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Oct 10 - 16, 2017

The Airport Code and Alanic Gorgons
The Julia Polla I Never Knew
This is a Short Update

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I'm not taking email at this time, here's why. I apologize to all having left email, as I can't even mail to inform you.

For a long time, up until this week, no Republican representatives tackled the Awan scandals. Why now? This has to do with Obama criminality. The Republicans have been giving Obama a free pass on this. Who can understand this bizarre attitude? Debbie Wasserman is guilty here of things yet to be discovered, yet Republicans, asses almost all of them, took on no cares about this classic case of Obama corruption. Wasserman wasn't acting alone with the Awans, obviously. Who is more wishful of secretly transferring U.S. secrets to Pakistan and the Muslim Brotherhood, Obama or whitey Wasserman? Awan had almost gotten out of the country. He was arrested by the FBI, however, with his plane ticket in his mouth, and both hands full of crimes, but one wonders whether the FBI would have done this under an Obama presidency. Even the Washington Post did a story on the latest news. It's going in the right direction, yet I'm noting this claim: they don't know where Awan's 5,400 data transfers, from Congressional-Democrat computers, went. Is that credible?

Steve Scalise returned to his congressional job (about a couple of weeks ago). Here he is in a one-minute video before being shot, talking about how the media loves a good gun-shooting event:

Here's his return-speech (shortened version), or, his video below is from late this week, where you'll like what he says if you're into prayer and the abortion issues. One can see in this speech why he was shot. As he was shot, and as he prayed, God can take up his issues and his enemies with a heavy hand. Scalise will not get elected as president (at this time) due to his Godly views, but that's not his problem. I give him both thumbs up for speaking as he does here, outraging some of his peers, but who cares for the dead, anyway? Scalise lives.

Judicial Watch said this week that the FBI found 30 more documents pertaining to Bill Clinton's airport meeting with Obama's attorney general. The FBI says it can't hand the documents over until November.

Here's a Fox-story update on the Sekulows:

There has been no change in military attitude, in the transition of powers from Obama to Trump, in the Raqqa situation. In fact, ISIS fighters have been given a sweet deal from the Americans, once again, not the first time by any means:

Kurdistan Region – A deal has been reached to evacuate civilians and local ISIS fighters from Raqqa in a bid to reduce civilian casualties in the fight for the city. A convoy of vehicles is ready to leave the city on Saturday, the global anti-ISIS Coalition has announced. (Rudaw)

Anti-ISIS coalition my foot. The Americans say they were not responsible for this deal, my foot. The Muslim fighters need to put food on the table, and will go fight again, invading elsewhere, killing there. But here in Raqqa, they were cornered and in a position to be killed. Is the U.S. contesting this deal to set them free? No way. It's what the CIA wants. "As of Thursday, the Coalition estimated that 85 percent of the city was under SDF control." The remaining rats stood no chance, but they let them go. It looks like the Raqqa fight is over. What next for ISIS? What new bogeyman will arise?

Here's how the Russians put it: "Meanwhile, a member of the Raqqa Civil Council told Reuters on Saturday that the remaining Islamic State fighters are going to leave Raqqa 'tonight.' The terrorists will be taking 400 civilians with them as human shields, in accordance with the deal proposed by the US, he said." Ahh, so it was a U.S. proposal, but the Americans are too ashamed to admit it to their countrymen. The military leaders have guilty consciences. Rats! They are far worse than ISIS. Just as ISIS promotes itself with a holy cloud, ditto for the American rats. The article has this headline: "Syrian troops capture ISIS stronghold Al-Mayadeen amid major offensive"

The FBI knew that the Las-Vegas accused checked into his hotel too (32nd floor) on September 25th, yet told the world it was on the 28th. It may seem like a small matter, but it's not, because the FBI lied. How does something professional like the FBI get a check-in date wrong when the only proof is to simply ask the motel staff for the money transaction (bill of sale), which shows the date??? Yet, with the transaction on the 25th, the FBI says the 28th. WHY? The longer his stay, the more likely that room-service people would catch something suspicious. Where did he put all those guns when the maid came in? That's why the FBI wants to make that complication less complicated by cutting the stay time in half.

My understanding is that the official report had Paddock shooting an employee of the Mandalay Bay hotel before he started shooting down on the concert. The "authorities" (boneheads) now need to answer why the shot man (in the leg), or the hotel, didn't call the police immediately. Well, as the record shows, they don't have to answer anything, and they usually don't. But with that attitude, more and more people discover what the "authorities" really are. Their walls are crumbling. Don't be deceived / dismayed by the fact that anyone with a good-paying job in big media fails to speak out what questions they secretly harbor. In secret, they ask the same questions as we normal people. They know the FBI is guilty. They also know that can't say that on television. But, the big breach is bound to come when it will be the new wave to speak out uncontrollably. They is a breaking point.

Below (dated Oct 14) are some unclassified documents to show how the American military deceived and provoked Cuba into starting a war with the U.S., so that the U.S. could win the right to invade. This was back in the early 60s. However, the documents are so damning to the military that there must be some benefit to the military for releasing them.

Spot the word, "pretext" in these documents. In the 8th minute, you will see with your own eyes a false-flag event using friendly Cubans to STAGE (deceptive, demonic) an attack on America. You will also see the Americans firing bombs into their own military base, or sabotaging / sinking an American ship, to stage a Cuban invasion. You will also see their program of news releases to deceive the American public. Then you will see the idea of shooting down a faked commercial airline jet for to blame on Cuba. What benefit could these documents have? Well, for one, we read that they had fake passengers on the shot-down plane, and they also evacuated (or so they claimed on paper) the ship they would sink. It gives the appearances that the military demons were guilty only of deceiving, but not killing Americans. Therefore, it's okay to do it. Right?

No. The military is guilty of stealing tax dollars for their invasions, and of sending men to war to pillage small-guy nations. Yet, we can bet that they started to kill Americans in some of their false-flag events. For example, they could not have evacuated the entire Twin Towers. They murdered American civilians to justify the war in the Middle East, and thousands of soldiers afterward. They are not about to quit yet. It seems to me that the Americans are provoking North Korea in order to feign an attack from Korea.

Helen's Airport Job

While telling about my back-to-back airport and aircraft-parts jobs (last update), I wondered whether there was something to investigate about airports, and remembered that Scottish Porters were first found in AYRshire while Ayers ("air" motto term) are also Airs. As this came to mind, I recalled that Helen, my tenant, worked at the airport for an airliner. I'm therefore going to start by telling a story about her, then see where it leads.

As I trace the PORTCULLIS gate of Porters/Pawters to PROCULUS, note that Airs use QUATRefoils, for Proculus was the son of QUADRatilla. So far, we have a story in this already. But how might Helen apply to this? Well, the story I wanted to tell was my abducting her from her boyfriend (Dave). She came with me and dropped him mercilessly. I know how that feels when on the wrong end. I thought that she may have been the woman in the Hicks dream, for she was blond, like the woman in the dream, and I had been divorced shortly before, and had excellent reason to start looking for the one in the dream.

While one branch of Airs/Ayers were first found in Derbyshire with blue-wing Here's/Heyers, German Hellens use a blue wing, no kidding. I didn't know this until writing many paragraphs below. I can add now that the Bavarian HERzogs and Bavarian Bauers (proto-Rothschilds) share blue wings, and then the Knobs/Knobels (Bavaria) look like they use the Rothschild/Rothstein arrow. I met and went out with Alison Bauer at Knob Hill Farms. It's simply amazing. What in my life wasn't God setting things up for the purpose of surname links to expose Caiaphas / Annas / Pilate liners?

Dave tried to get Helen back. One night, while hearing a noise at my side door, which is Helen's "front" door, I took a look, finding a chocolate delight left on the DOOR KNOB. If you read the last update, you'll know about my job at KNOB Hill Farms, and how the Farms / Farmers were important in tracing to Pharnaces, whom, I'm now tentatively convinced, named the Pharisees. The Porters are said suggestively to have been DOORmen, and though this is incorrect for the derivation of "Porter," the door knob sure does fit.

The Dave's share the lily in the same colors with Cetis'. Proculus was the son of Bassus' of Cetis. I almost missed this. I wrote many paragraphs before this was realized, even though I took a look at Dave's before any writing was done. I didn't realize until the moment that the Dave-Cetis link was realized that Chocks/Chicks share the three lions of Doreys (Dave / Cetis colors). Is this not amazing?

The reason that I say I "abducted" Helen is because Pharisee-like Paris abducted Helen of Sparta. Paris took her as his own wife from her husband. And I took Helen from Dave possibly for making the Helen-Paris connection, with deeper meaning than at first meets the eyes. As Paris was a Trojan prince, she was called, Helen of Troy. She was code for the HellesPONT, at Troy, and Paris with his father, Parium, were code for Parion/Parium, a Mysian city at the eastern end of the Hellespont. See light map:

Ponts were first found in the same place as portcullis-using Porters? Yes, and that's in Hampshire, where Josephs were first found. If you read the last update, you may recall that Maine, where French Josephs were first found, is where Pellicans were first found that are in the Crest of Arthurs, who lived at PORTishead. Hampshire's border is near Portishead. Portis'/Porch's share the white cinquefoil with POTTERs, the latter first found in Hampshire with Porters that have a PAWTER variation. The two surnames are in the same colors even. Therefore, I see Porters as Potters, and suspect them from Poti, a city near the Moschian mountains.

