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Sept 26 - Oct 2, 2017

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What Are You Waiting For, Go wake Her Up
The White Nissan Reveals Origins of Pharisees, No Doubt
King Pharnaces Married My Nissan

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I'm not taking email at this time, here's why. I apologize to all having left email, as I can't even mail to inform you.

The near-end of this update, with the Nissan in view, is spectacular. God's work.

What would Jesus say about Trump's attack on the NFL? He might say, "Render to America that which is America's, but render to God the respect for all humans, not showing favoritism to Americans." Or, He might say, "Earn your respect, stop invading all the weak nations to steal their wealth." Or, Jesus might say, "Boycott the American military, stop killing the fathers of the weak nations, and fire James Mattis."

Trump has the power to fire Mueller. The latter is conducting a disgusting conspiracy against the president of the United States, who is far-more important than common sentiments unto the American flag. Never mind firing football players, Mr. Trump. YOU, you personally, fire Mueller, for he is obstructing your daily job as president, like a bad cloud over your head daily. YOU expose the bad apples in the CIA and FBI. You expose the corruption in high places. Never mind football, sir. Your priorities are all wrong. Show the same disgust toward corruption in high places as you did for those kneeling Blacks. If Mueller stands in Trump's way for to expose the elite, then get rid of him right away? The voters will stand behind this decision. Trump needs not to be afraid of the leftist backlash, but should welcome it because every backlash is an opportunity to expose the empty-headed hypocrisy. Let Mueller bring forth all the evidence he has so far against Trump, but enough is enough. How long will this be permitted to continue?

Devin Nunes says this week that the unmasking investigation has only just begun. He's saying that it will take years, but this is garbage. It means only that they don't want to do the right thing against the criminals, including Obama. The Republicans are such jellyfish (no spines). It's already known that laws were broken. Should we hold our breath, waiting years for nothing? I know, just before the next election, the Republicans plan coming out with something, not to put anyone in jail, but to get Trump re-elected. Shame.

I saw Nancy Pelosi in the news and recalled that I wanted to get back to the Pelosi surname because it was first found in Savigliano, between Bra and Saluzzo. Pelosi heads the Democrats in one of the two legislative branches of government. I can glean plenty from the Pelosi codework. First of all, the Pelosi Shield is split vertically in the same colors as the same of German CAPLans, a branch of Capelli's, and while "pelosi" means, hairy, "Capelli" means "hair."

However, I do not think that one or the other surname was formed purely after the other. The Pelosi's are also Pilati's, and the two columns in the Pelosi/Pilati Coat can trace to Mont Pilate, one of the peaks of which is PERDrix, of the namers of PERTHshire (location of the mother of Pontius Pilate), where Colts/Cults were first found that use the Pilate pheon in colors reversed. The Colts/Cults share the red stag head with Columns/Malcolms, you see, but it's used also by Reeds, from Rieti, and thus makes Vespasia Polla suspect with Pelosi ancestry. It is altogether possibly that Pontius Pilate's surname was a branch of the namers of Miss Polla, for Vespasian came to power soon after Pilate was the governor of Judea.

Miss Polla married Flavius Sabinus, and while Pullys/Pullens and Sabine's share the red scallop to prove that both are from her bloodline. Flavius Josephus, a Maccabee from a priestly family according to his own writings, was named with the Flavians because he betrayed Israel (around 70 AD) and went over to the household of Vespasian. I have suspected that Josephus was a direct descendant of Joseph Caiaphas. Two lines of Maccabees -- including the one from Curtus Maccabee whom Josephus traced himself to -- have been traced (by me) to Lake Garda, and while English Gards use a version of the Pully/Pullen Coat, they (Gards) use griffins colors reversed from the same of English Gardners. This tends to reveal that the scallop of the Bavarian Gardners is, in colors reversed, the red one of Pullys/Pullens. It's not a coincidence that Pullys/Pullens use the footless martlet of French Josephs in both colors. Gardners use a scallop in both colors of the same of Caiaphas-like Capes', and the latter are much like the Cave's in the colors of the Coverts/Cofferts, first found in the same place as CURTus-suspect Courts/Coverts (they were traced about two weeks ago to lake Garda).

Moreover, the Gardners use a vertically-split Shield in colors reversed from the same of Caplans and Pelosi's while the latter share the bull with Sabine's. Therefore, it appears that the line of Caiaphas (my own Masci line), as it touched upon the Rieti household of Vespasian, went through Savigliano, in Piedmont, where Masci's were first found. I have not-very-happily resolved that Masci's were from Caiaphas. But blood counts for nothing when one is born again in Jesus.

The Bone's, first found in Sussex with both Covert surnames, use the bend of Pullys/Pullens and Champagne's (share Moor head with French Chappes'). I traced "VesPASia" to Bone-colored Pasi's/Pace's, first found in BONonia, a location not far from lake Garda, and at the Savena river suspect with Sabines. Rieti and Champagne-related Avezzano (see "Champagne" last update for that connection) are at mount Sabina. English Pace's were first found in Masci-infested Cheshire, and use besants as code for Bessin liners, highly suspect with the Bessin's line to Meschins. This is a good reason to deduce that "AVEZZANo" was a Bessin / Bessan term, and, therefore, we can theorize that Avezzano's had been Masci / Massey liners. My Masci mother was born roughly 50 miles from Avezzano, and God showed me a revelation where a garb-like grub in my firewood was a symbol of the Caiaphas line through Avezzano's. The Arms of Cheshire are garbs.

The Bessin Coat uses bees, and its Beaston variation is a location in Cheshire. There is a question as to whether God arranged "Beaston" to indicate that the anti-Christ will be a Basina > Bessen liner (see Basina last update). The Bee and Bessan Coats both use the Massey quadrants, and Bee's throw in the bend of Sale's/Salletts, from the Salto river through Avezzano and Rieti. The neighboring Turano, which flows along the base of mount Sabina into Rieti, is suspect in naming Thuringia, home of Basina and of bee-using Talls, the latter suspect with Lucy TailleBOIS, wife of Ranulph le Meschin, ruler in Cheshire and likely owner of the Cheshire garbs.

Bee's and Bonns (obvious branch of Bone's) were both first found in Oxfordshire with Clintons, and the latter use the Shield of Sales-related Saluzzo's. It was resolved that Clintons and Hillarys (same symbol) linked to Hillards/Billiards and Billiards/Billets, the latter first found in the same place as French Josephs and Pully-related Pellicans. If the red Bonn eagles were on the white bend of Bone's, they would be the eagles of Childs, from Childeric, Basina's husband. It becomes very clear that the line of Caiaphas could have went, only four centuries after him, though king Clovis, son of Childeric and Basina. We need to find what Basina's ancestry was, and I say it's in Julia Maesa Bassianus, and, a few generations earlier, in Quadratilla Bassus. I feel ready to get comfortable with the theory that Caiaphas' child / grandchild stemmed into Avezzano, and/or on the Turano river, from Rieti. Prior to the time of Vespasian (son of Sabinus above), I expect the line of Caiaphas from the Cavii at Lissus, and while Lys'/Lise's were first found at Paris with the Chappes' and Levi's, Sales'/Salletts were fleur-de-LYS, a symbol suspect by others from Clovis.

The Lys river of Artois is near the Helpe, and the latter is the location of Avezzano-liner, Avesnes, the ruled of which married rulers of Champagne, explaining why the crutch symbol is in both the bends of Avezzano's and Champagne's. Avisons use the Cheshire garbs but call them "wheat sheaves" as code for the Sheaves'/Chiava's/Chiapponi's, a branch of Shaws who share the Pilotte and Pellet cups. That's another way to link Pelosi's/Pilati's to Avezzano liners, or to trace Avezzano's to Savigliano. The latter location is of Savage's (Cheshire), while French Savage's/Sauvage's were first found in Champagne. No guff. The Garb surname looks to be using the Shield of Maceys/Mace's while their Ferte-Mace, up the Orne river theater, is suspect with "(Mont)Ferrat."

I didn't know that Smiths use the cross of Crutch's/Crooch's until after God gave a dream with Paul Smith on crutches. Smiths use a heron as code for the namers of the Orne river in the Bessin. The Croce's/Cross' (same place as Lucy Taillebois and the Pilotte's), using the potent cross known to be from the heraldic crutch symbol (forms a T), bring us back to the Massey / Bee / Bessan quadrants, and moreover they throw in part of the Massin/Mason motto. The motto is part-code for Spears, kin of Pasi's/Pace's (share spears in saltire with Spears), and first found in the same place as Pollocks, from Pola/Pula, a Polla-like term. If that's not enough evidence of a Croce / Mason trace to Vespasian, Spears use the boar heads of Roets (branch of Reeds / Rieds), from Rieti.

It's interesting that Harry Reed has been the Senate minority leader while Nancy Pelosi has been the minority leader of the House of representatives. The Democrats are therefore led by the Vespasian dragon-beast. Again, Pelosi's/Pilati's use two columns (evokes the Masonic pillars) while Columns/Malcolms share the Reed stag head. Columns/Malcolms put the Macey stars upon their saltire suspect with the saltire of Messeys, first found in the same place as Pilate's, and beside the Mountains (Messey saltire) that share white-on-blue (Pilate colors) bulls with Bulls/Bule's, suspect with the white Pelosi "bull beHIND a tree". It appears that "Behind" is part-code for Bee's, and then Bie's/Boys use three bees in the colors and format of Pilate pheons and the Hind lozenges. Hinds share the lozenges of Bris'/Brix's/Brests, from Brescia at lake Garda. The Pelosi stars are called, mullets.

It struck me, for the first time while writing "SavigLIANo above, that Savage's may have merged with Line's/Linds to form that term, for while Bra is beside Savigliano, God made me touch a bra on a lAUNDRry LINE (age 9) as the first event concerning the white-rabbit mystery. "Laundry" is code for Landers that share the pale bars of LANGley, from Langhe, the larger area around Bra, and Lian's were just loaded to find them with German Langs!!! Amazing. God has really impressed me with that touch-bra event from upon a rabbit cage. Lians/Langs use the Stewart pelican (because Langs were Alan > Stewart liners), while Stewarts share the "Virescit" motto term of Scottish Line's/Linds (spears in saltire), suggesting that Linds were a Landen branch. It explains why German Line's share the white horse with Pepins, from Pepin of Landen. German Lines/Linds (tree) use the Chief-and-Shield color combination of the Montferrat rulers, and Bra / Langhe is at Montferrat. It's with a red chief, the color of the Massey/Masse chief.

"VireSCIT" is likely code for Skits / Sheets / Scheds who all use the potent cross = the Crutch line. In fact, Skits and Sheds were first found in Ayrshire with the Line's/Linds that use "virescit." There is a Vire river in/beside the Bessin.

Masseys/Masse's, suspect from Massa-Carrara, share the tree with Pelosi's and Line's/Linds, and while ancient Luna (Line-like term) was beside Massa-Carrara, the Masseys/Masse's use the Luna crescent while the pelican-using Langs were first found in LUNEburg. I almost missed it: Scottish Line's/Linds use the Luna crescent too! Rulers of Massa-Carrara used for their Arms the same checks as Massi's/Mattis' and Fers/Ferrat. The eagle in the Massi-Mattis Chief is likely the one of Luna's. Massa-Carrara is suspect with the Hyksos-suspect Sea Peoples in Caria, namely the Masa/Maso, but then the Sherdana Sea Peoples are suspect by others as Sardinians while Avezzano's were first found in Sardinia. Massa-Carrara faces out to Sardinia.

Compare the Spanish Luna's with the Franconia Lamberts, for while Mieszko II Lambert was discovered in the last update with Lums and Lumleys, the latter use the pelican too, making Lamberts suspect as Luna liners (which I trace to the Carian moon goddess). Lums/Lombs (Lorraine / Child eagles probably) share the scepter with Godfreys, and the other Godfreys use pelicans too. The SCEPTer can be code for Severus SEPTImius, who marred Domna Bassianus, sister of Julia Maesa, and the latter's father was nephew to Julius AGRIPPa, suspect in heraldic GRIFFins, which the scepter-using Godfreys use, as do Agrippa-like Grubs.

Mieszko' Lambert's wife, RICHesa of Lorraine, is suspect with the Franconian RAKE. The RICHESS/Rich surname, first found in the same place as English Josephs that share the Avison garbs, use a "Garde" motto term, as do Carricks whom I see from "Caracalla," son of Severus Septimius. "Severus" is suspect in the motto of Bernice's, suspect from Bernice Agrippa (assumes that her line was to Julius Agrippa). The bottony crosses of Rich's are code for Bidens/Buttons (same place as Caplan-related Josephs) that share the Capelli chapeau, and thus JOSEPH Biden, who just hinted that he wants to be the next president, was from the kin of Pelosi's/Pilati's (Caplan Shield). The Hampshire Caplans use griffins, as do Rake's. The "foy" motto term of Rich's/Richess' must be for the Foys, first found in the same place as Chappes', and using a vertically-split Shield half in the colors of the same of German Caplans.

Paul Smith and I both owned red Jeeps while Cheps/JEEPma's share the Zionist star of Goths/Gothels, from Gothelo, father of Godfrey III, grandfather in turn of Godfrey de Bull-possible Bouillon. Bouillons were first found in the same place as Mullets beloved in the mullets stars that Pelosi's/Pilati's put at the top of their columns. Hugh de Payens married Elizabeth Chappes, and Payens/Pagans use the Mullet Coat.

The Irish Foys can be with the CHEPman/Chapman crescent, colors reversed from the Luna / Masse crescent. I see "Smith" from "Samos," namers of Samsons (Meschin scallops), because the mythical metal smith, Hephaestus, was ruler of the Kabeiri, founded in Samo-Thrace, named after Samos. The latter is an island off the coast from Latmus and Ephesus (and Clarus), home of the Carian moon goddess. Samos is not far from the mouth of the Maeander river of Maeonians, whom I would trace to Maine, where French Josephs and Billiards/BILLETs were first found. Heraldic billets are bars of metal, what metal smiths would make. See last update for the Clare / Clair trace to Lemnos, sacred island of Hephaestus, and ask why "Heph" is like "Chep," or why "Caiaphas" is like "Hephaes." HERODotus, who predated Herods of Israel, was from Caria.

God is brilliant. Paul Smith was shown on crutches while Hephaestus was born lame and ugly (Hera threw him away to Lemnos due to his ugliness, symbol of Gorgons). I never saw Paul Smith as ugly (woodsman-like face with beard), but my girlfriend, my TENANT, said to me that Paul is "ugly." I now know that this was God's term to indicate Hephaestus liners. But why did God use Helen, my tenant, for that comment? The Tenants have in their Crest a sail for the Salyes-line Sales', and there was an ancient Sale location (mouth of the Hebros) near Lemnos, and nearer still to Samo-Thrace. Scalia's/Scalise's were first found in Tuscany, location of Massa-Carrara, and where leopard-using Mosca's were first found. Patmos, between Caria and Naxos (sacred island of Dionysus the leopard), has a city, Skala.

Aha! Mythical Helen was code for the Hellespont (Mysia), home of ugly Gorgons, and the Arms of Sicily uses a Gorgon head! The way to identify mythical Helen with the Hellespont is by way of the Gorgon city of Parium/Parion (from Keturah liners) on the Hellespont, which a myth writer put into code for prince Paris (Troy), who abducted Helen. She was wife to MENElaus, a line from the Maeander river (Caria) and therefore of DIOnysus' Maenads (Amazons). Dionysus was also called, Lyaios (Laish suspect), and MeneLAUS (of Sparta) was resolved as code for Las/Laas (Laish suspect) on the MANI peninsula of Sparta. The Manders use a "Laus Deo" motto, you see, and there is a Scalea location (southern Italy) on my modern atlas near ancient Laus, the latter city founded by Sparta-like Sybaris in Lucania, like the Laconia of downtown Sparta. Sybaris changed name to Thurri/Thurri (forget which spelling), and Herodotus of Caria went to live there. Sybaris is known to have been a Gorgon city from Boura area of Greece, near northern Sparta.

Why was he named, Paul? Did God name him? The Pauls use a leopard, symbol of Dionysus of Lemnos, who was born with a limp (!), same theme as Hephaestus. God is brilliant. The same Pauls' use a "rege" motto term that can be for Reggio, across the strait from mythical Scylla. The Paul Coat looks like a version of the Nagle Coat, and Nagle's were from Oneglia (Liguria), otherwise called IMPERia after the ImPERI (could be from "PARIon") priests of Boofima, which priests used leopard gloves to conduct sacrifices. I have repeated several times of my witnessing an ANTENNA fallen down in the back yard of Paul Smith's father, which was suspect with ANTONIN Scalia. Paul's father is Peter Smith, the name of a man who was investigating the Clintons, and recently found dead (reported as a suicide) with a BAG over his head. The Clinton crime ring is suspect with his murder as well as Scalia's.

The Paul motto term, "repubLICa" can be partly for the Lice's/Lees' (leopard faces). MacLISE's/Lease's share the Coat of CLARENs/Larins (Clare chevrons) for a Lise trace to Clarus of Caria. Lice's/Lees' are suspect in the motto of Irish Mackays (share "manu" with German Line's/Linds), from the Isle of Man (Maeander liners probably), which itself uses a form of the Arms of Sicily. "Pro rege" is shared between Scottish Pattersons and Pauls, while Irish Pattersons/CASSANE's (Fens scallops) were first found in CONnacht with Lice's/Lees'. English Lease's ("Clarior" use the Chief-and-shield colors in reversed from those of the Line's/Linds that use a "SOLius" motto term for Sol = Helios (quite obvious), and Lease's use a sun for the same reason, thus clinching Linds from Lindos. And the "TENEbris" motto term of the same Lease's must be for a Tanis / Danaan line. Recall that Pelosi's (SavigLIANo along the TANaro river) use "beHIND" in their description while Hinds share the Bris lozenges.

The antenna fell on the Smith's FENCE, a code from God in another event (at the home of Miss MUSCHAtov) that I've suspected with Fens'/Venns (same place as Sodans), who link by their symbols to CASANO's and Sodans, a branch of Sodhans in the Patterson/Cassane write-up. These Pattersons are said to be of a Mainy entity so that Lice's/Lees' and Lease's can be Maenad > Menelaus liners. The Sodan fesse (see the fesse of Boofima liner Beefs/Beoufs of PERIgord) with gold stars now looks like a version of the Paul fesse with gold crosses. PeriGORD is suspect with Gords that share the Roet boar, and this boar is now suspect with the boar of Kodros, i.e. founding family of Ephesus at Clarus.

It doesn't appear coincidental that Claro's are also Caria-like Charo's, and they share the red bull with Sabine's while Ephesus (Amazon city) was anciently APASA, like the Pasi's that I see in "VesPASia," wife of Sabinus. In this picture, the Masci's I envision in and around Sabina may have been Amazons in Ephesus, for that city was said to be founded by a son of king KODRos who in-turn had a fish symbol that can be in the fish of the Arms of Rieti. Indeed, Kodros (from Keturah, other wife of Biblical Abraham) also had a boar symbol, which is that of Rieti-liner Roets, first found in Somerset along with Pelosi-suspect bulls. Roets use a Caria-suspect motto term (Rhodes is off Caria), and German Roets use the sleeping moon of Caria-liner Karens, while the Carian moon goddess (Selene) was loved by Endymion, the eternal sleeper.

As Foys were first found in the same place as Levi's that use chevrons in the colors of the Foot / Fothes/FITTES'/Fette's chevron, Foot liners can be from the "Foyot" motto term of Foys. French Josephs use a FOOTless martlet, and Fothes were first found in the same place as Chives' of Tarves, and as FootLESS-suspect LESlie's (griffin). Just compare the Tarves Coat (FITCHees) to that of Hillarys, suspect with Hillards/Billiards and Billiards/Billets (looks like they use the Coat of French Lamberts). The Turins (boar heads of Leslie-related Bards) can be gleaned with the Chives' because Chivasso is at Turin, and Turin is the area of the first-known Pelosi's/Pilati's.

Pelosi's/Pilati's are said to be from Tancredi Pillosi, and a certain Tancred a century before him was the founded of Guiscards, first found in the same place as Scottish Chappes'. GUIScards are also WISharts (Herods?), a possible line from VESpasia liners. Guiscards of Sicily were in Sardinia, location of rooster-using Gallura, and the Sardinian-based VISconti's used a rooster, symbol of Galli's and Gays (same place as Masseys/Masse's), from king Gala/Gaia, father of Massena/Massinissa. Massena's share gold Zionist stars with Payens/Pagans, the letter first found in Dauphine with Galli's. Dauphine can trace to Daphne, an ancient location at the doorstep of Laish (home of pagan Levites), itself very suspect with the Lys'/Lise's, first found in the same place as French Chappes' and Levi's. My modern Israeli map shows Dafna less than five miles from Dan, the latter being Laish anciently.

It's begging whether TANcreds were Dan liners, and Tancreds happen to share red scallops (call them "sea shells" for a reason) with Pullys/Pullens / Sabine's. In fact, the Tancred Coat is in the colors and format of English Line's (griffin) whose roses can be code for Rhodes liners. There's a question as to whether scallops can be part of the Salyes Ligures because scallops are a symbol of Scylla, the monster representing Sicels, founder and namers of Sicily, which uses for its Arms of Gorgon head (ugly, like Hephaestus) in the middle of three LEGs (same as the Arms Fussen/Foetes on the Leck river) suspect with LIGures.

Dan was named by the "Danites" (same entity as Samson) that took Jonathan the pagan Levite priest to be their priest with graven images, and this tribe of Dan is suspect as the proto-Danaans of Greece through LINDos of Rhodes (myth placed them there before they got to Argos), which can be the line to Line's/LINDs now suspect (in this update) with Lian/Lang and Luna liners. In other words, it appears that the Carian moon goddess at Ephesus, the sister of Helios of Rhodes, was a line from Laish/Dan through Rhodes. In fact, the Line's/Linds with the Luna (and Chapman?) crescent are the ones with crossed spears, same as Pasi's now suspect from Apasa = EPHESus (where I trace "HEPHAEStus"). The laundry line with bra now looks like something God wanted to stress as per those pagan Levites in high political places today who war against him grossly. They are the world-class idiots, too stupid to save their own souls, and unafraid of death's consequences so long as they can die rich and comfortable, not regretting their lives materialistically.

The Apostle Paul said that we sleep after death, and then get raised to life at the last trumpet. The damned arise afterward to face the lake of fire. But if we don't feel our "sleep," it will seem to us as though we awake instantly upon death (in a matter of seconds) either to a resurrection with Christ and eternal life, or to Hell. I am terrified of waking up at the Judgment to Hell. Why aren't the stupids of the Illuminati as terrified as myself? Because, they are too obstinate. There is no other explanation. They refuse to listen to simple wisdom. We all need to beg the Creator to be with us at our deaths, as did the thief on the cross. Jesus said to him, "TODAY, you will be with me in paradise." I feel that He meant: it's as though you will be in paradise as soon as you die.

The bra belonged to a tenant of the Petersons, and TENants (TANcreds?) use a MAST with SAIL while Sails are with Sales'/Salletts, the line from the Salto river through Rieti (!), suspect by way of the Roets with a Rhodes line. And the MASTs/Masters (same place as Massins/Masons) share a Roet motto term!!! Zowie, God is great at this game of charades. It's only taken me about a year to figure out this laundry-line trace to Laish. Do Pelosi's share a tree with Masseys/Masse's and Tancreds? Yes, and Tree's/True's share greyhounds courant with Lys'/Lise's!!! Excellent. Laish liners were in Caria. Masseys/Masse's use a "tree without LEAVES." The Tancreds call their tree an OLIVE whole Olives (greyhound) and Olivers look like Levi possibilities.

The Sale location near the mouth of the Hebros may have been of the Selletae Thracians / scythians that were up a ways on the Hebros, and over toward the Black sea. The Selletae were beside Cabyle, itself on the TONZus (Tanis / Tony / Anton liner?) river that made it to the Tonso variation of the TOUS/Tosini surname, which uses a man in shirt with buttons while Bidens/Buttons use the Capelli chapeau. In other words, Capelli / Caplan liners named Cabyle. The Shirts are still suspect with Sardinians / SharDANA Sea Peoples. Mythical Danae of Argos was mother to the Perseus Danaans, and "Perseus" is suspect with Paris/Parium Gorgons because he killed the Gorgon Medusa and then birthed Gorgophone. The Tous surname is in the motto of Bleds that use the three Clare chevrons in colors reversed, but there is also the "virTUS" motto term of Line's/Linds that can be part-code for Tous liners on the Vire river.

These Line's/Linds use spears in "SALTire," and, in the Crest, "Two sprigs of laurel in saltire" There is a Saltire/Salter surname, first found beside the Sale's/Salletts. I trace proto-Danaans to Tanis, on the PELUSium river (Nile delta), because mythical Danaus was made the son of BELUS. Were Pelosi's a branch of Hyksos / Meshwesh from Pelusium? Plus, Danaus' brother was Aegyptis, making this identification easy enough. The only surviving son of Aegyptus was LYNCeus, possibly the line that named Langhe. Scottish Langs use letters suspect with LINKletters (version of the Stewart Coat), and, in case you have forgotten, the "virescit" motto term of Line's/Linds is the motto of the Stewarts using the Lang-of-Luneburg pelican. The Sempers in the Line/Lind motto use two lions in pale in colors reversed from the same of Brunswicks (Luneburg-Brunswick was a paired entity).

I now know that Carians were at the very naming of SavigLIANo. Savage's use a motto in honor of Pruits ("corvos" probably for the CORONis-line crow), whose raven/crow suggests Rothes liners through Rhodes. Pruits (Roets fronted with a 'P'?) can be of the Prats expected in the "pratus" motto term in the Arms of Rhodes-suspect Rieti. The "pascit" motto term of Pruits can be of the Pascel variation of Ephesus-suspect Pasi's whom I see in Rieti's VesPASian line. The "Deus" motto term (Pruits) is for Deusters/Dusters (sun and Line/Lind / Luna crescent!), beloved by the "InDUSTRia" motto term in the Arms of ROTHchild. English Rothes' were first found in the same place as Rudes' (CORONet), and the latter use quadrants in Pelosi Shield colors. German Line's/Linds were first found in Prussia with Dusters and related Mieske's (both use the armored arm, symbol also of Brass'/Brace's = Bra suspects). Rudes' were first found in the same place as early proto-Stewarts and Saltire's/Salters while Sale (or the Hebros river as a whole) is near the RHODope mountains. Sale was in the land of Cicones (I see them as proto-Ligures from king Cygnus), who were made the son of mythical Rhodope, and brother to mythical Hebros.

