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May 9 - 15, 2017

Looking For More Clues as per the Killers of Lady Diana
Digging For Monaco's Baron-Massy Roots Leads to Mancini's and Milners
The Map of Sion I Never Knew

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[I would like to say at the top that, after a couple of days this week of asking why I'm being led to the Massy barony of Grimaldi, and theorizing that it's from the Massy barony of Dublin, I came a cross an article in a Russian media saying that Dublin, on Monday of this week, raised the Palestinian flag in support of the Palestinians against the Israeli occupation. Just look at the timing.]

Late in the last update, an amazing thing. As some readers may not have been able to get that deep, I'm repeating the gist up-front here:

The father of a man who was driving a white Fiat Uno in Paris the night Princess Diana was killed has sensationally admitted his son had the car painted red just hours after the fatal crash and revealed his suspicions that his son was involved.

Le Van Thanh was questioned by French detectives in 1997 after forensic experts established the white paint on his car matched that found on the wreckage of the Mercedes Diana was travelling in.

There was a 2nd Fiat Uno involved owned by a journalist who was later murdered by British authorities. The owner of the Fiat that was involved in the murder was allowed to be free because the government didn't want to make a criminal case of it.

[I'm skipping a Joe-Fix link to Coffers here]

....The owner of the Fiat had a Thanh surname (same place as Freemans/Frymans). I don't know what nationality he was, but Thans happen to use six eagles in the style of the same-colored fleur of English Constantine's while Grace Kellys mother-in-law was born at Constantine (Algeria / Numidia). Evil mother-in-law? Recall Joe Fix, whom was met at a Lada dealer [I owned a Lada, made by Fiat], for God may have given him as clue, because Fix's use fleur-de-lys in colors reversed from those of Constantine's, and moreover Fix's use a black, spread eagle, the Than symbol.

On top of this, I kid you not, that Joseph had a woman in a relationship, who was working his coffee / sandwich shop with him, and every time I've thought back to her, I see her looking very much like my Kelly. I think I now know why. Again, Fix's share a wavy fesse with Lada-like Ladds, and Ladds are in Constantine / Than colors. Amazing coincidences. Was Grace Kelly killed by a Jewish item? Wasn't the mother-in-law (Charlotte of Valentinois) a Louvat on her mother's side? Yes.

...I am reminded that, 20 years after walking the fence at Diane's house, I bumped into Diane in a different town, when she told me she worked for the COURT house, and Courts are Coverts, a branch of COFFERts. Rick Legge was with me that night at the fence. Ricks share the same fesse as Coverts/Cofferts.

You can go back some weeks to see that I had deciphered that fence event with the Fens/VENN surname. And here Mr. VAN is suspect in Lady Diana's murder. Dianinidence? Mrs. Covert was married both a Mr. Dein and Mr. Maness, and Deins list "Diane."...

...There is another issue here, the Fane's/VANs that share the GAUNTlet glove with Maceys (Sions/Swans once showed gauntlet gloves), and then the Gaunt-related Ghents share the Side/Sudy Chief. Then, while these Chiefs have the Than eagles in colors reversed, Mr. Thanh's first name is Le Van, or maybe just, VAN. Perhaps God named "Le Van" to allow me to catch him, although it won't be me catching him. Massi's/Mattis' use the Than eagle too, and we need to add that while God seems to have provided me with a Lada to act as the Fiat-Uno connection, Ladds (came place as Colchesters) use the Meschin Coat in colors reversed.

...Hmm, Le Van Thanh's first name, "Le Van," is a surname (at Bauvier) with fleur-de-lys in the colors of the same of Fix's!!! They are colors reversed from the fleur of Thans. That is incredible. I was absolutely frightened at entering the theory that Joe Fix was in my life to lead to Le Van Thanh. It sounds so crazy, but, thank God, he saved me. English La Vans bring up the Louvain surname, sharing the Massin lion. How about that. Isn't this the Love/Luff bloodline? What is God doing? Immediately after owning the Lada, I had a white VAN (Ford).

Irish La Vans are with the red-lozenge Lavans/Hands (Mayo!), suspect with a term in the write-up of Swords, from Siward of Northumberland (lived after Maccus, traceable to Mieszko's of Masovia). The Kelly ancestry of Grace Kelly is said to descend from Mayo, and the Costello's (Mayo) share lozenges on gold with La Vans/Hands. The latter are said to be from "flaithe," the nickname of Hugh Lupus, and very-likely from Flaad, father of the Dol Alans. In colors reversed, the wavy Dol fesse is the wavy blue fesse of Fix's.

I now remember that the radiator FAN in the Lada stopped working automatically. I had to put a wire from it to the battery, then to the interior of the car. As "Fan" brings up the Fens'/Venns, by what coincidence did I link these to Fane's/VANS? The latter use the same fesse as Dutch Ghents while Fane's/Vans use gauntlet gloves, only the Ghent fesse is wavy, as is the Fix bend. The latter's is a blue wavy bend, which is what the wavy Ghent bend would be in colors reversed. If I recall correctly, the Arms of Ghent/Gaunt (the Belgian location) is a white-on-black lion, upright, like the lion of French Le Vans (the ones with the Fix fleur).

I really never cease to be amazed. In my life there is written the revelation of the murderer(s) of Grace Kelly and Lady Diana. But why?

I've skipped a lot of other interesting things in that quote, should you be interested. As I said, almost immediately after Kelly and I separated, I saw and met Diane. The latter's parents didn't want me to see her, and this came to a head. Diane first rebelled and moved out of her home to be with me, but in the end, the parents won. So I went to her place, climbed her antenna, not unlike Romeo, to her bedroom window, and knocked. Her brother heard it, not good. Coming down, and hearing Diane's tone (not good, not Juliet), I came down and walked a privacy fence to the front side of her home as a final swan-song protest...the relationship was over. The point is, her parents had a man reserved for her, but this is something that the British royals do, don't they? It appears that God arranged this about my Diane too, to add evidence that she was code for Lady Diana.

When one investigates the online information of Diana's crash, it will eventually be learned that she and her man were given a vehicle matching their own in order to mislead the reporters with the original car into the wrong direction. There we have the set-up for providing a car rigged for murder. Anyone behind the vehicle could trigger the car's fuel system, by a remote-control device, to floor the gas pedal, and perhaps even steer the wheel toward the tunnel's center columns. I've also read that several cameras, not just the one at the tunnel entrance, were not working that night. But Diana survived the crash, which required plan B in the ambulance.

Le Van Thanh was a taxi driver by occupation. I have an imperfect recollection of when I had my taxi cab in relation to doing work in the basement of Joe Fix's coffee shop. It was near winter, and I had moved from Verne Archibald's place (directly behind Joe Fix's store) into a shared home with the dispatcher of the taxi company (that's how I got the job). The owner of the taxi lived down in the area of Diane, though I can't recall exactly where. I rented the cab 24-hours every day as a personal vehicle. The job with Joe Fix was the following spring / summer / fall; it was not winter, and I continued with the taxi job for nearly a year as I recall it. I can't imagine doing the extensive renovation at Joe Fix's basement without a vehicle (to pick up items at the building store), and therefore reason that I had the cab at the time. I know I had the cab after the renovation project, when living back at Oostyens (immediately after sharing the house with the taxi dispatcher), and I recall crying the blues at Oostyen's apartment with the youth leader of my church, concerning not getting paid $1,000 by Joe Fix. I was still driving the cab when I took Mamie to a musical event at Fix's coffee shop (I think he had a singer / musician in that night), and we went back to Oostyen's place that evening. I would NOT have brought Mamie to Fix's store if it was after he refused to pay me (I had accidentally spread dark-brown paint on the woodwork of his bar instead of stain; my fault).

I therefore had the cab while working for Joe Fix, and this must be yet another Sign that Le Van Than is guilty. The murderous nature of topic gets me depressed, and my inability to guess where God is going with this makes me anxious. I had re-met Mamie, after we separated, while driving a cab, when she called one. A taxi driver never knows who the customer will be until he gets to him/her. I was called to pick her up a second time, and we had meshed personalities (we felt compatible) on both occasions so that we tried out love together once again. But God would not have it. It bombed immediately, on the very night we went to Fix's. But that date was enough for God's purposes of pointing to Mr. Thanh. Why Mamie? I don't know, but suspect that something about her represents one of the murderers. I'll return to Mamie after showing the difficulty in identifying the Massy barony in Monaco.

With Mamie deciphered as Maine liners, let's add that Mane's/Maneys/Mannez's (Savoy) use just a spread eagle in the colors of the same of Fix's. These Mane's were looked up as per the "InVICTus MANEo" motto term of ArmSTRONGs, and as you can see, the motto has a term like the Vechter variation of Feschs or the Vicka of Fix's. The Strongs use a giant, spread eagle too. The strong arm in the Armstrong Crest is used (not the same design) in purple with Darks/D'Arks/D'ARQUEs', evoking ARCHibald. Another such arm is in the Butter Crest while Butters share the BALDer cross, suggesting that Butters are from the Bautica river, beside Savoy's Mane's/Mannez'. The arm of Buttars is good evidence that the "Deus" motto term of Buttars is for the Deuster variation of arm-using Dusters.

Anti-educational Google (wants to make learning very slow, and it hides a lot, very scandalous), which will fall as it continues to play its nasty games with our heads, seems to be hiding this barony. Bing, on the other hand, brings this up on the first search-result page:

Baroness Elisabeth-Anne de Massy was born in 1947, the eldest of the three de Massy children. At the time of her birth, her uncle Rainer III was single and childless, so many Moneguese looked to Elisabeth's mother, Princess Antoinette of Monaco for security in the succession to Monaco.

Antoinette, baroness of Massy, was in the last update as the daughter of Charlotte Valentinois, mother of Rainier, husband of Grace Kelly (she saved his singleness). And then there was an Elizabeth Anne Levine. Isn't that a Levite line? We just saw Elizabeth Anne de Massy. Were they the same person? No. Elizabeth Anne Levine was Grace Kellys sister, but this Elizabeth was born in 1933, not 1947. Here's the genealogy of Elizabeth "LeVine":

When we put our mouse over Donald Caldwell DeVine's name, his two brothers are shown with Caldwell middle names, suggesting that their mother was Miss Caldwell, and, what do you know, Caldwells/Coldwells/Calewells/Guildwells (same place as Pollocks and Speers) share three black piles with Scottish Leavells! Bingo. This was expected from the last update. Caldwells share the "Fac et SPERA" motto of Mathie's/Manns. Massins/Masons use "Dum SPIRO SPERA." Everything I've been working on for about four years, from Laevillus, is now tracing to the very things pointed at by the events of my youth, and they happen to be of my bloodlines. What is going on? (The motto above is used also by Hilts/Hyatts in the description of the Sword swords (with hilt).)

Clicking to the other Scottish Caldwells, we find likely linkage to the red Grimaldi lozengy: ...three red lozenges lying fessways on a blue fesse dancettee between three gold pikes' heads couped and erect." It goes back to the Pollock link I saw to Polignac, but then Plocks also use red lozenges, and Plocks (Plunket liners) share "In deo" with Caldwells! Excellent. In the Caldwell Crest, "cocks," a clear sign, now, that Cocks use the Grimaldi Shield.

Alright. By what coincidence is Elizabeth Anne Kelly-DeVine with the same frontal name of Elizabeth Anne de Massy? It must have to do with the fact that Kellys are said to be first found south of Dublin, while the Irish baron of Massy had a seat at Dublin. Elizabeth Anne de Massy (father = Mr. Noghes) was a child of Antoinette. Let me simplify this. Grace Kelly married Rainier, and his sister was Antoinette, making it appear that the latter named her child after Kelly's sister. But if that strikes us as wrong (should she not have named her after Rainier's family instead?), perhaps Grace Kelly was herself from Massys of Ireland, and the Massys behind Antoinette were likewise, very close to Kelly's Massys. But in Elizabeth's article at the link above, where her family tree shows, there are no Massys shown in Antoinette's ancestry (though it goes back to her grandparents only). It reinforces the idea that Grace Kelly gave (i.e. upon her death) Ireland's Massy entity to Antoinette (dies 2011), and in return Antoinette named her daughter in honor of the Kelly family. Is this a big secret? I can't image how this fits into any kind of anti-Christ scenario.

The problem is, I'm reading that the Massy entity was granted to Antoinette before Grace Kelly died. Perhaps this was a falsification to hide where the Massy entity derived. Perhaps the Grimaldi's were ashamed of that Irish line.

Grace Kelly's father had married Mary-Anne Costello, and here I find that Elizabeth Anne de Massy "married secondly in London on 18 October 1984 to choreographer Nicolai Vladimir Costello...and had one daughter: Melanie-Antoinette Costello de Massy."

On Elizabeth's male side, we have her grandmother, Marie Markellos Petsalis married to ANTONY Noghes, and then the red leopard face of Antonys is shared by the Noches/Nokes surname (Buckinghamshire). I've been waiting for the Anton surname to crop up as per climbing Diane's ANTENna, but Noghes' go to Grace Kelly's family, not princess Diana. "Markellos" may go back to the Laevi-associated Marici at the Ticino. The only ray of Massy hope I see is that Merkells/Markells (feather) use the same fleur as Masci's while Laevi were at the area of Massino-Visconti. But if you hang in here, I'll show you the Levi surname cropping up in what is claimed to be the Massy barony line if the 18th century.

I know how writing on family-member material like this makes my head spin, and yours too. The way it looks, Antoinette's son, Christian de Massy, was going to be the prince of Monaco if Rainier didn't have children. Or, back up to when Rainier was not yet married to Grace, at which time Christian probably didn't have his Massy entity. I can see Antoinette a little furious that Grace Kelly spoiled her son's chances at becoming head cheese. Here's how Christian's article puts it:

Regardless, once Rainier married Grace Kelly and had children, Princess Antoinette's concern over succession waned and the possibility of Christian acceding to the throne became more remote. Princess Antoinette then threw her full support [faked-faced?] behind the succession of her brother. The family presented a unified front thenceforth, with Prince Rainier III granting [Antoinette] the title of Baroness of Massy, and young Christian de Massy serving as ring bearer at the marriage of his uncle to Grace Kelly.

There we go, what I didn't know until now, that Rainier made his sister a Massy, and the only way I can fathom this is where either he or Grace was the Massy. It's amazing to me that the article, nor any other Wikipedia that I have read, mentions where this Massy entity derives. Is this a big secret? Were the Massys shameful in Ireland so that Grace Kelly didn't want this popularized?

Christian de Massy is presently the Economic Attache to the Embassy of Monaco in Washington D.C, having been appointed by Prince Albert II in 2010. He is founding principal of Monte Carlo Lifestyle SCP, a Monaco company which holds over 40 brands relating to luxury lifestyle. Baron de Massy splits his time between Washington, D.C, Miami and Monte Carlo.

I don't see anything there, even with de Massy (68 years old as I write) being an advisor to Monaco's foreign affairs office. Okay, the anti-Christ is to be a small horn to begin with, and Monaco is a small country, but can we imagine de Massy chosen as the next EU chief, then filled with a drastic Middle-East agenda? Uuuuh, probably not.

You are going to find this a little staggering. I've just looked the Quintana's up (after writing above, not before) because de Massy married Miss Quintana firstly, and the Spanish Quintana/Quinto surname uses three dice showing the '6'. That's 666. Italian Quintana's, perhaps a branch of Quints, use the same Coat and were first found in Messina. I've got to tell you, those three 6's really caught me by surprise, but let's not suggest to anyone that de Massy is the anti-Christ, at least not until he become the EU emperor. The fact that they are dice may be code for the Diss/Dice surname that I can link to the Trump stag in Waterford.

De Massy's second wife was Miss LUTkin, and English Lutts (same lion as Massins) use the same quadrants as the Arms of Rothschild. Scottish Lutts are with Laevillus-liner McLeods. As the Rothschilds were from Pollocks, note that the wavy Pollock bend can be in the Brouwer Coat, the Crest of which shares the mermaid of the Glass and Massin Crest. Mr. Brouwser was married by de Massy's first and only child with Miss Quintana...daughter of an Argentinean ambassador. My mother's brother (Grimaldi) lives in Argentina.

Aside from de Massy's Grimaldi ancestry, he's from Juliette Louvat (mother's side), and Louvats share three black wolves with Quade's / Mackays. The earliest Louvat in the write-up was granted lands in Bedford (Quints are kin of Bedfords), Northampton (Quince's first found there), Worcester (Lutts first found there), and Leicester. Lutts use lions in two colors schemes, one of which could very well be the quince-holding Sforza lion. The other Lutt lion is the Massin lion too, and Massino-Visconti, in a nutshell, can make for the Massin lion to be a direct colors-reversed version of the Sforza lion, for Sforza's received Visconti titles. Shouldn't we expect Laevi from Massino-Visconti?

Another article states: "As a result, as a small boy, [Christian de Massy] was at the center of the rumored effort of his mother to depose his uncle Rainier and place him on the throne instead with Princess Antoinette as regent and the real power [= motive for murdering Grace Kelly?). He had two other sisters, Elisabeth-Anne de Massy and Christine Alix de Massy but because of his gender he was to take center stage in the alleged conspiracy." I'll come back to a claim that the Baron Massy goes back to a Massar-like name, but first, I'd like to explore a few things to see where it leads.

Does Mamie Regard Diana or Kelly?

Before coming to the deadly crashes of Diana or Grace, I told the story of inviting Mamie to a church affair in a park, and as I was with her at a baseball DIAMOND, the daughter of the pastor didn't like it. That may be why I remember the event. I don't remember anything else we did that evening. I don't remember the face or presence of anyone else at that event, just the pastor's daughter (she was out by second base) frowning on my hugging Mamie near/at the batter's box. Both Diamond surnames use lozenges (fusils) in the colors of the Grimaldi lozengy, but royal Grimaldi's were married by Grace Kelly, not Lady Diana.

Update August 7 -- I didn't know here that Steve Scalise would be shot at second base in the middle of June. See my re-treatment of Cindy (pastor's daughter) in the 1st update of August ( as I connect this baseball-field event to Scalise.]

Weeks ago, I told that Mamie's thighs made an impression on me, and I was able to link this to the Thys/Thighs, perhaps a branch of THAYne's, the latter listed with Thans. The Tye's/Tighs (same place as Mamesfield), who are not the similar Thys/Thighs, were kin of Annas', and so we need to keep watch for additional Mamie links to Annas and Caiaphas.

I think Mamie was a virgin. It can explain why, the night before noticing her thighs, she was cold toward me when letting me sleep in her sleeping bag, in the tent, on our second time being in contact. Mamie was voluptuous as well as shapely, and she was attractive head to foot. A young guy would want badly to be close, but she turned away from me while I was trying to get a cozy frontal hug. She probably knew it would lead to high excitement, and I had to be content going to sleep with she facing away, my arm draped over her waist. In other words, she wanted me to be her guy, but...I'm not sure. And there was an occasion later when she stopped me from going to where it was natural.

The Le Van lion is connectable to the same lion in the Arms of Ghent, but the Ghent lion comes with a code for Virgins, first found in the same place as English Gaunts. Fix's can be using the wavy Dutch-Ghent fesse in colors reversed, and English Ghents use the same eagles as Thans/Thayne's. Just stare at all that in the face for a minute. Gaunt/Ghent is at the end of the LYS river, and Thans use fleur-de-lys. However, the Ghent virgin is currently blonde, and Mamie had dark brown / black hair. The Ghent virgin may have had dark hair in the past, however. So far, Le Van Thanh looks linkable to the Hainaut area, and Levi's were there. Compare "Hainaut" to "Annas."

Note the so-called "garden" surrounded by a FENCE in the Arms of Ghent. Mamie was at her garden when I noticed her thighs. I've mentioned the garden part before (not making it up here), and then there was the Lake-Garda line to Trumps. "In the 17th century the whole composition [of the Arms] was placed in a so-called Hollandse Tuin (Garden of Holland), a typical fence used by many cities in Vlaanderen and the Netherlands." The round brackets are not mine. Remember, the FENS'/Venns are linkable to the gauntlet-glove Fane's/Vans, and at the link above for the Arms of Ghent, you can read: "In the late 16th century a black shield with a silver glove was mentioned as the ancient arms for Gent. The glove, gant in French, was a canting element..."