Well, while I was trying to convince Helen to come with me, she had a fit. She discussed it with her female friend, afraid that I was moving too fast. She said that unless I put a lock on her side of the door that separated our places, she was moving out. Okay, I gave her a lock, but nothing could save her from God's power. I felt confidence. I don't remember how it all went. One day, I asked her to help me chose the color of my new van. For my business, I needed the largest van possible short of buying a commercial vehicle. So I decided on a SAFARi. But she turned me down, didn't want to come chose a color. Rats. So I picked a blue-green color on my own. This is a little amazing because I've read that mythical Glaucus means "blue-green," or sea water. Poti was on the Glaucus river. Poti was also called, Phasis. I've mentioned several times, included in the last update, that SEVERus Bassus may have been named after "Phasis." I know with little doubt that Severus Septimius, who married Miss Bassianus (a century after Severus Bassus), had descendants to the Safer surname, like "Safari." Isn't that wild?

And while Helen's airPORT brought us to Quadratilla, she was a Bassus, the great-granddaughter of Severus Bassus.

My take is that God set Helen up with me, and that this is to show that my mother's Masci bloodline was from Parion elements. Parion was a Gorgon city, and while Gorgons must have been the Gargarians who lived beside the Trabzon Amazons, it stands to reason that Gorgons were the proto-Georgians at the Moschi mountains, that range being of the Biblical Meshech, also called, Mushki. You see. Pharnaces was ruler of the PONTus, and Helen was code for HellesPONT. Trabzon was at the Pontus, and, so, when Amazons of Trabzon moved to Mysia (they were there heavily), I assume they took their Pontus homeland with them to the Hellespont.

The Moschian mountains were part of CHOCOlate-like CAUCasus mountains. Just an observation, trying to figure what God may have been up to, if anything, with the door knob. It is possible that the DOOR knob was God's code for DORians, who, I think, could have been named after Troy. Dorians lived in Macedonia, and Pharnaces married Nysa, descended from royal Macedonia. Was she Dorian? Ports were first found in DORset. Mythical Hellen was the father of DORus, code for Dorians. Mythical Doris (not Dorus), mother of Neretva-like Nereids, was code for the Daorsi (Neretva river). And then someone devised mythical Hellenus of Epirus that could very well have been the Alans at Aulon/Avlona. If we thus expect Meshech / Amazons merged with Aulon elements, it can explain Alauna in Manche. I had found that the namers of Alauna were from the lynx line at Lyncestes, that being the line of mythical Lynceus, brother of Danaus from the Tanais area, home of ancient Caucasian Alans / Amazons. The key here is that Lyncestes is in Macedonia, where Nysa's ancestry ruled. When the Alan Huns of the 5th century migrated from Spain (La Mancha)to North Africa (see Wikipedia on Alan empires), I expect them with the Meshwesh and other Amazons in Numidia TUNISia.

We all know about the Trojan horse. The myth writer must have had a reason to label Troy with that symbol. You can bet that the horse was as per the Hyksos ancestry of Trojans. Hercules was a Tyrian cult, and a Dorian. Dor in northern Israel is not only near Tyre, but nearer to MEGIDDO, like "MACEDONia." The Helen surname uses only horses in the Shield. There are three horse heads, and then English Paris' use only three unicorn the colors of the same of Saffers/Savarys. Isn't that more wild? The Freys/PHREEZE's use horses too.

Saffers/Savarys use the heron, a distinct symbol of certain Maccabee liners. I bought a Safari, and I'm a Maccabee liner.

The last update is the first time telling the story of Terry MacADOREY bringing his boxing gloves to my garage. It was the first and last time that he was at my place. He hung himself to death, which is what mythical Hippodamia did. She was an Amazon queen, and named after horses. Hippodamia birthed Atreus, father of Menelaus, the latter being the husband of Helen of Troy. I've often said that Atreus was code for Odrysians, and, several years ago, I entertained Odrysians as Dorians i.e. what MacAdoreys look like.

In the last update, I was amazed when MacAdorey's boxing gloves proved to be code for the ancient boxing symbol of Pollux. That's the brother of Helen of Troy. Terry's surname evokes Doors / Doreys. It seems that we now have good evidence that the chocolate on the door knob was God's arrangement to prove that my Helen was code for Helen of Troy. The only thing I can say, so far, about Doors and Knobs/Knobels is that blue Nobel lion can become the lion heads of Doreys (but this is not a strong case). Beyond that, there is the event where Helen put a Christmas (Noel, like "Nobel") card in my mailbox saying, "I love you," a week or two after she decided to trust me. (For men these days, it's often guilty until proven innocent.) German Christmas' use a version of the Chris/Christman Coat, the latter first found in the same place as Porters, Potters, Ponts, etc.

After writing many paragraphs from here, I looked up Hellens (with two 'l's), finding their lion colors reversed from the Nobel lion.

In the last update, Terry MacAdorey linked to Leo's that use the Paine fesse. Here I can say that German Hellens use a version of the Leo / Paine Coats.

When this discussion wasn't yet born, I gave a list of surnames from mythical Leto, mother of the Amazon goddess, Artemis, from Trabzon = Pontus. Here's part of what I said: "...Leat-like Lets/Late's, suspect with ANNuLETS, symbol of Vito's suspect from Maesa Bassianus." I almost-always call them simply the Letts, but, in the last update, I happened to add "Late." Why did I? There was no particular reason in the last update, but, now, look at chocoLATE. If that's part-code for Caucasia, that's where Amazons lived (I see Amazons from Meshech at Mazaca, the Cappadocian capital). Letts/Late's share the saltire of Pharnaces-suspect Phars/Farrs (probably the Hicks fleur).

It just so happens that Artemis was the twin of Apollo, and as their mother, Leto, is like "Leda," mother of Pollux and Helen, and because "POLLux" is like "APOLLo," it seems that the Apollo cult evolved after some centuries into Leda-Pollux. In myth, Leda mated with a swan to birth her children, and this was the fancy of a writer who know the Leda cult to be from lake Sevan, beside the Trabzon Amazons and ARDAhan (like the Arda location of Odrysians).

In the last update, I mentioned my own job at the airport. I worked in the warehouse for air-cargo shipments. I hated it when 40-foot transports came in to an affiliate company, also at the airport, that had nothing but eggs. About four of us unloaded the eggs by hand. In the last update, I was wondering whether eggs could be important, but here it can be said that Helen of Troy, and Pollux too, were born in eggs! It wouldn't be so comical except that Helen, my Helen, is the one that brought the airport to a topic.

Now wait. Several months ago, my Helen proved to be code for Helena, mother of Constantine I. It might be a contradiction to now say that she's code for Helen of Troy. On the other hand, Constantine was the Roman emperor not long after Severus Septimius and his son, emperor CARACalla. The latter is like the Charax name of Proculus. You can see the Charax surname at the page below, where Proculus is missing, probably due to an error because the web owner has two brothers with identical names, but one of them should be Proculus:

So, which is it? Did my Helen depict Helena or Helen of Troy? Helena, they say, was born at Colchester, and while the Kyle-Society webpage claims that Kyle's were a branch of king Cole, king of Colchester, the AYRshire Porters were first found in Kyle, I kid you not.

My job at the airport was for PanalPINA World Transport. I have not been familiar with Pina's, but they were first found in Maine with Pellicans, and are in Pellican colors, wherefore Pina's are very traceable to Arthurs of PORTishead (better known as Clapton). Arthurs descended in-part from king Pinnes. And while king-Arthur myth has at least one Constantine character, French Constantine's use a pine tree.

Him, Helen lived in my basement, which is a cellar, and Sellers use cups in Pina-cup colors. I recall without looking that the swan design in the Seller Crest is the one used for French Josephs (same place as Pina's). Ha! Cellars are listed with Sellers! This tends to argue for the idea that God set me up at Panalpina because he was looking forward to getting Helen-of-the-airport into my basement. Cups are used by Shaws, and the Arms of Ayrshire uses a "shaw" motto term. Cups are also used by Coffee's/Coffers, who have a Crest that is also the Arms of Taranto, a Sparta-founded city in PUGLia, where I trace Pollux' PUGIList (boxing symbol).

The Hampshire Ports were first found in the same area as Ports, and the latter use a version of the Joseph Chief, I gather, as well as the same chevron as Curtains. I looked Curtains up, with Curtus Maccabee on my mind, because, when I finally convinced her to come up to have coffee with me (for the first time), she went to the curtains and started talking about them. I recall her too-bright green top that night, but then Coffee's/Coffers use green. Coffee's/Coffers are suspect with Coverts, and they have a CURTain-like Court branch. Curtis' are the ones with a farmer, and Farmers share the red lion heads of MUSTs, while I've told on multiple occasions that Steve drove a 1960's MUSTang. Helen was my tenant, and Tenants use a MAST.

