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Nov 14 - 20, 2017

Hannity Goes Political Animal on Roy Moore
Jacob Rothschild Dead This Week?
I Killed Ants on Joan's Sidewalk

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Donna Brazile may be in more trouble now than before. Jack Burkman has a law suit against her because he believes that she knows details on unspeakable Seth-Rich secrets. We need to keep this law suit in mind as the backdrop to anything she reported about Rich in her book. If she was part of the Seth murder or its cover-up, we would expect her to frame words in her book that "prove" her innocence. For example, she said:

“I knew the [Democrat] campaign had over $3 million set aside in a legal fund. Could [Hillary] help me get this lawsuit started? And don't forget the murder of Seth Rich, I told her. Did she want to contribute to Seth’s reward fund? We still hadn't found the person responsible for the tragic murder of this bright young DNC staffer,” Brazile wrote, according to The Daily Caller.

“You're right, she said. Were going to get to that. But she really had to go. She had made the call and checked it off her list, and I accepted after we said our good-byes that I might never hear from her again.”

It sounds as though Brazile really wanted to find the murderer, yet she chopped the Washington police off of that agenda when it came calling to her for information, when she was heading up the Democratic National Convention. In her words above, she throws Hillary under the bus, and Brazile threw her under the bus again with the election-rigging allegations. It sounds as though she and she had a major rift, but the alternative is that Donna Brazile has some political ambitions now, which she thinks can be advanced by raising her moral self above Hillary and championing the Democrat cause in that way.

I just wanted you to know that this court case exists, and that there may be some juicy turnout arising from it. Or, perhaps, another murder to cover the reality.

After publishing the last update, I found myself asking whether the voice I heard, "It has begun," was near June 6, 2017, 50 years after Jerusalem went back to Israel. Looking for that phrase, I found it in the 3rd update of June, dated June 20-26. And here's what was said: "Not many weeks ago, I heard a voice, 'It has begun.'" My senses on that phrase is that lawlessness has begun in some arena to be watched. I can't prove that the voice was from God, but I'll pass it on, anyway. If it was a voice from God, I don't think it means that the final seven years have begun. It tends to suggest that things will now proceed quickly, escalating, not slow as in the past decade. It also tends to suggest that we should start getting ready, anticipating. But, again, I don't know that the voice was from our Lord.

If you care to look up WikiLeaks messages lately, they look promising for condemning Hillary and Obama together. Julian Assange tweeted another long, numeral code that, to me, looks like he's pointing to page numbers, sections, and sub-sections of certain laws, telling the authorities that he knows what someone is guilty of as per those sections. By doing this, he also tells the authorities and/or DNC that he knows what the individual has done illegally that perhaps no media (including social media) has yet covered. Here's Lisa "Shoulders" Haven with that story:

Unfortunately, youtube is too unethical (in love with money) to punish channels for sharing old news without informing the viewer. I therefore don't know when the video below was dated originally, though it's out on youtube this month. Julian Assange shares a Clinton email showing her knowledge of the Saudi government funding ISIS, and, in the meantime, the Clinton Foundation receives money from the Saudi government. It's just another sin / crime of this woman who wanted to rule over the world. Hopefully, the new king-to-be in Arabia is planning to expose details on what you hear prior to the 2-minute point:

During his election bid, Trump actually said that he loves WikiLeaks. He's been hard-pressed by deep-state stooges to reject Julian Assange, however, but, if the deep state presses it's case for Russian collusion too far with bogus charges, which it is ready to do at this time, then using Assange as a counter-measure is Trump's good option. This would be good, very good, so, whatever Mueller does: don't stop fabricating charges against Russia and Trump. Trump's problem is that Assange has himself has said that both the CIA chief (Pompeo) and Jeff Sessions wants to arrest him and his staff "as a priority." Therefore, Trump can appeal to Assange, not only to help him in his personal fight against the deep state, but to greatly improve the nation by fulfilling his promise to cleanse the swamp. As soon as Trump is ready to disrespect Sessions and Pompeo together, we may hear from Assange further.

Some are saying that Sessions is only acting that he's not interested in indicting Clinton because he's in fact working on mega-indictments secretly. If this turns out to be true, hats off to Sessions on a job well done. He's fooling Trump supporters, anyway, and me. In early October, Session's DoJ ordered (perhaps under pressure) the Seth-Rich-murder records to be released from the Attorney's Office in Washington. It is a surprise development. We still await what the records say. When Ty Clevenger gets the records from Washington, he promises to release them publicly at this site,, in case you want to bookmark it. What's taking so long for even one record to fall into Ty's hands??? Here's the video:

On the 13th, Fox news announced that Sessions has called for a loose investigation ("evaluation") into Clinton links to Uranium One. It's a step in the right direction. This Hannity show gets around to explaining it, and then goes into more, namely the "devastating" testimony that the client of Victoria Toensing has against the Clintons:

In Defence of Roy Moore

By the way, on judge Roy Moore, how do we know that the testimony of the 5th woman is true? I'm not up to speed on this story, but unless Moore admits that her story took place, why should we believe her since she's coming out at election time?

Also, it figures that slander of a sexual nature is being roused against an evangelical, because there are forces who resist Christians in politics that will go this far, especially as Moore is running for a Senate seat against a Democrat. We know how badly Democrats want the Senate back, and the last thing they want is a Christian there. "Deborah Wesson Gibson, who told The Washington Post that she briefly dated Moore when she was 17 and he was 34, founded the language interpreting company, Signs of Excellence, and has worked for a number of democratic campaigns, according to Alabama Local News. The company’s Facebook page shows Gibson working for and posing with several Democrats at political rallies including 2016 presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, former Vice President Joe Biden [pedophile suspect], former Sen. Patrick Murphy, D-Fla., and Sen. Bill Nelson, D-Fla." It figures. Gibson is a red flag of corruption held up by the deep state, and this flag needs to be shot down. Here's the real news:

A picture on Gibson’s Facebook page shows her [alone] with Vice President Joe Biden and says that she did work for him in 2012. One older version of that image is still on her page while another more recent posting of that same image came in response to a posting from the official Facebook page of Moore’s opponent, Doug Jones. That second posting was removed from Gibson’s Facebook page but is cached below.

If interested, here's a Brietbart article in his defense, with his own words:

Mitch McConnell, who was providing money to Moore's Republican competitor, happens to be one of the Republicans trying to force Moore to step down immediately. This stinks very badly of Hell. McConnell no doubt wants Luther Strange to take Moore's place. It seems that any candidate can be the victim of a smear campaign, where the womens' words stand tall while the candidate is an automatic pervert. The accusation of a woman at the back of the restaurant is not credible, but is perfect for vilifying Moore. The Washington Post, pushing this story, is a CIA arm. That explains it. The CIA has hundreds of crisis actors, all Hellish material and damnable, more than willing to produce stories such as these, just as a low-life prostitute does her thing for some fast and easy cash. A Washington-Post article (Sean Sullivan) mentions the Republicans who want Moore to step down, but mentioned no one who wants Moore to go forward. It figures.

If Moore is innocent, this is a classic case of the first shall be last, and the last shall be first. In God's eyes, no one has right to life, liberty or the pursuit of happiness. All are under condemnation and the sentence of death. Never forget it, that the United States gives rights that God does not. If we will live forever, it is by a Gift, not a birthright, or a right obtained by any citizenship. Stop viewing things from the American perspective, and view them as God sees things. Then your thinking will be less murky, and the Son will rise on you. Truth sets you above the din. If you reject the Truth, you will be aborted from life by God. It really is that cruel; you need to deal with this. Forget about fighting for the American constitution, or American patriotism, and be with God alone like one who prizes God above all else. Push God in your politics, stupid, like Moore does, for it will not be in vain. It will be in vain if you push Americanism. You can't mix God with the American flag, unless you want to be murky. Moore needs to know that too. Too many American evangelicals have chosen the murky over the God-pure.

God's cruelty at the Judgment is the fault of the ones who receive it, get that straight, liberal tarts. You're a foolish dreamer if you think the Creator is cruel and evil while you are righteous. Don't make us sick, liberals; God's hot puke is about to fall on you. Slither under your rocks to avoid it, but the rocks will melt around you. Flee Armageddon into your underground bunkers, leaders of the land, but the quaking earth will shake you to death within them. There's no end to articles attacking Moore for his Christian principles, but spitting into the faces of God's people is not going to go Unnoticed. Heavenly Justice is exactly tit for tat: for all the spitting incidents into His face, one major Puke Job at Armageddon. Finished.

Christians are saying, "Isn't it strange that after 40 years of constant investigation people have waited until four weeks prior to the general election to bring their complaints?"...Of more than 15 Republican voters in Alabama interviewed by NBC News, none said their support for Moore would change. But the anti-Moore pollsters will sing a different tune to apply pressure on him to step down.

If the sex-crazed Trump calls to put Moore under, then this will go down as Republicans permitting fake news to win the day. It will be a smear of hypocrisy on Trump's nose. What God thinks is the only thing that matters. There are God-Repercussions on events when they touch with evil upon a man who supports God's Ways. Here we have a test for Christians who still love Trump. Why didn't the Washington Post highlight what this NBC article highlights?

Here's what the Post wants to emphasize: "Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore declined Friday to rule out that he may have dated girls in their late teens when he was in his 30s, though he said he did not remember any such encounters and described such behavior as inappropriate. 'If I did, I'm not going to dispute these things, but I don't remember anything like that,' Moore said on Sean Hannity's radio program..." Perhaps Moore dated at least one young lady under 20, and perhaps he's lying about not remembering it. But it also sounds to me as though the deep state has fabricated accusations against him (which is worse?) because they wanted Strange in his place at this time. "'Innocent until proven guilty is for criminal convictions, not elections,' said Mitt Romney...Romney joined his former rival, Sen. John McCain [oh, well, that globalist fink] in calling for Moore to step down immediately."

When Hannity asked the judge, "Do you remember dating girls that young at that time," Moore's response of, "Not generally, no," refers to his not remembering, though I can see how someone could misconstrue the response as meaning that he generally did not date young ladies. There's a big difference in how we view that response. If he had said, "I generally did not date young women," I would view it as an admission that he did date at least one. But, if you see the entire transcript, it's visible that he's saying he generally does not recall. "Generally" is a poor choice of words for such a statement. I think what he meant was, "off the cuff, I don't remember," or, "right now, I don't remember."

As Hannity pressed him, he said that he didn't date a girl without the permission of her mother. We can misconstrue this too as meaning that, when he was in his 30s, he still got the permission of the mothers to date young girls. That can't be what he meant. Hannity was asking / pressing him to reveal his young ladies, and so he's saying that when he was a very young man, he would ask the mother for permission, which is often the way southerners do things.

One of the women claims that Moore dated her and bought her a glass of wine. She says nothing more (i.e. on the sinister side), and from this we can gather that Moore may have been contemplating consensual sex with her (or maybe not), but nothing more diabolical than that, all forgivable, especially if he wasn't a Christian at the time. I am my own testimony that Christ can change a man's standards to the point of keeping them genuinely. It is on the horrible side for a man in his early 30s to be with a girl at 17, but it is worse to deny him an election win now that he's a Believer. I know a doctor at about 50 who was with an 18-year old not long before he married her. It's deplorable, but legal in the United States.

The Republicans ramming words against Moore are promising to disqualify him even if he wins the election. But this is awful, a testament to senatorial corruption because senators, who know better, are saying that Moore needs to prove his innocence. What? The best thing that can take place for Moore, win or lose, is McConnell lashing out at him, because it shows a wicked plot behind the scenes.

Moore will stand even if he had wrongful intentions for young ladies as a non-Christian, for things such as those are forgiven him if he no longer practices them. "Rush Limbaugh...telling viewers of his widely consumed radio show that Moore was a Democrat during the period when five women say he made sexual advances on them as teenagers."

I take issue with Fox news seeking to railroad this man based on these allegations. My understanding is that, today, most men (Trump fits into this category) would hop into bed with an attractive 17-year old, if given the green light. That's the way our society has become since the sexual revolution, thanks to liberals and their feminist immoralites. And the pornographers are capturing younger and younger women today, so pathetic on the part of the girls. Why doesn't McConnell try to do something about that? Note that the Intelligence people have not dug up any relevant dirt on Moore...because, apparently, there isn't any.

And, even while many are asking whether Sessions is a deep-state operator, he comes out to say that Moore is guilty by merely the testimony of the accusers (females, that is). Sessions says that there's no reason to doubt their testimony, but how soft-of-mind can he be? It's election season, stupid. How can you say you see no reason to doubt their accusations? I can scarcely believe this. What planet do you live on, Mr. Sessions? How far out of touch are you? You're supposed to be a lead ship now, for fishing out the crafty swamp creatures, and you don't yet realize that false accusations come against people seeking key political office? Are you mentally retarded? If not, then you must be one of those swamp creatures. I don't see any other option to explain your words against Moore.

