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Oct 3 - 9, 2017

My Nissan Had an Even Bigger Mouth Than I Thought
Clues to Pharnaces Getting Red Hot
Photo: Miss Hick's Husband With a Bull Terrier

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I'm not taking email at this time, here's why. I apologize to all having left email, as I can't even mail to inform you.

I'd like to put this up-front from October 3:

The U.S. Attorney’s Office for Washington, D.C. must release records about the murder of former Democratic National Committee employee Seth Rich, according to a Department of Justice official, and I have asked DOJ to compel the FBI to release any records that it may have about the murder

It's a turn in the right direction for the DoJ to actually support this case, but, on the other hand, it could all be a trick in collusion to "prove" that there are no damning documents, and in the meantime to make a good show of it before Trump's voters.

The near-end of the last update shocked me so much that I'd like to put it at the top of this update because most readers that happen on these updates don't have the time / desire to read deep. I am re-reading this and will add things not in the original read. The problem is, I ended up adding so much that some of the important parts I wanted near the front are again at the back.

Let me introduce to new readers jumping in here that what you are about to read sounds nutty at face value. There is much about this that you have never read, so be patient and open, and you will see not far below that God is in this. I can now glean, thanks to the Nissan and other things set up in my life by an awesome God, that the Pharisees were named after queen Nysa's husband. God made me a sort of dictationist to tell His story to the world through a deciphering of His codes established in people, events, visions, and objects in my life. I am claiming that God set me up with a Nissan truck as code for queen Nysa of the Pontus, mother of queen Nysa of Cappadocia. Once you click the Mountains, you will have your own page for whenever you want to view Coats of Arms. If you want a second page, that's easy enough. If you need a stronger faith in Jesus, this section can help. Here we go, a continuation from the last update:

...French Mountains married Claviere's, who share the key with Clavers/Cleavers; the latter can be proven to be from Glaphyra Archelaus i.e. it suggests that her line merged with that of Amyntes [Galatian], and that's exactly what history can prove.

Back to the Nissan pick-UP truck in case it's code for Opgalli. She was a Galatian, and Galatia touched upon Cappadocia, not just where Glaphyra lived, but also Nissan-like Nysa, Cappadocian queen. The hunch is that Opgalli's family was tied up with Nysa's family, and, indeed, while we saw the double Nissan [the surname] fesses in colors reversed from the same of Morinis', the latter were first found in the same place as Casano's/Cassandra's, from Cassander, known ancestor of queen Nysa. Amazing.

Aha! Manells are said to have been at LANGLEY-Meynell, more proof of Franca's / August's connection to Bra. Manells use a reflection of the Morinis Coat. Augusts use the same fesse as BIDENs/Buttons, who became suspect with queen Nysa of BITHYNia (married NICOmedes), granddaughter of the Nysa above. "Nysa or Nyssa (flourished 126 BC) was a Princess from the Kingdom of Pontus and was a Queen of Cappadocia. She was the ruler of Cappadocia on behalf of her minor son in 130-126 BC." "Pontus" is suspect with Pontius Pilate, and Pelosi's of Savigliano are also Pilati's. The mother of Cappadocian Nysa was queen Nysa of the Pontus (in time to birth the first-known Hasmonean, in case it went that way), a Seleucid (Epirus ancestry), that being the entity to which the prophet Daniel traced the end-time anti-Christ. Seleucids named Sulcis on Sardinia, and potent-liner Avezzano's were first found on Sardinia.

There's a question as to whether Seleucid-like Sellicks use the Sabine Coat, and if so, why? I see Vespasian, son of Sabinus, as the forerunner to the end-time anti-Christ. Avezzano is off mont Sabina.

Pharisees could have been named from the Iranian = Farsi elements that operated the cult of Glaphyra's father. Another Iranian cult was the one from Iotapa, who birthed Julia, wife of Quadratus Bassus. Nysa of the Pontus married king PHARnaces. I almost missed it: "Phar" is like "Parr," and Parrs use the double bends of Nissans!!!!!!!!!!

I know what I'm doing with heraldry (the last ten years full-time experience). I won't say I don't make mistakes, but I don't add that many exclamation marks unless there is a fact involved. I can see that this is full-proof: Nissans were from Nysa and Pharnaces. Trust me.

Pharisees could have been from Pharnaces, in combination with Opgalli's Jewish background, if the Nissan pick-up was code for Opgalli too. I had locked the hatch to the back of the truck, from the inside, by clamping a common vice-GRIP (pliers) to the handle, and one Herod adopted the Agrippa surname (Glaphyra married two Herods]. Gripps/Grape's share the SHAKEspeare bend. There is a Vice/Vise surname that has been resolved with the Eustace stag [Eustace II was from Israelite elements that killed Jesus]. The Nissan stag (called yet another buck) is almost black-on-white, the colors of the Vice/Vise stag. The island of VIS (also called, Issa) is beside PHARia, I kid you not. I'm not making it up. I locked myself in the back of the pick-up with a pair of vice-grips because I was sleeping on a quiet but residential street, saving myself the cost of a motel for one night. Why did I happen to bring vice-grips with me? You'll need to take it up with God.

So, you see, the vice-grips testify that PHARnaces is related to the Nissan. That's how God needs to work, because there are such things as coincidences, and readers know it. But if an item can be shown in more than one way to point to the same thing(s), then it can start to look, not like pure coincidence, but deliberate planning by God. It's not my job to convince the reader that there was Planning; it's His job, and, so far, he has amazed me. It has not been a disappointment. I wrote the below, I know there's more coming. It was staggering to cross it last week.

Jonathan Maccabee, son of the first- and only-known Hasmonean, made a pact with Alexander Balas, a Seleucid king. Flavius Josephus, who went over to Vespasian, claimed to descend from this Jonathan. If Josephus married, or birthed a child with a Flavian woman in Vespasian's family, his line could be a Caiaphas line to the end-time anti-Christ.

"At some point, Nysa [of Cappadocia] had poisoned her five other children so she might obtain the government of the Kingdom". Sounds just like a Herod. Her article says that she used mythical Nike as her symbol, which recalls the picNIC table with Lorraine's kiss. We might elaborate "picnic" with Pick-Nissan, a Picenum merger with Nysa liners and contacting the Pike-loving Geddes on the Nith river before 400 AD.

My job is to seek "coincidences" in surname connections, and then judge whether they are mere coincidences, or Planned. I get to understand how God works after a I get accustomed to it. I know where He's going: to reveal the killers of Christ as their children evolved into end-time powers infesting the globe with spiritual rot. I've been doing this nearly a year now.

Lorraine proved to be a symbol for the Paioni aside from the grass stain on her PANTs one night. I'll show below how Pants link to Nice/Ness', a new discovery here that's flooring me again. Grasse is near Nice, and Nice's/Ness' are also Nessons. So, I ask why God may have arranged for that grass stain. It ended our relationship because I accused her of being on the grass with her friend's husband. The only thing I can think of, as to why God would set that situation up, is to point to the harlot of Revelation 12. I'll entertain it, in case it proves to be true, and I keep eyes open for the proof. I then inform readers as I find it. The Lorraine surname has a bend in colors reversed from the Nissan bend, but this alone can't establish their marital link.

Bidens/Buttons, who have one fesse in the colors of the two of Nice's/Ness'/Nessons, use a CHAPeau cap. While Caiaphas' (chief killer of Christ) first name was Joseph, that's the first name for the previous VICE-president, Joseph Biden. And Bidens'/Buttons were first found in the same place as Josephs. It's your decision as to whether God set the vice-grips up to link to this situation. He can chew gum and walk at the same time.

After the thief woke me up in the back of the Nissan, making me believe he had a gun, I had to get my PANTs on. It was the first thing I did because I had to get out of the truck, into a position capable of defending myself. By blood was racing, but I tried to look calm. Once the pants were on, I took the vice-grips off the latch, because two headlights were coming toward us (miracle), meaning he couldn't attack me while getting out, because the car (a potential helper for me in his mind) was passing us at that time. Ahh, I was out on the street, but not yet free. I recognize the headlights as a miracle (it was a quiet street at 1 am or later), but there was a bigger one yet that spared me from losing the entire truck to him, which is what he wanted. He was a Negro, and Negro's (the surname) share "ears of wheat" with Scottish Chappes'. It's your decision; you've got to decide whether God is in this, or whether it's a coincidence, or whether I'm making it all up.

The Negro ears of wheat are related to sheaves of wheat (code for Shawia Numidians), and the latter are sometimes called, garbs, the name used by Josephs for theirs, which are in the colors of the Negro ears of wheat. The Wheat/Whate surname uses three gold garbs in an undefined Chief (top third of the Shield), as do Josephs. The Josephs even use the double-gold fesses of CHAPLains. What's going on?

Negro's were first found in Ferrara with CAPELLi's, who show only the Biden/Button chapeau. Did God send a Negro for this purpose? Why a Negro? There must be many other items to indicate Chappes' / Capelli's? Why do French Chappes' use a Moor head = Negro? Why do Bouillons, from the son of Eustace II, use another Moor head? I see Caiaphas descended from north-African elements, from the bloodline of Syphax, a Numidian. I shared again in the last update the an old friend, Mr. Kepke, was a symbol of Syphax. There was a high-school girl, Mary Nigro, who wanted me, but I didn't want her. So Kepke slept with her in my basement all night. Coincidence? Nigro's are with the wheat-using Negro's.

I met Lorraine at a BUS STOP, and the Stop surname is with Stubbs, from Stobi, a Paionian city. Another Paionian city was AstiBUS, and Asti is in Langhe with Bra, this being the white-rabbit Coney line that loves the Pansys/Pantzers. Bra is near the Stura river, and the Stubb Coat was resolved with the Coat of Stirlings/STURlings, who use another Moor head because Scottish Chappes' were first found in Stirlingshire.

Mary Nigro is Italian, and was probably born, Maria. The Maria's, with a version of the Marina Coat, are in the colors of Spanish Negro's, which recalls Myrina, a city on Lemnos that was mythicized by an Amazon goddess of the same name in north Africa. As Lemnos is in Mysia, it's likely that the African Amazons (Amazighen) were Mysians, said to be of Moesia, home of the Picensii Illyrians that likely named my mother's home town (she's a Masci). Marina's and their variations bring Morinis' to mind, who use the two Nissan fesses in colors reversed.

The closest surname to "Pants" I could find is the Panthers/Panters and Pantzers/Pansys. Coneys have a pansy in Crest, held by a white rabbit. Panthers/Panters, who share spur rowells (different design but same terms) with Payens/Pagans/PAIONs (= Paioni peoples), have the same fesse as Parrys and Parrs = Nissan kin. So there you have yet another way that Lorraine can be a Paioni symbol, if God intended the grass stain on her pants. See the description of any surname here:

Parrys became a topic because Joel and I decided to drive to Parry Sound (last month) before he told me that his new, white car was a Rabbit. I was destined to link Parrs to Nissans, you see, and God knew this. It's telling me that the line of queen Nysa > Caiaphas was in the Paionians of the Bra area (Cuneo, almost the Italian word for "rabbit"). It's established in my mind that Nysa's ancestry named Antipatria, where motto terms such as the "patriae" is Astons trace. Astons ("asto") were first found in Cheshire with Cuneo liners, making them suspect from Asti.

Nissans share the Zionist stars of Payens in both colors, but Guerins -- from Guerin of Provence, where Grace's/Grasse's were first found, and even beside the Grasse location -- use the same stars in the pattern used for them by Payens. And Guerins are said to be from some Masonic / Hospitaler cult of Jerusalem. Hugh de Payens, the first grand master of the Templars in the time of Eustace II, married Elizabeth Chappes, definitely suspect from "Caiaphas," for Caiaphas spent much time in the Jerusalem Temple, where Hugh de Payens was for several years (after 1100 AD). Doing what, really?

So, if you're catching me, my pants and those of Lorraine's (why white pants?) look like code for Paioni liners to the Payen-Chappes marriage. The new discovery is that while Ness' are also Nests, English Nests show only doves, the only-shown Pansy/Pantzer symbol. And the Nest doves are in the colors of the English-Page doves, a Pagan branch. It's a Nysa-line link to the Payen bloodline. The question is whether Paioni were Nysa's ancestry, or vice-versa.

Well, Astons, suspect from the Paionian city of Astibus, use a bull, which can at times be code for Epirus' Bullis, and while the Seleucids are from somewhere in Epirus (it's a mystery), Nysa of Pontus was a Seleucid on one side. The Aston bull head is in the design of the one in the Bull/Bule Crest, and the latter share white bulls with the Mountains that married Claviere's (same place as Bouillons), from Glaphyra of CAPPadocia. Bullis is very near Antipatria.

The Picensii Illyrians (see dark map) were at or beside the Pek river of Moesia from times before Nysa's birth. They are suspect in naming Paioni. The "city of doves" was ancient Cuppae, near the source of the Pek. Peks/Pecks use the chevron of dove-liner, English Page's, apparently.

While Wheats/Whate's (heavily suspect with Joseph Caiaphas) use a dancette, French Page's/Pagenels use four fesses in the colors of the Donna/Dance pale bars. And Dons ("dona" motto term) use two fesses in colors reversed from the same of Nissans, and in the colors of the three chevrons of Grace's/Grasse's, the latter's being colors reversed from the two chevrons of Dexters, suspect from the Dexaroi at Antipatria. Bullis was also Byllis, and then the Bills/Billes' use an "Omne" motto term, like the "Omnia" of Dons. Billets, first found in the same place as Pellicans, are also Billiards, while Bullis' are also Bulliards, while Bills/Billes' use pelicans. It's a match. I win.

Why do the Bills/Billes' use a "patria" motto term? You now know why.

Aha! I told the story twice that the father of my friend, Bill, drove us to a store so that I could buy my first sweety, Andrea Fabian (10 years old), some gifts. She lived on a street called, Shoreham, and Shore's are also the Sure's in the motto of Antipatria liners, KilPatricks. You see, God could have used Bill to indicate the Bullis-Antipatria merger. If you don't yet believe it, by what coincidence do Shore's/Sure's and Bills/Billes' share the stork in Crest? Storks are used by Store's too, and Bill and I went to the store to buy year after I touched the bra while standing on a cage with white rabbits. The Stura river in Cuneo comes to mind, and while Saluzzo is near the Stura, Bills/Billes' share the Saluzzo Chief-and-Shield colors, as do Clintons, the line to Bill Clinton. In Pamphyllia, on the south of Cappadocia, there was a Bilis river.

While the moving van was loading our furniture on my last night (11 years old) with these friends, I was in Bill's backyard, where I threw a garden tomato at a neighbor's window. Don't ask me why. The neighbor was so upset she came around the block looking for the culprit (otherwise I might have forgotten this event). Asking some kids on the street who done it, they told them it was me (snitches), and that I was in Bill's house. It's the first and only time I recall being in Bill's house, and I think this has meaning as to a Masci-Bill link, even as the Billets/Billiards can be using the Macey stars in white. She knocked on the door, asking for me by name, but I told her I was someone else (she left). The Tomasso surname is the only one I can find with a tomato-like variation, Tomati, and it just so happens that Thomas of Saluzzo was the father of Alice, the wife of the FitzAlans of Arundel (Sussex, same as Mascals). Who really did throw that tomato? Does God do that?

Welsh Thomas' use the Saluzzo Shield too, as do Thomsons, and the latter put the white Billet/Billiard / Hilliard stars in their Chief, linkable to the same-colored Pilate pheons, not only because the Billets/Billiards can be gleaned with Mont-Pilat liners, but because the Pilate pheon is with Celts/Colts/Cults (Perthshire), whose stag head in turn is in the Thomson Shield. We've got to ask here why there was a Thomas-of-Saluzzo connection to Pontius Pilate, whether it had to do with the Pontus' Nysa / Pharnaces liners. I'll show below how Andrea seems to be God's code for Phrygians, who lived in or beside the Pontus (had shifting borders). The Heneti were given a myth code, ANTenor, like "ANDrea," and Tony (Italian family), who got Andrea a gift, was probably born, ANTHONy.

The Window surname was resolved with Windsor liners, from Wends / Vandals = Veneti, from the Heneti Paphlagonians in Phrygia. I think that God threw a tomato at the window in Bill's back yard, which recalls that the Bilis-river (Pamphyllia) is connectable to Paphlagonians. I see Pepins from Paphlagonians, and then Poppo I, founder of German Babenbergs, was at Pamphyllia-suspect BAMberg. Scottish Bebbanburghs (queen Bebba) were at Scotland's Bamburg castle, at Berwickshire, where Scottish Brisons were first found along with Billet-like Blythe's, and these BRISONs use a hunting horn in colors reversed from the same of English Brians, at BRIGantium, smacking of the Brigians = Phrygians. MontBRISON is beside Mont Pilat, and while French Brisons (Pilate colors) are also Brests, the Brest location in Brittany (where French Brains were first found) is at FINIStere, a word like the Italian / French word for "window." The Windows are even suspect with the Finis/Fien lions, and "Fien" can be gleaned in the Windsor motto.

Andrea had been at my 11th birthday PARTY, and I distinctly recall her in a pointed party hat, evoking the pointed Phrygian hat, for PERTa at lake Tatta was in the Phrygia theater. One of Mont Pilat's peaks is PERDrix." A link of Pontius Pilate to Perta looks doable here.

We were blowing whistles at the party, and while Whistle's/Wissels are suspect with Wessels, German Wessels use a split Shield vertically in colors reversed from the same of the Thomas' above with Saluzzo Shield, and with Italian Andrea's. That's compelling. These Wessels use an antler suspect with Antalya, right beside Perga, home of Plancia Magna, descended from Glaphyra, whose family in-turn was within political reach of the Tatta area. English Tate's (Thomas colors) share ravens with the other Welsh Thomas', and Scottish Tate's (red Chief) use the Annandale Coat i.e. the Anderson saltire, red, as with the Andrea saltire. German Andersons share the split-Shield of English Thomas'. What was this Andrea / Anderson link to Saluzzo? In high school, I had a girlfriend, Kim Thomson, and Kims share the Thomas cinquefoils while Thomas' have a version of the Thomson Coat.

Let's go on, because it appears that God set my party up with Andrea. It can be added that while Andersons share "sure" with Kilpatricks of Closeburn (same area as Annandale), Close's share the spur with the French Brisons having a saltire in colors reversed from that of Andersons / Annandale's. Close's use the same three stars as Brights, suspect with Brigantium. The black Close hunting horn is that of Brians i.e. from Brigantium.

As Wessels are suspect with Vestalis, son of king Cottius at Susa, it's notable that Susa is directly across the Cottian alps from Briancon (Durance river of the Saluzzo-suspect Salyes), which was also BRIGantium, while Phrygians were also, Brigians. As French Andrea's were first found in Provence, which has a north border on the Durance (home of the Salyes that I see at "Saluzzo"), I traced little Andrea's name to a party-like location, Pertuis, near the mouth of the Durance, and this seemed to explain Mont Pilat's peak, PERDrix, which is involved with Perthshire, home of Pontius Pilate's mother. The daughter of Thomas of Saluzzo married FitzAlans, who lived in Shropshire's Clun, and Cluns, with the Saluzzo Shield exactly, were first found in Perthshire.

