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Dec 19 - 26, 2017

My Two and a Half Girlfriends are Still Talking
Strzok's Shock: the Dossier Surname Goes into the Corner Pocket
Now Teasing With Sleeping Bag / Morley Roots in Berthe, Wife of Mummolin
The Sleeping-Bag Solution Has Been Found -- Buckle Up

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I'm not taking email at this time, here's why. I apologize to all having left email, as I can't even mail to inform you.

Ever try to be a serious singer? I did. I started at about 35, and could not sing at all, not at all. Five years later, having sung only in the vehicle, I had learned a few things, and had an insatiable desire to sing with all my feelings, to the point that my vocal chords were in pain after about three songs. I would sing for hours straight on long trips. I did do some damage to the chords that has never been fully repaired, because I was determined to train them. I could hold long notes by then, and, at about 45, I went out to purchase a mic and a computer "recording studio," to see what I sounded like in audio play. On my first try, it was horrible because I didn't know how to sing into a mic. I learned that I had to ignore it was there, and, whew, I sounded not bad after that. There was hope.

A few weeks later, I recorded myself doing 10 "easy" songs (those I was accustomed to), with my mic near the speaker, the trick being to adjust my volume into the mic to be compatible with the volume the mic picked up from out the speaker. Sometimes I got too loud, and other times I could barely hear myself, in the recordings. I tried to sound like part of the band, and while I could do that pretty good, I realized that the talent, or whatever that makes a pro, just wasn't there. I still don't think I can sing alone, but need to ride the spirit of a pro singer in order for me to get it right. There were good points and bad points in the recording, just like there's good and bad days for singing. Here's one of the ten:

I was encouraged by hearing pro singers do awful jobs at times when the songs were only developing, or when they were singing live. They have good days and bad, and they also have voice-altering equipment to fix the lousy notes or make super notes. I'll give you an example from Francesca Battistelli below of a mediocre recording versus a perfect one when she does the same song. First her mediocre one, where she struggles:

You can hear Francesca struggling, though she with her band sound as though they are new to the song, and more-or-less practicing (or developing the sound). Listen to the lousy instrumentation that she's being provided. I find it impossible to sing to lousy karaoke, and her band is basically lousy karaoke as she sings. So, if you can't sing unless you are singing along to a song that's got excellent instrumentation, take heart. You're better than you think, if only the conditions were better too. Here's her perfect version of the same song with excellent, spirited instrumentation:

She now sounds star-like. I enjoy singing with this song. She's young, and I like to feel young. Now listen to the same woman (carrying her baby, by the looks of it) at an event where there's a large audience, and where she's nervous, starts not well, but saves the song to a large degree (poor-to-fair performance overall, as stars would score her):

Now listen to her near-perfect studio version of the same song:

Did they use voice-enhancement software? I dunno. To perfect a song like that must take a long time, and by the time that happens, the soul might be so sick of the song that it's hard to sing it like the first time, when it comes to recording it in a studio. Probably, the soul is no longer in the song, a shame. But the artist makes it sound as though the whole soul is in it.

Personally, I wish that Francesca would not wear make-up. I hope she's not tied between devotion to Jesus and making it in the music industry. I appreciate the fact that she's freely offered her studio music on YouTube. Here's a fun one, with a video that gets a little world-class worrisome:

What do you think? Is she singing for Jesus or for self? Her videos sometimes appear expensive to make, or at least like a lot of work went into them. Here's another fun one (for the young crowd) with more make-up and lots of video work. Her voice is excellent, it's a catchy tune, and it's free.

Wow, she's a blue-eyed Italian. Or is she wearing colored contacts? She has at least two songs, three if we include the one above, where she caters to girls / females. Christian feminist? They do exist. Or maybe she's just girly, innocent. It looks like she's been hired by Word Entertainment, which is the company that signed on Amy Grant, afterwhich she slipped (or maybe rushed) away from Christian music to worldly productions. There was money and fame in her eyes. And she later married Vince Gill, who I think (could be wrong) left his wife for her. Amy was herself married at the time, a horror story. It can happen, watch it, Francesca. Be very careful in the music industry, where temptation spirits abound. Here's a Battistelli song where she could be singing about God or her male lover (lots of Christian artists started to do songs like that, flirting):

Great tune, and she sings it well. So, some worldly manager might like to swallow her up, to use her to make money. Hopefully, aging and children will save her from the quest of stardom.

Back to the Obama Dream For New Cue Tips

In the last update, I showed why God used Francesca's surname, and her song, "Write Your Story," to help me explain things about His dream, given to me/us, concerning Obama's billiard or POOL hall. I've got more to show here. I showed that the dream's Sewer/SUTER/Suit surname was God's way to indicate Peter STRzok (just made the news over the past month), and that "StrZOK" is a term suspect as forming when a STUR bloodline/surname married a branch of the Sage/Saeger / Sogg/Suges bloodline. The latter were first found beside Poole, a location about 15 miles from the mouth of the STUR river. I can sense that while the dream's message is about Obama and Clinton's crimes, the heraldry involved seems Purposely to include the Josephs (same place as Soggs/Suges' and Billiards), who trace to Flavius Josephus (a Jewish traitor to Israel), the well-known historian, whom I suspect as a close relative of Joseph Caiaphas, the high priest under which Jesus was murdered.

The Chief-Shield color combination of Battistelli's is that of Annas', and the latter use just one, white giant symbol on the Shield, as do Battistelli's. The latter use a PYRamid, and I have been tracing the Pool surname, from Poole, to the Rita Coat, not to mention the Roets first found beside the Stur river. Rita's, Roets and Reeds all trace to Rieti, home of emperor Vespasian and Titus, the family that lent its name to Flavius Josephus when he went over to them, after he, as the general, personally killed his entire Israeli army. I highlight "PRYamid" because I've been linking the Rita's (first found in Rome) to the Leo lion, and Leo's to the PIERlioni Jews who lived smack at Rome (they were catholicized Jews vying for the papal seat). The Battistelli's could therefore show signs of linking to Pierleoni, and this might be expected from a link of Baths / Battins/Badens to Piers/Pierce's / Percivals, all four first found in Somerset.

[Late in the update, I finally get around to checking the other Tulls, after stressing the Tulls/Tullia's, and there was found another pyramid in the Tull Crest along with the single, white, passant lion in Chief, a Leo-Chief symbol too! Excellent, because it indicates a trace between Tullia of Clermont-Ferrand (major topic in this update) and the Pierleoni, all expected with the Pierleoni relationship with Godfrey III, the foundation of the Templars.]

As neighboring Poole is in Dorset with the first Palins/PAWleys and Quints (black-lion paw) who I say share the same black lion, the pyraMID can be part-code for Middle's because they share the giant Palin lion. Middle's were first found in Salop, where the father (Fulbert) of the first Poole-suspect Pollock lived with an unknown wife. FULbert is suspect with Fullers/Fullo's, who happen to share three, red fesses with Sturs, making Poole a potential Pollock liner.

The Pools are suspect from Vespasia POLLa, Vespasian's mother. Pullys/Pullens use the black-on-gold footless martlet of French Josephs, as well as sharing the red scallop of Sabine's, important because Vespasia Polla married Flavius Sabinus. It's evidence that heraldry can be used to track family names back 2,000 years to royal fiends with absolute certainty, if heraldry specialists just poke around long enough, as I have, with heraldic symbols.

It just so happens that Caiaphas married the daughter of Ananus, the high priest of Israel at the time. His alternative name was Annas, like the Annas surname above suspect with a version of the Battistelli Coat. In other words, the Caiaphas / Annas bloodline can now be traced to the Pierleoni Jews via the Battistelli pyramid alone, though I'm sure that further evidence will crop up today, as I continue poking around.

The Rita lion, which is the Pool/Pole lion, and probably a white (silver) version of the gold Sforza lion / Pole/Pohl lion), hold a "piece of wood," and Woods share the oak tree with Roets. German Leo's (left-rising bend) show a PYRzewski variation, and it's known that Pierleoni used the papal Leo name. I tend to view the surname as PYRZewski, connecting it to the Piers/Pierce's, first found in Somerset with Roets and Baths / Battins, the latter two very linkable to "BATTistelli"...and to the Batts who share the black bat with Obama-liner Randolphs. Obama's Dunham surname (known to descend from Randolphs) was first found in Norfolk with Sabine's, and while Obama's grandmother on his Dunham side was a Miss Payne, Italian Leo's share the fesse of French Payne's, no kidding at all.

Heraldic symbols go back hundreds of years, and even up to one thousand. It's known that human vanity caused related bloodlines to inter-marry, and here we can show an example of such a thing in Obama's direct ancestry. It's online that Obama's mother descended from Jonathan Singletary, who changed his surname to, Dunham. And while Singletarys share a broken spear with English Payne's, Obama's mother was a Payne on one side. And Dunhams use a spear too, which I will trace to the crossed spears of Spears (Roet boar heads) and the Pasi's/Pace's, whom I see as part of "VesPASIa." It was resolved, by the way, that English Paine's (probably the Leo lion on red) share the white lion of Wissels, first found in Somerset too.

The "PIECE of wood" of Rita's was suspect with both the Peace's who share the dove with Payne-liner Page's, and with a branch of Pasi's/Pace's. You've just got to marvel here, because Battistelli's song, "Write your STORY (partly suspect as God's confirmation that Stur liners are at issue in the dream), is the one that was playing in my ear while loading the Page surname, for the time when wondering whether the PIECE of paper on the table was Intended to be a page (as code for Page's). It was an incredible moment, because the song has the line, "I'm an empty page." I later resolved that this page was code for Lisa Page, the mistress of Peter Strzok (they conspired together in the FBI to railroad presidential candidate, Donald Trump).

Wrights were first found in Berwickshire with Blythe's, the birth surname of Bill Clinton, and suspect with the Billet variation of Billiards. And Battistelli's happen to put billets in their Chief. "Write Your Story" seems to be fully about the Wheelwright Poles, more-commonly called the Piast Poles, and the Piast eagle is a spread one in colors reversed from that of the spread Courcy eagle. Courcys are suspect from Corsica, which happens to be where Battistelli's were first found.

Yesterday, I checked for your-like surnames as per "Write YOUR Story," and found Yore's/Yarrows, first found in Northumberland with same-colored Storys, and beside the Wrights suspect with the Polish line of Wheelwrights (as per mythical PIASt the Wheelwright). Wheelwrights share the antelope design of Singletarys, and Obama's pastor in Chicago was Mr. Wright. It doesn't appear coincidental that the Wright leopard faces are in the colors of the Leo / Rita lion, suggesting that the PIECE of wood held by the Rita lion can be a PIASt liner too. We all recall pastor Wrights "come home to ROOST" phrase.

As evidence that God named Battistelli's song for "my" purposes here, Wheelwrights share a six-sectioned Shield with Story's. It's important now that the Chief-Shield colors of one Wright Coat is that of Clintons, Roets and Saluzzo's. On top of the Caiaphas bloodline being suspect through Rieti's imperials, I got wind that God wanted to link him to nearby Avezzano (still off of mount Sabina), which area I've been tracing for years to the namers of Saluzzo, and therefore to Roets and Clintons (see last update for that)...but compare also with the Shield of CAPlans, first found in the same place as English Josephs, and suspect from "CAIAPhas," or from whatever entity named him. And the first-known Battistelli's on Corsica were beside Sardinia, where Avezzano's were first found. But there's more, in the Yore connection to this picture.

AVEZzano, suspect in naming VESpasia Polla, is at the source of the SALTo river (passes through Rieti), which I've been tracing to the Saluzzo-line Sales'/SALLETTs. And while I discovered the Yore's/Yarrows only yesterday, they happen to use six fleur-de-lys in the colors of the same of Sales'/Salletts, and in the pattern and colors of the fitchee crosses of Clintons and Hillarys...which are the colors of the fitchees also of Roosts. I think this is significant, that God would name Battistelli's song to point out the Yore/Yarrow bloodline too. But why? The Yore write-up mentions Pierce-like Percys of Yarrowhall.

The following is stunning. As Percys were first found in Yorkshire with Wheelwrights, I checked to find whether Yarrowhall was also in Yorkshire, and that Google search brought up houseofname's YARNER surname, listed on the same page as Yore's/Yarrows (first found beside or in Yorkshire). I shot (with a pool cue), and sewered the page on Obama's billiard table, into the Corner pocket, and Corners are shown properly as GARNERS, can thy believe this too? It's simply impossible that the dream was not fashioned by God.

Corners/Garners were first found in Rutland, where I trace Rodhams, Rutherfords and Rutlands. Rodhams use an "alter" motto term that gets the Alters/COLTers, who not only share Catherine wheels (known symbol of Catherine Roet, daughter of PAYNE Roet) with Wheelwrights, but smack of "KOLODziej," the first name of mythical (codeword) Piast the Wheelwright. As Bob Mueller is now defending Hillary, it's notable that Colters and Jewish Muellers share the Catherine wheel in both colors (Molle colors). German Muellers use the Catherine wheel in the colors of Moline's and Dutch Molle's.

If the Rutland in the Corner/Garner write-up is the one at Leicester, then note the Arms of Leicester, using the ermined cinquefoil of Bus', for Pockets/Pouchers use a giant cinquefoil colors reversed from the same of Bus'. Flavius Josephus claimed to descent from the Maccabee priesthood, and the ACORN of Corners/Garners was traced (by me) to Avaran HACHORANi Maccabee (trust me).

Pockets/Pouchers are highly suspect with Porcius Cato (200 BC), or his bloodline generally, who, according to his Wikipedia article, had property in Sabina, i.e. where also the Rieti Flavians would soon arise to power. And the Yore's/Yarrows/Yarners are the ones with the fleur of Salletts and thus traceable to Sabina's Salto river. Yarrowhall is said to be near HEXham, and Hixons/Hicksons happen to share the eagle leg with Saltz's. Amazing, is it not, what heraldry can corroborate? Heraldic legs have been resolved as code for Germany's Leck river and the Legro river that named Leicester. The Leck is the location of Fusion-like Fussen, can we believe this? I wouldn't have been writing this if not for finding the Yore's/Yarrows/Yarners as per "Write YOUR Story."

The WRITE-Your-Story chorus includes, "I'm an empty page, I'm an open BOOK." The Roets and Reeds both use a Book, and Books/Boggs (share the hourglass with Wright-related Houstons) were first found in the same place as Wrights. The links never end. As per, "I'm an OPEN book," the Openheimers (Jewish) were checked to find a star in Chief in the colors of the leopard faces in the Wright Chief.

The Leo Chief is in the colors of the Openheimer Chief, and the latter uses the same star as Gothels/Goths, whom I resolved to be from Gothelo, the father of Godfrey III, the one who came to the rescue of the Pierleoni. He was the grandfather of Godfrey de Bouillon, and the first Templar king of Jerusalem. It suggests that Pierleoni were the guts of the Jerusalem invasion.

The other Openheimer Coat uses a sphinx, which may be linkable to the Battistelli pyramid on a clever creation. Another surname using the sphinx is the Brock-related Brocuffs, both using the Chief-Shield colors of Saluzzo's in colors reversed, and moreover while Alice of Saluzzo married FitzAlan of Arundel, the sphinx-using Openheimers share the same fesse colors as Alans and Rundels...which reminds that both GORE Coats are versions of both Alan Coats, suggesting the possibility that Yore's were a Gore / Jore branch. The BROKEn spear we saw is likely code for Broke's/Brocks, and while Alans of Dol and Shropshire evolved into Stewarts, the Stewarts share the Broke/Brock motto, as well as the Wright / Houston checks.

If I recall correctly, the FitzAlans, immediately after marrying Saluzzo, married Percys.

Openheimers (Court/Covert eagle?), with a "conCORDia" motto term, and the Grand crowns, are very linkable to the Courts/Coverts, the latter using a "GRANDescunt" motto code. Court liners were resolved with the line from Curtus Maccabee, to whom Josephus traced himself. We can now ask whether GRANds were GARNers/Corners? Grands use a "FAST" motto term suspect with the VASTo rulers of Saluzzo, and the Fasts happen to use the Petty quadrants, which are also the quadrants in this Arms of Rothschild. Compare the latter's motto to that of Openheimers, a match.

Rothschilds were descended from Pollocks and therefore from Flavius PETro (father of Flavius Sabinus), who can explain the naming of Peter Pollock, the first Pollock (Rothes castle), and of PETTys.

As per the "GrandesCUNT" motto term of Courts/Coverts, note that Cunty/Condy Chief can be using the Leo lion and the Pocket/Poucher cinquefoil. Courts/Coverts, who share blue pale bars with Cuntys/Condys, had traced to Val Trompia at Brescia, and the Arms of Brescia uses the same blue lion as in the Cunty/Condy Crest. In colors reversed, the Openheimer anchor can be closely related to the black one of Avezzano-liner Avise's/Avisons. The latter are in the Kennedy motto while Cuntys/Condys have Kennedy-like variations. Avisons share the Coat of Comyns/Comine's, and while Avisons named Avesnes (Helpe river), near Comines, Herluin de CONTEville ruled at a Comyns/Comines location. No coincidence.

But here it can be said that the Avison / Comyn garbs are also in the Chief of Josephs, which is what verified to me that God was speaking when suggesting a Caiaphas link to Avezzano. If I recall correctly, he spoke partially with a GRUB in my fireWOOD, though at the time I didn't know that Woods were honored by Rieti-line Rita's. The grub suggested the Avison GARBs, you see (code for the Garb surname that likewise uses gold-on-blue garbs). This same-colored garb is the only symbol showing for the Cue's/Kews.

The Kew-like Keys/Kays were suspect with a local version of CAPPadocia's Caesarea, such as "Kaysariya," and Caiaphas was suspect in being named after a Cappadocian entity. South of Cappadocia, at Cetis, were the Kennati priests, that Josephus mentions as Kennetides, and they were the proto-Kennedys, and traceable to the Biblical Kenites. The theory becomes, as per the "Avise" motto term of Kennedys, that Kennati were at Avezzano along with a line from Caiaphas > Josephus. Caiaphas became suspect in a close relationship with queen Opgalli, wife of a Maccabee-Herod (Herods descended from royal Cappadocia, in my opinion), feasibly the thing that named Openheimers.

Cue's/Kews and Keys/Kays (probably Mackays) were likely Isle-of-Man liners, where king Harald, brother of king Maccus, ruled. As Haralds are also Herods, while I see the birth of Herods in Cappadocia, note that Caesarea was anciently, Mazaca, a Masci-line term that can form "Maccus." Opgalli is in the "OPtem" motto term of Teague's/TEEGERs, who look named after TIGRanes, Opgalli's husband. And the Teague's/Teegers happen to use the same-colored perchevron (solid chevron) as OPENheimers, can we believe what heraldry has just taught us? Teague's/Teegers were first found in GALway, suspect with "OpGALLI," a known Galatian woman descended from the Gauls/Galli.

Follow this, for while Caiaphas' descent was suspect (by me) from a child of Julius Caesar with his mistress, Servilia Caepio(nis), the Teague's/Teegers (Irish) share the Julian cross, and French Julians are Alan kin, both using the same stars, which happen to be in on the BattiSTELLI chevron, apparently, because German Teegers share the giant, same-colored, eight-pointed star of Stelli's/Stellati's. I neglected to check for a Batti surname until now, which share's an eight-pointed star. There are three such stars, in the colors of the three Courcy eagles (looking good for a Courcy link to Battistelli's (Corsica). Batti's are shown properly as Botta's, suspect with the "bot" motto term of Clan Chattan, code for Botter liners.

So, if God knew that Caiaphas traces to Battistelli's, that's why he caused me to load a few of her songs only weeks or months before her song was needed for the Obama dream. I had never heard of her before that time.

In fact, with the Battistelli Coat suspect as a version of the Annas Coat, let's add that Annas' were first found in Nottinghamshire with Teager-like Tighs/Tease's/TYE's, who use the same star as Annas', and probably the OpenHEIMER fesse. And Thighs/Tye's, can we believe it, share the red fox with HEIMERs!!! That's got to prove that Openheimers were indeed Opgalli liners, and moreover share the Teague/Teeger / Tick/Tuck/Touque chevron.

Compare the three Steel Coats with the crown-using Openheimers, for Hams and Hammers can be gleaned with McCabe's, while Mr. McCabe is the deputy director of the FBI in hot water right now as per an event with Peter Strzok and Lisa Page in his office.

The line of Servilia Caepionis was traced to Quints because her father was Quintus Caepio, and her grandfather was the controversial Roman general, Quintus Caepio the elder, thief of a vast treasure that I say made Caiaphas and the Herods rich in gold. The Quints happen to share a lion paw in Crest, holding a gold cross, with Heimer-like Homers, and then the Home's/Hume's (very traceable to Herod Archelaus who married a Cappadocian cult) share the lion of Tysons/Tessons while Tease liners have been traced satisfactorily to the Tessin/Ticino river, home of the Laevi Gauls that I say gave the Sadducees the right to sit in Moses' seat i.e. the Laevi Gauls (BC times) were descended from Levites, not forgetting that Moses married a gal from the Kenites.

Homers use a crossBOW too, and Bows/Boughs (share the Roet motto) can be gleaned as a branch of Books/Boggs, the latter first found in Berwickshire with Home's/Hume's. Homers (Lincolnshire) and Home's thus look like branches. It's a match. The Home/Hume / Tyson lion can be expected with the near-same of Toke-like Touch's (a branch of Teague's round-about), who are beloved in the motto of Clan Cattan, a line from Porcius Cato.

In the last update, I had talked about the Born/Bourn surname as per Battistelli's song, Be Born in Me, but didn't know until this update, while at the map to see how close Poole is from the Stur, that there's a BOURNEmouth location between Poole and the mouth of the Stur. English Borns/Bourne's were first found in Lincolnshire with Holmers, and German Borns happen to use the wavy red fesse, a symbol also of the Scottish Leavells/Lovells (Laevillus line), first found beside Berwickshire. I neglected to load "Bourne" until now, which finds French Bourne's/Burnets with acorns. English Burnetts ("vine tree" showing grape bunches) share the Brock motto too, as well as the black hunting horns of Burns and Bernice's, making Borns and Bournemouth suspect from BERNICE Agrippa, the Herod who was engaged to Flavius Titus. "Agrippa" is suspect to the Gripps that have a GRAPE variation that looks like a play on the Herod grape vines. Burnetts were first found in Berwickshire, the old BERNICia.

The Bernicians called their country, Bryneich, which I trace to "Brunswick," and it just so happens that Brunswicks use the Coat of English Base's (same place as Borns!) while the other Base's/Bassens/Basemanns share the black hunting horn with Bernice liners. Amazing, is it not?

As Homers are also Holmers, the Holms can apply. Holms (traceable on two counts to Julius Avitus and his wife, Julia Maesa Bassianus, likely the Bassus line from Laevillus) use a CHAPlet in the Shield, and a CHAPeau in Crest, and while CAIAPHas is suspect in the line to Josephs, French Josephs once showed a swan instead of its current martlet, and the swan was in the colors of the five swans of Chaplets. Five is a number from "quint," and so Quintus Caepio liners are suspect with Holms. Add it all up.

Repeat "Courcys are suspect from Corsica, which happens to be where Battistelli's were first found." French Courcys, with a chevron colors reversed to the one of Battistelli's suspect with the Julian / Teeger / Stelli star, were first found in Normandy with the French Chaplins/Caplans who once showed one chevron, in Courcy-chevron colors, but then changed it to two chevrons in the same colors, which are the two of Josephs too (ignore the green perchevron of Josephs for this point) so-as to prove that Josephs and English Caplans were first found in the same place because they were kin. They were first found in Hampshire with Soggs/Suges', and the latter look like they use the Shield of Tiss'/Teece's/Tyse's, first found in Hampshire, and apparently from the Tessin river. It's rare to find a Coat with only a chevron, which is the case with Tiss' and Soggs/Suges', and so I suspect that the Tiss Coat in colors reversed provided the red Shield of Soggs/Suges', especially as English Sage's ("old men's heads wearing black close CAPs" use a chevron colors reversed from the Sogg/Suges chevron. Between the two surnames were located the Bow-related Roets (Coat like that of Caplans), and then German Sage's/Saegers use a rainBOW.

The so-called vair fur of Soggs/Suges' is shared by Vigils, whom I see in the motto of Achens/Atkins, the latter sharing the Tiss chevron. For the record.

The French Courcys are said to be from Mr. Helloiun, which may be a branch of "Herluin" i.e. Herluin de Comyns because the Hampshire Josephs can be gleaned with the Comyns garbs. There is a Hellouin Coat coming up that is exactly the Stur Coat. Excellent. Hellouins were first found in Calvados, same as Chaplains (!), tending to support the impression that Courcys share the Chaplain / Joseph chevron. And as Comyns share the Avison Coat exactly, we can expect that Avezzano's of Sardinia were in a relationship with Corsica liners of the Courcy kind. That works well, especially as the French Courcys, without the chevron, can be using a version of the Avison Coat. The Herluin Coat is just three items in the colors of the three items of Irish Courcys.

Plus, as the Homer roosters are suspect with the Bibo / Kiss/Cush rooster, it's very notable that the Custs/Cuss', sharing the Kiss/Cush Coat, were first found in Lincolnshire with Homers. Excellent piece to the puzzle. It has good potential to trace OpenHEIMERs to Laevillus. Cussons, perhaps in code with the Bibo cushion, share the spread, red eagle with Irish Courcys. Borns ("TRANSuent") were traced (last update) to Terentia Murena, and Tarents happen to use the three eagles of Courcys. Trents/Trans' were first found in Somerset, beside the Bournemouth location.

Avezzano's, smacking of VISconti's, are known by me to have been of the Avesnes nobles who married Champagne, and Mummolin's city is in Champagne.

The Babes, Mamie and Lorraine

If you know my trace of Kiss'/CUSH's to Laevi-suspect Laevillus (of Cetis), son of VIBia, because Kiss' share the red rooster with BIBo's (CUSHion), let me first add that Laevillus is highly suspect in descending from Caiaphas / Josephus. The point is, red roosters are shared by Homers, Cocks and BABcocks/BADcocks. I have repeated many times that God gave MAMie, my girlfriend in my early 20s, a THIGH symbol, only to discover, decades later, that MAMESfield of the Mansfield surname is a location in Nottinghamshire, where was first found the Tighs/Tye's, can you believe this? God's apparent Mansfield link to Mamie caused me to discover that the Mens surname comes up as "Mame/Meme." It was traced to MUMmolin, a Merovingian ruler who was in-turn traced solidly to the Galatians in the time of Opgalli that had a Bassus line to royal Cetis, and, in fact, Quadratilla Bassus (queen of Cetis) married Laevillus above.

The BABcock/BADcock surname was deciphered from Babon and Badon, the son and grandson of Mummolin. You can't make these links up. Shortly after God impressed me with Mamie's thighs, a story I told readers repeatedly before discovering Mamesfelde, she and I were at a BIBLE group's outdoor event, at a BASEball field, and while Base's are suspect from Bassus liners, the Bibo's are also Bible's. In fact, I gave Mamie (non-believer) a Bible, but she claims she left it under a BED on a trip away. The bed in this case can be code for BADcocks / Badon liners. Bedfords, with an "AniMUM" motto code for Mummolin, are highly suspect with the black lion paw of Quints, and the Palin/PAWley lion. Quints and Palins/Pawleys were both first found in Dorset, location of Poole. The Bedford Shield may be a Coat version of the Sadducee-suspect Saddock surname.

While out on the baseball field with Mamie, God gave me an event that I still say was about the attempted murder of congressman, Steve Scalise, at second base of a baseball diamond, and about so-called pizzagate, which Scalise was investigating at the time. I await the evidence in the news. Cindy was at second base. We three were the only ones in the baseball diamond at the time, and Cindy is how I found Cuntys/Condys in the first place. Mamie and I were KISSING / hugging at HOME plate, and just then, when I looked toward the field, Cindy was eyeing us with an unhappy look. It's the only thing I remember in that entire evening, and I think it was burned into my memory for this Purpose (I've discovered that many events in my early 20s were tailored by God for this Purpose). Repeat: "...Heimer-like Homers, and then the Home's/Hume's share the lion of Tysons/Tessons while Tease liners have been traced satisfactorily traced to the Tessin/Ticino river, home of the Laevi Gauls." I kissed her at home plate, and the Kiss'/Cush's are expected with a Laevi line to the naming of Laevillus.

Cindy was the pastor's daughter, but I've never thought to check the Pastor surnames (Base branch?) to see how they can line up with Cindys at second base. French Pastors/BASTors (Calvados, location of the BESSIN)), who share billets with BESANcons/BASSETs, use the Second/Segur lion in colors reversed, hmm. Spanish Pastors look to be using a version of the Murena Coat (Spanish), with a tower in both colors of the Born tower. We saw Borns as close Base kin, and we saw the grape vine with Born-suspect Burnetts, but, zowie, the Plate's also use the grape vine. It looks like "home plate" traces doubly to Herods. Grape-vine liner, Herod Archelaus, traces excellently to Home's/Hume's via Lannoys and Lyons (last update), and Cindys/Cuntys use a lion in the colors of the Home/Hume lion.

Battistelli's song, "BE BORN in Me," was discussed in the last update with BEE liners like the Bessins/Beastons. Emailer Pollock pointed out to me that the strings on hunting horns, for example the one of Burnetts, look like bees in flight. The Horn surname is of the Orne river that flows into the Bessin starting near Ferte-Mace (Maccabee liner), and AVARAN Hachorani Maccabee traces to the Haveran variation of Horn / Heron liners. Haverans are in McCabe/MacABEE / Hammer / Ham colors, and the left-rising split of German Hammer's suggests Masci = Maccabee liners. Courcys and the naming of Corsica can now be suspect with CURTus Maccabee because Courcys share the red, spread eagle with Courcys. But then I had insisted on a good guess that Maccabees (BC times) descended from the ancestry of Cilnius MAECenas (BC times), husband of Terentia above, and here we can repeat that Tarents share the three Courcy eagles. Amazing.

Bibo's/Bible's put their rooster on a CUSHion as evidence that Kiss'/Cush's apply. But then the Kilpatricks, with a castle at CLOSEburn, use cushions too, and probably the Levi lion. Closeburn is very-traceable to the Close surname, which is likely in the "close caps" of Sage's.

Kiss'/Cush's use the CASS/Cast Coat, and Josephs use a "Cas" motto term. They use a "Cas ne" phrase suspect with Cassans/Casans/Cassandra's (the line to queen Nysa of Cappadocia and probably to the first Herods), first found in Hampshire with Josephs, and using three chevrons in the colors of the one of the Hampshire Tiss'/Teece's. No matter where I turn, links links links. German Casans share the blue fesse with Italian Casano's/Cassandra's. Levi's use a "second" motto term, and the Seconds are listed with Segurs, a likely branch of Seagars / Segni's/Segurana's (see last update for them), suspect with the "proSEQUOR" motto term of Cassans/Cassandra's, a good reason to link Segur liners to the Hampshire Soggs/Suges'.

It's interesting that while Laevillus' wife was descended from the Trocmii Galatians, they married the daughter of Amyntes of the TECtoSAGES Galatians. Could that indicate a Tectosages birth of the TEECE variation of Tiss' as well as the creation of the Sage surname / bloodline? I dunno, but as Mamie was in the Troc-like truck with Barry, hmm. Was Barry and or Mamie a symbol of the Trocmii Galatians. Brogitarus of the Trocmii was the priest of the great-mother goddess, and Mamie had large breasts which I actually considered as symbol for the great mother. In fact, Hephaestus, whom I trace to the Halybes in the theater later inhabited by Galatians, had a lame and thigh symbol. For example, when he mated with Athena, he spilled his seed on her thigh, which is roughly what I did with Mamie on our first-ever and only go-all-the-way. I really can't remember what I did, but I did ruin it, that's all I can recall. A couple of years earlier, I recall pulling out of Miss MUSCHATov on our first-ever and only go-all-way, and her name is like my Masci line, suspect from "Mazaca," home of Amazons who lived on Lemnos, sacred island of Hephaestus. I trace Mamie's Man symbol to Maeonians, who I see in the all-female Maenads of Dionysus (Lemnos), and Amazons had an all-female symbol likely due to connection with the great mother of Phrygia. She was mother and wife to Attis, suspect with naming Attica, at Athens, represented by Athena, who got it on the thigh. I find this dialogue pretty impressive, but sorry for turning you off on the subject matter.

