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April 25 - 30, 2017

The Powell "Rape" of the Spencer Bloodline
The Late Princess Diana Makes it to a Tribwatch Page
My Old Reesor Neighborhood Speaks Volumes on 666 Elements

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I'm going to make a compelling case on a Joseph-Caiaphas trace to Lupus Laevillus of Cetis. It will include yet another event in my youth that offers good reason for taking it as an act of God concerning the identity of the anti-Christ / False prophet. To start this off, I'll repeat one paragraph from the last update:

Wix's/Weeks (axes) look linkable to Drake's (same place as Joseph's), and to castle Cary of the Leavells (Axe-river area). As Tancreds are said to be of a WHIXLey location (West Yorkshire, borders Westmorland), one can now suggest that Whixleys were the Wizels/Wissels of the Axe-river area. However, this requires a Wissel link to whatever named Wix's, unless Wix's were from Wissels in the first place, and the entire lot may have been from Issa/Vis. The YATTon location (Axe-river area) to which Wix's/Weeks are said to have had a branch can go to the "yet" motto term of Seatons because there is a Seaton location at the end of the Axe river. The portcullis-gate-liner Yate's come to mind, said to be in Westmorland's Hutton location. Bottle's (Potter colors), from a Hutton location in Lancashire, are in Yate's colors, and the portcullis-using Porters/Pawters (same place as Drake's) are expected with Bottle-possible Potters (beside the Axe river). From the Gatton write-up, we can glean that they use the Hamon Coat in someone else's colors. If Gattons named Yatton, the Gatton Crest looks like the Border swords.

Gattons are said to be from Throwley (same place as Hamons) in Kent, perhaps named by Trowels/Trells. The Gatton chevron is in the colors of the three of Waters. When we check Wattons, they are from a GAITier de TIRELL, a Trell-like entity, in Poix of Picardy. And Wattons were first found in the same place (Nottinghamshire) as Trells. Wattons are also Wheatons while Wheats share a green Shield with Whats/Whadcocks, the latter first found in the same place (Essex) as Waters (like "QUADRatus") and English Tirells (same place as COLchester), themselves said to be from a lord of Poix of the 11th century. Irish Tirells use almost the bars of Puseys/POWseys/Pussins, which evokes the POWers (Whadcock colors) said to be from "Pois." The Watton motto, "Fidei CotiCULA crux, can indicate the Cullis'/COLesons (Tirell colors), as per the portCULLIS, especially as Poix is/was also "Pois" (French for "peas") while Cullis' use "PEAScods." To top it off, French Porters were first found in Berry while Scottish Barrys (Fidler kin) use the same six bars as Tirells. English Barrys (same place as Powers and Wears) use almost the three Tirell bars. It seems clinched that Cullis' were a Cole / Colchester line to Kyle's.

The double bars of English Barrys look linkable to the same of Wassa's/Gace's, and the latter's canton is expected with Tute's while the portcullis-using Porters use "VirTUTE." Cullis'/Colesons use "Hoc virtutis opus". The Cullis peasCODs look to be for the same as the "COTIcula" of Wattons, for Codds (same place as Watt-like Wassa's/Gace's) share the Gatton chevron. The black Watton eagle can therefore be the Julian eagle, explaining why Wattons share the same cross as Julians (though in red). In colors reversed, the Watton eagle is that of Crux's, the latter first found in the same place as Caesars, the latter sharing the Cullis Chief...with three roses in the colors of the stars in the Chief of Watton-like WASHINgton Chief.

Therefore, Wattons, who linked well to Gattons, may also have been a branch of portcullis-using Yate's, but as the portcullis is a gate, we are tracing to Cetis, rest assured, the lines of which use cats at times, as do Cotta-loving Cetins'/Cattans (compare with Gate's), as well as Puss'/Pussins expected in the "oPUS" motto term of Cullis'/Colesons. The cat-using Chives' were at Tarves while Tarves' share the fitchee in the Puss/Powseys/Pussin canton. Until recently, Chives'/SHEWAS' were said to be first found in Devon, same as Powers that could be using the Tanner Shield for a trace to the Tanaro river, near Ceva on the Cevetta river, suspect with the Cavetts/Chavo's/Chevers/SCHAVO's (Cullis fesse?), first found in Picardy. That works, The Puss'/Pussins (same place as Crispins) look to be sharing the barry of Clare-liner Crispins (French branch first found in the same place as Bar-le-Duc). Cavetts are in the colors of the Caves' ("VIDet") who in-turn use the fretty Shield of Caens with the "citis" buried in their motto. e

It's interesting here the POWys' share the bear paw of BELLino's, first found in Verona, while Trails use a Coat like that of Verona's. Scottish PORters (BELLs) were first found in Kyle, and this is in Ayrshire, where Nons were first found, wherefore see that Power-related POORs use: 1) "non"; 2) the Non fesse in colors reversed; 3) the Cullis/COLEson fesse; 4) the Kyle stars. We are now in Ayrshire, where CARRICKs and Kennedys were first found who trace exactly to portcullis-expected Proculus, son of WHAT- WAT-like QUADratilla, and Proculus he even had a CHARAX middle name. Lupus, a middle name of Laevillus, is in the motto of Cetins/Cattans (same place as Tuits) along with "meTUIT."

Whats/Whadcocks (Power colors) share the Star chevron, and Stars share the eye with Watts and Vatts. It gets interesting where Cetis was on the Calycadnus river with a TRACHeitis valley, evoking Star Trek. CRAIGs, said to be the root of Carricks, share "Vive" with Stars! That's new. And it's reliable because Carricks use "GARDE bien" while the Star Crest is "A cat-a-mountain sejant GURADant proper, on a green mount with a PAW resting on a gold estoile." Therefore, the Star Crest is the Chives Crest, no small thing. Craigie's (same place as Carricks) use "vivo," suspect with Vibia, Laevillus' mother, great evidence that Caiaphas was the ancestor of Laevillus. The "Virtute NON" motto phrase of chives' gets then to the Ayrshire Nons, and the motto of the Arms of Ayrshire uses "shaw" while Shaws (Perthshire) were Shawia Numidians. It seems a no-brainer, suddenly, that the Procullus > portcullis line to Porters in Ayrshire explains why Porters and Chives' share "virtute.

Craigie's are said to have had a castle in Perth, but were also at Caputh, a term like the Capote variation of Caiaphas-like Chapus' (Forez)...who may be using a version of the Caesar Chief. I had cause to view Kyle's (black candlesticks) with Illuminatists, and the Arms of Ayrshire use "light" while Ayers use "lighter," suggesting play on "Illuminati." Eyers/Ayers can be of the "EARS of wheat" of Scottish Chappes', and the Wheats (share green Shield with Stars) can be a branch of Wattons/Wheatleys. Note how "CalyCADNus" can be related to CATTANs...which can then name Gattons and Wattons. The Cato's/Chattans are practically clinched with Canossa cat liners out of Lucca.

Italian Capote's (Florence) use the mule while Mule's (Devon, beside the Wassa's) use a reflection of the Washington Coat, both sharing the double fesses of Nice's/Ness' suspect with queen Nysa at CAPPadocia, which country may have held the upper Calycadnus river. In this way, Caiaphas may have been of the Antipater > Cassander > Nysa line, then named after Cappodocia elements. It's hard to see how Spock/Spick-suspect "Syphax" can have much to do with this, yet he was a GETuli liner while Carrick-like Caracalla, who had a coin with Olba written on it, had a brother, Geta, and Caracalla's name used "Aurelius," suspect from Caesar's mother. Olba is up the Calycadnus river, and was the home of the Kennati priests. If Star Trek's Spock/Spick = Leonard Nimoy was an Illuminatist, we can see why right here, and Nimoys were even first found in the same place (Stirlingshire) as Scottish Chappes', smack beside Perth! Spice's/Spicers use the colors and format of English Capone's.

I now recall that the sister of Rick Spence (he was my age, about 12), who was herself about 14 years old, was tackled by a group of friends that I was with, and stripped to bare breasts. I saw Robert Powell fondle her breast(s), but this is as bad as it got. This was a quasi-rape, we might call it. On a theory, I might address it as God's code for the anti-Christ raping the Revelation harlot. I recalled this event when writing above because I had wrongly recalled Rick's surname as Spice. I then recalled that it was Spence, which may have been of the Specks/Spocks. Interestingly, prince Charles of England, a royal Windsor, was married to Lady Diana, a Spencer. Spencers share the Berkshire Coat, and Berkshire is where Windsors were first found.

And by the way, when I was tracing ARCHibalds from the Ark river to Arks of Berkshire in the last update, I hadn't realized that Archibalds share the blue bend with Berkshire's.

Perhaps the Syphax line went with Julians to Cappadocia and/or the Kennati. I have been suggesting that the Spock bars are those of Cavetts/Schavo's for at least a year. The Spock PORCupine can be linked well to Porcius Cato if his descendants were of the Cato variation of Chattans. Spocks are said to have had a location in Devon in contact with Oakhamptons, the latter being of Robert D'Avranches, husband of a daughter of Gelduin/Godwin of Dol. Godwins (Alan fesse) use nearly the entire Porter motto.

The Watton Crest may have the White eagle, and one of the two White surnames with that black eagle was first found in the same place as Wears (and Powers) while the Wattons use a good reflection of the Wear/Were Coat. Vere's were first found in the same place as Colchester along with Jeune-loving Youngs whom I trace to Juno = Una river, beside the COLapis. The Watton bend-with-symbols is in the colors of the same of Webbers, and the Webber-related Pepins with the bend-and-symbols in colors reversed use the same fleur as Constantine's and Jeune's while Pepins use a camel that should be for Camulodunum (same place as Helena's Colchester).

I would like to assume that Spence's had been a Spice branch from Syphax. Spice's/Spicers were first found in Devon, same as Chives' and Porter-likely Powers, but also of English Thors that share the tower with Spice's. And the three Thor towers are colors reversed from the same of Howells while Powells (Breconshire) are said to be of Howells. I saw Robert Powell (later murdered by being tossed over a bridge in a drug deal gone bad) with Miss Spence's breast in his fingers; the event took place (spontaneously, not planned) at my school ground, and the school was at the backyard of a street which had the house of Kim Walsh. In fact, Kim's place was directly across the street from the house that backs up on the school building.

Kim Walsh was later engaged to Syphax-suspect Lawrence Kepke (he was extensive in the last update). The Walsh's use "AuSPICE" in their motto, and moreover Walsh's trace with Mortons (and other factors) to Terentia Murena while Thors share the red tower with Murena's.

A fellow student, Dave Wallace (surname shares the Marano/MAURITANo lion) lived right beside Rick Spence. But there is more which seemingly makes the Spice-Spence link, for Berkshire's were first found in the same place (Wiltshire) as Mortons while the two use quadrants in colors reversed, and Spencers are using the Berkshire Coat. The other Mortons (Cheshire) use the colors and format of the Walsh's with a "morTUUS" motto term seemingly for the Cheshire Mortons and Tous' together. Tous' were first found in the same place as Taddei's while Tattons (Cheshire) use the Berkshire quadrants too, meaning that there was a Morton-Tatton link. Tous' love Buttons, first found in the same place (Hampshire, beside Wiltshire) as two Mill surnames while Spence's use "millstones." It makes the Spence-Spencer link, but in linking to Walsh-beloved Mortons, the "AuSPICE" of Walsh's can make the Spice-Spence link, though this should remain tentative until better evidence surfaces. While Propers/ROBERTS and Welfs/Wolfs (wolf heads) were first found in Cheshire, see one of the two Spence Crests: "A wolf's head couped PROPER."

Tattons are said to have married "WITHENshaw, alias Massy," and here we can appeal to Shaws for a trace to Shawia Numidians, thus getting us close to the Syphax / Massena Numidians. Withens/Wittens happen to use an owl Crest, and Owls/HOWLs use three owls in the colors of the two Jonathan roosters. I still hold out that Jonathans are from Jonathan Maccabee, who lived in Modane-like Modi'in of Israel. The Jonathan roosters are colors reversed from the Heath/Heth rooster, and Mortons, who share the gold rooster with Heaths/Heths, are said to be from Lach-Park "near RudHEATH." It's important to note here the resemblance of the Janet, Morton, Maine and Walsh Coats, for the young lady that was raped was, Janet Spence.

Lady Diana had a 5-year affair with Mr. Hewitt, and Hewitts ("Ne") use owls in the colors of the three Howell towers. To serve compelling evidence that Rick and Janet Spence pertain to Lady Diana's bloodline, Ricks, first found beside Hewitts, are in Hewitt colors. Hewitts have a HeWATT variation, and share the tree stump with Watsons.

Kitchens use the water bouget in the colors of the same of Kitchen-like Withens, and Kitchens use nearly the arm and sword in the Janet Crest [it's not until later that the Jonet variation of Janets was realized from the Jonat variation of Jonathans/Jonas']. Janets were first found in the same place (Yorkshire) as Spence's, just as though God may have named Janet Spence for this discussion. Didn't Lady Diana get murdered under a BRIDGE after she committed adultery with her new man? Powell was murdered at / under a bridge. Amazing. We have a story here in yet another event of my life, and it may be signalling that the end-time harlot will be managed by the Spencer bloodline. For this idea, I would trace the Europa Tyrians to Carthage, then link with Numidians. Wasn't Diana's new man, in the car with her, an Arab / Muslim? He was an Egyptian. By some coincidence or not, his first name, Dodi, is like the Dutton surname that shares the Berkshire / Spencer Coat.

The [Pont de l'Alma] bridge is close to the Pont de l'Alma tunnel where Diana, Princess of Wales was involved in a fatal car crash on 31 August 1997.

The "Auspice NUMINE" motto of Walsh's sure looks like code for the Syphax Numidians. This would be more interesting if the Numan/Newman lion is that of Roberts and Powells, and in fact the "amor" motto term of Numans makes their link possible to the Philips' that are probably using the Powell lion. [Stick with me here until Phillips are traced to the father of Alexander the Great, the anti-Christ bloodline].

Recall Lach-PARK of the Mortons, for prince Charles remarried Camilla PARKER Bowles while Parkers use a "certa" motto term that was the name of a Numidian capital. Both Parker surnames use bucks, and the one with red antler in Crest describe their Coat like so: "a buck's head between two flaunches." The flaunches are in the colors of the same of Hobbits/HOBARDS, suspect with Huberts / Hubbards and either of the Orders of Saint Hubert still suspect with the murder of supreme-court justice Scallia. Hubbards (Cheshire), with a version of the Hubert Coat, share gold-on-black annulets with the Walsh's. By the way, I intend to look at possibly Hubert roots in a Hubert-like character that I saw in the Canossa investigation. Perhaps by the next update.

Hobbits/Hobards use "PRETiosa" as well as the bull of Sabine's (same place as Hobbits/Hobarts), indication that Hobards trace to Sabinus of Rieti (Arms uses a "PRATis" motto term), part of the Revelation-17 dragon now suspect with Powells and their Phillips kin. It's important here that Roberts and Powells share lions because the Spence's are the ones who honor the Propers/Roberts, first found in the same place as Huberts and Hubbards. We really have a story here in the Powell rape of Janet Spence, especially as Spencers are highly suspect with a version of the Hubert / Hubbard bend...and Spencers even put, upon their bend, the same scallops as Meschins. Compare the Spencer Coat with that of Cheshire's Malls/Mallibone's.

I can glean that the French-Robert lion is in the Gernon Coat while the Welsh-Robert Crest has the Gernon-Crest lion, which links le-Meschin, de-Gernon's father, to all of this. The "interLACED" Hubbard annulets are probably code for Lace's/Lacys that use the purple lion of Scipio-line Skiptons married by le Meschin's brother. This goes back to the alliance of the Massena Numidians with general Scipio one generation before the father of the first Maccabees appeared in Modi'in. And MACCAbee can be from the ancestry of Massena-like Cilnius MAECenas, husband of Terentia Murena that traces to Walsh's.

To help prove the Withens/Whittens are from Withenshaw-Massy, French Masseys/Masse's use a "TREE WITHout leaves" while the Withen Chief is also the TREEby Chief. The Treeby lion is white and upright, as is the lion of Hume's/Home's who love the True's/TREE's/TREWS (Drews can be Drewitts/Droits in the Spencer motto). Yet Treebys are once again using the Robert / Powell / Phillip lion, for Phillips and Treebys both put a crown around the necks of their lions. The Necks/Neckers use a red stag head with a crown on one red antler, evoking the Parker bucks. The other English Parkers even use a "nec" motto term, and the red stag head is shared by Parks (Stewart checks). Necks may have been Ness' / Nice's who can be traced exactly to queen Nysa of Cappadocia, for she descended from king Antipater of Macedonia living at roughly the same time as Philip of Macedonia, father of Alexander "the great". Philip of Macedonia is actually in the Phillip write-up.

The Wettins, first found in Cheshire along with Mr. Withenshaw-Massy, share buckles with Mortons, and the Mortons use them in the colors of the Guy buckles, and this Guy is from Guy of Spoleto, the line to buckle-using Spoltons/Spaldings (Cheshire again), said to descend from le Meschin. As Withenshaw-Massy married Tattons, it doesn't appear coincidental that Spoltons/Spaldings share a six-sectioned Shield with Tate's...and Deers. The Neck stag is called a deer, as is the Windsor stag, and as is the Mallet stag while Mallets share the scallops of Rinds (have "tate" buried in a motto term) that connect to the Spence millstones. It can explain why prince Charles married lady Diana Spencer, though her not-too-shabby looks may have had something to do with it. Mallets trace to Melita, beside the ELAPHiti islands, and Parks have a Walter Olifard in their write-up, that being a variation of the OLIPHant surname.

If it seems that I talk much about Massey liners, it's not because I'm in love with my own Massey line, but because this is the epitome of Masonry. The Mill mill rind looks like a version of the Berkshire / Spence fret. Frets are suspect with the namers of Ferte-Mace.

Here are the Scottish Spence's sharing the double Ness / Nice bars, but you should also note their "PATIOR ut Potior" motto suspect with AntiPATER. That works. "Potior" can then be code for Potters that are in the flower pot of Rinds, for Flowers use the Potter cinquefoil. Bowles' (share the black boar head with Spence's) share gold scallops with Rinds / Mallets. I apologize for the complications due to the endless links, but we get the royal, blue-blood gist of it all.

Now that Rinds can link to the Windsor deer, we can add that Rinds share the blue bend with Berkshire's. Repeat: "Tous' love Buttons, first found in the same place (Hampshire, beside Wiltshire) as two Mill surnames while Spence's use "millstones."" Hampshire is where Potters were first found. The Spencers and Rinds both put three scallops on their bends. Having said that, I trace Morte's/Motts/Mottins to the namers of Modane upon the Ark river, and while Modens and Arks were both first found in Berkshire, Archibalds share the white crescent with Morte's/Motts. It could appear that Windsors (share "Dieu" with Spencers) were connected to Maccabee liners from Modane / Modena.

The Cumberland area of the first-known Parks had peoples from Antipater/Antipatria, especially the Daggers sharing gold scallops with Rinds / Mallets. But fairs were likewise first found in Cumberland (suspect with Umbria, location of Spoleto). The Berkshire Coat reflects that of Fairs / Fiers, and Fier county is on the same river as Antipatria and its Dagger-based Dexaroi peoples. Spencers, sharing a version of the Berkshire Coat, were first found in the same place (Leicestershire) as DEXTERs/Decksters. Bowles' (share Spence boar head) share double-white wings in Crest, with an item between them, with Spencers and Maccabee-liner Corners/GARNers, and the latter put a griffin head between the wings, as does the Spencer Crest. Spencers are said to have been of GARN-like YARNton (Yarington) of Oxfordshire (where Droits/DREWitts, in the Spencer motto, were first found), beside Berkshire. Corners/Garners were first found in Rutland, possibly the Rutland of Leicester. Corners/Garners were traced to Acorns in the Tromp Coat, and while Val Trompia is at Lake Garda, Scottish Spence's share the brown wolf with Gards. The other Gards use griffins.

I've got it. Droits share the fleur of Perkins, and the latter were first found in the same place as Spencers.

WATsons, who share a white griffin head in Crest with Spencers, were also first found in Rutland. And while the red thing circling around the Spencer griffin's neck is left untold, Watsons have a crown around the neck of their griffin. This justifies adding that Janets share the black-on-white martlets with Watsons (branch of Watts / Vatts/Watters). If you think about the odds against this "coincidence," it appears that God named Janet Spence for what we are learning here, and for more that I've not yet uncovered. I'm working on it.

The Fens/Venns share the green griffin with Barkers (Cambridgeshire), and this can indicate that Parkers were Berks / Berkshire liners. This reminds of the Stanleys (Cambridgeshire) with a stag version of the Rind Coat, while the other Barkers share scallops in the colors of the Rind scallops. The full Barker motto is used by English Holms while German Holms use antlers on so-called "royal blue."

It appears that Janet Spence is to do with Lady Diana, and this recalls that I walked the FENCE at the house of my girlfriend, Diane Muschatov, with a Rick Legge present. Why was Janet's brother another Rick? Ricks use the Craven Coat in colors reversed, and Skiptons were in Craven. Skiptons were married by Meschins are suspect in the Spencer scallops. The Fens/Venns (another griffin head in Crest), suspect with "fence," use white scallops too (they are the scallops of Cassane's/Pattersons), and trace to Modena's Cassandra's/Casano's, from the Antipater > Cassander > Nysa line. I now understand why Diane's father rejected me so that, in protest, I walked his fence when he (Ukrainian) wouldn't let Diane see me anymore. In fact, her parents had her husband chosen for her, and this smacks of the royal-Windsor situation.

If I ask why God might have used Diane in my life to indicate the family of Lady Diana, I could respond with: Meschins were Masci's, and I am a Masci that was paired with another sun-bright blonde, Diane MUSCHATov. Diane's/Deans were first found in the same place as Mascals, and they share the crescents of Masseys/Masse's, Tattons, and Oliphants. I've written on Diane / the fence many times, so no one can say I'm making this up now. Unbelievably, the Muscats/Mousquette's share double-red fesses with Scottish Spence's!!! Amazing. Spence's were first found in Fife, near Tarves. If you need more evidence of a link, compare English Spence's with Muschats (with an 'h'). Suddenly, both Ricks can apply, and Janet Spence links hard as rock to Lady Diana due to Diane Muschatov acting as God's code in my life. This is very interesting, and not for nothing.

It just popped into my head that, after not seeing Diane again for 20 years exactly, I bumped into her at a GROCEry store (this was reported previously, not making it up here), and while there is no Grocer surname, there is a Groce/Gregg/Grech/Gragg surname (Baden, same as where the red Parker antler traces) using a split Shield in the colors of the same in the Arms of Modena, the French-Janet Coat, and the Tarves Coat. I can now claim that meeting with Diane as an act of God because Tarves' were from Tarvisium/TREVISo while Travis' ("nec") share the Spencer scallops!!! Amazing. Just think about the odds against that "coincidence." Travis', highly linkable as kin to Buckle's / Buckley's (Cheshire again), even use a boar head in colors reversed from the Spence boar head.

The Groce variations remind me of Carrick elements from the Fife area, and that Cracks/Cricks and Crags were first found in the same place as Janets and millstone-using Spence's. The Crags use a Coat in reflection to the Coat of Mill-related Rinds, and the Crag talbots are also those of Carricks...and Spence-like Spinks! Excellent clue, especially as Spinks (mascles) share the spread eagle of Stone's in both colors. As per the millSTONE, the Stone's (white talbot but called a "spaniel") share the full motto of Carrick-based Craigs, which shares "ut" with Scottish Spence's. No coincidence. Spence's thus trace to Lupus Laevillus, a known Vibius bloodliner suspect in the Craig / Stone motto.

As Laevillus married the Cetis royals, we now go to the Gate Coat, split-vertically in the colors of the same of Stone's, and Gate's use the round-tailed lion of Diane's/Deans in both colors. This is a good way to glean that Gate's were Cetis liners.

I'm very impressed with meeting Diane at the grocery store, and we even talked for a couple of minutes. She told me she worked at the COURT house, and Courts/COVERTs and Coverts/Cofferts, along with Coopers if they apply, were first found in the same place as Diane's/Deans/Deins. There must be something to this connection that God wants ironed out. The "DIEu" motto term of Spencers and Windsors should be for Die's/Dee's, and they look to be sharing the Diane/Dein lion, and moreover they were first found at the two Dee rivers (Cheshire and AberDEENshire).

