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May 1 - 8, 2017

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The Marriage of Grace Kelly to Royal Monaco

For a reader hopping into an update for the first time, there is not much I can say in an introductory paragraph to explain everything needed before proceeding. The only readers able to follow are those taking the time needed to get a solid idea of the entire scope. It is probably impossible to follow unless the heraldic Coats are loaded and viewed. It would be helpful to have a photographic memory, or to at least spend some time to get to know Coats, and to understand what I'm saying about them. I did the work over years to be able to present to you the relevant Coats, and you need only decide whether I am correctly interpreting the evidence and the codes. It is far best that you load Coats on a separate browser(s) rather than clicking back and forth from the update page. It might take longer for one to read an update than the week it takes me to write it, but that's what it'll take for a solid understanding of what I'm doing. I know that few have the time to follow this in that way. My hope is...actually, I should have no such hopes as I should just allow God to do what He wants with this. One of my goals at this time is to discover the parent(s) of Josephs Caiaphas, and in the meantime to prove that heraldic masters and leading Templar families knew that all of heraldry had, at its foundations, Caiaphas and his circle of Christ killers. These updates are jot-down format (sub-titles don't usually reflect the roaming topics well) making it hard / impossible to have a pre-plotted storyline. I'm no longer doing final proof-reads, please excuse the imperfections / mistakes. Ever since I decided to use apostrophes only after surnames ending in vowels, I started to catch myself using apostrophes before the 's' of pluralized words, making it appear that I need to return to primary grammar school.

If ever you'd want to check a description in the Coat of Arms, type the surname at this page:

I'm not taking email at this time, here's why. I apologize to all having left email, as I can't even mail you to inform you. I may never be able to use the Yahoo email account again. We'll need to wait and see whether Yahoo changes its policy.

This update opens on the premise that, as per roughly the last half of last month, the line of Caiaphas goes through Tullia of Clermont-Ferrand to the Germanic rulers of Canossa in northern Italy, out of Lucca and into Parma, Placentia, Brescia, Bergamo, and other areas. This addition to that topic comes by finding the Quade wolf heads in the Atto surname, as per: "Adalbert Atto (or Adalberto Azzo) (died 13 February 988) was the first Count of Canossa and founder of that noble house." Atto was the son of Sigfried of Lucca, a Lombard suspect with Ottone Visconti of Milan. The good guess is that, as the house of Canossa was empowered by the Germanic emperors of the house of Otto, the Ottone name should apply, and "Atto" may be an Otto variation.

Aside from Atto's using the Quade / Mackay wolf heads, Italian Alberts (Bologna), looked up to see whether they were from Albert Atto at topic, share the white-on-blue annulet with Ottone's/Otto's. And the Alberts put chains to their annulet, while the Quade wolf heads come with chains. We have a story. Open they big mouth, O heraldic monster, and let it all pour out.

There are all sorts of clues as to where this house links. As one example, the Arms of Bergamo are in typical Burg / Burg colors, and moreover Spanish Burgos' share a giant and white annulet with Italian Alberts. John de Burgo traces was the great-grandfather of Hugh Lupus, a good place for tracing the Atto wolf heads. And while Albert Atto founded Attonids, the Atton surname gets the Hattons where we find Hugh Lupus mentioned along with a Coat using the Arms-of-Cheshire garbs. As Wolfs/Welfs were first found in Cheshire, we can expect Canossa elements with both Welfs and Este's. Therefore, we keep eyes out for those houses as we continue.

Attons were first found in Cheshire along with Otone's, albeit the latter are shown properly as Oltens.

The last update claimed that French Dominics (same place as Conte's) are using the Annas star while linking to Annecy, and perhaps also Nancy in Lorraine. The split Dominic Shield, with white star on the top half, is virtually identical to the Coat of German Alberts. The only difference between the two Coats is that Alberts use an eight-pointed star, but then so do English Dominics. the I'm not yet sure of the full meaning, but I had found the Dominic Shield to be shared by Schwerins, from Mecklenburg's Schwerin location, where one can expect Lombards before they reached the Milan area. And here the colors of the horizontally-split Dominic and Albert Shields are those of the vertically-split Shield of Bergamo.

Of the cities controlled by Canossa before Templar times, three that I've see so far use vertically-split Shields without symbols. The Halton entity in the Atton/Hatton write-up uses a vertically-split Shield in the colors of the same of German Dominics. These are the colors of the Otone/Olton quarters, and the latter puts an upright lion on the quarters, as do the Haltons on their halves. The Otone/Olten lion is in the colors of the same of the Yorkshire Odins (share white horse with Este Shield). The Halton lion is in the colors of the same of French Alberts.

The chains of Italian Alberts are said to form a saltire, and it happens to be in the colors of the saltire of Oddie's, first found in Yorkshire with Odins. Plus, the Odins use the crozier while the Arms of Chalons-sur-Marne, home of Mummolin, is the Scottish Crozier Coat. French Croziers were first found in Auvergne, location of Clermont-Ferrand.

The Dance's, first found in Yorkshire along with the dance-like Dents, use the black horse head once showing for the Este Crest. Danny, the brother of Dominic Diphilipi, caused me to find another Dance surname I've not know, with the Danny surname, said to be from, D'Anizi, an Annecy-like term. The upright Danny/Dance/Dancie lion is also the Otone/Olton lion. Dominic and Danny Diphilipi got suspect with God's revelation using some of their family details, and as such I expect both names to trace to Philip of Macedon (last update gives some compelling details).

The Otone's/Oltons can be reckoned from Canossa because the Canossa dog is used by Fortuna's while English Forts use quadrants in the colors of the Otone/Olten quadrants. The upright Otone/Olten lion is even in the colors of the upright Canossa (and Deeter) dog. Forts (same place as Haltons) are in Halton colors. English Fortune's were first found in East Lothian, same as the Halton-like Haldens (another gold griffin) with the motto, "Suffer," like "Severus / Saffer/Savary." The Fortune looks to be cleverly using a motto for Taddei's/Taddeo's, same place as Fortuna's.

I trace Haldens to ODA of HALDENsleben (Germany), wife of Mieszko I, duke of Masovia, where the dukes shared the red-on-white wyvern dragon of Drake's, the latter first found in Hampshire, where Cnut attacked the Saxons when he came to England. Cnut was a son of Mieszko's daughter, but I don't recall whether she was the daughter of Oda Haldensleben. In any case, Saffers share the unicorn head with Cnuts and the neighboring Leavell-related Pierce's. It begs the question on whether Mieszko II LAMBERT was named after Lombards. Lamberts were first found in the same place as Atto's.

The Buttons were first found in the same place as same-colored Drake's. The Norman-line dentist in my dream, symbol for Dents, was laughing at my red buttons when driving me home in his CAR, and Cars use a "sed" term for Sedburgh, I gather, for that's where Dents are said to be from. Irish Carrs use ESToiles in the colors of the Este eagle and the Hugh-Lupus wolf head, which is the wolf head (same colors) as the Yorkshire Scarfs. Scottish cars share the chevron of Dogs, and as Dogs are in the colors of the count-of-Canossa dog, it tends to trace Cars to something of Canossa, and that suggests Massa-Carrara, beside Lucca. The Car motto could include the Serio river flowing in Lombardy from the Swiss-border area toward Creme / Cremona.

As Witherspoons figured large in the last update while tracing to the formation of Herods as I see it, I'll get them involved here by saying that they were first found in the same place as Scottish Lombards, and that the Witherspoon cross is that of Berks/Burghs, in the colors of the Burg moline. The lozenge at the center of the Witherspoon cross is colors reversed from the lozenges of Dutch Bergs and Reno's, and the Witherspoon lozenge is white, as is the Dent lozenge. Witherspoons entered the last update with Michael and PHILLIP Witherspoon who stood as code for the 666 bloodline that I see from the Mucianus / RasMussen bloodline.

The dentist laughed at my red buttons, but I got the last laugh when discovering (last update) that Laughs/Loughs were Leavell = Lupus Laevillus liners. The Caiaphas line I spoke of in opening this update is now fairly established as going though Lupus Laevillus, who lived right to be Caiaphas' grandson. The Quade's were important because Laevillus married Quadratilla, daughter of Quadratus Bassus. Therefore, if Atto's are from Albert Atto of Canossa, it traces the Laevillus-Quadratilla line to the founder of Canossa.

The Dominics were knew as of the last update, and as we see here that they connect very well to Alberts, and as they are suspect with the Annas star, we need to add that Israel's high priest, fellow-killer of Jesus along with Caiaphas, was Annas. That's what we're talking about, and this is why God used many events and friends in my life to lead me to this. But, He's leading you here, right? Yes, for he didn't do all that work just for me.

It hasn't been many months since it dawned on me that Nancy in Lorraine was a name related to nearby Annecy. I did not check the Annecy-suspect Danny surname, in the last update, until after telling that Dominic's mother was, Nancy. By that time, Dominic's father, the farmer, figured large toward historical 666 liners. Farmers trace to the Apsus river, home of the city of Antipatria/Antipater, the same name as Antipater of Macedonia. He lived near in time to Philip of Macedonia.

Levi's (compare with Philips/Philben Chief), Caepio-suspect Capone's, Phillips, and Dutch Pole's all use a black lion with gold crown, but I've just found another with Longo's, where we find Filippo Longhi in the write-up. Longo's were looked up because Lombards were LONGObards too. Later in the write-up a LUCA Longhi evokes Lucca liners. Longo's were first found in the same place (Rome) as Luciano's and Quince-loving Sforza's. The Quint chevron and the June fleur are, I assume, with French Lombardys. English Longs use the Longhi lion in colors reversed.

English Alberts a giant griffin in the colors of the giant and sinister-facing wyvern dragon of Dannys/Dance's. It's a gold griffin, half the color of the same of Hangers, first found in the same place as wyvern Drake's, Buttons, POTters and Botters. Danish Cnuts use "POT hangers," we get it, but Lucca is where Italian Botters were first found so that one can spot a Canossa link to the Buttons too. They even share the same fesse as Dance's and Dents, just as though God knew what He was doing with the dream. And before the dentist drove me home, we were playing golf.

There is no Golf surname coming up, and this is why I figure that God wanted me to use the Guelphs as per the golf game. The Guelphs are also known as Welfs, and Wolfs/Welfs (more wolf heads) were first found in the same place as Hugh Lupus and the Attonid-like Attons. Attons are said to descend from a WULFrid of Halton, but the biggie for making the Atto-Atton link is where the Atto Coat is a reflection of the Vince coat while Vince's (griffins) and Attons share mottoes.

Griffins are suspect with the Griffin surname (they too use giant griffins). Although houseofnames has the Griffins first found in Ireland, they are known to have lived in Pomerania, the Schwerin area to which Dominics are being traced. Schwerin was home to Varni, explaining the WyVERN dragon of Danny's/Dance's. The interesting thing is that while Canossa ruled Brescia, where Val Trompia sits, Trumps/Tromps were first found in the same place as Schwerin. Dutch Tromps then use another vertically-split Shield.

The Deeters/Teters, sharing a white and upright dog with Canoga counts, were first found in Pomerania, and Deeters use Agrippa- and Griffin-like Grape's while the Grape surname shares the bend of Varns. I'm telling you this because the uncle of Julius Bassianus (150-200ish AD), suspect as a descendent of Quadratus Bassus (born 70 AD), was Mr. Agrippa (I think he had a Julius first name too). And DOMINic-like DOMNA Bassianus, daughter of this same Julius Bassianus, was an empress. We saw Yorkshire elements above. Yorkshire is where emperor Severus, Domna's husband, died. Severus' two sons were with him, together fighting the Picts, and we might imagine them having women and children in Yorkshire. One of the sons was Geta, like the Gate surname that shares a version of the Halton Coat while Halton is an entity in the Atton write-up. The other son, Caracalla, has been traced to Carricks who not only use another dog, but a DANCEtte.

So, the theory now is that Dominic Diphilipi is God's code for Domna Bassianus, mother of the two sons above. And Dance's were first found in Yorkshire with yet another vertically-split Shield, ditto for Gate's. And the dance lion heads are shared by Irish Farmers and Firmens, amazingly enough, but also by Love's/Luffs that are expected to be a branch of the Loughs variation of Laughs. The Dance's are the ones sharing the Button fesse, and as the Dance Crest has the black horsehead in the design once shown for the Este Crest, we laugh because Guelphs are known to have been a branch of Este's, who, by the way, were found by Atto-like Azzo of Farmer-like Fermo. Farmers/Fermers even use a version of the dance Coat.

So, this makes it all-the-more amazing that Dominic's brother should get yet another Dance surname. It the Atto wolf heads were red, the Coat would be a reflection of the Irish Farmer Coat. The Fiddle's, first found in the same place (Sussex) as Atto's, use three red wolf heads! And by the way, Atto's have variations that could suggest the Atheling Germanics (predated Atto of Canossa), suggesting that Atto may not have been an Otto liner, but an Aetheling. In colors reversed, the Fiddle wolves are in the colors of the Canossa dog. Welfs/Wolfs use a "Fides" motto term.

Dutch Fermo's (hearts) have a Vorm variation while Formans/Fermans use the dragon of Worms.

Love's/Luffs were first found in the same place (Essex) as Quints, Vere's, Muschats...and the Sledge's/Sleighs (owls) looked up as per the sledge hammer held by the savage of English Alberts. The Sledge/Sleigh Crest has a lion hold a gold fitchee cross, and the Quint Crest has a black lion paw holding a gold fitchee. Sledge's/Sleighs are said to have had some rule in Ash of Derbyshire, where their seat passed to CHEThams and later to Cottons!!! I don't remember seeing this before. Cottons are listed with Cotta's (Sledge colors), and Julius Caesar, whose mother was Aurelia Cotta,had a long affair with the granddaughter of Quintus Caepio, this being the line expected for Caiaphas' ancestry. Savage's share black lion paws with Quints, and English Alberts use the savage.

Tears just came to my eyes. I was saying, "oh no, no, please Lord no." I'll let you decide what this means. Before starting the paragraph above, while viewing the Sledge Coat, I noted that it was like the English Car Coat. As soon as I started the paragraph above, on the second word, it came to mind that a friend of mine, Mr. Luff, who attended my wedding, died last year in a CAR accident. I thought, I'm not going to say that to readers; I'm not going to suggest that God would have that take place for advancing this revelation. But when I got to the end of the paragraph, the Cottons were loaded, and while the Cotta's are with French Cottons, the English Cottons (Hanger-like hanks) appeared first. It just hit me in the face because I'm very familiar with both Carr Coats, and the Cottons use the colors and format of Irish Carrs. It brought me to unpleasant emotion, for the two Coats are almost identical.

English Cottons use "fortuna paraTUS." It looks like Aurelia Cotta traces to the counts of Canossa. Emperor Caracalla had an Aurelius name (Este colors), from birth I think. I trace him to the Charax middle name of Laevillus' son, Proculus.

I can't believe what just came to mind. I started to think of the Ray surname, because the man's name was Ray Luff. And then it hit me, as I was recalling that Rays use an escarbuncle (partly for buckle-using Buncle's), that the escarbuncle is used also by Hank-like Hangers. I don't know what to make of this. hangers are loved by Cnuts, that being a line from Mieszko I, and while Mieszko Lambert traces well to all three Lambert surnames, French Lamberts reflect to Cotton and Irish Carr Coats while English Lamberts share the chevron of English Carrs. This is perfect because I trace the Piast ancestry of Mieszko's to Pisa, beside Massa-Carrara, and where Mosca's were first found that are beloved in the motto of Masovia-liner Drake's. The problem is, Mieszko I was born around 930, roughly when Albert Atto was the Canossa count.

Another freaky think is that while I always link Presleys to Kerricks, the minister at the funeral home, who led the funeral, was an Elvis-Presley impersonator. Kerricks were first found in the same place as Attons / Otone's/Oltons / Savage's / Welfs/Wolfs, and share "paratus" with English Cottons. By all appearances, Aurelia Cotta's bloodline went through Caracalla to Carricks and Kerricks. But was she from Caracalla's father or Bassianus-liner mother? Bessins happen to share bees with German Biens while Carricks use the motto, "Garde BIEN."

[Atto] rose to prominence rapidly by sheltering Queen Adelaide in his castle at Canossa after she fled from the castle of Garda (951), where Berengar II had imprisoned her.

That seems to be a good way to explain the Carrick motto term. Adelaide then became the wife of Otto I of Germany.

So, what am I going to say, that God killed Ray Luff to make the links above? No, I will not say that. But then what shall I say? I don't know. Are those links coincidences? Can't Carricks be from Carians, as with Carrs? I trace the Masa Sea Peoples of Caria to Massa-Carrara, smack beside Lucca. Carrara's, in the colors of Italian Alberts, were first found in the same place as Italian Alberts. The Carrara's even use another vertically-split Shield, and these are in the colors of the Arms-of-Bologna quadrants. The "LIBERTAS" on the Arms is shared by Godfreys and Dino's, and while Bouillons share the cross of Taddei's, Dino's (share red Chief with Taddei's and Ferrands) are said to be from Taddeo Dini. Atto's son and heir was Taddei-possible Tadald.

Godfreys share virtually the griffin of Vince's (Hertfordshire), and Vince's are the ones sharing the Atton motto. Godfreys share the red-on-white lions heads shared by Farmers, Muscats, and Love's/Luffs. As Godfreys / Bouillons trace to at least the vicinity of button-using Tous'/Tosini's, it justified saying that Liebers (Silesia) share the same chevron as Buttons.

German Lamberts have been traced to ancient Luni, near Massa-Carrara. These Lamberts use the crescent of Luna's, first found in Milan = Lombardy. I have never regarded Mieszko Lambert as a Lombard, but here my blinders have been removed. He must have been a Canossa Lombard. Caria had the Helios-related moon goddess that can explain "Luni." The goddess was at Latmus, beside Clarus, and then there is a Charo/Claro surname that can apply both to Clarus Carians, and to the Claro's > Sinclairs.

The Lambert name in Tuscany was in the son of Guy: "Guy...was the son of Adalbert II of Tuscany with Bertha, daughter of Lothair II of Lotheringia. After the death of his father Adalbert II in 915, he was the Count and Duke of Lucca and Margrave of Tuscany " Adalbert Atto, whose family was in Lucca at that very time, was empowered by this same Lothair. Wikipedia calls Atto Lothair's vassal.

The Charo/Claro bull design is that of Boso's (Lombardy), likely from the Bosonids from a Boso of Italy. One such Boso, of Tuscany, was the grandson of Lothair II of Italy above. Boso's nephew succeeded him in Tuscany, and he was Hubert/Humbert, a suspect for the organizations bearing the name, Order of Saint Hubertus. "Hubert (or Humbert, Italian Uberto or Umberto; died c. 969) was the illegitimate son of King Hugh of Italy and his concubine Wandelmoda. He became Margrave of Tuscany in 936 and Duke of Spoleto and Margrave of Camerino in 943." I've already traced Guy of Spoleto to the buckle-using Guys and buckle-using Spoltons/Spauldings. The latter are said to be from Hugh Lupus' nephew, Ranulph le Meschin, both from Conteville's, the latter suspect from Bergamo's Canossa elements.

In the meantime, while Conteville's ruled Comines, the Comyn surname belonged to the mother of Adam Kilconquhar, husband of Marjory Carrick...who needs to trace to Lake Garda. Lombardy has a COMO location that can apply to Comyns/Comine's. The Como surname shares the arrow with Scottish Adams and English Bosons. The question arises as to whether Hugh Lupus was named after Hugh of Italy, Boso's brother. In any case, Huberts and Hubbards were both first found in Lupus' Cheshire, along with Spoltons/Spauldings and Buckle-related Buckleys (and a Bucklow location).

Just compare the arm with sleeve and cuff in the Hubert Crest with the same in the Como Coat! I think this nails the trace. Huberts and Hubbards use the Cough/Cuff / Hough/Hoff bend, and the latter may be throwing in the black wolf head of Atto's. These bends are all in the colors of the Humbard/Humber/UMBER colors, and Spoleto is in UMBRIA. It looks like England's Humber river is related to Spoleto's rulers. Coughs connect to Huberts and Hoffs via as Cough-Sale comparison.

English Guys may be with a version of the Ferrand cross.

Hubert of CURZON (Calvados) is in the Hubert write-up. Curzons use popinjays, but on the same-colored bend as Huberts / Hubbards.

It just so happens that the Order of Saint Hubertus is said to have roots in Holland's Cleve entity, and the Arms of Cleve uses a giant escarbuncle!!! Amazing coincidence. I'm now asking whether Ray Luff was murdered when someone arranged for his car to go out of control, for this was the suspicion of some when princess Diana died in the tunnel. Was it a remote-control murder where the steering was knocked out? Was the Order of Saint Hubertus responsible for Diana's death? The Cleve discussion was in the 1st update of last month, where it was reported that the International Order of Saint Hubertus, to be distinguished from the Dutch branch called, Order of Saint Hubertus, had Bavarian element at root. Here's from the second update of last month: "In the Arms shown for the Electors palatine of Neuburg, we read: " escarbuncle with RAYS or (Cleves)..." That is, a gold escarbuncle with rays but belonging to the Cleves..." We clearly see that Rays were related to Cleve's, and likely they were a branch of Auvergne's Claviere's, who share the key symbol with both the Clavers/Cleavers and the Arms of Comines (Artois'). Plus, the Clavers/Cleavers use the HILL tower in both colors.

Another thing is that Huberts use the Craig crescents in both colors while Carricks are said to descend from Craigs. Before this paragraph and the one above it was conceived, both the Carricks and the Comine's were mentioned. Coincidence? This reminds me that the Hill Coat is much like the Craig Coat while God gave me a dream recently at the very time that I was writing on judge Scalia's murder. I was on a HILL, and saw a sleeping bag, which I picked up. I then walked up the hill (don't recall carrying the sleeping bag anymore) while a man on a motorbike and helmet drove down the hill past me. Why was I on a HILL? God could have made if flat ground. The rider then did a loop and came back up the hill when I got to the top, where I crossed the street to a MALL PARKING LOT. This recalls Camilla Parker Bowles, and the descent of Lady Diana Spencer from MALAhule, and then the Lots/Lotters may have been from Lothair, for Lots/Lotters use a talbot dog. Camilla and Diana were both wives of prince Charles (current British queen's son), a Windsor suspect through Finistere, and said (in the Other/Otter write-up) to descend from lords of Lombardy! Amazing.

Poindexters use the helmet, and the Helms use a version of the Hubert Coat. The Hills have long been suspect with the Craig Coat having the Hubert crescents.

Just as I was crossing the road at the top of the hill, the man on bike went down the road behind me, the way he had come from. Why was this man in the dream? He did nothing but ride by, then rode by again. As he came down, he looked like he wore more of a military helmet from the Nazi's than a typical biker's helmet. I later identified this man as David Morley, a friend from church who owned a motorbike, for Morleys are expected from Morlaix (Finistere area of Brittany), where Marleys are said to be from that use a version of the Hubert / Hubbard bends. Yet, Marleys were first found in Cheshire, same as Huberts.

Why did I connect that dream to the order of Saint Hubertus? Because, while I was explaining and interpreting the dream, I realized that I had been using a sleeping bag as my comforter the night of the dream (it's my regular blanket), and it's fully a black bag with one side having a red stripe from top to bottom about eight inches wide, and these colors reflected the black robes of the International Order of Saint Hubertus that I shared with readers (below). At the front of the image, the tallest man with green band / bend showing is undoubtedly John B. PoinDEXTER (at a younger age), the man who admitted to asking Scalia to his ranch to hunt. Poindexter is known to be a leader of the International Order of Saint Hubertus, but this group, which had several members at the ranch when Scalia died, did not make the news by some lucky / unlucky-for-them strike. I didn't learn of this group until I was nearly finished with my investigation, exhausting most pieces of media information. Poindexter's ranch is where Scalia died. I began to wonder whether God was interested in revealing the murder(s) by name. Note that the other man, with green bend showing, has it rising to his left/sinister side. He's standing at the center like the chief of the group would. Online quote: "The group's Grand Master is 'His Imperial Highness Istvan von Habsburg-Lothringen, Archduke of Austria,' according to the Order's website." He's the son of archduke Felix of Austria, a Catholic, and by-and-large American Catholics, especially Mexican Americans, love Obama and the Democrats, the agendas of which were being thwarted by Scalia (U.S. supreme-court judge), time and time again. Istvan above lives in Mexico. Scalia was murdered very near El-Paso at the Mexican border. If the photo above disappears from above, here it is from my files:

John B. Poindexter admitted to sitting beside Scalia at dinner, and then the judge went to bed early (9 pm), according to Poindexter, and supposedly he died in his bed without foul play. The potential accomplice to this crime was Scalia's lawyer friend, Mr. Foster, who accompanied Scalia to the ranch, but said nothing to indicate, so far as anyone knows, a possible murder when murder had a huge motive. Recall how the Fosters/Forrests worked into the last update's forest between Robert Powell's house and that of the WitherSPOONs, for Fosters use the same hunting horns as the Dexter-beloved Weights, and the Order of Saint Hubertus has a hunting symbol, as did Saint Hubertus himself. The Spoons are the ones sharing a white-on-blue boar head with the Arms of Camilla Parker Bowels. And the Witherspoons lived on Dexter street. Robert Powell was murdered by being tossed over a bridge in a drug-deal event, according to a report I heard (not in the news). Powell and I both lived on Reesor street, and one Reesor surname is also the RAYson.

Camille's, the surname, are said to be of Spain's Llano area, and Italian Lane's/Lane's (Brescia, traces to Brest in Finistere), who use only a besant in the illegal colors of Camille's, share the single besant with Italian Alberts. Lane's are expected at Finistere's Launay location.

Another thing brings my dentist into this. The dream with dentist and red buttons was with my very own dentist, though he was new to me. He pretended to take x-rays of my teeth when I went in, for the first time, to get my teeth examined. When I asked for the x-rays, he would not give them. One day, I went to a place far away to get a plow installed on the front of my vehicle. On the way home, temperatures sank below freezing, and it had rained that day. I was crossing some railway tracks, asking self whether I should make an official complaint against the dentist, when, just then, not a second later, the vehicle started to swerve. The front end (heavy with the plow) went way over, and I thought I was going into the ditch. But the front end then straightened out, yet it now went way over to the other side, and I thought I was going into the ditch. But the front end miraculously came the other way again, but to my fright, the swerving was repeated with as many as five or six swerves, no less than that many, until the front end went straight and stayed straight.

The natural thought was: maybe I shouldn't complain against the dentist because he's going to give me a rough ride if I do. After I had the dream with he in it, I ended up making two complaints against him, and even emailed the police while sending the same email to the dentist, so that the dentist would know the police were informed, for this man gives me the creeps. It is clear to me that he has a long record of treating his patients with corruption, and he would want to protect against my taking him to court. He would not answer why he needed to pull three or four teeth. He did share a panoramic x-ray, which showed every tooth in one image, but he did not send the other eight (roughly) x-rays that he pretended to take individually inside my mouth. I never saw an z-ray machine. Every time he stuffed my mouth with the x-ray equipment, he walked out the room (about eight times), pretending the press the x-ray machine's button in the hallway. When I asked him for the evidence (from the panoramic x-ray) of needing to pull three or four teeth, he simply did not respond.

I now have a new theory on the swerving. Loss of steering. Did the Order of Saint Hubertus have princess Diana killed by knocking out the steering of the car driven by Henri PAUL. I kid you not, and it's in my updates, I purchased a red Jeep some 25 years after PAUL Smith purchased a red Jeep, by total coincidence, and I have even claimed that it wasn't really coincidental, but that God arranged this as per the Chep/JEEPma surname. A plow was installed on my red Jeep. The Farmers are beloved by the Curtis' with a farmer and plow in their Crest. The Plows even use a version of the Curtis Coat. To get the full impact of this, you need to read the last update in the area where the word, "farm," first occurs, and then read the section, "666ers in my Childhood Neighborhood," at the end of the update. Then you will understand more of what's behind this.

, Jeepma's (OLDENburg) use the same Zionist star as Vlads/Flattens and Hagars. Vlads/Flattens are suspect in the "flatu" motto term of Parkers, and other reasons were given (last update) for linking Parkers to the line of Vladimir of Kiev, as Vladimir's daughter married a son of Mieszko Lambert. For example, Mieszko's son was Casimir, and Casimir's share the red antler with Parkers. Wikipedia removed the nickname of Hugh Lupus from his article, but here's what I have in the 3rd update of December, of 2013: "It explains why a woman from Dol [daughter of GELDuin of Dol] married a Robert D'Avranches, and why the wolf symbol of Hugh Lupus is said (by Wikipedia) to be from Hugh's "Flaithe" nickname. Rather, it appears that "Flaithe" was from the Flaad name of the Dol Alans."

The line of Vladimir goes forward from Richeza of Lorraine/LOTHARingia, wife of Mieszko Lambert. Lotheringia was named by emperor Lothair, ancestor of Lothair II of Italy around whom the Hubert circle of rulers were related / associated. When the red Casimir / Parker antler was with Veringers, kin of ZAHRingers (blue antler), we can note that Carrs love the Sere's / Seers (almost the double-headed eagle), linkable to Zerrs/ZEHRers. The latter use hatchets while Hatchets use a black, double-headed eagle linkable to the same of Jeepma's because the latter shares the Vlad star. This now brings the Carrs into the picture, and the dentist drove a car when he laughed at me. Carrs ("SED") have already been linked to Dents and estoile liners. It seems that something about the dentist and/or the dream is about Saint Hubertus and/or the Hubert bloodline. The Dents of SEDburgh happen to share the same-type bend as Huberts. As my Jeep was swerving while thinking about the dentist, I expect Dent / Carr links to Jeepma's, and we just saw how that can be.

I didn't realize that Smiths were first found in the same place as Hawthorne's (my dentist's surname) until hours after writing here. Paul Smith owned a Jeep. I think he totalled it, to the best of my recollection.

I had driven a couple of seconds past train tracks when the Jeep started to swerve, and Tracks / Drigs (spears) share the sun in Crest with cars. Amazing. Tracks were even first found in the same place (Cambridgeshire) as CHEPmans while Jeepma's come up as Cheps. And, can you believe it, Jeepma's were first found in OLDENburg while Oldens use only crescents in the colors of the Chepman crescent. Chepmans use "virTUS" while Tous' use buttons. The Eldons/Aldans tell us that there property passed to Stanleys, first found in Cambridgeshire.

After identifying the motorbike rider with Morleys, it gave me cause to predict that Scalia's murder was conducted by a Mr. Morley / MORLAND, but it's also possible that God's message is to predict that Saint-Hubert elements will be behind the False-Prophet system. The prediction that Scalia was murdered by a Morley liner was only several days BEFORE I came to the Parker-Bowles topic of the last update. By what coincidence were Morleys were first found in the same place (Derbyshire) as Parkers? After Diana was killed, prince Charles married Camilla Parker Bowles. Might we glean a Parker-Morley conspiracy in the murder? Recall that arms with blue sleeve and white cuff, for the Somerset Parker Crest uses it too.

Oldens, cane we believe it, were first found in the same place (WestMORLAND) and Morlands!!! What are the chances for all of these things to come together by chance? Rays ("prompTUS") were first found in the Westmorland theater while sharing both the stag and a green Shield with the Derbyshire Parkers.

I kid you not, that after the rider rode away, I walked into the parking lot, and then immediately found myself in a MALL. I have told this (about two weeks ago), I'm not making it up now. Although I mentioned the Mauls as per that mall, I do not recall that they come up as "Morley"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Incredible. I almost missed it. I had written many paragraphs below before scrolling back through the Coats and seeing a Scottish Morley Coat available. Clicking it, it turned out to be the Mauls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just incredible.

I had even shown the Morley Coat in the 3rd update of last month, but I failed to click the Scottish Morley link. I then found the Morles' listed with Mauls, and said: "Dave Morley had a motor bike. I was all-smiles when he came by to my house with Carol, our church secretary, on the back of the bike. She was much older than Dave, and not the motorbike type. I was at the Morley article to see its Morleston location, prompting a look at a Morles Coat if there was one, and there is, listed with MAULs. It recalls the recent dream where a man on a motorbike came down the hill where I had just picked up a sleeping bag. I then walked up the hill, and this guy on his motorbike had turned around and followed me out onto the road. I then proceeded to a MALL! " Malls/Marleybone's share the bend of Huberts, we can assume.

