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Nov 7 - 13, 2017

The Saudi Prince at Mandalay Bay
Warning: Lord Rothschild Buys Into Golan-Heights Oil
It's an Irresistible Trap

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The sweeping events arising in Saudi Arabia are pulling the American military away from the North-Korea scare, and, perhaps, are putting on ice any corrosive activities that the military was planning to enact on home turf. Here's a run-down on what is, and what else could be, happening in Arabia:

As social-media reports go, the events in Arabia at this time are not to the liking of the CIA. The old-farm royals have been in cahoots with the deep-state, but a new powerhouse is taking over which can unveil past secrets in corruption between the old farm and the CIA, for example, the realities as pertains to Arabia on 9-11, or to the American fingers on ISIS. This could be a natural part of God's exposure that I'm expecting. By delving into this topic, I found a claim that a royal Saudi and Bill Gates purchased the Four Seasons hotel in the upper layers on Mandalay Bay, where the Las Vegas shooting took place. These upper floors begin near to the 32nd, where part of the shooting was propped. Here's a website telling that Bill Gates was part of the purchase of Four Seasons in 2007:

We then go to the headline, "Arrested Saudi Prince Owns Top 5 Floors of Vegas’ Mandalay Bay. Guns Carried Down 3 Floors?" Suddenly, that makes sense on how the guns got into the room, if ever they were in the room, that is.

The top 5 floors of the Mandalay Bay Hotel (35-39) is the Four Seasons Hotel. Since 2007, Bill Gates, who donated 1 million to ‘gun control’ and Saudi Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal, a member of the Saudi Royal family, have been majority owners of the Mandalay Bay Hotel’s Four Seasons. The Saudi royal family members often reserve whole floors for their private use. Talal hates Donald Trump and On December 11, 2017, Talal sent a twitter message to presidential candidate Trump that read:
“You are a disgrace not only to the GOP but to all America. Withdraw from the U.S. presidential race as you will never win.”

Talal is the second largest shareholder in Twitter, which is ironic when you consider the fact that he was arrested on Saturday [November 4, 2017] by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who is friendly with FaceBook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg. Talal is the second largest shareholder of Rupert’s ‘News Corp’ e.g., FOX News and the largest Holy Bible Manufacturer. In my book, pgs. 237-248, I explain how Talal has been behind the purge of key passages from The Holy Bible and the insertion of references to a New World Order and turning Jesus Christ into Lucifer. The connection between the recently arrested Saudi Royal family and Mandalay Bay Hotel in Vegas is interesting because it explains why there is no evidence of Stephen Paddock carrying all of his weapons to his room(s) on the 32nd floor, because the guns weren't carried up 32 floors, they were carried down 3 floors from the 35th floor of Al-Waleed bin Talal’s Four Seasons Hotel.

So the article begins, quite a stir or even a hornet's nest in the making. I know nothing about the Bible claims, as I write here. It goes on: In a shocking development, Saudi press Al Mayadeen reported late on Saturday that prominent billionaire, member of the royal Saudi family, and one of the biggest shareholders of Citi, News Corp. and Twitter – not to mention frequent CNBC guest – Al-Waleed bin Talal, along with ten senior princes, and some 38 ministers, has been arrested for corruption and money laundering charges on orders from the new anti-corruption committee headed by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, while Royal princes’ private planes have been grounded." Wow. May this be God distracting the American deep state just as it wants to distract the people?

Suddenly, Bill Gates enters into the picture with a part-owner of Twitter. It looks so CIA- / FBI- / NSA-beneficent. If you imagine trying to catch a flea, or to squeeze it dead with your finger, it jumps to you-know-not-where. This is the definition of the CIA / NSA, a small beast that gets into places on your body you know not where, and sucks your blood to survive. The spy agencies are not huge as compared to the people-body. The spies are the ones having sleeper cells throughout the country, working in secret. If necessary, they kill Americans. Everyone know this. And everyone can understand that the CIA will be checked by, for to be controlled by, corrupt billionaires never having enough money. This is the end-time war between Jesus and the Flea.

I'm hearing that Bill Gates' company, Cascade Investments, owns almost 50 percent of the upper Mandalay Bay building. As for the rebellious Saudi prince / king now making arrests (it almost seems surreal), his surname, Salman, one to remember. Where will he go from here? How long before we hear of the charges against, and related past activities, of Talal and others?. What might the Las-Vegas shooting have been about? Was it primarily a distraction? Or an effort to get a civil war started in the country so that the deep state could enter as the referee and finally the governor of events?

The CIA-sponsored Washington Post has an article: "Memo to Trump: Beware Saudi Arabia’s reckless crown prince." There you go, he's the reckless prince, not the hero. And it adds: "But as a number of my colleagues have pointed out, the young prince’s tactics mirror those of Russia’s Vladimir Putin or China’s Xi Jinping." There you have an example of what is probably fake news from the CIA's press-release department. The American people swallow such black-balling the moment it hits the news. The Post might add that Jesus was himself just-plain reckless when he tried to purge the temple of the greedy. likewise calls the prince "reckless." And, woe, here's what the CIA is really concerned with: "In a string of pretty spectacular foreign-policy failures (see: Yemen, Qatar, and now Lebanon may not be far behind), Mohammed bin Salman’s most notable success abroad may well be the wooing and capture of President Donald Trump and his son-in-law, Jared Kushner." It's trying to paint a picture where, if Trump supports the reckless prince, Trump himself is a bad guy. Apparently, the CIA may not yet know how Trump will take to Salman, probably because Trump has gone smart-enough not to put on paper / telephone any of his Saudi plans, if he can avoid it. But it sounds as though the CIA already knows the score with Trump: "That Trump’s first foreign trip was to Saudi Arabia was unprecedented...But the Saudis turned Trump’s first foray outside the United States into a veritable love fest and string of hyperboles..." Uh-oh, says the deep state, Trump is getting leverage in Saudi Arabia, which could spell trouble for the CIA's leverage there. And here we are with the reckless Salman train, and no one's been able to put the brakes on it, yet.

I'm not saying that Salman is a saint; I know nothing about him. But what we clearly see is that the deep state opposes Salman, which can only mean that the CIA has been in bed with the arrested Saudi's. This predicts a lot more than merely bad press for Salman. It predicts a schism between the anti-Trump and pro-Trump military, if Trump takes the side of Salman. It predicts that the CIA and military in the Middle-East, along possibly with Tillerson's state department, will do things unauthorized by the president in efforts to topple Salman and resist the waves he's causing throughout the deep-state agenda (in the Middle-East). Anything can happen in topsy-turvy, including a lot of exposure of the losing side's belly-up. has a headline: "Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has put the Middle East on a collision course. And the White House will own the consequences." There you have nothing worth reading, and the media war beginning against Trump on the Saudi issue. The CIA must now work to rake-in Donald Trump, to make him do the CIA will, and, if he doesn't, we should start to hear of new White-House leaks that embarrass the president. In this way, the CIA is like the impish demon on your shoulder, poking you in the neck until you go his way.

The NY Times has the same fake-news quest in the headline: "Saudi Arabia’s Special Power Over Donald Trump" It's not news; it's political propaganda. In the article, the Times laments that Trump isn't outraged by the arrests in Arabia, and it even shares this tweet from Trump: "I have great confidence in King Salman and the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, they know exactly what they are doing." Wow. A rift of proportions. How big is this rift? As big as Trump allows it. To discover who's side anyone / anything is on, just find whether they push Salman as a dictator versus a good-guy hero. The article, not worth reading because it's not news, says that Trump's acceptance of Salman is " undermining American interests." Perfect: undermining the deep state. The truth could be that Trump initiated the purging in Arabia by giving Salman the confidence to go forward with it. It's a huge distraction for the CIA, and a headache to boot.

If the Times were truly a news organization, it would tell us the reasons for Salman's arrests, and the underlying purposes, whether good or bad for Arabia...never mind American interests, because Salman is not acting on behalf of those things. The Times is judging the power-grab on whether it's got the interests of the deep state, shame on the Times. What we want to know is whether those arrested are truly corrupt, and in bed with a corrupt deep state. Until the Times addresses those things, it's not worth reading. We learn from the same Times article that Tillerson is perhaps leaning deep-state at this early point: "Secretary of State Rex Tillerson knows this, even if his boss doesn't. On Friday Mr. Tillerson reaffirmed Lebanon’s independence, hailed Mr. Hariri and cautioned against using Lebanon for proxy conflicts. His words were a stern, if indirect, admonishment to Saudi Arabia. And to his boss in the Oval Office." We will need to wait and see whether Tillerson becomes outright antagonistic against the president. Shame on Trump for choosing an oil man as the secretary of state, great shame. It was begging for conflict of interest in the Middle East, especially as it touches upon Arabia.

We may see oil prices go up if the deep state was in cahoots with Arabia in increasing oil production to make Russia poorer for a short-term (now becoming long-term due to CIA failure in Syria).

The Washington Post has been trying to portray Trump as "played" by Arabia, like a naive man. This goes back to Trump's Saudi visit earlier this year, when he posed with the aging king Salman (father of the "reckless" prince at topic). The Saudi prince has therefore had about a half-year since the visit to conduct these arrests, if indeed they were hatched under a Trump wink. Below is a video with a title promising to address that possibility; the implication of the video is that the true details of Las Vegas caused the purging in Arabia, apparently from the realization that Talal was involved:

The Christ-centered TruNews video above should not be missed. As you can see early (6th minute), there was a shooter in a bar at the top floor of Mandalay Bay. It strikes me now that the strobe lights around the 4th floor may have been added to the scene (by the deep state) to make people think that other shooters were not at the top floors.

Now that we know (or if it's true) that Fox news is partially owned by Talal, it explains why even Fox goes along with deep-state news at times, especially on 9-11 and staged mass murders. What's a Saudi prince doing with fingers in Fox News? Can anything good come from Saudi royalty? I have heard one say that prince Talal has abandoned his stake in Fox, the speaker unsure whether it's directly due to his recent arrest. If that's true, we may hear Fox go completely unleashed on exposing corruption in the deep state. On November 6, Fox released a story on the Talal arrest, and shared a 2016 tweet from Trump calling Talal "dopey" and wanting to control American politicians. In the same tweet, Trump said, "[Talal] Can't do it when I get elected."