This is a good place to mention the COVERED cups of Runners/RunACRES'. Rick Spence must have been the fastest runner in the school, because, at the start of the year (I was new to the school that year), he said to some of us, let's have a running race, and when I won, he said I was the fastest RUNNER in the school (whoopie, there was one grade-six class only, the highest grade, and we were in grade six). This is why I looked up Runners, and the RunACRES variation reminds that Acres' use the June fleur while I trace June's to the Una river, beside the COLAPis = Kupa river to which I trace the Cups/Cope's/COLPs (share red rose with Runners). French Janets happen to share red roses on stems with Cups/Cope's, and Stems/Steins share the COVERT/Cofferts leopard head. Cope-like Coopers use leopard heads too.

Acres' are a Dagger branch. It appears that God set up the running race for this cause, though I suspect more behind this event than is in this part of the discussion so far. Why was Rick Spence a part of this running race? Ricks share the fesse of Coverts suspect in the covered cups of Runners. Were Janets Juno liners from the Una? Looks like. The Cups/Cope's share the red griffin in Crest with Corners/Garners, and the latter are expected at Rutland of Leicester while Dexters were first found in Leicestershire while the double Dexter chevrons are in the colors of the Cup/Cope / Copp chevron. The Corners had linked to Trumps/Tromps, and when we got to Rick Legge, we can see why Legge's could have been Trump liners. The Legge's and Leghs are suspect with the Legro river in Leicestershire. Yet it wasn't Rick Legge, but Rick Spence, that had the running race. My gut is telling me that proto-Ricks were from the Colapis, and this recalls Richeza of Lorraine, whom I trace to the naming of Rijeka/Rika, near the Colapis.

Aha! Richeza was daughter to Casimir of Poland, and Casimir's share the red antler with Parkers. But the other English Parkers (almost the Stewart stag) use a "FLATu" motto term while Vladimir of Kiev, father to Casimir's wife, was suspect with the Vlads/FLATTEns!!! Yes. And Vlads were traced to the Dol Alans while Parks share the chequey Stewart fesse. It should be added that these Parkers use a "Flecto" motto term while Flecks share the Spencer scallops. The Wikipedia page for the Spencer Family shows their previous Arms with a fesse in the colors of the Dol fesse, and says: "Today's Spencers are direct descendants, albeit illegitimate, of the House of Stuart, with the family boasting at least five lines of direct descent from the Stuarts; and from them, the Spencers can trace their ancestry to other royal houses such as the Bourbons, the Medicis, the Wittelsbachs, the Hanovers, the SFORZA, the Habsburgs..." The Sforza lion holds a quince (flower), and Quince's were first found in the same place as Spence-suspect Spinks, but as Quince's use mascles in the colors of the Spencer fret, which itself has a mascle at the center, it seems obvious that Spencers had been related to Sear de Quincy, whose mother was from Fife, where Scottish Spence's were first found.

I now recall that, while I was with her, she worked for Grand and Toy office supplies. The Courts/Coverts use a "GRANDescunt" motto term, amazing once again. Grands share crowns with CURtis'. Irish Curtis' use six fesse bars in the colors of the six Court/Covert pale bars. A Miss Covert emailed me for a long time, who had marred Mr. Dein, a surname coming up as "Diane." What does this mean in relation to Lady Diana? I have no idea, but there has got to be a reason that God would stress the Courts and their Grand kin in relation to the Diane / Muschat / Muscat surnames. Farmers, first found in the same place as Muschats, use a fair reflection of the Muscat Coat. By what coincidence do Curtis' (share the Plow Coat) use "A farmer holding over his shoulder a plowshare"?

This has been found while you can vouch that there was no reason for me to know of a Diane-Muschatov link to Courts aside from her working at the court house, and you can vouch that there is no indication of a Diane-Muschatov link to Grands aside from her working at Grand and Toy. And here the Grands together with Courts brought us to Muscat / Muschat kin, apparently. In other words, we have found excellent links here based of God's handiwork in my life. OVER AND OVER, THIS HAS PROVEN TRUE. Stay tuned. We don't know the end of the matter yet. The Farmers even share gold hunting horns with French Courts. Irish Farmers/Fermere's (Mosca leopard?) share the red lion heads of Muscats and Firmens/Fermins/Virmans (Farmer colors), and this identifies Muscats with FORMans/Fermans too who share the WORM dragon. It's know that Worms of Germany produced the so-called Robertians = Capetian royals.

Irish Farmers are said to be derived in "MacScollog," but this is incorrect. We can see that Macscollogs were Mascoll/Macskalls liners, meaning that Mascals merged with Farmers. Mussels/Muscels were at Musselburgh of the Keith/Mascal area, and Keiths/Mascal share the stag ("deer") head with English Farmers (bucks heads).

The Diane's are also Deans while sharing the motto of Irish Deans that use the double-red Muscat bars, and Janets use two of the three chevrons of Muschats (with an 'h,' like "Muschatov"). I have to assume that Janets are Spencer kin somewhere down the line where it's important, but also Muscat / Muschat / Mascal liners, especially as Spencers share the MASCULine scallops. As you can read that Masculine's were in Skipton, of Craven, it's notable that Cravens use a reflection of the Farmer / Rick Coats.

QUARTers/CHURTers use nearly the split-color Powell / Robert lion. The "laudaMUS" motto term of Churters can be for Ladys/Laudymans, first found in the same place as Spence-like Spinks and Quince's. I worked on a farm for Mr. Diphilipi, and Powells are from the Phillips'. The Lady/Laudyman Coat is a reflection of the Lash/Leech Coat, and the latter uses crowns in the colors of the Grand/Grant crowns.

The Grant rock reminds of the rock fight Powell and I had. I just looked up the Reesor surname because we were having the fight in Reesor street, where we both lived. And the Reesor Crest is a brown fox head evocative of the brown wolf head in the Spence Crest. Both the Spence and Reesor descriptions use "proper" to describe their fox/wolf, and Ferrands use "PROPositi". Reesors share the rare Ferrand cross. And, can you believe it, Reesors use a lion in Robert-lion colors, though it's upright in the colors of the Diane/Dein / Die/Dee lion. Reesors were first found in the same place as Tunnels, though I am shrinking back from suggesting that God had Diana killed in a tunnel for making this link. You will need to ask Him whether it's true. Tunnels (Spencer colors) use Zionist stars, which can be important to illuminatism. They are in the colors of the Zionist Roten stars, and the Somerset Parkers are said to have had an extinct Parker of Ratton line. I don't RATE? Feasibly, the Tunnels share the vertically-split Shield of Mauls (same place as Ferrands, Janets , Spence's) because Malls/Mallibone's can be using parts of the Spencer Shield.

Actually, most of what we were tossing were more like stones than rocks, and this can speak to the millstones of Spence's. Eventually, when we all got to grade 7, the gang was led by Roy Tanner. Tanners share the gold talbot with Welsh Reesors. Roy was standing around a gang of his smoking cigarettes outside the school grounds, when he said to me, "You don't rate." I'll never forget that; I don't recall one other thing that Tanner ever said to me, but German Tanners share pine cones with Maschi's, and I'm a Masci in one of my four bloodlines. One of these lines is a Taddei further back to a great-grandmother, and Ferrands are Taddei kin. Roy made me feel that I threatened his leadership, and frankly, I had no ambition to lead anyone. That sort of thing belongs to goons, like the globalists. Rate's share the Sinclair cross, I assume, and Sinclairs are from "the tanner." You see, God spoke through Roy to convince me and the readers that He was active in countless events in my life for to give the world a due time. God apparently wishes to convince readers that he's going to speak through me something of grave importance. Rate's (Nairnshire, same as Bosco's from Busca near the Tanaro river) are the rat-trap bloodline, and what Roy said to me convinces me that Sinclairs were Masci's / Taddei's (based on other considerations too) from the Tanaro river.

The "tenax" motto term of Ferrands can be for Tenas'/TENNARE's/Tenards (possibly the Denardo's/Narbonne's), in French-Roy colors. Scottish Roys use "tendis." Lawns/Lane's use "Garde le ROY," and "Garde" is shared by Carricks, in Rate colors. Carricks use "Garde BIEN," and Biens (same chevron as English Gards) use more royal blue, as do Berkshire's Sinsons/Zinzans and German Holms. The latter happen to show a shield in Shield with the same double fesses as Farrands (with two 'a's). Irish Gards are the ones sharing the brown wolf with Spence's, and the Shield-and-Chief colors of Ferrands / Taddei's. This can indicate that the black boar head of Spence's is that of Bush's/Buschs.

The only girl I asked out in grade seven was Janice (or "Janis?) Netherfield. Netherfields (Yorkshire, same as Bush's/Buschs, Spence's and Janets) share the pillar with Bosco's. Amazing coincidence, especially as Bosco's were first found in fife along with black-boar Spence's. Netherfields use lion paws with the pillar. I never did meet Miss Netherfield at the ice rink, as I had hockey earlier, and had to walk home with the equipment on my back, making me too tired to get back to the rink to keep the date, but my asking her out was enough to bring what you just saw to light. This was at the time that Roy Tanner was big-cheese of the gang. If Bush's were from Buz, son of Nahor, note that while Buz was the second son while Uts (commonly "Uz") was Nahor's first, Spence's use an "ut" motto term. It's amazing how much you can learn from a date that you never had.

By the way, Gards were first found in the same place (Kent) as FIENs/Finis' while they smack of "Bien." The Gard (and Parker) motto loves the Fiddle's of Vis-de-Lou, which recalls my suggested (never clinched) trace of Vis-de-Lou to the founders of Brunswick nobility, and so the red Fiddle wolf head can become brown with a Fiddle-Brunswick merger, and brown is the color of the Spence wolf head. The Aller river flows through Brunswick while Allers evoke the Aleramici branch of Montferrat, which uses the Shield-and-Chief colors of Irish Gards. The Vasto branch of the Aleramici (at Saluzzo and Busca) use the Saluzzo Coat, and Saluzzo is beside Busca. I read an article telling that Vis-de-Lou (Normandy) as also Vis-de-Loop, and Loops were first found in the same place (Westphalia) as Allers. The latter share two red wings in Crest with Farrands...which recalls that Farrands are suspect in the Coat of Biens that probably use the Gard chevron.

Westphalia has a Lippe river that may have been named by a Loop branch. Scottish Lippe's (beside brown-wolf Spence's) use the mountain cats of Chives' in BROWN, and Chives' are still suspect in the naming of Ceva, home of Luis, mother of Alice of Saluzzo. It just so happens that French Louis' use the Janet lozenges in colors reversed, and that the Looie variation of these Louis' was suspect with "Vis-de-Lou." Dutch Lou's/Loo's use the same lion as Brunswicks, as well as many bends in the colors of the several Cavett bars (Ceva is on a Cevetta river). The Lou/Loo Coat looks linkable to that of Formans.

Recall that Spencers were from a Stuart line to Bourbon, for Bourbons (same fleur as Browns and Stewart-related Brocks) are said to originate at Allier...while Allers are also Allier's. By the way, Allers share gyronny in Titus-gyronny colors.

Let's now go back to the Thors with the Howell Coat in colors reversed, all suspect with Powells. We want to know, if God created the "rape" of Janet Spence, whether Powells will furnish the anti-Christ that rapes the Revelation Harlot, the Europeans from Europa. Yes, it seems unthinkable that God would will into being the quasi-rape of a young girl at the hands of a few dastardly boys (who happened to know her), but, on the other hand, look at the potential value of what a revelation like this can possess. Europa was herself raped by the Zeus Taurus.

I had gotten to the following: "Gattons are said to be from Throwley (same place as Hamons) in Kent, perhaps named by Trowels/Trells. The Gatton chevron is in the colors of the three of Waters. When we check Wattons, they are from a GAITier de TIRELL, a Trell-like entity, in Poix of Picardy. And Wattons were first found in the same place (Nottinghamshire) as Trells. " German Thors/Thorns were first found in Tirell-like Tyrol/Tirol. Turins/Thurins/TORNs (same bend as Keeps) were first found in the same place as Tarves while Chives' were from Chivasso at Italy's Turin. It also recalls that the red buttons laughed at by the dentist (see last update), Mr HawTHORNE, were found in my Tyrol-like TRAILer. English Tirells come up as "Tyrol." The Turins/Torns use "AuDENTES fortuna," I now see, and Thorns (beside the first Buttons) share the same fesse as Buttons!!! I don't recall this latter finding since writing on the Hawthorne dentist.

The last update found that Shirts (version of the Tancred / Hawthorne Coats) were of THORNton, can you believe it? Again, in the dream of a few weeks ago, my dentist was laughing at the red buttons of my shirt, though I did not see the color of my shirt, nor did I see the buttons. I had only the message that, while driving the car after the golf game, he laughed at my shirt's red buttons (I was in the back seat). The dream ended right there. Shirts were first found in the same place as Welfs/Wolfs suspect with golf-like Guelphs.

I have spoken a few times on Mr. Powell in the past, and in this update realize I made a mistake by saying he had a brother, Robert. The fact is, the Powell of concern was Robert, I now recall this with certainty, and his brother was Richard. It just so happens that Welsh Roberts use the split-color lion of Powells in colors reversed as evidence that God named Powell's first name for the purposes of this revelation. That's what it looks like, anyway.

The Powell motto term, "fynw," can be gleaned with the Fiens/Fane's, for they were first found in Monmouthshire, same as Howells. Although I don't agree that "Powell" was derived in "Howell," as the Powell write-up suggests, I do think a Howell-Powell merger is evident. Powells look like Palins/Pawleys that created "Powell" as per their Howell kin, and, as such, Powells look like Vespasia-Polla liners. Fane's use a "fano" motto term while Fano is beside Cattolica, suspect with Cattle's and Caddells / Blake's/Caddells while Powells are said to be from a Cadell character, son of Rhodri. It works to prove that Powells love Fano liners in their motto.

CADDels (near the first-known, CHADwick-branch Geddes') seem to be using the symbol of the Perthshire Colts/Celts / Coute's/Coots, which gets us back to the Perth elements we saw above in relation to the Nons and Carricks, and Caddells use another "non" motto term. The Coute's/Coots share the Geddes / Chadwick escutcheon. French Coute's are with the Cotta's. We just got to Cetis liners from the motto of Powells. Coincidence?

By the way, I spoke with the young Janet afterward, whom I had known previously; she didn't seem to suffer trauma from the event. As her brother's name was Rick, it gets Trump-interesting where, much later in my life, I was walking a fence with Rick Legge present. When writing on this event before this update, I suggested the Fens surname (Devon again) for the meaning of the fence, which has Fan/Venns variations suggesting a branch of Fiens/Fane's. The Legge's use a stag in the colors of the Trump stag, you see, and Ricks were first found beside the Fens'/Venns. Fens'/Venns are likely with the scallops of PATTERsons/Cassane's (from Sodhans) and Sodans (Devon) because Sodans look like kin of Cassandra's/Casano's (Modena, same place as Fanano). This was the AntiPATER > Cassander > Nysa line, right? But the new kid on the block is the Groce surname with what could be the Arms of Modena, and the French Gross' are also "Legro," the name of the river at Leicester. There is a Legros/Grosville surname using nothing but the same flory cross as Rangabe's.

One can easily tell of a relationship between the Leicesters/Lesters ("pro rege et PATRia") and Pattersons/Cassane's. This reminds me that the Patterson motto is, "Pro rege et GREGE," recalling Diane at the GROCEry store, for Groce's (Leicester colors) are also the Greggs. This is fantastic for clinching a Groce trace to the Arms of Modena simply due to there being no question that Cassane's are of the Modena Casano's. And Modena's Fanano, along with the Casano's, trace to the Fens'. Stupendous.

Let me tell you what's interesting here. When Rick and I were at Diane's, with me on the fence, just after I climbed to her bedroom window via the TV antenna, she and I parted for a few months. Though I don't recall how, I was told that she wanted to see me again, but I do recall that this was negotiated by a female friend of Rick Legge's. I picked Diane up in a MALL PARKINg parking lot, with my FireBIRD, and seeing her, something made me instantly decide that I didn't want to start anything again, so I drove her home (I'll explain later why the Firebird was likely chosen by God for a special trace). This was strange because I previously wanted to be back with her very much. I don't know how to explain it. Perhaps I sensed that she had been with someone else and was coming to me on a rebound. I now think the event was drawn up my God, and moreover I now realize that Muschatovs are to be regarded with something in Revelation 17, such as the Muscovites known to be founded from the line of Vladimir of Kiev. The next time I'd ever see her again would be at the grocery store, though I did call her by phone once between those two occasions 20-years apart. Nothing happened as per the phone call, but Phone's are listed with Fien/Fane's, amazingly enough.

Royal Blue Blood

You need to recall that Diana Spencer was replaced by Camilla PARKER Bowles, for the MALL parking LOT seems to apply here, not just for Parker liners, but for the brown Spence wolf, in the color of the Lot/Lotter / Lothian dog. Lots/Lotters and Powell-line Philips) were first found in the same place (Kent) as Fiens/Finis' that use a brown wolf in Crest. As per the Firebird, one of the BIRDs (Cheshire, where Spencers trace) use the Bouillon flory in colors reversed, and the Bouillon flory should link heavily to the Rangabe flory suspect with the Legros flory. Bowles variations can indicate a Bouillon branch. The antenna can be suspect with Antons, one branch using MALLets (like "mall" and sharing the Rind scallops), and the other Anton Coat has the flaunches of Parkers (same place as Ricks) in colors reversed, can we believe it? The Ricks are in PARKIN/Perken colors. There is even a PARKING surname listed with the Perkins, and they were first found in Leicestershire (same as the Legro river), can we believe it? The chances of such coincidences taking place without acts of God to guide me are astronomical.

I know that the Perkins were from Perga, home of Plancia Magna, and while I've been expecting her family in something to do with Derbe, one of the Parker surnames was first found in Derbyshire. There is an Irish Darby surname that gets the Dermiits using blue boar heads, and the Arms of Camilla Parker Bowles uses a blue boar. It also uses a white boar head in both colors of the Molle / Schim / Marone boar head.

To make the hidden meanings behind the pick-up of Diane at the parking lot more compelling as an act of God, Rick Legge's friend, mentioned above, was Darlene. There is a Darlene surname (beside Ricks) sharing drops with Leicesters and Pattersons, but the Darlene's even use the Leicester fesse, and with red fitchees upon it while the Rick fitchees are red when in colors reversed. Drops/Trope's, from Tropoje at the river of Antipatria, use drops filling the Shield, as do Darlene's (Darrel colors) and Pattersons. The Darlene Crest: "A female figure in silver robes holding in the right hand a red cross crosslet, and in the left hand a book." The Stirlingshire Robe's/Robie's show the stag design in one Parker Crest, and are sharing the Robin chevron while Robins were first found in the same place as Apps' and Fiers from the Apsus river through Fier country (east Adriatic coast), location of Tropoje.

One can get more drops by following the thistle of Robins, but this can apply to any heraldic thistle. We find that Thistle's/Thissels (share pheons with the Brittany Robins) use a Coat like that of Wessels/Wastels, and this is why Tissels/Twizels (beside Wessels/Wastells/WEASELs) use weasels. Although the Wessel description doesn't mention the drops in the Chief, we can see them. Then, German Wessels use an antler that in colors reversed is red, the color of the Parker / Veringer / Casimir antler, and this was the line from Vladimir of Kiev, whose Varangians went on to found, and perhaps name, Moscow. Tiss'/Tyse's/Teece's use one chevron in the colors of the two of Janets and the three of Muschats. Robins are said to be from "Robert," but I'm not yet convinced even though I expect a Janet / Spence link to Roberts. It's important here that Tiss' were first found in the same place as same-colored Drake's that love the Mosca's/Muscas'' in their motto. Meanwhile, Casimir was the son of Mieszko II Lambert, highly suspect with Mosca's. I trace the line of Mieszko I to Siward of Northumberland, and while Sewards share the same leopard design us is giant in the Mosca Coat, Tissels were first found in Northumberland. Recall that Deans/Diane's share the Massey/Masse Chief while the latter surname has a "tree without LEAVES," for Tiss'/Teece's are suspect from the Ticino river, home of Laevi.

Moreover, the royal Windsors today are from Mary of Teck, and Tecks use leaves and come up as "Tease/Tess," from the Tessin variation of the Ticino. Teck is an area where the Veringers ruled. Here are the lozengy Arms of the dukes of Teck looking like they can link via their dog to Canossa. The Lombards/Limbaughs use lozengy in those colors, and the Ticino was probably part of Lombardy. The Others/Otters were of lords of Lombardy (Ottone Visconti ruled there whose line gave (surrendered?) titles to Sforza's, the root of Spencers. Others/Otters are even said to be the root of Windsors (from Saxe-Gotha and Coburg), and with the Otters I can see why a Weasel variation was created thereby in the Wessels. The dog in the Arms of Teck is shared by Bavaria's Oettingen-Oettingen, and the latter uses a saltire in the colors of the Teck/Tess saltire, no kidding. The Ottinger quadrants are in the colors of the Arms-of-Tech lozengy

"The Duke of Teck was, in medieval times, a title borne by the head of a branch line of the German ducal House of Zahringen from 1187 to 1439, known historically as the first House of Teck. His territory was centered on Teck Castle in Swabia. The title was recreated in 1871 in the Kingdom of Wurttemberg for a cousin of its king, Charles I, whose descendants settled in the United Kingdom and married into the British Royal Family."

Repeat: "I can glean that the French-Robert lion is in the Gernon Coat while the Welsh-Robert Crest has the Gernon-Crest lion, which links le-Meschin, de-Gernon's father." Gernons are said to be from Montfiquet, and Muschats (beside the Muscats) are also Montfiquets because they are from there, which is in Essex, land of Colchester and the red-chevron Quints that were a branch of Quince's to which Spence's have traced with fair certainty. This recalls that I trace Gernons to the Channel Islands, where Thistle's were first found.

I recall Diane drifting away on the night that she went out of town to play her SAXoPHONE. That was really the end of the two-month relationship. I had talked about this in the past, and suggested the Saxe's ("firMUM") and/or Sachs. Lady Diana may not have been from Saxe-Gotha and Coburg, but her husband was. Goths share the same Zionist star as Vladimir-suspect Vlads/Flattens, and the Tiss' were first found in the same place as Josephs that not only use a "wlad" motto term, but share the Weasel/Wessel garbs.

As Wessels/Wastells are suspect from Vestalis, a Cottian relative, in my opinion, of the mother of Julius Caesar, note that Italian Lombards share the French Julian Chief while these Julians use the same saltire as Tecks/Tess' and Windsors. To this, add that Teague/s/Teegers, much like the Teece variation of Tiss', share the cross of English Julians. Then, the French Lombards (Provence), sharing the Quint chevron, use their chevron in the colors of the two of Scottish Larins/Clarens ("Creag") while French Larins/Lorrens were first found in the same as French Lombards. This is quite startling where Josephs are suspect from Joseph Caiaphas as wells as the Julian > Caepio > Junia line to Caiaphas, and meanwhile the Provence Larins/Lorrens use the same scallops as CAPES' well as the scallops of Mauls (same split Shield as German Wessels) with a "Clementia TECto" motto phrase and first found in the same place (Yorkshire) as Janets, Spence's and Keppochs. If that's not enough, the black fleur-de-lys in the French-Lombard Chief are those also of June's / Jeune's.

With a Windsor link to Squirrel-related Decks, one can spot that the Windsor saltire is in the colors to the Wing/Wink- and Squirrel-related Valentins, thus tending to trace Windsors/WINCers to Vinkovci.

I can see why the Hatton location in the Maul write-up, and the Maul Shield, is of the Haddingtons in Lothian, but Mussels/Muscels, suspect with the Quince/Quincy mascles, were in Haddington. In the Faucet write-up, you can not only see Saer de Quincy, but you can read that Faucets lived a couple of miles from Haddington's MUSSELburgh, and meanwhile Mauls are said to have moved from Huntingdonshire to Lothian. It's a good bet that the Hatton > Haddington line was of the Chads / Chadwicks / Geddes', but I can glean that Mauls were Malls/Mallibone's/Marlybone's (version of the Hat Coat), kin of Huberts. Hattons (Cheshire) were in the last update, where they traced to Wissels/Whistle's (same place as Parkers) via the Wizel/Willie link to Vince's. Hats use WINGs. Hattons use the same garbs as Wessels/Wastells and Josephs, but one can see that they are the garbs in the Arms of Cheshire. They are used also by Comyns, from Kuman in Fier county. (German Sinks: "...upper half of a man, dressed in gold and WEARING a gold HAT...".)