Recall her Christmas card with "I love you," for Love's/Luffs are Must kin and share symbols. When Helen left me (she disdained my Christianity), she found a new man (Steve) in a billiard hall (I've told this before). Billiards were likewise first found in Maine with Pina's. That week, Steve brought her flowers, and Flowers use the same cinquefoil as Porter-branch Potters. The lesson here may be that while Stevens share the solid chevron in the same colors with Chappes', Billiards were first found in the same place as Josephs, suspect with Joseph Caiaphas. Billiards share the white-on-blue chevron of Stevens. The latter were first found in Glaucus-suspect Gloucestershire. It's where the Tewkesburys were first found who married Arthurs of Clapton, and because Tewkesburys use a castle in the colors of the similar Pellican tower, that's how I knew that Pellicans were in the Arthur-Crest pelican. Curtains use the same chevron as Stevensons, and the latter use the Billiard stars. Stevens/Stephens were first found in Gloucestershire too, and, if not mistaken, a STEPHANTsminda location is in Alania (CAUCasia), and the other Stevensons share the same bend as Cauc-like Chaucers.

As Billiards have a Hilliard branch, it's interesting that Helens are said to be of a Hillion location. The Stevensons are connectable to Provence's who share a Coat like that of Billiards and Hilliards. This is Helen=Alan perfect where Alans of Alauna are expected with the namers of neighboring Bullis/Byllis, for Bullis' are also Bulliards. Cetis' were first found in Provence.

I almost forgot. Tyndareus was the husband of Leda, mother of Helen and Pollux. On the map below, see "Tyndaris" on the Glaucus river, up from Phasis: Tyndaris is either at or very near the gold-fleece city of king Aeetes. The Moschi mountains and Trabzon are shown.

The last update talked about the Sittaceni peoples, as they trace to Seatons/Sittons (same crescents as Leats) and the Sitna river. Note Soducena on the map above, at lake Sevan (called Lychnis, possible origin of mythical Lynceus). I had also talked about the Savena river near the Setta valley, tracing Savena to lake Sevan and the Setta to Seatons/Sittens. The latter use a "yet" motto term that i suspect for YATE's, who use the portcullis GATE. Note what looks like CYTA/GYTA on the Glaucus. The Sittaceni were at lake Maeotis, on the old map up in the land of Alans, suspect with "Helen." The Helen surname (and the Doreys) was even first found in Brittany, home of the Alan surname.

Portishead is at the Somerset border with Glaucus-suspect Gloucestershire, and the latter is where Yate's were first found. It's signals that Proculus liners were at Glaphyra-suspect Clapton, though "Clapton" is also suspect with "SELEPITANoi," an Illyrian peoples beside the Daorsi and Ardiaei (= Arthurs of Clapton).

The Curtains are also CRUTINs, like the Irish-Scot CRUITHEN that I suspect with the Creightons/Crichtons, first found in Lothian with Seatons/Sittens. As Sion is also, Sitten, the Curtain chevron can be that of Sions/Swans. Some have said that "Cruithen' is the C-Celt form of the P-Celt, "Pretani," the origin of "Britain / Brittany." The Parthini Illyrians (smack beside the Selepitanoi), suspect with the Parthenius river of the Heneti, comes to mind. Who made Helen talk about my curtains, and why Helen? None of this is to say that Cruithen couldn't have developed from Curtus Maccabee. Josephus, who traces excellently to the two Joseph surnames, claimed to descend from Curtus Maccabee (if I recall correctly). Were Maccabees somehow from Helen of Troy?

The Sadducees in the time of Jesus were from the house of Beot(h)us, suspect (by me) with Boeotians for years before finding the Biblical Shechemites at Boeotia's Schimatari, a haunt of the urination liner, Orion. Maccabees have been traced to Orion-like Orne. And Shechemites were messing around with the pagan Kenites married by Moses, a reason to expect that Levites adrift in paganism could have been drifting with Shechemites to Boiotia. Just look at the SCIMITAR of Kennedys. Josephus called Kenites, "Kenetides," a Kennedy-like term. Kennedys use the Arms of Carrick, and Carricks are from Proculus Charax, the Proculus under discussion.

The Britain/Brittany surname can be using a version of the Coeur/COURT surname (Court-Covert colors) because both were first found in Brittany. Cords/Courts were first found in Ayrshire with Porters, and the Britain/Brittany and Coeur/Court bend is colors reversed from the same of French Porters, the latter first found in Avaricum (now Berry), suspect with Avaris (Hyksos capital). The secondary Hyksos capital at Tanis was likely related to the Tanais river of Alans.

I have it! I've found the Door link to Proculus. It started with the Hood-Ridding mansion of Yates. When loading Riddings, and seeing the Readings, I asked self why the black boars of Readings should trace to Rieti (in Sabina) with Reads. It recalls that Wikipedia has Porcius CATO in Sabina, and that Porcia's use black boars. I then asked whether GATE's could be a Cato variation, seeing that Yates were once Gate's. That's when I remembered that one Door surname (Irish, same place as Teague's) uses the same lion as Gate's, and while that wasn't much to make the connection, I saw that English Doors has a vertically-split Shield colors reversed from the same of Gate's. After that, it was remembered that the brother of Proculus-liner CARACalla was Geta. After that, I realized that the Gate lions are colors reversed from the lion of KNOBel-like Nobels.

After this, Hellens/Hellers were found with lions in Gate-lion colors. The Hellens put a red fesse over a white one (the white Paine fesse), and Scottish Coppers put a white chevron over a red one. Then, English Coppers use the same saltire as Gettes'/Jete's. Proculus' mother was a royal of CETIS, a GATES-like term. Gettes'/Jete's (Anjou) are in French-Porter colors, and while the Porters were first found in Berry, German Berrys share fish heads with Geddes'. Cetis is on-shore from Cyprus, named after copper mining. Berry / Barry liners can be from Bar (Selepitanoi theater), near Boeotia-suspect Butua/Budva. The Saraca's of Kotor (right beside Budva) share a fish on a fesse with German Boets/Butts/Bute's).

There are two reasons I know of for tracing German Berrys to mythical Perdix of Crete, one being that he invented the saw from observing the jaw/teeth of a fish. The Berry fish have their jaws open. Irish Berrys were first found in Cork with with Crete-like Curtains/Crutins, who smack of the Curetes of Crete, co-founders of Troy!!! Helen of Troy wanted to talk about my curtains!!! This job does have its rewards.

So, if Curtus Maccabee had a Crete-liner mother, Curtains can also be from him. As Gore's and Corks are both Core's, Curtains are likely using the Gore/Core crosslets. Gore's were in mythical GorLOIS, and a "lois" motto term is used by Marie's along with two "nos" motto term that get the Nos variation of Ness'/Nessons, the latter from Pharnaces' wife. I looked up Marie's, whom I don't know, when mentioning Donny Osmond in the last update, when showing why Ormes' and Ormans/Osmonds were Orne liners. It recalls that I had a long-time tenant, Marie, who would always slam the side DOOR when going out. I remember that, when Paul Smith was over, she slammed it, and I opened my own front door to ask her not-ever-so-kindly to just pull the door closed.

Later, Helen met Paul and said that he was "ugly," but this must have been God speaking because Smiths (heron = Orne's Maccabee liners) were from ugly Hephaestus. In myth, Gorgons were ugly, and Helen was herself a symbol of Gorgons in Parion.

Amazingly, the heron-using Saffers have use a "gloriOSA" motto term looking like part-code for Hose's/Hosa's and or the OSney entity in the Ormesby write-up. It went like this in the last update: "The Hoseny variation of Osneys must be a branch of Hose's/Husabie's that use legs bent at the knees". The Ormesbys use the leg bent at the knee too, and while Orme's were Orne's, those are the heron liners, wherefore Saffers/Savarys can be expected to honor Osneys / Hosa's/Ouse's in their motto, especially as the BASSIANus' married by Severus Septimius were of the Bessin, at Orne. We can now ask why Saffers loved the Glorys/Lowrys, who use a "semper" motto term while Sempers use the double Base lions in colors reversed.

Corks/Core's were first found in Cornwall, home of mythical Gorlois. But Cornwall is where Cards were first found who share the cloud with Corks/Core's. In the Card crest, a card, the type that Helen put in my mailbox (milk-box type) approaching Nobel-like Noel. And Cards share a blue lion with Nobels. Or, the Card lion is colors reversed from the Door lion. The Christmas surname (white rabbits) wasn't looked up until now, to find them first found in Essex with Gore's/Core's and using the same fesse. Christmas' also use the martlets in the colors of the Joseph martlet. While the latter once showed a swan, that's the symbol of German Christmas'.

As CARDs use the same lion as CREIGHTons (Seaton dragon), it can even appear that Helen gave me the card because Cards are CURTain branch too.

I had questioned Helen on why she wouldn't want God / Jesus in her life. She seemed to deplore the idea. It's something I can't understand. It seems natural for a human to want to know God, if only he can convince us of his existence.