Here are the Arms of John of Gaunt, with fleur-de-lys creating a wallpaper on the Shield, same as the Le Van Shield.,_First_Duke_of_Lancaster.svg

Mamie and I were at the baseball diamond, and La Vans/Hands (Levi-Annas combo?) share red lozenges with Diamonds. The pastor's daughter who frowned on me/us was Cindy Richardson, and Cindy's share the double pale bars that are the Arms of Vilaine while English Ghents use the Shield-and-Chief colors Vilains. The Ghent Shield has the Shield-and-Chief colors of Richardsons in colors reversed, and the Richardson lions are colors reversed from the Than / Arms-of-Ghent lion. Cindy's come up as "CUNTy" while sharing blue pale bars with Courts/Coverts who in-turn use a "GrandesCUNT" motto term. This looks like a Conte line, now tracing to Bergamo, near Lake Garda. Val Trompia, where I trace Trumps, is between Bergamo and Lake Garda.

This recalls what may be offensive to some believers. I was firm, appreciative, and excited in my acceptance of Jesus, but I did have problems with becoming physical, and as much as I tried not to go "all the way" with them all, it was my natural inclination. I resisted most of the time. One evening, Mamie came out of the shower with a ROBE on, nothing underneath, and had she been a Christian, I would probably have "married" her that night. She allowed me into a position of no-return for a lady. In the ballpark of 20 years of age, one never knows whether a non-believing lady could decide for Jesus, because these are the years when many make their decisions on this matter. It's when many people discover which way their spiritual inclinations lean. I suppose this explains why I stayed with her for a couple of months, but I see her as someone that God wanted me with for this time period only; in the end, He did not want her for me.

I opened her robe, and she lay back in the meantime, as I went where I should not have with my tongue, but I did not become engrossed; it was a passing graze, more or less, just one time. There was nothing offensive about that area of her (she was fresh / clean), and when I look back, it seems a miracle I did not continue. I wouldn't be telling this story had it not been for the motto term above, and the paragraph below. It seems that God is making a Mamie link to Conte > Meschin liners. When this robe event came to mind immediately prior to writing on Cindy, I had viewed the two Robe Coats but decided there wasn't anything to speak of. I'll show below why I changed my mind, deciding to tell of that sensuous event. Remember, Mamie is a king-Maccus liner, between the Isle of Man and Manche of the Massys.

Mamie goes with maunch-using Mansfields to Mamesfield, in the same place as Annas' who share the same star as German Feldmans who in-turn use a Coat version of the German Caplans. Was Mamie at her Garden? Can Gard liners link to the above? Gardeners use the vertically-split Shield of Feldmans as well as the Capes scallop (see also the vertically-split Mauls/Morleys), while English Caplans share the gold griffin heads of English Gardners. It's an undeniable link-fest. And like Caplans, Gards (version of Pullen Coat) use griffins in their Chief that are a version of the Pullen Chief with the French-Joseph martlet, and English Caplans were first found in the same place as English Josephs using the double-gold chevrons of French Chaplains. German Caplans use the Pullen scallop in colors reversed. It can give the impression that Mamie has brought us to Joseph Caiaphas and his father-in-law, Annas, the line I expect with the Revelation harlot, not at all meaning that Mamie was a harlot, but that God may have been using her, as per her surname, to indicate the line of the Revelation harlot to Massys.

The Malpas' were loaded because Richardsons (Welsh-Robert lion?) are said to be from lords of Malpas. When Malpas' loaded, there were the three upward pheons of the Brittany ROBins. It seems that Mamie's robe event applies because it came to mind just as I was crossing the Mamie-Cindy event. Malpas' (same place as Propers/Robins/Roberts) are said to be from Wrexham, and then the Rex's/Ricks (same fesse as Coverts/Cofferts) can be sharing both symbols of the Marble's/Marple (same place as Malpas), in case Malpas' were a Marple branch (looks very possible). Like I said, I had nothing to say about the Robe Coats, but can now say that Scottish Robe's (Stirlingshire) use the chevron of Scottish Robins. Compelling, is it not?

Richardsons are said to be from William Belwood of Malpas, and Belwoods use a version of the Malpas Coat. I suggest that Belwoods were of the Bellamys at Perche (beside Maine), explaining why Maine's share pheons with Belwoods as well as sharing the double chevrons of Perche's. The Billets (same place as Maine's) and Bellows share the Mens/Mengzies Shield, thus getting us to the Man liners represented by Mamie. As per Obama's billiard table below, note that French Billets are Billiards (Maine). It's known, but hard to find online, that Bellamys married Ferte-Mace, origin of Maceys / Massys i.e. now suspect from Maccus' Sitric ancestry in Dublin. We are now on the Grace-Kelly line even while Mamie is tracing to princess Diana's crash.

Rick Legge was with me while I walked the fence to apparently indicate Le Van Thanh, for Mamie was last with me the night I took her to Joe Fix's though God had this in mind as per dealing with princess Diana's murderers. Did we see Gardners as kin of Capes liners? Was Mamie at her Garden? Gardens appear linkable to Scottish Spence's, for both use the black boar, and they were first found beside one another, with Gardens first found in Angus while Annas-like Angus' share the same star as Annas'. And Gardens use "junGUNTER" while Gunters use gauntlet gloves! Doesn't that floor you? We had just proposed that Mamie was a Ghent line, and that's also where the fence traces. The three Gunter gloves are in the colors of the Arms-of-Ghent lion, and in the colors of the three millstones of the other Spence's. Thans share the Ghent eagles (colors reversed), as do English Bush's that share the Garden / Spence boar, I assume. I suppose there were bushes in her front garden. As per millSTONEs, it just so happens that the Ghent eagles are used by Stoners.

Mamie was in her bathing SUIT at the garden, and Suits/Suters were likewise first found, with Gardens, in Angus. And by the way, I have spoken several times in the Obama dream, which centered on the Suits/SUTERs, but never did it dawn on me until recently that Obama once used a SOETERo surname (belonged to his step-father). Not that I necessarily think the Soetero surname (Oriental) was a Suter branch, but it's added evidence that the dream was from God for a reason. Suter-like Shute's/Shots are traced (by me) to the sling shot in the Arms of Dachau, and I drove Mamie to Fix's place in my taxi while Tax's are also Dachs who happen to share white-on-red swords with Shute's/Shots, in the colors also of the Sword swords. And while the Swords are of Seward of Northumberland, Suits/Suters come up as "Sewer." I sewered on Obama's billiard table in the dream. The dream established that Page's were linked to Sewers/Suters, and Page's share black pheons with Maine's (same place as Page's).

The Fesch's, suspect with the Fieschi / Fessy/Face line from Genoa, share swords in saltire with Tax's/Dachs. Suthers look linkable to both Aids and Aitons, the latter using a version of the Decan / Deacon Coats which both share the axe in Crest with Suthers, but see the axes of Battins (same place as baths) too. Aitons have a Coat in colors reversed from the same of Baths, and I'm typically viewing bathing suits (one in the beach dream too) as code for Baths for more reason than meets the eye here.

This would be a good place to mention that Hiedlers/Hitlers share the Enfield griffin with Kellys and Keveneys/Gaine's. Dachau was the Bavarian headquarters of Hitler's concentration-camp organization. Enfields use a version of the Chadwick / Chadock Coat, a semblance of which is shared by Suits/Suters, yet the Enfields use a gold eSCUTcheon, the colors of the same of Scute's. In the Enfield escutcheon, the same martlet as the Maine Josephs. The Scute's share the "deer" with Windsors, and Enfields were first found in the same place as Windsor castle, which is Berkshire. Spencers share the Berkshire Coat. Hiedlers/Hitlers may be using a form of the Coburg Coat (sinister crescent).

In fact, I'm convinced that the mysterious kaiser Coffert was a Hitler liner. Cove's (same place as Suthers), in Covert colors, use the same bend as Suthers (latter's reflects that Aid fesse with faces). These bends are in the colors of the two bends in the Hiedler/Hitler Coat, and I've traced them to the three bends of ECTORs (share sun with Hitlers), first found in Angus once again, same as Suits/Suters / Spence's, the latter sharing the boar of Nazi-line Bush's. Hitler's mother was a Miss Polzl, and Pollocks use "AudACTER." It can appear that Hitlers (Hilts?) can trace to Polignac-Massy, which recalls my gleaning that Hitler's mother was a Maschi liner. By what coincidence was Grace Kelly suspect with bringing the baron-Massy entity to the Polignac line? (Polignac was found in the last update with Grace Kelly's family.)

Ultimately, the world thinks that prince Charles' family killed Diana, and he's from Saxe-Gotha and Covert-like Coburg. That German entity renamed itself, Windsor. Louvats were first found in the same place as Windsor castle. What do you think the Louvat wolves stand for? I recall Mamie's hair as a deep dark brown, about the color of the wolf in the Coat of Irish Gards that likewise use the Mens/Mengzies Shield. The Crest of these Gards even use a sleeve while maunches are at times called, sleeves. And the Gard wolf design is used by Louvats (black wolves), first found in the same place as Windsor castle. Clearly, we are treading on the Lupus Laevillus line here. Mens/Menzies were first found in Lothian while Lothian-like variations are with Louths/Louds/Loutte's (black wolf) while Maccus' family can be traced to Ireland's Louth (Like "Lovett"). It appears that Lupus-Laevillus liners named Louth (north of Dublin).

Wikipedia's article on the swastika has a photo of a swastika jewel from ancient Gilan, a term like the Glenns (same place as Robins) and Glennys whom I've linked to Mens'/Mengzies' (Glenyon). Their Gleney location was in BRAEmar, feasibly a line of/from Dublin's Bray. Looks good. The Glenny (and Capes) Chief may be a reflection deliberately of the Tax/Dach Coat, in which case it underscores Mamie in the taxi cab. Or, we can use the potential Glenn link to Robe-liner Robins. Glennys were first found beside Ectors, and the latter share the sun with German Robe's, the latter using the same double-headed eagle as Maxwells/MACCUSwells. As Pollocks were a Maxwell sept, I'm thinking that Robins (share the thistle with Paisleys, same place as Pollocks) were Robert-Pollock liners.

As much as I find it astonishing, or as much as I would scoff if someone were telling me this, it appears that God set up the evening with Mamie's robe. I could be wrong, but the thing coming to mind is the occult mother-nature fertility theme of the Great Mother tramp in Revelation. In ancient times, pagans gave the Mother goddess a virgin symbol. The Phrygian great mother, on the Sangarius river, was likely merged with Maeonians to such things as the Memes/Mainy / Mame/Mens' bloodline. It was shocking to hear Mamie tell me that her mother was secretly slipping away with her own neighbor's husband. Symbolism? Plus, when I think of an apt mother-goddess symbol, enlarged / gorged breasts come to mind, and Mamie's (not an ounce of fat on this lady) had exactly that look. In fact, both Mamie and Kelly had larger-than normal breasts. The Mansfield write-up traces to "mam," the Celtic word for "a mother or a breast," but this is coincidental, not the derivation of the surname. Still, I can see God naming Mamie to represent something about breasts. At Kelly's place, I was given the singer Sign, and Singers/Songs can be a branch of Sinks / Sanks from the Sangarius river. What might Grace Kelly's bloodline have had to do with the Revelation harlot?

I felt compelled to look up Licks/Locks (Ligurians), first found in the same place (Peebles-shire) as Scottish Robins. The Robin stags are in half the colors of the stag head of Legge's (and Trumps), and I count Legge's as Ligurian elements. In other words, we seem to be back to a Grimaldi possibility with Legge's and Licks/Locks, especially as the latter use swans as per the Ligurian swan, CYCnus (Grimaldi-related Cocks?). The Arms of Leicester uses the Toeni/Tony sleeve.

PELICAN-using English Licks/Lucks (Quade / Atto possibility), very traceable to lake LYCHnidis at PELAGONia, use the same mascle as Vaux-liner Faux's, bringing us to the Lupus-Laevillus line to Quade's, Walerans and others. The last update found this mascle in colors reversed with the whale-using Worleys (at Hatton-like Aughton), the whales being in the colors and format of the Quade wolf heads, the Lick/Luck greyhound heads, and the Waleran bull heads. Grace Kelly's brother married Miss Worley.

The Virgin surname (same place as Louvains/Louvier's/La Vans and Massins) can be gleaned with the Coat of Aures', whom I think were from Numidia's Aures area, home of the Shawia Numidians, origin of Massins/Masons. As the latter share the mermaid with the Glass Crest while Paisley is at Glasgow, compare the Coats of French Massens/Masons (suspect with Coat of Maccus-liner Mackays of SUTHERland) and Paisleys/Pasleys, then recall the "pasis" motto term of Polignacs. I, a Masci-Grimaldi, opened Mamie's robe, an event that linked by way of Robins to Richardsons, and expected with Cindy Richardson. Then fuse the virgin symbol (that Mamie may have represented) with Cindys/Cuntys, tracing Virgins/VIRGO's (same place as GARD) to John de BURGO, suspect with Bergamo, near Lake Garda (= Mamie at her garden).

We can see that Virgins appear to love the Nuns/Noons ("modo"), who happen to use a saltire in colors reversed from the Lick/Lock saltire. Nons/Nevins were first found in Ayrshire (overlooks Buteshire), same as Margys/Mackeys suspect with the Arms-of-Dublin raven. Glass' were first found in Buteshire, which had been conquered as ROTHERSey (alternative name of Bute) by raven-depicted ravens out of Shetland. The "Byggar" motto term in the Arms of Shetland (raven) must be for the Biggar location beside Glasgow (Buteshire mainland), and "Rothesay" is thereby suspect with Peter Pollock's Rothes castle.

Nuns/Noons use lion paws, which recalls that I gave Mamie a Bible, and when she went out of town, she failed to bring it back, saying she left it under a BED. I recall taking this to the Bedfords that share the black lion paw with Quints, now reminding of the three dice of Quintana's, married by Christian de Massy, a Grimaldi-Polignac liner. The Dice surname is listed with Thissel-like Diss', and Paisleys use the thistle.

By the way, although the three dice use '6' on each, that would have been likely even if the Coat's creator knew nothing about the 666. Also, the use of three items in a Coat is altogether common. On the other hand, the creators of the Coat may have wanted a 666 code. It seems fully-expected at this point that a 666 line should be from Quintus Caepio. It's notable that Quints were Colchester liners while Colchester is near the Diss location of Diss'/Dice's. The write-up of Italian Quintana's (Messina) traces to Galicia of north-Atlantic Spain, but also to a Spanish Torres entity while there is a Torres surname, using FIVE towers, first found in Castile, same as Spanish Quintana's. Five is the number of "quint." The five towers are colors reversed from the one tower of Murena's, first found in Castile. The latter's is red, the color of the three towers of Devon's Thors/Tours. We seem to be on the Varro-Murena line that married CILnius, whom I had traced to "Kelly," though I wasn't able to clinch that trace.

I now recall (not many months ago) identifying the combatant Kellys lions with the same (different colors) of Italian Abreu's/Abruzzo's, who use a white tower of their own, what we find between the Kelly lions. The five Torres towers just reminded me of the five wings of Portuguese Abreu's, and Galicia is over in the Portugal theater. Amazing. My Grimaldi-Masci mother was born in Abruzzo, and the Abreu wing is in the colors of one of the Masci wings. Plus, Miss Quintana was in Argentina, and my mother's brother, born in Abruzzo, lives (if he's still alive) in Argentina. This is getting scary. My mother must be very close to the Monaco Grimaldi's, but so far as I can tell (I enlarge upon it below), Massy didn't appear in royal Monaco until Grace Kelly came there.

LOOOOOOOOK! The Carols, who come up as "CARRIL," share gold, combatant lions with Abreu's/Abruzzo's, and Christian de Massy married María Marta Quintana y del CARRIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm floored yet again. Carols/Carrils (also first found in Louth) were first found in Tipperary, one of the places which had a Massy baronet. Ahhhhhhhhhhh, Spanish Carrils (Castile) use one of the Torres towers! Spanish Varro's (Burgos) use two wolves in the colors of the Louth wolf, as well as fleur-de-lys in the colors of the same in Chief of Massens/Masons (same place as Guerin of Provence).

Now, remember, I've said a few times in the last month or so that Kelly would not have been in my life had she not been a friend of Carol! I knew Jeff Moore, Carol's husband. Scottish Moors, very possibly with the Coat of Scottish Weirs/Vere's (link hard to Grimaldi's), are kin of Nons/Nevins and Nagle's.

As I see Presleys using the Abreu lions and tower, note that the Spice's (familiar sleeve) in the Presley (and Walsh) motto gets yet another surname using towers, and first found in Devon, same as tower-liner Thors/Tours. Spice's are traced to rulers of Mortaine while Walsh's love Mortons, like the Moratin variation of Murena's. Varro's and Massens/Masons share the blue fleur with Morinis'. This old Murena family is tracing to a wife of the de Massy barony in Monaco. What does this mean? Why has all my work boiled down to this? While Quintus Caepio formed the Caepionis surname, why do Spice's share the colors and format of Capone's?

Mamie was about to leave me for the first time (about two months after the baseball-diamond event) when Cindy Richardson and her parents walked into a pizza restaurant where I was waitering that night. They ordered wine, and I recall doing a surname-link on this aspect. The Wine's/Gwinns (share green Shield with Quinns) are feasibly Quinns (compare with Motels and Cafferys), Quince's and Quints. The Wine's share the same spread eagle as Lutons while Luton is a location in Bedfordshire, in the area of the Capes', Capone's, Chapmans, Julians, June's and probably other Caiaphas liners. I can't recall for certain, but Mamie may have popped into the restaurant the night that Cindy's family was there. She accepted a drive home from my manager (but then never went) right in front of me, which probably ended our relationship.

I had trouble making surname links with the paragraph above, but while thinking about it, I tried for a Pizza surname. I don't recall ever mentioning that the restaurant was a Boston Pizza place, and while I can't be sure that it was a Boston-Pizza location, it just floors me to find that Pizza's/Pizzaro's/Picarra's use a version of the Varro Coat. There are black wolves (on billets), same as Quade's/Wade's that use their wolf heads in the colors and format of the Weight/WAIT horns. This was the entity suspect with my WAITering job at the pizza place. It wasn't long ago that I spoke on the WITHERspoons of Dexter street, and while Dexters love the Weights/Waits in their Crest, there is a Waiter/Witter surname (Thuringia, where I trace Thors) with variations like that of Whithers/Witters. I lived on Reesor street when I knew Michael Witherspoon of neighboring Dexter, and Reesors are apparently in the "aris" motto term of Weights/Waits.

It may be off topic, but Flora's were first found in the same place (Asturias) as Pizza's, and English Florys use fleur in colors reversed from the same of Varro's. This looks to link to Ferrands / Farrands and therefore with Taddei's (Florence/Firenze), but it should be repeated that Ferrands use the vaired Reesor cross. LAWRENCE Kepke lived on a Corson street between Reesor and Dexter. While tulip-using Italian Lorenzens/Renza's (Florence) use an upright "dog" in the black of the upright Pizza wolves, Spanish Lorenzo's were first found in Asturias (same as Pizza's). There is also an Italian Lorenzo/Laurenzo Coat (Florence) sharing the tree with Varro's / Pizza's. Colchester-related Lawrence's are also Laurence's. It's clear that the Lorenzo tulip, and likely the Tulip surname, is from Tullia of Clermont-FERRAND! This was a Merovingian house likely connected back to Childeric and his wife, Basina, from Thuringia. The Larins / Clarins/Larins (Clare chevrons) come to mind with CLERmont-Ferrand.

Why did Mamie visit me (only once) at the pizza place? Well, for one, she represents Mummolin, known to descend from Tullia of Clermont-Ferrand. Tulls/Toole's share the checks of Massi's/Mattis, which were the checks of ruler of Massa-Carrara, near Florence and even closer to Pizza-like Pisa. To trace Tulls/Toole's to Grimaldi's, link the pyramid in Crest to the same of Fieschi-like Fisks...asking whether Joe Fix's Fix/Ficks surname applies to Fieschi's. Yet Joe Fix was about Lady Diana. Walsh's ("morTUUS") use the motto term, "TransFIXus," and the "Trans" part is for Trents/Trans' that trace to Aulus Terentius Varro Murena (same character as mentioned above).

