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Sept 12 - 18, 2017

Donna Brazile is Now Fingered by the White-Rabbit Mystery
Arms-of-Trump Heraldry Leads Back to Maccabees

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I'm not taking email at this time, here's why. I apologize to all having left email, as I can't even mail to inform you.

I ended the last update asking whose side Trump is on, the deep state or the people. The update was out by noon September 11. Later that day, I watched Trump give a word to the nation about 9-11 16 years ago. The video is below and very educational, teaching that Trump can speak eloquently and passionately even while lying through his teeth. He knows full well that 9-11 was an inside job. Trump is an imposter. I will now go forward with that in mind. He has capitulated to the will and game of the deep state. There is no hope in Trump for a more-Christian society. Watch the snake closely. Do not be lulled into feeling his heart when he has no heart in his words. He's able to speak as though it's from his heart, but it is NOT. You've been warned. Let go of this man. Grab hold of Jesus.

Forget the airplanes. Forget all the evidence that damns 9-11 as an inside job, except for building 7. That's all anyone needs to see and know. Building 7 came down without explanation aside from a controlled take-down. There was no time to set the explosives between 9 am and 5 pm, but the building came down on that 9-11 day, before dinner time. Ask yourselves how that could have been possible unless the explosives were in the building before that morning. What is wrong with everyone that they confess the deep-state lie about 9-11? What madness grips the world? I'm so thankful that I've long-ago accepted the truth, because it's been very good for my sanity. You should all try it. It was a CIA trick, that's all, and the CIA is guilty of the deaths on that day, and the illegal transfers of money as a result, and for the tightening-up of CIA spy powers thenceforth. This is the deepest part of the deep state: those who winked at the conducting of 9-11. Trump, the fink, advancing the lie today, and helping to save the perpetrators. What a complete zero.

Below is Trump on 9-11 saying that he can't imagine how planes could go through the steel of the buildings, and that there must have been bombs utilized. But how were bombs utilized by passenger planes? Impossible.

In the video below, Trump says he had hundreds of his men in the Twin towers. Why? Who is he that he should have had his men in there? He then says that the clean-up crew needed to watch it because neighboring buildings could come down at anytime, which is ridiculous to anyone who has an average grasp of building structure. He himself speaks as though he has a good grasp of structure, yet paints a picture in people's minds that something like the building-7 collapse could happen again. Is the president today one of the insiders at 9-11?

As you can see, he says that the surrounding buildings are in such a weakened state that one could possibly collapse. I'm a small-time builder of residential homes, yet I have enough sense to know that, if planes can't penetrate the steel of the buildings, then neither can rubble, or the ground tremors from the twin towers, weaken neighboring buildings anywhere near the point that they could collapse. That is a joke. No buildings came down after the towers did except the building 7 with planted explosives. I therefore sense that Trump was an insider.

Building 6 had a crater formed in its center, even before the tower beside it came down. In this crater, there was no steel, just pure air several floors deep. The plotters want us to believe that fires burned out this a cavity / crater, but fires can't melt building steel.

If you listen to video presentations from those who support the plotters, they are framed to sound reasonable, professional, reliable. Of course.

Ground tremors from the falling towers didn't knock people off their feet? The only other explanation that the government, and the Trump fink, can appeal to for the ruin of building 7 is the fire. There are youtube videos trying to make the case that fire can bring that building down, but, as you must have heard again and again, no building has ever collapsed (even partially) due to fires much larger than the one in building 7. The steel is always able to handle the heat because it's made to handle it. Besides, if fire could cause metal to collapse, a steel building would start to collapse first at its hottest spot, with neighboring areas collapsing later, if the fire happens to continue. But building 7 didn't come down one section at a time. In the video below, building 7 is on your left:

To be sane means to accept and know the truth. A devastating truth (e.g. your murdered child) can drive someone "crazy" when it's not easy to accept, but insanity is not mental torture / torment. Insanity is the acceptance of the surreal / unreal when the mind has lost sufficient grasp of realities. Minds need to be controlled. The mind needs to be worked in the task of understanding reality. "The Truth will set you free" can be interpreted as transferring from a mentally-challenged state to a sober one. Instead of chaos and the unknown, the known and the calm. The more lies we believe, the closer we edge toward insanity. In my opinion, the devil (i.e. demons individually) implants thoughts that we either shrug off, ignore, accept or entertain. It's conducive to becoming insane to accept demonic impulses. The deep state and its media are active in deception, and thus contribute to insanity, depression, and anxiety. To get relief, start by accepting the truth about 9-11. Once you do, all else will fall into place. It will be uncomfortable to accept all that comes to mind concerning government realities (we recognize that "our" society is spoiled beyond repair), but the alternative is to believe the lies, the endless lies, and to celebrate them as truths. I won't have that. I can be productive if I cling to the realities. I can help others if I'm highly sane and mentally secure.

Larry Silverstein, well on his way to Hell (very mentally-challenging place), is an insider who told the world that building 7 had to be "pulled." He was unable to bring himself to claiming that building 7 fell from fire damage, because he knew it to be impossible. With no other explanation available to him, he tried to convince the public that men entered building 7 in the afternoon, and that by 5 am they had set the explosives in place to bring the building down with a standard, controlled demolition. But that's impossible too. Yet he thought that the public would buy it, which is a sign that he himself is much insane. It was a sign that he doesn't know how sane the public is. And he really needs to be insane in order to be an insider. The satanists in government are indeed half insane, or worse. I'm not exaggerating. You may find it hard to believe because you know your own sanity, that it's fairly healthy, and you may think everyone is like you. But it's not true. There are people who feign sanity at work by copy-cat maneuvers (fitting in), but at home are nutty, reckless, destructive, or criminal. The Democrat camp is filled with these types.

"The Truth will set you free" has the underling life of God to replace demonic impulses with reliable truths (and wisdom to boot) from His Spirit. It's a win-win because you find peace in knowing that God is where it's really at. Once you've arrived to God, the father, you have found it all. There is nothing else anymore. You have crossed over from a living death to something altogether new and Reliable. Biblically speaking, it's called the "rock," but you can call it the anchor, or the level ground, or a solid mind. Our enemies like to call it our crutch, making fun of us, but what's to be ashamed of in needing God as a crutch? What kind of crutch are they using, that is the real "joke," if it weren't so sad.

The big news for me this week is my break-through realization, all done with a solid mind: Trump was an insider, and still is. If ever he led people to believe that he thought 9-11 was an inside job, it was to win votes.

Here's building 6, the one with the crater. It appears to be bombed. One clearly sees the difference between the look of the aftermath of controlled demolition and this cavity. Perhaps they were only partially finished with planting explosives for a controlled demolition, explaining why only the interior crumbled. Did you catch Trump saying, on 9-11, that the towers need to be re-built to splendor. Who in his right mind talks about rebuilding on day one...unless he knows the event was accomplished a pre-plan to rebuild, with maybe his own financial stake in the re-building? That's what his words lead me to believe.

How many people were in building 6 when they blew it up? Everyone defines insanity as a group of men who decide to take down the twin towers with people still inside of them. It's so insane that others are unwilling to believe it. If you rail in anger against the one cop who punches one innocent victim that won't kiss his feet as though he's a god, what will you do to Trump and others who winked at or participated in 9-11? What will God do?

The next step to walking in reality is to ask whether you can depend on the government to do the right things in protecting the people, or whether the psychotic leaders, simply because they have demonically-inspired minds, have devious plans for the people that will, as a rule, cause them misery just because the psychos enjoy their pain. The more we speak against them now, the more they will enjoy our pain. But the alternative is to let them control and shape our world quietly. The best alternative is to go in for the kill.

I and others have revealed the remedy. Stop electing the same old, and elect men on the streets that know no previous politics. Who cares if the elected leaders and law makers don't know the political world? Who cares if they start off bumbling, or get things done slowly? At least they are normal and sane, genuinely caring for the people. Elect men known to be anti-globalist and anti-shadow government. Republicans thought they had one in Trump, and they succeeded in electing him. Next time, do it for a genuine anti-globalist. It can be done. Trump as president is proof that it can be done. Do it for Congress too. Do it for the British parliament too.

One has reason to think that American voters are half insane because, even though they admit that Congress is corrupt, they continue to elect the same old. If you don't want to view this as insanity, then we can at least see it as suicidal, or mental instability of a demonic kind. On then one hand, the voter knows that corruption is evil, to be rejected, yet on the other hand the voter is married to it, voting it in time after time. At best, we can say that the voter is deceived into believing that all house-of-representative people are corrupt except the one overseeing his own constituency. But can't we define a person easily deceived as partway to insanity? We call it naive, gullible or ignorant, but if they persist when the stakes are high at 20 trillion in national debt (who stole that money if not the representatives?), haven't they crossed over to a dangerous zone of mental lapse / failure? It's like giving the keys to your house to a rapist intent on raping your daughter in the middle of the night. It's not merely stupid, it's insane. After raping your daughter, he will take the best possessions, and finally burn the house down.

And Trump just raised the debt ceiling again. If the hurricanes hadn't come along, he would have raised it on some other excuse. The decision again to raise it or not raise is not far off. Let us see how the Trump fink works that out. When Obama raised it, the Republicans feigned being opposed.

There are "normal" people that want the 9-11 issue to go away. How can that be normal? How can we turn a blind eye to justice for such an atrocious act? How can we be merely naive to think it won't happen again in some other form? It's not merely naive; it's evidence of slipping away into insanity. And Donald Trump just facilitated that insanity by telling the people that 9-11 was perpetrated by Muslin terrorists. Trump said nothing to bring the people to their senses, let alone something to get the people to correct the situation with some merciless justice.

Trump is a dog. If I were his judge, he'd be in a terrible prison right now. As president, it's his duty to expose 9-11. Before the election, he promised to discover (as president) the real perpetrators, and to reveal them to the people. He lied. He gave the voter the impression that he would jail the insiders, but look, he's one of the insiders. He just revealed it in his speech. Christian Trump supporters, shame. The only good news is that there may be enough Republican voters to elect a normal man in 2020. But this needs a movement to get some normal person to run against Trump, and it's not going to happen short of a miraculous set of circumstances.

There is more hope for Obama than for Trump if the latter is set on deceiving Christians in order to get their votes. And he is.

When I appeared at Conspiracy Con 2011 in Santa Clara California I had a very interesting experience. During a Q&A period I was asked what I would be talking about during the September 11th Anniversary...I said that I believe our focus now should be on Flight 93 in Shanksville and Building 6. Almost in unison the group assembled at the hotel where I was appearing said “building 7.” I said no building 6 — one guy piped up “Clyde you mean building 7” I said no – everyone is talking about building 7 and everyone is focusing on what brought down the towers – I want to know what happened to flight 93 and why building 6 exploded immediately after United Airlines Flight 175 slammed into the South Tower, at about 9:03 a.m.

How could building 6 get into the condition you saw it in above immediately after the tower was first hit, before the tower fell? You really need to be far-gone from reasonable thinking to believe that it was anything but an inside job. Are you imagining that Arabs got into building 6 with enough explosives, hidden in secret places where the building's workers wouldn't see them? Anyone would consider that a crazy notion. But to stall and not come to any conclusion, or to put off the question of who-done-it, is at last halfway to insanity, and it shows no integrity, no love for fellow man, no care about the corruption in government, you are happy so long as the bad guys don't touch your own life.

Yes, God will hold accountable those who allow these beasts to operate at the highest levels, promising "make America's financial situation great again." Can't you see how God detests "make America great again"? You cannot serve money and God, fool. When Bill Clinton said, "it's the economy, stupid," he was the true stupid. What exactly do you want from a better economy? How much extra money will you have from a better economy? Will you sell your soul for a few hundred bucks more this year than last because Trump gave you some tax relief?

What is a better economy? What is a depression? That's easy. A depression is when things cost too much, and people run out of money just after they secure their basic needs. No extra money for shoes or for repainting the house. But a better economy is defined when you have more than enough money to buy extra shoes. Will you sell your soul to Trump the fink for a better pair of shoes? That's what God wants to know prior to bringing Armageddon. On whose side will you prove to be? He's proven to be for the deep state. He will oppose only the Democrat forces seeking to oust him for 2020, but don't mistaken that for opposition to the deep state.

It is my sense, whenever I see his wife standing beside him, that she is under strain from Trump. I see her living with a dark cloud over her head, like Pontius Pilate's wife having a headache when deciding whether to deliver Jesus to capital punishment or not. Trump's wife seems to sense that her husband is up to something wrong / dangerous. North Korea and Syria come to mind, but there can be more to it as relates to Trump's Muslim scare for the homeland, a CIA hoax. What is the CIA up to but to purge / weaken Americans in opposition to the CIA? Yes, and Trump will likely assist the CIA in this. Watch Pompeo closely, but we may not hear much about his decisions or mindset at all. His name reminds me of a bad volcano exploding and covering the peoples with hot ash, a lot like the fiery coals of Armageddon.

The speaker in the above quote goes on: "Even though the story of a fire bringing down building 7 do not measure up to scrutiny, and the gullible will say that fires cause freefall demolitions of buildings, the truth about building 6 is that the building exploded and it was seen on National television and then was immediately covered up." Trump is on video saying, at 9-11, that he owns property around the towers. He's a New Yorker, and therefore knows first-hand that building 6 was destroyed by insiders. There is no other explanation. They don't want us to talk about this building. The problem now is that the goons who brought it down are well protected by a Trump fink. They succeeded in electing their very own and very-stupid fink.

The truest mark of intelligence is not how well you craft your own profession, but how well you craft the future of your own soul. If Trump succeeds in the world while giving his soul to Hell, he is a very-stupid man. He is apparently demanding of his wife to act Christian, or pro-Christian. It would be better for Obama on the Day of Judgment than for Trump if this is the tack he is taking. It should be clear that CIA targets include Christians like me but in much-higher places. I feel I have the luxury of speaking this way because tribwatch is not influential (doesn't reach thousands daily). Tribwatch may get as many as a thousand hits daily, but there's a big difference between hits and actual readers. Here's from one online computer, but others give different figures: receives about 342 unique visitors and 719 (2.10 per visitor) page views per day...

The page thinks that half of the visitors are from the Unites States, and half outside, which can be explained by my opposition to Bush, and now to Trump. If tribwatch were not being suppressed by the Google-and-related search engines, there would be thousands of visitors daily, easily. I've been hoping that God, in His time, will rectify this situation. In the meantime, being on the low end, I feel on the safe side from CIA goons, even if they monitor me from time to time. I can assure you, God has not wasted his time with me, and they have no idea how God will strike them. He will not fail in his strike, and He is using others to accomplish this, to weaken them ahead of their Christian persecution. The Charlottesville hoax seems to be part of that plot. Late in the last update, I was given a message from God that the remnants of the Bavarian Illuminati are now, in modern times, central within the anti-Christian deep state. If you want to see insanity, investigate the Bavarian Illuminati. There is nothing redeemable about this damned organization. If it's fire they spew, then by fire they will be burned. Laugh while you can, demons, because it's going to be torment afterward.

I haven't checked by stat counter in probably four months. The tribwatch page above shows a chart from Google's tracking system, where there was a steady climb in hits between December and April, with a super spike in the month of May (I assume 2016), followed by a drastic dive in June and low hits thereafter. By September, the hits were down to almost zero. If this chart is correct, it could signal that Google's computer or people mechanically arranged for the hits to be killed as soon as it/they saw the hits rising too high for comfort. In this way, Google keeps control of information, killing those opposing end-time goons and/or having a Christian message seeking to change society God's way.

Later in the page, where it shoes the last modified date on a certain date in 2011, it suggests that the chart's number of hits and visitors is for the home page only, not including the hundreds of pages accessible from the home page.

According to the chart, hits went from as high as 2,200 (daily, I must assume) in May, to zero in June. If correct than half my viewers are from outside the United States, I can't blame that dive on something "bad" I said about Trump in the Iraq updates. Besides, 95 percent of the home page hasn't changed for years so that the dive doesn't look like it's from anything distasteful from my words. Two theories: 1) the chart is garbage; 2) Google suppressed Tribwatch as it was rising. As the chart shows the hits on the zero line continuously from August to October, the number of hits must be daily, not monthly. Google may have punished me severely at that time, yet there was some bounce afterward, which may signal that Google had not programmed its computer to punish me further, and that hits would have been well beyond the 2,200 point had it not punished me to begin with in June. The chart is suspect as flawed because it doesn't show the year, yet the data had to come from somewhere.

Another website tracker (I'm using DuckDuckGo) has me with half the hits above, and yet another one with twice as much; one with 12,250 page views monthly (400 daily). It too has me at a roughly 50-50 split in U.S versus international readers. But the page has some mistakes, for example: "It went live on September 14th 2001..." The page was online years before that date, begging the question of whether we can trust these tracking pages at all. The page offers only four links from the website, even though I have thousands, and one of the four is infowars even though I have few links to infowars as compared to others. In other words, this looks like a smear attempt. Some of the trackers are out-to-lunch on other "facts," and they all give different numbers, which is a way for them all to kill their own credibility.

One twitter-value page has tribwatch worth $172,648 even though it has the same US rating (about 500,000th) as other trackers, which might be correct (from advertising potential) if the tracker caught a glimpse of the site when the hits were high, or if the tracker is able to make the estimated value based on what it would be without the google program acting against it. There may be a rule that Google must report somewhere with a list of websites it suppresses, indicating also which method(s) (by name) are being used to suppress. Google's excuses against me would be manifold, including my belief that 9-11 was an inside job. Google treats this is a form of sedition, in the same way that Hitler would kill those who opposed his will.

I have been asking myself lately whether Hitler was invited by president Roosevelt to participate in the formation of an American spy agency that became the CIA, founded in 1947. The logo/symbol of the CIA is a 20-pointed red star on a white Shield. The Glass surname uses stars in those colors, and Hitler's father married Miss Glassl, though Hitler's mother was Miss Polzl. The CIA headquarters is at George Bush Center for Intelligence in Langley, Virginia. The white-rabbit was code for something at Bra, in Langhe, and God showed me, which I showed to readers, that the Langley surname applies directly to Langhe.

In the last update, I was floored by many surname "coincidences," one of which was the finding of SHAKERLEY-related Facks/FaZACKERLEYs (click and use that browser tab to load other Coats you'd like to see). This surname was found by being led to FairFAX, Virginia. A few weeks ago, God arranged Joel to drive me with a white Rabbit (Volkswagen) to a street called, Shakle, like the Shake variation of Shakerleys. Shake's were identified months ago with the "shakefork" of white-rabbit-line Cunninghams, and Forkers (the reason for the shakefork code) were found (last update) to be a branch of Ferays/Fairlie's/Fairie's found in the Fairfax-surname motto. On top of that, there were three "Je" motto terms (one with Fairfax's) seen in the last update suspect with Jays, while Shakle street was resolved as code for the work of Jay Sekulow (one of Trump's lawyers) in advancing God's white-rabbit agenda. Trump may not be able to fire Sekulow because he needs Christian voters.

I didn't mention that the three Fack/Fazackerly fesses are in the colors of the three (actually six) Langley / Lander/Landen pale bars. It's just simply amazing to me, it really is, that God is telling me a story through mere surname connections. I'm able to decipher his story precisely because I am very sane. I can even fully understand why readers will consider me crazy for even trying to decipher a story from surname connections.

