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Sept 19 - 25, 2017

Nikki Haley is Mamie's Representation
The Spanish Lara's who Took Over from Donna Brazile
The Ligurian Hyksos Named Leakey

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I'm not taking email at this time, here's why. I apologize to all having left email, as I can't even mail to inform you.

The world doesn't view it well when the United States shoots its military mouth off. It is immoral / sinful to attack North Korea based on a show off. The other option, which is fully open, is to just shoot down that show-off's missiles.

Trump must have read my last update where I spoke on golf balls. Here's the evidence:

Trump himself tweeted that golf ball hitting Clinton in the back. Is this a sign of things to come? One thing is for sure, John Kelly is piping mad that Trump would tweet such a thing. Trump should make Kelly his caddy.

Here is a video on the 9-11 inside-job crime from a smart stewardess who spent thousands of hours investigating things, and even got hold of FBI documents telling of the conversations from the feigned stewardesses supposedly (bot not) on the attack planes:

I sense that the time is almost up for the criminals that conducted 9-11. I'm hoping to see justice. The only thing standing in the way right now is Donald Trump, unless he secretly changes his mind and stabs the criminals in the back. Publicly, he's taking the side of the insiders. In any case, God is not worried about merely Trump standing in the way.

I have loaded the Gowdy/Goodie surname and can link it directly to the white-rabbit elements. Trey Gowdy is one of the lawmakers on Oversight, now investigating (hopefully he's not all theater) Comey, Clinton, etc. He's the chairman of the Oversight committee. I've never seen a magic bullet like this man. He needs to protect himself if he's not doing theater on behalf of the deep state. What are the chances that Trey Gowdy, including even his first name, links directing to my bar-rabbit event? Might he be one of the shakers and movers that God has empowered?

The first thing to note about the Gowdy Coat is that it has the trefoils and colors of the Jarry/HARE Coat. The Gowdy/Goodie Coat moreover uses the Shake/Shakerley chevron while the latter's Crest is a HARE. It's a hit for kinship. I now regard Shake's with Jay Sekulow, suspect as one of God's chosen men to reveal / undo the Clinton crime ring.

The Jarrys/Hare's became important because it was one of the methods to verify that a bra-rabbit event in my youth (see last update) was God's Sign to me and some readers that he's out to catch the Clinton / Democrat crime ring that many are speaking openly about. The bra-rabbit event led me to the Touch surname before I found that Jarrys use the Touch lion. The Jarrys were looked up because no Jerry surname came up, while the touch-bra event over the cage with a white rabbit was at the home of Jerry PETERSON. About the time that the Jarry lion (Lander/Landen / Langley colors) was found, I learned that Peter PETERSON, the chairman emeritus of the Council on Foreign Relations, married Mrs. Cooney, a dead-giveaway because Coneys / Conns use white rabbits.

The chance of finding someone with a Peterson surname, in a lead position within an arm or brain of the shadow government, connecting so close to my initial white-rabbit entity, is very remote, wouldn't you say? But I claimed that God was in the white-rabbit event even before that discovery. The current CFR president is Mr. Haass (Jewish), and that surname (Bavaria, maybe from Hesse liners) shows nothing but a hare, can you believe it? He's Richard NATHAN Haass (Rhodes Scholar), and Nathans/Nations (Rothschild-liner suspect) use a good reflection of the Conn / Coney Coat in colors reversed. So, check in to tribwatch's updates once in a while to see what may have developed from Above. I've been praying the God will not disappoint my readers. Chances are great that He will amaze. Peterson's Chair position (ended 2007) was previously held by David Rockefeller, and is now held by Carla Hills.

(I was complaining that it was called a Counsel instead of a Council, but it turns out to be "Council" after all. I was copying from someone else using "Counsel.")

I've recently suggested that the Hones surname can be a Cone / Cony variation. Gowdys/Goodie's use a "HONESta" motto term. The Hones' essentially share the double fesses of Parrs, colors reversed from the two fesses of Morinis', and that's important for more than one reason. The Parrs are in the motto and double fesses of Mame's/Mens', first found in Midlothian along with Gowdys/Goodie's, tending to verify that the Gowdy motto is codes for Hones'/Hone's.

When Joel's white Rabbit Volkswagen had been in his possession for four days, he visited me with it, and we went for a drive. When I asked where we were going, he said he wanted to head out to a town of Parry, much like "Parr." But I suggested that, if we're going to Parry, let's drop in on the people at Shakle street. He said, "sure." So we went there first, and later got to Parry. I was actually telling him about Twitter's White Rabbit (supposedly made 28,000 Clinton emails available) when he informed me of what I didn't know, that his white Volkswagen was a Rabbit. And so I reasoned that God wants us to know that JAY Sekulow is part of God's plan. My parents lived on JAY street when the touch-bra event took place.

Parrys use one of the two Parr fesses, and English Treys use three in the same colors. Treys may be a branch of True's/Trew's/Tree's in the motto of Hume's who in-turn use the Touch / Jarry lion in colors reversed. Scottish Treys/Trails (almost the Macey / GILmore Coat) are Maschi liners and share the motto term of Hamons, from Hamon de Masci (same place as Touch's and other Cuneo liners such as Masci's > Masseys / Maceys.

I, a Masci on my mother's side, had to reach over, from the small deck I was standing on, to reach the bra on the LAUNDRy line (God's code for Landers/Landens who share the bars of Langleys, from Langhe, location of Cuneo's Bra). I recall POINTing at the bra with my finger as I reached. I wasn't pointing, but rather extending myself as far as I could in order to touch it; this was just fun and games on the spur of the moment with Jerry there. It was a pure-white bra owned by an attractive, young blond tenant, otherwise I wouldn't have touched it. I need to conclude, as much as Christians may balk, that God set that event up. The pointing finger became suspect (months ago) with POINDexters, for reasons I've told already (see his surname in the last few updates), but it was only two updates ago that I found a white coney rabbit with the Esquer/Esqivel surname as per checking surnames to match the ESQUIRE's helmet of Poindexters. If this doesn't impress you, you are not thinking hard / right enough.

For years, I had been tracing a Dexaroi people to Decks/Daggers / Daggers/Dackers and Dexters/Decksters, all prior to my knowing the PoinDEXTERs. And I was standing on a small DECK while pointing at the bra. I had climbed about four stairs = SCALA to get on this deck (about 4-feet square), which had the rabbit cage underneath the deck floor. John B. Poindexter was the man who invited judge SCALIA to his death at his ranch. The esquire-like Squire's/Square's/Squirrels share the red squirrel with Decks/Daggers. Can you believe this? Either I've fabricated the entire event to fit these surnames, and to fool my readers, or God is about to do something terrible to the killers of Scalia.

Parrys use axes for what I perceive as Axius-river liners to the Axe river in Somerset. The Axius was the ancient river of the Paioni, location of Stobi, which I trace to the Stubbs that came up as Stops when I checked them due to meeting Lorraine at a BUS STOP. AstiBUS was also in the land of the Paioni, and Asti is near Bra. The Poindexters share the fist of Fists/FAUSTs, suspect with Cuneo's Vasto's, a branch of Montferrat, the latter being the area around Bra / Langhe. See my Asti investigation in the last update.

Parrs use two fesse bars in the colors of the two Dexter chevrons. I have some reason for seeing Gowdys as a Geddes branch, and German Barrys share fish heads with Geddes'.

Mamie, a symbol of pizzagate and the attempted murder of Steven Scalise by Democrats, and whom I met on my last night with Lorraine, was God's code for the Mame/Meme/Mens bloodline we saw above. There developed a question on whether the Parr kin of Mens' were themselves a branch of the namers of Bra. I repeated, in the last update, the Mamie chose me over BARRY on the second time that I saw her. When I arrived, I saw her in the back of a truck with bare breasts, and what appeared to be she putting her BRA back on while looking me straight in the face in an oh-no moment. I looked away before I could be sure that they were bare breasts. Barry was right beside her, where we would expect him had he just taken off the bra in a typical sexual encounter. Some friends (we were at a camp site) had opened the hatch to the pick-up because I was asking where Barry / Mamie was. Barry had invited me to the camp site, but I initially said no because I was trying to forsake the party crowd. He lured me by saying Mamie would be there. It was about that month when God, it seemed, provided (me) the genius-moment revelation on the true order of the 21 Revelation plagues. I was destined to become a prophecy writer in that early period of my Christianity.

Lorraine was herself God's code for several things, including the Paioni peoples to which I trace Poindexters, but also for the Landers/Landens. The latter surname was discovered thanks to the bus-stop event that God set up me between Lorraine and I, for she agreed to meet me that evening (for our first date) at my LAUNDRomat. I had not yet arrived to the bra-on-LAUNDRY-line realization, but that revelation was soon to arrive. Lorraine turned out to be a JW (Jehovah's Witness), and while I do not think that God respects JW's, Jay Sekulow works for JW (Judicial Watch). From September 20: "A federal appeals court will hear a case brought by Judicial Watch on Friday to make public draft indictments of Hillary Clinton from the Whitewater scandal in the 1990s." Plucking away.

Bar-le-Duc in Lorraine use fish, and trace via the Bars of BRUNswick to Bruno's, who had a branch at Cuneo's Asti / Langhe. Years earlier, I had the ability, through heraldic learning, to insist that Brunswick-LUNEburg was a line from Montferrat and Langhe. The Bars merged with ESTE, which we see in the Bar eagle as well as in the "HonESTA" motto term of Gowdys/Goodie's. Pepins, from Pepin of Landen, are Este kin.

The Schultz surname is suspect with heraldic shoulders. Parrs use "A woman's head and shoulders, dressed in blue, wearing a wreath of red and silver roses." This evokes Debbie Wasserman Schultz, central in the murder of Seth-Rich suspects. When WikiLeaks forced Schultz to step down as the Democrat leader, she was replaced by Donna Brazile. The latter character was fingered by God in my last update. At that time, it became my opinion that, if those seeking the demise of the Clinton deep state wish to find major dirt, they need to look to Brazile's communications / emails.

Second Base

Mamie and Cindy Richardson together became symbols of the attempted murder of Steve Scalise. That is, the Cindy and Richardson surnames entered the list of surnames that God wants me to stress. Cindys use a fair reflection of the English Trey Coat. This section shows some evidence that God wants Trey Gowdy to look into the Scalise murder.

Scalise's are listed with Scalia's, first found in the same place as Brunswick-liner Bruno's, and we just saw why Bruno's of Asti should have been in contact with Bra / Cuneo liners. But let's add that a giant green lion is that not only of Touch's and Gowdy-related Jarrys/Hare's, but of Asteys. Again, the Touch / Jarry lion is the giant one of Hume's/Home's in colors reversed, and while Mamie and I were hugging / kissing at HOME plate, Cindys use a lion in Hume/Home-lion colors.

To understand this revelation best, which God put much work into, you need to believe that God named some people's first names (by moving the parents to name them) to help me show that their surname counterparts tell His story on the guilty parties. Cindy Richardson was standing on SECOND BASE, where Steve Scalise was playing baseball when he was shot. One Base surname uses the two Brunswick lions in pale, and they are in the colors of the SECOND-surname lions. There is not one thing I recall about the night at the youth-group; event in the park except for Mamie and i at home plate while Cindy was viewing us from second base. There were no other people on the field or in the baseball diamond, as I recall it. Again, Treys use a good reflection of the Cindy Coat.

At the time that I was with Mamie, I was sharing an apartment with Mr. Oulette, and the Oullette Chief shares the lions of the Richardson Chief. Oulette's are said to be from a BASSet area of Normandy while Bassets are suspect with the fesses of Sturs, from the Stura river of Cuneo. I've not noticed until stressing Brasiers/Brasaults in the last update that French Bassets/Bassers/Bessaits (billets colors reversed from Hones billets) look like an r-less Brasier branch. Sauts/Salts were first found in Staffordshire with the English Bassets and the Stops/Stubbs.

Richardsons were first found in the same place as Savage's/SAVA's (same lions as Richardsons / Oulette's), from SAVIGliano, beside Bra (Ligurian theater). Savage's/Sava's use the Eagle Coat while the eagle legs of Brays/Brae's are part-code for Leghs/Lighs (Ligurians), who use the Second/Segur lion in colors reversed. My opinion along with a few others is that Jack Sava, the chief surgeon at a Washington-DC hospital, was an accomplice in the murder of Seth Rick. This same Jack Sava had Steve Scalise in his hospital after he was shot. Mr. Sava himself announced the unexpected, that Scalise's condition had become critical i.e. near death. But Scalise survived the reported infection that could very well have been planted.

It's a little home-plate interesting that the German Plate's are Blate's while English Blate's use a saltire in Hume/Home colors and in colors reversed from the similar Hodgekinson cross. The Scalise shooting was reported to be from the rifle of a Mr. Hodgekinson. Blate's share white pheons with the Belwood ancestry of Richardsons, and with Pilate's, from Mont Pilate near the Forez mountains, the latter being where Bassets/Bassers were first found that can be with the billets of Gowdy-related Hones'/Hone's. The Billet/Billiard / Hillard/Billiard surname is suspect as a branch of Blythe's (birth surname of Bill Clinton), first found in the same place as Hume's/Home's. Treys share black-on-white cinquefoils with Rodhams.