Tullia's husband was Decimus Rusticus of Lyon, and, can you believe it, the giant Lyon lion is colors reversed from the same of Bostons. The way I can see this is that Terentia Murena's marriage to Cilnius MAECenas can go to the Maesa-Bassianus bloodline, and thereby to the Meschin scallops of Spencers, yet CILnius can be the proto-Kellys through CHILderic (loved gold bees), husband of Basina (goes to the bee-depicted Bessin, home of Meschins). Basina was from Thuringia, where bee-using Talls/Thals were first found. CILNius-like Killens, first found in Mayo (!) where the ancestry of Grace Kelly was from, not only share the white tower with Kellys, but use the Plunket Coat exactly. As the KILLen tower is that of HILLs, the sleeping bag on a hill comes back to mind, yet that was supposed to be about the Scalia murder. I do not think I have ever known before that Killen-like Hillens share a version of the Kelly Coat! The Hillens were first found in the very three places (Limerick, Tipperary and Clare) where Wikipedia's article places the Massy baronets. Recall Helen my tenant. In the Hillen Crest, the same annulets as Vito's, and Julius Avitus was husband to Julia Maesa Bassianus! I didn't yet find the Hillen Coat when mentioning her in this paragraph.

[The next update, with a special event and a Voice concerning both Bill Clinton and George Bush, find that the Hillend manor in the Hill write-up gets the Hillend/Hillen Coat.]

"Mamie" was identified as best I could with a Maine line to Mamesfield of the Mansfields, but I don't recall knowing until this update that "Mame" gets the Mens'/Mengzies. "Memes" gets the Mainys from Masny in Hainaut, near Ghent. As the counts of Hainaut used the three black-on-gold chevrons of Levi's (Wikipedia's count(y) of Hainaut article shows them), note that the Memes/Mainy Coat uses three black-on-silver chevrons. Hainaut / Hains liners could thus have been from Annas, chief priest of Israel. Again, Annas' were first found in the same place as Mamesfield. Masny, because Louvain is in Belgium too, looks like a version of the Massin surname, first found in the same place as Louvains that share the Massin lion.

IN FACT, the Arms of Masny (never knew of this location before) use the triple Levi chevrons!!! It looks like Mamie was Treated as code for this Levi / Annas line to the Artois / Ghent theater. At this translated page: "They are the arms of the Counts Baudouin IV and Baudouin V of Hainaut. " If the Masny Arms disappears from Wikipedia, see them here:

To get perspective, here's an online quote: "The County of Hainaut was established about 900 in the Lotharingia region, when Duke Reginar I of Lorraine, a grandson of Frankish Emperor Lothair I, took the title "Count of Hainaut." On his father's side, Reginald was a Maasgau (Maas/Meuse river) liner. I can see Mieszko II Lambert (Masovia) linking through his wife in Lorraine to a Lambert of Hainaut. I had wondered whether they were the same men. The Memes/Mainys use three chevrons in the colors of the three Haught fesses, and I think Haughts were definitely from Mieszko I's daughter, Sigrid. Irish Haughts/Haughys look like Leavell liners, and these Haughts use the Coat of Louvieres' while my atlas has a La Louviere location beside Mons, the Hainaut capital.

I've just found a county of Saint-Pol area in the Artois territory of Ternois. This may be the Miss Saint-Pol married by Malahule, and it may be the basis of Polignac. Grace Kellys daughter ruled Polignac, and it was close to the baroness of Massy (Grace's sister-in-law), smacking of "Masny". Meschins are known to derive from Malahule. The counts of Masny apparently used a black moline, the Chives / Mathis symbol too. I trace Chives' to Chivasso at the Bautica/Baltea river, the river where I trace the Baldwins/Boudouins of Hainaut / Flanders. The Lys river of Aosta is a Bautica tributary, and traces to the Lys river of Artois, the one flowing to Ghent. Perfect.

We now have a clear link between Memes'/Mainys and Masci-possible Masnys. I've not been familiar with this French Massen/Mason Coat using what looks like a version of the Mackay Coat. I always enter "Massin" to get English Masons, but it doesn't get the French Massens/Masons (Provence), meaning I've neglected them for years. They should be a branch of the neighboring Messeys, first found in the same place as Mathis'. The first French Massens/Masons were close enough to Monaco to possibly explain its mysterious (unable to find it with Google) Massy barony. I've been using the Bing search engine in the last couple of days, and it does bring up the Massy barony of concern: "The barony of Massy is a fiefdom that was established as a result of the marriage of the Duke of Valentinois (the future Prince Honore IV) to Louise d'Aumont-Mazarin in 1777." The article above says nothing more, and provides a map with a pointer at Paris. Why Paris? That's where Levi's were first found.

I've looked Louise d'Aumont Mazarin up, and though she birthed two prince's of Monaco, I'm not fully convinced that Monaco's baron Massy stemmed from "Mazarin" alone. It appears very correct that Charlotte of Valentinois, and her daughter, Antoinette de Massy, was from this Louise because the latter's grandmother was Charlotte Antoinette de La Porte Mazarin. Click her family tree at the article below to see zero Massy terms. Charlotte de La Porte's grandmother was Anne Genevieve de LEVIS, excellent. This Levis line is on Louise's mother's side, but in the same generation on Louise's father's side, her gr-great-grandmother is Marguerite Felice de Levis. This latter woman, with the same husband (Jacques Henri de Durfort, Duke of Duras) is on Louise's mother's side too. In other words, Marquerite Levis' son (Jean Baptiste, duke of Duras) produces Louise's grandfather on her mother's side, and Louise's grandmother on her father's side. This line is stacked with at least three Levis lines, two of them from the same marriage.

Recall the Foot-loving Blond surname, how it had linked to my Lorraine, for the Blonds use the same six bars as Mancini's. The Blond bars, because they share the nebuly feature with the six Leavell bars, had been suspect with the three Levi chevrons, and here I find that Louise's gr-great grandson, Paul Jules de La Porte, duke of Mazarin (and La Meilleraye) was the son of Hortense Mancinin (born in London). He's why I looked up the Mancini surname in the first place.

But there's more to prove that I properly interpreted the Blond Coat. French Blonds were not only first found in the same place (Picardy) as Aumonts, but they use three "castle gates" that include the arches of the Ark/Arches Coat (Berkshire), important because, yesterday as i write, I looked up the tower-using Arces surname (Burgos, same as Varro's) immediately after seeing the Aumonts, and immediately before loading the Mancini's. At the moment, I cannot see again why I looked up the Arces, but I had obviously seen that term in relation to Louise of Aumont. Note that the Arces' use three bends in the colors of the Mancini / Blond bars.

CILNius-like (Killen colors) Kilners share a giant, spread, white eagle with Blondels, and the latter use the Child eagle, it can be assumed. The Blondel motto seems certainly to be for Belgian Gonne's/Guenets (Ghent liners likely) sharing nearly the Cheile Coat. It tends to clinch Keele's/Kills in with Cilnius liners. As the family under discussion is suspect with Meillers, note that they share the Shield-and-Chief colors of Scottish Gonne's/Gowins/Gavins.

With Lawrence Kepke (almost married Christine Peare, was engaged to Kim Walsh = Cilnius line) possibly code for Lorenzo Mancini below, note the Gonne's and Cheile's share the Keep bend, for I had routinely traced the Childs to the CHILLingham Hebrons/Hepburns (same chevron as Childs/CHILLs) that use a "Keep" motto term.

At her article, Hortense:

was the favourite niece of Cardinal Mazarin, chief minister of France, and a mistress of Charles II [Stewart], King of England, Scotland and Ireland. She was the fourth of the five famous Mancini sisters, who along with two of their female Martinozzi cousins, were known at the court of King Louis XIV of France as the Mazarinettes.

The father of the five was ""Baron LORENZO Mancini, an Italian aristocrat. After his death in 1650, her mother, Girolama Mazzarini, brought her daughters from Rome to Paris in the hope of using the influence of her brother, Cardinal Mazarin, to gain them advantageous marriages." I assume that this move to Paris is why we see Mazzarini married to Levis'. It may not be coincidental that Lorenzo's/Renzo's were first found in Florence along with Mancini's...who evoke the Mansons, but also the Mansfield-related Mansels/Mangels. The "oriGINIS" motto term of Scottish Mansons can be deciphered with the Genis/Guinness surname using the Meiller/Mailor Shield in colors reversed, thus providing a good Mancini > Manson link. The same motto term can be partly for Ore's who share three piles with Jeune-loving Yonge's.

We are seeing a lot of SIX bars, and so note that Aumonts use "eighteen heraldic birds." It's rare to find 18 items in a Coat. It reminds me of the three dice of Quintana's. One of the Birds (same place as Beeston of the Bessins) use the Taddei / Bouillon cross in colors reversed, but the other Birds use six bars in bendy in the half the colors of the Blonde / Mancini bends. We now have a grasp of what Birds (same place as Tattons) and Taddei's trace to. The Bird bends are in the colors of the Polignac bars. Lest you've forgotten, the six Polignac bars are horizontal, as are the same of Blonds / Mancini's.

Recall the claim of mine that God was using Janet Spence as code for Diana Spencer, for the Arms of Aumont (footless and beakless martlets) are very near to the Coat of English Janets/Jonets. It seems clear that these red martlets, used also by the Birds, trace to the same of Valence's and Alans. It's then very interesting that French Janets use the Whelan/Phelan lozenges in colors reversed while some Valence variations look to apply to Whelans. It tends to clinch Janets with Aumont liners. Aumont is in Picardy's Somme province. Valences even come up as "Valens," the name of emperor Valens, brother of Valentinian I. Saint Quentin is just outside the eastern border of Somme.

It appears that this Aumont family had connections to the Valence-Lyon merger that I see as a Valentin-Lyon merger. Valence variations could easily have named Vilaine (where Alans lived), explaining why lines from the wife of Valentinian I were tracing to the Arms of VILnius. Dutch Valence's/Valentini's are in Meiller/Mailor / Lyon colors.

By the way, Powells share a green griffin in Crest with the same Jansons (Westmorland) sharing a griffin head between two white wings in Crest with Spencers, which recalls that Robert Powell had a main hand in "raping" Janet Spence. To recap, her shirt was undone, and Powell was feeling her bare breast, and then Brests/Brix's use the same lozenges as French Janets. As hard as it is to believe that God would allow such an event to befall Janet just to assist my tasks in this revelation, it seems to be true, and underscores the gravity of God's revelation through me. German Jansons share double-red fesses with the fife Spence's. Can you believe it? It's as though God named Janet Spence to help reveal, for one, that Janets were a Janson branch.

Having said all that, by what coincidence do Italian Massars (like "Mazarin") share lions combatant with Kellys and Hillens? De Massy of Ireland must have been of Massa-Carrara, near MASARosa, which reminds of Massa-Carrara-like Muskerry at Cork. Massarosa is between Pizza-like Pisa and Lucca, with Massa-Carrara to the near north of Lucca. These are the Clarus Carians migrating West along with the Masa Carians, and after passing through Cheshire and neighboring Wales, they named Country Clare in Ireland.

In the write-up of Bessins (Cato/Chattan castle?), we read of Ranulph de Blundeville, who seems to be named after Ranulph le Meschin, and then Blondville's (SIX black fitchees) share the QUINT Chief, which is blue vair, what we see also in the Arces Coat. Blondville's were first found in the same place (Suffolk) as Blonds...and Dice's. Sharon QUINN (blond) came to mind moments ago, but I can't recall why. It wasn't to do with Sharon being the friend of my landlady when I took Lorraine over. The only thing I have a mental picture of, on that evening, was sitting with Lorraine on the PORCH. The Porch/Portis surname, which I can trace to the Cato's/Chattans in-code with the cat of Massars, uses a giant CINQUEfoil (five theme for Quints / Quintana's) in colors reversed from the same of Weltons (same place as QUINCE's), and Hillens show a Whelton variation. Moreover, Massars use the Kelly / Hillen lions in gold, as do Sharon-like Carols (look like Carians through Massa-Carrara), first found in Tipperary, and using the lion in colors reversed from the same of Tipperary's Lafins/La Fonts. The Hill Coat is a good reflection of the Chatan (one 't') Coat.

Next, let's go to Meillers because the rulers of Mazarin are shown (in Louise's family tree) to have been rulers of Meilleraye too. French Meillers (same place as Font de Ville's and Conte's) use a fair reflection of the Maso Coat (compare with Chatans too), with the latter adding the same fesse as Scottish Leavells and the Bessin's Caens. Polignacs (Auvergne) had linked square to the Amore's, whom must be in the motto of Irish Meillers/Mailors that share the Shield of Miles', the latter first found in the same place (Lincolnshire) as Keele's and Cheile's (nebuly). Recall LOUISE Phillips, for Phillips share "Amor patriae" with Irish Meillers/Mailors (gold annulet in Crest), the latter said to be of Strongbow Clare's Welsh elements. Louise Phillips was in the mall in the sleeping-bag / hill dream, and while German Mailors are Mals/Mahls too, the Mauls/Morleys share the Tailbois scallops for a link to Lucy Taillebois (Lincolnshire), wife of Ranulph le Meschin.

Louise Phillips and Christine Peare were together in the dream's mall, and while I slept between both one night (no sex) in my own bed, it seems that they depict Christian Louis de Massy (the one who married Miss Quintana). I've been telling for weeks past that the two wooden platforms / stages which were in the dream, upon which I and the two ladies were on, were God's code for Louise's choreography, for the last time I saw her, she said she was working in choreography, and we saw above that Elizabeth Anne de Massy (Christian's sister) "married secondly in London on 18 October 1984 to choreographer Nicolai Vladimir Costello...and had one daughter: Melanie-Antoinette Costello de Massy." This provides even more evidence that Monaco's de-Massys is what God is pointing us to at the moment.

English Mailors share mascles on blue with Spinks (same place as Quince's), and were first found in the same place (Dorset) as Quints. The Spinks are traceable with Spencer / Espaine's liners to MalaSPINA's, Malahule-suspect rulers of Massa-Carrara. It's interesting that one Louis Coat shares the same lion as LeVine-possible Le Vans. However, while le Van Than is suspect in the murder of Diana Spencer, Elizabeth Anne LeVine was Grace Kellys sister. Did God arrange for the killers to use Le Van Than to reveal that the killers of both women were from the same group / family?

The Holland lion (drops) had become suspect with what I called the blue Caepio-line lion. Here it can be added that the Holland lion is colors reversed from the Hillen / Kelly lion, and Hillens are shown more properly as Hoolohans/MulHOLLANDs. Dutch Hollands/Halls use the same triple chevron as Clare's, and the Killens are the ones sharing the tower in both colors of the Hill / Claver towers for a trace to the Claviere's (Auvergne), kin of Clermonts. There is a lot more that I could repeat here in making a Clermonts/Clement link back to Tullia of Clermont-Ferrand (Auvergne), then over to the Ferrand-Taddei liners from Florence, but suffice it to say that the Taddei cross is suspect with the Birds suspect in the "EIGHTEEN" birds of Aumonts. That could be code for WEIGHTONs/Whitehorns (Meschin scallop?) with towers in colors reversed to the ones above.

Dol's Dure's/Durats, evoking the counts of Duras, are said to have been lords of Auvergne. The "Quid" motto term of Scottish Dure's (Clun / Saluzzo Coat) gets the Quade's.

Weightons (Weight/WAIT colors) can bring me back to Mamie visiting me at Boston Pizza (?) on the night, I think, that I WAITered for the Richardson family. Mr. Richardson was my own pastor at the time. Mamie seems to have been clinched with Mansfields of Mamesfeld, and when we bring back the Mansfield-related Mansels/Mangels (both use maunches), they use a "Quod" motto term likely with the Quoid variation of Quade's/WADE's (MANSel colors), who share black wolves with Pizza's, the latter first found in the same place as Spanish Lorenzo's, evoking Lorenzo MANCini. It's interesting here that the Belwood ancestry of Richardsons share the pheon with Danish Mansons, and the latter use one giant one in colors reversed from the same of Nickels, first found in the same place as Richardsons.

Reminder: the Boston lion is the Lyon lion in colors reversed, and while Tullia of Clermont-Ferrand was the wife of Decimus Rusticus of Lyon (Catholic clergy), MUMmolin was the son of MUNDeric, the latter a grandson of another Rusticus of Lyon (Catholic clergy again). We can therefore ask whether Munderic, who I am sure was from MUNDzuk, father of Attila the Hun, was the reason for "AUMONT." MANDYs use a black wolf head and the three colors of Waiters (Thuringia).

At the article below, one can see the fish in the Arms of Mancini (goes back to Mancini's of BC times), and then the Arms of Mancini-Mazzarini (Este colors) add the fasces, a symbol in the Arms of Vilnius, and of the Shetland Assi's (Este colors). The latter became suspect from "Azzo," founder of Este, and then the Barrs of Este are known to have founded Bar-le-Duc (Lorenzo-like Lorraine), the Arms of which happen to use fish in the colors of the Mancini fish. It looks like we have a hit. Shetland is where the Yells were first found whom were traced to Sticks (same garb as Yells) and therefore the Astikas' of Vilnius. This is all related to the "weights" of 666-suspect Dexters, and the hunting horns of Weights, and the similar horns of 666-suspect Traby which Astikas' married.

The Mancini's were of Rome, which is where fish-using Luciano's were first found that use the Luce fish. We then read: "The Mancini family was called de Lucij (or simply Lucij) in Rome for the fishes on its coat of arms." The fish-using Geddes' can be Gate liners, recalling the "castle gate's" of French Blonds/Biondi's (same place as Aumonts). When we load Italian Blondi'sBiondi's, it's the Assi / Justine sword, for Justine of Picenum was from the Fermo area, the latter being Azzo's stomping grounds.

The above was written before continuing in the Mancini article, where this was found: "the first known member of the family is Lucio Mancini who lived in 990. In the centuries the family had various lines that thrived with nobility everywhere, particularly at Fermo where the first memories go back to 1160..." It goes on to say that Lorenzo Mancini was a "Roman baron, necromancer and astrologer..." We also learn that the eldest of the five Mancini sisters married Bourbon, which can explain why Bourbons use the same fleur as Masci's, which fleur is expected to go from Florence elements in Auvergne to the fleur's creation in the household of Childeric, father of Clovis. I claimed, and I think the claim was bang-on, that the fleur-de-lys developed into a lily from a fish when the line got to the Lys river of Artois, near Lille. The Arms of Lille uses the fleur in the colors of the Lys/Lisse and Massey fleur. So, it now appears that the proto-fleur fish was from Mancini's. That is an excellent key to have.

I need to discover how the Mancini's of the 2nd century BC link to Cilnius Maecenas (2nd century BC) at proto-Artois Arettium (now called Arezzo, like the Arras capital of Artois). Wikipedia says that the Cilnius family was in Arettium since at least 400 BC. Maecenas' ancestry is still suspect (by me) with the formation of Maccabees from the Laevi at Novara, and here we find one Mancini branch as dukes of Novara-like Nevers. Excellent. I get the impression that all of Masonry includes Mancini elements. The Sicilian branch of Mancini is said to have been at Catalon, at the Messina side of Sicily.

PHILIPPE Mancini (brother of the five sisters) was the duke of Nevers, and he named his son, LOUIS-Jules, evoking the Yule variation of Yells. Jules'/Jewels use lilies in Mancini-Mazzarini colors. The surname evokes GOUEL de Percival of Leavell, perfect because Philippe died in Paris, where his parents (included Lorenzo Mancini) moved to. It wasn't just the Levi's that were first found in Paris' Ile-de-France, but the Lys'/Lisse's too, from ancient Lissus at the Cavii theater, the latter likely the namers of Chappes' (Ile-de-France). Didn't Laevillus liners name Louis'/Lewis'?

If you're interested in Martins: "Philippe's cousins, the Martinozzis, also moved to France at the same time, for the same goal (to marry well). The elder, Laura, married Alfonso IV d'Este, duke of Modena and became the mother of Mary of Modena, second wife of James II of England. The younger, Anne Marie Martinozzi, married Armand de Bourbon [another occultist stupid], prince de CONTI." Arman's mother was of Montmorency, at the Ile-de-France theater, and Morencys share the cross of CONTEville-liner Berks/Burghs.

There was "Cardinal Jules [Giulio = Julius] Raymond Mazarin, Duke of Rethel, Mayenne and Nevers " He's given red buttons at his portrait, and while my dentist is a Guiscard liner, let me take it back to the family tree of Louise de Aumont, who has Guiscards in her tree, namely Louis de Guiscard, Count of La Bourlie, Marquis of Guiscard-Magny. This latter term is like the Magneson variation of Mansons, or even like "Masny." The Bourlie entity looks like the Bourleys/Bourleys. There's a question on whether Aumonts were Beaumonts/Belmonts ("vide").

