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Nov 28 - Dec 4, 2017

The Comfort of Jesus When We Live for Him
Judicial Watch Scores Against the FBI
Mueller Fails to Score Using Flynn

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I'm not taking email at this time, here's why. I apologize to all having left email, as I can't even mail to inform you.

These are evil days. There are rotten souls out there unafraid to slander Jesus in the worst of ways. When I was a child, no one would have heard anything so blasphemous as we hear regularly now in online comments sections. It's not coincidental; this is the anti-Christ spirit by those who either feel sure that Jesus was an imposter, or who hate his restrictions on life, who want to make a big splash for the anti-Bible movements owned by liberals.

I'd like to speak on an event when I was seven years old. I heard a voice, "Will you live for me?" Just look at those words, and let me give you a backdrop to them. If you have weak faith and have been bothered or worried by the anti-Christs, thinking that they might be right about their view of Jesus, just look at those words. Where did they come from? My parents didn't attend church to that time in my life, and when they did go as I approached nine or ten years of age, they attended "mass" with Latin speakers. You never would have heard the words, "Would you live for me." Those words are exactly something that we'd expect from the New Testament, from Jesus himself. I didn't have a New Testament at age seven, nor even at age ten. I didn't know what one was.

Trust in these words that I heard. I was a normal kid. There was no such thing in the mid 1960s as not-normal kids. We were all normal. Our teachers were essentially of one mind, and even if feminism and the sexual revolution was starting in the mid-60s, there was no animosity against Jesus yet. This wouldn't arrive until after the satanic rock bands of the 1970s. I heard the voice when the Beatles were making their debut with song lines such as, "I wanna hold your hand." Television shows still honored the good guys, and Biblical evil was not yet being lavished with respect from Hollywood.

Our street still had ditches. I hopped the ditch from Jay street, and started to run toward the door of the house, on an angle across the lawn, all alone, when this voice, "Will you live for me," took me by surprise. I will never forget the words. There was no one on the street. None of my friends were there. No one was on the lawn. The words did not come from a parent. I heard them as normally as one would hear another human, yet I knew they were not spoken by a human. I had never heard a voice before that was not spoken by a human. I don't recall hearing another such voice until I had become a Christian after my early 20s. The long and the short of it is that you can trust me on this: Jesus was there. For all of the people thinking they are so smart for being so sure that Jesus is an imposter: Jesus was there.

When I think of what even came to mind to the apostle Paul, that if Jesus did not rise from the dead, all of our faith is in vain. It's a horrible thought for me, because I've invested my entire adult life in Jesus. If it's all for nothing, and if it's all for an imposter, it makes me feel sick. Some of you may think that Jesus wanted to be a holy man, or that he convinced himself that he was the Father's right-hand man, yet, alas, nothing could make him such in reality if it just isn't true. There's no use faking it if it isn't true. But the good news is, it is true. It just is. It's written in the Gospels that way that it is because it is simply true. And even the sudden rise of anti-Christs and false prophets in these days help serve the fact that Jesus is the son of God. I caution the anti-Christs: hold your toques, you will be very sorry.

For those of you who need to hear this from me, here I am. I have more to say, if you trust that I have a solid / normal mind. Anything is possible; anyone might hear or see something that is a trick of the mind, but let me go on. What did I do when I heard this voice? I stopped running. I was midway across the lawn. The voice seemed to me like an intruder. I was not taking kindly toward it. He did not introduce himself to me by name, but just said, "Will you live for me?" It was an awesome question that immediately called for me to enlist into the service of someone I had not known. I don't even remember anyone talking to me about the concept of God. I may have seen baby Jesus at Christmas time, on television, but I have not one recollection even of that. If I had seen the manger scene on television, or at school, I probably didn't understand it. I don't recall my parents explaining it to me. I don't recall a teacher explaining it to me or to the class as a whole. All I can remember is Santa Claus. My parents talked about his coming, but I knew it was fake.

When the voice asked me to live for him, I said, "No, I want to have fun." I think it's expected of a child to respond in this way. It shows that he's taken-up by a request he's not even sure he can fulfill. What did it even mean, to a seven-year old, to live for this someone who spoke from out of nowhere? Who was he? How could I be sure that it was safe to live for him? Is this going to be be weird? Shouldn't I ask my parents first? Yet, I didn't ask what he wanted me to do. I was more-or-less afraid, and turned him down. Of course, looking back on it now, I should have asked what he wanted me to do? I didn't realize at the time that this visitation was fairly unique amongst kids. I should have viewed myself as special, but did not. I did not revisit the request the day after, or the week after, or the month after. I wholly forgot about it, and went on with being a kid.

I had the sense that God was offended by me. After I said, "No, I want to have fun," I sensed a response to the effect that, unless I change my mind, I would end up in a bad place. I didn't see the bad place, but those were the words I could sense in response to my rejection. Does it not sound like the Biblical concept of Hell and judgment? How did this thing come to mind? I don't recall anyone telling me about this bad place. Surely, on the impressionable mind of a child, he would remember the time and place well if someone were to tell him, for the first time, about Hell. But I have no recollection of such a conversation prior to that day on the lawn.

I very-much disliked God's response to me. It was like leaving me with a lump in my throat. I remember my attitude well. I said to him, "I hope I change by then, but not right now." I knew that I had to change, and I somehow trusted this person not to allow me to go to a bad place, but, for the moment, I felt that I had to turn him down. Why is that? Why could I have not been more brave? Why couldn't I have entertained Him with some proper respect? What was it about living for an invisible being that turned me off?

I valued my life and childhood too much to give up, and was too foolish to realize that God could spoil the quality of my life if I continued to reject Him. This very conversation between us was the age-old sin problem, the very same that was between God and Israel. It never changes. It's the human plight. We love life, and want to live it in the full, not bothering with "work" for God, as that seems like a downer somehow? But why do we view it as a downer? What about the rewards from living for God, which amounts to a better-quality life, does it not? Are sinners so daft that they don't acknowledge the rewards in living for God?

The fact of life: God doesn't give us a choice. We are required to live for Him, and, if we don't, our lives will become horror stories. We can kick and fuss like spoiled brats, but surely we will be ashamed, just as the Bible promises us. Those of us whom have accepted Jesus have grown up, faced the Reality, and we understand it enough now to make sense of things. There is a Creator, and he can't just walk away and pretend he doesn't exist just because some of us would like him to. He is what he is, and it's up to us to accept it, to live with it. If we try to set up our own universe without Him, it will be a dismal failure.

Yes, some rebels seem to be minimizing their losses from God, and reaping successes. It doesn't appear that God is ruining their lives much in return for their rebellion. Yes, but the end of this generation has not yet arrived. God has not yet responded to all in full. And, I think, He has decided to respond all at once, on the DAY, as a surprise. This is how he will deal with the sinners and anti-Christs in this day. You don't want to be self-deceived, thinking that Judgment will never arrive when it surely will. If your life has been spoiled, it might just be because He wants you saved. Count it a blessing if you've been woken-up "rudely" by God. At least you've had a personal warning sign; many will not.

Is working for God really that bad? No, not for the most part. Working for God is to accept the reality, that God is a good person. There can't be anything too hard or unlikable about that. We are glad that God is not cruel by nature, though he returns cruel for cruel. The worst part about serving God is the anguish we suffer from response / reactions against us from the anti-Christs. It's difficult to live with them in their twisted thinking. They turn everything on its head, projecting their own insanities upon us. They aim to make us very uncomfortable in our victorious choices. If you try to reason with them, it's a tossing of pearls to swine. They won't let us off the hook, but will go down to Hell making life difficult for us. As you can see, they are adamant that all of life should be in opposition to God's nature and will. These people are our end-time trials, and it will come to violence in some cases. I wish it were not true.

In just one generation, my own, this has taken place. Before I was out of my 20s, satanism was all over the airwaves. They are recording everything about us as individuals. You can't get more insane than that. What do they suppose that they will do once they have files on all of us? Persecution. There are ways to make life difficult for us if they choose to, and they will choose to. They have already begun to do it. I don't know what ails them. They can't allow Christians to operate unscathed. It is so sad to see my generation going down like this, they have no realization on how bad the bad place will be for them. I cannot rejoice over this; it is a true horror story. Their justification against God is so unwarranted that God will not relent. For them, it will be cruelty in return for cruelty against God. There is your bottom line. It will be most cruel where they truly believe that there is no God. He will hide himself from them, and will surprise them out of his sheer cruelty toward them. They will learn first-hand the cruelty of God that they accuse him of without justification. He is not cruel to those who are not cruel toward Him.

You can own what I'm saying to you. It's yours for the taking. Even if there is a 50-percent chance that I'm telling you the truth, you have reason to rejoice greatly because Jesus Christ is a great reality. ETERNAL LIFE, just think of it. No sting of death. You have something to look forward to. Just think of it. And I am not lying, I heard those words, you can depend on them. They are your words, for the taking, for surely Jesus intended me to tell that story so that you too can have hope. And there is more.

Four years later, at age 11, I was waking up with my head going from side to side. I heard myself saying, "No, I don't believe in you, God, I don't believe in you...". At the tail end of the second repeat, loud thunder occurred, and lightning flashed outside my bedroom window. It felt as though the bright energy bounced off my pillow and onto my forehead, it was so bright. I heard a noise in the ceiling outside the bedroom door, like something electrical rolling through the attic. No one in the house realized what had happened until a neighbor knocked on the door to say that broken bricks from the chimney were scattered on the roof. That was the noise I heard in the ceiling, bricks rolling down the asphalt shingles.

This event belongs to you. God gave us this event so that we could know that he lives, and that he hears children when they mutter things from their bed. I don't remember a dream. I don't remember that God was speaking to me, trying to make me believe in him, while I slept, to explain the words I was repeating when waking. Why was I saying those terrible words? What had gotten into me? You would think that, after such a terrifying event, I would have straightened out with God, especially after his invitation to me at age seven. But I did not straighten out. What kind of a fool was I?