The double Larin/Claren chevrons are in both colors of the three of Clare's while the Josephs use a "charo" motto term for Charo's/Claro's, and moreover the two Larin/Claren chevrons are red, the colors of the two Janet chevrons. The three of Clare's can be the three of Muschats/Montfiquets, for Clare's were first found in the same place as Muscats, beside the Muschats. We can now begin to see why God has given codework through events 40-50 years ago in my life, as per Janet Spence and Diane Muschatov. It appears that God has traced the British royal family to Laevi on the Ticino, but there can be only one reason for this: to point out that the royal family was descended from the killer of Jesus. So what? I might be too. Yes, but God is also interested in marking out the end-time enemies of Christians, the stupids calling themselves enlightened. Blood counts for nothing; all that counts is how we respect, or do not respect, Jesus. But globalists want to play God with all of the money they seize from the masses. Lots of money, dead souls, and dull minds, a recipe for global disaster. Bank on it.

Ada of Varenne / Warenne was in Huntingdon's elite crust, married to a son of David I. Cliffords of Skipton castle are in the Ferrand write-up while Italian Ferrands (Firenze/Florence) share the same Coat as Fers/Ferrats, and then Cliffords and Warrene's both use a chequey Coat in half the colors of the same of Fers/Ferrats. Mauls are said to have followed David II from Huntingdon, and while Clements come up as "Clermonts," Mauls use a "Clementia" motto term. Link this paragraph to Gallops below. Maule's are said to be from Guerin de Maulle, which recalls my link of MontFerrats to Guerin of Provence...and, besides, Guerins look like "Warren." The Warren write-up links to Vernons (Weir fesse) of Cheshire that share the Cheshire garbs with Hattons. Warins/Wearings share the Warren checks, and were first found in the same place as crozier-using Were's/Wears while the Croziers were of Mummolin's Chalons-sur-Marne.

I hope that you're trying to guess the meanings behind my stories too, because I may not get the meanings before you. I need to think much on what to write in making links, while you are free to think on how to decipher the meanings. Wessels/Wastells, suspect from the Vistula river of Poland, share the dove with the Leave's/Leve's/Liefs. The tree without leaves on my front yard was blown down by God not very-many weeks ago, and this was reported on, where I could glean that it was to indicate an anti-Christ / False-Prophet / Harlot system (I don't know which) from the Mieszko Pole's, who ruled in Masovia using the same red-on-white wyvern as Mosca-loving Drake's. For many years I've been predicting anti-Christ / False-Prophet from the Goplo mouse tower, and from Meschins / Masseys and/or some other mouse liner such as the Mousquette variation of Muscats. I did not have Diane Muschatov on my mind at the time because I had not yet realized that events in my youth were set-ups to tell an end-time story.

The mouse tower is merely the mythical ancestry of the Mieszko's, but this sort of mythology is all about placing surnames and people in code. For example, mythical SiemoMYSL of the mouse tower was part code for Misls, using the only heraldic mouse I know of. I still link the Misl mouse-on-bend to the Cheshire Davids (possibly the Levi lion), but just now I came across a gold version of the David (and Toothill) Coat with GALLops, important because the mouse-tower myth was written by GALLus AnonyMOUS. Gallops ("Be bold, be wyse") were looked up as per the Wessel/Wastell description: "...a horse in FULL gallop." Fullers use the horse as well as the three fesses of Love's/Luffs, kin of obviously Muschats and Muschats (compare with Works/Wergs and their location). As Muschats are suspect with the Quint chevron, note that Gallops were first found in Dorset, same as some early Quints, but also the Russells sharing the Spencer scallops (see the same of Flecks that share the double Work fesses in both colors). Dorset is also where Palins/Pawleys were first found that are suspect with the Powell lion, and the Quint Chief is very suspect with the paw of the black Palin/Pawley lion. Here is where the Powell rubber meets the Caiaphas road. Here is why, probably, Powell "raped" (symbolic only) Janet Spence.

Why is it called the Gallup poll?

To prove that Gallus Anonymous was writing code, the Gallus surname shares the black-on-gold rooster of GOPlo-like Kopple's. I see the Kopple rooster as a version of the Joseph martlet, but, in any case, it's amazing that the Kopple / Gallus rooster is in the colors of the two of Janet-suspect Jonathans/Jonas'/Jonats. To now trace Janet Spence to the mouse tower is excellent. And while Dorset is beside the Somerset Parkers, Barkers/Barkes' use the same lion as Poole's/Pole's, from Poole of Dorset. Barkers and Poole's both place gold-on-blue fleur-de-lys with their white lions, and both share the same griffin head (different colors) in Crest, which I figure is the griffin head of the Mieszko line's (Dobers, Dobermans, Haldens and Watsons). Barkers were first found in Cambridgeshire, essentially beside Berkshire. If Barkers were Berkshire's along with Parkers, let's remind that Spencers share the Berkshire Shield.

Let's not forget the long-stemmed roses of French Janets, for while Stems get the Steins, German Steins use the white goat exactly of Russells (Dorset) who share the Spencer scallops. Russells are said to be from BRIQUEbec, and the same Janets use the Brest/BRIX lozenges, which are the Brick lozenges in colors reversed. Janet Spence had her BREAST fondled by Roberts and Powells, suggest that Roberts and Powells connect to Brittany's Brest location, at FINIStere. Again, the Fine's/Finis' that share the brown wolf with Spence's use the same lions as Sforza's (Saffers / Savarys?). Finis' and Windsors are suspect together with Windows (probably the Quint lion paw round-about), and I climbed the antenna to Diane's bedroom window the same night I walked her fence as code, I think, for Finis-branch Fens/Venns; the latter use a fesse in colors reversed from the Spencer rulers back in about 1500 and earlier. Fens/Venns were first found in the same place as English Stewarts that use the same lion as Russells (share three white scallops with Fens'/Venns).

As the Fens (GRIFFIN) fesse is colors reversed from that of Dols, it's notable that German Tabers share grapes with Deeters, first found in the same place as Dols (Deeter colors), which is the Pomerania theater where Grape-suspect Griffins lived that have been said to be likely related to Mieszko's of Pomerania.

If Barkers were from Barca, father of Hannibal, I can see why Syphax (in prison near Rome) could have named Spence's / Spinks liners. And we read that Spencers trace themselves to Sforza's (almost the Rita / Barker / Pool lion), first found in Rome along with Rita's that I suspect with the Poole lion. In this picture, Powells were Pools/Pole's, wherefore it's notable that French Pole's use the same lion as Sforza's. The Tabers, first found in Essex with Quints, and suspect from the Tiber river, use lions in Sforza-lion colors, and Syphax was in prison at a location named after the Tiber.

The driver of the car wherein Diana Spencer was killed was Henri PAUL, and French Pole's are Pauls too. Is this a Sign that Powell liners are to be stacked up beside Spencers for the purposes of the anti-Christ / Illuminati revelation? Palins are PAULeys too, and in the Kepke-stag dream, the bearded man was Paul while Beards/Bards share the green griffin head with Fens' and Barkers. Pullys/Pullens use a "PALLEScere" motto while Palles' ("Pro rege") are shown properly as Pauls (same place as Pullys/Pullens). As Pro-rege Pattersons/Cassane's (from Irish Sodhans) link clearly to Fens'/Venns and Sodans (both in Devon), note that the latter's fesse is a reflection of the Palles/Paul fesse. We can expect the Sodan Crest to have the Stewart lion, but it's also the lion head of Muscats.

Henri Paul's father was JEAN Paul, and perhaps he was named Jean by God for the following clues, because they fit so well to the discussion. Both French and Spanish Jeans use the same lion as Sforza's / Pole's/Pauls. English Jeans are also Janet- / Jonas-like Jans/Janes', having the Pool lion in colors reversed. Jeans/Janes' share the red scallop with the Sabinus-Polla line to Pullys/Pullens, such a janetincidence. Jeans/Janes' share the same lion as English Richards (same place as Pullys/Pullens / Janets, Spence's and the Alan-owned RICHmond), and Robert Powell's brother is Richard. Aha! I once lived beside Rick and Jane (couple), and I fixed their fence! Actually, I fixed only some leaning fence POSTS, and English Posts, first found in Hampshire, smack beside Poole, use the Poole lion!!! German Posts use the same lion. That was a good one.

The Brittany Richards, said to be of KarJEAN, again use the same lion as Sforza's, and we read that Spencers were both from Stewarts and Sforza's. Pans are with Payens/Pagans; the latter use the Coat of Mullets, first found in Auvergne along with French Jeune's.

At the sight of the red string on the Mullet hunting horn, the Strings (same place as Tease's/Tye's/TIGHs) were reloaded to find the green Fens / Barker griffin head. This is amazing. The Joseph-suspect Flys (same place as Tiss'/Teece's) use A cubit arm in armor erect proper holding in the gauntlet a gold hawk's lure STRINGed RED. What is this?

German Pole's (ostrich feather on man's head) use a FRYING pan while Freyens/Freiens can be suspect with Freienwald, where Jonathans/Jonas'/Jonats were first found. Freyens (same fesse as Ricks) are in Friend and Ferrand colors, and Friends, first found in the same place as Parkers and Ricks, share stag heads with Parkers and Windsors. Rich's/Richess' (Hampshire, same as Tiss'/Teece's and Buttons), use a "BOTTONee" crosses. As Ferrands ("JusTUS") are expected with Tous liners, note the Poole motto term, "virTUS." This recalls that I purchased property from Mrs. Teague (like "Tigh"), a Miss Friend by birth, and Teague's/Teegers are now suspect with Tous-like Tiss/Teece liners. Tiss' were first found in the same place as Flys (and BUTTONs), and Flys are likely in the BUTTERflies of Tulls/Tullia's, from Tullia of Clermont-Ferrand at Auvergne i.e. where red-string Mullets were first found. Amazing. The Clermont-Ferrand topic was at the time of finding two red buttons with red thread / string still in the original bag. There was a larger button, and a small one exactly like those at the tips of the collars of SHIRTS ("HosTIS"), and Tous' use both a red shirt and buttons. Eventually, after stressing Trails / Trells due to finding the buttons in the TRAILer, I found the thread-like Treats with a Coat version of the Trells, the latter first found in the same place as Strings and Tease's/Tighs.

The red buttons were found in the kitchen sink, and while Sinks were first found in the same place as English Jeune's / June's and Barkers (not forgetting the Strings share the green Barker griffin), Singers (Devon) use the FREY horse! We thus have cause to link the frying-pan Pole's (Freiens / Friends / Ferrands) to the kitchen sink, but this horse is also the full-GALLOp horse of Wessels/Wastels, which recalls that Gallops should be mouse-tower Gallus' that share the rooster in the colors of the same of Jonats, themselves in colors reversed to the Heath/Heth rooster; the latter surname has a Coat reflecting that of Strings.

The same kitchen counter was run across by a squirrel after I frightened it in its NEST in the trailer's ceiling. Counters/Conte's use antlers as code, I think, for ANTALya, beside Perga that is definitely in the Perkin surname. Perkens (with an 'e') use a version of the Tooth Coat, a possible indication that Mr. Hawthorne may descend from Plancia of Perga. The Squire's/Squirrels/SQUARE's could possibly from "SAKARya," and Plancia had a father from Galatia, likely from the family of Amyntes on the Sakarya, because Amyntes named his son, ARTEMidoros, while Plancia and her mother had been priestesses of ARTEMis. The Nest surname is listed with the NICE / Ness bloodline suspect in Nysa, queen of Cappadocia. Cappadocia is beside Derbe, the latter conquered by Amyntes, and Derbys (ANTELope) share garbs with the Stick Coat while Sticks trace with Perkin liners to Astikas' of Vilnius. NYSa of Cappadocia was the mother of Nysa of BITHYNia, suspect with the Biden variation of Buttons, and Bithynia was at ASTACUS, beside NICaea (lower-right of map:

Sinks / Sanks can trace to the SANGarius, same river as the Sakarya.

The German-Pole description: "a man HABITed black, a hat of the same surmounted by a red ostrich feather and holding a silver frying pan." It recalls that Hobbits/Hobards (Sabine bull) are suspect with the Parker flaunches, and moreover that Hubbards / Huberts both share a Coat like that if Sinks and Sanks. Note that the Hobbit bull is half black, possibly that of the Pohls/Pohlands (share feather with frying-pan Pole's). German Sinks (flowers) share a man with hat with frying-pan Pole's.

I almost forgot: Powells use the full green griffin so as to link to Barkers / Fens'/Venns. The Powell motto is suspect with Fiens/Fane's whose Veynes' variation likely named Wayne's (share pelican with Pullys/Pullens and Pelles') who in-turn share the Friend chevron. And Dutch Pole's almost didn't get loaded; they share the same lion as Powells, apparently. In fact, the Dutch Poles put a gold crown on their black lion, as do Jewish Levi's and Italian Capone's. Powell-line Philips (same place as Fiens/Finis') use the gold crown around the black lion's neck. Meanwhile, English Capone's, with a Coat reflecting that of Spice's, were first found in the same place as Barkers that share the Poole lion. Pellicans were first found in the same place as French Josephs. It's obvious, isn't it, that this was the line of Joseph Caiaphas and Josephus. In fact, emailer Patterson's dream tipped us off that the Caiaphas line would use a blue-on-white lion, colors reversed from the Poole lion. Cubits/CUPids/CUBBERTs (same place as Pullen-related Sabine's and HUBBARD-suspect Hobbits) use the blue-on-white lion.

I was very slow to believe people when they claimed to have dreams from God. It's easy to mistaken them as messages from God. I was instantly convinced, however, that Patterson's dream was a Message. And later, I started to have my own snap visions and dreams that proved to be Messages. You will need to decide whether a demon is able to conduct, in the affairs of my life, all that I'm sharing, or whether it's from God. I can see that God has stacked the deck against wee-wee satan himself, with the numerous links made even by the first names of important characters in my life. Can the devil see the future from the naming of such people, at their births, for the purposes of making the story / revelation we are now seeing? Can wee-wee satan manage all of this?

The Josephs of Hampshire are online as descending from HENRY Josephs, which recalls Henri Paul. What could it mean that Mr. Paul drove Diana Spencer to her death with Dodi too, whose first name smacks of Duttons sharing the Spencer Shield? Could it mean the same as Robert Powell raping Janet Spence, a symbol of the anti-Christ raping and killing the Revelation Harlot? Is this God's message to us that the Revelation harlot, expected from Vespasian Polla but to the rulers of a revived Roman empire, will be largely from the British as they push the buttons of Middle-East reformation, what we are seeing right now? The EU is currently led by the former prime minister of Poland, Donald Tusk...who could be a Tuscany liner. I trace Polish Piasts to Pisa's (similar to the Powell lion), and Mosca's were first found in Tuscany's Pisa. Is this what the end-times is about, and will the final years arrive under Donald Tusk's leadership over the European harlot?

There is no Tusk surname coming up, but there is a Task surname (Essex) that uses a white boar head in Crest, which is a symbol in the Arms of Camilla Parker Bowles. The Bowles' can be from BOLEslaw, son of Mieszko I. English Bole's use the Pollock boar in black, both shot by an arrow/spear. Bowles' use a black boar heads, we get it. Bowles' (Lincolnshire, same place as Bole's above) share the white wings of German Bole's/Bollens/Boelers (reminds of the "boilers" of Benedicts). The Bole boar has a spear while Speers were first found in the same place as Pollocks. Another Bole Coat puts boar heads into cups. No matter how you cut this, it appears that Camilla was from the Vespasia-Polla line to Pollocks, and ROBERT Pollock was the husband of Isabel, daughter of Eschyna de Molle...while Molle's use the white boar head in both colors of the same in the Arms of Camilla Parker Bowles.

Speers were first found in the same place as Ore's and PASleys (thistle, traces to Tiss'/Teece's), and the Ore motto along with the Benedict motto seems to be honoring Bononia, where spear-using Pasi's/Pascels were first found that I trace to "VesPASia." Then, German Bole's use comPASSes, and while there is a Compass/Champel surname (Sinclair cross?) that shares the red label with Panico's/PANE's of Bononia, Pass' bring up English Pascals while French Pascals were first found in the same place as PANS/Payens and Page's/Pagenels (Poole lion?). I'm seeing the Comps/Camps, in Campbell colors, with the Compass'/Champels.

Compare English Page's with Maine's (both in Devon), for my girlfriend, Sharon Pascal, lived on D'Maine street, as did I at the same time, just a half-dozen houses from her. Maine's can be traced to Maine along with Perche's because Perche is beside Maine, and as we see Janets (same place as Pings/Paganells) with the double-Maine chevrons, it seems that Janets/Jonets can be traced to Maine, where French Josephs were first found. Let's not forget that the frying PAN is suspect partly with Jonats/Jonathans are Freienwald, who use roosters in Joseph-martlet colors. Maine's and Page's share pheons while Fions are with Fiens/Finis'.

The Tous' didn't need to use a red shirt, but as Reds are listed with English Reeds, note that the Scottish Reeds (mullet stars) use the colors and format of Shirts. As Reeds share the gold fitchee with Quints, it's notable that all three surnames share a red chevron. Reeds were from Rieti's Vespasia-Polla / Sabinus line. Reeds share the book with Darlene's/Derlings, and the latter may have been Deerings, but more significant at this point are book-using Roets that share the Speer boar heads while Speers are Pasi/Pascel liners. In fact, Reeds share the Pascal eagle. In colors reversed, the Deering stag (roebuck) head is red, the color of the Reed stag (buck) head. Deerings are in the colors of deer-using Windsors. The "FortiTUDINE" motto term of reeds can suggest the Tosini variation of Tous' but more-likely the Todeni's in the write-up of Tuits (same place as Sabine's).

If God was manipulating the names of people in my life for to make a story out of it, always tracing to the same elements no matter what the devised event, might he have created events / names in the lives of others to corroborate things? For example, we saw that Lady Diana Spencer died with Dodi Fayed in the tunnel, and Duttons use the Spencer Coat, such a coincidence. Then, as per "Grege" and the Groce/Gregg entities above, I had a group of friends around Jim McGee and GREG FISHER, and these are the biggest suspects in the "rape" of Janet Spence, for Powell came to hanging around with these guys too. With that in mind, let's read on Fayid from his Wikipedia article: "In 1986, Fayed married model Suzanne GREGARd, but the couple divorced after eight months of marriage. In July 1997, Fayed became romantically involved with Diana, Princess of Wales. Earlier that summer, Fayed had become engaged to an American model, KELLY FISHER..." Perhaps I'm stretching things, perhaps not. My girlfriend immediately before Diane was KELLY, though I don't recall her surname (the end of Kelly was just weeks apart from the start of Diane. I met both ladies in relation to events with Joe Oulette, who would marry a Diane; they had met at a donut shop where she worked, and this happens to have been where I picked my Diane up, in the parking lot. I don't remember why she met me there. McGee's share a white boar head with the Arms of Camilla Parker Bowles.

English Fishers use "ReSPICE finem," and the latter term suggests Fiens/Finis' that share a brown wolf in Crest with Spence's. You need to consider the great odds of such "accidents" taking place. The Fine's/Finis' ("FORTem") use the same lions as Sforza's. "RESpice" can also be for Italian Res' (lances) that come up as "Dere."

Camilla and Malahule

This recalls Camille Brady, a Christian, daughter of a family that I got to know well. The young people at the church went out roller skating, and I took Camille's hand and skated with her (spontaneous, no plan to start anything). This Camille has been on my mind as per "Camilla," and so I've just looked up Rollers to find them first found in Derbyshire, same as Parkers. Rolls, amazingly enough, in Brady colors, were first found in the same place as Janets and Spence's, and use a "roll of "PARCHment." This may mean that the royals under discussion were of the Bradys too. Bradys use a hand (I took her hand), and were first found in Galway while Galways use a bridge! Galways use the cat as code for the Keiths in their motto.

There are two Camille surnames both using a gold-on-silver fesse, the colors of Lane's/Lano's, and Spanish Camille's are said to be of Llanes. The pointing hand of Bradys can be for the Poyntnon location in the Warren write-up, for Poynton is in Cheshire, home of the Blonds that share the sun with Bradys (Point colors). It's interesting that Camille's mother PAINTed a portrait of my wife and I while Paionts are listed with Pans/Payens while we saw the frying pan of Pole's, while Singers use the Frey horse. The Brady family went singing church-to-church throughout North America, and Camille's mother, JANis, was a singer. Can you believe that God would set this up in my life? If He did, He doesn't intend a minor revelation, and, hopefully, my readers and I will be permitted to see it. Points, who use the pointing hand along with Bradys, were first found in Berkshire, and while JANet Spence is code for Spencers, the latter use the Berkshire Coat. Here's Janis' family:,+michelle,+jill,+janis,+brent,+marc,+camille

As per roller SKATing with Camille, note that Skate's/Skeets (Norfolk) and Chads (Norfolk, beside the Tunnels in Lincolnshire) are both linkable to the Tunnel Coat. Then see that the potent cross of Chads and Skate's/Skeets is shared by Brocuffs while the latter use a sphinx suspect for Spence-like Spinks. Brocuff-related Brocks ("virTUS") use a "VireSCIT" motto term while Skate's/Skeets are a branch of Skits. I neglected to see earlier that the lion in the Roller Crest is split vertically in the colors of the vertically-split Tunnel Shield. When the Roller lion is fully red, it's the Brock Chief too, and as the Brocks use "Half a red lion with a dart in its paw," the Roller Coat becomes suspect as the Dart Coat. It recalls that Janets share the double chevrons of dart-using Maine's.

The Skate/Skeets Shield split into an hourglass shape is colors reversed from the same of Guis'/Guido's (same lion as Brocks) while there is a Guisburn priory in the Spence write-up. The red Parker antler will trace via Casimir of Poland to the red antler in the Arms of Spree-Neisse (Polish border with Brandenburg), and the red-and-white hourglass Shield above is shared by Spree's, not kidding at all. And while Parkings/Perkens use "Simplex" (for an ancient Mr. Simplex relative of Plancia Magna), Spree's use "simple" while the Simple surname was first found in Renfrewshire, where Speers were first found that share the Spree crescents. It was established earlier that Parkers were from Vladimir of Kiev, father-in-law of Casimir.

Janis' are with the Jeans/Janes' who came up earlier with Jean Paul, father of the driver who crashed Lady Diana's car in the tunnel. I don't know the situation of that tunnel, how close it is to the bridge, but, in any case, Powell died over a bridge. Meschins, suspect in the Spencer Coat, married Clare's of TUNbridge, a tunnel-bridge combo? Ahh, Tunnels are also "Tunno/Tunna," and were first found in the same place as le-Meschin's wife (Lucy Taillebois). It reminds me of the hunch that Masci's were on the Tanaro river. Plus, zikers, recall that the split Tunnel Shield was linked tentatively to the same of Mauls (same place as Spence's) for the latter share the scallops of Tailbois'!!! That is amazing. It looks like Tunnels can link exactly to the Spencer-Meschin scallops. It could be that God deemed the death of Diana and her boyfriend as deserved for high-level adultery and other things. An angelic face doesn't fool God. The question is, did God chose the tunnel for her death to bring this paragraph to light? Nicholas de Vere von Drakenberg wrote a book, "From Transylvania to Tunbridge Wells." What imposing thing was at Tunbridge?

I wrote badly of Nicholas de Vere for years, and then he contacted me too nicely. I didn't trust him. He then up-and-died within a year or two, after telling me that Jesus had "dragon light." God can take the lives of nutty Illuminatists on the spur. They can make their plans, but God makes His plans before they make theirs, and he can waste a lot of their energy, time and money, giving sorrows upon sorrows, and in the end, eternal damnation. He's a Serious Player, if you want to fool with Him. Nicholas had undertaken the task of finding people with dragon blood. Nut.

I can now verify that God set up my taking Camille's hand. Like I said, it wasn't planned, and nothing came of it. It was a one-time event for what you see here. The link above to Mauls recalls that MALahule of More, the known ancestry of Ranulph le Meschin, had an ancestor, Balso d'Espaine(s), and it just so happens that Espaine's are with the Spans', first found in the same place (Somerset) as Parkers, and in the colors of the Derbyshire Parkers. In fact, if I recall correctly, Balso was son of Anchetil/Anschetil, and the Somerset Parkers are said to be from Anschetil Parcher. Perfect. Both Spence surnames come up as "Spens."

