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Nov 21 - 27, 2017

The News Ran Empty This Week

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I'm not taking email at this time, here's why. I apologize to all having left email, as I can't even mail to inform you.

Here's Ted Cruz telling about the corruption of the Republican Senate and especially of Mitch McConnell:

Ted Cruz opposes Roy Moore, however. The push against Moore temporarily vanished from the media upon Moore's coming out to show the yearbook forgery. Not only Wolf Blitzer, but MSNBC, treated Gloria Allred with suspicion. Understand that this issue speaks squarely to Mitch McConnell. Get rid of him, and get a much-better leader of the Senate. This seems to be the next good move of the Republicans, if the votes / numbers are there.

Here's more on the plane crash near the Rothschild estate, where they show that the number on the helicopter is made unknown...because they don't want the world to know the owner of the helicopter, very apparently. That's equivalent to a cover-up:

The crash reportedly occurred at 1,000 feet, more than a dozen times above the tops of trees, and well below the lowest clouds. How on earth could a plane ram into a helicopter in that situation? Was the pilot drunk? I stopped watching the above at ten minutes. The video seems not worth watching after the two aircraft are shown. The video claims that the brother of Jacob Rothschild has ties to the Waddesdon estate (perhaps lives there at times with Beth Rothschild, Jacob's daughter, now divorced).

The Tomassini surname, which belonged to the ex-husband of Beth Rothschild, is also "Tomati," which recalls an event on my last night while living in Downsview. I became sure that God caused me to throw a tomato at the window of the backyard neighbor of Bill, who had earlier accompanied me, with his father driving, to purchase a gift for my ten-year old sweetie (Andrea). I was in Bill's backyard, and the tomato was from his garden. I had purchased Andrea a BOOK and a game BOARD, and the book is the Roet symbol, while Bills, first found in the same place as Roets and BORDers, share a blue Chief with Roets. But here I now find while I trace Quade's/Wade's -- now suspect with WADDESdon" -- to Quadratilla, wife of Laevillus, he's the line to Leavells (same place as Bills and Roets), whose six bars are colors reversed from the same of Tomassini's/Tomati's. That's fantastic. Just contemplate. I can't make any sense of the Bills as they can relate to Rothschilds, however.

Here's some comments on the Roy-Moore issue: "Evangelicals, ignoring these allegations. They are truly among the evil of this world"; "that's because evangelicals are backwards, ignorant, hypocritical faux-religious pieces of shit"; "And I thought the Catholicism was the only sect that loved pedophilia. Silly me." That's anti-Christ in our faces. People in the West never spoke this way until this hateful generation. "No big surprise that believers in a patriarchal cult would support child molesters". The same page having all these quotes claims that Thomas Jefferson said: "Christianity is the most perverted system that ever shone on man." The USA was anti-Christ from its inception, wasn't it? Same page: "Evangelicals have nothing to do with Christianity. Always trying to use the bible to justify their bigotry and racist tendencies." It appears that a band of anti-Christian propagandists swarmed this particular page. There are too many ignorant people in this world ready to pounce on us at the word of their end-time leader.

NBC, playing dirty, is turning this week to the first-woman accuser of Moore, seeing that the one with the yearbook is looking like a fraud. What makes NBC think that this other woman in NOT a fraud? Or, desperado NBC, trying to get the move against Moore back on a swing. Pathetic NBC fails to mention, in it's piece (November 20), that the Washington Post was doing robo-calls with messages promising up to $7,000 reward for women to come forward. That's a cheap way to win an election, if just five or six woman are paid off. And that's why the people can't be swayed by such dirty tactics. Shame on NBC for this article, and shame on Drudge for having its link.

The way I understand it, the claim of Roy Moore is that his assistant signed his paperwork on his behalf with "D.A." So, where the accuser had a divorce hearing before judge Moore, she would have had in her possession one or more documents with his signature followed by "D.A." This signature was then lifted to the yearbook.

