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April 18 - 24, 2017

Tullia Ancestry of Canossa
The Talbot-Dog Secret
The Blond Budini in Lorraine were Bald

For a reader hopping into an update for the first time, there is not much I can say in an introductory paragraph to explain everything needed before proceeding. The only readers able to follow are those taking the time needed to get a solid idea of the entire scope. It is probably impossible to follow unless the heraldic Coats are loaded and viewed. It would be helpful to have a photographic memory, or to at least spend some time to get to know Coats, and to understand what I'm saying about them. I did the work over years to be able to present to you the relevant Coats, and you need only decide whether I am correctly interpreting the evidence and the codes. It is far best that you load Coats on a separate browser(s) rather than clicking back and forth from the update page. It might take longer for one to read an update than the week it takes me to write it, but that's what it'll take for a solid understanding of what I'm doing. I know that few have the time to follow this in that way. My hope is...actually, I should have no such hopes as I should just allow God to do what He wants with this. One of my goals at this time is to discover the parent(s) of Josephs Caiaphas, and in the meantime to prove that heraldic masters and leading Templar families knew that all of heraldry had, at its foundations, Caiaphas and his circle of Christ killers. These updates are jot-down format (sub-titles don't usually reflect the roaming topics well) making it hard / impossible to have a pre-plotted storyline. I'm no longer doing final proof-reads, please excuse the imperfections / mistakes. Ever since I decided to use apostrophes only after surnames ending in vowels, I started to catch myself using apostrophes before the 's' of pluralized words, making it appear that I need to return to primary grammar school.

If ever you'd want to check a description in the Coat of Arms, type the surname at this page:

I'm not taking email at this time, here's why. I apologize to all having left email, as I can't even mail you to inform you. I may never be able to use the Yahoo email account again. We'll need to wait and see whether Yahoo changes its policy.

Here is John McCain urging Iranians to go for regime change in Iran just as the world steps closer to all-out war. Is this a good time for this, John?

It looks to me that the military has asked Trump whether plots can be conducted against Iran, and Trump has agreed, to some things, anyway. The problem is, Trump does not appear frightened, as though he has too much confidence in his ability to win where others would be scared to death to try. Is this a good thing?

Is the West reporting the following story? If not, shame on the West:

Erbil (BasNews/ The detailed report of the chemical attacks conducted by the Islamic State (IS) jihadists against the Peshmerga forces is ready to be handed to the UN and the US, according to a Peshmerga commander.

In a statement to BasNews on Thursday, Jamal Murtka said that more than four times IS raided the Peshmerga forces with chemical weapons in Gwer, Makhmur and other frontlines.

By what coincidence are these attacks taking place immediately after Trump accused Assad falsely of conducting them? We rarely hear if Baathists, though they are supposed to be in Mosul. But here we hear of them: "Murtka, who supervises Gwer battleground, said that most of the chemical weapons used by IS were improvised in Mosul by the former Ba'athist army officials." That's new. And these chemicals have been in the hands of ISIS for quite some time: "Last year, Kurdish military sources disclosed the Islamic State use of chemical weapons against Peshmerga troops in several areas, which caused injury of several personnel. The troops have been exposed to chemical attacks by IS over the past two years." Hmm, could these be the chemicals that Obama gave to ISIS?

You may have missed the Tuesday addition to the last chapter, all good material as per Tullia of Lyon. There was a power-packed second half of the update that has left me intrigued. After finishing yesterday (Tuesday), I went to town, then continued work on demolishing the old trailer, which now looks like an act of God. The demolition was started about a week ago, and last night, I saw a little bag, about 2 inches square, in the sink, with two red button inside, along with some red string (there is no Thread / Tread surname). The floor of the trailer was cluttered in demolished material, lots of paneling pieces for example, and the sink was littered with material too, but here these button were in full view at the bottom of the sink. All the walls had been torn off. Not only was the button surname extremely important in the last half of the last update, but I had a dream about two months ago of golfing with my dentists. On the way home, while he was driving, with me in the back seat, he laughed at the red buttons on my shirt. I mentioned this to readers, but did not elaborate much because I didn't have much to say.

I did say that the Tous/Tonso surname had a man with red shirt and buttons. Tullia of Lyon traced exactly to this Tous surname that proved so much, it was incredible. And on the same day that I ended that topic, I found these red buttons in my sink. I must conclude that God convinced me to tear the trailer apart, the other option being to have a tow truck drive it to the dump. After deciding that I could use the flatbed left over when all the walls were removed, to help carry firewood to the house from the forest that is my back yard, I decided to start tearing it apart. Amazing. The buttons were in the kitchen cupboards, I must assume, and after tearing it apart, the button fell into the sink.

Another thing, yesterday, my twitching muscle subsided, and was 90 percent better all night, and is not twitching hard or constantly now. It was proven to my satisfaction that God used this twitch for several good reasons (in the past month), then made it go away when I stopped having Taster's Choice coffee. It came back in time to make some further gleanings on the Poindexters who share the Twitch/Twigg esquire's helmet with the Armours. Yesterday, in regards to the subsiding of the twitching, I said to self, "I haven't been drinking town water lately." Yes, for a day or two previous, I was using bottled water to make tea and coffee because I had run out of town water (I don't drink my well water). And I think God made the twitching into a hard pounding effect to make for this contrast yesterday. For that reason, even though I picked up town water yesterday, I decided to continue with the BOTTLEd water this morning, just minutes ago as I write here, and there on top of the case of water bottles was my red shirt! It's not got the same buttons as in the bag, but it's a red shirt, the colors of the Tous shirt. That case of bottled water wouldn't have been touched had I not run out of water; it was bought as emergency water only, in case I was snowed in. This is the first, maybe the second, in eight years that I've ran out. It doesn't matter whether the town water is or isn't causing the twitches; it's enough that I thought so, and then went over to the water bottles on account of it.

When having the dream about my dentist and the red buttons, I told readers that his surname (which I didn't want to reveal to protect from disclosing the area in which I live) was of the Tancreds (near the first Bottle's), but at the time I hadn't yet learned that Tancreds and related Tankerville's were from Tanagra (home of mythical Orion), in Bottle- / Button-like BOIOTia/Boeotia. I find this compelling. The Tancreds look linkable to Keppochs and may therefore have been of the Kiev-Varangian Normans.

"TANAGRa, if I recall correctly, was suggested as a version of the SANGARius/Sakarya river, where I trace Seagars and similar surnames. I therefore checked the Sinks just now to find German Sinks using a man in a hat that is pointed, and while the Phrygian hat was pointed, Phrygia was at the Sangarius river. English Sinks (dolphins) use a version of the Marley Coat, and while Huberts use a similar Coat, Marleys were first found in the same place (Cheshire) as Huberts. The Sink Coat (flowers) looks like the Holly Coat and thus links well to Plunketts. Plancia's Magna's father-in-law was from the Sangarius area. MARleys could be from mythical Marsyas of Phrygia, probably the Marsi line to the Burgundy Mars. Dolphins are usually code for Dauphine, where Lyon is located, and it touched upon Burgundy, where Mars were first found.

Note that Hollys share red roundels with the Arms of Boulogne (where the father of Godfrey de Bouillon operated). The other. Irish Hollys, with their Cullen/Colen variation, were linkable to CHALON-sur-Marne, where Mummolin ruled who descended from Tullia in Auvergne. Plus, the Hubert motto term, "COLENdo," was suggested for the Holly/Colen Coat.

The buttons (only at the collar) on my red shirt are BROWN, and while the Bruno's were first found in the same place as the Taddei surname of my great-grandmother, Italian Barone's were first found in the same place as Bruno's while Berone's use the motto, "ARME et TOUS points." The motto looks like it can connect with the Armour-Poindexter merger, and one Mr. Poindexter, part of what I consider the murder of supreme-court justice, Antonin Scalia (see two updates ago for that investigation), has seemingly been a leader of the International Order of Saint Hubert. The water bottles, and then the Waters share three red chevrons with Taddei's.

The Tous surname was discovered in the first place ( a year or more ago) from the Berone's, and soon after I re-discovered the Bleds with the same term, which is what was incredible in the last update for linking a Tyle location in upper Thrace (on the Tonzus river, like the Tonso variation of Tous') to Attila the Hun, whose house of Dulo was found highly likely to have named Tullia, for she lived at the same time as Attila. I have been tracing the Alans (Huns) of Dol to Dulo/Attila for years, and the last update found Tullia's and/or Mummolin's bloodline in Powys and similar areas of Wales, smack beside Shropshire, where the Dol Alans went to live (why there?) upon the Norman conquest of England. The Alan Huns were forced to join Attila, and Alans had lived in the same Caucasian area as Avars that were themselves around Friuli, location roughly of Bled, a location like "Bleda," Attila's husband. And there was more evidence along these lines in yesterday's addition to the last update, in case you want to see it (highly recommended for family historians, as it sheds some light upon some difficult turf of the 5th century).

The Tous' were first found in Pisa, same as Drake-beloved Mosca's, and Drake's were first found in the same place as Buttons. The Drake's cleverly use the Muscas variation of Mosca's, which is the Italian word for, fly, and the Drake's then use "fly" in the translation of their motto. But then the Tulls/Tullia's use butterFLIES, and moreover we can glean that Butters are likely of the Buttons. And my water BOTTLE's suggest the Bottle surname too, which I rarely mention, yet it was in the last update with the game of spin the bottle that was itself found to be meaningful enough that I claimed it to have been an act of God in my life. The Bottle's then led to Butlers, and on and on goes this revelation, I'm so tired of writing at my computer. But it's a lot better than working full-time for a human merely for money (got to keep the right perspective).

Pisa is in the same area (Tuscany) as Barone's / Bruno's / Taddei's. Tous' were extremely important in the Clermont-Ferrand entity of Tullia of Auvergne, where Bouillons were first found that share the Taddei cross, and then the Taddei Chief is a version of the Ferrand Chief, signalling that Ferrand's were of Firenze, where Taddei's and Barone's were first found. In other words, these Firenze (or Florence) elements were in Auvergne centuries before Godfrey de Bouillon's family set of the first kings of Crusader Jerusalem, but I would not have known it had not my grandmother been a Taddei. There is no other way I can see to trace Ferrands to Florence. And the triple chevron of Taddei's was suspect a decade or more ago with the same in the Arms of Cardiff, the Welsh capital near to where Strongbow CLARE ruled. He ruled at Pembroke while Pembroke's use a version of the Mazzo/MazzaGALLI Coat, which shares red roses with the Taddei- / Masci-colored Coat of Maso's/Masons/Masucci's (Macey chevron?), first found in the same place as Masci's. Maso's/Mosons share a red fesse with Buttons. I can easily see that the Maso's are NOT from "Tommaso," as the write-up insists, though I can fathom a Masci-line merger with Welsh Thomas', whom I rarely mention, yet Thomas' became a topic of the last update when Thompsons linked to Clermonts'/Clements (Powys).

Clermonts'/Clements were first found in Breconshire, and Brecons (Angus, near the first Guiscards) share the three piles of Guiscards, I figure, and the latter were directly of the Tancreds (see also the Cowes'). The family relations of the Guiscard Normans were probably chief Crusaders, misguided all of them, and some, usually the leaders, filled with greedy, sinful hearts. God does not want to shed light on this because they were holy. I got the impression yesterday that God wants his enemies to read these things because they, more than any others, will understand the items in the dreams and situations/events that God has produced, and is still producing. For example, they, more than other, will understand the meaning of the red buttons, with red string, in a BAG in the kitchen sink. Kitchens use water bougets. It was in the last update that I re-checked the String surname (Strongs?), a surname I rarely mention. The 666-suspect strings in the Arms of Traby had me re-checking the String surname, you see. But I had nothing to say about its symbols.

However, I didn't read the String write-up, which traces the surname to Fulk, in the lands of Eaton owned by Roger de Bully. The Bullys then share a heart in flame's with Fews, suspect with the "FuiMUS" motto term of Wears/Were's, the ones who use the crozier (see last update), and for several other reasons, trace to Auvergne (where Croziers were first found) and neighboring Creuse. It tends to make Bullys suspect with Bouillons, and the Bullis/Byllis location near Aulon/Avlona and the ATINTanes comes to mind. There is a Bullis surname and, can you believe it, it shares red roundels with the Arms of Boulogne! In the last update, it became very evident that Bouillons had been the Bellino's that share the Powys bear paw.

The gold Crusader's cross in the Wear/WERE write-up is shared by IRONside's, the latter first found in the same place as the Wear river, and this suggests Edmond Ironside, the Saxon king. The Ironside motto is nearly that of Fessy's which honors the SEGURrana's, and as the latter share a moline cross with Fiers/FEREs, it's notable that the Fier cross can be a version of the Ironside cross (same colors). It could conceivably be a colors-reversed version of the Iron/Hiram cross, for the white moline in the Iron/Hiram Crest can be the moline of Fier-related and Wear-like Fairs/Fare's. This reminds that Mackay-rooted king Maccus of Manche-suspect Isle of man formed an alliance, probably, when he met with Saxons in Cheshire. Maccus' grandfather, Sitric, is reported to have marred Edith of Polesworth, a Saxon, and then Polworths use essentially the Brecon piles in both colors while Breconshire / Brecknoch is near Cheshire.

Incidentally, the Hume's use the Lyon lion in colors reversed, and were first found in Berwickshire, home of queen Bebba that traces well to Babon, son of MumMOLIN. Polworths (and Artems) were likewise first found in Berwickshire, home of Bernicians that I trace to Berenice Agrippa, a Herod. The Lyons and Lannoys have been resolved along with Hume-beloved True's/Tree's with the coin of Herod Archelaus, husband of Glaphyra Archelaus. The last update concentrated much on the new material on Gelduin of Dol, traceable suddenly from Tullia of Lyon to the Dutch Gelders/Op Gelders, and the rulers at Gelderland were themselves joined with the CLEVes area, suspect with GLAPHyra Archelaus, who married two Herods as well as Juba of Mauritania, a king-Massena descendant. The Glaphyra line is to Clavers and Claviere's (share keys with Clermonts), and Claviere's were first found in Auvergne, where Tullia of Lyon was living. I assume she married a man at Auvergne, and would like to know who he was. On my old notes, all I have is that Artemia of Clermont-Ferrand (born around 375) had a son (assumed to be Decimus Rusticus), who married Tullia of Lyon, daughter of GALLIA. Glaphyra had been the grandmother of OpGALLI's husband.

If God arranged the buttons with string to be in my trailer, the Trails may be the reason, who share mascles with Bullys, and who look like Maschi (Rimini) and Masci liners because Trails share "DiscRIMINI" with Masci-related Hamon(d)s. It just so happens that Trails are said to be from Trelly in Manche, where Masseys lived before the Norman conquest. Trails thus look like they have a version of the Mackay Coat. Strings were first found in the same place (Nottinghamshire) as Mummolin-suspect Mamesfeld/Mansfield, which is in the write-up of Mansfields that use maunches (sleeves) as code for Manche. That works with the Manche Strings...who share the same eagles of Macey-beloved Ghents. Dutch Ghents share the wavy fesse of Dols / Cohens/Kagans, and Maceys share the gauntlet gloves with Fane's/Vans, first found in the part of Wales (Monmouthshire) having a CHEPstow location suspect with Cheps/Jeepma's. Monmouthshire also has a Magor location suspect with Majors/Magors in Guernsey, which is in the Channel Islands called, The Sleeve, off of Manche. The "mago" motto term of Josephs (same place as Buttons) can apply because these Josephs use "wlad" while Vlads share the Zionist star of Cheps/Jeepma's. (Glove's were traceable via the Glouph variation of Glue's to Laevillus.)

Glads just came to mind as possible Vlad liners, and French Glads/Glats (DOL!) happen to share the Button fesse, in the red colors of the Alan fesse. The Glad/Glat roses can be for the Varangian RUS to which VLADimir belonged, and Alans of Dol originated from one FLAAD, father of Alan. The Glad/Glat Coat has the look of Keppochs! Excellent, because I expect Kepke liners from Kiev, and the English Glads (Saluzzo Shield?) even share the red bend with Keeps! Bingo. Alan the Red of Brittany was ruler in Richmond, same place as Keppochs. The Keep "galley" is suspect with Gallia, mother of Tullia of Lyon. The Gallia/Galati Coat (Ottone colors) is a version of the international marine flag for '6'. The flag's bends are rising in the sinister direction, as with the Masci / Massena bend, and Massena's father, Gala/Gaia, is suspect with the Gallia line. Visconti's were of Gallura (Sardinia), which likely used the rooster of Sinclairs as per Guiscard elements at Sardinia.

Glad-like Gallia's/GALATi's were first found in Milan, and while Milans (Messina) use a tree STUMP, Stubbings mention tree stumps while Stubbs/Stops were first found in the same place (Staffordshire) as Glads. OpGALLI was a GALATian! In this picture, it's hard to know whether Vladimir's name indicates a Galati liner, but that's the theory, suddenly. Opgalli was queen of Armenia, near Alania and the Avars, and within reach of founding the Khazars. The Gallia/Galati Coat is in the right colors for linkage with Cohens, Vlads, Dols (land of the Varni), and Trumps (land of the Varni).

You see, when the rulers of the world, and heads of the American military, read my material, they will see that God has their number, and that He's exposing them for to warn them, and then shame them for not repenting. He can find a way to bring them to this very paragraph. Mad-Dog Mattis now heads the American military, and Massi's/Mattis' share the Tull/Tolle and Stewart checks, which are the checks of the Khazar Cohens. The dream with Kepke in it was, in my opinion, about Trump.

My twitch is still gone today. It was about 3-percent as active this morning and last night as compared to throughout the week previous to yesterday.

While Trails were from Manche, they are said to have been of the Mercians (Bedfordshire), who predated the Norman invasion. Mercians were from the Mars, first found in the same place as Messeys that use the flag of Mercia. They come from the Marsi near, and probably in, the town of my mother's birth. Yes, Italians and French can learn to speak English fast so you'd never know that Mercians had been Italian / French. However, I don't know that the line didn't go the other way around, from England to France or England to Italy. The Trail Crest is "A COLUMN emerging from the sea," suggesting Toker-related Sea's, Seamans, and Malcolms/Columns. Yes, for Malcolm III was a Duncan while Duncans use "DISCE," evident in the Trail motto term above. And Duncans (Tankerville cinquefoils) with their Donkey branch are beloved by the Chamberlain donkey while one of the Chamberlains use a version of the Coat of their Tankerville kin. The Tankerville-related dentist laughed at my shirt's red buttons...which were in my trailer.

I kid you not, I have never looked up the Laughs based on that dentist laughing, I have here discovered that the Laughs/Lochers/Lahore's (fox) share three piles with Guiscards...and in the colors of the same of Yonge's and Leavells! Had I known this from the start, I would have mentioned it.

[Insert -- The LAUGH piles are colors reversed from the three of LAWte's/Lawters/Latters/Lathers so as to make Laughs look like a branch of Latters (Latin colors). I don't think Latters are a Letter / Leto / Aliotta branch, however, as Latters use the same crescents as Others/Otirs, making them look like d'Others to begin with, or better yet, d'Aude's, for Aude's/Odde's use three white swords in the position of the three white Latter piles, and Aude's/Odde's are in the colors of Ottone's suspect with VISconti's and GUIScards. That works, especially as Swords (Wing/Wink kin) were first found around Stirlingshire, where Guiscards were first found. Laughs were first found nearby in Fife, beside the Angus Brecons that use the three piles in the red colors of the Guiscards. Okay, so there we have the evidence that God gave us the dentist dream too.

I once moved from the home of Verne Archibald to Hunt street carrying as long extension ladder (maybe 30 feet total) on my person, I kid you not. And here the Latins use a version of the Hunt Coat (Latter colors) while Brecks use the hunting horn while Swords are said to have owned a ship, the Archibald, while Others/Otirs were first found in Huntingdonshire (ADA of Verne-like Varenne was there with the ruler of Huntingdon). Amazing. The ladder was stolen from the back yard at Hunt (I had to purchase it to paint a three-story apartment building). At Hunt street, I met a fellow boarder who got me a job driving taxi, and we will later see how Archibalds link square to Dax's/Tax's...who happen to share swords in Sword-sword colors. In fact, when I said "boarder," I did not have Borders/Boarders on my mind that use the same swords! Plus, be amazed, for the boarder was the company's disPATCHer while Kilpatricks (same saltire as Latins) have a Patchie variation while I clinched the Kilpatricks with the Latins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Incredible, just incredible. Patch's use hunting horns. Hounds use ther same lozenges as DENTs.

I have lived directly in front of a Sword family who created a bad problem for me with an ever-barking hunting / hound dog, I kid you not, and I had to go over there angry, and call up a few times until, finally, they shut that dog up with a muzzle, but frankly I have given credit to God for that, yet I now find that God caused the barking in the first place. The Sword wife drove a school bus, by the way, and Verne Archibald will be seen linked close to Lorraine at the bus stop, later, in things that I wrote before inserting this Laugh section way up here. You will also see that Archibalds link well to counts of Canossa, who used a dog.

