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August 29 - September 4, 2017

SonofNewo Discovers More than He's Admitting at Charlottesville
The Maroon Van Squeals on Hitler's Crew
Chuck Grassley Posse Armed with Wraygun: Expanding the White-Rabbit Mystery

I'm not taking email at this time, here's why. I apologize to all having left email, as I can't even mail to inform you.

For any Christian that becomes upset at God for the Houston hurricane: you should have considered opting out of being a Christian when you first read that the end times will see a surge in natural disasters. Or, if you're going to be a solid Christian, you need to stay steady with God through terrible events. It's not necessarily the case that God caused this hurricane; it could be that, in the past, He was kind enough to turn the winds of other hurricanes slower, but that, this year, he's so disgusted with the United States that he simply let nature take place without making the storm milder. Unusual cold weather in the north this year is likely responsible for the large amounts of rain, for rain is a result of warm front meeting cold front.

I've found a video on the Charlottesville car attack with a speaker being very cautious not to sound like a conspiracy theorist. He's discussing the cameraman who saw the attack car a few minutes before the crash, but doesn't tell his audience the obvious, that this cameraman was part of the staged plot. We can tell because his cameraman veers away from the man he's focused on, right to the attack car (it's obvious that the plot was to capture it). But there are other tell-tale signs, especially when the camera arrives smack-dab to the general crash area with the get-away in progress (see it at 17:44).

This video even shows that the same cameraman walked by the crash-site intersection (ridiculous), capturing the dark van that got hit right there a few minutes later. And, later, at 12:35, the same van is shown again, and is said to be PARKED there. It is extremely unlikely that a van would be parked at an intersection, in the middle of the road (not on the curb or a parking space), on a normal day. No protestors have yet filled the intersection. What excuse does the driver have for still being there five minutes later?

Forget the excuse. This van was part of the staging. Someone had to block other cars from coming down this way because it was protected by the city for this act. Believe it. The protesters were at that time being prepared to fill the intersection so that no one could see what was being prepared behind the van. It's obvious.

Just before the 15-minute mark, the speaker raises the question of why the attack car was captured (Fischer video) at what I called (last update) the "red intersection" at least 75 seconds before the crash some 200-300 feet down the road. Even if we choose 300 feet, that's an average of only 3 mph, slower than a walk. Another cameraman, and another member of the staging, claimed that the car was accelerating and moving fast (about five seconds (about 45 mph) from intersection to crash), and for this trick his video was sped up. But here we have apparent confirmation that the car was so slow from the red intersection that the implication is: it stopped when arriving, and the team then set up the fake crash by ramming gently into the Toyota, and pushing it and the dark van ahead slowly while both were in neutral or drive.

Even if the 75 seconds was half as much, it's still very problematic, for we see the car moving steadily, without stopping, into the crash spot. You can't get the two cars to look as they did by driving 6 mph. In fact, I'm not sure that 45 mph would do it.

I'm just repeating on paper what the speaker says, in case the video disappears. The entire attack as shown by plotter cameras, starting at the red intersection, is shown at 18:23, and the car is backing up at the same intersection at 18:43, 20 seconds later (we didn't see the crash in these 20 seconds; the car could have been taped on a different day). Yet our man in blue shows that the Fischer video has 75 seconds for the 20-second event. That looks like a bust, and Donald Trump can take this gang to court, acting a hero at the same time...but Trump won't do it. One needs only to begin by arresting the cameramen, but the FBI won't do it. Our man in the blue shirt says he was tipped off by someone, who took the time to make this discovery. Excellent work. Our man in blue tells us that the image with the wee car passing was flipped, making the car appear to be going in the wrong direction, suggesting that Fischer's people deliberately flipped it to confound investigators. The plotters goofed by having Fischer shoot the car coming to the crash at all, for they thereby created a contradiction in the timing of the event.

At 20:47, the attack car is supposedly less than a second from the crash, yet has its brake lights on. Why did the plotters show this? I don't know, but it may not be from their camera. Compare with 20:51, with no brake lights on. There are several still images of this part of the trip from what seems to be the same camera, yet I've never seen the video. Perhaps the authorities forbade the owner of the camera to put out the video version (would show a very slow car, probably stopped for some time).

Our man in blue does a fantastic job by finding the owner of the dark van, then discovering what he expected, that the car was sold and bought, just a few months before the crash, from a wrecking company! Excellent. Curiously, between 2007 and May 19, 2017, the 2007 van was registered in Montana, yet owned by a wrecking company (Copart Inc) in Dallas since February of this year. On the Title (ownership) of the vehicle upon this sale, the van was described as "Junk and Salvage." As of April 18 of this year, some piece of paperwork had it in Helena, Montana.

My computer wouldn't come back on after taking a break here, and I lost my spot in the video about half way through. See the 5-minute video below to the end; while you're at it, note that the 2nd set of screams, supposedly way down at the crash site, sound much closer to the camera than they are, evidence of a sound track over the visuals. Also note that we never see the car stop, which it probably did, because the cameraman was directed to look away as it came to a stop.

Here's one I (or youtube) missed last week;

At 22 seconds in the video below, the woman in green turns out to have blond hair. Charlotte, who I discussed in the last update as per a dream from God nearly 40 years ago, has blond hair. When I first saw her in the dream, she was standing in front of a car. She, very heavy, landed on a convertible roof after supposedly doing a flip in the air (she didn't), but you wouldn't know it by looking at it. Besides, she was twirling the wrong way (not shown in this video), for the landing that she's shown with. It's even hard to imagine how she could be twirling as she's shown by a car-bumper impact.

In case anyone wants the near-29,000 emails that White Rabbit claims to be Hillary's, you might be able to download them below; I didn't try because I don't know that it's not a booby trap, and I don't need the headaches right now of a crashed computer. Do it at your own risk. It probably won't hurt to put it on a thumb drive, and it would be safer because no can spider your thumb drive if you keep it offline. If you download to your hard drive, the goons may be able to spider you and learn that you possess the file. If there are viruses or spyware, I figure they won't infect your computer until you open some of the emails.!N2YjFCzQ!dP66-Chxpr7jM-KCho04Dw

There are dozens of websites announcing that the White Rabbit dumped the emails online, but no one has made any comment so far as I can find on what the file possesses. Judicial Watch doesn't seem to mention them at all. It's possible that White Rabbit works for the same that put on Charlottesville, for one of the leaders is Brennan Gilmore, a government pawn who participated in a production, KONY 2012, which touches on child abductions (in Africa). From the very start, before White rabbit came out with the email dump (or whatever it is), my white-rabbit mystery involved coney rabbits, and was predicting the exposure / fall of the Clintons. Conincidence? I expect more to come.

Some say that Kony 2012 was a foreign-policy hoax by the Americans. Even so, there were accusations that children were being abducted for war, which can amount to a smokescreen hiding the real reason that African children were being abducted.

As a surname, Brennan Gilmore's first name comes up as BRAmen, which is right-on white-rabbit lines. The Bramens/Brennans share the Geneva lions (and maybe the three CONnaught swords), and the last update showed why Geneva, daughter of Charlotte, was a symbol of pedophilia. It all makes a lot of sense because Charlotte is being viewed as God's symbol for the plotters behind Charlottesville, and therein you have Gilmore centrally involved.

A symbol of pizzagate was Mamie and Cindy. I can't go over it all again here. And a symbol of the neo-Nazi's was Miss Covert. The Courts/Coverts use a "GRANDescunt" motto term, which can be partially for the Cunty variation of Cindys. I neglected to say that French Grands share the hunting horn in both colors of the Breaker/Breck horns, and then a "flax BREAKER" is used by Brays/Brae's...who were clinched as a Bra line in the last update. There's good reason for tracing the Cindy-Crest lion to the one in the Arms of BRIXia, and Breakers/Brecks may have been Brixia liners.

Here's Gilmore, the liar with a canned news report: "'Bodies went flying — up onto the hood of the car and into the air,' Mr. Gilmore said. 'It was horrifying.'" He takes the world for fools. He had his face in a cell-phone camera when it happened, and it failed to capture the bodies flying. He was too far away, anyway, without the zoom-in. Yet he speaks as one who saw bodies flying. I saw his video maybe 20 times, but I did not see what he says here: "'He slowed down, targeted the crowd and slammed on the gas. Bodies went flying everywhere,' Gilmore told USA TODAY." I didn't see the car slow down. Doesn't that need brakes? Ah, yes, he's now justifying the brake lights that we saw in one still image. But, Gilmore, does your video show brake lights? No, it does not. Why did Gilmore shoot the camera in the opposite direction from the crash just as the crash took place? Because he's a scum-bag goon, part of the ones who lie to us all, then put on a caring face in the news casts to convince us of whatever they're plotting to convince us.

Desperation sets in after headaches. I would say that the deep state is already in desperation, having run out of the money it needs to maintain what it has done over decades of "foreign policy." There has never been a bigger crook than the American military since Bush. Trump, whom has Bushized his White House, has just signed in with a plot to send old military equipment to the police departments, probably because Trump has given the military more money to purchase newer things. Even Obama wouldn't arm the police with military gear (= bad press). Arming the thin-skinned, touchy-brutal police with bigger weapons? Is that a good idea? Is this a sign that civil war is coming because the Democrat shadow government is itself past desperation point? Is the police being armed to frighten the Democrats wanting a civil-war-on-the-brink situation? Won't this cater to martial law?

Have the White-House leaks stopped? I'm not hearing about them since John Kelly took over. There are two explanations: 1) the deep state (military, CIA) agreed to stop the leaks if Trump agreed to give the deep state what it wanted; 2) the leaks were manufactured by Trump while winking with the deep state in order to blame the Bannon end of things for the leaks, in order to "justify" wiping that group out of the White House. There is no other option, though Kelly would offer a third: he stopped the leaks. Baloney.

The article below exposes Brennan Gilmore, tying him between foreign affairs and Charlottesville, and adds this: "It's important to put into context Brennan Gilmore's time in CAR when they were fighting 'KONY'" Hmm, Charlotte was in front of the CAR. I don't yet know what CAR is. Better look into it.

I didn't re-tell the entire dream. There was a first half that proved to me that the dream was from God. The first half was about my divorce. A British bulldog (short, fat kind), white with large dark markings, was in a swimming pool with a nasty shark (my ex-wife), and the shark got it into its mouth, head first, but with half the body outside the mouth, and a ring of teeth around the midsection. I jumped into the pool to save the dog, but the dream changed scenes, putting me on the beach with a blonde in front of her car. The first half meant that the fiberglass British bulldog I purchased in 1994 ($5,000), white with large dark markings, would be firmly retained by her, even my half, during the separation. I tried to get it because I was responsible for paying the bills and feeding my children, but she would not give it over. She wanted to go it alone, and even forced me to court for full custody. A nasty shark who mangled the family.

Like I said, I purchased the dog in the summer of 1994, the year we went to Texas to purchase land, and the old bulldog dream had never come to mind since the marriage took place. In my opinion previous to the marriage, the dream was about my future wife, granted by God, but my wife was not the woman in the dream. So, I forgot the dream. In Texas, we went to church for the first time on Christmas day, and I saw an attractive blonde in a tightish black dress looking too sexy for church. Being conservative in mind, I thought that she could dress a little more appropriate for church. A few Sundays later, when my wife was attending the nursery, the blond came to sit in front of me, and, at the end of the service turned to me a smiled a smile that I frowned on. But when my wife became disconnected with me in 1995, and as I needed to move out for a while, I was opening the closet door to get some clothes, when a realization bolted as though through the ceiling: the bull dog in the garage! The bulldog in the dream! God has another wife for me. That's how I took it.

After that, my wife did everything to assure a divorce rather than patching things up. She had a lawyer threaten to take the business away from me too. She wanted all, without me, and I had done nothing wrong but purchase property in Texas (lots of money I now assume she wanted spent elsewhere), shoot the local church $500 (maybe she resented that), desire to be missionary minded in Texas (she may have disliked Texans), and, later, I stopped sleeping with her (she was insulted) because she was trying to sabotage the Texas plan (made me very upset), which was set up as a winter retreat for the family to escape months of snow we all resented. So, she jumped ship rather than being a wife.

Therefore, as soon as I was out, I started to wonder who the blond in the dream could be, and that too-sexy woman in church came to mind because, in the dream, I exclaimed, "She's beautiful, she looks like an actress." It wasn't until the last update that I looked up the Christmas surname, because that first time I went to church in Texas was on a Christmas day. And it just floored me to find white "coney" rabbits in the Christmas Coat! And this was just days after Joel called me to say he was coming up with his new white Rabbit Volkswagen. It therefore seems that God is tying Charlottesville, my topic of late, to the white-rabbit mystery to which He called me at age 7. And, by the way, my wife would never have permitted me to spend the time I have, almost full time, in learning heraldry these past ten years. Being alone has made God able to direct me unencumbered by the tasks of family life.

Let me repeat here that, a week or two ago, it came to mind to check the Leak surname as per "WikiLeaks." Call it a wild thing on my part, or maybe God put the thought in my head, but it floored me some more to remember, in the last update, that the church she was at on that first occasion was in LEAKey. The Leak surname is also "Leakey." I've got to assume from the Leyke variation that the Lake surname (same place as Clintons) was set up by God to use the six fitchee crosses of Clintons. And that's another example of how God is working this mystery out.

So, we have a Charlotte-dream connection to Charlottesville, and to the Wikileaks affair as it touches upon the Clinton scandals, and I now find that Gilmore, a Hillary state-department pawn, we can safely assume, was involved with CAR, which turns out to be the Central African Republic. It sounds like something that Obama was working in, simultaneous with his overthrow of Egypt and Libya, and that's where the child abductions are suspect.

Some months ago, perhaps a year ago, I entered the theory that the dream had two women who could fulfill the blonde. The other was a blond tenant, Hel(l)en, who would live in my basement after the divorce. This was before I got back to Texas. We got into a deeper relationship when she dropped a CHRISTAMAS card in my mailbox saying that she loved me. But upon finding that I was a serious Christian, she looked elsewhere, and found Steve. Their first date was at a billiard hall, and Billiards are also Hillards, like the Hillary surname that shares the Clinton fitchees. One day in the spring, Steve (Stevensons use the Rodham bend) came over with a mid-1960s convertible Mustang (all painted nice), which I thought was interesting because, in the dream, the woman was standing in front of an old-model car, all restored nicely. It's possible that Helens are a branch of Hillards, but let me repeat from above: "On the Title (ownership) of the vehicle upon this sale, the van was described as "Junk and Salvage." As of April 18 of this year, some piece of paperwork had it in Helena, Montana." So, God may have worked Helen into a secondary fulfillment of the dream to make its car connect to Charlottesville in this way (on the day I left for Texas, she and Steve were on the driveway with the Mustang, and she waved goodbye).

It was in the last update that Charles Mangels of Montana was mentioned, who led a white-supremacist group after leaving Aryan Nations. I didn't yet know that the van at the crash was registered in Montana.

It just so happens that Helens (Este horse) are said to have been in Hillion, near Saint BRIEux (Brittany). No such surname comes up but the Brie's/DuBRAYS look connectable to Brays/Bree's. And, so, just like that, Helen, the tenant, connects to Bra, while Tenants use a mast and sail partially for the Salyes Ligures. In fact, I kid you not. I have never seen anything like what I'm about to tell you. I don't recall what we were doing on this one night, but, while she was on the landing three stairs down to the basement, while going back to her place, she raised her shirt, slipped her bra above her breasts, and let them hang in my full view, but only for a split second. It was so strange and funny all at once. What kind of promiscuous woman is that? What am I to think, that God made her do it? It sounds ridiculous, but BRIEUX sure looks like a Bra line even where the place sounds like the flax BREAKer of Brays/Bree's. Like I said, Brays were clinched as a Bra line in the last update.

And, she did this playful thing on the stairs, of all places, and on the LANDING between two sets of stairs, even as the touch-bra event was up a few stairs on a landing or platform, even while the laundry line was code for Landens/Landers! I'm shocked...that God would actually make Helen do what she did, but just look at those coincidences. The Pepins (from Landen) use the Este horse heads in white, and in colors reversed from the Helen horseheads; the latter use them in black, the color of the Este-Crest horse. The Alans of Brittany trace to Aulon/Avlona, near Bullis of Epirus, and there was a mythical Helenus of Epirus. Wikipedia has an article of Saint Brieux, saying that it was named after Brioc, a Vatican saint with ties to Rothesay = Bute = Avalon (i.e. like "Avlona"). The Este's once showed the black horse head still used by Bute's (ESToiles).

Wikipedia has an article on a Brieux location on the Orne river, which is not Saint-Brieux in Brittany Armor province. The Arms of Saint-Brieux is a gold-on-blue griffin, the colors of the Mast griffin, recalling the mast and sail of Tenants (Masts use an "est" motto term). But Tenants also share the boar head of Judds/Juggs, whom I have traced to Jugon in the Armor province. Therefore, it appears that God made Helen my tenant for the reason before us. My Masci line traces to the Orne river, and the first Meschin from the Orne area was a son of BRIQUESsart, suggesting a Brieux line from Masci's of the Bra area. Again, Bra is at Langhe while Landens use the Langley bars. Again, Bra is at Montferrat while Tenants use the Chief of the Montferrat rulers. Langhe is off the Tenant-possible Tanaro river.

On the other Brieux: "Brieux is a commune in the Orne department in northwestern France. The town gave its name to the ancestors of Robert the Bruce, Bruce being the Anglicisation of 'Brieux'." Yes, but the Bruce lion is in the Arms of Brescia/Brixia, and that place named Brittany's BREST! She pulled her bra over her breasts! The Lano's of Brescia named Launay at Brest, you see, or vice versa.

Let me remention what was said recently. I had a girlfriend, Mamie, thanks largely to Bra-possible Barry. The Bars (use the Este eagle) were at Bar-le-Duc of Lorraine, and Brie's/DuBrays were first found in Lorraine. I met Mamie on the night Lorraine and I broke up, and Lorraine linked to my bra / white-rabbit event without question. Mamie was found to be code for Mamesfelde of the Mansfields, and this surname uses the Mangels/Mansell Coat exactly, I kid you not. Mamie has extra-large breasts, and the Mansfield write-up actually traces the surname (wrongly) to "mam = breast." Did God arrange this definition along with my meeting Mamie?

Mamie represents Man liners that I've longed traced to mythical Menelaus, husband of mythical Helen, code for the Hellespont. I trace "Brusi/Bruce to "Abruzzo", and Abruzzo's ancient capital, Aprutium, to "Epirus." The Alans from Epirus joined the Bruce's from Epirus on the royal throne of Scotland. Brays are said to be from Abruzzo elements i.e. in Evreux. Butua is near Bar in the land of Illyrians, and Wikipedia says that shark-line Saraca's (it uses "Saraka") were from Kotor, smack beside Butua.