It strikes me that the Rudes CoroNET can be part-code for Natts/Nathans / Nathans/Nations / Netts/Netbys (LANCashire). The latter (Meschin / Travis scallops) share the black lion paw with Savage's (same place as Meschins). However, Nets ("voLENTi") are listed with Knights/Naughts, from the Nith river, home of the Nitts/Naughts that might be using the Natt/Nathan escutcheon. While Netts/Netby use a "bird bolt," the Volens/Falens suspect "volenti" share red martlets with Birds/Burds and Alans. The Nitts/Naughts were first found in the same place as Rome's/Rooms/RUMs, suspect in the "duRUM" motto term of Nets/Naughts. The Nith was home to proto-Geddes Geds while Rome's/Rums use a "PunGIT" motto term. "DURum" should also be for the Dol Dure's, said to be from lords of Auvergne, where Bouillons were first found that use the Bird/Burd cross in colors reversed. The Brittany Dure's almost use the Nitt/Naught / Stewart / LINDsey checks. Lindseys use "EnDURE."

Scottish Dure's (Saluzzo Shield) may be honoring KilPatricks (Nith river) in their motto, and they therefore use the Patterson/Cassane Shield. Dere's use the lance for Alans (same fesse as Lance's but in colors reversed) suspect at Langhe. Lance's are in the colors of German Dure's (Franconia) who in-turn use the pale bar of Craws/Crawshaws/Cranshaws (said to be from CRONKshaw), looked up because Lindseys were in the lands of Crawford. Shaws were first found in the same place as Cluns using the Dure / Saluzzo Coat exactly. This discussion recalls that CRONKite's share the crane with Crannys and Crane, explaining the Cranshaw variation.

The COURANt greyhound (all fours off the ground) in the Craw/Cranshaw Crest can now reveal that Correns are from the Ceraunii, no small realization. Lindseys (Lanarkshire, same as Swans/Sions) use "A swan RISING from a CORONet." "Rising": is suspect from Rhisinium, home of Ardiaei who merged with DARDanians, explaining why Crawfords (Lanarkshire) use the DART Coat, apparently.

Correns use "SMALL black SHIELDs, often called escutcheons, as German Smalls call their red one (code for Rothschilds?). Irish Shields share "patria" with Dure's, and to prove that this term traces to Antipatria, home of the DEXARoi, a DAGGER (KilPatrick symbol) is used by Scottish Smalls. The latter Smalls use a horizontally-split Shield in colors reversed from the same of Decks/Daggers. If Decks/Daggers were Ticino liners (includes the Laevi Gauls), it's very notable that Scottish Smalls share the black lion of Jewish Levi's. English Shield ("patitur") look to be using a version of the Leaf/LEVE and/or SWAN/Sion Coat. Leafs/Leve's were first found in the same place as Sabine's/SAVONa's, suggesting a link between Flavius Sabinus and Sion. In fact, might "Flav" have become "Glove," since Swans/Sions use gloves? At this time. Swans/Sions show Falconer's gloves while Savone's/Saffins (Sabines were also Safina) share the Falcon crescents. Savone's use the same stars as Maceys while Swans/Sions previously showed gauntlet gloves, the Macey symbol too. The Macey chevron is shared by Leafs/Leve's and Swans/Sions, isn't it?

The "Omne SOLum" motto phrase of Irish Shields recalls the omen in the sun discussed in the last update. As that omen was fulfilled in Galveston, it's notable that Galves' share the same lion as Irish Shields as well as using a vertically-split Shield in the colors of the Arms of Sion / Wallis canton. In fact, those are the colors of the split-Shield of Decks/Daggers / Smalls. The Ticino begins in Switzerland, location of Sion. Recall that Levites out of Laish were at Lindos, for Lindseys were clearly merged with Swans/Sions, and Laish was at mount Hermon, where there was a peak named, Sion. No kidding at all.

English Shields share the full motto of Shaws, part-code for Winks/Wings, first found in Perthshire along with Shaws and Saluzzo-line Cluns. Add to this that English Shields (the Saluvii Ligures are suspect here) are said to be from "schele / skala," recalling that the stairs = scala I climbed to the deck over the rabbit cage is about judge Scalia. In a recent treatment on the Galveston mugging, I was linking that trip to Scalia's murderers. While Bill Clinton was born from Mr. Blythe, Clintons use the Saluzzo / Clun Shield while English Shields were first found in Berwickshire along with Blythe's. Plus, English Shields are in the colors and format of Blythe-like Billets/Billiards.

Note that Spanish Negro's use almost the Coat of Athols, first found in Perthshire. One of the things I stressed about the Galveston mugging is that the Negro had his hands around my neck, saying, "Give them over, give them over." He wanted the keys to the Nissan, but I had dropped them on the floor or seat when he lunged at me. He pushed my head into the rear-view mirror, which knocked it off. English Shields use "qui" as code for the KEYS of Italian Sheaves'/Chiava's, and these Shields (the ones with "omne solum") use hands. Shaws working into this remind that Jack Sava is suspect in the murder of Seth Rich, and that Sava was overseeing Steve Scalise, who was almost murdered. Let me remind that Sava's are listed with Savage's, from beside Bra.

As for the "patria" and "patITUR" motto terms of Shields, it reminds that, when driving to Galveston, I passed the area where Mr. KilPatrick was living up until roughly that time. I recall having to take a leak so bad I pulled over onto a highway ramp in the area that he was living (it was dark out). He's the husband of Miss Hicks, and that trip to Galveston was God's plot to set me up with her (I didn't know her yet at the time). I learned that the couple moved from the Galveston area to where I purchased my Texas property about a year before I did. I was through Galveston about seven months before I purchased.

The first place I went to seek land, on the day of (hours after) the mugging, was up the LEAKEY road, and this road would later indicate WikiLeaks as per my seeing her beautiful knees through a GLASS door on the road to Leakey, where I received another omen in the moon. I turned around, from going to Leakey at that time, and, the next morning, I was in contact with the real-estate agent who sold me my property some ten minutes from Miss Hicks. You see, God turned me around with an omen in the moon, and I listened to this because of what fearful thing happened to me in Galveston with an omen in the sun. The Glass' (likely from Walser-branch Wallis-canton liners at Sion/Sitten) use the mermaid with MIRROR, and the same stars as the hand-using Shields.

The reason that Sion was also called Sitten is due to a tribe named almost "Sitten," suspect with SIDONians of Laish. The ancient Sithones were in Sithonia, of CHALCidice, while Chalkers use the swan. Scandinavia had a Sitone peoples beside the Swan-like Sviones (Sion-like), suspect at Liguria's Savona because there was a mythical king STHENelus (code for Sithones, right?), father of Cygnus the swan. The Sicilians included SICANians that could have named SCANdinavia. Recall that Sybaris, near Sicily, was from the Boura area of Greece, which was near SICYON. There is nothing too-wild about Scandinavians originating in Grecian Sicily. Boura (at/beside the Ladon river, from Laish liners) traces well to the Burleys, first found in the same place as Ladds/Ladons and Savone's/Saffins (and Rieti-line Roets).

It's interesting that while Khazars were CYGNus-like kagans, and thought to be from Bulgarians, Cicones, whom I trace to "Cygnus/Cycnus," were in Thrace = Bulgaria.

The thief had his hands around my neck, and Necks/Neckers share the giant red stag head with the Perthshire Colts/Cults. The Neckar river in Germany is where Rod / Rothes liners trace. In fact, the Neckar's STUTTgart (see "nec" in RODham / Rutherford motto) is the line to the raven-depicted Stout vikings who conquered Rothesay, later named Bute, and Glass' were first found in Buteshire! And I've only just realized that German Neckers (Bavaria, same as Bauers) use a pale bar in the colors of the bends of SCHILDs. In colors reversed, the two bends of Schilds are those of Kays/Keys! Excellent.

Forkers use a version of the hand-using Shield Coat, and Forkers are in the "OVER fork OVER" motto of Cuneo-liner Cunninghams, right down the white-rabbit alley. The thief yelled at me, "Give 'em OVER, give 'em OVER." It doesn't look coincidental, and Cunninghams are in the colors of the Kay/Key bends while the latter's Scottish branch has a motto, "Kynd KYNN Knawne Kepe." Kyne's/Kinns/Cyne's use two chevrons in the colors of the two Kay/Key bends. Kinds use ravens (but call them Cornish choughs), and throw in a single column in colors reversed from the two of Pelosi's/Pilati's. The Over and Hand surnames were first found in Cuneo-line Cheshire, and Forkers use the same lion as Sava's/Savage's.

The Shields use their lion in both colors of the FERGus lion, and Forkers are said to be of the Fergus'. This lion is suspect with the Aures' (from Aures, home of Shawia Numidians married by IDRis of Morocco, himself suspect in the "itur" term buried in the motto of Shields and Shaws. You can see that term with Kenneths (another giant stag head) who trace to "Kenza," Idris' wife from Aures. The lion of Fergus' (first found in Galloway) was identified as that of Sauers because the latter speak on Mr. Galleri while Gallerys are listed with Galloways. Sauers are said to be from the Austrian part of the Sau/SAVA river (believe it or not), and Bauers, a proto-Rothschild line, were first found in Austria and Bavaria.

Crosbys use the Forker Coat, apparently, which recalls Darrin Crosby two updates ago, where the following can be found:

Behold what was just found now. I didn't have time in the last update to read the Fack/Fazacherley write-up fully. It says that this surname merged with Blundell of CROSBY, and you may have read where Lorraine, my girlfriend, was God's code for the Landers/Landens and for the Blonds/Blunds. She was instrumental in proving that God was referring to Langleys too, in direct relation to Bra and Langley (in Cuneo, the line to Cunninghams). But I now find that the Irish CROSBYs/Crossins use a version of the Forker Coat!!! It's just amazing how this revelation comes down. Both Coats use the same giant and upright lion (same colors, in Savage-lion colors), and while Forkers add three red hands, Crosbys/Crossin add two red hands.

One day, Darrin's future wife drove us to her cottage, and told me she has no hair. She wore a WIG, and Scottish Crosbys were first found in WIGtonshire, in Galloway, where Hand-related Hanna's were first found. That's why I took my relationship with Darrin Crosby as an act of God for this revelation. The "justus" motto term of Scottish Crosbys (Crow liners?) must be for the Perthshire Justus'/Justine's. Did I see Miss Hicks' knees through a glass DOOR? The Irish Doors were first found in Galway, and share the lion of Irish Fergus'/Fergusons (and Ferrari's). And Door-like Dure's use the Coat of Cluns (Justus colors), first found in Perthshire.

I took a LEAK on a ramp -- or ROAD -- while facing the city area where Miss Hicks lived. I recall the city scene while taking that leak. I recall the direction I was facing relative to south, and it was over by her area of the city. After being on the Leakey road, I went to Crystal city to see the second piece of property, and that's where Miss Hicks was going to church at that very time. I showed how the cockroaches (in Crystal City) and the black smoke in the Nissan's tail pipe were code for Rothschild / Rockefeller suspects (Roach's can be with the Hykes fish), and here the Shields may be part of the RothSCHILDs. But RothCHILDs (alternative spelling) may also be Childs, and while I showed how Miss Hicks / Mr. KilPatrick were Child liners, the Roth-like Roads use the Child eagle! My impression here is that WikiLeaks is going to do some terrible thing to Rothschilds. The Clubs, suspect with Clovis, son of CHILDeric, can be using the Roach / Hykes fish, and KilPatricks were from CLOSEburn (Nith river) while Close's are also CLOVSe's. As was said, Nathans/Nations look like Nith liners while using the Coney / Conn fesse and fesselets in colors reversed.

Therefore, apart from my knowing it until now, the Galveston trip was much about the Shield surnames and their particulars, while having a newsworthy story imbedded that I am tasked with for revealing.

Crow-like Crosbys appear to love the Reesors in their motto, and Reesors/Rees' (Rice Coat) use the Rothes ravens while ravens are a species of crow. When God struck the chimney of my house, we had only-just moved into a street called, Reesors. I trace the Coronis crow to Chora on Patmos, where the city of Skala is that evokes the "skala" to which Shields are said to derive. Crows, in Child colors and format, share the camel in Crest with Pepins / Pipe's, which recalls the smoke from the tail PIPE. Tails/Tailors (lions in Pipe-horse colors) use a single pale bar in colors reversed from the same of Bavaria's Neckers, and Pale's/Palys themselves use the camel (as do Patrick-branch Pattersons). By no apparent coincidence, Crosbys share the brown tree stump with "nec"-line RODhams. Heraldic brown is suspect with Brunswick, where Rothschilds/Rothsteins were first found.

French Pepins (same place as Martels / Martins) show the raven, the line from the Neckar's Stuttgart. The Pepin Coat is a version of the Poitvin Coat, the latter substituting the Pepin raven with a jay in the same colors. Jays (WIGmore, no guff), suspect with the bend and roses of Jewish Rothchilds (no 's'), use "A blue griffin sejant holding a RED ESCUTCHEON." And Wigmore's use three COURANT greyhounds in pale, in the colors of the three Tail lions in pale. Jays were first found in the same place as Wigmore's and Jeffreys, the latter using the cloud over-sun that was exactly the omen in the sun seen on the way to Galveston. That symbol was found (last update) with Leak-like Lease's, which is why the WIGmore's seem crucial here in interpreting God's newsworthy message expected from WikiLeaks. . .

The Shield topic started on the "small black shields" of Coronis-like Correns/Courrans, and they are the black Shields of Cecils who in-turn use the Savage / Eagle lions but in the colors of the Tail/Tailer lions. The Smalls are the ones sharing the DAGGER with KilPatricks, and moreover the Small lion is not only the Levi lion, but the one in a KilPatrick Crest, having its DEXTER paw on the head of what should be the Seaton dragon. Correns can trace by their Corry branch to Chora on Patmos. Coronis-perfect.

The Wigtonshire location of Crosbys evokes WIKIleaks, which is why I've just loaded the Wigton surname, first found in Yorkshire (same as Hicks), where an early branch of Leaks were first found that share the Hicks fleur-de-lys. The Wigton barony was possessed by William Meschin, whose family married Skiptons of Yorkshire, where Kays/Keys were first found who use their bends in purple (load "Key" to see it), the colors of the Skipton lion. Remember, I, a Masci liner, went to the cottage of the woman with WIG, and later lived in the home of Darrin Crosby that married her. And I trace Masci's (Rosh-related Meshech anciently) to PatMOS because Maezaei lived beside the Ceraunii, who are a line to the Hicks-related Crauns/Crane's (the other Crane's use the Massey/Macey fleur), evoking the Craws/Cranshaws (Crosby kin?). As soon as the small shields were mentioned, the red eSCUTCHeon (shield) of German Smalls was mentioned, and I recalled, at that time, the red escutcheon is shared by ALLERs and their Holden (allerion eagles, "nec" motto term) kin. I here find that William Meschin granted Wigton to Waldeof, lord of ALLERdale.

It should be mentioned that while the Trump stag head is in an Arms of Waterford, Correns/Courrans (and Corrys/Currys) were first found in Waterford while the Hanna's of Wigton use the Trump stag in colors reversed. Moreover, the lion tails of CORE's/Corks are in the colors of the Tail/Tailer lions, in the colors of the towers of Wiggin-like Higgins (Wigtons and Wiggins too). The MUSkerry (term like Caria-liner "Massa-Carrara") location at Ireland's Cork was traced to Mus at Lake Van (home of king Rusa suspect with Rosh of Ezekiel), expected location of the Mus household I see in Hyksos pharaoh Khyan (his line relates to Pepins / Pipe's).

If I know God as he conducts this strange revelation, he would have linked a Wiki-like surname to Leak / Hick liners just to make the connection valid / compelling. First of all, Hicks are suspect from Hyksos, who had a king, Khyan, suspect with KEONs and Keens. Keens use a white escutCHEON, you see. And the SCHUTz's are expected to be of the Scute's that use escutcheons too, as well as a crane. Khyan is suspect with mythical Ixion, Coronis' sister. The two were children of PHLEGyas, perhaps the line to Flags/Flecks (Samson / Meschin / Russell scallops). Keons, who bring us back to what appears to be the Forker / Crosby (Wigtonshire) lions with red hand, share the red stars (almost) of Neils/Nihills in the "nihilo" motto term of Wicks. Neils/Nihills use the Keon symbol exactly but with red lions, which makes them as per the Shield Coat. The Neils are of the nails in the Arms of Colchester (= Camulodunum) because the Colchester surname shares the red estoiles of Neils/Nihills. German Neils/Nails use a saltire in the colors of the Small saltire, and as Oneglia and nearby Nice are expected from Dionysus, it's notable that his mother (daughter of CadMUS, from the Cadusii Armenians in merger with Armenia's Mus) was Small-like Semele (code for some ancient Semele-like entity). Cadmus' brother, Cilix, was code for Cilicia, home of Hyksos, and Cadmus was a Tyrian entity. The Zeus Taurus that depicts both Tyre and Tarsus raped Cadmus' sister.

Cadmus settled Boiotia, location of the Shechemite line of Schimatari, partners with Khyan-suspect Kenites. The SHECHemite's traced excellently to the Cunningham SHAKEfork partly because Cunninghams were of the same place as Kenite-suspect Kennedys (from the Kennati priests of Cilicia).

PHLEGyas sounds like "Pollock" and "Peleg," the latter a son of Eber, the first Hebrew. Pollocks are Jewish. Hyksos were Hebrews but not Israelites. Flags/Flecks (beloved of Monunius-suspect Monans) use a version of the Coat of Palmers/Parmers who in turn use a courant greyhound. You can't make this stuff up. Italian Palmers use the Dart bend, and the Pollock arrow was sometimes called a dart (Wikipedia's Clan Pollock said so), code for Monunius Dardanians. In the Palmer/Parmer Crest, a seated greyhound, symbol also in the Wigmore Crest. Palms/Parms (same place as Hicks, etc.) use the Crane fleur-de-lys. Parma is on the Taro (Tarsus liner?) river, having a Khyan-possible Ceno tributary.

Only the Wigmore's say that it's "seated," and Seats/Cedes' are expected to be Cetis liners in the motto of Steers (same lion as Tails, Caplan-Shield colors reversed), while Apachnas-suspect Bachs use a steer (a bull). Steers use a "mural crown" often called a CORONet, but either term traces to the Ceraunii, who named the Ceraunii mountains in Epirus, near to the Zeus temple at Dodona (line to Duddon of Dons?). King Apachnas is thought by some to be the same as Khyan, and the motto of Holdens is that of BUCKleys too. The double-headed, red Holden allerion eagle is BEAKless for a reason, and so check out how Beaks use the bars of white-bull Haughts (same place as Buckleys, both share the white bull) in colors reversed. The Arms of Forfarshire uses buckles. Holdens are the ones sharing the red escutcheon of CORREN-beloved Smalls. It truly appears that Hyksos out of Egypt were behind the Zeus-Cronus cult.

Bachs once showed a gold calf. When the Israelites made a gold calf in the Exodus in trying to sooth the Exodus king of Egypt, chances are that it developed into the white bull of Zeus out of Tyre/TYRUS, but as it was called a Taurus, it must have been code for the Taurus mountains in Cilicia. To put it another way, the Khyan-line Hyksos are suspect with the Zeus Tryians, and with Tarsus in Cilicia, said in the Bible to be the mother of Tyre. Jesus raised Paul of Tarsus to confound the pagans. The white bull is used by Buckleys, makes heraldic buckle's suspect from Apachnas. As Cadmus' daughter was Semele, by what coincidence do Smells (not Smalls but close) use a buckle (faces sinister, as does the Spolton/Spaulding buckle from Ranulph le Meschin i.e. same place as Buckleys). CHENeys were first found in BUCKinghamshire.

Repeat: "Cunninghams are in the colors of the Kay/Key bends while the latter's Scottish branch has a motto, "Kynd KYNN Knawne Kepe." Kyne's/Kinns/Cyne's use two chevrons in the colors of the two Kay/Key bends. Kinds use ravens (but call them Cornish choughs), and throw in a single column in colors reversed from the two of Pelosi's/Pilati's" The latter's bull is in both colors of the Buckley bull, and so Kinns/CYNE's and Kinds/CHENdre's are suspect with "Khyan"-Apachnas. The Pelosi Shield is split vertically in colors reversed of the same of Steers, and so the Pelosi bull is essentially the Bach steer round-about, a great reason to identify Steers with the Stura that flows near SAVIGliano, where Pelosi's were first found.

The Coughs/Cuffs use the Sales/Sallet Coat while Savigliano is beside Saluzzo. The Cornish choughs of Kinds are colors reversed from the martlets of Cheneys, and Cheneys themselves are suspect with a form of the Saleman/Salian bend. Childeric was a Salian Frank. The key-using Sheaves' were from Abruzzo, part of which is at the Salto river.

German Schore's use a column suspect with the same-colored pillar of Rose-related Bosco's because there are roses on the column. And so the Schore's must trace to Busca, beside Saluzzo, and as such the Schore column links closely to the Pelosi column. In colors reversed, the Score's (no 'h') share the saltire of Schutz's (same place as German Bush's/Buschs) while I see Schutz's as a merger with Saltire's/Salters. The Score saltire has the cinquefoils of Boasts/Busts (had an early branch in Buckinghamshire) that look like a Bush-line merger with Cheneys / Salemans. Boasts are in the Nemo/Nimoy motto along with Shows/SCHAWs/SCHORs (Baden, same place as Neckar river). Salemans/Salians (same place as Wicks and Steers) share the eagle of English Bush's in both colors, and it's gold like the one in the Crest of Score's. The latter were first found in Cornwall while Cornwalls love the Durance river of the Salyes, explaining the Cornish chough of Kinds/Chenders. Cornish's are in the colors and almost the format of Corn-like Conns / Coneys.

The Tails are suspect with Wigmore Coat, and Wigmore's were early in Worcestershire, where Hills were first found that use a version of the Higgins Coat. In the sleeping-bag dream that fingered John B Poindexter with the killing of judge Scalia, I picked up a sleeping bag on a hill while Hills were first found in the same place as SQUIRE's/Squirrels, who should be part of the ESQUIRE helmet of Poindexters. Shore-like Shire's/Shere's/Sheers (Score colors) were first found in Surrey with Wicks and Steers, the latter possibly a line from the Satrae on the Axius to the namers of the Stura Demonte river through Cuneo, where the Vasto's ruled suspect with the Fist/Faust surname beloved in the Poindexter Coat. Suddenly, the axe-using Wicks are right-square in this picture wherein I expect some bombshells from WikiLeaks.

The deep state's worst enemy at this time is itself because it needs to spy more broadly, more deeply, more than ever to limit the number of would-be whistle blowers that work side-by-side with deep-state puppets. With WikiLeaks so agreeable to publishing whistle blowers, the deep state is in trouble because more spying means that it will become thoroughly despised and run out of town, or worse. The deep state is catching itself in its crimes, like a willing stupid that puts its own head in the jaws of a circus lion made ready to chomp because it no longer respects its master. You can juggle, deep state, but your tent is falling.

The Arms of Surrey use two keys bendwise, what could be a cushion (KilPatrick symbol), and an acorn, while the Surrey flag has the same Coat as Dure's of Dol. The Perthshire Dure's (Saluzzo Coat) seem to love Patrick liners in their motto (Patricks and KilPatricks share the black saltire with Score's). The KilPatrick motto love's the Sure's/Shore's (motto of Caens/Canns) while a KilPatrick variation is "Sheera." Sure's/Shore's were first found in Derbyshire with Kinds, the latter said to be from an old CHENdre location, evoking the Chands/Shands who come up as "Schim" i.e. the Shechemites out of Schimatari. I first learned of Schimatari because it was the general homeland of mythical Orion, who, like Uranus (father of Cronus) had a urination symbol (Zeus was depicted as a golden shower in the story of Danae of Argos).

Schutz's use the greyhound that is often found courant. There is a "CARENT" motto term in the WICK motto. The Carians are expected to be related to Chora in Patmos because Carians are suspect from CRONus, father of Zeus, a disgusting cult of human sacrificers and cannibals that ended up in Carthage. If I recall correctly, camel-like Camulos was a cannibal god. The Zeus-like Taurus of Minoan Crete founded Miletus in Caria (see Sarpedon, son of Minos). Carrents/Carrons use another camel.

I traced The Wicks use Hyksos-like axes, and there was an ancient Axius river (Paionia) that could have been named after Hyksos. The Axius flows down into the zone of Edones, suspect with "SarpEDON" (there was a Sarpedon gulf near the mouth of the Hebros, onshore of which were the Khyan-suspect Caeni). Edones (ruled by mythcode, LYCURgus) were a branch of Sithones that become LIGURians. Eatons are expected with the Shield of Hykes'/Hacks, and from mount ETNa at Skala-suspect Scylla i.e. a line from Skala of PATmos to Scylla of Sicily, location of PATTi. Pattys may be with the Tail lions because the Tail-beloved Core's/Corks can be from Chora of Patmos.

I didn't realize until now that Tails (Cunningham colors) are said to have held lands in Cunningham, Lanark, Stirling and Forker-possible Forfar. The Forfar/Forfair surname is suspect with the gold Weir/Vere boar. In colors reversed, the Forfar boar is blue, the color of the Vere boar. It may mean that Forkers were a Vere branch, but as Vere's use the Massey Shield, Forkers can trace to Cuneo with Cunninghams. Stirlings are also STURlings, suspect with a branch at the naming of the Stura Demonte. I am sure that Fire's/Feuerers use the Demonte unicorn...begging whether FORfairs named MonFORTE and/or Montferrat. Vere's were kin to Boofima-line Nagle's while Forfars use the boar heads of Boofima-line Roets and Gords. The Roet-beloved Books/Boggs use the chevron of Beaufort-suspect BalFOURs with a "FORward" motto term while Wards share the checks of Vere-suspect Warrens (same as the Dure checks, all suspect with the checks of Fers/Ferrats and Vairs/Fers'/Vires'). The Balfour chevron is colors reversed from the one of FOURnier's/FORneys (Languedoc).