Dionysus, if I recall correctly, was born from Zeus' thigh, and was therefore born lame. Can you believe this? Mamie was a Maenad, wasn't she? And while Maenads had a dancing symbol, I danced with her the very first time I was with her. We danced in her LIVING room, and Livings are Levins too. We were at a camp site the next time we met, where she teased me, and one Camp surname uses nothing but a dancette in colors reversed from nothing-but-chevron Tiss'/Tice's/Teese's. Might "Attica" be a line to Tice-like surnames? The Camp dancette is a fesse in the colors of the two Sleep fesses, can you believe it? She teased me at sleep time in the sleeping bag. English Tease's, who I see with Capone's, share the gold griffin heads of Cybele-like CAPLans, the latter first found in Hampshire with Tiss'/Tice's. Zikers, AtTIS (probably the Cadusii Armenians, namers of Hattusa of the Hatti) might just be the line to "Tiss" and "Tease/Tess" (LEAVes) and therefore to Tease's/Tye's. The Trocmii-like Tracks/Tricks use the sun while Attis was a sun god. Brogitarus-suspect Brocuffs share the sphinx with Openheimers, and Heimers share the red fox with Thighs/Thys.

An Attis trace to Tiss' can then be one to Soggs/Suges, making the latter capably from TectoSAGii. That's pretty compelling. StrZOK is suspect from Stur liners that are also Esters / Isters, suspect from ancient Ishtar, the great mother prior to that title being held by Cybele (Attis' wife). between Ishtar and Cybele, it was held by Rhea, of Crete. As Dionysus was the high priest of Cybele's Kabeiri cult, his wife from Crete starts to appear involved with the making of Cybele, whom I view as code for the local Cabelees, a fellow tribe with Lasonii suspect in the "Laus Deo" motto of Manders.

I trace Rhea elements to Reggio, for example, because I see her roots at Iran's Rhagae/Rey/Ray, and Scottish Barrys use a "regi" motto term. Chances are, Barry in the truck with Mamie represents the Avaricum location now called, Berry, which I trace to the Hyksos capital, Avaris. I traced Berry/Avaricum to mythical Perdix the craftsman (Phaistos-like Hephaistos was the craftsman), usually linked by others to Crete i.e. where Rhea birthed Zeus, father of thigh-line Dionysus. We can glean that Zeus had the original thigh symbol, and it's known that his grandson, Sarpedon (Crete), founded the Maeander-river area off from Crete. He is most-known for founding Miletus, whom I see in the motto of Ticks/Touque's.

I trace Hyksos Hebrews to the Kabeiri (founded by Iasion), and to Ixion, father of Centaurs that I trace to the Cantii namers of Kent, where Amyntes-liner Mynetts and Hamonds were first found. In other words, if God set Barry and Mamie up into that truck, we might expect Hyksos through the Trocmii. Compare "Maenad" to "Amyntes." It could appear that the Gauls of Galatia were merged with Maeonians, perhaps from the wife of Brogitarus (father of Amyntes).

Wow, I now recall that one night before I pulled out of DIANE Muschatov, we dropped in on Dennis. I fell asleep on the couch, and she was in the bedroom with Dennis, who can't be trusted. The point is, their first names are similar, and Dennis' are said to be from "Dionysus." Dennis' even use the axe, a Cretan symbol, and Dionysus, with his Cretan wife (Ariadne), went to live on Lemnos. Therefore, I'm shocked that God might have arranged my pulling out of both she and Mamie to make this point. I'm not going to get serious on this, but there you are, take it or leave it. French Dennis' share the same fesse as Tighs/Tease's/Tye's.

Dennis' surname is Quinn, and Quinns share the pegasus with Masseys, probably a branch of Muschatovs at some point. The mythical Pegasus was at Lycia, to the one side of the Maeander. The Manders are suspect from that river (near Rhodes) because they share a version of the Rhodes Coat, and while Pegasus and Bellerophon together slew the Chimera dragon in Lycia, that term must be code for Kamiros on Rhodes.

I would suggest that TECtosages may have been named partially after "TICino" (or whatever the river was called at about the time of the first Herods). This, if correct, can start to predict that the Laevi Gauls of the Ticino were in the Tectosages tribe, or nearby it. Again, the Ticks/Tucks use motto terms that I see as code form Miletus, which is near the mouth of the Maeander river (western-Amazon country), where Maenads, apparently, lived. There you have more evidence that Mamie represented Maeonians (for her symbolism connected to Tick-like Tighs/Tease's/Tye's). The latter have one fesse in the colors of the horizontal bars of Leavells, and in the red color of the one fesse of the other Leavells. As Barry was in the truck with Mamie, note that Scottish Barrys share six bars with Leavells, with the red ones starting at the bottom, for both Coats. Leavells were from LAEVillus, and this speaks to me about finding the Laevi Gauls with one or both of these Galatian tribes.

The Brock motto term, "vulNERE," recalls the Nero's that use a Coat almost a match with the Sogg/Suges' Coat. The Brock-branch Brocuffs/Procks, whom I trace to Brogitarus, a ruler of the Trocmii Galatians, can now indicate that Soggs/Suges' were from Tectosages. This recalls that I traced the Ardiaei Illyrians of the Neretva/Naro river to these very Galatians, and Nero's have variations suspect with that river. The Ardiaei (BC times) married DARDanians (king Monunius' daughter), whom I traced to Darts (probably the Sleep fesse for a trace to the Selepitanoi Illyrians at and around Kotor / Butua), and it just so happens that the Brock-Crest lion holds a dart, no guff. It makes the Brock motto compelling as code partly for the Neretva river. The Daorsi lived on the Neretva, and Brogitarus' son, ARTEMiDOROS, looks named after Ardiaei and Daorsi together.

The Daorsi were also Daversi, and then Davers (Arthur colors and format) were first found in Suffolk, location of EYE, while EYtons/Eitons can be a branch of Aitons (same place as Arthurs) that throw in an Artem variation suspect with Artemidoros. Perfect. I trace Artemidoros to Artemia of Lyon, mother of MUNDeric, himself suspect with the name of "AMYNTes," the father of Artemidoros. Munderic was father to Mummolin mentioned above. The heraldic eye is used by Battins, first found in Somerset (beside DORset) with Baths, and the latter use a version of the Aiton/Artem Coat. In fact, Baths use the Coat of Suffolk's Deacons in colors reversed, and the Deacons can be with the Brock lion that holds the dart. Deacons and Decans use the axe (as do Battins) as code for the Axe river of Somerset. I had traced Deacons / Decans to a Decani area (White Drin river) near Kosovo long before mentioning (or knowing) the Ardiaei and Dardanians of that area.

Eye is a location beside Diss (Tiss branch?). The Shield of the Diss surname looks like a gold version of the Child/Chill Coat, and while the latter is from king Childeric, Mummolin was very-possibly related to Childeric and/or to Childeric's in-laws. Not much time separated the two. Like the Davers (same place as Diss and the Diss'), Diss' (Arden fesse?) use Arthur colors and format. As Arthurs trace to Pinnes, an Ardiaei king, it's notable the Pino's and Mullens share red crescents while the Molins variation of Mullens may be from the naming of "MumMOLIN." ArdOns/Artois' (with an 'o') were first found in Suffolk with Diss' and Davers, and share the gold eagle with Diss'. As the red rooster is part of the line through Mummolin, let's add that while Diss' are also Deise's, an Irish location of Deise is at Waterford while Waterfords share the Kiss/Cush Shield.

I said all that not consciously knowing (probably mentioned it in the past) that Babons/Bavents were likewise first found in Suffolk. I also said it before checking the description of Ardons to find: "A black shield DISplaying an eagle." You see, motto terms can be codes in even their syllables. There is also a Bevan/Beevan surname coming up as "Bebban." This surname happens to use a RISING eagle, code for Rhisinium in the Ardiaei / Selepitanoi theater. Sleeps were first found in the same place as Meschins/Masculine's, and the double Babon fesses are shared by Musts/Muscats/Mousquette's, first found in the same place as Babons. The Musts/Muscats share the lion head of Steels, first found where the first Meschin ruled. As the black antelope design in the Must/Muscat Crest is that of Singletarys, note that the latter use three chevrons colors reversed from the same of Muschats/Montfiquets. The Babon write-up indicates that the Babon-Crest boar head is that of Estons/Astons.

Batti's/Botta's, whom we saw linking well to Stelli's/Stellati's, evoke the Botts. The Stellati variation recalls the Stolt discussion in the last update, where Stolts share red billets with Battistelli's. In this way, Battin-suspect Battistelli's can link to Battis'/Botta's. From here we go to the German Botts/Bute's/BOETS, suspect with the Sadducee house of Boetus. I've come to link the fish on a fesse of Botts/Bute's/Boets to the same in the Arms of Saraca, for Saraca's (see "Saraka" at Wikipedia) lived at Kotor, beside BUTua/Budva. But then the Saraca's moved to Ragusa (the one in Dalmatia) smack in the land of the Ardiaei and Daorsi. And while I identified the Scottish island of Rothesay, later Bute, as mythical Avalon, that's where the myth writer placed the death of king Arthur, code for the Ardiaei Illyrians in Britain. The Kotor-like Cutters share the Chief-Shield colors of Dardanian-liner Brocks, no kidding at all.

English Botts/Botters use a red eagle that was traced to Ardons/Artois', but what about the red Courcy eagle too, since Battistelli's of Corsica are suspect with Courcys? Well, the Shirts have variations like "Sardinia," and once again use three items in the colors of the same of Courcys. And Shirts (same place as Eiton-like Eatons) are beloved in the shirt-and-buttons worm by the man in the Tous Coat, while Buttons/Bidens (Hampshire, same as Botts/Botters) have variations like the Bodins of Botts/Botters. And the Italian Botters may be using the same bend as Eytons/Eitons. Tous' (eight-pointed stars, no guff) are suspect in the "virTUS" motto term, shared by Brocks and the Stewarts, the latter having descended from Shropshire, where Eytons/Eitons were first found. And the Shirts even use a "HosTIS" motto term that can be for the Hampshire Tiss', the ones suspect above in a relationship with Neretva-river liners, who were partly in Suffolk, location of Eye, suspect with Eytons/Aitons.

[Repeat: "The so-called vair fur of Soggs/Suges' is shared by Vigils, whom I see in the motto of Achens/Atkins, the latter sharing the Tiss chevron." The same Achens use black roosters, the rooster color of the Sardinian Visconti's! It suggests that something on the Ticino was involved with Visconti's. Much later, the Tous' connect to Mummolin liners in Milan, where the other Visconti's ruled.]

The eight-pointed stars of Tous' are in the colors of the giant one of Teegers and Stelli's. It seems we have got a solid Battistelli trace to Tous kin, which argues well for a Shirt descend from Sardinians. Clan Chattan, which can be traced to the cat of Lucca's, and therefore to Italian Botters, first found in Lucca, use a motto, "TOUCH not the cat BOT a glove." The Touch's (same place as shirts) share an upright, green lion with Sardinia-like Sheridans. Tiss amazing what history heraldry can unveil. Sheridans, with a "Leo" motto term, use their lion in both colors of the so-called "vair fur" of Tiss'/Teece's. It can appear that Tous' were responsible to "Touch," or vice versa.

I have claimed that God showed me, from a touch-bra event at my age nine, that the Touch lion is also that of Jarrys/Hare's. I can now add that the Jarry/Hare Coat is almost the Sheridan Coat. The Jarrys/Hare's use a red fox, which we saw with Heimers. Repeat: "In fact, with the Battistelli Coat suspect as a version of the Annas Coat, let's add that Annas' were first found in Nottinghamshire with Teager-like Tighs/Tease's/TYE's, who use the same star as Annas', and probably the OpenHEIMER fesse. And Thighs/Tye's, can we believe it, share the red fox with HEIMERs!!!" Tiss more evidence of the facts. And while Battistelli's use billets, the Billet-branch of Bellows use another fox.

French Jarrys/Jarrets share the black boar with Porcia's. These Jarrys were first found in Brittany with JORdans (Tease/Tye fesse?), who have a Coat reflecting the Shirt Coat. There is a Jarden/GARDEN surname (TAYside) using the Jarry/Jarret Coat exactly. Then, can we believe it, Irish Jordans are also Sardinia- / Sheridan-like Shurtons/Shurdane's. I've repeated many times this past year or two, that, the day after Mamie became my girlfriend, I noticed her beautiful THIGHS while she was at her front-lawn GARDEN (in a two-piece bathing suit). I just didn't know I'd be writing about it some 35 years later as an act of God. Jardens/Gardens (and the Leavell-suspect Barrys) were first found in Annas-like Angus, and Angus' share the star of Annas' and Tighs/Tease's/Tye's, the latter two first found in Nottinghamshire, location of Mamie-depicted Mamesfelde. Mamie has large breasts, and Mamesfelde is said to be named after breasts. Was the Cybele-Attis line in Nottinghamshire? Was it there after going through the veins of Mummolin?

The night before, she just came and sat on my knee at the campfire, with the whole gang there that I was trying to break from, because I was a relatively new Christian. All that I can remember after that is being in the same tent as she, with a couple of others sleeping there. I got into her sleeping bag (she didn't at all show resistance or displeasure), and was wanting to hug her etc., but she wouldn't let me. I had to be content with draping an arm over her waist, and going to sleep like that, with her facing away from me, a real TEASE for a healthy guy in his early 20s. God set things up that way, didn't he, denying me. I don't remember anything else in that tent. I would soon-after buy her a Bible as code for the Bibo/Bible line to Laevillus. She probably preferred flowers.

It was incredible to find, as per Mamie in the sleeping Bag, that while the Sleep surname could be using the double Badon/Bavent fesses in Dart colors, the Bags use the same Shield as Grimaldi's, which tended to teach me that my mother's Grimaldi surname was named partly after Grimo, Babon's son (the latter was MUMmolin's son). In other words, I, partly a Grimaldi, was sleeping in the sleeping bag with Mamie for to expose this thing: God wants to emphasize the family of Mummolin. It's not a coincidence that Grimaldi's and Bags use the Cock Shield, for BABcocks/BADcocks are Babon / Badon liners merged with Cocks. And the Grime's/Grimms are interesting for sharing two fesses in Chief that are the Sleep fesses, and three fesses in the Coat in the colors of the two of Babons/Bavents.

Repeat: the Dart-related Sleeps/Slape's, first found in Sleep-like Salop, are from the SELEPitanoi, to the south of the Ardiaei.

Since I'm generally a Meschin and Grimaldi liner in one mother, repeat: "Sleeps were first found in the same place as Meschins/Masculine's, and the double Babon fesses are shared by Musts/Muscats/Mousquette's, first found in the same place as Babons...The Babon write-up indicates that the Babon-Crest boar head is that of Estons/Astons." As soon as I saw the Eston/Aston star, the same Bacon/Beacon star came to mind because the latter surname is beloved by the Fuller beacon while Fullers use the three fesses of Luffs, which are the two of Musts/Muscats (share Luff lion heads) because they were first found in Suffolk with Luffs...and Bacons/Beacons! "Bacon" rhymes with "Babon" and "Badon," but, the point is, Bacons can be Back/Bach / Bach/BAGH liners, and this is actually being added right here because Mamie slept with her BACK toward me. The Bachs/Baghs can be using a fesse in the colors of the two of Sleeps, you see. But I'm not finished.

While the onlooker may say that the Bavent surname comes up as "Babon" by coincidence, without proof that it's from Babon, the Crest uses a black boar head, the symbol in giant form of Gardens. You see, God impressed me with Mummolin's Thigh/Thy line while he (Mamie) was at the garden. And Tease's/Tye's use one fesse in the colors of the two Babon/Bavent fesses, can you believe this? What on earth was God doing with this? There has got to be more to it than mere Merovingian blood. It's got to mean that Merovingians were from the killers of Jesus.

Did you glean there that the Babon / Garden boar head is that also of the Estons/Astons in the Eston-Bavent location of the Babon write-up? That was easy, but then take it over to the Bacons that share the Eston/Aston star, for Bacons use a boar in their Crest too. So, we have a fundamental Mamie trace to Babon of France, as expected, and it goes to BACK / BAG liners as though they were branches of one another. And the last scene in the Obama dream was his employee with his back toward me. There has got to be some deeper meaning, in the real world of news, to this than heraldic links. Let's repeat the quote above with the part I left out: "Sleeps were first found in the same place as Meschins/Masculine's, and the double Babon fesses are shared by Musts/Muscats/Mousquette's, first found in the same place as Babons. The Musts/Muscats share the lion head of Steels, first found where the first Meschin ruled." I have only now found, while writing this paragraph, that the checkered Steel bend is that of German Beckers/Bechers! Zinger, we can now start to catch some clues as per the Steele dossier [late in this update, don't miss the Dossier-surname discussion]. English Beckers share blue vair fur with Bachs/Baghs.

Note that while Childeric was a Salian Frank, Salians are Salemans that probably use the Sales/Sallet and Bessin bend, for Cockers can be using a version of the Sales/Sallett Coat. It was resolved that Basina, Childeric's wife, had a line that named the Bessin, for while Childeric's tomb had many gold bees, Bessins and Talls (same place as Basina's family) use bees.

Babons/Bavents are said to be from a Bavent location in the Bessin. Babenbergs and Bebbanburgs (Bernicia) were likely Babon liners. Merovingians were Pepins at some early point, and it just so happens that BABENburgs (Bamberg, Germany) descended from Poppo I. The Bebbanburgs (Bamburgh castle, Bernicia) were named as per queen Bebba, living about the time of Pepin of Landen. To help prove that "Brunswick" and "Bryneich" (land of Bernicia) are related terms, the Bebbans/Bavens use a "Semper" motto term while Sempers (same place as Brocks and same-colored Quints) use the two lions in pale of Brunswicks in colors reversed. That's a big deal. The Semper lions (could be the Brock lion) look like they may be an alteration of the two Babon/Bavent fesses.

Bebba was descended from the namer of Babon, or Babon himself, wasn't she? Sempers can be using the Beaver lions, and then German Beavers/Beibens (a little like "Beevan"), in Babel colors, have Bebba-like variations. German BEAVERs were first found in BAVARia, location of Bamberg, home of Poppo I, founder of Babenbergs. Germans call Bavaria, Bayern, interesting because Bayers use the bear, the symbol of Berwickshire (the old Bernicia) and of Berwicks. Bebba lived at Bamburgh castle in Berwickshire.

Bavars/Babers (same place as Cass'/Cash's) are interesting for sharing the Cass/Cash chevron while HUGs (Fountain lion?) share the three fesses (color of the two Babon/Bavent fesses) of Fountains while Cass'/Cash's put fountains on their chevron, as do the KISS'/Cush's on the same chevron. I was KISSing and HUGGing Mamie at the BASEball DIAMOND, and then HUGo's share the mermaid with German Babels...not to mention the Walsers who share the black-on-gold goat with Moline's! The BASE's use the Brunswick Coat, can you believe this? The Base's therefore use the Coat of Bebban-beloved Sempers in colors reversed. The DIAMONDs ("DISco") use lozenges in the colors of the Bag / Grimaldi / Cock lozengy, totally amazing, especially as I also trace Grimaldi's to Grimoald of Bavaria, who lived roughly at the time of Grimo, son of Babon. You can't make this stuff up. Bavars/Babers had a Baber location in Suffolk, where Babons/Bavents were first found, as well as the Diss location suspect in the Diamond motto. The Arms of Bavaria uses a Shield filled with lozengy.

Mamie and I were kissing at HOME PLATE, and while Home's/Hume's (Melan/Malin colors) were first found in Berwickshire (!), German Plate's/Blate's/Platers can be suspect with the Suffolk Plains/Platers. It's just all so impressive. The English Blate's are in Melan/Malin colors.

Sempers are said to be Peters (or Pettys?), and then Eschyna de Molle married the brother of Peter Pollock while Eskins/Erskins were first found in the same place as Pollocks. Two Peter surnames happen to use the bend of BRUNswick-suspect Bruno's. The latter were first found in Florence, and Florence liners were clinched with Clermont-Ferrand (same place as the first Bouillons), the ancestry of MumMOLin (see Decimus Rusticus). Mummolin was the grandson of Florentinus, but there was other evidence in the Ferrands (compare with Bouillon-related Taddei's) for a trace to Florence/Firenze. Others have said that Pollocks descended from Clovis.

Florentinus was the husband of ARTEMIa, and Artems/Aitons and Arthurs were first found in Bernicia, what a Bebbincidence. It appears that Artemia was an Ardiaei liner. If Mamie is from Amyntes, and i now think she is, then she also traces to Artemia since it's been resolved that she's a Mummolin liner.

Molle's use the boar head too as proof that Eschyna de Molle was a MumMOLIN liner. "Eschyna" discovered for me that Erskins come up as "Eskin." ERSkin might just be a take from the Eras variation of Rasmussens, and then the latter use the Pepin bend with fleur, very-likely the Sale/Sallett Coat with someone else's bend color. The Pepins and Poppins/Pophams both use a "Mens" motto term, and the Mens' ("zal") are the ones coming up as Mame's/Meme's. The Molle boar head is that also of MARONE's, and Childeric was from Terentia MURENA, right? And Terentia married Cilnius MAECENas, the proto RasMUSSENs, right (see last update for unshakable proof)?

At the camp site, I remember only three things. One was going to sleep with Mamie, what seems like a miracle situation, as I look back, because, having met her only once prior to that night, she just up and came to sit on my lap at a picnic table, in front of the gang around the fire. That's the second thing I remember. I can't remember one face around that fire, knowing only that Barry was there, who had convinced me to show up, by calling and saying, "Mame's going to be there." The first time I met her was at a party in her mother's home. Picture this: the place was rather packed with about 20 young people, and Mamie comes walking around the corner from kitchen to living room, and there was me standing. As she drew near, we just came together and started a slow dance, spontaneous, I don't recall ever knowing her before, though I may have seen her once. Could we chalk that dance up to God's will for this Revelation? No one else was dancing, there was no dance floor.

So, on the second occasion, at the camp sire, she just up and came to sit on my LAP, like I had been her boyfriend already. What was I to do with this BABE on my LAP? I was supposed to be a Christian, but I was still young, and loved women. I put my arm around her, and accepted her "invasion," or proposal, or call it what you will. The point is, German Babe's/Babels and Lapps both use the mermaid, and Lapps were first found beside English Babe's. French Lapps are the Page's/Lapage's, and as Babe's were first found in Dorset, location of Poole, it seems that the French Lapps/Lapage's are using the Pool lion, a thing I didn't know until now.

Probably, Paul and Michael Oulette were at this camp site, which recalls that, on the night I danced with Mamie, I had a girlfriend already, who was definitely a miracle plant in my life by God. I recall inviting her to my place, where I rented a room that had a POOL outdoors. This girlfriend proved to be much about the bloodline of Pepin of Landen (amazing Mamincidence) through Cuneo, but also about the Paioni peoples...that I trace to Payens/Pagans, a branch of Page's, wow. I can add here that Bebbans/Bevans, Page's and Pants-like Pansys/Pantzers (probably a Payen / Payne branch) all use doves, and moreover, the Conys, from Cuneo (my claim), are the ones with the rabbit holding a pansy. I wasn't planning on writing this in this paragraph, but was rather about to tell of Lorraine's white pants, which I already explained as code for Pansys and Panthers/Panters, the latter sharing "spur rowells" (though not in the same design) with Payens/Pagans.

I left Mamie's party around 10 pm to go see my girlfriend, Lorraine, who had been entertaining her female friend that evening. It would be my last night with her because, when arriving, only her female friend was home, saying that Lorraine and her husband were on a walk. Hmm, that's corny, I thought, because the friend didn't join them. And when Lorraine returned, a green grass smear on her white pants along the rear side of her thigh, started up at her butt, which one can't get by merely sitting on grass. But if he whipped her pants down on the freshly-mowed grass for a quickie, that explains it. I didn't like it, and hastily accused her by pointing at the stain, and that was the end of us. The point is, I was with her mere weeks, and so it couldn't have been much earlier when Mike Oulette saw her for the first time and commented, "what a BABE." I don't think it was coincidental that I met Mamie while still with this babe. Oulette's and English Babe's use similar Shields.

I will repeat here that I met Lorraine at a BUS STOP, not knowing that about 35 years later I would write that Stops are the Stubbs whom I had traced to Stobi, a chief Paioni city, and moreover the Paioni had another city, AstiBUS, which I traced for good reason to Asti of Cuneo, right beside Bra. By the time that this was realized, and not long before, God showed me that an event at age nine was from Him, where I TOUCHed a bra on a laundry line as His code for Bra of Cuneo, for while Conys and Conns use white CONEY rabbits, I was standing over a cage with white rabbits when touching the bra. The rabbits belonged to Jerry PETERSON, which is why I think God was pointing to the Jarrys mentioned earlier, for they share the Touch lion. Some weeks after telling these things to readers, at the risk of sounding nuts, I was shocked to find that a chairman of the Council of Foreign Relations, Peter PETERSON, married Mrs. COONEY.

A GRASS stain on her BUTT, and then English Grasse's, who may be with the Lapp/Lepage lion, share the bend of Botters and Chattans, and Botter liners are definitely in the "bot" motto term of Clan Chattan, which is the motto that also uses "Touch." There are two Butt surnames that are also Bute's, the English branch (ESToiles) sharing the black Este horse. Pepins use an "est" motto term and the white Este horse heads. Ancient Butua was shortly inland from modern Bar, and I have linked Bar with Butua liners for years, long before realizing that my gal, Lorraine, was God's codework. It's known that Bars are Este liners.

Let's go over my story. The night with Mamie at the camp site, when I arrived, had me looking for Bar-like Barry. Asking others where he was, they went to open the back hatch of a truck, and there, way at the back, sitting up with her back toward the cab of the truck, was Mamie, and I thought I saw her bare breasts i.e. no BRA on, which can be explained where Barry was sitting, or half lying, to her side. I remember that her arms were just as could be expected when a woman puts on her bra. But I looked away too fast and can't remember whether I was seeing things when seeing her bare breasts. Young people, you can't take them anywhere. Another theory is that God gave me a false impression (she had a bathing suit top on) of her being bra-less / bare breasted) to indicate the Bra line of Pepin of Landen, for Mamie already represents the Pepin line without doubt. Was Bra a bar liner? She could have been putting on a t-shirt over a bathing suit, and resisting Barry's advances, I'll never know the truth.

On the day that I met Lorraine at the bus stop, I asked her out, and because I was planning on doing LAUNDRy that night, I suggested she meet me at the laundromat. I came to realize that this laundry symbol was code for Pepin of Landen because Landens are LANDERs too. I was insinuating to readers that this laundromat symbol should connect to the bra on a laundry line, and was floored when, some days or weeks later, I came across LANGleys with exactly the six Lander/Lander bars, amazing because Bra is in LANGHE. And Langleys / Landens/Landers happen to use the Babel pale bars in green instead of blue. A couple of years before, i.e on other evidence, I predicted that Pepin of Landen was closely related to Bebba of Bernicia.

Pepin's wife was Ida of METZ, perhaps the reason that I met Lorraine at the laundroMAT, for Metz is in the Lorraine area of France, can we believe it? I think I now know why God had Mike Oulette call Lorraine a babe, for Oulette's share a moorCOCK (possible Mummolin line) with Welsh Matts/Matthews! Plus, the first believers I started to hang around with were Jeff MOORE and Joseph Oulette (Mike's brother), tending to point to the moorcock as though to prove that God wants to reveal Matthew liners at Metz liners. It should be added that Mummolin-suspect Moline's were from Falaise, as were Oulette's, but as Oulette's use BARS-GEMEL, let's add that while Bar(r)s (Este eagle), who, like Pepins, were Este kin, were the namers of Bar-le-Duc in Lorraine, and that Pepins use a gemel-like camel. These Barrs were from Brunswick, by the way, suspect with Bernicians.

This reminds me of Joel, who, days after buying a Volkswagen, came up to visit. As we went for a drive, it included the BRACEbridge area, perhaps a Bra line, and I started to tell him about Twitter's White Rabbit because of the white rabbits when I touched the bra. And Joel then said, "Do you know what kind of car this is? A Rabbit." And that's when I looked at the color, white, yep, I kid you not. When getting out of the car, I noted a white-rabbit logo on the floor MAT, which now suggests a Metz connection to Bra / Cuneo. There is a Matz surname (not known before) listed with another Matthew surname, first found in Prussia, where I think Prestina originates, the mother of mythical Melusine of Anjou, who had a fish tail, I kid you not. This is a good reason to equate the heraldic mermaid with Melusine. Amazingly enough, Matz's/Matthews show a THIEssen variation, and both the Thiess' and Thiessens bring up Tysons/Tessons, the ones with the Touch lion!

Of further interest is "VOLKSwagen" for Volks are Fulke/Folk liners while Fulks ruled Anjou, where Mire's/Mireux's were first found who are represented by the mirror of the mermaid under discussion. Mire's/Mireux's use a MYRTLE tree as probable code for Charles MARTEL, who was a Pepin on one side.

The French Lapps/Page's/Lepage's were first found at Ile-de-France, beside La Falaise, and then the Fallis', who are proposed in their write-up to be from Falaise liners, look to be using the Lapp/Page/Lepage lion, which tends to link Falaise elements to Poole. Yet, as was said, the Grasse's use the same lion, and Lorraine had a grass stain on her pants = Payen / Page liners. The Bute's/Butts are said to be from Falaise, and we can add that the Lapp mermaid is in the crest of Glass', first found in Buteshire.

Plus, as I said, it was BARRY (apparent code for Bar liners in Lorraine / Metz) who called to ask me to come to the camp site, luring me with, "Mame's going to be there," after I said I was going to pass. Amazingly, I was living unexpectedly at the home of Paul Oulette at that time...freshly moved away from the place with the pool, where I was booted out because I went into the pool with Annette without asking the LANDlady's permission. Annette was the sister of the wife of Joseph Oulette, and we had never dated, nor was I interested, nor was I after her body when asking her into the pool. I can't remember how that situation came about, but, thinking back, it was completely unexpected. It seems that God wanted me to move out...i.e. into the apartment of Paul Oulette because Oulette's are important / relevant.

As was said, Mamie sat on my lap while I sat at a PICnic table, and, on my first date with Lorraine, after we left the laundromat, we ended up kissing at a picnic table. For some years before realizing that these gals were God's codes for my work, I had been tracing Payen liners such as Pane's/Panico's to the PEK river, with a mouth at Panico-like Pincum. The source of the Pek is near Cuppae, "the city of "doves," explaining the Pansy and Page (and BEBBAN/Bevan) doves. Lapps share the mermaid with Babe's/Babels, and Bebba was a BEBBANburgh, which finds the expected now, that Pek liners were in cahoots with Bebba's family line.

"Picnic" can be more than code for Pek liners, which itself recalls that Peckers can be using the Bag / Cock / Grimaldi lozenges. "PicNIC" reminds that, when seeing a photo of NIKKI Haley, the upper half of her head was Mamie all over. And Nickle's/Nicholls use a giant PHEON, suspect as code for the Paeoni peoples. It seems that God is therefore pointing to Nikki Haley, Trump's UN ambassador, especially as Galatians, and Attis, were on the Halys river. DioNYSus, named after Mt. Nysa elements, had a sacred island of Naxos, and was coupled with mythical Nike. The question then becomes: did God chose Mamie for me because she looks like Nikki Haley? If so, what on earth could this regard? Some sort of alarm that God is now setting off? She wants to invade N. Korea, by the sounds of it. Mummolin liners probably include Molle's, who share the Haley boar head (both colors).

Now, the heraldic mermaid under discussion is bare-breasted, and while I see this mermaid as part of the Bebba line, i.e. linkable to elements in Lorraine, we must repeat that Bars of Lorraine should be suspect with Barry, who was in the back of a truck with what appeared to me to be a bare-breasted Mamie. The next morning, she and I went into a lake to wade and play a round, going only as deep as our thighs, while Tye's were first found in the same place as Mamesfelde, said, but not likely correct, to be named after "Mam = breast." She had her two-piece on, and I was holding her irresistibly, and, maybe, just maybe, she had a fish tail on. I mean, when you see pictures of mermaids, they are always seductively shapely. That was Mamie. The point is, the Mens / Mansfield / Manner bloodline, beloved by Pepins, must have been from a Mummolin line to Mamesfelde. While holding her in the water, as we moved about, I got to facing the beach, when my eyes caught the eyes of a MAN peering at us (smile on his face).