I probably would not have seen Mamie again, after the first night that I met her at her party, had not Barry called to invite me camping. I turned it down (I was trying to make a clean break with non-Christian friends at the time), but he said that Mamie was coming (he was at the party), and made it sound as though she might be interested in me. When I arrived, I must have been asking others where he was, for I remember someone opening the hatch of a truck, and there was Mamie and Barry deep in the back of the cab; Mamie appeared to have her bra off, for I saw what looked like bare breasts. I looked away (not happy) before I could assure that the bra was off. But there you have this story too, and I connected Mamie to the Mangels bloodline before I had reason for linking supremacists in Charlottesville to Mangels' group. That idea was in the last update with very-interesting evidence pointing to Mangels' group for the shooting of STEVE Scalise.

I don't know what Mamie and Barry continued to do in the truck's cab, but I assume Mamie ended it once people looked in to see them there. A few hours later, as we all sat around the camp fire, Mamie, without a signal or a cause, just plopped herself on my KNEE. If you read late into the last update, I re-told a story where Charlotte's knees looked beautiful to me, but when I looked up the Leaks, I was floored to find that both surnames use an engrailed, blue-on-white bend. Not only do Leaks use the Hicks fleur-de-lys while Charlotte was born a Hicks, but I saw her beautiful knees on the Leakey road. I now know that God caused me to see three beautiful things on the bodies of three different ladies in order to prove to me that He was sending those ladies for reasons. The night after she sat on my knee, Mamie's thighs looked beautiful, and Tye's were first found in the same place as Mamesfelde.

Having evidence that God even names people's first names that become additional Signs of this revelation, what about CHARLES Mangels? It seems that we can expect Charlottesville's supremacists as willing players in a staging, some/all touching upon members of Mangels' group. You haven't forgotten BRENNAN Gilmore, and that BRAmens bring up a Brennan surname.

On the night she sat on my knee, Mamie and I slept in the same sleeping bag in a tent. I had found that TINTons use the colors and format of Mansfields / Mangels, and so do the Brays/Brae's/Bree's. It just so happens that Scottish Barrys use a "legi" motto term while Bree's use eagle LEGs while Legge's (same place as Knee-suspect McGee's) use a "TENTamine" motto term. Hmm, I danced with her on the previous occasion of our meeting, and Mine's/Mence's/Menne's (as per "tentaMINE"), showing only a dancette, can certainly be a Mame/Mens liner. The pale bars evident in the Mine dancette are half in the colors of the Dance/Donnas pale bars, and English Dance's use the black Bute horsehead, which was once shown by an Este Crest. Bute is near the Isle of Man. Arthurian myth (Avalon) suggests that the nine MUSES of Greece, the Mysians, were on Bute satanically. As per Bar-le-Duc, note that Ducs/LeDucs (Brittany) are in Este / Bar colors while using stars, an apt symbol of Este, especially as eight-pointed stars, which Ducs/LeDucs use, were anciently the symbol of Ishtar...suspect at Istria, near Este.

English Dance's share the MOUSquette lion heads, and the Mouse/Muse/Meuse surname, first found in the same place as Dance's, use pale bars in the colors of the same of Italian Dance's/Donnas. The Mouse/Muse patees are those of Crauns, from the Ceraunii beside the Maezaei, and while the Grands in "the Grandescunt" motto term of Courts/Coverts can be a Craun line because Grands use crowns (shared by Crauns), a symbol of the Ceraunii, the six Mouse/Muse pale bars are also those of Courts/Coverts. The nine witches of Avalon can now be represented by Miss Covert, who told me that she had been a witch. Thus, as she also represents Mangels' supremacists, it speaks of a Bute (= Avalon) link to Isle of Man.

Moreover, the Legh/Lee lion is also the Brie/DuBray lion. It can appear that Bra liners included Barrys, and Barry was apparently in the truck having removed Mamie's bra (before I came along and disappointed him at the worst/best time). It seems clear here that we're talking Ligures in and out of Bra. The Legh/Lee lion is used also by Mons/Mounds, while French Simmons (same place as Brie's/Bree's) use "mon" while Simms' use "Fortuna et labore," like the Labre variation of the Brie/DuBray surname. As Simms were first found in the same place as Sittens, I peg Simms as a branch of the Sine variation of Sions/Some's.

We now have the Leghs/LEE's working into things, and their lion is colors reversed in the Bramen/Brennan Coat while there's a headline, "March to Washington begins at Robert E. LEE statue in Charlottesville." Entering "Lice" gets the MacLee's of CONnacht who once again use the colors and format of Brays/Bree's / Tintons. I got the Lice's from the motto of Irish Mackays that use the wolf heads (Lice/MacLee colors) of Quade's/WADE's (Quadratus liners, suspect with Waters), which recalls that Mamie and I, on the morning after we slept in the tent, went WADIng in the WATER of a LAKE. The Quade's/Wade's are also Quoids while Mangels'/Mansells use a "Qode" motto term. It's perfect because the Mackays are from Maccus of the Isle of Man.

Quadratus' surname, Bassus, is expected with both Base surnames, and with the Bessin, location of Caen. Caens happen to use a "LICitis" motto term that can be read, "liCITIS," as code for Citis/Cetis, where Quadratus Bassus ruled. Quadratus' grandfather was SEVERUS Bassus, suspect in the "PerSEVERantia" motto term of Bernice's (WATER bouget), who along with Burns share the black hunting horn with Base's. Gilmore's, suspect with the Masci fleur on a form of the Mackay / Macey Coats, use "Perseveranti." Bernice's are suspect with the Agrippa line of Herods (i.e. Bernice Agrippa), and the Bassus' are suspect in a line to Julius Bassianus, nephew of Julius Agrippa. Gilmore's use a garland, similar to the Mackay wreath, and were first found in the same place as Margys/Mackeys (Saluzzo Shield?). The "Labore" motto of Margys/Mackeys is notable.

The Margy/Mackey and Mackay write-ups are out to lunch with a trace to "Aodh". These were Macey / Massey liners. Mackays were at Moray, as were the Peters (share raven with Margys/Mackeys) from Peter Pollock. "GilMORE" is suspect with a Gilly merger with Morays. Spanish Gils (and Abreu's/Abruzzo's) happen to use two lions facing each other in both colors of the same of Brennans/Bramens (its the SALESbury lion), and Salesburys were first found in the same place as Joels/Jule's, suspect with Gil liners from Julians/Gilians (share flames with Gilmore's).

The daughter (Miss Maesa) of Julian Bassianus married Julius Avitus, suspect in many Vit-like motto terms. The Leaks ("human leg" in Crest) use "gnaVITer," yet when looked at as "GNAViter," it can be code for Geneva's/Genova's that once again use the Legh/Lee lion in colors reversed. It was Joel who came up with the white Rabbit.

An "inVITA" motto term is used by Prime's who show a leg in Crest, bent at the knee just like the Leakey leg, and Prime's were just looked up as per the "praemium" motto term of Lakeys/Leckeys! Of course, when Charlotte's beautiful knees impressed me (for the first and last time), they were on legs. Prime's may be in view in the "Perimus LICitis" motto of Caens.

Hmm, Charlotte was engaging false prophecy. In church, she engaged (rarely) utterances in the first person as though they very words of God coming through her. I mention this thing because Prophets/ProFETTS (Foot / Feet liner, likely) use the Prophet leg in the white-on-green colors of the giant and single Adams/MacCAWS arrow while Prophets show a green arrow, I think, in Crest. Mackays are caws too. Prophets/Profetts were first found in the same place as Fothes/Fittes'/Fette's that use the Foot chevron. The third beautiful item on a third lady (Lorraine, part of the JW's, a false-prophet cult) was her feet. God showed me that these feet were code for the foot in the sun of Blonds, who use a version of the Leavell Coat, that being the line from Laevillus, husband of Quadratus' daughter.

Foots use a flag as code for Flags/Flacks, expected in the flax breaker of Brays/Bree's.

While it was proven that my touching the bra was part-code for Touch's/Tows, the latter use a green lion (colors reversed from Prophets/Profetts), as do Lorraine's. If I recall how it happened correctly, I was remarking on how Lorraine use the Keep bend while both Mr. Kepke and Lorraine had "sun-bright" blond hair. Moments later, I looked up Blonds to find a foot in a sun. That's how I knew that Lorraine's feet must have momentarily been made beautiful by God in order to point to the Foots / Fothes in the Blond Crest, especially as Blonds are in Foot / Fothes colors. Fetters (Weis / Wies wings) use a giant sun, we get it. French Blundells/Blondels even share the Piast eagle with Lorraine's.

You can't fight the facts. God is watching. He has plans to carry out. Watch it, sinners and mockers. Don't be caught asleep.

In the last update, the green-painted toe's on Charlotte's feet brought the Tow variation of the green Touch's to light. I saw these toes on the night of her beautiful knees, on the first-year anniversary of 9-11 (our church put on a memorial that night). The Touch/Tow lion is the Hume/Home lion in colors reversed, and then we just crossed the "HUMan leg" of Leaks. Charlotte, a singer, sang two songs that night, and then there is JULIAN AsSANGE, with possibly a variation of the Sang / Sanger/Singer/Song surname. I wouldn't have cause to check how Julian Assange fit into codes surrounding Charlotte had it not been for her absolute link to Leaks.

As "praemium" is used by Lakeys/Leckeys while Prime's use the leg, it's obvious that Leaks, Lake's, Leech's and Lakeys were a branch of Leghs/Lee's (and possibly Legge's). Remember, the Charlottesville riots were about the statue of Robert Lee. The holly of Lakeys then allows us to note the similarity between one Holly Coat and the Lake Coat, clinching the Holly merger with Lakeys.

The Holly description calls its dog simply a "dog," and Dogs/Doags (beside the Lakeys) use the colors and format of the other Hollys (properly shown as Cullens). In the dream, the British bulldog was white with large black markings, and the Holly dog is white on black. The Hollys/Cullens share the green trefoil with Leech's, who are wrongly said to be derived in the Irish name, Maol mhaodhog," which looks like "Mad Dog," as in Mad Dog Mattis, the one now in charge of the American military. The amazing thing is that Sharks use the green trefoil too (!), and the bulldog was in the mouth of a nasty-looking shark. Absolutely amazing! (The Hollys/Cullens may be using the Quest chevron.)

In Joel's car, I noted that there was a white-rabbit logo in the floor MAT. The bra hung on a laundry line, code for Landers, and on our first outing, I asked Lorraine to meet me at the laundroMAT. I asked her while she was standing at her BUS STOP, and Dogs/Doags (compare with McGee's) share ther Bus cinquefoil. The Stops, with almost the Lake / Holly Coat, are listed with the Staffordshire Stubbs, who share a version of the Stirling Coat, while Stirlingshire is where the Lakeys were first found. Besides, Landens are expected from Pepin of Landen while Pepins use a reflection of the Stop/Stubb Coat.

I traced Ligurians to lake Lychnidus on the west side of the Paioni, who had a capital at Stobi, where I trace Stubbs. I link Lychnidus to lake Lychnis, otherwise known as lake Sevan (the lake of Gog), the line to the mythical Ligurian swan king (Cygnus), which probably denotes Savona (Liguria), and here I can show that the "VirTUTis" motto term of Lakeys can be for a branch of the swan-using Totts. Lochs / Locks use swans too. Sharks (crane) use "expecTATA." Months ago, it was pointed out that Crane's/Crauns use a version of the Hicks Coat, but I don't know whether it was added that Bulls/Bule's use annulets in colors reversed from the Crane/Craun annulets. In that way, Sharks were at least indirectly related to Bulls. As Crauns are known (by me) to be from the Ceraunii Illyrians (Urbanus river), it's evident that Bulls/Bule's were from ancient Bullis/Byllis, beside the Ceraunii mountains of Epirus.

It just so happens that I trace the wife (Julia MAESA) of Julius Avitus to the MAEAZAEi that lived beside the Ceraunii. And Shirts happen to share red-on-white roundels with Bullis'/Buliards. Might Shirts have been a branch of Sharks, therefore? See why Shirts can apply to the dream, below.

It may be that God made it a British bulldog (in the dream) purely because he knew I'd own one in the future. Yet, at this time, the Bull surname seems to be working right into things. I now recall that Julia Maesa's father was stationed, by Shark-like Caracalla (Roman emperor) in Dalmatia, where the Shark-like Saraca's lived!!! Zowie, I can barely believe this.

Although the Sharks are linking solidly to Holly / Leak / Lake liners, the shark was not in a lake, but in a kidney-shaped swimming pool. However, I kid you not, that immediately after I jumped into the pool to save the dog, the dream switched scenes to where I was coming out of a body of blue water, which could have been a lake, onto a sandy beach. I've told this story many times: I saw myself walking on the beach (fresh out of the water) with jeans on but no shirt, yet I don't know whether I checked to see that the Shirts use the colors and format of Lakeys. They do. I doubt that this was checked, as I would have checked Lake's, if anything, but not Lakeys, who I'm not familiar with. We just saw the Shirt roundels with Bullis'/Buliards, but they happen to be in the colors of the similar Vito/Vido annulets (hollow roundels), and the latter surname can therefore be expected in the "inVIDia" motto term of Shirts (and leg-loving Prime's). It's got the line of Avitus and Maesa all over it.

An Ardiaei queen (Teuta), was in the island of Issa, which had the alternative name of Vis, where Vito's may have arisen. The Bullis'/Buliards were first found in the same place as the Davers (Arthur colors and format), who were from the Daversi, another name for the Daorsi Illyrians of the Neretva river, home also of the Ardiaei Illyrians.

Charles Mangels: " Originally [in] Noxon, Montana, then Couer d'Alene, Idaho." Note "COUER," almost "Covert, a topic of the last update as per Miss Covert of Idaho, near Couer d'Alene. I can't find much on Mangels, and have no idea what he's been doing. He's from Polson, Montana, a term linkable to Miss Polzl, Hitler's mother, or to the pool that had the shark. Polsons/Pole's share the Bole boar heads, which are also the Googe/Gooch / Molle / Marone/MAROONey boars, There is an obituary for Charles Wayne Mangels of Polson, age 65, reported as passed away in February, 2016. I suppose that's him. Did he and the CIA fake his death to enlist him in the CIA? Probably not, but stranger things happen. Did someone take over his group who was involved with Scalise and Charlottesville?

There is a possibility that the neo-Nazis in America were always CIA people with a long-range goal of plastering "Christianity" on right-wing extremism, for the ultimate end-game of persecuting Christianity by rousing some neo-Nazi's as we just saw in Virginia. Mangels' group was The Church of True Israel. It sounds so evangelical. "When CTI was founded, its headquarters was based in Noxon. Over time, the headquarters shifted to a post office box in Hayden, Idaho, where it remains" (written July, 2004).

Again, the dark van at the Charlottesville crash was sold as scrap while having a registration at Mt. Helena in Montana, yet the owner came to be a scrap yard in Dallas (suggests a crash in/near Dallas). Our man in blue adds that the vehicle suffered front-end damage, and that it was initially gray (it was dark maroon at the crash site). The scrap yard sold it at an auction, suggesting that it was still valuable, but, "as of May 17, the car was being rebuilt in the state of Montana," he says. And the next owner was a Montana person, the one who fixed the car. How does that happen? How does a Montana owner give the car up to a Texas scrap / salvage yard, only to find it's way back to Montana in an auction? But that's not all. The Montana man then sold the vehicle (within the last few months), once fixed and painted, to Johnny Chandler of Charlottesville, way down in Virginia. Isn't that odd? Yes, it is. We would expect someone in Montana to sell to someone in Montana. Unfortunately, our man in blue doesn't know the name of the fixer-upper.

[Update late in the week -- Our man in blue has changed his story, but I'm not buying the change. He had also been reporting of harassment by people claiming to be relatives, etc. I will deal with this change late in the update, and show his own retraction. The story as of the 28th of August is that the van at the crash is owned by Johnny Chandler, but does not have history in Montana or in the Dallas salvage company.]

But what person is going to go to the trouble of fixing a vehicle already ten years old just sell it for profit? Think of how little profit there could be? If any. The original owner didn't think it was worth fixing, or he/she wouldn't have sold it to the scrap yard. But here we have a profit by the scrap company that reduces the profit of the fixer-upper, minus what the scrap yard (salvage company) paid. Could there be any profit at all? Knowing what I know of the Charlottesville crash, Johnny looks guilty, and so does the fixer-upper.

The video is longer than it needs to be, but has two great points that we're not going to get from ordinary people. Our man in blue (owns SonofNewo at youtube) did some investigative work. Youtube stopped suggesting videos (to me, anyway) from Not Fake News, which can explain why this video only has 700 views after more than a day. In the comments section: "Maroon car. Car was salvage. No car business would invest in parts and labor to repair such a car especially with 142,000 miles with front end damage. Even more irregular is to respray the whole vehicle a new colour. This would cost more than the car is worth. Sense would be to repair the damaged front and match the paint with original to have any chance". Maybe someone with money to burn, like a government-funded org.

Kenites and Shechemites

Here's another video from SonofNewo. Note Jason Kessler at 27 seconds, who was an Obama man, yet for Charlottesville, he's on the supremacist side. I've told a story at least twice, where a Mrs. Babcock had a son who got hold of my bank checks and signed six of them in my name, attempting to withdraw more than $1,600 from my bank before I caught on and put a stop to it. The checks had some parts of the top-left corner blacked out (bank machine isn't programmed to catch this, nor the false signature, shame), and made to appear as though written out to Mr. Kizzle, then signed off to another name and deposited into the account of Jason's mother. Therefore compare "Jason" and "Kizzle" to Jason Kessler. It just so happens that the Jason surname shares the red rooster with Kiss'/Cush' and Babcocks, just as though God named Jason for this purpose / connection at hand. Kesslers (ignore their given derivation) look surely to be Cassel liners. The red Kiss/CUSH rooster had been traced to the red one upon a CUSHion of Bibo's, suspect with Vibia (Vibius surname), mother of Laevillus and therefore grandmother of his son, Proculus, who had a Charax middle name now tracing to the shark in the pool, and to Caracalla's connection to Saraca's.

Cassels use the Kennedy Shield, and Kennedys were a line from the Kennati priests of Cetis to the Ceno river. Kennedys share the Arms of Carrick (red chevron and black fitchees) to prove that Kennati liners linked to the Charax entity of Laevillus. Carrick-like Caracalla had a coin with "Olba" written on it, which was the particular location of the Kennati. I've resolved that Kennati were from Josephus' Kenatides peoples, the name he gave for the Biblical Kenites that Moses had married (doesn't necessarily / likely mean that Kennedys trace back to Moses' wife). In the Bible, Kenites were partners with SHECHEMites, whom I trace between Schimatari (Boiotia) and the heraldic scimitar, used, for example, by Irish Kennedys. You can verify it by entering "Kennedy" in the box below:

Boiotians are suspect between Butua and Bute, and Butua (now Budva) is right beside Kotor, where Saraca's (share a fish on a fesse with German Bute's/Butts) fish) originated. I traced Kotor with excellent evidence to mythical KODRos (fish symbol), mythical king of Athens, and father of mythical Medon. I trace "Kotor" further back to "Keturah," mother of Medon-like Medan, and she's the little-known, other wife of the Biblical Abraham (see Genesis 25), the father of Israel. Keturah had another son, Midian, and Moses married a Kenite woman living in Midian. I traced Cutters to Keturah before realizing that Shechemites were in the Schim variation of Chands/Shands (Polson/Pole boar?), who use the Chief-and-Shield color combination of Cutters. Now you know.

