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I was more impressed than ever, in the last update, concerning an old dream (which I call the Hicks dream) I had about a week after a surprise conversion to Christ. I can add things yet to that dream. First, I want to show how it points to the Masa Sea Peoples of Caria. The missing shirt on my back was suspect as code the Shardana Sea Peoples, probably named after Sardis in Lydia. This part of the dream started while I came up from a body of water with light-blue water, the color expected of an ocean i.e. where pirates and Sea Peoples thrive. In the next scene, I was walking shirtless onto the beach. I myself have a Masci bloodline on one side, suspect with the Masa.

Miss Hicks herself was a Hyksos liner, and this recalls my theory that the Sea Peoples, because they invaded Egypt, and for other reasons, had been lines from the Hyksos seeking to restore their dominion in Egypt. This is of obvious importance when, while walking shirtless, I saw her at a CAR that was code for Carians. I was instantly brought to the DOOR of her car, and it's known that Hyksos were on the Mediterranean coast of Israel / Gaza after they were forced out of left Egypt. I expected Hyksos up at Tyre, CARmel and DOR, and, in fact, the Sea Peoples, after failing to take Egypt, settled partly at Dor.

On top of this, I insisted that the Hyksos were the Exodus Egyptians (15th century BC), explained where Egyptologists have their dating slightly wrong (about a century) in the period of 1500 BC, because they want to push documented history back to 3200 BC when the Flood permits only 2350 BC (all documents before the Flood were destroyed / covered up by ocean sentiments). I have maintained a claim for years without change that when Moses was named by the daughter of the evil Pharaoh, it indicated that his household was from Mus of Lake Van. The idea here is that the Mus entity, whatever it was called by the Hyksos, became the Masa Sea Peoples.

It can be explained where I came to believe that the blond woman in the dream had a double fulfillment, either Helen my tenant, or Miss Hicks. Helen became my tenant in the period of my separation, when In was expecting the woman in the dream to become my second wife. I was of the stern belief that a married man cannot become re-married, but, for some reason I didn't yet understand, God would make an exception with me because the dream promised a remarriage. In short, Helen (just six years my younger at her 36) came into my life as the first woman to fit the description of the dream, though at the time a Miss Hicks of Texas, thousands of miles away, was my first suspect since two or three years earlier. I had property in Texas, but could not get back to it in all those years.

Helen became fond of me, until I told her about the post-trib book. She seemed to resist Jesus very hard, and wanted to get away from me at that point. I was hoping she would change, but she did not. She ended up dating Steve, who had a red convertible Mustang, all fixed up nice, of about the year 1965 or earlier. The car in the dream was more of a 1950's model, all done up nice, but, you see, this coincidence seemed close enough that Helen could be considered a second fulfillment of the dream. Steve wouldn't drive his Mustang in winters to keep it from rusting out, and so he showed up with it in the spring, about a week before I was leaving back for Texas after years of absence.

The point here is the MUSTang, and the sail and MAST of the Tenant surname, which happen to be items on a ship i.e. that Sea Peoples use. This is new to me, by the way. There is a MUSTAN/MOUSsen surname, in Moses and Must/MOUSquette colors, and the Moses' are said to be from Mr. Mostyn. Did God arrange for a Moses surname (not likely descended from the Biblical Moses) to help make the Hyksos link to Helen my tenant?

The Moses/Moesen surname (their dove makes them suspect from MOESia's Cuppae location) shares the calvary symbol with Crystals, the latter first found in Yorkshire with Hicks and Mustans/Moussens. Miss Hicks was attending church in Crystal City when I arrived to Texas after leaving Helen and Steve back home. Feasibly, Crystals can be from mythical Creusa, a Sea Peoples of sorts because she was the wife of Aeneas, the mate of the Carthaginians from Tyre (near Dor). In any case, the sense I'm getting is that Mustans/Moussens were Masa Sea Peoples because Steve drove a Mustang CAR.

But there is more. When I met Helen, she was seeing Dave. The Davids (same place as Masseys) were pegged with the bend of Misls/Maysls/Meissels (sinister-facing lion), which has the only MOUSE I've ever seen in heraldry. And when she was leaving him for me, Dave came by when she wasn't home, and left a chocolate treat on her door's door knob, which was my side door. To the best of my recollection, I heard him at the door, and then went to the door, to find the chocoLATE there, which was suspect a few weeks ago with the Late's/Letts, whom I tend to trace to mythical Leto, who happens to have been a Lydian entity. The Romans called her, Latona, like the Ladon river, but the Lasonii peoples of the Lydia theater also come to mind. The Letts/Late's share the saltire of the Yorkshire Phars/Farrs, and the latter use the Hicks fleur.

I always view Leto and her son, Apollo, as Leda and her son Pollux, the later being the brother of Helen "of Troy." That's why the chocolate was viewed as a Sign from God for making this link. And if the CHOColate was part of a Sign, perhaps the Chocks apply too. They use the same lion as Pisa's, and Italy's Pisa is at Massa-Carrara, a Masa-Carian entity if ever we saw one. Grecian Pisa (home of Massey-liner Amazons) is at the Ladon-river theater, near the Spartans that furnished Leda. And Leda's husband, Tyndareus, was of Tyndaris in CAUCasia. The CAUCones of the Troy area come to mind with Chocks too. The latter are white on blue, which I regard as Gog colors ("gog" means sky / blue"), and GOG may have been a CAUC term. Gogarene/Gugar was near Lake Van, and both Googe's and Goughs use white-on-blue. Gogarene was at lake SeVAN, which I trace to heraldic swans, shared by Chaucer-related Chalkers, both first found in Kent with Masts/Masters and Massins/Masons, the latter sharing the blue and upright lion with Pisa's so as to trace somehow to the namers of Massa-Carrara. The Carrara's share a split Shield in blue and white with Pisa's.

Tyndaris was on a Glaucus river, and Stevens were first found in GLOUCestershire, as were Late's/Letts. The organ PIPES of Late's/Letts are partly for Pipe's, a branch of Pepins, from Hyksos king, Apepi. The design of the Steven falcons is used giantly by Irish Kere's, and the Steven chevron is in the colors of the Carr chevron.

Roets share boars with Googe's and Goughs, and the sister of Catherine Roet married Mr. Chaucer of Kent. Catherine Roet owned the Catherine wheel, and Carrara's use the wheel. Catherine Roet married a Swan-possible Swynford (boars), but she also married John of Gaunt while Swans/Sions once showed GAUNTlet gloves. The CAT used by Massai's of Lucca, where Chattan-related Botters were first found, is code for the Cato variation of Chattans, and from PORCius Cato (200 BC). To no surprise, Porcia's use the boar, and it's in black, the color of the Swynford boar. Plus, Roets use a Caria-suspect motto term, and should therefore trace to Rhodes off the Carian coast.

I now need to repeat that mythical Leto was at LatMUS, you see, at the Caria/Lydia border, and where we can expect the Masa Sea Peoples. Latmus was home to a relative/sister of Helios on Rhodes, and she was the moon goddess, Selene, loved by the eternal sleeper (Endymion), which can explain why Miss Hicks (in the dream) was asleep in the CAR. I, a Masci liner on the side of me that comes from Abruzzo, where Porcius Cato spent some of his childhood, was told to go wake her up, and the voice that told this to me seemed to be from God, with the promise that the woman would become my wife. I must assume that my mother's Masci line is from the Masa Sea Peoples, the neo-Hyksos.

Near Carrara-Massa there was an ancient Luna location (has a similar name today), and this appears to indicate that the moon-goddess cult of Caria had been naming things "Luna." The German Roets not only use a crescent moon, but it has a face drawn upon it, with eyes closed i.e. sleeping. It can't be coincidental that Carian-like Karens/Kerns (sinister bendwise) use the same moon. And the Luna surname uses crescents too, in the colors of the same of French Massa's/Masseys/Massai's. The Massena's use a sinister-rising bend (rises to the Shield's left side, rare) with the gold Zionist stars used on the sinister rise of Karens/Kerns. Massena's/Messina's share the Pek patee crosses, code for Patti in Messina, yet Peks are from Moesia's Pek river, suspect there with the Picensii Moesians / Illyrians (see dark map) that likely named Picenzo, the Abruzzo location where my mother was born. It's also interesting that Peks use a chevron with symbols in colors reversed from the same of Cars.

Let's go back to the David-Misl link I make, for that has to do with mythical SiemoMYSL, the ancestry of Mieszko I of Masovia / Poland. Siemomysl was the son, if I recall correctly, of Pisa-suspect PIAST the Wheelwright. It just so happens that the Wheelwright surname uses Catherine wheels, and that SIEMs'/Siemens share the gold and sleeping crescent (faces sinister) with Roets / Kerns. The Siems'/Siemens use a so-called "SLAB," which gives the impression of the Sleeps of SALOP, where Moses'/Moesens were first found.

Siems are in the colors of Simms' (East Lothian), and more crescents are with SIMsons. The Simms use "A hand holding a pen," a near-match with "A RIGHT hand holding a pen" of CARlisle's. The WheeelWRIGHTs are thus discerned as a branch of RIGHts/Wrights. The last update crossed the "writing pen" of Scoots/Scougals (same place vas Simms'), and they happen to share the red border with Scotts who themselves use Catherine wheels. The hunting horn and "ornant" motto term of Scoots suggests the Orne river, home of Maceys and proto-Meschins. The "Haec" motto term of Scoots evokes Hyke/Haik, a chief and ancient Armenian god (Lake Van is in Armenia) suspect with "Hyksos."

The motto of Simsons (Irish-Kern colors) can be traced Enotrians/Oenotrians to Laish's Levites as they passed through mythical Oeneus of Calydon, the line to king OenoMAUS of Pisa, all related to Endymion the eternal sleeper. Irish Kerns share a white chevron with both Carr surnames, but the Scottish Cars/Kerrs ("SED") share red symbols upon it with Kerns. The Car/Kerr motto can indicate there Sere's / Sears are Kerr liners. An interesting thing is that Kere's bring up the Massey quadrants of Eure's/Ivers with an "oblivisCAR" motto term.

The Tyningdale location of Scoots can suggest the Tinnons/Timmons (Timna liners?) because they share plates with Pens and Mussels/Muscels, the latter likely the namers of Musselburgh in East Lothian, where Simms were first found who share the pen with Scoots. Perfect, and Pens were first found in Buckinghamshire with Simsons while Buck liners are suspect with the Hyksos king, Apachnas. The Cedes' variation of Seats/SEEDs are suspect in the "cede" motto term of Steers, the latter being in the steer of BACHs/Backs.

Speaking of the Backs, I had a dream from God where Obama was on a SKATEBOARD wearing his SUIT, which scene was followed immediately by a scene of an employee's BACK. This scene was out BACK of his billiard hall. How did I know it was in the backyard? The Suits/Suters/Sewers share a version of the BOARD Coat, and SCOOTs share the eSCUTcheon with Suits/Suters yet the Scoots have come to call it a BORDer. Borders share the swords of Swords, from Sewer-suspect Siward of Northumberland, a relative of Mieszko I / Swietoslawa. The dream opened with black SHEETS covering the billiard tables in Obama's billiard / pool hall. The Skate's were first found in the same place as the Dunham surname of Obama's mother, which I say named Dunham-Massey / Dunham-Masci. The Buck-related Conte's were first found in a place once called, Dunholme. Helen met Steve in a pool hall.

Miss Hicks was hovering over the seats when she slept, and Seats/Cedes can be a branch of Scoots of the Skeets/Skate / Skit / Sched kind. The Skeets' / Skits and Scheds share the potent cross of Chads, and so compare Boards with Chaddocks and Chadwicks, who use more escutCHEONs, suspect with Keons and Keens (another white escutcheon), suspect from the Hyksos king, Khyan. Chaddocks use an escutcheon in the colors of the near-same of Scoots, the Scotts use COURANT greyhounds suspect with escutcheon-using Correns (Kern branch?). Plus, Schutz'/Shutz's share the black greyhound with Scoots. Perfect. Miss Hicks once told me that I could take the SEAT beside her, and that I could SCOOT OVER if her daughter arrived.

It was shown to me that when Miss Hicks appeared at the hood of her car with a bathing SUIT, it related directly to Obama's suit. The last update made a comparison with the Winchesters, Balas', and LISLE's (patee-fitchee crosses). I was only going to say here that the fitchees of Winchester are those of Suits/Shuters, and that the estoiles' of Balas' are those of Irish Carrs (the CARters of Winchester share the wheel with Carrara's). But while that came to mind, the CarLISLE's also came to mind, and with that, it also came to mind that Miss Hicks, on the evening she said I could scoot over, had walked down the center ISLE of the seating. There were no other isles at this outdoor meeting, but she could have come down either side of the seating area. Instead, it was down the isle. As soon as I saw her taking a seat there, I went to her. Checking, sure enough, Lisle's come up as "L'Isle." Why would God want to stress the Isle surname at this particular moment of that event?

When I got to her, I asked if I could set up her camera, and there is a Camera surname that brings up Camerons, though off-hand I don't see how they relate to Carians [I had forgotten here about Kamiros, but it comes to topic below]. On second thought, Camera's share the five, bunched arrows with Bowers while Bows/Boughs share the Roet motto. (This can indicate that, because Boughs could have named the Bavarian Bogans (or vice-versa), they can be related to the namers of Ruedesheim.)

There is an Isle surname using the June / Jeune fleur, and June's are expected with Capone's from Junia Caepionis, great-granddaughter of QUINTus Caepio the elder. It just so happens that Isle's help to prove the Quint trace to Quintus because both surnames share a lion PAW in crest holding an item. I'm not familiar with Isle's, who are very welcome here, especially as Quints were first found in Dorset with Palins/PAWleys, who use a black lion matching the black lion paw of Quints. That is, the three items in the Palin Chief are colors reversed from the three fleur-de-LYS in the Isle Chief, and the three of Palins reflect the Chief of Levi-possible Livings/Levins and Plains/Platters, the latter using the three fleur-de-lys of Isle's in colors reversed. If that's not enough, the Plains/Platters share the PATee-fitchee (different color) with Lisle's/Isle's!

The PLAINs/Platters came to mind, not because they are like "Palin," but because her husband's obituary says that he was a pilot, suggesting that Mr. Kilpatrick had his own PLANE, recalling that I sewered a paper airplane on Obama's billiard table. The Platers were therefore suspect with Pilate's who come up as "Pilot," and I've known for years before the dream that Billiards/Billets (Pilate / Besancon / Bay colors) are kin of Besancons/Bassets from near Mont Pilat, which I think was in historical Dauphine, where Bays were first found who use three crescents in the colors of the three Pilate pheons. When his wife came walking down the isle, he was back home visiting family from where he once lived at Baytown. The Pillars/Pilots use the same lion as Palins, and the latter look like they use a version of the Plain/Platter Coat. What we see here is a link of Caepio's to Pontius Pilate. There are two Platter surnames that don't bring up the Plains, one of them being a line from Herod Archelaus, and as his surname is from Cappadocia, that's where one queen Nysa ruled who traces to Kilpatrick stock at Antipater of Macedonia, the name also of the grandfather of Herod Archelaus. It looks certain, in this developing picture, that Pontius Pilate was from Nysa of the Pontus. Who decided that Mr. Kilpatrick would be a pilot, and, of all things to say in an obituary, who decided to add it there?

This round-about link of Kilpatricks to Pilate's is rather novel to me. The Billiards/Billets use the pierced Zionist stars of Payens on white, and Payens were first found in Dauphine too. The Payens stars (probably the Spurr star) are called SPUR rowells while the Close's/Clovse's, from Closeburn (location of Kilpatrick castle) use a spur. SUPERs (Devon, same place as Spurs) share white billets with Billiards/Billets and Besancons/Bassets, as well as the same saltire as Kilpatricks. There you have the Antipatria-line link to Pontius Pilate. The paper airplane was at first a PAGE lying flat on the table, and it was me who turned it into an airplane. Page's were first found in Dauphine. Is that not wild how the dreams never end making links corroborated by heraldry?

I trace Palins to Palinurus (see map), which is smack dab in the theater of the Enotrians/Oenotrians (suspect in the Simson motto) of LAUS and Saracena! The potent cross (crutch symbol) is used in that area, and there is/was a Potentia location nearby to the east. If I recall correctly, the Arms of Calabria uses the potent cross, which recalls that Crutch's use the same cross (same colors) as Plains/Platters, though the Crutch's call it a formee fitchee. That's extra evidence that Palins were from Palinurus. The formee is suspect with Formans (share green Crest with Close's, Kilpatricks and Shortens/SHOTTERs) who happen to use two wavy fesses in the colors of the three wavy bends of English Platters, first found in Suffolk with Plains/Platters. English Platters are said to have been in Norfolk's SOTTERly, evoking the Suter variation of Sewers! Hee-hee, that's new to me. It just so happens that German Sotters/Sutters share the black fleur-de-lys with Isle's. Meanwhile, English Lise's use three pale bars in the colors of the three bends of Platters.

I suggest that "Platter / Plate" is a Pontius-Pilate line, and that the Plain variation is indication of Pilate liners married to Palinurus elements. The amazing thing here is that, while Wikipedia shared that Pilate's mother may have been a PICT of Perthshire, which I corroborated, PYXus is shown beside Palinurus!!! Zowie. It recalls that Miss Florida had found some evidence that Pontius Pilate retreated from Israel to Sicily.

Pyxus is otherwise, BUXENtum, and this was traced to Buchan of Aberdeenshire (land of Picts), and to the Buchanans (Stirlingshire, land of Picts), both of whom share the black lion with Palins. Buchanans, first found in the same place as Chappes' and Guiscards (Sicily comes to mind), share the double-tressure border (uses fleur-de-lys as a rule) with LIVINGstons, and while Kilpatricks can be using the Levi/Levine lion, the Livings/Levins are likewise Levine's, as are French Levine's (Brittany) who share the grape vine with German Platters/Plate's that was on the back of a coin of Herod Archelaus. Guiscards/WIShart were likely a branch of Visconti's, and the latter had a branch at MILAN. The other Visconti branch was in Sardinia, at Gallura, and this branch used the rooster, the symbol of the Galli's, first found in Dauphine with Bays/Bayols. The Bayes variation of English bays is becoming suspect with Balas/Bayles liners, and Sardinia is where I expect Alexander-Balas liners.