The comments in the video above has taught me that an Israeli Intelligence organization, Black Cube, as 666 in all three of its phone numbers, one in Tel Aviv, one in London and another in Paris. Here's the proof below; I'm not comprehending why the 666 is in larger numbers at the end of each phone number:

The TruNews video doesn't get into Saudi Arabia until the 34th minute, after grappling with the nature of the invisible cabal. Approaching the 38th minute, one of the three speakers asks whether the Trump military has joined an anti-deep-state thrust. Wishful thinking? Wouldn't that start a schism in the military? Isn't that the time that Trump needs to protect his family members most? Can Trump trust his spies to spy on the spies that want the president dead? Has Trump been feigning a pro-CIA stance since Kelly entered the White House in order to get as far as he has at this time...though there really isn't evidence (I've seen) that Trump is behind the Saudi coup. I stopped watching at the 46th minute; hope I didn't miss much.

The Saudi's caused the prime minister of Lebanon to resign suddenly -- on Arabic television inside Arabia -- just before the Saudi purge. I don't yet know what that's about, but it appears that the prime minister was threatened unless he resigned. The Saudi king apparently doesn't mind letting the world know that he's behind the resignation. Apparently, the king wanted to send out a message to others. RT is saying that this has to do with Saudi opposition to Hezbollah. Translation: Russia doesn't like it.

The new king-to-be is a "progressive," promising Arabian women better lifestyles, etc. But the BBC frowns on him too, because, likely, the BBC is under the world-order gun.

Is Genie Oil the Armageddon Trap?

Here's Wikipedia on Genie Energy; notice that Fox's Murdoch is here too with Rothschilds:

Genie Energy's Strategic advisory board is composed of: Dick Cheney (former vice president of the United States), Rupert (media mogul and chairman of News Corp), James Woolsey (former CIA director), Larry Summers (former head of the US Treasury), and Bill Richardson, former Governor of New Mexico, an ex-ambassador to the United Nations and United States Energy Secretary.

Genie previously announced a strategic advisory board whose members provide strategic direction and council. Its members include former Vice President Dick Cheney, Michael Steinhardt, Jacob Rothschild, Rupert , R. James Woolsey, Jr., Lawrence Summers and Bill Richardson. Mary Landrieu. Former United States Senator from Louisiana from 2006 till 2014. She sponsored the US Israel energy bill, therefore allowing the start of the complete Annexation of the Golan Heights.

Dick Cheney and the Rothschilds? Politicians and the Rothschilds? The Middle East and the Rothschilds? Something stinks. These guys are not the gods. Start a purge of America today. Russia Today is reporting that this drilling (in the planning since 2015/16) in the Golan Heights is illegal because that's Syrian territory. Genie takes another position, that it's Israeli territory. This scuffle can work toward the Final War if Russia wants to engage the Muslims (as allies) for a raid into the Golan, then further into Israel. Yes, this situation can do that. Genie (Claude Pupkin, CEO) is headquartered in Newark (New Jersey), where one of the planes (Flight 93) on 9-11 took off (i.e. that airport was probably complicit with the false flag).

If you prefer a video to share on Genie:

The video above has a map, and you can easily see that Israel wants a path through Syria to Kurdistan, where's it's buying a large chunk of it's oil presently. This is the best explanation for Israel's involvement in the Syria war, because, if not for this oil, Israel would have opted to leave Assad in place because he checks the extremist Muslims, who are the most-rabid enemies of Zionism.

With Russia having the upper hand in Syria, and now propagandizing in opposition to the Golan oil, it's fodder for Hezbollah's role again in northern Israel. I've yet to see a reliable number for the volume of oil in Golan, but if it's big enough to threaten Russian sales to Europe, Russia could start to move against this project. How so? I have no idea. It may explain why the Americans have taken a position on the Jordan-Syria border. Russia needs an excuse to come Golan-way. Hezbollah can take the excuse of fighting ISIS near Golan.

Putin meets Trump, and Trump accepts him. The CIA is groaning. "Video from the summit in the seaside city of Danang, Vietnam, showed Trump and Putin shaking hands and chatting, including during the world leaders' traditional group photo. The two walked together down a path to the photo site, conversing amiably, with Trump punctuating his thoughts with hand gestures and Putin smiling."

But Trump's pick for the chief of a CIA watchdog looks like just another ordinary CIA worker i.e. how is that permissible? You don't pick a dog to assure that the dogs are behaving.

This new development, with the Rothschild family in the Golan Heights, is completely prophecy-interesting where Gog comes to seize wealth, according to Ezekiel. At that time, Arabia will comment on this military venture to seize wealth, apparently not a part of it. The last few years have seen a reinforcement of Russian ties to Iran and Hezbollah, and yet, if there is an attack soon on Israel with Russia in support, I'll blame it partially on the greedy Western deep state for making Russia its enemy when there was an opening from Putin to end the cold war, and give Russia it's fair shake of fuel sales to Europe.

The question now is: does Russia see the Golan as part of Syria? The answer, yes. The next question: will Russia get a green light from Assad to seize the Golan Heights so that both can share profits from the oil there? You can see the real possibility of war here between Russia and the Rothschilds partnered with the Israeli nation.

Rothschilds drilling for oil in Golan is obscene. First of all, the family doesn't need more money. Secondly, what's he doing with Dick Cheney on his board? Is Cheney being rewarded for good behavior somewhere? Was this Rothschild behind 9-11? I see the real possibility. And God may be setting the Rothschilds up for destruction right now. It's altogether possible that the Revelation harlot is much about the Rothschild empire.

There is the distinct possibility that the Rothschilds have been the ones to birth and advance the two-state "solution" in Israel. It was the baby of George Bush, who was not only a Rothschild puppet, but the one who hired Dick Cheney as his vice. This two-state solution appeared to me to be a concession from the Rothschilds to the Palestinians in order to create peace in the region, because money-making needs social stability. But here we have the Rothschilds in Golan, which the international community has been wanting to give to Syria, and the Rothschilds were possibly part of that concession too, until this oil was discovered, making the Rothschild family look like a hypocrite. Let's watch and see whether the Golan is still pushed, by Europe, as part of Syria, or whether Europe changes its mind now.

Warning. Rothschild oil in Golan looks like a trap from God. Do not go there, Rothschilds. But, the good news is, they won't listen to me. The oil company is called, Afek (subsidiary of Genie). I can see ISIS Sunni partnering with Hezbollah to rid this Rothschilian monster from "their" Syria. I can see it, I really can. And the longer the monster resists leaving Golan, the more it looks like a giant hypocrite on a log. From this perspective, I can even understand Trump's friendliness toward Putin, if it's not sincere, that is. Trump may be taking the friendly route to sooth any anger that Putin may choose to utilize in speaking out against Afek. The latter has not reported any giant well yet, so far as I've read, and, even if it found a large pool, it might be slow to announce it for obvious reason.

If this story is slow to circulate in the West, it's not slow to circulate in the Arab and anti-Israeli worlds. I'm reading mostly that Rothschild, Murdoch, and the rest are advisors; few articles mention whether they actually own the company. But here's a good find: "'I am grateful to Howard Jonas and IDT for the opportunity to invest in this important initiative,' Lord Rothschild said. 'Rupert’s extraordinary achievements speak for themselves and we are very pleased he has agreed to be our partner. Genie Energy is making good technological progress to tap the world’s substantial oil shale deposits which could transform the future prospects of Israel, the Middle East and our allies around the world.'"

One wonders: how on earth did Murdoch wind up in this scheme? How far back, and how close, does his relationship to Rothschilds go? If there were no prior ties, was the choice of the media man as partner specific for a purpose in ironing out the inherent troubles with Golan oil? How does it help to have a former CIA boss as another partner? In fact, it works right into the gut of stories emphasized by me and other "conspiracy theorists." Probably, no one knows the Middle East nerve centers like the CIA. But I don't think the CIA is in a position to squelch the nerves that are about to come against Genie. And why was the company name after an Arab genie? In hopes of making Muslims to like Afek? Good luck. You can put any spin on it whatsoever, how this is good for the region, but the Muslims are not going to accept it in Rothschild hands.

There is only one solution if the Rothschilds truly want peace with Palestinians: get out of Golan. Israel, listen to me, get Rothschild out of Golan before it's too late. Israel, listen to me: this looks like a trap set up by God to punish your Rothschild founder. Get him out of Golan. But it's no use. Israel won't listen to me. The article above: "In a rational world, the involvement of Rothschild and in this international criminal activity would show them not to be fit and proper persons to hold major commercial interests elsewhere, and action would be taken. Naturally, nothing of the kind will happen." All the more reason for Arabs to take action. Terrorism will be just outside the door of Lord Rothschild, if and when he strikes a large well.

Now Tillerson was a CEO for Exxon, and so lookie here: "Researching the Company’s profile, Firil found that Genie Energy maintains links to the Giant ExxonMobil Oil Corporation." This speaks to Trump being in bed with Rothschilds, does it not, so far as Trump chose Tillerson. The alternative is that Rothschild hands coerced Trump into choosing Tillerson unwittingly. Either way, this administration is headed for a crisis for insisting on a Syrian pipeline(s). Trump has shown all the marks of wanting to take Syria for the CIA, though that effort is now looking like it's been placed into slow-motion. The new Saudi prince does not come with a new attitude toward ISIS or president Assad. None of that changes (much, anyway) with Trump favoring this to-be king. But the prince has forced the Lebanese prime minister to step down against the wishes of Hezbollah.

It strikes me that the Las-Vegas shooting was about killing Saudi's in the upper floors of Mandalay, but created by the U.S. government as a mass-shooting by a nut so that, in case the murdered Arabs were found, it could be blamed on the shooter. The door from the 32nd floor, into the stairwell, was blocked by some sort of lock, and we might assume that the same took place on the 33rd floor as well, to keep people from entering the Four-Seasons area via the stairwell.

