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August 22 - 28, 2017

Charlotte Leaks About Charlottesville

I'm not taking email at this time, here's why. I apologize to all having left email, as I can't even mail to inform you.

Headline on the 21st: "LAST BASTARD KILLED Barcelona attack suspect Younes Abouyaaqoub shot dead by Spanish cops while wearing fake suicide vest after killing 13 in Las Ramblas van massacre." Yes, but crisis actors wear fake suicide vests too. Military drills to combat terrorism use fake vests. Possibly, the original story wasn't supposed to tell us that it was a fake vest, but some outsider assured that this was revealed. What possible use would a fake vest be to a real terrorist who's planning to run people down with a vehicle? I can understand a fake vest at a bank robbery, maybe, but not in a car-ramming incident. It's possible, however, for taking hostages if the plot became botched.

Here's all you need to know that this was a false-flag produced by not-too-bright plotters: "“A passport found in the van took the police to the Alcanar house where bombs were being prepared.”" Do we really think that the plotters would bring their passport, or, even if they did, leave it in the vehicle, if it in itself could reveal a location of the plotters??? No, of course not, but this little "detail" allows the police to look heroic, catching the plotters fast. A false-flag event doesn't necessarily mean that no one was killed. Some groups choose to actually kill. I haven't yet seen bodies to give an opinion. The authorities can always excuse themselves from feigning terrible-looking bodies, but claim that there were such bodies because their media can be trusted to claim that they don't publicize terrible-looking bodies.

For the first time that I know of, this is the first terror act in the West with a large group that could be called a sleeper cell. However, I haven't followed all the terror attacks. In the images I saw, victims were blurred so that an assessment of fakery can't be made.

Here's Trump's capitulation and downfall:

I'm not a Bannon fan. I'm just showing that Trump, within months of choosing a certain game plan with certain players, betrayed them in favor of the very establishment people he claimed to oppose in order to get elected. Such a swine, this Donald Trump, such a stinker. He will now be betrayed by his establishment people, whom he chose to support, because he's showed them that they have power over his decisions. Soon, Trump will be the shoe-shine boy for those who have power over him. It is now Trump's job to make the new team shine, with happiness, so that Trump can get a pat on the head from them. Good boy, Trump dog, good boy. Without those who stood for him, Trump will become misery. He was afraid things would get worse, and so he pulled the plug on his own bathtub, and let the baby go down too. At this time, the left is wondering whether Trump will swing their way with some goodies to keep the left off his back. He started a war, and caved in within months, as soon as the going got a little rough. He became nervous with the future outlook of governing with a team of more-ordinary people, and decided it was better to go safe with the experienced establishment people...yes, the ones whom have made a stench of the United States, throughout the world, through corruption. He is now George Bush III. The people may as well have gotten Jeb Bush.

Bannon opposes the escalation of war in the Middle East. It's the smart way to go. It's not the Democrat thing at all, because Democrats chose to oppose the war purely because they opposed everything Bush did. It's just their way to oppose a Republican president no matter what he does, that's how on-empty they are. Trump chose the Bush-whackers, the war hawks, that's what this is. Tonight, as I write, Trump is giving his war pitch to America. Maybe someone should remind him that war involves killing people, and that there needs to be a very good reason for war. A few faked terror acts that kill less people than Trump can count on one hand is no reason to escalate war. Trump is going to create a Muslim bogeyman, because Trump is a dope.

He speaks about ISIS as a cancer spread throughout the world. Baloney. ISIS is nothing outside of Syria and Iraq. It's no more than other rebellious groups have been. Violent people will always be in the Middle East; is it really a reason to take American fighters to them, which only aggravates things? The serious evil lies inside the United States, and it's the snake that has hold of Trump's voice box at this time. The American demon has hold of his throat. His truth is that 90-11 was faked. He once said those planes could not penetrate those buildings. But now that the demon has hold of his tail, Trump never mentions this at all. He knows he cannot mention it now because he'd get grilled by his political enemies. And that's the proof that he speaks what is the safest for his own stead, and, therefore, he cannot win anything good for America because he's unwilling to fight for it.

He once railed against Obama's birth certificate, but, since becoming the president, that's no longer his issue because it makes enemies for him. So, he's saying things against his enemies for fear that they will attack him. He's therefore not starting the political war that he promised, but is instead fighting the killing war of those who control him.

What is ISIS in America as compared to child molesters, faggots, and Democrats bent on destroying the nation's Christian heritage? If only the billions spent in Iraq were spent at home supporting morality, American society would be safer, more sane, etc., and all of that money would still be in the pockets of those who worked for it. Instead, that money spreads through the Middle East, purchasing weapons for their civil wars. Yet this Trump swine is supporting the military agenda tonight, as I write. This comes as Russia is putting out a hand to Trump, hoping to warm things up rather than going to a cold war. With Russia no longer the bogeyman, the military, which the Trump sow supports, is making a new bogeyman in ISIS. And the same military is intent on making Putin a bogeyman too, when in fact he is not. This head-strong call to war is now Trump's call. By the looks of it, he's just a fat pig. The president who promised to clean the swamp is wallowing in its mud.

Tonight, Trump said that "the American people are weary of war without victory." Do you see how he phrases that? The people don't want the war period! Trump wants to convince them that they do want the war, with glorious victory? What victory? What glory? After more than a decade, the lesson has been learned that American fingers in the Middle East has acted the destroyer, not the builder. Regardless of the fact that the people don't want to extend the war, the war hog has decided on their behalf to do it.

Does Trump think that he's a magic power, that the military will now do better in Afghanistan just because he's in the White House? He's telling the people that withdrawing from Afghanistan will create a dangerous vacuum. In other words, they must NEVER withdraw. If terror groups have become more numerous while the American military has been there, how will it help to prolong and escalate it now? This is nuts. And he's just mentioned Barcelona, which compels me to say that the timing of Barcelona is perfect for this pathetic Trump pitch. I've just turned his voice off. I don't want to hear any more. He is speaking as a snake, convincing Adam and Eve to sin. It will be better, he tells them, if we attack Afghanistan's terrorists with greater numbers. Here, just take a bite of this apple.

If you're interested in the Bannon effect, there's quite a bit at youtube. In the one below, Roger Stone claims that Bannon wasn't doing much for the Republican cause, but that may have been because Trump resisted his Republican bias, and so Bannon perhaps had to balance his desire to remain in the White House with vibes against him from Trump. If so, in that respect, Bannon was obedient. :

The turn of the page in the White House seems almost surreal. Sometimes I can't believe what I'm seeing is true. Trump came on like a strong dictator who rewarded Bannon and similar, left-despising others for getting him elected, and the two obtained the power to attack the unelected deep state, yet accomplished nothing so far as anything made the news, left or right. The cards he chose to lead fell one at a time with merely a breeze coming against them, almost as though it was Trump's secret program to shed them off in order to come out with new snake skin. The thing hoped for by Christians and moralists alike was a mirage. They saw it so vividly, the victory, but, alas, it disappeared. It happened that way under Bush too. And Bush lost the White House to Obama because of his Iraq policy, the very policy now being embraced by a very-stupid Donald Trump. The people didn't want war-monger John McCain after Bush, and so this queer-box thief, Obama, is what the nation got inflicted with for a long eight years. In the meantime, the immoralists were urged to carve deeply into whatever remained of the moral fibers of the nation. Trump comes along and promises something much cleaner, and an end to that direction, but here he is now bragging merely about how the big corporations ("the economy") have acquired more profits under the months of his presidency, which has nothing to do with a battle plan against the immoralists. Can he brag a little about that plan? No, he cannot. In the meantime he's coaxing his voters to support a neo-Bush war, a thing he's been planning from the start of his presidency. I'm starting to wonder whether Trump is some sort of master of deception, for he speaks smoothly.

If he thinks he's deceived believers in Jesus, sadly, he has, not because they can't see his failures and duplicity, but because they allowed themselves to trust him. It's not a sin to trust a man at his word, but when the obvious becomes revealed, that he's been a fake, it is more like sin to continue hoping in his promises.

Again, while Breitbart opposes the left, it's not a Christian movement. Bannon is not Biblical. These are tools that God can perhaps use to punish the sinful left, but ultimately a Trump-Bannon team would have played more to bringing Catholics out of the Democrat camp, and less to giving relief to Biblical believers. Biblical believers have all the right stuff for making America great again, and they perform much better when sexual sinfulness isn't through between their legs to make them trip. The more that a nation is cleansed, the better they perform. Is John Kelly a Biblical Christian? Does Trump have even one such man at his near-side? Isn't the f all of America due to a forsaking of Jesus? How, then, can Trump fix the nation let alone make it great? This is identical to Obama's "hope and change," only worse. Obama didn't have the audacity to brag on making the nation great, but then his very hope was to make America broken. He changed things, alright.

If you are familiar with the Old Testament, you'll know that God complained about the lack of justice in the leaders of Israel. There was blood in the streets that the leaders were either causing, or turning a blind eye to. It's exactly what America is infested with now, with the elite doing as they please, punishing opponents, sometimes to death in murder, and the Bannon-Trump team seemed to be doing nothing about it. We waited patiently for a sign that something was happening, maybe under the radar, but it never came. Now we have the Kelly-McMaster team (for how long?) staring us in the face, and this thing wants war. Aside from that, I don't know what else it wants.

Bannon sent word out that he is now unchained from Trump, and can do as he pleases while back at Breitbart. We get it. But Bannon didn't say what it was that Trump wouldn't allow him to do, or the things from him that Trump resisted. These things should come out in the future. The bra event that encompasses my view of God's involvement in all of this can include Breitbart, especially if I can prove that Breits were of the bloodline that named Bra. God is interested in Justice; while the Bannon-Trump team neglected this thing, God's about to rub it into their noses. The injustice they ignored will tear out the linings in their nostrils, and they will not get away until the blood drains down their throats, threatening to cut off their air supply. Maybe then will they decide to attack injustice, when it has just about killed them too. If the goons killed Mr. Breitbart, why not Mr. Bannon too? Look, Bannon is half-dead already, not necessarily because the deep-state is strong, but perhaps because God allowed the deep state to succeed on this.

In other words, I'm wondering whether Breitbart now changes into something that attacks the Clinton crime ring, with maybe a phone line to Trump remaining active. When Trump sees that the deep-state war against himself is not going away altogether, because the Clinton camp wants power in 2018 and 2020, some form of attack dogs against the DNC will need to be unleashed. As Trump loses support from moralists and alt-rightists to the point that he feels naked going into 2018, maybe we will see the attack dogs then. We are already close to the 2018 election season.

It's interesting how the new white Rabbit in my story came up in the last update. Someone purchased a white Rabbit Volkswagen last Tuesday, and called me Friday to say he was coming up to visit. We went for a drive, and stopped off to eat at a place called, Parry, which is why I checked the Parry surname, the write-up of which mentions a CONwy location that can apply to white-rabbit liner Conns / Conys. I've seen Bannon getting a little close to Kellyanne Conway, and it just so happens that Conwys are listed with Conways. Kellyanne ran Trump's election campaign, and was rewarded by being made Trump's Counselor (she still is). Her Wikipedia article says that the previous Counselor to the President was John Podesta, and he happens to have been Kellyanne's counterpart in the same election that she won for Trump.

Wikipedia says that Kellyanne's mother is Italian (her father = Mr. Fitzpatrick), and that her cousin is Mr. DeMarco, suggesting strongly that her mother is Mrs. DeMarco. Amazingly, the DeMarco's share the blue-on-white lozenges of Parrys, which tends to corroborate that out drive to Parry was set up by God to make linkage to the white-rabbit theme. A most-amazing outcome of this is where the DeMarco's, whom I've not known before, use the horizontally-split Shield of Decks/Daggers in colors reversed! There are two amazing things here: 1) I have been suggesting a trace of Decks/Daggers to the Ticino river for years without being able to clinch it, and I've also been tracing Marks to the Marici peoples who lived on the Ticino; 2) I was standing on a wood DECK when touching the bra on the laundry line, and the white rabbits were in a cage built under that deck (about 4-feet square). The Ticino is not far from Bra or its Cuneo province.

More amazing: I resolved that, upon climbing the stairs to the deck, it was a symbol of scala = the Scalia/Scalise surname. This and other signs had me predicting that God's white-rabbit mystery / agenda is to get Justice on the killers of Scalia, with one suspect, from the beginning, being John Podesta. The Puddister/Poindexter surname uses an eSQUIRE helmet, and Squire's/Squirrels share the Deck/Dagger squirrel, more interesting now that Kellyanne Conway's mother married (or was born with) a Mark surname that merged almost-certainly with Decks/Daggers. On Kellyanne's husband, a lawyer: "On March 29, 2010, Conway argued the securities case of Morrison v. National Australia Bank before the U.S. Supreme Court, and won with an 8-0 vote with an opinion by Justice Antonin Scalia." It may be that George Conway has some warm feelings toward Scalia.

The last update crossed the Squire-like Shire's/Shere's, almost-certainly a branch of the Sheera variation of KilPatricks, and here we find that Kellyanne's mother married Mr. FitzPatrick. As I showed in the last update, and many times before, KilPatricks use a DAGGER as code for the ancient DEXARoi peoples at AntPATRia, and thus Patricks named Antipatria. You can't choose three or four surnames at random while getting close connections as you've just seen, and these connections all entail a touch-bra event when I was nine years old. Brasier's use a "patriae" motto term.

Milan is near the Ticino, and Italian Milans were first found in Messina along with DeMarco's.

A possible way to link Breits to Bra is where Brights use the Macey Shield while Maceys are a branch of Masci's (my mother's mother's surname, the Italian version of Masseys), the latter first found in the Bra area (a Masci liner, code for anti-Christ system, touched a bra while on a deck). Moreover, the Bricks, suspect with the Massey fleur, which is also in the Deck/Dagger Coat, share the Parry / DeMarco lozenges, and thus Maceys / Masseys trace to Marici / Ticino liners. The first Meschin's father was BRIQUESsart, likely the creator of the Bricks, and he lived in the Bessin while the Bessin/Beaston and Biston surnames share the armored arm in the Bras/Brace Crest. Bras-like Brests use the Parry / DeMarco / Brick lozenges in colors reversed. And the Bras/Brace surname shares armored arms with squire-helmet Armors. The Brays/Brae's use a "flax BREAKer."

I explained in the last update that Masci liners in connection with the Mieszko Mouse Tower in Poland will supply the False Prophet / anti-Christ. The Mieske/Mesech surname uses the armored arm too, and is thus expected to link closely to the Meschins of the Bessin, and to a Beaston Cheshire, where Meschins ruled as earls. The Mieszko's happened to have been dukes of MASovia, and it's online that dukes of Masovia used a red-on-white wyvern dragon (two legs only, pointed tail), the only symbol showing for Breits/Breitbachs.

As was said in the last update, the first mythical ruler of the Mouse Tower was Popiel, code for a surname. The owner of the Rabbit Volkswagen drove me to a Shakle street before we ate in Parry. The Shakle/Shackle Crest is a poplar tree, that being a Popiel-like term. Shakle's, in POPOLi colors, use buckles formed with mascles (hollow lozenges), and the Buckle's are a branch of the Cheshire Buckleys. As the Shakle mascles are colors reversed from those of Tiens while Squire's/Squirrels use a "Tiens" motto term, Shakle's might be a Deck / Teck/Tess branch. Compare Tiens' (almost "Ticeno") with Anchors/ANNACKers and ANNAS-related Tease's/Tighs.