Another video on the Sessions directive to Uranium One says that his federal prosecutors, upon evaluating the issue, are to report directly to himself and to Rod Rosenstein, the purpose being for the latter two to decide whether there should be a full-blown special council. In this way, Sessions and Rosenstein can yet derail the investigation. Rosenstein is himself a part of the Uranium-One scandal, but, when Chuck Grassley asked Sessions whether Rosenstein should recuse himself from handling the issue, Sessions said that Rosenstein has the right to make that decision himself. It didn't sound as though Sessions wanted him to pass on partaking. Apparently, due to the announcement today (13th), Rosenstein has decided not to recuse himself. If Sessions does not come through on this, he will become the most-hated man in America overnight.

If Sessions and Trump were truly doing something big, secretly, against the swamp, we might not expect this tweet from Trump: "“Attorney General Jeff Sessions has taken a VERY weak position on Hillary Clinton crimes (where are E-mails & DNC server) & Intel leakers!” Trump tweeted." Someone might say that Trump is airing such a thing with Sessions nodding, as a trick on the people they hope to nab, but I don't think the two would take it that far -- politically damaging for Sessions -- just to keep the enemy thinking that nothing's happening.

"'We had about nine open investigations of classified leaks in the last three years,' Sessions said. 'We have 27 investigations open today. We intend to get to the bottom of these leaks. I think it…has reached epidemic proportions. It cannot be allowed to continue and we will do our best effort to ensure it does not continue.'" Uh, yes, but are you going to reveal where the leaks came from? Why are we not hearing you say that? Your elite can't fool the Christians, Mr. Sessions, anymore. If you pretend to do an investigation, and the fruits thereof do not come forth as expected, you will be chopping off your own legs. If you cause an investigation to go on for too long, your duplicity will be spotted. How long does it take to come out with the fact that Mr. So-and-so leaked such-and-such? It takes but a day. So do it, man. We expect a string of names NOW and yesterday from you, yet something tells us that you might linger for years on this promising thing. Do you know that a vast number of Trump voters are slandering your name daily due to your failure to act on behalf of justice???

And here's the hypocrisy:

“For those out there who may be listening or watching these announcements understand this: if you improperly disclose classified information, we will find you,” [Dan] Coats said. “We will investigate you. We will prosecute you to the fullest extent of the law, and you will not be happy with the result.”

Coats is the chief of National Intelligence. He's admitting that no one can get away with a leak, that the individual will be known. In that case, where are all the indictments / arrests expected of those responsible for the near-daily leaks against Trump? This is a farce. Corruption and cheating are being covered up.

Sessions took the excuse that a formal investigation first needs a clear-cut justification, but I view this is his excuse not to start the investigations that clearly ought to be opened. Official / full-blown investigations do not necessarily require obvious guilt. There should be 10 or even 15 open as we speak because the criminal colors of certain issues are already glaring. Sessions seems to be more the long-eared elf of the power trolls than the man of justice he pretends to be. Sessions and Roy Moore are the topics of The Five:

If you watched as far as the Moore issue, note that Foxers have ultimately taken the position that the accusations are credible, no further questions asked. But Hannity had a respectable Fox panel some days earlier on November 10 (need to go fairly deep to get to it):

Two days later, Hannity's people are singing a completely-different tune (video below). Was it a plot to make Hannity appear impartial when he had, from the start, knives out for Moore? Hannity loves Trump, and Trump opposed Moore. Trump wanted Strange, and maybe Hannity does too.

My question is: at what time did Hannity actually interview Moore versus when he aired it? If Moore was interviewed before the November-10 show, then that show looks like a calculated scam to appear just and impartial when he knew he would later (12th) air the interview to denounce Moore. The reason for looking very impartial beforehand would be to not loose / offend his Christian audience. Approaching and into the 11th minute (Nov 12), the same man (Gregg Jarrett) who very-kindly supported (November 10) Moore's right to innocence until proven guilty is now showing utter contempt for Moore's lawlessness, and even the man's skin overall. When he's done his tirade, Hannity says NOTHING to defend Moore. Very suspicious.

The tirade has to do in-part with Moore's disrespect for a Supreme-Court ruling on gay marriage. But this is not lawlessness, Mr. Hannity. This is called abiding by a Court higher than the man-made and very-impartial / divided supreme court. If the United States wants to have God in its constitution, then it must abide by God's laws, otherwise, if even the supreme court violates God's laws, it is the lawbreaker, not Mr. Moore for calling out the supreme court. Mr. Hannity, the Catholic who maybe pretends to serve Jesus, should have stuck up for Moore.

I think I can see where this news story is going. First, the liberals of the land come out to slime Republicans for supporting a child molester (Moore), and then, when God exposes entire Democrat child-trafficking rings, the liberals are absent the same indignation. JUDGMENT on the Democrats, and they will be aborted from life, because it's God's RIGHT TO CHOOSE. He can choose to abort for any reason whatsoever, yet, not being like the women of the land who destroy their own children whom have done nothing wrong, God will only abort people for highly-wicked hearts. God scores. Wicked women and abortionists lose. Moore wins because he was on God's team. And those humanist politicians who permitted abortionists to profit greatly by securing evil judges to strike down all abortion laws, can they go without punishment?

Not once did I see Hannity show the witnesses for the purpose of checking / analyzing any parts of their testimony for signs of falsifications. I saw one witness break down in tears, and this is some four decades later even though what she accused Moore of was not (so far as I heard) traumatic enough to cause weeping 40 years later. One might argue otherwise, but I think there is a valid point here: that her weeping can be a sign of falsification, and intended to stir the voters more harshly against Moore.

When Moore spoke on Hannity, I got the impression that his moral / Godly side wanted to tell the truth, that he did date a woman under 20 (she could have been 19, or 18), but that the false allegations against him were so bad that he thought best to just lie about the older lady(s). I think we can understand the pickle he was in. The original allegation from the Washington Post was 14, and she allowed Moore (32) to drive her home from her home. Is that credible? Would a 14 year old allow such a thing? Would a 32-year-old worker of a courthouse take the chance to be seen calling on a girl of 14? It wasn't an abduction. The story implies strongly that she went willingly. Is this credible?

She then claimed that, at his home, Moore kissed her. Entertaining that this really happened, she knew what that was. But, she claimed, she went on another occasion to Moore's home, and this time he stripped her clothes off, bla-bla. Is that credible? She added that she didn't like it, as though she didn't know what it was. Those days, at 14, she knew full well what it was. Before it got to sex, she asked him to drive her home. He complied and drove her home. Is that credible?

The story is sufficient in itself to paint Moore as a law breaker, and this picture was considered more of a gross crime back in the 70s. Would Moore really take the chance (for what little in return?) to remove the clothes of a girl in his own home while he knew that he could be called by the police the very next day? For what little thing did he take this chance, for an orgasm with a mere girl? Chances are, this story is a fabrication to kill his political victory. By taking her home, he risked being seen with her there. The story reeks of a fabrication based on what could be an urban legend that most judges are perverts.

Some of the women who came out later are reportedly Republicans, but this can speak to additional plots by the Strange supporters, or, in general, Republicans who can't stomach a Bible activist in the Senate. It appears that the Democrats started the ball rolling with the 14-year old, and that the Republicans got their actress soon enough to capitalize on the Post story.

I saw the yearbook that Moore signed of a teenage lady (Beverly Nelson), but I did not hear the circumstances on how he came to sign it. Was he at her home, or was she at his court?? The yearbook belonged to the woman who started to shed tears (i.e. mentioned above as looking faked), and you can see it here:

The story is not credible because they were merely at the back of a restaurant, where she might scream and alert others. Moore would need to be a crack-head retard to take a chance like that, going as far as she claims he did merely in a car i.e. with thin glass alone to stop screams from getting out. Who's car were they in? It sure wasn't rented. The townspeople would have known that it was Moore's car if a scream came forth. I don't know that there were door locks (for all four doors) on driver's doors in those days. If she wanted out, she could unlock the door and get out, and if he resisted, she could scream. But look at her, she's trying hard to feign weeping. There are untold numbers of amateur actors that can feign this thing.

She wipes the outer ends of her eyes, yet tear ducts are on the inside ends, are they not? When she begins to touch her face with her kleenex, she starts at one nostril, and wipes there repeatedly. In all that time, I never see (on a large screen) a tear from either eye. I can't see her make-up starting to run, and she has plenty on. When she finally gets to wiping her one eye, it's on the outer corner, very suspicious. She then goes to the outer corner of the other eye. It does sound as though she has a wet interior in her nose, but I'm now wondering whether Hollywood has a trick to provide this liquid. Between 26-30 seconds, and perhaps again at 34-35, she may be biting down on a capsule with chemical that causes nose runs. The first wetness we hear is at 50 seconds. I never see liquid out of her nostril or down to her upper lip, but she wipes that area repeatedly. She never wipes the inside corner of either eye, probably because she doesn't want to disturb her mascara. It appears that she was instructed to wipe the corners of her eyes, but, screwing up, she wiped the wrong corners.

Her stepson, the son of her husband, has come out in a video to say he doesn't believe her. You can see him later in a Still-Report video that you should not miss seeing. The step-son's word is not the last and final, but it's weighty simply because he would be expected to remain quiet if he had even half a reason to believe that his step-mother was being truthful.

With three of the five witnesses, there was nothing sexually inappropriate, and, I think, nothing sexual at all. But in the other two cases, Moore is a rapist type. The two types of accusations are drastically different, which can be explained where the two were fabricated to knock him off of his political feet. If he did date young ladies, it wasn't a good thing to do, but it makes things a lot less controversial, especially as he seems to have treated them gentlemanly, with respect (I'm not yet fully learned of the other three accusations).

Two days after Hannity's crew started to gang up on Moore, Hannity gives him a challenge to fulfill within 24 hours, and, if Moore fails the challenge, he needs to step out of the race. In this way, Hannity, who continually reminds his audience that he's been nothing but impartial and slow to judgment, can do the will of Trump without, he thinks, offending his Christian audience. A 24-hour challenge doesn't seem to me to be slow to judgment. As you can see below, Hannity is actually placing the onus on Moore to prove his innocence, if you can believe this hypocrisy. Four days earlier, Hannity was saying that a person is innocent until proven guilty. The only thing we can say about Moore's own words is that he may have dated a woman under 20 as a non-violent, non-threatening older man. But Hannity is leaping from Moore's questionable words, in answer to one question, to the laying of guilt on Moore for the gross crime of raping a 14-year old as well as the other woman at the restaurant parking lot. This is reckless journalism, and we can lay the blame on Hannity's years-long habit of defending the Republican president on virtually all of his issues.

It appears to me that Hannity was forceful in repeating slow to judgment because he had planned to rush to judgment. In the video above, Hannity says that Moore said that he never knew the girl whose yearbook he signed. Hannity views this as a cover-up. Hannity shows the entry of Moore's signature in the year book in the video above, but does not give details on where the yearbook was signed. For all we knew, the girl may have been a mere acquaintance to Moore at the time, whom he has forgotten since then, and he probably forgot that he signed her yearbook.

Do you remember all the people whose yearbooks you signed? If one of those people appeared on TV today to accuse you of something, should you be expected to remember him/her based on signing his/her yearbook 40 years ago? The "two people" don't look alike between now and 40 years ago. All you might say is, I don't even know that person, even if you did at one time.

So, from whatever information he had (today) about the women he said he never knew, it could very well have been the absolute truth as far as he could recall. If someone then says to him that this is the one whose yearbook he signed at such-and-such a place, he might say something like, "Oh ya, I remember her now," but that's not necessarily a cover-up. He could sincerely have been unable to link the accuser to the girl whose yearbook he signed. What's the problem?

Thirdly, the entry in the yearbook could be fraudulent. Moore may not even remember writing that thing. However, if he denies writing it, he looks guilty. If he says that someone fabricated his signature, he looks guilty. So, he may choose to say nothing. Or, do you remember everything you wrote in yearbooks? If someone came out with a fraudulent entry in a yearbook owned by a person you can't recall, and if it looks even remotely like your writing, you would naturally think that you must have written it even though the fact is you did not.

