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Oct 24 - 30, 2017

Miss Hicks Never Stops Talking
Someone Left their Medallion on My Jeep

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I'm not taking email at this time, here's why. I apologize to all having left email, as I can't even mail to inform you.

The last update shared a rare message on Jesus from AMTV. I found the message to be fully Biblical. Here's a follow-up on that sort of message, highlighting youtube's anti-Christ attitude:

We should share his anger. I know I do. In short, youtube is taking the excuse that a Jesus-message will offend advertisers, and thus youtube takes ad money from those who preach Jesus. While we should not be preaching in return for money, neither should youtube punish the message of Jesus. What else is youtube and similar others doing to persecute the message of Jesus? We know. Therefore, God gets to act on our behalf, if we possess and show passion / concern. You need to watch the video above to the 8th minute, which shows that youtube seeks to make queers rich, and to empower their spit-in-God's-face messages. The good news: God is the fly on the wall, and He's also the Abortionist. As the fly, he gets the evidence of guilt.

I do not agree with the speaker (Chris Greene) saying that transgenders should have the right to produce their videos. I care less if I violate the American code for freedom. I care more that I take God's position. The American code for freedom gives satan a voice. And satan seeks to be the biggest voice. His people are allowed to play very dirty, while we are not. I do not agree with the speaker when he says he can't do anything without the money of his sponsors. Youtube is a free forum. You don't need to pay big dollars to put material online. Virtually any middle-class person can save their own money needed to create a home studio. That's how I think God would prefer us to approach this. I have thought about starting my own youtube channel.

God can do Google more damage than I could. If Google punishes Christian writers, God has the right to punish Google. God has it under control as to the outcome. This is the way to view things. Our job is to keep the Message spot-on. He will not despise the small thing. He might despise the big-thing effort.

When the idea occurred to me that there is a nuclear, false-flag event in the works for to blame on North Korea, I didn't know that Chris Greene held the same view. I happened to load his video below speaking on preparations as per an imminent quake in California, when it dawned on me that something of a quake can be caused with merely a six-inch bore into the ground, same as oil drilling, stuffed with a nuclear bomb. What would happen if the exploded bomb(s) is deep enough not to throw dirt and rocks up at the surface? Couldn't it be passed off as a quake? It occurs to me now that they have no-doubt tried this very thing, not necessarily starting off to feign a quake, but to measure the impacts from different rocks and different depths. I can see the military / CIA mulling over the "advantages" of staging a quake in this way. So, for population control, they have the choice of the California quake, or feigning a Korean nuclear warhaed from the sky. I owe it to 9-11 for even considering such things. That event informed us all that demons are in the American military. Thank you. I can't say enough in gratitude for knowing this truth. It signals that the end-times are surely demonic, just as the Bible predicts. The good news: Jesus is still open for "business." You can purchase your eternal life by bending a knee to Jesus. I trust you are wiser than to be ashamed of His dusty sandals.

Chris has a lot of energy, youth, and passion. He knows that he's placing himself into a dangerous position if he goes big. But he seems bent on going big. He's already receiving signs of deep-state displeasure. Everyone has a breaking point.

Watching youtube is not free. All advertising costs are passed on to buyers. The more money allotted to advertising, the more we pay for products. Every time you watch a commercial, you're paying for it. If youtube channels work for free, we would pay less for products. If Google worked for free (non-profit), we would pay MUCH less for products. If television worked for less, we would pay MUCH less for products. Greed is here to stay in the end-times. Greed is the staple of the day, the daily bread. It's not only the businesses who maximum profits in a "free" society, it's OUR government itself adding greatly to our burdens. The leaders have no problem with our paying half our wages for 20-25 years to own merely a home with some $70,000 of building materials...which are themselves over-priced to boot because the government thrives on high product prices. This is our system, backward. The Man in Sandals will eradicate this beast. The mountains will be humbled. The bent will be straightened. Blessed are the poor, and those who weep now.

There are more than enough Christian preachers on youtube and elsewhere to get the word of warning around. We don't need to go big. The end times will seek to draw us from Jesus, the evidence is there. The message: turn to Jesus while there is still time. How few people can there be who have never heard it repeatedly? The more people hear it, the more they war against it. We are witnesses of this. The war started in the 1960s. Only 50 years was needed to get transgenderism into the schools. Why did the world go this route? Ask the devil. Where will the world be 50 years from now given his freedom to speak and act while his servants are in powerful positions? I know. Mass murders. The devil wants to see mass murders. It's not a conspiracy theory. Expect mass murders. They have already started from his servants. Jesus predicted it: no one would survive the world-beloved anti-Christ unless God sent Jesus in the nick of time. The Fatal Mentality is coming. If Hillary can't be president because people won't vote for her, she would destroy the voters if she had the power. The end of Daniel 11 tells us that the anti-Christ will behave in this way with his war machine.

Terrible News for the Clintons This Week


Somewhat related:

Hillary is now giving her own version of, "I did not have sex with that woman." Just as the Democrats accepted Bill as an adulterer, so they accept Hillary as a cheat. The lowered the bar on acceptable morality in leadership positions, the stench of America at this time. They project their sins on the other political party, and we all get rubbed on our clothing with the grime, all of us slipping away further downhill. Sessions can cleanse this. What an opportunity for heroism. But where is he?

The only hope Sessions has is where Trump keeps him on. Whether or not Trump keeps him spells out what Trump's made of. He's under pressure to work for his voter base, more so the more that the House gets nothing done for him to boast on when he runs again. In fact, Trump needs to assure that Republicans don't lose the senate in 2018. He had best start satisfying his voter base, like now, for election season is almost upon us. Trump doesn't want to cause waves with his political enemies, but the alternative is to lose power. Will casinoman gamble with his future? Are casino's becoming more acceptable to Christians due to Trump? Isn't that like a moral slide? Don't touch, don't handle, don't get it on your clothes by getting too close to Trump.

An amazing thing happened on the way to the Uranium-One story. Mueller decided to investigate Tony Podesta, a real twist away from going after Trump. How can we explain this new move? I think it's easy. Mueller is under pressure to investigate Uranium One simply because he's the self-celebrated point-man for Russian scandals, but as he can't bring himself (hee-hee) to investigating the Clintons, he wants to look good by going after Podesta's ties to Ukraine (what took Mueller so looong, hee-hee). Of course, since he's the lead investigator, Mueller can tell his dogs to play soft on Tony, just make it look good.

Put Tony Podesta on the back burner, Mr. Mueller, and go after John Podesta's Russian ties while Podesta was advising Hillary. He had been such a good boy that Hillary made him her campaign manager, and this was after Podesta became Obama's chief advisor. If only we were flies on the wall. It was all so good when she lost both the election and her sanity (Podesta lived to see the next morning). The world will do much better with Hillary mentally challenged. Otherwise, she's more dangerous:

As we see in the video above, John Podesta's company, Joule Unlimited, received 35M from a Russian-government company. Let me then say that the last update found the most-advanced interpretation of my sleeping-bag dream in one Andrea Larue, who met with both Podesta's at a breakfast in honor of Lisa Kountoupes, a lobbyist for Uranium One, about 10 days after the murder of judge Scalia. Here's a repeat from the last update; look for the Joule-like word, "jewel"

We crossed the Toeni's above as per the Spann write-up, and this too points to ANDREA Larue. It speaks to me of God putting me together with 10-year-old Andrea. Just as she was getting friendly with me, and just as I went out with Bill's father to purchase her some gifts, I heard from someone that TONY gave her a jewel, making my Tarzan BOOK and board game look tame. But don't blame me, because it appears that God decided on the book to indicate Roet / Reed liners i.e. kin of Larue's/La Rous'/Larouts, right? Yes, to point between Andrea and Andrea Larue.

Is that not interesting? Little Tony has the same name and Italian blood as Tony Podesta. It could be that God used those two children in my life while looking ahead to the Podesta-Larue ties, and perhaps Larue has been involved with Joule too. Or, could we read that childhood event as Tony Podesta buying Andrea Larue a gift? Here's a photo of Andrea Larue. Is this the woman sitting behind John Podesta at one of his Wikipedia-article photo's? When I bought Andrea her gifts, Bill and his father were with me. Why Bill? Bill Clinton's ties to Andrea Larue? As I said months ago, Tony and I were playing marbles outside of my place. The Marble surname, first found in the same place as Masseys, use fitchee crosses colors reversed from the same of Clintons and Hillarys. The Bill surname uses the Shield-Chief colors of Clintons. I can see God's hand here. Bills and their Roet kin were first found in the same place as Tarzan-like Tarrs/Taress', and Roets use a book.

If you haven't read: the Jewell surname shares the flower with Italian Tonys in the same colors, as though God knew what he was doing with little Tony.

By the way, Joule closed earlier this year (lack of money, says Wikipedia) after Hillary lost the election. It was a green-energy company banking on government handouts from the Democrat presidency. No president Hillary, no Joule Unlimited.

The mother of the Podesta's was born a Greek. Lisa Kountoupes is Greek.

Hannity is the biggest voice in opposition to the Clintons. He's now bashing the Clintons mercilessly in plain view of millions. God can use the donkey to get His exposure done. Lookie below at how far Fox news has permitted this bashing to go so far:

When Hannity was highlighting the Seth-Rich murder, Democrats attacked his very job on Fox, and shut him up. But if Fox continues to close Hannity's mouth, Fox will suffer loss of profits. Look at how "interesting" things are where this latest Clinton scandal pertains to end-of-the-world (nuclear) material.

Here's a longer version of the Wow above, from Fox yet again:

As you can see, the Republican House under Obama blocked investigation on Uranium One. How can we explain this? Is it an Exposure? Near the beginning of the video above, Victoria TOENsing is featured by Lou Dobbs, and she's assisting Chuck Grassley in getting Sessions to comply with the Uranium-One disclosure. Is her surname a Toeni line? Might this be Evidence from God as per the theorized Tony-Andrea connection seen earlier in this update? God indicated Bra, and perhaps the Braswell bloodline of Donna Brazile, as part of his revelation on the Clinton crime ring, and Tonsings/TOENniges'/TonNISSENs use "candleBRAS". The Tonsings (leaf) are said to derive in "Antonius," and while I may not agree, they may have been a Toeni branch. I'm seeing the Tanaro river near Bra. The Tenas'/Tenare's use three chevrons on blue while Braswells use two on blue. Toeni's were Tosni's too didn't necessarily derive in "Antony". The Tous'/Tonso's were first found in/near Firenze while Ferrands from that place use a Tenas-like "tenax" motto term along with "JusTUS."

The Reason for My Dentist

I'll come back below to the Clinton troubles this week, though you've probably heard about them all in the news by now.

Mrs. Toensing is the lawyer of the would-be whistle blower on the Uranium-One scandal if only Jeff Sessions allows him to blow the whistle. If Trump isn't controlled by the CIA (likely part of the scandal), then Trump should tweet his desire to see this whistleblower unleashed.

The Tonsing candles are white and therefore colors reversed from the Kyle candlesticks, making the Tonsing quadrants suspect as those of Kills/Keele's. AMAZINGLY, the Candle's/Cantwells/Kentwells (white canton) share the annulet of Larue's! Candle's/Cantwells (same place as Lords/Lauds) share the white-on-red canton square with Keeps (suspect with the Nissan bend). If I recall correctly, there is a lauder area at or near Kyle, and as Kyle's (share the Glass star) were beside Glasgow, we can go from the "Lord" motto term of Glasgows to the Lords/LAUDs (AMPTON cinquefoils), and then to the Ladys/Laudymans, first found in NorthAMPTON with Brae's/Brays (!), who share the Tonsing/TonNISSEN annulets!! That's bang-on, tending to clinch the candlebras as code for a Tonsing merger with Brae's. It then makes Tonsings suspect with that Tanaro river through Cuneo. On top of these connections, the Lords/Lauds (Italian-Tony colors) share the maunch with the Leicester Tonys (the latter call it a sleeve, suspect with Cuneo's Saluvii Ligurians)! Bingo. Also, the Amptons use roundels in the colors of the similar Laud / Tonsing / Candle annulets.

Of further interest here in pointing to Andrea Larue's circle is that, when I was made to enact the touch-bra event, I lived on Jay street, and one of my favorite places as a child was the strip mall a few hundred feet away at Keele street. We just saw the Kill/Keele link to Tonsings, and then the Candle's were first found in Suffolk with jay-using Davers who in turn use a good reflection of the Larue Coat. I can glean that the Daver jay and the Daver stars (same as Massena's) lead back to king Gaia, father of king Massena/MassiNISSA. These were Numidians expected heavily in Ayrshire, location of Kyle.

The last update re-visited my two dreams with golf balls, one of them with my dentist. It appeared that he represented the Dents/Dentes' without doubt. As he laughed at my red buttons while driving a car, I started to consider the golf driver and putter, for Potters were first found in Hampshire (near NorthAMPton) with Buttons. It can be added here that Drive's (Hampshire!) share the Tonsing / Keele quadrants, and Tonsings can be from the Tonso variation of Tous' that use a red shirt with BUTTONs!!! Zowie. And Puttings/Pottingers use "VirTUS." There can be no doubt about it; the dentist dream was about the Toensing lawyer of a would-be whistle blower, as though God is in this situation for unveiling something nasty. POITvins, by the way, use another jay.

ANOTHER BIG AND UNDISPUTABLE POINT: the video below reveals an order from a judge Mark DENTon for Mandalay Bay to preserve all evidence of Mr. Paddock's guns, broken glass, clothing, and not to disturb the crime scene. The Paddocks are listed with Button-like Puttons, I kid you not, and first found beside Potters and Buttons. It seems that the dentist dream was not merely about surname connections, though those are necessary to prove that God initiated it. It seems that God is also pointing that dream to the Las-Vegas insiders. Were the same people behind it and the uranium sell-out?

I almost missed it. A John de Denton is said to have acquired a LINmouth township previously owned by John, son of Robert RUE. And Andrea Larue cropped up with Lisa Kountoupes, one of the biggest lobbyists, and lobbyist for Uranium One. It therefore seems, on two counts thus far, that God is pointing with the dentist dream to this Clinton scandal.

The Tatershall branch of Dentons was first found in LINcolnshire (like "LINmouth"), and as the namers of Lincolnshire were the Lindseys, from Lindos of Rhodes, the Rue's / Larue's thus look like Rhodians. Bill Clinton is a Rhodian Scholar, and he can't be alone in that globalist club. The club is suspect in world-class crimes. Tatershalls use tigers on a Coat looking linkable to Teegers and Tucks/Touque's, the latter loving Miletus, In Caria near Rhodes. I know that Roets are part Carians. The dentist laughed at my red buttons while driving his car, and Cars/Kerrs are from Carians. German Teegers happen to share the eight-pointed star in the same colors with Tous'/Tonso's, amazing. French Rue's share the red lion with Rhodes' (Lincolnshire), and English Rue's use the colors and format of Dents/Dentes'. It makes Dent liners look like a line of the Danaan that mythology placed at Lindos. Rhodes had a Telchines peoples who could possibly have become Ticino liners.

Tatershalls look like Tate's (share the Driver saltire), and Tattons are Tute liners, wherefore note the Todini surname in one Tute write-up (same place as Rows/Roe's), for Tous' are Tosini's too. Compare Tatershalls and Irish Teague's/Teegers to Towns/Towners (LINlithgowshire, same as Tenants!), a match. The Denton write-up calls the Tatershalls a Denton branch, and here we have their link to a Tonsing suspect that, thanks to German Teegers, connects with Button-loving Tous'/Tonso's (definitely from the Tonzus river of Thrace).

On top of this, I've just checked the Balls (Cheshire, same as Drivers), as per golf balls, to find yet another "virTUS" motto term. Hold on to your red shirt, because the "FulCRUM" motto term of Balls must be for the Crums that use BOTTONY crosses as code for Buttons! Zinger. God must have stayed up all night planning this dream, to make it work so well. Balls use "digniTATis" too. The Crum-branch Crombie's/CRIMMs can be from Cimmerians of Crimea because Kamiros on Rhodes must have been a Cimmerian city. The Crums and Crombie's use the DONer Shield, suggesting the Don river with a mouth facing the Crimea! [See tonight's dream below].

Dentons (Ness/Nesson fesses?) share the black eagle with Putters/Pewters, and moreover use the Potter cinquefoils in colors reversed!!! That's the sort of typical evidence God gives to prove to you that he's working in my sleep. The Denton link to Potters allows the Denton fesses to be the Button fesse. Dentons lived at the Line river while Line's/Linds (Lindos liners, right?) use another "virTUS" motto term. Buttons all over the place here. Denton Hall is in Yorkshire with the first-known Dents/Dentes'. (My dentist story was online months ago, long before judge Denton appears in the Mandalay-Bay story.)

The golf balls were suspect with Guelphs = Welfs, the latter first found in Cheshire with Drivers (Welf colors). I told (last update) that I found red buttons (owned by someone else) in my sink very-near to the time of the dentist dream, and that Sinks use the colors and format of Dents/Dentes'. The Sink-like Sings/Songs share the garbs of the Sticks in the Kyle candleSTICKs.

If true that a woman shot three times in the chest is pressing a law suit against Mandalay Bay, then her lawyer will have the right to observe the hotel videos, which should catch the real perpetrators one way or the other. I find it extremely unlikely that one man would bring almost 20 guns to one room. Why not bring one or two, and the rest can be bullets, if indeed this man is responsible for the terror act? The presence of almost 20 guns speaks to the Democrats seeking to take big guns from homeowners by law.

Here are the big boys on October 24 with great desire to speak. Note that they are acting surprised, as though they didn't know about the Uranium-One scandal last year. It may or may not be true. Even if they did know it, they would feel compelled to make a good show of things now by acting surprised and angry:

There's a new story against Clinton, which I'll get to later. But first...

Another Dream; and It Proves to be From God

Below is Jay Sekulow on Hannity (oops, I forgot to share the link to the video. No problem). One thing he seems to be: sincere / honest. Jay has a good grasp of the uranium scandal. In the 4th minute he says that he thinks there were 16 members on the committee that agreed to sell the rights to American uranium mines to Russians. Hillary Clinton was a member. There were 16 squirrels caught in my attic. I verified that there were 16 members, as we can later in this update, and it's interesting that a 17th squirrel got into the attic through a small opening at the solar panels, which squirrel was never found. But before getting to that interesting topic, I had another dream last night. The first part of the dream had an item I can't comprehend with my conscious mind, and much of it is foggy in my mind. But I then saw kids clearly sliding down a hill of snow on blankets. Wondering what the snow or the Snow surname could represent, Sinope came to mind, which was the home of the Cimmerians in the 8th century BC, which is probably the general time that they moved into Rhodes with Danaans from the Tanais. It's known that these very Cimmerians had originated in the Crimea, but why not also the Kepoi / Tanais / Jejsk area?

Sinope is at the Pontus, and it seems that God had been suggesting a Kepoi link to Pharnaces of the Pontus. In myth, the Pontus birthed Cetus, like "Cetis." and while kids were on the blankets down the snow bank, the Kids use an "orbem" motto term that I trace to Orba (otherwise known as Olba), the Cetis home of the Kennati priests. As they worshiped Ajax, compare with "Jejsk." "Kid" strikes me from the CITis variation. The "DONec" motto term of Kids can be code for Don-river surname, the Don being anciently the Tanais. Nysa, Pharnaces' wife, was represented in my Nissan, and it was owned originally by KENT Doner. When I knew him, he was at Leslie street, interesting where Leslie's were first found in the same place as Crombie's/Crimms and Kids. Both Kidd surnames are in Snow colors. CRIMs/Grumbridge's are said to be from TONbridge, in KENT. My mother's maiden name, GRIMaldi.

Grime's are expected with GORMleys/Grimes' (DONegal), and then the Dane's, expected from the Tanais/Don, had a mythical king Gorm. The Grime Crest is green, as with the WORM / FORMan Crests, and while Formans share a lion in Chief with Trope's/Drops, ditto for the "fear"-using Crums. It works. And Worm liners are expected from count Vrm of Angusta (off the Siret river) in the Trypillian theater.

The Kidds use an "impLEAT" term too, and Leats are suspect with mythical Leto, who had a wolf symbol, the symbol of Doners too. The two, upright Doner wolves face each other, as do the two, upright Kidd goats. The Leats share the Seaton/Sitten crescents while the Sittaceni were a tribe from lake MAEOTis, where the mouth of the Tanais is. Mythical Medea was not far south in Colchis, ruled by an aspect of mythical Attis, beside the Parthenius river to which I trace Parthians / Persians / Medes...such as Pharnaces.

The Doners use a snake coiled around a sword, evocative of the caduceus staff/rod of Hermes (two snakes coiled around a staff/rod). The caduceus was code for the Cadusii Armenians that I say named Hattusa, city of the Hatti represented by Attis and Aeetes (father of Medea) at Cadusii-like Kutaisi. The latter city is at/near ancient Tyndaris, and Leat-like Leda married mythical Tyndareus. There is a Leslie-suspect Lazi/Luzi peoples, and a Rhodopolis, near Tyndaris, which you can see on the old map here:

The Lazi are suspect with Laish at mount Sion, and Switzerland's Sion was also Sitten, named after a people group there by nearly that name, and thus suspect from Sittaceni. Note Soducena at what was otherwise lake SEVAN, for Zeus mated with Leda as a SWAN. Let me repeat this quote: "In ancient times the Pontic [= Pontus] Greek colonies of HERMONassa and PHANagoria stood on the [Taman] peninsula...The Maeotae [included Sittaceni] and Sindi settled in the area from ancient times." It's Hermes and Pan elements, migrated from the Pontus to Maeotis, and Kids cleverly use the goat (or kid), symbol of Pan, even though they were named after Citis elements.

Kidds, Cetis and Snows (antelope) are all in the same colors, but note how Dohertie's/Dockertys, from DONegal and said to be kin of O'DONNells, and using the Doner Shield-Chief combo in colors reversed, share three white stars in Chief with Kids. Doherties formed from the same man (David) as Devitts, and the Doherty write-up claims that Devitts modified to "Kevitt," suspect in naming Kiev (but so are Kepoi / Keep liners) because Ukrainian Romans use the Shield-Chief combo of Doherties and Devitts while Italian Romans share the white and upright wolf with Doners, use the Doherty/DOGherty wolf, no kidding at all. Devitts are Dade's too while the other Dade's come up as "Deed," the motto term of Flemings whose German branch has the upright wolf too. Flemings are suspect with Trypillians.