Siward of Northumberland, who is obviously in the Sword write-up, defeated king MacBeth, and I recall reading that MacBeth branches were Beat-like. Just look and see how "Beater" is like "Beatrice" of Lorraine. The Sword family lived in Beatrice (amazing). Siward of Northumberland was ruling in the same place as Hound-related Greys, and the latter use the Talbot Coat in colors reversed while I not only link (below) Talbots to Dogs/Doags, who themselves link to the dentist's surname, but the Canossa dog is probably the one that caused the heraldic dog to be called the talbot in the first place (I'll show why this should be so). And by the way, the BOARDs use as version of the Siward- / Sword-like Sewer/SUTer Coat (Angus) while SHUTe's use the same swords as Swords. I later link the Dax's/Tax's (swords in Shute-sword colors) to Dachau, because its Arms have a sling SHOT as code, I assume, for the Shot variation of Shute's.

Later, I will make the case that ARCHibalds are from the Arc river, and while Modane on the Arc is about 25 miles from BRIGantium, where Brecks should trace (they are suspect with the Orange hunting horn), Modens and Arcs were both first found in Berkshire, same were Beaters. I didn't load the Beths/Beatons until this point in writing, to re-find their OTTER!!!! The Others are also Otters! Plus, the barking dog comes here after I trace (below) the Barks to "Berkshire," I kid you not. Are German Beths using a version of the Arms of Chalons-sur-Marne? To find such things as my carrying a ladder to Hunt street from Verne's place, for the purpose of making hard surname connections, gives me pause. This update is stacked with hard evidence that God used other situations in my life to make surname connections.

Another example is Beth Kendry, who lived where I met Rick, Trevor and Roxanne (at the Kendry Bible studies), and these three people were all involved with me in building Verne Archibald's DECK. I knew the Christian daughter, Miriam, of the owner of the apartment building I painted, and I lived in that building for a short while when meeting Roxanne. When she an I were in my apartment there, a jealous Rick came knocking on the door. Years later, when married, I bumped into Miriam's sister in a bank, and Banks happen to use a gold version of the Arms of Chalons-sur-Marne. I have been trying to remember the sister's name, and before coming to this paragraph, I kid you not, "Maurine" came to mind as her name, much like "Marne." Unbelievable.

Ricks are suspect with Richeza of Lorraine/Lotheringia. Archibalds were first found in RoxANNE-like Roxburgh, but Anne's/Hanne's will be a BARCA-related topic later. The Kendry-like Kents share a Coat like that of Berk-like Brocks, first found in Berkshire. Trevors share the Pennant Coat (sinister split), and Pennants are suspect with UTHER Pendragon, a mythical character partly code for Others (said to be of Lombardy elements) that link easily to Ottone Visconti of Lombardy. The Others (same place as Kendrys) had come to topic with Laughs, and the latter brought Visconti-suspect Guiscards to topic that share the three piles in the same colors with Cowes', yet the latter call their piles, pennants. Cowes' share crossed white swords with Borders and Dax's/Tax's.

If you read this update far enough, you will be completely convinced that babe-Lorraine was put into my life for the purposes of this revelation. It should stagger your mind at that point. But see this: Kendrys use "A DEMI cupid holding a torch." As Beater's are suspect with Beths/Beatons while it was Beth Kendry, but what cosmic coincidence do DEMYs use nothing but a chevron in the colors of nothing-but-a-chevron Beaters! You can't get coincidences like this, back-to-back-to-back-to-back, unless God set up the people in my life for the purpose of making surname connections, or unless I'm making the name of Beth Kendry, and the others, up in one grand hoax. Beth had two brothers, but I can't recall their names. It wasn't until now that I recalled their surname, though I had tried to recall it in days past. It was the remembrance of Beth that allowed me to recall the surname.

Later in the update, not knowing Beth Kendry's name, I cross the Beat-like Bate's with a Hendrik entity, and Hendriks happen to share the Kendry Coat. I then say: "The Hendricks (cupid with a TORCH) suspect in Hendrik Baten (from Badon, grandson of Mummolin?)... " The Torks/Turks (Beater chevron?) share the red-striped, green hunting horn of Hunters. The cupid symbol is much like the cherubs used by houseofnames, and while I insist that "Latter Day Saints" (Mormons) is code for surnames, Saints use the cherub, as do Tacks said to be from Tancreds / Tankerville's. The Santones (beloved of Clare's / Sinclairs/Saints) were from Lemnos, location of Marne-like Myrina. The Morinis', highly connectable to Ghents, are in the Deering write up's KENT elements, and show a Moroni variation that is in the Book of Mormon, which itself honors Lemnos-like Lamanites. Stupid Mormon leaders, deceiving naive Christians, will get their Reward as surely as they love deception. There is another Moroni surname, first found in the same place (Verona) as Bello's / Bellino's. These Bello's (share the Powys bear paw) link to Clermonts/Clements (Powys).

The "Paratus" motto of swords suggests that Pratts using what looks like a version of the Tullia-line Fly/Flythe Coat, yet Belgian Pratts use the same saltire as Italian Latins, and the latter through in the stirrup while Stirrups (Nottinghamshire) use a "a white BIRD and BELOW a gold crown." The Belows / Bellows (Ship kin) are expected with the "bello" motto term of Bouillons that use the Bird/Burd flory in colors reversed. The other English Birds can be using a version of the Latter fesse-with-symbols. The Hunts with Latin saltire come up as "Hunter." The Belows (same two-headed eagle as Ship-like Cheps/Jeepma's) use a "haut" motto term must be of the Hautville's (put out the Tancreds), I assume, a branch of my dentist's surname.

I have just remembered DOUG Kendry, one of the brothers. There is no Doug surname, but Dogs/Doags share the Sword sword, and throw in the thistle, the symbol of Alpins, from Kendry-like Kenneth MacAlpin. The thistle is in the Chief of Church-like Kirks (same place as Daggers) that likewise use the Sword sword in the fashion of Borders / Dax's; I took Chris Peare to Mrs. Kendry's CHURCH one morning while Church's use greyhounds. Plus, Alpins share the fur tree, with sword, of MUZZLE-using Alis' while the Sword family above put a muzzle on their hound dog at my request!!! Can you believe this? Or am I making it up like some mad man? AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, the Dogs/Doags share the BUS cinquefoils while Mrs. Sword drove a school bus!!!! This is making me laugh. She doesn't know that she drove a school bus because God set her up with it for this revelation. I had spoken to her on the phone, asking her to use a dog muzzle or something, and she did. I could hear the dog whining under it. The cinquefoils of Dogs are mentioned later, but here God has shown that they are the Bus cinquefoils. I don't know her name, but Mr. Sword is Thomas, and Thomas' were first found in BRECONshire, same as Clermonts/Clements, which recalls that Brecons share the three piles (same colors) of Guiscards who were in-turn descended from my dentist's surname. It's not a wonder I'm laughing.

This recalls that Lorraine's bus stop was in front of a Greek restaurant, where I was gutting out a washroom when I first saw Lorraine (from inside the restaurant). Greeks/Greers (gold crowns) share the Alpin / Alis symbol, and are the ones with "MEMor Este" motto. I don't recall whether I took out the restaurant toilet, but Tollets are with the Tulls/Toole's, expected of the Tulls/Tullia's. I did take out the SINK, however, recalling the red buttons in the trailer's sink. End Insert]

The thing being presented of late is a trace from Laevillus' wife, QuadraTILLA, from Tyle (Thrace) to the Atil river in the land of Tocharians / Khazars, and from there with Attila the Hun to Tullia, then forward a few generations to Mummolin (grandson of another Artemia of Lyon), whose son was MUNDeric, suspect with Mudzuk, Attila's father. And Artemia and Munderic go back to Amyntes and Artemidoros at the Sangarius river, the known ancestors of Quadratilla. It's fascinating history, thanks be to God that cared enough to hijack my life for this revelation. I don't recall owning the red buttons, not a red shirt that they might have gone on, suggesting that the buttons were placed into the trailer by a previous owner. God then needed to arrange for my purchasing of this trailer. I owned property at a certain place, and was going to build a house on it, but didn't want to pay rent while building. I was renting while driving to the property, when I spotted a trailer for sale at a camp ground on the way. It was selling for $800, perfect, and I even got it for $500.

I had a dream about a sleeping BAG about a week ago, and reported the meanings of this dream. The red buttons didn't need to be arranged still in the bag. The Bags share the Grimaldi checks, and Grimaldi's can be the namers of Grimo, Mummolin's grandson through his son, Bebba-suspect Babon. It's been years since tracing Bebba to Pepin of Landen and/or his Metz wife, and while Pepins were Mayors of the Palace, so was Mummolin. Metz is less than 1000 miles from Mummolin's Chalons-sur-Marne. Irish Grimes' use the Alan martlets, and the other Grime's/Grimms (Alan fesses?) reflect the Richmond Shield to a degree (debatable).

My mother's nephew may have been chosen by God to be Dino Grimaldi, for Dino's (Florence, same place as Taddei's, and sharing the Shield-and-Chief colors of Taddei's) are said to be from Taddeo Dini. And while Taddei's use the Bouillon flory cross in the same colors, Dino's use "LIBERTAS," the Godfrey motto term, in their Chief. The DINhams/Diamonds and Diamonds/Dimonts can be gleaned with the Grimaldi lozenges. Keeps were first found in the same place as Dine's/Diens and Deins/Deans, and both of these surnames are now expected at Tullia's Auvergne. The Keep bend is colors reversed from the Chalon bend, and the Attila line suspect with the Tullia > Chalons line has been reported, satisfactorily in my opinion, as the founder of Khazars at the Terek river (Alania).

I will repeat here that a Mrs. Babcock was an accessory to the crime of writing out six of my checks, and forging the signature. She were her son were caught, and all the money was returned to me. The checks were made out to a fictitious Mr. KIZZLE. The Khazars on the Terek were at KIZLyar, which can suggest that God decided that Kizzle should be used on the checks to indicate a Khazar link to BABcocks/BADcocks, highly suspect with Babon, Mummolin's son, and Badon, Mummolin's grandson. Babcocks share the red rooster with Bibo's/Bible's and Cocks, and Cocks use the Grimaldi / Bag lozenges.

Wizel-like Kissels/Kissle's (unique fesse) share the talbot with Wizel-like WittelsBACHS who in turn use a version of the Welsh Bach/BAGH Coat. This recalls my very-tentative trace of Wittelsbachs to proto-Budapest (Sicambria), Attila's capital. Wikipedia says that the Bavarian lozenges (fusils to be exact), which I trace to Grimoald of Bavaria, were owned first by Wittelsbachs. So, it's now possible for Kizlyar to have been a Wessel / Wittel / Wizel line. The Bavarian lozenges were owned first by Bogens (Bavaria), and the Bauers of Bavaria share the wing design of German Wissels. Heraldry is drawn to perfection, and so when you see the shape between wings not identical on both sides, it's deliberate. We can spot the ugly arm with fist between wings, the symbol of an obstinate, greedy piece of human garbage, like Donald Trump, who puts his fist down, same as the lunatic ruler in North Korea right now. It's got to be his way, or the world can fry in Armageddon. Trump, he's made of that stuff. And so is the anti-Christ to come.

Why should the Kissel talbot be a Khazar symbol? I don't know. There is no description (on the description website) for Kissels. I would like to know how they describe that unique fesse. The Issels, in Kissel colors, are probably using the chevron of Fletts/Flaits, they with Vlad potential, and very likley a branch of Flys/Flythe's (same place as Bags and Fleet-related Flecks/Flags) suspect in the Tull/Tullia butterflies. The Butters use the same cross as Fleck-like Alfecks. Scottish Issels/Lille's use a "SeDULO" motto term, not surprisingly but very welcome. Both Issels use a fitchee cross in red (same as sun-using Firmins). If "KIZLyar applies to Lille liners, that's hard to figure, except that the father of Godfrey de Bouillon was near Lille, which itself uses the fleur-de-lys of Lys'/Lisse's, in the colors of the flory cross of Bouillons. The flory and moline crosses are, we may glean, a version of the potent cross, sometimes called a PATONSE (virtually the Flory cross). Compare the flory / patonce cross to the BOTTONy cross, code for Button links to Florence, we may assume.

"SEDULo" may be a double code, one for Settle's/Settel that use lozenges in colors reversed from the same of Stars, and the latter are suspect in "Star TREK" for a reason, likely because Stars were Terek-river liners. We can even see that "Settel" can be a Kessel / Kissel variation. As Gene Roddenbury got suspect with the Order of Saint Hubert, note the "SETs" of INTERlaced annulets of Hubbards, for he created Star Trek and its Starship ENTERprise, suggesting Inders/Enders. As the double-headed eagle of Spocks can be that of Cheps, recall from shortly above why bellow-using Ships can be of the Cheps via the German Belows sharing the Chep eagle in both colors, and it can reveal why the Star-Trek craft was the StarSHIP Enterprise.

There are two Kessel surnames, the German branch (Bavaria) suspect with the Crozier besant and the Croce / Creuse lion. It's a not-bad way to entertain a Kizlyar trace to Creuse, beside Auvergne, and to Croziers at Auvergne. Reminder: Kirks, chosen to represent captain Kirk of the Starship Enterprise (on the original Star Trek, for you younger crowds), use a do Odins that share the upright and white lion with Croce's/ Creuse's. The Scottish Croziers (Patons' fleur?) use exactly the Coat for the Arms of Chalons-sur-Marne. English Kessels/Kestelle's use a falcon rising while PATONS' (Shropshire) use sparrowHAWKs rising while Hawks use pilGRIM's stave's.

The Tracks/Tricks/Triggs and Drigs happen to have lions in both colors of the Lorraine lions, and it's interesting that Drigs were first found in SiCAMBRIA-like Cambria. Recall the last update's trace of Childeric both to the Lorraine eagle and to Mummolin, making his line suspect in connection with the Tullia line to Mummolin. Childeric was the first Merovingian king known to be historical, and it's known that he was a product with the Sicambrian Franks. As "Frank" looks like "Varangi," it's a good bet that Franks were from "Varni," and the latter may even have been from Avars. It's a good bet that proto-Frank Varni got as far east as Sicambria, and produced part of Attila's line that we might imagine strongly at the Atil river. The scourge of Europe then crossed west, only for some Huns to return east to the Terek to form Khazars proper.

The Touch's/Touchts/Tuffs (same place as Grimes'), beloved by the Clan Chattan motto, use the Lyon / Lannoy lion, green like the Trigg / Drig lion. They can be Tewkesburys because the latter share the castle with Chattans. The Chatti of Cassel come to mind, for Cassel is beside Hesse while Hesse's share the sun with Triggs and Drigs. The "tufts of grass" of Bosco's also come to mind, and what about those WHITE pants with the grass stains of babe Lorraine? If correct to trace Wittelsbachs to Sicambria, it's to be repeated that White's use a version of the Wittel(sbach) Coat. The Talbots, in the Wittelsbach dog (same one as the talbot), were at the Touques river. The Tous'/Tonso's share the eight-pointed stars of Teegers while Teague's/Teegers use a version of the Touque/Took Coat.

In the last update I missed what I'm about to say. The PENDers (same place as Touch's/Tuffs), found with the Croce / Creuse lion, were under discussion for Lorraine's grass-stained PANTs, but I neglected to load Irish Penders/PenderGRASS' !!! (Pembrokeshire, Keith motto), who have a not-bad version of the Wittelsbach / White Coat! This job is good for a few laughs; the Pendergrass', God has a sense of humor. Penders were being shown with Pendeur elite of Brittany.

It's interesting that English Babe's share a sun in Crest with Triggs / Drigs while the latter can be with the Touch/TUFF lion while "tufts of grass" should be code for the Tufts/TUFFs. Don't you think that God is great for providing that grass stain on her pants? It was the night I danced with Mamie, which started our relationship for to bring in more clues for this revelation. It was the last night Lorraine was with me, for the grass stain caused our breaking up. It must have been His way of ending our relationship, for He must not have wanted her in my life for anything but to help this revelation through. Tufts/Taffs share the red crosslets of crozier-using Wears/Were's, and the Tufts/Taffs share a reflection of the Coat of Sherwoods, first found in the same place as the Wear river. Sherwoods share roses on stems with Sher-like Schere's/Scherfs, and Schore's use a Coat like that of grass-tuft Bosco's. Schore's share the column with Trails with a Teign variation. Tegens are listed with the Teegers, in all three colors of Trails/Teigns. Both Mamie and Lorraine had the thigh symbol (Lorraine's grass stain was on her thigh), and Thighs/Tye's (Teigns?) were linkable to Tysons with the Lyon / Lannoy, lion, colors reversed from the Touch/Tuff lion. Tighs/Tye's were first found in the same place as Mamie-suspect Mamesfeld.

The Tane's/Tanneys (may or may not apply to Teigns) share a red, double-headed eagle with Spocks/Specks, and were first found in the same place as Colchester while using a version of the English Constantine Coat, suggesting Helena (said to be from Colchester), mother of Constantine "the great". German Tane's are the pine-cone Tanners while Conte's / Cone's may have been a Constantine branch. Irish Constantine's/Considene's share the Brian / Grass lions.

I just can't get over Pendergrass. You need to be me to understand best how it feels to look back, almost 40 years ago, and imagine what God was doing to put that event together, with neither of us young people realizing. How does God do this, to make people do things without their knowing? Does he put thoughts in our minds for to steer us? Yes, yes, yes, and that's what he does; he's not far away in some other galaxy. Jesus said the Holy Spirit will guide / lead us. But I can't feel it, and i never know when he's leading. I'm scared of this, and scared of that, because I can never know whether God is there with me, for sure.

The last update's weakest spot may have been where I mentioned Mamie's black dress, the one she wore at her party, where, somehow, she and I danced even though there was no dance floor, and no one else was dancing. How did that happen. She's was an amazing-looking girl, a female hunk at about 20 years of age, and she picked me to dance with??? How did that happen? All y friends were wondering the same. It was a miracle. Hopefully, they were thinking that God doesn't make losers, for the world says that nice guys finish last. She picked me again weeks later when we went camping, when she let me sleeping in her sleeping BAG. She just came over to me while at the camp fire, and leaned against my legs while I sat at the picnic table. She then sat on my lap, and I barely knew her. I hadn't seen her since the dance, and I barely knew her then. The gang was there, all around the fire, witnessing another miracle. How does that Christian do it? What's he got? I had no idea what was going on, that God was giving Signs for later dictation. You just need to be me to understand how it feels to look back at this, and so much more.

We were dancing in the LIVING room, and Livings use a black Shield, the color of her dress. That's a weak argument, but it came to mind [didn't load Livings until later to find their dancette, and I didn't realize until the same time that Rooms share the same fesse as Dance's]. Here I now find three white martlets, the colors of the three in the Living Chief, in the Teigh Chief. However, it's still a weak argument until Teigh's can be linked to Dance's. When God does something, it's perfect. So far, this link is not, in my mind, perfect. The day after we slept in the sleeping bag (others were in the tent, nothing happened), she put her two-piece bathing on, and went to the front lawn, on grass, and was doing something at the garden, when I was taken up by her beautiful thighs/hips. It's like this image was being burned into my memory by God, for what you are now reading. Teighs use the same chevron as Crimmons/Rimmons while Trails/Teigns use a "DisCRIMMONe" motto term. Teigns were first found in the same place as Bedfords that share the Quint lion paw, and Teighs were first found in the same place as Quints. Remember, Tighs/Tye's were first found in the same place as Mamesfeld.

Next, as i said in the last update, I was forced, by her, or God, to drape my right arms around her waist, and went to sleep like that. As Decks/Daggers share the squire helmet with arm-using Amours while Squire's are Squirrels sharing the red squirrel with Decks/Daggers, one can glean that the right arm is a Dexter symbol, and if we can say that my right arm was over her hip, than I can say that the Hips' use the shield of Decks/Daggers, whom I always trace to the TICino/TESSIN river, though that has not been clinched. It is clinched in my mind that Tease's/Tess'/Tecks were from the Ticino river, which starts in Switzerland, where Tease's/Tecks were first found, and Tighs/Tye's come up as "Tease" while Tysons are also TESSONs. The Laevi were on the Ticino, and Tease's/Tecks use LEAVES, and her living room is suspect with Livings/LEVENs (share white martlets with Hips'.) Are we making sense? shirt

Shirts use a "HosTIS" motto term while Tiss/Tice's/Tece's/Teese's/Tyse's (same place as Josephs) share the Shirt chevron! The Sherrat variation of Shirts can be of the Sheridans that use the same lion as Lorraine's. [Later in this update, the Pierleoni-suspect Rita's are clinched, with the help of the Fallis trefoils, with Roquefeuils, and the latter's marriage to Rodez produced the Rods and Rocks that can be sharing the trefoils of Sheridans who in-turn use a "Leo" motto term suspect with Pierleoni.

Mamie and I got into the sleeping bag, and all I wanted to do was hold her, and maybe kiss the yahoo's out of her. But she indicated, no, and would jerk to indicate "not interested." And she turned away, in the other direction. I'd never had a lady act like this who has come-on to me. BUT, can we call this a TEASE? Maybe that's what it was about. The next morning, she wades with me in the lake, and Wade's use a version of the Arms of Chalons-sur-Marne. No, I didn't have a crozier on me, but...we were waist deep, roughly. The Arms of Chalons-sur-Marne are almost the Arms of Clermont-Ferrande.

I've just come across the Tessin, first found in the same area as Dols, and using a fesse in colors reversed from the Dol fesse.