Recall that Gowdys use the Shake chevron, for it's in Hodgekinson colors while the "Sans" motto term of Hodgekinsons (EAGLE) is essentially the "sanz" of SHAKEspeare's. The Sans surname is listed with Sanches'/Sanquez's, who made it to the last update in a trace with Songe's / Sangers to the Sangarius = SAKARya river, where I trace Seagers and Segurana's and therefore Seconds/Segurs (Levi's use a "second" motto term). Spears were first found in the same place as Peter Pollock while Peter's share the Hodgekinson motto. Hodge's have a version of the Non/Nevin Coat, and Shakespeare's use a "Non sanz" motto phrase. We can hereby glean that the Shakerley variation of Shake's is a SAKARya entity, and thus we can trace Biblical Shechemites to the Sakarya, home of the Great Mother Whore whom God's rifle is aimed at for Armageddon. I traced Shechemites to the shakefork of Cuneo-liner Cunninghams, first found in the same place as Nons/Nevins and Kennedys.

I traced SHECHEMites (Kenite associates / partners / relatives) with little doubt from SCHIMatari in Boiotia, home of mythical Orion, to the heraldic SCIMITAR of Kenite-line Kennedys (from the Heneti on the Parthenius, one major river east of the Sakarya). And SCHIMs/Chands/Schiens can be gleaned as branches of Skene's / Skins while Hodgekinsons are also HodgeSKINs. I get it. It tends to nail Hodgekinson colors with those of Shake's/Shakerleys and Gowdys. The Gowdy treFOILS are in the colors of the Hodgekinson cinqueFOILs.

There was a Song / Sang investigation in the last update to see how it could square with Julian AsSANGe. You might be interested in it. Singers/Sangers use the horses of Freys, suspect with mythical Frey and Frigg, herself suspect from Phrygians at the Sakarya theater. The Great Mother goddess of Phrygia is the whore mentioned above on the Sakarya. She was an extension of Rhea upon Crete and into Troy, and so just compare the Ray Coat to that of Freys.

To find Levi's using the Second/Segur surname in their motto is important where Moses, a Levite, married a woman of the Kenites. Ignore the anti-Christ stooges who say that Moses' God was the god of the Kenites. The Halybes on the Halys river, one major river east of the Heneti on the Parthenius, could have been named after Eliphas, son of Esau. I trace Eliphas liners to heraldic elephants, while Levens use elephant heads. The Second/Segur lion can be the ancient lion symbol of Cybele, the Phrygian great-mother goddess, the goddess of the Galli priesthood of the Kabeiri, and while I expect Galli to have named Gali=Gauls, Laevi Ligurians were Gauls.

Phrygians were proto-Troy. Rhea was mother to Zeus on CRETE, and Levi's live CHRETiens in their motto. Zeus was proto-Troy, suggesting that Troy was named after Tyrians.

I've just found the two chevrons of Chaplains (Calvados) and English Josephs with Italian Manno's/Manelli', from Venice but first found in Cremona. First of all, Manno's/Manelli's and Chaplins use nothing but the two chevrons, which are half in the colors of the nothing-but-two-chevrons Braswells, the surname of some grandfather of Donna Brazile. You find out later that white-Rabbit Joel is responsible for my finding the Manelli surname at this very time.

As English Josephs are kin of Caplans, I view the Josephs from Joseph Caiaphas as well as from Flavius Josephus, a Maccabee line according to his own words. It's very interesting that the Mackays, using "Manu FORTi" as a motto, use one of the two Manno/Manelli chevrons while Italian Forts were first found in Venice (!), and as these Forts share the demi-horse in the Arms of Stuttgart, by what coincidence did the Stout vikings of Scotland use a raven, symbol of Mackeys/Margys, first found at/near the Scottish coast facing out to the Isle of Man and other marine areas ruled by king Maccus (i.e. the line to Mackays)? French Forts (Sforza colors) use ravens and the same chevron as Mackays, Chaplains and Manno's/Manelli's!!

English Forts were first found beside Cheshire, and use the colors in the Arms of Gascony (share's garbs with Arms of Cheshire), and Gascony (Guyenne) is where French Forts ("auDAX") were first found. See also Force's from Dordogne, in the Gascony theater.

How much sense does it make to have the line of Joseph Caiaphas merged with Maccabee liners? This Maccus and Mackay link to Manelli's is a great key to have. And, remember, Joel and the Brazilian took a highway through the mountains of Italy, from Rome to Venice, before catching a plane from Venice to Poland. They went to Krakow.

Italian Forts are said to be from Venice, but first found in Ferrara, which is where CAPLan-like Capelli's were first found! Zinger, I've known that Capelli's were a Caplan / Chaplin branch, but here the Mackay-Man line is found to be involved, and it means a great deal, especially as Joel and the Brazilian took the road that passes near Rieti, where Flavius Josephus' imperial protectors were. One can even see that the Rieti line to Roets (kin of Masters) is connected to the Caplans (i.e. the Roet Coat is like the Caplan Coat, both using the Saluzzo Shield).

Rieti was home to Sabinus, husband of Vespasia Polla, the imperial line (that took on and named Flavius Josephus) to Pollocks using an "Audacter" motto term, almost the "audax" of English Forts. These Forts share the bee with Maccus- / Maxwell-liner Maxtons, and Pollocks are said to be a sept of Maxwells (same place as Levi-suspect Leavells). This explains why the two stars in the Fort Chief are colors reversed from the two in the Sabine Chief (why is the Fort bee in that Chief as opposed to elsewhere?). It allows one to ask whether the red bull of Sabine's is that of Ferrara's Charo's/Claro's (compare the latter to Fiers/Fere's and Fairs). Sabine's come up as "Savona," and Italian Savona's use more ravens. This makes English Savone's (same place as Roets) suspect with the Macey stars. Joel and his friend drove right by Mount Sabina, itself at Rieti.

Italian Forts share the red fesse with Bidens/Buttons (same place as Caplans and Josephs), and Bidens/Buttons use the chapeau cap of Capelli's along with horns as code for the Orne river, where I trace the line of Avaran Hachorani Maccabee. Ferte-MACE is near the upper Orne. This is amazing. The Augusts (share eagle legs with Brays/Brae's), who share the Biden/Button fesse in both colors, were likewise first found in Ferrara. It's been probably four or five years since creating the theory that the priestly upper crust amongst Israel's Sadducees / Pharisees cut deals with the invading Romans (from Rieti) in 70 AD, escaping to Ferrara, named after a Pharisee line (as went my theory). Ferrara, in 70 AD, was Forum Allieni, which I pegged as a Alan line to Dol before finding the fesse of Italian Forts to be that of Alans in both colors. It's also the fesse of Saluzzo-line Rundels, first found in Kent with Masters.

I can't hide this anymore: Joel is descended from a family from the hometown of my Masci mother. He dropped into that town on the way to Venice, not giving the people word beforehand. To his own surprise, he arrived on the day of a funeral for the wife of August's wife, who was at my mother's house when I was about 20, and she kissed me that day while someone was taking a photo of us. Last Monday, after loading the last update to the Internet, I was talking to Joel, asking what August's surname was. The surname, in it's exact spelling, is not at houseofnames, but it's two vowels different from "Manelli" (both begin with "Man"), which is how Manno's/Manelli's became a topic here. Just look at what Manelli's have discovered and verified.

In the summer of my tenth year, one year after by touch-bra event, my mother traveled without my father to her hometown, and brought me along. We stayed two months, and I lived those months in August's home, I kid you not. August's grandmother was a Miss Ferrari! His father worked as a steel = fer worker; I was in his shop several times watching him work. I therefore get the impression that August and my mother was descended from Joseph Caiaphas, and that God chose me for this revelation to track Caiaphas liners in connection with Maccabee liners to FreeMASONs. Massins/masons, who use a lion in the colors of the Chaplain lion heads, were first found in the same place as Masters, and Masters with Roets use Agrippa-suspect griffins.

"Freemasonry" is a double code because Freie's/Freys/Vreys, a branch of Freys/PHREEZE's, use the Massin/Mason (and Ferrari) lion. Can you believe this? Freys/Phreeze's look like they use a version of the Ray stag, and Rays were first found in the same place, while sharing the fesses and lion heads, of MUSTs/Mousquette's.

The Roet motto term, "VeRUM" can be double code, one for Vrey / Vere liners to Ferrara-suspect Varni Nordics, and one for Rome/Room liners, for Rome's/Rooms share the August fesse. Donald RUMSfelde (Bush's defence chief) and the Rumsfields/Ramseys come to mind. Rams ("Quod" suspect with Mackays / Quoids) can be gleaned with the Mackay Shield, and Rams use "vis FIERi". As king Pinnes was on Vis/Issa, I suggest Rams are with the Shield of Penders/Pinders (Cheshire), for the latter use a "fortis" motto code (i.e. almost the Mackay motto term). A recent president of the EU was Herman Rompuy. It may be that "puy," a term indicating "town / village," is a suffix so that Rompuys were Rome/Room liners. In any case, Rumps, first found in Cumberland with Mackay-beloved Daggers and Agrippa-suspect Bernice's, share two lions "combatant" (facing one another) with Abreu's/Abruzzo's, and my mother's home town is in Abruzzo. The Romp lions are brown, but, sometimes, brown symbols are called gold. I expect brown symbols to be code for Bruno's > Brunswick, and I see the Brunswick lion in the Coat of Formans, suspect from Forum Allieni.

While my mother and I were in Abruzzo at age 10, my father was working real-estate with a man, Bruno. I know this because, in my 11th year, my father purchased a new house beside Bruno's new house. As soon as we moved into this house, God struck the chimney with lightning while I was repeating, "No, I don't believe in you, God." I was waking from sleep (dream state), and as I consciously heard these words the second time, bang, the lightning struck while still on my lips, scattering bricks on the roof. When I look back, I view this event as a dream God provided, which I do not recall, in order to set me up confidently, for a later time, to do this work that I'm doing. I've had dreams / visions in the past year, while waking up, that prove to be heraldic-related information from Him for this project.

The Bricks, by the way, are a Massey-related surname from Ranulph de Briquessart (Orne area), father of Ranulph le Meschin, the first Meschin I know of. I and Caiaphas must be from his line. About seven houses down the street from where the chimney was hit, a girl was destined to live whom I dated at age 20, Miss Whelan. Whelans use the Brick Coat. I cannot recall how I met Miss Whelan, for my parents moved from that street when I was only 13. I probably met her because my friend, Mr. Young, was dating her sister. I have traced Youngs/Yonge's to the piles of Scottish Leavells, suspect from Caiaphas too. Scottish Leavells share the fesse of Bidens/Buttons, Rome's/Rooms / Augusts / Caens (Meschins were from the Caen area), and English Leavells were first found in Somerset with Roets.

It may not be coincidental that, minutes before finding the Manno/Manelli Coat, I saw someone who looked like Mamie in a video showing Trump's press secretary (Sarah Huckabee Sanders). I don't know who the woman is (I don't watch news) that looks like Mamie. She's the second woman to walk into the room at the start of this video (it turns out to be Nikki Haley). When I put a piece of paper over her face with only eyes and hair showing, she looks exactly like Mamie (at 20), at least in this video:

Sander-like Sandle's (same place as Caplans / Josephs) are said to be from a tenant of Waleran HUNTer. Sanders share the elephant head with Levens (Maxton chevron)?, first found in the same place (Shropshire) as Hunts (and Meschins). Sandle's/Saint Lows are from MANCHE while I resolved that Mamie was God's code for Isle-of-Man / Maccus liners such as Mansfields (at Mamesfelde) and Mangells/Mansells, who use MAUNCH's. Masseys were from Manche (and later Cheshire), and I, likely a Massey liner, dated Mamie as per God's doing in order to uncover some aspect of the Democrat crime ring.

Sandle's / Sandals became a topic as per Miss Hicks sandals when she was wearing green toe nails (pale green). There is a Sandal/Sindal surname (Tow/Touch colors) using a green cross, and it's the same-type cross, in the same green color, in the Arms of Pola/Pula, suspect with Vespasia Polla. Sintons, by the way, were first found at Selkirk while Selkirks share a version of the Douglas Coat, while Scottish Sandals/Sandilands are said to be a Douglas sept.

I've just checked the Haleys while recalling that Nickle's were first found in Cheshire, where king Maccus (thought to have ruled Isle of Man) had some talks with some Saxons, according to his Wikipedia article. The leader of the Kabeiri, mythical Hephaestus, although he was the god of Lemnos, home of the Sintians that became the Santones, is traceable to the Halybes metal smiths / miners at the Hayls river. "Halybes" is like "Eliphas."

One Nickle surname uses pellets for the Pellet branch of Pilote's / Pilotte's, and the Cheshire Nickle's share the white pheon with Pilate's. The Marone's can figure into this because Mamie was a brunette, and because, as I pointed out some weeks ago concerning that topic, Irish Marone's (means brunette in Italian) use a reflection of the Coat of Man-liner Mackays. We just saw the Forts in the "Manu forti" motto of Mackays, wherefore, can you believe it: Italian Marone's use two stars in Chief in the colors of the two stars in the Fort Chief, while Irish Marone's share the Haley boar heads!! Amazing. God must be pointing us now to Nikki Haley, Trump's ambassador to the UN, and expected to be manipulated by the Council of Foreign Relations

Moray was once called, FORTriu, and Marone's, possibly of the Marey variation of Morays, use Moray colors. Joel and the Bra-suspect Brazilian drove past Avezzano, to within 25 miles, and the MARsi were in that area. It's clear that French Mars/More's (same place as Messeys and Pilate's) use a version of the Marone/Maroon Coat. Mar's/More's can even be using the Sandle scallops (Scottish-Mar colors). Sandals/Sandilands were kin of the Moray-related Douglas' the salaMANDER of which goes back to the Maeander river (home of Maeonians to whom I trace Man liners such as Mamie), with great potential to house the Amazons (proto-Masseys = Mysians) and others on Lemnos (off the Mysia coast). The Mormons traced themselves to Lemnos by their secret codes, one of which was Moroni, and another, Lamanite.