Dade's/Deeds share the scallops of Daggers whom I in-turn see as Dexaroi in the ancestry of Nysa. Dade's/Deeds were first found beside Diss while Diss', in Dade/Deed colors and format, are also Dice's/Dycers, suspect with Dexaroi branches. The red roundels of Diss'/Dice's are TORTEAUx, suspect with the Maeotis tribe of Toreatae. We can expect Colchians and Trabzon liners with Nysa's husband, and while some ancient Colchians lived at/near Pula, Daddys/Duddys use the same saltire as Pollocks. It's in the colors of the Crum cross, and Crums use "fear" as some indication of links to Fier county. The Pollock sept of Peacocks use "fear" too. So, we're seeing an Apsus-river link to Pontus royals, a good reason to trace Tropoje's namers to Trabzon elements. The Troops are said to have married Cetis-suspect Keiths of their Marshall branch. English Crums, with a version of the Croom/Cron Shield and Crest, use quatrefoils and a cat as indication of a Cetis line. The Cron variation, and the Massey fleur of Crooms, begs whether the Ceraunii, beside the Maezaei, were Crimea / Colchian / Gog liners. Crooms/Crons use a mural crown often called a mural CORONet.

If we ask why Dade/Deed liners should be Flemings = Trypillians, the Drops/Trope's, first found in Norfolk with Dade's/Deeds, were from Tropoje, down the Apsus river from the Dexaroi. It gets Crimea-interesting where Drops/Trope's use a single lion in Chief in the same position, and colors reversed, from the Crum / Crombie/Crimm lion in Chief. Tropoje is in Fier county, and while Fiers are also Fears, Crombie's/Crimms use the motto, "Fear God." This certain Crombie link to Trope's is new right here, so far as I can recall. If we ask why the Crombie's/Crimms use a bottony cross, Nysa of Bithynia comes to mind.

It appears that God arranged for me to drive that Nissan to make a Pharnaces link to MAEOTis elements. This strikes me as per the MEDusa Gorgon, killed by Paris- / Pharnaces-suspect Perseus, a Danaan i.e. from the Tanais. Perseus birthed GORGOphone (Phoenician suspect from Hermes and Pan at Sion) with AndroMEDA, and this was a Spartan line, just like Leda and Tyndareus. Perseus was born from Zeus as a golden shower suspect with urine, the line of Uranus his grandfather. Moreover, CADmus, a known Cadusii line, followed a bull to Boiotia, and settled there, which was the location of urine-liner Orion, whose family was at Schimatari. The Kennati line to Kennedys use a scimitar. The myth writer who turned Cadmus and his wife, Armenia-representing Harmonia (like "Hermes"), into two snakes knew that Cadmus was the caduceus liner. CADmus' brother was made code for Cilicia, location of CETis, and the bull he followed was the Zeus Taurus from the Taurus mountains of Cilicia / Cappadocia. This white bull became the white cow, Io, goddess of Argos, where the Danaan proper ruled.

One can see the connection of the split Shield of Italian Romans to the Tarves', first found in Aberdeenshire (same as Crombie's / Kids / Leslie's, beside the Dogs/Doags), which term I trace to "KABARDINo-Balkaria," home of Kabars not far from Kepoi / Phanagoria. The Devitts / Kevetts, we read with Dohertys, were also Caveats, and then the Cave's use the fretty Shield of Caens who in-turn us a "liCITIS" motto term. It's got Caiaphas all over it, and my Nissan predicted that Caiaphas would be from Nysa through to Cetis royals. Cave liners can be Chives', first found at Tarves. It gets interesting where Luis of Ceva was the line to the Clintons, whose Shield with stars is almost that of Kids, and in the meantime the five ostrich feathers of Caens (Button fesse?) are white, the color of the Lois ostrich. In case you're missing my point, both Chives' and Kepoi liners are suspect in the line to Caiaphas, and it should have included the line to Buttons/Bidens via Nysa of Bithynia.

Caens are suspect from the Caeni, near/at the Tonzus river to which Button kin trace. Therefore, the red Caen and Cable fesse must be close to the same of Buttons, yet Keppocks use a red fesse too, as do Laevillus-liner Leavells. In particular, Buttons trace with their CHAPeau to the same of Capelli's, and therefore to an old Cabyle location on the Tonzus. The Cable's, who share a fretty Shield too, do so in Doherty / Devitt / Doner / Roman colors. "Cabyle" is suspect with mythical Cybele, wife of Attis, and with the real Cabelees peoples in Anatolia, a fellow-tribe with Lazi-suspect Lasonii...and Pisidians. The Pisidians were at ANTALya, suspect with the Snow antelope.

The Cave Crest is a black greyhound, perhaps closely linkable to the black dog of Pharnaces-suspect Furnace's. After all, I'm being tipped off that Caiaphas was a Pharnaces liner. The dog in this picture could have developed from Caeni elements, and evolved into the DOGherty variation of Dohertys. As per "DogHERTY/DOUGherty," note that Douglas' (HEART) share the Kid Chief, and that they are said to descend from HARDYs. They are suspect as HERODs, and so note that while Herod Archelaus was banished to the area of Lyon, and as I am very sure his line was to Lyons and Lannoys, the latter two are in Doherty / Doner colors. Add this to the fact that Herod received his surname from Glaphyra of Cappadocia, home earlier of queen Nysa, granddaughter of Pharnaces.

Glaphyra's Archelaus family was, like Pharnaces, Persian. This trace of Douglas' to Cetis helps to assure that Cetis elements was linked royally to Nysa of Cappadocia. In fact, the rulers of Cetis were from the Persian, Iotapa, at the time when the line of Glaphyra and her Herod husband married Iotapa's daughter, Julia. Julia married the Bassus', while Caen is in the Bessin. Douglas' (flames) were Flemings along with Seatons/Sittens, and the latter trace well to Tanais elements. The striped hunting horn of Kids is that of Trypillian-suspect Traby.

Of some interest, mythical Cetus/Ceto was a whale, and while Dols use the whale, they use a fesse in Snow-fesse colors. I once knew a Danny Snow (why Danny?) because he worked for Tony Campania just before I did. The Dols are expected as the Alans, from a line between Aulon/Avlona to Avellino in Campania. I even remember his girlfriend at the time, Miss Rice!! Rize is a location to the near-east of Sinope, and closer still to Ardiaei-like Ardahan (that's near Soducena).

Alans are expected earlier at the Tanais theater, which can explain why God put Danny Snow into my life. I don't ever recall thinking that Snows could be from variations of "Sinope," until this morning, and so let's repeat that while Ceto was birthed by mythical Pontus, Sinope was at the Pontus. Snows were first found in RUTland, and Rutlands (compare with Crims/Groombridge's) share the orle border with Rodham-related Rutherfords (share martlet with Grime's and Gormleys/Grimes'), all suspect with Cimmerians out of Sinope and into Rhodes. The Ruths/Rothers/Randolphs were first found in Moray with Douglas'. DANNY Snow can indicate the Danaan at Lindos, and "Lind" can be an Alan entity. Note that Lindseys share checks on a fesse with Alan-liner Stewarts.

Why were the kids sliding down the snow on a blanket instead of a sled? I'm not sure yet, but Italian Tonys are in Snow / Kid / Kidd colors while Italian Tonys use a flower in the colors of the Cetis lily. Amazing, is it not? It's suggesting that God is tipping us off that the Caiaphas line though Cetis was as per Sinope's Cimmerians. The Cimmerians (anciently the Gamir) of Kamiros were given a Khimera-dragon symbol, and this dragon had a goat head growing out its back / shoulder, the symbol of the Suffolk Kidds. So, Danny Snow worked for TONY Campania. I used to sit with his Rice girlfriend while waiting for the school bus, and she would lament what a bad character Danny became. Her first name is on the tip of my tongue, but it's not coming out.

I didn't realize until writing the paragraph above that English Tonys have their sleeve in the Arms of Leicestershire along with Bus'!!! I sat with his girl as the BUS stop. The Bus cinquefoil is shared by Dogs/Doags, but as Doners are said to be from Donchad elements that were the DUNcans /DONkeys, note that they too use the Bus cinquefoil. It makes Dogs/Doags very linkable to Doghertys because the latter uses the Doner Shield.

I have it! The blanket is code for Plunketts (first found in Vilaine with Dol!), for Plancia Magna, descended from Glaphyra, lived at Perga, smack beside Antalya to which the Snow antelopes trace! Beautiful. God has made his case with flying colors once again. BLANKs use the giant Bus cinquefoil! Blanks were first found in Northamptonshire with Cabbage's, and the latter are in the cabbages of French PLANQUE's/Plants!!!!! The latter may be with the Clapton patee because the Blank / Bus cinquefoil is with Portishead-suspect Portis'/Porch's. The London Plants/PlantaGENET share the red stag with Dohertys, and the GHENTS share the Dol / Snow fesse. Amazing. The first name of Danny Snow's girl, the one on the tip of my tongue, is Cathy (not 100 percent sure), perhaps for Catherine Roet, wife of John of Gaunt/Ghent. Snows were first in Roet-like Rutland.

I distinctly recall that the blanket was grey, and Greys (same place as Keep-loving Hebrons) are said to be a branch of Croys/Groys while I read that Croys / Groys were ancestral to Catherine Roet. Keep in mind that Rudes' were first found in Salop with the Dol Alans. The "fast" motto term of Greys is expected with the VASTO's of Saluzzo / Busca, and as Vasto's were a branch of Montferrats, at Monforte, the Grey lion looks like it should be the Montfort lion. Montfort is a location in Viliane, i.e. where Dol's Alans and Plunketts were. Monforte is beside Bra (Alan-related Langhe) while Brays/Brae's were first found in the same place as Planque-beloved Cabbage's. Greys had a branch in Tankerville, and Tankerville's use the Bus cinquefoil too, while suspect with Tanners (Vilain / Ghent Shield) from he Tanaro river through Montferrat. German Tans/Tanners, Tanais suspects, use PINE cones. Pine cones were the symbol of mythical Maenads, suspect in the Douglas salaMANDER. Manders use a version of the Rhodes Coat. Plantagenets were Fulks, and then the Bray-beloved Flacks, and the Fulke's/Volks, were first found in Norfolk with the first-known Vilains.

I once reported that Klassens use a woman ("Lady Fortune") holding a blanket, and, later, I read that it was a banner. I may not have been mistaken, as both symbols may have been used. The Hardys, from GLASgow, may be using the wings of Jewish Glass' in colors reversed. Lady FORTune is now highly expected with Ladys/Laudymans (link to the Glasgows motto term, "Lord"), first found in the same place as Cabbage's, and using a Coat version of the Anchors in the Grey motto. The Klassen woman is naked, as is the Bust woman, and the Boast-loving Nimo's (same place as Tankerville-related Guiscards) share the Seaton/Sitten crescents while I see "Glass" from "Wallis" canton, location of Sitten. Wallis-canton Walsers share the Glass mermaid, you see, and Wallis'/Wallace's use the Montfort lion now suspect more than ever with the Grey lion. The Wells share a two-tailed lion with MontFORTs (Lady FORTune liners?).

The Klassen banner is code for the Panaro river, location of Marano, and the Marano's/Mauritano's use the Montfort lion because Montforts own a gonfanon banner partly code for Fanano, beside Marano, both in Modena, where Boii operated who named Bohemia, the Arms of which use the two-tailed Montfort lion. German Rice's were first found in Bohemia.

Douglas' use a motto term suspect with James', and James' (Pine lions?) use a version of the French Blank/BLANQUET Coat. James' were first found in Surrey with Rutlands, and Snows were first found in Rutland. Beautiful. God gave me a dream with Douglas-related Kids sliding down the SNOW HILL on a Blanquet, and Hills share the Plunkett tower. That's How God works to indicate that he wants you to keep reading tribwatch, to see what the outcome is in the real world as per these dreams. For these dreams are not only about surname links in history, but are expected to play out as per real events in future news. This is God's signature that he's involved in these news events. Cool.

It's interesting that Dannys share the Pisa lion, for Pisidians at Antalya are expected to the namers of Pisa. Italian Tonys: Tuscany, land of Pisa too. Italian Tonys share two stars in Chief with Clintons, in the same colors, and Clintons are suspect with a version of the Kid Chief, and do use the Shield-Chief combo of Kids (and Saluzzo's = Ceva liners). It should be pointed out that while Saluzzo's are expected heavily with neighboring Busca, the Douglas ancestors, Hardys, share the black-on-white boar with Bus-like Bush's/Buschs, a branch of Boasts. It just so happens that the Welsh Rice's (ravens, Rothes-liner owned) use a "hardi" motto term. The Busts use a Shield "inDENted."

Sinope is near the mouth of the Halys river. Checking the Halles/Hayles surname, a "PRINCipibus" motto term. Prince's (pineapples) were first found in Yorkshire with Phars/Farrs, and they use the same saltire. Yorkshire is also where Halles-like Hulls, a branch of Halls, were first found. Halys (not the Halles'/Hayles') share the boars of Schims/Schiens, a branch of Skene's/SKINs, and then the Newtons (same place as Halles') use "SHIN bones" and an "eastern Prince," tending to verify that Halles' are a Haly branch. Schims and Skene's were both first found in Aberdeenshire, and Aberdeens, the surname, use an "INTERmerata" term while Inders/Enders/Ingers use nearly the Halles/Hayles Coat. "InterMERATA" smacks of MenMORAT, a Kabar/Khazar ruler of Transylvania, and Aberdeens were suspect with Kabars...partly because Leslie's were Hungarian while Hungarians were part Kabar. Khazars near Kabardino gave the wink to the Varangian-Rus pirates of Kiev to pillage Muslim towns in the Caspian sea, and INGER, suspect in the Inger variation of Inders, was the first- or second-known Varangian. His wife was a Khazar on her mother's side. The Gog-suspect Googe's and Goughs use the Schim / Halles boars.

There's more. The upper Halys had a Mokissos location highly suspect with mythical Muksus, better known as MOPSus. This should explain why the Scottish Mochs (same place as Biggars) and the Cheshire Mopps/Modburleys (same place as Halles' / Newtons) share Coats like those of Washingtons and Ness'/Nessons (the Menmorat Kabars at Biharia were the line to Biggars). Having said that, the Newton-beloved Shins share the same bend as Nissans. Again, the Pharnaces-Nysa line was suspect to Phars/Farrs, and Halles'/Hayles' use their saltire. So, it can appear that Pharnaces was related to Cimmerians (originally Iranians / Persians) in Sinope. About a century before Ezekiel, these Cimmerians conquered king Rusa at Lake Van, and this Rusa in particular is suspect with Ezekiel's Rosh, Gog, and Meshech (very-possibly the namers of Mokissos).

Schims were discovered while seeking the meaning of "scimitar." I had not yet discovered Schimatari in Boiotia. The Mochs above happen to use a scimitar, and then while Boiotians may have furnished the Boii, they lived at BONonia, perhaps part of the Newton shin BONES, for Schims are Skin liners. The Moch Chief is also that of Schims/Schiens (shown properly as Shands/Chands).

Sixteen Rodents

This week, even the Washington Post admitted that Hillary and the DNC paid for the dossier that "justified" the investigation on Trump. Even before this news came out, everyone was realizing that the deep state was harassing Trump to stir fear in him, as if to say: if you rat on our Uranium-One deal, we'll hang you by the neck in Russian collusion. But Who needs Trump to go after the Clintons? The story is at the end of the video below.

Wow, on October 25, Tucker Carlson tells what a whistle-blower told "us" (Fox as a whole?) earlier that day concerning the Podesta link to Uranium One. The whistle-blower claims that he worked for the Podesta's, and, we can assume, the Podesta's likely have a good idea as to who he is. His story as told be Carlson (I heard him say "the Lord" a week or two ago) is much about Manafort's links to the Podesta's, which recalls the theory of SonofNewo, that Manafort headed-up Trump's election campaign as a an enemy and spy:

Once you get into the second minute, ask: if Manafort was working for the Russians to get a uranium deal from Hillary / Obama via the influence the Podesta's, why did the FBI raid Manafort's home and computer a few months ago? We were all under the impression that this raid was helpful to Mueller and opposed to Trump. Per chance, the raid was to make Manafort pliable to the wishes of the Clinton circle by putting him under deep threat should he tell the truth when the time comes for oversight committees to question him. And that time has now arrived if this whistle blower turns out to be honest and credible.

Mueller may have seen this coming, and decided to investigate Tony Podesta in an effort to provide false information on what Podesta had done. That false information would be to assist Podesta in the claims now going against him. This was is on.

George Bush gave a speech. The man we never heard a peep from, said that conspiracy theories are dreadfully on the rise. Yes, dreadful, because Bush was part of the brutal conspiracies. Bush will not go unpunished for all that he did. In short, Bush came out to attack Trump, a good sign that the deep state is falling to a critical level. But Trump is not likely responsible for this falling. Bush has just blamed the Russians for turning Americans against one another when in fact it's the deep state doing so. The deep state is in the game of blaming all its secret evils on its enemies.

Below is the number of members on a power-packed Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS), that includes just about the entire government. Note that Bush, suspect from Nazi infiltration into American deep-state politics, added five members in 2008 after ruining the country with a multiple-trillion-dollar war that had the intention to pillage the American people. Does "foreign investment" sound like a good thing for fat cats and globalism together?

President Bush's January 23, 2008, Executive Order 13456 implementing FINSA made various changes to the law. The Committee [CFIUS] consists of nine Cabinet members, including the Secretaries of State, the Treasury, Defense, Homeland Security, Commerce, and Energy; the Attorney General; the United States Trade Representative; and the Director of the Office of Science and Technology Policy. The Secretary of Labor and the Director of National Intelligence serve as ex officio members of the Committee. The Executive Order added five executive office members to CFIUS in order to "observe and, as appropriate, participate in and report to the President": the Director of the Office of Management and Budget; the Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisors; the Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs; the Assistant to the President for Economic Policy; and the Assistant to the President for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism.

Let's assume that God put those squirrels in my attic to represent this CFIUS gang. After all, five survived the rat traps, and Bush added an extra five, minor members. Why would God represent the gang with squirrels as opposed to mice or bats, for example, and why in my attic? Note how the Square variation of Squirrel's is like the Schere/Schare variations of Scherfs. I still believe that president Bush Sr. was born George Herbert Scherff Jr., son of a Nazi. Bush's were first found in Yorkshire with Scarfs. Note how the "Tiens" motto term of Squirrels ought to be for Tams/Tiens/Thames'.

Last week, I had a dream mentioned in the last update. Bill Clinton stood at a check-out counter that I thought was code for the 666 system, and in the air, between him and me as an onlooker, there was a carpenter's SQUARE made of light. I had written that the 6th of 16 squirrels caught by the RAT TRAP was code for Bill Clinton. The trap was suspect with 666-suspect Trabys. See what looks like three 6's in the strings of the horns in this Arms of Traby (obtained from Wikipedia's Traby article). I kid you not, that entering "Traby" at houseofnames gets a so-called scarf of the Sadowski's. I'm not sure why the square was made of light, but can add here that Lights use ostrich feathers in Crest. The feathers are with a "demi swan rising proper," and Propers use an ostrich in Crest. It appears that God is emphasizing the Scarf bloodline. Scarfs use wolf heads in the colors of the same of Hugh Lupus D'Avranches, who ruled Cheshire, where Propers were first found.

The Ayers (colors and format of Shaws) use the motto term, "lighter," and while the Arms of Ayrshire use a "shaw" motto term, "Shar" is listed with Shaws (I didn't know that until now). The Ayer-branch Eyers are suspect with heraldic ears, and the other Austrian Schere's use "ears of wheat." But lookie at what else they use: "...a snake entwined around a STICK." Not only do I trace the Astikas kin of Trabys (see Wikipedia's Traby article for Astikas') to STICKs (same place as Lights), but the Ayrshire Kyle's use candlesticks. The Shaws are said to be from SITHECH," we get it. I trace the Vilnius location of Astikas' to Brittany's Vilaine, but here I can point out that Vilains use a version of the Scarr Coat (neither use symbols, evoking Saluzzo's, kin of Clintons and Busca liners).

I'm getting the distinct impression that the square was made of light so that, days later, I could enter the Lights into this very discussion, for, without the Lights here, I would not have made the Scherf connection to Trabys, and the Trabys of this connection happen to be from the marriage to Astikas'. Very good. I trace Astikas' to Astakos, in the realm of Greek Calydon, where mythical Sirens lived that can trace to the Siron variation of SIRE's/Sirets. It's perfect, for Squirrels/Square's are also SHIRE's.

I've been tracing the Sire's to the Arms of Vilnius for years. Compare also with Justine's, and Assi's of Shetland, for the Yells (ear of wheat) of Shetland share the Stick garb. Yells (Yale branch?) are even in Bush colors and format, and Gells/Jells, in Scarr / Scherf colors, were first found in the same place as English Bush's and the same place as Eyers. Sire's share a coiled green snake with Schere's. The Siret variation can indicate Trypillians of the Siret river, once that Agarus, and then Hagars were first found in the same place as Shaws and the Justine's inherent in the motto of Vilnius and the Sire's.

Assi's are suspect with Azzo, founder of Este, who lived at Fermo. The Squirrel/Square motto is "Tiens Ferme."

The rat trap is already figuring to be about Squirrel liners on its trap side, but Scarrs are in Rat colors, and Rats were first found in the same place as Bosco-related Rose's, such a bushincidence. The Trapps/Trappers (Austria, same as Schare's/Scherfs) use a BUStard, used also by Bustards who in-turn use the colors and format of the Yorkshire Bush's when, years ago, their black fesse showed in red. Bustards were first found in Devon with Scarrs. In colors reversed, the fleur of German Bush's/Buschs and Boschs is blue, the colors of the one fleur between two roses of Scherf-like Sheriffs

So, it can appear that God used squirrels to indicate the Bush-Scherf entity of Nazi monsters infiltrated into American politics like a demon who won't let go. And while five survived, George Bush appointed five new members for the "foreign investment" committee, after his own eight years of "foreign investments" though untold scams by untold characters.