Having said and contemplated that, it seems the best option is the fraudulent entry. The other option is that the perpetrators needed to find someone, amongst those in their possession willing to go on television to act out a fraudulent rape claim, who can be proven by some method to have known Moore in the 70s. It just seems like a stretch that they could find someone who also had her yearbook signed. Therefore, my position is that they forged his yearbook entry into the yearbook of a woman willing to act out a rape claim. If the media would look into the background of this woman, it should be found that she's either an anti-Christian, or, perhaps, involved in some money scheme along with McConnell and Strange. Something stinks with McConnell funnelling so much money behind Strange's election bid.

I noted that the yearbook entry had the date of 1977. How many times did you write the date, WITH YEAR, in your yearbook entry??? Probably never. But the perpetrators wanted to have the year in there to "prove" that it was signed when Moore was in his 30s. The woman needs to be asked, by Moore supporters, when she thinks that Moore signed the book, where, and why. Did he drop in at her school on the day the yearbooks came out? Was he at her home while the yearbook was still hanging around the living room or her bedroom? Did she for some odd reason carry it with her to his place? Where are all the other ladies for which he signed their books, "Love, Roy Moore."

The only news I now expect from main media is brain conditioning for to have the majority of Alabama reject Moore's election bid.

The day after writing the above, Moore's legal team came out with a WOW, to say that the team has a hand-writing expert for to challenge whether Moore wrote the note in the yearbook. It means that they can now get a hold of the yearbook, UNLESS THE ACCUSER WON'T GIVE IT UP, a-ha. See for yourself:

As you can see for yourself, Moore's lawyer proves that the accuser was lying about whether she ever saw Moore again after her youthful contact with him. It turns out that Moore was the judge in her divorce case.

The video adds what seems like a powerful argument, that the yearbook was fraudulently signed by judge Moore's assistant at the court during the accuser's divorce. That is, if I'm understanding that correctly. In any case, Hannity has his challenge met in less than 24 hours, and he now needs to air this news conference above, if he's got any integrity, that is. Moore's legal team is already claiming that the yearbook's entry is a fraud, and as this issue needs to be cleared immediately, due to the impending election, I'd say the accuser and her backers are in terrible trouble, and losing sleep.

I've just learned that the yearbook was allegedly signed two years after the attempted rape in the car. How can that make sense. How did he get her yearbook? See the Still Report below, where we find the claim that there is a black-ink entry on one side of the note, and blue ink where "Moore" and the date appears. That's just too obviously a fake. Can it be true that there are two ink colors?

Part of the blue ink has "Olde Hickory House" under the date, as though the forgers wanted to make it appear that the two had met there for Moore to sign the book. But who adds the location that they happen to be in when signing a yearbook? Besides, the video above shows that "Old Hickory House" (not "Olde") didn't open until 2001.

It's still possible that Roy signed the yearbook in black, but if the blue-ink part is true, then it's obvious that the accuser is part of a fraud to some extent, which is all that Hannity needs to do a follow-up as per his accusation against Moore. Hannity will say he made no accusation, but, yes he did, for he implied that the accusations of the women were real even before investigating the yearbook, for example, or before investigating the woman who claimed to be raped at 14. Shame of Hannity. He rushed to judgment a day after bragging that he's different because he doesn't rush to judgment.

The video explains that the slant on the blank-ink side is heavier than on the blue-ink side, and moreover the blue-ink side evolves to a printing of capital letters as opposed to a writing of small letters on the other side. That allows Hannity to compare the printed letters with Moore's print. Go for it, Hannity, if you are a real news man. You have the staff and money to carry out that thing. I'm ready to join a war against Hannity if he doesn't treat this issue properly now that he's started it and gone half way with it. No punting of the ball allowed.

If Roy did sign the black part, then I imagine he should remember the girl, according to the language used in the note. But that language alone means virtually nothing beyond Moore being a ladies' man. One can be a ladies' man without being a rapist. I know, I was one. I really did have the natural inclination not to rape a lady. I was told a few times to stop, and I did stop. I respected ladies. I would never force myself upon / into a woman. Some will, most won't.

At the 7th minute, can we believe it, we learn that the opposition is conducting robo-calls in Alabama asking for more women to come forward. The pro-Trump, pro-McConnell and pro-Democrat women must be asking, how much does it pay? As we hear, the reward is $5-7,000! This is the way of the deep state, to purchase witnesses, can we believe it? Yes, of course we can. Depravity rules. There should be a law that no reward can be offered for such testimony, yet the deep state would still offer secret cash, believe it. It's a game as old as liars.

We then learn that the robo-calls are from the Al Bernstein of Washington Post, what a sorry animal that is. "'Hi, this is Bernie Bernstein, I'm a reporter for the Washington Post calling to find out if anyone at this address is a female between the ages of 54 to 57 years old willing to make damaging remarks about candidate Roy Moore for a reward of between $5000 and $7000 dollars,' a robocall that went out to Alabama voters with less than a month to go...“We will not be fully investigating these claims however we will make a written report." Ahh, no questions asked on the veracity of the accusations. And Hannity is in bed with this monster, kissing it on the lips and sucking its tongue. By the looks of it, Hannity is about to penetrate the monster for to receive a grand Nervana. If I'm wrong, then let Hannity include these robo-calls on his show. It will take but a couple of minutes, but it's a huge story in itself warranting a half hour, is it not??? Ahh, Hannity, now fornicating with liberals in his passion to oust an evangelical / fundamentalist legislator. In this video, the Still Report has the Al-Bernstein recording audibly.

Well, it's still the 15th, and I have Hannity on live. He's going to talk about Moore again, but he's making everyone wait until later in the show. Instead of first talking on Moore and the present circumstances, he's going back decades to Bill Clinton's adulterous relationships. It's not exactly news. I'm going to sit here for an hour to check out whether he mentions the yearbook, and, if he does, whether he does it justice. There is nothing more-important to the Moore story than this latest accusation that the yearbook involves a staged event. If one woman has staged her act, why not the Democrat one too?

I predict that Hannity has calculated that showing the lessons-learned in ignoring the accusers of Bill Clinton will move Fox viewers to not repeat the mistake by ignoring Moore's accusers. Hannity appears to be setting his show up for this selective purpose, very nasty. I say that he wants to make Trump's day by sinking Moore. Roughly half way into the show, Catholic Hannity once again has angry Gregg Jarrett on, who lambastes Moore for placing the Bible above American law. Is this the appropriate guest speaker that Hannity wants for this show? I suppose, to Hannity, it's just dandy, because Jarrett went on this same tirade one, two or three nights ago. According to Jarrett, what we believe about God's laws needs to be put aside in the Senate or in the courtroom. I say that God will permanently sideline / abort Mr. Jarrett unless he repents. I say that I was wiser at 22 than Jarrett is now, and that Jarrett needs to grow up. Mature men understand that God is above all, not the humanism in the senate.

Hannity then quotes Ivanka Trump earlier in the day where she implies Moore needs to have a special place in Hell. Oops, I clicked the red bar to back-up a little, and lost the Hannity show altogether. I was able to get the show back in the middle of Hannity sharing a message from Moore that included the yearbook fraud. However, I lament that this was placed at the very end of the show, not at the beginning. And Hannity didn't even give it the time to comment on the issue. Hannity, you've just blown out your nose how I feel about you. Hannity, the green slime, is deliberately sliming judge Moore. I mean, he gives the judge a 24-hour ultimatum, and then buries Moore's response without treating its merits.

Earlier in the day, Fox news covered the full yearbook conference at about 4 pm in Alabama:

There was also a claim that Moore was banished from a mall for his repeatedly trying to pick up ladies there. Ivanka wants to know from Moore how he can explain himself on these multiple charges. It's as though Ivanka is a typical feminist deaf to Moore's cry that he didn't do it. The female accusers are the goddesses, and Moore is the demon, shut case, in Ivanka's eyes. Suspiciously, her comments on the 15th are identical to those of Sessions. She said "I have no reason to doubt the victims' accounts." Is she mentally retarded? If not, then how is it she doesn't know or realize that, at election season, there is a HUMUNGOUS-GIGANTIC motive for women to give false testimony about such things. And when multiple women stood up to testify against her father, did she come out with, "I have no reason to doubt the victims' accounts." Ivanka, the wee-minded hypocrite? No, it's worse. She's sticking up for her father who was hurt by Moore's victory. When Alabama chose Moore, it made Trump look weak / small / insignificant. Therefore, Ivanka is blasting the winner of an election and desiring his downfall because her father would like to see it. Is this Trump-democracy in action?

Trump is picking a bone with Jesus, nothing short of that. He can come out to appear soft on Moore, but that won't work with me. He would appear soft because he selfishly desires the Christian vote.

Today on the 15th, CNN had the controversial Gloria Allred, the attorney of the yearbook accuser. Blitzer asked her twice, while she evaded to answer twice, whether the accuser would give up the yearbook to Moore's legal team. Allred called this request from Moore's team a distraction while she herself distracts along another trail. Instead of answering the question, she's calling for Moore to testify under oath before a high-level gathering in the Senate (where she knows Moore has many enemies), and, I hope, it will come to such a thing so that God can have His opportunity to expose the enemy in the highest Hypocrite Room on earth. Finally, Allred says that, if the Senate hearing with Moore takes place before the election, then her client will give up the yearbook. I smell a trick. Here's Blitzer:

The problem is, Moore is being railroaded with little time left, and Allred could care less if all the time passes before he can rectify his standing using the forgery on the yearbook. This could cost the accuser all that she owns, especially if Moore loses the election on account of the accuser not giving the yearbook over immediately. Allred is out of control. She's dangerous. It's not up to her to call for a senate hearing, and although she wrote the senate asking for it, the senate isn't going to decide based on her need for it. The senate may not want the hearing under the condition that Moore then gets the yearbook, we can understand this, for if the yearbook proves fraudulent, it looks bad on the McConnells of the senate who railed against Moore. So, it appears that Allred is pretending to be willing to give the yearbook over under a condition that she thinks will not be met.

But Moore's legal team can demand the yearbook with no strings attached due to the gravity of the situation. For as long as the accuser fails to give it over, the Alabama voters have the right to hold Moore innocent until proven guilty. If he then wins apart from having the yearbook, it will be tricky / difficult for the senate to oust him apart from scrutinizing the yearbook. It looks good for Moore to this point, thanks to the 5th, false witness and her sloppy invisibles. It appears that this Republican witness can actually save Moore from the first false witness advanced by the liberal side of things, the Washington Post.

In an open letter to Fox News host Sean Hannity, Moore said he was the Etowah County Circuit Court judge who presided over her divorce case in 1999, “a matter that apparently caused her no distress at a time that was 18 years closer to the alleged assault.”

"Yet 18 years later, while talking before the cameras about the supposed assault, she seemingly could not contain her emotions," Moore wrote.

It's not a bad point in itself, and is made greater where the accuser tried to hide this face-to-face presence with Moore in a court of law. Why did she try to hide it? Was she on camera the entire time that she was in court? Uh-oh. Did she ask too much in the proceedings, or say any ridiculous things? Can this backfire on her credibility? What did her ex say about her? Well, the divorce case was open to the public, and so Moore's lawyers have access to it. Depending on how dirty she wants to play this, tit for tat comes to mind.

Yet Hannity did a show on Bill Clinton's old adultery tonight, and could not find it within himself to put that show off for another time. Maybe he holds back a few of these entertaining shows for when he chooses not to cover a certain story that is current. What do we expect of Hannity for tomorrow night? I expect him to show the inconsistencies in the hand writing, and to discuss it with even a quasi-expert on the show. Nothing can be more important than this at this time, and he owes it to his audience because, stupidly, he gave Moore the ultimatum to prove his innocence like before high noon tomorrow. Moore appeared with his black leather jacket and shining silver pistol in his holster, black hat tipped slightly over one mean eye, and Hannity ran away. He's hiding behind the water trough hoping that the Allred cow will shield him. Hmm, I wonder, will Hannity have Allred on soon?

It's taken me this long to discover where Moore signed the yearbook. Perhaps it's because the media didn't want this known after all, especially if the media learned that the restaurant wasn't open until 2001. Oops. Here's a quote: "The [yearbook] encounter occurred at the Olde Hickory House restaurant in Gadsden, where she was a 16-year-old waitress and he was a frequent customer, she said. A week or two after he signed the yearbook, she alleged [the rape attempt]..." Okay, I see a grade 11 student taking her yearbook to work at the restaurant, in December, and Moore somehow seeing it and asking to sign it. The obvious thing for Hannity to do is to check the school that she attended, to discover the date that the yearbooks were released to students that year...that is, if Hannity is as much a man of valiant judgments as he claims to be.