Mansfields use the colors and format of Tintons, who use "royal tents," and, the night before, I slept in Mamie's tent. Tintons are expected from Tintagel (Cornwall, same as Tintons and Pendragons), birthplace of king Arthur from his father, PENdragon, a Payen suspect, but definitely related to Pine's/PYNE's, from king Pinnes, who lived not far from the Penestae peoples, the proto-Pendragon line with certainty, who were smack beside the Paeoni (or "Paioni," like the Paion variation of Payens/Pagans). Penestae were at the sources of the MAT river, can you believe it? It's suggesting a Penestae trace to Ita of Metz. The Moline's (Devon, same place as where Chives' were formerly said to be first found) were first found beside Cornwall, and they share a black moline cross with Mathis' and Chives' while the Mat was anciently the Mathis, home of the Chives-like Cavii peoples.

Pinnes' regent(s) ruled on his behalf on Vis, and then the Vise/Vice Coat can be gleaned with the Eustace Crest. There's no way to avoid Eustace's in this discussion.

The Panther/Panter/PANDer helmets can be of the same of Dragons/DRAINers (probably the Mynett helmets), likely from the DRIN river, location of the Penestae, explaining "PenDRAGON." And while Lorraine with the grass STAIN represented Paioni, there's a PenderGRASS surname, and moreover I've been reporting that the motto of Arthurs uses "obSTANTia" as code for Stants/STAINs. The thigh is the leg between the hip and knee, where Lorraine had her grass stain, and then Works, who share the double fesses of Stains, are in the Sinclair motto with the phrase, "THY work." The Work Chief shares three lions in the colors of the same of Oulette's. The Sinclairs share the colors and the engrailed symbol with Stains. Oulette's use an "exPANDed" term to describe their moorcock's wings.

Mens'/Mame's were first found in Midlothian with Sinclairs, and the latter use the motto, "Commit THY work to God." The Mens'/Mame's likewise use a "God" motto term, suspect with Godfreys and Gothelo. Oulette's, who are also Willi's and other such terms, got suspect with WILLA of Tuscany, who, if I recall correctly, was related by marriage to Godfrey III, son of Gothelo, and duke of Lower LORRAINE (can you believe this?). Godfrey married Beatrice of BAR! She was the wife also of Bonaface III of Tuscany, son of Willa of Bologna, a term like the Boulogne home (Artois) of Godfrey's daughter.

While Oulette's use the moorCOCK, Mens-colored Willys ("Man's head") use a reflection of the Cocker Coat, but with roses, a symbol suspect in some cases with Rozala of Ivrea (home of ARDuinici), daughter of Willa of Tuscany. The Works/Werks may be a branch of Burghs/Berks -- same cross as Eustace's; see also the Stacys -- from John de Burgo, whose son (Herluin de Conteville/Comines) married the mother of William the Conqueror. A Hurt-Eustace relationship is exactly relevant because Eustace II married the daughter of Godfrey III.

Bodegisel Merovingians Afoot in Lorraine

As per the MOORcock, repeat: "the first believers I started to hang around with were Jeff MOORE and Joseph Oulette (Mike's brother), tending to point to the moorcock as though to prove that God wants to reveal Matthew liners at Metz liners." His name is JEFF Moore, likely born Jeffrey, and then Jeffreys are said to be from a version of "Godfrey." Jeffreys share six pale bars with English Babels, and English Babe's are the ones looking like they could be with a version of the Oulette fesse bars, all in the colors of the Jeffrey pale bars. It makes the Oulette lions look like the one of Palins/Pawleys (same place as Babe's) and Jeffreys. Welsh Bode's, can we believe it, use the Moore / Morgan lion, and the mythical witch of Avalon, Morgan le Fay, part-code for Morgans, was the same witch cult of de-Vere's Melusine (originally had a dragon tail), which is the mermaid tracing already to Mummolin's family. The Cornwall Veys/Vivians have just got to be a branch of Dutch Veys using the BOOT. Now you know a little of the line of Bodegisel, son of Mummolin and brother of the Babe-suspect line of Babon.

WOW. JUST REALIZED. One day I was telling readers that Lorraine had sun-bright blonde hair, and at that time I had been telling that she had beautiful feet. I looked up the Blonds at that very time (when saying, "sun-bright blonde," to find a sun in Crest with a foot in it! But here I have found a sun in the Crest of Babe's and Jeffreys while Blonds share six horizontal bars (not called fesses, but bars, or "barry" officially, when they are even-numbered) half in the colors of the Babe bars. Recall Oulette's comment, "WHAT a babe," and check out the WATTs mentioned in the original text back in the 3rd update of this year:

...It's interesting that while Quade's are also Wade's, White's/Wights (Quade colors) use QUATRefoils. Wade's could even be of the Fade variation of Feets/Fate's, and Watts were likewise first found in WORCestershire [caps mine here to suggest the Works/Werks]...

[Two paragraphs later:] It came to mind as I wrote "Laurence" above that Lorraine and [Lawrence] Kepke [Ukrainian father] were both sun-bright blonds, and this brought the blond BUDini [caps mine here] to mind that were at least south of Kiev [Ukraine]. I then looked up the Blonds to be reminded that they use a FOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And the foot is in a SUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "An armed foot in front of the sun, proper."

I was so impressed. I had found that Keeps share the same bend as Lorraine's, but that's another story. I also told that king Vladmir (the great) of Kiev had a daughter who married the son (Casimir) of Mieszko II, and the latter married Richeza of Lorraine. Tick-tack-foot, it appears that God made it possible to trace Bodegisel's name to a branch of Budini at Butua/Budva, then linked to Lorraine's Bar elements from Bar (lake Scodra), near Butua. The Grimms use suns in both Crest and Shield. From Grimo, right? And the Grime's/Grimms, first found in Cheshire with Foots, share the martlets of Fade's/Feets.

Budini-like Bodins are listed with Bode's/Botters, and Budins with Bidens/Buttons, both first found in the same place. Budins/Buttons can be using the fesse of Bute's/Butts/Bots/Boets, the ones that share a fish on a fesse with the Arms of Saraca. And, zowie, the Lorraine's use lions in colors reversed from the Moore / Morgan lion. Scottish Moore's, first found on-shore of Bute, and in the same place (Ayrshire) as Boyds, are in Bute/Butt / Bude colors, and use a SARACen's head while the Saraca's, suspect from Saracens, were at Kotor, beside Butua/Budva. The Arms-of-Saraca fish is in the white-on-blue of the Bar-le-Duc fish. See also the Bodeville-branch of Bothwells and the Tyne's/Boteville's (Blond bars?), the latter first found in Salop with the Sleeps that I trace to the Selepitanoi at the Butua / Bar theater.

German Bodes (Bode/Baux/Bot colors), with more roses, were first found in Brunswick, where Bars of Lorraine's Bar had a branch. Bode's/Baux's/Bots (same place as Bouillons) were, in my opinion, from the Bautica river. location of Ivrea. It starts to appear here that the first Templar kings of Jerusalem were, not only of the Pierleoni, but descended from Mummolin / Pepin Franks. The first king was Baldwin, son of Eustace II, and "Baldwin" is suspect from the BALTea river, the alternative name of the Bautica. Baldwin was the brother of Godfrey de Bouillon. The Baldwin Coat shares the Rust/Roost saltire, and Baldwins were likewise first found in Salop. Both surnames use the wyvern dragon in Crest. Add it up. It equals a Mummolin-family descent to Eustace II.

It's interesting that another sun (Sinclairs are Suns) can be found in the Crest of Tracks and Drigs (same lions as Lorraine's), while Tracks can be a branch of Drake's (same place as Bodins and Budens) who in-turn share a red wyvern with Rusts/Roosts. The Baldwin motto should be honoring the Pasi's of Bologna. Sinclairs were first found near the first-known Balders, and the latter use the Sinclair cross (almost the Rust-Roost cross), as well as the Rust/Roost fitchees. Balders use a "Constance" motto term while lake Constance was also, BODENsee, a great reason to trace its namers to the Bautica/Baltea, itself flowing to the Po, which was once called the BODENcus.

Godfreys (ribbon) were first found in Kent with Rusts/Roosts, and both use fitchee crosses. And wow, Kent is also where Darks/D'ARQUE's were first found that share the Rust/Roost saltire. The piece of paper on the billiard table had a small ARC in it, I can still see it to this day, and, later, when Obama was on a skateboard (as code for Skate's/Sheets and Suit-related Boards), he was going up an arched ramp with a DARK SUIT. I did not ever say that it was black, but always used "dark"...before I knew that Darks/D'Arque's could apply. In fact, until now, I don't recall clinching the Darks with that dream. But now that the dream also points to the Rusticus > Mummolin line, it seems the correct theory. There is an Arc river in Savoy that flows to the Isere, and the Isere flows to the near-south of Lyon. Rusticus was of Lyon.

The Airs/Ayers use quatrefoils in the colors of the Hurt cinquefoils. You will shortly see why heraldic hurts should apply to the billiard table. The Hurts share the Eustace stag.

The "Libertas" motto term of Godfreys assured that they were from Godfrey de Bouillon because it's a term seen with Dino's (Men's Chief-Shield colors), who are in turn from Taddei's that share the flory cross of Bouillons in both colors. Mummolin's ancestor, Decimus RUSTicus, ruled in Auvergne, where Bouillons were first found. The Dino's are suspect with variations of Diamonds/Dinhams because Diamonds share the Grimaldi lozenges, I think, because my mother's brother, Mr, Grimaldi, named his son, Dino. Rusticus was the ancestor of Grimo.

Assuming that I was given the impression that Lorraine was committing adultery as God's code for the Revelation harlot, it's interesting that I view her roots in Ishtar (of Babylon), for I trace "Este" to "Istria," location of Pola/Pula (almost the Pollock saltire), suspect with Poole but more suspect with Pollocks.

Bude is in Cornwall while Butua is now Budva. Bude's are in Bute/Butt colors, and I say that king Arthur's death was on Bute = the mythical Avalon, where Nicholas de Vere von DRAKENberg (satanic priest), suspect with the Drin-river Dragons/Drainers, places Melusine de Vere. That's the mythical Melusine mermaid that he says birthed Milo de Vere, count of Anjou shortly before Fulks became the first-known counts of Anjou. Babon's brother was BODEgisel. What was he named after?

While Ishtar had an ancient eight-pointed star as symbol, Bude's use a seven pointed star in the colors of the Bute/Butt estoiles. Heraldic hurts (blue roundels) are used by Arthurs, and so while he was born at Tintagel, near Bude, here's the Bude Crest: "A hurt charged with a gold star of seven points." The Bude Shield uses arrows, not surprising since Arrows are Arras' from the Artois capital.

It's interesting that while Table's use hurts too, assuring that king Arthur's Round Table (hurts are ROUNDels) was part-code for Table's (same place as Nickle's/Nicholls that may have named Nicholas de Vere), I was shooting a PAGE = PAPER (Pepin liners?) airplane on Obama's pool table from the area of the blue ball. This ball = hurt theme has never occurred to me, so far as I can recall. I have said to readers that I took the shot down the center of the table, but, I now think, the blue ball was relevant as code for Arthur / Hurt liners. The airplane became suspect with Plains/Platers (plates are heraldic roundels too), who happen to use fleur-de-lys colors reversed from the same of Pendragons.

Plus, can we believe it, while Loretta LYNCH was suspect as Obama's partner in owning the pool hall, and because the airplane is suspect with Loretta Lynch on her airplane, where Bill Clinton secretly met her to request obstruction of justice, the Lynch surname shares the LYNX with the PENES'/Pennys, whom I've long been tracing to the PENEStae, who lived near LYNCestes. Is that not amazing? It's as though the blue ball first confirms that Arthur liners are involved on the table, and then the airplane's location at the blue-ball spot suggests the lynx/Lyncestes line to the surname of Loretta Lynch, so as to verify the prior theory that the paper plane was code for that very woman.

The Hurts share gold cinquefoils with Ardens while Ardons are Artois'. The Hurt Coat shares the stag of Eustace's (item hanging from its neck), from Eustace II of Artois, father of Godfrey de Bouillon, whose ancestors used the Godfrey name too. It explains why the Godfreys use the colors and nearly the format of Hurts, and why Arthurs of Clapton (Somerset) had married Meads that use a near-match with the Godfrey Coat, both using pelicans as code for Pellicans, the latter first found in the Maine with Billiards/Billets, and likely from Pelagonia between Lyncestes and the Penestae. Arthurs use the pelican, we get it. If that's not enough, the Meads (married Arthurs of Selepitanoi-possible Clapton) use the footless martlet in the colors of the Josephs, likewise first found in Maine.

Babon's brother was BODEgisel. What was he named after? French Bode's/Baux's/Bots (Botter colors), whom I trace to the Bautica river, home of the ARDuinici, were first found in Auvergne with Bouillons, and also the location of Clermont-Ferrand, which had Bodegisel's ancestors. While Artems/Aitons (same place as Arthurs) share red-on-white roses with German Bute's/Butts/Bots/Boets (Artem/Aiton colors), Bodegisel was descended from ARTEMia of Clermont-Ferrand (born around 375 AD), mother of Decimus Rusticus.

As I eyed a red ball down the sights of my cue, sitting next to the corner pocket to my left, I saw no colored balls. Just one or two other red ones, which now recalls that the Arms of Boulogne uses red roundels in the colors of Eustace's. See also the Arms of the . Counts of Boulogne.

Also, while the page was made into a paper airplane, and while Papers are also Pepperwells, it's more than interesting that Peppers use the colors and format of Irish Arthurs (the ones with the hurts), and even share the chevron of Page's (this is all new right here). AND WOW, Peppers use scythes while Scythe's use the Coat of Sheets/Skate's to which the same dream pointed by two other means. And for the wow part, Scythe's were first found in AYRshire along with AIRs/Ayers!!! It was a paper AIRplane! You can't make this up.

Sheds were first found in Ayrshire too, while Sheds/Scheds use the potent cross of Skate's/Sheets and Scythe's/Skits/Skeochs. You can easily discover online that the flag of Templar Jerusalem used the potent cross. It is (or was) on the breast of Godfrey de Bouillon at his Wikipedia article. Shade's/Schade's use the same fesse as Hurts.

Obama became the president after having a relationship with the home-grown terrorist, BILL Ayers. And the Bills share pelicans with Godfreys and Meads while MEDleys share the tiger in Crest with Scythes' (with the second 's').

Munderic was a grandson of a second Rusticus of Lyon, the latter born around 455, just after Attila the Hun (died 453) came through France (keep in mind that Childeric (died 481/2) was the Frank king at the time). "MUNDeric" is therefore suspect from Mundzuk, the father of Attila, especially as Bled was Attila's brother while Bleds use the three Clare chevrons in colors reversed. The Clare chevrons are in the colors of the two Babon/Bavent fesses, and neither surname uses anything else, wherefore Clare's appear to be named after Babon liners and there Clermont-Ferrand ancestry, but married to a MundZUK line at some point. The ending of "MundZUK" starts to evoke "StrZOK".

The "tous" motto term of Bleds therefore traces well to Tous', first found in Firenze/Florence with Taddei's, which city is where I trace the Taddei-related Ferrands. And while Rusts/Roosts are suspect from Decimus Rusticus of Clermont-Ferrand, they were first found in Kent with the Amyntes-suspect Mynetts and Dragons/Drainers, the latter two using each other's helmets in colors reversed. Add to this add that Drake's and Rusts/Roosts (and German Dragons/Darno's) share the red wyvern dragon. Plus, French Ferrands are with the colors and format of Dragons/Drainers, which throws the Drin-river Penestae / Paeoni into this same Merovingian line, which can explain why French Ferrands use arrows heads, sometimes called, pheons, as the expected code for Paeoni liners.

Now Childeric's wife, Basina, is a line from Julius Bassianus, who was stationed by his emperor in Dalmatia, the Ardiaei theater. This and other factors easily explains why the Pendragon-Arthurian cult in Britain was looking Merovingian to me (starting from several years ago). As King Arthur was made dead in Bute, that's where the Saraca fish traces with the evidence of German Bute's/Butts, and the Saraca's lived in Dalmatia. The daughter of Julius Bassianus had married Julius Avitus, who has been traced excellently to Attila-like Tills / Tillers, where we find yet another wyvern dragon as well as the annulets of Avitus-line Vito's/Bitini's (feasibly Biden/Button/Buden liners?) in colors reversed. Dalmatia's Tilurius river can apply to Attila liners, but as Tillers/Tylors and Tails/Tailors (same lions) were definitely of that river, note that Talls share bees with Bessins and Childeric, and were first found in Thuringia with Basina's family. This "coincidence" proves that Basina was a Bassianus liner from Tilurius elements, yet as the Tills/Tillers (arrow, compliments the Ferrand arrow head) share both the dove and annulets with Bebbans/Bevans/BEEvans, it's linking Tilurius liners to Babe liners suspect with Mummolin > Babon, and it just so happens that English Babe's (Till colors) were first found in Dorset with the wyvern-using Tills.

It can now be suggested that Bitars/Butters were Vito/Bitini liners, and from there we go to the BUTTERflies of Tullia's, for Tullia of Lyon was wife, the historians assume, of Decimus Rusticus. The "butterFLIES" can apply to the clever code of Drake's, "muscas," which is actual code for the Muscas'/Mosca's of Tuscany, yet translated as "fly." It just so happens that Fly's (same fleur as Arrows/Arras') were first found in Hampshire with Drake's. Tullia' share a single pale bar with Tails/Tailors, tending to reveal that she was the Tilurius-river liner in the ancestry of Munderic > Mummolin, thus offering a good explanation as to the similarity of Munderic's name with that of Attila's father.

To help prove that the butterflies are part-code for Fly's, the latter are said to be from "FLAGi," which recalls that AFLACKS and Bitars/Butters share the same, fat, black, crusader cross, while the Syrian BAATHists were co-founded by Mr. Bitar and Mr. Aflaq. One can spot that the Fly martlets are those of French Josephs in colors reversed, because English Josephs were likewise first found in Hampshire. And while the Hampshire Bidens/Buttons share the chapeau cap with its owners, the Capelli's, the English Josephs can be gleaned with using versions of the Caplan and Chaplain Coats. The Bidens/Buttons take us back to the Bled motto term, "tous," because the Tuscany Tous' use a man wearing a shirt with buttons.

Recall the Fade's/Feets who shocked me back in April, for they share the fleur-de-lys of Flys while Flys share the chevron of Foots (branch of Fothes'). To clinch the link, the Foots use a "flag" in excellent example of heraldry's big mouth. A couple of generations after Mummolin, there was one "Saint Chlodulf (Cloud), Bishop of Metz", and the flags are used by McLeods/Clouds.

[I didn't learn until this update was ended that Berts use "An arm emerging from a cloud holding a garland of laurel." This update suggests that Berts can be from Berthe, Mummolin's wife. Laurel is shared by Lorraine's, Laurie's and Lowrys. Laurels/Laurins are suspect with Larins, and Scottish Larins (two of the three Clare chevrons) are Clarens too (from Clermont-Ferrand, we can assume), and they use "branches of laurel."]

Now that the reader can be at least half-convinced of a Tilurius- / Avitus-line link to both Childeric and the Rusticus > Babon / Badon line, we can explore the axes of wyvern-using Tills, Drake's and English Ferrands, asking also why the Decans and Deacons (same place as Clare's) use the axe as well as the Bath Coat in colors reversed. Bitini-like Battins/Badens (more axes) smack of Badon, Babon's nephew. Battins/Badens were first found at/near the Axe river, suspect with dwellers at the Axius river to the east side of the Paeoni. Can we simply draw a migratory line between the Paeoni and some Tilurius liners? The Axe river is near the first-known English Babe's. Tillers/Tylors share the crescents of Seatons, and there is a Seaton location at the end of the Axe river. I dare guess that the Syrian Baathists were named secretly as per descent from branches of Baths and Battins/Badens, which tends to suggest that Baathists were Western-Intelligence plants in Syria (not a stretch).

The black roundels of Tillers/Tylors are called pellets, and the fact that white roundels are plates suggest that Plate's were a Pellet / Pilate branch. German Plate's happen to share the white swan in the Bodin/Boyden/Boden Crest, and one can also compare plate-using Mussels/Muscels to the Tiller/Tylor Coat. Seatons, smacking of "Cetina," were first found around MUSSELburgh, and the Tilurius was alternatively the Cetina. Near the sources of the CETina were the Maezaei, and they probably lived on the nearby URBanus, suspect with the Orba area at CETis.

To trace Tilurius liners to the Hampshire Botters/Bode's/Bodins, who smack of the Bitars/Butters that linked above to Tullia, we take the black spots on the white cats of Cetins/Cattans, and compare with the black roundels on the white lions of Tillers/Tylors. It proves that Tillers/Tylors were from the Tilurius. We then take the Cetin/Cattan cats to the cat of Lucca's, noting that Italian Botters were first found in Lucca while sharing the bend of Chatans and Chattans/Cato's. Lucca is beside Pisa, where the first-known Muscas'/Mosca's were first found that share the leopard with the Tail/Tailor Crest. It's hard to mistaken these traces due to the abundance of evidence. Massai's/Massei's/Massars were first found in Lucca, and the wife of Julius Avitus was Julia Maesa (Bassianus).

And Cato's, by the way, were suspect with Chatillon, the alternative name of Chalons-sur-Marne, where Mummolin ruled. I had gotten the impression that Blake's were from Bled, because the Blez variation of Bleds can explain why Blaze's share the black Black saltire (Cattle-saltire colors), but, amazingly enough, the Blaze's use a reflection of the Rust/Roost Coat, and throw in gold martlets, the color of the Fly martlets. I'll show later why Flys can link to the Cattle suspect Keiths/MASCALs. Blaze's are said to be from near Le Molay, which recalls that the Templars, raised to heights by Mr. CLAIRvaux, eventually got for themselves the grand master, Jacques de Molay. At his Wikipedia article, he once had a red moline on his breast, and then it was changed to a black moline. These are the colors of the saltires of Blake's and their Cattle kin, both saltires coming with so-called MASCLEs (hollow diamonds).

The "crux" motto term of Blacks is for the Crux's, who share a black-on-white pale bar with Blake's, in the colors and format of the Tail/Tailor pale bar, and, again, the Tail/Tailer and Blake Crests have a leopard, the Muscas/Mosca symbol. The other Blake's put pellets on their dragon while Tillers/Tylor's put pellets on their lions. A family match. The Button-beloved Capelli's might just be using the split Shield of Pisa's in colors reversed, because Muscas'/Mosca's were first found in Pisa, where Bled-beloved Tous' were exactly/nearly first found who in-turn use a MAN with buttons. While Manns/Manners share the Massey / Besant quadrants, the Besants use an upright leopard on red, the Muscas/Mosca symbol. If all correct, note that while Bute'/Butts are said to have lived in Falaise, Fallis' can be sharing the Pisa lion.

? The Fallis trefoils should link to the same of Verona's (same place as Chappes'), who in turn share the fish of Pesci's, who were in-turn first found in the same place (Venice) as Capelli's and Fallis'. All four surnames are in the same colors, but Verona's use a reflection of the Bute/Butt Coat, and so check out the Bute-liner Bothwells, with the Verona Coat minus the fish. Childeric's capital was moved by Clovis to Paris, the location of La Falaise, itself right beside where Chappes' were first found. Isn't the Verona fish the white-on-blue Saraca fish, since Saraca's are expected with Butua elements? Sharks were determined to be Saraca liners, and they share the trefoil with Verona's and Falaise's, and Sharks use the heron, the symbol of Orne's. It just so happens that Falaise is near the Orne river. The material in this paragraph is new and tends to clinch Saraca's with Butua liners in Normandy's Orne area. Falaise is near Ferte-Mace, home of the Masseys i.e. from Julia-Maesa / Maezaei liners out of the Tilurius, right?

We can spot here that the Fly-line Drake's, sharing the wyvern with Tills, were linked to Massei's and neighboring Muscas', explaining why Muscels share the colors and format of Tillers/Tylors...close to that of Dragons/Drainers while Dragons/Darno's share the red wyvern with Drake's. But then the Bogans (Cornwall) use the Till wyvern in colors reversed, while German Bogans are in Bug colors while the Bug river in Ukraine had a Neuri peoples suspect as kin of the Budini. I don't think I've ever seen evidence that Attila was from China way, and maybe he was a Budini-related bloodline. Perhaps "Bled" was a Budini variation.

Recall the Metz entity of Pepins, a city in the Mussel-like Moselle area, for Metz's use lots of besants, code for the Bassus > Bassianus line to Basina. This can explain why Scottish Mathie's/Manns use a motto term looking like code for Faucets, said to be from a few miles from Musselburgh. Recall the Mats/Matthews and Matz's/Mathews. Then, can we believe it, English Mathie's/Mathews show nothing on the Shield but the three Bled chevrons. Mathis-river elements are thus linkable to Bled-Hun line, and the Penestae of the Mathis are can be gleaned where the Mathie's/Manns share the five-pointed MacArthur crown, perhaps a version of the Bessan crown. Note that English Bessans share the Massey / Mann/manner quadrants, likely explaining why Mathie's show a Mann variation. Manns/Manners use a club that I think is code for king CLOVis, i.e. Basina's son. Note that English Manns (dragon and "ardua"), who come up as Mynett-like "Ment," use the colors and format of Dragons/Drainers i.e. from the Drin, which circles around the Mathis (now the Mat). The savage holding the Mann(er) club suggests that the Savage's (same place as Masseys) are using the Tiller/Tylor / Tail/Tailer lions in colors reversed. And as we are on the line of Pepin of Landen when talking Metz, note that the "Mens" motto term of Pepins gets us to Manners found in the Mens/Mame write-up.

The Manns share pellets with, and almost have the colors and format of, the Tillers/Tylers.

And the Bassus' of royal CETIS are suspect with the naming of the Cetina river. Cetis' Kennati priests were at Olba, also called, ORBa, and the Metz besants are on "a gold ORB" (itself a giant besant), can you believe what heraldry has just revealed? An "orbem" motto term is used by Scottish Kids, suspect with the "CITis" variation. English Kidds share white goats with Manns, and the dove in the Kidd Crest can go to the Bebban/Bevan dove (both use blue Shields) because Kidds were first found in Suffolk with Babons/Bavents. The "impLEAT" motto term of the Kids can be for Leats because they share the red-on-gold crescents of Tillers/Tylors, but then Pino's use red crescents while tracing to king Pinnes. Leats were first found so near the first-known Cetina-suspect Seatons that the two surnames must be sharing crescents closely. Leats were first found in Edinburgh, roughly or exactly where Mens'/Mame's were first found.

To help prove that Kids are honoring Leats, the Kid oak with striped hunting horn is a version of the Lothian Coat while Leats were first found in Midlothian. The Lothians throw in a PINE tree, apparently for their Pinnes ancestry. Kid's call there's a "green tree," and then the Leats use a motto that is a version of, "True to the end" (of Home's/Hume's), which honors the True's/TREE's. Watts use a tree of their own, and are suspect with the Wade variation of Quade's, from Quadratus Bassus, who married royal Cetis. The hunting HORN is a symbol of Orne-river liners, and that's where we find Caen while Caens show a "citis" term buried in their motto. The Tills are said to be from a Tilley location near Caen, in the Bessin.

Bute-liner Bothwells use the pine tree too.

Merovingian Morells and their Clausula Elements

The evidence is overwhelming for a Bassus trace through Julius / Julia Bassianus' and Basina to Mummolin, mayor of the Merovingian palace. Mummolin ruled Theuderic I, "the son of Clovis I and one of his earlier wives or concubines (possibly a Franco-Rhenish Princess, EvoCHILDis of Cologne). He inherited Metz in 511 at his father's death. In accordance with Salian tradition, the kingdom was divided between Clovis's four surviving sons: Childebert I in Paris, Chlodomer in Orleans, and Clotaire I in Soissons." As for Mummolin, "He married (Berthe B?), daughter of Maurilion and an unknown wife. Maternal granddaughter of a Chlodomir II, a French King of the fifth century and a sister of the Dux Aunulf." It sounds as though Mummolin married the daughter of the heir/son of Clovis' son, Chlodomer. Mummolin's father claimed to descend from Merovingian royalty, and, if true, I assume he was though Basina's veins. .

Checking Maurilion-like surnames, wow, the Italian Maurels/Maurini's use an eight-pointed-star version of the Bute/Butt Coat. The Buttons/Bidens are loved by Tous' who share the same eight-pointed stars as well as the look of the Maurel/Maurini and Bute/Butt Coats. I only-just-now saw the "VIDENtur" motto term of Bute's/Butts, smacking of "Biden" and the Bitini variation of Vito's. This is good material.

As Bute's/Butts are Este liners, we note the "esto" motto term of English Morells. That motto term is shared by Weavers, whose Webber branch uses the Pepin bend. Weaver's are Keep kin as per the "weaver's shuttle" of Keeps, and Morells happen to share the Keep bend! Excellent. Keep's were first found in Sussex with Bone's while Morells use a "Bono" motto term. TONGs/Tongue's (can be responsible for heraldic tongues) are in Bute colors, and show a version of the Bone Coat, while Mummolin's brother ruled TONGeren. And Weavers share the fesse of Beavers/Bavers, a thing I don't recall discovering before, suggesting that Weavers are a Beaver branch, but then the Bavers/Babars have a Baber location in Suffolk, where Babons/Bavents were first found. This is really big where I identify Mr. Kepke (like "Keep") with Syphax (Numidia, contemporary with Hannibal), for BARCa, father of Hannibal, has been entertained with the namers of Berkshire, where Beavers/Bavers were first found. Hannibal brought elephants to Europe for his invasion, and a Mrs. Brunhoff created Babar the elephant (in 1931); perhaps she knew that Beavers / Babars were Hannibal liners.

I had traced Hazels and Heslingtons/Hazeltons (is that Hasdrubal in their Crest?) to Hasdrubal, a name of the Carthaginians, including Syphax's father-in-law, before knowing that Weavers could link to Carthaginians / Numidians, and here I can add the obvious: Weavers use the Hazel fesse. And, it now occurs to me, the Hazels share gold crescents with Others, the proto-Windsors, who lived at Berkshire's Windsor castle!

Can we believe it? Hannibals/Annabels (Norfolk, beside Babons/Bavents) share double-red fesses with Babons/Bavents! They are the Sleep fesses in colors reversed, but also the fesses of Nysa-line Ness'/Nessans. And it struck me moments ago that Bavars/Babars use the Forney chevron in colors reversed! Incredible, for both surnames use nothing but their chevron (rare), and Forneys were suspect weeks ago with Furnace's, from "Pharnaces," husband of queen Nysa of the Pontus! Wow.

BEHOLD, I kid you not. After writing the above, and not before, I recalled that the chevron of FORneys (FORward" motto) BalFOURs in colors reversed, and they too use nothing but a chevron, except that they put an otter on it. The Others are Otters too! For another black chevron on white, see the Watch's/Wage's/Wedge's, who are in the Other/Otter motto. Plus, for what it's worth, Seatons/Sittens use crescents in colors reversed from those of Others, as well as sharing "forward" with Balfours...but that's not all, for they also use "HAZard" while Hazels share gold crescents with Others. Remember, Others are from Lombardy lords, but that's not all, for Others share the bend of Keeps in both colors. Hannibal invaded the Placentia area, not far from the Milan area of the Mummolin line, and he left trusted men there to govern...who had children leading to surnames, right?

Mr. Kepke is Lawrence, like the Laurk variation of Larks, and Barca-suspect Barcs/Barks/BERKs (same place as Hannibals/Annabels and Larks) use larks. The Larks (Bug / Bogan colors) use nearly the Fly Coat with yet another black chevron. The connections look full-proof, and even as though God named Kepke's first name. But why is his father Ukrainian? Were the Varangian founders of Kiev from Lombards of Sweden, and had they came from Hannibal's relatives in the first place? I root Varangians in Varni, and Varns are in Lark / Fly colors while Fly-loving Drake's use a wvVERN dragon as likely code for Varni. Tacitus said that Varni and Lombards both worshiped Nerthus, whom I trace to the Ukrainian Neuri. The Varni/Warni should be to the Warrens/Warenne's, who share the Coat of Wards suspect in "forWARD," and while Seatons and Sutys use that motto term, the Sutys use "nothing" while Nothings (share the Seaton dragon) are also Nerthus-like Northens. The Neretva river comes to mind, and as it was the home of ARDiaei, note "hazARD."

Drake's were first found in the same place as Josephs, and the latter use a "mago" motto term whole Mago was Hannibal's and Hasdrubal's brother. We find that the Lark and Joseph Crests share the gold garb while the Larks use a version of the Fly Coat, which has the martlets of French Josephs in colors reversed. The Fly / Lark / Foot / Fothes chevrons are in the colors of the three of Levi's while the Lark martlets, FOOTless, are in the colors of the Living and Saddock/Sedgwick martlets, the latter surname first found in Sussex with Keeps...and elephant-using Mascals who use the Saddock escutcheon in colors reversed. Scottish Mascals, same place as Seatons.