In Malahule's page below, see that he was the father of the Tosni's, like the Tosini variation of Tous'. Then, see that his brother was the father of Roller-like Rollo!!! You see, I went roller skating with Camille for God's reason. And the boar of Camilla Parker Bowles is blue, as is the Rollo boar. Can you believe it? The Rollo Crest has the black boar of Bole's, right? Rollo's were first found beside black-boar Spence's.

The Rollo motto loves the Pass'/Pascals that might just have the Parking/Perken lion, for while Pascals are expected from Vespasia Polla, which recalls a Tertulla, Vespasian's grandmother and wife of Titus Flavius Petro, Plancia Magna married Tertullus. And see below that Malahule married a Saint-Pol (mother of the Tosni character). There is a Saint-Pol surname shown for the French Pole's/Pauls/Pohls, and this underscores the "virTUS" motto term of Poole's, as per the Tous'/TOSINI's. When we go to mythical Tertullus in Fulk ancestry, we can enter the Gennes/JENNES surname, first found in Anjou, not forgetting that Janis'/Jeans use the Poole lion in colors reversed. It's a good reason to suspect that Jean Paul, father of the man driving Diana's car, pertains to this link of the Jean and Paul surnames. Fulks put PlantaGENETS, I get it. French Plants/PLANQUE's are the evidence that PLANCIA's Tertullus line goes to Fulks, but these Plants use cabbages while Cabbage's/Cubolds were first found in the same place as Spinks and Sforza-beloved Quincys. English Plants/Plantagenets share the same stag design as the Derbyshire Parkers. Italian Camille's were first found in Rome, same as Sforza's that share the same lion as Saint-Pols/Pole's/Pauls." Camille" is very-possibly a variation of ancient Cabyle on the Tonzus river, where I trace the Tonso variation of Tous'.

On the page above, put your mouse pointer on Ralph de Bayeux (Bessin), Malahule's son, and wait for the information (don't click). You'll see Anschitel, Ralph's son by Miss Saint-Pol. This line goes to other rulers of the Bessin, including le Meschin's father. If D'Espaine was named after Paine's / Payens, note that the parchMENT of Rolls (Yorkshire) can be for the Yorkshire Ments/Mantabeys sharing the Coat of the Yorkshire Pings/Paganells. And by the way, the Hule's/Haulls have a Coat reflecting the Spence millstones, to be expected now.

I've just looked up Poli's as per Vespasius Polio, Vespasia's father, and it turns out that Poli's/Paulins/PAVOLINI's (like the Pavelli term of Palins) share the vase with German Spans'/SPENGers. Poli's look like they can be with a version of the Tous/Tosini Coat, no surprise now. As Poli's (Julian Chief?) were first found in Genoa, home of the Fieschi that I trace to Face's/Fessys/VASE's, first found in the same place (Northampton) as SPINKS, perfect! This vase was likely a jug as code for Jugon near the Meu river of Mea's that share the Fessy cross. In time, the jug created a vase variation for Fessys (why a "laurel branch"?). Juggs/Jutts share the red-on-white boar head of Mea's. That works. The Vessey variation of Fessys can now strongly indicate VESpasius-Polio liners. Genoa was home to the Fessy kin of Segni's/Segurana's, a branch of Seagars (Sakarya suspects), first found in the same place as Pully-related Sabine's. We can't argue with this: Fessys were Vespasian liners, and they lived partly at the Meu river between Dol and Finistere.

The Poli's have Pellet and Pilotte-like variations while sharing a good reflection of the Poli Coat, meaning that Pontius Pilate may have been a relative of the Vespasius-Poli bloodline. Note that the three stars in the Poli Chief are not marked by a distinct Chief box, as is the case with Josephs that put three items in Chief in the same colors. Josephus from Vespasian's family, right? Yes, and English Josephs can be shown as kin of Cabyle-like Caplans, Chaplains and Chaplets, underscoring the importance of the Poli-Tous link. We have just discovered that Malahule was all about the Tous-Poli line. We saw why Palins/Pawleys can be of Poli variations, but the Paolo variation of Poli's smacks of Powells.

The Poli /Julian Chief is that also of French Alans that share the three red martlets of Henrys, and the latter are said to be from locations at the Meu river. The Brittany Alans had Fulbert of proto-Pollock as their vassal or servant in some way. We get it. Vespasian's line was at the Meu, and in Dol, and Plancia-liner Plunketts were even first found in the same area as Dol and the Meu river. See Plunket liners with Pollock-like Plocks.

We now have greater evidence that the Janet-Spence rape by Robert Powell applies to the Revelation dragon, and in the meantime, Janets can be suspect with PlantaGENETs and Gennes'/Jennes', feasibly in the Gennes term of the Jeune write-up. Again, that rape traces to BREST in Finistere while Finis', expected in the so-called "unFINISHed pyramid" in the Great Seal of the United States (Masonic garbage, spit on it), share the same lions as Sforza's / Saint-Pols. A pyramid is shared by Tulls/Toole's (Stewart / Mattis / Ferrand checks), from Tullia in Auvergne, where French Jeune's were first found. English Jeune's were first found in the same place as English Julians. But the pyramid is used also by Fieschi-like Fisks/Fiscs, no guff at all. As they called it an UNfinished pyramid, note that I trace Junia liners to the UNa river. As Fieschi were related to Grimaldi's that share the lozengy Shield of Irish Weirs, I'd guess that Fisks use the Vair/Fers checks, but then Vairs/Vere's were first found in the same place as vair-using Quints, from Quintus Caepio, grandfather of Julius Caesar's mistress, mother of the Junia's.

I got an inkling that "Shirt / Shurt" was a consonant-reversed version of "Suter" when seeing that Scottish Roys share red roundels with Shirts as well as having a colors-reversed version of the Suter/Shuter Shield. The other Roys use stars in colors reversed from the SUTHERland stars. The latter's are said to be the Moray stars, perfect for linking the Roy bend to that of Peters. Don't we expect Malahule-of-More liners at Moray? The Peter bend has the Rothes raven, and Rothes / Raven liners could be Ralphs/Rafe's (ravens) / Rape's/Rafe's. This gets interesting if it's correct to trace to ancient Rephaites at Jerusalem.

After wondering whether Shirts were Suters / Suthers, the Boards were loaded because they use a version of the Suter/Shuter Coat, and there was a motto term, "PerforaTUS." The Tous'/Tosini's are the ones with the shirt, and suspect from Malahule's Miss Saint-Pol. The Shurts (Dorset, location of Poole and Poli-suspect Palins) use estoiles in the colors of the eight-pointed stars of Tous'. And the Shurt Crest shares a griffin head between wings with the Crest of Spencers, now figured from Malahule's marriage with Miss Saint-Pol. Spencers share the scallops of Russells, first found in Dorset. In the least, this exercise shows that Shurts are a branch of the Tosini-merged Shirts.

Camille's brother, a believer, is Brent. Brents are informative. They use the Drake dragon in colors reversed, signalling the Mieszko / Masovia Poles. English Brands, in the same place as Tunnels/Tanno's and Tunbridge, use the red dragon as a cockatrice while showing hands in Brady / Tunbridge / Roll colors. Brents were first found in the same place as Parkers while we saw the roller skating leading to a PARCHment. German Brents/Brands use a form of the Vere/Weir Coat (Moray stars may be from More of Malahule), by the looks of it, as well as "tree trunks in flames," though Jewish Brands call it a "firebrand." I interpret all this as BRANDenburg, Germany, up against Bohemia's PodeBRADY. The Boii founders of Bohemia are said by some to have been the founders of the Bessin's Baiocasses, and the Boii may be in "TaillBois"/TailBoys."

Bradys were first found in Galway while bridge-using Galways share the Keith/Mascal motto, indicating that Bradys were merged with Mascals / Mussels/Muscels / Meschins/Masculine's. Keiths were right beside the Sinclairs, and probably amongst them. Bradds (same place as Sinclairs) happen to use the same lion as Poole's and German Rolls. In colors reversed, it's the Galloway lion, and Galways are said to be from Galloway/Gallery elements.

The Real variation of these Rolls suggests the Royals (same place as TunBRIDGE), who happen to use the cross type of Galways, in the same red color. When we hold the mouse over Ralph's name, his Arms comes up with only quadrants, in the colors of the fast and Petty quadrants. The latter share the elephant with Mascals, and have martlets Spans/Espaine colors. Pettys were first found in Warwickshire, which I trace to Warsaw, the Masovia capital. As Pettys use the Arms of Rothschild quadrants, while Rothschilds were descended from Peter Pollock of Rothes (Moray), it's likely that Pettys were Peter-Pollock liners to Saint-Pol. Rieti is at the Salto river while English Pettys (beside Sabine's) use "ConSULTO." One could get the impression that Brady / Bradd/Bratt liners were of the "pratis" motto term in the Arms of Rieti.

The Fasts (Vasto's of the Tanaro area?) sharing the Petty quadrants were first found in the same place as Sabine's, and if the Fasts are with a version of the Lorraine bend, let's recall that babe-Lorraine's feet (last update) were part of God's codes, for Fetters use the giant Needle sun. Mr. Brady's name is listed as Laurie. His wife, Janis, gets the Janis/Jean surname sharing the red-on-white scallop with Sabine's. The Laurie surname, if it applies, has a "RePULLUlat" motto, and was first found near the Galloways that happen to use the Janis/Jean lion. Laurie's were first found in the same place as Annandale, where Bruce's lived who share both the Janis/Jean lion and the saltire of Belgian Pratts. It's amazing how such links can be made from simply from the names of Camille's family. How can this be? The English Pratts (mascles) were first found in the same place as Sabine's. Pratts share the mascles of Peters from Peter Pollock.

It needs to be said that Leslie's, sharing the green griffin with Powells and Fens'/Venns, use a "Grip Fast" motto. The Fast bend with crosslets can be the bend of Space's/Speccots that have some Spence-like variations, and the Speccot bend even uses frets, the Spencer symbol. This can give clue to the Fast crosslets being those of Tints...which recalls the "ROYAL tents" of Tintins (same place as Tintagel). Royal tents recall the "TENDis" motto term of Scottish Roys creeping up in the ROY-Tanner discussion, and it just so happens that Tanners were first found in the same place as Speccots (beside Tintagel).

Irish Pettys use a compass needle but call it only a needle while Needle's/NADlers use a giant sun, perhaps of the Brady sun. Nettle's use the double snakes "respecting each other" of Biss' who share the Meschin / Spencer scallops. Natts/Nathans use the Mascal Shield in colors reversed, and Mascals must be using the Saddock Shield in colors reversed while their Chadock branch has that same red cross of Galways and Royals. Chadocks are said to be from Chadwick in DROITwich of Worcester, and this must have to do with the "droit" motto term of Spencers, for the Yorkshire Spence's are said to have has an early member in Worcestershire. Janis'/Jens were first found in Worcestershire.

Now watch this. The Bradys are said to be Gradys too, but this looks like a Brady merger with Grasse's/Grats, for Gradys (Galway, same as Bradys) use the Brian lions too, in the design once shown for Brians. And while Galways use the BRIDGE, Briancon was also BRIGantium. I get it, and it recalls my Brian link to Grass', with the Grat variation of Grasse's coming to mind as Gradys. The latter use "VULNERaTUS non VicTUS." However, "VulnerRATus" can be code also for Rate's/Rats, for while Roy Tanner said I don't rate, Roys share a Coat like that of Briggs. This recalls my trace to QuadRATUS to Sub Radice, further up on the Tonzus river than Cabyle, the latter tentatively suspect with Camille Brady's first name (Cable's use a version of the Radice Coat). This is excellent because "ratus" motto terms can be double code, one for the Tonzus-river Tous'/Tonso's. It appears that Quadratus liners trace to Brigantium, no big surprise, really. The Teague's of Galway were traced to the Maccabee line married by Quadratus. The latter descended from BROGitarus, suspect with Brocks (Brigg colors) that use a "VULNERE virTUS" motto phrase.

The Briggs share three red escutcheons with Holdens, and the latter use the allerion eagle, code for red-escutcheon Allers. The latter are suspect with the Aleramici family that put out the Vasto's at Saluzzo, and then both Brocks and Brocuffs use the Saluzzo Shield in colors reversed. Allers use an "umbra" motto term while Umbria is where Grasse/Grat-like Grazio's were first found. That works, especially as FitzAlans of Dol married Alice of Saluzzo while Stewarts share the Brock motto. The Grazio bend is colors reversed from the bends inside the Brigg escutcheons, and here we can add that while Allers use gyronny in the colors of the Titus gyronny, the Titus lion design is that of Gradys, and, moreover, Titus' share a white escutCHEON with Keon-related Keens. You can run, royal Stewarts, but you can't hide. If it appears that Bradys are from Rieti, they can be of its "pratis" motto term.

The Fens'/Venns use the Arms-of-Fanano fesse in colors reversed, and it's the fesse of Poors (same place as Fens'), likely a Power branch. Assume Poors from Porters and therefore from Procullus whose's mother was a Maccabee line somehow connected to Modena. As Procullus' father was Laevillus, we can ask why Powers share the Shield-and-Chief colors of Levins/Livings. And we can add that Tanners, first found in the same place as Powers, use the same Shield-and-Chief colors.

Modena's Fanano is beside Marano and its Marano/Mauritano surname, like the Moratin variation of Murena's, and moreover the Moray-suspect Morinis' were first found in the same place as Fanano and Marano while using two fesses in the colors of the Fanano / Non fesse. Nons were first found in the same place as Scottish Porters. The Richards, brought in as per Richard Powell, though Ricks may apply, use the same stars as Morays, and another Richard Coat has an "amore" motto term while the six nebuly Amore bars are suspect with the same of Leavells, first found in the same place as Ricks. Ricks were first found beside Darts (same place as Powers), and we saw that the Dart fesse is that of Rollo-suspect Rollers. For years I figured that the More home of Rollo had named Moray. The Morinis' are in the write-up of Kent's Deerings, and a Morinis family was in Kent, where the Axton location of Actons is found, and Actons share the Roller / Rick fesse too. In fact, the Ricks use a colors-reversed version of the Craven Coat while Cravens love Actons in their motto!

German Rolls/Reals have the Richard Coat in colors reversed. It can mean that Richards are from the duke of Normandy, Rollo's descendant. Recall that Reals suggested ROYals, and then recall ROY Tanner. That would help to identify Amore's with More of Norway. And the Terras'/Tarras' (Peter bend in colors reversed?), first found in Moray, use an "Amore" motto. As Richards (and Richmond) were first found in Yorkshire, they have got to be sharing the Bruce / Arms-of-Brescia/Brixia lion. Janets use the Brix lozenges. This needs to be put beside the Powells sharing the Palin lion while Palins share the Shield-and-Chief colors of Powers. I can therefore see the Laevillus line going to Rollo's Claro's = Sinclairs. Where Peter Pollock was commissioned to build Rothes castle at Moray, can we see a Pollock merger with the Rollo line? If so, note that Peter's brother was Robert. Consider that Peter's and Robert's father was Fulbert, the name also of "the tanner" of Falaise. As I said, the Williams, suspect with the tanner's son-in-law, share the talbot of Tanners, and talbot had to be code for Taillebois' that married the MalaHULE line while Hule's use talbot heads.

Amore-loving Terras'/Tarras' share the Scottish Scott Coat (same stag as Parker stag), but both Scott Coats are versions of both Talbot Coats. The English Scotts use Catherine wheels of Catherine Roet, from Rieti. Roets happen to share the book with Rape's/Rafe's (Ralphs/Rafe's?) that use a white version of the Scott / Tarras Coat. The Rape/Rafe bend is almost shared by Archibalds with an "UT REFiciar" motto, excellent. This recalls the Silver-Bird" song at Robert Powell's home, for Silvers share the Archibald crescent, yet note that vair-using English Silvers (vair shared by French Roberts, same place as Vairs) were first found in the same place as Titus', for Powells are expected from emperor Titus' family. Birds ("mea") share the Alan martlets expected with the same of Henry's at the Mea-related Meu river, but as we saw that this entity was from Tullia of Auvergne, so Birds use the cross of the Auvergne Bouillons in colors reversed. What's left not to understand? Just the details, but the connections between the main players are all clinched.

The Amore's use their bars in the colors of the Rick fesse. However, I prefer to view Ricks for the time being from Richeza of Lorraine, not Richard of the Normans. The Amore Coat needs to be compared with the Crispin / Puss/Pussin Coats (all three first found in Oxfordshire), especially as Crispins originated as Clare's. Puss' entered the discussion at the "oPUS" motto term of Cullis'/Colesons, possibly in code for the portCULLIS gate of Porters.

Let's go back to the Groce's/Greggs with a split Shield in the colors of the same of Modena. Groce variations linked well to Crags / Carricks (black talbot), from Procullus' Charax name. English Gross' share the stars of Grossmans, and the latter use "black hills" while Hills (Worcestershire) use a reflection of the Craig Coat. Gross' share the brown Lotter/Lot / Lothian talbot dog, almost the gold of the Williams and Tanners. Roy Tanner recalls "Garde le roy," while Carricks use "Garde" too. Roy is the one saying to me, "You don't rate," and Rate's share the black and engrailed Sinclair cross. Royals are said to have had a Roisel entity, like the Roslin location of Sinclairs. Roys are Rois' too, and they share the bend of two Peter surnames. If this Peter Coat was in white instead of gold, it would be the Palin Coat, almost. It's known that Fulbert of Pollock (younger than Fulbert "the tanner") was in Brittany with the Alans.

The Hill motto looks like it loves Vance's (same place as Work-loving Sinclairs) whose Vaux branch use the Leavell-line checks (of Meulan) shared by French Louvier's, potential Luffs/Luffs. The Leavells were linkable to the Tosni's of Normandy's Les Andelys.

I now see that Peters share "DIEu" with Spencers and Windsors, recalling that Die's/Dee's use an upright lion in the colors of the Robert / Proper/Robert lions. We now appeal to Malahule's wife from Saint-Pol. That works for making the More link to Peter Pollock. Miss Saint-Pol predated Peter Pollock. One of the Peters was first found in the same place (Lincolnshire) as Prestons, suggesting that they share cinquefoils in colors reversed, especially as Prestons use "Dieu" too. I now see that Prestons (same place as Tunnels and Taillebois') share the double bars of Scottish Spence's. If the Spence motto term ("potior") is for Potters = Porters/Pawters, then the Procullus line thereby traces to the Normans...if Spence's/Spens are from Balso D'Espaines.

The Grossman stars are shared by Palins, Polesdons and Sabine's, the lines to Peter Pollock, and I've long been convinced that Palins share the Powell lion. So, Robert Powell looks like he was named after Roberts from Robert Pollock, and meanwhile Richards joined Peter's Moray elements. Richards and Roys were both first found in Brittany, and as it's the Lawns/Lane's with "Garde la roy," it looks like this goes to Brittany's Launay / Brest area, perfect because Powell had Janet's breast in his grubby fingers. If you were to go back to the Malahule-of-More page and put mouse in his first son, the Arms coming up is a red-on-gold chevron, almost the Lawn/Lane chevron. That's the Quint chevron too, and the Palin lion is likely in the Quint-Chief lion paw. The Quint Chief is also that of French Roberts.

Polesdons were first found in the same place (Cheshire) as Balls. I'm wondering about the origin of "Balso," and while French balls were first found in Brittany, that's where PRESton-possibly Perres'/PERROTs were first found that share the giant eagle of Balance's, the latter first found in the same place as English and Irish Pettys while Scottish Pettys use PARROTS. Reminder: Pettys share the quadrants shown for Ralph, Malahule's son with Miss Saint-Pol. I almost missed it: Perres'/Perrots were first found in Launay! They are Pratt-like.

So, it appears that the Revelation harlot is from the Malahule Normans. That is, Lady Diana Spencer, a Malahule-Norman, but from emperor Vespasian / Titus / Domitian too. Isn't that something? The "Clementia" motto term of Mauls links back both to Clermont-Ferrand and to Powells, first found in the same place as Clermonts'/Clements. Prince Charles of Wales first married the Norman line from Malahule, and then married the line of Vladimir Varangians to the Mieszko Poles.

The Gross stars are pierced, and in the colors of the same of Sabine's (same place as Gross'), which recalls that the first Grazio's, who share the rooster with the Sardinian, VESpasia-like VISconti's, were near Rieti. As these Visconti's were in GALLura, it's notable that the Grazio rooster is black, as is the Kopple / GALLus rooster. Does GALway have anything to do with this? Yes, it's where the Gradys were first found that link well to Grasse's/Grats, especially as Grass' use a lion split in silver and gold along with Gradys. Silver and gold in contact are now illegal to protect the ancients that used them in contact, and Camille's are one of them, who use the illegal colors of Lane's/Lawns, first found in Brigg-like BRIXia. Briggs (pelican) use the Grazio bend in colors reversed.

The white Gross fesse has the same crosslets as Wattons / Wears/Were's and Tufts/Tuffs. It's the Geddes-related Bosco's that use "tufts of grass" upon pillars. Note that French Gross' are Grass-like Graus' too, and also show a Graut variation linkable to the Grat variation of Grasse's. Tafts/Tuffs use a version of the Sherwood and Branch Coats while Sherwoods were first found in the same place as the Wear river while two other Gross surnames use laurel, one with a "laurel BRANCH." The Sherwood Crest: "A hand holding a silver BRANCH of roses with green leaves." The Janets, suspect with black-rooster Jonathans/Jonats, use long-stemmed roses, and here the Sherwoods have variations like those in the early part of the Shirt write-up. Might Sherwoods have been the Tous-beloved Shirts? Schere's/Scherfs use the rose on stem too. I now recall that Shirts looked linkable to Suters and Boards, and the latter two use a Coat like that of Briggs.

The Sherwood / Tuft stars are those also of Poors ("non") suspect with the Fens/Venn fesse. The area of the school where Janet was attacked was called, Sherwood. As Shirts linked to Hawthorne's, note that Hawthorne's can be using a version of the Sherwood Coat because Tufts/Tuffs were first found in the same place as Hawthorne's. Dentist Hawthorne laughed at the red bottons on my shirt. I don't recall the details, but I linked the mother of Saer de Quincy, which mother is said to be from Fife, to Licks/Lucks (pelican), who share mascles with Quincys. There needs to be an important reason that God had the dentist laughing at the buttons. Well, Laughs are listed with Lock-like surnames while both Laughs and Licks/Lucks were first found in Fife, same as Scottish Spence's that descend from, or were least related to, de Quincy, and moreover the Scottish Licks/Locks use the Schutz saltire in colors reversed (looks much like the Rate cross), and the Schutz's even share the black greyhound head with Licks/Lucks. The Laughs share three piles with the nearby, Hawthorn-related Guiscards, and GUISburn Priory is in the write-up of English Spence's.

Spencers are said to be from LOUGHton, and Loughs are bringing up Laughs. This is great. We have my dentist linking to princess Diana Spencer. The Leavells sharing the three LOUGH/Laugh piles are also LOVells. I get it. This caused me to try for a Loffel surname to see if it could show evidence of the Leavells/Lovells, and up came the latter surname itself. Looks like I get the last laugh. God gave me the dream of the dentist laughing because it was code for Laevillus liners, and that can only mean that Reds/Reeds / Buttons / Hawthorne's apply, yet he was driving a car. German Loffels appear to show a goose, but the description page says that they use the crane. Crane's/Crauns, from the Ceraunii, were first found in the same place as Love's/Luffs, kin of Muscats and Muschats, the latter looking like they could own the double chevrons of German the colors of the single Car chevron. Diane Muschatov (blond, angelic looking) was a symbol for princess Diana (blonde, angelic looking), wasn't she?

The Cars can be Carians as they moved with the Masa Carians to Massa-Carrara, beside Pisa, where Mosca's/Muscas' were first found! One band I didn't like was the Cars, but, one day, Diane said that she liked the Cars. Hmm, mythical Diane was the Greek Artemis, and Plancia Magna was Artemis' priestess. Irish Carrs look like they can be of Castle Cary of the Leavells, and while Irish Careys can be with the Maschi lion, English Careys (same place as Leavells) use the same rose as Sachs while Diane played the saxoPHONE. Phone's/Fane's are from Fano, near the first Maschi's. English Carrs use a "sed" motto term while this has got to be the reason that the DENTist was in a car when he laughed, for SEDburgh is where Dents were first found, and Dents use virtually the English-Carey Coat!