You see, God really is with my dreams of late. Beware killers. Cower killers, there is no way of escape. And Carols share the gold-on-black and upright lion with Kingstons (Yorkshire, same place as Hulls), and while Hulls are said to be from Kingston-upon-Hull, Hills (tower in Hull colors) are said to have included a Mr. Hulle. Can this trace Carols / Carolingians to the hill in the dream? I can make a good case for the Grimo Merovingians at the sleeping bag, just watch and see. [Much later in this update, I will share a bed-wetting event that reveals the surname that killed Scalia, in my tentative but serious opinion.]

Morleys/Mauls: "Clementia TECto riGORE."

[Insert: If you wish to continue from the paragraph above, uninterrupted by this insert, I'll mark the end of the insert. This one was not intended to be so large.

As was said, I found myself in the mall (no stores to be seen) upon a wooden platform, with another platform beside me with two women. The room was large, but it wasn't anything like the inside of a mall. One was Chris Peare, a potential Pierce/Peir = Waleran>Leavell line. She came into my arms and I put my arm around her waist, and it felt so good. Then the second woman was seen, her hair growing shorter by the second until it was very short. This is how I recall Louise Phillips after I asked her to leave the apartment. Earlier, when I lived elsewhere, these two ladies slept in my bed (no sex), and we just went to sleep. In the middle of the night, I awoke with my arm around Peare's waist, and pressing my hand on her belly, toward myself, very sensuous and it felt so good. But when I realized this, and she was awake, I took back my arm and went to sleep, saying nothing, so far as I can recall. I can't recall the timing, but she had been my girl for a week or two, either before or after the night under discussion, but then went to Kepke. The point is, the three of us asleep in the same bed with that good feel tells me that the second women on the mall's platform was Louise. It's also telling me that all three of us have names from Malahule; otherwise, what would be the point of having Peare in the dream to point when we all slept in the same bed? That threesome looks like it has common ground in the land of surnames.

Why was Louise on the platform? I had figured this out, and reported on it. After she left the apartment, we met once, for the last time, and she said she had a job in choreography, for some musical production, and this requires stages. The dream's platforms in the mall must have been stages, meaning that God wants me to make a link in some way involving choreography and/or stages. I was guessing on whether "CHOReography" meant CORE's/GORE's, and so just look at that "riGORE" motto term of Morleys/Mauls. The latter were first found in the same place as Gore's/Gowers sharing a white wolf in Crest with Gore's/Core's. I am compelled to assume a Louise and/or Phillips link closely to Gore liners, and mythical Gorlois.

As per "RIGore," Riggs (Morley/Maul colors) were looked up to find one with a good reflection of the Rick Coat, and while they use dogs ("talbots") in the colors of the count-of-Canossa dog. The other English Riggs (black rooster) use a "vivo CANO" motto phrase. The Coats of Riggs and Fortuna's compare with the Hun surnames. And the Rigg / Rick fesses are in the colors of the double Sleep fesses.

Last night, I was thinking of Karen Graff, who was always riding her BIKE up and down the street past my house when we were both 13 years of age. It's funny how girls actually ride their bikes normally, while we boy kids always want to do dangerous things on bikes. What's the use in just riding a bike straight and slow? Maybe she was trying to get my attention, and she did. We became friends. Karen was mentioned recently, but I couldn't remember her Graff surname (German), until last night. I can't recall how it came to mind, but at the time, I put it together with "choreoGRAPHy," and this coincidence may have been of God. First of all, note that "Graff" is like "Craven," for Ricks use the Craven Coat in colors reversed. It appears that Canossa elements went to Morleys/Mauls. The Morley/Maul escutcheon is in the colors of the same of Chadwicks and Chadocks, both from Lancashire, where Riggs were first found, and as the Rigg talbots trace to Taillebois', that should explain why Morleys/Mauls share the Tailbois scallops. The Malahule line to Ranulph le Meschin married Lucy Taillebois, and William, Ranulph's brother, married Skiptons of Craven. That explains it all, and none of this evidence for multiple clinches would have happened without the Craven-like Graff surname.

Like I said, she just kept-on riding her bike past our place, and the dream with Dave Morley and his bike ended at the choreography stages in the mall. After her family moved away a year or two later, I didn't see her again until I was in the home of DAVE Oulette, her boyfriend. It was the first and last time that I was in Dave's house. I don't know whether it's important that Oulette's share a Chief in reflection of the Lofwick/Lovick Chief, and maybe I should be looking at the Dave / David surnames too as pertains to the hill event, but the point here is that Graffs use nothing but a fesse, in the colors of the Hill fesse. What do we make of it?

And the Graff fesse has nebuly, like the double Clement fesses in the same colors, and the same motto with "rigore" has "Clementia." Then, the double bars of Clements are in the colors of the three sets of double bars of Oulette's, as if to nail the Graphs into the dream's choreography symbol. Leavells use nebuly bars too. I had suggested that Goulette's may have been Oulette's, and that Goulette's may have been named after Gouel de Percival of Leavell, father of Waleran. But here I find that Goulette's share the same lion, essentially, as Swiss Graphs (black anchor).

The Luff-like Lofwicks/Lovicks are in the list of Tower variations, and Hills use a tower. And Lofwicks/Lovicks, in Slough/Slow colors, share black-on-white bull heads with Walerans, a big deal. It's these bull heads that reflect the Oulette Chief. The moorCOCK of Oulette's can be important here where Baggs, suspect with the sleeping bag, use the same Shield as Cocks. Here's what I said in the 3rd update of last month: "And Karen and I lived in a town of Gorm while Gormleys are also Grimes' suspect with Grimo, Babon's son and Badon's uncle" (Babon was Mummolin's son). Grimo must have been the proto-Grimaldi's, who share the Bagg / Cock Shields. We now have very-good reason for deciphering the sleeping bag on the Graff-related hill with Baggs. And one can see here how important Karen Graff was to the topic at hand, no coincidence. I met her first while helping my father (weekends) build his house on her street. We were moving there from Reesor street.

As Gormleys (martlets) are Grimes' too, note that there is a martlet-using Grime/Grimm surname (East Cheshire) with two bars in the Chief in the colors of the two Sleep fesses: "two silver bars nebulee on a red chief.". It appears that we have found the sleeping-bag bloodline in a Bagg-Grimaldi relationship. And then we have Dave Morley riding down in a helmet and Gestapo-like coat on, circling the area with the sleeping bag just lying on the ground (without a tent). For what it may be worth, Grime's/Grimms share the green martlet with Gards. I trace Grimaldi's to Grimoald of Bavaria (did not predate Grimo), and the International Order of Saint Hubertus came forth from Bavarian elements. It was the sleeping bag that I think most represented the Hubert cult.

Grimoald I (or Grimuald) (c. 610 - 671 CE) was duke of Benevento (647-662) and king of the Lombards (662-671). Grimoald was probably born before 610 to Duke Gisulf II of Friuli and the Bavarian princess Ramhilde, daughter of Duke Garibald I of Bavaria.

Wikipedia: "By [Mummolin's] son Bodogisel [Mummolin was] the paternal grandfather of Arnoul de Metz 5 and therefore a direct ancestor of the Carolingians " Carolincidence? It can not only explain Carol, Dave's wife, but the Grimes' and Grime martlets, symbol of Charles Martel, founder of Carolingians.

The following is unbelievable but true. Dave and Carol visited me when I lived with a relative at a street called, Marlin. The Marlin surname (same place as Riggs) not only shares nine footless martlets with the Grime's/Grimms suspect with the double-Sleep fesses, but the Marlins themselves use three fesses in the colors of the Sleep fesses, which recalls that Babons/Bavents, like the name Babon, Grimo's father, use two fesses too. Babons were first found in the general area Canossa-possible Caen) of the Malahule > Meschin line. If you don't know, my mother's maiden name is Grimaldi, and her mother's surname was Masci. This paragraph is a confirmation that the sleeping-bag dream involved Dave and Carol Morley, and it verifies that the sleeping bag was a Grimaldi-Bagg merger from Mummolin > Babon > Grimo liners.

Grimo was born about one generation before Grimoald. On Grimoald's father-in-law: "Some time before 585 [roughly the time of Grimo's birth], the Merovingian court attempted to bind Duke Garibald more closely to their interests by arranging a marriage between his daughter Theodelinda and King Childebert II of Austrasia." Mummolin had been the ruler of Austrasia. It continues: "At the same time the Merovingians were attempting to normalise relations with Authari, the Lombard king, by arranging a marriage between Childebert's sister and Authari. Both these proposals fell through." So, if the proposed marriage of Childebert to Garibald's daughter fell through, who might have married the daughter(s) of Garibald? As Grimoald married one, might he have been the son of Grimo? Wikipedia says no, that Grimoald was a son of GISULf of Friuli. Yet the situation appears perfect for a Grimo blood link to Grimoald, and Bavaria came to use a lozengy Shield, just like Grimaldi's. Plus, Grimo was fully, AdalGISEL Grimo, a term like "Gisulf." Might Grimo have birthed Grimoald's mother, wife of Gisulf?

Another thing: Grimoald's brother was Radoald while Raddle's/Raddells held Radwall (Hertfordshire, I think), a term like the Radziwills in the ancestry of Astikas'. Now watch this, for while Grimaldi's and Cocks use the same lozengy, Cocks share the red rooster with GISel-like Kiss', and the Kiss' use the same Coat as Cass' that use a "pair of scales," and then Scale's were first found in the same place (Hertfordshire) as Raddells (see BABcocks for another red rooster to be sure that Babon linked to Cocks). I have been tracing the Cass weight scales to the Arms of Vilnius for years, and that was the home of the Radziwill-Astikas' line which married Traby!!! The five, white ostrich feathers in the Crest of the Arms of Traby are even in the Scale Crest!!! But there is more.

Let's go to the Riddle's/Ridells. It says that a Mr. PICARD changed his name to "Ruddle," as per the location at which he lived. The Scale's share the scallops of Morleys/Mauls and Capes', and the latter were first found in London while the Londys/Londons use the same gyronny as Scottish Picards! There is good stuff there. I know where this is going: Titus' use blue gyronny too, as well as sharing the Moor head with Capes'-like Chappes', and Titus' were first found in the same place as Scale's and Raddells!!! Zowie. But there is more, for I traced the Picard gyronny to the same-colored gyronny in the Arms of Gironde, a location down by Bordeaux, and the Riddle's are said to derive from the baron of Blaye, holding lands at the abbey of Fons Dulcis near Bordeaux. The Riddle surname is then traced to Yorkshire and WestMORLAND!!! Amazing. yet I have not clinched the Riddle's with Grimoald's brother. The Raddle's did trace well to that brother, however, where Kiss' are from "Gisel" or "Gisulf."

It looks like the rat-trap line, a phrase I coined to identify the Rat and/or Radziwill merger with Trabys. Raddle's are said to be from the under tenant of the bishop of Bayeux, and that's the Bessin, location of Caen, and the Caen Crest has five, white ostrich feathers too. We saw Babons in Caen, and Babon was Grimo's father.

Riddle's use "ears of rye," symbol of Saddocks (same place as Rye's), and Scottish Chappes' use "ears of WHEAT." Plus, while Dexters use weight scales but call them "WEIGHTs," Kiss' were first found in the same place as Dexters! Bingo. We have certified right here that Dexters were Traby kin, no small thing. As WATerfords use the Kiss / Cass fountains upon the same chevron, Waterford in Ireland should have been a Weight/Wait Quade/Wade branch. Cass' were first found in the same place as Caiaphas-suspect Capone's and Chapmans, all near the London Capes'. The Riddle chevron is in the colors of the Pair/Pauer/Paw chevron, looked up as per the "pair of scales" of Cass'.

It's interesting that Correns, kin of Cecils, were first found in Waterford while Cecils are said to be from a Gisel-like entity such as "Cassel / Kessel / Ciselle."

Belgian Riddle's use mallets while I have been playing with the theory that "GriMALDI" is a Grey-Mallet / Gris-Mallet combo, in a merger expected after the time of Grimoald. We then find that the Crest of English Riddle's is a "demi GREYhound proper," while Propers/Roberts use the ostrich. The Gisel surname (Brittany) is with Gris'/Grix's/Legris' (Aurelia Shield?), hard to argue against. It's a good argument to trace Grimaldi's to Aurelia Cotta because the Cotta Coat is a quasi-reflection of the Grimaldi Coat. Griis' show "Grisel / Griim." French Mallets use the three WETTin buckles in colors reversed. Gisels/Gris' square with a part of the Monaco Coat.

If Kiss' were Gisel / Gisulf liners, what about Giss'? They happen to be the Guys, while the other Guys use buckles and are from Guy of Spoleto, the first Guys/Giss' use lozenges that can be construed in Grimaldi-lozenge colors. The Giss lozenges have blue vair fur inside them, just like the patee cross of Rye-likely Reesors/Reece's/Rhys'. Welsh Reesors/Rice's then bring us back to the Cass / Kiss / Cuss / Waterford chevron. German Cuss'/Guss' use the Roy Coat, recalling that Roy tanner said to me, as God's code, "You don't RATE." Was that of the Raddels, suggesting that Roys may be Reesors/Raysons.

AHA! I have told the following story at least three times. A Mrs. Babcock and her son got hold of my check book, and the son wrote six checks in my name, signing them fraudulently in my name, before they were caught (I got the $1,600+ all back). Note SIX checks. They made the checks out to a Mr. Kizzle/Kizzel (I can't recall which), like "gisel," and Kissle's (Cass / Kiss colors) happen to share the same-colored fesse as Raddells. This might not mean so much if Babcocks/Badcocks didn't trace so well to Babon and Badon. Kessels use the same chevron as Cass' / Kiss'. It appears that God permitted the fraud to make this trace of Babcocks and Kissle's to Adalgisel Grimo. Babon's brother was BodeGISEL. By what clerincidence do German Cassels (Bavaria) share the triple Clare chevrons?

As Grimaldi's use what can be construed as a version of the Hohen checks, and as Hohens were from Khazar Jews, Kissle liners were likely from KIZLyar, the Khazar capital on the Terek river (Alania, Caucasia). It appears that the line of Grimo bumped into the Hohens or even proto-Hohens. The Grimaldi write-up says that Grimaldi's seized Monaco with a lord of Kagen-like Cagnes, and Jewish Cohens/Kagens share white-on-blue stars with Monaco's. End Insert]

"Sleeve" can be code for the Saluvii Ligurians, likely the same as the Salyes, for the Sale's use a version of the Cough Coat while the latter use a blue sleeve. The Sullivans can apply to Saluvii, for the share the black boar with Bush's (from Busca, beside Saluvii-suspect Saluzzo. The Bush's use the giant Gelder fleur. And the black boar is shared by the Fife Spence's, as well as the Bole Crest. Inside the BOLE cups, there are boar heads in the colors of the same in the Arms of Camilla Parker BOWLes. What's amazing here is that the Bole boar is shot through with a SPEAR while Speers were first found in the same place as Pollocks that use the boar shot through with an arrow or dart. Emailer Pollock told me that her husband, Mr. Speer, was murdered, and she thought it had to do with a Masonic-like plot around Stanford University. WitherSPOONs were first found in the same place as Spears and Pollocks, and Spoons use the same boar head as Camilla parker Bowls. The Clues are flooding in, and the murderers will NOT get away with their many sinful, horrendous crimes. Their dirty dexter hands will be exposed. Belgian Bole's have a Coat reflecting the Corson Coat.

The Hubert surname has a Curtis-like Curzon entity in their write-up, and Dexter street was beside Corson street, can you believe it? There were three houses of concern on Corson street, one for the Kepke's, one for his neighbor Rick Young, and one for Miss Whelan, my girlfriend at the time Rick Young was dating her sister. I see that Youngs share the same annulets as Hubbards (Coat reflects that of Curzons). I had told readers weeks ago that the house numbers of Kepke and Young add up to 60; I can't recall why I told readers this, but in the last update, after the 60 came back to mind, I checked the house number (Google maps) for Miss Whelan, and it is 6, for a total of 66 between the three houses. I took this as a Sign that Corsens were 666 lovers, and related to Dexters. I did not recall the Curzon entity of Huberts while writing the last update, and the Order of Saint Hubertus was not on my mind at all, besides saying that I saw a Hubert term while looking over the Canossa pages.

The Hubbard annulets are "interLACEd," and then Poindexters use a motto term, "LACESsit." In short, both surnames appear to love Laces'/Lacys. I can glean that Poindexters/POINGdexters were a branch of Payens, kin of Mullets. Here's on the Poindexter fist: "RIGHT HAND [= dexter hand] CLENCHed, proper, CUFFed gold; 2nd, gold with a blue MULLET" Cuffs use a version of the Hubert Coat. Clench's use the Lyon lion in colors reversed. The Poindexter Crest is the esquire's helmet of Twitch's, and while the Twitch bendlets are the bends of Pings/Pongs/Pungs/Paganells, this is why POINGdexters are a branch of Payens/Pagans, the latter sharing the Mullet Coat, yet the latter throwing in a hunting horn, holy to the Saint-Hubert stupids.

The last update spoke on Woten street, beside Dexter and Corson street, and here the Clench's are said to be from a location east of the Wootten rivers, near Marlborough, explaining why the Crests of Marlboroughs and Wotens use the same Moor head. MARLboroughs (MORLey-fleur colors!!!) were first found with Nickels ("vide") in Cheshire, and they share the same pheon. BUT LOOK: "Poindexters use the helmet, and the Helms use a version of the Hubert Coat. The Hills have long been suspect with the Craig Coat having the Hubert crescents." Helms use the same, downward, white-on-black pheons! AMAZING. I have no doubt about it, the Order of Saint Hubert killed Scalia.

Marlboroughs (Sinclair cross in colors reversed) are said to be from Nicholas Merbury, "butler of the King, Normandy." The Cheshire Marble's (gold griffin) come to mind, in Morley / Morland colors. As Malls/MARLybone's and Marleys were first found in Cheshire too, Marlboroughs (from Bucklow) look like their branches. You have just seen a Morley-line link to Poindexters, after it became apparent that Scalia was murdered by a Morley entity, which was realized with teeth only in this update, just weeks after John B Poindexter became a chief suspect! Is God speaking here, or what? I say YES! How thrilling this is to be part of catching the murderers. May it be so, amen.

It recalls when God gave me a miracle shot playing marbles at age 11, just after I closed my eyes and prayed. Only, he didn't do it again. But I think I now know why He gave it, for there is about to be another miracle shot taken in the regard at topic. I am in deep suspense. The plot thickens. If the "pieces of wood" used by Rita's is a Wootten entity, the Clench lion can be the Rita lion. This makes sense where the Rita-suspect Poole's named Poole near the first Walsh-beloved Mortons of Wiltshire = the Cilnius-Murena line, kin of the Montforts who share with Clench's, Rita's, Poole's and Wallis' the giant and upright white lion. Plus, while Woods/Vouds/WIDE's share a savage with the English Wilders (Berkshire) and with German Wiltshire-like Wilts/Wilders, and the latter share the tree with Woods while Tree's/True's are in the motto of Hume's that share the Clench lion exactly (both colors). Tree's/True's were first found in the same place as Spoons / Spine's, possibly a Spencer / Spens/Spencer branch.

The Woods/Vouds/Wide's have the savage holding a club in the DEXTER paw while Paws link to Palins/PAWlins, first found in the same place as Poole. The dexter-paw Woods were first found in the same place as Dexters, and the Walsh residence had a backyard adjacent to a house on Dexter street, where Witherspoons lived that can link to the Withenshaws of Tatton, while Tattons use the same quadrants as Spencers (same place as Dexters). The rape of Janet Spence by Palin-related Powell occurred directly to the front of the Walsh residence, by which I mean that the house across Woten street from their place had a backyard facing the school field where she was raped, and then the Wide's/Woods share "defend" with Spencers, and moreover Spencers use quadrants in colors reversed from the same of the WILTshire Mortons, but Spencers also use the Berkshire Coat while we just saw Wilt-related Wilders first found in Berkshire. This tends to prove that Woods were Wooten liners and related to Dexters, and while the latter love the Weights/Waits in Crest, there is a Wate surname that comes up as "Wide" that use the a saltire version of Arms of Chalons-sur-MARNE (Murena-like term), whom I trace to Myrina on Lemnos, and therefore to proto-Mormons that traced themselves to "Moroni." It's got Cilnius Maecenas written all over it, especially as Cilla was a at/near the Mysian shore facing out to Lemnos. The Wide's/Wate's even use the saltire of Messey's (same place as Mercian-related Mars whose scallops trace to Patterson's/Cassane's, Sodans, Fanano-suspect Fens'/Venns and Modena's Casano's).

Mortons share blue wings with pine-tree Albini's (same place as Bauers), and these Albini's were likely the Albini's at/beside MARano. Marlboroughs are shown predominantly as Mar liners with burrie-like endings, likely a Mar merger with Burley/Bourlys, the latter in Clench colors, and the first-known Burleys/Bourlys next door to Wiltshire in Somerset (same place as Espaine's/Spans' suspect as a Spencer / Spoon / Spine branch). Bauers (Bavaria) use blue wings with what looks like an arm with fist between the wings, perfect. Click over to the Bavarian Spans/SPENGlers (Payen/Pagan stars?), likely a branch of Spinks who share mascles with Sforza-beloved Quince's (same place as Spinks). There are several Espaine variations suggesting Pagan liners to which I would trace Poindexters.

Having said that, we can see how a clenched right hand can become the symbol of whatever the Clench's were previously, if they were related to Dexters that came to use a right-hand symbol for themselves, and it's PoinDEXTERs that use the clenched hand. We can clearly see Clench's at the Wootten rivers linking to Wood liners, but let's add that while Rita's are likely using the Sforza lion in white, Spencers are said to descend from Sforza's. There is then the issue of yet another white lion used by the Petersons that use a version of the Marlborough Coat, while Swedish Petersons use the same lion as Sforza's. Petersons can be Peter-Pollock liners easily, thus linking to Poole liners, which reminds of Pole's/Saint-Pols, the Malahule line to Spencers.

[Later in the update, Petersons lead to a compelling case that God created a bed-wetting event in my life that should have the effect of revealing the killer of judge Scalia. This is no small heads-up for the reader; it will take a lot of my energies in the coming days or weeks to discover the fuller meaning / Intent.]

You may have read on Nikki (Nichole) Walsh some weeks ago, when I said that she was code for the Nickels (share pheons with Walsh's). Nikki was sister to Kim Walsh, the latter engaged to Lawrence Kepke, brother of Robert whom had married Nikki. The sisters lived on Woten street, and here we find Nickels directly related to Marlboroughs while Marlborough is at the Wooten rivers. It appears that God had the Walsh's move to Woten for a reason such as the one just mentioned. Dutch Nichole's even share the Albini / Barnstaple trefoils (Staple's share a Peter motto). I think the point here is for God to show readers that He arranged a huge scheme (probably from before my birth and the people under discussion), all destined to be in connection with my life and writing project. There has got to be something grave about it all. Scottish Walsh's share annulets in the colors of the Hubbard annulets.

I had not loaded MALLs/Marlybone's until now to find that they were from MOTTRam, which can explain why Dave Morley was riding his MOTORbike in the dream as I was headed to the mall! This is hilarious. God could have put him on a motorless bike. The BONEkill variation of Buncle's can explain "MalliBONE."

The Curzon motto appears to love the Holds/Holts and Helds (Silesia), which could get one to Olden-like Holdens. Remember, Jeepma's were first found in OLDENburg. Helds use "crossed eagles legs" in the colors of the two-headed Jeepma eagle. Holds/Holts (Hazel kin) use the squirrel for connection to Dexter-suspect Daggers/Decks, and the double Holt fesses are in the colors of the one of Corsens. The Hold/Holt squirrel is "HOLDING a hazel branch," and squirrel-using Hazels (recalls the squirrel off my breast) have a fesse in colors reversed while being first found in the same place as Huberts. Hazels are kin of Weavers (same place) who are in turn beloved by the weaver's shuttle of Kepke-suspect Keeps (same place as Atto's). The Hazel bend with three crescents must be related to the same of Craigs because the Hazel squirrel is "CRACKing a nut." Nuts/Nottings use Hazel colors.

Keeps have been suspect with Kiev liners for years, and here it can be repeated that Keeps share the red bend with Vladimir-liner Lorraine's. Lorraine's use the Piast eagles from Mieszko Lambert, and it was the latter's son who married a daughter of Vladimir. Kepke and Lorraine were linked (for the first time) a couple of updates ago as per my noting their "sun-bright" blonde hair (the term I used) just seconds before finding a FOOT within a sun in the Blond Crest. This was extra-special because I was telling readers beforehand that Lorraine had a foot symbol from God due to my noticing her beautiful feet. I have developed a good sense of realizing what were God's codes in my life, and I had been sure that her feet would pan out as code for Foots / Fothes' (Blond colors).

When the dentist laughed at my buttons, it was code for the Leavells evident in the Blond bars. Link the "Lux" motto term of Blonds via the Lux bull head to the Cole bull, and then link the Cole bull to Leavell-line Walerans. The sun in the Crests of Tracks and Cars is expected to link to the dentist because Suns are listed with Sinclairs, kin of Hawthorne's / Tancreds. The new Blunville's/Blondesville's use the Quint Chief and share six black fitchees with Tarves'. Blondesville's were first found beside the Hillarys.

Plows use an "alteri" motto term while Alters are listed with Holder- / Holt-like Colters, a term like "Gelder." The Order of Saint Hubertus originated where Cleves was related to Gelderland/Guelders, and Dutch Gelders use a giant fleur-de-lys (ditto for Bush's) in the colors of the Plow fleur-de-lys. My Jeep swerved on the day I had the PLOW installed. These fleur are in the colors of the Jeepma star. It could appear that God arranged my buying the plow (it was a toss-up between it and a snow blower). It appears here that the dentist-plow event relates to Saint-Hubert elements. Weavers (anteLOPE) use the motto, "Esto FIDELis," and Parkers use, "Fideli." We saw why Fiddle's link to wolf-head Atto's and Welfs/Wolfs, but then the dentist dream was about GOLFing as code for Guelphs = Welfs, a branch of Este's in the Weaver write-up.

I didn't look up Holders/Holters until many paragraphs below, to find that they use a version of the Plow / Curtis Coat!!! I almost missed it. Obama and Eric Holder were the White-House mafia together. The two of them could easily have had the biggest hand in the Scalia murder, for Holder was chief of Obama's Justice system, and Scalia was dead (February 13) months before Obama's last month in office, enough time to get a liberal Democrat to replace him. Holders use another gold griffin.

Remember: Jeepma's were first found in Hold-like Oldenburg, and my Jeep had a plow on it for the first time when just the mere thought of my dentist made me nearly crash. Ray Luff crashed and the Ray escarbuncle is part-code for a buckle user, yet more: Holdens share the motto of Cheshire's Buckle-related Buckleys.

Weavers share the Arms-of-Cheshire garbs with Attons/Hattons, who are like Cheshire's Haughts/Haughtons that use the Humber/UMBER bars in colors reversed. Via the Buckley bull heads, one can link the Crest of Haughts (suspect with Cnut's mother, Sigrid the Haughty) to the buckles of Guy de Spoleto in UMBRIA. The Hazel-beloved Nuts/Nottings are expected in the naming of Nottingham, though it's said to have been named by Cnut. Reminder, Buncle's/Bonekills, in the Ray / Cleves escarBUNCLE, use buckles, and the Cnut-beloved Hangers, first found in the same place as Popins, use the escarbuncle too.

"The Hold/Holt squirrel is "HOLDING a hazel branch," and...the Hazel squirrel is "CRACKing a nut." Nuts/Nottings use Hazel colors." Holdens/Holdings use the beakless allerion eagle that's code for Allers/Alliers that share the red Holden escutcheon. This traces Holdens to the Aleramici branch of Montferrat; Aleramici used the Shield-and-Chief colors of Popins suspect in the Curzon popinjays.

Knots/Cnuts (drops) were first found in Derbyshire, same as Parkers. As you can red in the Knot/Cnut write-up, king Cnut was also Canossa-like Canutus. Chanuts use an upside-down chevron in the colors of the same of Knots/Cnuts. Compare Chanut variations to Cheneys (Buckinghamshire), noting that Cheneys use a reflection of the Hubbard / Curzon Coat. Chanuts were first found in Burgundy, the known origin of Boso and Hubert of Tuscany / Spoleto. These Coats are in the colors of the Burgundy Messeys that use the Mercian flag. This recalls the Chaine's/Chenays/Chands, possibly in the chains of Italian Alberts. Chaine's/Chands are in the colors of Schims/Chands (same boar head as Camilla Parker Bowles), and the latter even use a "fortuna" motto term as indication of Canossa roots! As Schims/Chands come up as "Schien" while being first found in the same place as Skene's/Skins, note that the latter share the sword with Chaine's/Chands while using the same wolf heads as Welfs/Wolfs. This is a big deal it it's truly making a Canossa link to Canute.

Cheneys ("Fato pruDENTia" major) have a motto partly in honor of Fate's, and Futters/Fotys use a mastiff dog in the colors of the Canossa / Fortuna dog. The Cheney trace to Canossa seems clinched. Chaine's/Chands once showed the old Masci-wing design, until both Coats got their wings changed, but they both ended up the same, yet it's a mystery as to why houseofnames was doing a rash of needless design changes in 2013, which has since subsided. I was writing constantly that houseofnames people gave identical designs where they knew of family links. Schims/Chands trace to PHILIBERT Shaunde (earl of Bath), and while Philbens use a similar Shield to that of Schims/Chande's, which is the Shield-and-Chief colors of BROKE's/Brocks and Brocuffs, Phillips'/Philbens (Modena liners) use a broken spear.

The Beaks share the three fesses of the Humbers/Umbers. The Humber river flows beside/near Nottinghamshire. The amazing thing here is that Beaks brought the Bicks to mind, the closest thing that I've been able to identify bikes with. The motorBIKE, that is, or the bike I used when asking Lorraine out. Bicks were first found in Berkshire, beside BUCKINGhamshire, and Bucking(ham)s share the Nut/Notting bend with besants. Bicks share the stag head (both colors) of Popins, and Popins love the Mens' and Maness/Manners, apparently, and while Mens' (same Shield as Popins / Aleramici) have a motto suspect with Hazels-branch Islips/Haslips, Mansfields were first found in Nottinghamshire, and use maunches otherwise called, sleeves.

Sleeves could be code for Sleeps and the Selepitanoi, but here the Slaughs/Sloughs/Slows can be entertained because I looked them up seeking Sleep branches. Slaughs were first found in Buckinghamshire, and they share the unicorn with Cnuts. Recall that Dave Morley on his motorbike (came down SLOW, about 5-10 mph) got figured with the Marlboroughs (Hill colors), for they use a reflection of the Slaugh Coat, and I picked up a SLEEPING bag as the rider came down the hill. For the record, I'd like to add that Buckle's (Suffolk, same as Luffs) were at Buckley of Hertfordshire, the area of the first Titus' that share the Moor head with Marlboroughs and Wootens.

In the Mansfield write-up, we read that Mercian kings used the nearby SHERWOOD FOREST. Mercians? Parkers use "merces." The forest between Reesor and Dexter street was in an area called, Sherwood; it was mentioned in the last update, and at earlier times too, to prove I'm not making this up here. Woten street was a main part of the Sherwood neighborhood. Sherwoods (same place as Conte's in Hugh Lupus' ancestry) have been shown to be a branch of Branch's from Hugh Lupus d'aVRANCHes. Sherwoods (and Hawthorne's and Smiths) were first found in the area of the Wear river while Wears use the crozier for a trace to MUMmolin, where I trace the MAMESfield location (Nottinghamshire) of Mansfields. As was shown, Lorraine and MAMIE were back-to-back girlfriends, both studded with surname codes, and Mummolin's line (from Rusticus, bishop of Lyon) was traceable to the city of Lorraine via the Lorraine lions, green, like the Lyon / Lannoy lions. Yet the Lorraine lions are in both colors of the TRACK/Trick lions, and I was going over the tracks when my Jeep started to swerve. Lyons were at Lyon-la-FORET, and Forets (Track colors) are in the page for the Forez/FORREST surname. The Derbyshire Parkers are in Foret colors. The Shield-and-Chief colors of Forets / Parkers are those of Tracks and Drigs.

