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May 23 - 29, 2017

When One Searches the Seth Rich Conspiracy
Google and Bing Put the Anti-Conspiracy Webpages at the Top of the Search
What Webpages Do They Hide in the Meantime?

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I'm not taking email at this time, here's why. I apologize to all having left email, as I can't even mail to inform you. I may never be able to use the Yahoo email account again. We'll need to wait and see whether Yahoo changes its policy.

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The following video by Lisa Haven concerns me. One needs only to watch the first three minutes, with Trump offending the NATO gathering with his speech. He comes across rude. I agree that Europe should foot the bill for it's own military, but I think the Americans need to shrink back from the European military strategies that NATO (spearheaded by the U.S. = shadow government) pushes. It can be gleaned that the U.S. foots the largest part of NATO's costs in order to have an excuse to meddle inside Europe with Russia. And that's what it's doing. My concern lies with Lisa Haven's jolly "Amen!" after the video clip is shared as per Trump executing some forceful words grilling NATO members on their poor performance in paying their bills. It is clear to see that Trump is adamant toward strengthening NATO. But NATO is a chief globalist tool, and it's the very thing in Russia's face right now. Why, then, does Lisa give Trump a big "amen" over this? Some Christians need to tear themselves away from this man. Some are saying that he's God-sent.

I see a quirk of fantasy in well-intentioned believers whom want salvation from the liberals. But we need to be smart to the likelihood that a presidential candidate could easily figure on his own that acting like a savior from the Democrats will win him the election. Besides, Trump has not been president long enough for us to see his true colors on whether he sincerely will drain the swamp. He claims to be opposed to globalists, but couldn't we expect globalists at the head of NATO? We can be sure that the shadow government wants a strong NATO at this time.

NATO needs no more funds because Russia poses no threat to European nations on its borders. To my surprise, the Russians went ahead leaving Sovietism behind under Putin. Besides, Europe is not weak now, as it was after WW2, so that Russia could walk in and take several European nations, even if it wanted to. In the same way that Trump has just called for more NATO money, Trump is increasing military spending inside his country. In no way does Trump come across as a peace-maker by this attitude. If you haven't yet seen it, Watch Trump rudely push a prime minister out of the way so that Trump could have a front-side position on the camera:

You can hear the video owner above supporting Trump, no matter that Trump made a fool of himself. It was disrespectful to say the least. You don't want to become like this side of Trump, but you will become more like him if you adore him. There are people providing daily news on youtube who support Trump no matter what he does, which is how Sean Hannity does things with every Republican president. We as Christians cannot be that way. We are to be Godly-correct. He embarrassed America by pushing that man out of the way. If Americans would be offended with Trump if he had remained in the second row for the camera shot, that's what the world doesn't like about America, a me-first attitude. Godly-correct includes humility. Making yourself first makes you the last when God has his input. Being in the second row for a camera shot doesn't necessarily mean that you are less in any way. Allowing yourself to be in the second row because it's a practice of humility get's God's attention. It was Pharisees who liked the places of honor.

Recently, the U.S. military in Syria attacked a Syrian-government convoy, and the Russians have been complaining about it. What is Trump's position on this? Note how soon this is taking place after Trump's attack on the Syrian airport. Note that little is being done by the Americans in the invasion on ISIS either at Raqqa or in Mosul (I ignore reports from the Americans themselves when they claim to have done anything in Syria). The Iraqi's said last week that about 90 percent of Western Mosul had been re-taken, but there was no credit given to the Americans in the article.

Without evidence, and in the face of some American generals admitting on camera that there is no evidence of Russian support for the Taliban, some American generals have made that very accusation. In other words, along with the increase of American military in Afghanistan, there is a false charge against Putin that he's giving the Taliban weaponry. Who are these Americans intent on causing a major rift with Russia? Who do they work for and why?

This week:

US Army lost track of $1 billion worth of arms and equipment in Iraq, Kuwait | 25 May 2017 | A newly released declassified audit from the US Department of Defense shows that negligent accounting by the military has resulted in the Pentagon not knowing [!?!] what happened to more than $1 billion in arms and equipment meant for the Iraqi Army.

I wonder who has those weapons now. The choices are not that many, and we would probably guess correct that the weapons went to where the U.S. military wanted them in the first place. If the weapons went to ISIS and other anti-Assad groups, I can't think of a more-logical scenario.

Perhaps to Trump's credit, the following change may be due to his new approach:

Defense Secretary James Mattis said Sunday the U.S. has switched to "annihilation tactics" against the Islamic State and is focused on completely surrounding the militants instead of moving them from place to place.

...U.S.-backed forces in Iraq have launched an offensive to reclaim the last ISIS-held districts in Mosul, according to The Wall Street Journal. The assault on the outskirts of the western part of the city started Saturday. The militants are expected to put up one last fight before coalition forces move

It may or may not be true, but this may have a different motive than the face value. Instead, it may be to prolong the Mosul invasion because, not long after it's complete, the Iraq's may ask the American military to get out of Iraq precisely because it has insisted, in the past, to shift Mosul fighters from city to city. Why the change now? Will that policy apply to the fight against ISIS in Syria? Iraq reports that only 500-1000 ISIS fighters are held up in Mosul's last stand.

The article above has Mattis mentioning the goal as stopping foreign fighters from returning home, but this repeated emphasis on foreign fighters is the thing the West continually stressed to advance its false-flag operations. It is pitiful.

This new American tack may be related to the announcement (in the news now) that the Iraqi government has approved the building of an oil refinery in Kirkuk; the Americans may suddenly be on their best behavior to get that contract for themselves.

Uh-oh: "Operation Temperer: Theresa May becomes first PM to deploy up to 5,000 soldiers on streets | 24 May 2017." Would you like to bump into military people at the supermarket? Coming soon to a plaza near you in whatever country the globalists live whom have a craving for a surreal world.

Seth Rich and the Democrats Who Despise Him in His Grave

Wikileaks has more than 50,000 emails from the Democratic National Committee. The chiefs of the latter have blamed the Russians for hacking the emails, and it's the Russians who transfered the emails to Wikileaks. But if it can be shown that Seth Rich was disgruntled with the Hillary campaign, and especially if Seth Rich was supporting Bernie Sanders, then the claim by Wikileaks, that Seth Rich gave the emails to Wikileaks, gets teeth, for Rich was killed shortly after the emails were transferred to Wikileaks.

Covering this Seth-Rich story, as per the medfia fight to win the minds of the masses, can make a Christian want to puke. Most of us will never know anymore whether a photo is real or not, and the same goes for anything we watch on the regular news or in youtube or anywhere. For mental health fast, the world needs a world government on the shoulders of Jesus, for He can be trusted absolutely, and the ones serving to run the world under Him are commissioned to operate in truth and good will for all. God has the capacity to run the world while being genuinely concerned for a happy state in the souls of His subjects. God doesn't rule just for his own pleasure and self-seeking business.

The way the world is now going is for the purpose of showing the contrast between what demons accomplish and how Jesus operates. If you like a world where no one can know what's true, then support the shadow-government dogs, go right ahead and condemn yourself so that the world can be rid of you when God gets rid of the insanely super-rich, the shadow-government dogs. Actually, if they were true dogs, they wouldn't be guilty of Hell. The shadow government is no man's best friend, but it will seek to convince the masses that it genuinely wants a world for everyone's happiness. If they truly cared for us, they wouldn't be faking events and creating a false reality over us. There is no other word for this than the "deceive" word in Revelation 13, or the "lie" word in 2 Thessalonians 2.

Here is a major facet of of the Seth-Rich story:

Which is the more likely scenario: That a frustrated employee leaked damaging emails to embarrass his bosses or a that foreign government hacked DNC computers for some still-unknown reason?

...Former-DNC employee, Seth Rich, not only had access to the emails, but also a motive. He was pissed about the way the Clinton crowd was "sandbagging" Bernie Sanders.


A federal investigator who reviewed an FBI forensic report detailing the contents of DNC staffer Seth Rich's computer generated within 96 hours after his murder, said Rich made contact with WikiLeaks through Gavin MacFadyen, a now-deceased American investigative reporter, documentary filmmaker, and director of WikiLeaks who was living in London at the time....

Rod Wheeler, a retired Washington homicide detective and Fox News contributor investigating the case on behalf of the Rich family, made the WikiLeaks claim, which was corroborated by a federal investigator who spoke to Fox News...

"I have seen and read the emails between Seth Rich and Wikileaks," the federal investigator told Fox News, confirming the MacFadyen connection. He said the emails are in possession of the FBI, while the stalled case is in the hands of the Washington Police Department."...

The old FBI is not interested in Wheeler's claims, but we hope for a new FBI under Trump to unravel the goonery in the midst of the old. It's too early to tell whether Trump will go ahead to do this. I still do not trust Trump for this task which he promised to do. This same FBI will work with the CIA to bring Trump down unless Trump smashes their snouts. Trump receives briefings on a near-daily bases from these organizations, and they are not, as their priority, going to paint the true picture in Trump's mind on any issue, but will rather feed him what they will for their own agenda on running the nation. And their agenda clearly includes the stirring of a hornet's nest with Russia. They apparently want a showdown with Russia before it grows to too strong once again. This is the very-serious backdrop to what's going on. The Trump-Russia-collusion story has the byproduct of turning Americans against Russia.

FBI goonery is part of the shadow government that seeks to control all presidents. Trump, like all others, needs to decide whether he will lash out, or whether he wants to play it safe and play along, wag the tail. The most-important thing to do for this year is to watch Trump closely, not just what he does, but what he doesn't do that he should do. Watch to see whether his public statements are lies. Entertain some of the liberal voices that go against him in case there happens to be truth to them. Sometimes, the liberals get things correct when they fact-check. And ditto for the Russians; they do have some valuable things to say. Besides, we might benefit from knowing how the situation develops from the Russian side of things.