Well, let's cut to the chase: "Jules de Polignac, 1st Duke of Polignac (Armand Jules François; 7 June 1746 - 21 September 1817) was a French nobleman and husband of Yolande de POLastron, the confidante of Queen Marie Antoinette. He became the first Duke of Polignac in 1780. He died at the age of seventy one in Little Russia, where he was given a manor by Catherine the Great." It looks like Polignac ancestry had some friends in high places, and they all give me the impression of the Herods, lovers of pleasure, power, and hedonism. It continues: "Born at Claye-Souilly to Louis Heracle Armand de Polignac, Marquis of Mancini, and his wife, Diane Adelaide Zephirine Mancini, herself a granddaughter of the Duke of Nevers and the Duke of Noailles. He bore the title of Marquis of Mancini." There we have a Mazzarini trace with Polignac's to Grace Kelly's family by marriage, the de Massy barony. But I haven't seen one massy term so far in all that I've been reading. The most I can say is that Massars share combatant lions with Kellys. It's interesting too that Diane Polignac was Jules' sister, for my Diane was a MUSCHATov (Ukrainian).,_1st_Duke_of_Polignac

Pollocks use a motto term, "STRENue," feasibly connectable to "PolaSTRON." Wikipedia writers on nobility are infamous for failing to put where titles refer to geographically. Where is Polastron, for example? Where is Polignac? How could a writer be so utterly careless / brainless as not to indicate where the locations are? It might take just two or three words in passing in brackets. Is the Internet running out of room? There are two side-by-side Polastron locations, one in Gers, the other in neighboring Haute-Garonne, both in the Gascony theater. The center of Haute-Garonne is Comminges, home of the Biblical Herod Antipas. Tarves-like Tarbes is nearby. The major city at Haute-Garonne is Muret, and the Muret surname (Gascony, perfect) happens to share a lozengy Shield with Grimaldi's.

Gascony is where Durforts (MontFORT lion?) were first found that are likely from Louise Jeanne de Durfort, duchesse Mazarin and La Meilleraye. Durforte is a location of southern France's Tarn area, between Polastron and Herault.

One Polignac is near the end of the Garonne river, near Candale, a location of John of Gaunt. We can never get away from Gaunt liners. A de-Pol family was married to a ruler of Foix-Candale, and Foix is on the southeast side of Comminges, closer to the Aude river to which the "AUDacter" motto term of Pollocks traces. One Foix/Foy surname was first found in Ile-de-France. I get it. There is a good chance that proto-Pollocks were from Spain as per the Alan Huns there around 400 AD.

The other Polignac, the one using the bars of the Polignac Coat, almost the Fuller bars, is near Mont Pilate and FIRMiny, and part of the latter location is likely in the Fuller motto. This tends to verify that it's correct to view Fullers as proto-Pollocks, or from FULbert "the Saxon." "Ful" was suspect with RoqueFEUIL, at the Aude area. It doesn't look like a ruler of Polignac was a very big deal. Pollocks are in the colors of Herods/Heraults, and Jeanne Charlotte Herault was the mother of Yolande de Polastron. What do we suppose PolaSTRON was named after? The brother of Herod Antipas was banished to Vienne-Isere, and Vienne's share the same giant eagle as STRONgs. That works good. If it can be proven correct, it tends to reveal Polignacs and Pollocks from French Herods. Amazing. The "est" motto term of Strongs suggests that they use the Este eagle in someone else's colors.

Strongs were first found in the same place as same-colors Tauntons that appear to be in the "TENTANta" motto term of Strongs. The Taunton lozenges are colors reversed from the same of Plocks. Tauntons share the raven with Peters, and the Taunton lozenges are in the colors of the Pett/PERT mascles (gold, like the Peter mascles). I trace Pert liners to the Perdrix peak at Mont Pilat. Mailors look linkable to Peters, and if so, Meilleraye may apply. Where's Meilleraye? It's just a little village, no big deal to rule. But was this place special to Mazarin? It's said to be named after "apple."

I can trace this to Meschins, but without clinching it. French Meillers, sharing red roses with Piedmont's Maso's (and French Clairs), were first found in Languedoc, location of Roslin-suspect Roussillon, and Russells share the Meschin scallops. Maso's were first found in the same place as Masci's suspect with naming Meschins. Mazzo's use the Pembroke bend with dragon, and Pembroke is in southern Wales, where Irish Meillers/Mailors are said to originate. We read that at least one branch, the Maoilirs, went to Ireland with STRONGbow Clare, and Clare's are expected kin of Sinclairs of Roslin. Another Meiller/Mailor branch settled in Shropshire, where Meschins were first found, in the 13th century. Irish Clairs (same place as English Clare's), using a Coat version of the Non-loving Nagle's, share the blue fesse with French Meillers.

Meillers, Adolf Hitler, and the Baathists

Shropshire is where Sleeps were first found, recalling that Norman Miles, who was in my grade-eight class. I didn't see Miles after grade eight until he, as a police officer, knocked on the window of my taxi cab when I had pulled over to the side of a road, needing a short nap after working all night. He recognized me, but, the point is, I was SLEEPing. Hmm, Tax's/Dachs (Sleep colors) use the long-sword design of Dutch Millers/MOLNers/Mullers, and one Mile/Mill Coat ("industria") has a MOLINE cross while sharing nebuly with Amore's in the Meiller/Mailer motto. Damorys/Amori's use a "blue dog's head" in Crest while English Millers use a blue wolf head in Crest. This Mile/Mill Coat is in the colors of the quadrants in the Arms of Rothschild sharing "industria". The moline is shared by Mathis' and Chives' who trace to the SELEPitanoi theater. It's another set of impressive surname "coincidences" from just one small event in my life. And Miles' use the Shield-and-Chief colors of Meillers/Mailers. The Mills/Meiles' call their millrind a "fer de moline." It's the MumMOLIN line, isn't it?

We can even check Police-like surnames, noting that Polis'/Pol's, which seem to be right up the Polignac alley, were first found in Genoa with that city's Grimaldi's and Fieschi, and Feschs once again use those long swords, and, like Dutch Tax's, the Fesch swords are in saltire. Amazing. I, a Grimaldi-Masci, was woken up by Norman Miles in my taxi. It appears that God got me the Taxi job. The Polis' came up recently, and they use the vase while Vase's are Fessys/Face's too. I'm stunned. It appears that God even made Norm Miles a police officer just to make the point here. Here's from two updates ago:

I've just looked up Poli's as per Vespasius Polio, Vespasia's father, and it turns out that Poli's/Paulins/PAVOLINI's (like the Pavelli term of Palins) share the vase with German Spans'/SPENGers...As Poli's (Julian Chief?) were first found in Genoa, home of the Fieschi that I trace to Face's/Fessys/VASE's, first found in the same place (Northampton) as SPINKS, perfect!

It appears that Poli's/Polis' were Polignac elements. Fisks were even first found in the same place as Normans (and Clare's), and, can we believe it, Normans show nothing but leopard FACE's! Norman Miles! Aha, English Rush's were first found in the same place as Fisks while German Rush's use an arrow-version of the Fesch Coat. Excellent.

Recall the suggested trace of Mamie to the virgin in the Arms of Ghent, for Normans use a reflection of the Ghent Coat while Mamie appeared twice in my cab by natural circumstances, and I took her with it for a night out at Joe Fix's. That all had to do with links to the murder of Lady Diana. Feschs are Fechts/Vechts too, and Fix's, with the wavy Ghent fesse in colors reversed, are Fecks too. The other English Miles can be using a version of the Leavell bars and the June / Jeune fleur. I still trace "Ghent" to "Genoa," which could all be from king Gentius of the Ardiaei, who may at the time have been in merger with Selepitanoi. There is even a chance here that SelepiTANoi were the namers of Tanners, for they share the Shield-and-Chief colors of leopard-face Normans. The source of the Tanaro, where I expect Maso's, is only about 50 miles from Genoa.

Miles', sharing the millRIND (looks like a mascle) with the Hampshire Mills/Meiles', were first found in the same place as where Ranulph le Meschin got his wife, and I view Rinds as a branch of Rands from Ranulph le Meschin. Miles' are said to have included Milo le Messer, and Messers/Messier's were first found in the same place as Miles'. This was Lincolnshire, where Keele's (linkable to Chives quadrants) and Cheile's were first found, and I fell asleep at the corner of a Keele street. I was not on Keele, but it was the nearest street to where I had parked (I was looking for a 15-minute nap only, enough energy to get home).

I can't say yet whether all Millers / Milners all descended from Meilleraye's namers, but I think I can guess correctly that Meilleraye was a branch of Millers / Milners. And God is obviously concerned with this line.

With the Tax's/Dachs drawn into this, I note that Dachau is near Monaco-like Munich, and the one Munich Coat shares the checks filling the Fisk Coat, and these checks are reflective of the Grimaldi Coat. The Fesch swords, by the way, can be the ones in the Arms of Monaco, held by monks. These Munichs also share the blue fesse with Fix's/Fecks and French Meillers. Whether members of Mrs. Covert's family were from Hitler circles, I don't know for certain, but there were signs all over the place with her husband. Was Hitler descended from kaiser Coffert? Coverts/Cofferts share the gold leopard face with Normans, and Mrs. Covert said her father descended from Hohenstaufen/Hohenzollern circles, from a kaiser Koffert. I can only wonder whether Hitler, or his Polis-like Polzl mother, is exactly in this picture now under discussion.

The Fisks use the Hohen Coat, which have the same checks as the Boyds who in-turn use two fingers pointing up, as do moline-using Millers. I can spot a Mark/Mark connection here to Karl Marx, said to have been of the Bavarian Illuminati. It's known that British socialists were led by the likes of Cecil-Rhodes globalists. German and Jewish Millers/Milners use the giant Catherine wheel, known to be owned by Rhode-like Roets. In fact, the owner, Catherine Roet, was wife to John of Gaunt/Ghent. There's a lot of talk online (probably repressed in recent years by Google) on Milner-family links to the Cecil-Rhodes illuminatists. One Milner Coat shares wolf heads (silver on ermines white) with English Millers. And the APPLEton-Roebuck location of these Milners has found Appletons (apples) sharing the Shield colors of Miles' / Meillers.

The "est" motto term of wolf-using Milners indicates the Este-Welf entity. It reminds me of when I was painting Joe Fix's bar with brown paint, instead of brown stain, and as a result of admitting it to him, I was let go from the job a week later, after I had performed $1,000 of more work (he paid me weekly). He was planning to rob me of this week's work. He did. I deserved it, and this is why I remember the event. I'm thinking the Este-BAR line to BRUNSwick, for Fix's share a spread eagle with Este's. To put it another way, Feschs/Fechts / Victors/Vechtens/Fichters / Fessys / Fieschi's were Este liners, which can explain why Fisks (share the pyramid with Tulls/Toole's) use an astra (star) theme in their motto.

By the way, to help clinch that God intended Fix's coffee shop to be code for Coffee's/Coffers, the latter use a "VICTORIA" motto term that brings up Victors/Fechtens sharing a black pale bar and gold stars with Fisks/Fechts. When God does it, it's fuller and deeper than face value. Had this paragraph not come to mind, I may have missed the fact that Coffee's/Coffers share the Appleton fesse. His revelations through my life are speeding this writing task up necessarily, or I would never get done before I die. The Coffee/CAUGHey motto suggests Dents of Sedburgh, and Dents look like they use a version of the Cough Coat.

Did God make Norman Miles a police officer to reveal the Meilleraye / Mazzarini link to Adolf Hitler? Why? What would this have to do with the anti-Christ? Is there going to be a revival of the globalist Hitler project? Is it already under way with Illuminatists? Repeat: "Irish Clairs (same place as English Clare's), using a Coat version of the Non-loving Nagle's, share the blue fesse with French Meillers." These Clairs appear to honor the Biss' in their motto, and while Biss' share the Meschin scallops, Clare's did marry Meschins. But Biss' are suspect with the ibis goat of Weishaupts, the surname that founded the Bavarian Illuminati. Munich, where Hiedlers/Hitlers were first found, is in Bavaria along with Dachau. The Weis' and Wies' share white wings with Masci's.

Hitler's father married Miss GLASSl too, and Glass' use the MELusine mermaid, which Nicholas de Vere traced to MILO de Vere of Anjou, a fictitious character that must have been code for something. And he claimed that Melusine had been in apple-depicted Avalon when her son was count in Anjou/Angers. We just read, whether correct or not, that some derive Meillers in "milo / melo = apple." Melusine's mirror can be deciphered as code for Mire's/Mireux's, first found in Anjou, and their myrtle tree can be of Charles Martel, and therefore of the Covert/Coffert martlets. Anjou is where Gennes' were first found that are in the Jeune write-up (Auvergne's Jeune's use another sword). Nicholas de Vere fumed against Hitler's, low-level bloodline.

Mrs. Covert and her husband lived a few miles from Aryan-Nations headquarters in Idaho. Charles MANGEL of neighboring Montana was somewhat connected / connectable with this group, and so let's repeat that I'm viewing Mamie as code for Mansfields and Mansels/Mangels, potential Mancini liners. Compare "MANCini" to "Munich." The Munichs use the double fesses of Parrs that are in the motto of double-fesse Maness'/Manners, and Mrs. Covert, when she was communicating with me, was married (perhaps common law) to Mr. Maness. It could appear that God had her in my email life for a reason. Maness'/Manners were first found in the same place as Sword-related Siward of Northumberland.

INCIDENTALLY, WATCH THIS. The "parVENIR" motto term of Maness'/Manners can be for VENNers (share bottony crosses with Rich's/Richess') that happen to share red-on-white fitchee crosses with Ricks who in-turn share the Covert/Coffert fesse. I walked on Diane's fence when Rick Legge was with me, and the fence, which I did not know (consciously) until this month was in the Arms of Ghent, was reckoned with the Fens'/VENNs, a branch of Fane's/Vans, who share the GAUNTlet with Maceys, from Cheshire, where Venners were first found! And Mrs. Covert married Mr. Dein (same place as Coverts / Courts/Coverts), who come up as Diane!!! Amazing "coincidences." It's not just the coincidences that justify those exclamation marks, but the additional evidence that there was yet another event in y life pertaining to this revelation. I see the Dein/Diana Chief as that of the Savoy Masseys/Masse's, explaining why I, a Massey liner, was with Diane.

When we turn to Irish Deans (same place as Deins/Diana's/Deans), we find another moline and another sword, and this moline is in the colors of the same of Fessy-beloved Segni's/Segurana's, first found in Genoa. When we link this moline to that of MacArthurs, there we find crowns now linkable to the crowns of Conrads / Grants beloved in the Court-Covert motto.

The emergence of Applebys into the discussion below allows me to connect to the two Mountain surnames, one of which I think uses the Apple/Appleman / Appleby martlets. There is a question on whether Apple-using surnames were Meiller liners by some sort of surname crafting. French Mountains, probably with the Messey/Messier saltire, share white bulls with the Bulls who in turn share the gold annulet with the Crest of Meillers/Mailers. As we expect Polignac liners to be close to Meiller liners, and as Pollocks were a branch of Bole's, the Bulls allow us to being up Pollock-like Bullocks (share bulls with Bulls) and also the Bullis'/Buliards that share red roundels with Shirts. The latter use the Maness/Manner peacock. The bottony crosses are code for Buttons/Bidens (probably use bull horns), and while Tous' use buttons, the Tous Coat had been compared with the Poli/Polis Coat a couple of updates ago. Instead of the MAN with shirt and buttons, the Polis' use the vase. And while Buttons were first found beside the Vase-loving Coverts (Vase colors), they use fesses in colors reversed from one another.

Shirts use an "HONORI" motto term that I tend to trace to emperor Honorius, whose family had ties to the household of one Valentinian or the other (I can't recall details), but here it can be added that Louise d'Aumont, duchess of Mazarin and la Meilleraye, married HONORE IV, Prince of Monaco. Justa Grata Honoria was a sister of Valentinian III, grandchildren of Valentinian I and Justine. It's perfect for bumping into Charlotte's Valentinois entity. And the Mills who share the millrind with Meiller-related Miles' use "honor." Now we know what that motto term traces to.

Honorius became the emperor in 393, about the time Decimus Rusticus married Tullia of Clermont-Ferrand, and on my scratch paper, I have Tullia's mother as Galla, the name also of the mother (daughter of Valentinian I) of Galla Placidia, in-turn the mother of Justa Honoria. It very much appears that the line to Mummolin was related to Valentinian elements. Galla of Valentinian was born between 370-75 in Byzantium, and my scratch paper has Decimus Rusticus born around 370. That puts Galla, mother of Rusticus' wife, a generation before the Galla of Valentinian. OPgalli of Galatia, whom I've stressed for at least a year, was suspect in the "optem" motto term of Teague's, and then moline-using Millers use "optima." These Millers share the moline in the Sibal Crest so as to make Millers linkable to Valentinian lines.

While English Tulls (share Stewart checks) are Dol-like Toole's, Valence's look linkable to French Alans. As French Tulls (pale bar in colors of Button fesse) use BUTTERflies, note that Buttars share red-on-white hearts with nearby Scottish Thorntons while Thornton is in the Shirt write-up. In my dream, Mr. HawTHORN laughed at by Buttar-like buttons while Buttons/Bidens (fesse in colors reversed from same of Thorntons) were first found in the same place as English Thorntons, Shirts and Fly's. English Thorntons (whose purple lion?), as you can verify at the webpage below, use HAWTHORN trees.

I did not see a shirt in the dream, when Mr. Hawthorne LAUGHed at the buttons, but here in this discussion it appears that the shirt-and-button Tous'/Tosini's apply. Laughs (Buttar colors), who share a fox head in Crest with Spence's, were first found in the same place (Fife) as Buttars, Spence's, and the Valentinian-related Sibal(d)s (from "Cibalae," birthplace of Valentinian I). English Spence's use MILLstones, we get it. Buttars were first found partly in Perthshire, where Justine's and Wings/Winks (from "VINKovci," alternative name of Cibalae) were first found. Scotts had Italian blood. HONORs/Honans ("bucks trippant") were first found in the Tipperary theater. The Lafins/La Fonts of Tipperary can apply to Laughs, especially as the Languedoc Font de Ville's use a purple FLAG (the purple lion is of the Hawthorne-related Thorntons).

Butterflies? Fly's are said to be from "flagi" while Flags are listed with Flacks while Butters come up as "Bitar," important where the Syrian / Iraqi Baathists were founded by Mr. Bitar and Mr. Aflaq. Aflacks (Angus, beside Fife) use roughly the cross of Bitars/Buttars while Joe Biden became involved with the Baathists when Obama put him in charge of Iraqi affairs. Destiny? Mr. Mattis is now in charge of Iraqi affairs, and Massi's/Mattis share the checks of Tulls/Toole's. Mathis' use a moline cross. As Valentinian elements are tracing to Baathists, it's interesting that the fall of the Roman empire came under Valentinian III. Can this predict that the Western harlot of Revelation 17 is to become tied to Baathists for the final destruction of Rome? It looks like God gets the last laugh. Obama is known to descend from Randolphs, and they use the Bath cross. Obama supported Rhodes Scholars (Bill Clinton is one), and the Bath Coat is a colors reversed version of the Rhodes Coat. Now we know Obama's secret organization.

Obama might still be involved with his secret circles in arming the Iraqi Baathists, whom took Mosul along with ISIS, allies in that endeavor. It would be Obama's dream to destroy Israel, and roughly this far into this update, I discovered that Dublin has the same desire. God's footstool is being shined as we speak, being made ready for service. Ha-ha-ha, says God, to the Bilderbergs.

If it can be shown that Louise d'Aumont was connected to things around TOULouse, the Tulls/Tolle's look like they should apply to Toulouse, especially as Tools use the lion in the Tull/Toole Chief. We already saw the Pollock-suspect Polastrons and Polignacs around the Toulouse theater, but here it can be added that while Pollocks are known to descend from a supporter / vassal of the Dol Alans, the Tools use the same brown boar (minus the arrow) of Pollocks. You can depend on this paragraph.

Pollocks are traceable to Fulke's and Belgian Flecks while Honorius' father (Theodosius) married firstly a Miss FLACCilla. Moreover, as Pollocks must trace to the Flavians in Rieti, and to Rieti's three heads (birthed by Sabinus) of Revelation 17, by what coincidence was Honorius' grandfather, Flavius Theodosius? In the latter's Wikipedia article: "There is some evidence that Flavius Theodosius's father was called Flavius Julius Honorius, and his uncles Flavius Julius Gerontius [of Gironde downstream from Toulouse?] and Flavius Julius Eucherius. He himself was called Flavius Julius Theodosius, claimed descending from the gens Julia through Gaius Julius Caesar's cousin Sextus Julius Caesar." Yes, but Julius Bassianus and his son-in-law, Julius Avitus, also come to mind. As Stands share the double pale bars of Flags/FLACKs/Flecks (same place as Fulke's and Sabine's), note the "Stand fast" motto of Gerontius-like Grants.