Or, I'm getting the impression that Shakle's/Shackles (tree) were a branch of the Schuch/Schuckmann variation of Shoe's (tree). French Masseys once showed the boots of Trips, though the latter now show shoes, and the Massey boots were replaced by a "TREE without LEAVES" as part code, I assume, for the Laevi Gauls who co-founded Ticinum along with the Marici. Ticinum came to be called, Papia/Pavia, which I think was origin to Pepins...and such Popiel-like surnames as Popleys/Popeleys that use a version of the Bessin/Beaston Coat (but compare also with the Saluzzo-suspect Sales', first found in Cheshire). I trace Schuchs to the Skeoch variation of Skits and Skeets', the latter sharing the potent cross of BROCuffs, and in the "VireSCIT" motto term of Brocks. There happens to be a Vire river between the Bessin and Manche, the latter where Masseys/Maceys were first found. Brocuffs and Brocks (Stewart motto) both use the Saluzzo Shield in colors reversed. See the last update for how Pepin of Landen is in the laundry line in which the bra hung, as it links to the Langhe area at Bra.

The bra belonged to a blond tenant, and Tenants happen to use the red-Chief-white-Shield combination of the rulers of Montferrat. Bra is at Montferrat. You can't argue with God and win. He set me up for something, and it will succeed. Starting with a white-rabbit event at age nine, God then taught me heraldry, I must assume, so that He could prove to me, and I could prove to someone(s) out there, that He is interested in events surrounding the Trump presidency. The bra event is now pointing to Kellyanne Conway as the closet thing to Trump. The last update showed that the Trump/Tromp stag is in an Arms of WATERFORD, and I said at that time that the first Kellys are from the Waterford / Dublin area, where baron Massy was out of. And here I find KELLYanne Conway. Her Wikipedia article: "She was raised by her mother, grandmother and two unmarried aunts in the Atco section of WATERFORD Township, New Jersey."

The last update found that the three gillyflowers of Joels/Jewels looked like a match with three lilies of another surname, but I didn't recall that the Waterford surname (same place as Brays/Brae's) uses three lilies in the same colors. Joel is the one who purchased the white Rabbit. This gets interesting where the Waterfords share the so-called fountains of Cass'/Casts and Kiss'/CUSH's, and where I trace the latter's red rooster to the Bibo's...because the Bibo rooster sits on a CUSHion. As Kilpatricks use cushions while they were from Antipatria/Antipater, it's likely that Cass' and Cush's were from king Cassander, son of King Antipater, whose descendent was queen Nysa of Cappadocia, that area being right beside Cetis (where I trace the Laevi Gauls, as per Laevillus, husband of Quadratilla of Cetis). The Cetis/SESTIER surname, which can be a soft form of "Cast," uses one lily in the colors of the WATERford lilies. Amazing, is it not? And I trace QUADRatilla to Quade's that have a WATer-like Wade variation. These things are why I see the Bibo surname from "VIBIUS," the surname of Laevillus' mother, Vibia. It has been resolved that Dutch Tromps were from Maccabees of the kind that named the Orne river that flows from near Ferte-Mace down to Bessin (see the Haveran variation of the Orne's, and connect to AVARAN Hachorani Maccabee while linking "HACHORANi" to the ACORN of Tromps).

I've just tried for a Wader surname, finding it with the Waters (same place as Meschins), and showing nothing but a pale bar in the colors of the similar Scalia/Scalise ladder. Now that we can be more sure, thanks to the DeMarco's, that Decks/Daggers are Ticino liners, I can add that Deck-related Squire's/Squirrels were first found in the same place as Watts, a branch of Vatts/Watters'. It's linking the Quadratilla line to the Marici of the Ticino.

Quadratilla's father, descended from the Bessin-suspect Bassus', as well as descended directly from a Herod-Maccabee line, was a pro-Caesar entity, and Joels are also Jule's, suspect with Julius Caesar. The latter's death produced his ally in power, MARK Antony, and the Joel/Jule flowers are in the colors of the Toni/Antoni flowers. This is a great revelation; what historian wouldn't be amazed? The Bessin-suspect Bassianus' (2nd century AD), who named themselves after Julius, birthed Julia Maesa. The prophetic student can see why this line should be the Roman dragon in Revelation, coupled with the sitting-on-Rome harlot.

Julia's sister, another Julia, birthed emperor CARACalla (his "nickname"), and his ancestor is being pegged as Proculus (son of Laevillus) because he had a CHARAX middle name. As this line goes to Carricks without question, it's notable that while Carricks use the dog in the black of the Quade wolf heads, the Carrick dog is in brown in the Waterford Crest. The "Garde" motto term of Carricks is for namers of Lake Garda, location of a Trompia valley at Brescia/Brixia, the latter being the line to Brix's/Brests and Bricks. If only Donald Trump were this neat, he might clean swamp as promised. The Waterford dog, a talbot as code for Lucy Taillebois, Ranulph le Meschin's wife, holds a water lily as code for the Bassus-of-Cetis line, right? Check that fact here by typing "Waterford" in the box:

With Italian Tonys/Antoni's now linkable to Cetis> Waterford liners, we can add that English Tonys share the so-called sleeve / maunch with Ticino-possible TICKhills (they were in Nottinghamshire, same as Tease's/Tighs). There's a good chance that Marc Antony was named after the Marici. It's interesting that the Tony sleeve is shaped as an 'M'. The sleeve-like Saluvii Ligurians may have been on the Ticino. Tonys were first found at Leicester, where the Ligurian-suspect Legro river flows, and where the Beaumonts ruled who truly birthed the Laevillus-line Leavells. You can't argue with the facts.

A sleeve is part of a shirt, and the Tony-likely Tonso's/Tosini's use a red shirt while Tickhills use a red shirt sleeve in Crest. The Tonso's/Tosini's happen to mention buttons on their shirt, and the Buttons/Bidens (same place as Josephs, Caplins (Capelli kin), and Cassandra's that share the triple Water chevrons) use a CHAPeau (owned by Capelli's) as possible code for a Caiaphas line. This picture works well for my long-standing expectation that Joseph Caiaphas was an ancestor of Laevillus. If not mistaken, Quadratilla's father (born in 70 AD) was a Roman-puppet ruler of Jerusalem in 102 AD. We can ask whether Quadratus mated with a woman from Caiaphas' family to produce Quadratilla.

I see "QuadRATUS" from Thrace's Sub RADICE (near ancient CABYLE), to an Italian Radice surname that I see as kin of Cable's. The latter share the fretty Shield with Con-like Caens/Canns ("liCITIS"), from the Bessin. Sub Radice was in the land of the Bessi Thracians. Ultimately, the Cetis lily is code for the namers of Lille (uses the Lys / Massey / Brick / Deck fleur-de-lys) at the Lys-river theater, explaining why the fleur-de-lys is a lily. This symbol was owned by king Clovis, son of BASINa of Turin-suspect Thuringia, where bee-using Talls (Massena bend?) were first found suspect with the bees in the Bessin/Beaston / Bistone Coat. Lille is in Artois, meaning simply that Quadratus / Laevillus liners were there. Trace the Caen ostrich feathers (Talls use feathers) to the ostrich of Lois', first found in Artois. Finally, I trace the Bessi to Bassania, off the Mathis river in the land of the Cavii, a peoples I trace to Luisa of Ceva. It can't be a coincidence that Cave's/Caves' use the Caen fretty in both colors.

Recalling that Parrys share the Brick lozenges while Bricks are of Briquessart of the Bessin, note the "PERImus" motto term of Caens. The Beaumonts birthed Leavells with Waleran (son of Gouel de Percival), and Whelans use the Brick Coat. All of heraldry traces to Quadratilla. The Conways, who may have been merged with Parrys at Conwy, use an "Amore" motto term while Amore's are suspect with the Leavell bars. Again, the "Fide" motto term of Conways/Conwys is for Julius AVITus, for the Conways share the Vito/Vido annulet. Avitus was husband to Julia Maesa Bassianus. Caves' use "Videt" while Conways use "Fide et," and then Fiddle's/Fidelows share three wolf heads with Quade's.

A good guess is that the Conway Moor head is closely that of the Tanners, not just because Cuneo is on the Tanaro river, but because German Tanners use pine CONES. The Cone's are an obvious branch of English Conte's (Briquessart married a Conteville, mother of le-Meschin). Italian Conte's use the same lion as Sams, which I mention because, way back in high school, I had lunch a few times with Vito, whose surname I can't recall. His father was Sam, and his mother, whose name I can't recall, hired me to lay marble on her stairs. All stairs are suspect as code for Scalia's, if it can be shown that any event in my life was from Him. Marble's were first found in Cheshire, where le-Meschin ruled. The Conways were suspect with the bend of Plunketts, which was the line to Fulks (see last update for that), and French Conte's (same place as Falcons) use the FALCon/FalCONTE crescent.

[The day after writing here, I came across the Lake's who not only use six fitchee crosses in colors reversed from the same of Clintons, and not only were first found in the same place as Clintons, but use a reflection of the Plunkett Coat. Lake's were looked up when it came to mind that, perhaps, God arranged to name "WikiLEAKs" as per having me check the Leak surname (it sounds like a stretch, but at this point I'm looking at anything that comes to mind). I noted that the Leaks can be using the Arms of Montferrat's rulers, and afterward loaded the Lake's. This was done below while sharing a video that had the Clintons involved in covering what looks like a child-abduction ring, thanks to some emails leaked by Wikileaks.]

The "Vis" motto term of English Falcons suggest VisCONTI's, though Fulks can trace by their Tertullus ancestry to Tertulla, ancestress of VESpasian and Titus. The "fier" motto term of English Falcons (same place as DAGGERs) is for Fier county (downriver from Antipatria), location of Kuman, that being the line to Comyns (DAGGER in Crest) who in-turn have a motto, "Courage." Then, the same Falcons use the motto, "Vis COURAGEux fier." You know a fact when you see it. Falcons knew that they descended from Fier county. And a Comyn / Comines location was ruled by John de Burgo, father of Herluin de Conteville, grandfather of le-Meschin's mother. Compare the Conway Coat to Amis', and the latter to Spanish Burgos' and Vito's. The Daggers above are a branch of Acre's while the latter use a version of one CONan Coat. There's a good chance that Connellys use the Meschin scallops closely.

"In early December, [Kellyanne] Conway claimed that Hillary Clinton supporters were making death threats against her." There is a chance here that Mr. and Mrs. Conway will do battle against the Clinton crime ring. Never, you say? Probably not. But if Trump fancies her, you never know what she might convince the braggart to do that actually benefits God's Kingdom. If Trump can't act because he's received death threats, don't worry, God can't be killed. Nothing would make me happier than to see that Trump is not a traitor to God's people, but, so far, it all looks dismal. As soon as he announces a war against the deep state, more than half the nation will fight on his behalf. It will be a good time to have Jesus on his side. Waiting...

Let's bring that white-rabbit logo back to topic, on the floor MAT of Joel's white Volkswagen Rabbit. Just look at the Connelly write-up, saying that they had some MADDen kin in CONNacht (Hy MAINE, same as Pattersons/Cassane's). I recall Dave Madden on the Partridge Family, starring Cassane- / Cast-possible David Cassidy. The Connellys are the ones with the same scallops as Meschins while white-rabbit Conns and Conys use a version of the Meschin Coat (substituting the scallops with white rabbits). I, probably a Meschin line, had my feet on the floor mat, and le-Meschin's son, Ranulph de Gernon, had a surname related to the Foots / Fothes/Fitte's/Fette's (one of the three Levi chevrons).

French Connellys/CONTier's/Conens' (in Conte / Madden colors), first found in the same place as Levi's and Chappes', use one, black FOOTless martlet, same as French Josephs, the latter first found in MAINE, and suspect from Joseph Caiaphas. It could appear that Hy Maine's Connellys were from Maine of France, and that both places were named by the same family. Reminder: Hy Maine's Pattersons, from the root of Herods / Maccabees, use the pelican while Pellicans were first found in Maine.

The French-Connelly/Contier fesse is colors reversed from the same of Conans, and the latter use the black fleur-de-lys of June's and Jeune's (same place as Capone's and Julians), whom I think were from Junia Caepionis, Caiaphas' ancestor. I suspect that she was birthed by Julius Caesar yet named after Mr. Junius, the husband of Servilia Caepionis. In this picture, the engrailed saltire of Irish Connellys can be of the Conan = Sinclair cross. I say that June's / Jeune's use the CONstantine/Considene fleur, which look linkable to the Tarves fitchees. The Jeune's and Constantine's use their black fleur in both colors of the same of German Matts!!! I almost missed that. Welsh Matts ("FYDD", see Fitts below) use the same lion as Italian Conte's. I'm already convinced that God himself arranged for Volkswagen, or its mat producers, to put that white-rabbit logo on the mat. Does you floor mat have the logo of your vehicle's model?

The Matt lion (same as the FAUCET lion) is likely the one in colors reversed of Mathies ("Fac et" motto phrase for Faucets of MUSSELburgh). Mussels/Muscels use a version of the Meschin / Conn / Cony Coats. Is that not amazing? Praise be to God, whom the world shuns as would any idiot. Ask me, I was one. I routinely claim that Mathie variations are branches of Irish Maghans/Manns (County Clare), who happen to use the three lions of Irish Constantine's (County Clare). You can Plantagenet that in your hat.

There is no shortage of Conn-Masci linkage all over heraldry, I have now learned. The Travis' that I trace between Tarves and Treviso (where Maesa-related Vito's were first found) share the Connelly / Meschin scallops, and Tarves' use FITCHee crosses, code for the Fitch/Fitt (Vito's?) bloodline that's likely part of the Fitt variation of Fothes', first found in the same place as Tarves. The Chives' of Tarves were from the Mathis river, now the MAT. The Chives / Mathis cross is colors reversed from the Conan / Connelly cross/saltire. I'm learning here that there was a fundamental trace of Caiaphas suspects to Cuneo's namers.

Aha! Mathis' and Chives' share the black-on-white moline with Mallards/Milwoods, and Maddens use a "falcon volant seizing a silver mallard"! It appears reliable that Maddens were Mathis-river liners. Falcons are Conte kin, right? From Fier County right? Yes, and Fiers use the moline too (in Vere colors).

Just found Mattinglys/Maddinglys (Mattis colors) , first found in the same place as English Josephs. They are said to be from Heckfield, recalling that Hykes'/Hacks use the Chives quadrants and the Meschin scallops.

I've neglected to repeat lately that ther Italian Alba's use the Alan fesse, expected because Alba is in Langhe. German Alba's probably use the Massey / Deck/Dagger fleur round-about.

