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May 16 - 22, 2017

"Clinton Is a Roebust"
Busts and Bush's were Rothschilds
God Gives Another Event This Week, the Screaming Bird
It's All More Evidence that Poindexter's Group Killed Scalia

For a reader hopping into an update for the first time, there is not much I can say in an introductory paragraph to explain everything needed before proceeding. The only readers able to follow are those taking the time needed to get a solid idea of the entire scope. It is probably impossible to follow unless the heraldic Coats are loaded and viewed. It would be helpful to have a photographic memory, or to at least spend some time to get to know Coats, and to understand what I'm saying about them. I did the work over years to be able to present to you the relevant Coats, and you need only decide whether I am correctly interpreting the evidence and the codes. It is far best that you load Coats on a separate browser(s) rather than clicking back and forth from the update page. It might take longer for one to read an update than the week it takes me to write it, but that's what it'll take for a solid understanding of what I'm doing. I know that few have the time to follow this in that way. My hope is...actually, I should have no such hopes as I should just allow God to do what He wants with this. One of my goals at this time is to discover the parent(s) of Josephs Caiaphas, and in the meantime to prove that heraldic masters and leading Templar families knew that all of heraldry had, at its foundations, Caiaphas and his circle of Christ killers. These updates are jot-down format (sub-titles don't usually reflect the roaming topics well) making it hard / impossible to have a pre-plotted storyline. I'm no longer doing final proof-reads, please excuse the imperfections / mistakes. Ever since I decided to use apostrophes only after surnames ending in vowels, I started to catch myself using apostrophes before the 's' of pluralized words, making it appear that I need to return to primary grammar school.

If ever you'd want to check a description in the Coat of Arms, type the surname at this page:

I'm not taking email at this time, here's why. I apologize to all having left email, as I can't even mail you to inform you. I may never be able to use the Yahoo email account again. We'll need to wait and see whether Yahoo changes its policy.

There will be some U.S. political news after this update's bloodline topics, stressing the murder of Seth Rich where John Podesta is suspect.

[On Wednesday of next week, I realized what "Clinton is a Roebust" means. It connects to Robert Meuller, and, likely, the murder of Seth Rich. This is a heads up for you to read the next update, which is low on heraldry and high on the Seth-Rich story now unfolding.]

I awoke this morning hearing in a dream-like state, "Clinton is a roebust." Nothing of this phrase was not on my mind beforehand. I started to poke around to see how this might be from God, or not, with the underlying theory that this could be a continuation on the murders I've been touching upon, which I was speaking to God about last night. Getting to the Bust/Bois page, the Haliburton-like term was re-noticed. This time the Haliburtons were loaded to see that they use a wavy bend in blue, the color of the wavy fesse of Fix's. Already, I find this remarkable. If you've read the last two updates, you know that Joseph Fix is a man I knew who represents a clue that to the murder of princess Diana by the ones hiring Le Van Thanh to be in the tunnel during her crash. This man has refuses to testify as to what he saw, and the French police have not forced him to do so. It makes the French government look complicit in the murder's cover-up.

Fix's/Fecks were suspect with Feschs/Fechtens and therefore with Fieschi's of Genoa, where Fessy-beloved Segni's/SEGURana's were first found, and then Haliburtons use a "SEQUOR" motto term. It looks like we have a story. However, Genoa, Liguria, and Fieschi's have to do with the fatal crash of Grace Kelly.

I'm reminded that Cheneys use a Coat like the Bust/Bois Coat. While Busts/Bois' are said to be Bosco's too, like the Busch variation of Bush's that share the black boar with Haliburtons, George Bush Jr. had Dick Cheney, CEO of Haliburton Company, as his vice president. Then, there were reports that Haliburton Company was given special favors in the Middle East under George Bush's invasion. Cheney was the defence secretary of the senior Bush president, clearly an open door for conflict of interest. It must be a big coincidence, or maybe not, that Cheneys use "major" in their motto while Haliburtons use "majores." And Majors use roses while Bosco's married the Rose's.

The amazing thing is, the Bush fleur-de-lys is in the colors of the Fix fleur-de-lys. If that's not enough, German Bush's/Buschs use the fleur in the colors of the same of Dole's while Dols are suspect in having the wavy fesse of Fix's. The Alans of Dol made it to the British throne in king James I, and after this dynasty was partially replaced by the Windsors, one can imagine Stewarts seeking to get back on the British throne as fully as possible. After Diana's life was ended, her husband married Camilla Parker Bowles, and it just so happens that Bowles' share the black-on-white boar with Bush's. Just compare the Coats of English Bush's to that of Bowles'/Bolles'. And Bowels/BOSwells ("Vraye FOI"), first found in the same place (Yorkshire) as Bush's, share the black-on-white fesse of Bush's. The surname is from BOESEville.

What does all of this mean? Do the Bush's have paid killers who contributed to the death of Diana? I have no problem believing that George Bush Jr. is a killer type, for he was directly responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands in the Middle East, and thousands of Americans in New York. Watching him operate through the 9-11 disaster teaches us that he has no conscience, that in his heart demons abide.

The Bowels/Boswells are said to have joined the English wave to Scotland in support of Scottish royalty, and the proto-Bowels/Boswells ended up at Edenham of Berwickshire. Edenhams use the colors and format of Bowles'/Bolles', as well as sharing pellets with Foi's/Foys in the Bowel/Boswell motto. Foys were first found in Auvergne, where Bolles-like Bouillons were first found that share the flory moline of Birds/Burds, and it just so happens that Bush's once showed their black fesse in red so as to be a good reflection of the other Bird/BURD Coat. As you can see, "Burd" is like "Burton," suspect with HaliBURTONS.

Next, we bring in the Blythe's, the surname of Bill Clinton's biological father. Blythe's were first found in the same place as Haliburtons, and it happens to be Berwickshire, where Bowels/Boswells removed to. By some globalist coincidence or not, Bill Clinton ruled between the two Bush presidents. Just compare the Bird/Burd Coat to that of Blythe's, and to the Coat of English Bush's when the latter's fesse is in red. I saw it in red for years, and here is one such Bush Coat from my files. It's important that Birds/Burds share the red martlets of French Alans.

It's probably Talbot-important that Bowles'/Bolles' were first found in Lincolnshire. It's probably correct that Freemasonry as a whole traces from Ranulph le Meschin and his Taillebois wife from Lincolnshire. Like the Bowels/Boswells, Meschins and Alans escaped England to find protection under royal Scots. Meschins married Skiptons of Craven, and Cravens use a reflection of the Bird/Burd Coat above. As we are discussing this as per "Clinton is a Roebust," Meschin's wife, Miss TailleBOIS, may be relevant to where Busts are also Bois'.

The dog head in the Crest of Blade's/Blate's and the dog heads in the Burton Coat (neither are called talbots) can link closely because Drago de Bewere is in the write-up of both surnames. Blade's were first found in the same place as English Bush's. Bewere's were first found in the same place as German Bush's, and Bush's can be linked to the Arms of Rothschild in more than one way. Some say that Rothschilds start wars because they supply weaponry for both sides. I can't think of a sicker mentality than to desire profit from war, but George Bush provided a dandy war that's still not over.

The Bewere/Bawer roses are those also of Jewish Rothchilds (no 's' as in "Rothschild"). These Rothschilds share a sinister, white bend with Roi's/Roys (Roe branch?) in the motto of BOWels/Boswells, a surname that appears to be a Bower-Bush combo. Bowels/Boswells use "Vraye Roi," and while Rays may have been Roys, the stags of Rays are in Blade/Blate / Burley/Bourly colors. The latter share four, downward, white pheon arrowheads, all around a cross (saltire), with Marlboroughs of BUCKlow. The reason that "Clinton is a roebust" seems like it was from God is that I know only of "RoeBUCK," and have never heard, "Roebust." The latter seems to be saying that Bucks were Bush's of the Bust/Boii kind. There is a Bucks county in Pennsylvania, named after Buckingham, where Cheneys were first found. Marlboroughs are also MarBURYs, possibly of the Burleys/Bourlys (share green Shield with Bauers and Bowers/Bours). French Rays use the escarBUNCLE while Buncle's use buckles as likely code for Bucklow liners. The Ray stags are obviously linkable to those who called them, bucks.

As the first Rothschild was a Bewere-like Bauer, this speaks for itself. And Mr. Bauer's (Frankfurt) first name, Mayer, looks linkable to the Mayer variation of Cheney-beloved Majors who likewise use red roses, in the two colors of the fesse-with-symbols of Bush's, Birds and Blythe's. The latter are almost "Blade/Blate." The latter's saltire is that of English Franks, the possibly namers of Frankfurt, and the Pollock saltire is used by Scottish Franks. Then ask why German Franks were first found in BOII-founded Bohemia. In this picture, Bows and Bush's were not the same to begin with, perhaps. but did merge. Or, Boii were from Buzites to begin with, I can't be sure. One of the German Franks Coats uses a column, like the Bosco/Boist/Boyst pillars, in the colors of the bees of Boys (Berwickshire, same as Blythe's).

The Frank peoples originated on the Rhine, and German Bush's were first found in Rhineland. Italian Franks are said to have been first found in Piedmont, yet mention a prominent Frank family in Genoa, where I trace leopard faces used by the other German-Frank surname. It appears right away that Frankfurt and Franconia were tied to Fieschi, and so note how the Franconian Rake appears to be in this German Bust Coat ("A shield divided per pale indented...")! According to online reports, Mayer Bauer lived in a house, Red Shield, on Jew street, and then moved to another house on the same street called, Green Shield. Italian Franks use a white FESSE with a green Shield on top, and a red Shield at base. What do we suppose that Rothschilds / proto-Rothschilds were connecting to in Piedmont? Busca comes to mind.

Jewish Franks: "a man holding grapes and a JUG of wine in his hands." That's got to be code for the Jugg/Judd / Judge/Juge bloodline, one of which uses more leopard faces, and the other from Jugon in the Cotes-d'Armor part of Brittany, explaining the "arm in armor" of German Franks. Jugon is at the Meu-river theater where Mea's (same cross as Face's/FESSYs) trace who are in the Burd/Burt motto.

As almost always, houseofnames claims that the Irish versions of a surname, often far-different than the Anglican versions, were the originals. This is true also for the Irish Judge/Juge surname. It's hard to tell whether the Irish versions were from something like "Verona," or like "Brain / Brehen / Bray," the latter suggesting Piedmont's Bra location. Obviously, "Judge/Juge" is NOT a variation of a Brehen / Veron--like term. It seems to me that the Irish used a name that emphasized some other side of a family, in this case revealing that the Judge's/Jude's entered Ireland in marriage to a Brehen- / Veron-like family in Ireland. Brains use more leopard faces, upon a single pale bar in the colors of the same of Tulls/Tullia's. The latter are very linkable to the flory cross of Birds/Burds via the Bouillon cross.

BRAEfield (Northampton) is in the Bosco write-up! That's a good thing to have.

The giant fleur-de-lys of German Bush's is colors reversed with Jewish Mayers, and German Bush's have a feathered Crest that's in the Arms of Rothschild. It seemed to me that George Bush was in the Middle East to do Rothschilds favors. Before that time, I had wondered whether the Russian anti-Christ might be a Roth liner i.e. of the Rothschilds. It could appear that Rothschilds, in their bid to create a self-serving globalism, are going to trigger Armageddon by their infiltrations.

It's important that Bows/Boughs use a motto term of Rothes-like Roets, and moreover, while Rasmussens/Assmans named Assmannshausen at Rudesheim (near Frankfurt), the Rudes/Rudge/Rutch surname shares the Mea / Face cross. Rasmussens were first found at Hesse while Hesse's shares the giant sun of Fetters suspect in the Rothschild / Bos/Bosch feathers. Cheneys love the Feets/FateMORE's in their motto, in my opinion, and there was a More location in Shropshire, where Rudes'/Rudge's were first found, making the latter's cross (same as Marlborough cross) suspect as the Sinclair cross too, as per the More location (Norway) of Rollo and Malahule. It appears that we can trace Sinclairs and Rudesheim elements to Cheshire, beside the first Rudes' of Shropshire. Rudes'/Rudge's use a SHIELD in Crest, perhaps related to "RothSCHILD." English Shields were first found in the same place as Blythe's.

Recall the grapes of Jewish Franks, for Goats/Gothams share the Grape/Gripp (and Marley) bend. Goats/Gothams (Nottinghamshire) can be suspect in the goats of Bush's and Russells, the latter suspect in the naming of Roslin, home of the fabulously wealthy Sinclairs (= Dane Rus). The goat is used also by German Steins (same as in the Russell Crest) while Rothschilds/Rothsteins (arrow) share the eight-pointed star with Dutch Steins. Apparently, Rothes liners were linked to Steins. English Steins, more leopard faces. While Steins (kin of Stevensons that share the RODham bend) come up as "Stem", Stanfords/STAMfords use the rare lion-head design in the English Rothes Crest. Let's keep in mind that Roe's / Rows are said to be of "Rois." The Stamford Coat is a version of the PenderGRASS Coat, and Bosco's use "tufts of grass" on their Pillars.

Why do Roslins use buckles? Why do Marlboroughs/Marburys of Bucklow, likely of the Buckle-related Buckleys (same place as Marlboroughs/Marburys), use the engrailed cross in colors reversed from the same of Sinclairs / Rudes'/Rudge's? Why do English Rhodes' (same place as TailBOIS") use this engrailed cross in colors reversed from that of Rudes'/Rudge's?

Not only do Bowers (arrows) and Bauers share the green Shield of Blade's, but the latter put "arrowheads" upon it in MacAbee-salmon colors. What is this salmon? It's what connects to the Cheney Coat by way of comparing it with Salemans, in Salmon colors. This salmon is in the same colors in the Coat of BOWie's, first found in Kintyre, smack beside MacAbee's of Arran. Fadyens/Fadins, in Feet/Fademore colors, were likewise first found in Kintrye. And Bowie's use "seqor," almost the "Sequor" of Haliburtons. Bowie's use a Bible in Crest, and I still think that Bible's/Bibo's are from Vibia mother of Lupus Laevillus. Vibia was named after her father's Vibius bloodline, which we can imagine to such surnames as Bebers = Beavers and Bewere's. In short, Mayer Bauer can trace to Lupus Laevillus. But as I claim that Proculus, Laevillus' son, is in code with the portcullis gate of Porters/Pawters (same place as Potters), in Potter colors, by what coincidence do Potters share the cinquefoils of Bowels/Boswells?

Bebers (Berkshire, beside Oxford) share the lion that's in the Arms of Rothschild, and it's that lion also of Dutch Bush's. Bebers share the red lion in Chief with Oxfords, and the Weirs/Vere's share the gold-on-blue fesse of Bebers. Irish Weirs use a red version of the Arms of BAVARia, and these Arms still show the Franconian Rake suspect with Busts.

Bowie-like Bovie's (lion paw) use a version of the Bower Coat. The latter use five, bunched arrows instead of the three of Bovie's, and five is the number of bunched arrows in the Arms of Rothschild. Bovie's (same place as Walerans, beside Bude's and Cole's) are said to have lived in Bovilla, and Boville's bring up three coats, one being the Bowels/Boswells. Bude's share the bow with both Bovie's and Bows/Boughs, the latter being kin of Rothschild-likely Roets (the latter were Balfour-suspect BEAUforts). English Boville's look very linkable to the Cole's and therefore to the Laevillus-liner Walerans. But the giant Boville bull is red, like that of the Bird-like Beards/Bearts of Brittany (I can't recall whether Birds were clinched as a Beard branch). Italian Boys (bull) show a Bovelli variation. The Bowie motto is "COELestia seqor."