Here's a snippet from the last update:

AHA! Incredible. The Fairfax surname has a "feray" motto term, and there is a Feray/Fairlie/Fairy surname (water bougets, almost the Bug Coat) said to be from a Fairlie area that was once "Cunninghame, Largs and Lauderdale"!!! Hee hee. I followed the rabbit to Booz Allen Hamilton [Fairfax, Virginia], and found the Cunningham family.

Largs (same place as Fairfax's) use a savage (traces to Langhe), the Glass stars, and possibly the blue Fair / Fier/Fere bend. It's interesting that Largs' are like the Larks honored in the larks of Barks/BERKs/Barcs suspect from Barca, father of Hannibal. Hannibal's competitor at Carthage was the Numidian, SyPHAX. Hmm. Ayrshire, where Forkers and Ferays/Fairie's were first found, had the Shawia Numidians. I know for a fact that Irish Burghs/Berks were from John de Burgo, father of the CONTEville's, whom I identify with CONE-related Conte's.

Behold what was just found now. I didn't have time in the last update to read the Fack/Fazacherley write-up fully. It says that this surname merged with Blundell of CROSBY, and you may have read where Lorraine, my girlfriend, was God's code for the Landers/Landens and for the Blonds/Blunds. She was instrumental in proving that God was referring to Langleys too, in direct relation to Bra and Langley (in Cuneo, the line to Cunninghams). But I now find that the Irish CROSBYs/Crossins use a version of the Forker Coat!!! It's just amazing how this revelation comes down. Both Coats use the same giant and upright lion (same colors, in Savage-lion colors), and while Forkers add three red hands, Crosbys/Crossin add two red hands.

But there is more. At the time that I knew Lorraine (our first date started at a LAUNDRomat), there were two brothers in my church, both sons of Mrs. Crosby, who also attended. I ended up renting a place in their home just before moving out to the place directly beside a second LAUNDRomat (in the same mall on Leven street), where the landlord killed a rabbit in my LAUNDRY sink ("LAUNdry" is like "Leven/Laven"). I witnessed it because I happened to be walking around the hall corner into the kitchen at the time that he was clubbing it for the first time. I don't think the landlord wanted me to see this, as it was my sink.

The point is, the two full Crosby brothers were one white (and blond), one Negro, and Charlottesville, Virginia, was white versus black. It's just that FairFAX (and CIA headquarters) is likewise in Virginia while FairFAX is suspect with the Langley bars as per their use by Facks. But there is more, because Facks/Fazackerleys are in Shake/Shakerley colors, and first found in the same place, LANCAshire, which I've been tracing to "Langhe" (at least suggestively) for years! I'll trace Lancashire's below to Fair-related Formans.

There is more, because the Shake's/Shakerleys (courant hare) use MOLEhills while Eschyna de Molle (lived near the Cunninghams / Forkers / Ferays) married Robert Croce while Croce's are also Cross', apparently of the Crossin variation of Crosbys.

Of further interest, Shake's/Shakerleys use the motto, "AntiQUUM obtiNENS," while Virginia's/Virgins use "NUNc aut nunQUAM," while Nens' are listed with Nons/Nevins (first found in the same place as Cunninghams and their beloved Forkers), like the Nun/Noon surname.

There is more. While living at the Crosby house, or immediately after moving out to the place with the clubbed rabbit, I started to collect money for World Vision (by placing bread-shaped piggy banks on store counters). My manager was Mr. Langford. Then, the Crosby/Crossin surname is from Leinster, which includes Longford. It could appear that God moved me to work for World Vision for a specific revelation to be made here, or soon. Longfords and Langfords use the six bars of Landens/LANDERs and Langley in someone else's colors, and both Longfords and Langfords she a white bend with Landens/Landers.

Lancashire's use double, engrailed fesses partly in the colors of the double, wavy fesses of Formans (share the FAIR / Firmin anchor), and both surnames use the same lion. This is not a conclusive link, but will be supported if Lancashire's link to Forkers / Ferays / FAIRfax's. Lancashire's are said to have been part of a Milburn entity (Westmorland, beside Fairs) while Milburns use virtually the Coat of Traves', first found in Lancashire. One can grasp that the Traves Coat is a colors reversed version of the Swynfords, while Catherine Swynford (born Roet) married John of Gaunt, ruler of Lancashire. The Arms of Gaunt uses a VIRGIN.

"Traves" is like "Traby," and Poland's Traby elements married the Astikas' of Lithuania, suspect in the Sticks, beloved by the candleSTICks of Kyle's, first found in the same place as Cunninghams, Forkers and Fairfax-beloved Ferays/FAIRie's. The latter are Fairlie's too, suspect with Langford's Farrels (in the Longford write-up). The Stick Coat is used exactly by Aughtons (Lancashire) in the Lancashire-surname write-up, and Aughtons are said to be from Madoc Aughton while Maddocks (Mattis-like variations) use the Lancashire / Forman / Brunswick lion. The Traves' are a line to Tarves, where Chives were first found that were from the Cavii on the Mattis-like Mathis river (Mathis' even use the Chives moline). We are thus tracing Lancashire elements to Piedmont's Chivasso, near the Cuneo border. And Swynfords use the colors and format of Brays/Brae's (FLAX breaker) while the latter love the Flacks that use the Traves / Milburn scallops. Bra is at Langhe. The Swynford boar is in the colors of the same of Bush's, from Busca of Cuneo. Bush's use the Ghent eagles while Gaunt is also Ghent. One can now start to glean that the Langford / Longford bars are those of Sturs, from the Stura river near Busca, and flowing into the city of Cuneo. That's one great reason alone as to why God would connect me with Mr. Langford, because it has more than one way to connect Lancashire / John Gaunt to Langhe. There's a question as to whether the virgin in the Arms of Gaunt is with the Eagle / Savage lion.

Catherine Roet owned the Catherine wheel used my Millers / Muellers, which can thus be a Milburn branch, proving that Milburns use the Swynford Coat in colors reversed. Roets named Ruedesheim, location of Assmannshausen, part of the As(s)mans / Rasmussens that share a white-on-gold bend with Landens/Landers. Rasmussens share the unicorn of Fire's/Furs/Feuerers whom trace to the Stura river. The Waltons, who use SWANS suspect with SWYNnfords, are in the Lancashire write-up. The Waltons use nearly the Venel Coat, suspect with (likely from) the Veneli / Unelli peoples at CROCiatonum (the Croce/Cross line now suspect with Crosbys/Crossin), and the Nells / Neels of this peoples traced well (last update) to Oneglia, home of Roet-related Boofima > Baphomet.

It's probably not coincidental that Miss Florida, who introduced Boofima to me, also stressed John of Gaunt for no reason from me (i.e. all on her own). In fact, I think she is the one tipping me off that the Roet married to John of Gaunt. The last update showed why Boofima included the Gords/Gordons that share the Roet boar heads, and here one can add that Waltons are said to be from Gordano, Somerset, where Roets (and sticks) were first found. The Walton Crest is the double-tipped spear shared between SHAKEspeare's and Fulke's/Volks.

Cruce's/Cross' were traced to mythical Creusa, wife of mythical Aeneas while Waltons use an "aeneus" motto term (translated as "brass"; see Lumley motto too). There was a mythical Aeneus too, symbol of Aenus at the mouth of the Hebros river. Creusa and Aeneas were stopped at Agrigento, location of an Hypsas river that I trace to the Apsus, the latter the location of Tropoje and Fier county, where I trace Formans (suspect with the Lancashire lion). Waltons (share swans with Sions/Swans) are suspect with Wallis canton at Sion.

Aha! I've known for almost an hour that FERRALs (Longford write-up) use the same lion as Asteys, but I haven't looked the latter up until now: they were first found in Lanarkshire, the Feray/FAIRLie / Cunningham theater. Asteys were found in the last update when seeking branches of the Asti location at Langhe. Ferrals were first found at Leinster, and the Leinster surname is listed with Leicesters who happen to use the swan...with drops for a trace to Tropoje. Swan-like SWYNfords were first found in Leicester, and that's got to be of the mythical Swan King, Lohengrin, part-code for Lohans/Logans / Locks / Lochs, a Ligurian entity.

The last update showed how the Nathan/NATION surname (suspect with the Paper/Papwall carNATIONs) was a Rothschild line. Here I find that the CIA motto is, "The Work of a Nation," looking like code for the work of Nathan Rothschild. Nathans/Nations use a colors-reversed version of the Coney / Conn Coats for a direct link to the white-rabbit entity. The red heart of Nathans/Nations is pierced by an arrow, likely the Rothschild / Bower arrow, and then the swan of Walsh's is pierced by an arrow while tracing to the Swans/Sions of WALLIS canton, explaining why the Wallace variation of Wallis' is like "Walsh." The Swans/Sions were first found in Lanarkshire, which uses the red Nathan/Nation heart. That was easy, and we just saw Asti-suspect Asteys first found in Lanarkshire while Asti is on the opposite side of Langhe from Bra.

When I was nine, God made me touch a BRA on a LAUNDRY line while standing over a rabbit cage with at least one white rabbit (which I personally fed), the colors of the Coney / Conn rabbits. That event is what started me on this "insane" quest to discover what God wants to do with it all, and I'm convinced already that He wants to crush Rothschilds and the CIA. earlier, it was suggested that the CIA symbol can be the Glass star, and it just so happens that Lanarkshire is beside Glasgow. The Glasgow surname loves the Lords/lauds, a branch of Lauderdale's, from Lauderdale in the neighboring Cunningham theater.

Here's Google maps for Asti, for anyone wanting to check out local locations for further surname connections:

For example, if the map is reduced in size until the west side of Bra is seen, there's a Marene location there while Italian Marino's use three bends in the colors of the two fesses of Bray-beloved Flacks (Meschin scallops). Moreover, there is a Santa Vittoria location between Asta and Bra, while Vittoria's use a palm branch while Palmers use a version of the Flack Coat while Palms are suspect with the Massey / Lys / Alba fleur. Can Victors/Victoria's / Fichters / Fitch's Fothes/Fitte's have been Avitus > Vito > Vittoria liners?

Hmm, Fitters, first found in the same place as Tree's that are "alba" in Italian, use swans (Italian-Alba symbol) in pale in the colors of the Tailer lions in pale, and Tailers are Tilurius-river liners, the river to which I trace Julius Avitus. The Tailer pale bar is black, as is that of Victoria's/Fichters and Ficht-like Fisks! Zowie. German Fichters (same place as Trunks, recalls the Bavarian Illuminati in the last update), through Fichtenberg, use a pine tree, connectable to the pine CONEs of Maschi's i.e. expected from "Maesa", a surname of Avitus' wife. Another Alba/Alban surname uses a TREE. Feasibly, a True liner changed the name to "Tree" as per "alba" = tree, because True's were from Cuneo's Alba elements. Albanys (Shropshire) use the same Coat as Massins/Masons. Follow the Massin mermaid to that of Glass', and it brings us back to Wallis canton's swan line to Swans/Sions, and to the Lys river's Walsers that can be suspect with the Baphomet goat.

The Fisks, because they use the Grimadli (and Chandler) Shield, are suspect as Fieschi's (not at houseofnames) of Genoa, and this tends to identify Face's/Fessys as a fundamental Avitus line, if indeed Victoria's/Fichters were. Another version of the Fisk / Victoria pale bar is used by Carrick / Caracalla-like Cracks/Cricks, which works because Caracalla's aunt married Avitus.

It starts to appear that the Illuminati was between the Avitus-Maesa marriage to my own Masci bloodline, which can underscore why God chose me for this revelation. Again, German Tanners use pine cones too, and Asti / Alba and parts of Cuneo are along the Tanaro river. The Tillers (Tailer lions) use a reflection of the Coney / Conn Coat, I, a Masci liner, touched the bra on the line while standing over at least one white rabbit (there may have been two in the cage beneath my FEET).

The Tilurius (Dalmatia) was also the CETINa river while Cetins (SARACen head indicates Saraca's at Dalmatia) share pellets with Tillers, one putting the pellets on lions, the other on "cat-a-mounts," which must be the cat-a-mountains of Chives', for the Cetins share the black-on-gold FITCHEE with Tarves' (same place as Fothes'/Fitte's). The Tailer Crest is called a leopard, symbol also of Mosca's, and the latter's leopard design is in the Chives Crest. The Massar cat must be the Cetin cat because Massars/Massai's were first found beside Pisa, where Mosca's were first found. Irish Leins/Lane's (RosCOMMON) use a colors-reversed version of the Porci Shield, suspect from Porcius CATO, whose line was in the Massar cat because Cato's/Chattans and Chatans use the bend of Botters, first found in Lucca with Massar/Massai's. It is thereby practically clinched that the line of Julia Maesa was in the Massars through Lucca, and tied to Porcius-Cato elements.

Commons are with the Comyns, and the Courage's in the Common/Comyn motto share the red fleur with Leins/Lane's of RosCOMMON.

There's a Mussotto (like "Must") location to the near-east of Asti while Nissans (more double fesses) can be a branch of Nessans/Ness' sharing two fesses in the colors of the two MUST fesses. The night after being mugged in Galveston, I drove off in my Nissan (God was definitely orchestrating this trip, see recent writings) and stopped for COFFEE in Vittoria-like Victoria (Texas), and Coffee's ("victoria" motto term) are in Astey colors. The Arms of Taranto use the naked rider on a dolphin of Coffee's, and Asti is near Taranto-like Turin while mythical Satyrion (probably an offshoot of Satrae Thracians) was part of Taranto's founding, while I trace that term to "Stura."

The last update tried to find how Tree's can trace to Cuneo. I neglected the Alba location of Cuneo. Italian Alba's are probably with the Alan fesse as per Alan namers of Langhe. In colors reversed, the giant lion of True-loving Hume's is green, the color of the giant Astey lion. German Alba's share the Lys / Massey fleur while there is a Lys river in Asti-like Aosta, itself near Wallis canton. The Glass-related Walsers lived in this Lys-river, and Glasgow is beside the first-known Sions/Swans. The German Alba Coat is a split Shield vertically in the colors of the same used for the Arms of Sion and/or the Arms of Wallis canton.

It's extremely interesting that Irish Comeys use the Astey lion in colors reversed while Scottish Comeys may be using the Lanark heart. Were Comeys a Coney branch? I can't yet answer that, but there's a good start. The Cone-related Conteville's ruled Comines/Comyns (Artois).

As the swan-liner Leicesters/Leinsters (same fleur as Masci's) are suspect with Leghs/Lee's, it's notable that the latter's lion is in use by Vittoria's. What about the bra on the Laundry LINE? Could that have been for LEINster connections to Ligurians in Cuneo? Leins/Lane's (share three lions in pale with Tailers) share a "Garde" motto term with Carricks, and I trace Carricks to the sister (Domna, mother of Caracalla) of Julius Avitus' wife.

Here's an update on Ty Clevenger, whom I found in the last update. Clevenger is finding success in his fight against the FBI, but in the video below (dated September 11) is entitled: "Judge Orders Clinton Lawyers be Investigated for Destroying Hillary's Emails".

I had checked the Clevenger surname to find it with the Clavers, a line from Glaphyra Archelaus, who marred two Herods. I hadn't realized until loading the Clevengers that they use a version of the Coney / Conn Coat, exchanging the Coney rabbits with the white towers of Plunketts. But it's only now that I realize yet another interesting thing. I was just asking who else uses the Claver tower, and Hoppers came to mind, which gave me a double whammy, because the first thing coming to mind is that rabbits hop, and because Hoppers are suspect with OPgalli, Glaphyra's granddaughter. I'm thinking that God caused proto-Hoppers to develop a Hopper variation so that the Glaphyra line can be traced to Coneys. Plus, Hoppers (Cone / Conte / Teague / Habs/Hobs / Hobbit/Hobart/Hubert / Hubert/Hubbard colors) were first found in the same place as Cone-related Conte's! Wow. And Teague's/Teegers use an "OPtem" motto term while suspect from TIGRanes, Opgalli's husband. Hoovers/Hubers (Fulk wings?) share the eagle leg with Brae's/Brays.

That brings me to Cage's, because I was standing over the rabbit cage while touching upon the Brays/Brae's. The Teague's show a CAIGE variation. Cage's use a split Shield in the colors of the Cetin / Gate split-Shield, and "Cetina" can be of "Cetis."

Aha! Hobbits/Hobarts use a "FACit" motto term (make's Facks/Fazacherley's suspect as a branch of Faucets). Huberts are a branch of Hubbards, and the latter are in the Hobbit/Hobart/Hubert write-up, now making Poindexter's Saint-Hubertus cult (see last update) suspect from Opgalli.

Hoppers are also Happers, and were first found at the Wear river while German Hoopers use the Fair anchor in colors reversed. Fairs share a version of the Fier/Fere Coat, and Fier county is on the APSus river, the possible reason that Hoppers are Happers too. It evokes the Habsburgs/Hapsburgs, a branch of which leads the Hubertus cult today. The Abbs/Apps/Epps share the fesse that is the Arms of Austria.

I can't yet prove it, but Vere's are suspect from "Pharisee." I had traced "Pharisee" to the naming of Ferrara, where Claro's/Charo's were first found that use a reflection of the Fier/Fere Coat. CHAPeau-using Capelli's were first found in Ferrara, suspect with "Caiaphas." I reasoned that Pharisees escaped Jerusalem in the approach to 70 AD, and went to Italy under the protection of Titus in some king of deal, for example whatever deal Josephus made with Titus. In 70 AD, Ferrar was FORUM Allieni, which I trace to FORMans. All three Fair surnames come up as "Pharess."

I had found inkling that the priestly line of Israel during the time of Jesus traced to the island of Issa/Vis (may have named Vespasian, Titus' father). I wasn't able to tell whether their ancestry or descendants traced to that island. I had not yet learned that queen Teuta of the Ardiaei was on that island along with her step-son's regent in BC times. Nor had I learned that Hasmoneans descended from Monunius I (300 BC), the Dardanian king. Monunius II (much later) would married the Ardiaei. It's more than interesting that the Scottish Fairs/Pharess' use "VirTUTE TUTis." It just so happens that Issa is beside the island of Pharia.

It was resolved that Dardanians were to the Dart surname, and they were at Dartington, where Moline's were first found who share the black moline with Caiaphas-like Chives' and Matthis'. Fairs/Pharess' and Fiers/Fere's use the moline too. It's not coincidental that Cavii on the Mathis river were on the southern extremity of the Ardiaei, not is it coincidental that Ardiaei named Artois, location of a Lys river, from the Lissus location of the Cavii as it formed the Lys/Lisse surname. The Lys flows to Ghent, and the Ghents share three items in Chief in the colors of the same of Moline's.

It's interesting that the other Hoovers can be using the fesse of Bidens/Buttons (the Capelli chapeau in their Crest), for Hovers share HORNs with Bidens/Buttons. This has finally enlightened me on the identity of Overs (same place as Huberts / Hubbards), for they use the bend of Fiers/Fere's / Pharess' and Claro's/Charo's. Horns are a branch of Herons/HAVERans (County Clare), from Avaran Maccabee. The Herons/Haverans are in the colors and format of Freys/PHREEZE's (assume a Fair branch, but compare "Frey" with Fairfax-beloved Ferays), first found in Essex with Vere's and Jeune-loving Youngs. If you know my Caiaphas-significance with June's and Jeune's, note that Forays use the Jeune fleur.