I've only-now checked Gardens because she was at the garden when her thighs/hips were noticed. Gardens happen to use a motto, "CRUCiata CRUCE JUNgunter," and the Acre branch of Daggers/Dacre's use the same fleur as June's. The Cruce cross is also that of Croziers and the Plus, she had her bathing SUIT on while Suits/Suters were first found in the same place (Angus) as Gardens. The Garden Crest has the same crosslet (different color) as crozier-using Wears/Were's and Tufts/Taffs. As per "junGUNTER," Gunters (gauntlet gloves of Fane's/Vans, by the looks of it), were first found in Breconshire, where the Clermonts/Clements were first found. It appears that Gunters were Gaunt/Ghent liners; and Dutch Ghents happen to use the wavy fesse of Dols now suspect with the Tessin fesse. English Gunters (Northumberland) use the same gloves, and the stag-head design of Croziers.

Black's use "crux" as well as the Glass stars while Glass' were a branch of Wallis' that share the Dresser lion. Mamie's black dress may have been for Dressers. I was at a job on a wood mill, churning out picture-frame moldings (I had a lot of jobs in my youth). Mills (Living martlet?) were looked up because my foreman there was Gunter. Amazingly, Formans use a Chief-with-symbols, which includes anchors, in the colors of the Anchor Chief-with-symbols, and the Frame Chief-with symbols. Amazing. I was living at D'Maine at the time, and Picture's/Pickthaws/Picthalls happen to share crossed spears of Pace's/Pasi's/Pascels (Sharon Pascal, also on D'Maine, was my first girlfriend after I became a Christian). The one Black Coat (same place as Fletts) looks to be using the Flett chevron, and with a reflection of the Tuft/Tuff Coat.

Dressers (Child colors), first found in the homeland (Thuringia) of Childeric's wife, and Thuringia traces very well to Turin in Piedmont. If we are convinced that Thighs and Tysons/Tessons, etc. were from the Ticino, then let's add that this river flows not far outside the Piedmont border. Italian Dance's/Donnus' were first found in Piedmont. That's compelling. Dressers and Childs/Chills are in Triss/Tryst colors, and the latter are in the motto of Hebrons of CHILLingham. Hebrons, first found in the same place as English Gunters, share the white horse head with Este's, and the Este heads are in the colors and format of the Gunter gauntlets. The Este horse head is in the colors of the Plunkett horse while English Walkers, who share the annulets of German Gunters, use "magna".

And the English Dance's (same place as Walkers) use the black horse head once showing for the Este Crest. The Bar-Este's were in Lorraine, and, not very long (an hour maybe, maybe less) after the dance with Mamie, I went to Lorraine's place (she was my girlfriend). I may have met her two or three weeks earlier, but no sooner. When Lorraine returned with the grass stain, and her friend's husband with her, it's possible that she wasn't mucking around with him on the grass, but I thought the chances were high for it, and I let her go. I regretted it later, but she wouldn't come back because I accused her. But God wasn't finished, for I crossed her path two times soon after. On one occasion, I saw her walk by with a child of about one year old or less, and Childs use the same spread eagle as Lorraine's, which is a white eagle, the colors of the spread eagle of Italian Este's. On the other occasion, it was at a bus station, and Bus's are in Child colors.

There is a Station/State surname with the red greyhound head of Anchor-loving Majors with yet another Chief like that of Anchors, Frame's and Formans. The Stations may therefore me using the Anchor lozenges in colors reversed. The Frame's are striking me here as Fermo liners (Picenum), for Azzo's, founders of Este were from Fermo. The Azzo's trace well to Assi's (Justine-of-Picenum line) in the same place as Justine-of-Picenum Yells/Yule's, and Assi's use a fasces suspect with the Fieschi's, kin of Segni's/Segurana's that are probably using the Este eagle, but they also share a blue moline with Mills! Amazing. You couldn't make link after link like this with heraldry, using three, four or five items in any event you so wish. It's not going to happen. It's happening here because God made the events, and made me remember the items He wants remembered.

I recall tracing the Station/State's to a Statielli Ligurian tribe because the State lozenges in the colors of the Grimaldi lozenges. Grimaldi-related Fieschi's, and Segni's (in the Fessy motto), were first found in Genoa, the Ligurian home of Grimaldi's. The Azzo's share the eagle in the colors of the same of German Bus', as well as that of the Genoa Doria's. Go ahead, pick three items alone that are also surnames, and see if you can link them this well. Not very likely. Doria's who married Arduinici at Oneglia, are highly suspect with ArtemiDOROS, the line linking well, as of this week, to Artemia of Lyon. Plancia Magna, whose father-in-law was from the Artemidoros area, was the high priestess of Artemis at Perga, and Artemidoros' grandfather was high priest of Cybele.

I recall virtually nothing at Mamie's party but dancing with her. I recall only that Barry and Michael Oulette were there, and the latter had called Lorraine a babe maybe two weeks earlier, maybe less. The Babe's/Babbs (Babcock colors) are very important for linking to things. Here's a thing I haven't yet told: "A stag lodged, guardant between two branches of laurel." Lorraine's use "An arm in armor holding a branch of laurel." I heard only "babe" come out of his mouth. Michael and I were not on speaking terms at the time, yet God forced this compliment out of him, didn't He? Some weeks earlier, Michael (short fuse) wanted to fight me in his brother's apartment, but I did the right thing by declining. Only Charley was with us, and Charleys (Charlemagne liners?), I now see, were first found in the same place as Babcocks! Amazing, you probably think I made Charley up.

I was looking toward Charley while declining, feeling like he thought I was a wimp, but my new religion taught me to resist, turn the other cheek. So, pride swallowed painfully, I did the right thing. I could have walloped Michael, but there wasn't anything to be upset about. Michael, some years younger than I, was over-reacting, immaturely. Perhaps that event was as per the Fite's that use swans, part of the elements of Wallis' that share the Charley lion. AHHHHHHH!!! I almost gave up looking for the link, until trying the Fidlers, as per the Fitler variation of Fite's, and Fidlers were first found in the same place (Surreys) as Michaels!

Now, as Fidlers share wolf heads with Welfs/Wolfs and Hugh Lupus, recall that Hugh' descendant married Hawise of Dol, for Dol's Alans are the Flaad liners suspect with Vladimir line of Kiev. It's just that one Michael surname uses the same Zionist star as Vlads. And Hugh's nickname, or whatever it was, was "Flaithe," to the best of my recollection.

Within a couple of weeks of that episode with Michael, I was dancing with Mamie in her dress, and so it's notable that Dressers, first found in the same place as Childeric's wife, share the Charley lion. French Charleys are also Charlemagne's (martlets for Charles Martel, his grandfather), and king Charlemagne was likely descended from Childeric. I get it. Charleys use the same lion as Lodge's, as per the lodged stag of Babcocks. The same lion is in the Garland Chief while Fidlers use a garland. Garlands call their garland a chaplet, and Chaplets use swans in the colors of the one swan once shown for French Josephs. Michael Oulette was the brother of Joseph, and the fight was threatened in the apartment of Paul Oulette, where I was living. Josephs are kin definitely of CHAPLet-like Caplins / Chaplains.

The Oulette's/Willi's (from Falaise) have variations like the Wizels/Willie's that share the black-on-white and passant griffin with Godfreys. Wizels/Willie's (Oulette colors) uses a "Fides" motto while Fidlers were from FIDElow (Vis-de-Lou). Wizels/Willie's (share talbot in Crest with Williams) can be connected to Willa of Tuscany, for Godfrey III (of Lorraine) married Beatrice of Bar, wife otherwise of Boniface III of Tuscany. Godfreys share "Libertas" with the Dino's, first found in Tuscany. Oulette's use a Coat like the Works in the Sinclair motto, and William the Conqueror married the daughter of "the tanner" of Falaise. Tanners use the Shield-and-Chief colors of Oulette's in colors reversed. Fidlers use wolf heads in the colors of the Thy/Thigh fox. The Sinclair motto, "Commit THY work to GOD" (spit, this is just code, spit). Godfrey III had a daughter, Goda, and his father was Gothel, while Goths/Gothels share the Vlad star. Gode's use a version of the Charley/Charlemagne Coat while also using the Charley lion. Hagars, using the same Zionist star (shared by Michaels), were first found in the same place as Garlands using the same lion. I think we now know what Oulette's were: Willa of Tuscany / Bologna to William-Conqueror line.

Willa was the mother rose-suspect Rozala on Ivrea, and that can explain the roses-only of Christs in the Bouillon / Firmin motto. German Wissels share red wings with the Gere Crest, and as Gere's share the double bars of HARcourts, the letter may have been Gere liners from Gereford, the latter having been the home of Firmins (Godfrey lion heads). Gere's (reversed colors from Garlands) share a leopard face in a canton with Babe's. Gere's (share blue lion with Irish Gars) were first found in the same place as Lodge's while Babe-suspect Babcocks (same place as Oulette-suspect Works) use a lodged stag. We have followed Oulette's merely to Godfreys and related Firmins, and have come to the Babe's uttered by Michael Oulette. In order for God to get Michael to utter that, God had to get a gorgeous woman and an immature Michael, and he had to make me crazy / confident enough to ride my bike to her bus stop, say hello, and ask if she's like to join me in the evening. The Babe's share black-and-white bars with Oulette's and Works. Can you make such links with just three items off the top of your head? Gere's share the blue lion with Irish Gars who in-turn look like they use a version of the Forman/Ferman Coat.

Well, I could be making all of this up to make the world believe that I'm simply amazing, holy, and blessed. But I'm nearly 60, and so what for? I can't get babe's anymore, and I probably never could aside from miracles. There are no babes at 60, and I'm no Ted Cruise. Besides, anyone who's lying as much as I would need to be through all this must be the devil's son. I have four sons, all of whom have been invited to read a couple of weeks ago to see what God has been doing through their father. I'm just saying it as things were, 40 years ago, no sugar-coating. If I wanted to make myself look great / wonderful, I wouldn't have said that sex with Mamie, the first and last time, was a dud. It was what it was. If all I wanted was sex, I wouldn't have bothered accusing Lorraine; I would have kept my tongue bit, then spent more time with her until she had sex with me.

Immediately after writing the paragraph above, I was wondering again why I said to Lorraine, the first time I saw her, "I'm going to MARRY you." I looked at the Marrys again, but had nothing to say. A minute later, the Christian song came on (from my playlist), "What CHILD is this," and I found myself singing its line, "the Babe, the son of Mary." Amazing coincidence. The babe was with child, but it wasn't my babe, and she married someone else.

One day, while trying to figure out the Obama dream, I was stuck on whether the piece of paper on the billiard table was for Papers of Page's. I initially thought that it was a piece of paper, but I decided to load the pages to have a look, and about ten seconds later, a Christian song by Francesca Battastelli came on with the chorus that includes, "I'm and open book, I'm an empty PAGE, write Your story on my heart." I was writing on this again weeks later when the same song came on from a playlist that was, at that time, 40 songs long. What's the chance of that? The song above, "What Child is This," happens to be by Francesca BATTastelli too (she wears too much make-up, but she gives her songs for free on youtube, nice singer).

Here is an amazing thing. German WALTers use the same Coat, but with colors rearranged, as German Michaels, and Oulette's are also WALLETs. Another Wallet surname is listed with Willi-like Whaleys, and they share the whale with Dols who in turn use the Walter fesse, and, besides, the line of Flaad > Alan loved the Walter name as a first name. Looks like it became a Walter and Wallet surname, and then merged with Oulette liners of the Willi kind. The Zionist stars of Walters, in colors reversed, could become the star of Walt-Vlad, or, better yet, "Vladimir" could have become "Flaad," and later "Walt(er). Recall that the Vladimir line through Casimir goes to Veringens, or in other ways to other Varni-line Varangians, for English Walters share the same bend as Varns.

I just recalled a thing. I invited Annette over (all innocent), who was either a good friend of Joe Oulette's wife, or her sister. She was a Catholic charismatic. We went for a refresher in my landlady's pool, and I got in trouble for that when telling the landlady; that may have been why I moved out to Paul Oulette's (I was probably given 60 days to move out). I was with Lorraine while living with the landlady, for I recall Lorraine and I on the landlady's rear porch. It means that I met Mamie in her black dress while I lived at the landlady's. The Annette's/Arnots use a near-version of a Black Coat. I think that is meaningful toward the black dress, and Oulette's, as we just saw, are suspect with Tanners that happen to use the Shield-and-Chief colors of LIVINGs/Levens. AMAZING, for I danced with Mamie in her black dress in her LIVING room while Dance's/Donnus' were first found in the same place as the Tanaro river! Bingo. The Annas'/ARNiss', perhaps related to the Arnot variation of Annette's, use the star in colors reversed from the Black / Annette star, and Annas'/Arniss' were first found in the same place as MAMESfeld. Like that?

The Laevi near the Tanaro had co-founded Pavia on the Ticino with the Marici, and so here's Wikipedia's article on Ligurian tribes: "Marici (near the confluence of the rivers Orba, Bormida and Tanaro)." The Kennati priests at Cetis were at Orba/Olba, by the way.

And what about Annette in the pool? Well, Annette's use a "SPERatum" motto term while Speers (same place as Pollocks) were merged with the Vespasia-Polla line to Pasi's/Pascels, a branch of Paisleys/Pasleys are GLASgow, and Blacks use the same stars as Glass'. As it appears that Annette's were Annas', they can be deemed important to God as per Annas of Israel, in whose home Jesus stood trial when they framed Him with a false accusation.

I Played Guelph with my Dentist

Good morning. As soon as I got out of bed, I realized I had to say that ANNETTe's along with the Mamesfeld = Mansfield location, are to be identified with the HENETi upon the Maeonian river (of Maeonians). Those whom have read my work for a few years might know that I identify the mythical Maenads with Maeander-river Maeonians, and, can you believe it, they had a dancing symbol! Wow. The Heneti founded the Veneti, who probably spread into neighboring Bologna. Look at how HENETI could have named KENNATI. It could appear that Heneti were Kenites. And the Boii of Bologna may have been from Boiotia, location of Schimatari, suspect with the Shechemite partners of Kenites...and with my red buttons.

The Heneti were represented in old time by mythical ANTONor, and the red Anton leopard face is shared by Babe's. The Italian Tonys share flowers with Sinks, which brings me back to the red buttons in the SINK, for that item was suggestive of the Sangarius river in the land of Heneti, either roughly or exactly. I didn't re-know until now that Sanks ("fides") use a version of the Sink Coat! Excellent. Sinks share the dolphin with KENNEDYs! As SANGARius, that river should trace to Segurana's at the Ligurian port of Genoa, itself near the sources of the Ceno river where I expect Kennati, Caens and other such things from Cetis. Going down the Ceno gets one to the Taro, where I traced scimiTAR, and the Annas-suspect Ananes lived between the Taro and the Trebia. Reminder: Schims/Schiens use the Molle boar while Shechemite Shake's use molehills. This is incredible because Welfs/Wolfs ("Fides" motto term likely for wolf-head Fidlers/Fidelows) share the Schein/Skene (same place as Schims/Schiens) wolf heads in the same colors...hearken.

Another thing I wanted to do when getting out of bed (it seems that God prepares my mind while waking) about 30 minutes ago, is to ask why I was GOLFing with my dentist before he laughed at my red buttons, and this recalls that the La fin motto phrase of KENNEDYs was mentioned yesterday as per a possible branch of Laughs. Yesterday, it came to mind that the GUELPHS may be the reason for the golf game, for there is no Golf surname coming up, and, can you believe it, the Guelphs were identical to the Welf branch of Este's (in the land of the Veneti). As Welfs/Wolfs are said to be from Hugh Lupus, it's he that was the son of Emma de CONTEville while Italian Conte's share the lion of Lafins/La Fonts, and while French Conte's were first found in the same place as Ville's/FONT de Ville's! Bango, this reveals that Conte's were from Kennati priests too. Backing up to John de Burgo of Conteville, Hugh's great-grandfather, it's important that Dutch Burgs/Bergs once showed the triple Clare chevrons in both colors, though these Bergs now show a dancette as some evidence of their trace to the Dance's/Donnus' of the Tanaro area, or even as evidence to the Heneti from which they obviously derived.

And the "comite" motto term of Schims/Schiens is like the Comitissa variation of English Conte's or the "Comites" of French Conte's. You can see that it related to the "Commit" motto term of Sinclairs, "the tanner" suspects whom are in the MOLine write-up. French Conte's can be using the crescents of French Pine's (same place as Clere's) in colors reversed for a related reason.

It's now important that the dentist's surname was a Tankerville relative, from Tanagra, beside SCHIMatari, the SHECHEMites! When God does something, it's for a reason. And Tankerville's lived at Tanaro-like Tanerdevilla. Stunning, isn't it? The Sakarya was home to pine-symbolized Attis, and German Tanners use the pine cone, as did the Maenads at the end of their thyrsus rods.

I'm now going to show how the "fortuna" motto term of both Schims/Schiens and Rollo's traces to Italy's Canossa. The Rollo boar head is blue, and can be from a colors-reversed version of the white-on-blue boar head of Schims/Schiens. I was at the Canossa article last night upon loading the article for Beatrice of Bar-Lorraine. Her marriage to Boniface III of Canossa had me looking at his ancestry, and it turns out that the Fortuna dog (not called a talbot) is that in the Arms of the House of Canossa. I apologize for calling the Fortuna dog a talbot in the past; houseofnames should use another dog if it's not called a talbot, for a talbot is always shown as a Labrador species. Fortuna's were first found in Tuscany, same as Canossa. The William Crest is called a talbot, and is no doubt of the talbot in the Tanner Crest; this may mean that Talbots (the surname) were related to Canossa, especially as the Meschins who married Talbots were of Masci's in the Tanaro-river area. Dogs/Doags were first found in the same place as Rollo's, beside the first Schims/Schiens.

The Masci-related Hamons share the antler of Cone's and Conte's, and Maschi's use more pine cones. The Tailbois' married by le Meschin, Hugh's nephew and likewise descended from Conteville's, share the ANNAN(dale) saltire, which speaks to the Conte trace to the Taro area, i.e. the Ceno river. Hugh D'AVRANCHes has been resolved with the BRANCH surname, with a Coat looking like a version of the Hamon Coat for a related reason. The Branch Coat is also the Coat of Sherwoods, the latter first found in Durham, same as antler-using Conte's, and as this place is at the Wear river, see the description of Sinks: "A silver shield with the upper half of a man, dressed in gold and WEARing a gold hat, holding in his right hand a BRANCH with three blue flowers on it." The Sinks use a Coat that can be traced to various Cheshire elements such as MARleys, Huberts, and Sale's/Salletts. The Marsi of Abruzzo, suspect with the Marici on the Tanaro and Ticino, were at the sources of the Sallett-like Salto river. Hubbards (Cheshire), by the way, share a version of the Hubert Coat, but with "...three SETs of three gold annulets interlaced..." SEDburgh of Yorkshire, same general area as Lace's, comes to mind.

What about the Coughs of KilKENNY that use the Sale Coat but with a dancettey feature?? What about the Kennys that use what looks like a version of the Singer/Sanger horse. Judging from the latter's Crest, this is the Este horse. Were Maenad-related Heneti>Veneti of the Sakarya at Este? Yes. Kennys and Singers/Sangers share "vincit," but as the Kenny motto is linkable to that of Cetis-liner Keiths, note that the Catti at the root of Keiths can be of the Hatti, who lived at the Sakarya because they were depicted by the Phrygian sun god, Attis. And that can explain why the Singer/Sanger horse is shared in the same colors by Phrygian-suspect Freys (but see also the Ray Coat). Kendels, share dolphins with Marleys / Huberts, had a branch at Westmorland, while Morlands use the symbol of Marley-likely Morleys. Kendels of Cornwall can explain the Tipper dolphins, but then trace this to the Kendel-like Kennedys of Tipperary, and we have the reason for identifying Kendels, known to be of John of Gaunt, to the Kennati priests. That makes Gaunts / Ghents suspect from Heneti. At this point, Kennati-possible "Canossa," expected with Caens/Cans', can be tentatively linked to the Dutch Canes' that share a wavy bar (bend) in the colors of the wavy bar (fesse) of Dutch Ghents.

Kennys were first found in Galway (same as Teague's), and share the same fleur as Morinis who in-turn can be with the double bars of Parrs in colors reversed, interesting where Maness'/MANNERs love the Parrs along with the "par tout" motto phrase of Rollo's. Rollo Sinclairs are expected from Clarus, near the end of the MAEANDER river.

Compare "vince" to "Finis(tere)," and consider a Vince trace to Vicenza, near Fano but in the land of the Italian Veneti, for Finistere is in the land of the Brittany Veneti.

Marleys (virtually the Sink Coat) are said to be from Morlaix (Brittany), a term like the Morland branch of Morleys, and Branch's with Morlands were first found in Westmorland along with the Livings/Levens that share the Shield-and-Chief colors of Tanners. It's a great reason to see Livings from Laevi on the the Laevi on the Tanaro river, or at least to the Tanaro-river Marici. Morlaix is in Finistere, beside Vannes, and the Voirs/Voyers, with a lion said to be that of saint MARK (i.e. the Marici line) share the Maschi / Walter lions. I trace Finistere to Finis'/Fiens that share the same lion, and they use a reflection of the Fane/Fien/VAN Coat.