PARTons share a red Chief with Taddei's and Tate's, smacking of the Perta-Tatta duo. Partons use the Shield-Chief color combination of Montferrat's rulers, who had a branch ruling the Saluzzo area. My patent agent, for the PILLAR post, was Mrs. Parsons. Parsons (suspect with Nissan-related Parrs) use LeoPARD faces, and Face's/Fessys (from Genoa, near Ceva) use a cross in Brison-saltire colors. Pillars and Pillers are also Pilots / Pillots. Andersons use a saltire colors reversed from Brisons, and while MontBRISON is beside Mont Pilate, Brisons use a "post" motto term, believe it or not. Face's/Fessys love the Segni's/SEGURana's (Saluzzo Shield again) in their motto, first found in Genoa, and expected from "SAKARya," a Phrygian river, and home of Brogitarus. This tends to pin-point the particular Phrygians to which heraldry is pointing.

Dutch Posts use the Saluzzo / Segni/Segurana Shield in colors reversed. Like Saluzzo's and Cluns, Dutch Posts who no symbol on their Shield (just one in their Chief). It appears that my fence-post invention was Inspired by God to make a Phrygian link to Saluzzo. Tonys even use a "sleeve", like the Saluvii Ligures. There is no Fence surname, but Fens'/Venns (Thomas / Thomson colors) look like Veneti liners, and can be connected to Fiens = Window liners. There is no doubt that the Fens/Venn scallops are those of Pattersons/Cassane's, from Cassander, ancestor of queen Nysa, which tends to highlight the importance of a fence-post invention if God was behind it. The Fens'/Venns were first found after telling readers that I walked the top of the fence at the home of Diane Muschatov, a few minutes after climbing her antenna to knock on her bedroom WINDOW, no guff at all. "Antenna" is like "Antenor," the proto-Veneti line (suspect with Tonys). Why was she Miss MUSCHATov?

I took the invention to a trade show in Louisiana to see what fencers thought of it. It was in New Orleans, while Orleans' (roundels) are suspect with Aurelia Cotta, a Cottian I think. The Cotta's use fretty, looking linkable to MontFERRAT and to the Ferte eagle used by MacDonalds, kin of Alexanders suspect from Alexander Maccabee, husband of Glaphyra. Glaphyra-line Claviere's are said to use a white-on-red saltire, the colors of the Montbrison saltire. Again, Klees'/Clays may have been a branch of Claviere's, and Frank Klees had instructed his lawyer to start a corporation (our partnership) to market this fence post.

Back to the tomato tossed to the window by a Muschat-like Masci bloodliner (me) at the home of Bill. Dove-using English Tomasso's (Saluzzo colors) were first found in the same place (Cheshire) as Masci liners. Masci's were first found in Piedmont with Saluzzo. Who really threw that tomato at the window? Would God do that? Mascals (Timmin/Toimin colors) use the elephant, suspect with Eliphas (Esau's son), who married Timna of Edom. Timmins/Toimins (mural coronet), in Dove/Dow colors, share plates (white ROUNDELs) in both colors with Mussels/Muscels, a branch of Meschins/Masculine's. The daughter of Thomas of Saluzzo married Roundel-branch Arundels. Were Tomati's/Tomasso's/ToMASSONi's and Bills from Timna and Eliphas? Timmins/Toimins use spears while MASONs/Massins, first found in the same place as Timms/Time's, use "spiro spero". Why is ShakeSPEARe in the Timmins write-up? It's amazing what a tomato can unleash.

I discovered through the grape vine that, at the same time as I got Andrea gifts, Tony got her a jewel of some sort. I was floored to find that Italian Tonys share the flower with Jewels/Joels/Jule's (stork-like Stur river). Tony/Toeni's have their sleeve symbol in the Arms of Leicester along with the cinquefoil of Busca-related Bus'. There is a "man's sleeve" in the Crest of Phars/Farrs, and, in case Phars are from Pharnaces, we should always remember that Phars share the Andrea / Annandale saltire. Or, we could assume that God put Andrea in my life to make the link of various surnames to Pharnaces and Nysa.

I bought Andrea a book and a board game. Books are in the book of Roets (Saluzzo combo again), first found in Somerset along with Bills/Billes' and the Axe river, suspect from the Axius river in downtown Paionia. The "wood bills" of Bills/Billes' are said to double as battle-axes, we get it. Who bought Andrea the book, me or God? Somerset is where Leavells were first found who show six horizontal bars in colors reversed from the same of Tomati's/Tomasso's.

French Andrea's were first found in Provence, and while Guerin of Provence has been said to be the son of William de Gellone, Gellone's/Gillings share three red fleur with Fabians, the latter being Andrea's surname. Gellone's/Gillings may be Julius-Caesar liners because they share three fleur with June's (any one of the three Junia Caepionis' may have been an illegitimate daughter of Julius Caesar). Andrea's may be using the Annandale saltire used commonly by others on a gold Shield...which can identity Andrea's as Ananes Gauls in Provence. If correct, it can suggest that Anders / Andrew surnames were Ananes liners, which recalls that I trace Andrew I of Hungary to ancestry on the Ticino river, where I trace Tess'/Tease's/Tecks (leaves) that use the Annandale saltire in colors reversed.

Andersons use a "sure" motto term for Shore's, and Andrea lived on Shoreham (street). Did her parents arrange to live on that street, or did God? "Sure" is used by KilPatricks, first found in Dumfries, location of Annandale. I've already mentioned that Frank lived at the corner of Shoreham and my own street, and then German Franks -- the ones sharing the column with SCHORE's -- share the same saltire (both colors) as Andersons. Amazing coincidence. Bill lived about three houses up my street from Frank. Who named Frank, his parents, or God? Pelosi's/PILATi's, who use two columns and a white bull, were first found in Cuneo, smack beside Bra.

Staring at the Anderson Coat made me think of Brisons (share white pheon with Pilate's). Mont Pilate and Montbrison are at St. Etienne, and the Etienne surname along with Besancons/Bassets (from near St. Etienne), use Byllis-suspect billets in the colors of Billet-like Pilate's (Burgundy, same as mont Pilat). There's a question here on whether Bullis/Byllis was named by the same entity that named Pontius Pilate. As I'm seeking his first name in the Pontus ruled by Nysa and her Pharisee-suspect husband, note that Nysa had ancestry in royal Macedonia, beside Bullis/Byllis. The Seleucid that joined Jonathan Maccabee in a close partnership was Alexander BALAS, and his Alexander name is likely how the Maccabees acquired it (by marriage), meaning that Alexander, Glaphyra's husband, was likely a Seleucid liner. When we consider that Maccabees trace to Val Trompia, it tends to show that the Seleucid line can be on the throne of the United States at this time.

Bosco's, from Cuneo's Busca, beside Saluzzo, use a pillar in the colors of the Schore column (roses). The Post-like Boasts/Bois' (have Bosco's in their write-up) are regarded by me as a Bush branch, and therefore very linkable to Pelosi's/Pilati's, first found in SAVIGliano, where i trace Savage's who share the Pillar/Pilot lion. The Boasts are in the motto of Nimo's/NewMARCH's, and Fens/Venns (from Phrygia) share the scallops of Mars (same place as Pilate's, same colors), suspect from mythical Marsyas of Phrygia. Andersons are said to have had a branch in Badenoch, roughly where Scottish Bosco's and their Rose kin lived.

Andrea's (share red saltire with Andersons) use a saltire colors reversed from that of Scottish Andrews, and the latter were first found in Caithness with Anderson-like Hendersons ("nobiliTAT). The Henderson Coat (piles) is much like the Bust Coat, and while Busts share a woman in Crest with Elis', another Thomas Coat shares the Elis Coat, suggesting a merger of Busca elements with the line of Thomas of Saluzzo.

My patent agent's surname (Parson) may have been of mythical Paris, code for Parium/Parion. I've talked about the antenna that fell down in the back yard of Paul Smith, falling on his fence. I wouldn't have reason to link the antenna to the fence had I not walked the fence at Miss Muschatov's after climbing her antenna. This means I've got to figure out why the antenna fell at Paul Smith's place. I trace Smiths to Samos liners, and therefore to Samo-Thrace that shared the Kabeiri cult with Mysia's Lemnos. Parion was in Mysia. Is there a way to link antenna-suspect Antenor to Hephaestus? Yes. Hephaestus of Lemnos was a metal smith, and as such I traced him to Halybes (inventors of iron) on the Halys river (location of lake Tatta). His wife was the Aphrodite > Venus line, and Venus' looks like a symbol of the Veneti, traced by myth writers to Antenor for a reason. Venus' are also Venes', smacking of Fens/Venns.

There's more, for Venus/Venes' (stag) were first found in Kent along with the Deerings (stags) who married Morinis', like the Myrina location on Lemnos. Morinis' have two fesses colors reversed from the same of Parson-like Parrs, the latter having a third woman in Crest. Therefore, the antenna on the fence of Paul Smith is helping us to make sense, and it can connect to the fence-post invention in linking Paris liners to the Heneti > Veneti line. It appears perfect for that purpose, for Heneti are known to have lived on the PARTHENius river (Phrygia), smacking of my 11th birthday PARTY that has traced with Andrea, and her pointed hat, to Phrygians.

Paul Smith appeared in a dream following a sickly stag, and I found a sick baby deer while out driving with Miss Anderson along the Leakey road. I took it home, but it died. I barely knew Miss Anderson. She one day just started to sit beside me in church, and so we went out to lunch one day, and then went for a drive, finding the deer alone, lying on the road. God put that deer there, didn't He? When I found it dead (after being sick for weeks) in the morning, it had ANTs in its nostrils, suggesting Antenor Heneti. It had the habit of urinating on my floor in case mythical Orion was a Heneti line.

[Later, I find Anville's/ANDville's/HANDville's, suspect in the Smith anvils, which recalls that my tenant, Helen, called Paul Smith "ugly." I had traced Smiths to Hephaestus' Samos elements before she used that term, and, in myth, Hephaestus is said to be ugly. Hephaestus' most-sacred island (off the coast of Troy) is in Mysia along with the Hellespont, which is itself depicted in mythical Helen of Troy. Helen was with me, a Masci, from Mysians. Helens use horses, a Trojan symbol, and, in the Helen Crest, the same lion as Anville's/Handville's. The latter were first found in horse-depicted, centaur-suspect, Kent.]

Heneti-like Hands/Hants (Parr colors) use the stag too, as do Hanna's that have stag heads colors reversed from the same of Legge's, and Rick Legge was with me when I walked Diane's fence. Amazing.

English Diane's are with Deans/Deins/Denes', perhaps from Dionysus, high priest of the Kabeiri. Diane's/Deans share the lion of Italian Andrea's, first found in Friuli, beside the Veneti of Venice. The Veneti of Brittany named Vannes, beside the Finistere are suspect with Fiens/Fane's/Vans. Scottish Deans/Denes' (two "VEL" motto terms) share the moline with Farr-like Vitals/VELE's while Vitalis was ancestral to the Morinis' of Deering. It could appear that the baby deer was God's code for Deerings. By what coincidence do Leakeys share a lone fleur in Chief with Morinis'? Fens/Venns trace to the fesse in the Arms of Fanano, in Modena, where Morinis' were first found. The Fens/Venn fesse is colors reversed, and blue, the color of the same of Modena's Casano's/Cassandra's, a great way to link Fens/Venns to the line of queen Nysa. But as she was queen of the Pontus, we still need to grapple with "Pillar Post," which is tracing to Pilate liners.

By some coincidence or not, Dutch Posts share the black hunting horn with Fawns/FAUGHNES'. Paul Smith followed a sickly stag, and I adopted a sickly fawn. Paul Smith's fallen antenna was in VAUGHN township. Vaughns should be of the Brittany Veneti because I identify them generally as king Arthur's wife while Vaughns use the Pendragon Coat. (Compare Tomasso's with Faughns).

During the time that Miss Anderson was visiting to see the deer (okay, she was visiting me to see me too), I had an accident, passing out while holding a glass in my hand. I came-to on the floor, with a slice at the side of my knee from the broken glass as it hit the floor. I've told this story at least twice before, but I can now say that Knee's share the bend of Leakeys (show a leg bent at the knees). I was able to get myself back into bed, but, drugged out on Benadryl, I could not tend to the wound. I almost killed myself after getting off the floor. I called Miss Anderson while in bed, asking her to come see me in the morning. I was hopeless to do anything but sleep, hoping the cut would stop bleeding on its own. She showed up.

So, there are a couple of reasons for assuming that God wants Andersons tied to Leakeys. And Leakeys (same place as Phars/Farrs and Hicks) share the fleur of Phars/Farrs while the latter share the Andrea saltire. It's not much to go on, but there is also the Phar-like Parr line suspect to mythical Paris Mysians, whom, as we saw, were expected from the Parthenius river of the Heneti. And Partons share the Chief-Shield colors of Leakeys. And the Nissans share the brown stag with Venus/Venes.

Pharnaces and 666-Suspect Trabzon

Repeat: "Scottish Deans/Denes' (two "VEL" motto terms) share the moline with Vitals/VELE's while Vitalis was ancestral to the Morinis' of Deering. It could appear that the baby deer was God's code for Deerings. By what coincidence do Leakeys share a lone fleur in Chief with Morinis'?" The Farr-like Fairs share the Vital/Vele moline in colors reversed, and the Fair bend happens to be the blue one of Leakeys / Knee's. If Phars/Farrs were Pharnaces liners, everything in this paragraph, and other things under discussion, can help to blow Pharnaces lines wide open.

Vitals/Vene's were linkable to Vito's, and Leakeys use a motto, "AGENDo gnaVITER". I had read of a GENETes location at the Pontus looking Heneti-interesting. Genetes was over in the TRABzon theater, and the Arms of Traby share a gold-striped hunting horn with Brians and Brigantium / Phrygian liner Close's. Heneti were in Phrygia. It could appear as though Pharnaces had a line to the Brogitarus Galatians. The Posts use the Pole/Pool lion, recalling king Polemon of Pontus and Cilicia. Polemon's father, "Zenon was a friend and ally to Roman Triumvir Mark ANTONY and played a leading role during the PARTHian invasion in 40 BC. For Zenon’s service to the Parthian Campaign, Antony appointed Polemon in 39 BC, as Roman Client King of Cilicia replacing Darius, son of Pharnaces." Pole's/Pools are in Pilate colors, and Dutch Pole's share the Pillar/Pilot lion, just as though the Pillar Post is speaking to us from its grave.

Years ago, I traced Pharisees from Jerusalem to the naming of Ferrara, and to the nearby Sadducee-suspect Setta valley. This trace was before knowing of the FRYing PAN of German Pole's, expected as code for Pharisee-like Frys/Freys/Phreeze's. French Pole's use the same lion as Ferrari's, and the Setta valley was home to PANE's/Panico's (like "pan") who share the fleur of English Pole's/Pools. As the latter's lion was very connectable to the same of Rita's, first found in Rome with Sforza's (suspect as Forts from Ferrara), the French Pole's are probably using the Sforza lion. The Forts can therefore be a branch of FORMans, who I see from FORUM Allieni, the original name of Ferrara. I had suspected the potent-liner Skits / Scheds / Skeets' between Setta and the naming of Shetland, and the latter is where the raven-depicted vikings lived whom had the surname, Stout, the same entity as the namers of StuttGART, the Arms of which use the demi-horse in the logo of the Ferrari automobile, yet it's also the symbol of Italian Forts of Ferrara.

As for the Ferrara trace I make to MontFerrat, Guido III married a daughter of William V of Montferrat, and Guido's use the Shield of Skits / Skeet's in colors reversed. Guido's are said to be of "wood," and Rita's use "pieces of wood," which I suspect with Pasi's/Pace's, first found in Bologna, location of the Setta and of the first-known Pane's/Panico's. While Montferrat is beside MonFORTE, the Quido lion is also that of Montforts and the Marano's/Mauritano's that were first found near the Setta. I think this makes a good case for discovering Pharisee and Sadducee lines. The Pierleoni Jews of Rome are suspect here, for Leo's use a lion in the colors of the Rita lion, and Leo's also use the fesse of Pane-suspect Paine's/Payne's.

GifFORDs, who share the Paine/Paine motto, are said to be from Longueville, suspect from Montferrat's Langhe, and one Longville Coat looks connectable to the Somerset Tints and Ricks, and thus to English Paine's first found in Somerset with Rita-suspect Roets, who are themselves suspect with Ruedesheim, near Stuttgart. Giffords are in the write-up of the Somerset Were's/Wears. "Gifford" is like the Givern variation of Biggars, and the Arms of Shetland uses a "Biggar" motto term. Biggars/Givern share the pelican with the Somerset Bills/Billes, and that's the due from Maine's Billets/Billiards.

Somerset's Axe river is suspect from the Paionians, and these people are expected by me in Montferrat too. Givens/Giverns (same place as Biggars/Givers and Swans/Sions) use swans, and the Joseph's of Maine once showed the swam. Sion was also called by a Setta-like Sitten term, and there is a Seaton location at the end of the Axe river. While Longville's (Bouillon colors) have a Coat reflecting that of the Somerset Friends (Frey branch?), the Ferrands, expected with Clermont-Ferrand (same place as Bouillons), use an axe and a "justus" motto term.

The other Longville's/Longueville's use the same chevron as Quints, the latter suspect with the Chappes' whom Hugh de Payens married. Quints are also suspect with the quince held by the Sforza lion, suggesting that Ferrara had the line of Quintus Caepio. Biggars use the thin, blue bend shown by Claro's/Charo's, first found in Ferrara, and then Hugh de Payens is said to have married Catherine Sinclair, perhaps the reason for the naming of Catherine Roet. The Claro line of Sinclairs was in Roslin, beside the first-known Seatons/Sittens. There are good reasons here for suspecting Seatons with Sadducee liners.

The Parrs (double bars of Nissans) are beloved both in the motto and double fesses of Manners/Maness', and the peacock in the latter's Crest brings us to Peacocks that use a "just" motto term likely for Justus / Justine (father and daughter) of Picenum. Justus/Justine's are another PERTHshire line. Pike's/PICKENs, suspect in-code with the Nissan PICK-up (God could have chosen a different Nissan, but why a pick-up?), use the same saltire as Phars/Farrs!!! The two Coats are good images of one another. It's strongly suggesting that God arranged the Nissan for to expose the line of Pharnaces and Nysa to Picenum elements. My mothers home town is PICENzo. I get it.

Reeds use the same sort of Coat as Phars/Farrs, with the same saltire again, and while Reeds use a book, I got Andrea a book while Andrea's use the same saltire!!! Zowie. The book was on TARZan, perhaps Intended to indicate the root behind "BrogiTARUS," suspect with Troy/Tros. Recall Helen of Troy's link to Heneti.

And by the way, I trace Panico's to the Pincum location at the mouth of the Pick-like Pek river, possibly named by the Picensii. English Pike's use the split Shield of the Arms of Sion, and colors reversed from the same of the Somerset Trents.

In Picenzo, the year before my party with Andrea, I went up the mountain several times behind the house that my mother was staying at (not with I in August's house), where she was born. Once up high, I looked out at the large peaks in the distance, and as Mont Velino is the only one named on my atlas, it must be the highest one. I saw it, in other words. I recall one major thing about the mountain I was on: its pine trees. Maschi's use pine cones, I get it. Joels'/Jule's (same place as Frys/Phreeze's) are probably a branch of Julians, and Volleys/Velis' use the Julian crosslets. Joel's/Jule's use gillyFLOWERs, and my mother's household on that mountain ran a FLOUR operation. Fleur's use a Coat somewhat like that of PENDERgrass', and French Pine's share white cinquefoils with Flowers (Fleur-like Fellers share trefoils with Pike's). Outside my mother's home of birth, and/or the flour plant next door, there was a fountain made of a carved child taking a leak. Yes, the water came out his wee-wee, evoking my urinating on PINO. English Penders/Pinders ("fortis") take us back to the Rita and Sforza lion.