You're in For a Tickle

The Hose's were first found in Leicestershire with Dexters. I don't recall seeing the Mr. Dexter before in this quote on Quadratilla's father:

Gaius Julius Quadratus Bassus (70–117), was a Roman senator and general. He is known to have been active under Trajan in the Dacian and Parthian War. Bassus was suffect consul in the nundinium of May-August 105 with Gnaeus Afranius Dexter as his colleague.

Quadratus Bassus was born in Pergamon to a family related to the Attalid dynasty and Galatian tetrarchs. His father was Gaius Julius Bassus, who was Proconsul of Bithynia in 100/101.[

Hmm, for a long time I've been tracing Dexters to Dexaroi, with Dexaroi half-expected in relation to Cappadocia's queen Nysa, and while she was the grandmother of queen Nysa of Bithynia, I had forgotten that Quadratus' family was at Bithynia. Note Dexter's first name, like the Genusus river near the Apsus-river Dexaroi (they were elsewhere in bulk, we may assume). As I thought "BITHYNia" was a line to Bidens/Buttons (same place as Porters / Potters Ponts), by what coincidence do Bidens use a HORN in Crest?

The proconsul of Bithynia above was the son of SEVERUS Bassus. Bessins are like the Besant/Bessen surname, and Savarys/Savards use besants.

Severus Bassus was of AkMONia, and Quadratus of PergaMON. One could get the impression that there was a Mon entity around that named HasMONeans. Mons/Mounts/Mounds share the Legh lion (colors of the Semper lions) while Leghs can be in the bent legs seen above, one of them with Hose's/Ouse's who can be from the Aous river, one major river south of the Apsus, the latter being the river of the Dexaroi. English Mounds/Munds/Minds share bees with Bessins. Mount liners can be from AMYNTes, who was either a Bassus or their ancestor. The Mound/Mund heath-cock faces sinister, indicating Masci liners.

As the Gorgons of PARION were Muses, I traced the name of that location to PARNassus, home of Muses in Thessaly (home also of Ixion, father of Centaurs = a horse-loving peoples.) Compare "Parnassus" with "Pharnaces." I have reason to basically equate "Paris" with "Perseus" because the latter birthed Gorgophone. In fact, Perseus killed the MEDusa Gorgon with a mirror, because she was so ugly that anyone merely looking at her died. Perseus wife was AndroMEDA, like "Medusa." This strikes me as the Persians / Parthians and Medes.

Pharnaces II, part-Persian, was not only a ruler of the Pontus, but of the Cimmerian Bosporus (location of GORGippa), where the Sittaceni and Sindi (same peoples?) lived, the latter suspect with Sintians of Lemnos (Amazons were up in the Cimmerian Bosporus as well as on Lemnos). So, with Pharnaces I (ancestor of Pharnaces II) suspect with founding Pharisees, Sadducees may have been of the Sittaceni. As Seatons likely named Sitten = Sion while Hermes and Pan were at mount Hermon, it's Sion summit, and its Panias location smack beside the pagan Levites of Laish, lookie here: "In ancient times the Pontic [= Pontus] Greek colonies of HERMONassa and PHANagoria stood on the [Taman] peninsula...The Maeotae [included Sittaceni] and Sindi settled in the area from ancient times." I loaded the Taman article because it was the location of Kepke-like Kepoi.

In passing, I'd like to say that the sphinx-like item on the Phanagoria page has a woman's head that reminded me of Chris Peare, Kepke's girlfriend. Kepoi is just two miles from Phanagoria. So, I started seeking Taman-like surnames, failing until Tams came up with a version of the Peare Coat! Both surnames were first found in Oxfordshire, and Tams are with Thames'/Teans, which were suspect both with the Themiscyra location in the land of the Pontus Amazons (the ones who migrated to the Taman theater), and with the Teano capital (Italy) of Sittaceni-like Sidicini. This is really shocking me. Kepke's father was Ukrainian. The Sitticeni can be expected with the Aulon trace to Avellino. There was an ancient Sittacene location near Iranian Susa that may have been part of the Scythian link to Persia, and therefore a fundamental part of mythical Perseus (otherwise a Danaan from Tanais).

The Tunnels had come to mind as a Taman-liner possibility. Tunnels can be using the split Sion Shield, perfect for linking to Seatons. The Tunnel Coat was suspect with the Morley/MAUL Coat, and Chris Peare was in the MALL in my dream that had David Morley. Amazing. Chris (in the dream) wasn't with Kepke, but with me (she had been my girl before Kepke abducted her from me). I'm a Muse = Amazon liner. Her first name, Chris, as a surname, shares the swan with Sions/Swans.

The Peare leopard heads are used by the Orne-liner Caens. In fact, I'm glad I've arrived to Caens, for they use a "PERImus" motto term, like "PARIUM," the alternative name of Parion. Plus, we can see the Muses in "PeriMUS." Were the Peare's a Paris line?

The dream ended with me pulling Miss Peare by the waist toward me, and it felt so good. I deciphered that as per the Wastell variation of Wessels (drops), for German Wessels (HORN) share the vertically-split Shield (same colors) of Morleys/Mauls. Wastells are suspect with Vestalis, son of king Cottius, and therefore suspect from the Sittaceni-like Cotesii. The Cotesii were beside the Sion-suspect Sensii, and, moreover, Cotesii were in WALLACHia while Kepke dropped Miss Peare for Miss Walsh. Walsh's use the swan because they are from Wallis canton, the area that surrounds Sion/Sitten (I often link Sion to Cottians). The fits are so remarkable that God needs to be in these things.

In the last update, I mentioned the Sitna river for the first time in years. I also mention TRUSESTti, near that river. The Hebrons/HEPburns (beside the Keppocks) use a "Keep TRYST" motto, now suggesting that Kepoi liners were in cahoots with Trusesti elements. Trusesti is where ancient TRYPillians lived, and Trysts use a "TREPidum" motto term. The Leats who share the Seaton crescents use "Trustie TO THE end," probably part-code for Tooths who share the Leather/Lauder griffin. Lauder is near the first-known Seatons, but also near the first-known Blythe's who share red crescents with Leats and Seatons, and whose garbs are in both colors of the Arms-of-Gascony garbs. In colors reversed, the Blythe garbs can be the red Keppock garb. "True to the End" is the motto of Hume's while, to the near-west of the Sitna there is a modern HUMorului location. Bill Clinton was born a Blythe while Peare's and Tams were first found in the same place as Clintons.

Finally, the two Ness/Nesson fesses are in the colors of the one Keppock fesse. As Pharnaces II was descended from Nysa, it's possible that her had some connection with the entity naming Kepoi.

Wessels/Wastells use a "horse in full gallop" while Gallops (beside the Wissels/Whistle's) show the Keep bend in colors reversed. The Keeps use a red bend, and Keppocks a red fesse. If the garbs in the Arms of Gascony were colors reversed, they would be red, the colors of the Keppock garbs. Gascony was the land of Basques, whom I traces lightly to Milesian (Carian Miletus) colonies in north-western Caucasus. Here's the Kepoi article: "The colony was established by the Milesians in the 6th century BC." By that time, the Milesians may have been the Cretan Minoans.

Back to Quadratus. His Wikipedia article says that he has a "relative," likewise from Pergamon (or PergaMUM): Gaius Antius Aulus Julius Quadratus. In the latter's article, we read that he had a sister, Julia Polla. Her name is not coming up in any of my files, meaning that she's new to me here. Suddenly, there can be a Bassus link to VesPASia Polla at Rieti, which recalls that nearby AVEZZANo looks like "Bessin" but fronted with a Ves-like Vez term. Pasi's are also Pace's, and the Cheshire Pace's use besants. I trace Pasi's to Pasleys/PAISleys (same place as Pollocks), like the Baise variation of Base's.

"At the relative's article, we learn: "Ronald Syme believes [Quadratus] was related to the general Gaius Julius Quadratus Bassus, although Quadratus was a member of the Roman tribe Voltina and Bassus belonged to the tribe Fabia." There is no Volt / Voltin surname coming up, but Boltins share the lion of Base's/Baise's (Saffer/Savary colors), and moreover use a "Vi et" motto phrase, like the "Vita" of Saffers/Savarys. The Vito annulet is shared by Severs/Saviours, in case you doubted that Julius Avitus was in the line to Saffers. Voltina-possible Poltons (not familiar with), looking linkable to Hamons, share the stars of Polesdons (same place as Poltons) in colors reversed, and the Polesdons share the Sabine stars so that Poltons / Boltons look like Polla-of-Rieti liners!!! Beautiful.

Vito's have a BITINI variation that can trace to "Bityhnia." Bidens share the chapeau of Capelli's, and the latter were first found in the same place as Fabia's/Fabians (same Shield as Cocks / Grimaldi's).