Do yearbooks ordinarily come out in December, or earlier? It seems rushed, since it takes time to photograph all students, and more time to choose the ones who will oversee the planning and creation of the yearbook, and more time to print them, but only after all the planning and creation is carried out page by page. And the yearbooks need to be inspected too, to assure no errors. A man's career hangs on this yearbook, and Hannity, being the fine man that he claims to be, will be sure to look into this matter, because, after all, Hannity wants Moore to survive false accusations, right? A year book out by December means that there will be no pictures of events after roughly that time, which is why it makes sense to have yearbooks out much later. Why did the perpetrators choose December 22?

Remember, this is the woman who, while weeping, showed no tears, and wiped the outside corners of her eyes very briefly and carefully (not to smudge) instead of wiping along her upper nose where tears run down.

Here's the showing the yearbook entry with the blue ink obvious. One needs to decide whether this photo is real versus doctored. Who made the blue ink blue? Did the Allred team actually allow outsides to take a photo, or did pro-Moore people doctor the photo with blue ink? Moore's legal team did not mention different-colored inks.

Why would she bring her yearbook to work at a restaurant? How did Moore get to see it since we expect it in the back area not available to customers? Can Moore prove that he wasn't at that restaurant on December 22? Why am I asking these questions? It's Hannity's job. He's the lead charge for Republicans. He's the one who wants Republicans in the senate. He's the one who wants Moore to succeed, right? Well, I've seen enough of Hannity to know that when he wants something to come across, he makes it obvious. And he's made it obvious that he wants Moore to step down even before there is time for his legal team to fight back. Shame, Hannity, great shame. You need to dive into the holy-water bowl to get some cleansing, you dirty bum.

Even Wolf Blitzer is doing a better job with Allred than Hannity. Shame, Hannity, great shame. It seems that the accuser is made downright guilty by the bad attitude of her lawyer, and it begs whether Allred is privy to the false testimony:

In the comments section of the video above: "Excuse me Allred, but you, the accuser, must have proof in a court of law, not the other way around. You possess the only physical evidence and if you want to be believed, then have it analyzed. Until then, stop claiming others are the ones stalling and distracting. It's you who must provide proof. Didn't think you would because you can't." Judge Moore said that he didn't write, "Olde Hickory House" because it's not his handwriting. So, all that Hannity needs to do is to check Moore's handwriting, make a comparison. There must be oodles of public documents with his notes in handwriting. Hurry Hannity, the judge's time is running out, and you yourself have damaged him greatly. You want the truth, right?

Moore's legal team has roughly accused "D.A." of forging the entry. D.A. (with periods) was Moore's assistant, who was involved in "dismissing" the divorce case of the accuser. It starts to sound as though the kill-Moore plot actually arose first with the people around D.A. (Delbra Adams), and later they asked the woman if she would give false testimony on television. But why this woman? Had she been a sexual friend of the assistant, and did they both dislike Moore? Did she bring the divorce case against her husband, and was she upset with Moore for dismissing it? I gather that "dismiss" means that he would not hear the case on some jurisdictional or frivolous grounds.

On the day after the Moore team came out with the yearbook forgery claims, Drudge had a slew of anti-Moore articles at the top of his page, including another one from the Washington Post. Drudge has a mental disorder, it is plain to see from the headlines that he allows on his page. Drudge is a beast, make no mistake about it. He has fallen from common humanity into the grip of some strange power. This week, Drudge is feeding a cake to celebrate to his anti-Christian and GOP-establishment readers. My prediction: the Republicans and Democrats in opposition to Moore will not budge in their position to toss Moore out even with the fairly-obvious evidence that the yearbook was tampered with. If you believe in the Heavenly Hand, don't despair, for this will naturally lead to Judgment on the foul Republicans.

I call for the resignation of Donald Trump (just trying to make a point) because he allowed his wife to sexually arouse minors. He's clearly unfit to be the president. There must be a cleaner man to run the country, and there are hundreds of thousands cleaner than he, but they are all God-fearing and rejected by the likes of Trump, his wife, and his sexually-inviting daughter. Ivanka doesn't appear attractive by chance; she works at it. There is no end to the number of women contributing to the sexual abyss of the common man, and the leaders of America have done nothing to curb this. Even while they act abhorred with Moore, they allow the Internet demons to feed hard porn to any minor anywhere in the country. I call on God to destroy the foundations of this "humanity" because it never ceases to feed the entire human race pictures of exposed women posing sexually-inviting. Am I not allowed to be abhorred? Are the Mitch McConnells the only ones to be so allowed? I call on God. Who does McConnell call on for purity of humanity?

Treat all women as sisters, and, women, do not expose yourselves for media dissemination. Choose one wife for yourselves, and one husband, and stand with God against the deep state that has desired to corrupt us sexually. But that was before it desired to turn us into faggots, if possible. And they now wish for us to view children as sexual game. How can anyone who truly desires purity not call on God to destroy the powers that be? These calls are the sweet aroma in God's nostrils, the sign that there is hope on earth for some. On behalf of you who call on God to unhinge the rulers that stick to us by force of their craft, the planet will be permitted to continue. The end of this world is not. It is the Sane Beginning to look forward to. Let the end-time slide begin, like bags of garbage going down the chute to the flames.

The following account seems credible:

Hannity also asked Moore about Debbie Wesson Gibson, who, according to the Post, was 17 when Moore pursued her for two months and said "he kissed her once in his bedroom and once by the pool at a local country club." She said "nothing bad happened" but that she realizes now the age difference made it inappropriate.

In response, Moore said, "I know her, but I don't remember going on dates with her. I knew her as a friend. If we did go on dates, then we did." He said he did not remember speaking to her civics class, which Gibson said is how they met.

It's very possible that Gibson's story is true, but I can forgive this little thing, especially as Moore comes out looking non-violent, non-raper like, and perhaps even gentlemanly. There have been millions of men in their early 30s whom have had sex with 17-year olds, and later some of them married them. Hello? What planet does Hannity live on? Okay, maybe Moore kissed a 17-year old a whole two times, but Hannity then ignores the yearbook fraud to paint Moore as a rapist. Very bad. It's like an omen for Hannity's career going down the tubes. You can't play this dismissive way with a man of God and get away unscathed. You can't paint a man before his conversion to Christ as the man he is today. There are even many non-Christians who changed their bad-apple ways...with real change. Why doesn't Moore get the benefit of the doubt that he has changed? Because, Hannity wishes to please Trump. The two speak together, as Trump has said. Hannity is the disappointment here, the political animal rather than the Christian.

There is not one case where a woman of teenage years can point to a solid relationship with Moore that he cannot deny due to townspeople being witnesses. It's possible that the one or even two ladies whom he did date in their teens were looking bright-eyed at him to begin with, and he, under the pressure of his better senses, caved in due to lust. Okay, that had never happened to any other man, right? But look, he did not rape her. The two women accusing him of rape are non-credible for obvious reasons. The first one worked for the pedophile suspect, Joe Biden, and you can never trust a worker for upper-level Democrats. Therefore, according to Hannity's own mindset, the case for Moore's guilt rests on the yearbook girl alone. This is what deep-dark Drudge should have been emphasizing this morning, if he has any respectability at all, which he does not.

Do you know what Drudge did? On the morning after the yearbook-forgery claims, he released an article with a GOP poll claiming that Moore is 12 points behind his Democrat rival. Other polls didn't have him behind as much, which can be expected because the GOP establishment is playing politics rather than taking a poll reflecting reality. The point is, the poll was taken from data before the yearbook issue had time to be circulated to people being polled. In other words, Drudge should not have released that poll at that worst time for Moore, and by doing so, Drudge shows himself to be a political beast with forked tongue.

If Hannity and other Republicans expend as much passion airing the yearbook release as they did the rape claims, Moore's numbers would go back up. Therefore, if Moore loses, Judgment will be on the heads of his Republican enemies. This will cause a divide, weakening them immediately for the coming elections. This travesty is with Gloria Allred in the center of the plot, whom herself cannot be trusted. I've never been so disgusted with Republican faces as I now am. I see their colors brilliantly. They use Christians for their votes, so disgusting, meanwhile blocking them from grasping poles of legislative influence.

Middle-East Upset

A big story of last week is the unabashed, bald-faced kidnapping of the Lebanese prime minister by a new, Trump-supported Saudi Arabia. The story and the many questions are in this video:

You can't view this senatorial video and not come to the swift conclusion that the United States is not unlike Julius Caesar in his bid to control the world apart from the input of the Roman senate. Note Mattis and Tillerson seated side-by-side. It's clear to me that the American wars overseas are for the wealth of the fat cats and their globalism. Rand Paul ends off saying that the military (read deep state) has done what it pleases in war for about 60 years without first getting senatorial / congressional approval / advice. It's clear to me that the deep state doesn't want oversight of its global affairs. This American beast needs to be shot dead. It has created enemies as a smokescreen for covering selfish motives, and it's active in fraud inside the United States, manipulating politics, and doing roughly everything a dictator would as far as he can swing things.

The age of evil has come to ripeness in this generation, with no end in sight to the sinfulness being paraded into our faces. The time seems ripe for God's removal of Israel's hedge, the one thing that starts the countdown to judgment on willful sinners. There's an obvious difference between people who recognize their sins and seek to conquer their sinfulness, and those who flaunt it while urging others to dive in. You can't fool God on which of the two you desire. You either let the sin tap flow, or you try to stop it up.

God's judgment starts with the House of God, and from this policy we can gather that it also falls of end-time Israel prior to judgment on willful sinners. God has allowed sinners to prosper to the point that no one can deny their existence, or even the identities of those who push it bald-faced. So, this wave of sinfulness and rebellion will be used to condemn those who support the wave, and this includes judgment on liberals / progressives / modernists (call them what you will) inside Israel. For this cause, God had long-ago decided to bring the anti-Christ, who might be better called the anti-Israeli. In Old-Testament prophecy, he is cut out as an anti-Israeli. He succeeds by the hand of God to punish a nation gone bad. How has Israel gone bad, if we judge by what we see today? Clearly, it's Westernized. The sin of the West is the very face of Israel. But if Israeli Intelligence is, as many claim, connected directly to (in partnership with) the Washington deep state, then no more needs to be said on why the time of Judgment will ripen.

There is a question on what the hedge is that will not allow the "power of lawlessness" (the anti-Israeli) to successfully invade Israel until the Appointed Time set by God. Some may feel that the United States is the hedge, or Britain, and yet it can also be the divisions in the Arab world that will not permit anti-Israelis to unite in an attack on Israel. Part of the latter would include the animosity between the Iranian axis and Saudi Arabia with Egypt. In the Gog prophecy, Arabia is mentioned as not part of the Gog invasion, and, in Daniel 11, the Gog invasion succeeds against the "king of the south," who seems with certainty to be end-time Egypt. The only other option is that Daniel and Ezekiel were not writing true prophecy from God.

I expect a Stupid Move to kick-off the Quick Prophetic Timetable. I expect a Stupid Move from the sinners to seal their fate once God has said, enough. I see that the deep state is stupid and sinful, and heavily involved in manipulating Middle-Eastern events. Therefore, I expect the deep state to be its stupid self, triggering the Massive War on Israel. It's not more complicated than that. It's demonically-inspired because the deep state has given itself to demons. Almost everything prophecy watchers expected has taken shape, except for the Quick Prophetic Timetable. My evaluation of prophetic details has caused me to claim that the Timetable does not begin until, and will begin immediately after, Egypt is invaded successfully by the one who openly slanders Israel, its God, and Christian believers. At this time, I don't see such a man nor even his capability to trigger the Timetable. There is yet time before it all comes falling down.

In the meantime, especially with ISIS under control in Syria, the world focus is on the Golan Heights. This is what Iran has wanted to focus on, but it now has Russia spying out all events in that area to see what the West is trying to accomplish there. It's the perfect recipe for a strong Russia-Iranian alliance, thanks to the stupids who chased Putin into Iran hands. So stupid has the West been that it caused Putin to contemplate using North Korea, if need be, to fend off Western threats. The West would like to demonize Korea to the point that Russia won't use it for its survival purposes, but, better still, to nullify Korea. So, this Western animosity against Russian seems to be the Stupid Move that sets the Timetable clock in motion. We now need to watch to see whether Trump rectifies the Stupid Move by making calm between the United States and Putin, or whether he does otherwise. Trump may turn out to be the last vestige of the hedge around Israel, though he likes to be game-changer material and may impulsively lash out at Russia in efforts to win the day for the West.

To predict the future, we may be able to do so if only we could discover why Trump is supporting prince Salman. What is the plan here? It immediately appears to be very counter to Hezbollah, and Trump seems to be adamant in neutralizing Iran as well as Korea. But with Rothschild oil in the Golan, Russia will not abandon Iran precisely because Iran has Hezbollah next door to the Golan. It's like God himself cooked up this recipe to give the West no means to get its desires met. There are two options only for the West: 1) get out of the Middle East; 2) the Stupid Move.

