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Oct 17 - 23, 2017

The Best Interpretation of the Sleeping-Bag Dream Yet
It's About the Uranium-One Deal
Kepoi Looks Nahorite and Alanic
Latest Dream: Bill Clinton Sings

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If we're skeptical about pizzagate, or call it what you will, where it at least touches upon people in the Clinton circle, then see the following:

Last week, former child actor Corey Feldman (Stand by Me, The Goonies) tweeted that he’d been asked for a statement about Harvey Weinstein’s sexual-harassment and rape allegations. It makes sense, since he [Corey] has spent years speaking out about sexual abuse in Hollywood—not of women, but of young men. He has long alleged that pedophilia is the worst problem in Hollywood and that it’s in part responsible for his best friend Corey Haim’s eventual death by drug overdose.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter in 2016, Feldman said: “{Haim} had more direct abuse than I did. With me, there were some molestations, and it did come from several hands, so to speak, but with Corey, his was direct rape, whereas mine was not actual rape. And his also occurred when he was 11.

Virtually the entire blame for the moral slide of America goes to Hollywood and the people foolish / ungodly enough to take their lifestyle cue from it. God's not asking for superhuman / overdone morality, just on-the-clean side. After one keeps to that rule, life is for the enjoyment in the things He's given green lights. There is a brightness in the creation and in life when one turns to God's Clean Spirit. Some people don't know what "holy" means. God's Spirit is the Clean Spirit. Is your life feeling like dirt due to human influences? Get the Clean. You'll like it, especially as you yourself become clean. The word of Christ will make you clean, set you free from the filth. I can't think of anything better. The filth affects your sight. You become confused, fearful, wayward, dangerous to self, anxious due to the unknown. But the peace of Christ comes with The Clean. Time for a Bath. Seek Him, and you will find.

Below is Sean Hannity on October 17, concerning Hillary's uranium deal with Russia (she wasn't alone in this):

This scandal involves Rod Rosenstein, the one who chose Mueller to go after Trump. Mueller personally delivered some uranium top Russia, and so it seems to be the secret fact that Rosenstein wants to harm Trump sop that his party doesn't find his part in the uranium deal. The top of that deal could not have been Hillary. There were other players for sure on the Obama end of things. If you haven't seen this story in liberal media, that's a GREAT thing because it once again shows the world that the CNNs of the planet are not news stations, but arms of the Democrat party. As long as the people know this, the powers of the media to deceive or be trusted are reduced drastically. Here's another video on the matter:

It looks like this could be part of God's judgment coming to the Clinton crime ring. It certainly puts a big dent into Mueller's investigation, because he now needs to decide whether to go light on Trump for fear of Uranium-One repercussions on him. , likely at the behest of the CIA behind the deal, are going after Trump even harder now. No false-flag event will serve as sufficient distraction to cripple this story, especially if Chuck Grassley continues on with his Senate investigation (i.e. isn't threatened). In the end, Grassley's investigation may become impotent because he agrees to play with soft gloves at the behest of the deep state. In that picture, the investigation is a mere facade as per trying to get at the root of the crimes.

The article below starts with innocuous kindness toward Bill Clinton's visit to Russia during the time of the uranium deal. But it ends with some jilting questions. What really was he doing in Russia? The article points out that he wanted to meet many Russians, but thought he should first get permission, from the state department (run by his wife), to meet with them. This may have been a precautionary tactic to prepare a whitewashing of his motives there. If anything went wrong, he could show that he asked permission. In any case, the article implies that the state department was slow to grant permission, as though people there didn't want to risk being stained by what they knew / suspected he was truly doing. It doesn't take a nuclear physicist to figure out that he was in Russia to bag money on the unethical uranium deal. My understanding is that The Hill birthed this scandal.

This Clinton "venture" (conflict of interest) easily explains the private server(s), and why Obama winked at them, to protect his own babies, of course. Let's not be naive. We don't need to wait for the media puppets or the congressional do-nothings to learn what was going on. We can figure it out on our own.

For our information: "The deal required approval from the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS)..." Is that the only organization needed to give the wink? This pertains to uranium going to the dread enemy, Russia. Should there not have been some consent also from all sorts of people, such as the CIA? Wouldn't Obama have heard of it? Of course, he would. Did anyone ever hear that the CIA leaked this deal (to the media) to keep it from happening??? "CFIUS approved the transaction in October 2010, saying there was no national security concerns." Imagine if Trump did something like that?

The media are ignoring Trump when he moves to make the uranium deal a top story. Good, Trump deserves to be ignored because he's ignoring the ones who cause the corruption. When he ran for president, did he promise to let the liberal media deal with the corruption, or did he say that he would personally look after it??? You go after the culprits, stupid, for one of them is the Mueller trying to make you step down as president. Stupid! Your wife should be ashamed of you.

We now know why the Obama administration was doing the reset button in his early years, because they wanted to butter-up the Russians.

In another article: "Since Uranium One held rights to 20 percent of the United States’ uranium production capacity, the deal required the approval of nine different U.S. agencies, including the Hillary Clinton–helmed State Department, before it could go through." The Obama people put the breaks of the tar sands of Alberta, and dove head-first into the uranium deal instead, something that should turn Democrat voters off...precisely why the CNNs don't want to air this story. But the liberals are being forced to give some apologetics, seeing that word is spreading anyway. And the way they are spinning this, there's nothing wrong at all; Fox and similar others are just exaggerating, blowing things out of proportion for political gain. In that case, there's nothing to fear about reporting on the story, right? Achem, this is like the black smoke of a backfire from Mueller's throat into CNN's face. Wonderful, it deserves it.

The liberals are saying that the Clintons may not have known about the unethical tactics used by the Russians to wiggle their way into the American uranium mines. Of course, it's exactly what we expect the liberals to say. But if the liberals don't want to nail their own coffins shut, they had best wait and watch for the developments first, because it highly unlikely that the Clintons are squeaky clean here. If the FBI / CIA did not inform Obama or Hillary about the Russian corruption, then the FBI / CIA is guilty, because such things as this belong to the daily briefings that Obama and other high-level pokes get. In other words, if the media continues to tell the story that the administration didn't know the corruption, the FBI / CIA will tell the media to shut up about that. But the FBI / CIA is in a tough spot because, if it did inform Obama and Hillary, then it is in a position to rat on them. It's wonderful, criminal ganging up on criminal. Even if the FBI / CIA takes the 5th, or finds other ways not to answer the simple question, it's equivalent to on ratting on Obama. Did you inform Obama and Hillary or didn't you? Answer the question, but if you don't answer with your mouth, then your answer is, thanks to your silence, yes, you did.

Here's a stupid (Challam Borchers, from the Washington Post) feeding the Democrats what they want to hear: "But there is reason to doubt that Clinton would have been in the know. The FBI investigation was still four years from completion at the time that the uranium deal was approved." After four years, Obama would have wanted to know what was known thus far. It would have been inexcusable for the FBI to say nothing to Obama until the investigation was fully complete. Only a pitiful Democrat animal would go for that argument. There is the obvious question on whether the FBI was keeping the story from certain ears either because Obama required it, and/or because the FBI was involved in the plot.

Consider this futile trick: "The Media is Justified in Ignoring the Russia Uranium One Story: There’s Nothing There" If there's nothing there, then cover the story and show that there's nothing there; make shambles of Fox. But, the fact must be, the CIA has required the media not to cover this, not to give it legs, not to risk a pop-fly by going to bat for, "there's nothing there." Here's "there's nothing there":

The nine-member Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States was required to sign off on Rosatom’s acquisition of Uranium One. It did so.
Hillary Clinton sat on that committee. And the Clinton Foundation reportedly received $145 million from nine investors who, at one time, had a stake in Uranium One.

145M? Chump change, there's nothing to this. A government official doing a business deal while she's also officially required to address the morality of the deal. What the heck, she said, let's go for the chump change, I see no immorality here. Let's do it. "Clinton didn’t have the authority to push the sale through — or even to help it much, really. She was just one of nine on the Committee..." She was just Obama's foreign minister, that's all, just one weeny-teensy person on the big committee. I'm sure that the others didn't even notice her. And when she spoke, they all just amused her, "thank you, tiny one, for your two-cents."

The article claims from a report that more than $130M of the 145M was given by a character after he got out of Uranium One. Still, that's a whopping chunk of change, and we all want to know why the Clintons deserved it. We don't have any problems realizing that, due to her powerful position, the donors hoped to reap a profit from their donations. We imagine that if one gives 131M, he/she hopes for maybe 400M in return, somehow. Here's the story:

An article in The New York Times on Jan. 31, 2008, though carefully worded, seemingly implied that former President Bill Clinton used political influence in Kazakhstan to allow Canadian mining magnate Frank Giustra, 51, to invest in what turned out to be a very profitable uranium venture in return for Giustra’s major donations to Clinton’s foundation. Other media outlets parroting the story in the wake of Hillary Clinton’s nomination as secretary of state have been less subtle, suggesting there was an outright quid pro quo.

The Times story is premised on the coincidence that Giustra and Clinton were both in Almaty, Kazakhstan, on Sept. 6, 2005, exactly the time when Giustra was pressing his case to invest in several uranium properties there.

Okay, I have no problem seeing with my eyes. Clinton is meeting with a Canadian uranium digger in 2005, and his wife gets involved with Uranium One (Canadian company) in 2009/10. I don't need glasses, I can see perfectly fine. On September 6, "Clinton and Giustra took off for India on Giustra’s plane." I'm sure that they were just talking about their yoga exercises. "The Times makes much of Giustra’s post-trip pledge to the Clinton Foundation of $31 million but failed to mention that Giustra had already pledged in July 2005 an initial $5 million months prior to the trip." There's nothing like an admission of guilt for us to hang our hats on. Bill had fantasies of president Hillary Clinton in January of 2009, and Mr. Uranium Gobbler may have been setting his own red carpet to her Oval Office as early as 2005. There was a 100M donation from Mr. Uranium Gobbler, to Clinton, in 2007, just in case Bill forgot about him. But that's just chump change. "Giustra has also pledged 50% of his annual mining profits to [the Clinton Foundation]." It's hard to forget something like that. It's not a wonder that Clinton hated Obama so much when he defeated poor Hillary in 2008. And, as consolation, Hillary got to be the foreign minister, and she worked Uranium One from that angle, while waiting for her enthronement in 2016. The pain, so complete, has not yet been poured down her throat. There is more to come, because she has yet to confess to her crimes, but instead keeps crying the blues on how she deserves to be the leader of the world.

How was Frank tied to Uranium One? "In 2007 Uranium One acquired a controlling interest in UrAsia Energy, a Canadian firm with headquarters in Vancouver, from Frank Giustra" (Wikipedia). So, the year that Frank allows Uranium One to control his company, he gives Bill $110M (was this a secret transfer from Uranium One though the hands of Giustra?). And by then, it was probably known roundly that Hillary was running for the presidency in 2008. I think I get it, don't you? In the same paragraph as the sentence above: "The Podesta Group then lobbied on behalf of Uranium One." The Podesta's had, Lisa Kountoupes, the wife/ladyfriend of Jack Sava in their lives. I'll get to her Uranium-One connections below.

Have we read yet why Bill made a half-million for one wee speech in Moscow? Rosatom acquired (bought) Uranium One for $1.3B, and "Rosatom announced its acquisition plans on June 8, 2010. While Hillary weighed this deal, Bill scored $500,000 for his address that June 29 to Renaissance Capital, a Kremlin-tied bank that endorsed Rosatom’s move." It was a great celebration in which Bill partook. Nothing to do with HIV or looking after earthquake victims.

Also unaware of the FBI’s Russian-bribery inquiry: Capitol Hill. Team Obama evidently kept Congress ignorant of Moscow’s atomic graft until five years after the Uranium One deal. More stunning, when the American businessman who cooperated with this investigation tried to file a lawsuit that might have exposed his findings, the feds made him clam up.

“The Obama Justice Department threatened him with loss of freedom,” attorney Victoria Toensing said of “Confidential Source 1,” as the FBI dubbed her client. “They said they would bring a criminal case against him for violating an NDA,” or non-disclosure agreement. Toensing also said her client “is not only afraid of the Russian people, but he is afraid of the US government because of the threats the Obama administration made against him.” Toensing told Fox News that her client has “specific information about contributions and bribes to various entities and people in the United States.”

What does that look like to you? I see the O-government not wanting the people to know that Russians were making illegal pay-offs in order to get in with the uranium-dinner party. This is not about the Clintons only. The more that the crash steams toward the Clintons, the more stinky Jeff Sessions looks, like a filthy groundhog hiding things in his burrow: "Grassley sounds eager to hear from Confidential Source 1. 'Witnesses who want to talk to Congress should not be gagged and threatened with prosecution for talking,' Grassley stated. 'If that has happened, senior DOJ leadership needs to fix it and release the witness from the gag order.' It is baffling why this witness has not been singing for months under Attorney General Jeff Sessions — a member of the Trump administration, not the Obama administration."

What was Hillary hiding: "Canadian records show that as Moscow gradually took over Uranium One from 2009-2013, Uranium One's chairman, among others with ties to the company, used his family foundation to make a series of donations to the Clinton Foundation, totaling $2.35 million. Those contributions were not publicly disclosed by the Clintons, despite Hillary Clinton being under a White House agreement to publicly identify all donors." This donation was a little kiss to Hillary's cheek, wasn't it? No need to report a wee kiss, she thought. After all, I'm Hillary.

Same article: "On Wednesday, Grassley released a series of letters that he sent to 10 federal agencies last week asking whether the Committee on Foreign Investment (CFIUS), which approved the transaction, was aware of the FBI probe. Note that the committee included then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton." Grassley just wants to know whether Hillary knew of the dirt on the hands of the buyers of this "cake." What will Grassley find in the meantime?

I reported on the story below within the past year, while working on the Seth-Rich murder. The writer exclaims that Lisa Kountoupes "has URANIUM ONE CONNECTIONS!!!!...'Kountoupes Consulting has been hired by Uranium One Inc. to lobby on “issues related to uranium mining and the uranium market.”'"

The page is rife with Lisa's links to the Clinton circle. The writer gives an official Lobbying Report from Lisa is for uranium issues. The Client's name on the form (at line 7) is Uranium One. The likelihood is that, when Seth Rich stole DNC emails, something of condemnation on Uranium One's government "servants" was a part of the load.

We know of Lisa's contacts with the Podesta's thanks to a DNC email obtained by none other than WikiLeaks, and WikiLeaks had come out to about-confess that the DNC emails were from Seth Rich. The email disclosed that : "Lisa Kountoupes was a co-host for the Kate McGinty 'Democrat for United States Senate fundraiser,' along with the Podesta brothers which took place on Feb. 22, 2016, which can be found in the Wikileaks 'Podesta emails.'" As you can see if you click the page below, the two Podesta brothers met at a breakfast with Lisa (she's the first name on the list) on February 22, 2016, about nine days after the murder of Judge Scalia. Rich was murdered the following July. Why did they really meet on that morning?

The second on the breakfast list is Andrea Larue, a Democrat consultant. I looked her up because there was an important ROAD in the sleeping-bag dream, the dream that I say has clues to the killers of Scalia. "LaRUE" means "the road" in French. I then learned that she works for NVG in RHODE Island. Hmmm. Did God use the road to indicate this woman? Just saying. It might be nothing, or something. It's just that Larue was at the breakfast with the Podesta's some 10 days after the murder, and there is reason to suspect John Podesta (in charge of Hillary's election bid against trump) as an insider in the Scalia murder. NVG is a Democrat bastion of what looks like feminists rooting hard for Hillary Clinton. The first eight of ten names listed on the NVG page below are women.

Larue advocated drastic renewals / reform of immigration policies as set out by the diabolical Democrats, to allow swathes of illegal Mexicans into the country who would vote Democrat in return for gifts that Democrats would give them, on the backs and labors of American workers.

On the NVG list is one Lisa German Foster, while a Mr. Foster coaxed Scalia to go hunting at a ranch down by the Mexican border, where he was murdered in the midst of a Hubertus cult that has a leader living in Mexico. This Mr. Foster flew to the ranch with the judge, and it may have been Foster who convinced the judge to leave his security guard(s) behind at Houston.