Just look at all of this: Haleys use the Marone boars, and Italian Marone's use the Avison ANCHOR while ANKARA is in what was once Phrygia. There was also an Ancore location that was otherwise Nicaea (Mysia), a Nikki-like term. Nikki Haley! Avezzano's are a branch of Avisons (same garbs as Josephs).

The mythical Maenads (pine-cone symbol, also of Maschi's) were associates of mythical Dionysus, who was on Lemnos with his Cretan wife (Ariadne). Masci's were from Amazons of Lemnos, weren't they? Dionysus (sacred island, NAXos) was an associate of mythical Nike (namer of Nicaea?), suspect with Liguria's Nice, near enough to Imperia to call out Dionysus' leopard-skin symbol, for the ImPERI priests (evokes Barry) of Boofima used leopard gloves in their sacrifices, and the goats they sacrificed suggest worship of Marsyas. Lake FUCINo of the Marsi might be of Fussen on the Leck river, and even Fossano in Cuneo. The Ligurian founders at MARSeilles were partly Fucino-like Phocaeans, and Marseilles' earlier namer strikes me from the Numidians that named Massena/MassiNISSA. Dionysus is known to be named after one or more mount Nysa, and Nissans use a sinister-rising bend as evidence for their link to Masci's / Massena's. It appears that Boofima was amongst the Numidians, explaining why Boofima conducted human sacrifices, i.e. as did neighboring Carthage (= Tyrians, related to Cretans of the Minoan kind).

The Maenads had a dance symbol, and I danced with Mamie the first night with her!!! It appears the Nikki Haley was set up by God in the Trump circle for at least these historical reasons under discussion. "Dionysus" is said to be the root of the Dennis surname (LANCashire), like "Donnus" and the Donna/Donnas/Dance surname. French Dennis'/Denisons (Rundel fesse?) were first found in Champagne, the rulers of which merged with Avesnes (Helpe river), the Avezzano line (because Avezzano's share the potent-pattern bend with Champagne's).

According to Herodotus of CARia, where the Maeander flows to, Amazons were from the THERModon river, and that's where I trace Trumps if they were DRUMmonds (suspect at KilDRUMMY castle, capital of the Scottish Mars). So, we have Nikki Haley in the video with Trump's media spokeswoman, Mrs. HUCKabee Sanders, and Miss HICKS, from the Hyksos suspect with the Kabeiri, over which Dionysus was the chief priest, was in a dream sleeping in a CAR (Caria line?) on the SANDY BEACH (Beach' may use the Shield of English Champagne's). Huckabee's use Asclepios rods, and Asclepios was the son of Coronis, sister of Ixion (chariot-wheel symbol) whom I identify with Hyksos ruler, Khyan. "Ixion" is suspect with "Iasion," the founder of the Kabeiri, and brother of mythical Dardanus, the likely line to Dardanians that I now see as the ancestors of Maccabees (same Amazon ancestry as Masseys). The Macestus river of Mysia comes to mind, near Apollonia. Apollo, in being a twin of the Amazon goddess (ArTEMIS, from THEMIScyra at Thermodon), must himself have been an Amazonian entity, and indeed his all-women Muses were the Mysians.

Morays/Mareys use "Tout PRET" while the Arms of Rieti use "PRATus." Prats use pellets and mascles. Pretts use the Sutherland stars, while Mackays were first found in Sutherland, while Sutherlands have a write-up identifying their stars as the Moray stars. Marone's/Maroons were first found in FERMANach while Firmins and Formans/Fermans (same lion as Pretts) use more anchors.

The Coat of Irish Prats has been traced to the island of Bratia/Brac along with the Tiller and Brack Coats. Bratia is off the mouth of the Tilurius river, and near Melita, where I trace Mallets ("force") that nearly use the Mar Coat. Melita is beside the ELAPHiti islands (Eliphas? Halybes?) , while OLIPHants share "Tout" with Morays/Mareys (Massin/Mason kin). Oliphants (in the Sander elephant?) were granted Arbuthnott, and Arbuthnotts (share "Laus Deo" with salamander-suspect Manders) use the Moray/Marey Coat as well as possibly a version of the Savone Coat. The Tilurius is where I trace Julius Avitus while the Cheshire Nickle's use "Fide" and "vide." Avitus married Miss Maesa, suspect with the Cheshire Masseys. Chances are, the Nickle pheon is the one in the Sales/Sallet Crest, and Sales'/Sallets are in the salamander, aren't they? There was an ancient Sale location at the mouth of the Hebros river, which is near Lemnos.

By the way, one Brack surname is with Breakers and can thus reveal that Bra and "flax-breaker" Brays/Brae's were a branch of the namers of Brac, for German Bracks and Tillers use the same fesse as Conys / Conns. Both Brack surnames use horns for a likely trace to Maccabees at the Orne river.

There was an ancient location, Salviae, between the Maezaei and the Oeneus/Una rivers, to which I traced the Sullivans that use a form of the Hunt Coat. Sales'/Salletts (beside the Shropshire Hunts) use half the Hunt saltire, and Saults (same place as Mars/More's) use "TraHUNT." Joel drove past the Salto river between Rieti and Avezzano, the latter smack beside lake Fucino of the Marsi. Sullivans and Saults were in the last update, with Sault's coming to topic when Donna Brazile was suspect with Brasiers/BraSAULTs. I kid you not, not a word of a lie, a bird just hit my back window or my back patio door as I wrote the last sentence. Let me repeat from the last update:

I gave a time as to when the scream took place, or perhaps the time when writing it, and, exactly three hours later (to the minute), a bird hit the patio door. If I recall correctly, it was 3:29 and 6:29. This morning, I turned on the computer at 4:58, about eight minutes after a bird cawed out the same window, in the direction that I heard a bird scream weeks ago.

The bird cawing this morning came as I was wondering about Donna Brazile's first name [it happened at the same time exactly, not a minute after or before], perhaps to indicate the Don surname. This seemed important because it is very rare to hear a bird caw in the middle of the night, and because it reminded me of the bird screaming, as if God were verifying that I should do a mention on Donna Brazile. It turns out that Dons, first found in Cheshire, where I expect Cuneo liners of the Masci kind, use a "dona" motto term. There is a Donna surname with the Italian Dance's/Donnas', first found in Piedmont (Cuneo is in Piedmont). The reasons that this is important is: 1) I didn't know that Donna's were from Piedmont; 2) I was thinking, while still in bed, that Donna Brazile was the chief reason for the bra / brasier on the laundry line...

The reasons I'm giving the times is that Seth Rich was shot, they say, between 4 and 5 am, but died later that day, some say several hours later. Perhaps someone (Rod Wheeler?) may known something that relates to these times. I didn't look at the time when the bird hit this morning, but it was about five minutes before 11:51 am (the time now). In any case, the fact that the bird hit as I was writing a sentence with, "Donna Brazile was suspect with Brasiers/BraSAULTs," makes the event this morning seem to be from God to point at Donna Brazile. It can then be added that judge Scalia died on a HUNTing trip on the hunter's ranch of John Poindexter, while Poindexter is/was a leader in the Saint Hubertus hunting club, while Huberts (same place as Sale's/Sallets) use a version of the Sales/Sallett Coat. The Scaults variation of Saults evoked Debbie Wasserman SCHULTz, whose position at the DNC Brazile took over.

I find it totally reasonable that Melita liners formed a Mallet surname because Maccabees had a hammer symbol. The Martels, which mean "hammer" in Italian, were first found in the same place as French Forts, who share the raven with the Nickle Crest.

I didn't know until today (same day as finding the Manelli's) that Seth Rich's brother is Joel. It made me wonder whether Rich's were a Rieti branch? In any case, Rich's (BOTTONy crosses) were first found in the same place as Caplans, Josephs and Bidens/BUTTONs. Rich's use "Garde le Roy" as a motto, while French Roys (same split Shield as STUTEville's and Hunts) were first found in the same place as Chappes' and Levi's.

Rod Wheeler says that Donna Brazile characterized him as a snoop. Wheeler is a homicide PI, and was investigating the Rich murder. Since when is that "snooping"? Only when Brazile doesn't want the murderer to be found. It turns out that Rich was murdered while Brazile, not Wasserman, was the DNC chairman. Here's a video:

Susan Lindauer

I've come across a video concerning Susan Lindauer, a CIA operative turned whistle blower, whose surname looks a little like "Lander" and "laundry." As Lindauers/Lindau's (Austria) use the same eagle as Childs and Lorraine's while Lorraine, my old girlfriend, is the reason that Landers/Landens (from Pepin of Landen, likely descended from Childeric = Child surname) were brought to topic, I've got to investigate Mrs. LINDauer, especially as the bra was on a laundry LINE while Line's are also LINDs. In fact, while Lincolnshire was called, LINDsey, from ancient LINDOS on Rhodes, note that the giant Lindauer/Lindau/LINDAUS eagle is used by Roads/Roders. German Linds/Lints share "manu" with Mackays.

I should also mention that my Lorraine was a Jehovah's Witness, and organization founded by Charles Russell, whose surname is from Roussillon, in the land of the Rhodes liners to Redones. So, Mrs. Lindauer looks like she's from the ancient cousins of Rhodes' (the line that God wants to destroy now), and my Lorraine's codes can apply to her whistle-blowing activities. The possibility is that the laundry line with bra, the clubbing of a rabbit to death in my laundry sink by my landlord, whose house was next door to a laundromat on Laun-like Leven street, and my meeting Lorraine for a first date in a laundromat in the same mall as the laundromat above, might just have been God's codes especially for the story of Susan Lindauer (God can items in any event that has more than one thing to link to).

By the way, I don't recall suggesting that "clubbing" the rabbit to death could be code for Clubs (Child colors and format), whom I view as a line from Clovis, son of Childeric. Clubs use martlets as code for Charles Martel, descended from Pepin of Landen. The lily that is the fleur-de-lys is thought, by anyone who has an opinion on its origins, to be from Clovis, and Susans happen to use a giant lily. The last time I saw Lorraine, a couple of years after we were no longer together, she was carrying an infant CHILD. I was sitting with Paul Smith at the time at a coffee shop, and Irish Smiths, listed for some reason with Gowans, use a "TeneBRAS" motto term while Smith College, attended by Susan Lindauer, is in Northampton, Massachusetts, while Brays/Brae's were first found in Northampton, England.

The surname of Donna Brazile's ancestors, back a few generations, was BRASwell, the girdle of which was traced in the last update to Curtus Maccabee, but also to Val Trompia and Lake Garda, where the line of AVARAN Hachorani Maccabee passed through to Orne. Orne's/Horns and HAVERANs share the heron with Smiths.

So, perhaps God arranged for Susan Lindauer to attend Smith University in order to connect her investigation here to Donna Brazile's guilt (weak argument but I'm leaving it here on a hunch). My last night with Lorraine was finding her with a GRASS streak on the butt-thigh of her white pants as soon as she got home from a walk with her friend's husband. I had arrived while they were still on the walk. The point is, Braswells use nothing but two chevrons in the colors of nothing-but-three-chevrons of French Grace's/Grasse's. The latter are in Brix/Bress colors while Brixia/Brescia is at Val Trompia. Grass' look like Brian kin while Girtle's/Curtlers can be with the Bright Coat for a trace to Brix-like Brigantium, also called, BRIANcon.

Susan's Wikipedia article tells that the judge in her court case ruled her to be too insane to stand trial, which may have been a result from a plea bargain where the FBI agreed to let her go under the condition that she can be called crazy if she came out to blow the whistle. She's all over youtube, and doesn't sound crazy to me. Would the CIA employ her if she were mentally unstable? It is easy opinion that the FBI arrested her on a false charge, and that the FBI had no credible evidence.

Susan was bucking against president Bush not to invade Iraq. She also had questions concerning 9-11: "In a 2008 hearing, one of Lindauer's associates testified that she had mentioned an imminent attack on Manhattan with airplanes in 2001." In other words, the CIA got wind of this attack, but, in my opinion, the CIA fabricated the report of Arab terrorists (they didn't exist) who might attack New York in order to make the staged attack more credible. Susan was being problematic before anyone learned that 9-11 was staged. Was she moved by God to start the problems?

Before we get to the 14th minute of the video above, Susan has made the case that her CIA authority wanted to blame Saddam Hussein for not revealing to the United States the terrorists that were about to attack the World Trade Center. This was going to be part of the Bush-Cheney excuse to attack Iraq. She makes it plain that the U.S. government officials knew of the attacks months before 9-11. Of course they did, for they were planting explosives in the towers all of that time, as well as in building 7, where the CIA had its offices.

Hell is turned up hotter for George Bush. He chose Robert Mueller to be his FBI director in-time for 9-11, and Susan's CIA boss wanted Mueller while Susan thought it was a bad idea. We now have Trump, who's either afraid of the 9-11 perpetrators, or in bed with them, in a mortal struggle with Mueller. What shall this wring out in the way of some nasty revelations of Mueller. Will Trump egg his circle on to landing him in prison? Will Mueller squeal on Bush / Cheney / RUMSfeld to get a lighter sentence?