Having said that, I will point out the spiritual sickness of Christians in politics when they support the non-Christian, obscenely rich, Donald Trump. I wish it were only lip service in an effort to get him on side with Christian politics. Wouldn't he be wise to such lip service and tend to deny that help, returning lip service for lip service? Why don't Christians call for a bonafide Christian president, and accept nothing short of it, depending on God to respond? Wouldn't it make Him happier than lip service to a child on the outside? It may be that God now needs to allow the wicked to rule on the swing to end-time lawlessness, and we need to accept it. Our job would then be to call out the sin by which God will soon judge the mockers and rebels. What we fear most is prophesied to take place. We've got to do our best not to hold it against God that this situation will develop. We've got to believe that, even though things get the way of our worst fears, he still does genuinely love us...if we will not become angry at Him for the anti-Christ fulfillment.

I could argue with God all day that the high degree of Christian suffering in the way prophecy works out is unnecessary to convince me that the end-time rebels deserve judgment. I don't need to see this world becoming more evil than the rebels already are, to be convinced that they deserve to be shut out from the Kingdom. Why do we need to suffer murders for to make that justification? Well, God must be smarter than me, and so I've got to assume He knows what he's doing. Bite my tongue, and let it happen.

What Trump claims to be doing in his agenda to cut taxes for the big corporations doesn't matter to me a cow's tit. Trump is groping here. If he thinks that lowering corporate taxes to almost half will keep American companies from going overseas, then while that's a wonderful picture on the one hand for a very-few American workers, it works against all other Americans by raising their cost of living. Products will cost more when made in the USA. And all other workers will need to pay the taxes that the corporations save. Does that sound like a sane strategy? My bet is that Trump is drumming up corporate support for 2020. He's fondling corporate breasts, hoping to get them interested in him. Trump has milk on his face.

The way to cut taxes is to get rid of some government programs. People understand that there will be some pain in efforts to get the debt down. The only ones who will rebel against such a strategy are the Democrat fools, and deep-state manipulators, but who cares? They will just expose themselves further as the fools they were under Obama, part of the thing that got Trump elected. Is Trump now going to throw that advantage away by looking like he's a big-corporate lover? It was Trump's big mistake to side with McConnell in Alabama.

There is no such thing as an executive order if any judge in the land can strike any one down. If executive orders have no protection from opposing political forces, then they cease to be the highest authority. If an executive order can be nullified by one judge, why can't another judge strike down the first judge's obstruction? It's all fair in the game of mentally-retarded Democrats. You need to treat the retarded for what they are. The retarded want Mexicans (and other foreigners) to flock into the USA in order to become Democrat voters, and that's cheating, and undermining of the American voters by a foreign body. If Democrats will not admit to it, that's why they're retarded.

Let's say that a company returning to the U.S. by the lure of Trump's tax cut from 35 percent to 20 percent makes a billion profit annually. And lets say that the wages paid annually is four billion. Trump is suggesting that the income taxes paid by the workers making four billion will make up for the reduction in taxes to the corporation. If both the company and the workers pay 20 percent, it appears that Trump is correct. The company saves 15 percent of one billion ($150M), and the workers pay 20 percent of four billion ($400M). It looks good on the surface, but there are relatively few companies coming back to the U.S. as compared to those already there, and the latter also get the 20-percent bracket. It surely adds up to a less taxes from the big money makers combined, and a higher demand from the workers, therefore, unless Trump cuts government services to make up for those higher taxes. It sounds like a betrayal of the worker. The only other benefit of the Trump plan is that it adds jobs to about one / two percent of Americans, getting them off of welfare.

If Trump promises all workers a lower percentage of taxes, and genuinely keeps to it, then I would say, go for Trump's plan. It will force the government to be cut down in size. But there are sly ways to make workers pay more taxes by not calling them taxes, by charging corporations fees that will be passed on to the consumers. The government gets the fee money, and the worker ultimately pays for it. If this is Trump's plan, then I would say don't support it, it's a fraud.