Waiting For Trump to Unleash Powers

CNN is now pushing the idea that Trump is mentally unstable, and therefore a threat to national security. The CNNs of the nation won't forgive Trump for lashing out at the left's responsibility for Charlottesville. Trump has the power to reveal the car ramming as a fake, but I would be greatly surprised if he tries. That's what needs to be done. The problem is, the FBI has been involved in faked events until now. There is a question on Wray's level of influence over the circle within the FBI that winks at these events. Trump's team seems too wishy-washy to expose them. Even his own tack of using the Muslim-terror scare to clean up the immigration mess works against him.

I do not think that Trump is mentally unstable. To the contrary, he's head strong, and he's making wrong decisions. The mentally unstable amongst CNN watchers. And the Democrats have got them crying the blues over losing the power and influence to order their New Society. While I oppose in principle the border wall that he seems to be fighting for, it might be necessary where the CNNs of the nation are illegally protecting illegal Mexicans in order to acquire the votes for the New Society. You can see the problem immediately where these Americans are willing to break the law in order to win their New Society, and the latter is a breaking of God's Law in many ways. Mexicans can go around any stretch of a wall, but, it allows the border-security people to use their numbers on less border length, a definite plus. You don't need more border agents if you build a wall. Less money will be needed to enforce deportations and jailings if there is a wall. Once the signal is sent to Mexicans, less of them will try to get over, but all of that will change when Democrats get back power. This is a nasty set-up.

The fact that CNN is now going after Trump's mental condition is a good way to define their grinding his face in the dirt. This is a good thing if Trump and the leading Republicans are refusing to attack the left. It's easy to see that, if they don't attack the left and seriously cripple it now that they are in a position to do it, the left will bring a tide over the Christian people, drowning them. The swamp will drown us unless it is attacked. It's not enough to fire a few people who belong to the swamp. He needs to attack them at their underground, do some serious damage. Start by revealing their staged events, for the general center of politics will not tolerate a government bastion that deceives the people. The leftist media will go down in the meantime for supporting faked events. Use Intelligence to expose the people who own the crisis actors. Alas, Trump has abandoned this. He's shown support for faked events. Trump has shown himself to be a traitor to his own voters, yet the CNNs are not letting up on grinding his face in the rock. They see his abandonments as his weakness, and are attacking harder for it. Stupid Trump.

The White House has the power to sue the CNNs for defamation. That will ease their faked stories lickety-split. It's about time that the media bosses are brought to a sudden reality. There must be a law already in place that forbids concocted news. Let the CNNs prove in a court of law that the stories they fabricate have justification. If law suits are merely started, the faked reports will subside. What is the problem with Republicans that they have been so weak against the left? The media. They fear backlashes from the media. Well, then, deal with the media. Take them to court, get their monkeys off your backs.

Look, "LA sues Trump administration over sanctuary city crackdown". Shouldn't it be the other way around, the government suing the sanctuary cities for breaking laws? If Republicans look weak, the Los Angeles' of the world will sue them. Trump promised to champion the fight against the left, came out looking like a charging bull for the cause, then abandoned the very team he has set up for the cause. Conclusion: Trump was too weak to bring on the battle. He cowered. And his enemies are now chasing him as he retreats, wanting his head.

Turn around, stupid, you are the president. Turn around and charge them. You have powers on your side to give them a nasty life. Use it while you have it. Show some muscle, show some grit. They can't attack you as much is they are defending themselves from your attacks. Don't just stand there and criticize CNN, put them in jail. They brought a fake story against the president of the United States, a gross crime. Do it for the sake of Justice, and for curbing a rotten attitude in the media. The country needs this. Your voters have been barking for this for years. They are your attack dogs willing to attack, when you do. But, why are you not attacking? Ok then, get your face ground into the hot volcanic ash of the left. You deserve it. If Jeff sessions is one of the weaklings, get a strong man. But don't pick a Scaramucci. Pick a decent strong man who's above reproach, and make a strategy. If Kelly shows the least amount of resistance for the attack, jab him in the eyes with your own fingers, and ask, who made you the president?

Here's Trump's weakness showing: "'[Arpaio] should have had a jury, but I'll make a prediction: He’ll be just fine,' Trump said. 'But I won’t do it tonight, because I don't want to cause any controversy.'" Ah, he's afraid of leftist / media attack dogs. It's not a wonder that he's afraid of their dogs when he's not unleashing his own. Arpaio, a leader in the charge against illegal immigration, claims to have been convicted by the courts on a false charge by Eric Holder's / Obama's attack dogs; sentencing is pending. The Arizona sheriff is telling the country that if they will frame him on false charges, they will frame anyone to protect their agenda. It is not a small atrocity for the government to jail someone on a false charge that is known by the government to be false, that is created by the government. These people steal your money, stupids. Do something.

Alas, the military steals your wealth too, to use in other countries to obtain some of their wealth. Trump is a willing partner in this theft, as are many Republican leaders. It all looks hopeless.

"Racial profiling" is common in the news. "The U.S. Department of Justice [under Holder] concluded that Arpaio oversaw the worst pattern of racial profiling in U.S. history, and subsequently filed suit against him for unlawful discriminatory police conduct" (Wikipedia). This was as the Obama team wanted illegals for to get him a second term in Office. It's not hard to understand. The chief nation has prepared herself for Armageddon.

Death threats, murder, jailings, belligerent, violent protests, and causing strife / division all-around is now the definition of the Democrat party, on top of their call for an immoral society. How can Republicans be spineless, even now, in stamping this out, whatever it takes. It will take jail sentences to their political leaders, so that other leaders won't try it the next time they obtain power. This solution now rests on Jeff Sessions. Where is he? In hiding? Is the Justice chief too afraid to hand out justice? Increase his security, and get rid of pro-Obama spies in Intelligence. Commission pro-Republican spies to spy on pro-Obama spies; catch them, charge them; make them regret their offenses; spread the word.

Republican voters are attacking "antifa," short for anti-fascists. But this is the wrong word for Republicans to use, for people with little knowledge on the topic will think that you are pro-fascist for attacking anti-fascists. It's a no-brainer not to fall into the trap of using that term. If you're going to fight, be smart. Call them political thugs. The left will hold Republicans to the highest standards while not doing the same for their own attack dogs. This is for the cause of stifling Republican attackers. The left is now fully in attack mode, while Republican congressmen (and Trump?) are in cower mode. The Republican attack dogs are complaining about a weakling Congress, and some of them are looking at Trump curiously, wondering if he's ill or something. They are sniffing out Jeff Sessions, wondering who's team he's on.

Judicial Watch just started another law suit, against Session's department of justice. How can this be? How can one of the president's lawyers, who's an example of an attack dog, need to take Sessions to court to get something damaging on the left? How can this be? It's more than a curiosity, it's a scandal.

The video below is the second one I've seen of Neil Cavuto blasting Trump openly from his news show. I'm going to disagree with Cavuto on this one. Cavuto thinks that Trump should stop openly ridiculing his own team. It sounds logical. But one of the names who receives such criticism (in the video) is Jeff Flake, who was, in my opinion, part of the staged plot against Steve Scalise. Therefore, Cavuto may be Trump's enemy, trying to get the president to become docile, laid back, tolerant of the enemies in his own Republican circles. This is exactly the strategy I see from John Kelly in order to quash Trump's vigor, or to suppress his indignation. I'm still hearing reports that Kelly decides what papers and issues reach Trump, which makes me perceive Trump as a monkey in his cage. It is inconceivable to me that a president would allow some stranger to decide what issues reach him.

There are all sorts of examples, on pro-Trump social media, of leftist injustice that Trump has neglected / ignored. Trump doesn't need to lift a finger for every last issue; he can appoint people to oversee the attacks. We can call the attacks "revelations." It's otherwise called the truther movement. It's a lethal weapon because every injustice exposed on the left enhances its crippling. Where is Trump's war room? Does he have one? Will Kelly permit him to have one? Isn't it true that Kelly doesn't want noise and controversy? We can bet that this is the deep state's way to make Trump docile, lame, but forbidding him to attack.

The left is constantly attacking with contrived arguments, always mixing falsifications into their reports for doing the greatest damage possible i.e. without seeming too-far fetched. Therefore, the natural reaction of good people should be to expose each clever attack for what it is. Some on Fox are doing this, yet, for some reason, Fox's bosses are unwilling to attack the things suspect from the deep state. And if Trump is afraid of controversy, or if he doesn't want to stir it because backlashes make him uncomfortable, it allows the left to stir controversies without a governor to control it, and without a counter-offensive. In a country where the devil is permitted free speech, truth is the only effective weapon. Truth for God's sake is the mightiest weapon of all. Have you ever noticed that Sean Hannity always supports Trump. That's not a truth warrior.

Look at how easy it is to speak truth for God: the left is full of sinners trying to blemish the laws of God, trying to eradicate the Spirit of God from within peoples' thoughts, actions and decisions. How easy was that to say? If only Americans would elect a president to speak like that, it would make God so happy, giving Him an opportunity to defend Himself, to crush the left before such a man. Are the Republican congressmen weak due to lack of faith in God acting on their behalf? Do they lack faith because they want comfort in their filthy-richness? Do they love comfort so much that they will not stir up some dust against the left? That's what it looks like. Fat cats and God don't go together, yet Americans always elect fat cats. So, strife arises, and God stays out of it, not removing it, because the people have abandoned Him for the American dream.

Here's an issue that Trump can sick attack dogs on:

The BBC is developing a new version of the iPlayer that harnesses artificial intelligence, with the potential for your television to 'spy' on the household and tell who is in a room [that's why the shadow and visible governments want all peoples' names at all addresses].

As part of the corporation's quest to "personalise" its services, it has joined forces with Microsoft to build an experimental version of iPlayer.

The prototype uses voice recognition technology, allowing users to talk to their television. When a user says, 'Show me something funny,' it presents a list of comedy programmes. It responds to the question, 'What's going on in the world?' by automatically playing the BBC News channel.

So, the ungodly are scheming to spy on us, and Trump, I will bet, is for this. I have yet to hear Trump speak against the spy peoples' overreach. Trump, the traitorous dog, will not assist the Republican dogs in their war on shadow-government spies. Trump is in bed with them. If he's fighting Mexicans, it's only because they can elect him out of office in 2020.

Trump and his military team are praising their Afghan plot, which is of course dressed as attacking thug gangs. But the political left are thugs too, and they directly affect the American nation, unlike the thugs in Afghanistan. When will be we see the Trump-Kelly-McMaster military team attacking America's political thugs with as much money and resolve now being spent on Afghanistan? Ever?

Although I don't agree with the video producer below, on some of his political views, I like many of his positions for exposing the corrupt state. He has a video of the attack car (first few seconds) at Charlottesville that I didn't see last week while covering the crash extensively. He claims, and later proves it (3:46), that Brennan Gilmore is the one who caught on camera the car driving to the crash, and that the event was on George Soros' birthday. See Brennan Gilmore in my last update, for he is a government agent obviously involved in this hoax.

The left is trying to hammer the alt-right with this faked attack, and it took place while Trump was cleaning his team out of alt-leftists. But what are alt-leftists? If Democrats can define the term, it would include every rightist, peaceloving or otherwise. "Alt-right" is a term created to lump ordinary rightists in with neo-Nazis. It a misperception, a typical disinformation strategy used by the left. It's not fooling anyone anymore, and the time to attack the left is ripe. But, look, Trump has capitulated just when the left is at our mercy. That's because the deep state wants the left alive and healthy, because the shadow government needs never-ending political-infighting for protection. Never must one side wholly defeat the other.

The video owner above claims that Gilmore is a CIA operative. I spoke on Gilmore's involvement with Cony-like KONY II in the last update. This is mentioned in the video. I think that I've got to believe that God's white-rabbit mystery touches upon a circle to which Gilmore belongs. And God revealed to me/us that the white-rabbit mystery touches upon Peter Peterson, the former chief of the Council of Foreign Relations.

Gilmore is on the video, on the news, saying that he heard the vehicle accelerating behind him, which puts the acceleration at the red intersection I spoke on. But the car is not accelerating as it makes its way down the road on his camera. Therefore, Gilmore is lying to enhance the fantasy that's he wanting in the peoples' mind. You see, I, unlike trump, am working to expose the truth against this deep-state plot. The deep state would never spend money on something like this if there wasn't money to be made that exceeds the money spent. It's a no-brainer that the deep state is in business to make money, and that amounts to corruption...toward which Trump is closing his eyes, great shame.

Below, from about 1:10, is a slow-motion view of Gilmore's video. I can't trust the video as presented by Gilmore because I expect it to be faster-than-real speed. At 1:16, watch the man take a step on the sidewalk, because it's almost real speed, yet note how slow the car is going. In other words, the man taking a step reveals that the video is about 80 percent real speed, wherefore the car's speed is itself almost real speed. It's not "barreling down a high rate of speed" (Gilmore's words). At 4:36 of the video above, see (you need a sharp eye for this) the four people running (across the street) too-fast for reality.

I don't agree with HighImpactFlix where he argues that all speech should be protected. I think youtube, and the government, and television, has the right to make rules on speech allowables. I am even of the opinion that government censorship is the good and right thing to do, providing that it censors the obscene, not the argument. For example, if the way in which a thing is phrased is obscene, the statement can be allowed if rephrased. The video above shows a video owner booted out of youtube for calling the death victim at Charlottesville a fat slut. I think this crosses the line, and can be phrased better. What's the problem in censoring it? The country won't fall apart with censorship like that.

But if I get censored for saying that the death victim is a fake, now we are violating free speech. There is nothing obscene with the way that I phrase it. It's my opinion, and I want my opinion to be heard, for a reason. It's part of my verbal input on a matter. The video owner above thinks that Internet debauchery, the free use of sewer language, etc., is everyone's constitutional right. God cannot agree. I take God's side, it's so easy to say. The Creator is the standard of good and decency, the highest standard, and governments are supposed to achieve the highest standards on behalf of the people. But look, Trump hasn't said anything about cleaning up the Internet swamp. He hasn't send out a man to create a team to put the Internet through the laundry. Therefore, sin and degradation (defilement, the Biblical term), and sluts both male and female, spread to minds via the Internet. "Slut" is an acceptable word to use, providing it's used on sluts, or in defining the liberal woman. Trump loves sluts, in his own words, not mine. In his own words, he wishes for married woman to give him sex.

The deep state is in the crafty business of creating bad things in order to blame innocent people / groups / nations. It's the height of illegal corruption. This week, the John S. McCain was rammed to at sea in the China theater. Who will they blame for this? Already, China is being blamed by youtube-video owners. Isn't this part of foreign policy? Could the Council on Foreign Policy be the owners of the crisis actors?

White Rabbit at Twitter claimed to release more than 28,000 Hillary-Clinton emails, yet nothing has come of that yet. A little ways down the page below, White Rabbit (an Oliver-Stone watcher, apparently) shows a message from Kim Dotcom: "I know where Hillary Clinton's deleted emails are and how to get them legally...100% true." He then shows five steps that anyone can do to get them from the NSA's website. However, if that sounds hokey, what if Kim Dotcom is a government agent set up to spy on anti-government people? That's why I'm not going to the NSA website to perform the 5 steps. Oliver Stone is part of Alex Jones, whom can be a government agent / spy as well. In fact, I think he is. Does this mean that White rabbit is one? Not necessarily. The fake truthers working for the government would be expected to be loving White Rabbit at this time, seeking to find him, or how he got the Clinton emails, or who he shared them with, etc.