The sleeping bag, a symbol of Scalia's killers, in my opinion. was lying on a HILL, and it just so happens that The Hill broke this Uranium-One story in the version now rising. A man on a motorbike came from the road, down the hill, circled around in the area where I picked up the bag, and he then rode up the hill as I walked up. He went back on the road going in the direction from which he came. If that hill represents The Hill story on Clinton, and especially if the road was representative of Mrs. Larue, then it opens a totally-new view of the dream. Why would there be a motorbike between the road and the hill? Why did the rider give me the impression of wearing a Nazi-style, 1940's helmet? Or, perhaps it was an old-fashioned American-military helmet in representation of the American military now controlled by Nazi elements from the Bush's.

The Hill story broke with authors John Solomon and Alison Spann. If this is the Alison Spann with a CNN article, her late father and step-mother were CIA agents. The father was shot in the wake of the 9-11 agenda in Afghanistan, a victim of a massive, heinous false-flag event. Her mother died of "cancer" a month after the father died.

It's interesting that Solomons and Larue's (Perigord) use stars in the same colors while the stars of German Solomons are not only in the gold color of the Clinton stars, but pierced with a red center to boot. Did God chose a writer whose surname can link to both Larue and Clinton? Was this Arranged? AMAZINGLY, the Solomons use a reflection of the Bik/Bick Coat, the closest surname I could find to "bike" i.e. as per the motor bike! I stopped emphasizing the Biks for lack of linkability to the other items in the dream, but, suddenly, it can play to The Hill breaking story.

The Jewish Solomons/Salmons almost use the Clinton Shield, but use stars in the colors of the Billiard/Billet and Billiard/Hillard stars. Amazing. I've discussed the sleeping bag dream so many times in the past year that no one can say I'm making up these surname consistencies only now as a trick / fabrication.

As Clintons / Solomons use the Saluzzo Shield, I assume that Solomons are a branch of Sale's / Salemans / Salmons from Saluzzo's marriage to FitzAlans. The killers of Scalia are highly suspect with the International Order of Saint HUBERTus, and Huberts use a version of the Sale Coat while being first found in Cheshire with them. I can now add that a version is used also by English Rue's, who happen to have a good reflection of the German Solomon Coat. As Busca is beside Saluzzo, note that Solomons are in the colors of the Bush/Busch fesse-with-symbols when the fesse was shown in red years ago, and that German Solomons were first found in Rhineland with German Bush's/Buschs.

Then there are the Italian Salmons/Salamons using nearly the Bag Coat! I suspect that the Salmon/Salamon Coat is most closely the Gaston Coat because the two surnames were early in Surrey along with Salemans. The latter had a Selham Sussex, location of Arundel, home of the FitzAlans who married Alice of Saluzzo. The Bags were at Gaywood, while Gaywoods share the three towers of owl-like Howells, important because the Gaston Crest is an owl. Salmons/Salamons are excellent because they were first found in Sardinia with Avezzano's, the latter being at the Salto river to which I trace the Sallett variation of Sale's.

The English Salmons are in the colors of Morlands and Morleys (beside the Sale's), and these Salmons ("Optima") were first found beside the Morley-branch Morlands. I was speculating on whether the rider on the bike was an old friend, David Morley, when I discovered that English Morleys are MAULs too. It just so happens that when the rider rode away from me, I was walking across the road into the parking lot of a MALL, and I then went into the mall. Can you believe this? I told that story weeks/months BEFORE discovering the Maul variation. It verifies that the dream is from God. The Morlands are said to be partly from Mauleys of Yorkshire, where Mauls/Morleys were first found along with Hillards/Billiards. The Marleys from Morlaix, in Sale colors and format, were first found in Cheshire with Sale's.

I'm not yet certain as to why Morleys were Chosen to represent this revelation. But he married Carol, the church secretary, while the Carol surname uses a lion in the colors of the Morley / Morland leopard faces. They are also in the colors of the King / Kingston lion, and Kingstons were first found in Yorkshire. Carol was the secretary of pastor Richardson (he was my pastor too), and his daughter was made, by God, a symbol of the attempted murder of Steven Scalise, whose surname is listed with Scalia's.

The dream ended in the mall, where I was hugging Christine Peare. The Peare's happen to share the gold leopard face with Morleys / Morlands, and the Morleys throw in fleur-de-lys in the colors of the stars of Dutch Reitmans / Rue's. Christine worked in the same mall as I did, and she worked as a saleslady for Reitmans (clothing). The Morleys may have been Chosen partly for their fleur-de-lys, for Lys'/Lise's can represent LISA Kountoupes or Lisa German Foster. Lys'/Lise's were first found in the same place as Bigots, wherefore keep eyes open for Bagots below.

I can't say whether the sleeping bag has multiple representations in the sleep department. I am more sure now that the sleeping bag was Chosen to make the Bag link to the Gaston-Salmon relationship, which tends to point to Mr. Solomon of The Hill. It's perfect. God was using a sleeping bag on a hill to point to this uranium scandal. I predict that Jesus will carry this story to its end, no credit to Trump at all. The Sleep surname was first found in the same place (Sleep-like Salop) as the FitzAlans of Clun. The Cluns share the Saluzzo Coat exactly.

I have predicted, since years before the sleeping-bag dream, that the Salop-line Alans control the American military. Long before Obama chose James Mattis for his Central-Command chief, and even before I knew Mattis, I traced the Stewart checks to the Massi/Mattis checks. It's notable that while Massi's/Mattis use a form of the Italian Fulk Coat, the Salmon Crest is roughly the Crest of English Fulke's/Volks, first found in the same place a Bags and Rue-like Rows. English Rue's are also Rowe's, and then there was Karl Rove at the charge of George Bush.

Bags were resolved independently as Pepin-of-Landen elements, and a touch-bra event at my age nine, an event engineered by God for the Scalia revelation, involved the Pepin-of-Landen line to and from Bra of Cuneo. That event was all around Saluzzo too, especially involving the Conys / Conns (share white rabbit with Poindexter-beloved Esquers) who now evoke Lisa KOUNtoupes (Greek name).

The Mauls/Morleys can include as a branch the Malls/Mallibone's/MARLYbone's, first found in Cheshire with Marleys / Sale's / Huberts. As Cheshire was where the first-known Meschins ruled, let's add that they were descended from the line of MALahule of More (Rollo's uncle), a viking chief. Between Malahule and Meschins there was Balso D'Espaines, and it just so happens that the Espaines surname comes up as "Spann," while one of the two Hill writers to break the Uranium-One story was Mrs. Spann. They look like a branch of Pagans. It's known that the Tosnys / Toeni's were descended from Malahule, and one can see, in the Espaines/Spann write-up, Roger Toeni as the brother to Alfred d'Espagne.

The Toeni's made it with their maunch symbol to the Arms of Leicestershire, and I slept in Mamie's sleeping bag while God used Mamie as part of the Scalise revelation with the pastor's daughter. It was resolved that Mamie was code for the Pepin-liner Mame's/Meme's/Mens' / Mansfields, the latter sharing the maunch with Mangells/Mansells, suspect from the Nazi, Joseph Mengele, and the neo-Nazi, Charles Mangels. That Nazi-like character on the motorbike might just be a representation of the Mangele > Mangel line to neo-Nazi's...who were very suspect in the Charlottesville false-flag not many weeks ago.

Leicestershire was ruled early by the same Beaumonts (of Meulan) that mothered the Leavells, the latter first found in Somerset with Espaines'/Spanns. It's the Maul / Mall line, right? Leicestershire is where Dexters were first found suspect in the surname of John B. PoinDEXTER, who said that he sat beside judge Scalia (at dinner) on his last night. Poindexter claimed that Scalia died in his SLEEP. There we have an excellent reason for the rider on the bike to circle a sleeping bag, which was code for the Order of Saint Hubertus, partially led by this same John Poindexter. And the double chevrons of Dexters are shared by BAGots ("obtinens"), can we believe it?

By some coincidence or not, Dexters use "weights" in Crest while Weights use one Foster Coat. Poindexter reported that, when he asked a reluctant Scalia to come hunt on his ranch, Mr. Foster was standing there prompting Scalia to come. The English Fosters share the chevron of Shake's while Shake's share the motto of Baggots, which I find highly condemnatory of Mr. Foster. The Foster motto is, "Hunter, blow THY horn." God gave Mamie a thigh symbol for the Tye's/Tighs (same place as Mamesfelde of the Mansfields). Shake's use a hare in the design of the coney rabbits of Conys / Conns while CUNNinghams use a "Shakefork." The Salmon Crest shares the double-tipped spear with SHAKEspeare's.

In passing, I'd like to repeat that the Weights / Fosters share the hunting horn in the Arms of Traby. It recalls that Gastons, before I knew that they use the Bag lozengy, were found due to their relationship with Poland's Sandowski's, whom I had found to be a branch of Sadowski's that happen to come up as "Traby." At the description page below, we can learn that Trabys use a "SCARF," in the shape of a 'Q' as code for Quade's/WADE's (Weight colors and format), looking like a Weight branch. I met Miss Peare in a MALL where she worked for Reitmans, and Jewish Reitmans share the red rose on a stem with German Walkers and scarf-like SCHERfs/Schere's, while the latter's cross is likely a version of the same-colored fitchees of Shere's, first found in Surrey with Gastons. It's a match all around. I apologize for saying, in the past, that Miss Peare and I worked in a Scarbury mall. I looked it up, and it was the SCARborough Town Center. Scarfincidence?

I still believe that the first president Bush (born a Walker, married Pierce) was born as George Herbert Scherff Jr, son of a Nazi. Scottish Walkers use a Chief (pierced stars) much like that of Clintons.

When I was mugged in Galveston, coming from the cold north, it was in April. There's a good chance that I brought a sleeping bag for that trip, because I liked sleeping in the back of the truck at times if all I would do is drive all day. There were reasons that the trip through Galveston was Engineered by God to point a guilty finger at the killers of Scalia, for he was killed in southwest Texas, not far from where I ended up purchasing land as a direct result of the Galveston mugging. The Lord provided me with a white Nissan pick-up truck for that part of the revelation, and it was much to do with the line between the Dexter-based Dexaroi people suspect in the veins of queen Nysa (like "Nissan"), wife of Pharnaces. The Nissans use two fesses in the colors of the two Dexter / Bagot chevrons. If therefore I was mugged while sleeping in my sleeping bag, it highlights the Bagots as a Nysa line.

There are clear indications now that Pharnaces was a line to Quadratilla of CETIS. For example, the SEATED dog of Pharnaces-like Furnace's is part-code for Seats/CEDES', whose double pale bars are in the colors of the double Nissan fesses. The Furnace dog is the black one of Shere's and the related Carricks and Bracks. God seems able to chew gum and walk at the same time, telling a story on Scalia's killers while pointing out the details of the wicked bloodlines from the killers of Jesus, all in the same events and dreams which he provided you through me.

To prove that Bigots were Bagots / Bags, there are multiple arguments. Bigots use a Chief colors reversed from the Bag Chief. Pigots (back to Cheshire) use a "foys" motto term while Foys/Foix's were first found in the same place as French Bigots (version of the MORELLi / Morinis Coat?). The Pigot Crest shows a white wolf head, the color of the Scarf wolf head. The point here is that Bigots are in the write-up of Morley-branch Morlands, and thus the rider on the bike, circling round the sleeping bag, tends to make a Bag link to Bigots. The Morland / Morley symbol is shared by the Aids found in the motto of Levi's, the latter first found in the same place as French Bigots. The three Levi chevrons were used by the counts of Hainaut, a realm partly in Artois, and while the Aids were first found in the same place as the Arthurs who named Artois, the Bagots (Bago of Bagod d'Artas) are said to be mainline Artois elements.

The Aids were first found in the same place as ARTems/AITONs, and then the David Coat is a version of the EITON Coat (same place as Sleeps). I don't think that's coincidental. Davids were first found in the same place as EATONs and Malls. The Malls are said to have been Malbancs too, while Malbanks share the bend of Aids, and may be using the lion of French Rue's/RUELs. The Bik/Bick bend is colors reversed, and in both colors of the Royal/RIALL bend. A Masci liner picked up the sleeping bag (it could have been someone else), and a Masci liner walked into the mall, while Malls use the Massey quadrants.

There's a good chance that Arthur ancestry in Ardahan was earlier in "Ararat," and because "ar" meant "mountain," it could look like "mountain of Rat." While Larue's/La Rous' (Arthur colors and format) are linkable to Rhodes' and all sorts of Rot / Rat liners, it's notable that RATcliffs are in the Morland write-up too. Ratcliffs look linkable to the Stants/Stands suspect in the Arthur motto, but also to the Levers that use a rooster STANDing on a trumpet (Arthurs use the clarion trumpet, though it doesn't look like a trumpet because it doubles as an organ rest, which I trace to Orestia at ancient Arda).

I recall vividly PICKing up the sleeping bag, but do not recall seeing it on my person as I walked away from the spot where it was picked up. I can therefore assume that the Bick-like Picks and Pigots apply to that picture, explaining why the rider was on a bike in the first place. Look at how exceptional that works: I picked up a bag that was promptly visited by a biker coming from the rue. Biks/Bicks (almost the Solomon Coat) are in Pick/Picken colors, and the latter share the stars of Solomons and Larue's!!! Unbelievable, but there it is. I couldn't have known this before, because Andrea Larue and John Solomon are a new topic this week only.

Podesta, whose surname is like the Puddister variation of Poindexters, met with Andrea Larue and Lisa Kountoupes about ten days after Scalia's murder. Why?

Reeds are a Roet branch and share a Coat like that of Picks/Pickens. It's a piece of evidence that Rue / Roe liners link to the picking-up of the sleeping bag.

The Pickings/PINKneys (share red lozenges with Pinks/Pincs) are in colors reversed, and can indicate that Panico's / Pinks/Pincs and Pings/Pangs were all Picenum liners. Amazingly, the Pink/Pinc lozenges are in both colors of the bag lozengy. The Pickings/Pinkneys speak on a Mr. Pinchengi of Berkshire, where Biks/Bicks were first found. This is now looking like a straight-line, dead give-away to indicate that my picking up the sleeping bag was code for Pinc liners, and Panico's are also Panetta's while Leon Panetta was the CIA chief for Obama (!), suspect in Obama's / Clinton's corruption. God knows how to give dreams, and He will convince some key people that He has spoken to the criminals through it.

Michael MORELL was the deputy CIA Chief under Panetta (!), can you believe it? There we now have the meaning of David MORLEY in the dream, to point out the Panetta-Morell duo. Morell was preceded in his position by Mr. Hayden, and Aryan Nations (led for a time by Charles Mangells) had headquarters at Hayden Lake. Haydens use a "foy" motto term. Near Hayden Lake, there is a lake spelled almost like the "Ferme" motto term of Haydens, suspect with Fermo, at the southern end of Picenum. It was Pigots that use "foys."

As for DAVID Morley, it recalls my trace of the David Coat (Cheshire again) to the Misls, the latter using the only heraldic mouse I know of. Not only is "toupes" (in "KounTOUPES") like the Italian word for mouse, but Misl's share the Carol lion while David married Carol. I recall his bike only once, when he visited me at my place with Carol riding on the back. It seems that God set that situation up in preparation for this sleeping-bag dream.

The LaRUE's mention ROUEn (Malahule liners would have been there), the Normandy capital, and the Rouen surname happens to use the hollow lozenges of Quints, the latter first found in Northampton with the Pickings/Pinkneys that use lozenges in colors reversed. This is perfect for my claim that the Norman capital was in high esteem of the AbREU bloodline, which I say named Evreaux, near Rouen. French Rue's use a lion colors reversed from the Abreu lion. The double lions of Abreu's (Row colors) are suspect with what came to be the double leopards of Normandy, in the same colors, all in Rouen / Larue colors. It allows us to suspect that Larue's were Abreu's (to some degree, anyway), and while the latter are also Abruzzo's, Abruzzo (beside Picenum) is where my mother was born, as a Grimaldi on one side, in the town of PICENzo, can you believe it? And Bags use the Grimaldi Shield. It's as though God wants to underscore, with evidence upon evidence beyond my control to provide, that he's behind this dream, as well as the Purpose behind the dream. Watch out, Obama, for when God acts, it's terrible.

The English Diamonds use the four Picking/Pinkney lozenges in colors reversed, and moreover the Diamonds use a "prest" motto term while Priestlys/Presleys use two Abreu symbols. The MiseRIS" motto term of Irish Diamonds suggests Rice liners from the Rize location (Rus suspects) beside Ardahan. Rice's share the raven with Rothes' and Rove's/Rolphs.