The Wicks are said to have had a branch in Somerset, location of the Axe river, and that makes the "Cari" motto term of Wicks linkable to Somerset's Cary castle to which Leavells are said to have had contact. And Leavells are from Laevillus, whose wife was of Cilicia, where Hyksos lived soon after, or even before, they left Egypt. They left in the reign of Apepi, the line likely to Pipe's, and he reigned immediately after Khyan. It makes a lot of sense that the 10 Plagues were during the reign of Khyan, and, having been severely weakened, the southern Egyptians overcame the Hyksos under Apepi.

The Adana region of Cilicia is thought by some to have been the homeland of the proto-Danaans. I agree with that. It explains why Zeus mated with Danae. Her ancestry was in ACRisius, suspect with Ekron on the land of Philistines. It's known that Hyksos entered the land of Philistines when Apepi lost Egypt.

[Insert, days after writing here. Joseph Caiaphas is expected in that picture, and so let's go to the Wickin/Wiggins' (Northampton, near the Hampshire Josephs) that use two chevrons in the gold-on-green color of Josephs, and two chevrons in green, the color of the perchevron of Josephs, and the color of the two chevrons of English Burghs, first found in Hampshire with Josephs. These Burghs make the Joseph garbs connectable to the Comyns, for the line of John de Burgo de Conteville ruled Comyn/Comines. Wickens/Wiggins are in the colors of the WILKIN wyvern, and Drake's (same place as Josephs) use one too.

While Caiaphas was the son-in-law of Annas, Annas' use a version of the Wiggin Coat! I'm pretty sure the Wickin/Wiggins trefoil is taking a leak, peeing its pants. Another reflection of the Annas Coat is with Thatchers/Thackers, who use a MOLine cross likable to the molehills of Thacker-like Shackerleys/Shake's. Thatchers/Thackerys were first found in the same place as Colchester, and use their moline cross in the colors of the cross in the Arms of Colchester. Meanwhile, the Colchester surname has the chevron of Quints (same place as Colchester) and the red lion of Capone's, all spelling Quintus Caepio, whom I trace to the Cavii, beside or in Arnissa, like the Arniss variation of Annas'. It could appear that Annas and Caiaphas were Shechemite liners, yet Dagger-like Thackerys can be from the Dexaroi, likewise beside or in Arnissa. What were the Dexaroi previous to having that name?

Did we just see green chevrons with Wickins/Wiggins'? The Shake's use one too. Mole's use a "Post" motto term while English Posts (probably the Poole lion, from Poole) were first found in Hampshire. The Post lion is that also of Italian Croce's while Eschyna de Molle married Robert Croce. The latter character named some Croce-like entity in Renfrewshire, where Pollocks (Pool liners, right?) lived that married Eschyna's daughter. Italian Croce's were first found in Vicenza with Valentins, who in-turn use green squirrels in both colors of the Wilkin wyvern / Shake chevron. The split-Shield of Wilkins is that of Schere's/Scherfs too (branch of Carrick-related Shere's (and Squire's/Squirrels) while the Arms of Carrick is used by Scottish Kennedys). Did you read (from me) that SCHIMs are also Schiens (same Shield as Dutch Posts), a branch of Skene's, like "ESCHYNa" de Molle? She's a super representation of Schimatari liners, and while Josephus called the Kenites, Kinetides, the similar Kennedys (SQUIRE helmet?) use the scimitar, no guff at all. Darts use a "fire BURNing" while Burns (same place as Daggers and Burn-like Browns), who had a location in Renfrewshire, share the black hunting horn with Dutch Posts and KilPatrick-suspect Patch's. Browns use a "floREAT" motto term suspect with Pollock-of-Rieti-lines to Rita's, who are suspect with the Poole lion. Rita's use "pieces of wood" suspect with Pasi liners to Paisleys (same chevron as Burns) of Renfrewshire. The "MaJESTUS" motto term of Browns can be for Justus of Picenum, whom Pollocks trace to.

I'm writing here after looking up Wychins/Wichans by recalling the new-to-me Vychan variation of Vaughns in the last update. And here I came inadvertently to Browns, whose Scottish branch has the Vychan/Vaughn Coat exactly. These Coats can be gleaned with the Acre fleur in colors reversed, for Acre's are a branch of Daggers/Dacre's, first found in Cumberland with Browns. This too is inadvertent, and here we find Acres with a version of the Conan Coat (Cunningham colors), a surname (same place as Irish Kennedys) that was surmised with Kenites through Cunningham - Kennedy circles. You can assume that Browns, Bruns and Brunswicks were from Berenice Agrippa. Minutes after writing this, I looked up Brauns to find the black horse of Bernice's! It's the Este horse, explaining the "majESTES" motto term of Browns (could be a triple code because the daughter of Justus of Picenum married Valentinian I while Valentins were first found in Vicenza, near Este). Conans are said to be from "Cuinin = rabbit."

I can glean that the demi-horse of Brauns is that of Italian Forts/Forti's (see Comey "FORTItudine"), first found in Este-related Ferrara. There is ample cause here to see Bernice liners with Este-related Bars, and further cause to trace Bernice's naming from whatever ancient Bar was on the Illyrian coast. The reason that Brauns (Wickin / Wilkin colors) were looked up is that I was checking out where "Breffny," where Comeys (share tree in Crest with Wickins/Wiggins') were first found, derived in a Braugh(n)-like term that can be pronounced, "broff."

Was Bra a Braun liner? After all, Bruno's were at Asti, in Langhe along with Bra! Bronsons/BronsCOMBE's (Shaw chevron colors reversed?) look like the use two symbols in the Arms of Comines!

Wickin-colored Wilkins use "Prudentes," very linkable to the "Pratus" motto term in the Arms of Rieti. Prude's are also Pratte's, and they use the same trefoils as Wickins/Wiggins who in-turn linked to Josephs that share the Comyn garbs. And Wickin-colored Comeys use "Prudentia." Comeys had just been looked up because of the CUMMINGham variation of Cunninghams, giving the impression that Comyns, who are related to the Lafin/La Font surname in the Kennedy motto, were Cuneo > Cunningham liners, in which case Comyns / Comeys could both have been white-rabbit elements! This is excellent because James Comey is in deep trouble as per protecting Hillary, and the white-rabbit revelation is expected in that very trouble. Comeys share a flesh-colored hand with Poindexters and Fists/Fausts.

Recalling that Peter Smith was found dead recently while investigating the Clintons, I can now add that Peter Smith, father of my friend, Paul Smith, lived in a Vaughn township. Prior to meeting Paul for the first time, I worked in a pizza restaurant in Vaughn, which was resolved with pizzagate as investigated by Steve Scalise, and, I kid you not, pizzagate originates at COMET pizza while Comets (Limousin) are in Comyn colors and format!!! Wow.

AMAZING!!! Cindy Richardson, who was served in the pizza restaurant while I was the waiter, had been, a few weeks earlier, or even one week, I can't recall, at second base when she looked at me unhappily. It's the only thing I remember that night at the church event. I have talked about this several times over the past couple of months, realizing that she was code for Steve Scalise, shot at second base. Eventually, the Second/Segur surname worked itself into that second-base theme (because God is amazing as he puts events together). The amazing thing is, the Seconds were first found in Limousin with Comets!!! And Comets are also Lacombe's while Comeys are MacCombe's! Nailed. God's story has been nailed to a casket.

Comeys use the double lions of Reillys/Riellys. They may have been a branch of Royals/Rialls, recalling the royal tents of Tintons (same place as Tintagel, Rabbit colors and format). On my first evening with Mamie as a girlfriend, at a camp site, I slept in her tent (with others there, nothing happened), in the same sleeping bag while my sleeping-bag dream promises to catch the killers of judge Scalia. I was with Mamie maybe two months. It couldn't have been more than two or three weeks after the tent event when I invited her to the church event outdoors, and Cindy was looking at us from second base as we hugged at home plate. This became suspect with Platte River, the company that supplied one of Hillarys scandalous email server that's central to the questions on James Comey.

If Reillys/Riellys were not Royals/Rialls, then perhaps they were the Riels/Reals (Forez, same as same-colored French Acres), suspect in relationships with Pilate's and Besancons/Bassets. Forez's/FORESTs are in Reilly colors and share lions combatant with them. Mamie was the one with beautiful thighs...because Mamesfelde is in the same place as the first-known Tighs/Thys and Annas'. Scottish Fosters/FORRESTers use a motto, "Hunter blow THY horn," and a Mr. Foster was standing there when John B. Poindexter asked judge Scalia to come hunting at his ranch (he was murdered then). That was according to Poindexter's own words, who added that Foster urged (coaxed?) Scalia to go, and even joined Scalia in the plane trip down.

English Fosters share the Shake chevron, and perhaps the Post hunting horn because Royal-suspect Roys (tent-like "tendis") use the same lion as Posts and Poole's...and Rolls (Rial colors), like the Roille variation of Royals. The Roys (lymphad = ship) translate their "TENDis" term as "STEER," and Poole is at the end of the STUR river, which ceases me to say what I wanted, that Tintons and Tints were Tanaro liners (the Stura drains into the Tanaro). The motto is translated, "Whither do you steer," very clever because Withers (Tenant colors) share the crescents of Tenants/TENANDs. End insert]

Carolingians Got Bad Hick-Ups and Went Capet

I'm glad that I often neglect to add that Miss Hicks first name, Charlotte, is a surname with the Charlemagne's (Hicks colors). It seems that God made her clinch a trace to Childeric. The latter was the first-known Merovingian king, and Merovingians came to have a so-called Mayor of the Palace, generally led by Pepins. Being able to trace things to Childeric is very advantageous because he was not long after Caiaphas, and because his wife is easily traceable to certain things expected to touch upon Caiaphas, including my Masci line which I've kept tabs on to the point of becoming half an expert with. English Charles' (split-Shield of Smalls) share the spread white eagle with Childs in both colors. Try to tell me that I'm imagining things when I say that God put Charlotte into my life for these reasons and more, but I can't agree.

Charlemagne was the grandson of Charles Martel, who is in code with the Charlotte/Charlemagne MARTLets, and Mr. Martel was himself a Pepin. So, both the Hyksos and Caiaphas trace to the Frank line of Childeric, then to Charlemagne, all from king Apepi. The next French dynasty could have been called by several terms, but the powers chose to call it Caiaphas-like Capetian, suspect in the "capta" motto term of Cetis-suspect Geddes'...from the Geds on the Nith river, where the line of Clovse's traces. The Geds were on that river on the approach to 400 AD, the time almost of Childeric (born about 440).

The Ged surname (Dure colors) uses a "DuRAT" motto term like the "RATione" of the particular Smalls sharing the same split-Shield as Charles'. The Charles eagle is that of Rat-like Roads too, and Rats/Raids were first found in the same place (Nairnshire) as Geddes (and Rose's). Geds were first found in Fife, beside Forfarshire and Perthshire, the latter being where Cluns and Dure's were first found that use the same Coat exactly. Clun is a location of the FitzAlans (married Alice of Saluzzo) in Shropshire, where Rothes and Rudes' were first found.

Here's a repeat after coming to Beak-like Bachs/Backs: "The double-headed, red Holden allerion eagle is BEAKless for a reason, and so check out how Beaks use the bars of white-bull Haughts (same place as Buckleys, both share the white bull) in colors reversed...Holdens are the ones sharing the red escutcheon of CORREN-beloved Smalls. It truly appears that Hyksos out of Egypt were behind the Zeus-Cronus cult." Miss Hicks was in the dream with a car on the beak-like BEACH, and Cars can now be gleaned with CRONus-line Carians of the CHARles kind, for Hicks link to CRAUNs...who share the crown with one Charles surname as well as Martels and Capets. There is reason here to see the entire history of the first Franks in the Ceraunii and the neighboring Maezaei, which can explain why Masci's use the fleur-de-lys in the colors used for them by royal France. Cars use the same chevron as Childs, and Carrs (compare with Close's/CLOVSe's) use a "CLAVo" motto term along with ESToiles in the colors of the Este eagle, which is a white spread eagle, as is the Child / Charles eagle suspect with the white eagle wing of Masci's.

We can go all the way back to Julia MAESA BASSIANus, half way in time between Childeric and Caiaphas. A Frankish history in the Maezaei explains why Meschins were from the Bessin, and we can trace the URBanus river of the Ceraunii to Orba, the alternative name of Olba at the Cetis theater, ruled by the Bassus' just two generations after Caiaphas. When we go back to Severus Bassus of about 25 AD, no one knows, or, at least, no one's reporting, the name of either of his parents, very suspicious. When we load Severus-like Savarys/Saffers and Saffers to find a code for Julius Avitus, husband of Julia Maesa above, we can also find besants (gold roundels = Arundel / Rundel bloodline) with Savarys/Savards (curiously come up as "Sabina" making them suspect with Champagne's Savage's/Sauvage's) while both Bessan surnames are also Bessants. Savarys/Saffers ("vita") even use a heron as code for the Orne river through the Bessin.

The Base's/Baise's, first found in Lincolnshire along with the Meschin-based Spauldings and le-Meschin's wife, share the double lions in pale of Gernons, and Ranulph de Gernon was the son of Ranulph le Meschin. It just struck me that Spauldings (from Guy of Spoleto, I am sure) look like "Sipylus," home of mythical Tantalus but suspect by me with the Cadmus > Dionysus line. Tantalus' son (Pelops) married Amazons of Pisa (Greece), where I trace Masci's. Pelops married the daughter of OenoMAUS, related to mythical Oeneus at neighboring Calydon, suspect from Jonathan the Levite of Laish. Calydon was home to Taphians whom I trace via mythical Daphne at the Ladon river (Pisa) to Daphne, smack beside Laish. There is no doubt that Daphne (the location) traces to the Ladon because that river is beside the Peneus while Daphne and Laish were beside Panias. So...trace this to Laevillus, husband of Quadratilla Bassus of Cetis.

The Gernon / Base lions are colors reversed from the two in pale of Abraham- / Priam-suspect Bramtons. His other wife, Keturah, was suspect as a Hyksos liner, for she traced to the Priam > Hector Trojans (same as Paris and Helen). The Wigleys/Wickleys (tiger issuing from flames) are said to have lived at Brampton of Derbyshire.

As Childeric ruled, and was buried, in TOURNai, compare that term with THURINgia, home of his wife, Basina. Then trace the Salian Franks, to which Childeric belonged, to the Salto and TURANo rivers by way of the kinship between Salemans/Salians and Sales'/Salletts. Those rivers are where we find Basina-like AVEZZANo. It explains why Bessans use the Massey Shield and the club, symbol of Clovis. German Bessans (share white wings with Masci's) use a crown in Martel-crown colors. English Bessans (Vere Shield too) were first found in Middlesex, same as Fiers/Fere's and Apps' from Fier county upon the Apsus river. Fier county is beside the Ceraunii mountains of Epirus. On the north side of Fier, up in the land of Laish-likely Lissus, where the fleur-de-lys of France originates, there was a Bassania location. Therefore, Hugh Capet, founder of Capetian royals, was likely from the Cavii at or near Bassania / Lissus. Compare the Cevetta river at Ceva with "Capet."

Why did Merovingians use a QUINotaur (sea bull) to depict their ancestry / history? Why do Quins share Apachnas-like PEGASus with Masseys? Wasn't this the Mus household on Quin-like Khyan? The most-diabolical friend I ever had was Dennis Quinn, and Dennis' (axe's) are said to be from Dionysus. Quinns use two snakes, symbol also of the CADuceus staff of Hermes, and CADmus was grandfather to Dionysus. Did God set Dennis Quinn over me like a bad cloud with toxic rain to indicate that Quinns were Khyan liners. Dennis was a party freak, big on drugs and wild living, the very ancient symbol of Dionysus and his Maenads. I think I get it.

Did the line from Apachnas name the Paioni over in the land of Moesians? Why were Payens/Pagans first found in Daphne-like Dauphine? Why was the first Templar priest a Payens who married a Chappes? Why do Tmolus-like Mullets share the Payen/Pagan stars? Tmolus was at Sipylus, the home of Tantalus, who's son married the Amazons at the Ladon / Daphne theater. Tantalus and Pelops were rulers (not in real life) in Lydia, on the Hermus river, from mount Hermon, location of Laish and Daphne. Why do Payens/Pagans call their stars, "SPUR rowells," while Spurrs are in the spur of Close's/Clovse's?

Mythical Tmolus was the judge in a music contest between Apollo and Pan, the latter (son of Hermes) from Panias. The Molle's share the boar head of MARone's while this music contest was related to the one between Apollo and MARSyas, the latter being a goat like Pan. In my opinion, Panias named PHOENIX = PHOENICia (location of mount Hermon), the people of which were called, Poeni, almost "Paioni." Phoenicia is today Lebanon, where, in and around 100 BC, there was a Massyas region that was also Marsyas. Massyas encroached upon Syria's Emesa, home of the sun god (from 100 BC), El-GABALus, a term like the Phrygian CYBELE, wife and mother of the Phrygian sun god, Atty(s), code for the Hatti of Hattusa, from the Cadusii Armenians (CADmus, right?) depicted in the caduceus staff of Hermes, but owned also by mythical Tiresias (Tyrian entity?), father of Daphne.

I had read that "Tyre" was also "Suru," in which case "Tmolus" could have been Smolus, almost "Semele" (Cadmus' daughter). Bernice's (more spur rowells = Mullet line) use a pegasus, and were first found in the same place as Smells. The sinister symbol was traced to mythical Mucius, code for the Mucianus surname suspect with Rasmussens (sinister bend), who use a unicorn (i.e. almost a pegasus), as do Smalls of Derbyshire, from Derbe, near Tmolus. Derbys use an ANTELope as code for ANTALya, where I trace TANTALus, son of mythical Tmolus. Pelops son ruled PISA while PISidians lived at Antalya. Pisidians were the reason for mythical Poseidon, grandfather of Cadmus, and father of Phoenix. A UNIcorn is suspect with the Una/Oeneus river i.e. from Oenomaus, father-in-law of Tantalus' son, and suspect from Jonathan of Laish. Cadmus had another myth-important daughter, INO (see Etruscan/TYRRhenian goddess, Ina, number-two deity, for Etruscans had a Hercules branch as their number-three god, and Hercules was a TYRian human-sacrifice cult). The Maezaei lived at the Una/Oeneus river. Maezaei were Amazons from Pisa, weren't they? Oeneus of Calydon fathered Methoni, a real city in Messene, the namer of Messina in Sicily. Messina's use a sinister bend, and a version of the Masci Coat.

God gave me a dream proving that Masci's were from Micah and Laish. Micah (book of Judges) was the master of Jonathan the Levite until the 600 Danites stole him as their own, setting him up at Laish. The dream was on the morning wherein I happened to find its fulfillment in mythical Laius, descendant of Cadmus at Boiotia, who was a faggot partner with Chrysippus, the son of Hippodamia, Pelop's Amazon wife and daughter of Oenomaus of Pisa. If I recall correctly, on the morning of the dream (i.e. after the dream, not before), I read that Hippodamia hung herself, while Chrysippus ended up dead in a well. If I recall correctly, both items were in the same article. In the dream, I saw execution papers with the names, "Masci" and "Micah." I then saw a man lowered into a well with a rope around his neck.

The Pegasus belonged to Bellerophon, from CORINth. Like him, several myth characters end in "phon," suspect as code for Phoenicians. Bellerophon killed a Chimera dragon (in Lycia) that had a goat's head. Pan, Marsyas, right? The Chimera was resolved to be code for Kamiros on Rhodes (offshore from Lycia), a city of the Gamir = Cimmerians, suspect with Gomer, brother of Amazon-line Meshech/Mushki. "Bellerophon's father was Glaucus, who was the king of Corinth..." Attis-like Aeetes, another king of Corinth, removed to Hattusa-like Kutaisi on the Glaucus river, home of the golden fleece. The fleece myth involves Ino, daughter of Cadmus, as well as Tyro and Cretheus (wife and husband), the Tyrian line to Crete. Tyro and Cretheus also birthed Sidon, and Laish was a Sidonian city. Ino was code for the Levites from Jonathan, wasn't she?

Bellerophon was even given a grandson, Sarpedon, the name of a Cretan Minoan that was a grandson of Cadmus' sister. "Bellero" suggests a Baal cult out of Tyre, a line to PELops. Pelosi's use a bull, and Cadmus followed a bull (yes, the Zeus cult) to found his city at Thebes. Feasibly, Apollo, who was also Abello, was named after the namers of the PeloPONESSE (like "Phoenicia"), location of Pisa. Wikipedia: "A third Sarpedon was a Thracian son of Poseidon, eponym of Cape Sarpedon near the outlet of the River Hebrus, and brother to Poltys, King of Aenus." According to Virgil, this was the proto-Romans, though he made Aeneas a Trojan descendant of Dardanus. The ancient implication of this "contradiction" is that Minoans were a line to Trojans, perfect where "Troy" is like "Tyre." No contradiction. Minoans may have named the Maeander and the Maeonians, for Cretan Sarpedon is said to be the founder of Miletus, at/near the Maeander. The symbol of Maenads was a staff tipped with a pine cone, and pine was a symbol of Attis, whose wife led a Hebros-like Kabeiri cult officiated by Dionysus.

In the Hicks dream, I heard God speaking to me as I watched Miss Hicks thinking. She was thinking, "Maybe he's out and about, chasing other women." I thought she was referring to the man that owned the car (he wasn't there). The voice seemed to imply joy for me, that she was mine because it's me she loved. And so I wrote her a letter several years ago telling her about the dream, that I think it meant we are destined to be married. She never responded. Here's what happened.

She moved from the area of Texas in the same year that I did, and both our homes were listed by the same man, her aunt's husband, who spoke to me about she and her husband. If not for this, I wouldn't have known that her place was up for sale, and I wouldn't have known that I should write the letter to another address. I would have written to the old address, received no response, and that would have been "game over."

The letter was written about five years after we both moved, when I found her White-Page listing with her name only. Without her husband's name, I assumed he had passed away (he was more than 30 years older than she). Before I was prepared to write her, I was seeking her address online, and found her house listed also with a Mr. Childs. This was maybe ten years ago, but I didn't realize that the dream was also stacked with heraldry-related codes and themes until this past year. I didn't know that the dream would connect her to Childeric until this past year. For all I know, she was divorced from her old husband, and shacked up with Mr. Childs. The Internet find didn't tell whether Mr. Childs lived in that home currently, or whether he was the original owner, but as this was a brand-new home, he may have been her new man, in which case the Childs should connect to the car on the sandy beach. And speaking about the Hebros river, I see the Chill variation of Childs in the naming of the Chillingham location of Hebrons, for Hebrons share the chevron (Hebron-like term) of Childs, and both Hebrons and Cars put red symbols upon those chevrons. It is compelling here to view Cars with Charlotte's/Charlemagne's.

Hebrons/HEPburns use a "KEEP tryst" motto, recalling the "Kynd Kynn Knawne KEPE" motto (Khyan-suspect, right?) of Kays/Keys, first found in Yorkshire with Hicks, Keppocks and Galleys (share sejant (seated) greyhound with Palmers/Parmers and Wigmore's). Kays/Keys use a "square" with a "galley" (ship) upon it, and French Galleys were first found in Dauphine with the Galli's (and Payens/PAIONs) that I see from Gaia/Gala of Numidia. The Galli priests of the Kabeiri come to mind, as does Gaia, wife of Uranus. Arthurs are said to be from Kabeiri-like GABRain, king of Rieti-suspect DalRIADA. If GabRAIN was mythical, might he have been part code for the Raines' / Airaynes liners? King Arthur's court included mythical Kay.

Hmm, on the night of the Galveston mugging, I had put the keys in my RUNNING shoes while Runnings are listed with Uranus-possible Ronnys. Unbelievably, I'm noting that Runnings/Ronnys share a wavy, white fesse with the MacAbee's/MacABBE's of ARRAN, from ABBEville near AIRAINES, a Uranus-like term! Zowie. This opens up a method to track Uranus > Orion liners suspect through Schimatari. (The Argo-ship crew were largely from Boiotia, same as Cadmus Tyrians.)

Orion had a hunting symbol, and heraldic hunting HORNS are part-code for Orne's/Horns, an Orion-like term! Amazing. And the line of Gaia/Gala > Massena is expected at the Orne-theater's Meschins, from Maccabees, right? The Haveran variation of Orne-related Herons suggests that AVARAN Hachorani Maccabee was an Orion liner (just change the 'v' to a 'u' to get "Auran").

I discovered Orion's urination symbol after telling readers a few times that God caused me to urinate in the mouth of a CHILD (my age, five or less). He was my neighbor, and I recall his name, Pino, even though I can't recall playing with him once. I was taking a LEAK while standing on the PORCH railing, and PINO came walking around the corner of the porch below me, getting it on the head. When he looked up with his mouth open in surprise, yup, you guessed it. That event led me to discover that the Maschi PINE cones were code for king Pinnes of the Ardiaei. This line became the Arthurs of Clapton, who married the Hicks there (this is online), and while Clapton is at PORTIShead, the Portis surname is also the PORCH surname, I kid you not. I recall only one thing at Pino's house, being at the garage behind the house, where a man showed me a HUNTING rifle. You see, God set that up. Hovers use the MacArthur crown (five points, five being an Arthur theme for Vivians and Fife's / Five's).