On top of this, the Shropshire Levens (with a second 'e'), with possibly the Quint chevron, share the elephant head with Irish Mellents while Scottish Mellents are the Millers/MILANs (Buchanan lion) said to be a branch of Buchanans. Waleran de Percival married a daughter of Mr. Beaumont of Mellent/Meulan. In the Hicks dream, when I saw a CLOSE-up of her face, I said, "She beautiful," and it just so happens that Beautys/BOWds, first found in Dorset with Palins and Quints, share three black bulls with Walerans. Bullys (same place as Kilpatricks) share the mascles if Quince's beloved by the quince of Sforza's who in-turn took Visconti titles. The BEAUmonts look like a branch of BEAUtys, and while Beaumonts are also BELLmonts, the Dauphine Bays use the crescents of LaBels. The Bayol variation of Bays can be a branch of the Baylys/Baileys ("patria"), a branch of Baliols.

The Bay / LaBel crescents are white, as are the three of Glove's, first found in Perthshire, making Glove's suspect as Pontius-Pilate kin. If the Glove Shield was red, it would be a reflection of the Child Coat, thus making Glove's suspect with king Clovis, and the Clovse variation of Close's. The latter are suspect with the Macey stars, and gloves are use by Maceys. The gold wings in the Glove Crest can be the Masci wings, therefore, especially as Masci's use fleur-de-lys in the colors of the same of royal France. The crossbow of Glove's can be partly for Cross'/CROCE's (probably the Massey / Mackay/Macki/Mache quadrants), using the potent cross and therefore identifiable as a branch of Crutch's/CROOCH's. Sinister Macks/MAKE's (Berwickshire, where I trace the Mackay bears), feasibly in the "make" motto term of Kilpatricks, use a bend that's of the Masci's / Massena's, as well as a reflection of the bends of TALbots and Talls, the latter first found in Thuringia with Basina (Clovis' mother). Thuringia is also where sleeping-moon Roets (the other Roets share the Bow motto) were first found, which can now explain the crossBOW of Glove's. Talbots can be gleaned with Scotts and Sellicks, and the talbot dog has become linkable to Dogs/Doags, first found in the same place as Glove's, and using the colors and format of Childs.

The Dock variation of Dogs recalls Dockertys/Doghertys, who happen to use a Coat reflecting that of Simsons. The Dockertys were treated recently as Tanais-river liners, and thus can be of the Cimmerians of Sim-like Sinope. Dockertys/Doghertys use a stag in the colors of the same of Pilate-liner Celts/Colts, first found in the same place (Perthshire) as Dogs/Docks. Sinope is at the Pontus, where Pontius Pilate is expected to derive, and the KHALDi lived at the Pontus who I say named the Celt people group. The Halybes are usually lumped with Khaldi, and Halybes are suspect from the Halys river that flows to the Sinope / Samsun theater. Moreover, I trace (C)Halybes to the mythical ExCALIBur sword which, to the Welsh, was the Caliburnus, which I trace to Mount Alburnus (see Lucania map) next to the Halles river. The mouth of the Halles is right next to Palinurus. The Hally surname shares the boar heads of Marone's while Muranum is shown on the Sybaris river.

Recall that Pilate's trace to Palinurus, because this paragraph is a whammy. The white pheon is shared between Pilate's and Malpas', and there is an ancient Melpes river shown smack at Palinurus!!! Wow. The Sellers, using a reflection of the Malpas Coat, were first found in Aberdeenshire with Buchans!!! The Sellers, who share cups with Pellets and Pilotte's (!!), must be from the Silaris river coming down mount Alburnus and past Hebrew-suspect Eburum, all near the Picentini mountains suspect with Piceni / Picensii. The Seller Crest is the swan in the Platter/Plate Crest. Sellers are in Child colors and format, and therefore suspect from CILnius Maecenas. He married Miss Murena while there is a Muranum at the Sybaris river. Maecenas was from Arettium/Arezzo, the line to Artois/Arras, and the Excalibur was the sword of mythical king Arthur.

More. Richardsons, first found in Cheshire with Malpas' (Marble's/Marple's?), use the same lions as Buchans and Palins, and are said to be of Belwoods (lords of Malpas) that happen to share a version of the Malpas Coat. Were Belwoods of the LaBels, kin of Bays? Looks like.

Lisle's/LISle's were suspect with Laish liners to the Lys/Lise surname, and Carlisle's are also CarLYSle's, suggesting the Lille location near the Lys river, and especially the line of Childeric and Basina. They say that the fleur-de-lys was owned originally by Childeric's son, but I trace it to Lausa, the alternative name of Ragusa, home of Saraca's, which was why I expect Saraca's at Saracena and neighboring Laus. Childeric appeared at Flanders, and that place looks feasibly from Blanda, beside Laus. Again, Wikipedia says that Laus was founded by peoples of Sybaris, and the latter's inhabitants (included mythical-MUSE worshipers) are traced by others to Boura at the Laden river (home of proto-Massey Amazons), and then MUSSels/Muscels use the Ladon/Ladd fesse in colors reversed because Ladons use a Coat version of the Meschins/Masculine's. CARlisle-beloved Pens share plate's with Mussels and a black fesse with Ladons / Leaders and ISLE's (fleur-de-lys); one can spot the round-about Isle link to CarlISLE's there. It seems that Carlisle's (cross with fleur-de-lys ends) were Masa-Carian elements while Isle's/Eeles' look like they were Carians at Elis (what I expected from other considerations, from Cronus > Uranus of Elis) and therefore Carians with OenoMAUS. While Clarus was beside Latmus, Pens use a "DUM clarum" motto phrase, suspect with DUMfries too because it's beside Carlisle.

Edens share black scallops with Ladons, and there is an Eden river at Carlisle. The Leto > Leda line was at Clarus / Latmus, and so Ladons and Leaders/LEEDERs (pellets), where they share similar Coats, can apply to Latmus. Mythical Endymion of Latmus is said to have been from Elis, we get it. There is a LEDERata location on the light map, over by Pincum, and near to VIMINacium to which I trace the WOMAN in the Elis Crest. It's interesting that Rats are in Leeders colors while "LedeRATA" may be indication of merger with nearby Ratiaria. The latter is beside Almus, suspect with mythical Olmos, the founder of Hungarians. I trace the Hungarians of king Andrew I to Ross' of Ross-shire, beside the Rats, and I trace the Kabars amongst the first Hungarians to Aberdeenshire. By some coincidence or not, the Bene's/Beans/Vans (Aberdeenshire) just came up as "Vims" while seeking a Vimin-like term. The Bene's/Vans are showing the MacDONald ship, and Viminacium with Lederata are on the DANube river. Dans were first found in Sussex with Bone's while there is a Bononia location on the Danube to the other side of Ratiaria. Note how "Bene and "Bone" are similar while Bone's share the Cato/Chattan bend while Bene's use a version of the Clan-Chattan motto.

Were Bononia liners from Biaini of Lake Van? Rats were first found in NAIRnshire, after all, and the Nairi of ancient times were at Lake Van. This can suggest that the Boii of Bononia (and the Baio > Bavarians) were from Biaini. The Bays may have been the Baiocasses of the Bessin/BAYeaux. The Bonn branch of Bone's (Bay/Bayes colors and probably the BEAUmont lion) happen to share the red, spread eagle with Tarans/Tarrents while Mus at Lake Van was also Tarun. Dutch Bone's/Bonns may be with the Lys/LISE / Arms-of-Lille fleur. The Rat-possible Reeds (Aberdeenshire, same as Bene's/Vans) share that red, spread eagle.

The hand and white sword together of Bene's/Vans suggests Siward of Northumberland (compare Irish-Hand variations with Sword write-up), and i trace Swords to the Serdi of Serdica, not far south from Ratiaria, and beside Sub RADice and LISSae. Theories for Serdi derivation are SARDis or Siret. I would chose the Seir-suspect Siret river and Sire/Siret/SIRON surname. The Sword motto suggests the names of the ancient Prut river, which joins the Siret in the Siret's Benjamite / Rimna / Roxolani / Cotesii area. Cotta's share fretty with Radice-related Cable's. Radice's/Radi's were first found in VENetia, and can be suspect with the Radziwill ancestry of the Astikas', from Astakos in the Calydon area of mythical SIRENs.

Clearly, Pens are from the Peneus river. Clarus is at the Caria border with Lydia, and the Lydians of mythical Pelops were at the Pisa / Peneus area, so why not some Carians too? OenoMAUS, the father of Pelop's horse-depicted wife, was given a wheel symbol (as with the Carrara and Carter surnames) in a myth that involved Hermes as code for Lydia's Hermus river. It appears that Mussels/Muscels and Meschins were from whatever real-world entity caused the myth writer to use "OenoMAUS," but as "ops" is a common Greek suffix, "Pelops" looks like "Apollo," whose mother was at Clarus, and whose female cult was the Muses. Feasibly, the Masa Sea Peoples named the Mysians.

It's important that while Lisle's share the cross of Winchesters, the Winchester Crest has the Quint fitchee. Then, Saer de Quincy, ruler of Winchester, is in the write-up of the Faucets near MUSSELburgh, same area a Seatons/Sittens, likely from the Sidonians of Laish. Mussels use PLATE's. The SITlers/SCHITners were first found in Silesia with Karens/Kerns, and "Saer" may be of the Sere's/ Seers / Zerrs suspect in the Car/Kerr motto. Then there is the SAARburgh of the Simson-like Sintzens, who share the black fleur-de-lys with Isle's. Simsons were first suspect as a branch of Sinsons/Zinzans because the latter's white rock looks like the "slab" of Siems'/Siemens. Two of the few Coats still showing royal blue are the Sinsons/Zinzans and German Biens (same place as Sitlers / Karens), while the peoples of Lake Van were called, Biaini. French Biens/BienVENu's use axes, and Fens'/Fenns were first found at/near the Axe river along with a Seaton location.

It looks like Simsons were at least related to Seatons. Why do Samsons (same place as Stevens) use a "Leto" motto term? There was a Samsun/Amisos location near SINope. "Ope" can be a suffix, leaving a Sin entity that may even have been from Sion at mount Hermon; after all, I trace the Cadusii Armenians to mount Hermon, and expect CadMUS to be of that thing.

The Bailys use a "bene" motto term, and Bene's are listed with Vans/Vains. The latter are a sept of Macey-line Mackays while Bailys use the Maccabee-suspect motto terms of Newmans. The Italian Bene's share the same bend as the Targets/Taggerts suspect in the motto of the Scottish Bene's/Vans. I kid you not, the latter Bene's were first found in Aberdeen with Buxentum-liner Buchans, and the latter's three lions are colors reversed from the three of Newmans, while the latter were first found in the same place as Palinurus-liner Palins! This is new to me.

Targets/Taggerts (ROSS-shire, beside the Rose's) can be suspect as Togarmites and/or Tigranes liners, for Tigranes VI (husband of Opgalli) was king of Armenia, location of Lake Van (home of NAIRi in earlier times, but they may have lingered there until Tigranes). Centuries before Tigranes, the Cimmerians of Sinope conquered Lake Van's ruler, RUSA, and the Targets/Taggerts happen to use a "RATione" motto term, which can be for the Rats, first found in NAIRNshire with Rusa-like Rose's. Cimmerians are thought to be from Gomer, father of Togarmah.

Sintzens appeared in the last update as kin of Schwerins, from Schewrin in the area where Deeters were first found. Miss Simson married Mr. Deeter. The Saars/Sarah's share the bend of Grape's, I kid you not. After leaving Helen and Steve back home, I arrived to Texas and asked Miss Simson for coffee. I had never met her before, and this was on the first day back into Texas. Deeters share grapes with the Laus surname (uses what looks like a scythes while there was a Scidrus location (see map) beside Laus. It's as though God would want to help me prove that Oenotrians were from a tribe named after Jonathan of Laish.

I was in my motel parking lot when seeing Miss Simson driving into a parking lot across the road. As she was pulling out, I asked if she'd like coffee. She agreed. The Coffee's/Coffers use the naked rider on a dolphin in the Arms of Taranto, and Motels were, until recently, said to be first found in Taranto. They are now said to be first found in Calabria, location of the Enotrians!!! ZOWIE!!!

It's known that peoples of Laus and Sybaris, on the Lucania/Calabria border, were from Boura, so near the Ladon river that I trace Burleys/Bourleys (share the Bower / Bauer Shield) to it because they were first found in Somerset with Ladds/Ladons. I read that Spartans founded Taranto, and Spartans were at Lucania-like Laconia to the near south of the Ladon river. Boura is near Calabria-suspect Kalavrita. The husband of Helen of Troy was MeneLAUS, code for Las/Laas at Sparta's Mani peninsula. It's making Las suspect with Laish.

Jonathan became the pagan priest of Laish's 600 "Danites," whom I assume were the proto-Danaan through Lindos of Rhodes. Well it just so happens that while these are Hyksos suspects, Rhodes had a Kamiros location to which Camerons/Camera's may trace. It was Miss Hicks' camera, and a Masci set it up for her. The Camera motto loves the Cheile's, a branch of Kills/Keele's, both first found in LINcolnshire, earlier named Lindsey, from Lindos of Rhodes. Can you believe what Miss Hicks' cameras is telling us? The Rhodes' were first found in Lincolnshire, and German Rhode's share red roundels with Shirts. Sea-Peoples pirates on Rhodes? Makes sense to me. Note that Rhodes use a version of the Mander Coat while Manders use a "Laus" motto term. That's the Maeander river of Caria, and Mrs. Deeter's first name is Mandy, no guff at all. Again, Deeters share grapes with Laus'.

The proto-Danaan were at Pelusium's Tanis location, near the Avaris capital of Hyksos. The proto-Danaan of Tanis were traced by myth writers to Phoenician Poseidon, code for a line to Pisidians that named Pisa. Pisidians were near Rhodes. The Danaan proper later settled Mycenae, a potential branch of Messene, where mythical Oeneus had a daughter, Methoni, suspect from ancient Modi'in, home of the first Maccabees.

So, ask: why did I ask for Hicks' camera at her isle seat? Was it for the Laish line to Kamiros? Laish was a city of SIDONians suspect with the Sitten variation of SEATons! Bingo. The third major city on Rhodes -- all three the sons of Laish-like Helios -- was IaLYSos, almost "Isle! The Isle surname has variations such as "Eeles," smacking of Elis at Pisa. And, by the way, the pens of Carlisle's and Scoots can be for the Peneus river at Elis, from Panias, a couple of miles from Laish; that's only partly why I see the Ladon river as a Laish > LASONii line. And while Simsons are expected in this very picture, Simms use the pen too. The axe of Simms should be for the Axe river, the mouth of which has a Seaton location, I kid you not. It's making a potential and basic link between Sidonians and Simsons, exactly what I expect from the Simson motto, which included Elis-like Alis. And while Seatons were first found at/near MUSSELburgh, Alis' use MUZZLEd bears. The Saars/Sarah's seem to like bears in their motto, especially the Forbes bears.

It's known that Lasonii were a fellow tribe with Pisidians, and Laish was interior Tyre, where Poseidon ruled with Panias-like Phoenix. "PosEIDON" is suspect with the Edones that had a SITHONEs branch, not to mention a Mygdone branch smacking of Megiddo, beside Dor and CARmel. I trace Carmel elements to Crete, home of the Tyrian line of SarpEDON. It speaks of mythical Adonis at and around the Tyre theater.

The Yorkshire Elis' share white crescents with Simsons. Again, the Simson motto is suspect with Oenotrians at king Oeneus of Calydon (Aetolia), and the founders of Calydon and of Elis were closely related. Calydon was home to the murderous Sirens, who loved to kill pirates, suggesting that they were in league with the Taphian pirates of Calydon / Aetolia. I see "Aetolia" from "Attaleia" (Antalya) in Pisidia. The Taphian pirates must have been from mythical Daphne at the Ladon, and thus these pirates trace to Daphne, beside Laish and Panias. The Sirens are suspect with the line of Timna of Seir, who married the Edomite son of Esau, who in-turn lived at his Edomite capital, BOZrah, where I trace Bush's/Buschs (black boars = Edom symbol) that are in the bush of German Elis'. These Elis happen to share the split Shield of Carrara's while Carrara is beside Italian Pisa.

Bozrah is suspect from Buz, son of Nahor, and while I see Nahorites between the Nairi of Lake Van and Nairnshire, the latter where Bosco-related Roses lived along with Rats/Raits that share the cross of the Yorkshire Elis'. The Rattery home of Hoods comes to mind, and Hoods share three crescents in Chief with Simsons. It begs whether Hyksos Hebrews were partly Nahorite. As Bugs share the water BOUGet with Rose's while Neuri were on a Bug river, the Bows/Boughs and Bogans (bow) should apply, for these are expected in the Bauers because their Rothschild descendants use the arrow, as do Hood-like Heids. The Arms of Rothschild use five bunched arrows, as do Camera's/Camerons and Bowers.

Tooth and Gomer

I hesitated for as much as months before mentioning a theory, that God gave me (or allowed) a tooth infection, with swollen gum to boot, to indicate a Tooth-to-Gumm relationship. I've mentioned this relationship about four times since, but on each occasion, I really could not see much to it. I think I'm ready to explain why this would be very important to God, though I may be missing a lot yet. Thanks to the Tattons and Tute's sharing quadrants in the same colors, I can trace Tooths to lake Tatta, which is very close to the upper Halys river, while Cimmerians = Gomers at Sinope were at/near the mouth of the Halys, and, therefore, may have been all over the river and at Tatta. But why would God want to emphasize this?

First of all, it was only days ago when realizing that the Nissans are showing quadrants in Tatton-quadrant colors. Lake Tatta may have been in Cappadocia, but if not, just a little beyond its border, and Nissans have been resolved with Nysa and Pharnaces of the Pontus, the grandparents of Nysa of CappaDOCia. I'm stressing the Doc term for a Dog/Dock reason, because the latter were first found in PERTHshire, while Perta was on the shore of lake Tatta. Moreover, with Pontius Pilate suspect with someone's Pontus elements, let's repeat that Mont Pilate has a PERDrix peak, which helped me to stronger believe Wikipedia's report that the mother of Pilate was a Pict of Perthshire (the father was supposedly an unknown Roman ambassador to the Picts).