Just look at that possibility that Polsons use the Chand / Marooney boar, for the maroon van at the crash is owned by Johnny Chandler, and the vehicle was registered in Montana, location of Mangels' Polson home. It's as though God arranged the heraldic symbols, some surnames and characters, and even the maroon color, in such a way as for me (and you) to make the connection between Nazi's stemming from Hitler to the Charlottesville hoax.

The SonofNewo video above mentioning Jason Kessler is about the damning video presented by Ford (or Andrew) Fischer, and German Fischers ("warREIT") use the fish in both colors (white on blue) of the Saraca fish, and moreover share the red fesse of fish-using Bute's/Butts. There seems to be a lot of God-pointing to this Charlottesville incident, as though this event, or the goons behind it, marks things yet to come from God's enemies. The Fischer lion is even the Chandler lion.

Now lookie: BabCOCKs (red rooster) were linked hard to Cocks (red rooster) and Grimaldi's, who both share the red-and-white checkered Shield of Chandlers. Thus, the driver of the van, Johnny Chandler, works smack into the Babcock line, and Mrs. Babcock was an accomplice to the forgery using the Kizzle surname. I trace this term to KIZLyar, much like "Kessler," the capital of the Khazars at one time in Alania (Caucasia). Khazars (ruled by "Jewish" kagans) trace to Cohens and Hohens (Jewish Hohens come up as "Kagan"), and Hohens use the Chandler Shield too (makes Khazars suspect with Shechemites). So, thanks to my involvement with Mrs. Babcock, the Kesslers are linking to Chandlers / Schims/Chands/Shands...who may have been a branch of Sanders and Sands (same place as Chandlers) out of the Sintians from Lemnos, island of the Hebrew-suspect Kabeiri. In fact, I trace Keturah's son, Medan, to mythical Medea of Colchis (because she rode her chariot to Athens), and she's in the story of JASON and the Argonauts, who visited Lemnos and mated there with its Amazons (originated near Colchis) before sailing to Medea's area to pick her up.

I almost missed it. Charlotte was in a CAR on a sandy beach while Beach's (COKEnach, Langley) use a Shield filled with vair fur that is very reflective of the Chandler Shield. A Shield filled with blue vair is used by Shurbrooks/Shirebrooks/Sherbrooks ("CONsillo"), interesting where Miss Covert was Mrs. Surbrook for a time by marriage. The Sills/Sells suspect in a Shurbrook motto term were first found in the same place as Conn-liner Brays/Brae's. Shurbrooks share "non" and "vi" with Chives'. Shurbrooks are suspect with Sheers/Shire's who share Carrick / Kennedy symbols [compare Kennedys and Arms of Carrick to Shardlows], making Shur / Share liners connectable to Saraca's = Sharks. Shure's/Share's/Shore's (same motto as Cetis-liner Caens/Canns), first found in the same place as Shurbrooks, are in Sill/Sell / Conn colors. Shure's are in the motto of Charlotte's husband's surname, and share holly with Lakeys while Hollys can be using the Carrick / Shure/Share talbot in colors reversed. As Miss Covert is suspect as a symbol of the neo-Nazi's behind Walker-related George Bush, feasibly born a Scherff (I've read that the name was changed to "Scherf"), the SCHERE's/Scherfs (compare with Walkers) use nearly the Shure/Share/Shire/SHERE fitchees. Note that while Bosco's are in the rose write-up, Schere's/Scherfs and Walkers both use roses on stems.

[Late in this update, upon finding Shardlows, I came across Sharlows/SHERlocks/Charlocks who share the Busch / Bosch fleur-de-lys.]

Now that we have a Surbrook connection to Sharks, let me add that the bulldog fell into the pool while Falls (Rockefeller liners) use the Pool lion while Miss. Covert lived at Idaho's POST FALLS. I now have a direct link between Charlotte / Charlottesville and the neo-Nazi's expected at Post Falls / Hayden Lake, where the Scheriff family of West Islip married a sister of Miss Covert's ex-husband (Mr. Dein). English and German POSTS, can you believe it, use the same lion as Pools, and Poole is beside Hampshire, where English Posts were first found. It's as though Miss Covert is to be linked directly to the pool in the dream.

On top of this, Intelius had either her ex-husband above, or his sons with Miss Covert, listed in Warsaw, Indiana (location of WARS supremacists), while I trace Warwick to POLand's Warsaw, and moreover Sheriffs were first found in Warwickshire. If you can believe it, Warwicks use the Falls / Pool / Post lion too. Intelius removed the Warsaw location from their Dean file after he emailed me i.e. after he discovered that I was writing about him.

The Arms of Warsaw (Poland) use the green mermaid in the Holly/Cullen Crest, and I had found that one of the Hitlers (William Hitler of Patchogue) had a wife with Dowling surname, which I recall using holly, yet the only Dowlings/DOOLings now showing don't show holly, though they do show the Falls/Fallis trefoils. The Dowells/Douls / Dougals (probably the Cohen/Kagan / Moray stars) use the Pool / Warwick / etc. lion yet again, as do the James' (Surrey, home of Shere liners) suspect with the motto of Douglas'. James' can be from the royal-Stewart kings, James I - VI. The other James' use the white ostrich design of Alois-like Lois'. The "Victor" motto of James' can connect to the "Victoria" of Coffers/Coffers, especially as queen Victoria was part-Stewart blood. Dowells/Douls, highly suspect from Attila's House of Dulo, were from BADENoch, very linkable to Baden, Germany.

So, it seems that, if her ex-husband was not a neo-Nazi, or linked thereof, God yet arranged aspects of his life in preparation for me to come along to make these links to an old dream, all very connectable to Charlottesville (only one event of probably more to come from the same goons on a bad mission predicted to go haywire).

Years before Mamie became a topic, I ventured to trace (without clinching) the "I zal" motto phrase of Mens'/Mame's/Meme's to "Islips/Haslips, a branch of Hazels (same place as Diva) that call their leaves "hazel SLIPs." Islips use holly as well as the stag of Maxwells/MAKESwells (same saltire as Kilpatricks, and in the "I MAKE SURE" motto of Maxwells), and it just so happens that Maxwells use a "holly BUSH", amazingly enough. It's as though God arranged it all to reveal these things to those who believe.

Or, put it this way, that Charlotte's husband's surname is Kilpatrick, with a Patchie variation while Hitler's nephew (changed his name to William PATRICK Stuart-Houston, with two related surnames), lived/lives on Long Island's PATCHogue, beside the Scheriff family that married the Abbotts (= mother of Miss Covert's husband) of Babylon / West-Islip. This William Hitler was born in LiverPOOL, and Pollocks are said to derive, wrongly, in "pool." The Hazels (squirrel, expected Laevi liners) share the leaves ("cabbage leaves" now) of French Houses (and Scottish Fauls/Falds) while English House's use the same cross as the Arms of Pula/Pola. Hicks use the same fleur as English Falds/FaulDOWs and Leakeys/Leyke's.

The Dowlings who come up as DOLans (almost the Dowling/Doolin Crest) use a version of the French Alan Coat, and Stuarts (share the Houston checks) are known to originate in Alans of DOL. In other words, the Hitlers were kin of the Stewarts, known kin / associates of the first Pollocks, even when the two lived around GLASgow. Adolf Hitler's father married Miss GLASSl, and also Miss POLZl. Glass' (Car / Seer / SERE stars likely) use the green mermaid too. William Hitler's father, was Alan-possible Alois Hitler Adolf's brother). The Dowlings/Doolins (probably the HARcourt bars on their lion head) are said to be from Leyke-like Leix, also called Alois-like Laois (related to Rory-suspect O'Rourke). Masons/Massins use the green mermaid too as well as a blue lion, the color of the Dowling (and Rory-of-Bute) lion.

Kilpatricks (dagger) were Dexaroi liners to Daggers of Cumberland, where Warwicks were first found who are in-turn suspect with Vere liners of the Fier/Fere kind (beloved by Pollock-related Peacocks), from Fier county down the Apsus river of the Dexaroi. The Fire's/FEUERERs come to mind with Nazi's. These goons were about Munich, where the leg-like Leck river flows, if I recall correctly. Emailer Florida first alerted me to the leg-using Arms of Fussen/FOETes, on the Leck river, like the three bent legs (with FEET) in the Arms of the Isle of Man, and then Leakeys use one such bent leg. It may be bent to highlight the knee, for the engrailed Knee bend is used by Leakeys. The Ayers use such a "A booted and armed leg on which there is a spur", and Kilpatricks are from CLOSEburn while Close's/Clovse's (recall "Clavo" of Irish Carrs) use the spur. Ayers/Eyers/Heyers and Heyers were first found in the same place (Derbyshire) as Shurbrooks/Sherebrooks and Sure's/Shere's (in the Kilpatrick motto), the latter sharing the Ayer/Heyer chevrons, and here's the wild thing: Heather HEYER was the only reported death at Charlottesville! They can't escape the all-seeing-eye of God. They are burnt before they begin. Spur-using Close's/Clovse's (Spurr stars), whose Coat compares with that of Chars/Chards/Charts (share gold garb with Spurrs), share a green Crest with Kilpatricks.

[Hours after writing that, I kid you not, I thought to check the Dodge surname because the Challenger is a Dodge. The Dodge's use an "eye weeping," I kid you not. And I've known for years that Ayers/Heyers [same place as Kennedy-kin Shardlows] come up as "Eyes." Dodge's (same place as Cars) have a Doge variation to explain their seadog in Crest (but Sea's and Seamans are alluded to). Might the bulldog in the pool have been for this surname? It's a little certain now that Cars use the chevron of Dogs/Doags. Dodge's/Doge's even use the six bars of Blonds (share sun with Cars), first found in Suffolk, where Eye located, and Seamans were first found who share the Sea bars. I had connected Eye with the Nith-river Knights (Kilpatrick castle is/was on the Nith). The Crauns/Crane's that use the Bull annulets in colors reversed (= Bullis location near the Ceraunii mountains) were likewise first found in Suffolk, as were Bullis'/Bulliards. Blonds love the bull-using Lux's, and Luce's share vertical fish with Sea's (suspect with the Dol fesse). So, it appears that the fullest meaning so far of the bulldog has been found, and it's about the Dodge Challenger, apparently. If ever you're convinced that Marone's/Marooneys are the reason that the Chandler van was re-painted Maroon, it's notable that English Bole's (probably the Pollock boar), in the Bull write-up, share the three Marone/Maroony boar heads (look inside the cups), and were first found in Lincolnshire, same as Challengers, can we believe it?]

Glass' use the Car / Seer / SERE stars likely, for the Car motto is "Ser se serio." Thus, Sere liners are expected as a branch of the Sheera variation of Kilpatricks, and therefore link to Cars (hard version of Shar- / Char-like terms?) even as Mr. Kilpatrick's wife was in the car of my dream. Ayers were of AYRshire, where Kyle is located, and Kyle's use CANDLEsticks. Sere's/SERTs use the colors and format of Dogs/Doags (same place as Wings), and share the sword of Sert-like SWORDs (wings).

Back to the Chandler topic. Clare's were Santones / Lemnos liners while Chandler-like Candle's/Cantwells were first found in the same place as Clare's and Bullis'. Babcocks descended from CLEREmont-Ferrand (same place as Bullis-suspect Bouillons), and while Ferrands (Florence/Firenze liners) use a version of one Alda Coat, Beach's were at a location that was apparently named by Alda's / Aldens. Italian Claro's are also Charo's i.e. probable CAR liners from Carians of Clarus. Amazons lived both in Lemnos and all around Clarus, and Cars were first found in the same place as Sands. Scottish Sandals share a thin, blue fesse with Claro's/Charo's, and the latter's is in both colors of the Thistle fesse while Sandals use a thistle. The Thistle / Charo fesse is in the colors of the Kessler lion, which is the blue one in the Thistle Crest, and Esslers/Hasslers (just loaded by mistake) share the Chief-and-Shield combination of Sandals (and Saluzzo's). Compare Esslers/Hasslers with Massars/MASSEI's/MASSAI's of Lucca.

Luciano's and Luce's use more fish, as do Hykes'/Hake's and Hatchets/HACKetts, the latter expected in the hatchets of Sere- / Shere-suspect Zerrs/Zehrers. Hatchets may be with the Shark trefoils (round-about) because the Hatchet fish are in the colors of the Arms-of-Saraka fish. The Shark cranes are a symbol of the Ceraunii living amongst/beside the MAEZAEI. At the 9-11 memorial, I half-accused Charlotte of committing adultery with Stanley by saying, "Is that your buddy"? It now reminds me of Buddy Hackett. The "deus" motto term of Hatchets is expected as code for the Deusters/Dusters (compare with Barnstaple's), who happen to use trefoils in both colors of the Shark trefoils.

Barns were just looked up as per Barnstaple's, and Swiss Barns happen to be the Berne's while Berne of Switzerland was founded by ZAHRingers, suspect (for the past couple of years) with the ZEHRER variation of hatchet-using Zerrs. The Cars share the sun with Dusters and Jewish Cohens/Kagans (and Kessler-suspect Hesse's and Hiedlers/Hitlers) while Irish Cohens are also BARNacle's. It's known that the Zahringer red eagle went to Hohenzollerns and/or Hohenstaufens, kin of Cohens. Irish Cohens are in Carr colors, and first found in the same place. Irish Cohens (same place as Kilpatrick-branch Pattersons/CASSANE's, related to Sodans) can be using the pheons of Lords/Lauds (Arms-of-Saraka fesse?) beloved in the GLASgow-surname motto, and having a Coat comparable to that of Sodans. This recalls that I traced the Arms-of-Saraca fesse to that of Casano's/Cassandra's (Antipatria liners), first found in Modena with the Barnstaple-related Albino's. Albins had therefore linked up with Zahringers.

The salvage company that owned the maroon van (before it got to Chandler) was Covert-like Copart: "Copart, Inc., founded in 1982 by Willis J. JOHNSON, began as a single salvage yard in California. Now headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Copart is a global leader in online vehicle auctions, and a premier destination for the resale and remarketing of vehicles. Copart’s innovative technology and online auction platform links buyers and sellers around the world. Copart currently operates more than 190 locations in 11 countries, and has over 125,000 vehicles up for auction every day." That's a global thing I can see the CIA using for many-a-feigned crashes. Covarts are with Courts/Coverts. Lauds/Lords share blue cinquefoils with Challengers and pheons with English Johnsons (same place as, in the colors of, Challengers). Scottish Johnstons use a version of the Kilpatrick Coat, and even use a spur in Crest.

I can glean that the WINGed spur of Johnstons (PARATus" motto term) -- coupled with the relationship between Chars (PARTridge's) and Spurrs along with the Lord/Laud pheons shared by Pilate's-- that this involved a line from the PERDrix peak at Mont Pilat to the namers of PERTHshire, where Wings were first found. In the Greek language, a partridge was represented by mythical Perdix. The only other surname I know using the partridge is the Saxe's/Saxbys (another gold garb), first found in the same place as Johnsons and Challengers.

When Charlotte and her husband moved from my area, to the greater-Dallas area (evokes the Copart salvage yard that owned the MAROON van), they moved to a home owned by Mr. Childs, suggesting that CHALLENgers (same black eagle head as Kellers/CELNers) can be of the Chill variation of Childs (same place as Beach's). Chillins/Childmans, first found near Wanstead, happen to use a reflection of the Morone/MAROONey Coat. That's amazing (because chances for such a coincidence are very low). Childs/Chills are said to have been at Wanstead, while Wansteads/Weiners/Winners use the diagonally-split Shield of Danish Johnsons. The curiosity now is that our pastor (mine and hers) was Mr. Johnston, and his wife, WANda, was at the meeting with Charlotte and I, and while Charlotte represents the Charlottesville crash, the Copart salvage business was founded by Willis Johnson while Willis' (same chevron as WANDs) can be using a version of the Danish-Johnson star, not forgetting that these Johnsons share the same Shield as WANsteads. I know that multiple coincidences like these are hard to come by.

King CHILDeric's fleur-de-lys symbol was derived (by me) in the historical fish of Saraka (lived at Lys-like Laus) before I knew of the same-colored fish of Chillins/Childmans. Childeric was father to king Clovis, expected in the Clovse variation of Kilpatrick-related Close's. The Keller/Kelner / Challenger eagle can be the black one of Velis'. English Willis' use the Sherwood Coat.

The Coke's (ostrich, Derbyshire) share the Child Coat on one half, and Childs were first found in the same place as Beach's that are in-turn said to have been at COKEnach. Charlotte's car was on the beach, and Cars use the same chevron as Childs (Carrs are in Coke colors). Coke's are said to have been at Beck Hall, and Becks are therefore likely a branch of Beach's. The other half of the Coke Shield is the Este eagle, and Carrs use ESToile's in Este-eagle colors.

Again, Miss Covert had married Mr. Surbrook, and Sur-like terms are Kilpatrick kin and heavily traceable to the Scherff Nazi. Now that you're convinced that God created the shark in the pool, and that Surbrook-like Shurbrooks/Sherbrooks (no Surbrook surname comes up) are involved as a potential Saraca line, let me say that, about the time that I was with Lorraine, I invited Annette to go swimming in my landlady's POOL (nothing happened, she was a Christian friend, never saw her again after that, though). I've mentioned this before. Annette's/Arnots, probably from Arnissa (Illyricum) along with Annas'/Arniss', happen to use a reflection of the SHERwood/Sherwood Coat, which shares roses on stems with Schere's/Scherfs and Walkers (the first president Bush was a Walker bloodline)...and ROOSevelts. Sherwoods were a merger with Branch's, from the AVRANCHes', suspect with the VERINGer kin of Zahringers.

Hmm, the driver of the Challenger was reportedly James Alex Fields, and Fields share a chevron in the colors of the Pierce / Alexander chevron while the first president Bush married Barbara Pierce. I wouldn't have gone here except that Barbara's (blue roses = Bosco kin) use two bends in the colors of the Terras bend, and the latter are in the Alexander motto. Checking things further, the Terras bend is colors reversed from the same of Challengers (blue cinquefoils). It gets compelling where Alex's use "Roy" while Roys/Rois' (Roos liners?) use the same bend as Challengers. Alex's share a red eagle with Roosevelts, and it was president Franklin Roosevelt that had allowed Hitler and his friends into Montana and the Hayden Lake area of Idaho, according to my earlier findings (he opened a naval base to the north of Hayden lake just as the wavering Nazi's looked like they needed money with an escape to the US). William Hitler joined the US navy. AMAZINGLY, Scottish Roys share the James (and Pool) lion, which can suggest that God named James Alex Fields (said to be a neo-Nazi) in order to nab the culprits with the Nazi's of Montana / Idaho. Tarrs were first found in the same place as Pierce's.