We may find that Trump will now order the FBI to investigate the Seth murder in light of the possibility that Podesta and company did the dirty deed. If Trump survives this, it could smash quite a few snouts in the meantime, for there will be many dogs who refuse to operate normally in the investigation, in the same way that Comey impeded justice. Trump's team merely needs to monitor who does a good job, and who doesn't. If Trump places a new leader in the FBI desired by the CIA, for example, then Trump's decided to wag the tail, and all of his election promises come to absolute-zero. Once caved in, his enemies will drag him around like a humiliated corpse.

I'm being as cautious as possible by entertaining the possibility that he has, from the start, promoted a faked anti-globalist position. It can explain such things as his warming up to the Clintons, saying that they were good people, immediately after he won the presidency. There are other explanations for his warming up to the Clintons: 1) to minimize danger to himself; 2) to trick the Clintons into complacency before the fatal stab. The latter is how Trump treated the Comey dog, and I absolutely approve...though this can escalate into Trump's demise, and into a dire, unlawful punishment upon all of his best supporters. But he has many outspoken supporters willing to face that risk. Comey is right-now involved in giving Trump a backlash, let's watch how that plays out. Comey is complaining that Trump humiliated him.

Where's Seth Rich's computer? He wasn't likely carrying it when he was shot? Why don't his parents have the computer??? Why are the parents mouthing everything that the shadow government desires of them? Why are the parents not begging the FBI to find the true killers inside the Democrat party? How possibly could the parents be happy with the police investigation?

Where's the computer? The FBI or the Washington police must have obtained it in the ordinary course of a murder investigation. Are the parents allowed to have the computer? Not when a shadow government thinks it rules. No one elected them. If they rule, they do so illegally. Half the country despises Obama and the Clintons because God put them into open shame, and these laughable police people who shut-up and stand down when merely asked by the unelected invisibles, what a farce. Have they no back bone? Their job is to protect society from the mafia, yet the mafia controls them???

Here's Fox apparently caving in: "We [at Fox] want to update you on a story you first saw on FOX 5 DC. We want to make an important clarification on claims that were made by Rod Wheeler, the private investigator hired by Seth Rich's family...What he told FOX 5 DC on camera Monday regarding Seth Rich's murder investigation is in clear contrast to what he has said over the last 48 hours. Rod Wheeler has since backtracked." I'm not sure whether it was backtracking versus clarification. And Fox has shown itself to be weak on this issue, caving in by urging Sean Hannity to shut up. At what point will the weak say, enough is enough, we've got to take some risks, banding together, to jail the dogs?

This past week, Trump announced his top pick, Joe Lieberman, to replace Comey. But Lieberman is a Democrat. It appears that Trump has either caved in, or is showing disgust for Republicans. The more that the dark side can make the media hate Trump, the less chance he has to turn the wheels into any benefit at all. If Trump comes to the conclusion that he needs the major media on a friendlier basis to win the next election, then Trump falls for the deception that other Republicans have fallen for. The CNN blitzer wolves will never toss one bone to the Republican candidate during the election process.

"In the past 48 hours, Rod Wheeler has told other media outlets he did not get his information from FBI sources, contradicting what he told us on Monday. Since Rod Wheeler backtracked Tuesday, FOX 5 DC attempted incessantly to communicate with him, but he didn't return calls or emails." I don't know FOX 5 DC. Perhaps Wheeler noted that Fox was not stating his words correctly, and decided that speaking to FOX again would be counter productive. I heard Wheelers "change of heart," where he clarified that he did not see the computer, and does not know for certain that Rich was murdered, but, he said, this is what he believes. In other words, if he saw the emails, it wasn't on Rich's computer. He did not say that he saw them on Rich's computer to begin with, and so Fox 5 DC may be the guilty party here in falsely portraying Wheeler. We can imagine the DC police calling Fox 5 DC to make a stink concerning Wheeler.

Wheeler said that neither the FBI nor the Washington police are owning up to having the computer; it's not a wonder that Wheeler is suspicious. What does it tell us that this computer has vanished? What right does the police chief have to keep the computer of someone not under investigation for a crime? Zero right.

This past week, the Swedish government dropped charges against the Wikileaks chief, which allows him to leave his "prison" (in an embassy), and perhaps Wikileaks will be the one that soon proves to the world that Seth Rich leaked the emails. It's all very likely, in fact. It's not the Russians who act as the West's worst threat; it's the globalist leaders of America's Intelligence organizations, and the political invisibles to which they are partnered. This is the creep that must be unraveled and burned in the fire, the creep which doesn't care for the security of the nation, but uses its spy powers for "political" advantages the likes of which Hitler could only dream of. The shadow government decides the course of many issues, ditto for Bilderberg's leaders, and God frustrates their courses, turning them into mental cases as their reward for doing the creep. Comey is going crazy as we speak. Hillary is already far down that way. New York doesn't want her anymore; New York feels used by her. Hillary, just go away.

This is inconceivable: "On Wednesday, just before our newscast, Wheeler responded to our requests via a telephone conversation, where he now backtracks his position and Wheeler characterizes his on-the-record and on-camera statements as 'miscommunication.'" The term can be interpreted as deliberate disinformation at its worst, or the hearer getting the wrong impression at its best. Wheeler told the world that someone in the Washington police department admitted to him that the department was ordered to stand down in regards to investigation on Rich's murder. There can be no miscommunication on that one, and it's another reason that he's speaking out. We can assume that the Trump team will speak to DC on this issue, perhaps as early as this coming week. Right?

One can suspect that Rich's parents are such loyal Democrats that they don't want Seth's Wikileaks relationship to become known, only to weaken the Democrat party. Imagine that, if true, the parents would side with the very Democrats who killed their son.

As a theory, God may have provided the correct times of Seth's death in the last update. Here is what I wrote on May 15 or 16 (the Fox story on Seth broke on the 16th):

Good morning. It's only 3:29 am. I didn't know how early it was when deciding to get up, after being awoken by a screaming bird. It sounded terrified for about three seconds, then went silent, to be heard no more. I've never heard a bird around here screaming like that, and it comes the day after emphasizing the Birds/Burts. It sounded as though an animal had it in its mouth upon climbing a tree. It sounded up high, in a tree...

[I then went on for hours investigating whether the props in the event could prove that it was a Sign from God, for I have been writing on three different murders of late, one of judge Scalia where the Democrats are suspect. And the death of this bird actually had me thinking, right away, that God was about to punish the murderers. That's what came to mind.]

...At Wikipedia's article on Alice of Saluzzo, it calls her mother, Luigia (a bird just flew into my patio door or window, at 6:29, and I started this morning by saying, "Good morning. It's only 3:29 am." That's exactly three hours...

As soon as the bird hit the glass, I looked at the time instinctively. Why would that be? Because I'm always conscious these days for Signs, for I have had many events lately that proved to be God speaking to us. And so when I went back to check the time that was jotted down, at 3:29, I found it amazing that three hours exactly had passed. Besides, why would I even bother to jot down the exact time, to the minute, as if any reader cares? Why didn't I just round it off to 3 am or 3:30? Did Seth Rich die at 6:29? Or was this three-hour span more simply verification that I was correct to bring up the Bird/Burd surname, with nothing to do about murders?

The following Tuesday, which was yesterday as I write here, a bird hit the bathroom window. It turned out to be a young woodpecker. It was fighting death on the grass, and came to consciousness in almost a minute, then lay there for some time, but was gone the next time I checked. I recorded the time of the window strike at 4:44 pm, but closer to 4:45, in case this means anything to anyone. Why a woodpecker? I don't know? It's not unusual for young birds out of the nest to hit my windows in the spring time.

Verification that God creates an event usually comes by comparing the Coats of items involved in the event. In this case, the Pecker/Packer Coat has a cross consisting of lozenges (heraldic name for diamonds) in the colors of the Bath cross, and the woodpecker flew into the BATHroom window. Both the Peckers and the Baths put four white items around their crosses.

I have three windows in the bathroom, and the one struck is right beside the toilet, in case the Tollet/Tull/Toole surname applies. The latter shares the pyramid with Fisks, whom I trace to Fieschi (Genoa) and therefore to Fessys, and the latter use the same cross as Baths. The Fieschi were kin of Grimaldi's (the murdered Grace Kelly married Rainer Grimaldi) who use lozenges in the colors of the Pecker/Packer lozenges.

It's interesting here that while I trace the Window surname to some relationship with FINIStere (Brittany), the latter is suspect with the so-called "unFINIShed pyramid" in the Masonic symbol, the Great Seal of the United States. Windows use lion paws in the colors of the lions of Finis'/Fiens, and Fiens can be gleaned in the motto of Window-like Windsors, whose castle is in Berkshire, where Peckers/Packers were first found. The last update had some compelling evidence that the heraldic FITchee was code for the line of Julius AVITus, and here the Wheelers (Fitch colors) use "Avitus JURE" as a motto while the Window lion paw holds a fitchee. Moreover, French Gore's/JORE's can be a branch of English Gore's that share the Windsor crosslets.

The following quote remains standing like a beacon. Whose forensic report was it, and why isn't this the goods that justifies a major investigation into an FBI cover-up?

According to a report published Tuesday by Fox News, an FBI forensic report of Rich's computer generated within 96 hours after his murder showed he made contact with WikiLeaks through now-deceased American investigative reporter, documentary filmmaker and director of WikiLeaks Gavin MacFADYEN who was living in London at the time, a federal source told Fox News. MacFadyen died of lung cancer on October 22 at the age of 76 (same article as above).

I've not read anyone discrediting this claim. I assume that the DC police had put out that report, and maybe the DC police was quickly threatened for it, afterwhich the DC police decided to stand down.

After seeing the MacFadyen surname, it was looked up and added to the last update like so:

After this update was published, the Fadyen/Fadin surname was found, in Feet/Fademore colors, and using fitchee crosses on a bend all reflective of the Turin bend! The Fadyen write-up says that the Irish branch was Pied-like "Paidean." With Cheneys suspect as having Feets/Fademore's in their motto while "Cheney" is suspect as a branch from Piedmont's Cuneo, this trace of Fadyens to Piedmont looks excellent, especially as Chivasso is at Piedmont's Turin while Turins were first found in the same place as the first Chives'. As that place was Tarves while Tarves' share the fitchee with Fadyens, it speaks for itself on a Fadyen link to Turins. Futters/Fotys use a dog that, in colors reversed, is red, thus linkable to the red dog in the Fadyen Crest. This is unbelievable because the Petts use a version of the Turin / Fadyen bend while this is an insert after the paragraph below has been there since prior to the insert.

