the sleeping bag; Morley only circled it, in the woods. GayWOOD. The Gaywoods are in the Bag Chief. This serves as proof that God was in the dream. The Cheshire BELwoods (Richardson kin) come to mind as per the La Bels in the Panico label.

As Bagley Wood was in Berkshire (borders have been moved), beside Oxfordshire, it seems certain that Trips and Hamburgs share the Windsor crosslets.

The Drake-beloved Muscas'/Mosca's (in the Isherwood Chief?) are in the Mowbray Crest. The Mowbray family ruled Kensington before it went to the Oxford Vere's. It sounds as though Mowbrays were so rich they just up and gave the place as a gift to Mr. Vere. I was convinced already that Brays/Brae's were from Bra, but here I can add that Mowbrays share the Montfort / Marano lion while Monforte is a small location beside Bra. MOWbrays appear to be named after the Mow variation of Molle's, for they were first found in Roxburghshire with Weirs/Vere's, and Mows/Molle's share the boar of Gouch's/Googe's (Roxburghshire) suspect with the Vere boar. The Mow/Molle boar is that also of Marano-like Marone's (Mar/Maur colors and format).

The year after the touch-bra event, my mother took me to Italy to spend the entire summer in her hometown. She lived in her Grimaldi household, and her mother was a Masci. In that home (which I wasn't living in), there was a child about my age (10), whose name was Mauro. If God arranged this, then, I suppose, it means that Maurell/Maurinis liners are fundamental Grimaldi's, and therefore capable of spilling over to Bags. A Morley circled the sleeping bag. I might not have checked the Mauro's if not for that child. Mauro's share the colors and format of Mars/Maurs and Marone's, and share a white griffin with Berta's/Bertoli's, not small thing, for it clinches the Maurilion > Berthe line to these surnames.

As I asked Lorraine out on my BIRTHday, while we met that night at the laundromat, which turned out to be code for Pepin of Landen, a chief Merovingian line that married Ita of Metz, in Lorraine. I've got to entertain the likelihood that Berthe was a Pepin liner, in other words, in Lorraine. Landens are Landers, like LAUNDRomat, and Metz is like laundroMAT too. And the Landen/Lander pale bars are also those of Langleys, while Monforte and Bra are in Langhe. So, I've got to entertain a Berthe-family trace to Langhe too. God verified that the white-rabbit pertains to laundry liners, so to speak, even as white rabbits pertained to Bra, for my landlord, who lived right beside the laundromat at the end of the strip mall, killed a rabbit in my laundry sink when I rented his basement. It was the same mall at which I met Lorraine a year or so earlier. I saw him CLUBBING it to death on the head, and Clubs are from the Clovis Merovingians. I have got to assume that the Masci's of Piedmont were Merovingians in relation to the Bra > Mowbray line. My last night with Lorraine was when she had a grass stain on the back side of her butt. When I arrived at her place, her female friend said that her husband was out on a walk with Lorraine. There is only one conclusion, since she would not put white pants on with a heavy grass smear to entertain guests. She was sitting on freshly MOWed grass while on that "walk." Amazing.

Back to Huberts. Assuming that their Hildebert ancestry was in Hiltons: the two Hilton / Parr / Nissan fesses are in the colors of the two Dexter chevrons, and that evokes PoinDEXTER. The Parrs and Nissans are from Pharnaces and Nysa, making it more important that the two Ness/Nesson fesses show up with "Mabel," as well as being used my Mopps/Maberleys. Ness' recall the "n'es" motto term of Mauro's. Birtles' (same place as Birds/Burds) use one chevron in the colors of the Dexter chevrons. So, I think, we can trace Dexaroi liners to the bird in the Pane/Panico tree, for a Dexaroi / Apsus / Tropoje trace was expected above to the Panico theater on other grounds. This can explain why the Guido's use a saltire in the colors of the Border/Burder saltire, and why the latter is made of two swords that are also the Tax/Dack swords in saltire, but see also the Chief of Apps-related Capes'. Borders/Burders were first found in Somerset, exactly where the Trypillians have just been traced (starting with the Vasto trace to Tints). They lived in Moldova, location of a Rimna river, and Rimmons/Crimmons share the Birtle crosslets (same as the Tint crosslets but in different colors).

I've got to entertain here that Benjamites from Rimmon were a line to the Birtle's, and as Huberts were in Birtles, note that Hubbards share annulets in the colors of the Benjamin annulets. Benjamins were first found in Norfolk with Trope's/Drops, and so let's repeat that Birtles can be with the Dexters/Deckster chevron i.e. from Dexaroi on the same river as Tropoje. Moldova's Angusta is on a tributary of the Siret, and the Siret surname is also "Sire," linkable to the eSQUIRE's helmet of PoinDEXTERs. Lower down on the Siret is a Rimna area from Rimmon (Israel) of the Benjamites. Rimna is suspect with Rimini, where Maschi's were first found who are the Masci liners in Cheshire i.e. where Birtles is found. Rimmons/Crimmons use a "divis" motto term that could be for Cheshire's Diva (now Chester) i.e. where the first Meschin ruled.

Why do Guiscards use a "deSIRE" motto term? I don't know yet, but if Guiscards were in the Guis variation of Guido's, it's tracing Trypillians to Bologna again.

The Diens/DIVES' use the white Masci wing up-side down. It's still in the design that Masci's (and Chaine's) once showed it. Look at the spelling mistake, or is it a mistake, in the Dien/Dives' write-up: "A black shield with a marlion's wing between four gold crosses formy". A MARLION instead of a merlin falcon/hawk?! It gives hint that inverted symbols, shared by the Chaine-like Chanuts, for example, and the white wings of Genova's/Geneva's, are for the Maurilion line. This discovery comes just after showing the inverted chevron of Morello's! The Morell lion is looking backward, rare.

Was mythical Merlin (south Wales, includes Monmouth) code for the Maurilion line? I would not have known that David Morley has a motorbike had he not visited me while renting at a Marlin street. Can you believe this? It's as though God arranged my living at Marlin to prove a Morley trace to Maurilion. The Marlins are also MerLANE's/MEARlane's, and use three fesses in the colors of the one of Mears (water bougets) and the two of Sleeps! The Mears were first found in Somerset so as to suggest their using the Dart fesse, and Darts link very well to Sleeps. David Morley circled the sleeping bag.

Recall the Marleys of Morlaix, in the Finistere area of Brittany along with Brest/Brixia and LAUNay, the line from Brescia's Lane's/Lano. That should explain MerLANE's as Morlaix liners merged with Launay elements. And Marleys (same place as Isherwood) were first found in the same place as Diva, suspect with Dives'. Launays not only use the BAGley lozenges (!) in colors reversed, but the Chief of the Isherwoods exactly. As the leopard in that Chief is suspect with the Mosca leopard, let's re-mention Diane MUSCHATov, for Diens/Dives' were first found in the same place as Deins/Diana's, and Muschats share the three chevrons of Waters suspect in-code with the water bougets of Mears. The latter look like the Cheshire Mere's and Demere's beloved by Buckleys.

When Morley visited me with his bike, he had Carol, his wife, on the back. The martlets in the Marlin/Merlane Coat are for Charles Martel, the founder of so-called CAROLingians.

Chanut-like Canute, from the Danish- Gorm line, invaded through the Sussex area, where Diens/Dives' were first found. My bad tooth was excellent for months until two days ago, when it got very painful, with swollen gum again, but it subsided overnight as I write here. Canute was related to BlueTOOTH, and the Blue's are also Gorms. The formy crosses of Diens'/Dives can be for the Forman / Worm / Gorm line (they say that "gorm" can mean worm or snake).

The other major river in Moldova is the Prut, which can be suspect with the "PRUDentia" motto term of Tulls and Birch's/Burch's. The latter have the Birtle fleur in gold, and were looked up as per the Birchell variation of Birtle's. It's a family match, tending to prove that Tulls are from Tullia (known ancestry of Berthe's husband). Brights, who just came up as Broods (looking for B-version Prute's / Prude's), were first found in Cheshire with Birtle's, and perhaps Berthe was named as per part of the "Prut" evolution to Brit terms. Or, more simply, Brights were named after Berthe in the first place because there is a griffin in the Bright Crest. In the least, Brights (Macey stars) look like Berta/Bertoli liners to their Birtle branch. In heraldry, the only names that matter are the nobles along the cherished bloodlines.

The Birch/Burch fleur is shared by French Maurels who happen to use a "NEScit" motto term seeming a take from the "N'es" of Mauro's (both surnames share a white Crest). There is a Sitna tributary of a Prut tributary that looked interesting for a trace to Setta. As Prude's were first found in Auvergne, it's evidence that Tulls/Tolle's and Tools were from Tullia. It's good evidence that Brittany and Britain were named by Prut elements. The river was known my many variations such as PYRetis, and "Britain" is said by some to be named after the Pretani peoples.

While I traced Hume's suggestively to Moldova's Humorului (not far from Angusta), that's off the Siret river north enough to be linked with L'VIV, which had elements in FIFE and FORFAR, as did Hume-related Lyons. PFIEFERs (Foret/Forez colors) use the anchor, and Anchors/Annackers (Mame/Mens Shield?) use a reflection of the Fife Chief. The Foret/Forez Crest can have the Hume lion because Lyons are from Lyon-la-Foret, and because Hume's and Forets/Forez's share the green Shield.

I apologize for going deeper than intended, but I've got to get to the Traby-suspect Travers in the Foret/Forez motto. Travers show the Buckley motto and are in Buckley / Buckle colors. I am seeking evidence for Buckle's being Bagley liners, first off, but as "buckle up" (a phrase in my head as I awoke December 15) was suspect with God's message that Buckle's were Opgalli liners, let's add that Travers use a tiger in Crest. Trabzon is near the ancient Pyxites river, and Pyxus in south-western Italy was also BUCHentum. It looks like this is the Buckle bloodline, and that Amazons were at Buxentum. Trevors (not Travers) use a left-rising split, symbol of the Amazonian line of Masci's / Massena's / RasMUSSENs. Mussens/Mustains were first found in Yorkshire, and their write-up suggests that Gilbert of Ghent/Gaunt was a Musson by surname.

The Bagley's share the lozenges of Sirets/Sire's, and we just saw why Travers-loving Forets/Forez's can be of Siret-river elements. It has been established (by me) that Sirets/Sire's link to the Arms of Vilnius, where Astikas' married Traby. The Buckleys share the Haught bull head, the Haughts are likely from Poland's Sigrid the Haughty, while Traby happens to be in Poland. Plus, the Haught use three fesses in colors reversed to the same in the Arms of TREBizond (Trabzon) Empire. I trace Drummonds (same place as Lyons) to the Thermodon river, flowing down to Trabzon theater, and then the Lyon's received DRUMgawan (Aberdeenshire, beside the first-known Drummonds). German Drummonds, same place as Trips.

It could appear that Lyon was initially a Trypillian line, but maybe not. The Lyon motto, in itself suspect with Patterson liners, is like that of Scottish Pattersons, first found in Ross, where I trace the early Drummonds. The Lyon write-up has mention of the first English Lyons in Norfolk, where Benjamins, Trope's/Drops and Chads were first found. Chads are said to be from St. Chad at Lichfield, in Staffordshire, where Yardleys and Tulls were first found.

Some News, then Some Paneful Heraldry

Here's a doozy story (both video's below) on McCabe's links to Russians, though I haven't verified the merits of the claims:

Judicial Watch has succeeded in getting the state department to release emails from Huma Abedin, some of which have Hillary's emails. The emails are being reviewed. If you're like me, you probably think that the damning emails were deleted, it only makes sense, since Trump let them have plenty of time to do the job.

How did it come to be that the main media is roughly 80 percent liberal? Were the conservatives asleep at the wheel? Were they ignorant of the power of media to alter political thinking? I'm not at all sure that Fox took up the conservative cause because it cares. It's possible that Fox's founders just saw a big-money opportunity in offering the flip side of the political coin. As soon as Fox started to air, the voice of conservatives, and therefore the power to convert voters, started to increase, no surprise. Imagine if the main media were 50-50 all across the board, the liberals would be a fringe party. The Senate itself would be overwhelmingly conservative, and the Supreme Court too.

Therefore, the liberal media, scratching and clawing at this time like a desperate cat on the cold outside of the door, must resort to breaking the door down, day-in and day-out, to salvage the situation. This war isn't going away; it's all that matters to the anti-Christs. If the law demanded that media could lose their licenses to operate, if found dishing out fabricated reports, it would be granny opening the door and throwing cold water on the shivering cat, and giving it a bonk on the head in the meantime with the butt of her umbrella. Perfect.

Why should media be permitted to operate as fake news? Is president Tweety Bird only going to tweet against fake news? If it's lying day after day, why isn't there court action? Is is a small thing to fabricate news, or to use news organizations as political tools? Doesn't the media lose its right of freedom of the press, to inform people about government malice, if the media acts on behalf of a malicious political party instead of serving truth to the people? That's what we now have, and have had, in probably every Western nation, for decades. The world has thus gone to anti-Christs.

I can't believe what just happened. There's a video, dated December 28, entitled, "WIKILEAKS HAS SOME EXTREMELY INCRIMINATING EVIDENCE ABOUT THE DEATH OF JUSTICE SCALIA". Well, I just had to click, only to find that it's an old story about the Podesta-Elmendorf emails from WikiLeaks. Just as I was about to hit the back button (before 1-minute mark) to leave the video, the words of Podesta came on the screen, "buckle up." Big hmmmm. It could be coincidental, but maybe not.

The video came out about the day after I found Buckle's to be Bagleys, probably. And the sleeping-bag dream convinced me immediately that it was about Scalia's murder. I then predicted (lightly, just in case) that the murder would be a Morley line, and came to include Maurels/Maurinis' in the last update's large investigation of those surnames. The Bagleys are said to be from Shropshire's Hordley, and Hords (Herod liners?), first found in Shropshire with Sleeps, use the Chief-Shield colors of Morinis'.

With Bagley Wood being in Berkshire with the Windsor castle, the Morells are interesting for sharing the crosslet of Windsors in colors reversed.

Here's hope that Trump is about to get into the driver's seat, to try to use the DoJ to get something(s) done. He actually says that he can do what he wants with the justice department. What a surprise. I would say that a president is permitted to order the justice department to fulfill his campaign promises for which he was elected. The Democrats would have us believe that a Republican president has no business telling justice chiefs what to do, but, of course, they would not hold a Democrat president to the same:

Roy Moore seems to want to be a champion for the cause of Western-traditional society, but, more than that, he's not afraid to put God into his politics, win or lose. This week, he's announced a law suit against Alabama to call for a voter-fraud investigation, and, using that argument, wants a new election too. If this flies, voter fraud will be the focus of the event. Aside from using the liberal media as a pick to chip away at every Republican success story, Democrats practice voter fraud. This cat is much-more aggressive than the conservative sloth, but better a slow-moving bunch that operates on good, old-fashioned honesty than a sharp-thinking, slick political party that routinely fabricates parts or all of news stories to slow the sloth even further. Democrats are Darth Vader in glistening, black armor. The Illuminati abides with liberals, and believes that it has the true light for the world. It justifies and fuels its societal engineering based on its roundly-shared view that it's got to save the world from Christian principles. We saw this in Obama, the dark spirit.