Weavers and Hazels are in Charo/Claro colors, who are in the Joseph motto. In fact, I also see Vlads in the same motto, recalling Vladimir "the great" of Kiev (Varangian). Were Lombards in the company of the Kiev Varangians?

"FootLESS" should be partly for Less'/Lush's, who use the BARD boar in colors reversed, which can suggest a Bard entity that named LomBARDs. In fact, zowie, the Less/Lush Crest is a gold crescent, the color of the Other crescent!!! Other's were the Lombardy line to Berkshire's castle, and Less'/Lush's were first found in Berkshire. And so were the Cremona-suspect Croms (quatrefoils). Less'/Lush's are said to be from Loches, while Loches/Locks/DeLOGES' use cinquefoils in the colors of the quatrefoil-like items that are the Arms of Lombardy (didn't know it when starting this paragraph). Is this not a significant discovery? The cinquefoils are in the colors and format of the roses of Primo's (mirror), and both surnames were first found in Burgundy along with Loges' (we are on Ligurians). Prime's use a human leg, Leck / Leak liners linkable to FOETes (see that topic below) on the Leck river. The Primo leg is used in Loches colors by Prophets/ProFETTS, believe it or not. If I recall correctly, the mother of Fulk II of Anjou was Miss Loches, and so let's add that I trace the heraldic mirror to Mire's/Mireux's, first found in Anjou?

I've been entertaining, for some years, a trace of "HASdrubal" to the namers of a modern Has location (Albania) at the northern Drin river, the river of the Dragons/Drainers and Pendragons to which Drake's should trace. Before discovering Selepitanoi, I tended to think that Carthaginian / Hasdrubal / Hannibal roots were in the proto-Albania theater of BC times, and so because Has is near the Selepitanoi while Hannibals/Annabels share the Sleep fesses in colors reversed, it may indicate the connection to both Selepitanoi and Ardiaei.

Keeps are suspect from "Kiev," where a Varangian princess (Vladimir's daughter) married the son of Mieszko II, who himself had married Richeza of Lorraine, explaining why Lorraine's use the Keep bend too. One could expect Lawrence's / Larks/Laurks to be Lorraine elements from this picture. The Bone-branch Bonns (Tarent eagle?) use a Coat much like that of Lorraine's (share green lion with Lyons). But Lorraine's also use the Child/CHILL eagle while Chills (Childeric liners, right) are suspect at the Chillingham location of the Hebrons/HEPburns, the ones using a "Keep Tryst" motto. Then, the Leats use a "Trustie" motto term while Nimo's, who are apparently in the "animo" motto term of Morells, share the Leat crescents.

The Maurini variation smacks of Terentia Murena, excellent, for the Maurels/Maurini's happen to share the fesse in the Arms of Fanano, a Modena location near Marano. The fesse is also that of German Bodens/Buddens (share red roses with Bute's/Butts/Boets). In the Maurel/Maurini write-up, a Gondolfo (!) Maurello, smacking of Mummolin's brother, Gondulphus of TONGeren. Excellent, tending to prove that Bute's/Butts and Bude's were from Bodegisel while also tending to clinch a Maurel trace from MumMOLIN's father-in-law. To what in Lombardy can we link the Italian Maurels, first found in Lombardy's capital (Milan)? Why are Scottish Milans/Millens in MOLINE colors?

The Tong Coat is a better reflection of the English Mountain Coat than the Bone Coat. This reminds of my reading that French Mountains married Claviere's, the latter first found in Auvergne, location of Clermont-Ferrand, explaining why the descriptions page gives Claviere's keys, the Clermont symbol too (both use white-on-red saltires). Houseofnames shows two eagles for Claviere's, facing in opposite direction, in the same area of the Shield as the same of Murena's.

Recall the Blake's and their Cattle kin (both use "frets"), for while the Blaze's use what looks like a version of the Rust/Roost saltire, the Blaze Chief has martlets in the two colors of the Mountain / Tong martlets...shared also by Byers while Byroms/Berone's share "tous" with Bleds/Blez's.

The other Clermonts use the Arms-of-Dauphine dolphins, apparently, and so the dolphin-using Marleys and their Morlaix location become suspect from the name of Mummolin's father-in-law.

I have got to remind readers here that God gave me a dream (He proved it using heraldry) where I picked up a sleeping BAG, at which time a biker came down the hill to where I picked it up, and then circled around, came back up the hill, and rode off. That biker was identified (by me of course) as Dave MORLey (old friend), and from this I predicted that the killers of judge Scalia were somehow associated with the Morley / Morland / Morell bloodline. But even if I have that prediction wrong, the sleeping bag is expected with Bags (Bug-river Ukrainians?), from the Mummolin > Babon > Grimo line. Badon, in a second Mummolin line, is suspect from the Budini, who lived south of Kiev at/near a Trypillia location of the Trypillians, and then the Trusts in the Hepborn motto use a "TREPidum" motto term. English Trips were first found in Kent with the slew seen above from Mummolin. And German Trips once showed BOOTS, no guff.

Morleys and Morlands share "jessant" leopard faces, which could be code for Jess'/Jessons, who happen to use red roosters that trace with Bag kin to Babon.

The bag was on a hill, and Hills share the tower in the colors of the same of Clavers/Cleavers, who share the key with Claviere's. Perfect. And TickHILLs share the maunch with Mansfields probably because the latter were related to Tighs/Tease's/Tye's. And by the way, Teague's/Teegers use a "SumMUM" motto term. Tighs/Tease's and Mansfields, I discovered some hours after ending this paragraph, were first found in the same place (Nottinghamshire) as Tonks (estoile). We are back to Mamie's symbolism, and she's the Mummolin line. Tickhills were first found in Yorkshire with Tongs ("Steady" motto) and their Stead kin (as well as Ferrands). The Steads use the colors and format of Mansfields (and Mangels/Mansells), which are also the colors and format of the tent-using Tintons, which recalls that I slept with Mamie in a sleeping bag in her tent.

Thongs are listed interestingly with Tyne's/BOTville's, first found in Salop with Sleeps, good reasons to trace Thongs or Tongs to Tongeren elements. And if they apply to Attis > Tiss / Tigh liners, let's add that the Tonk estoile is suspect as an Este symbol from Ishtar-suspect "Istria," while Sturs use three of the two Babon fesses. From this angle, Tongeren was an Ishtar entity that can be expected with AtTIS' Hatti elements through Athens / Attica, where a myth writer used the thigh to portray Athena. For all we know, there was a thigh- / tye-like term even way back then that became an Attis symbol (Tonks were first found in the same place as Tease's/Tye's).

I'm referring here to the Ishtar > Cybele line, and while Cybele was named after Cabelees, or vice-versa, and because she had been made the mother of Lydians while Apollo's mother (Leto/Latons) represented some aspect of the Lydia > Latin line, it's interesting that Tongs use the martlets of Apollo-like Apple's and Applebys. "Cabelees" looks like the Abello version of "Apollo." Plus, estoile-using Bute's were out of Apollo-line Avalon, from an Avellino line through Avallon, the latter a real place probably within political reach of Mummolin's domain. The area usually shown for Lemovices (they could have been elsewhere at another time) was not far away, and they were from Lemnos, the island of the thigh line.

The Tonks use two symbols only, both singles, the symbols of Morte's/Motts whom I know to be in-code with the mythical work, "Le Morte d'Arthur," the myth that had king Arthur die in Avalon. Morte's/Motts use the crescent of Deaths/Darths, you see. The latter were from Flanders, location of Tongeren. I see the Morte's/Motts/Mottins as a branch from Modane on the Arc river, and both ARKs and Modens/Modeys were first found in Berkshire with Tonk-like Dunks, who are in-turn in Death/Darth colors and likewise from Flanders. The ANTELope of Dunks gives away their being from PLANCIA Magna, from Berk-like Perga, beside ANTALya, for the Dunks share the tower of Plunketts, first found in Brittany beside the Morte's/Motts of Cotes-du-Nord. Plancia Magna is known to descend from GLAPHYRa ARCHelaus (as with Opgalli), explaining why the Plunkett tower is used by CLAVERs, and then it's the Claviere's who married the Mountains while English Mountains use a version of the Tong Coat. As Glaphyra is suspect with the line of Pharnaces and Nysa, I'll record here that Dunks may be using the Forney chevron. This paragraph has valuable information to build upon, but will I remember it? I'm pressed for time right now. The Arc river flows to the Isere (Israel-like term), and Herod Archelaus was banished from Israel (by Caesar) to Vienne-Isere.

Again, the capital of Cappadocia went by a KAYsariya/Kayseri term that can be to the Cue's/Kews, who have a Coat in good Coat reflection to that of Applebys (exactly the Arms of Sussex), important because the latter share the Mountain martlets. Clavers and Claviere's use KEYs, and Keys are also Kays. The Mounts are also Mons', and Mons is in Flanders. Mons is/was the Hainaut capital, and the counts / county of Hainaut (see Wikipedia article) once used the three Levi chevrons (otherwise, I don't know who else uses them, and I've had eyes open for it for almost ten years). Mounts/Mons' probably use the Arms-of-Hainaut lion, and were first found in Peebles-shire suspect with Papia/Pavia, a city on the Ticino founded as Ticinum by the Laevi Gauls. It questions whether "HAINaut" was named after a line from Annas, and the Annas surname was first found in the same place as Tighs/Tease's/Tye's and Tonks, the latter using a crescent half in the colors of the Hain crescent.

Kent is also where Royals/Roille's were first found that should explain the "royal tents" of Tintons. But then Rolls/Rowles' (not sure if they were a Roille branch) were first found in Yorkshire, which is where Fade's/Feets were first found who linked well above with Foots / Fothes', the latter in Roll colors. Rolls share a fesse-dancette with Cheatle's, the latter first found in Cheshire with Foots, and Cheatle's (same place as red-fesse Grime's/Grimms that share the Fade/Feet martlets) have a red fesse in the colors of the Fade/Feet fesse. Moreover, the Roll Crest, "a roll of parchMENT," can be code for MUNDeric liners, for one of two Ment surnames was first found in the same place as Rolls, and the other is with the Manns, first found in Aberdeenshire with the Fothes'. Repeat: "Note that English Manns (dragon and "ardua"), who come up as Mynett-like "Ment," use the colors and format of Dragons/Drainers...The Manns share pellets with, and almost have the colors and format of, the Tillers/Tylers."

The Feets bring us back to babe Lorraine, and she turned out to be a Jehovah's Witness. My only theory on why that would be, from God's perspective, was the JW founder, Charles Russell. Here I can add that Russells (Dorset, beside the Babe's, and in the same place as Tills) use the white Mann/Ment goat, as well as the Meschin and Flag/Flack scallops while Meschins share the Tiller/Tylor / Mussel/Muscel colors and format, while Mussels were in the theater of Cheatle-branch Keiths/Mascals. It's the Foots that use a flag as code for the Flagi ancestry of Flys. It's as though a fly on the Illuminati wall revealed this. The Keiths are said to be from a Catti tribe, a good reason to trace them to "Cetina" and the Cetins/Cattans.

There is a Serio river coming south toward Crema and Cremona, the latter being where Batti's/Botta's were first found, suggesting that the red-on-white Batti/Batto (eight-pointed) stars are shared by Seers and Carrs (not eight points, however), the Seers looking like a branch of Sere's. This goes back to "Battistelli," which recalls that Stelli's use the giant eight-pointed star, which is the star (same colors, not giant) of Maurels/Maurini's, the latter first found in Lombardy, where the Serio river flows. That's amazing, tending to verify that Batti's and Battistelli's are from Mummolin and his wife, likely through Bodegisel.

I've been neglecting Morello's (Florence), who use a version of the Morinis Coat, adding weight to a Morinis equation with Maurels/Maurinis'. (Morello's share a rare "inverted" chevron with Chanute's.)

As the name of Mummolin's father was suspect from "MundZUK," let's recall that the page on the billiard table was represented by a Battistelli song, and that the page was shot into a Seer-like sewer as code for Peter StrZOK (!), and, if you can believe it, the page was shot into the CORNER pocket while Corners/Garners use two of the symbols (acorns and single fleur-de-lys), both on a blue Shield (the colors overwhelmingly of Bodegisel liners), of French Maurels/Moralles'!! Zikers. And while "Mummolin married the daughter of the heir/son of Clovis' son, CHLODomer," the Maurel/Moralles acorns are in the colors (Bute/Butt colors) of the same of Clauds/Clots! Shock and awe. That surname's Clausel variation has been suspect with the Clausula river flowing to lake Scodra, very close to Butua! God is a complete genius. I trust the reader has by now resolved that no human could possibly fabricate the billiard-table dream and everything I'm linking to it in the way that I find myself doing.

The plates that we saw with Tillers/Tylors and related others now reminds that while the page was turned into a plane, Plains are also Platers. The latter share the same fleur as Salian-related Sale's/Salletts.

I've told this story before, that a Mrs. Babcock and her son got hold of my checkbook and wrote six checks out, forging my signature, redacting my name and address at the top, then making the checks out to a fictitious name with Kizzle surname, and depositing the checks, signed on the backs by her son, into her bank account via the bank machine. They were caught after the sixth check. I called her, and she gave all the money back. I didn't press charges. I took this event as proof that Babcocks were from Mummolin, for Kizzle's are suspect with Kissels/Kissle's (Hun dog in Crest?), terms like "BodeGISEL." Recall the link between Lady Fortune in the Klassen Coat (Glaze colors) with the Hun surname (same place as GLAZe's), for, while the Kissel Crest may have the white dog of Huns, Kessels have a Shield a little like KLASSens, and the two surnames could be consonant-reversal versions of one another. Cassels come to mind who share parts of the Kennedy Coat while Kennedys were first found beside Glasgow. Why is there a HUNSruck area in the Cassel theater of Germany?

I've read that "Gisel" was, to Bodegisel's family circle, a name in itself. It became suspect with KIZLYar, the Khazar capital in Alania. It's believed by some that the line of Attila was at Kizlyar. Can this mean that Kizlyar was a Glass liner? Why are Glassens also shown as HOUNeens!? If I'm correct for tracing Glass' to "Wallis" canton, it suggests (to me) that Wallis'/Wallace's, Walsers and Walsh's were all Clausula-river liners. The Greys, beloved of the heraldic greyHOUND, use the same lion as Wallis'/Wallace's and Marano's/Mauritano's, and Walsh's love the Mortons (share goat with Walsers and Gissels). German Huns have Hound-like variations, and use the Fortuna Coat as a greyhound, upright and in the colors of the Grey lion. The latter's Coat is a colors-reversed version of the Talbot Coat, and Talbot share the upright, red lion with Clausula-like Claus', both using borders on their Shields. While the Fortuna dog is called just a dog, the Huns call their dogs, talbots. Both Talbot Coats are versions of both Scott Coats, and Scotts are suspect with "SCODra," the lake into which the Clausula drains. The Selepitanoi of the Scodra area trace to Sleeps, first found in Salop with TalBOTs...who might just be Butua kin.

"Lady Fortune" traces well to the GLASgow motto term, "Lord," for Lords are Lauds while Ladys are Laudymans (Barone annulets?). The Lady/Laudyman Chief has been suspect as a version of the Anchor Chief, and Greys love Anchors. Ladys/Laudimans were first found in NorthAMPTON, and Lords/Lauds share the Ampton well as the pheons of Glaze's and Pilate's. The Pellets and Pilotte's share cups, and CUPionich/KOPlik is a location on the Clausula. The Cups/Cope's (same place as Banners) and Copps are an obvious branch of Cope's/Copes' (all three share the Glasgow chevron), the latter first found in the same place as Ladys/Laudymans, believe it or not.

As I've said, the Banner surname and the heraldic banner are codes for the Panaro river at Marano. Lady Fortune holds a banner. I read that Montforts own the gonFANON banner, and while Fanano is very near Marano, the Marano/Mauritano lion is also the Montfort lion (minus one TAIL). Let's remind that the Arms of Fanano uses the same fesse as the Maurels/MAURINI's (come up as "Maurinis"), and then the Morinis', first found in Modena, where Fanano and Marano are located, use two of those fesses, as well as the fleur of the Brittany Maurels in colors reversed. There is a Montfort location in the Brittany province that holds Dol.

The Glaze Chief-Shield colors are those of Brocks too, and Brocks share the fleur of both the Cope's and the Maurels, the latter being the ones sharing the acorns of Clauds/CLAUSELs, tending to trace Cope's once again to Cupionich/Koplik. Maurels were first found in Brittany, and the Stewarts from that place share the Brock motto. If we compare the Brock motto to that of Maurels. we will see the similarity, both burying a "scit" term suspect with Skits/Skeets' and their Skate/Sheet branch, all suspect with Schutz's (greyhound) from or to lake Scodra. It works.

"Cupionich" was claimed (by me) to be of "Caepionis," an elongated version of the ancient Caepio's. The Cope's happen to use an "animo" motto term while Nimo's were first found in Stirling with Chappes'. The Colp variation of Cups/Cope's tends to assure that Cupionich liners were from the Colapis river, also called the Kupa. It was the river of the Japodes (mythical Jupiter, my discovery) beside the Una, the latter being of mythical Juno (my discovery), the Young / June / Jeune line to the three sisters all named Junia Caepionis. The COLapis traces to Cole's, who use a "serva" motto term likely for elements from Servitium, near the mouths of the Una and Colapis. The mother of the Junia's was SERVilia. I expect these terms to have been proto-Serbs, who ended up near the Clausula, and perhaps on it too. Servitium is on the Sava river while Sava's/Savage's share the black lion paw with Quints (same place as Brocks), from Quintus Caepio, Servillia's grandfather. June's, Jeune's (in the Young motto) and Caepionis-like Capone's, with Chappes-like Chapmans even, were all first found in the same place, all beside COLchester.

Kyle's, sharing the Glass stars, claim to be from king Cole of Colchester, and were first found near Glasgow, while Glasgows are the ones sharing the Cup / Cope / Copp chevron. The Kyle candleSTICKs were resolved with the Sithech ancestry of cup-using and Sava-like Shaws, from Perthshire, home of Cup-related Pilote / Pilotte liners, and beside the first-known Scottish Chappes' of Stirlingshire. Caiaphas and Pilate together killed Jesus.

Merovingians were from Merowe/Meroe, now in Sudan. Wikipedia said that Meroe was also called, BEDEWE, which tipped me off concerning the BATAVI Franks, living at the mouth of the Rhine with the Salian-Merovingians. Clearly, the Salians must have been merged with Batavians, and here we might just be able to identify Battistelli's as Batavians, from mythical Merops, king of ancient Ethiopia (he probable represented Merowe). Mythical Helios mated with Merops' wife, and Helios was the god of Rhodes at CARia. The proto-Batavi likely named the original name of the Po as well as it's PADOVA area in the land of the Veneti, which is where Merovingians traced themselves.

The Serio is so close to Val Trompia (still in Lombardy), we can now be certain that the Tromp acorns are the same-colored ones of Maurels/Maurini's. Excellent. Acorns traced to the Orne river with heron-liner Haverans and AVARan Hachorani Maccabee, and then Merovingians formed marital alliances with AVARs, not to mention with some northern Lombards (namers of Lombardy). The ancestors of the BERKshire Windsors (partly descended from Dol Alans) are in the Other write-up, said to be from Lombards, and, zikers, BERGamo is either on or near the Serio. If the Brittany Maurels were connected to Dol, we can add that Dols were first found in the same place as German Trumps/Tromps, way up in the north where Lombards generally originated. The Scottish Lombard surname was first found in Renfrewshire, where the Dol Alans settled when escaping England. Brittany's Montfort is near Rennes, suspect in naming Renfrewshire. Raines' share the white lion with Montforts.

Raines' may be honoring the Parrs with "parium," who use the double Morinis fesses in colors reversed (see the double bars of Parrs with Nysa-line Nissans). Parrs were resolved with the husband (Pharnaces) of queen Nysa of the Pontus, and her ancestry in king Cassander is to the Cassandra's/Casano's of Modena, who are the Cassane's of the Pattersons' suspect in one Banner motto. Pattersons were from king AntiPATER, Cassander's father, suspect with Antipater, father of the first king Herod of the Jews. It explains why a son of the first king Herod married Glaphyra Archelaus of Cappadocia, because queen Nysa of Cappadocia was a daughter or granddaughter (I forget) of the Nysa above. Glaphyra is the line to Claviere's who married the MOUNTains, perhaps a branch of MONTforts. Recall that one Mountain Coat is expected with Tongs, probably from the Mummolin line in Tongeren.

Nysa proved by means to be of the Ness/Nessen Coat (shares double fesses with Nissans), and here we can add that the Brittany Maurels use a "NEScit" motto term, as well as "virTUS" suspect with the Tous' that share the eight-pointed stars (same colors) of Maurels/Maurini's. "VIRtus" is thereby revealed as part-code for the VIRE river (between Manche and the Bessin), for Brocks, first found in Essex with Vere's, use "VIREscit," having the same "scit" ending as "NeSCIT." The Vires' are listed with Verone's (not "Verona"), and while Verona's are also Vairs, the Vire was probably named by the Vere's of Manche, who share the Massey / Besant / Mann quadrants, and the blue boar of Verone-like Berone's. The Skits share the potent cross of Brock-branch Brocuffs, clinching the "scit" term with Skits, a branch of Sheets found in the Obama dream. Irish Weirs use the Grimaldi lozengy in the bendwise style of the Arms of Bavaria, and the other Vairs almost use the Irish-Weir Shield. The Vair-related Fers/Ferrats share the Shield of Italian Ferrands.

The "HONor" motto term of Seers can be code for a Hun line. In fact, I had traced the Klassens to the Clausula, and while Klassens use "Lady Fortune," the Fortune's/Fortuna's (Tuscany) use an upright dog in the colors of the same of German Huns, though I see this dog from the Arms of Canossa, which is a house said to have been birthed from Tuscany's Lucca i.e. where Botters were first found. And the "Fortuna" motto term is used by BARone's (rhymes with Bute-liner Verona's), feasibly from Bar at the Butua theater. German Fortuna's have a lion holding a CLUB while CLOVis was born, CHLODovech. There you have it, heraldry's big mouth again, telling of a Hun link to the Childeric line. Note that English Huns/Hungetts (Yorkshire) share the same-type dog as Canossa and Fortuna's, and use the colors and format of Childs and Clubs (Car chevron?).

While on Byers (martlets) and Byroms/Berone's earlier, I checked the hedge's as pert the Bryrum hedgehogs, to sense that Hedge's (Kent again, same place as Gards) were from the Adige river coming down the east side of lake Garda. Val Trompia is off the west side. It reminded that Grime's/Grimms share the green footless martlet with GARDs (same chevron as Byers). Recall that my sleeping with Mamie was about the Grimo line to my mother's Grimaldi name, for, the next night, Mamie was at her front GARDen, while Gardens share the black boar with the Hoggs suspect in "hedgeHOG." Gardens use a "JUNGunter" motto term while Jungs are Youngs sharing the Tromp/Trump stag, apparently, while other Youngs share "Toujours" with Gards. Perfect, thanks again to the Genius. The Gard Chief is in the colors of the HOGen Chief, and Hogens use the three annulets of the Young Chief in colors reversed. An Arms of Waterford in my possession uses a stag head in the colors of the Trump/Tromp stag head, and Irish Barone's (boar) were first found in Waterford.

The Car motto and stars apparently love Sere's / Seers, and can therefore be named from "Cremona," or vice-versa. Irish Carrs share estoiles on blue with Bute's/Butts, and even use a Clavo" motto term. The Zerrs/Zehrers (share axe with Battins) are suspect with Zharingers of Baden, and then Battins are also Badens. The man in the Zerr/Zehrer Crest is "CARRYing an axe," you see, and there is a CARY castle (home of Leavells) in Somerset, location of the Axe river and the first-known Battins/Badens. So, Carys are suspect with Carrs of Cremona elements along the Serio river.

When we get to Cremona-suspect Cramers (same place as Courcys), a red rooster as well as a "CUSTodet" motto term for Custs, a branch of red-rooster Kiss'/Cush's that trace with Leavells to Laevillus. The Cramer rooster stands on a green mound similar to the red rooster standing on a green cushion of Bibo's/Bible's. The Serio is not far from the Laevi on the Ticino/Tessin, but I sure wish I knew where else the Laevi lived. Cramers (Scottish-Hare Shield in colors reversed?) look like they got hooked up with Karen-related Roets (same place as Cary castle) with a "QUAERere" motto term, and probably from Rhodes-related Carians.

German Cramers were first found in Bavaria with Zerrs/Zehrers, and use a ram while Rams (rams in the colors and format of Carrs) and Crams/Cromps share the same chevron. Crams/Cromps look very linkable to Sewers/Suters, in case we have reason to view the Sewers as a Seer / Sere / Zerr branch. I usually trace Square's/Squirrels, first found in Worcestershire with Crams/Cromps, to the Ticino with Decks/Daggers.

Hun-possible Honeys (a bee) were first found in Worcestershire. The Honey motto looks like it loves Dere's, and it just so happens that German Dere's use more acorns.

Why do cat-liner Croms/Crumps share the format of Childs, and moreover why were Croms/Crumps first found in Bergamo-suspect Berkshire with Boots? Ask the Others, right? They were first found in HUNTingdon, a possible Hun line linked to hunting horns and therefore representing a basic merger with Orne elements. The Arms of Lombardy (Crommy/Crombie colors) looks like a quatrefoil, and that's what Croms/Crumps use. Crommy/Crombie's were first found in Aberdeenshire with Reeds, and both surnames use the red, spread eagle traceable to Terentia Murena. Crampons use a "FORTum" and a "aniMUM" motto term. There is an heraldic crampon used by a surname I cannot recall, but it's showing with Dutch Reeds. I still think that Aberdeen was named after Kabardino, a country of Kabars that may have named the Caucasus Avars (Huns). The Others are in the colors of the Alans, who lived in Dol, suspect with the Dulo house of Attila. Alan Huns originated in the Caucasian land of Avars. The Khazar stock of Kabars lived on the Atil river, probably named after Attila.

Did Plancia's Perga elements name Bergamo and/or Berkshire? The "animum" term can be suspect with a fundamental Mummolin line to Nimo's, and the latter use the Annandale saltire in the colors used for it by Bruce's and the Arms of Ayrshire. Annandale traces well to the Ananes Gauls at Placentia, smack beside Cremona. Plancia was a Maccabee-Herod line, and "CreMONA" was named (or at least founded) a generation or two before HasMONeans appear at Israel's Modi'in. Cremona and Placentia were founded by general Scipio as a new army bases after he lost the war to Hannibal on the Trebia river at Placentia. As Hannibal's brother was HASdrubal, might HASmoneans have been a Carthaginian line that also named Cremona? Modena is nearby, and was invaded by BOII along with Carthaginians at the same time (218 BC), and Hasmoneans were otherwise known as, MaccaBEAUS". "Mona" smacks of Mons at Hainaut, and the Mount/Mons lion is in the colors of the PLACE lion, suggesting PLACentia. Nimo's use a "boast" motto term while Boast variations can be Boii liners, and moreover there is a question on whether the Nimo crescents are those of the Others, that being a line from Lombards and therefore capably from the Serio river and/or Cremona. The Others were proto-Windsors to Berkshire...along with Modens/Modeys that could be Modi'in / Modena liners. Modens/Modeys are sharing the fretty Shield with Caens, and the latter were traced to the Ceno river, a tributary of the Taro. The Ananes are said to have lived between the Trebia and the Taro.

Taro liners are suspect in the MacDonald / Alexander motto, and because Alexanders share the Mott/Mottin crescent, they are suspect from Alexander Maccabee, the line of Glaphyra. As the latter was the line to Plancia Magna, and therefore to Dunks (Berkshire), note that Alexanders use the colors and format of Dunks. The motto term is "terras," and while Terras' use the Scott Coat, Scotlands/Scottish's can be using the Mount/Mons Coat. The terras Coat is feasibly a blue version of the Other Coat, and Others are Otters while Dunks use the Forney chevron while Forney-related Balfours use the otter. Just compare Terrah's to Macks, and Macks to Tarrs/Tara's, not to mention that MacDonalds use the Ferte eagle suspect with Ferte-Mace, the Macey = Maccabee bloodline on the Orne river down to Caen.

Crams/Cromps have symbols linkable to Quints, first found in Essex with Rams (Molle colors) and Brocks. The dart of Brocks goes to Darts (can explain the Darths/Deaths as Dardanians merged with Ardiaei), first found in Devon with a Dartington location, where Moline's (Mueller/Miller/Molner colors) were first found who use goat heads in the colors of the Cramer ram head and the Milan/Millen lion, possibly relevant because Cremona is in Lombardy while Milan is its capital. Did Zerrs/Zehrers trace to elements in Somerset, home of Roets? Yes, and Muellers use the Catherine-Roet wheel. Roets had traced heavily to the Baphomet goat, suggesting that Moline's were a Boofima > Baphomet line. Moline's (Dutch-Molle colors) share Falaise with Bute's/Butts.

Opgalli in a Polish Mouse Tower

The similarity between the Sere and Sweet Coats, with Sweets known (by me) to be from Swietoslawa, daughter of Mieszko I, is an example of a Zahringer trace to Somerset, where Sweets were first found. Zahringers owned the red eagle, and the Mieszko Piasts use one in white on red, feasibly colors reversed (a standard practice between marital kin). The Sweets use two of the three Singletary chevrons, and the Singletary Crest is the Wheelwright antelope while Piasts were from mythical Piast the Wheelwright (just code for a family with Wheelwright surname). Seers and Lamberts use one of the Sweet chevrons, and Seers were first found in Essex with SEWARDs, the latter using two chevrons (SWORD colors) in the colors of the two Sweet chevrons. And while Lorraine's use the Piast eagle due to marriage with Mieszko Lambert, Lambs (Lambert colors) and Lorraine's were first found in Northumberland, where SIWARD ruled. Sewards use the Mosca leopard design, and Mosca's were first found in Piast-like Pisa. This is a little off-topic but worth recording. (The rare Seward Coat is almost used by Norfolks (Cheshire), for what it could be worth.)

Just realized. A few years ago, under Obama, I thought that Cliffs and Fisks were related, not just because their Coats are similar, but due to the so-called "FISCal cliff" scare that I thought was a scam. The Cliffs are Cleaves too so that I view them as Glaphyra liners to Clavers/Cleavers. The point is that while her surname (from birth, not marriage) was ARCHelaus, there was that arced page on Obama's billiard table, which God represented by a phrase in a Battistelli song, and then Battistelli's share the pyramid with Fisks.

Now, remember, the page was sewered as code for Peter Strzok, who was working on the Steele dossier, and Steele's can be seen in "BattiSTELLI," especially as the Cheshire Steels share billets in Chief with Battistelli's. And the Billets are also Billiards, in case you put limits on God's potential to make sufficient links to convince you that this is real, not imaginary in my head. We saw the Stelli star with Maurels/Maurini's.

Next (suspense), as Claviere's were first found in Auvergne with Tullia of Clermont-Ferrand, we ask why I couldn't think of, or come across, all day long, one other surname that shares the red pale bar with Tullia's, but, just now, I found two such pale bars with German Steele's. And at the top half of that Steele Coat, the same giant griffin as Italian Berta's, who were looked up minutes ago as per "Berthe B?", daughter of Maurilion and wife of Mummolin. Maurilion was the reason for introducing Maurels. The Flys, likely in the butterflies of Tullia's, were first found in Cheshire with the English Steels, and we saw why Butters are Aflack liners while Flys are said to be from "Flagi." It's not inconceivable that Flags/Flacks (Aflack / butter colors) should have heraldic flags that then evolve into banners as per Flag liners on the Panaro river of Modena.

Hmm, as Taddei's use the flory Bouillon cross, now suspect with Florentinus, Mummolin's grandfather, it's interesting that Godfreys and Taddei-related Dino's use "LiBERTAs."

Watch. The Cheshire Steels are said to descend from Loges and Bigot elements. Loges' were first found in Burgundy with Gonds/Gants, looked up as per Gondulphus of Tongeren, son of Mummolin and Bertha. Gonds/Gants use the Chief-Shield colors in reversed from Gaunt-related Ghents. And there is a GAUNTlet glove in the Bigod Crest, while the Bigod Chief and its symbol are in the colors of the Steele-Chief billets. Amazing, is it not. The Steels are truly tracing to Bertha.