I have recollection of young and beautiful Maria (brunette, like MANDy and MAMie) meeting me at that fountain. She was related in some way to my mother's household. That's why I reloaded Maria's just now, but didn't have anything to say, though they use the same FLEUR-de-lys as Masci's. I then loaded Fleur-like Flora's to find five fleur-de-lys in the colors of the five of Maria's (both Spanish surnames). While loading Flora's, Florentinus came to mind, who married Artemia, daughter of RUSTicus of Lyon. Florentinus was the father of MUNDeric (father of MUMmolin), suspect with "HAMOND" (same place as MYNETTs and RUSTs), and then Hamon(d)s/Amonds (share white antler with Maschi-beloved Cone's) have a "rimini" term buried in the motto, while PINE-cone Maschi's were first found in Rimini. Hamon-de-Masci must have been from Munderic! And God must have arranged that peeing-child fountain to indicate Pino liners from king Pinnes, who ruled opposite the Adriatic from the Abruzzo shore in at least the general area to which I trace Julius Avitus.

The "verum" motto term of Hamons evoked the Ferons/Ferrands, and Munderic was descended from Decimus Rusticus in Clermont-Ferrand (Irish Ferons are in Phar/Farr colors). It just so happens that Verons/Verona's (same place as Lys') use the Coat of Fleur-like Fellers. Rusts/ROOSTs use a wyVERN suspect with Varni at ROSTock, and I see Rostock from Roxolani while Roque's/Rocks are the Roquefeuil > RockaFELLER line.

Note that Italian Maria's and Marina's share the nebuly bars of Clements/Clermonts' (Clair Chief), and that Clements are also Climers, evoking August's mountain climbing. Irish Clairs share five, white ostrich feathers with the Arms of Traby, and Trabzon was at the Pontus. French Mountains married Claviere's (same place as Clermont-Ferrand), said at the description website to use keys (as do Clavers), symbol of French Clermonts (Dauphine). It's interesting that English Clermonts share white dolphins with Hamon-like Hammers, a branch of Hams. In fact, German Hams ("Three green shrubs with red FLOWERS.") use the giant annulet of Vito's, from the husband of Julia Maesa! I get it.

The things just discussed were never firm in my mind: my Masci line is from Rusticus of Lyon. Lyon's use the same lion as Touch's (same place as Hamon de Masci), who are loved in the Clan-Chattan motto. Mummolin was at Chatillon, otherwise known as Chalons-sur-MARNE, feasibly from Myrina on Lemnos, for the Lemnites named the Lemovices of Limousin, where one branch of French Clairs were first found who share the Clermonts/Clement Chief, and Clements use the Marina bars / bends. Hamons were first found in the same place as Deerings that married the Morinis' from Vito-liner Vitalis Osbert.

Julius Caesar made Augustus his adopted son, launching Augustus onto the throne, thereby. This was the Roman beast under which Polemon and others found their royal shade. Pharnaces II, in the quote above, decided to end the war against the Romans, and got himself under Roman shade too, though not with the Caesars. (Details behind August, and Joel's trip to his town, are in the last update.)

Velino is suspect with Aulon/Avlona, near Balas-like Bullis. The Bullis surname shares red roundels with Ore's, Orells and Orleans', suspect with Aurelia Cotta, Caesar's mother. Pine was the symbol of mythical Attis, husband and son of Cybele, and the latter had Brogitarus (line to Derbyshire Froggits) as her high priest. He was Amyntes' father, and while Amyntes conquered Derbe, Manells were first found in Derbyshire. Joel said that August's surname is Manil(l)a, but as there is no Manilla surname coming up, perhaps Manells can apply. They use double-bar gemel in colors reversed from the double fesses of Manners/Maness'. The Manell Coat appears linkable to the Morinis Coat. There is a Gemel surname, suspect from the Maccabee city of Gamala (Israel), and Gamble's, said to be from a Gamala-like term, share the fleur of Phars/Farrs. How much sense does that make if Phars were Pharisees (Levites, we assume), especially as I trace Levites from Laish to the Lys/Lisse bloodline.

Now think about this. When the Maccabees established an Israeli kingdom, becoming the priest kings, they may have been in contact with those proclaiming themselves to be Levite liners, and these, we can assume, became the Pharisees and Sadducees. There may have been some assistance in this situation by the hand of God. The Pharisees were those Maccabee elements that married the line of Pharnaces (theory), and Sadducees may have been a branch of Pharisees to begin with, named from a variation of "Cetis."

Why would Cotta liners like red roundels? They are "torteaux," suspect with an ancient Toreatae peoples, from lake Maeotis (named the Mathis/Mat river?) along with a Sittaceni peoples (Lissus is on the Mathis). "Sittaceni" is not a far cry from "Cotesii," and while Cottians ruled at what is now Susa, Susans use a giant lily (in Ham / MacAbee / Frey/Phreeze colors) that can be of the Lille location (near the Lys river) which created the fleur-de-lys. Lily's are in Cotta/Cotton colors, and Cetis'/SEStie's use lilies too, three of them looking like the Joel/JULE gillyflowers. Susans were first found in Berkshire along with MODENs (share fretty Shield with Cotta's and Cetis-liner Caens) and Arks while MODANE is on the Arc river directly across the Cottian Alps from Susa. It's a mystery to ponder, especially as the Israeli home of the original Maccabees was in Modane-like Modi'in.

There's more. The Lille's use a "Sedulo" motto term, which could be for the Settle's that use the green lozenges of Stars. The Stars are in Ham / MacAbee / Frey/Phreeze colors, which are reversed from Settle colors. And Stars share the cat-a-mountain with Chives', from the Cavii on the Mathis river. The cat is suspect with "Cetis." Cetins use the cat. The Chivasso location of Chives' is near Susa. The Susters/Shuster (same place as Julians, June's and Capone's), looked up because they may have been a branch of Susans / Sestie's, share black-on-white boars with Bush's and Sullivans, for a trace to Salyes Ligures suspect at the naming of the Salassi peoples in Aosta (not far north from Chivasso), location of another Lys river. This theater was within easy reach of the Laevi Gauls.

The Capone's and June's were first found in the same place as Chapmans and the latter's Ponder kin (branch of Ponts/Ponds), whose motto has been resolved with Ponts (same boars as Susters and Bush's), first found in the same place as Josephs and Caplans. Ponts/Ponds smack of the Pontus, an amazing coincidence, especially as Ponts/Ponds were first found in Hampshire, beside Poole, suggesting Polemon of the Pontus, who ruled Cilicia, location of Cetis. It has been resolved that Poole liners were from Vespasia Polla.

Tooths, in Capes colors and first found in the same place (beside the first Capone's), use a "Palman" motto term, and share the red griffin with the Arms of TORTona (Piedmont), a city not far from where Wikipedia has the Laevi Gauls. Should we expect Sittaceni scythians in/around Tortona? Why do Caucasia-like Chaucers use a tortoise? A Tortona link to Cottians can explain the red roundels of Julius-Caesar liners. Swan-using Palmans/Pelhams (I can trace them by their peacock in its PRIDE to Vespasia POLLA) were at Laughton while Laughtons (look like Lock / Loch swan liners) are said to have evolved into Kenyons (Kennati?), who in-turn use a "SUSTine" motto term as well as "MAGNAnimiter. Plancia Magna married TERTullus while the household of Vespasia Polla was related to Tertulla (mother if I recall correctly, of Vespasia's husband). There is a question here on whether Polemon was related to Vespasia Polla. Palmans were first found in the same place as Titus' (Vespasia Polla was grandmother to emperor Titus).

The Phar/Farr Coat is a good refection of the Spanish Petro Coat, and as it's also a reflection of the Reed Coat, I trace Petro's to Flavius Petro (or Rieti), husband, if I recall correctly, of Tertulla above.

Back to the Pillar Post

A friend of mine, Cary, named my fence-post invention, Pillar Post, and here I find that German Franks use a single column, almost a pillar. Not only was August's wife, Franca, but my Pillar-Post partner was FRANK Klees. There seems to be a pillar relationship to columns where Pelosi's/Pilati's (same place as Franca's) use columns while Pillars are Pilots too. And it's all suspect with PONTius Pilate. Bosco's use a pillar, and Ponts use the Bush boar heads. Jewish Franks share grapes with Deeters, so amazing. It's amazing as per Mrs. Deeter below, who spurred me into resuming the marketing attempt of the fence posts.

Franca's (especially Spanish Franca's, first found in Castile with Petro's) are in the colors of one Frank saltire while the other Franks share the saltire of Pollocks, from Vespasia Polla. One could get the impression that Vespasia was related to some Pharisee / Sadducee line at the Pontus, and that, when God made the Revelation dragon to be of the Vespasian > Titus line, it included some aspect in the ancestry of Caiaphas. The latter's father-in-law had a father, SETH, like the Sittaceni scythians. Shaws are Seths too, and Shaws, who share the cups of Pilotte's and Pellets), share "vincit" with Palmans/Pelhams (swans). As Pillars/Pilots are likely using the SAVA/Savage lion, compare with "SHAW." Compare also with "Savone."

But before getting to Mrs. Deeter, I'd like to add the following for new readers. As Glaphyra married Alexander, a Herod-Maccabee, and as hunting horns are part-code for Orne's/Horns and their Haveran kin, and therefore from AVARAN Hachorani Maccabee, one could expect a line of the latter in the circle of Glaphyra's offspring with Alexander. Those offspring, two generations later, married QUADratus, the grandson of Severus Bassus, the Quade/WADE bloodline and therefore suspect with WEIGHTs/Waits (Quade colors and format). And while the first Maccabees were sons of a so-called HASMONean, by what coincidence was Severus Bassus from AKMONia? And by what other coincidence is "Bassus" like the "Bessin," location of the Orne river, the location also of Ferte-MACE and its mace-using Maceys/Macys? Maccabees had a hammer symbol.

Quade's/Wade's not only share the three Cleave/Cliff wolf heads, but can be gleaned with a version of the Fisk Coat. This relationship had been found when it seemed that "fiscal cliff," a phrase kicked around in Obama's first years, during a world-class financial scam, was an inside joke. The point here is that Fisks (their branches expected to use fish, as do Fischers/Fishers) share the black pale bar with Russian Alexanders while Scottish Alexanders were first found beside the MacAbee's/MacAbbe's that share the salmon (a fish, right) of Hams in both colors, and Hams are in Hammer colors and first found in the same place. In fact, both were first found in Sussex with Coverts/Cofferts and COURTS/Coverts, from CURTus Maccabee, ancestor of Josephus according to his own words. Josephus adopted the Flavius name from Vespasian's household, because he betrayed Israel and went over to the Roman emperor. Later, you will see why the CURTis' (Court-Covert colors) have a Crest linking probably to "Pharnaces."

So, we can expect both Alexander surnames to be from Glaphyra and Alexander Maccabee. If that's not enough, the Hammer dolphins are combatant (facing one another), as are the same-colored Doner foxes. I repeatedly find Sion/SITTen links to king Donnus of the Cottians, and Irish Fox's are SIONnachs. You have got to get to the end of the Doner topic near the end of this update, because it's a Masterpiece of work by God relating to my Nissan. Alexanders share the motto of MacDONalds, and Doners are shown properly as DONAhue's, perhaps in the "dona" motto term of Dons. The modern Don river (drains into Maeotis), anciently the Tanais, was in the area inhabited by Toreatae and Sittaceni.

MacDonalds / Donells share the eagle of Ferte's, suspect from Ferte-Mace. Irish Donells (Don colors) use the Keon fish, probably, but see also the color of the Kane fish (white on green, colors of Hams and Doners). The alternative-Irish Donnels show the white-on-green dolphin of Hams / MacAbee's! I didn't know it, as I'm not familiar with the Donnell Coats. My Nissan was previously owned by Mr. Doner.

I had my keys in my RUNNING shoes when mugged, and while Runnings are listed with Ronnys, we've all heard of Ronald MacDonald (he's dressed in MacDonald colors). Ronalds bring up the MacDonalds, first found in Kintyre with Alexanders. Runnings/Ronnys, because they share a white and wavy fesse with Dols, are suspect with Arun, the area that named Arundels, and then Arens/Aarons use clouds, perhaps for the Cloud variation of McLeods, who were of the Scottish isles along with MacDonalds. Alexander Maccabee married Glaphyra, the line to KEY-using Clavers / Claviere's, and so with the keys of the Nissan being central to the mugging, I can venture a theory that a Pharnaces liner married the line of Glaphyra and/or Alexander. The Phar/Farr saltire is almost that of Claviere's (said at the description page to use a white-on-red saltire).

Herod Archelaus was banished to Vienne (in Isere), and the Vienne surname uses the same spread eagle as Ferte's and Donalds, but in colors reversed. Just look at that huge "coincidence."

One can glean that Amyntes traces to Frankish MUNDeric (died about 532 AD), father of Mummolin, and grandson of Rusticus of Lyon. An earlier man in the ancestry was Decimus Rusticus of Lyon, who married Tullia, daughter of Gallia. The latter may have been named after Galli's that, possibly, named Opgalli, not forgetting that Opgalli-liner Teague's/Teegers use a "SumMUM" motto term. Munderic's mother was Artemia, and Amyntes' son was ARTEMidoros.

When I fainted during an allergic reaction that needed Benedryl, I not only sliced my leg at the Knee, but there was a smaller gash at the eyebrow. How would you feel had you fainted with a glass in your hand, coming-to with blood an inch from your eyeball due to your head coming down on a piece of BROKEN glass? It just so happens that while Broke's/Brocks can be BROGitarus liners, Brows are listed with Broghs that use a good reflection of the Rusticus-suspect Rust Coat. And if we're wondering what the glass was code for, perhaps the Gallia line to the Glass surname. I see Glass' as the namers of Wallis canton, at swan-liner Sion, and Brows/Broghs share the swan with Swans/Sions. The Broke/Brock Chief is that also of Tullia-like Tulls/Tolle's, can you believe it? Tulls/Tolle's share the pyramid with Fisks.

The Tull/Tolle Chief is almost the Forman/Ferman Chief, and Firmans share anchors on a chevron with Tulls/Tolle's. You will see soon why Firmans (same place as Phars/Farrs) are direct Pharnaces liners, but here I'd like to remind that the Pillar Post made a Pontus link to Mont Pilat, for its beside FIRMINy. This makes Firmini suspect as a Pharnaces line. It appears that the Pharnaces line merged with the Brogitarus line and together they went to Tullia of Lyon. The Forez mountains are to the near-west of Firminy, and Lyons (Perthshire, Valentin colors) are said to be from Lyons-la-Foret. Lyon is near Valence, suspect with Valentinian and Justine.

In Texas, a woman friend, Mrs. Deeter, wanted to try selling the fence posts in Texas, and she secured financial help from her banker (under conditions). He asked me to install some posts at his place, in Leakey. I therefore wonder whether there are special codes in all this to tell a WikiLeaks prediction / story. Her first name is Mandy, and as this is a surname first found in Derbyshire while AMYNTes conquered Derbe, Mandys/MUNDays must be Amyntes liners, and even more-directly from Munderic > Mummolin. After all, Teague's use a "SumMUM" motto code, you see. Who caused Mandy to drive by me in her pick-up truck that day? Who gave me the confidence and initiative to ask a lady out cold, without ever having met her? How many times have you succeeded in asking a woman out while she's just driving out of a parking lot?

As could be expected, the black wolf head in the Mandy Crest is the one in the Crest of Glaphyra-liner Cleave's/Cliffs. Is that not impressive? Mandys share eagle legs with Brays/Brae's and Augusts, and August's surname was almost Manell, itself first found in Derbyshire with Mandys. Yet August way over in Italy doesn't know Mandy in Texas. We saw why my pick-up is code for Pickens, a term like August's Picenzo home, and Mandy was driving a pick-up (when I first met her) while Pike's/Pickens have been pegged with Phars/Farrs. Mandy's two children, Robert and Carol, were code for the Robertians, from Worms, a branch of Formans/Fermans, and Robertians took over the French throne from CAROLingians. In other words, it could appear as though Munderic was the line behind Robertians, and as Geddes' use PIKE fish, by what coincidence did Robertians birth Hugh CAPET while Geddes' use a "CAPTa" motto term? Roberts and their Proper/Robin branch share the lion in the Forman Chief, and FORMans use the WORM dragon.

As Mandy wanted to fulfill the success of the Pillar Post, by what other coincidences do Welsh Roberts share the Pillar/Pilot lion while French Roberts were first found in the same place as Pilate's?

Cary named the Pillar Post, and his father, Carl, has a name like "Charles." I can glean that Irish Carys (KilKENNY) use the BRUNswick lion, which is also the Robert / Forman lion. Kilkennys (share gold combatant lions with Carols) share an arm holding a spear, and Kennys use aspects of the BROWNs, including a FLOReat" motto term that can be partly for Florentinus, Munderic's father. How did we get back to Munderic by following the name of Cary? Brune's were first found in Middlesex with Fier's/Fere's, in Phar/Farr colors. Fairborns were first found in Yorkshire with Phars/Farrs. As the line of Pharnaces-Nysa is expected at Cetis with the wife of Laevi-suspect Laevillus, and with Carys suspect with the Cary castle of Leavells (same place as English Carys), by what coincidence were Kenny-like Kennati at Cetis?

Leavells were from Gouel de Percival, while Percivals (Brune colors) share the bear with German Brune's who in-turn use a Coat like that of Levi-beloved Aids/Ade's (branch of Quade's?). Amazing: not only is the Percival Coat a version of the BELLow / Billet Coat, and not only do Percivals use the Pek/Peck patees while Bellows use a "PECtore" motto term, and not only is the Dumfries BELL Coat with a Shield-Chief combination colors reversed to the same of Bellows, but Cary's surname is Bell! It's as though God either named Cary's first name because he was a Bell, or that He put him into my life. Browns were first found in the same place as Daggers, from the Dexaroi Illyrians that were probably in Fier County.

English Brune's (Bruno colors) use the cross, apparently, of OsBORNs (tiger), who in-turn use a "PAX in BELLO" motto (code for Packins?).

WOW! Cary and I met at Knob Hill FARMs, where we both worked. Neither of us were Christians at the time, and we parted ways from there almost as soon as we met. Upon becoming Christians independent of one another, we met again at the same church in the first year roughly of our Christianity. It's just that Farmers were linked to "PHARNaces" in the last update! We will see that link again below. And the reason that we may have met at KNOB Hill Farms is that Knobs/KNOBELmanns look like a branch of Nobels who in-turn use the Cary lion in colors reversed. The Knobs/Knobelmanns use two crossed arrows (saltire) in the colors of the Phar/Farr saltire!

Knob Hill Farms is where I met Darlene Ray (girlfriend for a couple of months), and Rays (same place as Browns) use stags (white, as with the KNOWELL stag) in the colors and format of Freys/Phreeze's. The "female figure" in the Darlene Crest wears robes likely as code for Robe's/Robbs, potential Roberts. The Darlene/Derling surname (drops) share the book with Roets and Reeds, and Drops/Trope's are suspect with the Forman Chief though the latter use the Robert lion there.

Darlene was a back-to-back girlfriend with Alison Bauer (another two months with her), who also worked at Knob Hill Farms when I did (I asker her out there), and this must have been an act of God because, while Rothschilds were from Mayer Bauer, the Rothschilds/Rothsteins use virtually the Knob/Knobel arrow. For me, this is amazing (imagine if God were doing this to your life). The ladies He got for me were always attractive, thank you, but it was an emotional roller coaster for me.