I had a good Christian friend, Dave Morley, who married Carol, and Carols (same place as Kennedys and Lafins/La Fonts) use lions in the colors of the Morley leopard heads. Would God have produced that marriage to send us this Message? How important is this? The Morley symbol is shared by Levi-beloved Aids, first found in the same place as ARTEMs/AITons, from Artemidoros, whose family was at Pessinos, at the Sakarya, as the high priesthood of Cybele, Attis' wife. (Morleys were first found in Derbyshire.) Can the Attis Heneti trace to Morlaix in the land of the Brittany Veneti?

We now go back to the dance with Mamie's black dress, for we saw how it could have been code for the Blacks as well as the Livings/Levens. The Black Coat is a reflection of the Branch Coat, and Black's were first found in the same place as Tailbois. When we trace the latter's saltire to the Annans, and then to the Ananes Gauls at the taro, we are to the Annette-suspect Heneti, where Conte's / Conteville's derive. The Black Chief is also the Schim/Schien Chief. The Blake's/Caddells (Hatti>Catti?) share the Cattel fret, and Cattels are suspect from Cattolica, beside the Fano location of Fane's/Fiens/Vans ("fano" motto term). I tend to think that Cattolica had a different, Catt-like name previously, nothing to do with "Catholic." Fane's were Heneti>Veneti, right? And Hatti were with the Heneti, right? Yes, and the Phrygian HAT was pointed, as is the HAT in the Sink Crest. The hat is said to be on a MAN, and Mans along with similar surnames such as Mansfields are hard Maeonian suspects. Again, Mamesfeld/Mansfields is in the same place as Annas'/Arness' suspect with Annette's/Arnots. It's where Mea's/Meighs were first found that were from the Meu river, not far from Finistere.

Dave Morley had a motor bike. I was all-smiles when he came by to my house with Carol, our church secretary, on the back of the bike. She was much older than Dave, and not the motorbike type. I was at the Morley article to see its Morleston location, prompting a look at a Morles Coat if there was one, and there is, listed with MAULs. It recalls the recent dream where a man on a motorbike came down the hill where I had just picked up a sleeping bag. I then walked up the hill, and this guy on his motorbike had turned around and followed me out onto the road. I then proceeded to a MALL! Roads and Streets (Catherine wheels = Road-like Roets) share the same colors (also of Morles'/Mauls), and Roads can be using the Child eagle while Carols are expected with Carolingians i.e. likely descended from Childeric.

First off, Morleys were first found beside the Sleeps of Salop, but also beside the Marleys of Cheshire, and that place is beside Denbighshire, where Bachs/BAGHs were first found, who were the surname that came to mind upon waking from the dream. And Davids (Dave's birth name) were first found in Cheshire along with Malls/Mallibone's/MARLYbone's. AMAZING once again. The bike may not have been the symbol of a Bike-like surname, therefore, but of Morleys and Davids, for Robert of Maule joined David if Huntingdon, later king David I of Scotland. It has been resolved that Davids share the Eiton (and Toothill) bend, recalling that Aid share the Morley leopard head run through with a fleur-de-lys.

Malls/Mallibone's use the Shield of Says (Salop), who named MOREton-Say in Salop! It has a More location too. And while Mortons are beloved by the Walsh's that love the Trans'/Trents, the latter share the split Shield of Moles'/Malls. I walked into the mall and found myself with Chris Peare and LOUISE Phillips, the latter suspect with GORlois, and here the Morles'/Maule's use a "riGORE" motto term. Chris's use swans, and Wallis' were from the Sion area while Sions/Swans use swans too, in the colors of the Chris swans. And LOOK: Peare's use gold leopard heads, symbol of Morleys, Morlands and Aids. So, there we are, the dream explained to almost its every detail, and pointing to the Livings/Levens as Laevi liners. The hill may have been code for a Salop- / Sleep-like slope. I did not see a full hill, just a slope.

We can assume that Morles'/Mauls (Morton colors) are important, and we can assume them to be a merger with Marleys / Morleys / Morlands. The Morles/Maul motto happens to use "Clementia," and Clermonts'/Clements were first found beside Salop. The scallops of Morles'/Maule's are those also of Tailbois', and the latter use a saltire in colors reversed from that of Tecks/Tease's (LEAVES for Laevi on the Ticino), and the "TECto" motto term of Morles'/Mauls should therefore apply. As for Phillips, they share the lion of the Cheshire-based Richardsons, and Carol was the secretary of pastor Richardson. In colors reversed, the Carol lion is black, same as the Richardson lion. The Richardson Shield with symbols happens to be a colors-reversed one from the Livings/Levens.

To help make the Phillips link to Richardsons, recall that the "honos" motto term of Richardsons had me looking at the Hones surnames, one of which uses wavy bars in the colors of the same of these Phillips'/Philbens that I've only just found by entering double 'l' s and an 's' at the end! That's a good link to have, but I can't remember all of them.

I didn't realize until now that Rooms/Rome's use the same fesse as the Yorkshire Dance's! We danced in her living ROOM. Perfect. Rome's/Rooms (motto term for Pungs/Pings/Pongs/Paganells of Yorkshire) were first found in the same place as Willie's/Wizels that linked well with Oulette's, and the latter use a form to the Richardson Coat. Plus, Yorkshire is where Hatton is located, and Morles'/Mauls are said to be from Hatton. Willie's/Wizels share the Vince griffins exactly and Vince's share the motto of Hattons! Rome's/Rooms share "sed" with Walsh's, and its suspect with SEDburgh of Yorkshire, where Dance-suspect Dents were from. You can't say that this is not amazing, but as compared to the creation of a living body, making me dance in a living room to set up clues for surnames is absolutely nothing for God. Why people reject such an incredible Person to the very ends of their lives, I will never understand.

Hattons (first found in Cheshire) are probably with the Arms-of-Cheshire garbs taken to Yorkshire by Meschins. Hattons (Stacey stag?) are traced to a Halton location in Cheshire, suspect with Oda Haldensleben, wife of Mieszko I. The Cheshire HAUGHTons, suspect with Sigrid the Haughty, Mieszko's daughter, look like they can be a Hatton branch. Haughtons can be with the Say bull head.

Yorkshire is also the location of Hutton, and Huttons share the gold stag heads of Anne's/Hanne's (Yorkshire), yet, in both colors, they are shared by Bicks. Did God make David Morley buy a motor bike as code for Bicks, and can the bike on the hill apply to Bicks after all? Note how well the Hutton Coat reflects that of Hills, the latter first found in WORCestershire, perhaps of the Works that use a version of the Oulette Coat and therefore a Chief like that of Richardsons. Richards, linkable my their motto to Phillips' and Louis', were first found in Yorkshire. Worcesters look like they use the Gore/Core Coat, and Louise Phillips, suspect as code for GorLOIS, just linked to the Work lions indirectly by her surname. While Louis'/Lewis use the Phillips lion in colors reversed, the other Lewis', suspect with the Laevi line through Laevillus, share the green dragon with the Morles/Maul Crest...and Kilpatricks, first found in the same place as Rooms/Rome's.

Kilpatricks (share black lion with Phillips') are suspect in the Lewis/Louis and Phillips motto, and the Chief of the Phillips'/Philbens use the passant lion of the KilKENNY Kilpatricks. The Phillips and Louis/Lewis lions both put a gold crown around the necks of their lions, just as though God named Louise Phillips, then brought her into my life, then reported these things to you. But why? Does he want some readers to act in the way that their consciences are telling them to act? What malice does God have in mind for His enemies? He's not going to waste this effort; it's for a reason.

Huttons are said to be of Hill-like Helias, son of Roger Hoton. Huttons are said to be from Preston of Lancashire, and Scottish Prestons use only three unicorn heads in the colors of the black (Este horse head?) three horse heads of Helens of Hillion (Brittany). It looks like we have found Hill branches. Keep in mind that we crossed Helena of Colchester with English Tane's while German Tane's are Tanners suspect with Tancred liners, and while my dentist (a Hutton-possible Hautville) was a Tancred liner, the red buttons he laughed at were in my trailer while Trails show a Teign variation. English Prestons were first found in the same place as Meschin-related Tailbois' that apparently merged with Morles'/Mauls. And Scottish Prestons were first found in Westmorland while Ranulph le Meschin did rule that area, especially Copeland. Tancreds (near Hutton) share the Morles/Maul / Pulley/Pullen scallops, in colors reversed from the Tailbois scallops, and while one Tancred fathered the Guiscards of Sicily, this image of the Guiscard brothers (rulers of Sicily) has a pulley on the floor, totally out of place except that the painter knew the Guiscard link to Pulleys (same place as Tancreds). The Pulley motto shows links to Copeland-suspect Cope's/Colps/Culps, from the Colapis river, same as Colchester that uses the ragully Lawrence cross in colors reversed, and then Tancreds look like Keppoch kin. This recalls that my basement tenant, Helen, was resolved as code for Helena of Colchester, mother of emperor Constantine I.

At 12 years of age, I collected golf balls with Lawrence Kepke, in the river flowing past three golf courses (we would sell to golfers on the courses). Some months after the Kepke dream, I had a dream where I was picking up golf balls appearing all over the place more than half-buried in the white sand or snow, I can't recall which, and the next day this dream was meaningful concerning a Kepke line, but I can't recall the details of that connection. The point is, the dream with dentist at the golf course was very-soon after the dream of picking up golf balls, and the dentist is a Tancred liner i.e. suspect with Keppochs. The dentist's surname was first found in Durham, beside Yorkshire, and shares the Tancred chevron while reflecting the Tancred Coat well. I recall the dream as having golf balls in sand, which would be perfect for heraldry's sake because Sands, feasibly of the Saint variation of Sinclairs, use a red ragully fesse, the color of the ragully cross of Lawrence's. The Sand fesse is in both colors of the Merion/Marin cross that is itself nearly the Lawrence cross. Sands should have to do with the Santone's, the Lemnos kin the namers of Limousin, where Clermonts-related Clare's were first found. Sanders/Centers even share the upright, red bull of Claro's/Charo's.

The Tailbois' (same place as Hull-branch Halls) were probably Talbots, and the Hulls / Halls with talbot dogs use a Coat that could be a colors-reversed variation of the Helen Coat, important because Hill-like Hulls speak on John HOTHAM (like "Hoton"), governor of Hull. We just saw Helias, son of Roger Hoton. Hulls were first found in Kingston-upon-Hull, and Kingstons (Yorkshire) can be using the Carol lion. While Halls call their's talbots' heads, Hulls call them dog's heads, meaning that other surnames not calling them talbots may yet be Talbot kin.

In colors reversed, the Hall / Hull Labradors are black, the colors of Kepke's Labrador, and Hull use "laurel," a symbol to be expected of Lawrence lines such as Lorraine's that share the green and upright lion with French Merions. English Marions use almost the red Lawrence cross, and the Arms of Merioneth is the white and upright goat of Philberts/Philbys, looked up as per the Philben variation of Phillips. While Kepke was with Chris Peare, I was forced to put up with Louise Philips in my apartment. Both ladies were renting it with me. While the bars of Phillips/Philbens are those also of Morinis, Louise was with a man, Moreno.

Last I saw her, a while after I asked her to leave, she said she was working in choreography, which involves stages. In the dream where I walked into the mall ( I had met Chris and Louise when we all worked in the same mall), these two ladies were on a plywood platform, as was I beside them. If these platforms were to represent the Stage/Stagg surname, it's interesting that it shares the gold stag head of Bicks. Staggs are suspect with the Stacey variation of stag-using Eustace's. Isn't it also telling that while I'm identifying Louise with GORlois, code for Gore's/CORE's, she went into CHOReography? Is God able to make a Sign here that includes the Corrys/Curry's too, from Waterford, where the Arms uses the Trump stag, which, in colors reversed, is blue, the color of the Stage/Stagg stag head?

Here's from the last update, where the choreography had not come to mind, when I didn't have reason to think of a stage: "When I was in the mall, though I can't recall where, I was lying down somewhere, on a platform (didn't seem like a bed), and Christine Peare was lying next to me, she with another woman friend with very short hair, and that's when Chris just came into my arms." You see, I used "platform."

The Dogs/Doags are interesting for using the chevron, as well as the two cinquefoils in Chief, of the dentist's surname in colors reversed. I was hoping to cross something like this because the Dog Coat is a reflection of the Sere Coat while Sere's (share the Dog / Carr chevron) are in the Carr motto. The dentists was driving a car when he laughed at my red buttons (dream ended there). While the Carr motto is "Sere SED serio," Seers ("fides") use a version of the Sere Coat but throw in the Tancred scallop! Bingo. We got it. Recall that "Fides" was the motto term of golf-suspect Welfs/Wolfs (i.e. suspect as the Guelph branch of Este's). Seers were first found in the same place as Colchester, and Colchester share the ESToile with the other Carrs.

Carrs were first found in the same place as the Hutton location of Preston, and Prestons use a cinquefoil too, as well as those Helen-suspect horse heads that look like they should link to Halls and Hulls. Recall the red buttons to the water bottle's, for Bottle's (Lancashire, same as Hutton of Preston) use three crowns only in the colors of the three dog heads only of Hulls and Halls. Waters were first found in the same place as Seers, and the two use chevrons in colors reversed from one another.

But how do we work the red Buttons into this? So far, I can't see a way, but the red buttons have to do with the red shirt on the case of water bottles, and the Shirts happen to use a version of the Tancred surname as well as that of the dentist's surname. In fact, this is so important for proving that God has given us the dentist dream that I'm going to reveal the dentist's surname. The Shirts are said to be from THORNton, and THORNtons ("fideli = Fiddle's/Fidlers = Guelf kin) share the hawthorn tree with the Dentist's surname, HawTHORNE. Can you believe it? This is amazing aside from Dents smacking of "dentist." Thorne's share the red-on-white fesse with Buttons/Bidens, and its in the colors of the two fesses of Nice's/Ness' suspect from queen Nysa of Biden-suspect Bithynia, beside the sink-suspect Sangarius river. The "spinis" motto term of Thorne's should be for Spinks "FIDELis") who probably share the Trail/Teigh mascles closely.

God is more than clever in these things. He needs to name people from birth, then put me into their lives by an array of methods, many methods because there are so many peoples' names involved. He then sets up special events with the very people whose names are to be explained as per the meanings / derivations behind surnames. Over and over, this has proved to be the case. Thorntons share the purple lion with the Yorkshire Lacys and Skiptons. I laugh when I see things like this. I should be more reverent, but it's a happy laugh. It's the kind of laugh that is impressed with God's perfection as I wind and wind, and wind some more, seeking what He's trying to convey. When I find it with certainty, I'm filled with inspiration, and laugh too, my reward.

The Sherrat variation of Shirts ("honori") became suspect with Sheridans, and the latter use a "LACESsitus" motto term while Laces' ("honores"!) are the purple-lion Lacys. I'm seeing Sardinians. As Sheridans share the Lorraine lion, recall that I flippantly said to Lorraine -- before I knew her, and the first time walking by her --"I'm going to marry you." Laces' use a "MERITas" motto term while French Merits are also DeMARRYS! Merits/DeMarrys are in Tass colors, the relationship perhaps in the "meriTAS" code, and Tass' (greyhound) share the red chevron with Tiss' and Shirts, begging whether Tous' were Tass' / Tiss' / Tease's merged with Tonzus-river Thracians. Note the ComiTISSA variation of English Conte's. Tass' share the Preston cinquefoil.

The dentist said nothing of my shirt, just the buttons, but I found two buttons still in their original bag the day before seeing the red shirt on the bottles, at the time when Tous'/Tonso's were important at the Mummolin circle of families. And while the Hun trace to Mummolin was the new discovery (at that time), Dents (Rothschild-Arms motto terms) share the ermined-white-on-black Houn/Hound lozenges, and Huns/Hundts look to be using a greyHOUND version of the Arms-of-Canossa dog...while Huns/Hungate's (same place as Dents) use the colors and format of Dogs/Doags. The seated white greyhound in the Hun/Hungate Crest is that also of Taddei-like Tattons, making the Canossa rulers (at the time of Godfrey III) suspect with Bouillon-related Taddei's...who share three red chevrons (code for Hebrons?) with Waters. And while Giffards share the Dent / Hound lozenges, Giffards are in the write-up of crozier-using Wears/Were's. Hounds were first found in the same place (Cambridgeshire) as the Tricks/Triggs that share the Sheridan / Lorraine lion i.e. for a trace to the Tullia of Lyon.

We're going to the house of Canossa below, so let's not neglect that Talbots use a colors-reversed version of the Grey Coat, asking why Canossa should be involved with the Mummolin Huns. The answer is as easy as Tous involvement with Clermonts-Ferrand at Auvergne. Also, as Caiaphas is expected at Tullia of Lyon, note that the green lion under discussion is in the Chapel/Chables Crest, and not forgetting that the swan once shown for French Josephs is in the colors of the Chaplet swan. However, these surnames, along with the Chaplains and Caplins, both kin of English Josephs, can be from "Cabyle" and not from "Caiaphas," though I seek a Caiaphas link to "Cabyle / Cybele." I need a miracle for that. The Tous Chief is in the colors of the Joseph Chief, more evidence of a Cabyle-liner link to Josephs. Cable's are Chapel/Chables colors. The latter use rose's while having an early member in the same place as Bugs that share bougets with Rose's.

There is more. The red shirt and buttons are from Tous'/Tonso's that are beloved in the "tous" motto term of Bleds, and while they are from Bleda, son of MUNDzuk, Shirts use the same peacock as Munds (and Manners/Maness'). Laughter, joyful. We see here what God wants the world to know, or at least His enemies, or perhaps just his people, I wouldn't know who in particular, yet anyway. And while Mundzuk was Attila's father too, we can see the Huns in the HONori" motto term of Shirts. There was an Honorus character in the household, or associated with it, of Valentinian I. You are receiving this from a person that would not lie about this. The Shirts use a reflection of the Hawthorne / Tancred Coats, and moreover they share red roundels with the Arms of Boulogne, home of Eustace II, a relation of the Tous' round-about.

As per the "HONORi" motto term of Shirts, Honors share the stag design, virtually, of Eustace's, with stags in colors reversed from the Stage/Stagg stags. The latter share a cross between antlers with the Eustace's and EUS-like Vise/Vice's, suspect with Visconti's and GUIScards/Wisharts...and VIS-de-Lou of Fiddle's.

The Corrys/Currys (Waterford) were mentioned above as per Louise's choreography-stage theme, but then the Correns/Currents were likewise first found in Waterford while there are courant (all four legs off the ground) heraldic items suspect with a Corren variation, for no Courant surname comes up. The Loops use a courant greyhound, and I read that Vis-de-Lou was also Vis-de-Loop. Louise worked at Penningtons while Pennys/Penes' use the courant greyhound too. Penningtons use "patria" while Louis' and Philips' use "patriae" while Phillips and Penningtons love the Amore's in their mottoes, and, finally, Penningtons share lozenges with the other Louis'. Penningtons use the mountain cat while Mountains married Claviere. Waterford is near Cork while Corks/CORE's were first found in the same place as GORlois.

"HONORE et AMORE" is the motto of English Richards (blue lion) while Richardsons (linkable to Phillips') use "honos." It was the Shirts that use "Honori."

I now understand PLATform. The Platts are also Blatts, the line of Bleda, right? Bloods/Bluds use the stag too, symbol of Huns. AHHH, the FORMans, as per "platFORM", share the wavy bars of Phillips'/Philbens, I just can't help but laugh. Louise Phillips was on a platform. Louise was going with a Moreno character, and Morinis' share bars in these colors, and were first found in Modena, as with the Casano's/Cassandra's that trace to the Cassane branch of Irish Pattersons/Cassane's who were in-turn first found in the same place (Connaught) as Phillips'/Philbens, and then the Pattersons/Cassane's share the scallops of Platts, can you believe it? What has God wrought? I am reminded that Louise's hair was growing SHORTer while she was on the platform, and Shorts may have been the reason for the Shirt variation of Sherards/Sherrats.

The Patterson/Cassane lion is that of Phillips, and as we saw Phillips link to Patterson-branch Kilpatricks, that's why it fits. This would not have been discovered had it not been for Louise and Moreno, it's as simple as that. And he is suspect with the Murena's. The Forman Chief signalled a link to Trope's/Drops that are in the drops of both Pattersons/Cassane's and Kilpatricks (share green dragon with Formans). This was the line from king Antipater to Cassander to two queen Nysa's, one of Biden/Button-suspect Bithynia. The other Nysa was at Cappadocia, beside Phillips-possible PamPHILia.

There is a Phil surname listed with Phails/Falls, an apparent branch of Velis. The Phils/PHAILs happen to share the back stag head with Vise's/Vice;s, but the amazing thing here is that, once Louise was out of my apartment, my next girlfriend (couple of months) was Miss Whelan (I mentioned this recently and also a few times months ago, I'm not making it up now). Whelans (stag head) have Phail-like variations, suggesting that God knew what he was doing, especially as Whelans (Waterford! share blue-on-white lozenges with Louis! Amazing. In all that time, God hid the fact that he was ordering the events in my life. The Looie variation of Louis' (Lorraine) might just be of the namers of Vis-de Lou. It's very evident that these Louis' and Whelans together are using the symbols of Bricks and English Brix's/Brests/Brice's/Brisons...recalling that Scottish Brisons (Breck horn) are using the saltire of the Waterford Corrys/Currys. Scottish Brice's (Bruce branch) bring us to Assi / Vilnius / Azzo / Picenum / Abruzzo elements.

