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Sept 5 - 11, 2017

Who is Ernest Rauthschild?
Another White Rabbit from the Poindexter Crest
The New Tree-Trunk Event is for the Death of the Bavarian Illuminati

If ever you'd want to check a description in the Coat of Arms, type the surname at this page:

I'm not taking email at this time, here's why. I apologize to all having left email, as I can't even mail to inform you.

Here's a video of the supposed father of Heather Heyer, the only death by car crash at Charlottesville. I've covered the crash extensively for the past couple of weeks, but as yet do not know where Heather died. No video or article I've seen points out where she was at the crash, which is immediately suspicious. The father is a preacher type, and, in my opinion, a good actor. At the start of the video, a red flag when it sounds like he says, "they killed her daughter" instead of "our daughter." He starts to preach at 3:34, and the viewer has the choice of whether he's got to be sincere, not an actor, or whether he's an apostate (traitor of Jesus) who knows his Bible, but is no longer connected to the Lord.

One comment: "This guy has no emotions because his daughter is living it up in the tropics and the fortune she's just made, daddy knows this and is playing the game." Another comment: "Who ever heard of a person killed in something like this and no news story showing when she was actually hit, they have shown worse than this" Some comments say that Heather's mother is a mother at Sandy Hook. This man's shoot may have been an after-thought after the shoot of Heather's supposed mother (at her garage) was ruled roundly as a faked scene. I agreed with that.

I've seen just about all the crash and aftermath videos there are, and can say that the only place for Heather Heyer is behind the pick-up truck. It can explain why the first police on the scene, who may themselves have been actors, circled around the rear of the pick-up (no one allowed closer). The pick-up was not there five minutes before the crash. Instead, another vehicle was at the spot where the truck would arrive, apparently blocking the possibility of anyone else parking there...because the spot was reserved for the hoax. As the water-bottle cameraman (see last update) walked down that street five minutes before the crash, the other car started its engine, and, we may assume, drove away because its driver heard that the pick-up was coming in.

The police who surrounded the truck didn't take control, allowing the protestors to control the injury victim. That's impossible in real life. Police are trained in caring for car-injured persons. If Heather was there, and in critical condition, the police look guilty of letting her die, which can explain why the plotters may have decided not to reveal that Heather was behind the truck. With all the injuries, the protestors and fake medics are looking after the injured, NOT the police. The goons can't even get that done right. It appears that they need to actors to surround injury victims to hide the fact that they are not injured. Any glimpses we do get of body parts shows no blood / bruises / injuries / torn clothing. This was a bad act, a dismal failure.

In fact, this hoax was so bad that youtube now feeds me the best garbage it can find, three weeks later. I can't find one intelligent video on this event from amongst the ones that youtube's margin offers. The solution is that conservatives need their own youtube. Some rich conservative can get this done. It will fly within one year if they just name it, Conservative TubeYou. Everyone will flock to it that wants to give youtube its just rewards. Youtube suggests the same junk for me, over and over again. If there's videos suggested five or six days in a row that I won't click on, some still show up after that. I get people claiming that the solar eclipse wasn't real because the moon wasn't showing in the sky. Either they don't realize that a new moon won't show ever, or they are working for the other side to make Trump supporters look dumb. But this is the sort of garbage youtube feeds me because its computer, by now, knows that I watch conservative material that's also "anti-government." I'm not anti-government, I'm anti-corruption. Youtube is also feeding me people that claim Harvey to be a man-made storm.

So, the most-effective "anti-government" youtubes are no longer being suggested to the world. You need to look them up one-by-one by name at the top of the youtube page. It means that the world was starting to lean to the truth about government corruption, and the bad guys flinched. But this only makes the war that much hotter, and mercy less likely. Youtube just suggested the shooting of John Lennan.

The FBI is refusing to give up documents into September; Jason Chaffetz is livid, and you, even if you're not an American, should hear him on this, reading between the lines:

Here's the biggest story by far this month, and Trump's tweet offers hope for the good guys. Comey looks so bad here that this is a good time for Trump to get Sessions (= little twerp) out of his clam shell, to put on some boxing gloves...if they're not too heavy for him. You should hear this out if you haven't yet, the bottom almost falling out on Hillary's protectors:

That was Jaenine on Sean Hannity's show, but here she is on her show lambasting the chief departments of Donald Trump for refusing to let the public see some of the corruption, begging whether Trump really is on the good-guy side. Is that a white-rabbit outfit she has on?

Even though Jaenine makes a lot of money, her eyes tell us that she's dead-serious and genuine in her indignation. The FBI is not withholding the documents because it loves Hillary. The FBI is withholding because it and the CIA are more guilty than Hillary. Hillary deleted her emails because the government, and the invisible, unelected people behind the government, were doing illegal, terrible things. Sessions and Tillerson have been contacted by the guilty, and have been manipulated, very obviously. Fox news is all over this story, and I think I can see some rabbit poop, an entire trail of it, that Fox can follow in the coming months. Youtube and Google can't hide Fox much.

Here's Jaenine giving Judicial Watch and Jay Sekulow credit for this turn of events. One would think that, under Trump, with the enemy backed into a corner, Trump's team would spare no cages to permanently trap the rats. Instead, it looks like Tillerson and Sessions are on the rats' side. How revelatory! We await to hear their excuses for this shown of absurdity. It's costing Republicans money to force the documents out, and it gives the rats time to plan their next moves. I gave Sessions the benefit of the doubt, until now.

Here's some interesting heraldry. One Sessions Coat is the same cross as one Hardy Coat, and the other Sessions Coat is a version of the Master Coat. Trump's MacMaster is roundly believed to be a deep-state tool. As for Hardys: "According to a delusional and very corrupt official in the FBI named David M. Hardy, who is the FBI records management section chief, there isn't enough public interest in the Hillary Clinton case to justify releasing her records. Thatís one dirty cop who should be locked up immediately. Hardy made the statement in rejecting an open-records request by Ty Clevenger, an attorney seeking to have her punished for perjury." The FBI is squirming. If it goes left, it's in a corner; if it goes the other way, it's still in a corner. Trump, the cage, get the cage, quick. What? Kelly threw it away? Then throw Kelly away. [I'll come to Clevenger later in the update. By Saturday, HA Goodman claims that a judge awarded him victory over this FBI refusal.]

Next, the dig goes deeper. God deeper rabbit, turn up a few deep-rooted carrots that we've not known before. Comey we know, but who else is down there? Who else is working the political strings in Hell? We should like to know. "EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt [Obama term] lied to Congress about his use of private email to conduct government business when he was Oklahoma attorney general." There must be some carrot juice in that email account. We imagine the deep state well experienced in destroying damning documents.

Kelly admitted to attempting a coup on Trump. When Kelly came in, he told the White House staff that their first priority is to the country, and secondly to Trump. Therefore, Kelly represented himself as "for the country," the top dog, making Trump, or trying to make him, dog number two. Kelly was in effect saying, "I'm here for the country, and so you should hearken to my plan for the country. After that, you can try to make the president happy, if you think it's worth bothering about. After all, he's just one person. Country first, one man second." Liberal media are reporting, in concert, that Trump and Kelly are not getting along, and of course it's Trump's fault. We can't trust liberal media, but the word from leakers to the NY Times is that an ornery Trump is snapping at Kelly, and that Kelly's not accustomed to being disrespected.

The best thing that can happen still is if the left continues to attack Trump viciously. It's the only thing that will make Trump side more reliably with the good guys, and will remind him of his promise to clean swamp. The promise was one thing, but desire to clean swamp is something he never had. But it's maybe growing now. Like, if the alligators are snapping at you feet, you might pick up a sledge and bash them on the snouts. But if gators him alone, which is what Trump wants Democrats to do, then Trump won't bother them either. When Democrats are cornered, they go quiet, hoping you'll think they've finally repented in sorriness, but the minute you walk away, they'll bash you all mover again. This is how it's going to be for Trump due to his disinterest in jailing them.

In the meantime, Fox's Eric Bolling was just fired this week due to charges of sexual misconduct (could easily be deep-state false charges), and then his teenage son died at that time. It's not know what he died of, but this type of thing will continue, to strike fear in deep-state enemies, unless Trumps starts to "kill off" some of them to strike fear in them. Stupid Trump is allowing them to operate freely, without fear.

The video below is showing a United States of North America document that has an Ernest Rauthschild as the prime minister upon it, and can of course be fake. I was more curious in the video when the speaker said "out on the line" instead of "online," which brought the bra on the laundry line to mind. The document was found online last month, and youtube has disabled comments as a sign of authenticity:

There is a page for Ernest Rauthschild showing his latest tweets, where we find that he likes the New York Times (i.e. what sort of partnership could this extrapolate to?) Rauthschild offers the following story (Sept 1) from the Times:

WASHINGTON ó The special counsel, Robert S. Mueller III, has obtained a letter [is it a fake?] drafted by President Trump and a top political aide that offered an unvarnished view of Mr. Trumpís thinking in the days before the president fired the F.B.I. director, James B. Comey.

The circumstances and reasons for the firing are believed to be a significant element of Mr. Muellerís investigation [ahh, Mueller, and now possibly Rauthschild, wants to punish Trump for firing Comey], which includes whether Mr. Trump obstructed justice by firing Mr. Comey.

The letter, drafted in May, was met with opposition from Donald F. McGahn II, the White House counsel, who believed that its angry, meandering tone [same type of accusation that come out like concert from liberal media, like never-ending drips] was problematic, according to interviews with a dozen administration officials [deep-state pawns?] and others briefed on the matter...

Mr. McGahn successfully blocked the president from sending the letter ó which Mr. Trump had composed with Stephen Miller, one of the presidentís top political advisers ó to Mr. Comey. But a copy was given to the deputy attorney general, Rod J. Rosenstein, who then drafted his own letter. Mr. Rosensteinís letter was ultimately used as the Trump administrationís public rationale for Mr. Comeyís firing, which was that Mr. Comey had mishandled the investigation into Hillary Clintonís private email server.

I'm on Trump's side on this issue, of course. The Gahn surname uses the motto of Massins/Masons while David M. Mason preceded Don McGhan at the Federal Election Commission. Gahns use the Roach/Roch fish. Although the Roach fish are not shown in pale (vertical), the description page (below) for Roach's: "A red shield with three silver fish in pale." The Gahns call then fish too. The Cahns bring up the Cohens/KAGANs, and Cahns are also GAGHANs. These are the Cohen / Hohen Khazars, feasibly of the white-rabbit Cons/Conns because German Cohens come up as "Con." It's amazing that I mentioned the carrots above (with the white rabbit) the night before finding this Rauthschild topic (this morning, September 5). I had looked up the Carrot/Carew surname (Carrick colors) last night, finding the three lions of the Hohenstaufens and/or Hohenzollerns. Amazing.

The Pale's share the camel with Pepins, and the latter are expected from Landen, and therefore as per the Landen/Lander surname that was represented by the laundry line. So, did the speaker make a mistake when saying "out on the line," afterwhich he corrected himself with "online"? Or did God make that come out of his mouth for me to pick up? I have a new rabbit trail to investigate, to check out why it might be that God's ire is against Mr. Roach Child.

Recall the cockroaches behind the wallPAPER (last update), for Papers are also PepWALLs. Papers/Pepwalls use carNATIONS, while the first Rothschild named his first son, Nathan, while Nathans show a NATION variation. Nathan was commissioned to England to operate the Rothschild bank in London, and while the British leader is a prime minister instead of a president, ditto for the document showing the United States of North America. It is highly expected from the Rhodes Scholarship of Bill Clinton that he belongs to a loose or tight North-American-union drive.

Nathans/Nations show a fesse with fesslets in colors reversed from the same of white-rabbit Conns and Conys!!! Amazing. The Rothschilds descended from Peter Pollock at Rothes castle, and this can explain why the Nathan/Nation Crest is an item (heart) pierced by an arrow, the Pollock / Bole symbol. As Nathans/Nations were first found in Nottinghamshire, their fesse can be the Bug fesse, and it just so happens that German Bugs/Buggens (Bogen colors) share the raven with Rothes'...not to mention with Ralphs / Rolphs who share the water bouget with the Nottinghamshire Bugs. Water bougets are used by Rose's while roses are on the sinister bend of Jewish Rothchilds (no 's') along with a sinister-facing horse in the colors of the sinister-bend RasMussens/Assmanns who use the Pepin bend. Rasmussens named Assmannshausen at Rothes-suspect RUEDesheim. The ROETs share the Spear boar heads, tending to confirm that Spears are basic to Rothschilds.

Nissans were looked up as per the Nusan variation of Nathans, and Nissans too use a sinister bend, and it happens to be in the colors of the RasMUSSEN bend. Recall that the MASSIN motto is used by Gahns. Nissans have an escutcheon centrally that's also on this Arms of Rothschild. An escutcheon is an alternative name (code work for surnames) for a SHIELD, and Rudes' use a "silver shield" while. they say, "RothSCHILD" means "Red Shield." I told the story recently of being almost robbed in Galveston of my truck but for a miracle. It was a Nissan. My plans changed due to this event, and the next day, I ended the trip in Crystal City, where I spent the night in a motel that had cockroaches behind the wallpaper.

Emailer Pollock asked me not to tell the following, but as I think she has passed away, I can tell it now. Her husband, Mr. Speer, was murdered. She said something about Stanford University, and that she suspected the invisible powers. She researched Pollock origins, and told me many times that "Lady Rothes", Muriel Pollock, was a daughter / granddaughter of Peter Pollock (I say God sent her to me partially because He has a bone to pick with Mr. Speer's killers). The Muriel surname is suspect with the MURAL crown in the Rudes' Crest. The Rudes' were first found in Shropshire with English Rothes', and the father of Peter Pollock, FULbert, lived in Shropshire. The Carrots/Carews use a "ship in FULL sail," and while Rothes use a version of the neighboring Sail/Sales Coat, Peter's father was FULbert. Fullers were first found in the area of Clent, and Clintons use the Shield of Sales-suspect Saluzzo's. The Rudes' share the Rhodes and Sinclair cross.

The Gahn motto must be for Speers (same place as Pollocks and Pasleys/Paisleys), whose crossed spears are used by Pasi's/Pascels, which should explain the ComPASSes of Nathans/Nations (COMP/Camp colors), and Pass' are Pascals too. It tends to reveal that the Nathan/Nation heart is of Lanarkshire (and Lanarks), beside the first Speers / Pollocks. Swans/Sions (share the Lanark heart) were first found in Lanarkshire, and they use a reflection of the Paisley Coat.

I'm now asking what other parts of my trip through Galveston (off the Houston coast) and Crystal City pertains to Mr. Rauthschild. The Crystals (share thistle with Paisleys) happen to share "Mens" in their motto with Pepins (evokes "out on the line") and Poppins, which recalls that Mamie is a symbol of Nazi liners from Mame's/Meme's/Mens'/Mengzies / Mangels/Mansells and the Mansfields of Nottinghamshire, where Nathans/Nations and Bugs were first found. The Crystal motto includes "CONscia," and then Cons/Cons'/Conns share the white rabbit with CRYSTal-like Christmas'. Amazing.

Nottinghamshire is where Annas'/ARNES' were first found who can be a branch of Ernests, one branch of which was first found in the same place as Bauers, while Swiss Ernests share arrows with the Arms of Rothschilds. See also Rothsteins/Rothschilds (arrow) sharing eight-pointed star with German Ernests (Roque rock?), all of which tends to explain ERNEST Rauthschild. English Ernests/Erness' have a RISING eagle as part-code for Rhisinium liners, originating near ancient Arnissa. Rhisinium was near the Selepitanoi that I say named Salop = Shropshire. In fact, the Sleeps of Salop share the double fesses of Annas-like Ness'/Nice's/Nessons (branch of Nissans?). English Ernests were first found in the same place as English Josephs. French Josephs were first found in the same place as Pellicans while heraldic pelicans are often on NESTs while Ness' are Nests and English Nessons (probably the Hamon Coat as per Hamon de Masci) are also Nestons.

The Christmas surname popped up because I first saw Charlotte on Christmas day (1994). Later, I discovered that she had stopped coming to the church where I saw her on Christmas, and had been attending a church in Crystal City. I was in Crystal City scouting vacant properties to purchase. I ended the scouting (April) the morning after the cockroaches, because the Nissan was spewing black smoke, and because I was convinced that I should return to purchase land. I drove away saying to self, "I'm going to save $15,000, and return in six months to get a tract." In early November, I was back down after successfully saving $15,000. I purchased land 10 minutes from Charlotte, whom I did not know, and saw her in church a few weeks later on Christmas. But we never spoke, and would not speak for years to come, until it was time, His time.

I was floored to find that Smoke's share a sinister-rising bend on red with Nissans. This can be viewed merely as further evidence that God set up the items in that trip, or Smoke's may prove to be meaningful in yet some other way. In fact, on a second look, I find that Smoke's were first found in Bavaria, same as Rothes and Bauers, but most variations on the Smoke page are Rauche-like!!! I had forgotten (it's been years since bringing up the Smoke Coat). The Smoke's/Rauche's are in Roach colors, can you believe that I'm telling the truth about the black smoke...from the tail PIPE of the Nissan? Pipe's are Pepins (both share white horse with Rothchilds), and Pepins are kin to sinister-bend Rasmussens. I can't tell you what it feels like as I think back, realizing how God was "playing" with my life. I find it amusing now, but not very when, at the times, some events were rather painful / disturbing. I thought I was going to be shot in Galveston.

Pipe's (Staffordshire) and Pepins use a version of the bend of Stops/Stubbs (Staffordshire), which is why I asked Lorraine out, for the first time, at her Bus STOP. We agreed to meet at a laundromat that evening (strange way to start a first date), and this event was the thing which started to discover (later clinched) that "laundry" was code for Landers/Landens and Pepin of Landen. Landers/Landens use another sinister bend, in the colors of the bend of Dutch Rasmussens. RASmussens can even be a Rauche merger with Massins/Masons. I'm a Masci liner on one side; I asked Lorraine out, and while Lorraine's use the Piast = Mieszko eagle, Masci's and Massena's likewise use a sinister bend. I'm predicting the Masci line to become the leadership of the 666 commercial system.

In the meantime, while not yet meeting Charlotte, I was with Mandy, and Mandys use what could be a form of the Rudes cross. In fact, while I link Jewish Rothchilds to Dusters/DEUSters, Mandys use a "Deus" motto term! The "inDUSTRia" motto term in the Arms of Rothschild above was the first hint that Rothschilds loved Dusters, and I would not find the Rothchilds (no 's') to prove it until years later. Now that Rothschild liners are all over the white-rabbit elements of Cuneo, let's re-mention that Mandys share eagles legs with Brays/Brae's, and that the Savage kin of the Eagle's were out of SAVIGliano, beside Cuneo's Bra, and nearer to Saluzzo than to Bra.

I've had a hard time until now trying to decipher the Savage motto, "A te PRO TE" (there's no Prote surname), but I've finally got it. It's for the Pruits (Rothes raven!) that likewise use "Deus," as well as one lion in the colors of the Savage lions. I can't recall (I've got a bad memory) where I saw the Pruit surname either this morning or yesterday, but that's what clinched it for me at this minute. It's a Welsh name, some of which add a capital 'P' to the root name, such as Propers/Robins (same place as Savage's and Sales'). A P-less Pruits are Ruits, I get it. Ah, I got Pruits from quoting earlier in this update: "EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt lied to Congress about his use of private email to conduct government business when he was Oklahoma attorney general."

French Savage's use a giant heart (can be in the Nathan/Nation Crest), and were first found in Champagne along with French Gobels (Macey/Masci liner), from the GOPlo mouse tower, origin of Piast the Wheelwright. English Savage's were first found in the same place as Dunham-Masci and the Maceys. The first mythical character at the mouse tower was Popiel, a Poppo / Pepin liner because Landers/Landens share the rooster in the colors of the same of Goplo-liner Kopple's.

The Pruits use the motto ("pascit" motto term) of Corbins/Corbetts, first found in Shropshire with Rudes' and Rothes', and Corbins even use the raven of German Rothes'/Rothchilds. French Corbins share the Bug Coat. It's got the Maine Josephs (from Flavius Josephus, family partner with Vespasian / Titus) all over it.