Unless this event was for you and for me, I can't understand it in any other way. How many other kids have a hard time believing / comprehending God, and yet He does not strike lightning some 20 feet from their bed? What was he doing with me? It wouldn't be for another ten years before realizing how fortunate I was to have received those Signs. That's what they were, weren't they? A wicked generation will receive no Sign, yet I had received two before I had hair on my face. But, as you can see, I didn't deserve either Sign. I must conclude that those Signs were for you. The end times would bring armies of mockers breaking down our faith, and we need evidence from Him that He is really there, as the Father of Christ.

Just think of how important our faith is. Jesus said that the end times would test our faith, and that only whosoever endures to the end, with faith alive, will be saved. We might say that, with man, this is impossible, but that, with God, we will have the signs necessary to keep our faith alive. Just think of the great value. When we are like candle flames flickering out, ahh, there will be the sign from God to rekindle things, to keep us alive. Just think of how great our joy will be when, after suffering fears that, maybe, just maybe, Jesus has never been the Son of God, he turns out to be after all. If this is what you want more than anything, get ready for great joy.

God looked ahead to my old age. He saw that the foolish child would not be happy with this world after all. He saw me disappointed with the way my generation went. Even after partaking with the sinners, I came to realize that they were vanity, folly. Life started to feel like a ship at sea, drifting to nowhere. This world was utterly lost. The youth hated it. And I came to get serious with God at 21, almost 22. I drank up His word, and found my niche in prophecy. It seemed that He could return at any given year. The youth hated this world, yet they rejected Christ as its answer. It was mesmerizing to watch the world go blind at enmity against God. It was hard to take. One could predict that, as the years wore on, the rebellious would become at war with God precisely because people like me existed. Having done nothing wrong against them, they hated us. We wished for the salvation of their souls, but they hated us, and they have come to see us as a spiritual disease. They pick a bone with us in every way conceivable in order to justify their attitudes against our God. But He's the One who wants to save you, to give you life; why are you picking a bone against Him? It's inexplicable, unless they have what I had, the wish to live and love life without God getting in the way. But I was a child when feeling that way; as a man, I realized that we can't just shut God out from his own Creation. Yet, the fools who despise us still think that way as adults. It's mesmerizing. They are runts in adult bodies, like human refuse, unable to do any good at all. This is my reality which they have forced me to live, and they are only getting going.

Here is a lovely, lovely story, a product of the 70s:

After what some would consider a typical, sinful teenage life, I felt painfully flat, going nowhere in a world that seemed hopeless. You may have felt the same at that age. In all the countless times that I was doped up with others, I recall just one night of hallucinations, on two back-to-back hits of LSD, at the age of 17. I recall the year; I was definitely 17. I was almost 22 when I gave my life to Jesus. I had not hallucinated again after that one time. I was not the kind to see things that were not there. But in my 21st year, I was renting a furnished room that had a mirror leaning against the wall while standing on a desk. Whenever I sat at the desk, there I was in the mirror. So, one night, I started to doodle away, and sketched my own face in pencil. It turned out not bad, and so I tacked the finished product to the wall.

Soon after, as I was getting into bed, I happened to be looking at this sketch when about five different faces, of people I did not recognize, started to appear within my sketched face. They were superimposed upon my face. The second-last one was of my head by the side view, and I remarked that this was the person I'd like to be, much better than the person I saw in my sketch. Each face lasted about a second, very quick in succession. Was I seeing things? No, because the last image was Jesus, and he lasted about four or five seconds, long enough for me to give my head a shake, and to see him remain. If I had seen only Jesus, I might have convinced myself that I was seeing things, but as he appeared after a succession of other faces, with a renewed me, I've got to believe that it was a true vision of the Lord, for it's very doubtful that my mind could play such tricks as to seer a half-dozen different faces in succession.

That event led to my conversion, and to the recollection that, at age seven, Jesus asked me to live for him. And when I remembered that lightning at the chimney too, I cried for being so stupid all those years. What had I been thinking? What blinders had been on my eyes?

When begging God to grant me the Holy Spirit, not long after seeing the vision of Jesus, I felt a power wanting to enter me. It was a little frightening, actually, and I told Him to stop. I felt as though I were being invaded by something foreign. But knowing that I had to trust, I let God continue, to enter me, and when it was done, the greatest peace you ever felt, so hard to explain unless you've experienced it. That invasion was, I think, the Biblical circumcision of the heart. I was made new. I then went to read the Bible, a thing I could not do before, and discovered that everything I had experienced was in the New Testament. Jesus called Him "the Comforter," and said that He would feel like living water moving within.

Without asking any questions, and without having any doubts, I came to KNOW -- not merely to believe -- that Jesus was the Son of God, and that the apostles / Bible writers had been telling the truth after all. There is simply nothing in life that can mean so much, yet everyday life, over the years, can cause us to neglect the gift, or to regard the Spirit with less importance than we did at first. For me, anyway, there was not a continual string of visions and audible messages to keep me ever-excited about my God. Life got plain mundane, not exactly moving mountains all over the landscape. Every once in a while, God would do an obvious kindness just to let me know He is there, watching over, so that I would not give up, not forget Him. And that's the way things go: He will keep us until the Day, without fail...unless we fail Him and walk away. We all need to be tested, and, likely, we will all perform worse than we may have striven for. It seems that we need to be kept humble, we all need to recognize how useless we would be if not for some Holy-Spirit power in our beings, so that Jesus alone will be found worthy of glory on the Day. It's true, the Bible says that we will be glorified with Him, but, as you likely know, if you've been a serious believer, there is nothing in us worthy of glory. Our hope is that the "old man" will one day be cut off completely, and I think that physical death is the one thing to accomplish it.

This concept of a unity / union between God and man is so special we must never neglect it. If you've tasted God, you know that He's not weird or strange in the way we might envision an interplanetary alien. He's a lot like us because he made us that way. From the beginning, there was the stuff within us of getting along with Him. We are His image but corrupted. But when we taste Him, as He moves into us, we can sense the contrast between normal human life and his perfect "humanity," so to speak, full of capability. And because we are much alike, we are able to understand Him. He is in every way a Father because he made us to be sons. There is a big difference between a mere alien from Planet X who has no connection to us, and a Creator who made us to inter-relate from the beginning.

If you view God correctly, you see him as VERY BIG. If you understand him correctly, you can't comprehend his magnificence or his intelligence levels. You acknowledge that He is far beyond our mental abilities. The way our enemies speak, you would think that God is a bit of a dummy, doing all sorts of wrong things. You get the impression that these enemies would run the universe a lot better, and that they would care for "human rights" far more than God. What ails these idiots? What arrogance has wrapped itself around their throats? They can't be serious? Ahh, they are dead serious, so serious that they claim there is no God.

It takes a lot of admirable character for someone like Jesus, able to perform miracles, to shy away from spending his nights in the homes of the wealthiest followers. One rather gets the impression that Jesus didn't bathe daily due to the need of traveling about, and that his robes were worn and dirty-white. In fact, in the vision I saw of him, his robe was dirty-white, like when one repeatedly washes linen without detergent so that it looses brightness, because some of the soil remains integral within the fabric. We don't get the impression that Jesus wore jewels and the finest of clothing. In this regard and more, He's exactly what decent people today want, someone unlike their leaders who operate for money, and by money. There is a divide in humanity between those who understand humility, and the Herods and Trumps who lavish their bodies with the finest of things money can buy. How is Trump any better than a Herod in this regard? Have you seen Trump's home? He doesn't have long to live, and neither do any of us. Trump is very close to eternal condemnation. If he hasn't repented yet, it's highly unlikely he ever will.

When looking at the world properly, we give God the upper hand. If He doesn't grant a certain human right, then the stupids of the world, such as Obama the know-nothing, have no right to claim those rights for humans. This is so simple we wonder how a law student like Obama could be so ignorant and arrogant all at once. But he is, he really and truly is. If God says no, Obama has no right to say, yes. It's so simple, but Obama doesn't get it. We Christians cannot betray God for the tossing and turning of the world foam. Obama has betrayed God, but we Christians shall not. If queers are not given their right to practice their loathsome addiction, we Christians will keep to that Law. That's because we're the true smart / wise ones. It is required of all people to steer clear of the wrath of God, but Obama steers his hearers into opposition against God. What kind of a lawyer is that? Whose advocate is he? Not mine, that's for sure.

No one can force us to not fear God; in all good conscience, we have decided to follow the laws of Jesus. If there are some anti-Christs who wish to mocks us, then that's the work we have been called to. We could have skipped serving God to proceed straight to the celebrations of eternal life, IF there were no willful sinners, no lawless ones, no anti-Christs. But on account of them, God calls us to live for Him, and this means to set ourselves against the liars, the ones who listen to evil spirits. It's not our first wish in life to put up with these demented brats, but this is our reality. There is work to do because they will succeed in destroying the faith of many. They will succeed in luring some believers back to their vomit.

Our enemies use tricks to deceive. That makes sense. Part of our calling is to know our enemies, and to point out both their silly ideas and their deception. Evolution is the silliest idea ever, but it's been taught from the authority of the school system only because the evolutionists made it a point to seize political structures. There are plenty of evolutionists in high places, and that's what has carried their theory to the students, certainly not the scientific merits behind it.

If there are any mountains that consist of sedimentary rocks, then they were once under ocean water, not millions of years ago, but a few thousand years ago in the Biblical flood. That event was an example of the great wrath of God, but instead of its acting as a deterrent to this day, the evolutionists have rejected it as a silly fantasy. But why is a global flood silly? It can be explained as easily as the heating of the planetary core. We don't need to guess at the result of a heated core. Waters under ocean floors would be forced upward, and consequently they would begin to submerge some continental land masses. With further heat, magma would break through the ocean floors and pile up on the sea floors (these are called, mid-ocean ridges). The transfer of material from below to above the sea floors would displace water, causing more water to submerge continental land masses. Thirdly, internal heat would cause the sea floors to bow like a balloon, causing more sea water to be displaced onto the continents. I am of the opinion that, within the first thousand miles of the 4000-mile depth of earth, there is sufficient water mass to add 2-4 miles in sea level. That's a global flood.

Fourthly, with a heated planetary core, sea waters would warm unusually, increasing the evaporation at the surface, and causing a lot of rain. Although the Bible writer didn't explain why there was 40 days of continual rain, internal planetary heat can explain it, and, in fact, it's the only explanation. To get lots of rain, there needs to be lots of heat in ocean waters.