It floored me, the last time I spoke on Miss Whelan, to find Whelans first found in Waterford. That place was never important to me until finding the Trump stag there merely a couple of months ago. As I've said, and this is from years ago, all recorded, Miss Whelan's sister was dating Rick Young when I was with Miss Whelan, and Youngs/June's/Jungs share a stag in the colors of the Waterford / Trump stag, which clinch's the Waterford stag with the Trumps, this is part of what God is telling us through Miss Whelan. And the Dols use a whale in Trump colors while being first found in the same place as Trumps. Why was God leading us to Trumps? Why do Mattis' share the Stewart checks? What is going on in that snaky American military? Whatever it is, they will not repent. I wish you all had an extra $100,000 for a wilderness retreat, just in case. I'm getting nervous. But am I not correct that the anti-Christ needs to invade Egypt successfully before the skincode can be put into effect? Whelans were Massey kin, we can see it in their Chief.

I implore you, keep checking into my Iraq updates because there is every reason to believe that God will direct you through my messages in months / years to come. You need check in only every month or so, hoping to land on an important message. I think what I'll do is provide a separate page where any tribulation-related messages can be placed, and then readers can get to the page at the top of the Iraq-Updates index page. I am horrified by the idea of moving people to purchase tribulation retreats at the wrong time and place. Please do the right thing; don't be hasty...until it's time to be hasty. If you are rich, prepare for others, but know that Revelation 13 doesn't fully / satisfactorily confirm that the skincode (mark of the beast) is a Western / global purchasing system.

MontBrison is at Firminy, and we just saw the Forman kin/branch of Firmans. The platform line from Attila is coming, the scourge, the human disease, the conqueror bent on conquest. It would floor me to find that the four horses in Revelation are in the colors of particular heraldic horse's. The four Revelation horses mark the beginning of the world's tribulation period. The first horse is white, the color of the Este horse, yet the Este's also use a black horse. But it's not the time now to speculate on this connection.

"Sigifred of Lucca (also Sigefred, Siegfried) (died after 940) was a Lombard nobleman and the progenitor of the House of Canossa. Donizo, the biographer of the Canossa dynasty, refers to Sigifred as coming from 'the county of Lucca' (de comitatu Lucensis). Little is known about Sigifred. Although he was from Lucca, he was probably not count of Lucca. He moved from Tuscany to Emilia-Romagna c.924-930 [not long before the Conqueror in 1050ish) when Hugh of Italy endowed him with lands around Parma. Sigifred also gained control of lands around Brescia." Val Trompia is at the north side of Brescia/Brixia, and Brix's/Brests have been traced to Brescia with fair certainty thanks to the Lano line to Launay, the Brittany location of Brest. As I trace Caens/Canns to the Ceno river because Caens share the five, white ostrich feathers of Trabys while the Ceno comes near the Trebia river, Canossa may have been a Caen entity. That can link to Talbot-related Meschins, perfect for linking to the Labrador dog used by the Arms of Canossa. Meschins (from the Caen area) were likely Masci's and Dunham-Masci/Massey, and Tattons are said to have married "Massy."

Note that the founder of Canossa lived around the time of Rollo, for Rollo's use a "fortuna" motto term. We have the Normans well-pegged with Canossa. Tattons use quadrants in colors reversed from the same of Tute's/Tuits. The latter are said to be from a Mr. Todeni, son of Robert, duke of Brittany, the father of William the Conqueror. And that is why I see the Conqueror's trace to Taddei's. But then Tous' have a Todeni-like Tosini variation that complicates matters, yet Tous' and Taddei's were both first found near Lucca, Canossa, and the Canossa circle of families.

On the other hand, Canossa may have been a Conan line, where Conans share the Sinclair cross. Duke Robert above married Judith of Rennes: "Leaden sarcophagus of Judith of Brittany a.k.a. Judith de Conan (982-1017). ." Conan, duke of Brittany, was her father. Doesn't this have to do with the Conte-line to golf-liner and Flaad-related Hugh Lupus D'Avranches? Conans strike me as Cone's / Conte's, for the latter married the Conqueror's mother, daughter of "the tanner" of Falaise. While Oulette's are said to be of Falaise, and while Oulette's share a version of the Coat of Works in the Sinclair motto along with Conte's, Raines', suspect with Rennes, use lions in colors reversed from the same of Oulette's and WORKs. The Raines-based Wrens (said to be from Rennes, making Judith Conan the chief suspect) share the WORCester crosslets. The "parium" motto term of Raines' is like the "Perimus" of Caens, and it should be noted that Caens share the fretty Shield with Cable's, from Cabyle upon the Tous-based Tonzus river. Wrens share the purple lion with Thorntons, and the latter came up from the write-up of Shirts while Tous' use a MAN in a shirt. I will remind that Conans became linkable to the Shechemite line of Cunninghams.

Golfs balls? As Hugh Lupus of Cheshire is tentatively suspect with the golf link to Guelphs, English Balls/Balders ("digniTATus") were first found in Cheshire, and Scottish Balders share the Conan / Sinclair cross. French Balls were first found in Brittany, no surprise. Balls/Balders are now suspect with the Oulette / Work lion, but as Richardsons (from Richard BELwood) use the Oulette Chief while being first found in Cheshire, it's notable that duke Robert's father was Richard II. Recall Cindy Richardson at the baseBALL diamond with Mamie and I, for Cindys are also Conte-like Cuntys, suspect with Kuns = Huns. But if Conte's are from the Kennati priests, how do we reconcile a trace to both they and Huns? QuadraTILLA was at Cetis with the Kennati. Attillincidence? And Mundzuk needs to trace to Quadratilla's ancestor in Galatia. It's making Kenites suspect to the very naming of Huns, but only if Conte's were named after Kuns. If you don't yet know, the scimitar is used by Kennedys, a great reason to identify Kennedys with Kenites, and to link Kennedys to Schimatari-Tanagra liners to Tancreds...which can explain why Kennedys share the Tancred / Hawthorne chevron.

Hold on to your bat. The BASEball diamond has figured into the golf-ball clue, for Base's (same place as Richardsons) share the double lions in pale of Brunswicks, and the Este line of Bar was in Brunswick. Obviously, the Guelphs were of Brunswick too, because the Brunswick lions are in the Arms of Welf!!! Laughter. When God does it, every detail needs to be considered. He brought Mamie and I to that baseball diamond, yes He did.

I had insisted (based on heraldic clues) that the Visconti's were at Brunswick with Montferrat elements, but the evidence was lacking to clinch it. It happens that Otto of Brunswick-Luneburg, suspect with "Ottone," was a Welf. Emperor Otto IV (holds an orb at his Wikipedia article) was a Welf of Brunswick too. This emperor was the son of a Norman royal, but from the Scot royals too, and therefore Otto became earl of York, thanks to family connection to king RICHARD I (Norman England). namely, Matilda is at the heart while Matilda of Tuscany-Canossa is shown with what looks like a form of crozier. Matilda's are sometimes called Mauds, and the Mauds may be using the gemel/double, black fesses of Oulette's (makes a lot of sense). Matilda was a daughter of Boniface III and Beatrice of Lorraine.

It's a good bet that Khazar-line Cohens were Kuns that morphed to "Cohen," the Jewish word for "priest" used even in the Bible. Cindys/Cuntys share the double pale bars in the Arms of Vilaine while Rennes is in Vilaine while Vilains share the Shield-and-Chief colors of Tanners. It appears that God named Cindy for linking the Cindy surname to Richardson liners. To link the Alans of Vilaine to Wrens, look no further than the broken spear of Wrens.

Back to the golf balls. Scottish Balders (share Rust fitchees) have the motto, "Constance et FERME," and the latter term can be of the "Fermiora" of FULLers, in-turn suspect in the "Fulcrum" motto term of the Cheshire Balls. FULbert "the tanner" comes to mind. The full Ball/Balder motto, "Fulcrum dignitatis virTUS," looks like code for both the Taddei and Tous line, not forgetting that "tous" is a motto term of Bleds that use the Sinclair / Burg chevrons in colors reversed, where Burgs are likely from John de Burgo de Conteville de Comyn, and the Comyn Coat happens to be used by Avise's in the Kennedy motto, nailing the Kennedys with Conte's beyond as doubt, especially as Adam Kilconquhar's mother was a Comyn while he married Marjory of Carrick while the Arms of Carrick is the Kennedy chevron with black fitchees. The red button were in the sink while Sinks share the dolphin with the Kennedy Crest while Sinks (branch of Sanks) were from the Sangarius river, home likley to the HENETI of the neighboring Parthenius river.

French Burgs, first found in the same place as French Conte's, have a MOLINE in colors reversed from the Fier moline, and in the colors of the Berk/Burgh cross, and Moline's are said to be from the Falaise family. Fallis' were first found in the same place as Sinclairs (and Mams/Mems/Mens'), and Italian Fallis' (Este colors) with the same Coat, were first found in Venice along with Pesci's, indicating that Sanks can be using the Pesci fish, for the Veneti had been Heneti. The Verona's use the Pesci fish along with the Fallis trefoils, and the Verona Coat is a version of the Feller Coat, suggesting strongly that these surnames are linkable to Roque's and RoqueFEUIL, in Languedoc, same as Conte's and Font de Ville's. Verona is to the side of the Veneti, and smack beside Garda and lake Garda while Kennedy-related Carricks use a "garde" motto term. We can't argue against the facts.

Recall the PIEKES'/PFEILs (Adam arrow?) suspect in the "PIECES of wood" of Rita's, for, zikers, the Fallis lion is the Rita lion! Yahoo. The Verona chevron is also the Piekes/Pfeil chevron. The Arms of Roquefeuil is on a green Shield, the color of the Peace/Paise Shield, and Pasi's/Pascels are in the colors of the Piekes/Pfeil arrow.

LOOK, the "DIGNitatis" term (of Balders) is for Digens (County Clare) said to be from FERMoy (!), on the borders of Waterford, Tipperary and Cork. The crescent of Digens (nine estoiles in Bute-estoile colors) is that also of French Conte's, but faces sinister. I trace the Dougal lion, which is also the Rita / Fallis lion, to the Bute lion used by Rorys (as per Rory MacDonald of Bute), yet the Digen estoiles are also in the colors of the Short estoiles. The Duggen/Dougen variations of Digens could indicate the dog line from Canossa to Dogs/Doags. Digens are even said to be of MUINTer CONiochta (Mundzuk Huns?) of TULLagh! The Crichtens, first found in the same place as Sinclairs and Mams/Mems/Mens', and who share the Rory lion, share the green dragon with FORMens/Fermans that may in-turn be with the Guelph / Brunswick lion. Again, the Bute's (Bude colors) show the black horse head once showing for Este's, and Bute was suspect with the name of BODEgisel, a son of Mummolin. German Bode's were first found in Brunswick, and French Bode's (ram in Auvergne-tower colors) are with the Bauts, from the Bautica river but first found in Auvergne.

Tipperary was home to the first-known Lafins/La Fonts that trace excellently to Italian Conte's and Font de Ville's, yet it was home also to the Conte-suspect Kennedys = Kennati liners now suspect in the naming of Kuns = Huns. And the Tipperary Kennedys share the helmet with Mundzuk-suspect Mynetts while Scottish Kennedys ("laf in") share the black fitchee with Rusts/Roosts (likely from Rusticus, father of Artemia, grandmother of Mummolin, father of MUNDeric.

The Verona Coat looks much like the Trail/Trelly Coat, and I've just found Trells/Trowells who share the trefoil with Trails/Trellys. Assuming that the red buttons were placed (by God) into the trailer for this pair of surnames, I'd expect some Trell links to Buttons or Shirts or Tous'. Trellys were first found in the same place (Nottinghamshire) as Mansfield/Mamesfelde, a Man line, we may assume. We already saw that Shirts share the Tiss/Tyse/Teece chevron (its also the Water chevron), and then Tighs/Tye's/Tease's were likewise first found in Nottinghamshire, as were the Bugs that share the WATER bouget with Kitchens!!! The buttons fell out of the kitchen cupboard into the sink as I RUINED the trailer, and the ruined tower is used by Prestons that share the Tass cinquefoil, in the colors of the Trell/Trowell trefoils. "Ruined tower" is suspect with Rouens that share mascles with Trails/Trellys (BEDfordshire), can you believe it? The latter's Coat is like that of Bodegisel-possible English Bode's, thus suspect with Buttons, and the latter were first found in the same place as Bode's/Botters and Tiss'. Zinger. The Tiss' came up initially as per the Shirt motto term, "HosTIS". God will convince you yet that it's impossible for any human to be providing these links with fictitious events fabricated in efforts to make the links.

Repeat from when the Chaplet elements were being shown hard-linked to Josephs (same place as Tiss'/Tyse's): "Cable's are Chapel/Chables colors. The latter use rose's while having an early member in the same place as Bugs that share bougets with Rose's." That's the same place as Tighs/Tye's, likely the kin of Waters / Bouchier's. It seems relevant that Batons/Bastons use nearly the Coat of Capote's/Chaputs

By the way, the Button fesse is that also of German Boets/Butts/Bute's, suspect from Shechemite Boeotians but also with the Boetus house of the Sadducees who had Perfect Jesus murdered. I can see why God would have been take the trailer apart, just to have those red buttons show up. And Red are with Reeds, and proto-Reeds were at Rieti with the family of Josephus, traceable to Cabyle-related Josephs, first found in the same place as chapeau-using Buttons, and traceable also to Joseph Biden. I wonder what he's doing now? Working for Obama's shadow government? The chapeau is shared by Holms while Tute's/Tuits, suspect with a branch of Touts/Toots beloved in the Rollo motto, included Ralph del Tuit from the Abbott of Holme. Rollo of More was also, Ralph. We also read that Richard de Tiuit was a relative of Richard de Clare at Pembroke. Rollo's don't use a "tout" motto term flippantly, do they?

Trellys were discovered as I followed the trellis symbol of Willows (same place as Prestons, can you believe it?), and Scottish Willows/Wills (Willie / William liners to Willa of Tuscany / Bologna?) share the griffin design of Godfreys, and moreover share the sun with Firmins that in-turn share the red Godfrey lion heads. It's got Taddei's all over it, and where the three Taddei chevrons (in the colors of the three of Clare's) are used at the Arms of Cardiff, that's a city beside Pembroke. Why does the Cardiff surname share the Moor head with Taddei-related Bouillons? Cardiffs were first found in Morgannwg while Morgans and Moors use an upright lion in colors reversed to the upright Lorraine / Sheridan / Trigg lion.

Scottish Willows/Wills were first found in the same place as Battle's/Battaile's and Hume's (Tyson/Tesson lion, linkable to the lions of Shirt-liner Sheridans and Lyons), and the latter love the True's/Trows evident in some Trell/Trowel variations. The Sheridans share the Trigg / Drig lions while that latter two share the sun with Willows/Wills. Hume's/Home's can apply to Holms. The latter's motto, "FIDE SED cui VIDE," and Vito's/Vido's use a single annulet in the colors of the "wreath" in the Holm canton that is itself colors reversed from the crescent in the Tute/Tout canton. German Holms (Prussia, could be related to Dresdan and the nearby Spree river) use antlers on royal blue, and that special color is shared by Sinsons/Zinzans (suspect with count Zinzendorf, born in Dresdan), first found in Berkshire along with Modens/Modeys and their Arc kin (= Modane on the Ark river). This recalls the antler in the Arms of Spree-Neisse, the line to Spree's that have the same crescent as Tute's/Touts, and probably a version of the Tatton Coat.

The Willow trellis is the fretty lattice of Modens/Modeys in colors reversed, and Modens were first found in the same place as CRUMs suspect in the "FulCRUM" motto term of Balders, the latter from the Bautica river, location of Ivrea, where Willa's daughter, Rozala of Ivrea traces. What a great willincidence. Willows/Wills use a BATTLE axe while Battle's/Battaille's (griffin in Willow/Will-griffin colors) are expected at that Ivry-la-Bataile location of Ivrea-like Iverys (same bend as Crozier-loving Wears), though this should go to the Yvery of Leavells too, which is important because I'm tracing the line of Laevillus and his wife, Quadratilla, to Tullia of Auvergne, where Croziers were first found. This looks like the Mummolin lines of Badon / Babcocks/Badcocks to Baths and their bat-using Randolph kin, and, I kid you not, when Cindy gave Mamie (God's MUMmolin code) and I a disappointed look as we hugged and/or kisses at the baseball diamond, we were where the batter stands, at the plate area. And Kiss' share the Babcock rooster, which may have named the Roost variation of Rusts. The Plate's are suspect with Bleda! Maine left the Bible I gave her under the BED (in another town when she went away), and Bibo's/Bible's use the red Kiss rooster too.

Iverys/Ives' can be suspect with Ivo TAILLEbois, a surname like BatTAILLE. This can indicate that TALbots (Grey merger) may have been Tullia liners round-about. Willows had been looked up as per the "willow wand" in the hand of the "naked MAN" in the Bate Crest, and Battaille-like Bate's (same place as naked-woman Elis') were investigated because they use a "Manu" motto term while sharing the fesse of Mans. "Manu" is a motto term of Mackays, assuring a trace to Isle of Man, but as the people there were the Manx, I trace to "Manche," where the maunches of Mansfields, from MAMESfelde, trace. God really knows what He's doing.

I can't ignore that my twitch got better just as I was drinking the bottled water, which is why I found the red shirt on the bottles the day after finding the red buttons. We can see that red-shirt-and-button Tous'/Tosini's can be of the Todeni's mentioned in the Tute write-up, but then the Twitch/Twigg Chief happens to be the red dancette of Todeni-like Tottens/Todenhams, such a twitchincidence. The twitch is still drastically reduced to this time, Friday midday. It has not since punched at me hard, and I've been back to town water because I don't think the cause of the twitch was the town water. God may have given me that impression so that I would find the red shirt on the bottles. Remember, Buttons share the red fesse with Boets/Butts/Bute's, and Bate's use one fesse in the colors of the small Shield of German Holms while Tute's/Tuits were from an abbott of Holme.

Bate's are said to have included "Henry Bate or Hendrik Baten (of Mechelen or of Malines)...a Flemish philosopher." It's worded as though the two were one man reminding that Enrico's (Henrys) share the fretty of Modens/Modeys, who in-turn are suspect with the trellis of Willa-likely Willows. It's likely that the Etruscan ancestry of Willa's family go back to the Tous / Taddei's and/or others at Clermont-Ferrand. Moments ago, before mentioning the one Bate fesse as a possible link to the two Holm fesses, I had been troubled by not being able to recall who used two white-on-black fesses of Holms, and here at the end of the last sentence, it was recalled as the Farrands! Excellent. It appears that we are on-track to Tullia of Clermont-Ferrand with the Tute's/Tuits.

The Hendricks (cupid with a TORCH) suspect in Hendrik Baten (from Badon, grandson of Mummolin?) can lead to the German Turks that in-turn use a good reflection of Trail/Trelly Coat. Scottish Turks/Torks can be with the ram of Bauts/Bode's (Auvergne) and the Bouillon motto term, "bello." The entire motto is "PACE en bello." These Turks/Torks (HUNter hunting horns?) were first found in the same place as Wizels/Willie's suspect with Willa and with the Godfrey griffin. It looks unassailably from the line of Tullia at Auvergne in about 400 AD only. The groaning of Jesus on the cross could still be heard at that time. The cross type of German Turks (Silesia) is that of Croziers, and in half the colors.

I had been thinking of Karen (can't recall last name), who lived across the street from me when I was 13. She liked me, and we spent time together, but I decided not to get serious with her. Her family soon moved away, and I didn't see her again but once in the apartment of Joe Oulette's other brother, Dave (not yet mentioned). She was apparently living with Dave. Karens came to mind because they were first found in Silesia, and are in Turk colors. It's just that Oulette's are also Willa suspects, you see. And Karen and I lived in a town of Gorm while Gormleys are also Grimes' suspect with Grimo, Babon's son and Badon's uncle. It's simply amazing that while one would have no reason to link Karens to the Bate discussion above, aside from that one situation in my life. the Mechel Coat is purely a colors reversed version of the Gormley/Grimes Coat while Mechels were looked up as per Hendrik Baten of Mechelen. Karen at Dave's place has been on my mind for a day or two; I was wondering whether she would come through with something, and here we are. For some reason, I noticed her shoes on the floor. The "Sine fine" motto of Mechlens can suggest that "aniMUM"-using Fine's/Finis'.

If we enter "Dave," the Irish Davis' come up with lilies while the Lily surname was first found in WORCestershire, while Oulette's use a version of the Work Coat. It's as though God named Dave for this, for Cetis' and Chadwicks use the lily too. And Works use two fesses in colors reversed from that of Holms and Farrands.