With a couple of floors separating the Four Seasons and the 32nd floor, any gunshots in Four Seasons would be rendered inaudible by the gunfire on the 32nd floor (i.e. that's another reason for having the shooter on the 32nd floor). It was of absolute importance that no one witness, or no one media, should point to the Four Seasons as a source of gunfire, for that's what prince Talal owns. For all we know as yet, prince Salman may have arrested Talal and others because the Las-Vegas plot was about to be exposed by some in Talal's circle. I would like to know: who from the Middle-East was at Four Seasons the night of the mass-shooting?

Hmm, speaking of Gog: "Genie Energy Ltd. (GNEPRA) is...comprised of two operating divisions, Genie Retail Energy division (GRE) and Genie Oil and Gas (GOGAS)...GOGAS is a global oil and gas exploration company operating an exploratory program in Northern Israel through a subsidiary called Afek Oil and Gas. The current President of Afek Oil and Gas is Efraim “Effi” Eitam, a former Israeli military commander who called for expelling Arabs from Israel." This does not sit well with the Arabs whom the West wants to appease. It's a lot like a knife in their backs.

Ahh, the move to change world opinion on Golan started as soon as oil was detected there. Russia entered the Syria war in October of 2015, and:

In November 2015, The Economist, partially owned by the Rothschild family, ran a story titled “Black gold under the Golan” which detailed Genie Energy’s find in the Golan Heights.

...The Economist added that “an influential group” including Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu and his former cabinet secretary Zvi Hauser were actively lobbying Israel’s government to take advantage of the chaos in Syria [probably not worded that way in the Economist] to demand “international recognition” of their section of the oil rich Golan Heights.

...In 2015, prominent Israeli politician Naftali Bennett called for the world to recognize the Golan Heights as Israeli territory, while calling for the expansion of Jewish settlers in the region.

“I want to challenge the entire world,” Bennett said at the 15th annual Herzliya Conference of the Institute for Policy and Strategy. “I want to give the international community an opportunity to demonstrate their ethics. Recognize Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights.”

It goes on to say that Netanyahu asked both Obama and Trump to push for the Israeli ownership of Golan, and that while Obama's people rejected the request, Trump didn't give a firm answer. Netanyahu was understandably beside himself in joy over this turn of events, as the lust for oil money was changing the directives of the West in Israeli-Arab affairs. If we ask why neither Assad nor Putin pointed to this oil find (as early as late 2015) as a way to turn the Arabs against Israel, the answer may be: they didn't want to make it seem that Russia's entry into the war was merely about oil.

We then read about the snake under the fledgling Trump era:

In late-February 2017, an ISIS affiliated group took control of the strategic oil-exploration area of the Golan Heights in Syria which Genie had rights to. After a surprise attack the jihadists captured the towns of Tseel, Sahem al Golan, Adwan, and Ten Jamoua which bridge Syria and Israel over the Yarmouk River.

The Israelis did not intervene at any point of the military confrontation, but have intervened on a dozen of occasions against the Assad regime.

The writer's implication is that ISIS moved into Golan, not to thwart, but to act as a guard, for the new oil venture. However, almost all the ISIS fighters and captains must be anti-Israeli, and so they cannot be brought in to support this venture. Warning to Israel: play with fire, get burnt.

After showing some possible connections to Goldman-Sachs, the article follows with: "On April 5th, a day prior to the US missile strikes in Syria, Israel and the European Union signed a preliminary agreement to build a $6-7 billion undersea natural gas pipeline, which would run from Israel through the Mediterranean Sea to Greece or Italy, and provide a non-Russian energy alternative to EU by 2025." This too is in Russia's face. It might not be so bad except that Russia caught wind, not long ago, that the West is trying to take Putin out of the Russian throne. It just works to make Putin's choice of turning to anger a lot swifter / easier. There will always be the straw that breaks the camel's back, and, in this case, it could be the Armageddon Spark. Why should the world as a whole go down in disaster just because Lord Rothschild doesn't yet have enough money?

There is no shortage of articles from the anti-Israeli's on this matter. In the one below, we need to view president Bush Sr. as a Nazi element in the White House, because that makes sense of the story. I don't know whether the "facts" outlined by this piece are correct, but if they are, it appears that Bush started out using Saddam to pounce on Israel:

December 1990 - President George Bush invites Syria to join his coalition of forces to fight Iraq. The only offer Syria will respond to is a promise that America will use its power to remove Israel from the Golan Heights. Bush's administration has already secretly transferred $5.5 billion to Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein and is in constant contact with him Before the first shot of the Persian Gulf War is fired, Hussein agrees to bombard Israel with Scud missiles. In return, he is promised that no matter what the outcome of the war, he will not be brought down, nor will Israel respond to the attacks.

Bush promises Syria a bombardment [how would the writer know?] that will prove to the Israeli people that territory will not protect them in the age of missiles. Later America will put the squeeze on the Shamir [Israeli] government to relinquish the Heights. Syria accepts the terms and joins the coalition.

Summer 1991 - Bush organizes a conference in Madrid to put international pressure on the Shamir government to leave the Golan. Shamir refuses to budge. Bush meets Syrian President Assad in Geneva. There Assad says he's running out of patience with Bush and threatens to take matters into his own hands before the upcoming American elections. Bush promises that he will use all his power to remove Shamir from office and bring in a more compliant government.

June 23, 1992 - Bush's strategy of withholding loan guarantees and demonizing Shamir succeeds and Yitzhak Rabin becomes Israeli Prime Minister. Bush demands an immediate Golan withdrawal and Rabin explains that it is politically out of the question for him.

September 10, 1992 - Foreign Minister Shimon Peres meets French President Mitterand and Foreign Minister Roland Dumas in Paris and agrees to promote a total Golan withdrawal [where were the Rothschilds in all of this???]. He wants to meet with Syrian FM Farouk Shara immediately. Peres returns to Israel and Rabin meets him at Ben Gurion Airport. He orders Peres to stay away from the French, loudly calling them, "the biggest bastards." Too late for Rabin. Two days later Dumas begins a shuttle between Damascus and Cairo to coordinate Peres's Golan withdrawal.

September 17, 1992 - Rabin is called to Kennebunkport, Maine, where an agitated Bush lays down the law. He must neutralize Peres's French track and "prepare the Israeli people for painful withdrawals," first from the Golan and then the West Bank and Gaza. He demands that the Golan withdrawal be coordinated with a compliant military leader, IDF Chief Of Staff Ehud Barak. Rabin returns to Israel and announces his Syria First peace program.

September 23, 1993 - Syria is put on the back burner by the new Clinton administration, while negotiations with the PLO are taking place. Once Rabin inks a deal with Arafat, the White House begins its campaign for a Golan treaty. A meeting is set up between Chief Of Staff Ehud Barak and VP Al Gore to get the track going.

November 12, 1993 - An international race is on to see who can get Israel off the Golan first. On the same day that Rabin is in Washington, accompanied secretly by Ariel Sharon, Peres is in France meeting with his French counterpart Alain Juppe. The Washington meetings go badly. The biggest sticking point is Syria's demand that as part of a peace deal, Israel give up its nuclear weapons program. While Rabin and Sharon refuse to accede, Peres shows no such compunctions.

December 6, 1993 - Secretary of State Warren Christopher flies to Damascus for a meeting with Syrian VP Hassan Habibi and most telling, with Jordanian Hamas leader Ibrahim Rusha. Syria lays down the law. The French have made a better offer and unless America moves Rabin in the same direction, Syria will promote a Hamas overthrow of the PLO regime in Gaza and the West Bank. Syria offers Hamas's violent talents for a terror campaign to remove Rabin from power in favor of Peres. Christopher relays the threats to Clinton and a summit between Assad and the American president is arranged for the following month.

January, 1994 - Clinton and Assad meet in Geneva. Arafat, apprised of the plot against him, rushes to Geneva where the Swiss authorities refused to grant him an entrance visa. Clinton promises Assad a total Golan retreat and Rabin reacts with furor. He announces that any Golan deal would now be subject to a public referendum and appoints his Deputy Defence Minister, Motta Gur, to introduce a referendum bill in the Knesset.

May, 1994 - Peres orders his Foreign Ministry staff to prepare a plan for the evacuation of Jewish residents of the Golan and presents it to Mitterand with a request for an immediate meeting with the Syrians. The Syrians now want Rabin out and Peres in and plan a strategy to achieve the goal.

...March - June, 1995 - Barak flies to Washington and immediately begins negotiations with the Syrian peace-talks delegation. He promises a total Golan withdrawal if he becomes Prime Minister. He spends the rest of his trip planning his accession to power and understanding his role as envisioned by the Council On Foreign Relations. He holds meetings with CFR executives Henry Kissinger, Lawrence Tisch and Edgar Bronfman...

[Rabin breaks his promise to get out of Golan].

October 20, 1995 - The CFR has gotten wind of a French plot to murder Rabin and replace him with Peres. They decide to give Rabin a last chance...

One by one, CFR members like Bronfman, Kissinger and Clinton try to sway Rabin. He gives his answer on the UN podium the next day, telling the assembled that he comes from Jerusalem, the undivided capital of Israel and that the real problem in his region wasn't Israel's stubbornness, it was Arab terrorism. The next day he flew to Washington and oversaw the passage of two Congressional bills which effectively neutralized the Oslo process. One bill declared that Jerusalem would never be divided, the other cut off American aid to the PLO if it declared a state. The Americans decided to keep Rabin ignorant of the French plot against him. Peres had to be next in line anyway before Barak could replace him. Nov. 7, 1995 - The leaders of the Anglo-American and European regimes descend on Rabin's funeral...

Talk about conspiratorial intrigue. The deep state was red-hot. You can tell that the same Israeli agenda remained under Clinton when he took the White house from Bush. That must have been the deep state using Clinton as a puppet. And following Clinton, Bush Jr. continued to push Israel for giving up land to Palestinians. Enter Netanyahu, and even the deep state under the anti-Israeli Obama couldn't defeat him. But, suddenly, even while Netanyahu remains the king, the deep state now wants the Golan Heights for Israel. It's amazing how one oil well can change the world-order politics of a snake. None of this is to give my opinion on whether Golan belongs to Israel. In my opinion, the whole world is the inheritance of the Israel of God, and the ones worshiping trade are in Revelation 18 weeping their heads off.