Moore was attacked by the dishonest Republicans who use fabricated news stories of their own. The more that Republicans find political success, the more that the schism in the Republican camp breaks open. The Republicans are inviting "the middle" liberals into the party who will ultimately seek to suppress the Christian voice, like at cat after midnight that screams at the neighbor's cat in a turf-war cry, waking up the entire neighborhood. And this cat must exist in Alabama. On whose side do you imagine the fat cats?

"In the complaint, Moore's attorneys noted the higher than expected turnout in the race, particularly in Jefferson County, and said that Moore's numbers were suspiciously low in about 20 Jefferson County precincts." "Higher than expected" could indicate voter fraud electronically. There can be no doubt that the liberals have sat down to discuss whether the electronics of voting machines can be manipulated. There is simply no doubt. But they have also discussed how they can provide voting machines so that they can be manipulated by those who know how. There is simply no doubt that liberals have sought to control the attitudes of election processes so that it favors their voting block. This is to be expected from the dark side.

After introducing and heavily emphasizing the Maurel/Maurinis' bloodline last week, I saw John Merrill in the update, and checked that surname to find it listed with Muriels. It uses the Morinis' fleur. John Merrill is Alabama's secretary of state, and there is a question in my mind as to the timing of my finding the Maurels/Maurinis', who are Morley liners and therefore part of my sleeping-bag dream that promises to reveal the Clinton / Democrat crime ring. In case you missed it, I heard "buckle up" in my head on the morning of December 15, and I've heard / seen things before, as I awake, that proved to be from God. Upon investigating the Buckle bloodline (last update), I came to find the BAGleys as their likely branch, first found in Shropshire with Sleeps. The discussion led to Windsor suspects at Bagley-Wood, Berkshire, and was able to show the Steels as using a version of the Maurels/Maurinis' Chief. See also the Dossier surname in the last update.

Incidentally, as Lisa Page (FBI lawyer) is expected as part of the Steele-dossier, it's notable that Page's were first found in Devon with Darts, and use their colors (and almost their format). Darts share one of the two Sleep fesses, and trace to Dardanians, who themselves were involved in the areas of the SELEPitanoi. Dardanians were to the north of Paeonians, and Page's (pheons) are Paeonians, in my strong opinion. Bagley-Wood seems to be both a village or less, as well as a forest so that it's not likely named after the Wood surname, though it may have been the other way around. Pane's/Panico's/Panetta's were first found in Bologna with Guido's, and the latter (not Germans) are said to be named after a Germanic term "widu" for "wood." That's not likely the case, there must be some mistake. But Woods can still apply in Bologna because they share the tree with Pane's/Panico's/Panetta's.

Bologna's Pasi's/Pace's can be of the Cheshire Pace's because Birds were first found in Cheshire while the Pane/Panico tree is said to have a bird on it. In this picture, the Pane/Panico Chief looks like the Masci fleur-de-lys. Woods use a savage while Savage's were likewise from Cheshire.

English Pane's/Payne's use a "A silver lion's PAW erased grasPING a broken red TILTing spear," while Pasi's/Pace's use spears. I think I've just found that "tilt" is for the Tillet variation of Tills, first found in Dorset with Palins/PAWleys, whose Coat is a reflection of the Till/Tillit Coat. The Pawleys are responsible for the Quint lion paw, and so we see a lion paw in the Pane/Payne description. Quints were first found in Dorset and Essex, the latter being where Broke's/Brocks were first found expected in the "broken and tilting spear."

"GrasPING" must be an heraldic code for Pings/Paganells, but does the code also include Grass / Grace liners? The Arms of Grasse shares the lamb with Passe's/Pascals (Levi lion?), an easy way to make a potential Bologna link to "grasping." And while the description with "grasping" has "broken" Broke's/Brocks were first found in Essex with Passe's/Pascals. French Pascals , first found in Dauphine, same place as Payens/Pagans, yup, and using the lamb in the colors for it in the Arms of Grasse. I remember telling readers several times that French Page's were first found in Dauphine, but that's now changed to Isle-de-France, where Levi's were first found. When we go to French Page's/LePage's, we find the same lion as English Grasse's. I've just discovered an English Lepage surname (same place as Pings/Paganells) with a gold rooster, the symbol of the Dauphine Galli's.

The Pascal Crest: "A bearded man from the waist up." Wessels/WAIStells use the dove, a symbol that crops up with Page / Pagan liners.

When we view Tiltons, who look like the Bone's from Bononia = Bologna (!), we find them first found in Leicestershire, where Woods were first found. Bingo. The description page above puts the first Pane's/Payne's in Sussex, where Bone's were first found, but houseofnames puts Pane's/Payne's first found in Somerset, where the Axe river flows that's in the Till/Tillit Crest as an axe. Pane's/Payne's are apparently sharing the Dart / Sleep fesse, for the Axe river flows to Devon, where Darts (and Dartington) were first found.

Tiltons, by the way, have a Coat like that of Tongs, now expected from Tongeren, where Mummolin's brother ruled. Mummolin was the son of Berthe, daughter of Maurilion, which is what found the Maurel/Maurinis' surname in the first place. The Dossier's/D'Hosiers were linkable to Hose's, first found in Leicestershire with Woods. And the Dossier's share the split Shield of Morleys/Mauls while Pane's/Payne's (now expected in some relationship with Woods) use a "Malo mori" motto term that's looking like code for Morleys/Mauls. The latter was the chief surname, as compared to their branches, in the sleeping-bag dream. Marleys of Morlaix use dolphins while Payens/Paions/Pagans and French Page's were first found in dolphin-liner Dauphine.

Having said all that, the Bird in the Pane/Panico Coat leads to the Birds of Cheshire, where Steels (and Marleys) were first found that use a version of the Maurel/Maurinis' Chief. French Maurels (Brittany) were found to name, probably, Morlaix (Brittany) of the Marleys. Morlaix is in FINIStere, while the Masonic Great Seal of the Unites States has an "unFINIShed" pyramid. And then while Maurels/Maurinis' use the Stelli stars as proof of a Maurel link to Steels, God has shown me that the Steel dossier includes Francesca Battistelli as code for the Page surname i.e. Lisa Page.

By the way, French Payne's use the fesse of Leo's/LEONs, tending to prove that the latter's lion is that of English Pane's/Payne's. Leons were looked up as per Leon Panetta, for Italian Pane's come up as "Panetta." Leon was a CIA chief, and the secretary of defence, both chosen by Obama. Panetta knew the entire CIA business, and, likely, he corrupted it as Obama and holder would have liked it, to spy on Republicans, of course. This is part-and-parcel the spy machine that sought to bring Trump down, and is still trying, we can be sure, under Pompeo's directorship, either under or over his nose, we have yet to discover. The deputy CIA director under Panetta was Michael Morell, I kid you not.

The Leo/Leon surname is said to have been first known in Spoleto, where Guy of Spoleto ruled who traces to the BUCKLES of Cheshire's Meschins found in the Spoltons/Spaulding Coat (left-facing buckles, indicate Masci liners). And then Buckle-branch Buckleys were first found in Cheshire. The French Guys, you see, use buckles. English Guys are Guise's too while Guido's come up as "Guis." It could appear that a line from Guy of Spoleto was in the Guidi of Bologna, especially as Panico-suspect Pincs/Pinks use lozenges in the colors reversed, of the Guy/Guise lozenges. The Pinks share red lozenges with Reno's while Panico's were on a Setta-valley tributary of the Reno.

Let's add that Steel-liner Stelli's were first found in Bologna while Pane's/Panico's can be using the Masci fleur due to Steels being early in Cheshire. Then, the Galleys share the Steel checks and use three bends in Crest in colors reversed from the same of the Cheshire Birds. It's clear: Steels were Stelli liners in / out of Bologna, and Birds even use the cross of Bouillon (colors reversed) while Godfrey de Bouillon lived at Boulogne/Bonia. I have been humbled for what God is showing here. He's my hero.

Wow. Unbelievably, the Pincs/Pinks use a version of the Sewer/Suter Coat, and the dossier was all about the page I shot and sewered into a pocket on Obama's billiard table. Read this paragraph to its end. The gold fitchee of Pincs/Pinks can be gleaned as the Quint fitchee because Guys/Guise's share nearly the Quince Coat (seven mascles). And Woods use the gold fitchee in both colors of the Pinc/Pink fitchee, excellent for tracing Woods to Guido's/Guis'. The seven Guy/Guise lozenges (almost mascles) can be viewed as the white-on-red ones of Steel-like Stole's, who are in Page (like "Pek") colors and share the dove with them. It's obvious that, because the Stole's use their lozenges as a cross, as do Pickers/Peckers/Packers, that we are now on lines from the Pek river (Moesia), with a mouth at PINCum. The Stole's were first found in Somerset with Pane's/Payne's (the surname of Obama's grandmother), as well as the Wissels/Whistlers who share the Pane/Payne lion but throw in the lozenges of Stole's and Pickers/Packers...who remind me of the Bicker variation of Biks/Bicks, suspect in the sleeping-bag dream with the motorBIKE of Dave Morley. But, unbelievably, the other Bickers share the rare, black-and-white checks with the Cheshire Steels! Bingo.

The Stole-like Stolts are the ones sharing red billets with Battistelli's. There can be no doubt about it: both the sleeping-bag and Obama dream were about the Steel dossier. And while the Picker/Pecker and Stole's use their lozenges as a cross, it's in the colors of the Fessy cross, suspect from the namers of Fusion-like Fussen. Or, sometimes, lozenges (shared by Fuzier's/Fusils of Dauphine) are called fusils. And Fusier's/Fusils use the Bagley Coat in colors reversed! The sleeping bag has, as of the last update, been resolved primarily with Bagleys, yet more: Bags share the lozenges of Grimaldi's, from Genoa, where Fessy-line Fieschi's were first found along with the Segni's in the Fessy motto. And the Fisks share the pyramid with Battistelli's. The Bagg / Grimaldi lozenges are in the colors of the Pinc / Stole / Picker/Packer lozenges. The Fuss'/Fusswells share the moline cross of Becks/Bechs, almost the cross of Birds who are in the Panico/Panetta tree.

Therefore, without doubt, the Payne's in Obama's veins, and the Panico's/PANETTA's, are being pointed to in this part of God's exposure. How can the Obama crime ring not be investigated without asking Leon Panetta to answer "a few" questions? This part of the exposure all started with Bagley-Wood.

I can glean that the Bagleys / Fusil lozenges are those of Brix's/Brests, Bricks, and Launays/Lune's, for a trace to Brest and Launay in Finistere (same place as Morlaix). The Launay lozenges, in Fusil-lozenge colors, form a cross too, and Launays were determined from/to Italian Lane's/Lano's, first found in BREScia/BRIXia. Trace the Marley-Morlaix dolphins to Dauphine, where Fusils were first found along with the Page's/LePage's that share the lion of

So, now, the biker in the dream should be of the Pek-river liners to Panico's/Panetta's and Wissels/Whistleblowers, so to speak. Last time I saw Panetta before congress, he looked like he might like to blow the whistle. The Peks/Pecks share the patee crosses of Chads, who in-turn share the split Dossier / Morley/Maul Shield. We can ask here whether "Dossier/D'Hosier" were made deliberately like that, to reflect the Fusier variation of Fusils. The Hosier-like Hose's (LEICestershire, same as Woods) use legs as code for Fussen's Leck river, connectable to the LEGro river at Leicester.

More. I was looking at the "defend" motto term of Woods, a term I've always struggled with, but ended up suggesting Fenders. And that's when I recalled a Battistelli song ("Free to Me") with the line, "I've got a couple dents in my fenders, got a couple rips in my jeans." And while Bagley-Wood is in Berkshire, where the Windsors have their castle there, Windsors are from Others/Otters (Huntingdonshire, same as Fenders). Fenders use "...a right hand holding a sword on which there is a gold OTTER's head." The Battistelli page was SEWERed, and Swords are from SIWARD of Northumberland. God is a genius. Siward defeated king MacBETH, and Beths/Beatons share the three Fusil lozenges and show an otter's head in Crest! Baits/Beeths ("Fortuna") even use the Sword sword in the fashion of the Fender sword.

I SHOT the page into the pocket, and Shots/Shute's, a branch of Sewers/Suters, apparently, use the Sword swords, as do BORDers while Obama was skateBOARDing in the dream, while Boards use a version of the Sewer/Suter / Pinc Coat? Are you not impressed? It is beyond human capability to make all of these links this well while pertaining to the same / related news stories concerning Obama's dictatorial corruption.

French Leons share flames with Beatle's/Bedwells, and the latter share red lozenges with Pincs / Pickers/Peckers / Baggs, but in both colors of the Quince mascles (hollow lozenges). The Leon lion is suspect with that of Sforza's (Rome, same as PierLEONi), which holds a QUINCE flower. Sforza's are known to have received the titles of the Visconti's, who ruled Milan, where Maurels/Maurinis' were first found that use the Batti and Stelli star. Milan was the Lombard capital, and Others/Otters are said to be from Lombard lords. Therefore, the BEATLe's/Bedwells are likely a branch of otter-line Beths/Beatons. The Beadle's/Beadels were first found in Yorkshire with the Pinc-like Pings/Paganells, the latter not only sharing the label with Pane's/Panico's, but the Morinis / Merrill/Muriel fleur. One can't mistaken the implied links.

And Beadle's/Bedells use the colors and format of Paganell-suspect Page's while it was Battistelli's, "I'm an empty page" line that was playing while I was wondering whether the item on Obama's table was a piece of paper or a page. I had just loaded the Page surname for a few seconds when "I'm an empty page" sang into my ears.

As Beatle's/Bedwells use the type of hourglass (my term) Shield of Guido's, the Capes' may be using the Guido lion because Capes' share the scallops of Beadle's/Bedells. The Capes lion is in the colors of the Drop/Trope lion, the latter from Tropoje near the mouth of the Apsus river, and Capes' share the scallops also of Apps'. It suggests that Joseph Caiaphas was named after an entity that named the Apsus. To the near-north of the Apsus, the Caiaphas-like Cavii peoples. Between their Mathis river and the Apsus, an old Arnissa location (Genusia river), that must be the reason that Annas' show an Arniss variation. Caiaphas married the daughter of the Israeli high priest, Annas, at whose home Jesus was tried with false witnesses in the sort of kangaroo courts beloved of Democrat shadow governments.