Annas'/Arniss' (stars colors reversed from those of Annette's/Arnots (Glass / Car stars?) share the stars of Angus' while Ectors (share sun with Cars / Hitlers), using two Hiedler/Hitler symbols, were first found in Angus. The meaning of Annette in the pool, or the shark in the pool, can thus appear to be for the Polzl surname of Adolf Hitler's mother.

Chandlers use the Hohen Coat...but with the Hohenzollern / Hohenstaufen lions in colors reversed. Miss Covert told me that her father was descended from a kaiser Coffert (could not find him, must have alternative name) in association with Hohenzollerns / Hohenstaufens (I can't recall which of the two). And the owner of the car is Mr. Chandler of Montana, very linkable to the Nazi elements that Miss Covert has come to represent. , was driver of the car Someone pointed out that the checkered Coats of Hohens and Cohens were banker symbols, which may be why the fraudulent bank checks in the name of a false Mr. Kizzle were written out by Jason. It should be added that English Barns were first found in Surrey along with Shere's/Shore's/Shire's, and that the Surrich variation of Surreys is expected at Switzerland's Zurich, neither far from Berne or the Zahringers (Baden)...or the Hohens of Swabia. It makes Shere's/Sheers/Shire's / Schere's/Scherfs / Scheriffs look like Zahringer liners (not necessarily descendants, but ancestors possible). And the whole of this looks like lines to/from Proculus Charax > Caracalla > Saraka's > Carricks. Surrey is where Gastons were first found with a version of the Chandler Coat.

After re-mentioning Jason Kessler at the 8:21 point of the SonofNewo video, our man in blue mentions Chris Cantwell, whom Ford Fischer interviews. Cantwell-like Santells/SANDALi's were first found in Lucca, what a lucincidence, and while Fischers are suspect as a Saraca line, we will see Saraca's below tracing, apparently, to Lucca. The Arms of Pola/Pula uses the same green cross as Sandals/Sindells (same place as Clare's / Cantwells). On the night of the 9-11 memorial, Charlotte Hicks wore sandals and green toes, while Tows/Touch's are in both colors of the English-Sandal cross. In colors reversed, the Hicks fleur is red, as is the Sandal fleur. It could seem that Hyksos (Hebrews) were in Lemnos' Kabeiri cult.

Ixion, suspect with Hyksos of the Khyan kind, was father to CENTaurs, and brother to Corinth-like Coronis. Dionysus of Lemnos had a sacred island at Naxos, and then the Enochs (Hampshire) is a surname mentioned in the SonofNewo video along with Jason Kessler. Dionysus (high priest of the Kabieri) had a leopard symbol, and Noxons/Nixons happen to use the Mosca / Chives leopard. Mosca's were first found beside Lucca, at Pisa, and then Amazons (from Moschi mountains) were at Grecian Pisa. A Noxon location was crossed earlier as that of the "church" of Charles Mangels. Dionysus has mythical Maenads, whom I trace to Maeonians on the Maeander river (through Caria), and from there I trace them to Man / Mander / Manner/Maness liners such as Mangels/Mansells.

Compare Noxons/Nixons with Sands, for the latter use fitchees while Fitch's share leopard faces with Noxons/Nixons.

The Kenites, by the way, had been traced to Cunninghams (use a SHAKEfork) shortly before I began to stress the white-rabbit connection to Cuneo. There is thereby excellent chance that Cuneo was named by Kenites. Cunninghams were first found in the same place as Kennedys, and the Shechemite-suspect shakefork is just like the letter 'Y', which is the logo of Twitter's White Rabbit.

I had traced Babcocks/Badcocks to Babon and Badon, a son and grandson of MumMOLIN, Mayor of the Palace that was a bastion of the Pepins...from Apophis/Apepi, Hyksos king (lived after Keturah). He ruled immediately after Khyan, a Kenite-possible term, and I peg him as the Exodus pharaoh (I ignore the dating system of Egyptologists, which doesn't allow Khyan to be in the period of the Exodus). In the words, Khyan's daughter named Moses after her household stole the child from the Israelites. And so the Hyksos trace to Charlotte Hicks in the dream that opened with a shark in the pool, as though the dream wants me to know that Hyksos trace to Saraca's, making perfect sense all-around. In fact, while I was still green in heraldry, I had traced Khyan's line to Dalmatia, which turned out to be the second home of Saraca's. Again, Caracalla (mother = Domna Bassianus) stationed Julius Bassianus, his grandfather, in Dalmatia.

The Pool(e) surname (Schim/Chand colors) can work into this where a daughter of Eschyna de MOLLE married Robert Pollock, the second-known Pollock, brother of Peter at Rothes castle whom I trace to the naming of Rothesay, later named Bute by a line from Butua. Pola happens to be right in the thick of a Colchian settlements in Croatia; there is an island off of Istria named after Medea's brother, Absyrtus (i.e. the mythical character was mere code for this location. and probably another one in Colchis).

I trace Pollocks to Pola/Pula in Istria because Pollocks use their saltire also in green on gold, the colors of the similar cross in the Arms of Pola. The Molle's are suspect with the Moline's, and with "MumMOLIN. It just so happens that Molle's use the boar head of Schims/Chands. And the wild thing here is that Marone's/Marooneys use it too!!! The van owned by Chandler was painted maroon! At least, everyone is calling it a maroon color!!! Amazing. This jumped out at me, thanks to my recalling the Marone link to Molle's and Chands.

There is a Poole location near the mouth of the Stur that traces well to the Stura Demonte river of Cuneo. It's near Saluzzo, and Cutters / Schims/Chands use the Saluzzo Shield in colors reversed. It seems to me that the shark was in a pool to make a Saraca link to Poole elements. I now recall tracing the Arms-of-Saraca fesse (blue on gold) to the same of Cassandra's/Casano's, first found in Modena along with the Albino's. The latter share the green trefoil with Sharks, and with Barnstaple's while English Albins were first found in Barnstaple. The Staple's happen to use the motto of Peters, from Peter Pollock. Barnstaple's happen to use "ReGARDez," while Carricks use "Garde." And so the Barnstaple bend is likely connected closely to the same of Jewish Pollocks. Lake Garda is beside Brixia, and German Albini's are said to have included a bishop Albini of Brixen (Tyrol). The Thors (elephant TRUNKs) of Tyrol can be a branch of English Thors, first found in Devon with Albins and Barnstaple, and Trunks share the white bull head with Albins. Albini's use an EVERgreen tree, and Evers/Eure's were apparently the namers of Evreux, where Albins are said to derive.

Isn't Brixen the name of one of Santa's reindeer? I had found not-bad evidence that Santa CLAUS was Masonic code for the Clausula river, which has a mouth near Kotor. And the Kotor line back to Kodros of Athens includes Medea, who rode her chariot of 12 dragons in the sky between Corinth and Athens. Hasn't Santa Claus been given a symbol of 12 reindeer that pull his "chariot" in the sky, from the North POLE. Yes, and while Jewish Pollocks are highly suspect with the Dober / Doberman bend, Dober is at the Clausula river, and beside KOPLik, the line to the POLish mouse tower (at GOPLo). Dobermans and Pole's/Pools use the same griffin head in white, which is used in gold by Dobers and Haldans, important because the mouse-tower liner, Mieszko I, was husband to Oda of HALDENsleben as well as to DOBRawa. The griffin head is in white with Watsons, and emailer Pollock said to me that a daughter / granddaughter (Muriel) of Peter Pollock married Mr. Watson.

Was the shark in the pool? English Dobers/Dabers share three trefoils with Sharks, though not in the same colors. And the shark had the BULLdog in its mouth while more white bull heads are used by Pollock-like Bullocks, likely from the proto-Alans of Bullis, for the father (Fulbert) of all Pollocks (same place as Dobys) was a vassal to the Dol Alans. The "DABit" motto term of Tenants (beside the Haldans) can be for a Daber line because Tenants can be gleaned with the Morte/Mott/Mottin crescent in colors reversed. Dabers come up as "Dabb." That's because Morte's/Motts are said to be from Cotes-du-Nord, the alternative name of Cotes-d'Armor, location of Jugon, while tenants share the Jugg/Judd boar head, which is in white, same as the Molle / Schim/Chand boar head. The Barnstaple's (another griffin head), you see, who use the Shark trefoils in both colors, show a "mort" motto term.

Having said that, the "fortuna" motto term of Molle's was actually traced to the Clausula river via the Classen's use of "Lady Fortune." Moreover, as the shark had a dog in mouth, it just so happens that the Fortuna surname uses the same dog as the Arms of Canossa, suggesting a Saraca line to Canossa's, who were out of Lucca. Lucca is where the Cato's/Chattans and Chatans (both in Cutter colors) were out of that might be Keturah liners (Lucca's use a cat). And while Canossa's may have been Kane's (Khyan / Kenite liners?), the latter happen to share the fish with Saraca's. And Caens/Canns (Pool colors) were first found in the same place as Pools! Excellent. Canns/Caens even use a mural crown that I see as part-code for Muriel Pollock (mentioned above), and part-code for the Crauns i.e. from the Ceraunii Illyrians. The Crauns (Hicks fesse?) are also Crane's while Sharks use the crane, indicating that Saraca's merged with the nearby Ceraunii (inland from Dalmatia). Sometimes, as in the case of Canns/Caens, the mural crown is called a CORONet, code for Corinth liners of the Medea / Keturah kind, right?

In fact, the Canns/Caens (suspect from ancient Caeni) use a motto term suspect with "Priam," a mythical (= codework) Trojan king, father of HECTor, code for Hecate, satanic goddess of Medea (the Colchian princess with the chariot = Keturah line). I therefore reasoned that Keturah's children had a tribal name after their father which eventually named Abram-like Priam, code for Parium (in Mysia, same as Troy). Hector's brother (Paris) abducted Helen, and Helen my tenant is considered (by me) a secondary fulfillment of the shark dream's blond.

On the map of Thrace below (one I haven't yet shown), the Caeni (see Caenica) are further north than on other maps I've shown. They are now on the north side of Cabyle, and it just so happens that Cable's ("ImpaVIDE") use the Caen/Cann fretty in green. Moreover, I have traced the Tonzus river at Cabyle to the Tonso's/Tous' (Pools/Pole's use "virTUS") who happen to use a man said to be wearing SHIRT with buttons, while I had my shirt off after I tried to save the bulldog from the shark's mouth. I figure that if my shirt's off, it's code for Shirts. They use the colors and format of Mustans, the best I could do for the red Mustang owned by Helen's new boyfriend. Remember, Helens use a Mustan-like mast. Shirts are also Sherrats, suspect with the Sherdana Sea Peoples who joined the Trojans, suspect (by me) as Hyksos descendants seeking to take their Egypt back (they failed).

It's not a coincidence that Buttons/Bidens (same place as Botters from Lucca) use the chapeau of Cabyle-like Capelli's as well as the red Cann/Caen an Cable fesse. That fesse is used by Scottish Leavells while Cable's were first found in the same place as English Leavells, the line from Laevillus, who married the daughter of Quadratus of Cetis that's in the "liCITIS" motto term of Canns/Caens. And QuadRATUS was suspect with Sub RADICE, to the near-west of Cabyle, because a Radice surname looks connectable to Cable's. So, while Kenites are suspect with Saraca's at the Kennati of Cetis, it appears that the Kennati had a Caeni ancestry, and that Thracians spread to the Cetis (cat line, likely) area.

I almost missed it! The Pool write-up traces to Pool ancestry in Sir John Chandos!!! Johnny Chandler bought the gray van and painted it maroon while Chands use the Marooney boar head! Can you believe this? The pool must have been in the dream with Charlotte primarily for this reason. Chand-like Canute invaded England from the Poole area,and Danish Cnuts happen to share the Shark trefoils! Danish Cnuts/Canute's (banners) use "pot hangers" as code for Potters, Botters, Hangers and Sandle's/Sentlows (from Manche), all four first found in Hampshire i.e. the Poole theater. Now recall that the green trefoil is used by Modena's Albino's, who were on or very near the Panaro river, for I trace Banners to the naming of that river while the Canute banners are on green trefoils! Plus, the Panaro is the location of Marone-like Marano. Bingo. The Marano's are Mauritano's while Mortons were first found beside Poole and Hampshire.

Repeat: "...Cocks and Grimaldi's, who both share the red-and-white checkered Shield of Chandlers. Thus, the driver of the van, Johnny Chandler, works smack into the Babcock line, and Mrs. Babcock was an accomplice to the forgery using the Kizzle surname." It's interesting that Pools use the same lion as German Kessels. Babcocks were from Mummolin, who was himself descended from Decimus Rusticus of Cleremont-Ferrand, and it just so happens that English Ferrands use a Chief like that of Kesslers (Hesse, beside Cassel). The Kizzle checks were an act of fraud, and perhaps this simply means that Jason Kessler is a fraud. Italian Ferrands (from Firenze) use the Coat of Cohens, a branch of Hohens who themselves use the Chandler Coat.

CHANDlers were first found in Lancaster, where John of GAUNT ruled, meaning that Gaunts can be Chand liners. The Arms of Gaunt use a virgin while Johnny Chandler lives in Virginia.

In Italian, "Marone" means "brown," and Mamie is a brunette while I say she's a symbol of the Mangels bloodline. In fact, Fischer goes up 5th street to MAIN street, and Mains are likely a Mangel branch. Plus, if one compares Mains and Mindys/Munds to Morton-loving Walsh's and to Mortons themselves, the Mamie-line connection to Marano's/Mauritano's can be made. It's a little interesting that German Mains (share black eagle with Murena's/Moratins) share a green Chief with Cindys/Cuntys because Mamie was in the baseball diamond with Cindy.

Let's repeat that I was dancing with Mamie the first time we met. The Mein variation of German Mains caused a check of Mine's/Menne's/Mings/Mence's, who show nothing but a dancette with blue-and-white pale bars, the colors of the Cindy pale bars. The Mame's/Meme's/Mens' (same Chief as Montferrat rulers) come up as "Mein."

German Mains can be with the Sleep fesses because Sleeps were first found in the same place as Mindys/Munds. The Marano's/Mauritano's use the Montfort lion, from Monforte near Bra, and then Mandys/Mundays share eagle's legs with Brays/Brae's. My next lady, after Helen, was Mandy. I kid you not that her maiden name, Simson, uses a green Chief too, with white symbols, same as the Cindy Chief. Mandy's marital surname, Deeter, was first found in Pomerania along with German Mains. Amazing. I can't recall the best evidence for tracing Fire's to some location at the Stura river (Cuneo), but after finding it, I learned that FIRE's share the unicorn with Demonte's while Demonte is on the Stura river. Mortons were on/near the Stur. Mandys have "FIRE" in the mouth of a wolf.

I met Mandy roughly the first day upon arriving in Texas after waving goodbye to Helen two or three days earlier. I really should not have been with her because I was supposed to look for Charlotte, whose name I did not yet know. All I knew was that she was at a certain church that I had previously attended. It turned out that Mandy went to the same church, and we went together, but Charlotte never showed up. Mandy and I had a regular seat directly (on pew) behind an old man. One day, Mandy said that he was married to a beautiful blond with "big Texas hair." Oh no. Mandy's explanation was that she was attending a jail ministry as the reason for why she was coming out. But I found that not to be the case.

It would be a long while before I would see her with the old man. I think it was the following year, or even the year after that. I think I saw them together for the first time at a town football game. It gave me an eerie feeling, especially as I was eying her from behind, just wondering whether she could be the one in the dream, when she happened to look my way, noticing that I was staring at her. I was in transition at the time, having left Mandy's church, and having left her too. I regret that I was with her, because she was hurt at my decision not to proceed. I told her about the dream, and that I should pursue it. Mandy was a brunette.

Not long after seeing her at the game, I started to attend a different church, and that's where she and her husband showed up, I kid you not. I did not start to attend there due to them, as I didn't know they were going there.

The fact that Mandy's personal details are making surname links suggests that God set me up with her. I can show another example where I traced the "nutrior" motto term of Simsons to the Enotri/Oenotrians in the area of Saracena of southern Italy. As Laus was a location near Saracena, while Saraca's of Dalmatia were at Laus, otherwise called, Ragusa, it appears that Saraca liners were at Saracena. Therefore, just recall how Saraca's were traceable to the Biblical Hebrews around Abraham's other wife, and to the Kenites that Moses (a Levite) married, for I trace Oenotrians to the pagan Levite (Jonathan) in Biblical Laish, the people of which may have named Laus.

There is a German Lau/Laus/Lauer/LAWER surname sharing grapes with Deeters, yet the description mentions only the MAN. There is heraldic evidence in Scottish Lawers/Laws that Laish liners became Lawers. Laish was inhabited by Sidonians that I half think became the Seatons/Sittens who use ": A dragon spouting FIRE." Where did we see fire? Oh yes, in the Mandy Crest. Scottish Lawers/Laws use a motto term suggesting Sit liners such as Sittens and Sitlers.

English Lawers/Lawrence's are said to have been of a RedMAYNE entity, and there is a Redmayne/RedMAIN/RedMIND surname using "A beacon FIREd," such a firincidence. In their Coat, a castle evocative of the Coat of Pellicans, first found in Maine, but there are also cushions, the symbol of Bibo's who in-turn share the red rooster with Scottish Lawers/Laws. It's a hit on Lupus Laevillus, and while the black wolf heads of Quade's / Mackays trace to he and his wife, Mandys use a black wolf with fire. Pellicans were traced to Hicks-related Arthurs (pelican) at Clapton, which is at PORTIShead, and Proculus, son of Laevillus, is suspect with the PORTcullis gate symbol used by PORTers and Yate's, the latter suspect in the "yet" motto term of Seatons/Sittens. The Portis surname happens to share the Bus and Bacon cinquefoil, and Bacons are also Beacons...whom we saw with the fired beacon of Redmaine's. CONYers (Kenite / Kennati suspects) are in the Redmaine write-up, and Conyers happen to share the maunch (sleeve) with Manfields and Mangels. One weekend, Mandy (Manche liner, right?) invited me to San ANTONio, and we ended up dancing at a night spot. TONYs use the sleeve/maunch too. Antonio's use a flower while Flowers share the cinquefoil of Cnut-beloved Potters while Mandys/Mundays were first found in the same place as Cnuts. It looks as though the Canute Danes (Cindys/CUNTys use cinquefoils too) were mixed up with the Maccus liners out of Man.

The reason that Pellicans trace to Clapton in particular is that they show a Coat like the Tewkesburys (almost the Redmaine Coat) whom Arthurs of Clapton married. The same Arthurs married pelican-using Meads.

Back to the video above, where Saraca-suspect Fischer is at Main street, which he will go down momentarily. At 30:30, our man in blue, with a sharp eye, points out a stretcher on a golf cart at the Main intersection. What's a stretcher doing there? The accident victims haven't happened yet. It looks like the fakes had this pre-rigged, doesn't it? At least, our man in blue is sure that it's a stretcher.

Is Fischer carrying his own camera on a pole? Why would he shoot himself in the face so often while carrying his own camera? But if there is a cameraman following him, that could make better sense. The man in blue thinks there is no other cameraman, and Fischer sometimes appears to be feigning that he's touching his own camera.