Let's go back to where Pict-suspect Pyxus/Buxentum at Palinurus traces to Pontius Pilate, and then let's go a little north of that are to the Silaris and Halles rivers, for while there were a Silurian peoples in southern Wales, the Welsh claimed to be from Cimmerians. And the Sellers use the colors and format of Tudors, a Welsh family. The Trevors (beside southern Wales) are said to be from Tudor Trevor, and they share a Coat much like that of English Simsons, but then Trevors share the PENnant Coat for a potential trace the Peneus river i.e. near Boura. The Trevors also share the Eddis Coat while Eddis' share the helmet with Tudors. The write-up of Dons mentions EDDISbury at TARVin (Duddon, Cheshire). Eddisbury is in Boughton, and while Boughtons share motto terms with Dons, they also use the Saracen crescents in colors reversed, perfect for a trace to Laus and Saracena i.e. where I trace the Simson motto. And, believe it or not, Boughtons are said to be BOURtons (and Boutons) too!

If Simsons were SINtzens / Sinsons/Zinzans, from Sinope, then I can start seeing Cimmerians between Sinope, the Halles river, and the Tudor / Silurian Welsh. When I was yet green at heraldry, I maintained that Tudors were a branch of Taddei's. Is that not amazing history, all due to my swollen gum?

Keep in mind that the Simsons helped to make the link to Tudor Trevor, which argues not-bad that Simsons were from Sinope and/or Samsun. Mandy Simson married Mr. Deeter, and Deeters (quadrants) were first found at/near Schwerin while Sintzens/Sins' are suspect with the Schwerin Shield. Is that not amazing? The Schwerin area is at the south end of Denmark, which was also called Cambria, suspect with the Welsh who called themselves Cymri. UMBRIA is where Arettium was located. The Cambria / Schwerin area was home to the Angles, who named Anglesey in northern Wales, otherwise called, Mona, suspect with Hasmoneans because the local Ordovices are said to be named after the hammer. There is an Ord-like location near Sinope, but I always forget the spelling. It may have been connected to nearby Hasmonean-suspect Akmonia. Ordovices are suspect with mythical Ortos, the two headed dog of the Gorgon-suspect Geryon monster.

The TREVors can be suspect from "Trabzon/TREBizond," which is not only beside Arthur-line Ardahan, but at Rize and the PYXITes river, such a Pictincidence because that Celt-suspect Khaldi were at Trabzon too while Celts/Colts, with the Pilate pheon in colors reversed, were first found in Pictish Perthshire. And the Rize-suspect Rice's were first found in southern Wales, at CARmarthenshire, thought to be the representation of mythical Merlin/Myrddin. The Welsh capital is CARdiff, and the Arms of Cardiff uses three chevrons that, in colors reversed, are red, the colors of the triple Taddei chevrons. The Rice motto can be honoring the proto-DOUGlas Hardys, suspect from Herods that I see formed in CappaDOCia.

Here's from the last update, in my latest dream: "I then saw kids clearly sliding down a hill of snow on blankets. Wondering what the snow or the Snow surname could represent, Sinope came to mind..." After saying that, I mentioned Danny Snow, the boyfriend of Miss Rice. They lived in Gormley, and Gormleys are Grime lines suspect from CRIMea, home of the Cimmerians before they came to Sinope. But the amazing thing is, I've just checked the spelling of "Cymri" at Google, and it brought up a page on SNOWdonia, which is in northern Wales!!! Can you believe it? Sinope was snow-like Sinuwa to the Hatti.

I didn't know until now that there's a Sinope location in Leicestershire. As Rutland is at Leicester, by what coincidence were Snows first found at Rutland? Leicestershire is where Dexters (almost the Parr / Nissan fesses) were first found, suspect from the Dexaroi in the ancestry of Nysa. Leicester is also where Toeni' ruled while Danny Snow and I both worked for Tony, the owner of a gas station pumping BP gas. While Mr. Maness worked for BP, Maness' love Parrs. Mr. Deeter worked for BP too. Hmm, if God was in all that to enlighten us further, note that BP is British PETROleum, while Petro's use a version of the Phar/Farr Coat. I'll mention the British/BradDOCK surname below, as I link them in another way to Phars/Farrs.

King Arthur has elements in Wales, even as his symbol was the red Welsh dragon. I identified his wife as the Venedotia namers of Gwynedd (northern Wales, near Arddu), and traced his wife, QUINeVERE, to Gwenea, the alternative name of Vannes, home of the Celtic Veneti...from Lake Van, right? From Cimmerians of Lake Van, right? Historians never knew a bad tooth could speak such secrets. "Hardi," the Rice motto term, can reveal that HERODs were named after ARDahan.

I see Veneti from Venus, and then the proto-Veneti Heneti were on the Parthenius, beside the Halys. The Greeks / Romans equated Venus with Aphrodite, wife of the mythical metal smith that I think was from the Halybes, the line to king Arthur's Excalibur, code for the mountain at the Halles river. That metal smith was given Lemnos as his sacred island, which was inhabited by SINTians, a term like the Sintzens. The Sintians may have been the Sindi of Maeotis, which is the area inhabited by the Sinope Cimmerians before they arrived to Sinope. The Hallys share the boars of Gog-suspect Googe's and Goughs. In colors reversed, they are blue, the colors of the boars of the Perthshire Rollo's who use "par tout" as apparent code for a Pharnaces-Tatta merger.

The "Fortune" motto term of Rollo's gets a dog (suspect as the Arms-of-Canossa dog) while Dogs were first found in Perthshire. I'm talking about Fortune's/Fortuna's, who are in the motto of the Simms', the latter first found in East Lothian with Scoots who in-turn share the pen in Crest with Scoots. The Scoot border is that of John's, and the latter had merged with Rice's, by the looks of it. Miss Rice was with Mr. Snow while Simsons may have been Sinsons at Sinope.

The Halles surname use "Cum," suspect with CUMbrians = Cimmerians, for Gumm-like Cummes/Cooms are also Combs. Gumms are also COMs, first found in CAMBRidge, location of the CAM river. Cams were first found in Gloucestershire with Samsons.

Halleys are in Phar/Farr colors, and the Halles motto suggests the Prince's (same place as Phars/Farrs) who use the Phar/Farr saltire. Is that not further evidence that Pharnaces and Nysa were connected to Halys-river elements? But why would God be concerned about that? Why did he have me, a Taddei liner three generations back, drive a white Nissan PICK-up truck? Don't Picks/Pickens/Pike's use the Phar/Farr saltire too? Was the pick-UP a clever code for the Galatian woman, Opgalli (Galatians were on the Halys)? I'm still hoping to find how she was directly related to Joseph Caiaphas, who had Jesus killed along with Pontius Pilate. The Gumms/Coms may hold the key with the Gumms/Gomers, for the latter use the rooster that is commonly a symbol of Galli liners such as we might expect of OpGALLI the Galatian (thought to be Jewish), and the swords of Gumms/Coms are often called, Saxon swords, while the Saxons/Sextons use CHAPlets while the Gumms/Gomers look like they use a Coat version of the Capes', first found in the same place as Tooths.

One can suggest that Chapmans and Capes (beside Capone's a PONT-liner CHAPmans of CAMBRidge) were merely Cappadocia liners, because Tooths can be of lake Tatta, but there has got to be more to it than Cappadocia and Cimmerians if God gave me a near-fatal tooth to make these traces. The tooth came with a swelled gum (now mainly gone) called a FISTula while Fists/Fausts were from the Vasto branch of Montferrat while rulers of Montferrat used a red Chief and white Shield, which we see with Gumms/Coms. Such coincidences have me thinking that God was the author of a lot of heraldic symbolism, though one would think that He wouldn't want to touch heraldry at all. I'm being given the impression that, for the purposes of unveiling certain history as it related between ancient Hebrew (non-Israeli) lines to end-time dragons, and also to unveil the lines between the killers of Jesus and the Illuminati, God has fashioned heraldic linkage intended for my work and others, though I don't know anyone else with whom God is doing what I think he's been doing with me.

The Gumms/Coms just call them "swords," but they are in Sword colors while Swords were from Siward of NorthUMBERland. Coincidence, or act of God? The Swords are suspect from the Siret river, which was in the land of the Royal Scythians, and while historians call the Scythians, Saka, the Gumm/Gomer swords are called, by others, Saxon swords. I trace Annas elements to Angusta on a Siret tributary. Annas' father, Seth, is a surname with the Shaws said to be from Sadducee-like "Sithech," suspect from the Sittaceni of Caucasia, where Cimmerians lived. Between the Prut and the Siret, there's a modern Sitna area. I had even read that someone claims to have found "Saka" on a tombstone in Lemnos.

Having said all of that, by what coincidence do Tooths love the Polemon-like Palmans in their motto? Polemon was ruler of the Pontus and of Cilicia. The Pontus line of Pharnaces was suspect with the Furnace's, who happen to share a seated dog with the Tatton Crest, and here in the Palman write-up, we find Furneax Pelham...which just caused me to find the Furneau variation of Furnace's. The Gumms/Coms may even be using the Pillar/PILOT / Palin / Powell lion.

I had a theory that SCYTHians were named after some form of "ski / skid" because they used sleds to transport their cargo and belongings. I would therefore like to tell of an event this past week while I was trying to plug cracks in my crawl space's floor / foundation area. There was a leak beside a SKID, and so I pushed it over to find a strange creature about an inch and a half long looking exactly like a lizard, except that the head was weird. There are no lizards around here. Whenever anything strange takes place, I dwell on whether God has a meaning behind it. I thought that maybe it was a very young mouse, because, to my astonishment, mice have been getting into the crawl space, I know not how. I caught a half dozen recently, the last two being young mice about a week ago. So, with mice resolved as code for Meshech, skids can equate with Scythians. Apollo, who must have been an Amazon = Meshech, had a mouse cult, Smyntheus, perhaps code for proto-Simon / Simms liners. Simms were first found in the same place as Sithech- and skid-like Seatons/Sittens. In other words, "Sittaceni" may have been an alternative name for Scythians.

I don't think it's coincidental that Sched-like Sheds and Skits / Skeets liners were first found in Ayrshire with candleSTICK Kyle's, or that Yells of SHETland use the Stick garb. The Gate-liner Yate's suspect in the Seaton motto own the portcullis GATE in cooperation with the Porters, the latter's Scottish branch first found in Kyle. It seems that Sittaceni and Scythians were one.

Sitna is near TRUSesti, and "Trustie" is a motto term of Leats/Lathe's suspect with the Leto > Artemis/Apollo line to wolf-liner Neuri. Trysts use a "trepidum" motto term likely for Trypillians (lived around Trusesti), and Leths were first found in Hamburg with Trips...and Nissans. The Trysts are in the "Keep tryst" motto (of the NorthUMBERland Hebrons/Hepburns), and the Keep bend is colors reversed from the Nissan bend. It strikes me here that the Nissan bend can be a version of the Trip "scaling ladder." With my Nissan acting as code for Nysa of the Pontus, the Trabzon location comes to mind as the origin of the Trypillians. Trips once showed the Massey/Masse boots (neither show them anymore), and the name of Biblical Buz, son of Nahor, was pronounced, "bootz." As English Trips were first found in the same place as Masons/Massins, the latter's "Dum" term can be of the same entity intended by "trepiDUM."

The Leat/Lathe motto, "Trustie to the END" should be for Enders because Ingers are listed with them while Inger was a Varangian suspect at Keep-suspect Kiev. Someone online said that Trypillia was south of Kiev, as were the bootz-like Budini that may have named the Bodencus river (now the Po). The Ender Coat is a not-bad reflection of the Halles Coat.

It's a little interesting that while Tenants and Gumms/Com share similar Coats, the Tenants use a white boar head, the color of the Halles boar heads (sorry, mistake, it's the Hallys with the boar heads). In fact, I didn't realize how interesting this was until I just misspelled "Halles" as "Helles," recalling that my tenant, Helen, was code for the Hellespont's PARION location, a PHARNaces-like term. And I did say, in the 2nd update of last month, that Dave, her boyfriend previous to me, left CHOCoLATE on the door knob, suspect with CAUCasians = Gog, and with the Late's/Letts that share the Phar/Farr saltire. Mythical Helen of Troy was abducted by Paris of Parion (at the HELLESpont), and she was the daughter of Lett-like Leda.

I cannot remember whether I still had the Nissan when Helen moved in. It was very close to the time that Paul Smith bought it from me. She said that Paul was ugly, which was code for Gorgons, who lived at Parion. At that time, before she became my woman, I asked her to come help me choose the color of the new Safari I needed to buy, and that vehicle was deemed code for SEVERus Bassus at Akmonia, which is a location at least near the Parthenius river of Paphlagonian Heneti, whom I trace to the organ PIPE's of Late's/Letts. I see Perseus, the slayer of the ugly Medusa Gorgon, and father of Gorgophone, as the PARTHENius and at Parion, all near Sinope. The PARTONs (CUMBERland) share the Shield-Chief color combination of Tenants and Gumms/Com. It suggests that Gomers of Sinope were part of the Perseus Danaans, and that Tenants were from the Tanais river, where Herodotus (of Caria) had the Amazons that married GARGARians once each year (myth, but it has some truth behind it).

I had noted that while "gar" meant "wheel," "Gargarian" could mean wheel-wheel, a cart with two wheels, for Georgians were actually called cartwheel-like Kartvelians. In this picture, the wheel-using CARTers (Shake chevron?) seem to apply, who share the white and seated greyhound of Tattons i.e. from Tatta off the Halys. Feasibly, the Carians were Kartvelians, yet I'm of the opinion that Carians were named after Carmel. However, that works because a branch of Essenes were at Carmel, though most know only the Essenes of QUMRan, which looks like a GOMER term to me. Were Gomers of Gargaria (Georgia) at Carmel? Biblical Gomer was the brother of Magog, and the latter is in Ezekiel with Gog while modern Georgians still use the name, Gogi. Ezekiel 38-39 predicts that end-time Gog will have his utter destruction at Armageddon = Megiddo, beside Carmel.

The Sinzens were taken from a variation of the vulture-using Slings, and the Nesher location beside Carmel was a vulture entity (see last update for that). Jesus predicted vultures at Armageddon, and I think he may have been thinking of me at that time. I say that lightly, the point being that while Sinztens are suspect with Sintians of Lemnos, I trace ugly Hephaestus (yes, a Gorgon) of Lemnos to "Ephesus," where there was an essenes bee cult, and, moreover, "Heph" and "EPH" smack of the Haifa area beside Carmel. While I say that the floating axe of Elisha was used by God to indicate the Essenes and Cretan axe (Elijah was at Carmel destroying hundreds of Baal priests), HephAEStus has Aix entities (i.e. mythical characters fronted with "Aix" the spellings of which I can't recall) suspect with "Azov," where the Sindi and Gomers (Cimmerians) lived. Crete has a PHAISTOS location after which HephAISTOS was named, and the Essenes gave an axe to all their initiates...probably because Essenes had been followers of Elijah and Elisha.

Lemnos was stacked with Amazons, explaining why the Amazon-Gargarian merger would be there. Hephaestus was made the leader of the Kabeiri, founded at SAMO-Thrace, named after Samos and yet suspect with Samsun in the Sinope area. Wikipedia said that Samos (down by Caria) was one of Hera's most basic entities, and some say that Hephaestus was more the son of Hera than Zeus. In the myth, Hephaestus was so ugly that Hera threw him away to Lemnos. Even before I knew that my Helen was code, I had identified "Smith" with "Samos," noting that ugly Hephaestus was a metal smith. I hadn't yet come to tell anyone nor myself that Helen called Paul, ugly (he's not ugly). In another myth, Zeus tempted Ixion to have sex with Hera, and Ixion is suspect with "Iasion," the founder of the Kabeiri at Samo-Thrace, and brother of Danaan-possible DarDANUS. One of Hera's daughters was HEBE, wife of Samson-suspect Hercules (a Danaan).

It just so happens that I traced the Sam'/Sammes and Jones lions, both with drops, to Jonathan of Laish. The Sam/Sammes lion is also the Simson lion, and while I maintained that mythical Hercules was an ancient theme playing on the strength of Samson, I don't recall realizing the "heb" motto term of Jones can be for Hercules-Hebe liners. Jones' (Welsh) use the same lion as Pole's/Pools while Pauls have a Mr. Pole in their write-up.

I must have sold the Nissan while Helen was in my basement, just after I purchased the Safari. That is, I still owned it when she moved in, and so I'd like to point out the similarity between the Nissan and Lith/Lyde Coats, for Tenants were first found in LinLITHgow. The two Coats share a bend (half a saltire) in the colors of the Phar/Farr saltire, and Nissans use the PARR bars while Helen my tenant was symbol a Parion liner and of Helen, daughter of Lyde-like Leda. The Liths/Lyde's appear to be using the orle of RUTlands and Rutherfords, wherefore see Perans (same place as Pauls and Phars/Farrs) below because they use one of the two engrailed chevrons of RATHwells/Rothwells/Rosewells/Rowells...perhaps from Rusa of Lake Van.

The Lith/Lyde - Nissan connection (not clinched but let's entertain) could be suggesting Spartans in Linlithgow, which is in West LOTHIAN, itself feasibly from the Ladon river at the north end of Spartan country. The Towns/Towners of Linlithgow can trace to Opgalli with the Teague's, but here I'd like to say that the Town Coat reflects that of PERANs, first found in Yorkshire with Phars/Farrs, and using the FORNey chevron in colors reversed. It begs whether there's a Farney branch of Forneys, and there is a Farney/Fernly surname (share dog with Furnace's/Furneau's), likewise first found in Yorkshire. While Towns / Tenants may be from the Tanaro river, Perans ("feriunt") share pine cones with Tanners/Tans, which recalls the pineapples of PRINce's, another potential PHARNaces line. The pine tree and cone was symbol to the Attis-branch Hatti (the Kabeiri) on the Halys. I took the Perans from the "DesPERANdum" motto term of Simsons.