In case it was doubted that Trabys were from the namers of Tropoje, the Scale's share the Apps / Capes scallops while throwing in five, white ostrich feathers in Crest, the symbol in the Crest of Arms of Traby. The Ananes Gauls, who I trace to priest Annas, also called, ANANus, were on the Trebia river. How impressive. But how did these elements in Illyria and northern Italy get to Syria and Israel? Ask Roman expansionism into Israel.

Scale's were first found in the same place as Titus', and Joseph Caiaphas is suspect in betraying Israel (70 AD) with Flavius Josephus, going over to emperor Vespasian (Flavius), Titus' father. That's what priestly-line Josephus did.

Scalia's share the ladder with Trope-like Trips, the latter calling it a "scaling ladder." Trips and other Hamburg elements could be from Carthaginians / Numidians on the Trebia. Hannibal's enemy, Massena of Numidia, had made a pact with general SCIPio, who lost against Hannibal at the Trebia. And that explains why Meschins (Maccabee-of-Israel liners) married SKIPtons in Yorkshire, where Beadle's were first found who share white scallops with Meschins. The Trips once showed identical boots with French Masseys/Masse's, though neither now show them.

As Caiaphas is suspect with ancestry in Quintus Caepio and his great-granddaughter, JUNia Caepionis, note the Jeune's (same place as June's and Capone's) are said to derive in Genusia-like "Geenes/Gennes." "I've got a couple dents in my fenders, got a couple rips in my JEANs." Can we believe it> Jeans are also "J'ANES" while Annas'/Arnissa's trace well to the Genusia river. Let's keep in mind that Quints share the lion paw of BEDfords, and that Bedford is beside the first Capes', Capone's / June's...while Beatle's/Bedwells were first found in Bedfordshire (near Windsor castle).

When the trace of Caepio's (last update) was shown again to the Koplik location near the Cavii, it was with the Klassen-beloved Fortuna's, but when telling that thing, I've been neglecting (unaware of it consciously) that Bedfords use an "AniMUM fortuna" motto phrase. Klassens use LADY Fortune, and Ladys/Laudymans were first found in Northampton with Quince's. The Quint lion may have been brought to Faucets as per Saer de Quincy in the Faucet write-up. Faucets are said to have been first found at Macclesfield-suspect Musselburgh. "ANImum" became suspect in the last update as an Annas-Mummolin / Ananes-Mummolin merger.

Emailer Patterson was given a vision upon waking, and I believed that it was from God. She said she saw a blue lion with "something like "Cappeo" written as its name. The Jeans/J'Anes' use the blue lion, as does an Arms of Macclesfield (same place as earls Meschins) with a "copia" motto term. The Jeans/J'Anes' use the Mason/Massin lion, don't they? Pattersons, who share the Quint / Palin / Bedford lion, are from Antipatria on the Apsus, so amazing. The Dexaroi at Antipatria (not far from, and perhaps even at, Arnissa / Genusia) trace to Daggers/Dacre's, a branch of Acre's who share the June fleur. I trace Dexaroi to Decks/Daggers, who share the red squirrel with Squirrels/Square's/Squire's (black bear paw, may be a match with black Quint lion paw), first found in Worcestershire with Jeans/ J'Anes'! It's amazing what a couple of rips in jeans can reveal.

Jeans share the red scallop with Vespasian liners, Sabine's and Pullens (same martlets as Josephs). Jeune's, in Levi colors, share the martlets of Livings/Levins (Westmorland), Sadducee-like Saddocks, and Chad-suspect Chaddocks / Chadwicks. Whose white-on-red sword is that in the Coat of French Jeune's. The latter share the Beadle/Bedell chevron.

Another Battistelli Song Speaks

Now look. The Fenders were proposed for the motto of Woods, and while Guido's are said to be from "wood," though I think they were married to Woods, the COPPLE's share a shield like that of Guido's. "I've got a COUPLE DENTs in my FENDERS...". The Kopple's are Masci liners through GOPlo, which was discussed in the last update as an Opgalli line. Opgalli and Tigranes are the tiger line, and Dents, can we believe it, use the tiger. It's as though God wrote a lot of Battistelli lines for this revelation (she sings Christian songs for free). Dents were first found in Yorkshire with Ripps, Keys and Beadle's while Beatle's likewise share the hourglass shape with Copple's. The pattern around the solid chevron of Ripps/Ripleys is rare, but shared with tiger-line Teague's/Teegers. I know only they and Keys with that pattern, that looks keyed. The other Keys/Kays share purple with the Yorkshire Skiptons and Lacys.

Ripps/Rippers/Ripleys were traced to the Riparia river, home of king Donnus of the COTTIANs. The Dent-suspect Dance's/Donnas'/Danes' were traced to Donnus because both were in Piedmont. English Dance's (colors and format of Brittany DENETs/Jordans) were first found in Yorkshire with Dents, you see. The Keys use "Domino," while Domino's were likewise first found in Piedmont. The Dominic Crest and border shares the gold and eight-pointed star with German Teegers, adding to the likelihood of a Key-Teague merger (i.e. the identical pattern on the identical chevrons (different colors) are not coincidental).

I've just tried for a Dannas surname in case it's from D'Annas, and it does bring up the Piedmont Donnas'/Donna's. Therefore, as I'm convinced that God wrote Battistelli's line that includes "rips in my jeans," I'm ready to conclude that Jeans/J'Anes were Annas liners from the royal Cottians.

The "Pax" motto of Dominics recalls the "Pax copia" of Reeds, which signals a Dominic link to Jeans/J'Anes' because French Dominics (same place as Cotta's/COTTINs and French Jeans) share the Annas/Arniss star and Shield colors. The Jean/J'Anes Crest is the blue lion of the Birtle Crest, and while Birtle's are said to be of Macclesfield, the Arms of Macclesfield uses the same lion and a "copia" motto term. There's an Annecy location near the ARVE river (into lake Geneva), where I trace GARVeys and HARVeys, kin of Perche's and BELLamys (same Coat as Bells), and then French Jeans use the bell. In this picture, the Arnissa elements at the GENusia river strike us as the namers of lake Geneva.

Garveys, Harveys and Bellamys use the same chevron as the two used by Riparia-like Rivers ("riparia" means "river"), and Rivers are a branch of revere's that share the rampant blue lion with Jeans/J'Anes. There can be no doubt now, "rips in my jeans" was a code from God for the line to Annas and Caiaphas.

While Jeans are also Janes', the James' happen to share the Jean-crest lion (! good link to have), and even share scallops with the same Jeans. It looks like James' were not named after a James, but were rather Jean / Annecy liners. Comparing the James and Douglas/DuGLASS mottos, and in consideration of my Walser / Wallis trace to "Glass' / Glasgow," I suggest that Wallis-canton liners merged with the Jean / James line and ended up at Moray. The Moray / Glass / Walser mermaid is used also my Massins that happen to use the same blue lion, in both colors of the Revere lion. Revere's were first found in Devon with Maine's who in-turn share the double chevrons of Perche's and Garveys, and Perche was the home of Bellamys, right beside Maine. The Douglas and Moray stars can therefore be close to the same of Maine's Billiards/Billets, explaining also why Spanish Jeans use a billet border.

While Josephs were first found in Maine, the other Josephs use garbs in the colors of the Garb garb, and Garbs appear to be sharing the Shield of French Harveys. Heraldic garbs are therefore in honor of the namers of the Arve river. But what else did they name? Why were Garb-like Graffs/Gravs first found in Switzerland? Why do Graffs/Gravs share the black anchor with garb-using Avise's/Avisons?

The mermaid usually holds a mirror while Garveys use a "Mirior" motto term, like the Mireur variation of the Anjou Mire's/Mireux's.

Not finished. The Berts, first found in Devon with Maine's, share their colors and format, used also by the Devon surname suspect with Davenports at Macclesfield. Devons use bells! That exclamation mark is to point out a Bert link in all this, recalling that Birtle's share the Jean- / James-Crest and Macclesfield lion.

Back now to the first dream I know of from God as pertains to heraldic connections. I was walking out of a body of water onto a beach, and saw myself with jeans on alone, no shirt. The next scene was a lone car on the beach. I've just considered this in light of Jean connections above, noting that Garveys (Irish) are also CARveys, and that Irish Carrs use the colors and format of Birtle's whole Birtle's share the fleur of Hoss' while Shirts use a "HOStis" motto term suspect in part with Tiss' because the latter share the Shirt chevron. When things click like that, it's pure evidence. I've wondered whether the body of water is code for Waters and/or Lake's, now finding that Waters use three of the two Carvey/Garvey chevrons! Bingo. I'm not making this dream up'; I've been telling it fully for over a year.

The first time I saw the car, a woman in a bathing suit was at the front, which may refer to Hoods, first found in Devon with Garvey kin, and with Cornish's and Cornwalls. Hoods use Cornish choughs, and while Coughs share a Coat version of the Careys (beside the Hoods), the Careys share the roses of Cornish's in both colors. Cornwalls and the bends above indicate Salyes Ligures on the Durance, not far from Annecy.

While German Hoods share the anchor with the Devon Hoods, the German branch are also Hope's while Hope's are the "spes" line at times. The "Spes"-using Sire's/Sirets use a mirror.

What about the beach? I with the car were on a beach. Cornwalls, who look to be with the Bach/Bagh Coat (shares vair fur with Beach's), use a "beg" motto term, while Beggs are also Baghs, and Beach's are also Bechs. And the Cars share a good reflection of the Pek/Peck Coat to top it all off.

One of the three Junia Caepionis' is suspect as a daughter of Julius Caesar because he was having an affair with their mother. Caesar's mother was Miss Cotta, and English Julians have a cross shared with Teague's/Teegers, making Opgalli suspect as a descendant of Junia Caepionis. Opgalli was a Galatian likely in the fold of the Trocmii / Tectosages Galatians, and while Trocmii can be suspect with Tracks/Tricks, they share the Ripp/Ripper lion, and were first found in Cambridgeshire with Capone's, Julians and June's. The Julian cross is shared by Gullys/Gollys, what an OpGALLIncidence.

French Julians were first found in Languedoc with Cotta's/Cottins and Pax-suspect Packs beside the Galli's with which they almost share a Coat. Galli's were first found in the same place as Galleys, but English galleys were first found in Yorkshire again, sharing the checks of Steels, and then the Julian / Galli Chiefs look linkable to the star of Stelli's because it's the giant one of German Teegers. These Chiefs are in the colors of the English Packs too so that Pek-river liners seem appropriate, especially as French Packs share the "green tree" with Pane's/Panico's/Panetta's. "Pax" is clever because doves trace to Cuppae, near the source of the Pek, while the term is defined as "peace." Peace's use the dove.

Did we see Bird-related Bouillons with the bird on the green tree of Pane's/Panico's? "I've GOT a couple dents in my fenders..." De-bouillon's great-grandfather was Gothelo, the line to the GOTH/Gothel Coat, but, believe it or not, the Gots/Goths use "...two silver wavy swords between four silver birds." And the crossed swords are in the colors of the same of Bird-like BORDers/Burders! The Gots/Goths use rare fesses, where the spaces between fesses are not equal to the width of the fesses. Instead, there are thin gaps between fesses. I can't think of any other Coat using this feature aside from French Page's/Lepage's.

Italian Maria's (Genova), a branch of Marina's, and kin round-about of Clermonts'/Clements, use four (rare) bends in the colors of the four Got/Goth fesses, and while the latter use crossed, white swords, so to the Feschs/Fechters, suspect with Genova's Fieschi. Fisks (share estoile with Feschs/Fechters), share the pyramid with Tulls and Battistelli's, and the black fesse and gold stars of Fechter-like Victors. It's clear, isn't it, that Fisks were Fieschi, and that one or more of these surnames were hooked with Tullia liners.

As Gots/Goths were first found in Bavaria, land of Dachau, the crossed swords must be the same-colored ones of Tax's/Dachs/Dax's, which can explain why the Wood savage holds the club with his "dexter" hand. The Got / Border saltire is in Bouillon-cross colors. Godfreys use "LiBERTas," perhaps a signal that Birds/Burds, Borders/Burders (Axe-river area), Bordens (love the Axe river), and Boards are from Berthe, daughter of Maurilion.

I've been blind to "MauriLION" until now. Mummolin's ancestry was in Artemia of LYON, and his wife now looks like she was from Maur (Murena, right?) liners of Lyon. The Lyons and Lannoys share the Track/Trick / Ripp/Ripley lion, two surnames expected from Opgalli. The other Lannoys share the three fleur of English Paganells/Pagans (share DAGGER with Mackays), which are in the Pane/Panico Chief, and we saw that Scottish Pings/Paganells use this fleur in colors reversed, which is the Morinis' fleur. So, it makes the Lannoy fleur suspect with Morinis' and therefore with Maurelion-suspect Maurels/Maurinis'. Recall that Bleds use the Clare chevrons in colors reversed, and that Bleda Huns can trace very well to Mummolin's father, for Lannoys are said to be of BLETSo, and Blets' are listed with Bleds/Blez's.

Artemia was the mother of Mummolin's father, MUNDEric, while Artemidoros of the Track-suspect Trocmii was father to Julia TYCHE while Ticks/Tucks/Touque's share the solid chevron of Teague/Teegers. The "OPtem" motto term of the latter is suspect with Opgalli and with the "timeo" motto term of Paganells/Pagans. The Pings/Paganells use the three bends of Ments/MANTs (like "MUNDEric" and AMYNTes, father of Artemidoros) in colors reversed, and those of Ments/Mants are half in the colors of the three bends of Murena-suspect Murtons.

The Ping/Paganell bends are those of Guerra's while Guido's had a Guerra surname. Guerra's have a left-rising split = Masci liner, suggesting that the Paganell/Pagan / Pane/Panico fleur are also those of Masci's. The Panetta variation is like the Panters/Panther surname that uses "spur rowells," the Payen/Pagan symbol. Panters are suspect with dove-liner Pansys/Pantzers. Guido Guerra III married a daughter of William V of Montferrat, in Cuneo, where I trace Conys / Conns that use a rabbit holding a pansy.

The Pansy/Panzter doves are in the colors of the Peace doves, and the Paise variation of Peace's must be for the Pasi's/Pace's of Bologna, the line to Pasleys/PAISleys, the latter first found in Renfrewshire with Pasi-related Spears that can be in the "sperno" motto term of the Paganells/Pagans. "Timere sperno" is a phrase of Somersets along with the three Paganell/Pagan fleur. Somersets (portcullis gate in the colors of the Babel gate) are said to be from Beauforts -- the Roets, that is -- and Spears share the Roet boar heads, clinching the motto term with Spears (fundamental with the heraldic mermaid shared by German Babe's/Babels.

Wrens (share purple with Cheshire Pace's) use the Raines lion with a broken SPEAR, strongly suggesting that the namers of Renfrew trace to Pasi's/Pace's, and to the RENo river though Bologna. The father of William V was RENier/RAINier. We get it. It's cause to trace Renier elements to "Arran" if Peace's/Paise's do in fact use the McCabe Shield. Wrens even use the Chief-Shield colors of Montferrat's rulers.