There is only one solution of the world economy. Outlaw the stock markets. People using money to make money without lifting a finger is unethical, and a form of gambling. It may sound wonderful to say that my money supporting a corporation allows that corporation to survive, therefore saving jobs, but the corporations under stock-market pressures maximize their profits in efforts to repay and retain their share holders. What do you think happens when corporations practice profit-maximization as a rule of business operation? First, they become obscenely rich, sucking all wealth to themselves, and secondly all of us pay more for virtually everything we buy, which, in the end, cancels any extra money the stock-market players make on stock-market gambling. No stock markets means that prices of everything go down. Or, put it this way, that if corporations love the stock market, it must be to their advantage rather than to the consumer's advantage, and those who suffer without choice are those like me who view the stock market as unethical i.e. we refuse to get into that game. Does God really want us to be caught in bed with the obscenely rich?

Some middle-class workers may be able to achieve $20,000 on their account balance at times, but most workers are always borderline broke or in debt. Single-income, new homeowners are forced to pay 20-30 years of mortgage just for their home. Isn't that a form of slavery? Instead of giving slaves their room and board, the companies pay us a little extra and force us to pay for our own homes and food, but how is it much different than slavery? The Trump's of this world have become rich on the backs of workers, though in Trump's case, the sky-rocketing price of homes, which God detests, made him a billionaire. Mr. Trump has lived an obscene life, and seems to be determined to reject God to his death. Let's call a spade a spade.

The Christian supporters of Trump at youtube literally make me sick. I can't click on any of their videos without youtube suggesting a slew of like-minded ones, most of which practice click bait i.e. have the priority of making a living on their news channels. I've got to back up to where this long list of like-minded ones doesn't appear. Never click a video title that starts off with "Boom!", unless you want to be disappointed. In the KA-BOOM video below, ask if you are disappointed by the time it gets even midway:

As you can see, the claim of Hillary on a video having sex with a minor comes from members of the New York police, and, the claim is that this tape is about to be released to the public. The other option is that this is merely a method of making youtube money, but has no truth at all. Others reporting this story all base their ground-zero on Liz Crokin's testimony, yet she herself has put out no video, so far as I can find, on this revolutionary, kaboom story. Don't we expect her to do so if the police were truly about to expose the tape's existence to the public?

Where are the videos from Christians who tell it like God would tell it about Trump? Forgiving others does NOT mean that we view them as acceptable humanity. God is concerned foremost with acceptable humanity. He has always been about the heart. Jesus claimed to be a heart surgeon, so to speak, and a brain surgeon. He had a lot of bad things to say about a rotten humanity in efforts to cure it, but most of the patients would not have his words. "My words have made you clean," he told the disciples. I ate and drank the words of Jesus, why can't you?

Youtube is a dirty organization that doesn't have the sense enough to ban derogatory language in comments sections. The entire world is being made accustomed to the street language of the devil. The schools prohibit such language in class, and then students see it all over the Internet in the "real world." Trump thinks that knocking down the unemployment rate one or two percent is more important than cleaning up filth such as this.

One Trump supporter that I can stomach is SonofNewo. He really does his homework, making him appear to emphasize his message rather than easy-money making. Below is one of his latest videos on Trump's war against the previous leaders of the spy agencies. I hope like other Christians that Trump will demolish that part of the deep state, but, the question is, what's he replacing it with, other swamp creatures?

Here's SonofNewo on Moore-Frankin:

I like the way SonofNewo ("Hoodie") paints Al Franken as Moore's savior. Also making news is that the Senate has spent $17M dollars in the past 20 years, at an average of about $65,000 per claim, as hush money to victims of abuse from senators. It could start to look like Judgment on the senate due to it's intended treatment of Moore. The senate has promised abuse of Moore should he become a senator. We are definitely in a dark age here.