Aha, Grents ("Amor"!) are bringing up the Grounds/Cranne's that use (in their Chief) the split colors of Belgian Flecks, in colors reversed from the same of Fulke's! It's a good argument for revealing the Covert-beloved Grants from Gerontius' Flavian line. Grants use CROWNS, code at times for Crauns/Crane's, and Grents/Granne's use the crane. The Crauns are from the Ceraunii (Urbanus river) living beside the Maesa-like Maezaei peoples, not far from the Colapis river.

Upon reading that Honorius' father was governor of Moesia, I recalled that the Moses/MOESen surname shares the single, red-on-white pale bar of Tulls/Tullia's!!! Most-excellent. It implies a Mummolin-line link to the Flavians and/or Valentinian elements of the Galla kind. The dove in the Moses/Moesen Crest is likely the symbol of the "city of doves," Cuppae, in Moesia, which should explain why Cope's/Colps/Cups and Copps share red roses with Moses'/Moesens. The latter are said to be of Mostyns, and the "meum" motto term of Mostyns thus looks like code for Mummolin. The sinister split of Mostyns makes them suspect from the Mucius > Mucianus bloodline to such Masci things as Rasmussens at Assmannshausen, at RUDESheim. Trace this to the bezant-using Rhodes' ("Rober MEUM Deus"!), first found in the same place as le Meschin's wife (and Keele's), for Meschins were first found in Shropshire along with the Rudes'. Just click over to German Rhodes' to see a version of the Shirt Coat! Bingo.

Moses' share the calvary symbol (code for a surname, not for love of Jesus) with Mancini-like Mansons, and while Mansons use a motto term likely for GENIS'/Guinness', and while the latter use the Shield and Chief of Miles' / Meillers/Mailors in colors reversed, CALVERs share the Moor head with Titus', and moreover use the Fleur of Jeune's in colors reversed while Jeune's have a GENNES term in their write-up. Then, compare French Jeune's to Mustans. June's and Jeune's are from the Una/Oeneus river, beside the Maezaei and the Colapis river.

Due to expected links, the Coat of Mustans can now be compared to the Coat of Shirts. HELEN my tenant left me for Steve with the MUSTANg, and Mostyns use "AuXILLIUM," like the Hillions/Hillens that share the Kelly Coat. As Hillens use the same annulets as Vito's/VITA's, note the "inVIDIa" motto term of Shirts. It looks like Shirts (same place as Massys) were linked to the line of Julia Maesa Bassianus (200 AD). It looks like baron Massy, which ruled in the very areas where Hillens were first found, traces from Miss Maesa to the Grimaldi family of Grace Kelly. I'm absolutely amazed by the evidence right here for this trace.

On top of that thing, the Colp variation of Cope's traces them to the Kupa/COLAPis river, which then traces to Colchester, home of Helena, emperor Constantine's mother in about 250 BC. Steve owned the classic Mustang, and Stevensons use "Coelum," a Cole-suspect motto term. Millers use "coelo," and were first found in the same place as McGee's who in-turn share the white-on-red boar head with Tenants (and Mea's). Helen my tenant left a Massy liner for Steve with the Mustang. It was a RED Mustang, and Reds/Reeds ("Pax copia"), first found in the same place as Rodhams, are from Rieti. Compare Rhodes' with Colchesters and Quints. Compare the Coat of the other Reeds to that of Mustans, for while the latter use swords in colors reversed from the Sword swords, Reds/Reeds were first found in the same place as Siward of NorthUMBERland. Rieti is near the UMBRia border.

God is giving historians a history lesson with just a red Mustang. I owned a silver Mustang, and Silvers were first found in the same place as Titus' (suspect from emperor Titus in Rieti).

Repeat: "The Hillens were first found in the very three places (Limerick, Tipperary and Clare) where Wikipedia's article places the Massy baronets. Recall Helen my tenant. In the Hillen Crest, the same annulets as Vito's, and Julius Avitus was husband to Julia Maesa Bassianus!" Avitus and the imperial Bassianus' lived less than two centuries before emperor Honorius, and Honors/Honan, expected in the "honori" motto term of Shirts, were first found in Thomand, same as Hillens.

The best I can do with the "Manent" motto term of moline-using Millers is the Maness'/Manners (same place as Stevensons) and/or Manders. It's plain the Rhodes' use a version of the Mander Coat. Cecil RHODES had some associations with a Milner group, and Stevensons (same place as Rodhams) share the bend of RODhams. Globalistic Masonry in our faces, seeking to resurrect the old, wretchedly-sinful imperial powers. The idiots are upon us who do not understand God's prophecies for being self-blinded by their lust for money. Blessed are those whose thoughts God finds acceptable.

As Shirts share the peacock of Maness'/Manners, by what coincidence are Shirts said to be of STAPLEford of Leicestershire while Staplefords share the double Parr bars (assumed to be the Maness/Manner bars too). By what further coincidence do BarnSTAPLE's use a white-on-red bend with green symbols like that of Valentins? It becomes clear here that the Dexters (Leicestershire) are using a double-chevron version of the Stapleford / Parr / Maness bars. I trace Staple's to Estaples near Boulogne, and the latter's arms share red roundels with Shirts.

It's no coincidence that Morleys and Morlands share the gold leopard face, pierced by a fleur-de-lys, with Staple's. Like the Morleys, Staplefords mention Henry de Ferrers. In the Stapleford write-up, Henry is said to be from Ferrieres-St-Hilaire of Normandy. What's notable here is that Hilaire's have variations suggesting Hillarys (compare with Clintons), in Hill colors, and it was David Morley that rode his bike down the HILL to the sleeping bag. He had a helmet on, and Helms come up as Helions. Hilions bring up Hillens (Kelly Coat). It can be hereby gleaned that Hillens and Kellys use the Rita (Rieti-line) lion. This is the line also to the Roets (share book with Reeds) beloved by the Catherine wheel of Millers/Milners. Can anything good come from this? Jump ship before it's too late. Leave the Masons to their vanities and eternal misery. Save yourself, and get out.

I think that the ANTENna climbed to Diane's window on the night I walked the fence can hereby be found as code for the line of Charlotte Antoinette de La Porte Mazarin, though I will get to an Antonio Grimaldi, prince of Monaco, from whom I think, off the top of my head, Antoinette was descended. Antonio (married Marie of Lorraine) was the great-grandfather of Honore IV. Porters were first found in the general area (Hampshire) of English Porte's (Polis Chief?) and Buttons. I'm aware here that Porte's should be from the Laevillus > Proculus line. The Porte write-up says that one Porte branch was in Derbyshire in a manner owned by Nottingham's Welbeck Abbey, and Welbecks (Nottinghamshire) happen to use lozenges in Grimaldi-lozenge colors, as well as martlets in Covert-martlet colors. Bullis'/Buliards are suspect with the stars of the Nottinghamshire Annas', and while Billiards were first found in the same place as the Maine Josephs, the Porte Chief looks very linkable to the Chief of the Hampshire Josephs.

The Maness/Manner / Parr / Fix / Meiller fesse is blue, as is the fesse of Irish Clairs that share the MacArthur-crown design (FIVE points). Clairs put the five, white ostrich feathers (why FIVE?) in the crown that belong also to Caens (same place as Meschin ancestry) and Traby. Years ago, I suggested that Pollocks use hunting horns in relation to the Arms-of-Traby horns, and here I can repeat that Polastron is near Tarbes while Travis', who share the Biss / Meschin scallops, are extremely suspect with Tarves, home of the moline-liner Chives'.

The son of an Elliot family living directly across the road from my parents' place, when we moved there at my age 13, had a son of my age who grew up to be a police officer. I was 13 when I met Norman Miles, my classmate. Elliots share the black elephant head with Appletons, and yet other black elephant heads are used by Singletary-related Sanders while Sands were first found in the same place as Appletons. Mascals (Fix fleur?) use the elephant, and they were first found in the same place as Deins/Diane's and Coverts. German Sanders use two of the three white-on-black chevrons of Mainys/Manys, from Masny of Hainaut. This Masny link to Manys reminds that German Manners share the Massey quadrants and the savage-with-club of German Normans. And Elliots share the double Parr / Maness/Manner bars, though wavy. The Savage's are the ones suspect with the six Cecil lions. The same wavy bars are used by Fermo-like Fermans/Formans.

The red moline of Millers should be in the Sibal(d) Crest ("Justitia") because the latter use the blue moline too. It can be realized that the Dean sword is that of Sibal-related Justine's, and while the origin of Este's in FERMO is now highly suspect with Justine's Picenum line, Segni's/Segurana's use the Este eagle in Chief. English Spence's use MILLstones while Scottish Spence's were first found in Fife, which is the Fify/FIVE line, and Fife is where Sibal(d)s were from.

While Spencers share the Biss / Meschin scallops, the double bars of the Fife Spence's (Bush boar?) are in the colors of the same of Clair-related Clarks. At Hayden Lake, location of Aryan Nations, there was a Clark mansion built by a Mr. Clark who's known to have gone yachting with a German kaiser/emperor about the time that Hitler was a teen. Mr. Clark vanished one night, and because his hat was found floating at a marina, I assume he faked his death and went to Germany to be with some woman (abandoning his wife). I had reason to believe that Hitler was at the Clark House when, according to the deathbed confession of Otto Skorzeny (Nazi), Hitler was scooted over to permission of, and assistance from, president Franklin ROOSevelt, in my opinion. Clarks should be sharing the Clair / Clermonts/Clement roses, and German Roos'/Rose's use one of the French Clair Coats (red roses) exactly while Rose's were kin of Bush-suspect Bosco's from Cuneo's Busca. Note that Roosevelts have a "VESCItur" motto while Vase's/Fessys are also Vesci's.

English Clarks (same place as Maness'/Manners) have a Coat looking linkable to that of Maness'/Manners and Parrs. "Roos" is like the Rush surname using a motto phrase like the "In deo" of Scottish Clarks, Millers, and sleeping-bag liner Baggs (Grimaldi Coat). We saw above why Rush's should trace to Fieschi of Genoa and the Fisks. Parrs are said to be from Prescott while the line of Prescott Bush, said by some to have been Nazi plants, "adopted" (in a scam) the Nazi-derived Bush presidents. [I hadn't yet looked up Prescots here to find their FACE's.] From the following quote in last update, we can now connect the sleeping-bag dream to Roosevelts:

I didn't get round to reading the Morley write-up slowly. The latter part says that had a seat at MEARley, granted by Mr. Rous to a Stephen de Merley, whose daughter married Adam de Nowell. Then, when we enter "Mear," we get one of the two ermined-white fesses of Sleeps, and to help prove that Mears were from Mearley, Mears share water bougets with Rous-like Rose's. This must be what the dream pertains to, and the line goes, for one, though Nowells / Noels.

The Roosevelt (Felts / Feltmans / Feltams?) write-up speaks of Jordan la Rous granting a large part of a Mearly township to Stephen de Merley, father-in-law of Adam de Nowell. The sleeping bag itself was connectable to Morleys / Morlands / Marlboroughs, and here it can be added that Applebys (six martlets) were first found in WestMORLand, same as Morlands! And while the other Morleys bring up the Mauls, we can ask whether Mauls were Meiller liners since the latter linked (at the top of this section) to the Lincolnshire elements of Taillebois while Mauls/Morleys share the Tailbois scallops (Meschin scallops on red). In that frame of view, Meillers look like Malahule liners. It makes one wonder what it was that named Malahule in the first place, and he can be partly from Hule's/Hulls that happen to use the talbot of Halls, first found in Lincolnshire.

I had shared the president Roosevelt decided to open a naval base to the near-north of Clark House. As the story goes, which I give no credit to, he and his wife were flying over Idaho when his wife suggested putting the naval base there, where there was a deep lake. In my opinion, a naval base needs to be on the ocean, not in an inland lake, but this funny decision, by the Roosevelt circle, makes it appear that the building of a naval base near Clark House was for the purpose of funnelling some of the allotted finds to Hitler and his fellow refugees in and near Idaho. After Roosevelt's life, Aryan Nations started up at the vicinity of Clark House. This was essentially home to Jeffrey Dein (Covert's husband), whose sister married Mr. Scheriff, and meanwhile Jeffrey's mother is said online, in various pages, to be from Long Island's West Islip, smack beside Patchogue, where William Hitler, Adolf's nephew, resided. William, by the way, claiming to renounce the Hitler name (became Mr. Stuart-Houston) joined the U.S. navy, a red flag. Houstons and Stuarts lived at Glassl-suspect Glasgow.

Ever since, America was largely controlled by post-war Nazi elements. It's in the CIA and the FBI, but what more? Only they know for sure. And they always say that they care for Americans in order to do their diabolical work unhindered.

There is a Scheriff-like Scherf surname that shares red roses on stems with Dutch Roosevelts (ostrich feathers), but compare the Walker Coat to the Scherf/Schere Coat too. All shocking. I happen to believe the report, even though it's advanced mainly from a liberal nut, that the Nazi, George Herbert Scherff, had a son by the same name who was later president George Herbert Walker Bush. Before becoming the president, this same man was head of the CIA. The "plantavit CURAbit" motto phrase of Dutch Roosevelts suggests the Currys/Corrys and related Correns, the latter sharing the Cecil escutcheons.

Irish Clarks (no write-up) share the green seahorse and besant on red with Irish Cohens/Coens/Kyne's whom can in-turn be linked to Mars, Fens/Venns and Pattersons/Cassane's, the latter said to be from Hy-MANY (Ui Maine). The Cohen sea horse holds a fusil, suspect with Fieschi elements of the Fuzie/Fusil kind. The fusil is in the colors of the Dent lozenges,

Going back to the coincidence of Meillers/Mailors (said to be of "apple") sharing green and white with the Appleton Shield, in the colors of the Massar Coat, incidentally, we can now discuss the Widness entity in the Appleton write-up, for Widness' (Mackay Shield?) use "turkey cocks" while cocks use the Grimaldi Shield. It's to be expected that Meillers link to Grimaldi's if Meillers were of Meilleraye's Mazzarini line to baron Massy of Monaco. To refresh your memory in this hard-to-follow discussion, "Louise d'Aumont, duchesse d'Aumont, duchesse Mazarin [and] de La Meilleraye." Note that the Widness turkey cocks can be a version of the LOISE ostrich in the same colors. Masser / Appleton / Meiller colors are used for the castle in the Arms of Durfort, this place being the home of Louise's family.

The Massar/Massarin Shield is essentially an upside-down version of the Miles' / Meiller/Mailor Shield. They use the gold lion with roundish tail of Deins/Diane's, though I can't be sure that this design is intentional to indicate kinship with all whom are shown with it. I haven't know until now that Massars (Lucca) come up as Massaros', like the Massarosa location near Massa-Carrara and Lucca. It tends to clinch the Massar lions with those of Carols. Compare the giant Carrara wheel to that of Millers/Milners/Mullers. Perfect. I've known that Carrara's use that wheel, but I had never been able to figure out why Millers should link to Carrara. It's because of the Mazzarini link to Meilleraye. There is therefore a good chance that Irish Carys are with the Maschi lion.

Widness' were first found in the same place (Lancashire) as Appletons and John of Gaunt, recalling the Millers/Milners/Mullers use of the Catherine wheel of John's wife. John of Gaunt is very traceable to the Garonne river, where Polastron, Polignac, Durforts, etc., were all about. I'm seeing some of the vast Quintus-Caepio treasure obtained from Toulouse. The Widness location is in Prescot of West Derby, recalling that Porte's had a branch in Derbyshire. As a teen, and even when I was 5 years old, I was attracted to cute blonds. In the two months only that I attended Norman Miles' school, there was a cute blond, Cathy Froggit. Unfortunately, we never talked. I've never met another Froggit before, and would not have been able to trace "Froggit" (Derbyshire) to BROGITarus unless I had liked her, or known of her surname. And then the "frock" code in the Grimaldi write-up gets Frocks/Froggs. There's something in this, isn't there, especially as Wikipedia says that Amyntes, Brogitarus' son, conquered Derbe.

I haven't looked up Prescotts until now, and they happen to use two of the three Norman leopard faces, in the same colors, both in their Chiefs. After loading Prescotts, Froggits were loaded to recall their "bunch of cherries," and, believe it or not, Bunch's share a version of the Welbeck Coat. How can that be? Froggits were introduced on a spur, as they came to mind, with Derbyshire, but when Cathy Froggit came to mind (I still recall both her names though I never spoke with her, how can that be?), it was with NORMAN Miles in mind, but that was before I found the Normans using a version of the Prescot Coat. So, this looks like an act of God to lead to, and support, the things I'm saying. Bunch's look like they use a version of the Bird Coat, recalling the eighteen birds of Aumonts. "Louise d'Aumont, duchesse Mazarin [and] de La Meilleraye." Is that not amazing?

The Bunch Crest is obviously using the Pett/Pert stork, and the latter comes with bulRUSHes, and German Rush's use two crossed arrows only, pointing down, in the colors of the crossed swords, pointing down, of Feschs. Why BULrushes? The Artois-based Arrow surname (can connect with Lois' of Artois) shares the fleur in the colors of the Fix / Le Van / Morland fleur, and so note how Baggs crop up again below, for the dream's sleeping bag has become suspect with the murderers of Grace Kelly by the same group / bloodline that killed judge Scalia. Note the face with the Morland fleur. While Morleys use the fleur in white, note that they were first found in Derbyshire, for while Appletons were of West Derby, Applebys were first found in WestMORLAND. Amazing. The thing is, Le Van Than was with the crash of Diana Spencer, and Joe Fix was reckoned as a symbol of Le Van Than, yet his girlfriend reminds me (as best as I can remember her) of my Kelly. Some of the first Morleys were in Lancashire, where Appletons were first found.

French Paris'/Parez's share apples on a fesse with Appletons, and Parez is the location of the first French Crispins in Este-line Lorraine. Crispina was said to be the wife of Grimaldus, making an apple-symbol link to Grimaldi's. Perhaps cleverly, French Crispins use the POMEgranate, named partly after the French word for "apple." Spanish Granata's (in Granada) use a giant pomegranate, but I suspect Granada-like surnames too. Cranne's/Grounds share the elephant with Appletons. Grains/Gransons use exactly the Coat of English Grave's/Grieve's (Derbyshire), and Dutch Grave's share the same cross as Face's/Fessys. It looks like another hit on Grimaldus liners. The Fessy / Grave cross is that of Mea's too while Grave's/Grieve's have a "mea" motto term as well as another "in Deo" phrase...shared by Grimaldi-suspect Baggs and Fieschi-related Rush's. That works. The same phrase is used by blue-wolf Millers (nearly the Grave motto) that throw in a "mea" term as well.

The Grave/Grieve and Grain/Granson eagle is in the colors of the Wine/Gwinn and Luton eagle, and Morleys are said to have been in Wennington while Wennings/Wannocks/Winnwicks (Sussex) are in Wine/Gwinn colors. In fact, the Childs that likewise use a giant, spread eagle are said to be from WANstead, not far from Luton. As the Arms of Lorraine use the Child eagle, it's notable that the Lorraine lions are colors reversed from the Wenning lions. This gets the Wennings to something in relation to the Lyon line from Tullia of Auvergne, whose always suspect in a merger with the line of her contemporary, king Childeric in the north of France.

Remember that pastor Richardson came to Boston Pizza (might not have been the name) while I was waitering, and they ordered WINE, to my surprise. And remember that while Boston's use the Lyon / Lannoy lion in colors reversed, Mamie represented the Lyon line through MumMOLIN (looks very linkable to Milners / Milners = Meiller liners). I wish I could recall anything to place Mamie at that restaurant the night the pastor came, and while I feel good feel that, I can't quite remember. In any case, David Morley ended up in marriage with Carol, the pastor's secretary, and Carols are now linkable to Massars/Massarins. Plus, I met Kelly only as per Carol Moore, and Irish Moore's share the same lion as Wennings/Winnwicks while Morleys are said to have been in Wennington. Is that not compelling?