That next paragraph started with, "If we check Pett-like surnames for "Petsalis..." In other words, Petts/Perts and Feets / Futters all look like branches. But what's interesting for the Seth-Rich discussion is that Rich's use BOTTONy crosses while being first found in the same place as Buttons/Bidens and Botters/BODINs/Botys while Boty-like Fotys share the fesse of Buttons. In other words, the Rich surname was linked to the line that created the Fadyens, and, besides, the Fadyen fitchees are used in half their colors by Ricks having the Foty / Button fesse in colors reversed. Ricks were first found in the same place (Somerset) as same-colored Baths. Baths can be gleaned with the cross of bat-using Randolphs on Obama's ancestry.

This gets a little interesting as per the Obama dream I had, which was proven to be a dream from God with messages that I've yet to decipher. In the last part of the dream, Obama was rebuking a worker of his, and the worker's BACK was turned to me and to Obama, and this back made an impression on me because I didn't hear any words. The worker's head and face turned my way and looked back toward Obama, and there the dream ended with my noting his back. We could say that, as Seth Rich was a Democrat, he was loosely Obama's worker, and perhaps this back to Obama means that Obama had Seth Rich shot in the back. Just a guess. The event immediately before the employee event was Obama in a dark suit and on a skateboard, going up a skateboard ramp with his twin, likewise in a dark suit and on a skateboard.

We need to assess whether Fox news would fabricate the following anonymous source. The Rich story had gone away when Fox itself revived it with this: "Fox News reports the federal investigator, who requested anonymity, said 44,053 emails and 17,761 attachments between Democratic National Committee leaders, spanning from January 2015 through late May 2016, were transferred from Rich to MacFadyen before May 21." This wasn't from Wheeler. Who is that anonymous man? Will he still be alive next week? We clearly see people trying to get the truth out, but we also see that their stories change or are silenced.

Perhaps the reason that Democrats have yet to advance a serious anonymous / fabricated source to "prove" that Trump had collusion with Russia is that Wikileaks has the upper hand with all of those emails. Perhaps Wikileaks is reserving some emails for to play out after the Democrats bring forth their "evidence" against Trump. It would be a wise choice by Assange because it would make the Democrats look like the liars they are. There is little reason for Assange to lay out the emails proving that Rich sent them so long as there is no evidence that Trump and Russia were winking at one another. This way, the Democrats don't know what exactly Assange has, whether strong or weak. I don't know Assange's political leaning, but I imagine that he's a liberal even though he tends to despise the Clinton circle. And while I can't imagine that Assange is pro-Trump, one might say that he's pro-Russia, a charge has been floating around for some time. Closer to the truth, Assange just hates the corrupt power structures of the West, and seeks to expose them, which happens to be the task of Russia as well. Ironically, Alex Jones now views Russia as a benevolent player in his fight against the globalist tide. Who ever thought the day would come when Americans look to Russia to defeat their shadow government? Is that a wise choice? Is it safe?

Trump now owes Assange a favor, and Trump had best find the killers of Rich because they are bound to be the ones who would kill Trump if the Democrats can't see their light at the end of their current tunnel. The Democrats have never been in such darkness as they find themselves today. They spent so much money and energy investing in Obama, all for nothing. And Obama is out there trying to make some things happen, which, predictably, will bury the whore even deeper. People have been calling this thing "the deep state" recently, a perfect phrase for those gone into hiding. But it's in hiding that they draw up more schemes, like men at war, they never quit. And a civil war they may cause, where the deep state risks all.

If you think about it, the time to lash out at the shadow government is anytime but the future, for if it hasn't yet obtained its iron grip, the reason may be due to it's not having sufficient, reliable power over the masses. In the same way that it wanted to fool Russia with the moon hoax, to make Russia believe that American military technology was superior to Russia's, the shadow government may be hoaxing things up in many ways to make the masses believe it's more powerful than it truly is. Maybe the United States should call the bluff of these pussies, to see what claws they are truly made of. Their entire house falls if we just remove a few chief screws here and there. They can't even trust their own screws because they need to put on an angelic face to win them over. Many of their cherished screws are ready to screw the leaders of the shadow government; ask Mr. Snowden. And he wasn't the best screw of all; there are others with more powers of destruction yet. The social media is calling all deep-state screws to unscrew. Hopefully, Trump has a big screwdriver to assist.

If you care to read the rebuttal by the likes of, go ahead, but let me tell you first that the word, "MacFadyen," is not in the article (May 22). It's not worth your click to see this article.

The liberal defender,, treats the MacFadyen issue, saying, "Almost two weeks [after Seth's death], on 22 July 2016, WikiLeaks dumped a load of hacked e-mails that would embarrass the DNC and create a media frenzy in the months before the election. The timing of the incidents, as well as Rich's employment at the DNC, led to conspiracy theories tying his death to the leak. Adding to the confusion, WikiLeaks offered a $20,000 reward..." Note how it's worded, "confusion." Why would a reward result in confusion? Instead, it signals that Wikileaks cared greatly for Seth's life, and this in-turn signals that Seth was the leaker. Where is the confusion? Only in the mouth of a retarded/backward/failing/conniving liberal. It looks like clarity to me.

Note that snopes also uses "conspiracy theory" rather than just saying "suspect." The fact that Wikileaks released the trove within a couple of weeks of the murder makes Mr. Rich suspect in providing the emails, and moreover makes the Democrats suspect in killing Seth. But why didn't the FBI take that tack, just in case it was true? Is it a conspiracy theory for the FBI to advance a suspect on less than full-proof evidence?

You can check for yourself that nothing is said, at the snopes article, to counter the claim of email transfers to MacFadyen. Why is nothing said against this most-damaging claim? Where are you, FBI? Burying the truth in your kitty litter? Doesn't it smell an awful lot by now, no matter how much perfume you spray over it? How many truths have you got buried there? Someone needs to go dig them up, and, Mr. Trump, the way is open for you to go into the basement, to just dump that load into the bright light upon an examination table, take a look at what's all there, check for the blood of the murdered. Trump? Are you there? This coming week will tell us where you are on this.

There is snopes seeking to debunk, but there is nothing to disprove the transfer to MacFadyen. Surely, if MacFadyen did not receive the emails, the FBI would have made light of it. After all, the FBI looks asleep at the wheel for not making such a claim. MacFadyen may have been murdered too. Where's the proof that he died of cancer, or of cancer naturally? Doesn't Trump want to know whether MacFadyen's computer was checked, or what happened to it? If Trump truly cared about the FBI in its current condition, he would be fronting a reliable Republican to head the organization. The corrupt condition of the FBI is not a trivial matter. The FBI is involved in a political agenda, and has the power to arrest, with false charges, those of the "wrong" political stripes. There can be no greater swamp than this. If Mr. Trump is a man of his word, he will truly wipe the FBI clean. No one expects this to happen immediately, we understand the complexities of tearing out deep-state organs while keeping the FBI body alive in the meantime, but, for the sake of the nation, do replace the FBI brain right away with a trustworthy man, not a Democrat, for anyone still in the Democrat camp in 2017 cannot be a moral man. A moral man would have fled the Democrat party two to three decades ago. "Moral" means the "right thing." The problem is, Trump has not been persuaded that God defines the right thing.

The bottom line is where snopes quotes but fails to comment upon: "An FBI forensic report of Rich's computer -- generated within 96 hours after Rich's murder -- showed he made contact with WikiLeaks through Gavin MacFadyen..." No comment from the likes of snopes simply means that the FBI has not denied this claim. Doesn't Trump want to know what really happened here? He's not going to find out until one of his people within the FBI is able to talk without becoming punished by the deep state. Take a big axe, Mr. Trump, go into FBI headquarters, and lop down the tall trees that support Comey. It's a no-brainer that, if they support Comey, they are part of the rot. Appoint a new man that re-hires better trees. Swamps by nature have dead trees. Just watch out for monsters below the mud line, who would like to take you down with them, make you a carbon copy of themselves. Once you wag the tail, you are well on your way to becoming just like them.

Christians, do you want to be like Trump? My advise, stop supporting Trump with your heart; keep the proper spiritual distance. Even the faggot-toting Obama went to church at times. Smoke and mirrors. Don't lose your soul just to save your country. Trust in God. If God doesn't save the country, then let that be your fact of life. In the end times, evil must pervade. God will decide what it gets away with, and what it doesn't. For each individual, full Punishment is but a few decades away at most. Trump is virtually a dead man already. Trust in the ever-present Jesus.

Here is a smokescreen article from the Washington Post titled, "The Seth Rich conspiracy's biggest myths, explained," only the dodo who made that title fails to mention MacFadyen. How does that happen? Dishonesty, that's how. And this is a big-time news media leaving out the most-important ingredient of the story, a report from the FBI itself. Shame. We understand that while the FBI head may wish to protect the Seth issue from getting out, other FBI people want the issue to come to light. So, apparently, one of the latter put out the report that Seth made contact with MacFadyen. Mr. Trump, be a hero, bring this to light, or forever be the unreliable president who says one thing then does another.

There is a Kim Dotcom character who came out on the weekend saying that he would have something to say on Tuesday, after he finishes consulting with his lawyer. If I were Kim Dotcom, and if I had the smoking gun, I'd wait a few more weeks until the Dems make further idiots of themselves than they already have. The way is wide open to expose and discredit leading Democrats; they have picked their fight against our God, and they will therefore be exposed. I'm not saying that Kim Dotcom is God's agent for the revelation. No one, especially Democrats, know what God's doing in this regard. He probably likes to strike when the enemy is celebrating a victory.

Kim Dotcom, the anti-deep state entrepreneur and Internet freedom advocate, has claimed he knows slain Democrat staffer Seth Rich was involved in the DNC leak. He requested a "guarantee from Special Counsel Mueller, on behalf of the United States, of safe passage from New Zealand to the United States and back" to provide evidence of his claim.