With Putin adamant not to give Golan oil to the West, who will pay for the coming war? The Western tax payers. Why should tax payers pay for Rothschild-Murdoch wealth? Because, that's the way the deep state has set things up, to make the government and military do it's corporate bidding around the globe. This is the hellish snake that needs to be taken out. There are Americans already hoping that Putin will take it out, but, at what cost to Americans, that is the question. Where is Trump on this issue? I really don't know. He may be teetering one side to the other. We will see where his soul resides.

When Israeli media reported the oil find, the word from Genie as per volume was merely "significant," but not enough to make a viable business out of it. Then again, who can trust Genie's word on this delicate matter? "Shares of Genie, which said the petroleum was found in multiple strata in some cases up to 350 meters thick, shot up 19.9% to $11.28 in New York on the news... 'On average worldwide strata are 20-30 meters thick, and this is 10 times as large as that, so we are talking about significant quantities,' he said." (Haaretz). The problems, according to the specialists, is that not all the oil can be brought up to the ground. I haven't read, however, why this should be the case. Perhaps they are lying to keep the Arabs off their backs as long as possible.

One article adds: "The creation of Atid Drilling by Genie confirms they are convinced based on the preliminary drilling results that there is something 'big' in Golan." Makes sense.

On May 3 of this year: "Mr. Armstrong I live in Israel and today I listened to your podcast with Macrovoices. At some point you mentioned that there is more oil in Golan heights than in Saudi Arabia - and this oil belongs to genie energy. Is it true? How can it be that nobody knew nothing about this in Israel? Are you sure 100 % about this information? I will be happy to know more about this." As you can see, it was tight-lips in Israel to keep monkeys off the backs of the oil owners. I have yet to see a list of Genie's owners.

The oil discovery coincided with Obama's second term, at which time he reinforced ISIS. While the American military was using ISIS to dethrone Assad in hopes of a fast change-over to a pro-American (read, pro-Rothschild) ruler, Obama was more likely hoping that ISIS would take the throne to prohibit the Israeli dream of home-grown oil wealth. That latter possibility is still on the table, only now the Sunni and Baathists can go into Putin's hands, in opposition to the Americans. The bulk of Sunni fighters protected by the Americans happen to be stationed in central Syria, a short afternoon drive from the Golan border. As the Americans like to say, everything's on the table.

Warning: get out of Syria, America.

The Murdoch surname ("Omine"), which uses the Stewart fesse, shares the raven with Rothes'. Both the Murdoch / Mackey/Margy ravens hang on an arrow, with both surnames first found in Ayrshire. Isn't this Rosh and Meshech?

Wikipedia: "IDT Corporation (originally standing for International Discount Telecommunications) is an American telecommunications company headquartered in Newark, New Jersey. IDT was founded by entrepreneur Howard Jonas in August 1990. He founded the company after opening a sales office in Israel,...On October 31, 2011, IDT spun off its energy related businesses to its shareholders as Genie Energy (NYSE: GNE)." IDT got into multiple retail games internationally (how do people bother with such headaches?), including your typical natural-gas supplier. This is what developed into Genie, and the owner of Genie remains the IDT owner above.

As of this update: Howard Jonas (Founder, Chairman and CEO), Avi Goldin (CFO), Geoff Rochwarger (Vice Chairman), Michael Stein (COO and CEO of Genie Retail Energy), James A. Courter (Vice Chairman of the Board), W. Wesley Perry (Outside Director, mayor of Midland, Texas), Alan B. Rosenthal (Outside Director), Allan Sass, PhD (Outside Director). Most or all of these names have been with Genie since 2011. You won't find "Rothschild" on Genie's Governance page.

I can't help but notice that the Genie logo (Governace page above) is in all three colors of the Bauer Coat. If you read me in recent weeks that Rothschilds love the Dusters/DEUSters, note that the Genie surname (shares Gonn Coat, probably the Gaunt fesse) uses a "Deus" motto term. Genie's look like a branch of the Anjou Genne's/Gennes', who I see in the Jeune write-up. There are multiple reasons for identifying Genie's (hawk standing on falconer's glove) as a line from John de Burgo, father of Herluin de Conteville.

So, how did Jacob Rothschild come to be on the advisory board of this otherwise common-looking company? Can we chalk it up to the delicate location of Golan? I think so. How soon after Genie formation was the logo in the colors of the Bauer Coat? I've still to discover how much Rothschild owns of the Golan project, and frankly, I don't know how to find it. Does Cheney own some? How in the world did he get a piece of this action? Is it that he was an exceptionally-good Rothschild puppet under the Bush wars? This page claims that the owners of Genie / Afek are unknown. Do we chalk this secrecy up to their being cowards, or guilty, or both?

A couple of days ago, as I write here on Genie, I attended a funeral of a family member. Parry attended this one too, whom I saw 10-15 years ago at another funeral. Only, this time, he looked like Bill Clinton (he didn't before). I pointed this out to my son. What are the chances of that? I'm trying to figure out why this may be the case. I haven't known what to say about it, and because I figure that it's important to God, I'm going to talk about it here with this Genie find. The Parry surname happens to share the motto, almost, of Welsh Jonas'/Jones', and Genie Energy is owned by Mr. Jonas.

I asked Parry, this time, what his surnames were. His mother was standing there. His surname is Speranza (his mother's father was a Ferrari). While studying "SPERanza" when loaded at houseofnames, the SABER surname came to mind as a possibly branch. Sabers are listed with Sabine's, and they share two, pierced and gold stars in a Chief with Clintons. Plus, SPERanza-like SPURRS use another gold and pierced star. It could appear that Parrys are Peter liners from Flavius Petro of Rieti, father of Flavius Sabinus. And it appears that we made a very-fast Speranza link to Clintons is Spurrs were a Speranza branch.

As Roets were from Rieti, by what coincidence do Roets share the boars of SPEERs, the latter first found in the same place as Pollocks that are from Vespasia Polla, wife of Flavius Sabina? Pollocks are the root of all Rothschilds, all from the Revelation beast's 4th head (Vespasian), and maybe the 5th head too.

I'm reminded here that Parrys can be Parr liners and therefore related to Nissans and Ness'/Nessans while one of the Genie operations in Golan are at a Ness-2 / Ness-3 drilling site. For those of you familiar with the codes God instilled around my Nissan pick-up that accompanied an omen, note the "Omine" motto term of raven-using Murdochs.

Just to help prove that God can be using Parry for certain pointers (to make his people reading me know that He's pointing at something), his sister is Fabricia, while the Bavarian Fabers (Ferrari lion?) share the fesse of Parrys (Pharisee suspects), in the colors of the double fesses of Parrs and Nissans (share sinister bend with Jewish Rothchilds (no 's') and Rasmussens that named Assmannshausen at RUEDESheim/RUDESheim). Fabers are said to be a branch of Wrights, and the latter's English branch happen to share the double fesses of Parrs / Nissans too. Scottish Wrights happen to share the checkered fesse of Murdochs. Rasmussens were first found in Hesse, and while Hesse's use a giant sun, the Genie logo replaces the Bauer stars with a sun (the first Rothschild was Mayer Bauer).

On Parry's Ferrari side, we take the Ferrari-car logo in the Arms of STUTTgart (not far from Ruedesheim), and from there we go to the STOUT vikings who used the raven (on a war banner), a symbol of the Bavarian Rothes'/Rothchilds. The RUDES' were first found in Shropshire with the English Rothes', and with the Stewarts behind the Murdoch Coat. Murdochs may have been named after Muriel Pollock, the granddaughter, if I recall correctly, of the first Pollock (Rothes castle, Scotland). Spanish Murs/Muriels (Aragon) may be using the Rothchild / Rothschild / Pollock arrow). The vikings are still raping the globe as far as they can swing it.

The Steins share the eight-pointed star with the Bavarian Rothes'/Rothchilds/RothSTEINs. And so see this from earlier this month: "NEWARK, N.J., Nov. 2, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- The Board of Directors of Genie Energy Ltd., (NYSE: GNE, GNEPRA), a leading independent retail energy provider and oil and gas exploration company, has appointed Michael Stein as Chief Executive Officer effective immediately. Mr. Stein succeeds Howard Jonas, who continues to serve as Chairman of the Board."

I'm wondering whether God is suggesting by Parry that Bill Clinton is part of the Genie cloth. There are a few Democrats on its board of advisors, some from the Clinton administration.

The page below tells that Murdoch and Rothschild each purchased 5.5 percent of Genie for $11 million (chump change), and that these two are the money bags behind the thrust. We wonder who owns the rest, whether the Israeli government has a chunk.

The page above reminds that the missiles fired by Trump at Assad earlier this year were near the Golan. Perhaps it was Trump's way to simply tell Assad to back off from plots on the Golan. Makes sense now. The page adds: "Genie Energy's Ira Greenstein, who donated [$10,000] to the Trump campaign in 2015, was directly involved in overseeing applicant interviews for the administration during the presidential transition. Greenstein is was the President of Genie Energy, up until early May & has a history with IDT Corporation being its CEO back in 2003. Note that Greenstein invested into the Trump campaign in August of 2015, just a few weeks after Afek Oil And Gas discovered increasing amounts of hydrocarbons in the Golan Heights, at the Ness-3 drilling site." Hmm, it's not so bad if Greenstein only donated to Trump, but to be made a sort of governor of his transition team, big hmm.

The article uses Kushner to make the attack on Trump, but, so far, I disrespect anti-Trumpers when they attack Kushner. If only there were some meat to the attacks...