The page above shows why there were accusations against the Clintons on handling and/or protecting a child-abduction / child-sex ring in Haiti, where you see: "BREAKING:WikiLeaks Just Dropped A Nuke On Hillary! Potential Clinton Foundation." The video claims that there are email connections between Hillary and Mrs. Silsby, since 2001, on the topic of Silsby starting an orphanage, which she did do in Haiti. Silsby (Saluzzo line?) then got caught trying to smuggle 33 children out of Haiti, during the time of the earthquake relief that the Clintons feigned in Haiti. This video is offered by White Rabbit, which can perhaps suggest that he's not an insider, at least not one seeking to protect the Clintons.

Excellent question: why would Bill Clinton go beg to the Haitian government in arguing on behalf of Silsby, to get her out of jail? Did he know that she wasn't guilty? Or did he know that she was? How many people would you try to get out of jail if they were guilty of lying when saying that 33 children were orphans, when they were not?

Here's something from White Rabbit I didn't see the last time I was at the rabbit's page: "Aug 19 - Forensicator got the #metadata from me and yet I received 0 credit." I had written that the Forensicator appeared to be trying to sidetrack / hijack the White-Rabbit story on the emails. The Forensicator, who could be a deep-state operative, and whose story amounted to nothing, came out the day after the rabbit released the 28,000+ emails. It was the Rabbit's claim that they were Hillary's emails. Nothing's come of that either, and the last time I tried to see if the emails were still downloadable, they were not. I had been trying to figure out where the Forensicator got his material to make the case he did, but here I think I'm learning for the first time that the Rabbit released it. The Forensicator didn't even mention the Rabbit, so far as I can recall, nor did he mention the emails. Nor did the Forensicator, and others (VIPS) making the same claim, point the finger at Seth Rich as the one who stole the DNC material, even though it was stolen 5 days before he was murdered. The Rabbit released the emails July 9 (made small-time news on the 10th), and Rich was murdered July 10, a year earlier. Something seemed fishy with Forensicator for failing to mention the email release. Perhaps there's nothing more to it than his thinking that the Rabbit is way-overboard on his accusations.

One thing I've found at the White Rabbit page today, he's not Godly, but rather the opposite. In fact, he's a base idiot. He could therefore be one of the goons, a spy. I won't be visiting his page again. My focus will be on Wikileaks, Jay Sekulow, and others working to reveal the Clintons. This week, the Senate is trying to hush Wikileaks, suggesting that something big could be coming.

My opinion at this moment is that, if God were going to use White Rabbit to expose the crime ring, this person would be at least a decent person. If the fact is that he's a deep-state spy, whose job it is to lure anti-deep-state peoples, then I would suggest that he's part of the crime ring that had Scalia killed. It is altogether possible, and even logical, that fake truthers would present articles and videos that oppose the people they want to protect, if the material has already made the rounds. So long as there is some laughable or ugly thing about fake truthers, the general population will not take them seriously anyway. Perhaps the idea of the Clintons selling organs is just such a scam so that everything White Rabbit says will be passed on by most. In this picture, he never did release Clinton emails, and perhaps the Forensicator and VIPS (former Intelligence people) knows that he's one of them.

As a fake truther has the job is leading his followers down a rabbit trail to nowhere, it may explain why he chose his Twitter-account name. The Hillary emails can be just a rabbit trail to nowhere. However, I've got to entertain the idea that he's part of the ring that had Scalia killed, and there would be more to that circle of people than just one murder. I was very suspicious of the message he put out from Kim Dotcom, and ther latter was suspect as a fake truther when the false truthers, George Webb and Jason Goodman (not HA Goodman) claimed that they had contacted him concerning the obtainment of White Rabbit's thumb drive...the one with the emails under discussion and more. If they are all part of the same organization, we will never hear anything damning concerning the emails. When we do hear something, we could expect it to be a scam to discover the computers (and their owners) interested in the story. Once you visit their web page, they will have your server's address, and perhaps Intelligence can work with that to find other personal information.

Kim Dotcom claims to have proof that Seth Rich gave the DNC material to Wikileaks, yet conveniently has the excuse that his lawyer won't let him release it to the public. This is not top secret data; it's not the government; its just the DNC, the people in charge of electing Democrat candidates, spreading Democrat policy, etc.

Here's evidence that the Charlottesville police were told not to interfere with the violence, and that the mayor (a Democrat) knew the event to be staged. By staged, I don't necessarily mean that the fights were not real, but that the leftists planned to come out to fight = pre-plotted = first degree = staged. This video is important because it has a Fox report challenging the honesty of the governor and the police, and insinuating that the event was a local-government-sponsored staging. The reporter is speaking in the way we expect one to speak, with honesty, and unafraid to make the insinuation. This may start a trend, catch on:

I haven't covered the "riots" closely, but my general impression is that the leftist thugs made the neo-Nazi's look innocent. The neo-Nazi's became the underdogs. I have no opinion on the theory of some that both sides were staged by the left with a post-riot plot to attack Trump. For sure, the liberal media, post riots, are bent on using this event to make Trump look like a neo-Nazi sympathizer. It won't work. The last thing Trump should do is to respond, because any response will be twisted. Trump already said how he feels, which was bang-on, so he should move on, leave the Dems in the dust of his shoes.

I haven't watched a flat-earth video in many weeks, and watched one only because youtube is suggesting plenty of them to me. I think I now know why. I've just loaded RichieFromBoston, a Christian, with a video, "Proof of God and His Intelligent Design." Once his page is loaded, youtube suggests (for me, anyway) hokey topics, lumping Richie in with those nutty ideas. For example, there are two videos near the top on a faked solar eclipse (feasibly by flat-earthers) this past week (implies the government faked the eclipse). Additionally, there's one video on a nutty Antarctica theme, and two flat-earth videos, and when loading another Richie video minutes earlier, youtube suggested two flat-earth videos then too. Did I ask for flat earth? No. Have I been interested in flat earth in the past at youtube? No. So why is youtube's computer suggesting these videos to me? Because, obviously, it's programmed to discredit Christian videos / producers. I didn't get flat-earth videos suggested when searching Trump news, or Sessions news, or anything else recently, but the moment I load a Richie video, bang! He get's mocked, and I get punished, by youtube's anti-Christ squad. This is the same anti-Christ force that owns the Democrat party, and that has infiltrated the Republicans.

The Covert State

The Russians are poised to expose the best dirt they have on Obama's workings, and he's got to be much a part of the white-rabbit expose. There is much heraldic evidence that the surname of Obama's mother was from Dunham-Masci, and I, a Masci on one side, was on the white-rabbit cage, which was firstly about the white-rabbit Conys / Conns from Cuneo, where roughly the Masci's were first found. The Conys use the Meschin Coat but with coney rabbits, and Dunham-Masci is in Cheshire, where the first-known Meschin ruled as an earl.

Moreover, having seen how the Saluzzo's of Cuneo work into this theme, let's shift over to English Packs , who use the Shield-and-Chief color combination of Saluzzo's, and even have a good reflection of the Clinton Coat. It's known that Obama's ancestors included Mr. Wolflin from Orsingen, and I had read that Wolflins changed their surname to "Wolfley." Wolfleys/Wooleys (and Wolfs/Welfs) were first found in Cheshire, and use "wool PACKs," you see. English Packs, Wools (woolpacks), and Woolworths ("cake of bread") were first found in Sussex, location of Arun, and the FitzAlan rulers of its Arundel entity married Alice of Saluzzo. German Wollens/Wullenwebers use the leopard of Mosca's (Pisa). The Pace's were first found in Cheshire, and the Paisleys/Pasleys share the gold-on-blue Pack anchor. Polish Packs use the same fleur-de-lys as Masseys, and on and on it goes. For the record, Wools and Tints share a lion "couchant."

I've heard that the mayor of Charlottesville, Michael Signer, is close to Obama and Podesta. There is a Signer-like Sinner surname listed with Samsons, who are in Cony / Conn colors, and use the Meschin scallops. There is also a Siner/Singard/Saynor surname said to have had an old Seignure variation, and this one uses an "ibis" motto term, interesting where I see the Weishaupt ibis (goat) as code for the Biss' (Surrey) that likewise use the Sinner/Samson scallops. Siners/Saynors use the Sarah/SAYER Crest, essentially, and look like a branch of Segni's/Segurana's because the latter are a branch of Seagars, first found in the same place as Siners/Saynors and Sawyers. It just so happens that Siners/Saynors share the lions of Segure's who come up as "Second," a term in the Levi motto.

I don't want to repeat the following story, but I had better. There was once an email correspondent (former witch) who claimed to be helping in missionary work in Haiti during the quake. At that time, I was cautious about her, but decided to send her some money, as she was collecting funds for relief. I didn't include my return address, and the check was a money order. There turned out to be some curious things about her, but the long and the short of it had to do with her former husband's brother-in-law (Mr. Scheriff), suspect from something of Hitler's inner circle, especially from George Herbert Scherff, a Nazi, whose son may have been George Herbert Walker Bush (CIA director). In this picture, the CIA was stacked by Bush, or by others before him, with a Nazi-colored shadow government. See Otto Skorzeny's deathbed confession claiming that George Bush was born a Scherff. Or, Google " Skorzeny tribwatch ".

Soon after the Haiti incident, I was given reason (out of concern for the email correspondent) to look for her home address (she had disappeared). I discovered it near the headquarters of Aryan Nations at Hayden Lake, Idaho. If I recall correctly, her town was less than ten miles from it. I had found that the emailer's husband and son by him, or her two sons but not her husband, had addresses in Warsaw, Indiana, where WARS is located, a white-supremacist group. Long before these things were coming to mind, I traced Warwick to Poland's Warsaw, and Scheriff-like Sheriffs were first found in Warwickshire.

The Otto Skorzeny accusation centers on an article that came out in the Idaho Observer, by some fat chance, or maybe not.

I concluded that, whether or not there were neo-Nazi connections to any of these people, even if there were pure coincidences involved, God may have been signalling something to me. If there was anything to it, there had to be more than merely the participation of herself or her husband or his family ties. These are not elite people. The husband's sister had married Mr. Scheriff (almost "Scherff"), and her mother was from Long Island (in West Islip) smack beside William Hitler (in Patchogue), Adolph's nephew. I thought that was meaningful, as though God brought this insight to me through the emailer. It's not necessary for any of the people to have been Hitlerites; it's good even if Mr. Scheriff was distantly related to George Herbert Scherff.

If you recall, there was all kinds of claims that the Haiti quake was caused by the American military with technology refined from Tesla. It just so happens that George Herbert Scherff was involved with stealing Tesla's secrets. From the Skorzeny link above: "Concerning Prescott Bush and George Scherff: Eric Bermen says that Skorzeny told him that George HW Bush was born George Scherff Jr in Germany and that the George Scherff Sr. to whom he refers was the long time assistant to Nikola Tesla. Skorzeny also told Berman that GHW Bush posed as the son of Tesla assistant George Scherff during the 1930s and was snooping into Tesla's invention and paperwork. Tesla reportedly referred to GHWB as "curious George" and that nickname played a role in the later creation of the children's book series called Curious George." This article was out years before the Haiti quake.

I usually take seriously any snap vision I have, especially if it's in the middle of the day rather than when going to sleep. I can't trust anything that goes on in my mind when dozing off. But, one day, in the middle of the day, a picture in my head developed of a mountain cat jumping down toward my back, though the vision was over before it arrived. Where did that come from? Was I in danger? There never was a mountain cat seen (this was in Texas), but it was right after I sold the property that the emailer started to become very friendly toward me, and her first name is almost "Cat." Was she commissioned to find me? Had her group found me, only to see me slip away? I moved while George Bush, a Texas president, was still the president, but I no longer respected him at the time, though I did at first. A few years after the move, I found that her current "husband," the one that would get involved in the Haiti quake, had an address in Texas. Hmm. Do you remember that Bill Clinton and George Bush Jr. together were involved in a Haiti-quake relief program?

His surname was Maness. I have told readers several times about a girlfriend that I think God got me for this revelation, her name, Mamie (I don't recall her surname). It turned out that an event with Mamie at a baseball diamond was code for the attempted murder of Steven this past summer. The Mame and Meme surnames are listed with Maness'/Manners (what a coincidence!), but I had also resolved that this bloodline named Mamesfelde, a location found in the write-up of Manfields. The latter surname uses the same Coat exactly as MANGELs/Mansells, and then there was a Charles Mangels, suspect with Hitler's Joseph MENGELE (what a coincidence!), who was (and may still be) a leader of a white-supremacist group (what a coincidence!) in Montana. Otto Skorzeny, on his deathbed, said that Hitler lived in Montana (what a coincidence!) after the war. The Maness peacock is that of HarCOURTs, and the latter share double fesses with Maness', the Maness' using them in the blue color of the double-Parr fesses.

If there is any connection between the things surrounding the Idaho woman and Charlottesville, God may have provided a clue through surname connections / coincidences. Her surname by birth is Covert, and the Covert Crest is a "leopard FACE." Recall the mountain cat, same as a leopard. The Covert Coat may be a version of the Siner/Saynor Coat, for both use leopards in their Crests. However, I'm not sure that the Charlottesville mayor's surname, Signer, is a Siner / Segur variation, but it is a close call. Her former husband's surname is Dein (same place as Coverts), and Deins use the Siner/Saynor / Segur/Second and Genova lion. The FACE/Fessy surname (from Fieschi of Genova) actually uses a "signo" motto term for the Segni's/Segurana's (first found in Genova). I apologize where, in the past, I said that the Face motto term was "segni." Go ahead and check that Diens, first found in the same place as Deins, share the upside-down white wing with Genova's...proving that Deins use the Genova lion, and, as with Coverts, trace to Genova elements. It explains why Scottish Deans (same place as Deins / Diens) use the blue Segni/Segurana moline cross.

It wasn't many updates ago when I mentioned Mamie and the baseball field again. It involved Cindy, my pastor's daughter. I had invited Mamie to a church function. I remember nothing of that night except hugging her at the home-plate area, and then seeing Cindy's evil eye as she looked at us from second base. I reported that she was at second base before Steve Scalise was shot at second base. I noted on at least two occasions that the Cindy surname is also "Cunty," and that Courts/COVERTS (what a coincidence!), first found in the same place as Coverts, use a "GrandesCUNT" motto term! Amazing, absolutely amazing. I am convinced already, from what I've just written, that Steve Scalise was shot by Mangell's group, or someone from Aryan Nations, probably for a good chunk of change, for these groups harbor criminals and low-life goons able to kill for money, I assume.

So, you see, whether Miss Covert / Mr. Dein was/is a neo-Nazi or not, her surname coupled with Cindy Richardson tells a story on Scalise. But now that we have the Siner/Saynor surname possibly applicable as per Charlottesville's mayor, it's notable that the Base surname gives us another clue, for while Mamie and I were at home BASE, the Base's can be sharing the Dein / Siner/Saynor lion. If we think that I'm stretching things in order to prove that God is involved in the symbolism, recall that these lions are in the colors of the SECOND/Segur lions, for that seems to pertain to second base!!! Wow. I've got to say that, as my mind naturally interprets these coincidences, it appears as though Mr. Dein (or one of his sons) could have been involved in Charlottesville and/or with Scalise.