"I Know Seth Rich Was Involved in the DNC Leak. I know this because in late 2014 a person contacted me about helping me to start a branch of the Internet Party [in New Zealand, founded by Kim Dotcom in 2014] in the United States. He called himself Panda. I now know that Panda was Seth Rich.

...The Rich family has reached out to me to ask that I be sensitive to their loss in my public comments. That request is entirely reasonable.

I have consulted with my lawyers. I accept that my full statement should be provided to the authorities and I am prepared to do that so that there can be a full investigation. My lawyers will speak with the authorities regarding the proper process.

...In the coming days we will be communicating with the appropriate authorities to make the necessary arrangements. In the meantime, I will make no further comment."

He said, "I Know Seth Rich Was Involved in the DNC Leak." He said that he can prove it based on a claim that Seth Rich was "Panda." The FBI owes the American people a judgment on this claim. The FBI can't decide not to see Kim's evidence just because it doesn't like Kim, or because Kim's political agenda is not that of their own. What will the FBI chose to do here? Is the FBI flying a man out to see Kim Dotcom right now? Why not? Is the FBI too busy to go see Kim Dotcom? Why should he come to the US? Shouldn't the FBI go to him el-speedo?

There is a story on Kim Dotcom, today, Wednesday, where it says, "D.C. officials and the Rich family have vehemently pushed back, with a deputy mayor saying there is 'no Wikileaks connection' in the homicide investigation." Anyone understands that the DC police cannot take such a position because it claims not to have Rich's computer, and because it has not found the murderer. Therefore, the department unveils itself as an accomplice to the crime. There is simply no way for the police department to know whether the DNC committed the crime if the police don't at least have Rich's computer, and here is at least one person saying he has interesting evidence that should be heard. What will DC do now? Okay, so DC does have the computer, but as it's not confessing this, DC looks guilty of fabricating a truth on the matter.

The police department is in bed with murderers, just as we would expect in dictatorships. The mayor's office in DC is taking exactly the same attitude, guilty. We can't say that the DC government is merely neglecting the truth, for it's protecting the lie, and that makes it guilty of accomplice to murder. Any sane, normal person understands this. If the Washington government did not have a police force, it could be excused for neglecting the truth, but as it does have a police force, it is required to use it to check out any leads. If it's mocking the leads from day one, it's guilty of accomplice to murder, obviously. The entire issue rests on the death of a man, and the mayor's office admits that the man was murdered. It doesn't yet have the murderer...and may create one to get itself off the hook. Imagine that, to first protect a political murder, and then jail an innocent man to protect itself from accusation. Is this the democracy that Washington wants to export worldwide?

Here's what we find the day after Dotcom's offer to the United States: "'If Congress includes #SethRich case into their Russia probe I'll give written testimony with evidence that Seth Rich was Wikileaks source,' Dotcom tweeted." Unfortunately, Kim Dotcom (born Kim Schmitz) appears to be protecting either Russia or Trump, not necessarily concerned with catching the murders. It sounds as though he will not give up the evidence if the Democrats cease attacking Trump. If this turns out to be correct, shame on Kim Dotcom. Whatever the case may be, the guilty Democrats now need to gamble on whether Kim is bluffing.

From Newsweek, we find that Seth's parents portray themselves more concerned about Seth's reputation than on what the truth my be: "Brad Bauman, a family spokesman, said in a statement. 'The burden of proof is on Mr. Dotcom to either prove he has evidence or face the consequences of damaging Seth's good name and creating more emotional hardship on a grieving family. The family is not going to entertain his ridiculous, manipulative and completely non-credible statements.'" Bauman has condemned the evidence even before seeing it. What sort of a loon is that? The parents wish to portray Seth as not the type of person to betray the Democratic National Committee. The family might be spiritually handicapped in its fervor for the Democrat cause.

If your son leaked the emails to Wikileaks, then you are supporting the very murderers of your own son! Slap slap slap. Shake shake shake. Snap out of it! The parents need to stop being so insensitive to the nabbing of a murder ring, put their political fever behind them, and let the Dotcom claim be heard regardless of Dotcom's criminal record. If even Democrats can tell the truth at times, so can criminals. Besides, there is more to this story than what Dotcom has as input.

This blockage from the parents is the only story we need to see. We don't even need Kim's evidence. The Democrats prove themselves unworthy to rule by this very attitude. They are not concerned for truth, and they will throw all truth to the ground. But truth is what makes society healthy, vibrant, capable or reliably constructive. When Jesus chose to identify himself as the Way and the Truth, he gave truth high marks. If the police do not rope their organizations on truth, they and their mayors are unworthy to continue. This is the story of Armageddon, a lawless world. The parents will not only lose their unrepentant children, but their own lives. If you don't repent, the entire world will fall upon you, and no one will have pity because the world at that time will have a New Leader; the lunatic past will be forever gone. If you want God to be sensitive toward you, be sensitive toward God. He warned long ago that he can repay insensitivity for insensitivity. It only stands to reason.

If even I am ashamed of these parents, so would Seth be. Democrats wish to fool people into not speaking out based on the pain caused to the family. It's a trick that works to some extent, but no one advocates the sacrifice of justice based on the grieving of the family. But here we have a family that doesn't care to see justice unless the murderer is someone other than the Democrat party. It's like a bad mutation of the human species when infected by a terrible virus. To cure this, cut yourself off from the Democrat parasite.

"On July 10, 2016, Rich was shot while walking home late at night from a bar in Washington, D.C. He later died. Police suggested the incident was a botched robbery." Bad suggestion. DC has roundly earned ridicule, from anyone whose opinion counts, for this suggestion. In other words, there is no suspect in the case. The parents have nothing to hang their hat on for refusing Dotcom's message.

"But on May 17, the day after Fox News published its article, Newsweek reported it had learned that the FBI is not investigating the case." That is, Fox's report on the FBI report is supposedly false because the FBI has not taken on the case. That argument doesn't fly. Let the FBI itself, and not Newsweek, come out to say that what Fox reported is untrue. So far, the FBI has not come out to discredit the alleged FBI report (claiming a Seth-Rich email link to Wikileaks). Instead, the FBI is depending on such things as the parents and the media to advance a false picture on its behalf.

Kim Dotcom doesn't seem to be playing this with full sincerity. In his request, he asks for safe passage into the United States from Robert Mueller, a former FBI head now in charge of the Trump-Russia investigation. Mueller is not the one to ask this of. Kim needs to ask the acting American government. It seems that Kim's ambitions are purely to unveil Mueller's committee for fraud. Fine, that's a good start, but if Kim never delivers the evidence to the court of public opinion, the Democrats will flare back up with little accomplished against their public image.

On Tuesday of this week, Fox had the following without explanation: "On May 16, a story was posted on the Fox News website on the investigation into the 2016 murder of DNC Staffer Seth Rich. The article was not initially subjected to the high degree of editorial scrutiny we require for all our reporting. Upon appropriate review, the article was found not to meet those standards and has since been removed." Possibility 1) the news station was threatened and it ended up wagging the tail. Possibility 2) the news station has decided that the money-line is not worth advancing this story. Possibility 3) there was no substance to a part of the original story. I rule out the latter because the entire article was removed. Why remove the entire article if only a part of it didn't stand the test of reliability? Besides, Fox needs only to point out just where in the article the weak spot(s) is. Until then, I'm opting for Possibility 1) or 2), and others are providing a case for 1).

Kim claims not only that Seth Rich leaked to Wikileaks, but that he, Kim, was INVOLVED in the leak. This is no minor thing, unless Kim is simply lying. It suggests that Kim could have partaken in the actual email transfers to Wikileaks' database. Doesn't the family of the victim want to know if this is true or not? The worst reputation goes to the family for its strange behavior on this issue. It's not Seth whose being tarnished by Fox, but the family that's being tarnished by his brother's writing to Fox.

Here is how I see it. Seth gets hold of a trove of DNC emails for the purpose of exposing the Hillary-Clinton bandwagon. Rather than send the emails in his own name, he sends them via his Panda name / account, and rather than sending them direct to Wikileaks, he sends them to a third party who then transfers them to Wikileaks. The third party and Wikileaks then share some of the material with like-minded ones, with Kim Dotcom getting a piece of the action. Kim didn't come out with this story immediately after Seth was killed probably because it would ratchet up FBI persecution against him (the FBI was after him at the time), but, later, which is now, with Comey gone and Trump able to be of help to Kim, he decides to come out. Logical.

If KIM had come out while Obama was in charge, his evidence would have been stifled. But with Trump at the very center of the Seth-Rich case, Kim's coming out now looks like a power-play, with the Democrats in hiding. Perfect. But if Kim is simply lying or exaggerating his claims too far, then nothing. Mueller, in the moral sense, is expected to have a response to Kim's offer. So far, nothing.

Clinton is a Roebust

It's interesting that the Mueller/Meulen surname shows nothing but a large "pair of snips" (no Snip(p) surname) while Snipe's/Snepe's/Snape's use a version of the Clinton Coat. Both surnames were first found in the same place (Oxfordshire). In place of the pierced stars of Clintons, Snipe's use "castle gates" that are essentially the portcullis gates of Yate's and Porters. Of interest here is Sally Yates, who for a short while only was the nation's Attorney General (chief law enforcer), from the corrupt Obama circle, during the first two weeks of Trump's presidency. Trump fired her. There is no question that Muellers married Clinton kin somewhere down the pipes.

Amazingly, the Yate's share a horizontally-split Shield in the colors of the same of Bucks, and there is a buck's head in the Snipe Crest.