I might add that the Larue annulet is also the Walker annulet. Rove's/Rolphs, perhaps from Rolph/Rollo, creator of Normandy, were first found in Norfolk with Rows and Haydens. Norfolk is where a Rous line of Larue's are said to have lived. To see more lozenges, see Routs/Roote's, like the Lerout variation of Larue's/La Rous'.

The big story this week is that I've never had great cause to link the sleeping-bag event directly to Leon Panetta and Mike Morell. I don't recall whether I've ever tried for a Picking surname before, but this is the thing that pointed to Panetta. I had been prepared for this by being intimate with the Panico / Pinc bloodlines and their circle of kin. Pike's (beside the Cornwall Rue's) share trefoils with Rove's/Rolphs and Rows, which can underscore why the dream had a biker on the rue/road, and thus we can look specifically to Andrea Larue rather than only generally to the Road / Rhodes bloodline. I can't find much online about her.

The Bavarian Illuminati was traced (by me) from the African Boofima cult, which conducted goat sacrifices when not doing human sacrifices. The fact that the Templar god, Baphomet, has a goat head, suggests that Boofima translated into Baphomet for a bloodline reason. The ImPERI people that ran Boofima traced well to Beefs/Boeufs, first found in PERIgord with Larue's. I expect that Cecil Rhodes, of an Illuminati cult, belonged to some facet to the Boofima cult. The Rhodes-like Roets share the GORD boar head so that PeriGORD looks like a Gord liner (same place as Arthurs / Aids). Roets share the BOOK with Reeds, and the Books are also Boggs, a term that easily derives from a Bough (pronounced "boff") version of "Boof." The Boughs/Bows even share the motto term of Roets, and Roets were also BEAUForts, the latter possibly using the Ruse/Ross / Russell / Rhodes lion. Russells share the goat with Larue's, and the Larue goat head is essentially that of Bush's. The globalist cult of Cecil Rhodes, to which Bill Clinton belongs, was infested with the satanist, Arthur Balfour, and one Beaufort surname appears to be a Balfour branch. We get it, and Andrea Larue may be descended from this entity of human sacrificers. Right now, I can only speculate that she had part in killing Scalia. My dream is apparently saying so.

Perigord is not only where Larue's were first found, but the French Faux's/Chaulnes' (share the Panico/Panetta Chief!), a branch of the Saulnier's/Saunier's of Perigord. The point is, Faux's are a branch of Vaux's, and Scottish Vaux's share the Solomon Coat, almost, which has the same stars as Larue's. The English Vaux's (Cumberland, same as Salmons) use the checks in the Arms of Meulan, and are almost the checks of Italian Salmons/Salamons.

We crossed the Toeni's above as per the Spann write-up, and this too points to ANDREA Larue. It speaks to me of God putting me together with 10-year-old Andrea. Just as she was getting friendly with me, and just as I went out with Bill's father to purchase her some gifts, I heard from someone that TONY gave her a jewel, making my Tarzan BOOK and board game look tame. But don't blame me, because it appears that God decided on the book to indicate Roet / Reed liners i.e. kin of Larue's/La Rous'/Larouts, right? Yes, to point between Andrea and Andrea Larue. I've told this little-Andrea story at least a half-dozen times over the past year; I'm not making it up this week. The Andrea's use a saltire colors reversed from the Reed / Pick saltire.

The Bill surname (Roet Shield) was first found in Somerset with Roets and Spanns, explaining why Bill came with me to buy the book. Compare Bills with Jewish Solomons. There you have the little-Andrea event linking to the surnames of both authors of The Hill story. As I've said, Andrea's surname is Fabian, and Italian Fabians happen to share the Bag Coat, no guff. I've never had cause to make a strong Bag link to Andrea Fabian until this week, upon discovering Andrea Larue. I discovered Larue minutes before looking up the authors of the Hill story. Look at what's happened since, and today is yet middle-aged.

I don't recall discussing "Fabianus of CAM" in the write-up of English Fabians. The phrase comes up in an update of December 2015, but little Andrea is not the topic there. This is a staggering thing for unbelievers, for the GAME board suggests the Game/CAM surname. That's how He works. God bought her that game board to convince you that He put Andrea in my life for revelatory reasons. The descriptions page doesn't tell us what's in the Fabian Crest, but I see flags, and as the SAMsons love the Flags/Flecks (same place as Roe's / Rove's) in their motto, note that Sam-like Cams/Game's were first found in the same place as Samsons. English Fabians were first found beside the first-known English Roets and Bills.

With little Andrea clinched with the killing of Scalia, I can explore other things. One thing I was asking earlier in this day: why did I walk off the road into the MALL PARKING LOT instead of directly into the mall? There is a Parking/Perkin surname, sharing the three fleur-de-lys of English Fabians. Parkings/Parkers were first found in Leicestershire i.e. where the MALahule line to Toeni's ruled. As yet, I can't see whether Lots, a Lothian branch, applies to the parking lot. Lots were first found in Kent with the Deerings who share the same stag heads as Biks/Bicks, and who married the Morinis' who in-turn share a version of the Morelli Coat. That fits fairly neatly into David Morley on a bike riding beside the parking lot, but I suspect more to that picture.

So, the theory now is that God has either chosen John Solomon, or pointed to him, in this revelation He has on the Clinton crime ring. This is what Hell is all about for the entire world of liberals. Millions upon millions of human garbage tossed into the lake of fire, like rubbish. It's God's final program for this history, and he wants it respected as an act of Love.

John F. Solomon is an American journalist and media executive. He is currently vice president, digital video for The Hill. He is known primarily for his tenure as an executive and editor-in-chief at The Washington Times...

...While working at the [Washington] Post, he led an award-winning project with 60 Minutes that disclosed how the FBI had for decades used faulty science to match bullets to crime scenes (citation missing). Due to the story, the FBI reviewed hundreds of cases in which defendants might have been convicted due to scientifically flawed evidence.

...As chief of Circa he wrote and published a number of political articles, often defending the Trump administration[13] and Michael Flynn.

He doesn't look like an FBI-toting insider of the corrupt kind. The Hill has a mix of Democrat-Republican writers.

When we think about the desire of a Russian company to purchase a Canadian uranium company, what necessity is there for high-level Americans to get involved? None. But the Canadian company had rights to American mines (on U.S. soil), and so anything that happens there can reach high-level officials. Under normal circumstances, the Russians wouldn't have stood a chance at acquiring rights to dig for proto-nuclear material on U.S. soil, and so this oversight (in the negative sense) is where the problem lies. The U.S. officials overseeing the Russian desire / request were literally bought to sell-out the mines. There is no other way to frame this story. All the anti-Russia James Mattis' of the nation ought to be fuming. While Trump has proven ineffective at cleaning swamp, perhaps now that the military chief begs him (will he?) to do something to punish the Clintons, it might just go forward. The United States apparently received nothing in return for this sale.

I have read that Uranium One was not given rights to export the uranium. I'm not sure whether it means that the company could take it only across the border to Canada, to its own facilities, and then to use a Canadian exporting license, or whether it means that the uranium had to be sold to American refineries. Why would Russia want to own American mines if, in the end, the uranium goes to the American military and the American electric grid? What's all the fuss about if Russia cannot take the uranium home? What exactly was the deal?

Below is a frustrated Tom Fitton begging Trump to clean house by getting rid of Sessions and Wray (Sessions is Wray's boss, so to speak). Tom speaks the way I feel. I wish him in the power of Jesus to find key success. He's the president of Judicial Watch, and organization that is at the top of Wikipedia's article on the Clinton Foundation conflict of interest.

It's worse for us than just a tight-lipped, guilty-acting Sessions and the unknown Wray that can't yet be depended upon. Trump's pick for CIA boss hates WikiLeaks. How is this going to remove the dogs from the deep state? Trump has been the arse of spades. Just as he was promising something new and effective against the deep state, he empowered them. This new scandal is to no credit of Trump whatsoever. He's speaking out on it, but only in the wave of it's approach, because it helps his own political standing. This spells the arse that he is, more on par with the Democrat donkey than a savior. Leave him alone to his own demise. He's more the mafia type than the angel of freedom desired by normal Americans. Now that he's the president, thoughts have crept into his mind on how he can use the position to better his financial standing. Where will he find the moral material to resist such thoughts when he cares zero for Jesus? What is on his inside that will spark opposition to using the presidency to create his own conflict-of-interest programs?

After Sessions testified that he never met Russians, the deep state revealed it to be a lie. Sessions was caught, having met on multiple occasions with a Russian ambassador, and he tried to wiggle out. He doesn't want to answer any questions on Russia, and is thus more of a lame duck when it comes to attacking the Clinton-Russia scandal. This explains why, on the wake of The Hill story, Sessions is not showing appropriate concern. He'll take a look at it, he says. Ok, we await his conclusions. Sessions likes to say, "I don't recall," which is more like the grime of Hillary Clinton than a swamp-cleansing agent. We were told that Trump has savvy in business; we were made to feel that he makes decisions based on some deep analyses, and yet look at what he chose for his Top Legal System in Sessions, a dud firecracker. But even if Sessions becomes like the bang of a firecracker, that's about all we'll get, by the looks of it so far.

The Clinton-Giustra meeting in 2005 was when Russia was still suspect with a Soviet root under the ground line. Although I no longer view Russia in that way, it was a possibility in my mind back in 2005. That period was not long after 9-11, when the nation's deep state forced the peoples to undergo a new "lifestyle" of being groping and spied on, with a phantom al-Qaeda as the excuse. And there was Clinton through it all, pillaging Haiti and eyeing Mr. Uranium Gobbler in order to make some fast cash on the worst sort of explosive material known to man. When Giustra's house of uranium evolved into Uranium One via the Russians, it didn't cause the Clintons to speak out. Instead, they abused the situation and drank up their own condemnation, hoping to get away with it.

I Can't Kepoi This Story to Myself

In the last update, I was surprised to find a Kepoi location a little off the northern Caucasus mountains, at a Taman peninsula, beside Ukraine. Here's how that went:

In passing, I'd like to say that the sphinx-like item on the Phanagoria page has a woman's head that reminded me of Chris Peare, Kepke's girlfriend. Kepoi is just two miles from Phanagoria. So, I started seeking Taman-like surnames, failing until Tams came up with a version of the Peare Coat! Both surnames were first found in Oxfordshire, and Tams are with Thames'/Teans, which were suspect both with the Themiscyra location in the land of the Pontus Amazons (the ones who migrated to the Taman theater), and with the Teano capital (Italy) of Sittaceni-like Sidicini. This is really shocking me. Kepke's father was Ukrainian. The Sitticeni can be expected with the Aulon trace to Avellino.

Avellino is near Teano, both in Campania. Herodotus said that Amazons at Themiscyra migrated into the Crimea, and then over to the land of Sarmatians smack in the area of the Taman peninsula (its tip almost touches Crimea). Historians tell us that Alans were an outcrop of Sarmatians, which justifies the Alan trace to Avellino if the Sitticeni of the Taman area named the Sidicini. For new readers, Aulon was also Avellino-like Avlona, and this line is expected at mythical Avalon's witch cult.

I am so convinced that God put Kepke into my life for this moment of finding Kepoi that I feel the need to explore the matter further. It's important, as I write below on Diane Muschatov (Ukrainian parents), that Miss Peare was my girlfriend before she went with Kepke. For I'm a Meshech liner expected with Muschatovs, and expected in the land of Magog / Caucasia / Crimea.

I mistakenly spelled Taman wrong in the last update as "Tamal." I was seeking Tamal-like surnames, therefore. But moments ago, I sought Taman-like surnames, bringing "Daman" to mind. There is a German Daman/Damon surname sharing a red fesse with Keppocks. Moreover, while Kepke met Peare at REITmans (clothing store), where she worked when becoming my lady, it's very interesting that Jewish Reitmans (suspect as Rosh liners) share PIERced Zionist stars with Damans (the Pierce surname is also "Pier". It starts to appear that peoples of Taman were a line to Damans. This is a term much like the historical Danaans, who passed through RHODES, and whom I trace to the Tanais river with a mouth not far north of Taman.

The Jewish Reitmans (ROSE, shared by Jewish ROTHchilds, appropriate for ROSH liners) use a red center in their pierced star, expected because the background is red too. But Clintons, first found in the same place (Oxfordshire) as Peare's and Tams/Thames', use stars "pierced red" yet have a blue background, signalling that they chose the red center to match someone else's red center. As Clints/Clents (same place as Keppocks and Percys) use the colors and format of Peare's and Tams/Thames' (all in Reitman / Daman colors too), it appears as though Clintons are using the red centers of Reitmans. Both Reitman surnames share symbols of the Saxony Ruse's/Ruseners.

It also appears as though God's message to us is that Clintons were merged with Taman elements, especially from Kepoi because Blythe's (Bill Clinton's birth surname) share the colors and format of Keppocks while throwing in the Clint/Clent garbs. These garbs, in colors reversed, are red, the color of the Keppock garbs. The Blythe fesse with garbs are in the colors of the Daman fesse with stars.

It bears repeating that while Pierce's are also Piers, , and I watched Kepke get punched in the mouth by Vince Pierce on the driveway of Rick Young. Youngs share three piles of the ROXburgh Leavells while Pierce's (same place as English Leavells, Percivals and Roets) are a branch of Percivals, the latter known founders of Leavells (see Waleran de Percival / Leavell).

I became a Christian on a D'Maine crescent, a term much like "Daman." After years of not seeing him, Kepke visited me at D'Maine as perhaps the last time I would see him. There is a Demaine surname (Daman colors) using the same fleur-de-lys as Hicks, the latter first found in Yorkshire with Clints/Clents and Keppocks. The Demaine's were first found in Maine with the Pellicans that trace to the Arthurs of Clapton, where Arthurs married Hicks'. The Laevillus line to Leavells also traced to Clapton, and Claptons use a good reflection of the Demaine Coat.

Later, upon moving out of D'Maine, I was driving my car on that street with ROXanne (my fourth girlfriend as a Christian), and we happened to see my first girlfriend as a Christian walking to her home on D'Maine. Her name was Miss Pascal/Pascel. It was notable that while I had traced VesPASia Polla to Pasi's/Pascels, I had traced Vespasia's father-in-law (Flavius Petro of Roet- / Reed- line Rieti) to Spanish Petro's (compare with Reeds) who share the Demaine fleur. That was some evidence that God put me with Miss Pascal to clinch the surname links involved from emperor Vespasian, whose family adopted / protected the famous Flavius Josephus, the latter suspect to the Joseph surname, first found in Maine.

Roxanne was suspect as someone in my life for to indicate the Roxolani Alans, who lived in the Ukraine. Her surname, Bennet, is traceable to the PIERleoni Jews (from pope Benedict) along with the Bennet branch of Benedicts. If the Dutch Bennet/Benedict lion holds a book, that's the Roet / Reed symbol too. Years after Kepke left Miss Peare, she called me up, and we dated for a day or two, which was immediately after Roxanne and I broke up. It's making me wonder whether Roxolani were in cahoots with Taman elements. It certainly looks like it.

Well, after writing the paragraph above fully, I loaded the Roxburghs to see is their horse-head design was that of the Keep-loving Hebrons/Hepburns, and what do you know? Roxburghs use a "Tam" motto term!!! Zowie.

I do have a problem seeing "Taman" as a line to the namers of Maine. I am wondering about the coincidence of Damans looking so much like Demaine's/Dumaine's. They were not necessarily branches. Perhaps Maine liners took on a Demaine variation when merging with Taman / Daman liners. In any case, Clapton is on the Gloucestershire border, and Cams, first found in Gloucestershire, use pale bars in the colors of the one pale bar of Roxburghs. The latter's "quam" motto term can thus be gleaned as code for Cams, especially as the Cam river is in Cambridge while Cambridge's themselves use a "quam" motto term. To this it can be added that Readys/Reedie's (probably Reed / Rieti liners) share the Cambridge swans.