The Bow/Bough Crest: "A demi-lion rampant holding in the dexter paw five arrows points downwards. When I see a dexter hand with arrows POINTed downward, POINDexters come to mind." Poindexters share the squire helmet with arm-using Armors, and the strongarm symbol, used by ArmSTRONGs, is expected both between the Bauer wings, and with the Arm holding the Arms-of-Rothschild arrows, which makes the Bow/Bough description, "bows STRUNG in pale," suspect with Strongs (Somerset, same as Roets). Poindexters have variations like "Podesta," and John Podesta is making news right now as a possible murderer of Seth Rich. The latter reportedly leaked Democrat-National-Committee secrets to Wikileaks, and was murdered for it by Democrats. The liberal media does not like this view of his death because it makes Rich responsible for the leaks blamed previously on Russia.

There is a Coell variation of Cockerells, first found in the same place (Gloucestershire) as Stevens, tending to explain why Coells can be in the Stevenson motto. Early Kokerels are said to have had their stomping grounds at Bohun and Neumarche. It just so happens that Nimo's/NEWMARCH's use a "boast" motto term that gets the Busts/Bois'. To no surprise if Coells/Cockerells were Cock-liner Ligurians, they use the leopard FACE. The Poindexter motto has, "Nemo," which brings up Nimo's/Newmarch's.

The sleeping-bag dream pointed to the International Order of Saint Hubert, whose chief men include(d) John B. Poindexter, the one who invited judge Scalia to his ranch the day he was murdered. Poindexters (Paioni liners) were first found in the Channel islands along with Majors. When I touched the bra, hanging on a laundry line, I had to lean over from a laundry-line platform and point at it with the index finger. I remember this, perfectly logical, but this implied POINDexter, for "dexter" even means "right hand." I'm right handed. I can prove that this bra event was an act of God. The question then is: why would God have me point to Bra in Cuneo? Long before knowing Poindexters/POINGdesters (evokes Pings/Pongs/Pungs/Paganells), Paioni had been traced to Asti, smack at Bra. Likely, the PINE cones of Tanners and Maschi's indicates Paioni liners on the Tanaro river. Again, the InDUSTRia motto term in the Arms of Rothschild can be proven to be code for Dusters, and that's a lot like the PoingDESTERs. It makes Dusters suspect was Dexters / Daggers / Decks.

Dusts (Oxford) use a giant buck's head as well as the man's head (looks like a white-skinned Negro / Moor) shown for Swords (Dust colors). And Tax's/Dachs share swords in the colors of the Sword swords, suggesting that Dach liners can be Dust liners just because Dusters emerged from Dexters/Decksters. Or, Dusters may have emerged directly from Poingdesters...making the Order of Saint Hubert highly suspect as a Rothchilian monster.

I have a Bovey Coat in my files with the bows, arrows and Chief all in white, making it into the colors of the Blade/Blate Coat. The BURSEblade variation of Blade's can suggest the Burgh-liner Burse's, whose bars are those of Blonds, making them suspect with Masny, the Arms of which shares the triple chevrons of Levi's (see last update for new Masny find). Blonds and Burtons use a "Lux" motto term while Lux's/Luchs use a giant bull head in Cole-bull colors. In other words, the proximity of the first Blade's (same place as Blond-related Leavells) to the first Cole's speaks on a Lux link to Blonds, all wrapped up with Levi liners from Lupus Laevillus. Lucks share the mascles of Roebucks, but this is also the mascle of Vaux-related Faux's, and Vaux's are Leavell liners without doubt. Moreover, the Foi's/Foys (same place as fox-using Fes') come up as "Foix," and the other Foix's/Foys were first found in the same place as Levi's. Did Bill Clinton become a Rhodian Scholar apart from secret involvement with the globalist Rothschild empire? Not likely.

If Foix's were Laevillus liners, then Laevillus' descendants were in Auvergne. The entire idea of the recent investigation on Tullia of Auvergne was to prove that Laevillus' descendants were there in 400 AD or earlier.

Joe Fix fits in many ways to the murder discussion of late, yet he was merely someone I personally knew. He ended up working for a Lada dealer, which reminds of the Ladds/Ladons and Burleys/Bourleys, both first found in the same place as Burse's and Leavells. As the Fix fleur are those also of Bush's while the Bush fleur can come with a red background, it's notable that the latter are colors reversed from the fleur on the bend of Porci's while Porcia's share the black boar with Bush's. Porci's use a bend in the colors of the FES/Fait/Faye bend, and Fix variations can suggest the Fieschi = FESsys. Fesincidence?

The Fait variation can suggest the Feets/Fate's/Fademore's (share martlets with Cheneys) that I see in the Cheney motto, and here it needs to be emphasized that Joseph Fix is suspect with the Joseph surname while French Josephs use the martlet in colors reversed from the Cheney martlets. The Billiards/BILLETs, Blythe suspects, first found in the same place as French Josephs, share the stars of the Auvergne Foix's/Foys. When we look at the Fate/Fademore Coat, it's a reflection of the Blythe / Bird FESSE. Billiards/Billets were first found in Maine, and Demaine's share the same fleur as Porci's. This traces with the Pellicans, first found in Maine, to the Porch(er) surname with Portis variation that named Portishead, otherwise known as Clapton, where pelican-using Arthurs married the Gloucestershire Tewkesburys (giant castle in the colors of the giant Pellican tower). It just so happens that Porch's/PORTis share the white cinquefoil with Potters and thus link to Porters/Pawters.

Rudes'/Rudge's use two hands "supporting" a Shield, what could be part-code for Supers (billets) and part-code for Porters. And the "fides" motto term of Rudes'/Rudge's should be for Fido's/FIDDES'/Fothes'/Fitte's (mullets) with the motto, "Industria"! There is no doubt about it: Rothschilds were in Shropshire, and they look like Marlborough kin there. Rudes' and Fiddes' both share two hands in Crest, and Fiddes' share the cloud and two hands with Jewish Aarons/Arens (almost the Arms-of-Rothschild quadrants), suspect with FitzAlans of ARUNdel (in Arun), they being in the same place (Sussex) as Mascals looking like they use the Nathan / Saddock Shield. The first Rothschild named his first son, Nathan, and this son became a banker in England, living for some time in Manchester, beside Cheshire. Mascals, suspect from Masci's of the Bra area, share the elephant with the Arms of Oxford and with the Pettys who in-turn share the Arms-of-Rothschild quadrants. Pettys share gold martlets on a bend with the Cheneys whose motto may allude to Fiddes liners. The Pettys martlets are in the colors of the leopard faces of Judge's/Juge's (Warwickshire, same as Pettys).

There is compelling reason in the castle of Cato's/Chattans and the tower of Chatans to view the Porch-Portis combo as a line of Porcius Cato merged with a line from Proculus. This is just one of the important historical things that heraldry can first reveal and then prove. By what coincidence do Botter and Chattans / Chatans share the white-on-blue bend of the Auvergne Foi's/Foys/Foix's while Bot-like Bauts were first found in Auvergne? Beside's, Botters were first found in the same place as Potters...and English Josephs. Joseph Caiaphas is now suspect as a (great)grandfather of Lupus Laevillus.

In the past month especially, I have shown evidence that God called me to a unique task, which involved His creating events in my life for the purposes of exposing heraldic links cherished by end-time stupids...stupid enough to fight God to the end merely for their lust of empire. Only idiots commit suicide like this, and cover their souls with shame in the meantime. Rich and murderous idiots, yes, but still idiots. I received the sense, especially in the last month, that God takes this revelation so seriously that he even named peoples' first names (from birth) that were slated to bump into me as friends and acquaintances. These first names were to be used in surname links for a variety of reasons, often simply to prove to the readers that God did in fact set these people up in my life for the sake of the revelation. During this very time when my eyes were being open to all that God did in my youth, I was routinely given dreams, to my own shock, and I began to hear short statements in my head such as, "Clinton is a roebust," in order to direct my writings. Chances are, the name of Joseph Fix reveals that Joseph Caiaphas was a line to the Fix's.

If correct that Fix's/Fechs were Fesch's/Fechters and therefore from Genoa's Fieschi, it tends to reveal that the horizontally-split Fix Shield links to the same (different colors) of Doria's, first found in Genoa. This should explain why both surnames use the same eagle in the same colors. Yet the top half of the Doria eagle is that also of Bush's. It's known that Genoa's Doria's married Arduinici of Oneglia, and that Arduinici had a branch on the Bautica river's Ivrea location. I trace Auvergne elements such as Vaux-like Baux's/Bauts to the Bautica, and while Vaux's were Laevillus liners, it explains why the first Leavells, partly from the BEAUmonts (like "Baux"), were at Ivrea-like Yvery. In short, Beaumonts ruled Meulan while the Arms of Meulan (just gold-and-red checks) is the Vaux / Louvieres Shield.

Well, the rich and murderous stupids, who will stupidly retaliate with fury against those like me who reject them, formed a Round Table group in honor of the Arduinici line to Arthurs, first found in the same place as Blythe's. The stupids hate to think that all of the money they rob from us continually is going half to waste because half the world despises them. They will need to exercise force to make us comply with their agenda, and if we don't they will make life hard for us until we comply. In the end, their war against us will explode into Armageddon, because God despises them too. When they touch His people, God will lay his hands on them.

By some coincidence or not, the French Billiard/Billet Coat is that also of Billiards/Hilliards (same place as Bush's) while Hillarys share the six fitchees of Clintons. And, not many months ago, God gave me a dream about a billiard hall owned by Obama. The events and symbols in the dream worked to prove without doubt that God gave the dream. What does it mean that God should portray Obama as owning a billiard hall? One can suspect that Obama is working with the Billiard / Hilliard bloodline, and if God wants this revealed, it's got to be end-time important. There is no better evidence that the enemies of God are already half-way to madness than by simply watching the liberal new media today. Truth is being thrown to the ground. It is coming; it has begun; the stupids will go 100% mad, like those taking the world down with themselves if they can't rule it.

The fiendish inside job of 9-11 was facilitated by George Bush and Dick Cheney. It was the beginning of the downfall of the globalists. They set their own destruction into motion. While their punishment will not bring back to life those who were forced to die horribly, yet that punishment is coming. I pray that the entire world sees it. I was saying to God last night that men like George Bush should not be permitted to live long and unpunished, and in the morning: "Clinton is a Roebust."

Burton-like Burdens/Bordens use axe's as code for the Axe river, where Borders (and Leavells) were first found. Burton-like Burds/Birds were first found in the same place as Masseys, who in-turn almost use the Burd/Bird and Bush fleur. German Bush's use a white version of the Masci fleur; one gets the impression of Masci's at Busca. Burds/Birds substitute the central Bush fleur with a rose, obvious symbol of the Rose-Bosco relationship. The other Birds/Burds can be linked to Fieschi's via the Mea-Fessy comparison, suggesting that the Bird cross is a colors reversed version of the Mea and Fessy cross.

Well, as the Clinton Shield has been traced to the Saluzzo Shield, we find already that "roebust" has led us to the steps of Saluzzo, for it's beside Busca, both locations in Cheney-like Cuneo along with Bra in Langhe. Recall BRAEfield in the Bosco write-up. Brayfields/Brafields (Berkshire) can be using the Sale/Sallett fleur in colors reversed. The Brayfield Coat looks linkable to English June's and Julians (SALamander) together. German Langs/Langens, which recalls the Langley surname (shares six pale bars with German Julians) connected to by the bra event (explained two updates ago), were first found in the same place (Luneburg) as Fix's. If the Fieschi of Genoa were along with Doria's to Oneglia, that's not far from Busca. As was said, the Bush eagle is also the Doria eagle. Scottish and English Langs use the same cinquefoils as Bowels/Boswells. And Saluzzo-suspect Sale's/Salletts use a reflection of the Saleman and Cheney bends, a good reason to identify the naming of Cuneo with Cheneys. And while Cheneys were first found in BUCKinghamshire, Bucks share the horizontally split Shield on Fix's in both colors.

While the murderers in the sleeping-bag dream turned out to be Morleys / Morlands / Marlboroughs, the latter brought Petersons to topic, which is what brought the bra revelation to topic, for I (age 8 or 9) poked the bra of a tenant in Jerry Peterson's home. It was a fantastic revelation, an event produced by God. The circle of Bill Clinton's contracted murderers can be suspect in this thing. By the time that the bra event was discovered to be God's clue to something, I had identified the sleeping-bag dream with the killers of judge Scalia. Scalia's were first found in the same place as BRUNO's and TOUS'/Tosini's, and we can read about dukes of BRUNswick in the Lang/Langen write-up. The Luneburg Langs share the pelican of Stewarts (from Alans of Shropshire) who in-turn use a "virTUS" motto term suspect with the Tous line to Malahule's Tosni line.

Malahule, suspect with dog-using Hule's/Halls, was the uncle of Rollo, and Rollo's were first found in the same place as Dogs, Hagars and Cluns, the latter being Saluzzo liners. Hagars share the Zionist star of Dutch Langs. Bruno's are said to have had a branch at Asti, smack in Langhe and beside Bra. It makes the Bars of ESTE, known to have been in Brunswick, suspect from Bruno-of-ASTI elements. Stewarts were from Dol, and, in colors reversed, the wavy Fix fesse is the wavy Dol fesse.

So far, I don't see any heraldry connecting Brunswick-Luneburg with Fix liners, however, though BrunsWICK can possibly indicate a Fix branch, especially as Vicks/Vecks/FEDDE's almost use the Zionist star of Dutch Langs.

The Bowie motto is "CoelESTia SEQOR," partly suspect with Segurana's of Genoa, and to help prove it, Segurana's use the Este / Bar eagle. There is plenty of evidence here for the connection of Cuneo's Vasto elements (Fessys?) to Montferrat's Langhe area (Vasto's were a branch of Montferrats), and this brings us to the verge of Chivasso at the Bautica river. The Clinton Coat is all about a Saluzzo link to Chivasso liners, and Segurana's share the moline cross with Chives'. Vasto-suspect Fasts share the Arms-of-Rothschild quadrants, and the Rothschild-related Fiddes' were first found in the same place as Leslie's who in-turn use the motto, "grip fast." Don't forget the grapes of Jewish Franks, for Grape's are also Gripps. Poindexters share the clenched hand of Fast-like Fists/Fausts. We get it. The bottomless-stomach Illuminati that insists on running our world, even while they hate us all in their arrogance, is from demonic worms out of Saluzzo and Montferrat.

The "majESTAs" motto term of Browns seems obviously for Este liners, tending to clinch Browns with Bruno's. The term even suggests a Major-Este relationship. As the Cheney motto loves Majors, the Bruno's of Asti could have married proto-Cheneys of Cuneo. While one Brown Coat shares the Masci fleur, the other Browns share the fleur of Sale's/Salletts. I can glean that Browns (Stewart lion?) use two Brock symbols, albeit the Brown-Crest lion is BROWN rather than the red of the Brock-Crest lion. Brocks (Stewart motto) use the Shield-and-Chief colors of Saluzzo's in colors reversed.