The Meiller / Miller/Muller surnames came to topic two updates ago, though having nothing to do with Robert Mueller. It was during the last update that I heard a voice (not audibly), "Clinton is a roebust." I went on to identify "Roebust" with RoeBUCKS (almost this Bush Coat). It now seems that God spoke to us last week concerning a Mueller connection to Clintons. I did not check the Mueller surname until just now. I did not know about it in the last update. In short, the Muellers married Buck kin, and while the Buck antlers link to the same of Cone's / Conte's whom are beloved of the Maschi pine cones, Meillers came up when finding the baron-Massy connection to Paul Jules de La PORTE, duke of Mazarin and La MEILLERaye. While Porte's can easily be of the Porters sharing the Yate / Snipe gate, there is even a Porte surname using a version of the Clinton Chief and Shield. Note that Portis'/Porchers share the giant cinquefoil of Bust-like Bus'.

Aha! The Hood-Ridding mansion of Yate's leads us to what should be a version of the Clinton star in the Rattery Crest. That is, the Hoods are said to be from Rattery...which happens to be in Devon, where Moline's/MOULLINs (like the Meulen variation of Muellers) were first found. It's Clinton-important that Moline's/Moullins are a part of this picture, as we shall see below. Ratterys even share fitchee crosses with Clintons, and Ratterys were first found in the same place as Cluns while Clintons use the Clun / Saluzzo Coat (see last update for further details). "RoeBUST" was shown to link to Busca, beside Saluzzo (both in Piedmont).

Ratterys were first found in Perthshire, near the Rats/Raits of Nairnshire, the latter being where the Rose's were first found that mention the Bosco's. The latter (first found to the near-east of Perthshire, and near to Tarves') are shown also as BOISTs. In fact, Bosco's were first found in Fife along with the Side's/Sudys that can be gleaned in the Rattery motto, and the Side Chief shares the Bush/Busch eagles in both colors. Tarves' (same place as fitchee-cross Reeds/Reads) use the six Clinton fitchees exactly, and the Chives' of Tarves share the black moline cross with Moline's/MOULLINs. Buck-using Reeds/Reads, who share a motto term with Bucks, look like they were a branch of the namers of Hood-Ridding. Reeds and Roets share the book while Catherine Roet's so-called "Catherine wheel" is used by Millers/Mullers.

It's important that Side's/Sudys were a branch of Sutys that in-turn share a Seaton/Sitten motto term, and the Seatons use "yet" in their motto, which I've traced to Yate's for years. Clearly, there was a Yate's marriage to Clinton-related Snipe's suspect in the Mueller snips. It can now be pointed out that Peckers/Packers, suspect with the woodpecker on my window, were first found beside the Clintons and Snipe's, and moreover the Peckers/Packers use roses for a link to the Bosco-related Rose's. Seatons share the same crescents as Nemo's/Nimoys ("Nemo" is a Poindexter motto term while supreme-court justice Antonen Scalia was murdered on a ranch of John B. Poindexter), and it's the Nimoys that use "boast" in their motto, which is a surname listed with Busts. "Clinton is a roeBUST." I heard that phrase in my head last week, but I've never before known the term, "roebust." Considerable time was spent in the last update seeking to confirm that the phrase was sounded in my head from God as a clue to the murders I've been touching upon.

Nemo's were first found in Stirlingshire, right beside the Perthshire Ratterys. Italian Bosco's (Piedmont) use one star in the colors of the Clinton star, and one crescent in gold, the color of the Hood crescent. Again, Yate's are said to be from Hood-Ridding, and Riddngs/Readings/Reddins share the black boar with Bush's. Hoods were first found in the same place as the Supers in the Rattery motto, and Supers (Blythe-like billets) use an engrailed saltire cross in black, the color of the engrailed cross of Rats/Raits (Bill Clinton's father was Mr. Blythe).

Is it a good thing to have Robert Mueller in charge of the bogus Trump investigation while the Mueller snips are code for a branch-by-merger of Clintons. If I recall correctly, the bird that screamed just before the train horn sounded was the day after I heard "Clinton is a roebust." Perhaps a bird screaming and a train trumpet is a Sign to indicate that people are right-now squealing on the Clinton mobsters. Or, Trump is about to climb Clinton's tree by the dead of night, at 3 am, and make him scream.

Kim Dotcom has not acted along legal lines: "2012 New Zealand police arrested Dotcom after a raid on his mansion in collaboration with the FBI. Megaupload stands accused of costing copyright holders over 320m in lost revenue. The huge coordinated operation required 70 police officers, an armed SWAT team, four FBI agents and battalion of land and air vehicles." One sees here that he has a bone to pick with the FBI, but he has a wide reputation in the Internet business, and could be telling the truth concerning Panda's transfer of documents to Wikileaks.

The FBI seeks to have Dotcom extradited to face charges in the U.S., and this latest offer by Kim only serves to hasten his arrest in the United States. However, it suddenly appears that Kim is using this issue to keep the FBI from extraditing him, for, if the FBI doesn't leave him alone, he will release the evidence against the FBI when he releases the evidence that Seth was involved with Wikileaks. Therefore, it seems to turn out that Kim is acting self-servingly; the world may never get his reported goods on Seth.

Seth's family, hearing from the Internet that their quick stomping on Dotcom's offer makes them appear unsightly and even guilty of supporting the murders, came out with an excuse on Wednesday / Thursday, saying they have evidence that Kim is trying to hack Seth's email account to plant phony evidence that Seth admitted to working with Wikileaks. It sounds like the parents are willing FBI tools, willing to fabricate a story. Not only does this accusation against Kim fail to fly, but it serves to show that the FBI can alter anyone's email to frame them for crimes they did not commit. The accusation against Kim does not fly because the parents, or the FBI, can take a snapshot of Seth's email account at any time, to later show that Kim added one or more emails to it if in fact he did/does. Kim would not try to do anything like that because of the obvious way in which it would make him appear fraudulent on this matter. Therefore, this accusation from the parents is a cheap shot, revealing that the parents are the fraudulent ones.

The Surgeon

On Tuesday, the day Kim Dotcom made his open offer, Sean Hannity tweeted that media Matters, for one, was trying to get him fired from Fox by trying to convince Fox's advertisers to threaten Fox for the Dotcom and similar stories. This is how we know that the left is playing dirty due to the gravity of this issue. If there was nothing to the Seth-Rich story, the left would not behave in this drastic way. Let's all be smart to leftist tactics.

At the 1:50 point of the Still-Report video below, an anonymous surgeon in training, and supposedly an eye-witness to Seth Rich's hospital visit, claims that Seth Rich was still alive eight hours after arriving to the hospital. He claims that he was one of the surgeons performing on Mr. Rich, and continues to say that there was NOT a life-threatening situation about his condition, even with three bullet holes. After the eight hours, law men arrived, locked everyone out of Seth Rich's room that wasn't supposed to be there, and, apparently, the intruders killed him. His own words are up in the video for anyone to digest, for to make a prognosis on whether this surgeon is a fake. It reads well, like the doctor knows what he's talking about, but ultimately, this story won't get traction in the major media unless he proves to be real.

The FBI has a responsibility to question this man's story. If we assume that the FBI knows who he is already, he may as well come out and reveal himself to the world, for this could be beneficial to his protection. If he doesn't come out, he could be killed, his family threatened, and no one would might ever know. The surgeon's post was on May 17 at 4chan using the ID, "rhotYJAg."

The claim in the video is that Seth was still alive "at turnover that morning," which we may assume was the time of shift change, perhaps at 10 am, or noon. If Seth was shot around the time that I heard the bird scream, at roughly 3 am, with his arrival to hospital by 4 am, then shift change may have been at noon. After that, we may assume that police was in Seth's room on the pretence of questioning him, and trying to figure a way to kill him slowly. It would not have looked well for them if they injected him with something too soon. There are people at that hospital who know much more of what went on, but it has been proven that most nurses will stay silent even in the face of hospital murder.

The doctor witnessed Seth alive for eight hours, then was shut out from serving him, and finally the end of his shift, or the shift of others, arrived. It sounds like more than an eight-hour shift for this doctor, and, likely, for a hospital open 24 hours, there were two 12-hour shifts at the time for this doctor and others. It's possible that Seth died at 4:44 pm, and that the law men know it. If shift change was at noon, 4:44 may have been during lunch.

I had two birds striking two glass panes, and the first was at 6:29 am. Assuming that Seth arrived to the hospital at 6:29, his being shot is now at a much-more reasonable time for a Sunday morning. Not many people are out on a city street at 3-4 am. Perhaps these times are for someone else to know, to show them that God is in this, to urge someone at the hospital to come on out and tell the whole story.

The video below says that he was pronounced dead at the hospital at 5:57 am. This is the official story, to languish in unreliability with all else from the police.

It can't be coincidental that Kim Dotcom claimed Seth's alias to be "panda." The mother appears in the video below, dated July 13, 2016, with a panda bear. One might accuse Kim Dotcom of fabricating the Panda alias from the fact that the mother held a panda bear, but this isn't a sufficient explanation because it is beyond belief that the mother would show up in a video with a panda bear unless she was seeking to communicate a message to someone(s). Seth was not a little kid so as to justify a panda bear in a video that she knew would go worldwide.

The parents seem to be very generous in telling the event just three days after. The father seems to be telling of his getting word that Seth was stable when reaching the hospital, which tends to reveal that he is not a part of the insiders, or that he is not a faked parent for a faked murder. The insiders would not tell that Seth was stable when he arrived. It would be expected that word of his stability ultimately came from the doctor(s), and probably via a police officer. Perhaps I'm wrong, but I do not see that these parents were grieving for their son. It just doesn't show on their faces that they endured deep grief and horror two or three days earlier. We might assume that the video was created on the 12th in order to show at youtube on the 13th. Seth died on the 10th. Is it normal for parents to do a video for the world three days after the murder of a young son?

One of the greatest goods to come of this scandal is that a good chunk of Democrat voters, especially those supporting Bernie Sanders (was seeking to defeat Hillary), are now more open to "conspiracy theories" involving elite Democrats and law people. Millions more are now open to keeping a wide and evil eye on the FBI.

Last night into Thursday morning, I heard an owl hoot at 1:55 am. I have not heard an owl here since last year. That time sounds about right for Seth leaving the bar. The owl was exactly in the direction of the screaming bird, straight out the open, bedroom window. It may be nothing, but I think I should jot this down just in case it's Expected of me.