Dusters share two arms with Rudes', and the sun with Hiedlers/Hitlers who in-turn share the stars of Bauers while the first Rothschild was Mayer Bauer. Just go ahead and compare the Hiedlers/Hitlers with Heidlers, Dusters and Jewish Rothchilds. Dusters are expected with the Barnstaple bend because Pollock-liner Peters share the Staple motto. The CIA was stacked with Nazi's of the Hitler circle upon, or even before, the appointment of George HW Bush as CIA director. It seems that Hitler's circle has come to control the United States via the deep state / shadow government. Again, Mamie represents this thing, as does Miss Covert, and Natts/Nathans (Rhineland, may have covered Frankfurt, where Mayer Bauer lived) share the escutcheon of Saddocks (in colors reversed from the same of Mascals), first found in the same place as Coverts / Courts/Coverts and Mascals, not to mention Bone's suspect at Bononia, where Pasi's/Pascals (Rhodes cross?) were first found.

I have already told about the codes surrounding my first six girlfriends as a Christian. In the first month of my Christianity, I had a dream with Charlotte (above) in it, whom I would not meet for some 40 years. My first girlfriend was Miss Pascal/Pascel, and we happened to live on the same street (maybe six houses apart) even though it had nothing to do with how we met or got together. That street was D'Maine, and Frankfurt is near Mainz and on the Main river. Maine's are the Mamie bloodline. The Arms of Frankfurt uses the same eagle as the Mieszko Piasts, the Road's, Childs and France's Lorraine, and I met Mamie (6th girlfriend) on my last night with Lorraine (her grass stain was linked to Chuck Grassley in the last update, Hillary-email important if you haven't read that).

The Arms of Mainz uses wheels in the colors of the Frankfurt eagle, and the Piasts were from mythical Piast the WHEELwright. So, it appears that the Polish Piasts were all around Frankfurt, and the Pollocks even share the saltire of one Frank surname that use a "NATi" motto term. Jewish Pollocks use a bend in the colors of the Mainz bend that is positioned in bendwise (diagonal) direction. The Mame/Mens surname comes up as "MANZies." Italian Manz's/Mansone's may be using the Pool / Rita lion, the Bull / Bullock bull head, and the Chief of Panico's/Panetta's (same place as same-colored Pasi's/Pascels).

I ventured to trace Pasi's/Pascels, and later I think I clinched it with Paisleys, to the name of VesPASia, mother of emperor Vespasian. Vespasia married (Sabinus), the son of Flavius Petro, and it turned out that Spanish Petro's were from that line, going all the way to PETER Pollock. Compare Pullens/Pullys to Sabine's and Polesons, showing that Pullys / Polesons were a branch of Pollocks from Sabinus. My first clue to a Vespasian trace to Petro's was the similarity between the Petro Coat and that of Reeds, who are also Rieds, like "Rieti," home of Flavius Petro. That's why the Manz lion can be the Rita lion, and why Reeds (share book with Roets) can be Rothschild-Pollock liners. Much later, it floored me to find that there is a Demaine surname using a giant fleur-de-lys in the colors of the Petro fleur, while Miss Pascel/Pascal (I don't know the spelling) lived on D'Maine. So, it tends to verify that God set that situation up to prove that Pasi's/Pascels were from Vespasian's blood line. I became a Christian at D'Maine, and was given a spirit of prophetic interest there. I soaked up the entire Bible.

Charlotte (Child(eric)-liner symbol) was born a Hicks, and the Hicks ("bon" may be for Bononia elements) share the same fleur as DeMaine's/Dumaine's. The Rhine-area DUMME's/Dome's (giant heron in colors reversed), which can connect with Mainz on the Rhine to produce DUMaine's (same place as Josephs), share a gold stag in Crest with Hicks, and while Pasi's/Pascels of Bononia share the Speer spears, "DUM spiro spero" is the motto of Roach-suspect Gahns. We saw why the cockroaches in Crystal city are to link to Charlotte Hicks, especially as Hykes'/Hake's use the Roach fish in colors reversed. The Gahn Crest is that of Mieske's, Bessins (bees) and Bistons (bees), from Basina, wife of bee-loving Childeric. The Bessin is an area (same say it was founded by Boii of Bononia) along the Orne river, and Orne's share the heron with Dumme's/Dome's. "SperaTUM" is a motto term of Annette's/Arnetts/Ernots, suspect with the Annas/Arniss surname.

Vespasian's son was emperor Titus, and the Titus surname (same place as Childs) happens to share a central, white escutcheon with the Arms of Rothschild above.

Back to this charge against Trump that involves McGahn, Mueller and Miller. Note that Muellers/Millers share the wheel with Mainz. I'm trying to find whether McGahn input into the Comey affair is months old -- whether there is evidence of McGahn's charges being real news -- or whether this thing was concocted / released this past week to deflect / combat focus on the damning Comey story likewise out this week. I'm reading that Trump's justice department released the Trump letter, which, if true, begs why the same justice department won't release documents pertaining to Comey / Hillary. If I were Trump, I would welcome this fight, because, as president, I would have some mighty heavy boxing gloves at my disposal. Start working out those biceps, Mr. Trump, there is work to do. Fake with your right twice, and strike lightning with the left.

My second girlfriend as a Christian was KELLY. I don't recall her surname, and so I assume the Kelly surname applies, i.e. I'm thinking John Kelly. The Kelly surname is close to baron Masci of Dublin, origin of king Sitric, father of Harald whose family ruled the Isle of Man. I warned that Trump was Bush-izing his White House in spite of the Bush's not supporting his presidential run. It's as though Trump wanted to incorporate powerful people after claiming that he would be different. "[Don McGahn] was nominated to the Federal Election Commission in 2008 [Bush's last year] by George W. Bush and served in that role until 2013. McGahn was named White House Counsel by then President-elect Trump in November 2016...McGahn served as Donald Trump's campaign counsel during his 2016 campaign for president...McGahn personally recommended Trump nominate Neil Gorsuch to replace Antonin Scalia on the Supreme Court. Gorsuch was sworn in on April 7, 2017...McGahn is married to Shannon McGahn, staff director of the House Banking Committee."

We have yet to see whether Gorsuch will better serve the left or right. There is a Gorsuch/Gossage surname (from SCARISbrick, beside the Scarfs) using the Lorraine bend with Piast / Child eagle. The Gorsuch/GorSAGE bend (Sage colors) is a reflection of the Scarisbrick bend, both in the colors of the Traby/Sadowski scarf. GorSUCH's were first found in Lancashire with Such's/Zouch's.

The story out this week is that Trump's own pick, McGhan, did not want Trump's letter released that was in opposition to Comey (the letter that earmarked Comeys firing). Why not? Did Trump pick a deep-state operative in McGahn? In any case, this McGahn story is not harmful to Trump, nothing in comparison to the Comey story out this week. But the McGhan story is plastered all over the Internet news. Why did Ernest Rauthschild help to disseminate this story? Here's his Twitter page, which reads: "Ernest Rauthschild is the Director of Rauthschild, Chua & Associates, LLC, a British Virgin Island Corporation." I assume that because he discusses bank issues that he's a Rothschild elite.

The letter or declaration with "United States of North America" has all the marks of a fraud by anti-Rothschild people. Still, I'm taking seriously the slip, "out on the line," for, as you saw, the discussion went all over the white-rabbit line from Bra. As God provided the bra on the laundry line (see the rabbit killed in my laundry sink, last update), the Line/Lind surname (shares "virescit virtus" with Alans > Stewarts) can apply, which happens to share crossed spears with Speers and Pasi's/Pascels. The Linds can even be Landens/Landers, you see. German Line's can be using a form of the Rudes Crest and the Shield of Pepin-beloved Mens'/Manzies.

Another way to put it is that while Landens/Landers use the Langley Coat, the Lind-like Alans/Alengs > Stewarts share the pelican with one German Lang/Langer Coat while the other German Langs/Langens share arrows with Ernests, Bowers and Rothschilds. So, the Bra on the laundry line was code for Alans from Langhe at Bra. Landers/Landens were first found in Switzerland with Swiss Ernests.

A New White Rabbit Stumbled Upon

Now that it's come out that Comey didn't investigate Hillary, isn't it only logical that the FBI's new leader should conduct the investigation? What is the FBI doing that's more important than corruption in an evasive Secretary of State???

Here's Dick Morris (he likes pink) with some open comments on FBI corruption. Late in the video, he mentions John Brennan (FBI chief under Obama) as possibly counterfeiting the charges against Trump for which Mueller is conniving, interesting where BRAmens bring up Brennans. It's possible that "Braman" was the original term that latter morphed to Brennan.

[Insert on Friday - Dick Morris takes many of the positions I do, and it just so happens that the Welsh Morris surname (same place as Jays) uses "SCALING ladders." It could be a sign that Scalia was killed by a Morris line, for reasons that you'll see below in Morell liners. The Welsh Morris Coat is a good reflection of the Coney / Conn Coat, which is a great way to link Coneys to Scalia's. This is new to me and amazing. It wasn't discovered until days after showing Morris' video above.]

The two Brennan surnames along with Bremmers suggest the lion in the Arms of Brescia/Brixia, as well as the Abreu/Abruzzo > Bruce line through Brescia, and the "wheat sheaf" of Bramens/Brennans must be for Italian Sheaves'/Chiava's (Shawia Numidians), first found in Abruzzo. The "flax BREAKer" of Bra-line Brays/Brae's can then be for a Brix / Brixia line. In this way, the white rabbit mystery can include John Brennan. The Flacks were first found in the same place (Norfolk) as VOLKS/Fulke's and FALCon-using Ducks/Diggs (Ticino / Dexaroi suspects), and a couple of weeks ago I told of Joel, who purchased a VOLKSwagen, and came up to see me with it fours days after the purchase. We went for a drive, and I started to tell him about the white-rabbit issues, and he piped up and asked, "Do you know what kind of car this is? It's a Rabbit." And that's when I saw that it was a white Rabbit. So, this is additional evidence that Brays/Brae's are Bra liners.

BRENNAN Gilmore, a CIA worker, and part of Hillary's Department of State, has a surname from the Gil entity, we may assume, and Joels/Jule's/Jewels use GILLYflowers. It's online that Brennan Gilmore was part of the Charlottesville staging. He presented a video of the crash which helps anyone to prove, in a court of law, that he was a guilty insider. This is apparently why God caused Joel to purchase a white Rabbit, but it can also appear that God arranged Gilmore to be involved because his first name is the surname of John Brennan (ties Mr. Brennan in with the white-rabbit revelation).

German Joels even use the same Zionist stars as Rotens, suspect with the Roddens/Rodhams i.e. Hillary Rodham Clinton. Joel and I visited SHAKLe street, which gave me the impression that Jay SEKULow of Judicial Watch will be involved in uncovering the white-rabbit mystery. [The new white rabbit in the title of this section is about another one besides that of Joel's. That title was created after the new one was discovered on Friday. The new one was found as per the Poindexter Crest, an obvious confirmation that God is coming to reveal Poindexter's cult. Read on.]

Joel-beloved Flowers use a cinquefoil in colors reversed from the Rodham cinquefoil, and Hillary's husband had an affair with Gennifer Flowers that was the beginning of his undoing, the beginning also of the shift of power to Republicans that now gives them the ability to throttle the deep state. The Flower Crest may have the lion of Cabbage's (same place as Brays/Brae's, share their black chevron) because Cabbage's use a "ReBUS" motto term while the giant Flower cinquefoil, on a red Shield, is the Bus cinquefoil. The Dutch Bos/Bush lion can be in the French Gilly/Jilles Coat. Cabbage's were first found in the same place as Hollys whom are evident in the Cabbage Coat.

Until now, I've only known one surname (English Cotys/Archdicken) sharing triple-black chevrons with Levi's. The one Cabbage chevron is in both colors of the Levi chevrons, and Rebs/Reps, now discovered with three black chevrons (in both colors of the Brae/Brae chevron), were first found in the same place as same-colored Flacks, and were looked up as per the "REBus" motto term of Cabbage's. Amazingly, while Joel's/Jule's were resolved with Julians/Gilians -- the line from Julius Caesar, son of Aurelia COTTA -- French Cotys'/COTTA's were first found in the same place as French Gillys!

Moreover, the royal Cottians were at Susa (Piedmont, same as Bra), on the RIParia river, wherefore the fact that Reps and Cotys/Archdickens use the same Coat tends to reveal that Reps were royal Cottians. Rebs/Reps look well-connectable to Brays and their Flack kin, signaling that the bra on the laundry line was for the line of Julius Caesar to the birth of Joseph Caiaphas, the perfect man to root the Illuminati in. Julius Caesar had an affair with Servilia Caepio (suspect in "Caiaphas"), and Cabbage's along with Brays were first found in the same place as Quince's, a line from Quints and therefore suspect from Quintus Caepio, the father (Jr.) and grandfather (Sr.) of Servilia Caepio.

Rebs/Reps are also Reeps, so that heraldic "reaping" can be code for this line. Rape's/Reaps (Aurelia star?) share the book with Roets and Reeds (Roten / Rodham suspects), and Books/Boggs use the colors and format of Brays (and possibly the Ruth/Rother stars). The red stag head of Books/Boggs can be that of Colts/Cults because the latter throw in the same pheon as use by Rope's/Roops (share antelope with Breakers), and, zowie, Colts/Cults are a branch of Cotta-like Coots/Coute's!! It appears clinched that Colts are Cotta>Caesar liners. Then there are the GOLTsteins/Coltsteins/Goldstein (come up as "Goel") with eight horizontal bars looking much like the Dance/Donnas Coat, suspect with king Donnus of the Cottians, father of Cottius in roughly the time of Julius Caesar.

The Coot / Colt pheon is the Pilate pheon, and Pontius Pilate killed Jesus together with Joseph Caiaphas. French Coute's are the Cotta's/Cotys' again. A separate Coot surname, with Bray colors and format, use what look like ducks or geese but call them coots. Coute's/Coots were first found in ELGINshire, which is essentially the Moray location (expect Rothes-castle liners in Moray) of black-star Ruths/Rothers/Randolphs, and Elgins (Morayshire) happen to use their chevron colors along with black stars. Moray-possible Moore's and Morgans can be using the RIPley/Ripper lion, while mythical Morgan le Fay was an Avalon = Rothesay entity. Rape's/Reaps can be using the fesse of Dallas' (Morayshire).

Joels/Jule's were first found in the same place as MORtons, and Joel-related French Gillys use what looks like a version of the Morell Coat. It should be mentioned that judge Scalia was killed on the ranch of John B. Poindexter, who invited Scalia to his ranch, and the "nemo" motto term of Poindexters is like the "animo" of Morells. Did God arrange this, along with the dream below, to point the guilty finger at John B Poindexter? Nimo's/Nemo's/Newmarch's (Gilly / Morell colors) were first found in Stirlingshire with Chappes'/Cheaps. Compare Nemo's/NEWmarsh's to CHAPlet-using NEWS', the latter first found in the same place as Capone's, Julians/Gilians, June's...and Chapmans that share the red crescent with Nemo's. It's interesting that SonofNEWO has lately become part of my topics. I'll get back to him below.

The "show" motto term of Nemo's gets crescents (in the Show surname) in both colors of the Chapman crescents. The NemMOKE/NemMOCK variations suggest Moke's/Mocks, who use the same crescent as Shows / Chapmans. The Nemo/Newmoke saltire is the Annandale saltire as used by Bruce's, and Annandale's (beside Galloway) are also Nemo-like Anenys. Italian Nino's use the Bruce / Galloway lion (!), and Bruce's were a branch of the Brescia line to Brest at Finistere. Chapmans have a motto connectable to Pontivi, near FINIStere, and the FINIS/Fine surname ("ANIMum") is in the "fine" motto term of MacGILLs/Mackle's (Macclesfields?), first found in the same place (Galloway) as MOCHrum. The "Diis sunt" motto term of Moke's/Mocks/Maggs suggest the "desunt" motto term of this Arms of Macclesfield, which itself uses the same lion as Nino's / Bruce's / Galloways. The "Sine fine" motto of MacGills can suggest the Siena location (Tuscany) of Nino's (probably the Pisa lion). I played road hockey as a kid with Stephen MacGill and Jim McGee, and the latter surname, first found in the same place as Annandale (home of Scottish Bruce's), share's the boar head of Mea's/Meighs (Meu river, near Pontivi) who in-turn share the Macclesfield cross.

The Mauron location between Pontivi and Montfort (Meu river) is suspect with the Marano's/Mauritano's that share exactly the Montfort lion, making the Spanish Nino's suspect with the fleur-de-lys of Morinis' (same place as Marano and Finis-suspect Fanano). As Tarents were from Terentia MURENA (1st century BC), the MacGill/Mackle Crest must have the Tarent eagle. Trents use the Arms-of-Sion Shield (see it with Morleys/Mauls) in colors reversed, while Sine's are Sions/Some's too. Are MacGills (Somes/Soan colors) more Julian liners? Joels/Jule's were first found in the same place as Mauritano-like Mortons, and Spanish Murena's are also Moratins. Another branch of Mortons was first found in the same place as Dunham-Masci and the Maecenas-suspect Maceys/Masseys. Terentia married Cilnius Maecenas, almost "Maesa". The naming of Fanano can be from Fano, beside the first Maschi's.

[By what coincidence do English Morris'/Maurice's (almost the Marano/Mauritano lion), first found in Herefordshire with the scaling-ladder Morris;, have a write-up tracing to "Mauritius"? This write-up suggests kinship with Mareys.]

Chaplets are used by Saxons/Septons (same place as Orells) suspect with a form of the Aurelia-suspect Orell Coat. Saxons/SEPTons use maroon-colored chaplets, which, in red, are in both colors of the similar annulet of Vito's (Varenne-like Verona), from Julius Avitus (feasibly a Julius-Caesar line), husband of Julia Maesa (2nd century AD), whose sister who married emperor SEPTimius Severus. It's a good bet that Saxons/Septons and Orells were from Aurelia Cotta, especially as royal Cottians lived beside the Saxon-like Sequani. The Cottian capital was, in ancient times, SEGusia.

The Poindexter / Fist/Faust fist is suspect with the Vasto's of Saluzzo, very near Bra, and Fasts (Arms-of-Rothschild quadrants) share a bend in the colors of the Gilly / Morell bend. In colors reversed, the Fast crosslet is the red one of Morells, and, in black, it's the Julian/Gilian cross. See more Mors below.

John Brennan was the chief of Homeland Security during Benghazi. I had a sleeping-bag dream that was about the killers (February 2016) of supreme-court judge Scalia, which dream indicated that a MORLey / MORLand line was guilty of the crime, and here I find Michael MORELL, who replaced David Petraeus as FBI director when the latter was rudely removed by Obama as per the Benghazi scandal. Morell was the deputy director for the CIA during Benghazi, when the CIA murdered ambassador Stevens. Morells (same place as Rodhams / Stephensons) were first found beside WestMORLAND, where Morlands were first found.

Compare Soans/Sons with "SONofNewo," for I have it on mind to see whether this youtube channel will link to the time when first discovering the News surname as per my cockroach-behind-the-wallpaper story (last update). It's instantly interesting that Charlotte went to church in Crystal City while Charlotte's use virtually the Soan/Son Coat! I had not realized this until now. The cockroach's were in a motel in Crystal City on the night (months before ever seeing Charlotte) of the morning where I stopped in Victoria (Texas) to get a NEWSpaper and COFFEE (that's all I got), and then Motels (compare with Caffers/Caffertys) were first found in Taranto while Coffee's/Coffers, using a "victoria" motto term, use the Arms of Taranto (different colors). It's amazing.

The night before Victoria, I received a miracle while being mugged. The miracle had to do with the keys of my Nissan, and Keys/Kays share the bend-less bendlets of Saxons and Orells. Amazingly, the Nissans use a bend in the colors of the Morell bend, as well as two fesses colors reversed from the same of Morinis', the latter using a good reflection of the Morello Coat! I get it, and the murder of Scalia by Poindexter's Saint-Hubertus cult (led by an Austrian noble living in Mexico) was indicated in my dream with a SLEEPing BAG picked up by me, then circled by a WW2, Nazi-like character on a motorbike whom I identified as David Morley, who married CAROL (Charlotte line likely), the secretary of the pastor, father of Cindy...and then Cindys/Cuntys (two pale bars in Morello fesse colors!) are in the motto of Courts/Coverts, first found in the same place as Coffer- / Cafferty-like Cofferts. And SLEEPs share double-white fesses with Morinis', and in colors reversed from the Ness'/Nessons. I was SLEEPing in the Nissan when the mugger woke me up by bouncing the truck up and down by the fender. I was scouting for land to purchase when I got to the cockroach motel with the Nissan, and that was near enough to Mexico and to where Scalia was murdered so that, perhaps, people in Crystal City were part of his murder.