And Rays, using three stags in colors reversed from the three Lannoy/Lanoe lions, are said to be from king William the Lion. This could be a Lane/Lano / Launay line in relation to Camille's, but it recalls that when I first asked Lorraine out cold, with no plans to ask her out, it was at her BUS STOP stop while Bus' use cinquefoils in colors reversed from Hawthorne's, and in the colors of the same of Hawthorne-related Tankerville's. STOPs/Stubbs use buckles. I asker her to meet me at the LAUNdromat, though this might be code for Landers rather than Laun liners. It was not like me to ask a lady to meet at a laundromat; either I was pressed to do laundry that evening, or I was so surprised that she agreed to see me in the evening that I was dumbfounded on where to suggest a meeting, or God wanted the Laundromat for a Lorraine link to Landers and Mats. Mathie's and Londons/LUNDYs (same place as Spence's) share gyronny.

Landers/Landens (see KOPPLe's) are well-traceable to mythical Popiel of the GOPLo mouse tower -- from the Merovingian line of Pepin of Landen -- and Mieszko Lambert, who married Richeza of LORRAINE, was from mouse-tower ancestry. Landers (sinister bend) use pale bars in the colors of the Arms of Lombardy. The Lander/Landen pale bars are also those of LANGleys.

The dentist traced to Dents and Dance's, and I met Mamie when dancing with her in her LIVING room. I made a good case that this was part-code for Livings/Levens, first found in WestMORLAND, and then Morlands share the special Morley leopard face, used also by Levi-beloved Aids. The night I danced with Mamie was the last with Lorraine, but not by my will. Again, Morleys / Morlands and the Bicks are suspect in Scalia's murder, but the swerving event at the tracks is suspect for the murder of princess Diana and/or Ray Luff, and we saw Plows linked to Saint-Hubert elements. The Drig branch of Tracks was first found in Cumbria (Umbria suspect), the Westmorland theater. Cumbria is essentially Cumberland, where Rays were first found.

The Morland fleur that penetrates through the leopard face is gold, but the Morlands use it in white, and in both colors of the Parker stag head. The Bicks use stag heads too. This paragraph so far seems to answer perfectly to my dream with motorbike rider, for as the rider rode away, I entered a parking lot, while Parkings are a surname listed with Perkins...who happen to share the three fleur-de-lys of Smiths. Paul Smith might become a symbol of Henri Paul, and here it's interesting that the last time I saw Paul was in the home of Ray Luff. The Perkens/Parkins use a version of the Tooth Coat, and per-chance Tooth liners can link to the dentist in some way as pertains to one or more of the suspected crimes under discussion.

Paul Smith built his own canoe, and he did a great job. One sad day, Paul told me that the canoe became loose from the top of his Jeep, as he was driving, and it went flying to its destruction in the air. The Cane's/Cano's might just be Canossa liners and therefore Hubert liners, for Huberts are expected as Meschins, who originated in the Bessin, at/around CAEN, and while Paul was an avid fisherman (virtually every weekend), and Kane's (and Smiths) use the fish. Smiths use the heron (and DROPs) as code for Herons/Haverans that share the three herons of Horns/Orne's, and Caen is along the Orne river. JEEPma's were first found in OLDENburg, perhaps of the Otone's/Oltens of Cheshire, yet there is an Olden/Aldan/Auden/ELDEN surname, first found in Westmorland. ELTONs, sharing another version of the Hubert Coat, were first found in Cheshire. Ranulph le Meschin had rule in Westmorland and Copeland. Eldons (black dogs") share flaunches with Parkers and the Cheshire Wolfleys (another sleeve). The latter's wolf is blue, same as in the Arms of Placentia, a city operated by dog-loving Canoga.

Flaunches are used also by Hobbits/Hobarts while Herberts are Hibbetts too.

Wolfleys, in Obama's ancestry, are said to have been at Longdendale, and Longdens share the double-headed, black eagle with Jeepma's. Remember, my swerving Jeep is suspect as code for how a Morland-Parker conspiracy murdered some people, and while Jeepma's were first found in WestMORLAND, Longdens were first found in Derbyshire, same as Parkers. Longdens can be suspect as Lombards = Longobardi's (long beards?), and Paul Smith always wore a longish / woodsman-type beard.

Longdendale is in the county of Chester, and Chesters (Shaw motto, includes "VINCit") were themselves first found in Derbyshire. The Chester griffin is the VINCE / Wizel/Willie griffin in colors reversed, and English Wizels were first found in the same place (Somerset) as flaunch-using Parkers. The emergence of Wizels/Willie's (same dog as Eldons) is a good reason to trace Wolfleys/Wolleys to Willa of Tuscany. Willa of Burgundy (daughter of Willa of Tuscany) was the wife of Boso of Tuscany / Spoleto, who preceded Hubert of Tuscany. Spanish Aldans use double wolves.

The same griffin above is roughly that of Godfreys, and while Godfreys love Bello's, German Belows use the double-headed eagle in both colors of the Jeepma eagle. "Bello" is shared by Godfreys and Osberts, and the Osberts were just looked up as per an OSbert le Whistler in the Wizel/Wissel write-up. This recalls that ALBERT OOStyen asked me to keep his apartment rented while he went off to work at the WHISTLER ski resort. Plus, as Eldons use the same dog as Wizels/Willie's, here's the Eldon description: "two black dogs one BELOW the other." They didn't need to use "below," unless its code for Below liners. The Eldon dogs are in Below-eagle colors, but they are also the Carrick talbot. We now have a strong Jeep link to Canossa / Hubert liners, and Mr. Oostyen's name (Dutch) may have been planned by God to be Albert as per Albert Atto, for his lines trace heavily to Cheshire. Osberts can be found in the Deering write-up. There is an Osten location in the Tankerville write-up.

Repeat: "I crossed the street to a MALL PARKING LOT. This recalls Camilla Parker Bowles, and the descent of Lady Diana Spencer from MALAhule, and then the Lots/Lotters may have been from Lothair, for Lots/Lotters use a talbot dog." The Lots/Lotters use yet another giant and black double-headed eagle. Amazing.

The Eltons are traced to some eel theme, but this has got to be due to the eel in the Crest of Shiptons who use "bellows" in the Shield. That's a great reason for equating Eltons (Hubert bend, likely) with Eldons (shown as Aldhams properly) and for linking Eldons to Belows and Bellows / Billets / Billiards, the latter using the French Lambert Coat.

While Albert was gone, I had lousy sex (God ruined it, didn't he?), for the first and last time last, with Mamie, on Albert's lousy COUCH. The "COUCHant" lions of Tints (same place as Whistlers) are expected to be the lions in the Whistler Coat. There is meaning in this, if God does it, and, besides, he can do things with deeper layers of meaning involved. The Couch-like Gough's and Gooch's/Googe's use the boar of Camilla Parker Bowels', don't they? Yes, and so do Molle's, first found in the same place as Gooch's/Googe's.

Let's return to Lombard-possible Longdens. Langdens (reflection of the Atto Coat) look linkable to Cole's and neighboring Walerans as per the Langden bear being likely that of Percivals. This means that we are on the line of Laevillus, father of portcullis-suspect Proculus, and then Langmans/Lanmans (Buckinghamshire) use the portcullis gate (as well as water bougets). This is most-excellent because Proculus' middle name, Charax, is expected to go to Kerricks, who use a single pile in colors reversed from the Langman pile! It means that I was correct with a Proculus trace to the code, portcullis. And it means that we are definitely correct to trace to Proculus and Laevillus in the first place.

The Charax-like Carricks were suspect with the dogs of Eldons who love Belows while the latter use the same double-headed eagle as Longdens, but in both colors of the Jeepma eagle. The same double-headed eagle (both colors) as Below's is shared my Maxwells, whom I trace to Richeza-suspect Rijeka, and the Arms of Rijeka has a black, double-headed eagle pouring water from a container. I don't know what it's called, but here's the description of Crest for English Belows: "An arm pouring water from a chalice." These English Belows use the motto phrase, "d'en haut," perfect, for while Dents and Belows were first found in Yorkshire, Hawthorne's were Hauteville. It's making the link of my dentist to Belows. Mallets share "d'en haut."

The last update found the "black sleeping dog" of Crockets, very linkable to the Eldon dogs, one BELOW the other. This is excellent, for it must relate to by SLEEPING bag, suspect as symbol for the Order of Saint Hubertus, and with the murder of princess Diana by a Morley-Parker conspiracy. The Crocket motto, "TAK tent," can be for the Tacks (cherubs), said to be a branch of Tankerville's / Tancreds, and thus a branch of the dentist's surname. It suggests that Crockets, from Crociatonum (Manche), which place was related to Alauna, can link to Canossa liners via such families as Bachs/Baghs or Este-suspect Baggs (Grimaldi lozenges?). German Baggs were first found in Tyrol. We can see proto-Alans of Dol between Alauna/Crociatonum and their home in Salop. "Sleeping" is suspect with the Sleeps/Slepe's of Salop, all traceable to the Selepitanoi Illyrians at the Cavii theater.

Selepitanoi merged with neighboring Ardiaei Illyrians to the king-Arthur elements at TINTagel (Cornwall), and while king Arthur was given a "ROUND table" code partly do to Table's sharing hurts (blue roundels) with Irish Arthurs. Rounds (same chevron as Langdens / Tintens) use a sleeping lion, and one can then figure that the "couchant" (lying down) lion of Tints was once a sleeping lion. I slept with Mamie in her tent and sleeping bag (no sex, not even a kiss) the night God surprised me by having her plop herself on my lap (at a picnic table around a camp fire). Hmm, the biker did a lap around the sleeping bag. There are three Lapp surnames, the mermaid-using Lapps first found near the first Tintons and Mamesfield. Crocs share the sleeve/maunch with Mamesfield liners, and Poindexters were first found off of Manche.

The "tent" in the Crocket motto can be for the Tintons with a royal-tent version of the Langdens (same place as Tintons and Tintagel, beside Tints). I can see "Atton" coming from "Tinton," and later it could have formed "Atto," for Atto's use a reflection of the Tinton / Langdon Coats. I trace Tints to the Atintanes Illyrians beside Bullis/Byllis, and that latter place could have formed Bello liners. German Bullis'/Bullings use the PLOW! The Atintanes were at the river flowing to Alauna-like Aulon/Avlona, the makings of Arthurian Avalon. The last update has more on Crockets, Crocs and Crockers.

The Sleeps mention a Slape location in DORset, possibly of the Daorsi. The Ardiaei were centered on the Neretva river with the Daorsi / Daversi. It is possible to equate the stars of Annas' and English Bullis' (Suffolk, same as Daorsi-line Davers with a jay) with the Dominic star, for the Dominic Shield is that of the Mecklenburg Schwerins while the Varni and Angles of Mecklenburg worshiped Neretva-like Nerthus. The English Germanics thus trace to things in the Neretva river. Dominics became suspect with the line of Domna Bassianus, which I trace, for one, to the Cetina/Tilurius river, not far from the Neretva. Domna's sister married Avitus, and Vito's use an annulet in the colors of the Bullis roundels. The annulets of Rounds (Essex, beside Bullis') are used huge by Spanish Burgos', and Rounds use a motto term, "viDERI, looking partly like code for giant-annulet Vito's/Vido's, and partly for Dere's/Deers that use a sectioned Coat in the colors of the same of English Dominics. The best that the English Dominics do is to trace them to London in late times.

English Lannoys (from BLETsoe) were first found with Laundromat-suspect Landers in Bedfordshire, beside LONDon. We shouldn't assume that Lannoys were named after Lyon, for, conversely, Lyon may have been named by proto-Lannoys/Lanoe's, perhaps from Alauna or Aulon/Avlona. Italian Dere's/Res' can be sharing the Julian / Alan/Aleng / Lance stars, and the lances of Dere's/Res' can be Alan liners of the Aleng / Lang kind, for Lance's use the Alan fesse in colors reversed. It's therefore the Gore fesse, and this links to mythical (myth-code) Gorlois, whose wife at Tintagel was king Arthur's mother. Lois'/Loise's were first found in Artois, if that helps to make the case. Lance's suggest mythical Lancelot.

But why did they name him LanceLOT? Are we back to the Lots/Lotters and Lothians? The latter not only share the brown Lot/Lotter talbot dog, but they show the Traby / Weight / FOSTER hunting horn. And Mr. Foster is suspect with the Scalia murder. But I'd like to go back to Carol, wife of David Morley. It was the most unexpected thing. Carol was a lady type. She was blonde, like Lorraine, and Lorraine was a lady type. All females can be ladies, but when I say "real lady," I mean someone like Lady Diana. They just have that look. I never expected Carol would ever marry Dave (a really sweet guy), for, frankly, Dave wasn't a hit with the ladies at all, and he was much younger than she, and he had no money either, nor was he a prince. But suddenly it strikes me that Carol may have been a symbol of Lady Diana.

About a month after I became a Christian, I had a dream that I still hold out refers to my future wife. There was a "real lady" in the dream whom I came to identify as Charlotte Hicks. I gave her notice about six years ago that I would consider marriage, at which time I was led to believe that her husband had passed away. I told her of the dream in a letter. She never responded, perhaps because her husband was still alive (he passed away in late 2015). The point is, in the dream, the lady was hovering over the SEATs of a CAR which itself was alone on the SAND of a beach, and Seats, Sands and Cars were all first found in the same place. I treated this dream extensively some months ago, when, for the first time, I realized that it was stacked with codes from God. Charlotte is a very good reflection of Lady Diana, in the sense of being blonde and a lady-like, and even my girlfriend, Diane, was a blonde, lady-type woman.

Let's take it back to blonde Carol, a term like Charlotte. In fact, Charlotte's are listed with Charles'/Charlemagne's, potential Carians along with Cars / Carrs. King Charlemagne's grandfather started the so-called CAROLingian dynasty, and Lothair, founder of Lotheringia = Lorraine, was a son of Charlemagne. If ever you would want to see a "real lady," blonde Lorraine at the bus stop was one. The grandfather was Charles MARTEL, which is why Charlotte's/Charlemagne's use MARTLets. They are in the colors of the same of Cheney-beloved Fate's, suspect with Lorraine's beautiful feet. In fact, the Cheney-related Schims/Chande's and Skene's/Skims were first found in the same place as Foots-related Fothes'.

Charlotte's/Charles' are in Hicks / Fate colors, and Hicks were first found in the same place as Fate's, thus making the Charlotte link to Hicks, but Charlotte didn't know that God probably named her for this revelation (her late father had been a Pentecostal minister, and she turned out to be the epitome of charismatics, which I don't like at all to the point that she practiced it). Hicks can be regarded as hex = six liners. I see these in mythical IXion through Patmos, for Ixion was brother to Coronis, and I trace her to the Ceraunii mountains at Aulon/Avlona, but also to the Ceraunii peoples on the URBANus river, home also of the Maezaei...which explains why Urbans and Massena's both use the same Zionist stars, which are HEXagrams. The CERAUNI-rooted Crauns/Crane's (share patee crosses on red with Massena's), use a version of the Hicks Coat, and both put an item around their deer's / stag's neck. As it can be seen that from their Coats that Masci's are Massena liners, Charlotte and I are related way back, both tracing to the nasty Hyksos "Egyptians." The Hicks Crest: "A gold buck's head couped gorged with a green chaplet."

So, if Carol, the secretary at the Pentecostal church that Dave and I attended, was named by God, we could expect a Carol-surname link to Dave, and it just so happens that Morleys and Morlands use leopard faces in the colors of the Carol lions. The Carol sword is identical, colors included, to the Skene/Skin sword.

We can now ask whether it's coincidental that Carol and Charlotte were both Pentecostals, both blonde, both apt to be symbol of Lady Diana Spencer, who died in a car crash while the lady in my dream had her eyes closed while hovering in a car. I heard a voice from behind me say, "What are you waiting for, go wake her up." And when I leaned over to kiss her awake, my hand brushed up against her knee, and she soared into my arms as we soared together into the a blessed rapture, I suppose we might say. I took her eyes closed as meaning sleep, for the Sleeps/Slepe's, but there can be a secondary meaning as in Diana's death, or that Diana's ancestry was in the Hicks / Charlemagne's.

Amazingly, the Sloughs/Slaughs were discovered only hors ago while seeking Sleep branches, and Spencers were from LOUGHborough, which is how i found the Lough variation of Laughs. The Laughs/Loughs rhyme with Slaughs/Sloughs, and while the Laughs/Loughs were quickly resolved as Leavell liners, the Sleeps may thus have merged with Leavell liners to form Sloughs. The Loughs are like "Love's/Luff," and Ray Luff died in a car, as did princess Diana Spencer. Honestly, just saying this causes emotion. I cannot understand why the horrible death of this friend is relating so well to the discussion of the last update. Luffs (same place as Muscats) share the bars of Muscats, and Muscats use only two, in colors reversed from the two of Sleeps. Then there was the blonde lady, Diane Muschatov. Coincidence after coincidence, it never stops.

As I said, the last time I saw Paul Smith, he was in Ray's home, in the basement, and Smiths happen to share red-on-white fleur-de-lys with Droits/Drewitts in the Spencer motto. The Droits use a red nebuly chevron, and Leavells use red nebuly bars. I'm not trying to make-up events just to fit them in, but to the best of my recollection, Paul Smith totalled his Jeep in an accident. I could easily be wrong on this, but this is what I recall. If God meant this to be important, I would have a strong recollection. The driver of Diana's car was Henri Paul. Smiths, in Marlborough colors, share "numine" with Walsh-related Marlboroughs. The Smith herons are for Orne liners, and while Meschins were from the Bessin in Orne, Spencers share the Meschin and Biss scallops.

Meschins, if I recall correctly, were ancestral to Blundville's, but since then I've discovered the Blunville's/BLONDesville's, who share vair fur with Beach's, and the lady in the dream was blond, and in a car upon the beach sand, while I walked toward her on the beach. There was no one else there but us. I'm probably a Meschin liner somehow. Beach's were first found in the same place as Titus. Repeat: "Recall that Dave Morley on his motorbike got figured with the Marlboroughs (Hill colors), for they use a reflection of the Slaugh Coat, and I picked up a SLEEPING bag as the rider came down the hill. For the record, I'd like to add that Buckle's (Suffolk, same as Luffs) were at Buckley of Hertfordshire, the area of the first Titus' that share the Moor head with Marlboroughs and Wootens." Beach's/Becks were at Langley, and Langleys are a branch of / merger with laundromat-suspect Landers/Landens. I rode by Beck-like bike to ask blond Lorraine to meet me at the laundromat. She was at the bus stop, and Stops use buckles. Bicks use gold bucks heads, the color of the buck head in the Crest of Hicks, and Charlotte Hicks was suspect with the blond in the dream upon the beach.

Blondesville's (same place as Muscat-related Luffs) share six black fitchees with Hillarys and Clintons, and the latter were first found in Oxfordshire, beside Berkshire. Not only do Spencers use the Berkshire Coat, but Spencers are said to have had a branch in Oxfordshire. Then, Rodhams were first found in the same place as Malbanks/MILbanks (Spence's use MILLstones), and both Rodhams and Malbanks use the same bend except that Malbanks/Milbanks use it ermined, in the colors of the ermined bars of Sleeps. Malbanks are in the Marlborough write-up, and I suggest that MALbanks were Malahule > Mall/Marlybone > Maul/Morley liners. Malahule (known ancestry of Meschins) is to whom Spencers were traced in the last update, namely to Balso D'Espaines.

Sleeps use two bars in colors reversed from the two of Scottish Spence's.

The last update showed that tunnels can be using the split-Shield of Mauls/Morleys, and as Morleys are now figuring is as the killers of Scalia, by what coincidences were Tunnels first found in the same place as Malbanks and Rodhams, all in the same colors, while Diana was murdered in a tunnel when the car got out of control? I can't make the Tunnel surname fit into this picture, but God can, and we have many reasons to believe that the Clintons were killing many political enemies, so why not Scalia??? For those who don't know, president Bill Clinton married HILLARY RODHAM. And the latter thought that she would become the president after Scalia's murder. But God always has the trump card to play at any time to louse things up for the wicked. Tunnels even use the hexagrams of Rodden-like Rotens while Rodhams are shown properly as Roddens.

It appears that God may have arranged the murder to take place in a tunnel to reveal the true murderer. I'm not suggesting that the murder of Diana was His will, but that if they were going to be allowed to murder her, God could have arranged a few things in order to catch the criminals in due time. I am finding it hard to wrap my head around the murder of Diana by the Clintons, but perhaps the truth is that the Clintons are close to the Saint-Hubert cult. It is now led by a line from Austria, and while Bill Clinton's biological father was Mr. Blythe, Blythe's use a fesse in colors reversed from the fesse that is the entire arms of Austria. Clints/Clents use garbs in colors reversed from the Blythe garbs. All in the family. Clints/Clents are in Hick colors, and first found in the same place. Cravens, from the same place as Clints and Hicks, use the same fesse as Blythe's, along with six fitchees, the number of the Clinton and Hillary fitchees. Janet Spence got "raped," and she was the sister of Rick while Ricks use the Craven Coat in colors reversed, along with six more fitchees. That makes the Rick Coat share the fesse that is the Arms of Austria.

The leader of the International Order of Saint Hubertus is Steven, and Stevensons, in the same place as Rodhams, use the same bend as Rodhams. Coincidence after coincidence. Blythe's were at Lauderdale, and Lauders of that place share "RePULLUlat" as the full motto with Lawrie's (Dumfries), suggesting Lorraine elements. Recall Morley the rider on the hill, for Hills,, with a Hulle surname in its write-up, were first found in Worcestershire, where a Clent Hills area is located. But Clents/Clints were first found in Yorkshire, where Hulls (Hill-tower colors) were first found.

The very next thing I did after writing the paragraph above was to move on and consider the beach dream a little more. I had wanted to check the Lake surname because I was in a body of water (as the dream began), and then walked onto the beach to see the car, and a woman (same one that would later be hovering in the car) standing in front of the car in her BATHing SUIT. The Lake's, can you believe it, use six fitchees, and were first found in the same place as six-fitchee Clintons. This very thing convinces me that the Clinton circle, probably the Rhodians, killed Diana. In fact, as the Nazi-like man on the motorbike rode away, I was on the ROAD.

The Suits/Suters use eight fitchees. The BATHing suit was already deciphered as code for the Obama line between the Bath and Randolph crosses. Ruths/Rothers/Randolphs, first found in the same place as the Randolphs (bat) using the Bath cross, look like they use a chevron version of the Malbank / RODham bend. The Bath lions were resolved with the couchant lion of Tints. The Bath Coat happens to be a colors-reversed version of the Rhode(s) Coat (but there was no bathing suit in the sleeping-bag dream, and no road in the beach dream). The Bik/Bick bend with gold symbols is half the Rhodes saltire with gold symbols, and there is no Bike surname coming up so that Biks/Bicks are the best I can do for the bike.

It seems to me that the killers of Scalia and of Diana were of the same globalist nut-crackers. These lunatics need to be put to rest in their roasting beds, selah.

The guy on the bike reminded me of the Germans on Hogan's Heroes, an old show where the German commander of the military base was colonel Klink. Isn't that a Clench-like term? Do you recall where the Clench surname was introduced. The clenched hand of Poindexters. "Clink" gets the Clench's. They use an eagle rising as code for Risinium, smack-near where the Selepitanoi lived. Clinks/Clench's are the ones near the Wootten rivers, and near Morley-related Marlborough, near the Vale of Pewsey, to be distinguished from the Pusey of Oxfordshire. Bath is not far west of Marlborough.

To make the Spencer connection to Clintons loosely, we take the Spencer scallops to the same of Travis', whom I see from Treviso = TARVISium, and we then go to the six fitchee crosses of Tarves', in both colors of the same of Clintons and Hillarys, and colors reversed from the same of Lake's. We then take the Chives' of Tarves, and take them back to the Cavii, in the land of the Selepitanoi, and we take the latter to the Sleeps, and to sleeping Charlotte Hicks in the dream. From there, we remind that the Chives', until months ago, were said to be first found in Devon, where the Hykes'/Hacks were first found that not only use the Chives quadrants, but the Spencer / Travis scallops. You can't argue with any of this.

When I came out from the lake to the beach, I saw myself on the beach as from the eyes on an onlooker, and I had no shirt on. I had jeans on. The no shirt can be taken as the same in heraldry for what I suspect are Massey liners. For example, Masseys/Masse's use a "tree WITHout leaves," and Holdens use the beakless eagle (allerion) for what I expect to be the Aleramici in Piedmont, where Masci's were roughly first found. Beaks can be traced to Haughts of Cheshire, where Masseys were first found who formed the WITHenshaw-Massys. I've seen lions minus one leg as code for Legge's / Leghs. I'm a Massey liner. In the dream, God could have indicated the Shirts in another way, but WITHout a shirt suggests a Shirt link to Withinshaws that married Tattons, and the latter use the Spencer quadrants.

The Shirts use a reflection of Tancred and Hawthorne Coats, and the dentist dream showed that Hawthorne's were related to the Buttons on the red shirt of Tous', the latter first found in the same place as Tatton-like Taddei's. I'm a Taddei liner too, and can thus be from the Tatton marriage to Whithinshaw-Massys, if I understand this shirt part of the dream properly. As for the Jeans, they happen to share the red scallop with Tancreds, and as this is the scallop of Sabine's and Pullys/Pullens, the Jeans start to look like Vespasia-Polla liners, which can explain why the Jean lion is colors reversed from the Poole lion. If I said that the dream began when I was in the water, I was wrong. That was the second part of the dream; I had forgotten that there was a first part. It started with me standing in front of a pool. I've told this several times; it's not being made up now to fit the Shirt-Jean analysis above.

What can the Jean surname mean but that the driver of Diana's car, Henri PAUL, was the son of JEAN Paul. And Paul liners were probably Pole / Pool branches. I don't know why Jean Paul would be emphasized by the dream, however, rather than Henri himself. Perhaps these Pauls were from a line of Jeans.

I was standing in front of the pool when a short, fat dog, which I have always identified as a British bulldog, went into the pool. Note that it was a BRITISH dog, for we are talking about British royals. I then saw a nasty shark, to be followed by an image of the dog head-first in the shark's mouth, with a ring of teeth around its mid-section or belly. I jumped into the pull to save it, but the dream ended, and I was instantly in a body of water. I walked to a sandy beach, and then saw the car with Miss Hicks, I gather, standing in front of the hood. I started walking toward her, I saw myself with no shirt, and jeans. It's interesting that Hicks were just shown to be kin of Crauns/Crane's while the Shark surname uses the crane, as well as an "expecTATA" motto term. This is all new to me right here, concerning the Shirt, Jeans and Shark explanation. I wasn't able to do this the last time I tried to interpret these things. And it helps me to realize that the BULLdog was code for Bullis, very near the CERAUNii mountains, for that's where CRAUNS trace.

Besides, the Bullis surname shared red roundels (torteaux) with Shirts! You can't get this lucky, dream after dream, without one dream failing to explain itself this neatly. Bullis' are shown properly as Bulliards, but as the location was also spelled, "Byllis," the Billiards / Billets / Blythe's can apply, not to mention the Bellys / Belli's / Bellino's as per the ring of teeth around the bulldog's belly! Good one. Belli's and Bellino's were first found in Verona, and Verona's share the trefoil with Sharks.

Next, the Sharks were first found in Tyrone while Tyrone's are listed with the Tirells using the Dexter chevrons, and the Dexaroii were one major river north of Bullis. The Arms of Tyrone uses a red, right hand. On top of this, when I was telling that my hand brushed up against Miss Hick's knee, it dawned on me that it was my dexter hand, and that I do trace "Hicks" to "hex = 6." Amazing. It suggests that Knee's and Knights, and possibly Cnuts/Knots, were related to Dexters and Hicks. The Verona Belli's almost use the Knight pale bars, and Knights were first found in the same place as Bullis'...and the Davers with hexagrams in Hicks / Craun colors. The Knight write-up suggests the Nith river, home of Kilpatrick castle, and while Miss Hicks married Mr. Kilpatrick, that surname uses the dagger and a dexter paw as code for Dexaroii. Is this not amazing? Knees are in Dexter colors, but aside from that, I can see no other links at present. Dumfries, where Kilpatricks were first found, is where Knee-suspect McGee's were first found.

The knight in the Shoe description is said to issue at the knees, and then the single star in the Shoe Coat is the single one in the PoinDEXTER Coat. On top of that, the Poindexter Shield is split horizontally in colors reversed from the same of German Belli's.

Mornin'. I Just About Peed My Bed

I didn't sleep a wink all night. I could not get this topic off my mind. I wanted to know what the surname was that murdered Scalia or Diana or whatever the Lord is Leading us to. I had noted that the Marlborough Coat was like the Peterson Coat, and this was on my mind early this morning, because I had a childhood friend, Jerry Peterson. As I started to think about him, and the things we did, I recalled the attractive blonde tenant that his parents had for the basement. I cannot recall what she looked like, but I found her so attractive that I went to the backyard, climbed the steps to the platform where clothes are hung on the LAUNDRY line, and reached over to touch her ultra-white clean bra with my fingertip. You can't say I was a pervert because I was too young for that. Jerry was there and we were having fun. A few seconds later, she came out and scolded me (but it was worth it). I was maybe eight or nine years old.

Naturally, this crossed my mind with Lorraine the blonde and the LAUNDRromat. As I began to ask questions, last night, as to how the bra event might square with the Lander/Landen surname, it struck me that I've known of a Bra location in Cuneo, and it's smack at Langhe, while the Lander/Landen pale bars are used (same white-green colors) by LANGleys. You just have to be me to feel how these things amaze me, one ancient event after the other. We now know that Langleys were from/to Langhe of Cuneo, and I now know that it was God who asked Lorraine (whew) to meet me at the laundromat, because, not only would I not do such a lousy thing, but God needed a code for Pepin of Landen, the line to mythical Popiel of the Polish Mouse Tower. But much more came flooding in, which will amaze you too if you believe I'm not making these things up.

One of the first things I remembered as per the bra event is that there were cute, furry white rabbits in a cage under the laundry platform. I used to feed them carrots. I saw them there. But my mind wandered from the rabbits to something else, things concerning the Bra area. It's where Asti is located, on the Tanaro river, which location was traced to the Paioni location of AstiBUS. What do you see? I see more than you do. This is going to flatten you, it's not for the faint of heart. But may it pump up your faith in God, and please give God a hand for how he performed this work. The BUS STOP is where God asked Lorraine to meet me at the laundromat, and of course you see AstiBUS, but the Paioni capital was STOBI, which i traced to Stubbs a long while ago. But thanks to the Bus stop, I discovered recently that Stops are listed with Stubbs. Therefore, it is undeniable that the Bus Stop is two codes for Paioni liners, which included the Poindexters. It all came to mind last night as I did not sleep.

We now know that it was God who touched that bra (whew), not me, because I wouldn't do such a dumb thing. God needed to trace Blonds to Bra of Cuneo, and to show that the laundromat was code for Langhe's Italians. And that's probably the area where my Masci line originates, I get it. I then went back to the furry rabbits, and recalled that "Cuneo" sounds like the Italian for "rabbit," and the Conns and Conys (both use a version of the Meschin and Mussel/Muscel Coats) use WHITE coney rabbits even. So, God got the Petersons to buy / breed those rabbits because He wanted to prove to readers that He touched the bra for a reason, and it's not for my pleasure or yours, though I don't mind a little fun along the way.

There is more I realized last night. The Tankerville's use the BUS cinquefoil, and are said to be from TANERdevilla, looking like they were from the Tanaro, and therefore the Tankerville's, a branch of the surname of my rotten dentist, is tracing to the namers if Asti, I assume, or some part of the Tanner river. Is there a Bus entity at that area? Why, yes, the Busca location not far from the Tanaro. Have we exhausted this bra event?