The last update mentioned the maypole celebration of May 1, a high-holy day of witchcraft. If you care to see God's revelation as per an event with tree trunks in my back yard a few weeks ago, see "tree" or "trunk" in the last update. I did not know the following at that time. After Hitler suppressed the Saint-Hubertus organization, "The Order was Restituted on May 1st [!] 1950 by Albert Franz Messany at the request of Chancellor Figi of Austria. In order to better reflect its new multi-national character it was redesignated as International Order of St. Hubertus." The same page: "The current Grand Master is His Imperial and Royal Highness, Istvan Franz von HABSburg-Lothringen, Archduke of Austria and Royal Prince of Hungary." It was started up again by Mr. Franz Messany, and, 67 years later and counting, the leader is Mr. Franz. He lives in Mexico. Note that pictures of Saint Hubertus sport a stag, symbol of Hungary's roots in the Attila Huns.

I've just loaded the Franz surname, and the Crest looks like a goat, but I'm checking (at website below). Yup, "A silver demi goat with a red annulet in its mouth." Recall from above that the Illuminati was suspect from Julius Avitus, for Vito's use a red annulet. The Bavarian Illuminati, started on May 1 too, was founded by Adam Weishaupt, and Weishaupts show only a goat, symbol of Baphomet, the Templar god. The Franz annulets are those also of Hoopers, in colors reversed from the same of Vito's, from Julian Avitus, husband of Julia Maesa, whose surname is a lot like "Messany." As I trace "Maesa" to the Maezaei beside the Ceraunii, the latter being a line to Crauns/Crane's (almost the Massena/Messina patees), note that Crauns/Crane's share three annulets on a fesse with Hoopers. The Crone's/Croons share the crown with Crauns/Crane's as well as using the Massey fleur, but, often, the mural crown (Croon symbol) is called a mural CORONet as code for part of the Ceraunii line. Patee crosses are code for Patti in Messina, which was mythically, Scylla (= the Sicel namers of Sicily), very-possibly the namers of Scalia's, first found in the same place as Franz-like Firenze. Did God set this paragraph up?

Crone's/Croons use the colors and format of Childs, and Childs are said to be from Wanstead while Wansteads (split Shield in the colors of the Franz split Shield) use the Crone/Croon / Lys/Lisse fleur. The Childs use the Tarent Coat in colors reversed, and the Tarent-like Trents use a vertically-split Shield in the colors of the same of Franz's. In colors reversed, the Franz / Trent Shield is that of the Arms of Sion and/or Wallis canton, and the Walsers of Wallis were in Aosta's Lys valley, which was told to me initially by a Swiss woman whose name is almost, Franz. The Friends use the colors and format of Crone's/Croons / Childs.

The stag is used by Eustace's, from Eustace II, the father of the first Templar king, BALDwin I. Attila's brother, Bleda, is suspect with Bloods/Bluds because they use a stag. Clare's use another stag while Bleds use the Clare chevrons in colors reversed. And I've been tracing Baldwins to the BALTea river for years while not realizing that it could have been named by a variation of Bleda. The Lys river of Aosta is a Baltea tributary. There is a bled location near the Austria border, on the Sava river beside Lesce, the latter being where I trace the Hungarian Leslie's. One motto term of Bleds should be for Tous'/Tosini's, first found in Firenze.

Meanwhile "Attila" is suspect with Tills / Tillers expected from the Tilurius river that comes from near the Maezaei / Ceraunii, and having a mouth near Pharia (origin of Fairs/Pharess', right?). German Tills/Tillers (Austria, yup) share the Hooper / Franz annulets, no guff, but Franz's use them also in the colors of the Vito annulet. As Vito's were first found in Treviso/Tarvisium, we could expect them in cahoots with Tarves, a location where Leslie's were first found. English Tillers and Bracks use the same fesse, and thus helped to trace both to Brac, and island off the mouth of the Tilurius, but the Tillers (same area as Crone's/Croons) are in the colors and format of Coneys / Conns. English Bracks are with the Breakers in the "flax breaker" of Brays/Brae's.

With Brac (also called Brattia) so near to Pharia and Vis, let's not neglect that Fairs / Fiers (share moline with Chives' from Tarves) use a version of the CLARO/Charo Coat, and, moreover, the Vis-like Biss' share the scallops of Treviso-like Travis'.

Crociatonum (Manche, same place as Masseys) was also Croncia, and German Crone's share the crane of Cronc-like Cronkite's, revealing that Manche had Ceraunii liners. One can either view the Croc version as a corruption of the Cronc, or, as often happens, a distinct line was merged with the Cronc to form the Croc. In this case, I say that Crocs were Cross liners that merged with the Cronc to form a Cronc-like version. The Croce's/Cross' happen to share the so-called potent cross of Scythe's, which we can assume is in the scythes symbol of Italian Firenze's. Often, Italian symbols come from the English, for the Norman-English were probably the originators of heraldry, and they were merging all over Italy.

We saw the Crosbys/Crossins, but the other Crosbys use a cross in the colors of the Croce/Cross cross. The stork in the latter's Crest holds a FORMy cross, perhaps code for Formans / Forum Allieni. The last update showed why Stormys (Tiller / Tailer lion?) and Sturms were Stura liners (Cuneo), but here we can call out the stork-using Store's/Sturys.

Darrin Investigation

I haven't been able to realize why the Crosby brothers were White and Black, but this dropped into the discussion while three Virginia entities were being crossed: 1) CIA headquarters; 2) Fairfax's Booz Allen Hamilton (said to work for the CIA); 3) Charlottesville hoax. I recall only the name of one brother, Darrin. There is a Darrin surname is a branch of Darwins. I looked at about ten Coats to find anything that would link to items at Charlottesville's crash, but found nothing, which is the way all investigations are bound to go if God did not set things up. When I have a theory that is proved immediately and bang-on related via heraldry links, that's how I know God is in it. Just as I was about to give up on the Darrin investigation, the Dere's were loaded to find the six-sectioned Coat of Stores/Sturys; I didn't consciously know of this similarity until after I had finished the paragraph above, and after this paragraph was finished to the last sentence. I knew I had seen the six-sectioned Coat elsewhere recently, but could not recall the surname.

Derrs and Doors / Doors were a major topic in the last update, which included: "English Dere's (Dorrs?) use the six-sectioned Shield of STORys in colors reversed." I also have evidence that Darwins are Doari liners where they were from Cleaton while Cleatons (same place as Clays) are Claytons, recalling that Claws'/Claysons are expected from the Clausula river (east side of lake Scodra), which was at least beside the Daorsi theater. Cleatons/Claytons (Sinclair cross) use a dagger as proof of connection with Dexaroi, and the "probTATum" motto term of Cleatons can be for lake Tatta to the west side of Cappadocia (queen Nysa of Cappadocia descended from king Antipater of Macedonia, suspect at the naming of Antipater/Antipatria smack in the land of Dexaroi).

The Nysa line at Cappadocia is expected at Cetis/Citis. I trace "Citis" to the Kidds that happen to share "orbem" with Cleatons/Claytons, and Olba/ORBA is at Cetis. Why was "Olba" stamped on a coin of Caracalla Bassianus? Isn't it true that he descended from Quadratus Bassus? English Kidds were first found in Suffolk with Tate's and Daorsi-line Davers, and these Kidds use upright goats in the colors of the upright ram of Bauts/BAUX's, a possible branch of Vaux's/Vallibus', who look like a branch of the Valbaux variation of Fulbecks. This can be amazing where Darrin Crosby married a woman at our church that told me (before hooking up with Darrin) that she was bald (she wore a wig). It's just that I trace Bald liners to the Baltea = BAUTica river, home of the Ardiaei that lived in the midst of the Daorsi.

[A few days after writing here, his wife's wig came to mind while working outside. That evening, I was checking to see whether a Wig / Wiggins / Wigton surname could connect to Crosbys (Cruce cross likely), finding that the latter were first found in WIGtonshire. Amazing.]

Plus, Fulbecks/Valbaux's (looks like a branch or merger with Vallibus'/Vaux's, descended from Lupus Laevillus, who married Quadratus' family at Cetis) use the same crescent as DORsets while there is coincidentally a Fulbeck location in the Darwin write-up. Fulbecks/Valbaux's were first found in Hesse (same as Rasmussens/Assmans suspect with Hasmonean-like Akmonia, home of the grandfather of Quadratus of Cetis), and "Hesse" was traced to the namers of Has, the ancestral root of which is suspect (by me lonely) with the naming of HASmoneans. Has is to the near-south of the Clausula, and that river was probably inhabited by the Dardanians from which Hasmoneans (proto-Maccabees) must trace. Recall how Huck liners were meshed in with this picture, for Darrins use the same bend as Huxleys, in-turn suspect with the Hubert bend-with-crescents. Hucks use the double chevrons of Dexaroi-liner Dexters. I'm not finished.

I almost forgot. Rasmussens show an Erasmus variation, the name of Erasmus Darwin (belonged to a Lunar Society), the one pegged by some as the true founder of Charles Darwin's theory of Evolution. I think Erasmus was Charles' uncle. Akmonia-like Ackmans share the red-on-white bend with Darrins and Darwins.

There is a modern Krume location up the Drin river from Has (Albania), and Krume's (Crone's/Croons are also Crooms = Ceraunii liners) nearly use the Fulbeck/Valbaux / Dorset crescent while Hesse's share the SUN with Dorsets. The Krume crescent faces sinister, a Rasmussen/Assman feature too, and one of the Fulbeck crescents faces sinister (fairly rare in heraldry) too. Krume is near ancient Gabuleum while El-Gabal (Syria) was a SUN god beloved by emperor Heliogabalus (3rd century), the grandson (if I recall correctly) of Julia Maesa Bassianus (without checking, I assume he was grandson also to Julius Avitus). The Arethusa location of El-Gabal was suspect with Aretas III of Edom, the family that produced the first Herod's mother (married Antipater), and the reason that Herods were Edomites. Her name was Cypros, like the island of Cyprus off the coast from Cetis / Syria. The Azizus character of El-Gabal was suspect at Italy's Assisi (did this line name Azzo, founded of Este?) because it's near Arethusa-like Arretium, and the latter was the home of Cilnius Maecenas (married Terentia Murena, the line to Tarents), whose ancestry (back only a couple of generations) I've been pegging (form some years) as the namers of Maccabees.

Checking things, it turns out that Scottish Vaux's/Vallibus' use three symbols on a red-on-white bend, as do Darwins who have the Fulbeck term in their write-up! Bingo. We now have a Daorsi link to the Quadratus-Laevillus line, and Dorset is smack beside the first English Leavells. The Darrins use the Darwin bend, and while Darrin was a Crosby, the "BE faithful" (evokes the bees of Doors/Dorrs) motto of Scottish Vaux's gets a tree trunk in the Faithful Crest (almost use the Cleaton/Clayton Coat), symbol in the Scottish Crosby Crest (motto looks linkable to Lawrie's / Lowrys with the same tree stump). Darrins were first found in the same place as Rodhams (bend colors reversed from Darrin bend), and Rodhams use the tree stump too.

Now that Darrins are tracing to Daorsi, let's remind that Irish Crosbys share red hands of the Dorrs ("VirTUTE TUTis") who are in-turn queen Teuta and Daorsi liners suspect at the naming of lake Tatta. Dorrs use the Tute / Tatton quadrants. The "InDIGNante" motto term of Dorrs can be for a Decani region off the White Drin, an area probably controlled by Dardanians. Tate's and Davers were first found in the same place as Deacons, a branch of Decans, and the latter were at Rutland along with tree-stump Watsons. Deacons and Decans both use the Rhodes Shield.

The "inVIDia" of Dorrs can be for Vito's/Vido's (the El-Gabal line of Avitus > HELIOgabulus, right?). Rodhams are expected as Rhodes liners, from Rhodes, island of HELIOS. Rhodes' were first found in the same place as Cleaton, and while Cleatons/Claytons use the Sinclair cross, so do the Rhodes' in someone else's red color. Cleatons share red roundels with German Rhode's. Clays share trefoils with Rods and Rocks.

One can follow the Darrin variation of Airaines to the location of Airaines, where Hirams/Irons (should be the secret meaning of Masonry's Hiram Abiff) are said to be from, and that latter location is near Abbeville, the namers of MacAbbe's, first found on Airaines-like Arran. There has been a question as to whether the MacAbee variation was formed on account of Abbeville liners being Maccabees. Abbeville and Airaines are at the Somme theater (Picardy), where priest Sohaemus of El-Gabal may trace. Maccabees obtained a hammer symbol, and Soams/Somes'/Soans use mallets (may have been hammers to begin with but changed in honor of the Mallets when merging with them). Hammers and Hams are branches while Hams share the white-on-green salmon of MacAbbe's/MacAbbe's.

Mallets were traced strongly to Melita, an island off the Daorsi / Ardiaei coast, and near the Saraca's of Ragusa (Sharks use cranes and the Rod / Rock trefoil). Darwins share gold scallops with Mallets, and the latter were first found in the same place as the Daver-branch Daorsi (also called Daversi). Tate's (share the raven with Rothes' and Rooks) probably use the ROXburgh bend.

The Darrens/Dorrans (with an 'e') can be gleaned with the Saluzzo Shield because Darrens/Dorrans (Leinster, the Ligurian-suspect Leicester line) use the Sullivan boar and split Shield while Sullivans were form the Saluvii Ligures, thought to be a branch of Salyes. The Darren/Dorran boar is therefore the black boar of the Busca > Bush line.

In all this, I cannot find a Darrin or Crosby link to items in the Charlottesville hoax. The best I can do is link the Darwin bend-with-scallops to the same of Gastons, who in-turn share a version of the Chandler Coat (Lancashire, same as Darwins and Cleatons) while Johnny Chandler owned the maroon van in the crash. The Cleaton home of Darwins was in the same place (Lincolnshire) as the first-known Challengers and Clays, but that's not much evidence of a link.

However, "Challenger" looks fashioned as per the Clevenger variation of Clavers, from Glaphyra Archelaus of Cappadocia. The Challenger that was the attack car at Charlottesville is a Dodge while Dodge's, first found in the same place Darwins, use an eye that should be code for Eye, in Suffolk, same as the Cappadocia-suspect Tate's and the Daorsi-line Davers, not to mention the Clare's that are part of the Sinclairs (same place as Vaux's/Vallibus') in the Cleaton cross. So, the Cleatons/Claytons ("ProbiTATum") may have formed after Clays (Claver colors) formed from "CLAver."

The DiVITias" motto term of Cleatons/Claytons can be for Diva / Dives liners along with Julius Avitus, especially as the Cleaton roundels are in the colors of the similar Vito annulet. As Masci-line Mascles are hollow lozenges, note that annulets may be shallow roundels as play on the Masci line from Julia Maesa. She's expected with Masseys at Dunham-Masci / Dunham-Massey, in Cheshire, location of Diva (now Chester). Go ahead and read that Tattons married Massys. Dives' can be using the scallops of Tailbois' (same place as Rhodes), who share the Shield of Scottish Tate's. But as Taillebois married the first Meschin, the white scallops must also be those of Meschins and Traves'. There is a white scallop centrally, in the colors of the Tailbois / Dives / Capes scallops, in the center of this Arms of Rothschild.

As Vito's were first found in Treviso, where I expect Tarves liners, note that the Sinclair cross is feasibly that of the Chives' of Tarves.

Perhaps the Crosby brothers are not Intended as God's code for Charlottesville.

How can God use "my" work? I can't imagine that He would reveal to me the person(s) who's going to use the things pertaining to the white-rabbit mystery. That is, I wouldn't be allowed, in my opinion, to reveal the plan. I imagine that God will cause a reader(s) to have a hmm moment, followed by another clicking in his/her mind who's been thinking of taking some legal / corporate action against some facet of His enemy. And as this person(s) reads on, God will cause things to click in their minds repeatedly until they are sure that God does want them to act as they had been planning. With confidence, they will then act and find blessings > success. I would love to be in his/her shoes to see how that works out, and I think from the amount of time that God has invested in this project, there will be more than one reader who will be spurred to act. But don't go and convince yourself that you should do something if it really isn't God wanting it. You need to be sure.

The paragraph above was written after the workday, when I left off earlier in the day at Clayton / Clay topic. The first video I watched this evening was from Judicial Watch, which was out one hour ago as I write. And the host of the show is Carter CLEWS. Hmm moment.

It's not a terribly exciting video (I stopped watching after 6 minutes because I know much of what's going on already. The point is that Clews (for Judicial Watch) is interviewing the man for Daily Caller, two organizations that together are after Comey. We wait to see what they dig up.

The Clews/Clows Coat (Cheshire) is a version of the Close/Clovse Coat (Macey Shield); both use green lions in Crest holding an axe. This convincers me that Claws' are not Clay liners if Clays were Glaphyra's descendants. The Close/Clovse lion now becomes identifiable as that of the Touch's/Tuffs (Cheshire). The Clews'/Clows' substitute the Macey stars with unicorn heads in the colors of the Demonte unicorn, which can thereby trace Clews' to Cuneo elements.

I recall coming to a quasi-conclusion that king Cnut was named after Nith elements (Close's are from Closeburn, on the Nith). Cnuts are Knots and other such variations while Nitts (same place as the Nith) are Naughts too. And here I find that the Clews/Clows use the colors and format of Cnuts while sharing the unicorn with them. Danish Cnuts share three trefoils with Clays. Cnut was the son of Sigurd the Haughty, whose husband included FORKbeard, who may have been Cnut's father, I've forgotten (it's Cuneo-important only if Forkbeard was of the Forkers, but I don't know that). Danish Cnuts use banners, a line from the Panaro river, location of Marano. Marano's use the giant lion of Montforts, suspect in naming Monforte at Cuneo. The Marano lion is also the giant Claws/Clayson lion. It's also the lion (smaller) of Dempseys while Dempsters share the ribbon with Danish Cnuts.

I've almost wholly neglected that Patricks, a branch of KilPatricks (castle at Closeburn). The Patricks are said to be from La Lande at Caen, and Caens/Canns can be Cuneo liners round-about. Landers/Landens are also Lande's, and trace to Langhe of Cuneo. The great thing is that Lande's/Landers/Landens use rooster heads in the colors of the Kopple rooster, and they are from KOPLik, on the Close-suspect Clausula river.

At the end of the paragraph above, there were 66,604 letters in this update so far (it will change later as I add title and other info), interesting where both Patricks and KilPatricks use "dexter" in their descriptions. I regard the Dexters as 666 lovers along with Traby (Poland) liners. I've even predicted that the False Prophet will be from the Goplo (Poland) mouse tower, the line to/from Kopple's.

The Glews/Glue's, which God pointed out in a dream, are in GLAZE colors while Glaze's (almost "Glews") share the Lord/Laud (and Pilate) pheons while Lords/Lauds are in the motto of GLASgows. On top of that, Glews/Glue's share a white dog with Fortuna's expected in the LADY Fortune of KLASSens (she holds a banner), which recalls that LADYs are LAUDymans. Perfect logic. It makes one think that CLAUSula liners were to Wallis canton and the Glass' (share the mermaid with Walsers), especially as Claws'/Claysons use the giant Wallis the colors of the "trunk" of German Clute's/Klotz's (Hesse). English Clute's were first found in GLOUCestershire.