[By the way, the last heraldic section in this update is one of the most-amazing as it relates to Picenzo, with God's codes there striking up Caiaphas liners in a new and impressive way. That section brings us to FERNando's by way of Pierro's/Perris', two surnames found as per the two brothers of August. I wouldn't want regular readers to miss that section.]

The Town-like Downs/Douns share the white stag with Farneys/Fernleys. The Farney stag heads are in the colors of the Simson crescents, and, three days after leaving Helen back home at the start of my Texas trip, I met Mandy Simson at the other end. On that day, Mandy was driving a PICK-UP as I asked her for coffee, while I walked away from a motel parking lot. As I said, Motels link to Coffee's/Coffers, only Motels are now said to have been first found in the area of the Enotrians that I say are in the Simson motto. The Motels were previously said to have been first known in Spartan Taranto, and Helen represented a Spartan entity.

Farneys are in the colors of both Coffer surnames, who may have been Hofers/Hovers (bull horns) and therefore from bull-suspect Haifa. The Hofer/Hover Crest shares a white leopard face with Perans, and the Coffert/Covert Crest has one in gold. The Farney Crest shares the white dog (different species) with the Tatton Crest, and by now we have seen that early Pharnaces liners should have been with Tatta elements. Emailer Covert was with Mr. Maness, and Maness' love the Parrs.

As I said, both Maness and Deeter worked for British PETROleum, now suspect as God's code for the Petro's with a version of the Phar/Farr Coat. Amazingly, Tony's BP station was across the road from SAM's hamburger joint, the best Hamburgers ever. The British/BradDOCK Coat (CappaDOCia entity?) happens to share a stag head on green with Farneys. Nissans use the stag head too.

As was said, Sams/Sammes' share the Simson lion, and then the Sintzen/Sins Coat has a split Shield half in the colors of the same of Ice's, who were just checked because Sam's hamburger place sold ice cream too. One day, a darling young lady started to work there, and I had to control over myself. Lining up, scared, at the ice-cream line, I asked her out while she handed me an ice-cream cone. She said yes, and we dated a couple of months, just enough to tell this story. Her surname, Hannan, listed with the Hanans (Sintzen colors, Jeune fleur) that I've long traced to Annas/Hanan/Ananus, the chief priest of Israel at whose house Jesus was condemned on the day of his murder. Farneys/Fernleys should be using the Anne/Hanne stag heads. Miss Hannan is Danish.

I've got to believe that either Annas' father, Seth, or his mother, was of the Sam/Sammes / Ice line. Sitlers/Schitners (Sitten suspects) share the Ice trefoil, and have the general markings of the Sintzen Coat while sharing the Sam / Simson / Faucet lion. Faucets were first found in East Lothian with Seth-like Seatons and Simms'. Sams were first found in Essex with the Quints, and the Quint lion paw is black, like the Sam lion. It's interesting that Sams are same's while Sions/SINE's are Some's while Sion was Sitten too. It's suggesting the Laish-liner Sittens to Sinope / Samsum.

As per Mandy Simson, the Mandys happen to use the SINclair cross.

I apologize if I offend anyone when I say that Biblical Samson has all the markings of mythology. How could any one man catch 300 foxes? Why would God put any one man to catching that many foxes just to burn down the Philistine fields? It makes no sense, unless the fox was code for the people group he represented. I say that people group was in the Avvites for two reasons, one being the donkey god (Tartak) of the Avvites (lived amongst Philistines), explaining why the writer (Judges) made him kill a thousand Philistines with the jawbone of a donkey. Although Samson is said to be a Danite of the Israeli's, I expect him to be of the proto-Danaans in Hercules, from Tanis of Egypt, which was near Sebennytos/SAMannud, which looks like it explains the Samnite tribe of Sabines.

It's interesting that a jawbone can have to do with teeth, and therefore the teeth of the Ares dragon that became the Sparti of Cadmus. I traced Avvites to Abas of Argos, beside Sparta. My fistula at the gum may have been code for Fissle's/Veals (Salmon kin?), first found in GLOUCestershire with Samsons, and while the mythical king of Colchis was from the Hatti in the area of Samsun, he owned the golden fleece protected by the Ares dragon. And his city of Kutaisi was on the GLAUCus river, where Tyndaris was located that was code for the Spartan, Tyndareus.

The Avvite capital of Avith was ruled Biblically by an Edomite, and Samson's unnamed wife was in Timnah, very near Modi'in, which is a line I traced to Methoni/Modon. Yet, years before knowing of Modi'in (it's in the Old Testament), I caught slight wind that mythical Aegyptus, brother of Danaus (i.e. from Tanis) was at Methoni. I've never revisited that topic, and so I have forgotten the details. At that time, I hadn't yet pegged Oeneus, father of Methoni, with the line of Jonathan of Laish, who became the priest of 600 Danites suspect from the same that were the Samson cult. I identified "Samson" the Beth SHAMESH, near Timnah. Sames was a sun god of the Armenia area. The Enotri I see in the Simson motto were also OENotrians (much like "JONAThan"), suspect with "Oeneus."

The Sam lion is in the colors of the Sling/Sintzenhofer vulture. "Vulture" became suspect with "Walter," and the Wallis-canton Walsers are said to be Walters. Sion/Sitten is in Wallis canton. The split Shield of Walsers is that also of Ice's while the latter share the trefoil of Sitten-suspect Sitlers (Silesia, same as German Walters), and the latter use the same lion as and Faucets of FOXside. In fact, the Sam lion is almost that of Side's/Sudy's, and is the Suty lion, the Seaton line highly suspect in "FoxSIDE." Probably not coincidental, a woman from Switzerland found the Walsers, and reported that they were on the Lys river of Aosta, and then Lys'/Lise's are Laish suspects. Cool.

Donna Brazile Attacks Hillary

Politico published a chapter from Donna Brazile's new book, "Hacks." She tells the Democrat party what they want to hear, that Russia hacked the DNC last year. That's not debatable because she's using her book to seek forgiveness from Democrats for her sin of cheating for Hillary in opposition to Sanders. Now that Hillary is a disappointing goner, there is a movement within the DNC to bring out candidates for 2020 who will distance themselves from Hillary, taking a higher moral ground. That's why Donna opens the chapter by saying that she put on some Gospel music (probably isn't true) in preparation for calling Bernie Sanders on the phone. And she paints a picture in that chapter where Hillary was the bad guy. H.A. Goodman says that Brazile revealed Hillary's "crime" of controlling the DNC finances while running for president. That's corrupt, but what we can expect from crooked Hillary. That's much of what Donna's chapter's about. Many are talking about it; I don't yet know if liberal media are spreading this story.

If Donna could be trusted, I would believe what she says in her chapter. She cries out about Hillary's cheating when she herself acted corruptly to support Hillary against Sanders. I do assume that what she says against Hillary, Obama and Wasserman-Schultz is true, but I also think she knows she's only scraping the surface of the grime. I think she has a calculated motive for telling her story in the way she has.

I've just learned that MSNBC discussed this story. I don't know much of the slant they put on it, but this has the potential to start a war in the party, which could cause Brazile to expose more on Hillary if the Hillary side does what's expected: shoot the messenger in order to clear her name from Brazile's accusations.

Brazile says that Wasserman-Schultz wasn't acting like the leader, but was allowing Clinton to lead, and while Brazile portrays Schultz "kindly" as neglectful or irresponsible, some are saying that she had an "understanding" (collusion, corruption) to allow the Clinton circle to lead, and that's why she wasn't leading. Brazile doesn't want to go that far.

Brazile was my topic in the 4th and 5th updates of September, near the end of which I said: "Last week promised that some heavy-duty thing on Donna Brazile will crop up, and I'm glad that there has been no new news on her at all lately, because if there is some soon, it will verify that the Sign of Donna Brazile was accurately interpreted by me." One of my topics in September was the link between my taking a leak (a pee) on a highway ramp, facing the house of Miss Hicks. This was only hours after my entering Texas from Brazile's state of birth. I didn't know that she had a book in the works with a title, "Hacks," like "Hicks." And frankly, she seems to be leaking on Hillary and Obama. I'll keep eyes on the developments. Here's a good video on this story:

I made much of the Bay surname in the last update, because I was facing Baytown when taking the leak. I can now add that Bernie's are in Bay colors and first found in Dauphine with Bays. They both use Pilate colors and were first found in the area of Mont Pilat. Miss Hick's husband was a PILOT, according to his obituary. To convince us that God is in this, the Bernie's share the fish of HACKets/Hatchets while Donna's book, Hacks, has at least one chapter seeking to make amends with Bernie Sanders. The 5th update of September found reason to link my fence-post invention to Donna Brazile and my trip past Baytown. I put part of it like this:

...More amazing is that Scottish Jeffreys, who use a small cloud over a sun (exactly the omen), use a "Post" motto term, as well as sharing six pale bars with Klees'/Clays! I didn't expect this to work out so well so soon, with a fence-POST connection to the Texas trip's omen, which is itself supposed to link to New Orleans by way of Donna Brazile's middle name [Leak-like Lease], and from New Orleans it's supposed to connect to the fence post. We have that right here in a nutshell. And the post was called, Pillar Post, while Pillars/Pilots share the Coat of Welsh Jeffreys!!! Wow.

I had participated with a booth in a fencing trade show in New Orleans, where Brazile was born. These surname links are not God's entire story, but rather are to serve as evidence to readers that God is behind news stories directed and/or emphasized by Him, and that are set between the lines of the events in my life brought about by Him without my knowing at the time.

Here's the Democrat party throwing Hillary under the bus, but, it could just be that Hillary has agreed to this process, to die away and allow some new tricksters to rise who will be painted as moralists:

The video above shows Brazile's tweet, denying that she said that Hillary rigged the election. This promises no Hillary-v-Brazile war, unless the Hillary side starts it. Donna doesn't seem to want a war, in other words. Donna wants to go half-way to "rigged," wanting to let Clinton off lightly. That's what I'm seeing. She's not yet telling the entire filth. But, maybe she will, or, if not her, someone else.

Sanders supporters are having a second birth. CNN is covering the story. Brazile says she found the "document" (*LET'S SEE IT) with the agreement between the giant DNC and Hillary her wee-little self. Imagine what a giant ego Hillary has, to make the DNC serve her with a promise in writing. A presidential candidate can't control the political party while she's running for president against another Democrat. Nobody does that; nobody would even think of it, except Hillary. Now that her selfishness is on the liberal table for all to see, and after she is left to die under the bus, it will be easier for the liberal media to put Uranium One on the table too. It will make good ratings, CNN, go for it.

Actually, CNN, I have just learned, was talking about Uranium on November 2, and Wolf Blitzer has informed me that the gag order has been lifter that promises to tell what happened between the Clintons and the Russian purchasers:

I'm not sure I understand why Tucker Carlson said, on October 25 or earlier, why the gag-order was lifted by the justice department. Others have lamented that Sessions wouldn't lift it.

Perhaps the DoJ lifted it, and then Sessions opposed the move. Here's Fox on the 25th (first minute is all you need to watch if you're familiar with the story) saying that the gag order was lifted:

The new DNC chair, Tom Perez, is not yet (as of the 3rd) denying Brazile's report. He doesn't even want to discuss it, because he's an idiot. How does he think he can get away without commenting? He's the leader, and he MUST discuss it. He must denounce Hillary, and he must promise that it won't happen under his leadership in the next election. I've yet to see anyone in the Democrat camp denying it, and I'm nearly 10 videos in. The DNC chose Hillary for president before her election with Sanders had even started. That's how the deep state works, not democratically, but dictatorially.

We all await the appearance of Hillary on national news to tell her side of the story. I think I heard Tucker say that Brazile will be on his show the week starting November 6. Talk about a distraction from the distractions from the CIA. Too bad, CIA. Donna appears on the VIEW November 7, and the whole country will be listening even if the CIA does a 100-man, mass-murder stunt. The View late this week sympathizes with, and believes, Brazile. It looks like a Democrat plot decided beforehand to move on from Hillary. Nobody seems to be sticking up for Hillary; she wasn't alone in conducting that operation. A slew of winking connivers conspired to make Sanders look like a fool while denying him an honest race. The View is a classic act late this week on how to act moral, suddenly, fooling the people into thinking that Democrats are moral at their roots (clap clap clap, the audience claps). If Hillary had done this to Trump, the same Democrats now screaming with hot heads (so to speak) would be celebrating her in song and dance.

Brazile unleashed is looking like the straw that broke the camel's back, with more focus on the Clintons and the Democrat party now than was permissible only the day before. It's like a tap shut tight, only now the gush is on with Democrats themselves gushing. No more tight lips. Maybe they will bring her email scandal in as part of this indignation. You know, when you get angry with your lover, all the bad things they did yesteryear come out too.

Here is the CIA ready to distract the major news with their Antifa stooge: "A series of anti-government, leftist rallies set to descend on major cities nationwide Saturday is drawing the attention of local officials, who, like the organizers themselves, fear the events could be hijacked by violent masked anarchists." That's tomorrow as I write about Brazile here. Antifa proved to be a government-sponsored crisis-actor organization at Charlottesville. If Trumps is not in it, the government is. Antifa cannot operate successfully with a honest FBI / NSA. Leaders in these organizations may think they are the rightful rulers. Watch them slip-up. Ignore antifa.

Fox has pointed out that NBC, ABC and CBS all stayed silent on the day of the Brazile story, like maybe they needed time to hatch their news rather than just giving the scoop as it was. The next day they came out with a factual presentation, but without emotion or exclamation, as though the story were rather ordinary. It's the Sanders supporters being snubbed, not Republicans. The New York Times, silent on day one, but discussing how-best to present the story, we can safely assume. Hypocrites are not fit to rule, stand down, go away, let better people enrich the minds of the public with much better things.

Trump came out this week to say that he doesn't want to run the Justice Department, but that it really should be investigating Podesta, Hillary, etc., and, he added, he's disappointed with the Justice Department. To say that publicly, I would have to take him at his word, though there is a chance that he's not pressing Justice because he sees it as disadvantageous for his own fortunes. He seems to want us to be content with his being disappointed, and doing nothing to pry or demand Justice to do its job. "I am the president," I would say in his shoes, "and I demand a clean and just country to operate in, so clean it up already." Why should he be apologetic for showing desire that Justice should do its job. Instead of disappointment, how about some outrage. Does Trump have a spine? Is he afraid to appear dictatorial? The democrats are accusing him of being a dictator for urging Justice to investigate, but who cares what Democrats say? Is there not a time to demand the right when the wrong is rampant in high places? Isn't that the president's very responsibility? The president should not take "no" for an answer from Sessions, and Sessions should be spied on to see whose marching orders he's taking. If Sessions truly is ignoring justice in high places, he should be spied on under the justification that he's being blackmailed or threatened by a corrupt and criminal body.

Good morning. I had quiet time to ponder the Brazile-Clinton story as I awoke this morning. To set up what I'm about to say, let's quote from the 5th update in September:

If you had any doubts that Dons came to mind while I was in bed on a sleepless night, wondering whether Joel's trip through Italy was about Donna Brazile, the Dons use arrows in both colors of the Tile/Tiller arrow! Bingo. To find this right here with dark lights flashing all over Pickens / Picenum, said by others to be derived in a woodpecker, is to suggest that the bird which cawed -- while it was still dark, while the question of the Donna / Don surnames were on my mind for only about three seconds before it cawed -- was a woodpecker.

Donna Brazile was not a topic until that moment. Joel had been through Italy with a Brazilian news reporter, and they were out to cover some VOLLEYball games in Poland, but had decided to drive through Italy first. Volleys/Vails and Joels/Jule's are Julian liners, born from Aurelia Cotta, which becomes meaningful momentarily because, if God set up the caw, He needs to prove it to me and you by the "coincidences" of surname links based on surnames from the events themselves. The Volley/Vail crosses are reflective of the Fissle/Veal calves. The Volleys/Wills share the sun with Fetters (same place as Gumms/Gomers) while Tooths use feathers while Feathers use "VALens et Volans," suspect with emperor Valens, brother of Valentinian. Joel visited Picenzo, and Valentinian married Justine of PICENum, perfect...and the fistula in the gum of my bad tooth speaks to this picture, I now see.

Not many weeks or months before this caw in the night, I reported on and analyzed a bird screaming in the middle of the night, as though it had been awoken from sleep by a predator. It screamed, and then silence. I had the immediate impression that this was the death of, or an attack on, the Clinton crime ring, which sense I shared with readers. About three minutes after the scream, a train came by an blew its whistle, which happens on that track maybe once each two weeks i.e. not much.

So, there was a bird screaming out my window in exactly the same area as the caw seconds after I started to wonder whether the Donna surname should apply to whatever I was thinking at the time concerning Donna Brazile. And Donna just came out a blew the WHISTLE on Hillary Clinton. She may not have seen herself as a whistle blower, but what she said is in fact the blowing of a whistle on the dark deeds of Mrs. Clinton. Why would God want to emphasize this thing?

The Fissle-like Whistle/Whissel surname was traced to Vestalis (like "fistula"), son of Marcus Julius Cottius, and grandson of king Donnus of the Cotta-suspect Cottians, and the Donna surname brings up the Donnas surname, first found in Piedmont with the Bra location suspect with Donna's Braswell > Brazile bloodline. And Donnus ruled in Piedmont. I've argued (from before these bird events) that German Wessels/Wassels are Wassa liners, and Donna Brazile took over the DNC from WASSERman-Schultz. Wassers bring up Wassa's, I kid you not. The split Shield of Wessels/Wassels is that also of TRANS'/Trents (i.e. like "train"), first found in the same place as Wissels. You see, it's as though God sets up the events to make surname links simultaneous with having a story for me to figure out in the events that hits the news. Wassa-branch Washingtons (share double fesses with Dons) were first found in Lancashire with one of the first Dons, John de Donne, who use a "dona" motto term.