Where SonofNewo presents part 1 of three parts on Mandalay Bay, youtube doesn't have the respectability to offer part 2 or part 3 on the margin. We should assume that youtube is up to its filthy worst in this. I don't think I can agree with the claim, in part 1, that one gun was 400 yards away while the other was 250 years away. The difference in volume between the two guns makes one suspect at less than 100 yards, but the gun with little volume sounds more like 800 yards (.5 mile) at minimum. Neither matches the distance to Mandalay Bay at 400 yards, unless the sound of the one gun is from inside the building...which makes a lot of sense.

There was likely a murder on the upper floors of that building, which is the Four Seasons owned partly by Bill Gates and partly by the Saudi prince, Talal, who was arrested by another Saudi prince (Salman) not many days ago under what appears to be a Trump wink. My guess is that they needed the loud gun on the street to mask and lend excuse (alternative, false theory) for the gun inside the building that carried out the murders of key people there. The local police was made to say (with two goons standing behind him) that the alleged shooter on the 32nd floor did in fact shoot within the building, down the hallway, but this now appears to give a false explanation for what the inside gun was doing. The original script may not have included the knowledge that the inside gun would be caught by the camera of a taxi driver, and this oversight required the alternative explanation for which two men were needed to give false testimony.

I'm not sure whether there is clue on whether the murder was carried out by the Trump-Salman team, or their opponents under Talal, but I tend to think that Trump isn't corrupted enough to try something like that. It would make Trump a grand hero to expose the government plotters behind the Las-Vegas shooting.

In fact, there is hope in the future where getting elected is based on exposing the deep state; whosoever exposes it most gets elected. Wouldn't that be a hoot. Whosoever jails the corrupt most is loved the most. Wouldn't that be a switch.

On my page where I loaded SonofNewo's part 2, youtube failed to put part 3 in the margin, feigning ignorance. Clearly, youtube is programmed as best it can not to give me his videos on Las Vegas. SonofNewo either lives near the north pole, or he always does videos in winter, for he's always wearing a hoodie sweater. He doesn't seem to know, as yet anyway, that the upper floors are owned by Four Seasons. It puts a whole-new slant on the true reason behind this diabolical shooting.

Where youtube loaded for me part 3, there was neither part 1 or 2 in the margin. Youtube is a sick animal that needs to be shot to death, and replaced with something better. There are people working on that. It only takes the intelligence of a young teen to realize that youtube should forbid the use of "breaking news" in the title since it can only be breaking news for a few days while the title remains unchanged for years. But the dopes at youtube won't bother with that because, well, because they are obvious dopes. The list of youtube ailments is very long. They can't put the video dates on the videos suggested in there margin because the people who run youtube are more interested in making money that providing a good experience for their viewers. They won't allow us to block video channels for the same reason. We could call youtube's decision makers and leaders, anal wipes, and we hope, some day, they eat their own filthy diapers.

Here's a map with the Wycombe airport, and here's a map of Waddesdon house. Both craft took off from this airport, which looks to be 25-30 kilometers from the crash site. Why was the plane flying so low after that distance? Is that normal? As you can see, the plane had passed right by Waddesdon manor, and, therefore, we might ask whether there is a landing strip there. That is, did the plane land at Waddesdon, then take off again? It could explain why it was only 1,000 feet up slightly beyond it.

If I recall correctly, they said the crash was 15 minutes after take-off. Even at the distance of 30 kilometers, that's only a speed of 120 km/hr. If that's too slow for a plane, then the 15 minutes is explained better if part of it was taken up by landing and picking someone up before taking off again before the crash. I feel so sorry for anyone who dies in this terrible way. I look forward to the day of no more death and sickness. It can't come too soon.