The Bible writer did not say that 40 days of rain is what covered the earth to the heights of mountains. Instead, he said that the fountains of the oceans were opened up. While that doesn't sound like an exact scientific explanation, it's more than good enough for us to realize that holes through the sea floors were formed out through which waters flowed that were initially under sea floors. Sea level and gravity serve to keep waters under the sea floors, and the only way to get waters to flow upward is to heat the planetary interior. The heat was so vast that it burned holes (volcanic tunnels) through the ocean floors. Think about it; it works.

Once you know that the Biblical flood is a fact of history, and that there's a Creator, out you can toss both the theory of evolution and the big bang. You simplify your world because you no longer need to worry your head about the complicated and impossible modifications of species, nor the formation of the universe by fat-chance processes. And that's what we Christians are, deniers of modern science, and proud of it. You can't ride the fence on this. Go Creator, you won't be disappointed. There is a vast difference between the dark theory of cosmic evolution where, once dead, you are always dead, forever, and the Creator who is able to raise your soul to eternal life, and to give it both meaning and a family of like-minded ones. The right choice is obvious, and it's so glorious one would need to love death to reject it.

God is just so happy to find people who give him the natural regard He deserves. He's not the type to brag, but, over and over again, he told a sinful Israel that He's great and mighty. They needed to be told what they were missing. It's not that they needed a reminder, but that they needed to be taught from scratch, for they had simply forgotten God. Look at me, now almost 40 years since my conversion, talking like this. I haven't let go. I still praise God; I still hope for my own salvation, and look forward to what different sort of world and life He has in store for those who love Him. This is not a small thing that we should roll our eyes and go on to something more exciting. On the Day of his terrifying Return, everything you once thought was exciting and meaningful in this world will leave you feeling like a complete jerk. Instead, be wise and count God the most thrilling thing that will ever come over a life. Because, if that's your attitude, the Day will not be terrifying.

You need to resolve your attitude. You need to crowd other things in your life out of your mind and heart, and make sure you dwell on God to the point where he is number one, His natural spot. You need to show Him that you are serious in uniting with Him. If at first you don't succeed because your heart feels weak, try, try again. He will come to you...providing you're not getting drunk two or three times a week, and looking for fornication, etc. You've got to value your own soul. If you count yourself as nothing, or if you don't mind dying one day where you think that death is all there is, then you may not be Christian material. You have got to value your own soul enough to ask for salvation, and you've got to do the things that secure your salvation with more certainty. A healthy Christian life is much better than walking the fence between Heaven and Hell. The choices you make will be the differences between feeling secure versus insecure with God. If you play with fire too much, you may find that God slips away from you, not vice-versa, and he might allow you to lose faith because he doesn't want a lukewarm believer. Forgiveness of sins is the first step, but working for Jesus comes next, and working for Him includes obeying His laws.

Obeying his laws can be boiled down to being a good and decent person. If you like being honest, and if you want others around you to be honest, it seems to me that you're well on your way to being Christian material. But desiring these things will not get you saved if you despise God, or if you are indifferent to Him, where he means nothing to you. You have done good to act honestly, but you have done evil to reject God. Salvation begins with acceptance of God through Jesus, and is nailed solid with such things as honesty, gentleness versus crassness, compassion verses divisiveness. You should be familiar with all the undesirable human qualities; you see them everywhere on television and in movies. These media often seek to change your attitude. Flee these programs, and swat the flames from your pants as you leave because you have set them on fire by watching repeatedly. In the evening, it is better to burn a gentle candle in quietness before the Lord than to watch action-packed, secular programming. But if you don't find communion with God when you sit to find it, you need to address whatever He wants of you. Speak the right word, and you will find Him. Guaranteed, that if we can put away our sins, we will find Him with the right attitude. Actually, we won't find Him, but He will break on us.

Speaking the right word means to wrestle with what God wants changed about us. Once we have the courage / honesty to address it, we will also have God's ear. There is no magic word. You can't concoct the right words where your heart isn't in them. Once we've addressed what we think or know God wants addressed, we've got to develop a track record. If we address it for only a week and then forget that it matters to Him, that's no track record. Working for Jesus means to apply ourselves in correcting whatever needs to be. Do I cuss too much under pressure? Work on it. It's not rocket science. Try taking it easier, and applying less pressure on yourself. The words of Jesus, and his own attitude, informs what he wants from us. "Do not worry," because, if you worry, you apply pressure on yourself. Too much pressure will rock your spiritual boat. Take it easier. How about that gentle candle (or low lighting) in the evening quiet? It sounds pretty soothing. God's not calling us to recklessness, or taking a whip to our backs to get us moving faster. He's kind and gentle. It's everything you've wanted, a power much greater than your own, as your own Father, roughly plopped into your own lap, because you earned Him there.

Yes, we need to earn God's attention. If all we have is, "Lord, Lord, I believe, I believe," so what? Anyone can accomplish that little. Try impressing Him. How? You figure it out. Make a plan. Carry it out. See how he reacts. Or, if you want, watch television and waste it all away. Once you have a years-long television track record, try getting His attention. It's going to be much harder. You understand; God gets offended. Be cool toward God, but don't expect to snap your fingers to get a Father hot to serve you. If you don't like being used, don't use God.

The anti-Christs clamor: where is God? There is no evidence of God. Not a wonder, for since they despise him, he never breaks on their lives. Unless God breaks on your mind / heart, you will never see / experience him. Those who continually mock His people, asking, "where is this Jesus," they are stubble beneath His feet. Everyone needs to start somewhere; there is immediate hope as soon as one starts. Start, and then finish the race. We won't be disappointed. No matter how stupid you have been, because you thought you possessed a special ability to know that God does not exist, you can start. You will need to exercise faith and sorrow to prove whether or not God exists in your hearing. You need to show sorrow for your past track record.

"Even if I need to go to Hell, I'll love you from there." Those were the words I spoke to God while begging him for His Spirit. They are not magical words that you can use to find the same result. They were my words, from my heart. I was dumping on Him. I was begging. And he heard me. Three times I begged, and he broke on me. I wasn't expecting it. I felt so lucky. The anti-Christ will say that I was imagining things, but that's exactly what we expect of a still-stupid too wise in his own eyes to beg God for his own salvation. Liberals and queers will be aborted from life.

Feminists will need to deal with God's right to choose abortion for some of His unwanted children. With their own words, they will be judged. If they have the right to kill their own unwanted children, how much more right does God have to do the same? You see, they are sealing their fate by taking a "pro-choice" stand. And, we hope, the children they aborted will receive eternal life. If the mothers are themselves aborted, it will hurt lots. I do not wish condemnation on anyone, and neither does God. To suffer torment is very, very bad. Change your attitudes, feminists, queers, drunks, thieves, pornographers and casino builders. The Abortionist is coming and will not relent on that Day, or the day of your physical death, whichever comes first. This is not a scare tactic to make anyone a Christian by a trick. You are witness to the evil of this generation, which proves that condemnation is a right that people have earned for themselves. It will be the correct thing to do to kill these people, to throw them into the trash heap of death in a "mass grave." So has the Judge ordered. He has testified to this before it happens so that all have collectively been warned.

After my conversion, my parents wanted to drive me to a psychologist to get me de-brainwashed. I was so offended. At that point, they weren't even religious. As time went on, they took on the Vatican religion very seriously, and charged me for betraying their religion. I told them that I had never been of their religion, but they said I was born into it. I denied it. It was hopeless. At first, my father was like the devil to me, and my mother was like the darkness draped over a soul like a robe. She loved Mary, but never spoke of Jesus. She was religious, yet in darkness. No matter that I told her again and a again that Mary was only the mother, she viewed this as important. There was no changing her mind. For her, the "mother of God" was as important as the Son of God. It wasn't much joy to honor my parents for years while disagreeing on this matter. My father often asked me to leave his house when I tried to convince him that the Vatican has been a fake church. I taught them to speak directly to God, and to Jesus, but I have no idea whether they ever practiced / respected anything that came out of my mouth, for until this day they have looked down on me like the black sheep. I know, in my parents, the very sort of spiritual retardation that infected the Pharisees. The latter fooled themselves by their robes and religious establishment.

Whenever you meet someone today who shows animosity toward Jesus, it tends to spoil the brotherhood spirit desired by God in all of us. How can a weed relate well to the wheat when it wants to choke the wheat out? The weeds are very busy online spoiling communication with everything they can muster. Their filthy mouths, mingled in with Christian talk, are a tool they are proud to use. And they like to show us how smart they are for coming up with a fine-sounding argument to paint all Christians as secret blood suckers by night, for example.

If you want a fine explanation on the Holy Spirit's role in Christians, read the 14th chapter in the Gospel of John. I'll quote the entirety here:

Do not let your hearts be troubled. You believe in God[a]; believe also in me. 2 My Father’s house has many abodes; otherwise, I would have told you. As I go to prepare a place for you, 3 and if I go to prepare a place for you, I will come back and take you to myself so that where I am you may also be. 4 Where I go, you know the way.

5 Thomas said to him, “Lord, we don't know where you are going, so how can we know the way?”

6 Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. 7 If you knew me, you would have known my Father as well. From now on, you do know him and have seen him." 8

Philip said, “Lord, show us the Father and that will be enough for us.”

9 Jesus answered: “Such a long time I have been with you and you have not known me, Philip? The one having seen me has seen the Father. How can you say, ‘Show us the Father’? 10 Don't you believe that I am in the Father, and that the Father is in me? The words I say to you are not from myself. Rather, it is the Father, abiding in me, does his own work. 11 Believe you me that I am in the Father and the Father is in me; or at least believe on the works. 12 Truly, truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and greater things than these they will do, because I am going to the Father. 13 And I will do whatever you ask in my name, so that the Father may be glorified by the Son. 14 You may ask me for anything in my name, and I will do it.

15 “If you love me, you will keep my commands. 16 And I will ask the Father, and he will give you another Comforter, that he may be with you forever, 17 the Spirit of truth that the world cannot receive because it neither sees him nor knows him. You know him, for he remains with you and will be in you. 18 I will not leave you as orphans; I am coming to you. 19 Before long, the world will not see me anymore, but you will see me. Because I live, you also will live. 20 On that day you will realize that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you. 21 Whoever has my commands and keeps them is the one who loves me. The one who loves me will be loved by my Father, and I too will love them and show myself to them.”