I cannot recall many things with Darlene, only four things. One of them is her getting into a car ACCIDENT, which evoked the "accidit" motto term in the last update. I had to check to see who's motto it was, and finding it with Wayne's (beside Rays), it was noted that they use "accidit OMNIbus," like the "omnia" of Rays. This seems like evidence for the reader that God set her up in my life, for Ray, a friend of mine some ten years later (early 1980s), died in a car accident (little more than a year ago). I'm not suggesting that God arranged his death in that way just to link to Darlene Ray, but will entertain that Darlene was in a minor car accident arranged by God, knowing that I would one day meet Ray. His surname, you see, is Luff, and Luffs/Love's share the red-on-white Farmer lion heads!!! Astounding. Luffs were first found in the same place as Oman, the best I could do for "OMNia." Omans'/Osmonds (Osborn branch?) share the same fesse as Irish Farmers.

But there is more, for Luffs/Love's (Laevillus liners?) were first found in the same place as Mousquette's, who likewise share the red lion heads, as well as two of the three fesses of Luffs/Love's, and the Mousquette's use the double fesses of Nice's/Ness/Nessons!!!!!!!!!! I see exactly what God is telling us, that I worked at Knob Hill Farms because Farmers were from Pharnaces and Nysa. And Rays help to link that thing to Pharisee-like Freys/Phreeze's. Amazing.

Plus, I can barely believe this. The manager at Knob Hill Farms was "Gill." I don't know whether that's the correct spelling, but it's the way everyone pronounced it. Rays are said to be from Gill!

Back to Alison Bauer. Alisons are interesting for having the particulars of merging with Carrick liners, from "Charax," a name of Laevillus' son. The ancestry of Carricks is said to be Craigs, who use the colors and near-format of Hills i.e. perhaps in code with Knob HILL Farms. Alisons ("Truth preVAILS") appear to love the Vails'/Velis, a Julian line, and Hills may have been Gills, the latter suspect with a Julian line. In fact, I've just found that "In te Domine" is a motto phrase shared by Vails/Velis' and that, indeed, it appears that God named Alison's first name. As Laevillus traces to bear-using PerciVALs (Vail merger?), it's notable that bears are shared by Bauer-like Bayers, Alison-beloved Truths/Trotts, and Alis'. When we load English Bayers, we find the giant rose of Dutch Nobels (and Swedish Persons) in colors reversed. You can't get this many "coincidences" all from "Knob Hill Farms" unless God is in it. Irish Farmers (same place as Vere's) even share the Hill / Craig fesse.

In this picture, "Domine" looks like code for Domna, Caracalla's mother. Carricks share the black dog with Pharnaces-like Furnace's, a surname discovered by Providence while writing earlier, though below this point (you'll get to it). As English Persons are Piersons while using Paine colors, I'll peg Piersons are Pierleoni. If Swedish Persons apply, then we go from their rose to the Bayer rose, and from there to the "Fortuna DOMus" motto phrase of Bayers, for not only do Fortuna's use the upright, white-on-red dog shared by Canossa, but "Domus" is again suspect with Domna. The Furnace dog is seated, and Seats/Cedes' share besants on blue with Dumas'/DuMAIS (almost the Savary/Savard Coat).

I have traced Dunhams to Dunham-Massey, but I do not recall checking for a Domine surname, which brings up the Dunhams. Domna's sister was Julia Maesa. If French Domine's are with the Annas star, it can indicate that Julia and Domna were from Annas of Israel (only about 200 years between them). Domine's were first found in the same place as same-colored Cotta's and Cone-branch Conte's, and while Hamon de Massey was at Dunham-Massey, Hamons share the antler of Maschi-beloved Cone's. Conte's were first found at Durham, which was also called, DUNholme. It could be that a surname from "Domna" evolved into Dun liners, a new idea for me. Dunns share the buckles in colors reversed of Cannes'/Kane's/Ane's that happen to use both MacDONald symbols, tabling the theory that MacDonalds were from "Domna." Cannes' were looked up upon seeing the Furnace dog, for the house of Canossa used a dog.

Wait until you learn how the Furnace's were found, thanks to Luciano (actually, God) getting me a job. Luciano's share the Luce fish, and the house of Canossa is said to issue out from LUCCA. Maesa-like Massai's/Massars were first found in Lucca.

French Domine's are also Dominics, and I knew a Dominic from high school, whose father was a farmer, can you believe it? I worked on his farm an entire summer, and this farmer SEVERed (Severus Bassus comes to mind) his farm tract, selling a piece to Sam, whose son was Vito!!! Julius Avitus was the husband of Julia Maesa. The Severus-suspect Savards/Saffers use a "vita" motto term, and then Domna's husband was Severus Septimius. Amazing. I've got so conclude that God named Dominic for the cause in this paragraph. After the farmer died, another piece was severed for Dominic's home, smack beside Vito's. And he lived there with his wife, Anna, like "Annas." Again. Dominic's are Domine's, and the other Domine's can be using the Annas star. Savarys/Saffers use a heron, code for Orne'/Horns and Haverans i.e. a Maccabee line.

Aha! At Dominic's, I built (about 15 years later) a walk-in-FREEZER (for his vegetables), like the Phreeze variation of Freys!! It's just the Phreeze's are now coming up with the Farmer-suspect Pharnaces line. There is a Frazier surname.

I have theorized that Nancys are Annas liners and/or Dance liners. Nancy / Dance is like "Annecy," you see, and while Dominic's brother is Danny (that's what we called him), Dannys'/Danceys/Dance's are said to be from "D'ANIZE / Anize." And Dominic's mother is Nancy. In grade five, when I befriended Andrea (Annandale saltire), our teacher held an afternoon party in which we were allowed to dance. My only dance I can remember was with Nancy, however. AND CAN YOU BELIEVE IT, the English Dance's (same place as Phars/Farrs) use the lion heads and fesse of Farmers! God is great.

Pharnaces can be suspect with Trabzon, and while Trypillians burned their houses down ritually, Dominic's old house burned down after they built the new house, making me suspect that the father burned it to collect insurance money. I'm just wondering whether Domna's Bassianus entity was Trypillian. Here's what came forth after wondering. Base's/BASSENs share striped, black hunting horns with the Arms of Traby, and while there was MAESA Bassianus, Amazons of Trabzon (near Bassus-suspect Phasis), according to Herodotus, migrated to the northern shores of the black sea, in particular to the Don/Tanais area to begin with. Was "Domna / Dominic" a Don/Tanais liner? The Trypillian homeland of Moldova has a SITNa river, and Seatons/Sittens were FLEMings, suspect with the flames of Trypillians. Near the Sitna is the BASeu river, and, between them, a TRUsesti location suspect with the mottoes, "TRUE to the end," and "Trustie to the end." The latter's motto is of the Leats that share the Seaton/Sitten crescents, in colors reversed from the Latto/Latter crescents. Latto's/Latter's are using piles suspect with Pylos at Messene, home of the Oeneus Calydonians that I say named the Caledonian Picts of Lothian. Mythical Oeneus was in mythical OenoMAUS, an Amazon king at the Latto-like Ladon river.

Leats are suspect with mythical Leto, mother of the Amazon goddess (ArTEMIS) from Trabzon. Herodotus had these Amazons at THEMIScyra or the THERMoDON river, and that latter term reflects the Ali Terme location (Messina, Sicily) of the Ali's/Aliotto's (Leto colors) who share the griffin of Lauders/Leathers (double-tressure border, Seaton / Fleming symbol), in colors reversed from the griffin in the Arms of Alessandria (Alexander-Balas line?), beside Tortona.

The Baseu flows through Saveni while the Setta valley at Bologna is beside the Savena river. Lake Sevan is near Trabzon. The "end" motto term above is suspect with Enders/INGERs, and Inger the Varangian is suspect with Kiev while Trypillia, according to one writer, was south of Kiev. Phasis-like Pasi's were first found in Bologna, and they share two spears with Domine's/DUNhams, now suspect from Don-Tanais elements. In a dream I had where the Dunham dancette was represented with Obama dancing, he was immediately-after on a skateboard, which proved to be code for Skate's/SHEETs (branch of SCYTHian-suspect Skits/Scythe's / Skeets'), first found in Norfolk with Domine's/Dunhams. The Scythes' (with an 's') are listed with Seaton-branch Side's/Sudys.

Leats were first found in Edinburgh, smack beside the first Seatons/Sittens, and the Arms of Edinburgh use a "Nisi Dominus" motto phrase. The woman with stag, in the Arms, is evocative of ancient Artemis symbolism. Edinburgh is in Lothian while the Lothian surname shares the striped Traby horn; it's hanging from a tree as probable code for True's/Tree's (beside the first-known Lets). While Domine's/Dominics use the Annas star, the Annas Shield-Chief combo is used by Leat-like Lets/Late's, suspect with ANNuLETS, symbol of Vito's suspect from Maesa Bassianus. Lets/Late's happen to use the same saltire as Phars/Farrs, and it's with the Shield-Chief colors of Annandale's in reverse. EDINburgh is likely of the Edins ("sit" motto term, Seaton/Sitten colors) that use scallops for their origin at Sicily's Etna, in Messina, where roughly Ali's were first found that share the griffin of Lauders, from Lauder, near Edinburgh. It appears that Sittaceni from the Sitna river were in Messina.

If I'm correct to trace king Donnus to the Italian Dance's/Donna's/Donnas', then his Cottian line may have named Annecy, not far north of the Cottian capital. Aurelia's share the white star in Chief with Domine's/Dominic's. The Dauntsey variation of Dannys/Dance's smacks of the Dante variation of Durants (dancette), from the Durance river of the Salyes, and then Annecy is in Aosta, founded by the Salassi. It hereby appears that Donnus was named after Durance-river liners of some sort. The black Durant hunting horn suggests Brians and Orange.

You can now keep in mind that Annas of Israel may have been named after Nysa as her line married, or birthed, his father, Seth. Seths/Shaws use the motto, "I mean well," and English Means/Minns use a dancette. Irish Means/Meighans (Annas-star colors) share a gold griffin in Crest with Annan(dale)s and red stag heads with Farms/Farmers, no guff at all. Sometimes, as with the Arms of Ayrshire ("shaw" motto term), the Annandale Coat is a saltire colors reversed from the Phar/Farr saltire. I've never been more excited about finding Annas ancestry, now possibly in Nysa. Who would have guessed? Her ancestry was in Antipater of Macedonia, the line to Kilpatricks, first found in the same place as Annandale. Antipater lived at the time of Monunius I of Dardania, suspect with founding Hasmoneans from elements on the Mathis river (see light map below) between Dardania and the city of Antipater/Antipatria. The source of the Mathis was home to Penestae = proto-Pendragons, and then Pendragons use a version of the Seth/Shaw (MUThill) motto. Both surnames use "nosce," perhaps part-code for the Nos(e) variation of Ness'/Nessons, and part code for Uscana, the Penestae capital (on the dark map). The ArNISSA location (Genusus river) to the near-south of the Mathis, and therefore to the west of the Penestae, is expected to be of the Arniss variation of Annas'. Pretty neat. It could appear that Nysa was named after an Arnissa element.

Arnissa is on this dark map:

Piceni Tribes

The Parton-like Partheni are on both maps between the Genusus and Mathis, smacking of Parthians of Iran, after whom Pharnaces may generally have been named. I'm thinking that these Illyrian elements were ancestral to Nysa, at least, and perhaps also to Pharnaces. He was a Seleucid from something in Epirus, to the direct south of Illyrians. Again, Wikipedia has Seleucids in union with ThesPROTians, like the Aprutium capital of Abruzzo. And then there were the Piceni/Picenti to Abruzzo's: "The Picenes are said to have taken their name from the word for 'woodpecker,' picus, which was their sacred animal and guide for their migration." As the woodpecker was a symbol of mythical Mars, it points to a Piceni merger with the Marsi of Abruzzo. And as Rieti is to the near-north of the Marsi, note how the "pratus" motto term in the Arms of Rieti smacks of a Piceni tribe: "...the southern [branch] have been identified as descendants of the Italics and are known by the tribal names Adriani, Praetutii, and Palmiensi." Remember those three tribes.

The Praets/Pratts use the Andrea saltire, in case Andrea's were from the Adriani. It's a saltire colors reversed from the Phar/Farr saltire, and Partons were first found in CUMBERland, from "Umbria." The Piceni are said to be part Umbrian. The Prude's/Pride's use lamPREYs, in case PraeTUTii were named partly after the same that named queen Teuta (may leave a "Prae" root). Recall that Andrea was invited to my birthday PARTY, a term like "Praetutii," for PERTHshire is beside Stirling, where Nimo's/NewMARCH's were first found that not only use the Andrea saltire, but smack of Marche in Italy, where Piceni lived predominantly. Perthshire is where the Justus/Justine branch of Picenum was first found. So, clearly, Piceni were in Pictish Scotland, and there was a mythical Pixus (obscure online), brother of Molossus (Moloch element?) of Epirus. Or, to put it another way, the Picen(t)i became the Picts. The ancient Pyxites river was near Trabzon, where Trope's may have originated. The modern Prut river of Trypillia (now Moldova) went by Pirate-like terms. On the dark map, it's the Poratus and Pureduis too, like the Pertuis location on the Durance. There are a Peucini peoples shown at the mouth of the Poratus/Pyretus.

Hmm, I know a Michael Pucini (visited often with him) who was at the wedding of another Michael who married a woman with parents immigrated from Moldova.

WOW! Priors came to mind as a Prae entity, and that lead to trying for a Prayer surname. Both use the same Coats (almost), with Prayers sharing the scallops of the Cumberland Daggers, and Priors using them in the colors of the Apps scallops, excellent not only because Dagger-line Dexaroi were on the APSus river, but because the Parton Coat is like the Coat of Drops/Trope's, from Tropoje at the mouth of the Apsus! Bingo. A new discovery or two, and verification that Drops (used with the Kilpatrick dagger) are from Tropoje. This place (in Farr-like Fier county) was not far from the Partheni! Bango. Fiers/Fere's share the Fair Coat. Daggers even share the red bull of Sabine's to suggest a Dexaroi merger with Rieti's imperial line.

PICTons use a Shield filled with drops (called "gutee"), as do Drops/Trope's!

The three fesses that are the Arms of Trebizond (Trabzon) Empire are also those of Umbria-like Humbers, and the Trebizond empire was from Comyn-like KOMNenos'. It should be added that while Avisons use the Comyn Coat, Comyns use a dagger to prove that they named Kuman in Fier county. The point is, Avisons were Avezzano liners i.e. at the Marsi / Rieti theater. Trebys use the Stubbing besants while Stubbs look like they use a version of the Stirling Coat for a potential Trebizond trace to Nimo's/Newmarch's (Stirlingshire). Trabzon was in the Pontus, and Humbers add PELLET roundels as though to indicate Pontius-Pilate liners. Trebys use their roundels in colors reversed! Perfect, and Shaws use the Pellet cups.

After writing that, the Adrian surname was loaded to find three fesses in the colors of the same of Trebizond / Humbers / Beaks (Pek-river Moesians / Picensii?). And it turns out that Adrians were first found in Middlesex along with Apsus' of Fiers! Beaks (beside the Humbers) use a white ostrich, the color of the Arms-of-Traby ostrich feather. Beaks were first found in the same place as Poole, suspect from Polemon of the Pontus. The Adrian fesses are in nebuly format, and in the colors of the same of Marina's, from Myrina of Lemnos. When we follow the Sintian-branch Lemnites to Santones and their Sainte location, it's all beside / amongst the Pictones Gauls, arguing for their trace to the Pyxites river. Amazons / Caucasians from the Genetes location near Trabzon may have named the Genusus river because the Genetes-suspect Heneti were on the Parthenius river while the Partheni were at the Genusus. We are able to follow this to lake Geneva because that's the location of Annas-like Annecy i.e. from Arnissa elements on the Genusus. Greeks of three and two thousand years ago were the first to migrate into northern Europe, right? Not ice-age fantasy dwellers, right? No one loves fantasies like evolutionists.

Aha! The three fesses above are in the colors of the two of Palmers/Parmers, now speaking to the Piceni tribe of Palmiensi! I get it. Palms/PARms ("justus" motto term!!!) were first found in the same place as PHARs/Farrs. Palms/Parms use the Lys/Lise fleur while Lissus was on the Adriatic's Mathis theater.

The Andrea- / Anthony-suspect Heneti were in the Phrygian theater of mythical Marsyas, and Marusium is shown on the dark map beside Arnissa. There's a question on whether the Adriani were named after the Adriatic sea, at the realm of the Parthini. I trace "Adriatic" to mythical Atreus, father of Menelaus Spartans (husband of Helen of Troy/TROS). Atreus, like "Tros," traces well to Atrebates of England who merged with Ardiaei liners, themselves also from the Adriatic. Atreus' can be traced soundly to ORESTia at Arda (Hebros river), explaining the Arthur "rests." Orestia was home to Atreus-like ODRYSians, proto-Ligurians of some sort. As the Selepitanoi were to the direct north of Lissus, contemplate on why the Sleeps use two fesses colors reversed from the Ness/Nesson fesses. This can trace Ness' to ArNISSA. If the latter named Annas of Israel, by what coincidence was Caiaphas suspect with Quintus Caepio while Quints share the Palm/Parm Chief? Quints were first found in Dorset (Daorsi Illyrians?) along with Palins (use the Quint lion) and Trabzon-liner Beaks, and, believe it or not, Palins traced excellently to PALINurus, smack beside Pyxus/Buxentum! See them on this Lucania map:

Note the Picentini mountains (near Naples) just outside the Lucania border, for my mother has a book on Picenzo claiming that it was populated from peoples at Naples. The Piceni/Picenti were also "Picentini."

The only problem is that it could seem doubtful that Phars/Farrs were from "Pharnaces," if they are from Fier and/or Partheni elements (the second problem is, which one of the two are the Phars/Farrs from?). The best I can do to resolve the problem is to trace Pharnaces to a Partheni line in his Seleucid ancestry. The problem may actually be the solution.

Back to the Priors that came to mind as from Praetutii. Priors (Derbyshire) share scallops with Derbys for a trace to something at/near Derbe. Prayers (Cheshire) are also Paers, and in the colors of Peare's/Parls (Pierleoni suspects) who in-turn share the leopard heads of Parsons (drops). Prayers are said to be from Baddeley, and Baddeleys (Cheshire) look like they link to Babons/Bavents (Praet/Pratt colors), from Babon, son of Mummolin, and therefore grandson of Munderic...from Amyntes, who conquered Derbe. Babon-like Badon was a grandson of Mummolin.

Baddeleys share the boar head with Bradleys (had Derbyshire location), in red, the color of the Babon boar heads. I can see four or five reasons to trace Bradleys to Flavius Sabinus at Rieti, making them suspect with the "PRATius" motto term of Rieti. Babons share two red fesses with Ness'/Nessons so that Paers / Peare's / Parsons may be of Pharnaces elements. Yet while the Partheni were near the Selepitanoi and the neighboring Daorsi/Daversi, Babons (Sleep fesses?) were first found in Suffolk with Daorsi-line Davers.

Seleucids can be at least suspect as heavily from Partheni / Selepitanoi, but as the Seleucid king, Alexander Balas, is suspect from Epirus' Bullis, it's very interesting that Bullis' were first found in Suffolk too, and use the same star as Annas'/Arniss'. Note how Italian Ballas'/Balli's/Ballone's share the Sleep / Ness/Nesson fesses, and then Balloons (Suffolk!) share white estoiles with Balas' (one 'l') as well as a red rooster with Badcocks/Babcocks / Bibo's/Bible's. Compare Balas' with Pauls/Paulls'.