At 18:40, her CIA goon tells her that the CIA was expecting a mini-nuclear device from the terrorists, meaning that the CIA was considering one. But if the CIA was expecting an attack, why didn't it warn anyone in the Trade Center or in New York, etc. Hell has become hotter for the CIA people who are to blame for that attack and its aftermath...still taking place today. The aftermath is now on the lips of Trump. What are you going to do, Donald? Obey or betray the CIA? Are you a fraidy-cat? Or are you just one big idiot?

I'm not sure, but Susan may be implying that any terror out of Libya was CIA manufactured. I can certainly believe that, as an excuse to invade Libya. She believed that the 20-odd terrorists who supposedly flew the planes were CIA workers, which can explain why they can still be alive yet not coming out to say so. I would expect the Saudi government to question some of these men still alive, and the men simply telling their government that they have no idea why the Americans chose their names to act as the terrorists. It's not necessary that any of the 20 were on any of the planes; it's necessary only to pay the 20 off in return for using their names (in the media reports).

What her CIA handler did to her along with the FBI, so horrible, is after 40 minutes. Wait until you hear who her judge was going to synagogue with midway through the 47th minute. For the record here, in case I forget where this is, her judge attended the same synagogue as Larry Silverstein, the dog of Hell who had secured the Twin Towers just before they were felled. Susan says that her judge (Michael B Mukasey) was involved in Silverstein's insurance claims for the buildings, no small revelation.

Susan doesn't have a keen sense for the technicalities of how the various aspects of 9-11 were conducted, but her diplomatic portion of the input is very important to the overall convictions of the guilty. She sounds very sincere. Her suffering speaks the loudest and clearest against the CIA / FBI. In a New-York-Times article concerning her two judges, there is no mention of her lawyer, and she herself claims that no lawyer was given her from the state (until later, anyway), a sure sign that she was jailed and tried with a trumped charge by the demons who will be "rewarded" in full, and then some more.

Judge Mukasey became the Attorney General under Bush. It seems that 9-11 was all rigged with Mukasey's help. The goons must have been able to assure that Mukasey could be obtained as presiding judge for "sensitive" cases they needed to win.

In the 56th minute of Susan's video, we glean that the first attack on the World Trade Towers, where the basement was bombed out, was a CIA operation too. It doesn't sound as though Susan takes this position, however. The CIA goons are the ones making the world hate America, and when the payback comes from these nations, ordinary Americans will pay the prices.

Here's Susan in late August, 2017, with the claim by her guest (Chip Tatum) that the CIA is trying to neutralize Trump, which is good news if true, unless they harm one of his family members:

In passing: Tatums use "A swan standing on a trumpet." Tatums share the black swan with French Josephs (once showing), Chaplets, and Lindseys. Looking into this, I've just seen that Scottish Lindens/Lintons/Linterns use the Lindauer eagle, as well as an ACORN, the Tromp symbol for Avaran HACHORANi Maccabee. It's interesting that my sleeping-bag dream can connect to English Lindens, for they share the Morley leopard faces in both colors. In the dream, a biker whom I identified as an old friend, Dave Morley, came off of a ROAD, down a hill, circled around the spot where I picked up a sleeping bag, then rode up the hill and drove back down the ROAD while I was crossing it to a mall parking lot. I then entered the MALL. After I theorized that the biker was Morley, I found that one of two Morley surnames was also "MAUL." The point here is that ROADS use the Lindauer / Linden eagle too. However, at this time, I don't know how top interpret or elongate on this sleeping-bag dream so that it ties into Susan Lindauer's CIA experiences / knowledge.

The Lindseys are said to have been in Lincolnshire, because they named its old Lindsey name. The Tailbois' were of Lincolnshire, and Morleys/Mauls share the Tailbois scallops. Plus, the green dragon in the Morley/Maul Crest can be that of Seatons, first found in the same place as Scottish Lindens, the ones with the Road Eagle. As the Sutys/Suddys share "hazard" with Seatons while using a "Nothing" motto term too that gets the Nothings/Northens with a version of the Seaton dragon, it explains the description of the Roads: "A red shield with a silver eagle displayed on its SIDE." The Side's/Sudys are a branch of Sutys/Suddys. Down the axe river of Somerset and into Devon, there is a Seaton location, while English Lindseys were first found in Somerset, along with Roets.

Dave Morley married the church secretary, of Mr. Richardson, father of Cindy at SECOND base. While Cindy is about Steve Scalise, the sleeping-bag dream was about judge Scalia. The Carols happen to use lions facing one another in both colors of the Morley / Lindsey leopard faces, and Face's/Fessys were from Grimaldi-related Fieschi while Bags share the Grimaldi Coat. Grimaldi's were from the same place as Fessy-beloved Segni's/Segurana's (almost the Road / Lindauer eagle), suspect with SECONDS/Segurs.

The so-called "jessant" leopard face of Morleys is shared by Morlands, while Welsh Jeste's/Guess'/Gests share the swan with Tatums. English Gests (same place as Hills) share the black swan with Tatums and CHAPlets, explaining why the split Shield of Gests is that of German Caplans too. Plus, the Morley/Maul scallops are those of Capes', first found in Linden-like London. Londons share gyronny with Lonsdale's and Titus', the latter, suspect with a Flavius-Josephus line to Caplan-related Josephs, first found in the same place (beside London) as Childs. There's a Lonsdale location, you see, in the write-up of Tatums (Yorkshire, same as Jess'/Jessants, Morleys/Mauls and Nothings/Northens).

Wondering whether Lonsdale's were a branch of Landens/Landers and Langleys from Langhe, it turns out that both Lonsdale's and LANGdale's were first found in WestMORLAND (we can assume that east Morland, so to speak, is roughly at Yorkshire). Recalling that Morinis' need to link to Marano's/Mauritano's, here we find that Tatums use a version of the Morton Coat, but also that of swan-using Walsh's that love the Mortons in their motto. Swan-using Gests even use the same fleur as Morinis'. A sleeping-bag-dream connection to Langhe's white rabbit users is expected on other grounds, but here I see yet another one. A rabbit was clubbed to death (for food by the landlord) in my LAUNDRY SINK while I was a Tenant (lived next-door to a LAUNDRomat), and while Tenants (Leak Shield?) use a mast with SAILS, the Sails/Salletts use a version of the SINK (dolphins), MARLEY (dolphins) and Hubert Coats, all three first found in Cheshire with other Cuneo liners. The Arms of Cheshire use garbs in the colors of the Avison garbs, suggesting that Marleys were Marsi from Avezzano. Marone's/Maroons share the white boar head with Tenants. Huberts use crescents colors reversed from, the same of Tenants (Tanaro liners?).

The Tatum write-up tells that king John, earl or Moreton, was doing favors for William Tatham, suspect from lake Tatta off the Halys river, where I trace mythical Mopsus of Clarus, the Caria theater to which I trace Apollo's mother, and probably part of the Apollo Oracle. Mopps/Modburleys (Cheshire) share the double fesses of Nike-possible Nice's/Ness's. Tatums/Tathams were out of Ligurian-suspect Leck (LANCashire), explaining why Lecks/Lackie's (same place as Scottish Chappes') share the Tatum chevron (Nice/Ness colors). Lecks/Lakeys are the ones who love the LEG-using Prime's in their motto. See the leg in the Crest of Leaks/Leakeys (Lincolnshire) too.

Once we come to legs with eagles all about, the eagle legs of Brays/Brae's come to mind.

Lonsdale is south of Sands (Lancashire) while the Sander Crest shares a red bull with the Lonsdale Crest. Suddenly, Sand / Sander liners can connect to Langhe and Bra liners. The Sander bull is the upright one of Charo's/Claro's while Clements (Marina bends, share the Clair besants) come up as "Clermonts" while Morleys/Maul's use a "Clementia" motto term. French Clare's/Clairs (same place as Seconds) are from SANTone's and Lemnites around Limousin, and the Claro line to Sinclairs (Roslin, beside the Seatons and Lindens) come up as "Saint."

The first name of CHIP Tatum is Gene. Cheps/Jeepma's use a giant eagle in both colors of the Gene eagle, very interesting indeed. Chepmans/Chapmans were first found in the same place as Capone's. This recalls my dream, where I was walking out of a body of water that could have been a LAKE. I saw myself without a shirt, and JEANs on, while walking on the SAND of a beach. I saw Charlotte HICKS (share's the LEAK fleur) at a CAR, and when I arrived to her, she was hovering over the SEATs. Seaton-like Seats, Cars and Sands were all first found in Lancashire, while Hicks were in neighboring Yorkshire, as were a branch of Leaks. While she was hovering, I touched her on the knee, and she rose into my arms as we floated skyward. End of dream.

Shirts are suspect with the Shardana Sea Peoples to Sardinia (near Ligurians), where Avezzano's were first found, and I theorized that the Sea Peoples were former Hyksos trying to get Egypt back before introducing the no-shirt in the dream. I now suspect Jeans, along with Jone's and June's, from Jonathan of Laish, the Levite to which my Masci line traces, the Levite tracing to the Laevi Gauls, partners with the Marsi-suspect Marici. Seats / Seatons/Sittens are suspect from the SIDONians of Laish (the Bible says Laish was a Sidonian city). Charlotte's green toes became suspect with the Two variation of green-lion Touch's/Tows/TUFFS (Cheshire again, same as Tattons of Massey), possibly from the DAPHne location beside Laish. In any case, the Shardana-like Sheridans (from Longford = TEFFia) share the same green lion as Touch's/Tuffs but in both colors of the Astey lion (suspect from Cuneo's Asti at Longford-suspect Langhe). Longfords use the six green Langley / Lander/Landen pale bars in red, and were first found in DERBYshire (beside Cheshire), which I trace to ancient Derbe, near lake Tatta.

I TOUCHed Miss Hicks' knee in the dream. Knee's use the engrailed bend of Leaks/Leakeys, no coincidence (it was a dream from God, no doubt at all). More than 30 years later, I noticed her beautiful knees, and I reported this to readers several times over the years, but didn't have reason to mention that I saw them in a store on the Leakey road. I didn't mention this until Leaks/Leakeys came to topic in the last update as per WikiLEAKs. The thing coming to mind now is that Susan Lindauer, Chip Tatum and WikiLeaks will work together to sorely bruise the deep state responsible for endless crimes. The "lacesSITus" motto term of Sheridans looks capable of describing Sidonians of Laish, and may be intended for Lacys/Laces' from Lacydon (near Marseilles), origin of Ligurians. Lacys were first found in Yorkshire with Hicks', and Ligurian mythology includes princess Gyptis, a term suggesting Egypt (or mythical Aegyptus), where Hyksos ruled.

Gene's are in Jeune colors while English Jeune's -- same place as June's, Chapmens, and STANleys -- are said to be of Gennes elements in Anjou. On the night that I saw Miss Hicks' beautiful knees, she was sitting beside STANley, on the first-year anniversary of 9-11, and this is a topic of Susan Lindauer. I assume that she was under arrest at the time. The Stanleys use the same bend as Knee's and Leaks. I told you, this was a dream from God for His cause concerning 9-11's criminals. I am proud to be a part of this secret plot. French Jeune's share the Shield-and-Chief color combination of Scottish Lindens.

Stanley was holding the American flag that night, and the Flags are English Flacks/Flecks, first found in the same place as the Fulke's/Volks from Anjou, who share the split Shield of Belgian Flecks. The Anjou Fulks turned into PlantaGENETs and Plants, while Swedish Lindens use PLANTS growing out of a LOG. If I recall correctly, the mother of Fulk II of Anjou was a LOGE / Loges liner.

The Gene eagle is colors reversed from the same of GHENTs, a term like in "PlantaGENET," and Ghent/Gaunt was home to the family of John of Gaunt, ruler of Lancaster (Lancashire), and husband of Catherine Roet i.e. likely a Road-Linden liner. Ghent liners are suspect with Belgian Gone's, potential Cone's / Conte's, for Conans share the June fleur.

Like I said, I had my JEANs on while walking along the beach. The Worcester Jeans were first found in the same place as the Gests who share the black swan with Tatums, recalling Gene Chip Tatum, as though God arranged for his first name. It's also where Squire's were first found, suspect with white-rabbit Esquers. share the red scallop with Capes-loving GARDners, from lake Garda at Brescia, explaining why the same jeans use a lion in the colors of the Arms-of-Brescia / Bruce lion. June's are in the colors and format of Jone's/Jones', said to be from a gene, and the other Jone's use the Jean lion in colors reversed. There was a Breuci peoples opposite the June-suspect Una/Oeneus river, in the Gorski area to which I trace Gore's, first found in the same place as Jeune-loving Youngs/Yonge's. (The Lano's were first found in Brescia, explaining why Lone's/Lane's use "Garde le Roy," the motto of Rich's too)

It turns out that Chip Tatum is a legal pot pusher off his own tract of land in Columbia, evoking the many accusations against the CIA for running drugs. I don't think I can trust Tatum at his word, and there is some small evidence that Susan has some immoralities of her own, but I'm willing to entertain the two as useful for God's exposures.

Just after the 6th minute in the video above, a letter is shown signed by George Bush, which appears to end with the promise to Tatum that there is no fear of prosecution if he murders someone while trying to obtain certain documents. Tatum tells a story of how the CIA killed the relative of a Central-American dictator in order to force him to hold elections. Is this a good thing because it leads to a "democracy"? What if the CIA uses elections to secure it's own power in nations by running it's pro-American candidates? Is that still looking like a good thing? Only if we're naive enough to view the "pro-American" candidate as a good thing. In reality, he's made a puppet of the murderous CIA, and the CIA's not in other nations for the benefits of ordinary Americans. Besides, the CIA is the chief world-class criminal while it accuses dictators of criminality.