22 Then Judas (not Judas Iscariot) said, “But, Lord, why will you manifest yourself to us, but not to the world?”

23 Jesus replied, “Anyone who loves me will obey my teaching. My Father will love them, and we will come to them and make our home with them. 24 Anyone who does not love me will not obey my teaching. These words you hear are not my own; they belong to the Father who sent me. All this I have spoken while still with you. 26 But the Comforter, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, will teach you all things and will remind you of everything I have said to you. 27 Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you; I give you not as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.

28 “You heard me say, ‘I am going away and I am coming back to you.’ If you loved me, you would be glad that I am going to the Father, for the Father is greater than I. 29 I have told you now before it happens, so that when it does happen you will believe. 30 No longer will I speak many things to you, for the ruler of this world is coming, who has nothing in me, but [he comes] so that the world may learn that I love the Father and do exactly what my Father has commanded me.

“Rise, let us go."

As you can see, Christianity is not defined in the way the weeds define it. There can be no Christian that does not possess the presence of the Clean Spirit, whose job it is to make us clean. As you can see, he makes himself visible to us, but does not make Himself visible to our enemies. It's a very logical expectation. There must be a lot more going on, in the Spirit's abiding, than Jesus explained in the one chapter. Healthy life in this body requires comfort. This piece from Jesus is a super-human one, for though he's about to place himself in the hands of his murderers, he's talking about the comfort of his friends immediately before it. Mighty Jesus, thank you, is all we can say. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for what you did for us.

When Jesus transformed himself into a butler, to wash the feet of his 11 apostles, it was a super-human act. He knew that he would be treated terribly that night, and, in the morning, he would be put to death. If that was me, I wouldn't exactly feel like washing your feet. The prophet Isaiah comes to mind where it says, "How beautiful upon the mountain are the feet of those who bring good news." I get the sense that God put some energy into the capacitors of the apostles that would later work itself out as the power to share the good news. What a magnificent story. Unbelievable, you say? To good to be true?

There is not one historical document suggesting that John and the other apostles were lying about Jesus being crucified on Passover. As you realize, especially if you happen to be a rabbi well versed in the Law of Moses, chances were very remote that the Messiah should be offered up to death on the Passover, unless God planned it that way. For centuries since the law of Moses was given, the priests would offer lambs on Passover as a symbol of the forgiveness of the national sins. And now we know why this was part of the Law of Moses, for God had planned to offer his Son up on Passover too.

Just try to imagine how unsuccessful the apostles would have been with the good news if they were lying about the crucifixion on Passover? Jewish enemies of Christ throughout the Greek world would have made documentary light on this lie. But we find not one historical rebuttal to the claim, and so we assume that Jesus really was offered up at Passover. It really is an astonishing thing from the perspective of the Romans conducting crucifixions on the highest holy day of Passover. One would think that the Romans would think better than to do such deeds at that time, yet God made it happen that disgusting way because of the Necessity.

Can we trust that the New Testament wasn't terribly altered from the original forms? See this video for the answer:

Here is a gal being hard to get along with, trying to sow doubt in Jesus, by all appearances. She claims that she cannot prove the existence of God or the resurrection of Jesus. Can you spot where she's wrong? While she can't prove that God exists, God can prove to her that he exists. In order for that to happen, she's got to want God. If she doesn't want Jesus, she will forever be in the dark, and die in her sins. But anyone who wants God enough will behave accordingly, open the mouth and heart toward God, and He will break in on that person with personal evidence tailored just for him/her. God is as near as this woman's heart, only she's keeping her heart far from God:

I happen to agree with the video below when it charges that a Hillsong church in England is infested with demonic overtones. I find it disgusting. I didn't hear of Hillsong until earlier this year when seeking Christian music. I listened to several Hillsong performances, but do not recall recording one. Or maybe just one. I simply didn't like the spirit that I saw coming from their performances. And frankly I didn't like the sounds of the songs, perhaps because they were not inspiring. Watch where you attend church; they are plenty of goats about.

Here's a Hillsong pastor from New York, disgusting:

Does it sound bogus that by stumbling the saints will be purified and refined? Does God not want us to enjoy ourselves so that He has purposely provided painful things? How can pain purify us? The New Testament is filled with mention of trials and tribulations Intended for our growth and purification. One thing we all know from experience, that when all in life goes good, we thank God at first yet eventually stop calling on Him. We more or less start to prosper and in the meantime we neglect Him. But when in trouble, who do we call out to? For me, this looks like a shame to what otherwise is a calling to a desirable thing. Why spoil the Great Calling with troubles furnished by God Himself? Why would God trip us up so that we fall? It sounds so unlike the God we profess. But you can read it in Daniel 11, for example, and it's terrible on the surface. Again, unless God saves us from the pain before it gets to be too much, it seems cruel.

And so this is the test, that if we are turned off of God easily during trials, we are deemed unworthy of Him. God wants us to suffer things to test how much we love Him. Recall Jesus pestering Peter a few times: "Peter, do you really really love me? I mean, really? Your performance last night wasn't very hot, Peter, I think I might rather have the rooster than you for a friend; at least he's faithful every morning" (my liberal translation). Poor Peter, yet we see his good and steadfast heart in his two letters written late in his life. Jesus finished the good work in his life. And Peter says in one of his letters that he and John really did see the transfiguration of Jesus on the mountain, where Moses and Elijah appeared. There is no mistaking the meaning of this event: Moses and Elijah were of God.

Soon after Jesus told them that not a hair of their heads would suffer, John's brother (James) was put to the sword. Killed. It devastated me to read this. I think on it again and again. Or the way that John the Baptist, the Elijah to come, needed to die so brutally. It's clear that God is involved in a serious battle against His enemies, and that something very terrible will befall them in their ends. You just can't fool with this God. You can't get away with it no matter that you slander Him every day. YOU WILL PAY, and you will weep in anguish, desiring comfort but not finding it. I don't know what worse there is, and don't want to find out.

I don't understand what Paul meant when he said that Jesus was PERFECTED by his suffering. We take His example on how to suffer a trial while remaining faithful to God. "Father, I abhor what I must go through tonight. My enemies will rejoice and gloat over my arrest, and mock me on the cross. I don't want to do this, Father, but if you say so, I will, and I'll do it for your glory." Jesus' suffering continued to the very moment of his death, when he felt that the Father had abandoned Him. Think how awful that, in his soul, Jesus thought he was betrayed by God. But this was the sort of death that we all deserved, in a rude spectacle in the sky before the city dwellers while they celebrated a feast. Has your heart ever gone out to Jesus for what he suffered that you might live? If not, how can you claim that you love Jesus? If not, you must love Jesus for some other reason, and, sorry, it's not good enough for the Father. You're in for a rude death, goat.

Think of the reward that Jesus procured, the salvation of countless souls. The hard but temporary pain turned out to be great joy everlasting. And God is calling us to suffer a little, and usually a lot less than Jesus suffered, because it's easy to be a Christian if the Spirit makes all things go well in our lives. But suffering makes us tougher, like plant stems able to handle the force of the winds; we thrive much better after the tough times. No pain, no comfort. There is no such thing as continual comfort. You can't do the things that give you comfort continually, and also enjoy comfort continually. Too much honey, and you'll be sick of it.

So, on the morning of His Resurrection, we discover that Jesus wants to be loved. Peter, I want you to love me. "Jesus, I don't mind loving you, but, please, don't wash my feet, I ashamed of the shape of my toes. Don't get too close, Lord." And the greatest command, "Love the Lord your God with all your heart and strength." What is that? What do our enemies learn from this, if they can learn anything about God, that is? They charge that God is intrinsically cruel, yet a cruel being doesn't want to be loved. What do we learn about God when he wants to be loved by us little, pitiful creatures? We discover by this that life is worth living with God. We discover that he's a really-good guy, how fortunate really, that the only God isn't a very-wicked being. Just think of how lucky we are that the devil is not the true God. And for all we know, God may have permitted the devil to live in our midst to make the great contrast between human life under his rule, which we have all read about in the history books. It has been a dismal history, cruel without end wherever there has been the human pursuit of power and wealth. Just make the contrast between Herod and Jesus, there is no comparison, stupids. Yet our enemies are willing to claim that Jesus was demented while the Herods were not so bad after all. You watch.

It seems that the number-one plan of God is to gather a family conducive to His Kingdom. It doesn't sound very sinister to me. God has family values, but not like the twisted family values of Obama or the Simpsons. God is a Family Man; it's what Jesus taught most by his use of "Father." This is why Christians stressed family values when our enemies were getting the upper political hand on us back in the 70s and 80s. Our enemies then introduced their own family values, but you never heard the word, "Jesus" or "God." It explains why the modern family is a wreck, often torn down by the New Woman herself. This is the woman that marries the Male Wreck, a hopeless situation. The feminist is evil, and therefore chooses an evil mate. She then complains about bad treatment from her evil man, and goes the gamut by claiming that all men need to be usurped by women. That movement is before us right now, where evil women plot to overthrow men in positions of power. Dandy, just in time for Armageddon.

I implore you: stop warring against Jesus before it's too late. This is the message that the Father says, in Revelation, he will send. One disaster will follow another as Signs of the imminent End, Signs calling people to repent. Even then, there will be hope. But, says Revelation, the people will refuse to repent right to the end. It's maddening. Instead of repenting, they will view God as cruel and opposed to human rights, and they will rejoice when God's family is persecuted.

"If you love me, OBEY MY COMMANDS." Liberals can't stomach that statement because it calls them into submission to someone else's rules. A liberal wants no rules. They want what they deem are their own rights to do as they see fit. In reality, they have orchestrated a SYSTEM OF OPPOSITION to God's rules purely and purposely to have an excuse to fight God. We know better, they claim, and Obama is in fact a missionary for their cause against God. It is a great sin in their eyes when someone like me converts against them, to Jesus. But who cares what they think? I see their rotten duplicity, their empty arguments. I see utter fools.