The Stupid Move is defined as bucking against all that Russia needs to survive. It's the re-engaging of the Cold War as a Western design. It is not Russia that has re-engaged it. The West is giving Russia no choice but to get out of the Middle East, or to suffer the consequences of a brutish deep-state willing to go to the brink of war. We don't yet know whether it will war with Russia, and perhaps it will not, explaining why the anti-Christ is able to swallow Israel alive. Cronus is coming with fire from the sky.

As much as Trump loves precious things, I don't think he's the anti-Christ. It makes no sense to me at this time. He doesn't possess the religiosity to warrant the title of Revelation's "false prophet." He's friendly with Israel, and I do not believe at all that prophecy predicts an anti-Christ making peace with Israel, for a spell, before betraying Israel. Those who claim this are mishandling Scripture. Revelation 13 predicts that the False Prophet pushes the agenda of the anti-Christ like a general, which assumes that the False Prophet is at least dandy-fine with the anti-Christ's invasion of Israel. I don't see Trump or his administration (including Mattis and Tillerson) inclined toward such a thing. We may need to see the Stupid Move in the next administration.

In the meantime, God gets to expose the reasons for justifying Armageddon, and Jesus gets to save more people. It is precious in His sight when someone is spared the penalty of eternal death. There is nothing to live for if you haven't got Jesus Insurance. Your life will just end. All you've said and done will be forgotten. The Arab strife and mishandling of the true God, all for nothing. There will never be an Arab empire over all the planet. God is determined to wipe the power of Arabs off the planet in derision. Much of prophecy is about this end-time penalty slated for Arabs, and we can plainly see why. Anti-Israeli Arab fighters are the Chief Stupids who set the Clock rolling fast. They are the Hedge Tramplers. They go well beyond the Hedge into Jerusalem. In this picture, the hedge can be viewed as the buffer zone called the Golan Heights. It was home to Cronus' family ages ago. Hermes was there, and the child molesters too. Faggots and cannibals, all the things prized by demons, are returning there, and the Western leaders have their ancestry in that deplorable thing. The Masons love Hermes.

The Masons are the pagans of old, crafty in deception and worse still than the religious Arabs. The two are coming together to Armageddon, to fuel its flames, like stupids, only to be buried in the flames. The sinfulness of the end-timers has gone beyond our Christian expectations of 30 years ago. We are mesmerized at how utterly contemptible they have become, with no end in sight of their willingness to outrage the Holy One. When God is made to shake his head, things fall down on the planet. The end is so very predictable as we live and breath right now as witnesses. How could prophecy have gotten it all so correct if it was never God-breathed?

Fox news today (15th): "Gene Simmons' tips for gaining wealth and power." Wow Fox, you sound like you have no eyes to see the late hour. Instead, you push the dark hour closer by sticking your ugly tongue out at all holiness. Fox news strains out a gnat with Roy Moore's offenses and then swallows a camel for its own offenses. When will Fox cease to advertise young ladies on its homepages? They get younger and younger, sexier and sexier. Fox on the 17th: "When Jim Zeigler, the state auditor of Alabama, invoked the Bible to defend Republican Senate candidate Roy signaled perhaps the final stage in the corruption of American evangelicalism." Talk about turning a gnat into a camel. If evangelicalism is tainted with men who desired young ladies, and then repented, it has a lot more going for it than Fox news. If all that demons can do is make men fall for young ladies, there is great hope. But as for the open faggots that Hannity himself supports -- because Hannity is too afraid of the left's wrath, or because he's unafraid of God's wrath -- they will see the burning anger of a Clean God soon enough. Hannity breathes "homosexual" in the same sentence as "Christians," his lousy trick that won't work on the Elect of God.

Fox is totally unreliable in its world news. It supports the deep state / war hawks on this issue at every turn. It supports false-flag events too. It supports the Muslim scare intended to make spyware acceptable, and it buckles to pressure from liberalism, and even has liberal news anchors. This is spiritual mush that Christians should not be proud of. If you want to be honored by God, cling to no mush now but wait patiently for Purity to act. Live like those who close the doors to the world, preferring to be alone rather than on the world yacht in the flow. The world spends a lot of time glamorizing itself for a reason: to make adherents.

And it's Western glamour that the religious zealots amongst Muslims despise. If even they can see the error of glamour, why shouldn't Westerners? The anti-Christ will love precious stones and priceless things. It's not unlike the ugly devil covered in mascara to hide the ugly. It's not unlike the sinner lavishing his home with expensive things to count himself blessed of the stars. Have you ever seen Trump's penthouse? The devil lives there, I can assure you. Trump has been the epitome of you can't serve both God and money, for you will hate the One. Trump has said that he has never asked God for forgiveness, yet he has the audacity to speak God's name when it's useful to his politics. This is the sort of deception that comes against end-time believers, frail as we are already. And this is the Trump whom the Hannity bonehead supports lock, stock and barrel.

I do my share of supporting Trump when it's seemingly correct to do so, but Hannity never speaks like he's impartial at all. His job is to keep liberalism out of power, fine, but politics is a snake on both sides. The majority takes that position now. The McConnells, Ryans, McCains and Flake's of the Republican side have made this more-crystal clear. There are liberal invaders in the Republican camp, if Hannity truly wants to put liberalism out of business. But here we have Fox attacking a man on sin nearly 40 years ago while allowing McConnell to operate virtually without rebuttal, all because Trump supported McConnell's man in Alabama. Shame on Hannity.

What can we do, fellow sinners whom have repented, and who continually try to keep to the Law of God? Shall we cling to Hannity in hope of better things, or shall we wait for Purity to Act on our behalf, our Own Father? What comparison will Hannity make between his powers to expose and those of our Own Father. Is Hannity our father? Is our Father the father of Hannity? If He were, Hannity would not have attacked Roy Moore as he did, because, in all truth, the man is to be forgiven for dating teens some 40 years ago, if he dated teens at all. We may be misreading Moore's words, but, in any case, if he has aligned his life to Christ roughly as best as he can, then we are to embrace him as a brother. Has Hannity embraced Mr. Moore as a brother?

We are about to see sin from the politicians whom Hannity embraces, and we will keep Hannity's feet to his own fire at that time. What Trump said on the bus was far more disturbing than an older man's inclusion of young ladies on his list of acceptable mates. But I don't know how bad the truth is on Moore's behavior toward teens. It may have been quite light. He may have had one adventure with a late teen, for all we know, consensual. Some teens look and behave like 22-year olds, maybe 24-year olds.

Joseph Smith, founder of the Mormons, was a snake who married young teens, and Mitt Romney, who's tongue has unleashed on Moore, is a Mormon. What's wrong with that picture? I don't think anyone can be a Mormon today unless they honor Smith as "the prophet." Yet Hannity admits that he supported Romney for president...what's wrong with that picture? Hannity is what's wrong with it, for he supports any Republican president so long as it keeps liberals out of power. This is a murky mess, a swamp, and Hannity is in reality a swamp creature.

Masonry is a swamp where all the religions live together, all free to prosper, just like in the American constitution. It gave rights to demons, and so we need to have the wisdom to reject it, clinging to God's constitution alone. In the latter, it says that we do not have the right to sit at the table of demons and at the table of God together. We must chose one or the other. We are not, as a nation, to give free reign to demonic tools, or to false religions. We are to disarm the false religions, falling short of forced conversions, and to teach correct doctrine from the air waves. That is what leads to prosperity and the right to enjoy happiness. It is God who promises prosperity, and who created it for our enjoyment, under the condition that we first seek His Kingdom. Is the United States the kingdom of God? The Mormons may have thought so. The Freemasons want us to think so.

The swamp belongs to Freemasons, and they run Washington. A political swamp is impurity by strict definition. Biblical impurity has to do with filthy demons living in human souls. Trump therefore is a swamp of his own. And so am I if I allow demons to control my thinking. As you can see, I favor God's will, and do not fail to mention Him as Above All. When was the last time you heard Hannity upholding Jesus Above All? Swamps don't do that. Swamps need to be loved by the irreligious. Masonic swamps embrace other religions, and they grow in power thereby with the greater numbers they belong to. No one who wants to become great in numbers upholds Jesus Above All. Hannity is in the power game, and for this to work best, he needs to appeal to those who care less for Jesus. He walks a fence, if you want to put it that way, but you can also call it diluted / polluted waters, just like a swamp.

On the other hand, Roy Moore embraces Jesus Way. For Hannity to become condescending upon Moore is for mud to pile itself on the Construction of God. How dare, Mr. Hannity, you call for the destruction of the Construction of God? It may turn out that Moore is in fact a hypocrite to this day, but there is no such evidence. He was willing to shrink his political stature by announcing Jesus Above All, and for me, that is proof of his being outside the swamp. The Construction of God in Alabama put him over the top, and Moore defeated even Trump by that Building. Good for a change.

What Moore did when he was in the swamp during his youth requires us to point the guilty finger at the swamp too. The swamp entangled Mr. Moore, but he realized his destruction there, and walked out. Has Hannity walked out yet? If so, why does he love Trump Swamp? As you can see, Trump is not only a swamp himself, but he upholds other swamp men so long as they don't harm his new political whirlwind. Trump has been the Dazzlemanian Devil, and Hannity protects this spinner with his typical, Republican spin. Everyone knows it. It's not a secret. Hannity always spins things to the benefit of the Republican president, but this is not equivalent to supporting the Building of Jesus Christ. In fact, it was the opposite under both Bush's, and even Reagan was questionable for USING Christians to find his political success.

Why don't American Christians have their own flag in representation of the Coming Kingdom? I would have one at the entrance of my driveway. People would go by and ignore it, maybe sneer at it, and I wouldn't have neighbor friends, but, in the end, this will be the only flag standing. The Flag of Jesus should have a symbol of the Kingdom of Life, for the Death is in the past and the Life is in the future. Jesus is coming with a new name, and a new commission. The Death is to forgive us, and the Life is to empower us. The Stone that was rejected has become the Capstone. The Masons have already devised their capstone symbol, with all-seeing-eye representing their god, but we can have our own Capstone Flag. The Roy Moore's of America need to live for this flag, or they will be buried under the American flag that they pose with.

I'm not suggesting that the Moore's of politics can't be faithful to country, but there are conditions on what we as Believers can be faithful toward. My understanding is that Moore wants to see a country under God, great, but my point can be made succinct in this: don't call America "a great country." Instead, call it a fallen country, on the verge of Hell. Say it like it is, that America is in need of a new head, new limbs, a new heart. What's there now is too-far gone to be reformed. If you even touch it, it will infect you. The Moore's of politics need to say that America stinks so bad from the leadership down, they're needing to wear masks to keep from catching the disease.

If Moore embraces the American flag, then those who own that flag are entitled to hold Moore to all that is American hay. This will destroy the Christian fabric of the man. You can't ride the Jesus train and the money train and survive unscathed. You can't reinvent the meaning of the American flag. It was birthed in rebellion to authority, to create a new authority, and it became a Masonic piece of property thereafter. The ones who put their capstone on the dollar bill also painted the nation's flag. You can't come along as a Christian and make the flag mean something else, and you can't make it mean something that pertains to Jesus, for America was never embraced by Jesus. The two are not the same thing.

The way forward for political Christians is to campaign, "I'm wanting to enter political life to uphold all that is the Coming Jesus." You accept winning or losing under that banner. You do not get swayed by those who sneer because you are not taking the typical American way. You let God decide whether you will defeat your enemies, or whether you should walk away from politics. It's the only respectable way to do it. But woe on those who call for your fall just because you uphold the Coming Jesus. We do not support the Gone Jesus, or the Yesterday Jesus, but we support the Now and Forever Jesus. The world does not come to an end for us just because the majority of Americans reject us, and the majority rejects us because the leadership moves people to reject us. Remove that leadership, and put in a better one, I am all for that. Then guard against the snakes slipping back in. But, the question is, is there enough time to accomplish this, and, if not, are we wasting time trying?

Moore said, in an open letter to Hannity: "I believe tampering has occurred," suggesting that he may have signed the yearbook, but that someone added parts to it, in which case the accuser cannot be trusted, obviously. It is on Hannity's head to do a show on this issue, but Hannity is thus-far letting Moore bleed to death, if possible. Here's Hannity's short segment on Moore, after he did Bill Clinton:

Hannity starts off mentioning three more accusers, but doesn't bother mentioning that the Washington Post was paying women off to come forward with such accusations. Shame, Hannity, what a disgrace. He brags that even liberals praised his interview with Moore, as though this is surprising and corroborative. The good news is that Hannity was forced to read Moore's defence because Hannity gave him the 24-hour ultimatum; the bad news is that Hannity didn't do it justice. He spent two minutes on nothing to begin with, and another three or more reading Moore's response. That leaves only one and a half minutes for this particular video, and it doesn't even show or deal with the yearbook fraud that Moore held up as the key to defeating the allegations. The video is presented by Fox news, not a private person. Shame on the cheap Fox, shame on Hannity the sly fox.