The youth pastor at this church was Mr. James, and one James surname happens to use that white ostrich of Loise's while the other James' use the motto, "Victor," recalling how Victor's/Fechtens linked both to Joe Fix while having variations like those of Feschs/Fechts/Vechts. What am I to say, that God led me to that Pentecostal Church, where he had all the names of the leaders prepared just for me, and no one knew this, that, 40 years later, I'd be writing about them as I am, as pertains to the murders of three world-important people? Am I nuts? They would surely think so. But look, the James' with the ostrich also use a dolphin, which is in the Crest of the Coffee's/Coffers that use a "victoria" motto term. When we compare the Widness Coat to the James' at the link above, they are reflections while Widness' are the ones with turkey cocks in the colors of the Lois ostrich. Turcke's/Turks (Silesia) share the Widness chevron. These are in Wide colors, and one Wide/WAID Coat (like "waiter") is a version of the Arms of Chalons-sur-Marne.

Moreover, I've been linking the Douglas motto to James' for years, but in all that time I did not have Doug James in mind, the youth pastor above. The Dougals share the James lion.

The pastor's daughter is Cindy while, I now see, Cindys/Cuntys share the Shield-and-Chief colors of Meillers/Mailors and Miles'. Conte's were first found in the same place (beside Cindys) as Wide's/Waids and Hiltons, and while Wide's/Waids were at Hilton castle, Hiltons have double fesses (of Parrs / Munichs?) in the colors of the double pale bars of Cindys/Cuntys (same place as Mustans). The latter even share a blue lion in Crest with James'. The Hilton Crest is said to be Moses' head, and Moses'/Moesens are said to be from VYCHan, lord of Mostyn. We saw Mostyn liners in a glossy revelation from the world's sickest emperors. It's not a wonder that the world under modern globalists is morally / mentally sick today.

Next, the plot thickens, for Vychans/Vaughns (Shropshire, same as Moses') are said to be from Tudor Trevor, even as Mostyns share the Trevor Coat, but the point is that Vychans/Vaughns are said to be from MAYLOR. Bingo, it's the Meillers/Mailors/Maylors, verifying that Cindys/Cuntys use the Meiller/Mailor Shield. It also tends to clinch Cindys/Cuntys with Conte's. The Vaughn write-up: "They descended to John Vaughan, son of Rhys Ap Llewellyn, of Plas Thomas in Shrewsbury." It looks like a Leavell line. Shrewsbury is in Shropshire.

And look: the Meoles'/Mele's use the Richardson lion heads! Both surnames were first found in Cheshire. You can link this to the "COMMIT thy WORK to God" motto of Sinclairs because Conte's have a commit-like surname while Works share the Richardson / Meoles lion heads. Italian Mele's (apple theme to Meillers?) were first found in Parma while the Works share the double fesse bars of Palmers/Parmers.

I don't think anyone in the world will believe that I'm fabricating all of this for some secret, lunatic reason. The Somerset Mele's use a giant fret in colors reversed from the Spencer / Berkshire fret. Somewhere above, a surname with Coat like that of Berkshire's was mentioned. It wasn't more than one or two updates ago when it was made fairly clear that Spence liners were from a MALAhule > D'Espaines line.

The Car on the Sand Gives Up More Information

I can now take us back to that red Mustang that proved to be code for Rieti's Flavians. It was a CONVERTible, and it just so happens that Converts/Conyers (maunch) were first found in the same place as Conte's. The green trefoil in the Convert Crest, and the Covert look of "Convert," helps to inform that Converts are linkable to the ROCK in FLAMES in the Grant/Grand Crest. For Converts are said to be associated with Ralph FLAMbard while Rocks and Rods use the green trefoil. It looks like the Courts/Coverts merged with Conte liners. Recalling that Cindy Richardson is code for Cindys/CUNTys, expected in the "GrandesCUNT" motto term of Courts/Coverts (Convert colors), let's add that the Richardson lion heads are shared by Allertons (same place as Cindys) while Converts are said to be from Allertonshire. It looks like God named Cindy's first name.

I never had inkling that Cindy liked me, even after I saw her frown on Mamie and I, until I was at a party at her parents' place. Maybe I'm wrong about that part, but I got the impression when she came to sit on the arm of the couch while I sat at the end of the couch closest to the arm. She didn't need to sit there, and if she didn't want to send me a message, she wouldn't have. Amazingly, it was almost a repeat of Mamie, who came to lean against me while I sat at a picnic table, and then, after sensing that I wasn't opposed, she sat herself down on my lap. Mamie felt she could get away with this only because I had danced with her at her party (she sensed my feelings, and I couldn't hide that I liked the dance). The point is, I had connected Mamie and the Couch surname (can't recall details), but here I thought to connect Cindys to Couch's because both use double pale bars. I think I now recall why Mamie was linked to Couch's, for while I slept in her TENT the evening she sat on my lap, it's the Tints that use a COUCHant lion. And the Cindys use the double pale bars of SEATs in both colors. Cindy took a seat beside me on the couch.

And, can you believe it, I've just looked up Armers as per Cindy sitting on the Couch's arm. This is compelling. Couch's were first found in the same place as Armers/Amore's that use "Tu ne cede" motto phrase that I routinely link to the Cedes variation of Seats. But before looking up the Armers, Knee's were loaded because Mamie sat on my knees. I had nothing to say about Knee's however, until the motto phrase above cropped up with "ne", a term that I've suggested for the Nee variation of Knee's. When God does it, things work out this well. I'm amazed yet again. The Purpose, however, is to convince you, the reader, or at least someone out there that God is targeting with this revelation.

In the old dream with woman hovering over the SEATs of a classic-model car (this can be Helen and/or Charlotte Hicks), I heard a voice behind me, suggesting God, saying, "WHAT are you WAITING for, go wake her up." As I approached to kiss her awake, my hand grazed her KNEE, and she popped up into my arms as we were raptured together into the sky. This statement recalls my WAITering when Cindy's family dropped in.

Until now, I've not looked at the word, "What are you waiting for, go WAKE her up," as potential surname code. But look at Wake's, for they not only share double fesses with Sleeps, the Wake fesses are in the colors of the one fesse of Sands, first found in the same place as Cars and Seats. The car was on the beach sand, and she was asleep over the seats. The Sleep fesses got suspect with the double fesses of Babons (Babon was Mummolin's son), and the latter's are the Wake fesses in both colors. As I approached the car, my SHIRT was off, and here the Wake's share red roundels with Shirts, but then Ore's use the same roundel (both in their Chiefs) while "ora" is Wake motto term. If that's not enough, Ore's share the red-on-gold fitchee crosses of Sands! Excellent.

And Sands were first found in the same place (Lancashire) as Orells that use the same red roundels once again. The Hicks (Charlotte/Charles colors) use a "bon" motto term linking to two motto terms of Ore's (cornuCOPIA), and the Hicks use the fleur of Petro's whose Coat in turn traces to Reds/Reeds ("COPIA") and therefore to Flavius Petro of Rieti, grandfather of Vespasian, father of Titus, and then the Titus' were first found in the same place as Beach's, can you believe this story? As I've been saying for years now, I was wearing JEANs when I saw myself shirtless, and Jeans/Jans' (Rita / Poole lion in colors reversed?) happen to share the red scallops of Pullys and Sabine's while Sabinus was the son of Flavius Petro.

The dream thus had to do with the Revelation HARLOT, like "CHARLOTTE." CHARlotte's/Charles' use a chevron in half the colors of the CAR chevron. AND ZIKERS, recall that Honorius descended from his grandfather, Flavius Theodosius, for English Charles' use "honores." Now we understand where the imperial money bags went, to the Franks. CHILDeric was the first-known Frank king, and Child's (Hertfordshire, same as Titus'!) share the eagle of English Charles'!! The Child chevron is even in the colors of the Car chevron.

This is all amazing, and means that I've got to repeat what I don't want to. I'll try to make it short. The beach dream was, in my opinion, a dream from God back in 1979, indicating that my wife was this woman hovering over the seats. But I then got married to someone where no part of the dream was fulfilled. But when she forced our divorce, I realized without doubt that the dream meant my re-marriage. I was therefore looking for the applicable women, and settled on Charlotte Hicks. The problem was, she was married. The silver lining: he was more than 30 years older than she. So, I figured that she would be my wife after she became a widow. And roughly in 2011, when I had reason to think that her husband had passed away, I mailed her a package, telling her about the dream, and this was necessary because the dream could not likely come to pass without my at least contacting her. As it was, I hadn't seen nor heard from her since 2006, and it was extremely unlikely that she would initiate contact with me.

Well, when she didn't respond to the package, I called her place; the phone number was listed (White Pages) in her name alone without her husband, yet an old man answered that sounded like her husband. It must have been him, for about a year ago I looked up his obituary, and found that he did not pass away until 2015. The point of this is that I had to find where she lived in order to mail the package, for they moved away from the area that I was in at the same general time that I moved away. And when I found her new address, the house was also listed to a Mr. Childs! I was actually wondering, since then, whether Childs would ever link to her surname(s), but it wasn't until mere months ago that I first realized the dream was studded with surname codes by God. So, there you just saw how Childs link to Charlotte's/Charles'. It appears that God either moved Mr. Childs to purchase that house, or moved Charlotte's family to purchase it, just to convince the reader that He's directing my writings (not at all meaning that this is scripture or infallible).

I can add to this now that I have confidence in a Ground/Cranne/GRENT (Crane) trace back to the family of Flavius Julius Gerontius (he was an uncle to the ancestry of Honorius). One can spot that Hicks use a version of the Craun/CRANE Coat (Suffolk, same as English Charles'). Irish Charles' then use the crowns along with Grent-like Grants. Charlotte happens to be a singer, and Singers/Songs share the courant, white horse with Rush's (same place as Crauns/Crane's) that share the blue annulets of Crauns/Crane's. The Charles' sharing the Child eagle even use a "VirTUS" motto term while Tous' are the ones with the shirt.

To find the Grounds/Cranne's here is excellent where its Chief is split in colors reversed from the split-Shield of Vigils (means, "stay awake") that I see in the "Vigila" motto term of Wake's. "What are you waiting for, go WAKE her up." Incredible. I don't have as an impressive story to tell on the "What" and "waiting," but I can make links because, while in the dream, it was my own idea (not told to me) to wake her up sleeping-BEAUTY style. Sleeping Beauty came to mind, that is, and there is a Beauty surname that gets the Bowoods using three, black bulls in the colors of the three Waleran bull heads, and these latter are linkable to the Quade/WADE wolf heads (COLLars) in the same colors and format, which are in-turn in the three colors and format of the hunting horns of Weights/Waits/Wate's, first found in the same place as black-bull Cole's, and beside the first Walerans. The Waiters were first found in the same place as Basina, Childeric's wife.

"Sleeping beauty" along with Charlotte Hicks is a phrase with related surnames by way of Sleeps tracing to the Selepitanoi, beside the Cavii who made up the Chives' that share the quadrants of Hykes'/Hacks. Perfect, and while Chives' were, until recently, said to have been first found in Devon (where Hykes') were first found, it's also where Wilsfords were first found that use a reflection of the Charlotte/Charles Coat. Wake's are said to have had a seat at Wilsford. The Wilsford leopard faces get us back to Grimaldi-related Fieschi, and there is a What/Whadcock surname using cocks on a green Shield (color of the Wheat/Wete Shield), which gets us to Grimaldi's via the Cock Shield. The Wilsford/WYLESford Coat reflects the Hick Coat, but, in any case, Wyles' use two chevrons in the red of the Babon / Wake chevrons, and in colors reversed from the Sleep chevrons! Excellent, for it connects the Wake's to Sleeps! Amazing. What are you waiting for,? Give God a well-deserved round of applause. In colors reversed, the fitchees of Wyles' are those of Sands and Wakefield-beloved Ore's.

It's mentionable that Hykes'/Hake's (Wake branch?) use a reflection of the Shirt Coat while the Clubs use the Hykes'/Hake Coat in colors reversed. Hykes'/Hake's were first found in the same place (Norfolk) as Sabine's. As Clubs use a reflection (colors and format) of the Childs, I tend to claim that Clubs were named after Clovis, Childeric's son and heir. There is then a Clovse surname listed with Close's (Weight/Wait hunting horns) that can be traced very well (with the Spur-using KNIGHTs and other factors) to Closeburn (NITH river), where Kilpatricks (shares green Crest with Clove's/Close's) had a castle whom Miss Hicks married. Just think of how many things God needed to arrange to have these "coincidences". Wake's use a Knight-like KNOT. Awake my darling Miss Hicks, we have a rapture to attend to, but first we maybe should tie the knot. I saw your KNEE 38 years ago.

Wake's are said to have named Baron Wake of Liddell, and Close's/Clovse's share the spur with Liddels/Liddle's, whose "Hinc" motto term can be traced to Hinks (Annandale saltire as used by Bruce's) that use a saltire I normally trace to the same of Italian Latins (stirrups). The other Latins are definitely Kilpatrick kin. I am not familiar with Liddells/Liddle's (Roxburghshire, same as Little's), but do recall that Little's (same saltire as Kilpatricks / Latins) were traced to the area of Lockerbie, near Kilpatrick castle at Closeburn, and nearer to Annandale.

This 38-year-old dream seems to have the purpose of finalizing a certain, provable trace Freemasonry's cherished elements all the way back to the Revelation-17 beast. Vespasian's grandson (Domitian) was the sixth of seven heads, and the last one was to come for a short time only. I really do not understand the reason for including that last head (Nerva, 16 months), but perhaps it was necessary to use seven heads instead of six for a couple of reasons: 1) to match the seven hills of Rome upon which the harlot is said to sit; 2) to match the seven heads of the Lotan dragon because the Revelation harlot descended from Lotan elements. If this Syrian dragon went back to the Biblical Lotan of Seir, and we can see the logic, we can take it forward to the Sire surname, kin of Justine of Picenum. Moreover, as Lotan's sister married the son of Esau, who's name was Eliphas, note the elephant of Grents/Grounds/Cranne's. I could repeat a lot more. Sanders use the elephant.

The Wyles Crest uses the bunched, FIVE arrows of Camerons, and the three Cameron fesses are colors reversed from the two of wake's while wake's were first found in the same place as the Cheile's in the Cameron motto. Then, the Keele's/Kills were also first found in the same place, and they use the quadrants of Hykes' / Chives' in colors reversed. All of this is to convince the reader that God has a message(s) through me. Otherwise, I am wildly deceived by what looks definitely like God's work in my dreams and memories.

One of the things that has eluded me is the colors of the car on the beach. I can try to remember it as I saw it from the shore, where it was small enough to have been a few hundred feet away. At that time, the woman was in a bathing suit that I recall as lavender colored, somewhere between pink and purple, perhaps the color of the Revelation harlot. She was walking at the front of the car, perhaps code for Hoods/Hode's. As I started to walk toward the car, I saw myself without shirt, and was then instantly at the car door. I recall a full view of the door, but cannot recall its color. In the past, I toyed with blue or red, but with no other colors as possibilities. The stark difference between red and blue shows that the color simply evaded me. I eventually settled on red, which is why the red Mustang made an impact on me, though the car in the dream was more like a 1957-59 model, while the Mustang was at it's oldest a 1964. In any case, I've never noted before that one Door surname has a split Shield in blue and red. Doors were first found in the same place as Trevors and Tudors, and I've always linked the Child Coat to the Tudor Coat.

The bees on this Door Coat suggest the Bee surname that shares a green dragon in Crest with Kilpatricks (near Annandale). That can work. The Bee's are expected to be using a version of the Bessin / Sale bend, and a version of the Mall/Mallibone / Hanan Coats, and Hanans look like they can be an Annan(dale) branch. Childeric's tomb was found with hundreds of gold bees, no doubt the symbol of Basina way back then. The fleur-de-lys is said to begin roughly with Clovis, and the Nevers' happen to use a lily in Crest along with the same fleur as Bee's and Sale's/Salletts (I always traced Childeric to Salyes Ligures). Recall that Polignac-Mancini were of rulers of Nevers (Novara's Masnys?), for I've read that Pollocks have been traced to Clovis. The "Sola" motto term of Nevers suggests the Avranches-related Sola's/Solneys (Painell kin) that use a Coat much like that of Clovis-suspect Clubs. Hmm, while Charlotte Hicks was alone = solo on the beach, Sola's/Solneys (Derbyshire) use a Coat like that of Hykes'/Hake's.

Hmm, there is a Solo/Salaman Coat (Rhineland) while Salmons use salmon fish in the colors of the Salemans that share the Sale/Sallett bend. It looks a little important that Hicks, which a buck wearing CHAPlet that's traceable to Chives liners, use the colors of the pierced stars of Solo's/Salamans. There is a "buck's head...pierced through with an arrow"" in the Crest of Hick-like Higgs' who use a version of the Hykes'/Hake Coat ("hake" fish but expected from the Salmon salmon). As Hykes'/Hacks use the Chives Shield, the Solo's/Salamans look to be using a reflection of the Turin/Thurin Coat (same place as Chives' of Tarves) which goes to Chivasso at the Turin area. The Solo/Salaman star could therefore be the gold one on the Chives / Mathis moline. Thurins can easily be of Basina's Thuringia line. Both the motto of Chives' and Hicks look like they love the Touts/Tute's (same place as Hicks).

As Miss Hicks was lying down as she hovered, while "couchant" means "laying down," note the "three red bucks couchant" of the Higgs'. And by the way, the Arms of Rieti use fish while Hykes'/Hake's were first found in the same place as Sabine's while Hicks' were first found in the same place as Pullys/Pullens. Compare the Reed Coat with that of both Hykes'/Hake's and Higgs' (share red-on-white bucks with Reeds/Rieds), and see that the stars of Reeds/Rieds (same place as Turins/Thurins) are in both colors of the Solo/Salaman stars. Perfect, it verifies that Solo's link to Hick's, explaining why Miss Hicks and her car were alone on the beach. The cars then share the sun with Spanish Sole's/Solana's.

Ried-like Rieti is on the Sallett-like Salto river, but also on the Turin-like Turano river. Avezzano, on a higher part of the Salto, was traced hard to RUDESheim/RUEDESheim, suspect with Roets (Carians) who share gold boar heads with Turins/Thurins. You can't argue with the facts. Rudes', first found in the same place as Sleeps, use the colors of chaplet-like Caplans (same place as English Josephs and definitely related to them), and Chaplets (Lorraine) use the swan in the colors of the giant swan once shown for the Maine Josephs. It's no coincidence that Reeds use a colors-reversed version of the Child Coat while Lorraine's use the Child eagle. It means that Childeric and/or Basina, and definitely Clovis, descended from Rieti elements...the Biblical dragon line, we may assume. Hick's (same fleur as Reed-related Petro's) look like they came from a line of Joseph Caiaphas. Childs were first found in the same place as Titus' that share the Chappes Moor head, and a friend of mine, Jeff Moore, had a wife Carol (suspect with Charlotte's/Charles'), who was the reason that I was with Kelly (Kellys share lions combatant with Carols, and Kellys were traced to Cilnius'). I met Jeff Moore shortly after, or even before, I had the dream with Miss Hicks.

As it's very convincing that Wake's are a part of this Message, while they were at Liddell, note the Liddell motto phrase, "Hinc ODOR." There is an Odor/DORan surname (Sullivan boar, I gather). As I stood at the car DOOR, I either looked through the windows to see her hovering within it, yet I recall looking down on her at an angle, which may indicate that the car was a convertible. On this I just can't recall. After hearing her thoughts, with which she was wrestling, I was told to wake her up. It's been a long time since hearing what she was thinking, but I've told this story so many times that I can remember the sentence to an accuracy of about 95 percent. She was thinking, "He's out and about, maybe (chasing) after other women (or ladies)." I assumed this was as per her mate, the one who owned the car. I honestly can't recall whether she said "chasing," but I was just floored to find what was just found. This is the first time I've thought to check a surname as per what she was thinking, and while I had nothing to say about Chase's, I then tried for a Chasin surname" to find the Child Coat exactly!! This is so hilarious. Perhaps she's living with Mr. Childs, the previous owner of her home.

Here's how I put it in the 2nd update of May, 2016: "And I was made to hear her thoughts: "He's out and about, maybe after other women." So I assumed that the owner of the car was him..." I didn't use "chasing," but I think maybe I should have. There is no After surname. The Chasin/Chasting surname mentions Hardwin of Scales, and the Scales' (beloved by many heraldic weight scales) were first found in the same place as Childs. Note how the Scales Crest shares the ostrich feathers in the Arms of Traby, for Clove's/Close's share hunting horns in the colors of the Weight and Arms-of-Traby horns. I have traced the Childs/Chills with the Hebrons of Chillingham to the Biblical ESCHOL valley in ancient Hebron (Israel). There is a SCHOLE/Scayle Coat that was involved in that trace, but then the Scale's are said to be from the Eschol-like Eschalers family. Scales' were first found near the Capes' that share the Scale scallops, in the colors of the Tailbois / Maul/Morley / Apps scallops, and the Apps' share the Schole/Scayle lozenges, I gather. Hmm, compare "Sole / Sola" to "Schole."