To prove a Brown trace between Brocks and Saluzzo, the "FloREAT" motto term (of Browns) brings up both the Reeds and Rats/Raits, the latter first found in Nairnshire, same as the Rose kin of Bosco's. Bush-related Burds/Birds were at BROXton while Broxtons (giant patee-fitchee) are also Brockstons. With Clintons using the Saluzzo Shield (this was proven), it's interesting that Broxtons share the black fitchee with the Clinton Coat. The Broxton write-up mentions BROWN KNOWL of Broxton (Chester area, area of Dunham-Massey), and Nowells (Staffordshire) were Massy-interesting in the last update, as per the Sion map below.

As I said, I played lacrosse with a lacrosse racket on the brick wall of my neighbor, Bruno, and the Burds/Birds of Broxton use a "Cruce" motto term that gets the Cruce's/Lacrosse's. The same motto term is used by Rudes'/Rudge's. The Cross'/Croce's are connectable by their potent cross to Brock-branch Brocuffs. Lion-paw Creuse's/CREWE's of Cheshire, who share "Sequor" with Haliburtons, are suspect with "SHREWSbury" in neighboring Shropshire, where Burtons and Meschins were first found, the latter having a version of the Cony / Conn Coat. With HaliBURTons sharing the Creuse motto, there is cause for identifying HALiburtons with the Cheshire Burds.

Roet-related Reats/Reeds (Northumberland, beside the Cumberland Browns) are interesting for sharing the garbs of neighboring Blythe's. One can gather a Roet-Blyth link to explain why Bill Blythe-Clinton married Hillary RODham.

The other Browns change their colors so that the Coat becomes that of the Shropshire VYCHans/Vaughns exactly, and this helps to identify Fix's/Fecks/VICKo's with the Dol Alans indeed. It's important because Stewart blood made it to prince Charles, Diana's husband, and for some reason, I think God chose Joe Fix to represent Diana's murderers. Vychans/Vaughns use "inulTUS" while Tous' were first found in Florence along with Bruno's, tending to support the Vychan link to Browns.

If Vychans/Vaughns are using the fleur of English Dole's -- same place as FIGGs/Figgens and WIGGens -- it's Fix-interesting that Irish Dole's/Doyle's (Blythe-like billets) were first found in WICKlow and WEXford. Wiggens (Alan colors) look to be with the Annas Coat. Dulys'/Doyle's/Oulleys (Bruno bend in colors reversed?), some of whose variations strike me with Willa of Tuscany, were first found in the same place (Oxfordshire) as Clintons.

It's already been established that Fix's are in the "TRANSfixus" motto term of Walsh's that come from Wallis canton, where there is a Les AGETTES location (map below) beside the Sion border. Below is a map expounded upon in the last update to show that places around Sion trace to Grimaldi's (Fieschi kin) and Massys, a new find for me. Sion was also, Sitten, and the Sittens/Seatons use a "yet" motto term suspect with portcullis-GATE Yate's. The latter use a horizontally-split Shield in the colors of the same of Fix's. It's firmly established in my mind that "Geddes" is from "Cetis," the Cilician city ruled by the family of Laevillus' wife. And his son, Proculus, is still suspect with the portcullis gate. Geddes' love the Majors too, and Majors use a Coat very linkable, along with Anchors/ANNACKers, to Annas'...and Annecy.

Just realized: French Majors can be sharing the JACKET crescents, a surname like "AGETTes." The reason that Jackets are also JAYcocks can be explained by the Jaget variation of Jaggers, suspect from Jugurtha, a descendant (grandson, I think) of Jay-liner Gaia of Numidia. Gaia was Massena's father while Massena's share the patee cross with Jagets/Jaggers.

The Haliburton mascles, indicating Masculine / Massey liners in Cuneo, are in Burton colors, and Burtons use "Lux VITae" as apparent code for the Vitus-Maesa line. Although Burtons use "dog heads," they can still be connectable to talbot dogs, and Talbots were likely a branch of TailleBOIS, a good reason to identify Busts/Bois' with Lucy Taillebois, wife of the first Meschin/Masculine. The latter use a Coat version of the Mussels/Muscels and Conns / Conys, and Conys (Cheneys?) even use white coney rabbits, important because Jerry Peterson's father (Polish) had white rabbits in a cage under the laundry-line platform upon which I was standing when touching the bra with the point of a finger. This tended to clinch the identification of Conys with "Cuneo." Regardless of how the Italians spell it, I have heard that the Italian for rabbit is "cuneo" by pronunciation.

Lux's (Burton motto) may even be a branch of Luce's/Lucys and/or Lacys, both connectable to Masseys. And Poindexters use a "LACESSit" motto term ("Laces" brings up Lacys). Plus, I've only just realized as per the phrase above, "TOUCHed the bra with a point of the finger": the Clench surname (as per the "clenched" hand of POINDexters) use the giant Touch lion in colors reversed! Plus, the MowBRAYs share a giant white lion with Clench's, and the Mowbrays, from MONTbray, use the same lion as Montfort while there is a small Monforte location beside BRA! Excellent.

The way that Mowbrays were found, in the first place, is from Melton-Mowbray, home of the Busys/Busseys who use three black "bars" (fesses) in the colors of the Bush / Boswell fesse. And the reason Busys were looked up was as per Pewseys/Puseys (share three fesses with Busys). And the reason Puseys were looked up was as per the Pewsey location of Clench's. It was an amazing thing, which reminded me that Marlborough, near Pewsey, is in the Clench write-up.

The Pewseys/Puseys, thus expected as Busca liners, are said to have received their manor from Canute/Cnut, which reminds that Danish Cnuts use "pot hangers" as code for Hangers and Potters (same place), which then reminds that Bush-line Bowels/Boswells share the Potter cinquefoils. There is a Chenu/Cheynue surname, in Cnut colors, that comes up as "Chanut, suggesting that Cheney liners named king Canute. The Cnut Crest even uses a unicorn, the symbol of Italian Demonte's (Cnut colors), first found in Piedmont, same place as Cuneo's Stura-Demonte valley. French Demonte's (same place as Messeys/Messier's) are thus suspect with the double Brunswick / Gernon lions but in both colors of the Maschi lions. It's revealing that Bruno's of the Asti / Bra area were merged with Masci's / Maso's/Masons.

Mowbrays share the Mosca / Chives leopard, and Chives', from Piedmont's Chivasso, call their leopard a cat, which is the symbol also of Lux-like Lucca's, where Chattan-related Botters were first found. The Pewsey/Pusey Crest is a cat, and not just because the surname looks like "pussy cat." The Caen fesse is suspect with the same of Leavells because Caens have a "citis" term buried in their motto while Cetis was also, Citis. Caens, Cheneys, and similar terms are suspect from the ancient Kennati priests of Cetis.

Leavells were from ROGER de Beaumont, who, like Cnut, was Danish. The Beaumonts who mothered Leavells were immediately the rulers of Leicester, and when they married Montforts, Simon de Montfort came to rule Leicester. Busys/Busseys (sea dragon) were first found in Leicestershire, and here we can glean a Busca merger with elements at/near Bra. The location in Melton-Mowbray of the Busys/Busseys is said to have been granted to ROGER de Bussy, baron of Yorkshire i.e. where Bush's and Bowels/Boswells were first found, and we can now know why Tickhills use the sleeve / maunch of Tonys (Leicestershire), for it's also in the Arms of Leicester along with the BUS cinquefoil. This tends to clinch Bus' as Busca liners, and while Busca is interior Liguria, I still claim that Leicester's Legro river was a Ligurian entity. Ligurians were founded at LACYdon. Leugers share the goat with Bush's.

The Mansfields share the maunch, and while they had a Mamesfield location in Cnut-founded Nottinghamshire, that's where Annas' were first found who smack of the Anne's/Hanne's, the latter said to be from Tickhill! Plus, Nottinghamshire is also where Tease's/Tighs (share the Annas star) were first found, suspect as a branch of Tease's/Tecks, evoking the Ticks, first found in the same place as Cnut-beloved Hangers and Potters. Tease's/Tighs are also Tye's while the Tysons (same place as Mowbrays) share the Touch lion.

Teck-like Touch's, first found in Cheshire, use the Lyon lion, and the Clench's (gauntlet hand) using it in colors reversed are said to be from the area of the Wootten rivers (i.e. at Pewsey) while Woottens share the same saltire as Rusts/Roosts suspect with Rusticus of Lyon. Rusts/Roosts share fitchees in the colors of the same of Clintons. The Clench lion is the lion also of Hume's, first found in the same place as Blythe's, and the Pewseys (Crispin bars?) were first found in the same place as Clintons (and Crispins). Clench's were first found in the same place (Wiltshire) as one branch of Mortons (= Marano's/Mauritano's) while the other Mortons were first found in Cheshire with the first Touch's. Touch's are also Tuffs while Bosco's use "tufts of grass." Crispins share the pomegranate with Grass-suspect Grazio's.

In fact, when we go back to "Roebust," we note that Roe's share the lamb with the Arms of Grasse, tending to verify that Grass' / Grace's / Grasse's were from that place, which is essentially a Ligurian location. The "non" motto term of Roe's is shared by Nagle's who in-turn trace to Oneglia, which is modern Imperia smack beside Grasse. Nagle's share the lozenges of Percys while Normandy's Perci is where MonBRAI (in the Mowbray write-up) is situated. Nons/Nevins were first found in the same place as Boyds.

Bugs, likewise first found in Nottinghamshire, can be identified as Busca liners too in that the Bug Coat shares "water BOUGets" with Rose's, as well as sharing a black fesse with Bush's and Bowels/Boswells. I tend to trace Bugs to the Bug river of Ukraine, home of the Neuri, and here the Norths ("ANIMO) can apply who share the same lion as French Demonte's. The Neuri were near a Doly location while Norths share the Dole fleur, in the colors of the Bush / Bosch fleur. The Biblical Nahor was father to Buz, a term that could have provided the Budini of Ukraine. It gets interesting bra-interesting where Herodotus reported the Budini as blonds, while Boyds -- who use pointing fingers -- are said to derive in "blond." This is incredible because I wouldn't have wanted to touch the bra had it not belonged to an attractive blond. God lured me with her attractiveness, very obviously. Boyds use the motto, "ConFIDO," and Norths use "ANIMO et fide." There are the Boast/Bust/Bois-loving Nimo's that are in the POINDexter motto too. And "CONfido" can indicate Conys.

As Boyds share a hand Pointing with two fingers, it appears that Points/POYNTers were a Boyd branch. "Confido" can indicate the Fiddles/FIDElows because they use wolf heads while Herodotus reported the Neuri as turning into wolves once annually (sounds like they had ceremonies in worship of their wolf entity). Yet, the Fido/Fothes surname (BLOND colors!) is an obvious branch of Foots (they share the same chevrons) while the Blond Crest has a foot!!! Can you believe this? God had the bra on the laundry line just right so that I would need to reach out and point to it with a finger. And before this bra event even came to mind, I was speaking heavily (not many weeks ago) on an event in my early 20's, where I approached an attractive blond cold, never knowing her before, and asked her out. She was at her regular BUS STOP, where I had seen her before, and Stops/Stubbs are suspect with Stobi, the Paioni capital, and Stobi was near Asti-suspect AstiBUS, another Paioni capital. Poindexters were Paioni, right?

Apparently, Neuri and Buzites were at the Bra / Asti area, which can explain why the North lion is also the Maschi lion. We can even take the Neuri back in time to the NAIRi Armenians at Mus, suspect with the Meshech. Bosco-related Rose's were at NAIRnshire, and besides this, I link Neuri to Roxolani suspect with "Rose." Lorraine turned out to be a Jehovah's Witness, and I took this as a Sign to indicate RUSSells, for JW's were founded by Charles Russell, who started a Zionist movement in cahoots with the announcement of Lord Rothschild and Arthur Balfour to repopulate Israel with Jews. Christians were fooled easily into believing that this was a good thing, yet God hates modern Israel precisely because it's ruled by world class worms who like to eat everything that belongs to others. If these worms had their way, they would own everything, the very goal of the Balfour socialists = Communists.

Russells are suspect at Roslin, beside the first Seatons, and Norths can be gleaned as Seaton-related Northens/Nothings in the Suty motto. The North lion is shared by DeNARdo's/Nordi's/NARbonne's, looking like either a Neuri or Nairi entity. Narbonne was beside ROUSSILLon/Rosellon, and that's in Languedoc.

Wolf-using Norry were first found in the same place as Fido's/Fothes'. It's feasible that Norrys use one of the three fesses of cat-using Pewseys/Puseys because Norrys were first found in the same place as the cat-using Chives'. Norrys were later at Orkney, same as Henry Sinclair from Roslin.

As the bra event took place at Jerry Petersons, I've got to assumer that Petersons were Neuri liners. While I trace all three Peter surnames to Peter Pollock, whose father was a servant of the Dol Alans (recalls Doly near the Bug river), I've always traced Neuri, by multiple methods, to the Dol Alans. For example, "RoxOLANI" was a Ros-Alan merger, and Peter Pollock's castle at Rothes was smack in the area of the Rose's, and beside Ross-shire. Ross' share the Mowbray lion, and Mowbrays are Bra suspects just because Mowbrays use the Montfort lion while Monforte is a location beside Bra. Monforte is in Montferrat, and Ferrats/Fers share the Coat if Vairs/Fers', only the latter use the checks in Boyd-check colors.

I haven't exhausted everything that can be said since stumbling over the proof of Pewseys being Bush liners, as well as connected to Poindexters. Petersons entered the discussion with the Marlborough location of Poindexter-beloved Clench's, because the Marlborough Coat reminded me of the Peterson Coat, and meanwhile Marlboroughs became suspect with the Morley-related killers of judge Scalia. I don't think the presidential-Bush family would have had part of the murder, but do think the Clintons could have. Instead of calling them fesses, Pewseys call them "bars," and Bar-le-Duc is in Lorraine. For a long time while sharing the Lorraine-at-bus-stop event over some years, I was too embarrassed to tell readers that, upon asking her out there, I asked her to meet me at the LAUNDRomat in the evening. I can now blame this on God, for the bra on the laundry line applies. That evening, we kissed at a picNIC table, and the Marlborough pheon (code for Paionians?) is shared by Nickels, first found in Cheshire along with Touch's, Marlboroughs, and same-colored Huberts (comparable to Marleys). With Lorraine representing Paionian liners, it's notable that the Nickel pheons are used by Stops/Stubbs.

Before getting on Pewseys/Pusseys, I was seeking Bust/Bost-like surnames beginning with a 'P', and came to Spanish Pose's/Posada's sharing the gold-on-red fleur of Spanish Petro's...and English Bush's when the latter's fesse is red. But then just compare the Pose Coat to the Roebuck fesse (Bik/Bick colors), and we are reminded of "Roebust."

While David Morley rode his motorbike around me and the sleeping bag, I rode my bike to ask Lorraine out at the bus stop while Biks/Bicks use BUCK heads (in the colors of the Anne/Hanne buck heads). The other Roebucks share a red lion with English Forts (from Montforts?) while both use the same quadrants. The Fort motto term, "Audax," like "Audacter" of Pollocks (same place as Hamiltons), traces to Aude of Languedoc. Forts are said to be from an old FortiBUS surname that ruled AlbeMARLE, and Bra is right beside Alba! MARLboroughs use the same-type white cross that's all over northern Italy (it's the Swiss cross too). If Forts use the Bacon Chief, it's notable that French Bacons share the Bus / Hamilton cinquefoil. Aude's may be using the sword for Siward of Northumberland.