Note Reading to the south-west of the Wycombe air strip. As Reeds use a version of the Petro Coat, imagine the latter with a blue Shield, because it then has similarity with the WADES/Wade Coat. The latter could be a Wood branch because Rieti-liner Rita's use "pieces of wood." Porcius Cato owned land in Sabina, but lived near Rome, and while Rita's were first found in Rome, Rieti is in Sabina. Rieti was the home of Flavius Petro to which I trace the Petro's, and this now pegs the line of Flavius Josephus at Reading and at WADDESdon. Readings even share the black boar with Porcia's...but see also the boar of Gardens, because that tomato that was suspect with the Rothschild-Tomassini marriage, and that had linked to Waddesdon too, was picked from a garden. While you're at it, see the boar heads of Bauer-suspect Burleys, first found in the same place as Roets (share book with Reeds), Bills and Leavells.

Note how close Oxford is to Reading, for Droits/Drewitts (Reed chevron?), in the Reading motto, were first found in Oxfordshire, which is where Crispins were first found too whose bars are suspect in the PORCH/Portis Coat. The latter are expected at Portishead (Clapton) because the Arthurs and Hicks' of Clapton used "clarions", while Crispins are known to descend directly from Clare's. Besides, French Crispins (same bend as Cato's) were first found in Perez, which is a variation of the Petro surname. It's still more amazing that while Waddesdon house was owned by the brother (Eustace) of Godfrey de Bouillon, the Petro's almost use the flory cross of Bouillons in both colors. If that's not enough, Godfreys (pelicans) use a version of the Mead Coat while it's online that Arthurs (pelican) of Clapton married Meads (pelicans). The Pellicans were first found in Maine with Josephus-suspect Josephs.

Note how close Windsor is to Reading, for the Windsors share "Dieu" with Readings, and the Windsor Coat is not a bad reflection of a Reed Coat. The Windsor motto can be part-code for James' who in-turn share the Rita lion. The Windsor-Crest stag can be of the Eustace's.

I therefore claim that the Revelation dragon traces between Vespasian of Rieti and this London area. Very interesting, London Illuminati, very interesting. For years, I've been assuming that Londons and Lundys use gyronny, but only now did I notice that the lines are no quite right to be gyronny. Looking the surnames up, it turns out they use a GOBONated pattern. There is a Gobon surname (three-pointed black label), using the eight bars of Crispins! Bingo. If ever the Lundy pattern was gyronny, it's in blue, the color of the Titus gyronny. I came across two three-pointed black labels in the last update, one with Joans, who happen to use the same bend as Porci's (same place as Bouillons), who in turn use the same fleur as Petro's/PEREZ's.

The Grazio's (share pomegranate with French Crispins) tend to convince me that the line of Flavius Petro linked to Perusia. It's got Pharisees written all over it because Joans traced to Jonathan the pagan Levite of Laish. Moreover, in recent weeks, I came to claim that Pharisees were named after king Pharnaces of the Pontus, whose line with queen Nysa was to the Nissans that happen to use the same bend (albeit in the sinister direction) of Joans. Remember, Joans share the Touch/Tuff lion while Clan Chattan, which includes the Cato surname, uses a "Touch" motto term. Besides, Chattans/Cato's share a castle on blue with McLeods, itself in the colors of the Chatan tower.

Here's something amazing. Joan lives beside Jay street while the Poitvins, first found in Poitou with Chatans, use a jay on a ROCK while Chattans/Cato's were first found in ROXburghshire, and while Chatans use the three red roses on a white bend with Jays! Big Bingo. It proves absolutely, along with evidence in the last update, that God set me up at Jay street to help with this set of links.

On top of this, I had an OMEN in a small cloud over the sun while headed with my Nissan to Galveston, and it was resolved that omen-like motto terms apply, while here we find "OMNIbus" in the motto of Chattans/Cato's who moreover share the gold castle with Galves'. Jays were first found in Herefordshire with Jeffreys, and the latter's Scottish branch use the very omen that I saw. And Joans use a sun in Crest, as do Jeffreys. As I said, Hugh picked up his newspapers for delivery at Joan's veranda, and here it can be added that Hugh's, first found beside the Herefordshire Jeffreys, share the Jeffrey lion.