Now look. Crystals use "Mens" while PASS'/Pascals use a "bearded MAN' while the dead Scalia was rushed to El-PASO on the Mexican border, where he was embalmed to hide evidence of his death. The deep state then convinced the surviving family, I assume, to cremate the body. All evidence of foul play disappeared, but God had decided to expose this. The Crystals ("CONscia") share the thistle with PASleys/Paisleys, a branch of Pasi's (closest thing to "Paso"). And the Mans happen to use a savage (bearded) while they were from Savigliano, beside Bra, which is the hot-spot in the clues pertaining to the murder of Scalia. Savage's were first found in the same place as Pace's and Massey / Isle-of-Man liners expected with the eagle LEG of Brays/Brae's. The Man quadrants are those of Eure's too, and Pace's were from Eure.

The Man savage carries a club while CLUBs (Child colors and format) are expected with "CLOVis" (Merovingian king). The Club martlets are expected as a Child line to Charles Martel, descended from the Pepin Merovingians, and Crystals use a poplar tree as code for Poplars/Popleys, highly suspect with mythical Popiel of the mouse tower, origin of the Piasts, explaining why Childs use the Piast eagle, which is colors reversed from the Pass/Pascal eagle, and, moreover, the Pass/Pascal lamb can be code for the Piast, Mieszko Lambert (he married a gal from Lorraine while Lorraine's use the Piast eagle too, and possibly a version of the Fast bend...thus linking to the fist of Poindexters, and possibly to Vasto's that ruled all around Savigliano. It explains why Mans use the Massey quadrants.

It should be recorded that Bags share the Challenger cinquefoils, in colors reversed from the same of Gangs (Norfolk, same as Bags). The Morleys/Mauls use the split Shield of Spanish Galves'/Gallego's, in case Galveston (where I was mugged) is part of the codes. As the Morley/Maul Shield is that in the Arms of Sion, note the "sine" motto term of Julian-branch Gullys/Gollys making Galves/Gallego's suspect as yet another Julian line.

The International Order of Saint Hubertus has a HUNTing symbol, which is interesting for when my long extension ladder (= scala) was stolen from the backyard of my rental unit on HUNT street. The top floor of that place is where Bill lived, a dispatcher at the local TAXi company, which is how I started to drive taxi. Tax's/Dachs are suspect with Dachau, and, possibly, the Austrian chief of Saint Hubertus was part of the Nazi remnants out of Dachau, for the Challenger at Charlottesville is expected with remnants of Nazi's in Montana and with those in linkage to the symbol, Miss Covert. Coverts share the fesse of Huntingdons. Huntingdons use hunting horns in the colors of the same of German Golds/Golts, and French Courts (same place as Cotta's now suspect as a line to Golds/Golts), a possible branch of Courts/Coverts, use a hunting horn too. Hmm, the two Covers (one in the same place as English Golds/Golts) should be compared with Jewish Rothchilds and Hiedlers / Heidlers and English Golds/Golts.

Hmm, the unidentified kaiser Coffert, that Miss Covert said she was descended from, may have been a Rothschild. When she said that her father was from this kaiser, it didn't seem that it would go back far because family trees don't usually go back far when in the hands of commoners. Mr. Covert could have been illegitimate. Recall that Miss Covert's husband was brother to the wife of Mr. Scheriff from beside William Hitler (Long Island), for Scherfs/Schere's (and SHERwoods) share the rose on stems with Wilhelms while kaiser Wilhelm (about the time of Hitler's birth) went yachting with a wealthy Mr. Clark of Clark House (see online) at Hayden Lake (Aryan Nations headquarters), near the home of Miss Covert. Wilhelms share the red heart with Nathans/Nations (Papers/Pepwalls use carNATIONs in stems).

Haydens (maybe a branch of arrow-using Heids or even Hiedlers/Hitlers) happen to share the white talbot / dog with Williams, and the kin of William the Conqueror is in the write-up of Tute's that use the quadrants of Haydens (same place as Tute's). Totts share the swan with Sine's/Sions. The other Haydens share the Chief and Coat (almost) of Totten-liner Twitch's/Twiggs. I'm going to repeat this paragraph later when telling you another story of God's work around my place this past year. Totten / Tatton liners are traced to lake Tatta (central Anatolia), the north side of which had a Mochissos/Mokissos area to which I trace Mochs / Moke's.

While the red heart is in Lanarkshire, where Sine's/Sions were first found, McGills use a "sine" motto term. More stems with roses are of Roosevelts, who share the red eagle in Crest with the McGills, one of the handful in this update sharing the martlets as Coverts. I played road hockey with Stephen McGill (red head), and Herodotus said that the Budini were red heads / blonds while Boyds share "confido" with McGills. Budini lived in the midst of the Geloni.

The Stems/Steins share the gold leopard head with Coverts, but Steins are suspect with variations of Stephensons who share the sane bend as Covers / Rothchilds, and German Covers are also Coburgs (share eight-pointed stars with Rothsteins/Rothschilds and Dutch Steins), part of the Saxe-Gotha and Coburg family that was later called, the Windsors.

Hmm, I've just checked Fenders (Arms of Fanano colors), first found in HUNTingdonshire, and using the Moch (or Carol?) sword, I gather. We just saw Poindexter-beloved Nemo's/NemMoke's/NemMochs (Morell colors) linking to Moke's/Mochs. This increases the chances that my Nissan excursion (1994) through Texas was related to the murder of Scalia. Some 30 men from the Hubertus cult, in which Poindexter is/was a leader, were hunting with Scalia the day he died supposedly in his SLEEP. "The Order gained media attention in February 2016, when U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia died while staying at Cibolo Creek Ranch in Presidio County in West Texas. The owner of the ranch, John B. Poindexter, as well as C. Allen Foster, a Washington attorney who traveled with Scalia to the ranch by private plane, hold leadership positions within the Order; at least two other private aircraft traveling to the ranch were connected to known members of St. Hubertus" (Wikipedia).

Veneti were from Heneti on the Parthenius river, near the Halys, the latter being the location of Mokissos. Wend-like Fenders/Venders share the otter with Others, the said ancestry of Windsors (= Germanics, suspect from Veneti-likely Vandals/Wends), and the Windsor motto -- as well as other considerations from WINDOW connection to Feins (Veneti suspects) and Finistere -- was traced to Finis/Fiens/Fine's and Fane's/Fiens/Vans, two branches of Fens'/Venns that use the Arms-of-Fanano fesse in colors reversed. Go ahead and compare Feins (not "Fien") with Jewish Rothchilds (later, I'll show why the Nissan was code for Fien-related Maceys). After shaking the truck by lifting the rear fender repeatedly, the Negro appeared at the side WINDOW (I was in the back waking from sleep), and said, "What the f you doing here, don't you know someone could blow you away." Those were his very words. BLOW you away? Here's from the third update of this past May:

Scalia was convinced to go hunting at Poindexter's ranch when Poindexters asked him to do so in the presence of Scalia's friend, a Mr. Foster. The latter character, according to PoinDEXTER, convinced Scalia to go, and so Foster and Scalia came together to the ranch, and Foster's neglect to go see whether Scalia was alright (didn't come out of his room that morning) until nearly noon makes him suspect with the murderers. Fosters, believe it or not, use the same hunting horns as Dexter-beloved Weights. This is incredible, for the Foster motto is, "Hunter blow thy horn"!!!

Reminder: an aspect of Morells ("animo") is suspect with the murder of Scalia, and the Morell bend is that also of Nissans and Others (Huntingdon!!!). I didn't know that Others were first found in the same place as Fenders until now. The Morell crosslet is even colors reversed from the same of Windsors! The Other crescents (in the color of the Julian crescents) are colors reversed from those of Poindexter-beloved Nemo's. Unless you believe that such coincidences can keep on re-occurring by fat chance in the items within events of my life, this is evidence that God is exposing the killers of Scalia. My decade in heraldry has NOT been in vain (such a relief).

Fens' first came up when I was in an event with a FENCE, and it just so happens that I climbed a fence in order to get back to the Nissan, where the thief had, by then, fled with the keys of the truck (the Nissan wouldn't start for him, a miracle, because it started for me with the spare key).

[Insert: Earlier, while inserting the Morris > Mareys insert, I noted that French Mareys' use the bend-with-scallops of Spencers, the latter being the surname of Lady Diana, the princess and wife of the duke of Windsor (yes, Charles). The Spencer Coat uses the Berkshire Shield, and Windsor castle is in Berkshire. The "deFEND" motto term of Spencers caught my eye, for while no Fend surname comes up, the Fenders/Venders now work well into this royal picture. The day after this insert was written to the last sentence, I found that Bee's (Oxfordshire, beside Windsor castle) use a version of the Spencer Coat. I happened to look Bee's (Massey / Vere quadrants, Sale bend, probably a Beaston/Bessin branch) as per the bees of English Doors/Dorrs, wherefore note what comes next, written days earlier at that spot. End insert]

A door symbol played twice with Charlotte, and Dorrs (HANDS) were found accidentally in the last update. The English Doors use bees while As soon as I opened the passenger door of the Nissan, he attacked me and got his HANDs around my neck. Hands share the stag with Necks, and the latter's can be the red Colt / Coot stag. He was in the process of stabbing me with his weapon, but I put my leg up to block it. The weapon deflected off my knee to the floor, where we both looked for it with our HANDs. Our hands made contact, but I got the thing first. "In the name of Jesus," I said, I pushed him off, and we were suddenly standing outside, where, without thinking, I decided to run up the driveway to the front DOOR, to knock on it (which is why he fled). But, in the light, I looked at the item in my hand, half a piece of plastic from a television remote-control unit...which is why I went back to the truck, hopping the fence. The driver DOOR was now swung open, and he was gone into the night (about 1 am). The truck started for me on the third try, otherwise it only clicked the first two times. It never did that again, and had never done it before.

The Dorrs use an "Ad" motto term suspect for years with Ada of Warenne, wife of Henry of HUNTingdon! Is that not amazing? The Dorrs share a sinister, red canton square with Gillys.

Morinis' and Marano's were first found in the same place as Albino's. I knew that Alpins (Albins?) come up as Cappans, but with the finding that Stephen Kappes was the CIA deputy director prior to Morell, I've learned that Alpins come up as Kappes' too. Stephens and French Chappes' both use solid chevrons in the colors of the upside-down ("inverted") chevron of Morello's (same place as Scalia's/Scalise's). French Chappes' were first found in the same place as Levi's while Levi's love the Aids (Stephenson and Rodham kin) in their motto. Aids share the symbol of Morleys and Morlands.

When Morell was the short-term acting director of the CIA at the fall of Petraeus, Brennan took that spot over until Trump's first day in office (January 20, 2017). It can appear that Trump had an axe to grind with Brennan, and that Brennan has an axe to grind in return. This is a good situation for the white-rabbit revelation. Brennan has accused Trump of the Russia scandal, and by all appearances he and his circle in the FBI is trying to find a way to frame the president with false evidence.

AIDs have been suspect with ADA of Warenne/Varenne (Huntingdon), and now it can be proven. Her family's domain was at the Kent-Sussex border, and Greens are suspect with Kent's Greenwich. I've had trouble trying to decipher "inVERTed" for years, as well as the "VIRTus" and "viridis" motto term of Greens (Kent). This time, I tried Weirds/Wehrts/Wardts (falcon close) and then Words, and, bingo, the Words (rising eagle) use the Warren (and Ward) Shield with probably the Aid bend in someone else's red color. The Warren / Word Shield links easily to the Fers/Ferrats and therefore to Bra at Montferrat. Alpins/Kappes' use a FUR tree while Furs/Fire's were traced to Cuneo. While Weirds are Dutch, there is a Woerden location in Holland that Words likely stem from. Aha! Scottish Words, first found in Stirlingshire with CHAPPES'/Cheaps and Nimo's, share the thistle and the crown of Alpins/KAPPES"! They were both first found in Stirling while Stirlings are STURlings while I had traced Furs/Fire's (can't recall how, but compare with Demonte's) to the Stura Demonte river of Cuneo! Excellent proof.

The unicorn of the Furs/Fire's is, I think, a goat on it's bottom half as code for Satrae Thracians (mythical Satyr goats) suspect at "Stura." The Drake's near the Stur are suspect as Thracians. Satrae lived on a StryMON river, and Mons are listed with Mounts that could have named Demonte. It's known that Satyrs were mythical kin of Centaurs = a horse-loving peoples that can explain the Demonte unicorn. Centaurs are suspect in the Cantii founders of Kent, and the Arms of Kent is nearly the Fur/Fire Coat. The Ferrands (from FIREnze) were at Clermont-Ferrand, at Auvergne, where the Warren kin of Crossets, and the Crozier kin of Greenwich's, were first found.

As Crossets and Crozier's were first found in the same place as Bouillons, the Words and Birds/Burds may have been branches. Note the sinister-rising crozier of Greenwich's, and compare with Odins, for French Chappes' are a merger with Italian Ottone's. Greenwich's and Odins use feasibly the Montfort lion i.e. which entity named Monforte at Bra. Cross'/Croce's ("dum spero," married Eschyna de Molle) can be a branch of Italian Croce's, first found in the same place as Aid-related Valentins, and thus this makes a Cross link to Ada of Varenne. Italian Croce's use the same lion as Poole's, while Poole is at the Stur river.

There is an Irish Brennan Coat with "Five peacock feathers alterNATING blue and gold." Alters/Colters (Piast-the-Wheelwright liners) are in the motto of Aid-related Rodhams. The capitalized term caught my eye as a possible Nathan/Nation line, not forgetting that the latter surname (NOTTINGhamshire) uses a fesse and fesslets in colors reversed from the same of white-rabbit Conns / Conys. So, I looked up Nattins to find them with Nortons/NAUGHTENs (same place as Alpins/Kappes'). I knew right off that the other (Irish) Nortons/Naughtens share three crossed swords with Bramens/Brennans, a hit!

I now know that Bramens/Brennans were Nith-river liners, for the Naughtens with the crossed swords use falcons, recalling the "falcon close" of Weirds/Wardts. Close's/Clovse's were from the Nith's Closeburn, and Nitts (version of the Word / Warren checks) are themselves Naughts while sharing the Fer/Ferrat checks and feasibly the white escutcheon of Natts/Nathans. The "crossed swords" are probably code for Cross' / Croce's, and a Robert Croce married Eschyna de Molle, who's daughter (Isabel) in-turn married Robert Pollock, brother of Peter at Rothes castle. That works. And Clovis, son of CHILDeric, is expected in the Clovse variation of Close's while Words, the ones with the falcon close, were first found in the same place as Childs. Might RothsCHILDs be a Rothes merger with Childs?

So, it appears that Bra liners in conjunction with Pollock > Rothschilds were at the Nith. To this it can be added that Ada of Varenne can be in the Verone's that share the Rothes/Rothchild / Peter / Corbin / Rolph / Bug/Buggen raven. There is an online article on the Geds / Geddes (Rose kin) telling that Geds were on the Nith as early as 400 AD. The Ged surname shares white fish with Geddes (white escutcheon, Rothschild symbol too) in both colors of the Verona fish (Verona's are not the same as Verone's). Verona's were possibly the Ada-of-Varenne line. The Rose's share the water bouget with Bugs and Rolphs/Ralphs (= Rollo liners probably as per the raven vikings of Shetland, whom I read had invaded Rothesay.)

The raven vikings were of Mr. Stout, wherefore compare the Stout variations with those of Sturs. Trace the motto of Rodhams and Rutherfords to the Neckar river's STUTTgart. The Necks (same stag head as Reeds) are also Neckers, and as they share the Colt stag head, note that the "alter" motto term of Rodhams gets the COLTers. Ness'/Nessans (NECKER colors) come up as "NESSER," and this may be a Nissan line because there's a stag head at the center of the Nissan/NissanGOLD Coat. If not mistaken, the Stout vikings were Danes, as were Harcourts suspect with one of two Goel Coats, one of which is the Goldsteins/Coltsteins, and both of which reflect aspects of the Nissan Coat (share double fesses with Goels / Harcourts / Ness'/Nessers). For the first time, I think I've resolved that Nissans were Neckar-river elements. The clan badge of Rollo's (suspect from Rollo the Dane) is a brown version of the Colt stag head, and brown is the color of the Nissan stag head, suggesting well that Rollo had ancestry at the Neckar Baden, where a red antler symbol belonged to Varangian-suspect Veringers.

Crossed white swords are shared by BORDers and Tax's/Dachs, which recalls my suspicion that, when I was driving Miss Naughten home in my TAXI, it was code for something. I liked her a lot, wanted to ask her out at the time, but didn't have the courage or opening or opportunity. There were no symbols in that event other than the taxi, her surname (don't recall her first name), and my own bloodlines. Why is it that I've recalled her surname over these nearly-40 years?

The Norfolk Rolphs strike me as using a version of the Shark Coat, and that's the Saraka line that used a fish in both colors of the Verona / Ged fish. Geds use "DuRAT" as the entire motto while Rats/Raiths/Raids (Sinclair cross?) were first found in the same place as Scottish Rolphs / Rose's / Geddes. The Rolph / Shark trefoil is a Rod / Rock (Rodez) symbol in connection with Alpin-like Albino's and Alpins / Barnstaple's. Sinclairs were at Roslin, from Roussillon, not only the home of Roque's/Rocks, but of a Corbin/Corbett-suspect Corbieres area. The Orbieu area at Corbieres is suspect with the Orba/Olba area at Geddes-liner Cetis. Orba / Orbieu are highly suspect with the Ceraunii on the URBanus because I trace them to Coronis, the mythical crow, the Corbin/Corbett symbol ("corvos" is the Greek for "crow").

The Alpins/Kappes' and Nattins/Naughtons were first found in the same place as Herods/Heraults (Geddy/Gideon fesse colors reversed), while Herault is beside Roussillon, and while Herod Antipas (of Israel) was banished to Comminges, to the west side of Roussillon. I had read that the Rollo Danes linked up with a house of Candy/Candida in Savoy, and that's where Corbiere's were first found...who use the rare griffin of Vince's/Vinch's, explaining why the fictitious Da-Vinci Code book centers around a character (Sauniere) out of Rennes-le-Chateau, at Roussillon, smack beside Roquefeuil. Vince's were first found in the same place (HERTfordshire) as Childs, Titus' and Words.

Repeat: "Just go ahead and compare the Hiedler/Hitlers with Heidlers, Dusters and Jewish Rothchilds. Dusters are expected with the Barnstaple bend because Pollock-liner Peters share the Staple motto." Yes, and Staple's (lion design of English Rothes') use the leopard-fleur symbol of Morleys and Morlands. I stood on a deck above a rabbit cage with a white rabbit, and touched the bra on the laundry line, while living at Jay street, and Jays (Jefferson griffin) use the bend-with-roses of Jewish Rothchilds as well as a "red escutcheon" = red shield = Rothschilds. Right? Jays named De Gai, and Belgian Gays use "crow's feet." Looks like Jays are nailed with Rothschilds. Feet use familiar martlets. While martlets are code for the line of Pepin of Landen through Charles Martel, Crows (share camel with Pepins and Pale's) look like a line from Childeric (Childs) through Pepin of Landen.

Jays are suspect with rooster-liner Gays and Galli's with Numidian king Gaia/Galla, and while the leopard-fleur combo is called, "jessant," there is a Jessant/Jess surname (Heath rooster design), possibly from the Jayes variation of Jays (Heath location), for the Jessant Crest looks like a Jay picture.

AHA!!! The German Jess/Jesek sword (looks like a scimitar) is called a saber, and Sabers are listed with Sabine's, from Sabinus, grandfather of emperor Titus. Jays and Jeffersons were first found in Herefordshire with Jeffreys and Titus!!! Both Jess surnames use red and black.