Irish Carrs (Pisa colors) are in both colors of the FireBIRD that I had when with Diane. I had it repainted myself in Corvette blue, virtually identical with heraldic blue. It had a white interior. Birds are kin of Taddei's first found in the Pisa area, and Fire's can be expected with FIRenza liners while Taddei's were first found in Firenze. It looks like God chose the Firebird for me. My previous car had been a MUSTANg, and Mustans may be the reason that Muscats come up as "Must." The Carr motto loves the Sere's / Seers while the latter were first found in the same place as Muschats! Amazing.

Janets even use two chevrons in colors reversed from the two of German Loffels. Janet Spence was a symbol of princess Diana, wasn't she, because Janets apply with Spence liners to Leavells. And Laevillus wouldn't mean a hoot to God if the killers of Jesus didn't exist in his ancestry. Again, Janets share black martlets with Josephs.

Laughs/Loughs are said to descend from men named, Constantine, and English Constantine's were first found in Berkshire i.e. while Spencers share the Berkshire Coat. This now clinches the Laugh/Lough piles with Youngs because Youngs love the Jeune's in their motto who in-turn share the Constantine fleur in both colors.

As Laughs share three piles in the colors of the same of Leavells and Youngs, it reminds me of Rick Young's father, Simon. This family owned the whippet species of greyhound, and John Yonge of Wales used a greyhound. Jewish Simons use the fox, which is in the Laugh/Lough Crest too. Simons came to mind with Simon del Spens in the write-up of the Fife Spence's. Italian Simons: "UNGuiBUS armaTUS." Tous'/Tosini's are the ones with buttons, and Bus' have their ermined cinquefoil in the Arms of Leicester along with the sleeve of Toeni's from Tosini-like Tosni's while Spencers were first found in Leicestershire. I asked Lorraine (blond, angelic looking) out at the BUS stop, and French Simons (Robert / Powell lion?) were first found in Lorraine. French Simons use a motto term looking like code for Place's/Plaise's/Plaiz's that share the split-color lion with Irish Constantine's.

RICK Young and RICK Spence, interesting. Rick Young lived in Sherwood. Youngs use a black wolf, perhaps of the black Lick/Luck greyhound, but, in any case, the Leavell-liner Louvier's have a black wolf. As the pile-using Scottish Youngs were first found in the Borderlands, where we find Roxburgh, that's where Scottish Walsh's were first found that share the Scottish-Young annulets. Scottish Walsh's share a black saltire with swan-using Licks/Locks, and then English Walsh's ("morTUUS") use the swan too. As was said, the "sed" motto term of Walsh's is suspect with Sedburgh, home of Dents, but here we find that the Walsh-linked Youngs use "proviDENTia. It makes morTUUS-using Walsh's suspect with the Hawthorne / Tancred chevron.

The "Roberi" motto term of Youngs gets two Robert surnames to choose from, and the latter motto term of Youngs looks like it's definitely for Press', first found in the same place as Titus'. Press' use the Shield-and-Chief colors of Youngs in colors reversed, but the red estoiles of Press' are those of Colchesters (Quint chevron) while English Youngs were first found in the same place as Colchester and the Quints. Therefore, it doesn't look coincidental that French Robers/Roberts share the Quint Chief. This makes the Rober/Robert lion the one in the Titus Chief.

I'm not familiar with the Hertford Coat (share "bucks" with Reeds and Rows), but I now see that it almost has a colors-reversed version of the Reed Coat, and it just so happens that Titus' were first found in Hertfordshire. It recalls that Rober-like Robe's/Robbe's share the book with Reeds. As I trace Reed liners to Peter Pollock at Moray, note that the Morinis-related Deerings (ROEbucks) use the Hertford Coat minus the chevron. Roe's were first found in the same place as Sabine's, and they share the lamb with Pascals. The Rows (same place as Roe's) that use the buck share trefoils with the Ralphs's/Rafe's that come up as Row-like "Roff." Rows (compare with BUCKING(hams)s) use a version of the Pike Coat while Pike's/Pickens use a Coat version of English Reeds. The split Pike Shield can be either that of Tunnels or Mauls, though Chads (same place as Roe's / Rows) use it in colors reversed.

I am now very convinced that the rape conducted before my eyes, which was not my idea at all, has to do with the harlot of Revelation, raped by the 8th king that belongs to, but is different than, the other seven Roman rulers. The Revelation harlot is portrayed like Europa riding the back of the Zeus Taurus, and since 1988, there has been a picture of a globalist coin, called the Phoenix, which I'll show below. Europa was daughter of mythical Phoenix, which I trace to Panias, beside ancient Daphne and Laish, and Daphne was made the daughter of the Ladon dragon, suspect with the seven-headed Lotan dragon. It was the Gross' that share the Lotter/Lot and Lothian talbot.

It's interesting that Boura, near the Ladon river, traces to Burleys/BOURleys, in the same place as Ladds/Ladons (version of Meschin Coat), but then BOURbons were ancestral to Meschin-liner Spencers (Berkshire Coat) while Burleys speak on a Burleigh location at Berkshire. Amazing harlotincidence. Proto-Meschins were the Oenomaus Amazons at Grecian Pisa, beside or in the Ladon river, itself beside the Peneus river that traces to Panias = Phoenix.

Burleys/Bourleys (share green Shield with Bauers and Bowers) were first found in Somerset, founded by the Dumnonii, whom I traced to the LaceDAEMONian Spartans years before realizing the evidence for a Boura / Ladon trace to Somerset. Spartans were normally beside the Ladon river, but perhaps in it too. The main river of Sparta could be a Europa line. What could it mean if the Ladon dragon traces to Mayer Bauer, who changed his surname to Rothschild, and then began the Rothschild-banking empire? Does it mean that the Ladon dragon wants to swallow humanity whole?

Janets (Mieske arm) may be using the double fesses of Maine's / Perche's, and the latter could have been Berkshire cousins. The Rick crosslets are very linkable to the crosslets of the Somerset Tints, and the latter's are of the type, and colors reversed from, the Gross crosslets. These English Gross' are clinched, in my mind, from emperor Vespasian (a Flavius), whose family took in Flavius Josephus, suspect as a son of Joseph Caiaphas. While emperor Titus followed Vespasian to the throne, the Titus surname shares the Moor head of French Chappes', but also of Wootens/Wotens. The school where Janet was raped was off of a Woten street, the street where Kim Walsh lived. I'm including this because Vespasian's family was in Rieti, traceable to Rita's (probably the Poole lion), who use a "piece of WOOD." Scottish Woods share a gold fitchee with Quints, first found in the same place as Poole.

666ers in my Childhood Neighborhood

I now recall two friends on Woten, BRIAN FAIR and John Campbell, living across the street from one another. Campbells/Cammels (Camille liners?) share gyronny with Titus', and Brians use the same lion as in the Titus Chief. Johns happen to used the besant border of Rape's/Rafe's as well as the ravens of Ralphs'/Rafe's. This makes me recall of my trace of "Sparta" to Subartu of ancient Assyria, location of Rafe-like Arrapha/Arrapachitis. Besants around a border are used also by Briggs (likely of BRIANcon). The Johns are Welsh, as are Jones'/Jonas' that share the same lion as Poole's / Rita's, and colors reversed from the Janis/Jean lion. Can we be talking Janet/Jonet / Jonathan/Jonat liners here? Powells were first found between the first Johns and first Jones' (drops, trace with Fiers / Fairs / Formans to Tropoje). How could I framed this paragraph to lead to a Powell - Janet picture merely from the names of two friends on Woten street? You see, almost everything I can recall in my youth seems to be for a PURPOSE.

Formans (Fair anchor) are a branch of Worms, and rulers of Worms led to Robertians. It could be that Fulbert of Pollock was from the royal Robertians, explaining why his second son was Robert Pollock. Johns were first found in Carmarthen, the Arms of which uses the red Drake wyvern, and a motto term suspect with Guerin of Provence (Draguignan location). The John Crest shares axes with the Drake Crest, and this is Somerset's Axe river. We can therefore trace the Ladons of Somerset to the Drake surname and wyvern, for German Dragons use the wyvern too while English Dragons/DRAINers trace to the PENEStae on the DRIN river, and the Penestae are suspect from the Phoenix-Panias line to the PENEUS. The globalists Illuminati are expected from Round-Table elements from Pendragon.

I stopped listening to the video below after a few minutes due to disagreeing with the speaker (avid Trump supporter with blinders on as a result), but the beginning is worth seeing concerning a globalist coin, called a Phoenix, and dated 2018. The image was published in 1988, and so the 2018 may not have been some serious deadline for implementation, but a general prediction of about 30 years. I should add that, some ten years ago, I had found that "Phoenikia" adds up to 666 using the Greek letter=number system.

ph = 500 (letter phi)
o = 70 (letter omicron, not omega)
e = 5
n = 50
i = 10
k = 20
i = 10
a = 1


These numbers are reliable / correct. That is, the letters above, in ancient times, served as the shown numbers. However, I don't know the Greek or Tyrian version for "Phoenicia." "Phoenice or Phoenike (Greek: Φοινίκ&;) was an ancient Greek city in Epirus and capital of the Chaonians."

Make of it what you wish, but for me it looks a lot like 666 lovers are with us in the mad world of the awkward, the sinister, the disobedient.

God has shown me that the anti-Christ / False Prophet must be a Mieszko liner, and that's why the Mieske arm with Janets is important. The black Mieske bull is in the colors of the Cole bull, and Cole's were first found beside the black-bull Walerans. This is where my relationship to Miss Whelan comes in, for while I dated her, I was surprised to find her sister with RICK Young. I had moved away from the Sherwood area for about seven years before meeting Miss Whelan, whose corner house in Sherwood was partially on the same street as mine had been, and partially on the street of Rick Young and Lawrence Kepke. My street was Reesor, and while Reesors/Reece's/Rhys' were first found in the same place (Carmarthen) as the Johns who share together the same Coat. I couldn't remember the street name for Miss Whelan, Mr. Young and Mr. Kepke, but having just looked it up, it's Corson, and, hard to believe, but the Corson Chief uses lozenges in colors reversed from the Whelan lozenges, and in the colors of the Janet lozenges.

I met Miss Whelan while coming off from Louise Phillips, and so I'd like to say that, after working many days in the summer of my 14th year for Mr. Diphilipi, he offended me by paying merely $60. I wasn't expecting money at all, as his son was a friend of mine, and he wasn't getting paid. The house numbers for Young and Kepke add up to 60. It may mean nothing, or more will come to mind in time. Louis' use the Corson lozenges in colors reversed. Recall the drops of Welsh Jones'. Welsh Lewis'/Louis' use a green dragon with blood drops on a right hand, and blood-drop Kilpatricks (same place as Corsons), probably part of the motto of the other Lewis'/Louis', use a black lion's dexter paw on the head of a green dragon. Is this the Quint paw?

I have just looked up 6 Corson at Google maps, in case Miss Whelan lived there, for she was at the corner of the street, and possibly at 6. The arrow on the map is smack at the corner where Miss Whelan lived. Google has a photo of the house, and it was hers! We now have 66 for all three houses on that street. I delivered newspapers on this street, in competition with the paper route of Ken Savage, he being in my grade-six class at the school above. Savage's use SIX black lion paws! These things never cease to amaze me. They are in the format of the same-colored, six fitchees of Tarves', and the Tarves Shield is split in the same colors as the French Janets, the ones with the Corson lozenges. Does this mean that God is pointing to Corsons as a 666-loving bloodline? I am not kidding you at all, that the street right beside Corson is Dexter street!

I recall that when Kim Walsh had left Kepke, for a new man, the latter went nuts and started to screech around the corners of Dexter street, over and over again, to send Kim a message, I suppose. I'm not sure whether this has any meaning, but I'll think about it. Poors and Powers were from Pois/Poix, and that's where Tyrols/Tyrells/Turrells are said to be from who share the double Dexter chevrons. I had only one friend on Dexter. Michael WITHERspoon, brother of Philip, and the Dexter's use "weights" in Crest while Weights use the hunting horn of 666-suspect Trabys. Can this mean that Withers were a Weight/Wait branch?

I remember, when I worked for a GROCEry store, where I got Kepke a job, Ken Savage bumped into me after our not seeing each other for years. The name of the store was called, ____ ____ Farms, and the 60 dollars came when I worked on a FARM. And Farmers, as we saw above, are beloved by Corson-like Curtis'! I find this amazing. They share the same-colored fesse. Farmers were a branch of Formans/Fermans that use another green dragon so-as to be linkable to Dexters. Formans share the anchor of Fairs, first found in the same place as Dexter-suspect Daggers beloved by the dagger with blood-drops of green-dragon Kilpatricks, and the latter share the saltire of Wotens while Brian Fair lived (around a couple of nearby corners from Miss. Whelan) at Woten street.

Back to Witherspoon. Withers are said to have had an old Wider variation, and while one Wide surname is with the savage-using Woods that can be a branch of Wotens/WOOTens. The latter use the same saltire as RUSTs/Roosts, and the other Wide's ate Wait-like Wade's, expected from Quadratus, and while the latter was traced exactly to Mummolin, Wide's/Wade's use a saltire version of the Chalons-sur-Marne, where Mummolin ruled out of who descended from RUSTicus. Amazing. This can't be coincidental, especially when Weights are also Waits, for Michael WITHERspoon led us to Wade's, a variation also of Quadratus-liner Quade's. Scottish White's use QUATRefoils, and Dutch Wite's share the giant unicorn with Rasmussens, the latter traceable to Akmonia, known home of Quadratus' descendants.

RasMUSSENs use the sinister bend, as do Massena's and Masci's (me), and this was from mythical Mucius, known founder of the Mucianus surname, and so when I read that Mucius had his right hand burned off so that he was left with only his left, I can see -proto-Masci's using either the right or left-hand symbols. When I read that the 666 will be on the right hand, this Mucius theme is what comes to mind as it could have named Dexters because it means, right. RASmussens may have been of the proto-Rat, Radice elements that named QuadRATUS. God showed me that the anti-Christ would be a Rat-TRAP line that includes Traby. Rats/Rate's use an engrailed cross in the color of the engrailed saltire of Rusts. Traps, said to be from Styria originally, but later in Tyrol, are said to be from Trappenburg, beside Tyrol, and it's Tyrols that share the double Dexter chevrons. I'm not making this up. I'm reading. "Nearby is the Trappenburg Palace (near the town of Eichberg-Trautenburg)," this being near GRAZ, the Styria capital. Traps use bustards, as does the Bustard surname (Devon) using the Arms-of-Austria fesse in colors reversed. The Styria-like Sturs share the red fesse with Bustards (n the colors of Withers). The English BUSH Coat once showed with a red fesse, making it a good reflection of the BUStard Coat.

Below, I'll show how the Trappenburg area links to the red buttons in my trailer.

Michael Witherspoon's brother is Phillip, like the surname of the farmer, and Irish Phillips'/Philbens share wavy bars in the same colors as Formans/Fermans. Louise Philips used to tell me that her father would rape her, though she didn't give details, and I didn't ask. Could this indicate that the anti-Christ will be the Powell-Phillips bloodline? The Witherspoon house backed up on the very-small forest to which Powell's house backed (the forest was fully between the two houses, that's how small it was). Note that the Phillips/Philben bars are in the colors of the Tyrol / Dexter chevrons. You are about to see an amazing Corsen link to Coverts, and so let me say here that the Arms-of-Austria fesse is in the Covert/Coffert Coat while an emailed with Covert surname (same place as English Philbens) said that her father descended from a kaiser (emperor) Coffert, though I could never find him. Often, emperors don't use their surnames, and are often called by the location ruled where the dynasty originated.

So, I can glean here that God's finger for the 666 bloodline is pointing to Corsons and Farmers, and it just so happens that the Farmers use striped hunting horns in colors reversed from those in the 666-suspect Arms of Traby and of Dexter-beloved Weights. It's the strings of the Traby hunting horn that look like three 6's, and the String surname (Styria line?) shares the green griffin in Crest with Powells. And Farmers were first found in the same place (Essex) as the Tyrols sharing the double Dexter chevrons. Totally amazing. Really. It looks like God had the farmer, Mr Diphilipi, pay me 60 for this reason of making the Corson (and Phillips?) connection to Farmers. One end of Dexter street has a corner one or two houses from Woten street, and here we can add that Woods/Wide's, first found in the same place as Dexters (and Spencers), use "A demi savage with a club in the dexter hand." Spencers and Woods/Wide's both use "defend."

The German Bachs, using a Styria-suspect steer, once showed a calf, symbol of the Vile's in the motto of the Griffin surname. It gives the impression of a Traby link to Griffins (Herod Agrippa's), known to be from Pomerania, location of a Traby-like river (Trave, I think it's spelled). Travis' share the Spencer scallops. And the Griffin motto is, "Ne vile velis," while Velis' ("domine") share the spread eagle of Strings.

I kid you not, that the farmer's son, and my friend, was DOMINic, like the "domine" of Velis', and of the farm, it was severed and the lot sold to the father of VITO. That's incredible, for Julius Avitus married the sister of DOMNA Bassianus. Vito's were first found in Trave-like Treviso. And Avitus married the daughter of Julius Bassianus, nephew of Mr. Agrippa, I kid you not. This latter daughter had a Maesa name suspect with her mother or second husband. But "Maesa" is likely to my Masci ancestry, and I worked on the farm. After the farmer died (he was either 66 or very close to it), I did a lot of construction work on his home, as well as on Vito's home, and also on the house of Dominic which was built on yet another severed parcel of that farm. It may have been God paying me back for all the free work I had done for Mr. Diphilipi. Dominic opened a GROCEry store, and Groce's are the ones with a split-Shield in the colors of the split Tarves Shield. Rusts share black fitchees with Tarves'.

While Dominic's mother was, Nancy, Nancys can be using a version of the Rust saltire because Nancy is a location in Lorraine, where Rusticus / Mummolin liners have been traced. It may be nothing, or it may mean that king Philip I of France descended from Rusticus. The latter was suspect with proto-Varangians, and Philip I married a daughter of the Kiev Varangians. Dominic married ANNA!!! Amazing, for Philip's Kiev wife was Anna!!!

The Farmers (Essex, same place as Colchester and Dexter-related Tyrols) appear to be using a version of the Colchester Coat (Keep colors), and then the Arms of Colchester uses the ragully cross of Lawrence's in colors reversed. As Kepke's first name is Lawrence, the Farmers are thus suspect with the Keppoch fesse. Irish Farmers (Essex again) were the ones linking to Muscats / Muschats, and while Diane Muschatov (worked for GRAND and Toy) is code for Diane's/Deans, they were first found in the same place as Grand-loving Courts/Coverts (Curtis / Corsen colors), Keeps and and Coverts/Cofferts. There you have an amazing thing, for French Courts use a striped hunting horn in the colors of the same of do Brick-like Brecks/Britch's. The latter look like Brigantium- / Bridge-possible liners, and this recalls that Powell started lobbing stones at me just as we crossed past Miss Whelan's house (Whelans use the Brick Coat) toward our own houses further down Reesor street.

I asked two ladies out at ____ _____ Farms, Darlene Ray and Alison Bauer. Both Rays and Bauers were Rothschild liners, and English Reesors are also RAYsons. I have an amazing find here too. The Reesors/Raysons are the ones with the rare vair fur inside a patee cross, but this is used by Ferrands. The line of Tullia of Clermont-Ferrand is known to have been ancestral to Mummolin of CHALONS-sur-Marne. This was the line of Rusticus of Lyon, suspect with Rusts/Roosts, first found in the same place, and sharing the saltire of, Wootens.

I'm not fabricating the following story. Miss Whelan was leaving me (I now know why, as she was Intended temporarily), and upon getting wind of where she was going with her new man, Kepke and I got to the place first, and waited for them. This was in the Scarburgh mall where he and I had both sold shoes at different shoe stores, jobs we had after working at ____ ____ Farms. When we saw her coming with her man, Kepke prompted me to be "non-chalant" as I got up from the table to go speak to her. That was his word, I have not forgotten it. It is completely hilarious that Chalants (same place as Vairs) are listed with Chalons (Keep / Scarburgh bend in colors reversed). God should have told me what was going on.

Scarburghs, nearly in Keppoch colors, were first found in the same place as Keppochs, but it's simply a blast to see that Scarburghs use the Colchester Coat, virtually. When we click to the Welsh Chalants (colors and format of Capone's), they were first found in the same place (Powys) as Clermonts/Clements, though the latter surname is more-specifically said to have been in BRECon/BRECKnoch, amazingly enough, for Whelans use the Brick Coat (Massey fleur). No one can take situations 40 years ago, or 40 days ago, and see the details of those situations creating the surname links that are routine from the details in the events of my life. This is staggering, it really is.

Again, I had one friend on Dexter street, one street over from Corson. I recall going over to play croquet with Michael and Phillip Witherspoon, and here I now find that Crockets use one chevron in the colors of the two Dexter chevrons. The Cricket motto, "TAK tent," looks linkable to Tintagel elements, but the TACKs, can you believe it, share the cherubs with Welsh Chalants/Chalons!!! There are not a great host of surnames using cherubs. Chalants (sea wolf) call them, "cheruBIM," evoking the PhilBeam variation of Philbens, and they are expected to be a branch of Phillips'/Philbens! Amazing. Plus, while writing this paragraph, I opened a can of chili, with beans, and Philbeams are also PhilBEANs. The Chili is spread on bread beside me, as I write. Crocket-like Crockers, first found in the same place as same-colored Bustards, use the colors and format of Withers. There we have a Dexter-street link to Bustards, kin of Dexter-suspect Traps.

CROCiatonum was in Manche, where Styria-like Sturs were first found, and Traps were from Trappenburg of Styria. Crociatonum also went by the name. CRONCiaconnum, and while CRONKite's share the crane with Leto's/ALITTO's note the "alit eos" motto phrase of Crockers. No coincidence. Irish Crocs share the sleeve / maunch with Mansfields, the latter said to be from Manche, and they had a Mamesfeld location at Nottinghamshire, where Tyrol-like Trells and Wattons/Wattens ("CRUX"!) were first found. I now see that Wattens share besants on a bend with Nottings. And there is a Watten area (on my atlas) smack to the west side of Tyrol's InnsBRUCK area! Wattons were mentioned earlier in this update with Gattons. The great thing here is proof that Innis' trace to INNSbruck because Innes' (Moray) share the stars in the Crocket Chief (colors reversed from the Moray stars). So, there you have it: God set up my playing croquet with the Witherspoons.

Hamon de Gatton was at Tyrol-like Throwly, and Tirells are said to be from Gatton-like GAITier de Tirell in the write-up of Wattons/Wattens. This was shown above when not recalling that I had written on the Watten location of Tyrol in the past. At that time, the Rotens were introduced, who share the Zionists star of Tunnels, in case it applies. WATsons were first found in Rutland...= Leicestershire, where Dexters were first found who share the chevrons of Tirells/Tyrols (likely the Crocket chevron). Tunnels and Rotens share white, Zionist stars with one of the two Innes Coats. The Innes stars are shared in both colors by Gattons.

Witherspoon-suspect Withers can be traced to the red bottons in my Trell-like TRAILer. It has to shirt-and-button Tous', where Shirts ("inVIDia") share the HARcourt peacock while Harcourts share the HARE bars while Withers (same chevron as Shirts) have a hare in Crest. And Hare's were first found in the same place as Michaels!! Michael Witherspoon. See also the peacock of double-bar Mannes'/Manners. The Trells would not have been found using a version of the TREAT Coat had I not sound THREAD-like surnames as per the red thread in the bag with the buttons. Treats not only share a red canton with Dexters, but they are shown as TREETONs, which recalls the quote above: "Nearby is the Trappenburg Palace (near the town of Eichberg-TRAUTENburg)..."

I've just found three THREAT surnames, one being the THREADgolds (same place as Michaels / Hare's), and two others the Thwaits, a branch of Tute's/Tuits of Todeni who share besants-on-black with Treebys and Wattens! Excellent. Treebys were first found in the same place as Trap-related Bustards. As Threats/Thwaits use the same fleur as Droits/DREWitts, while Trews/True's (suspect with Trell variations) are Tree's, they can all apply to Tyrol liners. The True-loving Hume's have an upright lion in the colors of the upright animal (wolf / lion?) that is the Arms of Graz, a major city near Trappenburg. Threadgolds and Michaels were first found in Surrey while the Surrich variation of Surreys looks like "Zurich," a city near western Tyrol. It appears that my dentist laughing, and the buttons in the trailer, have something to do with Tyrol, making me wonder whether Buttons were Wattens or the Widens/Whithens (compare with Treebys) who share besants-on-black with Wattens. Widens/Whithens even through in a water bouget, symbol of Bugs, first found in the same place (Nottingham) as Trells (Wattens now suspect with the Notting / Bucking(ham) bend).