A reddit page has given me the owners of Genie, who are also the chiefs of the company:

Major Holders Breakdown

21.68% % of Shares Held by All Insider
22.46% % of Shares Held by Institutions
28.67% % of Float Held by Institutions
94 Number of Institutions Holding Shares

Direct Holders (Forms 3 and 4)

Name Shares Date Reported
JONAS HOWARD S 273,306 Aug 6, 2017
COURTER JAMES A 291,983 Oct 29, 2017
GREENSTEIN IRA A 99,597 Jan 8, 2017
ROCHWARGER GEOFFREY 69,989 Apr 20, 2017
PERRY WILLIAM WESLEY 63,045 Jan 4, 2017
STEIN MICHAEL M 42,460 Aug 6, 2017
ROSENTHAL ALAN B 18,483 Jan 4, 2017
SASS ALLAN 18,250 Jan 4, 2017

Why isn't Rothschild and Murdoch on that list? Are Rothschilds proper always leaving themselves off of such lists? It continues with corporate shareholders:

Top Institutional Holders

Holder Shares Date Reported % Out Value
Blackrock Inc. 1,045,566 Jun 29, 2017...
Dimensional Fund Advisors LP 757,161 Jun 29, 2017...
Vanguard Group, Inc. (The) 666,711 Jun 29, 2017...
Renaissance Technologies, LLC 408,597 Jun 29, 2017...
Kahn Brothers & Company, Inc. 405,719 Sep 29, 2017...
Chai Trust Co LLC 193,000 Jun 29, 2017...
JP Morgan Chase & Company 193,531 Jun 29, 2017...
State Street Corporation 180,427 Jun 29, 2017...
Northern Trust Corporation 148,505 Jun 29, 2017...
Bank Of New York Mellon Corporation 129,981 Sep 29, 2017...

Why are there so many banks buying shares in Israeli oil? Don't banks deal in money? Do meat shops sell shoes? Do shoe stores sell food? Then why are banks buying up oil shares? Ahh, the Rothschild banking empire is coming to the preparations for the Wedding of Jesus Christ. The empire is preparing the barbecue at Armageddon, where their own bodies become the roast for the birds of the air. This is how they will be remembered, or, should we say, forgotten.

The owners of Vanguard seems to be a well-kept secret. Below, you can compare the shareholders of Raytheon to those of Genie: "Raytheon is the world’s largest producer of guided missiles...For December 2014, according to filed reports, the top ten institutional shareholders of Raytheon are Wellington Management Company, LLP, Vanguard Group, Inc. (The), State Street Corporation, Barrow, Hanley Mewhinney & Strauss, Inc., BlackRock Institutional Trust Company, N.A., BlackRock Advisors, LLC, Bank of America Corporation, Bank of New York Mellon Corporation, Deutsche Bank Aktiengesellschaft and Macquarie Group Limited”"

The False Prophet makes fire to come down from the sky. And he pushes a 666 commercial system desired mostly by bankers. It appears that the nasty bankers are coming very willingly to the Feast of God.

"Cheryl Mills, arguably [Hillary] Clinton’s closest adviser, sits on the board of directors of BlackRock, the largest asset management firm in the world..." It's not a wonder that Hillary wanted to be the president, so that she could play world-ball with the fat cats, so much fun. This was her disaster: she wasn't allowed to play world-ball. Apparently, Mills told Clinton what to do, not as an advisor, but as an upper-level boss. Article this week: "Why in 2016 did James Comey and the Justice Department give Cheryl Mills, Secretary Clinton’s Chief of Staff, an immunity agreement for turning over her laptop computer? Typically, the Department would issue a subpoena or get a warrant and seize it. Why in this case did the FBI agree to destroy the laptop?"

It really is incredible at how stupid these world-ball players are. It's beyond my comprehension. The solution is so simple in the words of Jesus: "What good is it to gain the entire world and lose your soul?" The fats cats are so utterly foolish, it boggles the mind. Restrain yourselves. Give your money away. Stop seeking more. What's wrong with you? Give your heads a shake before it's too late. Wake up, utter lunatics. But they will not listen. If they look to God for salvation, they do so trapped like camels in the eyes of their own needles, beyond cure, because they refuse to give away their fatness. Instead, they keep eating sun-up to sun-set.

These people have taken their cue from murderous Arabs, and have themselves become murderous. They truly have. But that's why the end comes, because, when they start to murder believers, the Boss Cometh Down.

Whose Fink? "Fink owes his initial backing at BlackRock to Pete Peterson, the former Commerce Sec who has been at the forefront of the campaign to cut or privatize Social Security. He sat on the steering committee of the Campaign to Fix the Debt, a stalking horse for Peterson’s ideas." Is that Peter Peterson, former Chair of the Council on Foreign Relations? Larry Fink is/was the boss at BlackRock, founded by Peter Peterson. The Peter Peterson of CFR co-founded Blackstone. Were the two Peters the same man? When googling "Peter Peterson" BlackRock, only the one Peterson of CFR comes up, and there is also this phrase on that Google-result page: "1988: Blackstone forms BlackRock as a mortgage investment subsidiary. Its CEO is Peter Peterson, also CEO of the Council on Foreign Relations". God pointed my readers to this Peter Peterson earlier this year.

Wikipedia's article on BlackRock has Fink and others as co-founders, with no mention of Peterson in the list. However, we find this: "Initially, Fink sought funding (for initial operating capital) from Pete Peterson of The Blackstone Group who believed in Fink's vision of a firm devoted to risk management. Peterson called it Blackstone Financial Management. In exchange for a 50 percent stake in the bond business, initially Blackstone gave Fink and his team a $5 million credit line. Within months, the business had turned profitable, and by 1989 the group's assets had quadrupled to $2.7 billion. The percent of the stake owned by Blackstone also fell to 40%, compared to Fink's staff...The firm adopted the name BlackRock in 1992..." Something stinks, Fink.

Okay, we now know that the man pointed to by God was the true founder behind BlackRock, and this company is the largest corporate shareholder of Genie. Things are beginning to make sense. I've just checked all my files for "BlackRock," which was mentioned once only, in 2015, from a blogging site:

It struck me as odd that The Carlyle Group invest so much money in Freescale... Obviously, the Carlyle Group and the Bush family connection sets off alarm bells re 9/11 and false flags.

...[Another speaker:] And a very interesting thing I have found after looking through the shareholders, Freescale's biggest institutional holder is none other than Blackstone who bought out the mortgage for the WTC building 7 in 2000. Curtiss Wright has a similar major institutional holder BlackRock.

Recall BlackCube with the 666's in their phone numbers. This really does stink of rotten flesh, I can scarcely believe rich people can be this daft. Why would the wealthy wish to kill their own souls? Are they infected with insanity? Yes. They understand only money schemes. They enjoy using their money to create new money schemes. They care not for the rest of us, the evidence of their insanity. They have lost connection with the real world, literally. They are as far above the real world as their insanity takes them.

There is a Blackstone Coat looking like a form of the Washington Coat, and sharing the double fesses of Ness'/Nessans. A form of the Washington Coat is used by Scottish Mochs while French Mochs can be half-expected with the sword of Chaine's/Chenays.

BlackRock is shown as the largest shareholder of Genie. I wonder when this came to be. If you had read the touch-bra event in my youth, which was the event that God used in pointing to Peter Peterson, you may know that it involved the Landen/Lander surname, interesting now where a Genie advisor includes Mrs. LANDRieu. If you didn't read my touch-bra event, you will just need to trust me where I claim that the Lander bloodline was represented by the LAUNDRy line on which the bra hung. I realize how crazy this sounds, but God can be playful for this revelation, I have no problem with it. The bra was intended to indicate Bra in Cuneo, and because I stood on a rabbit cage with a white rabbit that I saw (and fed) with my own eyes, I realized that God was pointing me to the white rabbits of the Coney surname (from "Cuneo", right?. The Masonic stupids know what this means.

Weeks or months after introducing to readers this touch-bra event, I came across Peter Peterson, and investigated him because the laundry line was at the home of Mr. Peterson (Polish background, if that means anything to the Masonic stupids). It turned out that he married Mrs. COONEY, no guff. I now find that Peterson's BlackRock is in the Golan Heights invested in an illegal oil scheme that will be sure to rouse some troubles. Let's watch this, pass out the popcorn.

Mary Landrieu was a senator from Louisiana. I'm wondering whether that links to Donna Brazile, whose surname was BRASwell some generations back (according to her Wikipedia article). I sense God being a little playful where the only heraldic girdle I know of is in the Crest of the Braswell surname. It's as though He's verifying to me that the bra on the laundry line has to do with Brazile (born in Louisiana) and Landrieu together. You decide.

Brazile was born in New Orleans. "Born in Arlington, Virginia, Landrieu was raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. She is the daughter of Moon Landrieu, former New Orleans mayor and Secretary of the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development, and the sister of Mitch Landrieu, the current Mayor of New Orleans and former Lieutenant Governor of Louisiana. "

For those of you who followed by explanation for the Landen/Lander surname, you will know that I mentioned Lorraine many times. I'll re-explain this below, but, first, here is one amazing thing: There is a Landry surname first found in Lorraine!!! Zowie. It's using the same martlet as French Josephs.

Lorraine was a gorgeous blond that God attracted me to. Mary Landrieu is a blonde too, unless she's dyed her hair. After seeing her a few times, I got up the courage to ride my bike to her bus stop, and to ask her out. When she agreed, I was telling her that I had laundry to do in the evening, and that we could meet and go from the laundromat. As I was sharing this event, that's when the Lander surname crept into my theory, later to be verified when I found the Lander Coat used by LANGleys, for Bra is in Cuneo's Langhe.

There had been no reason for me to link Lorraine to the touch-bra event, yet the fact that there was a laundromat in one event, and a laundry line in the other event, was compelling toward the theory that God was speaking things through it all. There was much more to it that I don't want to repeat here, but will repeat a few things. The owner of the bra was a blonde tenant in the Peterson home, and I went to touch her bra (nine years old) because I found her attractive. God lured me.

There were two laundromats in the plaza where I met Lorraine, one at both ends. After we parted from one another, I ended up renting a basement (in a house) immediately beside the other laundromat. One day, while living there, I came walking around the corner from the hall to the kitchen, and there was the landlord clubbing a rabbit to death in the laundry sink. The kitchen had no sink but the old-style laundry sink. Believe it, this happened as verification that God is pointing to Peter Peterson...and also to Mary Landrieu, I now see.

The Landry surname is in the BAR part of Lorraine, a term like "Bra." You decide. I'm already decided that God is wanting to walk my readers through future news so that we can understand what the anti-Christ beast (part of it) looks like when it's about to be Clubbed to death at Winepress Sink. Have no pity, because insanity cannot rule the world. Insanity needs to be taken care of. The Landrie variation is the closest thing to "Landrieu" that I can find with a Coat page.