It's interesting that Jesse, a variation of the saber-using Jess', is the brother of Joel (landscaping work), the one who drove me to Shakle. Jesse even did some work landscaping at that property. The point is that scimitars are code for a line of Shechemites out of Boiotia's Schimatari, and Shechemites were confirmed with Shake's so that Shakle's can be such too. The white Rabbit that drove us to Shakle links to the Coney > Cunningham line, and Cunninghams use a SHAKEfork. Isn't that wild? In this picture, Shakle's may not be Scalia liners, but Jay Sekulow figures large as a Shechemite line. Shechemites are in the Bible. I don't recall off-hand where in the Israeli theater they were, but Schole's/SCAYLE's (Julian cross on a sinister canton) are thought (by me) to be from the Eschol valley at Hebron. Schims share the Molle boar head while Shake's (Jarry/HARE colors) use molehills and a hare in Crest that may have been the white Coney / Conn rabbit. The Cunningham shakefork is in the Y shape of a rabbit's nose lines (to see this shape, see the logo of Twitter's White Rabbit).

The Kenite partners of Shechemites were traced to the Kennati of Cetis along with the Kiss'/Cush's/Cuss' (branch of Caesar-possible Cass') that share the red rooster with Jess'/Jessants. Jess-like Guess'/Gess' are also Cuss'. [Later in this update, the Veneli peoples of Crociatonum (COUTance in Manche) are found with Venels/Fennels who happen to use aspects of both Guess Coats.]

The other Jeffreys, suspect with the German-Julian pale bars, use a small cloud on a sun, the very omen I received in the afternoon before the night where I was mugged in Galveston. Jeffersons share "cruce" with Julian-branch Gullys/Gollys (compare with Kennedys and trace Julians to the Kennati priests of Orba/Olba). If we ask whether Galves' be Julian liners, it's interesting that Gullys/Gollys use keys (i.e. as per the keys of the NISSAN). The Keys/Keyes' (same place as Jessants/Jess') are said to be possibly from "Caius," and that may have been a king Gaia-line too, especially as the Gaius name was with the family of Caesar. Gaia's son, Massena/MassiNISSA (predated Caesar by more than a century), may have been named after Sicily's Messina, beside a Gela location to which I trace Julians. By what coincidence do Massena's and Masci's (same colors) share a sinister-rising bend with Nissans. Suddenly, Nissans (share the Zionist stars of Massena's) look like MassiNISSA liners. If you compare Massena's with Urbans, it'll show why Massena was related to the Maezaei at the URBANus river (home of Ceraunii).

Galli's share the French-Julian Chief, and Julius Caesar followed on the Roman throne shortly after Massena made a pact with the Roman general, Scipio. We have seen how the Cottians were in the area of Masci's = Masseys/Maceys, and the stars above are also the Macey stars. I think I can almost see Julius Caesar descended from Massena. The Galli stars are probably the PAYEN/Pagan stars, and the Galli Coat looks like a version of the PANE/Panetta/Panico Coat, the latter sharing the Masci fleur instead of the stars.

Massena's son or grandson is suspect in forming Maccabees of Israel, and then the spare key was under the MAT, while I trace Maccabees to elements on the modern Mat river (anciently the Mathis. Mathis' were first found in the same place as Messeys, beside the Galli's, and Mattis' come up as Massi's. German Matts share the Jeune / June fleur, and that's from Junia Caepionis, suspect as a daughter of Caesar with Servilia Caepionis (Jeune's and June's, same place as English Julians and Capone's). Yonge's (same place as Quints) use a "jeune" motto term and three piles (in pale) in the colors of the Julian pale bars. I was almost robbed by a Negro. Why? Maybe because Spanish Negro's use black pale bars, as do Julians. The Negro pale bars are three in the colors of the three Levi chevrons, and Junia was a Livius liner. Covers were in Nigg (Aberdeenshire).

Now that Negro's look like Julian liners, repeat: "[the Negro] he attacked me and got his HANDs around my neck. Hands share the stag with Necks, and the latter's can be the red Colt / Coot stag." It was resolved above that Colts / Coots are Cotta > Julian liners.

Repeat: "Go ahead and compare Feins (not "Fien") with Jewish Rothchilds (later, I'll show why the Nissan was code for Fien-related Maceys)." That's German Feins. French Feins (same place as Messeys) use three fesses in the colors of the Julian pale bars, black, the color of the Negro pale bars. These are the colors of the three Cotys/Archdicken chevrons (in Dicken colors).

I'm now focusing on the Brennan-Morell duo that have hands in the FBI and CIA. This has got to be the crime ring that the white-rabbit mystery wants to disclose, and we can expect some Rothschild / Rockefeller strings upon the men of this inner band of criminals. God has shown me that he has prepared a RAT Trap (long story), but I didn't know of the RAUTHschild spelling until this week. The Ernest-Rauthschild hoax going around at this time tries to link him to a pro-Muslin-world movement. But even though this is likely a fabrication of anti-Rothschilds, Ernest Rauthschild, and family members with the same spelling, do exist.

The Rat Trap had to do with Squirrels/SQUIRE's while Vince's/Vinch's (Bray colors), first found not far from the first Brays/Brae's, use a "conSCIRE" motto term that can be partially for Conns / Conys. The "sibi" motto term of Vince's is for Cibalae, otherwise called, VINKovci, birthplace of Valentinian I, the line to Valentins, first found in Vicenza (Italian form of "Vincent"). There is a possibility that Gratian, Valentinian's father, was the line to Grazio's / Crispins / and white-rabbit CRISSmas'.

I can assure you that people with obscene amounts of money become spiritual crack-pots (what demons do best with humans), and make a lot of mistakes. It will be a snap-easy thing for God to lure them into his Rat Trap. It's not as though God has been frustrated until a future time for their destruction. It's that there's a Right Time for it. I can glean that Trapps (a bustard) are kin of Bush-liner Bustards (colors and format of English Bush's when they showed a red fesse instead of black), and the president Bush's were Scherfs/SCHERs, a branch of Squire's, right? Yes, but add the Saraca > Shark line to that because the Saraca fish transformed into the Bush/Busch fleur-de-lys (a lily), at Lille of the Lys valley, the area ruled by Childeric / Clovis. One can still see the fish tail in the fleur-de-lys. Two of the Bush/Busch fleur are used banded together by German Boschs, and the Bosch Crest has three feathers half in the colors of the five Brennan peacock feathers, and in the colors of the three feathers in the Arms of Rothschild. Just trace to the Bosco's in the write-up of Rose's, first found in the same place as Rats!!! There you go. The Trapp-like Traby (Poland location) use five ostrich feathers.

God showed me the Rat Trap line when my second story, acting as a attic, was invaded by squirrels. I was making a home-made cage at first, which saved three squirrels the first year (there wasn't a fourth), but they were so numerous the following year that I had to purchase a rat trap. I caught 16 of them in a matter of days, about 11 of them killed by the trap. I monitored the situation for Signs, but won't repeat my conclusions here. I had no idea at the time of purchasing the trap that Rats and Traps could be related as you just saw.

A red squirrel is shared by Squirrels/Squire's and DECKs/Daggers and DYKE's, which makes me think that the ATTIC was part of the code. Let's take a look. Ticks are listed with TEAGUE-branch Tucks/Tooks/Touque's, and Tickhills (maunch) may apply too. In fact, Tickhills (same place as Bush's and Hicks, maybe the Hick / Bush fleur in Crest) use a giant maunch (Tony/Toeni symbol) while the Millets (in the Tick/Touque motto) use a same-colored giant cinquefoil that's in the Arms of Leicester along with the Toeni maunch. Nottinghamshire, home of the maunch-using Mansfields, is in both the Millet and Tickhill write-ups. French Millets share the eight-pointed star of Teegers. It's a hit. The attic squirrels were related to Tick liners. The Millet cinquefoil is also that of Bush-like Bus'. You can't argue with the facts.

Dixie's/Dickseys ("Quod"), from Diss-like Discys, were first found in Leicestershire along with DECKsters/Dexters. Diss'/Dice's were from Diss, beside Eye, and Dodge's/Doge's (eye weeping) use one pale bar in the colors of the three of Scottish Walkers.

Scottish Dyke's (more cinquefoils) were first found in the same place as English Daggers, and Belgian Dyke's use the giant fleur of Bush's/Buschs. You see, God really did put those squirrels in my attic. Their nests stunk badly, and I mean badly even two years after they were blocked from getting in (I had no soffets on the new place for some years). It just so happens that I started to fix the attic two weeks ago, and, yesterday as I write here, I cleaned the last of the nests under the floor board. The squirrels offered many Signs.

Dutch Dyke's can be using the Bosch/Bos lion (both Dutch surnames). It's interesting that Dutch Dyke's can be with the Bull annulets, for the bullDOG in the dream may have been a Dyke liner from the Dogs/Doags / Dodge's/Doge's/Doige's. Diggs (almost the stars of the Nottinghamshire Tease's/Tighs) are listed with Ducks that happen to use lion heads in the colors of the Dutch Bosch/Bos / Legh/Lee lion. You can bank on all of these Deck-line surnames to be from the Dexaroi out of Herod-ancestral Antipatria. Let's not forget Mansfield-liner Mamie picked up twice in my TAXi by no control / choice of my own. Diggs use a FALCon, and were first found in the same place (near Diss) as Bray-related Flags/FLACKs / Fulke's/Volks.

English Walkers were first found in Yorkshire with Bush's. Scottish Walkers share the three pale bars of Garlands and Dixons on a Shield that can be partially that of dagger-using KilPatricks (i.e. from Antipatria). The Walker Chief has the look of the MULLET Coat, and Ticks/Tucks/Toque's use both "Militia" and MULTIplex." "Plex" may be code for Plessis'/Plessix's that almost use a Bramen Coat, and it's the rat cross in colors reversed. The Words that trace by a symbol to the Nith river, location of KilPatrick castle, use a garland. Nitts/Naughts (same place as the Nith), first found in the same place as "PLACit"-using Rome's/Rooms, share white-on-black lions with Plessis' (and Pattys). I drove Miss Naughten home in a taxi, and Dexaroi were on the Nith, right? Yes. Dixons and Nitts/Naughts use "fortuna(e)", and Fortuna's are suspect with the Arms-of-Canossa DOG. Dixons (beside the Nith) apparently use the DOUGlas stars.

About a month ago, there was a near-twirling wind seen out the window of my front door, and thinking that a tornado might be coming out back, I went to a certain window on the back of the house, when I saw one of the two dead trees leaning against a live tree, but half away from the house. Whew, I've been worried for years about that tall trunk, tall enough to hit the house. Beside it was a second dead tree that I wanted to cut down too, but was afraid because they could land on the house. Just as I was feeling good about the tree leaning away from the house, this second tree started to come down right toward me. Oh no...but it's tip landed three of four feet from the window I was looking out of.

I was short of good firewood this year, and the wood stack is ten feet from where the tip of this second trunk landed. Both trees, though old, were perfect firewood, no rot at all, easy to split with an axe, and light to carry. It was a gift from God, I assumed. The first one is 14-16 inches round at the base. The tree was snapped eight feet off the ground, and the bottom end of long snapped-off trunk hit the ground eight feet nearer to the house (wind pushed in directly toward the house) than the base of the tree. But, landing near-vertical, it started to lean toward the backyard thanks to another tree's branches. It was far longer than the second tree, and would have hit the roof. I don't think God saved me from this wind, but rather I think He brought it.

When cutting this near-vertical trunk in pieces 32 inches long at ground level, I got to the point where the trunk failed to come down to the ground when banging and pushing the cut pieces away from under it. That's because the upper part of the trunk was caught in the FORK of a maple tree. That trunk remains there, with the bottom end suspended above the ground. Forkers, first found in the same place as Cunninghams (shakeFORK), use red hands. The fork in the maple tree makes a perfect Y, as in the Cunningham shakefork. A related event (below) is about to find more hands with the Dorrs, but let me say that the second tree that fell was pointing straight to the patio door while Patti's (compare with Doors/Dorrs) are from Patti in the Scylla area of Sicily, that being a possible line to Scalia's.

There was another dead tree at the front that I wouldn't cut for three years for fear that it would hit the house. To be safe, I'd need to get up 12 feet on a ladder, to cut it there, and shorten its length of fall. It was too dangerous. So, last fall I prayed please-Lord bring this the wind. And in the middle of winter, while stressing the twitch in my upper back and arm, and the Twitch/Twigg surname, a powerful wind came and snapped that tree in half. As it fell on the snow, the upper TWIGs bounced up and were taken by the wind against my front door (otherwise I wouldn't have known that it fell at that moment). There were no branches, just twigs a quarter of an inch thick or less, all over the front deck. I deciphered the event, and stressed that the tree pointed through the middle of the front door, right at the chair I was sitting in while typing away. So, let me repeat:

Haydens (maybe a branch of arrow-using Heids or even Hiedlers/Hitlers) happen to share the white talbot / dog with Williams, and the kin of William the Conqueror is in the write-up of Tute's that use the quadrants of Haydens (same place as Tute's)...The other Haydens share the Chief and Coat (almost) of Totten-liner Twitch's/Twigs. I'm going to repeat this paragraph later when telling you another story of God's work around my place this past year.

The Dorrs use the Tute quadrants, but see also Tattons of Massey. The last time this story was told, I didn't know the Dorrs, only the Doors and Dore's. I was going to tell of the two trees out back since about three weeks ago, when I said to God I would to give him credit, but in every case when I was recalling to mention it, I was sidetracked. I now realize that I wasn't Slated to tell the story until after accidentally finding the Dorrs (Daorsi Illyrians?), in the last update.

Just look: the twigs were blown by the wind to my door and DECK, and Dorrs are one of the few that call their canton a "SQUARE" while Decks use a squirrel while Twitch's/Twiggs use a Squire's helmet, all three indicating the Squire's/Squirrels/Square's. Plus, the Tottens ("Ad"), who use several of the Poindexter dancettes, show a "SEQUOR" motto term. The Yorkshire Tute's use a red square too, but call it a canton.

So, God created the event, not for my firewood alone, and not because I asked for the tree to come down, but because the reader now has more reason to believe that God is working through my work (doesn't mean I don't make mistakes). The tree was dead for about three years, but it could not come down until after the deck was built, which was last fall, the time when I asked for the tree to come down (God gives us prayers that are Inspired by Himself when He wants to build our faith). The twitch went from my upper-back area into my right = DEXTER ARM while Armors (arms) use a squire's helmet too. I was writing on Obama's father's Armor bloodline at the time that the twitch went into by arm, and had noted the ESQUIRE helmet of PoinDEXTERs. Do Dorrs use hands? Armors: "A hand holding a squire's helmet." And the Armor motto includes "TUTissima")

I had wondered whether "esquire" was code for a second surname aside from Squire's, for example the Eskers/Oscars...who happen to use the three colors of Aschers/Ashers, whom I didn't find until this update while entering "Passer." I was checking for branches of Bassermans/Wassermans as per Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Wassers are with Gace's/Wassa's, a branch of Washingtons that in-turn use the Canton Coat in colors reversed, and the Wasser/Wassa canton looks like the Tute canton. I can go one further with the Tree's (feathered helmet of Herod Archelaus) whose True variation is in the Tooth-suspect motto, "True TO THE end," of Hume's/Homer's.

It's a little interesting that Eskers/Oscars share the Challenger cinquefoils, but this could be coincidental. Luckily, the Esquers (Spanish) were checked just now to find a white rabbit! That direct white-rabbit link to Poindexters is the Poindexter Crest as code for Esquers. Amazing, all thanks to those fallen tree trunks.

I find this amazing. The Esquer Coat: " eagle catching a coney running on green mound." The surname is properly, Esquivel.

As the surname is Spanish while Catch's (same place as Tute's) share white scallops with Coney-related Meschins, the Escher description was probably of an English surname before being passed to a Spanish one. I had my keys, of the Nissan, in my RUNNING shoes before the Negro woke me up, and while Sleeps (Illyrian line) were first found in the same place as the Dol Alans, the Runnings/Ronnys share a wavy, white fesse with Dols (Catch colors). A "coney running" can thus link Coneys to the Dol Alans. If we compare Kitchens to Teague's/TEEGERs and Catch's, we see why Catch's use a "TIGER." After my Nissan trip to Crystal City, to seek land, I ended up purchasing land from a Mrs. Teague.

After writing the above, I went to videos and found the amazing one below where TUCKER Carlson interviews Ty Clevenger (Teague's/TEEGERs / Tucks/Touque's are probably a Tye/Tigh branch, and Wassers/Wassa's are from the Touques river). Ty's the one who's requested a FOIA from the obstinate FBI to hand over Hillary emails. The Clevengers (same place as Tute's and Bray-beloved Flacks) are with the CLAVERs (key), from GLAPHYRa Archelaus, wife of Herod Archelaus, and mother of the line to both PLANCIA Magna and Teeger-line TIGRanus Maccabee-Herod. The amazing thing is, Clevengers/Clavers use a form of the Coney Coat (!), substituting the white rabbits with the white PLUNKETT tower. This is astounding because a white-rabbit line is once again touching upon the Hillary emails. The great news is that, in the video, we learn that, when the FBI refused to hand the emails over with the excuse (recent story) that they are not in the public interest, Clevenger requested help on that very issue from Trump's Department of Justice, which ordered the FBI to expedite the handing over of Clevenger's request! Excellent, good news indeed:

Reminder, the Touch's were part of the touch-bra event because it occurred at the home of JERRY Peterson, and while there is no Jerry surname coming up, Jarrys/Hare's use the Touch lion, as do TYsons/Tessons, likely a branch of Tye's/Tease's/Tighs. So, there we have evidence that God is moving Ty Clevenger to get those emails for to expose and punish deep-state operatives. Where will this rabbit stop? The Council on Foreign Relations, watch out.

The Antipatria location at the home of Dexaroi founded Herods as per queen Nysa of Cappadocia (she descended from king Antipater of Macedonia). Trust me. The Hucks share the two chevrons of Dexters (Dexaroi branch), and the Huck owl is code for an ancient line from Skala-suspect Asclepios (son of the Coronis crow, which I trace to Chora on PATmos, beside Skala). The Huckabee's use Asclepios rods (why RODs?). The blue chevrons of Huckabee's are in Scalia/Scalise colors, and the latter surname uses a ladder as a pale (vertical bar) in colors reversed from nthe vertiocal rods in the Huckabee Chief. The Huck-like Hicks (same place as Hucks) are kin of Crauns/Crane's from the Coronis-line Ceraunii. So, Hucks / Hykes can trace to/from the Cappadicia theater too. As Hasmoneans=Maccabees of Israel need to trace to Has and Hazels, see the Hazel-line Huckle's (LEAVES) below. And as Maccabees ruled in Isreal's Gammal, note Gamel Hucca in the Huck write-up. As "Huckle" is much like "Hazel," Huck / Hick liners may have originated in the Has area (Drilon river).

Follow the rabbit to the Tye's of Nottinghamshire, for that's where Huckle's/Hucknels were first found while Huxleys (in the Cliff/Cleave write-up) share the black wolf head of Cliffs/Cleave's, suspect as na branch of the Cleaver variation of Clavers/Clevengers. It works because Tye's are from Glaphyra i.e. as are Cliffs, and Mamie, who had beautiful thighs one day, is code for Mansfields (Mamesfelde) in Nottinghamshire. Huckle's (leaves) use the Hazelton Coat (leaves), and Hazels (leaves) use the squirrel for a trace to the Ticino/Tessin river i.e. expected home of Tysons/Tessons and definitely home of the LAEVi. Cliffs/Clive's (same place as Hazels, Sales', Meschins) share "cruce" with Gullys/Gollys (share the Teague crosslets).

By the way, as Scarisbricks (in the Gorsuch write-up) were suspect with Scarfs and the Q-shaped scarf of Trabys/Sadowski's (Sadducee liners?), note the black wolf in the Huxley Crest, for the Traby Q is likely code for black-wolf Quade's (because Scarfs share the wolf head with Quade's). Scarfs were first found in the same place as Hucks and Hicks, and Scarisbricks along with Gorsuch's use a reflection of the Huxley Coat. Moreover, as Huxleys were first found in the same place as Huberts, it's more than interesting that they both use white crescents on a bend. Quade's are from Cetis, to the south of Cappadocia, and from Quadratus Bassus, a Galatian liner from the Sakarya river (see Severus Bassus of Hasmonean-like Akmonia), a term like "Scaris." That all works well.