Perhaps Firefox is showing its leftist colors because Firefox won't allow me to load the webpage below at this Bing search result:

Surgeon at Seth Rich's hospital says his wounds were not ...
At turnover that morning we were instructed not to round on the VIP that came in last night (that's exactly what the attending said, ...

I tried to load the homepage,, but Firefox would not allow me to do so. Firefox claims: "Your connection is not secure. The owner of has configured their website improperly. To protect your information from being stolen, Firefox has not connected to this website." This sounds ridiculous because three different excuses are being given. Firefox adds:

When Firefox connects to a secure website (the URL begins with "https://"), it must verify that the certificate presented by the website is valid and that the encryption is strong enough to adequately protect your privacy. If the certificate cannot be validated or if the encryption is not strong enough, Firefox will stop the connection to the website and instead show an error page:

This sounds bogus. Why doesn't Firefox allow me to decide whether I want to visit the webpage at the risk of risking my own security? I say that Firefox is guilty of hiding information using this tactic, and it wants us to get used to being fully blocked from websites as a whole. Did Firefox inform the webmaster at that its webpage(s) is being nullified? Probably not, or the webmaster would have repaired the accused problem, if there is any issue at all. Probably, Firefox allows the web owner to load his own page online so that he might not know that his website is being canceled for all others. Shame, Firefox, great shame. We can't even email the web owner to inform him because we can't load his page. This is disgusting.

Here's another one that Firefox won't allow me to get into for the same stated reason:

4th year surgery resident here who rotated at WHC (Washington Hospital Center) last year, it won't be hard to identify me but I feel that I shouldn't stay silent ...

Clearly, Firefox is involved in subduing information that it doesn't like concerning an issue as serious as this. I imagine that Firefox doesn't want to block a third website because two on the same topic is already enough to expose its corruption. Thank you, Firefox, for this revelation, I had been wondering about you, and now I know.

One webpage treating the story says: "4chan deletes its contents at the end of each day, but the thread on which Anonymous had posted was briefly archived, which enabled me to copy what Anonymous wrote (see below) before the archived thread was removed." It sounds as though the one making this post (May 18, 2017 by blindly-pro-Trump web owner, Dr. Eowyn) was the origin of the surgeon story. Thus far, a week after the story, I have not seen any Democrat webpage seeking to counter this story. Democrats like to jump in with gusto to attack a story like this, but, in this case, the story must have been deemed too hot to touch, best not to give it any legs, if possible. We would like to hear from snopes, for example, on how best to debunk this claim by anonymous. He sure sounds as though he knows his medical jargon.

There is some video with Trump's wife rejecting to hold his hand at the Jerusalem airport, but Dr. Eowyn doesn't want to accept this reality. It's an example of Christian Trump supporters being unwise, being politically active rather than being messengers of the truth that they claim to be. I'm not suggesting that they lie constantly, or that their views are to be disregarded wholesale. That's what the Democrats, champions of fakery, who speak their native tongue when they lie, would like you to think. Would Dr. Eowyn fabricate the origin of his surgeon story as part of his political activism? Not if he's a sincere Christian. Sincere Christians are not apt to going that far in doing wrong.

When anonymous wrote that there was no code, it turns out to mean that there was no call to try to revive him, no call to tell others that something was going wrong with his physical condition. It should be easy for the crafty Democrats to bring out testimony from a hospital person "proving" that anonymous' report is invalid, yet we are not even getting that much...because, apparently, this story is too hot to touch.

The doctor who was in the room to proclaim the death was an obvious insider, and he could quickly put an "end" to the rumor by anonymous. The doctor would incriminate himself by giving a false statement, and perhaps the situation is such that he can't give a false statement due to the high number of eye-witnesses who may not be fully reliable (for the demon cause) in this highly-charged political story. Make no mistake about it, we are dealing with demons, not the kind in cartoons, but in real life. People are filled with demonic controls when they slip away from God; it's their to-be-expected punishment. There is a vast difference between Democrat activists and the Christian activists whom the Democrats accuse at every twist and turn of a charged story. The defeat of Democrats is hastened by their accusations against Christians, if only Christians will stand up for God and fight back. I support activist Christians, but do not support their politico-zealous wrongs. It is excellent to point out rights and wrongs, and I feel it is acceptable to claim that anti-Christ Democrats are demonic. Bill Clinton said publicly that it's acceptable to kill a child at any stage of progress providing that it's partially in the womb, and wicked Democrats continued to love him after this was said.

The Washington police department has released the death statement below. For disinformation purposes? It reads that Seth was "transported to local area hospital and was pronounced by attending physician at 0557 hours." I am not permitted to highlight and copy this one sentence from the page, though any other sentence in the "Public Narrative" section can be copied for pasting. Coincidence? Plus, they left the word "dead" out? What did the doctor pronounce at 5:57? In the top line, they left out the "event end date" and time. Do officers filling this form normally have the option of leaving that line blank? They have the "event start date" filled in, but not the event end date, which we could expect blank if they didn't want to incriminate themselves by entering the false data required by their false story. I'm guessing that the event end was when the ambulance drove away. The person reporting this is "SHOTSPOTTER." The time of the report is 7:10 am. The surgeon at the hospital, if he's a true person, can be in danger for being able to prove shotspotter guilty of entering a false report time. The top of the report has, "Metropolitan Police Department" (what city?) but does not have the word, "Washington," suggesting the possibility that this report, while being useful in duping the public, may not be admissible in a court of law. That is, the report can possibly be portrayed by police as a fabrication in case the matter ever gets to court, thus protecting the police department from any false / omitted claims on the report.

The writer(s) for "we" below claims not to be from avid conspiracy theorists, meaning that the group is maybe only half deceived by the authorities. But they are starting to lean heavily now to correctness:

One thing we have been able to uncover, however, is a pattern of disturbing changes in hospital security that took place at Washington Hospital Center in the weeks before Seth Rich was shot.

...a man by the name of Rodney Parks took over as director of security, working under the supervision of Kathleen Timmons.

By all accounts, Parks and Timmons were rather inept at their jobs. On June 22, 2016 (one week before the "secret meeting" between Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton on the Phoenix airport tarmac), one member of an online forum for D.C. law enforcement officials wrote:

So, we have this new guy named RODNEY PARKS as our director and already he is shaking things up.

1. He changes our department's title to Public Safety
2. He eliminated our S.R.T. Team
3. He eliminated our K-9 Unit
He and his "Clueless Overseer" Kathleen Timmons (Formerly of Shady Grave) have crippled our department...

I guess its time to find new employment...

Rodney Parks, as it turns out, formerly held a position as Chief of the District of Columbia Protective Services Division, which is "the police force responsible for law enforcement activities and physical security of all properties owned, leased or otherwise under the control of the Government of the District of Columbia." After retiring from the Protective Services Division, he went to the Metro Transit Police, where he only lasted a month [maybe by design for a special operation only].

Another forum user wrote: "Parks I bet is the same one from DC protective. He killed that agency I hear he's a real pos scum bag."

...So when the 4chan poster claims that the ER was "swarmed" by LEOs, this could not have occurred without the assistance of Rodney Parks. For everyone investigating the Seth Rich conspiracy at home, forget about Kim Dotcom and WikiLeaks. All you have to do is find out who ordered the doctors to leave Seth Rich for dead.

That's the end of the article, after the writer points out that there really isn't any proof that the 4chan surgeon is who he claims to be. Yet, the article ends with the group / person convinced that the surgeon is authentic.

We now need to cautiously entertain the theory that Seth's murder was plotted from before Parks got the job at the hospital. It would require that the shooters never intended to kill him, but to hospitalize him, which actually serves to explain the prior problem of why the murderers let him live at all at the shooting site. I can see only one motive for to get him to the hospital, so that he would talk concerning who got the leaks, etc. The other option was an abduction, torture to get information out, and finally his death. They may have chosen against the abduction due to the need of having a team for it which wasn't handy at the time. Besides, an abduction would require an FBI effort to find the murders; it was more convenient to play it as a random robbery-killing.

We might conjecture that Parks works for the shadow government whenever his expertise is needed in foul "play." In this case, the swarm of police people at Seth's room had no chance of getting into trouble from the head of the hospital's security people, and he made sure to remove as many security staff as possible in order to minimize gossip and eye witnesses of this swarm. In a real situation, a true shooting, there might be need for only one or two officers to go in and question the wounded man, for the sake of finding a lead to the murderer(s), and not staying too long with a wounded man greatly needing rest.

The world of Sanders and Trump supporters would like to know how long the swarm took at the hospital. Apparently, the police has not claimed to have questioned Seth in his hospital room. If they do make that claim, then we should like to know what Seth said to the police. Something tells me that we won't hear any of that. On behalf of there being nothing to report from Seth's mouth, the police timed his death very soon upon his reaching the hospital. The police can thus say that Seth was in no good condition to be questioned. The official story is as blank on details as possible. All we know is that Seth took a beating before being shot, exactly what one expects from Democrats angry at his leaks.

I've visited many websites carrying the surgeon story, but came across not one from the liberals attacking the story. How strange. How telling.

Next, a "private detective" (Eowyn, we saw that name above) has found a startling thing on Joe P. Capone: "There is photographic proof that the 'Joseph P. Capone' who visited the White House on July 6, 2016, four days before Seth Rich was murdered, is indeed Lou's City Bar general manager Joe Capone." This is the bar where Seth was last. The photographic proof is a photo allegedly taken by Capone through a White-House window to the outside lawn. Here is the photo with Capone's name on it, and it appears also at the webpage immediately after this page:

The page below (a Eowyn feature) has some interesting comments from a video produced by George Webb, who interviewed Capone with the latter's lawyer present. If that sounds suspicious (to have the lawyer there), it probably is. Webb implies that Capone admits to being at the White House on July 6, supposedly on a public tour of the Left dragging Obama into the picture, no surprise at all. And Capone was, perhaps conveniently, not in Washington the night-morning of the murder (gives him an alibi). Webb states that Seth's parents were also out of town that night. "Capone said...that 'friends' were talking with Seth Rich in the ambulance on the ride to the hospital (2:56 mark)." If that sounds probably is a duck. It sounds as though they really did plot his trip to the hospital, and by giving him a couple of non-fatal bullets, they were prepping Seth to talk. Whose friends were they? Capone's or Seth's? Neither scenario squares with the police report. I would venture to guess that DC police would not permit mere friends in the ambulance. Besides, where did these friends come from that are not mentioned in any related stories I've read. How could there be no witnesses to the shooting, and then, minutes later, friends pop up at roughly 4:30 am???