"Voltina" is like the Woltan variation of Waltons. The Valtons/Weldons (same place as Bus', Portis' and Sabine's) share the giant fleur of Pockets/Pouchers, in colors reversed from the same of Bus' and Portis'/Porchers. The latter suggest Porcius Cato, who had land in Sabina. German Bus' were first found in Biden/Button-like Baden. Valtons/Weldons are said to have been descended from Mr. Bucy (probably a Bush branch).

I googled Julia Polla to find her daughter named, FLAVia! Bingo. Vespasia Polla married a Flavius, and she was grandmother to emperor Titus. Julia Polla married Titus Flavius Apellas (could be a pelican liner from Pelagonia, Macedonia theater). Her father was Julius Apellas, and her mother was another Julia Polla. The Apple's come to mind. Julia Polla was born about four years before Vespasian became the emperor.

While Pelles' use the pelican, there is an Apelles/Abell surname (Derbyshire) with a rare purple fesse. The neighboring Pace's use a purple Shield. The "Vive" motto term of Apelles'/Abells must be for Vive's/Fiveash's (TIGER on a mound) because they share the wreath with Apelles'/Abells. The Vive/Fiveash Coat gives the impression of the Maceys / Mackays because the latter use the wreath too. And as Irish Mackays share the Quade Coat, it seems that the Porter bells can apply to this Abell line (Bellamys, sharing the Bell fesse, married Maceys). The Pace's (same place as Maceys) are expected with the Pace's/Pasi's that share crossed spears with Pollo's/Pillo's/Pileggi's/Pilona's, the latter first found in Florence with Polloni's/Apollo's (share tree with Apelles'/Abells).

For those who read (last update) my treatment on Dominic the FARMER, his surname was DiFILIPIS. There is a Filipo/Lippo/Leopold surname first found in Florence. While Florence is also, Firenza, the Phillis'/PHILLIPsons (like the Pilis variation of Pollo's/Pillo's) look to be using the Friend Shield (pelican in Crest). Mrs. Teague, the only Teague I know of, was born Miss Friend. For the record, Phillis' use six feathers not said to be those of the ostrich, though they often are. Lois' use the ostrich, and this smacks of Louise Phillips, in case you've read about her from me. She was in the mall (in my sleeping bag dream) on the same platform as Christine Peare. When I slept with the two women, the other was Louise (I'll remention this below). Apparently, the Phillips could have been Bell liners. French Phillips (Bell / Bellamy colors) can be using a version of the Mackay Coat. The Phillis/Phillipson boar heads are colors reversed from the same of Apelles'/Abells.

Aha! There is a Marigny entity in the write-up of French Phillips', while Marignys, listed with the Marie's above, use a "lois" motto term! Zinger. Louise Phillips must have been put into my life to make the Lois / Gorlois connection to the Apellas > Polla bloodline. "Marigny" can explain the Margy variation of Mackeys, and the Mackesys listed with Margesons. The "murs" motto term of Marie's/Marignys gets Spanish Muriels, while a MURAL coronet is used by Phillis'/Phillipsons. Feathers are in Phillis / Friend colors and format, we get it.

The French Murs' look to be from the MenMURAT Khazars that I trace to Lanarkshire's Biggars. The "Roi" motto term of Apelles'/Abells should be for Roys, who share the Pool lion. Roys were first found in Lanarkshire with Swans/Sions, who in-turn use a Coat much like that of French Phillips' (swan). Louise Phillips had a boyfriend, Moreno, and Morinis' happen to share the fleur of English Muriels. Spanish Muriels can be using the Mureno/Moratin tower in colors reversed. Moreover, Morinis' are in the write-up of Deerings, first found in Kent with Apelles'/Abells. No kidding. And the Morinis' of that write-up are said to descend from tiger-using Osborns. "Biggar" is a motto term in the Arms of Shetland while the Assi's, first found in Shetland, are said to be an Oswald branch.

As Miss Peare became the fiancee of Mr. Kepke with a Ukraine background, and as Miss Peare helped to trace things to Taman of the Ukraine theater, it's interesting that Apelles-beloved Vive's can be from Ukraine's L'viv location.

At the webpage below, the elder Julia Polla is the wife of Quadratus above, and daughter of Antonius Julius Quadratus and Julia Tyche. The Tighs / Teague's/TEEGERs come to mind, and so it appears that the tiger of Vive's tends to prove that the Apelles/Abell surname is from the Apellas family in merger with the Bassus marriage to the Tigranes line. She was also the sister of Gaius Julius Bassus! Zikers, this is all new to me.

I've been wondering whether "Gaius" is from king Gaia, the Numidian, father of Massena/Massinissa. Gauis Julius Bassus (married Pollio line) above is not the father of the Quadratus of Cetis (born 70 AD).

It turns out that Julia Tyche was the daughter of Artemidoros (Trocmii Galatians) and Laodice (Tectosages Galatians). Yes, this is the Artemidoros that I emphasize (son of Amyntes I). The page has Artemidoros born in 25 BC without question. This website has Severus Bassus as Artemidoros' son, but I was under the impression from Wikipedia that an unknown son of Artemidoros fathered Severus Bassus. I had suspected that Caiaphas could have been that unknown son, which might explain why Wikipedia has now made Severus the son of Artemidoros, apparently scrubbing the unknown son.

Laodice, a Seleucid name at that period, turns out to be the daughter of Amyntes II of the Trocmii. The birthplace of Julia Tyche is given as Akmonia, and she's made the sister of Severus Bassus. Wikipedia makes Severus the line to Quadratilla like so:

Gaius Julius Severus
Gaius Julius Bassus
Gauis Julius Quadratus Bassus (where did he get "Quadratus?)

The Geni website doesn't include Severus in this line, but replaces him with Antonius Quadratus. The article above doesn't use "Bassus" for Severus' last name, while I have used "Severus Bassus" even though Wikipedia doesn't use "Bassus" as his last name.

This webpage gives a son of Severus Septimius as "Bassus" even though he had not yet married Domna Bassianus yet. The mother of Bassus was "Brigit, a British princess." The same sentence says that Bassus was the name of Severus' other son by a second wife. Domna was his third wife. Therefore, it seems that Severus Septimius was a Bassus who married Bassianus'.

Okay, this is easy. Artemidoros, whom I've mentioned a thousand times, birthed Julia Tyche (surname from birth of marriage?), mother of Julia Polla who married Flavians. This recalls that Plancia Magna's father was from Galatians while Plancia married Tertullus while Vespasia's husband (Sabinus) was a son of Tertulla. Vespasian himself had a daughter, Tertulla. Plancia was the daughter of Julia Iotapa (not the Julia Iotapa, queen of Cetis, wife of Quadratus Bassus). Plancia's mother was Opgalli and Tigranes, whom I trace to Tyche-like Teague's/Teegers. Plancia's mother was the priestess of Artemis in Pergamon-like Perga, and Artemidoros' grandfather was a priest of Cybele, begging whether Plancia's father, Marcus Plancius Varus, descended from Brogitarus. "Varus" was the second-last name of Laevillus (from his mother, Vibia Varia), who himself had "Titus" as his third-last name. Laevillus' father was Gaius Julius Lupus (expect wolves).

For the record, it's not a bad idea to jot down that Julia Iotapa of Cetis was sister to Julius Agrippa and Alexander Berenicianus (Maccabee line, maybe the one to Orne), with names like Berenice Agrippa, the "famous" Herod who was engaged to emperor Flavius Titus, and whom I've been tracing to Bernicians, and to the Bernice's (HORNS) and Burns (horns), both first found in Cumberland with Daggers and their Acre branch that could be using the June fleur.

The black hunting horns of Bernice's / Burns are shared by Burnetts (Berwickshire = Bernicia), and they throw in the grape vine, symbol on one side of the coin of Herod Archelaus. Bernetts also use holly while the Holly Coat is a good image of the Plunkett (Plancia / Plancius liner) Coat. Carol Burnett always ended her shows by pulling on her ear, interesting because I saw reason for identifying the heraldic ear, suspect with the Derbyshire Eyers, with Pharnaces. I had thought that Plancia Magna had elements at Derbe.

Perga was the PAMphyllian capital, and BAMberg (Bavaria) was home to Poppo, founder of BEBANbergs, who trace to queen BEBBA of Bernicia, who named the Bebbanburgs at Bamburgh castle (Bernicia). That's how we can know that Bernicia was named from Bernice Agrippa, for example, who, if I recall correctly, had a son, Berenicianus. She had married (her uncle) Herod of CHALCIS (Syria), and Chaucers, first found in the same place as CHALKers, use a TORToise, perhaps code for Tertullus (of Perga). PamPHYLLians might explain the Pillo variation of Polla's, not forgetting the Bilis river of Pamphylia.

I'd like to mention here that Mamie had large breasts. I've mentioned this before, and entertained it as God's clue that she was to pose as the Great Mother. The Mansfields can be expected as a branch of Mame's/Meme's/Mens, and Mansfields are said to be from a Mamie-like term that means, breasts. I saw them bare once or twice, but she always gave me the impression (could have been God) that she didn't want me to engage them. I never did. They looked engorged with milk.' Mansfields had a Mamesfelde location in the same place as Tye's/TIGHS, and so now I know why, that less than 24 hours after Mamie became my girl, God impressed me with her beautiful THIGHS, because it was important to Him that I make the link (35 years later) to TYE's/Tighs. And here I find that while Brogitarus was the high priest of the Great Mother, his grandson (may have likewise been the priest) birthed Julia Tyche.