If you haven't seen Julian Assange in the following clip, here it is again where he practically reveals / admits, against WikiLeaks policy to reveal it's informants, that Seth Rich was the DNC leaker to WikiLeaks:

The video above interviews Dick MORRIS. While the killer of Scalia, five months before the murder of Seth Rich, is predicted in some aspect(s) of my sleeping-bag dream, Morris' use "SCALing ladders." David Morley circled the sleeping bag, making me think that a Morley liner killed Scalia. I didn't yet know that Morris' use scaling ladders, nor that the Morris lion is in the colors of the Carol lion and Morley leopard heads. The Scalia's/Scalise's use a ladder, and, again, David Morley married Carol, the secretary of the father of Cindy, who herself is about the shooting of Scalise. Perhaps I was wrong about the Morley line; perhaps that line will help to unveil the killers through Dick Morris. Where the sleeping bag represents the International Order of Saint Hubertus, what do you think it means for me to pick it up, followed by a biker with helmet circling down to the area of the bag on the ground, then going back out on the road from where he came? I wasn't carrying the bag when crossing the road. Helms can be linked to Huberts via the Sale's/Salletts.

My mother's birth surname is Grimaldi, and Bags use the Grimaldi checks, wherefore my picking up the bag must be pointing to Grimaldi Ligures. One branch of Grimaldi's were at Monaco, beside Boofima's Imperia. Boofima is from Africa somewhere. My mother's nephew, Mr. Grimaldi, had an apartment that I visited several times, which had African ornaments. Was that a Sign of Grimaldi connection to Boofima?

I saw David on his motorbike only once, that I can recall. I was a tenant on a Marlin street when he came up on his bike unexpectedly, with Carol on the back. The Marlins/Martleys, suspect with the Marleys (look merged with Huberts) from Morley-like Morlaix, happen to use martlets, code for Charles Martel, founder of CAROLingians. So you see, God was having a lot of fun creating these events in my life, with emphasis on the names of the people involved, and on the items in the events. Morlaix is in Brittany near the Brixia line of Breast, and Morans use a "teneBRIS" motto term while Bris' are also Brix's/Brests.

"TeneBRAS" was a motto term seen with Smiths/Gowans, which made me look up Gavins here. French Gavins were first found in Brittany, and use the colors of FINIS'/Fiens, whom I trace to Brittany's FINIStere, the area housing Brest. The Great Seal of the United States, a Masonic piece of ancient-witchcraft garbage that the people should be ashamed of, uses an "unFINIShed pyramid," while Gavins use a "triANGLE" that otherwise is a pyramid shape. In colors reversed, the three Bris/Brix lozenges are the three blue ones of ANGELs (Angers/Anjou liners?). I can glean that Angle's are Nagle's, from Oneglia/Imperia, haunt of the wicked Boofima cult. Finistere is beside Cotes-d'Armor while Gowins/Gone's/Gavins use "arma".

Welsh Gavins say that the surname can derived from "a smith's son," suggesting perhaps that Smiths/Gowans are not a true Smith line (unless all Smiths shown at houseofnames started out as Gowan liners, which I doubt).

I can glean that Welsh Gavins (same place as Mortons of the Modena Marano's/Mauritano's) use the Morinis fleur in colors reversed (making them the Masci fleur) because Gowins/Gone's/Gavins use a Coat somewhat reflecting that of the Albino's of Modena, where Morinis' were first found. This reveals that Gavins are related to Finistere liners because they are from the namers of Modena's Fanano. The reason that I showed the Gone variation is that Montforts, who own the GONfanon banner, partly code for their Fanano kin, use the Marano/Mauritano lion. However, the other Gone's look like Ghent/Gaunt liners, and, perhaps, Gavins were not Ghent/Gaunt liners.

New Revelation Spells Bad Omen for Donna Brazile

I knocked off for the afternoon coffee break after the last paragraph, and resumed in the evening, finding an extremely-interesting thing in the Lease surname, which itself uses a "tenebris" motto term. I was trying to find news on Donna Brazile because this is where God led me this past week. I noted that Wikipedia's article on Debbie Wasserman has Tom Perez succeeding her, totally ignoring the seven months served in her place by Donna Brazile. And Wikipedia's article on Tom Perez has Wasserman preceding him, totally ignoring Donna Brazile. This is not only an example of typical Democrat cheating, but shows how much Brazile shamed the party by her own cheating.

In every case (about three times) where I read Wikipedia on Donna Brazile (Negro) this past week, I always thought back to my mugging in Galveston (by a Negro) because she was born in Louisiana. I had an omen in the sun just as I drove nearby the Louisiana border into Texas. I have told this very thing, I'm not making it up here. It was years ago when I first mentioned the mugging on the night of the omen. The sun was covered by a little cloud not much wider than the sun, and very short, almost-exactly like the Jeffrey symbol. I felt like something bad was about to happen when I looked at it. I felt uneasy while driving into Galveston. Well, tonight, I took a look at the Lease surname, perhaps because it looks like "Leak," but primarily because it's the middle birth name of Donna Brazile. The Lease Coat shows a cloud in front of the sun. I find this amazing.

Lease's/Gillies are said to be from the Hebrides, while Clarens/Larins were first found in Argyllshire, all capable of linking to the McLeods/CLOUDS...who use flags, the line to Flacks beloved of Brays/Brae's.

Looking deeper, this is all about the line of Julius Caesar. It starts with Scottish Lease's/Lise's/Cleish's/Gillies. The Gillies variation begins to expose the Julians/Gillians of the sort as indicated by the gillyflowers of Joels/Jule's. It was Joel who led me to Donna Brazile. English Lease's use "Clarior" while Scottish Lease's/Gillies share the two chevrons of Clarens/Larins, which are two of the three (same colors) of English Clare's, a branch of French Clairs/Clerins. But it's hard to see how "Lease/Gillies" is a variation of "Julian/Gillian, wherefore it looks like Gillies liners merged with Clare's / Sinclairs, perhaps explaining why the English-Julian saltire (and the Gully cross) is in both colors of the Sinclair/SUN cross.

God may have set the omen up to kill more than one bird with one stone, for the Jeffreys that use a sun covered by a cloud use six pale bars in colors reversed from the six of German Julians. The Athols, first found in Perthshire with Lease's/Gillies, use the six Jeffrey bars but with gold ones instead of white. And that's how to get Julian liners to the Lease's/Gillies'. I happened to look at the Negro surname as per the Negro mugger, and they use three pale bars in both colors of the Athol pale bars, as if to verify that God is communicating an alternative message with the event. Italian Negro's: first found in the same place as Claro's/Charo's.

There's more. The sun-and-cloud Lease's share an upright and red lion with Galves', who might themselves be Julian liners. It gets interesting where Gulians (new to me here) were first found in the same place, East Lothian, as Seatons who themselves use crescents colors reversed from those of German Julians. And Sinclairs lived in Midlothian. It looks like my omen has nailed Sinclairs as Julian liners. And the Gulians use fleur-de-Lys in the colors of the same of Spanish Perez' (the only Perez surname to come up), while Tom Perez, who took over from Donna Brazile, is from the Dominican Republic, from what appears to be a Spanish bloodline. Tom's father: Rafael Antonio de Jesus Perez Lara.

Spanish Lara's share serpent heads around the border with Solana's (giant sun), and both were first found in Catalonia. "A red shield with two black and gold cauldrons, each containing eight gold serpent heads" the Lara Coat doesn't show these). Solana's show eight wolf heads, but I've read that they use eight snake heads too. The cauldrons can be code for Caulders, who share the stag head of Colts/Cults (same place as Lease's and Athols) and Scottish Coute's, suspect with Aurelia Cotta, mother of Julius Caesar. French Julians were first found in the same place as Cotta's/Coute's.

Wow. The Lara's are also LARRINaga's, while Larins/Clarens are the ones with the Lease/Gillies chevrons! Fat chance for that, unless God set it up.

The fleur-de-lys of Gulians are in the colors of the same of Lease-like Leaks and the related Hicks. These fleur are half in the colors of the fleur-de-LYS of Lys/LISE's, now suggesting that Donna's middle name leads to Lissus, suspect from the pagan Levites in Biblical Laish. And the Leaks use a Shield-and-Chief color combination in colors reversed from that of the sun-and-cloud Lease's and Caesars. The Leak combination is also that of Tenants, who may have a branch indicated by the "TENEbris" motto term of Lease's. Joel went to Abruzzo with the Brazilian earlier this month, and Bris' are expected from an ABRUSSI > Brusi > Bruce > Brise line.

Lissus was in the land of the Cavii, the line to Chives' that use a cross in the colors of the Sinclair cross. The Chives' were early in Devon, where Hykes'/Hacks use their quadrants and cross (almost). Miss Hicks of the Leak(ey) entity married Mr. KilPatrick, and by some coincidence or not, French Julians use a good reflection of a KilPatrick Coat (share green dragon in Crest with Seatons). English Julians share a saltire in KilPatrick-saltire colors. Julius Caesar was a PATRICian.

I'm not trying to make a story out of the apparent link of Donna Brazile to my omen. I'm trying to understand why God might have her in mind with that event. That was the event that would bring me to Miss Hicks and her impressive knees at the Lease-like Leakey road. Will WikiLeaks get Donna Brazil for something more sinister that she's already known for?

The links to Julian liners and even to Miss Hicks are interesting, but how do the items of the mugging allow me to predict what's about to happen to Brazile? That's what I'd like to know. Or, why did God lead me to Brazile, and why did He use Joel to do it? It's got to do with the white-rabbit link to Bra and therefore to Braswells, what Donna's ancestors were. It's got to do with White Rabbit's trove of Hillary emails, where we could find Brazile's emails too.

The Brazil surname shows a BrassiLAGH variation, evoking the Lake's that share the colors and format of Brace's/Brass'. The Lake's, first found in the same place as Clintons, share the six fitchees of Clintons and Tarves' in colors reversed, and while Chives' were first found in Tarves, Clintons use the Shield of Saluzzo's, from Alice of Saluzzo, daughter of Luisa of CEVA. It's possible that "Alice/Alis" was a name from Lissus or the Lise variations of Lys'. The Lees'/Lice's use Bray colors and format. Lake's, Lakeys, and Leaks, along with Lease's, could therefore be Alice-Saluzzo liners.

If you compare Brass' and Lake's to PLUNKETTs, note that while PLANCIA Magna (line to Fulks > Plantagenets and therefore to the Flax breaker of Brays) was at Perga, beside ANTALya, Brays love the ANTELope-using Bracks/Breakers. Plancia and her mother were priestesses of ArTEMIS, named after THEMIScyra, a term like the Thames river in Oxfordshire, where Lake's and Clintons were first found. The Thames surname comes up as "Tien," evoking the "TENEbris" motto term of Lease's, and the "Tenebras" of Smiths/Gowans.

I have found what "tenebris / tenebras" could be code for, a Tene-like branch of Tane's. The Tane's were looked up as per the "CONTAINing" term in the Lara/Larrinaga description, and English Tane's/Tanney's (Guillestra eagle?) happen to share a Shield like that of the English Constantine's, French Constantine's/CONTENs were first found in Languedoc with Conte's, Cotta's and Julians, signalling that the two stars in the Constantine/Conten Chief are of the same-colored three in the Julian Chief. It should be noted that the Constantine/Conten Chief can have the Clinton Chief too, first because Constantine's/Contens share the pine theme with German Tane's/Tanners (pine CONE's for a branch of Conte's), suspect from the Tanaro river, general location of the rulers of Saluzzo. Secondly, the arrangement of the six Clinton fitchees is that of the Constantine fleur-de-LYS (recalls Lise variation of Lease's) and of the Tane/Tanney eagles.

Another flag is used by Ville's (Languedoc), suspect in the makings of "Conteville" (rulers of Comyn/Comines). I can trace this to Avezzano / Comyn liners by way of the "Avise LA FIN" motto of Kennedys, for Avise's are the Avezzano-related Avisons that share the Comyn Coat, and LAFINS/La Fonts, who share the lion of Italian Conte's, have got to be the kin of the Font-Ville/Fonda variation of the Languedoc Ville's. Joel drove past Avezzano with the Brazilian on the way to watch, and report on, several European-championship VOLLEYball matches, and Volleys/Velis' share the Julian crosses.

I trace Syphax, the Numidian who almost got to rule the Carthage of Hannibal, to the Spike's/Spocks/Specks (porcuPINE) that share a red, double-headed eagle with Tane's/Tanneys. Hannibal and his Numidian cavalry, en-route to the war at Trebia, were allied with Ligurians...expected on the Tanaro river. General Scipio of the Romans, and the Senate, decided to give power to the Numidian ruler, Massena/MassiNISSA instead of Syphax, using Massinissa to weaken the Syphax-Carthage alliance. There must have been a marital event between Scipio's and Massinissa's line because Meschins were in marriage with Scipio-like Skiptons (compare with Spanish Lus'/Lucio's and Lacys), who share purple with the purple flag of Ville's/Font-de-Ville's, and Flags/Flacks share the Meschin scallops. MassiNISSA evokes the Nissan that I (a Masci) was sleeping in when mugged in Galveston, and both Nissans and Massena's (and Masci's) use a sinister-rising bend.