Ty Clevenger is/was a Texas attorney. I think he's being cautious when accusing the FBI merely of covering up how badly it treated the Hillary-email scandal. There has got to be more to FBI corruption than this. Comey came out a couple of weeks before the election, ruing Hillary's chances of becoming president, as I think was his purpose, even though he had decided months earlier (April) not to prosecute her. I think that he was worried about the Republicans conducting an investigation on Hillary's emails had she become the president. We all remember that Republicans were almost able to impeach Bill when he was the president. I suppose Comey thought that, if Hillary lost the election, her scandal would go away. But Mueller, the stupid, thankfully, has caused Trump's people to wish for revenge, and attacking Hillary is one great way to get some.

I'm tired of seeing her face on youtube, really disgusting. Her face is to me a symbol of all that's deplorable in humanity. And deplorable people keep plastering her face on youtube because it gets more hits. The end-time world is deplorable. I had been wondering whether there was a plot to abuse and terrify the American public with an insider-made catastrophe, blamed on someone else, like North Korea. I'm wondering whether the double hurricanes are God's way to stop the deep state from going forward with its plans because those plans needed FEMA involvement. FEMA is now up to its neck in relief work, unable to participate well in an insider-made disaster. Just a thought. ISIS reportedly commanded westerner allies to poison our food, but how do we know that insiders aren't the ones to do this after their faked-ISIS mandates are announced? It's clear to me that zero ISIS sleeper cells have developed in North America since 9-11, 16 huge years ago this week. There is no ISIS threat. Most of the loner terror acts were fakes from the inside.

This week an article was out from Fox saying that the American ability to shoot down missiles was spotty, but that tests were successful in the last two tries (not exactly enough to give anyone a warm feeling). This picture seems to me to be a perfectly-orchestrated plot to provide an excuse as to why it will fail to shoot down a Korean missile. Why not test the system on shooting Korean missiles that are now going out?

Here's a story with perhaps some insights to the American war plan:

The U.S. military on Friday pulled back surveillance aircraft that had been watching an 11-bus ISIS convoy filled with hundreds of militants and their family members -- at the request of the Russian government. The ISIS convoy was given safe passage over 10 days ago to travel from the Lebanon-Syria border across the Syrian desert to the Iraqi border in a deal struck between Syria and Hezbollah, which angered the U.S. military

Why would the Americans not want the ISIS fighters near the Iraq border? Perhaps this anger is an excuse to attack Assad, for we saw that the military wants to do just that. It adds, "A U.S. Army general said he would hold the Assad regime in Syria responsible for dealing with the convoy." The Americans can now shoot at their own men, then blame it on the fighters in this convoy, and thus attack Assad. "A week ago the outgoing top U.S. commander in Iraq suggested he had no intention of letting this convoy make it across the desert." It sounds like the decision has been made to snub the Russian will for this convoy.

It's a contradiction that they decided not to allow this convoy through, and the claim by Fox and Rudaw that the Americans agreed to do the Russian will: take US surveillance capabilities out from above the convoy. Is this Trump thwarting the military will? Does Trump want a partnership with Russia in opposition to ISIS? Is Trump playing on the fence between the Russian and CIA will? If Baghdadi is dead, then ISIS may no longer be under much U.S. control. ISIS can be supported by Americans, anyway, when it fights Assad, but where ISIS gets too close to the American base near the Iraqi border, that's the opposite.

The Washington Post (aka the CIA), NY Times and CNN have this story, as expected if the root purpose is to send a military-sponsored message to the public. Why would this convoy of merely 300 defeated fighters be to the interest of the American public? Even the British have this story. The CIA has it's very own news-releases offices, and big media are expected to publish their news releases. That's called deep-state control of public thought, and of the controversies of the day. The big media do not tell us when CIA / military news releases are being fed down our throats. It's one thing for the military to deceive the enemy, but it deceives also the American people.

Zero hedge reveals that the defeated ISIS fighters were actually inside the Lebanese border. Another theory is, therefore, that the Americans are angry because it wants ISIS inside Lebanon, or at least left in Syria near the Lebanese border. So, by causing a raucous with the convoy, it may be hoping that future convoys are limited / abolished. Frankly, it's none of the Americans' business what deal the Lebanese have come to with Assad, yet the Americans freely break world laws by bombing, according to their own admissions, men in the convoy. If the U.S. wants to be respected as a global police, it must act more lawfully, not and like the brute American cops on the American streets. Zero Hedge reveals that the convoy was agreed to by Lebanese law, a key thing that the mainline media (i.e military news releases) may have sought to hide.

Trump changed the CIA guard with Mike Pompeo. The video below is hours long so I'll just tell you about it the part about a third the way in, where Pompeo seeks to expose Hillary some years ago, when she herself advanced the idea of arming the Libyans with private fighters. Many suspect private fighters to be CIA tools in world-class deceptions, where the purpose is to take risk off from the official military (in risky, unlawful / unethical operations) onto non-government fighters yet controlled (purchased and employed) by the military. In other words, the CIA / Council on Foreign Relations in cahoots with Hillary may have sicked these private CIA tools on ambassador Stevens, for to kill him in order to protect a state secret(s):

Pompeo then follows up by asking Hillary why she didn't shout to the military to bring aid to Steven's defence, but Hillary deflects by blaming it on the military, as though it wasn't her job to tell the military what to do. To the contrary, she had every right and expectation to get the military the message that help was needed, and there is no reason whatsoever that massive help couldn't have been employed immediately at her very request, yet there was too-little too-late employed, damning her with the murder of Stevens and three others. Pompeo makes the good point that neither Hillary nor the military knew that the Libyan attack was going to be short-term versus long-term, wherefore the military was compelled to send massive troops in case of a long-term attack. The CIA was right there, one mile from Stevens, but told its few fighters to sit down when they were wanting to go help Stevens. It should be obvious that the CIA and FBI together knew that the Americans murdered Stevens.

In the same video, Trey Gowdy mentions the eight Hillary emails that her state department handed over to Congress at the latter's request for Hillary's emails. When Trey Gowdy asks her whether there were not more than merely eight pertinent emails, Hillary says, "I can't answer to that," not only deflecting blame onto the state department's people in charge of giving her emails over, but lying...because she can in fact answer a simple question as to whether her own emails were more numerous on Benghazi than merely eight. She clearly doesn't want to talk about those emails. She is being backed in this game by Mueller, and we await to see what Pompeo digs out from CIA archives.

Unless the video below (August 31) is a trick of doctoring, and it does not seem so, there was an attempt of a white car to ram Trump's car. However, while the video may be authentic, the event may have been staged to feign a car-crash event on Trump's limo. The reason that I suspect a staged event is because no high-level group would drive a car out from some trees, in an assassination attempt, that could easily fail, as this one did. Even if the white car succeeded in getting onto the road, there was a high chance of failure, but, we may ask, what possibly caused the car to fail in getting onto the road? Was it be a pre-plan?

Time for a Break Before Returning to more White Rabbit

See if this delights you:

Whew. I think that kid must be a man who only looks like a kid. What a soul! If only Obama was like him. Here's an encore (only 14.6 million views):

Try this out (must be the new generation to herald Christ's coming:

Perfecto, as the Japanese say. All my blown kisses, wow. Pure innocence. You can watch it a second time and get it all over again. Masters...I bow down. Back now to our Brazilian master with a duet of his own:

Hopefully he's not another Michael Jackson in the making.

SonofNewo has been criticized for repeating himself too much, and in the video below he talks about that criticism, and, while doing do, repeats himself too much. It's not just that he repeats himself, but that his scholastic personality isn't exactly exciting to an itching ear wanting only the low-down. The first ten minutes are probably worth reflecting on because, as a certainty, the deep-state side, especially the ones who contributed on the streets with the Charlottesville staging, are fully expected to fill his comments section...because he presents very damning things. Note that none of the plotters commented on his discovery that the attack car arrived to the crash site more than minute before the crash, damning BRENNAN Gilmore who claims (with video "evidence") that the car rammed the people as soon as it arrived. The deep state is not touching it because it's damning without a good rebuttal.

In the 14th minute, we find that Ford Fischer, in conversations with Newo, claims as a lie that he didn't know the maroon van at the crash scene was in his own camera shot. This shot is one of the things that SonofNewo himself gifted the Internet with. It comes from the water-bottle camera, as I called it in the last update. I resolved that this camera was part of the plotters, but, apparently, someone leaked its video to Newo.

Starting in the 17th minute, brave Newo shows letters sent to him with threatening overtones. The threats are as per Newo's insinuation / accusation that Ford Fischer is an insider. I wholeheartedly agree, and I think a person is permitted to hold that position where the evidence is strongly in favor of a hoax based on mountains of other information. I not only think one has the right to hold that view, but to announce it to the world due to the heavy weight of a government-sponsored hoax. The Fischer video itself reveals the hoax, there is nothing to fear about attacking Fischer. His side would never bring this issue to court, only to throw fire on themselves. Newo reveals himself as a lawyer late in this video.

The video mentions the wooden block (looks like 4x4 timber) under the front side of a rear tire. It looks like it was used to stop the van from rolling in the faked car crash. They couldn't use the brakes because the brake lights would go on (a camera might have caught it), and they decided to do this without a driver in the van. So they allowed the van to roll, while pushed by the Toyota behind it, and the three vehicles were programmed to stop when the tire hit the wood block (they didn't want it to be too dangerous for the fakers on the hood; stopping it after a few feet would make it safer). They just sped up the video of the slow rolling of these vehicles, and added a screamy voicetrack to fake a crash. There was no need for anyone to put this timber under the wheel after the crash.

If the Toyota had no driver, then the fact that the Toyota's wheels can be seen spinning is damning. A car in park, when rammed from behind, doesn't show wheels turning. It was pointed out that the Toyota's air bags did not come out. The Charlottesville hoax played to winning Blacks and Democrats to the side of the deep state, for a future battle pitting them against anti-deep-state workers. Black love for Black, and Democrat love for Democrats, is, they think, more powerful than accepting the truth of a matter. In many cases, this is correct, a not-bad definition of "insane," to accept that which is not real as though it were. This staging could be seen coming years ago, to lump even normal / Biblical Christians in with supremacists, but why not also non-Christians who oppose globalism?

Fischer's video, as well as that of the water-bottle man, condemns the plotters because it shows no protesters at the crash-scene intersection with less than five minutes to go. A minute or two earlier, Fischer also caught the attack car. His camera pointed right to this car as he walked by, an obvious sign that he's an insider. If he contacts me about my accusation against him, I won't be so kind as Newo was. The point is, how was the attack-car driver supposed to know that protesters would be at the intersection five minutes later i.e. when the attack car arrived? In fact, the protestors didn't start walking up 4th street until the attack car was already on that street and coming down for them (i.e. they knew the attack car was coming, and started the march toward it, as planned). In fact yet some more, as the attack car arrived more than a minute before the faked crash, according to Fischer's video that happened to catch this car a second and third time (damning again), it was there before the protestors started walking up that street. The odds are against Fischer; even in a court of law, he would have a hard time proving his innocence. Bluntly, Fischer is an idiot first to work for the goons in big-time deception, and secondly to take his chance in this way; the deep state might "silence" him permanently if things get out of hand.

Newo informs us that some people saw two takes of the "crash," which was a conclusion I made too by comparing two or three scenes of the same spot (at the sidewalk) from different cameras, or at least by cameras at different times. I don't think that two takes can be accomplished in little more than a minute, but it's possible if it was rehearsed many times. Or, some other trick is in play that allowed several minutes for the two takes.

Hmm, the Challengers sound a lot like Clevengers. Plus, Challengers sound a lot like the Cullens that come up as "Holly," while the other Hollys use a version of the Plunkett Coat while Plunketts are from a line of Glaphyra > Plancia Magna. Clevengers/Clavers are likewise from Glaphyra. On top of this, while holly was found with the wife of William Hitler, Walkers -- part of the Scherf > Bush line to a Nazi-ized CIA and White House -- use a "magna" motto term. Repeat:

It's a little interesting that Eskers/Oscars share the Challenger cinquefoils, but this could be coincidental. Luckily, the Esquers (Spanish) were checked just now to find a white rabbit! That direct white-rabbit link to Poindexters is the Poindexter Crest as code for Esquers. Amazing, all thanks to those fallen tree trunks.

A couple of days after writing the above, I was looking for the Eskers again but typed, "Escher," to find a single star in colors reversed from the same of Poindexters, and the latter's is in the colors of the Esker/Oscar / Challenger cinquefoils. Moreover, the gold unicorn of Eskers/Oscars is possibly that of the Piedmont Demonte's, from the Stura Demonte through the Cuneo part ruled by Vasto's (in the Poindexter fist, right?). These Eschers/Ashers/Eschels (Swiss) share a giant cup ("chalice") with Laurie's / Lowrys (both share laurel with Lorraine's) while Switzerland is near Lorraine while Lorraine's use a bend-with symbol in the colors of the same of Fasts. It's perfect for connecting the Montferrat branch of Vasto's to something in Lorraine, and Lorraine, my girlfriend, was part of the white-rabbit mystery. Let me repeat that the green lion of Lyons / Lannoys, a line from Herod Archelaus, is likely the green Lorraine and Touch and Ripley?) lion, and very connectable to Tree's/True's.

It's now more interesting than before that Challengers use a black eagle in Crest while Eagle's have the Savage kin from a location between Bra and Saluzzo (Montferrat) while Brays use eagle's legs in the black color of the Challenger eagle and Savage lions. Lorraine's use an armored arm holing a laurel branch, and Hollys/Cullens use an arm (armored) holing a holly branch. It sounds like part-code for the Armor area beside Dol. I want to know whether the Hollys/Cullens can be linked to the Dowling surname (Demonte lion probably) that William Hitler married. There should be a link. Dowlings/Doolings (probably the Saluzzo Shield) are suspect with Dol, which is in the same province as where Plunketts were first found who use a version of the English-Holly Coat. That was easy. And William Hitler gave himself a fictitious surname, Stuart-Houston, while Stuarts were directly from the Dol Alans.

If we want to know why Hiedlers/Hitlers (bends in the colors of the Ester/Ister bend) are now tracing to the FitzAlan marriage to Saluzzo, we can take the Hiedler/Hitler Coat to the Ectors (same bends), asking if "ECTOR" was a branch of Esters / Estermayers/STURS (both from Manche, location of old Alauna), who are from the Stura Demonte! Mythical Ector (Arthurian myth) was even made the father of Kay = Key bloodline, not to mention mythical Ector de Maris, the Mareys bloodline that we saw in the Morell / Morinis discussion.

The Estermayers/Sturs use the three pale bars of Scottish Walkers and Garlands, and probably the Caesar roses. The Esters/Easters/Isters (probably from the Pula area of Istria), with the Jewish-Pollock bend in colors reversed, share a label with Pane's/Panico's, and the latter's Coat is a reflection of the Dowling Coat, important because I had the proto-Alans at Ferrara (Forum Allieni at that time) as early as 70 AD while the Dowling lion can be a passant version of the Ferrara lion. It's interesting that red hands are used by Irish Brennans who in-turn share the blue lion with Dowlings/Doolings while French Brians (look like a Brennan branch here) are said to be from Alans of Brittany. The Dowling lion is also of the Brittany Voirs/Voyers, and the latter use two lions in pale in the colors of the same of the French Demonte's (same place as Mars/Marres'/More's and Brasier's). Two lions in pale are used by the Stewart-related Strange's (STURange's?), and the Sempers in the Lowry motto. Strange's use the lion of Dool-like Tools and Scottish Mars.

The Lowrys who share the giant cup with the Swiss Eschers/Ashers come up as "Glory" while "gloriam is used by the Dorrs while the Dorrs share white-on-red hands with Hollys/Cullens and Claviere's, I kid you not. The Glorys/Lowrys were first found in Ulster, which itself uses a red hand. I read that Claviere's married French Mountains, who might have been DeMONTE's.

The Clevengers/Clavers and Claviere's both share keys, for if you check Claviere's at the description website, it still says (it has for years): "A red shield with a silver saltire between four silver keys." So, the Dorrs (found my mistake and shown to be part of God's tree-fall events) become important here for showing a trace back to Herods, something we can expect God to want. Clavier's (one sinister eagle) were first found in Auvergne, location of Clermont-Ferrand, where the line of Decimus Rusticus of Lyon ruled. Clermonts use keys, meaning that Keys/Kays and Shawia Numidians (Shaws/Sheaves' use cups, Sheaves' use keys) were basic to the Glaphyra line(s).

Compare "Claver" with "Lavery/Lawry/Glory." The latter use the same motto as Greens, a branch of Greenwich's who in-turn use a crozier while Crozier's were first found in Auvergne.

English Mareys/Maris (Bouillon colors, same place as Crozier-line Greenwich's and Caesars) use the same saltire as Claviere's are said to use, and French Mareys (MOLINE cross) use almost the cross of Bouillons (Auvergne, same as Claviere's, while ESCHYNa de MOLLE (suspect from MumMOLIN, a line from Decimus Rusticus of Auvergne) married an Alan from Dol. Merits share three bends with Hectors. The Erskins/ESKINs (same place as Pollocks, Paisley) are said to have merged with Scottish Mars, and "Ersk(in)" is possibly a consonant-reversal from "Esker / Escher. Eskers use "pense" while Coneys use a pansy held by their rabbit while Eschers use the rabbit too. Pense's (same place as English Stewarts and Page's) can be with the Dol fesse. Indeed, Dols were first found in the same place as Trumps while Mr. Trump's vice-president is Mr. Pense.

Mummolin ruled at CHALONS-sur-Marne, the Arms of which is suspect with Croziers. Challengers may have been of the namers of Chalons. Welsh Chalons'/Chalenors use a sea wolf while Dodge's/Doge's use a seadog. It's a good way to link Dodge's/Doge's to Challengers.

Where Doolings use the PANICo Shield, note Mont PINCon in the write-up of Pense's (Child / Lorraine / Este / Bar / Segurana eagle?). Recall the "sequor" that Poindexters/POINGdesters linked to while finding the Escher link to the Poindexter Crest, for Segurana's (Sakarya suspects) can apply. If you carefully compare Pink-suspect Pings/PONGS/Paganells (Morinis' fleur?) to French Brasier's (beside Pagans/Payens) and English Brasier's, you can spot two ways in linking to Challengers (same place as Coneys whose pansy is linkable to Pagan/Payen liners of the Page kind). This is another way to link Poindexters to Bra suspects, and to the brasier on the laundry line above the white rabbit in a cage under the stairs = scala. The murder of judge Scalia was for far-reaching, political purposes, we may assume, and the shooting of Steve Scalise was to protect child-molestation rings, we may assume. People in general want the white-rabbit Punishment on these demons operating freely in the midst of the citizenry.

I was just trying to find the Aschs/Ash's because they are said to be from Mr. D'Esse Court while we saw the reason for linking the Challenger at Charlottesville to Courts/Coverts. I happened to enter "Ask," however, to find a donkey version of the Coney / Clevenger/Claver / Mussel Coat! Asks are Askers too. Musselburgh is where Faucets were first found as well as in the Ask/Asker motto, and while Saer de Quincy is in the Faucet motto, Quincy's were first found in the same place as Brays. The Quince mascles are in the colors of the mascles (though called buckle-lozenges) of Shakle's, recalling that Joel and I drove to Shakle road with his white Rabbit.

Shakle's at that time became suspect as God's code for JAY Sekulow, and the Eskin/Erskin motto term, "Je," could be for Jays (same place as English Dorrs/Doors). There is "a jay" with the DAVER surname (Arthur colors and format), first found beside the Dorr-related Tute's, a good reason for tracing Dorrs and Doors to Daorsi Illyrians (Neretva river, same as Ardiaei), also called, DAVERsi. The Arduinici of Oneglia married the DORia's, no guff. The Davers were first found in the same place as Eye, while Dodge's/Doge's use the eye while Challenger vehicles are made by Dodge. Challengers share the same cinquefoils as Eskers/Oscars.

There is a Neret surname (Brittany) with possibly the Ping/Pong/Paganell bends, in the colors of the Page/Pagenel fesses. German Aschs/Ash's (Dog/Doag chevron?) use "VirTUTE DUCE," while Duce's (Dodge colors?) share the double lions in pale of Sempers (in the Glory/Lowry motto). German Aschs/Ash's are in the colors of Tottens that use a motto, "AD astra SEQUOR," which is why Tottens can be gleaned with Twitch's/Twiggs in the Poindexter Crest's ESQUIRE helmet, tending to assure that Aschs are Squire / Escher liners, kin of Decks/Daggers from the Dexaroi. "Astra" can be for Asters, listed with Esters/Isters = Stura liners.