Here's Marle's/Merlays (Northumberland, same as Mowbrays) in Marlborough colors. I didn't know that "Marbray" gets the Marlborough Coat until after writing the last sentence, all the more reason to include the PICnic-table kiss as part of the Sign. It was the best kiss I ever experienced so that I would not forget where I was at the time. And Pike's, who share the split Shield of Mauls/Morleys, share three trefoils around a blue chevron with Rows (buck head). Then there are Pics that use a giant moline cross in the colors of the giant flory of Petro's.

As I said, I noticed Lorraine at least twice while sitting / working in the restaurant, in front of her bus stop, owned by Jimmy the Greek. I had therefore investigated whether the GREEK surname could apply, and it happens to use a canton with a Coat version of the Alba-like Alpins, and GREGors. Rows happen to share trefoils with Albino's, first found in the same place as Marano, and Mowbrays share the Marano/Mauritano lion. The Pose/Posada tower is colors reversed from the same of Murena's/Moratins. This is making a solid link of Bush liners to Terentia Murena, which link fundamentally also to Walsh's that were married by George Bush Jr.

The Pics (same moline as Fiers / Fairs) were first found in Brittany, as rulers of Vauloge, yet said to have had a branch in Maine. Then, Chateau-de-Vauloge is at the Gee river of Maine while it recalls the sharing of the whiter-on-red boar heads between Juggs/Jutts and GEE's (same place as Greeks). For good reasons, I trace Juggs to Jugon at Brittany's Cotes-d'Armor. The Pic write-up suggests linkage to Says and therefore to Mortone-Say of Salop, where Sleeps were first found.

Any Christian of my age is familiar with Roe v. Wade, the court case that permitted Americans to abort their children legally. Roe's are said to be of "Rous," and this points to the Rus whose ancestry was callous / brutish in the vikings. Inhuman beasts were amongst the Rus, and they undoubtedly included the Roets. The Rus were intent of conquering all of Europe and into Eurasia / Russia. There are many arguments suggesting the globalists are Rus-Meshech liners. If God wanted to indicate only the Hills in the sleeping-bag dream, He could have had me at the top of a hill. As it was, I was on a slope and never did see a full hill. The slope was steep, about the angle of a stair case, and I had to climb the hill after picking up the sleeping bag. If I was climbing stairs, judge Scalia would have been clinched with this dream. But I recall no stairs on the slope. Why was it necessary for me and Dave Morley to ride up this slope to a road at the top?


Overnight Friday to Saturday, I had a realization. This needs a repeat of an event caused by God at my high school, where Dave Boyd and I were waiting for the SCHOOL BUS after school hours. I've told the story at least four times, but had missed something: to mention the Drop/Trope surname, a very big deal. As all of us waited for the bus, Dave Boyd asked to see my cigarette lighter, and promptly DROPped it to the ground in an act of defiance. "I said, "PICK it up." When he wouldn't, I SLAPped him in the face. Boyds were from SALOP (as were Sleeps), but were first found in the same place (AYRshire) as the Ayers using a "LIGHTER" motto term. He then promptly picked up the lighter, and handed it to me. The event was over.

There are some amazing things to be realized if we now take things over to Tropoje, where I've been tracing Drops/Trope's with evidence. Tropoje is on the APSus river of Illyrium, and is in Fier county. We saw the PICs above using the Fier moline. It's already amazing, but there is more, as if God knew what He was doing by setting up the event. The school-like Schole's share lozenges in the colors of the same of Apsus-like Apps', first found in the same place as Fiers. With Bus' tracing to this river, they would find themselves smack beside Paionia, where Poindexters should trace, and by this method we can glean that AstiBUS was perhaps a Buz entity that, as proto-Bush's, moved to the region with proto-Boyds, both from the Ukraine. In fact, I was able to find only one webpage telling the location of ancient TRYPillia, and it was south of Kiev, where Budini also lived, suggesting rather strongly that Trypillians named Tropoje, and that Budini should have been on the Apsus. This is what God seems to be indicating where Boyd dropped the lighter. At the bottom of the map below, we can see "Boius" at the source of the Apsus river. Isn't that like the Bois variation of Busts? I find this amazing. Astibus and Stobi are on the map.

People groups are in capitals upon the map, and "Boius" is not. Boius is a region at the south side of lake LYCHnidus, and the Licks/Lucks happen to use five mascles (hollow lozenges) in fesse formation, just as the Apps' use their same-colors, five lozenges. More amazing yet, spot PELAGONia on the east side of Lychnidus, and on the Paionian border, for Licks/Lucks use a PELICAN. Licks/Lucks share the black greyhound with PENES'/Pennys while PENEStae peoples are shown to the north side of lake Lychnidus. Plus, Penes'/Pennys use a LYNX in Crest that traced to LYNCestes, on the map between Pelagonia and Boius.

I trace Lyncestes elements to Langs and therefore to Langhe at Asti. The way this trace is assured, we take the pelican of German Langs, and note that Scottish / English Langs use letters, "ABCDEF," which pegs LINKletters ("SKOAL" motto) as a Lyncestes element. We can then compare the Letter/Lauder surname with "lighter," noting also that Sation is at Boius on the dark map below while Seatons were first found on Lothian, which happens to be at Lauder. This location smacks of the SCALing LADDER of TRIPs. (The Arms of Shetland uses a "Scal" term.)

To make a Letter/Lauder connection to Lights/Lite's, we appeal to the Aliotta and Tooth Coats, with Tooths first found in the same place as Capes' who share the Apps scallops. Houseofnames uses several swan designs, but the Light/Lite swan is used also by Italian Alba's (expected from Albani smack at the Apsus river), and Alba happens to be in Langhe. Let's not forget the bus stop of Lorraine, at the restaurant owned by a Greek while the Greek surname is part of the ALPin bloodline. It's even possible that Letters and Lite's (in Leto colors) were also LIGhts as evidence of linkage to LYCHnidus. It doesn't seem coincidental that the Licks/Locks use the swan.

The important thing about Linkletters is that they share checks on a bend with Stewarts and their kin, the Boyds, and Stewarts use another pelican while their Alan/Aleng ancestry is highly suspect with "Lang(he)." Here we find additional and compelling evidence (that I've reported a few times before) that Paionians were at Langhe. But we now have proof that Boyd dropped my lighter at the SCHOOL bus (it could have been elsewhere) as God's code for Boyd / Budini linkage to Apps', Schole's and the Linkletter motto. And with Trips working into things, a Trypillian merger with Budini seems more reliable.

On the map, you can see the Dassaretea peoples on the middle Apsus, and they were also called the Dexaroi, like the Dagger/Deck surname that looks much like "Dexter/Deckster," and we can see why POINDexters might be a Point = Boyd merger with Dexters. Daggers/Decks share the red squirrel with Squire's/Squirrels, and the Poindexter Crest is an eSQUIRE's helmet. When we find that Schole's use the PATent Coat, AntiPATria (on the Apsus) comes to mind. Antipatria has been established in my mind as the proto-Herod line, with evidence (not to be re-presented here).

The first major river south of the Apsus is the Aous, and to the near south of the Aous was the CERAUNII mountains that I trace to Crauns/Crane's. The point is, a crane is used by Cranne's/GROUNDs while Boyd threw the lighter to the ground. The Alans have been traced reliably to Aulon/Avlona, at the mouth of the Aous.

One of the products of this revelation is to reinforce the faith of readers in a world of deceptive rulers intent on making the masses non-Christians. These ruling entities have found partnership with Google and a host of other organizations with the ability to alter our thinking and beliefs. If the reader can see that God was working events and dreams into my life to correspond with surname and people-group links that actually took place in history, then you have extra evidence that He does work in the lives and minds of believers. Hold on to that idea, and never let it go. Talk to God, and be rewarded when He is moved by your heart's attitude to respond. The deceivers are being revealed for what they are; the evidence will get more damning with each passing year. Google may try to hide the evidence, but what is Google but a spiritual slob before God, like a swine at the slaughter? And this swine will be forced to squeal, whether it wants to or not, wherefore do not begrudge Wikileaks, for everything done in darkness will be revealed. Armageddon comes with laying bare the underside of the rocks of the deceivers.

After I accused Lorraine of messing with her friend's husband, our relationship was over. But I would cross paths with her two more times. One the second of the two, she walked by (in a coffee shop) holding her first infant CHILD, and Lorraine's use the Child eagle. The first of the two (weeks or months after we split up), I was getting off the bus at the end of the bus route, at the bus STATION, and there she was first in line to get on the bus. We eyed each other, but I didn't stop to talk, and God did not turn me around to go talk to her. What are the chances of this event taking place with a BUS entity involved while there is a Station/Statham surname (Cheshire)? This surname shares a greyhound head with Licks/Lucks, but the Station head is in the Major Crest while Majors and Poindexters were first found in the English-Channel islands. Stations/Stathams are suspect with the Statielli Ligures, and thus Stations seem linkable to the Grimaldi lozenges.

The Station/Statham lozenges are in the colors of the Reno and PINC lozenges, and a tributary of the Reno, the Setta, was home to Paionian-liner PANICo's/Pane's, making "Setta" linkable to Sation (almost "Station") at the south end of lake LYCHnidus. Well, on the other map, Boius is at Sation, and meanwhile the Setta valley is smack at Bologna, home of the Boii. It appears that God set me and Lorraine up at the bus station to make this point. The Reno enters the Po river at Bologna, and the Po was once the BODENcus, a term like "Budini." One of two Boden surnames shows "BOYDinus," and it shares the white swan (same design) of Licks/Locks. This Boden surname (thistles) was first found in the same place (Staffordshire) as Stops/Stubbs (= evidence of a Paionian background) and Saint Chad, and then the potent cross of Chads is shared by Skeets' (same place as Boyds) while Major's are beloved by Chad-likely Geddes'. Boyds use "CONfido" while Bodens/Boydinus' use "CONTRa," suggesting the Counter variation of English Conte's, a branch of Conn- / Cony-like Cone's expected to be from Cuneo i.e. location of Langhe. The other Bodens have a Coat looking linkable to the Italian Botters, and can be using the Dol fesse. Italian Botters were at Lux-like Lucca, and Luciano's should be sharing the Luce / Geddes fish (I trace this fish between Kotor, near lake SCODra, and Lorraine's Bar-le-Duc (fish), for there is a Bar location to the west of lake Scodra).

For a few years, I've been maintaining that Skits, Scheds, Sheds (Ayrshire) and Skeets' were Setta-valley liners. For example, Guido's, first found in Bologna, share the hourglass-like feature of Skeets'. Here it can be shown that Schutz's (same place as German Bush's) share the black greyhound head with lynx-using Penes'/Pennys. The Schutz saltire is colors reversed from the Lick/Lock saltire. As Boyds were first found in Ayrshire along with Nons. the Schutz saltire should be the saltire of Nuns/None's/Noons (same place as Chads, Skate's/Sheets, and Drops/Trope's).

Blonds (to be expected with Budini) are the other ones using "Lux," yet I'm perplexed in that Dave Boyd had jet-black, curly hair. Why would this be so if God was using him for a sign? I don't know. I talked about Lorraine's beautiful feet being part of her Sign for a long time before finding the foot in the Blond Crest.

Back now to the "Clinton is a roebust" phrase that introduced HaliBURTONs. We now have good indication that the Bust/Bois liners were between the Paionia and Po-river theater, and, indeed, Busca and Clinton-beloved Saluzzo are is at the sources of the Po. Burtons use a Luck-like "Lux" motto term, and Lux's/Luchs are said to be from "lynx," though this is incorrect aside from it being perhaps code for Lyncestes liners. Blacks use, "NON crux SED LUX," and they were first found in the same place as TailBOIS' (share a red Chief with Blacks). End Insert.

Burtons were first found in Shropshire, home of the FitzAlans who married Alice of Saluzzo. In fact, I read that FitzAlans lived at Shropshire's Clun, and while Burtons were first found in Shropshire, Cluns, using the Saluzzo Shield exactly, were first found in the same place (Perthshire) as Burton-beloved Dogs/Doags. It's interesting that Chadock-like "Cadog" is in the Dog/Doag write up. Athols (Tulls/Toole's?) were likewise first found in the same place (Perthshire) as Cluns, and the six Athol bars in pale may be the six Blond bars. AHA! Atheling-suspect Athols were first found in the same place as Butters while Tulls/Tullia's use BUTTERflies! You can run, Laevillus, but you can't hide.

Athols are said to be from Glen Garry, and Garrys/Hare's happen to use the Lyon lion! The "Fear" motto term of Garrys/Hare's gets the Fiers. Butters were first found partly in Fife, where Spence's were first found that share a fox head in Crest with Garrys/Hare's. Spence's use an "ut" motto term suspect with Uts, Buz's brother, wherefore Spence's can be using the Bush boar closely. English Spence's were first found in the same place as boar-using Bush's and Booths. Fife is where the mother of Saer de Quincy lived, and although I can't recall how the trace was done, I linked her to Licks/Lucks (share the Faux mascle). Saer de Quincy is in the write-up of Faux- / Vaux-like FAUCets of FOXside. The Laevillus > Proculus line goes to Potters while Spence's use "ut potior." Spence's are suspect with Spinks, first found in the same place as Quince's (share mascles with Spinks), and Faucets were at mascle-line Musselburgh. Just link the Mussel/Muscel Coat to the Coats of Conns and Conys, and were are right back to Cuneo liners.

Tulls/Toole's were first found in the same place as Stops/Stubbs, and the Tull/Toole Chief looks to be the Drop/Trope Chief. Imagine Paionians on the Apsus river. In such a picture, "Toole" can also suggest that the Doly Ukrainians about the Bug-river Neuri, and/or the Trypillians about the Budini and Gelloni (Alan suspects), were at Fier county or other parts of the Apsus river. Just realized: William of GELLONE was actually the count of TOULouse!!!!!!! It came to mind while writing "Geloni.

The Tull/Toole and Trope Chief use the TOOL lion, and therefore the Geloni that Herodotus placed in the midst of the Budini evolved into the namers of Gellone (southern France, Herault / AUDE theater). They say William of Gellone was father of Guerin of Provence, which is beside Savoy, where AUDE's were first found. French Guerins/Garins use the Coat of Paioni-liner Payens, and Guerin was also called, Garry-like Garin. Note how Italian Garins can be with the Athol / Blond bars. Italian Garins were first found in Bologna, same as Guido's suspect with Guido Guerra III who married a granddaughter of Rainier V of Montferrat. Ferrats share the Tull/Toole checks.

Gellone's/Jellings/Gillings were first found in the same place as Bush's (and Gells/Jells/Jills), and the two use fleur in colors reversed from one another (when the Bush fesse is red). The Yells/Yule's then use the colors and format of Bush's (when the Bush fesse is black), suggesting that Geloni scythians were in raven-liner SHETland. Recall that the "Scal" term in the Arms of Shetland was mentioned alongside the SCALing ladder of Trypillian-suspect Trips! It looks like Trypillians of the Gelonus kind were in Shetland, which recalls my trace of proto-Alans of Dol to Shetland.

put in The Jells/Yells are said to be of Derbyshire's HOPton, very suspect with the Galatian, OpGALLI. Just trace the naming of Derbyshire to Derbe of the Galatia theater. Hoptons passed their estate by marriage to Corbets at Moreton Corbet castle in Shropshire, and Corbets link easily to the Shropshire Rothes' expected in the raven-flag vikings of Shetland. William Brereton is in the Hopton write-up, and Breretons use a motto term, "OPitulante," indicating links to Hoptons. It's interesting that while Hopkins use the colors and format of the Cambridge Capone's, Yells/Gells share the Capone stars, and meanwhile a Worsley estate in Yorkshire passed from Masseys and STANleys (first found in Cambridge) to Breretons (see Egerton write-up for that). The Brereton bars are those of Stans/Stains/Stants (Yorkshire, same place as Yells/Gells), and Stans/Stants can be suspect in the "ObSTANTia" motto term of Arthurs. As Arthurs (and Hobs) were first found in bear-depicted Berwickshire, note the Brereton bear. As Galla was the mother of TULLia of Clermont-Ferrand, note that term, "OpTULante."