As for Keppocks, it evokes Mr. Kepke in a dream walking up my driveway next to the GARAGE, where my Jeep is typically parked (Jeepma's are also Kep-like Cheps). Feasibly, Kepke liners of the Kiev kind could have developed into "Kepe"-using Keys. In the Hicks dream, Charlotte was HOVERing over the seats of the car as I watched her thinking. I had looked up the Hovers/Hoffs/Hofers, therefore, but rarely mentioned them because of being unsure whether this was an accurate link. The Hovers happen to use a leopard face wearing HORNs. And Hefers/Evers/Hephers share the red garbs of Keppocks. Hefers/Hephers are said to have had a branch in Sussex, where Maccabee-liners Coverts/Cofferts and Courts/Coverts were first found that traced to Val Trompia very recently. Dutch Tromps are the ones with the ACORN as code for Avaran HACHORANi Maccabee, yet "Court" can be in honor of CURTus Maccabee, the ancestry of Josephus. Both Covert surnames were first found in the same place as Sadducee-suspect Saddocks, said to be at HEVERsham of Westmorland (Morlands share the leopard face with Coverts/Cofferts and Hovers/Hoffs/Hofers. Long before discovering that the Hicks dream was about surnames, I had traced Coverts to Hoffs, not knowing they had a Hover surname until checking it out as per the dream.

As per her hovering over the Seats, I can add that Seats/Cedes' share the two pale bars in the Arms of Vilaine (discovered only weeks ago), that being the part of Brittany that has Airaines-like Rennes, and Dol!!! It's indication that the Uranus line named Rennes! And the Alans of Dol were from Iron Alania, I get it!!! Zowie. One of the Alans who was ancestral to royal Stewarts married Eschyna de Molle, and Molle's share the boar head of SCHIMs/Chands/Schiens, I kid thee not, suspect in the Chendre location of Kinds/Kinders in-turn in the Kay/Key motto. The KEYS in my RUNNING shoes!!!

I realize the trouble that Christians may have in believing my reports, especially the claim that God would allow my urine into poor Pino's mouth. On the other hand, God is dead serious in exposing what these events expose. I've been thinking that the events Purposely included beautiful knees on beautiful Charlotte Hicks, beautiful feet on beautiful Lorraine, and beautiful thighs (Hephaestus-Athena symbol) on beautiful Mamie (the pictures are in the male readers' minds, I can't control that) in order to keep some reader-enemies of God interested enough, in an otherwise dry, long or stretchy-sounding heraldic topic, to keep reading until they get to what God wants them to get to.

Airaines was discovered initially in the write-up of Uranus-like Irons/Hirams, and while Irons are a people group to this day from Alania, the Dols share a white, wavy fesse with Runnings/Ronnys and MacAbbe's. Dols were first found in the same place as Trumps, and the Hicks of Claptons shared the clarion trumpet with Arthurs.

Where did I lose the keys? The thief took them away. I had to lift the floor mat to get the spare, but I had probably never put a spare key under that mat. What made me do it for this trip? Thank you Lord. You've been a little hard on me for this revelation, but thank you anyway. He's made it interesting for the reader. After getting out of the back safely, with keys in my hands, I was without a shirt, jeans only. I was without a shirt, jeans only, in the Hicks dream, as I came out of a body of water. I was sleeping in my underwear, but managed to put my pants on before seeing two headlights coming for us (thank you Lord), which is why I was able to get out onto the street with the NEGRO thief unable to keep me locked up in the back. I thought he had a gun. He had woken me up by SHAKING (Shechemite code?) the Nissan up and down at the fender or bumper (probably the fender), and said, "What the f you doin' here? Don't you know someone could blow you away?"

New discovery: Italian Negro's use "ears of wheat" (Chappes symbol), five of them, in the pattern of the five KEYS of Italian Sheaves'/Chiava's, and in colors reversed!!! You can't argue with the fact. God created that event. The Sheaves' are now said to be first found in Aquila (Abruzzo capital), where I visited when I was 10, with my mother. Aquila uses the eagle, perhaps the line to the Sava-related Eagle's in the eagle legs of Augusts and Brays. About a week after buying his white Rabbit Volkswagen, Joel drove through Aquila (not with the Rabbit) with a Bray-suspect Brazilian, and as they were so close to my mother's hometown, they stopped off without notification. They arrived on the day of a funeral of the wife of August, in whose home I lived for the two months when my mother and I were in town at my age 10. August's surname is like the Manelli surname (shares the double chevrons of Josephs and CHAPlains), first found in Venice. Joel and the Brazilian were driving from Rome's airport to the airport in Venice when they went through Aquila. I see Aquila in the motto of Drake's (same place as Josephs above), which includes a code for the Mosca's too. You can't make this stuff up.

When I first told this story two updates ago, I claimed that my Masci line was from Caiaphas. Part of the evidence was in the "wheat sheaves" of Avisons while Joel and the Brazilian drove past merely 25 miles from Avezzano (Abruzzo). Sheaves'/Chiava's are also Caiaphas-like Chiapponi's. You see, God does have a story to tell not likely known my moderns, except perhaps some elite keepers of the secrets. He's writing through me to them, I feel sure, to warn them of their coming doom. He's proving to them that He knows what secrets they keep on their descent from Caiaphas. I'm sure he's shocking them more than I realize. I also keep in mind that God may be speaking to Miss Hicks through these writings.

My driver's side key hole would not accept the key, so I had to unlock the passenger door. As soon as I got into the cab to reach over to unlock the driver door, the Negro pushed me down, and got his hands around my neck, repeating, "Give 'em OVER." There is an Over surname said to be from "ofer," but I think we are seeing a branch of Hovers/Hophers, and while Miss Hicks was hovering OVER the seats, he keys to the Nissan had likely fallen out of my hands and onto the seat, and they were likely on the seat while he was choking me, yelling, "give 'em over." Is that not amazing?

I did check for a Give surname that found the Givens (merger with the Lanarkshire Biggars), who share swans with the Lanarkshire Swans/Sions, from Seat-like Sitten, a line to Seatons/Sittens. God therefore spoke those words through the thief. Lanarkshire is beside Glasgow, and Glass' use a mermaid with mirror while the Negro knocked my head into the rear-view mirror (knocking it off the windshield) when he initially attacked me. I ended up with my SIDE against the seat's upright, with him standing on the street, both hands around my neck. Side's/Sudys and Sutys are branches of Seatons/Sittens, can you believe all of this? The mermaid's mirror is definitely code for Mire's/Mireux's (Anjou), who use a myrtle tree suspect with Charles Martel, the line that Charlotte's were fundamental with. If you are wondering why the Galveston event is linking to the Hicks dream of almost 40 years ago, it's because God was putting me on-track to meet Miss Hicks.

Again, I took a LEAK (Leaks share the Hicks fleur) while facing in the direction of her home in the greater Houston area, and Houstons (Glasgow/ RENfrewshire, related to Rennes) use an hourGLASS while Hicks use an "heure" motto term. You can't argue with God's story.

Sutys use wavy bars, code for Webers and their Weaver branch, kin of Pepins = Apepi Hyksos. Weavers (same place as Overs) are in the "weaver's shuttle" of Keeps, and we saw why Keeps should be kin round-about of Child's. The weaver's shuttle is used by Shuttleworth (perhaps a branch of Shute's/Shots / Scute's / Schutz's). The Shuttleworth motto includes "dulce," which has been suspect for years as code for Dulles'/DALLAS' that happen to use the Bigger Coat! Zikers. When Miss Hicks moved away from the area where I was living, she moved to the greater Dallas area. It's interesting that a Masci liner related to my mother hooked up this past year with a woman whose parents live in Dallas. I'm wondering whether she attends Miss Hicks' church down there.

Again, as I wathced her hovering, she was saying to self, "MAYBE he's out and about, CHASing other women." Chase's (lion in the colors of the same of Levi-beloved Chretiens/CREStiens) use the KEY! Chase's were first found in the same place as Josephs and Caplans.

There is a Maybe surname sharing the white tiger (no stripes, however) with Wigleys/Wickleys (Derbyshire). Maybe's were suspect with Mopps/MABERleys/ModBURLEYs, and Burleys/Bourleys (share boar with Burys), from Boura of the Pisa area, share a green Shield with Burys of WICKlow, and the latter had me looking up Wickleys to find Wigleys. The Burys had been loaded because Shuttleworths are said to have been in Bury (Manchester, beside Derbyshire). The Arms of Manchester uses the bee, suspect with Basina. Burys are said to have been at least associated with Prestons, an Abruzzo/Abreu branch...recalling the Drake's (same place as Chase's) are from Abruzzo liners.

For her privacy, I didn't want to reveal the town that Miss Hicks moved to, but now feel that it's needed to help glorify this revelation. I looked up Forneys while writing down here, and inserted the following earlier in this update: "The Balfour chevron is colors reversed from the one of FOURnier's/FORneys (Languedoc)." Her home was in Forney (east of Dallas). It's just that Balfours use the otter, and while Otters are Others, she was thinking, "chasing OTHER women." I have long traced the "woman" in the Elis Crest to Viminacium (Moesia), and Elis' were first found in the same place as Hicks.

Viminacium is across from the mouth of the Pek river at Pincum, and Pincs/Pinks share the red lozenges of RENO's, suspect with Rennes and Renfrew, now virtually resolved as Orion / Uranus liners. I urinated while looking toward Miss Hicks home in the greater-Houston area, and Houstons were first found in Renfrewshire. However, by the time that I urinated on that ramp, she may have moved away to her other place.

The real-estate agent that sold both her and my place had a surname almost-exactly "Chase." While at my place the first and only time to discuss a real-estate deal, he told me of his friendship with Miss' Hick's husband, their HUNTING together. Orion the hunter. Might the "heure" motto term of Hicks be for Orion liners? I've now got to reveal where she lived more-exactly in the Houston area, because Bays (Dauphine) use the Pine (Limousin, same as Clairs) crescents in colors reversed, while Pino was a urination and hunter symbol too. Remember, Hicks of Clapton married Ardiaei-liner Arthurs, and both used CLARions. She lived in BAYtown, you see. Just imagine how many things God had to set up to accomplish this revelation, and He still has lots of work to do before Armageddon, for the love of His Church. That's long-suffering faithfulness to Abraham, praise Him. Spanish Pino's share pine cones with Maschi's. Pine's use the crescents of Conte's (Cone branch) and Falcons/FalCONTE's, both first found in Languedoc with Forneys.

English Bays/Bayes' might even be of the Baise variation of Base's, suspect with Basina. Five falcons are used by Bassus-line Saffers (I owned a Safari van while in Texas). Repeat: "Savarys/Saffers ("vita") even use a heron as code for the Orne river through the Bessin." It reminds me of Spain's Safor area at Gandia, home of pope Borgia and his mistress. She was a Candida liner while Candida's share the eagle of Doria's married by Ardiaei liner ArduiNICI's (Ardiaei relations with Nice?) at ONEGLia (near Nice). English Bays were first found in Colchester, the Arms of which use nails as code for Nails/NAGLE's, we may assume. Boofima traces between Oneglia and Bavaria, and Bavarians (call their city, BAYern) are said to be from a BAII peoples. I sense that Burleys/Bourly were Bauers, feasibly named after Bavarians. The Shuttleworths of Bury use a bear, the Bayer symbol. Bernicia-liner Berwicks use the bear, and Bernice's use "PerSEVERantia." Scottish Bayers/Byers are said to have named a street in Glasgow (recalls Houstons), and while Glasgow's love the Lords/Lauds (same fesse as French Pine's), the latter have cinquefoils colors reversed from the same of French Pine's, the Pine's with the Bay crescents. Lords/Lauds were first found in Suffolk with Hick-suspect Crauns, who share the annulet with Ladys/Laudymans and the Vita's in the motto of Savarys/Saffers.

Deeper into the Hicks Dream

I was under the impression that Chris Wray had begun his FBI job already, but this week:

Chris Wray has been formally installed as the new FBI director.

...The ceremony at FBI headquarters on Thursday was notable because neither Comey nor Robert Mueller, who preceded him as FBI director, was present.

It appears that there's hope for the prosecution of political criminals. Not good: "Wray was a former high-ranking Justice Department official during the George W. Bush administration." I have no heraldry-related thoughts on Christopher Wray as he might have a part in the white-rabbit mystery. But the following video with Jay Sekulow's organization allows Wray to really get Hillary in trouble:

The video concerns Loretta Lynch, suspect with Linkletters who are in-turn in the letters of the Lang Coat, and thus Lynch's connect to Langhe, location of Bra. In fact, I had found a branch of Alans using a lynx, as do Lynch's, but I lost that lynx. Loretta Lynch was Obama's attorney general (for Obama) and would, of course, not reveal anything about Hillary. In fact, her scandal is about her meeting Bill Clinton secretly, where the latter was in a hurry to meet her, to discuss how she could protect Hillary when under suspicion, just as Hillary was slated to face a hearing. After scoring a legal victory, the Sekulows are poised to release some "talking points" within the FBI on the Clinton-Lynch meeting. The FBI blacked-out these talking points for a reason the first time that it gave documents over to the Sekulows. It now needs to give the documents over with the redacted parts readable, and Wray, we can assume, now has jurisdiction over this affair.

The Lynch write-up says that the surname was originally, Loingsigh," but this is a common error made by houseofnames, where it has a bias toward seeing the Irish versions of the name as the originals, or, at least, announcing them as the originals. The Irish drastically changed the look of surnames once they enter Ireland. My impression had been that Roxolani-branch Alans moved through Rijeka at Istria, and into proto-FERRara, then to MontFERRat / Langhe. As I see Roxolani in Roquefeuil > Rockefeller liners, it can explain while Lynch's use a version of the Feller Coat (trefoils primary symbol). But as Fers/Ferrats use a version of the VAIR Coat, note that another Feller-Coat version is used by Verona/VAIRels/VAIRets. As the Verona / Pesci fish (Roque colors) is suspect as that of Saraca's, note that Saraca-suspect Sharks use treFOILS, part code for Feuils > Fellers. I had noted that "Rijeka" is like the "Ragusa" home of Saraca's. As the Saraca fesse is that of Casano's/Cassandra's, it explains the Rockefeller-line trefoils of Albino's (same place as Casano's/Cassandra's).

In the Hicks dream, I was in a POOL with a shark, and Pools use the same lion as Fallis' who moreover use trefoils (in Roque colors again). Italian Fallis' were first found in Venice along with Pesci's (same fish as Verona's / Saraca's). You can find this fish with Keons along with eight-pointed stars, the ancient symbol of Ishtar suspect in Istria. That land was home to Pula/Pola, and Rocks (trefoil) happen to be in the colors of the Arms of Pula/Pola and the Arms of Roquefeuil (as well as Poole-like Pollocks). Neils/Nihills (in the Vair/Vere motto) use the Keon Coat with fish, but substitute the Keon stars with ESToiles, we get it. My trip taking me happen-chance through Galveston ended in a motel with cockroaches as code for Roach's, who use fish, as do Hykes'/Hake's. Fauls'/Falds, because they use the stag heads of Anne's (same place as Hicks,) look like they share the fleur as Hicks. The other Fauls'/Falds (at least associated with the Ferrers) use "praesto," and Prests share red estoils with Neils/Nihills. This all tells me that Hyksos went through Rhodes to become Redones of LANGguedoc, location of Roquefeuil. If we assume that Languedoc was named as per Langhe of Cuneo, we would see Alans of the Roxolani kind fundamental to Languedoc. I think I have this correct.

As the shark had a BULLdog in its mouth, I reasoned that the Shark crane was about the Ceraunii mountains, beside Bullis, and thus it was about the Alans at Aulon/Avlona, beside the Ceraunii mountains too. I, a Masci, jumped into the pool to save the dog, and Maezaei were from the Ceraunii peoples, both inland from Ragusa. English Stewarts use a so-called RAGully pattern, suspect partly with the Gullys, a line of Julians evident in the French-Alan Chief. There is reason here to trace Julians to Julius Avitus and/or Julius Bassianus, husband and father of Miss Maesa respectively. I had discovered that the Ragusa fish, because Ragusa was also called, Laus(a), evolved into the fleur-de-lys in the same white-on-blue colors. I first noted that fleur with Bush's and Boschs, but it wasn't for at least a year later that I found it with Raggs.

Note that while I traced Roxolani to vikings at Rostock, viking-like Wickins/Wiggins use Pula / Rock / Roquefeuil colors and more trefoils again.

Ceraunii-suspect Pennys/PENES' use a lynx in Crest, and they with Wickens/Wiggins were first found in the same place as Brays/Brae's, which is NorthAMPTON. The Amptons happen to share the cinqueFOILs of French Pine's/Pines', smacking of "Penes." The Ardiaei lived around Ragusa.

Checking to see whether God may have named Wray's first name for a connective reason, the Christopher surname (pineapples) was loaded to find a version of the Pine Coat (version of the Irish-Arthur Coat), and king Pinnes smacks of the Penes variation of Pennys. Amazing coincidence. Wrays and Christophers were both first found in LANCashire, the line of mythical Lancelot, and the Res'/Dere's that use lance's share the Chief of French Alans / Julians. As for the pineapples, Apple's and Applebys both use the same martlets on a blue Shield, and Wrays use martlets along with a blue Shield. The Wray martlets are red, the colors of the French-Alan martlets, and while Gore's/Jore's use a version of the French Alan Coat, they exchange the martlets for greyhound heads in the same colors, which are red, the color of the courant Penes/Penny greyhounds. As the courant code (shared by Pennys) now looks like it's for the Ceraunii, it explains why the Pennys/Penes lynx is in/on a crown.

Between the Lyncestes area of Macedonia and the realm of Pinnes was a PENEStae peoples whom I trace to Pendragons (Lang colors). As mythical Uther Pendragon (part code for the Others/Otters) was made the father of king Arthur (fictional character = code), we can glean here that Arthurs (just the surname) descended from Pinnes. Mythical Arthur was made the son of the wife of GORlois, code for Gore's (definitely) and Luisa of Ceva. The Lois' (Artois) share the ostrich with the Wray Crest. English Gore's share the Windsor crosslets while Windsors are said to be from Others/Otters, explaining why the myth writer's used "Uther" and "Gorlois."

It's staggering that my unique work, with countless historical discoveries, doesn't get traction just because I'm a Christian holding prophetic and anti-globalist views. No one is writing badly about me, but neither does anyone write about my discoveries, too ashamed of me, I suppose. To be fair, I have a big (long) story that takes much time to digest. I don't like the thought of doing all of this work only for it to become lost and useless, thanks to the demons wanting it suppressed. But, frankly, on the other hand, I don't care, because it's in God's hands.

The Penestae capital, Uscana, named the Italian Oscans in and beside Abruzzo / Molise. As Molise is on the south side of Abruzzo, while Molossus was an entity of Epirus (location of the Ceraunii mountains), it stands to reason that the Epirotes (pirates?), the name for peoples of Epirus, named Aprutium, the ancient Abruzzo capital. Hebrews, right? Maschi's were first found in RIMINi, from Rimmon of Israel, home of the 600 Benjamites that founded Rome. Yes, this is accurate. They married 400 wives of Jabesh, which named the Japodes on the Kupa river, near Rijeka. The ancestors of Japodes named Jupiter, the chief Roman God. His wife, Juno, named the Una river that was between the Maezaei and the Kupa.

Wikipedia: "Cupra (also spelled Cubrar, Ikiperu, Kypra or Supra) was a chthonic fertility goddess of the ancient pre-Roman population of the Piceni and the Umbri, and may have been associated with Etruscan Uni." It goes on to suggest that Cupra may have been a form of "Kipris," an alternative name for Aphrodite, which I see at "Aprutium." The Etruscan Ina looks like an Una-river liner. Umbria is on the north side of Abruzzo, and traces to NorthUMBRia, at Yorkshire, where Abruzzo-line Bruce's were first found. York was earlier, Eboracum, like the Ebroicum peoples at Abreu-like Evreux, we really should get that connection. I've had it out there for years, but Wikipedia's history writers seem closed to me like a slammed door to an enemy. To be sure, I am Wikipedia's enemy. I use it, but don't pay it a dime because it promotes anti-Christianity on all the important issues (can we imagine Wikipedia catering to deep-state writers?).

Aphrodite, though married to Hephaestus, loved Ares, from Armenia's Aras/Arak river, which we can assume as a line to Roxolani (Ros-Alan) Alans. Later in this update, I'll be back to a Ceraunii line to Abruzzo's Mont Velino in a new addition to the interpretation of the Joel-to-Abruzzo event. It is worth reaching.

French Pine's use the crescent of MOONs (same place as Pine's, end of the Axe river), and Moons additionally show the Pino crescent in colors reversed. If that's note enough, the Moon crescent is that of Tute's while queen Teuta was related by marriage to Pinnes (they were contemporaries). The Ardiaei to which they belonged married the daughter of MONunius (DARDanian), which is how we can know that Pine's (same place as DARTs) are from Pinnes. The Moon / Tute crescent is shared by French Masseys while Maschi's share the pine cone with Spanish Pine's, and then the Tattons (seated greyhound), with the Tute crescent too, are said to have married Miss Massy.

I, a Masci, urinated into Pino's mouth. But why his mouth? Geoffrey of MONmouth comes to mind, who wrote prolifically on king Arthur and related, false history. Fiens/Fane's/Veynes' ("fano" motto term) were from Fano, near to where Maschi's were first found, and near also to Justus of Picinum suspect in the "juste" motto term of Wrays. Fiens/VEYNES' share the gauntlet glove with WAYNE's (same place as same-colored Gore's), who share the white-ermined chevron of Arthurs and Pine's as well as sharing the pelican with Arthurs and the LUNEburg Langs (Luna's use the Moon / Tute / Massey crescent too). This morning, as well as last night, youtube introduced to me a commercial on a memory-foam mattress by Lune, which recalls that Sleep-liner Selepitanoi were beside the Ardiaei. Sleeps use two white-ermined fesses in the colors of the ermined Wayne /Pine chevron and the Dart fesse.

Hmm, as this Pinnes entity was part of the urine entity, recall that I took a leak facing Baytown (i.e. Miss Hicks' home in that city) a few hours after seeing the OMEN in the sun, for Wayne's use an "OMNibus" motto term, partly for Bus', I assume, who use the same giant fleur as Portis'/PORCH's, suspect from Portishead, where Arthurs married Hicks!!! And while I initially peed on Pino's head while standing on the PORCH railing, note PortisHEAD!!! Zowie, I get it. It was an accident, and Wayne's use "accidit omnibus." Again, Wayne's use the Pine chevron! This is staggering just to reflect back on. Why did God do this?

The RICH Coat is in the colors and format of Scottish Arthurs, while Rich's may be in the ostRICH code, for while Wrays use the ostrich, they are said to be from Wray-with-Botton while Rich's use bottony crosses. I link Ricks (same fesse as Darts), between the first-known Darts (Bath colors) and Bidens/Buttons, to Tints (almost the Gore crosslets), from Tintagel, home of Gorlois (don't forget the Lois ostrich), and the place of king Arthur's birth. Bidens/Buttons use a fesse colors reversed from the Rick / Dart fesse, which makes a solid Rich = Rick equation, thus tracing Ricks to Richesa of Lorraine. Bidens/Buttons are said to have had clergy in Bath and wells, in Somerset, where Ricks and Tints (and Portishead) were first found. The TintaGEL-liner Gale's (share the Ting unicorn) were first found in the same place as Pendragons and Gorlois, and Gale's (same fesse as Fens'/Venns) can be gleaned with the lions of Fiens/Finis', a branch of Fame's/Fane's/Veynes' (Fano / Fanano liners).

The Fien/Finis / Gale lions are in the colors of the lions in pale of French Demonte's (should be the Maschi lion too), and the Italian Demonte's (Piedmont, same as Stura Demonte river) have a unicorn that, in colors reversed, is blue, the color of the Gale and Tint unicorns. DeMONTE's can easily be Moon / Monunius liners is indeed the Demonte's use the Maschi lion. Pine-related Apple's use the MOUNTain martlets. As proof that Demonte's use the Masci lion, it's used by Voirs, said to be from PENhoet and Gripel in Vannes, home of Veneti that had a Wend/Vandal branch to Windsors, the latter sharing the Gore crosslets. Vannes is where Fano/Van liners trace who had a city next to the first-known Maschi's. Having proven, I think, that Demonte's use the Maschi lion, we can go to the Mountains that share the Bull/Bule bulls, and from there we go to ancient Bullis near the Ceraunii mountains. There is a Bullis/Bulliard surname (see Billiards below) first found in Suffolk with some early Ardiaei liners.

The Stura Demonte brings us to the Salyes / SALUVII theater at Saluzzo, suspect with the Gore (and Jefferson) motto, and the Stur river is in the thick of things with Tints and Gale's. Masseys/Masse's were first found in Savoy with the Gays in-turn sharing the Galli rooster, and Galli's share the Chief of Alans, Gore's and Julians. The Gore greyhound head is the red one of State's, suspect from the Statielli Ligures, and while State's use LOZENGes, Losinj is in the Gorski area. Gore's named Gorski in Croatia, which covers, or is beside, ancient SALVIae. Why are Ligures tracing to proto-Croatia, land of Celts (from 800 BC) suspect with the later Gali/Gauls? The Cravens (probably a version of the Blythe Coat) were from Croatians (KRVati), and the six Craven fitchees (Clintons have six) are those of Ricks (Gore- / Gale-related, right) in colors reversed. Didn't Bill Clinton, born a Blythe, shoot some missiles over Croatia way? In tracing to Croatia, Blythe's can be using the Pino crescents, for Pinnes' family ruled off and on the Croatian mainland.

The six Clinton fitchees are used by Tarves', whose split Shield is in the colors of the split-Shield of Hertzogs, suspect with Hertzogovina (where Ardiaei ruled). There is a good chance that Hertzogs were Herod liners, or even proto-Herods, from Dexaroi kinship. Blythe's are said to have had a branch at Lauderdale (beside Cunningham), while Lauderdale's can be using the Pine and/or Pinder/Pender chevron. The Lauderdale chevron is in both colors of the Pinder and Billiard/BILLET chevron, and Hilliards/Billiards were first found in Yorkshire with Cravens suspect with the BLYTHE fesse. As was said, Blythe's share the garbs of Clents/Clints (Yorkshire), namers of the Clent hills in HEREfordshire, and Hertzogs share blue wings with HERE's. Clents/Clints are in Arthur colors and format, and Arthurs were first found in Berwickshire with Blythe's. The Round Table Illuminati, right? If Hilliards/Billiards use the Kopple rooster, it goes to Koplik/Cupionich in the lands between the Ardiaei, Selepitanoi, or Cavii and Dardanians.