The Balas ermine spots (as with all ermine spots), in Pilate colors, could secretly be the Pilate arrow head with black roundels = pellets. Balloons (same fesse as Bradleys) use pellets. The Ermine surname (same place as Bradley) shares the red saltire with Praets/Pratts. I suggest that Bradleys were Praetutii liners by merged with Babon / Badon liners.

My SLEEPing bag dream had Dave MORLEY ride his motorbike around the sleeping bag, and this was discovered as God's code for Morleys/Mauls, because I walked into the mall after Morley drove away from me. The Morleys/Mauls (same place as Phars/Farrs) share the split Shield of Ballas'/Balli's. The other Morleys (Derbyshire) share the gold leopard head with Peare's/Parls, and Christine Peare was in the mall of that dream. The Bags share the Coat of Cocks, who are in the BABcocks/BADcocks, from a Babon-Badon mix of blood. Cock-like Chaucers use the split Ballas / Maul Shield as well as a two-colored bend looking linkable to the two-colored fesses of Ballas', which are half the Sleep fesses. In the dream, Morley rode in from the ROAD, and drove away from the road, and then the sister of Catherine Roet married Mr. Chaucer.

Tunnels/Tunno's use the split Morley/Maul Shield too, as well as the Zionist Roten / Reitman stars, while Christine Peare worked in an indoor mall at Reitmans. Tunnels/Tunno's were first found in Northumberland with Baileys and Baliols, and thus place is beside Westmorland, where Morlands were from that share the Morley symbol. Baliols are extremely important because the Scott write-up speaks on one Alexander, brother of a royal Baliol. Scotts are suspect with lake SCODra, home of Selepitanoi. This is a great reason to track Alexander Balas to Baliols / Baileys. Baliols use a reflection of the Coney / Mussel/Muscel Coats, and Penns (Penestae?), with a colors-reversed version of the Balloon fesse-with-pellets, share plates (roundels) with Mussels/Muscels.

Below, I tend to prove that Kenyons, with a version of the Baliol Coat, were Kennati liners to Coney-equivalent Cuneo. The Kennati loved Ajax, whom in myth was related to Achilles, and the latter was an Epirus entity beloved of Alexander "the great." The Seleucids formed as one of the four splinters from elite circles of Alexander "the great" monster. If the Baliol chevron were white, it would be the Alexander chevron. Both surnames share a sword as code for Siward of Northumberland.

Baileys are said to have been at Jerveswood, and Jerves'/Gerveys (Bellamy / Harvey fesse colors reversed) look like a branch of Harveys / Garveys / BELLAMys from the Arve river near Annecy. Balloons (Balance colors) are also BAALAMs. Did I just hear a donkey speak? Garveys use the double Perche chevrons (Ness symbol?) while Bellamys were at Perche, beside the Billets/Billiards of Maine who use that Bailey stars. Bellamys married Ferte-Mace, explaining why the Macey Shield is used (almost) by French Harveys.

ArNISSA has an ending like "MassiNISSA," and Masseys are in Arniss/Annas colors. Massinissa is my prediction for the founding of Maccabees. There is also the issue of the Margy variation of the Ayrshire Mackeys, for while Massinissa was of Numidia along with the Shawia (in the "shaw" motto term in the Arms of Ayrshire), the Picensii are stamped at/beside the MARGus river of Moesia, home of some MARs-line woodpeckers, right? The Pillars/Pilots share the lion of Sava's/Savage's as well as the latter's Pruit kin, perhaps another line of the Piceni tribe of PraeTUTii. Remember, Maschi's love king Pinnes', Teuta's son-in-law, and Maschi- / Cone-related Hamonds love the Totts while Tuts/Tute's share the Massey/Masse crescent. Jarves'/Jervis' (not Jerves') use one of the Perche / Garvey chevrons, in the colors and format of Kennedys.

I, a Masci liner, owned a Nissan, and English Nessons were at Neston of Cheshire, tending to prove that these Nesson use the Hamon Shield. Mythical Nestor was at Pylos of Messene.

I met Mrs. Deeter on the day I drove fresh into Texas for the summer season, on the day that police (probably the FBI) had a road-side crew concerning the finding of the body of Madalyn O'Hair. I drove past it. I didn't know what it was until asking Mrs. Deeter. Was that luck, or a message to someone out there, such as the hunters in the Order of Saint Hubertus? The killers of judge Scalia, who were in the sleeping bag of the dream, are hunters. The FBI was likely involved in Scalia's murder, for the government did not deem the killing as suspicious. The FBI crew was on the side of Mrs. Teague's ranch, though the body was found on her brother's Texas ranch (rented out to hunters). Scalia was killed in Texas when he went hunting with about 30 men from Saint Hubertus, on a ranch rented out to hunters.

Again, "Mandy" is likely from Munderic, father of MumMolin, and his ancestry was at Clermont-Ferrand, and while Teague's use "SumMUM," her maiden name was "Friend," like "Ferrand." It could appear that God set her up to marry Mr. Teague, or, if that's not correct, He put me together with her because both surnames show a trace between Tigranes Maccabee and Mummolin. But there is now reason to link the murderers of O'Hair to Saint Hubertus. My white-rabbit event at age nine was about the killers of Scalia, and that event pointed to Poindexters, while John B, Poindexter, a leading member of Saint Hubertus, owned the ranch where Scalia was murdered. Poindexter personally invited Scalia to come hunting at his ranch. God showed me that the white-rabbit event TOUCHed upon the Jarry/O'HARE surname. Hairincidence??? That's because the white rabbits were owned by JERRY Peterson, and because I TOUCHed a BRA while standing on his white-rabbit cage. Later, I found that Peter Peterson, head cheese of the Council on Foreign Relations, married Mrs. Cooney, by which time I had reported the white coney rabbits of Coneys many times. Months later, I discovered that the esquire helmet of Poindexters gets the white rabbit with Spanish Esquers. God is speaking to someone, hopefully to Christopher Wray. Scalia from his grave: help.

I am getting the impression that God sent me through Texas to help find Scalia's killers.

Recall the "Diem" motto term of Teague's (from the Herod line through Alexander Maccabee), for the Deeter-like Dittmayers/Diems. I've just noticed that the split-Shield of Diems/Dittmayers was seen in the last update, and, finding it, it turned out to be (in colors reversed) the one of Herod-like HERTzogs/HERzogs, who share blue wings with Here's/Hers, as well as with the Derbyshire Here's! It's smacking of Madalyn O'Hair! The Derbyshire Here's/Heyers are a branch of Eyers/Ayers, likely the ear-of-wheat line to which Negro's and Chappes' belonged. But while the sleeping-bag dream signalled that a Morley element killed Scalia, so I can add that Morleys were first found in Derbyshire too. Since pegging the Morleys, I've moved onto Morinis' and same-colored Morelli's. Morells were first found in Northumberland with Baileys / Baliols, and while the road that Dave Morley drove away on is suspect with the Roads, they can be using the Balance eagle.

The CLEVEland location of Baliols can suggest a Glaphyra-line link to proto-Baliols.

The "tree trunk sprouting afresh" of Here's/Heyers is often called a tree stump, and Stumps (Sussex again) can be gleaned with a version of the Teague / Touque's/Tuck Coats (Agrippa-suspect griffins). There must be a reason that Here's use "trunk" instead of "stump." While Hertzogs were first found in Bavaria, God showed me by a special act concerning some tree trunks that the Trunk surname (bull heads, and probably the Zionist stars of the Bavarian WEIS') is integral with the Bavarian Illuminati (founded by Adam WEIShaupt). Tree's/True's are absolutely linkable to Herod Archelaus by way other than the Tree's sharing the feathered helmet on a coin of Herod Archelaus.

Why is the trunk sprouting afresh? There is a Fresh/Frisch Coat said to use a grape vine, and while there was a grape vine on the other side of the same coin, Grape's come up as Gripps (must be from Herod Agrippa), evoking my vice-grips that you will see below, part of my getting mugged by the Negro. Why do Deeters use grape's? Their Teter variation can be for lake-Tatta liners, for lake Tatta is at the Cappadocia theater (Lycaonia to be exact, depicted anciently by a wolf, a Mandy symbol), and near Derbe. While Mandys are expected to be Mount/Mound liners, the Deeter dog is on a mount. The "BUNCH of grape's" of Deeters must be for Bunch's too, beloved by the "bunch of cherries" of the Derbyshire Froggits.

Bunch's are in the colors and format of Farms/Farmers, and Bunch's even share the fleur as Phars/Farrs. Bunch's were first found in PERTHshire. While Perta was on the shore of lake Tatta, my fence post received a patent applied for by a patent-registration agent with a Parsons surname, which might be a branch of Perta-like Partons. The latter were first found in Cumberland with Bernice's ("PerSEVERantia"), suspect with Bernice Agrippa. "Parsons" bring the Parrs to mind, who are loved by Maness'/Manners, a branch of Mens' that share the Shield of Partons. Parsons share the gold leopard face with Coverts/Cofferts (Curtus-line Maccabees), while an emailer, Miss Covert, was married to, or gave appearances of being married to, Mr. Maness...whose surname is suspect with Maeonians on a Maeander (like "Mandy") river not very far from Hasmonean-suspect Akmonia, home of SEVERus Bassus, the descendant of Froggit-based Brogitarus. The latter is suspect with BROKE's/Brocks while my patent agent was a BROKER. Expect Amyntes to be so-named for being from Maeonians on the Maeander.

I would not have known Froggits if not for CATHY Froggit, whom I saw (not as a girlfriend) for two months only when attending a new school for that duration only. That's where I met Dennis, who turned out to be a virtual neighbor and long-time friend, and he, like Dionysus, was a wild man. He stole a new Mustang off the lot at age 13, the year I met him. The Dennis surname is said to be from Dionysus, and he was the priest of Cybele, wife of Atti(s), code for the Hatti. I'm telling this because Brogitarus was the priest of Cybele too, and because CATHY (and Catt-liners) is suspect with "Hatti."

Keeping in mind that Nissans use the double fesses of Parrs, let's go to Swedish Persons sharing the rose of Bayers, for while Bayers use a "Stet" motto term, State's/Stathams share red-on-white lozenges with Bunch's. While Bunch's were suspect as a branch of Bush's, the STEThams (not Stathams) use a version of the English Bush Coat as per when it showed a red fesse. AND, the Stetham Coat is a reflection of the Pont / Ponder Coat! The Pont fesse, by the way, is one of the two Nice/Ness/Nesson fesses, a compelling reason to trace Ponts to Nysa of the Pontus.

One Bunt surname uses Pilate-like palets (= multiple pale bars). The other Bunts/Bontings use a rare "vergettes" symbol looking like it loves the Geddes' / Gettes'. If the latter are a branch of Seats/Cedes' (two palets in the colors of the two Parr fesses), then the seated Furnace dog can apply to a Pharnaces-line merger with Cetis elements. We can understand why the two Parr fesses can be the Ness/Nesson fesses in someone else's colors.

The Teague Crest is the Mandy wolf head in brown, and the roadside police were along the large ranch of Mrs. Teague, the owner of the property I had purchased. It just appears that God set me up for this thing, to write about it. It's all I can do. I don't feel commissioned or compelled to do anything else. Action needs to come from readers. Note that Wrays ("juste") share the Shield of Morinis' and Morelli's. Is this a signal that Christopher Wray will catch Scalia's killers? On the night after I was mugged by the Negro, I drove up the Leakey road from Uvalde, about 20 minutes, until I saw a political sign asking the public to vote for Mr. Moreno (Spanish / Mexican surname). How do I remember this little detail? I disliked that region for land purchases, and turned around. But I am now convinced that Leakey was code for a WikiLeaks situation yet to come forth. Anyone who knows the killer of Scalia can report it at anytime to WikiLeaks. This is why the NSA needs to spy more than ever now, because, with each political killing in this miserable and wicked generation, threats increase to the killers.

Wrays were at Wrey in MORATIN-Hamstead, and Moreno's are listed with Moratins! Can you believe this? I didn't know it consciously until after writing the paragraph above. HAMsteads (same place as Coverts/Cofferts) look like a merger with Washingtons, but instead of the Ness/Nesson fesses used by Washingtons (same place as Christophers), it's the single Covert/Coffert fesse. In the Wray Chief, the Covert/Coffert martlets in colors reversed. AMAZING. Coverts were from Curtus Maccabee while Hams and Hammers are kin of MacAbee's. Kennati-like Kentons (same place as double-fesse Babons) use two fesses too, in the colors of Kenyons (same place as Washingtons), and were first found in the same place as Cantwells/Kentwells/CANDLE's, the latter being in the Kyle candleSTICKS, part-code for Sticks, a branch of the Sithech term of Seths/Shaws. Annas' father was Seth.

With Ness'/Nessons suspect with priest Annas' name, it should be added that the Washington Coat is that of Cantons in colors reversed, meaning that Cantons, who share the Annas star, use the two Ness/Nesson fesses in colors reversed. As the CANTon fesses are white, as are the two of Moronis', see that Morinis' are in the write-up of the KENT Deerings. Cantons were first found in the same place as Phars/Farrs.

In the first minute of meeting Mandy, I mentioned Mrs. Teague to her, though not because the FBI was setting things up on the edge of Mrs. Teague's ranch. The Deeters sure look like Ditts and Dittmayers. There is the coincidence that her husband, Mr. Deeter, worked for BP down in Houston, while Mr. Maness lived near Houston and, according to Mrs. Covert (who went by Mrs. Maness too), Mr. Maness flew BP employees (with his helicopter) out to oil rigs in the gulf of Mexico. This appears to be informing us that Mandys were Maness liners, and Maness' love the Parrs (Morinis fesses colors reversed), now highly suspect as a Pharnaces line. The Maness/Manner fesses are in the colors of the Court/Covert pale bars. I asked Mandy, on that first day, for COFFEE together. I can imagine flights or oil ships out to sea advantageously from Galveston.

When I was mugged in Galveston (surrounded by the Gulf of Mexico), it's because Someone put it into my mind to go see the ocean, no other reason. The day after the mugging, I stopped in Victoria to get coffee, which turned out to be code for Coffee's/COFFERs with a "victoria" motto term, suggesting possibly that Mr. Maness (has an old Texas address near Galveston) had something to do with the Victoria location. The mugging caused me to check into a motel for the rest of the night, and while Coffee's/Coffers use the naked rider on a dolphin in the Arms of Taranto, Motels, sharing the rider with horse and feathered helmet of Caffers, were first found in Taranto. You can't dream up a suspense thriller better than this. What has God been up to with me? It can't be a small thing. I've suffered dearly with many of the situations He's put me through, just so that readers don't start to think that my life under His direction (no credit to me) was a piece of cake and eat it too.

Go ahead and load the Coffee's, to see their green dolphin, which is what the Hammer / Donnel dolphins would be in colors reversed. Why do Coffee's/Coffers use "A MAN riding a green dolphin"? We should ask Maness/Manner / Mandy kin. In fact, German Mans are listed with Manners, and Scottish Mans use a "staBILIS" motto term part-suspect with Stobi > Stubb liners. Stubbings (Treeby besants) are said to be named after tree stumps, but this is incorrect. Instead, they are from Paionia's Stobi, and Stumps can simply be Stobi liners. Stubbs/Stops were first found in the same place as Ditts/Diots.

Tigranes (king of Armenia, thanks to Augustus) was the husband of pick-UP-suspect Opgalli, and Teague's/Teegers use an "OPtem" motto term as additional proof of descent from Tigranes. I can suspect that God arranged many heraldic symbols over the centuries to make my work easier and more sound to the reader. I am sure that OpTEM-suspect Timms/Time's are Timna-line Edomites, and Herods are known Edomites. "OpTEM" can be part-code for a branch of Diems who bring up DITTmayers (same place as Teege's/Teggers/Teegers), because Ditts/Diots use a TIGER. "Diem" is in the Teague/Teeger motto, you see. Motto terms are almost-always codes for marital kin. The Ditts use a stripeless tiger, as you can verify here:

A stripeless tiger is used by Maybe's, suspect with Mopps/Maberleys who happen to share the two fesses of Ness'/Nessons. Mopps are suspect with mythical Mopsus, also called, Muksus, at Mokissos (Halys) on the north side of lake Tatta. The Nimo's/NemMOKE's/NemMOCKs, I kid you not, first found in the same place as Chappes', use the Phar/Farr saltire in colors reversed. In the Mopps/Maberley Crest, a WEIGHT scale, and Scale's share the Capes scallops and the Caen Crest. Another Tatta liner should be the Twiggs/Twitch's that use the dancette of Tottens. Twiggs/Twitch's use a squire's helmet, and while Poindexters use an esquire's helmet, Poindexters are said to be from the Caen area. As the white rabbit alluded to in the Poindexter Crest is a Cuneo liner, Caens were probably a branch of the namers of Cuneo.

The other Maberleys/Mapperlys (Nottinghamshire, same as Mamesfelde of MANfields, share Tickhill sleeve) use a reflection of the Plunkett / Brace/Bras Coats, and Plancia Magna, a descendant of Glaphyra and Alexander, is the ancestry of Plunketts, for a fact; the Claver tower told me so. While Clavers use a form of the Coney Coat, that's why Brace's/Bras' (HEREfordshire) should be lumped in with Plunketts. The Coney Coat is a good reflection of the Kenyon Coat (same place as Seats/CEDES"), and while Laughtons/Lautons are said to have created the Kenyon surname, Kennedys love the Lafins/La Fonts, thus tending to identify Coneys -- and therefore Cuneo -- as a line from the Kennati priests of Cetis. Kenyons use a "MAGNAnimiter" motto term.

To clinch Laughtons with Lafins, the Kenyon Hall is said to have been owned by the earl of Wilton, while Wiltons share the Kennedy chevron (in colors reversed) and black fitchees. There I have reason to claim as a fact that Cuneo was named by a line of Kennati stupids (worshiped mythical Ajax the zero, a fantasy).

I can't recall off-hand if Plancia was Opgalli's descendant too, but they were at least cousins. Maberleys/Mapperlys (same place as Tye's/TIGHs) use the Julian / Gully and Teague crosslets in colors reversed (actually, Teague's use some in the same colors), and we saw that the stripeless tiger is also of the Teague kin of Diems/DittMAYERs. French Mayers/Majors/Mayouds (could be the ones in the Geddes motto) use a reflection of the Irish Farmers (includes red lion heads). The Mayoud variation, for example, suggests that Mayers/Majors are using Maid colors and the Maid lion. The problem is, Maids are also Mauds/Molds, hard to figure out what they were from. They share bars gemel with Wassa's and Monmouths. In the Maid/Mold Crest, on the red lion head there (color of the Farmer /Mayer lion head), there is a white fitchee, in both colors of the Mopps/Maberley fitchee (both surnames first in Cheshire with Mare's/Mayers'). It looks evident that Dittmayers were a Ditt/Diot merger with Mayers/Majors, suggesting that MAYne's may have had some close Mayer blood. As Mare's/Mayers' (MacDonald ship) are suspect in the MacDonald motto, it appears that the red MacDonald fitchee is the Maid / Maberley fitchee in colors reversed.

There is a Mapp/Mabson surname (LANCashire, same as Washingtons) not showing a Coat but having a write-up, which is the case also for a Tiger surname. As Kenyons and Seats/Cedes; were likewise first found in Lancashire, the discussion at hand is telling me that Kennati liners were especially at Bra, in Langhe.