The blond was a tenant, and Tenants use the Shield-and-Chief colors of Montferrat and the Aleramici of Montferrat, and from this one could suggest that tenants were Tanaro liners that didn't like "Tanner," and wanted to change it. "Tenman" gets the same Coat, and so we get it. The Tenant Crest: "A mast with a sail," the Sale line back to Cuneo's Saluzzo. It reminds of the Futter MASTiff dog that's likely code for both Masts/Masters and Steven-branch Stiffs. Masts were first found in the same place as Tooks/Touque's that use a reflection of the Stiff Coat, and the Rimini-loving, Masci-related Hamons were likewise first found in the same place. So, you see, God built that little rabbit cage, plotting before my birth to have me walk up the stairs, with that lovely clean bra hanging there, at the age of nine with not a care in the world. And He succeeded.

Before thinking about the bra-rabbit event, I was thinking back to John Podesta's email exchanges with a Steve Elmendorf, lobbyist and supporter of Hillary Clinton. Podesta had been a Bill-Clinton man, and was the leader of Hillarys campaign when the email exchanges took place. The reason that I was thinking about this is that I saw the resemblance between "Podesta" and the Pudester/Poindester variations of Poindexters. This startled me, for the suspicious Podesta-Elmendorf emails is what got me to investigate the Scalia murder in the first place. Just look at that huge Podesta - Puddister coincidence. My investigation was in the 1st update of last month, and included this: "We have Elmendorf writing to Podesta on Tuesday Feb 2, 2016 [about 10 days before Scalia's murder], "We won. Raising money today, talking the bedwetters off the ledge and heading to NH for the long weekend...let me know what else I can do."" Scalia died on the long weekend, and I took this message to mean that Elmendorf was creating an alibi for himself because he would be involved in the murder. Or, he mentioned the long weekend because he wanted to send Podesta an encrypted message, meaning that he had been talking to the contracted killers, who he called bedwetters, and the decision was made to kill Scalia in his bed on the long weekend.

As my theory goes, Elmendorf also informed Podesta, in the same email, that he's going to raise money, couching this is a Hillary-election issue, but really meaning that he's going to get money today to pay the killers because "we won" means that a deal with them was agreed to. Where he says, "talking the bedwetters off the ledge," it seems to be a phrase for when someone wants to bail out of a scheme and needs to be talked into not jumping, as in jumping ship, or jumping off the ledge of a building. It's just symbolic talk, a phrase I can imagine as common with criminals. The killers apparently needed to be talked into doing the deed, and get more money is what the problem looks to have been. So Elmendorf visited them to arrange more money, and Podesta had asked him to email the results, couched, of course, in alternative language.

What did Elmendorf mean by "bedwetters"?

The fact is, and I proved it, Elmendorf was in New Hampshire on the 3rd and 4th, the day after his email. On the 4th, he was photographed at a Hillary event in New Hampshire. Therefore, why would he tell Podesta on the 2nd that he was headed to New Hampshire for the long weekend (included the 12th/13th)? Shouldn't he rather have said that he's headed there tomorrow or tonight? Did he provide his email to "prove" that he wasn't in New Hampshire for Hillary's event? Hillary would not have wanted him there, because a lobbyists are not liked by Democrat voters, and Hillary portrayed herself as anti-lobbyist. When we ask why Hillary would have tolerated the presence of Elmendorf at her event in a tightening race, the logical answer is that she wanted to know what the deal was on the 2nd, but she didn't want record of emailing Elmendorf. Likely, Podesta was to relay the message to Hillary's private server as to what the deal had been. But Hillary wanted to hear the details for herself, I assume, or may have wanted to give Elmendorf an additional message, to explain why he was at her event.

Seven days after the Elmendorf email, Podesta writes Elmendorf nothing but this: ""Didn't think wet works meant pool parties by the Vineyard."" The controversy online is that "wet works" is common criminal jargon / code for "murder." And when we put that together with "bedwetter," that's why I think Elmendorf was talking to the murderers, for Scalia died in his bed. In case there had been more than one option on how to kill Scalia, Podesta would have wanted to know which option was agreed to, and "bedwetter" tells all that it would be in his sleep, or made to appear that he died in his sleep. Regardless of what "pool parties at the Vineyard meant," where it was a quip or an encrypted message understood by Elmendorf, the fact is, "wet works " and "betwetters" makes them suspects in the murder.

And then, just a few weeks after finding that Poindexter was the one who invited Scalia to his own ranch with other members of the International Order of Saint Hubertus, I find that "Podesta" is a Poindexter variation!!! Just think of it. And that was the frame of my mind when I was lying in bed, unable to sleep, and when I came to realize that God created the bra-rabbit event. If we are convinced that God gave both the bra-rabbit and Lorraine events to be related to one another, then let me tell you what else came to mind last night. And one can spot the reason that the bra-rabbit event was at Jerry's place.

One day, when I was about six years old, my mother was chewing me out for peeing my bed, and it was a lovely summer's day, the bedroom window open. While my mother was chewing me out, Jerry was beneath the window, but unseen. I had NOT been playing with him outside. I recall that his being at the window took me by complete surprise, and I was wondering by what coincidence he would be below the window, in the back yard, while my mother was chewing me out. He wasn't prone to just going into the back yard alone. And his voice came through the window screen. "Ha-ha, you peed your bed, you peed your bed." Embarrassing, yes.

But it wasn't me who peed my bed. It was God, right? Yes, and perhaps the Peterson surname (Peter-Pollock line?) has something to do with Scalia's murderers. I just don't think it was coincidental that, on the same night that I realize the Podesta variation of Poindexters, I also find the bra-rabbit event to be utterly compelling as an act of God; I then find Jerry involved in an event I could never forget 40 years later. God made it a vivid memory.

It was while laying in my bed last night that I realized: my mother is a Grimaldi on her father's side, and the Bagg Coat uses the same Shield as Grimaldi's. And that's when it hit me that I peed my bed as code for the Grimaldi killers of Scalia. It just has to be correct because the sleeping-bag dream came immediately after the update with the Scalia investigation. Here is what I said near the top of the 2nd update of last month:

I had forgotten that I left off yesterday on the Kepke topic, and so I thought I had best relate this latest dream to see what surname connections it may have to do with. When the dream started, I was on a hill walking up, and saw a sleeping bag on the ground, which I picked up. I walked to the top, where there was a road, and a Nazi-like character drove past me on his motorbike that seemed to be out of the 1940s. He drove down the hill, then returned up the hill, and meanwhile I was crossing the road to a mall. When I was in the mall, though I can't recall where, I was lying down somewhere, on a platform (didn't seem like a bed), and Christine Peare was lying next to me, she with another woman friend with very short hair, and that's when Chris just came into my arms. I had no thought for sex, just loved holding her as soon as I touched her on the back..."

Soon after writing there, I realized that my own sleeping bag, which I was using during the dream, was in the colors of the Saint-Hubert robes. Therefore, if God starts the dream with a symbol for Saint Hubertus, one can expect that the rest of the dream should apply to the Scalia murder. I get the distinct impression that God has planned to destroy the murderers from before my birth, and that he would use events in my life either to get it done, or to advertise it. I really don't know what He's up to, but, murderers, you can be sure that you did NOT get away with anything.

Next, I take you back to when I claimed that God gave me a twitch that would not go away for weeks. It was on the blackish side of my chest, near the right arm, but the twitch would not usually go into the arm, but it did the night before, or roughly the night before, I was writing on Stanley ARMOUR Dunham, the father of Obama's mother. And that's when I showed that the Armor Crest is the squire's helmet of the Twitch Crest. The twitch then went away after I ran out of Taster's Choice coffee, which was not my regular brand. I had pickled up this jar by accident. The Taste surname turned out to be "Taets/Teats" properly, linkable to Twitch / Thwait / Tuit surnames. Not long after this, I arrived to the Scalia investigation, and learned that the Armour / Twitch Crest is the Poindexter Crest too. By that time, I had identified the Twitch bendlets as those of Pungs/Paganels, a branch of Paine's, and Obama's mother is a Paine liner on her mother's side. Shortly after coming to the Poindexter surname, I realized that it was a Payen / Paine branch. I am sure of this aside from the "imPUNE" motto term of Poindexters, which can be for something of the Pung-like Pane's/Panico's. POINDexter was a Paionian liner from Cuneo, wasn't he? And I was POINTing to the bra with my right finger (I would not have reached out, beyond the platform, with my left).

You may be staggered to find that Rothschild-loving Dusters share the armored arm of Armours, for Poindexters are PoinDESTERs. The Fast bend always gives me the impression of being the Lorraine bend. This Arms of Rothschild uses the FAST (and Petty) quadrants, you see, as well as an "InDUSTRia" motto term as code for the Dusters (compare with sinister Jewish Rothchilds (no 's' after the 'h'). The armored arm is common, but it can be added that German Bus' use it too. It's now notable that Dexters use two chevrons in the colors of the Armour chevron, and moreover Dexters were first found in Leicestershire while the Bus cinquefoil is in the Arms of Leicester. The Pollock-related Watsons (Rodham stump) of Rutland, at Leicester, use the same chevron, and Scottish Watsons share the oak tree of Watts / Vatts/Watters while Watts' were first found in the same place as SQUIRE's/Squirrels. That's a smash-hit in the center of the all-seeing-eye. Be blind, Masci-liner Rothschilds, God has your number, and will be visiting you soon.

Click to English Watts to see gold billets, symbol in the Arms of Roquefeuil, as well as the Shield-and-Chief colors of the Aleramici of Montferrat, who had the Vasto branch. Montferrat is at Bra. We now know what God is pointing at when he touched that bright-white bra dangling ever so seductively in the summer sun upon that laundry line. My eyes did see it, and my feet did bring me up the steps, and my right hand's finger did point, and touch it.

Taste's/Taets' (Blundville Coat?) share the trefoil in the colors of the same of Rockefeller-liner Rocks, the latter first found in the same place (Worcestershire) as SQUIRE's/Squirrels, DISTERS, and the Clent hills. Rockefellers in a political-murder scheme? Not many would be surprised. As Roquefeuil is in AUDE, note the "aut" motto term of Chioce's/Joyce's. Pollocks use a motto term partly for Aude elements, and Hauteville's were Tancreds (Sabine / Pullen scallop) and therefore Tankerville's that were just traced to Busca of Cuneo, and the Tanaro river.

But there is more that implicates Obama in the Scalia murder, for while I found online that Leonard Nimoy was an Illuminatist and possibly a chief of the Saint-Hubert cult, this is the man who played Spock on Star Trek, while the Spock/Speck Coat shares the giant, red two-headed eagle with Choice's/Joyce's "AUT honoraBILIS VITA"). It's as though my punchy twitch, and Taster's Choice coffee, was telling that Poindexter is guilty, for I then saw that the Poindexter motto includes, "Nemo," a term bringing up the Nimo/NIMOY surname. Disters use the two-headed eagle too.

My dentist's surname is a version of the HAUTville's, which can be in the Choice/Joyce motto along with Bullis/Billis liners to such things as Blythe's, the surname of Bill Clinton's father. Clintons (same place as Peare's/Pearls) use PIERCE stars in the colors of the same of Payens/Pagans/PAIONs and their Mullet kin, and the lone Poindexter star is colors reversed from the Clinton stars. The Clinton Shield has been traced hard to the Saluzzo's i.e. at Busca and thus relating to Lorraine's bus stop. We saw that Bus' and Stops both trace from/to Payen-based Paionia to Cuneo, location of Saluzzo. The bus-stop related laundroMAT coupled itself with the bra-rabbit event, the latter code for Bra in Cuneo. And Matts were first found in the same place (Glamorganshire) as Choice's/Joyce's. Matts share the same lion as Faucets, suspect with such variations as "Fausst" of the Fists (Rhineland, same as Bush's/Buschs), the latter using exactly (both colors) the clenched hand of Poindexters. [It's important that the Matt lion is the Lafin / Conte lion, because Massys had some control of Tipperary, and Massi's/MATTis' share the checks of some rulers of Massa-Carrara]

It's now easy to see, thanks to God touching the bra with my finger, that Faussts were the Vasto's that ruled exactly at Saluzzo and Busca! Therefore. Poindexters/Puddesters are expected from those elements. There is a Finger surname that has no write-up. All we see is the finger of a right hand pointing from some flames, and while the Flame surname (Cony colors) is said to have been overlooking Skerne, the Skerne surname was first found in the same place as white-rabbit Conys. By the way, white-rabbit Conns are Caune's too, and in the colors of Corns/Cawneys (Cornwall), suggesting a Cuneo-line merger with something in Cornwall.

Obama' Dunham bloodline was from Jonathan Singletary (changed his surname to "Dunham"), and then both Singletarys and Dunhams share the spear with Tracks/Triggs, the latter using the Shield-and-Chief colors of Rocks. I was thinking about my dentists when driving over train tracks, at which time I nearly crashed. But this seems to do, not with Scalia's death, but of Diana's.

I had suggested the JOYCE Foundation as part of the reason that God would wish to advance Taster's Choice: "The Joyce Foundation was established in 1948 by Beatrice Joyce Kean of Chicago. She was the sole heir of David Joyce, a lumber executive and industrialist from CLINTON, Iowa....Former U.S. President Barack Obama served on the foundation's board of directors from 1994 through 2002." If Obama was involved, the organization likely had societal-engineering at heart, which is an insidious organanism eating the feet out from the person, if it's a liberal organization.

The Choice/Joyce fesse is ermined-white, as are the two of Sleeps. If God chose a sleeping bag to be code for the Bedwetters, I can make the Joyce foundation a suspect too, if indeed the Joyce fesse is the Sleep fesse. The evidence from God's work in my life points square to Obama, the Clintons, and Poindexter. As more evidence that Paioni liners are involved with the bra-rabbit event the Coney surname has a coney rabbit holding a pansy, and Pansys/PANTzers share the dove with English Page's while French Page's were first found in the same place as Payens/Pagans. So, as the bra-rabbit event assures that Conys were from Cuneo elements, we are seeing Paioni in Cuneo.

I'm laying out the clues. The Bruno's are said to have had a branch at Asti, suspect with Astibus in Paionia. It was recent when I mentioned Bruno, my neighbor at Reesor street. He and my father were working for the same real-estate company, and they bought side-by-side homes in a new area. I used to bounce a LACROSS ball off the bricks of Bruno's house, with a lacrosse racket, and Lacrosse's use nothing but a cross in Messey-saltire and Bruno-bend colors (a bend is half a saltire). None of the three surnames use other symbols (same applies to Saluzzo's), and this seems to be assuring that Masci's were at Asti with Bruno's from Florence, where the Reesor patee traces along with the same one of Ferrands. And while it's known that Tullia of Clermont/Ferrand was ancestral to Mummolin, the latter lived/ruled at Chalons-sur-Marne, which uses the Lacrosse cross as the Crozier Coat fully.

Recall that Kepke said to me to speak non-chalant with Miss Whelan, while Chalants are listed with Chalons, for Whelans use the Massey-related Brick Coat while I was bouncing the lacrosse ball off of Bruno's brick wall. Perfect. It means that it was not me playing lacrosse there, but God. The Masci fleur-de-lys are shared by Browns, and they are probably in the Pane/Panico Chief too. The Choice/Joyce Crest is a BROWN wolf.

I had an Obama dream that proved itself beyond doubt to have been from God. It ended with Obama scolding an employee whose back was turned to Obama, and this back was in my line of sight, as the dream's onlooker, which I took as part of the symbolism. The last thing in the sleeping-BAG dream was my touching Chris Peare on her BACK. As soon as I woke up, while still in bed, I reasoned that the Bachs/BAGHs were at play with her back, for the dream started with a sleeping BAG. So, not only the Baggs, but the Welsh Bachs/Baghs can apply, and the latter use vair fur in a fesse that could be construed as a white-on-red fesse, the colors of the Sleep fesses. But as the Joyce's use an ermined fesse too, it's notable that Joyce's were likewise first found in Wales, where Tullia's / Mummolin's line traces hard.

Recall how Conns/Cauns can link to the similar variation of Corns of Cornwall, for one Cornwall Coat uses "BEG" as well as a white-on-red chevron! I'm surprised because this wasn't found until an hour after writing the paragraph above. It looks like Bachs/Baghs can indeed link to the Sleep fesse. Compare the Bach/Bagh Coat to that of Cornwalls, the latter sharing the white bend with Babon-Grimo liner Cocks. As Sleeps were first found in Shropshire (home of Dol Alans), note that the Brittany Beards/Bearts can be using the bull (steer) of German Bachs/Backs, for the Steer surname loves the Seats/Cedes' that share the double pale bars in the Arms of Vilain (location of Dol). Recall that Rothschilds definitely use the Petty quadrants, for Pettys are very traceable to both Bowers = Bauers and Peter Pollock. Jerry Peterson's father was Polish, likely Jewish-Polish somewhere down the line.

Vilain is home to Rennes, a line to the Raines surname that shares the lion in the colors of the Peterson lion, and while Peter Pollock's father was a vassal of the Dol Alans, this can explain Jerry Peterson's involvement in what has already shown itself to be an event pointing to the Pollock-liner Rothschilds.

Baggs were from Gaywood, and Gaywoods use the three towers of the Welsh Howells, first found in the same place as Fiens/Fano's. Gays were first found in the same place as Masseys/Masse's, and the gold Gay rooster is that of Galli's, first found in the same place as Page's and Payens (stars in the colors of the Galli- / Julian-Chief stars). Gays and Galli's, who use a Coat well-reflecting that of Panico's, are suspect from Gaia/Gala, father of king Massena, and while the Jays from De Gai are in the blue jay of the Poitvins that use a colors-adjusted version of the Galli Coat, and while I lived on Jay street when I peed my bed and touched the bra, I saw the many feathers of a dead blue jay on the ground in the back yard of where I now live that seemed like an ominous Sign. Some Jay line is going to get caught and eaten alive. Howell-related Powells recalls that Robert Powell was thrown off a bridge. The Galli line goes with rooster-line Gallus Anonymous to the Goplo mouse tower, and laundry-liner Landers/Landens use black rooster on gold, the colors of the Gallus and Kopple roosters, but then these rooster, in colors reversed, would be gold, like the gay and Galli roosters.

By the way, the illegal Coat of Rome's Galli's use the rooster too, in colors reversed from the illegal Coat of Camille's, first found in Rome. Camille's are traceable by their Llano location in Spain to the illegal colors of Lane's/Lano's, a branch of the namers of Launay in Finistere. Lane's/Lano's were first found in Brescia, near lake Garda, explaining why English Lane's use "Garda." The split colors of the English Lane Shield are those in the Arms of Modena. While one can explain the sharing of roosters/cocks between Galli's and Cocks as per the Italian world, "galena," my Masci-Grimaldi mother can explain why king-Gala liners can trace to Cock-related Grimaldi's.

Repeat: "Pansys/PANTzers share the dove with English Page's..." It recalls Lorraine's grass stain on her PANTS, though it was certain that the event was code for Irish Penders/PENDerGRASS' (Wales), with what could easily be a version of the Back/Bagh Coat ("mea", see Mea's below) but with someone's saltire. PANTZers are like the Panazzi variation of Panico's/Pandone's. As Sleeps are suspect here, let's go to the Slopers, who share the dove design of Pansys/Pantzers. And Panthers use spur rowells, the Payen/Pagan symbol too (different designs, but both are described as such). We can get the impression that Paioni, which included Penders / PANThers / Panico's/PANETTa's/Pandone's, were both in Cuneo and Lorraine, but connected to Grass' too because Busca-like Bosco's use "tufts of grass."

The sleeping bag was in a hill, or a sleep-like SLOPE. Next, the "pace" motto term of Slopers can be for Cheshire Pace's/PAICE's or the Italian Pace's/Pasi's/Pascels, first found in the same place (Bologna) as Panico's (and Canossa-suspect Alberts). From Paice's, we can go to Peace's/Paise's that share the dove design of Slopers. Perfect. And we can go to Spanish Baez's/Pelaiz's that share the checks of Pelais-like Bils', suspect in the "honoraBILIS" motto term of Choice's/Joyce's.

Slopers: "Two snakes enTWINed with a silver dove bearing an olive branch." Twinns share the same fesse as Hills so that both Slopers and Hills can apply to the hill upon which the sleeping bag was found.

Jerry was at the WINDOW when I peed my bed. This reminds that Windows were traced to Windsor elements around Finistere, where I trace the Fiens/Fane's and "Fiens/Finis'. The Windsors are from the Others, and the latter share a version of the Bick bend-with-symbols, though the latter use stag (buck) heads, the Windsor-Crest symbol. The bike was involved both in my riding to Lorraine's bus stop, which event was fundamentally part of God's bra-rabbit event at the laundry line. The Windsors use their stag head as a "deer," and Deerings use stag heads in both colors of the Bick stag heads. Deerings are said to be of Morinis', possibly in the "Mors" motto term of Choice's/Joyce's, for they also use "vita" while Avitus married Julia Maesa.

The Arms of Finistere was resolved with the ram of Bauts, first found in Auvergne along with Clermont-Ferrand. Bauts were first found near Aubin while the Albins/Aubins (trefoil liners, see Barnstaple's) were kin of trefoil-using Albini's (share green Shield with Albins/Aubins, Bowers, Bauers, Bourleys, the Arms of Roquefeuil, and Pollocks), first found in the same place (Modena) as Morinis', the latter suspect with peter Pollock at Moray's Rothes castle. Aubin is near Rodez, and Rods share the trefoil with Rocks because Henri VI of Rodez married Miss Roquefeuil. It's a good bet, therefore, that the trefoil-using Taste's/Taets are part of this Choice picture. Note that the Bavarian Albini's share blue wings with Bavarian Bauers, the proto-Rothschilds, and that the Marano-branch Mortons (Guy buckles?) use blue wings too. Mortons were mentioned earlier in the Clench / Dexter / Poindexter discussion, and Poindexters use the clenched Fist/Fausst hand / fist.

Repeat: "Mortons share the blue wings with pine-tree Albini's (same place as Bauers), and these Albini's were likely the Albini's at/beside MARano. Marlboroughs are shown predominantly as Mar liners with burrie-like endings, likely a Mar merger with Burley/Bourlys, the latter in Clench colors, and the first-known Burleys/Bourlys next door to Wiltshire in Somerset. Bauers use blue wings with what looks like an arm with fist between the wings, perfect." It can explain why the Rothschild / Petty / Fast quadrants are colors reversed from the same of Albini's. The German Albini's can be using the Macey Shield, and the Albini "evergreen" may once have been of the Maschi pine symbol. Evers use a version of the Mall/Marlybone Coat.

Let's not forget that Poindexters use the Fausst fist or clenched hand, for Clench's use another green Shield, in both colors of the Burley/Bourly and Albin/Aubin Coats. The blue crosses of the Albins/Aubins are used my Mea's from somewhere on the Meu river. This is why the Baut ram traces well to the same of Finistere, i.e. not far west of the Meu. The Marano location beside the first Italian Albini's is of the Marano's/Mauritano's (same place as Morinis') that share the Montfort lion with certainty. It's not merely like the Montfort lion; it is the Montfort lion, and this was established as fact beyond the other fact that there is a Montfort location at the Meu river. But I've been tracing Montforts to a tiny MONFORTE location beside Bra in MONTFERRAT for years. The only thing I can recall about the owner of the bra is that she was a blond tenant in the basement of the Petersons, and that she didn't like my fingering her bra. She soon moved away, and I recall nothing else about her. There is no Jerry surname, but Gerrys, who look like they are from Guerin of Provence, whom I've always linked to Montferrat, share the same lion as Montforts, possibly. The antler in the beak of the Gerry griffin appears red.

Clench's (gauntlet hand, same as Fiens/Fane's and Maceys) were first found in Wiltshire, same as Mauritano-like Mortons. And, believe it or not, the Petersons came to mind as per Marlboroughs, and it's the Clench's who are from a place near Marlborough. That is, MARLboroughs got to topic thanks to the Clench write-up, and this was just after MARLeys / Morleys / MORLands were pegged with the killers of Scalia!!! That is huge, especially as Marleys are said to be from Morlaix in Finistere! You have got to give God a hand, what a super job He is doing.

I now take us back to the night that I danced with Mamie in her LIVING room. No one else was dancing at her party, but she approached me there, and she indicated she wanted to dance. We SLOW danced (Sloughs are Slows and Slopers are Slowpers too), and soon after I went to see my girlfriend, Lorraine, who was out for a walk with her friend's husband. The friend let me in, and we waited not long, and when they returned, aha, there was a grass stain on the thigh of her bright-white pants, a streak-like stain of the type that needs to slide along the grass. Why was her butt sliding / rubbing on the grass? I accused her, and she never forgave me. End of relationship. The pants are now being viewed as Paioni liners (includes the dove of Slopers/Slowpers) to John B. Poindexter.

The Livings/Levens were first found in WestMORLAND, and the Shield-and-Chief colors of Livings/Levens are those of Vilains, while Rennes is in Vilaine near the Meu, while Raines' share the Peterson lions while Peter Pollock lived at RENfrew while Wrens are a branch of Raines' while Rainier of Montferrat (at Bra-Langhe theater) is traceable to the Reno river, location of Panico's/Panetta's = Pant kin, I take it, more Paioni liners. Lorraine is linking to the two events, both the bed-wetting and laundry-line event, very exciting. It's notable here that while Stains are Stans too, Bicks share stags on a bend with Stanleys. You see, when God had me ask Lorraine out on a bike, it was code for Stain kin.

Recall how Huberts traced to Adalbert Atto and the Attons/Hattons, for Stanleys are said to be from Ottone-like Hooten while Hootens (a chevalier) were first found in the same place as Hattons and Huberts. You may have read that VERNE Archibald lived near Lorraine, and here it's interesting that Hotone (Cheshire) was owned by Mr. Vernon. Vernons (Weaver / Hazel fesse) share the bend of crozier-using Wears/Wears and Iverys, and Vernons share the Cheshire garbs with Attons/Hattons (same place as Otone's/Otlens).

It's interesting that, when one walks across the street from Verne's, and through an alley there, it leads to the parking lot of a motel, virtually across the street from where Lorraine's bus stop was. The Motel surname shares a rider on horse with Chevalier's. What's that? The latter are the Chives-related Cavetts, and Chives' were from the Cavii who had the Selepitanoi as neighbors. Motels were from Taranto, where the Crest of Cavii-like Coffee's/Coffers trace, and ARCHibalds were traced with Modens/Modeys (Berkshire) to Arks (Berkshire) because Modane is on the Ark river, and then Motel-like Motts/Mottins apply who use a crescent in the colors of the Slough/Slow crescents. One could add that people SLEEP at a motel. Sloughs were first found in Buckinghamshire, beside Berkshire. Sloughs are the ones with a Coat like that of Petersons, very Scalia-important of Sloughs were a Sleep/Slape branch.

Reno's share the Pink lozenges. The latter share the same blue sleeve and cuff as Parkers while the latter share the flaunches with sleeve-using Wolfleys. Sleeve's may yet prove to be of the Sleeps. Sloughs/Slows/Sleths/SLEIGHTs were first found in the same place (Essex) as Quints, and Sleighs/Sleights (Sleep colors) share the gold fitchee in Crest with Pinks and Quints. One can now point out that while Sleighs use three owls in the colors and positioning of the three Howell towers, Baggs were from Gaywood while Gaywoods use the three towers of the Welsh Howells.

Suddenly, Dark-Brown Buttons From a Pocket

Good morning. I went away yesterday, and wore a blue jacket I don't wear much. It's 12 years old roughly. I told three people about the bed-wetting event, it was a lot of fun. When getting home, I ran my hand on my jacket, and felt something. There was something small in the inside pocket. Reaching in, there was a small plastic BAG (!), and it felt like the bag with the red buttons. Pulling it out, I was amazed to find two dark-brown buttons (almost black) in the sealed bag (no thread). These had eluded me for 12 years, and look at the timing. I thought that, in the morning, I would check the Jacket surname. And by the way, the jacket is dark blue, close to the heraldic color of "royal blue."

The Pocket/POUCHER cinquefoil is the giant Bus cinquefoil in colors reversed. The Portis/PORCHER cinquefoil is in play here.

Before starting this section, I read the last paragraph before the section, and when getting to Pinc/Pinks, I recalled that a photo in my room of Roxanne in her pink jacket. Roxanne had been my last girl before Lorraine, and I recall that Lorraine was in my room seeing that photo. The photo was taken at the motel above, which I snapped in the motel room, when Roxanne and I stayed the night there (I don't recall why we had to).

Jackets use blue crescents alone, but they are shown properly as JeaCOCKs/JAYcocks, and I lived at Jay street during the bed-wetting event. That event pointed to Grimaldi's from Grimo, son of Babon, the line, without doubt now, to BabCOCKs and Cocks. We just finished seeing GAYwoods above in the Pink discussion, and here the dark-brown buttons lead to JAYcocks while the latter are said to be from Heath, while Heaths share the gold rooster with Gays!

It wasn't until about an hour after writing above when it was recalled that Mrs. Babcock was with me when I purchased the jacket, no coincidence. From Jackets, we might want to see Jacks/Jacques', but this gets problematic if we identify Jackets as a Jay-Cock merger while Jacks/Jacques trace to something like Jacques de Molay.

I asked Lorraine to meet me at the laundromat while on my bike, for Bicks share stag heads in the colors of the same of Anne's suspect with the naming of RoxANNE. I do not recall anything done with Lorraine that first evening, aside from being in there with her in the laundromat, and I haven't forgotten that we ended up at a PICnic table in a park near her apartment, and that this is where we first kissed, the best kiss I had ever had. It's the thing that has caused me to recall that we were at a picNIC table, in other words, and therefore the Bick-like Picks and Nickels need to be explored here, while asking whether Kiss' can apply. Nickels are the ones sharing the Marlborough pheons, and Marlboroughs have become lumped in with the Bag-related killers of Scalia.

This recalls that I traced the Santa-CLAUS code of Masonic goons to the Clausula river, and I had a good argument at the time for that picture's links to Sleds/SLEIGHs (Este / Bute horse head), like the Sleight variation of Sleep-suspect Sloughs (Coat much like that of Marlboroughs). The Clausula river happens to be on the east side of lake Scodra, while Selepitanoi were in the west side of the same lake. Plus, Santa Claus came to be equated with saint Nicklaus. KOPLik, also known as Caepionis-like Kupionich, is on the Clausula river, and Koplik is the Kopple line to the mouse tower, where the Lander/Landen rooster (Kopple- / Gallus-rooster colors) traces along with its sinister bend.

By the way, the Lander/Landen and Langley pale bars are green, in both colors of the green Hooten bend, and it reminds that the International Order of Saint Hubertus had the leader in the photo (see photo below) wearing a sinister-rising green bend. Another of the leader's photo is also at the second link below. Note that he uses the Lorraine bend because he's called, "Istvan Franz von Habsburg-LOTHERINGIA [caps mine], Archduke of Austria, Royal Prince of Hungary":

By the way, it eluded me until now that while I climbed stairs/steps in getting to the laundry line at Peterson's yard, "scala" means "stairs" or "ladder." Amazing. That now links the bed-wetting event to the bra-rabbit event all the more. Jerry was at the window, and Windows share a lion paw holding a gold fitchee with Quints. More amazing is that while I traced Quintus Caepio(nis) to Kupionich, the Sleighs/Sleights (same place as Quints, same chevron as Rudolphs) use a lion hold a gold fitchee!!! Zowie. Santa Claus and his sleigh was code for a line from Caiaphas, the killer of Jesus, that's how goonish these God-forsaking bastards were. They have no mother, they have no father, they have the empty-headed satan as lord.

Recall the red buttons in the sink, while Sinks and Sanks share similar Coats. In fact, Sanks use a motto phrase, "Sancta Clavis," as well as sharing the sleeve and cuff in Crest with Huberts. Both Sinks and Sanks use a reflection of the Hubert Coats, with Sinks using a white version of the Marley Coat. I trace the ancestry of Clavis-like Clovis' to the Salyes, and these Coats are very linkable to Sale's.