Now lookie at what we have here for potential linkage to Spanish Lara's, keeping in mind that Hannibal put his assets into Spain. Flags/Flecks, first found in the same place as Fulke's/VOLKS (should be the reason for Joel's white VOLKSwagen Rabbit), were first found in the same place as Barcs/Barks/BERKs and Lara-like and lark-using Larks/Laurks (cloud, and almost a sun). Barcs/Barks, suspect with Barca, father of Hannibal, use larks almost in the two colors of the English Constantine's (Lark colors), the latter first found in BERKshire. Herluin de Conteville was son to John de Burgo, which is the line to Irish Burghs/BERKs (Conte / Lafin lion), who use an "UNG" motto term while English Constantine's can be gleaned with the fleur-de-lys of Jeune's and June's, first found in the same place as English Julians, and beloved by the motto of English Yonge's/Youngs, first found in the same place (Essex) as the Tane's/Tanneys that use a form of the English Constantine Coat.

Tane's are suspect with the "CLARior e tenebris" motto of cloud-and-sun Lease's, while Scottish Yonge's/Youngs were first found in Northumberland with Volleys/Velis' and the cloud-and-sun Lease's. These Yonge's were also first found in the same place as English Conte's. The colors of the Chief and Shield of these Yonge's is shared by English Tanners. French Clairs (Brittany) use the Coat of English Yonge's, making the latter connectable to the Lease/Gillies chevrons.

I was witness that Dutch Bergs showed the three Clare chevrons in both colors. And Jewish Bergs use exactly the white and upright stag of German Jungs/June's/Youngs (Dutch variations), explaining the "ung" motto terms of Burghs/Berks (i.e. we have just found that Bergs were a Berk branch). There are several HANNIbal-like surnames (Anna's, Hanna's, Hands, Annabels/Hannibals) sharing the stag. It's a little interesting that thee three Berg chevrons were changed to a dancette, for Donna Brazile became suspect with the Donna/Dance/Donnas surname (same place as king Donnus) itself suspect from the Cotta line of king Donnus of the Cottians.

I now go back to Mr. Kepke, for his first name was Lawrence, which, as a surname can be a Lara/Larrinaga branch, for Kepke was resolved as a line from Syphax. Plus, I had a dream where Kepke was leading a stag up my driveway, followed by Paul Smith, and he owned a red Jeep about 35 years ago, which is what I now own. In fact, I don't think it's a coincidence that, yesterday, as I write here, I was spreading gravel topping on my driveway only because the driveway needs to be widened for snow plowing...ever since I put a plow on the Jeep last winter. The Jeepma's/CHEPs not only share the double-headed eagle with Syphax-suspect Spike's/Specks, but "Chep" is like "KEPke." I find this so amazing that, I think, the Kepke-stag dream is only now being interpreted in it's more-fuller form. That is, the dream was Intended to link Kepke to Syphax at the time (now) that Lara's/Larrinaga's were discovered as per the surname of the Spanish father of Tom Perez. People named Lawrence are often called, "Larry." Reminder, the Lara cauldrons can be for stag-head Caulders.

Kepke became suspect as a symbol of Donald Trump too, and while German Jungs/June's/Youngs use a stag in the colors of the Trump/Tromp stag head, Jeune's / June's were first found in the same place as CHEPmans. Dutch Tromps use the same spread eagle as Tane's/Tanneys and Volleys/Velis'.

One day not many months ago, I wrote that Kepke and Lorraine both had SUN-bright blond hair, written at the time that I was discussing Lorraine's beautiful feet. I paired the two individuals because "Lawrence" is like "Lorraine." At that moment, I looked up the Blond surname to find a foot in a sun! It was amazing. And here the sun is in both the Lease Crest and Shield. While Donna Lease Brazile was succeeded as DNC chair by Tom Perez, son of Mr. Perez-Lara, the Larks/Laurks use the same chevron as Foots and Fothes (stag head), I kid thee not. And while Ville's/Font-de-Ville's use a red lion holding a flag, the Foot Crest is a red griffin holding a flag. Sun-and-cloud Lease's use a red lion holding a sun. But as the Lease Shield can be that of Caesars, note that "Ville" is like the Velis surname (Foot colors). Sun-using Scottish Velis' (red griffin in Crest!) are also Wills, and their "God" motto term can be for Goths/Gothels, who share the Zionist star of Cheps/Jeepma's. The Jabeek variation is much like "Kepke."

Foots / Fothes' can be the namers of Foetes (Arms uses legs for Leck elements) on the Leck river (Germany) near lake Constance. The Leck evokes the Lease's, the motto term of which is, "tenebris," in case it's for the Constantine-related Tane's and Bra liners together. The Leck river is suspect with Ligurians, especially as Cuneo's Fossano, for Foetes is better known as Fussen. Fossano is almost as near to Bra as SAVIGliano, that being the line to Eagle-related Savage's, the latter first found in the same place as Foots. Lecks are listed with Lakeys.

The double-headed and black Chep/Jeepma eagle is in the colors of the Tane / Volley/Velis eagle, and while Velis liners, as per the Joel/Jule GILLYflowers, can be from Guillestra (uses a black double headed eagle), that's on the Durance river that Hannibal may have taken to Trebia (where he won the war against general Scipio). There are Salyes-related and dancette-using Durants that are also Dance-like Dante's, and Italian Durants/Dante's use a sun along with a tower-only in the colors of the castle-only (TRIPle-towered) of McLeods/CLOUDs. The Jeffreys that use a sun-and-cloud combination can be a branch of Godfreys, and Godfrey III was a son of Gothelo, suspect with Goths/Gothels.

It is very possibly that some descendant of Hannibal / Syphax was in the bloodline to king Donnus. The latter's grandson, Vestalus, has been suspect with the Wessels/Wastels (same garbs as Avise's/Avisons), and Kepke's girl, Miss Peare, whom he stole from me, had a waist symbol in the sleeping bag dream. Yes, she was at the end of that dream, where she came into my arms as I put my hands around her waist, and it felt so good. She had been on a wood platform inside the mall, and Louise was on her platform, which was next to the platform I was on. About 40 years before this dream, I was SLEEPing in my bed with both girls, and I awoke from sleep with my hand over Chris' waist, and it felt so good, just like in the dream.

The Peare's/Pearls were first found in the same place, and use the same chevron with black stars, as "tene"-like Teins/Teans/Thames'/TEMES', perhaps from Italy's Teano, home of a Sidicini peoples (proto-Sadducees?), near Apollo-suspect Avellino (recalls ArTEMIS). As this is where Clintons were first found, note that they descended from LUISA of Ceva (same place as Donna's/Donnas'). This could be God's hint that the Kepke-depicted Syphax line went to Luisa of Ceva, a city on a Cavetta river, and then Cavetts share blue-and-white bars with Spike's/Specks/Spocks, half in the colors of the Donna/Donnus pale bars. I've got to conclude that Donna Brazile descends from Numidians / Carthaginians, and that they were at Bra.

The Clintons / Peare's were first found in the same place as Crispins that likewise use bars (colors of the Barry bars), very suspect with the Bars of Bar-le-Duc in Lorraine. And Mr. Perez-Lara must have been from Lorraine's Perez location, where French Crispins were first found. I trace Perez to "Perusia," where Grazio's were first found who share the pomegranate with the Perez Crispins. Perusia is in UMBRIA, which I trace to NorthUMBRia, where Lease's and Volleys/Velis' were first found. Perusia is also, PERUGia, a Berg-possible entity.

The Lorraine's use the same spread eagle as Childs/Chills, suspect at Chillingham, where Hebrons (Northumberland) were first found who use a "KEEP" motto term. It's difficult for the human mind to see or understand fully all meanings in these surname links, but, we can be sure, God sees them all clearly.

The Donna's/Dance's/Donnus' were suspect at one point with Dents (from Denets) and Denato's, the latter first found in Umbria. They have a lion in the colors of the King and Kingston lions. Kingstons were of Yorkshire, now CUMBRIA, where Dents were first found. The Denato bends are in Crispin-bar colors.

Finding Miss Peare in the mall that was code for Morleys/Mauls (Yorkshire) is interesting where the latter's Morland branch is expected at Westmorland, part of the dent / Cumbria theater. Plus, Peare's share the gold leopard face with Morleys / Morlands. This recalls checking the Tunnel surname (Northumberland) because princess Diana was almost killed in a tunnel (she died later in a hospital), finding that the Morley/Maul Shield can be that of Tunnels too? Tane branch? The Tunnels use Zionist stars in the colors of the same of Reitmans, and Kepke met Miss Peare at a Reitman's store, where she sold clothes. Compare with Wansteads, who are in the Child/Chill write-up, from a Wanstead location in the area of the Capes' (and Chepmans) who share the scallops of both Morleys/Mauls and French Larins.

Dutch Reitmans, by the way, use the Coat of Italian Marone's/Marincola's in colors reversed, who share black Zionist stars with Bernice's (CUMBERland), who in-turn use a "PERseveranti" motto code. The Reit-like Rodhams/RODDENs (Northumberland) come to mind (Rieti is beside Umbria) because the Reitman stars (PIERCed) are used by ROTENs (not pierced). The pierced "spur-rowel" stars of Bernice's are in both colors of the Peare / Tean stars. Marone's/Marincola's should be from the Marsi because they use the anchor of Avisons, from Avezzano of the Marsi domain.

After Hannibal's victories in northern Italy, he was down at Larinus (Larino), which could have been the entity that named Larins and Clarens/Larins. The Lease's (Leck chevron?) that share the chevrons of Clarens/Larins could have been Ligurians in league with Hannibal.

So, did God arrange to name Donna Brazile with a Lease middle name for reasons under discussion? It looks like this topic spills over to Tom Perez, the new guard and keeper of the DNC criminal secrets. The Spanish Perez' share the same fleur as Leaks (and Hicks). Might we see a war between WikiLeaks and Mr. Perez imminently?

Is God interested in our knowing the ancestry of Joseph Caiaphas in the Carthaginians, who practiced the most-diabolical form of human sacrifice i.e. an evil form of the Sacrifice of Jesus? Lecks/Lakeys were first found in the same place as Chappes'/Cheaps. Carthage>Ligurian liners in Caiaphas ancestry? Surely, this pertains to the Laevi Ligures claiming to be from ancient Levites of Leash-like Laish (see Jonathan in the Book of Judges). Just bring that lot of Ligures over to the Trebia river, home of the Ananes Gauls suspect with Annas/Ananus, Caiaphas' father-in-law.

Amazingly, while Jonathan was a descendant of Moses, it seems that God provided the Moses surname (share the roses of Lake's/Lakeys) to share the calvary symbol with Crystals. This is His story, apparently, a trace from the rebellious, idiotic Jonathan, to the end-time Illuminatists Masons through the veins of the Chief Idiot, Joseph Caiaphas. I'll come to Crystals shortly below. As I showed, I'm looking like a descendant of Caiaphas, which may be why, as the second half of the old Miss-Hicks dream started, I was coming out of a body of water that could have been a lake.

Recall the sun-and-cloud of Lease's, for Syphax-like SPICE's and SCARBurys share the triple-towered castle with McLeods/CLOUDs. And while Kepke and I both sold shoes (different stores) in Scarbury mall, that's where Miss Peare sold clothes. And while Hannibal won the war of TREBia, Trabys/Sadowski's use a SCARF (Scarbury liners?) while Scarfs (share wolf head with Leaks/Lakeys) were first found in the same place as Scarburys? Austrian Schere's share "ears of wheat" with Chappes'/Cheaps, and German Schere's/SCHERFs can be Scarf liners. Pere's/Peers were first found in Warwickshire with Sheriffs. Warwicks are suspect with Poland's Masovia, which is at least near the Traby location. Joel's volleyball matches were in Carrick-like Krakow, while Shere's look like a branch of / merger with Carricks.

Scarburys were first found in the same place (Yorkshire) as Leaks/Leakeys and related Hicks (and Lax's), and then there's the issue of the Shoe surname, because we both sold shoes at Scarbury. The Shoe's (Bavaria, same as Foetes) use a knight "issuing from the knees," and Knee's have the engrailed bend of Leaks/Leakeys. Miss Hicks married a man from the Nith river, which is where I trace Knights.

I have the feeling that God made my life's stories to keep this topic from being too dry on surname connections. It keeps me going. It makes it more interesting for me to make connections when I should be too sick of it, after ten years and counting.

Lecks/Lakeys use holly, and Hollys can be with a version of the Brace/Brass Coat. The other Hollys/Cullens share the mermaid in the Arms of Warsaw. Maccus-liner Maxwells (Isle of Man) use a "holly bush" for a trace to Cuneo's Busca. The Arms of the Isle of Man share three human legs like in the Arms of Foetes/Fussen (Foot / Fothes colors). If the gold triangle between the lags was intended as a pyramid, note that FISks (from LAXfield), possibly from Ligurian Fieschi, use a gold pyramid (two-dimensional image i.e. looks like a triangle). This recalls finding a family of the Gastons (reflection of Fisk Coat) with the Polish Sadowski's (scarf) who list Trabys.

The Mackays of Man have a motto highly suspect with Lice's/Lees'/Lise's, a possible Lease/Leash branch. The "dupLICi" motto term of Fittons (Arms-of-Cheshire garbs), first found in Cheshire with Foots, can be for Lice/Lees liners. The Fittons, first found in the same place as Hands, may round-about be with the Knee / Leakey bend. When waking Miss Hicks up in the old dream, I grazed her knee with my hand, and Knee's, in Hand colors, share the stag with Hands. Can this be some Message as per Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch? If it is, it's too complicated, at this time, for me to figure out what the future prediction should be. Fittons, Foots and Hands were first found beside the Sleeps.