I was about seven years old when first seeing Joan. She was snobbish toward me. It was at age seven that God spoke to me, very audibly, "Will you live for me?" He didn't even introduce Himself. I don't recall my parents ever taking me to church before this point. I don't recall hearing about God from anyone. I was running across my lawn, all alone, and I told God, No. He seemed so strange to me at that moment. He was clearly setting me up for what he would later work out. It's been unique.

Gilbert, 2nd count of Eu, is said to be the first Crispin, named after his spiky hair, they say, which is garbage. Crispins were a branch of Grazio's and therefore suspect with Grass' / Grace's. The News surname was just checked as per Hugh's paper route, and its said to be from "yew = eow" (probably garbage), which suddenly looks like "Eu."

I had found the News surname originally because, the day after being mugged in Galveston (same day as the omen), where I received a miracle, I stopped for coffee and a newspaper in Victoria. Many years later, I discovered that Coffee's/Coffers use a "victoria" motto term. I had suspected that the News' applied somehow, but couldn't quite clinch how-so. But now that Eu has cropped up, I can tell that rulers of Eu used the Nassau lion with billets on Shield, suggesting that Nassau's were a Nissan branch. That works.

God wants the dragon's sons to know that He knows all their secret twists and turns in every nook and cranny of the planet; they have not been hidden from His sight at any time, if they think He has not been watching.

If you'd like to keep=up on the Moore developments, here's a waitress of the Old Hickory House, back at the time that Moore's accuser claims to have worked there. Apparently, though the Old Hickory House has paperwork showing an opening much later than 1977, it apparently existed previously under another form. This other waitress claims that neither Moore or his accuser was seen at this restaurant:

Trump finally speaks out on Moore and Frankin. He's wishy-washy on Franken, as though someone amongst his advisors halted his outright attack on Franken: Trump does better to be black-and-white rather than politically-correct, safe, wishy-washy. Some say he won the election for being straight-forward, which is definitely the way to go, to tell his advisors to go blow soap bubbles instead of advising him. He should have said flatly, "Far be it from me to guess on whether Moore is guilty, and to urge the people one way or the other by my mere guess." How can anyone argue against that? It shows class, exactly what liberals have starved themselves of. They were all wolves at the news meeting, hoping Trump would stick-it to Moore.

Does Fox news ever hire an overweight news anchor? What does that tell you about Fox and sexuality? It tells me that Fox is a scum. I've yet to hear from Hannity his apology for virtually accusing Moore of rape and pedophilia. Let's call a fox a fox. Hannity came by the cover of his darkened heart and tried to steel Moore's chickens. Yet he brags on how he's the most-pure commentator. How many people do you think emailed him this past week asking him to give Moore a fair shake based on the yearbook fraud? Yet Hannity has yet to do this simple thing. He lacks responsibility because he thinks he's so flawless, or because he wants to maintain a shiny image. The boast comes before the fall. Where is Hannity's praise of Jesus? What praise and honor in heaven will he achieve by treating politics day in and day out while never giving praise to Jesus? Isn't he Jesus' very definition of the fool, working for this world only?

God does not give Americans the right to speak wrong. God does not give any enemy of Jesus the right to speak against Him. The American constitution, and many American Christians, will argue for the right of the wicked to have their free speech, but this is in rebellion to God's will. These sloppy Christians argue that, unless the devil gets his free speech, Christians won't get theirs. Baloney. Teach the right: God does not give the wicked the right to speak evil. Never mind what the constitution allows, for American law even protects adultery, which Goes does not. The constitution is not even close to a Christian document if it is understood as freedom to spout off anything whatsoever. Christians must abide by the constitution of Christ. Where Roy Moore is a constitutionalist, is he failing God? I suppose it depends on what "constitutionalist" means in particular. It can be defined in many ways. If it means that government is the servant of the people, then I can agree. Yet why didn't the constitution go so far as to require the people to obey God's laws in order to deserve the right to life and the pursuit of happiness? Was it just an accidental oversight?