The Sleach variation of Sleighs/Sleights can suggest same-colors Slake's (Yorkshire) sharing the same bend as Jays, and in the colors of the three Ark/Arch arches. The Slake Crest: "Bridge of three ARCHES." Bridge's, in the colors and format of Sleighs/Sleights, use Jay-suspect "JE GARderay." The latter term should be part-code for Gerrys/Gara's (share the Bruce lion) and "Je"-using Gerrys/Warre's that share "bien" with "Garde Bien" CARRicks, who furnished the royal Bruce's. Robert Powell was tossed over a bridge while living criminally, and the Sleighs'/Sleights (same place as jackets) are the ones with the Howell-suspect owls. Barnstaple's, with the same bend as Jays, use "ReGARDez MORT," and Albins/Aubins are said to have been at Barnstaple (Devon). Morte's are listed with Motts/Mottins i.e. suspect with Modens and Arch's.

Aha! Rudolph the red-NOSEd reindeer, and then the double Nose/Ness bars are colors reversed from the double Sleep bars, and neither Coat uses anything else. Why REINdeer pulling his sleigh? We should ask the Reins/Reno's, who share the lozenges of Panico-suspect Pinks who it-turn share the Quint fitchee. Amazingly, the woman sleeping in the car, in my dream of nearly 40 years ago, who has been identified as Miss Hicks, has a RINA middle name. And Scottish Carrs share the chevron of Sleighs/Sleights and Rudolphs while French Jacques' use the colors and format of Irish Carrs! The latter two use a white-on-blue chevron, and Rudolphs (Saxony) use both a chevron in those colors as well as a chevron in the colors of Scottish Carrs. It's a hit on Caiaphas; God gave the old dream to expose the nasty lovers of Caiaphas. Her car was on the sand, and Sands are in Quint colors.

I approached her car without my shirt, and perhaps these brown buttons (in bag) found today can apply Jackets / Jays / Baggs to the shirt and buttons of Tous'. The car was on a beach while Beach's (almost the Bagg / Grimaldi Shield) are also Bechs while German Baggs are Baghs too.

Let's go back to where it was said:

Jackets use blue crescents alone, but they are shown properly as JeaCOCKs/JAYcocks, and I lived at Jay street during the bed-wetting event. That event pointed to Grimaldi's from Grimo, son of Babon, the line, without doubt now, to BabCOCKs and Cocks. We just finished seeing GAYwoods above in the Pink discussion, and here the brown buttons lead to JAYcocks while the latter are said to be from Heath, while Heaths share the gold rooster with Gays!

My last day with Lorraine was when she had the grass stain, and while Bosco's use "tufts of grass," Heaths are said to have included a rector of ROCKland TOFTS (Norfolk). The Toft/Tuft Coat has been shown to be a version of the Sherwood Coat for a related reason, and Sherwoods were first found in the same place (Durham) as Heaths. Be amazed with Lorraine's trace to the laundry line because the Landers/Landens (illegal, sinister bend) use the rooster design in the Heath Crest. It can appear that ROXanne is code for Rockland Heath. I kid you not, that I had forgotten what Bennets use. I have told several times that Roxanne's surname was Bennet, and here the English Bennets (probably the Marano lion) use "A gold double SCALIng ladder." Even the Scalia surname uses a ladder.

Couple this with the fact that the leader of Saint Hubertus was from ancient Lorraine elements. That's the group suspect with Scalia's murder, though I don't know whether the leader was involved. Definitely, he's a suspect.

I feel that we are TRIPing all over the killers here, and that God wants me to fall upon them by showing their identity with sufficient certainty. While English Trips (Windsor crosslets) use a "scaling ladder," German Trips once showed the boots that Masseys/Masse's (same place as Gays) once showed. Trips now use the shoe while Shoe's share the single star in the colors of the same of Poindexters. The Treff variation of Trips has been suspect with the use of TREFoils by Rockefeller lines, and the Nichole's, suspect with the picNIC table where I kissed Lorraine, use nothing but trefoils. The point is, the PIKE's use trefoils too. You decide. Who made me kiss Lorraine at the PICnic table? Was the table also code for king Arthurs round table? By what coincidence do Rounds use a "SLEEPING lion"? Why don't I recall one thing from the half-mile walk from laundromat to park? Had that kiss been ordinary, this Nichole-Pike link would not have come to topic.

Trefoils are shared by Albino's and related Barnstaple's. Repeat: "The Slake Crest: "Bridge of three ARCHES." Bridge's, in the colors and format of Sleighs/Sleights, use Jay-suspect "JE garderay."...Barnstaple's, with the same bend as Jays, use "ReGARDez MORT," and Albins/Aubins are said to have been at Barnstaple (Devon)." The Slake's share the same bend as Jays and Barnstaple's.

Cheshire elements, including Halton and Masseys, are in the Table write-up. The Egertons ("non) in the write-up share the lion of Monans/O'Moonans ("non") as well as the downward pheon in colors reversed from the same of Nickels (Cheshire).

Sleeps are highly suspect with English Pine's (Devon, same place as Darts, Moons, Table's, Albins and Pike's) because the latter are from Pinnes, king of the Ardiaei living beside the Selepitanoi. The DARDanians living at/ beside Koplik/Kupionich, and merged (via daughter of moon-liner Monunius) with the Ardiaei in marriage, trace to Darts that share ermined-white on red with English Pine's and Sleeps. French Pine's happen to use the three Jacket/Jaycock crescents, in colors reversed to the Moon crescent. Jackets/Jaycocks were first found in the same place (Suffolk) as the Davers using the colors and format of Arthurs, and being from the Daversi = Daorsi on the same river (Neretva) as the Ardiaei. Irish Arthurs share the hurt (blue roundel) with Table's. But what is the significance of finding buttons in my Jacket-colored jacket? Well, perhaps it's because English Jacks/Jacques', whom I've traced to Blythe's, share the Button fesse.

The Monans use a "falcon RISING" as code for Risinium/Rhizon (lower-left of map below), to the north of lake Scodra and in the land of the Ardiaei / Selepitanoi. But Monans also use " a black cross flory in the top left." The two links above with photo's to Istvan, leader of Saint Hubert, shows him with a black flory cross on his upper (left) arm. At Wikipedia's article for Jacques de Molay, Wikipedia once showed him with a black MOLINE cross (nearly a flory, but code for the Molay bloodline). It's been changed to a red moline. Moline's/Moulins', who may easily have been Payen-beloved Mullens, share the black moline with Chives' and Mathis' for a trace to the Mathis-river Cavii, smack-dab south of the Selepitanoi. Moline's are even said to be from Dartington, in the same place as Sleep-related Darts. The tops of all molines are suspect as the rooks used by Rockefeller lines.

The sleeping bag in the dream can indicate that Scalia was portrayed as dying in his sleep. My premise is that God chose the sleeping bag to portray the Hubert-related killers, ye this Morley character from the Rodez-suspect road was riding down to, and circling, the area with the sleeping bag. Morleys bike is now linkable, thanks to my riding a bike to Lorraine, and kissing her that evening at the picnic table, with Pike's and Nickels, the latter sharing the Marlborough pheons. Again, Marlborough is near Clench (Wiltshire), the elements of which are honored in the Poindexter hand. I can't yet say that the blue Slake stars are the Poindexter star, but Slake's share the same bend as Stevensons and Aids, the latter two both putting leopard faces on their bends, and the Stevensons use green faces, the color of the Barnstaple trefoils upon the same-colored bend. The point is, Aids share the gold Morley / Morland leopard face pierced through by a fleur-de-lys.

The Hunt for the Guilty Grimaldi

As soon as the above was done, upon being frustrated by the complications involved, I wanted to cut to the chase. I went to the Order of Grimaldi to find that the currrent prince of Monaco was a son of the actress, Grace Kelly, princess of Monaco by marriage to Rainier of Monaco. Interesting here is that Petersons share the Raines lions, and I trace Raines' to Rainier of Montferrat, at Langhe / Bra. So far so good.

When learning that the mother of Grace Kelly was Margaret Katherine Majer, it dawned on me that French Majors share the Jacket crescents, and that the blue jacket with buttons are the latest clue from God, I assume, this very last 24-hour period as I write. The French Majors moreover share the red lion heads of Luffs and Muscats, both first found in the same place as Jackets. One of the Major lion heads faces sinister, not be an accident, for Muscats are expected to be sinister-Masci liners, and my mother is both a Masci and a Grimaldi.

I then entered "Majer" (with an 'e'), as per the correct spelling of Grace Kelly's mother, and I was floored to recognize the trefoil-using Majer Coat (Brittany) with that of French LANCE's, like "Langhe"!!! The laundry line with bra, and the bed-wetting event predicted both Grimaldi's and Langhe elements, but I wasn't prepared yet to throw in the Masci line of my mother, yet here we have crossed the Muscat branch. And, like I said a few weeks ago, my break-up with Kelly (don't recall her surname) and going with Diane MUSCHATov was within weeks of one another. We have a story!

When God gave me the dream with woman in the car, I said, in the dream, "She looks like an actress." Might that woman have been play of Grace Kelly's family? Remember, the Beach/Bech Coat uses a Shield filled with vair fur in the colors of the lozengy filling the Grimaldi Coat. Click to English lance's, and you will see the Alan fesse in colors reversed. I have been claiming, without doubt for years, that Langs are an Alan branch, and that they were from Langhe at Montferrat. Bra was traced suggestively to Brays/Brae's (Flack/Fleck colors), and they use "flax BREAKers" while broken items are often code for Stewart-related Brocks. There is a Breaker surname with the Brecks, first found in Shropshire along with Sleeps and the Dol's Alans. It's possible that Breck / Brock liners named Brays and Bra. Braggs share the red bull with Brittany's Beards/BEARTs. I asked Lorraine out for the first time on my BIRTHday.

Brays are said to have had some things in Berkshire, and we can guess that it was with the Stewart-Windsor line. Braggs share the chevron of Shake's that moreover use MOLE hills, and Moline's are said to be of Falaise elements while Brays speak on a Brai location in the arrondissement of Falaise. The Fallis' (trefoils = RockeFELLers liners) use the same lions as Kellys / Monaco's! Can you believe how much a bra can reveal? The Bray location of Evreux should be near the Albins of St. Tauren. If Shake's didn't want to honor the Hills, they would have used a mole alone. The Hills share the white tower with Hill-like Kellys, and the sleeping bag was on a hill. David Morley, who would marry Carol, came down that hill, and there was another Carol, who was responsible for my meeting Kelly in the first place. Readers were informed of this some weeks ago (I'm not making it up now).

We can link Majers to the French Alans because lances are used by Italian Dere's/Res', who in-turn use the Chief of French Alans. Both French Lance's and Majers use one of the stars in those Chiefs.

Recall that the Morleys / Morlands and my dance with Mamie in her living room led to the Livings/Levins in WestMORLAND. Morley liners were suspect with the killers of Scalia. In fact, I was seeing Mamie when I met Dave Morley. I now find that Grace Kelly's sister is Elizabeth Anne Levine. She apparently married Levine's, and there are three such surname's, one of which is the Living/Levin! Again, the latter use the Shield-and-Chief colors of Vilains while Dol is in Brittany's Vilaine area along with Rainier- / Raines-suspect Rennes. French Levine's are even said to have been first found in Brittany! English Alans use LEAVES. The "Manco-capac" motto term of the latter Levine's might be of Monaco elements.

The white Monaco lion is not likely the Kelly lion. Monks, in the same place as Pine's and Monk-like Moons, use white lions too. This recalls the time when I urinated in Pino's mouth (I was maybe 4 or 5), not ling before the bed-wetting event. I tracked the Pino event to mythical Orion and Uranus (ancient urine symbol) as it traced to king Pinnes. The only two things I recall about Pino, even though he was my age and living next door, was peeing in his mouth (accidental on my part), and a man showing me a hunting rifle at his garage. Mythical Orion was a hunter; and Saint Hubertus' symbol was hunting. You see, God made me pee in Pino's mouth (I was standing on a porch railing) to trace the Hubert stupids from the Ardiaei. Poor Pino lived, but the murderers shall not when God urinates upon them.

Mythical Orion was at Boiotia's Tanagra and SCHIMatari location, where Biblical SHECHEMites, such as Shake's. Can you believe this? TANAGRa sounds like "TANKERville," from Tanerdevilla, a term like the Tanaro river, where Bra is located, and, moreover, "the tanner" of Falaise should trace to Tanaro elements. German Tanners use PINE cones. The Conys with the nice-pretty white rabbits use a version of the Muscel Coat, and Maschi's use pine cone's, making Masci's suspect on the Tanaro. But the big deal here is that Fosters use the same chevron as Braggs / Shake's along with HUNTing horns, and these chevrons are green, the colors of the bends that Istvan and John B. Poindexter wear in their group photo. Meanwhile, a Mr. Foster urged Scalia to go hunting on Poindexter's ranch after Poindexter first suggested the idea to Scalia in the presence of Foster; this was Poindexter's own claim, found online. The other Fosters with the same horns as Traby use "Hunter" in their motto. It could appear that Fosters are prime candidates for involvement in the Saint-Hubert cult.

[In case you would like to see why God gave this white-rabbit event, see the White-Rabbit emails (Hillary Clinton's) starting the 2nd and 3rd updates of July, and through to at least the first in August.]

The Foster motto, "Hunter BLOW thy horn," should be partly for the Blows/Boors that use the goat heads (same colors) in the Moline Chief. The goat heads are in Heath colors, and Blows/Bloors are said to be from Blore Heath in Staffordshire. Blows/Bloors were first found in Staffordshire along with STOPs/Stubbs, and Lorraine was at the bus stop while Tankerville's share the BUS cinquefoil. Tankerville's use the escutcheon of Chadwicks / Chadocks, and Blows/Bloors were first found in the same place as Lichfield, home of St. Chad...whose family shared the potent cross that came to be owned by Crutch's/Crooch's and Croce's/Cross'. It was the Jackets/Jaycocks said to be from a small Heath location.

The Tanaro is not far from the Grimaldi's of Genoa, and that's where the Fieschi kin of Grimaldi's were that developed into the Segni-loving Face's/Fessys, and it just so happens that Segni's/Segurana's use a MOLine as a sign of Shechemite kin in that picture.

The Grimaldi kin of Kellys are a Philadelphia family, by the way. Grace's father (athletic champion) and brother were both John B. Kelly, reflecting John B. Poindexter, but this is merely an observation. However, God may have arranged this as a clue of connection. The brother married Miss Freeman, and Irish Freemans ("Nec timere nec timide") use lozenges in Grimaldi-lozenge colors. It's a perfect colors-reversed version of the Rein/Reno/Rine Coat! Bingo. The Freeman motto is shared by Cheshire families such as Bends and Buckleys (Bends look like they use the Shield of Bell-related Bellamys).

The same brother married Miss Worley secondly, and this can be shown to be a Leavell line, for there are three whales, in the colors of the three Waleran bull heads, in the Worley Coat, and in the Worsley canton, there is a single mascle in colors reversed from the single mascle of Vaux-related Faux's (English)...a line from Lupus Laevillus. The Vaux mascle is called a "black diamond shape," and I know without looking that Diamonds use lozenges (fusil type) in the colors of the Grimaldi / Freeman lozenges! In case you don't know, the Louvieres / Arms-of-Meulan checks are used by Vaux's.

It's interesting that while Imperia had earlier been Oneglia, to which I trace Nagle's, the German Nagle's are Neils too while there was the popular singer, Neil Diamond. The "VOX" motto term of Nagle's can be for a branch of the Voss variation of mascle-using Fauks. Already, that traces Nagle's to the Laevillus > Waleran line, for Walerans use "VOS." But there is a VOCKS surname listed with a surname having variations like those of Fieschi-like Feschs. I wasn't going to mention how God may have provided an event that points to a known accomplice to the murder of princess Diana. A Fiat vehicle (white) is highly suspect in striking the car driven by Henri Paul in the tunnel, and this owner of a Fiat painted the car red hours after he got home.

Well, I was without a car (aside from the rented taxi cab) for a while when taking a renovation project for Joseph the immigrant Jew. He was running his own coffee / sandwich shop, and so I was surprised to find him as a manager / owner, by the looks of it, of a Lada car dealer a little while afterward, when I went in with a problem with my Lada. It wasn't white nor red (but blue), but the point is. Lada was bought by Fiat, or vice-versa, I can't recall. When I got Joseph's business card in my hand, I was startled to find his name as, Joe Fix. It doesn't sound very Jewish, and he had a Jewish accent. Perhaps he was in the country illegally, or perhaps he Anglicized his surname, and perhaps God made him chose "Fix" because it can reveal Fieschi / Fisk / Fesch liners as the murders of Diana. The Fix's happen to share a wavy fesse with Lada-like Ladds, and the latter's fesse is a colors-reversed version of the Meschin fesse for obvious reason. The Fix write-up can suggest Weisers/Weis' as Fix kin, and therefore Weishaupts to the Bavarian Illuminati, and the Weishaupt goat is a Biss-like ibis while Biss' use the Meschin scallops.

The fusils of the English Diamonds/Dinhams are in Freeman-lozenge colors. This makes the Fusil/Fuzie surname (lozenges in the colors of the Launay / Percy lozenges) suspect with Genoa's Fieschi / Fessys. Perfect. The Faux mascle can be the Diamond/Dinhan lozenge, actually, showing a Meschin link to Diamonds/DINham, and then Dine's (Masci wing) are also Dives', from Diva, an alternative name for Chester, where le Meschin ruled. Fusils/Fuzzie's were first found in Dauphine, and use a Coat like that of Payens/Pagans (which brings us to the founders of Templars). Dauphine is very-much within political reach of Monaco, and the Marley dolphins can trace to the same in the Arms of Dauphine. With the Morlaix-liner Marleys first found in the same place as Diva, it actually predicts a Monaco link to Morlaix in Finistere. Morlaix is near St.-Pol-de-Leon, which can explain such things as Malls/MARLybone's and Mauls/Morleys partly from the Malahule line with his wife, Miss Saint-Pol. There is a LANDEReau location between Morlaix and Brest, which may be another reason for a bra on a laundry line.

Worleys could have been a branch of Worsleys, for the Worsleys married John Massey of Tatton. The Shield-and-Chief colors of Worsleys (no symbols) is that of the Montferrats, kin of Vasto's who in-turn could have been of a Vessey-like variation of Fessys.

AMAZING. Variations of French Faux's/Chaulneys (a pigeon and olive branch) are from the Saulneys/Saunier's, first found in Perigord, where Faux's/Chaulneys were first found. But what floors me here is finding this with the whale-using Worsleys, for when I went to intercept my girlfriend, Miss WHELAN, at a place where she was turning up with her new man, Kepke said to me, as I was getting up, "be non-CHALANT." And Chalants were then found listed with Chalons, virtually the Chaulney variation of this surname above. It appears that God use Miss. Whelan partly to point to this very Saunier bloodline, and to make a Meschin / Masci link to it. The Saunier's could be using a combination of the Macey and Mackay Coats. It was Kepke who would show up at my place unexpected while I was with Kelly for a span of about two months only. Should I expect Kepke liners with the family of Grace Kelly?

The Saunier's became important for two and three reasons: 1) a Father Saunier has been accused of a money scam at the rebuilding of the Magdalene church in Rennes le Chateau; 2) Dan Brown's Illuminatish fictional, Da Vinci Code, involved this Saunier character; 3) I trace "PERIgord" to the Imperi Africans (may have been Berbers = whites) that named Imperia in Liguria, less than 50 miles along the Riviera from Monaco. Amazing. The Imperi ran a Boofima cult conducting goat and human sacrifices. It evolved into Baphomet, a Templar god, and there is a modern Baphomet cult. The floor of the Magdalene church was done in black-and-white checks, used by Spanish Majors/Mayerdomo's. French Majors, sharing the Luff lion heads, were first found in Provence, near Monaco. But French Majors/Mayers share the JAYcock crescent, and Jay liners are linkable to the Galli's, first found in Dauphine (same as Fusils), which was essentially the Dauphine theater. English Majors, from the Channel Islands, where Poindexters were first found, share red roses with Jays.

To the best of my abilities, I traced Boofima to the Massena-related Numidians, and here there is a MASCLe, like the Masculine variation of Meschins, with the English Faux's said to have included one Randolph de Vaux of Cumberland, very possibly of Ranulph le Meschin of that same area. Daggers of Cumberland share scallops with Meschins. It's very notable that Italian Fulks and Italian Massi's/Mattis' share the same Coat, both sharing the checks of Italian Ferrands, for Chalons-sur-Marne (same fleur as Masci's along with same saltire as Messeys) should apply to the Chalants/Chalons and Faux's/Chaulnes'. Remember, Whelans use the Brick Coat from Ranulph le BRIQUESsart, father of Ranulph le Meschin, and while Bricks / Whelans put the Massey fleur in their Chief, Faux's/Chaulnes' use the Masci fleur in their Chief.

I have an amazing repeat to do, but first, I'd like to say: I was wrong when suggesting that I lived at Verne Archibald's place when meeting Lorraine. I was walking his way when I first saw her, but I now recall renting on the other side of Albert OOSTYEN's basement immediately after breaking up with Roxanne. This explains why I was doing laundry at the plaza just four properties down Leven street from Albert's place (also on Leven). Hmm, compare "Laun" with "Leven." In fact, I've just tried Laun-like "Lavin" to find the red lozenges of Lavins/Hands, though it also gets the Levine's of Brittany and the Louvaine's. Amazingly, the Kellys of Grimaldi are said to descend from Mayo, and Lavins/Hands are said to be from Mayo. Perfect. Lavins/Hands use their lozenges in the colors of the Berg lozenges.

"[John B.] Kelly was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He was one of ten children of John Henry Kelly (1847-1897), an Irish immigrant from Newport, County Mayo, Ireland who came to the United States in 1869, and his wife Mary Ann Costello..." Can you believe it? Costello's (Mayo) use more lozenges, and this time, they could be the Brick/Brix / Brest lozenges, for the Costello lozenges are colors reversed from the Launay lozenges. English Freemans use lozenges too, but in the colors of the same of Launays. Jerry Peterson listening in at my bedroom window predicted that the murderers would be at Finistere, and Launay is there. This now makes the Lorraine event suspect as linking to something of the guilty Grimaldi's.

The Costello motto is likely for Extra's/Exeters (Devon, location of Exter) because the latter share the bell with Costs/Cotels/Coteau's, first found in the same place as Cotta's. The giant Cost/Cotel bell is in the colors of the bells of portcullis-using Porters = the Laevillus line expected to such things as Lavins. Compare "COST" with Mr. "OOSTYen" on Leven street, and let me remind that, later, he asked me to rent his apartment while he went away to Whistler mountain for the winter. Whistlers use lozenges in Grimaldi-lozengy colors. Amazing. Whistler's are Wissels suspect with Wessels/Wastels, suspect from "Vestalis" of the Cottians, and they are suspect with Aurelia Cotta, herself suspect in the ancestry of Caiaphas and Laevillus.

The original point of bringing Mr. Oostyen to topic had nothing to do with the findings of the paragraph above, but rather for the OSTON entity in the Tankerville write-up. There is an Osten surname getting the Bedforshire Austins, and it shares the white stag in Crest with Scottish Austins (lion paws again). Bedfordshire is where Scottish Landers were first found who share pale bars with Landers/Landens. Both Austin Coats share the Quint chevron, and Quints share the black lion paw with Bedfords and the Bedfordshire Austins. Plus, while Quintus Caepio was grandfather to Servilia Caepionis (had an affair with the son of Aurelia Cotta), she married JUNius, while the white stag is shared by German Youngs/June's while the English Youngs ("jeune") were first found in Essex, same as Gore's and Quints. But Servilia Caepionis was a Miss LIVius on her mother's side. What do we suppose Livius liners developed into as per surnames?

What I'm saying is that on the evening of the bus-stop event, which represented Paionians to the Langhe area, I was living at Oostyen's place (suspect as a Caepionis liner) on a Laun-like Leven street, and doing Lander-like LAUNdry there (can "laundry" have a double meaning, or triple as in Laun = Lav(e)n?), still on Leven street, while meeting Lorraine. But the laundromat was at the corner of Yonge and Leven street! It's starting to look as though it's all about the Caiaphas line to some very disgusting darkness that creeps in the skulls of heart-dead Illuminatists. It's begging whether Pepin's Landen location was a Leven / Laven entity that formed "Lander" before forming "Landen," in which case "Alan / Alauna" may not be the root of "Launay." Sorry for complicating things. Whatever the case, the trace of Caepio to Koplik/Kupionich is at the north-west part of Paionia, and the Paionian, Hugh de Payens, married Caepio-like Chappes'. And Landens/Landers share the rooster in the colors of the Koplik rooster. I trace Alans of Langhe to Lyncestes at the southwest part of Paionia, beside pelican-like Pelagonia. Note that LYNCestes-like LINKletters (share ducks with Devons; French Alans once showed ducks) use a checkered fesse like that of the Stewarts while Scottish Langs use LETTERs ("ABCDEF") and German Langs share the pelican with Stewarts.

Let's remind that while Stops/Stubbs come up as Stabbs, the Tankerville-related Hawthorne's, with the motto, "Stabo," use the Bus / Tankerville cinquefoil in colors reversed while Stops/Stabbs (Stobi of Paionia) share the downward Marlborough pheons in both colors. This draws both the dentist and the Lorraine event into the murder represented by the sleeping bag and the Morley bloodline.

You might be interested in the "defend" motto term shared by Spencers, Woods/Wide's and LEVENax's (developed into Launay- / Allen-like Lennox's). Recall the club in the dexter hand of a savage in the Wood/Wide Crest, for LIVINGstons, with cinquefoils in colors reversed from the Tankerville / Bus cinquefoil, use "A demi savage proper holding a club in the dexter arm..."

The Kelly-important English Freemans (Essex, same as Gore's/Core's / Youngs) share the white wolf with Gore's/Core's (same fesse as Lance's) while both Gore Coats can be linked to both Alan Coats. Gore's share the Trip / Windsor crosslets, and Trips use the scaling ladder. I still haven't gotten to the amazing repeat, which has to do with Free's. I'll be there soon.

I regret to say this, but the photo I had of Roxanne Bennet, from the motel room, was with her wearing a pink jacket, but open at the front and showing her bare breasted underneath. I should have removed it from the dresser top when Lorraine was in the room, but, oops. I was restraining myself as best I could sexually with Roxanne, but we slipped up a few times over about six months of time. Brest is at Launay, what to make of this? Would God tolerate creating a photo with bare breasts to indicate a Jacket/Jaycock trace to Brest? Recall the other bare-breast incidence, with Janet Spence being bare-breasted, for RoxANNE-suspect Anne's/Hanne's were first found in the same place as Janets, Spence's, and Brest- / Brixia- liner Bruce's...who likely got their blue lion from the Louvaine's that we saw as "Lavin." The LEVENax's use the same saltire as ANNANdale's, and it's known to be used on a gold background by the Scottish Bruce's of Annandale. Besides this, it's at the Wikipedia article on the Percys (same place as Bruce's. etc) that they used the Louvain lion, and then the Percy lozenges are in the colors of the Launay (and Freeman) lozenges.

With Kellys tracing with Freemans to Launay / Brest, it should be said that Brixia-liner Bruce's use a lion colors reversed from the Kelly lion.

Janets/Jonets are suspect with the Jonat variation of Jonathans (FREIENwald!) who in-turn share the rooster in the colors of the same of Landers/Landens. It's colors reversed from the rooster of Jay-like Gays, and I think we need to view Jackets/JayCOCKs as a merger with rooster-using Cocks. Cockers can be using the June fleur. Remember, Mrs. Babcock was with me when I purchased my jacket, and Babcocks are a merger with Cocks but from Babon, father of proto-Grimaldi Grimo. And so, when Roxanne wore a pink jacket while Pinks share the Reno lozenges, it tends to speak for bare-breasted Roxanne being a Sign of importance. Pinks (red-on-white lozenges) are now expected to be with the lozenges of Grimaldi's as the latter trace from ancestry in Rainier of Montferrat. Plus, the Pinks were a Panico branch while Panico's use a "label" as code for Labels/La Bel who use the three Jacket/Jaycock crescents in colors reversed! I like that. And we just saw the bell symbol with Laevillus-liner Porters and Cotta-suspect Costs/Cotels. The Label write-up suggests the BELmonts/Beaumonts, who had a daughter marry Waleran de Percival-Leavell. Perfect.

And if I call the jackets, coats, we can go to the Cotta-like Coats/Cotes' (Staffordshire) that share six pale bars with Landers/Landens, as well as sharing a black rooster with the same! Amazing. Heaths use the same rooster as Gays, and "Blows/Bloors are said to be from Blore Heath in Staffordshire." I had a hunch that Lorraine walking into my room to see Roxanne's jacket photo is cause for linking the jacket's meaning to something of a Lorraine event, and there you have it.

I remember moving out of Oostyen's place to the place where I had the photo on the top of the dresser. I just asked self whether God caused that move for a reason, and the only thing I could think of for the reason is that the new landlady was a friend of Sharon Quinn. God had performed a miracle on Sharon Quinn through me just weeks after my conversion. I just looked up the Quinns, therefore, which I was not going to do because I remember by heart what they use, but in loading them, anyway, I saw that they were first found in LONGford, and Longfords, can we believe it, share six pale bars with Lander/Landen (Longford bend?) and Landers.

Another amazing thing is that, after a Mr. Oostyen figured a way to get me out of his apartment (he promised not to ask me to leave after I kept it for him, but I never did believe much he would keep his promise), I moved two doors down to the very house beside the plaza with the laundromat. In fact, the plaza had a laundromat at both ends, and I often used the one smack beside my place. But when Lorraine was over, I used the one at the corner of Leven and Yonge, which I think is meaningful. While living directly beside the plaza, I started to do some voluntary work for World Vision, which soon led to meeting Mr. Langford, World Vision's supervisor of the area I was in. Langfords were first found in Bedfordshire with Scottish Landers. Longfords and Langfords both share the white bend with English Landers/Landens. Now watch what God is saying, by my moving out of Oosteyns to the landlady friend of Sharon QUINN (I later moved to Oosteyn's place again to keep his apartment for him):

The original point of bringing Mr. Oostyen to topic...for the OSTON entity in the Tankerville write-up. There is an Osten surname getting the Bedforshire Austins, and it shares the white stag in Crest with Scottish Austins (lion paws again). Bedfordshire is where Scottish Landers were first found who share pale bars with Landers/Landens. Both Austin Coats share the Quint chevron, and Quints share the black lion paw with Bedfords and the Bedfordshire Austins. Plus, while Quintus Caepio was grandfather to Servilia Caepionis (had an affair with the son of Aurelia Cotta), she married JUNius, while the white stag is shared by German Youngs/June's while the English Youngs ("jeune") were first found in Essex, same as Gore's and Quints. But Servilia Caepionis was a Miss LIVius on her mother's side. What do we suppose Livius liners developed into as per surnames?

It's easy to spot here that Quinns were Quints. But it's made a lot easier by the clues given in the events / people of my life, as explained above. Scottish Landers are said to be from Launders, but the write-up suggested a look at the Lavender surname, which uses rings yet calls them "gem annulets." They are colors reversed from the Vito annulet. And Lavens/Lewins (with an 'e') use the same chevron as Quints too. Compare the Carrs to Lavens/Lewins (Sand colors) and Sanders together, for it points to the dream of the woman hovering in the car on the sandy beach.

When we check Gems, they are listed with Cam's using yet six more pale bars. The Cam river is at Cambridgeshire, where June's, Capone's Chapmans, Julians, and Stanleys were first found (Lorraine proved to be related to Stanley / Stain/Stan elements). "AnnuLET's" are still suspect with Lets/Late's that use "organ pipes" as part code for Pepin-branch Pipe's, who share the camel with Pale's, explaining the pale bars of the Landen-related surnames, and thus exposing them well as from Pepin of Landen. Camels should be code for Camulodunum, which was proto-Colchester, and Colchesters not only share the Quint / Austin chevron, but link to Lorraine-branch Lawrence's.

This brings me to the surprise visit of Lawrence Kepke (had not seen him for a couple of years) to my place when Kelly happened to be over. I was living at D'Maine street at the time, where I received some dreams and visions in the first month of my conversion. One of the visions pertained to the miracle with Sharon Quinn, and the first vision was the promise of my renewal by Jesus. In that vision, as I looked at my renewed self, I looked like a singer. What does a singer look like? A million different ways. How did I know I looked like a singer? I don't know; it's just what came to mind, and I could not sing at all.