Alice of Montferrat, daughter of William V and Judith Babenberg, married Saluzzo. There's what looks like a Mummolin > Babon trace to Saluzzo, but she is not the Alice of Saluzzo married by FitzAlans. Alice was called, Azalais, apparently honoring the Salyes Ligures. Alice of Montferrat-Saluzzo was the sister of CONrad I, king of Templar Jerusalem by marriage to a Fulk line of Anjou. Why did Jerusalem's Fulks marry Montferrat? See the write-up of Guerra-suspect Guerins, who share the Payen/Pagan Coat. Then ask Hugh de Payens if he knows anything about this.

Renfrews use a "sailing ship," suspect with the Sail variation of Sales'. The Ships/SHIPTONS have been suspect (just-now clinched) with SKIPTONs who share the purple lion with Wrens. Perfect, what heraldry does best: blab. The Renfrew ship is used by Durants (share the Sales fleur), from the Durance river of the Salyes Ligures.

While writing the paragraph above, I noted that one Durant Coat was a little like the Bert Coat, and from that I entered the following in the last update where it talks about a Chlodulf/Cloud character of Metz's vatican powers:

I didn't learn until this update was ended that Berts use "An arm emerging from a cloud holding a garland of laurel." This update suggests that Berts can be from Berthe, Mummolin's wife. Laurel is shared by Lorraine's, Laurie's and Lowrys. Laurels/Laurins are suspect with Larins, and Scottish Larins (two of the three Clare chevrons) are Clarens too (from Clermont-Ferrand, we can assume), and they use "branches of laurel."

I've put that clip here because Larins/Clarens put a "sailing ship" in their Shield.

Cuneo is the location of Saluzzo, whom I trace to Sales', Salemans/Salians and Salmons. It's interesting here that the colors and format of Peace's/Paise's is that of MacCabe's, first found in Ren-like Arran, which is off the coast from Renfrewshire. It's just that the Obama-era FBI deputy is Andrew McCabe, right-now in some deep water. It's just that God is pointing to the Panetta bloodline here while McCabe's (Cable's/Cabel colors) could possibly be kin of Pane liners of the Pansy kind. I already have solid Word from God that Bra of Cuneo, at Montferrat, plays into this exposure. Bra is in Langhe, the line to Langleys, in Peace / Pansy colors. I had traced Cable's with little doubt to ancient Cabyle, home of the Selletae, like the Sallett variation of Sales'. Excellent, for it tends to prove that the McCabe salmon are for Sales liners. The Salmons (spear) use "Optima," almost the Teague motto term for Opgalli liners.

Amazingly, while McCabe served under the FBI director, Comey, one Comey surname shares the O'Reilly lions. The McCabe's are said to have been mercenaries of the O'Reillys. On top of this, Pasi's are still suspect in the naming of Vespasia Polla, the line to Pollocks, first found in Renfrewshire with Paisley. The point here is that VESpasia is suspect with AVEZzano up the SALTo river, while Avezzano-branch Avisons share the Comyn Coat, a surname possible of Comeys. Conrad I married a daughter of Miss COMNena, a Comyn possibility, for the first kings of Templar Jerusalem were near Comines and Avesnes. The latter is on the Helpe river, and Helps/Halfs share the hourglass Shield and a rampant red lion with Guido's. The Quints share gold fitchees and a red lion with Helps/Halfs. The Haafs of Belgium can apply because Avesnes is near the Belgian border, and the Panico label may even be for the namers of Belgium. The Panico bird can trace to de-Bouillon's family at Boulogne, near Avesnes, right?

The Julia Tyche (Galatian) mentioned earlier was mother to Julia Polla, by the way, and the Tertulla in the family of Vespasia's husband can be traced to Tertullus of Perga, because his wife (Plancia Magna) had a father from Galatia. Perga liners are to Perkins because they honor "Simplex," a relative of Plancia Magna, and it just so happens that Simple's were first found in Renfrewshire with Pollocks.

The McCabe's are my serious focus now, to see whether they are a focal point from God's clues from Battistelli's song, "FREE to BE ME." I see three codes from those four words that can apply to McCabe's. The Mee's/Mea's share the cross of Fessy's (from Fieschi Ligurians), the latter being suspect as a fundamental part of the Fussen location (Ligure-suspect Leck river through Nazi Germany). And Andrew McCabe was caught just weeks ago in a plot, with Lisa Page involved / present, to ruin Trump with the dossier of Fusion GPS while Dossier-suspect Hose's use legs.

It's just amazing that, thanks to a Numenor code of J.J. Tolkien's fictional work, I was able to trace Newmans (Raines and Wren lion) to that term, but thanks also to the motto terms of Newmans looking like code for McCabe variations. These terms are, "Ubi" and "ibi." The McCabe's of Arran are also Abee's/Abbe's, you see, from Abbeville at the Arran-like Airaines area of Picardy. One wonders whether Airaines is a Rainier-of-Montferrat line, but, in any case, the McAbee's appear to be in the "be me" phrase in Battistelli's song, for it just so happens that Mee's use a "Numine" motto term. Wonders never cease.

It's been about a decade since deciphering Tolkien's Numenor as the island of Arran. I barely knew heraldry at the time, and did not know the McAbbe's. I identified Numenor as Arran due to Tolkien's clues. He said that Numenor could be seen from an island that I knew was Bute (beside Arran). I would suggest that God allowed by to understand Tolkien's code for what we are reading here, and whatever more comes of it.

McCabe's cropped up in this update from the Peace's/Paise's suspect at the Pasi's of Bologna. The Peace's/Paise's share the doves of Panetta-suspect Pansys/Panzters in the same colors, the colors of McCabe's. But here we can add that Free's/Phreeze's (perhaps from "Pharisee") use the same colors again, while her song (with the dented fenders), is "FREE to BE ME." Go ahead and load the song, and see the lines, "cause I got a couple DENTS in my FENDER, got a couple rips in my jeans, try to FIT the PIECES together..."

What are the chances for Fitts/Fothes' sharing an "industria" motto term with Dents? As Dents were at SEDbergh, could it appear that God is telling us of a SEDbergh trace to the Setta valley of Pane's/Panico's, at Bologna, where piece-like Pasi's and Wood-related Guido's were first found? What are the chances that Rita's (Rome) use "pieces of wood" while Woods are seemingly in the tree of Pane's/Panico's? Rita's are expected with the Leo/Leon lion, and so let's repeat that Leo's/Leons use the Payne/Paine fesse.

What are the chances that Justine's, with a "CAUSa" motto term, use the single and upright sword of Fenders, in both colors? "CAUSE I GOT a couple dents in my FENDER". I've got to share that this is incredible in my eyes, and there is a Cause surname, first found in Sussex with Denets ("provaDENTium"). Justine's are from Justine and Justus of Picenum; the latter place is like the Pacenti variation of Pasi's (Justine and Fender colors). Pane's/Panico's use a bird, and there is an heraldic "bird bolt" while Cause's share the Bolt Coat. My mother was born in Picenzo, a town near Picenum but said to be from nobles of Naples. The Picentii (or are they the Picentini?) mountains south of Naples seem applicable.

Recall the "marlion wing" (Diens/Dives'), for it can suggest the Justine-related Wings, first found in Perthshire with the Lyons suspect in "MauriLION / MarLION".

I wonder what nobles fled Naples? Was it when DrenGOT Normans invaded the Capua area? Were DRENgots Drin-river liners merged with Gots? The Drin passed close to Koplik = Kopple liners. The Copple's share the spread eagles of Diss', and Woods use an "unDIS" motto term. "Cause I GOT a COUPLE of dents in my fender." The Diss Coat is a gold version of the Child Coat, and that was the line of Childeric, father of Clovis in the Club surname (Child colors and format). The Woods use a savage holding a CLUB, and while Savage's/Sava's use the Quint lion paw, Capua's (Naples) use a black lion (head) themselves and are also Capone's. Clubs use salmon, and Merovingians need to trace to Salemans/Salians. The latter share gold, spread eagles with Copple's.

Didn't Gots/Goths use the Border/BURDer swords? Recalling that Gots use the swords of Tax's/Dachs, it recalls that Dexaroi lived where proto-Pattersons/CASSANE's lived, and while the Cause's can apply with Cassane's, the latter are said to be Kissane's too, and then Kissane's have their own page showing a GUISSane variation, once again suggesting the Guis variation of Guido's. The latter use a "shield divided per saltire " in the colors of the Tax/Dach / Bird/Burd saltire.

The Newman / Raines / Wren lion is suspect with the Pane/Payne lion (all white) partly because Newmans were first found in Dorset with Palins. The latter use the Newman lion in colors reversed, and were from Pavilly, in Picardy, not very far from Airaines. Secondly, Wrens and Pane's/Payne's share the broken spear while Broke's/Brocks were first found in Essex with Free's/Phreeze's. The Pane/Payne spear is also tilted, suspect with the Tills/Tillits (Dorset colors and Format), likewise first found in Dorset. Plus, I figured (could be wrong), God showed me that a DON Frey (my close friend for years) lived nearly across the street from a Mr. DONer because Doners are in Frey colors. It was important because Mr. Doner was the original owner of my Nissan, and Dons use the double Nissan / PARR fesses in colors reversed. I pointed out at that time that I had TILEd Mr. Doner's store, and that German Tills/Tillers (another dove) share the Don arrows. There was a lot to that day, when queen-Nysa lines started to come out, though I don't remember whether I had moved on from Nysa of Cappadocia to Nysa of the Pontus, whose husband (PHARnaces) got suspect with "Pharisee," like one or more of the Frey variations. Amazing, is it not?

An amazing thing just happened with my cursor at the end of the paragraph above. I went to scroll back to find a surname, and started on the page of Clubs, seeing their Pharn(aces)-like FARNdon location just in time. What about reading it as FarnDON, a Pharnaces-line link to Dons. Hmm. In any case, the Fardon Coat is a version of the Pace Coat, both surnames first found in Cheshire, and both using purple Shields. The Farndon Coat is a Coat version of the English Fitts/Fitch's, likely the fitchee bloodline. Fitts/Fitch's are linkable to Coffers/CofFARE's and Coverts/Cofferts. "...try to FITT the PIECES together." Isn't it amazing that this paragraph has Fitts linking to Pace's so that it can go to Pasi's/Pace's, part of the suspects in heraldic "pieces." Peace's/Paise's share the green Shield with Fitts/Fitch's, and, to boot, the Clubs were at Cheshire's Farndon while Clubs share white salmon with McCabe's. The latter came up only because they have the colors and format of Peace's/Paise's. I find this all amazing. Whatever perplexities come with it don't matter. The fact is, the words in one line in the song are linking all over the place to tell a meaningful story.

Coverts/Cofferts, sharing martlets and the same-colored chevron with Marlins, were first found in Sussex with marlion-wing Diens/Dives' and Deans, and an emailer of years ago, Miss Covert, married Mr. Dean. Coverts/Cofferts share the gold leopard face with Morleys and Morlands, and Fitts/Fitch's.

Here I can add that Tile's are listed with Tills/Tillits, which, I suppose, implies a tilt-spear link to Freys and Don / Doner liners. English Tillers and Tails/Tailors use more lions in the colors of the Newman / Raines lion. Tillers, like the tilt-spear Pane's/Payens, put one lion above, and one lion below, a fesse. Looks good for the link. And the Pane/Payne motto phrase, "Malo mori," is suspect with Morleys/Mauls (Chad Shield) who in turn, in one version of their Coat (the one half), share eight white items around the border as do Sadducee-suspect Saddocks / Chaddocks / Chadwicks.

Tillers were from the Tilurius river, at the end of which was an island, Brac/Brattia. The Brac version may have birthed Brocks proper, but, in any case, French Bracs are, once again, in the colors of Peace's / McCabe's / Freys / Doners, and the amazing thing is, Italian Bracs use just a chevron (rare) in the colors of the just-a-chevron Forneys, a line suspect from Pharnaces. That's not all, for the Pharnaces-like Furnace's share a seated dog with the Brack Crest!!! Zowie, I wasn't expecting that. Bracks share the same fesse as Tillers.

When I first caught wind of the island group of Issa/Vis, Pharia and Brac/Brattia, I predicted that lines from PHARisees and/or Sadducees would be from Issa/Vis and PHARia. The "Omnia" motto term of Dons was gleaned with the omen I received when driving into Texas with the Nissan. That night, I parked on the side of a quiet street to get sleep in the back. For insurance, because I was conscious of the omen, I locked the hatch from the inside with a pair of VICE-grips (never thought of doing that before) I happened to have on hand. The Vise's are also Vice's, and they use the cross style of EUStace's, both of them putting their crosses between antlers. Chaddocks use the same cross style. An hour or so after getting to sleep, a thief came along and woke me up, giving me a terrible fright. But God saved me with a miracle. I won't go into that again here, except to say that the thief was a Negro, suspect with the Moor head of Bouillons.

The Nissans use a dark stag head, not black like the one of Vice's/Vise's, but close enough to suggest God's message: the Nysa line goes to the family which put up the first Templar king (Baldwin) of Jerusalem. The Baldwins (Shropshire) share the green wyvern with Guerra's, and throw in a "pas" motto term suspect with Pasi's of Bologna.

As Bouillons trace to the area of the Pane's/Panico's, Eustace's should too. Let's add that GUIS'/Guido's could be from "Vis," and that they use a lion in the colors of the Pane/Payne lions. The Guis/Guido lion is upright, as is the same colored one of Spanish Leons, and then Pane's/Payne's share the fesse of Italian Leons/Leo's. They can run, but they can't hide from the One who's got s score to settle with thieves in high places. The Setta location of Pane's/Panico's is suspect with Sadducee liners.

Morleys/Mauls share the Seaton/Sitten dragon, green, like the Guerra and Bee dragons. I'm just wondering whether Abbeville was named by Bee's. The latter (Sales / Bessin bend) use the Mall/Marlybone quadrants in colors reversed, which are the Say quadrants, and Says are suspect with the Saytown location of Setta-possible Seatons/Sittens. The latter were from a Say location between the Masseys (share Bee quadrants) of Ferte-Mace and the bee-line Bessin. It's where Tilley of the Tills/Tillits/Tile's is located, who share the wyvern dragon with Guerra's. Seatons had a Seaton location in Yorkshire, where Pings/Paganells were first found that use the three Guerra bends. That is a fine way to trace Seatons to the Setta valley of the Pane's/Panico's, especially as Seatons share the Bellamy crescents while Bellamys married Ferte-Mace (Mascys) while Pane's/Panico's use the Masci fleur. Expect Bellamys-of-Mascy at the bellows of Skiptons (Yorkshire's Craven).

Perhaps God arranged the write-up of Spanish Leons, for they are traced to Pompeo Leoni, while Mr. Pompeo is now the FBI director while Leon Panetta was in that spot not so long ago. Panetta was in the hot seat over BENGhazi, and then Bengs share the Newman lion while Mee's/Mea's use a motto, "BENIGno Numine." If God has plotted to expose these things, it's not because these boys are good boys slated for high honors. Bengs put black ermine spots on their antelope while Bracks/Brechs share the antelope while Tillers put black roundels on their Beng-colored lions.