I see the Gore motto with ancient SERVitium (probably proto-SERBia), on the Sava near Salviae, which was the Maezaei / Ceraunii theater, where also I trace mythical Juno (i.e. at the Una/Oeneus river), and therefore the June's (from Junia Caepio(nis)) beloved of Yonge's, the latter first found in Essex with Gore's and Caepio-suspect Quints. You can't make this up to fit any better.

As Meschins married Skiptons in Craven, and as Sales' suspect in the Gore motto connect well to Meschin / Masci liners, it seems that Gore-related Gale's were from Gaia/Gala, father of Massinissa. Some Numidian link to the Ardiaei is warranted.

Capone's, in the same place as June's, share the Yonge-Crest lion. Quince's were first found in Northampton with Joseph-suspect Wickins/Wiggins'. If we remove the 'n' from "Quince," we are left with a Wick-like term. Did the Quintus-Caepio treasure go the vikings named after Wickin liners? Compare Sevens/SEVERins/Sefferns (share besants with Savarys/Savards) with Capone's and Yonge's. It makes the Yonge annulets (in the colors of the Seven/Severin besants) look like they should be from Vito's i.e. the line of Avitus who married the sister-in-law of emperor Severus Septimius. The lone CINQUEfoil in the Seven/Severin Crest may be code for "quint" = five, suspect with Quints / Quince's. Yet Quince's use SEVEN mascles perhaps as code for their beloved Seven kin.

Yonge's share "Praest" buried in their motto with Sevens/Severins. The latter use "praeSTANTior" while Stands/Stans can be from Stanleys, same place as Capone's and June's. Josephus, who went over to Titus' family, claimed to be from priests, and Prests were first found in the same place as Titus'. Yonge's use "praesTAT."

The Junia Caepio's were daughters of Servitium-like Servilia Caepionis. As Servitium was at the Sava river, location of Bled, it doesn't appear coincidental that Bleds use a "Tous" motto term while Sava-like Sevens/Severins (evokes SEPTimius) use "VirTUS." I've always wondered what "temps" can be code for, a term used by Bleds. One of two Tamp(s) surnames are the Trumps/Tromps, who use a stag in the colors of the same of German Youngs/Jungs/June's.

The other Tamps are with Toops, using cups for Cups/Cope's/Colps, from the Colapis/Kupa tributary of the Sava. And Sava's/Savage's share the black lion paw With Quints, begging whether Quintus-Caepio liners were in Savigliano, Bra, or Saluzzo. Recall the COLchester link to Quints, for Cole's use a motto term like that of Gore's for a trace to the COLapis theater. The Colapis / Oeneus theater is where I expect Shechemites, which recalls that Shackerley-like Thatchers/Thackerys (Essex, same place as Colchester and Gore's) can be using the Arms-of-Colchester cross. Colchesters share red estoiles with Prests, i.e. beloved in the motto of Yonge's, the latter first found in Essex too. Capone's were first found in the same place as estoile-using Tacks/Thackerys (not the Thatchers/Thackerys), and beside Colchester. Tacks/Thackerys share "sola" with Gore's.

Tamps/Toops use water BOUGUETs (water containers) while one Bucket/Bocket surname was first found in Lincolnshire with Tamps/Toops, while the other Buckets/Boquets use four cinquefoils alone, having the look of the four quatrefoils of Brasier's (potentially from Brescia, beside Val Trompia). "Toop" recalls that one Tropoje location I saw, up by the sources of the Clausula river, was also, TOPoje. It's possible for Trope's/drops to be a branch of Trips, first found near German Trumps/Tromps. "Caepionis" was suspect with Cupionich, on the Clausula. Clauds/CLAUSELs share the acorn in the same colors with Dutch Tromps.

Bled is beside Leslie-line Lesce (not far from Treviso/Tarvisium, where Vito's were first found), and Leslie's were first found in the same area as Tarves' who in-turn have a vertically-split Shield in colors reversed from the same of Dutch Tromps. The Crest of Tarves' (share fitchee with Quints) shares the red lion with Capone's and Yonge's. The latter share "prudentia" with Comeys, and Comeys are now suspect as Coney liners, such a bra-incidence. The Young lion holds a sword, as does the same red lion of Temps-like Dempsters (branch of Dempseys). Dempers (same place as Tamps/Toops) have a good reflection (especially colors) of the Tamp/Toop Coat.

Tried to Get to News but Was Sidetracked

[If you have read this far, go to the finish to discover the origins of Pharisees]

"The interview [with Steve Scalise] will be broadcast on 60 Minutes, Sunday, Oct. 1 at 7:30 p.m. ET and 7 p.m. PT."

I'd like to show SonofNewo's Part 2 of his Manafort-the-mole theory (Part 1 was in the last update). He begins by arguing a staged CIA-FBI plot against Nixon in which his "friends" were in fact his enemies, and they conducted the spy operations in Nixon's name in a deep state-quest to get the president to flipping on Nixon i.e. betraying him with admissions of guilt, etc. Newo thinks Manafort can be doing the same to get Trump in heavy water. Whatever the case may be, note at the four-minute mark that James McCORD, one of the Watergate conspirators, pegs John DEAN with guilt. If you know my Covert link to Deins/Deans, let me remind that Coverts are also COURTs. It was my impression that the Covert-Dein duo were at least a sign of Nazi elements in high places, especially the CIA since at least George Bush Sr.

As you can see, John Dean came out claiming that Nixon knew about the spy operations. If some brutal betrayal of Trump by Manafort takes place, then we are wise to him. When the FBI invaded Manafort's house in the middle of the night, taking his documents / computer, it may have been staged. They can now put things on his mouth / computer that will incriminate Trump. Well, hurry up stupids, and get caught. They can't do anything well. They once took their stagings for granted, and did sloppy jobs because there was no alternative media to check up on their official stories. That gig is up. But they are still doing sloppy jobs because they don't know how the meaning of honest work.

In the 19th minute, Newo says that Manafort was brought into the Trump team to deal with the infighting, and generally the same sort of excuse that brought in John Kelly, who seems to want to handcuff the president, or box him into the "right" way of doing things, and make him admit error in the "unprofessional" way he ran the White House. But the way the White House is run is secondary, or even of no concern, if the right things are done. Let the entire place party all day long, and be jubilant and wholly unprofessional, so long as the right things are done. John Kelly seems synonymous with a downer. Celebrate righteousness, and enjoy life doing the right things, and rubbing these off on others. Rejoice, mankind, and make God's day today. Energize yourself in God's laws, and be happy. Who cares about what the liberal media says to knock us down? The Democrats are NOT the world leaders; they only like to think so. The problem is, Trump has demons not concerned about righteousness. It's not in their vocabulary.

In the 11th minute, Newo says that Manafort is lobbying on behalf of Kurdistan's separation from Iraq. I didn't know this. Manafort was in partnership with Conrad Black and Roger Stone (supports Alex Jones) in lobbying America on behalf of foreign nations. At one point the three men brought in Peter Kelly, a former leading Democrat. Hmm. Why that? Kelly helped elect Arlen Specter, who flipped from Republican to Democrat. Actually, Specter he was a Democrat to begin with when he flipped to Republicans? A mole? Roger Stone convinced Trump to change his campaign manager, choosing to go anew with Manafort, but he and Trump had a falling out. It's an interesting video. Stone and Manafort together were advancing Trump's casino ventures.

Here's a story about Julian Assange offering Trump proof that Russia didn't hack the DNC, yet Trump says he didn't get the message. The story below points the finger at John Kelly as the blocker of information:

Once you've gotten into the story above, ask: Did Trump intend to make Kelly block information (as a ruse) so that Trump could act dump in the face of his voters when they want action from the president that he's unwilling to act on? Good possibility.

My second girlfriend as a Christian was Kelly. I don't recall her surname. Kellys share lions combatant with Reillys, and in the colors of the Post / Pool lion. We saw earlier that the Reilly Coat is also the Comey Coat. The little miracle that God did for me at Kelly's place is now looking WikiLeaks-interesting. When I was converted about nine months earlier, I saw a vision of Jesus immediately after seeing a new me. I remarked that I looked like a singer. How did I know? What does a singer look like? What special sense was I given to see myself as a singer (not professional)? As Kelly's father was a music writer, it suddenly prompted me to open a Bible at Kelly's, while telling God that I was going to put my finger down on whatever page I opened to, asking him if I was going to be in a singer. My finger landed on the line, "You shall have a song..." My finger was not two or three lines above or below that text.

Lately, because Charlotte Hicks is a singer, I was wondering whether Julian ASSANGE was named after Sangs / Songs /Singers, for Miss Hicks was discovered to be much about WikiLeaks. Sangs/Singers use stars in the colors of the Julian stars. Did God arrange that to help me out here? Was that little miracle performed at Kelly's because WikiLeaks is about to go into a little war with John Kelly, and win by God's hand? Kelly was introduced to me by Carol Moore. While Carols share lions combatant with Kellys and Comeys (and O'Reillys), Moore's ("Conlan") happen to use a giant lion in the colors of the Comey lions. If Bill O'Reilly gets involved with this WikiLeaks offer to Trump this past week, it will make this section all-the-more compelling as an act of God.

After Kelly and I split (I can't recall the details), I met Kim, though I was hoping to meet (for the first time) Diane Muschatov that same night in the same home. I did go to Kim's home afterward, and did spend some time with her, but knew I wouldn't start a relationship. Finally, I got the chance and started a relationship with Diane. Our first kiss was in the home of Carol Moore. The point is, the same offer that Assange just made, for a pardon in return for evidence that Russia didn't do the hacking, is near-identical with the offer by KIM Dotcom. The latter says he's prove that Seth Rich leaked the DNC material to WikiLeaks, if the FBI under Mueller gives him a pardon. But, now, Wray is in charge of that offer. And Trump wants some popularity back. Perhaps he'll get some back by doing the right thing with this blatant opportunity...that suits him very well, anyway.

At one time, entering "Withipool" would bring up the Fasts. Not anymore. The Withipools (probably semi-Pollocks in Shropshire) have their own Coat, three lions in pale that could be the three red ones of Maghans/Manns, interesting where Connell liners are said to be from Man. Megyn Kelly comes to mind. At one time, I had high hopes for Miss Kelly, while with Fox. I was hoping she would become a hammer on the liberals, and often she did that job not bad. I wonder, will she go against liberals to stand up against the killers of Seth Rich if he comes back to the news in a bigger way? My Kelly was blond too.

I just looked for a recent Megyn-Kelly video, and found one (my first one, dated this week) where she talks about SONGS before the 2-minute mark. Hmm. Otherwise, the video isn't meaningful to me:

In the video above, I thought she called her son, Thatcher. If so, it's notable that Thatchers/Thackers ("Saxon sword") use GRASShoppers, for the Maghan-possible lions of Withipools (Polla / Pollock liners were from the family of Plancia MAGNA) are much like those of those also of Grass' (or Brians). Thacker-like daggers are from the Dexaroi smack beside ancient Arnissa, while the Annas/Arniss Coat is a good reflection of the Thatcher/Thacker Coat.

Here's word out on the 26th that, if Sessions won't handle Clinton, the House will. But, is this just meat to keep the barking dogs happier that only ends up as brown lumps on the lawn?

...Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee...cited several factors in a letter Tuesday to Attorney General Jeff Sessions and his deputy, Rod Rosenstein.

"In this case, it appears that Director Comey and other senior Justice Department and government officials may have pre-judged the ‘matter’ before all the facts were known, thereby ensuring former Secretary Clinton would not be charged for her criminal activity," they wrote

Waiting. Here's Napolitano giving his reason as to why Sessions isn't prosecuting:

In an Alabama-senate election race, Trump was backing the "establishment" Republican (Luther Strange) versus the Christian (Roy Moore), and the latter won. This is to fill the seat left open by Jeff Sessions. Moore still needs to defeat the Democrat candidate later this year. As Mitch McConnell wanted Strange to win, the fact may be that Trump supported Strange merely to protect some deal he's trying to make with McConnell. Of course, that's immoral, conflict-of-interest. To be righteous, Trump needs to endorse the best man, not the man that fits Trump's ambitions as a byproduct. Cry-baby McConnell is so disliked that Trump was needed to come in and support Strange, but isn't this a little sad on Trump's part? And look, Trump's endorsement didn't get a Strange victory. The anti-establishment Trump of last year has become the establishment goof. I don't think there is a cure for this. Trump and Pence both flew to Alabama, but the Republicans didn't listen to them. That is a great thing, the best thing. Barking dogs won't lie.

A super PAC aligned with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., Kentucky also pumped millions of dollars into the race on behalf of Strange – a move that likely played into Moore’s pitch as the anti-establishment candidate.

"Mitch McConnell needs to be replaced and your vote tomorrow may determine that," Moore said Monday...

Moore is the type of cloth needed everywhere to undo the Democrats. He might be a little cowboy-gruff, but that's secondary. If he does the right things, that's what's needed. The Republican establishment has proven traitorous to Christians. The Bush circle is diabolical. They promised to undo Obamacare, and have flipped on that promise, as we can all see glaringly. They lie to voters. For them it's like Jesus telling the people that they must do what the religious leaders say, but not do as they do, for they do not keep even their own words. We all are guilty of some hypocrisy from time to time, but Republican leadership is now in bed with the devil.

Connels, like the "CONLan" motto term of Moore's, were from the Isle of Man. The quadrants of McConnell, where they are apparently colors reversed from those of Fasts, may be able to prove that the McConnell fist-like hand, which is owned by MacDonalds, is the Fist/Faust fist. If Connels thus looks like Vasto's of Cuneo, it could be. Connelly (Meschin scallops?) are in Conan colors, and may even be using the engrailed Conan cross as a saltire. Connelys were of Man-like Ui Maine in Conan-like Connacht, same two places as Pattersons/Cassane's who share white scallops with Connellys. There recently was evidence that Ireland's Maine as from France's Maine, where Pellicans were first found that should be in the Conlan pelican. As an example of that evidence, Scottish Pattersons use pelicans.

What could the "UTRUMque" motto term of Conlans be for? Rather than being for Trumps, it could be a triple code, one for Utters/Otterburns that use a version of the BalFOUR Coat, kin of FORneys. Utters/Otterburns share drops with Pattersons / KilPatricks while the latter share the black-on-white saltire with Connelys. The Balfours and Forneys are thus suspect with "Forez," for Conlans use the fesse of Forez's/Forests, and I think the Forez fesse is that of Herods/Heraults, first found in the same area as MacDonalds. The Herods of Israel stemmed out of the namers of Antipater/Antipatria (where Pattersons/CASSANE's and KilPatricks stem too), but, more in particular, Herods were from (I am so sure) king CASSANDER, son of Antipater, the latter name being the name of the father of the first king Herod, the one who tried to kill Jesus as an infant.

The Conlan Chief is in both colors of the Patterson/Cassane Chief, and the drops from the Conlan pelican are red, the colors of the drops filling the Patterson/Cassane Shield. It's making the Patterson lion connectable to that of Savage's/Sava's.

The Cassander line goes to a descendent, queen Nysa of Cappadocia, where Glaphyra Archelaus lived who married a son of the first Herod. Herod Archelaus was sent into exile by Caesar to Vienne-Isere, near the Forez mountains. "Archelaus" sounds like "Argyllshire," where Herods/Heraults were first found.

Fosters/Foresters share the black hunting horn with OtterBURN-suspect Burns, expected from Bernice-Herod Agrippa, also with Patch's (expected with the Patchie variation of KilPatricks), and with the Arms of Traby suspect with Drops/Trope's, from Tropoje at the mouth of the Apsus river that has Antipatria upon it. Utters/Otterburns use drops in the black color of the Drop/Trope drops, and thus UTHER Pendragon (from the Drilon river near Antipatria) could have been code for Utters.

The Pattersons/Cassane's use the Shield-and-Chief colors combination of Utters/Otterburns and Saluzzo's, which recalls the Vasto's above, for they ruled Saluzzo as a branch of Montferrats. Rulers of Montferrat are online using the Saluzzo Coat but with a red Chief, making it the Shield of Drops/Trope's. It's tracing Apsus-river peoples, perhaps before or after they passed through Israel, to Cuneo / Piedmont. The scallops of Pattersons/Cassane's are used in both colors by Mars, first found in the same place, and in the same colors, as Pilate's, who named Mont Pilat on the east side of the Forez mountains. Forez is where Besancons/Bassets were first found who share billets in the same colors as those of Etienne's, while Mont Pilate is at St. Etienne. heraldic billets are of course of the Billets/Billiards our of Maine with Pellicans. I can even trace Pellicans to Glaphyra-suspect Clapton, where Hicks lived.

This brings me to the Hicks dream again. When a voice behind me said, "What are you waiting for, go wake her up," I had decided to KISS her awake sleeping-beauty style. I never got to kissing her because I saw my hand graze/brush against her knee, when she popped up into my arms for an embrace (code for the arm-using Brace's/Brass?). Nevertheless, the Kiss/CUSH surname, a branch of CASS' (both have the same chevron as Utters/Otterburns), is expected in the CUSHions of KilPatricks, and Miss Hicks married Mr. KilPatrick...yet another reason that I've got the woman in the dream accurately pegged as Miss Hicks. Billets are used by Supers who share a saltire like that of KilPatricks and Connelys (from Ui Maine, expected with the Patterson scallops). The Connelly scallops are highly connectable to Russells, expected in the naming of Roslin, home of Sinclairs that use nearly the Connelly saltire, and do use the Conan cross.

If you agree with me that Hicks were related to Crauns/Crane's, it should be added that Claptons share the PATEE cross of Crauns/Crane's.

To help prove that Utters/OTTERburns use the Saluzzo Shield (colors-reversed from the Chief-and-Shield of CUTTERs who share blue Shield with Cotters), they were first found in Roxburghshire along with the Maxwells/Makeswells (holly BUSH) in the "I make sure" motto of KilPatricks, which is moreover code for holly-using Sure's/Shore's (DERBYshire), a branch of Schore's that use a column in the colors of the Bosco pillar. Just like that, KilPatrick kin trace to Busca and Saluzzo. Yet another Herod was Plancia Magna (near DERBE) while Walkers, first found in the same place as English Bush's, use a "magna" motto term. What does it mean, to prophecy watchers, that George Herbert Walker Bush should have been given illegal protection in America by Herod liners?

Forneys were first found in the same place as Cotter- / Otter-possible Cotta's/Cottins/COTTARels/Cotards.

The "liCITIS" motto term (Cetis was also, Citis) of Sure's/Shore's is dream-important, I realize now in two ways. The term is suspect with Lice's/Lees' (Connacht, same chevron as Sure's/Shore's and Kiss'/Cush's), suspect with Leak-like Lease's. If I can connect the dream to Sure's/Shore's, it raises the expectations that the dream was about WikiLeaks. Lice's/Lees' are expected in the motto of Irish Mackays while Scottish Mackays share the dagger with KilPatricks. In the dream, I was in a KIDney-shaped pool (Kidds are CETIS liners) with a shark trying to save a British bulldog which I would own (as a fiberglass one) 25 years after this dream. I first saw Miss Hicks the year that I purchased this bulldog. Sharks (trefoil) share the crane with Craun/Crane branches. After being in the pool, I was suddenly in a new scene, now in a body of water, and walking out onto a beach, which is a SHORE. Amazing. It's yet another way to link the woman in the dream of Mrs. KilPatrick.

After seeing a woman on the beach in front of a car, I walked to the car, finding her now hovering over the Seats. The Seats are also CEDES', like the motto term of Sure's/Shore's (same chevron as Balfours).

Having said that she moved to Forney, and speaking now on For liners such as Forez' and Balfours (share "FORward" with SEATons), let's requote what the voice said to me: "WHAT are you WAITing FOR, go WAKE her UP." There is a What/WADcock surname, and Waits/Weights share the Foster / Traby hunting horns. These two similar surnames are like the Wade variation of Quade's (reflect the Lice/Lees Coat), who share the black wolf heads of the Mackays with Lice's/Lees' suspect in their motto. And Quade's are from Quadratus Bassus, who married the princess of Cetis, herself a Herod liner from Glaphyra's other marriage to Alexander (part-Maccabee). The Lice's/Lees' use the black leopard face, as do Hovers, I kid you not. She was HOVERing OVER the seats.

Plancia Magna was descended from Glaphyra and Alexander, and she traces to Plunketts ("FESTina LENTe"), first found in Vilaine, the Arms of which use the two pale bars of Seats/Cedes', I kid you not. And the Hollys along with Brace's/Brass' (she and I emBRACED) use reflections of the Plunkett Coat. Both Plancia and Quadratilla (Quadratus' daughter) descended from up-like Opgalli: "WHAT are you WAITing FOR, go WAKE her UP." The HOPPers share the white tower with Plunketts.

When I purchased land 10 minutes from Miss Hicks, it was previously owned by Mrs. Teague, who invited me to her church, where I saw Miss Hicks for the first time. Teague's/Teegers are expected with TIGRanes, OPgalli's husband, because Teague's use an "OPtem" motto term. Can you believe all of this? I wouldn't have known of a Teague surname unless I had met her. To show that God is dead serious about this project through me and others, Madalyn O'Hare was found sliced into pieces on a ranch owned by Mrs. Teague's brother (rented the ranch to hunters). You don't fool with God and get away with it.

Could it be that the killers of Scalia, while he was hunting on Poindexter's ranch, had O'Hare killed too (she died of some in-fighting, over money, I assume)? PoinDEXTERs are expected with Dexters, who use "weights" in Crest for the Waits/Weights. Scalia's hosts from the International Order of Saint Hubertus were hunting for quail and/or pheasant, and Whats/Wadcocks use "cocks" looking like pheasants. In any case, Cocks share the red rooster with Kiss'/Cush's so that Wadcocks look like a Quadratus merger with Cocks! Excellent. The red rooster is shared by Bibo's/Bible's, suspect with Vibius, the ancestry of Vibia, mother of Laevillus, husband of Quadratilla! And the Bibo rooster sits on a CUSHION, the KilPatrick symbol!!! God is amazing.

The Waits/Weights were first found in Cornwall with Walerans (three bull heads like the three wolf heads of Quade's/Wade's), from Waleran de Leavell, from Laevillus. Uptons (Hopper colors) were also first found in Cornwall. Were Hicks married to Arthurs? Yes, and the "OBstantia" motto term of Arthurs must be code for Hobs/Habs (same place as Arthurs) that use a Teeger-like tiger. The same motto term is expected with Stants/Stan/STANDs who share nearly the Coat of Levi- / Laevillus-suspect Levers who in-turn have a rooster "STANDing on a trumpet." they say that the clarion shared by Hicks and Arthurs were trumpets. Roosters are often used for Galli-like names, i.e. such as Opgalli.

Can Uptons (moline in Hule/Hull colors) be linked even better to Opgalli? Uptons use a "Semper" motto term while Sempers use two lions in pale in colors reversed from the same of Bassus-suspect Base's/Bays' (Lincolnshire). These bring us back to Basina > Bessin liners, and while urination-like Orne's had a river through the Bessin, Miss Hicks lived in BAYtown, the city I was staring at while taking a leak on a ramp. "WHAT are you WAITing FOR, go WAKE her UP." There's evidence that this can be speaking to WIKIleaks-like Wake's (Lincolnshire), for if I had to wake her up, she was asleep, and Sleep's (Shropshire) share two fesses with Wake's, the latter using them in both colors of the same of Babons/Bavents, from Babon, son of moline-suspect MumMOLIN. Babon was traced to red-rooster Babcocks, a branch of Cocks, obviously, and therefore Babon was of the red-rooster-on-a-cushion line from Quadratilla and Laevillus. The Wake's link exactly to that, and show definite signs of merger with Ore's, Orells or Orleans'. The Wake fesses are colors reversed from the one of Hicks.

Opgalli was a Galatian, and Wikipedia's article with her hints that she was Jewish. The importance of an Upton link to Base liners is that Bassus' were Galatians too, who look responsible for "OpGALLi." So, as Bassus' married Opgalli's granddaughter (Julia of Cetis), Opgalli looks like Bassus kin herself.

Fosters use, "Hunter BLOW thy HORN," as code for urine liners. And the French Blois' (Orleans) share the Patterson/Cassane scallops as well as a PATee cross to indicate connection with Antipatria. English Blois' were first found in the same place as Knights, said to be from a term like the Nith river of KilPatricks (had a castle at Closeburn). Knights (share spur with CloseBURN-liner Close's/Clovse's), who smack of the wake KNOTs in the Wake Crest, share the pale bars in the Arms of Chatillon, and you can read in the Blois write-up that counts of Blois merged with counts of Chatillon. That location was otherwise, Chalons-sur-Marne, home of Mummolin, no guff.

The Arms of Chalons-sur-Marne is a reflection of the Crozier Coat, itself a reflection of the WAID Coat. French Croziers were first found in Auvergne, location of Clermont-Ferrand, which had the ancestry (Decimus Rusticus of Lyon) of Mummolin. The Lyon surname (part of Herod Archelaus) is said to be from Foster-suspect Forez, and Fosters share the striped horns of WAITs/Weights, making them suspect with the Waids of Mummolin connections. When I was in the lake/ocean, in the Hicks dream, I was waist deep, and could be said to be WADing in the WATer.

Upton was a location in Cornwall as early as 1086. The Upton moline is colors reversed from the Chives moline, and the latter's is black, the color of the Moline moline. Moline's are implied to be from "the tanner" of Falaise, whose daughter married the line of Rollo of Oppland (Norway). Uptons are said to be from De la Folie of Normandy," and Foleys/Shareys, in Kiss/Cush colors, were first found in Waterford while Waterfords/Waterville's share the "fountains" of Kiss'/Cush's. Plus, as God is telling me of a Kiss-Hicks link, let's add that Chives', for years, were said to be first found in Devon (beside the first-known Uptons), the same place as Hykes'/Hacks that share the Chives quadrants.

Devon is at the end of the Axe river, where there is a Seaton location, and Seatons were first found in East Lothian along with Sims (axe) suspect in the "proSIM" motto term of Foleys/Shareys. The Shareys look like KilPatrick-beloved Sure/Share's (all three in the same colors), first found in Derbyshire with Chareys/Cherrys. The latter use the Vito annulet while Vito's were first found in Tarvisium while Chives' are now said to be first found in Tarves, home generally of Leslie's suspect in the "l'espoir" motto term of Chareys/Cherrys. Leavells were at Castle Cary.