The Kelly Coat is shared by KEVENeys, possible Kiev liners along with Kepke's. The Gaine variation of Keveneys can bring English Gains (Huntingdonshire, beside the Gore's) into the picture who share a version of the Gore/Core Coat, but Gains were first found beside the English Lance's who share the Gain / Gore fesse, and then French Lance's share the Coat of Majers exactly. Grace Kellys sister married Majers. The same fesse is used by Italian Alba's, and there is an Alba location at Cuneo's Langhe. It's a good reason to trace Lance's to Langhe.

The Gains and Gore's share the crosslets of Trips, and Trips are the ones with the SCALIng ladder, symbol also of Scalia's. I've just found the Angers by entering "Lange," and while I don't know whether Angers were Langhe liners, the Lange/Anger pale bar is half blue, and in that color, the pale bar (blue on gold) is a match with the palewise ladder (blue on gold) of Scalia's. However, I can't say that taking surnames sharing a Scalia symbol has anything to do with identifying his murderers. Yet, the Gains with the Trip crosslets share the fesse of Lance's, and the latter's Langhe elements are thus-far considered part of the circle of murder suspects. The arms of Angers / Anjou uses the same fleur-de-lys as Masci's, and the Lys is suspect from the Lys tributary of the Bautica (Aosta), where we expect the first-known Masci's.

One day, while at the home of Kelly's parents (with Kelly), where the father was a song writer, I said to God, to the effect, "I'm going to open the Bible and place my finger wherever it will land." I wanted to know whether I would be a singer. And my finger landed on, "You shall have a song." I was floored, but I didn't start singing, and only in the car, until a decade later. It was awful. I was determined to learn, and I was able to do it to a fair degree within 5-10 years. That's how bad I was. The vision didn't mean that I would be a professional singer. There is nothing I've done more, besides writing this project, than sing. I have thousands of hours of singing behind me, all free, all better highs than drugs, and no hangovers afterward. Truly, I sing (with music playing) with all my passion, and get carried away in high states of mind. I recommend it for all.

The point is: God seems to have had an alternative reason for saying, at Kelly's place, "you shall have a song." Earlier, I looked up the Singer/Song surname to see whether it would show links to princess Grace Kelly. I could see no links until I got to the Freemans (Grace's brother married Miss Freeman), for Singers/Songs use the green horse of Free's/Freys in both colors. Are you not impressed? That"s why I put an exclamation mark at the FREIENwald location of Jonathans/Jonats. Free's were first found in the same place as Quints, Colchester, etc. and they show a Pharisee-like Phreeze variation.

Just realized: Free's were first found in the same place as the English Freemans! The latter use the Launay / Percy lozenges.

Here are the Freiens/Vreyers/Freyers, first found in the same place as Levi's and Chappes', and perhaps using a version of the Jay Coat, itself a version to the Coat of Levi-beloved Aids. As I lived at Jay street when touching the bra, note how "Bray" is like "Fray." German Gris/Griims share the star of German Frays, the latter first found in Bavaria, where I trace Grimaldi ancestry. The other Gris' share two Monaco symbols, one a lion in colors reversed to the Freie/Frey lion. Freemans are also FRYmans.

Freie's/Freys can be using the Louvaine/Lavin lion, but "Freemason" suggests that it's the lion of Masons (same place as Louvains). The Rays use a stag that looks very linkable to the Free / Singer horse, and then Ray Luff and I were recording some singing at his place...just one afternoon, but enough to make the Singer-Ray link, for Luffs (beside the Free's) are Love's while Louvains are Lovings/Lovains too. It appears that God allowed me to be a lover of singing for to help make the Grace-Kelly link to Love / Lavin liners, yet Singers link to Freemans, we may assume.

As per "laundroMAT," it's interesting right here that Matts use the MOORcock, for Kelly bumped into my life only because she was a friend of Carol Moore's.

So, what is the Purpose here in linking Singers/Songs and Free's to the Freemans that married the Kellys who in turn married the royal house of Grimaldi? Are there not developing too many suspects in order to finger any one of them? How can Singers/Songs apply? Are they to reveal that Ray Luff crashed by a murderous plot? I was told that his car rolled.

I doubt very much that the Freemans at houseofnames use lozenges in the colors of the Grimaldi lozengy due solely to the Freeman marriage to Kellys. It appears that Freemans were Grimaldi / Pink kin from earlier times, possibly as early as Templar times. The sleeved arm in the Pink Crest is a match with the Hubert Crest. Does that look meaningful? The photo of the pink jacket was from a motel, and the Motels have a horse with an ARM in mouth, and these arms are suspect with Armours (arms) that share the Poindexter Crest, and came from the Armor area of Brittany, not only beside Brest / Finistere, but where the Motel-like Motts/Mottins were first found. COTES d'Armor is also called COTES-du-Nord? Is that what Roxanne's coat refers to? Looks like.

The Motels (Taranto) are linkable to Cafferys/Caffertys and Coffers/COFFEE's (see arms of Taranto), and my twitch left after I stopped drinking Taster's Choice COFFEE. The Twitch's share the squire's helmet in the Armour and Poindexter Crests. The Twitch bends, which are essentially the three of French Gains/Genoux's, were resolved with the PING/Pung/Paganell Coat (same place as PINKs and Brest-liner Bruce's). I'm seeing some amazing and disturbing things leading to Hubert / Poindexter elements amongst the Grace-Kelly Grimaldi's.

As Sticks are suspect with the Astikas marriage to Traby, it's notable that Singers/Songs share the same garbs as Sticks while the latter were first found in the same place as the Wissels/Whistlers using the same lozenges as Freemans. And while Whistle's are suspect with the Cottians along with Julius Caesar (son of Aurelia Cotta), let's keep in mind that Grace Kelly's brother married Miss Costello (lozenges colors reversed from Launay lozenges) while Costs/Cotels were first found in the same place as Cotta's/Cottons. Then there's the fact that Lance's are loved by Dere's/Res' that share the Julian / Alan Chief. Then there are the Anger-like "HANKs of cotton" used by the other Cottons, while Hanks/Anke's, with bendy in the colors of the three bends of French Gains, are in Hanger colors. The Genoux variation of French Gains suggest the Gennes/Jennes surname, first found in Anjou, and the June-branch Jeune's have a Gennes term in their write-up. If that's not enough, the bends here are those also of Guerra's, whom I've traced (for years) between Guido Guerra III and Guerin of Provence. Guido Guerra III married a daughter of William Montferrat V, son of Rainier of Montferrat! Excellent, and the Lance link to Gains is responsible for this trace while Lance's entered the discussion at the Majers.

With French Majors sharing the Jacket crescent while Jackets share the Label/La Bel Coat, while Bells use bells, while Panico's use the label, the giant bell of Costs/COTels makes it appears that either the pink jacket or pink COAT, however we call it, link to the same things. Although it had been a light theory that Ray may have been murdered, it's now eating away at me. Hangers (same place as Buttons/Bidens) even share the escarbuncle with Rays. The escarBUNCLE is part code for Buckle-using Buncle's/Bonekills, and Buckle-related Buckleys (same place as Huberts) share the Freeman motto while Rays use the Free horse, which is suspect in the Wessel/Wastel Chief (same garbs as the Hampshire Josephs). I know heraldry enough to state that these links would be huge coincidences if they were not somehow brought to bear by Someone who knows what he's doing.

I'm starting to wonder whether the same group that killed Scalia also killed Ray, and perhaps God has arranged my knowing Ray for the purpose of catching the killers when this message gets to the ones Intended by God. The Majers and Lance's who share the same Coat use the gold trefoil and gold star, both on the fesse of the Cleave/Cliff surname, and then the Arms of Cleves (Holland) use the escarbuncle. Therefore, mark the Cleave's as likely kin to the house of Grimaldi, and let's see where we go with this. I always link the Cleave/Cliff Coat to that of Fisks, suspect with the Grimaldi kin of Fieschi, and then Baggs share the Grimaldi Shield. The Fieschi trace excellently to Face's/Fessys while Morleys and Morlands use leopard FACES (they are not heads unless they show the neck). There is the Morley-Grimaldi link in a nutshell.

It now appears that the sleeping-bag dream can be about the death of Ray Luff. For example, Cleavers/Clavers share the white-on-black tower with Hills, and while the sleeping bag was on a hill, Cleave's/Cliffs were first found in Shropshire, same as Sleeps. The Baggs were from a FREEbridge-Lynn location (Free / Freeman entity?), and the Lynns/Linns that were first found in the same place as Baggs use an ermined eagle "charged on the BREAST [with] a martlet Red holding in the beak an annulet Red." It's feasible that Jerry's laundry LINE was code for Linns because bras hold breasts beloved by Lynns/Linns.

"Je"-using English Gerrys/Werre's, who look like they can be from Guerra / Guerin liners, were first found in the same place as Lynns/Linns. As one Werri de Marinis is in the Gerry write-up, the Gerry lion must be the Marano/Mauritano lion. There is a Marinis Coat, and a Spanish Guerra Coat almost matching that of Italian Guerra's (why a sinister split?). As we are about to see the discussion turn toward Clements, lets add that Marinis' share the wavy / nebuly bends of Clements. With Clare's known by me to be from Lemnos, it's the Myrina line from Lemnos at topic. You are about to see the Plunketts link to Cleave liners. Plunketts and said to be from Ireland's Louth, and then the black wolf is shared by Cleave's/Cliffs and Varro's who in-turn share the blue fleur-de-lys with Morinis'. This is the line of Aulus Terentius Varro Murena. As the Gerrys use a red antler (Veringer symbol), it appears that Varro Murena's line went to the naming of Veringers. I suggest that the black wolf heads of Cleave's/Cliffs are those of Atto's, probably from the founders of Canossa.

Were Lynns/Linns of a Lano-of-Brescia line to Brest? What else could their charging upon a breast refer to? Is this what Jerry's laundry line was about? Why do Petersons share the lion of Raines' expected from Rennes, in the same Vilaine area as Plunketts? The red annulet of Lynns/Linns is shared by Vito's, first found not far from Brescia's Lane's/Lano's, smacking of "Leyney," the latter in the write-up of Irish Gerrys/Gara's. Suddenly, Jerry Peterson can link to Launay, the area of Morlaix of the Marleys to which Marlboroughs may have belonged who share a Coat like that of Petersons. Leyney-like Leyns are with Scottish Lane's that once again use the white tower, as do the Gaywoods expected from Gaywood at Freebridge-Lynn. The Leyn/Lane eagle heads face in opposite directions, same as the birds of Claviere's and the eagles of tower-using Murena's/Moratins. The blue lions of Irish Gerrys/Gara's are blue, the colors of the lion in the Arms of Brescia.

The Conys and Conns that were part of the laundry-line event use a Coat reflecting that of Cleavers/Clavers, and Cuneo, by the way, is interior Liguria, very accessible by Grimaldi elements. Cleavers (key) were a branch of Claviere's (keys) to which I trace Clermonts (keys). The Cleaver/Claver and Hill tower is shared by Plunkets (Free / Singer horse?), from the same place as Reno-suspect Rennes, and as the Dol Alans who removed to Shropshire i.e. same place as Cleave's/Cliffs. The Plunkets appear to love Lents who speak on a CLEMENCE of Lintone, recalling that Clements come up as "Clermonts." Both the Clements and Clere's share besants in Chief with Irish Lynns; the latter can be using the wolf of Hugh Lupus, and moreover it's colors reversed from the wolf in the Arms of Placentia, that being a location near Brescia.

Anything from Hugh Lupus needs to trace to Este, and Baggs, by the way, share "est" with Pepins; the latter use the white Este horse. It makes Baggs linkable to laundry-liner Landers/Landens, and it's even expected if the latter were Langhe elements. In fact, Wikipedia has an article on Ligurian tribes, saying that the Marici founders of Pavia/Papia, where I trace "Pepin," were on the Tanaro river too, and Langhe is at the Tanaro. Moreover, the Arms of the Aleramici of Montferrat use a red Chief and white Shield, same as German Line's/Lynds, Popins, and their Mens kin. PopinJAYS, which look like the parrots of the Pavia-suspect Pebble surname, should be part-code for Popins. Lents share dolphins with Marleys, and Lent-loving Plunketts share the white horse with German Line's/Lynds. Popinjays are used by the Curzons found in the Hubert write-up.

Did we see a CHARGED demi-eagle with Lynns/Linns? Here's the Plocks with Plunket in their write-up: "A gold demi-eagle emerging from the battlements of a TOWER, charged with a red lozenge." Where did we see red lozenges before? Plocks, because they share the Pully/Pullen martlets, are a great way to trace from Plancia Magna's husband, Tertullus, to Tertulla, mother of the husband of Vespasia Polla. As such, Plocks look like a mix of Plunketts and Pollocks, and if I'm right that proto-Pollocks proper were from Fullers, it's interesting that the latter share the three bars of Luffs.

By now you may know that I trace Vespasia-Polla elements to the RENfrewshire of Pollocks and Speers through the spear-using Pace's/Pasi's, and then Scottish Line's/Lyds share crossed spears with Speers and Pace's/Pasi's. So, the red Plock lozenge can be the red RENo lozenge.

The Scottish Line's/Lynds share the fleur of wolf-using Varro's, suspect with the Werre variation of Gerrys, but what do we make of the coincidence of wolf-using Rush's (same place as Luffs) sharing the Line/Lynd annulets (both colors) while using the three Free horse's suspect with the Ray stag? And where the sleeping bag is code for the killers of Ray Luff (still on a theory), and of Scalia too, by what further coincidences: 1) do Rush's use "Un dieu" while Baggs (at FREEbridge-Lynn) use "in deo"? 2) do Rush's use one fesse in the colors of the two Sleep fesses? 3) do Luffs use fesses in colors reversed from the Sleep fesses?

As I have a strong sense that Huberts share the Craig crescents while Craigs share the Hill fesse, I'll add that Hubert-like Hoppers use a tower in both colors of the Hill / Cleaver / Plunket tower, as well as sharing gyronny with Lynns/Linns. Cleave's/Cliffs are the ones who married the Sticks, and the Stick garbs are in the Coat of Singers/Songs. I traced the Perga location of Plancia Magna to Lithuania, home of the Astikas'. I can't remember anything about Kelly that could add to the promise of God to make me a singer, or to give me a song. The only thing I can do at the moment is to expect Singers/Songs from/to Grace Kelly of Monaco. With all the white towers just seen, let's add that Kellys use lions facing in both directions, with a white tower between them.

As Songs/Singers can be a branch of Sinks / Sanks, let's repeat: "Recall the red buttons in the sink, while Sinks and Sanks share similar Coats. In fact, Sanks use a motto phrase, "Sancta Clavis," as well as sharing the sleeve and cuff in Crest with Huberts. Both Sinks and Sanks use a reflection of the Hubert Coats, with Sinks [Cambridgeshire] using a white version of the Marley Coat." Marleys are said to be from Morlaix, in Finistere! Good one. And Morley liners along with Saint-Hubert goons were made suspect with the Grimaldi's in killing Scalia. Did God provide the red button in the sink to make this link here to the Singer/Song discussion??? The brown buttons of two days ago brought us to Jackets/Jaycocks, and then Jays can be using the bend of Aids who share the special leopard face of Morleys / Morlands. It appears that God is walking us to the front door of Scalia's killer(s). Glory be to Him.

The brown buttons are suspect with Bruno liners at Florence, where Scalia's were first found. Miss Whelan was at the corner of Reesor street, and while Whelans use the Brick Coat with lozenges colors reversed from the Brest/Brix lozenges, Reesors share the vaired cross of Florence-liner Ferrands. At Reesor street, I bounced a lacrosse ball against the BRICK wall of Bruno, our neighbor. The Jackets/Jaycocks use the crescent in the colors of the same of French Majors. Grace Kelly's sister married Mr. Majer.

Back to bare-breasted Roxanne in her pink jacket. Brests/Brix's use lozenges too, in white, and there is a white one in the Freeman Crest. Bennets use double SCALIing ladders, and are traceable to Pierleoni, and the latter are traceable via the Leo lion to the lion of Rita's, which is the lion of Monaco's and Kellys. By what coincidence do the Bennets with the same lions (almost) as Monks share the large besant with Lane's/Lano's from Brescia, the line to Brest? I have a feeling that Brests and Jackets (Pine crescents) are related in a key way, but as she wore a pink jacket, note that Pinks share the same lozenges as Reno's, in Grimaldi-lozenge colors. I wasn't able to clinch a Reno-river trace to "Rainier/Renier," but that was the logical theory. Panico's were in the Setta valley, a Reno tributary.

Gore's/Gowers (white wolf), who use the Monan motto in reverse), share the black flory with the robe of Istvan, the Saint-Hubert leader. The Gowers/Gore's use eight horizontal bars in half the colors of the same of English Crispins while it is online that one Grimaldus character married Crispina, Rollo's daughter. French Crispins were first found in Lorraine, where Istvan's ancestry has ruled. The Kellys have been Catholics. Margaret Majer's mother was Miss Berg while one Dutch Berg Coat shares the same three Reno lozenges, though on gold background. I saw and reported that the other Dutch Bergs once showed the three Clare chevrons in both colors, making sense because Crispins are known descendants from Clare's. The Bray-like Braggs share the red bull with Claro's/Charo's.

I'm straining at the oars here in making a strong / certain link between royal Grimaldi's / Order of Grimaldi and the Order(s) of Saint Hubertus. As Istvan is styled of Lotheringia, we could assume that my Lorraine was code for Istvan elements. After our first evening, when Lorraine was at my place, probably the night she spotted the photo of Roxanne, we were sitting on the back PORCh, and there is a Porch surname using the same, giant cinquefoil as Bus', and we saw why God connecting Lorraine to the bus stop that was code for Paionians of Bra and Langhe, exactly where the Grimaldi's are now tracing heavily, very heavily. I am staggered here because the eight Crispin bars are in use behind the Porch cinquefoil! I talk about Crispins regularly, but I never view them as Grimaldi liners. From now on I will, from Grimaldus. "According to [Mr. Grimaldi], Crispinus, Baron of Bec, was the son of Crispina, daughter of Rollo, by Grimaldus, Prince of Monaco."

Beside that porch was a pool, and after Lorraine and I were no longer, I invited Annette over one very hot summer's day, and we went swimming in that pool. Poole's, suspect with the Rita lion, can be using the Monaco lion too. But I'd like to go to the shark in the pool in my dream, for I came to believe that the shark was my ex-wife, and she is a Dutch Berg liners, perfect for linking to the Clare>Crispin line. There is a Shark surname with large trefoil in the colors of the same of Dutch Nichole's. Recall that the bulldog which jumped / fell into the pool was half-gobbled up by the shark, and I interpreted the bulldog with a line from Bullis, or the Bullus/Buliard surname that uses the same stars as Annas'/Arniss', whom I've suspected, for years, with Annette's/Arnetts (stars colors reversed from those of Annas' / Angus'). Was it coincidental that Annette was in that pool with me? Although I normally view myself as a Masci as per events that I can prove to be God's events, I am a Grimaldi too. So, the message here is that Annette's and Pools are Monaco liners.

Buliard-like Billiards, linkable to Blythe's, were first found in the same place (Maine) as French Lance's and French Josephs, and the chief of French Lance's shares the same stars as the Chief of the Clintons, first found in the same place as English Crispins.

And I was with RoxANNE immediately before Lorraine. Actress and princess Grace Kelly's sister was Elizabeth ANNE. Why? I don't know, but the dream progressed from the bulldog in the mouth of the shark, to a woman that looked like an actress, suspect with a woman that has a Rina middle name. And where ROXanne is suspect with Rocks, it can be added that the Clent hills are in Worcestershire, where Rocks were first found that could be using the Shark trefoil.

I once stayed in a motel in a place called Crystal, where there were cockROACHes making noises behind the loose wallpaper. Miss Rina Hicks went to church at Crystal, but I had never met her before. I've talked about this before, making plenty of links. For example, Scottish Hykes'/Hake's share fish with Roach's/Rocks', and the Hicks link to Crauns/Crane's while Sharks use cranes. The reason that I was in Crystal was for scouting property to purchase, and when I finally found a property with my wife, we were ten minutes from Miss Hicks. A year later, my wife and I were separated, not because I wanted Miss Hicks. And my wife's actions assured the divorce.

So, what am I going to conclude tentatively? That God created all of these many events in my life so that I could predict the killers of Scalia, and then convince a certain reader to find cause to investigate the royal house of Grimaldi, seeking the murderer? I don't think so. I don't think this alone is big enough to warrant all of these events in my life. There are far easier ways for God to catch the murderer of one man. So, what is God up to? The latest Sign seems to be the dark-brown buttons for a navy-blue jacket. Scalia's were first found in Tuscany, same as button-using Tous'...and Bruno's that can explain the BROWN buttons in the Grimaldi-suspect BAG.

So, what I think we have is my ex-wife the Shark surname on one side of the dream, coupled with Bullis liners, and Miss Hicks the actress of the house of Grimaldi as it connects especially to the Kellys. Look at this. The fish-using Hykes'/Hake's are said to be from TURKil Hako, and Scottish Turks, in the same place as the surname of Miss' Hykes' late husband, use the motto, "Pace vel bello." The Bouillons use "bello Christi" while there is a CRYSTal surname. The Bullis'/Buliards share red roundels with the Arms of Boulogne, home of Godfrey de Bouillon, and Pace's/Pasi's were first found in Bologna. There are a lot of "coincidences" Taddei (to die) for here, and Scalia's were first found in the same place as Taddei's and brown-button Tous' / Bruno's.

The Turk Crest is a ram, possibly of the white ram of Finistere, and of the Bauts, first found in the same place as Bouillons. The green Turk hunting horns are those of Hunters, both horns having red stripes and red strings. Fosters use a "Hunter" motto term. These Scottish Hunters share the seated, white greyhound with Taddei-suspect Tattons. There is a good question here as to whether the "Cursum" motto term of Hunters is for the Curzon entity (popinJAYS) in the Hubert write-up.

If God wanted to point to Bullis / Bull liners in the dream's shark episode, why wasn't there a bull instead of a bullDOG? I would suggest that, because the dog was white, mainly, it was code for the Canossa dog. The Bull surname, by the way, shares the white-on-blue bulls of Mountains, and I read that French Mountains married Claviere's, the latter first found in the same place as Bouillons. It seems to be clear that the bulldog represented Bouillon / Boulogne / Bologna elements.

Back to TurKIL Hako of the Hykes'/Hake's, for Kills are listed with Kelly-like Keele's that use the quadrants of Hykles'/Hacks (and Chives') in colors reversed. Clicking to Scottish Hykes'/Hake's, you'll see fish in colors reversed from the fish of Roach's/Rock's.

I've just found brown buttons in the pocket of my jacket, and Keele's were first found in the same place (Lincolnshire) as Pockets/Pouchers, suspect with Portis/Porcher cinquefoil. Recall the Porch's with the Crispin bars and the Bus cinquefoil, for Porch's come up as "Portis," suspect in the naming of Portishead, at Clapton (Somerset), and then the Bulls, who share annulets with the Hicks-related Crauns/Crane's, were first found in Somerset. And Crauns/Crane's, perhaps for whom the Shark cranes stand for, share the patee cross of Claptons. Then, believe it or not, Dogs/Doags (Roach/Rocks colors) use the same cinquefoil as Porch's/Portis'. It's known that Arthurs of Clapton married Hicks there. English Crane's are said to have named Crannes at Maine, France, and Sharks share it's black-on-white crane. However, with my ex-wife on one side of the dream, and Miss Hicks on the other, it seems that Crauns/Crane's can apply to Sharks. A third Crane surname comes up as "Ground."

Recall the Santa-Claus line of surnames, many of which are yet secretive. The Roach's use "a silver fish in the CLAWS," and then the Claws'/Clasons are expected with a lion version of the Fortuna dog because Klassens use "Lady Fortune." Aha! The shark had a ring of teeth around the dog's belly, and Irish Rings can link to Grounds/Crane's/Crannys because Rings are also Cranns! However, this doesn't tell me whose trefoil the Sharks are using. It can ultimately be brought to Roquefeuil, but this is a generalized trace. The Ring/Crann Crest share the sleeve with cuff with Huberts, and the latter share a bend with three white crescents with Rings/Cranns! This is a very good development. The other Rings/Ringsteads share the scallops of Hykes'/Hacks. Aha! The Ring/Crann Crest has the sleeved arms holding a "roll of paper" while there were cockROACHes behind the loosened rolls of wallpaper!!! I like that. It tends to mean that the Shark trefoil links closely to Roach's/Rocks'.

When we check the Papers (compare with Benedicts), it's a lot like a gold version of the Monk Shield, or we can say that it shares demi lions on red with Bennets. In fact, I now recall that, losing faith in the dream's promise, I gave a ring to Roxanne, who had pitch-black hair, not like the blonde in the dream. Click back to Scottish Bennets and see the Craun/Crane / Clapton patee. It gets complicated, but Scottish Bennets share the Bullis stars and were first found in the same place as Dogs/Doags. Bennets are important because they are the Pierleoni Benedicts that connect to the Poole's. We need the Pool line with the bulldog and shark in the pool. Benedicts were first found in Warwickshire, same as Montforts from Montferrat / Monforte, where the house of Miss Kelly's Grimaldi is tracing. The Benedict motto is suspect with Bononi = Bologna, and the Boii of that place founded Bohemia that shares the double-tailed lion of Montforts.

I purchased a bulldog in real life, without the bulldog coming to mind, way in the past. It was purchased in a city that is the first name of Miss' Hick's late husband, and that surname uses the same cinquefoil as Bus' / Porch's/Portis'. It really appears as though Miss Hicks will call me soon. I can't say that my life hasn't had a lot of twists and turns.

I didn't get round to reading the Morley write-up slowly. The latter part says that had a seat at MEARley, granted by Mr. Rous to a Stephen de Merley, whose daughter married Adam de Nowell. Then, when we enter "Mear," we get one of the two ermined-white fesses of Sleeps, and to help prove that Mears were from Mearley, Mears share water bougets with Rous-like Rose's. This must be what the dream pertains to, and the line goes, for one, though Nowells / Noels. Santa-Claus liners? The Marlboroughs are the ones with the Nickel (Santa Claus again?) pheons. We saw that Claws'/Clasons link to Klassens, and then Mears are said to be of GLASTENbury while Glastens are listed with Scottish Glass'.

When we load Rous', Merley is in the write-up along with "Rufus," suggesting the water-bouget liners, the Rolphs. As Rollo was also Rolph, note that French Noels use a version of the Valois/Valais Coat while Rollo married Poppa of Valois. Were not these the parents of Crispina, to become Mrs. Grimaldus? Plus, the Valais variation can be traced well here the Valais/Wallis canton, for I say that Wallis' (Montfort lion, right?) named the Glass'. These Noels were lords of GAINborough entity, and Gaine's/Keveneys share the Kelly Coat. It appears that the line of Crispina and/or the Morleys>Mears brought us the Grace Kelly, princess of Monaco-Grimaldi. Amazing, and all I worked with were dreams, and events in my youth. Have you ever seen anything like this? See also the Keven lion.

As Grimaldi's have traced well to the daughter of Garibald (duke of Bavaria), married by Grimoald, what do we think "GARibald" could lead to in the way of surnames? I am thinking the GERRY surname because it can be using a "Je" motto term for Jay street, where I met JERRY Peterson. Gerrys are said to have ruled the same entity with O'Hara's that come up as "Garry." Feasibly, because Irish Weirs share the bendwise Arms-of-Bavaria lozenges, but in the colors of the Grimaldi lozenges, Garibald could have been a Vere / Guerra liner of some sort, to the naming of Guerin of Provence.

Immediately after the sleeping-bag dream, the first surname I though of was that of BACHs/Baghs, whose Coat links well to that of dog-using WittelsBACHs. The latter are known to have owned the Bavarian lozengy. Perfect, for it draws Baggs in too.

The Suspicious Death of Grace Kelly

I knocked off for the day above, and when going to get some news, I thought instead to check some videos on Grace Kelly. One of them said she had an untimely / early death. Then, nothing so floored me but to find that she died in a car accident. Perhaps some of you readers knew it, but I did not. I don't follow Hollywood and other such things. Here is the video with some pictures of her ruined car:

Immediately, I think a murderous car crash. The video speaks on an investigation. There was a truck driver / eye witness behind Grace's car, but as I understand this, this fellow came out years later. He could just as well have been of the murderers. He says that the car sped up (going downhill on a mountain road at the edge of a mountain???), and without break lights going on, it crashed. But I imagine that it sped up from some mechanism able to floor the gas pedal, with another mechanism blocking off the brake-line fluid's ability to push the brake pads. Or, the truck driver could be lying about the brake lights not going on. Princess Diana may have been killed in the same way, with an accelerating car beyond the control of the driver, and no brakes available, at least temporarily.

Kelly's car went off a cliff, yet Grace's daughter survived. Hmm. There was also a police officer testifying that he saw Grace behind the wheel nine minutes before the crash, what sounds like a false witness absolutely. The police officer knew of the murder, that's more likely.

I've just learned that Grace Kelly's mother-in-law was CHARLOTTE Louise Juliette Grimaldi, mother of Rainier III Grimaldi and Princess Antoinette, Baroness of MASSY, can you believe this? I didn't know there was a Massy baron. But to find it so close to the Grimaldi's under discussion just floors me. Charlotte was the duchess of Valentinois. What's that?,_Duchess_of_Valentinois

Charlotte's mother was Miss Louvet. Louvets/Lovets use nothing but black wolves, and were first found in Berkshire. They evoke the Muscat-related Love's/Luffs and the Mason-related Louvains/Louvier's! It's an amazing crashincidence that I should find a Luff possibility here. Masons are from Numidia, where Charlotte was born. The Louvieres' (not Louvains) use the black wolf too (same design as Louvet wolf) along with the Arms-of-Meulan checks, identifying them as the Waleran > Leavell/Lovell line. In other words, the very line that God has been stressing in myriads of ways was closely ancestral to the current royal Grimaldi's. What is this all about? As Louths use the black wolf too, note that a standard change of the 'u' in "Louth" makes it like "Lovet." It's the Plock-related Plunketts that were first found in Louth (!), and Grace Kellys daughter was styled, "of POLIGnac." What's that? The Pollick variation of Pollocks?

The Pollock write-up speaks on Peter Pollock acting as a witness for William the Lion to the granting of a Burgin entity, and Burgins (typical Berg colors) share the red scallop with Sabine's / Pullys/Pullens while Pullens share the Plock martlets. The Burgin-Crest key with sword looks linkable to the Clermont Coat. Repeat: "Margaret Majer's mother was Miss Berg while one Dutch Berg Coat shares the same three Reno lozenges, though on gold background." Miss Majer was Grace Kelly's mother! I think I now know why God had emailer Pollock in my heraldry-related life. But for the life of me at this moment, I cannot fathom a Grimaldi-of-Monaco link to the False Prophet unless the globalist Illuminati has ancient ties to them. Emailer Pollock's husband was murdered.

The Arms of Grimaldi use monks wielding the sword. The Grimaldi write-up says that it is Francesco Grimaldi guised as a Franciscan monk. The Clermonts have a monk (dark-brown robe) in their Crest, calling him, "Saint-Pierre holding two keys." Pierre's (Languedoc) share the bend of two Peter surnames, but it's also the Bruno bend. The Pierre's also share the gold-on-blue lion of Monaco's. This appears to be a Grimaldi link to Clermont-Ferrand, where I traced Lupus Laevillus liners recently i.e. expected with wolf-liner Louvats. In fact, Grimaldi's are said to have been of the Guelphs = Welfs.

Repeat: "It now appears that the sleeping-bag dream can be about the death of Ray Luff. For example, Cleavers/Clavers [key] share the white-on-black tower with Hills, and while the sleeping bag was on a hill, Cleave's/Cliffs were first found in Shropshire, same as Sleeps."

Royal Monaco looks to be a Masonic bastion. Charlotte's father (Louis Grimaldi) was born in the city of Baden and may therefore be of the red-antler line of Gerry-like Veringers. It's the "Je"-using Gerrys/Warre's/Werre's that were seen with a red antler. Note that Verys/Fairie's (plow) share two lions combatant with Kellys. Monaco's can be using the Dol fesse, and Dole's share the fleur-de-lys of Plows, in colors reversed from the Varro fleur. Farmers, sharing the Love/Luff lion heads, are beloved by plowshare-using Curtis that in-turn use a version of the Plow Coat.