Democrats stayed quiet about the Clinton sex scandals until now, now that the political history of the Clintons is over. Although they knew Clinton should not have been the president, they accepted it like the hypocrites they were, and stayed quiet all these years lest they offended the Clinton machine to the harm of Hillary's chances to become the president. There must have been a reason for that madness, and we Christians all know it's because they didn't want Republicans in power who would derail their anti-Christian agenda. Here now comes Roy Moore, a perfect symbol of the fight against the anti-Christian wave in liberalism, and even the Hannitys of the political world want him castrated in more ways than one. It's therefore time for Christians to disengage from Hannity as one disengages with the enemy. We can watch his show for the value in his stories, but view him properly as an enemy of Jesus so long as he quashes a man of Jesus unjustly. Hannity will say that it's just his sincere belief that Roy Moore dated teens. But so what, Mr. Zero? Moore is now about 70 years old, and has been married 33 years to the same woman. He stood up to the legal waves against the Ten Commandments, but no one doing such a thing is a serial child molester or obsessed with teen sex.

What did Hannity do for his show on November 16, the night after reporting the yearbook leak? Did Hannity comment on the alleged forgery? That's how I know he's a lying hypocrite. He's not really impartial at all. Instead of discussing Moore's while he hangs in the balance thanks much to Hannity himself, he does a show on Al Franken's sexual offenses. In the 3rd minute, one of Franken's victims starts to weep, and she presses a finger on the correct corner of the eye, and she wipes at the same corner with a kleenex. The difference between Franken and Moore is that Franken has not yet repented, and, as the years wore on while he remained rebellious, the demons in his life only made him more perverse. This is your basic story on liberal rulers in this world. Some hide it better than others, but demons work hard on liberals to corrupt them. I know, because they had hold of me too. Whatever I was becoming as per being a womanizer, I repented early (21) in Jesus Christ and altered the course of my life before it got bad.

Trump's press secretary said that the president will not ask Moore to step down, and Moore's wife demanded publicly that Moore not step down. On the 17th, calls for Moore's removal almost vanished. But there is plenty of time for more women accusers to be hatched.

I haven't seen anything at youtube on Moore from Tucker Carlson. Hmm. Dick Morris says that Moore should step down, whether or not he's guilty, because an important Senate Seat is for grabs. That is, corruption wins with Moore, and there's no fight in him to get people to support Moore until proven guilty. Shame. All accused need to step down for power's sake, a position no better than the deep-state Democrats.

Uranium One Developments

The secret whistle-blower on Uranium One, now identified by Reuters (a real surprise), happens to have cancer (discussed on Hannity), and it just so happens that many whistle-blowers are murdered using cancer as the weapon. I'm suspicious on the way Reuters is unveiling this man, because I don't trust Reuters. The informant is William Douglas Campbell, maybe:

The video above says that there us now proof that some of the uranium, originating in the United States, was sold to Europe after it got out to Canada. If you think about this deal, where possession of American product goes to Russians, it smacks of what Obama would have birthed in his bid to ruin the United States. He may not have birthed it, or he may have, and if he did, he naturally urged Hillary to follow through on it. For all we know, Obama more than merely allowed her to maintain a private email account for hiding the details on this scandal.

The way Reuters puts it, the whistle-blower seems to have uncloaked himself, and perhaps it's because he has a terminal illness while Sessions was waiting for him to die off. This is how Reuters words it:

The Senate committee searching for Clinton’s alleged wrongdoing is keeping their witness’s name cloaked. However, William D. Campbell, a lobbyist, confirmed to Reuters he is the informant who will testify and provide documents to Congress about the Obama Administration’s 2010 approval of the sale of Uranium One, a Canadian company with uranium mines in the United States, to Russia’s Rosatom.

At the time of the sale, Campbell was a confidential source for the FBI in a Maryland bribery and kickback investigation of the head of a U.S. unit of Rosatom, the Russian state-owned nuclear power company. Campbell was identified as an FBI informant by prosecutors in open court and by himself in a publicly available lawsuit he filed last year.

It sounds as though Campbell may have started out as an FBI spy, then infiltrating Rosatom, but, if not, he was a Rosatom employee who decided to blow the whistle on his company. Either way, the leaders of this "great country" didn't want the people to know what Campbell has to say, not even the Republican DoJ. Campbell declined to tell Reuters what his hostility toward Rosatom is. Why? What's the problem with just blurting it out? Is Campbell feeling as though he had best hide the details just because Sessions and Rosenstein want him to? What kind of a chicken is that? We now need to fear that the legislators who are about to hear his story won't give us the full or true scoop.

However, this morning (17th) as I was in bed, a blue JAY was outside the bedroom window, so close to the window that I got out of bed suspecting that God had a story in the news for me, and that's when I got to JAY Sekulow's appearance on Hannity the night before. Jay was talking on Uranium One, and that's what started this section of my update. For those who don't know, God gave me a couple of signs with blue jays out that same window, and I resolved them to be about the political / criminal death of the Clintons by a whistle-blower. I resolved that it was about Donna Brazile blowing the whistle on Hillary, but said that there must be more to it than that. A little earlier, I had resolved that God was pointing to Uranium One too. And here we are.

In other words, even if Sessions wants to be tight-lipped, I say that God is promising an exposure. I do not credit Donald Trump for leveraging Sessions to release the testimony of this whistle-blower / informant / spy, because Trump is only acting on his own behalf, not for the sake of justice. Instead, I tend to credit God for getting Trump into deep trouble on Russia so that he is forced to call for the investigation on Uranium One. And the beauty of this is that Hillary's camp was the one that forced Trump's deep problems on Russia. God, the Boomerang hitting Hillary in the back of the neck, or, a death blow to herself from her own hand. Perfect.

Ahh, later in the Reuters article: "Campbell countered those who dismiss his knowledge of the Uranium One deal. 'I have worked with the Justice Department undercover for several years, and documentation relating to Uranium One and political influence does exist and I have it,' Campbell said. He declined to give details of those documents." Woe is me if I call him a chicken, but didn't he just call himself one? Who cares about the corrupt legislators who want to keep this to themselves? Tell the world and be done with your responsibility, Mr. Campbell, before someone kills you. The nation needs to know about the Clinton crime ring.

It may turn out that the chicken has nothing but chicken-scratch to offer, a few seeds of nothing, because the powers that be have already made a deal with him on what he should offer and what he should keep to himself. But God has others besides chickens.

When first mentioning Campbell's lawyer, Victoria Toensing, in the 4th update of October, I said this: "God indicated Bra, and perhaps the Braswell bloodline of Donna Brazile, as part of his revelation on the Clinton crime ring, and Tonsings/TOENiges'/TonNISSENs use 'candleBRAS'." I thought that to be an amazing coincidence, especially as I was just given other evidence that God was wanting to do an expose on Uranium One. From the previous update: "As you can see if you click the page below, the two Podesta brothers met at a breakfast with Lisa (she's the first name on the list) on February 22, 2016, about nine days after the murder of Judge Scalia...Why did they really meet on that morning?" Lisa (KOUNtoupes) is the lobbyist for Uranium One, and the bra Sign from God was about the CONN bloodline. It may sound flaky to one who doesn't know my work, but I was convinced that God was coupling Donna Brazile to Uranium One.

Lisa is the wife / unmarried mate of Jack Sava, the physician who had a hand in murdering Seth Rich, by all appearances. Those who take this theory await further details on his death, which police are covering, as was Donna Brazile, and as was the hospital where Sava is the chief surgeon. I predicted some months ago that Jay Sekulow would have a hand in the exposure.

This FBI informant may be a mere distraction. "Campbell worked as an informant for federal authorities investigating Vadim Mikerin, a Russian official in charge of U.S. operations for Tenex, a unit of Rosatom. Authorities later accused Mikerin of taking bribes from a shipping company in exchange for contracts to transport Russian uranium into the United States. He pleaded guilty in federal court in Maryland and was sentenced to prison for four years." Okay, but big deal. It doesn't touch on the Clinton Foundation's corruption if that's the near-entirety of Campbell's story. "The Justice Department had also initially charged Mikerin with extorting kickbacks from Campbell after hiring him as a $50,000-a-month lobbyist." Okay, that's bribery, and a sting operation by the FBI simultaneously...but why didn't the FBI do a sting on the Clinton Foundation, and on Obama?? We know why: the FBI head(s) has himself been corrupt, and probably involved in being bought for part of the uranium pay-offs.

It goes on to say that the FBI ceased its further court actions against Mikerin, and we may theorize that this was due to pressure from the Obama administration, because the story could inadvertently lead to his grubby hands by default. Obama is probably, to date, the least-mentioned name in this particular corruption. "Reuters has been unable to learn why Tenex chose Campbell as its lobbyist. He acknowledged in lawsuit he filed in 2016 that he was hired despite the fact he 'had no experience with nuclear fuel sales.'" Ahh, we might expect that Campbell merely knew the right people in the Obama administration, and that Mikerin wanted to exploit that connection.

As Campbell was an FBI pawn, the finger starts to point at Mueller. The latter will probably cause Trump to fear as greatly as possible unless he calls this hunt off. I think that the undersides of the Mueller investigation have scare tactics as a primary strategy. But, too bad, Trump decided that he needs to get Mueller off his back by exposing Uranium One. It backfired for Mueller, but he's not done with his scare tactics, and we should start to hear of some false charges on Trump's people both then and now.

As I said, Reuters cannot be trusted. The name is probably a Rothschild branch. On the same day that it had the article above on Campbell, it has the headline: "Republicans press U.S.-Russia uranium deal probe despite no wrongdoing findings." Achem, what planet has Reuters and the Congressmen been on? What about the wrongdoing on the bribery of the Clinton Foundation? So far, Campbell is nothing by comparison, but a distraction. Reuters is being very narrow in its definition of what the Republicans can call wrongdoings, as it touches upon this issue.

Compare the Reuter/Ruetes Coat to that of Jewish Rothchilds (no 's') and the Assmanns who named Assmannshausen at REUTES-like RUEDESheim. The first Rothschild was MAYER Bauer while Mare's (MacDonald ship), who are in the Reuter/Reutes motto, are also Mayers'. And MacDonalds share the "Per mare" motto phrase of Reuters/Reutes' (Roet colors). This is also a Rodham/Rodden branch.

Ahh, the second Reuters article says: "In a related development, Representative Elijah Cummings, the top oversight committee Democrat, objected on Wednesday to the Republicans’ refusal to give Democrats access to an unidentified FBI informant whom Republican lawmakers say has new evidence in the case." The Democrats wanted to know Campbell's name, and Campbell revealed himself to them. I get it. Reuters acted as the middleman in what the Republicans didn't want the Democrats to know. The Democrats will use this name, now, to spin things their way. Suddenly, Campbell looks not like a chicken, but a stool pigeon, as in the excrement of the Democrats.

"The FBI never informed Congress of its investigation into corruption at Rosatom and Uranium One...", it figures. The article with that line calls the informant, Christopher Campbell, instead of William D. Campbell. Something giving out his fake name? "Campbell’s lawyer, Victoria Toensing, who has not previously identified her client, said despite Campbell telling the government 'how corrupt the company was,' Rosatom still got permission to buy Uranium One." That's why the FBI wanted it hush after all, midway to unveiling this story. Someone hushed the FBI, and called the dog off.

Ahh, "In a telephone interview with Reuters, Campbell said he wanted to testify because of his concerns about Russia’s activities in the United States, but declined to comment further." There's nothing there about the Clintons, it figures. It's a distraction. But there is something there about the Clintons, and everyone knows it. It's just that Mr. Campbell may never give the world anything damaging against the Clintons. This is what he was saying: "I have worked with the Justice Department undercover for several years, and documentation relating to Uranium One and political influence does exist and I have it". Good for you, but will you still have it once the deep state has played with your mind? "Prosecutors dropped the extortion charges against Mikerin and never mentioned Campbell again in any charging documents". How do you say, hot potato?

The liberals guards and protectors are trying to make the uranium story into something that doesn't matter much, always bringing the story where there is no evidence of Clinton guilt, and all-the-while never mentioning the $143M that the Clinton Foundation reaped. So, liberals, you are being treated as dunces, like you don't matter except to repeat the spin, to give it more traction. That's all you are to the deep-state media, their talking pieces. Go ahead, be brainless, soulless, ignorant; it's what you do best by choice. Liberals have been disgusting for 40 years.