The Maybe's look like they use aspects of the Cetin Coat (suspect with QuadraTILLA as per the Cetina = Tilurius river), and both Cetins and Mopps/Maberleys use a fitchee cross within a canton square. Cantons (Kennedy / Cantwell branch?) are obvious kin of Washingtons, and the latter use the double fesses of Ness'/Nessons and Mopps/Maberleys too. Suddenly, we would like to know how close proto-Washingtons were to Pharnaces / Nysa. The proto-Washington Wassa's (another canton) are also Gace's while Gace is on the TOUQUES river i.e. looking like that river was named from a Tigranes line to a Teague branch. The Cetin cats are in the colors of the stripeless Maybe tiger, we get it. It's a Tigranes trace to Quadratilla of Cetis four generations after himself.

A stripeless tiger can indicate a Stripe-like surname ("white bird") such as Stirrups, first found in the same place as Maberleys/Mapperleys. The same theme is used by French Masseys with a "tree without leaves," and Nottinghamshire was home to Ticino/Tessin liners (Tye's/TIGHs/Tease's) while Laevi lived on the Ticino/Tessin river. It makes the namers of the Ticino suspect with Teague liners. "Laevi" is spelled like "LAEVillus, Quadratilla's husband.

From what other historian will you learn these things? God is your better historian with only ten years to teach me bloodline origins. What would 20 people know after ten more years of concentration on these methods He's taught me? God's people excel over the atheist stupids by leaps and bounds. The atheist stupids are bringing the world to a screeching halt even while they have advanced heavily in knowledge. It means that their wickedness trumps their knowledge...because they will use their learning to act wickedly. There is no history that He has not had some say with. He touches everything at all times. Not an electron can move without His knowing it. He is not removed from the Creation, but upholds it. You should not imagine God over there but not over there.

When God impressed me with Mamie's beautiful THIGHs the day after she chose to be my girl (who really chose this for me, she or God?), God was setting things up as per the Mamesfelde location of Mansfields (suspect with the Mame/Meme variations of the Mens'), in Nottinghamshire along with Annas'/Arniss' and THYS'/Tighs/Tease's (Annas star). Is it accurate to say that she was teasing me the night before, when she allowed me to sleep in her sleeping bag, yet, when I hugged her, she refused, turned around, and let me sleep facing her back (with an arm around her waist).

The next morning, we WADEd in the lake, and while Wade's use a version of the Crozier Coat, the Crozier Coat is from the Arms of Chalons-sur-Marne, where MUMmolin lived who's suspect also in the "SumMUM" motto term of Teague's. French Croziers were first found in Auvergne, location of Clermont-Ferrand, where Decimus Rusticus of Lyon lived. Tysons/Tessons, like the Tessin river, share the Lyon lion. So, you see, God, a genius, set Mamie up in my life to indicate Mummolin elements from Annas.

Who can rule the world better that God? Yet, atheists, stupids, and Masons, more stupid, wish to hold the future's destiny in their own hands, with exotic spyware and all the intrigues of a government mafia. Where will this crash, is the only question.

Tye's/Tease's/TIGHs are said to be from Mousehole (Cornwall), also called, Port ENYS, and Annas term if ever we saw it. We can now ask whether Mousehole was a Mousquette branch, for Mousquette's (same place as double-fesse Babons) share the Ness/Nesson fesses and the Farmer lion heads. The Cornwall Enys' (almost the Annas Shield-Chief combo) share the boar head with Babons, and Anys' are with the Anne's/Hanne's of TICKhill. Tickhills share the maunch sleeve with Mansfields and Phars/Farrs (same place as Tickhills).

Mandy's daughter, Carol, as a surname, should be for Carolingians, who became the Capetians. The latter were called, Robertians, and Mandys son was, Robert. Amazing. Mandys may be using the German-Caplan Shield. Amazingly, the third partner with the Pillar Post (before meeting Mandy) was Charles, a surname linkable to Carols, the name of Mandy's daughter.

Spanish Capets (share crown with Martels = founders of Carolingians from CHARLES Martel) use the vertically-split Shield of VOLKs/Folke's, in colors reversed from the same of Belgian Flecks. Brays/Brae's love the Flacks/Flecks, first found in the same place as Volks/Fulke's, no coincidence. It just so happens that while Flacks/Flecks use a version of the Palmer/Parmer Coat (both surnames in the same place), the Piceni tribes included Palmiensi and Praetutii suspect with Bray-like Prays. Wow. The Prays/PRATors (Coney Shield colors), first found in the same place as Coneys, have wolf heads in the colors of the Coney / Conn rabbits, and Irish Prays use palets (pale bars) in the colors of the two, pale-bar-like columns of Pelosi's, first found beside Bra (Langhe). Irish Prays share six pale bars with Longfords, Langfords, Langleys and Landers. It appears that the mysterious origins of Bra were in the Praetutii, and the Piceni.

Bray-like Barrys use another wolf head (of Fiddle's), and almost the six bars of Prays. The Fiddle's (in the Barry motto) were first found in the same place as Michaels, one branch of which is in Pray/Prater colors, and another branch of which shares three gold scallops with Prayers. The only reasons that Michaels were looked up is because I know them to be looking like Meschin kin, because Coneys use a version of the Meschin / Muscel Coats, and because I know them to be first found in Surrey with Fiddle's. It seems a "lucky" strike, therefore, to find them lining up well with Prays liners.

The third Michael surname (Bohemia, location of column-liner Franks) has a Coat like Jerves' (shovel blades), and Shovels have a reflection of the Palm/Parm Coat, perfect as per the Palmiensi, fellow tribe of Praetutii! Blade's use the saltire of English / Scottish Franks, and share the white pheon with Pilate's while the Pelosi's/Pilati's were first found beside Bra. Incredible. Surrey is where KilPatrick-merged Shere's were first found, and Schore's use another column. As the Boii founders of Bohemia were in Modena, the German Michaels may be with a version of the Casano/Cassandra Coat. KilPatricks trace to a city that I say was named as per Antipater, Cassander's father.

Shovels/Shoulers are suspect as a branch of Scholefields and Schole's/Scayle's (explains the scallops), the latter using lozenges in the colors of the Apps lozenges while the Apps scallops are also those or Prayer-branch Priors/PRYers. We now have some clue as per who Michaels may have been named from.

With Mandy wanting to market the Pillar Post, I spent months building a new machine to make some posts to show around, and we tested the product with an engineer on site, but when Mandy failed to sell the posts to local lumber yards, we canceled the project. I was in the midst of changing churches at that time, and attended a new one where Miss Hicks happened to be going too, as a newbie. I didn't know it when I decided to attend. The surname of the pastor at that Church uses a version of the KilPatrick Coat.

God Uses Joel Without His Knowing

I'm still trying to figure out the connection between the Pillar Post, New Orleans, and the Nissan-Galveston event. I have been focusing on Pontius Pilate as per Pillars/Pilots (same place as Coneys), because I had suspected him from Pontus elements, and here the Nissan has proven to be code for Nysa of the Pontus. I suppose this may be intended to indicate Nancy Pelosi too, to show that Democrat congressmen are now led by a Pontius-Pilate liner. And, by the way, Pilote's come up as Pilots too. By some coincidences or not, Mr. Maness is Michael, and he was (may still be) a pilot of a heliCOPter while Pillers/Pilotte's and Pellets (same place as Coverts) use cups as code for Cups/COPE's / COPPS. Coffee's/Coffers use cups too. What's going on? Mr. KilPatrick has it on his obituary that he was a pilot. He lived in BAYtown, and Bays use double fesses in colors reversed from the double Maness fesses. Bays were first found in COLchester, a city from the COLAPis river, which traces to the Colp/Culp variation of Cups/Cope's because the Colapis was also the Kupa. Did God arrange Mr. Kilpatrick in Baytown to disclose this connection, looking like a Pontius-Pilate connection to the Caepio's that I trace to the Kupa? That term was suspect from Cuppae, in the land of the Picensii, more or less. And we just saw Michael's tracing to Picensii.

Moreover, it seemed that the Bohemian Michaels use a version of the Jerves Coat, a term like "Gaveston," whose giant fleur (same as Busch fleur) in Pilate colors can trace them to pillar-using Bosco's. It's giving me the impression that Galveston and Michael Maness / BP (British Petroleum) go together for some unknown reason with New Orleans. My first job ever was at a BP station. There is a Jarre/Jarry surname (doesn't come up when entering "Jarry") that uses a giant boar head in the colors of the Bush boars.

Mrs. Covert and Michael Maness (with helicopter) were involved together in Haiti-earthquake relief; perhaps he also did the New-Orleans hurricane relief. I imagine he offered to fly victims out of the disaster area(s). There is an entire money-grab scandal on Haiti relief where both George Bush and Bill Clinton were involved, and perhaps some grabbing had been conducted smoothly in New Orleans too. I know that Mrs. Covert was involved with Haiti because she was raising money for it, and received $200 from me. I was on her mailing list for Haiti updates.

Mrs. Covert has a son, Michael, and another son, Jeffrey, the name also of his father. Did God set that up? Jeffreys (like Jeevers variation of Gavestons) are the first surname I discovered with a small cloud over a sun, exactly like the small cloud over the sun that gave me a bad feeling of some impending doom, hours before reaching Galveston. Later, and only weeks ago, I discovered another small cloud over a sun in the Lease surname, checked only because it was the middle name of Donna Brazile.

There's a Jeeve's surname like the Jeevers variation of Gavestons, and perhaps Jerves' and Jarvis' developed into Jeeves liners. Recalling that Galves' linked well to Italian Simons, by what coincidence do Jewish Simons share the red fox with Jarrys/Hare's? The latter even use a "garbh" motto term that can link to Garveys, suspect with the Gervey variation of Jerves'. Garbs are also Garbee's. Jarvis' were from Mabon (Cornwall), and there is a Mabon surname (Cornwall) using a fetterlock while Fetters use a giant sun feasibly related to my sun-cloud omen.

I remember the name of the BP employer who hired me. He was in our home when we set up the job. He was Tony Campania, and, much later, Mr. SIMONE became my landlord, who owned a Geeve's-like Jeep that I now own. Mr. Simone was from Italy's Campania. It's where the Epirotes of Aulon/Avlona passed as they became the Dol Alans. As I said, I put a PLOW on this Jeep to do my longish driveway, and Plows use the same fleur-de-lys as Gavestons/Geevers and Dole's. Amazingly, Plow-like Pillows are listed with Pilotte's/Pilots. Is God's message here that the Seleucids through Pharnaces and/or Alexander Balas passed through proto-Alans of Epirus, as well as through the veins of PONTius Pilate?? It could appear that God wants to make a BP link to Galveston while providing evidence that Jeep-like surnames were Galveston liners such as Simons.

Now look at this. I pumped gas at the BP station, and French Gas' share the French-Alan Chief while showing most their variations starting with "Gar," like the Dol Jarre's/Jarrys. The Garson variation recalled the Garners/Corners with the Plow / Dole / Gaveston fleur too. Garners are said to have been GARDners, and lake Garda is at Val Trompia while Tromps use the acorn = Maccabee liners. It could appear again that I was pumping BP gas for God to make a BP link to Galveston. I'm reading, "4 BP Jobs available in Galveston, TX." Miss Covert was fuming over the BP oil spill off the Galveston coast, but is that what this discussion is in-particular about? Maybe not.

I can now add that while Jeeve's show a black saltire in a white canton, the description website tells that they use a gold saltire in a red canton, making it the Phar/Farr saltire. The red canton of Maberleys is coming to mind.

The omen occurred not long after crossing into Texas, and while memory fails me as to where exactly I crossed, I've had the sense over the years that it was from Louisiana, though I do not think I went through New Orleans. Checking the road maps now, the shortest route to Mexico, where I was headed, does not suggest that I drove though Louisiana at all. I may stand corrected on that one. Checking the Mississippi ferries, and judging by the shortest route to Mexico from the north-east of that river, it appears that I crossed the Mississippi more like at Greenville, Mississippi, which, hmm, would take me through Alexandria. I've checked the Greenville surname to find the organ rests of Arthurs, which double as clarions that Arthurs of Clapton shared with Hicks'. That makes sense because the Texas adventure was much about Miss Hicks. In fact, CLAPtons are suspect along with Clubs (share fish with Hykes'/Hake's) from Glaphyra, wife of Alexander. Moreover, the Hykes'/Hacks (not the Hykes'/Hake's), first found beside the Jarvis', share black scallops with Jarves'.

Moreover, Organs share the lizard and trefoil with Jarrys/O'Hare's and Corrigans. ORGAN / Corrigans are suspect with Maccabees at ORNE, and organ-pipe Letts/Late's share the Phar/Farr saltire. Kuman in Fier county traces to Comyns with a Corrigan-like "Courage" motto. Pipe's and Pepins use a camel suspect with the Maccabee center of Gamala. German Camels (Bohemia) share the gold griffin of Annandale's, who in-turn use the Lett Shield-Chief colors in reverse, and the Annandale saltire is also that of the Bohemian Franks. The sword in the Corrigan Crest is of the design of the Moch / Garner/Corner sword.

As Welsh Jeffreys use the same lion as Pillars/Pilots (and Palins), it's conspicuous that "Jeffrey" is like "Geevers/Jeevers/Geffer," all three variations of Gavestons. It appears that God gave that specific omen to indicate Jeffrey liners for some reason linking to the Nissan. As was said, the KEYs to the Nissan were central to the fulfillment of the omen, and they were in my running shoes while Runnings/Ronnys are expected with Ronalds/MacDonalds, kin of Alexanders. I may have been near Alexandria when the omen occurred. Jarvis' were of Mabon, and Mabons not only use the fetterlock for sun-liner Fetters, but a KEY.

Ronnys/Runnings share the white, wavy fesse with Dols, and Jarre's/Jarrys are said to be from Dol. The Running/Ronny fesse is colors reversed from the Brittany JORdans/Jourde's, and English Jordans happen to use the gold-on-blue crosslets of Bays, making the Brittany Jordans (share red fesse with Alans) suspect with the Bayer rose. In any case, I can glean that the Jordan crosslets are those of Gore's because French Gore's/JORE's are Alan-of-Dol kin. Therefore, we now have the complication of Jarry / Jarvis liners looking like branches of Gore's (I don't need this today). Gore's were of mythical GorLOIS of Cornwall, where Jarvis' were first found, and Lois' of Artois smack of Louis liners that named Louisiana. The Brittany Helens have a HERVE character, applicable to Jerves variations.

While Jerves' use shovels while Shovels are shoe-like Shoulers/Showlers, they share the same fleur as SHOElers/Schulers. I've got to remind that Shoe's use a KNIGHT issuing at the knees while Knee's use the Leak bend while Miss Hicks married a man with surname from the Nith, where Knights trace along with Childs (same place as Shoulers/Showlers), who are evident in the Shouler/Showler Coat. Childs is the surname of the house owner of a Dallas-area home to which Miss Hicks moved after knowing me. Childs and Clapton-like Clubs can both be traced to the Nith.

By some act of God or not, Wikipedia's article on Donna tells that her ancestors were Braswells/Bracewells, who use a girdle in Crest, which makes me realize why God had to involve a bra in this story. Braswells even use two chevrons in the colors of the two fesses of Morinis'. Girtle's have at least one variation suggesting Courts/Coverts, who share six pale bars with the Bra / Langhe liners crossed shortly above.

Recalling that Parrs (beloved of Maness') use the Morinis' fesses in colors reversed, let's re-mention the Parr Crest with Shovels/SHOULers in view: "A woman's head and shoulders..." There's a question on whether Parrs can be a Bra branch, but, in any case, "Shoulder" is expected as code for Schultz's, and it just so happens that Donna Brazile was made the head of the Democratic National Committee when Debbie Schultz was forced to resign thanks to damning WikiLeaks information.

When driving to Parry Sound, Joel's white Rabbit passed through BRACEbridge, and there is a Bracebridge/Brasbridge surname suspect with the Shield of English CHAMPagne's and Beachams/BeauCHAMPs. The latter are included because Champagne's and Brasbridge's use the Beach/Beech vair fur in black. The Beach's are said to be from COKEnach, suspect with Cocks because the Beach Coat is almost the Cock Shield. Beach's were also at a Langley location, meaning that, if Brasbridge's can be connected to Beach liners, we can trace Brasbridge's to Langhe and Bra. This is amazing simply because a white Rabbit drove through Bracebridge, the owner of which was later the author of the Donna Brazile link to this discussion. It intrigues me.

Repeat: "Amazingly, the third partner with the Pillar Post (before meeting Mandy) was Charles, a surname linkable to Carols, the name of Mandy's daughter. " Again, Mandy's husband in Houston worked for BP. And here we are on the Champagne's, who were Campania elements, recalling Tony Campania of BP. It's a riddle I can't yet grasp the solution to.

This partnership with Frank and Charles was back in about 1990, when Joel was a child of about five years old; there were never any connections between them. Yet, Charles' son is now the boss of Joel, a huge coincidence. The Pillar Post had proven to be about Donna Brazile's Louisiana elements in some vague connection to my Galveston event, and while Joel was unrelated to the Pillar Post, he ended up working for the son of one of the partners at the time that he purchased his Rabbit.

Brasbridge's are said to be from Peter de Bracebridge (Lincolnshire, same as white-rabbit Coneys), who married a woman descended (through Ardens) from the last Saxon earl of Warwick. Beachams are said to be from Mr. Beauchamp, earl of Warwick. It can appear thus appear that Beachams were a Beach branch but merged with Champagne elements. Bracebridge's have a staff in Crest while Staffs share the swan in Crest with Beachams and Volleys/Velis'. "Volley" brings up two surnames, the Wills too with a motto, "As God wills." "Be as God will" is the Bracebridge motto. Not many days after purchasing the white Rabbit, Joel with a Brazilian went to Poland to cover European volleyball, and Volleys/Velis' are a branch of Julians suspect with the Jule variation of Joel's/Jewells. Do we see how neat / tidy that is? And as per TONY Campania, Italian Tonys use a flower in the colors of the gillyflowers of Joel's/Jule's/Jewels. Remember little Tony, who bought a jewel for little Andrea.

If we ever think that the Smith anvils are only a symbol of metal smiths, the Beachams have a d'Anville surname in their write-up. Anville's/Hanville's/HANDville's (feasibly an Annas liner) look like they can link to the Irish Hands/GLAVINs because Irish Smiths ("TeneBRAS exPELLIT") are listed with GAVINs (dagger).

This is a good place to remind that Bracks/Brachens use the same fesse as Coneys and Conns. On their fesse, Bracks/Brachens put a dog that's often called a talbot, and then Bracebridge's were first found in the same place as Lucy Taillebois, wife of the first-known Meschin, son of BRIQUESsart from Orne, a region depicted by the horns of Bracks/Brachens (and the Smith heron). The other Bracks are with Bray-beloved Breakers/Brechs. So, when Joel drove through Bracebridge with his new white Rabbit, he was going through a Bra liner from Cuneo. He had picked up a Masci liner, and the two proceeded to Parry Sound. The Parrys happen to use the Brick lozenges, and Bricks use the Massey fleur. The Brick lozenges are in colors reversed with Brix's/Brests/Brice's, probably a branch of Breeze's/Brice's. Believe it or not.

I've just checked Seguins (Segni branch?) because we went to Parry Sound through Seguin, which is where Mr. Simone lives (or lived) who sold me the Jeep. Sequins (LANGUEdoc, same as Cotta's and Julians) use a version of the French-Julian Chief, and add a white "bird" that is probably a gull! It's amazing. The chances for these thing to pan out like this are small, unless Someone is guiding events in my life to fit surname to surname. It's probably called a bird because Birds use the martlet of Julian-related French Alans as well as six bends in the colors of the six pale bars of German Julians. By now we know that six pale bars trace to Langhe elements.