Scalise was highly suspect in an event at about age 3, or earlier, when, according to my mother, I drank turpentine on the stairs, and ended up, like STEVE Scalise, in the hospital. The Turpens use the same bend and colors as Rodhams, which is the bend of STEVENsons too, the latter two first found in the same place as Maness' and Drinks. This turpentine story was told recently; I'm not making it up here. The single pale bar of Drinks is in the colors of the two of Cindys/Cuntys, no kidding at all.

I can now link Miss Covert, to my astonishment, to Mr. Signer, for there is an Italian Signor/Senior surname showing nothing but a blue chevron. Many use such a chevron, yet when it's alone, without other symbols, the surname owning it can be expected to have married another surname using it alone, which is the case with the Demy/DuMAIS/LeMais Coat. The Mais' are also Mai's, and then there was a curious Mrs. Maio who started to befriend me, well out of the norm, through email, roughly at the same time that Miss Covert started to befriend me strongly. Mrs. Maio expressed desire more than once to come live with me at my tribulation retreat (we did not know each other at all), but this put up red flags, suggesting the possibility that people were trying to find my address. Afterward, when suspecting something off with Miss Covert, I also looked Mrs. Maio up at Intellius, finding her listed at California's Riverside, where Miss Covert married Mr. Dein (marriage record was found online). I also learned that a child of a neo-Nazi was shot to death in Riverside.

Miss Covert told me that her current husband owned a helicopter, and she called him, "Captain." It turned out that he was not her husband (unless it was common law), but, in any case, he was using the helicopter, or at least offering it, in Haiti, according to her emails. The point is that I just mentioned the Clinton scandal in Haiti earlier in this update, while, now, the thing coming to mind is that the Charlottesville riots look staged, and, perhaps, the white supremacists were part of the staging...i.e. perhaps from Aryan Nations. That's the message coming to mind with that emailer, that there can be some larger plot afoot, to the future, using this group.

My job is to find clues in the things that happen to me, and to report various ideas that might strike a chord in someone's mind, whoever it is that God wants to be reading these things. It's not me that will do the damage to the crime ring(s), but a reader. Otherwise, why am I writing on these matters? It's got to be convincing, and one reason for telling the stories in the past is to prove that I didn't make the stories up, or change them, in order to best-fit the proof of God's involvement. There are often more than one meaning to each prop. For example, home base can also be home plate as code for Hillary's private server, Platte River Networks. And while the Touch's, beloved by the motto of CAT-using Clan Chattan, are a fundamental part of the white-rabbit aspect of the revelation, they use the Home/Hume lion in colors reversed. Fox's Brit Hume comes to mind as one who might expose the Clintons liberally. The lion in the Cindy/Cunty Chief is in both colors of the Touch lion.

The most amazing part of having Mamie at the baseball diamond is that she visited me at a pizza restaurant when I was working there. To the best of my recollection, she came by later in the evening after I served a table for Cindy and her parents. Yes, all three came in to have dinner, the first and only time I saw them there. With the Cindys/Cuntys suspect in the Court/Covert motto, while so-called pizzagate (pedophile rings touching upon Hillary's campaign manager) includes the alleged child-abduction story in Haiti as it pertains to Bill Clinton and some fake missionaries, the fact that Miss Covert and Mr. Maness were in Haiti with a missionary agenda seems completely relevant, whether they were fakes themselves or legitimate. God can be using legitimate people in my life to point to the criminals.

It gets more intriguing where Cindys use two blue pale bars in the colors of the two fesse bars of Maness-beloved Parrs, not forgetting that Mamie was a symbol for the Maness bloodline (Maness' share a red Chief with Mame's/Meme's/Mens', and the latter are said to be of the Manner branch of Maness'). The ladder of Scalia's/Scalise's acts as a blue pale bar too, and are in both colors of the Maness fesse bars...which makes a Mamie connection to Scalise too, does it not? Yes, but also to Miss Covert's Haiti adventure, which, according to her updates, fizzled out almost immediately.

The night that Mamie visited me at the restaurant was probably where our relationship ended, as though God ended it there because He had used her almost fully for this revelation by then. I didn't have a vehicle at the time, and she had accepted a ride home from my manager. Shocked by this, I talked her out of it, and must have called her a TAXI. About a month later, I moved into a place where, BILL, a dispatcher of the local TAXI company, lived, and he got me a job driving taxi. Not once, but twice, was I dispatched (I had no control over it) to pick up Mamie over the next few months. The first time we got naturally friendly, and the second time she agreed to go back out with me. It lasted one evening only, however, and I sensed from God to leave her alone. But look: the TAX surname (Touch branch?) is also "Dach," and it's a German surname so that it can be of the namers of Dachau, the city that was headquarters for Hitler's Bavarian concentration camps. Is that not amazing, since Miss Covert has now come to represent neo-Nazi's at Charlottesville while her husband represents Mamie's bloodline?

Look more: the Arms of Dachau use a sling SHOT, and the Shots/Shute's (Tease/Tess colors) happen to show nothing but red-and-white swords, the Tax/Dach symbol! See the white swords also of BRAmens, listed with Brennens with familiar lions, which can be the Brian lions i.e. Briancon may have been a Bra line. The Dack variation suggests the Decks/Daggers that I trace to the Tessin/Ticino river, and then the TYE's/Tease's, first found in the same place as Mamesfelde (of the Mangel-related Mansfields), worked into Mamie's set of codes because, about 24 hours after she became my girlfriend (at the camp site), I noticed her beautiful THIGHS while she was at her garden in a two-piece bathing suit. If I recall correctly, I told of her thighs BEFORE finding Mamesfelde of the Mansfields (i.e. I'm not making the thigh event up). And TYsons/Tessons use the Touch lion so that Touch's do appear to be a Ticino branch, even the namers of Dachau.

I can now add that, upon moving to the same place as the dispatcher, I put a long extension ladder in the backyard that I had purchased to paint a three-story apartment building owned by the German father (had German accent) of one Miriam, in case that comes to mean anything. I might never have remembered this ladder except that it was stolen right away. Is it another symbol of the ladder-using Scalia/Scalise surname?

I have reported several times on a dream I had in the first month of my conversion to Jesus. A woman, who I identified as CHARLOTTE Hicks as many as 19 years ago, was hovering over the SEATs of a car that was itself on a sandy beach all alone. I had noted that Sands, Cars and Seats were all first found in Lancashire. Beach's are said to have owned a Langley location that can be from Langhe. I haven't yet considered how that dream can pertain to Charlottesville, but right off the bat it can be said that Cindys/Cuntys share the double pale bars, in the same colors, of Seats/Cedes' (they are blue pale bars, shared by Coverts/Courts). There was a staged CAR ramming at Charlottesville, and, in the dream, I said, "She's beautiful, she looks like an actress." Was that code for crisis actors?

The first time that I saw her in the dream, she was standing in front of the car, at the HOOD (I've told that part before in case it would ever come to mean anything), where one would be standing when rammed by the Charlottesville car. It may be a stretch on my part, or it may be a key, that Steve Scalise was shot (reportedly) by James Hodgekinson. The latter surname is also "HODkins." Hodge's (Seagar Crest?), first found in the same place as Maness', are in Hood/Hoot colors and share crescents with them. Hoods/Hoots can be a branch of Hiedlers/Hitlers, the latter said to be from Hutters/Hutlers. Hooters/Hutters share the eagle leg with Brays/Brae's. Is this some preliminary evidence that the Scalise event was perpetrated by the same that did the car crash a couple of months later?

Hooters/Hutters have a rare description: "A blue shield with a golden eagle's leg at its CENTER." There are many giant symbols, and they don't get described as being at the Shield's center. So, we load Centers, for obvious reason, to find the gold leopard faces of Coverts, in both Covert-Coat colors, and it just so happens that, amongst the six surnames that Miss Covert has online, one of them is Sanders, while the other Center surname gets the German Sanders. So, we went from a Hitler-branch suspect to a surname of Miss Covert, and she lived near HAYDen Lake (location of Aryan Nations). Also, we just got from the hood of the car from a dream suspect with Charlotte, to Miss Covert suspect earlier with Charlottesville.

The Centers that share the gold leopard face with Coverts can easily be a g-less Segni/Segne branch. The namers of the Seine river come to mind. As Saluzzo is so near to Genova, note that Segni's/Segurana's share the Saluzzo Shield. It should explain why Centers/Senters use the Alan and Rundel fesse in colors reversed, and in the colors of the Sand fesse.

By some stroke of "luck," I asked Charlotte if I could sit beside her at the first anniversary of 9-11. She let me. That night, I noticed her beautiful knees, and remembered that, in the dream, as a voice behind me (God, I assume) told me to go wake her up as she hovered over the seats, I went to kiss her awake, but saw my hand brush against her knee, at which instant she popped up into my arms, and we rose together into the sky. For this reason, I thought that she would one day be my wife. It hasn't happened yet, but I do have the offer out to her.

That evening, she wore sandals, and Sands happen to have a Sandall variation. I wasn't going to mention this detail until trying for a Sandle surname, which happens to use the same fesse as Coverts with the same scallops as Dives'. The Dives river is near Manche, location of Saint Lo, said to be of the Sandle/Sintler bloodline. The Sandle/Sinter fesse is almost the Dives fesse, the latter using it in the colors of the Center/Senter fesse. So, we have a Charlotte link to Covert-Dein elements, and Deins even use the same lion as German/Jewish Lows (expected at Saint Lo). It's also the lion of Seconds/Segurs, first found at Limousin, founded by Lemovices, from Lemnos, home of ancient SINTians to which I trace the Sands / Sanders but now also Sandle's/SINTlers. The Lemovices lived beside the Santones of Sainte.

Remember, I later came to view 9-11 as a staged terror act, and here we have Charlotte linking to Miss Covert, a symbol of neo-Nazi's connectable to the Scheriffs, while George Bush, suspect from the Scherff Nazi, was president on 9-11. Although I started out in favor of Bush's victory, I came to view him as a beast. On that same night (9-11, 2002), I used the "buddy" word on Charlotte, as we shall see, and Buddys are listed with Botters, first found in the same place as Sandle's/Sintlers.

Mr. Dein's sister was April (she married Mr. Scheriff) by first name. There is an April surname (Saluzzo combination) using nearly the Clinton Shield, and April's mother was Miss Abbott while Abbotts were first found in the same place as Clintons. This could be just another of many examples of God naming people in order for me to make connections for to convince readers that God was in the events of my life that I'm claiming. Aprils put roses in their Chief while Rose's are said to have been kin of Bosco's while Busca is beside Saluzzo.

Saluzzo is suspect with the Salyes Ligures, who may have been the Saluvii Ligures. Mrs. Silsby is the missionary in Haiti who was caught trying to smuggle children out during the quake relief period, and Bill Clinton came to her rescue once she was in trouble with the law. The Silsby surname (in Saleman / Salmon colors) is said to be from an old Salebi location, much like "Saluvii."

The ramming of the car (Charlottesville) was blamed by police on James Alex Fields, but lookie at where he was living: "James Alex Fields Jr. of Ohio was charged with second-degree murder in Charlottesville, Va., He was living with his mother until 'five or six months ago' when he moved to his own apartment in MAUMEE, Ohio, according to an interview that Ms. Bloom gave to The Toledo Blade." Why should Mamie be code for this accused neo-Nazi? We already saw why, where her name is a symbol of the bloodline that birthed the neo-Nazi, Charles Mangels, suspect as a son of some relative of Joseph Mengele. James Fields is said to be 20 years of age, very close to, or bang-on, Mamie's age when she and I were at the baseball FIELD. In fact, not very-many weeks ago, I told that Mamie could have had a VIRGIN symbol from God, and here Charlottesville is in VIRGINia.

This would be a good place to repeat that Lorraine led to the Lander/Landen > Langley evidence that the touch-bra event was without question an event formed by God (Bra is at Langhe, and the bra was on a Lander-like laundry line while I asked Lorraine to meet me at a laundromat the first time we saw each other). My last night with Lorraine was the night I was at Mamie's party (she was new to me then). Things just worked out that way, and Mamie would be my next girlfriend a few weeks later. I left her party early to see Lorraine, but, upon arriving, I suspected that she was mucking around with a married man (that night), so the relationship ended. The Landen variation of Landers was traced to Pepin of Landen, and the Pepins and Poppins (Mens Shield, suspect with the rulers of Montferrat) use a "Mens" motto term for the Mame's/Meme's/Mens' surname.

Poppins were first found in the same place as Ghents, while the Belgian city of Ghent uses a virgin in its Arms. Ghent was also "Gaunt," and Gaunts (probably the Gonn bend), who may be using a version of the Maness bars, were first found in the same place as Virgins. I assigned Mamie a virgin symbol partly because she teased me, but this was recognized as part of her symbol for the Tease surnames i.e. her Mens-line trace to Ticino elements. Pepins are suspect with the namers of Pavia (on the Ticino).

It was BARRY who convinced me (against me will at first) to go camping on the night that Mamie and I got together as a couple, and the Bra-like BARs of Bar-le-Duc is in Lorraine (France). It's known that these Bars were from BRUNswick, and Bruno's are said to have been in Cuneo's Asti i.e. near Bra. The Base lions are also the Brunswick lions, exactly, and are expected with the Second/Segur / Siner/Saynor / Dein lion. But as the Dein lion proved in this update to be is the Genova lion, note that Genova's and Segni's/Segurana's (of Genova) use wings and eagle respectively in the color of the Este eagle, for Bars of Brunswick were of Este (Asti-like term) and share the Italian Este eagle while the other Este's use the horseheads of Pepins ("est" motto term).

You need to ask by what coincidence (or act of God) did Mr. Dein live so close to Hayden Lake. The Diens are also Dives' while the other Dives' share the DANCEette in the Hayden Chief, I kid you not. My last night with Lorraine, I was DANCing with Mamie at her party, a most-unexpected event. There was no dance floor. No one else was dancing. She walked near me while I was in the living room, the place rather packed, and we started slow dancing. I don't remember who motioned first, it was so natural / mutual so far as I can recall. She was wearing a black dress, as was Charlotte the first time I saw her on a Christmas day of 1994.

After writing the above, I went to cut firewood, and near the time to come in for a break, which is now, I realized something amazing. I've already told the story of Charlotte's daughter, Geneva, accusing me of going after the teen-age girls in the church, or something to that effect because she thought I was giving her the sexy eye. She was 13 years old, and I even showed a photo of her 300-pound body. I could never understand why she accused me of this, but I now think I do, because the Geneva surname is listed with Genova's! Therefore, Geneva and Charlotte are more symbols of the pedophile rings that I think God is seeking to expose and punish.

Here's the story, but not all of it. I've told the entire story at least twice before. Geneva sang in church one day, and though not especially good, I gave her a big smile to boost her ego. Young ladies need their egos boosted, I was simply being kind. Mamie and Lorraine were 9s, I wasn't desperate. If I were a molester, I wouldn't have told you what Geneva accused me of.