Webb brings up the question on whether Capone went to the VIP room while the rest of the tour crowd went off in a different direction. Did Capone meet with an Obama person, by veering away, in order to relay and/or receive some important information about the hit on Seth? It could look just like a duck.

We hear the Democrats clamoring for the end of capital punishment while they perform capital punishment (murder) routinely. It's not a wonder that the mafia would seek lighter sentencing for itself. But it's far worse than this because the Clintonites get no sentencing at all. Trump can't even speak out on behalf of Seth Rich because Seth leaked information while Trump has started a crusade against leaking documents. However, Trump can give the green light to re-investigate Seth's computer, etc., for evidence of murder. Trump can go to the Washington hospital to check whether that surgeon does really work there, who risked his well-being to speak out. If Trump is any good man at all, as he reads the Seth-Rich issue from those who love Trump, then the president will at least send someone to the surgeon to offer protection, and to get more information. Already, Trump has had a week to get onto that very thing.

There sits Trump's own salvation from the Russia-Trump-collusion accusation. But this is about more than Trump's political salvation; it's about saving society from the murderers, and not saving society from murder alone, but from all other cancers spread by the ultimate murderers. It's the very swamp Trump promised to cleanse, and here is his golden opportunity. Yet, to date, I have heard nothing from Trump indicating zeal for this wipe-out opportunity.


The evidence for Pizzagate can be phrased, as Wikipedia phrases it, to sound kooky. But the article below seems a level-headed approach. I don't know the writer, and am totally unlearned in the Pizzagate accusations. I did read up on it last night, where the likes of Wikipedia originates the issue at some Podesta emails leaked by Wikileaks. The claim is made by some that there are code words used in the emails to indicate a child-sex ring amongst the elite circles of the Clintons. I thought that I should look into this. It turns out that there is evidence aside from Podesta emails.

If any compelling evidence were to come out of Pizzagate -- and, as I have said in this series, I do think at least some of it is -- who would catch on and express concern about it first? The record very clearly shows that it would not be the mainstream media. As the first article made a clear effort to point out, it was the far-Right blogosphere that caught wind of the Rotherham scandal well before the mainstream media did; and during his time at the BBC, Mark Thompson was credibly accused of lying to cover up evidence of the Jimmy Savile sex scandal. Jimmy Savile managed to abuse hundreds of young children, and associates and friends were accused of acting in complicity with the rapes and even sentenced for raping the very same victims. And that same Mark Thompson who helped cover up the Savile scandal now runs the New York Times which was so quick to dismiss Pizzagate in its entirety as a hoax as well.

Personally, I thought that Alex Jones sounded nuts when hearing from him that Hillary Clinton was involved in child-sex trafficking. I'm reading that he has made some apologies for at least some of his positions on this matter, though others say that he was forced into making the apologies by threat of a law suit. While the pizza stores may not have been guilty, as charged, there seems to be a case to be made against Democrat leaders.

By the way, if "far-right" is defined as having racist inclinations, that's not me. There are as many wicked Whites as there are in other "races." I embrace people of Godly goodness, all who can be trusted in everything, who would make for a society of unlocked doors. Ever since the 1970s, as I saw my own generation slipping away at the promptings of a sick Hollywood agenda, this world has become predictably insane. That is the issue for our times, and it's obvious to anyone engaging or studying this war that the other side is intent on corrupting things further, like demonic agents of Hell in our faces but practiced at making angelic appearances. The first half of 2 Thessalonians 2 applies very much to what I'm talking about, where the rejection of God wholesale in the last days causes a dire situation when God simply removes his restraining powers from the midst of the wicked, allowing demons to overcome them with totality until they are fully condemned in a visible spectacle before the saints...who resist joining them in their sinful madness. It all begins because the peoples refuse to put faith in the Son of God. But it's far worse, because we have seen them slander God openly, willfully, hoping to take some from their faith.

How would God have us approach this situation? Should we fight and risk our safety and well-being? Or should we let Him do the fighting in His time on our behalf, keeping low and doing little to block the enemy advance? Well, if even God gets out of the way to allow this thing to operate at its best advantage, perhaps we should do the same. But until then, we may assume that God restrains the powers of lawlessness to some degree, and so we might reason that we should do the same. Has he already gotten out of the way? Did he get out of the way since the 1970s? Let's hope so, because if He still hasn't gotten out of the way, things are going to get far worse.

If the Purpose is to expose the deeds of darkness and the carriers of the satanic mind, then I will seek to do that too. Every dark deed comes with an angelic cover. The man robbing a small child, for sex, acts the angel until the boy is captured. And even then, the individual might act the angel to get most of what he wants from the boy. What a sick topic. I don't want to engage this. But I'll do it, anyway. I want you to know that I've never had the heart or stupidity to even look up a child-sex website for the purpose of educating myself, nor will I view faggots in porn, as I can't stomach the thought. I don't want the pictures in my head. I loath the day when they show us men kissing in standard advertisements in ordinary webpages, but it's got to be coming soon. I've been sickened by what I see women doing in "standard" porn, all for money, and yet there's more to it as per the "one mind." There is a conspiracy to corrupt us all.

I cannot fathom how demons can themselves be so stupid. They at least know that God exists with the power to punish them, yet they are in the business of corrupting others as much as possible, which only adds to their punishment in the end. How stupid can anything be? And we see liberals behaving just like this, unable to resist the demonic mind because they don't have any understanding of it. They become convinced that the mind operating in them is their true selves, not realizing that they can be cleansed if only they decide to turn to Jesus.

The article above says that the government is able to find the identities of people purchasing child porn. "Code-named Project Flicker, the investigation uncovered the identities of 30,000 child porn subscribers in 132 different nations. Some 250 of these identities belonged to civilian and military employees of the U.S. Defense Department, who gave their real names and purchased the porn with government .mil email addresses..." We thereby find the government guilty of allowing these men to go unknown. What is the government doing to protect society from these wicked beasts who, by day, act the angel? It could be the doctor or teacher you respect. In the same way that the evil mind wishes to corrupt the world, are government leaders now setting up a situation in which child porn pervades everywhere? I am prone to thinking, yes, in some cases. The pro-faggot movement started small, and so did porn in the generation before my birth, but look at what it has come to in such short time.

What does the following tell us about the beast that is the American military? Is your view of the military what you see in military advertisements? You can't be that naive. "Yet, the investigations were halted entirely after only some 50 total names were investigated at all, and just 10 were prosecuted. A full 212 of the individuals on ICE's list were never even given the most cursory investigation at all." It doesn't sound as though there is much shock over at military headquarters, and it looks like the military chiefs are just dandy with standing aside, allowing this situation to explode in greater infestation. Besides, I find it unbelievable that there are people able to pass-off child porn and get away with it, unless the FBI permits it, and this is the charge of pizzagate adherents, that child porn has become a topic at all from the deep state.

What happens when faggots, child molesters, and their supporters run the media? For one thing, Armageddon. God warned of this ever since Sodom's destruction. The day is coming when child sex is expressed as a personal choice of "love." You can't believe it? Then you don't know the wickedness that operates in the upper levels of government. Wickedness desires power structures, it's a no-brainer, and they don't get there by wearing a demon mask for all to see their true colors. Child porn is not only about sick sexual desires, but about child kidnapping and child corruption / abuse on a terrible level. Porn leads to abductions, and it's the faggots largely behind child porn. They infiltrate Hollywood, the music industry, talk-show television, and, of course, governments. Some reveal themselves unashamedly as faggots, others don't. The best education on the wicked can be found from their own mouths in all sorts of public posts. You can get glimpses of how they operate, even when they think they have done a good job of hiding their true selves. Their purpose is always to malign normality and good values. People who want to stick to normality are viewed and accused as backward bigots denying the rights of those who want to advance toward Sodom. That's everything in a nutshell, the very thing going on since the 1970s. The stupids haven't ceased, and the time has come when "stupid" is far-too kind. If they were merely stupid in the ordinary sense, they might not be too dangerous, and there might be hope of repentance, but this thing has now arrived to a civil-war scenario, where their zeal to carry things further is a frothing at their mouths.

I'd like to get to the so-called code words in the Podesta emails. I know nothing about this. But there seems to be so little of anything to speak of.

"Cheese pizza" has been in the urban dictionary since 2010 and means "child pornography." In your research you'll see a lot of weird connections between children and pizza.

From an email to John Podesta

We plan to heat the pool, so a swim is a possibility. Bonnie will be Uber Service to transport Ruby, Emerson, and Maeve Luzzatto (11, 9, and almost 7) so you'll have some further entertainment, and they will be in that pool for sure.

Another email to Podesta:

Hi John,

The realtor found a handkerchief (I think it has a map that seems pizza-related. Is it yorus? They can send it if you want. I know you're busy, so feel free not to respond if it's not yours or you don't want it.

John's response:

It's mine, but not worth worrying about.