I didn't know Lax's until seeing Laxfield. It recalls that Miss Hicks, while hovering in the car, was essentially ASLEEP when I was told to wake her up. The Lax's (same place as Hicks) use the ermined, double Sleep fesses in gold. The Sleep fesses had been suspect with those of Babons/Bavents (same place as Laxfield), which are colors reversed from the two (upon an ermined Shield) of Lax's. While Babons/Bavents are suspect from Babon, son of MUMmolin, Lecks/Lakeys use "praeMIUM" as part-code for leg-using Prime's, and, apparently, part-code for Mummolin (probably descended from CHILDeric). Laxfield was home to Fisks, while Fischs/Fishers ("wahREIT") can be sharing the lion of Denato's, suspect with the lion of Yorkshire Kingstons.

Yorkshire is where Anne's/Hanne's, Hicks and Leakeys were first found. Anne's are said to be from Tickhill, and Tickhills share the Hicks / Leakey fleur. It's interesting that Tick-possible Tess' share the Leck/Lakey chevron. Put the Tess chevron together with the gold Anne stag heads, and the Neme/Nanny Coat is roughly formed. The Tess' / Tick liners are suspect from the Ticino/Tessin river, location of the Laevi Ligures, and then the Levi's love the Chretiens who use the lion heads of the other Neme's/Name's.

Fischs/Fishers appear to use the Saraca fish, a family suspect to Carricks and therefore possibly to Shere's who in-turn use the fitchee, almost, of Schere's/Scherfs. Then, the "treu" motto term of German Fischs/Fishers can be for True's/Tree's, first found in Warwickshire with English Fishers and Scherf-like Sheriffs. Scarf-suspect Scarburys use a Saraca-suspect "Saracen's head on the tip of a lance". This reminds me of the only friend I ever had with a Fisher surname, whose first name, Greg, is like the Craig ancestry of Carricks. Gregs, in Carrick colors, may be with the Levi chevrons. While Scarburys share three triple-towered castle's with Spice's, English Fishers use a "ReSPICE" motto term that must be partly for Res'/Dere's that share the lance with Scarburys! Bingo, a Spice link to Scarburys has been clinched.

To help trace Kepke and Spice's to Syphax Numidians, there is the "AuSPICE" motto term of Walsh's. Kepke abandoned Miss Peare after a promise to marry her, then went with Miss Walsh (got engaged to her) before returning to Kiss Peare for a short while. The "AUSpice NUMine" motto must be for the Aus surname listed with Aurs/AURES' (Bavaria = Boofima entity), and the Shawia NUMidians lived in Aures of north Africa, I kid you not. Fishers use "Respice fiNEM" (Neme liners?) while Nems/Nons/Nevins (beloved by Boofima-liner Nagle's sharing Seaton-suspect "sed" with Walsh's and Non-loving Maple's) were first found in Aures-suspect Ayrshire (Arms of Ayrshire uses "shaw" motto term). Ayer liners include the Eyers, suspect with the EARS of wheat of Chappes' and the ears of rye of Sadducee-suspect Saddocks. The pierced Walsh swan is suspect with the Ligurian swan, which I trace between Liguria's Savona and lake Sevan, otherwise called lake LYCHnis. The pierced-heart Lohans/Logans are in code with LOHENgrin, mythical Ligurian-swan liner also as per swan-using Locks and Lochs.

Neme's/Name's (share the Nagle / Beef/Boeuf fesse) can be using the Fast quadrants for a trace to Vasto's of Cuneo, in interior Liguria, where we might find proto-Leakeys, first found in Lincolnshire with Neme's/Name's. Lecks/Lakeys use the same chevron as Irish Neme's/Nannys (Ananes Gauls?) that use stag heads for a trace to Hannibal items, which may have included the Ananes Gauls primarily. Paioni were traced to Cuneo, and Paioni lived beside lake LYCHnidus, where I trace Ligurians. I recall a Fisk-like location on the south side of the Paioni.

Some of the first Walsh's were from Leix, also called, Leesh. The Arms of Leesh share the red chevron with Lecks/Lakeys, and in both colors of the Lease/Leash/Lise chevrons. Leix/Leesh is beside Leinster while Leinsters are listed with Ligurian suspects, LEICesters/LESters (same place as Foots).

The Shaws use an "itur" term buried in their motto, a term used by Kenneths (stag head, suspect with Hannibal liners) too, who were from "Kenza," a queen of Aures married to Iturean-suspect IDRis of Morocco. It just so happens that "itur" is a motto term of Fisks. It therefore appears that one can trace Kenza's line to Fossano, Fussen and the Fieschi of Genoa. Fisks use "SIC itur," evoking the Sichs/Sykes' that have the Scarborough entity in their write-up. Sichs/Sykes' are said to be from Sikes-Dike, suspect with the Dice's/Diss from Diss, in Suffolk, same as the first-known Fisks.

The line of Idris and Kenza was traced to Guerin of Provence, which happens to be where Larins were first found. The Guerins share the pierced stars of Payens/Pagans, but they're used also by Gavins that show another gold triangle.

This is all very fine and smoothly connectable, but what I'd like to know is the damage that God will do to the Donna Brazile's of the Democrat party. I realize that God is merciful, but only when people repent. If they don't repent, wrath replaces mercy. The long-suffering of God get's to a tipping point, where bowls are poured out from God's indigestion. When He can no longer stomach it, he pukes on his enemies. It won't be pretty, but it will be Justice. Burning coals of seething anger upon the Democrats, on V-Day.

The night after I was mugged in Galveston, I stopped for coffee and a newspaper in Victoria. It was a plan of God because Coffee's use a "victoria" motto term. I did nothing else in Victoria, just stopped to buy coffee, and drove on to the Leakey road, I kid you not. I went about 20 minutes north of Uvalde on the Leakey road to see a property. Not liking it, I turned around and went to Crystal City to see another one. It was better, but, nope, it wasn't the one. Victoria/Fichter variations can be of some Fisk variation because the two Coats are similar.

The Crystals use a "Mens" motto term while Leaks can be using the Mens Shield. The Moses' and CRYSTals share a symbol, and Moses' (LAURel) may therefore be using the CHRIST roses. Moses', in Sleep colors, were first found in Shropshire with Sleeps, from the SELEPitanoi (proto-Tane liners?) Illyrians on the north side of Lissus, where I trace both Laish and Lise liners. Again, Lissus was the city of Caiaphas-like Cavii. God seems to be speaking to us with that dream. There is a Le Mose area in Placentia, a city at the Trebia river. Moses' (share pale bar with Fisks / Victoria's/Vechters) are said to have been connected to Pendragon-related VYCHans/Vaughns (Vechter liners?), and Pendragons were from the Penestae Illyrians (on the Drilon river out of lake Lychnidus) on the west side of the Paioni. The Cavii were to the north-west of the Penestae. The Penes'/Pennys (lynx for Lyncestes near Lychnidus, suspect with Lynceus, son of Aegyptus) share the courant greyhound with the Lise's/Lys'. The Arniss variation of Annas' can be from Arnissa, an old location on the Genoa-like Genusia river to the south of the Cavii. Are you impressed with God's history lesson? I am. I'm repeatedly floored.

The Moy variation of Moses' (they were not likely named Moses to begin with) suggests the Moyens/Mouns/Munns (triple-towered caste), suspect with Monunius of the Dardanians. The Sandle/Saint Low surname came up due to the sandals worn by Miss Hicks on the anniversary of 9-11, the night of her beautiful knees on the Leakey road, and here the Moyens are said to be from Moion, near Saint Lo. The "OMNia" motto term of Moyens/Mouns can be the reason for the OMEN while entering Texas. Omans were first found in the same place as Fisks, and the Fisk Shield is almost that of Spanish Texas'.

Moyers share Moor heads with Tanners, and the latter were first found in the same place as Moons (from Manche, same as Moion), which might suggest that Monunius liners merged with SelepiTANoi (Aegyptus was brother of DANaus from TANis and through Lindos of Rhodes). German Fichters share the pine theme with German Tans/Tanners/Tane's, and the latter's pine CONE's can be for the namers of lake Constance, near Fichtenberg (and the Leck river). This recalls that English Tane's/Tanneys use a Coat like that of Constantine's while French Constance's use a pine tree (Fichten symbol too). Constance liners are suspect with the Contentin in Manche.

If I hadn't correctly identified the woman in the old dream as Miss Hicks, none of all this would be making sense. The "GNAViter" motto term of Leakeys can suggest the Genova's/Geneva's, from Genoa, home of Fieschi. This can indicate a fundamental Fisk link to Leak liners. Compare the "Agendo" of Leakeys to the motto of Lacydon-possible Lacys, same place as Hicks). Miss Hicks adopted a daughter, Geneva, but I knew neither one while driving from the Leakey road to Crystal. God is doing His best to convince you that He set that event up for a reason, and also gave me the dream for your better understanding of Jesus-related history, and, hopefully, as part of a badly-needed squashing of the Illuminati jerks.

Crystals share the fir tree and the thistle with Alpins/Cappins, who are regarded as kin of Kenneths i.e. the Aures Numidians to which the Fisk motto traces. Recalling Greg Fisher, it should be added that Gregors are obvious Alpin kin. As Cystals use a "calvary" symbol while Miss Hicks attended a church in Crystal City, I think it's fair to say that Calvers (Caiaphas / Cavii variation?) share the gold fleur of Hicks. In the Calver Crest, a Moor head, symbol of Chappes', Stirlings (I'm thinking the Chappes' and Lacks/Lakeys both of Stirlingshire because I was up at the Leakey road that same day), and Monunius-suspect Moyens/Mouns.

The leader of the gang with Greg Fisher was ROY Tanner. The Tane's/Tanneys are said to be from an Aubin entity out of Eure, and Eure is where Aubins/Albins are said to derive who smack of "Alpin." Gregs share trefoils with Albino's and Aubin-related Barnstaple's. Aubins and Barnstaple were first found in the same place as Moons and Tanners, and an early branch of the Chives', making the Greg chevron suspect with that of Fothes'/Fitte's (Fitch liners assumed), the latter first found in the same place as Chives' of Tarves. The Tarves' use six black FITCHees (Fichten elements?) in the pattern and colors of the six Tane/Tanney eagles, and the latter surname was first found in Essex with Maple's (Roet boar heads) that share "vi" with Chives' and the split Shield of Tarves'.

Convinced that Tanners were linked to Fisk elements, note that Scottish ROYS use a "tenDIS" motto term that can be partly for Tanner liners, and partly for Diss, in the same place as the first-known Fisks. The Diss area (Suffolk) is where Ardiaei and Daorsi Illyrians were.

My last night of the Texas trip was the first night in a motel at Crystal City. God must have set that up because there were cockroaches heard all night long behind the loose wallpaper, and, in the morning, the Nissan was spewing smoke again, as it had the day before (I ended the trip). Roach's use fish, the Fisch/Fisher symbol, and Smoke's are listed with Rauchers. Fisks use a reflection of the Coat of Gastons, first found in Surrey, and Surreys have a Surrich variation like "Zurich," which is where one example of a Mr. Smoke/Roeuchli is said to be from. It just so happens that the gold Fisch/Fisher lion is in the colors of the lion in the Arms of Kyburg, a location beside Zurich. I find it suspicious that Mr. Smoke/Roeuchli is said to be a smith, for Irish Smiths are curiously listed with Gavin-like surname while Gavins share the gold triangle / pyramid with Fisks.

It's therefore interesting that while the entry into Galveston was with an omen in the sun, suns are used by Roke's/Rooks, a Rockefeller branch. The "sol" motto term of Roke's/Rooks can be for Solana liners, for Solana's/Sols share the eight serpents with Lara's. We are now on Javier Solana, "the boss" of the EU. And Mr. Perez-Lara birthed the head of the current DNC chief while the EU loves the Democrat party and hates the Republicans. Expect Democrat worship of the pro-EU anti-Christ. The Sola's/Solneys are said to have married Painells, feasibly a branch of Pagnells / Payens/Pagans.

Sola's/Solneys, first found in Derbyshire with Calvers, use more fish, and the same chevron as Lecks/Lakeys...which serves evidence that Crystals use a calvary symbol for Calvers/Carvers who moreover use the same fleur (both colors) and colors of Bushs/Buschs, first found in the same place as Hicks that share a gold fleur with both. I knew TERRY Carver, and Terrys not only use the red cross of Crystals (colors reversed from Moses'/Moys/Moesens), but use a version of the Bird/Burd Coat ("Cruce"), itself using a colors-reversed version of the Bouillon cross. Bouillons ("Christi") were first found beside Cruce-like Creuse, and Moses' can be sharing the roses of Crystal-like Christs (Rose's are Bosco kin). That works well, and while Le Mose is at Placentia, the Terry-like Tara river is nearby. The Ananes lived between the Trebia and the Taro. The Taro flows to Parma while Parms/Palms (Massey fleur) were first found in the same place as Hicks. Follow the bouncing Wrath. Palmers/Parmers were first found in the same place as Calvers/Carvers. Why do Masci's share the gold fleur with Hicks? Both out of Lissus, right?

A hockey event in my 12th year was an act of God to indicate a Knee connection to Tarrs and McGee's, and here we have the Hicks involved with a link to Moses', perfect because I claimed several years ago that Hyksos pharaoh, Khyan, was from a Mus household, explaining why his daughter named her adopted son, Moses. It's as though the attending of a church in Crystal city by Miss Hicks was to verify that Khyan was the Exodus pharaoh (no small deal). But, it wouldn't have been good had not God caused me to drive 2,000 miles to Crystal City. McGee's were first found in the same place as the surname of Miss Hicks' husband and of the Geds on the Nith river, a branch of Rose-related Geddes' (both share fish with Hykes'/Hake's), suspect with Chads (same place as Calvers/Carvers) while Chadocks (share footless martlet with Birds / Terrys) use the same style of cross in both colors of the Terry cross. Hyksos (otherwise called Heka KHASEWET) named Kizzuwatna in Cilicia, and Geddes' were from Cilicia's Cetis. Ancient Mus was at the Nairi theater while Rose's, Bosco's and Geddes' were in NAIRnshire.