The story starts later, when her mother sang at church a few days before the first anniversary of 9-11. I made the mistake of calling her, a married woman, to say I enjoyed the song, and she talked with me for hours, not letting me go. One way to put it is that I just wanted to know whether she liked me, because I had multiple reasons for believing that she was the woman in the dream mentioned above. Although she was married, her husband was in his 80s, more than 30 years older than she, and one theory was that I would marry his widow.

A few days after the phone call, our church put a musical show on in the local park, and I went, consciously resolved to sit far from her. But as I saw her walking down the center isle, what did I do? I promptly walked over, asked to set up her video camera, then went back to her, asking if anyone was sitting beside her. I must have been out of my mind, or God just made those words come out of my mouth. She said that I could sit there. So we had a good time, and she sang two songs that evening. But while I was away from my seat, Stanley came and sat beside her, the man whom I had seen too-close beside her before. Sure that they were having an affair, I went up to her and asked, "Is that you 'buddy'"? Lines formed on her forehead, and she said, "He's just a friend." Stanleys and Hicks were both first found in Yorkshire, and both use the gold stag head. That was the night that her knees impressed me (why?), and so if you check the Knee Coat, compare it with the Stanley Coat.

I had an event at 12 years of age that was stacked with surname codes. At that time, I learned that Knee's were likely McGee's (same swords as Shots/Shute's and Tax's/Dachs). Scottish McGee's were first found in the same place as Charlotte's surname by marriage. It is amazing that, before loading McGee's just now, I had loaded the Doors, to find three white leopard heads, which I then found with Irish McGee's. The reason that Doors were looked up is because I saw her beautiful knees through the glass of a door. Moreover, in the dream, although I first saw her from far off in front of a car, I was immediately brought to the car door, when she was now hovering over the seats, half-asleep or in a stressful, knocked-out state. It was while I stood at the door that the voice said, "What are you waiting for, go wake her up." That's when I brushed her knee with my hand...and Hands are in Stanley / Knee colors, sharing the stag with them and with Knee's.

The Door and McGee Coats show nothing but leopard face's, code for the Genova Fieschi to the Face/Fessy surname. The latter share the cross of Mee's/Meigh's who share the McGee boar heads. The Doors use the faces in the colors of the same in the Wright Chief, and the latter once again uses the Saluzzo Chief-and-Shield color combination. The same Wrights share double fesses in blue with Maness', and these can be linked squarely to the Cindy/Cunty pale bars because they are used also for the Arms of Vilaine, that being the part of Brittany where the Dol Alans lived who came to marry Saluzzo. The other Wrights even use the Stewart fesse with checks, and that was the Alan-of-Dol line. Amazingly, the night I saw her knees through the GLASS door, her husband was in Houston, while Houstons share the Wright / Stewart checks, and moreover Houstons use an hourGLASS as code for the namers of Glasgow, where the Stewarts lived heavily. Jewish Glass' use more white wings.

In the dream, the beautiful actress was in a car. Irish Carrs happen to use the same chevron as a certain surname, first found in the same place as English Cars/Carrs, that represent the location where her husband's surname derives. The Carr motto even uses a term that reflects one of the variations of that surname. Irish cars use ESToiles in Este colors.

Unbelievable. While writing the paragraph above, it came to mind that I first saw Charlotte Hicks on Christmas, in church. Wondering what it could mean, the Christmas surname (same place as Quints, same fesse as Hicks) was find white rabbits! They are called "coneys," as you can verify here:

I recall that, as I took my seat beside her, crossing in front of her, I saw her green toe nails (not strong, Christmas green, yuck). So, not finding a Toe surname, Tows were loaded to find the green Touch lion! I touched the bra of the pure-blond tenant while standing over the white rabbits! I had noted that Sands (looked up as per the sandy beach she was on in the dream) use a Coat connectable to the Quint and Colchester Coats (the latter use the symbol of Nail-related Neils), and the Arms of Colchester uses NAILs, as in her toenails! Quints were first found in the same place as Colchester, and Quints share vair fur with Beach's. Impressive, right? God knows what he's doing.

Tows/Touch's were out of Cheshire, as were Blundville's (Quint chevron?), and Charlotte wears pure, sun-bright blond hair (as with the woman in the dream). Then, there are Blondville's (Quint Chief?) who happen to share six fitchee crosses in the colors of the same of Clintons and Hillarys. And the Blondville Coat even looks like it can be a form of the Clinton / Saluzzo Coat.

The Blondville's were first found in the same place as Diss, and the Diss/Dice surname. Three dice showing 6's (= 666 possibility) is used by QUINTana's. Bra-possible Brays were first found in the same place as Quince's. Don't ask me to explain how Lorraine's feet impressed me as beautiful. It must have been some act of God to burn the memory into me, for the Blonds use a foot in a sun (Suns and Sand-like Saints are both listed with Sinclairs). Blonds, first found in the same place as Blondville's, share a sun in Crest with Cars. In the same way, there was some sort of focal-point energy involved when Charlotte's knees impressed me. She usually wore dresses, but her knees didn't impress me at other times. To this day, I don't even know if she has breasts, because I never checked them out. I have no idea if they are large or small.

The Ectors that share the sun too are suspect with two features of the Hiedler/Hitler Coat, including the sun. The Car sun must be code for the Soonhope location in the car write-up. Soons/Soams/Somes' (Hicks colors, same place as Blond(ville)s) can be a branch of the Some variation of Swans/Sions, who use swans in the colors of the Christmas / Christman swan. In fact, Some's/Sions use falconer's gloves while Soons/Soams "falcon standing on a lure."

Now watch this, asking whether God set this up as proof that he created the dream and, more than 20 years later, the events with Miss Hicks. The Christmas fesse is that also of the Hicks (share "bon" with the motto of Harcourts), and of the Harcourts (same place as Bons) HARcourts are an obvious branch of HARE's (same place as Courts/Coverts, Bone's and Arundel) who apparently connected deliberately with the Christmas rabbits, and moreover the HarCOURTs, suspect with the Courts/Coverts, use the peacock of Maness' (Scottish-Hare bars in colors reversed). It's now undeniable that Miss Covert = Mrs. Maness (as she called herself) is supposed to link to some things that God has intended in the codes of the dream, or, at least, with the themes surrounding my experiences with Miss Hicks.

Look: the only woman killed (probably a faked death) at Charlottesville by the attack car was Miss Heyer. Scottish Hare's were first found in AYRshire, named by the Heyer-related Ayers / Eyers (same place as Heyers/Here's). Heyers/Here's use "Two blue DEXTER wings."

By the way, STANley, when he came to occupy my seat beside Charlotte, was holding a flag; he then went to the stage to hold it to honor of 9-11 victims. Flags/Flecks happen to use the double-black fesses of STANs/Stands (same place as Hicks). McLeods use flags, and Lure's are a known sept of McLeods. And this reminds me, the first time I heard Charlotte sing was at a Christmas play in our church. Stanley was an actor in that play.

The thing coming to mind is that God revealed to me, right then at the park, a secret, her adultery (I may have not seen it if I hadn't sat beside her. He must have been going a little nuts to see me there most of the evening, so he took a seat beside her soon after I got up to do something). The point is, I can start to suspect that God will catch the perpetrators of 9-11 in a way similar to how I caught she with Stanley. Reminder, the Benghazi attack was on 9-11, 2012, exactly ten years after the night in the park.

Just so you know, on the day that she spent hours on the phone with me, she coaxed me to attend church that night. She sat in front of me when she arrived, and handed me her music tape which I had asked for, and, a minute later, Stanley came in behind me, though I didn't see him until he took a seat smack in front of me, and beside Charlotte. She looked completely surprised at his coming (he didn't attend much), and he looked upset. She had turned around to look at me, maybe wanting to say something, when she looked further back, seeing him coming, which probably made him think that she was warming up to me. So, when he dropped himself beside her, he was shoulder-to-shoulder with her, in the way that a married couple sit so closely, like he owned her. That's when I knew...but she didn't want me to know, and she didn't want him to sit so close, but the event was such that he did it because she saw him with me. After church, she came to sit beside me, but I immediately got up, and left the table. She was shocked, and showed it. The park event was about three days later, and I had even seen him earlier sitting beside her with no air between them.

So, my nasty buddy question was well deserved, the third occasion of my seeing them together. I caught her, and it turned out to reveal her, but wasn't that God's doing? I didn't tell anyone, but when I called a meeting with our paster, she herself brought Stanley up, because, I assume, she thought I called the meeting about that. I didn't. I called the meeting concerning her daughter's accusation against me. So, Miss Hicks revealed herself to the pastor and his wife. In the same way, the pedophile crime ring might reveal itself in a trick of God, when called to a congressional meeting or court to respond to someone's complaint.

Soon after the park event, within two weeks, she and Stanley were seen (by me) standing together again at a football match (her son was playing), while her husband was still out of town (he wasn't at the park). She saw me sitting when crossing the seats alone. When he popped up to stand beside her a few minutes alter, she must have told him not to sit with her, because I was there. But, after the game, he went straight for her, big mistake. So I confronted her, and she became angry. That's when I discovered from her daughter, who was siding with her mother: "I saw the way you look at me." I had no idea what she was talking about, which is why it's a good thing that I recall smiling at her after she sang her song. She got the wrong impression. The next day, I asked the pastor to ask Charlotte to a meeting to discuss this.

So, that's it, a screwed-up accusation that points to the Geneva/Genova bloodline as part of pizzagate, somehow, and that can touch upon the plotters at Charlottesville simply because her mother is Charlotte, and because she was in front of the car to begin with, the obvious theme of the Charlottesville crash. Geneva was, by the way, adopted, and the children out of Haiti were slated to be adopted (or so was the cover), if they ever escaped the sex rings, that is.

The Geneva story is not one I relish telling, but it's telling me that there was a pedophilia crime ring amongst Haiti's "missionaries." I happen to know that the Dien/Dives and Dives surname is from the Dives river of Normandy, near Ferte-Mace, Masseys of Manche (part of the Mangell/Mansell / Maness bloodline), and Meschin ancestry. The first Meschin was an earl of Chester, a place otherwise called, Diva, I get it, meaning that the white Dien/Dives and Geneva/Genova eagle wing is the Masci wing. Geneva accused a Masci liner of pedophilia. The Dives / Hayden dancette should be for the Italian Dance surname, first found in the same place as Masci's, to the near-north of Genova, and sharing blue-and-gold pale bars with Coverts/Courts. At one time, the Este Crest had the same black horsehead that now shows in the English-Dance Crest, important because there was logic with the Este eagle in play with the Geneva wings.

Charlotte's/Charlemagne's use a Coat much like that of Coverts, and English Charles' use a white eagle. King Charlemagne was a Pepin liner, and grandson of Charles MARTEL, explaining the MARTLets of Coverts and Charlotte's/Charlemagne's.

Now the theory has been that the crime rings that seem to touch on all sorts of events, as well as false-flag events now, is going to be exposed by Jay Sekulow of Judicial Watch, which has Tom Fitton as the president. The Fittons (first found in Cheshire) are using the Arms-of-Cheshire garbs, and happen to use a "cordi" motto term while Cords are also McCOURTs. We can't get away from the Covert bloodline.

Having said all of that, I have excellent reason to believe that this troublesome woman is going to be my wife. But I'm not waiting for her, and I'm not planning to contact her again. Put it this way, that if we never get married, I'd be left perplexed at why the dream ended with the both of us raptured to the sky, arm-in-arm. In the dream, she didn't want to see me. When she saw me from the hood of the car, and coming toward her, she disappeared into the car. It indicated to me that we had known each other before, but that some bad things had taken place. There she hovered in stress and maybe indecision. I was allowed to hear her thoughts: "he's maybe out chasing other women." I assumed she meant the owner of the car, her boyfriend. Meanwhile, God revealed to me that He brought her to me, convincing her that it was me, not the owner of the car, who loved her. Having been prepared by God, it only took a touch to her beautiful knee to make her mine.

I have another theory. We were RISING to the sky after she was almost asleep. When God told me to wake her up, I was thinking SLEEPing-beauty style, with a kiss. It just so happens that I trace the Sleep surname to the Selepitanoi peoples beside the Ardiaei at RHISON/RISINium. Plus, I have read online that Arthurs (from the Ardiaei) married the Hicks of SELEPITAN-like CLAPTON (Somerset). Amazingly, the Hicks shared the Arthur clarions, said to be trumpets, and the rapture/rising of the entire church will be at the 7th Trumpet (of Revelation). During the sentence before the last one, I was singing to the song, "Ain't No Grave Going to Hold Me Down" (by Treva Blomquist). The first verse has the blowing of a trumpet by Gabriel. Isn't that wild? Here's the song with Treva decked out a little death-like (it's her best song, she seems like a nice girl, hoping she decides for the Way):

But even though our rising together was code for the peoples around Rhisinium, it doesn't necessarily mean that there can't be other meanings, as in what might happen in real life. God is able to plug many things into the items of one event, and I have evidence that He makes me write things at certain songs to match the song's theme. In this case, "TREVA" looks like a Trebia-river liner, or to Trabys from Trabzon, location of the Moschi foot hills, which was essentially the ARDahan region. So, a Masci from the Moschians was hugging an Ardahan-line Hicks (from Hyksos, in my opinion) in a rapture-like situation implying the 7th Trumpet. The Arthurs or Hicks could have used some other symbol to represent the Clare's (from Santones / Lemovices), aside from trumpets, but we can suspect the Trumps (almost the Stanley stag head) and Tromps in this symbol.

Levers (same place as Cars, Sands) use a rooster "STANDing" on a trumpet, and Stans are also Stands/Stants, in the "obSTANTia" motto code of Arthurs, the latter first found in the same place as Artems/AITons and AIDS, the latter in the Levi motto, indication that Levers were Levi liners, who were first found around the Seine river. It explains why the Levers use double bends in the colors of the double fesses of Stans. Note that Standings/Stantons share a vair Shield with Beach's. Recall the SOONhope location of Cars, for Soons/Somes' (Arthur colors and format) use a "falcon standing on a lure."

I linked the Arthurs of Somerset fundamentally to Baths (compare with ARTEMs) and Battins/Badens (both in Somerset), and that tends to identify them from Batumi, named by Caucasian Bats, at the Moschi foothills. ARTEMis was an Amazon goddess from the Trabzon area. Clare's (Arthur chevron in colors reversed) were first found in the same place as an EYE location (and the Deacons), which I see in the eye of Battins/Badens, and then EYtons (same place as Sleeps) are also EITONs, like "Aiton." The latter surname uses a form of the Decan / Deacon / Bath Coat, and I traced Decans to Decani, near Kosovo, which was the region of Dardanians, who had formed a marital relationship with the Ardiaei's Monunius II. In myth, Trojans (Amazon theater of Mysia = Moschi liners) were founded by DARDANus and his wife, BATia. Sleeps use two chevrons in the colors of the one of DARTs, and in colors reversed from the fesse of Dardans/Ardens. The latter were first found in the same place as Pettys, suspect from the Paeti Thracians on the south of the Arda river.