The mother of Julius Caesar was AURELIA Cotta, and her first name was a surname of emperor Caracalla, son of Donna-like Domna Bassianus. I trace "AURELia" to Orrels (same place as Washingtons and early Dons), Ore's and ORLEANS, who all share red roundels. Donna was born in New Orleans. The "bonum" motto term of Don-related Boughtons is like two Ore motto terms, and between those two motto terms, Ore's share "omnia" with Dons (Boughtons use "omne" and "donum"). The Cowes' (same place as Orrels and early Dons) share the Julian / Gully cross, and use "pennants" that are the Ore piles in colors reversed. Pennants share the Eddis Coat while Dons were of Eddisbury (Attis liners?). The Bouton variation of Boughtons/Bourtons looks like the makings of Buttons, and the latter trace excellently to Cabyle (Thrace), suspect with mythical Cybele, wife and mother of Attis. Buttons share the animal horn with Wessels/Wassels.

To convince us that God was in this, we take the Pecker surname from "woodpecker," and find lozenges in the colors of the Whistle/Wissell lozenges. Plus, if it was a woodpecker that cawed, was that code for Cowes'/Cawe's? There is a Cowes location south of Poole, and south of the first Buttons, in the Isle of Wight. If Don-related Boughtons/Boutons were the Buttons, it's interesting that while the latter are said to have been in Somerset's Bath and Wells, the Pecker lozenges form a cross in Bath- and Beck-cross colors.

The thing that struck me about the Dons was the "OMNia" motto term, like the OMEN event that took place just after I crossed into Texas from Donna's state of Louisiana. I've always called that event (small cloud over the sun) an omen. Later, I found a perfect picture of that omen in the Lease Coat, a surname that was checked as per Donna's middle name. That's why the leak I took, hours after the omen, was reckoned as related to Donna in some way. And here she is leaking news against Clinton to the tune of exposing her deep-state qualities. Leaks (same place as Hicks) share the Hicks fleur-de-lys, and I was facing toward the city where Miss Hicks had lived while taking the leak.

There are three Hacks surnames to ponder, the German branch using perhaps the Demonte unicorn for a trace to the Stura-Demonte river, near Bra. The Braswells in Donna's ancestry (says her Wikipedia article) use two chevrons in the colors of the two Don colors reversed from the same of Parrs, who in-turn use a "A woman's head and shoulders..." suspect in-part with the Schultz's. It doesn't look coincidental because Debbie Wasserman Schultz was replaced by Donna, and Donna was replaced by Parr-like Mr. Perez. The Perez's even share the Hicks / Leak / Phar fleur, and while I took the leak when getting out of my Nissan pick-up, the Nissans share the double Parr fesses. It appears that God took effort to arrange for these coincidences so that readers will hearken.

Schultz's share the armored arm with DEUSters/Dusters while Hackets/Hatchets use "Deus" and share green trefoils with Hackets. The latter are in Don colors while Dons use the same bendwise arrow as Rothschilds/Rothsteins. It just so happens that Dusters are in the "InDUSTRia" motto term in the Arms of Rothschild, and that Jewish Rothchilds (no 's') use a version of the Duster Coat.

In case God named Debbie for a reason, the Debbie's/Dibbins use rare, low-angle double the colors of the double Parr fesses. Debbie's/Dibbins also use the only cinquefoil I can recall on a stem.

As I said, I took the leak on the highway's ramp, but it didn't dawn on me until writing this section that I was parked on the road's SHOULDER at the time! The Schultz's even use the HACKS/Hykes quadrants and symbol colors!!! Believe it or not. It can appear as though God name Brazile's book, Hacks, just to make this link to my omen. But was it only for Donna's chapter out this week in Politico, or will there be much more fireworks to come? There is a Ramp surname sharing the brown and upright lion with Tonsings, and that latter's candleBRAS can be code for Braswells. What could Mrs. Toensing have to do with Donna soon? Will Donna confess righteously the Clinton / Podesta sins of Uranium One?

As was said recently, Miss Hicks was code for Hyksos who I trace for several reasons to Troy, and German Troys share the unicorn of German Hacks (same Coat exactly). The hacks were first found in Tirol, same as Troy-like Thors. English Thors were first found in Devon with Hacks/Hykes'. Perfect. Trojans were from Togarmah-like Teucer, and can be expected from Gomers, therefore, especially from the Bat Colchians. The white unicorn of Assmans/Rasmussens can play here because Assmannshausen is at RUDESheim while the Rudes' are in the colors of the Wessel/Wastel Chief (like "Vestalis") that itself uses a horse in Assman-unicorn colors. Roets were first found in the same place as Wissels, and while the Roet Chief is suspect with the Joseph Chief, the latter use the garbs of Wessels/Wastels. The Roet and Joseph Chiefs are very linkable with the Caplan Chief, the latter using griffins in the colors of the same of Irish Troys. The Chaplains share the double chevrons of Josephs, which are half in the colors of the same of Dons. German Troys were first found in the same place as same-colored Troy-like Trumps.

It just so happens that while Bows/Boughs share the Roet motto, the Trains are said to have had their titles transfer by marriage to the Bows. Trans'/Trents were first found in the same place as Roets / Wissels, believe it or not. Roets and Bows/Boughs were Boofima liners, human sacrificers, and Dutch Troys use goats, the Boofima > Baphomet symbol. I had traced the ImPERI peoples that offered goat / human sacrifices of Boofima to PARION and PARIS in Mysia, the entity of Troy. The Mysian Muse's of Parion are highly suspect with the Mysians who became the north-African Amazons/Amazighen, and Boofima was even pegged (by me) with the Amazons/Meshwesh/Mazyes' of Numidia.

The road in the sleeping-bag dream became linkable recently to Larue's, first found in PERIgord with Boofima-line Beefs/Boeufs, who use one fesse in Parr-fesse colors. Below is from the third update of last month with the mention of Lisa Kountoupes, a lobbyist for Uranium One. Lisa is the woman of Jack Sava, the one who partook in the murder of Seth Rich, whose murder was all around the shady deeds of Wasserman-Schultz:

As you can see if you click the page below, the two Podesta brothers met at a breakfast with Lisa (she's the first name on the list) on February 22, 2016, about nine days after the murder of Judge Scalia. Rich was murdered the following July. Why did they really meet on that morning?

The second on the breakfast list is Andrea Larue, a Democrat consultant. I looked her up because there was an important ROAD in the sleeping-bag dream...

The sleeping bag dream was pegged, long before bumping into Larue, as being God's message concerning the killers of Scalia, and John Podesta was pegged as privy to that murder. That's why Andrea Larue was pegged with the dream's road.

The motorcyclist who came and went from/on that road was David Morley (old friend), and while Morlands share a version of the Morley Coat, they were first found in Westmorland with Wessels/Wastels/WAISTells. That dream ended with me pulling the WAIST of Christine Peare toward me, and it felt so good. The reason it felt so good, I assume, is because God wanted me to tie it to the time that I slept in the same bed with Miss Peare and LOUISE Phillips. The latter was in the sleeping-bag dream too. Let me repeat, but LOUISiana may be the reason for Miss Philips, especially as PHILips share the PILLar/Pilot lion. In fact, Louise was the girlfriend of Moreno while Morinis' share the double fesses of Dons. Doesn't that look like Donna Brazile in Louisiana? Why is Louisiana so important, then?

Twitter's White Rabbit (gutter-minded) unleashed thousands of Hillary emails which was the surprising event that connected to Bra, now suspect with Braswells > Brazils. God promised me in a childhood event that some white-rabbit entity of Bra will expose the Clinton crime ring; I has made this claim several weeks or even months before White Rabbit came out with the emails on the one-year anniversary of Seth Rich's murder. White Rabbit has a 19-second video showing nothing more than an uneventful white rabbit along a backyard FENCE, and my Pillar Post was invented to install six-foot privacy fences without need for digging or concrete. By the time that I saw his video, I had reason to identify two fences in my personal experiences to the Fens/Venns surname (Devon) that traces excellently to Cassandra's/Casano's of Modena, where Morinis' were first found. Cassandra's are of the king-Cassander line to queen Nysa.

After Morley rode away down the road, I walked from the road into the parking lot of a mall (because Morleys are also Mauls), and then went into the mall, where I saw Christine and Louise on a wooden platform. I was then on an adjacent platform, where Christine appeared, where I pulled her toward me, and it felt so good (end of dream, too bad). When I had slept with both ladies (no sex) back at 19 years of age, I awoke in the middle of the night with my right arm around Chris' waist (her back toward me), and squeezing her gently toward me, it felt so good, the same feeling as in the dream.

This gets more amazing because the Morleys'/Mauls use the split Shield of Trans'/Trents and Wessels/Waistels (= the train whistle at the Donna-related caw, right). While that acts as proof that I have the dream correctly interpreted with David Morley as the rider, and Christine's waist with Waistells, the amazing part is where I was just asking self: is the red Train lion that of Galves', since, after all, I was headed to GALVESton (where the omen fulfilled itself that night) when taking the leak. Galves' happen to use the split Shield of Trans'/Trents and Waistels in colors reversed, and that makes it the same Shield as the Devon Pike's.

Let's go back to German Hacks (same place as Thors) that use the Troy Coat. As was said, English Thors were first found in Devon with the Hacks/Hykes;, but here it can be pointed out that the Thor towers are in the colors of the Pike trefoils, while the screaming bird is suspect as a woodPECKer (mythical-Mars symbol), the ancient code for the Marsi relationship with PICENum, the line to Pickens/Pike's that use nearly the Phar Coat. These Pike liners were in code with my NISSan PICK-up because Phars should be from NYSA and Pharnaces. The Devon Thors can be using the HOWELL towers, and an OWL may have killed the screaming bird. Donna Brazile is to link to my Pillar Post, and while Howells are said to have been at least a merger with Powells, the latter share the Pillar / Philips / Poel/Pole lion. The other Pole's share the Post lion.

As Chives' of Tarves were until-recently said to have been first in Devon, it's pretty clear that Chives' share the Hacks/Hykes quadrants and symbol colors. But as Tarvins are listed with Tarves;, let's repeat from above:

The Trevors also share the Eddis Coat while Eddis' share the helmet with Tudors. The write-up of Dons mentions EDDISbury at TARVin (Duddon, Cheshire). Eddisbury is in Boughton, and while Boughtons share motto terms with Dons, they also use the Saracen crescents in colors reversed, perfect for a trace to Laus and Saracena i.e. where I trace the Simson motto.

There you have the Dons linking to Bow/Bough suspects, and to Tarves liners. I can glean that Eddis' were the Aids/Ade's because the latter use a Coat reflection of the Tarvin-like Turpens, which are both in the colors and format of Rodhams. This recalls my drinking TURPENtine on the stairs, according to my mother, at such an early age I can't recall the event. It was decipherable as an act of God for the Clinton part in Scalia's murder, for scala = stairs, and the Drinks, first found in Northumberland with Rodhams, use a blue pale bar that is formed by the Scalia ladder. I reasoned that God had me swig some turpentine to indicate Hillary Clinton (she could have wanted to replace Scalia in 2016, the year of his murder) because Tarvins/Tarves' share the six fitchees of Hillarys and Clintons. But this week, I've found that the event can even link closely to Dons of Eddisbury / Tarvin.

The Tarvins/Tarves' share the red lion in Crest with Boughs/Bows, and while Roets were first found in Somerset, location of the Axe river (also in Devon, where Chives' / Hacks had been), the Tarvin/Tarves lion holds an axe. Now behold, for Boughtons are said to be from Titterstone's CLEE hills, and Clee's are listed with the Clays/Klees' while my partner in the Pillar Post was Mr. Klees! Donna Brazile, whose first name must link to Dons, was the reason, I am assuming, that God had me partake in a trade show in the city wherein Donna Brazile was born, and although I toyed and worked the Pillar Post for several years, I was a partner with Klees for a few months only, maybe even just two, and it was at that time, with his money, that I attended this trade show.

Rodhams were a branch of Rutlands, and Rutlands use the ORLE border that looks like code for Orrel liners. Tarves' are expected from Vito's/BITINi's of Tarvisium, and the Orrel roundels are in the colors of the similar annulet of Vito's.

The lawyer to watch at this time is Mrs. Toensing, because she has a Uranium-One whistle blower. The Towns/Towners (Julian / Cowes cross in colors reversed) are a branch of Tenants, and the latter share the black crescent with the identical Coats of TONbridge's and Saracens. The latter's three crescents are those of Boughtons/Bourtons in colors reversed, and Bourtons are highly suspect between Boura, Laus at Saracena, and Bourlys of Somerset. The Purys/Bureys (same place as Clintons) use a Coat like omen-like Omans.

The Pury/Burey stars are on a fesse colors reversed to the same of the Post-loving Jeffreys that use a picture of my omen. The "Post" motto term of these Scottish Jeffreys (share the Julian pale bars, apparently) was much the reason that my Pillar Post links to Donna Lease Brazile. Welsh Jeffreys share the same lion as Pillars/Pilots, highly suspect with the lion of Palins, from Palinurus near Laus and Buxentum. The Boughton-like Bucktons (Yorkshire, same as Bush's), whom I've just looked up as per the Buchans and Buchanans from Buxentum, use a symbol on a Chief in the colors of the Simson-Chief symbol (Simsons were first found in BUCKINGham). The Buckton-Crest goat (BOSton/BOWstain colors) looks like the Bush Crest, and Bush's share the same fesse as Omans / Purys/Bureys.

Let's go back to the white goat heads of Dutch Hacks. And here we find the white goat head of Bucktons, suspect as Don-beloved Boughtons. It's hard to ignore that "coincidence." It recalls that I TOUCHED the bra while standing over a rabbit cage, with white rabbits, of Jerry PETERSON. I might not have been able to use the Touch surname (shares the Boston Coat) as part of that event, expect that, while no Jerry surname came up, I found Jarrys/Garrys/Hare's with the Touch lion. After seeing a youtube video (rife) with Hillary Clinton telling the nation that she's going to do the bidding, as secretary of state, of the Counsel on Foreign Relations, I found that this organizations chairman, Peter PETERSON, had married Mrs. Cooney, perfect because the Conys / Conns use white coney rabbits while Bra is in Cuneo. God was pointing not only to the bra, with my finger, but to the Council on Foreign Relations under Hillary Clinton. Investigate that, whoever wants to know the brute and unelected deep-state of things.

I painted the album cover of the rock band, Boston, on a wall in the apartment of a woman whose name I do not recall. I was with her briefly (weeks only) a year or less before I thankfully submitted to Jesus. I invited friends over, who saw the painting in progress, but the only one I recall was Barry. What could that be about? Obama was Barry Soetero. I took the Poury surname from the "Pour Y" motto phrase of Manners/Maness', and while they love the Pury-like Parrs, the French Barrys use a "Pour" motto term. This acts to clinch the Bostons with Boughtons-Dons. I'll come back to Mr. Maness later.

I had to briefly investigate a Mr. Maness at one time, finding him with an address at Markham, Texas. He was the helicopter PILOT working for Haiti relief during the time that Bill Clinton stole moneys (while working with George Bush) allotted for quake relief. I knew Mr. Maness' wife, and donated to her for the Haiti relief. I'm not suggesting that Mr. Maness was involved with Clinton corruption, but that God may be using some of his particulars to draw a thicker storyline on the Clinton crime ring. Markham is in Matagorda township (near Baytown), and while the Matagorda capital is Bay City, Bays use double fesse bars colors reversed from the same of Manners/Maness', and the latter's are almost the double Parr fesses. There seems to be some "coincidences" here.

Repeat: "There is a Ramp surname sharing the brown and upright lion with Tonsings, and that latter's candleBRAS can be code for Braswells." The problem at this current time is that while Mrs. Toensing wants to expose Clinton activities with Uranium One, Donna Brazile (descended from Braswells) may not...yet my pee on the ramp may be hinting otherwise for a future time. The crazier it sounds to us mere humans, the more God will enjoy deploying the fulfillment at his vengeance-is-mine time.

Joel and the Brazilian drove right past the ancient land of Marsi on the highway between Rome and Venice. They even stopped in at Picenzo (Joels' father is related to my mother), where my mother was born, and that place must have been named by the woodpecker line of mythical Mars. Clinton's election-campaign strategists included one Joel Benenson that may be the reason for Joel and the Brazilian.

Let's go back to Cowes'/Cawe's, first found in Lancashire with the early Dons. This can explain why the bird cawed while I was wondering whether Donna Brazile was God's code, not only from by Bra-Rabbit theory, but for Don and similar surnames. The fact that the three Cawe piles (called pennants) are colors reversed from the three Ore piles while Ore's share "omnia" with Dons is a significant piece of proof that God created the caw event to indicate my need to stress Donna Brazile.

We then have the coincidence or not that Pennants are like "BENENson." In fact, Benens share the Coat of Banners, from the Panaro river of Modena, where the Marano's/Mauritano's were from (from Marano on the Panaro) along with Morinis'. The Mauritano's are of the Mortons, first found in the same place as Joels, can you believe this? And it's the Walsh's who love Mortons (Morton colors and format) and who use a motto, TRANSfixus," which is the reason that I learned of the TRANS variation of Trents to begin with. This was the line of Terentia Murena, quite obviously.

The Benen/Banner/Bainer fleur-de-lys is in half the colors of the Fix/Fick fleur, that surname suspect in "TransFIXus." The Fix's (Bannon colors) are said to have included WESers, perhaps the Wassa / Wessel / Wissel line. Bannons look linkable to Stricks/Sticklands and Sticks, the latter first found in the same place as Trans'/Trents.

So, it now appears clinched that Joel and the Brazilian have to do with some relationship between Joel Benenson and Donna Brazile...that God wants exposed. Stricks/Stricklands, first found in Westmorland with Morinis-possibly Morleys and Morlands, were pegged with the "Strike" motto of Hack-like Hawks. Morleys and Morlands thus appear to be using the Fix / Benen/Bannon fleur-de-lys. Morleys/Mauls must be in the "mal" motto term of Stricks/Sticklands. Stricks/Sticklands share the scallops of Hacks'/Hykes' and Flecks/Flacks, and while the latter are beloved by the "flax breaker" of Brays/Brae's, the Flecks/Flacks share the double fesses of Bannons. The CANDLEbras' of Tonsings should link to the candleSTICKs of Kyle's.