Odin's Tree, and More Fender Dents

Recall the GREEN tree of Pane's/Panico's, with the Bouillion-line bird on it. Bet a few acorns that the "bello" motto term of Bouillons is for the bellows (fans) in the Skipton Coat. Then, as Bouillons were first found in Auvergne with Croziers, let's ask why Green's were first found in Kent with the Greenwich's who use a left-rising (Masci symbol) crozier on a lion, shared by the Odins (left-rising crozier) of Yorkshire. One starts to get the impression that the Odin / Greenwich lion is the Guido/GUIS lion, and, yes, the Odins are said to be from GISburn, can we believe it? Wikipedia: "Until 1974 Gisburn was in the West Riding of Yorkshire, and Gisburne and similar spellings were also sometimes used for GUISborough, also in Yorkshire (now in North Yorkshire), leading to Gisburn often being referred to as 'Gisburn in Craven'."

Right beside Gisburn is RIMINgton, like the Rimini location of the first Maschi's, and the Rimmon of the ancient Beng-suspect Benjamites. With Birtle's sharing part of the Rimmon Coat, let's add that Berta's/BERTOLi's were first found beside Rimini. As Maschi's are from the Masa Carians, let's remind that Birtle's figured in with Irish Carrs above (in the Annecy discussion). The Masa named Massa-Carrara, and Masseys/Masse's were first found in Savoy, location of Annecy. There is a Gisburn surname showing a garb, symbol of the namers of the Arve river.

At about the age of 12 or 13, when I was neglecting the call of God, I was smashed by a fist in the face while doing nothing but walking along. I went tumbling backward in incredible pain. The fist belonged to Mike Oddey or Oddie, the town bully. He was accusing me of doing something but never explained what I did. It was like he had to find a cat to punch, and I happened to be coming by when he was angry. Or maybe God set that up, because Punch's are like "Pinc / Panico." You can see my point better when you learn that Oddie's were first found in Yorkshire with Odins. I had traced Odins to the Bavarian Oettingens, who use a white saltire, same as Oddie's.

But the Oddeys (with a 'y') use the Fast quadrants in colors reversed, while Fasts use crosses in both colors of the Oettingen saltire, which is in the colors of the Guido "shield divided per saltire red and silver with a lion ramPANT..." And while the RAMpant lion of Rita's holds pieces of wood while Peace's/Paise's use the dove, the Oddeys use "A dove, wings exPANDed, HOLDING an olive branch, on a PIECE of ground". Pansys/Pantzers use the dove too. There is a Holding surname listed with HOLDENs (Buckley motto), and the Cheshire Otone's, who share the Odin lion and Oddie colors, are also OLTENs. So, we suspect an Odin-line link between Panico's / Guido's/Guis' and Ottone VISconti, and from his Milan, we go a little west over to Vis-like Vasto's of Cuneo. I forget exactly where Massino-Visconti is, but if not in Cuneo, then close. The Massena's use crosses in the colors of the Fast / Tint crosses.

If you check out Other/Otter variations, noting how the Coat is not a far cry from the Fast Coat, you may catch a glimpse of Ottone-Visconti liners to Windsor castle.

There is a French Aude surname that comes up as "Oddey." It share's the sword of otter-using Fenders (same place as Others/Otters).

Aude's/Oddeys are from Audeville in PithiVIERs, another Fier-county suspect. And lo, the Viers/Livieri's/Olivers (Bologna), whom I am not familiar with, share the Panico fleur as well as a label with the Panico Chief. We learn here that Fier liners became Olivers, unless Fier liners merely merged with an Oliver-like surname, such as the Leaves'/Leve's (dove), who use a chevron in Ottone-chevron colors. Scottish Olivers were first found in Roxburghshire with Weirs/Vere's, and while I trace Roxburgh to Roquefeuil, the latter location is in an Aude area. English Olivers: a tree, the Panico symbol, and a "sprig of Oak," code for Spriggs that use LEAVES. The Laevi on the Ticino were between Milan and Cuneo.

Mike Oddey PUNCHed me PANE-fully (looks so Pane-Panico), and he was the town bologny, as code for Pane's/Panico's at Bologna. The Bulls (same place as Tints and Pane's/Payne's/PAINE'S) even share annulets with same-colored Ottone's. Pane's/Payne's use "foedari" while Olivers use an "Ad foedara" phrase partly for the line of Ada of Warenne, for I once saw an Arms of Bologna with the Warren checks. Bullys use mascles in the colors of the same of Sforza-beloved Quince's, and the latter have a Coat like that of Guys/Guise's while the other Guys share buckles with Malo's (Bully colors and format) suspect in the "Malo" motto term of Pane's/Payne's.

Odins are said to have been from Withernsea (sea port), and this is not in East Yorkshire, same as Seaton. The two locations are about 15 miles apart, and Seaton is at HORNsea (sea port), suspect from the Horns/Orne's i.e. Orne river, the area of Ferte-Mace. Tattons (seated greyhound evokes seated dog of Bracks) are said to be from a Massy line of Withenshaw, who may relate to Withernsea. This part of Yorkshire is opposite the Humber river from Lincolnshire, where the first Meschin got his wife, Miss Tailbois, suspect with talbot dogs. The Hulls, from the Yorkshire area on the north side of the Humber, use dogs that are often called talbots. Scottish Halls (Lincolnshire) use the same Coat as Hulls and do call them talbots. Trace to the Brack / Furnace talbot, right? Here's the Brack Crest: "A dog sejant between two black HORNs, each with a gold fesse."

Scottish Croziers must therefore be using the Masci fleur, and yet the Crozier Coat is the Arms of Chalons-sur-Marne. But of course, for Marne is from Myrina on Lemnos, an island of Amazons = Meshech = proto-Masci's. I assume that God arranged for me to date Diane MUSCHATov for several reasons. Diane's/Deans use the Massey/masse Chief in colors reversed, with crescents in the colors of the Tatton crescents, and then the Massey/Masse Shield has had its boots replaced with a "tree WITHout leaves," suggesting the Withenshaw-Massys that Tattons married. Perhaps it's for the Whits/Witts.

Odins are said to be from Holderness (who does that sound like?), which is the area at Seaton / Hornsea. Inland from Seaton, and near Kingston-on-Hull, is Beverley. Yorkshire's Beverley surname (Newman colors, looks like a branch of the Cheshire Haughts) shares "Ubi" and "ibi" with Newmans, but are not those motto terms for McCabe's? Who was McCabe's boss that sounds like "Holderness"? The Beverley motto also has "libertas," a term on the Chief of Taddei-liner Dino's, and Taddei's were Tattons, weren't they?

I've never been satisfied with my explanations for the paper airplane that I made with the page on Obama's billiard table. The Papers are PEPPERwalls too, but I can't recall any proof that papers should apply at all. The airplane was deciphered with Plains/Platers, and with Bill Clinton's secret/sinister meeting Loretta Lynch on her airplane into Arizona. But here the BEVERleys, like "Pepper," share a version, almost, of the Plain/Plater Coat. Holderness evokes Eric Holder, who was Obama's first attorney general. Loretta Lynch was likewise Obama's attorney general (to replace Holder). Is that not wild? Holder was McCabe's boss when McCabe was part of the investigation of the Boston Marathon, and, I strongly think, the FBI was behind that attack, blaming it on others. It was McCabe's job, we may assume, to push the false narrative.

Plains/Platers share the fleur of Bee's whom the Beverleys may be honoring, and Bee's can be the Abee's/McCabe's. Perfect. Peppers use scythes while Scythes' are listed with Seaton-liner Side's/Sudys (branch of Sutys that share Seaton motto term), and Scythe's (no final 's') are listed with a branch of Skate's/Sheets.

The "patria" motto term of Beverleys is for the Antipatria line to Pattersons, for one, and Pattersons/Cassane's share the scallops of English Plate's. That helps to nail Beverleys with Plains/Platers. It was a billiard Hall, and Halls along with Hulls (at Holderness) use heads in the colors of the Beverley bull heads. The Billiards/Billets use virtually the Coat of Billiards/Hilliards, the latter first found in Yorkshire. Antipatria liners were also to KilPatricks, who share the green dragon with Seatons.

In the dream, I instinctively knew that the billiard hall belonged to Obama and his unknown, unspecified partner. When I saw the entire room from a top view, the tables were in the shape of an 'L', just one long row of tables that turned 90 degrees into a shorter row of tables, and I assumed this shape to be code for Loretta Lynch. I therefore assumed that she was his partner, but then Holders use a dancette in the colors of the dancette-using Dunham Coat. And Dance's (Odin / Guido lion?) and Dents were first found in Yorkshire, with Dents at SEDbergh, suspect with Seaton liners. Might Sedbergh have been a Setta liner? Sedbergh is in historic West Yorkshire, same as Guido-line Gisburn. And Sedbergh is in Cumbria, where Salmons were first found who are in the McCabe Coat.

I have been tracing "Cumbria" to "Umbria" like an unashamed historian. Umbria probably named the Humber river too, at the other side of Yorkshire. Umbria is the location of Spoleto, and that was the domain of Guy, who's name as a surname is also "Guise." That's a Guy-Spoleto trace to Gisburn, isn't it? It's easy to explain where Spoltons/Spauldings are said to be of earl Ranulph le Meschin, whose brother married Skiptons of Craven.

I could not see the tables. There was a black sheet (of a hard, non-folding substance like plywood) on them all, which formed a very-visible 'L'. Why a black sheet? Well, perhaps merely to help prove to readers that the dream was a Message from the Genius. Blacks happen to use a "crux" motto term, and Crux's (share the Blake / Eskin pale bar) are an obvious branch of Crutch's/Crooch's who both share the fitchee-style cross of Plains/Platers, the latter using it in the colors of the Crux patee (almost a fitchee). There is a small formee-fitchee in the Crux Crest, what the Crutch's call their cross, and Plains/Platers call theirs a patee fitchee. I don't recall making this argument before in linking Blacks to the black sheet or to Loretta Lynch. It is an exceptional piece of proof that Lynch and her airplane were indeed the meaning of the paper airplane, especially as Page's use pheons suspect with ancient Phoenicia. Lynch landed at Phoenix. Additionally, Crux's were first found in Kent with same-colored Darks/D'Arques, suspect where the page at first had a slight arc while otherwise laying flat on the table. Just compare the Dark Coat to that of Rusts/Roosts (Kent too), and then take the black-on-white Rust fitchees to the next paragraph.

It works even better where Skate's/Sheets use the potent cross while you can check online to see that the potent is originated in a crutch. I doubt very much that the potent originated in a real crutch, but rather is symbol for a Potent-like entity merged with the Cross / Cruce / Crozier bloodline. I had found the potent in the Arms of Calabria, if I recall correctly, and nearby Potentia (a location) seems conspicuous here.

The Beaks share the three fesses of HUMBERs, and so here's the Crux Crest: "A silver demi eagle with wings expanded, holding a black cross formee, fitchee in the BEAK." Siward of NorthUMBERland is in the Swords, who likewise use wings expanded. Beaks are said to have acquired Livingsbourne while the Livings/Levins, first found in CUMBERland (Cumbria), use a version of the Plain/Plater Chief. It's raining proofs. The patee crosses of Black-beloved Crux's are for the Pattys who share the Newman / Raines lion, and while I see Raines' from the Reno river area of Pek-liner Pane's/Panico's, Beak-like Peks use the patee cross too. As Peks use a version of the Car Coat, what about that "sed" motto term of Cars?

I wonder whether Conrad Black is in the black sheets over the billiard tables. He's a MontaGUE, and while this surname has a Montecute variation, it unfortunately doesn't have a MonteCUE variation. But close.

While the billiard tables can be assumed to be code for the connection of Bill-Blythe-Clinton to the Billet variation of Billiards, the Hilliards happen to come up as "Billiard" too. The, curiosity is -- as though perhaps God arranged for it -- that Hillarys (beside the Plains/Platers) and Clintons use the same six fitchee crosses, all in the same black-on-white colors, the colors of the Plain/Plater fitchee. Have you ever heard anything like these things before? When I turned the page into an airplane so that I could shoot it with my cue, it's meaning must be that Lisa Page was involved with protecting Hillary to the point of having something to do with the Clinton-Lynch meeting(s), and its forthcoming conspiracy. Lisa's name is suspect from God as code for Lise's/Lys' who share courant greyhounds with Pennys, the latter sharing the lynx with Lynch's.

It is more than merely likely that the Page pheons are heraldic code for a people group encompassing the Penes/Penny / Pendragon bloodline, but including the Phone variation of Vane's/Fane's because Vaughns use a version of the Pendragon Coat. Penns use plates, and Plains/Platers share the Vaughn fleur. Phone's/Vane's (Macey kin) use pellets on their bull head that is otherwise the Beverley bullhead. Beverley-like Peverels, I read, were merged with Revere's (share Mason/Massin lion), who seem to be in the "REVERtar" motto term of Vaughns. Penns use plates in the colors used for them by Mussels/Muscels, and Phone's/Vane's ("fano") are from Fano, beside the first-known Maschi's. The latter's pine cones are from Pinnes of the Ardiaei, whom myth writers attached to Pendragon. As they called him Uther as code for Others/Otters, let's go back to the otter on the Coat of Balfours, then over to Balfour-suspect Forneys, for the latter share the Pendragon / Vaughn chevron.

Little is known of the origin of the William Peverell the Elder. Of his immediate family, only the name of a brother, Robert, is known. J. R. Planché derives the surname from the Latin puerulus, the diminutive form of puer (a boy), thus "a small boy", or from the Latin noun piper, meaning "pepper".

...William married Adeline...and two daughters, Maud and Adeliza, who married Richard de Redvers. (Wikipedia).

Redvere's are Revere's, a branch of Rivers (you'd never guess that Rivers were Vere's). But I see them from the Varni to the Massey-related Vere's and Cheshire's VERNons (version of Weir/Vere Coat with the Cheshire garbs, half in the colors of the Peverel garbs). The Vernon Crest has a goddess holding a scythe, the Pepper symbol. Yup. Vernons are in the Revere write-up. In this light, Beverley of Yorkshire was a Vere bloodline.

The Revere's were in Devon, as with the Were's that were definitely a Vere branch (Verleys use the axe). There is another Seaton location in Devon, at the end of the Axe upon which Were's named their home. The way to trace Revere's to Seatons of Lothian, apparently, is by comparing the Piper Coat with that of the Lothian Marshalls. I'm guessing that Peverells were Pepins of the Pape and Poppo-Babenberg kind linked to Halls / Hulls. The Pepins and Pipe's can be gleaned with the Sales bend-with-fleur in colors reversed to the bend of Salemans/SALIANs, for Pepins were Merovingians, from Salian Franks. From this point, we recall that Beverleys (same Pepin line, right) had linked to Plains/Platers for to link Holderness to Loretta Lynch, and then Plains/Platers use the same fleur as Sales', the latter first found in Cheshire with the Peveral garbs, and the Buckleys suspect with the Beverly bull heads.