Hack-like Hawkeswells/Haukwells/Haxwells/Axelrods, from Hackinsall (Lancashire, same place as Cars and Sands), use axes, and Opgalli-suspect Hobs/Habs use hawks. I trace Sands to Sintians of Lemnos, and recall mythical "Aix" terms in relation to that island's God, HephAEStus/HephAIStus.

Had I not liked Cathy Froggit in grade 8, I wouldn't have known that FROGGITs (DERBYshire), who use a "bunch of cherries," were from BROGITarus, father of Amyntes, the latter said be Wikipedia to have conquered DERBE (southern Galatia). Amyntes was traced to Minute's and Hamonds (both from Kent), and Hamonds reflect the Foley/Sharey / Sure/Shore / Sherwood Coats). The Bunch Coat reflects the Charey/Cherry Coat, but as Bunch's share the Hicks fleur, while Cars use a Coat like the Chareys/Cherrys, this could involve God's code (to me) that Charlotte's/Charlemagne's put out the Cherrys / Shareys. Bunch's (PERTHshire) share the stork and colors of PERTs/Petts, and mythical PERDix was a partridge, the Char(d) symbol. As English Bush's once showed their black fesse in red, it looked like the Bunch fesse with the same gold fleur, and so Bunch's may have been from something like Buchers/Buschers/Bouchers, who share the Dutch Bush/Bosch lion. These lions are colors reversed from the Base lion, big hmmmm.

The Boucher variation smacks of the water bouget line to Buckets. Water bougets are used by Bosco-related Rose's and Bus-suspect Bugs. I assume that water bougets were code for waters, an term like "QUADRatus." I came out of the water in a dream that is now figuring to be code for Quadratus liners. And, so, it could appear that Bassus' were part of proto-Bush's too, from Buz, son of Nahor. Nahor-suspect Neuri were on the Bug river of Ukraine (flows through L'viv oblast). "Semper" is a motto term in the Arms of Ukraine's L'viv," and the Semper lions are in the colors of the Bush / Bucher/Buscher lions. They are also in the colors of the Fife and Five/Fify lions, while VIVians (L'VIV, right) can be gleaned as a branch of Fife's.

The Budini line to Boyds finds the latter with a "ConFIDO" motto term while L'viv's motto is "Semper FIDELis," likely for wolf-line Fiddle's/FIDElows. The Neuri were wolf worshipers. Fido's/Fothes'/Fittes' were near the Roxolani-suspect Rose's in NAIRNshire, and Nuirs/Nairs (Perth, part of Pontius-Pilate line there), smacking of the Neuri, use the same lion as Bush's / Buschers. Perthshire is beside/near Nairnshire.

Recall that Billets/Billiards (Pilate colors) link to BESANcons/BASSets (Pilate colors) near Mont Pilat (like "Billet"), for the Dutch Bushs/Boschs/Bos' use billets with their Nuir/Nair lion, in the colors of the Nuir/Nair pheons (clearly the Colt/Cult pheon). Trypillians had an hourGLASS goddess while Glass' of BUTEshire share the mermaid with mirror of Nuirs/Nairs.

Nairns (Nairnshire) use a giant CHAPlet and the motto of Cars. Chaplets/Chapels share the black-on-gold swan that French Josephs (same place as Billets/Billiards) once showed. Glass' are expected at Glasgow and Lanarkshire with hourGLASS Houstons, and Swans/Sions, suspect from a Sensii peoples south of the modern Buzau river, were first found in Lanarkshire. Saxons/SEPTons use chaplets.

If Wheats/WHATE's (beloved by the ears of wheat of Chappes") had a blue Shield, they'd look a lot like Caplin-loving Josephs.

Thatchers/Thackers, who use a "Saxon sword," are likely kin of Shake's/Shakerleys, and, behold, the latter's chevron is colors reversed from the same of Shapleys, who were just looked up as per the Chapley variation of Chaplets. This recalls the expectation that Joseph Caiaphas should have been a Shechemite-Levi liner. In the Shapley Crest, the chaplet-like wreath assures them to be a Chaplet branch. Shapleys (Wheat/Whate colors) are in the colors and format of Whats/Wadcocks (same place as Caepio-suspect Quints)...for a Chaplet trace to Quadratus, as expected. Laevillus is now looking like the Shechemite.

"WHATE are you waiting for, go wake [Miss Hicks] up." It's suggesting that Hicks were from Opgalli, and it just so happens that the Hicks stag head (called a buck's head), in the gold color of the Wheat/Whate stag head, wears a chaplet!!! Zowie, you just can't make this stuff up to tell the history any better. God is a genius. I had forgotten that Hicks use a BUCK's head when discussing the Hicks trace to APACHnas Hyksos. The Wheat/Whate stag has ears of wheat in its mouth. The Joseph description includes, "two gold chevronels in BASE."

One Fair surname shares the anchor of Hoops/Hops/Hoods, and Miss Hicks was, when I first saw her when coming out of the Quadratus-suspect water, at the HOOD of the CAR. We just saw the Car motto with Chaplet-loving Nairns. It's making me think that Opgalli liners to Hoops/Hops were merged with Hoods. English Hoods/Hoots have another anchor. The latter's "ZEALous" motto can be for Seals (Scarf wolf head in Crest?) or Sailers (same place as Scarfs) that share the three black wolf heads of Quade's/Wade's. The Trabys/Sadowski's use the scarf in a Quade-suspect Q-shape, and Trypillians were likely merged with wolf-liner Neuri (Bug river). Seals share a Coat like that of Bernice's (water BOUGet = Bug-river liners), and the latter with their Burn branch share black horns with the Arms of Traby (Poland, beside the Bug river). Bernice's use "PerSEVERantia."

I had traced the surname of Severus Bassus suggestively (with some evidence) to "Phasis," said to have named pheasants (the birds), and Pheasants/Fesants (Besant/Bessen colors) look like Besants/Bessens, right down the Bassus bloodline to pee-line Bessin. It just so happens that Phasis was also, Poti, while Potters use cinquefoils in colors reversed from the same of Foleys/Shareys. Potters were first found in the same place as Buttons and Botters/Bodins, suspect from the Budini of the Ukraine, who were in the midst of Trypillia, the latter suspect with Tropoje, in Fier county. In just so happens that Fiers (and Apsus-line Apps'/Abbs') were first found in Middlesex with Pheasants/Fesants. It just so happens that Fiers/Fere's share the moline with Fairs while the latter's is white, the colors of the Upton moline, making Uptons, and Opgalli of Galatia, suspect with "Apsus." The Upton Crest has a "war horse" while wars are listed with Scottish Weirs/Vere's.

The Fairs translate their Teuta-loving motto with, "BY virtue SAFE", indicating the Bie's/Boys (share bees with Bessins) and the Savarys / Safers, probably from Severus Bassus of Galatia but certainly from Severus Septimius who married Miss Bassianus.

I think we just saw a great case for tracing the line of Nahor, Abraham's brother, to the Bassus. Before getting into heraldry, I thought that mythical Cotys should be between Mannae Armenians and the Maeonians, which would locate Cotys (son of Manes, father of Attis) in the realm of mythical Attis, code for the Hatti of Hattusa (this land later turned into Galatia), and related to Aeetes of Kutaisi up the Glaucus river, with a mouth at Phasis. It all makes for a Phasis connection to Galatia, and, the point is, the Cotesii were up on the modern Buzau, possibly a Bassus liner, along with Roxolani (Alans). "Cotesii" smacks of the Cadusii Armenians that I see at the naming of Hattusa. And the Alans of Alania were probably all over Armenia.

The Nairns share a tree trunk sprouting with Here's (Derbyshire again). The latter use "two blue dexter wings" in the color of the two chevron of Dexters. German Here's are also Hers, and have more blue wings. Here's were loaded just now due to, "What are you waiting for, go wake HER up."

I'm more amazed now at the Hick dream than ever.

New Additions to White-Rabbit Clues

I'd like to return to the topic where Chaplet-loving Saxons/Septons were mentioned. As they were first found in Lancashire with Orells who in-turn use a Coat like that of Saxons/Septons, let's repeat: "The Wake' definite signs of merger with Ore's, Orells or Orleans'. The Wake fesses are colors reversed from the one of Hicks." Wake's use an "ora" motto term and share red roundels in Chief with Ore's/Orrs (the Orrel symbol too), while Ore's/Orrs use "Bonis OMNia Bona" for a motto, while Hicks use "bon." That OMEN in the sun just before passing her city is coming to mind. She was over the seats of a car on sand, and Seats (Sidonians of Laish?), Cars (Carian pirates?) and Sands (Sintians of Lemnos, may have been the Sidonians) were all first found in the same place as Orrels (probably from Aurelia Cotta and the Cottians) and Saxons/Septons (probably the Sequani Gauls beside the Cottians).

Two updates ago, there was a discussion on the omen as it relates to Donna Brazile, born in New Orleans. It reminds me of a new fence post that I invented, taking it down to an international fencing trade show in New Orleans while in partnership with a Mr. Klees. And so I figure I had best check the Klees/Clay surname, which shares "orbem" with Cetis-liner Kidds, suspect with Orba/Olba in Kidd-like Cetis. Why should Clay liners be from Cetis elements, and do the particulars surrounding my fence post relate? Checking now for the first time.

Kidds have a hunting horn hanging from a tree, the theme of spectacles hanging from a tree of WATTS and Vatts/Watters', and the Kidd horn is the striped one of WAITs/Weights, amazing enough. We seem to be at Water-like Quadratus of Cetis. And the Tree's/True's use the feathered helmet that was on one side of a coin of Herod Archelaus (his Wikipedia article once claimed that, then removed it after I made the connection), who received that surname in marriage the GLAPHyra Archelaus. Could Glaph / Glav / Clav terms become "Clay"? Yes.

The Lannoys use the feathered helmet too, as well as the Lyon lion, which is colors reversed from the Hume lion while Hume's use the motto, "True to the end." Leats, suspect in the Kidd motto term, "impLEAT," use the motto, "Trustie to the end." We have a definite Kidd link to Glaphyra Archelaus, for Herod Archelaus was banished to the Lyon area. Imps and Leats share the same crescents.

The Kidds have a black horn, shared by Posts (Fens' colors = fence-post interesting). More amazing is that Scottish Jeffreys, who use a small cloud over a sun (exactly the omen), use a "Post" motto term, as well as sharing six pale bars with Klees'/Clays! I didn't expect this to work out so well so soon, with a fence-POST connection to the Texas trip's omen, which is itself supposed to link to New Orleans by way of Donna Brazile's middle name, and from New Orleans it's supposed to connect to the fence post. We have that right here in a nutshell. And the post was called, Pillar Post, while Pillars/Pilots share the Coat of Welsh Jeffreys!!! Wow. The bars of Scottish Jeffrey are suspect with those of German Julians.

The Pillar/PILOT and Jeffrey lion is in both colors of the Savage lion, and Pelosi's/PILOTI's were from Savigliano! So, my fence post relates to the Pelosi bloodline at the Bra area.

Two updates ago was also when Claws' were loaded to find them with CLAYsons, and so, wondering here whether Klees'/Clays (trefoil) could have developed into/from Clav liners, I loaded Cleave's/Cliffs (trefoil) to find the three wolf heads of Quade's/Wade's! Cleave's/Cliffs and Cleavers/Clavers have been resolved with "Glaphyra," and her CAPPadocia elements, which may have been a branch of the namers of Caiaphas, were in/beside Orba/Olba.

I don't know whether I've ever mentioned that "GLAPHyra / "Clav" is like "GALVeston." The omen had to do with my mugging in Galveston, and some creeps in the world, who may end up reading these things by God's leading, may know more about what I'm writing about than I do. I don't know whether I told that Dons, with a "dona" motto term, use "Omnia" too, more proof that the Galveston omen / mugging involves codes for Donna Brazile. Fence-suspect Fens' use a fesse in colors reversed from the two of Dons, and Dons share the "buck" design (almost) of Hicks. Breakers use an ANTELope and Bucks use ANTLers.

Just look at that. Orrs share the red roundels of Orleans' (must use the 's' to get the surname loaded), and while Donna Brazile was born in New Orleans, Orrs and "dona-using" Dons use omen-like "omnia." There has got to be something evil about New Orleans here. The Orleans' use three fesses in green on white, the colors of the Landen/Lander and Langley pale bars which are from Langhe, location of Brazile-suspect Bra. Brays/Brae's use a flax breaker for Flacks/Flags, and Dudons/Doddingtons (share hunting horns with Breakers), suspect in the Duddon township of Dons, use a FLAG in Crest. Duddon is in Tarvin (Cheshire), and Tarvins are with Tarves' (Trabys?). Dons use a "Dei" motto term, apparently for Dee's/Die's (same place as Tarves and Dons) that use a "Hic" motto term. Again, the Hykes'/Hacks were kin of Chives' of Tarves.

Orange's and the rulers thereof use the hunting horn, and DUDO was a founder of Nassau (billets), which would come to merge with Orange. Hunting horns are a urine liner, and I peed on a highway ramp while facing toward Miss Hick's home a few hours after the omen. God is going to pee bright coals of fire on the end-time Hyksos in a golden shower of His own. Two updates ago, I was floored to find a small cloud over the sun with the Lease surname, which is the middle name of Donna Brazile. Lease. Leak. I'm a poet.

The other Kidds use a goat SALIENt, suggesting Salemans/Salians, and the Kidds with hunting horn can therefore be using the Saluzzo Shield. Or, "saLIENT" can be part-code for the Landen-like Lents/Lentone's (in the motto of Glaphyra line Plunketts) and/or Lians/Langs/Langens/Langers (expected now in SavigLIANo), a branch of Landens/Landers. As Pepin of Landen is in this, it's to no surprise that Pepins share a bend with fleur-de-lys with sales'/Salletts, and moreover the Pepin fleur are colors reversed from the eagles on the Saleman/Salian bend while Salian Franks had Pepins (Hyksos descendants, right) in the Mayor of the Palace. It's interesting that Spanish Majors/Mayerdomo's share the Shield of Pepoli's.

An early Hyksos king was Sallet-like Salatis/Salitis, a good reason to view king Khyan with the Caeni near the Selletae Thracians. Recall STANley sitting with Miss Hicks several times, for: "However, in Africanus' version of Manetho's Epitome, Khyan (whose name is transcribed there as Staan) is listed after a king Pachnan [Apachnas], perhaps Yaqub-Har." Stans were first found in the same place as Hicks, and use the Flag fesses while Stanley was holding the U.S. flag while sitting next to Miss Hicks on the night I too was sitting next to her. I claim that my Masci line goes back to the Mus household of Hyksos. According to Manetho, one of the first kings of Hyksos was Amessis, apparently a version of "RaMESSES" (Ra plus Messes), perhaps the namer of Emesa, home of the El-Gabal sun god. Sohaemus, a priest of El-Gabal, was married both to a Herod and to a king-Massena liner, both women named, DRUsilla, perhaps the line to Herod-related True's (share bendless bendlets with Orrels and Saxons).

When Joel first informed me (a month ago) that his Volkswagen was a Rabbit, during the time I was discussing with him Twitter's White Rabbit for the first time, we had already decided to drive to Parry Sound...which happens to be the birthplace of Bobby ORR, I kid thee not. Didn't Orrs just link to Dons with their sharing "omnia"? What could Parrys have to do with my trip to Galveston? Parrys use one of the two fesses of Parrs, and Parrs use them in colors reversed from the two of Dons!!! This is actually startling. What else does God do through us that we can't feel, see or realize in any other way?

I had decided while on a Mississippi barge, the day of the omen, to visit Galveston to see the ocean. God put that idea in my mind, didn't he? Actually, I asked someone on board where there was a good place to see the ocean, and he/she said, Galveston. I don't remember anything on the way but pulling over on a ramp. There is a Ramp/Rump surname, first found in Cumberland with Bernice's/ Burns / Daggers, but if this was intended by my leak on the ramp, I don't yet see much significance other than linkage (by way of Bernice Agrippa) to Glaphyra (married two Herods), now suspect with the namers of Galveston.

However, on second thought, I was driving a NISSan, and Nissans may be from queen Nysa of Cappadocia! If the Nissan stag head is brown instead of black, it's in the colors of the Don buck. I swear by my pee pipe, I didn't consciously know, until here, that Nissans share the two Parr fesses!!! I had forgotten, and it makes a Galveston-trip link to "dona"-using Dons. Checking with my magnifying glass, the Nissan stag turns out to be brown.

The Nissan description says, "OVERall, a gold bend sinister and a silver escutcheon charged with a deer head." Miss Hicks HOVERed OVER the seats, and Overs were first found in Cheshire with Dons, beside the Cars and Seats of Lancashire. And Seats/Cedes' use two pale bars in the colors of the Nissan / Parr fesse bars! It just never stops. I've not been able to decipher "charGED," a common heraldic code, aside from the possibility that it's a double code, one for Chars, and one for the Geds of the Nith river (origin of CHARlotte's husband), a great theory because NISSans may have been the namers of the Nith, for Geddes' share a white-on-red escutcheon (probably that of Chadwicks / Chadocks) with Nissans!!! That looks bang-on, thus revealing why I owned a Nissan...which reveals crutch-liner Chads as Nith-river inhabitants.

It strikes me here that Chars can be from Cher, a French region having a Berry location that was anciently Avaricum, like "Avaris," the Hyksos capital in Egypt. German Berrys/Barrys use fish heads, as do Geddes'. That works. It recalls Barry and Mamie in the back of a PICK-up truck on the night she chose me to be her boyfriend. Mamie was code for the Mame/Meme/Mens bloodline beloved in the motto of Hyksos-liner Pepins, Pipe's and Poppins (compare latter with Hick-related Leaks, and consider Poppin-Chief linkage to Fauls/Falds (Hicks stag head?) with the Hicks fleur). Scottish Berrys use three fesses in Hicks-fesse colors, and a "labore" motto term shared with "Hic"-using Dee's. It appears that Hyksos passed through Cher.

I was in the BACK of a PICK-up truck when mugged, and Bachs/Backs (once showed a gold calf) are suspect with the Apachnas Hyksos. Picks are listed with Pike's (from LANGdale Pikes) in the pike fish of Geddes!! Amazing. There is a question on whether the pick-UP was used by God as part-code for a line from Opgalli. Bachs/Backs now show a steer while Styria is where savage-using German Manners (Massey quadrants) were first found. Pike's are also Pickens, and my mother's hometown, the name of which I reveal later, is like "Picken." Assume Picenum liners.

As for facing toward BAYtown while on the ramp (Ramesses line?), Bays (Devon, same as Scottish Berrys) have the look of the Pick/Pixt/Pex Coat. Bays can be with the double fesses of English Manners/Maness' (see Poppin motto), a branch of Mame's/Mens', in colors reversed. Manners/Maness' love the Barry like Parrs, a branch of Parrys. The Manner/Maness Crest shares a peaCOCK with Ridge's suspect in the partRIDGE of Chars. Do you recall what was "charged"? It was the escutcheon of Nissans, charged with a deer. Why do we suppose it calls it a deer? I think I know.

For the Deerings, the write-up of which has the Morinis', whom use two fesses colors reversed from the same of Parrs and Nissans, and in the colors of the two of Dons. Incredible. Dons are said to be from Duddon, and Dudons had a Dodington location (Somerset) like the Dodintone location (Staffordshire) of Deerings. Dodintone is said to have changed name to Derrington. Morinis' are a branch of Marano's/Mauritano's, and Mortons, the latter first found in the same place as Joels, though another Morton branch was first found in Cheshire with Masseys. Deerings use "roeBUCK's heads couped" in the colors of the Hicks buck head, and these are also in the colors of the Poppin buck heads.

For yet another kiss I received (a few years ago), the only one at the funeral of my mother's brother, it came from the sister of Parry, while Joel was standing there. Joel had driven me, a month ago, to Parry Sound. My mother's brother is a Grimaldi, and that surname shares the Cock Coat while Cocks share the red rooster of Kiss'/Cush's. Her name, Fabricia, suggests the German Fabers because they share the Parry fesse in both colors. I don't know her surname. Italian Fabers use one of the two Morinis fesses, in colors reversed from the one of German Fabers. Amazing coincidences, as though God named both brother and sister, then arranged to have her kiss me in front of Joel. Italian Fabers/FabBRUCCI were first found in Modena with Morinis' and Marano's/Mauritano's, and therefore they use the fesse in the Arms of Fanano (Modena).

Back to "overall" in the Nissan description. "Over" is a motto term of Cuneo-liner Cunninghams. Hmm, while Cunninghams use "fork," there is a major fork in the highway at Baytown, one fork continuing west into Houston, and the other down to Galveston. I must have been taking a leak on the ramp that turned south to Galveston, because I don't remember taking a ramp that needed me to get back on the highway I had come from. The Ramps appear to be using very-dark brown lions, which I assume are a form of the gold Brunswick lions, though the ramp lions are combatant, same as the Abreu/Abruzzo lions that happen to be in both colors of the Brunswick lions. Bars of Brunswick come to mind, known to develop into the namers of Bar-le-Duc that use the Saraca fish...because Saraca's were first at Kotor, near Bar. I read that Ragusa, where Kotor's Saraca's moved to, was named after the deer, but I know that originated in mere heraldic code, for Ragusa is near Melita while Mallets (named GriMALDi's?) use the deer too.

I sold the Nissan to Paul Smith after he totalled his JEEP. I can now suggest that this was God's arrangement to prove that Gavestons/Gavers/JEEVers, with a giant fleur in the colors of the Jeepma/Chep star, were Galveston liners. After selling the Texas property, I purchased some land near Parry Sound, and looked for a place to rent nearby, finding a place with Mr. Simone, an Italian. He owned a red Jeep, the color of Paul's Jeep. After he bought a new vehicle, I bought his Jeep. So, I've looked up Italian Simons, to find the same red and upright lion of Galves'. Is this nothing or something?

Italian Simons use "UnguiBUS," and the Simon lion is the red one also of Dutch Bush's/Boschs while the giant Gaveston/Jeever (Dutch surname) fleur is that also of German Bush's and Boschs. It looks like what God is trying to tell me, by the renting of Mr. Simone's apartment, checks out heraldically. It appears that He arranged for Mr. Simone to buy a red Jeep, and to sell it to me. I then bought a plow for it, which is what I had suggested to him for his long driveway. The Plows, no kidding, use the fleur of Gavestons/Jeevers. English Bush's share the black boar with German Corners/Corne's, and the Bush/Busch / Gaveston fleur is shared by English Corners/Garners (acorn, sinister sword).

Plows use "Quod" likely for Mackays/Quoids, the link to Quade's/Wade's we may assume. I had so many brake problems with that Jeep I cursed and cursed. The Brake's are with Breakers, first found in the same place as Plows (English-Stewart stag exactly, aside from color), where Alans of Dol lived too who are expected with Dole's that share the Plow fleur.

Simons share a red and upright lion in both colors with English Stewarts. Alans of Dol were from Aulon/AVLONA, whom I traced to Avellino in Campania. Italian Simons are said to be from Campania. Mr. Simone was from Benevento, in Campania i.e. near Avellino. There is a Mont Velino (probably the highest peak in that area) smack between Avezzano and my mother's town of birth. Alan-like Velins use ducks, what French Alans once showed. The Velin ducks are in Volley/Velis colors. I didn't ever check for a volley surname until Joel went to the volleyball games after not many miles from Velino. Alans of Dol were in Alauna of Manche, where Masseys lived that named my mother's Masci bloodline (her mother's side). I never thought in a million years that Joel would visit her town of birth, but he told me, while driving to Parry Sound, that he was thinking of dropping in on the way (to Poland), and he did so, for a day, a week after we drove to Parry Sound. He went with a Brazilian sportswriter to cover some volleyball games...which is how God informed me/us about Donna Brazile's importance in the white-rabbit mystery.

The wife of August was dead at her funeral on the day Joel happened to arrive, and August was a 13 year-old boy in the house I stayed at for two months when my mother and I visited at my age ten, a year after my touch-bra-on-white-rabbit-cage event. Augusts share eagle legs with Brays/Brae's because God wants you to believe that this Joel event was indeed a white-rabbit-mystery event. The deceased woman was Franca, which recalls that the Germo-Bohemian Franks (the only ones that come up as "Franc") share the column with the Pelosi's/Pilati's, the latter first found in SAVIGliano, smack beside Bra. That's in Piedmont, where Italian Franks/Franca's were first found, amazing. French SAVAGE's were first found in French Campania, more-commonly known as Champagne, the rulers of which married rulers of Avesnes (Helpe river), a branch of Avezzano's (share potent-crutch feature with the Champagne bend).

I didn't get it deep into my head, until this update thanks to my Nissan, that potent liners, known to originate from the crutch symbol of St. Chad i.e. the Chads, were on the Nith river, named by Nissan liners. Paul Smith (avid fisherman, evokes the fish of Nissan-related Geddes') bought my Nissan, and many years later he appeared in a dream (last year) with crutches. I then learned that the Crutch/Crooch surname uses the Smith cross in colors reversed. And to prove that Crutch's/Crooch's were potent-crutch liners, Croce's/Cross' use a potent cross (as do Chads). While the Nissan PICK-up is suspect with Geddes-beloved Picks/Pike's, the Picks are also Pex's, like the Peks/Pecks that share the patee crosses of Chads (Chadwicks / Chadocks share the Geddes escutcheon).

It seems important that Franca kissed me (on the cheek) at about 20 years of age when someone was snapping our photograph (when she and her husband visited my parents). This is the third kiss in this update, all from blonde's, and those who have been reading me for a few months (can anyone do it for that long?) may know of my mentioning a few times that my best kiss ever was with blond Lorraine (central to white-rabbit discovery) at a PICnic table. She turned out to be code for Paionians, and the Paion surname is also PICNic-like Pagan, and like "Picken," almost the name of her hometown (and my mother's hometown).