There was a 17th squirrel in the attic, though it got in there the year after the 16 were caught. There was a lone squirrel all summer around my place. It would make it's crossing of the lawn regularly. I didn't know where it was nesting, but I happened to be installing the soffits on the side of the house that year. As I got to a smelly part of the roof, I reached in to get the smelly insulation out, and out jumped a scared squirrel, bouncing off my chest and down to the ground. by the end of the year, I had the soffits done. No more squirrels could get into the attic at that point. But one did get in, and it must have been the same one that bounced off my chest twice that year. Yes, after it bounced off my chest, I was in my trailer, closing or opening the roof vent, when a scared squirrel jumped out from the wrecked ceiling tile, bounced off my chest, and ran out a hole it had chewed through the window screen. How many times has a scared squirrel jumped off your chest? I had to take this as a Sign.

Later in the year, to my horror, I heard a squirrel inside the soffits, running on top of the soffit, in the middle of the night. It had been doing this earlier in the year before I was completely finished sealing the entire attic. SO I went up trying to figure out where it had gotten in, and found an opening about eight inches long and 1.25 inches wide, just big enough for a squirrel. This opening was at the top of the solar panels. I was telling readers that this could have been a Sign as per the Solar and Panel surnames (Panels in Yorkshire), but it would be a while yet before coming across the Painells in the Sola/Solney write-up. I was floored.

I didn't know why God would want to indicate the Sola-Painell relationship with the 17th squirrel, but, moments ago, I noted the "sola" motto term of Eyers, I kid you not. This would not have been found had God not given me the dream, last week, of the square made of light. I know by heart that Ayers/Airs use the motto, "Lighter than air." The square made of light was, as I said, hovering in the AIR. Is that not amazing? It was about head height in the air between me and Bill Clinton. Panels, who are the Pings/Pongs/Pungs/Pangs/Pagenells, share the fleur of Sheriffs.

The 17th squirrel was SCARED, and Scarrs are also Scareds. Here's from the 2nd update on November, 2014: "Good morning to you all at 4:09 am. It was indeed a noisy night. Satan [the eighth squirrel] got familiar with all the spots, and started even to jump up on things, even bouncing off the window glass. The thing for your pondering is, what are the chances that, after the seven squirrels were caught, there has been no 9th...The fact that only one had been in the attic for several days after the seven were caught tends to prove that it was of the seven. For those who haven't read it starting in the 2nd update of October, the first five died, and the next two survived, as in Revelation 17's "five have fallen {died}", with the 6th ruling at the time [alive], and the 7th yet to become the emperor...prior to satan-incarnate as the 8th, in another time period."

I was disappointed when more squirrels entered to attic, yet, for the time being, there were only eight, and this eighth is the only one that got away. You just won't believe where I found it dead. Here's a longer version of this story from the November update:

Good morning. I heard the [8th] squirrel in the attic this morning, and with nothing else to write on, I started to consider what the rat-trap events of the past few weeks meant as per the 8th head of Revelation...I'd like to ask what the chances are that this eighth squirrel, after the previous seven looked like a Sign for the first seven heads [of Revelation], has yet to go for the peanut butter after more than a week of regular, daily visits to the attic floor. I put plenty fresh peanut butter on the trap a few days ago, and have moved the trap around to where I hear it coming down to the attic floor, right above my bed. This morning, it was making noise in the very part of the attic where the fresh peanut butter is located. The previous seven went for the peanut butter one after the other in quick succession, but not this eighth one. I am eager to know the outcome, and what it might be as a further Sign.

I hesitate a little to speak on this because I realize the chance that this is not a Sign, and that it will prove to be wrong. But, counting myself as nothing, I am willing to be embarrassed...

...the squirrel had been making noises on the attic floor. I moved the trap earlier today to a more central location, and so by now it must have become familiar with it. There must be only one theory as to why it's not been going for the peanut butter. It was the original squirrel, before the other seven moved in. It was the squirrel living in the attic all last-winter long, the one that tripped my home-made trap and wouldn't go near it again no matter that there was food inside of it, and no matter that the winter gave it no fresh food to eat. It would awake every three or four days from hibernation, and make the rounds around the attic, then go quiet again minutes later. I suppose it was surviving on its fat.

Then, in the spring, it was the only squirrel around, until I saw it with a mate a couple of months later. Later yet, there developed a family, all enjoying the attic daily. When the one squirrel saw them dead or lingering alive in the trap, it knew not to go for peanut butter. It was in the attic at least once after the seven were caught, for it urinated in a new piece of insulation put in to replace that which the squirrels ruined. After that, it stayed out completely for a week or so, afterwhich it began entering near daily, then daily. This is the father or mother of all the seven, and it's also the 8th head. This squirrel is satan! It is definitely persecuting me. How will I catch it to prevent it from possibly chewing the electrical wires during the winter?

[Insert -- On the night of [after] the two paragraphs above, the squirrel was funning about in the attic as I was trying to get some sleep. This time I prayed, "please," to the Lord to catch it with the rat trap, and three minutes later it snapped. Dead silence immediately...for three or four minutes, when it came-to and started to push the trap around the floor in an effort to get loose. I went up, put it in a bucket, and freed it from the trap. It survived well enough to jump while inside the bucket in an attempt to get out. I'll drive it away later this morning...I did not hear a 9th, but if one develops, I think this message [as per revelation 17] will stand. In that the squirrel was caught almost immediately after my first prayer to catch it sends us the signal that God has been overseeing the squirrel events. However, He has not answered my prayer to tell us how long before the 8th appears at his 3.5-year mission.

After writing here, the squirrel got away after I placed the wood-stove screen on the bucket. The screen is slightly curved, allowing it to squeeze out the curved portion.. It's as healthy as new, amazingly, after a rap trap squeezed down on its neck for several minutes. It's in the house hiding. I have no idea how I will catch it or prevent it from getting out the door....End insert]

...It dawns on me now that this squirrel had a fatal-like head injury and yet revived. It is running about like nothing ever happened. The bar came down across its neck. It is a rat trap, a giant mouse trap about three inches wide and probably five to ten times more powerful. I have not heard a ninth squirrel up there.

...[Later in the same update] Good morning to you all at 4:09 am. It was indeed a noisy night. Satan got familiar with all the spots, and started even to jump up on things, even bouncing off the window glass. The thing for your pondering is, what are the chances that, after the seven squirrels were caught, there has been no 9th...The fact that only one had been in the attic for several days after the seven were caught tends to prove that it was of the seven. For those who haven't read it starting in the 2nd update of October, the first five died, and the next two survived, as in Revelation 17's "five have fallen {died}", with the 6th ruling at the time [alive], and the 7th yet to become the emperor...prior to satan-incarnate as the 8th, in another time period [the 6th seemed to have to do with the Clintons].

...Another day has passed, and still there has not been a sound in the attic to indicate a 9th squirrel. The 8th has been silent all day, and he's backward, as is satan, coming out at night and sleeping the days. My plan is to weaken him without food and water so that he's not so fast when cornered.

...Satan just ran [shot like a bullet] between my legs as I typed...

... [Good morning. I set up my home-made squirrel trap (not the store-bought rat traps) last night that had caught three squirrels in quick succession two winters ago. But last winter, the lone squirrel in the attic tripped the trap but got away, afterwhich it would no longer enter the trap for the crackers and peanut butter. As was theorized for good reason, previous to last night, that this lone squirrel was the 8th one now on my floor, further evidence is where it did not enter the trap set up last night. The only explanation is that it's the squirrel of last WINTER. I set the trap in front of the front door, where it likes to hang out, especially at the windows on either side of the front door. He was so hungry / thirsty that he ate into a tomato on the window sill, and that sill is laced with his dry excrement this morning. But squirrels never eat my home-grown tomatoes outside, which is where the window tomatoes came from. This is how I know that it's the squirrel of last winter, so important for proving that this is a Sign concerning the Revelation heads. Again last night, there was no regular pitter-patter of any squirrel above my bed [in the attic]. There is no 9th squirrel up there, in other words. Amazing.

...After writing the last word, I heard a sound in the utility room, where I had locked satan up with my home-made cage about an hour earlier. The door was opened, and there he was, in the cage, complaining and biting the steel bars.

...Satan is now restrained. But for how long? Tomorrow, I'll drive him to a creek, where I let two of his kids go a few weeks ago...

... After ending the update here, I took satan into the vehicle for a drive to the creek. The night before, to assure that he didn't chew his way free, I put him and the home-made squirrel cage into a large plastic container with lid. I knew he might run out of a good source of oxygen overnight. In the morning, not a sound from within. I shone a flashlight through a small opening in the lid, but couldn't see him. Perhaps he was under the cage. In the vehicle, I thought that I could remove the lid to see if he was still alive, since, after all, I didn't mind him being free in the vehicle. I was planning to open a door, anyway, to let him "escape" at the creek. As soon as the lid was off, out he popped like jack-in-the-box, and ran to the passenger door. A sleeping bag on and spread over the seat didn't allow me to see what he was doing down on the floor at that spot, where he remained until arriving to the creek. I opened the passenger door, but he would not come out. It had run up into the dash, into a small spot behind the heater ducts, and would not come out. I could not get him out. I could not believe my luck.

He might have gotten through a hole into the engine compartment, or he might still be in the vehicle. If he got to the engine compartment, he might be free somewhere along the roadside, or he might make such an escape right here in my garage, and the next thing I might hear is pitter-patter in the attic. Oh no. If that happens, his middle name must be Steve McQueen.

There is a Heater/Hayter surname...first found in the same place (Devon) as Chives' [and the Scarrs I didn't know of then. I went on to give some heraldry, but will skip it here].

...I kid you not, five minutes after writing the above, pitter-patter in the attic above my head. Such a complete disappointment. This thing has upset the house for two days, and now it's back as a threat to the electrical wires...

[Next update, 3rd of November, 2014] An attic squirrel just snapped the rat trap. It's 3:46 am...what is it doing awake?...I can hear the squirrel not dead in the trap, oh no...I'm back. It's now in a bucket, with a lid over it. I took the trap off of it. The bar had come down over its belly, and it will be fine, therefore. This one will NOT get away.

At first, I thought that the squirrel heard in the attack minutes after getting home with satan was satan, but, later, I found it dead in my shorts pocket after running the shorts through the laundry machine. I reasoned that it was trapped in the van, and crawled into the pocket to keep warm, where it died of thirst and hunger. This means that the squirrel in the trap above was the ninth, or the first of eight more squirrels to be caught. I didn't understand why there were 16 in all, and perhaps the CFIUS members applies here. Perhaps this is the globalist organization that is preparing the 666 worldwide.

I started to theorize on satan in the heater duct. I said that the Hayter variation could be a branch of Haydens, and then Hayden Lake (Idaho) is where I expect that Adolf Hitler and Josef Mengele were hiding out, for Aryan Nations would later come and make Hayden Lake their headquarters. I didn't know at the time of mentioning the Heaters/Hayters that Walerans, likewise first found in Devon, share three bull heads with Heaters/Hayters. Walerans are suspect with the Caiaphas line through Laevillus.

Charles Mangels of neighboring Montana ran Aryan Nations briefly, and the Mangel surname, I discovered days ago, comes up as "Mandal," looked up as per Mandalay Bay. The "Quod" motto term of Mangels/Mandals/Mansels (Quade colors) is for the Mackays that share the Quade wolf heads, in the colors and format of Walerans. As Mangels were first found at Kelso, which was related to Selkirks, it explains the flames in the Mangel Crest, as per the salamander in flames of Selkirks and their Douglas kin. At the top of this update, Douglas' traced to Cetis with Kids, and Cetis is where QUADratilla was queen/princess with Laevillus her husband. KELso's share the Stick / Yell garb, making them suspect as a KYLE / Yell branch. Kelso's were first found in Roxburghshire with holly-BUSH Maxwells.

Finding the dead squirrel in my pocket is what brought me to the Pocket/Poucher surname for the first time. Ever since, I've recalled that is uses the BUS cinquefoil in colors reversed. We just can't get away from Bush liners in this squirrel story, and, if it matters so much to God, it just makes sense that Hitler's offshoots -- destroyers -- will become the anti-Christ's lovers.

In my squirrel story of 2014, you saw that satan was taking cover under the sleeping bag draped over the passenger seat. That was the same sleeping bag that would come to represent (only in the last year) the International Order of Saint Hubertus. That's the cult that provided more than 30 hunters on the ranch of John B Poindexter, the weekend that one or more of them murdered judge Scalia. And the Poindexters, I kid you not, use an esquire's helmet, which others call a SQUIRE's helmet, that being a variation of the Squirrels!!! Can you believe it?

The back of the house was the final stretch for getting the aluminum soffits on. In the meantime, I was stuffing the gaps into the attic with pink insulation, but left one or two open to test if the squirrel was getting in through them. One day, the squirrel was at one of those gaps just as I went up there (fat chance), and, fat chance, it could not see me because a piece of poly-plastic hung from the roof rafters, and was situated between us. I could see it well because there was light behind it (the squirrel). As it could not see me, I was able to poke it with a STICK. I was trying to knock it down two stories to the ground, to scare it. I did poke it, but not hard enough to make it fall. It was after this that I found it in its nest between rafters, and why it was SCARED.

Both events in the rafters too place at the gable parts of the roof, for which reason I've just checked the Gable surname. Spanish Gable's use a "'Y' shape," which is the symbol of Cunninghams, first found in Ayrshire with candleSTICK Kyle's! Fat chance. As Cunninghams are like the Caens/Canns who in-turn share the fretty of Cable's, it appears that Gable's are a Cable branch. German Gable's use a pitchFORK, and Cunninghams call their 'Y' a "shakeFORK"! Zowie, I had forgotten about the Gable 'Y' in all the times I've been tracing Shake's to the Biblical Shechemites and Kenites, whom I trace through Schimatari. Hold on to your seats because English Gable's (beside Buttons) share the Shake chevron!!! That is hard evidence on several things. Pitch's were first found in Silesia with pitchfork Gable's. The Pitch's may be using the bridge of Pontus-suspect Ponts. English Ponts share the red fesse and black-on-white boars with Bush's.

The English Gables use the colors and format of the Crombie's/Crimms, and it just so happens that the bottony cross of Crombie's traces with Buttons to Cabyle, the line to Cable's. Cabyle was near the Caeni (not far from Bithynia), let's not forget. But as Cabyle was on/off the Tonzus river (see lower-right map), by what coincidence do Shorts use ESToiles in the colors of the stars of Tous'/Tonso's while Short-like Shirts are beloved of Tous'/Tonso's? The Button-related Capelli's were at ESTE, and the "ferme" term of Squirrels is reckoned as code for the founders of Este. The dead squirrel was in the pocket of my SHORTs. I did not find it until the shorts were put through the LAUNDRy, which term was resolved with Landers/Landens, the line from Pepin of Landen, who was from Hyksos king Apepi, who followed on the throne after Kenite-suspect Khyan.

Here it needs to be pointed out that English Crums/Croms (Berkshire, same as Sithech-line Shaws) share QUATRefoils with Ayers / Eyers, which must be the symbol of QUADRatilla, mother of Proculus with a CHARAX name/surname, which is the line to CARRICKs, first found in Ayrshire with the Kenite-suspect Kennedys (scimitar at their Irish branch) that use the Arms of Carrick. The Squirrels/Square's use a "red squirrel CRACKing his nuts," meaning that Squirrels trace fairly direct to Quadratilla. And her CETis should explain the CAT in the Crom/Crum Crest, though, while QuadraTILLA is suspect with the Tilurius river, it was also the Cetina river while Cetins use the cat. The Tilurius is where I trace Julius AVITus whom can be gleaned in the "vide" motto term of Holms that share the chapeau cap of Capelli's and Buttons. The Vito's/Vido's use similar symbols (compare with TILLERs) in the same colors. Holms are suspect as a branch of helmet-using Helms, and thus the Squire variation of Squirrels fits that picture as per the heraldic squire's helmet. The scimitar-using Kennedys use helmets.

Heraldry is rife with the red lion head of Holms. A large one is used by Aures', suspect from Aures, home of the Shawia Numidians. The Holm lion head wears the chapeau, very Joseph-Caiaphas-intriguing because the Holm wreath is sometimes a CHAPlet while Chaplets share the black-on-gold swan of French Josephs (no longer showing). Caiaphas is suspect through the line of Farm-suspect Pharnaces, and Farmers use this lion head too, as do SHORTens/SHOTTers (Shot/Shute colors). This reminds of the sling SHOT in the Arms of Dachau, the city that held the headquarters for Hitler's Bavarian concentration camps. As the squirrel story opened up in this update with links to Nazi's, by what coincidence was the dead squirrel, satan, found in the picket of my SHORTs? And why was it dead? Why couldn't God have provided a Sign with my short pocket aside from a dead squirrel?

The sling shot brings me to a Nesher location in northern Israel, which Wikipedia said was named after a vulture (though, if I recall correctly, Wikipedia removed that claim after I wrote about it). Here's how it was put in my 1st update in June, 2012:

The upper symbol in the Dachau Arms looks like a sling shot, and so I took a shot at the Sling surname (Austria), to find a vulture. How many hundreds of Coats have I seen and hardly a vulture anywhere...until I got to the Geier/Gayer Coat, as per a German company of that name that founded a Nesher location near Nazareth in/near the valley of Megiddo. I argued at that time (2nd update May) that Nazis had moved into the Megiddo theater in preparation for the vultures that God speaks of at Armageddon.

Well, having gotten so lucky on my first shot, killing two birds with one stone, I tried another shot, this time at the Shot surname. I couldn't believe my hawk's eye: a "guerre" motto term smacking of the Geiers, and the same swords, almost, that I had moments earlier in the Dachs/Daks/Tax Coat...meaning that the Dachau sling shot was indeed code for the Slings and Shots/Shutes.

NOW BEHOLD, this could give goose bumps. A few years AFTER the above was written, and not before, I realized that God was using events in my life for heraldic purposes, and one of those events was Mamie, who was discovered to be code for Mame's/Meme's/MENS' and the MANSfields of Mamesfelde who share the Mangel/Mansel Coat. I told of my last fling with her as per driving TAXI, and was able to link that event solidly to the Dachs/Tax's above. And, believe it or not, the Mangels/Mansels, suspect with Josef Mengele, use the motto, "Quod VULT valde VULT," what looks like the reason for the heraldic VULTure, and thus linkable to Dachau. So, God spoke through Mamie of Nazi things. But why? Aren't Nazi's dead and gone?

Mamesfelde is in NUTT-line Nottinghamshire (squirrel cracking a nut), where the Tease's/Tye's were first found whom God linked to Mamie's beautiful thighs. I noticed those thighs as she was at her front-yard garden (half-expected to have a bush or two), and Gardens (Angus) share the black boar with Bush's, and Pockets are suspect with the BUS cinquefoil. The impression here is that God is pegging George Bush as a Nazi.

Keep in mind that she was at the garden the night after we slept in her sleeping bag (it was our first night together, no sex at all), for this recalls the sleeping bag on the front seat of the van with the squirrel that would end up in my shorts pocket. It was very rare that a sleeping bag should be on that seat, especially in November. Why was it there? I don't remember. Maybe it was being taken away for laundry.

While Mamie's thighs were code for Tease's/Tye's. The Shortens/Shotters use a cross in both colors of the Tease's/Tess', and both surnames put red symbols on their crosses. As the Tease's/Tess' (Switzerland) were of Switzerland's Ticino canton which named the Tessin river, home of Laevillus-like Laevi, the leaves on the Tease/Tess saltire speak for themselves. But if the red lion heads of Shortens/Shotters are those of Farmers and therefore of Pharnaces (king of Pontus), it's what I expect: a Pharnaces line to Laevillus. The Shorten/Shotter cross is white, as is the cross of Prince's who share the Phar/Farr saltire, half in the colors of the Tease/Tess saltire. Prince's came to topic with the "principiBUS" motto term of Halles' (arrows).

Having said that, queen Nysa of the Pontus is suspect with Ness'/Nessons that use double fesses in colors reversed from the same of Sleeps, whom I assume are the reason for the sleeping bag. The sleeping bag was on the SEAT, and Seats use two pale bars in the colors of the two fesses of Nissans. English Ness' show "Nassi" and Nesher-like "Nesser," how amazing. It appears as though the Nysa line populated areas at Megiddo, the city that named Armageddon.

Remember, the squirrel that I POKED with a stick was at a gable roof (back of the house), and when it jumped to my breast, it was at a gable roof on the side of the house. The Pockets have poke-like variations. The gable pitchfork is part-code for Pitch's that use a bridge, symbol of Spanish Ponts and Italian Ponti's, while English Ponts / Ponders, beloved of CHAPmans, look like Bush kin while Pockets look like Bus kin. It's as though my squirrel saga is pointing to a Pharnaces > Caiaphas line to the destroyer, George Bush. Ponds, first found near the first-known Shorts, are probably using the Button fesse. The Shorts use a griffin in the colors of the griffin heads of Joseph-related CAPLans (branch of Button-related Capelli's), first found in Hampshire with Ponts. Shorts were first found in Dorset with Caepio-liner Quints. Now we know why God used my shorts.

Shorts happen to share blue wings with Heyers, first found in Derbyshire with Ayer-related Eyers. The Bavarian Hertzogs and Here's use blue wings too, as do the Bavarian Bauers (proto-Rothschilds) who share the stars of Hiedlers/Hitlers (Bavaria). The Heids (Bavaria) use a single arrow (as do Rothschilds/Rothsteins) colors reversed from the same of German Tillers/Tile's, and then the other Tillers use the wyvern dragon of English Bogans in colors reversed, while German Bogans were first found in Bavaria. The latter are in Bug colors, and Bugs were first found in the same place as Mamesfelde of the Mangel-related Mansfields, the line to/from Dachau (Bavaria). This paragraph started with Shorts, and Shortens are Shotters suspect with the Dachau sling shot. Mangels are the ones with the vulture-suspect motto terms, and Slings (Salians?) use the vulture (in Bogan / Bug colors). Bugs share the water bouget with Bosco-beloved Rose's.