I had pegged the Jacks/Jeeks/Jake's with Blythe's, which is why I found it interesting to see "Jejsk" on my atlas this morning, about midway between Taman and the mouth of the Tanais. English Jacks were first found in Yorkshire with Cambridge's, Keppocks, etc., while Scottish Jacks were first found in Renfrewshire with Polla-line Pollocks and Hamiltons, the latter sharing the cinquefoil of PORTIS'/Porch's while Clapton is also the Portishead location. The fact that Hamiltons share the ermined-white cinquefoil with Bus' makes HAMIL liners suspect with "KEMUEL," the third-listed son of Nahor, after Buz the second-listed son. I had found evidence that Roxolani were merged with the Nahor-suspect line to Ukraine's Neuri. And while Roxburghs use a single PALE bar, Pale's/Palys use a Kemuel-suspect CAMEL.

For the record, Dutch Hamils (Ham / Hammer colors) use an upright white goat while Buz-like Baux's/Baus' use an upright, white ram. The fesses of two other Hamil surnames (colors reversed from Roxburghs)can indicate kin of the Boofima-suspect Beefs/Boeufs. It's very interesting that while the original owner of my Nissan was Mr. Doner, Doners use Neuri-suspect wolves (upright) in Hamil-goat colors while Irish Hamils use double fesses in colors reversed from the same of Nissans. The Homil variation makes them suspect with Home's/Hume's that use an upright lion in the same white-on-green colors. Another upright, white wolf is used by Irish Quillans while there's a Quillan location in Aude, the same place as Roxolani-suspect Roquefeuil, and near NARbonne while Narbonne's come up with NORTH-related DeNordi's while Norrys use another wolf to make North's (green dragon in Crest) suspect as Neuri. Aude partially explains the "Audax" motto term of Roxburghs. For all we know, NORmans (people group from Norway) may have been Neuri. Quillan is smack beside Rennes-le-Chateau, home of Mr. Saunier, builder of the Magdalene church, and Saunier's were first found in Perigord with Beefs/Boeufs. Trypillian-suspect Flemings use the upright wolf.

The Quillans use a reflection of the Annas Coat, and I have traced, but not clinched, the Annas' to Angusta, on or near the Trotus tributary of the Agarus (Trypillian theater). Angusta was ruled by one count VRM, suspect with WORMs and FORMans (could have the Nissan fesses), both of whom use the same green dragon in Crest. The Quillans use a dragon in Crest, you see. Plus, I can repeat an old story here that, when I worked at Knob Hill FARMS (did God set this up to indicate Pharnaces-Nysa?), I got Kepke a job there. At that time, Alison Bauer was leaving me for another young man. She surprised me by getting into a car with our fellow worker, Mike Denardo, whose surname is of the Narbonne's/Denordi's.

The Bauers (Bavaria, same as Rothschild-suspect Knobs) are suspect with a Boofima line to Bavarians, and Bauers happen to share a green Shield with Hamils and all the others above in the same colors. And I just about flipped when checking the Alison surname, because it's the one with the "Truth" motto term that gets the Trotus-like Trots! Zowie, it appears that God set me up with Alison, and then tore her away from me so that she would go with Denardo, a Neuri suspect. Alisons, who use the dog in colors reversed from the Furnace dog (!), are said to be Ellis', but Elis' (same place as Keppocks) use the same cross as Rats/Raits of Neuri-suspect Nairnshire, and it's in the colors of the Benjamin saltire. Again, the Benjamin Coat looks linkable to Walsh's from Wallachia, at the Agarus river, location also of Rimna, where I trace the Biblical Benjamites of Rimmon. By what coincidence do Denardo's use the lion of Maschi's, first found in Rimmon-like Rimini??? Alison first went with a Masci, and then with Denardo. There's a revelation there to be had.

Wallace's almost use the lion of French Narbonne's. What might Narbonne's be but a Nahor line with Bononia's Boii elements? Ask the bees of Boy's whether they buzz. Ask whether Italian Boys/Boi's are using the two stars of French Hamils, the latter in the three colors of Beze's/Bes'/Becce's (North / Maschi lion?). The "Animi" motto term of Beze's/Bes'/Becce's is almost a North motto term.

Elis' share a woman in Crest with Parrs, and the latter share the double fesses of Nissans and therefore likely of Formans. I always trace the wavy Forman fesses to the same of Sutys, a branch of Side's/Sudys and green-dragon Seatons/Sittens suspect with Sittaceni. The Sutys use a "nothing" motto term while Nothings are NORTHens (another green dragon in Crest), we get it. North's use an "animo" motto term while Nimo's share the Seaton crescents. Nimo's love the Boasts/Bois'/Boze's while Busts use another woman in Crest (no clothes on, same as Elis woman). I can see a Rat in the Boast write-up.

Kepke had a white, pet rat in the basement. Rats/Raits (same place as BOUGet-liner Rose's) may even be a branch of Reitmans. Hmm, is the heraldic water bouget a Bough- / Boofima-line entity? The Alan Huns were in North Africa in the 5th century.

While Alison sat in the car with Denardo, Kepke and I were looking on while SITTING on the hood my green Impala (color of the Bauer / Hamil Shield), which my father had owned. About a year later, Kepke drove a white IMPala that his father had owned. Just saying. Code for the IMPeri people and/or the Imp surname? The Quint-suspect Imps (same crescents as Seatons) use a leopard face while the Boofima priests wore leopard paws. The German Hoods (Bavaria) use a giant anchor colors reversed from the Forman anchors. English Hoods are said to be from RATTery, and were first found in Devon with Side's/Sudys who share roughly the Hood Chief. I've told this sitting-on-hood story before, years ago. I went into the car where Alison was sitting, but she would not come out with me. I was hurt.

We were all in the parking lot of Knob Hill Farms. Can this indicate that the Farms / Farmers were Forman / Vrm liners? Or, as the double Forman fesses are those of Nissans, were Formans from PHARnaces? Was Vrm (about the 10th century) ultimately named after Pharnaces elements? Note that while Pharnaces is suspect in the line to Caiaphas, the Capetian royals were from Robertians who were in-turn from the house of Worms. Kepke's brother, who married Miss Walsh, is Robert. I don't remember the parents' names.

Roxolani were in Wallachia, the line to Walsh's/Walchs, the surname of Kepke's fiancee after Miss Peare. Yes, Kepke left Peare for the sister of his brother's wife. Two Kepke's, two Walsh's, perhaps a Sign of a strong Wallachia habitation for proto-Kepke's. With Roxburghs sharing the white horse head with Keep-loving Hepburns (same general area as Keppocks), it's a good way to suspect Kepoi liners with Roxolani.

Another surname using the white-on green seen with Hamils, etc., are the Songs, reminding me of God's prophecy to me, "You shall have a song," while I was at the home of Kelly, a short-term, Christian girlfriend. I have a keen recollection of Kepke dropping in on me by surprise, after years of not seeing him, while Kelly was at my place. I think I can connect this situation hard to the Ukraine. The Songs (Devon) use the motto, "FIDELitas vincit," while the Arms of L'viv use "Semper FIDELis." That term is about the wolf-using Fiddle/Fidelow surname, and Kepke really liked the movie, "Fiddler of the Roof." I recall his making a point of re-watching the movie (while Miss Peare was at his place). The white-on-green horse of Songs is used by Freys/PHREEZE's, now suspect with "Pharnaces."

The Song garbs are almost the Field/Feld garbs, and Kellys use an EnFIELD griffin, while there is a FALTiceni location near the Agarus, itself near Gura HUMorului, suspect with Hume's/Home's (Song colors) that share the upright and white lion with Hume's/Home's. It just so happens that while GURA Humorului is in the land of TRYPillians, the Coat of Gura-like Gore's shares the crosslets of both Trips and Gains/Engains while the Kelly Coat and Enfield griffin is shared by Gaine's/Gaineys/KEAVeneys (look like Kiev liners). You can't argue with the naked facts.

The leaf design of Beckers/Bakers is that also of Scottish Falts/Faulds, making Beckers/Bakers suspect with a Bacua region to the south of Gura Humorului. The latter's Arms uses the stag, symbol also of English Falts/Faulds. While Annas' are suspect from Angusta not far south from Falticeni, the stag heads of Falts/Faulds are those of Anne's/Hanne's, first found in Yorkshire with Keppocks. As Kepke is suspect as God's code for a line to/from Joseph Caiaphas, by what coincidence was Caiaphas the son-in-law of Annas?

It thus appears that when Kepke appeared in a dream leading a stag up by driveway, it was the ANGUSta-line stag to Anne's. The stag was followed by Paul Smith on crutches while Smiths share "Semper Fidelis" with L'viv. You can't argue with the naked facts. Look at how important that dream is now turning out to be. "FideLIS" can be part-code for the Liss'/Lise's (Hand/Hant colors), first found in HANTS/Hampshire as English Josephs (see Handville's below, and know that Hands/Hants use the stag). The Annas star is shared by ANGUS', and Angus is a region beside L'viv-line Fife. Repeat: Anne's/Hanne's were at TICKhill while Tighs/Tease's were first found in the same place as Annas', sharing the Annas' star to boot. The other Tease's are using more leaves as code for the Laevi on the Ticino/Tessen. Levi's were first found in Paris with Lys'/Lise's and Chappes'. Hello, is anyone listening? Why should Caiaphas and Annas trace to the Ukraine theater?

Ticino liners are suspect with Tucks/Touque's who use the colors and format (in colors reversed) of the particular Smiths with the L'viv motto. These Smiths use Anvils, and Anvils/Anville's/Handville's (Tuck/Touque colors) were first found in Kent with Tucks/Touque's and English Trips. The motto of Tucks/Touque's is suspect with Miletus, and it was peoples from Miletus that colonized the area of Taman / PhanaGORia / Kepoi. Believe it or not. Gore's/Core's and Gore's/Gowers (compare with aspects of Monans/Moonans) both use the white wolf.

The Anvil crosses are in the colors of the crosses of Teague's who happen to share the colors and format of Tucks/Touque's, but see also the colors of the crosses and chevron of English Smiths. The "BENIGno" motto term of English Smiths thus appears to be code for a branch of Benjamites out of the Trypillian theater. I link the Bengs/Binks to the Caiaphas-like Chives', the latter first found near Angus.

Anville's use wings while Wings/Winks (link to the "VINCit" of Songs) were first found in the same place as Agarus-like Hagars and "Vincit"-using Shaws/Sheaves'. As Winks rhyme with Binks (Wink colors), the Vinkovci location (near BOSnia) may thus be glean-able as a Benjamite line. Vinkovci was Cibalae while Sibals were from Fife, explaining why Winks were first found beside Fife. Note that WINKlers bring us back to white-on-green colors, but see also the colors of the Valentin squirrels, for Valentinian I was born in Cibalae.

I am thankful for Miss Florida for introducing me to Boofima and the Trypillians, and many more things that I came to emphasize. She told me that at least one of her parents are from the L'viv area.

Now we know for a fact that God arranged Paul Smith to own a red Jeep as code for Kepoi liners. As I said, Kepke and Smith walked past the corner of my garage, where I now park my own red Jeep, which I had newly-owned when I had that dream. As I said, Paul lost his Jeep and had to buy my old Nissan. The Nissans (white escutcheon), who use the stag head and a bend in colors reversed from the same of Keeps (white canton), were first found in Hamburg with German Trips. Trips now show shoes, and almost-immediately after Kepke and I worked at Knob Hill Farms, we both ended up selling shoes at the Scarborough Town Center. I was still hurting from losing Alison Bauer when I first saw Christine Peare, and so what's the chances that Sempers are also Peere's? Hamburgs (drops) use the Trip crosslets too, and can therefore be suspect with Hamil / Ham / Hammer liners.

This is Caiaphas-important, for where there is no available data on Caiaphas' ancestry in historical records, God can show us his ancestry. It seems that God is tracing it to queen Nysa. The English-Trip "scaling ladder" acts as a bend, and it's in the colors of the Nissan bend. Pay attention. It seems that Nysa's husband was connected with Trypillian blood of the Kepoi kind. My Nissan had two previous owners, and one of them was Kent. English Trips were first found in Kent. I'm a Masci liner from Maccabees, and French Masseys/Masse's ("tree without LEAVES") once showed the same boots as German Trips. Dutch Veys still show a boot while English Veys are VIVians. God is stripping things to the bare bones for all to see. Songs use the horse head design of Bute's/Butts. The Boots were first found in Berkshire with Shaws and Windsor castle, while Gore's / Trips share the crosslets of Windsors (stag head and possibly the Tease/Tess saltire).

Kent-like Kenneths use another stag head and possibly the Benjamin flames. I have proven that Kenneths were from Kenza, a queen from Aures, home of Shawia Numidians to which Shaws trace. King Massena was a Numidian, and Massins/Masons (probably the Frey/Freie lion) were first found in Kent with Trips. I had realized that the original owner of my Nissan worked almost across the street from Mr. Frey, a good friend. There was a good reason for that "coincidence" having to do with identifying the Phreeze variation of Freys with Pharnaces, and meanwhile clinching the Nissan with his wife.

Kepke led a sickly stag up my driveway. I never used any other term to describe it but "sickly," and it matched the crutches that Paul was on. Kenneths use a "sic" motto term likely for the Sichs, whose write-up mentions Scarborough. Kepke and I sold shoes at Scarborough Town Center. is that not amazing? What more does God need to do to make the message clear? The Sichs (same chevron as English Shaws) share "qui" with the Berkshire Shaws/Sheaves who in-turn use "vincit." "Qui" is code for Keys/Kays, and the keys to my Nissan were stolen by a Negro while Negro's use five "ears of wheat" (often called sheaves of wheat), the symbol of Scottish Chappes'. There are FIVE Negro ears in colors reversed from the FIVE keys of Italian Sheaves'/CHIAPPoni's. HELLO? Do historians have ears to hear? You don't need to respect my claims to the dreams; the heraldry that you're witnessing has value aside from the dreams, and is unassailable. The Fife's are a branch of Five's/Fifys.

The heraldic ear is suspect with the Eyer variation of Ayers, likely from "Aures" because "shaw" is a motto term in the Arms of Ayrshire (uses the Annan saltire). Draw a line between Trypillians and the Shawia Numidians. Irish Shaws share the cups of Christine's, and I kissed Christine Peare (while a shoe salesman at Scarborough), before Kepke got her, as code for the Kiss/Cush line from Laevillus. The Kiss/Cush Coat shares the so-called fountains of "qui"-using Sichs, I kid you not. I'm therefore able to announce that Joseph Caiaphas was born to a mother between the blood of Nysa of Cappadocia and Lupus Laevillus. Sichs were first found in Cumberland with Daggers, the latter being from the Dexaroi who are in-turn suspect in the ancestry of the queen Nysa's.

As Tattons of Massey seem to be in the Sich write-up, it can explain why Kepke was walking toward my place with the sickly stag. In the Sich write-up, we find Mark MASTERman Sykes, and Masters were first found in Kent with Massins/Masons and the Trips that were of the Massey/Masse boots. What do family historians not comprehend about these things that they won't immediately publish them for all the world to know? Who has a better story than this in regards to family history? Go ahead, publish my findings freely, and there is no need to give me credit if you think I'm a nut that doesn't look good on you.

Although I can't find Fredelle Shoes at the Scarborough mall now, that's who I worked for there. Reitmans clothing is still there. Note on the map that this mall is on MacCowan road, for Cowans use a "Sic itur" motto phrase!!! Kenneths use that phrase too. The Cowans (Ayrshire) are using the Annan(dale) Coat. The mall is also on Brimley Rd., and Brimleys share the gold scallop in Crest with Gowans. It looks like a family affair down at the mall site. Compare the Gowans with Phars/Farrs (share the maunch with Tickhills), themselves in Nissan colors and first found in the same place as Keppocks. Reminder: Nissans, same place as shoe-using Trips. Irish Smiths (dagger) are listed with Gowans, and share the upright white sword (the dagger) with Phars/Farrs (likely Fier-county liners).