The man in blue makes a great point, that Fischer stopped following the white nationalists at Main and 5th...because the attack car would be filmed momentary across Main street i.e. the Fischer fake knew he had to go to Main and 4th. So, they rigged it up to make it appear as though Fischer was side-tracked toward 4th. Fischer is a fraud, and the government is protecting this sort of thing, unbelievably, disallowing the media to report the very things that our man in blue is reporting. It is strange that the American government has come to this. Will there soon be a crash on this movement? Will a heavy hand come down on it?

In the 44th minute, another good point, that while the city police department was almost smack-dab at Main and 5th, there was no police presence at the nearby crash site, which at the time was an intersection filled illegally with "protestors." And police had helicopters (or at least one) above, watching this crowd develop, we may assume. We can also assume that the military has equipped helicopters to fall from the sky whenever the authorities need to murder pilots or crew members, and, we may assume, the helicopter crash on the day of the car crash, which killed two officers, was just such a murder operation because the officers were making trouble for (threatening the success of) the staged plot. I can't begin to tell you how I loath these people, and, so, as word gets out, there should be a heavy backlash. While the deep state needs to divide the people, they might just unite against the deep state. Watching. What is God about to do with what appears to be a very-important project in the works by the deep state?

SonofNewo has another video below (dated late, Aug 29), where he says that someone sent him the most-damning footage yet. He doesn't comment on how it's damning. At 8:48, a camera man is walking toward the crash site with the back of the maroon van visible, still parked at the intersection. The street is mainly blank, and the black pick-up truck is not at its parking spot yet. We'd like to know who drove it there. In the maroon van, there is a woman in the driver's seat, and some comments say that she's the same woman hanging off the van's hood during the crash, seen in the sky view hanging onto the hood. In my last update, I assumed her to be a man. In a still image, this woman (they say) is seen up-close hanging on to the hood's inset near the wipers, where fingers can get a grasp. She just jumped off the van when it was near the end of its easy ride.

At about 8:50, a car is heard starting, and we assume it's the other vehicle on the curb, for this vehicle was not there by the time of the crash. The driver is a heavy woman with black top, no sleeves, and dark hair. Is she Mrs. Chandler?

The last time we see her in the van is at 9:30, at which time there is absolutely no one in the intersection to keep her from driving through. She didn't have blinkers on as we'd expect if there were engine problems. This must be the damning part.

At 6:43, our speaker shows an official police statement concerning this van: "The minivan had slowed for a crowd of people crossing through the intersection." Achem, that was obviously a false report needing correction to something like: "The minivan was parked past the white pedestrian line without moving for more than five minutes. The driver got out of the minivan more than five minutes before the crash, then got in again about five minutes before the crash, and got out again, ending up on the hood in participation with the crash." Now that gives the truth, doesn't it.

At 3:25, our man has a timeline showing that this video [by a man whom I will reveal in another video] starts 4:40 minutes before the crash (woman is already in the van). Fischer came by the van with a little over five minutes yet to go, meaning that the woman got into the van very-shortly after he went by. Where was she? The police need to explain why she remained at the intersection for 4:40 until someone crashed into her. It appears that she was waiting for the "crash" to take place, doesn't it? The media are responsible to question this woman. The people want to know whether a hoax was planted by the governments, and why.

Some in the comments section are saying that the woman was caught on camera in front of the van with her own camera held high, which I assume was part of the plan. She then grabbed the hood to feign a near-injury or injury. In this picture, she was an actress, not necessarily the owner of the van or the spouse of the owner. The police would know.

At 10:07, we find that the cameraman has the camera at about chest height. A second later, we hear HIS voice. He has arrived to the intersection just as the crowd arrives. Coincidence, or is he an insider? No one walks up to him to ask / urge him to stop shooting. At 11:47, both his hands show, meaning he's not holding the camera with one.

The crash will be at about 13:24, though he's walked away from the intersection, starting at 12:58. His purpose seems to be to capture the runners, a lot of young people. No screams can be heard at 13:24, nor shortly after that. Why not? He's hasn't gone far. In Gilmore's video, we heard the screams loud and clear, and Gilmore was roughly as far from the crash as this man is at 13:24. The chanting can be heard through to 13:26, but no one expects chanting to continue after the crash. At 13:26, he turns away from the crash site, and the sound from there goes dim because of it. They must have added some sound track. The only thing they did was push the two cars ahead with their attack car, and the thugs with bats and sticks bashed the cars up a little.

Two men on motorbikes. Our cameraman walks right between them at 13:31. Perhaps the cameraman is an insider instructed to walk between the bikes as the crash takes place to provide an excuse (the noise of the bikes) as to why the crash noise was not as loud as we expect. When he turns around, one of the bikers stays, and the other rides away. Why would they separate like that since they were riding together?

Upon walking back toward the intersection, we see a fake medic (14:58) already on the scene. At 15:04, the dimwits still have a couple of guys holding up an anti-White sign for all to read right next to the "horrible accident" only seconds old...laughable. Our man is now upon the crash scene, almost two minutes after the crash. No blood can be seen, as with other cameras. They are distorting the world's sense of reality, making the naive believe that people can ram cars into people without the loss of blood. Is a human more robust than a racoon or deer hit by a car? No, but these skunks are stinking up the American nation with these hoaxes. America will soon be known as the land of deceivers at the highest levels. What an end.

He shows his own water bottle at 15:36. At 15:34, a guy with a red scarf over his face. At 15:49, the guy yelling "back up guys," has a sock over his face. The plotters thought to make this a serious hoax. At 16:32-34, the woman once in the driver's seat of the van may be walking by, now with hair in a pony tail, though, on the other hand, it looks like a man at 16:34 (but a woman at 16:32). She/he wears a green scarf, which I think I can barely get a glimpse of at 9:13 on the woman in the van.

There seems to be never a time when the cameraman takes the camera in hand to point it down or up. Perhaps he's feigning not shooting anything. Perhaps he's not an insider. At 16:47, the camera goes downward at an injury site, but I think he's leaning, for his water bottle shows again. Another mask at 16:50, and scarves all over the place. Protestors wearing masks??? Pretty serious stuff.

He now walks up 4th street, from where the attack car came. You were a witness that no police were at the intersection clearing a path for ambulances, even though police are up the street maybe 60 feet. At 18:20, a good shot of the pavement right at the pick-up, where the car plowed through the flying black man, the flying man with his shirt up to his nipples, and the flying woman in green. But, there's no blood at all visible, anywhere. And, four minutes in, no sign that anyone called the ambulances can be so much as heard in in-coming sirens. On this road, multiple police cars and an armored vehicle are blocking ambulance entry, anyway. Trust your senses, this is not real; most of the actors have probably done it before, and the policemen may themselves be actors from out of town, a good way not to involve the local forces too-deeply in a farce.

The one with his shirt up to his chest was supposedly sent flying when the attack car's bumper / fender / hood hit him, yet he's seen hanging onto the top of the trunk before rolling away. Try to imagine that? You're sent flying and you can still grab the back of the car, as it speeds by, with your hands as you fall downward, and you actually hold on, then roll away to the street and get on your feet. Laughable. In trying to make the crash victims look real with such stunts, the goofs reveal themselves to those able to comprehend reality, or those with even a fair grasp of physics. If you have a good grasp of reality, you know that a person man cannot be on the back of a speeding car unless the car flipped him from the front end to the back. The only alternative is a person getting onto the back end while the car moves slow. The video below shows this act, but keep watching until the middle of the 6th minute to see (in slow motion) what I didn't catch in the last update. The woman riding the back of the car disappears as she hits the pick-up's fender, suggesting a paste job.

At the start of the video, the person on the hood of the maroon van is shown with what the speaker says is a CGI (computer-generated image), but it may have been an item to help the person stay on the hood as the car moved forward. The item (Hollywood tool), somehow hooked to the bumper, may be supporting the body weight at the midsection. This could be a man feigning (for media release images) to be the female driver of the car.

God is in This

SonofNewo hasn't used sewer language, and may be a believer. He has a video on Seth Rich (below) with a not-bad theory, that Rod Wheeler's law suit against Fox news and Ed Butowski is faked in order to get the media to cover the Seth Rich story. In fact, when I first heard of this suit, it all sounded like what a judge would view as too petty / frivolous to stand in court to begin with.

The first thing to do is to look up surnames that reflect "Sonof / Son of" and "Newo," checking to see if there are connections, as this is how I test an event or entity for God's participation. There is a Sonning/Sunny/Somin (SALEman / Salmon colors) surname using the same fesse as coney-rabbit Conys / Conns, but replacing the rabbits with suns. We're off to a great start, especially as they are traced to a Sonning location under the bishop of SALESbury. I assume that this is a branch of Soons/Soans/Soams that use a good reflection of the Hicks Coat, as well as using MALLETs. It's very important that the Soon/Soan/Soam falcon is "STANDing on a lure," for Stands/Stans must be a branch of Stanleys and SONNYs/Staneys (almost the Stand/Stan Coat), because the Sonnys/Staneys use the MALLET scallops. You can't say I'm making this up. After sitting beside me, Charlotte Hicks was sitting beside Stanley at the first-year anniversary of 9-11, and he was holding the U.S. flag at that time, and this was under George Bush, from Busca, beside Sales-liner Saluzzo, all near Bra. Flags/Flacks (share the double Stand/Stan fesses in the same colors) are expected in the flax breaker of Brays/Brae's. You see, God was in my life in a very unique way; what will this wring out?

As for "Newo," it recalls how I first discovered the News/Newes surname. I was entering Texas for the first time scouting land for a southern winter retreat. On the freeway into Texas, there was a small cloud not much bigger that the sun. It was the only cloud there, and it completely covered the sun while an eerie feeling entered me. It was like an omen of something bad about to happen. I was headed for Galveston ever since I crossed the Mississippi. By the time of reaching the outskirts of Galveston, it was dark, and I was still feeling a little fearful, I kid you not, because that cloud and sun really did feel like an omen. I parked my truck in Galveston, on the side of the street, and to make a long story short, I thought I was going to be killed by a black man, a little drunk, who woke me up by shaking the truck, and then proceeded to steal the truck with my wallet and shirt to boot. I was in jeans and no shirt, just like in the Hicks dream. After I escaped his grasp (I though he had a gun), and while knocking on a front door, the thief had obtained the keys (he ran away with them), but the truck wouldn't start for him, the first and only time that this took place to this truck. He ran off, leaving the door open, and I happened to have a spare key under the mat. That key was never there before. I happened to put one there for this trip alone.

So, God provided a miracle, and Galveston is not far from where Charlotte had been living a few months earlier. She with her husband had moved elsewhere in Texas, a thing I didn't know yet because I hadn't met her yet. I was headed for Mexico to check out whether there could be a possibility of getting some cheap land there. But knowing that there would be risks from thieves in Mexico (with a non-Mexican car plate), this Galveston event changed my mind on the spot. The morning after the thief, I stopped off in VICTORIA to get a NEWSpaper and a COFFEE. That's all I bought. I wanted to check the ads for some cheap land, and I was surprised at how cheap some Texas land was. Years later, after becoming familiar with heraldry, and after realizing that God set up events in my life to match heraldic connections, I realized that the Coffee Surname uses a "VICTORIA" motto term. And that's why I checked for News surname (chaplets).

The only pertinent thing I can see, at this time, about the News' is that their chaplets are in the colors of the similar annulets of Chandler-suspect Candle's/Cantwells. SonofNewo spoke on Mr. Cantwell's connections to Fischer. There is a Newe House in Suffolk's Pa(c)kenham, and Suffolk is where Candle's were first found. Pakenhams/PAGENams are in News / Candle colors. Pachens are listed with Paganells, making sense where that's a branch of Payens/Pagans while Hugh de Payens (first Templar leader) married Elizabeth Chappes i.e. suspect in the chaplets of News' and in the Coffey/Coffer surname. Irish Packens use cups (as do Coffeys/Coffers) as code for the Cups / Coppes'.

Coffers recall the Coffert variation of Coverts, and SonofNewo even has a video of Trump's mysterious term, "covfefe." Coffers use the naked "MAN RIDING a green dolphin," which is essentially the Arms of Taranto, and the Motels, first found in Taranto, use the horse and rider of Coffer-like Cafferys/Caffertys, in Coffer colors. Coverts and Courts/Coverts were first found in the same place as RIDINGs/Readings. Recall how the dream with Charlotte linked to the Covert-MANess duo. After I was almost standing in Texas alone without my shirt, I checked into a MOTEL, and, hours later, stopped off at Victoria. Shirts share a peacock in Crest with Maness'. Amazingly, while Coverts use footless martlets, the 9:34 point of the covfefe video shows Trump beside a footless martlet with "COVFEFE" written upon it.

The speaker at SonofNewo has worn a hat with "Santorini" on it in more than one video, and that surname was first found in Lucania, on the western edge of Apulia i.e. location of Taranto. I read that Taranto was founded by Spartans, who lived beside Boura, and it's known that settlers from Boura were at Sparta-like Sybaris, itself at the other side of Lucania. Wikipedia says that peoples of Sybaris founded neighboring Laus, the Laus location mentioned earlier at the Saracena area. As Coffers/Coffare's and Burleys were first found in the same place as Ladds/Ladens (and Taranto-possible Tarrs) while Boura was beside the Ladon river, I suspect that Burleys (and Bauers / Bowers) were from Boura through the Laus area. Recall that I trace Simsons (Burley colors) to the Laus area.

Repeat: "The Legh/Lee lion is used also by Mons/Mounds, while French Simmons (same place as Brie's/Bree's) use "mon" while Simms' use "Fortuna et labore," like the Labre variation of the Brie/DuBray surname. As Simms were first found in the same place as Sittens, I peg Simms as a branch of the Sine variation of Sions/Some's." The Simms are in the colors of Coverts, and I assume that Coffers > Coverts had ancestral elements in the Laus area. The other Simsons use the same lion as Faucets, first found in the same place as Simms, but more in particular at Musselburgh; Mussels/Muscels use the Cony / Conn Coat but use white plates instead of white rabbits.

Plate's use white scallops, almost in both colors of the Mallet scallops. AND, these Plate's share the white chevron with sun-using English Cars (same place as Plate's), with both placing three red symbols upon it, and the Plate Coat even reflects the Coat of Irish Carrs (!), not to mention the Sine/Some/Sion/Swan Coat. The latter Carrs were first found in the same place as Pattersons/Cassane's that share the Plate scallops in both colors. German Plate's happen to use a swan, and Cars use the same stars as in the Arms of Sion. This tells me that Hicks were Sion liners of the Sitten kind. The same stars are found also with Glass' while Sine's/Sions were first found beside Glasgow. That makes the upright white dog in the Sion/Swan Crest suspect with the Fortuna dog because Lady Fortune (why is she nude?) is in the Classen Coat (with a banner).

As Charlotte was hovering over the seats of the car, the "sed" motto term of Cars should be for the Seats/Cedes' (same place as Cars), but then Seatons/Sittons were first found in the Musselburgh area too, and were from swan-liner Sitten/Sion. Charlotte's husband was a branch of Pattersons, and his surname links to the "Clavo" term in the Carr motto. In the meantime, this Clavo term is for Clovis, son of Childeric, while Cars use the colors and format of Childs (same eagle as Roads, expected with Redones of Rodez). If that's not enough, Charlotte and her husband moved from my area to a house registered in the name of Mr. Childs.

The Ridings/Readings, expected with the Coffers (man riding) out of Taranto, are using the SWYNford boar heads, a Sine-like term. Catherine Swynford (Roet) married secondly John of Gaunt, and the Arms of Gaunt use the same lion as Simmons/Simons, the one's with a "mon" motto term suspect with Mons, near Gaunt. The historical counts of Mons' Hainaut are the only ones I know of with the three Levi chevrons in both colors, and Levi's were first found on the Sion-like Seign river along with Laus-suspect Lys'/Lisse's (Lee branch, very possible, because Lee's use the Mons lion) and Chappes'. As Catherine Swynford was born a Roet, Ridngs/Reddings look like a Roet / Reed branch. Readys (scimitar), first found in the same place as Sion-suspect Cars and Seats/Cedes' (suspect with Pike-loving Geddes'), and beloved by the motto of Lawers/Lawrence's, use swans, as do Sine's/Sions/Swans/SOME's. It's obvious that Coffers were linked to the line of Catherine Roet, born from Payne Roet at the SOMME area of Picardy, and suspect from a Payen-Chappes line.

Sharks, by the way, who share the trefoils of Hure's/Hurons/Hurels, suspect in the "heure" motto term of Hicks, use a "REDit" motto term. Picardy may have been a Pike line, and Pike's (more trefoils) happen to use the split Shield of the Arms of Sion. Rose-using Trents (same place as Roets, beside Pike's) use the split Shield in colors reversed. The Sion/Swan dog is called a talbot, and Talbots (rulers of Eu) use the same lion as Hure-like Ure's ("Sans") and Aurs/Aures' (there's good reason for identifying this as the lion of Rhodes').

Roets use more boar heads, and were first found in the same place as boar-head Burleys, Ladons, Coffers, etc., which is making Bra liners look like Boura liners. In fact, the Cony / Conn fesse is colors reversed from the Ladon fesse, and while I trace Ladons to Laish, home of pagan Levites, that's where I expect the Kenites from Moses' marriage to them. Cuneo is suspect with Kenites, right? Laish was near ancient Sion at mount Hermon, and Laish (modern Dan in Israel) was right beside a Daphne location (still bears roughly that name today) while mythical Daphne was placed by writers in the Ladon river. The Ladon dragon was even made her father.

The Daphne-like Taffs (Caen/Cann fretty, and the Bessin Crest) are an obvious branch of Face's/Fessys (and Mee's/Meighs) while Coverts use a leopard face. Courts/Coverts love the Cuntys/Cindys (expect the Conteville line to Ladon-related Meschins) that use a lion (Burley colors) in colors reversed from the Touch/TUFF lion, and the latter surname was first found in the same place as Daphne-suspect Davids (share "copia" with Reeds), feasibly named after the Dives area of the Bessin, or after Diva of Cheshire (where Touch's/Tuffs and Davids were first found), or after the Dives variation of Diens (same place as Courts/ Coverts and Deins). The Cords/McCourts use the Ladon fesse, which is the Meschin / Cony fesse in colors reversed. One can see the repeated connections of the surnames under discussion, and it's all to do with the biblical dragon line to Joseph Caiaphas. The end-time Illuminati, or the deep state, is expected to be a personification of that man for a reason: for the love of God of the saints, and for their eternal celebrations. The bloody Winepress is coming on the deep state.

There is a WineCUP/WineCOOP surname (suspect with Cups/Cope's) that use the Roque rocks (though called mountains), which reminds that a gal from Roquefeuil (same place as Roque's, near Rodez and Aubin) married Henry VI of Rodez. The Belgian WEINers/Winners happen to use the ROTen Zionist star (compare Rodhams to Davids). The Rods and Rocks share the same trefoil because they are from the Roquefeuil-Rodez marriage, but this is the Shark (and Aubin/Albin) trefoil too while Pools use the same lion as Winecups (Winer colors). The shark was in the pool with a BULLdog, and Bulls share white-on-blue bulls with Winecup-beloved Mountains (bulls in Winecup colors). Aubins/Albins use a white bull head too, and were from BarnSTAPLE (beside the first Roets) while Catherine Roet was from Estaples / Montreuil. The Pool lion is expected as the same of Roet-suspect Rita's, and Staple's use the motto of Pollock-liner Peters.