Having said that, the Slings (Austria, same as Schere's and Schare's/Scherfs) are in the colors of the cross of Schare's/Scherfs. Slings have a Sintzenhofen variation suggesting the Sintzens/Sinz's (Rhineland), potential Sindi / Sintians. Sintzens use the split Shield of SCHWERins (probably Varni/Warni liners, depicted by WyVERNs) in colors reversed, tending to nail Slings with a close Scherf relationship. Sinzens were from SAARburg, and Saars/Sarah's use a version of the Varn and SHAKEspeare bend. Sintzens come up as Sinzens, evoking the Sinsans/Zinzans (Berkshire), suspect with count Zinzendorf of Austria. The Sinzen/Sinz's use a Coat somewhat reflective of red-squirrel Decks/Daggers, first found in Prussia, where Zinzendorf was born. The Cumberland Daggers were first found in the same place as Shakespeare's ("SANZ" motto term!). And "Sans" is a motto term of Stricks/STICKlands/Stirklands who use "a bundle of holly" while Hollys use a version of the Plunkett Coat, and Bundle's/Bunds can be Bonds (Ponds/Ponts?) that use a motto suggesting Cetis/Citis and Orba.

I slept in Mamie's sleeping bag, where she teased me, in a tent. This was resolved with Tints and Tintins (royal tents), which suddenly strikes me with "SINTzens." Amazingly, as proof that God wants this revealed, there is a Sinton surname first found in Selkirk, recalling that Selkirks are Kelso liners while Mangels/Mansells were first found in Kelso. It's the Kelso write-up that mentions SELkirk as a version of KELso, and Kelso's (Stick liners) happen to share "Cum" with Halles', suggesting that Kelso's were both a branch of Kyle's and Halles'. The Sticks are mentioned by Cliffs/Cleave's, a line from Glaphyra of Cappadocia, who use the Quade/WADE wolf heads. On the morning after we slept in the tent, Mamie and I were WADIng in the lake. Lake's can be gleaned with Plunketts, from Plancia Magna, a descendant of Glaphyra. Later that day, she would be at the Bush-related garden in a two-piece bathing SUIT (her thighs really were excellent), not the first time that God has used suits to indicate the Suits/SUTERs, like the Shotter variation of Shortens!!! That surprised me. Excellent. [Later, Tint liners resolve as Tenants.]

Cliffs/Cleave's (Stick colors) use the colors and format of Bush's, the latter first found in Yorkshire with Walkers ("Magna") and Wagers, the latter suspect from the Wagrians on the Warnow river of the Varni. Schwerin (Squirrel-branch, right?) is very-near the Warnow.

Another bathing suit appeared when Miss Hicks was in a dream at the Hood (Heid suspects) of a car, just before she was HOVERing over its seats. My sleeping bag was on a seat, and the Seats are Cetis-liner Cedes' too. The car was on the beach sand, and Sands, Cars and Seats were all first found in Lancashire. The Sands / Sanders are from Santones, and earlier from Sintians (Lemnos), and this is how Slings/SintzenHOFERs and Sintzens can apply (the latter show possibly the Schwerin Shield). There is a Hover/Hofer surname, but the Hopfer variation of German Hoods/Hope's is more interesting. It could be that Sling-colored Bogans secretly use Robin Hood in Crest.

The Yam on Saint Petersburg

As often happens, I'll leave off at a certain paragraph, and when I come back, something has happened that relates. In this case, I got off the computer in the paragraph above to go to town. My last stop was groceries. When I got back to the Jeep, there on the HOOD was a silver and gold (fake) medallion with part of the chain to a necklace still upon it. It reads, "Saint Petersburg Russia" on one side, and the same in Russian on the opposite side. How many times have you found medallions on your hood after leaving off talking about Robin Hood and the Hoods? I realize how problematic this report is for the reader to believe. I'm not lying, the medal sits in front of me. The chain has four links only.

What are the chances when someone finds a gold medallion on their hood in North America, it of Saint Petersburg? What's the chances when someone finds a medallion of Saint Petersburg on the hood of their vehicle, and he's simultaneously claiming online that God is right-now involved in exposing a Russia-based scandal of presidential proportion? I can tell that I have not seen nor heard any news story on Saint Petersburg, but will check it out tonight.

What could this mean, if anything? Is Putin following me around? Just kidding. Maybe it's Manafort sending me a death threat. Just kidding. Maybe I should check the Petersburg and Saint surnames. The Saints are likely from Sainte of the Santones. There is no Petersburg surname coming up, but German Peters, first found in Austria with Schere liners, us a version of the HEIdler Coat (not HIEDlers/Hitlers), and Heidlers (probably the Rothchild (no 's') bend) happen to share the anchor with both Hood surnames, bingo. English Hoods/Hudds, by the way, have a motto suspect with Seals who share the Cliff/Cleave / Quade wolf heads, but, amazingly enough, they show the Scarf wolf (or the same thereof) head in Crest. Seals are a branch of Sailers/SAYlers (Yorkshire, same place as Saints and Bush's) while Cliffs (same wolf heads as Sailers, same place as Says) are said to be of Moreton-SAY. The Stricks/Sticklands use "Sans Mal" while Malls share the Say quadrants while Morleys/Mauls were first found in Yorkshire. The sleeping-bag dream of about a year ago already informed us that the Morleys have to do with Andrea Larue, who met with the Podesta's and a Uranium-One lobbyist about 10 days after Scalia's murder.

Heids share the arrow with Tillers while Tillers are kin of Bogans, and the latter's English branch was first found in Cornwall (beside the Hoods/Hudds), home of Seals.

Something tells me that there could be more to this medal than a surname connection, for God has made it plain that he is after the culprits of Uranium One. I'll have eyes peeled for Petersburg to crop up in that story.

...OK, my work day is over. I've googled Uranium One along with Saint Petersburg to find that Ilya YamPOLskiy (Pollock liner?), the Executive vice-president of Uranium One, got a law degree at Saint Petersburg University. No big deal here. The head office is at 333 Bay St. in Toronto. As for "YAMpolskiy," there is a Yam surname, first found beside Poole, that uses the Poole/Pole lion. Amazing coincidence. I trace all three Peter surnames at houseofnames to Peter Pollock, the proto-Rothschild. I've never seen a royal (navy) blue lion, but that's what I think I'm seeing in the Yam Crest. Royal blue is used by few, including Sinsons/Zinzans. Hitler's mother was a Polzl by surname (ignore the final 'l'). Peter Pollock built Rothes castle, at Rothes of Scotland. He was the first-known Pollock (see Wikipedia on Clan Pollock). Peters share the raven with the Bavarian Rothes'/Rothchilds (no 's', not "Rothschild").

If Yams were James', note that the James' are expected in the motto of Douglas' who in-turn share the salamander in flames with Selkirks. The Yam lion is that of Dougals and James', but just wait a few moments to see with shock the surname listed with Dougals.

English Posts (same area as Poole) and German Posts (Prussia) use the Poole/Pole lion, which recalls that my shorts, upon coming out of the laundry machine, were hung on a post in my house to dry (house was still under construction). I told this to readers, that, as I walked by the post, I could smell something bad (it didn't smell while dry, or I would have noticed). Figuring that it was the shorts, that's how I found the dead squirrel curled up like a ball in the pocket. I've only-now looked up the Smells to find the same bend as the German Peters, the latter suspect as a version of the Jewish Rothchilds (no 's') Coat. As you can see, the Rothchild bend rises toward the Shields left/sinister side, and the horse faces sinister too, which is far-more rare that items facing the opposite way. And then the buckle of Smells points sinister too.

I recall vividly that the squirrel was in the left pocket. The sinister heraldic feature is owned by various surnames from the Roman Mucianus bloodline, which includes Rasmussens/Assmanns (sinister bend, horse in the colors of the sinister Rothchild horse), who named Assmannshausen at RUDESheim/Ruedesheim, suspect with Roets, first found in Somerset with Yams. The Smells even use an "InDUSTRia" motto term shared by this Arms of Rothschild, and the term is part-code for Dusters (compare with Jewish Rothchilds). I've now got to assume that God, when plotting to do with me the dead squirrel, for readers to know, had to have it smell for this reason we see here, which helps to prove that Pollocks are involved. The Nesher cement company at Megiddo was founded by a Russian, Mr. Pollack, I kid you not. That was at Wikipedia. I bought three bags of concrete today after talking about Nesher.

Emailer Pollock was the one who informed me that Peter Pollock was commissioned by the king to build Rothes castle. She also lamented repeatedly that the fortunes of the Peter-Pollock line went soon (by marriage) to Leslie's, who happen to use buckles on blue, same as Smells/Smileys. Irish Leslie's share the gold lion of Smells/Smileys, suspect with the Sforza and Rita lions. It had been my estimation that Pockets were of the Poke/Polk variation of Pollocks. Jewish Pollocks can be using the Rothchild bend.

So, while the medallion can be used to point to this Pollock-Rothschild picture that can even allude to Armageddon, and to the death of satanism there as per the death of the 8th squirrel that I dubbed, satan, I still think that Saint Petersburg will crop up in the news.

I've just looked up Medals to find the Pool/Pole / Post / Rita lion (or the same thereof). I know that Middle's use the same lion as Dutch Pols'/Pole's/Poels (could be the Powell lion). I also know that Scottish Bowers, who use the five, bunched Arms-of-Rothschild arrows, use a "meTAM" motto term (not sure if it applies to Middle / Medal liners). Middle's were first found in Shropshire with the father of Peter Pollock. The Medals/MacDOUGals are able to tell a fantastic story, I can see much of it already, including the Douglas', first found at Moray, location of Rothes castle. You see, God provided this medallion.

First, the Pettys (same place as Sheriffs) and Fasts were resolved with the quadrants in the Arms of Rothschild, and the Medals/Dougals use them in colors reversed. Leslie's use a "fast" motto term, and Irish Leslie's use their wing half blue, the colors of the German Bower/Bauer wings. The first Rothschild was MAYER Bauer, and his mother / father is suspect with the Cheshire Mere's/Mayers, first found in Cheshire (beside Shropshire) with Mucianus liners and Polesdons/Pulse's. The Mere's and DeMere's are in the motto of Buckle-branch Buckleys beloved of Leslie's and Smells.

The Mere's and Demere's share the MacDonald ship with Medals/Dougals, and the MacDonald motto (includes "mare") is shared by Alexanders, whom I say are from Alexander Balas, a Seleucid king suspect with the line to the end-time anti-Christ (Daniel 8 and 11 makes the anti-Christ descend from some aspect(s) of the Seleucids). The Alexanders are suspect in one of the Scott write-ups, with Alexander, brother of BALiol. The Baliols are a branch of Baileys that in-turn use the same stars as Morays / Douglas', and thus the line of Alexander BALas is going to Rothes castle. Scotts use the same border as Middle's and Seleucus-like Sellicks (same place as Crooms/Crons), evoking the Selkirks that share the Douglas motto and salamander in flames. The Douglas motto appears to love James' who share the Medal/Dougal / Pool/Pole / etc. lion. Therefore, Medals may have formed when a Middle branch married Douglas' / Dougals.

So, it seems that the Rothes line at Moray got married to Douglas liners, and this appears as one of the things that God can be stressing with the medallion. But let's go one, for Pollocks are said to be a branch of Maxwells, from the Kelso area and therefore linkable to Selkirks. Maxwells were first found in Roxburghshire with Scottish Scotts (Bauer star?) and RUTHERfords, and Rothers were first found in Moray. If that's not enough, Baliols and Baileys were first found in the same place as Rodhams/Roddens. Sellicks (version of the Sabine Coat) were first found in Herefordshire with Fullers in-turn suspect with FULbert, father of Peter Pollock.

This inclusion of Bullis-suspect Baliol liners brings me back to bull-using Beautys/Bowds (Dorset), who had a BoWOOD location owned by the bishop of SALISbury, a Sellick-like term, and matching the SALamander of Selkirks. It adds to the evidence that Seleucid liners were through Bullis. The Hoods, first found in the same place as Walerans (possibly the Beauty bulls) were at Rattery while Ratterys share the fitchee crosses of Woods/Vode's. In this picture, because Bows were kin to Rattery-like Roets, with the latter first found beside BOWood, it appears that Beautys were Roet liners, which matches the car that Beautiful Miss Hicks was in, for that's a Carian line while Carians are suspect in the motto term shared between Bows and Roets. Moreover, the Wood / Rattery crosses are almost those of Bays.

I'm only halfway through making some points with the Scotts, but here it's a good idea to remind that Maxwells (holly BUSH) share the black and double headed eagle with Russian Alexanders and JEEPma's. The medallion was on the hood of my Jeep.

Just keep in mind the coincidence that Scotts trace themselves to Alexander, brother of king Baliol. Accept this as the line of Alexander Balas. Then recall that the squirrel, representing the 8th king of Revelation, the anti-Christ, was rolled up like a BALL. The Bailys are critical here, and they even share a brown boar in Crest with Pollocks. The "Ubi and "ibi" motto terms of Bailys are shared by Newmans. This requires a repeat of my discovery that JJ Tolkien's fictitious island of Numenor was Arran, where MacAbee's/Abbe's were first found that must be the object of the motto terms above. In other words, Numenor was Tolkien's code for the Newman bloodline...suspect, by the way, in the "streNUE" motto term of Pollocks.

It just so happens that Alexanders were first found on an island of Kintyre, beside Arran. And it just so happens that while we may expect the MacAbee variation to be a Maccabee-of-Israel liner, it's known that Alexander Balas made a strong pact with Jonathan Maccabee, one of the first five Maccabee brothers. You may have heard that the Jews called Maccabees "the hammer," because the name sounds like the Jewish for that thing, and so it doesn't look coincidental that Hammers are in Ham colors, and first found with them in Sussex (beside Poole), while Hams (did they name Hampshire?) share the MacAbee salmon in both colors. The German Hammers use a sinister split in their Shield, and possibly the French Pole lion.

So, it seems that the Baily / Newman sharing of motto terms convinces us that Alexander Balas was behind the Bailys. The Balas surname is also BAILiff (estoiles on blue, same as Shorts). Balls (same place as Polesdons/Pulse's) can be using the Pols/Pole/Poel / Powell lion. The Powell lion is half white, in both colors of the Newman lions. The Balls happen to use a "FULcrum" motto term suspect with Fulbert of Pollock, who was a vassal of the Dol Alans, which should explain why French Balls were first found in the same place as Dol.

I'm not finished. The "amor" motto term of Newmans is shared almost by Scottish Terras' (Moray!) who are in-turn in the Alexander / MacDonald motto. And the Terras' use the Scott bend-with-symbols exactly (Peter bend in colors reversed) while Scotts use the motto, "Amo," as though a play on Amore's yet honoring something a little different.

I'm now wondering whether the anti-Christ is about to issue forth from Saint Petersburg, perhaps named after Pollocks. The ermine spots of Balls, and all ermine spots, became suspect in my imagination with tattoos. I see a needle with ink spots. The Mucianus bloodline was from mythical Mucius, who lost his right hand and was left only with his left, yet he apparently had a right-hand symbol to begin with, and the lovers of the Mucianus line might just produce the 666 "tattoo" in honor of his right hand.

Another surname using "amo" is the Parrots (Pols /{Powell lion?), beloved by the parrots of Pettys, two Peter-suspect surnames.

This discussion of the Seleucid link to Pollock / Rothes liners probably would not have taken place had I not found the YAMpolskiy surname of the Uranium-One vice-president. And that was a result of the medallion, which itself found the quadrants of Rothschilds in the Medals/Dougals. I wonder how long God took to work out that brainy idea. The Yams are Yenns/YEANS, and use the JEAN lion in colors reversed while the same Jeans (same place as Squirrels) share the red scallop with Sabine's and Pullys/Pullens, from the proto-Pollocks of Rieti, the imperial family of Vespasian (son of Sabinus and Vespasia Polla), the 4th head of the Revelation dragon (why were there FOUR links to the chain holding the medallion?). Spanish Jeans use a border like that of Dole's. Plows/Ploughs use the Dole fleur while Curtis' use a farmer with plowSHARE while Flavius Josephus wrote that he descended from Curtus Maccabee.

The Yams looked undoubtedly like a James branch, and the James' with the Yam lion use a blue one in Crest, the color of the Jean lion. This is so amazing as per my jeans in a dream with a hood. I saw Miss Hicks at the hood immediately after I saw myself in jeans. They were back-to-back scenes.

The Flavian family of Vespasian adopted Flavius Josephus, who claimed to descend from Jonathan Maccabee, and if Hampshire was named by Hams = Maccabee liners, then it's very interesting that while English Josephs were first found in Hampshire, Pullys/Pullens share the martlet of French Josephs. Houseofnames does have a page for Hampshire's/Hamshire's, but no Coat shows. French Josephs were first found in Maine Billets/Billiards and Pully-beloved Pellicans, and the Dole's who share a border like those of Jeans call their border billets. Billiards/Billets can be gleaned from Hillards/Billiards as using the same stars as Morays, and Hillards/Billiards were first found in Yorkshire with Hamshire's.

The Billiards/Billets are suspect with the Bullis/Byllis location of Epirus, for there is a Bullis/BULLIARD surname. Bullis has lately become suspect in naming "Balas," is that not wild? The Seleucids were at Moray.

Today's medallion has told an incredible story that well fits the squirrel saga.

GOOD MORNING. This is staggering. I went to bed last night knowing that the Hicks / Beach dream (mentioned regularly over the last several updates) had me walking out of some water with JEANs on but no SHIRT, as if to emphasize the Shirts. The latter share red roundels with Bullis/Bulliards. I saw myself that way as though from someone else's eyes. The very next thing that happened was my seeing a car in the distance, on the beach, with a woman in a bathing suit walking around from the driver's side to the front i.e. to the HOOD area. The idea coming to mind is that God knew there would not be much in a Google search for " 'saint petersburg' 'uranium one ", and that Ilya Yampolskiy would be in an article at the top of the search results. I must conclude that, almost 40 years ago, one week after my becoming a Christian, he was already setting me up to point to Uranium One with the Hicks dream. He would put a medallion with "Saint Petersburg Russia" on the hood of my Jeep in linking to the Hicks dream.

I find this staggering because I gave little emphasis on Ilya when merely finding him with a law degree at Saint Petersburg. Perhaps he lived there too. "Ilya" is a Hebrew name, says Wikipedia, and a version of the Greek, Elias. In the news this very day: "[Wolf] Blitzer followed up by asking [Leon] Panetta why Clinton campaign attorney Marc Elias didn't tell Clinton campaign chair, John Podesta, they had paid for the dossier. Elias was the lawyer was represented the Clinton campaign and DNC, during the election and is alleged to have paid Fusion GPS for the Trump dossier."

[For a comprehensive revelation on the hood's meaning, see the 4th update in March, 2019]

Miss Hicks came to represent WikiLeaks by things that happened between us and my grazing her knee with my (right) hand while she was hovering. It's not just the Leaks/Leakeys that share the Hicks fleur-de-lys, but the Phars/FARRs, first found in Yorkshire with the Hicks. In the dream, the car was in the distance, quite small. Had the scene been much smaller to my view, I might not have been able to tell that she had a bathing suit on. I would say that she was more than 200 feet away, or, the point is, she was FAR. This gets important because Fairs (Cumberland, same as Daggers likely from Fier-county elements)), I kid you not, use a giant anchor colors reversed from the same of German Hoods!!! Is that not amazing? Miss Hicks (a "fair lady" by it's best definition) skin) married Mr. Kilpatrick, and that latter surname uses both a dagger and drops from it as code for Tropoje in Fier county. Irish Fairs use "Virtute tuTUS" as potential code for Tous' with the shirt.

It's as though either the medal on the hood, or Miss Hicks at the hood, had the same background, a thing I'll investigate. But first, let's add that Irish Carrs share estoiles on blue with Shirt-suspect Shorts, and let's recall that Shortens are Shotters while, as per her bathing SUIT, the Suits are Shuters/Suters. If that's not enough, the Baths, as per a BATHing suit, use the cross of the Moray Randolphs, for the latter use a Bath-like bat, and Baths were first found in the same place as Jean-suspect Yams/Yeans!!! Zowie, God could not have set this up any better to make the Uranium-One connection to Hoods/Hudds / Hoods/Hope's. But there are connections all over this for me to decipher best I can. The Shorts use estoiles in both colors of the eight-pointed stars of Shirt-loving Tous'.

Again, the next thing to take place, after I saw that Miss Hicks was beautiful, is my standing at the side door of the car, while she HOVERed over the seats, and Bavarian Hoods have a Hopfer variation, not to mention "HooperBUSCH." I can add that while English Hope's were first found in Derbyshire with Here's/Heyers, the latter share blue wings with German Here's and Shorts. The Derbyshire Here's use two dexter (right) wings.

Now I've traced Middle's/Mittels to Mytilene on LESbos, the island near Sintians of Lemnos to which I also see the rise of Leslie's. There's a chance that Middle's named Middlesex, where Fiers and APPS' were first found that originate at the APSus river through Fier county. In any case, Lesbos (Laish suspect) was off the shore from the Hermus river of Lydia, and Lydians with Trojans and CARians were so-called Sea Peoples along with the SHARdan, the proto SARDinians. The Shirts are shown properly as Sherards/SHERRETs, and come up as "Sharrat," you see, and the Lydian capital on the Hermus was SARDis. We get it. This is why I had no shirt on.

But even before this trace between Miss Hicks and the Sea Peoples was possible (especially as her car was code for Carians), I had a good theory where the Sea Peoples, because they invaded Egypt of all places, had earlier been the Hyksos, the line to Miss Hicks. And even before that theory developed, I had traced Hyksos to Trojans. At about that time, I was indicating that Hyksos pharaoh Khyan was the line to mythical Ixion, but it would be years before learning that Lapiths named Lesbos! Ixion was a Lapith ruler. One could get the impression that my mind has been gifted / enlightened to realize historical truths because God is behind it, otherwise, if left to my own, I could be an idiot the very next sentence where God makes me look like a genius.