The Brazil/Brassel surname is the only one I know of with a lion having all four feet on the floor. It's a giant lion in the colors of the double Brunswick lions, and I know for a fact that Bars of Brunswick named Bar-le-Duc in Lorraine. Politically, Brunswick paired with Luneburg, and it just so happens that German Langs were first found in Luneburg, suggesting that Bra was a Brunswick liner as well as a Bar liner. Braswells (Bar-eagle colors) use two chevrons in the colors of the two fish in the Arms of Bar-le-Duc.

Thanks to the similarity between "Cheney" and "Genie," I looked up "Chenie" to find a new Coat, with pierced Zionist stars and sharing the lamb with English Lamberts. French Lamberts (compare with Billiards/Billets), first found in Dauphine with lamb-using Pascals, happen to share the double fesses of Braswells. English Pascals use the lamb in the colors of the Chenie / Lambert lamb, and while these Pascals share the Levi lion, French Levi's were first found in the same place as Chenie's. It reminds that Pasi's/Pascels share crossed spears with Speers (same place as PASleys) and Line's/Linds, the latter suspect as code in God's laundry line, and suspect also from Lindos on Rhodes, where I trace Roets, for example, who share the Speer boars. Line's/Linds love the Sempers/St. Pierre's (Essex, same place as Pascals), which recalls (last update) how Pierro's/Perris' were traced to the Ticino-river Laevi.

To this I'll add that while the Chenie fesse (Reed/Reid colors) is colors reversed from the Pierro/Perris/PIETRO fesse, the Chenie Chief could be a version of the Chief of REITmans, from Flavius Petro of Rieti. Reeds/Reids share the Pascal eagle, colors reversed from the Lorraine eagle, and the latter's is known to be the Piast eagle because the Piast, Mieszko II LAMBERT, married Richesa of Lorraine.

One wonders why Miss Landrieu was chosen for Genie. One thinks it has to do with the mayoral connections of her family. New Orleans is a Masonic bastion. She lost her senate seat to a Republican. I don't know whether she was already with Genie at the time. "[Brazile] was a key advisor and aide to the likes of Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-La.), another original DLC type who is now out of the Senate after she lost her re-election bid in 2014. Brazile helped her win the previous time." There could be something of a link there between Brazile and Peter Peterson.

I had found evidence in Coats of Salemans/Salians (Bush/Busch eagles) and the Boasts/Bois' that Cheneys were Cuneo liners in relation to Busca, which is beside Saluzzo, where I trace both the Clinton Coat and the Sale's / Salemans/Salians. I can add that I asked Lorraine out (that first time) at a BUS stop. It just so happens that the Cheneys use the Landrie/Landry martlets in colors reversed. Dick Cheney is a Genie advisor along with Mary Landrieu. It once again seems that God is pointing to the Golan Heights. It could even be that Genie's were a Cheney branch round-about. Clintons share the Saluzzo Shield, and the pierced Clinton star is in both colors (gold with red center) of the same of Chenie's.

The BUS STOP was deciphered with the Stops/Stubbs (pheons, obvious Paeonia code), from Stobi of ancient Paeonia, the country that also had an AstiBUS location...which I trace to Cuneo's Asti, which happens to be at Langhe along with Bra. The Stop/Stubb Crest shares the gold, spread eagle with Bush's and Salemans/Salians, and the Stop/Stubb eagle holds a laurel branch, a symbol likewise of the Lorraine surname (share's the Bar / Este eagle, likely, but as used by Childs). One can reason here that AstiBUS elements named Busca, the line to the Bush's who adopted the Nazi-line Scherffs (i.e. the two George Bush's). Plus, the Bars are known to use the eagle of Asti-like Este, and if that's not enough, the German Bush's/Buschs and Boschs use a giant fleur in the colors of the Bar / Este eagle. Chaine's/Chenays use a wing in Este-eagle colors.

The Cheney Coat is somewhat a reflection of the Stop/Stubb Coat, and the latter is even better-reflective of the Pepin Coat which itself uses the Este horse heads and an "est" motto term, important because Pepins trace in all likeliness to Pepin of Landen while Landers are also Landens. The wife of Pepin of Landen was of Metz, in the Lorraine theater. So, you see, God has done something very unique in my life, for to point His people to certain things about to take place. To help convince you more, the last time I saw Lorraine, she was with child as God's code for Childeric, the first Merovingian king and therefore tied up with Pepin of Landen. Childeric was part SALIAN Frank, like the Salian variation of Salemans.

I kept telling readers that Lorraine had beautiful feet because I was sure that it was part of the codework of God. At first, I stressed the Foot / Fothes surnames, the latter first found in the same place as Petersons. The Foots and Fothes' happen to share the chevron of Landrys, by the way. Later, I found verification that the foot in the sun in the Blond Crest applied, and later still I ventured to see whether there was a Feet surname, which brought up the Fate's (share martlets with Cheneys), whom I had traced in prior times to the "fato" motto term of Cheneys. I didn't yet know at that time that I would be bumping into Dick Cheney and Mary Landrieu of Genie. This was done so neatly by God that I have no doubt at all of what He's pointing to, though there must be more to this than I've so-far been able to uncover.

The bottom line is, had not God made some events in my life to point, I wouldn't be stressing Genie nearly as much as I now will. And, hopefully, other prophecy writers will pick this up, although I don't think there will be any hard-convincing of prophecy writers that Rothschild oil in the Golan, at this particular time, looks like a natural end-game situation.

Here's a video suggesting evidence that Trump's missiles were in relation to an Israeli-Syria skirmish in Golan:

The West is able, under Trump, to attack Assad on the feigned charged of using chemical weapons, if Assad dares to move into the Golan. Trump has shown that he's willing to lay that false charge, but what of Russia comes up to bat for Assad on that Golan bone to pick? This is the next, expected scenario.

The video below on Golan shows Israeli Intelligence on Mount Hermon. In my opinion, the state Israel deserves to own the Golan because Syria attacked Israel and lost. But the state of Israel deserves to lose all of Israel because it's got its marbles in Rothschilds instead of Jesus.

Here's a video where a prophecy writer thinks that Gog has arrived to Golan as of this past summer. I think the news in this video is Russia showing presence where the West doesn't want it. It's a trial balloon, I suspect, to see how much more Russia can preside in the area. This could be slow-going, unless Trump's people lash out outrageously. Anything can happen then. We understand that Russia probably wouldn't assist Assad in Golan if not for the Rothschild oil there and in the Mediterranean.

The Western rhetoric against Iran has been ratcheted up under Trump because, I now see, the West now understands the real possibility of Iranian plots at the Golan. Yes, Iran always wanted to help Syria expand toward Israel, but now, thanks to the Genie project, Iran thinks it can bank on Russia for leading the charge. How will Russia tip-toe to the Golan while being under international pressure not to start a massive war? Best way: get the Muslims to fight on its behalf.

We might ask: why doesn't Russia just go away and let the West have the oil to Europe, rather than promising an Armageddon? Because, I think, the West has shown that it's oil-to-Europe plans include the collapse of Russia to a Western power broker. This is not only about oil sales to Europe, but about world-domination wealth. Russia has been made angry, and, I think, when Russia lashes out, it will succeed. That's because the Muslim fighters are crazy in anger, too crazy for the West to gamble on. I say that even Trump will back down if there is concerted Iranian-Arab-Russia mustard. For the first time in years, I can now see Sunni Arabs and Iranians partnered for a Golan. And the real reason that this thrust will scare the West has to do with Rothschilian presence. Yes, the greed of Rothschilds, and Rothschild Zionism going back to the 1800s, will be the future fuel in the hearts of Israel's enemies, only this time, with Russia in support. This is the scenario we can all now comprehend.

And eastern Golan is flanked by Assad's enemies, who happen to be Sunni Muslims. The anti-Christ will call for fighters from all groups, to unite against Israel. Once that movement gets traction, the hands of the Western bluffers will hang limp, powerless to stop it. Go ahead and bluff some more, Mr. Trump, but when even the Sunni turn against you, who will be left to fight for you?

Yet I'm not suggesting that prophecy will necessarily come shaking down under Trump's term(s). Doesn't the anti-Christ need to conquer Egypt first? How can we explain such a thing under current circumstances? I'm stumped.

And Russia won't move against the Golan, probably, until there is proof of large, obtainable oil there.

Brazile News Extra Tidbits

For an extensive look at Donna Brazile's heart at this time, see her ABC interview:

I don't trust her. She's self-deceived by Democrat mentality. She is not wise at all. Her bragging about her long history for Democrat causes is a testament of her foolishness. She loves her party, she says, even as she's revealed that it's corrupt. What a ninny. She denies that the DNC rigged the election event though she showed that it was rigged. Where is her mind? How does she define "rigged" if what she said isn't defined as rigging? She said Hillary controlled the DNC. How is that not rigged? Donna's trying to walk the fence between what she knows is true, and trying to maintain popularity in the party, the latter explaining why she's watering down her initial statements. In fact, we don't need her statements at all; the memo tells it all. The memo tells Trump that the DNC was in collusion with rigging the election, and Donna blasted Trump for merely saying so. Is she nuts? Apparently, the Democrat party has loosened her marbles.

In her book, she writes: "This was the way to keep the chair [Wasserman-Schultz] fat and happy: Give her a huge staff and lots of perks and don't ask her to do anything." In other words, she accusing the Clinton team of purchasing the head of the DNC in order to run the DNC for her, which is a rigged system, is it not? What does it mean to rig a system if not to enact a plan to control for a self-serving purpose? Call it what you want; even "bribery" fits this situation.

By midweek, Brazile was completely silly in passionately supporting Hillary and the party of which she herself witnessed the corruption. She doesn't get it at all. The cancer she witnessed is what's been there all along. The cancer got so cocky that it put its game on paper; normally, you don't put something like that on paper. But Donna, who claims to be a church goer, is sold out to the faggot-supporting party, the porn-supporting party, the sex-war party, the change-the-family party, all so that blacks can be better empowered. Say it, Donna.

The Democrats are tricky always, and always useless. They will say that none of the uranium handled by Uranium One can get out of North America to Russia. This is the claim of Democrats, and it's probably true, but that is not the issue. The Democrats want to pretend that it's the issue to make it appear that Republicans are accusing on empty charges. But the issue is that the Clinton Foundation was paid off because the Russian purchasers of Uranium One needed Hillary's permission to make the purchase. The Clinton Foundation took the bribery money. That's the scandal. When the liberals start talking about that, as it should be talked about, only then can they be considered upright. Until then, they are flat on the faces, useless.