Here's from the last update: "I have been tracing the Cass weight scales ["pair of scales"] to the Arms of Vilnius for years, and that was the home of the Radziwill-Astikas' line which married Traby!!! The five, white ostrich feathers in the Crest of the Arms of Traby are even in the Scale Crest!!!" Sorry for being so loud. The Scale's appear to mention Tudors (though misspell the term).

The trace back to Hebron is important where Hebron is not far from Modi'in, the home of the first-known Maccabees. I trace Childs/Chills to Cilnius MAECenas (about one generation after the first Maccabees), and theorize that his ancestry named the Maccabees proper of Modi'in. It probably requires the escort by the Roman military of Maecenas' Italian family to Israel for a political reason.

As Scale's were first found near Huntingdon, where Others were first found that share the same bend as Hebron-beloved Keeps (Sola bend?), let's repeat: "maybe chasing OTHER women." Others/Oders even have variations like the "odor" motto term of Wake-related Liddells, very important because I was told to wake her up after she had her thought. "He's OUT and ABOUT," which may indicate Abbots, for one, who were first found in the area of the Scale's, including Huntingdonshire, and the Abbots use the colors and format of Charlotte's/Charles'. There are two Ott surnames that may apply to "out." Others/Otirs were Lombards, and the Scottish Lombards use lozengy in half the colors of the Schole/Scayle lozengy.

No Woman surname comes up, but there is a Lady surname. Or, she may have said, "chasing others." Finally, I got around to checking the Maybe surname, for I've always said, for 38 years, and never any different, that she said, "Out and about, maybe..." I heard the word, "maybe." Therefore it floors me to find that Maybe's use a vertically-split Shield in colors reversed to the same of the bee-using Doors. DORsets share the sun with Hamons while the latter use "a sun in splenDOR." Hamon de Massy is elaborated upon in the next section, and his investigation brings us back to "out and about."

The following is hard to take. I spoke with Charlotte's husband several times, as we went to the same church. He had Parkinson's disease. I find it startling (never happened upon this until now) that Parkinsons/Perkens (same place as Cars) use a version of the Car Coat, and meanwhile the car was PARKed on the beach. The stars of Parkinsons/Perkens are in the colors of the same of Bechs/Becks (same place as Hicks) while Beach's (same place as Childs and Titus') are Bechs too. I don't want to be in trouble for writing this down, make of it what you will, but I do not at all believe that God would give a man Parkinsons just to make this heraldic point.

Perkins (with an 'i') definitely trace to Perga, home of Tertullus, who traced excellently to Tertulla, wife of Flavius Petro in Rieti, and Hicks share the fleur of Petro's. This appears to me to be a serious trace between Plancia Magna of Perga, a Herod, to Charlotte Hicks via the Vespasian > Titus line in Rieti. While the line is going through Julia Maesa Bassianus to Childeric's wife, Julia was the sister of empress Domna Bassianus, while her name reflects DOMitian to a small degree.

I've only-now loaded Perkins to see their "VIGILum" motto term. Perkins were first found in the same place as Spencers and Kilpatrick-beloved, Weight-related Dexters, and the Spencers love Droits/Drewitts in their motto who share the red-on-white fleur-de-lys of Perkins.

Parkinsons/Perkens share the ostrich feathers of Feathers, making Feathers/Fedders suspect with Cars, and then the Feather/Fedder motto uses "Valens," the name of emperor, brother of Valentinian I. These Coats are in the colors and format of the Childs. I always trace Plancia Magna and/or her father from Galatia to Derbe, and here we find Feathers/Fedders sharing the red antelope head of Derbys. This is one reason for my insistence that ANTELopes are part-code for ANTALya, an ancient location right beside Perga. Recall Galla PLACidia, daughter of Galla Valentinian and the Flavian liner, Theodosius, for Derby use a "PLACuerit" motto term. The end of that motto term is highly suspect with COURTs/Coverts, first found in the same place as Feathers/Fedders (Covert/Coffert colors). Might "Placidia" have been a version of "Plancia"?

While writing a paragraph or two above, I honestly heard a small voice from behind my right ear saying, "thank you." And when I tried to figure out why I heard it, it was realized that it's due to my saying, "I do not at all believe that God would give a man Parkinsons just to make this heraldic point." He is a gentleman, and I said, "you're welcome."

From the Feathers/Fedders we can go to the Car-like Carlisle's, from Carlisle, near Annandale again. The Carlisle Crest is a feather, but called a pen.

What's Baron Massy? Not a Giant.

Before going to Baron Massy of Ireland, let's begin from Cheshire's baron, Hamon de Masci/Massey, who's town of Dunham-Masci was in the county of Chester, where the CONTEville liner, Ranulph le Meschin was top-dog. We keep in mind that Bush's, first found in the same place as Booths and sharing the black boar, can trace to Masci's of the Busca area of Piedmont. This place of the Booths and Bush's was in Yorkshire, where Meschins of Skiptons lived. Repeat: "Cindys/Cuntys, expected in the "GrandesCUNT" motto term of Courts/Coverts (Convert colors), let's add that the Richardson lion heads are shared by Allertons (same place as Cindys) while Converts [same place as Conte's] are said to be from ALLERTONshire. It looks like God named Cindy's first name."

Here's a quote from Wikipedia's Booth barons in Cheshire, where Richardsons were first found: "The Booth Baronetcy, of ALLERTON Beeches in the City of Liverpool, was created in the Baronetage of the United Kingdom on 24 January 1916 for Alfred Allen Booth...He was a member of a cadet branch of the ancient Cheshire family, being descended from the Booths of Twemlow." There is a Twemlo surname (Cheshire) with "red squirrels SEATed", which reminds that Cindys/Cuntys use the pale bars of Seats and of the Arms of Vilaine. We can bank on Twemlo's using the squirrel of Hazels (Cheshire), but as the Twemlo's use them in red while we saw reason to link Massys / Massins to Laevi on the Ticino, let me remind that I see red-squirrel Decks/Daggers as Ticino liners. On top of this. Cindys/Cuntys can even be from Massino-VisCONTI, at the home of the Laevi. Recall that Cindys share double pale bars with Couch's while Cindy sat on the ARM of the couch beside this Masci liner, for Cotes-d'Armor is between Vilaine and Vannes.

From "Vilaine," we can add that the Shield-and-Chief colors of Vilains is shared by Livings/Levens and Tanaro-suspect Tanners. Not only is Busca off the Tanaro, where the Marici partners of the Laevi lived, but the page above for the Booth barony tells that Gore's were merged with them whom I trace to mythical GorLOIS while I trace the latter half of his code to Luis of Ceva, mother of Alice of Saluzzo, beside Busca. Moreover, the Alice name was used for Meschins of Skipton while the Alice surname at houseofnames uses MUZZLEd bears, symbol of Mackays that in-turn use the dagger. God had a squirrel or two bounce off of my breast while Brests/Brix's are Brick-Massy liners. Alpins share the fur tree with sword of Alice's while Albins/Aubins traced exactly to the Cotes-d'Armor area.

I can take this Booth-of-Liverpool picture to the Liver/Levers, thought to be from Liverpool (near Cheshire), who use a rooster "STANDING" on a trumpet. The Twemlo Crest is a "parrot PERCHed on the stump of an oak tree," and Booth-like Botters use an eagle STANDING on a silver PERCH. Excellent. I had no idea until now that Botters named Booths, but as Meschins used the boy symbol while there is a boy pulling down a pine tree in the BOTHwell Crest, note that pines are a Maschi and Tanner symbol. I've read that Bothwells were of Bute, same as Boyds that share checks on a fesse with Marici-suspect Marks, and Boyd-possible Voirs/VOYers (Brittany), who use the same lion as Maschi's, call it St. Mark's lion.

It appears that one can expect Laevi-and-Marici elements in the Vannes area of Brittany, where Voirs/Voyers were first found, and I do recall tracing the Brittany Levine's to Vannes. But the Dol Alans (Vilaine) also came to use checks on a fesse, and Boyds are said to be a branch of those Alans. I read that Gelduin of Dol's daughter married the Conteville line of Robert D'Avranches from Ferte-MACE, where Bellamys of PERCHE married too. This can explain why Shaw-related Chesters (Derbyshire) share the Shield-and-Chief colors of Vilaine's (look to be putting the Mazzo/Mazzoni / Pembroke griffin upon the Chief).

Italian Botters are exactly where I trace Massar-branch Mass(e)y/Macey liners. But I had indication that Italian Botters named the Bautica river, and therefore the Bauts/Baux's that share the upright, white ram in the Arms of Finistere. Masseys are expected as kin of the Lys tributary of the Bautica. And this river traced to the Flanders / Hainaut Baldwins, recalling that the Levi chevrons were used not only by the counts of Hainaut, but by Masnys...of Artois, where Lois' were first found along with Boulogne the Arms of which share red roundels with Tristans. "Masny" is highly expected from MASSINO-Visconti for obvious reason.

Twemlo's are said to descend from Malbanks, but Malbanks are also MILbanks. A Malbank is in the Marlborough write-up, and Marlborough's look like potential Marici / Mar(s) liners. The Malbank bend is in the colors of the Brison saltire while Brisons and Marlboroughs share the white pheon with Pilate's while Montbrison is near Mont Pilat and FIRMiny while Malbanks use a "firm" motto term. Mythical Tristan of Cornwall likely linked to mythical Gorlois of Cornwall, and Tristan was code for the Tristan surname (black wolf head) that shares the Marlborough pheon in both colors. It's likely that Marlboroughs were the Marleys from Morlaix of Finistere, and that MALbanks were of the Mauls/Morleys and Malls/Marlybone's.

If you're interested in more black wolves, which we saw with Leavell-related Louvieres', for one, we can look to the Salfords that come up as "Savard." Then, "The Gore-Booth Baronets are descended in the maternal line from the Salford branch of the ancient Booth family of Dunham Massey..." This is all new to me. I was searching for barons of Dunham-Masci and came across this Booth article. As the Salford/Savard Coat looks very much likable to the Busch Coat, SALfords look like Saluzzo liners. Wikipedia's writer, for one, says that the SALUVii Ligures may have been the Salyes, but here it's notable that SULLIVans (Tipperary) use the black boar too.

All of this is expected to be part of the Massy barons of Ireland. But before going there, let's look at this page of Hamon de Masci, a baron of that place around the time of the first Crusader invasion of Jerusalem. His Arms are shown with the Massey quadrants, but it's a version of the German Manner Coat, recalling that Mainys/Manys/Memes' (said to be from Masny) use a version of the Masny / Levi chevrons. It doesn't look coincidental that Manys/Memes' share the same cinquefoil of Potters, first found in the same place as Botters and Pawters/Porters that I trace to Proculus, son of Laevillus and Quade-liner Quadratilla. And while Botters use a perch, Perche was beside Mainy-like Maine.

It can be gleaned that the Arms at Hamon's page are those of Bowdens/Bodens too, for he died in Bowden. Bodens can be Bautica-river liners too. We then find potential link to Buttons/Bidens with Hamon's parents: "Guillaume de la Ferte-Mace, and Muriel De Copello." Copello's look like Capelli's sharing the chapeau of Buttons/Bidens, but I see the Kopple's/Kopples from the Mieszko mouse tower! I'm not at all familiar with Hamon's family, shame on me for being so long in looking at it. You can read that Ferte-Mace is at ORNE, and then the Button/Biden Crest uses HORNS." He married a daughter of Osbern de Sacey.

Miss Copello was married secondly to the father of Ranulphus de MESNil Warin, looking like a Masny line. Mr. Warin's father was Eudes-au-CAPEL, baron of La Haye, senechal of Normandy. Haye's (Holden / Aller escutcheon?) were first found in the same place as Buttars/Bitars and HAGars. Although it's not said to be rising as the Hamon falcon is, Haye's use the falcon while Falcons/FalCONTE's and the related Conte's share the crescent of Hage's/Hague's (Sola"). Hmm, my dream caused me to link Sola's / Solo's / Sole's to Hicks, and here the Hage's (same place as Hicks) are like the Hake / Hack variations of both Hykes surnames. Hage's are in Armstrong colors, and both use "inVICTus."

Warins evoke the Warrens sharing the Coat of Dol's Dure's/Durats, suspect with lords of Duras, and possibly the reason that I was at the DOOR of the car when I heard the voice speak to me. Scottish Dure's use the Coat of Cluns (same place as Dure's) and are therefore linkable to the FitzAlans of Clun (Shropshire), a branch of the Dol Alans. Clicking to German Warins, we may be upon the Ground/Cranne/Grent Chief. To refresh your memory, Grents were suspect from the kin of Honorius, himself linked to Valentinian, and here we can add that Cluns and Dure's were first found in the same place as Justine's and Wings/Winks.

Recall that while Miss Hicks was alone on the beach, she was worried about the driver "out and about," which suggested lines such as Odins. The latter were first found in the same place as Hicks, Hage's and Oddie's, the latter using the Hage saltire. It recalls that, at about age 12, Michael Oddie punched me hard in the face (as I was walking along) for no reason at all, in a bazaar incident. He was yelling, "Who did it / You did it." I had no idea what he was talking about, but I didn't do it whatever it was. German Michaels share the Zionist star of Hagars, in the colors of the Hage stars, and English Michaels share a wavy, gold fesse with Hicks. It looks like I took a hard one for you guys. I must have deserved it, anyway, for I was rejecting God at the time. The Face's trace to Fieschi's suspect with Feschs/VECHTens, like the "inVICTus" of Oddie-related Hage's. My guess is that Punch's use the Cameron bars, for Cams share nearly the Armstrong bars. Punch's were Linch's / Lince's too (Inch's / Ince's?) while Innis' use the Hagar / Hage stars in colors reversed.

The Osberns/Osberts are in the write-up of Deerings, first found in Kent, same place as Hamons. The Deering roebucks look linkable to the bucks of Hicks, and the Roebuck Coat (Kent) happens to share the Hick / DeMAINE fleur-de-lys. The English BUSH's once showed their black fesse in red, making it much like the RoeBUCK Coat. With a red fesse, the two spread eagles on that fesse become the same of the Cheshire Copells/Copenhalls! Excellent. In white, the Copell eagles are the Child eagles. The Bucks (share the antler with Hamons) are obvious kin of Conte's and Maschi-beloved Cone's. The Morinis' in the Deering write-up use two fesses colors reversed from the same of Manner-beloved Parrs.

The Birds (Cheshire) use a similar Coat to that of Roebucks / Bush's, while the other Birds share the Bouillon flory (colors reversed) while Osberns/Osberts share "bello" with the Bouillon motto. One could get the impression that Bellamys of Perche were Bouillons or Bouillon kin, especially as Bellamys use the Bell Shield. Godfrey de Bouillon was son of Eustace II, and while I trace the stag, and the Staggs, to the Stacey variation of Eustace's (stag), the Hamon-Crest antlers are said to be the "attires of a stag."

The other Roebucks (Faux mascle?) use a stork in Crest, symbol of the Oettingens (see Wikipedia on Oettingen-Oettingen) who trace to the Odins of Storkhouse (same place as Hicks), but then Ottingers/Otins (Bavaria, same as Oettingen-Oettingen) use quadrants in colors reversed from the Bowden quadrants.

In seeing these out-like terms, I wonder whether, "out and about, maybe," can be for BOWDen liners, for Maybe's share the tiger with Osberns/Osberts. As per "maybe chasing other WOMEN," it strikes me here that the Parr Crest has "A WOMAN's head and shoulders, dressed in blue, wearing a wreath of red and silver roses." The Hick-Crest buck wears a chaplet, same idea as a wreath, and the shoulder can identify not-bad with Shultz's (Hamon star?) that use the Chives / Hykes/Hack quadrants, in half the colors of the Ottinger / Bowden quadrants. The Hamon Crest as a "falcon RISING" for a trace to Cavii at the Risinum theater.

Parrs can be of the Peare's/Pearls/PEARS (Hick colors), first found in the same place (Oxfordshire) as the PEAR-using and about-suspect Abbots! That works, especially as the Hamon motto starts with "Per" while Peare's/Pears share black stars with Hamons. This recalls that Christine Peare was on one of the CHOReography stages along GORlois-suspect Louise Phillips, and we just saw that the Booth-GORE merger went back to barons of Hamon's Dunham-Masci location. I, a Masci, was on another stage right beside them, all three of us in a MALL while Malls/Marlybone's (same place as Dunham-Masci) share the quadrants in the Arms at Hamon's webpage above.

Peare's/Pears were first found in the same place as Purys suspect in the "Pour y" motto phrase of Maness'/Manners, and using stars in colors reversed from the Hamon stars. The black Pury martlets are shared by Mens-related Glenns / Glenys and Clubs. The link of Hamons to Clovis-liner Clubs reminds of the time when first realizing that Masci's could be using the fleur-de-lys of France said to be from Clovis. At that time, I wondered how closely Masci's were to Clovis, but could not make the link close until realizing that Basina was from Julia Maesa's line to the Bessin's proto-Meschins. This should explain why Bowdens use the lion of Ranulph le Meschin inside a besant, looking much like the FOOT inside the sun of Blonds. I always trace Foots and Fothes' to le-Meschins son, Ranolph de Gernon, and "Gernon" was part of Eustace II, though his Wikipedia article has the term wrongly defined.

The "rimini" term buried in the Hamon motto is what indicates the Maschi's of Rimini, but moreover the Hamon Coat reflects that of Avranches-liner Branch's. Again, the Arms at Hamon-de-Massey's page is that of German Manners who throw in the savage (with a CLUB) for the Cheshire Savage's (Quint lion paw). We can assume that the Maness variation of English Manners is linkable to Mancini's because the Hamon line is known to go to Blundville's while Mancini's use the same bars (almost) as Blonds/Blunds, the latter sharing the sun with Hamons. A Hamon link to Mancini's is important to link baron Hamon de Massey to the baron Massy line at Monaco, said by an article above to be from the Mancini/Mazzarini elements discussed.

The Arms of Mancini-Mazzarini (Este colors) share the Fieschi-suspect fasces symbol with the Assi's, and the latter are said to be a branch of Osbern-possible Oswalds that use the Manner savage stacked with code work, including: "...bay leaves, a sheaf of arrows on his sinister shoulder and holding a bow with the sinister hand, with the dexter hand pointing to a gold comet in dexter chief". Dexters (probably the Assi weight scale) are Parr kin. Again, the Osborn-related Morinis' in the Deering write-up are probably with the Parr bars in colors reversed.

I accidentally entered "Azzi" just now to find the surname first found in Fermo, excellent for tracing Assi's to Fermo's founder of Este. The writer of the Azzi page didn't have the curtesy to mention Azzo of Este. This evokes 666 lover, and an epitome of spiritual idiots, Ozzie Osborn of Black Sabbath. Osborns share the quadrants of Jewish Aarons/Arens while Arundel-related Rundels were first found in the same place as Osborns. Arundels rulers were the FitzAlans of Clun, and while Arundels use swallows, Swale's (said to marry Gaunts) use essentially the same fesse as Dols and Ghents. Swale's ("ESTO") not only held GRENTon in Swaledale, but were at Stainley Hall, suggesting the Stains/Stands of Yorkshire, where Hicks were first found that are suspect with Crauns/Crane's, likely a branch of Cranne's/Grents. Excellent.

We can trace Fieschi liners back to Tullia of Auvergne where Fisks share the PYRamid with Tulls/Toole's. This is a great place to indicate that the stars of "Per"-using Hamons are called mullets while the Hamon chevron has "pean" ermine, for Peans bring up Payens that share the Mullet stars. The Molet variation of Mullets (Auvergne) suggests the Moline-liner Molays, who made it to grand master of the Templars (around 1300) after Hugh de Payens was the first such leader in about 1100, the time roughly of Hamon's death, and the year exactly of the death of Godfrey de Bouillon.

Seeking what the PYRamid might be code for, the Pire's/Pirrys were found using nothing but pears in colors reversed from the Pollock saltire, and first found in Aberdeenshire, same as Reids/Reeds. The latter must connect, even as the bend of Pierre's does, to Petro-of-Rieti as he goes to Peter Pollock. Pierre's use "Arme POUR le roi," suggesting a Pury / Peare/Pear branch. The Pierre motto tends to reveal that Roi's/Roys use the Peter / Pierre bend, which begs whether Scottish Roi's/Roys (beside the first Scottish Pollocks) are using the Rita / Pool lion. Feasibly, Roi's could be Roe's / Rows / Roets of some kind. I can see how Rows trace to Vespasian in at least three ways.