Hmm, with all that talk on laundry lines and laundromats, see here: "Juliette [Louvet] became an entertainer of sorts, reportedly a cabaret singer. In 1897, she was a hostess in a Montmartre nightclub when she met Louis through her mother, who was the prince's laundress in Paris."

I think I have found a Pollock-Leavell combination in the rulers of Polignac, and this is a good candidate for red-lozenge Plocks. Hmm, as per the Singer/Song surname that had been connected to my Kelly, lookie here: "Winnaretta Singer, Princesse Edmond de Polignac (8 January 1865 – 26 November 1943), was an American-born heir to the Singer sewing machine fortune. She used this to fund a wide range of causes, notably a musical salon..." Stunning. She looks like part of a broader homosexual / transvestite family. "In 1893, at the age of 29, she [a lesbian] stepped companionably into an equally chaste marriage [no sex] with the 59-year-old Prince Edmond de Polignac (1834-1901), a gay amateur composer." The goons of the planet, married and yet having sex with others of the same sex. Spit! Photo's of Grace Kelly's daughter, of Polignac, looks like a male at times, covered in make-up. At other times, she looks fully female. But I saw her in a youtube video, before an audience, seeking to become a pop-star SINGER!!! Amazing. You see, that you-shall-have-a-song miracle in Kellys apartment was pointing exactly to Grace Kelly. But why?

The Arms of Polignac, which is similar to the Fuller / Luff/Love bars, has griffin supporters on either side. I just saw that the throne of Grimaldi's is purple, color of queers? Related to the Revelation-17 harlot? Here's how Polignac links to the mysterious barony of Massy: "Comte Pierre de Polignac, a great-great-grandson of the first [Polignac] duke, married Princess Charlotte, Duchess of Valentinois and was the father of Rainier III, Prince of Monaco." This Charlotte's three grandchildren were styled, de Massy. Yet the children were also Polignacs, smacking of the Mieszko Poles, perhaps the ones through Lorraine. Recall that babe-Lorraine's feet were linkable to the Futters/Fotys suspect in the Fuller motto, for Fullers use nearly the Polignac bars. She was linked also to the foot-using Blonde's that share six barry with Polignac, but in different colors. However, the Blond barry is in nebuly, same as the six Leavell bars. Here's the Polignac Coat from houseofnames, same as the Arms of the rulers.

Another thing. I traced Pollocks to Valentinian I, and never looked back, I never had doubts. And here Charlotte of Valentinois married Mr. Polignac. Grace Kelly married this Valentinois line, while Singers/Songs were God's prediction when I was at Kelly's house pointing with my finger into the Bible. While there was no doubt at all that Justine of Picenum, Valentinian's wife, traced to the Arms of Vilnius, this city was home to the Stick-related Astikas', and Singers/Songs use the same garbs as Sticks. Vilnius traced to Vilaine, home of the proto-Pollock, Fulbert. It's telling me again that the Kelly lions are one of the two lions in the Monaco Coat.

Note that Monaco's use the same Zionist stars as Vlads/Flattens and Hagars (Justine colors), the latter first found in the same place as sword-using Justine's (definitely from Justine of Picenum). Vlads are suspect between Vladimir of Kiev, whose daughter married Casimir of Poland, and Flaad of Dol, but then Casimirs use the red antler too i.e. along with Veringer-suspect Gerrys/Warre's. Monaco's use the same-colored fesse as WHALE-using Dols, and while Dols (Mecklenburg) were first found in the same general area as the Mieszko-liner Griffins (see Wikipedia on the house of Griffin), the Arms of Polignac use griffins while the Gerry/Warre antler is in the beak of a griffin. The "Trouve" motto term of Gerrys/Warre's (Stake / Stock lion?) can suggest Mecklenburg's Trave river.

Pollocks come up as Polk, and then German Polks use the wavy Dol fesse. Again, the Plock-related Plunketts were first found in Louvet-suspect Louth, but had a French branch in the same area as Dol. It is undeniable already, I think, that Pollocks were married to a Grimaldi royal. But why? Does this have to do with Hitler's Polzl mother? Louth is north of Dublin while Kellys are said to be first found to the south of Dublin. There is a Bray location to the near-south of Dublin.

One of the three de-Massy children was Christian Louis, and another Christine, recalling that I slept between Louise Phillips and Christine Peare, who both appeared on stages in the sleeping-BAG dream. Charlotte was the daughter of Louis Grimaldi. I think I get it, and the Baggs even use the Grimaldi Coat. The stages in the dream were resolved with Louise's choreography, but Charlotte's mother was an actress of sorts, in musical cabaret. Is God leading us to this? Sleeps use two fesses in the colors of the Polignac bars, and proto-Pollocks were in Salop, where Sleeps were first found. The Pollock arrow has been called a dart at their Wikipedia article, and Sleeps are highly suspect with the Dart fesse.

You need not miss this: the Selepitanoi were beside the Ardiaei that trace to the Arduinici of Oneglia, and therefore, MONaco, less than 50 miles away, is suspect with the DARDanian ruler, MONunius II, whose daughter married an Ardiaei king. The Ardiaei had a king, Gentius, and Grimaldi's were heavily in Gent-possible Genoa while the wavy Dol fesse is used by Dutch Ghents. At his Wikipedia article: "Gentius's principal city was Shkodra, the capital of Ardiaean State at the time." The Selepitanoi were smack at Scodra. Then, "DiliGENTES" is a motto term in the Arms of the International Order of Saint Hubertus while the latter cult became suspect with the sleeping bag itself (because my own sleeping bag, which was over me (a Massy liner) during the dream, was in the colors of the Hubertus robes). This now makes the barons of Massy (from Boofima's lovers, right?) suspect with the Hubertus cult, which was founded by Bavarian elements (same as Grimaldi's) feasibly of branch of the carriers of Boofima, suspect with the Bavarian Illuminati. The founder of the Bavarian Illuminati had a Weishaupt surname, and Weishaupts use the ibis GOAT. We get it. And Biss' share the Meschin / Spencer scallops.

So, Monaco may have been named by Monunius-line Dardanians. The Ricks sharing the Dart fesse were first found beside Darts and in the same place as Monaco-like Monks (Rick colors), and as the latter explain why Grimaldi's use the monk symbol, it's very notable that Monks (wyVERN) use lion heads in the colors of the Gerry/Warre lion while the latter share the white-on-red fitchees of Ricks. Gerrys are suspect with Guerra's (wyvern), and with Guerin of Province, near Monaco. The Gerry/Warre lion can therefore be that of Guido's too. Once we are confident of a Monk link to Monaco, we can ask why Monks use lion heads in colors reversed from the Love/Luff lion heads. While Meschins (same place as purple Pace's) married purple Skiptons of Craven, Ricks use the Craven Coat in colors reversed.

Next, we want to go to the two Pine surnames, one first found in the same place as Moons and Monks, and sharing the Monk chevron. French Moons not only use the Moon crescent in colors reversed, but they are the crescents of Jackets/JAYcocks, the latter first found in the same place as Love's/Luffs and Sleep-suspect Muscats (Sleeps were first found in the same place as the first-known Meschins). If it appears that Jays are linking to Grimaldi liners, JayCOCKs look like Cocks (Dart / Rick fesse?). This makes it compelling that God named Jerry Peterson for the Gerrys/Warre's. In fact, I don't know how to spell his name; it could be "Gerry."

In colors reversed, the Pine cinquefoils become blue, the color of the Bagg-Chief cinquefoils. Maschi's use pine cones.

Thomas Jefferson had kind words for Adam Weishaupt, and Jays (same place as Jeffersons) share the blue Jefferson griffin. Blue-griffin Jeffersons use a leopard FACE, and white-griffin Jeffersons ("blue collar gemel") put a lily in its beak. Jeffersons were first found in the same place as Trevors, the latter said to be Taddei-suspect Tudors. I see Taddei's connected to Button-loving Tous'/Tosini's, and I just found brown buttons in my blue jacket while Taddei's were first found in the same place (Florence) as Bruno's. I used to play lacrosse on Bruno's wall, and Lacrosse's are listed with the Cruce's in the Jefferson motto. Cruce's were first found near Creuse, and the Cheshire Creuse's (lion paw) share the same lion as is in the Monaco Coat. The Jeffersons with that motto share the white griffin with "Je"-using Gerrys/Warre's. Tattons married Massys, with the same spelling as the baroness of Massy. Her name, Antoinette, may have been of the Antons that use both a leopard face as a goat. There is little detail on the Boofima cult, last I checked, but the report I read said the Imperi priests wore leopard gloves (with paws / claws sill on, I assume), when conducting their sacrifices.

The Creuse motto term, "Sequor," suggests the swan-using Secors/Sicco's, first found in the same place as French Josephs who once showed the swan. Both surnames use a giant swan, and this must have been the Ligurian swan, named "Cygnus" because it's the Greek for "swan," yet in the real world, king Cygnus represented something a little different than the word-play codes, and I found a good reason to identify him with Kikons/Cicones, which reason was aside from similarity to the Cocks.

AHA! What great timing too. As "Cock" is not as close to "CIC" as the Chick/Check surname (same place as Jackets), note that it uses the three Jacket/JayCOCK crescents in red! Compare the two Coats with the two color schemes of the Moon crescents, then see the Luna crescents. Chicks and Jackets were first found in the same place as Diss'/Dice's to whom I've traced Sichs, and here we find the Sicco variation of Secor(d)s. The Levi's love the Seconds/SEGURS in their motto, but the same Levi's also love the Aids in their motto who share the same bend as Jays. Aids use the Morley / MORLAND leopard face while Face's love the Segni's/SEGURana's (Genoa), all related to Valentinian, and moreover Livings/Levins were first found in WestMORLAND. When we put that Sicor-suspect picture together with the swan of Josephs, Joseph Caiaphas, the Levite, comes to mind. Now, recall Charlotte of Valentinois, daughter of Miss LOUVat. It's a hit. The killers of Jesus are tracing to Grace Kelly's husband, Rainier III Grimaldi. We can even bring the Cohens to topic here because it's the Jewish word for, priest, and because Cohens use CHECKs. They are the same checks as used by Massi's/MATTIS', and Trump's military chief, James Mattis, is called, the "warrior MONK." I wonder why. He's also called, "MAD dog." Caiaphas-like Chives' share the moline of Mattis-like Mathis'.

I'm recalling the six fraudulent CHECKs made out with my checks to Mark Kizzle/Kizzel, for Kizlyar was the Khazar capital. Was the six-pointed cross a Khazar symbol? Years ago, I made that assertion. Kessel-liner Cecils use SIX lions. Cassels use three chevrons while the chevron on your keyboard is above the '6'.

Recall that Costello's and Costs/Cotels entered the discussion, for the Custs share the Sich Coat. The Cust branch of Cass'/Casts link well to the Justine motto, and the Cust branch of Kiss'/Cush's share the red rooster with Cocks / Babcocks. It was Grace Kelly's father who married Miss Costello.

I cannot find anything on the barony of Massy. But I found this: "Their marriage [Charlotte's to Mr. Polignac] was said to be unhappy, and they separated on 20 March 1930 when Charlotte left him to live with her Italian lover, Del Masso the year her mother, Marie Juliette Louvet, died. The couple was divorced on 18 February 1933 by ordinance of Prince Louis II...On the even of her only son's 21st birthday in May of 1944, with her father's full support, she renounced her rights to the throne of Monaco in his favor." The problem is, Charlotte's two children were born, not to Masso, but to Polignac. So, why was the title of Charlotte's daughter, "of Massy", when Charlotte was with Masso for only two to three years? Was there some other / greater Massy entity besides her Masso lover?

Charlotte's daughter, Antoinette Louise Alberte Suzanne of Monaco, had three children that are still called de Massys when we look them up, and they come with photos under those names. Antoinette may have married a son of Masso, for she was styled, baroness of Massy. While Meschins married Clare's some 900 years ago, Mazzo's share the bend of Pembroke's while Clare's ruled at Pembroke. Masso's/Mazzone's use more lozenges, of the bendwise style used by Bricks.

Withenshaw-Massys in the Tatton write-up can suggest the Withen/Witten surname, first found in Roxburghshire, same as Scottish Leavells.

Amazingly, Masso's were first found in Bologna, same as Pasi's, and the Polignac motto is, "Sacer custos PACIS." That is amazing for my trace of proto-Pollocks between Vespasia Polla and Pace's/Pasi's/Pascels. And while the Grimaldi throne is purple, the Cheshire Pace's use a purple Shield with nothing on it but besants, the symbols in the Withen, Clere and Clement Chiefs. With the latter tracing with Clermonts to Clermont-Ferrand in Auvergne, by what coincidence were Polignacs first found in Auvergne? Aren't we expecting the Tatton branch of Taddei's with Bouillons of Auvergne? This smells of Caiaphas' rotten soul.

Custs use the Coat of Kiss'/Cush's (see CUSHion of BIBo's) that I still trace to Vibia, Lupus Laevillus' mother. Note that Custs were at Grantham, for the Grantham griffin can be of the griffin supporters of the Polignac Arms. That's mainly due to the "amore" motto term of Custs (same place as Granthams), for Amore's use the six Polignac bars! But the Amore's use them in nebuly, and in half the colors of the six nebuly bars of Leavells!!!! Beautiful. It recalls that Amore's were loved by Phillips' and Louis liners (I forget the details in the last update, or the one before that). Loius' are Lewis', and Lewis' / Llewylins can be gleaned as Leavells.

As Grants/Grand share the three crowns of Conrads, note that "Grand" is a virtually consonant-reversed version of "Conrad." I've never noticed this before. Aha! CRANDs/Grounds/Cranne's (Fleming wolf design) use "Amor"! And emailer Covert said that her father was from HOHENstaufen/Hohenzollern (I can't recall which) circles, and from a mysterious kaiser Koffert. Previous to that, I had asserted that "Conrad" was play on "Red Cohen" = the Hohens that use the Cohen checks in red. The implication is convincing, especially as Courts/COVERTs (same place as Coverts/Cofferts) use a "GRANDescunt" motto term. Cunt-like surnames might even be Cohen branches.

As I trace "Caesar" to "Khazar," note that Conrads use the three stars in the French Julian Chief, and that Grants/Grands share flames with English Julians. Spot that the bends of French Grants (beside Julians)) are of Payen / Page/Lapp liners to Pings/Pungs/Paganels. Can't the Cass variation of Grantham's Cust liners be evidence of a Caesar / Khazar line? Grants were first found in Burgundy, same as Vairs/Fers' that use the Hohen Coat exactly.

Custs and Granthams were first found in the same place as Tailbois', explaining the talbot of Amore's and Damorys/Amori's. But as Tailbois' share the Meschin scallops in the colors of the Maul scallops, note the "Tu ne cede MALIS" motto of Amore's (Mall bend?). Mauls ("Clementia"!) come up as Morles' and Morleys, whom were predicted to be of the sleeping-bag entity. Recall that Louise and Christine were in a mall in the sleeping-bag dream. Click to Italian Amore's to see the Chief and red Shield of the Bologna Panico's. Variations of Italian Amore's make them look branched with the Florence Morello's, much like the Morles variation of Mauls/Morleys (share green dragon with Lewis'/Louis'). Morleys proper are said to be from MORLESton.

Repeat: "This actually predicts a Monaco link to Morlaix in Finistere." From Morlaix, we take it to Marleys.

Mauls are of York's Hatton, suspect with the Atto's / Attons of Canoga founding, explaining the Amore / Amori dogs. What better place than the More location of Malahule could we trace Amore's? Some surname tells of a More location in Salop, same place as Sleeps that use fesses in the colors of the Amore / Polignac bars. Frocks/Froggs were first found in Salop, and the Grimaldi write-up hides the monk's sword under his "frock" (robe).

It's taken me a decade to find this purple throne. I wonder whether this is the faggot capital of the Illuminatist world. Is it too early to make that guess? The Grimaldi's of Monaco are Catholic, and by all appearance's, the killers of judge Scalia were also the killers of Grace Kelly. The latter may have come to learn too much of dastardly deeds conducted by the country of Monaco. The Frocks/Froggs may have been Foggs and Figgs previously, for obvious reasons. If Frocks are intended by the Grimaldi "frock," the Burgin location in the Pollock write-up can apply to Spanish Burgos', the latter using a giant annulet in colors reversed to the Frock / Fogg / Figg annulets. Grimaldi's say that, with the sword hidden under the frock, the Grimaldi's were able, with the lord of CAGnes, to conquer Monaco. CAGE's were first found in the same place (Cambridgeshire) as Figgs.

Foggs, because they share the white unicorn with Rasmussens, look like they can trace to Anders Fogh Rasmussen, the previous NATO chief. The current chief is Mr. STOLTenberg, and while Stolts share billets with Italian BattiSTELLI's/BattiSTOTo's and the Cheshire Steels, the latter are back to the Muscat / Luff lion heads. Battistelli's not only use red billets, the color of the Stolt billets, but they share a pyramid with Fieschi-suspect Fisks. It can appear that Stolts can trace to Grimaldi elements.

Then, I've been tracing the mythical Swan Knight, LOHENgrin, to Lohans/Logans that use a heart pierced by nails, and this speaks to the Nail/Nagle surname traceable to Liguria's Oneglia = Imperia. Can we imagine human sacrificers piercing human hearts? While the Stoltenberg Coat doesn't show it, the Stoltenberg description speaks it: "On a blue shield a red heart pierced by an arrow." Pollocks use a boar pierced by an arrow / dart.

Suddenly, the chiefs of NATO, to be representatives of a super power at Armageddon, are tracing to Monaco elements. And to prove this, in case the Stole's/Stowells are Stolt liners, they use lozenges in the colors of the Grimaldi lozenges. It seems clear enough that Stole's/Stowells (same place as Wissels) use the Wissel/Whistler lozenges, and for this matter, the Wissel lions are in the colors of the Monk lions. Compare with Pickers/Packers/Peckers, for while the latter were traced with Peks to the Pek river and it's Cuppae (city of doves) location, there is a dove in the Stole/Stowell Crest. The Pek river ends at PINCum, and for this reason, it was all traced to Pinks/Pincs and Panico's, explaining why Pinks use lozenges in colors reversed from the Pecker lozenges. But Grimaldi's above were shown married to lines that can trace to Pinks and the Reno river.

When we click to German Stole's/Stohls (Zurich), we find a sinister split bendwise, reminding that Rasmussens use a sinister bend. On the top half of the Stole/Stohl Shield, an antler, symbol of German Wessels, tending to clinch both Stole surnames. I recognize the bottom half of the German Stole Coat with the Zionist Moren/Moran/Murran (and Suter) stars, and it's interesting that this latter surname was first found in Mayo, where the father of Grace Kelly, and his wife's surname (Costello), were from; Costello's use three lozenges only, in half the colors of the same from Brix's/Brests. It's very clear that the Angulos and Nangle terms in the Costello write-up are the Nagle's (lozenges in the colors of the Launay / Percy lozenges, colors reversed from the Costello lozenges). It's also clear that the people deriving the Costello surname have fed the world garbage. Note "CoSTELLO."

The "teneBRIS" motto term of Morans gets the Brix/Brest surname (lozenges in Bavaria-lozengy colors), and we just saw why Costello's and their Nagle kin should trace to Launay, at the Brest theater. It appears that Mr. Kelly had married Masonic blood knowingly. When we check the Lucent surname as per that term appearing in the Moran motto, we get the same Zionist stars in the Monaco Coat. As much as it has surprised me that God should be leading merely to Monaco, it is now linking to NATO rulers. Why?

There are more Zionists stars, almost the Monaco stars, with Sivers, new to me but looked up as per the "quaeSIVERis" motto term of Costello's. English Sivers/Seevers can suggest the Sewer variation of Scottish Suters. While Lucents are using someone's bend in the colors of the Jay bend, the Jay Crest has an ESCUTcheon. The Siver Coat appears to be a version of the Nagle Coat.

Before ending this section, there is a Rothschild link to the "Deus" motto term of Kellys, apt for the Duester/Duster surname that I see in the "InDUSTRia" motto term in the Arms of Rothschild. The five, bunched arrows in the same Arms is in the Crest of Camerons, which tends to explain why Camerons furnished the previous British prime minister. The Cameron motto uses "cheile," and Cheile's/Cheele's were first found in the same place (Lincolnshire) as Kelly-like Keele's/Kills. Camerons use eight bars half in the colors of the Amore-related Crispins (= Grimaldus liners), and in Leavell-bar colors. The Cheile Crest is "a leg in armor," and Dusters share the armored arm with Armors. However, one can now explain why Amore's come up as "Armer," for the Cheile bend is in nebuly, and in both colors of the nebuly bars of Amore's! Bingo, we have just traced a Kelly motto term to Monaco liners of the Polignac kind. Grace Kellys daughter was a ruler of Polignac. Rothschilds were from Peter Pollock, and as such one can fathom Rothschilds behind Polignac.

As per the leg in armor, Legge's share a white stag head, facing the viewer, with Dusts. The likelihood is that Legge's are the Ligurian Leghs/Lighs at the Legro river of Leicester, and early Pollocks (third generation, I think it was, from Peter Pollock), did marry Watsons, first found at Leicester. The thing is, the Legge stag head is in the colors of the Trump stag head, and with Trumps suspect as Drummonds, it's notable that both Drummond surnames use three wavy fesses, connectable to the wavy bars of Damorys/Amori's. To put it another way, Drummonds are connectable to the Polignac bars.

To link Amore's to Kelly liners, one notes that the blue greyhound heads of Kellog's/Kellocks look like talbot heads, and then the Damory/Amori Crest has a blue dog (description doesn't say what it is). [Later on the night that I wrote this, I ate some Kellogs Special K, and got terrible heartburn. Four Tums tablets, the larger ones, couldn't get rid of it (but a couple of tablespoons of mushroom soup out of the can did it). The next morning, as I write this insert, I wondered about "HEARTBURN," recalling that Scottish Harts use the Pollock saltire, and that Burns are said to have had a location in Renfrewshire, where Pollocks were first found. Hunter-related Burns were first found roughly in the same place as king Sitric of Dublin got his POLworthy wife, and there is a Polworth surname sharing piles with Scottish Leavells, first found in the same place as Pollock-related Maxwells, who were named after Maccus, Sitric's grandson.]

I can now show some "magic" that would enchant the likes of the dirt-poor Cecil Rhodes. Kellys are said to be from the south of Dublin, where I see a Bray location on my atlas. Brays use "eagle's legs," and Eagle's (same place as Rhodes', Keele's/Kills and Cheile's/Cheele's) are clearly using a version of the Savage coat, but also the Cecil Coat. The Cecil motto looks like code for Corren liners, for Correns share the black escutcheons of Cecils. Correns and Corrys/Currys were both first found in the Deise area of Waterford, and the Arms of Waterford uses "Deise" in its motto. There you see the Trump stag head in the Arms of Waterford.

Cecils are said to be of Kissle-like terms, suspect with BodeGISEL and AdalGISEL Grimo, and the like. Correns share the green parrot with the Peeble's, and Bowers, sharing the five bunched arrows of the Rothschild Arms, were first found in Peebles.

Waterford is south of Dublin too, though about 100 miles. Still, Cork is further south still, yet Corks/CORE's use lion tails only, in the colors of the Cecil / Eagle lions. It looks like Correns and Corrys were at least merged with Cork elements. As Corks/Core's were first found in Cornwall, home of mythical GORlois, one can see that Cork elements were merged with Gore's/Core's. We take GorLOIS back to Luis of Ceva, at the Cevetta river, and link the four fesses of Cavetts (nine bars total if they were not fesses) to the ten, same-colored bars of Cecils. Then, look to the Cecil Crest, and see what looks like the combatant Kelly lions. Did the Rhodian Illuminati stem from Monaco??? is that why Grace Kelly was drawn to marriage there?

Luis of Ceva birthed Alice of Saluzzo (the line to Percys), and while Bill Clinton is a Rhodes Scholar (an insider, globalist club formed for Cecil Rhodes), I clinched a trace of the Clinton Shield to the Saluzzo Shield. Clintons were first found in the same place as Amore's / Damorys. The Clinton Shield is definitely that of Cluns, for FitzAlans, who married Alice of Saluzzo, lived at Shropshire's Clun.

I once would have paused long before thinking that God named people from birth merely to help me find the clues, but no more. Note that Grace Kelly may have been named to make a Kelly-family link to Grasse, 20-25 miles from Monaco. "Grace" brings up three Grass surnames, including the one first found in Provence, beside Grasse. The Crichtons (share green dragon with Guerra's) not only use a "grace" motto term, but the same lion as Gerrys/Gars who in-turn use a Chief lion that could be the Grace / Grass lion. In colors reversed, the Crichton lion is that of Monaco's and Kellys. The Arms of Grasse use lambs in Kelly colors. This can explain why Kellys share the Monaco lion from long before the Kelly marriage to Rainier III.

Now, recall the GRASS stain on Lorraine's pants, for the pants were resolved with Pender/PenderGRASS' while the Cheshire Penders use lions in the colors of the Kelly / Monaco lions. The Penders even use one of the three chevrons used by the Provence Grace's/Grass'.

The Pender blood drops are called, "gutee," and Gutte's/Guths share a gold rose with the Monaco fesse, suggesting also that the Zionist Monaco stars are those of Goths/Gothels (suspect with Gothelo, great-grandfather of Godfrey de Bouillon), the latter suspect in the "God" motto term of Grace-loving Crichtons. The Bavarian Gode's/Godts/Goths may be using the Aller escutcheon, and the Fesch swords, but compare also with monk-using Clermonts. Allers are being traced to the Aleramici branch of Montferrat at Saluzzo, and Rainier Grimaldi may have been of a line from Rainier of Montferrat. The latter's son birthed Alice of Montferrat, and this family somehow linked to the family of Alice of Saluzzo.

Not until after ending with this discussion did I find the Irish baron of Massy, and it had a seat at Dublin, can we believe it. That's the origin of king Maccus, and, besides, it tends to reveal that the baroness of Massy in Monaco was from Grace Kelly. The baroness was the sister of her husband, and it makes sense if Grace Kelly was herself a Massy in some way. I don't have time to report on the Irish Massy entity in this update, but should have something in the next. It doesn't look important at all, and it fizzled out in embarrassment.

It just floors me that while I traced Maccus' grandfather, SITRic, to the Sitter/Sidewell surname, it shares green pale bars with Landers/Landens and Langleys, the laundry-line entity. Remember, I've been tracing Bra in Cuneo to Bray for years, and while there is a Bray a few miles south of Dublin, there was a bra on the laundry line. I didn't know about Bray at Dublin until yesterday, as I write here (I need to start the spell check and get the update out by noon today). Sitric was a king of Dublin, but removed to marry a Saxon (Edith of POLworthy!) in Northumberland, where Sitters/Sidewells were first found. I linked him to a Setantii Brigantian peoples that were spread between Louth and Lancashire, but also up by way of the Seatons/Sittens, and here I had just found cause for viewing Miss Louvat as a branch of the Louth surname. Miss Louvat was the grandmother of the baroness of Massy. BRIGanitaians can explain the flax BREAKER of Brays if the Brays were from Bray of Dublin.

It explains why God put me, a Masci, together with Kelly, whose surname I have forgotten, meaning that it looks unimportant to God; the only thing counting is her first name. The problem I had last night, as I looked over the baron Massys: what could this possibly have to do with anything, either the False Prophet or the murders under discussion? Did the house of Massy kill Grace when Rainier's sister got to despise her?

The Brays use a Flax breaker, and Flacks/Flags share the Meschin scallops. Breakers are with Briquessart-like Brecks. The flax breaker is therefore perfect for le Meschin and his father. King Maccus was the proto-Mackay and proto-Maxwell/Maccuswell surname, and Pollocks are known to be a sept of Maxwells. Therefore, the Maccus line (rulers of the seas) looks to be square with Polignac, and to this it should be said that the Blonds use the six, nebuly Leavell bars in the colors of the three Levi chevrons while I've thought that the Levi chevrons were a black version of the triple Clare chevrons.

The barony of Massy had a branch in County Clare, where it was called, Clarina, and while Clarins/Larins use two of the three Clare bars, they were first found in the same place (Argyllshire, land of the seas) as Haralds/Herods, suspect with Harald, Maccus' father and Sitric's son. This goes to the Meschin marriage with Clare's of Tunbridge, but even further back to the Masa Carians, in merger with the city of Clarus between Caria and Lydia. This explains why the Mazza surname uses the Pembroke bend, for Clare Strongbow, ruler of Pembroke, is known to have named County Clare. The Massys of Clare must have been from Clare blood, and as Crispins were Clare's, it explains why Crispins (same place as Amore's) use eight bars in the colors of the six Polignac / Amore bars.

Strongbow was likely merged with Meschins of Shropshire / Cheshire. Maso's/Masino's, who share the red rose with Mazza's and Jays, were first found in the same place as Cuneo, Masci's and Massino-Visconti, and share the Macey chevron. The Margys/Mackeys (Ayrshire, faces out to Dublin / Louth), near the first Haralds/Herods, share the raven with the Arms of Dublin, and with Pollock-suspect Peters. Maso's/Masino's are suspect with Ottone's, or Ottone Visconti as per the Massino-Visconti location of Piedmont. Ottone's were first found in the same city as Crispin-related Grazio's (both use pomegranates), the latter sharing the black rooster with Mouse-Tower liners. Massino-Visconti is in Novara, the ancient area of the Laevi Gauls. There is a question on whether the Arms of Massina-Visconti is using the Murena tower. I had claimed, years ago, that Kellys were ancestral to CILnius Maecenas, who married the Murena family. It now appears that I may have been correct.

Why did God call me, and use me in extraordinary ways, to reach these conclusions, only after a decade of hard work? Note: Landers/Landens trace to the Polish Mouse Tower; Mieszko's of that place married Richeza of Lorraine, where French Crispins were first found, and the Larin variation of Clarins (branches of laurel) goes to Lorraine elements while my blond Lorraine was shown to represent the laundry line.

Not many updates ago, I showed why God linked my Lorraine to the Babe's, and here I find that English Babe's use a black version of the Polignac Coat. I also found Lorraine's beautiful feet inside the sun of Blonds that use six bars of their own, but here we find that the babe Crest shares the sun with the Blonde Crest. And while my last day with Lorraine was when I danced with Mamie, she sat on my LAP the second time that we saw each other. This was a miracle, God's working.

I was lured to the campsite by Barry, who said that Mamie would be there, I took the bait, but when I arrived, Mamie was deep in the cab of a truck, beside Barry, and it looked like he was making good tracks with her. But God had other ideas. When everyone was sitting round the campfire, she just came and plopped herself on my lap. I barely knew her, and she was acting like a girlfriend. No one there would have minded this, as Mamie was another "babe." The Lapps share the Melusine mermaid with German Babe's/Babels, and I've traced the latter to queen Bebba at BAMBURGH castle (Bernicia, same place as Polworths), a term like PEMBROKE. The Bamburgs use one pile in the colors of the three Polworth piles. I had identified "Mamie" with Mansfields and other Man liners, and here we can add that Maccus' family ruled the Isle of Man, the MANX people of which were traced to Manche, where the maunches of Mansfields trace. How neat.

The Brazen Murder of Lady Diana in the Ambulance

As I start this section, let me remind that God may have used Joe Fix to give me confidence that a Fiat Uno did in fact attack Lady Diana's car in the tunnel. You will hear of this Fiat Uno in videos you watch on the crash. The small point here is to repeat this: "The Fix's happen to share a wavy fesse with Lada-like Ladds, and the latter's fesse is a colors-reversed version of the Meschin fesse for obvious reason." My Lada was a Fiat. The Cecils now suspect with the Kelly lions in Crest use an "una" motto term. Might God have revealed that Cecil-Rhodes elements conducted the murder? The Fix write-up traces to Ficko de WESERa, a potential Weiser/Weis / Wieser/Wies liner. Both the latter two surnames look linkable to the Monaco Coat, and both share white wings in Crest with Cecil-beloved Correns.