As I understand it, the uranium in an American mine goes to Canada for refinement, then gets sold to an American company for final distribution. In this picture, the Russian company only makes money to refine the metal. Putin never gets any of it, unless there is something shady going on from the American handler, and perhaps the Clintons are involved in actually slipping Russia some uranium on the cheap in return for laundered money.

Tricky and sinful Cooper tries to convince it's audience that Brazile cannot be trusted, therefore her story on the DNC should be ignored. But the memo tells all, never mind whether Brazile is being fully honest. Is Cooper that inept that he would ignore the official deal between Clinton and the DNC? Yes, he is that evil. It's evil because it's fraud deliberately. The most trusted name in News is fraudulent, and yet it has tens of millions of supporters through all of this. Liberals strain out a gnat against Republicans and swallow a camel. They can't see the log in their own eyes.

Brazile is a fine example of the hypocrisy. She's now claiming that she passionately wanted Hillary to win after she took of as DNC chair, and she's saying this even though she admits that she didn't have DNC purse strings or the ability to call the shots because Hillary's team had it all. She admits that Hillary's team was controlling the supposed-to-be-impartial DNC, and then says she supports Hillary for president, as though the cheating doesn't matter to her at all. Yet she comes out in the book saying that the cheating made her sick. You can't be more utterly stupid / foolish, please permit me to use these appropriate words. If you care to watch this zero, how she's trying to row her way out of trouble with Hillary, watch the video below until MSNBC has her on:

Due to the complete lack of logic in her words, I'm actually starting to question whether this isn't a coordinated deep-state stunt to divide the party, to weaken Americans all the more, because power against the deep state is in numbers when people are united. Just a thought.

Hillary gives me the impression that she believes she was destined by the stars to be the most-powerful person in the world, like a natural expectation or even a phenomenon because she believes she is so wonderful and smart. In reality, she's all self-filled, and would have gloated about self during a victory speech had Trump been unable to chalk up more points than she. The stars were paying attention, and Bernie supporters, all reprobate or diluted at best, either didn't vote at all once they caught wind of WikiLeaks, or voted for Trump to keep Hillary from winning. Even the dumb stars know justice, but Hillary, with supposedly a mind, didn't want to understand why she lost.

Barring a coordinated deep-state trick, I would have to conclude that Brazile is the train whistle that caused Hillary to scream last week, a scream equivalent to her death blow. The party won't entertain her now, one would think. She can now accept her fate, that she wasted all her time since the day that CNN lifted her, since New York made her a senator, since she insisted on becoming secretary of state. All those things were beneath her, in her mind. She could only be happy as the top cheese. I'm wondering whether the Texas-church massacre wasn't a deep-state atrocity just because they hate Christians, and because they have been hoping to begin Christian persecution. If that's what it was, we have got to look at it, decide how to react or deal with it.

When Brazile was on ABC early this week, she had the opportunity to send a healing message to her party, but I'm not talking about a healing of the type where she starts to compromise with peers, to say what the cancer wants you to say in order to be more at peace with it. This is what Brazile did on ABC, and it's futile, useless, of no benefit to either side. She even complimented Hillary between the lines. In order for her to have done the right thing, for healing the party, she should have described the cancer further, and plied with the party to cut Hillary out. If she's received threats, she should say so. But if she caters to the cancer while exposing it, she's worse than useless. She said that she's unveiling the cancer (Hillary) but won't kill the patient (DNC), yet by "patient" it almost sounds as though she meant Hillary. The latter can't be the cancer and the patient too. What exactly is the cancer if not the Hillary election team? If she's saying that Hillary has political cancer, and that she wants her healed, what about the option of simply scrapping Hillary for someone much better...if Donna truly cares for the party? Hillary still has the option of baking cookies in a glass house while she awaits her Judgment from God, which isn't more than a decade or two away at most.

The wrinkles on her face warn her that Judgment is near. When we close our eyes and slip away in death, it is my opinion that we "sleep" until God resurrects us either in the First Resurrection, or the second one for the damned. I don't think we are alive in limbo somewhere while dead, but, rather, when we are raised, it will feel as though it's taking place the second we die. Think of it, Hillary and all of you other demonic types. The moment you die is the moment you awake in Judgment. You have the option of apologizing to God and Jesus first, then to your fellow man, and changing the way you do things in accordance with the ways of Jesus. That option is still available while your have wrinkles on your face. You may not get much quality in the Celebration due to the way you chose to live your life, but it's a lot better than being damned Mercilessly as your own and just reward for rebellion.

Donna Brazile has been utterly disappointing. I feel compelled to view her book as a bull charging into the glass house, knocking over the furniture (all bought or borrowed and stolen money), and then saying, "love me, please." "Love me please, look what a good thing I did." "I'm going to tell my story, that Hillary is a cheater, but I still want her to be the president."

The only sane explanation is that Brazile wants to keep Hillary voters loving her while exposing Hillary's corruption. Fine, it's doable, but Brazile would do much better to keep to one side (not walking the fence). As she's doing things now, she's disappointing the Sanders supporters whom she initially served, and in the meantime she's coming across weak at the knees, perhaps even frightened from a threat(s).

I feel that what Donna Brazile has done in her book is part of what God predicted to me, but this can't be the whole of it yet. She appeared on Mill Maher, and uttered a typical liberal profanity at the start of her interview. She then had the stupidity to act like she's some sort of awakening light for to get Democrats into power again, as though she'd already forgotten that she gave the party a death blow. Maher said on the show that Democrats should ignore the Hillary cancer and move on, but I think the cancer will not go away.

Judicial watch has some new documents and a new argument against Hillary. We can glean what Tom Fitton is thinking, that the Clintons paid the acting FBI director (Andrew McCabe) off, during her election season this past 2016, by having about $700,000 go from Terry McAuliff to McCabe. And McAuliff has been the governor of Virginia when Antifa conducted the fake car crash there.

Put bluntly, Hillary was depending on McCabe to get through the election without any trouble on her email controversy. McCabe became the deputy director of the FBI in February 2016, as election season approached. Here's what others were saying:

Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s political action committee donated nearly $500,000 to the election campaign of Dr. Jill McCabe--the wife of an FBI official who helped oversee the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server while secretary of state, the Wall Street Journal first reported.

And the Virginia Democratic Party, a group over which the governor has considerable influence, contributed an additional $207,778 in the form of mailers, the campaign finance records indicate.

...When the FBI officially launched the investigation into Mrs. Clinton’s server, Andrew McCabe was running the bureau’s D.C. field office, which allocated resources and personnel to the email probe. It wasn’t until February 2016 that he became deputy director, however.

After his wife's election bid, McCabe was made the deputy director of the FBI. It sounds as though the supporters of Hillary Clinton are at the heart of the invisible cabal, and that the leaders in the FBI were bathing it their swamp. If Donna Brazile has been blind to this thing, it's expected because she's been a lifelong Democrat, the very definition of ignorant for an entire generation and counting. But if she wasn't blind to it, why did she support Hillary for president? So what if Bill Clinton cheats on his wife, so long as he's a good president, the ignoramus' asked. So what if Hillary pays the FBI off to obstruct justice, so long as she's a feminist president, Brazile will support her.

The video below is from Brazile's book, when she was asking Hillary to contribute to the reward for finding Seth Rich's murderer. "She just hung up":

In a video (below) from the same source as above, we find more of Brazile's words on Seth Rich. This time, she claims that an FBI source told her to protect herself from murder from Clinton. This makes it sound as though Brazile couldn't possibly have been made the DNC chief to protect the killers of Seth Rich, which may be exactly why Brazile tells (fabricates) her story in this way. But as the article goes on, it seems that Donna was sincerely concerned about Rich's death, though the very title of her book seems to want to push the idea that Rich could not have been the theft of DNC emails for WikiLeaks distribution. It's hard to know what a Democrat ignoramus thinks like. You can't get as high as she did in the party without having questionable thought patterns.

Tucker Carlson had Cleta Mitchell (a lawyer) on with the question on whether Hillary's team did anything illegal by colluding with the DNC. She says that the long-time DNC bank account in Washington was moved to the same New York banks as where Hillary Clinton's bank account rests. It figures. Hillary was so sure she would win and escape any troubles that this neglect on her part didn't cause sufficient fear. Fox news puts no date on the program's recording (very disturbing of all the news channels), and gives no Internet address for it aside from

I'm not up-to-speed on Tony Podesta's links to Saudi-Arabian money, or the other things mentioned by April LaJune below, but be my guest and look into them if you care to.

Texas Feignsaw Massacre? Bad Title, I Know.

I haven't delved into the Texas shooting as yet. I feel horrified if this thing truly took place. After almost a week, there are no videos up-front on youtube that expose the event as a fraud or staged event. Some are claiming this, but the obvious evidence isn't there, yet anyway. I feel less willing to delve into these matters now that I've come to hold a possible theory: that the deep-state actually plants conspiracy theorists online to report on the obvious inconsistencies (in a mass-murder) that the deep-state itself arranges, suggesting that one purpose is to cause a news distraction, or, to put it another way, to fill the news with the story so that some other news doesn't get coverage.

One thing I can feel confident about, the man in the video below is sincere, not a deep-state faker. His sentiments are like my own, and that proves he's genuine, a good place to start off. He's pushing a little too far at times in arguing for his anti-government message, but, for the line he takes, I generally agree:

Here's a news video on the "savior" whom I have little confidence in. There just seems to be a script in play in his words. The gunman drives his car off the road, possible but not likely, and yet necessary according to recent staged events where the shooter is always caught and "killed." It has that sort of stink. It doesn't necessarily mean that there wasn't a real shooting, however.