Here's Jeff Sessions acting like he's no longer a mouse, but unfortunately it's not about the Clintons:

Youtube buried this Jay-Sekulow show of "3 days ago" at the lower parts of the youtube page, past many videos that are multiple months old. Youtube does this routinely, and so we should ask, why? Is youtube hiding what it doesn't want out? Does youtube have that right just because people oppose the Clintons?

In case anything happens, I'd like to repeat for about the third time that, some years ago, the blue feathers of a jay were plucked and fallen in a circular shape on the ground. It was apparent that a predator got it for a meal. I'm hoping it doesn't represent a Sign about the murder of Jay Sekulow. I'd like to forget this now that it's been said. Jay's still a lawyer for Trump, last I heard, yet I don't know what cases Jay is handling for Trump, if any. I lived on Jay street when God made me go through the touch-BRA event.

Jay Street

Hmm, I'm amazed that it just came back to memory (for the first time ever) that MacLeod was the name of a street between Jay and Keele street. McLeods use FLAGS while Bra-line Brays/Brae's use a FLAX breaker while Flacks are also Flags. And, wow, while I knew Joan, from school, who lived on McLeod, the Joans use the same lion as Touch's and Jarrys/Hare's lion, and I can see in this that Joans are from Jonathan Levites of ancient Laish/Dan. It was resolved that, since the bra was touched at the home of JERRY Peterson, God was indicating the Jarry/Hare and Touch surnames too, because there is no Jerry surname coming up at houseofnames.

Joan's old home is a corner one partly on the same street as Jerry's. I recall vividly, and have recalled several times through my life, the experience of killing (stepping on) ants senselessly on the sidewalk, at about six or seven years of age, in front of Joan's house. I was enjoying this mass-murder, until a sense filled me, "Why are you killing ants," and, for the remainder of my life, I became good to God's creatures...unless they're mice or squirrels in my home. If God had given them a sweet aroma for inside my walls, I would let them live.

I was going in the direction that demons want us all to go, but God intervened to ingrain within myself to being good, that's how I view that experience. And, I was KILLing ants one block from Keele street while Keele's are also Kills, whom I tend to trace to Cilnius Maecenas along with king Childeric, father of CHLODovech, whom I've seen in the line to the Cloud variation of McLeods. The descendants of Childeric (Tournai) and Chlodovech were likely Tour / Tower liners, and McLeods use a giant castle with towers. It's probably the castle of Clan Chattan (Cato variation), which uses a "Touch" motto term. This can make the Joan bend the bend of Porci's, from Porcius Cato. Clan Chattan includes the Beans, suspect with the Biaini of Lake Van.

Childeric was the first Merovingian FRANK, and FRANK Tarquini (corner house, fronted on Jay street) had a house likewise on the same street as Jerry and Joan, and in fact Frank's backyard may have backed up on Joan's backyard if there were no houses between them. It's just that Tarquini's (of Tuscany / Tarchon elements, I reckon) were suspect with ancient Tarun of Lake Van, and Merovingians traced themselves to the Veneti, whom I see from Lake Van. The Tarents/Tarans use the Coat of Childs/Chills in colors reversed as proof that Childeric was a Tarun liner. The Keele's/Kills (same place as Cheile's) are a Cheile branch and the latter are beloved on Camerons, whom I see from Kamiros on Rhodes, likely the Cimmerians who had conquered Lake Van in about 720 BC. Keele's and Cheile's were first found in Lincolnshire (old Lindsey), which I trace to Lindos on Rhodes. Lindos was home to the Danaans, suspect from Laish = Dan. Jonathan of Laish was the pagan priest of the 600 "Danites" who brutally took Laish as their own. The Cameron Crest shares the five, bunched arrows that are the Arms of ROTHSchilds, indication that Rothes liners were from Rhodes. This is the Gog wickedry that opposes Jesus in the book of Revelation. The fact that Russells (share the Rhodes / Ross lion) share the Meschin scallops speaks to the Meshech-Rosh relationship. It may be incorrect that "Rothschild " meant "red shield." Instead, it could have been a Rothes merger with Childs/Chills (red shield).

So, the ants I was killing look like they are code from mythical Anat, the namers, or vice-versa, of Anatolia, home of the Heneti, who became the Veneti, and the Cilnius line that was ancestral to Cilnius Maecenas, husband of TERENTia Murena, looks to be to the Keele's/Kills / Cheile's. I had deleted the initial MacLeod paragraph, but after reflecting on these things while in bed last night, I decided that God wants this topic mentioned. Aulus Terentius Varro Murena, brother of Terentia, conquered the Salassi of Aosta, whom I see as the line of the Salian Franks in Childeric's ancestry. It explains why Sale's can be using the Bessin bend, the latter from Basina, Childeric's wife.

Frank Tarquini liked to fry grassHOPPERs and ants with a magnifying glass, and we can glean that mythical Tarchon / Tyrrhenius of the Lydians were from the Heneti. The Hoppers are suspect with Opgalli, whose husband was king of Armenia, location of Lake Van / Tarun. There was a Turan goddess in the Velch area of Tuscany. Grass(e)'s were linked to Brians and therefore to Brigantium, whom I suspect from the Phrygians / Briges', living in the Anatolian land of Heneti. What does this have to do with anything? The FRYING of grasshoppers and ants sounds like code for the Phrygians, whom are known to descend from Armenians. For Frank's acts, I would have used "frying" even apart from entering Phrygians into the discussion.

Well, McLeods/Clouds were on Skye and Lewis while Lewis' (same place as Joan-like Jonas'/Jones' and the Walsh branch of Walsers = Glass'), are suspect from "Laevillus" of Cetis, the line to Leavells birthed by Walerans who share the black bull head with McLeods/Clouds (they use it in white too). So, Frank's MAGNifying GLASS looks like it applies to Walsers = Glass', and from this we go to the Walsh/Walch branch of Walkers that use a "Magna" motto term suspect for Plancia Magna, a descendant of Opgalli. I am now reminded that Frank, Jerry and a host of other surrounding friends would play capture the FLAG in the local park, which I think is called Maple Leaf Park (where you see the river circling Jay street). Are not the Leafs/Leve's (same place as Flags/Flacks) a branch from Laevillus? His own children were descended from Opgalli, suspect with the Galli's who are in-turn suspect with the Coat of blue-jay-using Poitvins, and with the Gay rooster. This rooster is colors reversed from the Jonathan/Jonas roosters. Coincidence?

As Walsers are known to be from Wallis canton, location of Sion/Sitten, note that WALLridge's use a version of the Sion/Swan Coat. The Coats are a reflection of the Leaf/Leve Coat,and then while Side's are a branch of Sutys and Seatons/Sittens, I killed ants on Joans' SIDEwalk, which looks like part-code for Walch liners too who happen to share the swan with Sions/Swans. Wallridge's are said to be from Saxons, reminding of the Saxon location near Sion.

I now recall my poor father, waking up in the middle of cold winter (I was less than six years old), breathing hard for being tired from the previous day's work for a merciless bricklaying company. Into the back of the truck the workers all got, and they laid bricks or blocks in the cold. When he started to build homes at my age 13, he would take me along to hand-mix cement (a cement mixer wasn't affordable) for laying the blocks and bricks. He repeatedly said that I should wear a belt or a girdle to protect my back. He said that he would wear a bonafide female's girdle (I saw him wearing one at times when he took his shirt off in the sun), and the Braswells are the only surname I know of with a girdle (see Girtle-surname variations), suspect with the Curtus-line Maccabees that birthed Flavius Josephus. I refused to wear a girdle, and I did get lower-back problems all my life from the day I started to mix his cement (built six houses in about eight years).

It was the Braswell girdle convincing me further that the touch-bra incident was from God, about Donna Brazile too, and from there I realized that many things in my childhood memory are for making surname connections to ancient people-groups, though there is more to it than that as per the Clinton crime ring. I am confident that God is about to do an amazing thing(s) with keeping me as His slave. The Bricks (look like Phrygians / Briges') are definitely a line from Maccabee-liner Masseys. The Brechs/BREAKERs, who happen to share the hunting horn of French COURT(er)s, apply to the Brae flax breaker, right? Girtle's (Courter colors) are CURTlers too. English Court(er)s/Coverts are from BRAIose. This may indicate a merger of the Telchines of Rhodes with the CURETe's of Crete, though after they arrived to different places put of Troy. It just so happens that Trojans were co-founded by Togarmah-like Teucer and DarDANUS, while Togarmah was a son of Gomer. If Maccabees were from Crete, it reminds that Philistines were from there.

The interesting thing now is that while "Telchine" is much like "Ticino, the alternative name of which is the Tessin, the Tysons/Tessons can be using the Joan lion. It looks like God set me up at Joan's place to make a trace of the Laish / Jonathan Levites to the Laevi of the Ticino. There was a Hugh on Jay street, of my age, who picked up his newspapers (for delivery) at Joan's, and I helped Hugh a few times delivering them.

To highlight the utter corruption of end-time rulers and business people, my father purchased a tiny house on Jay street for $13,000, now worth one million. How on earth are non-homeowners possibly to purchase a home? They are, for the most part, abandoned to throwing their money away on rent, unless they want to live in the deep country where work is scarce, and where men are just as rabid in dishing out high prices. You really do need to throw your life in Jesus so that He will make your way successfully. It appears that the rulers want poor people without homes to simply commit suicide. They can barely afford rent but for a total dive in the big city. The rulers have converted life from a pleasantry when I was a child on Jay street, to a nightmare. That's our leaders, not the Russians or the Martians. Our leaders have betrayed us. And Trump is still feeding the rich more riches, making us more slaves.

I hadn't been on a jog for so long that I was finding it hard to walk properly lately. Jogging always gives me a better footing. So I took a jog last night for only four or five minutes, breathing air at the freezing point (upper shirt not buttoned up well), and getting for myself a nasty cough and cold for the first time in about 15 years. I had a terrible night, but, I want to tell you, I was resting with Jesus, and it seemed that the Spirit gave me 20 or even 30 bouts (all in a row) of what felt like soft radiation throughout my entire being. I have felt this "presence" before, but never this much. Every few seconds, there was this "radiation treatment," as I'm calling it, throughout my inner being, in the entire body aside from the head, this time. It was like a repeated massage of my nerves. It just felt so good each time. Some of them got so strong at the fourth or fifth second, when they ended, that it felt like mild pain / medicine / good for me. It's similar to goose bumps, but not the same. There were no goose bumps, just a sense of being taken care of. I wanted to mention this in case God does the same for you. It was my longest night in years, with little sleep, due to the discomfort, but I made it. I should be fine by day's end judging by the improvement so far.

My bedroom is kept at around 40 degrees, because I leave the window open all day and night. Before bed, I heat water to a near boil and fill two glass jars of what was once Classico tomato sauce, the ones with metal lids that seal (they haven't yet leaked after about a 100 uses; get these for tribulation purposes). I put these bottles under my sheets a few minutes before bed, and it's just so amazingly comforting as compared to no heat at all in bed. One bottle goes down by my feet, which are usually cold because I don't burn wood after midday these days (once it gets past room temperature), and the other is like a Teddy bear that I hold to my chest, you just never felt anything so good. If my lower back is a problem that day, the one bottle goes to the lower back, ahhhh. My living space is about 50 degrees each morning at this time of year, which I dislike but not as much as a newbie would. The good news, I will have grid electricity in a few weeks, I can actually have enough power to use the furnace, wow, I wonder what that's like.

Fred Taff, who lived in the same house as my family until the age of five, moved out that year (he's my age) to a street beside Keele street, maybe a five-minute bike ride from Jay street. So, to find Joans using the Touch/TUFF lion seems important to the Taff line. I'm sure that this was mythical Daphne, who named the Taphians in the land of Jonathan-like Oeneus, but related earlier to a Daphne location beside the Laish home of Jonathan (pagan Levite priest), whom I tend to trace to Jones'/Jonas' and June's / Jeune's (fleur-de-lys as code for the Lys/LISE surname), and, therefore, why not Joans too? Again, Joan lived at the corner of MacLeod, and McLeods of Lewis use the black bull (see their clan badge) head of Laevillus-liner Walerans. Lewis' (Wales, same place as Jones') are said to be from a Leavell-like name. So, I can be sure that God is pointing to the Levite-liner Illuminati whom He is about to war against. t won't believe me because God has chosen what sounds to them like lunacy from me in the way I make these claims.

It was only in the last update that Genie oil of the Golan Heights was introduced, with Howard JONAS as a major shareholder, second only to James COURTer.