I don't know of an East Morland and so perhaps it was named after VESTalis liners merged with Morleys. Wests use a dancette likely for the Dance variation of Donna's/Donnas', for while king Donnus was on the Riparia river having a Viu tributary, Wests use a "vie" motto term. Wests were at Actone/HACStone.

Benens/Banners were first found in Silesia with Wies' (same wings as Morlands), a branch of Weser-like Weisers/Weis', and the latter look linkable to Nissans while Wies' use one of the two Morinis fesses. Again, the Montforts own the gonFANON banner while Fanano is off the Panaro while Marano's/Mauritano's use the Montfort lion while Monforte is a location smack beside Bra...and Alba. German Alba's use a version of the Banner Coat (split Shield), only with the split-Shield colors of Wessels/Waistels, suspect with the neighboring Cottians. And this split Shield is that of Trans'/Trents in colors reversed, but also of Morleys/Mauls (more white scallops).

Here's on Benenson: "He began participating in politics in 1994 as a communications director for New York Gov. Mario Cuomo's (D) re-election. During the Cuomo campaign, Benenson first worked with David Axelrod, the chief strategist for Obama's two presidential campaigns." Axelrods (axes) are HAWKeswells too, and Como's were traced to Miss Comyn (may not have it spelled correctly), the mother of Adam Kilconquhar who's in some of the Adam surnames, especially the Annandale branch that shows a Caw variation. So, you see, Benenson can link to the caw of the bird.

Earlier today, I was doing an Intelius search for Michael Maness, when I came across what appears to be his son, with address in Markham, Texas, as well as Warsaw, Indiana. His "wife" was Miss Covert, whose previous husband was Mr. Dein. Their two Dein sons had addresses in Warsaw, Indiana, which made it appear that they were part of the white supremacists, WARS, of Warsaw, Indiana, because Miss Covert and Mr. Dein lived in POST Falls (Pillar-post link?), a few miles from the headquarters of Aryan Nations at Hayden Lake. After one of the Deins emailed me to frown on my insinuations, his address in Warsaw was wiped out of the Intelius databank, my his request, I assume.

Today, I found Michael Dale Maness (aged appropriate to be a son of Mr. Maness), with Warsaw as one address, and Mr. Dein and Cathian Maness as two of his relatives. Cathian is Miss Covert. The funny thing is, the father Maness is not listed as a relative, and because I suspected that Cathian was never married to him, it's possible that the father was a fabrication, and that the name and online identity was a take from this Michael Dale Maness. I'm only guessing.

Cathian Maness has Mike Maness as relative, and has a Galiano address in Louisiana. I find that interesting because of her POST Falls address. The fact that the Maness surname looks related to the bays while I took a leak facing the home of Miss Hicks in Baytown may mean that God is pointing to Mike Maness (not necessarily Cathian's Mike Maness) with a Forney address, for Miss Hicks moved to Forney. I'm feeling uneasy about saying these things, but if there's nothing about it to be concerned with, fine. I've only now bumped into Mike Maness, age 62, roughly Cathian's age, in Forney. The amazing thing is, the same Mike has an address in Irving, Texas, too, and so here's from the last update:

Well, a leak has to do with urine...Well, I first checked urine-like Orrens...But I then tried for a Urren surname, and the holly of Irvings (Dumfries) came up (holly is their only symbol).

That's funny. Mr. Dein's sister married Mr. Scheriff of West Islip (long Island), which explains why Mr. Dein has an address in West Islip, but why does Cathian Maness also have a West Islip address? This part of Long Island is beside Patchogue, where William Hitler -- alias William Stuart-Houston -- lived with three sons (surely, they had children with woman i.e. who are they now?) William was Adolf's nephew, and Otto Skorzeny (Nazi) claimed on his deathbed, as the story goes, that Adolf Hitler was allowed to live in Montana...which happens to be beside Post Falls and Hayden Lake. A leader of Aryan Nations lived in Montana by the name of Charles Mangels, suspect as a son of Yosef Mengele, a high-level Nazi. Charles is being reported as dead, but I wonder.

Otto Skorzeny claimed, as the report goes, that George Herbert Bush Sr, was born as George Herbert SCHERFF Jr, son of a Nazi by the same name. The Schere's (ears of wheat), feasibly a branch of Schere's/Scherfs, use a STICK, and Sticks use "sheaves" (usually wheat sheaves). The Scheriff-like Sheriffs were first found in Warwickshire, which I tracer to Poland's Warsaw, the elements of which could have named Warsaw in Indiana. Sheriffs share one of the two Bay fesses and perhaps the Morinis fleur.

The thing is, William Hitler had a mother, Bridget Dowling, suspect with Dol-Alan liners. Here's from my (long) bushNazi.htm chapter: "Wikipedia has an article on the nephew, named "William Patrick "Willy" Stuart-Houston (ne Hitler)." His mother was an Irish woman (Bridget) with Dowling surname (holly tree)..."After the war Bridget and her son settled in Long Island under the assumed name of Stuart-Houston. "" Urrens/Irvings use holly. Though the Dowling tree looks like an oak, the description is: "A silver shield with a holly tree eradicated proper, and a gold lion passant between two gold trefoils on a blue chief engrailed"

So, the theory now is that my urine leak, between Baytown and HOUSTON, links also to this Mike Maness in Irving and Forney, though, as I don't know the man, I feel uneasy about mentioning it. If it's nothing, then it's nothing, and nothing will come of it. Miss Hicks was married to Mr. Kilpatrick, and the latter surname was first found in Dumfries with Irvings and MacCAWS/Adams. You decide whether there's something to this, I'm just the writer. And the Patchie variation of Kilpatricks is like "PATCHogue." The Kilpatrick-beloved Maxwells use a "holly BUSH," and the Pollock sept of Maxwells were Dol-Alan associates and suspect with Miss Polzl, Adolf Hitler's wife. Pollocks were first found in the same place as Stewart-related Houstons. Houstons share the hourglass with Books/Boggs (probably Boughton liners), and Hicks use an hour-like motto term.

The same Mike (Thurman) Maness (on the same page above with Michael Dale Maness) has an address in Little Rock, Arkansas, and another yet in Broussard, Louisiana. Broussards, obvious Bruce liners, were first found in Languedoc with French Bays and Falcons.

Michael Maness, Miss Covert's hubby, seems to have been scrubbed off the Intelius list at Markham, Texas. He's still listed at Post Falls as 58 years of age. I do not recall ever bumping into Michael Dale Maness, for I would surely have noticed his Warsaw address, and remembered it too. He shares George Maness as a relative along with Idaho's Michael Mark Maness. When I ask Intelius to search for "Michael Mark Maness" in all of the U.S, it fails to bring up that name until the 77th name even though it's listed that way for Idaho, suggesting possibly that someone with clout has arranged for his name not to come up at the start (where it's expected) in a direct search.

The Agreement Posed as a Fine Deal

Here is the deal between Hillary and the DNC. The page was acquired thanks to a youtube video from a Bernie-Sanders supporter, H.A. Goodman. The title of his video is, WIKILEAKS RELEASES SECRET DNC AGREEMENT PROVING DONNA BRAZILE RIGHT ABOUT RIGGED DEMOCRATIC PRIMARY. So, it already appears that WikiLEAKS has contributed to this expose. The document is below; I'll quote the first two paragraphs that tells all"

This Memorandum is intended to memorialize [makes it sound heroic rather than criminal] our agreement regarding the creation and operation of Hillary Victory Fund (Victory Fund), a joint fundraising committee of Hillary for America (HFA) and the Democratic National Committee (DNC).

HFA is prepared to raise and invest funds into the DNC via the Victory. In return for this financial support, HFA requires the appropriate influence over the financial, strategic, and operational use of these JFA -raised funds.

In other words, "I Hillary Clinton and my backers, who include international rulers and corporate money-suckers the world over, will give the DNC some money, and in return the DNC must allow me and my money-suckers to control the DNC BEFORE the election so that I can beat Bernie Sanders and assure my money suckers what they are expecting from me. Besides, I want to be the most-powerful man in the world."

Framed my way, it looks like bribery (nothing to memorialize), and Wasserman-Schultz took the money. Brazile then came along, saw that Hillary was finished, and jumped onto the Sanders boat, during a Gospel song, for 2020.

The date of the document is August 26, 2015. The document says that Hillary's election people will provide a minimum $1.2 M monthly to run the DNC, which is an act of bribery. The first payment was scheduled October 1, 2015, more than a year before the election, giving Hillary a stranglehold over the election season (she would have lost to Sanders without it). The agreement was signed on September 1, 2015. The DNC was not expected to bite the hand that fed it, obviously.

The deal was not merely the purchase of the DNC will, but an agreement to be purchased by the leaders of the DNC, which would include others besides Wasserman. There may have been under-the-table moneys as well (to private persons) as what's registered in official documents. The sky is the limit here on this heap of corruption.

There are four-numbered "obligations" of the deal requiring the DNC to act according to the will of the Hillary For America group, a stunning act of grand arrogance that will surely get the ire of the voters. This is so bad that the liberal media will cave in. The world that hears of and correctly understands this will come to believe in "conspiracy theories" as the rule, and we will now make fun of silly people who continue to resist conspiracy theories. The deep state now needs to act fast to salvage itself from the coming central-nervous breakdown. The twitches are starting. Dire insanity cometh.

In number 2, the agreement allows the DNC to make the decision for senior leaders in the DNC providing that the Hillary group agrees. How is that not rigging the system while giving appearances that it's not? Yes, the DNC can make the decisions, but if it chooses anything that favors Sanders, the Hillary side can veto it. So, the DNC knows beforehand that it's got to pick leaders favorable ("acceptable") to Hillary.

Number 3: "Agreement by the DNC that HFA personnel will be consulted and have joint authority over strategic decisions over the staffing, budget, expenditures, and general election related communications, data, technology, analytics, and research." How is that JOINT authority not a team? The entire DNC is the captain of the team, yes, but Hillary is the coach with the power to call the plays, and to bench any player not playing her game. How can the DNC live with itself? There must be a cliff nearby from which to commit suicide. Get it over with.

But what we see on paper here must be the most angelic part of the deal. What evil can we imagine not fit for official documents? Ahh, wouldn't Jesus want to expose this too? Some of it involves the joint Hillary-DNC payments for the dirty, so-called dossier. And other grimy plots are expected from the Clinton dug-out to take the bat away from Trump. Trump has been bashing less with his bat ever since John Kelly took over his attitude. Trump is more-soft-spoken now, and the lack of leaks at the White House lately speaks to the expectation that Trump is, for the most part, aside from a few uncontrollable spurts, being a good deep-state puppet. Or, at least, he's been promising to be.

I don't know when this document was released to the public. NBC calls it a memo, and has a link to it from November 3 this past week, but the article doesn't say where the memo came from when made public. It was emailed by Robby Mook to Amy Dacey. The NBC article is woeful in being short, sort of like, we did our duty to report this, but that's all. The reporter has no soul, no emotions, no nothing, just a computer brain. If this was on the Trump side, suddenly, NBC reporters would be fully human, fully emotional and passionate for righteousness. The short video below, dated April of 2016, says that Sanders accused the DNC for making a fundraising deal with Clinton, which sounds as though it's the deal now under expression Brazile-style:

Where did Sanders hear of it? NPR has this week: "Updated at 11:56 p.m. ET: NPR has obtained the full memo from a Democratic source. Read it at the bottom of this story." Name of the character not given, and maybe he received it from WikiLeaks. NPR makes the point that the DNC has not denied the memo. It is incorrect to call it a memo because it minimizes it. The memo was of an official agreement, very large and looming over the party, like a bad omen, but Mook portrayed it as a thing to be celebrated, like the Trypillians burning down their own houses, thinking they'd get ahead. NPR:

Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook appeared on CNN Friday night and called "laughable" assertions that the agreement rigged the primary against Sanders. Among other things, he pointed to the fact that the memo states that joint efforts were to be focused on the general election.

Yes, and "joint" is exactly the problem. Hillary was not supposed to be joint with the DNC, stupid. Mook would have us view "joint" as "fair." What's he been smoking? Mook goes on to portray the DNC as a beggar in need of a meal, and Clinton becomes the generous carer, saving the DNC from starvation. Awwwe, isn't that nice. Hillary should have bragged openly at how nice she was being to the poor DNC. It was such a nice thing that she could have won the election just by telling about it, right Mook? Nut why isn't Bernie saying how nice Hillary was to offer all that hard cash? They are saying that Mook himself struck the deal with Wasserman-Slouch, but Mook must have had Clinton behind him, of course.

It seems that the Democrat who leaked the memo was in concert with Politico's release of Brazile's chapter, and so far I haven't heard that Brazile is angry with Politico. This may be a well-orchestrated plot between them to change the party direction, and Donna may be eying her own out-to-sea raft in this new wave, which could become her whirlpool. In her chapter, Brazile appears to take credit for finding the memo, though she doesn't name what she found. It appears that she worked with a fellow Democrat to release the memo ahead of her book's release so that the book will make her rich. But that could be mere appearances, or a secondary benefit behind a primary political motive. If Hillary's book is floundering now, wait another week. Don't throw Hillary's book out, use it in your wood stove.

Dmlnews/com: "Friday evening, NBC news released a copy of the full memorandum..." It may be that NBC was chosen as the way by which to float this program. NBC's not telling from whence it came? Was it yesterday, or yestermonth? How long has this egg been in the incubator? Why does Goodman credit WikiLeaks for this memo? Actually, in the video, he doesn't. He only does so in the title and front page (at youtube) for the video. Is Goodman guilty of gross click-bait here? Is he that desperate for viewers? Or does he know something? Did WikiLeaks keep this Mook memo in hand, refusing to play it on the table (for fear it would get no legs in the media) until there was some evidence for it's veracity from other sources? Or, even better, did Brazile receive the memo from WikiLeaks in the first place, and did WikiLeaks agree not to take credit so that it would have longer legs?

Let's now put Obama under the spectacles. Hillary knows too much and becomes a threat starting in 2013 (when she quit Obama) to his government plots, especially as per the Benghazi murders. He doesn't want Hillary to become the next president because he fears Republicans would get very hot about investigating her, turning up rocks that find Obama guilt. So he bankrupts the DNC, and makes sure it doesn't get all the money back until 2016. Is this a viable theory?

Goodman is beside himself; he's even changed the background to his videos for this new story. There is a picture of a sunset, but, surely, Goodman views it as a sunrise. There are also curtains showing behind him, and I'm absolutely sure that Bernie Sanders is about to jump out from behind them with a cigar in his mouth:

Here's Goodman on the same day without the hopeful sunset and the curtains:

Bird Sounds

It's Sunday afternoon. I don't usually find myself in bed on a Sunday afternoon, but was there today. When I awoke, I heard the caw of what I always think is a blue jay when it's fighting or protecting its nest. The sound came from directly out the bedroom window, as with the scream, and with the caw at the Don-pondering moment. This time, it came to mind to check bird sounds online to see whether this was a jay or a woodpecker, and, while still in bed, it dawned on me that the Jay surname uses three white items on a red bend, the same color as the three arrows on a red bend which had been comparable above with the one, bendwise Rothschild/Rothstein arrow, and it just so happens that both Jewish Rothchilds and Jays use white roses on a red bend. I couldn't recall the surname of the three-arrow Coat.

Upon getting out of bed, I checked the "sound of a blue jay" to find the first sound in either Blue Jay Call 1 (or Blue Jay Call 3) exactly the sound just heard. I read that the sound is called a "jay" instead of "caw." I haven't known what the sound of a woodpecker was until going to the page below. They don't sound anything like a jay. The best one for this purpose is fretted sound of a Lesser Spotted Woodpecker 5, because it's got one with the bird fretting a little. My woodpeckers are spotted, but this was not the sound I just heard. The pecking sound of the Lesser Spotted is virtually identical to the pecking heard around here.

The problem is, when I was wondering whether the Don surname applies to Donna-Brazile codes, there was only one caw to judge by. But having heard both in a comparison today, I would have to say that it was much more a jay than a woodpecker, which can explain why the three arrows above are in the Don Coat! Zowie, what are the chances of that? It seems that God was correcting me here on Sunday, less than a day before this update is due for online placement. It seems that God wants to connect the Dons to Rothschilds via the bird caw of a few weeks ago, and it seems that God wants to connect Donna Brazile to Rothschilds. The Adams/MacCAWS use a single, white arrow too.

Recalling that Donna Brazile was linked by an omen to the Jeffrey surname with cloud-and-sun combination, it just so happens that the other Jeffreys were first found in the same place as Jays and Jeffersons while Jays share the blue griffin with Jeffersons. It recalls that while many put the first Rothschild (Mayer Bauer) into the Bavarian Illuminati of his lifetime, Thomas Jefferson said that ADAM Weishaupt (visible founder of the Bavarian Illuminati), a Jew, was a decent man (forget the words he used to describe him). Adamincidence?

Next, recall the Cowes/CAWE surname, for its pennants are code for pennants that were in-turn first found in Herefordshire (!), same as Jays / Jeffersons / Jeffreys. And while Cowes/Cawe's use the English-Julian cross, the cloud-over-sun Jeffreys use the six German-Julian pale bars in colors reversed, as well as sharing wings with Bauers. If that's not enough, the cloud-on-sun Jeffreys were first found in Peebles-shire with Bowers! And, more, French Julians share the Bauer stars.

On top of these things, the Don arrows / Jay roses are in the colors of the bendwise lozenges of Wissels/Whistle's (recalls the train whistle at the bird scream), first found in the same place as Trans'/Trents, while German Wissels/Wislers, who use the Bauer wing design in red, were first found in Perthshire with the Wings/Winks. It only became obvious to me in this paragraph that Wissels liners were Weis / Wies / Weishaupt liners, now amazing. The bird scream is now linking to the Bavarian Illuminati! The Rothschilds even started out in the railroad business, as with Rockefellers. The Wings/Winks were first found in Perthshire with the Athols (Athelings?) who in-turn almost use the six Jeffrey / Julian pale bars. The Athol bars are in the colors of the fessewise bars in the Arms of Saxony, while Athelings were Saxons while German Julians were first found in Saxony.