So, the Hicks dream is now discovered to have multiple meanings, and only the genius in the Sky can accomplish such things. One of the meanings has to do with the neo-Hyksos Sea Peoples to Sardinia, and that's the location of Sulcis, named after king Seleucus, the founder of the Seleucids to which Alexander Balas belonged. The Middle's/Mittels, I'll remind you, share the engrailed border of Seleucus-like Sellicks. Selkirks, who did merge with Kirks, use a salaMANDER while the Maeander river goes through Caria, and while the historians say that its Maeonians were proto-Lydians along with Mysians (Lemnos / Lesbos theater).

You are reading a genius moment here because Shirts share red roundels with Bullis'/Bulliards while the Bullis location in Epirus is suspect with Alexander Balas! And Pharnaces of the Pontus, now suspect in the FAR-away car that Hicks was in, is said to be part-Seleucid in his ancestry. One could imagine that a Pharnaces family married a Balas-related line from Jonathan Maccabee, and indeed there were Maccabees using "Alexander" as a first name; Glaphyra Archelaus married one.

Wikipedia had the earliest-know Seleucid associates in the Thesprotians of Epirus, and "Epirotes" is suspect with "Aphrodite," who was made born on Cyprus, where there is a LAPITHus location facing the Cetis area. Hyksos were indeed in Cilicia. That country was depicted as the brother of Cadmus (of Tyrians, suspect in naming Troy), and the latter was part of the Hermes cult at mount Hermon, the thing I trace to the Hermus river. The Greeks had a term, Hermaphrodite, where the person was neither male or female, or both, I can't recall which. They were making a Hermes connection to Aphrodite.

These historical representations in my dreams are probably like "fun and games" (easy) for God, but, in the meantime, there is good reason in each dream. The Zeus cult of Tyre passed through Crete's Minoans, then to Miletus' Carians with Sarpedon, and so it made sense that Cronus, Zeus' father, depicted the proto-Carians. The point here is that Uranus, Cronus' father, smacks of Uranium One. And Cadmus followed the Zeus Taurus to Boiotia, location of urine-liner Orion.

Zeus had "raped" Cadmus' sister, which the Greeks depicted much like the harlot of Revelation 17 riding on the back of the seven-headed dragon. And, I kid you not, there was a seven-headed dragon in Syria, called Yam and Lotan, while Yams/Yeans were first found in Somerset with Ladons/Ladds!!! And Ladons are expected from an ancient Daphne location smack beside Laish at mount Hermon. Daphne of Delphi was given the dolphin symbol, and Yam-branch James' use the dolphin.

[Later, I'll show how Leaks and Lease's can be from Laish, beside ancient Daphne, and so let's add here that while I took the leak facing Baytown, where Miss Hicks had lived at about that time, the French Bays were first found in Dauphine, which uses a dolphin in its Arms.]

In myth, the Ladon dragon, given 100 heads, was made Daphne's father, though her alternative father, Tiresias, owned the Hermes caduceus, code for the Cadmus-Harmonia line. Therefore, Ilya Yampolskiy may have been given that name as representation of the Revelation dragon, and, we might therefore expect, Armageddon will be the direct result of nuclear bombs provided by Uranium-One ore.

I had even traced Uranus to Elis, the Ladon-river theater, and Ilya may be a Hebrew name from the same that named Elis. In fact, Wikipedia says that Ilya is a form of Elijah, which recalls the prophet Elisha, whose axe miracle I traced, via, Essenes of Mount Carmel -- at Megiddo -- through the axe symbol of Crete, and then to the essenes bee cult of Ephesus (near Miletus). In this picture, Megiddo elements go to the Ilya name. CARmel was suspect in naming Caria, and because Carmel (looks like Car-honey) is beside heifer-like Haifa, I reasoned that the Zeus Taurus was related to Haifa, because it's beside Tyre. And Miss Hicks HOVERing over the seats of a CAR can then suggest another genius moment, that Hyksos passed through Haifa. In fact, the Hovers/Hofers use bull horns on a leopard face.

The leopard was the symbol of Dionysus, a son of Zeus and born from his thigh. Dionysus of Lemnos (had a Cretan wife, Ariadne) was an aspect of Hephaestus, the latter suspect as code for Ephesus, and official husband of Aphrodite. Dionysus' Amazons were mythical Maenads, on the Maeander river through Miletus, and it just so happens that Dionysus' mother, a daughter of Cadmus, was Smell-like Semele! And we saw Smells with the Leslie buckle, likely, while Leslie's are still suspect from Lapiths in Lesbos. To boot, Ixion's sister was Coronis, probably an aspect of Cronus. A myth writer made Ixion mate with Zeus' wife (mother of Hephaestus) as code for the close connection between the two male entities. I trace Coronis to Chora on Patmos, between Caria and Dionysus' island of Naxos. Coronis' son was Asclepios, whose symbol was the caduceus but with one snake instead of two. Asclepios was the mythical doctor, and Mrs. Hicks married a doctor.

In fact, it's online that this doctor took Miss Hicks from her mother's womb (there were more than 30 years apart for this couple). Crete had a birth goddess, and, as a result, king Minos, the son of Zeus and Europa, had a nine-month symbol, which looks like the reason that the ten Curetes of Crete were made nine in number. The Curetes co-founded Trojans. Zeus (pro-Trojan in the mythical Trojan war) was depicted as an infant on Crete as per that birth symbol. Amazing, is it not? There you have the Hyksos passing through Crete to Troy as the Uranus > Zeus cult, the pagan and slimy counterfeit of the true God.

Apollo, another son of Zeus, is expected as Pollux to Pollocks and Pools/Pole's. The Hicks dream opened with my standing at a pool, afterwhich I jumped in to save a bulldog from a nasty shark. The Yams/Yeans were first found beside Poole, and use the Pool lion. I started to identify Miss Hicks as the woman in this dream in 1996, 17 years after the dream. But last year, I found Miss Hicks in a newspaper photo (late 80s) as a trophy girl, along with a related photo having her husband and sons standing with Spuds McKenzie, a bull terrier (story in the 1st update of this month). It seems like excellent corroboration that I had correctly pegged Miss Hicks as the woman in the dream. I pegged her as the woman due to the purchase of my own bulldog in 1994/95. I didn't put it together with her until 1996.

The BULLdog became suspect with Bullis, even as Shirts share the red roundels with Bullis'. Unfortunately, there is no terrier surname coming up, but it smacks of the Terras' in the Alexander motto. And Tarrs were first found in Somerset with Yams and Ladons...and Bulls/Bule's!!! The Hicks were linked to Crauns/Crane's while the Sharks use a crane, and moreover Crauns/Crane's share three gold annulets fesse-wise with Bulls/Bule's, important because Crauns (Coronis liners) were the namers of the Ceraunii mountains to the near-south of Bullis. It appears as though God is the author of what looks like genius on my part. I couldn't possibly have concocted those dreams to make this much sense.

The shark in the pool had the bulldog firmly in its mouth, and Sharks look like they love the Tate's, the latter first found in Suffolk with Bulls/Bule's. I kid you not, the Tate's (probably Roxburgh kin, as possibly with Selkirks) share the white-on-blue rose (Moray-star colors) with Scottish Bellys/Belli's, and the bulldog was half in the shark's mouth, and half out, with a circular band of sharp teeth around its belly. I've been telling this belly-ring scene since I first told friends about this dream almost 40 years ago (i.e. the belly is not new here). The teeth can represent Tooths, and Toots/Tute's are a Tatton branch, so why not a Tate branch too? The Shark and its related items has been fully deciphered as of now...almost, because I expect that God has more to it. Why did I jump in to save the dog from the shark? I failed, and the dream switched to the beach scene. I'm sure that my mother's Masci line has to do with the Saraca's.

I see Pollocks from Fullers, and the latter can be connected via their beacon to the same of German Belli's/Balli's/Balleys/Baelleys (Bailys share the Moray stars). Bellys/Belli's were first found in Moray, as expected of the Poole line, and so Belli's look like Bullis liners too. The white-on-blue roses of Bellys are shared by Paisleys/Pasleys, first found in the same place as Pollocks. That bulldog's belly was code for Alexander Balas, wasn't it? If I recall correctly, the mean Seleucid king, Antiochus IV, was called, Soter, like the Suter variation of Suits.

The Shark has been deciphered with the Saraca's, indicating that Saraca's merged with a line of Balas. The Saraca fish is in the colors of the Pesci fish, and the Pesci's can be of Piscinas, a location beside the Seleucid location of Sulcis. Is that not wild? The dream made this connection, did it not?

The Belly/Belli chevron has an eight-pointed star, symbol of Ishtar, the great-mother cult that I see behind the Revelation harlot / dragon. They say that Ishtar was a progression of a Sumerian goddess (Inana), who was called the "Great Mother of the Dragon," or "Mother of the Great Dragon." The eight-pointed star is shared by Shirt-loving (= Hyksos-loving) Tous'/Tonso's, who are suspect as a branch of the Toensings (see Tonsings), while Mrs. Toensing is now the lawyer for a would-be whistleblower on the Uranium-One scandal. Ishtar is suspect at Istria, location of a Pola/Pula that has as it's Arms a cross in both colors of the Pollock saltire. Istria liners are suspect in the Stur river that flows to/near Poole. One French Stur surname is also the Ister/Estor.

Istria is not far from the Ceraunii Illyrians beside the MAEZAei, who in-turn provided POLand's Mieszko's, and probably my mother. I was under the impression that the bulldog was a British bulldog, which is the species I purchased. It's interesting that the British surname is with BRADdocks, possibly from Brattia, an island off the mouth of the Tilurius, the river to which I trace Julia Maesa's husband. He's suspect with the Vito's, first found near the Pesci's, all near the northern end of Istria. The mouth of this river is near the Saraca's of Ragusa, and the source is near the Maezaei. This tends to explain why the British/Braddock surname was first found in the same place as Massins/Masons, and why they share the same lion. It just so happens that while Dogs are Docks too, BradDOCKs look linked to Docks. Bradds/Bratts can be with the Poole lion again. English Dockers were first found in Cumberland with Daggers. Decks/daggers use the Squirrel squirrel, in red, the color of Edom. Decks/Daggers share the Massey fleur.

Brattia (shown on the light map) was also called, Brac. As the wife of Julius Avitus had a father who worked for Saraca-suspect CARACalla, trace the black Brack dog to the same of Carricks and Craggs, then note how Craggs use a bend with leaves in the colors of the bend with besants of Nuts. Then go to the squirrel cracking his nuts of Squirrels/Squire's. The line of Eliphas and Timna is to the Squirrels, isn't it? The seated dog in the Brack Crest can be that of Furnace's, and to this we can add that the Seat/Cedes pale bars look like a version of the Nut Coat. If Furnace's (same place as Seats/Cedes") were from Pharnaces, then that's a Seleucid line. Furnace's are said to have had a Furness location in Cumberland while I say the Daggers of Cumberland were in the ancestry of Pharnaces' wife.

The Masci's (sinister bend) are from Maccabees, and can thus be from a line of Alexander Balas because the latter's is expected in marriage with Maccabees, perhaps even Jonathan himself. I can add here that the Jonathan/Jonas surname (possibly a Jean branch) uses the rooster design of Blue's, and the latter were first found on Arran with MacAbee's.

One can glean from the Shirt motto ("inVIDia") that the Shirt roundels are a version of the Vito/Vido/BITINI (like "Biden/Button) annulet, and this was the line of Julius Avitus with his Miss-MAESA wife. Just look at that, for the Shirt-loving Tous' also love the Buttons.

The Belly/Belli motto is shared by CARpenters, Carian suspects, perhaps. The Carr estoiles are in the colors of the Belly/Belli star, and "ESTE" is near "ISTria." You saw why the Button-loving Tous'/Tonso's should trace to the Capelli's of Este, and their chapeau cap was seen in the Crest of Holms who use a wreath (British/Braddock symbol too) in the colors of the similar annulet of Vito's/Bitini's. But here we can take the Capelli's back to Cabyle on the Tonzus river, then to the great-mother goddess, Cybele. That's so neatly done it looks like there's a Genius behind it. One could get the impression that Joseph Caiaphas was descended from that harlot line. Dock-like Duke's use CHAPLets, and Chaplets were the kin of Josephs and Chaplains / Caplans, while Josephus was from Jonathan Maccabee (Caiaphas may have been too).

Cybele's husband, Attis, is like my attic, where 17 squirrels apply who were linked by the Genius to Smells, suspect with mythical Semele. There was a strong link between the Semele line and Attis, all having to do with Cadusii and Mus Armenians. I read that Attis named Attica at Athens. Esau (Nahor was his grandfather's brother) lived at BOZrah, suspect with Buz, son of Nahor, and with the line to Bus' / Bush's. The Pockets may be using the Bus Coat closely. The Short estoiles are almost the Bute/Butt estoiles, and Saraca's shares a fish on a fesse with German Bute's/Butts/Boets. One may get the impression that the dead squirrel in my black shorts pocket was code for the line of Esau. In the book of Enoch (probably not inspired, I've never read it), Edom is said to have had a black-boar symbol, which is used by Bush's and Bute-suspect Booths, both first found in Yorkshire with Hicks. ArBUTHnotts are of Moray.

Why should the Squirrel/Squire line link to Attis? Ask Seir of Edom, which married Eliphas, son of Esau, whom I trace to the Elaphiti islands smack beside Ragusa. And the Ragusa Saraka's, according to their Wikipedia article, were firstly at Kotor, smack beside BUTua. Plus, Kotor traces back excellently to "Keturah," the other wife of Abraham. Keturah was traced to mythical Kodros of Athens, who had a fish and boar symbol, I kid you not. I've been tracing the line of Timna, Eliphas' Seir-ian wife, to Moray for years. A tribe named after Eliphas may have named the Halybes in the Hatti theater. The Lapiths (named LesBOS) look like they may have been named after a tribe of Eliphas. Attis was father to Lydians, mythically speaking, and Lesbos was off the coast of downtown Lydia, suspect from "Lotan," Timna's brother. It's known that, mythically speaking, king Pelops of Lydia married horse-loving Amazons at the Ladon river.

I've wondered whether God chose "Charlotte" for Miss Hicks' first name to depict "harlot." The Italian Belli's were first found in Verona with Bellino's, who share the bear paw with Squirrels, and the latter's "ferme" motto term is for Fermo, where the founder of Este lived. I had no shirt on as I went from the pool/shark part of the dream to its beach/Hicks part, and the Tous'/Tonso's use a man wearing a shirt with buttons. It's hard to say whether "CharLOTTE" was partly a Lot / Lothian line from Lotan. Lothians/Loudons (same place as Dogs/Docks) use the pine tree, the symbol of mythical Attis. The Cher area of France is the location of ancient Avaricum, suspect with the Avaris capital of Hyksos. The Verona surname can be using the Pesci fish for obvious reason, and the Verona trefoils can thus be those of Sharks for two reasons. The Lothian border is in Shake colors, and they had a Loudoun location near Cunningham while Cunninghams use a SHAKEfork.

There were 17 years between the dream and my realizing that Miss Hicks was the woman in the dream. Revelation 17 has the harlot. There were 17 Belly-related squirrels. I'm not saying that Charlotte was a harlot, though, prior to becoming a Christian, she was a stripper. I'm saying that "Charlotte" can be God's code to reveal that Hyksos are behind the Revelation dragon. We saw why Hicks link to Crauns = Coronis liners, and Coronis was the Lapith sister of Ixion. If we want harlots, we would look to Lapiths at Lesbos, which named lesbians. The Lydians would ofer their daughters as temple prostitutes. Lydians are suspect with the Lasonii to "Lotan / Ladon." Ixion and Coronis were children of Pollux-like Phlegyas, and so this line, suspect with the Peleg Hebrews, can be the meaning of the dream's pool with shark and bulldog. Hyksos were non-Israel Hebrews, as was Peleg, son of the first Hebrew.

The Craun annulets are in the colors of the same of leopard-using ATTIS'/Addisons (white horse, Hyksos / Trojan symbol), and while Dionysus had a leopard symbol, he was the high priest of the Hebrew-suspect Kabeiri, the cult of Cybele and Attis. The Kabeiri were founded by the Ixion-like brother (Iasion) of the Trojan founder, Dardanus. While Dionysus was at Lemnos with Hephaestus, the latter was the master of the Kabeiri. Cybele (mother of the Lydians with Attis as the father) was likely named after the Capelli-like Cabelees, a fellow-tribe of Lasonii.

So, my being shirtless and with jeans while approaching Charlotte Hicks' car looks like it's all about the Yam-Lotan / Ladon line to Yams/Yeans. Yet, these links act as sound evidence that God is pointing to Ilya Yampolskiy because Hicks was at the hood of her car while the Saint-Petersburg medallion was on my hood. I cannot recall what make of SUV Charlotte's family was driving before they purchased another vehicle, but it strikes me (in my memory) as a Jeep. It was rusted out at the time, in about 2002, and may have been purchased new about 1987/88, the time of her husband posing with the bull terrier. Only she would know for sure. Jeepma's share the black, double-headed eagle with the Lots who in-turn share the brown talbot dog with Lothians. Remember, the MEDALlion was on the hood of my red Jeep (color of Edom), and Medals are listed with Dog-like Dougals, kin of the Moray Douglas', I assume. One Moray Coat no longer showing at houseofnames had a "Deum Time" motto, code for Timna of Edom. The Sire's use the mirror of the mermaid in the Moray Crest.

I first learned that her husband delivered her (at birth) from Mr. Casey, the husband of her aunt. Caseys use crows, the Coronis symbol.

The STRING of the Lothian hunting horn is mentioned in the description page. The Strings (Leslie griffin head, can trace to Lesbos) use eagles in the colors of the Jeepma eagle, and the Jeepma's use a star in the colors of the Moray / Billiard/Billet star. The Strings are in Stick colors and may therefore be a branch of Stricks/Stickwoods, thus tracing Strings to the mythical Sirens around Astakos. That was the area of mythical Oeneus, suspect with Jonathan of Laish, but that's another story. I included Billiards above because Roger de BULLY is in the String write-up. The Billet branch of Billiards are kin of Belli-like Bellows, and Bellows share the fox with British's/Braddocks, all suspect with the dream's British bulldog's belly. Oeneus liners named the Oeneus river beside the Maezaei, but may have named the Oeneum location at the mouth of the Tilurius too. If Strings are using the Heth/Heaths Shield in colors reversed, Heths may have been of the EATon location of Roger de Bully.

I jumped into the pool to rescue the British bulldog, and I can glean that British's use the Mason lion, the Mackay wreaths and stag head, and the Dutch Mackay / Massey horse. I just don't know whose colors the British's use. The Britains ("VirTUS") and Brights/Brite's share the pierced Macey stars, in the colors of the Tous stars. They are gold and pierced, same with the two in the Sellick / Clinton Chiefs.

I've just found a Tarrier/Torring surname with a black fleur-de-lys. This surname had a location at CHEPing-Toriton, and Cheps are the JEEPma's. Another of their locations was Torintona, like "Toronto," the headquarters of Uranium-One (later, I'll show that Toronto does apply). In fact, the headquarters is on Bay street while Charlotte had lived in Baytown, where the bull-terrier photo appears. I've shown how Charlotte was a Child liner, and Childs use the Tarrent Coat in colors reversed. This surname named Tarento in Dorset, beside Yams / etc., but also had a Tarrant-Rawston location owned by an Antioch family, amazingly enough. Antioch is the Seleucid capital while the bull terrier was suspect with Bullis and Alexander Balas! Amazing. It appears that the bull terrier was code for Tarrent liners. They also named Tarrant-RUSHton while Rush's share the three Frey/Phreeze horses and moreover use the three Bull annulets almost in colors reversed!!! And Rawstons, first found in the same place as Hicks, use the Murena tower in colors reversed, a surname from TERENTia Murena! Bingo-bango.

French Bays use the three LaBEL crescents, in colors reversed to the three of Jackets, which recalls the brown buttons found in the POCKET of my blue jacket soon-after finding the red buttons in my trailer's Sink. Sinks/Sinkers and Sings/Songs / Sangs/Singers (bear, potential Bellini/Belli liner) can be from the Sangarius river, location of Pessinos and Kabeiri, and thus the homeland of CyBELE. Charlotte has been a singer (she produced at least one CD in a studio), and English Singers share the Coat of Freys/Phreeze's now suspect with Phars/Farrs (Hicks kin) and Pharnaces. Charlotte was FAR-away when in front of the hood, and Hoods use the Fair/Fare anchor while I see Anchors/Annackers (possible branch of some Annas-like Jean variations) with a Coat version of the Ladys/Laudymans (Ladon liners?), which shares the Tarrier / Craun annulets. In the dream, I blurted that "she's beautiful," "she's a LADY." Spanish Fare's/Fara's are interesting for using two wavy fesses, same as Tarriers, reminding of the FORMans, potential Pharnaces liners. Anchor-like Ankara is near the Sangarius. Charlotte moved to FORNey. The house that she moved to in Forney is the address also of a Mr. Childs. He may have been the previous owner. Her husband's surname uses the dagger, and the Acre branch of Daggers share the black fleur with Terriers.

Forneys/Fourneys use the BalFOUR chevron in colors reversed, but what's the "Bal" for? Why do Balls use a FIREball while Fire's are also Furs/Firs/Feuers?

The woman in the dream had a second fulfillment in my tenant, Helen, and Tenants were first found in Linlithgow (Lothian) along with Tenant-like Towns. Here we read that Attis' had a branch in Linlithgow, though Attis' were mainly in Yorkshire, where Hicks and Phars/Farrs were first found. Helen represented Helen of Troy, abducted by Pharnaces-suspect Paris. I can glean that Attis' trace back to Keturah, the other wife of Abraham, and this line goes excellently to mythical king Priam, father of Paris (and Hector) with Hyksos-suspect Hecuba. Abraham's more-popular wife, Sarah, evokes the Saars/Sarah's, whom we crossed with the Saarburg location of Singer-like Sinzens/Sintzers, who happen to share the black fleur-de-lys with Tarriers. Sintzens were linking to Squirrel-line Schwerins. The Sangarius was the Schare-like Sakarius too.