Perhaps Jesus could have used different words than the ones above. It makes Him look like a dictator while calling for love. It sounds as though we have no freedom to make rules for life on our own, but that's not true. We do have the choice of being good guys. Everyone who turns to Jesus must do so because He is a good guy. Jesus is saying that, if you turn to him for any other reason than to align with his way of life, you've failed. Jesus is the Good Guy, anyone who receives him must want to be a good guy, and this requires above all the bond of love between good guys. It's not rocket science, just plain family values.

Jesus could have said it differently: "If you love me, be like me." It's that simple in concept. Strive to be like Jesus. Recognize it when you are not like Him, and try to be. Okay, Jesus, I'll try, but do I really need to wash someone's feet? I'm sure they won't want me to. And it's true, I don't want anyone washing my feet. I know exactly how Peter felt, though it was worse for him because this was his own great master who wanted to do it. We humans don't mind shaking hands or giving a hug, but washing feet is a little too close and humiliating all at once. It just figures that Jesus would make loving one another difficult. But it underscores that this is the PLAN, to make us FAMILY. It's the FAMILY PLANNING of God.

The good news, none of the New-Testament writers call us to wash feet, not even as a ritual. It seems that Jesus was using foot-washing as a symbol of how close he wants a brotherhood to be. The problem with forming a brotherhood, while excellent in concept, is the brothers. Take the Muslim Brotherhood, a band of killers. That's no way to be a brother.

We get caught in a real pickle when fellow believers abuse us. Do we really need to forgive them? Actually, I'm not so sure. Jesus said that, no matter how many times a brother/sister offends us, we are to forgive IF they ask for it. It makes it a lot easier to forgive when someone says he's sorry for what he did to you. But if a fellow believer has not apologized, nor altered course, do we still need to forgive? You might say that, to be on the safe side, try to forgive. But there is New-Testament policy stating that, if a brother/sister sins against you while not repenting, that person can be put out of the church. The problem is, the type or severity of sin that justifies this policy isn't mentioned. It leaves much to personal interpretation.

I agree with love in concept, Jesus, but must I also love the unlovable? Well, maybe not. There is a clear difference in "love your enemies" and washing the feet of your brother. If the anti-Christ is thirsty, give him a glass of water. That is, don't treat the anti-Christ the way that the anti-Christ might treat you. Be better so that the anti-Christ will suffer greater shame at his condemnation. That is, God does not love everyone, especially the unlovable. But He does allow the sun and rain to fall on both his enemies and his family. That's God giving many glasses of water to his enemies. But anti-Christs are unlovable, make no mistake about it, especially when they rail against God's people.

Frank Turek seems very blessed to me for his work wit students:

Jesus didn't say, "If you love me, be like me." He said, "obey my commands," whether we like it or not. It might make us uncomfortable because it calls us to work. We might rather have fun in life than to focus on someone's commands. How many details are involved? Will we ever get it right in an entire lifetime? Will it just get to be too much?

"Obey my commands" is being loyal to the Father, for his commands are the Father's commands. An integral part of the Son's ministry, after the Resurrection, is to make the Church obedient to the Father. When you think about it, it's just right to get it right. If God loves us, he'll want us to get our thinking right. A good father wants to correct wrong thinking. This is what it means where Jesus said, "I will build my church, and the gates of death will not prevail against it." Building the church means nothing if the church doesn't come to thinking right. Death will prevail against us if we don't come to think right. "Obey my commands" means first-of-all to think right. Only then can we start to behave right.

Therefore, in return for the gift of forgiveness, we offer our services to Jesus, to help build the church in God-correct behavior. It opposes politically-correct dictates because the latter have been systematized to oppose God. The rulers of this world have created that system. Part of that system forbids speaking about God in public. It's not politically-correct to do so. That's where the world rulers have taken things. Part of our job as Christians is to urinate upon the anti-Christ world rulers. God's part is to blow hot coals out of volcanoes for to fall onto their heads.

The way to urinate on anti-Christs is to glorify Jesus by correct thinking, by telling of it publicly. We have a great channel to do so thanks to the Internet. Otherwise, it's near-impossible these days to use any other method of sending messages to the masses. You can tell by the choice of their derogatory words against us how much they hate Christians leaving their Jesus-centered messages in comment sections. It pains them because we are not obeying their dictates, and because the Internet has provided us a channel by which to leak and to work together. Leak leak leak the words and rightness of Jesus. The thing is, many Christian comments come without chiding the enemy, but rather in hopes that anti-Christs will see the Light. Some will, and for these there is great rejoicing in Heaven.

To see some modern goats, watch the video below until the 12th minute at least. Ask: are you a goat? In the Bible, goats are said to be a selfish, hypocritical form of Jesus-sheep. Hard to say, but there may be more hope for an atheist than for a goat. Take any one ignorant person in this video (the way I was), and imagine the day when they finally get it, bending the knee in a fountain of tears, confessing sins, and making a pact with Jesus for a new start. Ahh, that's why Jesus went through with the filthy crucifixion. There is no other word for Him: Superman / Hero.

The crying shame is that the ignorant deceivers urge one another on in their teachings from their youth, and like vagabonds, they take on the nature of our modern world. We may have thought that vagabonds were for the dark ages, the Vandals, the Goths, the Vikings, the Barbarians.

If God has forgiven us so much, that's why we are to forgive others the far less they do against us. In 1973, myself and two others found ourselves in the woods, at a cabin. After finding a way in, I found a stash of cash in a bedroom drawer. Dirt-poor at the time, I told my buddies about it, put the money between my teeth, and got fast out of the house to count it. There was about $2,500 between us. The owner of the cabin, Jack, caught us later, because one of the boys lived nearby, and he had purchased a rifle with his share. His father made him confess as to where he got the money, and I was then visited too. I was forced to Jack's home with the other boys to make my confession. Jack never demanded that I pay him back, and didn't get the police involved. We were lucky. I sincerely hope that he had insurance. It was just a detestable thing I did to that old man. Will you forgive me, reader? Because I would never steal a penny nor even a match stick from anyone, and have not done so since the day that I received the Holy Spirit. Jesus changed me.

The following year, I was living in the city near my cousin's place. His two friends decided to rob a drug store for cough syrup, which was being used as a dope by some at that time. I had tried this dope a couple of times. My cousin decided to go along, and asked me to do the same. Once inside, I decided to steal an electric type writer. Two years later, we were caught, and my cousin and I went to court on this matter. I had a good lawyer and got off with probation, being my first offense of that kind that the law knew about. I confess, I really did that, and other sins were piling up. My fellow citizens should be thrilled that Jesus changed, not only me, but millions of others. Not may years later, I began to raise money for World Vision. All money came to me in coin because I collected it from store counters. I rolled every penny, nickel and dime. If even a penny fell to the floor, I would go look for it before forgetting to do so, because I didn't want God to charge me with loosing even a penny. Whoever is faithful in small things can be trusted in large things. You see, Jesus changed me. His words made me clean.

Was it difficult to be obedient to Jesus in regards to giving all that money (thousands) up to World Vision? No, there was no fight at all. I had no temptation to take a penny. The gift of forgiveness to me was not going to be spoiled over a little money, anyway. The point is, obedience to Jesus, in many resects, was now natural, not a burdensome piece of work. It's only burdensome when a person doesn't want to obey. You can see the Crucifixion at work in me, where, because he loved me in that Act, I loved him in return and wanted to please him. That's how it works. And the one forgiven much often ends up serving the best.

Talking about washing feet, there was one Mary, sister of Martha, who wiped the feet of Jesus with her own hair. I don't know whether this was a custom in those days in Israel, but maybe not. Jesus did not object to Mary "wasting" a jar (or part-jar) of highly-expensive perfume on his feet. In other words, this was God's will to honor His Son for what he was prepared to do. It was only a token, anyway, but when God chooses an act, it's perfect. Mary gave up what we may assume was part of her male-attracting system, and we assume that she had purchased it on her own. Wiping his feet with her hair and tears at an earlier time must have birthed this occasion of wiping his feet with the perfume. What does that picture expose? It shows Mary's sorrow, the humiliating extent to which she was willing to go to say, "I'm sorry. I really am." This is the heart desired by God. Have you got it in you? Are you man or woman enough to do the same in your own way? Or are you going to be a stupid mocker all your life, giving your life to stupid mockers as your best friends?

Ray Comfort, the interviewer in the video above, does an excellent job. It's his talent. The reason he asks where all the water came from to cover roughly 75 percent of the planet is that the theory of cosmic evolution, as taught everywhere, doesn't answer the question. The anti-Christs tell us that the planets were formed from gaseous products from the sun. As the fable goes, the solar gases began to circle around the sun in their primal orbits, and cooling off, each gas-in-orbit formed a single planet. The obvious problem has been, though the fable tellers don't make light of it, is that earth got all the H20 = water, while the other planets got no water (or, perhaps, minute amounts). Already the theory is in trouble, but then we have the moon, which they say was formed from the gaseous products of the earth while it was itself still hot, yet the moon got no water while the earth has plenty of it. The theory is rendered into a fable by that one argument alone.

And the planet that has all the water happens to be at just the perfect distance from the sun to allow the evaporation cycle; otherwise, there would be no rain. That's right. If the earth were far enough away that all surface waters were frozen, how much rain, in your estimation, would fall? The earth would not need to be much further away before all ocean water became perpetually frozen at the surface. In such a case, there would be no snowfall on the ice aside from what miniscule amounts of vapor got away from the ice.

If the earth were so close to the sun that water vapor in the air formed at much greater heights (where it's cold enough to condense into droplets), then the droplets, falling to gravity, might dry out (evaporate) before they hit the ground, and up the water would go once again into the perpetual cloud surrounding the entire planet. In other words, such a planet would have a saturated cloud covering the planet, not allowing sun to reach the ground, begging whether the oceans would remain liquid versus ice. But as there cannot be a saturated cloud if the seas are all ice on top, we've got a contradiction, or an impossible situation.

We have got to try to imagine a situation where we move earth closer to the sun, and, as we do so, heavier and heavier clouds form, but we stop taking it closer to the sun when some sunlight and heat, enough to keep the oceans liquid and warm, can yet reach the ground. But this creates tempest situations, conducive to tornadoes / hurricanes. We have seen here on earth what sorts of destruction heavy cloud cover can accomplish when the air is also warm with updrafts. Besides, think of how dismal the planet would be if every square mile was continually cloud-covered, with too much rain, drowning out most plants and trees as we know them. Think of the floods, with people too frightened to live on rivers.