There is a Holderness Coat sharing the Chief-Shield colors of Pepin-beloved Mens' (Lothian) and Poppins/Pophams. The Curzons/Coursons use POPINjays in reflection of the Saleman/Salian Coat, and here's the Curzon/Courson motto: "Let Curzon HOLDE what Curzon helde." It looks so Holderness, tending to prove that Pepin liners were at Holderness.

I've just learned that Holderness' were at SKIPsea, suggesting Skiptons. I've not known the Skipsea surname before, using three pheons in colors reversed from of the same of the Cheshire BelWOODs. The latter's are white and pointed down, same as the giant pheon of the Cheshire Nicholls, who in-turn use a "sed" motto term suspect with the Sedbergh of Dents, recalling "got a couple of dents in my fender." Fenders came to topic because they look good for the "defend" motto term of WOODs where Woods were connected to Guido's/Guis', and to Gisburn in the Sedbergh area. It's interesting that these Woods share the club in hand with VANdals while Vandals/Wendels (Windsor-line suspects) can be variations of Dutch Fentons/Vante's/Wendens. An then there's the Yorkshire Fentons.

Note "BELwood," and recall that Guido's/Guis' were at least near the Setta valley of Pane's/Panico's (share the tree with Woods), for the latter surname uses the label as likely code for Labels/La BELs. It works. And Skiptons (share purple lions with Rainier- / Reno-suspect Wrens) love the Cheshire BELLows who not only use the Chief-Shield colors of Holderness', but their cinquefoils in colors reversed. And, lo, the Bellows are using the Billet Shield so that Billiards/Billets and Obama's billiard hall can apply to Eric Holder.

Back to the Vandals/Wendels, for the people group, Vandals/Wends, are suspect with Windsors while the latter descended from Others/Otters while Fenders/Venders/Fenters use the otter. Miss Battistelli really doesn't know what she's been writing, but God does. This is no small deal because it's clinching Seatons, in my mind, anyway, for the first time with the Setta valley. The Seatons share "forward" with otter-using Balfours, you see, and while Balfours became suspect with Forneys, the latter became suspect with Vaughns, probably a Veneti line, as with the Vandals, Fenders, etc. Repeat: "Somersets (portcullis gate in the colors of the Babel gate) are said to be from Beauforts..." If you check the Beauforts, you will find evidence that Balfours apply, and then the portcullis gate is shared by Yate's, long suspect in the "yet" motto term of Seatons. "Hazard yet forward."

Scottish Fentons use "ARDua" as well as sharing the three Seaton crescents on white. Seatons use a double-tressure border, code for Tresure's/Treasure's, first found in Somerset with Borders, and sharing the green dragon with Seatons (known Flemings). The Tresure chevron is roughly in the maroon / burgundy color of the double-tressure border of Flemings, the latter first found in Lanarkshire with Sions/Swans, relevant because Switzerland's Sion is also Sitten, named by a local tribe with roughly that name, and being a Seaton variation. The Sions/Swans once showed gauntlet gloves, indicating that they use the Macey chevron. It all tends to solidify what was previously theory, that Seatons in the Setta valley were at least a branch of the namers of Sitten/Sion.

Windsors, who honor the Fiens in their motto, were traced to the Windows and therefore to FINIStere (a term like "window" in Latin / French). Finis' happen to be Fiens too, and they use the colors of Fiens/Vans/Fane's (we saw them above). When trying to load Fenders moments ago, I mistakenly entered "Gender," to find Shield in the colors of the Fiens/Vans, and the latter use Gend-like gauntlet gloves.

I now recall tracing mythical Odin northward through Sitten from the Sithone branch of Edones...down by the Axius river that I trace to the Axe, location of Seaton! And while we saw WOOD-related Guido's tracing to the Odin surname, how interesting is it that Odin was also, WODin. It's known that Odin's chief symbol was the tree, the symbol of Woods. It thereby appears that the Setta valley was named by Sithones, who lived at Sithonia in CHALCidice. CHALKers use the swan.

The way the Sithone trace works is via mythical Lycurgus, king of Edones, founding the swan-depicted Ligurians, represented by mythical king Cygnus, son of myth-code STHENelus (likewise a king of Liguria), the Sithone line. Take it to the Sitones of Sweden / Gotland, and we are in the heartland where Odin proper originated. Tacitus told us that Sitones were beside the Sviones, who smack of "swan," and of Liguria's Savona. The Savone surname was first found in Somerset, location of the Axe. The SVIones are thus suspect with naming Swedes and the Swiss, and it should explain why Sitten came to use the Swan variation with Sions.

So, Woods are now looking like Edones. Woods were first found in Ligurian-suspect Leicestershire. Leicesters use the swan too. It's working. Guise's/Guys use the swan too.

The Edones also had a Mygdone branch, which I see in the naming of Macedonia, which place Dorians claim for themselves. And Mygdone-like Megiddo (Israel) is beside Dorian-like Dor. I trace Dorians to mythical Dorus and Doris, the latter being the mother of Nereids at the Neretva river, home of both the Ardiaei (proto-Arthurs) and the Daorsi/Daversi. I've been tracing Daversi to Davers, first found in Suffolk with same-colors Diss' (they both use Arthur colors and format), and Diss' are suspect in the "unDIS" motto term of Woods. Plus, the Ardiaei had a queen Teuta while the Woods motto is, "TUTus en undis." The Edones thus got suspect with the pagan Adonis cult that spread between Israel and Syria. Lycurgus was given a son / father, Dryas, somewhat like "Doris."

Now Dryas evokes Troas, otherwise called, Troy. And the Irish Troy surname came up earlier as "Try." I wasn't going to link it to " a couple rips in my jeans, TRY to fit the pieces together..." But maybe now I should. In fact, I traced Dryas (years ago) to Odrysians at Arda, likely the proto-Ardiaei. That suggests that Daorsi were Odrysians.

The Davers use a jay, and Jays are said to be from a Gai location that could be a Guy/Guise line. Gays were first found in Savoy with the Masseys having the Tute / Tatton crescent, and while that's the Masci-Teuta line, the Maschi's use pine cone's for a Masci-Pinnes line. Pinnes was, if I recall correctly, the son or son-in-law of Teuta. She and/or his regent ruled for him at Vis, where I'm thinking on tracing "Guis." Coincidence? Gays use the Galli rooster, but this is suspect with the Gallura rooster, and Gallura is where VISconti's ruled.

I now know that Gays are to Gaywood, where Bags lived so that Bag ancestry can perhaps be with Visconti's / Guiscards / Guis'/Guido's / Guys. The best option, thanks to Bagleys looking like Buckle's, is BUCKLE-using Guys, suspect with Guy of Spoleto, a city in Umbria, where Ottone's were first found who use a version of the PUCK Coat. The other Pucks are also Puckle's, and share the hand of Gise's/Guisers/Guysers, so perfect. The Gise hand has the Pek cross upon it, in colors reversed, tending to nail Pucks as Pek-river liners. The "Spes" motto term (means "hope") of Bags is shared by Hope's, a potential Opgalli line. It strikes me here that Gaywoods share the white tower with HOPpers. And while the white tower is used by Hills, Hilliards/Hillyards share the black rooster with Visconti's of Gallura. For what it's worth, Sire's/Sirets use "spes" too.

I've always got to weigh what I'm digging up to decide whether God is in it for unveiling Caiaphas lines. Not every direction I go into can be God's doing. But here I find myself, by no deliberate intention, to be on the Buckle bloodline along with the Hope surname so that it looks like "buckle up." I'm writing Sunday morning, leaving off Saturday night two paragraphs above. It was last night when I saw the "spes" motto term of Hope's, and when asking myself why I haven't been stressing Hope's as possible Opgalli liners. I did not consciously know, last night, that Bags use "Spes." It just had never registered. This morning, wanting to load the Puckle's to verify where they were first found (I've forgotten), my browser happened to have the Bags showing, hanging there since yesterday, and just as I scrolled forward to find the last page, I caught the "Spes" term. Look at the timing, just as I was on the Buckle-Puckle bloodline.

This is a good place to point out that Pek-river liners can be expected at the naming of Pyxus/BUXentum, for Buckle's are tracing to both thanks to Puckle's. The first thought when asking how to prove the Pek-Buxentum link was to check the Moses surname (dove for Cuppae up the Pek) because I recall it's Moesen variation suspect with Moesians, who lived at the Pek. The Moses Coat uses a CALVary symbol, which evokes the CHALYBes that I see at the Hales river near Buxentum, which river was at mount ALBURNUS, which named the mythical ExCALIBer sword, or the CALIBURNUS, as the Welsh call it. Plus, Chalybes (or Halybes), suspect on the Hales-like Halys river, are usually lumped in with Khaldi, who lived at or near the Pyxites river, the river that can trace to "Pyxus." It works great to not only make a Pek-Buxentum link, but also a Pek trace to the Pyxites, home of Amazons who became the Mysians, whom historians see with Moesians.

Just realized: Moses'/Moesens (Shropshire) use one red pale bar in the colors of the Tullia pale bar. Moses'/Moesens are said to have been Mostyns too, and Mostyns have their own Coat (left-rising split) with a "meum" motto term. That traces Pek liners to Mummolin, who ruled in the Moselle (Little Meuse) theater. We can't argue with tic-tac-toe.

The reason that Hope's were loaded is because I came across a GallOP term in a surname I can't recall. The Gallop surname traces suggestively to "GalHOPE." Was this version of a gall line named in honor of Opgalli? Recall the Tulips/TewlOPs, suspect with a Tullia line, for her mother was Gallia. Tulips are in the Coat of Kitts, first found in Middlesex, where we traced Fier-county liners, and that area's Tropoje linked square to Tulls.

The Gallops (share the gold bend with Weis'/Wise's) use a "wyse" motto term, and German Weis'/Wise's share the Zionist star that I just saw in the Tulip/Tewlop Coat. The two white wings in the Weis and Wies Crests are used exactly by Bags! Buckle up. English Wise's were first found in Devon with Space's/Speccots, the surname I've suspect with "spes" for years, and here I find that Space's/Speccots (suspect with the Keep bend as a Syphax liner) use a bend colors reversed from the Gallop bend. As Galli's and Gays are from the Numidian king, Gala/Gaia, by what coincidence was Syphax a fellow Numidian? The two had married the same woman. As I trace Gala's son to the formation of Maccabees, it can now appear that Opgalli was both a Gala and a Syphax liner. I wonder how that worked.

The Gallop motto: "Be bolde, be wyse." The Bolds/Bolts happen to be from BARKISland (West Yorkshire), smacking of Barca, the Carthaginian, Hannibal's father. The Hannibals/Annabels share stag heads with the Yorkshire Anna's/Hanna's, as well as with Huttons of Yorkshire and neighboring Lancashire. Huttons were found in the last update, while being suspect with Opgalli liners of the Hopton kind (named a Hotune location), with the lion of Italian Gallus', suspect at Hop-like Goplo. Read on and you will understand more of this. It can appear here that the Goplo-line Mieszko's were from king Massena.

Maccabees were Hasmoneans, and "Hasmon" looks like "Akmonia," the Galatian home of Severus Bassus, a Trocmii-Galatian line that I have suspected with Opgalli. I have been tracing "Severus" to Savarys/Savards (Bassus-representing besants), who happen to use the Hope Coat exactly!!! Why have I never stressed this? A blind spot. Savarys/Savards were first found in Poitou, where Jay-using Poitvins were first found whom I see as using a variation of the Galli Coat! Zikers. Jays are from a De GAI location.

English Savards are listed curiously with Salfords, who share three black wolves with Quade's, the latter highly suspect from QUADratilla Bassus and her husband, Lupus Laevillus. She was the great-granddaughter of Severus Bassus, and her father married the Maccabee line of Opgalli's husband (Tigranes). It's perhaps lucky to pull up Savards/Salfords at this time because their fesse with boar heads is in the three colors of the fesse with stag heads of Huttons, suspect with a variation of the Buckle-related Haughts, from GOPlo's mouse-tower mythology written by GALLUS AnonyMOUS. For new readers, Gallus' share the black-on-gold rooster with Goplo-line Kopple's, and these are the colors of the Jonathan/Jonas roosters suspect with the naming of Jonathan Maccabee.

Here's from the last update so that you can understand Huttons in a certain light: "The Hoptons are said to have named Hotune, which is a term/location (almost) in the write-up of Haughts/Haughtons [same place as Buckleys]...It can appear that the latter two terms [Goplo and Kopple's] are Hop liners, and so the giant tower of Hoppers looks to be secretly about the Goplo mouse tower." Hope's use "A broken GLOBE surmounted by a rainbow." It appears that "globe" is code for a Goplo line, for Wikipedia said that the Goplanie that named Goplo also went by a Glopeani version, looking a lot like "Gallop." In the least, if not Opgalli liners, we find here the Hope's were of Goplo liners.

French Gobels look to be using a Coat version of Macey's (share mace with English Wise's) but with one star alternated with the gold Masci wing. It's got Mieszko's name all over it. The Masci's share the white wing with the Crests above. With all of these Cheshire links that gallop elements are providing, let's add that the Gallop fesse with lion is almost (one color off) that of the Cheshire Davids, evoking David Morley. I have yet to discover to my satisfaction why he had that first name, or why Davids should link to Bag liners.

It's possible that Wide's were a Wise branch. Interestingly, German Wide's are the savage-using Woods while French Savage's were first found in Champagne with French Gobels, while English Savage's were first found in Cheshire with Dunham-Masci. English Wide's not only share the Masci fleur, but a Coat looking like the Arms of Chalons-sur-Marne = Chalons-en-Champagne. I, a Masci liner and a Bag-related Grimaldi, slept in the sleeping bag of Mamie, she being symbol for Mummolin in Chalons-sur-Marne. We were at a CAMP site, and Dutch Camps use the white eagle head (same design) in the Bank Crest.

This is unbelievable, for Banks came to topic only because of my saying (below), "You can bag that and take it to the bank." The Bank surname (Yorkshire, in the colors of the Yorkshire Camps and the Chalons) was not on my mind, but I decided to look it up, and it uses a near-match with the Arms of Chalons-sur-Marne. PLUS, Banks are traced to "a slope, or a hillside"!!! I was on a hillside, a rather steep slope, when picking up the sleeping bag!!! GOD IS GREAT. "Buckle up," I now know that it was code for some exciting things too. The early Banks were at Craven, and they might simply have been a Bag branch.