Why aren't we hearing that the shooter was firing his gun(s) on the savior and his passenger, when the shooter was held up on the side of the road crashed? The gunman knew he had only minutes before being caught unless he fired his gun. Besides, I read that the shooter was shot through his body armor by one of these two men, and yet there's a contradictory report that the shooter shot self. I now hate delving into staged events because they always show these blatant inconsistencies, and I'm starting to feel like their sucker. But, if this was staged, it's good for the public to know it. Here's the story from the passenger with a gun:

As you can see, the passenger's testimony has the story becoming unbelievable where the shooter slows down to the side of the road, then speeds up, hits a road sign, and "flipped over" his SUV. That is so unlikely that I'm at least ready to believe that this was a deep-state operation where the plot included the nabbing and "killing" of the shooter i.e. a deep-state operative. The first unlikely thing is that the shooter would ram a country road sign. The passenger gives no reason as to why he would drive into a sign. Next, vehicles don't usually flip when hitting a mere road sign, but this passenger says that the SUV continued along the shoulder/ditch area and back on the road even, after flipping over, then back into the ditch (was he drunk?). Theatrics?

It's funny how the video above stops recording the witness as he's telling the events when the police arrive. Did he goof up the testimony too badly? Or, if he is a sincere witness, did he say what he wasn't supposed to? The same witness, who's got a green light to appear on international news shows, appears on a small-time show below. Why? Is the owner of this show a deep-state operation? The passenger starts off looking very sincere when almost in tears, but maybe I'm reading that wrong. Maybe he's just having a hard time trying to remember what to say, and how to act. He gives me pause when he speaks of his daughter getting in the way as though she were a seven-year old child (he's at least 60, by the looks of it). He also says "active-shooter situation," which is a phrase we were hearing at the Las-Vegas fakery. "Active shooter" is a police phrase, not used by the general population.

We now get the explanation as to why the shooter was shot by this man, but later, supposedly, shot himself. The passenger, whose not yet a passenger, says he shot the shooter deliberately, by aiming, between the armor, into the flesh in his upper abdomen. And he gives the distance of 20 yards, about the length of a small bungalow. A clean shot under the armpit, from 20 yards, has got to do some major damage. Yet the shooter was able to drive away to the point of being out of sight, at first. We could explain that he drove into the road sign due to his being shot. But flipping the truck over and then getting back on the road sounds too Hollywood.

Plus, the hero had to miss the arm that covered much of the gap in the vest. If the deep state wanted a "miracle" to take place, this looks like one...i.e. intended to fool the Christians.

If you ask me, a shot beneath the armpit is critical immediately. Twenty yards is nothing, and a rifle bullet will go deep into the rib cage. A man at that distance is a big visual target, and the shooter could have been shot in the legs or hips as well as between the vest. Why aren't we hearing that? He could refine his story later, but this was on day two and needs to be held up as an original. The shot shooter was able to get into his SUV and even to shoot back a few times.

The shooter apparently shot toward the hero though his driver window, which gives us an idea of how he was parked on the side of the road in relation to the hero's position. They must have been on different roads, at a corner, otherwise this testimony is not making sense to me. If they were on the same road with the shooter's SUV parked on the side of the road normally, then the hero would need to be either in the driveway directly across the road, or in a driveway at one of the neighbors of the spot directly across the road. He's not telling whether he was toward the back end or the front end of the SUV. But the story gets unbelievable when he says that, while trying to shoot him in the head, he blew out the side window after the shooter plugged through it with a couple of pistol bullets toward him. The shooter then has capability enough to start the vehicle while shot in the rib cage, to put it into drive, turn down a highway, and to shoot out the back windshield while driving away. It sounds ridiculously Hollywood.

If people were indeed shot, and I think in this case they were, the perpetrators are marked by God for slaughter and torment.

The Maccus-Kenzie Moor

I have no idea why I'm starting on this topic this morning. I couldn't sleep again while still dark, and was thinking about the Kenzie family, recalling that the daughter's name is Beth. It's the only first name from that family that I can remember, yet I was much closer to her two brothers. Every time I try to recall their first names, failure. It just so happens that while the evidence is excellent for tracing Kenza of Numidia to Kenneths, king Kenneth MacAlpin (some say he was mythical) was ancestor of king Duncan, killed by king MacBETH. I therefore started to think longer on what God may want said on this matter, and there were some surprising things.

At the outset, it should be said that while Malcolm III was the son of Duncan above, Malcolms share the stag head with Kenneths/Kenzie's, and it's apparently the stag head of Colts/Celts/Cults, explaining why Duncan descended from DunKELD, in Perthshire, where Colts/Celts were first found that themselves descended from the mother of Pontius Pilate. Also first found in Perthshire were Athols, while Duncan's father, CRINan, was born in Athol to another Duncan (ruler of Atholl). I'm a little amazed to find here that Crinan (married BETHoc) is shown as GRIMus, and that he had a son, Grim, for while Rollo's were likewise first found in Perthshire, his daughter, Crispina, supposedly married Grimaldus. This can explain why Irish Weirs (Vere's) use the Grimaldi lozenges (almost), and why English Vere's share the blue boar with Rollo's. Keep in mind that king Maccus of Man is said be some to derive in Rollo's Normandy.

I had insisted that the line from Kenza of Numidia went through Guerin/Garin of Provence to Kenneth MacAlpin. That claim was before finding that Italian Garins use six pale bars (three of each of gold and black) in the colors of the three fesses of Athols. Moreover, one can glean that the Garin bars are the six Julian bars, for Julians were first found in Saxony with German Garins/Gorings. On top of this, the Arms of Saxony are bars in the same gold-and-black colors, and the Athols that share them are suspect as the Atheling Saxons married by the grandfather (Sitric) of king Maccus of Man.

As I was lying in bed this morning, I thought -- after realizing that Beth Kenzie was about the Kenneth > MacBeth line (though Kenneth > Bethoc may do better) of the coincidence that I took Christine Peare to Mrs. Kenzie's church. It was the first and last time I was there. I recall thinking just before that day that maybe I should drop in sometime. Christine's were first found in the Isle of Man, and they share the Pilotte / Pellet / Shaw cups while Shaws (Perthshire) are from the Aures area of Numidia, where Kenza was from. It can be added here that Petits (KENT, same as Petts/PERTs), in the Malcolm motto, share the red lion with Aures'. The red lion in the Guerin Chief can apply.

But there is more. For I had met Roxanne at the Kenzie Bible studies, and she became my girl. She was one of the few brunettes I dated, with brown eyes, and all of the Kenzie's were the same, expected from Moors / Numidians of north Africa. I resolved that Roxanne in my life was code for Roxburghshire, where the Maxwells/Maccuswells, from Maccus of Man, were first found. Amazing coincidence.

Plus, I came to mention a few times that Roxanne's surname, Bennet, is a variation of the Benedicts while the PIERleoni Jews of Rome were from Pope Benedict. And while this crossed my mind, I recalled "Christine PEARE," that I took her to the Kenzie church. Amazingly, Scottish Bennets were first found in Perthshire too (English Bennets use a lion colors reversed from the Aures / Petit lion). English Benedicts can be using the Sutherland star, and Mackays (possibly the Rollo-Badge stag head), also from Maccus liners in Man, were first found in Sutherland. I've always traced Mackays to Moray, where MacBeth ruled. Kenneths/Kenzie's were first found in neighboring Ross-shire.

While still in bed, I recalled that I took Christine Peare to the home of Jeff MOORE the day before I took her to Kenzie's church. I have no idea why I took her to Jeff's because I wasn't visiting him much anymore by that time. But the Jeffrey surname plays into this too, first because they are suspect with the Julian pale bars while Julians are suspect with the Garin pale bars, and all connected to Aures. The Jeffreys remind that they use the omen that I had in Galveston, and Galves' share the red lion in both colors of the one in the Guerin/Garin Chief.

I'm not done. I was driving a FireBIRD when with Roxanne Bennet, and the last time I recall driving it, I was with Christine Peare for only two days, when taking her to Jeff Moore's place, and to church. I never saw her again. The Birds are the ones with the Bouillon / Taddei/Taddao cross in colors reversed, and de-Bouillon's grandfather, Godfrey III, took his army to assist the Pierleoni when they got in trouble with Vatican opposition. It's suggesting to me that Peare's are Pierleoni liners, as are Bennets.

Some write-up says that Godfreys and Jeffreys were branch's. Godfreys are the ones sharing "Libertas" with Dino's, and the latter are of the Taddei's. There are two things I can add at this point. I never visited my cousin, Dino Grimaldi, with a lady until doing so with Roxanne. He gave her a too-warm hug for my liking (he's handsome), but I can now understand why: Grimaldi's were related to Bennets as per Atholl. For, the Grimaldi's came up with the Grim names of Crinan of Athol, where Bennets were likely first found. Scottish Bennets (Grimaldi colors) even use stars colors reversed from the Griim star, and Birds (same place as Grimes'/Grimms) share red martlets with Grimes'/Gormleys (was Crinan a Dane from Gorm?). It's suggesting Bennet descent / linkage to Rollo's daughter, Crispina...which reminds that Crispins were Clare's while Clare's share the chevrons of Larins/Clarens while French Larins were first found in Provence.

Bennets / Benedicts can be from lake Van's Biaini (ancient peoples) because Grimaldi liners can be from Cimmerians of the CRIMea while Cimmerians conquered Lake Van. It can suggest that Crinan was a Cimmerian Gomer.

As Leo's share a lion in the colors of the Rita lion (Monaco's can be using it too), while Rita's were first found in Rome, it speaks of a Rita / Reed / Roet-line link to Pierleoni, which might explain why Dutch Bennets/Benedicts use a lion holding what could be a book (Roet / Reed symbol). The Rita's and the Arms of Saxony are the only two entities I know of with a curved bend. The Leo's look like Paine's while Paine's (red-on-blue) are likely a branch of Payens whose stars are in the Guerin/Garon Coat. Leo's are said to descend from an early Leo around Spoleto, which is near Perusia, where the Crispin-branch Grazio's were first found who share red-on-blue with Leo's and Taddei's. Sinister German Leo's/PYRZewsky's, first found in Hamburg with sinister Nissans, and who share quadrants in half the colors of the PETTy quadrants, can be using the Petit / Aures lion too. Pettys were first found in Warwickshire with Benedicts. The Scottish Pettys, first found in Perthshire (!), use parrots while Parrots use pears while Peare's are Pears too.

It's interesting that parrot-line Pettys are Peattys too while Beth-like Bettys/Beattys were first found in Roxburghshire.


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