One can now add that Jays use feasible the bend of Aids (same place as Artems/Aitons and Arthurs), for Aids are suspect in the "Ad majorum" motto phrase of Dorrs (Majors share red roses with Jays). Again, the "gloriam" motto term of the same Dorrs is arguably for Glorys/Lowrys/Laverys who share the giant cup with Poindexter-suspect Eschers/Ashers. With Poindexters resolved as Paioni liners merged with the neighboring Dexaroi, connection with the Ardiaei and Daorsi is a distinct possibility. Tottens (in the Twitch/Twigg Chief) were first found in the same place as Fiers and Apps', from the Apsus river though Fier county, home of the Dexaroi. And we saw God blowing a tree down and throwing twigs at my door to indicate a Dorr link to Twitch's/Twigs.

One can even appeal to the wind that brought that tree, for Winds (share stag head with Windsors) can be using the green cross in the Arms of Pula/Pola, in Istria.

Asti Liners and Another White Coney

I'm going to try to make that case that the Stura was named after Istria liners. We can expect Asti on the Tanaro because the Stura drains into the Tanaro. We can expect to bump into Cuneo elements in the investigation. We can start with Challengers because they have a Crest traceable to Savigliano, and because they share the bend of Bruno's said to have had a branch in Asti. I had a neighbor, Bruno, upon who's wall I would play lacrosse (I've told this story at least three times this past year), and Lacrosse's (Bruno colors) use the Crozier cross for a trace to Chalons-sur-Marne, where "Challenger" is suspect from. We thus have what looks like a Lyon>Mummolin link to Asti elements, which can explain why Asteys (beside Herods/Heraults) share the giant and green lion with Lyons. The latter are said to be from Forez while Forez' share the Herod/Herault fesse. The Lyon-branch Lannoys share the fleur of Croziers and Bruno-likely Browns.

Ashtons and Astons (same colors) were both from Lancashire and Cheshire, and the Travers (compare with Cheshire Buckleys that share the bull head with Astons) in the Forez motto were likewise first found in Lancashire. Travers use a tiger suspect with Tigranes Maccabee-Herod, grandson of Herod Archelaus. The tiger was seen last with Catch's, who happen to share white scallops with Travis'. Herod was banished to Vienne-Isere, near Lyon. The Forez mountains are west of Lyon and near Mont Pilat. Ashtons (Asche/Ash / Bray/Brae colors) can be with the Bush boar for a trace to Cuneo's Busca, and the Sales' from neighboring Saluzzo look like a merger with Hesters/Hasters. In colors reversed, the Traver boar head is the Ashton boar head. Astons use an "patriae asto" motto phrase suspect with the Antipatria > Herod line. Pula on Istria has an alternative name, Pietas-Julia, which I trace to parrot-using Pettys, connectable to the parrot in the Hester/Haster Crest. Parrots share "ut" with Irish Pettys. English Pettys (same place as Lyon-liner True's/Tree's) use the quadrants of Fasts i.e. from the Vasto's around Saluzzo / Busca.

The Parrot Coat just brought the Cheshire Richardsons to bear, both of whom can be with the lion of the Cheshire Assleys. Richardsons said to be from the Cheshire Belwoods who share the Robin pheons, and the Cheshire Robins are Propers/Robins while Irish Pettys (with parrots) use: "A beehive and bees PROPER" (the Beastons of Cheshire, I assume.) The Cheshire Davenports are said to be from ASTbury, making the Davenport Coat suspect as a version of the Bray Coat, substituting the eagle legs with the black fitchees that trace to Chivasso (Piedmont) and possibly to Cuneo's Ceva too.

Recall the royal-Cottian link to Bra elements, for Davenports (Savage colors) use a savage-like man but call him "A man's head with a gold ROPE around the neck." The Riparia river of the Cottians was resolved with Reps/Rebs and similar terms (Ripleys/Rippers share the Astey/Hastey lion). Ropers are much like "Proper." Rope's were resolved with the Cottian-liner Coote's / Colts and the Pilate's. The Chivasso-liner Chives' use "vi" that I suspect for the Viu tributary of the Riparia. Chives' were at Travis-like Tarves. The Tarves' use six fitchees in the colors of the Davenport fitchees, and in the pattern of the six lions of the Cheshire Savage's. It appears that Astbury was an Asti line. The "Fear" motto term of Davenports must be for Fears/Fiers i.e. the Antipatria theater.

Astburys (Covert Coat?) look like a branch of Ashburys...and maybe a merger with Peacocks ("Be" and "fear"). Ashfords share the Asch/Ash chevrons, perhaps two of the three Cotys chevrons. Ashfords share blue keys with Italian Sheaves'/Chiava's and Bettys/Beatys ("coelESTE") Cottians were beside the SEQUANi while Bettys/Beatys use "SEQUAmur" and while Keys/Kays (share mascles with Peacocks) share bendlets without a bend with SAXONs, the latter first found in the same place as Astons and Ashtons.

The Sequani-like Seconds are also Segurs while Segurana's were first found in Genoa with the first-known Doria's. The Doria's of Oneglia were at IMPERIA (alternative name of Oneglia), and the Asteys/Hasteys use an "IMPERIAL crown." If you're familiar with my Boofima > Baphomet trace through Imperia, you might want to ponder why Asteys were involved, but a trace to Morgan le Fay of Avalon's witch cult makes sense where the Astey lion is also the Morgan lion. In myth, king Arthur (a fictitious aspect of the Arduinici who married the Doria's at Imperia) was made to die on Avalon as code for Ardiaei elements there. I identified Avalon as Bute years before finding the Arduinici on the BAUTica river (at Ivrea). Nicholas de Vere, a high priest of some Drakenberg cult perhaps associated closely with modern Baphomet, placed a fairie lady which he also called the "elvin princess," and whom he called Melusine/Milouziana, on Avalon. There is a Very/Fairie surname much like "Ivrea."

The "just" motto term of Peacocks is probably for Justine's/Justus' (same place as Pilate / Coote liners), kin of Assi's. Justine's/Justus' were Picenum liners, and Fermo, origin of Azzo, founder of the Este's, may have been under Justus of Picenum. Fermo liners are suspect at Firmini, beside Mont Pilate. Formans and Firmins can be connected by their mutual anchors, but Formans can be traced to Fier liners via the Fairs. The Forman Crest can have the Brunswick lion, and Brunswicks are highly suspect with Bruno's out of Asti. If I recall correctly, I was tracing Alans of Langhe to Brunswick before discovering that Bruno's had a branch at Asti (Langhe theater). I took my work seriously enough to glean what others could not on the slightest of heraldic evidence, because I had God's help clicking in my brain. This may look like the stuff of geniuses, but, alas, it's to God's credit (I would be useless at this otherwise).

Formans, with the Shield-and-Chief color combination of Montferrat rulers (and Anchors), should be using the wavy Dol fesse in colors reversed. FORMans were suspect as a variation framed after FORUM Allieni, an old name of Ferrara (Este partner), where Claro's/Charo's were first found with a reflection of the Fier/Fear Coat.

Here's an example of a trace on what looks like small evidence to others. The Forman chevron is that of Brays and Cabbage's (share as passant lion in Chief with Formans), both first found in the same place as Quince's that use mascles in the colors of the similar lozenges of Forman-beloved Anchors. While Cabbage's use a motto term for Angusta, that was home to count VRM...wherefore note that WORMs share the FORMan dragon in Crest. It looks like genius, but it's only because I have some traces correctly made. You can work with a puzzle a lot better when pieces are already filled in. Angusta can be suspect with Angus' and Annas/ARNISS', wherefore note that the Forman-related Anchors are Annas-like Annackers. Fier country is beside ancient ARNISSa.

The Roxolani Alans of the Angusta area trace to Roxburghshire, where Bettys/Beatys (mascles) were first found who share a single pale bar with Roxburghs, in both colors of the piles of the Roxburghshire Leavells.

I've been at this long enough to know that even the descriptions website holds clues. For example, the Eschers: "A blue shield with a silver chalice, BELOW a golden five-pointed star." The untrained would suppose that "below" isn't a code, but here are the English Belows: "An arm pouring water from a chalice." Why a five-pointed star? Points share three black piles with Leavells, first found in the same place as the Maxwells that share the black and double-headed eagle with German Belows. The Maxwell eagle is on a ROCK (pouring water from a container I don't know the official name of) in the Arms of Rijeka, a location at the north end of Istria. To the north of Rijeka is Bled while Bloods/Bluds appear to use the Maxwell-Crest (includes a holly bush).

While wondering whether Eschers/ESCHELs and Esquers/Esquille's have variations from/or to Scalia's, I recalled the Scale's sharing white scallops with Catch's, the latter suspect in the eagle CATCHing a running rabbit of Esquers/Esquille's. The Scale's are said to be from "Eschalers." Hmm. Scale's (Child/Chill colors) were first found in the same place as Childs/CHILLs and the Chalice's/Chalers (said to be from Pas de CALAIS = Artois) beloved of the Escher/Eschel chalice. It begs whether Eschers / Esquers and even such things as Squire's/Squirrels / Schere's were simply from a far-out Chill variant. I don't think so, but I'm open. The Arms of Boulogne (Pas-de-Calais) share red roundels with the Orleans' that have a Coat looking like a version of the Chalice/Chaler Coat. Red roundels are shared by Orrels and Ore's (Bononia = Bologna liners), but as this is the line of Aurelia Cotta, it can explain why the chalice-using Belows share the Cotta fretty (different colors). Childeric ruled at the Artois theater. Eschers/Esquille's have plenty of variations with "bel" endings that can indicate Belows. Bouillons, who passed through Boulogne, use "bello."

The Esquer/Esquille eagle catches the rabbit running on a green mound, and Mounds come up as "Mons" while Mons is in what was once Artois (or at least its border). Again, the Mound/Mons lion is that of Leghs/Lee's while Brays, in the colors and format of Rabbits (same place as Jay-related Davers), use eagle legs that can link to the Esquer/Esquile eagle because Scale's use six scallops in the pattern of the six Eagle lions. Plus, the Mound/Mons lion is that of Hapsburgs/Habsburgs while Apps/Abbs share the Scale scallops (different pattern). Apps/Abbs are the Apsus-river liners first found in the same place as Fiers and Kibbels, the latter looked up as per the possibility of being a branch of Eskibels.

Kibbels are also Keeblers while Keeps are in their colors, and Keeps use a bend in colors reversed to that of Kebble-like Cabalo's/Cavallons, first found in Castile with Esquers/Eskibels. Around and around we go, making me a little nuts. Keeps share the bend of Lorraine's, and Lorraine is not far from Cavallon-like Avallon (Champagne theater). Avalon traces to Avlona/Aulon, the proto-Alans of Epirus, which should explain while Runnings use the wavy Dol fesse on red. The Keeps and Lorraine's are in Alan colors. Rabbits are said to be Roberts, and, if correct, it evokes the royal Robertians said to descend from WORMs. Propers/Robins/Roberts share the Robert lion, but it's also the FORMan / Brunswick lion.

If you're a genius, you should be able to tell us what exactly white-rabbit Esquers were: Avlona, Scalia or Squirrel liners. I'm not so sure I can, but I think I have God's word on it that Esquers are in the Crest of Poindexters with Squirrels while Scalia was killed on the ranch of John B Poindexter. And I think I have His word that Scalia was killed by some white-rabbit entity. Aulon/Avlona was at the Ceraunii mountains, and Cabalo's/Cavallons are in Craun colors while Crauns were first found in Suffolk along with Rabbits. Alauna in Manche was at Crociatonum, which went by a Cronc-like term. I verified the Crociatonum trace to the Ceraunii mountains by finding the Cronkite crane, for Crauns are Crane's too.

"Crociatonum or CRONCiaconnum in the Tabula Peutingeriana. Ptolemy makes it a port of the Unelli or Veneli, a Gallic nation who occupied part of Brittany. The Table contains a route from Alauna to Caesarodunum (modern Tours), in which the next station to Alauna is Cronciaconnum, distant 10Ĺ M. P. from Alauna. Its position, therefore, depends on that of Alauna." The Croc maunch verifies that Crocs and Croce's/Cross' (Massey / Vere quadrants) were from Crociatonum (in Manche, though some say in the Bessin). Eschyna de Molle married both a Dol Alan and Robert Croc(e).

It's Unelli/Veneli-interesting that Neels are in Venel/Fennel colors while Nells (more red roundels) can be using the Rundel / Alan fesse in colors reversed. As French Alans use the Chief of French Julians (and Italian Dere's possibly with the "extenDERE" motto term of Neels), it's important that Neels were first found in the same place as same-colored Joels/Jule's. Crociatonum / Alauna was in COUTance, the Cotta > Julian line, right? Yes, for the line of Aurelia Cotta was seen above with red roundels (shared by Rundels). Coutance's/Constance's were first found in the same place as Cotta's. German Dere's/Derrs (acorns, trace to the Orne river of the Bessin) share oak leaves with English Alans. Might Derrs be a branch of bee-using Doors/Dorrs? The bishop of Coutances is in the Neel write-up.

I recall tracing the Arduinici of ONEGLia to Crociatonum, but I don't know whether similarity between "Unelli" and the Neil variation of NAGLE's/Nails (Neel colors) had anything to do with it.

Aha, the lances of Italian Dere's get the Venel/Fennel fesse with the Lance's (probably Lang-Alan liners, maybe from Langhe). Both Gore's use versions of both Alan Coats, and even use the Lance / Nell fesse while French Gore's/Jore's share greyhound heads with Neels (palm branches). Perfect. The "NOMen" motto term of Neels can be a double code, one for the Mens' (Montferrat Shield) and also for the Noms/Nons/Nevins (Neel colors) that use a fesse in Dol-fesse colors. The "facTIS" motto term of Neels can be partly for the Ticino-suspect Tiss'/Teese's/Tyse's, first found beside Neels and recalling the thighs of Mens- / Manche-liner Mamie. "Non" is a motto term of Guess' who use the Venel/Fennel Coat.

"Aurelia" was one of the birth names of Saraca-liner Caracalla, whose Bassianus line is expected in the Bessin. And his mother's sister was Julia Maesa, suspect from the Maezaei beside the Ceraunii. Masseys lived in Manche, location of Coutance. The Squire's / Schere's link well to Shere's and Carricks, and so the Escher's and Esquers can be the Saraca line to Childeric, for I trace the Saraca fish to the fleur-de-lys owned by Childeric's family. The fish became the lily in Artois' Lille location, and Artois is where we saw some Escher suspects. The Lille surname ("SeDULO") happens to use a swallow in Crest, the symbol of Arundels (i.e. of the FitzAlans) and Swallows. Swale's (Este colors, "esto" motto term) share the fesse of Dols', I assume.

A broken lance is used by Chapmans who were merged with the Pontivi elements of Brittany. The Chapman perchevron is in colors reversed with COVERdale's, the latter found as per a Coverdale location of Baldwins (Shropshire), first found in the same place as Hunts and using the same BLACK saltire. As Huberts were first found next door in Cheshire, the "pas" motto term of Baldwins is bringing El-Paso to mind (i.e. where Scalia's body was abused and embalmed), for the green bands worn (on the breast) by some of the BLACK-robed members of the Saint-Hubertus cult needs to be explained, and may be of the green wyvern in the Crest of Baldwins and Waldwins. The Hubertus cult has a HUNTing theme, and we just saw Baldwins using the Hunt saltire. Hunters use green hunting horns. The Waldwins happen to share the bend of COVERs (Covert/Coffert colors), the latter said to be from a count Alan of Brittany. Coverdale is in Shropshire, home of the Alans of Brittany. Obama is descended from mayor Wolflin while Waldwins come up as "Wolfin." The Wolflins changed their name to Wolfley, but this surname is likewise first found in Cheshire. SO, I'm just wondering where God arranged for Scalia's body to be transported to El-Paso in order to make the link in the paragraph to Obama as part of the killers of Scalia. Makes sense. And the Waldwin/Wolfin bend is that also of Rodhams and Jays, the latter suspect in the "Je" term of Baldwins. It's also the bend of Aids (in all three Rodham colors) suspect with Ada of Huntingdon. Compare the Baldwin motto to that of CORSONs/Carsons (scimitar) and Grahams, the latter found in the Hunter write-up. Compare the "Cursum" motto term of Hunters with Hubert of CURZON in the Hubert write-up. It's a match.

The reader needs to decide whether I'm smart enough to be fabricating all the links which occur as a result of the events I claim to have taken place. The reader needs to decide whether I'm creating / fabricating the events in such a way as to use items that link together as surnames. I'd need to be a devious, Christian and deplorable person if that were the case. I want to show you another example of a natural link via the wind that knocked down those trees. But first, what about that large tree that got stuck in a fork of the maple? Could it really be God's code for the Cunningham shakefork and thus link back to Cuneo?

Well, it was a wind STORM, and Sturms and Storms happen to use Coats that expose them as Sturs, from Cuneo's Stura river. Did I make the wind storm up, and the trunk stuck on the fork, for making this link? Fortunately, I'll always remember my friend from Switzerland whose tips included the Stormy surname (Wiltshire, near the Stur), which comes up as "Storm." As soon as I saw the Storm surname on this occasion, the lion of Cabbage's (same place as Brays/Brae's) came to mind, and after that I noted that Cabbage" is a hard-C version of "Savage," from Cuneo's Savigliano, beside Bra! It's simply amazing to me how that worked out.

Recall that the first tree-fall event back in the winter was code for the Dorrs, for DORsets were first found in Wiltshire along with Storms. And, I kid you not, the Dutch Breeze/Bree/Bres Coat shares the Dorset crescent!! Before discovering this, the Bree variation of Brays brought "breeze" to mind. I can't yet say whether God had in mind for me to look at this as per the wind, but it's interesting that Scottish Breeze's ("justitia") are listed with a branch of Bruce's (BREScia liners) and showing the Justus/Justine and ASSI weight scale while Assi's were looking like Asti liners.

There is an English Brees/Breeze/Brese surname showing a wolf in Este colors, important because Este's had a Welf branch. The Brees wolf is that of Hugh D'Avranches (Cheshire, same place as Welf/Wolf surname), but also of the Scarfs whom are loved by the Traby/Sadowski scarf, and it just so happens that the weights scale above is the very one in the Arms of Vilnius, home of the Astikas' that married Poland's Traby line.

This plays very well into my semi-conclusion that Tree's/True's were a Traby branch. I'll explain momentarily, but let's first repeat that Tree's were first found in Warwickshire while that place is a branch of the namers of Poland's Warsaw, near Traby. The wind-like Wends lived in that area, suggesting that Pula liners may have named Poland. We saw Winds using the cross in the Arms of Pula/Pola, on Este- / Stura-suspect Istria. Am I really smart enough to make all of this logical-linking story up? I trace "Vilnius" to "Vilaine," the part of Brittany where Dol is found. Recall that Dere's linked heavily to Alan liners, for English Dere's (Dorrs?) use the six-sectioned Shield of STORys in colors reversed.

Este is in the land of the Veneti, and an ancient historian spoke of a northerly Venethi location of the Wends. The Windows (probably the lion PAWs of the Finis/Fien lions) trace to the Veneti of Brittany, and the second tree trunk fell with its tip directly in front of the window that I was witnessing the event from (what are the chances that I would go to the window just as both trees were being knocked down?). The Pairs, as per the "pair of scales" of Breeze's, is listed with the PAWs/Pauers (peacocks). The Pair/Paw paw holds a gold fitchee, as does the black lion paw of Quints, first found in DORset (near the Stur) and in Essex, same place as Maple's.

The reason that Tree's/True's are a topic is because I wanted to know whether they can trace to Cuneo as per the tree stuck in the fork. It was not immediately possible for me to make a Tree connection to Cuneo. Before getting to that task, there is a Maple surname using the split Shield of Tarves', and the Maple's happen to share "Non vi" and "virTUTE" with the Chives', first found in Tarves. This Maple link to Tarves is new to me right now, thanks to that maple tree. We therefore already have a trace of that fork in the maple tree to Chivasso, near the Cuneo border, and near Turin. It just so happens that Turins, first found in the same place as Tarves, share boar heads bendwise with Maple's. Their Marple variation may indicate Cheshire's Marble's/Marple's with fitchee crosses colors reversed from the Tarves fitchees.