Parrys had a Conwy area of Wales, and while I don't know Welsh pronunciation, that looks like a Coney element. Parrys share the Brick lozenges, and Brays love Brecks/Breakers, and then Breconshire in Wales has Arms looking much like the Baliol Coat. The three Baliol / Breconshire swords are in the colors of the three unicorn heads of Hedds (same place as Chads), checked as per the "hedd" motto term of the Breconshire Arms.

When Joel drove past the highway that goes to Shakle street, we had to turn around. As he pulled over, he put / left his blinker on while looking at a map. I noticed the speed of the blinker was exactly in-step with the steps taken by a sea gull in the parking lot. And I pointed this out to him. I didn't realize until considering this now [written last update], that the Gull surname shares the Julians bars, and Gullys share the Julian cross and a "sine" motto term with Gulls. Joel is witness to the gull and the blinker. That's how things work in this revelation. Believe it or not. God has dominion, and no one can touch Him, except by love for Him.

There's more for Joel to contemplate. The Blinkers are listed with BLANCHards, while English Blanks...share a giant and white CINQUEefoil with Flowers, while Joel's/Jule's use gillyFLOWERS. God wants Joel to look at this. Flowers are said suggestively to be Fletchers, and they have variations like those of Bray-beloved Flacks/Flecks....

The above was written in the last update before coming to Mopps/Maberleys and Maberleys/MAPPerleys in this update. Joel was looking at a MAP when the gull stepped along to the tune of the blinker. Amazingly, Gillys use the fitchee in a canton all in the colors of the same of Mopps/Maberleys. Maberleys/Mapperleys use the Gully / Julian crosslets in colors reversed. It's verification that God is in all of this, moving us without our knowing. How does he do that?

There is an Orme term online said to be from then line of Ivo Taillebois (same place as Ormesbys) , and thus Orme liners are expected as Orne's. Omen-suspect Omans (CLEVE colors and format) are ORMandys/Ormundys too, perhaps a branch of one or more Norman surnames. English Normans were first found in the same place as Omans/Ormans, and use Cleve colors. Ormesby is a Yorkshire location inhabited by CLEVElands, and while Meschins of Orne married Taillebois, Clavers/Cleavers (KEY) use Meschin colors and format. Ormesbys ("QUI", possibly the Nissan bend) are said to be from BAYeux, location of Orne. Bayou's are with French Bays. Bayeux was founded by BAOIcasses, and God may have placed Miss Hicks in BAYtown because Hyksos are expected to follow Meschin liners around. Ormesby is in Yorkshire with the first-known Hicks (in Ormesby colors). Clevelands use "Semel" while Smells/Smileys (sinister buckle) share the white crescent with Bayou's/Bays. It appears that we have just witnessed the line of Glaphyra, with her Maccabee husband (Alexander), to Orne. In fact, Alexanders use the white crescent too, not to mention that they are almost in Oman/Orman colors and format while I may have seen the omen near Alexandria.

I would get out of the Nissan on a ramp overlooking Baytown, and take a leak there. Again, Orne is suspect with the Orion / Uranus urine line, and it you load Leaks (same place as Ormesbys, probably the Tailbois Chief-Shield), you will find a leg bent at the knee, symbol also of Ormesbys. I can't make this stuff up. Roger, in the Ormesby write-up, made a grant to OSNey abbey, and Osneys, like the Osmond variation of Omans/Ormans, use the Oman/Ormond fesse in colors reversed. Why was he DONNY Osmond? It appears that the omen was partly for the cause of this discussion, yet, so far, the discussion isn't speaking to the sun and cloud in the omen.

The Hoseny variation of Osneys must be a branch of Hose's/Husabie's that use legs bent at the knees. Hose's were first found in the same place as Dexters who in-turn share the double chevrons of Hucks (colors of the double-Parr bars), which are blue, the colors of the chevrons of Husabie-like HUCKaby's...probably a line of Hyksos, right?

Ask whether the red lion head of Hose's is the Farmer lion head for a trace to Pharnaces, and while his ancestry is suspect with Bullis, ask whether the Ouse variation of Hose's is from the Aous river, location of Bullis. Bullis' were first found in the same place (Suffolk) as Orman-suspect Normans and Omans/Ormans. Hose's are said to be of the Tonys/Tosnys of Leicester, yet originally from Noyers (Eure), which explains why the Noyer eagle is in use with the English Ormes surname. Noyers were first found in Burgundy with French Ormes' (Forez), and Scottish Normans use blue billets, which is what the billets of BESANcons/Bassets (Forez) would be in colors reversed, thus tending to prove that Besancons were of the Bessin at Orne. The three fesses of English Bassets (= Drummond fesses) are in the colors of the three of the other English Normans. Drummonds were first found in Perthshire, named after the same of the Perdrix peak of Mont Pilat, which is itself beside Forez.

What's in a Furnace?

I've snipped out a piece here from the last update on Tilurius liners of the Avitus kind from the ancestry of Deerings. But I'd like to keep the following here: Why did the Hicks dream have a BRITISH bulldog? Partly for Bullis, I have resolved. And there is a BRITish surname (same place as Deerings) with variations that can be from Bratia, indicating a Bullis merger with Tilurius liners.

I came to run a TILE store. Tile's / Tillers can be gleaned as Avitus-Tilurius liners. I purchased a kiln, a type of furnace, to fire decorative designs on wall tiles. About a year after the tile business was sold, I purchased a huge fiberglass bulldog matching the one in the Hicks dream. It has me wondering whether Furnace liners of the Pharnaces kind were at the Tilurius. I'll repeat below how I came to the Furnace surname, which share's a black dog, commonly called a talbot, with Bracks, from Brac/Bratia, an island off the mouth of the Tilurius. TALbots can be expected with Tails/Tailers and Tillers, you see, and if Talbots were from the Taulantii Illyrians, they were at Arnissa and in the land of Partheni, suspect with the naming of Pharnaces.

When my mother and I landed at Rome, she was driven to Abruzzo in one car, while I was given a ride by Luciano. I never saw him again until he moved to North America, and he got me a job at his plant that made aircraft parts...Luciano can be considered integral to this discussion because he named a daughter, Cassandra, no kidding at all. My job at the plant had to do with covering copper wires (of generators) with a protective coating prior to slipping generators into a hot, walk-in FURNACE i.e. like "Pharnaces!!! That is amazing. It evokes Cypros, mother of the first Herod, for Cyprus (the island) was named after copper mining.

German Luce's share three chevrons in the colors of the Cassane/Cassandra chevrons!!! Can you believe this? It never ends. Cassander was the ancestor of Pharnaces' wife. God is pointing me/you to Pharnaces without a doubt. And the first Herod, son of Antipater, traces excellently to Antipater, father of Cassander. Yes, Antipater married Cypros.

Part of my job was to help the welder in the adjacent room. So, I've just checked Welders to find them using the Zionist stars of Talls/Thalls, first found in Thuringia with Welders. These are the stars also of Urbans, from the Urbanus river, home of the Ceraunii that likely named the Ceraunii mountains near Aulon/Avlona. The Urbanus is near the Tilurius, a good reason to view Talls with Tails/tailers / Tillers, etc.

By some coincidence or not, my job previous to the one at the aircraft parts was at the airport, working for PanalPINA World Transport. I've been all over Pine's and Pino's, but never recall trying for Pina's. King Pinnes was exactly off the mouth of the Tilurius, and so we might expect some Ardiaei Illyrians in that river. The Tilurius is not far from the Kupa/Colapis, where Copper-like Cope's/Colps/Cups trace, and Pina's/PinARDs/PinARTS (Main) use cups in the colors of the Maine Pellicans that are in the Arthur Crest! You see, God knows what he's doing. He landed me that job at Panalpina, didn't he?

Why PANALpina? A year or more ago, I told readers that God was pointing to my solar PANELs with a squirrel in my attic, and, weeks later, I learned that Sola's/Solneys (Derbyshire) ware said to have married PAINELLs. It just so happens that Sola's/Solneys share white fish with Luciano's and Luce's. I identify Paine liners as Paioni, and thought that king Pinnes (a child, just like Pino) could have been named by them too. Amazingly, while I urinated on little Pino (by accident), and then found that the urination line of mythical Uranus / Orion was to Orne, Luce's are said to be from Passeis/Passy in Orne. Passe's/Pascals share the KilPatrick lion, and the same eagles as Child-related Tarents. See if you can spot a Praetutii code in the motto of Rollo's along with Passy / Parr liners. Ask why are Rollo's first found in the same place as Picenti liners?

Passys/Pasi's (Justine colors) are also Picenti-like Pacenti's, and can therefore be of the Pike's. It's known that Luce's share the Geddes pikes, and Geddes' were Seats/Cedes', right? Caens, from Orne too, use a "CITIS" term buried in their motto. Geds (more white fish) were on the Nith river before Geddes' were at Nairnshire, and while the Geds use their fish in Saraca-fish colors while Saraca's were near the Tilurius, that was also the CETina river.

When I moved to my vacant Texas tract, I hired Luce Construction to build my septic system...for urine, right? What in my life was NOT code for this revelation? I've just found another Luce Construction in Baytown while looking for this company!

Aircraft parts and airports, so what about, in a recent dream, when I SEWERed on Obama's BILLIARD table shooting a paper airplane into a corner POCKET, and this airplane started out as a flat page for the Page / Payne bloodline of Obama's grandmother? Pockets/Pouchers share the giant cinquefoil or Portis'/Porch's/Porchers, and I urinated on Pino's HEAD while standing on my porch railing. Pinnes was an Ardiaei king, and PORTISHEAD is at Clapton, home of Hicks' and Arthurs. Billiards were first found in the same place as Pellicans in the Arthur Crest, but now we have the Pina's likewise first found in the same place as Billiards. And Billiards are suspect with the Bulliard variation of Bullis! God's a genius. Compare the Ballas'/Ballons to Portis'/Porch's.

Obama's billiard tables were covered with a black sheet at the start of the dream to prove that it was from God, for Sheets were first found in the same place as Dunhams (Obama's mother's surname), and while Dunhams use a dancette, Obama was dancing in this dream. After he did a dance, he was on a SKATEboard, and Skate's are listed with Sheets. He was wearing a suit while dancing and skateboarding, and Suits are listed with Sewers/Suters. I had reason to link his suit to the bathing suit worn by Miss Hicks (Charlotte) in her dream, meaning that Sewers were in her dream too. Luce built my sewer, right? Yes, and I was floored to find that, as per the skateBOARD, Boards use a version of the Sewer/Suit / Saddock / Chaddock Coats, these being potent-liner surnames along with Skate's/Sheets, and then the Paine-like Plains (there's no Plane surname) share the cross species of potent-liner Crutch's.

Luce's are said to have been at Dice (same place as Plains), and Dice's were gleaned with the Child Coat but with gold eagles to match the look of the Arthur / Daver Coat. Dice's can be a branch of Dyke's and Decks/Daggers that share the red squirrel. I had red squirrels in my attic; the last one was thought to get in at the solar panels. KilPatricks on the Nith loved Daggers. If you want verification that Chris Childs has/had the same address as Miss Hicks in Forney, google it. They both have the same address on RIDGEmont, and Ridge's use the same cross as Rudge's/Rudes', the latter first found in Shropshire with Sleeps and BORDer-loving Talbots. While Talbots share the same border as Seleucid-like Sellicks, Sleeps share the double fesses of Seleucid-suspect Ballas/Ballons, though the latter use them additionally in the colors of the same of Ness'/Nessons. Ridge's throw in a peacock in Crest, symbol of Parr-loving Maness', and Pharnaces-suspect Parrs share the double Nissan fesses.

Rudes' were traced to Rudesheim/RUEDESheim, location of Assmannhausen, the line of Assmanns/Rasmussens suspect at Akmonia, home of Severus Bassus, who was proto-Basina, wife of CHILDeric. Ridge's use the Face/Fessy cross while Coverts/Cofferts, with a leopard face, look linkable to Boards. Borders were first found in the same place as Clapton and Ruedes-like Roets.

When we go to the Pontus, we find that it had an ARDahan area to which I trace Ardiaei. There is evidence that Arthurs / Artems trace to the ArtemiDOROS > Bassus Galatians, suspect with the Daorsi on the same Neretva river as Ardiaei. And Arduinici of Liguria married Doria's. Royal Ardiaei disappeared from Illyria about the time that Artemidoros' family appeared in Galatia. So, with Ardiaei liners in Galatia, one could expect them to seek power in Ardahan, and from that angle, merge with a line of Nysa / Pharnaces. The Hyksos were from Lake Van, in my opinion, beside Ardahan.

Hyksos-liner Miss Hicks moved from my area of Texas to furnace-like FORNey. We both lived on a river said to be named after its pecans, potentially another code for Picenum / Piceni liners. Just compare the Coats of Pike's/Pickens with PHARs/Farrs, adding on the suspicions that king Pharnaces' line merged with Picenum and/or the Picensii Illyrians. Dogs/Doags (Canossa-dog colors) were first found in Perthshire with Picenum-liner Justine's and Wings.

While Pharisees (were first heard of from about the time of Pharnaces) may have been named after Pharnaces, Sadducees are expected with a derivation from some offshoot of "Cetis." Just drop the 'n' from "Pharnaces," and we're left with, Pharnaces. One could compare Pickens with Wide's/WAIDs (ignoring the blue background), suspect with Quade's/Wade's (Chad liners probably) to Quadratus of Cetis. There could have been a Sadducee reason that Quadratus' daughter married Laevillus. Chadders/Chaters (same place as Leavells) use "Fortune" while the Fortuna dog is the Canossa dog. Recalling that Luce's were at Passy while Canossa's issued out of Lucca, let's also mention that Rollo's (Perthshire again) use "La fortuna PASSE PAR tout" (clever code also for PRAETUTII?). Parrs use two fesses in the colors of the two pale bars of Seats/Cedes', and the latter are in the motto of Hyksos-beloved Steers.

There is a Furnace/Furnes surname (colors reversed from Forneys/Forniez's) with a "dog seated," first found in the same place as Seats/Cedes'. It figures. Recall that, in the Hicks dream, I was brought to the DOOR of her car, and she was over the SEATs sleeping as code for the Selepitanoi, near or amongst the Daorsi. Recall that the Seleucid ancestry of Pharnaces / Balas is expected at Bullis, for this allows the Furnace dog to apply to the dream's BULLdog. In other words, God arranged to move Miss Hicks to Forney to make this connection between Pharnaces and Bullis. Seleucid-like Sellicks use a version of the Talbot Shield, and Talbots apparently loved the Dogs/Doags (why else would the heraldic dog be called a "talbot"?). While Talbots were first found in the same place as Sleeps, both Talbots use both versions of the Scott Coats, and Scotts are suspect from Scodra, home of Selepitanoi. Phars/Farrs, first found in Yorkshire with Hicks, share the Hicks fleur.

I can't make these links up on my own. The stories that I tell always make the links. The bulldog got into the mouth of a shark, and shark-like Saraca's of Ragusa were in the land of the Ardiaei / Daorsi. These same Saraca's are said to have been formerly at Kotor, down by Scodra.

Just go ahead and check the Crest of Forney-like Farneys (same place as Phars/Farrs), with a "talbot passant." Farneys are said to have been in a Frith area of Derbyshire, and while Firths use the "sun shining over the top of a grove of trees," Grove's use another talbot in Crest (shares a collar with the Farney talbot), but just call it a "black dog." The sun shining suggests Sola's/Solneys (solar-panel liners), first found in Derbyshire.

It is excellent here to find the red lion heads of Farmers were Furneys/Firneys (Fife). It appears here that they are the Fife / Five lion.

On the day that I found Mr. Kilpatrick's obituary, I inadvertently popped up a page from a Baytown newspaper with his photograph, standing with a DOG mascot. His wife was the trophy girl in that event, where they won a cook-off contest. Here is that page:

I don't think it's intended to be a bulldog, but it's in the same colors as the dream's bulldog. In the dream, it was white with large spots like those on a Holstein cow, not leopard-spot sizes. The black marking around the dog mascot is of the same type of marking on the dog in the dream. I had predicted that Miss Hicks was the women in the dream 20 years before finding this Baytown page. Coincidence?

Here is the photo enlarged, with caption revealing the people in the photo:

The fact that Miss Hicks was the TROPHY girl may be a signal of Tropoje / Trabzon elements. Kilpatricks use drops on their dagger for a clear trace to Tropoje. It seems undeniable now that KilPatricks were part of the Nysa line to Pharnaces, and he was suspect with Trabzon elements. Trypillians burned down their homes ritually, and for that reason I suspected them with Flemings and/or heraldic flames. Note that Kenzie's/Kenneths use a rock in flames, for the dog in the photo is called, Spuds MacKenzie. As Kenzie's/Kenneths use "Luceo" motto term, the Luce's / Luciano's are coming to mind. As Luciano, father of Cassandra, brought us to Furnace's before the Kilpatrick home in Forney suggested the same, let me repeat: "German Luce's share three chevrons in the colors of the Cassane/Cassandra chevrons!!!" Then, the house of Canossa, which uses a dog as symbol, was out of Lucca.

Miss Hicks is in one or two of the group photos at the top, but the quality is so bad, I can't make her out. When I knew her, she wore bright-red lipstick, and so she's probably the one in the right-side photo, at the back, where her mouth is visible with a dark patch. I'm showing this photo now, though I refused previously, because I believe that God needs readers to trust me / Him. I'm not making things up. The dream was about eight years to the day before the date (April 9, 1987) of this Baytown article. I became a Christian in March, maybe April, to the best of my recollection, and this dream was about a week afterward.

AHA! I've just googled "Spuds MacKenzie" to find an article on it from Wikipedia:

Spuds MacKenzie is a fictional dog character created for use in an extensive advertising campaign marketing Bud Light beer in the late 1980s...

The dog, a Bull Terrier...

I can hardly believe this. I wrote Miss Hicks and told her the dream, and she doesn't get it??? Maybe she didn't get the letter. Granted, a bull terrier is not identical to a British bulldog, but close. For many years after knowing her, I thought that she was destined to be my wife, as a widow, for the dream seemed to indicate this. But, ever since discovering that the dream was code for surnames with His story to tell, our rising to the sky in each other's arms may be a code for something rather than God's promise of future marriage. We are both in our 60s now, and I'm not calling her again, as far as I'm planning. I would need to hear from God on that. Until then, it's all a mystery.

The black border around the Furnace Coat makes it look like a version of the Saddock/SEDwick Coat (ears of rye). Saddocks (potential Seats/Cedes') were at HEVERsham while Miss Hicks HOVERed over the seats. Hugh Hefner, with a surname like the Hephners listed with Hephers/Hevers, died at 91 this past week [this was in the last update], the age that Miss Hick's husband died at. Hevershams (Moor heads, helmet) use a bend in colors reversed from the Over bend, itself in the blue color of the Hefner/Haafner bend. The Over bend is in both colors of the French-Talbot bend. I'm not sure what this potential Hefner link to her husband could be about, if anything, but when I knew Miss Hicks at 45 years of age, she could pass for a Playboy-bunny (type) even at that age. She had the look / presence of a model.

Aha! The Nissan was purchased from Mr. Doner, a Don possibility. I was staring at the Doner Coat (eagle RISING) for quite a while before realizing that its foxes were in the colors of the PHREEZE/Frey horses! I tiled the floor at Mr. Doner's store, and Tile's/Tillers, with the Vito annulet in colors reversed (!), are expected from the Tilurius river, which was also the Cetis-like Cetina river. I am totally amazed here, just when I thought the evidence couldn't get any better for insisting that God set me up with the Nissan for the heraldic purposes at hand. The Dons use arrows in both colors of the Tile/Tiller arrow! Bingo. Just look at that.