While Heids share a single, bendwise arrow with Rothschilds/Rothsteins, Hiedlers/Hitlers (sun) use stars in Bauer-star colors too, as well as the same bend as Jays / Rothchilds. While the father of Adolf Hitler married a Miss Glassl, the Jewish Glass' use wings in colors reversed from those of German Wissels/Wislers. Glass' are expected at Glasgow with Houstons, Stewarts and the latter's Pollock servants, and Adolf's nephew chose a Stuart-Houston surname while Adolf's mother was Miss Polzl. The Pols' share the Jeffrey lion.

It should be rementioned that while Trans'/Trents (Child colors) were from Terentia Murena, to whose husband I trace Childs, RothsCHILDs may not have been named after "red shield," as commonly believed, but after a Rothes merger with Childs. The latter are said to have been at Wanstead while Wansteads share the Zionist Roten star and a Coat linkable to that of Jewish Rothchilds.

Not many weeks ago, God gave a sign in a windstorm, where two dead trees I was worried about (too close to the house) were sawed off by the wind, one being a fat pine trunk that got caught in the fork of a maple tree. Maples are code for the maypole of witchcraft, and the Bavarian Illuminati was founded on May 1, the day of the maypole celebration / ceremony, or whatever those idiots do on that day. I was cutting the nearly-erect pine while it stood, one short piece at a time, until, getting stuck in the fork, it would no longer slide down. I checked that trunk a couple of days ago, and it's bottom end is still suspended above the ground. I reasoned that the maple fork was code for the Cunningham shakefork, code for Forkers/Farquhars (same place as Cunninghams).

I think I have yet to fully realize what the downing of those two trees mean, but Cuneo lines from Cunninghams should apply. I'm getting the impression that the pine stuck in the fork is a trap set up by God for some Pine-liner entity. The Rodhams/Roddens, suspect with Rothes liners, are linkable to Stevensons and therefore to Valentins, the latter kin of Wings/Winks (from VINKovci, birthplace of emperor Valentinian I, who died a couple of generations before the birth of king CHILDeric of the first-known Franks.

As Donna Brazile became a topic when God had Joel drive through Italy with a Brazilian, I now need to repeat concerning the funeral of FRANCA, for the Frank surnames that show linkage to Pollocks, from where Rothschilds descend (from Peter Pollock at Rothes castle), use a "nati" motto term suspect with Natts/Nathans / Nathans/Nations while the first Rothschild named his first son, Nathan. Joel and the Brazilian were headed to Poland, land of Polocks. Franca's share the green Shield with Bauers, Bowers, Burleys and Franks. Bauer-like Brays/Brae's share eagle legs with Augusts, and the white rabbit mystery is foremost about Piedmont's Bra. I am willing to gamble that Mayer Bauer descended from my own Masci bloodline in Piedmont, where Franca's were first found. August's mother was a Masci. German Franks share the column with Pelosi's, first found in Piedmont.

Four days after Joel purchased a white Rabbit Volkswagen, he visited me, and took me for a drive. I didn't know his car was a Rabbit until he mentioned it then, just as I was telling him about Twitter's White Rabbit, the theme of which links exactly to the Cunningham bloodline from Conys / Conns who in-turn use a version of the Nathan/Nations/NUSANs Coat, can you believe this? The logo or symbol of Twitter's White Rabbit consists of three lines depicting the lines of a rabbit's nose, and they are exactly the lines of the entire Cunningham Coat (i.e. shakefork). The logo on the floor mat of the white Rabbit Volkswagen is a white rabbit, which is shared by Conys / Conns.

The Nusan variation, by the way, reminds that Nissans and Jewish Rothchilds share sinister bends on red.

The Volks are listed with the Norfolk Folks/Fulke's while the wings of German Fulks are shared by German JULians while the Joel surname is also "Jule." God cannot make things any plainer that He's behind a revelation on the Rothschilds. This really hits home for me because Franca is the wife of August (Julius Caesar appointed Augustus as his heir), in whose home I spent two months at age 10 when my mother (related to Joel's ancestry) spent the summer in the town that Joel visited, and that town, Picenzo, is suspect with Justine of Picenum, wife of Valentinian I (Justine's were first found in Perthshire with Wings/Winks).

Joel told me, on the Volkswagen drive, that he might drop in on this town with the Brazilian, though no one there was expecting him at any particular time, and the whole thing was a maybe. So, because he dropped in on the day of a funeral, I'm thinking that this is a sign of the death of the Rothschild empire, starting first with the break-down of Hillary Rodham Clinton. I cannot think of many other reason that God chose me, for this heraldry- and anti-Christ-related work, other than what I've always claimed: that it was due to my ancestry in my mother's Masci side. And here things are touching on my mother's weeny home town, so once-incredulous yet before my eyes now.

And Picenzo is the woodpecker line. It is impossible for me to determine whether the bird scream was that of a jay or woodpecker. It's not a sound expected in normal, bird life. What does a bird sound like when awoken suddenly in the night in the mouth of a meat eater? You won't find that sound online because its virtually impossible for anyone to capture it. What death did that bird scream represent. I thought it was the death of the Clintons, now coming more true as per Donna Brazile. Yet Bernie Sanders may be on the rise by an act of some powerful group with a plan to carry out.

My next observation is that, as Donna Brazile is seemingly to be linked to the Rothschilds by the caw of the jay, the Rothschilds might be behind Bernie Sanders too. The Sanders surname happens to share the full motto of Wink-branch Vince's/Vinch's. One of those motto terms, "sibi," is suspect for Sibals because Vinkovci was earlier, CIBALae. And it just so happens that while Godfreys are said to be a branch of Jeffreys, they share the Vince griffin (almost) (Jeffersons use griffins). Godfreys even use "Deus," suspect with Deusters/Dusters that have a version of the Jewish Rothchild Coat, and moreover the Levens, first found in Shropshire with Rothes', and with the father of Peter Pollock of Rothes castle, share elephant heads with the Sanders above. The latter even use plates while Blate's share the saltire of the "nati"-using Franks (Franca colors), whose "nati"-using branch share the Pollock saltire. The father of Peter Pollock, FULbert, had been suspect with Fullers, first found in the same place as Jeffreys / Jeffersons / Jays. Italian Franca's may be using the colors of Spanish Capets, for Capetians were royal Franks.

I can add to the "coincidences" here because my mother's maiden name, Grimaldi, is the surname of my cousin, Dino, and Dino's, said to be from Taddao Dini, share the red Chief of Taddei's/Taddao's (compare with Sander Chief) as well as "Libertas" with Godfreys while I am certain that the Tuscany-related line of Godfrey III married Taddei's because the latter use the cross of Bouillons, from Godfrey de Bouillon, grandson of Godfrey III. I am not only a Grimaldi from my mother's town, but a Taddei. Can you believe this? How can God speak to me any clearer that he's behind me in this revelation? It's not only for my benefit, but yours, so check into tribwatch (I never ask for money) to see what comes of this. Taddei-like Daddys use the Frank saltire.

While the Nathans/Nations use a heart pierced by an arrow, the latter being the Bower and Rothschild symbol, the Stoltenbergs use "On a blue shield a red heart pierced by an arrow." It just so happens that Mr. Stoltenberg replaced Mr. Rasmussen as the NATO chief, and Rasmussens/Assmans share the sinister-rising bend with Jewish Rothschilds. Can we see who really rules NATO, the army of the "free world"? Christians, you have got to have wisdom enough to realize that the foremost plan of the American military, which owns NATO, is to convince young Americans that the military is for glorious purposes worth dying for. In reality, the fat cats are using the military, and the deaths and maimings of young Americans, to further their worldwide profits. This is so despicable that God will have a big answer for the Rothschilds. And if they target young Christian men because they (the fat cats) prefer their deaths, the brimstone will get a lot heavier upon them.

If the Stoltenberg / Nathan / Rothschild arrow is code for Arrows/Arras', they are the ones with the Murena tower because Terentia Murena married Cilnius Maecenas of Arettium/AREZZO, the line to ARRAS of Artois, which was the area where the line of Godfrey III (i.e. Eustace II) ruled. The Arrow/Arras tower can be that of Thors because Swedish and German Thors (both with elephant trunks) love the Trunks, the latter first found in Bavaria-related FRANConia, which named Frankfurt, where the first Rothschild lived. I expect Franconia's Salian royals to descend from Childeric's Salian Franks. Childeric married Thuringia, like "TRUNk."

German Thors were first found in Thor-like TYRol, and Tyrols (Dexter chevrons) were first found in Essex with Maple's, recalling the pine TRUNK stuck in the Maple fork. German Tyrols (same stars as Bauers) use the symbol of Dutch REEDs. Maple's (boar heads of Reed-branch Roets from Ruedesheim, location of Rasmussen-branch Assmannshausen) use the split Shield of TURIN-related Tarves'. The Dexters are important here because they were of the ancestry of queen Nysa, now suspect with the Nusan variation of Nathans/Nations.

I now want to repeat the events on the day after I was mugged in my Nissan at GALVESton, and here it should be repeated that the Trains have a lion well-linkable to the Spanish Galves lion because Galves' are probably using the Spanish Murena tower in colors reversed. The day after the mugging, the Nissan started to spew black smoke out the tailpipe. Not much was going right, yet it was going Perfect, as God wanted it. I stayed the night in a motel with the loud sounds of cockROACHES behind the wallpaper. I didn't see any, but I can claim that they were cockroaches because the Smoke's (Bavaria, same as Rothes'/Rothchilds) have Roach-like variations such as "Raucher." And Roach's are a branch of raven-using Rooks, suspect with the Rothes/Rothchild raven, and besides this, the Galveston omen was a cloud over the sun while suns are used by Rooks. The latter were first found in Oxfordshire with Clintons, and the latter's stars are also the Bauer stars.

Clints/Clents, kin of Blythe's (birth surname of Bill Clinton), named the Clent Herefordshire, where Jays were first found who use a bend in the colors of the sinister bend of Smoke's/Rauchers, which is the sinister bend of Jewish Rothschilds too. You can't say this is pure fantasy from my mind. It's obvious that God was in my Galveston trip. My Nissan is now deciphered as additional code, now for Nathan Rothschild, whose bank was in England, and whose family came to rule England invisibly (without being elected by the people). When God arranged the black smoke in the Nissan, it may have been a sign of the impending doom of Rothschilds.

The smoke went away as I turned back home, on the morning after the stay at cockroach motel, suggesting that God made that smoke to make the points above. In other words, Church of Jesus Christ, beware the Rothschild machinery, everywhere in the media, not just the news media, but "educational" (mind-forming) channels too.

When last emphasizing Joel's trip to Picenzo, I started to sense and claim that my Masci line is from Joseph Caiaphas. Part of that sense was probably where Manelli's share the two chevrons of Josephs (Caplan kin) and Chaplains. Joel told me that August's father was Mr. Manilla (he didn't give the spelling), though there is no Manilla surname coming up. I reasoned that, if God's codes extend even to the surname of August's father, Manelli's and Manells ("Deus") may apply. I don't recall whether I told that August's mother was CEPINa Masci, a Caplan / Chaplain-like name that now appears given to her by God for this revelation. The Chiapponi's/Chiava's/Sheaves, which are probably in code with heraldic wheat sheaves, which are often the same as the Joseph garbs, were first found in Abruzzo, same as Picenzo.

The Chiapponi's share the key with Bernie's, and Sanders share the red bull with Sabine's while Picenzo is near mont Sabina. There is a Cepina location in Italy's province of Sander-like Sondrio. Irish Sanders are also Sonders, who use a "conSCIRE" motto term like the "palleSCERE" of Sabine-related Pullys/Pullens (love the Cups/Cope's/Colps), and the Pullys/Pullens use the footless martlets of French Josephs. The Manelli's share the eight-pointed star in the same colors as Tous'/Tonso's (shirt and buttons), from a Cabyle-of-Tonzus line to the CAPELLi's evident in the Button Crest. Chaplaincidence? Sabine's, can you believe it, share the red bull with German Sanders (double chevrons).

The Manelli's were from Venice along with the Pesci's who in-turn share the Bernie fish. Compare Capelli-Shield colors to the same of TURNers and Warners, then compare the "nati"-using Turners to Turins, then ask why Ted Turner of CNN merged with Time-Warner to control the world mind with fake, deep-state "news." Do not trust, do not touch. Democrat or Republican, sneer at CNN.

Repeat: "German Franks share the column with Pelosi's', first found in Piedmont." "Pelosi" means "hairy," and Capelli" means "hair." Pelosi's/Pilate's happen to share the vertically-split Shield of German Caplans, no guff. As Pelosi's were first found in SAVIGliano, the lions of Savage's (same place as Dunham-Masci) are likely those of Pillars/Pilots / Palins. French Savage's were first found in Champagne, and the Champagne bend (shares potent pattern with Avezzano bend) is suspect with that of Pullys/Pullens, kin of Sabine's. Avezzano is off mont Sabina and the TURANo river while Turin is in Piedmont. The Turin bend can therefore be the bend of English Bernie's, and the Turin boar can be the almost-gold one of Pollocks, the latter suspect with Pullens, because Burns have a location in the Pollock write-up.

Cepina and her husband ran a corner store. After every dinner for a long while, I would get up, grab me a bubble gum, and go outdoors. Yes, I was a thief at 10 years of age, though I knew they wouldn't mind. I can now blame it on God as the one who moved me to do it, for I now find that Gumms/Coms, first found in Cambridgeshire with CHAPmans and Cepina-like Capone's (can you believe this?), share a version of the Irish-Sander Chief that shares the sword with the Gumm/Com Chief. And Tooths were first found in neighboring London along with Capes' (acorns) who likewise use a sword in Chief. Hertfordshire is between London and Cambridgeshire, and the Sword-beloved Hilts were first found in Hertfordshire along with Titus' (Chappes Moor head). Titus' share the blue gyronny pattern with Londons ("Dei dono") and Lundys (Don colors), the latter having been kin of Sibalds. Dons use "dona dei."

As Chapmans love the Pond-liner Ponders (Cambridgeshire again), note the latter's black boars, symbol also of Porcia's, from Porcius Cato, whose Wikipedia article once said he grew up in Abruzzo? Is that why I was in Abruzzo as a child? The article removed the Abruzzo piece, and added that Cato owned land in Sabina. Cato's/Chattans and Chattans share the bend of Pullys/Pullens and the Italian Botters, first found in Lucca with Massers/Massai's that share the double Abreu/Abruzzo lions. In the meantime, Lucca's use a CAT, and Ponders share the fesse of BUTTONs (share the Capelli chapeau), first found in the same place as English Josephs and Botters/BODINs. Porcius Cato is all over this, especially as the Massar / Abruzzo lions are comBATANT while Button-like Batants are the Battins, a branch of Baths, from Somerset's Bath and Wells, where Buttons are said to have officiated.

It's more than interesting that I trace the Batant/Battin eye to Eye at Suffolk, where the Cepina-like CavenDISH's were first found along with DISS'/Dice's/Deise's. We get it, a Cavan merger with Diss, a location beside Eye. Unbelievably, a Cavendish location at the Eye / Diss theater was granted by the Conqueror to Gernon of Montfichet, who must have been of Ranulph de Gernon, son of Ranulph le Meschin. Cepina's husband was Mr. Manilla, and Manells (not the Manelli's) tell of Mr. Meynell of London purchasing an estate from William Cavendish. This is stunning me.

These Meynells, who use double bars in the colors of the double chevrons of Manelli's / Chaplains / Josephs, look related to Cecils (Savage lions?) by the sounds of the write-up. Cecils were kin of Correns, who were first found in Waterford, where there is a Deise location like the Deise variation of Diss'/Dice's. But wait till you see the dice below.

Recalling that Joel of the white Rabbit revealed Mr. Manilla's surname to me, it's very interesting that while Bra is at Langhe, which has been proven to be of the Langleys, Manells were anciently at Langley-Maynell. Put this against the fact that Bra is in Piedmont with Masci's and Franca's, for there is then evidence that Cepina's Masci line was from Piedmont. Cavendish's use three stag heads in the colors of the three Cony / Conn rabbits, and the latter two use versions of the Meschin / Muscel Coat.

In fact, I half expect it from baron Massy of the royal Monaco Grimaldi's. These baron Massys show up with Grace Kelly actress) when she married prince Grimaldi, and Kellys, first found near the baron Massys of Dublin, share lions combatant with Massars/Massai's. Lions combatant in the same colors as those of Massars/Massai's are used by O'Reillys, first found in Cavendish-like Cavan. The Arms of Cavan (probably the O'Reilly lion round-about) translates its motto with "MANLIness," like "Manell." Cavans are suspect with the Tute / Tatton / Massey/Massai crescent because Cavendish's (beside the Tute's) use a "tutis" motto term. Tattons are said to have married Miss Massy, I kid you not.

Baron Massy of Monaco (can't recall his name) married a few times, once to Miss QUINTana (Capone-line suspect), a surname that uses three DICE, each showing a 6 (could be coincidental, could be deliberate for 666). The Kellys, who share the Coat of Cavan-like Keaveneys (share "Deus" with Manells), and the lion of Kevens, were first found at/near Waterford. The Arms of Cavan share the so-called fountains of the Waterford surname, and this fountain design is used by Kiss'/Cush's while Franca kissed me on the CHEEK during our photo-take alone (when she with August visited my mother's home). The Cheeks, first found in the same place as Cavendish's, share the Cavan crescents, I kid you not! Wonders never cease. Note that Kellys and Keaveneys share the white tower with the similar Abreu/Abruzzo Coat, while Portuguese Abreu's can be using the Masci wings.