It's interesting that the bulldog FELL into the pool while Fellers, in all three Mountain colors, and suspect with Rockefellers, use trefoils. The Fellers are also in all three colors of Bulls! And while Verona's share a version of the Feller Coat, they throw in a fish, which, as we will see below, is a Roque-liner symbol. Fallis' (same place as Roslin) use more trefoils and the same lion as Pools / Winecups!!! This is now more than mere interesting. God was speaking on end-time Rockefellers, the object of His Wrath. Italian Fallis/Faillon (same Coat) were first found in the same place as Pesce's that use the Verona fish (in the colors of the Arms-of-Saraca fish). For more, compare Falls/Phails and Fells to Bricks and Whelans/Failins/Phailans, indicating the Roquefeuil merger with the Briquessart Meschins / Masseys. I had a girlfriend, Karen Whelan, on Corson street, and Corsons (scimitar) use the Whelan / Fell lozenges, apparently.

I've never thought to check Kidneys just because the pool was in the shape of a kidney. Kidneys/Gedneys/Gibneys (why Gib too?), who share fish with Geddes' (like "Cedes") and Luciano's (same place as Rita's), share the oak stump with RODhams and WATsons. Winecups = Rodez liners use WATER under their mountain while the oak tree is used by Vatts/Watters', and the latter hang spectacles from an oak tree while Scottish KIDDs (Cetis liners) hang a hunting horn of their tree. Kidds share the Winer stars and are in Winecup colors. English Kidds were first found partly in Northamptonshire, home of Saer de Quincy of WINchester, who is in the write-up of Lothian's Faucets. The Geddes and Lucys use pike fish while Pike's use more treFOILs (RoqueFEUIL-Rodez symbol). Scottish Gibbs' have comparability with Ferrands, from Cleremont-Ferrand is near Rodez. English Gibbs share white scallops with Russells while Roquefeuil is in Roussillon, the line to Roslin, in Lothian, wherefore note that Lothians use the Kidd horn hanging off their own tree. This is extremely impressive to me.

The Gibbs scallops are in both colors of the same of Tailbois', the latter first found in the same place as Kidneys/Gedneys/Gibneys. I jumped into the pool after the bulldog, and I am feasibly descended from Ranulph le Meschin, who married LUCY Taillebois. Lucys share the Geddes / Luciano fish! My ex-wife, represented by the shark, has a Dutch surname that shares the three Water / Clere chevrons.

The day after I was in Victoria, I drove toward Leakey but stopped maybe 10 miles before getting there. I didn't know that a Leakey location existed there. I didn't know that God was setting me up to write on things pertaining to Wikileaks, and to Charlotte Hicks, who told me (on the hours-long telephone call) that she was going to church in Crystal City. That's where she must have been going when she wasn't at the church I first saw her in. Before meeting her, I turned around from heading toward Leakey and stayed that night in a motel of Crystal City, which had cockroaches behind the wallpaper. I investigated these items, and spoke on the Roach's/Rochs ("Mon"), suspect with Roque's/Rocks, and Roach's happen to use fish in Lucy- / Luciano-fish colors. Amazing. By some coincidence or not, Lucys are said to descend from Mr. CHARLEcote (changed his name to "Lucy"), and Hykes use fish in colors reversed from the Lucy fish. Charlotte Hicks was the actress in the dream after the shark-pool event.

Finding the Two Cameramen with the Two Cameramen

Here's SonofNewo with yet another video that he's obtained of the crash-scene aftermath, this one dated today, August 31:

I'd like to discover how far apart this camera's timer is from the same of the previous camera carried by the man with water bottle. We can then compare audio to perhaps see whether sound-tracking was added to one or the other. At 5:25 of this video, it has just passed a stationary SUV, which is captured moving at 14:25 in the water-bottle video. Therefore, for any single event in a second of time, the two camera's timers are some unknown seconds less than nine minutes apart [later, I find a way to make that figure precise at 8 minutes, 42 seconds]. there are less than nine minutes between each camera's view. Just before 6:00 on one camera, people are calling for medics, and the water-bottle camera magically captures a jack-out-of-the-box medic (laughable) at 15:00, which in real time is just seconds after the medics were called for.

At 15:55, the water-bottle man has arrived to the crash scene, and the other camera at 6:55 is there still. But the scene is much quieter in the water-bottle video, and the sounds between the two cameras are not the same. The water-bottle camera can be assumed to be amongst more normal by-standers who aren't yelling like lunatics, and the eye-level camera is right in the thick of things at the stop-sign area, where the lunatic actors are thronged. We could check for the loudest voices that both cameras can hear, to see whether they were real voices or added. At 15:36, a man yells, "Back up" loudly at the crashed cars, and should be heard in the eye-level camera since it's right at the crashed cars at this time. [15:36 on one camera is 6:54 on the other; I think I hear "back up" at 6:54, just after profanity from a low-lifer who shouldn't be your role model].

At 6:39, a blond man, coming from the passenger door of the Toyota, is yelling like a brainless Neanderthal, walking past the left side of the eye-level camera, which is a few feet to the front of the water-bottle camera. At 15:44, it's this blond who appears to yell, "back up," for the second time, but the eye-level camera doesn't catch this yell. Once we find a way to match both timers with real time, we can play a five-second span from one (then pause), followed by five seconds from the other, to see if any voices match.

Two men are at the hood of the Toyota between 6:53-56. At 6:46, one of them is seen simply standing behind the Toyota, and looking toward the camera (for a cue?). Seven seconds later he's got his camera looking though the front windshield, with a second man doing the identical thing, like a pre-determined plot. The two men did not originate from the same place.

As per the injury victims, there's one lying on the ground at 5:45, with two quick shots of her head area, and some stomach area at 5:47, with no visible injuries. If you pause it just right, her legs also become visible nearer the end of 5:47, with no visible injuries there either. No clothes seem torn, there's no blood. At 5:55, two blue medics gloves, no blood. The first thing done by medics is to treat the wounds, where there's blood, right? Do you ever see blood on anyone's hands? That's why the goons will likely come out with such pictures, as paste jobs because it's now dangerous to have fake blood at these faked events. Fake blood can be taken to any lab, by anyone at the scene, to prove that it's fake blood. So, the plotters have a serious problem, and this is where they fail their audience on this fake job.

At 6:41, the tail light of the maroon van is cracked open, yet it's higher than any part of the Toyota that's still shown crashed against it. It's questionable, but I say a bat or club bashed in that tail light.

The crowd is filled with corrupt souls. There's no one actor with any class; otherwise they wouldn't be part if this. It attracts low lives, scythians and desperadoes. Why are so many people yelling? There are sewer mouths all over, very unChristian, as we could expect of the insiders. It's as though they were all directed to use sewer words, to make loud yells for effect, or create commotion like in a viking invasion, but I see reality much differently for a situation like this.

There's a wee-little red spot on the road at 7:16, but it doesn't have the perfect color of blood. The official story, as always, has several times as many injury victims than can be seen / counted on cameras. There's no special attempt by this cameraman to capture the sight of any victim. Just passing glances.

An injury victim walks by early in the 9th minute. At 9:24, she's (blue shorts) fully visible, with no sign of injury. More profanity right in front of the camera. At 9:40, a siren. But was this a sound track added to the video so as not to bother the hospitals with unneeded ambulance calls? After six minutes of taping, which was about seven after the crash, not one ambulance is seen. If we go to the time slot (a little before 18:40) in the water-bottle video where we expect the same siren, we find the camera up by the armored vehicle. And lookie, the blond scythian is up here now, seen first at 18:29. It looks like Fischer at 18:32. Another water bottle at 18:33 while the cameraman flashes his own bottle at the same time (doesn't anyone at these hoaxes drink anything but water?). Yes, I hear sirens distinctly at about 18:26. As he continues up the street, three comments arise in his camera, all expected of a fake job. No one is saying, "this is fakery, let's get out of here." At 19:25, a good shot of the SQUARE Union window at the red intersection. Yet, Brennan Gilmore captured it (from around the corner and through some glass) as a rectangle.

At 10:42, the women in green, who was sent flying with feet pointed to the sky in a cartwheel, is partially seen on the road. There's not a sign of injury. This is government-sponsored fraud, and the Congress has not piped-up about it at all, as usual. The insiders have a secret, canned excuse for arranging these events with governments winking. It was one thing to feign Muslim terror to fund and advance the war, but what do we have here as a purpose? To turn sect on sect as the CIA does in foreign nations to divide and conquer? What exactly does it want as booty?

The police are concerned only for the area at the pick-up truck, where the only real injury may have taken place to the actress who botched the ride on the trunk of the attack car.

At 8:26 of the eye-level camera, spot the woman in blue top and tight black pants, with backpack. She's on the curb and walks past the telephone pole to its street side. But in the water-bottle camera, at 17:28 (two seconds more than nine minutes apart), she walks between the post and the building. Most of the people between the two shots of this area are not the same when comparing 8:26 to 17:28.

It's hard to pause it during 6:28, but a man with socks and shorts goes past the post with what could be a water bottle in his left hand. Something shows in his hand at the bottom of the jean shirt of the guy in tattoos. I've got it paused at two different places (of a split-second), and in one especially, it has the color and shape of the upper bottle with neck and lid, but it's foggy, not conclusive. He appears to have glasses, and a maroon shirt, but I'm not able to make out a camera at his chest. Is this the water-bottle cameraman? Alas, at 18:44, the man in maroon shirt is seen in the water-bottle camera, and he too has a camera. He had been ahead of the water-bottle camera.

Therefore, we could go back at see if the water-bottle cameraman shows as someone else. Back to the eye-level view of the electric post, that is, where there is a man with hand raised behind the man with maroon shirt, but, unfortunately, it's his right hand, and his left doesn't show. He doesn't appear to have a camera. Besides, the water-bottle cameraman is not supposed to be at the post at this time. He needs to be there when the lady in blue top walks past the post to its inner side.

At 8:32, the woman in blue top turns around walking the other way, which is necessary if she's going to walk past the post a second time. Just as the camera leaves her, she walks toward the building, and, seemingly perfect, a man in white hat with camera at his chest walks by at 8:36-38, toward the post where the water-bottle camera captures her. I was sure, at first, that this was our guy. But he's not. His hat is caught on the water-bottle camera at 17:22. The man in white hat is captured by the water-bottle camera between 17:02-18. At the end of that stretch, the man in white hat is walking toward the post. The woman in blue top is supposedly hanging around that post, but she's not visibly in the excellent shot up the sidewalk as per 17:22.

I have just found the water-bottle cameraman. He's got light-beige pants, holds a water bottle in his right hand, a black strap over his right shoulders, and appears to have a camera at his chest and/or hanging on the strap under his elbow. The camera at his chest questionable, but there is something black there against his taupe shirt. He's not captured for long. He starts turning toward the man in red scarf at 8:40, and points directly at him at the end of that second. At 8:41, there definitely seems to be a camera at his chest, with straps going around his neck. He wears a white baseball cap, glasses, and appears to have a goatee.

We can now compare the times: it's 8:40 versus 17:22 for the same instant in time, 18 seconds under nine minutes apart between camera timers. That's 8 minutes, 42 seconds.

The camera at his chest has light reflecting off of it at 8:43, when he's shown a second time. At 8:44, the water-bottle camera points directly at the eye-level camera (17:25 on the other camera). The eye-level camera can be seen clearly as a man in sandals (light-green, almost white, sleeveless t-shirt) at 17:27. He's seen behind the man with red scarf at 17:23. He has been walking around with one arm up, all this time, to have a camera at his face. He looks Hispanic, or perhaps half-Negro. At 17:29, he looks more Negro than Hispanic.

The first I see the SUV is at 14:22, and it's predicted to be in motion at that time because it's bigger and in motion at 14:26. The last time we see the same SUV, in the other camera, is at 5:23, when it's still not in motion. We would need to guess, therefore, the time on the eye-level camera in which the SUV was at the 14:22 point of the water-bottle video. We can now assume, from finding the same scene on both camera's eight minutes and 42 seconds apart, that the same time difference is the case here with the SUV. Therefore, we assume that 14:22 on one camera is 5:40 on the other.

At 7:13-15, when the eye-level camera is at the back of the Toyota, it's supposed to be 15:55-37 on the other camera, and this is where we see the level-eye cameraman at the back of the car. It's that same man seen earlier at the electricity post. No one bothers this guy as he snoops around the car with this big camera on his nose.

He no longer has the water bottle in his left hand at 19:27. He's at the red intersection at 19:38, shooting a man with a Beatles t-shirt. Two seconds later a man walks by with an Abbey Road t-shirt. The Beatles had an album, Abbey Road. This reminds me of a poor connection I once made between Miss Covert and the Beatles. I say "poor" because I didn't feel good about the link, but continued with it anyway, because Miss Covert and/or her daughter sold BEADs. It's sounds crazy, and at the time I was not very accustomed to the probability that many items involved in certain people (in my life) are in fact codes from God. The Beatles band was from Liverpool, the home of William Hitler and his Dowling wife. Dol of the Alans can be expected with elements at Covert-like COUER d'Alene, smack beside Miss Covert's home in Post Falls.

Beads (Covert / Cove colors) are also Beadle's, and use the same scallops as Cave's. Beatle's/Bedwells were first found in the same place BEDfordshire, and Bedfords are highly suspect with the black Quint lion paw, and that's the line of Quintus CAEPio, suspect from Julius Caesar and Servilia Caepio(nis), a line suspect in the Julians/JULIA's, June's and Capone's, all three first found beside the Caiaphas-like Cape's/Capes' and Bedford. Miss Covert's daughter, who owns the bead business, is Julia. Can you believe it? It looks like God set up parts of their lives to make these points. Instead of being angry with me, they might rather feel blessed to be participants in the Wreckage of Evil coming imminently.

The "fortuna" motto term of Bedfords was traced with Lady Fortune to the Clausula river, location of Caepionis-like Cupionich. The mouth of this river is near BUTua, now Budva. You can't say that God did not train me well to make correct historical traces of surnames. Try to imagine how much work He has invested in this project. It's not for my benefit, I assure you.

Julia'/Julians share flames in Crest with Beatle's/Bedwells. Can these things surrounding the Beatles now be exposing further that the Charlottesville crash was a hoax from the Aryan-Nations people? By what coincidence is our water-BOTTLE man carrying an item like "BEATLE." Bottle's/Bootels/Buthills were first found in Lancashire with Liverpool. Our water-bottle cameraman wears a white CAP. Why would God be interested in Caepio's unless they were a line to Joseph Caiaphas, murderer of Jesus Christ?

The White Rabbit News

Here's an update from Judicial Watch this past week with quite an explosive revelation on FBI corruption under Comey. No one should think that the FBI merely wanted to protect Hillary out of kindness or because they like her. The FBI was involved with the CIA in a murderous plot in Libya, and this extended to other matters that likewise involved murder. Tom Fitton and his bunch are true journalists. They would not fabricate a story just because it helps their political bias. It's fine to have a political bias, but a newsman is a newsman when he's perfectly honest no matter which way the political cards fall. The corruption of the Virginia governor is mentioned early in the 16th minute. Judicial Watch is taking on the deep state, truly. Might God bless this run? While Judicial Watch is willing to expose the Trump administration, its Jay Sekulow seems supportive of Trump, for obvious reason in that he's one of his lawyers.

Below from Fox news (Aug. 1) and Jay Sekulow on the explosive part above. Ask: how can the leftist media ignore this?

After letting that sink in, ask: why is Judicial Watch insinuating that Trump's choice for the FBI chief (Wray) is more on the Hillary side than on the side of justice? Will this change under pressure? Will Trump see the light of opportunity to get the deep state off his back by secretly working to disclose the Comey-Mueller-Clinton corruption? Keep your rabbit paws crossed.

You can read the letter below that started this revival sure to put a happy face on Trump supporters. Note that the damning parts were from some give-ups of the Office of Special Counsel (put your hands over you head) that yet had too many redactions seeking to save Comey from further harassment.

If in this video you read the Chuck Grassley letter to Wray, he's asked to disclose all the documents again without redactions in order for the legislators to assess whether Comey is guilty of anything, etc. It's a simple request, and Wray should be jumping for joy to reveal it, right? After all, he's a top cop with pure justice on his brain, right? Yes, Mr. Wray is in a position to celebrate truth, thanks to his own high position in the FBI, itself thanks to president Trump that likewise wants to see justice, right? Right? I'm, not so sure. Even though Trump could use to his benefit the hanging-to-death of Comey, the president must be afraid to punish the wrong-doer further. Or, worse: Trump made a deal with Comey that if Comey confessed that there was no Russia-Trump investigation, Trump would do all he could to wreck all attempts to prosecute him. Grassley (Judiciary Committee chairman) gives Wray until September 13 to give up the documents.

This breaking story is more an exposure on Trump and Sessions than on Comey. Let's see what Trump does. On the first day or two, Jay Sekulow was out in the news exposing this story, but if he suddenly goes quiet, we can assume that Trump tried to shut him up. Trump's tweet on the matter is in the video below; it doesn't sound as though he opposes the advancement of this story:

When I search youtube (September 1) for "cnn grassley comey," the story is not there. Has CNN gone into hiding, pretending it doesn't know what's going on with this. Alas, CNN can't hide this one, it's too big. CNN headline, "Comey drafted Clinton exoneration before finishing investigation, GOP senators say." Ah. CNN is not making the statement, but just repeating what Republicans claim. Okay, that's a start. Expect CNN to twist this story until Grassley is made the guilty party. The CIA must have some dirt on Grassley, which is why the CIA swamp needs to be pumped out completely. CNN says, "The FBI has not responded to CNN's request for information." There's two possible ways to take that: 1) the FBI wants to hide something; 2) Wray doesn't want CNN's version of the truth, which will be part-lie, to get out first. Even the Washington Post (CIA leaker and trumpet) won't hide this one, though it's treating it as just another petty accusation.

In the end, this could be a trick by Grassley (And Lindsey Graham). In the end, the unredacted parts may contain honorable things about Comey, and his exoneration, and Grassley may be privy to this plot. In the end, the Republican parts of the Senate can say, "we tried, voters, we tried."

The day after writing above, the title for this section was, "The News." I changed it the "White Rabbit News" this morning because I mad a great realization as I awoke. I recalled, from yesterday, entertaining the thought that Grassleys were Crispin / Grazio liners (both use pomegranates), but nothing came of those thoughts. This morning, as I awoke, I was asking how the Wrays might work into these matters, and asked about his first name, Christopher," when the white rabbits of CHRIStmas' came to mind, which, at the time, I mistakenly remembered them first found in Lorraine, same as French CRISpins. I was sure of a Christmas link to Grassleys, you see. Alas, Christmas' were first found in Essex.