The dream with the carpenter glue in my wheel bearings revealed, I think, that Glue's were for Gouel de Percival, father of Wallis-possible Waleran de Leavell. Glue's/Glews share the mascles (same colors, that is) of Spinks (another "dog"), first found in the same place as Ladys/Laudymans. Glaze's (Sine/Sion colors) must be using the Lanark heart, and talbot-dog line of heart-using Sine's/Sions (from Wallis canton, right?) are in the "Sine" motto term of Glews/Glue's. I don't ever recall Gouel being framed, like this, as a Glass liner. Gloucesters may be with the Talbot lion.

Good Morning, It's 4:58

A few weeks ago, Joel came up with his new white Rabbit. While driving toward Shakle street, he told me that he was going to Poland with a journalist friend from Brazil (he was back last week) who was covering a volleyball game there. I didn't make anything out of this until about an hour ago. I had gone to bed early from exhaustion, and couldn't sleep, when this idea that the Brazilian friend was code for Donna Brazile, for she is part of the scandals concerning Hillary Clinton.

Several weeks ago, a heard a bird screaming out the bedroom window in the middle of the night. I have senses, and with this bird screaming (a rare event, never heard it before), I sensed that God was about to kill the Clinton crime ring that killed Seth Rich. I had the sense that a carnivorous animal climbed the tree and attacked the bird by surprise while asleep, killing it. I got up immediately that night and started to write about, which included the train that went by, blowing its horn, three minutes after the scream, itself a rare event in the middle of the night. Perhaps the carnivorous animal was a ferret as code for MontFERRAT.

I gave a time as to when the scream took place, or perhaps the time when writing it, and, exactly three hours later (to the minute), a bird hit the patio door. If I recall correctly, it was 3:29 and 6:29. This morning, I turned on the computer at 4:58, about eight minutes after a bird cawed out the same window, in the direction that I heard a bird scream weeks ago. There are only a couple of species that caw around here, a crow or a jay, perhaps a wood pecker (I don't recall hearing a woodpecker while watching it, so I don't know what they sound like). The Jays are already suspect with Jay Sekulow, who was the meaning of our driving to Shakle road.

The bird cawing this morning came as I was wondering about Donna Brazile's first name, perhaps to indicate the Don surname. This seemed important because it is very rare to hear a bird caw in the middle of the night, and because it reminded me of the bird screaming, as if God were verifying that I should do a mention on Donna Brazile. It turns out that Dons, first found in Cheshire, where I expect Cuneo liners of the Masci kind, use a "dona" motto term. There is a Donna surname with the Italian Dance's/Donnas', first found in Piedmont (Cuneo is in Piedmont). The reasons that this is important is: 1) I didn't know that Donna's were from Piedmont; 2) I was thinking, while still in bed, that Donna Brazile was the chief reason for the bra / brasier on the laundry line, which I touched with a finger while standing over a rabbit cage with a white rabbit. Shortly after I told this story, a White Rabbit account at Twitter came out with the claim of having 29,000 Hillary-Clinton emails, and he shared them online.

Before leaving the Don surname to check Brasiers or Brazil-like surnames, I'd like to say that the Don bend with three arrows is colors reversed from the Jay bend with three roses. Dons are said to have been at Cheshire's Duddon, and Dodds, first found in Cheshire, use the colors and format of Brays/Brae's and Rabbits. Dodds are said to be from a Saxon thane, Dot...recalling that Maccus of the Isle of Man came to Cheshire to hash some things out with Saxons (Wikipedia doesn't give or know details). For the record, Dot married Cheshire's Edge/Egg family, which I think was part of the Aetheling Saxons that named Edgars. Edgars ("right hand holding a dagger") share the dagger with Maccus-liner Mackays ("Manu"), and use a "Man DO IT" motto that can be part-code for Dot. Edge's use a white eagle while Masci's use white eagle wings while Eagle's (same lion as Edgars) are a merger with Savage's from Montferrat's Savigliano, beside Bra and Saluzzo. Brays share eagle legs with HICKsons (recalls that Hucks use the Dexter chevrons), and Dee's/Die's use "Hic labor" for a motto (Patricks use "labora"). The Edge eagle is also the Piast-Mieszko eagle, probably, because the use of "RIGHT hand" instead of "dexter hand" suggests linkage with the Piast WheelWRIGHTs. It just so happens that the double Wright/Right fesses, in the colors of the double Dexter chevrons, are colors reversed from the double fesses of Dons! Scottish Wrights (obvious merger with the Alans that I see at Langhe, location of Bra) show a white feather and white eagle heads (probably of the Piast-Mieszko / Masci eagle).

Wrights (same Shield combo as Saluzzo's) even use a gold unicorn, the colors of the Demonte unicorn and the Clews/Clows unicorn heads. Again, the latter are Closeburn liners while KilPatrick of that place use a dagger and a "dexter paw" of a black lion. Savage's use black lions and a black lion paw.

The "Dei" motto term of Dons can be for Cheshire's Dee's/Die's, whose lion holds an item not revealed by the description page. If it's a banner, I would identify the double Don fesses as those of Morinis' (same place as Marano), first found in Modena, the area having the Banner-line Panaro river. The Dee lion is nearly the Marano/Mauritano lion, and Joel's/Jule's were first found in the same place as Mortons, near the Stur river. So far, the Don / Donna surnames are both checking out for links to Bra liners, and God may have arranged this so that He could make the case that Donna Brazile is fundamental to the crimes that He wants to expose.

It is a little interesting that while the Darrins and Darwins were introduced yesterday, they share a red bend with Dons. This is helpful because Morinis' were discovered in the DEERing/DERRINger write-up. That's actually amazing. Their Derrington location is said to have been named alternatively, DODINton, such a Dudddonincidence. For me, that clinches Duddon's Dons with Morinis'. Before learning of this, I had loaded the Dudon surname, finding a flag in Crest (held by a lion paw), which is the Flag/Flack surname beloved of the Bray flax breaker. And Breakers share hunting horns with Dudons (said to be of Somerset's Dodington). There are, in addition, two Dodin/Dode surnames (one using pomegranates). The Dere's that share the French-Alan stars use lances while Alan-likely Lance's can be gleaned with the Alan fesse in colors reversed.

As we can see, the Donna investigation has led Cuneo elements, and if per chance the caw this morning was a crow, the Savage-beloved Pruits use a crow. Or, it's interesting that McKaws are with Mackays. If you don't mind, I'd like to show that Latins can be Landens/Landers/Lande's. It starts with the single arrow in pale of Scottish Adams -- Annandale, same area as KilPatricks -- that list a MacCaw variation. The arrow is a pale bar in the colors of the Pale bars of Landens/Landers/Lande's while Patricks are said to be from La Land. English Latins share both saltires of KilPatricks (see Hunt saltire because Patch's use hunting horns), and Italian Latins use the Annandale Coat as used by Bruce's. I always trace the Patch hunting horns to those in the Arms of Traby, and the stirrups of Italian Latins have the look of the Traby/Sadowski scarf (both using a knot).

The English-Latin write-up traces the early family to Stuteville's, who share the Latin crossbow and Latin saltire in someone else's colors. Mr. Skeetz had told me that, while searching for the Schutz surname in Germany, he had found clues in count Dudo, founder of Nassau, and in STUTTgart, and here the Stuteville's use the same saltire as Schutz's. DUDleys, near the other Stur river in Worcestershire, use the Nassau lion in colors reversed. There are a couple of Arms of Dudley online that show a coal-miner's lamp, a symbol also in the Arms of Laurenburg, where Dudo was count. Scottish Stutts/Stute's can be with the pale bars of Atheling-suspect Athols.

He/I (I forget which) had found the Nassau lion at rulers of Eu, where Talbots also ruled, and the Stuteville saltire is in both colors of the Tailbois saltire, itself on the Annandale Coat. Moreover, as per LAURENburg, French Laurins/Larins share the Tailbois scallops. Scottish Laurens/Clarens use two of the three Clare chevrons while Crispins of Bec are known to have been Clare's (as per FULbecks, compare English Crispins to Fullers). It's a Crisp and Claro picture. The saltire formed by the hammer and pick in the Arms of Laurenburg may be the Latin / Bruce / Annandale saltire. And Dudo liners may have named Duddon of the Dons.

Crispins were at Bec Abbey (and maybe at Eu), and we find Bec abbey in the Stuteville write-up while Crispins / Grazio's share the pomegranate with Dodins/Dode's. I trace elements from Grasse, a location near the first Laurens/Larins, to Brians at Briancon, the alternative name of Brigantium.

It's possible that Dot the Saxon was a Stout-viking liner. Mr. Stout the viking used a raven banner (Arms of Shetland uses a raven), and raven vikings were in SHETland, where I trace the Skeetz / Sheet / Sched / Shed surnames...who share the potent cross with Croce's/Cross expected in the Stuteville crossbow. I had reasoned that Maccus' ancestor (SITric, from Dublin) was merged with the SETantii Brigantians (from Louth), interesting where Brigantians are expected at Brigantium, on the Durance river that has a mouth near Nassau-related Orange. Breakers use hunting horns in colors reversed from the Orange horn. Orange-like Wrangle's may be using the Nassau lion (faces sinister). Wrangle's use a curved perchevron, as do Ottone's first found in Perusia with Grazio's.

By the way, the crossbow can be part-code for the Bows/BOUGHs, otherwise, why not just use a cross if Cross's are the only concern. Dons are said to be from Duddon in a Tarvin parish itself in BOUGHton, a Boofima suspect, which may reveal why Dons use fesses in colors reversed from the one of Beefs/Boeufs (Perigord). See the last update for Beefs and related others (can Hiram ABIFF relate to Boofima?). Tarvens are listed with Tarves'. Boughtons (Warwickshire, of Poland's Warsaw, Masovia) share "Omnia" and "Dei" with Dons, and moreover Boughtons use "donum" too. Bows/Boughs use the motto of Roets.

[Insert -- Here's from the next update: "By the way, I've just found the two chevrons of Chaplains and English Josephs with Italian Manno's/Manelli', from Venice but first found in Cremona. As English Josephs are kin of Caplans, I view the Josephs from Joseph Caiaphas as well as from Flavius Josephus, a Maccabee line according to his own words. It's very interesting that the Mackays, using "Manu FORTi" as a motto, use one of the two Manno/Manelli chevrons while Italian Forts were first found in Venice (!), and as these Forts share the demy horse in the Arms of Stuttgart, by what coincidence did the Stout vikings of Scotland use a raven, symbol of Mackeys/Margys, first found at/near the Scottish coast facing out to the Isle of Man and other marine areas ruled by king Maccus (i.e. the line to Mackays)? How much sense does it make to have the line of Joseph Caiaphas merged with Maccabee liners?" I enlarge on this important find in the next update. End insert]

The Maccus line of Maxwells are beloved in the KilPatrick motto, and Maxwells share the KilPatrick / Latin saltire. The Maccus line of Mackays use a "forti" motto term while Italian Forts share the demi horse in the Arms of Stuttgart, suggesting a raven-viking link or backdrop to the Maccus vikings. German Stutts (roses for Rus liners) are in Lorch/Larcher colors, and are said to be from a Lorch location at Rothschild-suspect Ruedesheim. The raven vikings had conquered Rothesay. Lorch's/Larchers and Archers are suspect with the Inger/Ender Coat while Inger (predated Maccus) was a Varangian-viking progenitor. Inger's life was probably concurrent with Sitric's, and Sitric-suspect Sitters/Sidewells (Northumberland, same place as where Sitric was making out with Saxons) use pale bars half in the colors of the Lander/Landen / Langley pale bars.

Ruedesheim is suspect with "Roet," and the Rudes' ("cruce"), first found in the same place as Talbots, share black and red quadrants with Wessels/Wastells, the latter suspect from Vestalis, grandson of king Donnus. German Wessels were first found in the same place (Prussia) as Mieske's (possibly at the VISTULa river), and these Wessels use an antler colors reversed from the same of Casimirs. Casimir of Poland, a Mieszko liner, married Varangians of Kiev, quite possibly part of the line from Inger and Melissena. Rudes' share the mural coronet with Lorch's/Larchers. Wessels/Wastels use an arm in red shirt, and Rudes' use: "Two ARMS IN RED supporting a silver SHIELD, emerging from a mural coronet." Irish Shields ("Omni" again, and "forti" suspect with the Arms of Stuttgart) use another arm is a red shirt / sleeve, as well as the same lion as Talbots...and have the look of Dorrs, important if Talbots were from the Talantii to the south of Daorsi.

Wessels use "a horse in full gallop," while English Dere's use a "galloping horse." There is a Gallop/Gollop surname ("wyse"), first found in Dorset. Why FULL gallop? Repeat: "Fulbecks/Valbaux's...use the same crescent as DORsets while there is coincidentally a Fulbeck location in the Darwin write-up." Were Gallops from the Goplani of Goplo, which Wikipedia calls by a Gallop/Gollop-like term as well.

I may not have gone off topic from Donna Brazile, for I now see that Sitters/Sidewells can be using the Savage lions on the Donna/Dance/Donnas pale bars, but altered in colors to better match the Langley bars. Savigliano probably touches upon Langhe, and while I now think that God had me touch the bra to indicate Donna Brazile, Bra is in fact at Langhe. Sidewell-suspect Side's/Sudy and Sutys/Suddys (horizontal bars in the colors of the Donna pale bars) are both branches of Setantii-like Seatons/Sittens. The latter can be using the crescents of Tillers, from the Tilurius = CETINa river, suggesting that Seaton liners named that river.

Donna's/Donnus' are likely from king Donnus of the Cottians. Directly across the Cottian Alps from his capital (Susa), there is Briancon and the Durance river of the Salyes Ligures expected at the namers of Saluzzo. Modane (Arc river) is some 25 miles north of Briancon, and Modane's share a fretty Shield with Cotta's. Then, "Robert d' Estouteville Lord of Cottingham..." This was the line of Julius Caesar (mother = Mrs. Cotta), and it goes to Joels/Jule's (GILLYflowers), while Joel with the white Rabbit was in southern Poland last week with a Brazilian journalist / sports writer. Aha. Robert Estouteville married Jeanie Tallebot/Talbot (born in CLEUville)!

The page also says: "The [Estouteville] lands were subsequently granted to Nigel d'Aubigny from whom they descended to Roger de MowBRAY..." Mowbrays (Montfort lion?) look to be with the Mosca / Chives leopard. They are said to be from Montbrai in Manche. A second Montbrai is at St. Lo, also in Manche. This recalls that Sandle's (familiar scallops) are listed with Saint Lows, first found in Hampshire with Rich's. Sandle's are said to be from a tenant of Waleran Hunter, and there we read that Saint Lo was also Sancto LAUDo, Mowbray-important because Ladys/LAUDymans were first found in the same place as Bray/Brae's. The Sandle/Saint Low fesse is colors reversed from that of Briars/McBrays (same place as Rome's and Annandale), who in-turn use a version of the Rome Coat!!! Joel and the Brazilian landed in Rome before driving across the Salto and Turin rivers. The Sandle/Saint Low scallops now figure as those of Tailbois' because they use the Annandale Coat. The Rome / MacBray fesse is that of Augusts that share eagle legs with Brays!!! This is new to me thanks to going "off topic" to the Dudo > Estouteville topic. It would not have taken place if not for Donna Brazile leading me to the Dons of Duddon.

I kid you not, that Joel and the Brazilian stopped in to see a friend at a certain village, and when arriving without giving word beforehand, they arrived during the funeral of a woman married to a mountain climber, August!!! I kid you not, this is absolutely true. And Joels/Jule's are from Julius Caesar, his adopted son, Augustus, was the first emperor of the Roman empire.

Time to check Brasiers. Yes, they use Brazil-like variations such as Brazault/BraSAULT/Brasaulx. I kid you not. I called Joel two days ago to ask a favor and see how his trip went, and he said they took a flight to Rome, then drove to Venice to catch a plane to Poland. On the drive to Venice, they took the highway that crosses the SALTO and TURANO (like "Durance"), where I trace the Salyes of the Durance!!! It's amazing corroboration that God wants Donna Brazile fingered.

There is a blue jay (distinct caw) cawing right now. It's cawing long, and I became conscious of it immediately after finishing the paragraph above. It's still cawing as I write here; it's been going on at least two minutes, like when something is attacking, or getting too close, to its nest.

The English Durante's (Warwickshire) share the fleur of Sales'/SALLETTs, as evidence that the latter are from Salyes. These Durants add a DANCette as likely code for the Dance's that come up as "Donna," and these Durante's are also Dance-like "Dante." I think that God has created this section's investigation, and it seems he wants me to look into Donna Brazile.

Aha! Saults/Saulx's/Scaulx's (Nassau lion?) were first found in Burgundy with Brasiers/Brasaults/Brasaulx's. This now suggests that Brasier were a Bra-Sault merger. It's incredible because the topic was born four hours ago in merely the theory that the Brazilian journalist would link to Bra, near Saluzzo, and here we are. The "traHUNT" motto term of Sault's suggests Hunts, first found in Shropshire, beside the Sales'/Salletts. This recalls that the Darrens/Dorrans (the Busca = Bush boar) use the split-Shield of Sullivans in colors reversed, making the Sullivan Shield that of Hunts.

Beside Briancon is another Durance-river location of GUILLEstra, where I trace Julians, evoking the GILLYflowers of Joels. The other Brasiers (Somerset, beside the Flowers) use quatrefoils on black, perhaps of the cinquefoil on black of Flowers. QUATRefoils are suspect with QUADRAtilla, wife of Laevillus, the line to Somerset's Leavells. Downhill from Briancon is Burgundy, where French Brasiers were first found. I see QuadraTILLa (probably a Tilurius/Cetina liner) descended from Julius Caesar.

[Insert -- I didn't know for some days that Wikipedia has this entry on Donna: "Brazile was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, the daughter of Jean Marie (Brown) and Lionel Joseph Brazile. Her family's surname was 'Braswell' several generations back." The Braswell location was also, Braisuele. AND HAHAHA, the Braswells use a girdle in Crest! Bra and girdle, so funny, and apparent verification that Donna Brazile is behind the bra on the laundry line. Check here for the girdle if you don't believe me:

There us a Girtle/Gurdler/CURTler surname (Court/Covert colors) using virtually the Bright Coat, and Brights are suspect at Brigantium (alternative name for Briancon above). The Curts are listed with Courts/Coverts (Brasier colors), and the latter are said to have held BRAIose/BRAose. William of that place was ruler of BRAMber (Brian line?). Courts/Coverts are said to have been in touch with Courcys of Somerset, where Brasiers/Brasers were first found.

I ask you: if Donna Brazile was up-front and center in the murder of Seth Rich, wouldn't she be the first person who'd want to take over the DNC, after Wasserman stepped down, in order to protect the DNC from snooping infilTraitors who could expose the secret? God must hereby be informing some reader of mine that Brazile is the one to investigate. End insert]

As English Brasiers were first found in the same place as Roets (Somerset) while Rudes' were first found in Shropshire, and because Roets were Boofima liners through Perigord, the Brasier/Brasault fesse may be the Beef/Beouf fesse. English Durants (hunting horns, version of the Burn / Bernice Coat), first found in the same place as Roet-related Boughs/Bows, are in Beef/Boeuf colors. French Durants were first found in the Dauphine part of Burgundy (opposite Orange), where the Julian kin of Galli's were first found that use a version of the Poitvin Coat (Poitou), the latter adding a JAY! Poitvins / Poitou / Poitiers are suspect with Potters (same place as Rich's) who use the Flower cinquefoil.