The manager at Fredelle's sent me to the Kennedy-Rd branch to run the store alone. I wasn't sure whether he liked me or hated me, or just needed an emergency fill-in, but I quit soon after and moved into an apartment with Chris Peare and Louise Phillips at ELLESmere Rd. As Ellesmere's share black pheons with Walsh's, while Irish Walsh's (KilKENNY) use a version of the Kennedy Coat, that move to Ellesmere looks Orchestrated too. To boot, the saltire of Scottish Walsh's (Roxburghshire, expected of a Wallachia-Roxolani relationship) can link via Benjamins to Elis' (Yorkshire). And since we are involved with malls, let's add that the Irish-Walsh motto has been clinched with Trans'/Trents who use the split Shield of Mauls/Morleys (Yorkshire). ALISons share the colors and the white dog of HOLLys (Marley dolphin?), and that dog is used by the Yorkshire Hulls, not to mention the Halls. That pretty much tells us that Alisons were a Hull branch. While Trents trace to Terentia Murena, the Murena's use the same tower as Scarborough's (Yorkshire again, same place as Keppocks, similar Coat), no kidding at all. Kennedy Rd, one major street east of MacCowan, is likewise in Scarborough, and the Kennedys can be a Kenneth / Kent branch. Murena's are also Moratins, and then Mortons (colors and format of Walsh's) are in the Walsh motto's "morTUUS" term.

Walsh's were early in Waterford, and Waterfords (share lily with Cetis') happen to share the fountains of Sichs and Kiss'/Cush's / Cass'/Cash's. Why did a Masci kiss Kim Walsh? Kiss'/Cush's were first found in Leicestershire with Toeni's, and Italian Tonys use the flower in the colors of the Waterford / Cetis lilies. It makes the Flower cinquefoil (which is the Potter cinquefoil for a trace to Laevillus' son) highly suspect with that of Bus', from Buzite Nahorites. The Bus cinquefoil is in the Arms of Leicestershire with the Toeni maunch / sleeve.

It's now interesting that while the Kennati priests at Cetis worshiped AJAX, the Yorkshire Jacks were first found in the same place as Scarborough's, Sichs, Keppocks and all the other pertinents now linking to Kennedys (use the Arms of Carrick for a trace to Laevillus). Scottish Jacks were first found in the same place as Roxburgh-related Pollocks and Hamiltons, which might suggest that Kemuel liners were at Jejsk.

Kepke and I collected golf balls in the river through Cedarbrae golf course, when we were 12 years old and fledgling friends. God provided two dreams in the past year concerning golf balls, and I don't think I've yet deciphered those dreams completely. In the first one, golf balls kept appearing from the white sand or snow, I can't recall which. It was reminiscent of our collecting golf balls in the river. There is no Golf / Golph surname coming up, and so the Guelph = Welfs/Wolfs may apply (Nahorite-wolf liners?).

The other dream had me golfing with my dentist, who laughed at my red buttons after the game. There is a Laugh/Laugher surname (Fife), and Kennedys love the Lafins/La Fonts, likely a branch of Sich-loving Fountains. The TOUS'/Tosini's (link well to Clare's / Clarens via Bleds), suspect in the "morTUUS" of Walsh's, use a man with red shirt and buttons. The Tous'/Tosini's, suspect with the MALahule line to Tosni's/Toeni's, were first found in the same place as Scalia's that share the ladder with Trips, suggesting that Tous' (I trace them to the Tonzus river of Thrace, not far from Wallachia) can be from Trypillians in Wallachia.

The dentist may have been code for the Yorkshire Dents/Dentes'. To prove this, he was driving a car (away from the golf course) when he laughed at my buttons. I was in the back SEAT. The Cars/Kerrs use a "sed" motto term while Dents/Dentes' were from SEDburgh. It looks full-proof.

The Bidens/Buttons, suspect from queen Nysa of Bithynia, share the red fesse with Ness' and the Hampshire Lise's, the latter having pale bars in the colors of the Roxburgh pale bar for a trace to Roxolani of Wallachia. Scottish Lise's/Leish's (same Coat as Larins/Clarens) can even be using the Scarborough chevron.

I can't recall which came first, but the two were probably less than a couple of months apart within the last year. There was the red-button dream above with dentist, and then I tore apart (real life) my old house trailer, finding a small bag (two inches square) of red buttons, with red thread, the bag never opened. Those buttons must have been purchased by the previous owner of the trailer, for I didn't own those buttons. I had never seen them before. A couple of months or so later, I found the same sort of small bag in my JACKet pocket (inside pocket), of a blue jacket I had owned for years, never knowing there were spare, brown buttons there. The red buttons (one larger than the other) had fallen out of the kitchen cupboards as I tore it apart, and they landed in the sink. The Sinks (colors and format of Dents/Dentes'!!!), who could be of the Sing variation of Songs, use the same dolphin as Hollys, and JACKs use holly, is that not wild??? Does God have a sense of humor? Kennedys, from the Ajax-loving Kennati, use the dolphin too (as do Hams), thus providing the first piece of good proof for identifying Jacks with the Ajax cult at Cetis. In the meantime, the Bidens/Buttons look related. So now we know why it was my dentist who laughed at the red buttons, for there needs to be a Sink link to Dents, which God obviously arranged.

[See Dentons in the next update for a continuation of this topic, and what looks like the fulfillment of the dream in an order from judge Mark Denton concerning the Las Vegas shooting.]

In the dream, the dentist was the driver. In golf, one of the clubs is a driver. There is a Driver surname first found in the same place as Guelph-liner Welfs/Wolfs. It makes more sense that, in by other golf dream, I was finding golf balls in white sand (rather than snow) for Sands (same place as cars) almost use the Keppock colors and format. Moreover, Sands (Scarborough colors) use a ragully pattern, as do Lawrence's. Mr. Kepke is Lawrence.

I can't trust my recollection of what I was doing on the golf course with the dentist and the others with us, whether I or they were driving or PUTTING balls with a PUTTER. Potters (same place as Drive's, no guff), in Putter colors, are expected to be a Button branch, and expected from Laevillus. There is a Putting/Pottinger Coat ("ardua") with those white-on-green colors again of Hams / Hammers / Hamils. The Putting/Pottinger pelicans definitely link to Potters / Porters because Pellicans trace to Arthurs of Portishead, and then the Hamburgs who share the Trip / Gore / Gainey / Windsor crosslets use the same tower as Pellicans. Puttings/Pottingers were first found in Berkshire, beside Oxford, where Windsor castle sits. Add to this that Pellicans were first found in the same place as French Josephs while Potters, Porters, Buttons / Botters/Bodins were all first found in HAMPshire with English Josephs. The Hamburgs are said to be of a Wooten location in Oxford (Peare's were first found in Oxfordshire), and then Kepke's fiancee, Miss Walsh, lived on a street called Wooten.

These Hamburgs share roughly the Sing/Song horse, which recalls that God prophesied to me, at Kelly's place, that I would be a singer (I have my good days and bad days). Kellys are the kin of Gaineys. I can at times sing beyond the wildest expectations I had at Kellys. It had never even been on my mind that I should learn to sing. But, I fulfilled the prophecy. It's not only that I can sing; I do it regularly because it's my second love in life. Sings/Songs share the garbs of Sticks, the latter beloved by the candlesticks of Kyle's, the latter from Ayrshire's Kyle location, where Scottish Porters were first found. Driver's use the same saltire as the Arms of Ayrshire. It appears that Driver and Putter liners are related.

Recalling that TOUS' use a red shirt and buttons, note the "VirTUS" motto term of Puttings/Pottingers, for this surname crept up as per the golf game where my red buttons were laughed at. One of us must have been putting in that dream. All I can recall is that quite a few things were happening on the golf course, but nothing has stuck solid to my memory.

Roxburghs use "Audax" while Pollocks (same place as HAMILtons) use "Audacter." It looks like a match. One half on the German Camel Coat is in Roxburgh colors. English Camels were first found in Somerset with Leavells while Scottish Leavells were first found in Roxburghshire. The pale-like piles of Scottish Leavells reminds of the Pollo's/Pillo's discovered in the last update, who share crossed spears with Pasi's/Pascels. And Spears (crossed spears) were likewise first found in Renfrewshire, which is where the Dol Alans ended up en-masse with the first-known Pollocks. The Pile's share three piles with Leavells, and may therefore be using the leopard face of Peare's closely (because Leavells were of the Pierce's/Piers). Pile's were first found in Northumberland with Keep-loving Hebrons/Hepburns, and Nahor's brother, the Godly / Biblical Abraham, was from Israel's Hebron, making Kepoi (and Kiev) look possibly like a line of Hebron elements.

This brings me to the same leopard face as used by Coverts, a branch of COURTs/Coverts. My third girlfriend at D'Maine, whom I met weeks after Kepke's surprise drop-in there, was the Ukrainian Diane Muschatov. After we broke up, I didn't see her again for almost 20 years, when she bumped into me at a grocery store. She told me then that she worked for the COURThouse. I was with Alan-liner Helen at the time (Helen is featured in the last update). Emailer Covert was married to Mr. Dein, and Deins (same place as Coverts) come up as "Diane," the first name of Miss Muschatov. Might God have been using her along with emailer Covert to indicate that Deins/Diane's are Taman liners?

As per "Jejsk," wee can see why English speakers would reduce it to "Jesk." There is a Jeske/Jess surname sharing the scimitar with Readys, and scimitars are suspect partly with Schims/SCHIENs, who in-turn share the boar head of Molle's, from the family of ESCHYNa (Schien-like) de Molle that married the Dol Alans and the second-known Pollock, Robert. Eskins/Erskins use a single pale bar (in the colors of the Leavell piles), and were first found in Renfrewshire.

Here's an amazing thing. Two days ago, I appeared in a Baptist church to celebrate a relative's child dedication. The wife is Ukrainian, and we went to her parent's home after church. Before that, after the service, Irwin, came up to me. He started to tell how he knew the brother of the man whose wife is of Ukrainian background, that he with the brother attended the same Bible college, then met by chance at the same missions program. The brother's name is Jesse, like the Jess(e) variation of Jack-possible Jesks. Well, this meeting at church is why "IRWIN" came to mind upon writing "ERSKIN" above, for which reason I loaded the Irwin/Irving/Erwine's surname, and it happened to share the three holly items of the Renfrewshire Jacks. Amazing. It appears to be corroboration that Jacks/Jacques's were a branch of Jeske's/Jess', and apparently from Jejsk.

On top of these things, I had found it to be a certain bet that Eschyna de Molle was from the Templar grand master, JACQUES de Molay!!! Zikers, can this trace de Molay to the Jejsk area? French Jacques' have similarity with the Aude's suspect in the "Audax / Audacter" motto term of Roxburghs / Pollocks, but the best I can do with the latter surnames is the Ukraine-Polish border, in the land of Royal Scythians, while Jejsk is significantly eastward. There is even an English Jesse surname first found in Yorkshire with Jacks/Jacques'.

I was half-anticipating moving into the CROCiatonum topic from the GROCery store at which I bumped into Miss MUSCHAtov. We spoke for probably less than two minutes, and I recall inviting her to my place, though I had to admit that I was with Helen at the time. So, it appears to me that the event was about Alan Huns in the Ukraine theater, who were in cahoots with the Meshech that named Moscow.

Eschyna de Molle married Mr. CROC(e), and Jess'/Jeske's happen to share the white crane of CRONKite's (holds a ROCK), important because Crocs were traced to Crociatonum, also called CRONCiaconnum. I learned of this place at Wikipedia's Alauna article, and it should explain why Eschyna married secondly an Alan of Dol. I'm of a Masci bloodline (whom Miss Muschatov bumped into), and its Massey branch was in Manche, location of Alauna and CrociaTONUM. Is the latter named partly after Taman elements? After what Ton entity was it named? Helen was my TENANT (Damond / Demonte branch?), and Tenants share black crescents with TONbridge's/Tunbridge's (Kent, same place as Masts/Masters). Meshech-like Meschins married Clare's of Tunbridge / Tonbridge. Tenants use a MAST, and Musts are listed with MUSCATs, a virtual match with "Muschatov." So, it appears that God set up my meeting Muschatov in the grocery store while I was with Helen. Musts/Muschats look to be Pharnaces-Nysa liners of the Farmer kind. Crocs use the maunch as code for Manche.

It should be added that Groce's (taking them from "grocery") are also Greggs/Graggs while Craigs (share the Tenant crescent in both colors) are in the Carrick write-up as Carrick ancestors. Tenants were first found in Linlithgow (west Lothian), where Craigie's (Saracen crescents in colors reversed) had a Criagie village...a very-good piece of proof that Muschatov met me by God's direction, and that He intended the grocery store to indicate Carrick liners, making them suspect as a branch of Crociatonum's namers. It just so happens that Saracens/Saresons (Sarah colors), suspect with "Carrick," share the Tonbridge crescents in both colors, and that the latter use the same fesse as Carricks, which is a black fesse, the color of the Craig fesse. As could be expected with Carrick ancestry in the Charax name of Proculus (son of QUADratilla), the Saracens share the black wolf with QUADE's. Damans/Damons share a dancette on gold Shield with Carricks.

The Brittany Sarasins/Sarasaints use a MOLINE cross, expected with the de-Molay line to Eschyna de Molle. At the Wikipedia article for Jacques de Molay, he's shown with a red-on-white moline cross on his breast, colors reversed from the Sarasin/SaraSAINT moline. However, at the same article, his moline was black-on-white in former years, the colors of the cross of Sinclairs/SAINTs.

The Saracens were first found in Cumberland along with Burns ("ready" motto term) and Bernice's, and all three share the black hunting horn. CUMBERland is expected from Cimmerians, who lived in the Taman / Tanais theater along with SARmatians. Both areas were on lake MAEOTis, which looks like it named SarMATians/Sauromatians. The Bernice's use a fair reflection of the Tonbridge Coat, but I did trace the Bernice fesse to the Arms of Saraca. It looks like it was a correct trace. The Saraca's of Croatian Ragusa lived near the Ceraunii, and Sicilian Ragusa was the land of the Saracen Muslims.

While the Jess/Jeske bird is called a stork, it's identical with the Cronkite crane. The Crane's/Crauns are from Ceraunii mountains beside Aulon/Avlona. There is an important Bullis/Byllis location near Aulon, and it just so happens that Bullis' were first found in Suffolk with Musts/Muscats. The Gregs/Greigs (Carrick colors), first found in Yorkshire with the Crags (share the black talbot with Carricks), use another stork. The Store's use the stork and therefore appear to own the stork. Store's can be suspect from the Stura Demonte river of Cuneo. Italian Damans/DAMONTs were first found in Piedmont with DANCE's/Donnas'/Donna's, which tends to reveal why the Damans/Damons use a dancette. Therefore, DEMONTe at Cuneo is suspect with a Taman line. This is perfect as per me, a Masci (first found in Piedmont), being the boyfriend of Chris Peare, who's now being pegged as a symbol of Taman elements (especially to Tams/Thames'. Demonte's are suspect with the Maschi lion.

The Daman surname was introduced this week a day or two before coming to the story on Corey Feldman, the article of which mentions the actor, Matt DAMON, as a Weinstein accomplice. I looked him up at Wikipedia in case God wants me to mention him in this section. His father is Kent Telfer Damon, and so I checked Telfers/Tailyefer's (share the same stars as Bullis'/Bulliards), who appear to be Tail/Taillefer / Taillebois liners. That's from the Tilurius river that had a source near the Ceraunii / MAEZAEi. This is the river to which I trace the Bassianus' (and therefore the black-horn Base's), who produced CARACalla, son of DOMNa Bassianus, now making her first name look like a Damon element. Her sister was Julia MAESA. Coreys can even figure as Ceraunii. Caracalla's name is one large reason that I see "Carrick" and "Saraca" as related terms. The "important" Marjorie Carrick had an Alan-of-Dol line Stewart (Margaret) for a mother.

In fact, there is a Domna-like Doman surname (Dance/Donna colors) sharing the dancette with Damans/Damons! Excellent, for this traces Tilurius liners to where Maesa-suspect Masci's were first found. Although Domans are Dolle's/Dolmans properly (Alan suspects), I can see their merger with Domna-Bassianus liners. The Craig-branch Craigie's are said to have been at Dolman-like Dalmeny, and Dolman/Doman variations include "Daolmen." It might just be true that proto-Carricks were a Ceraunii-Saraca merger.

Domna was suspect with Dominic's, and from that discussion the Farmers crept in who share the lion heads of Musts/Muscats, first found in Suffolk with the English Coreys, who use a reflection of the Kilpatrick / Panico Coat. Compare "Panico" with "PHANAGoria." The PANGs/Pungs/Pongs/Pings/Paganells (crown), who share the label in Chief with Panico's/Pane's) were first found in Yorkshire with Keppocks, and Kepoi is two miles from Phanagoria. The Coreys of Cork share the gold griffin heads of Masts/Masters. I always see Panico's amongst Trypillians / Ukrainians.