Ahh, English Singers (Devon, beside Yams / Ladons / Tarriers) share the garbs of Sticks, first found in the same place as Yams / Ladons, and traceable to the Astakos area of the mythical Sirens, who had singing as their chief symbol! Sirens/Sire's, a branch of Squire's/Squirrels, are suspect from Seir (Edom), which country had a Biblical Lotan character, brother of the wife of Esau's son. This is now tracing Squirrels to Seir. And while Sire liners are connectable to the Arms of Vilnius, where Trabys married the Stick-suspect Astikas', it doesn't appear coincidental that the gold-striped, black hunting horn in the Arms of Traby hangs on a pine tree (Attis symbol) in the Coat of Lotan-like Lothians (branch of Lots). My squirrels were caught in my Attis-like attic.

Pessinos (not far from Sardis) was suspect with Piscinas, smack beside Sulcis of Shirt-suspect Sardinia. Sulcis has the alternative name of Sant'Antioco, said at Wikipedia to be named after a St. Antioch, though I say that he was a fictitious character to hide the reality, that it was named after Antioch, the Seleucid capital in Syria. As "Pessino" is much like "Bessin," to which I trace the Bassus', it doesn't appear coincidental that the Bassus' descended three generations from BrogiTARus, chief priest of Cybele at Pessinos. Then, we can cite the "Bessin" look of AVEZZANO's, first found in Sardinia.

I have gotten the distinct impression that Miss Hicks links us to the Persian Pharnaces. However, the Hyksos were called Asians in ancient times, not Iranians / Persians. On the other hand, Hyksos may have been on Pharnaces' Seleucid side. Alexander "the great" claimed to descend from Achilles, an Epirus entity, the same as Seleucid ancestry that came to rule roughly a quarter of Alexander's Greek empire, from Babylon to Syria. Something spurred Alexander to the conquering as far as Persia and even Bactria. Wikipedia is/was probably correct to say that Hyksos became the Hayasa Azzi in Asia Minor, in the area of Ardahan, which was Armenia, the people represented by Cadmus and his Cilician brother. I think "Cilicia" was named from the GILEKI Iranians, to the east of Armenia and on the CASpian sea. In Egypt, Hyksos were called Heka KHASewet, and we can see how HAYAsa" can be from "Heka," and how "Azzi" can change to "Khassi, which was the same area of Cilicia as Kizzuwatna (almost "Khasewet"). There we have the evidence that Persia-suspect Cilicia became integral with Hyksos. I can't recall off-hand whether Pharnaces ruled into Cilicia, but Polemon of the Pontus did, and Polemon may be the root of the Polla line to the pool in the Hicks dream. That's a tidy-looking statement by which to link proto-Hicks' to Pharnaces. And the Hicks of Clapton married Arthurs, from Ardahan (suspect earlier from Ararat / Urartu).

And then there was another Cilicia location in Mysia ruled by mythical Eetion. This Cilicia was also Thebe, evoking the Thebes of Cadmus. "Eetion" looks like "Iasion / Ixion," for Iasion founded the Kabeiri that were in Thebes. "Eetion" looks like an Attis line from Phrygia into Lydia, and Aeetes of Colchis was firstly a king in Coronis-like Corinth, which speaks of Ixion being the line to Attis and Aeetes, especially as "Attis/Atti" can easily be a form of "Azzi." The Azzi are suspect in naming such things as Asia and Azov (same lake as Maeotis, suspect with Medea, daughter of Aeetes). These terms changed over time and location, but they seem to have been the same Hyksos entity.

From here, we move on to Persian-suspect Perseus, a Gorgon liner from the Georgians = Colchians, who married AndroMEDA. In the meantime, Eetion was made father to ANDROmache, wife of king Hector of Troy. Troy was in the Troad along with Cilician Thebe, and Hector was the brother of Perseus-suspect Paris, code for the Gorgon city of Parion/Parium. PHARNaces looks like he's named after a Parion / Parnassus line), and whatever named Nysa may have named "PharNACES" too. Ixion lived at/beside Parnassus, in Thessaly, and this area may have named the THESprotian Epirotes. Wikipedia fell short in tracing Seleucid blood to Thesprotians, but did say that the two were associated / partnered.

After meeting Miss Hicks in 2002, at the same church I started to attend (which I thought was an act of God from the beginning), I rented at the home of a Mrs. Abreu for almost three years before seeing Miss Hicks again. It was during that time when Hebrews, suspect with the Abreu-like Abruzzo, became a topic for me. Until then, I stayed away from including Hebrews in my dragon hunt (which had concentrated on Varangian Rus). At that early time, all Hebrews were Israelites in my mind, and the inclusion of Hebrews with Varangian Rus constituted something like British Israelism, which I rejected. I had to learn that there were slews of Hebrews in ancient times not at all Israeli. And Hyksos were one such group. I learned that Europeans in general are largely from Hebrews, especially from Abraham and Keturah, where I see the fulfillment of God's promise to Abraham, that he would be the father of nations as countless as the stars. Keturah's son, Medan, is highly suspect with mythical Medea, Andromeda, and Medon, son of Kodros. Her other son is suspect in forming the Mitanni (Khabur/Habur river, like "Kabeiri") that were historically known in the time of Kizzuwatna. She predated the Hyksos of Egypt, and may have mothered them too.

After I began delving into houseofnames, I was surprised to find that the Abreu surname was also "Abruzzo," where my mother was born. I feel that I'm a Hyksos liner on her side. But blood counts for nothing. It's whether Jesus is with us or not that matters. Later, I found that the ancient capital of Abruzzo was Aprutium, what looks like "Epirotes," the people of Epirus, suspect with Hebrews under the banner of "Aphrodite," whom as Venus traces to the PARTHENius river. Ultimately, I trace "Aphrodite" to the naming of the Euphrates river, a tributary of which was the (K)Habur, and this is why I see the Kabeiri named after that river, because Aphrodite was made the wife of the leader of the Kabeiri. He with his thigh symbol was with Athena, the symbol of Athens, where Keturah traces, and one of Kodros' sons was even made the founder of Ephesus, suspect with "Hephaestus."

The long and the short of it is that Hyksos, when they were forced out of Egypt, became Phoenicians, especially that Cadmus / Hermes cult of Cadusii, who then became the Hatti of Hattusa, and possibly even the Biblical Hittites. Either the Cadusii directly named the Khassi / Azzi, or they had been a divergent branch. Azzo of Este may apply here, and all sorts of pre-Israeli Hebrew lines (especially Esau-ites are expected as national conglomerates wherever the Hyksos evolved strong footings along their migrational paths. It seems to me that God's 10 plagues on the Hyksos was a sign of His the end-times emphasis on end-time Hyksos liners. If we wonder what sort of tribe carried "Esau," perhaps the Azzi.

The Bull Terrier Speaks

The Hykes'/Hacks are using the Eaton Shield with little doubt, and, perhaps, Eatons were the namers of Eetion. The Edens use scallops as code for Sicilians at Messina, location of Eaton-suspect Etna. The Ladds/Ladons share black scallops with Edens and Hykes'/Hacks. The Lord showed me that Miss Hicks is connectable to Stanleys / Stans/Stains/Stants, and while Edens are in Hicks colors, Edens were at Stainton, a term in the motto of Arthurs whom Hicks married. And the Edens use the format and colors of Arthurs, from Ardahan, location of the Hayasa-Azzi, a potential branch of the namers of Eetion / IASion. The latter was brother to mythical Dardanus (that's why Eetion of the Troy area can be the Iasion entity), and Dardanians had merged with Ardiaei. Hykes'/Hacks were first found in Devon with Dardania liner Darts, kin of the Sleeps, and Miss Hicks was sleeping as she hovered over the seats. The Chives' were once said to have been first found in Devon, which is how we know that Chives' use the Hykes/Hack / Eaton quadrants, and likely their cross too.

The Chives' are from the Cavii, who lived beside the Sleep-liner Selepitanoi, not far from downtown Dardania, and, perhaps, either one of these people groups were at Kotor. The dark map (shows the Cavii) has a KODRium location on the Apsus, near Antipatria, where Miss Hick's husband traces, and where I trace the queen Nysa's, which should explain why Sleeps use the Ness/Nesson fesses in colors reversed. And the double fesses of Stains are those of Palmers while Italian Palmers share the fesse of Darts (in the colors of the two of Sleeps). English Palmers are also PARMers, and the Taro river (Tarrier branch?) flows to Parma while Chives were first found in TARves, likely from Tarvisium/Treviso, where Vito's were first found. Amazingly, the Staintons, first found in Yorkshire with Hicks' and Stains, share the single annulet of Vito's, suspect with the red roundels of Shirts (part of Cabyle liners). I recall emphasizing that the Eaton cross was once showing like a double-axehead design, still showing for Staintons.

I've only-now realized that Tarriers (Devon!) share two fesses in the colors of the Palmer fesses! The bull terrier we saw earlier was a Taro-river liner! And while the Ceno is a Taro tributary, it's suspect with the Caeni i.e. like canine = dog!!! The Caeni were near harlot- / Kabeiri-suspect Cabyle, itself beside the Seleucus-possible Selletae. I expect Seleucids at Bullis. Amazing, is it not, all thanks to her husband posing with the bull terrier. The Cable's share the CAEN fretty!!! Bingo.

The red roundels of Shirts are torteaux, suspect with the Maeotis (Azov) tribe of Toreatae, and then the Maeotis tribe of Sittaceni are evident in both the Eden motto and colors (i.e. I see Seatons/Sittens), and in the proximity of the Lothian Seatons/Sittens with EDINburgh. The Stains married Heslington Hall, and while Heslingtons are Hazel liners, Hazels use the Seir-suspect squirrel. The Squirrels are cracking a nut as part-code, likely, of Nottingham liners, which include the first-known Strings, said to have owned an manor of Eaton from Roger de Bully!

The bull terrier was part of the celebrations in Baytown when Miss Hicks and her husband were part of an outdoor cooking contest. She was the TROPHY girl, and we might ponder whether God arranged this to act as code for the Trope's/Drops (same place as Palmers/Parmers). Tropoje is likewise on the Apsus river, and the Apps' use a fesse in the colors of the Dart / Palmer fesse. I've told the story of my hockey experience with Steve Tarr as many as a dozen times, where my knees were introduced as God's code, which was a symbol also with Miss Hicks' in my dream with her. Knee's share the Stanley / Leakey bend, and, in real life, I was impressed (2002) by here beautiful knees while seeing them through a glass door in a store on the Leakey Road. Leakeys share the Hicks / Phar/Farr fleur-de-lys. The point is, when Steve Tarr was traded to our team (12 years old), we won the TROPHY.

It's suggesting that Drops/Trope's, in the drops at the dagger of her husband's surname (Kilpatrick), were at the Taro river. To recap, Steve Tarr and I had a two-on-one break (one defenseman left between us and the net), when he took a slap shot from the blue line. The puck hit the goalie, bounced over his head, and came to a stop on the goal line. When I saw it there, I fell to my knees in delight (like my ghost gave way in the overwhelming moment), because there was about a minute left in this semi-final game, which was tied 2-2 at the time. I slid in on my knees and POKEd the PUCK into the net with my STICK for the win. It's the only thing I remember in that game, aside from looking at the clock, seeing about two minutes to go. Sticks were first found in the same place as Tarrs, beside the Hykes/Hacks / Tarriers.

In the next game, the finals, I can remember only one event: Steve Tarr was in the corner, with me alone in front of the net, with Jim McGee, my friend, being the goalie. Tarr gave me a beautiful pass, and I backhanded the puck over McGee's KNEE PAD, to score the game's first goal. Two back-back goals with Steve Tarr in the picture. And McGee's, like "Knee," were first found in Dumfries with Pad-like Padine's/Patents and Patchie-related Kilpatricks. We saw that Tarriers/TORINTOns were likely Tarrents, and the latter share the red, spread eagle with Knee's.

Something has occurred to me. When I first saw Hicks in the dream, she was far away. But for the event where I awoke her and grazed her knee with my hand, I was CLOSE-up. I went from far to right at the door without seeing myself walk there all the way. The scene immediately after I saw her at the hood was her close-up face, where I exclaimed, "She's beautiful." And the next scene was me at her car door. There is a Beauty/Bowd/Bowood surname with possibly the three Waleran BULLS. In fact, the Hoods were first found in Devon with Walerans! KilPatricks were at CLOSEburn, and the Close/Clovse surname (same place as Cars, Seats, Sands) definitely applies to that place. Tarrents use the CHILD Coat in colors reversed, and then CHILDeric was the father of Clovse-suspect Clovis. Mr. Kilpatrick purchased a house in Forney registered as the home of a Mr. Childs.

You can't say that Miss Hicks married Kilpatrick because she knew of all these links. We are forced to admit that God was in the links for this revelation. Kilpatricks use a "sure" motto term while Sure's/SHORE's share the motto of Caens, the line to/from the Ceno tributary of the Taro. Did I SCORE goals from Tarr's SLAP SHOT and his pass? German Share's are SCHORE's, kin of Bosco's while Sure's/Shore's share holly with the holly BUSH of Maxwells/MAKESwells (share KilPatrick saltire), who are in-turn in the "I MAKE sure" motto of drop-using KilPatricks. Shots/Shute's are kin of Miss Hicks' BATHing SUIT, and Shots/Shute's share the sword of McGee's. Baths were first found in the same place as Tarrs.

This discussion recalls little Andrea at ten years of age, who lived on Shoreham drive in Toronto, a term like the Torinton variation of Tarriers. I bought her as book on TARZan, is that not wild? I also gave Andrea a BOARD game, and if you check Boards (potential branch of the Somerset Borders, same place as Roets and Bills), you can see the Suit/Suter/Shuter Shield.

God is a genius and is able to fashion the following situation. The English Patents use lozengy in the colors of the Apps lozenges, and the Patent motto (shared by Pullys/Pullens) is part-code for Schere's (share the cross of Sure's/Shore's), I assume, and part-code for CUPS/Cope's/Culps. While Trope's were on the Apsus, there is the hockey TROPHY, the STANLEY CUP. Is that not wild? At ten years of age, my entire community were celebrating the third Stanley Cup in a row won by the Toronto Maple Leafs. Miss Hicks is the same age was myself. Andrea's and Andersons are likely using the saltire of Annandale's, from Dumfries.

Recall the CHEPING-Toriton location of Tarriers/Toringtons, for Cheppings share a single and passant lion in Chief with Trope's/Drops. So, the bull terrier was with a trophy, and there you have God's meaning for it. The CHEPmans and Capone's were first found in the same place as Stanleys and June's, and the latter share the black fleur with Tarriers/Toringtons. You can't argue with that. I trace June's to the Una river beside the Colapis/Kupa, the line to CUPS, no guff. Cheppings share a lozengy Shield with Patents, and you will soon see why Patents trace to the Kupa. It's suggesting the Cups/Cope's were a Chepping branch.

If you recall my drive past the Baytown area, which city I was facing when taking a LEAK on a ramp while turning toward Galveston, I stopped for coffee the next day at Victoria, which was code for the Coffee's/Coffers that use a "victoria" motto term, and moreover Coffee's use CUPS as well as the naked rider on a dolphin in the Arms of TARANTO. Is that not amazing? And by the way, James' use the motto, "Victor.

Later that day, I ended my trip in Texas at Crystal City, where Miss Hicks was attending church, though I had not yet met her. I left Crystal City telling the Lord, "I'm coming back in six months with $15,000 to buy land." In six months, I returned with $17,000, and bought land 10 minutes from her place on a Nueces river that means, "nut." I can't hide this light under a bushel. The Lord has been doing something extraordinary, and it has a final end for a final reason. What will it be?

The night that I sat beside Miss Hicks at the first-year memorial of 9-11, STANLEY took my SEAT after I got out of it, and he was there holding the U.S a flag (which he soon took to the stage and held up there). The Flags/Flacks (same place as Palmers/Parmers) share the two Palmer/Parmer / Stan fesses, you see. Less than an hour later, I was taken up by her beautiful knees at the Leakey road.

I was determined not to sit anywhere near Miss Hicks at this memorial, because I didn't want to give her the impression I was "interested" in her (I was willing to wait if I was supposed to marry her as a widow). But as she came walking down the isle, I couldn't resist, or some force took me over, and I went straight to her as soon as she sat down. I asked to set up her camera like a schoolboy might ask a girl to carry her books. When I returned to her, I saw the seat beside her empty, and asked if it was reserved for anyone. She said it was for her daughter, but that if she comes over, I could SCOOT over. Her daughter, Geneva, became suspect with the "GNAViter" motto of Leakeys along with Vito's.

Scoots/Scougals, suspect from lake SCODra, at the theater of the Selepitanoi which Miss Hicks represented in the dream, use a "Haec" motto term, can we believe it? Scoots/Scougals share the courant greyhounds in both colors with Palmers/Parmers, can we believe it? Scoots/Scougals (East Lothian) share the red Scott border, while Borders (Somerset, same place as Tarrs) share the swords of Shots/Shute's, likely a branch of Suits/Shuters / Shortens/Shotters, right? And while Dachau in Bavaria uses a sling SHOT, the Borders use a version of the Tax/Dach swords. The Geneva surname shares the wing design of the Bavarian Bauers. I do not recall ever checking Scoots as per what she said to me, though Scoots were mentioned briefly in 2014, before I knew that the Hicks dream was stacked with codes for surname links and their historical stories. I have been tracing Scotts to Scodra, but I don't recall realizing that Scotts and Scoots share a red-on-white border. The Selepitanoi, and the Sleeps, are new this past year.

The "writing PEN" of the Scoot Crest must be for Penestae Illyrians up-river from the Cavii. The Pennys/Penes' share the double, black, courant greyhounds with Scoots, you see. Penestae were the ancestry of Arthur-related, and therefore Hicks-related, Pendragons. This comes to you from God through the mouth of Charlotte Hicks. A thousand years ago, these traces would have been fresher on the minds of rulers than today.

Do the Scotts use the Knee / Stanley bend? The Scott bend is in the three colors and format of the OVER bend, and she said, "You can scoot OVER", I remember those words. Stanley would then take my SEAT later in the evening. Overs look like Hovers/Hofers, and she hovered while asleep over the SEATs. Scoots were first found in the same place as Seatons, and the black Scoot hunting horn can be the one of Patch's, first found in Devon with a Seaton location, which is beside the first-known Pendragons whose fleur are in both colors of the fleur of Tarriers, likewise first found in Devon. KilPatricks are Patchie's too, and they share the green dragon in Crest with Seatons.

Hovers/Hofers use the leopard FACE, while Face's/Fessys were from the Fieschi of Genova, while Geneva's are properly Genova's. Genova is where I traced the Seaton-branch Side's along with Ghents. Overs are said to be from "ofer," perhaps a branch of the Coffer variation of Coffee's. English Coffers/Coffare's were first found in Somerset too. Summers/Somers (Dart / Sleep fesse?) are in Coffee/Coffer colors.

The same year that I was in Crystal City, I purchased a fiberglass British bulldog about six feet tall, but had forgotten my old dream with the British bulldog. This dog was made for the 1967 Olympic games in Montreal, and was intended for the British team, according to the man who sold it to me. It was scrapped due to a defect in the voice (it was supposed to talk), and so he got it cheap, and started to reproduce them. He lived in Hamilton, and Charlotte's husband is Hamilton by first name. He was standing in front of a bull terrier in Baytown. I intended to sleep in the back of the Nissan the night before coffee in Victoria, but as I was mugged, I checked the rest of the night into a motel. The Motel surname was first found in Taranto, and shares the white horse on three legs with CAFFERs and British'/Braddocks, important because the latter share the Coffer/Coffare chevron.

I now see that Motels are said to be first found in Calabria, though, for years prior, they were said to be first found in Taranto. Houseofnames is not very kind by completely eradicating the surname's Taranto history. Calabria is where Avellino sits that I trace to Alan Huns of Aulon/Avlona, and the Motel Chief happens to share the three Alan stars in Chief. The Alans were in British-like Brittany. Hamiltons were first found in Renfrewshire, where the Dol Alans moved after being in Sleep-y Salop. Hamiltons share the ermined cinquefoil of Portis'/Porchers (Hicks' were at Portishead), suspect with Pockets/Pouchers, the latter suspect with the Poke variation of Pollocks, first found in Renfrewshire. Pollocks are suspect with bull-using Bullocks, can you believe how much a bulldog can talk? Aulon is beside Bullis! Bullocks (link to Buckle's / Buckleys/BULkellys) use the ermined colors of Hamiltons / Darts / Sleeps, and Wikipedia's Clan Pollock article had said that the Pollock arrow was a "dart" too. The Pollock titles went to Leslie's that love the Buckle's.

Hamils share two ermined fesses in the colors of the Sleep fesses, and another Hamil surname shares the Short griffin in both colors. It's as though God arranged Mr. Kilpatrick's first name for to link thinks to Maccabee-suspect Hamils. We will see Pockets shortly below when Hamiltons come back to topic.

While Shortens are Scoot-suspect Shotters too, and while Miss Hicks told me I could scoot over (why didn't she say, get lost), the Shorts share the giant and gold griffin with Marble's/Marple's, first found in Cheshire with Overs. As I said, Tony got Andrea a better gift than my BOOK, and that story involved my playing marbles with Tony, which brought up the Marble/MARPLE surname, like "Maple." God showed me that Maple's, and even the Toronto Maple Leafs (Bavaria colors), were from the Bavarian Illuminati. This is new here: Maple's share the boar heads of Roets, and the latter share the BOOK with Reeds who in-turn share the red eagle of Tarrents / Knee's. I might even say that the Maple Leafs won the Stanley Cup three years in a row because God wanted it that way to make these points. If you can believe it, Maple's use the split Shield of TARves', and share the motto terms of the Chives' of Tarves.

If that's not enough, Tarves' use fitchee crosses in colors reversed from those of Marble's/Marple's (the latter's are those of Leak-possible Lake's). It's as though God set things up to make a Marple link to Maple's, kin of a Caiaphas line. I recall the marbles because I closed me eyes and prayed for a miracle shot with a marble flicked at my thumb. I hit the target marble dead-on about six or even eight feet away.