So, you see, the better way to explain the earth is by a Designer who knew the perfect distance needed between earth and sun. But the other planets, having no life by Design, neither needed water, and that's why they didn't get oceans. The anti-Christs are desperadoes when they insist that Mars (or even the moon) has underground oceans. This fable is their attempt to keep their following from scratching their heads at what I'm telling you here. They want their following to believe that their theory of cosmic evolution really did get some water on the moon and Mars. This is why the liars are expending themselves to "prove" that life once existed on Mars, because it in-turn "proves" there is water on the planet, somewhere.

Judicial Watch is Succeeding

News is out this week that Mueller has a lock on general Flynn, forcing him to plead guilty to providing the FBI with false evidence. The matters involved are not very interesting, not very crucial. Flynn's sin seems to be that he wanted the Russians not to start a political war with the United States when the latter was attacking Putin with sanctions. Flynn's message to Russia was, apparently, be patient.

By Saturday, Trump came out to say that Flynn did nothing wrong with his words to Russia, and leading Democrats echoed the same. If this gnat is all that Mueller has on Flynn, how do you say waste of tax dollars on a witch hunt? The only question now is why Flynn lied to the FBI in the first place, if there was nothing to hide. A reasonable answer is that Flynn was worried about the FBI making a mountain out of a mole hill, a real possibility knowing how corrupt the FBI has been in giving false testimony. The FBI needs to answer to its own false testimony, of about the size of a double-humped camel, starting now.

In this same week, Judicial Watch released some FBI documents that reveals the real devil, not so much Flynn for lying to the FBI, but the FBI trying to cover the Clinton corruption in what is exactly illegality. So, I say, continue onward, Mueller the dismal, because so long as you keep on, the backlashes toward yourself will look worse on you. After all, Mueller claims to be interested in the truth, right? The timing of the Flynn guilty plea is too-coincidental with the Judicial-Watch story, and, indeed, the big media are covering Flynn far more than the JW story. May God not let the FBI get away with this. If Flynn can be arrested for lying to the FBI, ditto for Hillary Clinton. Here's the JW story from Fox on December 1:

The revelation last year of an unorthodox tarmac meeting between former President Bill Clinton and then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch set off a frenzied scramble at the FBI to track down the source, newly released documents show.

Conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch, which on Thursday released 29 pages of FBI emails related to the 2016 meeting, said the messages show officials were more concerned about the leak than the substance of the report.

Interpretation: the FBI discovers a whistle blower, and freaks out trying to find his identity in order to silence and punish him. Moreover, the FBI is wholly unconcerned about the nature of the tarmac meeting, ignoring its political overtones and unwilling to check it out for illegalities. That's your brunt FBI, in all truth, under Obama. This is what Mueller will need to focus on if he ever hopes to clear his good name. Poor Mueller, caught in a trap, looking mighty guilty of supporting corruption. Let the article continue:

“These new FBI documents show the FBI was more concerned about a whistle blower who told the truth about the infamous Clinton-Lynch tarmac meeting than the scandalous meeting itself,” Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said in a statement.

The FBI initially claimed it had no documents pertaining to the meeting [how do you say, false testimony and obstruction of justice?]...

The watchdog group, in releasing the files, said FBI officials sent a flurry of emails after the meeting was reported in New York's Observer. One email sent from an unidentified FBI account on July 3, 2016 said, “We need to find that guy” [punish him] and bring him or her before a supervisor. Another said the source should be banned from working security details.

Officials speculated that the source of the leak was a Phoenix police officer. One official said they contacted the Phoenix office and would try to “stem any further damage.”

One official, in a July 2 email, said the article represented a "breach in security protocol" and the Phoenix division would be pressured to "identify the source of the breach."

I see, according to the FBI, unashamed, the guy that tells the truth about a suspicious matter is the one who needs to be punished, sometimes with jail time on a false charge, other times murder made to appear as a suicide. If Trump's team does nothing to jail these FBI employees, then let Trump suffer greatly from their nipping at his arse continually. It's time, Mr. Trump, to arrest Mueller, Comey, the Clintons, and others so that the American people can regain confidence in the justice system. There can be no better time and money spent at this time, and, while the court cases drag on, other guilty people will surface so that this turns out to be a great bonanza as per your promise to cleanse swamp. You will have a landslide in 2020, Mr. Trump, if you do this early enough. If Sessions does nothing expected of him in the next four weeks, then Trump has the responsibility to replace him with someone who promises beforehand to conduct justice where it's obviously needed. There is nothing shameful, and is in fact expected, for the president to choose an attorney general based on whether he will conduct the right things on certain matters.

Many of the emails show redactions that may yet be cleared up. Trump needs an attorney general who will demand and publicize the unredacted emails. Unless he calls for this, his tweets are "fake news." Unless Trump calls for what really matters, he's a paper tiger do-nothing. His supporters are giving the impression that he's draining the swamp when, at best, he's merely freezing it in some fear.

The pro-Obama deep state is perilously close to being fully exposed. There is no other way to interpret the emails obtained by Judicial Watch other than a grand exposure of the federal police department in secret collusion with a corrupt meeting between Democrat power houses. This is called fascism. James Comey and Robert Mueller have been fascists, and we may assume they still are. Unless they are punished, the American nation will crawl on its belly.

Larry Klayman, founder of Judicial Watch (and Freedom Watch), has filed a law suit against Mueller to remove him as the special council (video below). That's interesting, very interesting. But I say that this could be good at first, then bad, because Trump won't drain the swamp unless people are attacking him as Mueller is. About midway into the first minute, we hear that Trump's choice for FBI director (Wray) is being lumped in with Jeff Sessions as problematic, a worthy note. The good news, Mueller was allowed to operate until Klayman started the law suit, and much can be disclosed by this law suit. In the meantime, it can put more freeze on the attacks by the Mueller deep state. Already, Mueller has supposedly removed an anti-Trump FBI leader (but this removal could be official only).

Klayman is in a Newsmax video saying that Trump needs a harder-hitting lawyer than, for example, Jay Sekulow. To the contrary, I'm expecting Sekulow to hit a home run for this cause. We shall see. He won hundreds of documents from the justice department (at least partly on the tarmac meeting), and because they were heavily redacted, his organization is now seeking to have the documents fully readable.

One could consider it a miracle that Judicial Watch one the court case against the FBI that has translated to this bombshell. Naturally, the CNNS of the fake world are not coming up at youtube with this story. Below is a Jay-Sekulow video, of a couple of weeks ago, where we can find evidence that Wray is now helping to clean swamp (perhaps because his arm has been twisted). Sekulow's son shows an FBI document that agrees with the Sekulow side, you see, and this results in the coughing-up of certain documents on Uranium One (= Sekulow v Mueller). We wait for the expedited documents (no date given that I know of):

At one time, it was not generally known that the FBI was part of the invisible government, which some like myself called the Illuminati. It wasn't until the revelations of 9-11 and the Boston Marathon that the FBI started to show exactly how large (powerful) was its ugly head.

Unless the video below (not necessarily from WikiLeaks) is old news with a date late this week, we find pressure building on Christopher Wray to spill the beans on Comey's protection of Clinton. The video speaks on this week's Judicial-Watch bombshell, and so it's probably current news. Wray is about to appear before a hearing, it says. It's been expected that Wray should testify against Comey, and even Mueller, but we will need to see, soon, who's side he's on, which, until now, has been much a mystery:

Below is Lou Dobbs interviewing Judicial Watch, with the latter emphasizing the redactions of the FBI emails, with the purpose of covering up the people at the FBI who were after the leaker. This is the next step, to discover who these FBI people were, and Wray should now be under the gun to reveal them, or let him be pinned to the wall too. It will once again look bad on Trump if Wray turns out to be a cover-up foe. Trump is just another political animal that would NOT be threatening a swamp if it were not attacking him now.

More evidence that Wray is shaping up to be an anti-deep-state tool is in the Sekulow video below (November 16), where the FBI has moved against Planned Parenthood, a real surprise. The bottom line seems to be that the abortion industry starts to look like a tissue-selling drive, or: convince the mothers to slaughter their babies because there's big money in it:

And late this week: "U.S. House Republicans are drafting a contempt of Congress resolution against Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and FBI Director Christopher Wray, claiming stonewalling in producing material related to the Russia-Trump probes and other matters...'The DOJ has now expressed -- on a Saturday, just hours after the press reports on Strzok’s dismissal appeared -- sudden willingness to comply with some of the Committee’s long-standing demands,' Nunes said. 'This attempted 11th-hour accommodation is neither credible nor believable, and in fact is yet another example of the DOJ’s disingenuousness and obstruction.'" There you go, Mr. Trump, the fruit of your choices biting you in your arse. Why didn't you make sure, before picking Wray, that he was the right stuff to do justice??? Wray is under your authority, Mr. President, and you can call him to attend in your office tomorrow morning, and you can ask him point-blank in the face, with CNN and MSNBC in there too, why he won't come clean with the people. This tweeting of yours won't cut it. You've got to do more if you want to be taken seriously. You can fool the shallow with your tweets, but unless you do what's expected in these very-important situations, you're not fooling common thinkers.

You are pussy-footing, Mr. Trump, not commanding. It's okay for the president to command when there is obvious obstruction of justice by the justice department and the federal police. Do your tweets signal alarm in your heart? No. They only show self-serving comments that can be encapsulated by, "I'm innocent." Fine, you're innocent, but the deep state is guilty like deep red. What about fixing that? Who should the people look to for fixing that if not the president and his congressional supporters? There you have congress spinning its wheels with your choices for Justice and the FBI, and there you have the president tweeting like a lark on a fine morning? But not everything is fine and sweet, Mr. Trump, just because you are safe so far. It's being said that Trump's legal team screen at least some of his tweets, but, even so, America is more than about the president's political safeness. There is more than one deep state altering and severely threatening normality for all the people.