Time to get to the baron Massy of Ireland of much later times. Here's a genealogy of Hugh Massy in case you'd like it. Hugh's brother was Eyre Massy of Clarina = County Clare from Strongbow Clare of Pembroke. Hugh's wife was Elizabeth Evans, and Evans' are listed with Avons while Mazzo-suspect Pembroke's are said to be from Avon. The Evans/Avon Crest is the same stag, with an unidentified object at its throat, as Eustace's (Artois) and Arthur-related Hurts/Horts.

The wife of Eyre Massy was Catherine Clement. Recalling the Gore-Booth merger from Hamon-Massey, we now find that Catherine's sister, Alice, married Ralph Gore. Note Eyer Evans on the page below along with Southwells, who can be using the ram in the Arms of Cardiff:

[Hugh Massy] was appointed High Sheriff of County Limerick for 1739 and was a Member of the Irish House of Commons for Limerick County between 1759 and 1776. Subsequently he represented Old Leighlin until 1777.

In 1776 he was raised to the Peerage of Ireland as Baron Massy, of Duntrileague in the County of Limerick. Lord Massy died in January 1788 and was succeeded in the barony by his son Hugh.,_1st_Baron_Massy

The first Rothschild lived in the days of the first Hugh. The latter must have married twice, for the article on his son says the son's mother was Mary Dawson. The Dawsons with "lodged stag" are said to be from a Bradford location in Yorkshire's Morley, recalling the Mauls/Morleys that share the Tailbois scallops. That should explain the talbot in the Dawson Crest. Bradford and Morley are in Biereley, and the Bierleys bring up Brierlys/Briarleys, first found in Cheshire, same as Malls/Marlybone's and of Ivo Taillebois' son-in-law. The other Dawsons were first found in WestMORLAND, recalling the Morley-Morland relationship.

It just so happens that while I trace Walerans to the Quade Coat, the latter shares the black-on-white wolf head of Bradfords ("Fier et sage") while Walerans are said to be of BRADfield. For the record, especially if Mr. Skeetz is still reading, Irish Colers use the Morley / Morland symbol.

The second Hugh Massy "served as High Sheriff of County Limerick in 1765. He was elected to the Irish House of Commons as the Member of Parliament for Askeaton in 1776 and sat until 1783....He married Catherine Taylor, the daughter of Colonel Edward Taylor [probably Taillebois branch] and Anne Maunsell, in September 1760. They had eight children. He was succeeded by his son, also Hugh." There we have the Mangel/Mansel bloodline expected from the Manx peoples on the Isle of man, bringing us way back to king Maccus' family. Mangels/Maunsells use the same falcon design as Haye's, and call it a "falcon rising proper." To refresh your memory, if anyone actually cares: "Miss Copello [mother of Hamon de Massey] was married secondly to the father of Ranulphus de MESNil Warin, looking like a Masny line. Mr. Warin's father was Eudes-au-CAPEL, baron of La Haye..."

The 10th baron, David Harmon Somerset Massy, lives today. The Somerset surname is said to use the Arms of France together with the Arms of England. Why should Somersets get such a grand distinction? In the Somerset Crest: "...portcullis with chains."

I didn't realize until now that Mangels/Maunsells have two motto terms in honor of Honorius and/or Honore Grimaldi! Excellent. The areas ruled by this family are where Kelly-related Hillens were first found. Wikipedia adds: "The [baron-Massy] family seat was Killakee House, near Rathfarnham, County Dublin." KILLakee? The first Kellys/Killia's are said to be from south of Dublin.

The "HonoRANTes" motto term of Mangels/Maunsells (Glamorgan) strongly confirms that the triple chevron in the Arms of Cardiff are those of Rants/Rynds, for Cardiff is in Glamorganshire. I suggest that the Rant/Rynd lion is the Leigh/Legh/Lee and Ranolph-le-Meschin lion.

Reading on the 6th baron Massy, he was fabulously wealthy, but went bankrupt, roughly, and the entire estate was ruined in the time of his descendants. The article below tells that, after World war I, the authorities had to carry Hugh HAMON Massy out on his mattress (he was refusing to be evicted for unpaid mortgage), and that his Killakee house was torn down before his eyes. He ended up a little like me, gathering firewood in the woods, the simple, healthy life, lucky guy. Previously, he seems to have been a show-off with his cars, as if a nice car makes the man.

Here's the Massy baronets with Dillon middle names while Dillons (Strongbow allies) share the Massin/Mason motto. "Sir Hugh Dillon Massy, 1st Baronet...was first elected to the Irish House of Commons as the Member of Parliament for Limerick City in May 1761...He married Elizabeth Stacpoole, daughter of George John Baptista Stacpoole and Mary Massy..." Stackpools look to be using the Stack / Stock lions that I see as the Montfort / Marano/Mauritano lion. The Stacks are said to have been recruited from Bath to join Strongbow's forces, and that reveals the Bath lion as the Stack lion.

The second baronet by the same name married Sarah Hankey, and while Hankins are in the Hankey write-up, the "hanks of cotton" of English Cottons looks applicable because Hankins use the fretty of French Cottons/Cotta's in half its colors. Hankeys use a white-wolf version of the white-tiger Maybe's.

I want to know who killed Grace Kelly, and I'd like the culprit(s) punished. Who killed princess Diana? Charles? What about judge Scalia? I'll wait to see what the Lord does about these events. The sleeping-bag dream had a hill pointing to the Killens (Mayo) that use the Hill tower, and then there are the Killakee-like Killecks of KILNwick. I was convinced that the sleeping-bag dream was about Poindexter's Order of Saint Hubertus cultists, and the death of Scalia, but here I can see that Grace Kelly's killers are likewise in the sleeping-bag dream. MacKillens can easily form from Hillens.

Early in this update, Joe Fix was leading me to the killer of Diana, and it brought me to the Mane(y)/Mannez/Manet surname sharing the spread Fix eagle, which happens to be in colors reversed from the same of Kelners/Kilnore's. When we go to Kellers, there are eagles in the colors of the eagles (different design) of Thans. Yet Joe Fix and Le Van Thanh have to do with Diana. not Grace Kelly now tracing to Killakee elements. On the other hand, I took Maney-line Mamie to Joe Fix's coffee shop in my taxi while Tax's/Dachs share crossed, long, white swords with Fix-possible Feschs/Vechters. It's confusing, as though all three murders were from the same group. Huberts are overwhelmingly Cheshire elements. One could fathom Massy elements in the house of Windsor with globalists at its fingertips. Windsors are kin of Gore's from way back.

Memes'/Mannys use a vertically-split Shield in the colors of the same of Latins and Hunters, and Saint Hubert had a hunting symbol. Might Latins have been a branch of Ladds?

Thans don't necessarily need to be of Le Van's surname, as long as God has arranged Thans to be useful. They use a version of the Constantine Coat, and Helena, mother of Constantine, has a name like Killens, Hillens, etc. The Constantine's use the Jeune fleur, which are essentially those of June's, and I trace June's to the Una river while Le Van Thanh drove a Fiat UNO. As I said, Joe Fix was working the Lada dealership when I went in, and Lada modeled their cars on certain Fiats. To top it off, Jeune's use their fleur-de-lys in colors reversed from those of Fix's. There are quite a lot of "coincidences" going on here. It sure makes Le Van Thanh look guilty, as about half the world thinks, anyway. Le Van's/Levans/Vannier'suse the same fleur as Fix's and Thans. It makes me think that God wants to speak to some policeman / police force through my events with Joe Fix. Come on, someone pick up the hammer and nail this thing. The Le Van lion is very possibly the Arms-of-Ghent lion, for the Arrows/Arras', with the same fleur as Fix's and Le Vans/Vannier's, are from/of the Artois capital, near Ghent. Ghents use the Than eagles in colors reversed. Can you believe this? Dutch Ghents use a wavy fesse that, in colors reversed, is the wavy fesse of Fix's, in the blue color of my Lada.

Recall that the murderers were reckoned with Morleys and Morlands, for the Morlands (Westmorland) use the same fleur as Fix's, etc., while Levan-like Levins were first found in Westmorland. the ones above, they use fleur-de-lys. Thans were first found in the same place as Colchester (birthplace of Helena. mother of Constantine), which Colchesters use the colors and format of Levens/Lewins (same place as Sleeps), looking like they use the Car chevron in colors reversed.

Huntingdon is in Cambridgeshire (beside Colchester), and the Arms of Cambridgeshire County uses an "uno" motto term. Fix-like Figs were first found in Cambridgeshire. I feel sure that the Frocks/Froggs in the Grimaldi write-up apply to Figs and Foggs.

Grace Kelly's sister became Elizabeth LeVine by marriage. The Windsors trace to FINIStere elements. French Levine's are said to be from Brittany's Haute Morays, which place I cannot find. The Rennes-suspect Raines' use the same lion as Le Vans/Venniers; the latter are highly suspect with FINIS'/Fiens and Gaunt-related Fiens/Vans. The Brests/Brix's out of Finistere use three lozenges in colors reversed from the same in the Chaff Chief, and so ask whether Chaffs are Caiaphas liners in-code in the Le Van/Vennier write-up: "The French surname name Levan is derived from the Old French word 'vanier,' which referred to someone employed to blow the CHAFF from WHEAT, a practice known as winnowing." Scottish Chappes' use "ears of WHEAT." And Wheats/Wete's are in Coffer colors. I don't think these names have anything to do with chaff. Why was Mr. Fix a Joseph by first name?

In May of 2013, I was looking for Haute Morays, and got articles on a Rioth family going back to Haute Morays. The genealogy shows a Pierre Rioth, smacking of Peter Pollock at Rothes castle in Moray. The article is no longer active:;jsessionid=0E73ABFAF99F3C0BFA13BFAA1E4FCE6F

The Map of Sion

Did God steer the murderers to do it in a tunnel for linking to the Tunnel/Tunno surname as a clue here. It uses a vertically-split Shield in colors reversed from the TRANS/Trent Shield, and WALSh's use a "TRANSFIXus" motto. Just compare the Tunnel Coat with the Arms of WALLIS canton and the Arms of Sion. The Sions/Swans once used gauntlet gloves (now show falconer's gloves), the Fien/Van symbol. The Sions swans use the swan in the colors of the same of Cambridge's.

If you see the map I'm seeing at the Google page below, note that just outside the municipal borders of Sion, there is a Fix-like Vex location, as well as a Mase location that gets the Masseys, as well as a GRIMisuat location. Inside the border there is a Domaine de Iles (Iles-de-France connection?), and while there is a Domain surname bringing up the Dunhams suspect with Dunham-Massey, the Tunno variation of Tunnels can indicate a Dunn liner. One Dunn Coat uses the same spread eagle as Spence-like Spinks, and another Dunn surname (beside the Fife Spence's) uses a spread eagle in colors reversed from the Fix eagle. Near Vex and on the Sion border, there is a VEYsonnaz location while Veys/VIVians use a Coat linkable to Fife's. "VeySONNaz" may be an allusion to "Sion," and there is a Sonn surname with "A falcon standing on a lure." I've traced the "standing on a perch" eagle of Botters to the Ardons, and there is an Ardon location showing to the west side of the border of the Sion municipality. As Falcons are clearly connected to Sion while being kin of Conte's, note the Conthey location at the Sion border.

The Genava/Genova surname shares upside-down white wing with Diens/Dine's/Dives suspect with Diva, an alternative name of Chester. Dunham-Massey is in the Chester county, and Cheshire's use a lure too. It's purple, as is the Vey/Vivian lion, itself suggesting linkage to the Meschin-Skipton marriage. Genoa is also "Genova" while Sion is not far upriver from lake Geneva. These are good, preliminary reasons for tracing Grimaldi's of Genoa to Sion. I've already traced Mace-related Bellamys to HARVeys and Garveys (Perche chevrons) suspect at the ARVE river into lake Geneva.

The Grone location beside Sion has a surname with a Chief a little like the Ground/Cranne/Grent Chief, and Grone's put "knights helmets" there while being first found in the same place as Knights (and Sonns). The Grone Crest is an arm holding a gauntlet, explaining why Sions/Swans once showed that symbol. It recalls that the wavy fesse of Fessy-suspect Fix's is possibly the Ghent fesse, and that Ghents can be of Genoa's Fieschi. There is a Nax location just outside the Sion border, evoking "PoligNAC." There is a Pully location on the north shore of lake Geneva.

With Grone near Grimisuat and Mase, it allows one to cite the Crone's with half the Grimaldi Chief, as well as the Crone's/Crooms with the Massey fleur. The latter Crone's (same place as Childs) use the colors and format of the Child Coat, and Childs are exactly expected with the Maesa line. As Maesa's sister was Domna, the DOMAINE location may apply to her. In fact, her son, Caracalla, can trace to Carricks that share the black talbot with the Spink Crest, not forgetting that while Domains are listed with Dunhams, Dunns share the same eagle as Spinks.

The Crone lozenges are like the fretty Shield of NOWELLs/Noels while the NOBELs are expected to have named Mont-Noble just outside the Sion border. Mont-Noble is beside Vex, a term like "Vaux," and then the Vaux's use a Shield of checks in the colors of the Crone lozengy and Nowell fretty. Nowells use a "suum" motto term while Sonns are also Soams/Somes' (falcon) while Some's bring up Sions/Swans... suspect with the Macey chevron. The Coat of Sonns/Soams (same place as Child-related English Charles') looks linkable to French Charles' and Martels. French Martels were first found in the same place as Polastron. French Noels use a near copy of the Conte Coat (shares the Martel crescent), but see also La Bels. These latter Conte's were first found in the same place as French Veys (only CINQUEfoils) while VeySONNaz could be a Vey-Sonn line.

Sonns/Soams were first found in the same place as Diss'/DICE's and share their colors and format, recalling the 666-suspect dice of five-liner Quintana's married by Christian Louis Grimaldi de Massy of Monaco. The Cornwall Veys/VIVians can be linked to five-like Fife's and Five's/Fifys. Dutch Veys (suspect with Morgan le Fay of Bute) use a boot, and Massey/Masse symbol, and Glass' were first found in BUTEshire. The Vais variation of French Veys may indicate the Vase variation of Fessys/Face's. Saint Quentin is on the SOMME river, shocking. It's not far from the Sion-like Seine river through Paris.

Here's a Nowell-like location: "...Diane Adelaide Zephirine Mancini, herself a granddaughter of the Duke of Nevers and the Duke of Noailles." Repeat from the last update as pertains to the sleeping-bag dream that I thinks speaks on murderers:

I didn't get round to reading the Morley write-up slowly. The latter part says that had a seat at MEARley, granted by Mr. Rous to a Stephen de Merley, whose daughter married Adam de Nowell [in the Roosevelt write-up]. Then, when we enter "Mear," we get one of the two ermined-white fesses of Sleeps, and to help prove that Mears were from Mearley, Mears share water bougets with Rous-like Rose's. This must be what the dream pertains to, and the line goes, for one, though Nowells / Noels.

German Nolls, with Masci colors and expected to use the Masci wing, can be sharing the two wings of Jewish Glass', evoking Miss Glassl, Hitler's step-mother. It recalls president Roosevelt assisting Adolf Hitler. I can't recall whether William Hitler (Adolf's nephew) was a son of Miss Glassl, but may have been. Scottish Glass' share the mermaid with Massins/Masons while the latter's lion can be that of Rantons, for Nowells are said to be of Ranton (recalls the Rants suspect with the lion of Ranulph le Meschin). English Nolls share the white elephant with Grounds/Cranne's/Grents. If this is a line from Gironde, note that a second Polignac location is near Gironde.

Polignac-suspect and Pully-related Pollocks had removed to the Glasgow area, and Sions/Swans were first found in neighboring Lanarkshire. Lanarks share the heart with Sions/Swans. This Polignac location is in the land of Sainte and its Santones, and while Sinclairs come up as "Saint," as well as Sonn-like "Sun," they are said to be from WALDERness, count of Saint Clare, a term like the Walsers (share mermaid with Glass'), known to be from Wallis canton. The English Conte's/Comitissa's and/or French Conte's/Comites' are in the Sinclair motto.

It very-much appears that the Grimaldi's and Masseys were in Sion. I've never before examined / treated this Sion map. As I claim that "Valais/Wallis developed to/from the Glass surname (same stars as Wallis and Sion), note the Vetroz location near Conthey, for the Italian for "glass" is, vetro. "VETroz" may have developed from Vito's from Avitus, Maesa's husband. Vito's were first found in Treviso, the line, perhaps, to the Trevors, first found in the same place as Childs (and Tudors) who in-turn use the colors and format of Tudors, the latter using helmets on red, same with the Grone Chief. It I'm correct with the Tudor trace to Bouillon-related Taddei's, it speaks to me of the Order of Sion to which I think Godfrey de Bouillon belonged. The Grone's use two helmets in chief, in the very colors of the two crosses in the Taddei Chief.

AHA! The Grone piles are called pennants while Pennants share the Trevor Coat exactly!!!

In the Trevor write-up, Tudor Trevor is said to be the lord of Maelors, recalling the Meillers/Mailors that merged with the Grimaldi's of Monaco. he is also said to have been the lord of Wittington while WITTINGtons (beside Brights of Cheshire) use what looks like the Macey Shield, for the Tattons are said to have married WITHENshaw-Massys. The "aude" motto term of Wittingtons can be for Aude's, first found in Savoy along with Masseys/Masse's that share the Tatton crescents.

Note that Wittingtons use the Coat of BROGitarus-like Brights, for the Brogit-like Froggits ("A Parrot feeding on a bunch of cherries") share a blue Shield with Wittingtons (Derbyshire, same as Froggits). It's been shown that the Bunch's use lozenges in the colors of the Grimaldi / Reno lozenges suspect with Rainier Grimaldi, but the Cherry's (Derbyshire), I've only-now noticed, use the Vito/Vido annulet! The Cherry Coat is a reflection of that one used by neighboring Shirts, and the latter use "inVIDia." The Grimaldi write-up has a "frock" term that can be code for annulet-using Frocks/Froggs, but the latter use the Coat nearly of Fix-like Figs and Foggs.

I didn't know that Fade's/Fatmore's (in the Cheney motto) come up as "Feet." The Feets use a version of the Bunch fesse, suggesting that "feeding on a bunch" is part-code for Feets. The Bunch's share the fleur of Hicks while Hicks and Feets were both first found in the same place. The Feet Coats even look linkable to martlets of Charlotte's/Charles'. The Bunsche variation of Bunch's suggests the Bush's/Buschs, and as Busca is in PIEDmont, note that this latter term is said to mean, "foot of the mountain," or Foot Mountain." Feets, Bunch's and the old-showing Bush's share the red-on-white fesse with Futters/Fotys (Angus). There are a lot of martlets in this paragraph, and while I thing Fullers definitely have a motto that loves Futters, Pullys/Pullens (martlets) are also Pullers. The latter were first found in the same place as Anne's (and Feets), and Pully is a location at LausANNE.

Anne's are Hanne's while Annas' share the Angus star, which we can see in the Futter Chief. Annecy is a location near lake Geneva. It's Foot-interesting that the Mancini-related lords of Duras were also of Durfort while Durforts are also DeFAUTE's. Levi's love the Seconds in their motto while the Second/Segur Coat looks much like the Durfort Coat. Durforts (Gascony) connect to Gascony's Polastron and/or Polignac locations, and while one Polignac was in the land of Santones, the Seconds/Segurs were in the land of related Lemovices.

The Feet link to Hicks here recalls that the dream with Charlotte Hicks was again in view when this was said: "Parkinsons/Perkens share the ostrich feathers of Feathers, making Feathers/Fedders suspect with Cars."

Let's for the moment view the beautiful blond, hovering in the car and roughly asleep, as a symbol for Diana's crash, where she survived in the car. Both Charlotte and Diana had the actress look about them. I was walking toward the car with my jeans on, and the driver of Diana's car was HENRI Paul, son of JEAN Paul. We then find that while the man in the Fiat looks like a Levi / Levine liner, Marguerite Felice de Levis was married to Jacques HENRI de Durfort, duke of Duras, now suspect with the door of the car in my dream. Marquerite Levis' son was JEAN Baptiste, duke of Duras (assumed son of Henri). Note that both spellings are "Henri."


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