Maple's were first found in Essex with COLchester, the line from the Colapis/Kupa river that is in the Patent motto, which is what got me on to the Stanley Cup in the first place. We can then ponder whether God named the Maple LEAFs to point to the Laevi Gauls expected in the Levites who fashioned the Maccabees and Chives-suspect Caiaphas. I trace Matthew, father of the Maccabees, to ancestry in the Dardanians, and in the Mathis river (of the Cavii) and Mathis surname sharing the Chives cross. The Maple Leafs were owned early by Mr. LIVINGston, a branch feasible of Livings/Levens and leaf-using Leafs/Leve's (same place as Trope's / Palmers/Parmers). Livingstons were first found in the Linlithgow theater, home of the first-known Townings and Tenants, the latter sharing the same bore head as McGee's.

I can make a Livingston link to Mr. Kilpatrick. The Livingston cinquefoil is the one of Pockets, and while I sewered a paper airplane into a corner POCKET while taking a shot on Obama's billiard table (another dream), the Sewers bring up the Suits/Suters/Shuters. The Plains (there is no Plane surname) use a reflection of the Living/Leven Coat, and fleur-de-lys in colors reversed from the same of Tarriers / June's / Acre's. Acre's are a branch of KilPatrick-beloved Daggers, and Mr. KilPatrick was Hamilton while Hamiltons use three cinquefoils colors reversed from the three of Livingstons. At first, the Toronto Maple Leafs wore green and white, Livingston-border colors. As June's are suspect from Junia Caepionis, it should be added that the Short / Hamil griffin is in the colors of the griffin heads of the Hampshire Caplans.

In the meantime, Hamils are likely of the namers of Camulodunum, later Colchester. And that's where Bays were first found so that Baytown can apply for some important Bay link. This Livingston link to KilPatricks seems to be informing us that the Levites under the Maccabees were Colapis liners of the Caepio kind. The KilPatrick lion is even the Levi/Levine lion. But, as you can see, part of the Livingston-KilPatrick link, and even the reason that it was just found, is from the Toronto Maple Leafs, whom, it seems, were arranged by God to be in the clues from bull terrier that Hamilton posed with.

Camulodunum can be expected at the naming of the nearby Cam river, in Cambridgeshire, where Stanleys, Capone's / Chepmans / June's were first found. The Childs were first found near the Cam.

A giant cup is used by the Dumfries Lawrie's (German-Caplan colors), and Lawrence's are suspect with the ragully cross in the Arms of Colchester. In that picture, Colapis liners are tracing even to where KilPatricks / Patents/Padine's were first found. I traced the Amorites of Jabesh-Gilead to the Japodes on the Colapis, and suspected them in variations of the Cheps/Jeepma's, though the namers of Cheps may have been Caepio liners while Jeepma's may have been Japodes liners married to Caepio liners, for example the line of Junia Caepionis suspect between the Una river and the fleur-de-lys of Tarriers i.e. who lived at a Cheping location. Emailer Patterson shared a vision (in her sleep as she awoke) with a blue lion named "something like Cappeo" (her words), interesting where June-like Jeans/J'Anes' use the blue lion. If the latter were merged with Annas liners, we expect Caiaphas to pop up.

Roger de Bully at Eaton tends to inform me that Bullis liners were linked to Caiaphas liners of the Chives kind. Later, I'll get to the Baltea river, which flows to Chivasso, for I've find Bullis liners there of the Templar kind.

Repeat: "I recall emphasizing that the Eaton cross was once showing like a double-axehead design, still showing for Staintons." Staintons and Stains were of Yorkshire with Hicks, and Staintons use a "COVERed CUP," as if to emphasize the Hicks link to Taranto liners of the Coffer kind. The Arms of Taranto uses mythical Taras. You see, God had a plot for making Hamilton KilPatrick pose with the bull terrier. One of his sons in the photo is COURTland, and "covered"-like Coverts are also the Courts. Did God name Courtland for this revelation, to make the reader believe that he's in it? The other son, Cody, is a name bringing up the Cotys'/ArchDICKENS (suspect as Dexaroi), suspect with Cotta's, the latter first found in Languedoc with Courts and Forneys, and using three chevrons colors reversed from the one of Forneys. Remarkably, I was going to mention that Dickens share the double-axehead cross (as I personally call it) too, but decided against it, until the ArchDickens cropped up, which was not planned when I first mentioned that same cross from Staintons. Incredible. God is typing right through my mind (not a new thing at all). The ARCHdickens can be of the Arcs, first found in Berkshire with Motel-possible Modens/Modeys (share fretty Shield with Cotta's), from Modane on the Arc river. The Modens/Modeys almost use the Shield of Cheppings, likewise first found in Berkshire, and Cheppings are suspect as Stanley-Cup liners (so to speak) at Cheping-Toriton of the Tarriers/Torintons.

I wrote a long letter to Miss Hicks at her Forney address telling her about the dream now under discussion. One day, she may get wind of one of these updates, and call me, either angry out of her mind for writing on her family, or open to these writings to the point of becoming my wife. I'll keep you posted. The dream predicted she'd become my wife. I'll show you the marriage contract. No one will then deny that God wants a revelation out to His Church through me / her. Or, when we rose to the sky, embraced, as soon as my hand grazed her knee, it was perhaps only a brother-sister symbol of the rapture. When I had this dream, I had not yet learned what the rapture was.

Codys were first found in the same place as bull-using Walerans and same-colored Tarriers/Tarento's. The ancestry of Cilnius MAECenas, husband of Terentia Murena, is still suspect in naming Maccabees. The Murena tower can be gleaned in the Crest of Arrows/Arras (from the Artois capital) because the Cilnius' were in Arettium/Arezzo since about 400 BC. I need to find how Monunius I, king of Dardania in about 300 BC, links to the proto-Maecenas' and forms the first-known HasMONean in about 175 BC, who lived in Israel at Modane-like Modi'in. Something tells me that the Hicks marriage to Arthurs of Clapton have something to do with it.

The last time the Leafs won the Stanley Cup was in 1967 (I was 10 years old with Andrea and her Tarzan book), the year of the Montreal Olympic games, i.e. the year that the British bulldog was made. The Roets (Somerset, same as Trents / Tarrs') were from Payne Roet, who had MONTREIL elements in the theater of the Somerset-like Somme river, and British's are now suspect with Sommer/Summer / Somerset liners such as Coffers i.e. from Tarrier-related Taranto liners. You can't make this up. God is a genius. The owner of the Maple Leafs was (and may still be) the loathed / greedy Mr. Ballard, a surname sharing a giant griffin in the Shield, and a griffin head in the Crest, with Shorts. The Ballard griffin is ermined, and giant ermine spots are used by French Balls/BALARDs, first found in Brittany. It appears that God made that British bulldog for the Olympics, and that he had planned on selling a copy to me.

Shorts (English-Jordan colors) share estoiles with Balloons, the latter being like some Ball/Balard variations. If you check the Brittany Jordans, you will see a Shirt-like Coat while Irish JORdans have Shirt- / Short-like variations. Gore's/JORe's and Gore's/Core's use versions of both Alan Coats, and that links us to the Motel Chief i.e. Taranto elements suspect with the horse in the British/BradDOCK Crest.

Let's go back to Terentia Murena, because the naming of CHILderic, as per the Chill variation of Childs, can be a line from CILnius Maecenas. Here we assume that Taro-river Tarriers/Torintons, with some Thorn-like variations, trace to Terentia. We then find that the English Thors, first found in Devon with Tarriers/Torintons, share the red tower with Murena's. Excellent. And because Childeric's wife (Basina) was from THURINgia, it seems that the namers of that place were a branch of the namers of Terentia. I've already shown why Turins (same place as Tarves of the Chives') connect with ancient Bassania (see dark map), in the land of the Cavii, the line to Basina, because Chivasso is near Turin.

Bassania is near Lissus, the line to the Lys'/Lise's (more courant greyhounds), explaining the large fleur of Tarriers. Chivasso is on the Bautica river, a tributary of which is the Lys. The Bautica is also the BALTea, begging whether Balloons / Balls/Balders were from that river, home of the Arduinici. Balloons use the Pen Coat in colors reversed. Balance's/Balancors are the giant eagle of CILNius-like Kilners, and this can be the Child/Chill eagle. We may be looking at a Seleucid link to Cilnius' / Childeric from Alexander Balas. The English Bays are interesting here because Balas' are also BAYLES'/Bayliffs while French Bays share the three crescents of LaBels/LaBAILES' (Balas / Bay / Bellamy colors). In other words, God may have arranged Mrs. Hicks to live in BAYtown for making the Hyksos link to Alexander Balas.

As another sign that Bays (Colchester) are important, the engrailed red border of Scotts is like that of English Bays and Seleucid-like Sellicks. The Lille's, who share the cross of Balas', use a blue, engrailed border. Lille's/LISle's can be suspect with Lille in Artois, near the Lys river there. The Arms of Lille shares the fleur of Lys'/Lise's. There is an English Lise surname sharing the six pale bars of Game's/Cams, and Childs were first found in Hertfordshire (near the Cam) with Benningtons, the latter highly suspect with Benjamites because I trace them to the Colapis while Colapis liner were in Camulodunum, suspect with the Cam river. Benningtons came up with the location of that name (in Lincolnshire) in the Bay write-up.

The Bays of Colchester may have been there since the place was CAMULOdunum, suspect somehow from Maccabees of Israel's Gamala. The way that this can work is where COLCHians are known to have settled the seas off the coast of the Colapis, and while "COLCHESter" looks named after Col-castle, it may have been originally a Colchis term. If Pharnaces was linked to Colchians, since after all he ruled the Pontus and up north into the Colchian theater, he may have put out a royal line at the Colapis. By what coincidence is the Phar/Farr / Hicks fleur that also of Gamble's/Gambels (Yorkshire, same as Phars / Hicks), said to be from "Gamall." Note the ermine and colors of Gamble's, like the same of HAMILtons. Bengs share the colors and format (almost) of the Hykes'/Hacks.

Aha! I accidentally entered "Bengs" to find Bengers with the cross that is the Arms of Pula, a location in the Colchian area of the Adriatic! It compliments my claim that Benjamites of Rimmon co-founded Romans from the Japodes theater. Bengers were first found in Gloucestershire with Cams/Game's (probably the Julian pale bars in someone else's colors). I got Andrea a GAME board, and Andrea's (Andrew saltire in colors revered) can be a branch of Scottish Andrews (same area as Andersons that almost use the Andrea saltire), who put a green saltire on their gold saltire so that it's in both colors of the Benger cross! Bingo. Andrea was God's code for Phrygians, who had Attis as their chief god i.e. the same as the Aeetes Colchians. between the northern part of Istria and the Japodes, the light map shows TARSatica, and I got Andrea a TARZan book. Tarsatica is near Tarvisium. Benjamins share the annulet with Vito's of Tarvisium. Note Romula between the Colapis and Oeneus, for Rome was founded by mythical Romulus and Remus, suspect with Rimini, not far west of Istria. Maschi's of Rimini use the pine theme of Attis.

Books/Boggs were loved by Roets. The Maple / Roet boar heads are shared by Joseph-related Caplans, first found in the same place as Ticino-suspect Tiss'/Tyse's/Tice's. Tease's/Tess' use leaves, and Tease's/Tye's/Tighs were of Annas liners at Nottinghamshire, where Strings were first found who are said to descend from one Fulk, owner of Eaton that was ruled by Roger de Bully. Eatons were suspect earlier, for the first time, with mythical Eetion of Trojan Cilicia, and the Cilicia over by TARSus was at the Taurus mountains that now appear to have named Tarsatica, for I've viewed "Colchis" as a version of "CILICia." Andrea was at my tenth birthday party wearing the pointed birthday hats, and Phrygians had so-called pointed caps. I therefore reasoned that ANDrea was code for the HENETi > Veneti line depicted by mythical ANTenor and mythical ANAT, namer of Anatolia. The Heneti were on the PARTHenius river, explaining why she was at my PARTy. Perseus, suspect from the Parthenius, had a wife, Andrea-like ANDROmeda. The Colchians of the Istria theater were beside the Veneti.

The axe-like cross of Eatons once showing was suspect from Crete, and Cretans founded Troy, so why not see Cretans in Eetion's Cilicia? I now see this from the invasion of mythical SarpEDEN of Crete into Caria. There is a Sarpedon point (dark map) near the mouth of the Hebros, as it faces Mysia, and that was the land of Cicones, suspect from the Caucones in the Troad i.e. where Eetion's Cilicia was located. The Troad was in Mysia, and I trace Mysians to the Maezaei Illyrians, and Eatons were first found in the same place as Masseys. Mount ETNa is in Messina, and Messina's use a version of the Masci Coat. The Caucones (possibly Meshech Caucasians) were at Padasus (Troad), suspect with the Padus (now the Po) flowing in the land of the Veneti. I had traced the Cretan axe to mount Carmel, at Dor (I was at the DOOR of Miss Hicks' CAR), which can explain why Doriscus is on the dark map to the other side of the mouth of the Hebros. The Sarpedon Point also faces SamoThrace, island of Eetion-suspect Iasion, suspect also with Ixion, whom I identify as HYKSos!!! Zowie.

The Hicks dream was even Fashioned to point to Dor's and Carmel's Hyksos. And while she was HOVERing over the seats when I was at her car's door, HAIFa is to the north side of Carmel!!! It now appears that the dream can somehow pertain even to the build-up to, of players in, Armageddon. Dorians were in Macedonia, and may have produced AntiPATER, the ancestry of Nysa and very possibly of KilPATRicks. I was CLOSE at her car door, and Kilpatricks were at CLOSEburn. She was asleep while hovering, and the Daorsi (from mythical Doris) were in the area of the Selepitanoi. Daorsi were at the NERETva river, which was part of the fish-depicted NEREIDs, mothered by Doris. And the Hicks dream started with a shark as code for fish-using Saraca's, at Ragusa, smack to the south side of the Neretva river. Is that not beautiful?

Bullys (heart in flames) were first found in Dumfries with Scottish Patents/Padine's (recalls the knee pad of Jim McGee) while English Patents share the green Leslie griffin head with Strings. The Strings were found in the description of Lothians (Lothian was stacked with Flemings of Flanders), and while Saer de Quincy is in the write-up of Faucets (East Lothian), Quincys have mascles in the colors of the same of Bullys while Faucets were at Mussselburgh while Mussels/Muscels are in code with mascles while Mascals are listed with the Keiths of East Lothian. Jim McGee had to do with me, a Mascal-like Masci, and Steve Tarr, while Leslie's were first found in Aberdeenshire with Cups/Cope's/Colps and the Chives' of Tarves. Eatons use the Chives quadrants in colors reversed, and share "vinCIT" with Cetis/Citis-suspect Keiths. The latter traced to the Cetina = the Tilurius, and, so, if we are wondering what sort of Tarvisium liners the Tarves' were, I'll repeat that Vito's were first found in Tarvisium, yet I see Julius Avitus with ancestry at the Tilurius, where Massey / Meschin/MASCULine liners are expected from his wife's Maesa and Bassianus surnames (Bassania beside Lissus makes a lot of sense here). From this, one can draw a line between the Maezaei Illyrians to Bullis as the foundation of Roger de Bully, and since Masseys are Maccabees, it again can appear that an Alexander-Balas line married a Maccabee family. The Maezaei-Illyrians proper may have predated the Maccabees, but maybe not. Keiths use a Chief like that of Anchors/Annackers, suspect with a branch of Annas', and the Anchor Chief uses lozenges in the colors of the similar Bully mascles. This is a complex paragraph with a lot of history to ponder, but I can see the gist.

The Bullis'/Bulliards even share the Annas star and the red torteaux of Sardinia-suspect Shirts. My mother's Masci family was from near Avezzano, and while Avezzano's were first found in Sardinia, they use the potent pattern in their bend, and, so far as I can decipher, potent liners include Patents, and perhaps even president Putin, for his surname (flames) is listed with Patents/Padine's.

As Bassianus-suspect Base's/BAYS' almost use the two lions in pale of Strange's, the Strings might be a Strange branch. Strings share the gold, spread eagle with Strongs ("est"), and Strongs (Somerset, same as Tints) whose motto ("Tentanta") looks like code for Tints / Tintons...whom I traced to the Atintanes Illyrians smack at the Bullis area!!! Zinger, I wasn't expecting that. Thanks to Towns'/Towners, I can glean that Tints were of Tenants. I was going to say that there's a question here on whether Balas'/Bayles'/Bailiffs and Bays were Base liners. Amazingly, I now recall that Balas'/Bayles' use the same cross as Winchesters, the location of which was ruled by Saer de Quincy. And Winchesters use mascles colors reversed from those of Bullys, while Balas'/Bayles' share large ermine SPOTs with Balls/Balders. Both the Balas and Winchester crosses have four white symbols, and the blue lion in the Winchester Crest is with a gold fitchee cross, the color of the Quint fitchee, a sure sign that Quints and Quince's/Quincys were branches. That blue lion with the Winchester fitchee recalls the blue Cappeo lion from emailer Patterson.

I have never been able to find the surname represented by heraldic spots, but SPUDS McKenzie, the bull terrier that Mr. Kilpatrick was posing with, comes to mind right here. It's completely amazing because Spuds has been resolved as code for Bullis liners while "ermine spots" are used by Balas' and Balls/Balders. It's as though God set up that dog photo in BAYtown waiting for me to find it many years later so that I could reveal the line of Alexander Balas with Bullis / Billiard / Billet / Blythe liners (Bill Clinton was born a Blythe). While Balas' use ESToiles, the Scottish Balders (West Lothian, Linlithgow, same fitchees as Clintons, Hillarys, Rusts/Roosts, and Tarves') use a "ferme" motto term suspect with Azzo of Este in Fermo.

As West Lothian is so near to Dumfries, the Patent/Putine/Padine crescents may be those of Tenants, especially as Tenants share the boar head of McGee's (Dumfries). Towns'/Towners, likewise first found in Linlithgow with Tenants, use the white cross in the Balder Crest, and the Tints use the same cross though on a red Shield. Tints were of Tintagel, home of mythical GORlois, and GOWers are also Gore's, suggesting that Tintagel / Atintanes liners may have named LinlithGOW. The Yams were first found in the same place as Tints, and the Yam-suspect James' share the ostrich with GorLOIS-liner Lois' (Artois). King Arthur was born in Tintagel.

Tenants had been suspect (not clinched) with the Tanaro river, not far from the Baltea, where I trace Balders, and especially king Balder I of Templar Jerusalem, whose family applied the potent cross to the Jerusalem flag. Tenants use a mast while "est"-using Masts/Masters (linkable to Roets and Caplans) were first found in Kent with the Rusts/Roosts that use a Coat similar to the Balder Coat (probably the Sinclair cross). I now remember that my first teenage kiss from a girl (I didn't kiss her back) was stolen from me in a tent by Christine Masters (age 13), and while I slept in a tent with Mamie, who represented Isle-of-Man liners, the Christine's were first found in the Isle of Man. "Mamie" was also suspect with MUMmolin, who was descended from Decimus RUSTicus of Lyon, who operated out of Auvergne, where Bouillons were first found who use a "bello CHRISTI" motto phrase. In this picture, it's pretty conspicuous that Balders use nearly the Rust/Roost Coat, raising the possibility that Balder I was a line from Rusticus. The Mr. Childs who had the address in Forney of Miss Hicks was CHRIS, and Mummolin was a Merovingian not long after king CHILDeric. Reminder: the line of Tigranes Maccabee married the Bassus' that were also Bassianus' that named Basina, Childeric's wife.

Mamie was code for Mame's/Meme's/Mens' in the motto of Merovingian-liner Pepins and Poppins, and for Mansfields (share maunch with Tickhills) of Nottinghamshire (named after Cnut, grandson of Mieszko, descended from mythical Popiel). Mamie's inclusion in my life informed me, the day after we were in the tent (Tints now linking by way of Towns' to TEAGUE's), that Mansfields were married to Tease's/Tye's/TIGHs (related to Ticino-suspect Tickhill, home of Annas' like Anne's). The Towns/Towner chevron with crosses is identifiable with Teague's/Teegers, and the latter's brown wolf head is shared by the Downs'! Bingo. Towns' / Downs' / Tenants were therefore married to the line of TIGRanes Maccabee and Opgalli. The latter is in the "Optem" motto term of Teague's/Teegers along with Timms/Time's. Almost as soon as Helen my tenant left me for a man with a mast-like MUSTang (she's the one that caused the Tenant surname to be emphasized), I went to Texas to fully pay-off the mortgage on my property owned previously my Mrs. Teague. Her maiden name, Friend, is like the Ferrands that named Clermont-Ferrand, where Decimus Rusticus ruled. Kent was home to the first Masons/Massins, suspect from Piedmont's Massino-Visconti, i.e. near the Ticino, Tanaro and Baltea.

There is an argument to be made between the "Dum" of Massins, first found in Kent with Time's/Timms, and the "DEUM Time" motto of Morays who moreover share the Massin mermaid, that "Dum" is code for Edomites from Timna and Eliphas. In other words, Dumfries may have been an Eliphas-line settlement. The Oliphants (kin/associates of Morays Arbuthnotts) share the white unicorn head, I kid you not, with the Masts/Masters of Kent. The Herods were Edomites, and Tigranes Maccabee was of a Herod merger with Maccabees. Oliphants love the Voirs suspect with the Maschi lion.

Recall that BOOTHs and Bush's share the black boar of Edom, for we find, in the Oliphant write-up, that Oliphants were given BOTHwell (Lanarkshire), as well as ArBUTHnott. You can't argue with the facts. Edom was a topic I had loathed to include in my writing, until TIM convinced me of its viability. His surname is Rolph, and that's suspect from Rollo, relevant because Rollo's (same place as Oliphants) share "tout." The "par tout" of Rollo's can be for Parrs, who are beloved of Manners/Maness;, and the latter's double pale bars are colors reversed from the same of English Bays (share red border of Seleucus-like Sellicks), while French Bays use a near-copy of the Oliphant Coat. Excellent, for it's making Alexander-Balas liners suspect with Eliphas liners.