The Gormley/Grimes FOOTless martlets are in the colors of the same of Feets/Fatemore's, first found in the same place (Yorkshire) as Bate's. The Futters/FOTYs (Angus stars in colors reversed), first found beside the FOTHES', perhaps a branch of Botters/Bodys, share the Feet/Fatemore and Button fesse, and use a "mastiff" dog in the colors of the Fortuna / Canossa dog. There's more to that than meets the eye, for the Canossa rulers originated in Lucca, where Italian Botters were first found. It looks like the Futter/Foty mastiff has clinched the Futter identification with Botters. Nice. The Caens/Cans' share the red fesse of Futters and Buttons. The mastiff can be part-code for Stiffs (same place as Stevens) sharing a white perchevron with Stevens, the latter's likely that of Ottone's/Otto's (the Canossa rulers loved, or put up with, Otto I). Ottone's were first found in the same place as Grazio's, kin/branch of Crispins that use barry in the colors of the Futter / Button / Fuller fesses (Futters are suspect in the Fuller motto, and share a Chief like that of Beacons in the Fuller beacons).

As I found the red buttons fallen from the kitchen cupBOARD, it's interesting that Boards (version of the Chadwick / Sedgewick Coat) were in the Obama dream as linkable to the Sewers/Suters, also in the Obama dream, and then the latter were first found in the same place (Angus) as Futters. Boards were first found in the same place as Sedgewicks and Coverts/Cofferts (same leopard face as Caens/Cans'), the latter sharing the footless martlets of Gormleys/Grimes' / Feets/Fatemore's. Remember, Canossa rulers were at Parma, down the Taro river from the Ceno, and I can glean that the Kennati-line namers of the Ceno were also the namers of Canossa. Borders (same swords as Suter-likely Shute's) were first found in the same place as Battins/Badons/Batens; the latter share the axes of Bordens, we may assume. If the mastiff dog of Futters is part-code for Stiffs, suspect as Stevens / Stave's/Stevensons, note the pilGRIM's STAVE's of Hawks and Pilgrims. Gris'/GRIIMs (Grimaldi colors) use a giant star in the colors of the Futter stars! That was needed for the clinch. French Gris' can be with Monaco symbols. STIVers/Sturtivants (Stuart merger with Stevens?) even use an upright lion (same as Grey lion) in the colors of the upright Canossa dog. The inclusion of Grey liners here brings both Hun surnames, and Houns/Hounds, to Canossa.

Some clever word-play is involved between "cano = dog" and a Hound variation of Hun liners. Spanish Canos' even use the three Fuller bars in colors reversed (!), tending to clinch the Fuller motto with Futters...and Fullers become suspect with "Fowler" below. Compare Canos' with English Crispins, then ask whether French Crispins are using the Botter bend. Crispins share eight bars with Holms.

It may not be a malincidence that Stiffs use a Coat like that of Stumps (griffin design of MASTs/Master) beloved by the MILAN tree stump. Masts use a "virTUS" motto term that can seriously trace, now, to Tous'. Henry Bate / Hendrik Baten is said to have been of Mechelin or Malines; I'm not sure if that's the same place. There is a Malins surname, first found in the same place as Trelly-likely True's/Trows/Tree's, and lest we have forgotten, Trelly liners are connectable to Caens/Cans' that use a Cetis/Citis code in their motto because they are from the Kennati. Caens use "Perimus" and Malins' use "praemia." If this is for Prime's, they use an "enVITA" motto term while/Vito's/Vita's were kin of Holm's while True's are in the Home motto.

Aha! Although there is no Thread / Tread / Tredd surname to match the red thread that came with the buttons, I tried again just now, when Treats/TREEtons/Turtons (Yorkshire) came to mind, and they happen to use ten trefoils in the shape of the six of Trellys! Amazing. Laughter. Victorious yet again. God had no doubts in my performance...because He puts surnames into my head, be assured. I've been noticing this for years, and it gives me blast after blast. It means that God had to arrange for a previous owner of the trailer to put red buttons in the cupboard, then to have me buy the trailer, then to let mice get in where I could not find how so (though I looked under the entire trailer), then to have me demolish the trailer due to the bad smell of mice nests in the floors and walls. In the meantime, he showed me that the anti-Christ / False Prophet would be a mouse liner from the Goplo mouse-tower line through Mieszko's...of Warsaw (Masovia), the line to Warwickshire, where True's/Tree's were first found.

Mieszko grandson, Cnut, they say, named Nottingham, where the Trells were first found, but also the Bugs sharing the water bouget with Kitchens (same arm as Mieske's). It reminds me of the story I told at Steve Melanson's party, where a girl walked into the kitchen, whom I knew a little from school, and i just kissed her there. Later, she became the girlfriend of Mike Boucher while the water bouget is a symbol of Bouchiers, first found in the same place (Essex) as Waters. So, I assumed that God had me kiss her (this job I didn't know I had had its joys) in the kitchen to link Kitchen liners to Boucher liners, and while I was in the apartment of Mr. MELANson, the Malins' were likewise first found in Warwickshire. The Malins were taken from the Malines location in the write-up of Bate's, who in-turn use an engrailed fesse in the colors of the engrailed cross of Bouchets.

The Kuchyn variation of Kitchens had suggested Couch liners, and it just so happens that Couch' use two pale bars in the colors of the two within the Malins fesse. Amazing. The Malins': "Black shield a fesse gold with two pale." Kitchens and Malins share the same arm, nearly, in Crest. You see, God even let me kiss girls at the parties for this task at hand, and I wasn't even a Christian yet. Surely, a devil doesn't have the ability to co-ordinate these events, etc. Melansons were first found beside the Baits of Fife who use "Fortuna virTUTE" as evidence of Bait-liner origins in Canossa. Steve asked me to be his assistant-COACH.

The Bouchier talbot is called just a dog (same as the Canossa dog of Fortuna's), and the Bouchier checks are half in the colors of the same on the throne of TADald of Canossa, father of Boniface III. Someone may have known his Hohen ' Khazar roots...maybe because Tadald, who's Canossa entity predated the first-known Hohenzollerns / Hohenstaufens, was himself from the Khazars. The Bouchier checks are those of Melanson-like Meulan/Mellent, and also of the Vaux surname possibly of the Baux variation of Bauts/Bode's (Auvergne = Tuscany-linkable). The Baux's can even be of the Bugs, and the underpinnings of the BOUGet. That works, indicating that Boucher liners can be Bautica-river / Ivrea liners. That works.

It's then interesting that while Tadald supported the German emperor, Otto I, he was a son of Matilda of Ringelheim while Rings use en engrailed chevron in the colors of the engrailed Bate / Bouchet cross. The Ring chevron is in the colors of the perchevron of Stiffs that can be in code with the mastiff dog of Canossa-liner Futters. And Ringels are listed with Wrangels (rare sinister-facing lion) that share a curved perchevron with Italian Ottone's/Otto's. Wrangels evoke the Rangabe half-Khazars that share the white flory cross with Tadald-like Taddei's and Bouillons. It could appear that Matilda of Canossa was named after Matilda of Ringelheim.

Matilda of Ringelheim was wife to Henry the Fowler, which recalls my suspicions that the hand in the Claviere Coat (falcon / hawk / eagle, the description doesn't say) is fashioned as a hawk-catcher's hand, and they say (perhaps incorrectly) that Henry the Fowler was a bird catcher. Perhaps he was just of the Fowler/Fouler surname (should be the Ottone/Otto chevron) but didn't want to say. The Fowler Coat looks like the Macey Shield with the Maschi lions. Lest you've forgotten, Clavier's share the KEY with Clermonts and were first found in the same place as Bouillons / Bauts/Baux's. Fowlers use a "QUI" motto term. I see reasons to trace Fowlers to Peans/Payens, Panico's/Pane's, the Peks from the Pek river / Pincum, the Fane's, Fermo, Marano and to the Arms of Fanano. Yes, I can spot all of those on the Fowler page alone. The Auvergne tower can be suspect in the Coat of Spanish Vigils who could be in the Fowler motto term, "vigilat." The old Fawler location of Foulers can indicate Fauls/Phails (Moline colors) / Fullers / Roquefeuils.

As Cuppae is at the Pek theater while Payen-related Page's use the dove, I can begin to draw the Cups/Cope's into the CUPboard-with-buttons picture. The Shaws/Sheaves use "qui" while their Sheaves/Chiava kin use keys. And Scottish Shaws use CUPS.

By the way, as Shirts use the motto term, "HOSTis," it's notable that Hosts/OSTs were first found in the same place as Wizels/Wissels/WHISTLERs, for I was living in the apartment of Albert OOSTyen when he went to work at Whistler mountain's ski resort. Hosts use wings while Wings/Vinks are a branch of Vince's, I feel sure, while Vince's use the Wizel/Willie griffins. This is amazing. I can recall that, after parting with Roxanne, I first lived in the other half of Albert's basement, which is why he later asked me to move back in while he went to Whistler. I had moved out of Albert's basement to go live at the place with the pool, and this was where I was with Lorraine. While still living there, Joe Oulette invited me to visit an old friend, which was the day when I stepped off the bus, at the bus station, and there Lorraine was first in line to get on the bus. We had split up by then due to the grass stain on her pants, and Grasse/Grat / Grazio liners became suspect with Gratian, father of Valentinian I of VINKovci, the line to Wings/Winks. Incredible. And Oulette's are also Willi's, can you believe it? I can't find a Ski-like surname, but Hosts happen to use the white bull head of McLeods, from SKYE and Lewis.

There's more from the "HosTIS" motto term of shirts, for it's part code for Hosts and Tiss', the latter sharing the red chevron with Shirts and Oostyen-like Austins. The latter use the Quint chevron in both colors while sharing black lion paws with Austins (the latter call them lion gambs). I can now see why Albert was placed into my life. I was one of the four who dropped his casket into his grave after his 20-year-plus bout with MS; Mandy Deter (Fortuna dog?) was with me on that day. The Teeter variation of Deeters may be Taddei liners, and if so, it not only makes the Deeter dog well-linkable to Canossa, but recalls that Tuscany's Florence elements were of MUNDzuk liners...meaning that God may have named MANDy too. Scottish Austons use a similar Coat with extra symbols.

I've already told of how I met Mandy, and how there were codes all over the place with that meeting. It related to Mrs. Teague, from whom I purchased property, and she (Teague) was born a Ferrend-like Friend! Friends were first found in the same place as Whistlers, and both are in the same colors. So, Mandy is now suspect in revealing that Mandys trace to Mundzuk, and the Masts suspect in the mastiff dog from Canossa were first found in the same place as MYNETTs. Teague's use the black Mandy wolf head in brown, and share the perchevron in colors reversed from the same of Stiffs! It's hilarious. Teague's are the OpGALLI-line suspects to Gallia, mother of Tullia of Clermont-Ferrand. Just follow the bouncing yours-truly as God bounced him around from event to event. Teague's are listed as a sept of McLeods.

After parting from Maime and Lorraine both, I went to live at Verne Archibald's, where I had been in the past. VERNE, like Auvergne. Verne was a kind guy, opening his home to young men, as many as three or four living with him, Dwayne was his initial, permanent resident. One night, I went up and knocked on Dwayne's bedroom door, and Verne yelled, "Just a minute." It took him forever to open the door, and when he opened, there the two men were together in the room. The neighbor then informed men that he was gay. So, I moved out to HUNT street, met Mamie again while there, and then moved back to Oostyen's place as per his request while he went to Whistler. Hunts share the same saltire as Rusts/Roosts. Recall that Mamie got suspect with the Tease bloodline, for I took a job driving TAXi while at Hunt, and that's how I met Mamie again one cold winter's eve. I drove her home, and chatted. We met a second time when she called a cab, and later got back together for one night only, at a cafe run by a Jew, Joseph.

The Tax surname shows Dachs/Dacks/Taks', using swords in saltire in the colors of the Teck/Tess/Tease saltire, wonders never cease. MAMESfeld was in the same place as Tighs/Tease's. So, it looks like God set me up driving cab for another Sign or two with Mamie. I was renting the taxi so that it was my personal car too, and I took her out in it. The taxi dispatcher at my place on Hunt was on the third floor above me, and he got me the job, but then God had to direct me to Hunt street. It's code for the Mummolin Huns, right? Yes, and Teague's use "SumMUM."

I don't recall knowing Joseph's last name. He contracted me to build a dance room under his cafe. I was well on my way to the building trade, and taxi was my winter job. Some time previous to working at Joseph's, I lead a crew in building Verne's DECK. Can we trace the Decks/Daggers to Auvergne? Yes, we just saw how. But why was Verne's surname, ArchiBALD? Had I not been talking about this, I wouldn't have likely said that the Bald ship, in Archibald / Baut colors, is called a galley, another potential code for Gallia, for Balds / Baldwins / Balders were Bautica/Baltea-river liners. King Baldwin I was brother to Godfrey de Bouillon. Had I not asked the question, I wouldn't have found, where it's best found here, that the Bald Chief is also the Futter Chief, thus tracing Balds well to Canossa, and this was definitely of Willa of Bologna, it was likely part of the family of Willa of Tuscany whose daughter was of Ivrea i.e. on the Bautica. Plus, I moved into Verne's immediately after living at Paul Oulette's place, and Oulette's are Willi's too. Balders, first found beside the first-known Balds, are the ones suspect with a version of the Rust Coat.

I was with Mamie when living at Oulette's, and one of her Signs was her great hips / thighs (Tighs/Tye's, right?) when she was on the grass at the garden, and the Garden Crest is not only the Balder Crest, but Hips' use a version of the Deck/Dagger Shield. She was in a BATHing SUIT at the time, and Suits/Suters were first found in the same place as Futters while it was Lorraine that had beautiful feet and a grass stain on her thigh. I met Mamie while dancing with her on the night of Lorraine's grass stain, and I built half a DANCE hall for Joseph the Jew during the time when at his cafe with Mamie. All things between Clermont-Ferrand need to link to Lorraine, especially Beatrice of Lorraine, wife of Canossa liner, Boniface III, son of Willa of Bologna. However, Wikipedia's article on Willa of Tuscany shows evidence that she had married Tadald, father of Boniface III so that Willa of Bologna seems to be the same as Willa of Tuscany, unless the historians are not in agreement as to what Willa was who.

I got into trouble when I spread brown paint on the woodwork behind the bar instead of STAIN. Oops, I had been wondering why it was so hard to spread. Joseph didn't like that, and thought I wasn't ready for the big time. He let me go with $1,000 unpaid. Ouch.

The Archibald Coat is a good reflection of the English Boucher Coat, the latter using the Este eagle in colors reversed. French Bocher's share the engrailed and black saltire of Rusts, and Bochets have a cross that can apply too, which may be the Mandy cross. The spread Lorraine eagles are red in colors reversed, and can therefore be the spread eagles in the Boucher Coat. We already have more than enough to trace VERNE Archibald to Decimus Rusticus, husband of Artemia of Clermont-Ferrand. But Archibald motto term, "refiCIAR," is suspect with the Claro/Chiaro surname (Ferrara, same place as the first-known Este's) because it shares the blue bend with Archibalds.

The Archibald (Cohen bend?) and Boucher bend is colors reversed from the English-Grasse bend, and the latter's looks like a version of the Bone Coat while the Arms of Canossa puts a dog BONE in the mouth of the dog, probably because there were English speakers (i.e. the Normans) in the Canossa family. Note "BONiface." Bonns use a version of the Bone Coat but use red spread eagles in the fashion of Lorraine's, but in the colors of the Boucher eagles, tending to clinch Boucher's with Canossa / Bar elements. The GRASS stain on Lorraine's thigh / pants. I'm not sure whether Stains apply, but they use black-on-white engrailed, the Rust / Sinclair symbol. It was resolved that Lorraine's pants were code for Penders, who share the same lions as English Grasse's. The other Penders are PenderGrasse's (Pembroke, where Clare's ruled), such a laugh. Lord, you can be funny. But I also know you are serious, yet not afraid of your enemies, and that you will carry out your judgment upon them with ease.

Zahringers used a red-on-gold eagle (Wikipedia has it), the colors of the Boucher eagles, and Zahringers held a Baar location in their south-German domain. The Baars were of Brunswick and then Bar-le-Duc in Lorraine. The Arms of Bar-le-Duc use the gold Baar fish in white-on-blue, the colors of the Hatchet/Hackets fish, and there are hatchets in the Zarr/ZEHRER Coat (axe in Crest), we get it. It's no coincidence that Hatch's/Hacche's use the two Brunswick lions. It appears that Bars of Este / Guelph moved through southern Germany. Zahringers held some Burgundy territory and should be suspect as part of the Lorraine area, especially if feet-suspect Futters/Fotys are in the Seer stars.

Hackets of Niton (Isle of Wight, same as a Cowes location) are mentionable because Hackets and Spocks/Specks share the double-headed eagle while Nitons/Knightons (Worcestershire) share the same, eight bars. Meanwhile the "Spes" motto term of Hackets can be for the Space variation of Speccots. Or, "Spes" can be for the Spece variation of Spocks. While Zehrers are also Zerrs, same-colored Sere's and Seers are suspect with the Futter/Fotys stars.

Then see the blue-on-white bend of Berkshire's, for Arcs were first found in Berkshire while ARCHibalds (Roxburghshire, same as Chattans) use a blue-on-white bend too. Did you note that the Archibald Crest has the crescent facing sinister, indication of a Masci line? The Archibald bend looks like a version of the Roxburgh pale bar, and the "audax" motto term of Roxburghs is suspect with Audleys because they use the Berkshire fret. The lords of Audley were the Touch's/Tuffs (Cheshire) expected in the Clan Chattan motto, and that suggests that Archibalds are using the Chattan / Chatan / Botter bend in colors reversed. Note "auDAX" because, when I first knew Verne Archibald, I was newly with ROXanne, and the best recollection I have of her once I was first living at Verne's place was the evening on his DECK, which I built. The Clan-Chattan motto includes "Bot" and Bots bring up Bauts (Botter / Chattan colors) in English-Ram colors and using the Dutch-Ram ram. German Bots/Bute's/Butts/BOETs share the red roses of Chatans (one 't') which themselves reflect the red star of Botters. As Rams use "vis fieri," the Rams are suspect with the Ottone chevron.

The Rams are in the colors and format of Penders, and the latter use drops, while Drops/Trope's were from Tropoje in Fier county, explaining the "fieri" motto term of Rams. You will see below why God wants us to link Lorraine (the woman) to Verne Archibald, and here we are seeing why Archibalds link to Grasse's (three chevrons in the colors of the Pender chevron). The triple-chevron Grasse's come up neither with "Grasse" nor "Grass," but with "Grace / Grat." To get the English Grasse's with the same bend as Botters / Chattans, use "Grasse." Grass' were traced hard to Brians at Briancon, about 25 miles from the Ark river. Directly across the Alps from the Ark was the Bautica/Baltea river of proto-Balds. ArchiBALD. The sinister Archibald crescent signals Maccabee liners at Modane. Take the French-Grasse lion to the same of Italian Conte's and the French-Conte crescents can be those of Archibalds.

As it's evident that Prestons (same place as Grasse's and Rowells) share the Grass cinquefoil, the Grass lion is likely that of Presleys and Abreu's/Abruzzo, and then Porcius Cato was in Abruzzo as a boy, according to a previous version of his Wikipedia article. That works. As Syphax is suspect with Porcius-Cato liners around Rome, it's notable that the same cinquefoil is used by Nimoys, who are expected in a relationship with Spicks/Spocks.

Panders (probably Payen liners) were first found in the same place as Futters/Fotys. Lorraine had sweet feet. Panders and Payens share spur rowells, and Spurrs share the same fesse as English Grasse's. Spurrs use a star at the center of their bend, calling it a spur rowell, and the Italian Botters (Lucca, origin of Canossa's rulers) use a lone star at the center of their same-colored bend. It's now obvious that Panders trace to Canossa too, and that Panders and Penders were branches. After Lorraine wouldn't accept my apology, I saw her again with Mr. Oulette at the bus Station, and Stations share the red lozenges in both colors with Pinks/Pincs, likely kin of Pings/Pongs/Paganells and Panico's/Pane's, all looking like Payen/Pagan = Pander / Pender liners. It's amazing when pants have a mouth to speak. But let's ask why they were white pants? Pendergrass' and White's share vair fur, and Vairs use the Hohen Coat.

Lorraine's Feet Were Made for Talking

I woke up this morning with the formidable task, on my mind, of tracing Hannibal to the "Hun," a thing I've presented before as per the heraldic stag seemingly tracing to Hannibal liners, especially to the stag-using Annabels/Hannibals. It was Lorraine's feet that were on my mind, asking how the Feets/Fatemore's could be Lorraine liners. And from there I recalled that Hannibal was fighting a war in southern Italy at or near Larino, at which time I thought it logical to trace to the Larins, first found in Provence. For Attila and his hordes had gone through the Provence area, picking up allied Ligurians tribes as he went, and likely mating with some of their women, when he first entered Italy. The Salyes on the Durance are the most-suspect as his allies. My hunch was that Joseph Caiaphas and Annas, the two high priests of Israel that had Jesus killed, were from Hannibal circles. There was some evidence for this, but I then bumped into the Provence Larins that happen to use the three scallops of Caiaphas-like Capes'.

Then, while Josephs use a "mago" term that is the name of Hannibal's brother, they also use "charo" for the Claro's/Charo's while Scottish Larins are also Clarens while using two of the Clare chevrons. It seems that some woman that Hannibal picked up, and/or their child, in Larino may have moved back to the Salyes area to start the proto-Larin surname. Or, there is another possible explanation, that Larins were Lawrence's and that Hannibal's family was from Larino in the first place, explaining why he tried to free that area from Roman control.