Withinshaws in the Tatton write-up come to mind, for Tattons share the Tute/Tuit quadrants. I, a Massey liner, was Michael Witherspoon's friend, and Withinshaws are said to have been Massys. Dexters are still suspect from the right-hand symbol of Mucianus', and Dexters link easily to Trells via Tirells. Withens share the owl with Hucks who in turn share the double Tyrol / Dexter chevrons. Huckabee's were first found, once again, in Devon, same as Bustards and other Styria / Tyrol suspects. The owls of Hucks can connect to the Powell-Howell line, and Howells share the Thor towers in colors reversed while German Thors (Devon) were first found in Tyrol. Perfect. One gets the impression that Austrians were stacked into Devon. The owl is used by Gastons (Gattons?), first found in Surrey, same as Michaels.

Styria liners may have named the Stur river flowing through the Palin area to the Poole area. I can't tell whether the Treeby lion (in colors reversed from the Palin / Collar lion, or in the colors of the Powell lion) wears a collar or a crown around its neck, but it looks like a collar, and Collars (Essex, same as COLchester) happen to share the Moor head with German Brucks (i.e. InnsBRUCKS?). In this picture, Collars can be of the Cole's suspect with the bull head of Devon's Walerans. Collars share the illegal gold in contact with silver with Rods, and the latter can be in the Asclepios rods of Huckabys.

German Hare's use a fair reflection of the Corsen and BlackWOOD Coats, with Hare's sharing the fleur of Woods while Scottish Hare's were first found in the same place (Ayrshire) as Blackwoods (same mascle as Spinks). Lawrence Kepke's Labrador was black, and named, Blackie, and Spinks use a black Labrador, as do Crockets that call it a "black sleeping dog." It's interesting that while Corsens ("m'ouBLIEZ") share a crescent in base with Blacks, BLACKwood recalls that I trace "Blake" to "BLES" ("tous" motto term). Crockets happen to share a red-on-white crescent, below a chevron, with Blacks. We now know that "crux," used also by Blacks, identifies Crux's as a Crocket branch. The Tosini variation of Tous' can be of the Tosni's, whom are often said to be of the Toeni's of Leicester, important where Spencers trace to the same Malahule line that founded Tosni's. Where were Spencers first found? It's only a matter of finding which Dexaroi branch was in the family blood of Malahule, and testing to see whether it was a Dexaroi branch through the Ticino / Laevi.

Crux's share a black-on-white pale bar with Crocks/Cracks/Crichs and English Blake's, and the latter share a green dragon in Crest with CRICHtons. Blacks were first found in the same place as Tunnels, and have stars in colors reversed from the Tunnel stars. Diana Spencer died in a tunnel. Spencers (same place as Watsons and Dexters) were first found in Leicestershire, and share the fret with Irish Blake's/Caddells (same place as "Grege"-using Pattersons/Cassane's). Another surname with a single, black-on-white pale bar is the ESKIN/Erskin, and then ESCHYNa de Molle married Robert Croc(e), while Croce's ("Cruce") use a crane-like stork. The Molle boar head is shared by SCHIMs/Schiens/Shands while Croce-like Corsens use a SCIMitar. The "M'OUbliez" motto term of Corsens is now decipherable for the Mow variation of Molle's, sneaky Corsens. It appears that Corsons could have been Croc liners, especially as Corsens linked above to Courts/Coverts while Scottish Crocs share a version of the Covert/Coffert martlets and fesse, and even putting the Black and/or Corsen crescent within the fesse. Eschyna's husband is in the Croc write-up. These martlets are very linkable to the same of Henrys / Alans, and sinister-bend Cors'/Courts were first found in Brittany.

Irish Henrys, linkable to both Rod Coats, were first found in Tyrone, and while Tyrone's are listed with the particular Tyrols that use the Dexter chevrons, the Arms of Tyrone uses a right hand. It gives the impression that the hand of Ireland's Ulster flag was from Mucianus liners. Wikipedia's Tyrone article doesn't root "Tyrone" in a Tyrol-like term, but with Irish, and especially with Wikipedia yahoos who state an opinion or theory or derivations as fact, wanting to appear scholarly, the derivation of "Tyrol" presented at Wikipedia in "Eoghan" could be nothing more than a leading but incorrect theory.

AHA! The Crooks (Cory colors), known to be a Robert-Croc line, and a Crook area of Renfrewshire, use the bend of Jewish Pollocks, and place black escutcheons upon the bend, the symbol of Correns, first found in Waterford along with Whelans. It seems to indicate that Correns and Currys were either a branch of, or at least merged with, Corren-like Corsens. I know that the line of Henri VI of RODez is in the Rod surname, and while I trace Cor-like surnames to mythical Coronis at the Chora location of Patmos, AscLEPIOS (a LAPITH) was Coronis' son, while Huckabys, linkable by their chevrons to Dexter-suspect Hucks, use Asclepios RODS. Patmos is where John penned the Revelation and its 666 warning. Corrys (Waterford) use nearly the Pollock motto term, Audacter," and this is part-code for Aude, location of Roquefeuil, where Henri VI of Rodez got his wife. Ewens/Eugene's use almost the Pollock motto term above. For the record, the Corry/Curry trefoils are in the colors of the Trell cinquefoils.

Corsons: "A RIGHT HAND HOLDING a scimitar." Holdings/Holdens, first found in the same place as escutcheon-using Crooks and Chadwicks / Chadocks, use the escutcheon of Allers, in colors reversed from the same of Chadwicks / Chadocks. This makes a Holden link to ROCHdale, the Arms of which shares the Chadwick / Chadock design. Cronkite's, from Crociatonum, use a ROCK with their crane, all in the colors of the ROQUE/Rock rocks, and Roque's were first found in the same place as Roquefeuil. When we get to the "AUDaciter" motto term of Ewens/Eugene's, we can make a link to the lone of Henri's Roquefeuil line.

The escutCHEON is part code for Keons and Keens, the latter sharing a white and central escutcheon with the Arms of Ulster. The naming of Tyrone is wrongly said to be from Neils (share the red right hand of Ulster), who use a version of the Keon/Owen Coat (red right hand), and the latter's variations best serve the "Eoghan" term to which the Wikipedia writer traces "Tyrone." The Owans and Ewens/Eugene's (share red lion with Neils) seem to fit into Keon/Owen variations, and Irish Cane's share a wavy and white bend with Jewish Pollocks yet these Cane's look linkable by their Cathain term to Chattans and Botters, bringing us back to Lucca of Tuscany. Keens use a cat-a-mountain. And the Corson scimiTAR (shared by KENNedys) is for the Taro river into which the CENO flows. The Clan-Chattan members, the Beans/Bains (Chives / Tarves kin) use the right red hand, and while they are a sept of Mackays, the latter descend from Ireland's king Sitric of Dublin, father of Harald suspect in the Harald variation of Herods.

If the Keon Crest is the Mieske arm-and-sword, I can see Mucianus liners with Keons (probably the Owen lion), and it just so happens that Keens use two sinister features (a horse facing left and lizards rising left). In the flag of Ewens/Eugene's, one can spot a tiny saltire in colors reversed from the same of German Neils/Nails (Westphalia, same place as Allers). Note that Owens are of Wales and can therefore be using the Powell / Robert / Louis/Lewis lion. I'm not convinced that Keons and Owens were mere variations of one another. The Keon write-up traces "Keon" to "Eogain = son of John," what looks like manure. The problem is, Kane's, Keens and Keons share fish, but they aren't all traced to "John." And why do TREBecks use fish and nothing more? After all said, Caens/Canns/Cans' happen to share the five, white ostrich feathers in the Arms of Traby.

If one or more Keon-like term developed a variation with a capital vowel, and later got their 'K/C' as per the 'c' in "Mac," I would suggest the Anne's/Hanne's/Hanneys (Gain/Angain colors) and Hanna's/Hanneys, both of which share the stag with Hands. Meanwhile, Annabels/Hannibals (stag) can trace to Hannibal Carthaginians at the Trebia river, near the Ceno. And Ananes Gauls lived between the Trebia and Taro. It looks like we can trace the 666 bloodline out of Patmos to the Trebia's namers. German Hains and Irish Hannitys can be using the Neil lion, one of which faces sinister.

Trebecks are said to have been at WINDERmere, and while I see both Kennedys and Ananes Gauls as Heneti > Veneti, ditto for WINDsors. Gains/Angains share the Windsor crosslets, as do Trips near the Tarve river. Windsors share the same saltire as Corrys. WINDERs use the Pully / Patent motto, which includes "Nulla," and Nulls use a stag-lion version of the Neil Coat, with the lion facing the sinister side of the Shield, not the stag. Compare the Winder Coat with that of Caens, but with the colors of Cable's and Radice's in view, and note that Radice's were first found in the land of the Veneti, near Eugene-like Euganeo, Cable's (almost the Keon Crest) use a motto term looking like code for the nearby Vito's at TARVISium, which has a Treby-like Treviso variation so that this place can trace to both the Taro and the Trebia. With Cable's (same place as English Leavells) from Cabyle along with button-using Tous'/Tonso's, it stands to reason that the red Cable / Caen / Winder and Scottish-Leavell fesse is that of Buttons, first found in the same place as English Botters.

The Bean motto (includes "targe") honors the Targets/Tagarts, apparently, rather than the Glove's honored by other Clan-Chattan mottoes, The Targets/Tagarts share "non vi" with same-colored Chives', first found in Tarves, a location in Aberdeenshire, where Beans were first found. Nons use a "branch of palm" while Palms/PARMs ("Ut palma jusTUS") can trace to Parma i.e. at the Taro. The Target/Tagart Coat is a reflection of the Bessin Coat, and Caen is in the Bessin. Glove's, first found beside Aberdeenshire, and in the same place as Justus'/Justine's in the Palm/Parm motto, are suspect with the dog-using Gloughs/Glue's, and it's a white dog, same as the Canossa dog. The Watterville's/Waterfords (Cetis lily?) use the colors and format of Gloughs/Glue's, and Palms/Parms are said to be from a Watterville location. Watterville's are said to be from an old WATEford term, and Wate's are Weights. Note that the Palm/Parm Chief is the vaired Chief of Quints and Roberts. Targets/Tagarts use "Ratione," and were first found beside the Rats/Rate's.

The Winder bull has an unidentified "branch" in mouth, and the English Botters use an eagle standing on an unidentified branch (no species given, suggesting the Branch surname). The other Winders/Wunders can be with the Jewish-Pollock bend and a version of the Jewish-Glass wings, looking very linkable to Adolf Hitler's father, who married both Miss Glassl and Miss Polzl. The Glass-like Klassens use "Lady Fortune" while Fortuna's/Fortune's (Florence, same place as Tous') use exactly the Arms-of-Canossa dog. German Fortuna's look like Sforza's that love the fish-using Clubs.

The "IMPavide" motto term of Cable's can be secondly for Imperia, for that place was also Oneglia, where I trace Nagle's, one branch being with the Neils/Nails that use a saltire in colors reversed from the one in the flag of Eugene's. The Eugene flag can thus be code for Flags/Flecks that use a version of the Palmer/PARMer Coat, traceable to Parma at the end of the Taro river. The Eugene's can be with the two Futter stars, and while I see Futters in the motto of Pollock-suspect Fullers, Spanish Cane's/Canos' (three fesses colors reversed from the same of Fullers) could be from Canossa, for the Futter dog is in the colors of the dog that is the Arms of the counts of Canossa. As these counts are said to have derived from Lucca, it appears that the Irish Cane's (share the bend of Lucca's Botters, I assume) were Canossa liners. But why not also Kane's, Keens, Keons, etc? it could simply mean that Canossa's rulers were at the Ceno-river area, and that Canossa liners named it before or after becoming Cane's, Keens, etc. Luciano's (Rome) and Luce's use more fish to which the Cane / Keen fish may link.

"Sigifred of Lucca (also Sigefred, Siegfried) (died after 940) was a Lombard nobleman and the progenitor of the House of Canossa...from "the county of Lucca"...He moved from Tuscany to Emilia-Romagna c.924-930 when Hugh of Italy endowed him with lands around Parma. Sigifred also gained control of lands around Brescia."

With Crocs at topic, this is a good place to add that Groce's/Grechs/Graggs use a horizontally-split Shield in colors reversed from the same of French Janets. These are Fast-quadrant colors shared by Ralph de Tosni while Leslie's ("Grip" FAST) were first found in the same place as Tarves while Tarves' have a vertically split Shield in the same colors, all suspect with the split-Shield that is the Arms of Modena, where "grege"-using Pattersons/Cassane's trace, namely to Casano's that share the blue Zionist star with Innes'. The latter had been suspect with the InSUBREs at Milan / Lombardy, and Michaels use a "supero" motto term while Supers share the same saltire as Rusts and Wotens. Why do Michaels share the same mascles as Pratts and Peters? Can this trace Michaels' to Peter Pollock's Rothes castle at Morayshire (i.e. same place as Innes')? English Innis' share the green snake with the earliest Visconti's (now a blue snake), who ruled in Milan. Michaels look linkable to the Ladons (Somerset).

InSUBREs' were beside the Laevi, or even amongst them, and SOBERs use "rose leaves." The Sober rose leaves are colors reversed from the leaves of Tecks/Tess'. As Innsbruck elements are linking to bustard-using Traps (bustards), note that Supers, sharing a saltire like the cross of Rats -- same place as Rose's -- were first found in the same place as Bustards. Recall the Widens/Whithens/Wittens (share water bouget with Rose's), for Wettins (Arms of Saxony) were first found in the same place (Saxony) as Sobers while Widens/Wittens share the Chief of Treebys while the latter were first found in the same place as Supers. While Treebys/Treby can link to Tree / Treeton liners, it's a wonder on whether "Treby" was shaped like "Traby" for a related reason. There is a question on whether Treat / Treeton liners were from Tertullus, Plancia's husband. Treetons were first found in the same place as Toots who share a red canton with Treetons, and TURTLe's are also Toothills.

The Michael motto term, "faVENTE" (Veneti?), can link by way of Vante's/Fentons to English Fentons ("angau") that have a black version of the Arms of Chalons-sur-Marne and the Wood Coat. "Marne" is interesting where Modena's Morinis', in the write-up of the Deerings that were in-turn first found in the same place as Rusts and Wotens, can trace to Moray's Innes'. Scottish Fentons were first found in ANGus, where the Innus' (with a 'u') are said to connect. It can appear that FENtons were of the Modena line of Fanano to such things as Fens'/Venns (same griffin head as Leslie's), first found in the same place as Supers and Bustards. As I trace Ananes Gauls to Heneti > Veneti liners, note that the same saltire of Annandale's is shared by Belgian Vante's/Fentons.

The Muschats (Essex, same as Tyrols) happen to come up as "Mitch," while Michaels are also MITCHells, and, believe it or not, English Cassane's/Cassandra's share the triple chevrons of Mitch's/Muschats while Diane Muschatov was code for Diane's/Deans that share the crescents of Italian Deans/Diano's and the Angus Fentons! Amazing. Muschats also come up as "Mich," a thing I didn't know, and I owe this paragraph to the MICHigan origin of Michael Witherspoon's parents (otherwise I wouldn't have looked for a Mich surname, which wasn't looked for until immediately after the paragraph above was fully written). While thinking about "MICHIGan," the Mesech variation of Mieske's came to mind, but I had not yet realized that English Fentons were first found in the same place as Janets (and Hucks), and they both use the same arm-and-sword in Crest, virtually identical with the same of Mieske's/Mesechs. It's then very interesting that Walerans share the black bull head with Mieske's/Mesechs while these same Fentons use a "Gwell" motto term, apparently for Gouel de Percival, father of Waleran of Meulan de Leavell in the Waleran write-up.

It's amazing what a little croquet can reveal when God puts my history together. We have good indication now that things in relation to Michael Witherspoons link to Dexter elements, and it looks so compelling that I have got to assume that God named him, then named the street, Dexter, for the purposes here (or, he had the Witherspoons moving to Dexter street not knowing that He was behind it). Dexters are still suspect from the Dexaroi Illyrians at proto-Patterson Antipatria, and all the black saltires in the discussion can link to the same of dagger-using, Patterson-branch Kilpatricks.

Who names themselves Witherspoons unless they merged with Spoons? Spoons use the same boar head as Camilla Parker Bowles, and Spoons add red drops. I am immediately reminded of the same boar head by Molle's, and the mole hills of Shake's, for Shake's share the green-on-white Foster/Forrest chevron, and the chevron of Forez's/Forrests ("travers") would be green in colors reversed. This came to mind because I had been wondering whether God was the one who made the Sherwood-neighborhood planners leave the forest between Powell's and Witherspoon's houses. But I didn't now until loading Forrests that the English branch, in the same place (Northumberland) as Fosters/Forrests, used a half mill rind that they call a "fer de MOLine." Fosters/Forrests use nearly the Weight / Traby hunting horn, but to be sure, the other Fosters use that hunting horn exactly. It seems that everything in that Sherwood neighborhood points to the 666 bloodline.

Again, the forest is between DEXTER street and Reesor street, and we just saw the hunting horns of Dexter-beloved Weights with Fosters, kin of Forests. You decide. Did the town planners have this in mind (of course not), or did God leave that forest for me? Like I said, a couple of months or less after moving to Reesor street, I woke up repeating, "No, I don't believe in you, God, I don't believe in you," when, at that very second, a frightening bolt of lightning struck. I heard a funny noise in the ceiling outside my bedroom door. A half hour later, a neighbor knocked on the front door to say that the chimney's bricks were scattered on our roof. So, you see, God was treating me as a special case, and now I know why. He doesn't normally strike lightning toward 11-year old kids who refuse to believe in Him. And I always have my recent dreams from God just as I awake...probably because He times them that way. I am sure that I've not yet recalled all the events while living there that were set up by Him.

Behold what was realized after writing the above. Weights/WATE's use "aRIS" and meanwhile use the colors and format of Rice's/Rhys'/Rees', a branch of Reesors/Reece's/Rhys'. It looks like the Dexter kin of Weights link exactly to Reesors. Repeat: "Palms/Parms are said to be from a Watterville location. Watterville's are said to be from an old WATEford term". Palms/Parms happen to share blue vair fur with the other Reesors. The latter use the vaired cross of Florence-liner Ferrands. Florence was politically linkable to Parma.

The Dutch Raven surname (three ravens only) shares the Reesor/Rhys Coat, and English Ravens (same place as Dexters) put a raven on a red roundel, the colors of the Orris/Ore and Orell roundels while Reesors/Rhys' use a motto term, "meliORIS." Orris'/Ore's were first found in the same place as same-colored Witherspoons, can you believe it? Orris'/Ore's use what could be a version of the Annas/ARNiss Coat while the Arno river flows from Florence to Pisa i.e. near Canossa's Lucca origins. The Dutch Raven Coat is shared by English Roofs/Rolphs, and God scattered BRICKs on the roof of my home at Reesor street. The bricks were from the top of the chimney, and the Chimney-surname antelope is for lines out of Antalya, beside Perga.

Parkers are not exempt from this 666-suspect line from Traby, for rulers of Traby, according to the Traby article at Wikipedia, married the RADziwills, or Astikas', on Vilnius (Lithuania), and the god of Lithuania, Perkunos, has been traced to elements that named Perkens/Parkings / Perkins/Parkins, very suspect from Perga, home of PLANCIA Magna, because Plunketts were first found in Vilnius-suspect Vilaine. Perga is smack beside ANTALya, where I trace ANTELopes, and Chimneys share the antelope of Derbys, while Parkers were first found in Derbyshire. And the Arms of Vilaine share the double pale bars of Seats/Cedes' in the "cede" motto term of Styria-like Steers. Heraldry can be so effective due to its very big mouth.

Steers were first found in Zurich-possible Surrey, but are said to have been of Wootton elements. I can glean from their NewdeGATE entity that the Steers use a version of the Gate Coat. Gate's are Cetis liners, possibly a branch of Geddys/Gideons (Devon again), and Plancia Magna's grandmother birthed the Maccabee-Herod line to the Cetis royals. The Cetis royals, through Quadratus, were from Amyntes, conqueror of Derbe. Amyntes was a Galatian, and Plancia's Plancius line (her father) was from Galatia. Is there much left to the imagination on where Camilla Parker Bowles descends from? We need only ask whether she was born with a silver Spoon in her mouth.

Spoons were first found in the same place (Warwickshire) as Spine's (and Tree's/True's), and for this reason I expected them, years ago, with Malaspina's of Massa-Carrara, but also with Spence-suspect Espaine's/Spans'. In those days, I had already seen MALAhule behind "Malaspina," but didn't know until this update that Spence's were definitely from Balso D'Espaines. Spice's use a "fire BALL" in Crest that can be code for the Ball namers of Balso, if in fact that is correct. Spice's almost use the colors and format of Spine's, and the Italian "spina" is the English "spike." Spice's use the colors and format of Welsh Chalants/Chalons, and Spike's are with Specks/Spicks/Spocks...suspect with my old friend, Kepke. It was Lawrence Kepke who said to act "non-Chalant" with Miss Whelan when she went on a date at the Scarburgh MALL. Was this to indicate that Whelans descended from Scar / Schere / Shirt elements?

Wellans (same place as Walerans) happen to use roughly the Lawrence cross. Here are the Scarrs, first found in Devon, in Scarburgh colors, and possibly using a gold version of the Vilain Coat (makes sense). The string of Whelan lozenges can go to the Percy lozenges due to Whalen descent from of Waleran de Percival, and Percys were first found in the same place as Scarfs.

SCARBurghs, suspect with the three Thor towers, were first found in the same place as Mauls ("Clementia"), Keppochs/Kippax's and SCARFs. The latter are in the Traby/Sadowski scarf. The Schere's/SCHERFs are easily pegged as a branch of Shere's/Sheers (Surrey) gleaned in some Kilpatrick variations, and Kilpatricks then use a "sure" motto term while Sure's were first found in Derbyshire. Sure's use holly while Hollys use a version of the Plunket Coat, no coincidence. Sure's even use the motto of Cetis-liner Caens. The other Hollys are Chalon-like Cullens. This recalls that the proto-Kilpatricks trace via the Antipater > Cassander line to queen Nysa of Cappadocia.

Hmm, as Lawrence and I both sold shoes at SCARBurgh, note that the shoe to Italians is, SCARPA. Traby-like Trips now show the Shoe. While Hepburns use a "KEEP Tryst" motto, Trysts use a "TREPidum" motto term. It's hard to say whether "trepiDUM" is part code for Dumfries, but that's where Corsens (and Kilpatricks) were first found while Miss Whelan lived on Corsen street.

There is a Witherspoon Coat, first found in Renfrewshire, and probably with the Speer crescents, shared by Tattons that married WITHENshaws. The last update found a Lawrence-like cross with Marions/Marins (Hampshire), but here we can say that it's in both colors of the Witherspoon Cross while Lawrence Kepke's backyard was not more than about four houses from Witherspoon's front yard. "Marin" is like the Marone surname which shares the same boar head as Spoons. Marone's were first found in FERMANagh (Ulster), and this is great, for Formans/Fermans use the same bars as Morinis', albeit with the colors of the same in the Arms of Fermanagh. This clinches a Fermanagh link to Formans / Firmans, the latter being the ones sharing the red lion heads of Farmers. Formans and Firmans both share the anchor with Italian Marone's/MarinCOLA's. Perfect. Farmers were first found in the same place as COLchester, and the nail-using Arms of Colchester is the ragully Lawrence cross in colors reversed! Is that not amazing? It tends to clinch my working at the farm, and with Kepke at ____ ____ Farms, for the reason of making this and similar links.

Spoons use blood drops for a trace to Fier county's Tropoje, and the Essex surname (Este / Segni eagle?) itself was first found in the same place as Fiers and Apps'. Then, while Kuman is in Fier, Avisons share the Comyn Coat while the Avison Crest is a black anchor, the color of the same of Italian Marone's. The Dexaroi on the Apsus river through Fier are still suspect with Witherspoon's Dexter street. On top of that, Witherspoons use the same type cross, in both colors, of the MORENcy Coat. This reminds me that Louise Phillips went with a man, Moreno, and meanwhile there is Phillip Witherspoon here at Dexter street. And the farmer was Mr. Diphilipi.