Tysons/Tessons use the TOUCH lion in colors reversed (but see also Marie's and Hume's), and the TICino was also the Tessin. If we take the Laevi from the Ticino, and bring them to Julia TYCHE (said to be the sister of Severus Bassus), her line leads quickly to a Bassus marriage to LAEVillus. As he's expected in the Quade wolf heads, by what coincidence is a giant wolf used by Thighs? It's called a fox, but as houseofnames has fox artwork, why does it shoe the same wolf used, for example, by German Flemings? Jewish Fox's use the same wolf, and it's red, as is the Thigh wolf. That can explain the Thigh wolf-fox combination as a Laevillus line to Jewish Fox's. The Plancia-Tertullus line goes definitely to Tertullus, ancestor of Fox-like Fulks.

Red wolf heads are used by Fiddle's/FIDElows while "Fides" is a motto term of wolf-head Lupus'/Wolfs/Welfs (same place as Hugh Lupus). The Lupus/Welf wolf heads are (same colors) with Skene's/Skins, a branch of Schims/Schiens/Shands (= Shechemites expected with Laevi liners), looking like a branch of the Shin / Shan terms used by Irish-Fox variations.

Skene's/Skins were first found in Aberdeenshire with Fothes'/Fittes'/Fette's. The latter use a cornucopia, a symbol on the coin of Herod Archelaus. I'll show below that this Herod also used a pomegranate, which recalls that I traced pomeGRANate's to GERNon liners. It just so happens that I see Fothes' very-directly from Ranulph de Gernon, earl of Chester, where Lupus'/Welfs were first found. Hugh Lupus had been the earl of Chester not long before. Chester is in Cheshire while Cheshire's share the "hawk's lure" with Herods/Heraults/Hurls (probably merged with Hurls/HERLs), suspect in-part with HERLin de Conteville, grandfather of Hugh Lupus. The latter's sister was the grandmother Ranulph de Gernon, in-turn born to a Meschin, suspect with Masci's, and therefore we can add that Masseys share the Shield of Vere's (like Laevillus' Varus surname) suspect with the star of Annas'.

The Annas' were first found in the same place as Tye's/TIGHs (likewise use the Annas star) and Mamesfelde, and God put Mamie together with as Masci liner (me). The Brest/BRIX surname is suspect with Ranulph de Briquessart, father of the Meschin above. God looks like a genius here to connect Mamie's breasts even to Meschins. The Massey fleur are used my BRICKs, and Bricks use the Brest/Bris lozenges in colors reversed. The line of Herod Archelaus is to the Lannoys and Lyons, who share the Touch lion, a version of the Tyson/Tesson lion.

German Brix's/Bricks'/Brickers share pierced stars with Maceys, but are in the colors reversed from the pierced stars of Sabine's and Polesdons (Cheshire). Chesters use a reflection of the Sabine Shield, as do PLAINs/Platers. The Brix/Bricker stars are in the colors of the Hamon stars, and Hamons were from Hamon de Masci. I'm being flooded with ideas in mind right now and don't know what to make of the fact that Maschi's were first found in Rimini, suspect with ancient Rimmon in Israel, and then Hamons use a "discRIMINI" motto term. See below that the pomegranate on the coin of Herod Archelaus is called a "rimmon" in Hebrew:

The most common coins of Herod Archelaus are small prutot depicting a bunch of grapes, also one of the seven species, and a crested helmet with his name (Herod) and title (Ethnarch) in Greek, and a ship's prow and wreath with his name and title abbreviated. Grapes were commonly depicted on Jewish coins, serving as s reminder of the fertility of the country. Other coins of Archelaus showed the bow of a ship and a laurel wreath.[4] A rare double prutah of Herod Archelaus depicts a galley and conjoined double cornucopiae, also inscribed in Greek with his name and title.[5]

Did God make Mike Tyson a boxing champion for to link Tysons/Tessons to Pollux (ancient boxing symbol), suspect with Pollocks from Vespasia Polla? The billiard table in the Obama dream can be regarded as a pool table too, and Poole's have been resolved from Vespasia Polla. When I sewered on Obama's pool table with a paper airplane as the cue ball, I'll bet the reason behind it was that the Plains are also Platers i.e. a Pontius-Pilate possibility. The Plain/Plater Chief can be a form to the Sabine Chief. Flavius Josephus, who had joined the family of Flavius Sabinus and Vespasia Polla, traces well to the Joseph surnames, the English branch first found in the same place as Pools (Pilate colors), and the French branch first found in the same place as Pilate-liner Billiards/Billets (in-code with the BESANcon billets). That makes a lot of sense. As I said months ago, the airplane was at first a flat page on the table, and French Page's should therefore be using the Pool lion. Page-related Payens (same place as page's) use the Zionist stars of Billiards in gold. One can see in this that God made it plain that he was behind that dream.

The mystery as to who gave the Bassus' that surname lies in either Julius Severus, or in the couple, ANTONIUS Julius Quadratus or Julia TYCHE, whom makes the parents of the first Bassus I know of. This really throws a curve ball into my long-standing view that Severus was the father of the first Bassus. I assume that Antonius was named after Marc Antony because he upheld the policies of Julius Caesar after the his assassination. Recall little Tony giving Andrea a jewel while Jewels are also Jule's.

While Bassus' led to the naming of the Bessin, while the neighboring Masseys (from the Bassianus') were in Manche, the heraldic maunch is used by TICKhills, no guff. And the Mamie-line Mansfields use the same maunch (different color) as do English Tonys, who can be from Antonius, husband of Miss TYCHE. Again, Jewels/Jule's use gillyFLOWERs in the colors of the flower of Italian Tonys. Zowie.

Did Helen's airport job seem like code for Airs/Ayers and Porters? It was perfect where Airs/Ayers have quatrafoils as code for Proculus' mother. Immediately after Helen played POOL with her new boyfriend, while she still lived in my basement, he brought over flowers, and then Flowers use the cinquefoil of Potters, the latter first found in the same place as POOLs, and being a branch of Porters/Pawters (bells). You can't make more sense than this. Helen was with a Masci liner when that pool-hall event took place. She got her first kiss from Steve in that pool hall, and Kiss'/Cush's share the red rooster with Bibo's while I think the latter were from VIBia, mother of Laevillus, father of Proculus.

Dovers use the white Flower / Potter CINQUEfoil in colors reversed, while Dover was one of the five CINQUEport cities, another being Hastings. The Hastings use the Tony / Tickhill maunch too (sometimes called a sleeve), and while the Tony maunch is in the Arms of Leicester, ditto for the white, ermined cinquefoil of Bus' / Portis'. It's interesting that Hasting-like Astins (Shaw lozenges?) come up as "Asin," which I tried as per "Asinia" (wife of Julius Bassus). And Assons/Essons (evokes Assmans / Rasmussens) use the Base/Bassan lions in colors reversed. Ashtons (Astin kin) use a giant star in the colors of the giant Dover cinquefoil. Austins (chevron in Asson-chevron colors) look like they were merged with Quints. Austins and Quints share the chevron of Levens who in-turn can be using the Tye/Tigh/Tease / Annas star.

As the line to Caiaphas is suspect with the affair that Julius Caesar had with Quintus Caepio's granddaughter (Servilia), and while Caesar was a son of Miss Cotta, why is the Cotta Coat in colors reversed with Markels/Marshalle's (branch of MARSHalls?)? Asinia Bassus had a Marcella surname (see Wikipedia's article on Julius Bassus), by birth I assume.

Let's look a little deeper. Merkle's use the feather, and Feathers use a Coat version of the Lights/Lite's (feathers in Crest). The Lite-like Letts/Late's (Annas Shield?) use the saltire of Nimo's/NewMARSH's in colors reversed. Excellent. The Aliotta's and Leathers/Lauders (Lite colors) can be using the griffin in the Arms of Alessandria, a location near the MARICi of the Ticino. As I expect Laevillus from Ticino liners, he could have had Asinia Marcella in his ancestry. She was in his wife's ancestry, anyway. While Laevillus traces to the Leavells, founded by Waleran, note that Walerans (colors and format of Quade's/Wade's) share the black bull head with Asins/Astons. The Laevi were co-founders of Ticinum with Marcella-like Marici.

The Lett-like Leats share the Seaton / Nimo/Newmarsh crescents, and Keiths/Marshalls were first found in East Lothian (near Lauder) with Seatons. Suddenly, Marshalls are suspect with the Marcella line. The Lights/Lite's were first found in Sussex with Mascals, and Keiths come up as "Mascal." There is a Marcell surname (reflection of the Lorraine Coat) first found in Dauphine with Page's, Payens/Pagans, and Galli's.