Keep watching. Gonds/Gands and Ghents are part of the GONfanon banner, for Belgian Gone's/Guenets share the red bend of Gaunts (Ghent/Gaunt is in Belgium), and Fanano-like Fane's use more gauntlet gloves. Therefore, the Maurels/Maurini's, with the Arms of Fanano fesse, and tracing well to Modena liners such as Morinis', have just linked to Steel kin. And Gaunts were first found in Kent with the Deerings that are said to be descended from Morinis'. The Flys, suspect with the Tull/Tullia butterflies, use a gauntlet glove holding "a gold hawk's lure stringed red." The Strings use a chevron colors reversed from the Fly chevron, as well as the Ghent spread eagles.

Keep watching, with the HAWK's lure of Flys in mind. I had read that the gonfanon banner was owned by Montforts, and the latter's lion, along with the Marano lion, is in the Lodge Coat. The LODGE's are said to be from a Loges location (Calvados), and Hawkins use a version of the Arrow/Arras Coat, which shares the Fly fleur-de-lys. Hawkins use: "A gold HIND LODGED on a green mound". The Hinds use the same fesse as Fanano and Maurels/Maurini's / Morinis'. Terentia Murena married Cilnius Maecenas of Arretium, now Arezzo, like the Arras capital of Artois. And to prove that Hawkins link to Artois liners, the Arthur motto is partly for Hobs/Habs, who use HAWKs. The Arrow/Arras tower is the Murena tower, but, believe it or not, the Hawkins, who almost use the Aflack cross, came to mind originally (moments ago, otherwise I don't recall mentioning them), from the AUCHINleck location of Aflacks. For the brown rising eagle of Aflacks is much like the brown hawks of Opgalli-suspect Hobs/Habs.

When we check out the Lecks/Lakeys (Stirlingshire, small place) as per "AuchenLECK," we find a "praeMIUM" motto term, and the brown wolf head of Opgalli-line Teague's/Teegers. While Hops/Habs use the tiger, the Teague motto term, "diem," gets a Diem surname curiously listed with DITTmayers, and then Ditts use a stripeless tiger. The Leck motto term above should be for Prime's ("inVITA"), because they use a leg, the symbol on the Arms of Fussen, i.e. a location on the Leck river.

This gets very interesting where I trace TIGER-using HOBs to TIGRanes and his wife, Opgalli. She was entertained as the line to Gallia, mother of Tullia of Lyon and Clermont-Ferrand i.e. the butterfly line now suspect with the Steele pale bars. The Clermonts were first found in Dauphine with Galli's and Tullia's. The TULip/TewlOP surname looks applicable to an Opgalli trace to Tullia and Gallia. The Kidd-like Kitts use tulips, and while Kidds were likely from Cetis, Opgalli's line was at royal Cetis. I can add here that the Kitt branch of Kite's were first found in Gloucestershire with Samsons who in-turn love the Flags/Flecks. The Samson motto may, "flaGITium," may even honor a G-version Kitt line. Cetis is on the coast from Cyprus, which had a Kition location suspect as the Biblical Kittum.

If you recall, Clermonts share the key with Clavers/Cleavers and Claviere's, from Glaphyra ARCHelaus, now suspect with the arced page on the Arthur-related billiard Table (Table's use hurts), and even at the HEROD-suspect and Arthur-related blue ball = heraldic HURT. It's perfect because she married a Herod. But there's more, because after I shot the page into the corner pocket, Obama was skateboarding on an arced ramp with a DARK suit, while the Darks/D'Arques happen to use the Hawking (and Rust) saltire and the strong-arm design of Bitars/Butters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you believe it? This is your reward for reading this far. It tends to prove that "Hawkin" came to mind with an Aflack variation because the Genius put it there for linkage to the butterfly line. Are the Bitar/Butter hearts for Herods?

Reminder: French Maurels share the acorn and a single fleur on blue with Corners/Garners. Morleys/Mauls use a "Clementia" motto term while Clermonts' bring up English Clements, and, the point is, the other English Clements use a hawks. Italian Clements may be with the Tullia pale bar in colors reversed.

Off the top of my head, I can't figure how Hawk liners came to be part of what could otherwise be Flags/Flack, the latter first found in the same place as Fulke's. The latter use the split colors of Belgian Flecks. The Fletchers/Fleggers (arrow theme, no surprise) share the saltire of Hawkins and a version of the Bitar/Butter Crest.

Keep watching. There is a Gallia/Gallati surname first found in Milan with the Maurels/MAURINI's (!), and then while Marano's are MAURITANo's, and while Murena's are Moratins (can explain the Morte's of Motts), the Gallia's use the MURTON/Merton Coat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's completely perfect. See the Galt bend too.

Opgalli (a Galatian) married a Herod (Tigranes) who was descended from Glaphyra and her Herod husband. Glaphyra had two Herod husbands, as well as Juba of MAURITANia...a descendant of king Gala/Gaia (Numidia) whom I've been tracing to Galli's above because they share the gold rooster with Gaia-like Gays, and because they (Galli's) use a version of the JAY-using Poitvin Coat while Jays are said to be from a Gai element. King Gala was father to Massena, suspect with the naming of Maecenas' ancestry. "Clement" has always been a difficult term to root, and I don't think I've ever done so. But as i looked at these other English Clements, noting that they share double bends in the colors of the same of Keys/Kays, the CHImento variation of Italian Clements came back to mind. Therefore, "Clement" may be rooted a Key merger with Ments, especially as English Ments/Mants (compare with Yorkshire Pungs/Pings/Pongs) were first found in Yorkshire with Keys. (To see the black bends, enter "Kay" instead of "Key".)

The Manns/Ments are expected from the Isle of Man, where king Maccus and/or his brother ruled, who traced to Maxwells and MacKAYS. I think that speaks for itself.

The Maurel/Maurini star is not only the Stelli star, but of German Teegers, yet another Tigranes-Opgalli liner. What a difference an Obama dream makes, but why, indeed, was the billiard hall owned by Obama? What did he have to do with the Steele dossier? Will he re-group the Baathists? His partner with the Billiard hall became suspect with Loretta Lynch, but here I can add that Lynch's share the Bothwell Coat i.e. a Bodegisel line. Lest you've forgotten, Maurels/Maurini's use a star-version of the four Bute/Butt estoiles, three in the Chief, and one in base (for both Coats). Lynch's were first found in GALway, same as Irish Teague's/Teegers. Yup. Degens use eight-pointed estoiles in the colors of the Bute/Butt estoiles / Teeger star, and then the Degens were found originally (years ago) as per the Degen variation of Degers, who were looked up on a check-up as per "Teeger."

Rooster heads that have parts in different colors than the head are called, "jellOPed," where the "ed" is merely a suffix. The Gallia-like Jells/Gells (greyhound) are said to be from HOPton, what an OPincidence. So, while not all roosters may trace to Gallia, jelloped ones apparently do. The Hopton surname (Salop) is said to have named Hopton Heath, and Heaths/Heths (Jell/Gell colors) use a jelloped rooster, and were first found in Durham with Hoppers.

The Hoptons are said to have named Hotune, which is a term/location (almost) in the write-up of Haughts/Haughtons. I trace the latter confidently to Sigrid the HAUGHTy (otherwise known as Swietoslawa), daughter of Mieszko I of the Polish mouse tower, at Goplo, the line of rooster-using Kopple's. It can appear that the latter two terms are Hop liners, and so the giant tower of Hoppers looks to be secretly about the Goplo mouse tower. The Hutton-Rudby township (Gospatrick write-up) is said to have been "Hotun" (in North Yorkshire).

As I said, while visiting my cousin in my teens, a couple of youth approached him, asking if he wanted to go along to break into a drug store to steal cough syrup that was being used in that area as a high. He asked me, and I went along (stupid). Not planning to take anything, I took an electric typeWRITER (big deal back then). I got caught a couple of years later in the thick of my sinful life. My lawyer, whose surname I can still remember, was Mr. Hobson. That's why I looked up Hobsons right here in the jelloped investigation. At first, the Hobson Coat gave the impression of being a Morinis version, but I decided against it. After seeing it, I looked up the Wrights, because of the typeWRITEr, but before seeing the Coat, it was automatic in my mind that Wrights are a branch of Piast the Wheelwright, the mythical king of Goplo. That myth was written by GALLUS AnonyMOUS, suggesting that Goplo was the home of the Gallus surname / bloodline. It just so happens that the lion of Italian Gallus' (Tuscany, same as Pisa) is the Hopton lion! Perfect. It at least verifies that Goplo was named after Hopton liners.

I've long known that German Gallus' use a jelloped rooster in the colors of the Kopple rooster. Mystery mainly solved. I don't recall knowing of the Hopton link, and do not recall seeing Jells/Gells at Hopton while wondering whether "jellOP" was code for Opgalli liners. Looks like, doesn't it?

When the Wrights loaded, I was first impressed that it uses the double Morinis fesses in colors reversed, but then realized also that the Wright Chief-Shield colors are those of Hobsons. I therefore decided to tell you my story of the typeWRIGHTer theft, and Mr. Hobson my lawyer. I have a hard time believing that God would set up such a theft event, but make of this whatever you think; I'm not even going to bother trying to explain it.

The double Morinis fesses are in the colors of the double chevrons of Lamberts, suspect with Mieszko II Lambert because Sweets, the line of Swietoslawa Mieszko, shares two white chevrons in the colors of the one of English Lamberts. French Lamberts, first found in Dauphine with rooster-using Galli's. The French Lamberts (look like Billiards) use two of the three Grace/Grasse chevrons, and the Irish Grace's/Grass' use what could be the giant Hopton / Gallus lion. If we load "Grass," the Grace/Grass lion, only partly gold, comes fully gold i.e. fully the Gallus lion. This is a strong Mieszko-line trace to Grasse of southern France, which is near Le Mas while Lamas' share lambs with the Arms of Grasse, English Lamberts, and Lams/Lambs. The latter us a "Palma" motto term while sharing the fesse of Italian Palmers. Palms use the Massey fleur.

Mieszko I married DOBRawa, and there is a DOBER location a couple of miles from Goplo-line Koplik. Dobermans share the white griffin head with Hobsons, and Dobers use it in gold, as do Haldans from Mieszko's other wife, Oda of HALDENsleben. The colors of the Doberman / Hobson griffin is that of Berta's, and Berthe is the line to Morinis' from the name of her father. Can you believe this?

How did I get caught with the stolen typewriter, some two years after taking it? I was living with Louise and Christine. Louise wanted a serious relationship, which I wasn't willing to give. She invited her friend, and I invited the gang from my cousin-in-crime, totally unexpected of me (did God set this up?), to the new years party at our place. At the midnight kiss, the gang had gone down the elevator to the outdoors. I was alone in the elevator at kiss time with her friend, and we went back into the apartment. I locked the door, and had sex with her while Louise was knocking at the door. I finally let the gang back in.

So, she must have discovered that the typewriter was stolen, for soon after, undercover police came over with a warrant, and drove me away with Louise. She was telling them, in front of me, to just admit that I took it. It was impossible; they all duped me. I was charged, and pled guilty. The point is, and I've told this before (not making this up now), Louise had a boyfriend by the name of Moreno. The typewriter was suspect with Wrights who use the Morinis' bars in colors reversed.

This past year, as I've repeated several times, Louise and Christine appeared at the end of the sleeping-bag dream, in the mall, after I walked into it, after leaving Dave MORLEY at the road. After I walked in, I saw the two ladies on wooden platforms / decks. I was an a deck beside them, when Christine suddenly appeared in front of me, with me pulling her toward me by her waist, and it felt so good...but, as fate would have it, the dream ended there.

This could only mean one thing. I had slept with both girls in my bed one night when they didn't want to go home. I have a hard time remembering whether Christine had left me by then for Lawrence, my best buddy at the time, whose name and Kepke surname links to Lorraine elements. In any case, we three did nothing but sleep, no sex, and there was no sex with either one before that. But I awoke in the middle of sleep, with my arm around Christine's waist, with her back toward me, and it felt so good as I pressed her toward me...until I become too conscious to continue (she didn't say anything, didn't make a fuss, didn't resist). That same feeling was in the dream. Therefore, I've got to tentatively conclude that this part of the dream was partly to corroborate that the SLEEPing bag is significant. But there must be more to it than that alone. Recall the Sleep-Back discussion with Mamie, for it found the rare Steel bend with Beckers.

A few years after sleeping with the two, I would be in a sleeping bag with Mamie, with my arm around her waist, with her back toward me, as we did nothing but sleep. It was the tease night. Does this indicate, for one, that Christine's (cups can trace to Cupionich = Koplik) were from Mummolin too? Mamie was the Mansfield / Mens line from and/or to the Isle of Man, where Christine's/Christians were first found. And CRYSTals use a "Mens" motto term, how telling. Christine's look like Bute/Butt liners of the Butler kind. The Butler quadrants may even be the Mall/Mallibone quadrants. And there are five ostrich feathers in the Butler Crest, while Lois' use the ostrich. But none of this satisfies me; there has got to be more to the ending of that dream. Why were there platforms / decks in the mall?

The Decks/Daggers use a horizontally-split Shield in the colors of the vertically-split Shield of Mauls/Morleys, but so what? Well, hmm, the last time I saw Mamie, she was driven home in my taxi while Tax's are also Dacks. And the last time I saw Christine, a few months before DANCING with Mamie on the first night I met her, she got up to DANCE with a guy while she was at a small local bar with me (not my choice to be there). Five minutes after arriving, some guy plopped himself beside her, and asked her to dance, so I walked out the door while she was dancing, because it recalled the time that she was with me in the beginning, a few years earlier, when she up and left me for Kepke just because Kepke blurted out that I didn't love her, that I wanted to use her. Not true. I wanted to be serious with this lady, but she didn't hang around long enough for me to show her. Kepke took her, and used her painfully bad. I suppose she came to visit a couple of years later, after he left her for good, to give me a whirl, but half of me still felt sore about her previous decision.

She (not a Christian) came running out the bar after me, but I drove her home, and never saw her again. It makes me want to cry, the girl-sacrifices I had to make for Jesus, but, of course, it's worth it. The night before, we slept in her apartment, but I slept on the couch alone, for Jesus. At the bar, I more-or-less realized it was wrong to be with her.

The point is, Butlers use a DANCEette. However, I don't know that Christine's are Butler kin, though I feel more sure that Butlers are Bodegisel liners one way or another. The Dance surname (Babon fesse?), can we believe it, uses the black horse head in the Bute/Butt Crest. Compare Dance's also with German Bute's/Butts/Boets. Butua is near BAR, and she danced in a bar the last night I saw her. The man who asked her to dance was blond, as was Ukrainian Kepke. Ukrainian Budini were anciently said to be blond. Dance's were first found in Yorkshire with same-colored and same-formatted Keppochs, and she with Kepke loved dancing. They didn't go out unless the place had a dance floor. Keep-loving Hepburns were first found beside York.

Butlers were known from years ago for having a version of the Dunham and Randolph Coats (more dancettes), two surname's in Obama's ancestry. The sleeping-bag dream was suspect as God's revelation on the Clinton and/or the Obama crime ring.

The first time with Mamie, we danced in her LIVING room, and Livings are suspect with Laevi on the Ticino, where I trace Decks/Daggers and Tecks/TEASE's, making Tax's/Dacks suspect too.

I wasn't planning on doing this much heraldry when starting days ago. I enjoyed it. There was never a moment of rest, when not knowing what to write. I am amazed that it ended by tracking Mummolin's line to Obama's billiard table. Surely, if God set events up in my youth to help unveil the line of Mummolin, there has got to be the killers of Jesus there, but not only that 1500 years ago. There has got to be a Mummolin line today that is basic to winking and interacting groups of powerful elites, who explain why the world's direction has gone so spiritually dark yet portrayed as the light of the future. That's Illuminatism.

The Guardian has an article this week on the irresponsibility of Google, Facebook, etc., maneuvering themselves recklessly on behalf of more money, but the blame goes to the congress because it has not implemented laws to curb that irresponsibility. The devil has his voice large on the Internet, and we are seeing his hands at work with major media right now, yet the congress has not acted to make laws against fake news. Rather, the media wants to convince us that "fake news" is becoming an annoying phrase to the average person. Yes, to the Democrats, it is annoying. They just don't realize that satanic spirits are not like in the movies, but like in real life's daily decisions and actions. Like irresponsibly, a lot like building casinos, for example, all the devil's work.

We see all of the sexual allegations, and no one points to the heyday given to disgusting pornographers by the search engines. Throw out the judges that permit porn in the name of "freedom." People should not be free to spoil the fabric of a good and decent society. If what one does is recklessly dangerous for the sake of making money, that's where their freedom ends. That's why prostitution, drugs and casinos have traditionally been illegal, though porn has never been illegal, at least not since Hefner started the wheels to what disgusting material there is now. Look at how much time the congress has had to make laws, and look at how much time the lawmakers turned a blind eye to the obvious fruit of porn. When men are fired up by porn, bars and casinos become their whore houses. They know that pick-me sluts attend. You can ask them to a hotel room, and up they go. Married men do this, especially men with money. While they can't outlaw bars on account of this, why can't they punish adultery with "jail" time at home. The offender can't go off the property after work. Someone else needs to buy his groceries, and the neighbors will see this, asking why? "Why haven't we seen his wife live there anymore," they will ask. Then they will get it. And the law will include the restriction that a convicted adulterer is not allowed to attend bars for a long time, meaning also that the number sluts can be reduced in such places. Super. There will be less divorce, and less shame and anguish passed on by the adulterer to both the spouses and their children.

Less divorce cuts down on government hand-outs, something Trump could use right now. But less divorce also "harms" the real-estate market. When people practice adultery, as Trump has (according to his own words), more homes are needed as couples become divorced. And that's why more government hand-outs are needed. The fruit of porn grows this far. Stop firing men up with doctored photos that urge him to seek erotic outlets. Subdue his sexual appetite today, so that he's content with his wife. It's a no brainer. Pornographers have no right to make money at the expense of their fruit, which, of course, includes more rape than would otherwise be the case. If legislators are completely unconcerned for the fate of raped women, then don't outlaw porn. Ahh, but it's the rich legislators that want sluts in high numbers, yet the voters keep on electing the rich rather than the middle class. What a mistake America is, and what a mistake it has made the rest of the West that followed suit. It's the Illuminati, stupid, or call it what you will. It's the men and women who fight together to form a society in opposition to Jesus. Is the rich man the only one smart enough to make just laws, or to decide matters correctly?

Why does nearly every women wear make-up? They tell us it's because they feel more confident when looking "good." But the way they do up their eyes is fully for sexual attraction, who could deny it? When I imagine a women in love with me, painted eyes look cheap on her. And I'd rather kiss her lips than waxy lipstick. But one who wants sex alone doesn't care about the facial paint. So, are women not responsible for feeding the male drive? Of course they are. And who created the make-up generation? Not Jesus. Women who look good get more interest from men, and this makes them feel good. Married women with make-up are not necessarily out to capture a man, but they probably like the interest they get, because people in general don't want to be totally ignored. A young girl learns early that make-up puts her "up there" in the social sphere. More guys like her, and she rides the greater popularity. Yet, slut or not, she and her fashion-model look, like we see on news shows, is partly responsible for one-track minds. And men are exactly like that...until they get old and lose half the natural drive.

Mamie the Mummolin line. Recall that she was inside a truck with Barry, with the hatch door closed, and in a position of sexual activity. The two didn't know each other much (Barry was at her party), and this event may just be an event to exemplify all that's wrong in Jesus' eyes with this end-time world. For all I know, when the door was closed again, they went on to have sex, which could explain why she didn't want me to get close in the sleeping bag. The problem with that theory is that she came to sit on my lap of her own decision, and she became my girlfriend afterward for about two months. In the end, she said she was looking elsewhere because I wasn't serious enough. And that's because she didn't want the Bible I gave her, another example of what's wrong today.

I told the story that Barry and I drove to a city six hours away one night. I was not yet a Christian, but close to it. It was my car, and my idea (he understood that we were going to pick-up women). My car ran out of radiator fluid on the way, which cracked the block (God's justice?). I had to get it towed into the city we were headed to, and towed home. We rented a car, got a hotel room, and headed for the downtown bars. I asked a couple of ladies to sit with us, and we took them to the hotel room fairly promptly. The gorgeous one (a few years older than me, and Barry's age (roughly 25)) took a shower and slept with Barry. I saw them having intercourse in the bed beside me (I was with a pregnant women who I wasn't prepared to touch, and didn't). That's what's wrong with this world, and I grew up to be a part of it. Imagine how much more rich men seek easy sex from willing women in bars.

Let's Go On, Enter the Morleys

Now that God has led us to the Maurel bloodline, watch the following. To set this up, I've got to re-mention that God definitely gave me a dream, which was in a one-year period (the last year) roughly when he gave several dreams and snap visions I was not accustomed to. I was on a Sleep-like slope or hill, and went over to pick up a sleeping bag. I didn't yet know that this was about the Mummolin bloodline. I then walked up the hill, when a motorbike rider came down, circled around the area where the sleeping bag lay, and followed me up the hill. He then got on the road as I was walking across it, and drove in the direction he had come from. I was in a MALL parking lot after crossing the road, and I then went into the mall. I don't remember how it came to mind that the rider was David Morley, an old Christian friend. Weeks or even months after mentioning this once or twice to readers, and showing the similarity between the Morley and Morland Coats, I was astonished to find that I had somehow missed the fact that houseofnames has a second Morley surname.

I've been at this for a decade, and therefore find it hard to believe that there were two Morley surnames on the webpage, for Morleys were loaded many times over the years. The theory is that houseofnames added the second Morley surname between the time that I told readers about the dream and when I saw the second surname (Scottish). In any case, clicking the second one, it turned out to be the MAUL surname properly, clinching the dream as from God, and clinching my hunch that the bike rider was Dave Morley. And here I am now on Maurels after predicting that Morells can be part of the Morley bloodline. The CIA's deputy director, Michael Morell, became a suspect along with the International Order of Saint HUBERTus.

As a back-drop, it can be added that Marleys, first found in Cheshire with Huberts, are said to be from Brittany's Morlaix, in the FINIStere province, where Brest sits that traced without doubt to Brescia, at Val Trompia!!! It was resolved (months ago) that the Finis/Fien surname ("aniMUM"!) is a branch of Fane's/Fiens that I say named Fanano. In other words, with Maurels/Maurini's using the same fesse as Fanano, the Brittany Maurels might just be from the namers of MORLaix. To boot, I am beside myself, because the motto of Fiens/Finis' is fully the motto of CRAMPons, suspect earlier with Cremona liners i.e. beside Brescia.

MOREOVER, THIS IS INCREDIBLE. Brescia is also BRIXia while Brix's/Brests share the Hind lozenges while Hinds likewise use the Fanano fesse. We saw the lodged hind above of Hawkins, which was arrived to as per Bigod de Loges in the ancestry of Steels (for Lodge's were from Loges). While Mr. Steele was the author of the Trump dossier, and while Trumps are from Val Trompia, we may assume, this section on the Morley dream was started only because I happened to first load "Dossier" at houseofnames, to find a Dossier surname sharing the vertically-split Shield of Mauls/Morleys!!!! And here we are tracing MAURELs (share the acorn with Dutch Tromps) quite well to Morlaix and the MARLeys. I now know why I got so familiar with the Finistere area, as by an act of God in preparation for what you are now reading.

Years ago, when catching wind of the "unFINIShed pyramid" in the Great Seal of the United States, I found the FINIS surname to begin with. But here I can add that the pyramid is used by Steel-liner Battistelli's, symbol of the Steel dossier to begin with, which should prove to readers that Lisa PAGE and Peter Strzok (page shot into the CORNER pocket) are exactly God's targets in the Obama dream. And again, Corners use two symbols of the Brittany Maurels.

Repeat: "The Skits share the potent cross of Brock-branch Brocuffs, clinching the "scit" term [of Maurels] with Skits, a branch of Sheets found in the Obama dream."

[Hours after writing here, Hoss'/Hausers/Howsers were loaded to find them using just a giant fleur in the colors of the Corner fleur!! can we believe it? It was already established that I shot the BattiSTELLI page into CORNER pocket as code for Strzok's involvement with the Steele dossier, and here a Hauser surname, like the Hausier variation of Dossier's, comes up big with the Corner fleur. This can give us further confidence that God arranged the dream to involve the Trump dossier, especially as Corners share the acorn with Tromps. You can't argue with the facts. Interestingly, the Hoss/Hauser Coat is also that of Bush's/Buschs, which may indicate that the Bush-loving Republicans had a hand in the dossier. I recall reading that the dossier included an unknown Republican. "Rep. Sean Duffy said Friday [October] that President Donald Trump was 'probably misinformed' when he said the infamous dossier on him was initially funded by Republicans."]

To help prove that Maurels were from Mummolin's father-in-law, Mauls/Morleys use a "Clementia" motto term, while Clements come up as "Clermonts." Moreover, Marleys share dolphins with French Clermonts/Claremonts. The latter married Claviere's, according to the similarity of their heraldry, and Claviere's use roughly the two eagle's of Murena's (it's rare to find multiple items facing opposite directions). Clements share the besants of French Clairs.

God gave another dream this past year. I was golfing with my dentist, and, when driving home, he drove and I was in the back seat. He was laughing at the red buttons on my shirt, when the dream ended. His surname, which I won't reveal, is part of the Tancred bloodline, and shares a version of the Tancred Coat, which happens to be a reflection of the Shirt Coat, tending to nail the dream from God, especially as Tous' (in the Maurel motto term, "virTUS") use a red shirt with buttons. What was God's point(s)?

First of all, it recalls that the Sinclair (= Claro's originally = Clermont liners, likely) rooster is suspect from GUIScard = VISconti elements in Gallura of Sardinia, and "SHIRT" is suspect with Sardinians. The Sicilian Guiscards are known to be from Tancred, and it's known that the Sardinian Visconti's used the rooster. Already we can glean the rooster line from Gallia of Clermont-Ferrand, but then the other Visconti's ruled first at Milan, where the Maurels/Maurini's were first found who share the eight-pointed stars of Tous'. God is a Genius! Guiscards are also WISharts, and were first found in Stirlingshire with Nimo's suspect in the "aniMUM" motto term of Finis'.

Recall how Nimo's can trace to Lombardy's Others (Babon colors), and to the Ananes Gauls suspect in "ANImum," suggesting several things at once including a Nimo link to Mummolin liners in Lombardy. Put the suspicion of Ananes in naming Ananus/Annas, father-in-law of Caiaphas, together with the Chappes' of Stirlingshire, who in-turn use "ears of wheat" as code, I think, for Ayers / Eyers that use the quatrefoil, the symbol, I assume, of Lombardy. Plus, the Arms of Ayrshire uses the Nimo saltire. Or, while Annas' father was Seth of Syria, the Seths are listed with Shaws, who can be gleaned with a version of the Ayer Coat, and, besides, the Arms of Ayrshire has a "shaw" motto term. If that's not enough, Shaws use the pellet and Pilote CUPs for a trace to Pontus Pilate and to Caepio / Kupa liners at the Colapis river, where Kyle's (Ayrshire) trace who use candleSTICKs as part-code for the SIThech ancestry of Shaws. It's got priest Annas all over it. Shaws were first found in Perthshire, beside Stirling, and Perthshire is where the mother of Pontius Pilate was born (see the Pilate pheon with Colts/Celts of Perthshire). Stirlings/STURlings ("forward") share the Moore head with French Chappes', and use Opgalli-suspect Buckle's.

TANKERville's are said to be a Tancred branch, and came to mind as a possible Tong / TONGERen line. And Tankerville's were first found in Lincolnshire with Clermonts and Pockets, the latter using a giant cinquefoil in colors reversed from the Tankerville cinquefoils. Unbelievably, the Pocket cinquefoil is in the colors of the same of my dentist's surname. The Steel dossier was put by God in the corner pocket, and Steels/Stahlins are the only ones I consciously know of who share the red pale bar with Tullia's (Tullia was Gallia's daughter).

I was given another dream with gold balls, and could only decipher them as code for the Guelphs. They were also known as Welfs, a surname (with wolf heads) first found in Cheshire and assumed to be from Hugh Lupus D'Avranches, the first Norman ruler of Cheshire. Wikipedia shows (or showed) his white-on-blue wolf head, and I just found one with Tackers/Tackleys. They were looked up because Tacks/THACKERys (estoiles for the Este's that founded Welfs) are said to be Tancred / Tankerville liners. The Huns had a blue mythical wolf, and the wolf head above is blue in colors reversed.

Tacks/Thackerys (share "virTUS" with Maurels) share the arrow of Scottish Adams, the latter known by me to be from Adam Kilconquhar, whose mother was a Comyn(s) surname, and while Comyns was ruled by Herluin de Conteville, his daughter was the mother of Hugh Lupus. If I recall correctly (not very familiar with Hun history), Attila's Huns tried to invade the Este area of Italy. The "NobiliTAS" motto term of Tacks/Thackerys must be for Tass'/Tache's/Taque's who share red scallops with Tancreds, as well as sharing the red cinquefoil with Pockets (suspect with the Tankerville cinquefoil).

The Tack/Thackery cinquefoil is in the colors of the same of Carrs, and my dentist laughed at me while driving his car. The laughter was reasoned to be code for Lafins/La Fonts, who share the Italian-Conti lion, for which reason I trace them both to the marriage if see between French Conte's with Ville's/FONT-de-Ville's (both from Languedoc) in forming "Conteville." But TankerVILLE can also apply to this Lafin / Font-de-Ville line, you see, which is what God seems to be saying with the golf-and-dentist dream. The Lafins are in the motto of Irish Kennedys along with Avise's/Avisons, a branch of Avezzano's, first found in Sardinia. Font-de-Ville's (flag) probably share the red lion of Herluins. They are also Deville's while Tankerville's named a TanerDEVILLA location.

While writing that last sentence, thinking of where I should put the following, there was a song playing, David Danced. The Tankerville's are said to have married the VISCOUNT (almost "Visconti) of Arques, and that's the Dark/D'Arque surname suspect where Obama went up an arced ramp (in a dark suit) immediately after he danced. His dance was reasoned to be code for the Dunham dancette, but as his Dunham surname was from the namers of Dunham-Masci, that's in Cheshire along with the first-known Davids. Davids can be gleaned as kin of Eitons / Aitons/ARTEMs / Aids, suspect from Artemia, wife of Florentinus and grandmother to Mummolin. But Artemia was mother to MUNDeric, suspect from Hamond-like Mynetts, first found in Kent with Hamonds and Darks/D'Arque's. As David Morley played the organ, I had wondered whether it was a Hamond brand, for while Dunham-Masci was ruled by Hamon de Masci, Hamons are also Hamonds. They share the antler with English Conte's.

I should repeat here for new readers that, as per Obama's skate board, with which he went up the ramp, is part-code for Boards (comparable with Sewers/Suits) that share the martlets of, as well as sharing an antelope in Crest with, Singletarys. In Obama's Dunham ancestry, Jonathan Singletary changed his surname to, Dunham. It's another proof that God gave the dream. And now, note that both Boards and Tankerville's use eight white items on the BORDer of their Shield. Then ask why Tax's/Taks share two white, crossed swords with Borders (same place as Baths / Battins/Badens). After splitting up with Mamie, I drove TAXI, and was called by the dispatcher twice to pick her up some months apart. We went out one more time only, while I drove taxi, suggesting that God wants to link Tax-like surnames to Mummolin. I got the job after moving to a house on Hunt street (code for Hun liners?), for one of the dispatchers lived there too.

The Border / Tax swords are in the colors of the same of Shots/Shute's and Swords, the latter from Sewer-like Siward of Northumberland. I SHOT the Battistelli page into the corner sewer, and Sewers are also Shute-like Suters. The Arms of Dachau (Germany) used the sling SHOT, and Tax's (German) Dachs. Moreover, Suthers share a version of the Aid and Rodham Coats, the latter first found in Northumberland.

The dentist was laughing at me in the car because Kennedys were first found in Tipperary with Lafins/La Fonts. Scottish Kennedys, with the same chevron as Tancreds and my dentist's surname, are known to be using the chevron that is the Arms of Car-like Carrick, which is colors reversed from the Car chevron. The celebrated Marjory Carrick was wife to Adam Kilconquhar. I was in the back seat as he laughed, and Seats were first found in Lancashire with cars. Plus, believe it or not, Backs use the steer while Steers use a "cede" motto term that must be for the cedes variation of Seats. Unbelievable. The dentist was driving = steering while I was in the back.

There was nothing else in the dream, that I can remember, aside from the golf COURSE. I can't remember what we did there, but we were playing golf on the course. So, I looked up the Course surname, and meanwhile recalled the Corsica-suspect Courcys, suspect with the Tarent eagles so as to trace to Terentia Murena. The Trents (definitely from Terentia's surname) even share the split Shield of Mauls/Morleys and Dossiers! Zinger. It turned out that Course's/Cours/Courciere's (Coeur/Court / Court/Covert colors) share the colors and format of French Courcys.