The Deacon motto is suspect with "Atrecht," the Artois capital, named by Atrebates that had lived also in the area where the first CARTers were first found, suggesting the Caucasian Georgians (at the Moschians), who were called, KARTli/Kartvelians (cartwheelers?). Kartli may very well have been the Carians to the Cars, for Caria was on the southern flank of the west-Anatolian Amazons. One of the Carter surnames can be pegged with the Sforza lion because the latter's holds a quince while Saer de Quincy ruled Winchester, where Carters were first found.

The Selepitanoi (probably named Salop, where Sleeps and Meschins were first found) were on the north side of the Cavii, who became the Chives' (early in Devon) that share the quadrants of Hykes'/Hacks (Devon, Meschin scallops).

The 7th Trumpet is not only the time to raise Believers to their rewards for practicing great patience in this lunatic world, but to cut off the lunatics who use people in endless cruel ways for unworthy self-gain through a neo-Scythian mentality.

The Clinton crime ring could be already half way to jail, except that Trump's state department (Tillerson) seems to be protecting Hillary (a real shocker, who would have guessed?); see Tom Fitton (clean talk, clean mind, clean spirit) in the latest JW update here:

You can see that JW has spent a lot of money to discover Hillary's secrets, and they do videos partially to raise funds. No money, no produce. Can we trust JW to do more than use successes to raise money? Will they go all the way until the crime rings are devastated? How can they survive such a thing in the face of neo-Scythians? I'm watching.

American law states that the people are permitted to know non-classified events engaged by their government. But deep-state puppets can make all sorts of things classified where there is no justification. That is, corrupt actions / programs from deep-state puppets can be hidden by being labeled "top secret." Slowly, steadily, patiently, JW makes progress. Will it have an unexpected breakthrough that blows the lid off? God rewards good work. It is not good enough to allow deep-state invisibles to exist lying low through attacks, only to allow their re-surfacing as more-favorable times and opportunities arise. They must be punished to send the message that they are not beyond punishment, and they must be punished to put out their power bases. They suck up the money of the peoples, and put them into deep debt. They deserve death painfully, horribly, the purpose of the Lake of Fire. Drudge has a headline, "ISIS threatens to behead porn star." Perfect. Put ISIS to good use. May I suggest whacking off the organs of faggots while you're at it. Society will be much safer.

Mueller's problem is that, if he accuses Trump, Flynn, and others of touching Russians, he'll be given a backlash for going to bed in a threesome with Russians along with Hillary. Imagine if Trump had sold Uranium to Russia, how the Muellers of the other side would be going into a frenzy. But it was Mueller, under Hillary, who took uranium to Moscow. It's in the news. Mueller is therefore impotent, a cocky lame duck, a tiger with paper teeth, a scary monster in the closet that only children fear. Here's scary Mueller (this week) trying to get the message out that anyone with Clinton's emails is a lawbreaker:

Special counsel Robert Mueller is examining what role, if any, former national security adviser Mike Flynn may have played in a private effort to obtain Hillary Clinton’s emails from Russian hackers, according to people familiar with the matter.

Okay, so instead of having Flynn trying to get the emails from Wikileaks, Mueller insists it's from the Russians. It will add injury to pain for anyone coming out with the emails. It goes on:P

The effort to seek out hackers who were believed to have stolen Mrs. Clinton’s emails, first reported by The Wall Street Journal, was led by a longtime Republican activist, Peter W. Smith. In correspondence and conversations with his colleagues, Mr. Smith portrayed Mr. Flynn as an ally in those efforts and implied that other senior Trump campaign officials were coordinating with him, which they have denied. He also named Mr. Flynn’s consulting firm and his son in the correspondence and conversations.

This puts a whole new spin on why the deep state leaked things about Flynn in efforts to get Trump to fire him. That's what Trump did, promptly. The problem that Mueller has is Hillary's claims that the emails were private, and therefore not top secret, meaning that it's not so bad, after all, from the standpoint of an FBI prosecution, if someone would provide them to the world. After all, there is reason, that any judge can understand, to suspect that the emails harbor criminal activity. Trump has done everything wrong toward convicting Hillary for this crime. So far as I can gather, he keeps merely a mirage before the voters that he wants Hillary punished.

Put it this way, that if Trump has been influenced by the Mueller scare, wherein he scares anyone in his administration who's even seeking the emails, then Trump is has acting the punk. Why is it wrong to seek emails suspect as harboring criminal activity? Tell Mueller that he's the criminal suspect, for seeking to hide them.

In my opinion, Trump has probably seen many Clinton emails of note amongst those that his own state department is hiding from Judicial Watch. If that's true, then Trump may be in agreement with the Obama strategy for Benghazi. That is, the CIA has convinced Trump to see it their way. That's nasty, very nasty, because the CIA murdered ambassador Stevens. Did I tell you that the Rodham bend is the Stevenson bend? It's also the Woolworth/Wallworth and Wolfin/Wallen bend, and while Wolfleys/Wooleys (Obama line) were first found in the same place as Hugh Lupus, the latter used a white-on-blue wolf head (shown at his Wikipedia article), colors reversed from the Wolfley/Wooley wolf, and in the colors of the Flynn wolf.

The so-called flaunches used by Wolfleys/Wolleys (first found beside Flintshire) can be code for a Flann- / Flank-like variation of Flynns, (Wolfley colors) who come up as Flans. They are from LONGDENdale, and Langleys / Landens are in their colors too, suggesting that these and other Langhe (Cuneo) elements were in Cheshire with Masci liners (logical).

Then, Flanders/Flinders, first found in the same place as Dardans/Ardens, share their fesse, and Artois is at Flanders. The alternative name for the Artois capital is in the Arras/Arrow surname, and the "flint stones" of Flynts/Flans are arrow heads. This may indicate that Wool / Wolf /Wolfin/Wallen / Woolworth/Wallworth liners named Walloon. King Arthur was made born in TINTagel, named partly by Tints that share the couchant lion with Wools. Flemings of Flanders use the wolf, as do English Walls, first found in Gloucestershire, itself on the border of Clapton. The Arthurs of Clapton also married Meads, and the latter share the Coat of Godfreys, suspect from Godfrey de Bouillon at Artois.

Mueller must be using this Flynn-Smith connection to further cleanse the Trump administration of anti-Clinton people. For Trump to allow this makes him opposite the man-with-integrity that he portrayed himself to be. So, God will need to use better men to get the job done. There will be no Trump Card, but only a Joker. Trump needs to tell his voters, "sorry, I was only joking, I really didn't mean it."

The article continues: "Peter Carr, a spokesperson for the special counsel, declined to comment." I hadn't yet loaded the article when on the Carrs. Diane Muschatov (Moscow symbol?) told me that she liked the Cars band. I climbed her antenna one night, a little Romeo style, and then walked her fence (same night) because her parents didn't want her to see me anymore. A few years later, either wind or lightning took the antenna of Peter Smith down, and it landed on his fence. Peter Smith in the article above was murdered for his trouble in seeking the emails, which is all-the-more reason that anyone seeking them is the good guy, and those hiding them are the neo-Scythians.

Trump has caused another White-House hand to quit that was in the Bannon circle: "In his [resignation] letter, Gorka expressed dissatisfaction with the direction of the Trump administration, saying that 'given recent events, it is clear to me that forces that do not support the {Make America Great Again} promise are – for now – ascendant within the White House.'" It seems to me that once the Kelly factor cleans House, they will chain Trump to the bed posts and whip him to death. Trump is a child scared of closet monsters. Instead of cleaning the swamps, Trump (idiot) has allowed the CIA swamp to clean-out his own House.

It's clear that the initial Trump choices for his White House were betrayed further (by Trump) in the wake of the Charlottesville closet-monster. This one had teeth like a Challenger's front grill, and, like a killer whale, it flung its victims mercilessly. Yet, after flying through the air, they walked away, and there was no blood anywhere. Trump, who can not only see this with his own eyes, but who has the power to speak on it to reveal the hoax, is acting the fraidy cat, unable to bring himself to telling his own nation that this event from political animals plotting against his own White-House staff. Instead, the president calls the event exactly as the media calls it, even though he knows the media is a political animal and therefore biased = fake news. Whether Mr. Disappointment is afraid, or whether he's capitulated to the deep state, we can debate, but, make no mistake about it, Trump knows 100 percent that the Charlottesville event was staged. He has the power to ask his Intelligence people to investigate the actors, with the benefit of revealing to himself which CIA / FBI peoples resist, or play head games with him in return for that task.

I wish I could understand the Covert-Maness / Charlotte-Hicks connection better so as to predict what's yet to come. One prediction is that Trump will become the willing figurehead of the Republican deep state that has moved in. But it looks even worse if he's showing gravitation to accepting the Democrat deep state that put on the Charlottesville hoax. As I recall it. Aryan Nations was a "Christian" organization opposed to globalism. Is it possible that Aryan Nations has come to an agreement with the pro-globalist, Clintonite Democrats in return for certain favors / money? Did Soros buy off some at Aryan-Nations members or former members?

After Trump won the presidency, I had a dream that was proven to be from God. Mr. Kepke, an old friend, walked up my driveway, followed by a sickly stag that I identified as the Trump stag, followed by Paul Smith (son of a Peter Smith whose antenna fell) on crutches. The sickly nature of this dream was a major theme. The Peter Smith who was murdered wasn't murdered yet, and he was seeking out the Clinton emails at the time I had the dream. I didn't yet know about my white-rabbit mystery, or that I would be a part of catching the Clintons. It could appear that Trump had hired all sorts of peoples, such as Flynn, willing to find dirt of Hillary, but that this crippled the Trump administration, and with Paul on crutches, it may be revealing that Peter Smith was indeed part of Flynn's project. That's good news because it shows that Trump was at first willing.

While still on Treva BlomQUIST, I had noted that Blundville's are also BLOMfields/Bloomfields, and that Quests share the red-on-white garbs of Kepke-line Keppocks, the latter suspect with a version of the Blythe Coat (i.e. birth surname of Bill Clinton). Recall how PACKs use a reflection of the Clinton Coat, for Keppocks are from KipPAX, a possible Keep-Pack merger. The Quest Coat is even a reflection of the Car Coat, and we saw Charlotte in front of a car as potential code for the Charlottesville hoax. I had claimed that Kepke (pure BLOND) was in the dream because his hair was just like Trump's, but here we have another reason, to link Trump to whatever Treva Blomquist now represents. Kepke's father (no accent) was a big man of Ukrainian descent, and I trace the surname with Keeps to Kiev, south of which was Trypillia, which I see in the Trips, first found near the first Trumps (Drummond colors). Moreover, Trypillians were suspect from Trabzon's, as even "Treva" is suspect, and the DRUMmonds, first found in the same place as Trips, were traced to "THERModon," a river going down to the Trabzon theater.

The big point is that Treva entered the discussion while I was on the trumpet theme, for her song has the trumpet in the chorus. It's the rapture/resurrection theme, and that's what happened to Charlotte and I above a car. Does this predict Christian persecution by the actors who put on the hoax? Will they get violent, no longer faking deaths?

Now look. The Blooms/Blombergs use blue flowers in colors reversed from the cinquefoils (flowers in a way) of Challengers, the latter first found in the same place (Lincolnshire) as Blomquist-suspect Quests that use the Keppock garbs. The attack car in Charlottesville was a Challenger. Challeng-like Clings use blue flowers, I kid you not. The Quests and Cars have the colors and format of Hebrons/Hepburns (same place as Rodhams, branch of Lincolnshire Rhodes'), and the Hebrons (same lion as Rhodes') are the ones with the "Keep tryst" motto while Trysts use a "TREPidum" motto term for their Trypillian connections. Rhodes' (Deacon / Decan Coat) were first found in the same place as Keppocks. There was a Rhodopolis location near the Caucasian Bats, which can explain why the Rhodes Coat (Keppock colors) is a colors-reversed version of the Bath Coat.

Blomquists share the red bull with Centers/Sanders and French Packs. I was just looking at the Bule location of Bulls, while I heard "Beulah land" from my speakers because that's the name of the song playing. The song is by SOUTHERN RAISed, and Southerns happen to use a form of the Rodham Coat while Rodhams are of the Rus of Rodez near the Santones. The Bouillons were first found near Rodez, and the Bulls can be using the Mountain bulls because Mountains married Claviere's, first found in the same place as Bouillons. The Chives cat-a-mountains are expected from a Cato merger with Mountains. Claviere's and Clavers (compares with Cony Coat) use keys for Sheaves/Chiava liners, which probably included Chives'. Sinclairs/Saints (Santones liners) were originally Claro's, and Claro's/Claro's (Clarus Carians, beside Rhodes) use the bull too. The Rhodes' probably use the Sinclair cross in someone else's colors.

So, who chose the Challenger for the hoax, the plotters or God? Recently, I told of a situation where Miss Whelan was leaving me for another man. Kepke and I found out where they were going, and we got there first. When they walked in, I got up to confront her, and Kepke said to me, "Be non-chalant." So, because I recalled this, I looked up the Chalants, which the Challengers just reminded me of. I had mentioned that French Chalants and Irish Callans use the same bend as Keeps as evidence that God set that event up. Welsh Chalants are also Challeners. Chalants are also Chalons, which I trace to Chalons-sur-Marne, home of MUMmolin, suspect in the "meum" motto term of Rhodes' (Keppock colors, same place as Keppocks). The Rhodes' were first found in the same place as Challengers and the Quests that share the red garbs of Keppocks. Coincidences?

But why would God chose to link the Kepke bloodline to the attack car? Is it because of the Rhodian Illuminati? Or Obama's Ben Rhodes? Or is it because Bill Clinton is a Rhodes Scholar (part of Rhodian Illuminati?), since Keppocks are suspect with Blythe's? That's what it looks like. Repeat: "The Blooms/Blombergs use blue flowers in colors reversed from the cinquefoils (flowers in a way) of Challengers, the latter first found in the same place (Lincolnshire) as Blomquist-suspect Quests that use the Keppock garbs...Challeng-like Clings use blue flowers, I kid you not." Bill Clinton's punishment started with the exposure from Gennifer Flowers, and, soon after continued to suffer from revelations from Linda TRIPP.

The black eagle in the Challenger Crest can therefore be closely connected to the black eagle of Quest-like Westons. French Quest(en)s: "...arm in pale dressed in red holding a gold arrow tip down." The Vests: "A man dressed in blue, holding the arrow from the arms."

There was no way for Kepke to have controlled where Miss Whelan would go with her new man. They went some 10-15 miles off, to a mall where Kepke sold shoes. He met his girlfriend at the time, Christine Peare, in that mall, and she worked for REITmans clothing. While Peare's were first found in the same place as Clintons, and while we saw Keppocks / Keeps linking to Rhodes', Jewish Reitmans use the Zionists stars of Rodden-like Rotens. It's as though God is pointing the Kepke finger at the Clinton crime ring. The Traby-suspect Rads'/Raeds/Radenmachers use them on blue, in both colors of the Zionist star of Cheps/JEEPma's. When Kepke was in the dream with Paul Smith following, they walked past the corner of my garage, and I now own a red Jeep, the very color of Smith's Jeep more than 20 years ago. Hagars use the Jeepma Zionist star too, and they trace to the Agarus river of proto-Moldova, land of Trypillians.