I've got to assume that Franca's kiss was for the Vibius line from Laevillus' ancestry. As I said, Joel's trip proved to me that I descend from Caiaphas, and I've been seeking his parents for years. The best I can do is to see him as a grandfather of Laevillus. Perhaps the Franks can help with this task. The "nati" motto term of two Frank surnames can suggest Natts/Nathans, who use what I consider to be a white-on-black escutcheon, in the colors of the same of Chadwick-branch Saddocks/Sedgewicks, Sadducee suspects. Caiaphas was a Sadducee. Nathans/Nations are the ones with the fesse like that of rabbit-liner Coneys / Conns.

This is staggering: I've never known August's surname until Joel told me it was Manil(l)a. Although there is no Manilla surname coming up, the Manells use the same bearded man (almost) as Cockers (June / Sale/Sallett fleur we can assume), and the latter are expected with Cocks who share the red rooster with Kiss'/Cush's, and even use the Shield of Grimaldi's, my mother's maiden name. But there's more: Manells call the man a Savage!!! It proves that God named Franca at birth for to make a Frank-surname connection to Pelosi's of Savigliano, thus clinching the touch-bra event as His own and connecting it to Joel's European trip. August was a MOUNTAIN climber, and Mountains use roughly the colors and format of Minelli's/Menche's (Manell colors), perhaps partly Manche liners...from the MANX peoples of Man, the Arms of which uses legs. The Leghs/Lee's then use the same lion as Mounts/Mounds/Mons'.

English Mounts share a fox with Jewish Simons, and the same lion as Italian Simons and Irish Fox's. The latter's looks like the Forker Coat so that "Fox" may be a corruption from "Fork." Here's the Mount Crest: "Upon a mount vert a fox salient supported by a ragged staff erect, black".

As Manells were first found in Derbyshire, I can therefore glean that they are Amyntes liners, even as the Amyntes line to Hamons was to Hamon de Masci of Cheshire. The Mandys/MUNDays, with terms like the early Muntini's of Mountains, use eagle legs, remember, tending to reveal that Mountains were Amyntes liners, and that God made August a mountain climber in connecting the August eagle legs to those of Mandys. The Amyntes Galatians went on to abide under the authority of Augustus Caesar, and may therefore have used the August name. French Mountains married Claviere's, who share the key with Clavers/Cleavers; the latter can be proven to be from Glaphyra Archelaus i.e. it suggests that her line merged with that of Amyntes, and that's exactly what history can prove.

Back to the pick-UP in case it's code for Opgalli. She was a Galatian, and Galatia touched upon Cappadocia, not just where Glaphyra lived, but also Nissan-like Nysa, Cappadocian queen. The hunch is that Opgalli's family was tied up with Nysa's family, and, indeed, while we saw the double Nissan fesses in colors reversed from the same of Morinis', the latter were first found in the same place as Casano's/Cassandra's, from Cassander, known ancestor of queen Nysa. Amazing.

Aha! Manells are said to have been at LANGLEY-Meynell, more proof of Franca's / August's connection to Bra. Manells use a reflection of the Morinis Coat. Augusts use the same fesse as BIDENs/Buttons, who became suspect with queen Nysa of BITHYNia (married NICOmedes), granddaughter of the Nysa above. "Nysa or Nyssa (flourished 126 BC) was a Princess from the Kingdom of Pontus and was a Queen of Cappadocia. She was the ruler of Cappadocia on behalf of her minor son in 130-126 BC." "Pontus" is suspect with Pontius Pilate, and Pelosi's of Savigliano are also Pilati's. The mother of Cappadocian Nysa was queen Nysa of the Pontus (in time to birth the first-known Hasmonean, in case it went that way), a Seleucid (Epirus ancestry), that being the entity to which the prophet Daniel traced the end-time anti-Christ. Seleucids named Sulcis on Sardinia, and potent-liner Avezzano's were first found on Sardinia.

There's a question as to whether Seleucid-like Sellicks use the Sabine Coat, and if so, why? I see Vespasian, son of Sabinus, as the forerunner to the end-time anti-Christ. Avezzano is off mont Sabina.

Pharisees could have been named from the Iranian = Farsi elements that operated the cult of Glaphyra's father. Another Iranian cult was the one from Iotapa, who birthed Julia, wife of Quadratus Bassus. Nysa of the Pontus married king PHARnaces. I almost missed it: "Phar" is like "Parr," and Parrs use the double bends of Nissans!!!!!!!!!!

Pharisees could have been from Pharnaces, in combination with Opgalli's Jewish background, if the Nissan pick-up was code for Opgalli too. I had locked the hatch to the back of the truck, from the inside, by clamping a common vice-GRIP (pliers) to the handle, and one Herod adopted the Agrippa surname. Gripps/Grape's share the SHAKEspeare bend. There is a Vice/Vise surname that has been resolved with the Eustace stag. The Nissan stag (called yet another buck) is almost black-on-white, the colors of the Vice/Vise stag. The island of VIS (also called, Issa) is beside PHARia, I kid you not. I'm not making it up. I locked myself in the back of the pick-up with a pair of vice-grips because I was sleeping on a quiet but residential street, saving myself the cost of a motel for one night. Why did I happen to bring vice-grips with me? You'll need to take it up with God.

Jonathan Maccabee, son of the first- and only-known Hasmonean, made a pact with Alexander Balas, a Seleucid king. Flavius Josephus, who went over to Vespasian, claimed to descend from this Jonathan. If Josephus married, or birthed a child with a Flavian woman in Vespasian's family, his line could be a Caiaphas line to the end-time anti-Christ.

"At some point, Nysa [of Cappadocia] had poisoned her five other children so she might obtain the government of the Kingdom". Sounds just like a Herod. Her article says that she used mythical Nike as her symbol, which recalls the picNIC table with Lorraine's kiss. We might elaborate "picnic" with Pick-Nissan, a Picenum merger with Nysa liners and contacting the Pike-loving Geddes on the Nith river before 400 AD.

The Parrs are beloved both in the motto and double fesses of Manners/Maness', and the peacock in the Crest brings us to Peacocks that use a "just" motto term likely for Justus / Justine (father and daughter) of Picenum. This is all thanks to the Nissan PICK-up that is now doubling as code for Picenum liners. The Picensii Illyrians (see dark map) were at or beside the Pek river of Moesia from times before Nysa's birth. They are suspect in naming Paioni and the Payens/Pagans, first found in the same place as Galli's (Julian Chief).

I went up the mountain several times behind the house that my mother was staying at (not with I in August's house), where she was born. Once up high, I looked out at the large peaks in the distance, and as Mont Velino is the only one named on my atlas, it must be the highest one. I saw it, in other words. I recall one major thing about the mountain I was on: its pine trees. Maschi's use pine cones, I get it. Joels'/Jule's are probably a branch of Julians, and Volleys/Velis' use the Julian crosslets. Joel's/Jule's use gillyFLOWERs, and my mother's household on that mountain ran a FLOUR operation. Julius Caesar made Augustus his adopted son, launching Augustus onto the throne, thereby. Pine was the symbol of mythical Attis, husband and son of Cybele, and the latter had Brogitarus (line to Derbyshire Froggits) as a high priest, and he was Amyntes' father. I'm not making this up.

A friend of mine, Cary (God's code for Leavell liners?), named my fence-post invention, Pillar Post, and here I find that German Franks use a single column, almost a pillar. My partner (short term), was FRANK Klees. We started out 50/50, but when he and his partner changed their minds, wanting 66 percent, I fell out with them. I'm now asking by what coincidence does the Arms of Traby use the Weight hunting horns with three strings looking like 666. Glaphyra's religious cult was near TRABzon. Could this be indication that 666 lovers are now plotting with love for Glaphyra's blood in their veins? Jewish Franks share grapes with Deeters, so amazing.

In Texas, a woman friend, Mrs. Deeter, wanted to try selling the fence posts in Texas, and she with me secured financial help from her banker (under conditions). He asked me to install some posts at his place, in Leakey (was resoplved as code for WikiLeaks). I therefore wonder whether there are special codes in all this to tell a WikiLeaks prediction / story (on Donna Brazile?). I met Mrs. Deeter on the day I drove fresh into Texas for the summer season, on the day that police (probably the FBI) had a road-side crew concerning the finding of the dead body of Madalyn O'Hair. I drove past this crew. I didn't know what it was about until I asked Mrs. Deeter that day. Was it luck, or a message to someone out there? Her first name is Mandy, and as this is a surname first found in Derbyshire while AMYNTes conquered Derbe, Mandys/MUNDays must be Amyntes liners. Severus Bassus was Amyntes' great-grandson. As could be expected, the black wolf head in the Mandy Crest is the one in the Crest of Glaphyra-liner Cleave's/Cliffs. Is that not impressive? Mandys share eagle legs with Brays/Brae's.

The Teague Crest is the Mandy wolf head in brown, and the roadside police were along the large ranch of Mrs. Teague, the owner of the property I had purchased. While standing in the parking lot of my motel, I flagged Mandy down cold as she was pulling out of a restaurant parking lot, and asked her out for coffee. To assure her that I was safe, I told her I purchased from Mrs. Teague. She knew her. That's how out first words went, all set up by God, right? Mandys may be using the Caplan Shield. Mandy's daughter, Carol, as a surname, should be for Carolingians, who became the Capetians. The latter were called, Robertians, and Mandys son was, Robert. Amazing.

Joel's Rabbit is a VOLKSwagen. Spanish Capets (share crown with Martels = founders of Carolingians from CHARLES Martel) use the vertically-split Shield of VOLKs/Folke's, in colors reversed from the same of Belgian Flecks. Brays/Brae's love the Flacks/Flecks, first found in the same place as Volks/Fulke's, no coincidence.

I spend months building a new machine to make the fence posts, and we tested the product with an engineer on site, but when Mandy failed to sell the posts to local lumber yards, we canceled the project. I was in the midst of changing churches at that time, and attended a new one where Miss Hicks happened to be going too, as a newbie. I didn't know it when I decided to attend. The surname of the pastor at that Church uses a version of the KilPatrick Coat. I now have another event in my life to ponder over.

Amazingly, the third partner was Charles. This partnership was back in about 1990, when Joel was a child less than five years old; there were never any connections between them. Yet, Charles' son is now the boss of Joel (neither live in a small town, so this seems like a huge coincidence), the one who bought the white Rabbit a few weeks ago. Amazing. Joel is the one through which God introduced us (me and my readers) to Donna Brazile, can you believe this? By some act of God or not, Wikipedia's article on Donna tells that her ancestors were Braswells/Bracewells, who use a girdle in Crest, which makes me realize why God had to involve a bra in this story. Braswells even use two chevrons in the colors of the two fesses of Morinis'.

Recalling that Parrs use the Morinis' fesses in colors reversed, let's re-mention the Parr Crest: "A woman's head and shoulders..." There's a question on whether Parrs can be a Bra branch, but, in any case, "Shoulder" is expected as code for Schultz's, and it just so happens that Donna Brazile was made the head of the Democratic National Committee when Debbie Schultz was forced to resign thanks to damning WikiLeaks information.

When driving to Parry Sound, the white rabbit passed through BRACEbridge, and there is a Bracebridge/Brasbridge surname suspect with the Shield of English Champagne's and Beachams/BeauCHAMPs. The latter are included because Champagne's and Brasbridge's use the Beach/Beech vair fur in black. The Beach's are said to be from COKEnach, suspect with Cocks because the Beach Coat is almost the Cock Shield. Beach's were also at a Langley location, meaning that, if Brasbridge's can be connected to Beach liners, we can trace Brasbridge's to Langhe and Bra. Brasbridge's are said to be from Peter de Bracebridge (Lincolnshire), who married a woman descended (through Ardens) from the last Saxon earl of Warwick. Beachams are said to be from Mr. Beauchamp, earl of Warwick. Bracebridge's have a staff in Crest while Staffs share the swan in Crest with Beachams and Volleys/Velis'. "Volley" brings up two surnames, the Wills too with a motto, "As God wills." "Be as God will" is the Bracebridge motto. In passing, if we ever think that the Smith anvils are only a symbol of metal smiths, the Beachams have a d'Anville surname in their write-up.

This is a good place to remind that Bracks/Brachens use the same fesse as white-rabbit Coneys and Conns. On their fesse, Bracks/Brachens put a dog that's often called a talbot, and then Bracebridge's were first found in the same place as Lucy Taillebois, wife of the first-known Meschin, son of BRIQUESsart from Orne, a region depicted by the horns of Bracks/Brachens. The other Bracks are with Bray-beloved Breakers/Brechs. So, when Joel drove through Bracebridge with his new white Rabbit, he was going through a Bra liner from rabbit-ville Cuneo. He then picked up a Masci liner, and the two proceeded through Parry Sound. The Parrys happen to use the Brick lozenges, and Bricks use the Massey fleur. The Brick lozenges are in colors reversed with Brix's/Brests/Brice's, probably a branch of Breeze's/Brice's. Believe it or not.

Why did the Hicks dream have a BRITISH bulldog? Partly for Bullis, I have resolved. And there is a BRITish surname (same place as Deerings) with variations that can be from Bratia, indicating a Bullis merger with Tilurius liners.

The Brack dog is uses in the same colors by Spanish Vitals/Vitels, who were looked up as per Norman de Morinis (Deering write-up), said to be descended from VITALis FitzOsbert (Osberts use an Opgalli-suspect tiger). Vito's were traced to the Tilurius river, with tailers and tillers, potential talbot liners. Off the mouth of the Tilurius: the island of Brac, more-commonly called, Bratia. English Vitals/Vidals/Veils/Vele's (giant moline cross in the colors of the giant Vito annulet) share the annulet with Vito's but call them rings. In the Crest of Vitals/Veils, a Caiaphas-suspect "silver cap between two feathers." As Vito's are expected from JULIUS Avitus, note how Vital variations can be of the Volleys/Velis'/Veils that share the Julian cross. Volleys/Vails use a motto term suspect with empress, Domna Bassianus, sister of Avitus' wife.

Domna was mother to emperor CARACalla (a real loser, as was the entire family, like the Herods), explaining why the CARRICKs use the same dog (called a talbot) as Vitals. Talbot liners were suspect with the Taulantii ancestry Talents/Talons who use eagle legs / talons in the colors and format of Caepio-suspect Capone's, and so it's interesting that Talents/Talons were first found in the same place as Laevillus-liner Walerans, for Laevillus' son was given, Charax, for a middle name, which traces excellently to Carricks. Walerans indicate in the motto their kinship with Vaux's/VALLibus', Velis- / Veil-potential liners.

The wings of Spanish Vitals must be for VINKovci, also called Cibalae (not far from the Tilurius), birthplace of Valentinian I, because Sibals share a red moline with Vitals/Veils. The Vital/Veil feather is in the colors of the Feather feather, and emperor Valens, Valentinian's brother, is in the Feather motto. Fetters share a giant sun with Solana's, the latter first found in Catalonia with Spanish Vitals. The Feather Crest has the red Derby antelope. Feathers are in Covert/Cofferts colors, and first found in the same place along with Vice's/Vise's and Saddocks.

Wings/Winks were first found in Perthshire with Justus/Justine's, another Valentinian line, we get it. It's telling me that the queen-Nysa link to Justine of Picenum crosses the Avitus-Bassianus marriage to the Volley surnames which themselves had a branch to the Morinis' of Kent. The Vital wings are in the colors of the same of Volk-suspect German Fulks, which can explain why God made Joel to like volleyball, which is why he met the Brazilian sports writer. Italian Fulks (merged with Massi's/Mattis') use the same eagle as Volleys/Velis', believe it or not.

Just compare Pike's/Pickens with PHARs/Farrs, adding on the suspicions that king Pharnaces' line merged with Picenum and/or the Picensii Illyrians. One should also compare Pickens with Wide's/WAIDs (ignoring the blue background), suspect with Quade's/Wade's to Quadratus. While Pharisees (were first heard of from about the time of Pharnaces) may have been named after Pharnaces, Sadducees are expected with a derivation from some offshoot of "Cetis." Phars/Farrs, first found in Yorkshire with Hicks, share the Hicks and Petro fleur. Just drop the 'n' from "Pharnaces," and we're left with, Pharaces.

Aha! The Nissan was purchased from Mr. Doner, a Don possibility. I was staring at the Doner Coat (eagle RISING) for quite a while before realizing that its foxes were in the colors of the PHREEZE/Frey horses! I tiled the floor at Mr. Doner's store, and Tile's/Tillers, with the Vito annulet in colors reversed (!), are expected from the Tilurius river, which was also the Cetis-like Cetina river. I am totally amazed here, just when I thought the evidence couldn't get any better for insisting that God set me up with the Nissan for the heraldic purposes at hand.

If you had any doubts that Dons came to mind while I was in bed on a sleepless night, wondering whether Joel's trip through Italy was about Donna Brazile, the Dons use arrows in both colors of the Tile/Tiller arrow! Bingo. To find this right here with dark lights flashing all over Pickens / Picenum, said by others to be derived in a woodpecker, is to suggest that the bird which cawed -- while it was still dark, while the question of the Donna / Don surnames were on my mind for only about three seconds before it cawed -- was a woodpecker.

Try to imagine how it feels when, after finding solid evidence for the Nissan's role in uncovering things, and after making a hard Nissan-Don link as well as a Nissan-Donna-Brazile link, I remember that the truck was once owned by a Don-like Doner surname while it simultaneously comes flooding to mind that I tiled his floors, all the time (instantly) knowing from previous investigations that Tile's were Tilurius liners. I can't say enough. I have lived a different sort of life. Events in my life were orchestrated as though my life were not my own. What will I discover next?

Templar Jerusalem was ruled by the household of Eustace II, and that family used its very own potent cross for the flag of Jerusalem, highly suspect with St. Chad's family, who is in the DonnChadh term of Duncans, the line to Malcolms/Columns beloved of Pelosi's/Pilate's, in-turn suspect from the Pontus. Doners are said to be from Donnchadh! Add Scotland's royal Duncans to the Don liners in cahoots with Nissans. I sold the Nissan to Paul Smith, kin of potent-liner Crutch's. It's becoming clear to me that God arranged my Nissan to indicate Pharisees or proto-Pharisees in contact with Cetis elements. I was mugged in the Nissan by a Negro while Negro's share ears with Saddocks and Chappes'.

As Eustace II was in Boulogne, the Arms of which use red roundels, much like the red annulet of Vito's, Vice's/Vise's (in the Eustace Crest) could have been Avitus liners. Eustace was father to Godfrey de Bouillon, and Bouillons use the Bird/Burd flory cross in colors reversed, while the Bird flory is in the colors of the similar moline of Vitals/Veils. While writing here, it dawned on me, for a reason I can't recall, that Veil liners were Billets/Billiards, and so I loaded "Villet" to find the single Morinis fleur in colors reversed, as well as the tower of Pellicans, first found in Maine with Billets/Billiards. What a great strike, especially as Deerings (married the Vitalis > Morinis line) were first found in the same place as Villets/Violets.

The Villet towers are in the colors of the cinquefoils in the Chiefs of the Devon Billets (same place as Maine's) and the Cheshire Bellows suspect in the "bello" motto term of Bouillons. These cinquefoils are also in the Duncan Chief (!), as though to verify that Eustace's household stemmed from Chads (Cetis liners right) as did Duncans. The same cinquefoils are in the Chief of Dogs (same place as Wings/Winks, share white sword with Justine's), said to be from St. CADog (same as St. Chad?).

Bellows were first found in Cheshire with Claptons while Pellicans trace to Clapton of Somerset while Claptons was Portishead while Portis'/Porch's share the Bellow / Billet cinquefoil. Somerset was the location also of Dodington of the Dudons, suspect with the Duddon in the write-up of Doner-like Dons who share the double Morinis fesses in both colors. We are making a Morinis link to the Parr-liner husband of Nysa of Pontus, expected where Modena's Cassandra's were from Cassander, the Macedonian ancestor of the queen Nysa's. The Dons, I now see, use Villet / Billet colors too.

It already appears clinched that Billets were initially Avitus > Vital liners, or vice-versa, perhaps. I think I can explain why they took on the B-form as well as the Billiard variation, by marriage to Bullis'/Bulliards, from Bullis/Byllis of Epirus.

In the Villet Crest, there's an Opgalli-suspect tiger gorged with a crown, a symbol also with the Crest of annulet-using Crauns/Crane's...from the Ceraunii Illyrians near the Avitus elements I envision on the Tilurius. But the Ceraunii mountains are in Epirus, the land from which the Seleucids arose that are the other ancestry of Nysa of Pontus. The tiger was seen with Osberts, and Morinis' descended from Vitalis Osbert. So, I'm seeing Villet / Vital / Billet elements from Ceraunii. What's needed is a certain Seleucid symbol that can give away their earliest connections to this mountain. Villets use the same chevron as Deers.

I've been postulating for as many as five years that Caiaphas was related to Opgalli, and here now the Nissan pick-up has seemingly given many-more clues to this puzzle. It was reasoned that Caiaphas had to be born from the illegitimate line of Julius Caesar and the already-married Servilia Caepionis, Caesar's mistress. This is like a picture of the abominable harlot of Revelation 17, with the priest of Israel, who raised the Lamb of God on the cross, with the help of Pontus-suspect Pilate, stemming from Rome. Julius Caesar was a Cotta on his mother's side, and a Caesar (actual surname at the time) on his father's side. English Caesars were first found in Kent with Deerings, and Derrs, I've just noticed, use a Coat version of the Cotta-like Cutters. Instead of the Cutter dragons, Derrs use the Joseph garbs, how interesting. In the meantime, Italian Dere's/Res' use the French-Julian Chief, which is also the Chief of the Alans from the Ceraunii mountains.

I read from Wikipedia that the earliest-known Seleucids were at least associated with the ThesPROTians of Epirus, bringing to mind the Pruits in the motto of Savage's who in-turn share the black Quint lion paw. What we have here is a line from Quintus Caepio through Servilia and Caesar to Savage's. Pruits share "Deus" with Prude's/Pratte's, the latter first found in Auvergne with Billet- / Villet-related Bouillons (Epirus, right) and Parr-like Preys (colors reversed from Parrs). Preys are in the lamPREY fish of Prude's/Pride's, the latter first found in Lanarkshire while Lanarks share the red heart with French Savage's. The Prude/Pride lampreys are three fish in pale in the colors of the Julian pale bars. There are six Julian pale bars, as there are with Irish Preys/Prays. The latter's are half in the colors of the six pale bars of Longfords, and in both colors of the six pale bars of LANGfords, while SAVIGliano is at Langhe. Pratts are suspect with Bratia, off the Tilurius river.

Paul bought my Nissan. The English Paul surname (looks like a Nagle-Boofima line) shares the same fesse as Parrys, which are in the colors of the Parr / Nissan fesses. Pauls were first found in Yorkshire with Pullys/Pullens. The last time speaking with Paul, he was building Derr-like doors. One Door surname shares the split colors of Cetins (same place as Chads), and while the Cetins use spotted cat-a-mountains, Pauls use ermine spots. I've never found the meaning of heraldic spots. Cetins are suspect from the Cetina = Tilurius river, and you saw why the Nissan's original owner should trace to Tile's/Tillers and Pharnaces- / Pharisee-suspect Phreeze's. Cetins use a SARACen's head, and Saraca's are expected from the Charax term of Laevillus' Cetis elements.

After writing earlier on Mr. Doner, I recalled a friend on mine, Don, whose home is almost against a certain street that has Mr. Doner's store within easy eyeshot across the road. I had a hard time recalling Don's surname, though I once knew it well. It's been a decade or so since seeing him. I remembered the surname just as I was finishing the paragraph above: Frey!!! I kid you not. Let me repeat the initial entry on Mr. Doner:

Aha! The Nissan was purchased from Mr. Doner, a Don possibility. I was staring at the Doner Coat for quite a while before realizing that its wolves were in the colors of the PHREEZE/Frey horses! I tiled the floor at Mr. Doner's store, and Tile's/Tillers, with the Vito annulet in colors reversed (!), are expected from the Tilurius river, which was also the Cetis-like Cetina river. I am totally amazed here, just when I thought the evidence couldn't get any better for insisting that God set me up with the Nissan for the heraldic purposes at hand.

I've said before that the last time I saw Paul Smith was in the basement of our friend, Ray. Rays use three stags courant in the colors of the three horses courant of Freys/Phreeze's.

The Doorey variation of Doors made me recall TERRY MacADOREY, who hung himself to death as a teen after his sister did too. Their mother was a witch. I was in their home at least twice, at least once with the Gardner brothers, and he was in my garage once, boxing with me. I'm just sure this was another Set-up for something. TERRys happen to have been first found in Kent with DEERings, and the Terry Cross is in the colors of the Vital/Veil cross because Deerings married a descendant of Vitalis. By what coincidence was Terry's surname like "Deering" or their Derrington location? Irish Terrys have one of the two Morinis fesses, and a "cruce" motto term for Crutch/Crooch / Croce liners. The father-in-law of Eustace II, Godfrey III, took his army to assist the Pierleoni (Vatican Jews at Rome), named after a Leo, and "leo" is another motto term of Irish Terrys.

Now this is amazing. In the middle of writing the paragraph above, the Box surname was checked, and I asked self, "who's lion is the Box lion?" Where have I seen it before? I came up blank, and therefore ended the boxing investigation before it began. I then got to the Leo topic and recalled that the Leo's use the Box lion!!! Is that not amazing? I remember Terry praising my left jab. We barely boxed at all, just long enough to make this revelation, that my readers might believe me. German Leo's use a sinister-rising bend, which is LEFT-rising. Dorrs use a canton square on the Shield's left side.

Terry brought the boxing gloves over. I don't know how he came to be at my place. We were never friends closely, and I don't remember him at my place on any other occasion. I was at his place probably with the Gardner gang, which I was with heavily at high school. I can glean from the lion of Rita's (Rome, in Leo-lion colors) that Box's are the Books/Boggs beloved by Roets and Reeds, all from Rieti, home of Flavius Sabinus, the line to Sabine's who share the giant Gardner scallop in colors reversed. The other Gardners share en ermined-white chevron on black with Glove's, I kid you not, as well as the gold griffin heads of Box's, and these Gardner griffins are those of Gards (beloved by the Carrick motto) in colors reversed. It's the lake-Garda line of Curtus Maccabee from the ancestry of Flavius Josephus. It sounds as though I'm making it all up, but only a fiend would do that unless he's making money on it. I'm not making money on this website. You won't find one ad anywhere (unless the tracker sticks one up, which I receive no money for. They give me a free tracker).