More than ten years ago, as I wrote in the first chapter of my Ladon book (online), I was in my vegetable GARDEN when a huge bee came along and convinced me that God wanted me back in the house to seek the Buzites. How does a bee give a person such an impression unless the person is mentally unstable, or unless God somehow puts that sense into the person's soul? I haven't stopped writing since, and here I am on the line of Buz, which I cross from time to time with added insights. Back when the bee was in the garden, it was about a decade before I would begin to realize that God used the props of an event to indicate surname links, and so I have never before checked the garden surname, until now, to check for links to Buzites. And, can you believe this? The Gardens, first found beside "ut"-using Spence's, share the black boar head with them!!!! You see, God put me and that bee in the garden to indicate, for one, that the Spence motto term was from Nahor's first son (Buz was his second). And the "potior" motto term of Spence's goes to Potters who share the white cinquefoil with Bus' and HAMELtons, the latter suspect with "Kemuel," Nahor's third son. It's very nice to know I'm not mentally unstable.

This is incredible, because, about seven years ago, when Tim emailed to say that the black boar was, according to the book of Enoch (I don't view this book as Inspired but do accept the boar-Edom link) a symbol of Edomites, I saw fit to trace Bush's to BOZrah, the Edomite capital of Esau, and I figured that lines from Nahor's son, Buz, named Bozrah just because Nahor was the brother of Esau's grandfather. Until Tim started to email me, I had refused to entertain Esau or Edomites in my dragon hunt. Call it a metal block based on not wanting to entertain the sensationalist writings of others. By now you know that we can trace the black Porcia boar and the Bus cinquefoil to Porch's/Portis' at northern Somerset. Tim didn't know that his own first name was a Sign for Timna, daughter-in-law of Esau.

God has done so much for this revelation, the world powers really do need to start biting their nails, and to bring a swifter end to their agenda, because time is running out on them, fools. Instead of repenting when they see time running out, they will take out their massive bombs to destroy the planet. If the stupids can't rule because Jesus gets in their way, everyone else must die with them. That's demonic slime from the throats of the wicked.

Timna married Eliphas, a line to Oliphants that were kin / associates of BOTHwells, and the latter use a BOY. The Bee surname (same place as Clintons) is also the Bie surname, and the Boy surname (same place as Blythe's) is also the Bie/Biye surname. "Biye" is like "Biggar," and the latter were first found in the same place as Bothswells. The Arms of Shetland uses "byggar," and this indicates Trypillians / Geloni at Biharia, in Transylvania, beside the standard Trypillian theater. Biggars share the Coat of Dolles'/DULLes, Doly / Tull suspects. This was from the Dulo house of Attila, for Attila merged with Alan Huns. Bothwells and Tulls/Toole's use nearly the same motto term, "adversus/adversis." It could be double code, one for Ada of Warenne/Varenne, and one for Vers'/Vairs/Fers' (shared checkered Shield with Warrens and Tulls/Toole's).

A huge crow just landed on my pine tree, and flew silently away. It reminds that Corbans/Corbetts ("corvos" = crow), first found in Shropshire with the Rothes', use both the elephant and the crow. The Bavarian Rothes/Rothchilds use the same crow. They both call it a raven, however, as code for raven liners such as Rolphs. Varenne's use the raven too, in both colors of French Corbins/Corbets. It reminds of the Corbieres area in Aude, location of Rockefeller-liner Roquefeuil. It seems that God just spoke to us of globalist Rothschilds and Rockefellers. Hurry up, stupids, use your great money to finish yourselves off. Make and sell more weapons and cause more wars, what you do best. Jewish Rothchilds love DEUSters, and Corbans/Corbetts use "Deus." We might want to ask why Bodens use "AUDEntior" while Dents use a version of the English Rothes Coat.

It's amazing how a miracle like this crow took place just now without any bells and whistles. It seems to have been an act of God done so naturally that no one would see it is an act of God. But just look at the timing. The crow line of Shropshire. What was it? I know, the Viking stupids of old, seeking world domination, seeking to gobble up all wealth and power to themselves, the earth's dragon destined to plunge headlong in the screeching Lake of Fire. Isn't it true that Rockefellers were Roxolani? Rockefellers use TREFoils as part-code for the Trypillian-suspect Treffs/Trips. And Rolphs, who share water bougets with same-colored Bugs, were first found in NAIRnshire along with Roxolani-suspect Rose's. The other Rolphs use a trefoil (as do Roe's) and were first found in the same place as Drops/Trope's and Roe's. Bill Clinton is all but busted. He is ever-so-close to meeting his Maker, anyway, as we all are no matter what our ages.

We can glean that HALLiburtons/Hollyburtons were Halls and/or Hulls, for both use talbot heads, the same dog head (different colors) as in the Burton Coat. And Hule's get Hulls, suspect with MalaHULE. This is the Maul/Morley line from TailleBOIS, but note too that Bee's/Bie's use a version of the Mall/Malibone/Marlybone Coat.

Before most of the above was even on my mind, I looked up the Roe's, but saw no apparent links to Clinton. Yet I feel that "Clinton is a roebust" could be God's way of indicating the Clintons behind one or more of the three murders under discussion. Everyone can see the Clinton motive for killing judge Scalia (U.S. supreme court, to be considered a tie breaker). The "timidus" motto term of Roe's had the Timothys (just an oak tree) loaded, and when seeing their TUMELty and similar variations, the Tunnels came back to mind whose Coat I had linked to the Coat of Mauls/Morleys. The suspicion was that God forced the killers of Diana to do it in a tunnel as evidence (to me/us) of linking the killers to Mauls/Morleys, and here with the Busts/Bois' central, we find that Mauls/Morleys use the same scallops as TailBOIS'! No one would have known that God's hand in creating the murder in a tunnel was an act of God. But if He did it for the reason of writing this paragraph, then He wants someone to read this paragraph that knows what it means a lot more than I do.

One might assume that Timothys were from some man named, Timothy, yet surnames have a way of become common terms after they begin as non-dictionary terms. So, Timna liners may have become Timothys. The OAK was suspect with king Og, king of raven-like Rephaite's back in the land of Israel prior to the arrival of Joshua.

The Maul/Morley Coat can be gleaned as a version of the Cadog-like Chadock and Chadwick Coats. The latter are expected from Chads (same place as Roe's) who share the vertically-split Shield of Mauls/Morleys. Saint Chad was at Staffordshire's Li(t)chfield, and Riggle's/Rigleys with Rugels/Rushels were first found in Staffordshire...along with English Bodens while German Bodens share three red roses with Riggle's. It looks very viking-ish. Riggle's/Rigleys were looked up as per the REIGLer variation in the Rigger page, while Riggers (giant stork) were looked up as per the "rigore" motto term of Mauls/Morleys. The evidence for identifying the Maul/Morley motto with Riggers and Riggle's is: 1) the green Riggle sea lion has a head like the green dragon in the Maul/Morley Crest; 2) the "Clementia" motto term of Mauls/Morleys is evidence of the Clermonts'/Clements suspect at Clermont-Ferrand, where Dol-likely Tullia lived with her husband, Decimus Rusticus of LYON, and the Riggle sea horse is in the colors of the Lyon lion.

Lyon-branch Lannoys were kin of Tree's/True's that should be in the Timothy/Tumelty oak tree. The Tunnels became suspect with Tunbridge in Kent, and Kent is where TIMothy-like Timms/Time's (Morinis fleur) were first found along with the Hamons who share the same stars of "AUDax"-using Forts (bee). These Forts not only use the quadrants of Roebucks, but of Raskills/Reskills (wreath). The latter were looked up as per seeking Riggle branch's as "Rogel," which got the Roskills/Rogels, who happen to use ermine in colors reversed from the Hamon ermine, and while the latter's ermine is called, pean, there is a Pean surname listed with Payens who in-turn use "spur rowells" while Rowells/Rosewells/Rothwells likewise just came up as "Rogel."

The Wreaths/Cree's use the Briar/BRAYRs/McBRAY Coat exactly, and while I've been tracing the Wreath/Cree Coat to Rome's/Rooms, it's helpful now that Briars were first found in the same place as Rome's/Rooms. The latter use a "Pungit" motto term that is likely for Pungs/Paganells, the latter with three bends in colors reversed from the same of Crete's/Cree's, and the latter can be indicated by the "Crede" motto term of Byrons (three bends again). As Pungs/Paganells can be realized with Paioni-liner Pagans/Payens, it's possible that Briars were somehow connected to the namers of Bra. Stop-beloved Buckle's use wreaths. Here are Brayers/Broyers (same place as Hamons) using a Masci-Macey combination, and then Mackays/Maceys use the wreath too.

The Riggle Chief is even the Chief of Haliburton-beloved Majors, and while Chad-like Geddes' love Majors in their motto too, the Geddes Coat uses the Chaddock / Chadwick Shield too. There is a Geddes-family article online saying that Geddes were in contact with the Bosco's/BUISTs/Boists in the Rose write-up, and here it can be added that Rose's and Geddes' were first found near Inverness-shire, the latter where Reige's/Reach's/Riochs (and Raskill-beloved Wreaths/Craths) were first found that can be a branch of the Reiger variation of Riggers. Italian Bosco's were first found in northern Piedmont, and Busca is itself in Piedmont.

For new readers jumping into this update, Shropshire, also called SALOP, is where SLEEPs/Slepe's (and Meschins) were first found suspect with the sleeping bag. This item was in a dream that proved to be absolutely from God as a message to someone(s), hopefully a police organization. While there is abundance evidence that Sleeps were from Selepitanoi Illyrians, there cropped up a question on whether "SelepiTANoi" were named by the same that named the Tanaro river in Cuneo / Piedmont. If we change the 'z' to a 't', "Saluzzo" becomes, Salutto, like the Sallett variation of Sale's, first found beside Salop, and where the first Meschin ruled. This is to say that the sleeping-bag line can trace to Cuneo, and then Baggs are the ones sharing the Grimaldi Shield, which is what turned a dream of Scalia's death into a dream of Grace Kelly's death. Grace married royal Grimaldi, and her sister-in-law was called, de Massy. This sister-in-law birthed Elizabeth de Massy below.

The Kellys were found highly suspect with barons Massy with a seat at Dublin, and this is when I found the Bray location to the immediate south of Dublin. I can now add that Saltz' (Austria, maybe Saltzburg) share the eagle LEG with Brays, arguing for a politcal Saluzzo merger with Bra elements again. Saltz's are in Eagle colors, and the latter share the six lions of Cecils. Here's from the last update:

Grace Kelly's father had married Mary-Anne Costello, and here I find that Elizabeth Anne de Massy "married secondly in London on 18 October 1984 to choreographer Nicolai Vladimir Costello...and had one daughter: Melanie-Antoinette Costello de Massy."

On Elizabeth's male side, we have her grandmother, Marie Markellos Petsalis...

I've long searched for surnames from "PIEDmont," but have had no luck verifying any so far as I can recall. But above we have PETsalis, and there is a Salis/Salesbury surname very linkable to Kellys. The Grimaldi's were centered in Liguria, and Saluzzo is interior Liguria so that a sleeping bag can represent Grimaldi-Bagg links to Selepitanoi in the namers of Saluzzo. I cannot recall how it was that the combatant Kelly lions were clinched with the same (different colors) of Abreu's/Abruzzo's, but here in the Salis/Salesbury Crest, there are white combatant lions in the colors of the Kelly lions, yet Salis'/Salesburys are said to be of Walter de EVREUX, a term I trace to "Abreu." That's why the one Salis/Salesbury lion is the Abreu/Abruzzo lion. The SALTo river has a source at/near the Abruzzo border.

[After this update was published, the Fadyen/Fadin surname was found, in Feet/Fademore colors, and using fitchee crosses on a bend all reflective of the Turin bend! The Fadyen write-up says that the Irish branch was Pied-like "Paidean." With Cheneys suspect as having Feets/Fademore's in their motto while "Cheney" is suspect as a branch from Piedmont's Cuneo, this trace of Fadyens to Piedmont looks excellent, especially as Chivasso is at Piedmont's Turin while Turins were first found in the same place as the first Chives'. As that place was Tarves while Tarves' share the fitchee with Fadyens, it speaks for itself on a Fadyen link to Turins. Futters/Fotys use a dog that, in colors reversed, is red, thus linkable to the red dog in the Fadyen Crest. This is unbelievable because the Petts use a version of the Turin / Fadyen bend while this is an insert after the paragraph below has been there since prior to the insert.]

If we check Pett-like surnames for "Petsalis," the Petts (bulRUSHes) come up whose motto is, "Ardens," perfect for linking to Selepitanoi. The gold Pett mascles could actually be the Haliburton mascles, but, in any case, English Ardens share cinquefoils with Baggs, though not nearly in the same colors. French Ardens appear to love cinquefoil-using Bus'. If the Bush fesse is made red, as it was once, it's a good reflection of the Arden bend, making Ardens traceable to Busca elements. Excellent, for we can feel confident that Ardens trace to the Ardiaei Illyrians, smack beside the Selepitanoi. The latter were suspect with naming Clapton, and there is an online article on Arthurs of Clapton. Clapton is at PORTIShead, and Portis'/Porch's use the giant Bus cinquefoil while Porch-like Porcia's share the black boar with Bush's. In fact, the combatant Porcia boars are in the colors of the giant BROXton cross, which can suggest that BROCK was a PORCia entity. Porci's (no 'a') share the same fleur as Bush's when the Bush fesse is red.

The Ardiae married DARdanians, explaining the dart held by the Brock-Crest lion.

Bush's were interesting right from the start of "Clinton is a roeBUST." The Busts/Bois' happen to share gold cinquefoils with Ardens. Repeat: "Some say that Leonard Nimoy was a chief Illuminatist, and there is even a wild theory that Leonard killed Scalia, which is interesting where "Nemo" is a Poindexter motto term. Nemo's happen to use a "boast" motto term that, as a surname, brings up the Busts/Bois." Can we believe it? Nemo's share the Arden cinquefoils in both colors. It's helpful with a Selepitanoi-Ardiaei migration from Illyrium to the Saluzzo-Busca area, but we can also glean a Paioni link to Ardiaei that entered Britain as the mythical-Arthur stupids, pirates, deceivers, flaunting their sins in the face of God until they die miserable deaths and face an eternity of shame and pain for their self-directed deeds.

At first, "roebust" had done little for the Roe's. All I could see was the possibility that the "timidus' motto term of Roe's gets possibly a Tunnel branch with Timothys/Tumeltys. But there is a Roebuck surname that is perhaps the Intended idea (by God), and, can we believe it? Mascle-using Roebucks (same place as mascle-using Petts) have a second Coat with virtually the Bush / Arden fesse. It makes Bucks look like a Bush branch. If we compare the Roebuck fesse to that of Blythe's, we can finally understand why I heard the voice, "Clinton is a roebust." Blythe's even share the Clent/Clint garbs. There is a Clent location in Worcestershire, and the latter is where Hills were first found along with Squire's/Squirrels suspect in the Poindexter Crest.