The motto of Wide's/Woods is the one that got us to Fenders, and the latter use a Coat version of the Irish Fays (GALway, same as Opgalli-liner Teague's) and Baits/Beaths, while French Fays (Auvergne, same as Gallia) share the Gallop bend. Baits/Beaths must be a branch of Beths/Beatons because the Bait Crest shares the otter with Fenders, but here it can be added that German Beths (share Masci fleur) show those double-white wings yet again, with a symbol between them, as with Weis' and Wies'...and Bags. German Beths share the colors and format of Beths/Beatons, and, can we believe it, the Beths/Beatons (known line of king MacBeth) use three lozenges in colors reversed from the same of Bagleys. The latter were in Berkshire with Windsors, and Windsors were from Others/Otters. Heraldry works to reveal so much, so why aren't family historians openly using, and talking about, it? Fays come up again below with English Gobels.

The Fender / Beth swords are in the colors of the Aude/Oddey swords, and English Wise's use an "aude" motto term. Are Fenders now linking to Mieszko's Kopple line? "Got a COUPLE of dents in my fender."

Incidentally, I've yet to mention that German Baggs/Beggs/Baghs (Beck/Bech colors) use what should be the Mieske arm-with-sword, though the latter use it facing the Shield's left, proof of Masci / Massena blood. One of the reasons that I became confident in identifying bull-head Haughts with Mieszko I is that Mieske's share the bull head too, in colors reversed from the Buckley bull head. It's the Buckle-Up Bagleys, isn't it?

In the Hutton write-up, Helias, son of Roger de Hoton/Hottun. It can appear that Hottun was ruled by the Yorkshire Elis', and indeed the Helias surname (West Lothian) shares the Elis Coat...both with white crescents, the Hill-Crest symbol, for example, and the Hill Shield has a white tower too, in both colors of the Hopper tower! Excellent, for the sleeping bag was PICKED UP (almost "buckle up") on a hill. We can now drag Elis / Elias liners into that picture, but there's also the eel in the Crest of Skipton-suspect Shiptons, and eel-like Heele's (reminds of the PICKer/Pecker Coat) happen to use lozenges in Bag-lozenge colors. The Hills even share a black-on-white fesse with Savards/Salfords and Huttons. Amazing, is it not? God wants this revealed. The Elias cross is fairly-obviously that of Sinclairs, at Lothian's Roslin, and Roslins use buckles! You can bag that, and take it to the bank.

[Immediately after writing the above, I inserted the Bank discussion above (but the below, to five paragraphs, was already written). The cross of the Yorkshire Banks is the Elis / Elias cross in colors reversed. It means that Chalons-sur-Marne elements were at Yorkshire's Banks and Elis' together, along with Camps (colors and format of Welsh Chalons') and Campbells. I can add here that while Welsh Bachs/Baghs share the black and seated talbot dog of Thomas', the latter use the Elis / Elias Coat too, five crescents and all. The Chief of Welsh Thomas' (Saluzzo color-combo) can be a version of the Bag Chief; I trace multiple Thomas' confidently to Thomas of Saluzzo, father of Alice who married the FitzAlans. It should be noted that the Welsh Thomas' use the same split Shield of dream-surname, Morleys/Mauls, and the Chads (same place as Bags). Also, the Morley-related Morlands use the fleur in the colors used for them by Banks, and David Morley came riding his bike down the bank.]

The "quoMODO" motto term of Elias' must be for Motts/Mottins (eight-pointed estoile), who share the white crescent in both colors with Elias' and Elis'. The Motts are also Morte's, suspect in merger with Mortons, and the latter share the goat head with Elias'. To help prove that "sed" is in honor of Yorkshire's Sedbergh, Helias' use the term while Elis' were in Yorkshire. There's a Hutton location in Lancashire, where "sed"-using Cars were first found.

Hoppers use a "SubDITus" motto term that I don't recall treating, which is wonderful. Also, Hoppers may be using "Salus" for Salfords, for they share the wolf with Teague's/Teegers. The "opTEM" motto term of the latter became suspect with their "diem" motto term because DIEMs are listed with DITTmayers. Is that not amazing? In the least, we can now say that "OPtem" is code for Hoppers. Finding Dittmayers caused me to look up Ditts (Lichfield), to find a tiger (without stripes, curiously), so perfect for representing the Opgalli-TIGRanes line to "Teeger." The split-Shield Maybe's/Mabes' use the white, stripeless tiger of Ditts, and there is a tower in the Crest of split-Shield Mapels/Maple's/Marple's (share boars heads with Salfords), first found in Essex with tower-using Hoppers (super). And Mapels/Maple's/Marple's ("Non vi sed virtute") use the split colors of Diems/Dittmayers (even better). We can't argue with the obvious facts.

Hoppers use "FIDELis" and "est salus," and while Este's were Welfs, the latter use three wolves (Salford symbol) almost in colors reversed from the same of FIDDLE's (said to be from VIS-de'Lou).

As Mapels/Marples share the Roet Boar heads while Roets use the Bow/Bough motto, note that a RAINbow is used by Hope's rather than just a bow. This discussion recalls that English GOBELs (Goplo suspects) use bows, but here I find them first found in Essex with Mapels/Marple's and Hoppers. It's a perfect match that includes Roet kin, and one can assume that bow-line Bogans (same place as Gallop-beloved Weis's) were off the Bough variation.

The Bow boughs look linkable to the Welsh Bude Coat while English Bude's were first found in Essex too. The Essex branch use the Morgan lion, which reveals my being correct with identifying the island of Bute as Avalon, for the myth-writer dopes put their mythical Morgan-le-Fay on Avalon while Veys were first found in Cornwall with a Bude location. Dutch Veys use a BOOT.

Can we believe how much God has done to cause all of these various links? Some of them could be naturally my own, but some are so-obviously from him, because no human could possibly develop, from sheer fabrications, the stories I have shared. Such a person would need to be a total demon, anyway, to go to such lengths, merely to deceive, and for what possible purpose or with what possible motive? Gallops use a "broken arrow," and Broke's/Brocks were first found in Essex with mouse-tower Hoppers and Gobels. The Arrows/Arras' share the crosses of Elias' and Elis' (and Sinclairs) and add the same fleur as Chalons-liner Banks. The Chalons' share the cherub with Saints while the other Saints are listed with Sinclairs.

I will now repeat an event in my life. Mr. Kepke, my friend, accompanied me to a restaurant in a mall where we both sold shoes (different stores). He or I caught wind that my girlfriend, Miss Whelan, was meeting another man there, several miles (almost 10) from her why did they pick the Scarborough Town Center, where Kepke and I were working (I had quit by then)? Lucky, or was God in it? We got there first, and when she walked in with him, I started to get up, but Kepke said, "be nonCHALANT." Therefore, because I suspected that God used Kepke for other surname-related signs, I looked up Chalants, to find them listed with both Chalons surnames, and with the French branch using a bend colors reversed to that of Keeps. But this Chalant/Chalons bend is also that of Gallops, I now realize, and I did get on Miss Peare's horse (Kepke's girlfriend) and take it for a gallop. With Bags now linking square to Banks, I can add that the horse was headed for a bank, for which reason I had to steer it to the right, at which time I ended the gallop. Elias' are the ones with the Bank cross in colors reversed, and while Banks are the ones with a version (different colors) of the Arms of Chalons-sur-Marne, Elias' use a "Non" motto term evoking "Be NONchalant! So, follow the hoof prints and expect Kepke and Whelan liners with Mummolin.

When we go to Whelans, it's then Brick Coat (Massey fleur), and Bagleys share blue lozenges with them both. She lived on a Corson street along with Kepke, and Corsons use the Brix/Brest lozenges, colors reversed from the Brick / Whelan lozenges. Whelans were first found in Waterford with Currys and Correns, explaining the Corsons. The Chalons can be gleaned with Camps, first found in Yorkshire with Keppochs/KePAX's, Scarboroughs, and Campbells, the latter using nearly the motto of Corsons. The Huberts of Curzon share white-on-black crescents with Bank-related Elias' and Elis'.

So, why did we work at, and why did Whelan take her new man, to Scarborough Town CENTER? The Centers are in CHALons / GALLop colors, and happen to be listed with the Chalon-related Saints. Scarboroughs almost use the colors and format of Keppochs, and the latter would be in the colors and format of Centers/Saints if either one were in colors reversed. It tends to assure that Keeps are using the Chalons / Gallop bend closely.

German Centers/Sanders use two of the three Wise chevrons, and throw in some bull heads with the look of Buckleys / Buckle's. The Center/Sander Chief-Shield combination is colors reversed from the same of bull-head Tipps' while the Scarborough Crest is: "A gold demi-lion rampant emerging from a red MURAL crown with a Saracen's head on the TIP of a LANCE." Tipps were first found in LANCashire, and Lance's (same place as Bags) share the Center/Saint fesse. Tipps' (gold "arrowheads" code for Arrows of Artois) are suspect in the Pendragon motto while the Pendragon chevron is shared by Centers/Sanders and Buckleys.

The Tipps Crest has an antelope, the symbol of Singletarys (same place as Tipps') who in-turn share three white chevrons with English Wise's, first found in Devon with tower-using and "Tower"-like Thors/Tours. The Thor/Tour Coat is a colors-reversed version of the GayWOOD Coat. With Wise-like Wide's being listed with WOODs while Bags of Gaywood share (almost) the Weis/Wise and Wies Crest, it could indicate that Gaywoods (Jay colors) were a Gay merger with the kin of Guido liners.

It's the mural crown of Scarboroughs that floors us most, however, for Merrills/Muriels (Morinis' fleur) are from Maurilion, Mummolin's father-in-law, and Spanish Muriels (gold arrows) use "walls" that look like the tops of towers, and they happen to be colors-reversed from the Scarborough towers, the latter's in both colors of the Murena towers. The Maurilion line goes to Maurels/Maurinis' / Morinis', a branch also of Morleys/MAULS. Scarborough Town Center is an indoor mall, just like the one in the sleeping-bag dream, and I met Christine Peare in that dream's mall, who worked in real life at Scarborough Town Center's Reitmans clothing. Kepke introduced her to me, and I stole her from Kepke. He then stole her back.

All mural crowns I've seen have squared-off embattlements, though always with four of them, yet the Muriels use three of them, also squared off, however. In other words, the Muriel bloodline appears to have been merged with a Tower surname, which was first found in Lancashire, close enough, I think, to the tower-using Scarboroughs. Towers (figure on the Tournai Merovingians) are said to have received titles from baron Kendal, and Kendals (share the TIPPer dolphins in black) are said to have had a branch in Cornwall, where Tippers and Pendragons were first found. It's known that the house of Kendal was from John of gaunt, which explains why the Tipps Chief and symbols are in the colors of the same of Ghents.

English Towns not only use Kendel colors and format, but Scottish Towns (same place as Elias' and Tenants) use Pendragon colors and format. Uther Pendragon was made to birth king Arthur in Cornwall for reasons. The myth writer who wrote, "Le Morte d'Arthur," showed me that Arthurs were of the Darths/Deaths, who use the Elias crescents, while Tenants use them in colors reversed. It's tracing quasi-Morton liners to West Lothian's LinlithGOW. And while king Arthur was made a son of GORlois' wife with UTHER Pendragon's seed, GOWers/Gore's (Yorkshire, same as Scarborough's / Keppochs) share the white wolf with the Gore's who use the crosslets of the Other > Windsor line. Towns use these crosslets in someone else's colors. The Scarborough TOWN Center has spoken.

As Kepke said, "NONchalant," I've got to entertain a fundamental Non/Nevin link to Chalons-sur-Marne, which may indicate why "Non"-using Gowers use horizontal bars in the colors of the Babon/Bavent fesses. Gowers use a MOLINE cross, suspect as code for a line(s) from MumMOLIN! Excellent. Babons, Tenants, and GOWS/GOWANs all use boar heads in their Chiefs, while Scarborough Town Center is on MacCOWAN Rd. Did I fabricate all of this, or did God create the situations? Nons/Nevins were first found in Ayrshire together with MacCowans, can we believe this, and MacCowans use a "Sic" motto term, recalling that Sichs mention Scarborough's. Nobody in this world arranged things to make these links; only God could have accomplished them, because the links are not going to click along without the events in my life with Kepke, and no persons could have arranged those events.

But why did Kepke and I both sell shoes there? The Trips, whose Kent branch uses the Gore crosslets in both colors, are now showing shoes whereas they once showed boots for Bute = Avalon, where King Arthur suffered his death in "Le Morte d'Arthur."

Kepke had gotten the shoe job first, and I went to another shoe store to ask if they needed help, and, miraculously, I was given the job on the spot. What are the chances that I or you could repeat that at any time? Immediately before, I had gotten Kepke a job at Knob HILL Farms (we were just 18 years of age, neither with college). Knobs share the arrows of Spanish Muriels (same colors, that is), and Hills use another tower. What's the chances? And Farms use the colors and format of Keppochs. English Farmers share the lion heads of Luffs/Love's, and Towers are said to have given titles to LOFwicks.

Let's Not Forget the American Guilty for 9-11

Here's a new theory (to me, anyway) on how/why the buildings at 9-11 fell:

Another theory is that we are watching studio-produced, fake demolitions of the buildings, where the creators didn't have a full handle on what the collapses would have looked like in reality. It became obvious that major media were complicit with the fakery all-around. This is the reality to this day; the same media are still with us. Most everything of importance to the societal engineers is a manufactured reality in the newsrooms, discussed and twisted to certain shapes before release to the public. In order for this to be correct, news bosses must be in regular contact with some higher power or manager. There needs to coaches and managers in every large scheme. They know who they are.

The video repeats that the buildings didn't collapse, but rather turned to dust in mid-air. No one can fathom a mechanism for such a thing, however. And when they showed steel sections fading to what looked like dust in mid air, it could be the evidence that the scene was a computer fabrication. They simply assured that no ones' videos would make it to the news that had the real fall, and assured that only their own creations made the news. Steel can't turn to dust in mid-air, and they could not have painted each beam, joist, and column with some magic paint that makes them disintegrate while falling through the air.

The dust we see is to be expected, to some degree anyway, as concrete is smashed repeatedly on every floor. The problem is, the buildings fell so fast that there was no time allotted for each floor to be rammed by the upper, falling section of the buildings. This too-fast fall may have been their mistake, if indeed they fabricated what we are seeing.

The video below, Part 1 of 3 above, gives an excellent proof for the dustification of the steel:

At the 3-minute mark, we see one building's fall up-close at the very start. The upper section can be seen falling smoothly, no bumps whatsoever as its bottom end is supposedly ramming concrete floor after concrete floor, their steel joists that suspend them, as well as the inner columns that suspend the joists. This is a mistake, unless the columns on each floor are being wiped out by explosives before the upper section strikes each concrete pad (floor). Note that the upper section is tilted, which creates a bit of a sharp-knife or arrow-entry effect, concentrating the entire weight/force on a corner of each floor. If this and other videos are fakes, this tilt could be expected in order for the culprits to better explain the likelihood of the total collapse. Engineers can calculate, by the dimensions and quality of steel, how much the columns could take in straight-down force before being compromised.