People are not born with rights from God; people are born with sinful natures to be corrected. The liberals never correct themselves, but rather remain juvenile delinquents. Who more than Al Franken exhibits at this time the spirit of a delinquent? God grants us happiness only when we deserve it. God does not give us a right from birth to pursue happiness, and it doesn't change when someone receives an American citizenship. In this regard, Jesus said only that the Father allows the sun and rain to fall on both the good and the evil, but he said nothing about their having any rights. He also says that if we seek first things conducive to His Kingdom, that we will receive our happiness, more or less. The framers of the constitution merely imagined rights from God as when a pope or cult leader dreams up a new doctrine based on nothing.

We can extrapolate the words of Jesus to mean that all good things on earth go to both the good and the wicked, not at all meaning that the wicked deserve them, and especially not as a right. The Rothschilds have raped the human race. It would have been better had they raped only the geology, but they have raped humanity too. We learn from this that God allows the wicked time to repent, but, if they do not, they are in for a terrible reward as soon as they die.

Here's Moore's legal team coming out a second time, now on the 21st, with acute claims to make the liberals look unprofessional. It's just as though the media didn't do its job because it didn't do its job. Even Fox is being trashed:

On the so-called informant on Uranium One, the scandal is nothing new. It's that the informant notified the FBI about a Russian plot to take over some American-uranium refinement, which is in itself not a big deal in my eyes since the uranium is always possessed by the USA. However, the Russian company may very-well have been granted secret methods to slip some uranium to Russia in return for secret payments to Obama and others. Now we get to jail time without question, if it can be proven. The most-useful part of the informant thus far seems to be the vilifying of Hillary and Obama by their letting the deal go forward after seeing that the Russian company was acting corruptly. There is nothing new here but the affirmation of the evidence. We already knew that the Clintons were using this sale to line their own pockets, but the FBI's hushing-up of this informant has the buck stopping at Obama's feet.

The Russian company may have been acting corruptly exactly because they knew that the American leaders were very happy to take payoffs. This is what's behind the scandal: the worse that the Russian company behaved, the more guilty Obama and the Clintons. Yet this is only one of the secret things that Obama did with Hillary; her deleted emails would expose others.

Trump has yet to confess and repent of betraying his voters. Immediately upon taking Office, this president hired establishment people, that's what I'm talking about by the betrayal. When Trump sided with McConnell in opposing Roy Moore, the reason may have been due to his need of McConnell for the tax-cut drive. It makes sense, anyway, yet Trump offended God by that move. Not only have most Trump supporters with a youtube channel failed to blast Hannity for his abuse of Moore, but they still hold Trump closely as their political savior. Very scary. I would be very concerned with my salvation should I have adopted that attitude. We don't want to be judged by the Father as giving Jesus mere lip service. Until the First Resurrection takes place, there is no such thing as once-saved always-saved. "Not everyone who says to Me, 'Lord, Lord'..."

There are no end to rinky-dink claims on youtube about satanism invading the churches. Youtube is filled with Christian-prophetic junk that should be ignored. The huge majority of the material is of that nature. But here's a video that you will find disturbing; I urge you to see no more after just a few minutes:

I saw one with Kenneth Copeland (Texas) saying that the best day in his life was when he met pope Francis. Copeland is now advocating the reunion of Protestants with the Vatican. There can't be too many believers who still stink that Copeland is a true man of God. Here he is in a second video pushing reunification with the papacy:

There are a lot of normal Christians. They're just not making cheap youtube videos or running rinky-dink websites. You never hear from them. If, by judging by the silly educational material in ChristianLand you are losing hope, don't. Stop looking in the wrong places for your education. I got so sick of it all last night that I decided, for the first time, to just watch a Christian movie. But youtube fed me three movies, when asking for Christian ones, that were NOT Christian movies. There you have the epitome (the ass) of the liberal world today, playing tricks on us. In the end, they lose their reputations and we keep ours solid.

I ran out of things to say, and the news was empty. I don'ty remember an update this short.


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