Here are the Buckle-related BUCKleys (same place as Huberts) using "timide," almost the Roe motto term. Buckleys are beloved by the Stop/Stubb buckles. Not too many weeks ago, God gave us a dream where I was in a mechanic's parking lot with my vehicle up on stands, all wheels being off. And I then put carpenter glue as grease in my wheel bearings. The dream worked out to reveal much, including a link of Glue's/Cloughs to Gouel de Percival, father of Walerans, but I didn't know anything of the Buckley write-up at the time, which I now see as saying that Buckleys/BulKELLys were once BulCLOUGHs. Not only is it amazing that I had seen "Clough" with the Glove's that happen to use the colors and format of Buckleys, but the Buckley bull heads are colors reversed from the Waleran bull heads! Good one, Lord.

The Clun-Saluzzo link between Cluns of Perthshire (where Glove's were first found) and the FitzAlans of Shropshire's Clun location looks related to a Glove link to the Shropshire Vaughns/Vychans. The latter happen to share the fleur of neighboring Sale's/Salletts, who were in-turn first found in the same place as Huberts that share the Glove crescents. Wheels (as per wheel bearings), in the colors and-near-format of Vaughns and Glove's, and sharing the same fesse as Saltz's, were first found in Shropshire too. The Wheel molines are colors reversed from the same of Chives' suspect with the namers of Ceva, where the mother of Alice of Saluzzo operated. If that's not enough, the Saltz's use the eagle leg with a wing in front of it while Wings/Winks were likewise first found in Perthshire. And Eagle's not only use six lions (in the colors of the Chives cats) in the format of the Tarves / Clinton fitchees, but in colors reversed from the same of Savage's, the latter first found in the same place as Sale's/Salletts, Huberts, and Buckleys. This paragraph is as power-packed as wheel bearings stuffed with glue. Only God would think of doing that. The blue boar in the Wheel Crest is likely of the Rollo's, first found in Perthshire, and, probably, Wheels were Waleran liners.

When we go to Whalers, listed with Wheelers, we find good indication for a trace to Herod Agrippa, Herod Archelaus, and Julia Maesa Bassianus. The "Avito" motto term can be for Julius Avitus, whose wife (Julia Maesa) was the daughter of Mr. Bassianus, and the latter's uncle or brother (I forget which) was Julius Agrippa. The Whaler/Wheeler Crest is an Agrippa-like griffin. The Whaler/Wheeler fesse is that also of Herods/Heraults, whom I regard with Herod Archelaus (lived in the Lyon area) even aside from the green lions, shared by Lyons, on the Whaler/Wheeler fesse.

Much was added to everything above between Thursday and Saturday, but the section below was written on Tuesday or Wednesday, a day after I heard the phrase, "Clinton is a Roebust."

God is Making Me Lose Sleep For This

Good morning. It's only 3:29 am. I didn't know how early it was when deciding to get up, after being awoken by a screaming bird. It sounded terrified for about three seconds, then went silent, to be heard no more. I've never heard a bird around here screaming like that, and it comes the day after emphasizing the Birds/Burts. It sounded as though an animal had it in its mouth upon climbing a tree. It sounded up high, in a tree. Birds and other animals probably have a defense mechanism, where they pass out in fear when caught by a predator. Once, a young swallow entered the house, and ended up on the kitchen counter. As I approached close, I heard a noise in its body, and it died right then. I assumed the heart ruptured in fear.

About three minutes after the scream of the bird, a train went past in the distance, blowing its horn. A train goes by here probably less than once per week or two. I've got the Train surname on the brain, as I continue. The Trains/Trane's are said to have been closely connected with royal Balliols and Percys, as well as being lords of Alan-based Richmondshire. The first Percy baron married Eleanor FitzAlan, a daughter of the Saluzzo marriage to FitzAlans. His name was HENRY Percy (used the Louvain lion) , and Henrys share red martlets with French Alans as well as Birds. The Clinton Chief has PIERCEd stars.

I forgot to mention that the heraldic "bird bolt," an arrow, is indication that Birds look like a Bolt branch. I concluded that Birds and Bolts were from the Baltea/Bautica river, which explained by Birds use the Bouillon flory in colors reversed, for Bouillons were first found in the same place as Bauts. Bouillons love Bello's, and this speaks also of Bellows, a branch of Billets, like "Blyth." The Balliols can apply here where they were first found in the same place as Bailys who in-turn share the stars of Billets/Billiards and Hilliards/Billiards. The latter (same place as Bush's) share the Bowser/Boussier Coat (German-Bush colors). Blythe's were first found in the same place as Arthurs, you see, which was in bear-depicted Berwickshire, and Italian Bello's were a branch of bear-paw Bellini's. Bellows (another fox head) almost use the Arden cinquefoils, and the latter's fesse compares well with that of Blythe's, and then Bellows (the Shield-and-Chief colors of Montferrat's Aleramici) are beloved of the Shiptons first found in the same place as Clintons. Bellows are said to have had a seat at Oxfordshire's Wroxton, like the Broxton location of Birds. Broxton is in Cheshire, where the Moreton location of Bellows is too.

As the Ardiaei branch of Arduinici were on the Bautica, that's why the bird bolt is a name for an arrow, for Arrows/Arras' are from Arras, the Artois capital. Godfrey de Bouillon's father lived in Artois, and the Baldwins of that family, a name I trace to "Baltea," started with king Baldwin I, Godfrey's brother. That family used the potent cross, suggesting descend from Chads / Geddes' / Cetis. Boltons (nearly the Chives motto), in Bird colors, use "A BUCK's head with an arrow through the neck." What a roebuckidence. I can see how the Bolton and Bolts arrow became a bird bolt to branches or marital kin.

Chives' are important because they were first found in Tarves while Tarves' share the six black fitchee crosses exactly of Clintons. Vito's, probably in the "Vita" motto term of Bellows, were first found in Tarvisium, and thus Avitus blood could be expected with Chives' in Tarves. It strikes me here that Vito's could have named things such as Vitch's / Fitch's. As we can glean, Avitus blood can then pass through Oxfordshire's Bellows with the Clinton fitchees, and from the Bellows at Wroxton to the Blythe's of Berwickshire. Brox's/Brocuffs use the Shield-and-Chief colors of Clintons in colors reversed, and then Broxtons use a massive, black fitchee!

Vitch's use a "FACTis" motto term that can be partly for Faucets (Musselburgh, beside Berwickshire), explaining the fox head of Vita-loving Bellows. Vitch's -- who happen to use the three Waleran bull heads, now known to be the Buckley bull heads -- were first found in Berwickshire. And bear-using Bellini's were first found in Verona, not far from Tarvisium.

I'm impressed with this Avitus identification with fitchee crosses. I didn't mean to come here with the event that took place early this morning, but as I'm on it, let's look at it some more. Walerans were first found in Devon, location of Exeter suspect in the "EXtendimus" motto term of Vitch's. Brox's/Brocuffs use "Ex" and "lux" while Lux's/Luchs share the black bull head with Vitch's. Exeters ("church BELLS") use the colors and format of Mortons, and were first found in Devon, beside the Church's of Somerset who in turn share the black-on-white greyhound heads of Berwickshire's Licks/Lucks. The latter share the Faux mascle for a link both to the neighboring Faucets of mascle-line Musselburgh and to the Waleran line of Vaux's (Cumberland). Scottish Vaux's were first found in East Lothian, same as Faucets. Clearly, Faucets were connected to the Vaux's that share the Arms-of-Meulan checks, for while Meulan was also, Mellent, the Scottish Mellents/Millens share the Faucet lion.

Next, the "ExTENDimus" term of Vitch's can also be part-code for what the "royal tents" (Vitch colors) of Cornwalls Tintons depict, suggesting the Tints of Somerset (Exeter is between Cornwall and Somerset) that are of Cornwall's Tintagel. The Royals happen to share a red-on-white bend with the Lothian Vaux's. This recalls that I slept with MAMie in her tent (nothing happened) the first evening that she became my girlfriend, and here the Vitch's use a "FaMAM" motto term. It recalls that "Mamie" was resolved as code for Maine liners, and Maine's (Devon, same place as Exeter) use the colors and format of Mortons and Exeters yet again. Mamie traced with Mansfields to Mamesfield, first found in the same place as Tease's/Tighs suspect with Tiss', and this can be of the "facTIS" motto term of Vitch's.

My Masci side is probably from Avitus, which can explain why God put Mamie and I together in the tent, which happened to be in a sleeping bag too. The Baggs connect to my Grimaldi side, and Grimaldi's were, according to Wikipedia, connected to Genoa's Fieschi, and for this matter the Fitch's use leopard FACE's. It's now making Fitch's suspect as an Avitus line merged with Fessys/Face's and Grimaldi's.

Tiss' share the chevron of Mortons, Exeters and Maine's, and were first found in the same place as English Josephs while Maine's trace to Maine, where French Josephs were first found. Until recently, Chives' were said to have been first found in Devon, meaning that they were early in Devon even if they were first found in Tarves. The Mame surname gets the Mens'/Mengzies (Midlothian) sharing the Shield-and-Chief colors of Bellows. Bellamys, sharing the Bell fesse, were from Perche, beside Maine. Everything in this discussion must be of the line of Joseph Caiaphas.

The Birds, because they love Mea's in their motto, can be gleaned with the Fessy/Face cross in colors reversed. When we view Birds as Bautica lines from the Arduinici, we take the latter's branch at Oneglia (near Monaco now), which married Doria's there, yet Doria's were first found in Genoa. It became apparent that Fix's/Fechs are using the Doria eagle because Fix's looked like they could be a Fieschi variation, and then the Morton-loving Walsh's, who use the colors and format of Mortons / Exeters / Maine's, use a "TransFIXus" motto term to which the passing TRAIN (this morning) may apply. As I said, the last time I saw Mamie, we were on a date at Joe Fix's musical event at his coffee shop. Coffee's/Coffers use a "Victoria" motto term while Victoria's (Vaux stars?) are also VECHters, much like Fix variations.

That evening, Mamie and I spent our last moments together on a couch, afterwhich she went home for the night. We never saw each other again. Tints use a COUCHant lion, and Couch's use a bear while first found in Oxfordshire, where Bellows had a location who could have been from bear-paw Bellini's. Couch's share the canton with Bears/Beers, the latter first found in Devon and sharing the upright bear with the Couch Crest. There's a question here on whether Bears were a branch of Bearings who in-turn use the Vaux / Meulan checks. It's interesting that the Brittany Bears are the Bird-like Beards/Birte's. Scottish Beards use "fecit," and fitchee-using Burts/Birte's (Devon) use the colors and format of Mortons / Walsh's / Exeters / Maine's once again. The Burt/Birte fitchees are in the colors of the Tint crosslets, Broxtons have a Picot character in their write-up while French Pics/Picots were first found in Brittany.

The screaming or killed bird at the passing of a train now starts to look like it should link to the "Transfixus" motto term of Walsh's, and it just so happens that while Joseph Fix is expected to reveal something about the death of princess Diana, the Diane's/Deans use a giant and upright lion in colors reversed from the same of Trains/Trane's. I link the Diane/Dean Chief to that of Masseys/Masse's who in-turn use a TREE. The screaming bird was likely in its nest up a tree, for most birds won't fly at night. The train was blowing the horn while Burts/Birts use hunting HORNS. They are black horns, the colors of the same of Bernicia-suspect Bernice's and Burns. There is a question on whether Exeters/Exters were named by Dexters/Decksters, and the latter love black-horn Weights. Daggers were first found in the same place as Bernice's and Burns.

While Train-related Balliols (Northumberland) use swords as code for Siward of Northumberland, they are in the colors of the Fesch/Fechter/Vechter swords. At least one Fesch variation looks like Fischers/Fishers can apply, and while the German branch use a "Treu" motto term, English Fischers/Fishers were first found in the same place as Tree's/True's. This is very compelling for drawing Joseph Fix into the screaming-bird event.

Back not to Busys/Busseys, from Melton-Mowbray, for they are said to be from Bouce in Orne, and while Orne's are Horns, the train's horn was blowing as it passed. The Trains, first found in the same place as Mowbrays, are suspect with Trans'/Trents that trace excellently with Wallis-related, Trans-loving and Fix-loving Walsh's to Aulus Terentius Varro Murena. Murena's descended to Marano, where Marano's/Mauritano's were first found that have been resolved with the Montfort / Wallis lion without doubt, and here that lion is the Mowbray lion too. Brays use eagle legs, and here the Leghs can apply, who use the Train lion, because Busys/Busseys were first found in Leicestershire, location of the Legro river.

With Clintons using the six fitchees of Tarves' and the Shield-and-Chief colors of Brocks in colors reversed, the red lion in the Tarves Chief can be the Brock-Chief lion, but it can also be the Train / Quint lion. Recall the three dice of Quintana's, for Tree's use "A demi knight in armor, branDISHing a sword." Diss'/Dice's were first found in the same place as Knights (Nith-river liners along with black-horn-related and dagger-using Kilpatricks) and Fitch's. The Knights ("eagle DISplayed") put a spur in their canton, and Spurrs (share gold, pierced star with Clintons) are said to be from Devon's land of Bears, explaining the bear in the Couch Crest. It's easy to get Couch's to Bernicia / Berwickshire via the Gooch's/Gouch's of Roxburghshire.

It's probably important that Dice's/Diss' share red roundels with Orleans', for while Orleans was politically affiliated with Blois, English Blois'/Blosse's'/Bloys were first found in the same place as Dice's/Diss'. And Counts of Blois were merged with counts of Chatillon, the latter sharing three pale bars with Knights. There is a question on whether Blois' were Blythe / Billet / Bellows liners. I thought I made a fair case in linking Chatillon, which happens to be otherwise called, Chalons-sur-Marne (home of Mummolin), to Porcius Cato, and here we find that the "palets" of Knights should be for the Pallets sharing black-on-gold boars with Porcia's. The English Blois' are also Bleys (Blayrs/Blais?), looking connectable to the "disPLAYed" term in the Knight description. Remember, Mummolin married the line of Tullia / Rusticus of Lyon, and Rusts (more black-on-white fitchees) share the saltire of Blayrs/Blairs (stag lodged). Lodge's/Loge's were likewise first found in the same place (Suffolk) as Blois'/Bleys.

Players/Pleyers are interesting for using drops and being first found in the same place as Fiers and Apps', thus linking Players to Fier-county elements of the Tropoje kind. The "clariOR" motto term of Players/Pleyers (broken lance) should be partly for Clare's (same place as Diss' / Knights / Blois' / Fitch's), and partly for Ore's who share red roundels with Diss'. I'm seeing the Ble's/Bles'/Bleds here, with the Clare chevrons in colors reversed.

It's interesting that Players share a single pale bar with Tulls/Tullia's (and Fisks) while Tulls/Toole's (share pyramid with Fisks) share the Chief of Drops/Trope's, the latter first found in the same place as Roe's, which was in Norfolk along with Hillarys that use the six Clinton fitchees in both colors. Remember, the bird in the tree, now suspect with princess Diana, was an event taking place immediately after God's message, "Clinton is a roebust." Repeat: "There is a Clent location in Worcestershire, and the latter is where Hills were first found." Yes, and the Clent hills are at/beside Knighton. A Chives branch is expected from Luis of CEVA, mother of Alice of Saluzzo, and while Ceva is at the Cevetta river, Knightons (Worcestershire) use a good reflection of the Cavett bars.