I now have further reason to believe that the screaming bird during the Seth Rich investigation was a blue jay. When that bird screamed, a train was coming, and it blew its whistle three minutes after the scream. Whistle's/Wissels, kin round-about of Rich-like Ricks (orange-colored Crest), and suspect with Wessels/Wastels (Rudes QUADRants), were first found in Somerset too. Rich's use bottony crosses as code for Bidens/Buttons, probably a Potter branch. The Laevillus line to Pierce's (Somerset) can touch upon Durante's because they use similar Coats.

The Brazilian sportswriter went to a volleyball match, and Volleys happen to be listed with Wills and Velis', the latter sharing the black cross of Julians. The men's world championship ended September 3, but didn't include Poland. The woman's championship hasn't quite started, and includes Poland. But I can't find the game they went to.

The Burns and Bernice's are suspect from Bernice Agrippa, a Herod, and while I trace Herods to Antipatria, home of Dexaroi, Daggers were first found in Cumberland with Burns / Bernice's. The dagger-branch Acre's, suspect with the Coat of Cuneo-likely Conans, use fleur in colors reversed from the Sale/Sallett fleur.

So, Donna Brazile has two names that make the Bra link to the royal Cottians, a link that was made on multiple occasions recently by other methods. Time now to check out scandals that surround her, which I'm not very familiar with. The first video I loaded on Mrs. Brazile mentions a Joel at 3:20 along with Robby Mook.

I gather that Joel above is Joel Benenson: "Robby Mook, who worked on Clinton’s 2008 campaign and is widely expected to be Clinton’s campaign manager [for 2016], and Joel Benenson, Obama’s pollster who had for months been eyed for a role on her team... Hillary chose John Podesta instead for her campaign manager. We saw that MowBRAYs were from Manche, location of Crociatonum/CronciaCONNum, while Robert Pollock married a daughter of Mrs. Croc, and then German Polsters happen to share a crane with rock in its foot with Cronkite's. We can even assume that Polsters were from Poland. English Polsters/Poolsteads share a fretty Shield (Stead colors) with Cotta's, and a boar in Crest with Pollocks.

The STEAD Crest has a "stag trippant" with three features of the "stag STATant proper" of Stewarts (Pollock associates and/or relatives from as early as Dol), and as Stewarts were the Alans of Langhe, it's notable that Steads are in Bray colors and format. As Crociatonum (at Alauna) is from the Ceraunii that are in some heraldic crowns, note the Stewart stag with "a crown around its neck." The neck part evokes STUTTgart on the Neckar as the line to/from Steads, not forgetting that the Arms of Stuttgart uses the black horse in the Italian Fort Coat (it's also the Este / Hellen horse) that comes with the Alan fesse. Stuteville's use the split Shield of Hunts, first found in Shropshire, where both Pollocks and Stewarts originated, adding evidence that Polsters, shown properly as PolSTEADs, were Stead kin.

CAN WE BELIEVE IT??? The Benens likewise use the vertically-split Shield of Stuteville's and Hunts!!! I just never expected it. The pollster is Joel BENENson! Bingo.

Aha! The Strods/Strouds, looked up as per the PolSTROD variation of Polsters, use black coney rabbits in the colors and format of Rabbits and Brays!!!!! And "STRod" (looks like "Stuart") can be from the Stura > Stur line. Note the Pollock motto term, "STRenue." We now have the coney line lining to Stewarts. Strods are said to descend from Alain, count of Brittany.

Amazingly, the Stroud conies were found from following Polsters/Polsteads, from the fact that Joel Benenson was a pollster for the Obama - Hillary crime circle. Are you not impressed? I couldn't possibly have put all of these coincidences together. I've never seen so many coney rabbits as in the last two or three weeks. Benens are listed with Banners, who use a giant fleur in the colors of the CONan fleur.

My conclusion is that God made Benenson a pollster, or otherwise created the Polster variation, in order to make this revelation. But it wouldn't have happened had not Benenson's first name been Joel, for Joel's became part of the white-rabbit entity i.e. Coneys / Conns. In Joel's white Rabbit, there was a white-rabbit logo on the floor MAT, and Massi's/Mattis' share the Stewart checks while I've been saying that Stewarts rule the American military i.e. and should do so at Armageddon (general Mattis is now the highest chief of that military). It's all pertinent to God's Program, and that's why it is now obvious to me that God sent Joel to Poland with the Brazilian. Amazing.

The Stuteville's / Estouteville's were found in the Latin write-up, and Latins, first found in the same place as Joels/Jule's (!), use that same vertically-split Shield too, that Benens do. "ROBERT d' Estouteville Lord of COTTingham..." Italian Latins use STIRrups. There is a Cottingham surname with "hinds, counter trippant," and Counters happen to be listed with Conte's that share the CONE antlers. The latter use antlers in pale in the colors of the hinds in pale of Cottinghams. German Cone's/Cohens use the Stewart / Ferrat checks.

Counters are also shown as Cunte's while Cuntys/Cindys came up as per God's codes in relation to Cindy Richardson. She was resolved as code for the attempted murder of Steve Scalise. Cindys/Cuntys share the double pale bars in the Arms of Vilaine, the part of Brittany that has Dol's Alans. Richardsons are said to descend from the Belwoods below. French Conte's were first found in the same place as Cotta's / Coutance's/CONTens.

I trace proto-Stewart Alans to Forum Allieni (where Este would later have close relations) and to Formans who share the green dragon of Forman-like Worms. Worms (Germany) is where so-called royal Robertians (Capetians) descended. The Propers loved by the Stewart stag are also Roberts/Robins while using the Robert (Burgundy, same as Brasiers, in Worm colors!), Forman and Brazil/Brasell lion. Most passant lions have one leg off the ground, but Brazils/Brasells, said to use a passant lion, have all four on the ground, a thing I don't recall seeing before. It appears that Brazil / Brasier liners are branches, and connected historically with the Robertians out of Worms. The Brittany Coeurs/Le Courts use a sinister bend in colors reversed from the Worm bend. As I think Worms is of the name of Vrm, count of Angusta, note that Cabbage's ("angustis") were first found in the same place as Brays/Brae's.

Percivals (same place as Strouds) are said to descend from ROBERT of BreHERVAL, father of Gouel de PERCival. Steads (Yorkshire, same as FitzAlan-related PERCys and Cindys/CUNTys) use the black bear head, as do Percivals ("cruce" = the Croce/Cross bloodline) who in-turn use the Shield-Chief color combo of MontFerrat's rulers.

Cruce's/Croix's use a fat cross in the colors of the similar saltire of Messeys (Burgundy, same as Brasiers/Brasaults), which saltire I see with "cruce"-using Jeffersons. Crociatonum was at COUTance while the fretty-Shield Cotta's (and Coutance's/CONstance's/Contens') were first found in Languedoc along with Cruce's/Croix's.

The French Roberts above were first found in the same place as Brasiers/Brasaults/Brasaulx's and Pilate's, while the latter share white pheons with Robins, who in-turn use them in the same colors as BELwoods (same place as Propers/Roberts/Robins). As Alans were kin of BELLamys (Bell fesse), compare the Bellow Coat ("Vita") to that of Percivals, noting also that the patee crosses of Percivals are in the colors of the cross of "bello Christi"-using Bouillons (first found beside Creuse). Then see more fretty Shield with Belows (one 'l').

Bellows (fans) are used by Shiptons, who have an eel in Crest while English Isels/Eeels use a reflection of the Conan Coat. The other Isels/Lille's ("SeDULO", share swallows with FitzAlans from Dol) were first found in Oxfordshire with Shiptons. The other Conans use the Sinclair cross while Mame's/Mens', with an "I zal" motto phrase that got me to checking Isels, were first found in Midlothian, location of Roslin, special homeland of early Sinclairs.

In colors reversed, the Percival / Bellow combo is that of Borderlands Bells, and bells are used by Devons that use the colors and format of Maine's (Devon). Bells may be in honor of the May-1 Bel of witchcraft. The Percival / Bellow combo is used in the Arms of Agrigento, where mythical Creusa was whom I identify with Rus liners at the Redones/Russi/Ruthene heavily situated between Languedoc and Creuse to Rodez. Creusa's husband, Aeneas, is highly suspect from Aenus at the mouth of a river (Hebros) draining from the RHODope mountains. It's where king Cotys ruled (Caesar partner in the time of Sadducees) while Languedoc's Cotta's are also Cotys'.

Bellamys merged with Herval-like Harveys (Herval colors), and Garveys use the double chevrons of Perche's and Maine's (same place as stag-using Stewarts) while Bellamys were at Perche, beside Alencon and Maine. Hervals/Harvier's use a version of the French Gobel Coat (same place as Hervals, from the Arve river into lake Geneva). I almost missed it, but "BREherval" may be a Brey-Harvey merger, in which case the line from Laevillus to Gouel de Percival was through Bray elements. While Brays/Breys/Bree's use eagle legs, Breyers/Brauers use a rising eagle. As rising-suspect Rhisinium (Ardiaei theater) was at least near the Daorsi, it's notable that Dutch Bree's use the same crescent as DORsets. The Rising surname has the cross in the Arms of Pula/Pola (Istria) in colors reversed, and as it's a cross in the colors of the Pollock saltire, the "STRenue" motto term of Pollocks looks applicable to ISTRria liners.

Gobels are suspect from Goplo, the entity of Kopple's, first found in the same place (Nuremburg) as statant- / Stead-like Stettons (lark, may be code for Largs bloodline at Renfrewshire / Lanarkshire area). German Gobels use the Trout/Trueback Coat, and the latter were identified recently as Trypillians, which may have to do with the stag trippant of Steads. The State's use the red greyhound head of French Gore's/Jore's, who in-turn use a version of the French Alan Coat. English Gore's use the Alan fesse in colors reversed, as well as the TRIP crosslets.

By the way, Rutts/Rud's are in Moray colors and therefore suspect with Peter Pollock's Rothes castle (Morayshire). Ruths/Rothers were first found at Morayshire, beside Ross-shire, we get it. The point is, Rutts/Rud (Wales) use bells, and there is a scroll in the Rutt/Rud Crest. A Moray Coat no longer showing at houseofnames once showed a scroll or scroll-like object in Crest. Scrolls/SCROPe's look linkable by their location, ostrich feathers, and Scarf-like look to Traby>Scarf liners. Trace this to the Rothes' and Rudes' ("cruce"), both out of Shropshire, and therefore to Ruedesheim.

The worst I can readily find on Brazile is that she unethically helped Hillary Clinton defeat Bernie Sanders when she, Brazile, was to act as an independent as per debate questioning. However, this was in the same presidential battle (i.e. Clinton versus Sanders) that had Seth Rich murdered. So, my conclusion is that Brazile had something to do with the murder. Here's Brazile showing her acceptance of political corruption on behalf of Hillary, and on behalf of her own high-level job (she'd be let go if she answered the question as normal people would):

Late in the 5th minute above, she says that her "focus" is the hacking of the DNC system, which, I and others think, was done by Seth Rich. An example of Donna's and Podesta's corruption, as revealed by WikiLeaks, is in the second minute below. One can extrapolate to far-worse examples of corruption based on this one thing alone:

It's called cheating, and it's in big-time elections that the cheating was conducted. Yet Donna is not in jail, evidence that the federal jailers need to be jailed too, for not doing their job, and winking at corruption.

Joel Benenson (born July 24, 1952) is an American pollster and consultant known for his role as a strategist for Barack Obama's 2008 and 2012 presidential campaigns. He was the chief strategist for Hillary Clinton's 2016 presidential campaign.

...In January 2015, Hillary Clinton hired Benenson and Robby Mook as strategists (Wikipedia).

I don't know whether these men are dirt bags, and if they are, whether they are enough to have had part in Rich's murder, but someone out there might know. Here are some dirt bags:

The Justice Department is refusing to let top FBI staffers be interviewed by Senate investigators, who want to ask questions about details surrounding the controversial firing of former FBI director James Comey and other issues.

In a letter obtained by Fox News, Assistant Attorney General Stephen Boyd told Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, and Ranking Member Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., that top FBI officials James Rybicki and Carl Ghattas will not be provided for interviews.

This is a disappointing / unbelievable thing for Trump voters, that a DOJ under Trump authority, and supposedly pro-Trump at it's highest level, is giving a terrible excuse for not allowing the Senate Republicans to investigate Comey further. The excuse being used is that it would conflict with Mueller's investigation into matters concerning Trump. How in the world can the two matters conflict when they are unrelated? One is Comey's attack on Trump, and the other is Comey's lack of attack on Clinton. Trump's voters expect the Obama side to make the argument that Trump's DOJ is now making.

We want to know whether FBI chief Wray is for or against this DOJ decision. Is he hiding behind the DOJ? Apparently he is, or the Senate wouldn't have needed to ask the DOJ, if Wray himself gave the men up whom are wanted for questioning. This looks like terminal cancer in the Trump administration, and Trump is part of it because he appears to be feigning when hinting that he wants Comey to be prosecuted.

Alright then, we will wait until Mueller's investigation is over, and then the DOJ will prosecute Comey, right? But that could be as long as two years away.

Trump's game seems to be to blame his broken promises on the house of representatives, or on the DOJ or on the FBI, etc. He can say that he wants to build the wall at Mexico knowing all along that the House will reject it. Therefore, he's safe acting vehement about building it, even though he knows he doesn't want to. He can play the Clintons, Obama and Comey the same way, allowing other to block him, and creating that situation himself. This is what I fear Trump is, a sinister imposter feeding like a parasite on Republican voters, draining all their energy and hopes for zilch and betrayal for their efforts. He seems to me to be a big-talking fraud.

Here's more Clinton corruption out this week, as per newly-released Hillary emails from Judicial Watch:

Non-government groups are scoring success after success with the courts. One thing I now expect is that, while Donna Brazile is not in the greatest-possible danger, she's going to become a big story soon. Otherwise, why would God move to point her out at this time as per the white-rabbit mystery?

Here is the current development on Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the chief of the Democrats (Donna Brazile took over when Debbie was forced to resign) during the events around Seth Rich:

Below is Donna Brazile a couple of weeks after Seth Rich's murder. She's participating in the smoke-screen accusation against Russia, to disguise the true leaker. This is what I sense the latest revelations on the white-rabbit mystery entail:

The video below is from a Christian asking whether Trump is a Freemason. As there can be countless meanings to the inverted triangle, and as Christians copy one another in developing a "theology" on such symbols, not necessarily correct, and because most Masonic symbols are, I have found, codes merely for surnames or the individuals that owned them, I would skip, or at least treat lightly, the historical section that starts at the inverted pyramid, skipping to about 14:45, where he moves on to the Trump story.

Compasses are used by Nathans/Nations, Rothschild kin. The Masonic compass can therefore be a Rothschild thing. The square can be for Square's/Squire's. Easy. The video shows Trump's home with mythological items. Apparently, Trump said he lives on and above the 66th floor of Trump Tower (664 feet high, perhaps short two feet so as not to send a 666 message). The speaker's assessments of Trump Tower are debatable, but worth considering for the time being. Note the luxurious nature of his home, like one who lives like a king that all other kings could only dream of.

The video below is much shorter, and shows Trump's Coat of Arms on at least two pillows in his home, along with out mythical loves, including Eros (son of Ares), a child-sex symbol to ancient Greeks. This is nasty. I'm not taking the many pillars as a Masonic symbol necessarily, but it's got Greek-temple imagery all over it. Why this love of Greece? Why would he have so much love for a Coat of Arms? It appears that he's into some for of witchcraft. (The furniture is in French Provincial.)

Trump Heraldry Touches Upon a Bra Line

I didn't know Trump had a Coat of Arms until now. The video below shows some of them, the first one shown having triple chevrons in colors reversed from the same of Levi's. At least, the Trump chevrons look gold on their perimeters, but may also be faint red in their interiors. I can't think of one surname having three gold-on-black chevrons, but Mathie's/Matthews and Bleds have three gold ones. The Levi chevrons are themselves rare in black on gold. The Cambridge Capone's use one gold-on-black chevron, and this looks like a good bet.

The motto is "NumQUAM CONcordae," "quam" (used by Cambridge's) being code for the Cam river through Cambridge. As English Julians were first found in Cambridge, the Cams can be using the six German-Julian pale bars in someone else's blue color. Cambridge's and Noms/Nons/Nevins are in the same colors, both using blue Shields. "ConCORD" can be a fundamental, ancient Coney merger with Cords/COURTs (same place as Noms/Nons/Nevins) because Cords/Courts use the Coney / Conn fesse in colors reversed. The six Cam bars are half in the colors of the six blue-and-gold pale bars of COURTs/Coverts. Things are making sense.

[I did not know yet, while writing here, that Courts/Coverts, thanks to a Bra-line girdle, would trace smack to Val Trompia. You will see it momentarily. It appears that the Trump's Arms above plays to a Trump-kinship connection to Val Trompia.]

Three gold-on-black pale bars are used by Stute's (Cord/Court colors), who share the red heart with Cords/Courts. That's pretty amazing if the Crest has a banner because Benens/Banners share the vertically-split shield of Stuteville's...this was discovered only because Joel was in Poland about a week ago.

At 4:52, another Coat of Arms has "TRUMP" upon it, and it's in the white-on-blue (silver-on-blue, that is) colors of the stag head shown for Trump's at It feature's three lions, and two chevrons that look like they are made of silver billets. In the Crest, a right hand, perhaps in a gauntlet glove, is holding or grasping a spear. The Shield is covered in "keyholes", according to someone quoted later in the video, what we expect when Keys/Kays merge with Halls taking on a Hole variation. Dutch Hole's/Halls not only use triple chevrons (same as Clare's and Dutch Burgs), but white stag heads, the color of the Trump stag head.

The pedophile, Jeffrey Epstein is shown in the video, and Eppsteins (Jewish, Hesse-Nassau) share the same three red chevrons as Halls/Hole's. There is an Epping location between London and Cambridge, and Capes', who share the scallops of Apps'/Epps', were first found in London.

There's a story online: "... a new lawsuit has accused Trump of housing a secret pedophile ring at his Mar-a-Lago resort. According to Politico, the lawsuit links Trump to billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, a convicted sex offender. The lawsuit suggests that Virginia Giuffre, who claims she met Epstein while she was working as a towel girl at Mar-a-Lago when she was 15, was promptly recruited into 'sexual slavery.' During the election, Trump was accused of something similar when a woman came forward and said that Trump raped her when she was 13 at one of Epstein’s parties. However, she later dropped the suit a few days later." There's other articles if you'd like to be sick, or if you'd like to be conditioned to getting accustomed to what men do who should be murdered mercilessly without arrest and a fair trial. Eppsteins are Jewish.

About two hours after watching this video, I looked Donna Brazile up at her Wikipedia article, to find that her father was from a Braswell surname. Braswells were then loaded to find two white chevrons (and nothing else on the Shield), the colors of the two Trump chevrons above. What's interesting is that the Braswell girdle can be code for the Girtle/GURDler/CURTler surname in Court/Covert / Curtis colors, while Val Trompia is at lake GARDA (i.e. a Court / Curt-like term), while Gards (German-Trump/Tromp colors) use one of the BRASwell chevrons, while BREScia is beside Val Trompia, while Courts/Coverts share the black-on-gold eagle of Dutch Tromps. Suddenly, president Trump is linking to what I consider Bra liners. The top of the Gard Shield is in the colors of the top of the Court/Covert Shield. I've never before had cause (that I can remember) to see Courts as a branch of the namers of Garda.