As Trents were first found in the same place as Borders, the Trents are using the Border / Tax/Dach swords in saltire, all the colors of the Claviere / Clermont saltires. Keep reading and you will be shocked at how Dossiers link to Fushion GPS.

Battistelli's were first found in Corsica, the island to the immediate north of Sardinia, and the Gallura part of Sardinia is at the north, i.e. facing Corsica. As Stelli's are suspect with the stars of Maurels/Maurini's, we can expect a Battistelli trace to Milan i.e. where the other VisCONTI's ruled. Perfect. And Batti's were first found near Milan at Cremona. You just need to sit up and hear what God wants to say, and frankly I don't know all of it yet. This is an ongoing revelation.

Tancreds were first found in Yorkshire with Dents (can explain why I golfed with my dentist), suspect with the Hound lozenges i.e. Hun-suspect line. The Attila Huns were linking to the Mummolin > Maurel line, and the Mauls/Morleys were first found in Yorkshire too. They use a "riGORE" motto term suspect in part with the Gore's, who not only share the greyHOUND with Riggs, but can be gleaned in both their Coats as the kin of Alans i.e. suspect with Attila's House of Dulo. The Jore variation of greyhound-using Gore's can suggest the Jordans that have Sardinia-like variations such as Shirt-like SHURTon.

"RIGore" prompted a look at the Riggs (talbot dogs and birdbolt), who can be gleaned with a version of the Hun/Hungate Coat! Bingo.

Gore's share the Windsor crosslets and thus trace with Windsors to the Lombard lords of Others. The Others were gleaned in mythical UTHER Pendragon, who laid with the wife of GORlois to birth king Arthur. Stick with me for true light, because the myth writers were lying to the world concerning the meanings of their fables. Lois' were first found in Artois.

The greyhound is shared by Tass'/Tache's (Arden cinquefoils?) and Melans/Malins, the latter using the colors of the Arms of Lombardy, the colors of Italian Milans, and the colors of Crommys/Crombie's, the latter first found beside the Milans/Millens who share the Lafin / Conti lion. These colors include green, the color of the Tack/Thackery Shield and the Shake/Shakerley chevron with MOLE HILLS (why not just moles?). German Huns/Hundts are suspect with the Arms of Canossa while the other Riggs/Riggs' (same place as Cars) use a "cano" motto term. This latter Rigg surname (shares the Arms-of-Carrick chevron) uses "vivo" too, which can be gleaned in the Carrick branches of Craigs and Craigie's. The Rigg chevron even has the same annulets as Ladys/Laudymans, recalling that Lady Fortune is code for the Fortuna's/Fortune's that use the Arms of Canossa.

Recall that Lady Fortune was traced with Class'/Klassens to the Clausula river, location of KOPPLik, for Kopple's share the black rooster with the same Riggs/Riggs'! I have never had this caliber of evidence before of a Klassen trace to the Clausula.

Canossa originated at Lucca, beside Pisa, and Wikipedia has an article, Visconti of Pisa and Sardinia. Yup, it shows a black rooster! Zikers, it's amazing what a couple of dreams can reveal.

Back to Tackerly-beloved Tass'/Tacke's. Repeat: "Hmm, as Taddei's use the flory Bouillon cross, now suspect with Florentinus, Mummolin's grandfather, it's interesting that Godfreys and Taddei-related Dino's use 'LiBERTAs.'" Let's view that as "liberTAS," and add that Tass/Tache's were first found in Suffolk with same-colored Babons/Bavents, and moreover almost use the vertically-split Shield of Mauls/Morleys, relevant because Birthe (probably called Berta/Bertha too) was the daughter of the proto-Maurels. It was Mummolin's brother who ruled Tanker-suspect Tongeren. And by the way, while the Guiscard Normans started their Italian invasion in Sicily, that where Italian Milans were first found.

Having said all that, it's time to tackle the Dossier/D'Hosier surname, suspect first of all with Hose's of Leicestershire. Leicester is where Montforts ruled from the line of Quadratilla and Laevillus. The Arms of Leicester is also where Tosni's/Toeni's have their maunch symbol, shared by Mamie-liner Mansfields and Mangels/Mansels. The latter are suspect with Josef Mengele, WW2 Nazi, and with Charles Mangels of Montana, White-supremacist leader who supposedly died recently. This is our backdrop, for when I last went out with Mamie, her ride in my taxi was taken as code for Dachau, headquarters for Bavaria's concentration camps.

The Hose's are amazing here. Miss Florida (hope she's still reading) tipped me off on so many things, I've got to believe that God sent her (to my email box) for a number of tips. One day she wrote in to say that the Arms of Fussen uses three feet or legs. I was assuming that the feet were for "Foetes," the alternative name of Fussen. But I then discovered that Fussen is on a leg-like Leck river. And I had noted that the same three legs are used in the Arms of the Isle of Man, which I trace to "Manche" because the people of Man (Mamie liners, right?) are called, Manx. And the heraldic maunch of Toeni's/Tosni's is indeed code for Manche, because that area of France is on the English Channel, sometimes called, The Sleeve. The maunch is sometimes called a sleeve too. It can be added, that Footes is a location in Guernsey, an island in the English Channel. AND, the Mens-loving Crystals use thistle's while Thistle's were first found in the English Channel.

The Charo/Claro bend was suspect with the same of Fiers, which can reveal that the heraldic fir tree, used in the Crystal Crest, is code for Fier liners. It just so happens that Fier county (Albania) is either beside, or includes, an Aous river. Can we believe it? There's an Ouse river in Yorkshire that can likewise apply to Hose's/OUSE's/Husabys / Dossier's/Hausier's. It's not hard to see that Hose variations are linkable (perhaps by marriage) to Hucks (Yorkshire, same as Hicks) and Huckabys, for Hucks share the double chevrons of Dexters/DECKsters, first found in the same place as Hose's. Read on, because Morleys/Mauls share the scallops of Apps' (same place as Fiers), from the Apsus river through Fier county, home of the DEXARoi, the proto-Dexters.

Watch. The Apps scallops are half in the colors of the DAGGER/DACKER scallops, and the latter use the colors and format of Deerings, who just came to mind with the Dyer variation of Dexters, for Dexters use two chevrons colors reversed from the two Morinis fesses while Morinis' are in the Deering write-up. This is new and very good, for Dexaroi lived at Antipatria/Antipater, the Antipater > Cassander line to queen Nysa, and Nissans use the Morinis' bars in colors reversed. The split colors of the Morleys/Malls are those of Decks/Daggers. This is good enough to explain why Dave Morley rose a BIKE around the sleeping bag, for Deerings use stag heads in the colors of the Bik/Bick/Bicker (Bag branch?) stag heads. For some reason I can't yet realize, it seems I'm supposed to link Biks to relations of queen(s) Nysa, then over to Mummolin's wife.

The double-Huck chevrons look to be code for their Gamel character, child of Hucca, which can explain why Gamble's (Yorkshire), said to be from "GaMALL," use the Hick / Leak fleur. Gemels use the colors and format of Lecks, and WikiLeaks is on the side of Sarah Huckabee Sanders, daughter of Mike Huckabee, and Trump's press secretary. We could expect these people to partake in the coming revelation.

Amazingly, the Gamble fleur is gold, the color of the Morland fleur, and while Morleys (use it in white) are a Morland branch, the Yorkshire Morleys are listed with MAULs (were they intended in "GaMALL"?) i.e. who use the vertically-split Shield of Dossier's/Hosiers. This is getting very good, for I await how Morleys apply to St. Hubertus.

What we just saw predicts that Hicks, Hucks and Hose liners are all from Berthe's line to Maurels / Morello's / Morleys. The sleeping-bag dream with Dave Morley was, in my first and early opinion, about the demise and/or exposure of John B. PoinDEXTER and his St. Hubertus cult. This expected world-class (big-media) exposure became suspect with a white-rabbit symbol, which was found when checking the Christine- / Crystal-like Christmas surname, because I first saw Miss Hicks on Christmas day. Incidentally, Sleeps were first found in Salop with Middle's, suspect with Middlesex, where Fiers and Apps' were first found. I trace green-dragon Formans/Fermans to Fier, and Morleys/Mauls use a green dragon in Crest too. [Later, I bump into a surprising trace of Fier elements to East Lothian, home of green-dragon Seatons, explaining why the latter use "A dragon spouting FIRE". Yup, fire = Fier.]

The cult of Poindexter was suspect also with the touch-bra event as I stood on over cage with white rabbits. To get on the cage, I had to climb stairs, which I can take as code for judge Scalia, murdered on Poindexter's ranch after has sat beside him at dinner. Scalia was reported as dying naturally in his SLEEP, but they destroyed (cremated) the body before anyone could do the autopsy. At the top of the four or five steps, there was a DECK, which can be taken for DECKster liners, and under the floor boards of this deck, the rabbit cage with at least one white rabbit, for I fed one myself, and still remember that it was white. This child went up to touch a bra hanging on the laundry line. I had to reach as far as I could, with my finger stretched out, like one pointing, suggesting POINDexters. And the sleeping bag in the Morley dream was about Poindexter's group too, in my opinion, which was a dream ending with me on a deck with Christmas-like Christine. It's Christmas day right now, as I enter many more comments in this section (written yesterday). The Decks use the colors and format of Bouillon-beloved Christs in colors reversed, and Christs were first found in Austria with Christmas'.

So, with Leicestershire's Hose's using three legs, as does the Arms of Fussen and Mann, and because Hose's are said to be related to Tosni's from a Hose location, we can see that the LEGro river at Leicester is related to the Leck river at Fussen. And the Leck comes as close as about 25 miles from Dachau. It's as though God had arranged my taxi job, and the last date with Man-liner Mamie, to reveal that the Hose / Hosier/Dossier line was related to the Nazi elements that came to America's elite circles, including the CIA, with Operation Paperclip (Nazi's pardoned by the U.S. government in return for their minds). PoinDEXTERs, suspect from Dexters Leicestershire), were first found in the English Channel.

SO, THE BIG POINT IS, just look at how Fusion-like Fussen can connect to Dossier's! This can't be coincidental, for Dossier's/Hosiers were first found in Bavaria, location of the Leck river. [It took me until the next day, Christmas day, to realize that the Hose Crest is the Steel Crest. Just look at that. God must be speaking. God must have arranged for the Steele document to be call a dossier so that He could set Mr. Steele up as a target. I wonder what else Steele's been into, and with whom?]

Repeat: The Leck motto term ["PraeMIUM"] above should be for Prime's ("inVITA"), because they use a leg, the symbol on the Arms of Fussen, i.e. a location on the Leck river." This recalls an event on the Leakey road, when I saw the beautiful knees on the LEGs of Miss Hicks (same type of vision as the beautiful thighs and feet). The Knee's, who show a leg bent at the knees in Crest (can you believe it?), share the same bend as Leaks/Leakeys (can you still believe it?), and Lecks are also Lakeys. The Leaks/Leakeys ("gnaVITer") use the same fleur as Hicks, can you still believe this now? "GNViter" is like "Geneva," the daughter of Miss Hicks. That event on the Leakey road was more than ten years ago, way before knowing this heraldry. Upon discovering the links in this paragraph, I claimed that God is about to use WikiLEAKs for a big exposure. WikiLeaks is very much in favor of exposing the dossier scam. Perfect.

The Prime leg is shared by Prophets/ProFETTS, suspect with FOETes. Prophets were first found in Aberdeenshire with Fothes', a branch of Foots.

Miss Hicks went to a church in Crystal City, and while Crystals use thistle's, the Thistle's use a bend in blue, the colors of the Knee / Leak bend, but in both colors of the Charo/Claro bend. As the Leck motto term looks to honor Mummolin, note that the Knee / Leak bend is feasibly the one of Charo's/Claro's, a line potentially to CLERmont-Ferrand's naming. It just so happens that Charo's/Claro's were first found in Ferrara with Berta's. The latter's two Shield colors (same as German Christmas') are those of the blue-on-gold bend of Charo's/Claro's / Thistle's. This reminds of my identifying Miss Hicks in a dream I had in my first week of conversion to Jesus. She was hovering in a Charo-like car, and I was told to go wake her up by a voice behind me that I assumed was God, because she loved me, and treating her like Sleeping Beauty, I was going to kiss her awake, but I saw my hand brush along her KNEE, when she popped up into my arms before I could kiss her, and we rose (hovered) into the sky together. I've half-expected her to become my wife, but, so far, no. I recalled this dream on the night that I saw her beautiful knees, for we somehow came to sit beside one another (earlier that evening) at a local-park event.

Jewish Hovers may be using the Car stars, but also the Glass stars, for I saw her knees through the glass of a store door. The Glass motto may be honoring Lucks in its "Luctor" motto, but as Glass' were first found in Buteshire, the Botters/Botti/Bottins of LUCCa must apply, for they use a lone star in Glass-star colors. Botters were suspect with the Butteri cowbows on both the north and south of Rome. I haven't checked the Botters for a long time, and just learned that their bend (colors reversed from the Knee / Leak bend) is now curved or arced like a circle, similar to the rare curved bend of Rita's, first found in Rome. The Leakey road is in Texas' cowboy country, and Texas is the lone-star state. Miss Hicks had moved away to greater Dallas, and the Dallas surname shares the Botter / Glass / Gleason stars while using a bend colors reversed from the Botter bend. Yup, that means the Dallas' use with the Knee / Leak bend.

I find it interesting that while she moved to Forney (east of Dallas), the Forneys are in Gleason colors, and first found in Languedoc with Font-de-Ville's, a branch of the Lafins/La Fonts, first found in Tipperary with Gleasons (a version of the Botter bend).

When I said that I met her on "Christmas DAY," I had no intension of emphasizing the Days, but they came up as Daze's while investigating whether Dossier-like Doss'/Dase's showed the swan of German Christmas'. Yes, I was seeking Dossier kin with "Doss." It turns out that the Day/Daze star is that of German Christmas' and Doss'! What can we glean from this? First of all, the Dussle's/Dussels (Dusseldorf comes to mind) share the fesse of Hazels (share squirrel with Decks) while the Hazel leaf design is also of French House's (format and colors-reversed from Hose's/Ouse's), who smack of Hose's/Ouse's and Dossiers/Hosiers. Hose's were first found in the same place as DECKsters. CHRISTine PEARE on the mall deck is all over this discussion because Piers/Pierce's are a branch of Percivals, part of the swan entity. Knowing now that the Steels and Hose's share the same red lion head in Crest, it can be gleaned that the Steel billets are in the colors of the Hazel crescents for a merger they had. The rare Steel bend is that of German Beckers, while the Hazel leaf design is shared by Dutch Beckers/Bakkers who moreover use Hazel colors.

Secondly, the Hazels (same place as Steels and Weavers) are sharing the Weaver Shield. This is excellent, for Hazels are a branch of Islips/Haslips who use a LODGED stag while Steels were of Bigod de Loges while Lodge's/Loge's were from Loges. Logens/Lochs (same place as swan-using Christmas' and Christs) use the swan too, in the colors of the Doss/Daze / Christmas swan, and this is the line of LOHENgrin, the mythical Swan Knight, son of Percival.

When I slept with Christine and Louise as per the story above, I can't recall whether she was already with Kepke, or whether she would be first with me. Note that Weavers are beloved by the weaver's shuttle of Keeps. Why do the latter use a "galley"? And why do English Galleys (same place as Keppochs) use the rather rarish black-and-white checks of Steels and German Beckers? The French Galleys, first found in Dauphine with Galli's, show a chevron in colors reversed from the same of Dutch Beckers. This is amazing, because I identified both Kepke and Christine, along with myself, with the Numidian rulers, Massena and Kepke-suspect Syphax (his coin image at Wikipedia reminded me of Kepke), who shared the same woman (Sophonisba). Massena (or Massinissa) was the son of Gala, highly suspect with a line to Galli's and Galleys, thereby linking to Keeps. Amazing, it really is, for the chances of such quick-and-easy connections are remote.

Why are Logans, a branch of Logens/Lennans, showing a Deck-like Duck variation? And why do Lennans have the look of the first Communist president, Lenin, whose cult put Stahlin on the throne who could just be from the Stahlin variation of Steels?

By now, we may have gotten the impression that God chose Christine to be in my life as she was, for her name in representation of the Christine bloodline in the Isle of man. And, indeed, Maccus of Man is like the Mackesy surname, which shares the coiled green snake and sword with the Irish Daze's/Days. The English Daze's/Days use the colors and format, almost, of Christine's. It seems that this was the Massena line to the Steels. Note that the Makes/Mack surname, with the Daze/Day / Doss/Dase / Christmas / Macey star, shares a version of the left-rising Massena / Masci bend, and that the Rasmussen branch shares the white unicorn with Christine's. You see, that's why she was my girlfriend, first.

If I recall correctly, Sophonisba was engaged with Massena first, then married Syphax due to the politics being against Massena, but she wanted Massena, and came back to him when Massena defeated Syphax in war, but all for nothing. While Christine was with Kepke, she said to me in an elevator, "It was you I really wanted." I shrugged her off, saying nothing. Kepke then dumped her for another woman, got engaged, but called the wedding off, going back to Christine, who got dumped again, and, after some time, she came to see me for two days. That's when I drove her home, and never saw her again. It makes me want to cry for her, to remember it all. I can't remember the season that she came to be with me, whether a few months, or maybe just one, before I met Mamie, another Man symbol.

The Tous', by the way, are also Tosni-like Tosini's.

Recall Mamie's thigh symbol, for Hose's use "A silver shield charged with three red legs couped at the thigh." I wouldn't have known the Legge surname if not for Rick Legge. I was his buddy while dating Roxanne, and Mamie came along the summer after the winter that Roxanne left me (I refused to marry her). In fact, Rick Legge was angry with me for taking Roxanne, for he wanted her. One of the last times that I was with Roxanne, she said she was going out to a bar. My problem with her is that she seemed to be acting the Christian, and this tended to prove it. Rick and I met her at Bible studies. I wouldn't go to this bar with Roxanne, which was many miles from her home, where I was living with her parents, but ended up dropping in later, anyway. As soon as I walked in, I felt an earthquake in the place. I'm sure there was no quake, but it was so real I took it to mean that God was upset with me for being with this lady. And after being concerned that Roxanne had her shirt open to wide, I took out a hotel room (above the bar). I remember being up there with Roxanne and a bunch of others, when Rick showed up (I hadn't seen him in months) out of the blue, and mocked me in front of everyone for claiming to have the Holy Spirit. I did feel so ashamed, for I knew I probably wouldn't marry Roxanne. So, God tore us apart, I must assume. But He had Lorraine and Mamie set up for me straight up.

It was the last time I saw Rick Legge. Legge's use a "TENTamine virTUS" motto term, which recalls that "VIRtus" is part-code for the Vire river by Manche. So, in the Legge motto, we probably have the Tosni-Vire relationship. It might not mean so much, but it comes with the Legge's while Tosni-line Hose's use legs. And, being perfect, it appears that God arranged his name to be Rick, because Ricks (Rigg branch?) were first found in the same place as same-colored Tints (share blue unicorn with GALE's), part of the naming of TintaGEL in neighboring Cornwall, where royal-tent Tintons were first found...that God wants us to link to Mamie's Isle-of-Man liners.

I was able to glean that the Tints use the Wissel/Whistler lion before realizing that, on my last date with Mamie, I lived in the basement apartment of Mr. Oostyen (friend), who had gone out to work the winter at Whistler ski resort. I know this because Mamie and I were in that apartment on our last date.

We had never gone all the way before, because I wanted to keep my Christianity as pure as I could, but on this night, we were on Oostyen's couch, and I did penetrate her for a few seconds (we had most our clothes on), and then spoiled it for the both of us (I was so conscious). And she said, "that was awful." A lousy performance, I think, is what she could have meant, though our position on the lousy couch was awful too. I had done the same once to Diane on our first penetration, because I didn't want her to get pregnant. She left me soon after. If you don't perform, they leave, but what's a Christian to do? THE POINT IS, the Whistler-related Tints (same place as Whistlers) use a "COUCHant" lion (lying down, as on a couch), can you believe this? Did God allow me to be on that couch with her, then spoil things to protect me from getting together with her again? She would have stayed with me if I had led her to the bed, to do it properly. But what's a Christian to do?

AND ZOWWWIE!!! The Couch's use red pale bars!!! Two of them, as do Steels. The Couch's must be kin of Tullia's (one red pale bar), making the Gale's (same place as TintaGEL) suspect with Gallia, Tullia's mother. The double Couch bars are in the colors of the double Babon fesses (the babe bloodline). I had suggested that Couch's were of the Gouche variation of Googhs (Roxburghshire, same place as Molle's), who share the boars of MumMOLIN-suspect Molle's.

Recalling that Gallia's/Gallati's use three bends linkable to the one of German Galts, it's Tint-interesting that English Galts, with a "PaTENTia" motto term, share the upright bear with Couch's. As these Galts were first found in Perthshire with Wings/Winks, note that the same Galts use a "VINCit" motto term, resolved already with Wing/Wink / Vince liners. Then, German Wissels use only wings. I don't think I've ever seen the Vince griffins before, though I'm always on the look-out, but just found them with Willie's, Oulette suspects.

I think I can now trace Gale's to Gallura by starting with Gallers/Galens, who use two fesses in the colors of the one of Gale's, and in colors reversed from the two of Morinis'. If we allow the latter to be a branch of the Milan Maurels/Maurini's (one of the two Morinis fesses), it gets the Gallia > Mummolin line to Milan, where Visconti's ruled who had a branch ruling at Gallura.

I asked beautiful Lorraine out on my birthday (just worked out that way, like a gift), after being torn for months at the loss of Roxanne (six months long). It was ironic, that while I wouldn't marry her, I felt deeply hurt to lose her. And here this flower, Lorraine, agrees to go out with me. I was happy because I started to feel that she would become my wife (I just had to figure a way to have her leave the JWs). I wouldn't marry Roxanne because she was not blond. I told her that, as corny as that sounds. In my first week as a believer, I had such a dream as to be sure it was from God. Over the past 40 years, I rarely had dreams that I thought were from Him, but this one I have carried to this day. The dream promised a blond wife, and not only was Lorraine blond, but a week or two before asking her out, when seeing her for the first time, I blurted, "I'm going to marry you," as she walked by me the other way. She must have given me the impression of the woman in the dream. We didn't stop to talk to one another.

What a Difference a Duzzy DAY Makes

On my BIRTHday, while riding my bicycle, I saw her at a bus stop, and rode up. She said yes. And I've wondered lately why that event was on my birthday, now thinking that it may be code for Berthe, Mummolin's wife, and probably mother of Babon the Babe line. Michael Oulette, who broke his leg at about that time, couldn't help himself, blurting "what a babe" as he walked past me with her a little out of ear-shot. I feel sure that this was the event when some sort of radiating impression came at my mind as I spotted her beautiful feet. The same sort of radiation happened with Mamie's thighs. It's hard to explain.

Oulette variations strike me as linkable to the other Wissels, and I'm sure that I was living at Oostyen's on that birthDAY, at the other end of his basement apartment. I moved out while dating Lorraine, but was asked to move back a year later as he went to Whistler. English Days were first found in Somerset with Wissels/Whisters and Ricks. This is amazing, because Births/Berts share the fitchee crosslets (same colors) of Ricks, which are in the colors of the Tint crosslets, the Tints being the ones with the couchant lion likely that of Wissels/Whistlers and Payne's (almost the Rick Coat).

Ricks use a version of one Rigg Coat, the latter suspect in the Maul/Morley motto, and with Morleys from Berthe, and with Mummolin expected with an assortment of Lorraine elements, it recalls that RICHEZa of Lorraine (Merovingian liner) looks to be clued in the RICHESS variation of Rich's. Hmm, while Ricks and Riggs use the colors and format of Lam(b)s (same place as Lorraine's), while being in the colors and almost the format of LamBERTs, might Mieszko Lambert, Richeza's husband, have been a Berthe liner? Mieszko's were from Piasts at GOPLo (Poland), which I trace to "Kopple," and the latter surname shares the black rooster with the other Riggs. The colors and format of Ricks and Riggs appears to be in use with Bachs/BAGHs because they put a seated talbot dog in Crest (a Hun/Hungate symbol).

Now that I see the broken spear of Payne's (Somerset), it recalls that, while with Mamie, while living at the apartment of Paul, Oulette's brother, the latter got a broken LEG. I remember almost hitting it by accident, and him getting upset, in Paul's apartment. By that time, Mamie was probably a goner, and as Paul moved out at the end of October, I was forced to move, ending up at Hunt street, where I met the Taxi dispatcher. I drove taxi all winter and into the summer and fall, and that's when I saw Mamie again by "accident."

I've told this Tint link to Wissels before, and added that the WAIStells/Wessels are likely in play as per Mamie in her tent, when I went to sleep with an arm draped around her WAIST. Her BACK was toward me (a term like "Bag"). German Wessels share the vertically-split Shield of Dossier's/Hosiers, and it would be especially interesting if Mamie, on the following evening, had a HOSE in her hands when at her front garden, but I can't remember one. I was too busy spotting her thighs. The split Wessel Shield is that also of Mauls/Morleys while the other Morleys share the jessant symbol of Morlands, first found in Westmorland with Waistells/Wessels. When I invited Mamie to the church event, it was the church where I met Dave Morley. It's all more evidence that Morleys were from Berthe's father.

Hosers (Bavaria) use: "A gold shield with Saint-Jean Nepomuccne on a green mount". Who? Why?

So, what can I take away from this as additional clues? Well, Births/Berts can be expected from Berthe, and the latter's hunting horns can connect to Hunt street as Hun liners had linked to Mummolin's family. The Hunts (Salop) had linked square with Eitons, a branch of Aitons/Artems, and while MundeRIC's name ("ric" was a Merovingian suffix) is the one suspect with Attila's father, Munderic was ARTEMia's son. OoSTEYNs (he was Dutch) may be Dutch Steyns/Steins who happen to share the red and eight-pointed star with Batti's, important because we saw the leg line lead to the Steel / Fusion dossier, and Battistelli's apply. The two Steyn/Stein symbols create a red pale bar, by the way, in Babon colors. And the baseMENT can be code for the Ment liners from Munderic (Mummolin's father), for it just so happens that Ments/Manns share the white, passant goat with German Steins. As per "Basement," Base's can apply with their two black hunting horns in pale, the color of the Birth/Bert horns. The other Base's use the Brunswick Coat (two lions in pale) while the Bars of Brunswick were in Lorraine too. German Bars/Berrs use only two hunting horns, one black.

So, as I asked Lorraine out on my birthday, we can assume that Lorraine in France should link to Mummolin's family if Births/Berts do. And Mummolin's town of Chalons-sur-Marne is at least essentially in Lorraine. That is, Lorraine's administrative region is Grand Est, and Chalons-sur-Marne is in the region of Grand Est. Bars were of Este. As Berthe was the daughter of Maurilion, the line to Maurels/Maurini's, we can ask whether Marne was named from a line of Maurini's. I have suggested that Marne is from Myrina on Lemnos because Lemovices and SANTones on France are from Lemnos. The Morleys and Morlands use jesSANT leopard faces. While Santones are suspect from Lemnos' Sintians, the Santons/Sintons use a Shield looking like a colors-reversed version of the Morinis Coat (share blue Shield with Saints).

So, you see, it seems that God had me ask her out on my birthday, not as a gift (rats), but to indicate that Berts were from Mummolin and Berthe, explaining why I danced with Mamie on my last night with Lorraine. Lorraine and I didn't get close to sex, because I was being a good boy. Maybe she didn't want a good boy.

The Obama dream opened with me at a counter. This part of the dream is very faint. I remember no specific event there but the counter and some people action. I assumed the counter was the place where players get their billiard balls. But, maybe, it was a bar, for, when asking whose black fesse the Dossier's use, I thought of the same of Bars, which was when I found that the Bar Crest is the Steel Crest. The Bar fesse-with-stars is in the colors of the checks on the Steel bend. Recalling the Steel link to Luffs, it's interesting that the "chequey" of the Steels can be for the Checks/Chicks, first found in the same place as Luffs and sharing their red crosslet, which is in the colors of the Steel / Bar / Luff lion head. The Luffs add a bird in their Crest, and Birds (yet another red Crest) were kin of Bouillons who in-turn were of Godfrey III, husband of Beatrice of Bar. It's not illogical for the Bar-Este line to have developed the Stelli's/Stellers at Bologna, who then become Steels. I've only just realized that Berta's (Este colors), with the Steel griffin, and first found in Ferrara, must have had a merger with Este's, because Ferrara had a fundamental relationship with neighboring Este. It looks like ironclad, twinkling proof that Steels's were Stelli's were Este's.

Birds use one fesse in the colors of the three of Luffs. The Bacon/Beacon stars are two in number, in colors reversed from the two of Bars, and the Luffs share the three fesses of beacon-using Fullers, but then the Bacon star had connected to the giant one of Estons/Astons (in the Babon write-up), who thereby look like Este liners. The STRzok-suspect Sturs with Ester-like terms likewise use three red fesses. The Lacys may be using a motto term for Euganeo, beside Este. Purple is used by the Cheshire Pace's, perhaps a branch of the Pace's/Pasi's of Bologna i.e. where Steel- / Este-suspect Stelli's were first found.

When we click to French Bacons, just five cinquefoils in the colors of the giant Bus cinquefoil. I asked Lorraine out at a BUS stop on my birthDAY, and Days/Daze's have proven, virtually, to be a Steele-dossier indicator. While the Battistelli page was sewered in the corner pocket, Pockets use a giant cinquefoil in colors reversed from the same of Bus', whose ermined cinquefoil is in the Arms of Leicester, the entity that was connected to leg liners such as Dossier-suspect Hose's. The Leicester/Lester write-up speaks on a merger with Tableys, the Table liners that are part of the billiard table. Can we believe it? The Days/Daze star is that of the Christmas that use the swan, which is a symbol of the Leicester/Lester surname. More correctly, the Leicesters/Lesters (same place as Steele's and Este-related Welfs) use a swan head, the symbol of Logens/Lochs, assuming a name from the Legros river, connectable to the Lecks in the Hose family.

I, a Masci liner, shot the Battistelli page into the pocket on Obama's billiard table, and while Obama's mother was Miss Dunham, from Dunham-Masci in the same place as Leicesters/Lesters were first found, the latter share the Masci fleur, half in the colors of the Corner / Hauser / Bush/Busch fleur. And Masci's were first found in Piedmont, location of Busca. I can glean that the English Bush Coat shares the fesse of Birds, the latter beloved of Luffs, first found in Suffolk with the LASTERs. The latter use a version (different colors only) of the Leicester/LESTER Coat. The Luz surname in the Laster write-up suggests the purple lions of both Spanish Luz' and Irish Lacys, evoking the Lacydon Ligures.

I've said before (not making it up now) that Mr. Oosteyn was AlBERT, and German Alberts happen to use an eight-pointed star in colors reversed from the same of Batti's (the later's being red like that of Steyns/Steins). Amazing. English Alberts (Kent, where there are a whack of Mummolin lines) use the giant Berta (and Steel) griffin in half its colors!

If the BATTistelli pyraMID is for Middle's, we first note that the Middle fesse is called, emBATTLEed. Battle's (HALTON colors) show a giant gold griffin shared by the Polish (DOBRawa and de-HALDENsleben of Mieszko), potentially the gold griffin head of Dobers and Haldans. Haltons look to be using the Gallus / Hopton lion in colors reversed. We saw a giant gold griffin with the Alberts, first found in Kent with Rusts/Roosts that in-turn share the Haldan saltire. So far, so good.

We saw Keys/Kays (share purple with Mandys/Mundays) linking well to Clements and Ments/Mants, and here we can add that while the Doberman griffin head is in one Key Crest, the Faiths/Faithfuls, in the Key motto, share the engrailed Haldan saltire. The Manns/Ments are expected from king Maccus of Man, which can explain why the Haldan saltire is that also of Maxwells/Maccuswells. Again, the Manns/Ments share the white and passant goat of Russells, from Roussillon, also called, Rosellon, like "Roslin." Sinclairs were first found in ROSlin, which is right beside the first-known Haldans of East Lothian, zowie.