"As deputy FBI director for counterintelligence, Strzok also enjoyed liaison with various agencies in the intelligence community, including the CIA, then led by [Obama's] Director John Brennan." There are the top warriors in a nutshell against Trump, and I, for one, welcome this war.

Back in October, if I recall correctly, a court ordered the FBI to give up the emails / documents (to Judicial Watch) by the end of November, and here we are; we have seen them. Tom Fitton, in an opinion piece at Fox News, said, "The FBI finally gave them to us late Thursday." That's late November 30, just to show the how pathetic the FBI is. And if Flynn gets punished for lying to the FBI, what does the FBI get for lying to everyone???

Judicial Watch has done a lot more than Trump has, apparently, by diligence and loyalty to justice. If we had been expecting a dud from JW, we now learn that there is indeed a bombshell. The FBI cover-up we now know about is the very obstruction of justice that the FBI is now accusing others of. But these emails only begin to uncover FBI corruption under Obama. If only Trump would engage self to expose the rest of the corruption, the nation could start to breath easier. It's not enough for congress and the president to keep the unveiled facts to self. The people need to know that injustice and criminality in Justice is being purged. One of the age-old reasons for criminal convictions is to make restitution by the criminal to society, and part of this restitution involves the full disclosure of the crime along with the penalty. As things now stand, the people are complaining that disclosure of government corruption is not happening, and that the appropriate penalties to the criminals are not being handed out. It's a fail-fail so far under the president touted by the naive as the opponent of the deep state.

Part of the problem of Judicial Watch and Jay Sekulow has been Tillerson's state department. Instead of getting the expected truth out of it, it too, like Sessions, has been tight-lipped. Some good news came out this week that Tillerson's last days with the state department will be next month. There is talk that Trump's choice for CIA director (Pompeo) could replace Tillerson at the State. I haven't read enough on Pompeo's positions to make an informed decision on his stand for or against the previous CIA leadership.

On December 4, a headline at Wall Street Journal: "Trump Finds Loopholes in Chief of Staff’s New Regime". It goes on to accuse Trump of having his White-House meetings in the evening, after John Kelly (chief of staff) has left, and that Trump asks the participants not to tell Kelly what they spoke on. It is once again a testament that Trump doesn't have the basic skills of choosing the right people to lead his own house. The problem may have been that Trump was fearful in the beginning, of the deep state, and that he chose their people time and time again due to ploys worked out by the deep state on its own behalf. Or, he may have decided to be faithful to the deep state in the beginning, whereas he's now feeling confident to turn his back on the bumbling fools.

It alarms / confuses me as to why Trump would choose a military man to run the White House. It seems to me that the so-called "chaos" in the White House, prior to general Kelly's arrival, was orchestrated by CIA pawns, and that the chaos vanished as soon as Kelly took over because the CIA was happy to have its White-House spy in place with him. That's my bet on the truth of this matter. If Trump is trying to hide some of his agenda from Kelly, it's probably a good thing, depending on what his agenda is. If Kelly is relaying secret information to the CIA, he's got to be fired. But it'll make Trump look like a bonehead again...unless Trump reveals some sinister plot that Kelly is being fired for. In that way, it's Kelly who looks bad.

It's possible that Trump is playing the CIA, making himself appear loyal where in fact he's seeking to undermine it. That would be great. Trump needs not to make a mistake now, but even if he does, may God's will be done...and we can trust God as a "man of truth." The deep state shall not escape. The Father will glorify righteousness by revealing wickedness in high places, amen. As the countdown to Armageddon continues, there is gradually less time for this exposure to be made. As the cracks begin to show, the deep state will become chaotic, taking drastic measures the results of which are both unpredictable and out of control. The concept that the deep state controls the world will be revealed as a sham. In fact, it is God who controls the world. The wicked do have some ability to control, but this is like the creator of Frankenstein, who, although he succeeds in making a living monster, it's destructive to self and to world. No one calls Frankenstein the governor of the planet. No one loves Frankenstein or pays it any respects.

Christians have been duped into believing that the anti-Christ will be a really-attractive personality outwardly. It's incredible the high numbers of prophecy teachers who still teach that the anti-Christ will be a counterfeit Jesus. I don't know what sort of inability to read ails these writers. Yes, the bulk of the world will "love" the anti-Christ, but not because he's a sweetheart kind of a guy. It should be obvious by now that they will love him because he starts wars against Christians. The more brutal he is, the more they will love him. This donkey will be the perfect example of a ruler spinning out of control. Things will go downhill fast for him even while he succeeds in Middle-Eastern warfare. Get out of your head that the anti-Christ can be a pope. Isaiah calls him an Assyrian and a king of Babylon. That's our starting point. Daniel makes him a war hog, a successful invader. Does that sound like a pope to you?

I tend to believe that there will be an Obama-type "sweetheart" in the anti-Christ's right-hand man found in Revelation 13. There has got to be a reason that this other personality is depicted with the horns of a lamb. We could say merely that he's a soft-spoken guy to explain the choice of lamb horns, or we could say that the choice of these words reveals that he's a false follower of Jesus. Later in Revelation, he's called the "false prophet," and that really does tend to suggest a false follower of Jesus. Guys with lamb-like personalities can include Jeb Bush and Obama, for example, but Obama is no longer a candidate in my eyes because he failed to spin Christian colors for himself. Instead, he tended toward rebellion against Christ, though, at first, because it was claimed that he had attended church for 20 years, he seemed to make an appropriate False Prophet.

They say that Joe Biden will be running in 2020. I could definitely see him, a Catholic and a possible child molester, fulfilling the role of False Prophet. I could envision a papal alliance with president Biden, all wrapped up in re-drawing the Middle-East map. Obama had made Biden his chief of Iraqi affairs, and Biden had plans for Iraq that probably did not iron out. As president, Biden would have few standing in his way for to affect his will for Iraq and Syria. Puke if Biden enlists Obama to lead a Muslim charge against Israel. While Obama would not make an acceptable False Prophet, judging by the way he conducts himself now, he could make for the anti-Christ in his hatred of Christ. However, it's a long shot that Obama would someday have such integral reigns in Iraq that he could become "the Assyrian" of Isaiah. Can we call a Black man an "Assyrian"? There is talk that Obama seeks a post on the United Nations.

Chances are far better that the anti-Christ will be someone definable as Ezekiel's Gog. I lament that Jesus not once quoted from Ezekiel. I don't know anyone in the New Testament who quoted from Ezekiel. There are some who would point to the new temple in Ezekiel that follows immediately after his treatment on Gog. They would say that this temple cannot be Inspired text, which then throws the Gog text into question too. Jesus said that "scripture cannot be broken," but, what exactly is or isn't scripture? Is Ezekiel part of it or not?

I will admit that, at times, I try to recreate my expectations on the anti-Christ while fully ignoring the Gog prophecy. I'll depend more on Daniel's view of a war leader bent on the conquest of Israel and Israel's Middle-Eastern "friends." But then there is Revelation 20, where it speaks on Gog and Magog too, as the principal entity of satan's human followers. And Ezekiel seems to neatly portray Gog as the anti-Christ in the way that other prophets predict his coming. It's clear that the anti-Christ outside of Ezekiel has his end in the same place (Edom) as Ezekiel's Gog, both at the same time, at Armageddon, both having conquered the mountains of Israel. I therefore rarely try to predict the anti-Christ while wholly ignoring Ezekiel. I tend to view his temple as a means to celebrate Christ for one thousand years in great, annual barbecues, where the people come together to rejoice within the restored Israel (no longer under the Rothschilds).

I also keep a theory where Gog and Magog includes the Rothschilds somehow, yet this comes with difficulties, especially the invasion of Israel by Rothschilds. Yet, they say that at least part of the Rothschild family comprises of satan worshipers so that, if end-time Israel slips to powers not respected by the satanic Rothschilds, we could conceivably see a Rothschild invasion on an Israeli government. Let's suppose that Jacob Rothschild, the official leader of the family, died in the Waddesdon plane crash last month, and that the next leader takes a different tack on Israel. Then what? In the meantime, the liberal world has seethed against Netanyahu. What if, in the next Israeli elections, another politically-right party gets the presidency? Will the anti-Christ's forces do something drastic with Western assistance from Rothschilds and similar others?

Something very nutty needs to break that appears like a sudden ambush on Israel, a thing that the Israeli leaders do not see coming...because God sets it up that way. Chief and foremost, the anti-Christ donkey will be the work-mule of God, condemning himself continually as one covered in blasphemies. If you can imagine the great intelligence of God, that's what's involved in the end-time schedule. This is the finale as conducted to a large degree by Someone very passionate about world history and his disappointments thereof. We can imagine great care taken by God to get this final act PERFECT.

Part of this Plan is to allow the anti-Christs some powers of persecution against us. Not all of us will cruise through the final 42 months. Christians in the Middle East need to start drawing plans to move away so that they are ready to do so when the sudden invasion takes place. Prophecy is very specific to a 42-month reign of the anti-Christ, the same amount of time that Jerusalem will be trampled. It tends to speak on the power of God given him to succeed against Israel. My view of the anti-Christ in Daniel 11:21-31, which too many Christians view as an ancient event, has the end-time anti-Christ flaunting himself against Israel for about four years prior to his 42-month reign. But in keeping with the Old-Testament prediction that the invasion on Israel is an ambush, I suggest that no one will, short of recognizing prophecy, take seriously, in those first four years, that this anti-Christ will succeed against Israel. While he takes pop-shots at Israel in the first set of years, the world will yet be asleep at the wheel, not recognizing that a sudden and colossal entry into Jerusalem is all but Prepared for.

My "problem" is that Daniel 11:23-25 speaks clearly of his successes in Iraq and then in Egypt. My "problem" is that the 42-month invasion on Israel cannot take me by surprise if we know that he must first take Egypt, and that he must take what the Seleucids once ruled (Syria and Iraq) before taking Egypt. There is no way to mistaken that bit of prophecy. Therefore, if I can recognize this, so can all other prophecy writers, right? Wrong. God has Daniel 11 worded in such a way that prophecy writers have it interpreted all-screwed up, thanks mainly to the twisted, irresponsible pre-tribulationists. Does this talk offend you?