For the past couple of years, I've been tracing heraldic shoulders to Schultz's. Curtis' use "A farmer holding over his SHOULDER a PLOWshare." To prove that codework is in effect with that sentence, Plows (Stewart stag) use a version of the Curtis Coat. The point is, Debbie Wasserman Schultz can apply here in linkage to the Bra line. Is that not an amazing find coming while Donna Brazil is linking to the same? Did God set these links up? As I said, I would not have known the Court/Covert surname ("GRANDescunt") had there not been an emailer with it. French Grands (Court/Covert colors) were first found in the same place as Brasiers/Brasaults, and Scottish Grands ("fast" can be for Cuneo's Vasto's) share crowns with Curtis'.

There's a Brenner Pass to the north of Val Trompia, and Brenners us a split Shield in the colors of the split Shield of Dutch Tromps, as well as a passant lion in colors reversed from the same in the Arms of Brescia. The Brenner lion is in both colors of the three upright ("rampant") lions seen in Trump's Coat of Arms that has the two chevrons in the colors of the Gard chevrons. Perfect. Trumps appear to have merged with Brescia/Brixia > Brest liners, and Brest is in Finistere, a line from gauntlet-glove Fane's/Fiens/Vans.

I've already pointed out that GARDens/Jardens use a "JUNGunter" motto term while German Jungs use a stag in the colors of the Trump/Tromp stag head. There's another stag head in the Crest of the Gunter/GOUNTER/Gaunters surname (suspect with the motto term above). That surname, in the Shield, uses GAUNTlet gloves in the colors of the Cone antlers! It recalls that Court-suspect Cindys/CUNTys are suspect with Conte liners. Gunters/Gounters tend to prove that Conteville's were a branch of the namers of Gaunt/Ghent.

The Court/Cover / Tromp spread eagle is colors reversed from those of Ghents and Bush's, and the latter share the black boar with Gardens. Dutch Ghents are in Gard-chevron colors. I'm recalling Mamie, for it was at her GARDEN that her beautiful thighs impressed me (she was in a bathing suit). It turned out that Thigh-like Thy's/Tighs were first found in the same place as MAMESfelde of the Mansfields. The night before she was at the garden, I thought I saw her in the back of a pick-up truck with bare breasts, without her bra on, and sitting there with Bra-like Barry (in the process of having sex, I assume). It came to mind several weeks ago (and I wrote about it more than once) that Mamie was code for a virgin, and the Arms of Gaunt/Ghent use a virgin.

God used Mamie at a baseball diamond along with Cindy Richardson to point out the attempted murder of Steve Scalise. Trump visited Scalise in the hospital, and Scalise was starting a crusade against child porn / child trafficking. They perhaps let him live after promising not to go ahead with that crusade. He was in the same hospital that murdered Seth Rich. The event with Mamie at the baseball diamond is how Cindys/Cuntys became a topic in the first place, for Cindy was standing at second base when I saw her looking toward Mamie and I at home plate. I don't remember anything else I did that evening, almost 40 years ago. I have no doubt about it: Cindy Richardson is suspect as a clue for the plotters who shot Scalise, and Richardsons (same place as Propers/Robins/Roberts) are said to be from Belwoods...who share the Robin pheons. And we saw earlier that Roberts are kin of BRAZILs/Brasells (same lion as Roberts). Is that not amazing? God even sent white-rabbit Joel to Poland with a Brazilian to make this revelation possible.

Aha! The Cone Crest has "An arm erect holding an arrow in the gauntlet hand," nearly the same Crest as we saw with the Arms of Trump's golf course (a hand apparently in a gauntlet glove, and holding a spear (pointing sinister)). The Cone antlers are white, the color of the Trump/Tromp stag head, and Cone's must be a branch of white-rabbit Conys / Conns. The Maschi pine cones come to mind, and the Maschi-Chief lion is almost the Brenner lion.

If Trump is part of the child-trafficking ring, as some accuse, then I can see him giving the nod for the shooting of Scalise. It seems that they were not trying to kill him, for the shooter took some 50 shots, but hit him only once (in the thigh / hip), and missed a human on almost every shot. Anyway, it was obvious that the shooting event reported to us was largely fabricated, not the true event. The chief physician at the hospital, who spoke on behalf of Scalise, and whom gave the nod to murder Seth Rich, was Jack Sava. The Sava's are with the Savage's (same place as Propers/Robins, Richardson, and Belwoods) from Savigliano, smack beside Bra. They share the Richardson lions, I assume. The Seth surname brings up Sava-like Shaws, as though God wanted to use this "coincidence" to reveal a clue as per Sava's guilt.

Jack Sava's girlfriend / mistress / wife is suspect in the uranium deal between Hillary Clinton, Robert Mueller and Russia, which is an item now becoming a story amongst Judicial Watch and others. The same woman (can't recall her name) is/was a Democrat lobbyist that was on some list from Tony and John Podesta (story can be found online), two child-sex perverts as is a consensus of PIZZAgate advocates. About a month after Cindy and Mamie appeared at the diamond together, Cindy and her parents dropped into a PIZZA restaurant where I was the waiter. I served them, and, as best as I can recall, Mamie came over later that evening for the first and last time. We broke up about that time. "Pizzagate" has become a codeword for pedophilia, as per a Comet pizzeria. I had pizza last night, with one piece left-over for this morning (gone).

Comets can very well be a Comine branch (similar Coats), but Comets are Combe's like the Comeys. It's very interesting that Comeys should crop up. Comets are like some variations of Conte's/Comites', and Conteville's ruled Comyn/Comines (the Arms of Comines uses the KEY, applicable to keyholes). The Comine write-up traces to a Welsh location where Gunters/GOUNTERs were first found, I get it. Repeat on the Crest of Conte-related Cone's: "An arm erect holding an arrow in the gauntlet hand." The Italian Como's/Comitti's use a hand holding an arrow, and Arrows are also Arras', from Arras, the capital of Artois, location also of Comines.

There is a third Comb surname sharing the three lions in pale of Maghens/Manns, a possibly branch of Means/Meighens suspect with Trump's Menie Estates. Scottish Manns/Maghans/Mathie's can be a branch of Welsh Mathie's/Mathews that use three gold chevrons, suspect with the three chevrons in the Trump-golf Arms. Moreover, the Mathie's/Matthews share the red scallop with German GARDners and Pullys/Pullens while the latter use a version of a Gard Coat (English Gardners use griffins in colors reversed from the Gard griffins).

Watch closely. The Pullys/Pullens substitute the Gard-Chief griffins with footless martlets in the same colors, the symbol of French Josephs, first found in Maine, suspect with the Menie/O'Mainy surname that named Menie Estates, location of Trump's golf course. Remember this when I get to my golf-ball experience with Mr. Kepke, suspect from "Caiaphas." English Josephs share the Comine garbs = the Avison wheat sheaves, for a trace of Joseph Caiaphas (killer of Jesus, apt to be a beloved Illuminati symbol) to Avezzano liners. I'll show below how Sheaves', with a Caiaphas-like Chiapponi variation, link solidly to Avezzano's. The Gardners share the Capes scallop and the Shield of Joseph-related Caplans. In fact, Josephs and Chaplains both use two gold chevrons in case the trump-golf Arms uses three in those colors. In the Bible, the Sadducees were lovers of gold cups and filthy lucre, evocative of Trump's penthouse.

The Mooney variation of Menie's recalled Moonans with lions in both colors of the Comb / Maghen/Mann lions. Moonans/Monans are suspect from MONUNius Dardanians, what I perceive as proto-Maccabees, founded by Matthew HasMONEAN. Coincidences? Sadducees are known to be an offshoot of Maccabees.

PULLYs and SABINE's share the same scallop, and thus they trace to Vespasia POLLa, wife of FLAVIUS Rieti, a city at the confluence of the Turano and Salto rivers. Brasiers/BraSAULTs are suspect from the Salto, which flows down from Avezzano way. The Jew, FLAVIUS Josephus (not born a Flavian), who betrayed the Jews while he commanded their northern army (in Galilee), went over to the protection of emperor Vespasian, son of Vespasia and Sabinus. Josephus claimed to be from a priestly line of Maccabees, and, he claimed to be from CURTUS Maccabee!!! If that's not enough, I traced Avaran HACHORANi Maccabee to the ACORNs in the Tromp Coat!!! Zowie. The current president of the United States is tracing to those Jewish elements. The Titus surname (Robert / Brazil lion?) shares the Moor head with Chappes'.

This needs to be addressed. CURTus Maccabee traces to the namers of Garda, especially the girdle (Girtle's/CURTlers) of Brazil's/Braswells. Amazing. And Avaran Maccabee had descendants at the Val Trompia. We can trace this to the Bra area, especially to the Masci's there.

The Sava/Savage motto is part-code for Pruits that share the Savage / Richardson lion. It so happens that Pruits were first found in Carmarthenshire (beside the Gunters) along with BELL-using Rutts/Ruds, meaningful because Richardsons descend from BELwoods. While Seths/Shaws share the cups of Pilotte's and Pellets, Belwoods share white pheon with Pilate's, the latter in Rutt/Rud / Trump colors. Amazingly, Rutts/Ruds share the same chevron as Gards and the Trump Arms we saw in the video, and moreover the Rutt/Rud Crest is another erect arm (same as Trump-golf Arms) holding another long item. We saw the Means working out as a branch of Menie's, yet here we find "I MEAN well" as the Seth/Shaw motto. And Mamie was code for Mame's/Meme's/Men's/Mengzies', a branch of Menie's. Irish Means/MEIGHgans (Meigh/Mea/Mee colors) share a red stag head with Gunters/Gounters, yet while the latter are connectable to Cindy Richardson, Means are connectable to Mamie.

I now recall the key-using Sheaves/Chiava's, first found in Abruzzo, meaningful because Abruzzo liners were the Eburovices that passed through Brescia. In fact, Joel and the Brazilian passed through the Abruzzo capital on their way to the Venice airport. The English Shaws come up as "Sheaves" and use a "qui" motto term to prove their being a branch of the Abruzzo Sheaves'. The Conteville's ruled Comines while Comine's share the garbs of Avisons, a branch of the namers of Avezzano, a city on the Salto river, and in Abruzzo. Sometimes, the "garbs of wheat" used by Comine's (share dagger with Seths/Shaws) are called "wheat SHEAVEs," which is what Avisons call them! Joel and the Brazilian crossed the Salto and Turano at Avezzano! I know it because I have an atlas showing the mountain highway that they needed to take. There is no other way across the peaks at Avezzano. Joel said that they went by way of Pescara on the Abruzzo coast.

Aha! Comeys share two gold lions, facing one another, with Abruzzo's!!! I kid thee not. They are also the O'Reilly lions in both colors. Menie-possible Moonans likewise use two lions facing each other. The "COMPony" symbol of Menie's looks like it can link to the Chiapponi variation of Sheaves', for Comps/Camps are in Capone colors while "Capone" is much like "Chiapponi." Remember, the Menie compony design is identical (in sight) with the double-BILLET border of Dole's (same stag heads as Means), and Billiards/Billets (same chevron as Gards) were first found in Maine with French Josephs...and Pully-related Pellicans. CAMPbells (Comp/Camp colors), Matthie's/Maghans/Manns and Titus' share gyronny, which is one way to resolve that the Menie compony is partly for Comps.

The six Mean/Menne/Ming pale bars are half in the colors of the Court/Covert pale bars, and in the colors of the two pale bars of Cindys/Cuntys. The latter can even be using the Brennan-Chief lion for a trace with Gunters/Gounters to Val Trompia / Brescia elements. I recognize these things as amazing, for I know how low the chances are that any two or three personalities will cause such coincidences by their mere names. Irish Gards even use the Mame/Mens Shield! It's as though God wants to drag the president into his story. Irish Seths/Shaws share the Court/Covert / Tromp eagle, and use a blue hind (like a stag), the color of the Trump/Tromp stage in colors reversed. The hind is shot through with a spear, a symbol in the Trump-golf Arms.

Means/Meighens were first found in Leitrim, the Arms of which share the so-called fountains with Waterfords/Waterville's (same chevron as Gards). And the Trump stag is in this Arms of Waterford. Repeat as per the golf course's Arms using keyholes: "Dutch Hole's/Halls not only use triple chevrons (same as Clare's and Dutch Burgs), but white stag heads, the color of the Trump stag head." The WATERs share those triple, red chevrons.

Fountains? The Crest of the Trump-golf Arms appears to be a banner. It's waved by a rampant lion, perhaps a take on the Ville/Font-de-Ville Coat. It just so happens that these Fonts are a branch of Lafins/La Fonts (same place as Sullivans) in the motto of Kennedys along with Avisons. Recall the video showing the Trump election team wearing part-purple triangles on their suit jackets; the triangular purple flag of Ville's/Font-de-Ville's can apply.

Just after the 12-minute point of the Trump-Arms video, we read of "Epsteins Rabbit Hole: Mossad...", whatever that means. There are quite a few videos that throw Mossad and Jesuits around that I don't find much evidence for. I'm not thrilled with the evidence presented in this video for the claims, and while I'm ignoring the Jesuit connection to Trump, this video is useful.

At 3:37, there's a fast glimpse of a Trump Arms (with keyholes) that looks silver, not gold. Only now, there are only two chevrons instead of three. If these chevrons are silver, then linkage to the double chevrons of Josephs / Chaplains can be ignored for the time being. The upright lions, shown at 4:52 in silver on blue, can be the Pool lions, for the two stars in the Chief of the golf-course Arms, being hollow, can be a colors-reversed form of the two pierced stars in the Sabine Chief, both in the colors of the Polesdon/Pullesdon stars. At 3:39, the golf-course Arms is shown, now in black on white, the colors of the Sabine / Pullesdon stars. There is what looks like a white mascle just below the glove in the Crest.

At 7:38, the Arms of Mar a Lago is shown with two gold (on white) chevrons, possibly those of Josephs / Chaplains. It's identical to the Trump Arms above aside from the colors.

Reminder: these two chevrons are in the colors of the two of Brazils, and this video was first loaded in this update, and two hours or less before finding the Brazil Coat for the first time by entering "Braswell," the surname of Donna Brazile's ancestor according to Wikipedia. What could this mean? Does God want us to watch Trump as well as Donna Brazile? Are they of the same political cloth?

The seven columns in Trump Tower now need to be placed against the seven horns of the Revelation beast, the fourth of which is Vespasian, the 5th Titus, and the 6th Domitian, Titus' son. There are 21 trees on Trump Towers in the shape of a triangle, with six trees on each of the three sides for what could be Trump's secret love for 666. This configuration of 21 items is probably old witchcraft of the Illuminati kind. There are 21 keyholes on the Trump / Mar-a-Lago Shield, 13 on the perimeter. There is a Lago surname, first found on Sardinia with Avezzano's. Mars were first found in Burgundy with Brazils/Braswells, and have long been suspect with the Marsi that lived at lake Fucino, smack on the north side of Avezzano!

At 8:08, the Mar-a-Lago Arms is shown again (perhaps with a light-blue background, though it may be silver), this time with 13 keyholes in the upper half, and 12 more in the lower half. The arm in the Crest, now wearing no glove, looks like it goes through a gold mascle.

I was reading from Wikipedia, I think, that Trump's golf course is in a land of dunes, which, I assume, refers to sand dunes of the past. One night about a year ago, I was floored to wake up recalling a dream where golf balls began to appear under a white ground. But I can't recall whether it was white sand or snow. Everything was white. I don't recall linking this dream to Trump's golf course, but I do recall being floored because Mr. Kepke became a topic on that day; he and I collected golf balls on three courses almost every weekend in one summer, when we were 12 years old. We would sell them to golfers the same day. I remember getting $1 for a good ball.

Fast forward almost 50 years, and I found myself saying that Trump reminds me of Kepke without anything to do between our collecting balls and Trump's golf course. A few months before the golf-ball dream, Kepke was walking up my driveway, followed by a stag. That's the Trump symbol. I always called it a sickly stag, and thought that I should link it to the Sichs/Sykes', said to be from Sikes-DIKE, a term that can trace to the Dice variation of Deise's/Diss'. Deise is an area of Waterford, and there is a "Deise" motto term in the Arms of Waterford presented above that has the Trump stag and possibly the Chappes perchvron. Later, I was floored to find that the Waterford surname (Northampton) shares the Sich/Sykes "fountains." Amazing.

The Fountain surname is expected with Fontana's, who use a version of the Court/Covert / Tromp / Massi/Mattis Coat. Spanish Fontana's (share red scallop with Sabine's) look linkable to Petro's (both from Castile), from Flavius Petro, father of Sabinus. Follow the Petro's/Perez' (Peare colors) from Rieti to Reeds/Rieds / Roets and to Rita's of Rome sharing the Pool / Trump lion.

When discussing the sickly stag and the golf-ball dream some months ago, I didn't know that Trump's golf course was at Menie Estates (I can't recall knowing, anyway). In this update, the Maghens/Manns entered the discussion with Means/Meighens, and the former use two "SIC" motto terms. Therefore, the sickly stag was in fact Intended by God to be described that way, and it's about Trump. God cause Kepke and I to collect golf balls in order that I could make this Kepke link to Trump. But why "Kepke?"

Well, before linking Kepke to Trump, it was noted that he looks like an image of Syphax, at his Wikipedia article. Compare the consonants in "SYPHAX" to those in "KEPKe." Then compare "Syphax" to "CAIAPHAS," for Maccabees are, in my strong opinion, from king Massena, a fellow Numidian and contemporary with Syphax. I ventured to trace Syphax lines to Spicks/Specks/Spocks, who use a double-headed eagle, which we saw in the Arms of Trump's gold course. Coincidence after coincidence. The Spice's/Spicers were pointed out as using a version of the Scarbury/Scarborough Crest, and while Scarborough's are in the Sich/Sykes write-up, Kepke and I both sold shoes in Scarbury mall. That's where he met CHRISTine Peare, whom was first my girlfriend (I took her before he was able to get her), and then he took her back by crook or by hook, telling her I didn't love her. Trump's mother is a Miss CHRIST.

Now it just so happens that king Massena/Massinissa (my Masci root, I assume) had the same girl (Sophonisba) as Syphax. She belonged first to Massena as his fiancee, and was then given by her father (HASdrubal, possible HASmonean entity) in marriage to Syphax. She wanted Massena, however, and would commit suicide, as the reports go, perhaps because Massena rejected her. After Christine (engaged to be married to Kepke) was dumped by Kepke, she returned to me for a day or two, but I rejected her. If I recall correctly, Hasdrubal, on one of his coins at his Wikipedia article, wears a head band, as does the man in the HASlington/HAZelton Crest.

Syphax was taken prisoner to Rome after the Scipio's made Massena their ally against Syphax's domain at Carthage. Syphax was in house arrest up the Tiber river not far from where the PIERleoni would live (on that same river). Can this indicate that Christine PEARE applies as a Syphax-Sophonisba line to Pierleoni? Recall that Trump loved Sean SPICER. PierLEOn may have use LEOpards, the Peare symbol. In fact, the Peare leopard faces are in the colors of the Benedict lions, and Pierleoni were of pope Benedict. The Benedicts are a branch of Bennets, and I was with Roxanne Bennet immediately before Miss Peare was with me for that day or two. The Pierleoni were supported by Godfrey III, the grandfather of Godfrey de Bouillon, and Bouillons use the Bird flory cross in colors reversed while I drove Miss Peare those two days in a FireBIRD. Bouillons use a "Christi" motto term, the line, I assume, to the surname of Trump's mother. Birds share the red flory cross with Fontana's, who in-turn use it in colors reversed from the Peare-colored Petro's/Perez's.