Roslin now becomes suspect from Rusticus liners. Ten days ago Friday morning, I awoke with the words, "buckle up," in my head. I waited to see if God was using them, and that's why I made it a point to recall the day. Buckle's are a branch of Buckleys, whom I always link to the Haught bull, and because Mieske's/Mesechs use a bull head too, but also because Haughts were first found in the same place as Mieszko-related Masseys, I feel confident that Haughts were from Sigrid the Haughty, either a daughter of Oda of Haldensleben, or of Dobrawa. The Roslin surname uses square buckles, you see, and "buckle up" was taken as possible code for Opgalli liners to the Buckle bloodline. But I also think that "buckle up" was used to inform me that I was about to go on a ride = exciting discoveries on the crux of what God has been trying to expose.

[Insert -- Sorry to spoil the flow. It occurs to me that an O-less Opgalli" can become a Poggel / Puckle surname, and Puckle's happen to share the white-on-red hand of Claviere's, from Glaphyra (married Alexander Maccabee), the grandmother of Opgalli's husband. Puckle's were first found in Sussex with Buckle's (and Bone's), and Buckle's use the colors and format of Alexanders. Just like that, "buckle up" may mean that Buckle's are Opgalli liners. Pucks are the ones with the annulet of Ottone's, suspect from Ottone Visconti, and Ottone's are the ones with the long perchevron of French Chappes' (must be the Puck chevron, obviously), while VISconti's must have been a line to the Wisharts/Guiscards, first found in Stirlingshire with Scottish Chappes'.

Bone's are suspect with the Tong Coat, a version of the Mountain Coat while Glaphyra's line to Claviere's (same place as Clermont-Ferrand) married Mountains. Buckle's were first found in Suffolk too, as were Clare's, and the Buckle / Buckley motto honors the Mere's / DeMere's (MacDonald ship, called a GALLEY) suspect in the Alexander / MacDonald motto as "mare." I'm intrigued.

The Buckle's use a wreath. The Wreaths (Totten fesse?) are listed with Cree's/Crae's. The latter look like the Fortuna-Talbot-Grey-Glass-Hun bunch discussed earlier in this update, with the Tuttons perhaps thrown in at the second term in the Wreath/Cree motto, "FortuTUDINE." Tuttons (Berkshire Coat) use the Tatton quadrants, and Tattons show a seated greyhound in Crest, which is bang-on the Fortuna-Talbot-Grey-Glass-Hun bunch.

An amazing thing happened while viewing the Wreath/Cree Coat. Without reading the write-up, there was a need or desire to load the Chalon surnames, but I can't remember why I wanted to check them. Nothing resulted by viewing the two Chalon Coats. But "Clown" came to mind. Nope, no Clown surname, though I thought there would be a better chance for "Cloun." Yes, and they use the Clun (Saluzzo) Coat, and because Clouns they first found in Galway with Opgalli-liner Teague's, it explains why Clouns / Cluns share a wolf in Crest with Teague's. After seeing these things, I wrote the paragraph above, then went back to the Wreath/Cree Coat, to see "Clunes" in the write-up, which I do not recall seeing until then. I didn't yet realize here that Wreaths can link exactly to Roslin.

The suspicion now is that Clun in Shropshire, home of the Dol Alans, was a Chalons-sur-Marne line to which Buckle's and Puckle's linked. As I trace "Marne" to Myrina on Lemnos, let's add that the Wreaths/Crees have "Crete"-like variations, and that there is a Crete/Cree surname with similar variations all-around. Wreath's/Cree's even show "Rhea/Ray" variations smacking of mythical Rhea of Crete. It recalls that Dionysus got his wife from Crete, and then settled Lemnos with her. So, I checked the Lemnos-like Lemons/Lemans, to find the colors and format, roughly, of Wreaths/Crete's. These Lemons were first found in Suffolk with Buckle's and Clare's, and as the Lemons use dolphins, the CLERmont symbol too, it could appear that Lemnos liners were at Clermont-Ferrand. The Clements/CLERMONTS', by the way, have been known to use the wavy bars of Marina's. Perfect. Lemnites, and therefore Amazons of Myrina, were at Clermont-Ferrand, and at the Marne river, we assume.

Then, I clicked to French Lemons/Lamons/Lamonts (Brittany, Cloun / Clun colors) to find the Metz orb. It recalls that Mummolin's family at Chalons-sur-Marne was tied to neighboring Metz. The lion in the Lemon/Lamon Coat can be either that of dolphin-using James', and/or that of Creuse's/Croux's, for French CROZiers and Croze's/Cruisets were first found in the same place (Auvergne) as Clermont-Ferrand while Scottish Croziers use the Arms of Chalons-sur-Marne. Croze's use the Arms of Surrey (= Warren Coat), and that's where James' were first found, roughly at the area of Buckle's and Warrens (almost the Italian-Ferrand Coat). Croziers and Cross' were resolved from mythical Creusa to Cruise, an area beside Auvergne. I trace Creusa's husband, Aeneas, to mythical Aeneus, the latter said to be of Aenus, a real (ancient) place near the mouth of the Hebros river, and therefore near Lemnos. Chances are, Hephaestus' Kabeiri were rather equivalent to the namers of the Hebros. The Cruise's (Bedfordshire) look like they use a combination of the Quint and Capone Coats, especially as Bedfords and Quints share the black lion paw. As I see the Palin lion as that of Quints, it recalls that Buchans and Buchanans were from BUXENtum, beside PALINurus (southern Italy). If Buckle's / Puckle's were from Buxentum too (not at all established on account of similarity or terms alone), it's hard to see how they could be an O-less variation of "Opgalli."

Funny thing, though, that Buchanans and Milans/Millens are said to be kin while Mummolin liners at Milan became the Morlands (Westmorland), while Applebys, who use the Arms of Sussex, were first found in Westmorland. Repeat: "...the Santons/Sintons use a Shield looking like a colors-reversed version of the Morinis Coat (share blue Shield with Saints)." Morinis' were the Mummolin line at Milan. And while reviewing this paragraph, the Buckley-like Bagleys were found, said to be first in Shropshire (same as Sleeps), but developing out of neighboring Cheshire, where Buckle-branch Buckleys were first found. It appears that we have just found the sleeping-BAG line in Bagleys / Buckles, and it happened in a paragraph with the Morley / Morland line! Bagleys share lozenges with Baggs. After writing that, Hords (Shropshire) were checked because Bagley of Shropshire is in Hordley, and Hords use the Chief-Shield colors of Morinis'!

Dave Morley circled the sleeping bag with a motor bike while Bicks/Biks/Bickers share gold-on-red stag heads with the Morinis-descended Deerings. In the Deering write-up, believe it or not, Norman de Morinis is said to descend from Mr. FitzOsbert, and Osberts (same place as Deerings) use a tiger! That's the symbol of Opgalli's husband, right? I was in the woods (no direct sunlight, no sky visible) when I picked the sleeping bag up, and then Bagley-Woods is in Berkshire, where Bicks/Bickers were first found. How interesting where Windsors use the stag head too. It looks like Windsors are being targeted. In fact, the three Bick/Bicker stags on a bend are in the colors of the three crescents on a bend of Others! Zikers.

As the Cheshire Bagleys are said to have given a title to Leghs, it evokes the legs in the Coat of Os(born)-like Hose's/Ouse's. Recalling that Hose's traced not-bad to the Aous river beside Fier county, by what coincidence is "fieri" in the Ram motto while Rams and Bagleys share the ram head? Suddenly, the sleeping bag connects to the Dossier, especially as the Cheshire Steels are said to descend from Bigot (Biks?!) de Loges (leg line) while Osberts are said to have held a fief from earl Bigot. I now know why French Bigots use a version of the Morello Coat. Reminder: Milan's Maurels/Maurinis' share the eight pointed star of Stelli's in both colors, can you believe this? If this is all pure luck, I should be able to go out and own the entire casino. The Stelli Chief is three symbols in the colors of the three billets in the Steel Chief, and Battistelli's use billets in their Chief too. This is now linking the sleeping-bag dream to the dream with Obama's billiard hall. The Dossier's/D'Hosiers are the ones sharing the Morley/Maul Shield, and the latter were first found in Yorkshire, location of an Ouse river.

It could appear that God has been reserved all this time on the sleeping-bag mystery, giving it away only recently (why December 15?) with "buckle-up." Perhaps the timing is such because things are about to come along fast. What things? Are the British-Windsor royals involved? Christopher Steele is, after all, a British spy.

When I said I didn't know, off the top of my head, another surname besides the Tullia's, with a red pale bar, I wasn't referring to Coat's with several pale bars. I haven't tried to recall Coats with three or more, but six red-and-white pale bars just came up with Italian Bello's. German Steels use two. The Osbert motto uses "bello," as do Bouillons i.e. first found in Auvergne with Tullia. That works. And while Bello's were first found in Verona (Lombardy) with Bellini's, the latter use the bear paw of Powys in colors reversed, while Powys is a Welsh area smack beside DenBIGH (Bigot liner?), where Bachs/BAGHs were first found.

The Sainte location of Santones -- Sintians of Lemnos -- is now more linkable than ever to Lemnos-liner Chalons-sur-Marne because Saints and Chalons share cherubs. You can't argue with the historical facts. The Tongeren-suspect Tacks/Thackerys likewise use the cherub. And Sinclairs are probably Saints for being from Clermont-Ferrand. Remember, Sinclairs were fabulously wealthy at their Rosslyn Chapel (Roslin), and Roslins use buckles (the only square buckles I know of). Henry Sinclair was the cup-bearer of queen Margaret, and she came to Scotland with the first Leslie's (same place as Buchan), who use more buckles. What were these buckles for? Did the Leslie's bring them from HUNgary? Had Leslie's been Attila / Bled / Mundzuk liners? I think so, for I think they trace to Lesce, on the Sava river beside Bled. Lesks/Less' (same place as Windsor castle, probably the Other crescent) use the Bard boar in colors reversed while Bards, perhaps from "LomBARDS, share the green Leslie griffin head.

Roslin is in Midlothian, where Crichtons/CREIGHTons were first found, suspect with the Curetes of Crete and/or the Cruithen of Ireland. The Buckle-beloved Wreaths are listed with Creights. It appears that Creights were with Roslins, and that Buckle's were in the area. The Wreath-branch Crete's uses the Ment/Mant Coat while the other Ments/Manns share the Russell Goat while I see Russells from Roslin-like Rosellon. The Puckle's, suspect with the hand of Auvergne's Claviere's, use hands alone that caused me to check the Ulsters (Austria), to find the colors and format of Buckle's. Claviere's married Mountains while the other Mountains share the footless martlets in the Arms of Sussex, that place being where Buckle's and Puckle's were first found.

And so ends this insert, without finding that Buckle's were from "Opgalli." Sorry. But as this investigation came across Cruise's/CROUX's, for example, look at what was said at the end of the last paragraph before this insert: "The Roslin surname uses square buckles, you see...and. But I also think that "buckle up" was used to inform me that I was about to go on a ride = exciting discoveries on the CRUX of what God has been trying to expose." The Crux's are Cricks, like the Crichtons of the Roslin area. Crux's are a branch of potent-liner Crutch's.]

With Opgalli liners suspect at "Goplo," and Mieszko elements from that place showing up at Roslin as part of the Rusticus line, it recalls Gallus-like Gallia, mother of Tullia, wife in-turn of Decimus Rusticus. In this way, the Sinclairs of Roslin, suspect from CLERmonts liners already, can be expected in marriage with Haldans because they use cross versions of one another.

I kid you not that, I've been meaning to load the other Tulls for days, but didn't get around to it until now, to recall their use of the pyramid! These Tulls probably use the Shield of the Florence Ferrands, and we can add that the Tull Chief is in the colors of the same of English Ferrands (the latter's "JusTUS" is suspect with the Florence Tous'). As the Tull-Chief lion is white on red, the Tools were suspect as a Tull branch. This recalls that I lumped the Strange lion into this, and Mr. Strange is in the write-up of pyramid-suspect Middle's, tending to explain why the Strange lion is exactly in the Tull Chief.

Middle's now recall that Middlesex, where Fiers and Apps' were first found, is where I trace elements of Fier county (Illyrian coast), location of the APSus river, and a TROPoje location, the line to Trope's/Drops (Shield filled with drops) that share exactly the Tull Chief! Bingo, we now have excellent clues as well as verification that Middle's were the namers of Middlesex, or vice-versa. And I saw "water DROPs" on the dragon in the Mann/Ment Crest while Mens' (share "God" with Sinclairs) were first found in the same place as Roslin. Manns/Ments share the embattled fesse with Dragons/Drainers and Middle's while Drainers are evidence of the Drin river, near the sources of the Apsus.

By now we know of the Eustace-II connection to Tullia, and so let's add that the Tools (Tull lion) were first found in Kildare with Eustace's. Kildare's use the saltire of Eustace-branch Staceys. Dare's might just be a branch of the Dyer variation of Apsus-river Dexters.

The Apps/Abbs surname uses a "Domine" motto term while "Nisi Dominus" is a phrase in the Arms of Edinburgh, the Scottish capital six miles from Roslin. The Edinburgh Arms is partially described like so: "A woman richly attired with her hair hanging over her shoulders, and a doe, both Proper". This is most-excellent (and new to me), for queen Nysa was married to PHARnaces, a line resolved to the Parrs, who use "A woman's head and shoulders..." This can explain why the double Ness/Nessan bars are colors reversed from the one of Apps'/Abbs'. The Nissans use the double-Parr fesses.

"Pharnaces" was suspect with the Furnace surname, and it uses a giant, black seated dog, which is in the BACH/Bagh Crest while the latter look to be using the colors and format of Ricks / Riggs, which happen to be the colors and format of Apps/Abbs'. "PHARNaces" became suspect to Farms and similar terms, and "firme" is in the motto of BACons/Beacons (not to mention that beacon-using Fullers use "FERMiora"), who use a Chief-with-symbols in the colors of the Apps/Abbs fesse-with-symbols. [In the insert above, we saw the Bachs/Baghs crop up loosely as per Belli-branch Bellini's, and here it should be said that German Belli's use a beacon.]


Formans/Fermans (dragon design of Manns/Ments), first found in Edinburgh, were suspect with the Drop/Trope lion in gold, but I don't recall knowing until now that Tropoje elements were at the Edinburgh theater. The Forman/Ferman Coat has the Parr / Nissan fesses in wavy form! To verify that this paragraph is making correct links, the Furnace dog is "seated" while Seats/Cedes' are in the motto of Steers who are in-turn in the steer of Backs/Bachs. English Becks/Bechs (almost the cross of bello-loving Bouillons) could be sharing the Bacon stars.

Seats/Cedes happen to use two pale bars in the colors of the Parr / Nissan fesses, which, by the way, are the double Morinis' fesses in colors reversed, excellent because it tends to verify that the "MEDIOcria" motto term of Bacons/Beacons is for Mediolanum, the original name of Milan, where Maurinis' were first found! And Fullers are suspect with FulBERT, father of Pollocks, while I've been telling emailer Pollock for almost a decade that Berts/Births should be Fulbert lines.

It's new to me that Deer-like terms could be from the Dyer variation of Dexters, in which case there could be a slew of Dexaroi lines disguised as Dare's, Dere's and even Dye's, Tye's, Thighs. The Dye's were the most interesting because I'd like to check out Tye liners for Dexaroi links. But before getting to that, let's add that Deyers are with the Days/Daze's who share the Dere/Res stars. We saw Days/Daze's with the Christmas star, and then Christ's are the ones with a colors-reversed version of the Deck/DAGGER Coat. So far, so good. Recall that Deerings use stag heads in the colors and format of the Dagger/Dacker scallops, the latter's in half the colors of the Apps scallops for a decent trace to the Dexaroi. The Anne;s use the same stags heads, and were first found in Yorkshire with both the Dye's/TIE's (Tick/Tuck/Touque colors) and Tickhills (shirt sleeve in Crest code likely for the English Channel at Manche), the latter sharing the maunch (sleeve) with Mansfields and therefore linkable to the Tick-like TIGHs/Tease's/TYE's. Way to go. We have something here. Dutch Dyke's share the red squirrel and white-on-red fleur-de-lys with Decks/Daggers, and Dutch Dicks share the white swan head with Leicesters while Dexters were first found in Leicestershire.

Belgian Dyke's may be with the Hoss/Hauser Coat, and their Deicke variation looks a lot like Deise at Waterford, where one Arms of Waterford uses the Trump/Tromp stag head. It's just that the Dyke/Deicke Coat is the fleur of Dutch Tromps. This now makes the Diss'/Deise's/Dice's suspect as Dexaroi.

Dickers/Dekkers (beside Tiss') share the Tiss chevron, which brings me to the Wakefield location of Dye's/Tie's, for Wakefields share the grabs of German Dare's/Dairs. When we get to the Wake's, good news, for they show a "vigila" (to watch, clever, like "WAKE") motto term while I have it burned in my head that Vigils share the rare green vair fur of Soggs/Suges', suspect with the chevron of Tiss'. Watch's (Other motto) are also Wage's. The Wake's share the double fesses of Babons/Bavents, and the Diss roundels in both colors, which are in the Arms of Boulogne, a home of Eustace's, first found in KilDARE. Babons/Bavents were first found in Suffolk with Diss'/Deise's, and Fullers, the latter using a "fermiORA" motto term, now suspect with the "ora" of Wake's, the latter sharing the red roundel in Chief, in both colors, with Orrs, no surprise.

The heraldry ended in the paragraph above, but, late in the evening, I was tackling the end of the Obama dream, which I haven't yet deciphered to my satisfaction. The employee that Obama was arguing / quarreling with was down low, and so I thought that the Downs/Douns could apply, not only because they look like a Dunham branch, but also because Tune's seem to be in the Steer motto while Dune's are listed with Dunns (share a sinister feature with the sword of Corners/Garners). The Steers seem to be in play because the man's back was turned toward me, and backs use steer while Sturs, expected in the dream too, are also Styre's. Sturs are suspect as a branch of Suters who are the Sewers too, and, believe it or not, Dunns are even shown (for a known kinship?) sharing the sword design of Corners/Garners. The latter, incidentally, share the acorn with Dutch Tromps while the Trump/Tromp stag is in the colors of the Down/Doun stag.

Amazing, but I'm not finished, for I also thought that "crouch" is appropriate. The man's legs were fully bent, with his butt below the knees, which I suppose qualifies as a crouch. The Crouch's/Crutch's happen to share the cross (same colors) of Plains/Platers. I SHOT a paper airplane straight into the corner pocket, sewering the shot. Moreover, the potent cross is said to be a crutch symbol, and the potent is used by Skate's/Sheets. The event immediately before the crouched man was Obama on a skateboard as definite code for Skate's/Sheets.

But I'm not finished, because there seems to be a third way Given to prove that God is the author of this dream. I loaded Crokers/Crockers to see if they were a Crouch branch, and recalled seeing the Coat earlier in the day with some other surname. Looking for it, it was found in the last paragraph before starting on this topic: the Dickers. Here's one online definition: "engage in petty ARGUment or bargaining." Pretty amazing. Dickers were first found in Sussex with Downs/Douns, Dunn-beloved Buckle's, and Boards.

However, while God puts events in heraldic connections to prove He's in them, there has got to be more to it, where Obama is involved, than heraldic connections. Since He can't help himself but to naturally do a great job, there are many links to be made all over these dreams. The potent cross was the flag of Templar Jerusalem. I've read that the potent cross starts with the family of St. Chad (about the time of Mummolin's family), and Chads do use the potent cross, but also use the split Shield of Morleys/Malls (Chaddock / Chadwick colors) while the latter share eight, white items around their border with the same of Chad-branch Saddocks/Sedgewicks, Chaddocks, Chadwicks and Boards. The latter four all use eight, white footless martlets, while Dunhams use martin while French Martins and Martels were both first found in Gascony. Saddocks were first found in the same place as Dickers, Downs/Douns and Boards. Chads were first found in Norfolk with Dunhams and potent-cross Skate's/Sheets. The vertically-split Shield of Chads is that of Dossier's too, incidentally.

That's all fine and viable, but why was Obama upset with this employee? How did I instinctively know he was an employee? Quarrels share a dancette with Dunhams, and Obama is a Dunham, first found in Norfolk with Quarrels. The Obama's Singletary-Dunham line was first found in the same place (Lancashire) as Chaddocks and Chadwicks.

I've just loaded the Dunham description for the first time in years, to find "A gold martin passant beTWEEN two spears." I've suspect Tweens/TWINS for a long time in "between," and, as I've said many times, there were two Obama's on the skateboard. It looked as though you were seeing it with double vision; the two were exactly doing the same thing, side-by-side. And I even suggested the Twin surname as a possible solution for that feature of the dream, and so finding the Tweens/Twins now by the Dunham surname has got to be what God intended. Just before being on the skateboard, he was dancing to prove that the dream was from God, and to help prove to me that I was correct in knowing instinctively, during the dream, that the pool hall belonged to Obama.

The Quarrels were the Drengot Normans by another name, and are said to be from Avesnes in Bray, suggesting the Avezzano line. Drengots probably merged with Guiscards, which recalls that Sardinia's Avezzano's may have been with the Sardinian Visconti's. The Drengots are even said to have come to Italy to "fight in the service of the Lombards," i.e. which could have had to do with Milan, where the other Visconti's ruled. Recalling that Maurels/Maurinis' were first found in Milan, by what coincidence do Morinis' use the Chief-Shield colors of Dunhams? Avezzano is on the Salto, wherefore see Salletts below. The Drengs ( had at least one member at TROCchelai, and this, coupled with the sinister-facing buckle of Dunns/Dune's recalls "buckle UP," for the Galatian, Opgalli, might just have been a Trocmii Galatian. Drengs even share the lion of Brocks while Brogitarus as a Trocmii ruler. The Tune's/Toune's, first found in Suffolk with Buckle's, use Buckle format in colors reversed, and Tune's/Toune's, incidentally, look like black Diss'/Dice's. Tune's are said to have had a DOUNintheTUNE (Doun in the tune) location.

"Between" should be part-code for Bee's because they use a version of the Mall Coat (Sale/Sallett bend) as well as the bend of bee-using Bessins (Cheshire, same as Sale's, Dunham-Masci and the Malls). Malls are also MARLYbone's while Morley-suspect Marleys were first found in Cheshire too. I don't think I've yet mentioned that the Bee Crest shares the green dragon with the Morley/Maul Crest. Amazing. That wouldn't have been found had not Dunhams used "between" in their description. Or, had God not put two Obama's on that ramp, "between" would not have interested me in this discussion. Not only did the term lead from Dunhams to Dunham-Masci, but linked the Malls (Massey quadrants) with Mauls, and Morleys with Marleys / Marlybone's. Excellent job O Lord. Morleys/Mauls likewise share the Dossier Shield, and perhaps share the Meschin scallops on the red background of TailBOIS' (Le-Meschin married Miss Taillebois).

In the next section, which has the news on the FBI's woes, Donna Brazile was mentioned, causing me to look up the Dons/Doune's, to see them first found in Cheshire with Steels, and sharing the arrow with German Steels. I had forgotten that Dons/Doune's (Down/Doun colors) use the double Morinis fesses. God gave me three events and a friend named, Don, that together clinched the Dons/Doune's from queen Nysa.

Christians weaken the world but make it better. The problem with the world is that competition for power, wealth and fame makes a strongman mess, with all the temporary winners vying for more. In the end, the first becomes last, and the last becomes first. The worldly politicians don't want Christians in their power circles, because true believers have a different spirit, not strong, not ambitious, but better for weaving a lasting / stable societal fabric. The weepers who deny themselves will be lifted up by a God so perfect that the perfection will pervade their souls, and they will be like Christ, finally. We are to become weak (losers) as per gainful accomplishments, for God wants us that way, and we are to die to self before we can become strong and successful in Fruitfulness. I take it that to deny ourselves daily simply means not to abandon Jesus for the rat race, headache after struggle to become "great." Stay clear, don't try to compete with the dogs, or you'll become one. Trump made it to top-dog, but what is his end, that is the question. Get out of the struggle to accomplish "the dream," and be at peace instead.

I'm not saying that we should not be strong, but that we can wait for God to make us strong for the things he does, the only thing that matters. Denying ourselves doesn't mean we can't eat what we enjoy to eat (not to over-eat), or that we can't be bouncy / cheery / pleasant / joyful / active as opposed to drooping our heads. Denying ourselves generally means not to chase, with extended efforts, what we would like to have, because it crowds out God's work in us. Logical. We not only crowd God out while chasing, but by enjoying the prizes once we've obtained's a trap. Make ourselves available first to God, and then our needs, some of our desires, and some good things, will be added unto us. Achieve the right, and enjoy level by level, for on this mountain you won't be thrown down once at the top. Enjoy your calling to Faith, and make up your mind to do it forever, like it's what you personally want always. Jesus told his disciples that they MUST deny themselves for the work, and so I assume he also put the desire in them to fulfill it.

Go to work to pay the bills, not to seek promotion by any means for climbing the higher levels to the upper decks. Satan was like that, and he finally desired the clouds of God. Our Creator is the one who gives us wisdom and capabilities; should we then take credit? That's what satan did. He was the best, number one, and thought that it was his own machinery at work. So, God took it all away, and he became a desperate disaster, an angry loser.

Is the FIB in Twouble From the Twump Tweety Bird?
(And a little more heraldry)

What next will the do-nothing Republicans do? Well, to answer the many questions, a couple of do-something Republicans were on Fox's Jeanine, and one promises contempt charges in days, by the end of this year (big wow), and the other speaks similarly, but Jeanine is skeptical, asking them what happens if the gangsters (my term) simply plead the 5th? There's only one thing to do at that point, bring them to a court of law. Would these do-something Republicans go that far, or are they just do-nothins spouting off a show? It's very nice that Republicans wish to expose the gangsters, but unless the latter are caused some mighty pain, they will be back with a terror the next time they get a Democrat president, and they will do as they did under Obama because they will know even more than before that the Republicans are do-nothins.

On the 18th, Bruce Ohr was called in to testify before the senate's Intelligence Committee, but, they are saying it "never happened. Why?" (Fox). That is, Ohr didn't show up, tending to seal his own guilt...if anyone thought there was an innocent explanation for his wife working for Fusion.

I've resolved that Mueller has amounted to nothing but a scarecrow. It's now his job to frighten Trump. The liberals are saying that his investigation will go on another year, proof in my eyes that he's wanted to use it to check Trump, keep him in line, keep him from attacking the Clinton circle. For Mueller is guilty with the Clinton circle. By now, Trump has gotten the impression that Mueller is bluffing.

There is nothing that can give the gangsters more confidence than a do-nothing president. But there may be hope. May God whack Trump progressively harder until it hurts more to stand still than to move along. Let's see what Mueller does next. Perhaps, instead of merely acting the scarecrow, he will fabricate a whack-whack scheme that makes Trump look guilty of something horrible.

You need to understand the magnitude of what's been developing. Many people who were closet conspiracy theorists in the media, police forces, governments, courts and politics are now able to come out openly to dissect and explain these developments, and they can bring others into their train. A nation-wide movement can now begin that gives society a new education on what really happens behind the scenes, where real gangsters in the FBI spend more time directing politics than jailing the dangerous. I'm not exaggerating at all, they are gangsters. How long has the FBI been operating Strzok style? How could Strzok speak the words we now know he did if he thought that his FBI superior would punish him for seeking to railroad Trump? Instead, by all appearances, his superior was an accomplice. And Hillary must have inquired about this effort, after she heard of it, unless the FBIers didn't already notify her before she inquired. \

Comey was involved also with Strzok. It was Comey's final decision on whether to keep or remove Strzok's modification from "grossly negligent." As I said, that phrase was going easy on Hillary because she was in fact guilty of a first-degree illegality. "Grossly negligent," in this case, is like the charge of manslaughter when in reality the guilt is first-degree murder. Hillary created a personal email server in the first degree, OBVIOUSLY. Comey would have us believe that she didn't know what she was doing. Comey knew more than anyone else how seriously threatening her emails were to previous FBI acts (conspiracies) in Libya and other Obama scandals. Her emails would make him look very bad, enough to jail him, we might venture to guess, which exactly explains why Trump had to be knocked out of contention by the FBI itself.

However, Comey seems to have had a change of heart a couple of weeks before the election, when he seemed to be railroading Hillary. I can understand why Comey and some other FBI gangsters wouldn't want Hillary as president, because, although she would make great cover for their crimes under Obama, her victory alone would also bring the Clinton-despising congressmen to open a full-blown investigation into her email scandal. Although she destroyed her incriminating emails, sooner or later, the investigation against her would find some of her emails in the email accounts of others, in the state department especially. The irony is, Tillerson has access to state-department emails, but is unwilling to expose Hillary, not even now when his president could use that very thing. Tillerson's attitude here is a mystery that we should like to see solved.

Just a couple more hard whacks to Trump's skull, and perhaps he will start to think clearly. He couldn't have failed to understand these past two weeks on how wickedly his enemies were conspiring against him. He's man enough to take it when Democrats attack Mr. President with media spin, but is he man enough to do the right thing when he learns of the FBI launching a conspiracy, a real bona fide conspiracy?

Where is Trump's head when he says that the FBI is, overall, a great piece of work? Impossible. If more than 50 percent of the FBI is Democrat, it speaks for itself. The average Democrat has become nasty in his/her "democratic" attitude. Why should FBI employees be any different?

But here's a ray of light from Trump:

On Thursday, the Trump Administration launched "a new sanctions regime targeting human rights abusers and corrupt actors around the world". President Trump signed an executive order blocking the property of persons in serious human rights abuse or corruption. An Annex to the order listed 13 individuals who would be affected by the sanctions including two individuals with ties to the Clinton's and the Clinton Foundation. Dan Gertler, an international businessman who acquired a fortune through corrupt business deals in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, was listed in the Annex. Gertler was also exposed in the recent Paradise papers as Glencore secretly donated millions to Gertler to act as a middleman for landing deals with the DRC. Glencore has a long history of corruption, former leader of the firm Marc Rich fled the United States in 1983 after being "indicted on charges of sanctions-busting, fraud and tax evasion, and accused of arms dealing." Rich's family were major donors to Bill Clinton, and Marc Rich was later pardoned by President Clinton in the final hours of his presidency.

I wonder whether this executive order was made to target swamp creatures. I just wonder. Note that Gerlters are part of the Girtle/Curtler surname I've been treating the past month due to the girdle in the BRASwell Crest. That surname came about when Donna Brazile was targeted (not my idea) by my touch-bar theme. I then found, at her Wikipedia article, that her Brazil ancestors were Braswells. Again, let me stress: God made me touch a bra at age nine, and decades later, after coming to learn that it relates to the Clinton / Democrat crime ring, He showed me that Donna Brazile was to become one of His topics. This was weeks, if not days, after a Brazilian was linked by God to the touch-bar theme. By what coincidence was I linking the touch-bra event to Mrs. Brazile only to find a girdle in her very bloodline? It can appear that God was wanting to highlight Mr. Gertler (I've not heard of him before).

If you're like me, you've been waiting decades for God to act against wickedness, and maybe the time has just about arrived. It is very interesting that Trump himself seems to be responsible for this attack on Gertler, unless the president was influenced by some in his inner circle to take action now, while the opportunity has arisen. This could be only the beginning. Amazingly, I did not see this story in the media, not even from Fox. The story is on youtube. The Order, which includes a "national emergency" (why, what is this thing?), is very long; it's here if you're interested in seeing what his -- or someone else's? -- inner circle has been involved with for what seems like months (or years?):

Was the public not to know of this? Why haven't I seen it at Fox? Youtube brings up no major media carrying the story when asking for " "human rights" "national emergency" "executive order" -opoid ". I find this strange. Is it a long-time CIA operation, with Trump in agreement under certain conditions?

Out this week:

On the orders of Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Justice Department prosecutors have begun asking FBI agents to explain the evidence they found in a now dormant criminal investigation into a controversial uranium deal that critics have linked to Bill and Hillary Clinton, multiple law enforcement officials told NBC News.

Note that the story does not begin with a leak to Fox, but to NBC ("Exclusive News" is found at the top left). The Democrat leaker apparently thinks that publicizing this Sessions move will bring a whirlwind to dry it up. This is a profound move by Sessions, but, as yet, he can get no credit for it. He has yet to show that he's truly for this exposure. NBC doesn't call this an order to conduct an investigation. Why not? Is Sessions still locked up in the let's-see mode, still wanting to check our whether it warrants an investigation? "The senior Justice Department official said the questions were part of an effort by the Sessions team to get up to speed on the controversial case..." Mr. Sessions, the 2018 election season is at the tip of your nose, and you're still at the get-up-to-speed point???