Compare this Arms of Waterford with the Chappes Coat. The stag in the Arms of Waterford is suspect as the Young/Jung/JUNE stag while Yonge's/Youngs ("jeune") are already traceable to Caiaphas suspects in the Kiss-related family of Laevillus and Quadratilla. In fact, that family traces to Leavells, first found in Roxburghshire with Withens/Wittens (WATER bouget), and Withens can be suspect with the same-colored White's (compare with Levins and Plains/Platters) that use water-like QUATREfoils, like "QUADRAtilla." Watts and Vatts/Watters' (Waterford liners?) use the eye for another trace to the Diss area, where Plains/Platters were first found that use the fleur of Yonge-beloved June's in colors reversed. Two other White's share the Quint fur while Quintana's use dice. The Withens then use a form of the Young/Young Chief that in-turn happens to use a "praesTAT" motto term that has got to be for the Tatton marriage to Miss WITHENshaw alias Miss Massy! Zowie, that's new to me: Yonge's (suspect as Junia-Caepionis liners), first found in Essex with Quints, were Massy liners.

And "praestat" can be suspect also with PRESleys/Priestlys that happen to use two Abreu/ABRUZzo symbols. Withens use the OWL while Presleys share the three HOWELL towers. Presleys use a "COCKatrice standing...", and Cocks share the Kiss / BabCOCK / Bibo rooster.

So, it appears that God arranged Manells to link to Mr. Manilla and Cepina for to tell a larger story involving the line of Joseph Caiaphas. It goes a long way to unveiling the roots of the Bavarian Illuminati, Rothschild Bankers, and all of the similar human garbage that will be heaped into the garbage dump of Hell, unless they repent in the name of the fearsome Jesus, whom with a tiny thought can unleash disaster in a moment's time. Thinkers-for-themselves, they never cease maximizing their profits and impoverishing the rest of us. They set the trend for others of bottomless greed, and corrupt the world in materialism.

August's brother had a short-form of the Ferdinand/Fernando surname, which recalls that a royal-Spanish Ferdinand of Aragon (and Sardinia in case Avezzano's apply to him) was linked to the Sicilian Mosca's and to some Savoy elements. It strikes me that the Manilla surname of this family had Spanish roots. German Ferdinands happen to share the Mosca leopard, apparently, and almost use the Botter Coat, important because Botters were first found near Pisa, where Mosca's were first found, and because Botters were near MASSARosa, suspect with the Massars that share a Massai variation with the Savoy Masseys/Massa's. It's perfect, especially as "MassaROSA" suggests the Rose's (shares water bouget with Whithens suspect with Withenshaw-Massy) and the roses on the Ferdinand bend. Plus, the Savoy Masseys/Masse's share the Tatton crescents (probably from Luna's at ancient Luna near Massa-Carrara) while Tattons married Withenshaw-Massy. All of these "coincidences" come in this paragraph because, I must assume, God named August's brother, whose mother was a Masci.

When we get to Portuguese Ferdinands/Fernando's/Fernans (Pharnaces comes to mind), we find a tower looking linkable, in this picture, with that of Chatans, or the same-colored castle of Cat's/Chattans, which recalls that Cato's are Botter kin, and now suspect from my ancestry in Abruzzo. The Ferrandez variation is like the Ferrands that I see with a version of the Taddei Coat, and which I suspect from Tuscany's Firenze, where Taddei's were first found. Firenze is also Florence, and Flora's (Spanish) happen to share the five (why five?) fleur-de-lys of Spanish Ferdinands/Ferrandez's, first found in Castile with Quintana's, a good reason to see Cato's/Chattans use a castle in the same colors. These fleur are also those of Masci's.

It recalls that Florentinus married the daughter (Artemia) of Rusticus of Lyon, the latter's ancestry from Decimus Rusticus of Lyon, though ruling/living in Clermont-FERRAND, which is in Auvergne, where Taddei-related Bouillons (and Bautica-like Bauts) were first found. It seems that God chose me for this revelation because my ancestry traces in more than one way to the first Templar kings of Jerusalem, who were false children of God. That family traces to the Bautica river, suspect with Botters, and the Bautica is the location of Ivrea, where Rose-suspect Rozala of Ivrea had some holdings, though she had royal ancestry in Tuscany. Ivrea is suspect with Yvery of the Leavells.

Mazzo's and Maso's both use roses, and this is where it get's Laevi-interesting. I've been seeing more and more fundamental Masci-line links to the Laevi Gauls on the Ticino, and that river is where I've just found Pierro's, found because August's other brother has a name that is a form of Pierro's. The latter share roses with Maso's (Macey chevron?), first found in Piedmont, where Pierro's were first found too who share a red fesse with both Maso's and the Roxburghshire Leavells. But Pierro's were first found in Pavia (founded by Laevi Gauls under another name, Ticinum), which I trace to "Peebles," and the Peeble's along with Pettys (Rothschild kin) share green parrots while Parrots can be Pierre liners. Perfect. Unbelievably, parrots were first found in Pembrokeshire while Pembroke's use a version of the Mazzo Coat! All thanks to the third Manilla-Masci brother. Pierro's (why five roses?) even use their fesse in the colors of the fessewise bars of the Somerset Leavells. Why do Mussels/Muscels use five plates in the positioning of the five roses of Pierro's?

The Perich variation of Pierro's smacks of the eagle standing on a PERCH of English Botters/Bodins! Bingo. It allows the Pierro/Perich fesse to be that of Bidens/Buttons, and therefore predicts that Tous'/Tonso's link to Italian Botters and their kin. The Bellamys of Perche married Maceys of Ferte-Mace, a location like "FERDinand."

The Perris variation of Pierro's/Perichs reminds that the English branch of Crispins (from Parez) may be using the Leavell bars, for Crispins were first found in Oxfordshire along with Amore's and Damorys who are suspect with the Leavells bars. The Crispins of Parez share the Botter bend, I can now safely assume, and while Crispins were firstly Clare's (Pierro colors), the Claro's/Charo's (Pierro colors) were first found in the same place as Augusts, who likewise use a red fesse. The Mosca's of Sicily married MonteCHIARO while Claro's/Charo's are also Chiaro's, first found in Ferrara, while August's grandmother was a Ferrari.

Pierre's use "Arme" while Dusters use arms while Peters use a Coat like that of Dusters, all Rothschild-related.

The Ferrari lion can therefore be in use with French Pierre's (Peter bend), first found in the same place as French Bays suspect with the LaBel / Falcon crescents, while English Bays (Baiocasses of the Bessin?) use fesses in the color of the Bellamy / Bell fesse. Bays are expected with Hicks liners, and Hixons/Hicksons share black eagle legs with Augusts. One Bell Shield-Chief combination has the colors of the same of Parrots. Bellamys of Perche have been traced with Harveys and Garveys (Perche chevrons) to Switzerland's Arve river, but where Bellamys share the crescents of Seatons/Sittons, it's Bellamy linkage to Sion/Sitten. The Bellamy / Bell / Harvey fesse is that also of a Paris surname, the one with the apple as potential play on the Crispin POMEgranate.

The Arve flows into lake Geneva while the Genova/Geneva surname shares the wing design of Bauers while Bowers were first found in Peebleshire. Proto-Bauers may therefore have lived at the Ticino, perhaps even the namers of Bra, and perhaps in merger with August lines there, for Augusts share eagle legs with Brays/Brae's. Wikipedia's Ferdinand article says that the name was common in Switzerland and Italy, suggesting the Ticino canton in Switzerland, the river of which is in Italy. In this picture, the names of August's two brothers can point to the Ticino river. The Macey-liner Sions/Swans have falconers gloves that should link to LaBels, and while Bells of the Roxburghshire area may be using the Parrot Shield, Peeble's use parrots.

I kid you not, that my parents rented the upper floor of a house from Pepin Taff, who had married Cepina's sister. I was maybe born there, for we lived there until I was five. Pepins are suspect from the Papia variation of Pavia. Pepin's son is FRED, like "Ferte / Ferdinand." The Mosca link to Ferdinand of Spain was of a ManFRED of Montechiaro, which name can be stressed as "MANfred." What was Manfred named after? Taff liners can be suspect with Taphians at the Calydon area of Levite-suspect Oeneus.

It took me a while, but I now recall that while my mother and others called her, Cepina, her full name was Josepina i.e. Joseph-like Josephine, making her even more suspect as God's code for Joseph Caiaphas. She married Mr. Manilla, now excellently squared with Joseph-liner Manells and Manelli's both, while Pepins and Poppins love the Mens'. I've told it a couple of times that, at maybe four years of age, after seeing Mary Poppins, I was thinking to jump off of Pepin's roof with an umbrella. I was old enough to decide not to (our kitchen window led to the roof). Pepins and Poppins use the Chief-Shield colors of Parrots in colors reversed, can historians believe this?

Alans of Dol were close to Belleme's / Bellamys, and the Alencon location at/beside Perche tells the same story. The Pierro's/Perichs use the Alan fesse, and I trace Alans to old Forum Allieni, the name of proto-Ferrara, where Claro's/Charo's were first found. The FORMans show another red Chief, as well as two fesses in the colors of the same of Maness-beloved Parrs, and Maness' are apparently in the Poppin motto. The Mens', a branch of Manners who show the Maness variation, were first found in Midlothian, home of the Claro > Sinclair line, and while Rollo must have been a Claro due to the name of his treaty with the French king, they say that Rollo married Poppa. I have shown a quote online many times where Poppa's daughter with Rollo, Crispina, marred Grimaldus. Rollo's use a "par" motto term, showing Rollo linkage to the Mens'.

The Levi's have been suspect with the triple Clare chevrons in black, and here we can fathom a Laevi link to Clare's. The Crispins are a branch of Grazio's (share pomegranate with the PAREZ Crispins), first found in PERUSia, where Ottone's were first found that share the long PERCHEvron of Chappes', the latter first found in the same place (PARIS) as Levi's. With Parrs in this picture, and with the Perris variation of the Pavia Pierro's, the Pharisees are coming drastically to mind, suspect from the name of Pharnaces. In fact, aside from Augusts being first found in Ferrara, I had thought that proto-Pharisees should have been in proto-Ferrara. I don't know what the Italian "Forum" derives in, but perhaps it was a Pharnaces line of the proto-Farm kind. Ferns (Ross-shire, beside the Rose's) not only use a red lion as with Farmers, but a gold one as Ferrari's. Ferns and Galves' share vertically-split Shields. English Farmers share a red fesse with Augusts. Ross' use a lion colors reversed from the Farmer lion head.

The Russell lion is colors reversed from that of Ross', and Russells are suspect from Roussillon/ROSELLON, likely the line to Roslin, home of the Claro's > Sinclairs i.e. suspect from Claro's/Charo's at Ferrara! The Arms of Roussillon shares the bars (in Leavell-bar colors) in the Arms of Aragon, and, if I recall correctly, Ferdinand of Mosca relations was a ruler of Aragon.

Roslins use buckles, suspect in this picture with the same of Guys and Meschin-liner Spoltons/Spauldings. Guys are said to be from Guy of Spolton-like Spoleto, in Umbria i.e. near Perusia. The Grazio's of Perusia share the black rooster with Gumms (PERCHEvron of Chapmans, we may assume), first found in the same place as Chapmans.

I'm open to investigating whether Fernandez's / Fernans were from Pharnaces, whose descent I expect with the birth of Joseph Caiaphas. Pharnaces was ruler of the PONTus, and Ponts / Ponders use another red fesse while the Chapmans with the Ponders in their motto use a PERCHEvron (solid chevron), and a crescent in the red color of the Bellamy crescent. As I said, I had reason to believe that God allowed my infected tooth to get a swollen GUM so that I would emphasize a Tooth link to Gumms (maybe this to set things up for my taking gum at Cepina's store), and Tooths were first found in the same place as Capes' whom in-turn share the Shield-Chief combo of Parrots, thus tracing Capes (share oak theme with Alans who in-turn share the Pierro fesse) liners to Pierro's/Perris' at Pavia, expected where the Laevi there were in the veins of Joseph Caiaphas.

Recalling that my trip with Nissan to Galveston should link to the Spanish Galves surname, it's now suspect that the red Galves lion is used by Ferns, and that Ferns were from "Fernando" and in-turn from Pharnaces. Just ask the Parr fesses of Nysa-line Nissans. This recalls that the descendants of Pharnaces made treaty with Augustus, if I recall correctly.

While at Pepin's home, I peed on Pino from the PORCH railing, which proved to be code for Porch's/Portis', suspect with Porcius Cato but also highly with Porters, the latter using bells.

In the sleeping-bag dream, where it ended with my hugging Christine PEARE on a platform (made in rough carpentry, unfinished), I'm not sure whether God wants it viewed as a platFORM for Forman liners, or a deck for Dexaroi > Dagger liners, but it just so happens that I always identify Decks/Daggers as Ticino liners. Therefore, the Peare surname is now suspect with Pierro's of Pavia! And the PLATform can then be for the Platters, one branch of which uses three wavy bends in the two colors of the wavy fesses of FORMans!!! Zowie.

Christine's were first found in Man, and they share the Pellet / Pilotte cups. Peare's were first found in the same place as Abbotts who in-turn share pears with Parrots. The Arms of Man use LEGS, and more eagle legs are used by Mandys/Mundays, who happen to share the Sinclair cross and the split-Shield colors on Caplans. The Leghs/Lighs are in Ferte-eagle colors, and may be with the Fern lion.

I really am shocked here, late Sunday night. Time for bed, and the spell check in the morning. I don't do final proof-reads anymore, sorry. I try to proof-read as I go, but I miss mistakes of course, and the writing could be made more tidy with a solid proof read, but my updates turn out twice as long. It vwas only a matter of time before Churches would become a regular target. In this case, or the future, the staged events could actually shoot the people, because it is difficult to feign the deaths in a church unless it's fully led by deep-state agents.

Some News

There was a mass-shooting at a Texas church which I will regard as a staged, CIA distraction while Christians are expected to expose Brazile's revelation on Clinton. Notice how the mass shootings are coming almost once a week lately.

Trumps is absolutely correct to say that Mueller is causing a distraction with Manafort's charges. The latter's case should be dealt with by the FBI, if they want to do things ethically, not by a special counsel whose been given a green light to investigate Trump. Mueller would have the world believe that Manafort's charges are related to Trump, yet there has been no such evidence raised in this latest act of Mueller's desperation. Trump is absolutely correct to say that Mueller, instead of going after Manafort, should go after Hillary. This is an incredible situation because Mueller himself was part of the Russia-Hillary collusion. Therefore, the farther Mueller pushes this thing, the worse it will be for himself, unless some miracle occurs on his behalf. Me things he's getting the opposite of a miracle.

The beauty of this is that Hillary has her fingers crossed, thinking the Mueller could possibly make her the new president by indirectly cancelling Trump's election win. The beauty is that she wants the Mueller attack to continue, though this raises world interest in her Russian collusion. Perfect. And if Trump is caught in collusion, it doesn't necessarily mean he loses his current job. There needs to be proof that Russia changed the election results, and, besides, if Russia assists in the election of a president, it doesn't necessarily make it cause to cancel an election win. A candidate can't help what Russian media do, and isn't responsible for it.

As for Trump's campaign advisor: "Papadopoulos emailed seven other campaign officials in March 2016 to offer to set up a meeting with Russian officials to discuss 'US-Russia ties under President Trump,' the Washington Post reported in August 2017. He would reportedly continue to make such offers as he worked with the campaign." First of all, the quoted words are from the Washington Post, an arm of the CIA, which cannot fully be trusted because the CIA is expected to fabricate charges against Trump. We might prefer to hear the wording from Papa himself. Secondly, even though the report sounds as though Papadopoulos was attempting to invite Russia to partake in the election by giving Trump verbal support, it doesn't necessarily mean that Trump was in on it. Moreover, Putin was going to support Trump with or without Papa's invitation. That's because, even though Russian corporates made a deal with Uranium-One, the Obama administration started to war with Putin. The bottom line: Russia has a right to wish for Trump versus Hillary, and to voice that wish.

Mueller's job is to discover that Trump invited the Russian government to voice support for his election, but even with all of the U.S. spy agencies having all Trump's communications, and those of his associates, Mueller has failed to find this thing after several months. The only thing that can be expected now is some CIA plot to manufacture the evidence that Trump was working secretly with Putin, and people are saying that Manafort is being used for this purpose. Bring it on. The harder they push Trump, the harder the realities will be called for by Trump supporters.

For all I know, Papa was a CIA servant from the start, and is fabricating his statements in order to down Trump. Some are starting to suggest this. For his part, Trump called him a liar this week. Papa claims that a certain man contacted him with the capability of acquiring Hillary emails from Russia, but this stinks if Papa didn't get any such emails. Where are they? There was nothing stopping Papa from acquiring them on behalf of Trump, if Trump gave him the wink. How does anyone know that Papa's story wasn't concocted? With half the country ready to believe that the CIA is fabricating evidence against Trump, a civil-war situation is marching forward. The only way to avoid a severe, national schism is if Trump does the will of the CIA, but this story suggests that he has not been doing so to a satisfactory degree. Or, if he has, the CIA is worried that the Republicans are inspecting Uranium One too closely. It's possible that Mueller was keeping his cards in his hand until Uranium One became a story, and that he has now played his hand to thwart it. But this won't thwart it at all. To the contrary.

To further distract the news away from Uranium One, another Muslim terror attack in the United States. But Uranium One is only just beginning, and will create news story after story if the Republicans do what they are expected to do.

Podesta is feeling the heat because he's of "Company B," one of two companies under a probe via the Manafort investigation:

Why doesn't Trump form a White-House team to investigate and report on these matters? If left to the department of Justice, we won't hear much for years, aside for some morsels at the 2018 election season. It's better that Mueller stays on, because it gives fuel to the movement against him, which is a movement to expose Hillary and Obama. If left to Sessions, nothing is expected. Trump has seen the ugly voters acting against Sessions, and doesn't want to see the same against himself, which is why Trump will need to act a lot different than Sessions. The buck with Sessions stops at Trump's door. He seems like anathema against the president.

Here's one of Trump's lawyers saying on October 30th that he talked with the president on the Manafort indictment. Sekulow is saying, between his lines, that if Mueller had anything on him, the charge against him would be more relevant to Trump-collusion than the fib charge that was laid against him. This is CNN working with the CIA to distract from Uranium One:

Sessions is looking more and more like a goon:

The real news now is that Hillary Clinton paid the Fushion "enterprise" (my word) for to bring FALSE charges against a sitting president in order to cancel his presidency for the selfish purpose of becoming president herself. That's treasonous, is it not?


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