The Huberts are said to be of Marple, and we saw Huberts linking to Baldwins, which I've long traced to the area of Ivrea, near Turin. In fact, the Huberts were of Curzon while Corsons/Carsons use a reflection of the Italian Turin/Ventura Coat.

Tarves' are the ones sharing items in the pattern of the six Savage lions. I'd like to know who first owned that pattern, and why, but I suspect lovers of 666. Just look at the 666-possible imagery in the strings of the hunting horns in the Arms of Trabys, and then see that the Crest of the Arms shares five, white ostrich feathers with the Scales Crest while the Breeze's use a "pair of scales." Then see that Scales' use six scallops in the pattern mentioned above. I have found a way to link the Tree's to Cecils that happen to use six lions in that very pattern.

It starts with the "courant" greyhounds of Tree's. I haven't been able to find what "courant" is code for if not the Correns/Courans ("parrot head between two wings" is part of the Justine-of-Picenum line), and Correns can be gleaned both in the Cecil motto and the black Cecil escutcheons (Corren symbol too). This creates an indirect link of Tree's to the six Eagle lions (in the colors and pattern of the six of Cecils) that are a reversed-color version of the six Savage lions, and this Tree kin trace smack to the Bra area, and to the Bray eagle legs.

Then, when we look at Forkers (same place as Cunninghams) whom are in code with the Cunningham shakefork, and in the "fork" motto term of Cunninghams, they use a giant lion in the colors of the savage lion, tending to assure that Forkers were in Savigliano, and/or married to Savigliano elements. So, you see, it appears that God created the tree trunk in the maple-tree fork. Cunninghams use an "over" motto term while Overs are said to have been from a tenant (in the land of Over) of Hugh D'Avranches.

While Chives' are suspect with the Levite (from the Laevi), Joseph Caiaphas, Cabbage's (now entertained as Savage's / Eagle kin) share the chevron of Levi's and Fothes', the latter first found in the same place as Tarves. It's indicating that Laevi were in Savigliano, and touched upon the eagle legs of Bra-line Brays. I always link Laevi to Ananes Gauls, the line to Annandale, and the Bruce's together with Breeze's can be gleaned with versions of the Annandale Coat. The Ananes were between the Taro and TREBia river.

By the way, the green parrot is shared by Pettys suspect from Pietas-Julia = Pula/Pola. Correns are a branch of Currys/Corrys (in the colors of Jewish Pollocks) that in-turn use a motto term nearly that of Pollocks. It can be added that the Maple boar heads may be those of Speers (same place as Pollocks), but see also the Annandale motto, for Currys/Corrys use a saltire colors reversed from the Annandale saltire. The Annandale motto, "SpeRABO," can be part code for Rabs/Rave's (Rebs/Reps suspect with the triple Levi chevrons come to mind, from the Riparia river), who happen to use the raven (but call it a crow) of Peters and Rothes'/Rothschilds. The Cecil motto seems to have the Coronis crow all over it. The quadrants in the Arms of Rothschild (elephant TRUNKs included) are those of Pettys too. The "vi" motto term of Chives' and Maple's/Marple's must be for the Viu tributary of the Riparia, for the latter comes down near Chivasso. The griffin in the Annandale Crest happens to be the one of Marble's/Merple's.

The first idea coming to mind that Tree's were a Trip / Traby / Trebia branch is that Cabbage's share a white and passant lion in Chief with the Drop/Trope Chief. But the Drops/Trope's use a single lion and nothing more in chief, as does the Breeze Chief. The Breeze stars give the impression of the same with the Tease's/Tye's/Tighs, first found in the same place as Annas', and Joseph Caiaphas married a daughter of the high priest of Israel, Annas. The lion in the Breeze Chief is in the colors of the Legh lion, and the eagle legs of Brays can be a sign that Bra was a Brescia line, especially as the Brice/Briece variations of Breeze's are like "Breaker/Breck," a surname in Breeze colors and beloved of the Bray flax breaker. The Flags/Flacks are in the flags of McLeods/CLOUDs while the Breeze Crest shows a cloud.

Having said that, by what coincidence do Trips use a SCALing ladder while Breeze's use a "pair of scales"? The Scales' share the scallops of Apps, from the Apsus river, location of Tropoje, the line to Drops/Trope's. However, I still haven't proven that the tree trunk was stuck in the fork of the maple as God's code for a Tree/True link to Cuneo's Cunningham line, but we are all over Cuneo liners. The "TREE without LEAVES" (suggesting Laevi connection to Tree's) is used by French Masseys that once showed the Trip boots exactly, colors included (Trips had them changed to shoes). There is a Boot surname said to be from a "Buat" castle (near Falais) smacking of the Bautica river to Chivasso (compare colors of Bauts and Fallis'). The Bautica was also the BALTea while Boltons share "vi" and "virtute" with Chives'.

My senses are that Dutch Breeze's/Bres' use the Bude bow. Bauers (proto-Rothschilds) are bow liners of the Bower kind. Bowers were first found in Peebles-shire while Peeble's share the green parrot with Rothschild-beloved Pettys.

Another consideration is that a solid chevron is a "PERCHEevron," code, I think, for Perche, home of the Bello-like Bellamys. An eagle standing on a PERCH is used by Baut-like Botters/BODE's/Bodins, you see, making Botters, Potters and Bidens/Buttons suspect from Bautica liners. Were Bello liners chiefs from the dastardly Bel god?

There is an alternative derivation of Tree's/True's/Trows from the TRYPillians of ancient Moldova, location of a Trotus river near Angusta (in the Cabbage motto). Trouts (WINDERmere) are also Truebacks/Trowbecks/TREbecks, for example. And then there's Trotts who happen to use nearly the bars of French Sturs while Cabbage's (Stormy lion) are now expected as Savage's (or at least a merger with Savage's) near or on the Stura. Trotts (bear, shared by Stormys) were first found in the same place (Berkshire) as Trip-beloved Boots and Wend liners. The titles of Winds are said to have gone to the Bottle/BOOThill/Buthill bloodline, said to be from the Liverpool area, where the Beatles band came from. The Beatle/Bedwell surname (fire) happens to use an hourglass design, and was first found in Bedfordshire, not far from Berkshire's Windsor castle.

The Trip-beloved Shoe's use a knight, and Knights share the three Stur pale bars on a white Shield, which are the colors of the three bars of German Storms (Mecklenburg, where I trace Trypillians, and beside the first Trips of Hamburg). The maple tree with fork seems to have formed the message that Trypillians were on the Stura.

I recall tracing the maple tree in the high holy day of Bel (May 1) to the Bavarian Illuminati, founded on May 1, 1776. I had a suspicion that the maypole (like "maple") used for that day was a log from a maple tree, and it proved correct. The maypole stands erect, as did my fallen tree (probably a white pine) leaning against the maple tree. Maple's use boar heads, as do Bauer-suspect Burleys/Bourleys (share green Shield with Bauers and Bowers). Burleys were from Boura in Greece. Maple's are the ones who had linked to the Chivasso / Bautica line to Tarves, but the Chives' were first found in Devon as well as in Tarves, and Devon is where TRUEmans (and a Seaton location) were first found who share the chevron of Bautica-suspect Boltons. Perfect. And TREEbys/Trebys (Stormy lion?) were likewise first found in Devon.

As for the Trunks, it's as though God knows what he was doing with a dead and broken trunk against a Maple tree, for while the Bavarian Illuminati was founded by Adam WEIShaupt ("haupt" is "head" in German), Trunks use the two stars of Weis', first found in Bavaria. So, you see, when He blew that trunk down, it was also code for what "my" writings will do to this Illuminati. Right now, that trunk is stuck suspended in the air, caught with it's dead branches in the tight fork. I can abuse that trunk all I want. And I aim to swing it around, and yank it loose, then cut it down to pieces and burn it. Perfect.

The second tree fell pointing to my PATIo door, and Pattys share the same upright lion as Treebys. The Doors/Dorrs happen to use split colors that are also the colors of the Trunk quadrants, and the Door/Door split is vertically in half, as is the Maple and Pati Coat. Both the Maple's and Doors/Dorrs use blue on the right half (viewer's left), and Maple's use the TARVes Shield, a possible Treby liner (i.e. Tarvisium/Treviso may have been a Trebia-river liner).

Can you believe it? The Trunks share the two Zionist stars of Weis'!!! Trunks were first found in Franconia, and the Arms of Franconia (Rake) is in the Arms of Bavaria. There you have absolute proof that the trunk-tree event was about the Bavarian Illuminati.

Truemans are suspect with the Seaton dragon, but look at the Trueman description: "On a gold ducal CORONET, a green wyvern spouting fire at both ENDs proper." The Hume's: "True to the END." ENDers/Ingers were suspect with the arrows of Archers (same place as Tree's/True's!) that use a dragon in mural CORONet. The DUCAL coronet of Truemans must be for Dougals, for Douglas' (Saluzzo Shield?) share the crowned red heart with Truemans, and fire / flames with Truemans and Seatons. The Trypillians (according to their Wikipedia article) burned their houses down ritually (wasteful stupids, expected of satanism).

I feel lucky to find yet another white coney with Jewish Haas'. It happened this way. I reflected on these things: German Sturms were first found in Bavaria with Bauers, and while there's a Danish Bauer branch, the Danish HARcourts use nearly the Sturm Coat. As Harcourts use the HARE bars while Bauers share the blue Here / Herezog wings, I recalled the hare of the Bavaria's Haas' (hare "courant," means all four feet off the ground). I loaded them to see that there is a Jewish branch of Haas', with "A silver shield with a white coney on a patch of grass." Haas' can be a branch of Hasters/Hester (parrot) because the courant coney / hare can be for Correns (parrot), but also because Hasters may have been from Asti.

It's only interesting that the Douglas motto term, "JaMAIS," may be partially for Mais/MAYs. The patch of grass is ever-so interesting as per the strip of grass stain on the white pants of Lorraine, my girlfriend whose symbols were connected to my white-rabbit event as a child. Patch's (same place as English Stewarts) probably share the Alan leaves, and are very likely from KilPatricks on the NITH, where I trace Knights.

Perhaps a better theory for a branch of Haas' is the squirrel-using Hazels (Cheshire, where we can expect white-rabbit / Cuneo liners), for Squirrels were first found in the same place as Patch-like Pattys. The Patty Crest can even have the Cabbage lion. The Hazel crescents are also those of DORsets and Dutch Breeze's, which recalls my trace of Hazels to modern Has (land of the Cavii) of Albania, on the south side of the Daorsi. Hazels use the House/HAUSS leaves but House's call them cabbage leaves, indicating a Laevi merger with Cabbage's, even as Cabbage's are suspect with a Levi chevron and the Levi lion in colors reversed. And, ahhh, the Windsor-likely Winds (share stag head with Windsors) must be using the cross of the Berkshire House's in colors reversed. In the picture of this paragraph, squirrel liners crossed paths with coney liners in the Hazels (branch of stag-using Islips/Haslips).

I traced Has to Hesse, and here it can be added that Hasts/Asts share the giant sun with Hesse's. Modern has is near ancient Gabuleum, suspect with the sun god, El-Gabal in Syria. It was a way to begin establishing that HASmoneans (Israel) were from the ancestors of the namers of Has (on the Mathis/Mat river, suspect with Mattathias, the first-known Hasmonean). I'm recalling the white-rabbit logo on the floor MAT of the white Rabbit Volkswagen (owned by Joel) Hmm, I've just re-checked Wagens to find a near-copy of the Venel Coat, interesting where Venels were first found in Norfolk with Hasts/Asts. The Venels are now considered a branch of Neels, the latter first found in the same place as Joels! Amazing. I can't make all of this up. Neels use "factis" and Mathie's use "Fac et."

I'd like to visit the Becks even though Trouts/Truebecks were not a merger with them. English Becks share the moline cross of French Mareys'/Maris', expected to be the flory cross of Bouillons (Bus colors), the latter first found in the same place as Bautica-liner Bauts/Bots/Baux's/BAUS'. The brother of Godfrey de Bouillon was BALDwin I, first Templar king of Jerusalem, whose name is suspect from "BALTea." Baldwins ("Je") and Waldwins share the green wyvern with Truemans. One should expect lines from the killers of Jesus in this picture. German Bauts/Baults share "bello" with Bouillons, and may be using the Moray stars because Morays come up as "Marey." There is a question on whether German Bauts/Baults use the solid Chappes chevron because Bouillons share the Moor head with Chappes', and because Elizabeth Chappes married Hugh de Payens, the first Templar at Jerusalem under rule by de-Bouillon's family.

Back we go to the Beck / Mareys/Maris moline (BUS colors), for the latter are said to be descended from the house of BOUSis. The Becks (Pellican colors) share the pelican in Crest with Arthurs, recalling that the latter's branch at Clapton married Tewkesburys and Meads. The Tewkesburys use a castle in both colors of the similar tower of Pellicans (Maine, beside Perche), and Means use the Coat with Pellicans of Godfreys. Claptons was also PORTISmouth while Portis'/Porch's share the giant Bus cinquefoil. There is reason in this to trace Bus ancestry to the Bautica, as though Bus liners were also Budin / Boden liners, and such. The ancient Budini lived south of Kiev, and I read that Trypillia was a city south of Kiev too.

It can be added that while Arthurs were a branch of Artois', where the family of Godfrey de Bouillon worked out of, the Douglas' (Moray/Mareys stars) use a motto term that can be for the Arrey variation of Arras'/Arrows, that being from the Artois capital. The tower in the Arrey/Arrow Crest is red, which is what the Pellican tower would be in colors reversed. The Arthurs were from/of the Arduinici on the Bautica river, no coincidence.

The Beck-like Beckets (perchevron), first found in the same place as English Mareys, share the red-on-gold lion with them, and while Mareys are also Morays, the same star as Morays is used by French Becs/Bez'/Bes'/Bets. It all looks connectable. The Trouts/TroutBECKs use fish in the colors of the Saraca fish, and the latter's is on a fesse, as is the fish of BOETs/Butts/Butts. I trace the Saraca fish to the formation of the fleur-de-lys at Lille, off the Lys river of Artois. The Israeli house of BOETus was one that furnished some/all Sadducees, and this was the house to which Caiaphas and/or Annas could/should have belonged.

Saraca's were originally in Kotor, beside Butua (Budva), from mythical Kodros that had a fish symbol. The mythical NEREID had a fish symbol, and they trace to the NERETva river, home of the Daorsi, because Nereids were from the marriage of Nereus with Doris. We get it. Wikipedia says that Saraka's went from Kotor to Ragusa, near the Neretva. It's expected that Ardiaei (ended up on Bute) were related to Saraca's at some point.

Buz was the second-listed son of Nahor, brother of the Biblical Abraham. The Neuri were on the Bug river of Ukraine, where Trypillians should have reached into. The BUGs use water BOUGets, smacking of "bucket" (thanks to YS for this tip) because water bougets are water containers. The Buckets smack of Beckets. French Buckets/Bouquets use cinquefoils colors reversed from the same of Challengers, the latter first found inn the same place as English Buckets/Bockets/Buchards. Beckets share the raven (but call it a Cornish chough) with water-bouget Rolphs/Ralphs. Nahor's third-listed son was KEMUEL, which can explain why HAMILtons share the Bus cinquefoil. Hamiltons use a TREE (Tree's/True's are suspect as Trypillians, and Trouts show True variations), and the full Hamilton motto, "Through," smacks of "True/Trew/Trow," Tree variations. I hope you enjoyed this enlightening discussion.

There is an arm of the CIA, some say, Booz Allen Hamilton. It has headquarters in Virginia, at McLEAN. Before getting down to here, I looked Leans up because my fallen tree was leaning. Virginia is the state where Charlottesville hoax took place, making Booz Allen Hamilton a suspect. Virginia may have been named after the Virgin surname beloved in the Arms of Ghent, a city at the end of the Lys river. The Lys/Lisse Coat shares courant greyhounds with Tree's/True's, what a coincidence, for I had a compulsion earlier today to investigate Tree links from that fallen tree. Moreover, I trace Lisse's to Lissus, an ancient location smack in the land of the Cavii, the line to the Chives' that we saw in the Tree/True investigation.

Booz Allen Hamilton is in FAIRfax county while Irish Fairs share the moline cross of Fiers/Fere's while TROPoje is in Fier county. The fairs happen to use the Fier moline in both colors of the Beck / Mareys moline. When I click on the McLean, Virginia link at the Booz Allen Hamilton article (Wikipedia), it brings me to a page for Tyson's Crossroads (Fairfax county), and while Fairfax's share "virtute" with Boltens, Boltens (from the Bautica, near the Ticino/Tessin) can be using the chevrons of Tiss'/Tease's/Tice's (same place as Botters/Bodins, Potters, Bidens/Buttons) i.e. expected as a Tyson/Tesson branch: "Known originally as Peach Grove, the area received the designation Tysons Crossroads after the Civil War. William Tyson, a Maryland native from Cecil County, purchased a tract of land from A. Lawrence Foster." Didn't we see Cecils worked into the courant greyhounds of Tree's/True's? And a C. Allen Foster, while in Washington (beside Fairfax) with John B Poindexter, invited judge Scalia to his death. Mr. Foster actually flew down with Scalia, and, apparently, convinced him in Texas to put off his body guards for the hunting "vacation" at Poindexter's ranch.

To put this another way, the white-rabbit mystery was firstly about the killers of Scalia, and the entire point of the Tree investigation was to see whether it could link to the Cunningham shakefork, while Cunninghams are integral to Coney-rabbit liners. McLean is said to be named after a former publisher of the Washington Post. In the McLean article, what a coincidence: "The community lies in the Piedmont upland on the west bank of the Potomac River." Cuneo is in Piedmont of Italy.

AHA! Incredible. The Fairfax surname has a "feray" motto term, and there is a Feray/Fairlie/Fairy surname (water bougets, almost the Bug Coat) said to be from a Fairlie area that was once "Cunninghame, Largs and Lauderdale"!!! Hee hee. I followed the rabbit to Booz Allen Hamilton, and found the Cunningham family. Ferays/Fairlie's were first found in Ayrshire along with Cunninghams and Forkers. Amazing. Ferays/Fairlie's use the colors and format of Brays/Brae's, and a "Paratus" motto term that can be for the ancient name of Moldova's Prut...on the Ukraine border = downtown Trypillia.

I had connected the Neuri on the Bug with the ROXolani Alans long before learning of Booz ALLEN Hamilton. I read that "Roxolani" was a ROS-Alan combo, of the Alan Huns. But here I find that the Ros/Ross clan of Tarbert held Fairlie in historical times. Tarberts/Turbots (in the Lawrence Crest) happen to share fish in the colors of the Ged / Trout/Trueback fish.

We have found Trypillians at Ayrshire. It's also notable that the Fairfax Coat ("Je") is roughly that of Mauds/MOLDs, indicating MOLDova. This latter country is beside Transylvania, location of Biharia, what I trace to a Biggar location at the Lanarkshire / Glasgow theater (beside Ayrshire). Trypillians had an hourglass goddess, as Wikipedia called it, and once showed an ancient image of her. I found it interesting that Houstons of GLASgow use an hourglass, as do Bug-like Books/Boggs. The Biggar Coat (Glass stars) is used by Largs' (savage!), which we saw in "Cunninghame, Largs and Lauderdale." The Lords/Lauds (Ampton cinquefoils) in the Glasgow motto must be a branch of Lauderdale's/Lorderdale's (same place as Books/Boggs), and Ladys/Laudymans (NorthAMPTONshire, same place as Brays) have been reckoned a branch of Anchors in the Paisley/Pasley Coat. Let's not forget the Baut / Butt liners, for Glass' were first found in Buteshire, off the Ayrshire Coat. Compare the Coats of Lords/Lauds, Glaze's (probably the Lanark heart) and Douglas'.