With Clintons and Blythe's linking solidly to Bello's / Bellini's, note that Worcestershire's Squirrels/Squire's (in the Poindexter Crest) share the bear paw with Bellini's. Knights use a "knight in armor," suspect with Armors that share the squire's helmet with Poindexters. And the Bellini paw is colors reversed from the same of Powys while Powys (where Mummolin of Chatillon traced) is the location of Clermonts'/Clements while "Clementia" is a motto term of Mauls/Morleys who share the green dragon with Knightons. We can't leave Mauls/Morleys out from the murderers of judge Scalia, and they use a vertically-split Shield in the colors of the same of Trans'/Trents (Somerset). What am I to think, that the Clinton hit squad (not necessarily led by Clinton) killed both Scalia and princess Diana? Do Rhodian globalists have their choice hit squad used globally for various "achievements" when called upon?

The Vito annulet matches the one of Staintons, the latter looked at because Trains/Trane's are said to have had a seat at Stainton, a location in the same place (Durham) as where Conte's were first found who in-turn share the Buck antlers. Therefore, German Bucks/Buchs could be using the Bush / Train lion on white. Bucks/Buchs were first found in BRANDenburg, and we may wonder why Knights BRANDish their sword. Staintons and Stains/Stands (probably in the Arthur motto) were both first found in the same place as Bush's (and Walkers), and Stains share the double black fesses of Flecks/Flacks and Fulke's, both first found in the same place as Chads / Hillarys / Roe's. Reminder: Roebucks use virtually the Bush (and Bird) Coat when the Bush fesse is red.

Orange is a location near the mouth of the DURANce, and I trace the Breck hunting horn to the Orange hunting horn. LEICester's Busys use three fesses in the colors of the two of Flacks while LEG-using Brays use a FLAX breaker while Breakers bring up the Brecks while Leghs share the Train/TRANe lion. This similarity between "Durance" and "Trane" caused me to check for a Trance surname, and it looks to be using the three Balliol swords!! Balliols are in the Train/Trane write-up!

As German Stains were first found in Bavaria, where the origin was of the International Order of Saint Hubert, these Stains could be using the Hubert bend, but as Huberts (same place as Sale's/Sallets) likely use the Sale/SALLETT bend, this and other arguments exist for tracing Trains/Trane's to the Durance-like Turano river (beside the Salto) as well as to the Durance river of the Salyes Ligurians. They are expected with the Salassi peoples of Aosta, and that's the very peoples defeated by Aulus Terentius Murena so that Trains/Trane's can at least link in merger with Trents/Trans' of that area. There was a Hubert character, ruler in Spoleto, and Murena-liner Mortons share buckles in the colors of the same of Guys, said to be from Guy of Spoleto.

Repeat: "While Train-related Balliols (Northumberland) use swords as code for Siward of Northumberland, they are in the colors of the Fesch/Fechter/Vechter swords. At least one Fesch variation looks like Fischers/Fishers can apply, and while the German branch use a "Treu" motto term, English Fischers/Fishers were first found in the same place as Tree's/True's. This is very compelling for drawing Joseph Fix into the screaming-bird event." Durance-river Durants were also first found in the same place (Warwickshire) as Fishers/Fischers, but recall that the train's horn led to surnames using black hunting horns, for Durance's use them too. These Durants have a Coat linkable to that of Burns, but their chevron looks like one of the Dexter chevrons due to Dexters (Leicestershire) loving black-horn liners too.

Can we now say that the train is leading to PoinDEXTERs? Didn't Scalia die at Poindexter's ranch while asleep in the middle of the night, same as the poor screaming bird? The Dexter-suspect Durants above were partially first found in the same place (Worcestershire) as the Squire's in the Poindexter Crest. The Crest uses an esquire helmet while Helms use a version of the Hubert / Sale/Sallett bend. In fact, Helms share the Nickel / Marlborough / Tristan pheons. Tristans, and mythical Tristan, were of Cornwall, same as the first Trance's.

Scalia was convinced to go hunting at Poindexter's ranch when Poindexters asked him to do so in the presence of Scalia's friend," a Mr. Foster. The latter character, according to Poindexter, convinced Scalia to go, and so Foster and Scalia cam together to the ranch, and Foster's neglect to go see whether Scalia was alright (didn't come out of his room that morning) until nearly noon makes him suspect with the murderers. Fosters, believe it or not, use the same hunting horns as Dexter-beloved Weights. This is incredible, for the Foster motto is, "Hunter blow thy horn"!!! And Fosters were first found in the same place as Trains!!!!!!!

WE NOW KNOW that the event was set up by God to indicate the murderers of Scalia, yet there was a not-bad argument that princess Diana works into it. Why would God portray Scalia as a bird in a tree? The scream was too loud for a sparrow. It was more that of a robin / jay / woodpecker. I've got to assume that Birds/Burts and/or Tree's somehow indicate judge Scalia.

I've looked up the Judge surnames, one first found in Warwickshire along with Tree's. This Judge/Juge/Jude surname is a good reflection of the Fitch Coat, and fitchees are used by Bird-beloved Mea's, the latter using the cross of Fitch-beloved Fessys/Face's. Mea' were of the namers of the Meu river, where Judds/Juggs were first found that share the Mea boar head. German Judds (bell) almost use the Fessy cross. Just like that, Judge's/Juge's can trace to Jugon, near the Meu, and thus link with Bird elements expected there, especially in the Brittany Beards/Bearts. The latter's giant bull is in the colors of the giant wolf of Thy's, the latter being in, "Hunter blow thy horn." The other Judge's/Juge's (Mayo) use the Meschin / Spencer scallops.

By the way, although this section was written early in the week, I'm adding this Foster part and others on Sunday. I wasn't sure, until Sunday, that the bird-train event was from God. I seem to have an understanding of when God is providing an event. I commit myself to finding the reasons, and \are usually found, though sometimes I may not get the full meanings for weeks or even months. I sense that, because God said, "Clinton is a roebuck" the day before, that Clinton had Scalia murdered, It's just so logical because the Clintons thought they were going to take the presidency from 2017. If Trump resigns, it's because murder plots are going to come against him or, worse, his children. The Democrats have become this insane for their satanic agenda. They operate just like demons. It is satan incarnate. Aside from ISIS, which the Clintons formed, according to the latest social-media reports, the American Democrats are second in line for being anti-Christs. The following paragraph was written early in the week, the day of the bird-train event.

Chads and Roe's were first found in the same place as Hillarys, and Chads were linked above to Mauls/MORLEYs while David Morley was in the sleeping-bag dream. He rode his motorbike down the Hillary-like hill, to where I had just picked up the sleeping bag, and he circled around that area, then came back up the hill while I walked up. Bike-like Biks/Bicks use more Bucks as evidence that they are Roebuck liners. Trane-like Trans'/Trents (ROSES, Bosco kin) use the split Shield of Chads and Mauls/Morleys. Traincidence? Walsh's are the ones with the "TRANSfixus" motto while president George Bush Jr. married Laura Walsh, how interesting. Just realized: the Train lion happens to be in the colors of the same of Dutch Bush's!!! The latter even use billets. The event this morning suddenly looks like a Sign.

Dutch Bush's come up as Bos' and Bosch's while German Bos'/Boschs use three feathers in colors reversed from the same in this Arms of Rothschild. In the third quadrant of the Arms, the same lion as used by Trains. Is God speaking to Rothschilds with this morning's event? Note the colors of the central scallop in the Arms, the colors of the Maul/Morley scallops. When Dave Morley road his bike up the hill, he was on a road with me together, crossing to a mall parking lot, and Roads indicate Rhodes / Rodhams liners, I figure, for Rhodes' (Deus") were first found in the same place as Tailbois' that in-turn share the Maul/Morley scallops. Roads use a rare, sideways spread eagle, in the colors of the Child eagle, and Childs use the Terent Coat in colors reversed.

The Hill write-up has a good argument implying that Hills were named after Odo de Monte, a man suspected in building a HILLEND manor in CastleMORTON (Walsh's had merged with Mortons). Monts/MONS' use the same lion as Trains and Bush's. French Monts share the rocks of Roque's (same place as Roquefeuil) in a different color while the Arms of Roquefeuil use billets. Some would say that Rockefellers have hired killers. Roque's, in Baut colors, share "vero" with the Bouillon motto...recalling that Verona's/Vers (Ile-de-France) use a Coat version of the Fellers (probably Jewish) while Bello's (in the Bouillon motto) were first found in Verona!

Bouillons share the Moor head with Chappes', first found in the same place as Verona's, and as the latter use trefoils in the colors and format of the Payen stars, it's a good bet that the line of Godfrey de Bouillon (perhaps even his ancestry) was related to Elizabeth Chappes, wife of Hugh de Payens. Soon after Godfrey was made the first ruler of Jerusalem, Hugh de Payens showed up with eight others on the pretence of guarding the Temple site (as if nine men could keep it safe from a swarm of Muslin invaders). Payens call their stars, "spur rowells," which sounds connectable to Roe's / Rows. Rowells/Rothwells/Rosswells/RATHwells look to be using the double Stain / Fleck bars as chevrons. Jewish Rothchilds (no 's') share a sinister-rising bend (same colors) with Raths, and Rothchilds (Payen star?) put roses on the bend. Raits/Rats were first found in the same place as Rose's! The Rothchilds just got nailed as what I call the Rat Trap liners. God indicated to me that he will destroy the Rat Trap liners...suspect as the Radziwill-Astikas marriage to 666-suspect Trabys. George Bush was a Rothschild supporter, wasn't he?

When I had so many squirrels in the "attic" (unfinished second story), I was forced to get a rat trap. The sixth squirrel caught was reported as a Sign for Bill Clinton, and the particulars of the event led me to say that ISIS was renamed, IS, in the Western media, as play on Bill Clinton's words, "It depends on what the meaning of 'is', is." The use of "IS" didn't last long, but there are reports these days claiming to prove that, due to Saudi royals contributing to the Clinton Foundation, the secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, allowed ISIS to thrive during the Obama years. We don't know all that the Clintons did to even support ISIS, and, surely, this is part of why Hillary used a private email system. This stinks of American rats in high places that need to be caught and killed. Sixteen squirrels in total were caught.

German Rows/Rau's share the white, sinister bend, and even put red roses on it, same as Rothchilds. RothSCHILDs proper are spelled like so, and Schilds use two bends in the colors of the Row/Rau bend. The Row/Rau / Rothchild bend can also be the Jay bend. Was the screaming bird a blue jay? I did go out to check for feathers on the ground, but didn't go far. I saw no feathers to that point.

As per the Rathl/Rathel variations of Raths, Rattels/Rateau's were looked up, first found in the same place (Burgundy) as rock-using Monts, though the latter call them mountains for obvious reason. Mountains were first found in the same place as Roque's, and the Mountains even use the Mont saltire in colors reversed (neither use other symbols). There was good material two updates ago on Rattel-like Raddels that began like this: "Grimoald's brother was Radoald while Raddle's/Raddells held Radwall (Hertfordshire, I think), a term like the Radziwills in the ancestry of Astikas'." Grimoald was of Bavaria, where German Rothes/Rothchilds were first found.

Roque's use "honori," which asks whether this is code for Honore IV Grimaldi. Note Mont-like Aumont: "The barony of Massy is a fiefdom that was established as a result of the marriage of the Duke of Valentinois (the future Prince Honore IV) to Louise d'Aumont-Mazarin in 1777." "Mazarin" became suspect with Massars/Massarins who share combatant lions with Kellys. Aumonts, with eighteen "BIRDs," were first found in the same place (Picardy) as Cavetts who in-turn use multiple fesses in the colors of the eight Rattle bars.

Aha! There is a Hillend surname listed with Kelly-branch Hillens, and the Hillend/Hillen Chief uses the very annulets of Staintons / Vito's. What could this mean, since the train went by about three minutes after the bird was apparently killed, while Trains were at Stainton? Hillens use the Shield-and-Chief colors of Saluzzo's in colors reversed. The sleeping-bag dream was assumed to be a revelation on the killers of judge Scalia because I was sleeping (night of the dream) in a black sleeping bag, with 8-inch red stripe on one side, the colors of the robes of the International Order of Saint Hubert (I've been using this sleeping bag as a blanket for years). But with this sudden link of Hills to Hillens that use a version of the Kelly Coat, the murder of Grace Kelly looks applicable.

At Wikipedia's article on Alice of Saluzzo, it calls her mother, Luigia (a bird just flew into my patio door or window, at 6:29, and I started this morning by saying, "Good morning. It's only 3:29 am." That's exactly three hours, and there were about three minutes between the bird scream and the Train's horn. Trabys are not only said to be named after "horn," but they use horns). I therefore looked up Lug-like surnames, finding Luggers/Loveguards that use white ostrich feathers (Arms-of-Traby symbol), which can suggest the white Lois ostrich. Lois' were first found in Artois. Luigia/Leugia was also, Luisa, and I traced her to GorLOIS, a mythical ruler of Cornwall, where Luggers were first found. Luggers use leopard faces, which trace partly to Fieschi of Genoa, close to Ceva. The Cevetta river at Ceva can be of the Cavetts mentioned above with the Rattel bars, and while Traby married RADZiwills, the common denominator between that marriage and the Ceva line though Alice of Saluzzo was the Alans of Brittany.

Trains of Stainton were a branch of Trains in Richmond, and Richmonds (ruled by Alans of Brittany) look connectable to the Lugger/Loveguard Coat. At one time, until I mentioned it, the Love/Luff lion heads were in the rare design (looks like a dog) of the lion head in the Crest of the Shropshire Rothes'/Rothams/Roothams. The latter's lions are in the colors of the PROW / Raines lions, and variations of Prows (same place as English Stewarts), when the 'P' is removed, make them look like Row liners. I trace the RAINES motto to Judicael of RENNES, whose name looks linkable to the Judds/Juggs (share ragully with English Stewarts), and Jugon is a location not far west of Rennes. One Judge/Juge Coat ("PROVidentia") has the look of the Vaughns, first found in Shropshire.

Actually, "proVIDENtia" can be a triple code, one for Prows, one for Dents (colors and format as Rothes'/Roothams), and one for Videns that I've not known before. The curiosity is that Videns, although smacking of Vido's/Vito's/BITINi's and Bidens/Buttons, bring up the Veys/Vivians (Cornwall, same as Luggers/Loveguards) who share purple lion heads with Raines-branch Wrens (Raines / Rothes / Prow lion in Crest). Note that the Wren Chief uses the GORE crosslets, for Gore's are of Cornwall's Gorlois.

English Cornwalls use "La Vie Durante" while Vito's are also Vio's. We can glean here that the Cornwall motto is for a branch of the Cornwall Trance's. Cornwalls were first found in the same place (Devon) as English Stewarts, and both share the same lion, which could be the Train lion now that Trance's can connect to Cornwalls. Trance's (unicorn head) share a white fesse with Scottish Cornwalls, and the latter use "a Cornish chough hatching in the FACE of a rock proper." Coughs use a version of the Sale/Sallett Coat, and their fleur are shared by English Durants whom themselves use the Trance fesse in both colors along with the dancetty feature of Coughs. The write-up of English Durants has them at Shropshire's Tong castle, and so note that the Shropshire Vaughns use the same fleur once again. Tongs use the rock too.