The Ayer branch of the DERBYshire Eyers use the motto, "LIGHTer than air," and the Feather Crest is the red Derby antelope head. The Arms of Ayrshire is known to use the Annandale Coat on gold, and while Annandale's use a Chief with their saltire, the Annandale Coat is linkable to Letts/Late's.

Doe's/Dows, who seem implied in the Derby write-up, use the colors and format of Derbys. Dovers and Dove'/Dows (share doves with English Page's) share a white tower in Crest, the Plunkett and HILL symbol too. As Hills (same fesse as Asins/Astons) were first found in the same place as Squirrels/Squire's/Square's, the latter share the red squirrel with Tick-like Decks/Daggers. So, TickHILLs may have been a Tyche-line merger with Hills. In the meantime, Dexters were first found in the same place as English Tonys. We read earlier that Julius Quadratus Bassus was an good associate / friend of Mr. Dexter. For new readers, Tecks/Tess'/Tease's/Techins, from the Ticino river, use leaves as code for the Laevi Gauls, but likely also for the leaves-using Leave's/Leafs/Leve's (dove).

The Dove's were first found in Berwickshire with quatrafoil-using White's. With the Marcells using a version of the Lorraine Coat, I'm reminded that my Lorraine was code for PAIONi liners. Her WHITE pants became a symbol, suspect with Panthers/Panters (Angus), who share "spur rowells" with Payens/PAIONs/Pagans (same place as Marcells). Ayers use the spur on their bent leg. Pansys/PANTzers use more doves.

After God gave my readers a dream (from me) with a sleeping bag on a HILL, I told the story of Mamie becoming my girl at a camp-fire party, when she let me sleep in her sleeping bag. It was on the next day that her thighs impressed me as code for Tye/Tighs/Tease's. As I said months ago, we went WADIng in the lake the morning after sleeping in the sleeping bag. QuadraTILLa was the line to Quade's/WADE's (Tills/Tile's/Tillers share the Vito annulet). And Sleeps use the double fesses of Ness'/Nessons in colors reversed. By what coincidence were Decks (Massey fleur?) and Hills first found in the same place as Wade-like Watts ("Fide")? Ness' are tracing excellently to the three queen Nysa's, and as that was via king Cassander (Macedonia), it's notable that Waters share the three chevrons of Cassandra's (same place as Porters / Potters / etc.). We were wading in the water, and the Vatts branch of Watts are Watters' too. Watts and Vatts use the eye, suspect with an Eye location beside Diss, and Diss' are also DICE's. Then, Eyes' are with the QUATRAfoil-using Eyers.

There is a Waters' surname first found in SALOP with a Clun location (of Saluzzo-liner FitzAlans) and the first-known SLEEPs, using only a pale bar in the colors of the fesse-only of Tessins/Tessens (same place as Dols). It reminds me of the symbol-less Saluzzo and Clun Coat in the same colors. The Tessin/Tesson fesse is colors reversed from the Dol fesse. It appears that Ticino liners of some sort merged with the FitzAlan-Saluzzo line.

Listen. I'll repeat: The Wade's/Waids use a version of the Crozier Coat, and the other Croziers (giant besant) were first found in Auvergne with Clermont-Ferrand, where the ancestry (Decimus Rusticus) of Mamie-like MUMmolin ruled. Mummolin was at Chalons-sur-Marne, the Arms of which are almost the Wade / Crozier Coat. The Wade's/Wide's use the Coat of Phars/Farrs, suspect from Pharnaces, husband of one queen Nysa, and to help prove that God intended this, Phars/Farrs share the maunch with Mame's/Meme's. Phars/Farrs are said to have included Walter Fere, while Were's/Ware's use croziers. The Ware river is at Durham, where Wade's/Waids were first found.

The Quade's/Wade's share their wolf heads with Mackays/QUOIDs, suspect with the "Quod" motto term of Mangels/MANSels who in-turn use the Mansfield Coat, maunches and all. The salamander of Mangels/Mansells belongs to Selkirks/SelCRAIGs, who may be with a version of the Sabine / Plain/Plater Shield. The SelCRAIG Chief is in the colors of Craigs, who are from the Charax surname of Laevillus' sons. The same Chief is also in Porter / Potter colors, but compare with Laevi-like Levins/Livings too, who share the martlets of Sadducee-like Saddocks. As per "SelKIRK, " Kirks (crozier) use another "quod" motto term, clinching Selkirks with Kirks (a reflection of the Annas Chief. Kirks (same place as Daggers) use Opgalli-suspect "OPtiMUM," like the "Optem" motto term of Teague's/Teegers. Reminder: Croziers were important kin to the line of Mummolin. Kirks even use "priMUM." Ask: by what coincidence do Mamie-liner Mansells link hard to "mum"-using Kirks of Selkirk relations? Selkirk is of the Bernicia theater, and Kirks were first found in the same place as Bernice's and Burns.

It should be noted that Kirks share the white sword with Tax's/Dacks and Phars/Farrs while Tecks/Tess'/Techens are suspect with the Phar/Farr saltire in white ("Techen" is a new, Ticino-like variation found today). Tecks/Tess' were first found in the same place as the Ticino canton.

Would you consider her a tease not to hug me while we were in the sleeping bag? It wouldn't have been a tease had she not been so attractive. I didn't force myself into her bag. I was sitting at the picnic table, at the fire, and she surprised me by just sitting on my knee. I hadn't spoken a word to her yet that night, so far as I recall. We had met only once before, when she surprised me with a dance, at her party (there was no dance floor set apart, so no one else was dancing). I can't say she didn't like me. She stayed with me a couple of months. It appears that God arranged for her to be a bit of a tease in that sleeping bag to reinforce the Tease surname. With Tonys in the Tyche picture, it's interesting that little Tony was giving a jewel to Andrea Fabian, for Bags share the Fabian lozengy. It's also the Grimaldi lozengy, and my mother's a Grimaldi.

The Assons/Essons (share boar with Gardens) were first found in Angus along with Gardens, and she was at her front flower garden (she could have been WATERing it) when her thighs impressed me. The Angus surname shares the Annas / Tye/Tease/Tigh star, and Annas' were first found in NOTTINGhamshire with Tease's/Tighs. Nottings use besants.

This reminds me that, after I gave Mamie a Bible, she said she took it on a trip, and left it under a bed. The Bible surname is with the Bibo's suspect to Laevillus' mother or her Vibius ancestry, and I suspect Caiaphas / Annas in that ancestry. No Bed(d) surname comes up, but BEDwells/Beatle's (BEDfordshire) almost use the Bag lozengy, and Bedfords share the black lion paws of Quints and Asson-like Austins. It's just that, for the time being, Asins/Astons are suspect with Asinia, mother of Quadratus Bassus, whose daughter Laevillus married. The Beads/Beadle's (same place as Phars/Farrs), whom I'm not familiar with, share the scallops of Apps!

The Asins/Astons share the black-on-white lozenges with APPS', first found in the same place as Fiers/Fere's (recalls Walter Fere in the Phar/Farr write-up), from Fier county on the APSus river, location of Antipatria/Antipater and the Dexter/Deckster- / Deck/Dagger-suspect Dexaroi. Cassander was the son of nearby Antipater. To the near-north of the Apsus was the Genusus with an Arnissa location matching the Arniss variation of Annas'.

The last I ever saw of Mamie, a story I've told several times, was after we broke up. I took on a taxi-driving job, and Tax's are also Dacks, you see, right down the Tease/Tigh Tease/Teck line. I was called by the dispatcher to pick Mamie up once, and I drove her home. We chatted. Soon after, I was called again to pick her up (no choice or initiative of my own), and this time I asked her out. We went to a cafe with a live musical performance, and I took her home. I was living in the apartment of Albert OOSTYEN, an Austin / Aston-like surname!!! Amazing. This coincidence suggests that surnames such as Stans/Stains/Stands and Stanleys/Stonleys may have been Asinia > Bassus liners. In fact, I see both Opgalli and the Stands in the "OBstantia" motto term of Arthurs, the latter first found in the same place as Artems and HOBs/Habs (tiger). If the latter is not a line from Opgalli, then perhaps a branch of the Abbs variation of Apps'. Of course, Artems can be from Artemidoros, Asinia's grandfather-in-law.

My Nissan pick-UP looks like God may have used it as part-code for Opgalli, and, as I've said several times, Mamie was (what looked bare-breasted to me) in the back of a pick-up truck with Barry when I arrived to the camp site. The Nissan was WHITE while Scottish White's ("parta") use QUATRefoils (and a reflection of the Levin/Living / Plain/Plater Coats).

I've mentioned Mr. Oostyen him before, just Google "Oostyen" with "tribwatch," and Google should get you the pages (though Google suppresses many of my pages). He had asked me to keep his apartment while he went to work at WHISTLER mountain, and Whistler's/Wissels are suspect with WASTells/Wessels, important because Mamie allowed me to go to sleep in her TENT with my arm around her WAIST, though with her BACK toward me. Whistlers/Wissels (lozenges in Bag-lozengy colors!!) were first found in Somerset with Tints (probably show the Whistler lion), and while TINTs were of Cornwall's Tintagel location, Tintons, who use "royal TENTs (!)," were first found in Cornwall. You see, God set her up for the reasons at hand.