Repeat: "Nicholas de Vere, a high priest of some Drakenberg cult perhaps associated closely with modern Baphomet, placed a fairie lady which he also called the 'elvin princess,' and whom he called Melusine/Milouziana, on Avalon. There is a Very/Fairie surname much like 'Ivrea."' That Very surname was first found in Lanarkshire, making it capably a branch of Ferays/Fairie's. The Verys/Fairie's use the lion of Mauds/Maids/Molds (the Fairfax Coat with the red lion of Verys/Fairie's would better match with the Maid/Mold Coat), but see also the Cornwall lion and compare the Cornwall motto to the Fairfax motto [note the colors of the Were's (i.e. Fack colors), first found in Devon along with Cornwalls]. English Verys/Verrers (Vere colors) are in the Breeze/Brice Coat, likely, because Were's share the Bruce motto.

Books/Boggs are loved by the book of Roets, the latter using the boar heads of Speers (same place as Glasgow) and the Maple's. Roet-related Rodhams were first found in the same place as Largs, and Books/Boggs with Lauderdale's were first found in the same place as Blythe's, the birth surname of Hillary Rodham's husband. I always link Blythe's to the Keppocks, suspect from the namers of Kiev.

The Largs arrows (with the savage in Crest) can suggest that Largs are a branch of the Lurch/Larcher (arrows) branch of Archers, but I think this was part of the Enders/Ingers that are beloved of Truemans, and so let's add that Inger was a Varangian (the first-known Varangian) in the times that Varangians ruled Kiev. Inger's wife, Melissena, was identified (by me) as mythical Melusine, the mermaid in the Glass / Moray Crest.

I traced king MenuMAROT (Khazar) of Biharia to Moray (where Dallas' were first found that share the Biggar Coat), and Morays are clearly kin of Glass'. So, my opinion now is that Glass' began as Wallis-canton liners, but morphed to "Glass" in honor of the hourglass goddess. This theory places Trypillians in Wallis canton. In fact, Walsers of Wallis canton (lived in the Lys valley of Aosta) share the Glass / Moray merMAID, and Maids are also the Molds, better reason yet to trace Molds to Moldova. I trace Sion (Wallis Canton) to the Sensii scythians on the south side of what is now Moldova. North of the Sensii were the Roxolani and the Cotesii (proto-Cottians), both on the modern BUZau river of Moldova. That part of Moldova was WALLACHia, where Wallis-liner Walch's/Walsh's trace with Walkers. I've got most of the puzzle pieces together, making it easier to get the remaining ones in place, but I still need falling trunks and windstorms to get them right.

Honestly, for the past three weeks, all I wanted to do was give God credit for dumping those trees for me, without them hitting the roof or windows. Then I wanted to thank Him for the much-needed dry firewood from all three trees right at my doorsteps, because, for a couple of weeks earlier, I was lugging wood from as much as 150 feet away. I should be stunned at what else these trunks provided, but I'm getting used to this. The Haas-line white rabbit is a Hasmonean > Maccabee line, and Maccabees include my Masci line, first found around Bra. I feel that this larger trunk caught in the maple fork can indeed represent God's breakdown of the modern Bavarian Illuminati, whatever it now be, through my work. I could repeat the Baptist's words: "The Axe (Jesus) is already at the base of the tree."

But how possibly could my mere words bring down the deep state Illuminatists? One way depends on whose reading me, and how God can be framing the words for him/her/them. Another way is for them to come after me, when God reserves the right to protect me, and give to them the thing they tried to bring against me. If they hire a killer, God holds the buyer accountable. If they kill a non-believer, God may not serve immediate justice, but if they go after one of His, it's a different matter. That's the lesson of Armageddon.

I was writing about Nicholas de Vere for some years, finding that his words fit into my own quest for the roots of the dragon bloodline. Mine was a quest for the Biblical dragon, and exposure, but his was a quest for "dragon blood," in the genes, what he considers a glorious thing (spit!), a nutty idea because, bluntly, Nicholas was a nut. And so he contacted me by email one day, with a too-friendly message, saying even that he respected me. I was seeing a red flag. After a couple of email exchanges that disappointed him, I didn't hear from him again, and he passed away (in his 50s I think) a year or so later. I didn't want to entertain that he died because he was trying to find me to punish me, but that idea suddenly becomes more reasonable where I'm convinced of the world-class task God has through me. Here's Nicholas after he discussed Baphomet a little (nothing worth mentioning):

The Imperial and Royal Dragon Court appears repeatedly throughout the history of my family. It is the physical, cultural manifestation of the Dragon spirit inherent within the Vere Dragon blood, reaching back long before the time of Christ.

Briefly, to give a few examples, in more recent times it was the Royal Court of the Dragon Princess Milouziana from whom we are descended in numerous lines, and later it was the fairy Court of Alberic de Vere, the legendary Oberon.

So, he claims that the Vere's of Oxford had some leaders of a Drakenberg cult. He was general in tracing further back through scythians, but I found his line in the Varni (probably proto-Varangians), mentioned by Tacitus in 98 AD. I assume the Varni were up in northern Europe from BC times, but I can't be sure what name they went by. The Varni and Angles worshiped NERTHus (mother-earth stupidity), a term I trace to the Neretva river, where I'm now tracing Doors / Dorrs. It reminds me of Terry McAdorey, whose mother was a witch. Both Terry and his sister hung themselves to death, so sad. I expect Nerthus to be from the Neuri and to include the Roxolani Alans to Dol. Did the wind blow down those Illuminati trunks? Well, Nerthus was from Enarete, wife of mythical Aeolus (brother of Dorus), the symbol of the wind.

I trace the wyVERN dragon to Varni, and Drake's (same place as Budini-suspect Botters/Budins, etc) use one. Then there is another green wyvern with Scone's (Stirlingshire, expected from the Stura) who share the tower of NARbonne's/DeNARDo's, a branch of NORTHs. It's got Nerthus all over it. The Lombards also worshipped Nerthus, and Lombards were made, by some writings, the partners / branch of a Vinili peoples, smacking of the Veneli/Unelli of Crociatonum...which I'm now seeing from Oneglia = Imperia. The Boofima cult of Africa was officiated by an Imperi people, you see, and they conducted human and goat sacrifices while Baphomet was the Templar god with a satanic-like goat head.

I had traced the Imperi to PERIgord (France), and was satisfied that the Gords applied. I now find, thanks to the Illuminati trunks that God knocked down, that the Bavarian-Illuminati line of Maple's share the gold-on-blue boar heads of Gords. Amazing, is it not? You can't say I made that story of the trunks up from fantasy just to make this link to Boofima. In colors reversed, the gold boars are blue, the Vere symbol, though the Weir branch of Vere's use it in gold. So, Vere's were from Boofima. Compare the Nagle's (Oneglia = Imperia liner) with Weirs, then note that the Irish Weirs use the lozenges (Nagle symbol too) of the Ligurian Grimaldi's (Imperia is in Liguria), and that the Vere's use their lozenges bendwise (on a diagonal), as does the Arms of Bavaria. The Arms of Oxford uses a BEAVER. Grimaldi's were from Grimoald of Bavaria (predated Templars), I therefore claim. Maple's love the Nons/Nevins, as do Nagle's, and both use "sed" too.

Hmm, when Joel surprised be with his white rabbit, we drove to Parry, and Parrys (lozenges in the colors of Bavarian lozenges) happen to use a good reflection of the Nagle Coat, suggesting that Parry liners were from the Imperi / Perigord. Barrys use the triple double-bars of Fairfax's. Wow, you won't believe what just happened. I looked for a Fax surname, but not finding one, I tried "Fack," and found the Facks listed with Fazakerleys, is Shake/Shakerley colors and first found in the same place. Before we drove to Parry, we were on SHAKle street!! I'm always amazed by surprises like this. And Shakle's share gold lozenges ("lozenge buckles") on a FESSE with Nagle's. Fessys were from Liguria's Fieschi (Genoa), kin / associates of Grimaldi's.

I need to say that the maple-tree trace to Bavaria was from a tip from an emailer who used "faery" in her email address. It's as though God has made my entire life a surname story all linking to this evil and wicked thing, the Illuminati.

The Facks/Fazackerleys (looks rooted in "Shakerley-like Zackerly?) are said to have merged with Waltons, who in-turn share a Coat like that of Venels. Is that not amazing? We're right back to Oneglia liners. God needs to prove to you that these links all over the place are humanly impossible for anyone to make by fabrications, even if one tries over a lifetime. The Fack variation, or the end of "fairFAX," can be a line of Fists/Fausts / Fasts. I read that Poindexter is a leader in the International Order of Saint Hubertus, and when I saw a photo of the cult, he was standing beside the leader at the center. Poindexter may be a leader due to the importance of his surname, which uses the Fist/Faust fist. Again, the Vasto's were ruled in Cuneo.

Shake's/Shakerleys don't use a mole, but molehills, suggesting connection to both Hills and Molle's. Molle's use a boar head half in the colors of the Gord / Maple boar head, and Molle's are surely from MumMOLIN, the grandfather of Grimo, a Grimaldi line predating Grimoald of Bavaria. The Hills were first found in the same place as Squire's/Squirrels, expected as a branch of the esquire helmet in the Poindexter Crest. I had a dream that pointed to Poindexter's cult. I'll retell a small portion of that dream.

I was working on the murder of Scalia at the time of the dream. In it, I was on a HILL as the dream began, and there was a sleeping bag lying on the ground. I went over and picked it up (I don't remember the color). This was a massive dream compared to what I normally can recall, but that's all I'm going to say for now. When I awoke, I recalled the robes of the Hubertus cult which I had seen in a photo the day before. The robes were black (here's the photo down the page), but they all had a red band showing down one side only, which, I think, was the color of the inner lining of the robes. In any case, my sleeping bag in real life, which I was sleeping under when the dream occurred, is almost all black except for a band of red down the one side. I was amazed, but by this time, God had shown me successive dreams (over mere months only) that proved to be from Him, which all amazed me because this was not typical treatment toward me over the past 40 years as a believer. Suddenly, God was turning on dreams as messages from himself.

So, you see, the Hills were in the dream with the sleeping bag that represented Poindexter's cult. The leader lives in Mexico but stems from some Austrian nobility, and so I assume that Poindexter has been the cult's American leader. I wonder whether many others political murders have taken place at his ranch? Hills were first found in the same place as BabCOCKs/BADcocks, who were resolved from the cousins, Babon and Badon, the latter another grandson of Mummolin. And Bags use the Grimaldi / COCK Coat (shares the Babcock rooster). It's already amazing, but there's more.

Bags were in Gaywood (Norfolk), and Gaywoods (Norfolk) share the white tower with Hills. The Bag Chief shows the Challenger cinquefoils, and Challengers are suspect with Chalons i.e. with Chalons-sur-Marne, home of Mummolin, grandfather of Grimo. Grimo's father and Mummolin's son was Babon, and there is a Babon surname (beside Norfolk) using more boar heads, and perhaps the Sleep fesses. Babons are properly Bavents after a location of that name, which may have been a Bavarian line from Babon's descendants. The Babon/Bavent Crest shows the black Eston/Aston boar head (because Babons were at Eston-Bavent), indicating that Babons can be using two of the three fesses of Ester-related Sturs. As French Sturs use the three pale bars of Garlands, note the Hill Crest, "a garland of laurel." The Styre variation of Sturs is then Bag-interesting because German Bachs/Backs (BAVARia) use a steer, as well as the blue wings of BAUERs / Here's/Herrs (same place as Bechers/Beckers) and Here's/Heyers.

So, if we think that Bags and Bachs should trace to Cuneo's Stura, it can explain why German Haas' (hare, possibly for Here's/Herrs) can be a branch of House's/Hauss' and Hazel's that share the leaf design of Dutch Bakers/Beckers, like the Bacher variation of Bachs. And while House's/Hauss' call them cabbage leaves, Cabbage's share in their Chief the lion of English Bakers/Backers. English Beckers use the blue vair fur of Welsh Bachs/Baghs as well as a "Bis" motto term suspect with the iBEX GOAT of Weishaupts (surname that founded Bavarian Illuminati). You can verify below that Weishaupts use a goat called an ibex:

My apologies, I've been calling the Weishaupt an ibis for years. Perhaps it was the error of the people at the website above (sine fixed), or my error. "IBEX" fits the Becker liners much better, and of course a goat is the Boofima and Baphomet symbol. Bachs/Backs were from pharaoh APACHnas, a Hyksos king (trust me). The Biss' use the scallops of English Bakers/Backers and Bray-beloved Flacks, as well as an "Ayez" motto term possibly for the Eyes variation of Here / Heyer liners. We can cap all of this with the coney rabbit of Jewish Haas', and I read from one writer that Apachnas was identical to Khyan, perhaps named after Kenites that later named Cuneo.

In the Biss Crest are the two snakes respecting each other of Nettle's, perhaps a branch of German Nestle's (Swabia, overlaps Bavaria) that share the two Weis stars. "Weis" and "Biss" together had been suggestively traced to Issa, also called Vis, an island off the Illyrian coast that I later found was a place of rule for queen Teuta and her step-son, king PINNES, of the Ardiaei. Let's not neglect the PINE tree, therefore, caught in the maple's fork. Amazing, is it not? English Pine's (pineapples) use the colors and format of Irish Arthurs, expected.

I had forgotten about Teuta when on the Tute's and Twitch's/Twiggs. And, by the way, Gore's (Boofima suspects) are said to be from the Teviot (like "Tweed") river, which, I think, was a fork of the Tweed, now it's tributary. The Tweed is the river into Berwick, and Arthurs were first found in Berwickshire.

French Pine's may be with the cinquefoils-on-fesse of Ardens (same place as Tree's/True's) in someone else's colors. Remember, the True's are in "True TO THE end" of Hume's, a motto suspect with the Teuta-like Tooths, and the latter surname shares the Lauder/Leather griffin while Lauders named Lauder in Berwickshire. It recalls the Lauderdale location in Ayrshire that came up with Forker-suspect Ferays/Fairlie's/Fairie's. Upon discovering that, I went on the shown that Lauderdale's/LORDerdale's were a branch of Lords/Lauds...who happen to use the cinquefoils of French Pine's!! The pine trunk was in the fork! Amazing. It seems that God wants to point out the end-time line from Pinnes and Teuta, the Arthurian cult in general, as the object of His wrath.

In the same way that the German "burg" is anglicized as "bury," or as per the 'g' looking like a 'y,', "Fork(er)/Farqu(har)" can become "Fory/Fary > Feray." There is a French Fory/Faurie surname with "green tree," and looking like a version of the Panico / Dowling/Dooling / Roet Coat. Forkers/Farquhars are said to have birthed Fergus, and while Fergusons share the Ferrara lion, Panico's were at Bologna, near Ferrara.

Lauders use the motto and "tree stump" of Laurie's, a branch of Lowrys/Glorys, and the emailer with "faery" in her address was Lori (she claimed to be very sick with pancreatic cancer, and may have passed away). I've got two tree stumps remaining from that wind storm. Compare Stumps/Stomps to Rake's. As both use the colors and format of Brays (same place as Ladys/Laudymans), Stumps/Stomps may have been a variation from "Sturm/Storm." If so, there is yet another amazing thing about the event.

Rake's use "HONEStum" while Hones' (wavy blue fesses) can be a Cone branch. Rake's share the chevron pean of Hamons (from Hamon-de-Masci) who have a "rimini" term buried in their motto while Maschi's of Rimini use PINE CONEs. The Hamon Crest shares the antler with Cone's and Conte's. It's that expected Masci link to Cuneo liners, and may not be linking to the Franconian Rake. The bull heads of the Franconian Trunks can be of the Cheshire Buckleys, for Bucks use antlers in the colors of the Cone / Conte antlers. There you have yet another trunk-event link to Bavaria, only it now touches directly on my mother's Masci line. German Bucks use the wings of Herrs/Herrs and Bachs/Backs in black, suggesting that Bucks were their branch.

German Hone's and German Bucks use the same lion as Beauforts, the latter a branch of Roets, suspect with Rhodes' (same place as English Bucks) and the Round-Table Illuminati named after king Arthur's round table. The Beauforts have a branch (same chevrons as Stumps / Rake's / Brays) that look like a branch of BalFOURs ("FORward" motto term") whom I had looked up when on the Forys above. Arthur Balfour (former British prime minister) is said to have been a satanist in cahoots with Round Table elements. Roets (Gore / Maple boar heads) had been clinched as Boofima liners even before finding the Maple's.

It was reasoned that "Boof" became BOUGHs/Bows (same motto as Roets, same place as Conte's), as well as the BOGGs/Books in the Roet book. It explains "BEAUFort" (descended directly from Catherine Roet). Bogens (a bow) of Bavaria should apply to Boofima, and Bogens (Bug colors) are said to have owned the Bavarian lozenges prior to the formation of the Arms of Bavaria. Boffs/Boeffs are in Beef/Boeuf colors, and Beefs/Boeufs (same fesse as Nagle's/O'Nagle's...form Oneglia = IMPERia) were first found in Perigord (this is why I traced Boofima's ImPERI peoples to the naming of PERIgord. It is very amazing, and I claim that God used Miss Florida, as she wants to be known here, to tip me off on Boofima. This was a very-important tip, and she has played other roles in this revelation, inadvertently to begin with.

The "vox" motto term of Nagle's must be for Vaux-branch Faux's/Chaulnes', first found in Perigord, a branch of Saunier's/Saulnier's (Perigord again). This may have been a Chalons-sur-Marne line. Faux's//Chaulnes' use the same fleur as Chalons-liner Croziers, and the Chief is that of Panico's so that it can be a version of the Roet Chief.

The "alaRUM" motto term of Lauders (giant griffin in the colors of the giant Beaufort lion) looks like part-code for Laurie's and part for Rome's/Rooms, first found in Dumfries with Laurie's, and honoring Pings/Pongs/Pungs in their motto suspect with Panico / Pinc branches. Roets and Boughs use "VeRUM."

Hmm, the Fage variation of Faux's/Chaulnes' got me to seeking vage-like terms, which found Spanish Vega's/Vegas' using the same giant eagle as Vienne's. If Vienne's were from Vienne-Isere, that's beside Lyon while Mummolin of Chalons-sur-Marne was the son of ARTEMia, daughter of Rusticus of Lyon (5th century). Artems were first found in the same place as Arthurs.

CrunchTime Has Come: Who's Side is Trump On?

Christopher Wray has now said that he's been able to view top-secret documents, and has not seen any Trump collusion with Russia. Mueller now needs to find a way to get Wray over to his side of the schism. We shall see, but going over to Mueller's side is a little like wanting to be a fellow desperado with a swan song.

If you want to see a long list of Trump supporters (comments section) turning on him thanks to not one person arrested who should have been months ago, see Dave Hodges' readership:

If the CIA doesn't do the business of the president, then who does it work for? Okay, a new president comes in, and the CIA informs him as to what the long-term agendas have been. The president then gets to tweak the programs, or scrap them altogether. But if the CIA causes the president problems for any tweaking / scrapping decisions, and especially if it tries to manipulate the president, then it can become a shadow / alternative government because the CIA has incredible powers over people by its spy powers. The people are seeing this very power struggle at this time. A green president Trump probably felt that he had to play the CIA tune to some degree, but with time, as Trump learns to use the strings he has to work with, he can take more control. There is always the chance that the CIA will purchase (make a deal with) or blackmail Trump for exploitation. But the CIA should never try to do this because it's illegal / unconstitutional.

Trump's not tweeting as much, or else the media isn't covering his tweets as much. Which is it? is Kelly professionalizing him? Are we not allowed to know anymore what he thinks except for what his speech writers want us to think he thinks? Isn't that typical presidential politics? People on the streets like an off-the-cuff president, someone who communicates from his heart, not from his plastic speech writer. If Trump thinks the Democrats will criticize him less from words fashioned by a speech writer...

I can't find any news to fulfill the original purpose of this section. Who's side is Trump on? No one's saying. But wait, look, Laura Trump has the Trump TV:

Hmm. She didn't say one bad thing about the president. She's just like a speech writer, isn't she?

Here's what could be a fake-story on Muslim sleeper cells inside the U.S. I would suggest that Trump gave the wink to put this story out, if indeed it is a faked story:

The story above looks like a deep-state response to criticisms that terror acts in the U.S. / Britain are always from loners, which spells F.A.K.E. Here's what may have been a CIA / FBI hoax trying to convince someone that Hitler escaped to South America:

The above is an example of a good youtube production. Perhaps the CIA purpose was to convince some inside the U.S. that true sightings of Hitler there were false. I can't find much news to add for this section, sorry.


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