In a vertical direction, the Arms of ROUSsillon are almost the ten pale bars of Tarrs/Taro's. Rous'/Roosevelts (same red eagle in Crest as Nith-expected Knee's)use "VESCitur Christo" for a motto, and I can spot "itur" in there. Dutch Roosevelts ("plantaVIT") share "qui" with itur-liner Shaws/Sheaves. Idris of Morocco, the itur-line, started a royal family in Fes/Fez (Morocco), and the Fes/Fez surname was first found in the same place as Bouillons.

McGee's share the boar heads of Mea's/Meighs (Moy liners?) in the Bird motto. The Cheshire Birds have the Hicks fleur upon it. The Moses' have a Moesen variation suspect as ancient Moesians, expected with branches in Cheshire, and king Monunius was in the Moesia theater, or beside. The Maeonian partners of Mysians come to mind.

This discussion recalls that German BACHs showed a gold calf (Calver symbol?) that was changed almost as fast as I mentioned it. I had read that Bach-like Apachnas was the same pharaoh as Khyan. And it struck me that the golden calf was a symbol of the Egyptians in the Exodus.

For a long time, whenever I mention the trip back home from Crystal City, I think of my returning on or about April 30. I've wondered whether the April surname can apply, because, I've noted, God leaves few details for unrelated things if I remember them. How can I remember that date after so long? This time, I wondered whether I returned on the morning of May 1, the prized date of the Illuminati. In any case, Mays (Mea's/Meighs?) share the tower of Auvergne's, and Aprils (pine tree) are also AVRi's, possible Auvergne liners. Auvergne's were first found in the same place as Pagans/Payens who in-turn use the symbol of Guerins, and Idris must trace to Guerin of Provence (ruled France far and wide outside of Provence). I can see how "Guerin" can become "Vergne/Vern." The same tower is used by Scone's (Stirling) who put a wyVERN dragon in Crest in the green of the Guerra wyvern, and the Guerra's are suspect with the Ping/Pong/Pung/Pagenell bends (Yorkshire again). The same tower is used by Narbonne's/DeNORDI's, a branch of Norths (dragon), the latter first found in the same place as Fez-colored English Mays.

Trump's Troubles

It's depressing, but here's Judicial Watch saying again (Sept 22) that Trump appointees are unwilling to tackle corruption. Instead, they are covering for it. The appointees are making it seem that corruption is a light matter to be ignored. Therefore, corruption will catch up to the appointees.

I've been spotting a cycle. Red meat comes out in some form, giving Republicans hope of prosecutions, only to end up as nothing. Didn't someone a couple of thousand years ago say something about lawlessness? There is Someone who still cares for the right, but I wish He would hurry because we are sick of it all. Here's SonofNewo, who starts the video on the theory that Paul Manafort, once Trump's campaign manager, was a mole. However, in the video, SonofNewo never says that Manafort was a spy for the FBI, or now deliberately / knowingly mole. It seems that Newo is conveying what looks like a fact, that the FBI was using Manafort as a mole. The FBI had won surveillance rights from a court(s) to wiretap Manafort immediately before his becoming the campaign manager. Therefore, the FBI had a right to spy on him, and on Trump through him, during his work for Trump.

SonofNewo makes a brilliant point where he gleans that CNN wants to highlight this story, that the FBI wiretapped Manafort. The stated purpose, which I agree with, is because CNN and its deep-state backdrop is preparing the ground to openly reveal (in the news) some of Trump's conversations with Manafort...and it won't be pretty for Trump, obviously. If Manafort was a deep-state operative while with Trump, he might have gotten Trump to do something quite serious. Or, Manafort can allow the FBI to fabricate some statements made by Trump that he never made. Here is the deep state coming round to bite Trump's arse, as it should be, because Trump's government seems to be doing diddly-nothing to cut the cancer from the nation,. I say, make Trump pay dearly for his duplicity, until he learns to do the right. There is zero hope unless he learns to do the right. Cut the cancer out. Jail them. Make them scurry like headless rats.

The general story on Manafort now is that he's going to betray Trump. But, if Newo is right, he always was anti-Trump. This would be nuts, with spies pretending to support presidential candidates, etc. This is cancer. Kill the cancer. But if Trump's attorney general is a lame duck, afraid that any attack of his own will backfire against his vulnerabilities, then a new AG is needed, a spotless one unafraid of a legal backlash.

Here's Napolitano, who speaks his mind and opposes Trump when he thinks its warranted. I like people like that. In this video, Napolitano attacks Comey for the Manafort wiretaps, and makes the point that Comey lied yet another lie under oath concerning this matter. This looks like red T-bone steak, but will it fizzle away without trouble for Comey? The red meat is the claim that Trump was in fact spied on at Trump Tower, via Manafort's communications, but, in the end, the other side can say it's not true, that this is merely an assumption. Manafort rented a piece of Trump Tower in 2014, when FBI wiretapping on him began. It sure looks like Manafort was at least being used to keep tabs on Trump, perhaps to check out whether Trump was going to run for president. Napolitano claims that Manafort will be indicted on an unknown matter:

Manforts are listed with Montforts, and Monforte is beside Bra. Food for thought. Where is God working these things? When He does things, they are perfect.

If Manafort was caught in a serious damning wiretap with Trump during the time when he was running Trump's election bid, the FBI should be loath to come out with it because it looks unethical to be wiretapping Manafort at that time. The better way to go is to get Manafort to confess to that serious thing. Below is CNN on the 18th breaking the Manafort story, a thing I absolutely do not expect because it tends to taint the FBI and verify Trump's accusation against Obama. The only explanation for this breaking story is that the breakers have methods to "prove" that the FBI was within its legal and ethical grounds for the tapping, and moreover to till the ground for the next stage of the Manafort plot. You can see that this issue is bringing up the Russia-collusion from its grave, perhaps have a secondary purpose of vindicating CNN.

As CNN's guests put it, the FBI had no Russia collusion evidence against Manafort prior to his working for Trump. So far, so good for Trump. But the FBI then revived the wire-tapping (convinced a judge of some illegal possibility) about the time of the election, probably because the Clinton team wanted something done to stop the Trump surge at that time. In the meantime, Comey came out to harm Hillary's chances at winning the election, which makes no sense if the FBI wanted Trump to lose...unless Comey opposed Clinton's victory while others in the FBI wanted her to win.

CNN's guests tell that the Manafort wiretaps are now in Mueller's hands, which is the only reason I can see for CNN breaking this story. While there is some damage done to the FBI, yet they deep state hopes to score big with a Manafort plot in the hands of Mueller. This is the beast that wants to bite Trump's arse. I hope it hurts bad.

The New York Times is one of others reporting that "prosecutors" (who exactly?) will indict Manafort. Who can these prosecutors be but the Mueller-circle FBI? Here I've been waiting for the FBI to indict Comey or Hillary or one of the really-bad guys, with zero, and now a Trump man gets indicted for the sole purpose of trying to finish off Trump, a blatant political move on the FBI's part. It's a super revelation that the FBI is integral to the shadow government. The more Mueller takes his investigation against Trump, the more the world knows that the FBI is not about fighting crime, but more about causing it. Where is Wray on this indictment? Does he have any say on whether it happens? Is Wray a nobody?

What do you think of this: "Former White House adviser Steve Bannon will head to Alabama to campaign for Roy Moore – the Christian conservative who is running against the candidate [Luther Strange] endorsed by President Trump in the state’s Republican Senate race." I don't know anything about either candidate, but, on the surface of that quote, it looks like Trump and Pence are not going for the Christian.

The Montforts can be shown to be of the Italian Forts that share the Arms of STUTTgart. To do this, start with Thurstan de BASTERNburgh, father of Mr. Montfort before Montforts ruled at Leicester. Load the Thurstans to find them sharing the motto of Sheriffs, the latter first found in the same place as Montforts. Thurstan is a location in a Stow area (Suffolk), and STOUTs come up as Stows, first found with STANleys in Cambridgeshire, making ThurSTANs suspect as a Stan / Stanley branch, for the Thurstan motto shares "quam" with CAMbridge's (on the Cam river). As Basters share a Crest like that of Bessins and Bistons (share the bee with English Forts), and because Montforts ruled Chester, near Beaston of the Bessins, THURstans look like a Thuringia merger with Stan liners, of the Basina-line Thuringians. She traces to the Bessin, at the Orne river, which is in code both with the Thurstan hunting HORNS and the heron in the Thurstan Crest. Therefore, Montforts (Child colors) were descended from Childeric and Basina, a new discovery for me. Herons (share the Horn/Orne Coat, all in Montfort colors) were at THORNton of Northumberland.

There were a Tuareg Berber = Amazon peoples in north Africa that can link easily to the Meshwesh/Mazyes Amazons out of Cyrene, where ancient Bistones worship Ares in the period (700 BC) of Liguria's founding, itself suspect with the Numidian branch to which Massena belonged. I always forget how to spell the people group (near/at Tunis) that Massena belonged to, but it's very near "Massilia," the earlier name of Marseilles. The Meshwesh ruled Egypt (starting 21st dynasty) at Tunis-like Tanis. Basina is suspect from Bistones; Thorntons, Thuringia and Turin can be from Tuaregs.

The Thornton surname apparently applies because it was first found in Cheshire. Not only did the Meschins of the Bessin rule Chester before the Montforts, but the Banisters in the Meschin write-up are said to be connected to the Meschin-Skiptons marriage, yet the Banisters are in the Thornton write-up along with the Skipton lion in the Thornton Crest. It says that half the town of Thornton (Cheshire) was held by William Banastre. It looks like Masci's were connected to Cuneo's Monforte. Thorntons use hawthorn TREEs, and Tree's/True's, in the Massey Coat, were first found in the same place as Montforts, making Thorntons look like a branch of Thurstons.

Thornton titles went by marriage to Lumleys. Like the WALtons, Lumleys use "murus aeneus," translated as, "WALL of brass," but can also indicate the Tuareg Moors (from MAURITANia, itself suspect with Morton / Marano/Mauritano / Murena liners). This can indicate Bra liners. The English Walls not only share the same wolf head as Scarfs, but the same fleur-de-lys as Sheriffs. The Talls, first found in Thuringia, use a version of the Swedish Wall Coat. Fisks, first found in the same place as Thurston, share a black pale bar with German Walls. German Wells share the pelican with the Lumley and Stewart Crest, making the Lumley fesse suspect with the Alan fesse, and the Lumley parrots those of Pettys.

To no surprise, Lums share three eagles in the colors of the three of Childs. The other Lums/Lambs, in the same colors, are in Lambert colors, indicating the Piast, Mieszko II Lambert, whose marriage to Richesa of Lorraine provided the Arms of Lorraine with the Piast eagle, which is in the colors of the Child eagle. The "Palma" motto term of Lums/Lambs must be code for Palms/Parms, first found in the same place as Stans who in-turn share the double-black fesses of Palmers/Parmers. There's a good way to link Stans to ThurSTANs. German Lamberts were first found in Franconia with Thor-beloved Trunks, and the so-called Franconian RAKE is suspect with Richesa liners. I see the Mieske arm in the Crests of Bessins, Bistone's, and Brass'/Brace's (Bessens throw in a club suspect with Clovis).

In Alabama this week, Trump maybe did nothing more by throw some red meat out when he said that the people need to ask Sessions about "locking Hillary Clinton up." This is bad news, not good, if you're reading it right. Is Trump showing genuine frustration in Sessions, or using Sessions as his own excuse for not dealing with Clinton's immorality? Either way, it's a bad message.

They say it's not Trump's job to indict Hillary, but when Trump promised to personally lock her up, what was he inferring but that he would assure the law office(s) under his hat to do it for him? So, Mr. Trump needs to ask Jeff Sessions, not the people in Alabama. What has Trump done and said to make Sessions do it? We have heard nothing...not necessarily meaning that nothing is being done. But when he spoke the quote above, it tends to show that there is zero move with Sessions to indict Clinton. If there has been such a move, he wouldn't be appealing to the people to get Sessions to change his mind. The statement above is an appeal to get Sessions to move, meaning he hasn't yet. Thank you, Trump, for that admission. At least we now know.

Trump may be sending out a subliminal message indicting that Hillary is Session's job, not Wray's, because the president doesn't want Wray to indict her (what Republicans and even HA Goodman are expecting). Trump is partly out campaigning in Alabama, and, as you can see, he's still using "lock her up" as a method to get voters turned on to him. This is bad all around. Before anyone wastes an hour sending Sessions a letter, the president needs to tell us what force / leverage / passion he's used to get the Session mule to move his feet. Is he doing other things besides complaining about him publicly? Let the voters know what else he's doing. The voters need to know how serious Trump is in slapping Session's back side hard.

It is plain to all that Hillary is guilty on many grounds, and, therefore, there is nothing wrong, nothing to be ashamed of, nothing to fear, for urging an attorney general to do the right thing, which happens to be exactly what the AG's job description entails. The Democrats would have us believe that a president should not urge (as though none of his business) an attorney general to do his job in any way, if it involves attacking Democrats...exactly why Democrats can be ignored.


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