Therefore, Christine Peare looks like God's representation for a Syphax line to Vespasian. Hasdrubal-suspect Haslingtons/Hazletons are in Peir/Pere/Peer colors, and the latter share the green bend of Pettys (Warwickshire, same as Peirs/Peers). Warwicks share the Rita / Pool / Trump lion. The Leo's (one fesse in the colors of the three Fountain fesses) share a lion in the colors of the Rita / Trump lions, and Rita's were first found in Rome. German Leo's (same place as Drummonds) show a PYRzewski variation, perhaps a branch of Piers/Pierce's.

A youtube video says that Trump's ancestors were Drumpf's (17th century), which can explain why Trumps were first found near the first and same-colored German Drummonds. I suppose that Val Trompia was a Drummond liner, therefore. Scottish Drummonds were early in Perthshire (same as Bennets) and Stirling, the area of Chappes' and Shaws, and where the mother of Pontius Pilate lived that likely caused lines from Pontius Pilate to migrate there after Pilate's death. Mars of Scotland were at KilDRUMMy castle, not far from Menie estates at the north side of Aberdeen. The Mame's/Men's had a branch at Perthshire's GlenLYON. Scottish Pettys (parrots), Perthshire.

The video shows an Arms at Trump University with two of the Levi chevrons on the quadrants of Vere's / Massey / Manns, for example (probably, more than a dozen surnames use these quadrants).

I've not known Menie's (holly tree) before this update. As per other variations, they look like a branch of Menes'/Means/Minns (near Cam river) that use the six Cam pale bars (within a dancette). Irish Dole's (fleur of Curtis-related Plows) share the red-on-white stag head with Irish Means/Meighans/Meekins (Mame's/Mens colors). Menie's are in Hume colors, and Hume's love the True's/TREE's, first found in Warwickshire.

I trace Warwick to Warsaw, the Arms of which use the mermaid in the Holly/Cullen Crest, a good reason to trace the Menie tree to Tree's, and to trace the Trump lions to Warwicks. There has got to be a good reason or two as to why God chose to represent Trump with Mr. Kepke, and here we can add that Keppocks share the red-on-white garb with Hollys/Cullens (the latter call it a "wheat sheaf," indicating Sheaves' / Shaws = Shawia Numidians. Perfect, for Syphax was a Numidian. Kepke's father was Ukrainian, and Ukraine is where Trypillians originate that named the Trips, first found in Hamburg with Drummonds. So, "Trump" may have been a Trip-Drummond merger that produced a look for both surnames.

Aha. The Hollys/Cullens: "A MerMAID COMBing her hair." The Comb lions are in the colors of the Maid lion, and Comeys are Combe liners.

There is the question on whether God choose the seven trumpets of Revelation as play on Trump's presidency at Armageddon. If so, the mandatory 666 of Revelation 13 (3.5 years long) needs to come out very soon, by 2020 (assuming he wins in 2020 for a final four years).

I'm not convinced by any evidence I've seen that Trump is a Freemason. I hold a theory wherein Freemasons are too low for some world leaders. There is a higher cult to which they may belong as opposed to an apron-toting Mason, a goof of humanity. To them, the saying of Jesus is, "woe to you who laugh now."

I rarely hear of anything from John Kelly, Trump's chief of staff, but some word has come out as per the video below. In short, it says: "According to the Wall Street Journal Chief of Staff General John Kelly refused to grant Representative Dana Rohrabacher a meeting with President Donald Trump." It could be that Dana was testing Kelly (with a request) to see how he would react, in order to judge on whether he's for the deep state versus for Trump's voters. The video says that Kelly responded negatively to (refused) a request to pass WikiLeaks information to Trump that would clear him from the central issue of the Mueller investigation. Both the article presented and the one presenting it take the position that Kelly is acting as a genuine gate keeper in what information gets to Trump or not, but this could be a ruse. The truth may be that Trump himself has agreed to a gate keeper so that Trump doesn't need to answer to his voters on what they want him to be doing, what he should obviously be doing if he's a just man. The idea is that his deep-state connections suggested to him to spread the word to his voters that Kelly will act as a censor so that Trump can act ignorant on certain issues he doesn't want to deal with.

I've decided that Trump will not blindly allow Kelly to make the decisions on what does or doesn't get through to the president's desk...unless Trump has agreed to this in return for peace from the Intelligence goons. That's the same as saying that the president has been bribed with peace "dollars." Blackmail is when he can't control a situation for fear of punishment, and bribery involves the agreed-to participation of the otherwise-blackmailed party. In short, Trump is human, or worse, and too many of his voters are way too late in accepting it.

The Dana story is getting around. He's after freedom for Assange in return for proving to Trump that the Russia-collusion story is a myth. Fox's Sean Hannity claimed that Dana secured a meeting with Trump, and I'm hoping this to be the case. Below is CBS on that story, and it looks as though Trump can't ignore this forever, if that's what he's doing or wants to do. The great news is, WikiLeaks can also reveal who the true leaker was:

In the video above, Dana says that the conversation he had with Kelly was leaked to the Wall Street Journal.

HA Goodman has a video out this week claiming that, finally, Trump is moving on the Comey issue. I wish that Goodman's predictions and claims will come true, that Tillerson, Trump and Wray are all three moving toward a prosecution of Comey and/or Hillary, but I've seen no evidence for this. So far, all I see is Trump giving lip service that he wants things to move in that direction. He later needs only to say that the situation is out of his hands when it doesn't come to fruition through Tillerson and Wray. All the signals thus far (zero signals from Wray and Tillerson) suggest that nothing is happening toward indictments. Things will only move to that step with sufficient pressure. Notice that the White House has been more peaceful under Kelly. Yes, peaceful, like when the deep state is getting its way. A hornet's nest is promised to Trump, and I think Kelly reminds him of this as a scare tactic, if Trump goes after Hillary / Comey / similar others.

The deep state has so much money to work with I'd expect it to pay fake Trump supporters to put word out concerning some gotcha false hope (carrot on a string) that materializes into nothing of what's promised. And they take youtube money from Trump supporters when they fool them with hyped claims. So, be done with hope in Trump, and look to other parties as God moves them. The video below claims that the Justice department is caving in on Clevenger's request. It claims that the FBI is being forced by Justice to give to the public certain requested emails...but, what, really, will they give over? Almost-zero? We'll need to wait and see. There is no doubt in my mind that Justice at least informed Trump on this could-be-great decision:

When Lou Dobbs worked for CNN's business news, I never thought I'd enjoy listening to him as I do now. He's like a Fox spearhead on these very issues. He's in the video above with some promising excitement. When Trump's media spokesperson (Mrs. Sanders) said this past week that Comey likely broke the law, was it her own statement, or was she reflecting Trump's sentiments? Was this a little red meat for the voters, with not much more coming? The wheels against Comey are rolling; we need to see what the Comey side will do to stop the roll. Anyone standing up for his defence now, however, exposes himself in deep-state guilt. Things are that bad for Comey at this time, that it's hard for anyone to defend him. The Democrats are deeply immoral, but they need to keep a righteous image. They can only go so far in supporting corruption openly. It will also get to the point where Trump will need to speak out forcefully (how about some red-eyed indignation?) against the corruption. Murders can start to happen now, to quench the heat, but that can have the opposite reaction, making the wave against them rise higher.

How can Trump or Sessions or Wray be unconcerned about who really did "hack" the DNC? Does it make it a non-starter just because it involves Democrats? Of course not. Democrats are Americans, and they played a trick on Americans that needs to be exposed. Oh, I know. Trump doesn't want to embarrass the guilty Washington police, I get it. It will create flack from the Washington police, and others in that circle, so, Mr. Trump, go back to sleep, have your peacetime. But God arise to do the honorable thing if Trump is too-much jelly to do it. In Jesus we trust. I know Jesus, and, Mr. Trump, you are no Jesus.

This is a good place to repeat the beautiful knees of Charlotte Hicks, seen by me on September 11, 2002, on the evening that our church put on an outdoor memorial for the Trade-Tower attacks exactly one year earlier. I was walking into a store and saw her beautiful knees through the glass of the door. Don't ask me how God does it, but there were (in my head) beautiful feet in Lorraine, beautiful thighs in Mamie, and much later, beautiful knees in Charlotte Hicks. I wrote on this maybe two updates ago. I had looked up Leaks wondering if I could find clue that God is using WikiLeaks to expose his white-rabbit revelation. And on one of those occurrences that I wondered this thing, I realized that the store where I saw her knees was on a Leakey road (pronounced "Lakey"). It floored me to find that Knees and Leaks/Leakeys share the same bend, and Leaks/Leakeys even show a leg bent at the knee (it's the Prime Coat according to the Lake motto) in Crest, and using the same fleur-de-lys as Hicks in the Chief.

But there's more, because that same night, Stanley went to sit beside her for a few minutes, and Stanleys use the same-colored bend as Knee's / Leakeys. Stanley was holding the U.S. flag, and went to the front at the proper call to show it to the people assembled. Flags/Flacks use the double bars of Stans, first found in the same place as Hicks. This is all evidence that WikiLeaks will ultimately reveal the true criminals behind 9-11 of 2001. Just as soon as people begin to leak to WikiLeaks on what truly took place, that revelation can go forward.

There's more, because her beautiful knees would have meant nothing had I not believed that I saw her in a dream in my first months as a Christian. This is a theory I had held eight years before the night of her knees on Leakey road. In the dream, I heard a voice from behind me, whom I felt was God, telling me to go wake her up. As I went to kiss her awake, my hand touched her knee (I only saw the knee, nothing else), she woke up and lunged into my arms, and we rose together into the sky. It was due to this dream that I ventured to call her, for the first time, four days before the night of the knee at Leakey road.

In the dream, after coming out of a body of water that may have been a LAKE, and upon seeing her for the first time, I said that she's beautiful, and she was a LADY type, which is what Charlotte is like in real life. It just so happens that Leaks use a Chief in all three colors of the Ladys/Laudymans, who are a branch of Lords/Lauds (expected from Lauderdale near Glasgow) in the GLASgow motto, recalling that I saw her knees through the GLASS of a door. The Ladys/Laudymans use annulets that would be red in colors reversed, and while Vito's/Vita's use a red annulet, the Lake's and Leakeys both love the Prime's in their codes, who use an "inVITA" motto term. Leakeys use "gnaVITer," and while her daughter is GENEVA, that's like the "GNAViter" term too. A week or two after the night of her knees at the store, Geneva became a symbol of child sex, indicating to me that God will use WikiLeaks to get the child-sex offenders too, especially the people around the Podesta's.

AnnuLETs were suspect with Lets that are in the "let" motto term of Glasgows (chevron colors reversed from Lauderdale/LUTHERdale chevron). The Lauderdale's are said to have had a branch at Berwickshire, which must be the Lauders/Letters, and they use a "RepulluLAT" motto that must partly be for Lady-like Lats, which bring up the Lets. That motto is used by Lauder-like Lawrie's.

I want you to take a look at this short video with Dana, saying vehemently on enemy TV that he thinks the U.S. should ally with Russia to defeat ISIS. This is one way to know that Dana (his forte is Eurasian affairs) is not a deep-stage stooge. Trump, who began like a Dana, has distanced himself from the Dana's of the country, and embraced deeper-state goons, making him less free to entertain Dana on this WikiLeaks deal. I don't know whether the meeting with Dana will go forward, but, even if it does, Trump can try to ignore him afterward. But Julian Assange wants freedom (he isn't going away with what he has to offer), and Trump's voters want Julian's message to get out absolutely for crushing the Democrats. It has every hint of bringing the Seth-Rich murder to the foreground. If Trump is smart (he hasn't been), he will forsake the goons, and play dumb and uninterested in Dana's offer, until the last moment. Then, in an instant, before anyone can be killed, cut Julian loose with Julian's goods made public.

The problem is that Assange doesn't want to reveal this thing unless he gets something large in return. It's a lot like the silence from Kim Dotcom.

Just one more thing. Four days before the knee-Leakey night, I called Charlotte to say that I enjoyed the SONG she sang in church that morning. She talked with me for a few hours. In the end she asked if I was going to church that evening, and I said I wasn't planning on it. She then convinced me to go by saying her daughter was SINGING that evening. And I asked her to bring her music tape for me. She arrived, but her daughter did not, nor did she sing. What was that? After church, she came to sit with me, but I got up and left, offending her. She was warming up to me too much (she was a man more than 30 years older than she, in his 80s then).

Wednesday came, the anniversary of 9-11, and I resolved not to sit near her, but, as soon as I saw her coming, I walked up to her and set up her video camera. Upon finishing, I went back to her, and seeing a seat empty beside her, I blurted (forgetting what I had promised myself), "Is anyone sitting there"? She said it's for her daughter, but, if she arrives, I can scoot over. So I sat beside her, and daughter never arrived. Well the time came for her to SING her SONG, and I enjoyed it so much that I got up a little later, sneaking over to our pastor, asking him to get Charlotte up for one more song. And he did. I didn't go back to sit beside her. She may have felt offended again. A little later, Stanley sat beside her.

She left, then I left, and I crossed paths with her at the store, where I saw her nice knees, and I remembered the dream. It was not the other way around. I did not remember the dream, and then allow her knees to seem nice to me to convince myself that she was the one in the dream whose knee I glanced. The point is that, if God set that situation up to act as a representation of what WikiLeaks will later do, I can't help but compare "Sang / Song" to "Assange." I am disappointed, however, in that there is no Assange surname coming up. And I can see no way to make a good link of Singers / Songs / Sangs / Songe's to anything that can provide proof that the event was indeed about WikiLeaks.

So, I've just gone to Google to see whether it has an article on the Assange surname, and this brought up Julian's birth name, Julian Paul Hawkins (I've not known this before). Hmm, might Hawkins be a Hicks branch? They both use gold fleur-de-lys, and while one has a gold hind (deer), Hicks have a gold buck (deer). The Hawkins fleur is (both colors) in the Hawk Crest, and the "Strike" motto of Hawks has been suspect with Stricks, who happen to share the scallops of Hykes'/Hacks, first found in Devon with Sangers/Singers/Songs. The Stricks use a "sans" motto term while Spanish Sans'/Sanchez'/SANGues' (the only Sans surname) comes up also as "Songe." If that's not enough, Sangers/Singers/Songs use the three garbs of STICKs (beside the Sangers/Singers/Songs) while Stricks are also STICKlands. Amazing, is it not? You can't make this many links if you pull two surnames out of a hat, unless they were related. Stricks use a "bundle of holly," and Bundle's share eagle legs with Hixons/Hicksons.

The Sans/Songe eagle is roughly that of German Seagers, indication that both surnames are from the Seagar-like Sakarya river, also known as the SANGarius. The Kabeiri-cult Hebrews were on the Sakarya, as was Severus Bassus of Akmonia. Better yet, the goddess of the Kabeiri was Cybele, and her high priest was Brogitarus, at Pessinos upon the Sakarya. Brogitarus was the gr-gr-grandfather of Bassus above. I had identified the Kabeiri with Hicks-like Hyksos, a Hebrew people group going back to more than 1500 BC. One of the Hyksos was APACHnas, suspect with terms such as the buck in the Hick Crest. I traced the Hyksos pharaoh, APOPHhis/Apepi, to the PAPHlagonian Heneti, who lived on the Parthenius, one major river east of the Sakarya, and the Hawkins HIND looks like "Heneti." Hinds were first found in BUCKinghamshire, yup. And while I read that pharaoh Apachnas was also king KHYAN, CHEYNeys/Cheneys were likewise first found in Buckingham. I hope you enjoyed my history lesson. Compare Cheneys and Chains with Hawkins.

The Habs/Hobs, suspect in the Arthur motto, were first found in Berwickshire along with Arthurs, and there are hawks ("belled and jessed") in the Hab/Hob Coat while Arthurs married the Hicks of Clapton. As Hobs/Habs use a TIGER, the OPtem" motto term of Teague'/TEEGERs/Caige's comes to mind as per a line of Opgalli and Tigranes. Their granddaughter, Julia of Cetis, married the line from ARTEMidoros, while Artems/Aitons were likewise first found in Berwickshire. The tiger is shared by MEDleys, while Arthurs of Clapton also married Meads (Somerset, same place as Clapton). As Meads use pelicans (in the Arthur Crest too), they trace to the Pellicans, first found in the same place as the Josephs that share the Mead (and Pully/Pullen) martlets in both colors. That traces this thing via the Pullys to Vespasian (took over the Julian throne), not forgetting that Teague's/Caige's use the Julian cross. Meads are in the colors and format of Capone's, the latter first found in the same place as Cage's.

Scary Stuff

The first and last time that I wrote on chemtrails, I wasn't very sure that they were real, and maybe they were only localized as a test for results. But this past week, I noted that a species of tree around my acreage has been dying, and those not dead, this year, look sick and about to die. These are hardwood trees of the same species; all other trees look fine, though one maple species (the one with purplish leaves at the end of the year) look sick this year, perhaps due to too much rain. Rainfall was ample this year, but not too much to drown trees.

Then, late in the week, I came across a video saying then chemtrails are killing trees, which is what crossed my mind earlier in the week. And some say that chemtrails intend to block out sun, which can explain why this was a cold year. But the video below has a whistle-blower saying that they are poisoning our ground...with the intent, perhaps (my theory), to make us sick unto death, then making a lot of money on the illnesses they know we will get. She says the air force is involved (yup, the American demon), because she worked for it.

Although RichieFromBoston is a believer, there are some things he says that shows honest error. He films chemtrails from his home, and speaks on these topics to the point of saying that the deep state caused the recent hurricanes. There was one thing he said that makes sense. He showed two smoke stacks on the city horizon, one from general Electric. he claims that they don't spew smoke until there's a wind storm. suggesting that the people inside have been directed to spew chemicals that the wind will then spread around far and wide. A wind storm can cross a thousand miles.

From the beginning of my hearing conspiracy reports about martial law and concentration camps, which are back to topic with merely the last two hurricanes, I've wondered whether faked truthers are paid by the goons to act like whistle blowers whose job is to make the invisible goons appear more powerful than they really are. I theorize that their plan is make us decide not to push / fight back against them, or else. But few are heeding that scare at this time. September 11 was their undoing. They have squandered the peoples' money since then in a world agenda that makes no sense to any normal, decent person, and the people are angry about this, angry enough to fight back. They may have the endless bullets and body armor, but not all the men in those suits will fight for them when they attack the people. They don't know how many of their fighters will betray and start shooting their own men. As many as half is a real possibility, and that spells defeat. I therefore don't think that the goons are in a hurry to procure martial law in any situation that appears to be a battle against the people.

If it seems ridiculous to claim that the draGoons can cause hurricanes, maybe not. My impression is that these nasty hurricanes were from two possible sources: 1) the coolest summer this year in the northern continent that I've ever seen; 2) exaggerated reports on the fury of the hurricanes. There is money to be made in disaster relief, and we have realized that money-making is what the global-warming scam is all about. There is logic and evidence that the goons have a plan in place to make money on all disasters, just another way to rip the taxes off. The worse they report the disaster (by exaggerating its fury), the more money that can be obtained. The federal government pays for the relief needed by calling it an emergency, while other groups (the goons) rake some of that money off the top. FEMA comes to mind as one group holding a big rake, and there has been a huge accusation against the Clinton crime ring in the Haiti quake.