But all is not lost, because it turned out that the Brie's/DuBRAYs were first found in Lorraine (a new discovery this update). I have already shown that English Grasse's/Cras' (almost the same bend as Challengers) use the same bend as French Crispins (not to mention the same lions as James', Pools, etc.). If the Christmas Shield were black instead of red, it would be a near-perfect copy (minus the fesse symbols) of the white-rabbit Conn / Cony Coat (from Bra elements). I think I have enough here to explore more things as per a Chuck-Grassley connection to the white-rabbit mystery, especially as my last night with Lorraine was due to her coming home with a GRASS stain on her WHITE PANTS while the white-rabbit Conys use a "PANsy" in Crest!!! Zowie, I wasn't expecting that.

I've told the white-pants story a few times; I'm not making it up here. I've already mentioned that the Pansy surname is also PANTZer! It appears that God set up the event that night in order to make the white-rabbit connection to Chuck Grassley. It was the same night that I was dancing with Mamie, a symbol for the line of Charles Mangels of Aryan Nations and Montana.

A few weeks later, Mamie and I became a couple on the same night we slept in a TENT, and I pegged the Tintons with that event, which use "royal tents." The Royals (Roy/Rois liners?) use the same cross type, in the same colors, as French Crispins, as well as sharing a red bend with Grazio's. Scottish Roys use the same lion as Grasse's/Cras', and a "TENDis" motto term that doesn't look coincidental.

I'm not making it up, I've told several times that Lorraine turned out to be a JW (Jehovah's Witness). I had been wondering whether that was Intended to be a symbol for something, but here I can add that "JW" stands also for Judicial Watch, what Jay Sekulow works for (or so I've read). Again, the president of Judicial Watch is Tom FITTon while blond Lorraine's FEET impressed me while Lorraine was resolved as part of the white-rabbit mystery aside from Foots and Fothes/Fittes'/Fette's (in the colors of the foot-using Blonds) being first found in the same place as white-rabbit Conns. I didn't know until now that she would play to the white-rabbit mystery even deeper than before.

I will add here, in case it's needed, that on the first outing we had, when she met me at the laundromat, I was living three doors down from the plaza in which I did the laundry, but later moved to the house directly beside the plaza, where the landlord killed (clubbed to death) a rabbit in my sink (the laundry sink was acting as my kitchen sink) while I walked by. I've had this on mind for months, but this is the first mention, as I can't figure out how it can apply. I don't recall anyone's name in that household. There were two laundromats in the plaza, one at the far end directly beside the house where the rabbit was killed (for food), but, while I usually used that one, I met Lorraine in the other laundromat (it was a nice one by comparison). All I can say is that Landers/Landens use the Langley bars while Bra is at Langley.

[Just to show you that I've had a blind spot until now, it wasn't until mentioning the Sink surname below that I realized LAUNDRY sink!!! Man, am I ever stupid. The rabbit was killed in a laundry sink. That's proof that God had that event prepared for me, and more proof that the white-rabbit mystery is His mystery. For new readers, I touched a bra on a laundry line at nine years of age while standing on a cage with at least one white rabbit. The mystery started unfolding by telling of that event months ago, and it hasn't let up since. We are still on-track to see what the end of it will be.]

Moreover, you'll see why Cocks and Beach's enter the Grassley picture while Beach's were at COKEnach and Langley. I showed earlier that Coke's use the Child Coat, and I've mentioned a few times that the last I saw Lorraine (about two years after the white-pants event) was in a coffee shop where she carried an infant CHILD (I don't think she saw me). I know for a fact that, at that time, I was living at the apartment where the rabbit was killed.

In the past, the only JW symbol I could think of was Charles Russell, the kooky, dark founder of the Jehovah's Witnesses. Russells are suspect with Roussillon/Rosellon, and that is itself suspect at "Roslin," in Midlothian, where Cras-like CREIGHtons were first found along with Grim-like Grahams. Amazingly, the letter to Wray above is signed by both Chuck Grassley and Lindsey Graham, and Creightons use a "GRACE" motto term while the Grace surname is listed with three Grass(e) surnames. Creightons even show a lion in colors reversed from the Grasse'/Cras lion! Amazing. The Grahams even share scallops on a black Chief with Russells (possibly the Tanner Chief).

Lincolnshire, where Grasse's/Cras' and rabbit-using Conns were first found (along with Challengers that almost use the Grasse/Cras bend), was earlier called, Lindsey. And while one of the two Senators is Lindsey Graham, Grahams are said to have had a Grantham location in Lincolnshire (home of Rhodes' and other Rus suspects from Roussillon). The Tailbois' of Lincolnshire share white scallops in Chief with Russells. Lincolnshire is where English Paris' were first found while French Paris'/Parez's (Lorraine) are from Lorraine's Parez, where Crispins were first found. Grazio's, in Grizzle/Grice colors, were first found in Perusia, we get it. Spanish Paris' share the rock with Italian Grassons/Grazziano's. Italian Paris' share the blue-on-red bend of Grazio's. It appears that many Paris liners were in or out of Perusia.

Lindseys are said to be from a lord of Toeni, and Grasleys/Grisleys from Roger de Toni, whose in the Stafford write-up as an ancestor of Staffords (share swan in Crest with Lindseys). Grasleys are said to descend from "de Stafford," father of Roger de Toni.

Repeat: "If ever you're convinced that Marone's/Marooneys are the reason that the Chandler van was re-painted Maroon, it's notable that English Bole's (probably the Pollock boar), in the Bull write-up, share the three Marone/Maroony boar heads (look inside the cups), and were first found in Lincolnshire, same as Challengers, can we believe it?" Bole's share the black boar in Crest with Grizzle's/Grice's.

So, if the question is whether Grassleys were in contact with white-rabbit liner Brie's/DuBrays, both through Lorraine, for example, it's interesting that while Chuck Grassley is going after the Clintons, English Crispins were first found in Oxfordshire, where Clintons were first found who use the Saluzzo Shield, and where Vere's (same place as Christmas') ruled for centuries. Irish Weirs (Vere branch) use the lozenges of Grimaldi's, and while we can understand how "Gri" became "Gris," or vice-versa, the Grasleys/GRESleys (Derbyshire) appear to apply because they use a Shield filled with red-and-white VAIR fur, very similar to the Grimaldi / Weir / Cock lozenges. In case you missed it, "Gris / Gres" is like "CRISpin." Grimaldi's were in Monaco, near Grasse, and the Monaco surname shares the same lion as Grasse's/Cras' as well as the same lion (and stars?) as French Gris'.

The Vairs (branch of Fers/Ferrats) use the same Shield as Chandlers, checks in the colors of the Grasley/Grisley vair fur. Montferrat covers Bra, and while Brays/Bree's use eagle LEGS, the Brie's/DuBrays (Lorraine) use the Legh/Lee lion, which is, in my opinion, the line to the Legro river at Leicester, where the Arms (of Leicester) includes the maunch of Tonys/Toeni's, the latter being in the Grasley/Grisley write-up.

The Grasley/Gresley/Grisley Shield is also the Beach Shield, for whatever that could be worth along with a Grizzly/Grice link to Pool-related Bulls (the bulldog in the pool and my leaving the pool for the beach). Already, it has helped to make the Grasley connection to Grimaldi's and Gris' expected near Grasse, important for the grass stain on Lorraine's pants, for it then suggests a Grass trace to Lorraine's Crispins. It's a little interesting that Gris' were first found in the same place (Brittany) as Saint-BRIEux (flax BREAKer of Brays/Bree's?) while Brie's/DuBrays were first found in Lorraine.

Grasleys/Grisleys were first found in Derbyshire, same as Heyers.

I went out of the pool scene to a new scene, now in a fresh, clean lake. As I walked out to the beach, I saw myself walking as from someone else's eyes; my shirt was off, and my jeans were on, perhaps code for the pants theme that connected with Lorraine's pants to Grass liners. It's making a lot of sense here. The Coke's are said to be from Shirt-like Shardlow, a possible branch of Cars / Chars/Chards. After seeing myself without a shirt, I saw CHARlotte in front of a car on the beach. [I didn't yet know that Carls, who come up as Carlows, use the pomegranate = Grazio / Crispin symbol.]

Shardlows, whom I've not known, and who have the same chevron as Shirts/Sherrats (and Staffords?), were first found in Derbyshire with Stafford-descended Grasleys/Grisleys, and then I'll repeat: "The Coke's (ostrich, Derbyshire) share the Child Coat on one half, and Childs were first found in the same place as Beach's that are in-turn said to have been at COKEnach. Charlotte's car was on the beach, and Cars use the same chevron as Childs (Carrs are in Coke colors). Coke's are said to have been at Beck Hall, and Becks are therefore likely a branch of Beach's. The other half of the Coke Shield is the Este eagle, and Carrs use ESToile's in Este-eagle colors." The Este eagle is also in the Segni/Segurana Chief, a surname first found in Genoa, the other location of Grimaldi's, and while Cocks share the Grimaldi lozenges -- which are in the colors of the similar Chandler checks -- Grasleys/Grisleys were first found in Derbyshire with Coke's who in-turn use the ostrich design in Crest that's in the Wray Crest! Bingo. Grasleys were related round-about to Wrays. Just let it sink in. Wrays had an ancient version, "Werei," making Rays possibly a Were branch.

Earlier, when on the rabbit that was clubbed to death, I started to tell about the glass hamster cage that I built while living three doors down from the laundromat. I deleted it for having nothing to say. Now I do have things to say, suddenly. I took that cage with me (I was in the building mood) to the house a couple of doors down, where the rabbit was clubbed. Both hamsters were black (genetically modified?), and I've been thinking about this for months now because one of them, a male, would always try to hump his brother as though it were a female. I felt sorry for the other. I'd swat the aggressive one on the nose when it was humping, but it would bite my finger while the other was passive, friendly. I was wondering whether these hamsters would turn out to be a symbol of faggotry / child molesters.

[After writing many paragraphs below this point, I entered "Hames" to find a reflection of the Cony / Conn Coats, which makes a lot of sense where the hamsters were at the same place as the rabbit in the sink. The Hames Coat reminded me of the Hort/Hurt Coat (same place as Clintons), and the rabbit was squealing hard as it was being clubbed a few times in the head. I felt sorry for the critter as I watched. But is this the destiny of the Clintons? English Amis' use a quatrefoil in the colors of the Hames cinquefoils, and French Amis' happen to share the Crispin bend.]

I have no idea what possessed me to build a hamster cage. I must have had better things to do. It may have been a long winter. In any case, I've just come to a Moreton-HAMstead location in the Wray write-up, and loaded Hamsteads checking for hamster connections, to find the same stars as Glass'. I built the hamsters a glass cage, with glass pieces cut for the purpose. They even had glass houses to check out. They were both black hamsters (looked a lot like mice), and I've always said that Blacks use the Glass stars. So, now, thinking that God wants me to investigate Hamsteads (same place as Coverts), it's notable that they share the same fesse as Coverts. Hamsteads (white fesse, see it below with MacAbee's) were first found in the same place as Hams (SALMON) and Hammers, that latter sharing white dolphins with Sinks (Sale bend?) and Dol-suspect Dolphins (in the colors of the Dol whale). The rabbit was clubbed to death in a laundry SINK (this is where the light went on in my head concerning the LAUNDRY sink).

As Dols share a white and wavy fesse with McCabe's/MacAbee's who in-turn share the Ham salmon in both colors, it's clear that MacAbee's were merged with Dols while Dolphins (share "nihil" with Vere's and Weirs) were merged with Ham liners. This can explain why French Alans share red martlets with Wrays. Dolphins use a "vita" motto term.

Rays are in Ham / Hammer colors and format. Some months ago, I mentioned Ray Luff's death in a car crash. I'm not going to entertain the idea that God caused his death for making links in this revelation, but I will entertain the possibility that he arranged the Hamstead and Luff/Love Coats to reflect one another in order to make a car-crash link to Christopher Wray (Trumps FBI director). Christophers were even first found in the same place as Wrays, and the latter share red symbols in Chief with Luffs. In fact, the Wray Chief symbols are in both colors of the Raymond-Chief symbols (what are the chances unless it was Arranged?). The Raymond Chief (Bird colors) includes the red fleur-de-lys, a Glass and Smith symbol too, and Wrays are from Morton-Hamstead while Hamsteads share the Glass stars. Mortons share buckles with Buncle's while French Rays use an escarBUNCLE. Mortons were first found in the same place as Birds (share red martlets with Wrays) that are in the "bird" of the Luff Crest, and that bird is with a formee-fitchee cross, the Smith symbol too.

The last time I talked to Paul Smith (journeyman carpenter), he was making hand-made doors more than a thousand miles away, and when checking the Doors just now, I mistakenly entered, "Dorrs," a surname I've not known, to find hands (amazing) and quarters in the colors of the Morton quarters. And Carpenters (same place as Luffs) use six vertical bars in the colors of the six horizontal bars of Luffs. It appears that God set Paul Smith up with Ray Luff (attended the same church), and then drew me in to know them both (I attended their church while living at the laundry-sink basement with hamsters) so that He could use Ray's death for this Revelation. I attended his funeral, and saw Peter Smith there. My guess is that the Clintons are involved with car / plane crashes that actually kill people, and that Christopher Wray may be that crime ring's undoing, to a degree, anyway.

For the record, Dorrs use "squares" on the sinister side.

Speaking of plane crashes, I had a dream from God where I was shooting a paper airplane (as the cue ball) on a billiard table in the billiard hall partially owned by Obama. I therefore checked the Plains/Platers to find roughly the Crutch / Smith formee-fitchee cross. Billiards/Billets have been linked to Blythe's, the birth surname of Bill Clinton. As best as I can tell, this paragraph is evidence that Clinton had Peter Smith killed; it was reported a suicide, as usual, they say, for Clinton victims. The Plate's/Plaits (same place as Cars), by the way, in Pilate colors, look like they use aspects of both the Car and Carr Coats. (I've just found that Planers/Planner/Blanners may be a branch or merger with Banners because the latter use the same fleur as Plains/Platers.)

Ray Luff had worked for Peter Smith (not the same man), father of Paul Smith. Peter Smith was found dead not many weeks ago while investigating the Clintons. Paul Smith was with me in the coffee shop when I last saw Lorraine with child, which is how I recall that I was living at the place with laundry sink at the time. In fact, I now recall that I had moved there abruptly when Al booted me out of his apartment at CHRISTMAS. It was not Christmas exactly, but within two or three days. Al had asked me to move into his apartment while he went to work the winter at Whistler mountain, promising that he wouldn't ask me to leave when he returned to share the other, poorer half of the basement. He broke his promise a few months after returning. I built the hamster cage while in his apartment, and learned at roughly that time that he was keeping a male-porn magazine (recall the queer hamster).

I've just checked the Whistler/Wissel surname, and it can make a link to child molesters with use of the GLASS wings, which seems linkable to the glass house of the perverted hamster. For this, I'll repeat what was said in the last update, that Geneva, Charlotte's daughter, was God's symbol of child molestation, and that the Geneva/Genova Coat was suspect with her. I said: "A Masci liner was spotting [Charlotte's] knees through the GLASS door, and there are good reasons that Jewish Glass' should be with the Masci wings. In colors reversed, the Glass wings are those of German Wissels...Note the Vest-like FIST between the Wissel / Geneva / Bauer wings.". The fist was highlighted because Poindexters/PUDDISTERs use the Fist fist while John PODESTA (Clinton director) is suspect as a ring leader of a child-molestation ring.

I realize how complicated this may be to follow. I have no idea how to alleviate it for you aside from just stopping. Can't do that; it's not in my nature. I had a dream where I was using carpenter GLUE as GREASE for my wheel BEARINGs, which turned out to be code for GOUEL de Percival of Leavell partially because the Bearings/BECKerings use the checkered Shield that was the Arms of Meulan while Gouel's son (wheel-like Waleran) married a gal from the Beaumonts of Meulan, who were also involved at BEC Abbey. And here we have the Beck-liner Beach's using nearly the Bearing/Beckering Coat, but do use fully the Shield of Grasleys/GREASleys, just as though God knows what he's doing with my dream's items. This is the first time that I'm making this connection (months after the dream) because I've not known the Grasleys, much, anyway. Bearings/Beckerings were first found in Nottinghamshire, same as the Greasley location of Grasleys/Grisleys, amazing is it not?

An interesting thing here is that Chuck Grassley must have been born Charles, like "CHARlotte" with her car, and then English Charles' were first found in the same place as CARpenters while English PENDER, perhaps the makings of "CarPENTER," use the colors and format of Carrs, while Irish Penders/PenderGRASS' share vair fur with Grasleys/Grisleys. I'm always amazed at how these things pan out. The Pender lions are also those of Grasse's/Cras', apparently.

The Irish Pender Coat has resemblance to the Coat of Italian Paris' sharing the bend of Grazio's. Leavells were at castle CARY. I have a friend, CARY Bell, whose father is Carl (version of "Charles"), and the Carl surname, can we believe it, shares pomegranates with Grazio's and Crispins. English Carys almost use plates (white roundels), and share the swan of German Plate's. English Carys use almost the bend-with-roses of Hames-suspect, English Amis', and share a white bend with French Amis'.

While on Hamsteads, I've just checked Hamburgs, whom I haven't seen for years. In case you doubted that Trips were a branch of Drops/Trope's from Tropoje in Fier county, English Hamburgs (Oxfordshire, same as Clintons and Vere's) use both the Trip crosslets (Fier-cross colors) and drops, while German Hamburgs share the blue bend with Fiers/Fere's (Vere colors). The Vere's use a star in colors reversed from the Hamstead / Glass stars. Smiths use drops on their heron. Trips and Hamburgs use the crosslets of Gore's/Core's and Beachams/Beauchamps, and it's interesting that Gore's were first found in the same place as Christmas' (and Vere's) who in-turn share the Gore fesse. It was resolved that Gore's named mythical Gorlois along with the Lois', the latter using the Wray ostrich design.

I have the expectation that God named Christopher Wray's first name to show that the Christopher surname (pineapples) are a branch of Christmas', thus linking Mr. Wray to the white-rabbit mystery. The Crispin-related Paris' use an apple as potential play on the Crispin POMEgranate ("pome" is apple in French), and thus the CHRIStopher pineAPPLE can link that surname to CRISpins for obvious reason(s). It's possible that Bra was a branch of whatever Paris' had been or become. The Penders (drops) are also PINers, potential Pine liners, and Penders/Piners (Grasse kin) were first found in the same place as Masci liners while Maschi's use pine CONES, likely for the white-rabbit Conn / Cony lines in connection to Masci's. It makes a lot of sense that Gorlois (Arthurian patriarch) included lines from king Pinnes of the Ardiaei.

By the way, the Ray Crest is the stag design in the Cage Crest, and the hamsters in the cage looked like mice (same size, almost) while Luffs use a version of the MOUSquette Coat (same place as Luffs).