The thing that proved the Kepke dream to be from God is that the type of cross used by Smiths, which is colors reversed to the same of Crutch's. The latter call it a "formee fitchee" cross, and it's in both colors of the Clinton / Hillary fitchees. I see "formee" as code for the Formans and their Worm branch, whom I trace to VRM, count of Angusta. While the exact location of Angusta is either unknown, or hard to find online, I had a map that placed it in Moldova up by a tributary of the Agarus. Angusta was on or beside a Trotus river, and the Coat of Trotts (beside the Couch's) is comparable to that of Couch's, the latter first found in the same place as Peare's. I've already told the story that, after Miss Peare left me for Kepke, and after Kepke left her for Miss Walsh, Miss Peare and I got together, and we slept at her apartment on our first outing. But, with a full invitation to sleep with her, I decided to sleep on her COUCH instead. I left her (for good) the next night. Couch's and Trotts use the bear suspect with Percivals (same place as Piers and Whistle's/Wessels).

Trotts were first found in Berkshire along with Susans (white lily), and royal Cottians were at Susa. As for the Walsh's, they were from Wallachia, which is in southern Moldova (beside the Ukrainians). Wallachia was home to the Cotesii that I trace to the Cottians, and I happen to trace West-like Wessels/Westels and Whistle's/Wissels to Vestalis, son of king Cottius of the Cottians. Treva BlomQUIST can thus be a Trypillian liner, now with good evidence, of the Cotesii kind. I've already resolved that the COUCHant lion of Tints (same place as Whistle's/Wissels) is the lion of Whistle's/Wissels, but, in this update, another couchant lion was discovered with Wools, while Woolworths are also Walworths i.e. linkable to Walsh = Wallachia liners. I can't be making all of these links up this well if there isn't truth to it.

The Sensii lived to the south of the Cotesii, and they trace to "Sion," in a Wallis canton (Switzerland) to which Walsh's definitely trace. Compare the Sens' (Switzerland) to Aurelia's suspect with Aurelia Cotta, mother of Julius Caesar...whom I now trace to the Joels/Jule's that use more flowers. Joels/Jule's were first found in the same place as Walsh-beloved Mortons. The Arms of Sion / Wallis canton are split vertically in colors reversed from the same of German Joels (same Zionists star as Reitmans / Rotens) and German Wessels, but see the same also of the Sion-related Trents of Somerset i.e. same place as Whistle's/Wessels. If I recall correctly, the brother or father of TERENTia Murena, AULUS Terentius Varro Murena, is the Roman who defeated the Salassi of Aosta, beside what would later be Wallis canton.

The red Murena/Moratin tower was traced to the Arras/Arrow Crest, which recalls the arrows of Vests and Quests. Terentia married Cilnius Maecenas, from Arettium, now Arrezzo, like "Arras." Recall from recently that Morton liners named Marano, home of Mauritano's that use the Montfort lion, for Wallis' use the same lion.

Recall the GLASS door that had Charlotte's beautiful knees, for Knee's use a red eagle that can be the Tarent eagle. Recall that Knee's linked to Stanleys, for the latter's Coat (same bend as Knee's) reflects that of Wessels/Westels. Then, I am very sure that the Glass surnames (shares the WALSer mermaid) are a version of "Wallis," for the Glass stars are in the Arms of Wallis canton / Arms of Sion. I had claimed that Tarents use the Child Coat long before I had to look up Charlotte's new address, to mail her a letter. Her home was listed also with a Mr. Childs. She was married a surname that was from Clovis, son of Child-liner king Childeric.

A Masci liner was spotting her knees through the glass door, and there are good reasons that Jewish Glass' should be with the Masci wings. In colors reversed, the Glass wings are those of German Wissels. Masci's are expected to have named Meschins, from the Bessin, the line that named Beaston of Cheshire, from "Basina," Childeric's wife. Note the Vest-like FIST between the Wissel / Geneva / Bauer wings. Bauers were first found in the same place as Wissel-like Weis', who, along with Wies', share white wings with Masci's / Glass'. The Glass mermaid is in the Massin Crest, and Weis' can be using the Zionists stars of Masci-related Massena's, for Meschins share the Biss scallops, of a surname suspect in the ibis of WEIShaupts.

Will the first Biss / Wiss / Wess term please stand up, because I'm confused. VESpasian comes to mind. Recall that Geneva's/Genova's linked to Segni's/Segurana's of Genova, home of the line to Face's/Fessys, for Fists (same place as Busca > Bush line) are also "Fauss(t)." The Vasto's of Saluzzo and Busca were near Genova. The Fist fist is used by Poindexters.

It's wonderful that the items in the dreams and events set up by God can prove that He did set them up, but what can we do with it all? Over and over it points to Clinton involvement. Is this to warn us that the Clinton globalists are about to bring persecution upon us (can the Clintons be that daft?), or that God will first expose and punish it? Or does God want to convince a host of readers that he's communicating through me for future Messages (from Him) on how to deal with persecution? Nothing scares me like that question, because I loath the thought of wrongly steering anyone wrong by such advice, especially if I dare frame it as a directive from God. I have never done that. I have never said anything outside of Biblical directives to steer people one way or the other in the name of God. I do not call or consider myself to be a prophet. Be humble, Christian, for God will assure that we will be humble in-time for the Return of the High One. It comes by surprise on the persecutors.

Recall that WikiLEAKS brought to mind to check the Leak surname (same place as Challengers / Quests, but also the Hicks), for it uses the symbol-less and engrailed Knee bend. By what coincidence do Leaks use the same fleur-de-lys as Hicks??? Those knees in the glass door were Set up, weren't they? And Wikileaks now stands poised to bash the hell out of the Clinton crime ring. AND WOW, this is incredible. The "GNAViter" motto term of Leaks looks like "Geneva," the name of Miss Hick's daughter who was suspect above with the pedophile ring that God wants to smash. Death to pedophiles. Death to the Vatican. Death to child traffickers.

There's a naked knee in the Leak Crest, but it's described: "A silver human LEG charged with two fleur-de-lis." Brays/Brae's and Hixons/Hicksons (!) use eagle's legs. Leaks use the Chief-Shield color combination of Montferrat's rulers. As Bra and the Cuneo-rabbit line from Montferrat has become the symbol of the smashing of the Clinton crime ring, let me tell what I remember. The night that I left searching for property in Texas was the night on November 8, 1994, when Clinton lost overwhelming power:

The 1994 United States House of Representatives election (also known as the Republican Revolution) was held on November 8, 1994, in the middle of President Bill Clinton's first term. As a result of a 54-seat swing in membership from Democrats to Republicans, the Republican Party gained a majority of seats in the United States House of Representatives for the first time since 1952 and a majority of votes for the first time since 1946. It was also the largest seat gain for the Republican Party since 1946 (Wikipedia).

Thanks to Bill's sex scandals, the Republicans have not been in the minority in the House since that night, but have always enjoyed a large majority. I purchased property three weeks later, and three weeks after that attended church for the first time in a place that, I kid you not, was in LEAKey!!! It was on Christmas day, and I saw Charlotte Hicks there that day. As I said, the Christmas surname (same fesse as Hicks) uses rabbits!!!! Incredible.

The Leyke variation of Leaks/Leakeys suggests the Lake's who were first found in the same place as Clintons and even share their six fitchee crosses (in colors reversed). God set this up. Believe it.

There must have been a mental blockage for my failure to look up the Eagle's as per the Bray eagle legs. The Eagles (Lake colors) happen to use the six lions of Savage's in colors reversed, and they are positioned like the six fitchees of Clintons. This is excellent, because Savage's (share lion paw with Eagle's) are now clinched with SAVIGliano, beside Bra!!! This meanwhile clinches, for the first time, the Brays/Brae's with a Bra line. AND THE EAGLE'S were first found in the same place as leg-using Leaks! To this it can be added that Legge's (Leak branch?) use a stag head in the colors of the Trump stag head! However, whenever Trumps enter the symbolism, I can never glean whether the president by that name is going to help God smash the Clintons, or join them in a nasty, global plot.

Eagle's are said to be the namers of L'Aigle, a Legge possibility. Legge's were first found in the same place as McGee's. Repeat: "It is amazing that, before loading McGee's just now, I had loaded the Doors, to find three white leopard heads, which I then found with Irish McGee's. The reason that Doors were looked up is because I saw her beautiful knees through the glass of a door." It just so happens that this door was on the Leakey road! And the leopard-face Doors share another lion paw in Crest! These "coincidences" are exciting.

The Legge's were brought to topic a few months ago because Rick Legge was with me when I climbed Diane's antenna. If the antenna is code for Antonin Scalia, he was killed not very far from Leakey, on a ranch owned by John Poindexter. Antoni's of the Toeni kind have their maunch symbol in the Arms of Leicester, on the LEGro river. The maunch is a symbol of Manche, the coast of which sees the island of Jersey, where Poindexters were first found.

Leaks/Leakeys (Legro-river liners?) are said to be first found in Lincolnshire, Yorkshire and Nottinghamshire, the latter being the location of Mansfields (maunches), suggesting that Leaks are using a version of the Poppin / Mens Coat. While Leaks did merge with Hicks, the letter's stag head can be in the Poppin Crest and Chief. The ancient Hyksos included king Apophis/Apepi, who trace to the Mens-loving Pepins / Poppins, isn't that right?

So, I left for Texas on the night Bill Clinton became a sick feeling in the guts of nasty Democrats. God had me earmarked to meet Charlotte, and arranged it, even arranging my sitting next to her at the 9-11 memorial, the night of her knees. It was the night she had pale-green toenails that can be for the green Tows/Touch's, important for linking to the white rabbit at Jerry Peterson's, for Jarrys/Hare's use the Tow/Touch lion. She touched me that night in two ways. After she sang her first song, when she came to sit back down, I said, "You even had me going." And she jested while pushing me on the shoulder, "Even you?" She took it the wrong way, but, the point is, Evens were just looked up, finding that they use the stag of you-like EUstace's, which is brown, the color of the Hicks stag head. It's interesting because Evens, said to be from "Lefan," look like Fiens/Finis' / Fiens/Fane's / Fens'/Venns, the latter looked up as per the fence at Diane's, and it just so happens that the Evens use the round-tailed lion (as I call it) in the gold color of the same of Deins/Diane's. The latter's lion is colors reversed from the Legh/Lee lion.

I now recall that Princess Diana was killed probably with the involvement of a LE VAN Thanh character.

Again, Hixons/Hicksons use eagle's legs in saltire, thus clinching the Hicks link to Bra / white-rabbit elements. The description says that the legs are in saltire, and so it's interesting that eagle-leg Brays use a flax breaker while Breakers/Brecks were first found in the same place (Salop, home of Alan-Arundel-Saluzzo line) as Saltire's/Salters (roundels). The Salyes Ligures at Saluzzo come to mind.

The Leech's/Lacks use a Coat like Leaks/Leakeys. I should tell of my driving along the Leakey road, across mountain ledges on a night with fast-passing clouds under a full moon. I sensed an omen not to continue, and turned around, going back the other way. It was about two weeks after reaching Texas, still looking for land. Had I continued along the Leakey road, I might have found land too far from Charlotte to have ever met her. But because of the turn-around, I went into a certain direction, and, the next morning, right across the street from where I stayed the night, there was a real-estate agent that had the property I wanted, which happened to be 10 minutes from Charlotte.

Imagine if God arranged to name Leakey so as to match "Wikileaks," then arranged for Charlotte to move nearby, and afterward brought me to her Leakey church. Imagine. All to do with Wikileaks and the emails that Twitter's White Rabbit may have put out, and in the meantime signaling a connection, which happens to be logical, to the plotters at Charlottesville. It appears that the Democrat socialists have money to burn for producing plots.

Here's a video that looks a lot more like real news than CNN, that's for sure. It talks partially about a botched explosion by the FBI in Oklahoma City that was to be the follow-up to Charlottesville:

I'm also reading of a march from Charlottesville to Washington that demands the resignation of Trump. If Trump knew this was coming, it can explain why he shed the alt-right from his staff. But "alt-right" is not the same as "neo-Nazi," and caving in to the left is not to be an option anymore. Stand up to the left; all it has is tricks.

There's a youtube video where Joan Rivers tells the cameraman that certain people know Michele Obama to be a transgender. Soon after, she's dead, meaning that Obama himself can be part of the political-murder ring. The video below shows Rivers making the statement, and it shows Michele's bouncing crotch as he walks fast down some stairs. What do we suppose is bouncing in his pants? Some say that he wears a cup to smooth things out, make it look more feminine. This video gives reason for the theory that Rivers was murdered.

This past week, a God-respecting CIA whistleblower was come across, but right off, judging by the things he says, how is he still alive? He claims that the CIA was founded by the Counsel of Foreign Relations. This video is interesting, but why is this man still alive? No one can misunderstand the underlying beast. Note Boos Allen Hamilton, for Hamiltons and Bus' use the same cinquefoil, and I trace Alan Huns to the ancient RoxoLANI while seeing them as partners with the Neuri who happened to live on a Booz-like Bug river. Be prepared to get depressed, but keep in mind that the Creator is a Just and Good power who will allow the evil for only so long. The speaker distinguishes the shadow government (CIA) from the deep state (military).

Hmm, the speaker mentions that CIA headquarters in Virginia is in Langley. The Langhe area at Bra has proven to be to/from the Langleys. The touch-bra event at Jerry Peterson's was resolved to involve Peter Peterson (chairman) of the CFR, which organization the speaker claims to have at least co-founded the CIA. The touch-bra event (God's event, not mine) now looks like it's about the shadow government. I'm at this time stumped on whether Twitter's White rabbit is a secret CIA operative, or legitimately opposed to the Clintons.

I started watching the presentation with caution, but by a half hour in, I felt sure that the speaker is legitimate, perhaps even a God-send. While the general revelations he mentions are known already, yet the video amounts to inciting the people against the deep state. He clearly portrays a mafia, only much wealthier than the Italian Mafia. The latter may print money, but the deep state steals tax dollars. At 1:07 (hrs), he mentions George Tenet, a CIA director, who did not come to my mind when I spoke several times on the tenant that owned the bra. Excellent video.

Even if the man (Kevin Shipp) is a secret CIA agent to make us feel helpless, depressed, or to make the monster seem larger, more solid, than it really is, it's about time that people are educated on the corruption that truly exists. I've noticed that the staged events are so sloppy, so easily debunked, that I've considered it their plan to be caught in order to send the message that its invincible. This could be the deep state revealing / confessing its own sins, thinking that it will get away with things anyway, and then being ripped up from its own inside. That's my prediction: the better half of its inside, the old school, will destroy those who thrive on corruption while they've got their watchman's eyes scanning the outside. God has not yet destroyed anything this big; expect a Grand Scheme to play out.

Mark Dice, dead serious about his messages, is good for a laugh after the leftist media has you feeling sick:

The latter video, featuring CNN's faggot, Don Lemon, concerns a great development, a surging of the Trump-CNN war. CNN has been pushing faggotry this past decade, at least. I celebrate the downfall of CNN. It was set up to advance the Illuminati, or call it what you will. Here's Maximum Wastage telling it best on how insane CNN is (for it's Russia marathon):

When they lost to Trump, Democrats realized they had to do whatever it took, the end justifies the means, to get power back, and this was great because it reveals what they will go to.


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