There is a third theory that I consider my chief choice: the cold this year is due to low solar heat (the hurricane was not manmade), but this doesn't mean that the goons can't use it to their corrupt benefits. I find it hard to believe that a little chemical spewed into the air by chemtrails can block enough sun to cool the continent some ten degrees. The highs this summer were routinely and constantly around ten degrees (F) cooler than the normal highs. September has been warmer than July or August. My hope is that, if chemtrails did cause this cooling, the formation of the hurricanes will cause them to use less chemtrails. Some in the global-warming camps not in a position to slip some relief money into their pockets can cry out that the cost of hurricane relief is directly counter to the gains they hope for in the global-warming / chemtrail program. All such scams are likely built on taking some government money, but if a lot of it goes to hurricane relief, there will be that much less for others to skim off by other plots.

If the global-warming scam was the first step to justifying a man-made effort to cool the planet, for some reason using chemtrails, and if it worked this past year, then one could say that they caused, whether their aim was or was not to, the hurricanes. For storms are caused when a warm front meets a cold front. The cold air slips under the warm air, and with all heat pushed up, winds are generated toward creating a whirlwind (a hurricane is a giant tornado).

Who was Obama speaking for when he said, at the UN: "Ordinary men and women are too small-minded to govern their own affairs. Order and progress can only come when individuals surrender their rights to an all-powerful sovereign." Perhaps it's true that some people can't govern, but no one should be subjected to an all-powerful man. The very idea suggests the darkest of spirits. Any man who would take that role doesn't understand humanity, having a mind too small to grasp even the slightest goodness. And Obama is just such a teensy-weensy mind. He has smallness confused with bigness, that's how confused he is by the demons who live with him.

There are billions and billions of people much better than Obama and his ilk. The mentally-challenged fat cats can control us by force, but can never make us love them. Devoid of love, they will destroy one another. It will be dragon on dragon. The mind of a dragon knows no love, and cannot therefore speak for humanity, because it does not know human potential. Jesus knew what was in a man, and it's dragon spirit He was concerned with. The fat cats have crushed and corrupted, defiled and confused, mankind, and now it accuses man as being unable to run his own affairs. Therefore, the fat cats who did not educate us in the direction of the Son of God will be held responsible for degradations, depressive disorders, and confusion leading to chaos. You are FREE in Jesus to be above that. Do not touch, do not listen to them. Grow the other way. The fat cats will be robbed of their freedoms, aborted and thrown to the scrap heap of Hell. But first, God wants to show the world why it's justified. It will be painful to see what they have been up to.

People have the choice to choose Jesus. People have the right to praise God the Father. They understand that sort of All-Powerful Sovereign. But the man who plays that role is an idiot. If the Rothschilds are making an all-powerful-sovereign-state grab at this time, good luck. No one will be coming to your party, stupid, but fellow stupids. Alas, they can't come out into the visible light with these plans, and will need to continue deceptions from their darkness, making appearances of righteousness, but for the sake of the ELECT of Jesus, they will be exposed while standing in their dark spot. We will see the blood and guts that infests their filthy, golden cups.

It is plain that they are making a list of their enemies, and using a comprehensive spy system to do so. Therefore, if they decide for population control, they will aim to make ill and dead their enemies. Ask: how could they target their enemies with poisons rather than bullets? If they choose to use bullets, there will be a backlash against them. Therefore, their first choice will be the use of deception, bringing a disaster(s) to be blamed on others. They can't go killing half the people who do well against them on youtube, or the people will realize that they are the murderers. So, they make threats instead, and kill only a choice few. Or, they fake the death of some truthers in hopes of making truthers back down.

My trees are maybe dying because God wants me to send that message. Aside from the chemical-spray issue, the thing coming to mind was that the death of trees is bad for tribulation survival, unless they are still burnable when the tribulation arrives. Or, suppose the leaders try to thwart people who scoot off into the wilds, by making it illegal to cut live trees. They can then use the many dead trees without breaking the law. Just a thought.

Here is a whistle-blower (sounds genuine, but that's not always proof of it) on population control:

Is the man in the video above genuine, or part of the goons sent out to scare us? He makes some pretty big claims that appear surreal. When we heard from Obama above, was he faking the idea of an all-powerful sovereign? Are they conveniently using anti-Christ theme to produce their scare tactics? I keep this possibility in mind as I watch all-such videos. The idea can be to create such chaotic pictures of what the goons can do to us if we don't allow them to rule over us. Or, they can try to portray themselves as needed to fend off foreign threats to our security: Russia, China, Muslims. But good men can wield military defenses and homeland security as much as evil men. Why is it that evil now gropes the military? The man in the video above smiles too much as he speaks wholesale on human destruction.

Whether they are prepared to do the goonish things accused of, or whether the are the speaker is faking it on their behalf to scare us into compliance, they are still trolls. I define a troll as someone who lives in the dark from my point of view. They live in their own light, and in the light of those they interact with, but they are in the dark from the voter's point of view. They do not deserve, by law, to make decisions for the nation. But this is what they do, and even governments protect their meetings, and provide dark cover for them. Has Trump tweeted a long list of these trolls? No. Why not? Because they are his fellow fat cats?

I don't think it's reasonable to expect FEMA-camp murders akin to those of Hitler. I just don't think the deep state could survive something like that, and they have Hitler himself as the evidence that it can't be survived. So, if they go ahead with plots to depopulate, it will be by blaming events on others. Foreigners come to mind. It appears at this time that the military is framing North Korea for an inside job. That's what it looks like to me, and Trump has played his part in this. Food poisoning by Muslims appears to be a second frame job on their table. The first step to such a thing is to feign Muslim terror to the point that people will believe they are also poisoning our foods. The problem with poisoning foods is that it's a difficult way to target specific individuals. The same applies to bombing a region with a bomb blamed on Korea.

The benefit of starting an internal war against a certain group, for example the supremacists and Christian militias, is that the killings can become highly targeted, killing mainly those whom are wanted dead, but there is a down side to that strategy because the culprits, the government deep state, will be exposed as murderers. The government would need to justify the war, and perhaps they way they hope to do so is to feign a group of supremacists that attacks a police department or military house/fort. Charlottesville may be the first step toward such a plot. Simultaneously, the Korea option has been put into play, just in case they decide it's needed. A feigned bomb from Korea will rally all people around their deep state for protection. Yup, that's what they would accomplish if they are successful in deception by shooting a missile onto U.S. soil.

I was alarmed by watching Hal Lindsey last night, at his youtube channel, showing / claiming that North Korea has missiles capable of striking New York. This is the sort of thing I'd expect from the deep state as the initial steps in feigning an attack to middle USA, home of the conservative enemy. I don't think the enemy wants to drop a bomb on the west coast, because it's liberal. Liberals are more apt to sign on with an anti-Christ agenda. So, the recent talk that Korea suddenly has missiles that can reach the east coast appears feigned to justify an inside job on something like the prairies or the Rockies. Expect one of the states that betrayed Hillary this past election.

The problem with feigning a missile from Korea is that military-watch stations of other countries need to record the path of the incoming missile. If it starts in the ocean around Hawaii, it won't look like it's from Korea. Playing a hoax on Americans while Japan and others discover it is not a good move. If there were no friends of America between Korea and the United States, the American demon could get away with such a plot. And there are eyes in the sky owned by friends of America too.

Population control can be put off for a decade at least, and, hopefully, Armageddon will arrive first. I trust in a world-destruction program effected by Jesus. I don't trust the goons in any-such plot. Jesus will take away from this earth all who are found worthy, before God's world-destruction plot is dropped. And, being good, this Father will warn the world beforehand that it's about to be dropped. You can't give a bigger sign than a 666 commercial system Proclaimed beforehand that includes a number specifically on the right hand or forehead. If people disregard this Sign, receiving the number, they will be deemed to be in love with the goons, because the number and system itself will be represented by anti-Jesus goons.

Hal Lindsey and many other prophecy teachers are sorely mistaken to teach that the 666 system will come upon us immediately after the anti-Christ has posed as a good guy, or as a Jesus alternative. How can anyone be deemed guilty of receiving a satanic number unless it's openly representing a satanic character? Therefore, the anti-Christ will come breathing blasphemies against God well BEFORE the mandatory 666 is in force. There is no scripture telling that the anti-Christ is a nice guy for the first three or four years, only to turn into evil incarnate with 3.5 years remaining. However, it is logical that he would use some form of righteousness to mask his evil. Still, prophecy portrays him in open opposition to Jesus from first to last. He must win some heavy-duty popularity with the world by being in opposition to Christianity, and we can digest that easily as things now stand. That's why the reception of the skincode will be worthy of damnation. And he wins respect also because he has the military power to fend off threats to peace and security (see Revelation 13). It doesn't sound as though martial law and civil war is the norm at that time for the duo who bring on the mark of the draGoons. People will be buying and selling, as usual, until the Day of Armageddon, although hands will hang limp (in hopelessness) as they see it coming.

Here is an example of how the deep state got to Obama, apparently, as told even by the liberal media. It's clear that while Obama ran for president in opposition to unjustified jailings of Muslims, his tune became directly opposed as the president, to the position held by Bush while he was manipulated by the deep state. In this way, the deep state could arrest men innocent of terror and keep them locked up to forever so that they can't tell their stories to the public. And, with more time, their human wills can be weakened until they confess in court to things they had not done in return for normal jail life, much better than what they had. This is demonic treatment, and it can come to Christians and conservatives too.

I myself was witness to being arrested by Homeland Security on a false charge. You can believe me or not, but that's what happened. It was probably an event orchestrated by God to open my eyes, and to inform you. The charges were dropped the day after I was jailed because the judge believed me. I was "lucky." The charge was assaulting officers of Homeland Security to the point of trying to grab one of their pistols. It never happened. Instead, six of them jumped on me, and took me to the floor just as you see in police-abuse videos. Yes, they had a beef with me, but it was a tiny matter: I had verbally insulted one of their chiefs when laying down my complaint against the organization. Here is in effect what I said to the best of my recollection: "You will never amount to anything more than you are now." It digs deep into a proud cop, but it doesn't warrant the illegality of his arresting me on a serious false charge. If they did it to me years ago, they will do it worse to you years from now. Be warned.

Is Georgia in the Bible belt? Here's a video of "coffin liners" owned by the government just sitting in an open Georgia field (on private property, even). It can be seen that the containers can double as water containers. Or, they may have been ordered on the excuse of being water containers in case needed for a disaster, but intended to seal up the dead. They can use natural disasters, or make one up, and then kill people with the claim that the disaster killed them. B

Approaching the 9th minute, the man speaks on government-funded morgues to be provided by the same family which allowed the containers to sit on their land. Nearing the 7th minute, there is talk on a predicted "nuclear strike on U.S. soil' in the next decade (by 2010), with tens of millions killed. How many of you believed, in 2,000, that Russia or China would bomb the United States imminently? Not many, but I was reading scare reports of just that, at that time, online. And these reports seemed to me to be like bogus garbage. At the time, I had no reason to so much as think that it could be perhaps be mental conditioning to prepare the public for a feigned inside-job, nuclear attack. Shortly after 2000, 9-11. But as things went, the event was exposed as an inside job, making their next job riskier. By 2017, the risk is as high as deep red, yet we see small faked terror acts increasing while Trump (in bed with the 9-11 insiders) may be ready to foist a feigned nuclear attack upon the country.

Or is this entire matter just a hoax to make people more apt to going along with the coming peace-and-security program?

Below is a video claiming to debunk the coffin theory, but this video is full of holes and possible holes. Near the end, the man argues that FEMA would use cheaper body bags for such a crime, but this disregards that body bags look suspicious while the plastic containers can feign being water containers. Besides, each container can hold about five bodies, roughly. They wouldn't go knocking on someone's door asking if they can keep tens of thousands of body bags in their barn, you see, in case a disaster strikes. But water containers? That looks like the government cares for people. When word got out that they were casket liners, one can reason that this was not supposed to get out...unless the government wanted it to get out.

Below is Trump inside a chemtrail plane. RichieFromBoston says he put out an executive order stopping chemtrails. I've not seen anyone else saying so. Others say they still see chemtrails. Is Trump lying? The guy speaking, like others, is suggesting the purpose to be the blocking of sunlight, but this is incorrect. They can't spray enough to block sunlight to any degree at all to serve any purpose. The chemicals may alter temperatures in some other way, but not by sunlight. It's far-more likely that they wants chemicals to spread by wind, and to end up in the ground, and/or in our bloodstream. But as they're not telling us the reason, it appears sinister, something many people wouldn't like. In the opinion of most, we deserve to hear what we are breathing, and what's falling on us with the rain? Mr. Trump, can you get the answer for this question for us, please, since you're claiming to be on our side and against them? I wonder what they told Trump. I wonder if they have a second "purpose" that is the bogus one told to politicians and law-makers. Why don't they spray when the sky is covered in low clouds? Maybe they do. But why do they spray when it's all blue out, so that everyone can see? Do they want us to see?

The video above says that Rothschild LLC acquired 70% of the Weather Channel a few years ago. One thing that can be done when owning that organization is to know what city / town people live in by the location they use in their computer's bookmark for local weather. Another use of owning the weather channel is to push global warming, or exaggerate disasters. I stopped watching midway. Youtube brings up all the ridiculous topics, when one watches chemtrail videos, as though youtube wants to deliberately lump the topic with the insane.

The video below (a must-see) shows a patent application for sky chemicals using metal oxides, especially aluminum oxide. Another document is shown claiming projects for weather manipulation techniques to combat global warming, but as they know there is no global warming, I'd say they are using it as an excuse to accomplish other things that we are not to know. Most of us find it insane even to try to manipulate the weather. On who's dollar? Did we give permission to use our money for this insanity? How much will it cost to alter weather for the most meager of benefits? How dare these people waste out money like this, and they may be trying to make us sick with illnesses they know beforehand, then making profits on us.

The speaker goes on to find a cloud-seeding company offering services to customers that, I assume, can only be governments. I can't imagine that a single company or individual has the right to modify weather as he/she desires without government permission. Imagine the immoral insanity: big corporations changing the weather that goes their way, but takes rain from you.

But I really don't think this is possible to any degree worth the money. The pitch to sell cloud-seeding services / tools sounds like a joke. This cloud-seeding company may be part of a hoax to convince us that they are merely trying to change the weather when in fact, for example, they are hoping to reduce our life spans. The speaker makes the point that chemtrails are always done on cloudless days. How can that be cloud-seeding?

Aluminum oxide is a rock / mineral material. It does not mix with water as a solute. It's harmless to you in your soil, therefore, so long as it stays in the soil. What happens if we breathe it in? What happens if food roots take it up and it ends up in our blood stream via our stomachs? Here's a video claiming that chemtrails are intended to make us sick. It specifically says that aluminum is capable of attacking the central nervous system.

The doctor in the video above says matter-of-factly, as though he's heard it with his own ears, that nano-aluminum compounds are used to combat global warming by deflecting sunlight away. This sounds like garbage. A few microscopic particles merely from jet trails thousands of feet apart, when evenly dispersed in the air, are not going to reflect any significant sunlight away into space. And whatever sunlight they do reflect, it's only in the treated areas, which are so tiny relative to the global planetary surface that this process can't possibly make a dent in cooling the planet. The aluminum can't remain airborne because it's heavier than air particles, and so whatever the cost of these particles, it's our money going to waste when it hits the soil, and we have every right to know the full details of all effects on all things as it passes through the air to the ground. Shame on the people who are responsible for this mystery.

The doctor, Russell Blaylock, says we're headed for a "medical catastrophe," memory problems and lung disease, included. In the 13th minute, aluminum oxide is said to have killed trees.

Wikipedia's article on aluminum oxide says that it's used to remove water out of gases, suggesting that aluminum oxide attracts water molecules, tending to explain why chemtrails form white clouds i.e. the color exactly of accumulated water vapor in the air. So, the theory is, each aluminum-oxide particle instantly takes a central location as it forms a microscopic drop of water. It steals water from the air, and hovers for some time along with its droplet. It seems neither to rise nor fall quickly. But what happens to each one when wind arrives. Or nightfall?

It begs the question. Why don't they do this at night? Maybe they do. But why do it during the day on a sunny day? Perhaps to spread the hoax that they are trying to block sunlight. If they got caught doing it at night, it would spoil their claims. Rain occurs when heavy droplets start to fall. If aluminum oxide creates droplets, it can facilitate rain in clouds, but not in sunny air. I can't see a relationship between chemtrails and cloud-seeding.

I've read that they could be adding aluminum oxide to ordinary jet fuel so that every plane, conceivably, could spew this material to hasten whatever they are trying to effect. This is so environmentally unfriendly that they appear desperate for carrying it out. Something feels wrong about it. Where's savior Trump on this matter?

How does one prove that someone's illness or death is caused by chemtrails? Is this the perfect crime? Here's a pleasant lady who talks intelligently:

Just look at the short video below and ask whether Wray (FBI chief) will comply with Gowdy's demand to receive FBI documents by subpoena. The documents were due by September 1, but the FBI snubbed. The new deadline was set for September 14, this week, and so we will now know whether Wray is helpful to Gowdy's cause, or whether he's trying to suppress and obstruct.

I've talked a lot about the Hillary emails. But the issue is not about Hillary only. Ultimately, it's about Obama. Whatever she was doing was with the direction or nod of Obama. There is some big news out now concerning a twist in the Debbie Wasserman issue. It turns out that the computer she claimed to be of a Pakistani, when in the hands of the Capitol Police (not the same as Washington police), which she was demanding from the police, was her own computer. As the story goes, a computer with her name as the user was found in a certain building by Capitol Police back in April of this year. The computer was abandoned, or better yet, planted, with some identification of the Pakistani, Mr. Awan. This is the criminal Pakistani whom Wasserman had hired in the first place to work for Democrat lawmakers, suspect as working under Obama for to steal state secrets and send them to Pakistan and perhaps other nations.

So, the story being reported now is that Awan planted Wasserman's computer in front of the nose of the police in order to betray her in return for some favorable result to himself. But Dave Hodges reports that the computer was broken; I didn't hear that from anyone else so far. If it is broken, then it appears that Awan is sending Wasserman a message not to rat-out on him because he has a copy of her computer and will rat-out on her in return. If this is correct, we may never get either one stabbing the other in the back to lessen their legal troubles. Awan is now under arrest in the United States, but his arrest didn't occur until a few months after he planted her computer. And then again, was it really him who planted it, or is this a CIA deception, the thing the CIA does best?

Why won't Trump show himself concerned about these scandalous stories??? A mere tweet is not sufficient to show interest. The president should be the chief of this concern. He should be showing outrage in order to stir outrage in the people so that all attack the perpetrators of the evil. The way he justifies his silence is to fool the nation into thinking he's too busy trying the create jobs or drop taxes. This is garbage. The unemployment rate is low in the United States, and half the unemployed won't work anyway, even if you give them a job. Lowering taxes is smoke and mirrors because you can't reduce them by much at all. A tax-payer saves a whopping $100 a year, and Trump then goes out to brag that he dropped taxes so that he can get re-elected. This is what Trump concerns himself with: to get re-elected. But why does he want another four years so bad? There must be a lot of money that he's controlling, some for himself, and some for his friends.


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