Moving on, here's a video I've come across on the Texas-church shooting. The shooter is apparently pushing his vehicle down the road from the passenger door, which strikes me as ridiculous / inexplicable. The cameraman avoids getting good shots of the scene. Why? They said that the shooter was killed, but in this scene, there's no reason to kill him. Note how many police cars arrive at exactly the same minute, as though, instead of being spread throughout the area, they all started coming in from the same place. Who's the cameraman that tries to avoid the star witness?

Here's some evidence that Trump might just urge legislators to look into the DNC scandal with Seth Rich. The speaker mentions the white rabbit twice, though I'm not sure whether it's White Rabbit of Twitter:

I passed up on the pizzagate video predicted from Family Guy a few times until now, and, to my surprise, it's not a whacko claim at all. Watch, and learn that these men are demonic slobs once and for all, including typical faggots:

I had to quit writing here, mid-afternoon on Saturday. I was bed-ridden until 10 am Sunday, suffering torment with very little comfort. Why did God allow this? I don't know. It was awful. My mind was strained / under stress, my body bugged, and there was a hacking cough with a lot of thirst / dry mouth. When getting up to go to the washroom, I was close to falling / fainting each time. I could not stay up, not even to sit, due to weakness. And going to bed again was terrible, no comfort at all. It was like a flu with maybe some fever. Finally, Sunday morning, a large break in the weakness. A little soft music is helping.

In the attempted murder of Steve Scalise -- or maybe just a plot to rough him up so that he would cancel his pizzagate inquiry -- Jeff Flake was the first man out to Scalise as he lay in the baseball field. It make Flake suspect as an accomplice in the Scalise shooting. Flake is otherwise suspect as a closet liberal whose job is to undermine Republicans. This week: "Sen. Jeff Flake, R-Ariz., was caught on a hot mic Friday telling a Republican mayor that 'if we become the party of Roy Moore and Donald Trump, we are toast.'" These cheaters need to be punished.

The video below says that Jacob Rothschild appears killed in a plane crash. One comment says that this is click bait, fake news, yet British media are carrying this story:

"Wreckage from the aircraft tumbled from the sky and landed just over a mile from the former home of the Rothschild banking family at Waddesdon Manor in Buckinghamshire, yesterday [November 16) lunchtime."

One would think, with this sentence, "Lord Jacob Rothschild and four other people are feared dead after a plane and helicopter crashed in mid-air over the Rothschild estate in Buckinghamshire on Friday afternoon," that the Rothschilds would issue a statement that Jacob was not killed, if in fact he wasn't. USA Today has a headline saying the same. What's the big secret on who was killed? Was it a murder plot? Not likely. An air crash is not usable to murder someone...unless someone hacks the airplane's computer.

It's almost three pm, and I'm making pizza, feeling much better. I almost went back to bed earlier, but was able to ride the bad feeling off. Why pizza?

If Jacob Rothschild died in this accident, it comes just as I'm expecting God's judgments on dragons. However, the nearby Waddesdon manor (a big mother of an obscene castle) is no longer owned by the Rothschilds, though they maintain it (they have so much money they gave it away as a gift). There's a big question, therefore, as to whether any Rothschilds were at this manor at the time of the crash. Yet, why are media saying that they fear Jacob dead? They must know something. Was he plotting something eerie with others, and did God need to end lives in a horrific way to send the group a message not to continue? I don't know. The chances of him dying in an air collision are remote.

Tucker Carlson has a video title, "Clinton dynasty crumbles," and in the comments: "Notice how after Brazile came out with her allegations about Clinton rigging the primary, Clinton stopped her book tour. ". In the video, even the Democrat guest agrees that we've closed the book on the Clintons, but he would not have so long as the Clintons were still politically viable. There is even a chance that Rodhams are a Rothschild branch. The Bauer wings, like other heraldic wings and the Wing/Wink surname, can be code for Vinkovci, birthplace of Valentinian I. If you compare the Valentin Coat to that of Stevensons, load the Rodhams too, first found in Northumberland with Stevensons. The latter may have named Stephantsminda in the land of early Khazars, where I expect Rothschilds i.e. from the relationship between the Varangian Rus of Kiev to the Khazars. The Bauer wing is blue, and the Chaine/Chenay wing would be blue in colors reversed, suggesting a close relationship between Rothschilds and Cheney liners, which can explain why Jacob Rothschild bought part of Genie, in which Dick Cheney is an advisor (not for free, right?). Cheneys were first found in Buckinghamshire along with Waddesdon castle.

You might expect that the governments would protect us from banks selling gold that doesn't exist, but, no, the sellers of gold are in fact doing this. Just think of it, if push comes to shove where gold owners demand from the banks their gold in physical product. As it is, gold is now often sold as a promiser note, meaning that they can sell gold that doesn't exist. You can't mine gold any cheaper. This is what our big bankers are made of:

By the 19th, I saw a couple of video's saying that Roy Moore is more popular now than before. I have to hand it to Trump: he refused to attack Moore. On the pone hand, that shows class, and yet, what about his daughter's attack on Moore? The Alabama Republic party has refused to take Moore's name off the race, though he was asked. I'm hearing that his funding for the race is "soaring." The attacks on the man ceased once the forgery was exposed, probably because there is fodder for a law suit against anyone who continue's to attack him, given that evidence now in the open. Moore has announced a law suit against the Washington Post. This is no small deal, as it involves a senate seat, and Moore has a Washington-Post reporter found out who offered money for women to come forward.

The video below (a few minutes in) says that Karl Rove, who's come out against Moore, had attacked Moore several years ago. As Rove was a Bush man, it's clear enough to me that he part of the deep state. We learn in this, if we didn't know it already, that Fox news is part of the Republican deep state (defined as people acting on the behalf of themselves instead of for the people).

So far as I can tell, Lisa Haven and a host of other staunch Trump supporters claiming to be Christians have failed to support Moore. Shame. What is it that's wrong, his vest and cowboy hat? If these people are truly for Christian principles in government, the Moore affair is their chance to elaborate. I didn't know until now that "Gloria Allred is on the offensive while her daughter Lisa Bloom is defending Harvey Weinstein." That's from a comments section on a Moore video.

Last night was another bad night, lots of coughing. I just want to say that, when holding my mouth near the hot water in a jar (under the sheets), the heat soothed the throat and lungs. There was a creaking-door sound when I breathed that eventually went away as I warmed up. I shut the window last night and opened the door to the warm part of the home. In the tribulation, where you may not have sufficient heat, remember: glass jars with the metal lids will make going to bed a pleasure instead of torment from cold. Save lots of these, for others too. They do not leak a drop. I reheat the same water over and over, getting a lot of pleasure for one quart of water.

On the 20th, gives us a suspicious statement: "The plane that crashed is believed to be a Cessna 152, a popular training aircraft which has space for only one pilot and one passenger." One would think that, by the 20th, if the people on the ground were just reporting the facts, there would be no doubt about the type of plane. But now that we learn how the Cessna 152 has room for only two people, the report looks fabricated to contain / cover the true number of dead, as well as their names.

Whenever the media reports the world's richest man, it's never a Rothschild, meaning that the media are complicit with the cover-up. The cheap Dailymail, which I do not respect at all, says "Beth Rothschild, Jacob's daughter, still lives on the [Waddesdon] estate."

It's 75 degrees in my place, and I still feel chills. So I've put a couple of logs in the wood stove to keep it at 75 for a few hours longer. It was 80 by dusk, but there was still some chill experienced. If a man has no comfort, life is not worth living. I made the mistake of putting raw garlic on top of a pizza that made it bitter to eat. No comfort there. I tried some Pringle's buffalo-ranch potato chips, but they tasted bitter too, and I had to put them away. Doesn't Revelation have a sweet thing turning bitter in the stomach?

When everything is going wrong, we become beastly (swearing and cursing). When king David said he became like a beast before the Lord, wasn't he living in a cave? Wasn't he run out to the caves by his own son wanting the power? No comfort means it seems to us that God doesn't care for us. Jesus called the Holy Spirit "the Comforter," explaining well enough the gift of God to make life worthwhile. Perhaps this illness I've received just as Jacob Rothschild has died may be to indicate that, for the likes of the obscene rich, there will be life but without comfort. That is Hell, isn't it? But, then, I don't know that he has died.

Jacob Rothschild has been the part-owner of Genie for years, but I didn't learn of it first until the last update, the week before this crash. It may be indicating that he has died. Who more than the Rothschilds hoard like the fool in Jesus' parable? If these beasts point the finger at Christians for "hoarding" in the tribulation period, always remember that they hoard as a rule when totally unnecessary. We, at least, will store up because the beasts will force us to go without their new commercial system.

I've just tasted the vast difference of comfort versus no-comfort all in the same 24-48-hour period. It is a good reminder that we should not fool with eternal life. Try to imagine how many kicks to the teeth the Rothschild bankers have received from God, yet they resist him anyway, trying to use their vast wealth as tools of comfort. Part of the comforts they look forward to are their sexual perversions. They get a few moments of respite from a dry life, and in the meantime defile themselves in a whirlpool to Hell, all because they reject their Creator...because, they say, He's an ancient fable. I implore you: straighten out, get Real Life.

The Rothschild barony goes to Jacob's son (Nathaniel Philip) at the Jacob's death. The barony was once out of Tring Park mansion. "The Manor of Tring is first mentioned in the Domesday Book where it is referred to as "Treunge" and was owned by Eustace III, Count of Boulogne, a countryman of William the Conqueror. " (Wikipedia). Eustace III was the brother of Godfrey de Bouillon, not really surprising, for Rothschilds continued de-Bouillon's Zionism. Tring is in Hertfordshire, where Childs/Chills were first found. The latter are said to be from Wanstead while Wansteads share the Zionist stars if Rotens.

For years I've been wrongly calling the white symbol, in the red escutcheon of this Arms of Rothschild, a scallop. It certainly looks like a scallop, and maybe was that Capes scallop because Capes' were first found beside Hertfordshire. I now find, at the baron-Rothschild link above, that it's a "an oval target with pointed center Argent per bend sinister." It's in the colors of the sinister-facing horse of Jewish Rothchilds, and moreover the second quadrant has: "issuing from the sinister flank an arm emBOWED [looks like a Bower-branch code] proper grasping five arrows points downward Argent", it tells that they use the same symbol in the second quadrant but with a sinister flank. Boweds/Bowoods share what could be the three Waleran bulls. The oval could be code for Owls/Howls / Howells, for Owls/Howls share the owl with Targets/Tagarts ("RATione"), who were first found in Ross-shire, beside the Rats and Rose's (Jewish Rothchilds use roses). The Capes' were first found near the first-known Points, I get it.

As for the target's point being on the CENTER of the target, it recalls when I was linking Joans to the Ticino, which is where I trace Decks/Daggers, first found in the same place as Joans. The latter share the three-pointed label with German Centers/Sanders (Rhineland, same as the first Rothschild), and in the bottom of the Center/Sander Coat we could have the McLeod bull head (recalls that Joan's house has it front facing MacLeod street). The Laevi co-founded Pavia/Papia (Ticino river), which I trace to "Peebles," where Bowers ("sheaves of arrows") were first found that use the five Rothschild arrows. The Bower Crest is "Two arms shooting an arrow from a bow all proper," which recalls that the namers of the eSCUTcheon" is part code for Shoot-like surnames. Schutz's were first found in Rhineland. Shoots/Shute's (Sadducee-line suspects) were first found beside the Boweds, and to this it should be added that Bows/Boughs share the motto of Roets. Bows are said to derive in "bend in the river," a fine example of erroneous guesswork by our daft historians who applied not heraldry clues for surname origins. Our modern educators do not mind deceiving us whatsoever. Bows/Boughs look like a branch of Bogans / Bugs.

The Rothschild arrows are said to point "downward," which can indicate past Rothschild kinship with Downs/Douns and/or Wards. It reminds of Serena DUNN Rothschild, mother of the Beth Rothschild above. The Downs/Douns use a sickly-looking stag in the colors of the Trump/Tromp stag head. The Down/Doun stag is "charged on the shoulder with black star," evidence that heraldic shoulders are code for Schultz's (star in colors reversed). You never read anything like this from our deceptive family historians. They have some sort of spiritual disease prone to telling fine-sounding lies. Schultz's use an arm from the Shield's sinister side. Dutch Schultz's are SCHILDS too. Schultz's are Schols' too, wherefore compare the Coats and Crests of Centers/Sanders and SCHOLfields (same place as Sands).

Be content with the Comforter, and the promises to come, and make for yourselves reliable Christian friends that can be a good source of further comforts.


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