Dominic, a teenage friend of mine, became a farmer like his father, and his brother is Danny, a dance-line suspect as per the Dancie's/Dannys (Mast griffin?). It's important that Dancie's/Dannys are traced to an Annas-like term, for French Dominics share the Annas star. Dancie's/Dannys (Demonte / Dance/Donna colors) were first found (Wiltshire) at/beside the STUR river, suspect with the Stura Demonte. English Dominic's share "Pax" with Reitman-likely Reeds/Reids.

French Dominics/Domine's share the Telfer/Tailyefer star, and remind me of Jewish Reitmans/Redmans. German Dominic's share the Telfer/Tailyefer chevron. It can appear that Dominics were at least a branch of whatever named Domna. When I worked on Dominic's farm at 14, the tract of land had already been SEVERed and sold to "Sam," who's son, Vito, must be God's code for Julius Avitus, husband of Julia Maesa. I'm seeing "severed" as code for SEVERus Septimius, husband of Domna Bassianus. While we called him "Sam," his wife called him something like, "Savee," which can be of the Sav short-form of Saverio. Amazing, is it not? When one googles, "saverio sam", some Saverio characters come up who have their name as Sam in brackets! Absolutely astounding. God set that situation at the farm up just for me to bump into, and to then report on about 45 years later. I'm reading that some view "Saverio" as the Basque name, "Xavier/Javier."

The Shropshire Javiers/Javins (share the torteaux with Gavins) are in Solana / Alan colors, and share the red roundel (code for FitzAlans of Arundel) with Madariaga's (Javier Solana was a Madariaga). When I first started to speak of Javier Solana, the emailer, "Farmer," would write-in to help out, as he was interested in that EU character. Crown-using Welsh Gavins (Masci fleur?) were first found in the same place as Dancie's/Dannys. French Gavins have the look of Savards/Savarys, and the latter were first found in Poitou with Gabins/GABORYs/Gabets, making a Savary=Gabory equation look good. See also Belgian Gabards/Gephards/Gabets (Clair Coat?), in Javier/Javin colors. It's notable here that GABINs could have been from Flavius SABINus, great-grandfather of emperor DOMitian.

Torteaux, by the way, can be code for the Toreatae scythians at the Taman theater. The fact that torteaux were made one of the roundels makes a feasible Toreatae link to the Alan Huns, a relationship expected as far back as lake Maeotis (location of Taman).

Irish Smiths are Gavins/Gowans while the "Semper" motto term of Scottish Smiths is shared by the Arms of L'viv. This speaks to the "Vive" motto term of Craigs and the "vivo" of Craigie's. Here's from the last update upon discovering Julia Polla, who married Mr. Apellas: "The "Vive" motto term of Apelles'/Abells must be for Vive's/Fiveash's (TIGER on a mound) because they share the wreath with Apelles'/Abells." I can now add that the Vive chevron is shared by Craigie's, and as the latter were first found in Ayrshire along with Kennedys and Carricks, they trace to Laevillus, whose mother (Vibia) was a VIBius liner. Hence, the Vibius line produced the Vive's (another crown). Excellent history. Tell the royal historians to get smart to this trace. The Vive's share a tree in Crest with Telfers and the latter put it into a crown.

Coreys are being entered here because of Corey Feldman (Jewish surname). It seems "coincidental" that Coreys were first found in Cork while Corks/Core's use the lion tails of Tails/Taillefers. It therefore seems that God is pointing someone to Matt Damon at this very time where Taman is my topic. Damon's mother is Finnish with a Pejari surname (she changed it to "Paige, wonder why). Telfers/Tailyfers (HUNTingdonshire) share the CROWN with CRAUNS/Crane's. It just makes sense that Tilurius liners had Ceraunii blood. The Cuneo-liner Cunninghams have their location in the Tail/Taillefer write-up for an added reason to trace Tilurius liners to Cuneo.

While Molle's were first found in ROXburghshire (part of Bernician territory), that's where Tails/Taillefers were first found who share the single pale bar in both colors with the Eskins/Erskins. This convincingly traces Eschyna de Molle from Tilurius liners to all sorts of things in Bernicia. Tails/Taillefers even share the leopard in Crest with Sarah's.

Was the Charax name from the proto-Sarasins, and were Saracens from Sarmatians around Taman? I can imagine other Sar entities in Magog that went forward not as "Sarmata."

As mentioned in the last update, I traced the Basques of Spain / France to a Miletian colony in northern Caucasia (to Abkhazia to be specific), and the same Miletians founded colonies in nearby Taman. It just so happens that Basques call themselves EUSKals, like the Eskins/Erskins suspect with "Eschyna." This reminds me that the esquire helmet of Poindexters (share "Nemo" with Irwins) is code for Esquers/ESQUILLE's. Note that while Dexters are in Poindexters, the Pollocks use an "AuDACTER" motto term. The POINdexters had been suspect with Payen/PAION liners, and we can imagine why Jacques de Molay was descended from Hugh de Payens. Therefore, as John B. Poindexter is a leader with the International Order of Saint Hubertus, we can imagine that group having descent from de Molay and/or de Payens.

As there is good reason to suspect Poindexter in the murder of judge Scalia, note how the latter surname is like "Esquille." I would trace Scalia's to Skala of Patmos. This island's Chora location is where I trace Ceraunii. And the ladder of Scalia's is an acting blue pale bar, the color of the Roxburgh pale bar. Scalia's were first found in Florence with Pollo's/Pillo's/Pilis'.

Patmos is off the shore from Caria, the latter the location of Miletus to whom we should trace Taman elements. If correct to see Basques from Abkhazians, see Wikipedia: "Between 1000 and 550 BC, the Greeks established trade colonies along the Black Sea coast of present-day Abkhazia, in particular at Pitiunt and Dioscurias, which was to become the capital of modern-day Abkhazia, encountering local warlike tribes whom they dubbed Heniochi...Arrian, Pliny and Strabo have given accounts of the Abasgoi (generally considered ancestors of the modern Abkhazians) and Moschoi (generally considered as ancestors of Georgian Meskhetians) peoples somewhere in modern Abkhazia on the eastern shore of the Black Sea.". Note how ABASgoi looks like "Apasa," the ancient form of Ephesus, near Miletus. The Moschoi were the providers of Mysians and Amazons of the Ephesus theater, and these became the Spartans from Leda. If not mistaken, the Dioscurias location above was in relation to Pollux and Castor, two sons of Leda.

The Sindi of lake Maeotis could have been the Sintians of Amazonian Lemnos by this Carian migration. Heraldry attests that the Clare's / Clairs were closely tied to Sintian liners, and Clare's were from Clarus at Ephesus. Again, Clare's married Meshech-liner Meschins at Tonbridge/Tunbridge. Here's Wikipedia on Meshech of various stripes:

Strabo locates the Moschoi in two places. The first location is somewhere in modern Abkhazia (Georgia) on the eastern shore of the Black Sea, in agreement with Stephan of Byzantium quoting Hellanicus. The second location Moschice (Moschike) – in which was a temple of Leucothea, once famous for its wealth, but plundered by Pharnaces and Mithridates – was divided between the Colchians, Armenians, and Iberians (cf. Mela, III. 5.4; Pliny VI.4.). These latter Moschoi were obviously the Georgian Meskhi or Mesx’i...

Pliny in the 1st century AD mentions the Moscheni in southern Armenia...In Byzantine historiography, Moschoi was a name equivalent to or considered as the ancestors of "Cappadocians" (Eusebius) with their capital at Mazaca (later Caesarea Mazaca, modern Kayseri).

Josephus Flavius identified the Cappadocian Moschoi with the Biblical Japhetic tribe descended from Meshech in his writings on the Genealogy of the Nations in Genesis 10, while Hippolytus of Rome connected Meshech with Illyrians. Meshech is named with Tubal as a principality of the prince of Gog and Magog in Ezekiel 38:2 and 39:1.

I trace "Sparta" to "Subartu," and ancient area of Assyria suspect as the Biblical Sephar. The Joktanite tribe of Hebrews are said in Genesis to have lived between Sephar and Mesha. Meshech were so fundamental with the Kartvelians = Georgians that mythical Aeetes (from Ceraunii-suspect Corinth) of the golden fleece could be expected to have been a Meshech entity to some degree. From Wikipedia's Meskheti article: "Ancient tribes known as the Mushki (or Moschi) and Mosiniks (or Mossynoeci) were the first known inhabitants of the area of the modern Samtskhe-Javakheti region. Some scholars credit the Mosiniks with the invention of iron metallurgy." Others say that Halybes invented iron, but that field was mythicized as Hephaestus on Lemnos, island of Amazons. The Halybes are expected on the Halys river, home of the Hatti = mythical Attis, like "Aeetes."

Meskheti is a Georgian location. As we saw above, Pharnaces appeared in the Meshech discussion, and then the Meskheti-like Muscats/Musketts share the double Ness/Nesson fesses, and are suspect with Farmers as a Pharnaces line (he married Nysa).

If Phanagoria was a line to Panico's, note that the Panico Chief is with the same fleur used my Masci's, albeit many surnames use them in those colors. Previously, "Panico" traced well to Pincum, in Moesia. Panonia, suspect with mythical Pan liners to which I trace Phanagoria, was not far from Pincum. "In ancient times the Pontic [= Pontus] Greek colonies of HERMONassa and PHANagoria [alludes to Hermes and his son, Pan] stood on the [Taman] peninsula...The Maeotae [included Sittaceni] and Sindi settled in the area from ancient times."

While all of this fits into the shoe of Gog, and therefore covers the end-time anti-Christ, I don't think I have fully realized what God wants me to in regards to the Kepoi location at Phanagoria. It's notable that Muscats are almost in Keppock colors and format. I can only guess that Pharnaces / Mithridates were involved with Kepoi liners that named Joseph Caiaphas. This is where it may all be going. The Keppocks (Pek/Peck colors) are more-properly KipPAX's, evoking the Pek river at Pincum. Near the Pek, a Cuppae location looking much like "Kepoi." Kepke almost married Christine Peare, and Christine's (share unicorn head with Piers/Pierce's) use cups suspect with Cuppae liners.

There is a Kipp/Kipper/Cheppe surname (no Coat showing), first found in Hampshire with Josephs and Bidens/Buttons (share the same fesse as Keppocks). Hampshire is beside the first-known Keeps in Sussex. Recall Miss Peare's waist symbol for Wastells/Wessels (same garbs ("wheat sheaves" in this case) as Josephs), a potential branch of Wissels/Whistlers. The latter share the lozenges of Peckers/Packers, but they are also colors reversed from the Reno / Pinc lozenges while Panico's were on the Setta tributary of the Reno. Wastells/Wessels even use doves while Cuppae was the "city of doves." And the Reno flows through Bologna, home of the Boii who were otherwise in Panonia. The Boii also conquered parts of neighboring Modena while Modens were first found in Berkshire with Peckers/Packers and Biks/Bicks...and the Trotus-river suspect Truths/Trots.

Peks/Pecks were first found in Essex with Quints, and they share the red chevron. I always trace Quintus Caepio to the Kupa river, suspect with Cuppae. Peks are said to have lived in DenBIGHshire, which is where Bachs were first found who share the Quint vair fur. It appears that Bachs were a Pek branch. The Pecker lozenges form a cross in the colors of the Pek patees. These are the colors of the Beck/Bech cross (same as the Sarasin moline) too. You can find the Culp/Colp variation of Cups/Cope's in the motto of Pullys/Pullens, and the latter share the pelican of Becks/Bechs. Pullys/Pullens definitely use the martlet of French Josephs, first found in the same place as Pellicans.

This may not be the first time that I've considered a Keppock trace to the Pek. I told readers that Mr. Kepke, as a teen, loved to play ping-pong with me in his basement. That's how I discovered that Pungs/Paganells (same place as Keppocks) were also Pings and Pongs. I had found them as Pungs from the motto of Rome's/Rooms (who use the same fesse as Keppocks, by the way). In this update, I found them also as Pangs, as per PHANAGoria. How interesting, no? Yes. Pangs/Pongs share the label with Panico's/Pane's.

Kepke went on deeply in plumbing last I knew him. I therefore checked Plumbers to find a rare, wavy chevron, symbol of Piers/Pierce's too. This reminds me that Vince Pierce PUNCHed Kepke in the mouth, for I tend to think that Punch's are a Pinc/Pink / Panico / Pung branch. The German Plumers/Plumbs (same place as Palmers), can we believe it, share the Zionist star of Reitmans! Kepke met Miss Peare at Reitmans. It's also the Zionist star of Rat-like Rotens...but see Rads too. The Rads use it on a blue background, which makes it in both colors of the Hagar stars, and Hagars are suspect from the Agarus river (now the Siret), that comes down from the Ukraine into TRYPillian territory. The Trips use shoes, and Kepke was selling shoes when he met Miss Peare. The Rats/Raits were first found in Nairnshire with Rose's who in-turn share the water BOUGet with Bugs, and the Bug river was at L'viv, near the source of the Agarus. Trypillians (burned their homes down routinely) were suspect to the Flemings, and it just so happens that Flemings are apparent in the Flaum/Flom variations of Plumers/Plumbs.

The Neuri on the Bug (and NAIRNshire) are suspect from Nahor, brother of Abraham, and the latter had Hagar as a concubine. The Brittany Plums/Plume's share the red talbot / dog in Crest with Abraham-suspect Bramtons. The two Bramton lions in pale are those of Sempers/PEERE's too, and "Semper" is a motto term in the Arms of L'viv. Amazing. The Semper/Peere lions are in the colors of the Fife ("OPERa") and Five lions, and the latter are suspect with "L'VIV." Now I know why God chose Chris PEARE for Kepke: to make the Kepoi link to L'viv. I had neglected the Peere variation of Sempers through all the mentions of Miss Peare.

Trips once showed the Massey/Masse boots (neither show boots any longer), and then the Dutch Veys use the boot while English Veys are VIVians while sharing some of the Fife Coat. There you go: God chose Kepke to be a shoe salesman, which got me to be a shoe salesman at the same time in the same mall. One day, Kepke brought Miss Peare walking across my shoe store, but it turned out to be a mistake. When she saw me, she liked it, and when I saw her, I liked it. So, I plotted to get her first, and to do this, I invited her outside of a bar called "La Paloma." She rushed out with me, where I gave her such a wonderful kiss that Kepke got the bouncer to kick us off the property, just to stop us. It was funny, for me, because he followed us up the stairs and was freaking out over it: he didn't know what else to do. He acted as though she and I were doing some criminal thing.

Just look at how "Paloma" is like "Plum." And Paloma's use the dove, no kidding at all.

Kepke had become a cheat. He took her from me by cheating, and she went, not realizing that he was a cheat. I'm thinking that his clever trickery is somehow important. He dumped Peare for Miss Walsh, and when the latter two were having a disagreement at the La Paloma, she got into my car (I was in the driver's seat), and left him sitting outside on the curb. So, a little intoxicated, I reached over to the passenger seat and kissed her on the cheek. I'm just sure that the Kiss/Cush surname (share's the red rooster with Bibo's) to Vibia is in this. She was a Viv liner, right? The Walsh Coat (share's the Pek chevron) is reflective of the Page Coat (compare with Maine's), and the latter use doves so that Cuppae up the Page-like Pek river seems to be in play. The Page doves are in the colors of the Paloma dove. Walsh's use a PIERCed swan.

A kiss on her cheek while she was upset with the Kepke line to L'viv. The Cheeks share the cross type of Smiths, and Scottish Walsh's share "Numine" with the Smiths, who in-turn share "Semper" with L'viv. Smiths use "BENIGno Numine," and the Walsh saltire looks like it's from BENJamins (flames, for Trypillians?), first found beside the Cheeks. Bick-like Beckers (same place as Keppocks), who can be traced heraldically to Bacau, use a "Bis VIVit" motto phrase, and share the stag head with Biks/Bicks/Bickers. I trace the Benjamites of Rimmon to the Rimna area at the base of the Agarus river, home of Trypillians.