Perhaps the best reason for God to link current events to the crash of Ray Luff is that Hamsteads use the Covert fesse while Miss Covert has proven to be a symbol of the Charlottesville attacker / neo-Nazi's. On top of this, Luffs use six horizontal bars in the colors of the eight of the Oxfordshire Crispins, so that Ray Luff connects well both to Christopher Wray and Chuck Grassley. The question then arises whether this predicts that the Grassley-Lindsey duo, with others, are going to open a can of investigative worms around the Charlottesville crash, or whether they will try to hide / support the plotters.

What follows is rather staggering. It concerns the accused crasher, James Alex Fields, all three names of which will find linkage to Ray(mond)s momentarily. It starts with the Raymonds using the colors and format of Fields. I struggled for a way to find a solid connection between the two that goes beyond that similarity, until it was realized that the Raymond Chief has the FALD/Faul fleur-de-lys in colors reversed. Rays share the stag with Falds/Fauls, but in the colors of the MacAbee's, the latter first found beside the first ALEXanders who in-turn share the colors and chevron of Raymonds and Fields/FELDE's. I now recall that Fields have the Derby Coat in colors reversed while Grasleys/Grisleys were first found in Derbyshire. Chuck Grassley just wrote Christopher Wray, and Trump tweeted encouragement for Wray to give up the Clinton emails. Is it all a sincere hunt? MacAbee's use the Ham salmon while Ham-related Hammers (both in the same place as James' and Coverts/COFFERTs) share the dolphin with Scottish James', the latter using the same ostrich as Wrays (different colors). English James' (share the lion of English Grasse's/Cras') use "Victor" as a motto, connectable to the "victoria" of dolphin-using Coffeys/COFFERs. Victors happen to share a single pale bar with Russian Alexanders.

One of the things about these things is that God wants to keep me humble while my hands predict on His behalf what the future will be. I type, but the events in my life were fashioned carefully by Him. What do you think the power-packed paragraph above predicts? That James Alex Fields was the true driver of the Challenger? Not necessarily. He can be part of the insider gang, for sure, but investigators doubt that he was driving the Challenger. What could it mean that Challengers share the black eagle head with Russian Alexanders? The Eagle's (Lincolnshire again, same as Challengers and TAILbois'), when compared with Russian Alexanders, tells a tale about their mutual merger with Tails/Tailors, first found in the same place (Sussex) as James', Coverts and Hams / Hammers. The eagle head of Russian Alexanders is crowned, as is the eagle of French Alex's, and Polish Alex's/Alexandrowicz's (easily linked to the Russian branch) can be using the wavy fesse of Dolphin-related Dols.

Look at all those Sussex surnames. Let's throw in the Hamsteads/HAMPsteads too, with the Covert fesse, asking if the blue cinquefoils of Hamps/Amptons (Shardlow kin?) are those of Challengers? Did God arrange this? Courts/Coverts love the Grands/Grants in their motto, recalling the Grantham location (Lincolnshire) of Grahams, and the crowns of Grands/Grants suggest the Ceraunii-liner Crauns/Crane's, long suspect with "pomeGRANATe."

The VIN Mix-Up on Chandler's Van

I've found a post on a site with SonofNewo himself speaking:

DISCLAIMER: The latter part of this video is erroneous. The VIN of the car owned by Johnny Chandler is not the same as the VIN of the salvage vehicle. I explain further at the end of this video:

Before you go see the long video to see what is being said, consider how unlikely it is to get a wrong vehicle history for any particular VIN number from an agency whose job it is to put the correct reports on all VINs. The long and the short of this retraction is that SonofNewo provided the history for one van that was not the van in the crash, the latter owned by Johnny Chandler.

To be sure that our man did mix things up, below is the video of August 26, where he introduces the Chandler material in the middle of the 26th minute (video above on the 28th). At 26:36, he shows the Chandler papers with the VIN, and later he shows the Montana - Copart papers with the other VIN. So, yes, he got two cars mixed up, but most viewers wouldn't have caught it because only the last 5 digits are different. Both cars are the same make and year.

My question is whether a new VIN number was given out to the same van after it was damaged heavily and sold for salvage. In this way, the goons can use scrapped vehicles while no one could track them to Copart or any other scrap yard. Or at least that's the plan. In this case, one company,, gave SonofNewo the Chandler package, which he calls the "initial report." This was followed by a second report from, which gave a different VIN and the Montana - Copart history. Why did it do that? Was it an error, or was it correct? What if the same van was the Montana - Copart vehicle but with a new VIN registered upon sale to Johnny Chandler?

The Chandler package is now said to have a car history in Maryland and later Virginia. The two cars have different histories, but if the same car is given a different VIN number, wouldn't they change other details too, to hide the trick? You and I couldn't, but the plotters are linked closely to the highest level of government, and secret laws can be in place for all sorts of CIA programs and missions, all justified in the name of protecting CIA agents, or whatever sounds good or the need may be.

At 34:04 (video on the 28th), he says: "for some reason that I don't know, vinaudit sent me the report for a different vehicle than the one that I searched for." How does he know that it's not the one he searched for? All he knows is the licence plate number, and he didn't say he entered that wrongly in the vinaudit search page. So, we assume he entered the correct plate number, and up came the Montana history. Why should he assume it's not the car at the crash? By what coincidence does one license plate bring up two vehicles with the same model and year vehicle when two vehicles require different plates. That chances are cosmic that two identical models of the same year should be registered under one plate. How can one report have a different owner, a different mileage, different origin, different sale price, etc, yet both have the same license plate registered and are of the same make exactly? Impossible, unless they are the same vehicle with one fabricated report.

So, our man has made a great discovery without realizing it due to embarrassment for making a mistake. But it's not a mistake; it's a revelation, and God may have caused him to make the "mistake" of reporting both VIN numbers. The Chandler VIN number can be deemed the false one issued ultimately by the people that wink, or work directly, for the crash plotters. The VIN with Chandler name was issued in 2015 with a Virginia plate. The VIN with Montana history didn't get registered in Virginia until 2017. Think of how vastly different the license plates should be when two different people receive them two years apart.

It's 2015, and you work for; your job is to enter vehicle information into a database. You have a document in front of you at your computer. Your job is to enter the license plate and the car history that came with the vehicle wearing that plate, registered fresh to Johnny Chandler of Virginia. It's all on the document before you. Go ahead and type in this data. Two years later, you have switched company, now working for A document comes to you, after thousands of others. You wish you could be dead, but it puts food on the table. You now have another license plate on the document before you with someone else's name as the owner. How on earth will you mistakenly type the license plate of Chandler's vehicle? But even if you do get the number wrong by entering Chandler's plate accidentally, what are the chances that the one case before you in 2017 is the same make and year??? Impossible. If you make a mistake on typing in the plate number, it won't be on the same make and year, and it won't likely be for the same state of Virginia either (50-to-1 chance).

Again, our man entered the same plate number at two different companies, but got the same year and make of van, both registered in Virginia. Impossible, unless they were the same vehicle. The original and lawful history report is the one from Montana - Copart, and when the plotters purchased it via the Chandler purchase, they gave it a new VIN and history at, but not at The latter reported the correct history either because no one directed it to make the changes, or because it refused when asked. Therefore, our man at SonofNewo has made more of a discovery than he realizes: he's caught the deep state red handed in manipulating VIN numbers, etc.

He says: "When I searched for the VIN number of the maroon van, the vehicle-history report that I obtained was [of] a different VIN from the one that I searched for." It means that he entered the license plate number of the van at the crash scene, because there was no other data in his possession by which to get a VIN / history report. It would be one thing if the two reports had mainly the same information but with one, maybe two, typos. It would be much better for credibility if both vehicles were registered in Chandler's name, and both histories were the same aside from some clerical mistake, but that wouldn't serve the purposes of the goon state in this case. They needed a different history and owner altogether to mask a connection back to Copart and/or the people in Montana that prepared the vehicle for a crash staging.

When he shows the other VIN number not of Chandler's vehicle, he doesn't give us the name of the owner. Chandler's VIN number: 5FNRL38777B403079 (shown at 33:41). The same image showing this number has the license plate, vep6635 (VA), the correct plate at the crash site. Our man now says that the Montana report belonged to a vehicle with VIN: 5FNRL38777B413367. The last five digits are different, but that's a lot of digits to be sure, probably representing as many vehicles off the same assembly line as the difference between 13,367 minus 3,079.

At 36:12, he says that the vinaudit company "issued me a replacement report for the correct vehicle," and then shows part of it dated the 28th, having the same VIN number as Chandler's. Therefore, we are to simply believe that vinaudit just had some sort of error beforehand, which I don't believe. I'd rather believe that the deep state contacted vinaudit and urged it (under some prior deal or paperless wink) to change the report so that it was that of Chandler's. Heraldic "coincidences" has convinced me that Johnny Chandler links to supremacists in relation to Montana's Polson.

Youtube censorship of conservative groups is actually a great thing in the way it's being done. Youtube, instead of pulling conservative videos right off their system, is disallowing ads to run on the videos, which has been great for me, a watcher, over the past couple of months. I've noticed a reduction in ads to the tune of 80 percent. For the video producers, this means much less money, or none at all, for which reason they can't become progressively more sensationalist due to need or thirst of making money on videos. It means less videos from conservatives, but higher-quality videos with more truth and heart rather than reams of cheapened, hyped stories, with hyped conduct, in a race to win more viewers. Let the liberals engage in that garbage, and let the world come to despise liberals for it, but let normal people continue to be human, normal. The slow-steady turtle wins the race over jack rabbit because the rabbit goes off course and loses the straight-and-narrow track. The future will be like dump trucks of liberal material that bury liberals in their own stupidity, blinding them further to truth, until Surprise Day. That's when the turtles stream on though, "see ya later, jack, sorry you can't come along." It's going to hurt.

Youtube and Google censorship means that conservative people will need to do videos for the cause alone. They can become more like me. I've made $0.0000 dollars over the past 20 years. My website is valued for sale way too high at about 3.00 by online appraisers. Not many Internet users have spent more time than me in sharing information. I'm the slow turtle that Google punishes, but Google's directors will be left in the dust at D-Day, Demonitizing Day. They will all go bust on the same Day.

Censorship is up greatly at this time because the deep state is feeling cold. So, while the deep state tries to save self by utilizing control schemes, God can be engaged to expose its busy elves and trolls with key workers, be them few that's all He needs. He knows how to get the Message out, you can trust in that. I would be honored to be Used for exposing the enemy, but for a thrill, I'd like to play a part in crushing it. I have no idea how to do it, but it doesn't involve raising money for some big program sprung on flesh power.

If time permits, conservatives will start their own form of youtube where liberals will be banned / censored. Millions will then flock there, super. I don't oppose censorship, providing that evil is censored, and I think I have a good grasp on the definition of evil, as millions of other normal people do. God will definitely censor evil with a Massive Death Blow on Day One. Go ahead, Google censor this page, make my day. DuckDuckGo (needs a better logo) has been rising steeply lately, and is expected to rise further.

The Facebook spy force is still chugging to its doom (first few minutes video below). People respecting the love code of Jesus have no desire to control others. Life needs to be based on the love code: love and let live and thrive in righteousness, honesty, justice, one mind under God.

I've been tuning in to Jay Sekulow's radio show (for September 2). I'm not happy with the way he mixes jihadi threat with the Muslim movement to take over higher levels of Western countries. Obama's purpose was to excite Muslims, and open avenues to those higher levels, but Obama is now gone, and Trump will snip that agenda into bits that make the whole impotent. It's not likely that another president Obama is coming anytime soon. So, forget this Muslim scare, and focus on other things. Muslims can't take over the country from merely their mosques.

I've just heard Jay say that it's not important to jail the Obama leadership that had conducted government programs illegally. He says that it's enough that Trump has changed things, the IRS, for example, so that it's no longer got an Obama arm or heart. But if there's no punishment now, the same corruption will continue with more nerve, more heart, more liberality, not only under Trump, but under successive presidents. There is a reason that people are punished for wrong-doing, so that others don't do the same, stupid. Jay, stupid, are you a lawyer without understanding this?

I'm wondering whether Jay, who is thus-far acting a Trump loyalist, said the above because it's Trump's policy. Shame. It's what I've suspected from Trump because he doesn't want trouble. He wants to cruise while making America great again with his programs so that he can bask in praise. Fine, so long as he's worthy, he can obtain the praise, but if he ignores corruption in the highest levels of the land, the country will never be great, stupid. Jay is not talking like Trump once did about cleansing the filthy rot of the nation. It's not a good signal. I would like God to use a better man than either Sekulow or Trump. I would like to see a man of justice, gentle and compassionate, but understanding the need to punish the wrongdoer.

Yes, Jesus said that they should cast the first stone who had no sin, but where he said this, it was a situation in which evil men were testing Him, to trap him. God himself has had Law and punishment as a deterrence from the beginning. The Law of forgiveness and mercy is to be applied only to those who repent (sincerely, of course). It's not repentance when the wicked is in the process of fighting you.

It seems to be a double standard to support the war on terror, to kill the enemy abroad, but to allow the internal enemy to remain on the streets. Jay on this September-2 show sounds like he advocates this position. Jay is with the American Center for Law and JUSTICE, but if justice is merely to move the swamp slime over for the time being, replacing it with clean water, won't the slime slip into the clean water? Shouldn't the slime itself be purified? Sounds right to me. The purpose of law is to purify society, and here Trump admits that Democrats are lawbreakers, yet he's jailing no one to send a message of purification. The reason may be because Trump is himself not very pure. When getting elected, he was not being his true self, was he? The slime is pushing hard right now to slip into the Trump waters. The slime is acting judge and executioner in political murders, but Trump doesn't even want to jail the enemy. Shame. Jailing a murderer or someone who steals public money in conflict of interest is a show of mercy.

On his September-1 show, Jay shows disgust for Comey, and says "he's not going to get away with this." What does he mean? Jail time? No, I think Jay wants Comey to be shamed before a high-level hearing as the full punishment. Comey would walk away laughing, and all who support him will just keep-on chugging as-usual, stupid. He was the top cop in the nation, and he was lawless, wherefore he's the perfect man to make an example of. He jailed others for less, yet Jay and Trump want him to be merely shamed in a formal question period that lasts a few hours? Is that justice? I believe in mercy for the one begging for it, but mercy means a milder sentence, not no sentence at all. Mercy can be negotiated later, not at the start of sentencing.

Perhaps Jay is playing safe, knowing that if he calls for jailtime on public radio, his life would be at risk. I understand that. But the way he talks about Comey, he's not showing any fear at all. Again, someone calls in and tells Jay that he's fed up with all the talk on Comey and others while nothing is ever done, and Jay interjects by saying that, yes, something is indeed being done: Comey has been removed as chief. So, Jay teaches that proper and sufficient punishment for a corrupt FBI chief, as well as acceptable purification on behalf of society, is to fire him. I think I'm going to go out and take up a criminal's life right now if the greatest threat is to be fired. It's well worth the risk, isn't it?

Jay has way too many commercials. Already, I don't think I can fully appreciate this man. But one thing about him is that he's passionately involved in exposing Comey, for whatever that might be worth. He probably has the same passion to expose Hillary. Exposure is the first step, and the Justice Department can then choose whether criminal prosecution will go forward. I'm hoping that I haven't spent a decade on heraldry for God's purposes of justice only to see Hillary exposed and merely fired. First, let's see what she's guilty of, and see also how many people surrounding her will be involved in the exposure. Is this going to take a while?

Keep in mind that God may have as a primary purpose to instill some faith / stronger faith in Him through this work. If the reader is convinced that I'm telling the truth with my stories, and if the reader thinks I'm treating heraldry correctly, then it's possible that God will amaze us more. I have already committed to telling the events. So, for example, if the future can show that the grass stain on Lorraine's pants is unquestioning about an act brought forth by Chuck Grassley, and if many other similar things can combine over which I have no power to produce (I have never mentioned Grassley until this week), then it could appear that God is truly working i.e. that he exists and works though people, even dopes like me, so why not you too?

As I said, I was living with Al (Albert) when I met Lorraine in the laundromat. I've mentioned his surname, Oosteyn (Dutch), before, and it's like the Steyn surname, itself like "stain." Might the grass stain include a Steyn/Stein / Stain surname in current events? Note that English Alberts use a savage while Savage's (related to the Eagles beloved by Challengers) trace to Savigliano, smack beside Bra. German Alberts even use an eight-pointed star that, in colors reversed, is the same red star of Dutch Steyns/Steins. Italian Alberts share the annulet of Ottone's, first found in Perusia along with Grazio's. See how she works so neat? It wasn't me who put the grass stain on her pants, and Grazio's are a branch of the Lorraine Crispins. I didn't create Albert Oosteyn out of thin air to make those links fraudulently, and I had no idea I'd be saying any of that when the paragraph was started. French Alberts were first found near the French Grace's/Grass', and use the lion of other Grass'. I've linked Ottone's to Stephens while Stevensons/STEINsons have variations like Steyns/Steins.

But there's a difference between making surname connections to prove that God is involved in the event, and trying to identify the events with people / movements in current news as regards the task of God, which seems to be the exposure of the Clinton / Rhodian circle.

I met Mamie for the first time when I left Lorraine due to her grass stain, and saw Mamie last after engaging in lousy sex (it was our first time) on Albert's "mod" COUCH (funny, low-lying love seat). I moved out of Albert's on my own initiative in the summer while with Lorraine (going to the house with the pool), then moved to three different places before going back to Albert's in the winter to keep the basement for him while he went to work for the winter at Whistler ski resort (hmm, Rocky Mountains, much like the Cottian Alps). The Whistler lion is the "COUCHant" lion of TINTs (same place as Whistlers), and I slept with Mamie (no sex) the first time in a TENT, on our first night as a couple. Previous to that, I DANCEd with her in her living room at her party. We were the only ones dancing, and there was no dance floor set aside, highlighting the uniqueness of the event, which I'm re-telling because the Italian Dance's/Donnas' (same place as king Donnus) are suspect from king Donnus (Cottian Alps), grandfather of Whistler-suspect Vestalis. See how she works? I didn't create the events, but the items in the events click as kin or branches in the world of surnames...time and time again and again.

Although the Mame's/Meme's/Mens'/Mengzies' are an acceptable symbol for Mamie, the fact that Tintins (tents) use the colors and format of Mansfields and Mangels' speaks louder, and makes her link to Charles Mangels. The last time I saw her was after we had split up. I was driving TAXI and picked her up by no control of my own, and so we got together one last time for the couch event. Tax's/Dachs have been traced hard to Dachau, concentration-camp headquarters of the Munich region. The landlady for Albert and I was a German woman with a German accent. Her name was Edith, reminding of Edith of POLESworth (Saxon = Aryan), for it's like "POLZl," the surname of Hitler's mother. They say that Edith of Polesworth married king Sitric, father of Harald, king of the Isle of Man i.e. where Mamie's Mens liners trace. How interesting. Harald's son, king Maccus, was the line to dagger-using Mackays, and Daggers are also Decks, like the Tax's/Dachs. How interesting. As I said, Mamesfelde of the Mansfields is in Nottinghamshire, as were the first-known Tease's/Tighs, a branch of Tease's/TECKs.


For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God

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