One thing Sessions seems eager about this week is the nabbing of Obama's criminality as per a Hezbollah drug ring that Obama reportedly supported inside the United States, a thing that can compliment those who say see the CIA involved in drug trafficking::

Sessions is at least ordering the FBI to turn over their documentation on Uranium One, and this paperwork should reveal why Obama's people (or Obama himself) turned the FBI down when it was after subpoena powers to look into the matter. It sounds so suspicious, said the snail's pace, but we're getting there.

New computers are now coming, deliberately it seems, with all sorts of bugs, booby traps and factory-installed program suggestions that require the owners to sign in online i.e. provide a password. The spies know that we are prone to using the same password so that we don't forget it, and so if Microsoft can lure you online to sign into one of its programs, both Microsoft and the spy agency that has been given a back door to the sign-in-details of that program can get your password(s).

Bugs and booby traps (computer operations that suddenly go bust) seem to have the purpose, for one, of making it harder for us to educate ourselves. For example, the Microsoft Search feature (in Microsoft 10) has been removed from the task bar, though it was previously on the task bar on the same 10 version. It takes two clicks now (seems backward) to access Search, and the second click brings me to Cortana, who I don't trust at all, and never have. I have always suspected that she is a spy tool for the gangsters. Cortana begs us to ask her questions, you see. If you click Search when you are not online, she informs that you're not online, and when you click that Cortana feature that comes up on the second click, it will try to educate you on her capabilities, or ask for you to sign in, or take you to Microsoft pages that make you familiar with how fabulous she is, like your own private computer maid or repair expert.

Previously, Windows 10 had the Search at the task bar, and when clicking it, it did not go to Cortana. So, Microsoft is now forcing us to have Cortana in our faces if we want to do a search. And when we are at the Search bar, after we enter the term or phrase we would like to search, Microsoft does not automatically search our own documents. We need to click "Documents" each and every search, whereas in earlier Microsoft versions, once we click Documents, the system would remember it so that we don't need to click it each and every time. When you see a backward evolution of operations like this, there must be a reason that is not to our benefit, but to the benefit of Microsoft and/or others that pay Microsoft to have that benefit.

When one goes online to find how to get Search back to the task bar, Microsoft seems to be deliberately elusive in helping out. Microsoft's File Explorer is a ramped-up version of Search, but when I went online to find how I could pin it to the task bar, no luck. One can pin a program that tells us how to make soup to the task bar, but not something as important as File Explorer. Why not? Perhaps the company wants us to hit the Start button, the only way now to access Search and File Explorer if they are not on the task bar. By hitting the Start button, it may signal to Microsoft that it now needs to record what we are doing, and to make it sendable to Microsoft at some point, perhaps the next time that Microsoft does its updates. The spies would really like to know what their targets are searching in their own files / documents, you see.

In some cases, I imagine that Microsoft arranges that, simply going through the ropes of fixing a bug or booby trap, when it provides the fix online, gives the spies some access to our computers. This is how I imagine the future. The Internet is being designed, not for our benefit, but for that of the deep-state dictators and corporate money-hogs.

The task bar has an Email icon. Clicking it gets us to a page where we need to create or sign-in to an account, and it has a list of search engines to click, perhaps beneficial to the spies because they can know what search engine is our favorite. They can then search that search engine's databank for our computer number to see what we were surfing online, whether we were looking to find how to make pipe bombs, or whether we are opposed to the deep state, or pro-Trump, etc. Once we click on our choice of search engine, the Email feature asks us to sign in to our account with the search engine. It's none of Google's business what we do online, and I don't want to help it by creating a Google account. So I don't have one. There can be more than one user per computer, you see, and the spies want more than our computer number. When we sign in, it tells the spies which user is doing whatever.

The Email feature at the task bar refuses to allow me to use the system until I sign into the search engine. Is that really necessary? What does my email account have to do with Google? Nothing, unless I have a Google email account. And I don't. While such an account can hide from the spies our general, physical address, it is more likely that the spies can track our surfing when using large search-engine email accounts. We have discovered in the news that Google and Yahoo are both compromised to NSA spies, but why not also to spies in other organizations?

The Email feature goes beyond asking what search engine we use for our email account. It also asks us to enter the email account and password for an email account not on a search engine. So, while the search engines don't have a chance at knowing your password, you gave it to Microsoft if you use the Email feature at the task bar. I won't use it because I don't trust Microsoft.

The Opera browser makes it very frustrating to use its Find feature. Why? Why is it that when we open Find once, the feature doesn't remain on the browser upon clicking to another website? We then need to re-open the Find box, and our word that we were previously looking for is gone. We need to re-type it, over and over, for as many pages as we link to. This is so obviously wrong (Firefox doesn't do it) that it appears deliberate, lest we use it lots to educate ourselves better. I see no other purpose for making the feature inconvenient. I wouldn't be making that charge if i didn't see other clues in that direction. Google-search capability is worse now than back in 2000. How can that be?

Last night, I spent hours trying to find how Microsoft 10 allows me to skip the sign-in page every time I boot up or awake from Sleep mode. Why not give us the option of opening directly into our desktop? It turns out to be impossible to skip the sign-in page. It is a pain to see this page each and every time the computer is turned on, and Microsoft knows it. Sometimes, by design of something working in the background, I feel sure, it takes the computer some 30 seconds to awake from sleep mode, before I can click to the desktop (i.e. to whatever I was doing before putting it to sleep). My theory is the Microsoft is moving to make it take even longer until we don't use sleep at all. When the spies load some spyware to our computers, it needs to be shut down and restarted before the spyware can work. Therefore, I expect that Sleep mode will be done away with, and be replaced by a fast start-up that then gives us the option to return to the conditions / situation we had in the previous desktop session.

One would think it's a no-brainer to put a little box in the start-up / sign-in page giving us the option of not using the password. But no, there is not such a no-brainer feature, because, apparently, Microsoft wants us to use passwords. If they can arrange for different users (husband and wife, for example) of one computer to use separate passwords, then the spies know who's on at any given time. Clicking the box at the start-up page would take one to a page where a password is needed in order to set the start-up to go to the desktop without need of a password, but no such no-brainer box is provided by Microsoft. Why not? And when I first bought my computer with the Microsoft package already loaded, I had to use a password in order to set it all up. There was no choice about it. Only after giving Microsoft my chosen password was I able to get into the inner workings to find where I could nullify the need for a password. Soon, such an option should disappear. They will claim that's it for general Internet security, or something like that.

A week or two ago, my computer started to go to sleep after two minutes of not using the mouse or keyboard, regardless of the length of time (far more than two minutes) I have programmed in the Power Options. I went online and found that someone else was complaining about this. In the end of my online search for help, I was unable to fix it, even when choosing "Never" (at Power Options) for when the computer goes to sleep due to non-use of the mouse / keyboard. So, I say that Microsoft, or someone else that Microsoft won't reveal, has by-passed the Power-Option choices to infect some with this virus. Now, when I walk away to make coffee, I get back to find the screen black; I need to turn the computer on, and the sign-in page shows up again, that nasty sight that I would like to skip, but Microsoft won't let me. Why not?

The only online fix I could find for the automatic two-minute time limit (for going into sleep mode) is to re-load the entire Microsoft program, which kills all my files unless I save them first i.e. a real pain. And while saving all my personal files, Microsoft can be "watching" (recording) because I'm in a Microsoft program while doing the re-load. is this booby trap deliberate? Did Microsoft cause some computers to experience the booby trap in order to force the owners to re-load Microsoft? Might a re-load now come with a very-important addition for the spies? Very possibly, yes, and I happen to be one whom the spies would like to spy on, because I write against them. It can't be coincidental that my computer goes to sleep after two minutes, same as others complaining online. Microsoft or its partner in malice / crime must have programmed it that way. Why? I fear that, if I don't do the re-load, I will soon enough come across a worse booby trap that makes a re-load more compelling.

Trump has emphasized national security this week. He gave a speech on it. He used many of his first minutes to push his agenda generally, even where it has nothing to do with national security. He then gives "we" and the American military the credit for defeating ISIS when in fact is was Iraq and the Kurd-Sunni alliance that did so, with minimal support from the Western coalition.

Later, he says that "a nation without borders is not a nation." This is a good thing, in my opinion, because it directly opposes globalists such as Obama. This policy will do well to score White votes in the coming elections, but Black and Hispanics will be unmoved by it. I say that American Hispanics are spoiling themselves by having a Democratic, political mindset. It can't do them any good. It's better to sacrifice a few hand-outs from Democrat rulers, and putting on good heads instead.

He then says that he's exposing to the world the new national-security strategy. And he continues to support the wall on the Mexican border, which is a "good" think only where it keeps his pre-election promise. Twenty minutes in, he has hinted nothing about the supremacy of God, or the protection of God for a nation calling to Him, but rather Trump glorifies the American military, and honors the economy as supreme, like the supreme power to make America great. He boasts that the gross domestic product (total national spending on products and services) is way up, but fails to tell the people that the upward trend cannot continue forever. Businesses are now spending the money they kept reserved under Obama, but once the reserves are spent, the domestic-product figure cannot go up any longer. He boasts of two million new jobs (about one percent of the work force) under his presidency, but neither can this number continue to rise much longer at such a pace, or forever. He's banking on achieving financial greatness with methods having short-term limits.

And he's ignoring the destructive menace of greed that will set into a vibrant economy. Businesses increase their prices with a boom, exactly what governments love. There will be nothing to protect the typical people from rising prices in a financial upswing, and it causes a levelling out, and then a recession because all have become spent-out. They couldn't spend much more no matter how confident they are of the markets. Trump needs to prepare for the down-swing, and take credit for that too. A fall comes after the boasting, especially when the boasting makes money-greatness superior but leaves God like a dead one, immaterial and irrelevant. Shame, Mr. Trump, and you're an old man, but still stupid after all those decades of learning.

National security is best when the people love one another under God. When globalists teach that all nations should submit to God's greatness, the world will be far safer than by Trump's plan: peace by strength. That is, it's the old American way, to force the nations to be at peace by military might. Kill off one group, and leave the resulting "peace" to another group...that honors and pays America back for installing it into power. Futile, ruinous, Trump is sounding just like some nation-builder on the inside of the globalists responsible for the misery in Iraq and Syria.

There can be no doubt about Trump's direction toward a Cold War with the other superpowers. Trump is willing to speak to Putin, and even to become partnered with him, even while Trump wants to rebuild a bigger, better military to confront Russia if need be. And Russia is thereby forced to rebuild its military likewise, a great waste of money for both nations that moreover creates the potential for more-furious war. It doesn't look like peace and security to me.

He then says that building the military has the benefit of creating "millions and millions" of jobs. Is he crazy? Where will he get millions upon millions of new jobs? How much bigger will he make the military when calling for that many new jobs? Who will get these contracts, his friends? Hopefully, he's only bluffing to scare the super-powers.

In the 24th minute, he admits to wanting to build "American influence" in the world abroad. He has probably had this mindset at least since hiring general Kelly to oversee his White House. In the 25th minute, he admits to building a globalist partnership with those nations who embrace Americanism, I kid you not. America first, and all other, troubled nations in submission. Before the 25th minute is out, he starts to paint his idealistic vision (or dream) that isn't even close to being the Western reality; how on earth does he promise its materialization anytime soon? The reality is, American is closer to civil war than to any idealistic achievement, and more like a cesspool than a sparkling, crystal sea. The Democrats will now lock-step attack this speech, and the civil war will continue.

In mid-week, the Republican-led committee had McCabe in a private session, which means that this is serious stuff, or maybe not. You just never know with Republicans. There's no leaked word yet, so far as I know, on how McCabe did, but I imagine that he tried the Wray / Rosenstink thing, exonerating Mueller while refusing to answer the damning questions. But at this point, more refusal only nails this lot with some hard guilt. It's just a matter of finding what they're hiding.

Gowdy said last week that McCabe will surprise him if he's not fired by "next week." The fact that McCabe appeared (for almost eight hours) this week while refusing to appear last week suggests that Wray's hand had something to do with this, yet we don't know whether Wray's arm had to be twisted into compliance. Grassley is calling for the firing of McCabe, suggesting that the Republicans have more evidence than the public has been filled-in with. But if McCabe gets fired, the Demons will be unleashed on the Republicans, the best thing that can take place to make the Republicans fight back with justification. No impartial American can take the Democrats seriously for ignoring this scandal, but their attacking the Republicans becomes their gross liability. It's getting to the point, for the GOP, where their doing nothing is a gross Republican liability. Perfect.

After Ohr failed to show up, a Fox news man (don't know his name) used the "conspiracy" word, when interviewing Tom Fitton. It's interesting that Fitton leads a non-government effort against Fusion, which recalls that Fussen is also FOETes, a feasible Fitton line. In fact, while Fusion is central to my billiard shot on Obama's table, the Fittons ("cordi") share the Cue garbs. With my cue, I SHOT the paper airplane into the pocket that I think represents Peter Strzok. Plus, the six Cue garbs are arranged like the six FITCHees of Tarves', the latter first found in the same place as Fothes'/FITTE's (a branch of Foots). Amazing, especially as the Tarves' use the six fitchees in the black color and identical pattern of the Clinton / Hillary fitchees.

The Republicans passed tax reform. It's final. This may not be helpful for deep-state exposure, because Trump and the establishment will tend to want the news to concentrate on their tax / economy victories rather than on FBI corruption. This is why it's not a bad thing for Mueller to scare Trump more, so that the White House doesn't shake-off the FBI issue. On the other hand, it may be that the GOP establishment, with the tax vote behind them, may now be happier to see a concerted attack on the Rosenstein / McCabe duo.

Trump's tweet for Dec 21: "Home Sales hit BEST numbers in 10 years! MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN" My translation: home prices for non-owners / young people is going up farther than it astronomically has already.

Also on the 21st, he tweeted: "The Massive Tax Cuts, which the Fake News Media is desperate to write badly about so as to please their Democrat bosses, will soon be kicking in and will speak for themselves. Companies are already making big payments to workers. Dems want to raise taxes, hate these big Cuts!" Is it true that companies are already passing their tax savings on to workers? How can that be, since the tax cuts haven't yet been given? It sounds as though the average worker's main beef about the cuts is that companies won't pass savings to workers, but that Trump wants to give the illusion that it will happen. Besides, who are these "workers" getting "big payments"? It sounds like his way of masking the large bonuses to CEO's and similar others.

On the 19th, he tweeted: "DOW RISES 5000 POINTS ON THE YEAR FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER - MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!" My translation: Large companies now have more shareholders (view as gamblers) to feed money too, and must maximize their profits largely for the whole lot of shareholders, meaning that every consumer's money bag (bank account) has less purchasing ability on account of the gamblers. The people who take the gamble on owning a home for the first time also have maximized prices everywhere to contend with. It would be better where large companies had no assistance from shareholders, for they would then grow more slowly, stabilize the economy, and have no necessary reason to maximize profits. They could actually practice charity to both their buyers and their workers. As it is, maximizing profits for fear that shareholders will leave them causes the companies to think twice on giving workers pay raises. Therefore, when the billionaires applaud a rising stock market, the larger, uninvolved bulk of peoples are the losers. When it comes to money, there can't be an everyone-wins situation. One's financial win is another's loss. One always takes money from another, unless he's got a money-printing machine.

Where's Trump money team that assures fairness in the dog-eat-dog financial strata? He will never have such a team. Trump gave himself (his companies) a huge tax cut, didn't he, and is making it appear as though he's doing it for you and me. The greatest bulk of his tweets in the latter half of December are on economic issues, with barely a thing said on fighting corruption. On December 3: "RT @paulsperry_: Wray needs to clean house. Now we know the politicization even worse than McCabe's ties to McAuliffe/Clinton. It also infe… " He didn't say that Wray will clean house, as though he knows he will. It comes across as though Wray's decision on the matter is worse than just up in the air, but more like Wray's resisting.

Why can't the president, in a dirty case like this, order Wray to clean house? Who amongst Republican voters would side with Wray over Trump? If no one, why is Trump waiting for Wray to clean house rather than demanding it? If Wray refuses his demand, then Trump can make it a party-wide issue, showing that he truly is Mr. Clean beyond mere tweets. And, so far as his own claims have reached the public, Trump is more interested in firing swamp creatures than convicting them in a court of law. There are frogs in his own party, such as McConnell, with which the president is willing to share lily platforms. I don't know McConnell's position on dealing with McCabe and others because I haven't heard from him on the issue. McConnell, according to news reports, was not opposed to removing Sessions from his current position back to the Alabama senate seat.

On December 13, he insulted Roy Moore: "If last night’s election proved anything, it proved that we need to put up GREAT Republican candidates to increase the razor thin margins in both the House and Senate." And on the same day: "The reason I originally endorsed Luther Strange (and his numbers went up mightily), is that I said Roy Moore will not be able to win the General Election. I was right! Roy worked hard but the deck was stacked against him!" What a pathetic thing to say. We now know why the president is opposed to a recount, and to investigating voter fraud, because he wants Moore to lose in order to justify that tweet. Moore almost won, as the numbers are now being shown, even though he was attacked brutally, that is the truth, Mr. Twump, that you are ignoring. Cancelling the votes from voter fraud by the Democrat machine would surely put Moore on top.

So, for Trump, never mind justice (alleviation from the effects of corruption) for the people, just dive into his sea of money and have a GREAT time.

The large corporate tax cuts simply means that corporations will have more money to spend. Some will spend it on their overseas affiliations, others on their management salaries, and still others will spend it in the American marketplace to expand their companies, which means more jobs, yes. But where will these jobs come from? A large part of the unemployed want to be unemployed? But with rising house prices, and all other prices, women that would like to stay home will now chose to go to work out of sheer need. Is that a good thing? Trump thinks it's a great thing because it helps to justify his tax cuts when the additional workers pay taxes. But they would rather stay home with the children?

Where else will the new workers come from besides stay-at-home moms? From other companies, of course. And since it's the large corporations who will be "creating" more jobs, these companies will cause smaller companies to lose some of their best employees, who were trained over many years. It will be a whack to the heads of those companies. As employees change jobs, they often move around i.e. they need to sell their homes, which can explain the "great" real-estate market. It's not because more non-owners are buying houses, but because home owners are simply moving around. The only winners here are the real-state agents. And when mom is forced to work, the family can move to a larger home, but how is this making the real-estate market anything to boast about?

Anyone becoming a billionaire in the property-selling business is fast making a lot of losers along the way. And the only reason that real-estate companies can become billionaires is where they have refused to lower their rates. As far back as I remember, the selling fee is six percent, but that rate holds to this day even though home prices have roughly doubled, over any time period, as compared to the rise in cost of bread or most-every other product. It means that the fee should have come down to about three percent, if the real-estate people were playing fair. So, when you move, you are the victim of their theft based on no government having a team to assure that the dog-eat-dog financial society plays fair. In a free-market system, the greedy-Godless, the greedy Christians, and the corrupt crooks have a heyday.

On December 12, the day that Moore lost the election due to false accusations from the opposing side, there was this Trump tweet: "Despite thousands of hours wasted and many millions of dollars spent, the Democrats have been unable to show any collusion with Russia [self-interested tweet, not interested in others] - so now they are moving on to the false accusations and fabricated stories of women who I don’t know and/or have never met. FAKE NEWS! " Well, if you just wink at the press when it gives Moore the brutal treatment, why are you surprised if the press does it to you, stupid? If they wanted to take out Moore, they want to take you out even more. Enjoy, you deserve it.

What about the White House taking the media to court for reporting false news that amounts to defamation? That's not being petty; it's called clean-up. It's called justice toward alleviating the public from gross (dirty) treatment. If you really think that peoples' minds are being filled with lies, why don't you use your powers and do something about it, besides tweeting against it? So far, Trump has been the do-nothing president, except that he does all that favors himself (generally speaking).

Is it a small thing for the media to fill tens of millions of minds with lies daily? Is there no way for the White House to act suddenly to spear this menace? In the same way that he's announced his will to see the Mueller fraud continue, he will allow the media fraud to continue. But he's got his major tax cut for his own corporations, that's all that matters on the last half of this December. And when the stock / real-estate / employment market rises again, there will be his tweets to announce it, feeding his own re-election needs. He's as predictable as a stalled train. He is in the same place a year after his presidency as when he first began. There is no Mr. Clean in his hands. Instead, they're full of money matters.

On December 9, his tweet: "A big contingent of very enthusiastic Roy Moore fans at the rally last night. We can’t have a Pelosi/Schumer Liberal Democrat, Jones, in that important Alabama Senate seat. Need your vote to Make America Great Again! Jones will always vote against what we must do for our Country." There you see the self-interest once again. He wanted Moore's win, not for the Moore clean-up-America agenda, but to have Moore's vote on tax reform, etc. Mr. Moore need not worry be saddened about Trump's dumping him off his train, because it's going nowhere. At least, it's going nowhere that Moore wants to go.

When Moore needed Trump for the recount effort, Trump took his fork lift, raised him off the floor of the train a little, and dropped him out the door into the ditch. But when Trump needed Moore, he went to Pensicola to make him the figurehead at the front of the train. And he told the people of Alabama: vote for Moore because I need him for my tax plan. We wonder how many Moore would-be voters he turned off with that hypocritical display, who decided not to vote at all. Trump lost twice, first when trying to make Moore lose to Strange, and then when wanting Moore to beat Jones, yet the president tweeted like he was not a problem at all for Moore's loss. He's the last person who should have been in Pensicola rooting for Moore. The crux of his heart in his tweet of December 4: "Democrats refusal to give even one vote for massive Tax Cuts is why we need Republican Roy Moore to win in Alabama..."

Moore will not get a mandatory recount from Alabama's authorities. He will need to pay for a recount to the tune of just one million dollars. He's still raising money for that effort, and so he must be raising it alone, with the establishment in support. "In an email to supporters over the [16th-17th] weekend, Moore wrote, 'My campaign team is busy collecting numerous reported cases of voter fraud and irregularities for the Secretary of State's office.' Moore said he needed another $75,000 to aid in the effort, since his campaign is now out of money. 'Time is running out for conservatives to guarantee the integrity of this election.'" There he speaks from his ditch, with scrapes and gashes to his body from the Trump-treatment. Trump probably has $75,000 in his tea jar. Feasibly, the establishment has decided to put their stake in a Strange v Jones contest in the next Senate election.

For all we know as yet, the establishment was responsible for some of the voter fraud, reducing the number of Moore voters electronically. The same article: "Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill, a Republican who openly supported Moore, said his office has looked into allegations of voter fraud and found nothing of substance in its investigation." How would Merrill know whether electronic fraud, which has already been proven in one or more cases, wasn't widespread, until the recount is done manually? Why would Merrill come out so soon with a disheartening statement like that? Is he part of the Strange v Jones plot?

By the way, the Merrill surname is listed with Muriels, and shows the Morinis fleur! It's a branch of Maurels/Maurinis'. Muriel Pollock (early member) must have been from Berthe, which recalls that I see Berts with Fulbert, father of Pollocks. The Merrills/Muriels even use a red border on their pale bar, suspect with the Tullia pale bar. It's described as "A gold shield with a red pale engrailed, voided of the field..." Peacocks are a Pollock sept while Merrills/Muriels have a peacock in Crest.

Spanish Muriels/Murs use tower tops that I see with the line of Roman Murena's, yet call them "walls," while English walls once again use the Morinis' / Merrill/Muriel fleur. As Fulbert lived in Shropshire, the Peacock fesse can be one of the Sleep fesses, for while Pollocks call their arrow a dart too, Darts were Dardanians near the Selepitanoi. Besides, the Peacock fesse is that of Darts too. In fact, while Sleeps are suspect from Babon, that's the BabCOCK line, which can explain "PeaCOCK." As Pollocks are a Maxwell sept, by what coincidence do Maxwells and Babcocks both use lodged stags? While Babcocks are also BATcocks, the Bats use a version of the Rust/Roost Coat (it's the Maxwell saltire too), suggesting a Pollock descent from Rusticus of Lyon. The Bats share the black bat with Randolphs of Moray, and the first Pollock was at Moray's Rothes castle. His family was in Renfrewshire, where Scottish Lombards (at FULton) were first found that share a lozengy Shield with Bags. By now, I assume that the sleeping bag can refer to a fundamental Bag-Sleep connection. Bags and Babcocks were Cock kin round-about.

If the French-Lombard Chief and Shield were in colors reversed, it would be a fair reflection of the Morinis' / Morello Coat. And Italian Lombards (Cloun / Saluzzo Shield likely) share three stars in Chief in the same colors as the Maurel/Maurinis' Chief. Excellent. The Lombards were to some extent from Berthe. The Chief of French Lombards appears to use the June / Jeune fleur because the chevron is also that of Quints. It looks like the Quintus-Caepio line through a Junia Caepionis was through the Berthe line to Lombards, and, of course, it all points to Windsor castle.

Recall the sleeping bag at the camp sight, for Dutch Camps share the eagle head of Limbs/Looms/Lombs (Sleep / Dart fesse?), who were looked up as per the LimBAUGH/LimBACH and similar variations of Lombards. The Bach/Bagh/Baugh Coat is essentially in the colors and format of the Limb/Loom/Lomb Coat. And the Yorkshire Camps use the colors and format of Capone's, the latter first found in Cambridgeshire with June's and Jeune's. French Jeune's were first found in Auvergne. This paragraph was not yet conceived when writing on Windsor castle above, but here we can add that English Constantine's share the Jeune fleur in both colors, and were first found in the same place as Windsor castle. It tends to affirm that Jeune's are in the Lombard/Limbach Chief.

On the 19th, days after the article above, a headline: "A Doug Jones Supporter Misspoke. Alabama’s Republican Secretary of State Launched a Voter Fraud Investigation." One way to conduct voter fraud is to force long line-ups until voters leave in frustration. The plotters cause long line-ups where they know the opposition is going to win. But what if John Merrill was himself responsible for such a tactic:

Republican Secretary of State John Merrill refused to prepare for high turnout, leading to confusion and long lines; poll workers spread misinformation at understaffed precincts; and some citizens were initially denied a ballot due to a recent “refresh” of the voter rolls. But Merrill does not plan to investigate the calamitous (and possibly illegal) glitches that his office is supposed to be responsible for addressing. Instead, he has chosen to launch a frivolous [read, Democrats angry], partisan investigation based on one ambiguous quote.

The quote in question was uttered on Tuesday night at the victory party for Democrat Doug Jones, who defeated Roy Moore in the closely contested Senate race. At that party, television reporter Kati Weis asked one jubilant supporter, “Why are you excited to see this victory?” The supporter, who has yet to be identified, responded:

"Because we came here all the way from different parts of the country as part of our fellowship, and all of us pitched in to vote and canvas together, and we got our boy elected!"

Awe, it was just ONE guy, so let's ignore it, say the Democrats. But there was more evidence that Democrats shipped in voters from all the surrounding states, yet the despicable Trump acts as though he hasn't heard of this. The article continues with a Merrill quote saying that he wants to investigate this one man, yet no one knows how to find him but the Democrats. Still, it makes Merrill's no-fraud claim look erroneous. It may not matter whether voters are required to show some ID to prove that they live in Alabama, because I can see ways that the authorities, at the polling stations, simply wink when out-of-state voters come in. After all, it's said that some illegals from out of the country are able to vote, and often because entire states support it (for their Democrat visions).

In a Virginia election right now, the Democrat won by one vote. But the Republicans found one voter card that was rejected as invalid just because the voter crossed out two choices, and leaving the third choice for the Republican not crossed out. One has every reason to think that this voter voted for the Republican, yet a Democrat sympathizer in the elections office, we may assume, rejected this vote. So, possibly, any such sympathizer can cross out a name or two on the card, or tamper with it in some other way, with their own pen, then reject the card as invalid. How often does this trick get used? We will never know, if Trump has his way according to how he's treating Alabama's Republican voters. Trump not only dropped Moore to the ditch along the train tracks, but is running over defrauded voters as though they didn't matter.

On the 26th: "Trump railed against the dossier as a 'pile of garbage,' bringing up its Democratic funding origins, while going after the FBI for reportedly using the dossier as the foundation for its investigations of Trump campaign officials and associates." Why should God help you with this, Mr. President, after you left Moore to suffer for the same sort of accusations? If it worked on Moore, the gangsters will believe it could work on you. That's what you get for closing your eyes to sin when it's in your power to act. "That [Washington Times] report stated that the FBI was declining to repudiate the dossier..." This statement was as per McCabe's day-long session with congress. It tends to reveal that the FBI is about to go ahead and use the dossier against Trump, the best thing that can happen for the ultimate exposure of how the deep state operates. Let's watch and learn, noting the "blindness" of political Democrat animals.

The dossier accuses Trump of receiving pay-offs from the Russians, exactly the guilt of the Clintons. In this way, the dossier can be held threateningly over Trump's head, indefinitely, and not poured down upon it unless he goes after the Clinton pay-offs scandal with Uranium One.

The current reporting has: "The dossier got handed over to the FBI during the campaign." That no longer looks correct. It looks more correct that the FBI called for the dossier in the first place.

A rising stock market means, not only that people will buy more stocks, but that the stocks already purchased, by and large, go up in value. So, with a falling stock market, the value of every gambler's "chips" goes down. It's equal to disappearing money. That's why "everybody" celebrates a rising stock market. But it's not everybody at all, only the gamblers and the respective corporations they support. This support is not to be viewed as donations, because the money is offered in hopes that the company can bring a better return than what was paid. It means that the corporations are under the gun to maximize profits, because the value of that stock goes down if profits go down. How can this be a good system approved by God? Yet, Trump swims in this sea of countless dollar bills.

What good is it if Trump puts a thousand dollars annually into your pocket if the rising prices from the greedy take it away during an upswing / boom? The only one that benefits is the government tax office, and the corporations. Left to the democrats, the government tax office would take it directly from the corporations. It's the same result either way. The average person never wins; wherever there is extra money, some gobble-up entity or another will take it away with the government doing nothing about it, expect maybe winking with the corporations. Ya-ya, higher prices, ya-ya, it will be great for Trump's tax plan. Unless he recoups the tax cut with higher prices, his plan will fail. But it's already a failure, isn't it?

Someone's going to say, "I was unemployed, but thanks to Trump's tax cut, I was able to get a job to fed my 12 kids." A real success story, right? And, bonus, the government doesn't need to support his 12 kids anymore, now that there are extra jobs. But did you hear? Illegal Mexicans, after leaving the country in Trump's early days, are starting to come back to the tune of the numbers before Trump took office. Why do you think that is? Because, there are so many new jobs expected, and, yes, the guy who takes the least money gets the job. So, in many, many cases, the Mexican with 12 kids will benefit from Trump's tax cut. And, bonus, he sends most of his American money back to Mexico to feed his kids there, and a single paycheck is worth like a million dollars down there. There is a small percentage of American unemployed right now, and half of them don't want to work a regular job, anyway, being content with government hand-outs and a few odd, under-the-table jobs on the side. What a great country; work half a week, but make as much as many other workers.

Trump surprised everyone before the cameras, saying that he asked all the legislators not to speak to the media (they knew anyway) about repealing Obamacare. He claimed that it was repealed as part of the tax bill. It seemed unbelievable, in those words, and, in fact, Trump has lied with the words he used. He apparently takes his voters as dummies:

Trump claim: "Obamacare has been repealed in this bill."

The facts: It hasn't. The tax plan does end fines for people who don't carry health insurance, which is a big change, yes, but far from totally dismantling the law.

Mr. Trump said at a meeting with his Cabinet, "When the individual mandate is being repealed, that means Obamacare is being repealed," adding, "We will come up with something much better."

"When you add it all up together, and then you add two things — the individual mandate is being repealed. When the individual mandate is being repealed, that means Obamacare is being repealed because they get their money from the individual mandate."

The facts: This is also wrong. The fines on people who don't carry health insurance only provide a small fraction of the financing for the program. Most of the money comes from higher taxes on upper-income people, cuts in Medicare payments to service providers, and other tax increases.

I'd have to agree with NBC. The only way that Trump's words can be true is where removing the financial penalty for the individual mandate is the first step, now, to dismantling the rest of Obamacare, later. Trump seems to be fooling his voters, plain and simple. What else does he say to fool his voters?

Orrin Hatch clarifies: "Repealing the individual mandate tax is the beginning of the end of the ObamaCare era...The individual mandate tax forces Americans to purchase [or else pay a penalty] health insurance they do not want or cannot afford and represents an excessive encroachment on Americans’ ability to make their own health-care decisions. Across party lines, the American people agree – by 63 percent – that the individual mandate tax is a bad idea."

Others are saying that the individual mandate law has not been repealed, but that the only change is the penalty, now set to zero. I suppose that this is equivalent to repealing it, since people can refuse to purchase without penalty, yet if the law is still on the books, the penalty can be easily put into effect by a future government.


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