The Benjamites of Rimmon married 400 wives from Jabesh, and the latter trace to Japodes (for good reasons) at the Kupa/Colapis river, where the cups of Christine's trace. It's also where Kemuel liners can trace because Colchester was CAMULodunum, and we might expect Kemuel liners at the Bug river / L'viv. Sempers/Peere's are in Quint colors and first found in Essex with Quints. Shaws, first found in Perthshire with Hagars and the Picenum lines of Wings and Justine's, use the Christine cups. Picenum is suspect with the Picensii Illyrians at/beside Cuppae. Both are marked on this dark map, with the Pek's sources touching upon PICensii territory:

If we assume that the elements around the Picensii were from Phanagoria when it was operated by king Pharnaces, we can trace the Pharnaces-Nysa line to Justine of Picenum, and perhaps that involved a "Nysa" line to "Annas," the chief priest at who's home Jesus was condemned. The Arniss variation of Annas should have been from Arnissa, across the Adriatic from Picenum.

The Piceni-like Pickens/Pike's use a version of the Phar and Reed/Reid Coats ("PAX COPIA" motto term, like "KipPAX" and "Cuppae"), and they share the Let/Late saltire while LedeRATa is shown near Pincum (Punicum). This apparent REID link to Keppocks reminds that Kepke met Christine at REITmans/REDmans, looking as though Kepoi > Keppocks were indeed from the Pek river, or at least merged with things upon it. The Reeds even share garbs with Keppocks/Kippax', in the colors of the same of Blythe's / Clints/Clents, the latter first found in Yorkshire with Kippax while Clintons were first found in the same place as Peare's / Tams.

Next, while the pike-using Geddes' were from Cetis, there is a Redman surname sharing the cushion with Bibo's, the latter suspect with the mother of Laevillus, who married royal Cetis. It just can't be a coincidence that Kepke had a Lawrence first name, for Lawrence's (share fish with Geddes') use a "ready" motto term, and are said to be from Yeland-REDMAYN, the Redman line quite obviously, for Redmans share the castle of Tewkesburys, in the colors of the Pellican tower, and Pellicans were first found in Maine, what "RedMAYN" pertains to. And so we see that God provided a first name for Kepke that arrives to the Maine Josephs, not to mention that the Maine's use a version of one Walsh Coat. These Josephs are expected to trace back to Flavius Petro at Reid-line Rieti, not far from Picenum.

The Lawrence cross is done in a so-called ragully pattern, and the same goes for the cross in colors reversed in the Arms of COLchester, that being a line from the Colapis river to which we can link Quintus Caepio, for Quints use the same Shield as Colchesters (Essex, same place as Quints and Sempers/Peere's). The Lawrence fish shows as a tail, suggesting Tilurius-river liners, and while it was to be expected that Saraca's of RAGusa were in merger with Tilurius liners, that's what "RAGully" may partially pertain to.

Redmans share the beacon with Belli's, and Beacons are listed with Bacons who share the Beck/Bech stars. There you have more evidence that Redmans can trace to Pek-river liners. For reasons I can't recall, I traced Bacons to Bacau, off the Agarus (now the Siret) river. It can be mentioned here that while the Sire/Siret surname can be from the Siret river, the surname is very linkable to Justine of Picenum. I link Sire's/Sirets (and "Cibalae") to Sibals (Fife), who use the white-on-red Beck/Bech moline in red. The Siret is not far from Fife-liner L'viv. (Justine married an emperor born at Cibalae.)

I now recall that Vibia-Laevillus liners had traced to things on the north shore of lake Geneva, where there is a Pully location linkable to Joseph- / Flavius / Colapis-liner Pullys/Pullens. It was the Bibo cushion that made the Vibia link to Kiss'/CUSH's likely, and so when I kissed both Kim and Christine at the same Paloma location, it may be to indicate that Vibia liners were fundamental with Paloma / Plumber / Plumb / Plume /Palm(er) liners. The Plumb-suspect Flemings share the blue vair of Palms / Quints, / Kemmis'/Kenys', and Bachs. The Palms share the same fleur-de-lys as Kemmers, and you're about to see a Kemyer surname linkable to Redmans, the latter suspect with Jewish Reitmans/Redmans who in-turn share the Zionist star of Plumbs/Plumers. Amazing, is it not?

I read that Arthurs of Clapton (PORTIShead) married Tewkesburys, and so it's interesting that while the Portis/Porch surname uses the Bus / Bacon cinquefoil for a trace to Bug-river liners (L'viv is off the two Bugs rivers), KIMs/Kins share the white cinquefoil with Bus' and French Bacons. Porter-branch Potters use white cinquefoils too. There is a Mr. KEMyer/CYNer in the Redman write-up, and Miss Walsh's first name is Kim. The Kim/Kin surname can be gleaned as part of the Kemmis'/Kenys' (Gloucestershire, same as Redman-related Tewkesburys), and the latter look linkable to the Bachs (Wales, where we expect Walsh's) now suspect as a Pek branch. Walsh liners were at Wallis' Sion, suspect with the Sensii people group at the southern side of Rimna.

Kemmers appear to be using a version of the Deck/Dagger Coat. The Cumberland Daggers (at Dacre Beck) might just be using the Jack/Jeke scallops closely for a trace to Jejsk (near Kepoi). If that trace is good, then it recalls that Pharnaces is expected at Kepoi while Daggers were from the Dexaroi at Antipatria, a location suspect with Antipater, the known ancestor of the three queen Nysa's. Jacks/Jeke's can be using the Keppock / Biden fesse.

Kim's sister, who married Kepke's brother, is Nysa-like Nikki. It is altogether possible that Nysa of Bithynia named Nicaea (Mysia), and that Nicaea liners became the Nice variation of Ness'/Nessons, not to mention that the Margus river, home of Picensii and Mysia-suspect Moesians, shows an ancient Naissus location. Cappadocia (named Cuppae?) was a Meshech entity, and queen Nysa of Cappadocia was the daughter of Nysa, wife of Pharnaces, and the grandmother of Nysa of Bithynia. "BITHYNia" became suspect with Bidens/Buttons (same place as Josephs), who were pointed out earlier as sharing the Keppock fesse.

The Jack trace to Jejsk is questionable without some decent evidence. I'd like to turn to my first high-school sweetheart, Jackie Littleford. I'm looking at the Little/Littel Coat in case it applies, in case God got this girl for me for a heraldic reason. There is a lot to say on Little's/Littels. My first observation is that the Leto/Alitto / Aliotta surnames can apply. The latter are from Ali TERME (Messina), suspect with Amazons from THERMoDON, the ones whom Herodotus traced to the DON (Tanais) river, which had a mouth near Jejsk. And Jejsk is not far from Taman, itself suspect with "Themiscyra," a location on the Thermodon. As Tams/Thames' were merged with Peare's, the gold leopard face in the Little Crest can be the Peare leopard head.

Next, we note the "PARvo" motto term of Little's, for Parrs share the double fesses of Nissans, suspect with the Ness'/Nessons and Nysa. The Nissan / Parr bars are in the colors of the double chevrons of Dexters/DECKsters (probably Dexaroi), whom are loved in the dexter paw of Dagger-loving Kilpatricks. The Irish Kilpatricks ("LAIDir"), the ones with the dexter paw, share the same saltire as Little's, and the latter are said to have had a branch 20 miles north of Carlisle, which puts them in Dumfries, where Scottish Kilpatricks (dagger) were first found. So far, so good for tracing to Nysa. Both Paw surnames share the peacock with Parr-loving Manners/Maness'.

Next, the Little's use a "MAGNum" motto term that can actually be of Man liners such as Maghans. It can be mentioned here that Christine's were first found on the Isle of Man. Maghans/Manns use three red lions in pale that can be of the two lions in pale of Sempers/Peere's. I can glean that the "Magnum" term is of the "Magna" of English Walkers (same place as Keppocks), for Scottish Walkers have a reflection of the Kilpatrick Coat. In other words, Walkers use the Little / Kilpatrick saltire.

It just so happens that Plancia Magna was descended from Glaphyra Archelaus, of Cappadocia, suspect in some royal relationship with Nysa of Cappadocia. Therefore, with Little's tracing so well to Pharnaces, God may have arranged Jackie Littleford for to make a Jack / Pharnaces link to Jejsk.

I have always wondered why God may have arranged "LittleFORD" instead of only "Little." I have never been able to make a Ford link to either Little's or Jacks. But now, I have a clue. The Furnace's, Pharnaces suspects as per the past couple of updates, use a black-on-white dog (seated), the colors of the Palmer and Ford greyhounds. The latter two use the identical greyhound in so-called courant form. Palmers are also PARmers, and they share double fesses with Parrs.

Spanish Palmers use a split Shield vertically in colors reversed from the same of Tunnels, the latter using the Zionist stars roughly of Reitmans/Redmans / Rotens. Redmans are Maine liners, and Maine's were first found in Devon with Fords, yet these things thus far have not clinched a Ford trace to the Jejsk area until Tunnels can be proven to be Taman / Tanais elements. When we go to Irish Fords, a "LuCRUM" motto term suspect partly with Crums/Crombys (bottony cross for Bidens/Buttons), who use a version of the Cromby/Crommy/CRIMM Coat. And Crimms can be from "Crimea," ever-so close to the tip of the Taman peninsula. Jackie Littleford may now have made the Jack link to Jejsk, especially as she dated a Masci.

I can glean that Crombys/Crimms use the red Reed eagle. If they use the Semper/PEERE lion, then the "PERmitte" motto term of Crimmons/Rimmons/Crummins looks applicable to Peare liners. That motto term seems to be for Ermits/Hermits (possibly a Helm branch) because they have the Crimmon/Rimmin lion in Crest. Sheds use the hermit, and they are a branch of Skits / Scheds that share the potent cross with Chads (same place as English Palmers) who in-turn use the split Shield of Spanish Palmers, as well as the patee crosses of Peks. Reminder: Paloma liners are expected from Pek liners.

When I kissed Kim Walsh at Paloma, it was not a long / romantic / seductive kiss, but a friendly PECK, I now realize. I'm not sure what I was up to at the time. On the one hand, Kim was a darling, a babe, and I may have been thinking, if I could only take her from Kepke, because he took Peare from me. On the other hand, she was upset, and perhaps I was just trying to make her feel better. Whatever the motive, I assume that God moved me to do this. The Peks/Pecks, Cheeks and Chads were all first found near one another, and Cheeks happen to share the crescent of CHEPmans (near the first Cheeks), a Kepke possibility, and shown recently to be Pontus liners, and thus of Pharnaces, king of the Pontus.

Cheeks share the same-type formee cross of potent-liner Crutch's/Crooch's, and this recalls the dream (definitely from God) where Kepke walked up my driveway followed by Paul Smith on Crutch's. I wasn't sure, at first, whether it was Paul in the dream, but after suggesting that it was him, I found that the Smiths use the Crutch cross in colors reversed. I've already mentioned that Paul Smith drove a red jeep, while Jeepma's/Jepps/Jabbe's (possibly Jabesh kin of Benjamites) are also Cheps (Hagar / Rad star?), a surname sharing the double-headed eagle with Specks/Spicks/Spocks (Syphax suspects).

I don't come across many surnames first found in Oldenburg, but two of them in this update are the Cheps/Jeepma's and the Damans/Damons, the Taman suspects! Excellent. By the time that I had the dream of Kepke walking up my driveway, past the corner of my garage, I had my own red Jeep (used) almost newly-purchased.

Dominic the farmer needs to be re-hashed here, for while it speaks to me of Pharnaces liners, Dominics were presented earlier in this update as Reitman/Redman kin. The Lawrence's who had a Redmayn location were first found in Lancashire with Specks/Spicks (and Parrs), and the latter's porcuPINE can suggest the Pino's that share the Cheek / Chepman crescent. So, you see, the kiss / peck on Kim's cheek was Called for, especially as Kims share the white cinquefoil with Portis'/PORCH's while I urinated on Pino's head when standing on a PORCH railing. The urine on his head must have been code for PortisHEAD, where Redman kin (Tewkesburys) lived. And of course the PORCupine looks applicable to Porch liners.

Believe it or not, the Kim cinquefoils are in both colors of the same of French Pine's!!! Zowie. Are those the Walker crescents too? After all, Walsh's/Walchs are expected as a Walker branch. It appears that God named Miss Walsh with "Kim" for this paragraph.

English Pine's are in Arthur colors and format because the Arthurs of Portishead were from king Pinnes of the Ardiaei. The urine event on Pino taught me this and more. It occurred at the home of Pepin Taff, who must have been code for Apepi Hyksos to mythical Daphne i.e the Taphian pirates. And that can explain why Hicks of Portishead married the same Arthurs as married Tewkesburys. The Redman cushions can be code for Cussons, who share the giant FERTE eagle, and it just so happens that FRED was the son of Pepin Taff. I can glean that Cussons are a branch of pine-tree Constance's, for English Constance's/Custers ("RATioni paREAT") use the same giant eagle. It's red, the color of the giant Speck/Spick eagle.

Reats bring up Pax-Copia Reeds/Reids as well as the Rats/Raids (share the white anchor with Dutch Reitmans/Rietmyers), suggesting that Constance's were firmly tied to Rat / Reed liners. Again, Jewish Reitmans/Redmans use the rose while Rats/Raids, of Kepke's white rat, were first found in the same place as Rose's and Chad-liner Geddes'. Constance's/Custers were first found in Norfolk with Chads.

SonofNewo Has His Thinking Cap On

I've been watching video's on Las Vegas but not commenting on most. I like SonofNewo's comprehensive / classroom approach to events. In his video below, he questions the changing timeline for the Mandalay-Bay security guard. In the 6th minute, note how the Las-Vegas police official, in charge of this story, has the security guard on the 32nd floor, just as police arrive to apprehend the shooter. What a coincidence, for the guard tells the police exactly what room the shooter is in. This looks staged, does it not? Otherwise, in a real situation, without the guard's information, the police would have needed to break down the doors of several rooms, trying to find where exactly the shooter was at. How would they break the doors down? Shoot the locks out, endangering people inside, and causing more damage in the room?

As this event was staged, the police were not going to go as far as breaking doors down, frightening people, just to make the event look more true to a real event. It's a good point. And the police then changed their story as per the security guard once they encountered problems from a suspicious public. SonofNewo seems to think that the guard was indeed shot, but I'm not so sure. There are two photos of the guard that appear as though make-up artists tried to create a second man look-alike. The width of the faces and noses are not the same, for example. Therefore, if the guard was an insider, I don't expect that he was shot.

Ellen is sponsored by MGM, and the latter owns at least part of Mandalay Bay. The guard would not appear on any television show aside from Ellen. This even speaks to sexual deviants behind the shooting event, not a good sign for Christians because it promises extreme, heartless persecution for us soon if the culprits did in fact shoot people at random.

SonofNewo goes on to show that the change in police story contradicts the claim by the Las-Vegas sheriffs that the security guard was a hero. Their first timeline had the guard shot after the shooter had shot out the concert-goers, and there was no more shooting of the concert-goers after the guard was shot. The guard, our hero. For days afterward, the sheriff's department wouldn't give the time that the guard was shot, but, finally, at a press briefing, the sheriff blurted out, at 9:59. Oops, the stooges now had the guard shot before the shooter shot out the concert-goers, in which case he didn't stop the shooter at all, in which case he was not a hero at all. Oops, so funny. Good job, SonofNewo.

Why do we think the Sheriff needed to change the story so drastically, even looking absolutely retarded while doing so? What was wrong with the first storyline?

Midway in the 22nd minute, Newo makes a good point. He first tells the police story that the police didn't know where the shooter was for several minutes after the security guard first called in to report that he had been shot. Apparently, there are records showing that he first called at 9:59. Newo therefore asks why the police didn't know where the room was, until the guard informed them in-person at 10:18. That is, Newo is skeptical that the police didn't know where the shooter was until 10:18. Why were the police on the 31st floor, the wrong floor, as of 10:12, 13 minutes after the guard called in? Wouldn't the first thing reported by this man have been the floor and room number, the crucial information needed by police.

The reality seems to be that the police needed to wait, because the police knew that there was a shooting planned. They couldn't go up until the shooting event had transpired. Therefore, the police played dumb until about 10:17, when they finally came upon the 32nd floor. The first storyline tried to remove this problem (for the plotters) by not including the fact that the guard notified the authorities starting at 9:59.

You will hear from many that false-flag events have plenty of 33s and 32s. Here's a 32nd floor.