It's been long enough since mentioning Dons ("OMNia") that I'll repeat: they use the double Parr / Nissan fesses in colors reversed, and are a major reason as to why the OMEN at Galveston touches upon DONNA Brazile. The thing is, that while Parrs and Nissans are undoubtedly for Pharnaces and Nysa, the Dons with Doners together can now link to Phreeze's.

Picenum is said by others to be derived in a woodpecker. On a sleepless night recently, wondering whether Joel's trip to Poland with a Brazilian was somehow to do with Donna Brazile, a bird cawed just once, not loud, while it was still dark, exactly when the question of the Donna / Don surnames were on my mind...for only about three seconds before it cawed. The caw could have been only a jay or a woodpecker, and as Joel visited Picenzo on the way to Poland, zowie, it must have been God causing the pecker to caw to indicate, "I'm still leading you in this revelation." I didn't know then that my writings would turn heavily to Piceni liners. This comes down to the reason that God chose me, because my mother is from Picenzo.

Recall that Joel now works with the son of one of my Pillar-Post partners. That place is on the same street as where my tile store was.

Try to imagine how it feels when, after finding solid evidence for the Nissan's role in uncovering things, and after making a hard Nissan-Don link as well as a Nissan-Donna-Brazile link, I remember that the truck was once owned by a Don-like Doner surname while it simultaneously comes flooding to mind that I tiled his floors, all the time (instantly) knowing from previous investigations that Tile's were Tilurius liners. I can't say enough. I have lived a different sort of life. Events in my life were orchestrated as though my life were not my own. What will I discover next?

Templar Jerusalem was ruled by the household of Eustace II, and that family used its very own potent cross for the flag of Jerusalem, highly suspect with St. Chad's family, who is in the DonnChadh term of Duncans, the line to Malcolms/COLUMNs beloved of Pelosi's/Pilate's and Franks (Frank was the other Pillar-Post partner). Doners are said to be from Donnchadh! Add Scotland's royal Duncans to the Don liners in cahoots with Nissans. Duncans share the Dog/Doag cinquefoils.

I sold the Nissan to Paul Smith, kin of potent-liner Crutch's. Amazing. Compare Pauls to Bays asking why Pauls were at PATRington (Yorkshire) while the KilPATRicks lived at Baytown. The old Paull location in Yorkshire was once Pagele, perhaps explaining why Pauls are in Payen/Pagan colors, and why PINGs/Pagenells were first found in Yorkshire too. There is a Pagel surname using PICKaxe's, can you believe it. PINCS/Pinks were first found in Yorkshire too, and they happen to use the cross species of Smiths. Pincs/Pinks use a version of the Pictish Sewer/Suit Coat, and the latter share the leopard in Crest with Pauls. It appears that we have found the skeletal / integral meaning of "Paul Smith." PickAXEs can suggest Paionians of the Axius river.

It's becoming clear to me that God arranged my Nissan to indicate Pharisees or proto-Pharisees in contact with Cetis elements. I was mugged in the Nissan by a Negro while Negro's share ears with Saddocks and Chappes'. The keys of the Nissan were taken by the Negro, and there was a time, several years ago, when I traced Keys/Kays to an old name of Caesarea, the CAPPAdocian capital. There is a question as to what named CappaDOCia. Was it proto-Dogs/Doags/Docks? The Negro took the keys from a Masci liner, and Caesarea was more-anciently, Mazaca. Queen Nysa of the Pontus birthed queen Nysa of Cappadocia. We can assume that Caesarea wasn't named yet in Nysa's time, and that Nysa therefore ruled from Mazaca. That's what the Galveston mugging must have been code for. But why in Galveston? And why after passing the home of Miss Hicks = Mrs. KilPatrick? Ask AntiPATER, right? I read that the Pontus was specifically the lower parts of Cappadocia. Mythical Pontus birthed Ceto/Cetus, like "Cetis."

Paul bought my Nissan because he had lost his red Jeep at a bad time. Jeepma's are also Cheps, a possible Cappadocia liner. The English Paul surname shares the same fesse as Parrys, which are in the colors of the Parr / Nissan fesses. Pauls were first found in Yorkshire with Pullys/Pullens, and may therefore have been a Paioni-line merger with Vespasia-Polla liners. The last time speaking with Paul, he was building doors. One Door surname shares the split colors of Cetins (same place as Chads), and while the Cetins use spotted cat-a-mountains, Pauls use ermine spots. I've never deciphered heraldic spots. Cetins are suspect from the Cetina = Tilurius river, and you saw why the Nissan's original owner should trace to Tile's/Tillers. Cetins use a SARACen's head, and Saraca's were near or even on the Tilurius.

After writing earlier on Mr. Doner, I recalled a friend on mine, Don, whose home is almost against a certain street that has Mr. Doner's store within easy eyeshot across the road. I had a hard time recalling Don's surname, though I once knew it well. It's been a decade or so since seeing him. I remembered the surname just as I was finishing the paragraph above: Frey!!! I kid you not. Let me repeat the initial entry on Mr. Doner:

Aha! The Nissan was purchased from Mr. Doner, a Don possibility. I was staring at the Doner Coat for quite a while before realizing that its wolves were in the colors of the PHREEZE/Frey horses! I tiled the floor at Mr. Doner's store, and Tile's/Tillers, with the Vito annulet in colors reversed (!), are expected from the Tilurius river, which was also the Cetis-like Cetina river. I am totally amazed here, just when I thought the evidence couldn't get any better for insisting that God set me up with the Nissan for the heraldic purposes at hand.

I've said before that the last time I saw Paul Smith was in the basement of our friend, Ray. Rays use three stags courant in the colors of the three horses courant of Freys/Phreeze's. The last time I talked to him was by phone.

The Doorey variation of Doors made me recall TERRY MacADOREY, who hung himself to death as a teen after his sister did too. Their mother was a witch. I was in their home at least twice, at least once with the Gardner brothers, and he (Terry) was in my garage once, boxing with me. I'm just sure this was another Set-up for something. TERRys happen to have been first found in Kent with DEERings, and the Terry Cross is in the colors of the Vital/Veil cross because Deerings married a descendant of Vitalis. By what coincidence was Terry's surname like "Deering" or their Derrington location? Irish Terrys have one of the two Morinis fesses, and a "cruce" motto term for Crutch/Crooch / Croce liners.

I read that Ragusa was named after the deer, but as that sounded wrong, I assumed that the heraldic deer, and a Deer-like entity, was merged with something at Ragusa. Recall the bulldog in the shark's mouth and identify the shark with Ragusa's Saraca's. Then, instead of viewing it as a bulldog, view it as the bull TERRier in the KilPatrick photo. Can this indicate a Terry-line merger with Bullis elements? Didn't Terrys just trace to the deer entity that was in union with Saraca's?

Now this is amazing. In the middle of writing two paragraphs above, the Box surname was checked, and I asked self, "who's lion is the Box lion?" Where have I seen it before? I came up blank, and therefore ended the boxing investigation before it began. I then got to the Leo topic and recalled that the Leo's use the Box lion!!! Is that not amazing? "Leo" is another motto term of Irish Terrys.

I remember Terry praising my left jab. We barely boxed at all, just long enough to make this revelation, that my readers might believe me. German Leo's use a LEFT-rising bend. Dorrs use a canton square on the Shield's left side.

Terry brought the boxing gloves over. I don't know how he came to be at my place. We were never friends closely, and I don't remember him at my place on any other occasion. I was at his place probably with the Gardner gang, which I was with heavily at high school. I can glean from the lion of Rita's (Rome, in Leo-lion colors) that Box's are the Books/Boggs beloved by Roets and Reeds, all from Rieti, home of Flavius Sabinus, the line to Sabine's who share the giant Gardner scallop in colors reversed. The other Gardners share en ermined-white chevron on black with Glove's, I kid you not, as well as the gold griffin heads of Box's, and these Gardner griffins are those of Gards (beloved by the Carrick motto) in colors reversed. It's the lake-Garda line of Curtus Maccabee from the ancestry of Flavius Josephus.

There's more, because God is a genius. The line of Sabinus with his wife, Vespasia Polla, goes to Pollocks, who are like mythical Pollux, who had an ancient boxing symbol. Check it out, it's true. As he was a PUGIList, I trace him to PUGLia, which was alternatively, Apulia. We can therefore assume that Vespasia Polla was from that entity. I see one Gard Coat as a version of the Pully/Pullen Coat, and the latter shares the Sabine scallop. Curtus Maccabee has traced to Courts/Coverts and Coverts/COFFERts while Coffers/Coffee's use the Arms of Taranto, in Apulia. Caffers share the horse and rider of Motels, first found in Taranto. Pollux's brother, Castor, had a horse symbol, and his name can be suspect between Ishtar variations and Istria, location of Pula/Pola. Pollux (Peleg-line Hebrews?) and Castor were brothers of Helen, she abducted by Pharisee-like Paris.

Aha! The Curtus-like Curtis' use a FARMer, like "PHARNaces," and English Farmers use one of the two Nice/Ness fesses. The French Courts use the hunting horns on the Farmer fesse in all three colors. Irish Farmers share the red lion head with FARNs/Ferns, first found in the same place as Scottish Pattersons...who trace to king Cassander, Nysa's ancestry. The mystery grows with Parmers/Palmers, suspect from Parma, because the Italian Palmers have a fesse colors reversed from the one of Farmers, and because Palmers/Parmers share two fesses with Nice's/Ness'/Nessons...who are also Nests, evoking the pelican on nests of Pattersons. Parma is on the TARO river, and mythical Paris was of Troy/Tros (corruption from Taros?). Troy had a horse symbol. Emailer Patterson owned a horse, Copperchief by name, and Coppers/Coopers (share gold leopard face with Coverts) were first found in the same place as Coverts. Coffers/Coffee's use cups for Cope's, though at first we might think it's for coffee.

As it's emailer Patterson that has CopperCHIEF, I can assume that Coppers were from Cypros, wife of Antipater, parents of the first Herod. Heraldic Chiefs are suspect with "Caiaphas." It's intriguing, but Antipater is expected from queen Nysa of Cappadocia. Note that the Copper Chief is in the colors of the KilPatrick Chiefs, and that both surnames use a saltire under their Chiefs.

It can be confusing at times, but I'm doing my best. The next update has a story where I "abducted" Helen, my tenant, from her boyfriend. He came to get her back, and put chocolate on her door knob when she wasn't home or wouldn't answer the door. I found the chocolate because her door was also my side (exterior) door. I can see already that this event was Made to link Pharnaces to Proculus, son of Laevillus.


What? The Benghazi trial is beginning now, just as the Benghazi scandal is under investigation? I can tell you from an article I had read that the Americans killed ambassador Stevens, and blamed it on Muslims. The story of that article disappeared, and never surfaced again. It told of how a man on the inside with Stevens, and the others, was trying to lead them out of the smoke, when evidence from the storyline made it plain to me that this man, an American, was there to kill Stevens and the others, not save them. He claimed that Stevens and another man got lost while following him from the bathroom to the bedroom, complete nonsense. And that's why the story disappeared, because readers were seeing red flags with this official story.

This trial set to begin now is nothing but the deep state's manufactured opportunity to put out disinformation, to make the people believe a "simple fact": Muslims conducted the attacks. This is like an offensive strategy to defend in advance against the ongoing Benghazi investigation by Republicans, to force the latter to stick with the storyline in case they find the truth.

Here is Chaffetz's lament against Sessions:

If you care to be sick, here's Session a few days before the election, before Trump made him the attorney general, speaking as though he wants to see the government go after Clinton's email scandal. Sessions is only saying what he knows he needs to, as a Republican. Now that he's in charge of the prosecutionary process, zip is the word.

Where honest oversight executives are wanting proper and natural process against guilty parties, they have exercised hopeful patience only because the FBI has been in transition to a Trump-appointed leader. The time cannot be long away now before the true heart of that FBI chief (Wray) comes out.

What homework did Trump do when choosing Sessions as the attorney general? Didn't Trump ask him if there would be indictments of Clinton, Obama, and others? Did Trump choose Sessions from the advice of someone else? I find this situation to be a travesty resting on Trump's shoulders. He is ultimately to blame. It is his responsibility because he ran on that platform. He was elected to do this work, and he cannot shake it away as he apparently wants to now.

Here's a man taking about the oddities of the Las-Vegas shooting. He's not alone. One video saying the same had a half-million views in just one day after the shooting. Their points are not unworthy of serious discussion, and so we want to know if even one anchor at Fox is bringing up the same points:

The following video is a mystery. It has an abundance of purported police audio telling that shots were coming from midway up the building, a third the way as well, and from high up, but also from gate 7, in contradiction to the official story with only one gunman near the roof. I haven't been covering this story from Fox at all, because it's clearly an inside job of the stooges having some mystery agenda in the works. It's doubtful that what you're seeing on this video is making it to Fox because that organization is compelled, by its own agreements, to air only the news reports from the FBI, or like material only.

There are two ways to interpret the video above. One, the police audio and photography is at least partially from the guilty plotters because they want to "get caught." It seems that every event like this has an official storyline carried lock-step by all major media, and then there's another story that begins to come out the same day from conspiracy theorists, some of whom may be deep-state fakes whose job it is to initiate the alternative, black-market story. We could only guess as to why such a program would be in the works, and the only ideas coming to my mind: 1) To discover anti-government people for to punish them in due time; 2) to make us all think that the deep state is more powerful than it really is, as though all reporters, politicians and presidents are completely enslaved by their wills.

Anything is possible. HighImpactFlix (totally anti-government) could be an insider whose job it is to discover anti-government people. Such a deception would be fine if the anti-government people were dangerous loons, but thanks to these staged events, normal people like me have become anti-government / anti-system, not in concept, but in opposition to deception and corruption in government. Are they going to lump people like me in with violent, treasonous types? Note how HighImpactFlix is so concerned with making money.

The other option is that the police audio and photography is real, and that it condemns (by mistakes / mishaps) while revealing the inside job. I don't ever see people falling down in true injury or death. I have not seen injury victims at the scene. I have seen what looks like crisis actors running away before any shots ring out (mistake).

At 7:18-23 of the video, one piece of audio talks about "flashes" and a "strobe light" coming from the building. This has been shown by conspiracy theorists on roughly the 4th floor, and claimed to be automatic gun fire. If the strobe light was placed there to feign automatic gunfire, why didn't the stooges also claim a shooter at that place? After all, everyone can hear two guns at the same time, a thing the stooges have yet to confess to. Perhaps, when the stooges heard the police report saying that it was a strobe light, they wanted to cancel that part of the original plot, because the flashes were not being seen as gunfire by the police. Or, on the other hand, the strobe light is just the black-market story intended by the stooges. It's far too late now to admit to a shooter on the fourth floor.

I have no illusion that a strobe light from a window during the shooting could be anything but a trick from the insiders. Apparently, the media are not even mentioning it. If they don't, there is your barefaced evidence that the media are not doing the job we expect of them, but are rather pushing the FBI story alone, great shame. The people have lost trust in the media, a great thing because it shall not be our Father or our brother. That spot belongs to Someone else.

If the deep state, in cahoots with presidents, are trying to make some of the public believe that the government is behind staged events, it is ruinous to the bond between people and government, a great thing because Jesus is destined to be our only Father. If the deep state has an agenda so important to itself that it's willing to see disconnect with the people, it is a revelation that end-time governments are unworthy to rule, to put it lightly, especially if they are actually murdering people in these events. The deep state is setting itself for absolute destruction if it's killing people for whatever agenda it may have. If the purpose is to strike fear in the masses so that they will do the deep-state will in every regard, then it's unworthy to rule. Expect exploitation in every way, greater government debt, higher prices, more enslavement to the system that views as their dogs to the slaughter.

People have two choices. They can get behind the deep state with the fantasy that it really isn't evil, thus making things easier (on the nerves) than the other choice: to gasp in desperation at what's coming on everywhere in the West. The chances are greater that the elite, who desire money above all else, will get behind the deep state's storyline, in the same way that a general of Adolf Hitler would be loyal in return for hard cash = spoils of war.

Note how intimate the police audio is with the events as they happened. Did the police really release this audio? To whom? How did HighImpactFlix get it? Was it leaked? Or is there a staged leak in order to convince us that people were shot when in fact they were not? Does the government want us to believe that they are willing to kill their own citizens if they even begin to rebel? Looks like.

The video was out on October 3. I'm watching a Hannity show on the 5th, and yet, he's not taking about what we see and hear in the video. There is no way that major media could not have gotten wind of that video over two days. But if even Hannity and Jeanine isn't mentioning this story, then we can assume that, at the least, Fox is guilty of hiding official police audio...because Fox has been compelled to air only the story from the FBI. It doesn't matter whether the police audio was staged. It is definitely from the police, and should be on all news stations across the world.

Instead of talking about the police audio, or having guests on the show to discuss it, he starts off with the gun-control agenda of Democrats. He then has Newt Gingrich on to discuss more gun control. Either Fox has gagged Hannity, or he's gagged himself. Newt talks about the shooter, just one of them. Hannity doesn't correct Newt. Hannity then talks about a minor-gunshot victim in the hospital because Trump visited him to shake his hand. Whether or not there were multiple shooters is clearly off-limits for him.

If a woman came up to the audience, at the stage, 45 minutes before the shooting, to announce that they were all about to die, then the major media would be forced to cover that story. Right? Wrong. That's exactly what happened, according to a witness. Or, the witness is an insider tasked with giving part of the contradictory, black-market story.

In the 9th minute of the Michael-Savage video below, a female eye-witness tells her story. The problem is, Savage asks her if she told her story to the media. She confesses she had, including NBC and the Trump news people. But when Savage asks her whether she told the media the particular, second-gunman story she's telling Savage, she seems caught red-handed with a question she did not want to answer. When Savage presses her to answer (at seven minutes), she says, no, she did not tell the media this thing...which is just too unbelievable to be reality. So, I reason that she's an insider tasked with spreading the black-market version though conspiracy theorists such as Savage.

Take a look at the mystery of the woman below. Whatever kind of joke the deep state is playing in using her, it reveals to me, anyway, that the event was staged. No matter whether you view her as authentic and telling the truth, the deep state is still discovered as staging the event for not questioning her, not making her claims public. You will never hear her claims from the FBI because she's deep state. The media won't report on certain damning things like this because they have a way of knowing that the claims are unreal, faked by the deep state. The events that appear to bring damnation on the deep state are faked to fool the conspiracy theorists. Still, the joke is heavily on the deep state for staging the events. That is one sick program.

For me, the strobe light gave it away that the perpetrators wanted to "get caught" by conspiracy theorists. The media somehow know not to report on it, perhaps merely from silence from the FBI news releases. This is sick, it really is, to make the world believe that the event truly took place, when the entire thing may have been an act, with no one killed. Again, this divides people and government, creates mistrust for law enforcement and media, and deception is never a good thing. The hoax goes on for months after the event, when the FBI comes out with more info on the shooter. Best thing, ignore these events unless you're in a position to expose them. It seems they want us wrapped up in the controversy that they themselves create.

If any video shows crisis actors making out for news stations, it would be in this one below. This is the video where people start to run before the shooting begins. It seems that near-everyone near the camera is a crisis actor. The people are told to stay down, and that's what they do through all the machine-gun firing (which must be fake = no bullets), but not before some of them are directed to fall down in front of the camera. Why did they fall, if they all got up unhit? There is a difference between staying low and falling down like a victim. They look like the latter. Instead of running away from the gun, as we expect normal people to do, why is the pack staying down in full view of the shooter?


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