You should be offended if after years of reading your Bible you are still a pre-tribulationist. You really need to be bumped on your noggin. I read Hal Lindsey (leading pre-tribulationist) in my first year as a believer, and was a post-tribulationist immediately thereafter because the prophecies made it clear that the rapture could not arrive until after the revelation of the anti-Christ. If I could see this easily enough, in spite of Lindsey's best arguments to the contrary, why can't you? What exactly is your problem? Do you like to promote lies? Don't you know that God will judge the liar? If you can't even handle the timing of the rapture, you have no business being a prophecy writer. You are dangerous.

It can be gleaned that Daniel 11 is misinterpreted by pre-tribulationists because they want to avoid having Christians in the tribulation period at 11:32-35. The reader clearly sees the anti-Christ invasion of Jerusalem at verse 31, meaning that the saints of verses 32-35 are within the tribulation period. They have not yet been raptured. Lindsey and many others claim that the saints will be raptured a full 3.5 years before the Jerusalem invasion. Therefore, they need to screw up Daniel 11, and the way Lindsey set the stage for this was to interpret the king of the north, prior to verse 31, as the ancient Antiochus IV, and to view the same king of the north as the end-time anti-Christ starting only in verse 36. How do you say, completely reckless?

In other words, while Daniel 11:21-31 holds the keys for knowing world events in the short years immediately preceding the final 42 months, most prophecy writers will not be taking that view, wherefore, for them, they will be taken by surprise by the evil one's coming. The sad thing is that even a host of post-tribulationists are ignoring verses 21-31 as end-time events. I don't know how many tens of thousands of people have fully read my treatment on this problem (from my post-trib book), but, I'm hoping, God has been growing good fruit out of it.

Here's how this will go down. Me: "he's coming; he's here; we're in the first half of the last seven years." Pretrib leaders: "you're nuts, because the rapture needs to happen first." Can you see the dire problem? By own brothers will be nullifying my correct message. The foolish virgins will arrive to the middle of the seven years unaware that it is upon them.

By some "coincidence," the 666 commercial system coincides with the anti-Christ's 42-month reign. This is a little like God planning it to be, that while the False Prophet is a leader in his own right, he pushes the 666 skincode at exactly the time that his right-hand man invades and tramples Jerusalem. It truly is a mystery that while there are two men, the one pushes the number of the other one's name. Think about that huge coincidence?

Can we trust Revelation 13 (where we find the only mention of the 666)? Ask the Universal Product Code (UPC) that's on every store-bought item you possess. Every one of those bar codes comes with three bars each one a 6, just as though the globalists who've long wanted to control us, and to track our purchases, are trying to sneak this thing upon us because they are closet satanists. But the UPC has been out since the 1970s, long before anyone knew who the anti-Christ would be. World rulers may not yet know who he is. They may be trying to set one up, but no cigar, because God will ultimately prosper him. And so, perhaps, God may chose one whose name someone adds up to 666. And the use of this number in the UPC can be considered a self-fulfilling prophecy just by having it in Revelation 13. Had Revelation used 444, the UPC would have three bars each one a 4. This is the madness of globalist satanists, with no fear of God. For love of money and the respect from power, they have no fear of God. They wish him dead.

We can say that the number of his name, in adding up to 666, will reveal the man early? Well, sort of, providing that we have a clue as to who he is first. Obviously, by the time that the False Prophet pushes this number of his name, the world will all know it by then. But can we know the name before the False Prophet partners with him? I think so, providing that the man fits the Daniel 11:21-25 prophecy. In my estimation, verse 25, the invasion of Egypt, takes place three or more years before the successful Jerusalem invasion. It will give me/you some three years to figure out how his name adds up to 666? Or, we may be unable to figure this out until the False Prophet shows how he will do it. Perhaps only then will Christians know as a certainty that he is the anti-Christ finally arrived.

The take-over of Iraq and Egypt can take place at any time, as far as I'm concerned. There is no prophecy I know of that must come first. It can start to happen under Trump before 2020. If we thought that ISIS might bring on and support the anti-Christ, that's not looking all-too fierce anymore. But, like I said, it's God's program, and so it can flare up in an instant. We have got to live now as though there is no tomorrow. How would you change your life if you knew there were only 42 months to go? That's how you should start living now, for even in Daniel 11:32-35 we read that God won't spare harsh persecution for some of the "wise", some of them destined to stumble (apparently by God's design) in order that they might be refined for a better resurrection / rapture. I can't say that I like this prospect. I certainly hope that I don't get burned to death, but, really, there is hope that God will take our souls out before great pain sets in. I sure hope so. This is a serious "game." Whatever happens, we win if we don't betray Jesus. That's called, wise.

Obama Deep-State CFPB Taken Over by Trump

What's the CFPB? It sounds startling. Will it have anything to do with the 666? See here:

The CFPB seems to have a deceptive name, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. It was established by Obama, with Elizabeth Warren as it's first visible chief (were there invisibles behind it?). The CFPB has the task, apparently, of recording all purchases of Americans without informing Americans. Isn't that a lot like the reason that the UPC was instituted along with electronic deduction? The electronic deduction tells the government the name of the purchaser, and the UPC tells the government what was purchased. Just because the customer receipt (from the store) doesn't have record of the UPC scanned does not necessarily mean that a record of the UPCs don't automatically transfer to a database accessible by the government. This stinks of sinister, government oversight, especially as the sinister socialist, president Obama, was in charge over it. The CFPB, paid by the Federal Reserve bank (red flag), was in effect since 2010, early in Obama's first term, about the time he stole $800B from the tax-payers.

To see how Trump is in court in opposition to Obama's CFPB, see this video, pondering what it could all mean:

In the video below, we learn that Trump won the court case, giving him the right to choose a temporary CFPB chief in Mick Mulvaney, who speaks in such a way (video below) that the organization starts to appear as part of Obama's deep state. This org is exactly expected from a dictator:

You need to look at Mulvaney below, where he's dead-serious for change at CFPB, even putting a 30-day freeze on all operations now under conduction. There's no telling what Mulvaney's going to find, nor what he and Trump will reveal when the corruption is discovered, but, by the looks of this, Trump seems to be going for Obama's jugular. This could be a major exposure on the last federal government. They are saying that, had not Leandra English tried to block Mulvaney's appointment, the CFPB may have remained an unknown organization. Therefore, do not despise the fighting of the Democrats in their war against Trump, for this is how the war goes up several decibels, to the revelation of things in the media.

The first suspicion is that Obama was using banks to prosper Democrat / liberal businesses, and blocking funds for Tea-Party, Christian and Republican corporations. The short video below shows how slanted the org was toward Democrats and Wall Street. Conceivably, this organization can play a major role in the 666 system:

Elizabeth Warren bragged last month that CFPB gets back money for consumers that big corporations steal from them. But this is done through law suits, and the money goes to congress, not necessarily the people. It all depends on what the congress does with the money, and we have reason to believe that, since Obama set this beast up with Barney Frank, chances are, the money is earmarked for Democrat causes one sly way or another. Can anyone imagine Obama / Frank doing all of this for the mere people? Obama and Frank are more likely to give the money to queer causes and abortionists.

I'm not wholly sure of the scandal, but the gist is where Trump has replaced the CFPB director (Richard Cordray) after the latter was forced to resign wholly or in-part after suing Allied Financial on behalf of Hispanic consumers. In the end, the CFPB effort backfired where non-Hispanics (whites) got the money taken from Allied. CFPB with egg on its face looks very good. It looks like dirty-face Obama trying to funnel money to Hispanics and/or illegals in order to buy their votes.

Trump supporters were expecting a terrible fabrication against Trump from Mueller. If we are still waiting for this, I say that it has come and gone in a dud explosion with the Papadopoulos scandal. SonofNewo, who treats issues like no one else on youtube, has a three-part program on Papa-Dope with rave reviews. If you have a couple of hours to spare, use your pause button often to see what the Mueller-Clinton plot was against Trump, and see how it failed starting with the revelation of the real funder (Clinton) of the dossier. It's due to that revelation that the subsequent Papa-Dope part of the scam can't go forward with any force:

In Part 1, I discover for the first time that SonofNewo has been a lawyer. In Part 2, he makes a good case to show that the FBI deliberately left part of Papa-Dope's own testimony out of the official paperwork, the part where Papa-Dope claimed that he never contacted the Trump people to share his claim that the Russians approached him with "dirt" on Hillary Clinton. That part of the scam was left up to the Russian women we saw in the news, who misled Trump's son to believe that she had dirt on Hillary Clinton. She never did turn up the promised dirt, when Trump Jr. met with her, because, obviously, she was working for Hillary Clinton to make president Trump appear to be in collusion with Putin.

We can see the obvious connection here between the woman's part in the scam and that of Papa-Dope, but SonofNewo goes further and makes a great case that Papa-Dope was directly involved with the dossier part of the scam. Part 3 is not yet out.

I haven't mentioned the rumor around youtube that the marines invaded CIA headquarters in Langley. This rumor started last month about the time that there was a crash near a Rothschild castle. I had been wondering of a connection because the military, possibly, could cause a crash these days. I see no sufficient news-based evidence that Trump sent the marines to CIA headquarters to quell some resistance to his presidency, but it sure would be a welcome change-up.

For an update on Arab prince, Talal, a co-partner with Bill Gates at the top of Mandalay Bay, see below where we read that Talal's friends have not been showing concern for him, which may be due to knowing how guilty they are along with him in whatever they know he's been arrested for:

Here's more on judge Moore, with yet another "witness" against him coming up not-so rosy:

Immediately after accusations against Moore, there were non-stop accusations of the same sort against liberals of all kinds. It asks whether God's judgment on the Church has passed so that He can now move on to the non-believers.

Here is a thing I worry about, yet my better judgment says that God will not allow it; Fox has this headline this week: "North Korea might be able to knock out electric power to millions of Americans -- We need to be prepared". To me, this message comes from the war-hawk deep state that Fox serves (gladly publishes "news releases" from these wicked). The idea is that the Republican deep state is kicking around a faked Korean-missile crisis. It's been obvious to me for about a year, ever since Trump took over. The only thing to bring us this headline is North Korea sending up a missile that landed hundreds of miles from Japan. It doesn't justify the headline above, and so why do we have that headline?


For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God

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