Let's talk the ram of Bauts and Dutch Rams. The latter look linkable to German Steins the goat of which looks like that of the Russells (Dorset, same place as Quints), said to be from BertRAMs. English Rams (Essex, same place as Quints) use a "vis" motto term suspect with Ottone Visconti because the Ram chevron is in the colors of the Ottone and Chappes chevron. The eight Rattel bars brought the same (different colors) Crispins to mind who share the pomegranate with Grazio's (same place as Ottone's), and the Grazio fesse is red, the color of the Rattel bend. Grazio's were first found at PERUSia, and Crispins at PAREZ (Lorraine). As French Paris'/Parez's were first found in Lorraine, it's notable that Spanish Paris' use a lion in colors reversed from the Bush / Train lion standing on a "ROCK within water." The single pale bar of Spanish Paris' is in the colors of the same of Tulls/Tullia's (same place as Bauts).

I clearly heard the bird hit in the direction of the patio door, but when looking up, it wasn't there. It could have glanced off out of view, or it could have hit the neighboring window. The thing is, Scottish Doors and Windows both use the lion paw, and the Window Crest has a paw holding a gold fitchee, reflecting the paw and gold fitchee of the Quint Crest. The Doors even use three leopard faces, the Judge / Lugger/Loveguard symbol, and the latter two use them in gold, same as Fitch's, first found in the same place as Diss'/Dice's suspect with the dice of Quintana's. It's also where Love's/Luffs were first found that may have produced Lugg-like Loughs/Laughs, and from there, the Loveguard variation.

Next, the Tibbs'/Theobalds suspect in the "tibi" motto term of Rams (Essex, same place as Quints and Gore's). Tibbs' use six fitchees (in the colors of the Gore crosslets) in the pattern used for the same of Clintons / Hillarys / Tarves', but the Tibbs fitchees are gold, though so is the Quint fitchee. The Tibbs fitchees are moreover in the colors of the Quince mascles. Without clues, it's hard to know the original variation on the Tibbs/Theobald page. There is a Tibb surname (no 's') using blue cats, and first found in the same place as Quince's. The Tibb cats are in the colors and format of the Tipper dolphins, and Ram-like Ryans (Dutch-Ram colors) were first found in Tipperary. Ryans, in Ronny / Rany colors, use "Malo" while Mauls/Morleys share the split-Shield of German BERTams (Russell lion in colors reversed). The Russell Coat reflects that of Livings/Levens, first found in WestMORLAND. I have the sense that Paul Ryan is a secret Democrat client / agent seeking Trump's downfall, or worse.

It strikes me here that, if correct to identify Fitch's with Vito's, "Avitus" might conceivably have been a Quintus > Vintus line. Vints use the polar bear, and Polars/Pollards, first found in Cornwall, are also PAWlarde's, which can explain the Quint paw-and-fitchee. Tippers were likewise first found in Cornwall. The Polar/Pollard Crest can be the Power stag, and while Powers share the Shield-and-Chief colors of Palin/PAWleys (first found in the same place as Quints), the Palin/Pawley Chief has the stars of Polesdons and Sabine's while the latter share the red-on-white scallops of Polars/Pollards. In short, the Vint polar bear is proving to be a Vespasian line. English Winders even use the motto of Pullys/Pullens (same red scallops) while Danish and Norwegian Winters are the Vints. German Winders must be using the Jewish-Pollock bend. Suddenly, Windsors can possibly be Quintus-Caepio liners.

Pillars/Pilards share the Palin lion, and are suspect in the pillars of Bosco's.

What could it mean if God wants to indicate the Birds/Burds and Trains (both very linkable to Bush's) as well as the lion paws of Quints? Fitch's use a motto (EspeRANCE) possibly suggesting Rance's/Rands/RYNDs/RANTs with the same lion as Trains. With Trains at Vito-suspect Stainton, it doesn't look coincidental that Rinds ("fragRANTior") use a reflection of the STANley bend. Stainers/Stainleys (share stork with Roebucks) were first found in the same place as Trans'/Trents.

Coverts (gold leopard head), first found in the same place as leopard-face Coopers/Coppers, are suspect in the "covered cup" of Staintons, partly code for Cups/Cope's (same place as Tarves) and COOPS/COPPs, the latter first found in the same place as Fessys/FACE's and Quince's. Cups/Cope's/Colps are in the Winder motto. The "animo" motto term of Copps/Coops suggests the Nimo's/Nemoys (Bust/Bois kin), first found in the same place as Scottish Chappes' and Visconti-liner Guiscards/Wisharts. Copers (one 'p') share a black pelican with Lucks (suspect with de-Quincy's mother).

Quints were first found in the same place as Brocks, explaining why both use the red lion in Crest. Trains and Drinks were first found in the same place, suggesting they share the same red lion, and Rayborns use a "a roebuck DRINKing out of a BROOK, and on an ermine square at the top a knight's helmet." It's got Poindexters all over it. It tends to support the inclusion of Brocks/Broke's (Essex, same as Brooks) in this discussion. Brooks (same Coat as Thole's), sharing gold scallops with Rinds, use the motto, "PersereRANDo." There are more red lions with Beavers (Berkshire), and while the Arms of Oxford use a beaver, the Oxford surname uses a version of the Brock Coat. Weirs/Vere's ("Vero") probably use the Beaver fesse, and Brooks likely use the Varn scallops, yet they are also the Bowles scallops (both colors). Weirs/Vere's were first found in Roxburghshire, and the Roxburghs share the single pale bar of Drinks, possibly a branch of Dreux's (red lion) and Drake's.

The Varni were likely proto-Rus / proto-Varangians, and here's it's notable that while the Varn scallops are half in the colors of the same of goat-using Russells, Varns put theirs on the same bend as Goats/Gothams.

Rayburns share the stag of Eustace's, and use "in deo," a phrase used by Scottish Clarks, Millers, and Buck-like Baggs.

English Horns happen to use a "desperRANDum" motto term, and Dutch Horns (same colors) share the Zionists stars of Rotens. Both Horns are in the colors of the Brittany Robins, and English Robins were first found partly in the same place (Middlesex) as Horns. Was it a robin that screamed last night?

Horns are also in the colors of Childs, and first found partly in the same place as Childs. The latter must link to Thuringia / Thor liners, and Horne's happen to show an Athorne variation. It's interesting that English Thors/Tours use the towers of owl-like Howells in colors reversed. Did a quiet own get the robin? Or was it a jay, for while Jays are from a Gai location, Gaywoods (Bagg write-up) use the Howell towers.

Stork-using Roebucks use quadrants in the colors of the Shield of German Robe's while if Scottish Robe's/Robbs (Robin chevron) used bucks instead of stags, one could identify Robucks as Robe / Robb liners merged with Bucks. Perhaps the screaming bird was a robin. Years ago, I had a robin flittering away at my window for hours (same day), but no robin has done that again since. Here's from the 1st update in April of 2012:

For the last half hour, a local robin that I'd befriended in the past has taken up a new morning activity. It's now playing with me at my window. It comes to flitter away on the glass for a couple of seconds, time after time about every 5 to 10 seconds. It doesn't want the Harvest Crunch (next best thing to bird seed, isn't it) that I put out for it; it just continues to flitter away, even though I hide behind the window and try to scare the daylights out of it by appearing suddenly at the window just as it comes to flitter. It just jumps down to the ground, and shakes it's tail feathers at me. When I sit back down to write, it comes to flitter on the glass again. I hide behind the window to scare it again, and again, because its annoying, but it comes back for more. I've had animal experiences around here many times where it seems unusual things happen as Signs from Above. It just so happens that Gloucesters are also "GLOStner."

I spent considerable time trying to figure out what the event may have meant. The bird went on for about five hours until it flew into the house. After capturing it, I took it out, and it stopped flittering on the window (though it was back the next morning). Instead, it pooped on my vehicle's rear-view MIRROR. It had never perched on the mirror before, nor did it in the future. I realized that it was enjoying seeing itself in the reflection of the glass window, explaining why it played on like that, up and down the window. It had become obsessed. Options were the mirror-like Mireux's of Anjou, and the Glass' that use the mermaid with mirror. Brooks are said to be from Broc of Anjou, and we just saw Brooks with a roebuck drinking.

Back in the 2012 update, I was concerned with the faked Flight 93, the one that went down in Pennsylvania on 9-11 during the Bush presidency. I emphasized that Maxwells use a "holly BUSH PROPER" when bringing Propers/ROBINs to topic, and, in those years, I was reporting that Mireux's use holly (now use a myrtle tree). From the same update:

It's Saturday morning. I was awoken by a thump at about 6:30. I thought the Nazis had finally come to get me. Then another and another thump. I investigated, and out of the corner of my eye, outside the window, robin was back. Yes, fat robin, coming back to play. The sun wasn't up yet, so it wasn't there to play with its reflection, but with me. It liked to annoy me. It was gone all day yesterday after the scare it had inside the house, but today it has its courage back.

The last thing I did outside yesterday after work was to reflect on the work God did yesterday with that robin, and I thanked Him for it. I said I wished He would do things like that more often [I had no idea how much more He would]. I knew it couldn't have been a coincidence that the robin led me right into the Plumstead / Palmyra topic. And I reflected on how I didn't give the reader a final assessment of what it all meant, of what exactly God's message was.

The Bush family that "adopted" president Bush lived beside Palmyra, New York, said to be named after Palmyra in Syria. Palmyra-like Palmers/Parmers use two fesses in the colors of the Bush fesse while Palms/Parms (same Chief as Quints) were first found in the same place as Bush's and the Stains that share the Palmers/Parmers fesses in both colors. Palmyra is where Joseph Smith, Mormon founder, lived, and the Bush's there had married a Smith family. On the day/week the robin appeared at the window, I shared a news article wherein George Bush Jr, was to speak at PLUMstead (Pennsylvania) to honor Mitt Romney for president, a Mormon. Plumstead happens to be in BUCKS country!

What can "Clinton is a roeBUST" mean except that Bush's, (Roe) Bucks and Clintons were related? Clents/Clints were even first found in Yorkshire i.e. same as Bush's. But if God gave that voice, why would he merely wish to point out that Clintons and Bush liners had been related? Wouldn't He rather be concerned about wicked events / schemes that both were / will be involved with? Why was the bird heard screaming in the middle of the night? If God merely wanted to stress a connection between the Birds and the Bush's, He didn't need to wake me up in the middle of the night. Again, Trains use the same lion as Dutch Bush's/Boschs/Bos' and almost the same as German Bucks.

At first, I thought that the screaming bird was a Sign that God was about to do something terrible to George Bush. Then it started to look like a symbol of Scalia's death by Poindexter's group. The Republicans need to have an investigation on Scalia's murder, and Trump needs to watch his back. He can't even trust his own inner circle these days. Sadly, America, barring a miracle, needs a civil war in opposition to the globalist fiends in their midst. Until they are scattered and made powerless, the country will continue to be ravaged and raped, worse in the future than in the past.


Here's the biggest story of the week, which promises to bury the Democrat media in their own filth where they deflect the blame of Seth Rich's leaks to Wikileaks onto a Russian-hacking fantasy. I didn't know that Seth was murdered around 4:20 am until after this update was finished. That time is from Washington police, but as this police department is obeying the killers, we cannot trust that time. The police department refuses to investigate this crime as a political murder. We can guess the reason. The question is, how did the Democrat elite, the murderers, know that their man (Seth Rich) had just recently leaked tens of thousands of pages to Wikileaks? It's the Clinton and/or Obama monster, we can assume, and God knows what happened. A little birdie is going to squawk.

The head of the corrupt FBI was "killed" in cold blood a couple of weeks ago by Donald Trump, and, by the looks of it, Trump's going to get away with this because the Democrats are doing excellently what they do best: act the hypocrite. Suddenly, Comey is a great and moral person, they say, but they say this only to make Trump look mean.

Comey was fired for obvious reason of upholding the illegal activities of Hillary Clinton. Who's he trying to kid when saying that Hillary had no unlawful intentions? For someone like the head of the CIA to make this statement in the Senate, what a dope. It's what we expect from the immoralites, the liberals. Comey made it crystal clear that he was not fit for the job from day one. But the FBI has many secret transgressors that need to be purged, many in the upper echelons. If Obama put them there, there was a reason. He was calculated in social-reform tactics, and he used the FBI as part of his crusade.

The FBI is guilty of orchestrating parts of false-flag events inside the United States, where people were injured or killed. These crimes will not go unpunished. The acting / temporary FBI director is another hypocrite who needs to be canned.

Comey was removed because he failed to properly arrange for the arrest of Hillary, as well as failing to raise interest in the unmasking scandal. There is ample evidence for both of these items, but no evidence that Trump facilitated Russian interference in the election. Word is coming out claiming that Comey ignored the unmasking issue because he was behind it too. That makes sense.

Right now, many FBI people are spying on the president's team. This is what the FBI helped to accomplish for the American country. Comey showed himself to be so highly political that Trump sensed himself to be the "wrong" president in his eyes. Why should a president tolerate a politically-active FBI that attacks its own president just because he's of the wrong political stripe? This is where the FBI and other Intelligence groups are. If Trump ceases to cleanse the upper levels of the FBI, the latter will come round to bite him hard at the first or second opportunity.

Here's is the worst news on Comey in a few short minutes:

The reason that Trump waited a few months to fire Comey was exactly due to how badly it would look at an earlier time, while Trump was under investigation for the Russia affair. But when it became clear to all but the liberal retards (as in backward, blockheaded) that there is no evidence for the charge, Trump thought the time had come to whack Comey's legs from under him. And there was probably more to his poor performance than we know. I'm actually very glad that Trump was forced to make Comey believe that he would serve another six years (Trump has little choice but to say so when asked by the media). It couldn't sting Comey any better, and this is what he deserves.

He has no right to decide whether Hillary is guilty of breaking the law. That's the job of a judge. But Comey also decided that Anthony Weiner's wife was not guilty of passing him top-secret documents i.e. to his personal computer.

The biggest news today is not how bad Trump is, but how bad the liberals have become. They are ripe for destruction. It will be such a great pleasure for God to give them their due. He burns for now, but it will be poured out on them. That's the prophetic story, and we can see exactly why. The greatest sign that prophecy is ripe is the sick condition of the liberal world. I don't think any Christian would say that I'm being unjustifiably inflammatory. Yes, I'm talking negatively, and yes it's divisive, but at least I'm on the side of the wheat, not the thorns. I'm suggesting that everyone get on the side of the wheat, to separate from the weeds. That's a good thing, and the goal is to UNITE under God's happiness, keep the weeds away in the meantime because they destroy in the midst. It's not rocket science.

If Trump has come out to say anything nice to Christians, it's expected with a Republican, to get their support. But where are the actions that speak more than mere words? How hard it is for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God. Never forget it. Now if Trump would give away all his wealth except five million dollars, then I would take notice, and God would, and the president would find more respect than he does due to his great wealth. But Trump cannot perform this great sacrifice unless He truly is a believer, unless he knows true riches. To make God happy is to find true riches.

I watched a video with Trump being asked if he ever asked God for forgiveness, and he said he did not. He said that, if he does wrong, he tries to change, but a relationship with God, no, he has none. I don't think Trump thinks he does much wrong. I simply don't know when to trust the man at his words. Someone once said that you should never let anyone know how smart you are, but this is not a Godly attitude, for instead of sincerity, it's playing games, with deception, more or less. I think Trump is like that.

On Comey:

This is a nice video:

Shroud of Turin:

Lady Diana short video:


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