Hillary Clinton was receiving updates from her lawyer and Huma Abedin about the New Life Children Refuge case in Haiti as well as the organization. From Hillary's email archive:

The plan for NLCR to help orphans in Haiti
Logistics of transporting the children
Public statement from Hillarys lawyer, to Hillary
Another update Huma Abedin on the legal situation

$65,000 worth of pizza and hot dogs -- email

Comet Pizza owner's Instagram

As you can see, the interpretation of the words is debatable. The apparent importance of the 65,000 dollars worth of pizza and dogs is, I think, as per Obama ordering 65,000 dollars of the same for one of his parties. When one clicks the instagram link at that page, however, it comes to the page below with panda bears and what looks like the head of a soft penis. We also see what can be construed as children's clothing on the floor beside a child coffin (with dead child within) owned by the child abductor standing there. I'm starting to froth at the mouth. I don't recommend that you go to this webpage because it won't add anything to your day but a sick feeling. The more one tries to interpret the double-meaning "art," the sicker one might feel. Clearly, this art speaks in code, there can be more going on in the photos than we realize because we don't know all the jargon of the dragons. But please do not engross yourself seeking hidden meanings because none of them are worth knowing. A dragon is defined as a dead-end beast in human form. If you follow a dragon, you end up nowhere; ask Hillary:

The following seems more damning:

Comet Pizza is a pizza place owned by James Alefantis, who is the former gay boyfriend of David Brock, the CEO of Correct The Record. It has been the venue for dozens of events for the Hillary campaign staff. John Podesta has had campaign fundraisers there for both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. John's brother and business partner Tony Podesta has his birthday party there every year.

It's also a dive that according to reviews and photos has hidden bathroom doors and creepy murals. The bathrooms in particular have murals exclusively of nude women, as well as a great deal of graffiti relating to sex. Reviews of the restaurant are bizarrely polarized. Websites describing it positively note that there are regularly "unsupervised children running around". Their menu include a pedophilic symbol, as do the signs and decorations of other neighboring businesses.

...Everyone associated with the business is making semi-overt, semi-tongue-in-cheek, and semi-sarcastic inferences towards sex with minors. The artists that work for and with the business also generate nothing but cultish imagery of disembodiment, blood, beheadings, sex, and of course pizza.

Just think of this for a moment, because John Podesta was Hillary's election-campaign manager. How does this place Hillary in any light whatseover? I see nothing but grim. What else is there that isn't readily apparent from the little we know? The page above has some explanations on the instagrams, but more-importantly has all that the world needs to know about the Podesta's, and signals one of the reasons that Hillary lost the election.

"Folks attending a house tour in the Lake Barcroft neighborhood in Falls Church earlier this year got an eyeful when they walked into a bedroom at the Podesta residence hung with multiple color pictures by Katy Grannan, a photographer known for documentary-style pictures of naked teenagers in their parents' suburban homes. 'They were horrified,' Heather recalls, a grin spreading across her face." That's from the Washington Post. It just gets more sick the more I read the article. This is more than disgusting; think of the horrified children, treated like soul-less flesh for the sexual satisfaction of demons never satisfied.

For anyone who doesn't know anything about Dutroux, In the late 90s there was a huge case against Dutroux, who was kidnapping young girls, abusing them, not feeding them and using them for his own pleasure. For the 5 involved, 2 girls died due to starvation since Dutroux didn't feed them when he locked them away. It was known that Dutroux was a pedophile and had committed the crimes, yet it took 14 months and a national protest for the police to finally arrest him and proceed to the court...The 23 or so witnesses of the Dutroux have all deceased or died mysteriously. (article above).

The story is touching upon the government. It's a writing on the wall indicating heartless people in leadership positions all around. It's not a wonder that the love of most will go cold, where heartless people become the guides. Be fervent for Jesus; Trump is no Jesus. Jesus is in your midst, Trump is not. There actually is hope in this dimming world. Wait faithfully. Hopefully, Christians will get the better half of Trump's decision-making instead of the Christ-less conservatives. It would serve Trump much better to allow the Christians to have the lion's share of decision making.

The flickr page offered in the quote above wouldn't load for me, no surprise. The writer says of that page: "one specific painting where there's a handkerchief underneath a raped child, lending credence to the handkerchief map=semen/bloodstains theory." What a lovely thought. Let's revisit that email sent to John Podesta: "The realtor found a handkerchief (I think it has a map that seems pizza-related. Is it yorus? They can send it if you want. I know you're busy, so feel free not to respond if it's not yours or you don't want it." Podesta turns the offer down. But what possibly could a handkerchief with a map upon it be? It doesn't sound like a literal handkerchief. And what could a map to a pizza store be all about? It makes no sense in that way, and so we have cause to view this as code. Can a handkerchief be a sex symbol? Yes. I'm going to voice what many feel in their heart of hearts, that if ever we caught a grown man penetrating a child, we would instantly become the judge and executioners on the spot, and deal with fall-out later. Too bad our better judgments would prevail. We would need to let the scum live, and allow the government to give him a chance to roam the streets yet again.

Another Government-Faked Killing Attempt

Here is a video speaking on what the writer thinks was a government-staged car-ramming event in New York, virtually identical with the one at Westminster bridge in London. It didn't take me more than a couple of minutes of reading to agree that this was a staged event. This event was on May 18, 2017, the day that the story came out on the anonymous doctor. The webpage below even states that staged events like this are sometimes to fill the news with distraction, to minimize the chances of a red-hot story from getting out. I am ashamed of Trump on this one, because the event has taken place under his presidency. Unless Trump comes out to condemn this fake n(fat chance), I will treat Trump as one of the globalists:

Here's a good video on the faked car-terror act, with more to follow until it becomes undeniably a fake. Just think of it.

Youtube is keeping some people out of some of these fake-car-terror videos (that may not be the best phrase for this event). It refused my entry to part 1 of part 2 below. This rude behavior by Internet organs will get worse with time, and it's criminality, not trivial. It's called aiding the government with criminality when lying to the entire nation with a faked terror act. When the guy takes the towel off the "dead" actress's head, it's to allow her to breath, and to check whether she's able to breath under it. Both video's are presented comically. Well done. We've all seen animals run over by cars, the same sort of road-kill, and its blood, should have been all over that road, yet I saw nothing.

Part 3 is damning because the same man without shoes is then shown with shoes, suggesting either that he was pasted into at least one of the scenes, or that this and other scenes were taken on a different day, then clipped to the main video PRODUCTION. Sad, it really is, that governments need to resort to this sort of trickery, dragging the main media into it by force, forcing them to lie to the world in order to keep their jobs.

Go ahead and watch part 4, where the girl in the foreground doesn't even hear the car crashing 30 feet to her side, nor does she hear the expected yells as the car flies into the air and comes crashing down. The people who put these things together are terribly sloppy, almost as though they want to get caught. Perhaps they have as part of their agenda to send the Russians, and the American populace, the belief that the invisibles have such an iron grip on the nation that no one should dare rise up against them. This is an idea I spawned for myself back in the sloppiness of 9-11. Look at how many people there are between the camera and backside of the car when the girl appears, versus how few people there are to the backside of the car when the shot comes from another camera. This can't fool anyone under scrutiny.

They will never be convincing with a faked car crash into people in broad daylight with the community present because they can't fake enough blood spatter. As you can see, no one gets hurt, and, besides, it was done in slower motion with probably one or two people pasted in. If you just pause the event every quarter second, you can tell better what truly happened, and they may have removed some frames to create the illusion of greater speed. It appears that all the people on the car rode out of camera view while still on the car, and the only ones who went rolling to the side of the car were never on the car (easy to fake when the car is moving slowly in reality). One or two of the "victims" may have been pasted in. I haven't tried to explain the second scene, which begs who it was that was moving the camera so that it captured the car coming at just the right time. Let's not be naive. The American government is a criminal, and this was done under Donald Trump. He knows that this was faked. If he doesn't denounce this as a fake, then he's a fake that will help the shadow government to rob the people more than before, one trick at a time.

One of My Play Lists if You Like

I thought I'd share my list of Messianic mixed with hill-country music. Sometimes, the two types share the same type of sounds. It was fun doing this. There may not be many southern readers anymore because they are usually Bush supporters, and expected to be Trump supporters too.

It took some time getting songs in an arrangement (sequence) I liked, so you might want to start with mine, then alter as you like. I don't have a clue how you can download these songs straight from my Internet system, so the best I can do is to list the youtube addresses. It will take you some work to have these songs, but at least I did the work in tracking them down. I was picky, and, some nights, I would find zero songs to download after a lot of trying. For each song that you get to, copy the browser's URL-address into the box at the youtube converter here:

If the above won't load, surf other dowloaders, or try this one:

Follow the easy steps at the converter, and the song will automatically download to your computer, to wherever your computer automatically receives downloads (if you are new to computers, you will probably find them in your downloads file). The downloads come without the commercials, thankfully. Don't forget to write out the name of the groups, when you assign the songs to your playlist, if that's what you like to do.

At 60, I still like music with some beat and power / emotion. I have speakers three feet tall, making this place sound like a concert hall. I wire the laptop to a typical amplifier that feeds the speakers. It's just lousy by comparison straight from the laptop's speakers. You can get justify some decent speakers since youtube allows you to save money on music. An amplifier may not be needed (though it may sound better, I wouldn't know); maybe just the appropriate cord between speakers and computer.

In Elohim Itanu

Victory in Jesus -- Selah

Hashivenu Elecha

It's Already Done

Vivaldi by Southern Raised

Hine Go'alieni Chai

WWJD Baggy Bottom Boys

No More Will I Run

Mary Did You Know

Yeshua Hamashiach

Odecha BeKahal Rav

Rock of Ages

Mighty One of Irseal

Grace Will Lead me Home

Not By Might

Wayfaring Stranger


Stomping Grounds

Ain't No Grave

Bind Us Together

By the Riverside

Adonai Adoneinu

Farther Along

Elohim Lanu Machaseh Va'os

Jesus I am Resting


Baruch Haba B'shem Adonai

Holy Name of Yeshua

Rock of Ages -- Guy Penrod

Lechu Nerannena LeAdonai

Sweet By and By

King's Banquet Instrumental

Coming Back to You

Where No One Stands Alone

I am Weary Let me Rest

Great is the Lord

What Child is This?

Adon Olam

I can't even walk without You Holding my Hand

Hine Keinei Avadim

Shimcha Kadosh

Good Christian Men rejoice

Here is angel-face proof that the FBI way back under Bush was in cahoots with the government in the 9-11 fraud. It means that the shadow government has included the FBI leadership from before Obama:

Here's another angel face sounding just as credible:

Here's some on Hillary's satanic side:


For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God

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