The Popins look like Keith kin, making the Mens / Popin Shield-and-Chief suspect with the same of fox-using Bellows and their Billet branch. This works well because Keiths were first found in east Lothian with Faucets of FOXside (looks like it indicates that the Side/Sudy lion is the Faucet lion). From this perspective, go to the BELLamys (share Bell fesse, in the colors of the Bay/Bayes' fesses) who share the crescents of Side-related Seatons, also from East Lothian. And then take it over a few miles to Roslin, home of the Sinclairs whose cross is shared by Balders of West Lothian. It explains why Hugh de Payens, who was in Jerusalem when the royal Balders ruled it, came back to Europe and visited the Sinclairs of Roslin. Payens/Pagans were first found in Dauphine with French Bays, and the English Bays/Bayes' share the cross species in the Balder Crest. This proves that French Bays use the Label/LaBailes Coat! Excellent. It's helping to identify Bays as Alexander-Balas liners, especially as Bellamys married Ferte-Mace = Maceys = Masseys = Maccabees. As Base's are also Baise's, they can be of the PAISleys/Pasleys, from Pace's/Pasi's of Bologna, which likely named Boulogne in France, home of Balder I.

I look like a genius and a nut all at once, but God has all the credit, for he made me take a leak on the ramp while facing Baytown, the day I had an omen, the night I was mugged in Galveston. The Leaks/Leakeys share the Shield-Chief of Mens' / Popins, and throw in the Hicks fleur, you see, as well as a bent knee as code for Knee's that share the Leak/Leakey bend. The next day, after taking the leak, I was 20 minutes up the road to Leakey, between it and Uvalde. I didn't like the property I went to see there, and so headed to CRYSTal City. The Crystals, first found in Yorkshire with Hicks and Leaks, use a "Mens" motto term, I kid thee not. They share the thistle with Paisleys. Leaks were partly in Nottinghamshire, thus linkable to Mansfields there. The Kilpatricks thought they chose Baytown as their home when in fact it was God. The Leaks use virtually the Popin Coat (stag heads of Yorkshire Anne's), while the "mansit" motto term of Popins can be partly for Maness' suspect with the double-Bay fesses, and for Seatons/SITTens because the Popin Coat is nearly that of Keiths (share the stag head with Popins). Poplys/Popells were first found in Yorkshire, and look like Bessin kin.

Balder I was brother to Godfrey de Bouillon, and Bouillons use a "bello CHRISTi" motto phrase. If that's for English Bello's, they are the Billet-branch Bellows (beloved of Shiptons, same place as Clintons) with a "Vita" motto term and the same cinquefoils as Hamiltons. The "gnaVITer" term of Leaks is suspect with Vito's too. Others use this cinquefoil, of course, but I purchased my bulldog from Hamilton. We read that an early Mr. Belet was involved with Balscot, perhaps indicating the Baliols in the Scott write-up, or, on the other hand, a Bals line with Cott elements. Cotta's share a fretty Shield with English Belows.

It's more likely that the Bouillon motto term is for German Bello's/Belows because they use the double-headed eagle of Cheps/Jeepma's while the latter's has the Goth/Gothel star. The great-grandfather of de Bouillon was Gothelo. His son, Godfrey III, married Tuscany elements, and Tuscany is where Ferrand liners trace i.e. to Firenze. That white unicorn above (shared my Masters and Oliphants) can be the one of Firenze-possible Fire's, who are beloved of the fireball of Balls. It's not coincidental that while Bouillons share the cross of the Tuscany Taddei's, the latter's Chief is a copy of the Ferrand Chief. Royal-line Tuscany was with Rozala of Ivrea, a location on the Baltea.

The "tenax" motto term of Ferrands (Yorkshire again) should be for Tenas'/Tenare's (much like "Tanaro") because they can be with the triple chevrons of Bleds while the latter's are in colors reversed from the same of Clare's, expected at Clermont-Ferrand (Auvergne). The Bleds (same place as Tenas'/Tenare's) are not way out in left field, for they are the ones with a "tous" motto term for the Tuscany Tous'/Tonso's. Ferrands use "JusTUS". The Tous buttons can therefore indicate that Bidens/Buttons were a branch of the "Bautica" river, which is the Baltea. The Botters/Bodins, first found in the same place as Bidens/Buttons, use an eagle on a PERCH, suspect with Bellamys of Perche i.e. king-Balas suspects. The Tous shirt is suspect with Seleucids of Sulcis. Italian Botters were first found in Tuscany, as were Italian Fulks who may have named Fulk, the one who had Eaton from Roger de Bully. Bleds (same place as Messeys), who are also Balas-like Blez's, are in the colors of Maccabee-suspect Messeys. Blaze's were first wound in the same place as Ferrands, and use a version of the Rust/Roost Coat! The Blaze Coat is a good reflection of the Kilpatrick Coat...which may indicate that Irish Kilpatricks share the Masci fleur closely.

Taddei's share triple chevrons on blue with Tenas'/Tenare's, and the latter are in the colors of French Messeys while I'm both a Masci (first found in the Tanaro theater) and a Taddei. Tenas'/Tenare's were first found close enough to Bays/Bayes' to explain why they are in the same colors.

A Masci took a LEAK on the way to Galveston, hours after seeing an omen as a small cloud, about as wide as the sun, completely covering the sun. There was an ill feeling that came with it, and I was worried about entering Galveston as I approached after that leak stop. The size of the cloud was about as large as the one covering a sun in the LEASE Coat. Leakincidence? The Lease motto, "Clarior e TENEbris," must be partly for Clare's because Scottish Lease's/Lise's share the Coat of Larins/Clarens, with two of the Clare chevrons. Therefore, the Lease motto is connectable to Tenas'/Tanare's. The Lease sun can now be code for the Sun variation of Clare-related Sinclairs. Lease's and Leaks may, therefore, by Lys-river liners off the Baltea. Leaks share a blue bend with Claro's/Charo's. I was given the impression (a few weeks ago) that my excursion through Galveston had to do with Donna Lease Brazile.

After the Democratic National Convention forced its leader to step down in the wake of the WikiLEAKS revelations, Donna Brazile took over in the interim, and was replaced by Tom Perez (the current DNC leader). There is only one PEREz Coat, which is the same one as Spanish Petro's, and not only does it use a version of the PHAR/Farr Coat, but it share's the fleur-de-lys of Leaks, amazing is it not? However, I have been tracing Petro's to Flavius Petro of Rieti because their Coat is a good reflection of the Reed Coat, yet I've been confident lately that Phars/Farrs were Pharnaces liners partly because my Nissan, which is what was driven to Galveston, was resolved as code for Nysa, Pharnaces' wife. Either I'm making a mistake at some point, or there is a coincidence with "Phar" looking like "Perez" and meanwhile the two surnames have similar Coats with the same fleur-de-lys even. On top of this, the Perez'/Petro's share the flory cross of CarLISLE's in colors reversed while Lisle's can be Lys / Lease liners. The Lisle's (swallow, same as Arundels) even use four crosses in Carlisle-cross colors. The SHIRburn castle of Lisle's was the seat of the Macclesfields, and the Arms of Macclesfield shares "copia" with Reeds, not to remention that it has a blue lion suspect right away when emailer Patterson told me her blue-lion dream with "something like Cappeo" written out as the lion's name.

Whether or not I'm correct about whom the Phars trace to, it appears solid that God was pointing to Donna Brazile and Tom Perez with that leak stop at Baytown / Houston. While I can make surname links fairly well if they are there to be made, I can't predict events in the news that pertain to the people that the God-driven events in my life point to. All I can say is that the Galveston omen was about the DNC. I could ponder all the details of that event in an effort to decipher what God has in mind, but time for this week is out for a major task.

If correct that Lease's were from Lys'/Lise's, than I would need to trace back to Laish. From that angle, can we see why God would want to link Leaks and Lease's with Phars and PEREZ's. The Pharisees. Laish had the pagan Levites. Pharnaces was suspect as the line to the naming of Pharisees, and perhaps Flavius Petro was a Pharnaces liner, for Josephus took refuge in the family of Petro's grandson, and Josephus claimed to be from the priestly lines. It's making sense. Josephus even mentioned a Pharisee by the name of Sadducee-like Sadduc, who was a friend of a Gaulonite of Gamala. Gamble's, said to be from "Gamall," share the Phar / Perez / Leak / Hick fleur. If Gamala elements somehow named Camulodunum, that's where Bays were first found. I took the leak facing BAYtown. The double fesses of Bays may even be linkable to the same of Nissans / Ness'/Nessons, for the two of Nissans are those of Parrs, and those of Bays are colors reversed from the two of Parr-loving Maness'/Manners. Two fesses are at times called, GEMEL. If this strikes you as hilarious, I'm okay with it. I'm thinking that God sees fit to depict Pharisees with urine. English Lise's were first found in the same place as Josephs, and these Lise's use pale bars in the colors of the Parr / Nissan bars.

There's more. The Sadducees belonged to a house of BOETus, and while Bays are said to be Beyers, both Beyer surnames share the same rose as Boets, while Boets share the same fesse as the English Lise's. The French Bays are likely using the Label Coat, and a so-called label is used by Panico's of the Setta valley, to whom I though Israel's religious leaders should trace.

The interesting thing about my omen as I approached Baytown is that there is an Alexandria location on the road I likely too. This was mentioned a few updates ago, but I didn't see that there is a Sabine river that was crossed between Alexandria and Baytown, but even if I had, it wouldn't have meant anything until finding this Phar connection of Flavius Petro, father of Flavius Sabinus. Is that not wild? It's evening as I write, and the Sabine was noted this afternoon on my break. But I was at the map again just now, and there is a LEESville written under "Alexandria"!!! Wow. The Lees surname even uses the colors and format of Alexanders, and as the Alexanders share the crescent of Motts/MOTTINs, see Modi'in below.

Another thing seen just now is that Alexandria is in Louisiana, where Donna Lease Brazile was born. The last time I mention this geography, I had the wrong impression that Alexandria was in Texas. As I recall my trip, the omen occurred soon after I crossed Louisiana into Texas, and so it was after passing Alexandria. The Sabine acts as the Texas-Louisiana border. There is a Savena river next to the Setta valley in Boii-founded Bologna. Panico's of the Setta us a label, and Labels are suspect with French Bays/Bayes'. If you read the Beyer write-up, you will see the Boii. The house of Boetus could have been of the Boii, who were in Bologna (Bononia) and neighboring MODENA before the Maccabee brothers were born in Israel's MODI'IN. "MaccaBEAUS" has been suspect as indication of Boii. The Romans could have sent some Boii leader(s) into Syria and Lebanon.

Donna Brazile became a topic because Joel and a Brazilian flew to Rome, then drove to Venice. They happened to pass Mount Sabina, can you believe this? I wrote about it a few weeks ago; the details are all there. Wikipedia says that her surname was originally "Braswell" some generations back, and Braswells use a girdle suspect with Girtle's/CURTlers, the latter variation like CURTUS Maccabee that Josephus claimed to descend from. Curtis' use a fesse in the colors of the two of Bays, and COURTS/Coverts (pale bars in Bay-fesse colors) and Coverts were first found in the same place as Sadducee-like Saddocks and Bononia-suspect Bone's. Recall that SCOTTs trace themselves to Alexander, brother of king BALiol, for Saddocks use an eSCUTcheon as part-code for Scutz's/Schutz's (Sadducee liners?), first found in Rhineland with Girtle's/Curtlers. Rhineland was stacked with Ashkenaz "Jews" suspect largely with Khazars.

Why do Sabine's share a Chief like that of Seleucus-like Sellicks? Now that I have the Texas-Louisiana border pegged correctly, I can say that the omen took place roughly at Beaumont, for it happened shortly after I crossed the Louisiana border, and it was dark as I took the leak. In the omen, the sun was about half way down to the horizon, or about 3 pm. I assume it gets dark in Texas, in April, around 6:30. The drive from Beaumont to the south-turn toward Galveston (where the leak was taken) would have been around two hours, maybe more due to rush-hour, and so I was probably not yet in Beaumont, but close. The Beaumonts married Waleran de Leavell, son of Gouel de Percival, the line from Levi-like Laevillus. He married the line of Alexander Maccabee, and I trace his wife to the Quade's/Wade's whom I've linked to the Lees' before. Leesville is beside Alexandria, and the omen took place shortly after I passed those two places.

Moreover, Sabine's share the red scallop with Jeans/J'Anes', first found in Worcestershire with Wade-like Watts. The omen took place as I crossed the Sabine river. In the Hicks dream, I had no shirt on, but if I did, I wouldn't have had reason to see it as code for Shirts. But as Shirts are indicated by having no Shirt, one can also assume that Jeans are in code. Shirts are suspect with the line of Alexander Balas in Sardinia, and Avezzano's, from Avezzano to the south side of Mont Sabina, were first found in Sardinia. When I was with no shirt, I saw Miss Hicks from FARR away. If my shirt was on, I would have interpreted the scene as me alone, no reason to emphasize my clothes.

I had just walked out of a body of water. I had no reason to view it as a lake versus an ocean, albeit it was a nice medium blue, lighter than the dark, small lakes I'm accustomed to. As Miss Hicks was about Leaks/Leakeys, the Lake's and Lakeys will be discussed here in what is a fabulous addition to the discussion. First, Lake's (probably Clinton kin) use a version of the Plunkett and Holly Coats. Lakeys use holly and a good reflection of the Boet Coat, and as Boets are suspect with the house of Boetus, and because Caiaphas was a Sadducee that therefore might have been a Boetus liner, by what coincidence were Lakeys first found in Stirlingshire with Scottish Chappes'. But if Leaks and Lease' were Lys'/Lise's, we can assume that Lake's and Lakeys were too, and it just so happens that Lys'/Lise's were first found in Pharisee-like PARIS with French Chappes' and Levi's. The Parisii namers of Paris, I read, co-founded York, and that's where Leaks were first found. Hollys were first found in the same place as Sabine's, and share red roundels with Shirts and Bullis/Bulliards.

There's more, for while Teague's/Teegers were from Tigranes and Opgalli, they were the parents or grandparents of Plancia Magna, the line to Plunkets. And the point is, Lakeys share the brown wolf head with Teague's/Teegers. I had pegged Joseph Caiaphas as a direct relative of Opgalli, and here it's working nicely thanks to the leak. The other Teegers share the eight-pointed star (both colors) of shirt-using Tous'/Tonso's.

Well, a leak has to do with urine, and the urine line of Orion was in BOIotia, the thing I suspect with "Boetus." I found Orion because I urinated on Pino when I was five years old. The urine line became suspect with Orne because heraldry depicts it with hunting horns while Orion was a hunter, and because the only thing I remember about Pino or his house (my direct neighbor), aside from peeing on him, was a man at his garage showing me a hunting rifle. Well, I first checked urine-like Orrens to see if perhaps God was playing in such a surname with my leak(s), and Orrens (same Shield as Patents) share the double-gold chevrons with Josephs and CHAPlains. It's another urination bulls-eye. But I then tried for a Urren surname, and the holly of Irvings (Dumfries) came up (holly is their only symbol). Their motto may be for the pine-using Constance's/Constants.

The Urren Crest is "a SPRAY of holly LEAVES", and Sprays are the Spree's (Pino crescents, no guff) who honor the Simple's (same place as Speers) in their motto. Isn't a leak like a spray??? Plancia Magna was related to Mr. Simplex, explaining why Perkins use a "simplex" motto term, for Perkins must have been from Perga, hometown of Plancia. The Speers share the Spree/Spray crescents, but also share the spears of Vespasia-suspect Pasi's, first found in Boii-town Bologna with Guido's. The latter's Shield is highly suspect in marital connection to the Sprays/Speers. Vespasia Polla was the line to Pollocks, first found in the same place as Simple's and Speers, and she married Flavius Sabinus above, a son of TERTULLa and Flavius Petro, important because Plancia Magna lived in Perga due to her husband, TERTULLus. So, the Urrens brought us to the family of emperor Vespasian, and the Orrens brought us to Josephs, while Josephus was adopted by Vespasian's family. General Josephus, while fighting Vespasian in Israel, killed his entire army, women and children included, then betrayed Israel and went over to the Romans. God will urinate lava on that man.

Another thing. What's the chances that Beaumonts would use the same crescents as Sprays/Speers? Those Beaumonts love the Vito's in their motto, I assume. I've just noticed that French Beaumonts were first found in the same place as Bays!!! I peed facing Baytown (Boii liners?) a couple of hours after passing Beaumont (Boii liner?). I link the Beaumont lion to that of Bone's. French Bays use three crescents colors reversed from the same of French Pine's!!! Zowie, when God puts things together, there's a lot to it. The Pine fesse-with symbols is colors reversed from the same of Beaumonts. I assume that he set my peeing on Pino up to compliment my peeing at Baytown. How else can I explain this? I was on a porch railing when taking a leak, and Pino walked around the corner of the porch and get it first on the HEAD. The Porch surname is with Portis', and a Hicks family lived at PortisHEAD because they married Arthurs of Clapton, the latter being from the Ardiaei that had a king Pinnes. French Pine's share the white cinquefoil with Porch's/Portis', and Miss Hicks was asleep in a car as code for the Selepitanoi, between the Ardiaei (Neretva river, same as Daorsi) and the Cavii of Lissus! Bingo. There is why Leaks and Lease's are connecting to Baytown. French Bays were even first found with or near the first-known Mathis', from the Mathis river beside Lissus.

BOTHwells (Bay colors) use a BOY pulling down a pine tree, and BUTua (suspect from Boiotians) was in the area of the Selepitanoi. The Bothwell Coat is nearly the Bute/Butt Coat. French Pine's were first found in Limousin with Seconds/Segurs, and Levi's (suspect from Laish) use a "second" motto term. Limousin is where Clare's were first found while one Lise surname shares the chevrons of Clarens/Larins. French Larins, not far from French Bays, share the CAPES scallops, which are colors reversed from the Sabine scallop. The Capes' were first found in the same place as Tooths, and queen Teuta was the step-mother of Pinnes (predated Vespasian and Josephus). The Yorkshire Tute's/Touts use the Pino crescent in colors reversed. Irish Tute's were first found in Norfolk with Sabine's. Touts are loved by Rollo's, first found in Perthshire (beside Chappes') with Lise's. (Lise's show a lion facing backward, a rarity.) Rollo's love the Parrs, and French Pine's use one of the two Parr / Nissan fesses. I leaked the first time on Pino, and the second time when I got out of my Nissan, facing Baytown, and French Bays must be with the crescents of French Pine's.

I say that God showed me a Cimmerian background for Tooths. They are said to be from "dentiBUS," and Dents / Dance's can be regarded as Tanais-liner Danaans. The Cimmerians were in the Tanais area, then in Kamiros upon Rhodes' with Danaans of Lindos. Cimmerians were suspect historically from GOMER, and I had a swelled GUM (fistula) at a bad tooth up until months ago, which is what taught me of the Cimmerian link to Tooths. The swelling subsided after I stopped eating cereal, the only high-level sugar I was still eating at the time. The dentist said this tooth couldn't be saved, but the swelling is gone, and it feels 90 percent well. The gum-like Hume's use "True TO THE end," suspect with Tooths. German Gumms are also Gomers. The Chief of English Gumms has two swords in saltire, and the Capes Chief has a saltire made of a sword and some acorns. If we think Caiaphas is in the Capes', note that French DENETs/Jordans (compare with Dance's) use a reflection of the Boet/Butt/Bute Coat. The other Bute's/Butts share the black horsehead of the Dance Crest. English Denets ("proviDENTium") are said to have been near Dreux, and Dreux's are also Drews while True's are also Trews.

As Bute's/Butts were early in Norfolk, same as Tute's, I'll peg them as a Butua liner in merger with queen Teuta's line to mythical king Arthur, who was made to die in Avalon = Bute. These Bute's/Butts are said to have possibly been from Falaise, evoking Fulbert "the tanner" of Falaise (he probably wasn't a tanner), whom I trace to the Tanaro river...near the BAUTica river, home of the Arduinici. Italian Dance's/Donna's/Donnas' (Don = Tanais river?) were first found in the Tanaro theater. German Tanners use pine cones likely for Pinnes liners to the Bautica.

The Bad News, For Hillary

Here's the best news story on Uranium One that I've seen. The State department under Hillary is trying to make it seem that the decision to sell American uranium to Russians was not Hillary's, but of some lower office within the department. We can suppose that Hillary now has the choice of letting blame go to others, but we are not naive. She made the decision knowing all about it:

"Funny" thing. Searching " 'Saint Petersburg' uranium " on youtube gets what looks like child porn. I don't want to click on any of the videos. Searching "Saint Petersburg" does not get the same sort of videos. Why does youtube provide child porn with "uranium"? Is this one of the things that God wanted us to know with the planting of the medallion? In all my surfing on youtube the last several months, I have never had child porn put before my face. But here, the videos have titles made to appear political, yet they offer pictures of seductive children. Is this God's sign that the Clintons have indeed been trafficking in children?

The first thing to say this week is that general Mattis continues to claim that North Korea is about to attack the United States. You cannot be more stupid than that, unless they feign an attack from Korea.

I haven't been following the separatist movement in Spain because I thought it would fizzle out. Apparently not. I haven't had time to look at it, and it's probably not in my scope of prophetic matters, anyway, except to say that EU globalism is floundering.

Mueller is surprising us with an arrest, probably timed to distract from his Uranium-One problems, and perhaps to strike fear in those who would continue to expose it. God likes a good fight. Bring it on. Actually, the longer Mueller stays on, the worse it will be for his side. His coming arrest (person not yet revealed) could be his swan song before he is forced to resign. Or, the arrest could be his attempt to look like he's progressing and shouldn't need to quit. The big media can now talk about that rather than Uranium One. That's how the deep state works, with news stories concocted to distract from things that matter.

Here's an angry Democrat newsman with enough morality to make CNN look chronically ill:

Here's more coming down the big pipe into Clinton's nightmare, with the FBI acting as the shut-off valve:

As Jeff Flake, a Republican senator, was the first out to see Steve Scalise when he was shot at second base, he became suspect with the insiders. He also gave conflicting testimony of the events; I saw this myself. He first said that Scalise ran to the dug out upon being shot, and later changed his song by saying he crawled further out to center field. Something seems wrong about that. Flake has just announced that he's quitting the senate in 2018, and, in the meantime, he let out a blistering attack on Trump's character, which may be a good sign that Trump's not behaving as the deep state would like. It sounds as though Flake doesn't like his fellow Republicans, and, perhaps, he's a closet Democrat i.e. spy.

For a comprehensive revelation on the hood's meaning, see sub-title, "Hicks Hood Finally Deciphered," in the 4th update in March, 2019.


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