This trace of Witherspoon kin to the Dexaroi at Antipatria would be important for God's revelation if I'm correct in tracing Antipater, the first Herod's father, to Antipater version of Antipatria. I'm already sure that Herods trace to such things as the True's/Tree's, the Lannoys and Lyons, but there is the question on whether they trace to Herods/Hurls/Heraults/Haralds, all of those variations listed as septs of McLeods whom have in-turn been resolved with the Waleran bull head. With the Herod question in mind, we go back to the forest that is at the back yard of Witherspoons, for Forez's/Forests/FORETs share the same fesse as Herods/Heraults. Meanwhile, Lyons are said to be from Lyon-la-FORET. The Antipater line is expected with Pattersons/Cassane's who use nearly the full Lyon motto, the difference being that Lyons use "PATRIA" in place as "grege." I think we thereby have the trace of Herod Archelaus clinched to Antipatria, for he was known to be banished to Vienne-Isere, smack beside Lyon. Herods/Heraults were first found in ARCHELaus-like ARGYLLshire. It looks like Witherspoon's forest just ratted on the Herod liners.

Herod Archelaus got his surname from Glaphyra Archelaus, and her family was the management of a religious cult in Cappadocia, where Nysa was queen whom is known to have descended from king Antipater of Macedonia, who lived around the time of PHILIP of Macedonia, father of Alexander "the great." This now tells me why PHILLIP Witherspoon was Michael's brother, otherwise I have no idea, much, on how to trace the Phillip surname(s) to king Phillip. It appears that I am, for the first time ever, convinced that Herods descended from Antipater of Macedonia. Nysa was also descended from the Seleucids, but I add that Seleucids were the ancestry of the Maccabee-Herod husband (not Herod Archelaus), Alexander, of Glaphyra Archelaus. Nysa was daughter to Nysa, queen of the Pontus, and the latter Nysa was a daughter of the Seleucid king, Antiochus (son of Antiochus III, but not the same as Antiochus IV). Nysa of Cappadocia even married a Macedonian and Seleucid liner by the throne name of AriaRATHES (Persian term). Might QuadRATUS Bassus (AD times) have been named after this family? It's notable that Radice's and Cable's are in Lannoy / Lyon colors, for I expect the first Herod from the line of Nysa with Ariarathes.

With what looks like ample grounds for a Maccabee connection to Macedonia in mind, let's bring back the PhilBEAN variation of Philbens, for Beans are a sept of Maccabee-liner Mackays, and the latter's dagger traces to Dexaroi at Antipatria. It's as though the Mackays knew of their trace to the Macedonian-Maccabee relationship. The Fulbert name, and the Fullers, might have been Phillips liners too, for "Fulop" is a variation of "patriae"-using Phillips. This can explain why Vespasia-liner Powells were merged with Phillips', if, for example, I'm correct about Fullers being the father of Pollocks. God seems to be concerned with the Phillip bloodline because I was put together with Louise Phillips, and Louis' share the Phillip lion. The French Philip royals were related to the royal Louis', and I've been convinced that Lewis' were from Laevillus. The Lewis blood drops trace to the mouth of the Apsus river, where Dexaroi lived.

Yesterday, I looked up Dassets as per someone's motto, though it wasn't from the "DUCIT" motto term of Fulops/Phillips. The DACIT variation of Dassets seems applicable to the Phillip motto, and Dassets, who smack of the DassaRETAE version of "Dexaroi," were first found in the same place as Peter-likely Pettys. One Petty surname share's the green parrot with the Peeble surname, and Glenns (martlets) were first found in Peebles while Louise Phillip's brother was Glenn. The Glenns share black martlets with Josephs, and the latter's is colors reversed from the Dasset martlets. Philbens/Phillips' were first found in the same place as Pattersons/Cassane's, and have bars traceable to the Modena Morinis', thus linkable to the Modena's Casano's/Cassandra's. It is a compelling case for tracing Phillips' and Philbeans to Philip of Macedonia. The Pilbean variation apparently explains why Pillars/Pile's/Pilards/Pilots (same place as Plate's in Pilate colors) share the Phlip/Fulop lion. There is even a Pillings/Pillen surname with piles (ditto for Pile's and Leavells) as well as Pilate-like "plates," and Plate's/Platts (almost colors and format of Mackays) share the scallops of Pattersons/Cassane's as well as those of French Mars (colors and format of Mackays), first found in the same place as same-colored Pilate's. The French Josephs once showed the same swan design still showing in the Crest of German Plate's, and the Coat of the latter shows a grape vine, symbol on a coin of Herod Archelaus. I don't think that "PILbean" refers to a Pontius-Pilate line only, but what looks like a Pilate-Phillip merger. In this picture, it could be that Nysa of the Pontus descended from Philip of Macedon.

While Phillips use "amor," Wikipedia says that Philip I of France (married Anne of Kiev) was called the "amorous," but this looks like a mistaken view of some Amor entity that was applicable to his family. Amore's are suspect with the Leavell bars, and, can you believe it, Philip named his son and hear, Louis. It's excellent evidence for a "Philip" trace to Laevillus. Philip of France was a Robertian, also called by Caiaphas-suspect "Capet." This should explain why Roberts, Phillips, Pole's and Louise's use the same lion, black like the Levi / Capone lion. Like the latter two, the Dutch Pole's crown the lion.

The French Phillips, in the colors and format of French Mars, use the white swan too, as well as a single star in the colors of the Vlad star, while Vlads are suspect from Vladimir of Kiev, grandfather of Philip's wife. And Vlads are also suspect in the "wlad" motto term of English Josephs. In fact, I know a Vlad from the Ukraine who married the sister of Anna from Moldova. Anna owns a saxophone, the instrument played by Diane MUSCHATov, and the line of Vladimir of Kiev founded Moscow. Anna married Michael, which reminds of Michael and Phillip Witherspoon on Dexter street.

Repeat from above:

While Dominic's [DiPHILIPI surname] mother was, Nancy, Nancys can be using a version of the Rust saltire because Nancy is a location in Lorraine, where Rusticus / Mummolin liners have been traced. It may be nothing, or it may mean that king Philip I of France descended from Rusticus. The latter was suspect with proto-Varangians, and Philip I married a daughter of the Kiev Varangians. Dominic married ANNA!!! Amazing, for Philip's Kiev wife was Anna!!!

It looks like a clue that the Rusticus / Mummolin line went first to Kiev as Varangians, and in the meantime another branch could have birthed Philip I, which can explain why the latter married Kiev. This got me to check the Dominic surname, and one of them uses the split-Shield of Schwerins, and Dominic's throw in what should be the Vere star. Schwerin is in the old region (Mecklenburg) of Varangi-like Varni. Anna of Kiev was the daughter of Vere-like VAROslav. Recall that Dominic's farm linked to ___ ___ Farms, where Kepke and I worked, for Kepke's father was Ukrainian.

Dominic's brother was Danny, and Dannys are new to me with their Dance variation. They are said to have included, D'Anizy, which strikes me as an Annecy term. Nancy is not far from Annecy. The Dominic Coat happens to use the single Annas star! Yes, I will bet all my precious cabbages that God named the brothers to reveal that Dominic's are Annas liners. I had traced Annas' (share the Angus star) to Angusta of Moldova, and Cabbage's use an "angustis" motto term. And Keppochs are suspect with the Dance Coat!!! The Danny location makes its lion suspect with the Poole lion.

If I recall correctly, Angustus was up the modern Trotus river, and Trots were first found in Berkshire, near the first English Dominics. French Trotes' share a horizontally-split Shield with the Mecklenburg Dominics, and the Trotes Coat (Brittany) is identical to the Groce Coat!!! Dominic opened a grocery store. The Vlad star is that of HAGARs (same place as Rollo's, beside ANGUS), and the Trotus is a tributary of the Siret, which was the AGARus in ancient times. Perfect. The Agarus and Augusta/Angusta are at the top-right of the dark map here:

Emailer Patterson was probably reading for a Reason. She has/had a pet, Copperchief by name. I was thinking last night that, if God was in its naming, I maybe should be looking at the Chief of the Copper surname, which I now see shares a gold leopard face (code for Vase's/Face's beloved by Poli's to Malahule's wife) with the Pile's/Pills. This is compelling where we reason that God named Copperchief because Coppers link to Pattersons, and we saw why Pattersons should link to Philips from as far back as Philip of Macedon, and we just saw the Pilling-beloved Plate's using the Patterson scallops. The Coverts/Cofferts, which brings us back to Corsen liners, who share the gold leopard face, were first found in the same place as Coppers and Philbeans/Pilbeans. We saw why Pattersons (same lion as Phillips') as well as Michael and Philip Witherspoon should trace to Pilate-suspect Nysa of the Pontus, and also to her daughter in Cappadocia, the latter suspect with forming the Herods. And the first Herod's mother was Copper-like Cypros. She married Antipater. There was enough time between Nysa of Cappadocia to birth a child leading to Antipater of the Herods.

Face's/Vase's have Segurana kin suspect with the Sakarya's line to Bassus', but as Plancia's father was from the Sakarya area while she married Tertullus, while Tertulla was in the Rieti family of Vespasian, I can see why God would want to stress the Copper Chief.

The Forez mountains are beside Mont Pilate, and PONTIUS Pilate was suspect with the Pontus even before I knew of Nysa of the Pontus. Mont Pilate is near FIRMINy, a term that just linked to Witherspoon elements, and MontBRISON while Brisons (share white pheon with Pilate's) share the Corry/Curry saltire. French Brisons are BRIX's/Brests, who use the Whelan lozenges in colors reversed, and Miss Whelan lived on CORson. Brisons share the Breck hunting horn, apparently, but the Bryson horn is the striped one of Courts and Farmers too. I don't think Miss Whelan was arrived yet to Corson when God scattered BRICKs on our roof.

Pilate ruled Judea when Chappes-suspect Caiaphas was the high priest of Israel in Judea. Pilate's use three pheons in the colors of the three Brison/Brix lozenges. Pilate's were first found in the same place as Messeys, and Whelans use the Massey fleur. Miss Whelan lived at 6 CORson while the numeral 6 is to be expected sacred in Patmos, location of Chora. Did PATmos liners name AntiPATria? The Pilate pheons are in the colors of the Patterson SCALLOPs, and the other major city on Patmos was SKALA, suspect with Coronis' son, ASCLEPios. The Patterson scallops are shared by Mars/Mares', first found in the same place as Pilate's.

As Morencys were first found in the same place as French Chappes' while Scottish Chappes' were first found in the same place as Nimo's/Nimoys, compare the latter's Coat with the Witherspoon Coat, a near match, no coincidence. The "Show" motto term of Nimo's is for Shows/SCHAWs (crescents in Tatton-crescent colors), which can explain the Tatton marriage to WithenSHAW. Irish Shaws use the same Coat as Pellets and Pilotte's. Shaws come up as "Seth," the name of the father of Caiaphas' father-in-law. The NemMOKE/NemMOCK variations of Nimo's must be for Moke's/Mocks ("CURA") with a familiar crescent, and sharing the gold rooster in Crest with Corrys/CURRYs. Witherspoon and his neighbors backed on houses upon CORson street.

I sense that there is a reason that Whelan's house was also on Reesor street. I can't imagine what the "aevi" motto term of Reesors/Reece's could be for if not for the Ave variation of Avisons. The related Comyns use the motto, "COURage." What could that be for? There is a Courage/Corage surname, first found in Essex, and using the same fleur-de-lys as Parkins/Perkins, which is a definite Perga line. Repeat from above: "I've got it. Droits [in the Spencer motto] share the fleur of Perkins, and the latter were first found in the same place as Spencers." Yes, and that's where Dexters were first found too.

Amazingly (it never ends), English Michaels use the colors and format of Spine's, just as though God named Michael Witherspoon. Scottish Michaels use "FaVENTE Deo supero," and Witherspoons use "Deo JuVANTE." Spencers use "deFEND." After seeing Vante's/Fendens/Fentins, see Fentons with a combination of both Conan Coats; spot the June fleur-de-lys. Conans have been traced well to ancient Kenites, partners with Shechemites (their Molle kin use the same boar head as Spoons). Conans were first found in the same place as Kennedys while Kenneths trace very well to Shawia Numidians.

Janets/Jonets may have been a branch of June's / Jeune's, first found in the same place as CAPONE's, suspect with Quintus Caepio, whose surname became CAEPIONis when it was used by the mother of his great-grandchildren, three JUNia sisters, any one of which is suspect in the ancestry of Joseph Caiaphas. The mother, Servilia Caepionis (married Junius), was having an affair with Julius Caesar, and Julians were first found in the same place as June's and Capone's too, all beside Essex, where June-loving Youngs were first found along with Colchester, etc. With this, it seems that Janet Spence is all-the-more to be expected as a symbol of the revelation harlot (this says nothing necessarily about the person, of course). Jeune's are said to be of "Gennes," like the Gennet/Jennet variation of Janets, and there is a Gennes surname sharing the fesse of Keppochs.

COLIN Powell came to mind, and when checking Colins, they use the Joseph martlets too, as well as sharing the Rick-Crest griffin in roughly the same color. Colin Powell does not strike me as an anti-Christ type, but a lamb-like False Prophet, maybe. The Colin bend is colors reversed from the Keep bend. I'm not making any predictions here, but maybe God is implying it.

English Philbens/PhilBEANs/PhiBEAMs (branch of Phillips'/Philbens?) are new here; they were first found in Sussex, same as Keeps. The Beans/Vains (use the Clan-Chattan motto) share a "galley" with Keeps, and possibly the red lion of Beams, suggesting that Philbeans were a Philip-Beam merger. That links anti-Christ-suspect Keeps to Powells, so interesting. Philips'/Philbens use wavy bars, as do Weaver-related Webbers, and Keeps use a weaver's shuttle. Phillips'/Philbens share a black lion with crown gorged around its neck with the Irish Philips that share the Powell lion. Powells are suggestively / alternatively said to be from Philip ap Howell of Wales. The Pattersons/Cassane's (same place as Philips) are all over this along with Morinis', I glean. This is the Fanano entity, for I read that Beans/Vains were a sept of Mackays (share dagger with Beans) along with Fane's/Vans/Veynes'. Phillips are traced (in their write-up to Philip of Macedon, and I trace Pattersons to Antipater, king of Macedonia, with a shred of doubt. Philip II of Macedon was father to Alexander the Great, whom is in the anti-Christ-globalist prophecy of Daniel 7 and 8.

The "praeLUCENT" motto term of English Webbers (Pray/Prater / Pratt colors) looks to be for Spanish Lucents/Luca's that have three ways for identification with Botters of Lucca, home of Clan Chattan, potential Cassane's. The Lucents use a split Shield in the colors of the same of Cetins/CATTANs, no kidding at all, and the latter have a "foVEAN" motto term while Veans bring up the Chattan-member Beans/Vains (mountain lion in Crest).

The "Lux" motto term of Blonds can enter this picture because the six bars of Webbers are those also of Blonds, apparently, especially as the Blond bars look linkable to both the Levi chevrons and the Leavell bars while Lux's/Luchs share the black bull head with Walerans. This makes sense where Polish Piasts were traced to "Pisa," beside Lucca, and then Lux's are probably using the Mieske bull head. Pisa's (same place as Mosca's) use a blue version of the Robert / Powell Coat. But as Robert Powell's brother is Richard, note that the Pisa lion can be used by English Richards who love the Amore's that share the nebuly bars of Blonds and Leavells. Plus, the Powell-related Philips use "amor."

The Janet Crest is an "arm in mail," and Mails/Meoles' (same place as Malls/Mallibone's) look like they can be a branch of Capote-beloved Mules'. See also Mauls of Yorkshire. However, as Mails are also Meills, it's notable that one Neil surname comes up as "Meul." It may mean that Mails were Neils, not Mall or Mauls, or that Mall / Maul liners merged with Neils. It's a fact that the Neils are in the nails in the Arms-of-Colchester cross, for Neils share the red estoiles of Colchesters. And Malls (share the Mail bend) use quadrants in colors reversed from the same of Vere's who in-turn use a "nihil" motto term for the Nihill variation of red-estoile Neils. Italian Meolis' (Venezia) use red fusils.

Janets use "two long stemmed roses per saltire." Roses with stems are used by Sherwoods who have the look of this Bridge Coat (Somerset), and this came back to Robert Powell being reportedly thrown down from a bridge. I would not view that as an act of God merely for this revelation, but as an act of God where Powell deserved to lose his life horrifically. Bridge's use crabs while Crabs (Cambridgeshire, same as June's, Capone's) are in Cambridge / Cam colors. As Crabs use "A lion's claw holding a dagger," the Crab Coat looks like a Macey-chevron version of the Mackay Coat (dagger). The Bridge- / Brigit-like Brights (same place as Maceys) use the Macey stars, apparently. The Bright/Bride Coat is shared by German Webbers. The Bricks share the Massey/Macey fleur, and are expected from Ranolph de BRIQUESsart, father of the Masci-suspect Meschins, but this now suggests that Janets were June liners connected to the Briquessart > Meschin line. Meschins were from the Bessin, and Bessins, with a location in Cheshire, share roughly the "arm in mail" of Janets. One can glean that Bessins and Bistons use a version of the Mail bend. As Bistons were first found in WORCestershire, it's notable that Mails share the lion heads of Works. This is just one of many ways to link Meschins to Mieszko's / Mieske's/Mesechs.

One of my best moments in working with events in my life was the last chapter's arrival to the foot-using Blonds/Blunds, and here the Blundeville's (from Ranulph of Blundeville) are in the Bessin write-up. The Blonds came to mind as per blonde Lorraine and Lawrence Kepke, and here I can repeat (from last update: "Lambert of NANTes supported the namer [Lothair] of Lotheringia." Lotheringia was later, Lorraine. And here I find a Nantes-like Nantwich (in Cheshire), location of Beeston (in the Bessin write-up). It look linkable to "Nancy." Lambert's father was Guy, and this was the line to Guy of Spoleto, and therefore to Ranulph le Meschin in the Spolton/Spaulding write-up. It's possible that God named Beeston for this revelation on the Revelation beast. In the Blundville/Blomfield write-up, we find a Blundville location in the same area of Normandy as belonged to Sinclairs ("work" motto term). Blundville's/Blomfields are suspect with two of the white Masci wings in Crest.

The new Blunville's/Blondesville's use the Quint Chief and share six black fitchees with Tarves'.

The way to link the crab-using Bridge's to Powells, which helps to certify that the Powell "rape" of Janet Spence was for a reason, is in the "GARDeray" motto term of Bridge's, for Gards use a version of the Pully/Pullen Shield (includes Sabine scallop). Gards share the same chevron as Crabs, but Crabs come up again below. And German Gardners (suspect with Capes and Caplin Coats), very suspect with the scallop in this Arms of Rothschild, use the large scallop of Sabine's in colors reversed, as well as the Gard griffins in colors reversed. The Gard-Chief griffins are in place of the same-colored martlets of in the Pullen Chief that are the Joseph martlets. We can instantly jump to the "Garde" motto term of Laevillus-liner Carricks, but the point here is that Lake Garda is beside BREScia/BRIXia, where the Janet / Brest/Brix lozenges trace along with her breasts that Powell was squeezing with the tips of his fingers.

Lake Garda is beside Val Trompia, the latter on the north side of Brescia. Trompia is very linkable to the Trump/Tromp surname, and to ancient Maccabees proper (i.e. to Avaran HACHORANi Maccabee). The investigation (not many months ago) into the acorn of Dutch Tromps (white wings in Crest) led to stag-head Acorns and ACORN-using CORNers/GARners (white wings in Crest) that happen to use the same fleur-de-lys as Mackay- / Macey suspect Crabs. The Corners were in many events of my life, including the dream where Kepke led a stag past the corner of my GARage, followed by Paul Smith on crutches. The Smiths share the heron with Avaran-like Haverans/Herons, and to assure that the dream was from God, Smiths use the Crutch formee cross in colors reversed.

Kepke (father = Ukrainian) related to this where his blonde hair is of the style now worn by Donald Trump. The hunch is that Trumps are Keppoch / Keep / Kiev liners. Kepke lived beside Rick Young while German Youngs/JUNGs use the stag in the colors of the Trump/Tromp stag head. And as this can trace Youngs to Val Trompia on a side of Lake Garda, by what coincidence do the other Youngs share "Toujours" with Gards? Gardens ("CRUCiata CRUCE") use a motto term, "JUNGunter." It's undeniable that Leavell-related Youngs were Garda liners, or at least merged with them. As Croce's are a branch of Crutch's/Crooch's, Cruce's may be too. As the Garden motto term can also be for Gunters, note that stag-using Gunters share the three gauntlet gloves of Fiens/Fane's/Vans, but as Maceys are suspect with Bridge's / Brights, let's add that Maceys use the gauntlet glove too.

Welsh Gunters use their stag head COUNTERchanged, suggesting that these Gunters were Counters/Conte's (antlers), first found in the same place as Sherwoods that use a Coat like that of Bridge's. The Conteville's had a Comyns entity that I think named Como, not far from Trompia. Welsh Gunters were first found in Brick-possible Breconshire/Brecknock, same as Powells, can you believe it? It was also where Clermonts'/Clements were first found while Italian Clements share the black boar with Gunters above. But as Spence's use the black boar too, it's notable that the Spence millstones are in the colors and format of the Gunter gloves. The same colors are used by Glove's (same place as Wings), first found beside the Fife Spence's, and sharing double wings in Crest with SPENCers. Glove's were expected with the Glough variation of Glue's (Wales), and the latter happen to share the mascles of SPINKs.

German Gunters (same star as French Clements!) share the Lady/Laudyman annulets, while the latter use them in the fashion and colors of the besants in the Clermonts/Clement Chief. I didn't know until now that Clements were Gunter kin, and so it's Mummolin- and Clermont-Ferrand-important that Cruce's (as per the Garden motto) use the Crozier cross.

"Crampon" Sounds Like a Gross Word

Brecons are also BRICHans. When we go to German Brix's/Brixens, it's the pierced, black stars of Sabine's and Gross'. Brecons share three piles with English Brians (Denbigh, Wales) from Briancon = BRIGantium, yet BRIXia can relate to the namers of Brigantium. I trace Julians to Guillestre, beside Briancon, and German Julians, using pale bars in the colors of the fesses of German Clements, were first found in Saxony along with Gunters.

The all-important Breconshire, and its Welsh environs, is where the line of Mummolin was traced two updates ago, who continued to be a topic in the last update as it connected seemingly to Canossa. As Breconshire is near the Masseys/Maceys of Cheshire, we can assume that Brecon/Brecknock was named after a branch of Brights/Bride's using the Macey Shield. German Tyrols use virtually the Bright/Bride Coat and throw in a "crampon," and there is a Crampon surname...perhaps a branch of the Crabs beloved by Bride-like Bridge's. Why do Dutch Reeds use the same crampon symbol giantly? Are we supposed to be tracing Crampons to Rieti liners?

Crampons/Cramptowns are excellent where they use the motto, "Fortem posce aniMUM," for the Fortuna dog is the Canossa dog, and there was already indication that the line of Mummolin went to Canossa. It now draws Tyrol/Tirell elements into it that can be suspect with Trails / Trells. The very same motto is used Fiens/Finis'.

The first thing to be noted in the Crampon Coat is the so-called "SQUARE" having the QUADRants of English Forts (Mummolin is expected from Quadratilla). We now know that the Crampon motto is for Forts. Secondly, the quadrants are colors reversed from the same of Trunks, suspect in the trunks of both German Thors (Tyrol) and Swedish Thors. The Forts use an "AuDAX" motto term seen in the last update (with Roxburghs) as likely code for Dax's/Tax's, suspect with Daggers / Decks/Daggers, the latter using the red squirrel of SQUARE's/ recalling two instances of a squirrel jumping out of its nest (could have been the same squirrel), at two different locations, and striking me on the BREAST each time...which led me to investigate the Brests/Brix's, I kid you not. On one occasion, the squirrel had chewed through the WINDOW screen of the TRAILer (Tyrol line?) and made its nest in the ceiling above the bathroom SINK! After it hit the floor, it jumped up onto the kitchen counter and ran across the kitchen sink, leaping from the edge of the counter to the hole on the screen (it got away). I have told this story before, I'm not making it up. The red buttons over the kitchen sink were not to be found until a couple of weeks ago, some two years later. To our further amazement, Crampons were first found in Cumberland along with Daggers! This recalls the dagger in the Crab Crest.