That night at Albert's place, we had lousy sex (first time ever for us), if one could call it that, on Albert's lousy couch. Was that like a tease too? The Tints (Tenants?) use a "COUCHant" lion. Mamie and I never saw each other again. While Mamie represented the Mens / Manners / Mansfield bloodline, Mandy, many years later, flew up to see me for about a week. I say that Mandys/Mundays (lozenges) were from Munderic, father of Mummolin, and then back to Amyntes, the Bassus ancestor. We can see how Mandys/Mundays (Wastell/Wessel colors) can be a branch of Mens' / Manners. The point is, while she was up visiting, Albert Oostyen succumbed to his battle with Multiple Sclerosis, and died. And she came out to the funeral with me. I had taken her skiing that week, and Whistler mountain is a ski resort. I think it was my second time ever on skis, just ponder that. Being from TEXas, Mandy didn't know how to ski, but I hope she had fun trying.

In the sleeping-bag dream, it ended when I pulled CHRISTINE Peare toward me by her WAIST, and it felt so-good because, in real life, 40 years ago, she with another young lady (LOUISE Phillips) slept with me (no sex). With me in the middle, I awoke in the middle of the night with my arm draped around Peare's waist, with her back toward me, just like with Mamie! And it felt so good as I awoke, just like in the dream. It suggests that Christine Peare should trace to Wastells/Wessels / Whistler's/Wissels (same place as Tints). Christine's were first found in the Isle of Man, where I trace Mamie liners. Christine's share the uniCORN in Crest with Tints, from CORNwall's Tintagel liners, and that's where mythical GorLOIS ruled who's part-code for such things as "Louise."

The two ladies, in the dream, were on wooden platforms, which I've entertained as decks for Deck liners. It now seems certain that God intended them as decks because Phillipsons cropped up as Phillis', and Phillis' were looked up as per the Pilis variation of Polla's. Amazing. Julia Polla married Mr. Apellas while Apelles'/Abells were first found in Kent with Welsh Phillips'.

As I said, Mamie's large breasts figured well for representing Cybele. This Great-Mother goddess is who I see in Revelation 17, where she's a harlot committing adulteries with the nations. Of the seven hills she sits on, three of them were Flavians (it's irresponsible to teach that the seven hills are seven continents, or seven empires of the past). I'm repeating this because Mamie confessed to me that her mother was seeing the married man next door. If all with Mamie was symbolism, then that fits well too.

Was the Bassus surname from Julia Tyche or Antonius Quadratus? I had found reason to trace "QuadRATUS" partly to Sub RADICE, near Cabyle (Thrace), and the latter term is much like "Cybele." Radice's share a Coat like that of Cable's/Cabels (Somerset, same as PORTIShead / Whistlers / Tints), and the Cabels ("impaVIDE") use an obvious Coat-version of the Caens, from the Bessin.

Something Else

Imagine if the FBI / CIA is able to use a killer, and then arrange for him to go free by pulling some strings with a corrupt / brotherhood judge or jailhouse. If this could be done (it's probably happened many times), they can use a certain man to do the killing, but arrest and blame someone else who's part of the plot from the start, who was present when the judge agreed. This person arrested (paid a lot of cash) assures that he has a sure alibi, in case things go wrong in court, and so the government can go forward with their killings. For example:

...When deputies arrived at the apartment, Waddell opened the door with blood splattered on his feet and his hands.

...Deputies searched the apartment where they found Corvino dead in his bed [shot more than a dozen times]. Waddell was detained following the discovery of Corvino’s body.

The Orlando Sentinel reported there were cameras in the apartment which captured the moments leading up to the shooting but not the slaying itself.

...Waddell owned two guns, a shotgun and handgun. He told deputies during the interview that he had no recollection of the shooting and asked if Corvino was dead.

Cameras triggered to go off at the sound of gunshots? You've got to be kidding. Who arranges something like? This makes Waddell look like an insider because, if he wasn't, he wouldn't have answered the door covered in blood. It's what we could expect when the FBI wants an easy way to get all the evidence they need for a conviction. You can get easier evidence that what you've just read. And you can start to see the alibi in the works when he says he's got no memory of the shooting. For example, using another camera elsewhere, showing the time, they can prove he wasn't at the apartment during the shooting. He gets off months or more from now, and the killing is done successfully with no sign of who the real killer could be.

This story comes the day after I was on the Beatle's/Bedwells and Beadle's, terms much like "Waddell." The latter surname (Weddel variation), sharing buckle's with Wettins, uses the same checks, in almost the same way (saltire), as Beatle's/Bedwells, and as these are the checks of the Waleran > Leavell line, it's perfect to have WADdells using them. Wattle's/Wheatleys (Wissel/Whistler lion?) were first found in Somerset with English Leavells (Truth/Trott bars?), and while Scottish Leavells were first found in ROXburghshire, Beatle's/BEDwells use the ROCK. Waddels use a "truth" motto term. Mr. Corvino was killed in his BED while sleeping. Corvino's (Rothes raven) were first found in the same place as Sleeps and CorBETTs/Corbins (share the Corvino Coat).

Here's further coincidence: Corvins use the same fretty as MARKELs/Marshalle's, and Marshals are said to have been a quasi-branch of Keiths/Mascals (same place as Waddells) while English Mascals share the white elephant with Corbetts/Corbans. Keiths/Mascals almost use the six pale bars of the Waddell-beloved Truths/Trotts. BETTs (Potter cinquefoils colors reversed) use "OSTENdo non OSTENto" for a motto, which recalls the Asin/Aston / Austin / Oostyen discussion from ASINia MARCELLA i.e. like "Markell". Why were Corbetts/Corbans at MalCarveSTAN (Berwickshire, beside the first Keiths)?

French Jene's, shown properly as Genests/Genets (compare with Ghent Coats), might be in the Corvin motto, and were first found in the same place as Cotta's, the latter's fretty Shield in colors reversed from the same of Corvins. "Genest" may betray origins at the Genusus river, location of Arnissa, while Wattle's/Wheatleys use a reflection of the Arniss/Annas Coat. The Corvino / Corbett raven is that of Rothes', and Rutherfords share the goose with Dutch Dorns while Waddells use an "Adorn" motto term. The goose is used by Gass'/Gassons/Gascons.

So, there you see how I started out with a suspicious story in the news, with no thought of turning to heraldry. You saw how it all connected (a lot better if you load all the Coats to see for yourself). Why was Corvino killed? "Corvino was a longtime campaign GOP campaign staffer who worked on Attorney General Pam Bondi R-Fla. and former Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater’s R-Fla. campaign." Bondi's recall that Blonds look merged with Leavells. But here's something: by what coincidence were Corvino's first found in Lucca along with Massars/Massai's while the latter's Coat is almost that of AtWATers? Don't you find that amazing? The Atwaters even loved the Botters/Bodys, while Italian Botters were likewise first found in Lucca. Here's the Atwater description: " shield with two gold lions BODIES conJOINed but having one head all within a silver border."

By what other coincidence do Joiners/Jenners/Genners (cups) use a good Coat reflection of the Bondi's/Biondi's/Blondi's (Macey stars?)...and Maceys? French Messeys/Messier's were first found in the same place as Pilote's. The Joiners/Jenner cups are those also of Pilotte's, first found in Lincolnshire with Atwaters and English Messier's, tending to confirm that Messier's were Massars.

If you load the June-branch Jeune's, who come up as "Jenn," you can read of a Gennes branch, which gets a surname (Pont/Pond fesse) first found in Anjou, where the Fulks put out Geoffrey PlantaGENET. The Jene's, we saw, are also Genets. The "CONjoined" of Atwaters can thus be part-code for the English Constantine's sharing the Jeune fleur, but compare English Constantine's with Mascals while noting that French Constantine's share the pine theme with Maschi's.

Therefore, Geoffrey Plantagenet was a Junia-Caepionis liner, as were the namers of Gaunt/Ghent. Bondi's/Blondi's can be a branch of Ponts/Ponds / Ponders beloved of Chapmans, the latter first found in the same place as June's / Jeune's...and STANleys (same bend as Dorns, colors reversed from Botter bend). Compare Gone's/Guenets and Darrins to Darwins and Dorns/Dawneys.

The interesting thing here is that Chapmans are also CHEPmans while sharing the crescent of Marcells (not "Markell"), and the latter share the bend of KEEPs while CHEPs are also JEEPma's. Here's the Waddell motto, which could be part-code for Jene's and part-code for Nests/Ness'/Nessons.

It appears that God is pointing to the murder of Corvino, and this gives me the impression of another act by the Clinton crime ring. While Hillary may be finally starting to realize that her political career is over, Bill is more glued to his political / globalist aspirations than ever. It's the only reason he wanted Hillary to win, right? The Clinton crime ring is not necessarily led by Clinton. It's expected to have its organizational fat heads, with too much fat on the brain to think straight. If Hell fire is what they want, they are doing the right things.


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