God put me, probably descended from king Massena (Numidian), together with Lawrence Kepke, and he looked much like king Syphax (Numidian) on his coin at his Wikipedia article. Syphax and Massena were at war, compelling Syphax to form an alliance with Hannibal's family, we may assume, while Hannibal and Mago were in Italy. The Romans were using Massena to defeat Carthage. I'm going to assume that Kepke -- or Keeps and Keppochs -- was from "Syphax," and that "Caiaphas" was a related term. When Hannibal first attacked Italy, it was at the Trebia river toward Placentia, home of the ANANes Gauls that I think named Annas/ANANas, Caiaphas' father in law, and the high priest above. My reasoning thus far is that Hannibal had himself been related to the Ananes, either at Placentia or elsewhere, and wanted to free those peoples from Romans.

I'l begin by pointing out that Feet/Fate's share gold martlets with Cheneys while the latter are suspect with the Sale / Saleman/Salian bend as per attachment to the Salyes Ligures. Meanwhile, Cheneys, (BUCKinghamshire, same as Grass') expected from the namers of the Ceno river and therefore having a Kennati-possible ancestry, fit perfectly into my impressions, not only using a "fato" motto term so as to link to Lorraine's feet, but a "major" motto term suspect with Mago. And the Cheney martlets are colors reversed from the same of French Josephs. But there is more, for the Kennati were at Cetis while Cetis-like Geddes', who smack of the Geta family in Numidia, and of the Getuli Numidians to which Syphax belonged, use a "CAPtat majora" motto. You can't say that this combination of things isn't very interesting. And while the Geds and Geddes use fish, so does the Lawrence Crest. Let's even thrown in the fact the Geddes escutcheon is that of lily-using Chadwicks while the Cetis surname uses another lily.

I may even add that Rozala of Ivrea, near Susa, the Cottian capital, was also named, Susanna of Ivrea while Susans use the lily too. And we have reasons for viewing Ivrea as the basis of the Yvery location of the Laevi-suspect Laevillus family, the one that I'm tracing to "Attila." I always connect the Laevi Gauls to Ananes Gauls because they were the Levites who sat in Moses' seat when Annas ruled Israel.

Recall that I asked Lorraine out while on my BIKE, and that while there is no Bike surname coming up, there are Bicks stags. They are called BUCKs, likely of the namers of Bucking(ham)s to which Cheneys may have been related, for Bucks are the ones sharing the antler of Conte's and Cone's. Well, Bicks not only using a red fesse like Lorraine's and Keeps, but the Bicks put the same stag heads on their bend as are owned by Anna's/Hanne's, first found in the same place as Feets'/Fate's (same fesse as Keppochs) Dents, Dance's and Keppocks. And the Keeps use the Lorraine bend in both colors stressing the likelihood that Lawrence's (Bick colors) were Lorraine liners. The Dents (HOUND lozenges) are suspect as a branch of Dance's while Dance's use the Keppoch / Feet fesse while Lawrence Kepke loved to dance. Bicks were even first found in BERKshire, suspect in the past with "Barca," Hannibal's father. And I had clinched the Irish BERKs/Burghs with the line of John de Burgo of CONTEville. Meanwhile the Irish Burghs were related to Irish Brians, which goes to Lorraine's grass stain (see below).

But there's more, the "proviDENTia motto term of Cheneys, and the "pruDENCE" motto term of Bice's/Biss's (Prude/Pride colors). Bice's were just looked up now as per "bike," and while Bice's/Biss' use a reflection of the Tailer Coat, that can indicate TILURius liners = Tillers (Tailer lions) suspect with QuadraTILLa. The Prude's/PRATs of Auvergne are using the Tiller fesse in colors reversed, and the Tilurius river ends at the island of BRATTia.

There is a Dence/Dennys/Dane surname which happens to use a reflection of the Coat if Bleda-suspect Blade's (same place as Dance's, Dents, Keppocks). To trace this where I'm now tracing Huns, see the Dence Chief: "A Unicorn's head between two branches of laurel." It's the Lorraine symbol too, suggesting that the bike can be code for Bice's. The latter share the scallops of Massena-line Meschins, who married Scipio-likely Skiptons in the same place as Keppochs. Hannibal defeated general Scipio, and this Scipio gamily latter made a pact with king Massena. The Meschin-Skipton marriage is an excellent clue for tracing Masci's and Meschins to Scipio, but why not also Keppochs? Danners/Danels, first found beside the first Dence's/Dennys', share the unicorn.

BEHOLD. Bled is a location no more than about 15 miles from the eastern end of the Julian alps, and Julius Caesar's mother (Miss Cotta) is expected near to her contemporary, king Donnus of the Cottians, while Donnas'/Dance's (same place as the Cottian capital) look very linkable to the Dense's/Dennys' that I've not known until now. If we can believe it, the Susans (BERKshire), suspect with Susa, the capital, use a giant lily in Dence / Blade colors, and Lilys were first found in the same place (Worcestershire) as Dence's!!!!! Bingo, it's clinched, and it had Julius looking like he descended from Cottians to the rulers of Cetis. It tends to clinch the "prudence" term (of Bice's/BISS') with Prude's/Pratts of Auvergne, and the island if VIS/Issa is near Brattia.

The Tilurius was also the CETINa while Cetins/Cattans (very linkable to Botter-related Chattans) use a "Cautes" motto term that gets the Cotta's, yet I trace JULIUS Avitus to the Cetina (no reason that he couldn't have been a Julius-Caesar line). Tillers use pellets on their white lions, and they are black roundels, like the black spots on the white mountain cats of Cetins/Cattans ("meTUIT"). It's a perfect link, clinching them from the same river.

There is a good argument here for tracing The Prude's / Pratts expected in Rieti to the Cetina liners. English Danes', sharing the fleur of Rieti-suspect Petro's and Demaine's, were first found in the same place as same-colored Deins/Diana's, and Diens/Dine's. Aha! Verne Archibald lived with Dwayne, a Dane-like term, and Dwayne's/Duane's share the gold and round-tailed lion with Deins/Diana's.

Let's re-visit the finding of Dence's with bike-suspect Bice's, for I rode the bike to Lorraine's bus STOP while Stops/Stubbs ("CeDANT" hee-hee) share white and downward pheons with Dence-related Blade's. And while Bicks use bucks, Stops/Stubbs use buckles. As Blade's and Burtons both mention Drago de Bewere, note that the Burtons use "dogs," not talbots, suggesting the Canossa dog. [Let's not forget what was learned with the BARKing and muzzled hound dog of Swords (bus driver), and how the Bus-liner Dogs/Doags share the Sword sword. As Mrs. Sword drove a SCHOOL bus, we can consider why SCHOLfields (Dog / Hun/HunGATE / Deck colors) were first found in the same place as same-colored, GEDDES-liner Chadwicks with a "DECor" motto term. The German Huns/Hundts (greyHOUNDs) sure look like they are from the Arms of Canossa.]

The theory now is that the Julian line to Caiaphas>Laevillus bumped into Bleda's ancestry, and named Attila from the elements of Quadratilla that were part of the migration. It's interesting that while Quade's are also Wade's, White's/Wights (Quade colors) use QUATRefoils. Wade's could even be of the Fade variation of Feets/Fate's, and Watts were likewise first found in Worcestershire. It seems hard to reconcile a Fate link to "Botter" and to "Quadratus" too, however. We'd need to do something like Quadratus > Quade's/Wade's > Fade > Feeter > Beeter (Berkshire, same as Bicks) > Butteri > Botter. Possible, but how to prove it? The Feeters are listed with Larins/Clarens, amazing enough, and they share the double chevrons of Perche's in the perched eagle of Botters! That's not a bad start since it took less than a minute to take place. The Feeters/Larins share the "sailing ship" with Cheshire Demere's while French DeMere's are the DeMARRYs/Merits (Feeter colors) that were suggested for, "I'm going to marry you." If God had me blurt that out, it looks like it's to equate both Demere surnames and/or to connect Masci's hard with Lotheringia. Reminder: Larins/Clarens use laurel branches, but when telling that before, I didn't see the Feeter/Phater variations. This must be the beautiful feet of Lorraine. It's very important now that Fetters are said to be from "Laurence."

The Merits were introduced from the motto of Lacys, and while they share the purple lion with Skiptons, the Ships/SHIPTONS are the ones with bellows suspect with Bellamys of Perche, who married Fret-Mace, home of Maceys / Masseys. And the Ships should be in the "sailing ship" of the Demere's, first found in the same place as Masseys/Maceys.

It came to mind as I wrote "Laurence" above that Lorraine and Kepke were both sun-bright blonds, and this brought the blond Budini to mind that were at least south of Kiev. I then looked up the Blonds to be reminded that they use a FOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And the foot is in a SUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! " An armed foot in front of the sun, proper." Blonde's love black-bull-head Lux's, but Walerans use black bull heads too. Now you know that I don't have a foot fetish, but that God made her feet look nice to me, to remember them for this reason. The Blond can have the three Levi chevrons as bars for Bars.

That was a good one, as I wrote sun-bright before seeing the Coat. Blonds ("via" can be for the Viu valley near Susa) are suspect with the Leavell Coat, and Blundeville's (see Bessin write-up) are known to descend from Meschin circles. Blundells were first found in the same place (Picardy) as French Blonds ("castle GATES"). Blundells use the Child / Lorraine eagle. You see, God gave them sun-bright blonde hair to make the connection to Lorraine's Blond(ell) liners. She was a blond BABE, and Babe's/Babels use a blonde mermaid, while English Babels use a GATE! AND English Babe's (almost the Blond bars) use the SUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now you know God is in this. "A dexter hand with two fingers pointing to the sun."

AND REMEMBER, it was Mike Oulette that muttered, "babe," while sun-using Babe's can be construed as using three bars in the colors of the three double bars of Oulette's/Willi's. The Sun surname is listed with Sinclairs who in-turn love Works with a version of the Oulette Coat. And Blonds descend from Meschins and therefore from Conteville's likewise in the Sinclair motto. And, by the way, the three sets os double Oulette bars are used by Bar-suspect Irish Barrys.

I think I have made the case that Lorraine's feet were code for the Feets/Fate's to the Lorraine and Keeps, but let's now recognize such things as Feets, Foots, Fothes' Futters/Fotys and FOOTless martlets as Botters in relation to Canossa, and even consider a trace to "Cannes," a Ligurian location near Grasse. I can expect Grasse elements in connection with Lorraine, and recall making hard links between Grass' / Grasse's / Grace's and Brians suspect from Briancon on the Durance river. It seems evident that Canossa was related to Cheney-like Caens/Canns/Cans', perfect for Hannibal at the war of Trebia where the Ceno river is near the Trebia. And it's known that Meschins ruled the Bessin, where Caen is a chief location. There is a Footes location in Guernsey, home to the Cheney-beloved Majors/Magors. We can bet that the Mamesfeld location (same place as Annas') and their Mansfield crew trace to Guernsey elements, and here it should be added that while de-Gernon of Chester (le Meschin's son) descended from the Conteville and Welf liner, Hugh Lupus, Gernons ("CyFOETH" motto term) share the Arms-of-Brunswick and Arms-of-Welf double lions in pale.

Recall that Flys/FLYTHE's (from the BUTTERflies of Tulls/Tullia's), who share a black chevron with Fletts, were first found in the same place as English Josephs and Botters while using the footless martlet in colors reversed from the same of French Josephs. I've just found a version of the Fly Coat with Larks (footless martlets), looked up as per the larks (almost footless martlets in appearance) of Barca-like Barks/Berks/Barcs. Put it together with the "mago" of Josephs, and we have good cause to trace Hannibal's line to the Attila Huns, starting off at Quadratilla and Caiaphas-suspect Laevillus. Larks (same Crest as Caseys) were first found in the same place (Norfolk) as Barks/Berks, FLETT-relate Flecks and Fulke's...and Annabels/Hannibals. Larks are also LAUERks, such a lorraincidence. Yes, and its a feetincidence too because Larks and Fly's use the same chevron as Foots (same place as de-Gernon) and Fothes', which are in the colors of the three Levi chevrons.

Remember, Bicks use the Anne/Hanne stag heads and were first found in BERKshire. It's a close call on whether Bice's/Biss' were Bessin liners. They share the scallops not only of Meschins and Tarves-liner Travis, but of Fleets. The Fittes variation of Fothes' (same place as Tarves) can be expected with the fitchees of Tarves'. And Tarvisium/Treviso elements may have named the Taro river of the Ananes, for it flows to Parma while Palmers/Parmers (same place as Flecks, Hannibals) share the double bars of Fleets (same place as le-Meschin's wife) and Flecks. Palms/Parms (Massey fleur, likely) were first found in Yorkshire, same as Keppochs, Skiptons, etc. Tarvisium is where the Vito's were first found expected from Julius Avitus, who married Maesa Bassianus, likely the ancestor of "Bessin."

As per Beatrice of Lorraine, there is no Beatrice surname coming up, but Beaters/Batere's/Beeters, whether they be Beatrice liners or Butter / Botter kin, were first found in Berkshire too. Beaters are colors reversed from the fretty of Modens (Berkshire), but the Modens use the fretty of Willows in colors reversed while Willa of Bologna was mother to Boniface III, who had Beatrice of Lorraine as a wife. Very interesting indeed.

I've gone over the Hannibal territory to Barks and Cheneys before, but not with Lorraine's feet, her grass stain, and with so much more known on Lawrence Kepke. It's all fitting excellently, and making a Syphax trace to Kepke elements more compelling. The Stains, believe it or not, share the Lark/LAURK Crest! Now I know that the stain on Lorraine's pants applies Laurk liners to Grasse, which is now just outside the Provence border, but may have been part of Provence in Guerin's days. Laurks are thus suspect with the Provence Larins. The Stains (Yorkshire, same place as Keppochs, etc) use the double Fleet / Fleck bars, in colors reversed from the Farrand bars, and Lorraine happened to live very near VERNE Archibald (maybe six properties away). STAINleys/Stainers, I have just learned, use two LAUREL branches, the Lorraine symbol!!! And STANleys (same place as Capone's / Chapmans) use three stags on a bend, as do Bicks!

I was probably riding my bike to Verne's place when I spotted Lorraine at the bus stop the first time I asked her out. I don't know why else I would have been riding at that part of a large town. Earlier, when I had first seen her, telling I was going to marry her, I was walking toward Verne's, no other explanation for walking that way. I must have been living at Verne's, for I did live there more than once. She was coming from her place and away from it, likely to the bus stop. Guerin/Garin of Provence ruled Auvergne, making him suspect from Tullia's Clermont-Ferrand, and "Auvergne" may have been named after Firenze>Ferrand elements. She was wearing white pants with her stain, and while Ferrands share blue vair fur with White's. another White surname shares the black, spread eagle with Italian Varins/Garins. The latter were first found in Bologna, where Panico's/Pane's/Panetta's were first found that are part of the Panter spur-rowel line along with Payens/Pagans, and the latter's Coat is in the Shield of English Guerins! Yes.

Recall how the Roxburghs came up with the Archibald bend, which then opened discussion on the Audleys highly suspect with the "Audax" motto term of Roxburghs (because Audleys share the Berkshire fret while Arks suspect in "Archibald" were first found in Berkshire while Archibalds were first found in Roxburghshire). Dax's/Tax's then came up with that motto term. That's what cause me to find Dags/Deage's, first found in the same place (Worcestershire) as Squirrels that share the red squirrel with Decks/Daggers. I haven't known the Dags before so far as I can recall. They use crescents in half the colors of the Archibald crescents. Dags/Deage's are in the colors of the Degans who share a sinister crescent with Archibalds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't help it. I built a Deck of Verne Archibald! It's never over, one after the other. Both crescents are in the same colors. If correct that Decks/Daggers were Ticino liners, that river is not far to where Archibalds trace, namely to the Bautica river. See the same sinister crescent with Krume's, first found in the same place as Trump-colored and Trump-suspect Drummonds.

See also the German Silvers, in the same place (Hesse) as sinister Rasmussens. And Hesse's share the giant sun of FETTERS. It recalls the sun linked to babe-Lorraine's hair.

Italian Degans/Diano's/Deans use crescents too, those of English Deans/Diane's. I built Archibald's deck with Rick Legge, and he was with me when I walked the tall fence in protest in front of Diane's house, after I climbed her TV antenna to knock on her bedroom window (when her father was splitting us up). I wonder what surnames apply there? Legge's use the stag in the colors of the Trump stag. If you can believe it: Verne Archibald, though he had several men renting in his place, on and off, had the permanent renter, Dwayne, and Dwayne's share the gold, round-tailed lion of Deans/Diane's What has God wrought? Why has He done all this? English Silvers use a version of the White Coat that has the same lions, essentially, as Deans/Diane's. Compare these Silvers to Saffers and Wittelsbachs

The Wittelsbachs ("dogs' heads," not talbots) use the same blue-vair chevron as Nero's, first found in Lucca, origin of Canossa. Why should Canossa trace to Bavarian Wittelsbachs? As the Ottonians. Note that the dog is used by Bavaria's Oettingen-Oettingen (see Wikipedia). Trace to Oddie's and crozier-using Odins with high certainty. The Arms of Oettingen-Oettingen use vair fur too. Some German families call their vair, "kettle hats," and Kettle's are obviously a Keith branch, from the Chatti of Hesse, and, besides, the hats are likely code for Haddington (home of Keiths). [Later, Keiths come up again as per the Attonids from Canossa, a term almost like "Ottonian."]

The bus stop where I asked Lorraine out was across the intersection from where I walked past her first. About three or four properties down that street, there was a small plaza where Joseph the Jew had his cafe. Later in life, when repairing my next vehicle, I brought it to the garage at the auto dealer, and there was Joseph in a suit tending to my concern. I don't know whether he was the manager or owner, but I happened to pick up a business card from his desk, which read, "Joe Fix." I couldn't believe that "Fix" was a Jewish surname and started to expect this man with some sort of organized crime, or being illegally in the country. He had a Jewish accent.

I've checked the Fix/Fike/Fick/Vicka surname, which can be a Bick / Bice/Biss / Vice/Viss branch, and it shares the spread eagle of quatrefoil-using White's. Remember, Vice's/Viss' (stag) are a Eustace branch, or at least a Eustace merger, and Eustace II of Boulogne traces both to the Bautica and to Bologna, suggesting Willa of Bologna, who may have been the same as Willa of Tuscany, mother of Susanna of Ivrea i.e. at the Bautica. The Fix-like Figs use the stars of MEDleys and Meads, both first found in the same place (Sussex) while Meads share one of the Godfrey Coats while the other Godfreys are with the Willie/Wizel griffins for a trace to Willa. It appears that Joe Fix at the COFFEE shop could be code for Caiaphas liners, especially as Coffee's/Coffers ("proviDENTia sed"), in Susan / Dence colors, can be while Coverts/Cofferts (compare with Feets) were first found in the same place as Meads. Coffee's/Coffers share "sed" with Syphax-suspect Walsh's, and the latter's motto apparently loves the Fix's. If you've been able to see a Fix link to Lorraine, note that Vicks/Fecks show Feet-like Fedde's/Fedema's. Amazing. Rome's/Rooms, sharing the Feet fesse, likewise use "sed," still suspect with Sedburgh, where Dents were first found. Let's repeat the Coffee motto phrase in case you missed it: "proviDENTia SED."

Coffee's/Coffers are said to have been Driscol kin, and Driscols use a giant GALLEY, the Keep symbol too. It looks like Coffee's can trace to Gallia, though I haven't at all clinched the galley symbol with Gallia, but Galleys (same place as Keppochs, etc.) do use greyHOUNDs and checks (in the colors of the ones filling the Coat of Bologna's PEPoli's), as well as what could be the Pepin horse head. German Julians use six pale bars in colors reversed from the six bendy bars on the Galley horsehead, suggesting a branch of Gullys/Gollys that share the cross of English Julians. While the Julian cross is shared by Teague's/Teegers (GALway), the saltire of French Julians can be that of Tecks/Tease's, which suspects Laevi Gauls involved, who lived in Lombardy. The Arms of Lombardy are in the colors of the fesse of Coffee's/Coffers while the Coffers/Coffare's share gold crescents with German Julians. Galleys are in Hound/Houn colors.

Coffee's share "sed" with Walsh's who love the Trans'/Trents (same place as Webbers), suspect with the Terents that come up as "Taran," like "Taranto." Coffee's that were related to Driscols were at Cork, location of MUSkerry, which I still trace to Mus at Lake Van, which was the same area as ancient Tarun. The Corks/Core's use the Tailer lion tails, and the Tailer lions are three in pale in the colors of the three scallops in pale of Bice's/Biss'.

The motto of Bice's/Biss' brought us to the Stops/Stubbs that likewise use the gold eagle. The Stops/Stubbs ("ARMA") use a great reflection of the Pepin Coat while the Pepin bend-with-fleur are shared by Webbers (ARMs) while Webbers (same fleur as Flys) are the wavy-code liners that share the wavy bar with Fix's/Fike's. Bice's/Bice s were first found in the same place (Surrey) as Wix's/Weeks. Webbers are a branch of Weavers while Lorraine-suspect Keeps use a weaver's shuttle, making Weavers / Webbers possible Kiev liners. Pepin, king of Italy in Lombardy, and son of Charlemagne, was the uncle of Lothair, the namer of Lotheringia, later named, Lorraine. The bus stop was a 30-second walk to Joe Fix's CAFE, and English Coffers, in Coffee/Coffer colors, were first found in the same place (Axe-river area) as Webbers.