The Trails use a Coat looking like that of Verona's while Verona is on the opposite side of Lake Garda from Val Trompia and Brescia. The squirrel on my breast led to Brest in the first place, and it was then found, thanks to the Lane's/Lano's, first found in Brescia, that Brescia liners named Brest, in LAUNay. Launays even share lozenges with Brests/Brix's. Brest and Launay are Finistere (beside Vannes, Brittany), a term that I found logically from Fiens/Fane's/Vans that I had earlier predicted at the naming of Vannes in the land of the Brittany Veneti...likely from the Italian Veneti at the Verone theater. Verone is where Belli's and Bellino's were first found, and the latter use the bear paw of Powys' in colors reversed, and Breconshire is in Powys as evidence that Brecknock was a Brixia line. Excellent. And Dagger-using, Macey-suspect Mackays use the bear too.

FINIStere looks to be named by Fiens/FINIS' with a reflection of the Fien/Fane' / Bright/Bride Coats. I did not know until writing here, upon reloading the Finis surname that it has the Crampon motto exactly!!! It also shares the brown wolf with Gards! Finis' were first found in the same place as Masci-related Hamonds and Mynetts, both of whose names are like "MUNDeric," Mummolin's father, and for good reasons set out recently, I trace Munderic from Amyntes, ancestor of Quadratilla Bassus...she suspect for years to the namers of the Bessins (share bees with English Forts) and Meschins / Masci's. We can now draw in the Maxtons (Maxwell kin = Mackay branch) of Roxburghshire, for they use the bee too. The Crampons even use a helmet in colors reversed from the Mynett helmets.

The Hamon(d)s use virtually the "DISCrimine" motto term of Trails (mascles, suspect with Masculine variation of Meschins as well as the Mussels/Muscels suspect in the muzzled bears of Mackays / Alis'). English Webbers use a "disc" (blue roundel) with the same fleur within it as used by Masci's. The Gattons (Kent, same as Hamonds) use the Hamon Coat in someone else's colors, for Gattons are said to be from Hamon characters. One Hamon de Gatton was at THROWLy, and it was this term that led to the Tirells in the first place, from GAITier de Tirell in the write-up of Gatton-like Wattons. "DiscRIMINI" of Hamons is part-code for RIMINI, where Maschi's and Italian Clements were first found, and the Maschi lion is very suspect with Fiens/Finis' and Windows (and the VOIRs of Vannes). "Finistere" is like "finestra," the Italian for "window," and Veneti had been WENDS/Vandals too, you see, so that they are likely the namers of Finistere. The Fiens can be gleaned in the motto ("fie en") of WINDsors. Windows use a lion paw holding a gold fitchee, same as Quints. The squirrel jumped off my breast and ran out the window, but not before running across the Gunter-suspect counter, and Gunters can be using the Windsor stag head. Windsors (Conteville-suspect Berkshire) call it a deer for a trace to the Elaphiti islands suspect in the elephant trunks of Thors, and in the Oliphants (Tute kin) that use a "VOIR" motto term.

The Fiens/Fane's (Monmouthshire, near Breconshire) are the ones sharing three gauntlet gloves with the Breconshire Gunters, who were suspect above with the Counters/Conte's before I had reason to talk on the kitchen COUNTER. Moreover, we saw in the "jungunter" motto (of Gardens) why Gunter liners can be of the June-Constantine relationship, and the Dagger-branch Acre's share the June fleur-de-lys. I'm seeing the link of the squirrel-breast events to the Janet-Spence-and-Powell event. One day, while having lunch a few years ago, after starting on Robert Powell for what may have been the first time, I had a thought, and came back to writing, that God wanted the Powell-Bridge-Crab set of surnames to be meaningful.

The Powell motto term, "fynw," should exactly be for Fiens/Fane's, first found in the same place as Howells using the Coat of English Thors/TORNs in colors reversed. Repeat: "Fane's use a "fano" motto term while Fano is beside Cattolica, suspect with Cattle's and Caddells / Blake's/Caddells while Powells are said to be from a Cadell character, son of Rhodri." The Cattle's and Blake's/Caddells share the fret with Berkshire's, and Blake's were traced to Bleds, the latter using the "tous" motto term for Tous' that use a red shirt and Buttons/Button- / Thorn-related Hawthorne's were first found in the same place (Durham) as Counters/Conte's.

And, by the way, I now know that the Thorne's use the Keppoch fesse. The "Stabo" motto term of Hawthorne's must be for the Stabbs/Stubbs/Stops using a "ceDANT" motto term, recalling that Turins/Thurins/Torns (Keep bend) use "AuDENTES" as part-code for Dents (same place as Keppochs), a branch of Dance's (same place as Keppochs) sharing the red-on-white fesse with Keppochs and Thorns. Dants/Durants (Durance-river liners, where Durhams may trace) use a dancette and the Sale/SALLETT fleur...while Turins (and "DURANce") trace to the Turano river beside the SALTO (at Rieti).

Hawthorne's even use the Bus cinquefoils in colors reversed while the Stubbs were discovered as Stops because I asked Lorraine out at a bust stop (see last update). I was riding my bike at the time, and Bicks use a version of the Turin/Thurin bend, by the looks of it...only Bicks (Berkshire) substitute the Turin boar heads with bucks in the shape of the deer of Windsors (Berkshire). This goes to the Larks/LAURks in the Bark/Berk Coat, expected with Lawrence Kepke and LAURel-using Lorraine's too. Berk-like Brecks were deemed with the Orange hunting horn in colors reversed, for Orange is near the mouth of the Durance.

The Turins/Thurins use the BARD/Beard boars, suspect with the BARTon boars. BRIGantium is on the Durance river. Having said that, let's return to the Tyrols using the Bright/BRIDE Shield but throwing in the crampon. These Tyrols are said to derive in BERThold/BARThold, and it checks out where German Bertholds/Bartoldi's (Prussia) use the Tyrol Coat exactly. Austrian Bertholds share a gold-on-red hunting horn with Brecks. German Brecks share the Crampon lion, and the Berthold swan reminds that Crabs were first found in Cambridge while Cambridge's use swans in Berthold-swan colors. It also reminds that this swan is used by Swans/Sions that once showed gauntlet gloves, suggesting that Swans/Sions share the Macey chevron round-about. Lawrence's use a "ready" motto term while Readys use swans in Cambridge-swan colors. Powells can be with the green Beard/Bard griffin.

A Coat version is used by French Bertholds (Forez) and Savards/Savarys (Poitou). And English Savards/SALfords (Bedfordshire) share the gold boar head with Bards/Beards and Turins, suggesting Salto-river liners. French Savards are also SABarts, suggesting Sabinus, husband of Vespasia Polla at Rieti. To this it needs to be added that the red Sabina / Pullen scallop is used by Tancreds, of the household of HAUTEville, which I peg with the HAWThorne's, yet the shape of the latter surname looks very linkable to Turins/Thurins from the Turano. A certain Tancred character from Hauteville birthed the Guiscards, and the Guiscard brothers of Sicily are in this portrait with a pulley at their feet as code for the Pulley variation of Pullens. My dentist dream is thereby responsible for this trace of Guiscards to Vespasian's family.

The red Sabine/SAVONA bull is shared by the Brittany Beards/Bearts, in colors reversed from the Bard boar and the lion of Brits/Bretts, the latter first found in Somerset along with Savone's/Saffins/Savens that in-turn use the Tyrol / Bright/Bride Coat, and this is in the colors and format of the Savard Coat, making a strong argument for a Savard trace to Sabinus, the line that Revelation 17 claims is part of the end-time dragon / Illuminati.

Having now seen that Lorraine's bus stop was part of the Hawthorne motto and Hawthorne cinquefoil, I am reminded that I still haven't deciphered what it meant that I asked her out at the bus stop on my BIRTHday. Births/Berts/Burts (hunting horns), in Barton colors, share the red-on-white chevron with Hawthorne's and Tancreds. There is an overwhelming message here to link Durance-river elements to Lorraine/Lotheringia, and that was probably historically true. But the message here is that the Durance-river elements to Lorraine were from Vespasian / Titus / Domitian. In colors reversed, the white-on-red Birth/Bert fitchee can be the red Brit/Brett fitchee, and while Brits/Bretts (beside Births/Berts) share a red lion with the Devon Stewarts, Births/Berts were first found in Devon. It's got the Brittany Beards/Bearts all over it that share the Sabine bull, as well as the Beards/Bards that share the Turin/Torn boar heads. And while this topic links hard to Keppochs, we saw why Lawrence's were of the Lorraine's.

My birthday may have been arranged in June to make a Junia-Caepionis link to Lorraine, for example. French Jeune's were first found in Auvergne, and the last update or two had plenty on Auvergne links to Lorraine, and to Mummolin's territory beside Lorraine. French Jeune's happen to use the Birth/Bert chevron in colors reversed, but that in itself is not enough for a link. Although I detest astrology, my birthday falls under Cancer the CRAB, and Crabs were first found in the same place as English Jeune's and June's...and Capone's, wherefore one can ask whether "Crab" was a CAEPio variation. Lorraine's use a bend in Quint-chevron colors, and Quints share a lion paw in Crest with Crabs. The Crabs are beloved of Bride-like Bridge's, and one Bridge Coat shares the French-Jeune colors and format. The other Bridge's share the same chevron as Cass', first found in the same place as June's / Jeune's.

In Celtic myth, Brigit may have been from the Roman Juno (look for Una-river liners at Brigantium/Briancon). Note that Irish Maghens/MANNs, with two "Sici" motto terms, share three lions in pale with Brians. Maghens/Manns also use the same arm with sword as Janets/Jonets who in-turn share the double MAIN the colors of the three used by Waterford-possible Waters, first found in the same place as Quints and sharing a red chevron with them.

The Beard / Birth/Bert discussion recalls that Kepke (in a dream), who was born two days before me and also in Cancer, led a sickly stag on my driveway followed by a bearded man on crutches. Remember, Gennes', in the Jeune write-up, share the Keppoch fesse. I knew that the bearded man looked like Paul Smith from the morning that I had the dream, but though I mentioned this to readers, I could not clinch it...until finding that Smiths use the Crutch formee cross in colors reversed. This is much the way that God verifies that all my dreams from Him are just that. Smiths use the heron, which symbol was soon-after linked hard to Avaran Hachorani Maccabee, as well as to Trumps/Tromps that the SICKly Kepke stag was always suspect as representing. Not much later at all, when I found the Trump stag in the Arms of Waterford, I realized that the "Deise" motto term was for the Deise's/Diss'/Dice's, suspect in the SIKES-Dyke term in the SICH write-up. Sickincidence?

And it was then found that Sichs share the heraldic fountains with the Waterford surname. God knew what He was doing with that sickly stag. It didn't have "sickly" written on it; I didn't hear in the dream that it was sickly; "sickly" was how I described it, and it was the very term God intended, call it lucky or call it that God controls my thoughts when needed for HIS revelation, not mine.

While Dice's look like Dyke's that share the red squirrel with Decks/Daggers, the other Daggers/Dacre's and Acre's were first found in the same place (Cumberland) as Sichs. The "ASSIduus" motto term of Sichs can be for Assi's (now suspect with Azzo of Fermo, founder of Este), and therefore with Justine of Picenum, and therefore with squirrel-using Valentins suspect with the bend of Stevensons (beside Cumberland). The other Stevensons (share "non" with Justine's) use a version of the Provence Coat, important below. Justine's (share scale with Cass') use a motto partly suspect with Cass' that use the Sich Coat.

I haven't seen the Waterford Coat (water lilies in the colors of the Cetis/Settier lilies) in many weeks, and here its brown talbot has been spotted in the Gross Crest. Gross', with the WATton crosslets, (Sabinus liners) were linkable to Grasse, and Grasse's (Briancon = Durance liners) that share the same chevron as WATerfords were first found in Provence (location of the Durance) along with Cetis/Settiers. The same chevron is used by Provence's/ProvenCHETs. As Archibalds (I built his DECK) were traced to the Ark river, near Briancon, let's add that Provence's share the Archibald crescent, as do Krume's that were actually linked to Crampons roughly two years ago. "Trump" is suspect with "Drummond," the latter first found in the same place as same-colored Krume's. At that time, Krume's became suspect with Grimaldi's at Monaco, near Grasse, and GRIIMs are listed with Grass-like Gris'.

The chevrons above are those of Crabs, and the latter have the colors and format of Waterfords / Provence's, which are colors reversed from the same of Stevensons that happen to use the Crab fleur in colors reversed. Recalling that Crabs became suspect with the Births/Berts, the latter use the Stevenson Crest. Stevensons call it: "A dexter hand emerging from a cloud holding a laurel garland." Lorraine's use laurel and I asked Lorraine out on my BIRTHday when the Cancer-Crab was in our night sky. Births: "An arm emerging from a cloud holding a garland of laurel." Let's skip Garlands and go to Gars/GARNs, suspect with the Kepke-and-stag crew walking past the Corner of my GARage, for Corners and GARNers too, and the latter use the Crab fleur too. Kepke was born under the crab too. And Gars/Garns use the same lion as CRAMPons/Cramptons beloved by Bright-related BERTholds. If it appears that every similar surname in heraldry belongs to the same family line, that's probably because heraldry doesn't concern itself with any-old family; just those that pertain to their Templar > proto-Masonic lines.

I recall that, when I asked Lorraine out, it was so spontaneous (nothing planned), and the first thing coming to mind -- uh, uh -- was that I'd be doing my laundry that evening, and we could start by meeting me at the laundromat, very non-threatening, but, yes, not very classy. I was surprised by how fast she agreed. This is why I've just looked up Launs and Lawns, for this looks related to the grass stain on her white pants, but also recalls the time when we were walking the neighborhood in the evening, when she sat on someone's lawn by the sidewalk. We were together maybe four or fives times only, and this was one of them. English Lawns/Lane's, first found in the same place as Stops/Stubbs (hee-hee), happen to use what can be construed as the three Bright/BRIDE stars, which recalls the first time I spoke to her (not long before I asked her out), when saying, "I'm going to marry you," as I walked by. She was so attractive, and caught me by surprise as I walked around the street corner, that I got cocky, or I just wanted her to know she impressed me. Or, there is no explanation but that God put those words toward her.

Lawns/Lane's even use "GARDE le roy" (Rich's/Richess' use "garde la foy"). And as Lawns were first found in Staffordshire while Lorraine was leading us to Quints, let's add that Staffs use the Quint chevron too. Or, what about Launay, where Brest is located? Launay traces to Lane's/Lano's, and Brests are Bright-like Brix's.

The Lawn/Lane canton has three, gold lions in pale (called "lions of England") that can be the three gold-silver lions in pale of Brians, which I connect to the gold-silver lions of Grass'!!! Amazing. Irish Lane's use the same lion as Lawns/Lane's, putting it on a red-on-gold bend, the colors of the Lorraine bend. God's revelation using Lorraine is like the layers of an onion, always more beneath the original discoveries. Let's recall that her grass-stained PANTs were code for PENDers and PenderGRASS', for Penders use the colors and format of Crabs / Stevensons now tracing to Provence, the Grasse theater. Recall the Brady-related Gradys with the Brian lions and suspect with Grasse's/Grats. Then recall that Mr. Brady has a first name, Laurie.

But what about the LAUNDRoMAT? I can't find relevant Laun / Laund like surnames aside from Lands that share gyronny with MATHie's/Manns/Maghans, whom I see as a branch of Maghens/Manns with the three lions in pale. The Mathie lion can be that of Grass' and Irish Lane's, and Matts use a lion in colors reversed from the Gar/Garn / Berthold lions. Scottish Landers (Bedfordshire) are said to have included Launders, but I can't see much with the Coat aside from sharing the same fesse as Keppochs. However, Launders evoke LOTHERingia, recalling that Lotters and Lothians share the branch talbot with Gross'. The latter look much like they are from Sabinus, Vespasian's father, and we saw why Vespasian liners should trace to Lorraine/Lotheringia.

Gyronny is shared by Titus' that in-turn have a passant lion in the colors of the same in the Lawn/Lane canton. The design of the Titus lion now showing was once showing for the Brian lions, and it's very much like the lion on the Arms of England while the Lawn/Lane use the "lions of England." This can be code for the England surname (same place as Gross' / Sabine's) that shares three lions in pale with the Arms of England, and they are colors reversed from the three Maghen/Mann lions in pale. This appears disturbing. The English Illuminati, from Titus, conqueror of Jerusalem? It was the British Illuminati that brought modern Israel to life, a repeat of the old Templar agenda.

The English lion comes with "an ermine spot on its shoulder." Heraldic Shoulders are suspect with Shultz's that share white-on-black stars with Gross'.

I'd like to return to the Savards/Savarys because Saffers/Savarys ("vita") use a version of the English Silver Coat, itself a version of the White / Wittel(sbach) Coats linkable also to the Nero Coat while Silvers were first found in the same place as Titus'. Emperor Titus' father (Vespasian) came to power after Nero died. Nero's were first found in Lucca, and the Wittelsbach dog is in half the colors of the dog that is the main symbol of the counts of Canossa, who are said to originate in Lucca. I once explained why I think the song, Silver Bird, which came out in about 1970, was important as related to Powells death over a bridge. I won't repeat the whole here, but my asking Powell to play the song again, when it was playing in his house, is the only thing I can recall doing in his house. This is why Silvers have come to topic.

German Silvers were first found in the same place (Hesse) as Rasmussens/Assmans that use a unicorn in half the colors of the Saffer/Savary unicorn, and this supports my trace of "Assman" to Akmonia, home of SEVERus Bassus. Later, emperor Severus married the sister of Julia Bassianus, and the latter was married by Julius AVITus, which is how we can know that the "vita" term of Saffers/Savarys refers to Avitus while knowing also that Savarys were from emperor Severus. Saffers use a heron (Maccabee liner) with olive branch in beak, and while Herons were from Maccabees, the latter were originally called, Hasmoneans, a term like "Akmonia." Recall my asking Lorraine to meet me at the laundroMAT, for I trace Hasmonean ancestry to the modern Mat river, once the Mathis. Landers became suspect with "laundromat" while German Landers happen to use two rooster heads in the colors of the same of Jonathans. That works. Jonathan Maccabee's father was MATTathias, and Josephus (i.e. taken in by Vespasian / Titus) traced himself to Jonathan Maccabee when he (Josephus) was writing Roman history on behalf of Vespasian's imperial family, spit!

It just so happens that German Landers share a gold and sinister-rising bend with Rasmussens. The related Asmans use a reflection of the Lorraine bend, but with the Massey fleur instead of the Piast eagles. You need to ignore most write-ups when they guess as to derivations, yet they don't tell you that they are guessing, or deliberately feeding you disinformation. Todays' world is like this, yet Masons are expected more than others to falsify. Asmans show no Crest, but the description page says they use a "HAUTboy," looking related to Tailboys/Tailbois' due to the Asman talbot.

I assume that "Silver Bird" was important to God in linking to something of Powells / Roberts, and Birds/Burds were first found in the same place as Propers/Roberts who share the Robert lion, though this can be the Titus lion too. When we check French Roberts (same place as Mathis'), it's that blue vair fur shared by Saffers/Savarys, White's, WittelsBachs, Bachs (Wales, same as Propers/Roberts) and Nero's, not to mention Quints. The latter use the vair in Chief, as do French Roberts. Recall the heron's beak in the Saffer description, for Beaks (probably the Haught bars) share the ostrich with Propers/Roberts (same place as Haughts).

The Saffer olive branch has just reminded that Olivers share the double fesse bars of Janets/Jonets, but zikers they both throw in black-on-white martlets. If that's not enough, recall that Powell raped Janet (not really) and that Powells are traced to HOWELLs, for Spanish Olive's/Oliffs use the owl possibly for OWLs. English Olive's (beaked cockatrice) are in Jonathan colors. It strikes me here that Jonets are like the Jonas/Jonat variations of Jonathans, meaning that Janets don't look like June liners. But let's not be hasty, for the Junia's birthed by Servilia Caepionis were Livius liners as well as Junius liners, and Livius' look like Levi's behind the Maccabee priesthoods. "Olive(r)" is like the Leif/Leve/Leave surname. Maccabee liner French Masseys/Masse's use a "tree without leaves" while French Messeys were first found in the same place as Mathis'.

This Jonathan identification for raped Janet is now more important than when it was suggested that Janets were Junia liners, for it's known that Jonathan Maccabee made a strong pact with king Alexander Balas, a Seleucid king. Daniel 7 and 8 has Alexander the Great evolving though the Seleucid kings to the anti-Christ. And so what I'm seeing in the symbolized Janet rape is Philip of Macedonia to Philips > Powells to the anti-Christ. And where Powell was thrown alive off a bridge into water, it could be a symbol of the anti-Christ thrown alive into the lake of fire (Revelation 19). It must have been horrifying for Mr. Powell. Don't ignore God if you don't want a similar fate.

We now go back to Colin Powell, as per Colins sharing black martlets with Janets and related Olivers. The Colin bend is colors reversed from that of Asmans, and Colins put black martlets on their bend that could be the Oliver / /Janet martlets. Something to think about, especially as Colin Powell wants to be the president. Colins were first found in Shropshire along with Rudes', and the latter are from Rudesheim, a German city that has an ASSMANNshausen area. If I'm not mistaken, the Assmannshausen cross is ragully, and, if so, it's in the colors of the ragully cross in the Arms of Colchester. Colin Powell finished third in the 2016 election process, and may find a spot on the Trump team, who knows? There are other Powells in politics too. The question in this paragraph is whether God chose for JANET Spence in the event in order to point to Colin Powell in particular. Of the four or five kids who took Janet down, I recall only Powell. I had no part in taking her down.

Cullens/Hollys use a bare-breasted mermaid. The right hands in the Cullen/Holly Coat remind that Powell's right hand was at her breast. It wasn't a sexual manipulation, more like an inspector inspecting, "what's this?" He was a kid. But he did it, and I saw it.

I've told the story three times, maybe four, that Powell and I got into a game of chicken on the street, each of us lobbing ROCKS at one another. This is being repeated for a two or three reasons. Rocks (Worcestershire) share trefoils in both colors of the same of Collens/Hollys, and Rods use trefoils too because Miss ROQUEfeuil married Henri IV of RODez. This can speak to the Rhodri ancestry mentioned in the Powell write-up. If God caused this "rock fight" to stand as code, perhaps it was to make a stronger Powell link to Collens/Hollys. After all, the mermaid is the Melusine dragon woman that later adopted a fish tail to replace her serpent tail.

Melusine's mirror is code for Mire's/Mirreux's, first found in Anjou along with Gennes' in the Jeune write-up. Jeune's share the colors and format of Collens/Hollys. The other Hollys (same place as Asmans) use a "dog," and Dogs/Doags use the same format and colors. Under the Dog chevron, there is a white sword, as there is under the Jeune chevron.

English Olivers use an arm in Crest similar to the Janet-Crest arm, as well as acorns, i.e. the very Maccabee line depicted also by the Saffer heron. It's the Akmonia-likely Saffers that had the olive branch. Severus Bassus' grandson was Quadratus Bassus, who married the Maccabees from a long line of Alexanders, likely going back to the Jonathan-Maccabee alliance with Alexander Balas. Quadratus' father-in-law was Julius Alexander of Cetis. Italian Olivers (share roses on stems with French Janets) show to be linked with Panico's/Pane's. The Longs suspect in the long-stemmed roses of Janets were first found in the same place (Wiltshire) as Asmans, and here it's interesting that Asmans share a red bend with Stems/Steins, the latter having been resolved with the Stenson variation of Stevensons, the latter first found in the same place as Lorraine's that share the red bend in all three colors of Asmans. The latter were first found in Norfolk, same as Turin-related Sabine's, and Turins use a bend-with-symbols in the colors of the same of Stems/Steins.

We now need to ask what role the Jehovah's Witnesses will play in the end-time False Prophet, since Lorraine was a JW. Remember, I asked her to meet me at the laundromat at a bus STOP, and Stops/Stubbs (Staffordshire) were likely of the Staffs, like the Stave variation of Stevensons. I trace those things to Stobi, city of the Paioni, and the Paioni I trace to Payens/Paions/Pagans and Panico's/Pane's.

I may have this wrong when saying that a Powell liners should be the anti-Christ who rapes the Janet- / Spence-related harlot, for it may be that Powells and Janets / Spence's are together of the harlot. It's all up in the air at this point as to specific meanings, but this all looks very good for a gist of things to come.


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