There's more, because God is a genius. The line of Sabinus with his wife, Vespasia Polla, goes to Pollocks, who are like mythical Pollux, who had an ancient boxing symbol. Check it out, it's true. As he was a PUGIList, I trace him to PUGLia, which was alternatively, Apulia. We can therefore assume that Vespasia Polla was from that entity. I see one Gard Coat as a version of the Pully/Pullen Coat, and the latter shares the Sabine scallop, no guff. Curtus Maccabee has traced to Courts/Coverts and Coverts/COFFERts while Coffers/Coffee's use the Arms of Taranto, in Apulia. Caffers share the horse and rider of Motels, first found in Taranto. Pollux's brother, Castor, had a horse symbol, and his name can be suspect between Ishtar variations and Istria, location of Pula/Pola. Pollux (Peleg-line Hebrews?) and Castor were brothers of Helen, she abducted by Pharisee-like Paris.

Aha! The Curtus-like Curtis' use a FARMer, like "PHARNaces," and English Farmers use one of the two Nice/Ness fesses (suspect with Nysa, wife of Pharnaces). The French Courts use the hunting horns on the Farmer fesse in all three colors. Irish Farmers share the red lion head with FARNs/Ferns, first found in the same place as Scottish Pattersons...who trace to king Cassander, Nysa's ancestry. The mystery grows with Parmers/Palmers, suspect from Parma, because the Italian Palmers have a fesse colors reversed from the one of Farmers, and because Palmers/Parmers share two fesses with Nice's/Ness'/Nessons...who are also Nests, evoking the pelican on nests of Pattersons.

While English Terrys use a Coat version of the Birds, kin of Bouillons, the Terry cross species is that of Chadocks. Their Chadwick branch, with a "canDORE" motto term, share's the lily with Cetis'. What are the chances that the Dore(y) surname would use the Leo / Box / Rita lion if it were left up to fat chance? The Terry / Chadock cross, in black, is between the antlers of the Vice/Vise / Eustace stags. It's a version of the Pilate arrowhead between the antlers of the Colt/Cult stag, which can indicate Pharnaces-of-Pontus links to Cetis. Godfrey III married a family with links to Tuscany, where Taddei's were first found, and as Taddei's share the flory Bouillon cross in both colors, it's evidence that Bouillons were from Godfrey de Bouillon, grandson of Godfrey III. Therefore, the Birds are expected as kin of that Crusader family.

Irish Terrys use a version of the Guerin Coat, from a leading Crusader family that used the Payen Coat. But why do Irish Terrys use what looks like a version of the Bay Coat?

Freys are expected from PHRygians, perhaps the ancestry of "PHARnaces." The last time I saw Don Frey, he was building a computer program to assist manufactures in building window SHUTTERs. The Shutter/Suter surname, like the Settier variation of same-colored Cetis', is one I've lumped in with Chaddocks, Chadwicks and Saddocks/Sedgewicks, because all four share similar Coats and terms. I don't know if I've ever done anything that wasn't a Set-up by God for this revelation. While Chad liners were Crutch kin, the type of cross used by Crutch's shows in the Lille Coat.

Repeat: "...we saw why Keeps should be kin round-about of Child's. The weaver's shuttle is used by Shuttleworth (perhaps a branch of Shute's/Shots / Scute's / Schutz's)." I forget the Shutters/Suters, and it just so happens that Nissans use a bend colors reversed from the Keep bend while Kiev is near L'VIV, the latter suspect with Vivians who in-turn use part of the Fife Shield while Nysa-suspect Ness'/Nessons (share two fesses with Nissans) were first found in Fife. It's not a tight link, but worth quoting because Kepke's are Ukrainian while suspect with some aspect of Caiaphas ancestry in Syphax (he removed to Rome). Note how Shuttle-beloved WEAVers are like "L'VIV." This recalls my trace of the Ukraine's Trypillians to Skit / Sched / Shed liners at the Po river.

The Ness / Nest liners are also Nose's while Naso's use one fesse in the colors of the Morinis' fesse, which always links back to the Parr / Parry / Nissan fesses. So, we can add Naso's (Florence) to the queen-Nysa suspects, comparing them with Cotta-possible Cottons. Dutch Naso's are the Nassau's.

There must be a reason that the Nissan was white, recalling that Scottish White's -- with a "Labore PARTA" motto suspect with ancient Perta on the shore of lake Tatta (may have been in Cappadocia) -- use QUATRefoils suspect with a QUADRaTILLa merger (Tile/Tiller / Tilurius suspect) with Roquefeuil liners. These White's were first found near ROXburgh, and may be using a version of the Living/Leven Coat. Perta was dear Derbe, and then the Derbyshire Eyers/Ayers (suspect with heraldic ears) use more quatrefoils. It looks like a perfect fit thanks to the WHITE Nissan. We can ask why the rabbit was white too. English White's (same vair fur as Quints) are also Weights!

When Joel drove past the highway that goes to Shakle street, we had to turn around. As he pulled over, he put / left his blinker on while looking at a map. I noticed the speed of the blinker was exactly in-step with the steps taken by a sea gull in the parking lot. And I pointed this out to him. I didn't realize until considering this now, that the Gull surname shares the Julians bars, and Gullys share the Julian cross and a "sine" motto term with Gulls. Joel is witness to the gull and the blinker. That's how things work in this revelation. Believe it or not. God has dominion, and no one can touch Him, except by love for Him.

There's more for Joel to contemplate. The Blinkers are listed with BLANCHards, while English Blanks (could be of Scottish White's), I kid you not, first found in the same place as Brays/Brae's (and "five"-meaning QUINCE's), share a giant and white CINQUEefoil (five petals) with Flowers, while Joel's/Jule's use gillyFLOWERS. God wants Joel to look at this. Flowers are said suggestively to be Fletchers, and they have variations like those of Bray-beloved Flacks/Flecks. English Blanks share the gold leopard head with English White's. German Blanks are suspect with the Quince-loving Sforza lion because French Blancs use the same lion as Rita's (Rome, same as Sforza's and Luce-related Luciano's).

A relative, Luciano, got me a job at his plant making aircraft parts, and this was because I was let go from working where my mother's nephew got me a job, at the airport (i.e. immediately before the job with Luciano). My job at the plant had to do with COVERing COPPER wires (of generators) with a protective coating prior to slipping the generators into a hot, walk-in FURNACE i.e. like "Pharnaces." Airs and Ports / Porters both trace to Quadratilla of Cetis, an area on=-shore nfrom Cyprus, which was named after its copper mines. The mother of the first Herod was Cypris, and Coppers/Coopers were first found in the same place as COVERts. Compare the Coats of Ports to Coppers (first found beside the first Ports and Porters).

Miss Hicks moved to FORNey. There is a Furnace/Furnes surname with a "dog seated," first found in the same place as Seats/Cedes'. It figures. Note how the black border around the Furnace Coat makes it look like a version of the Saddock/SEDwick Coat (ears of rye). Saddocks (same place as Coppers / Coverts) were at HEVERsham while Miss Hicks HOVERed over the seats. Hugh Hefner, with a surname like the Hephners listed with Hephers/Hevers, died at 91 this past week, the age that Miss Hick's husband died at. Hevershams (Moor heads, helmet) use a bend in colors reversed from the Over bend, itself in the blue color of the Hefner/Haafner bend. Mr. KilPatrick was a pilot (of his own plane).

In the dream, I was taken from the shore area straight to the DOOR of the car. She was at the hood when I was at the shore, and then hovering when I was at the door. The Doors/Dorrs were first found in Herefordshire with Hephners/Hephers/Hevers, and another Door Coat uses a lion in the colors of the Hefner lion heads. The Doors bring Dovers / Dobers to mind because Dobers and Dobermans share the Hefner bend in colors reversed while Dobe's share the helmet with Hevershams. There is a Dober location on the Clausula river, suspect in the past with CLOSEburn, origin of KilPatricks. The Clausula was within reach of the DORians (Neretva river, same as Ardiaei). Dobe's were first found in the same place as Pollocks who had called their arrow (Ardiaei-liner symbol) a dart as code for the neighboring Dardanians. She was sleeping over the seats too, and that's for Selepitanoi, on the south of the Dorians / Ardiaei. Amazing, is it not?

Was Mr. KilPatrick a pilot as code for Pilate's?

Over the past year, God gave a dream (verified that it was from Him) where I was shooting pool in the billiard hall of Obama, and the cue ball was a piece of paper that turned into a paper airplane. I suspected the Plains/Platers/Playters, who happen to use a reflection of the Scottish White Coat. This recalls the PLATTER in the Arms of Breslau, with the head of John the Baptist, making the symbol suspect as owned by a line of Herods. German Platters and Plate's/Blate's use the grape vine, which, according to Wikipedia, was on one side of a coin of Herod Archelaus, while the other side had the feathered helmet. English BLATE's/Blade's (Frank saltire) share white pheons with PILATE's.

Luciano and I never associated prior to my moving into his place while working at his plant, but, one day only, before that, he dropped in on me, and we went to a billiard hall, amazing (it was the billiard hall where the Gardner brothers played often with me and others on school off-hours). Plains/Platers use the species of cross, in the same colors, as Crutch's. I don't have time to focus hard on these things today, maybe another day.

Luce's share fish with Luciano. When purchasing the Texas property, the septic bed was dug out by Mr. Luce. In the billiard-hall dream, I sewered the paper airplane (I missed a red ball and the plane went into the corner pocket). The Sewers are listed with Shutters/Suters. A sewer is akin to a SEPTic system. The Saxons/SEPTons can be a branch of Sachs/Sax's (Breslau!!!), who share the white-on-black rose with Dutch Sewers, I kid you not.

French Blanks/Blanchets can be sharing the Warwick Coat, which recalls the Bracebridge/Brasbridge connection to rulers of Warwick. Warwicks share the lions of French Blanks. French Blanks/Blanchets use a "Sans" motto term, which reminds that SHAKEspeare's use "sanz" while the double-tipped Shakespeare spear is in the Crest of Volks/Folke's. When the gull walked the beat of the fast blinker, Joel was finding on a map the way to SHAKle street. Yup. The Blank motto is "Sans tache," which recalls the Tacks/Thackerys and Thatchers/Thackerys, likely a branch of Shake's/Shakerleys. That's how God enjoys life, even makes gulls dance to blinkers to reach people. What is harder for God to do without touching anything with His hands: 1) making a gull dance to blinkers; 2) fixing the valves of a broken heart?

As the Blank cinquefoil is in both colors of the Portis/Porch cinquefoil, while Tewkesburys/TUCKsburys (Gloucestershire) were married by Arthurs of Clapton = Portishead (Gloucestershire border), German Blancs can be using the Tewkesbury castle. And, the capper: Tucks/Touque's look like a branch of Teague's who share the Julian cross.

The prophet Joel speaks on end-time invading armies portrayed as locusts, and some translations call them grasshoppers, I can assume. The Shakerley-like Thatchers/Thackerys use grasshoppers. Just a thought.

Although I can't prove to you that French Alans (Julian Chief) showed ducks in the red-on-white colors they now show for their martlets, the Velins use ducks while Valence's use red martlets. German Valens/Valence's use their martlets as the Alan fesse. English Valence's (Kent) use more red martlets, and possibly the bars of Morinis' (see Morinis' in the write-up of Kent's Deerings). This was the line of Valens and Valentinian, two brothers, emperors around 450 AD, the time of Basina and Childeric. Velins were introduced above as per Mont Velino, some 25 miles from my mothers town of PICENzo. Valentinian I married Justine of PICENum. Some say the Piceni Illyrians were named after the woodpecker, which was a symbol of mythical Mars, and the Marsi lived around Mont Velino and Avezzano. Spanish Valentins/Valens' are said to be from a Valencia area on a Turia river, like the Turano near Avezzano.

While Brays/Brae's are also Bree's, the Breeze surname is with a branch of Bruce's, who were anciently Brusi's, from "Abuzzi," the people of Abruzzo. Picenzo is in Abruzzo, and Breeze's (Abruzzo/Abreu colors) share the weight scale with Justine's/Justus' and even use a "justitia" motto term. Picenum included northern Abruzzo, and spread north from there. I assume Joel went through Picenum (now MARCHE, perhaps from the Marsi / Marici), because he said he went through Pescara on the way to Venice. The other German Franks (from Bohemia along with Franks/Francs with the column) use the same saltire as Annandale's, and Scottish Bruce's are known to use the Annandale saltire on a gold Shield. The Annandale Bruce's became kings of Scotland, a title held previously my Malcolms, who come up as Columns. The Nemo's/NewMARCH's happen to use the Annandale saltire as used by Bruce's. The other Breeze's/Brees' use a wolf in the colors of the wolf heads of Scarfs, first found in the same place as English Bruce's.

I'm floored by that last section. I'll add to it in the next update.

Some News

Trump seems to be en route to handing Democrats the Senate back in 2018:

Annette Taddeo, a Democrat who has lost three previous elections in Florida, won a Miami-area state Senate seat in a special election on Tuesday night.

...While the win itself was not overwhelming in its margin, and the district went 58-40 for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election, it’s the seventh seat that Democrats have flipped nationally this year—compared to zero for Republicans. And down ballot, Republicans typically do well in the Miami-area district.

In short, Republican voters are not going out to vote in great numbers for "make America great again." They know when they've been hoodwinked.

Although Sean Hannity sets himself up as a Christian, he never says anything about God or Jesus, or stresses the Word / Law. He generally defends the Republican president no matter who he is or what he decides / says. However, he's outspoken and does have morals. Trump can learn from the fact that Hannity was the most-watched news commentator this past week upon taking the 9-pm time slot. How does that happen? By being moral. The people may not like the word, morality, and they might like to use "ethical" instead, but morality in government is what the people want. They have seen the immorality of Democrats, and would empower Republicans for the foreseeable future if only Republicans were not such hypocrites, doing contrary to what they pretend to stand for. Shame, Mr. Trump, great shame. You have coat tails showing like one of those.

I guarantee you that, if God moves as I think he might in the white-rabbit mystery, Hannity (and scores of others) will be one happy guy, because everything he speaks out against will get juicier with God's rocking the liberal boat. It should come as a great party to those who despise Democrat corruption. Last week promised that some heavy-duty thing on Donna Brazile will crop up, and I'm glad that there has been no new news on her at all lately, because if there is some soon, it will verify that the Sign of Donna Brazile was accurately interpreted by me. It's important to me now that Republicans are seeing some political losses, because it forces them to actually conduct the investigations on Obama and Hillary rather than merely promising them to keep the barking dogs happy. I'm not calling them barking dogs, but am describing them in a way that the Republican hypocrites view them. In their view, the Christo-Republicans need to be fed once in a while to be kept happy, but, more or less, they eat only morsels of red meat on a stick while the Republicans sit on jack asses.

Trump said that the American people were furious. Then he acted as though there was nothing to be furious about:

The video below shows John Podesta's email, thanks to WikiLeaks, to Facebook, thanking it's leader for helping to win the election for Hillary. Is it ethical for facebook to choose Hillary over sanders? Yes. Is it ethical for Facebook to hide good material / conversations / pointers on Sanders and advance the same for Hillary? Podesta thought it was just grand. It was collusion from both sides.

Below is Jay Sekulow (interrupts his guests in his excitement) re-hashing the charges against Comey. But as you watch, realize that this is not an exposure of Comey only, and others in leading positions of the FBI, but against CNN and the others for failing to make this a widely-publicized crime by the FBI. It is the juiciest story of the century, far juicier that Watergate, where Mueller, on behalf of the FBI, is investigating a president for obstruction while that accusation sits blatantly on the nose of the FBI itself, while the media is by-and-large attacking the president viciously with false / exaggerated accusations just because he defeated their precious candidate. And so this exposure, be it God's or not, is right-now being shown to people willing to receive it, that a corrupt government body is in bed with big, Democrat media, all deceiving the people daily, a sign of things to come, and, in fact, rushing the things to come because the guilty are witness that their cat is out of the bag. This promises deliberate, societal confusion and lunacy from the top down, but it is here, active, not hiding. The Make-America-Loony program is underway, not lying low for fear of legal trouble, precisely because Trump's people are not going after it as they should. So long as Trump procrastinates, the deep state will take every opportunity to cover for itself, and, in the meantime, to jab at their enemies with whatever it's got to jab, fatal jabs if possible:

While Obama and the Clintons had their differences, and even while Trump and the Clintons have their war ongoing, Obama and Trump know that they can push against the Clintons only so far before the powers of that group fight back. Obviously, they will push hard against the Clintons to win election for themselves, but, once election was secured, they laid off. In fact, Obama appeased the Clintons, to protect himself, by making Hillary the secretary of state. Trump did a similar thing, but not anywhere near as glorious for the Clintons. While I still believe that the Comey circle wanted Hillary to lose the election (to protect itself), Comey knew that he had to let Hillary get away with her email crimes, and whatever other crimes are evident in her emails. The FBI and CIA knew that she was using a private server, and this was to protect the international agenda of that very deep state, obviously. We shouldn't need to be told this; we can figure it out all on our own, AND THIS IS THE EXPOSURE. The email scandal is all-the-exposure, and it's all thanks to WikiLeaks.

Hillary was like a smoking gun against the FBI and CIA, and her election would, they feared, start an investigation against Hillary with great passion. Once the poll numbers for Trump were starting to go up, and once it was evident that Republicans were likely to retain majority over the Senate, the deep state knew it had a powder keg due to likeliness of a full-blown investigation after the election. It decided, I assume, that a Trump presidency would not be as dangerous as a Clinton win, and, so far, they have proven right. One of their tactics (not surprising) is to instill fear in Trump's people should they bark for a full-blown investigation into world affairs under Obama and Bush. Those world affairs involves manipulating the elected leaders at home, but goes further into manipulating the societal mind as a whole with staged programs and staged media reports. It's the juiciest scandal ever in American history.

It's the devil versus common decency. It's the raping of America's money for global programs, with no concern for the poors' financial difficulties, no concern for a smooth and sober societal cloth, no concern for American illnesses and deaths, so long as the global agendas can be fulfilled. These things are what normal Americans will freak over, and the deep state knows it, and is preparing to protect itself. It badly needs to spy on Americans more in order to protect itself, and Trump has given that beast the right to do so. Figure it out on your own; you can do it. Trump is not for the people in this crucial situation. He may pretend to be for the people in money matters, but money matters is all about the deep state getting as much of it as it can, obviously. No decision by Republicans on money matters goes without deep-state input and manipulation. This is how things have been operating from when this beast had raised its ugly head. It's now prepared to blow fire everywhere to threaten, but if the people cower, they will need to live under its authority. What's the right thing to do, cower or fight back?

God doesn't want for us to fight with bullets. We fight by exposing so that the people do what they can to undermine the deep-state members. The first order is to identify the deep-state leaders. In the past one year alone, the world has been learning that "deep state" is not merely in the imagination of a conspiracy nut. The nut is now proving correct. It is a major blow against the deep state, and that state does not yet know what the final results. As the exposure continues, fear of the potential results graduates into paranoia. If even a cornered rodent may lash out, how much more this deep state with media, political, police and military powers subservient to its tentacles? And that's why exposure is so powerful, because it convinces those powers, in every department, to refuse being subservient.

I was moved to peg Jay Sekulow as part of the white-rabbit exposure shortly BEFORE the bombshell came out that Jay speaks on in the video above. This bombshell is the leak on Comey's decision to NOT investigate Hillary ever since at least April of least year, afterwhich he pretended to be part of a normal investigation. But there are many Jay Sekulows out there spreading this message, and if there are not enough of them yet, there is promise for this to spread to the liberal media, imminently, by force of its great weight. Although the leftist media will seek to minimize Comey guilt by minimizing Clinton guilt, yet the fact that Hillary's people destroyed email evidence is the meaning of great weight. Hillary the Shredder. She eats filth and blows it out her back side, smelling the entire nation, then says she did nothing wrong "elect me." The gravity of this situation is that the liberals -- far too many of the country's citizens -- want her elected.

I assume that the deep state has moved Trump to get rid of Sekulow as one of his lawyers. But is he still one of Trump's lawyers? Trump doesn't need to cut him loose by any statement; Trump needs only not to use Sekulow for any of his legal matters. Sekulow differs from Judicial Watch in his not demeaning Trump himself for failure to act as he thinks the president should. Jay allows that there could be a secret Trump move against the deep state. Or, to put it another way, there are some, such as Bannon, who support Trump even now, with lip service, hoping that the president will flip on, or abandon, his favoritism (or whatever it is) toward deep state.

One of the things I despise is that news shows, and even that of Jay Sekulow, have refused to put dates on their screen so that, when we watch them on youtube, we can know when the programs aired, whether it's old or new news. The OfficialACLJ channel at youtube, where the video above comes from, has no date even under the video, aside from the youtube date showing when the video first came out. This video can be aired a month from now as new news. This is bad, and I spit on it. Viewers have the right to know the date of a story. It is a no-brainer that dates should be included, and when they are not as a rule (Fox is guilty), it's deliberately underhanded. Expect a trend, very annoying. For this alone, I say that Jay's not altogether a clean player; he's got the markings of a worldly player, beware. Show honorability: put dates on the screens of your programs, otherwise you're a lowly worm with priority on making money while trying to appear like a political warrior. Spit! Some have been thinking: there's a lot of easy money to be made on youtube from political scandals / in-fighting, and a little more on top by duping viewers with old news, or rehashing yesterday's news based on one line of today's news, as is the unshakable habit daily from HA Goodman...who continually fronts ALL of his videos with a push of his own works, so dishonorable, and he doesn't mind one bit for behaving in this cheap way. He lures his viewers thanks to the juiciness of WikiLeaks-based scandals i.e. the hope they hold out for those who want justice. There is no end to this attitude in video or article form.

Pre-election voters never thought that the Trump team would transform into a stubborn mule, like one birthed by the Democrat donkey. There are numerous voters calling for the firing of Jeff Sessions, and he sees this, forcing him to act differently. But if Sessions comes out with something that remotely looks like he's a man of justice, we might best ignore it as a little red meat only, with the door slammed behind him as he disappears from our view for another month or two. It seems clear that the outrage expected of Sessions is not there. But even if he's being low-key for fear of the deep state, it behooves him to show outrage publicly at what's come out against Comey. Failing to show outrage makes the deep state operate more efficiently. Failing to show outrage arms Republican voters with less weaponry to do battle. Failing to show outrage makes Republicans weak at the knees for supporting Trump in the first place. Showing outrage is not yet synonymous with starting an investigation, but if Sessions doesn't even begin to show outrage, the only conclusion is: Trump = hypocrite. This Sessions buck stops with Trump.

It's possible that the FBI has played a trick with redacting released documents to Judicial Watch. The FBI could have redacted nothing damning to allow Judicial Watch to believe that damning things were covered up. Then, after Judicial Watch wins the right to get the same documents unredacted, it's learned that there was nothing damning under the black, which works to keep an embarrassed Judicial Watch from seeking documents again, and meanwhile makes the FBI look good.

Beware voters. We are entering an era where deep-state actors will run as non-establishment people. Such a mess. There's nothing new about people running while acting for-the-people, but, now, the new ones running for office will double-down on acting like outsiders. Plus, once elected on such a platform, there is gravity pulling them toward political greatness, and, to accomplish this thing, they need to become like the insiders, those who have always been seeking political greatness. Sessions has now achieved some, and he's protective of that "success," needing to schmooze with other insiders to survive. They get caught into a sucking-in whirlpool of self-interested humanity.

Here's an article where Wray, inadvertently or not, reveals FBI scams in place prior to his appointment:

In his first testimony before a Senate committee, FBI director Christopher A. Wray revealed that the bureau is now investigating 2,000 terrorism cases — an equal number of cases involving radical-Islamic-directed or inspired terror and cases of violence being planned or conducted by white supremacists or other racially motivated extremists. Wednesday’s testimony marks the first time that the FBI has divulged that it has about the same number of both types of cases.

You can easily see that the deep state is feigning a racial-divide agenda in cahoots with a feigned Muslim-terror scare. If Wray pulls into this, he can be marked as a huge disappointment. CNN is pushing the racial-divide program. Don't be sucked in. Respect others with different skin colors. Do not lump Muslims in general with others having terrorist leanings. These FBI programs actually manufacture Muslims with terrorist leanings, as well as Blacks with violent leanings. It's obvious from Charlottesville that the agenda is to create angry Blacks. Don't feed this agenda in fomenting your anger, because it will sink the entire society into impotence against the deep-state war. Your enemy is the deep state, not the black man on the streets.

"'We have a lot of [spy] tools,' Wray told the committee. 'We can always use more.'" Uh-oh. Wray = useless. Don't bank on this man. "Wray issued a stark warning about the growing danger of drone and cyber terror. Terrorists want to use drones to drop grenade-sized explosives, toxins, or other harmful substances on Americans, just as they have done abroad." Even if he's merely repeating what his FBI welcomers have told him, he's compromised already, before he even begins. Shame on Wray for adding to the Muslim scare. The FBI wants drone spy service over America, great shame.

A Rasmussen surname in the same article:
"Nicholas Rasmussen, director of the National Counterterrorism Center, agreed. 'Two years ago this [Muslim drone invasion] was not a problem,' he told the committee. 'A year ago it was an emerging problem. Now it’s a real problem. So we're quickly trying to up our game.'" Read between the lines. This is the extension of the Bush-CIA agenda for the very establishment of Homeland Security. Fox is pushing this story, as expected. Fox pushes false-flag events too, directly from deep-state news releases. It may simply be that Fox's slant on Republicans is for the deep-state purpose of creating in-fighting, primarily to weaken society, and secondly to create greater news ratings (money) through the passions of political in-fighting. That passion is justified, but if it's being faked, it just another sign of the times.

If there's a rebellion such as the resistance to the 666, this can be beneficial, for our enemies:

Here's a second video on the same towers:


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