In the debris pile, no concrete floors. We saw the outer columns go flying outward as the building fell, which can perhaps be expected, but there were internal columns (very thick), beams and joists (trusses) that are not expected to fly outward at contact by the upper, falling section. That internal material is expected to fall straight down. Even if each floor gets pulverized to small stones, or 100 percent to dust, it's still expected to fall straight down, with all sorts of steel in its midst. How then, do we still see those outer-wall sections, pointing straight up almost, and still intact to their foundations? Clearly, if what they have shown us is the real situation, how do we explain those still-standing sections? Either the photos are computer-generated fakes (assume that New Yorkers were not allowed close to see the real situation), or the material of the buildings was disintegrated to gas, or to a mixture of gas and very-fine powder. Which is easier / more logical?

The bottom floor of the falling section is not stronger than the floor its falling upon so that each floor of the falling section is expected to receive as much damage as the floor its contacting. In this picture, each floor-to-floor contact simply accumulates the number of floors sandwiched together. But the floors near to the top do not receive much pressure due simply to relatively low weight above them. There is no reason that the steel in upper floors should vanish, unless subjected to some secret sort of heat stroke. If we drop a column or beam from as high as one of those towers, do we imagine its pulverization into dust as we might imagine a piece of concrete slab?

If each slab turned to such fine dust that it was blown away to the sides, as the collapse pictures show, the steel should still accumulate in the direct-down direction. If we imagine that the steel became hot to melt by the successive steel-to-concrete impacts, the steel is still expected to fall straight down in the molten state, though there is no evidence in the photos that a huge blob of molten metal hit the ground. All the steel sections on the ground appear normal enough.

The problems pointed out by Part 1 may be explained by a fabricated production from expert computer artists, but who were not experts in much else. But that gaping hole in the center of an adjacent building (#2) indicates heat, lots of heat, and the only thing we know to explain it is refined uranium. Small nuclear bombs placed by men within the buildings. It must have been a huge project years in the making. This is the shadow government.

Is it possible to cause a small chain reaction in uranium quietly? They do it quietly in nuclear power plants. We could predict that they tested it in other buildings first. Perhaps they knew that the floor-to-floor sandwich-contact would detonate the uranium planted under all concrete floors. The generated heat would be confined in the sandwich, and therefore increase to the point of vaporizing metal, and force the gas-dust sideways into the outer surroundings.

There's another video below, where Judy starts to get on my nerves by repeating her line, talking on the technicalities. Just after the 9-minute mark, she shows that the outer cladding of the building does not vaporize not have dust trails, then shows that the metal falls with what looks like exhaust. She also shows one tall upright that somehow survived the collapse, which I find hard to believe right off the bat. This is the tall upright, still planted in its original foundation, that appears to turn to vapor as it falls. This is what convinces me most that the scene is a faked production. Why would they show steel vaporizing in a faked production? To explain why the debris field was so "clean"?

The upright was normal at first sight, nothing strikes it afterward, yet it turns to dust. Isn't that a cartoon animation? The only other explanation is that the beams were filled with a secret chemical, at the factory's smelting process, that could vaporize steel at demolition time, not necessarily to make it easier to clean up, but to protect neighboring buildings from physical damage. If such technology exists, then it would be most useful on the tallest of buildings built close to adjacent ones. Can refined uranium be alloyed with steel to later cause a nuclear chain reaction triggered by some method?

She keeps calling it dust, but it's more like smoke, isn't it? Yet, as she points out, paper isn't burning but cars are, and the cars looks very fake to me, with paint seemingly burned away as though they were in an inferno, but there was no inferno on the ground. The plotters must have brought these cars in by night. Could they actually be that risky-stupid? Apparently, yes, and they don't care if people catch them in the act, because they will retain their governmental powers, and bring to ruin anyone who goes too far in exposing them. Unless God acts. And He will in due time, and has no doubt set up several items already for sufficient exposure, for anyone with eyes to see. The people who will close their eyes the tightest are the lovers of the world, who do not want to ruin their American pie for belief in the dismay reality. These people (perhaps yourself) empower the fiends unaware.

It should be obvious to viewers that the vehicles were taken from scrap yards, and some of them may have been put through treatments to appear heavily damaged, because the plot was to shock Americans to the point that they would support the Bush invasion into the Middle East. This is the dim reality I'm willing to believe, and I can still be happy and healthy in Jesus, with all my marbles in him rather than on Western pie.

The vehicles are all heavily ruined, but never with a beam or slab of concrete draped over one, or even beside one. That makes no sense, unless they trucked the vehicles in the night before. They must have had the areas blocked off to onlookers, and when some of them got suspicious after the event, they were taken care of. They would go to the New York police, and their names would be taken down along with their stories, and they would be taken care of, whatever it took. If the police didn't help, they would go to the media, and their names would be taken down, and their stories, and they would be taken care of. Where else could they turn?

At 20:44, a van with missing door handles. You can now open your eyes. Falling material from buildings can't gouge out the front and back door handles on the same vehicle. Please. The doors are relatively in good shape as far as denting is concerned. All the vehicles had their windshields smashed out; I can't think of anything that could cause such a thing, where there is no large debris near the vehicles, aside from sledge hammers. See if you can spot any glass on the hoods, or anywhere.

In the 19th minute, a news stooge comes across one car on top of another, and he knows not to ask the obvious question: how can a falling building cause one car to jump on another? But a crane the night before explains it. The news stooge then gets away from that hot potato, and shows the neighboring car, and calls the event was a "blast" to explain the inexplicable condition of the car. But a building collapsing is not a blast. It didn't cause people to fall over. We saw the dust approaching the people, but none were blown over by a blast, yet these cars, as the stooge says, look like they were through a war zone.

Below is what I believe for 9-11, meaning that I believe they faked the planes entering the buildings with trick photography. But I do not agree that holography causes people to see planes on that day. I prefer to believe that all reports of planes were from paid false witnesses who are a regular part of faked CIA operations the world over:

This is new to me, and interesting, but it can't explain how all the workers in the towers could agree to fake their deaths. I doubt they could get away with that. They probably allowed many in the buildings to die, perhaps a lot more than 3,000, but then released photos of the dead who were not in the buildings at all:

I Don't Trust Microsoft

I keep finding bugs or booby traps looking like they are deliberately set by Microsoft 10. A few weeks after it started to go to sleep after only two minutes of non-action with the mouse or keyboard, with no remedy but to re-install the entire Windows system, the task-bar buttons started to pop up annoyingly whenever my mouse hovered over them. Instead of the pop-ups disappearing when the mouse was removed, the pop-ups would remain on the page, blocking some view. In the task-bar setting, Microsoft failed to give a means to turn off and on this simple pop-up feature, a red flag. So I went online to see if there is any way to do it, and yes, there is, but look at what it says:

How to disable Taskbar thumbnails
Important: As always, this is a friendly reminder to let you know that editing the registry is risky, and it can cause irreversible damage to your installation if you don't do it correctly. It's recommended to make a full backup of your PC before proceeding.

Well, who would want to proceed after reading that? How possibly could the entire system fail merely to remove pop-ups??? Why can't they just create an undo-at-a-click for every-such operation in case someone gets it wrong? Why do I see more and more booby traps with ridiculous, or even impossible, fixes online rather than an easy, natural fix at the click or two of the mouse? My theory is that the imps at Microsoft are sending annoying problems to specific users they don't like. They don't give us easy fixes from the start, to serve their purposes, which may include more than I want to fathom as per a future agenda. It's completely inexplicable for Microsoft not to allow us to remove the pop-ups from the task-bar Settings with one lousy click to "off." They are going backward, and the question is, why? Are they trying to weaken the anti-liberals? Is this a case of the IRS targeting Tea-Partiers? Why should it surprise us?

After going through all the steps, there was no OK button to click at the very last step. You see, they deliberately left it out, wanting us to think it was just a mistake. I had to close the program at the top corner, hoping my changes would work, anyway, but, upon re-starting the computer, the pop-ups remained. I have seen several supposed fixes that don't work for one reason or another. It's deliberate.

They are ruining our searches to serve the highest bidders. I can't search "can or worms" anymore without a website coming up, at the top of the Google search page, claiming to sell cans of worms when, in realty its doesn't; someone just wanted my click, and arranged to get it with a lie, merely for some cheap, easy money-making. And Google lets them get away with it. Instead of quickly finding what I'm looking for, as was the case many years ago, the websites who pay the most come up into my face whether they have what I'm asking for or not. Is this a normal way to run this operation, or is Google just plain greedy to an embarrassing degree? Shame, Google, it's time to cleanse your swamp too.

Or, if I search, "can of worms," Google permits canning companies to come up first, and after that, bottle companies. I'm just using this as an example to make a point; I've not tried searching that phrase. Why can't I have only Google results with "can of worms" on their pages? It would be so easy, but make Google less money. There is the Google reality. There is our shameless Internet giant, ruining the Internet for us all, with no end in sight. What next will their think tanks dream up? More think tanks, of course.

I'm criticizing. I'm doing it plenty lately. Liberals don't want us to complain against their decisions for us. Do they view themselves as our kings? Life's never been better, they say? We live better than kings once did? Oh, really? Why, because we have electric tooth brushes? Look at all of those products to help us live more comfortably. And of course they want us to buy buy buy, because they are the sellers. And that's what we should criticize, not only their greed, but their materialism.

Living like a true king is to live as a follower of Christ, because any other kind of king has only death in the end, and family back-stabbers to make life a living hell in the meantime. The one with real hope of eternal life has a precious thing like no ordinary king could dream of having. If he's lucky, he had a decade or two on a throne, peanuts. The king was a poor slob, in prison to his own throne. He would have been much happier not to dictate the lives of others just to secure his throne more securely. And that's exactly the definition of political liberals. Spiritual slobs they are, and slobs they produce. Fagots beget fagots, and dirty liberals beget the naked and the wretched, the emperor with no clothes. Did I just criticize again? No, actually, I just echoed the sentiments of Jesus. And what he thinks is all that matters. Obama was the smoke of an American volcano seeking to replace the clouds of God in the blue backdrop of His throne.

With the Opera browser, to restore the previous session, I found it impossible to find how it's done. A normal human would put a button right on the browser that does the trick, because a lot of people use it. But if the global program is to take us backward, then make it difficult to restore the previous session. Blog:

So I decided to finally give Opera a try after having Chrome crash on me a couple hundred times, and am pretty pleased with how smoothly it's been running so far. However, I was wondering if Opera had a 'Restore previous session' function like the nifty little option Firefox has in its history window...

[Next comment from Opera] Opera doesn't have such feature. [That's all, nothing more said, o explanation, no sorrow, just ice cold.]

[Next] Why Opera didn't have this feature , it's an important feature to have , I just lost all my precedent session and I have to fish around in my history to find them all.

[Next] Opera 12 had this feature. It was hard to maintain and was used by relatively few people...

Garbage. What a disappointment. I run as many as 10 webpages at once, and would like the option of opening them if the browser shuts down for any reason. It's so easy for the browser to record the webpages that we're using whenever the browser is closed. It can then open those pages automatically, if we like, when we reboot the browser. It's so easy, and therefore the excuse that few people use the feature is garbage, an assault on researchers. Yes, researchers are fewer than porn watchers, but who should have more respect from Opera? The truth must be, Opera is making it harder to research, and therefore slowing the pace of our learning or influencing the world, because the globalists feel it's their right to influence and control.

Suppose the spies have planted an new spy program, or an upgrade / addition to one already there, on someone's computer whom they want to check out in a certain way. And let's suppose that they are in cahoots with Microsoft secretly. Take a person, like myself, who puts the computer to sleep for about two weeks in a row. The spies can't get their spyware running until I shut down the computer to restart. Putting it to sleep isn't good enough. So it asks Microsoft to help them out with this. One helpful solution: force us to do a Microsoft update whether we like it or not. Previously, I could go six months or more without an update, and everything ran fine for my purposes. But we are going backward, because Microsoft has become more invasive. It started to pretend to giving me a few days of stall time before doing the update, then did the update anyway, before those number of days were up. People must have complained because being forced to do an update when Microsoft demands it can really screw up people's projects on a computer. Sometimes it takes an hour to do the update. So, Microsoft was forced to let use delay the update repeatedly, for three days each per delay. BUT THREE DAYS ONLY, you see. The spies would rather not wait three days.

Another method to get us to restart the computer is to send us an annoying bug, force us online to discover the fix, which includes restarting the computer.

Every researcher has influence when they publish their material. It once was the case that the public had little means to educate the world...through books and magazines, mainly, but it was very hard to get published, and publishers of all sorts could be rounded up and turned into puppets, as the anti-Christs did with news media, so that the head puppets decide for all who does or doesn't get published. But this Internet thing where I get to publish in opposition to them without anyone's permission is not what the anti-Christs had in mind en route to their Global Village. I didn't oppose them in my post-trib book, but by the time it was online for a few years, I saw them going head-strong into more-disgusting demonism. I've decided that they need to be exposed, and I think God agrees. Certainly, more than half the world wants them exposed.

This is the demon's problem; the world will reject it if it shows its true colors. Therefore, the globalists are hypocrites, like those ashamed to show their true colors, but by talking like saints do they seek a global following.

So, because I am marked out by them as one of their enemies, I will get persecuted by them. There are people taking data on all sorts of things we all do and like, such a shameful way to run governments, but this is the reality for my children. They are merely on the threshold of much-worse to come, if the Robe Dipped in Blood tarries.

Headline at Yahoo this past week: "Words banned for the new year? 'Fake news' gets top vote" According to who? The globalists who run the fake news, of course. Their game is so transparent. What next, make it illegal to utter "fake news" as it might become illegal to utter, "faggot"? I need to put up with a constant stream of faggot news, to condition me to accept dirty faggots as normal, but I'm not permitted to be disgusted with them, or to suggest to others that they are disgusting? Am I not permitted to warn the world that acceptance of faggots will more-likely cause your son or daughter to become that disgusting thing? That's exactly their program, to corrupt us all. Drudge never ceases to have stories about faggots, sex machines, transgenders, and either kinky or murderous sex acts. Drudge is a sick man, you see. You think he's a conservative when in reality he's a greedy man wanting to remain the top Internet news site to his death. Whatever it takes, that's Matt Drudge, nothing more than that. For this he is willing to lose his soul.

When I search youtube for news, I will sometimes ask for a certain channel, and the youtube people know enough to bring up the most-recent videos up first. Sometimes this happens, and other times not. Why not? How can it not be a hard, fast rule to bring up the most recent first? I say there is a deliberate plot to make research, especially in news stories, difficult to find, and that I, for one, am routinely getting fed by youtube the worst of its news providers. These are small people.


For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God

If you are stuck with dial-up service, using the Opera brower can help. It has an Opera Turbo program (free with the free browser) that speeds download time. Go into Opera's Settings, then click on "Browser"; you'll find the on/off Turbo button in there.

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