Amazingly, in the small distance between the corner where I first saw Lorraine and Joseph's coffee shop, there was a MOTEL, and while the naked rider on a dolphin in the Coffee Crest is the Arms of Taranto, Motels were first found in Taranto, and moreover Motels share the horse with rider with Caffers/Caffertys, the latter in the colors of the Coffee/Coffer fesse! Try to imagine God's task of getting Joseph to buy a coffee shop beside the motel, then to have Lorraine move nearby without a vehicle so that she would need the bus. Then, He had to get rid of my Firebird just after I replaced the ruined engine, so that I would need to bike around. I can't remember what I did with the Firebird. I can't wait to remember. Then, as per my next vehicle, I need to visit the dealer, and there is Joe Fix, the apparent owner or manager.

Coffee's/COUGHeys/Coffers, I've just realized, use a "victoria" motto term while Victoria's are listed with VECHtens, much like Fix variations. The hunch from Joseph Fix is that Fix's, especially with Fix connection to Coffee's/Coffers, were kin of Josephs, and it just so happens that the Fix fleur-de-lys are in the colors of the same of Flys/Flythe's, first found in the same place as Josephs, and related to them, quite apparently. The "wlad" motto term of Josephs is suspect with Vlads, and the latter use virtually to Coat of Vicks/Fechs. These terms were suspect in making "viking," and Vladimir of Kiev was of a viking line.

Wix's/Weeks (axes) look linkable to Drake's (same place as Joseph's), and to castle Cary of the Leavells (Axe-river area). As Tancreds are said to be of a WHIXLey location (West Yorkshire, borders Westmorland), one can now suggest that Whixleys were the Wizels/Wissels of the Axe-river area. However, this requires a Wissel link to whatever named Wix's, unless Wix's were from Wissels in the first place, and the entire lot may have been from Issa/Vis. The YATTon location (Axe-river area) to which Wix's/Weeks are said to have had a branch can go to the "yet" motto term of Seatons because there is a Seaton location at the end of the Axe river. The portcullis-gate-liner Yate's come to mind, said to be in Westmorland's Hutton location. Bottle's (Potter colors), from a Hutton location in Lancashire, are in Yate's colors, and the portcullis-using Porters/Pawters (same place as Drake's) are expected with Bottle-possible Potters (beside the Axe river). From the Gatton write-up, we can glean that they use the Hamon Coat in someone else's colors. If Gattons named Yatton, the Gatton Crest looks like the Border swords.

Now that we have Dence's/Dennys' pegged with king Donnus, note that German Danners, from the BADEN area, share the axe's of Battins/Badens at the Axe-river area. The giant Zionist star of Vicks/Fecks is in the colors of the stars of German Webbers, first found in the same place (Saxony) as Julians. Excellent. German Webbers use a "Gott" motto term suspect with the Goths that share the Zionist star of Vlads. Another theory is that "Webber" was derived in, or created, "Wieser / Weiser," or so the Webber Crest can indicate.

Galtons (version of the Craven / Rick Coats) are perhaps helpful, from their "Gaudet luce" motto phrase, in making the Luce link to Lacys, the latter being kin of Skiptons in Craven. If Geddes' (share Tankerville escutcheon), who share the Luce fish, apply here, I suppose that Galtons (same place as Stands and Tancreds) and Gattons (share Tancred chevron) may have been branches, all ultimately from "Cetis." The Galton Crest, "An eagle STANDing on a green mount looking up at the sun," is evocative of the Botter eagle "standing on a silver perch," and so Galtons may link with Gattons to Botter liners, expected from Canossa rulers out of Lucca. The Luce fish are those of Italian Luciano's, and this expects Luce's from Lucca. If this lot can trace Canossa back to Tullia of Clermont-Ferrand, we're getting to the line of the Cetis crew of Quadratilla.

Many Vick-like surnames are expected to be close to the naming of Fichtenberg, in the German area of the early Zahringens. The Veringer partners of Zahringens were VIKings, right? The Vice's/Vise's (possibly the Avise's/Avisons) share a cross between antler with Celts/Colts, and while Walsh's use "TransFIXus," Celts/Colts use "TransFIGum." It appears that Fix's/Fice's/Vicka's were Vice/Viss liners. Figs (same place as Bick-suspect Stanleys!) and Foggs use the giant Burgos annulet in colors reversed. The Burgos > Conte line that included Avise elements of the Comyn kind was linked to Ghent-like Kennedys, and Ghent/GAUNT at the end of the Lys river to justify the Ghent fleur-de-lys.

Assuming that Flys are using the Fix fleur closely, since Ghents were first found in the same place as Flys, let's look at the Fly Crest that honors Gaunt liners: "A cubit arm in armor erect proper holding in the gauntlet a gold hawk's lure STRINGed RED." The thread with the red buttons was red, and Buttons, suspect with the namers of the butterFLIES, were first found in the same place as Ghents too. And Strings use a chevron in colors reversed from the Fly chevron, and even share the eagles of Ghents. But Dutch Ghents use a wavy fesse that would be blue, the colors of the wavy Fix fesse, in colors reversed. And these String / Ghent eagles are also the STONER eagles while Stanleys are STONEleys while Stainleys have a Stoner-like Stainley variation. It's got Lorraine's pant stain all over it. The Hawks, beloved of Flys, use a "Strike" motto term suspect with String-like Stricks/STICKlands ("Sans MAL") who share the Bice/Biss scallops, and the STIRKland variation evokes the STORK of Stainleys. The pilGRIMs staves of Hawks can trace to Grimo with the Flys.

Recall that Joseph let me go from building his dance room due to my using paint instead of STAIN. And "PAINT" is like "Pant"! The Payens even show a Paiont variation, and we just saw why Panters were Payen kin. They both use "spur rowells" while Spurrs use a "wheat sheaf," probably code for Sheaves / Shaw liners. Plus, as we are interested in Beatrice of Bar-Lorraine, note that the paint was applied to the wood at the BAR. This is drawing Lorraine into Joe Fix's dance floor, and while Lawrence's are Lorraine liners, Lawrence Kepke was engaged to Kim Walsh i.e. with the "transFIXus" motto. Scottish Walsh's use Syphax-suspect "AuSPICE" as well as "an eagle PERCHing," and then Botters (same place as BUTTERfly-liner Flys) use an eagle "STANDing on a silver perch," and Stands are listed with Stains. Perche's (Berks / Barks / Barca liners?) share the double Maine chevrons, and Maine's share the black Walsh pheons.

The Botters share the Ardon eagle while Stands/Stains/Stants are in the motto of Scottish Arthurs while Irish Arthurs share the Wayne Coat that is itself like the Friend Coat, suggesting that Stains use the Farrand double bars in colors reversed.

Heraldry is inter-connected code work in almost all its parts, but so is God's work in the events of my youth under discussion. What are the Walsh ANNuLETs code for? Compare Strainers to Lets, then see that the Let stars are used by Peare's, for Lawrence promised to marry Chris Peare before he became engaged to Kim Walsh, then went back to Chris. Peare's were first found in the same place as Purys sharing the Fig fesse-with-black-stars, and Purrs throw in someone's black footless martlets.

It's the Peare's (LEOpard heads) that indicate well that Syphax, when in prison (200ish BC) on the Tiber river above Rome, had a line to the Pierleoni Jews (named after a Leo) that lived further down on the Tiber. Porcius Cato, who was nearby, lived at 200 BC too, and his Cato/Chattan (same bend as Italian Botters, first found in Lucca) line is suspect with the cat of the Lucca surname, and thus Porcius-Cato liners can go to the Lucca origin of the Canossa rulers. Clan Chattan uses a "Touch" motto term while Touch's/Tuffs share the Lyon / Lannoy lion, thus tracking Cato / proto-Canossa elements to Tullia of Lyon (I don't know whether her mother, Gallia, was of Lyon, but likely she was through her Lyon-ruling husband). Touch's are said to be of Audley elements while Audleys (Staffordshire, same as Stops) share (almost) the Crest of German Webbers / Weis' / Wies', and moreover Weavers were first found in the same place as Touch's. Audleys share the gold-on-red fret of Berkshire's.

Berkshire is home to Windsor castle, and Windsors are from the Lombardy elements of Others/Oters who in-turn share the Julian crescents in both colors. Not far above we read on the Galley branch of Julians linking to Pepin of Lombardy, and so let's repeat that these Galleys share the bars, probably, of German Julians, on the Pepin horsehead. German Julians were first found in the same place as German Webbers, a branch of Weavers (loved by galley-using Keeps. The latter happen to share the Other bend in both colors, and the Bicks, first found in Berkshire, use three symbols on a bend in both colors of the same of Others. The rulers of Canossa were allied with the Ottonians emperors of Germany, which should explain Others/Otirs in Lombardy elements in league with the French / Pepin imperial bloodline in Lombardy.

From here, we go to Mere's and DeMere's, both of Cheshire, where Buckleys, Weavers, and Touch's were first found. We note that both Buckle's and Buckleys share a "temere" motto term for the Demere's. While Mere's and Demere's share the black ship, in the colors of the Driscol galley, neither calls it a galley, but we may tentatively rule that it's a Galley-line symbol for both Mere's and Demere's. From here we go to Guy of SPOLETo, who is in the write-up of Guys that use buckles. They are the SPOLTon/Spaulding buckles, the latter from the Cheshire Meschins. Guy of Spoleto could easily have been the ancestry of the Canossa line that was itself suspect with Caen in the Bessin, origin of the Cheshire Meschins. The Gays share the gold rooster of Galli's (same Chief of French Julians), first found in the same place as French Galleys. It's making Julius Caesar suspect with a name from king Gaia/Gala, Massena's father, and thus the Julian line to Caiaphas should include this Numidian thing. So why not also the Numidian line of Syphax? The Nimo's/Nimoys (same place as Chappes'/Cheeps/Chaips) use crescents in colors reversed from those of Julians and Others.

Here are the English Guys/Guise's linkable by their vair design to Canossa-suspect Ferrands. Guys/Guise's were first found in the same place as Stiffs (and Stevens) suspect in the mastiff dog of Futters that is in the colors of the Canossa dog. It looks like the English Guys are linkable to the line of Guy of Spoleto de proto-Canossa. Spoleto is in Umbria, location also of Perusia, where the first Ottone's were first found that share a perchevron in the colors of the same of Stevens. Ottone's are still suspect with Lombardy's VISconti's (Milan), and they're suspect with GUIScards who have the look of the Guise variation of Guys. Guiscards were first found in Stirlingshire (same as Chappes'/Cheeps), and Stirlings use...buckles. Yes, it's true, and I've been tracing Stirlings (share the Chappes Moor head) to Stops/Stubbs for a long time while Milans use a stump.

Here's from the Guy article: "In 858, [Guy I] supported Adhemar of Salerno against the pretended Count of Capua, LANDo I. By his intervention he secured the Liri Valley, with Sora and Arpino taken from the count's brother LANDENulf of Teano." It looks like it was from Pepin of Landen, and there is a Landelles in the write up of the Blundells sharing the Child eagle. Then, at the top of the Guy article: "Guy I (died 860) was the Duke of Spoleto from 842. He was the son of LAMBERT I of Nantes and Adelaide of Lombardy, the eldest daughter of Pepin of Italy. He travelled with his father in 834 in the entourage of Lothair I. He was given the abbey of Mettlach in Lotharingia in 840, when the Emperor Louis the Pious died." Guy was at Lotheringia, where Mieszko LAMBERT married a gal. And this is all that God is pointing to RIGHT NOW through Lorraine, my gal (for two or three weeks, anyway). Lambert of Nantes predated both Mieszko's.

Lambert of Nantes supported the namer of Lotheringia: "In 831, Lambert joined the rebellion of Lothair I against Louis and was exiled across the Alps, where he was given the Duchy of Spoleto in 834." Lambert's father was another Guy, and thus Guy "was the son of Lambert and TEUTberga of the Austrasian family of the GUIDESchi. Guy received his charge in Neustria and Nantes about 799, at the same time that his brother Frodoald received the county of Vannes." Note the Guide-like name. The Burton's translate their motto, "The Light is my guide." Repeat: "As Blade's and Burtons both mention Drago de Bewere, note that the Burtons use "dogs," not talbots, suggesting the Canossa dog."

The Guido's come up as "Guis" and use the Bald/Balderich Shield in colors reversed. Scottish Balds share the two stars in Chief of the Futter Chief, and as the Futter dog is still suspect with the Canossa dog, note that the Futter mastiff is still suspect with Stiffs, first found in the same place (Gloucestershire) as the first-mentioned ArchiBALD in the write-up of English Archibalds. The Dax's/Tax's share the falcon design of Stevens.

Stiff-likely Stevens, first found in the same place as the English Archibalds, share the Ottone perchevron. The "audax" motto term is suspect with Dax's/Tax's on the one hand, and Aude's and Audleys on the other. Aude's/Oddeys (Ottone, Oddie colors) share white swords with Dax's/Tax's, and were first found in the same place as the Ark river, where Archibalds are expected. Dax's/Tax's use the white swords in both colors of the Shot/Shute swords for a trace to the sling shot in the Arms of DACHa (Bavaria). It tends to verify the close link between Dax's and Shute's. And while the Canossa dog is that of Fortune's/Fortuna's, Shots/Shute's use the motto, "Fortune de guerre," looking like part code for the line of Guido Guerra III (married MontFerrat suspect with Italian Ferrands).

Guerra's use a sinister split, and are suspect with the Ping/Pong/Paganell bends because Guerins use the Payen/Pagan Coat. When we go to English Fortune's, they were first found partly in East Lothian, and partly in Roxburghshire, same as the other Archibalds. As we saw Archibalds with Grass / Grace liners, note that Crichtons, first found in Midlothian, use "grace." As Fortune's/Fortuna's were of Tuscany, as with Taddei's/Taddeo's, note the "DilTAE DEUS" motto of English Fortune's.

This brings me back to the Varins/Garins, Verne-like surnames that suggest Garin/Guerin of Provence who may have had control of Grasse. The Arms of Grasse share white lambs with English Lamberts, and we just saw Guy of Spoleto descended from at least one Lambert character, husband of a Taddei-possible TEUTberga. This Lambert was a contemporary of Guerin of Provence, who had quite a few cities, including Auvergne. I can link Guerin's name to Taddei-related Ferrands easily. French Varins/Warins share the Fier / Fair moline, we may assume, traceable to MumMOLIN, the line from Clermont-Ferrand. Varins/Warins were first found in Burgundy, where the ancestry of Willa of Tuscany was. I guess that the Varin/Warin cross is in the colors of the Messey/Messier cross for the same reason that Vere's/Vairs use the Massey Shield.

Varins/Warins put a red scallop on their gold moline, and this is the color of the scallops of Burgundy-liner Burgons. The other scallop color scheme of Burgons is used by Dax- / Dachua-possible Daggers. The Burgon Crest even uses a white sword in saltire with a white key, reflecting the two white swords in saltire of Dax's/Tax's. The Tass' use both colors schemes of the Burton scallops, as well as the same chevron as Tancreds that themselves use the red scallop. And TanCREDs were GUIScards! Excellent. It's a Burgundy link to the Guideschi / Guidi's/Guis', and Dax's/Tax's came up above immediately after mention of the Guideschi.

Recall that Archibalds linked to Grass liners, for another red-on-white sword is held by the same lion as Irish and English Grass' in the Irish Bergen Coat. The two Grass Coats show the lion split in silver and gold, same as the Brian lions, one good reason to trace Grass liners to Briancon, just some 25 miles from the Ark river suspect with Archibalds. We are seeing a great Lorraine-grass-stain link to Verne Archibald, and for all I know, for the angels' sake, He had her get that stain on Verne's lawn. Lorraine may have been part of Burgundy at times. At least some Bergens can be from Bergamo's Canossa elements. Spanish Burgos' share the giant annulet with Vito's while the Burton motto, translated with "guide," is "Lux Vitae."

Dogs/Doags (Canossa-dog colors) use yet another white-on-red sword. The Dogs/Doags/DOAKs can therefore be Dax liners, and, by the way, Dogs share the BUS cinquefoil. Recall that STOP/Stubbs share the buckle with Guy>Spolton liners to le-Meschin, my bloodline. A Masci rode his bike to the bus stop. A good theory is that the Canossa dog wasn't a talbot until it after it went to the Meschin-Taillebois marriage. Lotters and Lothians both use a BROWN talbot, and Lotters might just be Lothair = Lotheringia liners. Isn't that brown talbot the Brunswick line to Lorraine? Recall that le-Meschin's son was earl Ranulph de Gernon while Gernons share the Brunswick lions. Doak-like DUCe's use them in colors reversed, otherwise the Coats are identical. It can indicate that the Dogs were formed as surnames from being a branch of Canossa liners to Bar-le-DUC, founded by Baars of Brunswick. That looks very correct. Lion heads in the colors of the Duce lions are with English Dax's/DUCKs. This indicates that the Ducks listed with Logens are Bar-le-Duc liners. Duckers were first found in the same place (CUMBERland, suspect from Umbria, location of Spoleto) as Daggers, and the "Semper" motto term of Duckers is for Sempers (Manche) that use the double Duce lions exactly.

Logens/Ducks were Lock / Loch/Logen swan liners from Lohengrin the Swan Knight, and Lucks, perhaps Lucca-liner Canossa elements, use greyhounds.

But why wasn't I driving TAXi when with Lorraine? Did God arrange for me to pick up Mamie with the taxi? Why? A Mummolin ancestry in Bar-le-Duc? Recall that Mansfields, the namers of Mamesfeld, use maunches for Manche liners. The Sempers from Manche were clearly of Bar-le-Duc.

Here's from the Canossa article:

The House of Canossa, also known as the Attonids, was an Italian noble family, holding the castle of Canossa, from the early tenth to the early twelfth century.

Of a family from Lucca, Sigifred built the castle at Canossa around 940. The lords were soon using the title comes (count) and had received many other Tuscan counties from the Holy Roman Emperors. Guastalla in 991, Parma, Piacenza, Bergamo, and Cremona in 984, Brescia in 980, Mantua had been obtained in 977, Modena,

The Arms of Bergamo are in Burgh colors, suspect with John de Burgo de Conteville and Comyn, and, can you believe it, the Comyn Coat is also the Atton Coat as per "Attonids." The Attons turn out to be the Hattons (Porcius-Cato liners?) mentioned earlier in this update like so:

Plus, Yorkshire is where Hatton is located, and Morles'/Mauls are said to be from Hatton. Willie's/Wizels share the Vince griffins exactly and Vince's share the motto of Hattons!...

Hattons (first found in Cheshire) are probably with the Arms-of-Cheshire garbs taken to Yorkshire by Meschins. Hattons (Stacey stag?) are traced to a Halton location in Cheshire, suspect with Oda Haldensleben, wife of Mieszko I. The Cheshire HAUGHTons, suspect with Sigrid the Haughty, Mieszko's daughter, look like they can be a Hatton branch. Haughtons can be with the Say bull head.

Yes, and the Haughton bull head is that of the Buckleys, we may safely assume, and so we find Canossa liners to the Mieszko Poles too, who started about the time of the Lucca roots of Canossa. The dog that is the Arms of Canossa is in the colors of the Piast eagle. The Travis' are in the colors and format of Buckle's / Buckleys (share the Travis motto), a great way to assure that Travis' share the Meschin scallops. And the Arms of Modena, I've just seen use a split Shield in colors reversed from the same of Tarves', suggesting a Modena link to something in Tarvisium. The boar head of Travis' would be black, the colors of the Porcia boar, in colors reversed.

The Hatton stag and the Vince motto, coupled with the "Vincit" motto term of Keiths, suggests that Attonids named Haddington, where Keiths lived, in Lotter-related Lothian. MUSSELburgh is in Haddington while Alis', with the Keith motto reversed, use MUZZLEd bears. As Mackays share the muzzled bears, we can take them to Macclesfield because Macclesfields use the Haddington cross in colors reversed (Norman-English Templar knights wore their moline crosses in these colors), and because I trace the Keith Catti to Cheatle's (Haddington colors) of Cheshire, where Macclesfield is found along with Hatton liners above. The Halton entity of Hattons should be the Haldens, first found in the same area (Lothian) as Haddington. Keatons: more laurel branches while Branch's are Avranches' from Hugh Lupus, in the Hatton write-up. I think the Keaton boar head is brown. This is the Masonic bastard birthed from the Revelation harlot, but don't be offended if you belong to these bloodlines; save yourself instead by quitting blood and turning to His Spirit. Blood counts for nothing but keeping us alive, and there is a reason that God gave us life. Honor Him for this, be right, make Him smile on you. Impress him by your service, and watch Him fill your heart over the years with things you won't otherwise have. But don't honor Him just to get things, be right instead.

Heatons use more Bucks in the fashion of Bicks, and look like a merger with Dents/Dentes'.

My dentist isn't laughing anymore, because I've made two official complaints against him for more than two gross violations of his practice.

The next update starts bloodline topics with yet another event in my youth.


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