Newo goes on the say that the FBI "leaked" a report, two days after the sheriff gave storyline 2, that tends to support storyline 1, suggesting that the FBI was fuming at the 9:59 admission made to the public by the Sheriff. In this FBI leak, a new witness jumps out of nowhere, telling that he was in the hall when the guard was shot, and the guard was shot at AFTER the shooter had already started to shoot out the concert-goers, meaning that the FBI wanted the guard shot after 10:05. These boys make the storyline up as they please, feed it to the media, and the media bosses, stooges, are compelled to tell the FBI story, like traitors of the nation, licking up to the wicked cabal as though their lives and/or happiness depends upon it. This is the shame of America. The world watches on.

I agree with Newo that the FBI witness sounds fake, not as he should sound if he's calling during a gun-firing down the hall where he stands (in a nook). There is no shock in his voice, no alarm. It's worse than a bad actor reading a script for the second or third time, trying to get it right but absolutely hopeless.

The guard was scheduled to appear on Fox (Hannity) and elsewhere to look the hero, but, thanks to the sheriff's storyline 2, he wasn't able to appear, hee-hee. Yet, his cancelling rang-out a message loud-and-clear to anyone with ears to hear who also knew of the timeline contradiction, and, of course, the highest levels of all the media knew it. It the guard appeared on any news program that didn't have the FBI storyline, yikes, too dangerous.

Newo takes to the idea that the guard was not an insider. I don't see a problem with his being an insider. He wasn't allowed to go the rounds with the media, not because he couldn't be trusted to tell the public the FBI version of the story, but because it would put a floodlight on the two timelines, and make that the next story for the next week. The FBI seemed only to want to kill the 9:59 time of the guard's shooting, and to let it go away.

After receiving a verbal club to the head from the FBI, the poor-slop sheriff, too weak and evil to confess to the public the truth, comes out wiggling, now putting the time of the guard's shooting at about 10:05, just as the shooter starts to shoot the concert-goers. This is the safest story for the plotters because they can't have the guard going to the room too long after the machine gun goes off initially, because we'd expect his hotel people to tell him not to go to the room once they discover a machine-gun operator in there. Plus, as the guard was unarmed, we don't expect him to get too close to the room once he starts to hear the gun popping. Besides, with the sheriff claiming that the guard was shot before any outside shooting to the streets, 10:05 was the ultimate time to be negotiated between the sheriff's office (assistants / jack-asses to the plotters) and the plotters (demons).

While on Ellen, the guard says that he heard the gunshots while investigating a suspicious door near the room of the shooter. He's speaking on the show with the FBI actor above, sitting beside him to assure that the FBI story is stuck to. The actor has success written on his face; the guard told it "correctly." And this is what he said: he heard the shots, but thought someone was operating a drill. He makes the call at 9:59, not to say, therefore, that he heard gunfire, but to report on the suspicious door. he doesn't say whether he called before or after he heard the "drill," but it sounds as though he called after. Ellen didn't press him for which of the two took place first.

After making the call, he walks down the hall, his back to the shooter's room, and gets shot in the leg by the shooter, which sounds ridiculous. A man in a thin hallway walking with his back to an automatic weapon would have been sausage meat in five seconds flat. Yet the guard gets away with a mere leg injury?

No duration is given between the 9:59 call and his being shot. Ellen doesn't ask for it. While this Ellen-show version obliterates the problematic idea of the hotel knowing about gunfire as early as 9:59 (relieves the police of the problem for not getting there earlier than 10:18), it enters the problem that he may have heard the shots before 9:59. Did he? The guard can go on other shows to explain it more. Right? Yes, but the FBI have forbidden him to do so. What does this tell us?

The official story was that shooting didn't begin until 10:05. But the sheriff changed that too, saying that he stands behind his initial story (which wasn't his initial story) that the shooting began between 9:59 and 10:05. Confirmation of the first shots would be amply available from the witnesses on the streets, as to what the time was. And confirmation of when the guard re-called the hotel upon being shot is available to the police / FBI, if either wants to share that information with the public. Until now, neither has told the public when the call was made to tell the hotel that the shooter was firing down the hall.

What the FBI wants us to believe is that the guard gave the shooter the jitters so that he stopped shooting at 10:15, even though the police didn't get into his room until well past 11:00. This is supposed to be a man of steel nerves for smuggling more than 10 guns into a hotel room, yet at the sight of a chubby, unarmed guard, he gets the jitters and stops shooting??? After all that trouble he went through to do major damage, he just stops shooting??? Are we supposed to believe that the shooter thought he could get away with the shoot-out if only that one guard wasn't walking his plump butt down the hall? He's not exactly build lean-and-mean like a SWAT operator.

No shooter, short of being suicidal, is going to trap himself way up on the 32nd floor of what is essentially his death cage the moment the police on the streets hear / see the gunfire / broken windows. And if he was suicidal, deciding beforehand that he was going to his end, he wouldn't have stopped shooting just because Mr. Chubs walked down the hall.

Ellen says something queer, which we could expect from her, when implying that the shooter shot through a door when he hit the guard. The guard tends to agree with Ellen, exposing an act. It sounds as though Ellen wants her audience to think that the shooter got him only in the leg because he was shooting through a door. He couldn't see what he was shooting at, lucky guard. This is the FBI's explanation on why their man got away alive.

We are supposed to believe that the shooter had the tools and time to bolt a steel bracket to the problematic door that brought the guard up in the first place, as if blocking this one door would help him to survive or get away. Nonsense. The best we can say is that he blocked the door nearest his room so that he could maximize the time he had to shoot people. Yet, at the sight of Chubby Hero, he immediately starts to bite his fingernails and goes silent???

I'm not making fun of his blubber. I'm saying that his blubber makes him an easier target to hit so that merely a leg injury sounds ridiculous, and I'm saying that an overweight man is a lot less threatening than someone with a muscular build, and fast on his feet. But, either way, no man in the hall without the tools can get through a hotel door if its simply locked from the inside. So why didn't the shooter continue shooting after he saw the guard? Why didn't the shooter finish the guard off if he was such a threat to the time he had for the shoot-out? Don't we think the shooter would have expected armed men at his door, sooner or later, so that fear of them was not his concern whatsoever?

The fact must be that the plotters needed to devise a way to explain how their guard got to the shooter's area in the first place, and that's what the bracket on the door is all about. Now that this guard has played his part, which was to set a ten-minute limit on the shoot-out, he can be eliminated if the spies find him to be problematic. This is the price he pays to play along with demons.

On the Ellen show, the guard admits that he didn't tell the hotel, on his second call, that he was hit. He gives the excuse that he didn't want to bother the hotel with such a petty detail. My hero. He was concerned only about the hotel working to get the police up to stop the shooter. My hero. The fact must be, he was never shot, or shot at. He's just a fibber working with the demons.

The hotel is very welcome to show the people the shot-through door, the bullet holes down the hallway, the camera footage of both actors taking cover from the gunfire. The short video below shows the outer scene from up high, from what could be an insider video (the background sounds staged to me). The shooter shoots sporadically only, not continuous, and he shoots even after he sees the streets littered in police cars. That is, he has no desire to get away, we may assume, but then we can't judge this as a real-life event, because it wasn't.

In the video above, the insider dorks emphasized, "look at all those people laying there," and "are all those people laying there?". But the camera shot of these people lying there is foggy deliberately, and doesn't zoom in further, so that we can't see the bloodless scene. Imagine how many cameras were at that location to take pictures of all those people laying there. Where are these pictures so that we can make up our own minds on whether this was staged by the government? The people laying there are therefore to be deemed actors for this camera. The background conversations are far too calm for such a reality. As the police are on the scene as this video begins, we can only assume, by following the last timeline by the sheriff, that the video ends very near to 10:15.

Christ Comes First

The following video shows an angry Christian, made angry by a wicked world, and this, we can plainly see, has stolen much of the love-beam. I understand it. He normally does conspiracy analysis, but feels compelled to share a Biblical message at this time, and I respect that. Every Christian needs to do this regularly who has an Internet outlet. He tells subscribers that, whether they are offended or not, whether they want to unsubscribe or not, he's going on with the message. As he speaks on, he mellows out, and I can see that it's satisfying him. Then he shows bitterness again when he focuses on this world. I have come to understand how it is hard work to cover this wicked world, bad for the soul but I'm sure it's necessary. To be better, don't ask for money. Do what you can (little or much) for free, and let God bless the less that you put out. Less is better if it's done for free. When God see us struggling in that way, He'll produce fruit, not money.

He has rave comments all the way down the long list, good job. Comment after comment lifts Jesus up, I've never seen so many Christian comments without the wicked entering their lousy remarks to spoil the atmosphere. A revival would be great, but I think the American nation is yet to go south some more.

Latest Dream

It's been a while since I've had a dream I could remember. I don't usually remember any, unless I wake up immediately after, and dwell on it. I have no evidence that this dream, which took place while it was yet dark this morning, was from God. I was in a store of some sort, and doing the tune at the 3:38 point of How Great is Our God (World Edition). I really like this part of the song, but hated to see Clinton doing it.

Yes, after I was doing this tune, Bill Clinton was in front of me, maybe at the check-out counter as I recall it faintly. He started to do this tune, and everyone around did it too, including me, though I was doing it mockingly of Clinton. There was a carpenter's square hanging in the air between my sight of things and Clinton. That's when I woke up and realized I was singing along with everyone else (I didn't like it, because I don't like Clinton).

It strikes me that this song is a "World Edition," while Clinton and his foundation is globalist. While in the dream, I didn't see anything strange in the carpenter's square, and in fact I didn't pay it any attention. It was there as though a perfectly normal thing. I have been building the upper floor of my house lately, which has required the use of the square, and perhaps that's how the square got into the dream. However, if this dream is from God, I suggest that the square is a Masonic symbol, or, perhaps, for the Square/Squire/Squirrel surname as it somehow pertains to Bill's future activities in the global marketplace. In fact, when I caught 16 squirrels on the upper floor with a rat trap a few years ago, I was monitoring the situation for Signs from God, and, as I recall it, the sixth squirrel seemed to be about Bill Clinton and ISIS. I wrote about it, and may dig it up for a repeat if this dream turns out to be anything prophetic.

Lately, Hillary Clinton announced that she was going for a pastoral position in Christianity. I wonder where that idea came from, no doubt her circle's strategy to get Christian voters for her presidential bid in 2020. This dream had that very flavor, distasteful to me. One can reason that Hillary wants to convince America that various elements stole the election from her so that they will agree with her in justifying her running again in 2020. But many Democrat leaders are now saying it's far too risky to have her re-run.

The point here is my prediction of years ago, that the False Prophet will be an American leader feigning Christianity to get the majority of the public's confidence. As soon as I awoke from the dream, that's the question coming to mind: is Bill Clinton the coming False Prophet / anti-Christ? That question was due to his leading on that world-edition Christian song.

The carpenter's square seemed to be made of light (the energy) rather than steel. It may have had a double meaning, one for Masonic "light" or even Masonic Christianity. The people in the store were modern Westerners, and if I'm correct in seeing Bill at the check-out line, the 666 comes to mind. It may be a message from God that Bill Clinton is to be in the throes of providing the False Prophet's 666. Word says that he's no longer with Hillary, but that can change if the Democrat party agrees to support her for another presidential bid.

The concert has a definite Pentecostal flavor. My warning to Pentecostals is to put aside emphasis on the feel-good, and become more like a soldier in a war situation, because "war" is expected. If the Democrats win in 2020, or 2024, they could come against us with a vengeance. I'm not saying that feeling good in God's Spirit is to be shunned. We all like communion / connection with God, but what happens if we view the imminent future as a sweeping revival so that we get into victory-celebration mode just as we are pounced on rudely by the murderous? The more that we support Trump now, and if he wins again in 2020 due to the Christian vote tipping the scale, the more the murderous will blame us for robbing them of their precious, global-village power. This war is where I see the world going at this time. Let's be alert.

I like the tone of that song above. I like the victory celebration that encompasses it. It has promise in the One. It has promise to make this world right like no Trump is capable of. We NEED to live in a Right society. Good people can see the difference vividly now between the Clinton circle versus the Jesus circle. People can now slip away from the global-village mentality desired by queers and witches, which our enemies won't like. It sets up a war situation. If we think we need to start celebrating victory without receiving a backlash first, it could be more terrible on us. But what the heck, let's celebrate anyway. But let's also be vigilant between celebrations. Carry the big broom of your authority in Christ, because the demonic can pop out into your life at any moment. And don't forget your shield of wisdom because it has its place. As my son pointed out recently, wisdom (in God) is for our safety. We exercise wisdom to get things right so that we spare ourselves the results of doing wrong. Wisdom is a defensive attribute. The broom is an offensive attribute. We score with the broom, fend off with wisdom. We can use the broom as a stick of authority, or as the sweeper-away of demonic influences. We are the Bride, and Jesus is our Broom. Learn to sweep. Wear a mask. Don't sweep it under the carpet, but out the door. You have no power over unclean spirits if the Broom doesn't do it for you.

One of the things I've feared is that Pentecostalism seeks to create a Christian society on man-made juices, from juicy preachers and teachers more interested in self-approval / self-elevation than in how God seeks to form His Body. Not trusting Pentecostalism, I left it. Wherever there is a big-money church, that's where I get nervous, and Pentecostalism seems to gravitate there naturally. Pentecostals want to do big things for God with big money, but I say that God prefers to do big things with zero money if possible. Pentecostalism is itself like a broom that sweeps Christians clean of their money, or sweeps them away into a false-revival illusion so that they will be more prone to giving big dollars "for God." Do the builders of crystal cathedrals not know the meaning of Jesus riding on a donkey to his Victory? Has there ever been a greater victory than that one? If that is what we celebrate today, shouldn't we get on the poor mule too? We can understand the concept of better one convert in a moneyless church than 100 in a crystal cathedral. Every crystal cathedral will repeatedly echo / boast "what great things God has done" in its church. The question is: how deep are the converts converted? Will they stick with Christ through the hard realities in the donkey to which God calls us all?

There is a need to reach out to the blue-jean generation, and some Pentecostals do emphasize this. Generally, street people are poor and have little money to give, and so here is a place where Pentecostalism can be trusted, for if they concern themselves with the poor, the leaders don't get into a conflict-of-interest problem to begin with. But money has found its way into these movements too, where wealthy Christians are asked to support the outreaches. Before you know it, they are paying the pastors handsomely for their work. Don't we know the rule of Jesus? What if this rule applies to all pastors: you have received your reward in full by the money you took for doing God's work.

What if the pastors become the least in God's kingdom as a result? Won't those who aspire to be the chiefs become the last? If you attend Bible college because you want to be a church leader, will God use you at all? First, be the servant, and then God will lift you up. When you are raised up (it could take a decade or two), don't assume the leadership, stay the servant. Don't look forward to being a leader, for there is only One Leader. You need no Bible-college education to be used of God. But you do need to handle / exercise the Word of God sufficient to His pleasure. Teaching the Word is easy; controlling / eradicating / re-training the old man is the hard part. You won't have time to be the leader because the old man will already demand more work than you can handle. If you aspire to be the leader up high, watch out for the old man's gravitational pull. Down flat on the floor is no place to lead from. What goes up must come down. What goes down must come up. Better to do the bounce off the floor than the crash.

The following "monsters" is what global-village mongers fear:

God makes beautiful monsters who will make pedophilic satanists quiver and regret they were ever born. The war is on, and we win.

Again, I have no evidence that this latest dream is from God. I went decades without having any dreams that I could/would say were from God. I more or less ignored my dreams. It was only about seven years ago that God proved to be in a bear dream, and after that, his Signs in my life (awake life) became a regular thing. It wasn't until a couple of years ago that a string of dreams came with evidence (of his hand) via heraldic links. It's a unique way for God to prove (to me) that a dream is from Him. I assume that I am to report both the dreams and the best shots at my interpreting them. If the items in the dreams, as surnames, make very-obvious blood / symbol links, that alone is not expected to be the end of the dream's message. The links may be at least partly to prove that God gave it, but then one needs to interpret / predict what the storyline in the dream is about.

If this latest dream is from God, it may have the purpose of indicating a future globalist role for Bill Clinton that comes before God pours out wrath on his crime ring. In other words, I've been expecting God to imminently judge the deep state, but this dream may indicate that it gets some worldly glory and attention beforehand. On the other hand, the dream comes as there is some exposure on the Uranium-One connection to the Clintons, and this promises some nasty things for them and others. Perhaps the deep state, seeing some writing on the wall, will rush to fulfill its globalist agenda from this point on, bringing on the brunt of prophetic fulfillment quickly.


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