Immediately after I left Kelly, I met and dated Diane for about two months. My Diane was an attractive, bright blond (i.e. like Lady Diana), and my Kelly (brown-blond) had the look of an actress. I am a Masci-Grimaldi liner, and while Diane's surname was MUSCHATov, Luffs are Muscat kin. Grace Kelly's mother put forth a de-Massy somehow. To put it another way, Grace Kelly's sister-in-law came to be a baroness of Massy. What is the Lord trying to show with the car crashes of Ray Luff, Diana Spencer, and Grace Kelly? Diana Spencer died, not in Britain, but in France. My mother does not know her father's Grimaldi ancestry as to where they came from, but her brother has shown signs of liking France.

Grace Kelly's mother was Charlotte, and while I think the woman hovering in the car was Charlotte Hicks, I said, while viewing the dream, "she looks like an actress." There was no sensuality in this dream. If we take the Hicks over to their Craun/Crane kin, we then go to the Crone's, one of which almost uses the Grimaldi Coat, but with lozengy in the colors of the checks filling the Arms of Meulan and the Louvieres / Vaux Coats. It's now not looking coincidental that English Crone's share the Massy fleur-de-lys. But these Coats have got to be much older than the Grimaldi-Massy link we saw with Grace Kelly's sister-in-law. English Crone's were first found in the same place as Jeffersons while the latter have been suspect with the Messey saltire.

I'll continue after you watch the Story of Lady Diana's Death. You can watch the lengthy video below, or skip it to shorter ones. The one below does not take a strong leaning toward the guilt of the government. It tells from one reporter that the ambulance stops for 20-25 minutes between tunnel to hospital some 500 yards away. The question, of course, is why the ambulance stopped. In a video below this one, the ambulance appears even more guilty. We are told that Diana had two heart attacks, but who would be so dim as to believe the government report? How does an accident cause a heart attack on a young person, when she has no mentionable bleeding? We are to believe that the interior of her body was devastated. Yeah, sure.

In the video below, we find of Diana's note warning that her husband was trying to kill her by, for example, ruining the brakes of a car. The video shows exactly the sort of media joke practiced in false-flag events. It tells a different time line for the ambulance trip to the hospital, but in both cases, the ambulance was very slow, suggesting that the murderers had control of the ambulance. They could have provided a method of quickening death on the way to the hospital. The camera at the tunnel was off, signaling that the French government was involved, suggesting rabid disgust for Diana's Muslim husband-to-be.

Here's clear guilt:

The father of a man who was driving a white Fiat Uno in Paris the night Princess Diana was killed has sensationally admitted his son had the car painted red just hours after the fatal crash and revealed his suspicions that his son was involved.

Le Van Thanh was questioned by French detectives in 1997 after forensic experts established the white paint on his car matched that found on the wreckage of the Mercedes Diana was travelling in.

..."Dung helped with the respray of the car but he will not talk to me about it. What I do know is that the Fiat was resprayed very soon after the crash that killed your Princess - only a few hours later.

There was a 2nd Fiat Uno involved owned by a journalist who was later murdered by British authorities. The owner of the Fiat that was involved in the murder was allowed to be free because the government didn't want to make a criminal case of it. This is a sample of how the globalist government works in all of its disgusting quality. Are these the boys that we want to rule over us? I thought that the crown was to have no powers?

The owner of the Fiat had a Thanh surname (same place as Freemans/Frymans). I don't know what nationality he was, but Thans happen to use six eagles in the style of the same-colored fleur of English Constantine's while Grace Kellys mother-in-law was born at Constantine (Algeria / Numidia). Evil mother-in-law? Recall Joe Fix, whom was met at a Lada dealer, for God may have given him as clue, because Fix's use fleur-de-lys in colors reversed from those of Constantine's, and moreover Fix's use a black, spread eagle, the Than symbol.

On top of this, I kid you not, that Joseph had a woman in a relationship, who was working his coffee / sandwich shop with him, and every time I've thought back to her, I see her looking very much like my Kelly. I think I now know why. Again, Fix's share a wavy fesse with Lada-like Ladds, and Ladds are in Constantine / Than colors. Amazing coincidences. Was Grace Kelly killed by a Jewish item? Wasn't the mother-in-law (Charlotte of Valentinois) a Louvat on her mother's side? Yes.

It's very vague in my mind, but on the first and only night that we slept in her parents apartment (parents home), we were in the LIVING room. And we slipped onto the carpet floor. I recall feeling guilty the next morning for what we did, because I was a Christian trying to stay away from sex. We did not have sex, but we went far enough for me to feel badly about it. While it doesn't come by much of a surprise, I did take her bra off, and this is being told only because there is a Bray location at the south of Dublin, and Kellys are said to be from the south of Dublin. As per our being on the FLOOR, there is a Flore and a Flora surname both of which can be using the Masci fleur, and the barons Massy were out of Dublin. It is a little shocking for me to think that God could use situations like this, but there you have it, right or wrong, what happened with Kelly (a Christian) early in our relationship. I can't recall how we broke up. I don't recall any bad feelings.

As per "Joe Fix," I had known him as Joseph back at his COFFEE shop, and Coffee's are Coffers, potential Joseph-Caiaphas liners. French Joseph's are in Than / Constantine colors, and these Josephs were first found in Maine while I was with Kelly when living on D'Maine street. The giant fleur of Demaine's is shared by Flore's. Immediately before Kelly, while at D'Maine street, there was Sharon Pascal, though it may have been "Pascel." The Pasi's suspect in the Polignac motto are also Pascels. The Flore cross is colors reversed from the same-type cross of Pascals. I'm seeing Florence liners here. About a year after Sharon pascal, I was driving on D'Maine with Roxanne, and Sharon came walking up the sidewalk to her home, when Roxanne said, "she's cute." While the Cute's/Cutts can be linked to Mussels/Muscels and Huberts, the MontaCUTE's use lozenges in Grimaldi-lozenge colors.

Joe Fix had his coffee shop in a small plaza right beside the motel where Roxanne and I stayed for the pink-jacket photo. The point here is to remind that Coffee's/Coffers use the Arms of Taranto (Apulia) while Motels were first found in Taranto. It could be just another Sign that God has orchestrated this revelation, now pointing to the murder of Grace Kelly. But God has not orchestrated all of this for that alone. The armored ARM in the mouth of the Motel mouth is obvious code for the Motts/Mottins at Cotes-d'ARMor (Coffee liners in Brittany?). I am reminded that Hannibal was at Apulia's Larinus/Larino while French Larins use the Capes scallops, which for me looks to have a Coffer/Coffee link to a Caiaphas-like Capes surname. Plus, the barons Massy of Ireland included the Clarina branch that links to Larins/Clarins. I am reminded that, 20 years after walking the fence at Diane's house, I bumped into Diane in a different town, when she told me she worked for the COURT house, and Courts are Coverts, a branch of COFFERts. Rick Legge was with me that night at the fence. Ricks share the same fesse as Coverts/Cofferts.

You can go back some weeks to see that I had deciphered that fence event with the Fens/VENN surname. And here Mr. VAN is suspect in Lady Diana's murder. Dianinidence? Mrs. Covert was married both a Mr. Dein and Mr. Maness, and Deins list "Diane." Maness'/Manners were from Maccus of Man. Mrs. Covert married Mr. Dein in Riverside, where Janet MAIO lived when she emailed me.

When first meeting Roxanne, Rick Legge was there, part of our Bible-study group. And when I took Roxanne to my apartment a few doors down from the home where the Bible studies took place, Rick came knocking on the door, jealous. The Ricks (same fesse as Actons) were first found in the same place as Montacute's, and the latter use a motto term for the Actons. Then, the latter are beloved by Cravens (another motto term for Actons) that use the Rick Coat in colors reversed. It looks like God said, "She's cute," out of Roxanne's mouth, and that He intended to point toward the Montacute lozenges. They are the Freeman lozenges in colors reversed.

The plot thickens, for the Actons use an "Vaillance" motto term while I trace Valentinian to Valence (France). It's pointing to Charlotte of Valentinois, isn't it? Her grandson, Grace Kelly's brother, married Miss Freeman, and Freemans were first found in the same place as Thans.

Actons even use "avance" while Vance's (same place as MUSSELburgh and Seatons) bring up the Vaux's/Vallibus', Leavell / Louvieres / Louvat kin, and Miss Louvat was Charlotte's mother. The black wolves of Louvats can link to the same of Cleve's/CLIFFS, and while Grace Kelly was driven off a cliff, the Arms of Cleves (Holland) share the escarbuncle with Rays.

One of the other Constantine surnames looks to be using the Brian / Grass lions, and I trace Brians to Briancon = BRIGantium, feasibly the origin of the East-Lothian Seatons from the Setantii Brigantians. There is a Sitten location not far from Briancon that had a tribe by roughly that name, and Setantii could have been on the Serio river, for Charlotte Hicks in my dream was in a car that had traced well to Carrs whose motto ("Sero SED serio") can be suspect with Serio-river elements. Irish Carrs use a "clavo" motto term, possibly for Cleve / Claver/Cleaver liners. Carrs were even first found in Lancaster, a chief home of Setantii. This now starts to serve evidence that the old beach dream connects to Charlotte of Valentinois.

The Seers (suspect with Carr motto) happen to share black, spread eagles with Thans, and both were first found in Essex, though Seers are said to be from Colchester in particular. Colchesters happen to share three estoiles with Irish Carrs, and the woman in the dream was suspect (several months ago) as having two identities, the other woman being Helen (a girlfriend), whose surname I cannot recall. Helen had been found to be code for Helena, mother of Constantine "the great"!!! Zowie, and Helena is said to have been born in Colchester!!! I'm not making this up.

The Helens share the black horse head with the Crest of estoile-suspect Este's. The Helion term in the Helen write-up is a surname that gets the Helms, whom are suspect with the Marlborough (and Nickel) pheons because the Helm Coat looks linkable to the Huberts. In fact, I've been linking the Helm Coat for years to that of Sale's/Sails while you will see a sail below in direct relation to Helen.

That is simply amazing, for Constantine's entered the picture only as per the surname of the guy driving the Fiat Uno. And when Charlotte Valentinois became suspect, I took you to the old dream with Charlotte and Helen acting as the blond, and this got us not only to Constantine's mother, but to Colchester by way of the blonde being in the car. It was an old model car, all painted up nice. I had always claimed it to be a 1950's model, but when Helen (my tenant) left me for Steve, he drove up to my place with a 1964-67 convertible Mustang, all repainted nice in candy red. Although I have no recollection of the car's color in the dream, I had said, in the early days, that it was red. The interior was definitely white, as was Steve's Mustang. There is a Mustan surname looking like it can be a Massy liner, and Mostens use a sinister split. Musts are with Muschats.

The car in the dream was on the sand / beach alone, not even any people. Sands (Lancashire, same place as Cars and Setantii) share fitchee crosses with Quints, and the Quints with Colchesters both share the same chevron as Sands. The latter use a ragully fesse, and the Arms of Colchester uses a ragully cross. One can see the similarity between the Colchester and Sand Coats, and moreover they are in SEATon colors. If that's not enough, SEATs, Sands and Cars were all first found in Lancashire while the woman in the dream was hovering, like one flat on her back, over the SEATs of the car (it wasn't a convertible so far as I can recall, but I can't recall either way). Sands are said to have been at a fells location, and FELLS' (pierced mullets) use more lozenges, in the blue color of the Costello lozenges, and in both colors of the Brick / Whelan/FAILin/FELLan lozenges. (I'm guessing that Sands use a version of the Rick-related Craven Coat.)

While Seatons were first found in East Lothian with the Mussel/Muscel (almost the Meschin Coat) namers of Musselburgh, Tenants were first found in West Lothian, and they use a MAST, virtually perfect for linking to Mustans / Mostens / Musts/Muschats. The latter share three red chevrons with Massy-related Clare's, and Helen was my TENANT, living in the house of a Masci. Tenants (Montferrat / Aleramici Shield?) share black crescents with Tunbridge's, and Meschins married Clare's of Tunbridge. The Tanaro river through Montferrat comes to mind, and Masts/Masters were first found in the same place as Masons/Massins, likely from Massino-Visconti to the near-north of Montferrat. . God will convince the reader that He was in my dreams, and in the events I've pointed out. I cannot be making these dreams / events up while the items involved seem dedicated to linking surnames very well via surname symbols and codes.

By what coincidence was Helen's new man, Steven, while Stevensons share a version of the Valentin Coat?

Back to the Serio river suspect in the Car motto, for it has a mouth at Crema, while Cramers (Masci fleur?) use a "CUSTodit" motto term while Custs are a branch of Kiss'/Cush's that in-turn share the red rooster with the Cramer Crest. French Constantine's/Constance's (share pine theme with Tanners and Maschi's) can be a branch of Constance's/CUSTANce's/CUSTers (familiar colors), and Custs come up as "Custes." French Constantine's/Constance's have long been suspect with Conte's (same place), and Conte's (between John de Burgo and the Meschins) were recently traced well to BERGamo, though I didn't at the time know that it was off the Serio river!

Yes, and at the upper Serio, one Albino location too while the ram in the Arms of Finistere was traced to the Bautica river flowing down toward Montferrat. The Bauts, who share the ram of Finistere in every way, were first found in Auvergne while Aubin (location) is either on the edge of, or within, southern Auvergne. German Cramers use a giant ram head, which tends to clinch the Finistere trace to Albino (upon the Serio( and Albins/Aubins. The latter are said to have been at Devon;s Barnstaple, and Barnstaple's use a version of the Valentin / Stevenson bend, but putting the Albino trefoils upon it.

In colors reversed, the Constance/Custance eagle ("charged on the BREAST") is that of Vienne's, and Valentin-liner Valence is beside Vienne. This recalls that either the same squirrel, or two of them at different times, basically charged upon by breast, and bounced off of it upon jumping madly out of its nest in fear of my approach. Valentins use squirrels on their bend.

Constantine's/Constance's and Conte's were both first found in the same place (Languedoc) as Sere's/Serts, and "Sert" is like "Cirta," now the city of Constantine, i.e. birthplace of Charlotte, mother of the Massy baroness. When last on Helen my tenant, I mentioned the curiosity of her leaving a Christmas CARD in my mailbox, saying "I love you." We had only just met a couple of weeks earlier, but I was able to work the Card surname into things, though I can't recall how. Here I can say that Cards/Certs (card in Crest) can be from Cirta liners. In this picture, the blue Card/Cert lion can be the Massin lion i.e. between king Massena of Numidia and Massino-Visconti near the Serio to Crema. It's known that Massena had a strong alliance with general Scipio, and that the latter founded Cremona, near Crema. I imagined that Massena (before 200 BC) left at least one child up in the Placentia / Cremona / Trebia area, and that he named the Maccabees (165ish BC). Valentinian's wife was linked to the Squirrel-branch Sire's with a Cirta- / Sert-like Siret variation.

Sire's use lozenges in Costello/CAUStello-lozenge colors, and one can now clinch the Sire-Costello link because Valentinian's wife was Justine, daughter of Justus, while Justine's/Justus' use a "CAUSa" motto term! Excellent. There is a THEN/Tine surname, suspect with the two Tyne rivers in the area expected of Sitric's line and the Seatons, with a "causa" motto term. The Thens/Tine's and Thans can be from Teano in Italy, home of a Sidicini peoples much like the Setantii. Justine's share the weight scale with Cass'/Casts, a branch of Custs. The "sine" motto term of Justine's gets the Sions/Swans, and while Seatons are Sittens, Switzerland's Sion is also called, Sitten. It looks like Justine's kin can link to the Seats that Helen / Charlotte hovered over, and here one can repeat that Seats use the double pale bars in the Arms of Vilaine. Seats use a "demi cock" for linkage to red-rooster, Grimaldi-related Cocks.

I think we have proven that Carrs were Serio-river elements, or merged with them, and to this one might suggest that Cramms/Cramps are using the Carr chevron. I think that we have also proven that Helen was Intended to depict the Constantine entity linking to Le Van Than, driver of the Fiat, as though he was killing Diana as the accomplice of Charlotte Valentinois. The spread Than eagles are colors reversed from the same of Side's/Sudys, the latter being a branch of Sutys that share "hazard" with Seatons. Therefore, Side's are suspect with Sidewells/SITTers and king Sitric of Dublin, the latter highly suspect for the reason that baron Massy had its seat in Dublin. And again, Charlotte's daughter, Antoinette Louise Alberte Suzanne, was made the baroness of Massy, but no one seems to be telling what that was from. The Suzanne in her name evokes Rozala of Ivrea, who came to be called, Suzanne.

There is another issue here, the Fane's/VANs that share the GAUNTlet glove with Maceys (Sions/Swans once showed gauntlet gloves), and then the Gaunt-related Ghents share the Side/Sudy Chief. Then, while these Chiefs have the Than eagles in colors reversed, Mr. Thanh's first name is Le Van, or maybe just, VAN. Perhaps God named "Le Van" to allow me to catch him, although it won't be me catching him. Massi's/Mattis use the Than eagle too, and we need to add that while God seems to have provided me with a Lada to act as the Fiat-Uno connection, Ladds (came place as Colchesters) use the Meschin Coat in colors reversed.

Back to the "custoDIT" motto term of Cramers, for Ditts use stripeless tigers, and then the Side/Suty Crest is a tiger. On top of this, the red rooster of Cramers traces them with Bibo's to Vibia, mother of LAEVillus (from a Vibius bloodline), while Crema is near Novara, where the LAEVI Gauls lived, though we can imagine them all around that area. Massino-Visconti is in Novara.

It really appears that God gave the old dream for more reason than making surname links unto discovering the line of Caiaphas. It appears that He's also uncovering / solving some wicked crimes of the Illuminati. God can walk and chew gum at the same time. What's the reason that the car was on the beach? The Beach's not only look to be using a version of the Grimaldi Coat, but Beach's (at COKenach) were first found in the same place as Titus' (same Moor head as Chappes'). Beach's are said to have been at Langley, and Langleys (same place as Wear river and the English Conte's) are suspect with the Sidewell/Sitter (and Lander/Landen) pale bars.

When we cross the Vairs/Fers', while Vere's (Massy Shield, both from Manche) come up as "vair" too, we just go to the Scottish Vere's/Weirs, and then to Irish Weirs/Wyre's with the Grimaldi lozengy. In the Crest of the Weirs/Wyre's, it's the blue sleeve of Huberts and others.

To prove that Langleys were from Sitric, Langleys are said to have had a branch at Yorkshire's Wykeham, and the Wykeham motto, "Manners maketh the man," is all about the Sitric line through Maccus in the Isle of Man, and about the Manx link to Manche. Manners/Maness' were first found in Sitric's Northumberland. Recall that I worked for Mr. LANGford of World Vision. I went out to install BREADloaf-shaped piggy banks on store counters, and you thought all I did was chase ladies. Here I can sense that it was for the reason that Cake's/CakeBREADs (almost the Than fleur) are from "Caech," the surname of Sitric. Breads/Bradds were first found between the first-known Seatons and Tenants. Breads/Breads use the same lion, essentially, as Kellys, and that can explain my involvement with the bread loaves. Did God design them for this Maccus link to Grace Kelly?

Pepins love the Mens/MENGzies in their motto, a branch of Manners. I can see that Sitric merged with Pepin-of-Landen elements, for I traced Pepin and/or his wife at Metz to queen Bebba before realizing that events in my life were code for surnames. The meaning of Landens sharing green pale bars with Sitters/Sidewells seems to reveal that the Maccus line (a while after Bebba) to baron Massy was fused with the Bernician line of Bebba. She was an Anglo / Scottish Bebbanburg entity while German Babenbergs (Muschat chevrons?) were founded by Poppo I while Grimaldus married the daughter of Poppa, Rollo's wife.

I had identified "Mamie" as best I could with a Maine line to Mamesfield of the Mansfields, but don't recall knowing that "Mame" gets the Mens'/Mengzies. "Memes" gets the Mainys from Masny in Hainaut.

Is the "Cari" motto term of Wyke's for Cars / Carrs? Leavells were at Cary castle, in the same place as first Colchesters, and beside the first Wykehams. Why were Wykehams (share black bull head with Mieske's) first found in the same place as Masovia's Drake's (share axe's with Wyke's)? Was Masovia a baron-Massy entity? Is the EU king, Donald Tusk, a Massy liner? While German Mans use a version of the Massey Shield, Scottish Mans/MANGus' ("STABilis" suggests Stobi Paionians) use almost a version of the Meschin Coat, but with the goat of Russells (Meschin scallops) thrown in. Wyke's use a version of the Battin Coat, and the axes are code for the Axe river, which ends at/near Seaton. Paionia had an Axius river flowing through Stobi.

One can make a trace between Paionians at the Bra / Asti area (Piedmont), then via Masci-Maccabee liners to Maccus of Bray of Dublin, and at some point also to the Axe river of southern England.

Hmm, Le Van Thanh's first name, "Le Van," is a surname (at Bauvier) with fleur-de-lys in the colors of the same of Fix's!!! They are colors reversed from the fleur of Thans. That is incredible. I was absolutely frightened at entering the theory that Joe Fix was in my life to lead to Le Van Thanh. It sounds so crazy, but, thank God, he saved me. English La Vans bring up the Louvain surname, sharing the Massin lion. How about that. Isn't this the Love/Luff bloodline? What is God doing? Immediately after owning the Lada, I had a white VAN (Ford).

Irish La Vans are with the red-lozenge Lavans/Hands (Mayo!), suspect with a term in the write-up of Swords, from Siward of Northumberland (lived after Maccus, traceable to Mieszko's of Masovia). The Kelly ancestry of Grace Kelly is said to descend from Mayo, and the Costello's (Mayo) share lozenges on gold with La Vans/Hands. The latter are said to be from "flaithe," the nickname of Hugh Lupus, and very-likely from Flaad, father of the Dol Alans. In colors reversed, the wavy Dol fesse is the wavy blue fesse of Fix's.

I now remember that the radiator FAN in the Lada stopped working automatically. I had to put a wire from it to the battery, then to the interior of the car. As "Fan" brings up the Fens'/Venns, by what coincidence did I link these to Fane's/VANS? The latter use the same fesse as Dutch Ghents while Fane's/Vans use gauntlet gloves, only the Ghent fesse is wavy, as is the Fix bend. The latter's is a blue wavy bend, which is what the wavy Ghent bend would be in colors reversed. If I recall correctly, the Arms of Ghent/Gaunt (the Belgian location) is a white-on-black lion, upright, like the lion of French Le Vans (the ones with the Fix fleur).

I really never cease to be amazed. In my life there is written the revelation of the murderer(s) of Grace Kelly and Lady Diana. But why?

Some Random Video's You Might Find Interest In

The world of deception, what now?

Here is a video supposedly leaked showing actors setting themselves up in a faked car-bomb event in Baghdad:

Problem with Google and Wikipedia; this is a must-see to at least the 20th minute, showing that Google hides things while promoting the rot:

"Google has promised to alter its search results to punish websites promoting extreme views, conspiracy theories and fake news." This has already been happening to protect globalists and to give them the upper hand in educating the world, but Google wants to re- double its efforts to that end. Bill Gates is a globalist who has access to Microsoft systems, and who knows what more he's into. We are generally at their mercy when the time comes to control with an iron fist, but, the very good news is, God is not a bumbling idiot that describes the Donald-Trump team. God can hack Microsoft and Google before they wink. When God wants to do a thing, it is ordered faster than we can blink, and the order never fails. So, Google, give it you best shot, but be prepared to be treated as you treat others.

"The internet giant said it would demote “low- quality” websites and let users report offensive results after criticism that neo-Nazi groups and hoaxers were “gaming” the company’s search engine." Google has been demoting my website for years. And I rarely find good articles by those deemed to write on "conspiracy theories," yet Google allows the wackier ones to come be up front to give the alternative- news side a bad name.

I agree that fake-news people need to be unable to get their material online, but, the question is, who defines fake news?

Did you ever think that, with all the emphasis on ISIS and Al-Qaeda, Westerners would start to adopt the same mentality? Is this where the West is going? Why did Trump's military drop it's biggest non-nuclear bomb on Afghanistan a few weeks ago, just when Trump is jousting with Korea and Russia? Is Trump nuts? Looks like. Okay, so Trump has big muscles and a fat head, how will that save him from nuclear fall-out?

Trump is fully in bed with the very military seeking Russia's downfall, and the hypocritical thing about it is that he claimed to believe that the 9-11 event was an inside event. Well, Mr. Trump, who but the military and CIA establishments were responsible for 9-11? You are one stupid man, Donald. Didn't you see the big hole in the Pentagon without a plane? Well, doesn't that make the military complicity with 9-11??? And here the very ugly Donald Trump is now in bed with the very people he pretended to be against, which is what makes him ugly. The Christian in the video below has way too much heart for Trump, which is another thing that scares me.

Alex Jones and Michael Savage on Syria: "I don't know who [Trump's] listening to." I do not listen to these men (especially don't learn from them) at all but once in a while, casually, but here Savage and I and Jones agree on Trump's war attitude. Savage can be comical in his disgust. Savage thinks Tillerson wants war in Syria on behalf of Exxon, and this may very well be true. I generally agree with the tone and statements of this video. These men supported Trump for president, but now regret how Trump has turned out. They are still blaming the people around Trump for changing his mind on scores of issues, but here is where I break with these men. In my opinion, Trump is the larger demon even while he takes the positions of his team order to keep them loyal to him when he wants/needs them loyal. At the 19-minute mark, Savage makes an excellent and passionate pitch on behalf of Russia that I agree with, saying the US is foolish to seek the weakening of Russia over the past few years.

Here is a video on very-secretive Masons called, oculists, and in their book shown, the potent cross is amongst their symbols. The all-seeing-eye can be from "oculist," and it was formed, according to the video speaker, at the time of the first Rothschild. Spock of Star Trek is on the video too. The suggestion that Friedrich VELTheim was an/the oculist leader is in the video, and Felt / Feltman / Feltham ("spolia palms") liners were resolved as Caplan kin while Veltheims use three fesses in the colors of the three Levi chevrons. Note that Felthams share the double fesses of Farrands while using the Spoleto-like motto term. besides, it is an historical fact that Guy/Guido/WIDO III of Spoleto (father of another Lambert) died at the taro river.

While there is danger of arriving to fake news at youtube, there is also the possibility of arriving to some truth. Here's Obama supporting ISIS:

Here is Obama corruption in its truest colors:

A little entertainment:

The video below shows that George Bush Jr. got his lines wrong (for public consumption) that reveals his lying participation on 9-11. Trump needs to get that goon and the rest of his family.

In the video below, they simulate a plane crashing into one World Trade building, where you can see the impossibility of the event, if you know your stuff. The plane goes through the walls of the building without a shred of the aluminum shell remaining outside the building. The aluminum is broken up immediately after entering the building, and we then see steel columns being moved / broken by merely the aluminum shell. You know that's not possible. The only part of a plane that could break steel columns for one, was the nose of the frame, which consists of a very small width of the roughly 15-foot diameter of the plane's passenger-and-cargo housing. The wings frames, called spars, are not expected to slice cleanly through the outer-wall columns, but, rather, the columns are expected to resist wing entry to the point of folding the wing spars backward as the nose entered, with a high degree of simply snapping the wing spars from the central, longitudinal frame.

Note too that merely the fuel tanks are breaking columns. It's as though the columns are merely glued to the floors. But this was not the case. Each piece of column (hollow but thick steel in the range of 14" x 10" rectangular shape) was socketed (telescoped) many inched deep into an adjacent piece, and always below floor level so as to be reinforced by the concrete floor. Each piece column was not bolted to the concrete floor. No concrete ever penetrated through the single column from ground to roof. There are online photographs of the columns during the building's actual construction. Much of each floor where the planes supposedly entered was vacant, allowing teams of explosives experts to plant their items for to feign the wing-shaped holes in both buildings, and to set the steel-melting explosives that brought the buildings down at the press of a button(s).

The 2014 video below (highly recommended, you won't be disappointed) has a normal person (Rudy Dent) claiming that 9-11 was due to an insider conspiracy. He was a fire marshal at the 9-11 sight, and claims that he lost (dead) 343 fellow firemen on that day, which is why the Bush family, and all the rest, needs to pay in Hell for this. The amazing thing is that this man is still alive while saying he wants to see the perpetrators jailed. The perpetrators are still out there, still doing their thing. This is the Armageddon "family." This is high evil within the American government, believe it, and never doubt it again. Not all in the military are involved, but the leaders are predicted to be. It's as simple as that.

Here is the truth from an eye witness, just be normal and hear what he's saying, and know that bigger plane pieces, and more of them, were added to the photos (for news stations) in days to come. It was as simple as that. The shadow-government conspirators killed employees at the Pentagon for their purposes. Why is this hard for anyone to believe when the evidence is obvious?

The video below opens with footage I've not seen before, and i covered / reported on this event extensively. At the start of the video, it appears that the conspirators have men in the streets telling them to get away from the area, to minimize deaths (such a bunch of nice guys, eh?) before the planes hit. If you want to waste up to 15 minutes, the video below looks like it was put out by the perpetrators to assure the nation that falling buildings are not unexpected, and you will also hear "plane" too many times. There is a quip against Intelligence, but we could expect it, in a video released by the perpetrators, to convince us the video isn't from them. The video then blames the Israelis, thus making its origins appear to be with the whacks.

At 9:52, after a conversation in the streets tells that both buildings had falling, another guy pipes up and says that the third is going to fall too. How could he know that? The falling of the third is the smoking gun against the perpetrators because, while some people would believe that the great weight of material above the plane holes can explain the full collapse of the twin towers, that explanation is not available for the third building that fell, and so this part of the video (9:50ish) looks like it's faked, not really a part of the street conversation. Besides, we can't see the people talking, (it's easy to add voices to the video). We don't hear much said after this point, but at the very end some guys are caught at the very moment that the third building collapsed (or was this added to the video?), and once again, we don';t see any people, just the voices. If the video was made by the whacks, why was there nothing damaging against the government? Why would the whacks waste their time with this?

Here is an Illuminatist-wanna-be who decided to get out. He was to kill a child so that the Illuminatists could blackmail him at anytime if he got out of line. I assume they video the child "sacrifice":

Here is a sample of the global rot, it's workings from men fabulously wealthy:

There seems to be people under the ground, working for secret-government projects. If the booms were in the air, someone would have been able to verify, sooner or later:

The Walmart booms in the video below point to the military. The owner of the video has brought a great thing to light: every Walmart store comes with an outdoor water reservoir / pool. The pipes going from the shipping areas of all stores to the pools, which the owner calls ventilation, is inaccurate, apparently. These large passageways, as I see them, must be for future installation of water-supply pipes to bring water from a pool into the building. It seems that Walmart has been working in cahoots with the military for a long time, anticipating either a martial-law scenario, or a nuclear war.

In other words, Walmarts are being preserved to house military people / equipment as a town headquarters, and in case the regular water supply / electricity for a building is knocked out, the stores come equipped with underground pumps that keeps the pools filled for daily water needs. It makes no sense to do this exclusively for an invasion by the Russians, for example, because if the enemy finds out, the ex-Walmarts will be easy targets. However, for martial law, this is a great way to facilitate the control of every major town, for they have all been furnished with Walmarts. In other words, the goons may have planned, from the very beginning of Walmart's existence, to put a military building in every major town across the country for use to subdue the Alex Jones' of the country. That's what this looks like. There were news reports of Walmarts with underground tunnels during the Obama years. But try as they may, they may never start martial law, because it's extremely risky. Their game will be up, and they will not be able to deceive anymore for at least a few generations. They will not win, but the stupids think they maybe can because they are stupid. They think that all of their men will remain loyal, what morons. Since when are the godless loyal to anyone?

The video below features a claim that an entire Walmart was shut down to redo the plumbing, which must be the thing fed to the community, but, yes, they may redo some plumbing, to many places in the building where water pipes didn't originally go.

The way things are looking with the Congressional investigations, the Obama team left many marks of crime too visible because Obama thought he had a means to stay in office beyond his eight-year limit. But, the plot to take America by some special effort was abandoned, and they didn't cover their criminal tracks. The head of the FBI was obviously involved, and he's doing his utmost at this time to act like a good man in an effort to keep his job, which will come round to bite Trump later, unless Trump disposes of him.


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